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Full text of "Items of genealogical interest in the Springfield daily news and the Springfield leader of Springfield, Greene County, Missouri for 1927"

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It would be like carrying coals to Newcastle for me to offer you suggestions. 

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Wm. K. Hall 





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14 December 1998 

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(Deaths, marriges, births, anniversaries, etc.) 

in the 


and the 


of Springfield, Greene County, Missouri 




Pages 793-1581 
August 23, 1927-December31, 1927 

with an index for the entire year 

Wm. K. Hall 
33 Westmoreland Place 
St. Louis, MO 63108-1227 
June 6, 1998 

H, W HRIfillT 

Fuwral aervlcea lor W..W. Wright. J 
♦e. mho died yeetarday nomine ati 
kf now* on nuu 4. Stortngftekl, w. j 
feeld at a p. m today at the Kllngner, 
fuiwrtl home. Mr U survived by on«| 
•on and two daughter*. 


Funeral tervlee* (or Ml" Aura O. 
Pace, S9. who died Sunday night at 
her home. 1980 Roger* avenue, follow- 
ing a lingering Ulnaaa. war* held at 
9 p. m. today at tb« Woodland 
Height* Pre*bytertan church, with 
Bev. M. P. Cowdcn officiating. Burial 
w». in Oreenlawn cemetery under! 
the direction of the Kllngner Puneral J 


Puneral service* for Joaeph Cullen. I 
m. who died Sunday at the home of 
hli daughter. Mr*. T. P. Reynolds, 717 

South Market avenue, were held at B 
a tr. '.Oday ni !hf 8t Agnes Catholic 
ohurch. Burial waa in St. - Mary'* 
cemetery under direction of the Her- 
man H Lohmeyer &mi0i&mml&& \ 

• A'unaval ernancenwnts are Incom* 

V** for MaiS ftftUa M. Breabeera, 97. 
who died at 11*0 otlock laat night 
•t the horn* of her efctter. Sara. «d 
Oraca. on the Blalna atrael road- Sht 
to aurrtved by her eiater; a brother. 
j a. Bresneere, a nleoe. two nephewe, 
«a>d her grandfather. J. I. Chapman, of 
jtagarcvlllc. The *ervlces are In charge 
at the atH"g T ** r Puneral home. 


Vender Reunion. 
A reunion of the Pender family 
waa held at Fender'a chapel near 
Brighton Sunday. Fender"* Chapel 
waa founded about 1873 by Christian 
Fendrr. Only three of the eight 
children born to Mr. and Mr*. Chris- 
tian Pender were* present. They were 
Mr. Mike Pender, age 01: Mrs. Rena 
Defreese. age 84. and Mr. A. C. Pender, 
age, 71. of Tulare. Calif. Mr. II. M. 
Pender, aged 74. n brother, whose 
home la Council Hill. Okie., waa un- 
able to attend on account of lllnesa. 
A couain. Mr. John T. Fender, age 81. 
of MorriM-jlic. v k • pre&e'it. A abort 
j service wa» held by Rev. J. C. Thomp- 
son of Pleasant Hope. A bask et dlu- 
Mr on the lawn, followed tfcw tJSFilM 
and waa aarred to about 900 relative* 
friende. Amobg thoaa praaant 
Mr. Mike Pender, lira, Bene D»- 
_j,Mr.-eV«. Pender. Mr. and Mr* 
) J. ex Pander, air. and Mrs. Jnha Pen- j 
! dor. Mr. and Mr* Oeorge Pender. Sir. , 
! and Mra, John Pender. Mr. and Mr*. , 
' Parry Pender. Str. and Mra. Luther j 
' Pander", Mr. and Mr* Joe Pender. Mr.* 
; Chart** Fender, Mlae Sarah Pander, 
i Mlae Ural* Pander. Mr. Roge Pender 
and children. Mr. and Mra. Chart** 
Oban and children. Mr. and Mra. H. 
L Llndqutet and children. Mr. and 
Mra. Sterling Ball and children. Mr. 
and Mra. Emmet t Cardan and eon, 
Mr. and Mra. Malen Blackburn. Mr. 
i and Mra. Pony Prealey and family. 
Mr. and Mra. Ik* Prealey and family. 
Mr. and Mra. Burley Prealey and eon, 
Mr. Mel Noblett of Kanaaa City; Mr. 
and. Mra. Perry Griffin and family. 
Mr. and Mra. A. M. Ramey. Mr. and 
Mr*, O. W. Brennek* and family, Mra. 
Lou Tummoni and family. Mr. and ', 
Mra. Avery Wallace. Mr. end Mra. Mor- 
ton and aon. Mr. and Mr*. J. W. Tuck. 
Mr. and Mra. Joe Tmgler. Mr. and j 
Mra. Bob Thompson. Mra. Minnie j 
Scroggtnt ar.<J other re!*'|vra and 



Charge* of ■elUng 

thU morning In »«^P^°***2 
Prosecuting Attorney W. W lwmrj 
...mat Clara Star**. offlO WjJgJ* 
ton arenua. and CatBerLt* DUMTd. 
both Negroes 

The two were charged following an 
inqu**t into the death ol Otne «n- 
yard. Negro, who died •uddonly tun- 
day nlgbt at hi* home. Phelpa ■treat j 
and Washington avenue. 

Enyard'* death wa* caused from 
cerebral hemorrhage and not from , 
drinking potoon whisky, according to 
the coroner** jury wblcb met at 7:30 
o clock last night at . poWea head- 


William Oeorge Cotter. 17 year* old. 
aon of Mr. and Mr*. James W. Cotter, 

•f 1900 College street, died thla mom- 
Ins in a hospital here. He Is survived 
by his parent*, four statera. Mrs. H. 
J. Quick, of Pawhuska. Ckla.. and 
Mary. Mildred and Dorothy, of the 
home address: nine brothers. Jen*** 
Henry. Jeff. Pred. Charity, Robert, 
Arthur. John and Lloyd. Puneral ar- 
rangement* are incomplete but burial 
will be in Hsxel wood cemetery, uuder 
direction of W. L. Sterne, undertaker 



•mocm a* flaw "Bethel, Mb, for lira. 
Cintbaa Bknlion, t*. «twdW yester- 
day at tna torn* sjl Her sJa q an ts r. Mm, 
Will Karrta, in «!**>*. Mft*iJI»i«l- 
aon to sunrlTed by ihrae daughters. 
Mrs Hitrti, Mm. Nettle Bnoddy, of 
(It Loui». and Mn. Hwh Rysn, of • 
Ash Grcvc; by four »oii>, W. W. llaral- 
(on. of Springfield. J. H. Haralson and 
Charlie Haralson of nw Bolivar, and 
Waldo Haralson, of Grant, N. M. 

Page 1: There is an article about Dan M. Nee.** 

D. 0. Vandeventer sues for divorce. They have four children. 
Page 3: Francis Cole was killed.** 
Page 16: Miss Lillian Lockwood and Jesse Lee Frazee were married.** 

Marriage license issued.** 

H. A. Brown sues for divorce. 
Page 5: A family reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Moore.** 
Page 8: Mrs. Cinthea Haralson died.** 

William George Cotter died.** 

Miss Nellie M. Brashears died.** 

H. A. Conrady sues for divorce. 

J. T. Hall, 59, died at Pottersville, Mo. He was born and reared in Howell county. 

Ozarks Feud Ends 
In Fanner's Death 
Near Pineviile, Mo. 

Si 'rial to TM Daily Ktu-t. 

P1NEVILL.B, Mo., Aug. S3.— Pete 

Marshall 27. McNatt," Mb-, shot and 
killed Francis Cole, 12. llv'ng on a 
form near Wanda following- an ar- 
gument. Marshall brought the body 
to Pineviile In a buggy following 
the murder and was placed under 

A coroner's Jury probed the kill- 
ing yesterday and held Marshall 
responsible. A murder charge will 
be filed by the prosecuting attorney 
of McDonald county. An old feud 
was blnme.l tor the murder. 

. fi(p 

▲ family reunion was bald at tbs 
horns at Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Maoris, 

west of the city. Sunday. Those who 
attended were Mr. and Mrs. M. V. 
TUakley and children. Richard. Carol. 
Jean and Bobby of Monett; Mrs. 
Frank Davis of Augusta, Kas.; Mr. 
and Mrs. Howard Palmer. Mr. and 
Mrs. Hurley Hilt and children. Billy 
Clark and Martha Mae: Henry 
Moore. Jr.. Mr. and Mrs.. M. F. 
Smith and Miss Ocea Jeans. 



Miw> Lillian Dollene I^ockwood 
land Jesse l^ee Fraxee were married 
I at Ozark Monday. 

The bridw Is the daughter of Mrs. 
Caroline I»ckwood. of West Mt- 
L Vernon street and Mr. Frazeo Is the 
son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles I.. 
Fraz'.-i-, of Weet Onter avenue. 
lion. ur<: nccorrujlli'liod musicians. 
The bride has lived in Springlwld 
since Sf-ptember. Khe. has played 
and Bunp at some of the Spring- 
field tiieat'Ts and Mr. Frazee plays 
with the ivihooner orrhestra. Mrs. 
Frazee with her mother has b*-en 
playing in the Shepherd of the Hills 
pageant given each week-end dur- 
ing July and August at Old Mali's 
cabin In tlio (Shepherd of the Hills 



Albert L Parker, 20. Olldul-. Cal, 
and Miss I^ela Bang*. 23. of Spring- 
i field. 



Funeral services for Mrs. Clnthea 
Haralson. 86 years old, who died 
Monday at the home of her daugh- 
ter. Mr*. Will Harris of Slagle. Mo- 
were held yesterday afternoon at 
New Bethel, Mo- with burial In the 
cemetery there. She is survived by 
three daughters, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. 
Nettle Snoddy of St. Louis and Mrs. 
Hogh Ryan of Ash Grove and by 
four sons. W. W. Haralson. Spring- 
field. J. H. and Charles Haralson of 
near Bolivar and Waldo Haralson 
Of Grant, N. M. 

• '■ - *■■ ■- • '" -i 


Funeral services for William 
George Cotter. 17. eon of Mr. and 
Mrs. James W. Cotter of 1900 Col* 
lege atret, who died In a local hos- 
pital yesterday afternoon, will be 
held at 2:10 o'clock this afternoon 
at the 8tarne mortuary with burial 
In Haselwood cemetery. He Is sur- 
vived by the parents, four sisters, 
Mrs. H. J. Quick. Pawhuska, Okie-. 
and Mary, Mildred and Dorothy of 
the home address; and nine broth- 
ers. James. Henry. Jeff, Fred, 
Charley, Robert, Arthur, John and 

"Funeral services for Miss NeUle 
M. Brash— rs, 17 years old. who 
died at 11: 10 o'clock Monday night 
at the home of her slater, Mrs. Ed 
Grace on the Blaine street road, 
will be held at 2: SO o'clock this 
afternoon at the Gospel' Taber- 
nacle at Boonvllle avenue and Lynn 
street, with burial In Puraely ceme- 
tery eight miles east of the city. 
She Is survived by her slater, one 
brother, J. R. Brashears, one niece, 
two nephews and her grandfather, 
J. L Chapman of Rogeravllle, Mo. 

ssV^v' ' ^ ^BnssssasaisaSMBssj 

M. MS* eft? 

«'M** B **rday wns ;f named 
mander of the Missoun division of 
the American Legion at the annual 
state convention at Nevada, re- 


ce lved bi s first military 

■ssswri university 
» star athlete for three y<__ 

During the World war Nee wan 

nt to the officers training camp 
** Camp .Hancock, Augusta, Ga. 
where he studied machine gun tac- 
tic* but before he was awarded his 
commission, peace was flirleisf 
Nee returned to Springfield to 
eume the practice af law. 

Nee, who Is a son of Mr 

Mrs. C. c. Nee. la a gxadaan 

Sprtagtteld High school. He 

Drery eeUege a 



at ' 
nil and te itu 

I director of athleUca at Drury col- 
jlege. The football team of l»lt| 
fet Drury was regarded as the great- 
est In the history of the Institu- 

He continued in this capacity un- 
til Uis when he resigned to devote 
•Jl of his time to the practice or 
lew. He served as assistant prose- 
cuting attorney under Paul M 

Nee also played professional 
baseball shortly sfter leaving the 

After returning to Springfield he 
was married to Miss Grace Nichol- 
son, daughter of Tillman K. Nlchol- 
■on. cashier of the Queen City 

Page 2: The Carney family held a reunion.** There is a group photo. 
Page 5: William W. McClelland died.** 

Page 8: Eda F. McEvilly sues to divorce Charles E. McEvilly. They were married in 
June 1912. 

Alberts. Cowden died.** 

R. A. Brown sues to divorce Eva H. Brown. They were married July 1924. 

William George Cotter died.** 

Nellie M. Brashears died.** 

Birth reported.** 

Kathryn Stinson sues to divorce Edward Stinson. They were married in October 

Page 10: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of Sarah E. Campbell, signed by 
Mr. T. C. Campbell, Mr. Forrest Davis, Mr. T. M. Davis and wife. 
Page 13: The Turk family held a reunion.** 

Mr. Sherwood Shadburne and Miss Martha Crowe will be married.** 
Page 14: Ernest McCann drowned in the Big Piney.** 


UrmNn of the Carney family 
*»«i In <uuu*i reunion Sunday cm ' 
ea* «4d homestead. U miles south ' 

of Crenc. In honor of Thonias 
Carney. alio settled in Barry county 
to 1M2. 0«U( to the bad condi- 

tion of the road* only about 3W 

member* of th* family attended 

ihu year. There ueually art 1.000 

i Hum iUM were rap r ag gp tafl, at 

itb* reunion, which tM anafl-day 

} affair. The person from th* trea.V 

mi dutanoe lived In the atate of ' 

' Washington. 

8Deech*e ware made by Attor ney 
O. Purd Baye* of Oawrk. Dr. William [ 
Wot of Monett and others. Tba j 
program alao Included musk? and 1 
recitstiona».by various members * of I 
the family. One of the feature* of' 
; the program «u a recUailOO bv ! 
little Marian Kathleen Carney. six 
years old. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
W. A Carney of CaasYllle. 


■ WHT PLAINS. Mo . Aug. U— (Bpc- 1 
rial > —William W McClelland. 79.' 
former aherlff srrt collector of Mowell 
courtly sua a n»rr.ih*r of one of the 
ou-'i pmnhirut lamili**- of Howell , 
and Prefo:t ewH'tiew t',:ed at l»»* home 
near here >r»tcrday He was stricken 
suddenly Tuesday He was a brother I 
of Oeorge fttVC'.eiland of Springfield, 
conductor for the Fr.sco railroad. • 

At the cutfcrrak of the Civil war . 
MeCJelland « ffc' *a» count) clerk 
of Oregon county and when he learn- , 
ed that soldiers were planning to. 
r-jjr. !!.e Oreg»»u county cotirt house 
»ud destroy record*, the father and' 
h'» torn carried the records to a cave; 
where they were securely hidden and 
remained safely until after the war 
gierlod hed,p»ased. 

The family then moved to Greene 
rountv and lived for a short time, but 
-turned to Oregon county after the 
»»r. in 1*83 they moved to West 

Vamlty Reunion wld. 
The ninth mi""" reunion of the 
Turk family waa held at the name 
of ft. O. Turk, north of Mount Ver- 
nof.. Sunday. Eighty members of the 
fiunSv virre prrwnt The entire day 
wa« spent in meeting and visiting rel- 
atives, some of whom had not seen 
each other for a number of years. 
Dii.ner ui nerved at noon and W. 
H T:: 4 *. of Mount Vernon asked the 
bleaatng. The family wtl! meat again 
»*xt yewr at the same home. Thoat 
who attended the reunion wera: 
Measra and Meadamea W. C. Rupard. 
C C l>unlap and son. John L. Fowler 
and Mrs M K. "Haymea and eon* of 
sjprtu«tield> W. »• Btogeway. Clyde 
^arramore and rhlldren. R. •• Mor- 
««n and granttson. Walter Campbell 
and children. "Berahal White and 
daughter and Mr. O. C. Campbell and 
Mr* Laura 8lark of Carthage: Messrs 
# i,(l Met dames W. A.^Turfc and grand- 
»o.i t fc Turk and children: Ed 
Huifteon end children of Bapu'.pa; 
Messrs and Meedames W. H. Turk. 
J C. Turk. Floyd Ray. W. T. Catta. 
K a Turk and children. Keith Turk 
.nd daughter. Mrs. Floyd Ray and 
Miss Lorene Turk of Mount Vernon: 
Mr and Mrs M. M. Bruckney of St. 
Louis: Mr*. Mary Pcltlway and son 
of Bapulpa, Okla.; L. J. Turk of Homl- 
rv Okla: Mr. and Mrs. E. C. White 
t i. j .*M*r* of Ja*pcr; Mrs. Mary 
lurk Mi. and Mrs. W. P. Turk and j 
children. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Turk j 
»nd children and Mr. Norrls Turk of j 
Miller. - ' 

Veteran of Wilson 
John C. Ross of Cameron tells of 
the battle of Wilson Creek, fought on 
Aug. 10. 1MI. •" years ago. . .e only | 
' tiling members of the Confederate , 
command that Mr. Roaa knows are I 
! Col. Oeorge Crump of Harrlaon and I 
I Joe Bailey, a former resident of Harrl- t 
1 woo. but now living In Tesas. 

The details of this engage man t are 
Tlvtd In the mind of Mr. Roa*. who , 
had the experience In this battle of 
racing the fire of Its* FadwraJts across 
a steal! ravine from early In the 
morning until past noon. 


william *mwB corns. 

Funeral eervfcaee for William Oeorge 
cotter. 17. no of Mr. and Mn. Js 

vr. Cotter of ItOO College street, who 

dM in o 

worn held iti«» p m. 



) Funeral services for UIm Nellie M 
Bruhtan, 37 years old. who died 
Monday night at tbo home of h«r 
sister. Mr*. Kd Grace, on the Blaine 
street road, were hold at 3:S0 p. m. 
today at the Ootpol tabernacle. 
BoonTiiie avenue and Lynn street. 
Burial wu la Purosly cemetery, tight 
mile* east of the city. 


Mr. and Mrs. ft. A. Clifton. I4ll 
North Jefferson avenue, announce the 
birth of a son. Ralph Alvln, August 
30. Mrs. Clifton formerly was Miss 
alien Crsln. 

of She Week*. ^4' 


». On till. Od yean aM. for 
the past 00 .yejsso^dlje^BMlisMoV'^is^l 
attorney, died at rfJO p. m.' today 
at his borne. 8 is Mouth Jefferson a ve- 
nwe. after an llswoea of Oka •Mta.l 

Mr Cowden was born In Folk couu- 
ty. lie -graduated from the Unlver- 
slty of Missouri law school shortly be* 
fore moving to*- Springfield 40 years 
ago. Me had made hie home hero 
since that time. 

The deceased Is survived by bis 
wife, two daughters, Mlas Albert 
Cowden. of this city, end Mrs. Wil- 
liam A. Dlcklson of 8t/ Louis, and by 
a brother. Dr. W. H. Cowden of this 

ruceral arrangements ere Incom- 
plete., but burial will be In Hasel- 
wood cemetery under direction of the Undertaking company. 

la Bag ftaey suver. 
Krnest McCann. S3, drowned In Big 
pine-y River at Artlnston. Mo. HI* 
body was r e c overed and waa taken to 
BoUa. Mr. McCann was the eon of 
a fanner living near Cuba. Mo., and 
Is survived by his widow. 

fthrrwood Shadburne to Wed. 
Mr. Sherwood Shadburoe of 6t 
Louis. Who until four years ago lived, 
her*, will msrry Ml&s Martha Crowe 
Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock at her 
here, will msrry MUs Martha Crowe 
Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock at her 
home. Cromc » Nest. Sullivan, Mo. Mr. 
ShsdtniTne sttended high school and 
Drur? ■sLcje ht-re and wss a member 
of i lie Phi Alpha Sigma fraternity. 
His mother. Mrs. T. P. Shadburnr of 
Bt Louit. who ha* been visiting her 
Tolerton. Mrtw^elter Moore snd sons. 
Dick and ranker,-* HI attend the wed- 
drrtf. ■***&■ 

Page 1: Kathryn Stinson sued to divorce Edward Stinson. They were married October 
29, 1922. 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Ed Smith was killed.** 
Page 3: Albert S. Cowden died.** 

Page 12: Edna F. McEvilly sues to divorce Charles E. McEvilly. They were married 
June 5, 1912. 


K fJ^N ij • k " 'ill"!* 


i «vw 

Pioneer. Attorney* 
field One of Earliest Un 
versity Graduates 

Albert 8. Cowden. 64. a pwctlc- 
lng attorney her* for 40 yean and 

on* of the flmt graduates of Mls- 
•ourl University, died at his home 
here at 1?:?0 o'clock yesterday 

'afternoon followlne- a short lllne»*. 
Mr. Cowden was born In Polk 

I county, north of Springfield and 

'received his earlier education In the 
puhllc schools "f that county. After 
completlnc th«» High school course, 
he entered Missouri University at 
Columbia wh<re he studied law. 
After receiving his diploma he was 
n^mirt'-il to the hir 40 years apo 
and came to Springfield to practice 

iWrinc recent years he served 
as a\> examin-'r of titles and at- 

torney for the State, Barings JDcOft, 

He la aurrlYed by the widow. tw4» 
daughters. "Visa Alberta CowdeaV 
ot the home address and Mrs. Wil- 
liam. A. Dlctctaon, of St. Louts and 

l brother. Dr. W. R. Cowden at 

| Springfield. 

Funeral services will be held at 
2 o'clock Friday afternoon at tha 

JKlingner funeral chapel with Inter- 
num In Hazelwood cometery. Tha 

I Reverend M. F. Cowden win con- 
duct the services. 



HAIR PLAT. U», Aug. 15.— Ed 
South, Fair Play reeiden^ for many 
rear*, was killed hara Monday 
by bain* kicked by a 
He la survived by tha 
one daughter and threw son a 

.V...-. i M< Intoxh. .1. Ave. and 
I I I .a urn Shaw. IT. Springfield: Henry 
I I A M.lntlre. ;?. Mountain View, and 
M.-lv.i WVst. 16. Springfield: Henry 
Ijtnrenre, IS. Roy. nnd Blanche 
V iphooser, '.".'. Pprlnitfield. 

Page 5: Albert S. Cowden died.** 
Page 7: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 8: W. E. Lawrence sues to divorce Verla Lawrence. They were married in June 

Colby Hayes died.** 

Albert S. Cowden died.** 

Stephen C. Hughes died.** 

Birth reported.** 

Ada Grantham sues to divorce Isaiah Grantham. They were married in May 1926. 

Page 13: Family reunion held at the home of Mrs. Joe J. Pyatt.** 




lan at Clear Creek. 

A reunion and homi oomtnj 
'enjoyed by the children mod grand* 
i children of aire. Joe J. Pratt at her 
home at Clear Creek Sunday. The 
| many releUree enjoyed dinner at 
i uoon under the shade trees on the 
■ lawn. Those who were -prese n t at the 
.day's 'srent were: Mx. and Mrs, 
* Oeorfe W. memensehneldeT and 
'.family of fltate Oeoter. 2a.; Mr. and 
i Mr t Lloyd Need and family of Oailo- 
! way. Mr. and lira Jock Lnweon and 
!amt|T of 8parta. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph 
Stott Of Sparta. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ra- 
tes* *jud ianHly ot C4sar Creek, Mr. 
and Mrs, Bert Morrison of Rogers- 
TlUe and Mr. ClcU Marteett of 
Sparta. The total number present 
was 31. 


Recorder Jack W. MeJCee this morn- 
lag Issued the following Llosneee: 

Henry ILaurence. if. Boy. Mo„ and 
Blanche Vanhoosen. 23. Springfield. 
Henry A. MclnUre. 22. Mountain 
View, aud Mclra Weal. 20. Springfield. 
Mcintosh, 21. Are, 
17. SpringGald, 


1mm J. 
(Laura Shi 

Mr an«i Mr- A C. King. 801 Ktn- 
uj avenue, announce tbt birth of a 
daughter. Bonnie r«r. August 72, 




A naottae— wtrt 

mad* tni* after- 

noon by Attorney Val Uwoii. pre*l- 
• dent of tb* J O— M Oounty Bar aa- 
aorlatKti. of the aeHction or Attor- 
neys B. D. Merric O. T. Hamlin. P. 
M MeDavid. Alfred Pag*. S. P. Mann 
and Judge Ouy D. Klrby as pall- 
bearer* lor the funeral tomorrow Of 
Attorney Albert B. Cowden. who died 
yesterday. < All nrmbfra of the bar 
association arc riptfttd to meet at 
, the Kllngner ruber* I chapel and at- 
I tend tba service* In a body. Tha 
'•ervlce* will b* held at 3 o'clock with 
Rev M. P. Cowdcn officiating. 




Funeral service* ware held Tuesday 
• at tha noma for Stephen C. Hughe*. 
; M yoar* old. of Drxon. who dlad Mod- 
t day. following a lingering lllnaae. Rav. 
Hmrr Sparling of Springfield, off tola- 

Mr Mughea waa employed by tha 
•'tiaco a.' a machinist In the north 
.aide ahopa here for ov«r 40 year*. Ma 
a a* retired on a penaton at the age 
»i TO vear* He was a member of the 
K* •Orgatilfed Church of Jeaiu Christ 
of Uurr Day t»a:nu. and aerved aa 
rieaoon of the Springfield branch. 

H* :« minted b> hie wife and chil- 
dren. Ud Amanda Harpe. Mrs. Mil- 
dred Re^d. of Port Smith. Ark.; Mr*. 
Arthur Hood. Hugo. Okla : Mra. Jack 
Haines of Trmple. A.-ir George C . 
'Aal'.er W. Joseph R. Louu B. and 
Richard B Hughe*, and by 33 grand- 
ch'.ldren and 19 great grandchildren. 


•ardwy a4 at* ***** at Bo** IP An 
aT*ae a imgerlng Hrnaa*. Ha U sur- 
vived t>y hla wife, aeven aona and two 
daughters. The aona arc Pred of 
Mount Vernon Ky : Robert of Orange. 
CalJf.; Dave of Wilmington. Calif.: 
Leroy of Vallejo. Calif.: Jaapar of 
Broo* line. John of Bole D' Arc. and 
Sam of Walnut Oro»e. The daughters 
are Mra. Sual* Orav** of Snrln*TflaW 
and Mra. Stella Dart* of Walnut 
drove. Puntrai arrangement* are In- 


| Funeral aarrtcae will ba held at 3 
p pj Pnday at the Kllngnar Funeral 

, horn* for Albert S. Cowdan. 04. a 

'practicing attorney for 40 year*, who 

'dlad at his home hers yesterday, fol- 
lowing a brief Ulnae* Re* M. P. 
Cowden will officiate at tha service* 

'and burial will be In Rare I wood 

; cemetery. 

Mr. Cowden wa* a graduate of tha 

iCnlvexaity of Missouri receiving his 

jattpaoma and being admitted to tba 

fbax forty year* ago. 

BBftJBB U survived by IBB 
two daughter*, Ml*s Albert* 
. _ .. _ of the bom* a d d r aaa. •Bar 
Mra. William A. Dlcklaon. Of 8t. Loufcs 
and a brothar. Dr. W. R. Oowde© of 

Page 1: Edward Donnold Greene was killed.** 

The Freeman family will hold a reunion.** 
Page 2: A. Y. Caleb sues to divorce Jennie C. Caleb. They were married in 1922. 

Walter Linder died.** 

Colby Hayes died.** 

Albert S. Cowden died.** 

Stephen C. Hughes died.** 
Page 3: Edwin Sharp died.** 



Walter Under. Infant eon of Mr. 
and Mr*. A. U Lindsr. of 744 Col- 
lac* etreet. died at 2 o'clock yeeter- 
day afternoon at tha homo. Fu- 
neral eervlcea will be held today 
at Brick church cemetery, west of 
the rlir. with burial there under di- 
rection of W. L. Btarne, undertaker. 


, Colby Haye*. II years old. dlad 
'Wedneaday at hi* bom* at Bola 
trAro, Mo-, following a llngartaaT 
lllmaa Ha la survived br tba 
wtdow, a arwa aoaa. Fred, of Mount 
ViwieaV Ex. Robert, of Orange, 
CmtUU Dara. of Wilmington. Oallt, 
Laror. of Vallejo. Calif, Jaapar. of 
Braokllna. John, of Bola CAro. and 
Bam, of Walnut drove; and by two 
le tighter*. Mra. Sua!* dravea. of 
Bgatngfleld. and Mrs. Stella Davis. 
of Walnut drove. 

No. 3 


HMtfaJ BiJt DJtappear. 
Screams Attract Father 


The boy la tmrrir+a by the par- 
ent* and two brother*, Robert. 11. 
and Kenneth. 2. 

Funeral arrangement* ara Incom- 
plete but will be held andac <flU 
rectlon of W. L. Btarna undertaker. 

Wlt M iw a disagreed on the 
of the automobile and lta 
aome claiming that the wan «u 
driving- a Cadillac aedan at a' rets 
of U or 40 mile* an hoar. wale* 
others amid the man was driving at 
a moderate speed fa another male* 
of car. . 

■ y ,?>■■ 

•t * Wo'chx* 
afternoon when he 
rV an antonobtle. poor. 
*4 Catai *oouV*n boar later to Ed- 
ward Donnol Oreaw*. I -rear-old eon 
of Mr. and Mr*. Arthur 11. Greene.' 
of 1TM CoUeaa street. 

AltHourn the driver of the ante- 
mobU* stooped and took the .her 
to a hospital, be did not fir* he* 
to anyone and noUo* aaat 
t ware eeekteg- to Tft*»rHiti at* 
MeatJty. their eoly eh** twin* B- 
> number U-tM. aald to have 
at tached to the ear. 

Edwin Sharp, 82, Civil War 

Veteran. Dies Near 

Walnut Grove 

Kdirln Sharp. 82. cWU war i 
rwwr raeldent of PoDc county. di*d yee- 
trr<Ur at hi* bona near Wataat *** * 
from the Infinnltlea of are Mr 6harr> 
mm* Kern in Ohto and following the war, 
•ri'.t^d In Polk county. 

He U am-rlTed by a daughter and near 
n..i. Mrs. Callle Eakew. Lea A ngel a * . 
C.I ; Grma Sharp. Walnut Gists : Joe 
Fharp. Lee Angrlce. C*J. : Wlahart. MVv, 
and Ch*rt«i fch.rp. Clinton. 111. 

F-jnnt! irrtnc^nrnt* hav not been 
' r .r ;,.*•. rd I- it burial wli! be In Oakrfll* 
- rmv-tr; near Morrlartlle under the dl- 
i rerllon of t-S« Itrim Undertaking cora- 
par.y of Walnut (Jrove. Serricea will be 
j eondm-'fd by lh«» R^rrrrnd Wyncoop, Bap- 
tiat mlni»tw of Walnut Groee. 

[In*; tn the rear of 
the lad's scream and ran to 

where ho eetsed the body 
1 ef his son from the arm* of the 

lautolet. The drlrer then prevailed 
1 upon Mr Greens te Uft the 007 Into 
! bis car sad then hurried to the 

'■ 8pr1nrTVeJd BapOrt hospital 


His **«ll Freeturwd 


Phrair-tans found that the 
had austalned a fracture at 

base at hia scull. 



Funeral aervlce* for Stephen C. 
Hughes, ** rears old. who died ' 
M r.*a> ut hla home 411 Iniun, Mo.. I 
following a lingering- lllneaa were ' 
held Tuesday at the residence with 1 
the Reverend Henry Bparllnc, of 
Springfield, officiating. Mr. Hughe* 
who was a retired Frisco employe. 
Is survived by the widow, Ave sons. 
JQeorge C. Walters "W.. Joseph R-. 
Loral* B- and Richard II. Hushes. 
by four daughter*, Mrs. Amanda 
Harps and Mrs. Mildred Reed, of 
Pert BmJth, Ark.. Mr*. Arthur Hood, 
ec Hujn. Okla... and Mr*. Jark 
Heine*, of Temple, Aria., by 11 
grandebtldren and 1> great grand 


I teWl l aerrteea for Albert 8. 
Cowden. • * years old. veteran at- 
torney who died at Me home here 
WeJne»d*y. will be held at S o'clock 
thl* afternoon at the Kllngner Fu- 
neral botri". with the Rererend M. 
F. Cowd«K-fifflct»Un«\ Burial will 
be In Haaelwood oemetery. 

WUlUm Freeman's 
Descendants Hold 

Reunion on Sunday 

te the 

eejet t oi te rather at 

part 8m*>day for the 


TMa gathering of the 

off a Ureeee county pto_ 

•oldler la the ReroJwtlooary war la 

"WnOam FYs —nan, my great - 
t-grandfather." Mayor W. E. 
remarked yesterday. 
to what la now Greene 
coanty In II J* and died here In 

Not only the mayor's great -great- 
grandfather but hie great-grand- 
father. John Freeman, and hla 
grandfather. WUUan Freeman, are 
burled In Ore one county. The may- 
or's father. R. F. Freeman, Is a 
resident of the county. 

Page 1: Edward Greene was killed.** 
Page 3: Four Hutton brothers, long separated, meet again.** 
Page 18: Eugene Enyard died.** 

Goldie H. Patterson sues to divorce Richard B. Patterson. They were married in 
August 1917. 

John W.White died.** 

Harry Miller died.** 

Colby Hayes died.** 

Edwin Sharp died.** 

Walter Linder died.** 

Albert S. Cowden died.** 

Birth reported.** 
Page 23: Miss Helen Hackworth and Mr. James R. Arney were married.** 

Miss Lucille Hay and Mr. J. C. Berry were married.** 

The Fielden family will hold a reunion. 

The Pearce family held a reunion.** 

Mr. Allan Whitehead and Miss Irean Jacquith were married.** 

Miss Melva Cain and Mr. Dolph Mclntire were married.** 


Mr and Mrs F. O. Ca!n. 1613 West 
Olive street, announce the marriage j 
of their daughter. Melva. u> Mr. Dolph 
! Mclntire. eon of Mr. Henry Mclntire i 
of Mountain View. The wedding waa I 
eolemnlzed et Mt Carmel M. E. j 
rVurrh Wfdn'iu'nv M 7 p m The at- ' 
tendanui were Mr* lte:i:y tiel6helmer, 
•ute/ of the. bride, and Mr. Brerett j 
Reed. e'.oee mends ^: the groom. Only 
relative* ar.d '.remediate friend* wit- j 
neeaad the ceremony Mr. and Mn N 
]| MelnUre will be at home to than* j 
friends at *3« North Natto***! avenue. 


Word wa* received In Bprlng field 

iThureflay of the marriage of Mre. Al- 
lan Whitehead and Ml*e Irean Jac- 

•qulth Au*. M. »t Tulea. Mr. White- 
head l* the eon of Mr. and Mr*. Roea 
Whitehead of eVJl Eaet Delmar «tre*t ( 
The bride la the daughter of Mra. Car- > 
rle Jacquith of Mlaaourl Are Mra. J 

I Whitehead la » graduate of Senior , 
High orhool. and Mr. Whitehead of I 
Oreenwood The couple are popular; 
among their circle of friend* In 
JSprtncfleld. Mr. Whitehead I* employ- j 
ed at the DUle department store In ( 

, Tula*. They are at hnme at the Den 

rer flat* In that city. 

Graene, %&*$** 

Path of Auto Drivcolar^F 

T.F.Wallace. ■*■ 

• Running arroet the .treat 
'-rectly in the path of en epr 
I Mtomoblle.'fcdwerd Oreene 
i»M eon o* M* ""f Mrs >.. 
I Greene, of HP* OdHaf* «*• 

mi injur*. •' •*• •S* h :--7.di 

day eiurnoon from which he -»«* 
Jeter The accident bTP"'' d J* 
most directly in front of lb* Oreeoe 

residence ■»■*• 

The car WM driven by T r - w "£ 
UC. Elding four mil- -J*** 
BprtngfUld on the Campbell .treat 
Toed He immediately .topped W- 
IT and rushed th. WJBJ ^ <*« 

^ father to the 8^ ,e ^ %r. 

»Ut hospital, where . Dr. i. H- j"M 
SU-muHl he *£ JJIJJJ • *"* 

U,g in e v«aut lot acro»_th«^U|; 

.u^ted to his h^^""^ 
ly in thapeth of 1 the car He was 
struck by the bumper end the car 
psueta over him. Mr. W-J«»«J«WjJ 
[mmedlately and gathered the BtU. 
Sy in W arm.. The lather. w*» 
£d bean working In the rear of thj 
nou*.. ruahed to the meet and took H 
Uie boy. and then went to the ttoa-J 

oitel In- Mx. Wallecea car. ■- % 

S. be«tbeoM« UU* lfc» -o£ 
^fuM-ot tf* accident and dederedt 
!St^r Waiuce had done evening 

SThoaplUl untllU-«J. Mr and| 
L. Wallace called at the ° r **"* 
Sn e tW a morning end g» ^ne 
_. lt h the parents. Mr. <Ji""« 
d^irS W 2 d not fee! Mr. Waltoot 
^"to blame, a. the •«««»«- 
£ which probably could not be*. 

SFEft -urvued by hU parent. 
J?two brothers. Robert II. and 

^eral^lce. will be bjjd 
aifJ o'clock tomorrow ■"crnoon at 

1? sum. Wf-SL^SS- 

. . ... . »ti» rireanlawn c*m 

_o__ ! 

Pearce Reunion. 
A reunion of th. Pwarce family we. I 

held Sunday at Maple Orore parte ! 

Dinner was served on the lawn to ap- ! 

proximately 100 member, of th. fern- | 

Uy. The large number praeent In- j 

eluded: Mrs. Lou Bown. the guest of! 

honor: Mra. Victor Newcomb and son I 
lot Ada. Okie.; Mr. and Mrs. Barney j 

D»vls and daughter. Treaale. of Re- 
public: Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Logan | 
• and family of Republic; Mr. and Mr.. 

F. C. Peexee and eon. Merlin, of *••> 
public; Mr. and Mre. D. P. Head and 
daughter. Verne, of Republic; Mr. and 
Mr*. Will Roger, and eon. of Clever; 
Mr. and Mr*. C. C. .Pearce and family 
•of Clever: Mr. and Mr.. Alvln BerOia 
'and family of Clever; Mr. and Mrs. 
Robert Maples and family of Clever. 
t|4r. *nd Mrs. Leonard Estes and fam- 
ily, of Clever. Mre. R. O. Jonee end 
eon, Sdwerd. of Clever: Mr.. Herechel 
Conrad end children of Clever; Mr. 
end Mre. R. O. McOulleb, Mre. Henry 
Robinson of Republlo: Mr. end Mr*. 
Fred Perk* of Marionville; JuanlU 
Barks of Merlonvtll.; Mr. and Mr*. 
W. P. Perk, end daughter. Kile: Mr. 
and 'Mr.. H. B. Andereon. Dr. Perry 
Wllllamaof Clever: Mrs. Manle Abb of 
inxa: Mr. and Mre. Andy Pearce and 
'daughter. Jewel, of Clever; Mr. and 
iMrs. John Robereon and family of 
; Clever; Mr. and Mr.. Hardle King of 
(Clever: Vance William, of Clever; Mr. 
and Mrs. Kerl Adman, end family; 
(Mr. Oran Adman, end daughter, of 
California: Mr. end* Mr.. Clarence 
Hays and family of Republic: Mr. and 
JMrs. Oeorge Davis and family of 
Clever: Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Pearce of j 
Clever; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Davie. Mr 
and Mrs. Lonnle Pearce of Republic. 

Itrtirlal in 

the araenlawn cemetery. 

I Ml»» llarkMorth IWomn Bride. 
Us* Helen llsrkwo'rttv daughter of' 
and Mrs Thomas W. Hack worth. 
Mcadowmere place, wns wed to 
James It. Arr.rj of Kansas City. 
of Mr. and Mrs n J Amey of 
line. Mo . BuuCat afternoon at 4 , 
llock «t the First Presbyterian 
jrch at Independence. Mo , by Rev. j 
It ma, pastor. The couple was at- j 
aded by Mr and Mrs Hackworth. I 
^o entertained "with h dinner at the 
.Ident hotel in Kansas City follow- i 
the ceremony. Covers were laid 
eight friends of Mr. and Mrs 
ley. After a few days spent at the 
esldent. the bride and groom will 
at home at the Harwood apart- 
rnu in Kansas City. Mr. Arney Is 
aager of the Central Creamery 
apeny In Kansas City. 
— o — 


Four Brothers >lrn. 

Four brothers three of whom 
fought In th* Union trmy during the 
CItiI war and who have not been to- 
gathar for $7 year*, nlbindM* 
family reunion this week at th* tuxnt 
of Mr. and Mr*. John W. Palmar at 

Tha veteran* ara William J. BHHMj 
oC Oklahoma City, egad •*. end f*4 
tber of Beta. Palmar J. 8. Wuttoa> W 

IWMnirrae, Md., aged tl; OnhimlW 
J. Mutton of Sedan. Kan, agad 70. 
and A M. ^Hutton of Weaubleau. Mo. 

Although now of tha brothara have 
been together in racent year*, all four 
have not been with s*ch other ateo* , 
about 13*70. five yeara »ftrr the Civil . 
war. at' which time A. M. Mutton, the' 
youngest ot the brotlMr*. waa only j 
one rear old. 

W J Hutton *erved in Company H. 
Plftb Division of tha Ml— ourl Stat* . 
Mint u. and the other two brother*, i 
J. B. and Coiumbu* J.. a* read tn 
Company D. Fifth regiment, united 
State* cavalry. 

- wire asks onromes. 
Alleging that during tha 
part of their marrtasj* Ilia b- 
band becam* addicted to tha 
periodically drinking liquor i 
he wu very quarrelsome and oCf< 
alv* in the bom* and made home Mf* 
unbearable. OofdJe H. 

morning fUad autt for dlmv a 
Richard B. Patterson, fbay 

! married In August. l»17 and Uaad ta- 

| gcthtr untU AuftMi. ItST* 

| BIRTHS j) 

Mr. aod Mil Praaion Shupe. «7 
1 Chicago avenue, announce the birth 
| of * eon Auguat 34. 



John W. White, tl yaara old. who 
reelded **v*n mile* north of Rogsrs- 
ruie. died at 11:4s o'cloek Mat night 
at St. John'e hospital attar a linger- 
ing illness He I* *urvlv*d by a 
daughter. Mia* Anna White, and by 
five eon*. W. W.. J. C. E. O.. C. H.. 
and O. W. White, all of Rogerevllle. 
Funeral arrangement* are Incomplete, 
but burial will be In Panther ceme- 
tery, under the direction of the Kelly - 
Parrell Undertaking company of 

i -■ HARRY MU.I.IR. 

Funeral services for Harry Miller. 
J6 year* old. alio died at 9 o'clock 
yesterday morning at Strafford, were 
held at 3 o'clock thla afternoon at 
, the Roller cemetery, seven miles south 
; of Rogersville. with Interment under 
tr-.e d:rectlon of the Kelly-Farrell Un- 
derlying company of Rogersvllle. 

-Funeral eervlcae will be held at 
11 a. m. Saturday at the Bote zrAre 
Baptist church for Colby Hayaa. S9 
year* old. who died at hi* horns at 
BoU D'Arc. Wedneaday. Burial will 
be in Yaaklei chapel cemetery under 
the direction of the Redfearn and 
Royal Undertaking company. He la 
survived by hi* wife, seven sons, two 
daughters. 35 grand children and 19 

^TTo Have Family — s d a w . .- & «*; 

The annual reunion of tha Plaldan 

j family wlU ha held at PbsJps Ofoaa 

!park Sunday. A basket dlnnar wlU 

be enjoyed at 1 o'clock. 

«„. w. o. H»y-of ma 

m i*tre«t. *nnounca the en- 

of their daughter. Lucille. 

Bmvn of Long Beach, 

will taka placa in 



Punersl service* for sugene Kn- 
yard. who died Sunday, will be held 
at 3 p m„ Saturday. Irom the Camp- 
bell Funeral noma. Interment will 
be In South H*xelwood_ cemetery, un- 
der direction of the; W. P. Campbell 
Undertaking company. 

»:i»win sharp. 

Funeral arrangements nrr incom- 
plete tor Edwin Sharp. 82. civil war 
veteran and pioneer resident of Polk 
county, who died yesterday at hi* 
home near Walnut Orove. Burial will 
be In Oakvllle cemetery' near Morris- 
ville under the direction of the Brim 
Undertaking company of Walnut 
Drove Service* will be conducted by 
Rev Mr Wyncoep. Bspttft minuter 
Of A»h Grove. Mr. Sharp »a6 born In 
Ohio and following the war. settled 
in Polk county. He I* survived by 
a daughter and four sons. 


rMnrral e*rvlcea were held today j 
at Brie* church. »esl of the city, 
(or Walt«r Under, "infant V>n of Mr. 
• nd Mr». A. L. Under, of 74« College 
street, who died at 2 p. m. yester- 
day at the home. Burial »m In Brick: 
church cemetery under the direc- 
tion of W. L. S^rne. undertaker. 

F'-neral 6erviccs for Albert 6. Cow- 
■!f: «4 veteran B'.V:rnee. who died 
a.', Ms hor.'.e l.trc Wecir.eMl&y. were 

held at 2 p. m. today at the Kllng- Kur.eral home. «• >'-ii Tvc > . M. F. 
Cowdec. officiating. Burial was In 
Haxelwood cemetery. 

Page 1: Daughter born August 25 to Mr. and Mrs. William H Glore of 1236 North Main 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: Billie Joe Hughes died.** 
JohnW. White died.** 
Colby Hayes died.** 
Harry Miller died.** 
Edwin Sharp died.** 

Daughter born August 22 to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Sutton of 1942 Howard avenue. 
Page 5: Miss Helen Hackworth and Mr. James R. Amey were married.** 

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hay, 1112 East Central street, announce the engagement of 
their daughter Lucile to Mr. J. C. Berry of Long Beach, Calif. The wedding will be in 

Miss Cathalene Iseman and Mr. Glenn L. Davis are engaged to marry.** 
Page 12: Daughter born August 23 to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Harlin of 806 West 
Florida street. 

Son born August 24 to Mr. and Mrs. Preston J. Shute of 637 Chicago street. 




Will Main, 

G. L Davis 


tarday sn not in nod Uw _ 
aveat and aparoacaina; aaarrtaea eaf 
hi. daughter. Cathai***, to Mr, 
Glenn U Darta, ton of Mr. and MM, 
Paul R. IMTla. 1*44 Nortfc JettarJ 
•on »T«OM. 

ADDoancemtiit of the eocME*~ 
m«nt la of maafa alefMt La o*** 
i«*e, mueicaJ and ec ol a l ehtdae ee> 
th. city, alias lilldM axt«od*4 
Drury collec* and them a t a dla n 
pUdo at th« Cincinnati OmearYav- 
\ory of mule, aradnathasT from thaj, 
Institution In HI*. Latsr all* VMsf 
to Parte, Franoe, to completo bar 
• tudlea and In 1(12 wai a atudant 
of Ialdor Philippe, For 
rears aha haa b e a n 
of piano In the uiism latnrjf «>t 
music at Drury oe ll e ce . Mr. DiTts) 

la connactad wlth th# . rrt, ^L. B ?^l 

are popular la 


Th* data of the wo drrrs sT 
been annoaneed. 

. — ii ■ ■ ea t e 


The marrlaxe of fctlas Helen 
Hackworth. daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs T. W. Hackworth. »16 Mead- 
owmere place, to Mr. James 11. 
Arney. eon of Mr. and Mrs It. J. 
11 ark worth of Crane, took place 
'tut Sunday aftemcon at 4 o'clock. 
Ht the first Presbyterian church at 
Independent-*, Mo., with the Rever- 
end Mr. Keltma trad In*- the aervlce. I 
Kollowlnr the woddlna; th« bridal ' 
party was rnlertaln<»cl nt dinner at < 
th» l*re*lrient hotel by the bride's 
I arm's After i\ few rlnyi stay st 
:hi I'lrsiih-nt Mr n n,| Ml h. Ariit-y 
will bo nt hotne at the Haywood I 
apartments In Kansas City. 

Jacob j. HafU&aer. it. 
Wine, 42. both oi Sael 
nice K. Chandler, It, 
Jvhnaun. IS. b»tA of 
Henry M. Prater. 24. I<aaaaja% \ 
Viola Bodenlach. K apaal CM«v 

•via* ofroto of 




Joe HofbK, ooe-month-old 

Mr*. J. Z, UttfbM, 

died at » 

at the 

trreM«D<au are 

but bursal will be under 

of tbe KXlnxncr rimer*] 

The efalld la survived by tbe 


for Colby Hayea ! 
who died Wednesday ] 
• bona la Bola irArc. will be 
at 11 o'clock thla morning at ' 
1MB * church In Bola D'Arc. j 
burial In Teak ley chapel ceme ! 
SasaVsr direction of the Redfern 
Mara! UadertalUnc company. 

W. White. II year* eld. of 
AocarsTlUa, Mo, died after a 
Thursday ni*-hl In 
Funeral arrange- 
ore iuoonvplete but burial will 
PuiiHtei cemetery under dl- 
y-FarraU Under- 
oc RoararovlUa. He 
by one daughter. Mlaa 
White, and by. five sons, W. 
J. C l O, C. H, and O. W. 
all of Rogersvllle. 


Ti e— for Harry 

M Tears old. who d1< <1 «? 

urd Thursday morning, w-re 

o'clock yesterday afternoon 

r eamatary. seven miles 

of Roarerrrine. with burial 

under direct loo of the Kelly- 

Undertaklng company of 

■ win Sharp. 12 yeara old. Civil 
1 WS— and Vonc- tlnv resident ! 
r>aRt county, died Thumday at 
■Walnut Grove, ac- 
t« word received here yen- 
Burlal will 1* In Oakvlll* j 
_ ir Mor-r>vtIl» under I 
Of the Brim rndertaklnr. ! 
of Walnut Grove. with 
Wnveoop. pastor iof 

church at Ash Grove. 
Mr. Rharp Is survived 
and four sona. 

Page 1: Mrs. Helen Schockley died.** 

Murrell Harman committed suicide.** 
Page 4: Ed Smith was killed.** 
Page 11: The Vineyard family held a reunion.** 

Page 12: Mell Cagle sues to divorce Nellie F. Cagle. They were married in October 

Marriage licenses issued.** 

Leah Van Buren sues to divorce Oswald Van Buren. 
October 1907. 

Roy S. Prowl sues to divorce Verna Prowl. They were married in April 1927. 

Mrs. Emma Davis died.** 

Mrs. C. E. Meheir died.** 

Colby Hayes died.** 

Hughes infant died.** 

John W. White died.** 

Edna Lenora Lawing died.** 

They were married in 



After 17 years of married life. Mel) 
OagJe thla morning filed cult for tu- 
rn tbe office of tbe circuit 
against Nellie T. Cagle. Me al- 
io hu petition -that bla wife 
to p erform ber beueehoid 
eruttes. They were married In Octo- 
ber. 1000. end lived together until j 

Alleging hla wife told blm that ahe 
:»d no lore or affection for him end 
hat ahe had obtained e divorce from 
->er first husband end could gat one 
rom him. Roy S. Prowl thla morning 
lied eult for divorce in circuit court 
-gainst Verne Prowl. They were mar- 
led in April 1037. and lived together 
mUi Jur-> of tbe aame year. 







Murrell Harman Used Pistol 

of Cassville Officer to 

Commit Suicide. 

CAMVIUl. Mo., Aug. rt. 


rUM- Murrtll Hirman of Kansas 

City committed suicide at Jo o'clock 

yesterday morning at the home of his 

broUier-ln-law. Sherirf Hugh Brlxey. 

'; by shooting himself in the head. u»- 

jinft the ahertfra platol. He had bean 

suffering from a nervous breakdown 

(rom too close application to his work 

,and had not beeu able to work for 

j several months. 

' Mr. Harman came here Thursday 
night and spent the night at the 
iBrlxey home. Sheriff BrUey and his 
•deputy. Walter Bailee, were together 
In the sitting room of the Brlxey 
home yesterday morning when Mr. 
Harman went Into a bedroom. Pick- 
ing up the sheriff's pistol, he placed 
lit against his left temple and fired, 
'death being Instantaneous 
j Harman was born and reared In 
'Uonett. He was 37 years old. He 
( went to Kansas City eight years ago 
land held a position with the Ford 
(Motor company. Ha formerly was em- 
I ployed by the express company at 

He Is survived by his wile, formerly 
Miss Vlrgle Thomas of this city, and 
two daughter*. 


Recorder Jack V- McJCea today as- 
sued marriage licenses to the follow- 

Henry M. Prater, 36, Lanagan. Mo.. 
and Viola Bodantaoh. 21. Kansas City. 

Jacob J. Hafungar. 61. and OUla 
Wise, 4*. both of Springfield 

F. R. Chandler. IB. and Freda 
Johnston. 16. both of Spring! leld. 

Kllled By lironrho. 
Ed Bmlth of Fair Piny we* allied ; 
when one of a team -t bronchoe 
which .be was water,: n« hi* brother- 
in-law. Frank Purr.r.. Ml drive, made 
a dash and ran over Mr. Hrrltb. stria- ■ 
tng him in the he**! with * hoof. Hej 
died two Tiout* tatri ::>.':> the in-;. 

j Vlneyerd Reunion. 

The third Vineyard reunion 

held laat Sunday at Phelps Orove 

park when the birthdays of Mr. and 

; Mrs. Oeorge Blackburn were celebrat- 
ed. A basket (Tinner was held at 
noon The followltiK guests attend- 
ed Meant* and Meadames L E Mor- 
ri*. Ororgv Blackburn. Tom Black- 
burn and ^daughter Velma Mae. Ouy 
Blackburn aud son Melvin. Charlie 

; Atkinson and children. Dutch Heady. 
Messrs Vearl Morris. Floyd Llllard. 

1 Jim Akrldge. Mra Jane Akiidge. 

| Misses Hazel Morris Verta Morrla. 
Opal Akrldge. Ruth Heady. Eva Black- 
burn and Oeorge Blackburn of 

' Springfield: Mr. end Mrs. Francia 

{Julian and daughters of Bols D'Arc. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ary Tlesley and Mrs. ; 

' Angelina Carson Of Ave: Messrs and J 

I Meedame* John Hall. William Atkin- 
son. Oeorge Vineyard. Thurman Vlne- 
jyard and children. Will Moore; Mteeee 
Haael Waugh. Oeorgia Waugh. Oodlla 
Moore. Oeorgia Vineyard. Blanch 
Vineyard. Shirley Atkinson. Esther 1 
Atkinson. Messrs. Ira Hall. Alvtn Hall. 
I Martin Vineyard. Ouy Moore. Hey 
j Moore, Louis Atkinson of Marshfleld, 
Mrs. Addle Tyson and eon. Mrs. Lot- 
j tie Davis, and Mr. Matt Vineyard of 
! Falrview, Mr. and Mrs. John Oamxnon 
j and children of Tulsa. Okie.; Messrs. 
and Maadamee ollie Rlchereon and 
children, Odl Hook and children. 
Austin Hook and children and Mr*. 
John Hook of Bollvan, Mrs. Pearl 
Mechen of Webb City. Mr. and Mrs. 
Orvll Eagleburger and daughter of 
Hickory Barrens and Mr Wayne Nokes 
of Mlnner. 


Funeral services for Blllle Joe 

WlOe*. one-nuxatb-am so* of Mr. cod 

Mrs J. Z Hugh**, of Mi mama 

i street, who died at 6 p. m. yesterday 

| a: the home, wer* held at 3 p. m. to- 

dsy at the home. Burial was In 


.Oreenlawn cemetery under direction 
! of the Klingner Funeral home 
P» ■ 


Funeral errangemenU are incom- 
plete for John W White. 81, of near 
RogerrvlHt. who died after a linger- 
ing Illness Thursday night 1n « local 
hospital. *unal will be in Panther 
cemetery, under direction of the 
Retly-Farreil Undertaking company or 
Rogersville. He Is survived by a 
daughter. MUs Anna White, and five 
son*. W. W.J. C . E O . C. R . and 
O. W. White, all of Rogersvlllr. 




Funeral arrangements are in coot • 
i pitta for Mrs. Emm* Davis, 63. wile of 
1 Henry Davis, a prominent fanner of 
, near Republic, who swallowed * 
I quantity of carbolic acid Thursday 

morning aiiuilll hfti-l i»"rl!""*ti «* h*f 
1 home, dying three hours later. 
I Mr*. Da via left a note which read! 
! "Do not blame nnyunr. I'm in poor 
J health.'* -•" -■:-■- 

| The deceased ir -.umved by her 
'nuaband. two sons. Harold Dav|*. a»- 
siiLr.nt cashier of the State Bank of 
nepubllc; Clyde Da\i*. a farmer, and 
, a dauchter. Mrs Harold Phlllipi of 
i California. 

Funeral arrangement* are lncom- 
! plete. pending th« arrival of the 
daughter, but they will be under di- 
rection of the R T. Under* 
taking company of Republic. 

mus. v. k. meiikik. 

Word was received Thursday of the 
death of Mrs C E Mrhr'r a? her 
iiome in Enid. Ok In Mrs. Mehelr 
has often visited here rk the c last 
of Mr* II E Lamkl.i. of «rn Pick- 
wick avenue, ana made many friends 
while here. 


Funeral services lor Colby Hayes. 
T3. who died WfdtiMdiiv at hi» 
home in Bols D'Arc were held 
at it a. m. today at the Baptist 
church In Bols D'Arc. Burial was In 
Teakley chapel cemetery under di- 
rection of the Redfcrn and Royal 
Undertaking company. 


Edna Lenora l.aulnp. a •yrnr-old 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin 
j Lawlng. of 1334 North Main avenue, 
, died this morning. She Is survived 
by three brothers. David. Clayton mid. 
Hubert, and four sisters. Dora. Go'dlc, 
Mildred and Ella. Funeral service* 
will be i-.r;o at 2 o clock Sunday aft- 
ernoon at the Church of Christ, 
Johnson and Dale streets, with me 
Kllngner Funeral Home in charge. 



Mrs Hsiao Rbacksay. 38. arreated 
Inn two wee ks afo , when officers 
rounded up an allsfed dope ring. 
f »a who was sent to Kan sas City for 
treatment ' In hopes she might be 
eared of the bsblt. died yesterday 
morning In a Kanaaa City hospital. 
where ahe was taken Tuesday after- 
noon sfter being found unconscious 
b - police, according to word received 


The woman was placed on a train 
here the night of August 22. She 
was found In front of a residence at 
1011 lyhe street In Kansas City tbe 
next morning and carried I not the 
house. She istrr -was removed to a 
hospital where phyaiclans discovered 
that ac hart taken 30 pralns of ver- 


The body will be returned to 
C..rlngfield for burial In Hardwood 
cemetery under direction of me 
Kllngner Funeral home Funeral ar- 
rangements arc Incomplete 


Page I: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2A: Gordon Wooten sues to divorce Fern Wooten. They were married May 17, 

Daughter born August 26 to Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Barnett of 2024 North Weller 



Page 7A: Ada Grantham sues to divorce Isaiah Grantham. They were married May 26, 

Page IB: Divorce suits filed.** 

There is a large photo of those attending the Headlee family reunion. 

Mrs. Elizabeth McQuigg celebrated her 92nd birthday.** 

Ira Long and Tom Baker died.** 
Page 2B: Mrs. Henry Davis committed suicide.** 


Page 3B: William J. Campbell and Lula M. Gallagher, both of Strafford, were married 
yesterday in Springfield. 

Page 4B: Goldie H. Patterson sues to divorce Richard B. Patterson. They were married 
August 4, 1917. 

Page 5B: O. D. Thurman sues to divorce Edna Thurman. They were married February 
7, 1920. 

Page 6B: Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Willard and daughter Mary, Dr. and Mrs. T. H. Casey and 
Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Knight and son Tony-all of Lebanon-went to Springfield to attend the 
Headlee reunion. Mrs. Willard and Mrs. Casey are granddaughters of James Headlee, brother 
of Capt. Sam Headlee. 

Claude Hammers of Monett died.** 

Mrs. Aleen Drake Williams died in Joplin. She was the sister of Wid Irwin of 
Bowers Mill. 

There was a reunion at the home of Tom Barker of Bowers Mill. Item lists those 

Ernest MacCan of Arlington drowned in Piney river last Monday. 
The father of George Hughes died at Dixon where he lived. 
William Arbaugh committed suicide.** 
Mrs. Nancy Casteel died in Miller.** 

Son born August 26 to Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Adams of 1 800 Newton avenue. 
Page 9B: Steve Hughes died.** 

Page 10B: Card of thanks from J. V. Hughes and others.** 
Card of thanks from G. P. Cunningham and others.** 
Page 12B: Edna Lenora Lawing died.** 
Colby Hayes died.** 
Mrs. C. E. Meheir died.** 
Miss Rose Perrin died.** 
George Henry Carroll died.** 
Page 2C: Miss Irene Jacquith and Mr. Allen Whitehead were married.** 

W» wwA to taaak oar mv Mm* **4 
nadsabor* for tbafr rrmpathy aad many 
baaatifal fkml offartnca la 
nd daata of oar ■ iIitij M * M 
3. T. HUGHS* 


Wo wiaa to axproaa ear siorore aaprew 
Hatton for th* M nd n on a and mrmvmUkr 
ahoVo mm by Mr nettkbora and frWrxto 
dorta* ta* raoont Olnoaa and daata of oar 
bo t oood wtfa. daorbtor and atatar. Ateo 
for tko Wautffol floral offorin«a. 
and family-. 1 


atframg* of Mlaa Irm 
daughter of Mrs. Carrie' 
•t MlasoQrl tvtnur, to 
Allen Whitehead. 0011 of Mr 
1 WhUobaad. Ill Ea«t 1 
atroet. took pl»w at Tulna. i 
AnfUat XI. The hrlde Is h 
f th* 8prina-fl«ld Hlch' 
th* brtdaaroom la a ; 
__ 0ro*awood Ht«h school. 
rnaita their homr In Tuliu. ' 
1 Mr- Whitehead la em-. 
at to* DU1* department 


Bp+eimi 99 TaW C^fl|> Jf wc 

DDCON. Ma, Anc . JT,— 8U*« 
Hughe*. IK yaara old and for the 
paot two roars a roaldant of DUon. 
la doad at hla homo. Ha wu In 
twain*** for soraraJ yoara la ▼mr- 
loua towoa along- the Frtaco be- 
ta- saa ■!■ tagOaM aad BC Louis, but 
rotlrod a Caw raara a#o- 

I Thoae present at th* Tom Barker | 
1 home at Mt. Vernon at the family ', 
reunion were: Grandma Barker. 
I Miller, Mo.. Joe Parka and family of \ 
, Jefferson City, Mo.; Clayton Bark-; 
'r-r and family, of Maple Grova; 
Homer Barker and family. Mt. Ver- ' 
|non. Mo; Arrh Barker and family 
of Okli : Walt«*r Barker and family j 
of I/nckwood. Mo.; John Barker and 
famllv »f Bowpra Mill. Mo.; Tru- ! 
mnn Moore ami wife. .Tefferaon City. \ 
m., y rf m A On-pii, Mr. and Mrs. 

tv « r .f rv.Men City. Mo.; Bnlph 




Mr. aad Mra, B. t- 
of a 

B* v .f.--— 

of 1*00 



Many Mombwr. of Family Will PftrtJdpct. In Party Otopring 
H*i *2n< m&M^*t»mw)*mM***f Aft* 

> i • • « t 

A* WKkOOM Itttto old lady, dsll- 
oa«e of baud aad foaturo, with 
hair, interested blue 
a isuj naii« a*td ma* fcnos 
v. wtB bs the MMM |Wt 
of honor at a family reunion sad 
birthday party hare today, 
la Mra. CUaabath 

to a «rM» circle of 

aa "Aunt Betty", who will celebrate 
b«r atooty aaoo n d birthday 
rouaded by all tho Itvtaf 
of bar family. 

Mra. MeQolgg's father. John Bob. 
ortooa. wu oaa of tbo earliest pio- 
neers u southwest Missouri, and 
llttU B-r.y waa born on August t«. 
l*lt. In Lh« farmhomo down on the 
Gasconade rtvor, fa .Wright county. 
WhDs aba w*o still a very omaO 
girl, tbo family moved to Spring - 
(Uld. aad Betty aodat bor girlhood 
hi tbo old ftsbartouu boose which 
Id now too Con ton nary homo. 





alippod on 
aoas. Hm brother waa mortally 
wounded In tbo battla of WUaon 
Crook, and Mrs. MeQutgg remem- 
bers th* battle rory well, and hear- 
ln< the aolae of the guns from her 

Mr. McQulgg has boon dead for 44 

Bra. MoQulg* llvos boro wttb^her 
daughter. Mra. Eugene Jones, at 
ill West Walnut elreeL Leat win- 
ter, while staying with another 
daughter. Mra. J. F. Robinson, 
about l* mlloa oat to tbo ooaatry 
oa the West H lgfa street road, a dog- 

She .mauled young, aa waa tbe 
custom, aad waea bar husband. 
Joba MoQaJgg. Jotood tbo homo 
guard to tho '•as. she bad two baby 
girls. Of an bar memories, tboso of 
^Cirtl war days are most vivid, aad 
sbo relates wttb lively humor how 
eoldlers occupied her, homo, and 
insisted on fiddling and dancing. 

'1 never had seen a dsace-step 
before tho war." she. says laugh - 
lngly. -aad whoa tbo. soldiers be- 
gma getting out their fiddles. I was 
afraid my ha s h aad wouldn't like It. 
I told them bo might make them 
stop when ho cum back.' and they 
just said. «WoH. If ho tries It were 
two to one.' So whoa I saw him 
coming about sundown I alippod 
out and told him not to aay a word 
about It. and ha didn't all e renin*. 

at midnight, ho said. -Now. 
rooss botoags to 

vary alesly. 

t oak" 




to BpslagfWd, aad at oao 

time, hartng boon watting on them 

tirelessly far saaay days, she says. 

I while aa ai 

The family reunion and birthday 
oal a araU aa today will bo hold at 
the Robtnsoh homo, and wttl bo at- 
tended by lira. McQulg*-. her three 
daughter. Mrs. Roblnsoa. Mrs. Jones 
Mrs. W. D. Miller and their 
She has eight grandchil- 
dren aad four groat g i a adchlldroa. 
Dorsey O. Joaoa, for aU years 
of history aad ■rnnssilia at tho 
senior high school bora, and bar 
grandson, who has been attending 
the University of Iowa this sum- 
»or. srrlred In 8prtagfleld Friday 
to attend the reunion and make it 
complete. He will return to the 
University of Iowa after a fort- 
night's vacation here to complete 
work for hla Ph. D. degree. 

Mra McQuigg la exceedingly 
proud of her grandchildren, several 
1 of whom are teachers, and takes a 
keen Interest i D their actsyitlee. 
They, on the other hand, adore her. 
and love to listen to her talea of 
pioneer life and Civil war times. 



j Social to T»i« Daily JVm *. I 

LAMAR, Mo.. Aug. 27.— William' 
Arbaugh, 56. a resident of Union 
township for many years, com- 
mlted suicide st his home by tak- 
ing strychnine. Artmuqh lost a leg 
niany years ago und thla caused 
him to become despondent many 
timea. friends say. Ho Is survived 
by the widow and two sons. 

day at the hem* of bar 9011, Will 
altar a two-hourr Ulnae*. A strok* 
I of parerrsis and high blood prea- 
Isure mw4 Mr heath. Burrtrtog 
her are one daughter and four 
I ton*. Interment will bs In Psnns- 
Thursday aftsrnoon. 

J Claude Hammer*, former Frisco 
' brakeman died at hU homo In Jop- 
lln August 22. of tuberculoma Fu- 
neral service* » ere held at Bellg- 
rmin Wednesday afternoon. 

.v, vW.~-- 

if rYwninent Farmer 
UN Fdto*1rsQ Nerv- 
ous Breakdown 

doe to eonttnued '.II I 
**» FwUia»J given as tho I 
+€ the suicide 
of Mrs, Henry Devi*. 5; 
eld. wife o( Henry Davis, j 
»t tarrneT living three mil- « , 
Of Republic. Mre Davis drank j 
of poison about ( o'clock , 
tbs morning and was found I 
Stty afterward by her hueban.l ' 
• Immediately called Dr. F. 1. 
A and Dr. U. O. Frame of He- I 

Dies Three Hours Later 

In spite of the effort* n.sde J > 

is physicians. Mrr i)»t.t u.v. 

three hour* after taking- the 

A farewell note had h*en left by 
Deris who ashed that no 
be placed upon her husband 

E children for Y>ri t.. . i. « <\ 

lalned that she could st.ind liar 
iffartng no longer Mm. Pavl a had 
Saiffered a nervous breakduw n about i 
^•o year* ar.-> anil h*» l>een In poor I 
peeith a1rr« t'-..-\t r>- e 

6he Is survived l>> the husband, 1 
*T l»o eons. Harold, who is saslpt- I 
fent cashier of the Republic Suite! 
Uak and Clyde a farmer of j 
ybrlstlan rounty. and by one 
•aughte*. sirs. Harold Phillips, ot 

Was Church Worker 
Funeral nrrmfraenlii are In- | 
eoraplete pending the arrival of the 
daughter but will be held under di- 
rection of It r. Thurman. under- 
taker ..r W' public. 

lira l«a-. Is was a member of the 
Christian church at Clever. M», 
and was well known throughout the 
Itcry In which she lived. 

TnoMtemd Love 
Lot*} «jf OWsta) 
Cold Def bun 
Ncgfed, Are Among 


j yBCU U UK O that his wife cared 

more for other men than (or 

him. that she rewstssd away fffo*aJ 

sssai frequsntrr at night aad that 1 
she neglected her household duties. 
Mall Cask* has filed suit for 41- 
varo* from Nellie F. Cagle. Thay 
were married Oct. t. IrM, and sep- 
arated In June. 1921. 

A LUX3INO that be seat bis wits 

to the salubrious climate at 

the Oxarks- for bar health, aad 

that she refused to return to Kaa- 

saa with him whsn her health had 

I been restored. L. H. Aleshlre has 

1 fl.ed suit for divorce from Mabel 

1 Aieaalre. Tbey were married April 

' :?. :?:e. and ael^ralod In l»j«. 

1 A 88KRTINQ that his wife told 
him aha had got a dlvoroe from 
her first husband and oould set 
oae from him. Hoy a Prowl has 
filed suit for a divorce from Varna 
Prowl. They were married April 
II 1»I7, aad separated last June. 


X . the ground that her husband 
refused te support her and that 
she was compelled to engage In 
menial labor to support herself aad 
tbelr two children. L<aah Van Bursa 
has filed suit for divorce from Os- 
wald Van Bursa They were mar- 
ried Oct. «i, 1»0T. aad ssparatad 
last week.. 


l- V.eJ her to leave liuuiti 

husband com- 

nor e 

than a year ago and has failed to 
contribute anything toward hor 
support sine* that time. Dicta Ver- 
million filed suit for dlvoroe from 
Jesse L. Vermillion. Tbey were 
married November St. 1901, and 
separated June it, 1»2«. 

rn^AJMINO that his wife nagged at 
^ him. found fault with every thing 
be did and occaalonally struck him. 
Edward Popejuy has filed suit (or 
divorce from fieUUa M. Popejoy. 
Tbey were married In November, 
ltd*, and separated last week. 


N tho ground that her husband 
abandoned bar more than a year 
ago. Nellie U. Btalasrt has tiled suit 
tor divorce from Thefaea & Stam- 
en- Thay ware married Mama It, 
UK and separated August 10. lsr*. 


QBTTLNQ forth 

mond to another apajrtment In 
Lbs apartment bo us* they own. that 
she cursed and abused him, sought 
to ridicule him and generally Ig- 
nored htm. Charles W. VMd haa 
i'.ini auii lur dlvorcs from Mslen B. ' 
Weed They »frf married June 12, ■ 
ls-:3. and separated July &. 1*27. 


I-JKK husband's alleged fondness 
for liquor and hla failure to sup- 
port her arc tbe reaw ons advanced 

bv Lillla Compton for asking a di- 
vorce from 'W J Compton. They 
were married November I, HJt. and 
separated Last week. 


Ozark Youths Com* . 

End in Experiment „ 
irfacturintj Intoxicants 


Officer. Drop 

Lo*ming Thay Mad* _ 
Speculate on Nature of 
Fatal Poison 

Special t. The DmU, Sews. 
£)DCON. Mo, ia(. SV-*w* 

ara dead and ana la 
ill a* th« trade nAatc 
of thraa yonns; nea to 
tura win*. 

Tta dan* •*»'] 
old atm of Jo* 

Baker. Both 

***• third ._ 
brother of tra. 

the horn* of hit 
hi" i way hack t» ttfo. 


•OOM BKCOetl 1U. 

The thraa 
o*4*hbora, ' 

to ahais! , 

Knowing; ttttla e( 
wine maktac, 
tempt, and H 
•go that they 
their product, 
al too Lone k 

CUude Lone. It «u said, drank 
■oma of the wtoe and 
that It 111 aot 

the/ drank, 
throe an ' 
which at Ore* 
keen doe to 

♦ - 

While no tost of the ] 
by the thrao was made, tt 1 
that death 
poison formed ,bw 
of the contai n er e 
proceee of 

fve-en such aa It should 1 
due to IncredJect* that 
be-en added to hasten this : 

Persona familiar with the 
of wine said that metal 
frequently ware eaten 
win* and a poison 
Others were of the opinion 
much yeast or sugar 
ed. and that tho 
whan the right proportions 
various Ingredients 


Fnraorol services for Edna Lanark I 
Lowing, I-year-old daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. MarvAn Lawlng, of 1624 
NoAh Main avenue, who, died yes- 
terday morning, will be bald at X 
o'clock this afternoon at tho Church 
of Christ, at Johnson avenue and 
Dale street, with burial In Green - 
lawn cemetery under direction of 
the Kllngner Funeral home. She is 
aurvtved by the parent* and three 
brothers, David, Clayton and Hu- 
bert, and by four slaters, Dora, 
Ooidle, Mildred and Ella. 

Funeral services for Colby Hayes, 
•S years old. who died Wednesday 
at his hume In Bola D'Arc, Mo., 
were held ut 11 o'clock yesterday 
morning at the Baptist church In 
that town with burial In Yeakley 
cemetery under direction of the 
Redfern ajid rfoyal Undertaking 

Mm C. E. Mehler, of Enid, Okla., 
a frequent \inltur In Springfield, 
died Thursday a.t her home accord- 
ing to Information received ye*ter- 
day by a friend, Mrs. H. K. Lumkln. 
of 60t Pickwick avenue. 


Oeorge Henry Carroll. »•*«•*■ 

old. of 1S02 Hovey street, died al 
1* .dock yesterday morning »■ • 
local hospital following a brief U - 
ness Funeral .ervlcea will be held 
!™ ; 3u o'clock tomorrow afternoon 
'at the residence with burial In 
,"V.enU«n.e.noter> under direction 

'of \V L ytarnc. undertaker. Mr. 

, Carroll, who v. as »~'"^ n ^ a V and I 
nuu, for the- Springfield Gas and 
KTectric company. I- survived b> 
Uh. widow, two «•«-*""• J 1 '** 
I i-well and Kuth Genevra of the 
.jewen "■ . lwo brothers. 

1 homo uddress. nj i » 
i Hiram IUy. of Fair Grove, and fc.1- 
1 len^oy. S Hunterville. Okla. and 
|K YathV Hiram II. Carroll of 
Glidewell. Mo. He w.a an ex-solalcr. 
'living ^rved during the war M 
chief mechanic with Battery B . 
2nd. ™ d Artlllwy. at Camp 
Cu«ter. Mich. 

Miss Kon PttlTln. 36 year* old. 
• graduate bum who had prac- 
ticed her* for the pact 12 year a. 
died at 11 o'clock last night In a 
local hospital after a lingering 111 - 
ness. Funeral arrangement* uie 
incomplete but will be held ut tli 
Freewill chapel near Fair llruvej 
with burial there under direction , 
of the Herman II. L.ohnio>«T Fun- 
eral home. She is survived by Hie 

-. . .... ... i . 9 1.-., •.. 

drove, one brother, Floyd, also i>f j 
Fair Orove. and one sister, Mrs. . 
J. K. Dennett, of Kaunas City. 

llichard G. Bateman. :j. Mem- j 
phis. Tenn.. and Olive Rose Lines, . 
18. Springfield: James H. Floyd, 
| 84. and Elsie Murphy. 21 h..lh of \ 
! Springfield; William J Campbell.) 
>?!>. and I.ula M Gallagher. 2!», both 
, of Strafford: Bert Blrchfleld. 18, 

and Mallssa Schneller. 
St. Louis 

22. both of 

Page 2: Mrs. Cintha Haralson, 83, died Monday at the home of her daughter Mrs. Will 
Harris of Slagle, Mo. She was buried at New Bethel. She is survived by three daughers and 

four sons.** 

Leonard Crewse, Fred Baker and Wheeler Rasor died.** 
Page 5: Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Marlin of Marshfield observed their golden wedding 

Page 8: Colby Hayes died.** 

Hughes infant died.** 

Edna Lenora Lawing died.** 

George Henry Carroll died.** 

Miss Elsie Rose Perrin died.** 
Page 14: Rev . William Karsten died.** 

John Wells killed.** 
Page 15: Miss Ila Mae Claxton and Mr. Jess Hilterbrand were married.** 

Miss Flossie Ethel Dodds and Mr. Charles Lewis Miller were married.** 

Miss Elsie Murphy and Mr. James H. Floyd were married.** 

Miss Cathalene Iseman and Mr. Glenn L. Davis are engaged to marry.** 

Miss Billy Crow and Mr. Walter Boggs Bryson are to be married.** 
Page 16: Miss Gus Bowen and Miss Lucyle Collier are to be married.** 
Page 17: The Williams family held a reunion.** 

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Thurman celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.** 

Miss Olive Rose Lines and Mr. Richard George Bateman are to be married.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 22: Suit filed to break the will of John Bertalotto.** 

Page 24: There is a long account of J. P. Stebbins, born in England, who went to 
California on horseback during the gold rush. He fought Indians and now lives in Springfield. 


Bourn formrrly 

to tt»t •«? 

6t4Jpel will 


M1M El»l» Murphy and Mr. James 
H. Floyd were married yesterday 
ternoou In the office of R. 
Trevathen. Jujrtlr.e of the peace; 
performed the ceremony. 



Weddls* M HubimuvIU*. 
A wedding of interest to many 
I Spring field residents will take place 
'beptemhor 7 at Humansvllle . when 
Mlu Billy Crow becomes the bride 
of Mr Wal'.i r nogga Bryson of 
. Oreeimlie. 3 C. Mim Crow hu a 
large i. umber of rnmrf" hern fcivd 
the wedding mill draw n(-.^roilmately 
!)i gUMU trum th*B city, Th* «n- 
gnfemeiu «u announced July 3) a* 
ia bridge party given at the home of 
| the bride-elect and came as a rur- 
• prlae to her friends. Mtu Crow 
j spent much of the time this iuffl> 
i mer with her (later. Mrs. Prank O. 
' Hamblen of Alta Vlata. OreenTtUa. 
: She I» a graduate of Missouri 8t*te 
Teachers college at Warrnsburg and 
la a inmber of 8'.irmn Aipha aororlty. 
i Mr. Bryaon la a prominent young at- 
torney In Oreei\llIe. and received 
| hie education bt Fuman unlTerelty 
and the University of South Car- 
|Ollim. TMe wedding will be an event 
lot considerable Inureit to the •octal 
'set of Humansvllle and also to a 
; lnrpe number here. 

lawsaan-Davla EasTUresnenL 

an- ! 

... r^Wf-j 

t d*ugB*sr. Oethalene, »o Mr. Glenn L. 
; Davis, ton or Mr. and Mia. Paul R. 

De«s. 1*44 Morth Jef i arson avenus. . 

m Drury eol l aaya. She at t ended Prury 

collate end the On—— O a a aa i r a- : 
! tory Of Wudc Later aha studied j 
! abroad awe wee a prpal of Isidore 

Philippe. Mr. Darts la lamis s u ved wtta 

i ha frlsco railroad company. 



1 CAS8VILLE. Mo. Aug. 27 —(Spe- 
cial.)— A ault to set aside the will of 

' the lata John Bertaiotto, prominent 
Barry county fanner, has been filed 

i In circuit court here. Alexander, Ser- 

' verluo. Joseph and James Bertaloto 
are the plaintiff* ami Roman, John 
ar.d Trroee Dcrt.ilotto nrr the «"■.<;- 
fendsnts. All are children of the de- 
ceased and the petition Alleges tbet 
the father, who was 93 rear* old when 
he made hie will, did not have the 
mental capacity to do so The son, 
Roman, named as executor of the ea- 

j Uie. received the bulk of the estate. 

; which le said to have erceed»d »7- 
000. The estnte now is in the hands 
of th- probate court. A large, amount 
of the propertg was destroyed by fire 


laaanan Iterta 

. WJUUaa. F. 

' Tunatml - -aaretaaa tm 

•». wfco died Monday at 
Of hervdesajhtar. Mrs. WW Bar- 
na at -Jag*: Me, wata bald Tuewtfay 
at Mew Betha*. with burial In the 
aamlarj there. She la eurrleed try 
three daughters and four aona. 

During the asm sen day* the 

of three young man who 
j with accidental death at 
) paeoea baa been r et urn ed -to 
; county ,. for burial — Leonard 
j from Oranlte City, 111 
\ from Rawlins. Wyo. and 

Raeor. from 6t. Louis. 


Recorder Jack W. McKae Saturday 
issued marriage licensee to the fol- 

James H. Floyd. 34 and Klele Mur- 
pl«y. II. both of Springfield. 

Richard U Betemen. 23. Memphis. 
Tenn . and Olive Rom Lines, lg. 

William J. Campbell. 91, and Lola 
M. OaJlagber ». both of Strafford. 

Bart Birch field, 38, and M 
Bchneller. ». both of 8t Louie. 

Wedding Anniversary, 
Mr. end Mm W. It ThunnsJv of 
«ej*ubifce celebrated their fiftieth 
wedding' anniversary. August IB, 
with en unusual program. The event 
wee in the form of a religious ear- 
wiee with prayer and song led by 
Mr. James Thurman. FV'hiw'.ng the 
prayer and eong services, two dmigh- 
tera-in-law of tbe couple awrred Ice 
cream and calce to the guests. 
friend* and relatives of Mr. and 
Mrs. Thurman sent flowers and 
gifts, some being sent from Califor- 
nia Tboae prevent were: Rev. and 
Mrs 8wsdley, Mr. and Mrs. Milton 
Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Levi Belle. Mr. 
and Mrs. Kd 81ms and child ren. Mr. 

William winter, 
Mr. Warren 
Woe, , Mr, « 


af s ^ef. ViOVI, 

Mr. Ctrl 

"Qmnssn and <amia. 

Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Thurman of tail 


Funeral eervlees for Colby Bty**. 
83, who died Wednesday at his horn* 
In Bolt D'Arc. were held at 11 a. m, 
Saturday at the Baptist church in 
nol» D'Arc. Burial waa In Yeaklev 
chapel cemetery, under direction of 
the Redfearn and Royal Undertaking 


George Henry Carroll. 38 yeara old. 
of 1302 West Hovey street, died at 
10 a. m. Saturday, at a local hospital 
after a brief Ulnae*. He la survived 

by the wife, by Ms f » tner - H trMn "■ 
CarroU. or OllneweO. Moxr *▼*■"■ 
daughters. Cled* Jawa U *od f^f 
Oearrre CarroU. of " 

runeral services for Blllla Jo* 
White, one-month -old eon at Mr. 
and Mrs. J. Z. Hughes, of 1238 
street, who died at 6 pm.. Friday at 
the home, were held at 3 p. m. yes- 
terday at the home. Burial was la 
Oreenlawn cemetery under direction 
of the Kllngner Funeral home. 


I Miss Ha Mae Olaaton of Hart- 
|viile. a State Teacher* ooUege atu- 
' dent, and air. Jeaa HJlterbrand. eoaab 

: of athletic* In MUler, were married 
! yeeterday afternoon at Osark. Altar 
spending Sunday. Monday and Tuea* 
j day at Branson, Mr. and Mra. Hllter- 
I brand will arrive In Miller In time 
j to prepare for the opening of school. 
I Mrs. Hllterbrand also will teach this 
I year In the Miller school 

of Fair Orof, »nd Allan May - 

ag Moctarrfna. C4x la. Mr, C arroll wj« 

Springfield *m#l**£*\iWm^ Jjgf 
tM -the World war h* was • -«»•»; 

o'cVoc* -^teodey^atte» at»_ 
family jaawa, - With *?y^^j lti 
Otaenlwwn ueweiaij' una** ilheolsnej 
of W. L. Btarne, undertaker. 

... Eusa mon fmrin. 

Um Sri* nam JNrrbs, J*. *Md •» 
* local hospital «t It o-tfoak law 

night, following *' lta <"W •""•"' 
She U sunrlrad by b*r mottsar. Mra. 
Belle Ferrtn. of Fair Orora. a brother, 
rioyd Perrln. Fair Orore. and a alater 
Mrs. J. K. Bennett, of Kansas City. 
Funeral arrangements are Incomplete 
but will be held at Freewill chapel, 
near Fair drove. Burial will be In 
Freewill cemetery, under direction of 
the Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral 
home. Miss Pcrrui has been nuraibg 
»n Springfield hoepltala for the past 
13 years. 

*f Mr. and Mra, Al Williams, atwth- 

*j*st off the arty, Tha 
•Jgo In observance of tha 
afgbth birthday «f tha oi ls **, , + *H 
Mra Mary Simmon*. Tag ttmw W*l 
■peat meeUng on* another and rhUt- 
tng torn* of the fatal!? fee* »•*• 
awn each other tn a number of 
years At noon a basks* dinner war 
•erred in the walnut grove of tha 
baan*. About St membera of the 
( tunny were preswnt. ; j ' ■%? t ~^ s ,& 

Mr and Mrs. Fred L. Dodda of VaJ- 
doaUt, Oa., announce the marriage of 
their daughter, Floeale Ethel, to Mr. 
Charles Lewie Miller of Chicago. HI. 
The wedding took place in Effing- 
ham, III, Wedneeday. Mr. and Mrs 

Funeral aerrlcat will be held at 
2 p. m. today at the church of 
Christ. Johnson and Dale etreets, for 

who died Saturday **^J£- 
. rtn h< tn charge ol the Ttnng 
vices wlU be in cns«« arrived 

ner Funeral home. Bhe '■ ™£J 
by three brothers Dot WJ CU£ 
and Hubert. mA.UW*** 
Ooldle. Mildred and Ella. 

oago. Mra. Miliar wa* a * 
Springfield girt baring Urad 
with her paranta until tbetr 
to Valdoeta thraa yeara ago. 

Mate Ottee Una t* Wbi. > '" 
Ollra sVeee Lv F line* (laugh 

ter of Mra. Oraoe Mlrea. Big Booth 
< Fort street, will be marrtad thU aft- 
I ernoon at 8 o'clock to Mr. Richard 
; Oeorge Bataman. at a quiet ceremony 
: at the home of her mother. Rev. 
I Krrln Leake, pastor of tha South Are- 
i mie Christian church will read the 



mmrr ftaronaie 1W« ■»«* U'*- j 
The Bev. William Karaton, pastor 
of ths Lutheran church a* Oall- 
mnta. Mo., wbo onded his UN of j 
buctzif hlBMU la Um hare at his •■ 
boms, formsrty wm pastor of ths ! 
Lutheran church In Bareosit for si* ' 
mn prior to MIS. and was __ <r *"j 
Sjww* ^ thX ststHJBW^sfWH 
Man in 111 health, this condition ho- I 

' ing attributed so Um i sas uu for ths j 



J»pltW Ms* ap^£$#$i&i 
John Weils. formsT Joplto minor, 
killed by s frslgbt train st Cubs. 
wh«r» h* wm smp loyd at s 
quarry. Bs .waa a aaarnasr off 
too JopUn todfs of tht rra*amal 
Order of tegles, 

. eurrlTinf srs his widow and two 
children, residing In «t. Lou* Ths 
bodr wm sent to Bt. Louie for 

Page 10: Miss Rose Perrin died.** 
George Henry Carroll died.** 
Mrs. Carrie Likins Schneider died.** 
Thomas J. Foster died.** 

Former Editor of^rFSrow? 

Magazine fi Dead at 


Thorns* 3. roster. M, member of 
a pioneer Osarks family, and wide- 
lr know* la Journalistic and hor- 
ticultural circle* as former editor 
of tfae Otark Fruit Grower, died at 
his home near Washburn, Mo., 
about noon yesterday. Mr. Poster 
had been In falling health for sev- 
eral years and his activities have 
teen confined to running- his print- 
ing business, conducted at his home. 
He Is survived by his mother, Mrs. 
R. J. Foster; his wife, and numer- 
ous kinsfolk In southwest Mis- 
souri and northwest Arkansas. 
•.News of his death was received by 
' his wife's sister, Mrs. J. D. (Justin, 
614 East Elm street, yesterday aft- 
ernoon. Funeral arrangements 
have not yet been announced. 


! -. ■ 


- FUneral ' services for Miss Ross 
Perrla. graduate auras wbo died 
here Saturday, will be held at 10 
o clock this uioiiiint ai ilia Freewill 
church, near Fair Grove. Burial 
will be In ths Freewill cemetery, un- 
der the direction of llfrnun H. Loh- 

Funeral services for George 
Henry Carroll. 1102 Hovey street, 
who died Saturday, will be conduct- 
ed at the home at 2:30 o'clock this 
! afternoon. Burial will be in Green- 
lawn cemetery, under the direction 
of W. JU Starne. 

Mrs. Carrie Likins Schneider. «3. 
pioneer resident of Springfield, and '' 

longtime member of the First Pres- 
byterian church here, died at her [I 
home. 614 Nichols street, at 3:40 |i 
o'clock yesterday morning after a " 
lingering Uln<.-fiH. 

The funeral will take place In the 
home at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon, 
and burial will he in the Maple 
Park cemetery under the direction 
of the Alma Lohmeyer funeral 

lira. Rchnr'der was l><irn «-f «Jer- 
man parents at Parts, Canada, but 
has lived In Springfield for a great 
many years. 

She Is survived by her husband. 
J W. Schneider; two sons, Lewis 
Likins of Springfield and A. K. 
Likins of Hillside. N. J.; two 
daughters. Mrs. E. H. Routh and 
Mrs. A- B. Bikes, both of Tulsa; 
throe brothers, Fred and. Joe Slier 
of Springfield and P. "VV. Slier of 
■tUm York: and three 

Page 1: Harry L. Worman divorced Leona C. Worman.** 
Page 9: The Spencer family held a reunion.** 

Mrs. Carrie Likins Schneider died.** 

Mrs. Elizabeth McManus died.** 

Miss Rose Perrin died.** 

George Henry Carroll died.** 

Mrs. Helen Shockley died.** 

Birth announced.** 
Page 10: Notice in memory of Charles E. Higgins, who died August 29, 1926, signed by 
wife and children and grandchildren and brothers. 

Page 14: Marriage license: Alvin L. Corn, 40, and Ella White, 41, both of Springfield. 



| Wife, Represented by Attor 
1 ney, Denies Allegations of 
| Frisco Official. 

| Harry L. Worman. superintendent of 
'motive power of the Frisco railroad 
company. was granted a decree of di- 
vorce this morning from Leona C. 
Worman. The hearing wee In divi- 
sion one of the circuit court before 
Judfce Guy D. Kit by and occupied 
' only a few minute*. 

Mrs. Worman did not appear ai the 
'hearing but we* represented by her 
i attorney. Harry D. Durat. The defend- 
lant filed an answer thla morning rie- 
inylng every allegation In the plain- 
tiff's petition other than their mar- 
I rtage and separation. 

The plaintiff alleged In his petition 
;*:&'. the deff-tirim-!'. »ou:«1 allow her- 
self at frequent intcrvul.s to beCorm 
!cold. haughty and Indifferent In-^r 
attitude toward blm. and to fly Into 
* violent fit "f temper, and would 
aoubC the plaintiff, curse him and tiw 
jrude epithets. 

Attorney Frank M. McDavId repre 
ser.ted the plainliff. 

(MISS ROM. ri;Hitis 
• Funeral services for Miss nose Per, 
rta. graduate bum*. enV 
Saturday, wsm h«ld at 10 a. 
at the T i m »tn awwfc. ■ 
Orovc. Burial was m l)u 
cemetery, under the direction of the 



More than 100 members of the 
8penetr family and a like number of 
friends attended a family reunion at 
the farm home of W. M Bpencer on 
Highway M. veM of ThelpK. M0. yer- 
eerday. It was the fourth year thai 
rhr"*»m11y has held a reunion. 

A plrnlr dinner and talks by Con- 
grca*man J. Joe Manlove of Joplln. 
the Rev. air. Helm* of Miller and W. 
K. Spencer of Springfield were en- 
Joyed -by those present. Virgil Bpen- | 
cer of Springfield who s<frV/i a« as- ' 
•latent aecreUry of the association- 
formed by the Spencers read an ac- ! 
count of the activities of the family .! 
during the last year. t 

While most of thos« present live In ■ 
south'* est Mlbsourl. two of tbe guests 
came from Illinois, and others came 
some distance to participate. ( 

Cecil Spencer of Crane Is president j 
.of the association. Mrs. Ada. Spencer | 
Wood of Bowers Mill Is secretary, and i 
Virgil Spencer of Bpringjleld assistant j 


: . ; JMMftriMk W. MaKM today M- , 

fSSn. V. u* «J» SWW. «t J »-** I 



h r 

■ %lr and 'lisav ■«■•* - 

worth ltoln innui. enounce the 

August a». 




mom for Mk Cams U- 

a*.a paw* 

<* H^ltfKil. wt» #tt«d »♦ 
•14 NldMtU street 
lag after a IHiffff tltium win to 
bald At J30 p m. to te m m a» M ife* 
bam*. Burui win be In atopat 
cemetery, under direction of Utt 
Lohmeyer fun«n] home. Mm wae * 
! mfmhfr of the First Prw*DTt»risn 
j church here for many yaaas. 8b* u 
I iun lv*d by her husband. J. W echnei- 
j der: two mm. Lew* Lmuxm of 
! Sprlnpfleld and A. K. Llktna of Hill- 
i »lrtr. N J two daughters. Urt K H , 
Reulh and Mr. A. B. SUM. both of ' 
Tulu; three brother*. Kred and Joe | 
SUfr of 'Springfield *r.rt P W 3:Ier cf , 
Rochester. N Y . end tbie« Rrvud- , 
children. | 

>tfl> III.I.EN MIO< 
Tl:» bodv r.f Mr» Helen Shock ie) : 

38. who diM :n a Kamtan C:!7 h;*p:ta_i 
Friday where *he had beer. i:n~e 
Tuesuav afternoon after Ukia« an J 
overdose of vernol. imt»d here ye*>^* 
tarday. Funeral service* were held! 
at 4 p. m. tethr «t the niiajnji/j 
funeral home. Burial wma in last' 
Lawn cemetery. Mrs. Shockley had 
been *e.nt tp Kanaaa City for treat- 
ment for the dope habit She wu 
found . unoouxlous by Km— City - 
police- They took her. to a hospital ; 
where It waa discovered ahe had taken * 
33 grains of vernol. > 

OromiMUMBXaTT. d 

Funeral services for Oaorjr* 
Carroll. 1303 Hovey atraet. who died 
Saturday, were held at 3 SO p. m to- 
day at bit home. Banal waa In 

Oreer.'.avr. cc.netery. i:nder the direc- 
tion of W L Starnr undertaker 


Mrs. Elizabeth McManus. M yean 
old. Kanaaa City. Mo . died thU morn- 
ing In a local hospital following a 
short Ulnees. Mrs McManua became 
111 a few days ago while visiting her 
daughter, Mrs. Joe Smith, of Bprlnji- 
field. She la survived by the follow- 
ing daughters Mrs Smith. Mrs. O.I 
A. Seaman and Mrs. E. S. Proctor, of 
Los Angeles Mr>. Vr A. Fanahler. Mrs, ! 
O. >A.. Dswes ana; Miss. Cecelia Mc- 
Manua. of Kansas City. The body 
will be sent to Kansas City tomor- 
row morning ty the Herman H. 
Lohmeyer Funeral home (or burial. 


Page 1: Son born August 27 to Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Wofford of 1205 East Kearney 

Son born August 28 to Mr. and Mrs. James Fawcett of 888 Franklin avenue. 
Daughter born yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Miles of 526 South Jefferson 


Marriage license: Alvin L. Corn, 40, and Ella White, 41, both of Springfield. 

Marriage license: Isaac C. Sell, 42, and Ethel Pierce, 35, both of Springfield. 

Marriage license: Dale B. Carr, 23, and Anna Elam, 21, both of Springfield. 
Page 2: Fred C. Hoffman sues to divorce Ruby Hoffman. They were married September 
10, 1924. 

Page 3: Helen Shockley committed suicide.** 

Son born August 27 to Mr. and Mrs. A. C. King of 1902 West Atlantic street. 

John Landers estate settled.** 

Isaac W. Sell and Ethel Pierce, both of Springfield, were married yesterday in 

Page 11: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our son and brother," signed 
by Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Green and family. 

Page 12: Alvin L. Corn, 40, and Ella White, both of Springfield, were married yesterday 
in Springfield. 

Mrs. Mary B. Eidson died.** 
Mrs. Carrie L. Schneider died.** 
Mrs. Elizabeth McManus died.** 
Mrs. Laura J. Beck died.** 






a. u. cum 

AMD FAltU.T. % 4 > 

Happy Only Whw AbU to Buy I , 

-Thf Stuff,' 6ho Tikt*^ 

Sktpint Prion *** &*••• 
Body It Brought H«ro for 


KQOUKTIIiEB 1 think 1 ahall hill 
"w* Ufa, worth 
Uvtoc only whan I am ao*a to ob- 
tala dope and them I enjoy only * 
WW sorted of r nnt » Ttaien* and 
hururious contentment, ooly to 
■ to a harah and horrid real- 
ity.- declared Helen Sbockley. 
hold recently at noM 
a draft- addict. 
And Wt week In K a n— City ah* 
kept nor rendezvous with death- 

It the** tO 

Ttkn to th* Oeo s ra t hoo- 
waa learned that oho hod 

*w*Uow*d It grains of a aleep-pro- 
djactnt dmc evidently taken In U*o 
of ■aorphln*. Death peewlted oooo 

-Oh, Ifo greet," tha young woman 
had eoafided to a le po r to r at police 
headquarter* hera referring to tha 

m of narcotic*. "Did you ever take 
h?" ehe aaked whlmalcallr. "But 
when the effect weara off and Jtou 
oaat mako a "buy 
tho stuff 

• and row want 

'. thoo UfestttV* 

Blandar and auburn haired, largo. 

brown eyee llo*"« tpom * ** e * Un " 
«d with suffering, ehe »ey In * ©ell 

1 awaiting removal to & phv* w 
-I nope I can "• cured. Do yon 
I think It la lmpoaalblar- aho aakad 
tha reporter. 

Of couraa you can.- waa tha en- 
couraging reply, although tho wast- 
ed body and glewmlng eyee of tha 
auffarer clearly revealed that aha 
had rone too far ever to bran* tha 
•buckles of tha habit. 
I The body waa rrturned to Sprtn*. 
I field Sunday and at 4 o'clock yeo- 
Iterday afternoon, funaral eervleee 
were held at the Kllngnar Funeral 
[home, with burial In Kaat Lawn 

tate waa appraleed at MHTllM. 
ad will ba administered aa a trust 
fund tor tho hair*. Mr., Lester and 
tha St. Louie company will admin - 
tartar tho trad. 

Tho wUl of tha lata John Lander*, 
capitalist now lumberman, provide* 
tha fond ab*n ho hold In troat until 
1MT. whao) H ahoJl b* divided among 
hta dana^tdrlalaw. Mr*. Marl* 
Lander*. aMo a oi D. J. Lander*, 
and hla grandchildren, Locila Mary 
Landara and John Hottlr Landers. 


A*Vln L. Corn. 40, and Klkt Watt*. 

41. both of BprlnoOaM: leaac W v 
Bell. 41. and Ethel Pierce, tt, both 
of BbrtacfieM; DoU B. Car*, tk. 
mad Anna Blam, IL both ot laV jaj 
•aid. ' • *• ■ ■•■ ., V . .■ 

• ■ i ■ i i fc jfaftj [ 

lira. Mary B. Eldson, W years old. 
died Sunday nlfht at the home of 
her daughter, Mra Frank Compton, 
of Albuquerque, N. M, following 
ah operation. She had lived tor 
many yean at Walnut Oroya and 
burial will be la Oak Grove ceme- 
tery Bear there. Funaral arrango- 
meats are Ifteomptete pending the 
arrrral-of tho body. 
. ' She la survived by five children, 
Mrs. Buth •Campbell. Teague, Tax..' 
Mrs. DeJola Compton of Albuquer- 
ejee. Mow Mexico. Alma Eldson of 
Tales, Oklahoma. W. W. BVdsoa, 
thlsa, Ofcla, and B. Homer BMsoa 
of Ml B. Monroe street, Spring- 

Mrs Elisabeth McManus, U year* 
old. of Kansas City, Mo, died yes- 
terday morning In a local hospital 
after a brief Illness, contracted a 
few days ago while visiting her 
daughter. Mra. Joe Smith, or 
Springfield. The body will be for- 
warded thla morning to Kansas 
City bv the Herman H. Lohmeyer 
Funeral homo for burial. 8ne la 
survived by" elx daughters, Mra 
Smith. Mra. O. A. Seaman and Mr*. 
B. S. Proctor, of 8prlngfleld. Mr*. 
W. A. Fanehler. Mr*. Q. A. Daw** 
and Miss Cecelia McManua of Kan- 
sas City. 



Funeral services for Mr*. Carrt* 
Llkina Schneider, 61 year* old. who 
died at her home. 614 Nichols strset. 
Sunday morning, will be held at 
2:Jt> o'clock this afternoon at the 
Park cemetery under direction of 
the Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home. 
She Is survived by the husband, J. 
W. Schneider; two eons, Lewis 
Llklns, of Springfield, and A. K. 
Llktns. of Hillside. N. J., one sister, 
Mrs. A. B. Bikes, of Tulsa. Okla., 
and one daughter. Mrs. E. H. Routh. 
of- Tulsa: by three brothers, Fred 

I and Jo* Slier, both of Sprint field. 
and P. W. filler, of Rochester. M 
T, and throe grandchildren. 

Mr*. Laura J. Beck. 71 years old. 
of 1006 State street, died yesterday 
at the home of her daughter, Mrs. 
J. \V. Fenter. of Waterloo. I1L Fun- 
eral arrangements are Incomplete. 
She Is survived by two daughters. 
Mrs. Fenter and Mrs. Wilson, of 
Fort Smith, Ark., and by three 
sons. Edgar Beck of Leavenworth, 
Kan., J. M. Beck, of Oklahoma City, 
Okla.. and John R. Beck of Spring- 

Mr. and Mr. A. C. King *f 190* 
TMt AUaaUc afreet, anaounce tha 
birth of a son oa Saturday, Aug- 
ust 17. 


Page 2: Fred C. Hoffman sues to divorce Ruby Hoffman. They were married in 
September 1924. 

Final settlement was made in the John Landers estate. The heirs were Mrs. Marie 
Landers, widow of the late D. J. Landers, Lucille Mary Landers and John Huttig Landers. 

Page 4: The fourth annual reunion of the Solomon family was held Sunday. About 75 
members of the family were there. [Article does not list any names.] 
Page 10: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Birth reported.** 
Mrs. Laura J. Beck died.** 
Mrs. Mary B. Eidson died.** 
Mrs. Carrie Litems Schneider died.** 
Mrs. Elizabeth McManus died.** 
Page 12: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our son and brother," signed 
by Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Green and family. 

Page 15: Miss Henrietta Truman is to be married.** 

Miss Margaret Jean McSparren and Mr. Henry F. Bakeman were married.** 


Recorder Jack W. McKe* today is- 
sued the following marriage ihr*nacs 

Date 8. Oarr. 31. and Anna SUm. 31, 
both c* Springfield 

Oliver L. Corn. 40. and YUa> White., 
41. both of Springfield. 

Isaac W. Bell. 4J. and SUkel Pierce. 
*». both of Sprtaff laid. 


Mr. and Mrs. U Ll*ber>teln. 1112 
South Fremont » inue, announce the 
birth of • son. AusruM 3&v 


Mr*. JotuT Valley 
nounce* Um 

of Mr. and Mrs. 

PDrt Scott, X»o.,S4 
by Juattc* 

waa kept S Stent and came a* a 
prtae to many friends The couple 
will be at home at Roche—tie apart- 
ments, apartment 300. 

* AMMiitiawH Dlaaer. '"*-** 
Mia* Kffle Ott entertained with a 6 
o'clock dinner Saturday evening at her 
home. 1328 Sherman avenue. In honor 
of Mia* Henrietta Truman, who 1* no 
be a September bride. With place 
card* bearing the announcement cot- 
tru ware laid for -the following: Hen- 
rietta Truman. Helen Aldiich. Stella 
Oomegys. Oertrude Crowe, Maude Be- 
Vslma Martin. 


Itlet ehnrcb 

I B*ck. 71 yean cU. of 100S 
i stmt wb© died last nJfbt at 
| borne of bar. daughter. Mrs. J 
I renter, of Waterloo. III., where 
jbad been rlelting. The body 

arrive bare oarly < 
I Iter. .1* M. Mala rrttl offfetat* at 
' services and burial will 
I Lawn oamata.y 
I let Alma 
;Mrs. Beck aaaaa to SprlnfffleM 

jrears sgo Yroro Fort Boott. Kan. 

is survived by two daughters, 
' renter and Mra. JEd Wlleon, Of 
J Smith. Ark.; three sons. Edgar Back. 
' Leavenworth. Kan.: J. M. Berk. Okie- 
' horra City, and John Ft Beck. 
i Springfield: and a grandson. Alfred 
! Edlen. of tbls city. 


Funeral arrangements are Incom- 
plete for Mrs. -Mary B. Eldson. 65 
years old. who died Sunday night at 
the home of her daughter. Mrs. 
Frank Compton. of Albuquerque. N 
M . following an operation. She bad 
lived for many years at Walnut 
Orove. The body will be forwarded 
here and burial will be made In Oak 
Oro\c cemetery. ,Qbe Is survived, by 
rive children. Mrs. rtuth Campbell. 
Teaguc. Tex.; Mrs. Delcla Compton. 

I Albuquerque. N. M.: Alma Eldson. 

j Tulsa; W. W. Eldson, Tulsa, and E. 

.Homer Eldson. 62d East Monroe 
street. Springfield. 

i Funeral eei-rlcea for . Mia. Carrie 
I Llkins Schneider. 03. wbo died at bar 
home. 614 Nichols street. Sunday 

I coming, were held st 2:30 p. m. to- 
. day at the home. Burial was In 
: ; Maple Pork cemetery under direction 
1 1 of tbc Alma Lobmeyer Funeral home 

MRU. rxiXABarm 

The bod*- oi Mrs. 

Manus. 83. of Kansas 

i -*asterday morning In 

Ellsmbetb Mc> 
City.' who died 
s local boeplteJ 
after a brief Illness, waa forwarded to 
her borne this morning by the Her- 
man H. Lobrreyer Funeral home. She 
had been visiting her daughter, Mra. 
.Joe Smith, of Springfield. 

Page 1: Son born August 20 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Burch of 1213 Blain street 

Marriage license: Burris A. Thornsburg, 22, and Nellie Jewel Cannon, 26 both of 

Marriage icense: Fred Mohling, 46, of Macksville, Kansas, and Eula Pelton 39 
of Rogersville. 

Page 5: Margaret Jean McSperren and Mr. Henry P. Bateman were married.** 
Page 11: Card of thanks from Erma Anis Carroll and others.** 
Page 12: Mary B. Eidson died.** 

Andrew Noaks died.** 

Mrs. Laura J. Beck died.** 

The Solomon family held a reunion.** 

Fred Mohling of Macksville, Kansas, and Eula Pelton of Rogersville were married 
yesterday in Springfield. 

Mra. John Bailey of Carthag* an- 
nounces the marriage of her 
daughter. Margaret Joan McSper- 
r*n. to Mr. Henry P. Bateman of 
this city. The marriage took plaoe 
at Osark. May la. end wee kept 
eecr«t until this week. The couple 
win be at homo at Ml Rock Caatlo 


The fourth annuo! reunion of the 
Solomon family waa held at Pbelpa 
Orore park Sunday. About 7t en- 
joyed a basket dinner. Represents- 
tlvee were present from Clever. 
Ponce D* Leon. Galena. NIxa. Fair 
Orove. MarlonvlUe. Sprlnglfeld and 



Tlt» wtfo, 

Cai-roB. fat-Mr. R. H Carroll: 
r. Mar Ouril ; W o < W . Ray OwhB 

Bonis A. Thoraabon*. It. an* 
N»Ul» Jewel Cannon, t*. both of. 

i Fro* Mowtn*. «. , w*c_*- 
un Kola Fatton, ». 

eju fr9&~ 


day »l*t-t In 

wt_l bo h*ld I 

o'clock «t the Oak Oroto . 

4 taOw north weat of Watnnt Qrofo, 

under direction of the Brim Undor- 

taklng oompvr. 

Andrew Noaka TS yearn old, 
pnmlMirt termor llrlt* la Ntx-u 
died yesterday morning In Oomrk. 
Funeral ocrrtora will bo held at 
1:10 o'clock this afternoon at tho 
NUa church with burial In Porno 
cemetery now there, under dftreo 
tlon of the Alma Lohmeyer Funeral 
home. Mr. Noaki U eurrlvod by 
the widow end by three daughter*. 
Mr* Bertha Carter and Mr». Mabel 
QUdewell, both of NUa, and, -Mrs. 
Becky Brltton of Springfield. • 

_____ . a 

i » •- 


Funeral oorrlcea for MM. Laura 

J. Beck. 71 yeare old. of 'IK* State 

j street, who died Monday night at 

'. the homo of her daughter, Mrs. J. 

W. Fenter. of Waterloo, IlL. will be 

held at *:»0. o'clock this afternoon 

at tho First Baptist church, with 

the Rererond _ M. Bale officiating. 

Burial will bo In East Lawn come- 

tery under- direction of tho 

Lohtneyer Funeral home. 

Page 10: Mary B. Eidson died.** 

Andrew Noaks died.** 

Mrs. Laura J. Beck died.** 

Katherine N. Knapp died.** 

Mrs. Harriett Hughes died.** 

Miss Gillie Mitchell died.** 

Birth reported.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 16: Mrs. Edith Swearinger went to St. Louis where her brother died. 

Recorder Jock W. McXoe this 
I warning Issued marriage Uc— m to 
the following: 

Bernls A. Tbornburg. 32, and Nel- 
11* Jewell Cannon. 3d, both of Uepiub- 

nio. • 

Fred Mohllng. 4«. Macksrllle Kan.. 
[tuxO. KuU Pel ton, 89, KogertrUlev ***>. 


Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lohmeyer. 
of- Flckwlck avenue, are tbe parents 
of n baby daughter, born August 39, 
at 8t. John's hospital. 



Brim I 



Funeral aerrirea for Mary B. E»«1- 
aon. AS. who died Bunday night at 
Albiiquerqi •. N. M . will be Brid Tri- 
day at 3 p. m. at Oak Orove cetna- 
tery. four rr.llea north weat of Walnut 
Grove, under direction of the 
Undertaking company. 


Funeral MKTfcM weft Bald •• *** 

p. bo. today at NUa ior Andrew Koaka, 

78 yeara old. ptomlntnt MUa larmer. 

woo died yteterday morning •» OaawB. 

Burial wee In Payna cemttery. near 

there, under direction of tha ABna 

lLohmeyer Funeral home. Mr. Noaks 

I |. aurvlted by the widow and three 

daugbfra. Mra. Bertna Carta* and 

Mra Mabel Olldewell. both of wwa. 

and Mrs Docky Brttto., of Sprlng- 

j Held. 

1.A1 lt\ 4..HW K. 

I Funeral ecrvlcea tor Mrs. Laura J. 

I Bee* 71. of 1653 BUte atreet, who 
died Monday night at the home of 
her daughter. Mra. J. W. Fenter. of 
Waterloo. Ill . were held at 3 p. m. 
today at the Flr.t Baptlat cBurci.. 
with Rev. L. M. Hale officiating. 
Burial was !.» East U*n cemetery 

i under direction of the Alma Ix>h- 

j meyer Funeral home. 

K.therlna H. Knapp- eta Team old. 
died thU morning at her home, in 
the 1»00 block South Port arenue. 
She U aurvlved by bar P*™»* ■ 
•later and four bxotBer.. *%*» 
funeral eerrlcea wUl be held at 10 
a m. tomorrow at the BUrno mor- 
tuary. Burial will be In Haaelwood 

ri **!wB*. ~ui£Ei*r* an 1 **!**. 

Mr.. Harriett Hughea. tTt year, old. 
!of 1S10 Weat Atlantic wtreet. died 
. yesterdaV following a »W ln « "£•£ 
i Mr. Hughea moved to BprlngTIaW In 
' IB63 and ha* resided in Oreene county 
|for 15 year.. She la •u^d b J 
three aoru.. John H. and Oeorge H. 
Hughe, or Wlllard; Fred H. Hughe, 
or aprlngtleld; rour daughtera. Mra. 
I M J Corgln. Mra. Bar.h Fortner and 
M ra Ste'.ta Fortner. or Wlllard. and 
Uiu Martha H. Hughea. or the home 
.ddrea. and a Meter. Mr.. Martha 
Beach, or Springfield. Funeral aarr- 
! ,ce 3 will be held at 3 p. m Thursday 
i„t the Clear Creek M. E. church 
i Burial will be in the Clear Creek 
cemetery under direction or the 
loreenwade Undertaking company or 
I Wlllard. 

Mlaa OllUe Mitchell. «. of 113V 
Boger. avenue, died thla ntornlng la _a 

a nontax f-^^;,; 

her perente. Mr. BBd • M** H£», 
Mitchell, oC MBCluxg, MV>„ et* • a **"*» 
Mr.. Lele Johnaon. of ^^ m * *£ 
Mra. BuaUa Harrie, Mra. Buele Bngle- 
SSdt. of McClurg. Mra. Olady. 
Euchtmen. of Borne. Mo.. Mr.. Otto 
Clark, of Commerce. Okla. and Mra. 
Uilia JUma ? of W*#MX *£ *S 

Mitchell *j*rj Med*** 1 ', W&PzT 
rangemenU are lncdmpjeta.^ 

Page 1 : A son Gerald Lee Beardon was born August 27 to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. 
Beardon of 424 West Scott street. 

Page 2: Son born August 29 to Mr. and Mrs. Karl Foster of 2144 North Boulevard. 
Don Taylor and Lavert Taylor, both of Springfield, were married yesterday in 

Page 8: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Louis Erb died.** 
Katherine M. Knapp died.** 
Miss Gillie Mitchell died.** 
Mrs. Harriett Hughes died.** 
Andrew Noaks died.** 
G. Seigel Dugan died.** 
Page 11: There is a notice in memory of Mary L. Hayden who died September 1, 


Page 12: Son born August 3 1 to Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Farnway of 1037 Blain street. 


•♦aw^ - 

Louie Krb, M year* old. 
fruit man ef Went 
4M at -jUMT" 
local boapttal after »1rW 

wh hia eighty -*blrd 
a rtml MrHM» «fll U 
It'll o'clock Friday 

by tb4 JRUDM» r«nemi n<W. M*. 
Brt>. Who tu born la Owminf 
tied «|ta Oman* to Um tf nited Stat* 
If jraa r»aM L WttMag la Taa 
■Mmm -to* two 

tor* Mr*. A- B. Ftttwaa a 

ft* *. ***** beta «tf 

and by toor eonn, Fbfl ftrb of 

Jsaaa JCrb of MesauBJU*; 

W Ween v Fntfna ■ an* ; *1 

wiU ba held at 10 o'clock this 
raomtag at the Blame mortuary 
with burial la Hoaelwood cemetery. 
The a oi y iaaa -win to prrrate. % She 
to a ar Vi r ad by the paranta. oaa^sso- 
tar and (our brothers. 


Funeral »rr>ni«raenli are lncom- 
plata for Mla» Glllte Mitchell. M 
yeara Old of nil Rogers avenue, 
who died/ yeaterday morning In a 
local hospital, but will be held un- 
der direction of the Kltngner Fu- 
neral home. She la survived by 
I bar narenta. Mr. and Mr*. R. D. 
Jfltobeu J* MeCter*. Mo, by alx 
Matawp jpEsVlaaM J a baao a of Taney 
owfe 5 llo-, ir 'lira.' BoeUa Harrta, 
Mr*. JhMde.'.aa»4g*bardt, both oi 
McCttorr. MnV Mra. Oladya Bocbt- 
nMn-of Rome Mo, Mra. otto cum 
orCoouneroatOkk, and Mra. UtUO 
IClme of Springfield, and by three 

f m 


' Funeral aervloea for Mrs. Har- 
riett Hnthet. 87 years old. who 
I died yeaterday morning- at her 
111* Waat Atlantic street. 

Creek Methodist church with 

burial In the oamotary there under 
direction of tba Green wade Under- 
taking- company of Wlllard. Mra. 
Hugnee, who area born la Teaaoe- 
aee la ll«P. marred to Oreoao eatut- 
ty In IMS ana baa lived here atone 
that time. Bbe to aurvlred by throe 
eons. John and George of Wlllard 
and Fred of SpringtWd; by four 
daughters, Mra. M. I. Cofbln. Mra 
Sarah Fortnor and Mra. TJeBn Fort- 
ner Of Wlllard and Mlaa Martha 
Hughes of the home addrooa, and 
by one alatar. Mra. Martha. Bench 
of Springfield. 

Funeral eervioes -for Andrew 
Noeka, 78 year* old, who, died ytm- 
torday morning in Oaark, war* held 
at S:M yeaterday afternoon at 
Ozark, with burial In Payne oeme- 
tery under direction of the Alma 
Lotuneyar Funeral noma. He la aur- 
▼ Wed by the widow end by three 
daughters, Mra. Bertha Carter and 
Mra. Mabel OUdewwlL both of Nlxa, 
and Mra. Beanie Britain of Spring - 

•a. S. OUOAN 

a. Selgel Duaan. prominent at- 
torney and pioneer resident of 
Webster county, 66 yeara old. died 
yeaterday at hi* home, alx miles 
north of Marsbfleld. following a 
lingering Illness. He had lived all 
his life In Webster county and had 
practiced law there for 81 yeara. He 
also had served several terms In the 
state legislature aa a representative 
of bis county. 

Funeral aervloea wiU be bold at 
11 o'clock Friday morning at Mis- 
sion Home church, four mils* north 
of Marshtltld. with burial In the 
cemetery there under direction of 
the McMahan Undertaking com- 
pany. Mr. Dugan la aunrtved by 
the widow, by three eons, Ben. Ncy 
and Quy Dugan. all of Webster 
County, and by five daughters, Mlaa 
Mary Dugan of the home, Mrs. Julie 
McKnabb, Mra. George Burchfield, 
Mrs. J. C. Burchfleld, Mrs. I. F. 
Brown, all of Webater county. 


Dob Taylor. 61. and Lnvert Taylor 

44. both of BprifsgfJeid ; Blanchard 

Lyons. 24, and Irene Ragad&le. II, 

both of Springfield: Jxrne. Olenr. 

ncUJr. 8J. aad Opha M. Hardest,. 

1*4. both of Wprtngfleld. 

• Jt' 



Page 8: R. C. Parks died.** 
Louis Erb died.** 
Katherine N. Knapp died.** 
Mrs. Harriett Hughes died.** 
G. Seigel Dugan died.** 
Miss Gillie Mitchell died.** 
Birth reported.** 



R. C. Park*, former circulation 

manager of The Leader, died at 13:30 

©•clock last night In Beaumont. Texaa, 

following an lllneaa or several week.*. 

! Mr. Parka had suffered a nerroua 

! breakdown following an automobile 

'-. accident bare several months ago. 

. Burial will be In Tyler. Texas, where 

i he formerly lived. He Is survlred by 

his vlir and two children, his father, 

j R. C. Park*, a brother. Sam Park*. 

i and a sister. Mrs. Richard Heyden, 

all of Beaumont. 


Funeral services will be held at 10 
_. m Friday at Memphis for Louie 
Erb. 03 years old. prominent fruit 
man id Cedar Oap. who diad at 12 
o'clock yesterday In a boaprtal bar* 
after a brief lllneaa. Yesterday mi 
hu eighty-third birthday. The body 
will be forwarded by tha Paxaon fu- 
neral home. Mr. Erb waa born In 
Oermany and cams to tha United 
States when 13 years old. settling In 
Tenneeeee. He Is survived by two 
daufbtcra. Mrs. A. B. Plttman and 
Mrs Ida B. Brown, both of Memphis, 
and four aons. Phil Erb of Springfield: 
John Erb of Memphis; R. C. Erb of 
West Plains, and A. L. Erb of Idaho. 

MH\ MAKUII.I I III (.111.-. 

Funeral service* for Mrs Harriett 
Hughes. 87. who died yesterday rr.orr.- 
lnor at her home. 1310 Ww! At !*;-.» la 
6treel. after a lingering illne.i*. «.era 
held at 2 o'clock today at dear Creelc 
Methodist church. Burial wba in tha 
Clear Creek cemetery under the di- 
rection of the Orronwade Undertak- 
ing company. 

, ii. BftlUEL DIG AN. , 

tmt abtm mmtbtt Marahflrtw. tar O. 

Seagal DttfsUh 00. 

«f. who Ola* j as f ay a* 
aU mile* north of Marahflehl. fcrt- 
•owlikf a Unawla« 
lived all bis llf* in 
and bad practiced tow Utcre for SO 
yaara. Ha alao bad served arrerai 
term* In ttas scat* Mapatatwra mm a, 
representative of his county. Ha la 
survived by hi* wlfa threw eon*. Ban. 
Ney and Ouy Dugan. all of Webster 
county: and five daughters. Mlse 
Mar7 Dugan of the home. Mrs Julia 
McNabb. Mrs. Oeorge Burchfleid. Mrs. 
J. C. Burchfleid. Mrs. I. F. Brown, all 
of Webster county. Burial will be in 
the Mlaaion Home cemetery, under 
direction of the McMshan Undertak- 
ing company - ' 

Funeral eerrtcea for Katharine N. 

Knapp. six-year-old daughter of Mr. 

and Mm I. t" K~.n ? ? -.' 14^7 So. -ft 
' Fort avenue, who dlrd yeiierday 

morning st her home, were held at 10 
'o'clock today Burial was In HsreU 
' wood cemefry under direction ',; vv. 

I. fitarn*. iis.rter'aker 

MISK t, II. I. IF. MITf IIKI.I.. { 

Funrrnl servicer for Mis* OllMa 
, Mitchell. 'XI. of 1 J 1 1 Hogrra avenue. 
who died yesterday morning in a local 
hospital, were held at 2 p. m. today 
at Bethel cemetery, 1« miles west of 
Ave. under the direction of the Kllng- 
ner Funeral home. 8be Is survived by 
her parents. Mr. and Mrs. R D Mitch- 
ell of McClung. Mo., six slaters and 
three brothers. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Beardcn. 424 
West Scott street, announce the birth 
c? s ««n 1.. c. Auguitt 37. 


Page 1: Daniel E. Jarvis and Willard Wells, both of Springfield, were married 
Wednesday in Springfield. 

Marriage licenses issued.** 

Lester Brady and Arrle Grantham were married.** 
Page 2: Daughter born September 1 to Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Hinckle of 718 Boonville 

Son born September 1 to Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Doss of 1331 Frisco avenue. 
3: Joe Robinson and Ida Emery, both of Springfield, were married yesterday in 

Martin V. Bass and Velta I. Owens, both of Strafford, were married yesterday in 

8: May Doran sues to divorce Allen Doran. They were married April 12, 1924. 
Mrs. Billie Snow was killed in an auto accident.** 

Son born September 1 to Mr. and Mrs. Charley Farmer of 702 East Dale street. 
12: A daughter Heroledda Jane Gomer was born August 25 to Mr. and Mrs. G. II. 
Mrs. Gomer was formerly Miss Agnes Pyle of 725 North National avenue. 
W. E. Perry died.** 
G. S. Dugan died.** 
R.C. Parks died.** 






Gomer, Jr. 

Willard D. BuUar. «. BprtnerOa**. 
and Varna Leas ThaiaaMI. IE, Cmm- 
wayj Martin V. Bum, it, aasd Yalta 
L Owai, M, bat* of StralTora, l+* 
BkeUey. ||, and The**** Clark, |i 
both of BprtBcflaU; L* 

It PhaaU. aoa Arras 

II, Asa drove) Jo* RoMmm*. It, 

susd Mi Kroory, IT. both at •araBa- 
rUMt Dankd B Janria, it, aad Wti 
lard WeUa. IT. both at E»Ha«tWld. 

UUr 9rab> •* MmN mmi ArrU 
Oraatham of Asa draw* war* saar- 
Ha4 at th* ooort houaa r o ot— fla y. 
T*» eMraaaear wu aaM by J, W. 
Ttppla, araaldlnc Jade* of tho 
oountjr court 


Daniel E. Jarvls and WMara 
Walla, both of SprlncflaM, war* 
married Wednesday night at tkt 
bMHOf Jack W, MeKaa. Taoordar 
of deads, by the RsVerena I*.- D. 
Harris, paator of Qraoa Methodist 
Episcopal church. 

W. a. PERRY 
W. HL Parry, *• y#*rs old, died 
at •:•! o'clock yesterday areola* 
at hit home, 616 'Wast CantraJ 
Htreet. following a brief nines*. 
Funeral arrangements are Incom- 
plete pending arrival of relatlvee 
but will ba held under direction of 
W I. Starne. undertaker. He Is 
survived by the. widow, by alt 
daughtera, Pauline. Jewell. Haael. 
Bcrnlce, Maxlne and Mildred, and 
on* so*. Napoleon, all of the home 
ail ill ill, by «aa brothar. John Par- 
ry, of Ban Franclaco; two alaters. 
Mrs. D. D. McLorge. of El Dorado. 
Ark, aad Mrs. S. W. Jonas, of Cali- 
fornia, and on* uncle, E. N. Parry, 
of JopUn. 

Funeral ssnrloes for O. S. Dugan. 
Webster county attorney, who died 
at bis homo six miles north of 
Marnhfleld Thureday, will be b« ld 
at 11 o'clock this morning at Mis- 
sion Heme church, four miles north 
of Marahfleld. Burial will be In the 
cemetery there under direction of 
the McMahan Undertaking com- 

Aooonua* %» arttaaaaaa, •*•>****- 
dent o o tm rad whan Mr. •*©-» 
drove hla car onto the crossing- and 
ataBed the aortas) la attain r*»*«\i*- 
shift Into raae r se after ha had 
haard tha Interurban'a warning 


* R. C. PARKS 

« R. C. Parks, formerly of' Spring- 
field, died Jn Beaumont. Texaa 
Wednesday night, following » n ul " 
um of eeveral months, reeultlo* 
from a nerroua braMown eue- 
talaed after an automobile accident 
bora several montha a*o. Burial 
will be In Tyler. Texae, bis former 
home. He la eurvlved by the wid- 
ow and two children, hla father, R. 
C. Parka one brother. Bam Parka, 
and one alater. Mra. Richard Har- 
den, all of Beaumont. 

Page 18: W. E. Perry died.** 

Carl W.Ray died.** 

G. S. Dugan died.** 

Mathias Hauber died.** 

William Edward Smith died.** 

Mrs. Ruth Bowerman Jones died.** 

L. D. Painter died.** 

Births reported.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 6: Louis Erb died.** 

Page 7: Mary Doran sues to divorce Allen Doran. They were married in April 1924. 
Page 9: Mr. and Mrs. H. E. King celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.** 
Marriage licenses issued.** [Joe Robinson etc.] 


Burled at Mraaptu* 

The rostral of Louie BTb. a 
fruit man of the Ozarke. wae bald in 
Memphis today. 

Srto we* for many yean on* of iMm | 
most prominent produce merehemte 
of Memphl*. but for the ;>e*t M years 
a reeldent of Cedar Oep. wt*r# fc» 
( nm»<] In eatenaiT* fruit fennlng- 
He died at Oadar Oap. of ailment* in* 
cldent to ad*. Be waa St. 

Mr. «rb waa the 'father of Mr* .«. 
,B. PUtman. wife of Judge P-.f-man 
, Mrs. Ida >. Brown and John Erb of 
Memphis Tns latter ft connected 
| with the fins of Man * Benadorf . 

The unusual success which marked 



aREENTCELD. Mo.. Sept. a.— (Spe- 
cial.)- Mr. and Mra. H. T King of 

Sac townehlp are celebrating their 
golden wedding today at their 
two miles northeast of Seybert. 
were married la Dtul* county 
Cane HID. and have lived at 
I present home a few days after 
'their ninrriape Many relative*! and 
lrtendn mm- Joining In the celebration. 


to tba 

the baa* of IU kind In this 
the country. 

Born in Clsiieany. Mr. Erb 
to Chicago when )• 
remained there b*Jt a 
• hen he moved to Memphta and en- 
ured bualnaea. He took ad" active 
part In all ou. iters relating to Use 
relfare of the city during hla real* there 

Mr. and Mra T W. Lipscomb. «S0 
South Plckwtek avenue, ansotmoa the 
birth of a eon. Jack Bugene. Auguat 

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cartwrlght. «3* 
South Boulevard, announce the birth 
of a son. Lewis Merle. September 1. 


W e. FSBBT. 
<• Fwaeret arrangement* •»• 

ytaw tor w. «. retry. » *•»» ^T 

who died at f o'clock yeeterday ■■•- 
rung at hi* home. 63ft West Central 
Kmi, folloalng u brief illneee. Mr. 
Perry tad becu Uaifuug ud**™*" 
for tli* Thompson -Racine Tire com- 
pany of SpfinpfiMd for a number of 
years. He I* *urrlved by hi* wife. *U 
daughter*. Pauline Jewell. H*x«n. 
Berate* end Mildred. and a son. Na- 
poleon, all of the home addreae: • 
brother. John Vrrrf of Ban Di'go. 
Oal"; two alatera, Mra. D- D UeUoj of 

Jbhneon of Bakerefltld. Cal . and an 
■sole. B. N. Perry of Joplin. S*r*lca* 
are In rharpe of W L. Sterne, uoder- 

CAM. W. HA V.. 
r«rl \v. Hay. the. 3-year-old *on oft 
M »:,d Mr* William Bay. «5fl We a- ' 
eer atcnuf. 'lied M 8 a. in today at 
the borne He te eurelTed by hi* 
parent,, ai.d two alsUr*. Punexel ar- 


•earn*, unde.-taker. 



MntMru< iiaiiixr. 82 year* old. died 
early this morning at hi* home. 878 
eVmib arer.ur, following a lingering 
lllnca*. Mi Haubcr *■** born In Ger- 
man? In 1845 ai.d came to thl* coun- 
try when 20 years old. *etlllr.g *t 
Oram City. Mu. Atler returns, a* a 
merchant 30 yearn *t<>. he came to 
Springfield m.d had lov.drd her* 
wince. He la nurvived by l.i/i v.'.1t 
and 13 children: W. v. m.d .» n 
Hriuber of (Irani City. Mi>thlaa 
Hsr.iber. Jr . Ki*t Oram*. N -' W t. 
Hatiber of Canton, 111 B. II llnuber. 
Henry. Ill : Carl Hatiber, Elmhursl. 
Ill; if. A llauber. Chicatro; M J. 
Hauher, Independence, Mo Mr* 
P. F Waller t, Lincoln. Neb.; Mrs. 
Ifrur.o I ii'rl.i . Ritirir.?, Fla : Mra. 
J. F, \!lwoo»l, ttant.-v I'alln. Calif : 
Mrs. H. E. Anderson. Springfield. 
The body pr"bi»b!y -v. Ill he foraarrted 
to Grant City tomorrow bv the Her- 
man II. U.I11111 .UT I:\ilH in: I.omc for 

« I I.I. I AM Mitt Villi -MITII. 

The body o! William Euaartl Smith. 
78 year* vM who died jeati-rday at: 
Br Joseph. M nrr:\"'-d bere todnr j 
for b;ir::il Fui.era! »••■:•.. o«» will br | 
held at 10 a. m. Sunday nt the tion:e I 
of a daughter, Mrs Burney Smith. 723 
Mirth Bouarrerd. mtorment will h* 
made at noon that day at Mount 
Ollr* cemetery. 28 mAu north ** 
Springfield, under direction of th* 
XUngner Undertaking company. Tb* 
JgpBVMd I* *urf leed by • »n. Bar. I. 
A. •man. Bldon. M©J ajtd aU daugh- 
ter*, Mra a. L. Oullrb. Morrtarlll*: 
Mr*, X. V. Holman. Ca-iyon. Tea ; 
Mr*. C. H. Bota nooyrr . Bunting-ton 
park. Calif ; Mr*. Burney Smith and 
Us*. J. W. Clou**, both of Spring- , 
Held, ami Mr* J W. Early. Kanaa* 



Mn>. Ruth DMffmiii June*, wife of 
Dr. E. N. Jon*e. of Waco. Tex., died 
yeatcrday at the home of her parent*. 
Bee. and Mr*, Louie B. Bowerman. tn 
gCaoaaa City. Kan. Tb* body will ar- 
rive here Sunday morning for burial. 
Interment will be In Haaelwood ceme- 
tery under dlrecUon of th* Kllngner 
Undertaking company. 


L> D. Painter. 83 year* old. died *l 
o'clock In*t night at hi* bort* at 
DogTrbod. Mo., following a brief lU- 
tWMt, Ho 1* *urrlved by hla wife and 
mU eons. Funeral arrangement* are 
•BCHDplete but burial will be In a 
oemetery near hla home under the 
tlon of the BUingner Punaxal 


W* o. s. oroAW. 

fc-" .PXintral aervlce* for O S Dugan. | 
Webster rour.'r atror:iey, aho died at 
hi* lu'inr all mllr* r.-.ith of Marsh- 
He'.d Th'irviav w^re l.< !d at 11 a m 
Icwluv •• M. v .-. . J!' im» i :.':: !i. f JOT 
mllrs nnrili cf M*rahfir!d B'.irl*l waa . 
In the rrm'ir. t!ir:i und"*! direction. 
of the M'-Mnbnn fr.rlrrtaklng com 



R*cordsr J** W. McKee T"*"*" 
banted maxriat* licensee to U» to»- 

lovtnf ! 

Joe Roblneon. 10. and "• Emory. 
17 both of 8prtn*ftold. 

L^ter Brady. Pbeonla. Mo, 23.. end 
Arris Omnthant. M. Mh Orove^ 

Um Bhelly. 33. end Thelma dark. 
II, both of Bprlngftold. 


~ia*£>' V. »-. «. «d Vrtf t 
Owens, M. both of Stratford. 

I -^ 

Page 1: A son Jack Eugene Lipscomb was born August 30 to Mr. and Mrs. F. W. 
Lipscomb of 630 South Pickwick avenue. 

Marriage license: Glenn L. Davis, 33, and Cathalene Iseman, 29, both of 

Page 2: Eunice L. Tucker sues to divorce William W. Tucker. They were married 
August 20, 1924. 

Page 3: Mathias Hauber died.** 

William Edward Smith died.** 
L. D. Painter died.** 
Mrs. Ruth Bowerman Jones died.** 
Carl W.Ray died.** 
W.E.Perry died.** 
W. H. Haynesdied.** 
Page 5: Miss Vernie Lois Thurman and Mr. Willard Drew Butler were married.** 
Miss Thelma Clark and Mr. Lee Skelley were married.** 

j| r , i, Clerk announces the mar- 
rtaf* of hie daashter. Therms, to 
Mr Lee Skelley. eon of Mr. and 
Mrs. •Will Skelley. The marrlaje 
took place Thursday, the Reverend 
K. C 8echler readme; the service. 
The eerapto will make their home to 
Bprln«-fleld. Mr. Skelley la em- 
ployed by the Coca-Cola company. 



Funeral arrmocmnenfa forMa-thtoe 
Hauber. II years old. whodledTtoB- 

terday morning at hla home, Its' 
South avenue, following a Unaerlpg 
Illness, are yet Inoompltta peadlnc 
arrival of relatives, although the 
body prohnhly will be forwarded to 
OraM CSty, Mo., by the Herman 
H. • Lohmeyer Funeral home for 
burial. He waa born In Germany 
and came to tbia country when >0 
years old, eetillng la Grant City. 
Retiring from the ' mertmntlto busi- 
ness 20 years aa;o. he moved to 
SprinsfuM. H« 1* aun-Jvo/^ > •• ».h« 
widow and .12 children. W. V. ana . 
J. B. Hauber of Orant City; Math- 
las Haur>er. Jr . of Kast Orange, N. 
J.; W..-I. Hauber of Canton, 111 . • 
U. H. llaubn of Jleiiij. 15 1 
Hauber of Elmhurst, 111 , 11. A. | 
Hauber of Chicago, M. .1 Hi 
Independence, Mo., Mm. V 
lert of Lincoln, Nebr.; Mrs. Brunu 
Lasche of Sobring. Fla.; Mra J. F. 
Allwood of Santa Palla, Cal. and 
Mrs. H. E. Anderson of Springfield. 

The man-lag* of Miss Vernie i 
T ol» Tliurmnn. daughter of Mr. and , 
Mrs. T. A. Thurman of Cuiiw.»>". :- 
M: T\"Vlr\rd T>rew Butler. of this ' 
riiy. lo,,k [.lace al S 30 oVJock 
Thursday afternoon at the home of . 
tho bridegroom. The Reverend 
David Jones, of Ashland. Kan. 1 
uncle of the bridegroom, read the 
service Those present at the oere- | 
many were Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Rut- 
ler. Mra. Leonard Butler. Mlaa 
Esther Butler. Mrs. Tony Leteh. 
M.-o Tinvld .Tones. Ml«« Mabel 

home at 518 West Calhoun alreet. I 
after September 10, 

Funeral osa-ricea for William Ed- 
ward 8mltX~T« Tears old. who died 
Thursday In BL Joseph, Mo., wfll 
be held at 10 o'clock tomorrow 
morning at the home of hla daugh- 
ter Mra. Burney Smith. '-' ^"* 
Boulevard, with burial at Mount 
Oltve oemetary. W mllea north of 
Springfield, under direction of the | 
Klingnar FVneral home. He to •tor- 
▼ivod hy one eon. the Reverend^ L JL 
BmHh of Eldon, Mo.; nod by e*t 
daughters. Mm O- I* Oullcb H 
Horrtovtlle; Mra B. V. Bote" of 
OaayeaX Tesne; Mrs- C H. eWber- 
meyer of Huntington Park. CaX; 
Mrs Burney Bmlth and Mrs. J. W. 
Oouee. both of Bprtaftto]d. 
Mrs- J. W. atorty of Kanaaa City. 


PuneraJ mufntBti for U D. 
Painter. U 7M» OKI. who died 
Thursday rdgbt at his homo In 
Dogwood. Ho, following- a brief 111- 
»•**. are aa pat lnootnnlet* bat bu- 
rial will bo la a camatary naar hU 
home under diroctlon of the Kllng- 
nor Punerel home. He is ■urrlred 
by the widow and six eons. 

Funeral arrange meat* for Mrs, 
Roth Bowennan Jones, wife of Dr. 
B. N. Jonoo of Waoa, Taftaa, who 
died Thursday at the hone of her 
parents, the Reverend* and Mrs, 
Louis B. Bowarmaa of Kansas City, 
Kan, are still incomplete bat the 
body -11! arrtre here tomorrow 
moraine for burial In Haaelwood 
eemetery under direction of the 
mtnrner Ptmera) home. 


Private fassral as u l o sei for Cart 

W. Ray. 1 rear oed eon ot Mr aad 

Mra, wuitera Ray. «• Weaver a»e- 

noe. erba died at • o'clock yasaarday 

at the heme, win be bold 




»• rears old. who 

\ West Cea- 
tral street wUl bo beat at fee* 
oekx* I — rw r aftarnooa at Re) 
Central Christian church, with Ve> 
rtal la Maple Park cemetery under 
direction of W. L. Btama, under - 

W H. Haynea. ST rears old. of 
4tl South Robbereoa arenue. a re-* 
tired contractor and Interior de*-"- 
rator. died at 1 IS o'clock yesterday 
afternoon at his home following a 
lingering; Illness. He was a member 
of the South aronue Christian 
church and Joined the Methodist I 
church when he was 14 years old. 
Ho is surrlred by the widow, by one I 
dnUKht'-i Mrw Anna KnRlleh of 
S|trlnvfleld, and one son. J' N 
llaynes of South Qreenfleld. The 
hod) will l.e torwardrd to Houth 
(Jre-enfleld for burial by the Alma ! 
Lolimever Funeral home Funeral ' 

arrangements nn- IliCumplrte tut 
probatily will If held Suridny aft- 
i ernoon 

mm ttm,,mr 

.data. ,*i ■/*• 

ssseWfcssl — _a • . • | 

Page 3: Marriage license: Max Norburg, 24, and Hazel Schell, 20, both of Springfield. 
Page 8: There is an item in memory of "our baby Elizabeth Jane Bockhorsl," signed by 
father, mother, and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Bockhorst and Herman, Jr. 

Page 11: Miss Vernia Thurman and Mr. William Drew Butler were married.** 
Page 12: Mrs. Jacob Hirth died.** 

William Edward Smith died.** 

Carl W.Ray died.** 

W. T. Perry died.** 

Mathias Hauber died.** 

L. D. Painter died.** 

Mrs. Ruth Bowerman Jones died.** 

W. H. Haynes died.** 

Births reported.** 


Mr. and Mr* Walter Seath. of S17 
College street, are the parent* of a 
tab* eon. born August 25. 

Mr. and Mra. 1. I. 8 tone of 1M1 
North Lyon atroet. announce tht birth 
of n daughter. Wltnta Jean, on August 

Mr and Mr; n II Tiller of 2360 
Travis fcvrnur. announce the birth of 
a son. wiiin Eugene, on August 3. 


— o- - 
Thurman-Butler. ; 

Minn Vernia Thurman of Conaav 
.Mid Mr. Willlarn Drew Duller of 
Springfield were married Thursday at • 
the home of tha bridegroom. The I 
Rev. David B. Jones of Ashlsnd. Kan . 
[uncle, of the bridegroom, performed 
| the ceremonty. The brlda Is the > 
i daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.- A. Thur- 
1 man of Conwsy. and the groom Is an 
employee <,i int Oa.s and Klcctrir 
compuny litre. Thoae who atendrd , 
the rcremony were: Mr. and Mrs J. 
: L. Buller. Mrs. Leonard ButUr. 
1 Esther Butler. Mra. Tom Leigh. Mra. ' 
{ David Jones and M'ss Mable Thur- ' 
man. Mr. anu Mrs. Butler will be at 
horr.c. 518 WcM CaK.our. jtreet. after 
a brief visit will) the bride » parents 



mi:s. j .icon hihtii. 

Mrs. Jacob Hlrth. 71 years old. of 
route 1. Rogersvtlle. died yesterdsy 
following a lingering lllnees. She *m 
born In Switzerland. August 10. 18M. 
and come to this country In 1884. 

. Sl.r ta survived by her husband, three 
daughters. Mr.v Itoi»a Webb or the 

. hcino uddrrsi: Mrs. O J. Orobe ot 
KttiMix C!iy, Mrs. Huso Allmsn of 
fc.jjir.ctirlfl. and by tour grandchll- 

■drttv Uurlnl will be in Smith ceme- 
tery nn\r ltr*r«r*vllle 

ft WliU MI KO WAsm MflTtl. 

runemi Mihm Hi*- V8W> *tt» 

ward Smith. 76 years old. who died 

Thursday In St. Joseph, will b« held 

at 10 a. m. tomorrow at the borne of 

his daughter. Mrs. Durney Smith. 718 

, North Doulevard. Burial wUl be in 

: Mount Ollv* c euwlwy . » *•»*»■ ****** 

!of Springfield. und*r the direction of 

• the Kllngner Funeral noma. 

I.ARI. W. RAY. • 

Funeral services for Carl W. Ray. 
;a-jrar-old *on„of Mr^andJ^e^W4i-^ 
;iltra Rny. 060 Weaver <aT«nue, wbo^ 
'died r.t U a. m yerterday at the home. : 
'«.'.! he held at 1" »• m. Monday at. 

*ht Stanse *'■'>:' .«'"•' v-l'It b".:'.'«! !" 
;£w*l L*»*n c«m*t«}. H* I* -"survived ■ 

by bin parents and t,BO ' '•"■"" ! 

M I I'll IAS M W IIKll. 

The body «»f Mathlas. Hauber, BJ. 

.'who died yesterday morning at hit 

home. 078 South avenue, following a 

^lingering lUness. will be forwarded 

I Monday morning to Orant City. Mo, 

■ his former home, by the Herman H. 
Lobmcyer Funeral home for burial. 

■ Funrrrl services will be held at 230 
'p. m. Tuesday. Mr. Hauber la sur- 
vived h>- his wife and 12 children. 

1 a. D. PAINTER. 

Funeral Arrangements are locotn- 
p;.-tr for I. D. Painter. S3, who died 
Thufwfiy at his home In Dogwood. 
.\:>. ioi2-:-J.:::p a brief lllr.e'n Burial 
will be In a cemetery near Dogwood, 
probably tomorrow, under the direc- 
tion of the Kllnrrr Funeral home. 


Funeral arrangements for Mrs 
illuth Boaerman Jonr*. wife of Dr. E 
IN Jonc*. of Waco. Tex. who died 

Thursday at the home of her parents. 
1 Rev. and Mrs. Lou:s 8. Bowermsn of 
. K:>hmis City. Kan., are still lncom- 
jplete. but the body will arrive here 
I tomorrow morning .for burial In Haz- 
'clv.-ood rimetr.ry. under direction of 

the Kllncoer Funeral home. 


\\ ••: IMJIHY. 
Fuv.ernl services fnr W. E Perry. 50.! 
wn<» «IkU Thuiaduy evening at hu 
t vine. 535 West Ccntrsl street, will be 
held at 2:30 p. m. tomorrow at the . 
Central Christian church, with burial j 
in Mop.'.? Park cemetery under dlrec- j 
Hon <'f W L 8tarne. undertaker. 

W. II. lUVNW. 
$' Funeral wenflcee for W, If? Hajroee. 
<I7. of 430 South Robberaon -avenue, 
a retired contractor and Interior dee- 
orator, who died at 2 30 o'clock ye»» 
trrday afternoon at his home follow* 
i ing a lingering Illness, will be held at 
j 10 a. m Sundsy at the Alma Loh- 
> mocr Funeral chapel. The body then 
! w:il be taker, overland to Oreenfleld 
j for burial. Mr Haynes was a mem- 
'; ber of the Bouth Avenus ChrtsUan 
j church. He Is survived by his wife. 
( a daughter. Mrs Anna English of 
! 8prlngfleld. and a son. P. N. Haynes 
i of Sooth Greenfield. 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Andrew Johnson committed suicide.** [This item is difficult to read. Andrew 
Johnson, a 65 year old barber--the article describes him as "aged"-living in a hotel at 617 
College street, took poison. His home was in Richland, Mo. He was recently divorced.] 
Page 3: William Edward Smith died.** 
L. D. Painter died.** 
Mrs. Ruth Bowerman Jones died.** 
Carl W.Ray died.** 
W.E.Perry died.** 
Mathias Hauber died.** 
W.H. Haynes died.** 


Page 2B: Mr. Smith, 94, died at Newburg. 

Mrs. Frank Harris of Newburg died in the hospital at Rolla. She was buried in the 
Mill Creek cemetery. 

William Bruenn, about 27, son of August Bruenn of Monett, died August 25 of 
tuberculosis at Albuquerque, New Mexico. He had studied for the priesthood but failing health 
made him give up his studies. He will be buried at Peirce City. 

Son born August 27 to Dr. and Mrs. R. F. Whitlock of Monett. 
Son born August 30 to Mr. and Mrs. Waymond Pry or of Monett. 
Alvin Lee, an old citizen of Mountain Grove, died Wednesday. John R. Lee of 
Eldorado Springs is his son. 

Page 7B: Card of thanks from C. W. Beard and others.** 

Page 2C: Miss Winifred Livingston and Mr. William J. Adams will be married.** 

Page 3C: Miss Margaret Kathryn Davis and Rev. Harvey L. Humphrey were married.** 

Miss Maude Robberson and Mr. Walter Fisher were married.** 
Page 10D: There is a map showing the boundaries of each school. 

Miss Kmtkryn Davis 
Weds in Des Moines 


Announcement* hav* 
calved here of the marriage of Miss 

Mnrrnret Kathryn Davis to the 
[ ReverenJ Harvev U Humphrey. J 
I Mt.u-fr ivhik i>im« u ; in; Li.iverail) 

uilfch 1.. I" r-.-» ^... ie », I ^ .. i, 

- »;»*>', August :?. The *erv;. e ' 
was read by the Reverend WUlard 
M. Wlcklser. The Reverend, Mr. 

Humphrey tu associate uid act- 
ing p*«tor of Central Christian 
church In Springfield for two ye«n 
and at present la doing gradual* 
work In Drake university, and bold* 
a full time paatorate at'Cooa Rap- 
id*. Iowa. Those from Springfield 
present at tit* ceremony war* 
Mlasee Edna Ellington and Esther 
Marshal.. Others present Included 
Mr. and Mrs R B. Ingraham of i 
Cincinnati. Ohio. Reverend and I 
*tra Humphrey will be at home 1 
arter September 18 at :315 Drake' 
Park avenue. De» Moines I 
. - | 

W« wis* u> Uaank o« aaaar 
and neighbors aad waaHily |fr 
Mr* I'arkrr for their jiindnrsa and 
offerings durinf th* death of 
over aon and relative. 

Mr. and Mra. C. 1 

Mr. and Mra. Dean 

Mr*. LiUU PwUtt, 

M'. Nannie Nrenv 


our i 

I I 


Th* marriage of alls* Wlnltre<l 
Lavlngstan. daughter of Mr. and 
Mra J. E Livingston, 1001 West 
Webater street, to Mr. William J. 
Adams 'wlU take place at 8: SO 
o'clock tbia morning at the home 
of the Reverend H. A. Wood. pas- 
tor of the Campbell Avenue Meth- 
odist church. The couple will leave 
today for a trip to St. Louis nnJ 
points In Illinois. 

MAfcftlAOsl UCtMM. 

The marriage of Mlaa Maude 
Robberaon. daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. R, H. Robberaon. 1018 North 
Main avenue, to Mr Walter F1.»h. r 
■ i Iliehl>\ i • •.<<. «li t ike plnre Ir. 
Kansas City ibis atlernoon at the 
Muehlebach hotel. Mlaa Robber- 
aon. accompanied by her brother- 
in-law and slater. Mr. and Mra. 
Otto Herrlck. will motor this morn- 
Ini; In Kansas City where they will 
be met by Mr. J-'isher. After Svp- 
temher IS the nawlyweds will be 
at home In l'ueblo. Col 


>la Cox, K 
Ooldfs Bataon. 84, stesntMsc: 
Narhwr. M. aad Haaal BofcaU. M. 
hath of Springfield: Edaaend HeJ- 
aaaa Barton. 8*. and Virginia Car- 
olyn Dak*. 81. both •( BprtastaeM; 
William J. Adams (0. and Wini- 
fred Living* on, IT. both of Spring 
field, Harry R Btotta. 88. aad AJkse 
H. Huiscia. n. both of Bact a sj O s H ; 
Bart Allan. II. and Iraaa Arnold, 
Id, both od.Kbaneaar. 

Funeral services for W. H. 
Haynea. 87 year* old. of 4S» South 
Robbenson avenue, who died Fri- 
day afternoon, wl), be held at 10 
o'clock this morning at th* Alma 
Lohmeyei 1-unerhl home ^fter 
which the body will be taken to 
South Greenfield for burial. 




" Funeral aerrtcee for Winiam Ed- 
ward Hroltb, 76 years old. who died 
Thursday Id Pt. Joseph, Mo., will be 
held at 10 o'cleefc tola BMrnlnc at 
the horr.e of his aanffcrter, Mrs. 
Burney Hmiin. 'ili .Sunn ikjuie\a-rd. 
.with burial in Mount OUve ceme- 
Ittry, IS miles north of Sprlng-fieM. 
Under direction of the Klingner 
r mitral home. 


Funeral services for 1* D. Palmer, 
U years old, who diod Thursday at 
hla noma In Dogwood, Mo., will be 
held at 11 oVlock thU mornln* at 
Uie lesldence with burial lo Swan 
(eroetery In Oouclae COC'tf under 
d'rfrtlcti of, the KUnfMf Funeral 


- • tjr- ■ * rf 

} rirete funeral service* for Carl 
W. P.ay. two-year-oh- eorf of Mr. 
and Mm. William Bay. 00* Wea-ver 
avenoe, wro died Friday at tfca 
home, will be held at lw o'clock to- 
morrow morning at the Btarna mar- 
tuary with burial la ■■»* l«wn 


Funeral services for W. K. Parry 
SO years > ' ' ■ "~ A "WmredaT at I 

his home at iJi Weal Central 
street, will be held at 1:M o'ciock 
this afternoon at the Central Chrls- 
tton church with tha Reverend E. 
C. Sechler officlaun*. with burial In 
Maple Park cemetery under direc- 
tum, of W. L. Stame, undertaker. 


Funeral arrangements for Mrs. 
Ruth Bowerman Jonea, who died 
Thuiaday at the home of her par- 
ents, the Rererend and Mrs. Louis 
8. Bowerman In Kansas City, K»n.. 
H>-« «tH! Inromrtlete but probably 

•• o >-..t,» .v,i« *ft*moon wltn 

burial ii. Lii.i.. . -<■.-■<•■'.• u.. 

der direction of the Klingner Fun- 
eral home. 

The body of Mathlas Huber, 81 
I years old. who died Friday at hla 
home, 8"g South avenue, will be 
forwarded tomorrow morning- by the 
Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral home 
to Grant City. Mo, for burial Tues- 

Page 1: Andrew Johnson was found dead.** 
Page 14: There is a long article about Gen. Franz Sigel. 
Page 16: Miss Maud Robberson and Mr. Walter Fisher will be married today.** 

Miss Marcella Hamilton and Mr. Ruben A. Pierce were married.** 
Page 17: Miss Elizabeth Ann Lewis and Mr. Wayne Emil Kentling were married.** 

Miss Margaret Kathryn Davis and Rev. Harvey L. Humphrey were married.** 
Page 21 : Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 24: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death "of our wife and mother," signed 
by J. W. Schneider, Mr. Lewis Likins, Mr. . K. Likins, Miss E. H. Routh. 
Page 27: Claude Berry, Jr., died.** 

Mathias Hauber died.** 

W. H. Haynes died.** 

Mrs. Ruth Bowerman Jones died.** 

L. D. Painter died.** 

William Edward Smith died.** 

Carl W.Ray died.** 

W. E. Perry died. 
Birth reported.** 


Mr and Mrs. J. T. Males, of 52« 
South Jeffernon avenue announce 
the birth of a daughter. Virginia Lee. 
<>n Au^utt 20. Mrs. Mtie* formerly 
was Miss Lucy Treesh. 

w. k. rr.HRV. 

Funrrnl frrvicm for W. K Perry 
aim dttci Thursday eveulTj at 
home. 435 West Central b'reel. 
be held at 2:30 p. m. today at 
Central Christian church, with 




in Maple Park cemetery und»i direc- 
tion of W. L,. Sterne, undrr.aker. 




Andrew Johnson. 65. Be- 
lieved to Have Been Vic- 
tim of Poison. i 

:arbolic acid found 

Left Shop at 5 P. M. in Good! 
Spirits to Go to Room 
for Supper. 

Kreet and Market avenue. lor several 
months, diapering of jt about three 
months ago. Por the past three weeks 
be had been working at the L. A.. 

Montgomery barter •hop. 411 O o Uagi 

Worked l*rtUI S t. M. 

Mr. Montgomery stated that John- 
son baa worked until p. at. ywUi- 
<i*r whan he remarked that he In- 
tended u> k>« u> hie roam mid cook 
iiia *m>per. lie Apparently *u In 
good tpuil* when he lert. 

Juhnaon w*s divorced by Mr#. Cva 
Johnson oX Richland about a jraar 
ago. *Unoe U«o ha tea Weed in 
Springfield mpet Of the tima. UtU* 
was knowu about hU relatrlea. He 
operated a barter stoop 'at Richland 
for a number ed years and 4% waa the 
opinion oc* cittani theew that he bad 
children by a lormer wife. Their 
whereabouts are not known. 

The body '•* being held at the Alma 
lx»hmeyer Puneral home pending fur- 
:ner investigation by Coroner Wlnd:c. 

With a few drop* of 
in a naif pint bottle lying 
In hie room. Andrew 

yean «|d, a barter at Richland 
was found dead In bad atartly 
■ o'clock. east akykU at a 
house. dlT O aO eg a 
had been staying far 

Tt.e man apparently committed sui- 

cide by drinking* a quantity o< 
k mtui iisa ni int v io Cosjajia* JrjeU Jt J 
'Wlndell. who made an frrW«i|ttl6tr 
j v! i.'u rlea'.r. :%«: eight 

Mn John O. Woody, who. with hex i 
husband, operates the rooming house. ' 
atstted *b*t aw*, entered 
room ahov; "X 1Z s'crork to feewe 
bed linen «he found the man mag I 
dead on hie bed. Police war* : 
diately notified 

Belonged lo Odd reliant. 

Kiamlnnuoa of tte men* 
revealed a half dollar and 
ship card In tte Odd 
of Swedeborg. Mo. Little 
of him about the rooming bouse other 
than that he worked at a barter shop 
on College street. 

After an Investigation by officers. 
It was learned that Johnson came to 
Springfield about !• months ago from 
Richland. He operated a barber ebop 
in the Pwiimt Pool hall. College 


|h-f'.'!:" KeaUlng.Lererta. 

Mine Klirabtah Ann Lewi* of Har- 
rison. Ark. and Mr. Wayne Ball 
Kcntling or HlghlanrlvlUe. Mo. were 
maii.Mi Thursday at high noon at; 
Uic hijftir of the bride's parenu, The 
bride ik the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Harvey Lewi* of Harrison She waa 
a Miidmt at Park college. Park vine. . 
Mi., nr.d aas a member of the Zeta ' 
Tail Alpha aorortty af thf Unlveraltv I 
oi Aifcausaa Mr. KcntUng la the, 
eon of Mr. and Mrs. Prank Kentllng 
of Hichiandville and la a graduate j 
of Dniry college. He han been a i 
mtn.bcr of the Harrlaon High school 
faculty the past year and will be ] 
principal of the hlKh whool at Mnr- 
t1bVi!i<' thin year. The couple will 
toakc their home in Morrlsvllle. | 

I)a\H- Humphrey. 
Mif« Margaret Kathryn Devi* and 
Ibe Rev. Harvey L. Humphrey were 
fnained in Dee Moines August 37 at 
fne University Placa church. The 
gtrrrnony was performed by - Rev 
r pKUtord Mr Wlcklzer. Tfte .Rev, Hum- 
■ftirey *as for two ye*i» ouwocut* and 
♦*Ung pastor or Central Christian 
ttiurch of tola city and 4» at present 
•iking graduate work »t~T>rake Unl- 
perbity He also holds a pastorate at 
Ooou Rapid*. Iowa. The Springfield J 
fcucat* at the wedding were Miss Edna 
BMidMon and Ml« Eethrr Mnr«hall ' 
Sti' Rev and Mrs. Humphrey will be 
kt home after September 18 at 3315 
prahe Par., avenue. Pea Moines. 


Claud. Berry. Jr. l»-month old 

-en of Mr. end Mr.. C. W. Berry 

TZZ City. Mo, ***«££ 

Uternoon foUowlnt » brt *f *"*?* 

wm vlalting it the home of her eto- 
JT MrrbUn Zerbe of Bartleavtlle. 

cemetery ftlttay 

The body of MathU. »•£%* 
wbo dtod rrtd*y nowinf •*. «■ ■■■* 
•T8 South »*enue. toUowlnf • ttnfer- 

row mornlof to Onni CUT. ■■*. ■» 

£yT Fun«ral *<«••. ^^.£££: 
wuTbe held •i'* *™-™'^. 
Mr. Raubet to eurrlved by bl. wlfo 

»ud 13 children. 


Funeral MntcM for W. H. Borneo. 
87 of 438 South Robbereon orenue. • 
retired contractor and Intortor deco- 
rmtor. who died *t 3:S0 o'clock Fri- 
day afternoon at hU home following 
a lingering Mneae, will be bold a* 10 
• m. today at the Alma .Lohmeyer 
Funeral home The body will bo taken 
j overland to Greenfield for burial- Mr. 
Haynea n* aurrlred by hU wlfa. » 
daughter. Mr.. Anna Engllah of 
I.SprlP.Bflel'l anr! « -'■> T N Haynea 
e>( South Urce:>f.elfl 


FunoreJ «ar*tow tor WHRMB M- 
ward Smith. *•, wbo died Thuraday 
in St. Joaaph. will be bald at 10 a, 
m. today at tb« none of. bin deug h» 
tor. Mra. Buntey Smith. W5 Bui 
Boulevard. Burlol wlU be- in MounV 
Olive cemetery, a* mile, north of 
Springfield, under the direction «t 
tbe Kllngner Funeral bom*. 

Funeral aerrlce for Carl W. Ray. 2- 
year«old eon of air. ana Mliw .B»UUem 
Ray. 860 Weaver avenue. - wbo died 
at 8 a. m. yeaterday at the bone, will 
be held at 10 a. m. Monday at the 
Btarne mortuary. Burial will be In 
Seat Lawn cemetery. He la aurvlved 
by his parenta and two el»ter». • 

V> i." 

yJItStoTtoeuwd tno foltowlnt ■" 
rlagw "••J^T..^ M ,** AIM* B- 

Hudaou 81. botb of J*»g*%^ 

Bart Allen, tl end !*•»• *"""* 

1§> both of »»»--• "^ wmhald 

U ; 1 °Tb JitTS tnd^nla D. 



runeral eervlcea for Mra Ruth Bow. 
etmin .lone*, wife of Dr. E. N. Jonea. 
of Waco. Tex . who died Thuraday a» 
the home ol her parenta. Rer. and 
Mra. Loula 8 Bowerman of Kanaae 
City. Kan . were held yeaterriay in, 
that city. The body waa forwarded to 
Springfield, arriving early tbla morn- 
ing BurUl will be In Harelwood cem- 
etery at 130 p m today, under the 
dlrectiou of the Kllngner runeral 

1 Funeral beru r e«> lor L'. D Painter. 
B?. »i-.r> t'.:ft' T?'.':rv".ny n* hi.' homa 
id Dc<^uo<.ki Mo. lollowing a brief 
Ulnrfc*. will be held at 11 a. m. today 
;«t the hon.i-. Burial will be In Swan 
cemetery. U'.'.det the dirtctlon ot the 
Kllngner Funeral home. 
W psa ^; • — 

Mr and Mr.. Fred BonUUm. ll»l 

1 North Jeffe«on av.nue. J-f^ 

the marriage of their «*utht*r. *£' 

celU. to Mr Ruben A Plerc. of tbto 
:lly T>. e n.*r.-:a«e UK- plfM at To- 
peka. Kan . March 23 axvd *>£*~* 
! aept a a*cret until th. "> no " n «^ 
ma^a today by th. P-"*^,^ 
j bride. Mr. and Mra Ftorea will arme 
• JS.r for a vWt before «*««»^ 
,o EacalalC-r Springs where they will 

Mlae Robbevaon to *«*• t 

U^ M.ud Ronnewoav d*t*btor of 
Mr and Mm R « Rohb*raoo 3Xt 
H~*y a.en^e. wUl b* nJ * m 1 l °. M l 
Walter Fiaher of Fu«*lo, Colo, «^ 
afternoon In K*nawo City- •■"•J 
oeraon will drive to «a»- J>1* **£ 
momlns with her ^tcr. Jf •"». 
jum end Mr. Horry, ttm «^ 
will be at home In Fueblo aftar S*p- 

•.»rr.r-er 10 


Page 5: Miss Marcella Hamilton and Mr. Reuben A. Pierce were married.** 
Page 10: Andrew Johnson died.** 

James H. Goddard died.** 

James Vickers died.** 

Carl W.Ray died.** 

Mathias Hauber died.** 



Funeral services for James H. 

Rnddnrtl, who died at the home o( 

jhls brother. D. H. Goddard. of 

I Richards. Mo., will be held at 3:30 

I o'clock this afternoon at Payne 

cemetery, eight miles south of 

Springfield, under direction of the j 
Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home, 
v, 1th the Reverend B. F. West of- 
ficiating. Mr. Goddard Is survived 
by three brothers. David H., of 
Rlchurds, Mo.. Joseph M.. of Nlxa. ' 
Mo., and S. D. ol Springfield; and 
by three sisters, Mrs. Mary Kelt- 
ner. Mrs. Rachel Gibson and Mrs. 
Mahala Wlsncr of near Nlxa. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hamilton.) 
1951 North Jefferson avenue, an- 
nounce 111* marriage of their 
daughter. Marcella. to Mr. Reuben 
A. Pierce, son of Mr and Mrs. l*t- 
roy Pierce. 631 South Douglas ave- 
nue, at Topekn. Kan.. March 2.1. 
The couple Will make their bouu 
at Excelsior Springs. Mo., after a 
ahort visit In Springfield. 




:_....-. iciuvca lor jumes V lex- 
ers, 71 years old, who died last 
night at the home of his sister, 
Mrs. W. H. Craig, of 964 West 
Chase street, will be held at 2:30 
o'clock this uftemoon at Robber- 
Bon cemetery. He is survived by" 
two brothers, John, of Springfield. 
and Andrew, of Oklahoma, and 
three ulsters. Mrs. \V. II. Craig. 
Mrs. Ann Phillips and Mrs. Ylrgle 
Hall, ull of Springfield. 


Private funeral services for Carl 
W. Ray. two-year-old son of Mr. 
and Mrs. William Ray, 650 North 
Weaver avenue, who died Friday, 
will be held nt 10 o'clock this morn- 
ing ai the Starne mortuary with 
burial in East Lawn cemetery. 

The body of Mathias Hauber. >2 ' 
I years old. mho died Friday at his j 
' home. Si? South avenue, will b* for- | 
• \>-ird~d this morning by the Her- 
j man H. Lohmeyer funeral home to 
] Grant. City. Mo. for burial. 

Page 7: James H. Goddard died.** 

James Vickers died.** 

Andrew Johnson died.** 
Page 11: Miss Rosa Ella Duffey and Mr. John B. Brockling were married.** 

Miss Winifred Livingston and Mr. William J. Adams were married.** 

An autoper will be performed at 
f o'clock thla mornuik.- on the body 
of Andrew Johnson. CO-year-old 

] barber, who committed suicide by 
drinking poison early Saturday 
evening in his room In a small ho- 
tel at 617 College street, it was 
announced last night by Coroner 

' Jewell E. WlnUle. 

i Following the autopsy, the body 

I will be forwarded by the Alma Loh- 
meyer Funeral home to Warsaw, 
ilnd.. according to the request of 

a former wife and two children | 
' who live In that city. 

Whether or not an Inquest will ; 

he held vvi|l depend upon finding* 
lat the autopsy. It was Bold. «l- ! 
jthough both the coroner und police 1 

officials concurred in the belief that 
; It wus olearly n case of suicide. ; 

! Mr-. Eva Johnson, restaurant 

proprietor of Richland, M<>. un«lj 
■another divorced wife of Johnson.- 
| declined to accept the body. e\- j 
'plaining her action as due to ill- j 
'n-ss and to financial difficulties. 
} Johnson bad lived In Springfield! 
-for the past 1C months and had I 
[worked as a burbcr in local shops | 
'during that time. For the past 
■three weeks and until a few Ileitis 
j before Ins death he had worked in 

the >'.'p of 1.. A. Montgomery ut 
.-tlj » n*-- street. 

Wed* In California 

An account of * wedding of Intcreat 
e» many Sprtmrflftdlans wan publish- 
ed in the San Diego Sun Ban Dleg" 
Calif aa follow* Tlic Church of St 
Franc** IV Salic at HlvrraWlo wu 
the selling of • wedding Saturday 
I— ililiH Auftut 30. when Mlaa Rose 
da Duff«"T of San Diego. daughter of 
«IM> late Mr and Mrs llernard Duf- 
fey vt Springfield, Mi' - l>eo«nie the 
brtd* of John 1) ftr»vkltng. Jr., of 
WhttOer. ton of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. 
Hctx-kim* if l^banott Mo Rev 
MartU) J Kcetlng officiated The 
bride wore a white crepe gown with 
picture hat to ruaWh n,nd carried a 
shower bouquet of white orrhlda and 
'..'.'..'* .,' ;:.«• tblif . :-i.r w *.-• Mt'.«'n<1cd 
by her slater. M;i«e Catherine Dviffey. 
who wore a roe* crepe frock and car- 
ried rose buda and maiden hair fern. 
Vlrgtl Foley, coualn of the bride, 
•erred a* beat mail Following the 
ier»mony a «r<ll::< brcakfn.«t w»e 
•e.'Ted at Mission Inn Mr. and 

Mrs Brorklln left for a motor trip 
•■- Y~*»:r.!te They •*ill make 
i.rrr.r a*. Whlttler where Mr HrnrkllnK 
la connected with the Bloody Mami- 
fe^-.ur.r.g company " 

Adams- LI % log at on. 

marrlag s of Mlaa Winifred Llr- 
aod Mr. William J. AdUM 

'took plar* at the parsonage of tb< 

'Campbell Avenue Methodist church 
yesterday morning at 8:30 Mlaa Liv- 
ingston u the daughter of Mr* and 

'Mrs. J. B. Livingston, iooi Wast Web- 
ster street, and la a prominent mem- 
ber of the younger people of the 

.Campbell Avenue church. Mr. Adams 
la a musician of this city. The cou- 
ple >f. immediately after the cere- 
mony for a trip to 8t Louis and 
point* in Illinois. 


Funeral service* for James H. Ood- 
dard. who died at the home of his 
brother. D M. Ooddard at Richards. 
M.«. were held at 3 30 o'clock thU 
..: ■« intmii at Payne cvjueleiy. eight 
a.iles aouth of Springfield, under di- 
rection of the Alma Lohmeyer Funeral 
h.-mc. with Rev. B. F. West, ofllcla- 
j ung Mr. Ooddard u survived by 
three brothers. David H .. of Richards: 
Joseph M. of HI**. end 8. D.. of 
I Springfield, and by three slaters. Mrs 
1 Mary Keltner. Mr*. Rachel Olbeon and 
Mrs Mahal* Wlaner of near HUa 


The body of Andrew Johnson. 60- 
yar-old barber, who committed sui- 
cide by ct.-lnklr.g pblaon early Setur- 

' day evening In hi* room In a hotel 
at 017 College street, will be forward- 

1 ed to Warsaw. Ind.. for burial. A for- 
mer wife and two children who live 
.it that city claimed the body, ac- 
cording to Coroner Jewtll X. Wlndle. 


Page 1: William Merrill died.** 

Page 3: Henry I. Devore died.** 

Elma Fay Hart died.** 

Mrs. J. B. Huttondied.** 

Leroy Hessinger died.** 

PagC ti^'pi L °T:* R ? rk 3nd Mn WaiTen Cherr y were carried.** 
PaPP n/ " 1 ,' ^ Ckey 3nd ^ J - R Bakeman w ^e married.** 
- K^^ -day «- a «p 

outh Douglas a^ue" **« *" ^ "" b "» ^ t0 Mr " a " d Mrs. H. D. Lyle of 736 
Page 11: Card of thanks from Mrs. W. H. Haynes and others.** 


Funeral services for Jam** Vlckers. 

( 7.1. who died last night at the home of 

j hi. atoter. Mrs. W. M Craig, of M4 

1 West Chase street, ware held at 

, ; JP p m today at Robbereoii 

.■emeterv north of Springfield. He la 

M-.rvivcd by two brothers, John, of 

I Springfield, and Andrew, of Oklaho- 

, ma. and three slaters. Mr*. W. H. Craig. 

I Mr*. Ann Phillip* and Mrs. Vlrgle 

• Hall, all of Springfield. 



raka Knights of Pythias, lodge No 
Nellie Merrill, he Is survived l.y ; 
two sons, George A . of Last St 
Louis, and AVllllam C. of Chaffee. 
Mo.: two daughters. Mrs. Hilda 
Mercer of St. Louts, and Mrs. Lor- 
raine Henaon of Last Si. Louis 
who were with him at the time of 
fals death; a slater. Miss Addle Mer- 
rill of St. Louis, and a brother, 
Frank Merrill of Peoria, III. 

The body will be cent to Kast St 
Louis late today by the Alma Loh- 
meyer funeral home. , 

' Dies in Agony Soon After Eat- 1 
ing Fruit Recently Sprayed; 
Autopsy Wil Be Performed 
Here Today 

tcpRAT-rOlSOXKD grape*, which' 
I he purchased at a vineyard* * 
near Seymour late last n:«ht are, 
•jnied for the death of Wi'.iiam .'.;;. IZ year* o!.!. F.' 1 Pt Louis 
.i<.ties« man. wl.O «xs .r- '. >.. '• !-n.y 
i.,t >v o'clock las! night at V:e Gaits 
i tourist ramp six miles east of 
I Springfield. 

I Mr M. rrl.l succumbed alter a few 
r-.'Tvi'-s" tn*f.;r!ng •.'•*•• ^ 4 '" r-'wr 
j..w«:i E. Wjndlf. after an Ir.ieatl- 
I patio::. Wai certain death »'->*• 
CiuwhI eit' l.y apopl*»y «* pU— 
maine polsonlnjr. araohe^amSonwca^f 
an autopsy will he conducted this - 
morning to fix definitely tba re- I 
' sponnibllltv. i 

I ♦ ♦ j 


|* ♦. 

! With his alfe. two daughters and I 
| their husband*. Mr. Merrill was on 1 
Ibis wav bn« \ t St Ln'i's nfrr t 
jwr kend tour of the Ozarki Neart 
[Seymour those who were with him] 
it Id Mr. Wind!* li« 1 *, 
M..i^kot «f crap-'s .about 3 o'clock! 
i yesterday afternoon. The vineyard! 
[owner told hint the grapes had not| 
[been sj ray.-.! f.-.r t \ «,.«.« :ini' 
:!iil tiny ;•:.'• - :., v.T- U; 
'.,:*• >. \.:a. ;i.:.. I.. > ■•' Ih-rti but 
!i.on«- of the others t.-uched lhenf.| 
T'Bfto though the autopsy today I 
(howi the grapM were responsible I 
for hie death, there Is little llkell- I 
hood that criminal charges would 
rasjuft acalnal the farmer who sold | 
the grape*. Mr Wlndl* said. He j 
added that prosecution on other' 
grounds might be made. 



Mr. Merrill left hi." home in Kast j 
St. Louis Saturday, and the tourists . 
had been camping out since then ' 
They planned to drive on to St 
Louis today. 

Mr. Merrill was a metr.b«*r of Ku- 
reka Knights of Pythias, lldae No. 


Fruit Company Proprietor Ex- 
pires Mere After An Illness 
Of Two Months 


Henry L DaVora, «7 years old, for 
. the past 40 years a res'.dent of 
| Springfield and owner of the I>e- ' 
jvora Fruit company on North 
Main avenue, died at 5 30 o clock 
■yesterday afterncta at his home at ( 
C3b North Main avenue. 11- had 
bean In 1U health for the past two I 
months but had personally directed I 
;his business thrvueh. lus daughter..' 
Miss Marie lVY.»re. secretary and j 
treasurer of the company, 
j Considering his age. Mr. DeVorc 
'had been unusually active in his 
• work for the past several years. 
; Ltst year h.« personally supervised 
'the construction of th;> new brick 
.and concrete, building near his 
'home. houMnc his fruit company at 
,thls time. Much of th- actual work j 
iwas done by Mr. DeVure himself. 
| Hs wu a member of the Modern j 
! Woodmen of America and of the 
Christian church in Seda.Ua. his 
j former home. - , , 
r* Ji» IS survived by the widow. Mrs. 
fLucy DeVore. anJ one daughter, 
i Mia* Marie DeVorc. all of the home 
iaddress; by a half-brother. James 
i-DeVor*. of Naxvllle. Knn . a I 
-brother. Rollle DaVora of Long- 1 
'm,>w. Wash., and by two sisters. I 
,Mr*. J. Dcbuck. of Nawillo. Kau. | 
land Mrs. & E. Burdlck. of Lans- j 
! Ing. 'Mich, and by two half sisters. : 
| Mrs. Clara Barton of Dodge City. | 
! Kan, and Mrs. Qraca Wolf of . 
j Hutchinson. Kan. 

Funeral ararngements are incom- I 
I plete but the Reverend L M. Hole, j 
i pastor of the First Baptist church. ; 

will officiate. Burial will be 1" 
. Memorial Park cemetery ^ith the 
Modern Woodmen of America in 
charge and under direction of the 
A:rr.a Lohrr.eyer Funeral home. 

■JBBW m jpwiww 


EBatelii r- - y 

frfc««n wW by their kind word* and 
•»€ UmUTuJ fl<«l ofTarlno tried 
u> leeaen our aorrow- durlnr the i'|ne.< 
«nd «t the time of the death of our be- 
ared huthaad .ltd father, W . H Hlkn-a 
" rB - W. H. Haynea, 
Mn. Anna KnglUh. 

Af iw Lorrene Roark 


Funeral aervicea for Leroy Hr«- I 
*»ng.»r. 3* >ears old. who died at Ids 

af.T "! J rar, , ha « J *- ««- yesterday 
af ter a brief nine.,,. will be held at 

t"h» «V C ton " jr «>w afternoon nt 

the Starne mortuary with burUl In 
lla.ehvooc. cemetery. The body! 
will arrive here today. He Is sur- ; 

.vlyed by the widow, and one "on. i 
Roj. and one brother. William' Ilea- 

Jenifer, all of Carthage. ! 

Roark. daughter Af Mr*. Will J. 
Roark. »»0 Cherry street, to Mr. ' 
Warren I'herry of Hutchinson, j 
Kan., took place at T o'clock Sun* 
day evening nt the home of the 
bride • mother. In the presence of a 
few close friend* aad relatives. 

Tfct ceremony room was decor- > 
ated with aummer flowers and car- I 
rie* out n color arheme of green 
and white. 

The bride wore an afternoon 
frock of Un silk crepe and she waa 
attended by Miss Halite Warner of 
Dallas. Tex., as bridesmaid, who 
wore dark blue crepe. Mr. Cherry 
was atended by Mr. MtrahaJI Doo- 
llttle of Uutchtnson. The ring serv- 
ice was read by the Reverend John 

Following the caremony refreah- 
meata were served to the bridal 
party and rueata. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cherry left Bun- 
day night for Hotchlaaon. where 
they wlU make their home. 


Funeral services for Klma F.\> 
. Kart. one-year-ol.l dauuhu-r of Mr. 
and Mrs. Claude Hurt, of 13:7 
Lafontaine avenue. \\ ho died yes- I 
terday afternoon after n brief ill- j 
"<". will t>e held .it 10 .Mock this' 
morning at the rosMer.ce with bur- ■ 
lal In GreenlaVvn cemetery unrtr ill- ' 
rection of the Klinpner Funeral j 
home The Infant Is survived hv the ! 



J .. M / ,L J .. B - HuUo ". " years old. j 
«*ea a\t her home In Humnnsville I 
yeeterday morning after a brief III- j 
B*m. She la aurvlvad by tbe bus- I 
hand, four daughters. Mrs. C G 
Morelock. of Springfield; Mra. Tom 

I Irl £ M £ C P ^ckett and 
| Mra, DaveDuffctt. all of Humana- i 

Mansfield, and one brother. Earl J 

Rolna. of Lufont. Kan. Funeral ! 

--rv,ce. will be held at 4: 30 oclck ' 

, this afternoon al the residence with 

• l "rial in the llum.insvilt* ccuu- 

I tcr > • j 

The mnrrlaKe of Mlsn Flora B. | 
Mnckoy. daughter of Mrs. N. Allen i 
of Veronn. to Mr. J. I*. lVikemnn. 
son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Bnke- j 
man of Ft. Scott. Kan., took |>lace ' 
at 8:30 o'clock Snturdny nleht nt j 
the horne of the Reverend Lewis M. 
Hale, pustor of the First Hill'tist 
church. The couple will make their, 
homo nt tho l'liira hotel, 409 North 
Mala avenue, o* which Mr. Bake- j 
«n»n Is manager . 

Page 2: James A. Houtz and Mrs. Alta D. Mansell were married.** 
Page 15: Miss Flora B. Mackey and Mr. J. P. Bakeman were married.** 
Miss Dorrene Roark and Mr. Warren Cherry were married.** 


He* Flora B. Mackey. daughter of , 
. N.. Alien, of Verona, became the i 
e Of Mr. J. P Dakeman of thl* 
, son of Mr. and Mr». Fred Bake- 
|«m*X of Port tent, in. •* a 4joss* 
(ceremony ftaturday night, performed 
• by Rot. Lewis M. Halt, pastor of the ' 
jFlret Baptist church. The wadding 
i took place In the personage at IJO 

Death Bed Wadding. 
Announcement of tht marriage on 
U* death baa or nnui A. Houts. 4a 
ijsra old. of Webb City, to hia nurae. 

**. aju a «mhK ***** m 

I Mass Derreae Roark Hah. 

A quiet ceremony marked the wed- 

Umrs— e*»sV -wren -4W ■ ■■ra v w— CI11A1 
| aWeat , to Mr. Warren Cherry •* 

I Hutchinson. Kan. Sunday evening at 
7 o'clock at the home of the bride a 

I mother. The service was read by Her. 
John Crockett and waa attended by 
only cloae friend* and relatives of . 
the bride and groom. The ceremony < 
r.x>m rur. taaneo decoration* of green , 
and white formed of eummer flowers. 

j The bride wore a gown dev e lo p ed In ; 
UN and rreeu crepe tllk Mlea HeJlle 
Warner of Dallas. Tea., who attended ,' 
«• brtdeemald. »m gowned In dark i 
Hue rrrpe silk The icr<*r<rt: \vni> at- 
tendee l>> Mr Marshall Uoollttle of. 
Hutchlnain. Refreshment* also fee- ' 

: turing the green and white acheme ' 

1 were aerred to the gueate after the ! 
ceremony. Mr. and Mr*. Cherry left] 

. Sunday night for their home In 

Page 1: Births reported.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 

Son born September 5 to Mr. and Mrs. James Michael of 21 17 North Nettleton 

Page 2: Henry I. Devore died.** 

Lenard M. Lisenby died.** 

W.H.Hughes died.** 

LeRoy Hessinger died.** 

Page 3: William Merrill died.** 

Daughter born September 4 to Mr. and Mrs. Claude Davis of 1946 Boonville 

Page 5: Miss Cathalene Iseman, daughter of Mr. W. F. Iseman, and Mr. Glenn L. Davis 
were married last evening. They were attended by Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Welhoelter, brother-in- 
law and sister of the bridegroom. The bride was a music student at Drury college and later 
studied in France. She is a member of the Drury college faculty. Mr. Davis is connected with 
the Frisco. [This is a long article.] 

Page 8: Son born September 4 to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Harris of 1032 West Thoman 

Page 11: There is a poem in memory of Mrs. O. D. Skaggs.** 

Page 12: Miss Carolyn Epperson and Mr. George Freelove were married yesterday in 


Oeonre Freelove. 12. and Carolyn 
Lpnereon. 1*. both of Springfield; 
Raymond Evan*. 51. and Mary Cox. 
51. both of Springfield. 

Mr. and Mr*. Claude Davis of 1946 
Boonville avenue, announce the 
folrth of a daughter on 'Ronfl»r. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Arnold *f 1600 
Went Thoman street, announce the 
Mrih of a- daughter on Saturday., 
September S. | 

Mr. and Mra. Charles Fry of 1600 ' 
tle«t Calhoun atreet. announce the! 
birth of a daughter on Sunday. I 
September 4. 


R^Or WE DA 1M 55* 

lira O P SVaggs 

Who passed «wir 1»o vears today. 

Two lone end ktnesome year* dear 

Tkf tin* It com to do*. So hard to live 
without you. 

8* hart for yea to so. 

AM though God lui railed 700 hom*. 

Tour o»H one* cannot see why. 

You hadn't time fur • («rt««ll kUs 

NVr to u-il lit each goodbye. 

You will nnrr to forgotten. 

Never Abb our hearts to healed. 

And no on* know* the iorrcw 

That are in onr heart* concealed ; 

But God. He loved you ton. dear. Mother 

And took *vu home to dwell. . 

But oh. the racanrr left in our home 

Mo tongue can ever te]|. 

Sedry missed bv children. 

Mr. Delia William* 

Mr*. Oma Pennington 

Mm. Neva Reder. 

Kaihryn Skagg* 
i Pudd Skagrs. 
I * >a* i aa»a* a 



_«l Mrrioca Cor Honry L 
DeYore. «T years old. president of 
the DaVore Fruit company, wbe 
died Monday afternoon at bis home 
at MS North Main a\enue follow- 
1ns an Illness of torn* two month* 
will ba held at 2:10 o'clock thU nft- 
ernoon at the Alma. Lohtneyer Ftt- 
ner*l hom* with the Reverend L. M. 
Hale, paator cftEtbe Klr*t BaptUt 
church. officiating". Burial will be 
la Memorial Park cemetery with 
service* at the crave In chare* of 
the Modern Woodmen of America. 

^ ^ ^V^^ ^I VW' ^ S^A^WtV 


An attark of . apoplexy, rather 
than ptomaine poisoning due to the 

j eating; of (rape* bearing poison 
spray, resulted la the aadden death 

I here Monday night of William Mer- 
rill, buslseas man of Baft St. Louis. 

I III, according to rinding* of' aa 
autopsy conducted yesterday by 
Coroner Jewell E. Windle. 

Mr. Merrill was atiicken at a 
tourist camp six mile* eaat of 
Bptlngfleld and died within a few 
minute*. The fact that he had eat* 
en several bunches of grapes a few 
fooura before and the possibility 
tlu»t the grape* might have retained 
a slight quantity of poison apray. 
ltd member* of his family to believe 
I.U death due to poison. 

The body was forwarded yester- 
day afternoon by the Alma k° h " 
m6yer Funeral home to Bast* St. 
Louis for burial. 


Funeral arrangement* for Lsnard 
M. Usenby, 76 years old. a retired 
farmer of Green* county, who died 
yesterday afternoon at his home, 
1619 West Kim street, following a 
brief Illness., are Incomplete pend- 
ing arrival of relatives but will be 
held under direction of the Her- 
man H. Lohmeyer Funeral home. 
He la survived by the widow, two 
eon. Lloyd and Perry, all of Spring- 
field; one daughter, Mrs. Arthur 
Little of Okmulgee, Ok la., one sis- 
ter, Mrs. Nelse Cavln of Spring- 
field, four brothers, George. Rone 
and Tom, all of 8prlngfleld and 
Jack Llsenby, of Rosalia, Wash. 


Funeral service* for W. H. 
Hughes, •* year* old. member of 
the city street department, who died 
Monday night m a local hospital, 
will be held at 10 o'clock this morn- 
ing at the Kllngner Funeral chapel 
with burial In Greenlawn cemetery 
under, direction of the Maspnlc. or- 
der. He Is survived by two broth- 
ers, J. W.. and C P.. of Minneapolis. 
Minn.; one son, Ralph of Louisville, 
Ky.; three nieces. Mra W. M. 
Bauer. Mrs. L. C. Roberts of Stew- 
artsvfhe. snd Mrs. J. W. Bennett. 
Jr.. of St. Joseph. Mo. 

Funeral services for LeRoy Hes- 
slngsr. SS years old. who died Mon- 
day at his home In Carthage, will* 
be held at f. 90 o'clock this after- 
noon at the Starne mortuary with 
burial In Haselwood cemetery. 


Page 8: Leroy Hessinger died.** 
Page 9: Henry I. Devore died.** 

W.H.Hughes died.** 

LeRoy Hessinger died.** 

Leonard M. Lisenby died.** 
Page 14: Card of thanks for kindness at time of "our bereavement," signed by Mr. and 
Mrs. L. E. Knapp and family. 

Page 17: Miss Cathlene Iseman and Mr. Glenn L. Davis were married.** 



Funeral services for Henry I. De- 
vore, 67. president of the Devote 
Fruit comptny. -who died Monday aft- I 
ernoon at bis home. S3) North Main . 
avenue, following an Illness of two 
months, •were held *t 3:30 p. n». to- 
day at the Alma Lohmeyer runeral ! 
homr. Willi Rev. I. M. Hale, pastor 
of the first Rapt:*? n. ir« h offi'.iat- 
Ing. Burial was in Memorial p*r« 
cemetery with «rrv:"A s'. the rrave 
.:. rhajT* ' * -v " *•'■••• 'v.'f'rC / "vf 

w. ii. in r. iit:». 

Funeral srevicee for W. H Hughes. 
85. member of the city street depart- : 
ment. who died Monday nlprht In a 
local hospital, were held at 10 a. nv 
today at the Kl!nr;ner Funeral chapel, 
with burial In (jieenlawti> 
under the direction of trie Muor.:r 
order. i 


Funeral service* for LeRoy Hes- 
elnger, 38. who died Monday at his 
home in Carthage, were held at 
3:30 p. m. today at the Stame mor- 
tuary, with burin! In Hazelwood cem- 
i H«ry. 

DIM at Almshouse 
Leroy Heaelnisr. about M years of. 
age. died at the Jasper county a^ine- ' 
bouaa. where be has been a real dent 
for eeveral month* Mr Hea*:r,ier 
wm bom In Springfield. He baa tx~n 
HI eeveral months 8urviv:rji are a 
eon. Roy Hsaslnger. of fnd:ana and 
a brother. W. C Heaslr.gcr 

i Mlta Isrman Wedi Mr. Ila«l». 

Mim Cathlenc lecmsn. daughter of 

• Xlr. W. F. *»cman of rou. le a. became 
• be bride of Mr Olrnn I Dav.s las! 
night at 8.41 at a ecu mo:. \ performed 
i • the residence of Rev. John W. | 
Pearson. paa*->r of the St Paul Meth- 
odist Episcopal church, who read the j 
ceremony whim was attended by only ! 
relatives and rtos.e friend" Mr and j 
Mr*. C. V. Welhoeltcr. brother-in-law t 
mhI sister of the rrr-om woe the 
iiiily -attendants. An !i.f"rn.»l ircep- 
ilon for the wedding guests and bridal j 
purty was held at the home of Mr. , 
and Mn. William W. James. 703 , 
South Fremont avenue, following: the | 

service. Tha bride, who as w«U j 
known amor* musical etreaea ben. 
baa bean a mambar of the faculty of 
Drury ooilesre uutiuaai eatory of 
for the peat two years. 8ba 
bcr mualcsU education in tne Cincin- 
nati conservatory of music, graduat- 
ing in lilt- Bar further treininf «aa 
taken under lsasaOr PnUllppe In Feei- 
talnablaau. France, after which as* 
returned to this city and took a posi- 
tion on the Drury faculty. Mr. Devjs 
: wea a etudent of the University of 
! Missouri and »e now a member of f 
i the mecbaulca; engtnaerlag depart - 
' ment of the Frisco railroad. The cou- , 
jple left Immediately after the cere- 
mony for a lQ-^sy trip x; CT."ei"» 
and tr.e O'rst !-»«"•». »'•'"■ * ■'■ 
thrj »::: fr.uv rb r ?T f.nrr*< i V 


Funeral services for Leonard M 
Llsenby, 76 years old. a retired Oreene 
county farmer, who died yesterdsy 
afternoon at his home. 1610 West Elm 
street, following a brief illness will 
be held at 10 a. m. tomorrow at the 
Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral home 
with Rev. H. A. Wood, pasto-- of the 
Campbell Avenue Methodist church. 
officiating. Burial will be In Mnple 
Park cemetery. He Is survived by his 
wife, two sons, Lloyd and Perry, both 
of Springfield; a dauK^iter. Mrs. Ar- 
thur Little ol Okmuifctx, C*:u . a rls 
ter, Mrs. Nelse Cavln of Springfield'; 
four brothers, Oeorge. Rone and Tom. 
of Springfield, and Jack. Llsenby of 
Rosalia, Wash. 

Page 1: Mrs. Virginia Robinett and Mr. George Penter will be married.** 
Page 5: Miss Marie Riggs nd Mr. Hubert G. Brooks were married.** 

Miss Essie Mae McPhate and Mr. Charles T. Watts were married.** 
Page 8: Carter C. Alexander died.** 


Page 11: There is a poem in memory of Mrs. O. D. Skaggs.** 
Leonard M. Lisenby died.** 
Mrs. Mary Barras died.** 





WnKe-HaJred Uttle, Widow, 
Twice Married and Mother 
©f_Ten, .Telle Secrete of 
Matrimonial Happlneee on 
Eve of Third Wedding 


"A PERSON'S mvw too old to 
get married." aaye Mrs. Virginia 
Roblneti fitoutly — and nctlnf on the 
courage of her conviction, thia lit- 
tle greatgrandmother of 74 today 
will become the bride of George 
l*enter. 81. Civil War veteran and 
several times greatgrandfather. 

And a very pretty bride abe will 
be. with i her white hair parted In 
aoft wavea over a face delicate of 
feature un-I complexion. She la a 
straight and active little woman who 
doean't look her age by 10 year*. 
In spite of a Ufa nut strange to 

The marriage ceremony will be 
performed by the Keverend Ed- 
ward T. Sloan in Mra. Koblnelt a 
homey cottage at l»H North Kre 
mom -at 1 o'clock thia afternoon 
with her neighbor* a» 




The two- oM 
frUnda tor about two yeara, 
Mr. Faatar** «tt»< 
•d la from 

Kaat Pacific alreat. 

About two montha ago. aaya 
Robtnett, they Orat began to think 
of marriage. Their frlenda fncoar- 
aged the Idea, aho aaya, and as) 
both have been lonely, they hare 
agreed to live the reat of their lives 

Mra. RoMnett haa been married 
twire.'and u widow for the "past 23 
yeara. She lellevra thul God 
brought her and Mr. Penter Aogetta - 
vr that' each might have companion' 
■ hip. 

,-t"1 believe that He haa brought 
our hearts together, and that It la 
i itfht t.' «( should net married. 1 

I have lived alone for ninny yeara. 
and now 1 Iwllvve that 1 am entitled 

■to. have a'tiood Christian compan- 
ion to in. ike me happy, and 1 be- 

: lleve we w ill be happy together. 

I A "Even then.' ahe aaya. 1 would 

[never think of marrying, unleaa I 

! knew that I loved a man. and that 
our heart* were ieuil> united by j 

| God*-" 

Oh. It la a real romancja,* thia un- 

,uaual bloom in the winter of life— 
u uititei sheltered and comfort. i. '.<• 

Mr*. Itoblnett'n philosophy of 
marriage in a |«rurtlcul combination 
of. the romantic and the modern 

' feministic 
+ + 


♦ . ♦ 

"Yea." she says. ' I think it's good 
for a girl to get man led. If ahe 
marries a man of her own kind; but 
I tlili.k rhe would do better never 
to get married as lolls n> flie live*. , 
| Ulile."!" she marries it mail who can I 
•do a* in!! l> her as she does by 

In her own marriage, practical 
I matters" are nicely balanced with 
her love and r.otd of companionship 
She has l;< : ..nn home, where tin-.. ! 
'will !l\e. and two collages which ' 

jable Income. .Mr. Penter has his J 

'farm, which I" rented and :• pension- 

f i fin the son eminent, 
i .' 

j When I asked Mr. Penter what 

j he believed constitutes a successful I 

i marriage. .Mrs. Koblnett answered] 

! quickly. "Now. Ludy. I've told you 

| as much us any reasonable person 

can sny on the subject — he's only 

j been married once — "as If to Imply. 

i "What Vloes he know about It?" 




l» "What God hath jointed together, 
let no man put asunder."', she quotea 

Only once, to be sure— yet he 11 v- 
\cil with liis one wife for 60 yearB, 
which might be expected to give a 
man some insight Into the subject. 
llowevc-r, he rather agrees with Mrs. 
'Koblnett on his Ignorance In the 
j matter— -SI was married when I was 
;1», and my wife was only li — just 
| kids," he laughs, "and we just got 


! along- the best we could. We didn't 

eillitr of us know very much alwut 

lit. tiut wo managed." he explains. 

I Mrs. HnWnrii was born In MIs- 

■ snurl. the daughter of a pioneer 

| Presbyterian minister, the Reverend 

I Joel H. Klstner. She recalls that 

I after he was too old and HI to go 

to the church, he gathered his 

neighbors around his bed and held 

wonderful evangelistic meetings. 

In 1871 she married J. M. Fair. 
nn<! bore him nine children before 
his death, 16 years later. In 1893 
she married again, .and had. one. 
more daughter. She has been a 
«K..v. since i^04. 


When her husband died, she left 
the Webster county farm and came 
to Springfield, where she. has lived 
ever since. 

The early years with nine orphan- 
ed children on her hands were not 
easy— the fact that all ten of her j 
rliildren, five boys and five girls. | 
are living, and all are respected, 
property-owning citizens, is a great 
source of pride and satisfaction to 
h-r. and shows how successfully 
she met her problem. 
! Mr. Penter was born In Illinois, 
• but same to the Ozarks before tho 
' Tivll war. and has lived in Arkan- 
. fas urn) .Missouri ever since— on the 
jDatislon street mad farm for 34 
, years. He has eight children, all 

Mr*. O. O. Skeaga 


Two lose e*4 

Tho tin** it rnn no slow. Bo hard to lir* 
. witoeot yon. 

•*«► WbbVV W9f you %D fO. 
And taoos* God an* calM you boa** 
Toar orwi oat* caaaot mo way, 
Yoa harfnl Ubm for a farewell kio*. 
Mar V> too m aack •aookro. * 
To* win mtk. oo fora-ottoa. 

Never -en* -mm 

Aad so ow* k 

That or* In oar h**rt* «onr«mJ«d : 

But God, Ho loves yoa too. door Motaor 

Ane took yoa kooao to 4w*B. 

But oh. too vacancy Wft la our boon 

No toas*wo eaa over toll. 

Sa«ty ■owed t>y rklMron. 

Mr*. DrOa William* 

Mr*. Oma Pennington 

Mr* N»»* IWUr 

katkryn Skasc* 

Boed Ska***. 


Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Rig**. K03 

North Grant avenue, announce the 

marriage of their daughter. Maria., 

t.. Mr Hubert O.. Brooks of Alton. 

j Mo., which to^k ylace Julv ". J 


Funeral services tor Leonard M. 
Lieenby, 7S. who died Tuesday aft- 
ernoon at hla home, J tit West Elm 
street, will be held this morning at 
10 oolock at the Hennon H. Lc-h- 
meyer Funeral home. The Rever- 
end H. A. Wood, paator of Camp- 
bell Avenue M. K. church, will of- 
ficiate. Burial will be In Maple 
Park cemetery. 

Mr. LJnenby Is survived by his 
wife, two sons, Lloyd and Perry, of 
Springfield, a daughter. Mra. Ar- 
thur Little of Okmulgee. Okla., a 
•later, Mas. Nelse Cavln of Spring- 
field, four brothers, George, Rone 
and Tom of Springfield and Jack 
Llaenby of Rosalia. Wash. 

Mrs. Mary Barrae. tt. of Port 
Arthur. Texas, died at t o'clock yes- 
terday morning In a hospital here 
following a lingering Illness. She 
had been visiting friends here when 
she beecam 111 ecveral weeks ago. 
She la survived by two sons and a 
daughter of Port Arthur, all ot 
wteS wereNat bar »•«•«•* «£ 
time of her death. yTh» body was 
e*nt late y«t«rd»y ttt.rn«on • 
Port Arthur by the Herman Lol - 
mever funeral home. Serv ces will 
"a conducts Saturday at the Port 
Arthur home. 


M i ss Ree ls Ma*> Mo Pn a t e of New 
Oteana. La, and Mr. Charies T. 
Watts of Kansas City, were mar- 
ried Saturday evening in Kansas 
City at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 
Len Watts. Mr. Watts Is a grand- 
son of Mra. Sophie Pauly of 76t, 
South Campbell avenue, and made} 
hla home In this city until a few i 
years ago. Springfield guests at j 
the wedding were Mrs.' Sophie 
Pauly. Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Pauly. j 
Mrs. Kate Poland and Mrs. A. Neu- i 

Carter C. Alexander. 7t, died yes- 
terday afternoon at hla home. 2134 
North Johnson avenue. Funeral 
services probably will be conducted 
Sunday afternoon at the KUngner 
chapel, and burial will be In Qreen- 
lawn cemetery. Mr. Alexander Is 
survived by his wife and three sons. 


Page 10: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Daniel M. Evans died.** 

Carter C. Alexander died.** 

Leonard M. Lisenby died.** 

Mrs. Mary Barras died.** 

Mrs. W. D. Breshears died.** 
Page 15: Miss Marie Riggs and Mr. Hubert G. Brooks were married.** 

Miss Essie Mae McPhate and Mr. Charles T. Watt were married.** 

Miss Georgia Utley and Mr. Sidney M. Aton were married.** 

Th* msrrtag* Of Uln OOOtglt ut- 
ter, daughter of Mr. and Mr*. W, a 
vo»y. at* Mr. KiMy M. As***.*** 

wf Mr and Mn. T. M. Aton. WM •©«- 

esnnlwed y:«t*rd*T evening at 4:90 
eatook at the bona of Um brM** 
a a i a uav m Beet Orasd awart. Baa. 
a. r. Ueh* performed Um atrvlcas to 
*' eertrooay room taetrhly jabcaatad 
( with "ferns and hukrn of Jersey 
j Beauty dibits* Both the bride and 
|r«w are former studwnt* of State 
T*ecber» rrJlrcr Mn Aton ha* 
! taught in «'i<«x>i loi lour 
, ?eai» The n.^jlf Jrft yr*lrrdr.y 
, momma lor Long Beach. Cel.. where ] 
j they -will make their home En touts ' 
i the? trill run in Salt Lake City. 
Only member* of the Immediate fam- 
ily attended the ceremony, which 
followed by a wedding breakfast. 

Miscitat uct.vwu 

•4 ftssa* Jack W. McBee 

today leaved merrtag e licensee to the 

Toons aw S. Brown. W. and Haael 
Taylor, M. both oC Bolleer. 

Adam C. Zilllojt. M. and Mamie 
Te tenet, M. both of Joplln. 

C. Herbert Wail. 23. and Ila Marie 
Klscy. 90. both of eprloffleld. 

George Paatar. tl. and Mrs. Vir- 
ginia BataOMtt, 74. both ol Spring - 

Want 3X Springfield, 
•sly. 1*. Kan- 
» I Cltjj M^ 


•' 'Mi 
Biggs, ■-:-^*^ 

Mr. and Mrs W. 8. Riggs. IBM 
itorta Otbjm avenue, announced UM 
■Munag, at their daughter, Mart*, to 
Mr. Hubert o Brook* tf Alton, Mo,, 
TIm wedding took place July 7. 

Waus-MePhate. ££%& 

Mlas hM Um McPhate of Hew 

j Orleans, La., and Mr. Charles T. Watt 

of Kanaa* V'.y. Mo were married Set- 

• Mi.-:' y rrwning In Kansas City at the 

! h n* or Mr. and Mr*, ben Watts. Mr. 

; Vi*tu I* a grandson of Mr*. Bophle 

I Paury of 7»o «. Campbell avenue, and 

mad* bu borne In this city jnttl a few 

jraara ago. bprlngfield guest* ... the 

wedding wars Mrs. Oophie Pauly. Mr. 

and Mr*, Pred W. Pauly. Mrs. Kate 

Polar. 1 and Mrs. A. Neumann. 

Wtttarw, by the niece and a»e. 

erat rrandchlldren. 

Mr Wvau* was born near 01lde*>*ll. J 
north of SprmgfMld. and had resid- 
ed jn Orerne cm::mv all hie life He 
was Um kM* eWV Jamrty o< 16 Autvj 
He was a charter ■asasasr at 
A. 9. ** sV BJ. 
at Been war. 

Punerai aerrtes* will be held at 
3 :io |» m Kruirt) at the Robbcrsbi. 
i l^aiile csnieistt. u mites north of 
' Bprimclleltl Sr-vice* at the grave all) 
. be under lite erection of Lb* WliUrtl 
Masonic lodce Interment win be -un- 
| der the direction of the nUiugnar Un> 
t dertaklng company 

.1) .: 



Punera: »ervlce« tor Leonard M. 

LiMubf, 75. who tiled lAJeaday after- 
noon at hi* borne. 1MB WMt Elm 
street. «*rre held »t 10 a. m today at 
the lUrmat. H Lohme jrrr funeral 
• borne. II*t. H A. Wood, pastor of 
< Campbell ATenue M. B. church, offi- 
ciated Bun.l »<-» Id Maple Park 

«>.* -C'ABJ-KK «.Vj»IJCXAM>CaV.r:~>": 

' rurrrral Wv.ra will be held at ft 

p. m 6 Jiu|»\ tor Carter C. AJraander. 

; •?«. who mrd veatrrday afternoon at 

thie tiame, 21S4 North Jefferaon 

j avenue. Burial will be In Onrenlatrn 

cemetery under jUnrUott of the I O. 

O t. lodce and tbe Kllhfrner Funeral 

i . 


The boC) -1 W:» M»r> Hr.rraa. CJ. 
^f Pmi Ar'.i. _:. Iii. vlJ.o dltd at 
! o'clock yea'-erfr** morning In a hos- 
pital here following a lingering 111- 
naae, waa forwarded to Port Arthur 
lata yaaterday afternoon by the Ht r- 
mao H Lohmeyer funeral borne. Berv- 
laaa w/m be oonducMd Sunday. «be 
bad been tubing friends her* when 
aba benama ill aavwral week* ago aba 
la p u n wwi fey tare aone and a daugh- 
ter at Port Arthur, ail of whom were 
at tba badelrle at the time of ber 

MBA. w. d. bmcaheabs. 
Funeral eenrteea were held Satur- 
day afternoon at tba Poraetcr Funeral 
Home, finaii City, for Mr*. W. D. 
fliaanaan. 47. who died after a linger- 
ing Minim Burial waa In Porast Hill 
orroetery. She la rur?leed by her 
I hueband. ooe wo. Roy Breaheara, two 
•latere, air*. O. D lUinbo of Loe An- 
galea and Mra. Lucy B. Batton of 
Sprlngfleld. and one brother. A. D 
Hammond of Bt_ Louis. 

tat I 





Marriage license: Siegel E. Williams, 27, and Nellie Cypert, 25, both of 

Ash Grove. 




Marriage license: Austin Hall, 26, and Edith Lawrence, 26, both of Ava. 
A son Dennis Gene Barker was born September 5 to Mr. and Mrs. V. P. Barker of 
Mrs. Barker was formerly Miss Margaret Dennis of Springfield. 
3: Howard F. Emerson was appointed executor of the will of the late W. J. 

5: Miss Wilma Crow and Mr. Walter Bryson were married.** 
Miss Georgia Utley and Mr. Sidney M. Aton were married.** 
Miss Hazel Rogers Ealy and Mr. Marvin Ward were married.** 
Miss Jenell Ritter and Dr. Glen Berry will be married.** 
8: Mrs. Rachael Blevins died.** 

Son born September 6 to Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Sexton of 2121 Spruce avenue. 
12: J. A. Craft died.** 
August Engelking, Sr., died.** 
Daniel M. Evans died.** 
Carter C. Alexander died.** 
Mrs. W. D. Breshears died.** 
R. H. Ward died.** 

*Ve. J C n. r p,,nuc 

To Attend Weddin* 

Mr. j r r>,p uq ,^ m| Ro , ni , k( , 

y— :- rrr.'. leave this inors!r.« '„ r 
-«r.<A, r !tv . whw „ h<1 wU , MfM|d 

t .• weddinr tomorrow nir»>t of 
• Miss Jenell Rater to Dr. Glen Ber- 
*>T TV Berrr |a the son of Mr 
*aJ Mrs O. W. Berry, formerly of 
PrrinefieM. and is known to manv 
Srr-.r-cf vidians. Mrs. PuBuque 
»..: r-turn Sunday nicM 



Special to Tht .Daily Newt. 

MARSHFIELD, Mo.. Sept 8.— R. 
H. Ward. 90, pioneer of the Ozarks 
who died at Jils home here several 
days rfgo, 1b survived by the widow, 
Fix children, 21 grandchildren and 
24 greatgrandchildren. 

• . 

• i 

Wilma Crjm 
eds Walter Brjatr 

^A wadding ot Inter*** ts » ttrf • 
number of Springfield people took 

! place Wednesday night In H umini- 
[vllle. Mo., when Miss Wilma-Crow, 
.daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. 

Crow became the bride of Mr Walt- 
er Bryeon. prominent attorney of 
lOrsenvUle. a. C. The nirriiii was 
| solemnised at S o'clock at the Grace 
i Methodist Episcopal church. Rey- 
'erend Lynch of that church offlcl- 

The bride «u attended hy Miss 
Joe Crow, her maid of honor, who 
j wore a pale green georgette frock. 
Miss Frances Hamblen of Green - 
1 vllle. S. C. aa brides maid, who 
wore pale yellow taffeta, and by 
Mrs. Ernest Krocher of Jefferson 
'City and Mrs P'-th Reynolds, ma- 
trons of honor. «l.o were gowiud 
In dresses of orchid georgette and 
(rose georgette. Each of the attend- 
ants carried shower bouquets of 
pink roses Little Miss Marjorie 
j Bodine. dressed In white georgette 
acted as flower girl and Master 
1 David .Llchtfcot of this city. wore, 
white satin and carried the ring on 
' a white lily. 

Preceeding the ceremony, Miss 
Anna Katherlne RIanchard sane. 
f-O Promise Me." and Mr. W. E. Ro- 
: dine sang. "Because " The bride 
; entered the church on the arm of 
her father, to the strains of IjOhril- 
J grins Wedding march played by 
'Miss Pearl Jackson. The ceremony 
, was performed before :vi Rltar of 
'preen ferns and white cUnwuis \\iil\ 
'row* of candelabras forming the 
lighting effect. The brides gown 
I was of white headed georgette and 
ehe wore a veil with nn orange 
| blossom bandeau. Her bouquet was 
of white roses and baby breath Mr. 
jHryaon was attend.'. 1 by Mr Prank 
'Hamblen as best man. of Green- 
ville. S. C. and Mr. Kriu-'st Kroiher 
of Jefferson Citv, tsn.1 Mr-- Plrth 
Reynolds, as priwii'.<'t;i ti 

A rcccptlou was held lit ll-.e home 
|0*f the bride, following .the coremonv. 
About ;*.0 guests attended The 
bride's going away ensemble was of 
i brown crepe with accessories to 
j match. Mr. and Mrs. Hryson left 
'for a motor fr!p to St Louis. Chi-. 
eago. Washington. ]> C\. and the 
Phenandoah Valley, and upon tlrelr 
return will be at home ill Green- 
ville. S. C. 

Funeral service* for Carter C. 
Alexander. 7« years old. who died 
Wednesday afternoon at his home. 
2124 North Jefferson avenue, will 
be held at 2 o'clock Sunday after- 
noon a* that residence with burial 
In Greenlawn cemetery under direc- 
tion of the Klingner Funeral horns. 

Miss Georgia Utley 
Weds Sidney M. Aton 

The marriage of Miaa Oeorgta 
Utley. daughter of Mr. and Mm. W. 
C, Utley. Ml Bast Grand street. U 
Mr. Sidney M. Aton. son of Mr 
and Mrs. T. M. Aton. took place 
at the horns of the bride'* parent*, 
Wednesday morning at S:10 o'clock, 
with only close relatlvea In at- ! 
tendance. The ceremony room 
iwu profusely decorated with early 
'autumn -flowers and ferns. The 
Reverend E. F. Leake, pastor of the 
Eolith Avenue Christian church, 
read the service. The bride and 
groom are both former students at 
£tate Teachers college. Immediate- 
ly after the ceremony a wedding 
breakfast was served to the bridal 
couple and relatlvea. and the new- 
lyweds then left for Long Beach. 

Miss Hazel 1 
And Marvin 

The marriage of 
Rogers Ealy to Mr. Marvin 'Ward, 
took place last rrenlnsr a* tfcs hsaBsj 

of the Reverend E F. Leake, pas- 1 
tor of the South Avsms CfcraaUsaj 
church, who resd the serWe. ' Tfc#f 
ev»up> wis attended . bv Miss. 1 
Francis Rrown and Mr. Howard I 

Following the ceremony the. 
bridal covlr> w«n! teo the" home; 

of tj.» hf! l»cr s rar»nts Mr 

and Mrs. G. L> Ward. 644 South: 
avenue. where 1 an Informal recep- , 
tlon was) he: 1. 

Mr. ' ..« onnerted with 
lifer's store The couple will 
make their home at »*4 South! 
avenue, for the present^., , j 


Mrs. Rachael Blevlns. 75, born and 
reared In Greene county, died at her 
borne near here last night following 
vS lingering illness. She was a 
daughter of Jess Hall, one of the 
sstusr* m the Oxark region 
here from Alabama Ions 
before the Civil war. 

8he is survived by three daugh- 
ters and three sons, Mrs. Maggie 
HUI. Mrs. Delia White and Mrs. 
Lslla Ryan, all of Springfield; W. 
T. Blevlns of Springfield and J. A. 
Blevlns of -Oklahoma, 
is Survived by 10 grand- 
Cblldsrs and. 11 greatgrandchildren. 
Fun er a l services will be held at 
li. o'clock Sunday morning at Rob- 
bcrson prairie church under the di- 
rection of the Klingner Undertaking 




J. A. Craft. 64. retired tanner of 
Richland, llo, died at 4>U o'clock. 
yesterday afternoon at the home of 
hla daughter, Mm. Myrtle Long, 611 
Weet "Webster street. The body will 
be sent this morning to Richland by 
the Alma Lohmeyer funeral home, 
and burial will be at 1 o'clock this 
afternoon at the Qlalxe City ceme- 
tery. Mr. Craft la survived by his 
daughter, Mrs. Lone; a brother, E. 
E. Craft of Rich land; a sister, Mrs. 
Jane Hammer of Stoutland, Mo., 
and a grandson, Bennle U. Craf tgfcf 

August lOngleklng, Sr. 76 years 
old,, for 44 years a resident of 
Greene county, died at 4 o'clock 
yesterday afternoon at hta home at 
1347 .North Florence avenue follow- 
ing a brief Illness. He was at one 
time connected with the Engelklng 
and Grubel Cigar Manufacturing 
company and was a member of the 
Cigar Manufacturers' association, 
the Modern Woodmen of America, 
No. 4876. the Court of Honor and 
the German Brotherhood. Funeral 
services will be held Sunday after- 
noon at the residence with the 
Reverend H. Specht, pastor of St. 
John's Evangelical church, officiat- 
ing. Burial will be In Greenlawn 
cemetery under direction of W. I* 
Ktarne, undertaker. Mr. Engelklng 
is survived by the widow and one 
daughter. Miss Christine Engelklng, 
of the home address; by five sonm, 
August H., 1248 North Jefferson 
avenue, Charlie, of the home ad- 
dress, Henry H., 1210 North Clay 
avenue, Frank, of the home address, 
and Herman G. of 341 North Flor- 
ence avenue, and by one brother, 
Herman Engelklng. of Conway, Mo. 


Funeral services for Daniel M. 
Evans, 86 years old, pioneer rest- 
dent of this county, who died at 11 
o'clock yesterday morning follow- 
ing a lingering Illness ^et the home 
of his niece, Mrs. Elmer O. Wadlow, 
of the South Campbell avenue road, 
will be held at 2.80 o'clock this aft- 
ernoon at the Bobberson Prairie 
cemetery with burial " there under 
direction of the Kllngner Funeral 
home. Services at the grave will 
be under direction of the Masonic 
lodge of WUlard. Mr. Evans, who 
was a charter member of the Rising 
Star lodge. A. F. and A. M . of 
Ebenezer, Mo., and who was born 
near Glldewell, Mo., had lived all 
his life In Greene county. He was 
the last of a family of 10 children. 
He Is survived by one daughter. 
Mrs. Emma Evans Prater, of 'WU- 
lard, his niece and several grand- 


Funeral services for Mrs. W. D. 

Breshears. 47 years old. who died 
in Kansas City following a linger- 
ing illness, were held Saturday aft- 
ernoon at the Forester Funeral 
home there with burial In Forest 
Hill cemetery. She Is survived by 
the husband, one son. Roy Bre- 
shears, two sisters, Mrs. Lucy B. 
Patton. of Springfield, and Mrs. O. 
D. Rambo. of Loa Angeles. Cal.. and 
one brother, A. D. Hammond, of St. 

Page 2: Capt. Daniel Dwyer died.** 
Page 6: Dr. A. L. McQuary died.** 
Page 7: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 13: Mrs. Rachael Blevins died.** 
J. A. Craft died.** 
August H. Engelking died.** 
Daniel M. Evans died.** 
Carter C. Alexander died.** 
Birth reported.** 
Page 18: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our husband and father," 
signed by Mrs. H. I. DeVore, Marie DeVore. 

Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of Mr. Leonard M. Lisenby, signed by 
Mrs. Leonard Lisenby, Mrs. Arthur Litle, Lloyd and Perry Lisenby. 

Page 21: Miss Hazel Rogers Ealy and Mr. Marvin Ward were married.** 



I* Joplla 

Pa.. am«tn« January at, 
la Maahau. Kw efktap 
etoira. January II. ltd*, be w»w< 
*a ^ ■■■ y iwuua wiu» hat a*****, 
hath muni atf bsatow. «h« ha was 
it paara aid. 
■mil la a minia* atatriet., it tu 

thara Um« Captain Pwywr Drat an- 
aapa d m u* induetry in which ha 
late* kecame prominent When 19 
r»*r* »M. he •u»#r»rt the ear v to* oC 
tb* Heb arath Mlalaaj company and 
after « *»rt«* of promotion* waa 
trajftaterred lo S unn eounty. Haw 
Jaeaay. in IMM aa an eaeeutir* of 
th* rrmpftdT tr>*r* 

K!\mr f»« ***r* ,.f **rvtr* In New 

J«r*»r. Captain Dwytt *«*in waa 
tranafarrad thl* tun* to Joplln aa 
"»iwn mana*yer for the New Jeraay 

7tn- <-r>cnp«r» and later »he Empire 
•• 7 '" **•* '. •.'. rr-esU .-.f 
*u* compan y. Captaio Dwyar pur- 
th x ii tha old Joplln «n« work* and 
« OX 1 »- r*m of mineral land upon hU 
• rr - T«: h*r» 

• ;•» :. p«7»» oor.*.lr.u*d In th* 
♦•' • * ''. :h» rr.:r:z.f rompany for 
tu •• mifl io ye*r» during which 
i jn« b* w»* iMtux for a few year* 
<j<j« to eye troub:* Although It |* 
.. » . , _ .• . tA [ ,x At Xltt- 

pi.-» lin* coaapany to retire At tha 
*c* of A* jtmr. Captain Dwyar r*- 
taa rn a d actlea until ha wu T3 r»ui 
c.< )!» r«ur*d oo paoaion fir* yean 


•arntna II* had baoo auf- 
hb baart tremble for earn a 
had aot baan faaUaf «aU 
i tw a i n fTr*n th* *tata fair. 
aat wad atoo* oouaty as fair 

attar raaafclni mature **• Dr Mo 
a parauaawd by mana* to 
aunaitry. and eerrad 
ahvroh a* a *t 

;.«t foe «»Mr>l yee.r« lie aieo OCCU- , 

pan* pufpta* in aarrraJ town* in UilaJ 
aartloo IW continued prearhtng un- i 
m tha Uhm of hi» d«wth. AiUiouch b« 
totjrad rraan »eii»» paatorwl work atr- 
•tal ywar* *«ro. 

narordar Jack W 
| *uad atarrlaga I 


| ftajal ■. mutataa. If. aa* HHlti 
i . Cjrpatt. M. aoth of Htlmtktln 
! i Auattn Rail, •«. and -With Law< 
rwnc*. at. tooth of ara. Mo 

M- Mid Mra WUUam 
«m C»tj and Mr 

Mia. O. D. 



avanua. vara marrtad laat nlfht at 
tha hoaat of Mav. B. P. baak*. paator 
of tb« Bouth Btrwt Chrtatlan churoh 
who ptrtormwi lb* caramony. Tha 
bridal ewupa was attandad by 


in*n. both of thta atty. An Informal 

•*>Tii<"i •• th» Ward noma followed 
>.ur «fTM<« Mr Ward sraduatad from 
■rniur high ».'h<wM in Itas and later 
ft-.tiiHr,! jS'alr l»*.-h»r» n<lla«e He 
<■*•« ri's«xarra»>ie prominence In hl|Ch j 
writoui and culiapa atbleuoe. The I 
»nv\tn 10 r. -unacted with tha Heer ! 
f»'..-rr» <■— ;»•!•.> Mr aJ»rt Mra Ward 
••u; ff.ftkr thrir h.itrw temptirarlly at 
*«4 >- ■'.'.. «• fittie J 

— »\ . 

rvmeral aarvlcea will bw bald at 11 
t» clock avnday aaornint at Itohbaraon 
Prauia ohuroh for Mra. eVachae) Slav- 
ma. it, who dlad at bar boaaa naar 
bare laai iu«bt. roOowinc a Itaawrlnc 
iilnaaa Banal win be in Ikobbaraon 
Prairie cemetery under dlrectlrui of 
l!»e Kl!t;|i»*r funeral homo. Bha waa 
a daughter of Jaaa Hail, oae of the 
earlteet antler* In the Owaffe ref ion , 
» .'• » . ftr.ic li«p froai Alabama lieforr 
t»»e <mi war She la aurrlfwd by i 
three dftiiftiiare auid Ibrwa aooa. Mra j 
M*«(i* Hill. Mr* DeJla White and 
Mra l'lla Ryan, all of Springfield; | 
W P. nieTlna of Otlfthoma, J A. of I 
K. Rrno. Ok..* . and Elmer She alao 
t* aiirriTed by 10 grandchildren and , 
11 rreat-irrandchlldreT*. 



acocct R. bwoblauwo. 

' ruarraJ aarrteaa wm b« hald Bun- 
d»r •TUrnoon at tKo roeldrooa for 
», t j-. F ?::.)r<»:k'.nj Br.. 7B vn-r 
o:i_ :./.- ** jea.-a * rwaldtnt Of Or»«ie. 

, who dW at 4 p. m. yootordoy a* hu 

wtli otflfUte. lid Burial 

•I W. L. 
Mr Bnftilrlnt 

with *ho 


Mr of to* 

r\r*r Mkn\if»rtMmi' aoaoctatlon. tha 
Mu4t>ra «oodm«c of Amotion, Wo, 

.aa^ aw a ri _ii ■• mf »i Jim aa^ OBa 
j ffll^ tOO UUUII wl ^^m^m ^m^ ^mw 

rtootl by hto wtfa •"«> ■ m>**JfctaT. 

MM cnmun* tnitUtot, of tfco 
' MM *idr««: fir* oojm. AXIfUat ■.. 

Jts IliO Worth Oloy ovoniM: rtnnk. 
' cf ifc* >>■ wi addrwao. wd Harmon O. 
% »f mi Worth rtoronoa oronuo. 
Ohortoy oad Htarr n . on4 By » 
brc»U>ar IWrtnan Bnir»t»!n» of Oon- 
■Of Mo 

j. A. CHATT. 

Tba body of J A. Croft •*. jra- 

dMl at 4 15 o'clock T**wnUy ottwr- 
«ooo at tho homa <* t»W dougbtar. 
u _ ajrrtla U»f. Ml Woot Wabotor 
^ wa. forwlrdod to Weblond 
1 uxuy by th» Aim* Lohmoyor I^»"»J 
I bom. Burial wo. in OUa. CUy 
| e-m0%-7 into aftorooon. MT. Orol. 
t. aurrtrad oy hM dat«bt«r. Mr. 
Ix^ » brother. I « Craft of Rich- 
•^-tf a rtrt*f. Mra Juic Wammrr or 
typ-axlMjyi. Mo. and • 1™°*"°' 
Bann* H- Craft of •prtn«nold. 

DANIKL. M. *TA*«. 
ruofT»! awrvtoaa for Danlal M. 
OS. yaara old, ploa.t r rooKort 
of itn oouaty. who dtod •» ll o*olook 
yo oon rd my awmiot faUowla« o Ua#a» 
la« Ulaom »t U>« homo of him ntojoo. 
Mxm. ELmar O. Wkdio*. of U» Oo-uth 

J»P m. today at Bobbaroan Prairie 
with trurtoJ thoro ondor th* 
of th« Ctafnar runoral 

rvaava Omrr\c+m »i Um araTe w»r« 
uodtr etracuoo of Um Maoonlo lodf* 
of wukn Mr Bron* nod lirad In 
county ail hu Ufa. Ha vm 
ambtr of tha BUof Soar 
A. P. and A W . of Ebanaaar. 
Mo H« w M born naaj- glldewaU. atr. 
■▼aaa «w Lb* Uat of a famllj of 
10 cmi4r*a H* u aurnraci by a 
<Uu*bVar kC-» EdnA rrtoi Prat«« of 
w --*rt- J"-^« :^^« ana wrtrkl (raxxl- 

Pun.r.1 MTTU«a lor Conor Aia- 
^aA.r T«. *bo dtod Wadnaadoy oflor- 
neon at hto homo. «IM Worth JofTar- 
•on a««muo. win oo hold ot S p m. 
*ua4*7 •» tba rtwlrtanea with burtoJ 
, n OrwanMon oamatmr. undor tho 
diracoon of tha KJtngnar IMoaral 


Ui and Mra. V P. Barker of Aah 

Otot* anaeuaoo ibo hlrah of o aon. 

DaADU Oona. Bopi. B Mra. 

j format It 

of thto otto. 

Page 1: Siegel E. Williams and Nellie Cypert, both of Springfield, were married 

Thursday in Springfield. , ., imi 

El va Renner sues to divorce Eldis Renner. They were married October 15,19.1. 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: Carl Brown and Bessie Messinger, both of Clever, were married yesterday in 


Page 5: Miss Elizabeth Marsden and Mr. Forrest Hunt are engaged to marry. 
Page 9: A daughter Emogene Louise Whitaker was born September 4 to Mr. and Mrs. 
R. H. Whitaker of 2 156 North Campbell avenue. 
Page 16: August H. Engelkingdied.** 
Carter C. Alexander died.** 
Mrs. Rachel Blevins died.** 

Austin Hall and Edith Lawrence, both of Ava, were married Thursday in 


Carl Brown. 33. and Bosale Mm- 
inger. :6. both of Clever; Virgil O. 
Line. SI. and Nina Prumwrlght, 20. 
t>oth of Springfield. 

Miss Elizabeth Marsden 
Announces Engagement 

1 Mrs. Harry OruberteVf the Oanip 
I Manor Apartments, left last night 
•for Pt. Louis, whore she will V|»1t 

her mother. Mrs. G. C. Muraden. 

for al»out ton .ilnya. Mrs Mursden 
| will entertain with a party thla nf- 
! tornfoti nt her h'mc in ^t. Louis. 

a' whtoh she will ir-.n.'-in " the <n- 
.iraa-ement' of heT il.iujsliter. Miss 

Kltanhetll Manulen to Mr Forrest 

lTr.tu of that rity. Miss Marsdon la 
'xrell known to a number of the 
I younger crowd In Fprlnefleld'. 

Funeral services for Carter C. 
Alexander. 76 years old. who died 
at his home 2124 North Jefferson 
avenue. Wednesday afternoon, will 
be held at 2 o'clock tomorrow after- 
noon at the residence with burial 
In Orenlawn cemetery under direc- 
tion of the Kllngner Funeral home. 
Services at the grave will be under 
the direction of the local organiza- 
tion of Odd Fellows. 

Funeral services for August II. 
Engelklng, Sr.. 76 years old, who 
died Thursday afternoon at his 
home. 1347 North Florence avenue, 
will bo held ul 3 u clock tomorrow 
afternoon at "... ,,..:^.,^ »llii lliw 
Reverend H. Specht, pastor of St. 
John's Evangelical church, officiat- 
ing. Burial will be In Oreenlawn 
cemetery under direction of W. L. 
Starne. undertaker. 


Funeral services for Mrs. Rachael 
Blevins. 75 years old, who died 
Thursday night after a lingering 
' illness at her home near Sprlng- 
: field, will be held at 11 o'clock 
tomorrow morning at Robberson 
Prairie church with burial In the 
i cemetery there under direction of 
Ithe Kllngner Funeral home. Mrs. 
Blevins, who was a daughter of 
I Jess Hall, one of the early settlers 
I In the Ozarks, Is survived by throe 
daughters. Mrs. Maggie Hill. Mrs 
: Delia White and Mrs. Leila Ryan, 
lall of Springfield; three sons. W. S. 
Blevins. of Oklahoma, J. A. Blevins, 
iof El Bono, Oklahoma,, and Elmer, 
of Springfield, and by 10 grand- 
children and 11 great-grandchildren 

Page 8: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our wife and mother," signed by 
Jacob Wirth, Mrs. Rosa Webb, Mrs. O. J. Grobe, Mrs. Hugo Ollmann. 
Page 11: Family picnic held.** 

Miss Nina Drumright and Mr. Virgil Lane were married.** 
Page 12: August H. Engelking, Sr., died.** 

Carter C. Alexander died.** 

Mrs. Rachael Blevins died.** 

Walter C. Langley, Jr., died.** 

W. E. Burroughs died.** 

Birth reported.** 

Elva Renner sues to divorce Eldis Renner. They were married in October 1921. 

Marriage licenses issued.** 

'■ S 


Recorder of Deeds Jack W. MfKn 
today Issued marriage licenses to the 

Lex D. Moors. 33. Harrison. Ark., 
and Bertha M. Burner. 33. Spring* 

Henry A Nelaou. 34. and Louise X. 
Lawson. 30, both of Springfield. 

Some Clark. 35. Bolivar, and Thel- 
tr.s Bycroft, 34, Bedford. Iowa 

Hate Family IMcnlc. 
A group of relative* formed a pic- 
nlc party last night and motored to 
©equlota park for supper Those at- 
tendln B were- Mr and Mrr, E N. 
Ferguaon and Mias Margaret Belle 

jamuaon. »**• » n<1 Un - J ' P< Fw t u **" 
and son. Jimmy. Mr. and Mrs. John 
It Ferguson. Jr.. and daughters. Mar- 
tha Jane and Betty, and «>«."* **** 
R. III. and Mr. John R. Ferguson. 8r. 
* o - 




Funeral mnla m for August a. 
EnplkiDf. 8r.. 7» years old. died 
Thursday afternoon at his home. 1347 
North Florence avenue, will be held 
at t o'clock t om orrow afternoon at the 
residence, with Rev. H. Specht. pas- 
tor oi 81. Johns Evsn^elliaJ church 
officiating. Burial -will be In Oreen- 
lawn camel* or under direction of W. 
L Sterne, undertaker. 

Funeral services lor Carter C. Ales- 
a-.dcr. 7«. who died at his home. 2124 
North Jefferson avenue. Wednesday 
afternoon, will be held at 2 p. m 
Sunday at the residence, with burial 
In the exclusive Odd Fellow section 
In Memorial Park cemetery under di- 
rectum of the Klinioti Funeral home. 


Funeral services for Mrs. Rachael 
Blerins. 73. who died Thur»dny nl^h: 
after a lingering Illness at her home 
near Springfield, will be held at 11 
s m Sunday at Robberson Prairie 
church with burial In the cemetciy 
there L.m1er direction of the Kl:nghri 
Funeral home. . 


vV C Bu.-iouKhs. 23 years old. for- 
merly of apringfleld. died this morn* 
tng at his home in Fort Smith. Ark., 
according to word received bare. The 
body will be forwarded to Springfield, 
arriving Sunday. Funeral arrange- 
ments are Incomplete but will be un- 
der direction of the KUngner Funeral 
home. sir. Burroughe Is survived by 
his mother. Mrs. M L. Whltuker. 
and a sister. Sue. of Fort Smith, and 
an uncle. C. O. Hosier. 1212 North 
Robberson avenue. He was a member 
of the One of Temple lodge. A. F. 
and A M 


+v -* UUHUMY mWAMt. ; ''''^?-^ 
Walter O. Langley, Jr.. Infant son of 
Mr. and Mr*. W. C. Langley. IBIS 
North Nettleton avenue, died . early 
this morning at the home. Funeral 
held at the waingnar 

Funeral home thU af ttrnoon. 
we* In Bast Lawn cemetery. 



Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Whltaker of 

21M North Campbell avenue an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter, Emo- 
gene Louise, on September 4. 

•-°- ;l 

I a lie -1 »r u mric,)it . 

! An Interesting wedding was aolem- [ 
Hired last night at 6:30 when Miss j 
Mine Dnimrlght became the bride of. 
Mr. Vlnrll ! n:.e lit n ceremony per- • 
knxed ..-> :-.! . W i: >i:l! At the 

Eke of the bride's parents. Mr. and 
Robert M. Drumrlght. 1030 North 
mi avenue. The bride Is a talent- 
ed young woman with a large circle 
of friend*. The groom I* the only 

I son of Mrs N. O. Lane and has been 
connected with the grocery business 
heie fur some time. The couple was 
attended by a brother of the bride. ' 
V.r Harry ItruturlKht, and Mm. 
l>rumn»;lii, who ulao were married 
recently, the ceremony having taken | 
place In Tulsn n «c»k nr.o. Thla bride .' 
p.-i.'r to i.rr niarrtise wan Miss Jessie 
l.utlir of Tu ion klrt>. l-wiie. a charm-' 
l::e bri:nctt«\ »w attractively attired 

) in a gowu of brown charmeuae crepe j 

■with accraaortee to match. Mr*. 

■ Drumrtght wore a lovely drees of yel- 1 

{ low georgette. Following the wed- 
ding ceremony, a supper was served to 
thow present who were only members 
of the Immediate families of the bride 

I and groom. After spending a honey- 
moon of a week here. Mr. and Mrs. 
Drumrlghi, accompanied by Mr. and 
Mm. Lane, left Saturdny morning for 

' an extended western trip and will lat- 
er locate In Dallas. Tex . whero they 
\\ '.'.'. r:nke tl-.-'r Inmi 1 

Page 1: Grant R. Fuller and Pearl Johnson, both of Tulsa, Okla., were married yesterday 
in Springfield. 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: There is a large photo of those attending the Fielden family reunion. There is 
also a list of those attending-but the names do not correspond with the photo. This item was 
not indexed. 

Son born September 8 to Mr. and Mrs. Lester H. Gibbard of 826 Garfield avenue. 


Page 6A: Son born September 10 to Mr. and Mrs. Earl P. Brickley of route 6 

James Faucett, Jr., died.** 

August H. Engelking, Sr., died.** 

W. E. Burroughs died.** 

Carter C. Alexander died.** 

Mrs. Rachael Blevins died.** 

Walter C. Langley, Jr., died.** 

August Engelking died.** 
Page 7A: John M. Stevens died.** 
Page 9A: A. G. Webb died.** 

Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin of Miller. Mrs. Baldwin is at the home of 
her sister Mrs. Noe Patten at La Russell. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Denton of Mountain Grove went to Ritchie where his mother 
died Tuesday morning. 

D. Wilkerson of Monett celebrated his 91st birthday September 8. 

The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Peterson of Monett died September 4 
and was buried at the Spring River cemetery. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Johnson of Newburg went to Belle, Mo., for the funeral of Mr. 
Johnson's aunt Mrs. Warford who died at age 88. 

A daughter Rosa Lee Whittenberg was born September 3 to Mr. and Mrs. Eber 
Whittenberg of Miller. 

Miss Thelma Abbott and Mr. Harold Mosier were married.** 

Daughter born August 24 to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tartar of Miller. 

Daughter born August 26 to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tartar at their home east of 

Page 9B: L. T. Chrisman was honored at a reunion held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. 
A. Hindman. There is a large photo of those attending. There is also a list of those attending. 
These names were not indexed. 

Son born September 10 to Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Gulick of 209 Park street. 
Rome Clark of Bolivar and Thelma Bycroft of Bedford, Iowa, were married 
yesterday in Springfield. 

Page 10B: There is a notice in memory of Hugh F. Brittain.** 

Page 12B: Olin D. McConnell sues to divorce Adah E. McConnell. They were married 
in May 1925. 

Page 3C: Miss Ila Marie Elsey and Mr. Herbert Wall were married.** 
Miss Nina Drumwright and Mr. Virgil Lane were married.** 

,: " *'■:■'< ■ \ 

i &'&>. WMkcnon (Unci* X>rcw> c«**- 
brtWhli ninety - flrrt birthday thjl 

a. a 

WeWrnf-Buhl, Thndn, an old } 
e t(mc cltlieri of Laclede county and i 
often In Lebanon w*« killed hf tF 
car hitting him and the j>nrty who ■ 
run him down left the scone of the 
tccldent and nan never boon appre- 
bunded up to the present thru- Mr 
Webb was well known here In \* b- 
nnon and luid m.iny hero 
who will rerret to henr the news. 

I' The wedding of Mla« Theima Ab- 
bott daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 

! Charles Abbott to Harold Mosier of 

New York waa solemnlted at the 

•ightb, He to actlro fo* 
yeare, attend* tbe morning- am i lt ea 
of Baptist churn, of wblfa bo baa 
been & member for CO rears. Mr. 
Mason baa been a Mason for 6J 
years, and Is also a member of tbe 
Order cf Eastern Ptar No. 1M. 

The Infant daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. T. R. Peterson, of I0« Myrtle"' 
street, died September ftrarth She 
■was burled at the 8prlng RJrar 
cemetery on Monday. 

I Methodist church In Miller Wednea- 
1 day rooming at 7 o'clock. The Rev- 
erend w; R. Dalton road the ring 
'service. A large gathering of rela- 
tives and friends were In ottend- 
j anre. w-ho wished them a long 
and happy vox age through life 

Horn to Mr and Mrs. Harry Tar- 
ltar a fine baby girl August 24. 



and Mrs. Eber -VbJt-J 
Saturday September ' t. * 
She has been named j< 


MissElsey Weds 
MrUttirbert Wall ^ 

. «#»arria«» of Mi*. Ua Mail* 
Kteey. daughter of Mr. J. H. Elsey, 
lit fiMt' Hantaan atreat, to Mr. 
Herbert Wall, son of Mr- and Mr*. 
H. B- Wall, waa aolemnlnd Thurs- 
day mornina- at t o'clock at tba 
homo of th* brio*. Th* tins- oar*- 
money waa r*ad by tb* RavaraBd 
: A. B. Ebey of Carthage, an uaclo 
of tb* bride. before a* hm illi l lM * 
altar of fern* and rtDow dabBaa. 
|Tb* bou** waa lavishly decoratad 
In yellow and white. The bride 
wore a frock of Venetian blue crepe 
Elisabeth with accessories to harm- 
onlxe and *h* carried a shower bou- 
quet of pink roses. Her only at- 
tendant was her cousin. Miss Mar- 
: vel Mae Elsey, who wore silver grey 
natln with a corsage of pink rose- 
buds. Mr. Wall was attended by 
Mr. Melvln Wright as best man. Im- 
mediately after tl>e ceremony re- 
freshments were served to the im- 
mediate family and a few close 
f r :.>ri.1« Th«" y-'T-- ««■•.•«!<• Jof. f._- r 
a motor m trip, through the south | 
' The>* will be at home to their i 
friends September IS at 1050 South 
Jefferson avenue- 

William M. Hammond. II. andt 
Frames Nalbors. SI, both of Spring- | 
; field. Lawrence Wrlghtaman. or*r4 
iCl. and A'-ivlan -drove, over fit; bouiy* 
of Springfield: f!uj 1'owers. :*. and^ 
rXella'Mae wi'.fiams. Jl.-l-oth of J 
Springfield : Jesse Smith, 14. and k 
Tuba Roberts. IT. both of Sprint 
field: Jesse L- Alexander. 31. Car 
tervU.e. nn.l Vlda E Castor. 32 
: Carthage; Henry A. Nelson. 14. and j 
' Louis E. Law son. Zi. Loth of Spring- j 
■ field: Rome Cl-irk 35. IL'livar. and 
.Tlielma Hycroft. :*. Dedford. la.; j 
JLex P. Moore. 23. Harrison. Ark..; 
(and Hertha M. Uurney. 12, Spring- j 
field; Grant R. Fuller. 37. an.l Tearl 
Johnson. !?, both of Tulsa. ukla. ! 

In loving memory of Hush F 
who depart** this Ufa * janra I 
Badly moarned and wlilil ay I 

brothers and sisters. 

j. m. 


John W. 
Beasla Brtttaia. 
Maria Trlptatt. 
Anpa Peck. 



i» fc ii» 





l** 3 i 


'l Jo 

e , *- 
" Si 

■ i ; J 

. t £ E 




* •. . 

Bui S 


i i 


• i • f 



15s * 



«!»• Nina DraawirfBht ud itr. 
Ytrgil Lane were nun-ted at •:*• 
o'clock Friday evening at til* BOOM 
of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mr*. 
lu'fci .\. iMrumwrigbt, l»w Norm 
lopn avenue. The couple vu 
attended by the bride's brother. Mr. 
Harry Drumwrlght. and Mrs. Brum- 
~ r.^..t. m ..^ •««.•'* rtCcr»v»y rnnrr. .. 
at Tulsa. Okla. Mr. Lane la a son 
of Mrs. N. O. Lane. Mr. and Mr*. 
Lnne and Mr. and Mrs. Drunnrriajht 
left yesterday for a trip through 
the west and later will go to Dallas, 


•perMi to Th* nrnit, Kttrm. 

8 A LEW Ue . Sept. M.-^oan M. 
8t t vena, attorney of Baiem and 
prominent In Masonic circles for 
I mnny years. dle<l at his home here 
following H short Illness. 
[ Mr Stevens serve,! terms 
as proserin int attorney of Dent 
county and was vice president and 
a director of the First National 
lank of Salem. He was a member 
of A tau Hen Adhein Shrine at 
J-'prlncfielJ. , 

He is survived »>■ the widow and 
one d.iurhter. Mrs Vernon Butler. 
•■f SuVm Kuneral services will be 
liel.l ,.! ; o'clock Sunday afternoon. 
The Masonic lodge will have charge 
of the servlfvs. 




Funeral services far August H. 
Kncelklnc, 8r.. 76 year* old. who 
died Thursday at hi* home. 1347 
North Florence avenue, will be held 
at 3 o'clock this afternoon at the 
residence with the Reverend H. 
Rpecht. paator of St. John's Evan- j 
gellcAl church, officiating;. Burial 
will be In Qreenlawn cemetery un- 
der direction of W. L. Starne. un- 

Funeral arrangements for W. E 
Burroughs. 21 years old, a former 
resident of Springfield, who died 
yesterday at his home In Fort 
Smith, Ark. are yet Incomplete, but 
will be under direction of the 
Kllngner Funeral home. He Is suv- 

— ler, Mrs. M. .1* 
r hiUak*r. and one sister. flue, ot 
Fort Smith; afloT^BRWD 
Mosler, 1212 North Bob 
nue. He was a mem bar of 
of the Tempi* stodge, 
and A. M. 


Funeral services for Carter C 

I Alexander, 76 years old, who died j 

| Wednesday at his home. 2174 North 

Jefefrson avenue. will be held at 2 

o'clock this afternoon at the Kilns-. 

ner Funeral home with burial In the 

Odd Fellow section of Memorial 

Park cemetery. * 


Funeral services for Mrs. Rachael 
Blevlns. 75 years old. who died 
Thursday at her home near Spring- 
field, will be held at .11 o'clock this 
mornmg at Ro-bberoon Prairie 


"funeral senrlcea for Walter C. 

Langljy, Jr. Infant son of Mr. and 

Mr*. ^.V. C. Langtey. of 1913 North 
Wettkton avenue, who died" yester- 
day Ciorning. were held yesterday 
afternoon at the Klmgnor Funeral 
bom* with burial lt» East Lawn 

Funeral services for August Bn- 
gleking, Sa, 76, who died Thursday 
at hlshome, will be conducted at 3 
o'clock this afternoon at the home, 
1347 North Florence avenue. The 
Tteverend H. Specht. pastor of St. 
John's Evangelical church, will offi- 
ciate. Burial will be In Qreenlawn 
cemetery, under direction of W. L. 

James Faucett. Jr., Infant aon of 
Mr. and Mrs. James Faucett, 1847 
; North Rogers avenue, died at > 
' o'clock last night at his home. Fun- 
eral service* will be conducted at 
t-30 o'clock Monday afternoon at 
the Starne chapel, with burial In 
Hatelwood cemetery. 


Page 20: Miss Wylma Crow married Mr. Walter B. Bryson.** 

Miss Thelma Abbott and Mr. Harold Mosier were married.** 
Page 22: Miss Margaret Lackland Stoddard and Mr. Henry Stevens Cowgill, Jr., willl be 


Miss Ila Marie Elsey and Mr. C. Herbert Wall were married.** 
Page 31: August H. Engelking died.** 
Carter C. Alexander died.** 
Mrs. Rachael Blevins died.** 
Walter C. Langley died.** 
W. E. Burroughs died.** 
Foster infant died.** 
Births reported.** 
Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 32: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our mother, daughter and 
sister," signed by Mrs. Edith Southerland, Elizabeth Kennedy, Junior Kennedy, Clyde Harvy, 
Mrs. T. J. Mayden, J. W. Bricker, A. M. Nelson, George Nelson. 

Page 12: Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Burgdorf have been married 65 years.** 

■ MH ■ ^T- « "# I --■ 

Wall-Klaer. I 

Th* wedding nf Mis* Tin Mnrlr EI- 
»fv » Mi i" Herbert Wn.'i •*•»* nol- . 
n;enl*ed At H) o clod Tiiur»d»y mom 
Ing at the home of the blrdeV rath, 
er. Mr. J. H Steer, tn 
•treat. The Ting 
by to* iut. a. d Starr of 
uncle of the bride, before ift«IM 
of fern* and yaUow danOe* • :yiH4 
home «u Hef mini 41 
VMM. T3M bride wo* 
(turn of Venetian blue 
beth. with aoo ea eorlee to ma-tab 
■he carried a ahower bouquet of 
mere Her only attendant was MIM 
Mu.'vri m^ Elaey who wore eilver 
gray eaUu with a ooreage of pink 
rosebud* Mr Pall was attended by 
Mr. Melvln Wright as 
Mr. Wall la the eon of Mr. 
II. B. Wall. Immediately after the 
I'wrmnnT refr>*hmrnta w*rf served to 
lh* family ar.d t'loee friend*. The 
yuuiig couple then left for a motor 
trip through the eouth. Tbay will 
he a! home to their frleoda after 
Beptember io. at 1040 South Jeffer- 
son avenue. 


Two more marriage Uoenaes had 
been latued during the year up to 
last njght than had been laeued dur- 
ing the unit period In 1036, Recorder 
of Deed* JacJt W UcKae aald. There 
bare been «14 Uce&aM latued this 
year. Including the following laeued 

Lawranca 8. Wrlghtaman. 31. and 
Vrrtan Otore. 31. both of 8prtngfield. 

Jeaae Smith. 34, and Tuba Roberta. 
17. both of Springfield. 

Ouy Powers. 38. and Zella M. Wil- 
liam*. 33, both of Springfield. 

Jeaae T. Alexander. 91. Oartarrllle, 
and Tide X. Cantor. 83. Carthage. 

William M. Hammond. 31. and 
Prancls Nacbon, 31, both of Spring - 


Mr. a»d Mra. WUiMe* Todat, IBM 

off a 

boy, ■Wllbor Lee. Sept. 1. 

„ ;Mr. and Mra. fcotl Mallard. SOfS 


,reooe. announce tbm birth off a 
„ _ pound boy. Ctywe Ffanoaa. Mra. 
Mallard waa formerly Irene Bander- 

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Burgdorf Have Seen Many 
Changes in Modes of Uvtog Sb&ltay 
Began Housekeeping. 

eurr-flv* year* of married lit* 
and still enjoying each other and 
life in general to tbe unusual record 
of Mr. end Mm. A F Burgdorf. WO 
Fremont irtnur Mr». Burgdorf. 81 
jthh old. left a bit of Ironing «he 
wu doing to •peak to • reporter, 
helping to his chair her Rfl-yeer-old 
. husband, mho u blind. Together 
. ther recalled the event* of their 
live*, and with a clear memory Mr. 
Burfdorf related the Incident* of 
th«t wedding day 08 years ago. 
"The gueeta were Invited to the 
, wedding, a* waa the custom, by a 
friend of ouxe who went out on 
> horseback and rode the rtl- 
'■ Ugee. bidding our friends to the 
wedding festival. His horse was 
decorated with white ribbon* and he 
carried a long it*ft_w1th ribbon bows 
, as be mads the rounds." Mr. Burg- | 
dorf aald The wedding party pro- ! 
ceeded to the church In the wedding 
. wagon., which was decorated with rib- j 
I boo* and flower*, and wa* preceded 
by three young man on boraeback, 
*t'/r.rt»nt« of the bridegroom The 
, -bride a attendant* rode in the wagon j 
j with her. Tha marriage o*r<mony 
was performed immediately after 
' church in the morning and than all 
the gueet* adjourned to my horn* 
where the feetlTltlac began. 

1 "There wa* a great dinner, where 
all She ptieet* aat down at long 
•.ahie* and partook of the railed 
C.r.icKrita. and then game* were 
played throughout the afternoon. 
After .upper, the dancing began, and 
tbe feetivitle* continued until after 
3 nVlork In the morning, proving. 
i.L- Bjrgdorf asserted, that "time* 

I then" and -t^msa now" wars not so 

! dlffarant after all. 

Many Outages In Living, 
Mr. and Mrs. Burgdorf hare seen 
many miraculous changes In s a nrt ssj 
of living In the long years they hare 

gssert upon life. They st a rt ed house- 
keeping In a one-room bouse In St. 

Louis, at the time when ooal oil 
lamps were an Innovation, a luxury 
possessed by only the fortunate few. 
They did their traveling by horse- 
back or wagon, and the spinning 
wheel was then an article of utility 
and not a fireside decoration. 

Mr. Bu r gdorf was born In Han- 
over, Oermany. coming to America 
and dlreotly to 8t. Lout* when he 
wa* only years old. while Mrs. Burg- 
dorf. born in Prussia, came to Illi- 
nois with her parents when only a 
baby. month* old. Mr. Burgdorf* 
parents settled In south St. Louis, 
then called French town, and there 
h* attended Oonoordla college. He 
want to Chicago whern he work.ed a* 
a clerk In a manufacturing concern, 
and later went to Ttnden, HI., where 
he saw Lincoln's train pass through 
on the way to tha Inauguration exer- 
cises, and was ons of tbe cheering 
crowd that greeted Lincoln as he 
stood on the platform of the train 
and waved to the crowd*. He later 
went to Red Bud. 111., where he met 
and married his wife. 

Coarted on Horeebeok. 

The beat time* w* had." the old 
gentleman reminisced, "were when 
I brought over my mare and leT her 
ride it. while I took one of beT wild i 

m. . Our oourttq* $M*PV» a P' 

Mr. arurgdort took 


Weither eoUeea Ha taejfM la this 
college lor 47 yean, and was presi- 
dent until tang, when he resigned 
because of III health, but retained I 
his connection with the school until , 

J »»!«• - j 

1 The doctor told me ones that IV* \ 


wouldn't give rtr* etnu for ney 
lift.? Mr. Bunrdorf laughed, "but 
that mi to fun ego, end I'm etlU 
here " Mr. end Mrs. Burgdorf have 
eight children, ell of whom are liv- 
ing -But, oh. dear." Mre. Buifdorf 
•if hed. "they •"» eo scattered over 
the country " 

For the post five yean, the elderly 
couple have made their home with 
their daughter. Mre. Otto Meyer and 
Mr. Meyer, at »00 Premont avenue. 


r xar: - 



1 wrtM tor Angus* H. Kn- 
geuung. Tt. who deed Thursday after- 
noon at hla boon. l>47 North Florence 
avenue, will he held at 9 p. m. today 
at the residence* with Rev. H. Bpecht. 
pastor of 81. John's Bvangeilcal 
church. officiating. Burial will be In 
Oreenlawn osmetery. under direction 
of W. L. Blame, undertaker. 


Punerel swrvloes for Carter O. Alex* 
ender, Tt, who died at his home, a 124 
North Jefferson arenue. Wednesday 
afternoon, will be held at 3 p. m. to- 
day at the residence, with burial In 
the exclusive Odd Tallow se ctions la 
MaenortaT Pack ce m e te r y , under direc- 
tion of Uw R l tngn er Funsral home. 
/ • • ; — . 


avrrloaa for Mra. Bachael 
Btevtna, Tt. who died Thursday night 
after a lingering illness at her home 
near BprmgfUlrt, will he held at 11 a. 
m. today at Bobtsrson Prahie church, 
with burial in the cemetery there pn- 
Aer direction of the Kllngner FuneraJ 

Funeral sarrlcea were held Satur- 
day afternoon fof Walter C. Langley. 
! Jr.. Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. 
I Langley. of ISIS North Nettleton 
I arenue, who died early yesterday 
morning at the home Burial was 
:.\ East Urn c*mrtc;> under ci:nc- 
tion of the Kllngner Funeral home. 

Wedding at Milter 
; A vert r 1 "' 1 ** wedding was solemn* 
lred at the Methodist church at 
Miller Wednesdsy morning at 7 
t^clsck. when Miss Thelma Abbott 
H'.\<\ Mr Harold Mosler were united 

• li\ marriage. Preceding the entrance 
I of the brWsl party. Mrs. Harold M#t« 
'tick, aunt of the bride, sang "1 Love 
j Tou Truly." accompanied by Mre. P. j 
' A. Olbbons at the piano and Mr 

Oray Holmes with the violin. The 
J bridal party entered the church to 
i the strains of Mrndleaeohn's wed- 
ding march, played by Mrs. Olbbons. 
'The maid of honor was Miss Wilms 
! Black, cousin of the bride, and the 
bridesmaid-, were MImcs Junnlta 
; Hobbs. Mar'orle Burney. and Helen j 
! Prater of Miller and Miss Oeorgtn 
i Wampler "t Carthage. Miss Mary J 
IBeth Abbott end Mia* Martha Brown: 
•t»-» '■<■ «i -- ■"'.' TV" !:'. Jf was 

n-.e*. at the altar by the proom. ca- 
icorted by Dumla Brown, as beat man. 
i The ring ceremony was read by the 
< Rev. Dalton. pastor of ths Mount 
| Vernon Methodist church. The bride 

• wore a charming gown of white 
I georgette, trimmed with silver lace 

and rhtneatone- The church was 
j decorated with a lovely array of 
! flowers, and appropriate decorations. 
{The altar waa banked with floral 
I emblems and over the center of the 
'arch hung a huge bell of beautiful 

flowers which lent chsrm and beauty 

to the rlitirch. A large number of 
! Invited ruests were st the church 
land after the ceremony an elabor- 
ate Wedding breakfast was served st 
■•he home of the bride's parents to 
I the bridal party and a few friends. 
' Immediately after the breakfast. Miss 
j Thelma Davla eeng. • "Little Orey 

Borne in the Wean - The bride it 
: Use eldest daughter of Mr. arid Mrs. 
; Charles Abbott of Miller 

i " ■ ■■■ ■ ■•-«■■-» — — — — — - '"-^ 
jealved her education in the Miller 

I schools with an extension course at 
i Beuthweet Teachers college. The 
groom waa reared In New Tork and 
r e o etved hie education In the Utlea 
schools. Amid the congratuJatlona 
Of their friends, the young couple 
left for the Bhepherd-of-the-Hllls 
country for a short honeymoon. They 
will return to Miller soon where they 
will Be at the home to their friends. 




Funeral sBMBitt frB JsfM Batur- 
day afternoon lor Welter O. Langley, 
Jr.. infant eon of Mr. and Mre. W. C. 
Langley, of iei» North Nettleton 
•venue, who died early yeeterday 
morning at the home. Burial was 
In Kaat Lawn cemetery under direc- 
tion of the Kllngner Funeral home. 

,-,-—. MM WTIMA CHOW, v-****' 

■ **« 
• rlavghter of Mr art! Mr* William *A* 
. Crow, or HiiD.iiutiiif. waoee ■"rrrtajt 
it* m Welter 

rtUe, U O. 


wm •o!*mrd**f^W| 

■Ml<* <~row. Hurmuisrllle, VTrdi. 
Mlae Wrlma Crow, daughter of Mr. 
!«nrt Mn wnurn A Crow of Tlumans- 
rille. became the bride of Mr Waiter 
Bogr* Bryeon of Oreenrllle 8 C. at 
an imprfewslve ceremony Wednesday 
rrrntnc at 8 o'clock In the Methodist 
Episcopal church at Humansrllle. 
with Her J M Lynch officiating and 
Kev k E -Sapp assisting An altar 
banked with ferns and trailing <"Jf- 
ict'ts. ar.d lirhtcd tiv 3' »h:(e taper* 
;:» groups ol seven each, formed the 
tea-.! Hi ui er'ting for the double rum 
•err Ire The" only decoration* were 
tall jade green ' baskets rilled with 
white altera: The aervlec bewail with 
the lUhUiid of the taper* by Miw 
Jean Ugfctfoot of this city who wore 
a fr.vk of J»;lf preen t\i".;e Poatowini: 
«a< "O Promise Mr." sung by M'.ss 
Anr.a Catherine Blnnehnrd and "Be- i 

Mlaa Pearl Jaekaon played the 

ed to tne aitar where ahe was met 
by the croom and hid beet man. The 
bride, who goes to make ber home In 
the south. !* truly a Mlasourlan. Her 
great-grandfathT. Nicholas Burk- 
hartt. one of the drafters of the 
etate constitution, was tho first rep» 
reeentatlxc from the Howard county 
district to the 6tote legislature, and 
»tla, broher. . Thorn** Burckhartt. de~ 
warned 5 the'»eal flf'the atefe. Mer 
father. Wtlllam A. Crow, ha.* been 
prominent tn Democratic polltlca In 
Missouri for the past 30 years. Mlaa 
Crow is i> irraduate of Mlaaourl 8tate 
Teachers college at KlrksVllle and a 
member* of the Sigma Alpha sorority. 
She haa vlalteU here on several oc- 
caalona and has a large number of 
friends here. Mr Brraon Is an »U 
*WaM| 1 QlWUIflal «1WH 111! tmXpbt 
wtU Wlda X He attended Pumen uni- 
versity and reoeired hta LL. B. degree 
tram *he Unlvaretty of Booth Caro- 
lina. Hat out-of-town gueeU at the 
wedding vara: Mia. WUltam Diet*, 
©•near. O0J04 Mr. and Mm. P. O 
Haa^l*at >a*^ eMnghtor. Orenenile, 
tvfl.* Uta JtaaM Oottatn, Aldrleh. 
Mo,; Mlaa Helen Beany, .Denver. Ooto.; 
Me. .and Mr* Xrheet ICocheT, Jeffer- 
«aft C»y| Mrs. «dwnrd airingm**. 
Xmgbkaapale. If* *** Mra ^Jainat 
Pttteburgh. Pa: Mra Joe 

•a«rta wedding nana. The fold* *„« hn. 

waa attended ay MM*. JoasO&^fttf 0nkr#i ***•*. City, and Mr and Mr. 

Stuart. rTorMa. who %aa mamF 33' M D.'lo*bUoot .nd children. Mra 
or. and Mlaa Prancea Hamblen of 
Oreenrllle. 8 

C , who was junior 
! brtdeamald. Mr. Prank Hamblen of 
I OreennUe. wee MM watt man, * Otfce* 
er attendante were Mr. and Mn. a*rn- 
leat Kaoher of JeUereon Otty and Mr., 
and Mra. Ptrth sUyoolda, «lto w«rr 
I brldeemalde aad froomaroeo. The 
row i>n of the bride's attendant* were 
ia/'ftln(^» hues. Mlsa Crow wearing 
tfCrtCU iceorrette: Mlaa Hamblen, yel- 
low tulle; Mrs. Reynold*, roae silk 
xrrepei Mr» Kocber, prcnld tUk crepe. 
'Tlie tt ten dan** earned mn e ajta i r e aaa. 
' of roae* and baby breath to laanataa* 
lae with their idwm The ftoarer 
tin, Jiarjone Bodine. in whiu ebiN 
•ton.* eoattered raee petaia, aafore the 
: bride. «ltd tne ling bewrer. Dart* 
MRhtfoot. Jr , or this city. dre#«ro m 
white eatui. bore the ring into the 
ceremony room in the heart of a 
white calla Illy. This proceaalon wad 
followed by the bride who waa gown* 
ed In a charming dress of white crepe 
lavishly brrxded with pearl* and 
crystal Hrr ftill length veil wa* 
caught In the orange bloeaom head- 
band. The bride entered the room 
on the arm of her father and proceed- 

(btXoot :' aoo *ss»»mm«-*». Mrp, 
m' C Pracer M Maea' Mahal -and Olire 
Oonk'ltn. Miae Mildred Xendenhall. 
*;i of thla city.' 

IV. K. Ill RHOL (illS. 

Puneral aerrlce* for W. ■. Bur- 

1 nnigh*. 7T. formerly of SprliiKficld. 

v ho died Saturday morning at his 

, home In fort Smith, Ark., will be 

1 Id at 2 30 p. m. Tuesday. Burial 

• will be In G'eenlawn cemetery un- 

C.t direction of the KlInRncr Pu- i home, 
here today. 

The body will arrhc 


Jlnunle Faucett, Jr.. Infant son of 
Mr. and Mrs. James Foster, died at 
8 ocJock last night at their home. 
iS4fl North Rogers avenue. Funeral 
serrlee* will be held at 2;30 o'clock I 
Monday afternoon at the chapel of ' 
the blame Undertaking Company i 
Burlhl wil! be in Hacelwood cemeterr. i 


• - * sag 

ToKf flatsrday. 

lackland Stoddard 
M>. Henry Stevens Cowiclll. Jr . 
■will be married st 4 aVl<v* i-ext Sat- 
urday «(t(m«.vti hi Hi* l.i»» a; 

-Tata Oaks," at Sarcoila. home of 
Um brMs* iwnau, Mr. and Mm. 

vtilted la Bprlncflefd. where 
A* has bm entertained. She U s 
gradual* of the Baretow school In 
TTrnm- City and of Ogonta at Phlla- 
•aJpbla. After her debut in Kansas 
Ci«j ah* spent a year In Europe. In 
study aod travel with hsr mother. 
Mr. Cowflll at tb* only eon of Mr.' and 
Mm Banry 8. OowfUl of Oarthseje: He 
wae graduated from the Hill school at 
PoUstown. Pa., and was for three 
,yma a student at Tats. Ms Is aaso- 
m HI with nle tether In the OowgUl 
— ^ .—..i ^. pany of*Car- 

: Mlm Stoddard. «UI b* attended by j 
"Mis. ^William D. Orthweln. 11. of et- 
as matron of honor. The brtdea- 
will b* Mra Byron Spcuccr. I 
Mrs. Prank Everts, end Ui« Claire j 

Oexneeu of 8t. Louie. Mies Miriam 
Whitney of Montclalr. N. J . and Miss 
Marts Neville of Loo Angeles. Mr 
Oowglll will be attended iiy Mr Wi!- 
Uim B. Pollock <i Vj'm«n«»»:i. O. as 
beet marc, and M. !?• •!;<•:? M. Kean. 
Jr, of Pittsburgh. Pa : Mr Prank n. 
Hayne. Jr, of Nev O'lenrt* Mr, Cor- 
nelius Clarke of Dblla*. Tf« . and Mr 
William Drake and Mr Joecpn Mc- 
Millan of Carthage an groomsmen. 
Miss Stoddard 1b a great- great grand - 
Slaughter of Comraandant James 
Mackay. first commander or the Tort 
of Bt. Lout* under the Bpanlsh regime 
and an explorer of the Rocky moun- 
tain rrslcm for the F^nrv-b rmwn- 
miui Her great-grandmother. lx>utse 
Isabella Mackey. eras chlstenrd In. a 

robe sent to her mother by Quean 
Isabella of Bpaln. The bride will 
wear a veil of ducheeae and roee 
point laco. and tilts of old lace on her 
wedding gown, which are heirlooms 
of the family. Elaborate plana are 
being made for the eettlng of the 
wedding on the lawn at "TWln Oaks." 

Page 5: Miss Nita Vail and Mr. S. K. Helsley are engaged to marry.** 
Page 10: Family reunion held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Keith.** 

R. J. Anderson died.** 

W. E. Burroughs died.** 

Mrs. Sallie A. Spears died.** 

Mrs. Effie Mae Rogers died.** 

Of Ml\ 

Carth near Ash Orove 

sad Mra. Josh Msoo, *? J 01 *' 
taftaad m hsaor sf Mr. sad Mrs. U 

B. Mwsrta, St Csatow, Ohio, whs 
i ©a their way home from a va- 
speat la the Rockiee of Colo- 
Mr*. Mswl* U a cousin of 
tas Klssa fassluea, 

Tkeei whs attended the reonldh 
were: Mrs. M. B. Elson and A. A. 
Setts and family, of 8prtncfleld ; W. 
M Mareh and family, of Bolivar; 
B. P. Bbjoa. W. S. Eleon, W. R. 
yu~ «ad their famlllee; Mr. and 
Mra. Prank Hawkins. Paul Hawklna 
end family. Ehx>n Hawkins. J. P. 
Frame. Mrs. Grace Buckner, Clay 
Frsjn* anc family. Homer Jones and 
family. J. H. Jones and family. Mr. 
end Mrs. F. H. Keith. J. C. Elaon 
end family. Eugene Elson, Mr. end 
Mrs. J. 1. Glass. Henry Glass and 
f Mniiy. and Mtsa Oladys Edwards. 



QON8IDERABLE Interest wilt be 
v manifested In Springfield soci- 
ety In the announcement wblcb 
has just been made by Mr. and Mrs 
Robert Vail of Kansas City of the 
engagement- of their daughter, Nlta, 
to Mr. 8. K. Helsley. son of Mr 
and Mrs. J. E. Helsley. also of Kan- 
sas City. 

Mlas Vail ie well known to many 
members of the younger social 
crowd. She has frequently visited 
In Springfield as the house guest 
of her cousin. Miss Vail Smith, 602 
South National avenue, and le al- 
ways popular during her visits 
here. ' 

The weddln« will take place In 
the fall. 


— >— — — — 

I DBAltiS *| 

R. J.AN0ER80N 
Word wh received tier* yeater- 
day by Mr. and Mra. J. W. Crank 
of ll»s North Broadway of ttao 
death of R J. Anderaon In an auto* 
mobue accident la Seattle^ ,Wa4)w 
Tho m<«ui mid lira Anderaon. 
formerly Ml»a Gertrude Crank of 
thla city, la dangeroualy 111 aa the 
reault »f ahock over her huaband'a 

' 'H'.:.| u i« received lirrc ycaler- 

ii.iv >•(" ihi> death following ; >'> 
I operation In the f arthage huepltal 
' of Mr' F.ffle Mno linger*. SI form- 
l.-tlv of Springfield. Mrn. Ilngnra. 
, who moved to CnrllniKC from 

Springfield months oro. 
| .lied late Saturday evrnlng. She I" 
■ nurvtvtd lv )i.t hiM'-alul. three 

.!...!.-. ii. Kalhryn. MlMtcd nnd 

• .- r c in Mae; three brother*. 

[t.UolKh Fnmn.T. of .Toplln. Pliarh-B 
' Sumner of Springfield end Hoy 

«umn<«r of Wichita, Kan . nnd two 
[ »l(0«-r*. Mr' Tom Pavenpnrl nf 

flrar..- n. f. .]<•.. :ind Mr*. W. )'. 
I Thoctihlil «/ S|>rini.-fi. I.I l-'un-ral 

-.;.. .. V.... !..• I olllUlt'l'-ll lit -' S" 

•■-'-, ••• N aftei r.<>' 11V1I the Fii -I 
I •■•»ngr»gatioiinl rhuri Ii ut Nichnl* 

Mo l!nr!-il will »><> under illr-« t l<>n. 
i • f •» •■ KIltlKtier funeral hmne 

Mra. Rallle A. Spear*. »0 yeara '■ 
old. mother of Jeaae W. Bpeara, 
Springfield boalneaa man. died at 
I o'clock yeaterdajr at bar eon a 
home. 1010 Eaat Grand etreet. Mm. 
Bpeara had been a raaldent of 
Greene county for the paat ten 
yeara, She waa a member of tliv 
Central Chrlatlan church at Kan- 
aaa City. Kah. She la aurvlved»by. 
one daughter. Mra. K. C. Honor 
Detroit. Mich.: two eons. Barney 
Spenra of Albuquerque. N. M.. and 
Mr. Spear* of Springfield: and two 
brother*. F. M. Gable of Leaven- 
worth. Kan., and T. P. Gable of Rl 
Paao^Teiaa. Funeral aervlrea will 
be conducted at 7:10 o'clock tnnlirht 
at the Starne chapel, with the 
ltcvcrend J. T. Baron of fir In ting, 
nnd the body will he eent at 10: 
o'clock tonight to Leavenworth for 


Funeral aervlrea for W. K. 
tBoyd) Burroughs, 23. who died 
Saturday at Fort Smith. Ark., will 
be coaducted at 2:3b o'clock Tuea- 
day afternoon at tho Kllngner fun- 
eral chapel, with burial in Green- 
lawn cemetery- Mr. Burroughs la 
aurvlved by hla mother and atep- 
father. Mr. and Mra. A. C. Whlt- 
akar of 8prlnr0eld; two atatara, 
Uika Sua Burroughs of Fort Smith 
and Mra. Thomaa H. Clancy of 
Helena, Ark. .and a brother. Wtl- 
llaa Burroughe of Helena, Bece l oaa 
at the grave will be la charge of 
the Temple lodge No. 411. A. F. 
and A. M. 


Page 6: Miss Carrie Blakey died.** 

Page 15: Mrs. Pearl E. Cross and Mr. Charles A. Wagner were married.** 

Page 16: R. J. Anderson died.** 

W. E. Burroughs died.** 

Mrs. Effie Mae Rogers died.** 

Mrs. Sallie A. Spears died.** 


m. J. ANBRRflON. 

aV J. Anderaon. formerly of Spring - 
tftaW. waa killed reaterday in an auta- 
■ostdaat la fteeeUe. Waatv. aa- 
%o word reeelvad here by Mr. 
Mra J w. Crank. 1188 North 
Broadway avenue The mtaaagi aald 
Mr* Mule-eon formerly MIm Oar- ■ 
tr\icle cVam pi ihia rlty, la danger- , 

o< mock ovar 

Mra. OarrU Blakey. «/ yaare old. 
aamiag at tha family boon*. 
Mill etreet Funatai er- 
rangecnenta are looocnplata but will 
ha under tha direction of tha W. P. 
Oampball Undertaking company. Tha 
daoaaa ad la rarrtved by tha huaband. 
Henry Blakey; tha mother, lava, Ulan 

|aaaaty Ul aa ilea reeull 
. bar huaband'a death 

y»d^ arothar. charter Baltb. 



I Funeral errvlree will be held at 

I I .SO o'clock this evening » l the 
j aTtarna mortuary for Mn. Bailie A. 
' S paa re, 90 years old. mother of Jeans 

W SpttJi. Hprmgfleld buiiinu man. 
who died at » p m yeaterday at her 
eon a home. 1010 Bast Omnd street. 
■nv J T Huron will officiate itie 

S»v?t 'r**n wlli 5«e forwnrttr-d ».< I.e«' 

rr. worth. Kan . Un elbunal Mrs 
Bpeata V.m". I«eeu n rc»T!ri.t ••! dtwur 
count* for the peat ten yenra Bhe 
wwa • member of the Central Chrla- 
*.lan church at Kan»«« City Kan Bhe 
i» eur*t\ed t>y one daughter, Mra 
B C ll>n of Detroit. M'.ch . two Bona. 
Barney Bpeara of Albuquerque. N M . 
and Mr Spear* r>{ Pprlnr.f'.f Id. and 
tvo brothers, r M Oable of Leaven- 
worth and T P Oable of El Paao. 
Tea as 

•v. b. Biiutot -tin* 

rxineraJ »»ni,-«« for W B iDojrt) 
' nurrauitM IS. who died Saturday at 
Port Bmttn Art . will be held at 3 SO 
p cu tomorrow »• the Kltnglief Pu- 
ueral borne with burial in Oreenlewn 
cemeterr. Bertlcee at the grave will 
be ISI charge of the Oete of Temple 
lodge Wo 423. A P. and A M 

nuMnl service* ware held at 1:30 I 
otilook thia afternoon at the Plrat [ 
Congregational church at Nichols. ' 

■ Mo. for aire Kffte Uae Rogers. 31.. 
formerly of Bprlngflelrt who died fol- '" 
k>ping an operation yeeterday In the 
Gnrthage hospital Burial waa under i 

' direction Of the Kllrurner Puneral ' 
home Bhe la survived by her hui- ' 
band, throe children. Kathryn. Mil- , 
dred and Oeor|ft* Mae. three brothere. 
I'jalelga Bumr-er of Jopllll. Cherlr* . 
Bumtltr of Springfield and Hoy Bum- , 
ner of Wichita. Kan . and two aletara. ' 

, Mrs Torn Davenport of Branson. Col . ( 
and Mrs W R Thornhlll of Spring- 


M-» Trail R <>,«, and Mr Charles 
A Hastier were united In marriage 
H*'\i-.-i»y rvrntHC «r a ju> „t Ihr home 
*- i.~. :{.. .a; ij;< IttlUiatri, Kr\ II A j 
**.*,•,', i'«»it>r t.*t the I'AjiiptH-U Ace- j 
Hue Mrthodlai church. Tlir couple' 
w •« n, r.T.-.pai'UJ by Kim cioldie 

saughbnr of the brfcU, and If*. 



caption waa glean at the home of 
Mr». 'Stutsman. 1437 North Benton 
a»enue About 30 cuwn rnoyed the 
•vent. Mr. *nd Mr* are re- 
al ding 00 OoniBMrclal at reel tempor- 
arily and will leave Thursday for 
tfcetf" 'home In Newbury. 

Pagel: George Penter was married.** 
Page 2: W. E. Burroughs died.** 
Page 3: Hardee Stowe divorced Wilma Stowe. 
Page 5: Miss Vivian H. Grove and Mr. Lawrence S. Wrightsman were married ** 

Miss Genell Rutter and Dr. Glenn W. Berry were married.** 
Page 8: Births reported.** 
Page 12: Mrs. Carrie Blakey died.** 

+ « 


Funeral aa t v to e a far W. E. Bur- 
roagha, II years old, who died Sat- 
•**** •» »-n Smith. Ark, will be 
heat, at t:M o'clock thai afternoon at 
the KUnansr Puneral home wl:h 
burial la Qresnlawn cemetery. 
Service* at the graee win be under 
rlirectlon of the Gate of the Temple 
a«d.a No. 4X3, A. P. and. A. M. 


OarrU Blakey. 4t. died yes- 

at her home. «£.o 

Bhe la survived 

Mrs. Eilen Cook; 

Henrr BUkey. a 

Bradahaw; a 

Vie ■ alien, and one 

BmJth. Kuwr.1 

Incomplete, but 

will be under direction of the 

faseral home. 

ate. and Mra. F. Dw Maeeey, ef 
IMl South Percueon avenue, an- 
aounca the birth of a eon on Bun- 
day. September 1L 

Mr. and Mra. Oeoer Fe„. 
3014 Ramaay aaaua.* announce the 
birth of a daughter en Sunday,] 
September 11. 

*. . — . 



A ixrioni never ioo old to t*t ■"»••*•" * 
, M rt. Oeorg. 1V0IT. 7s ,«Mr. old. a ^ •f^*2j 
!!*«>«• lvnw, M. a trivll »*r veteran and nor »"•»« 
SnTtoTf^n a marriage .i- "^sSSTSS^ 
, ,»•* neat **y «t her Utile her- at 1M4 North £«•"" 
aboma UMia after the ceremony. Mm. Pwter J**»J*« 

•-wallf**- U> -p*a« rrsardrag mmrrUA Ut% ** **•_ 
t CTMTlW W t Utf Ulll UU». l ii 'n»l* J ^Ss tV**^*. 
I mcswkJo*. bow*r*r. that thre*-*ta»rt«r» of * ^«»»» 
. •*-*«. end that -w* both reel Uk* kid. again. 

qniB nvrlu* o( Mima Vivian 
M. Grove, daughter of Mr. and 
Mr*. I* B, Qrove, HI North Grant 
evenu*. to Mr. Lnwronco 8. 
Wrlghtaman. aon of Mr. and Mra. 
J. D. Wrlghtoman. «1T South Haanp- 
ton avenue, wu aolemntacd yester- 
day mtxnlnx at lo o'clock at the 
Ktr»l I'reabylerlnn church. The 
R*v*r*nd J. T. Uacon. paator of 
the church, rei .1 the ring service 
before an altox of yellow and white 
garden flower* and fertie. 

Preceding the ctrtmony, Mr. 
FTedtrlcn I». Llppmni sang Cad- 
min'i "At Dawning" McDowell* 
To a Wild Roee " w.u- played aoftly 
c'urtng the ceremony. The bride 
er.'.errd the churcli on the arm of 
heT. father, to the strain* of Men- 
delssohn* wedilng march. She 
wor* a gold lac* afternoon frock 
»hlrh was fashioned with a pleated 
c »;^ ef'"-t o>*r «.n old fold satin 
slip wf.h touches of blue and rose 

Rer hat waa m*tal eioth and gold 
Moo and fc«r I otUy Jewelry wee a 
platinum and diamond bar pin, tho 
rift of lha croam. Hot bouquet waa 
of pink premier roaao and llllaa of 
the valley rn ahowar *fteet. Bh* 
waa attended by Mtoa Thalma 
beley of weir. Kan, who waa 
gewned in dark green »aori*tle 
trimmed with ehtfton wlrtt and 
wor e a .mall etoae fitting green 
T elvet hat. 8ha carried an arm 
bouqu*t of Ophelia Voaaa Mr. 
WrUhtsman waa attandad by Mr. 
Herbert l«ooney of Walnut drove 
a. Ml man and Mr Ed Wrlghte- 
man and Mr Ollbart Wrlghtaman 
were usher. Th. brl J* * two 

,T*ndmotb*r*, Mra. Kate Wllcoa 
and Mr*. A. I*. Orov* of Republic 
attended the wedJlng. 

The brlda'a tr*>v*llng frock waa 
black *»d whlta cr*P* and *h* 
all black fait bat with 

matching oc«a**ort*a Tho eouptoj 
left for a motor trip to aoulbern i 
p^nle which will Inrlud* TuUa, 
t»alv»*ton. Kort Worth, Houston j 
.nd Dal la*, and they will b* at 
home after et-vul thre* weeks Id 
Ctoeo, T**aa. where Mr. -Wrlghto- 
a**n to connected with tho roaaaroh 
oaperUasnt at th* Humble OU com- 
•aay. Mra. WrhThtamaa to a 
areslwate of Drwry ooltota where 
•ho waa a member *f PI Beta Phi 
fraternity, and to prominent In col- 
War* and aortal circle* In Sprlng- 
fleld Mr Wrlghtaman alao »t- 
tetided Drury college and to a mam- 
bar of Kappa Alpha fraternity. 

Miss Genell Rutter 
And Dr. G.W. Berry Wed 

Many rnringfietdtan* wlU b* ln- 
t*r**tod In the marrlag* orJHea- 
feen*:' Mutter .f Kanaaa City «o 
Pr t;icnn W. IVrry of CUelaea. 
OkU. formerly of Springfield. 
which took placo Saturday night In 
Kaaama City at w**tport Meth- 
odtot. church. Th* R*T*r*nd A. 
Tatley read the *ervlc* bater* tha 
•Jtar which waa banked with farna 
aad garden flower* Mi»* Paulino 
SrtKtll r*v* aa or«-«n recital beforv 
t^e >cr*-.i -ny. Mi>«» Elisabeth Olll 
•oag Tntir and "1 Uov* Tou 
Truly.** accompanied by Mia* Scholl 
who also played Lohengrin's Ttrldal 
rh*-u« ' anJ To a Wild Rose." dur- 
I In* the ceremony Th* bride, who 
'w«s r'-'Tri lr. marrliRc by her fa- 
|tk*r. Mr tleorg* E. Rutter. woe* a 
r*r!»>d gown of white satin trlm- 
i •• 1 In IM'.'r* and orange blossoms. 
Iter rell of tuUe waa held In pUre 
with re*ettes of or*n*e bloaauCt* 
- -J s'-.e oarr.'J a slower of bulKr- 
ry !«.**• and H'.les of the T*llvy. 
,Mtss Bonnie* Lyn Rutter. who at- 
*t«nJed her sister a* maid of honor, 
wm-* a avwn of graeo crep* aatln 
• and tull* and carried an arm bou- 
Iquet of Premier roses Th* brlde*- 
• -n*:ds. Miss Jewell Rutter. alatar'of 
jtb* brtde. and Mta* Ethel Ma* 
Ferry, slater of th* groom, wor* 
gown* of pink crep* aatln and tull* 
and carried arm bouquets of Co- 
I IusbM* no***. Little Shirley Oen*U 


JMcClaakey. •• flower "ttrU worel 
| whit* offtadl* and carried a baa- 
, k<-t of ivae petala. Inea May Orral- | 
I m«b> Utr)uri« Louie* McCtaakey. | 
jMaida Junt Bowie* and Margaret , 
R»pp»rt were ribbon bearer*. They > 
wore r\nk. »nJ fre«n organdie. Thr : 
pvom «u attended by Dr. R- J.j 
Hantirtoa a* beat man and Mr John 
T F.-»hT »n«t Mr TAormld t!re«-n «• | 
CT>M->m»ir#n. Following the ct«re- 
r>. ny a recaption w a* hrld at th* 
r..'tn» of th« bride • parent*. I*. I 
K-.1 Mr« IVrry '■rill *>• «t hum*' In 
Cb*:««a Ok!a. Anionic the out of, 
town «u«*ta w«r» Mr. and Mrs. J. i 
'C. DuBj«iu» <n thU city. 1 

Pagel: William H. Lynch died.** 

Page 10: Irva Adkins sues to divorce Guy C. Adkins. They were married in April 1920. 
W. E. Burroughs died.** 
Mrs. J. T. Mason died.** 
Richard H. Benson died.** 
Buttram infant died. 
Gladys Helen Breshears died.** 

Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Price of 2045 North Prospect avenue announce the birth of a 
daughter on September 10. 

Page 12: There is a poem in memory of "our sister Miss Mattie C. Schuler, who died 
September 13, 1924," signed by father and two sisters, Mr. A. Schuler, Mrs. C. L. Bell and 
Mrs. Mamie Wolfe. 

Page 15: Miss Louise Lawson and Mr. Henry Nelson were married.** 

Miss Vivian H. Grove and Mr. Lawrence S. Wrightsman were married.** 



W. K. BUrlBOtOHS. aerrloe* for W. B. Bur- 

roiiith- 1* reare PW wno died Batur- I 

day 'in r*urt Smith. Ark., were held at j 

3 30 p. m. today at the KHngner | 

rMneral chapel. Burial w»» in Oree©- 

| lawn cemetery. Bandoaa at th# grere 

war* under direction oC the OaU of 

tba Temple lodge No ■ *M. A. T. and 

A. M. 

Mra. J. T. Uaaon 48 year* old. of 
OaJena, Mo., died thle morning In a 
local hoapltal following a brief 111- 
. fn.s. Funeral rrranfement* are In- 
complete but the body wm prepared 
rr,r rjnrlnl b. St»* Merman H loh- 
jncje: runeral borne and lorwaid- ! 
to <HKft» 

irry pretty wedding look 
|, w ... ;i l(n i ».:» »t ihe nniton 
aethodiM Iniaovpal church when 
Ilea Louie* Lawtoa and Mr. Mtary 
<eleon were united In marriage. Ret 
r «*>«**, 
_ „. ...- '■■ 

with tent Wl fafelem !•*»■ 

pttMBf ea *** .eanB^ft* 
•aa before *a «hi» 

•al hom«- ana iun>w«vu 

wnd*. end 

al.. and a mm. ■nip*, of *» J**" 
addreaa; b> three :aJatcre. -W*-*"*.* 
Teoiey of <>»tertoem»Jty^ . Mre. 4en- - 
nie SuteteroJ Oeiene, •** IfeM* 
•it WetaJne r-l Mntiff. T« 



-,- the 

duruQi 1 

xao« eerrted * 
__ „ ^nd lli«ee?<>f^the 
i Oladya Murpby^oi^KauV 
a* t?**-WMi* brldeamald and XroTa >a^ 
avradexwpe eetiu dreaa wattvJaUlch 
He cajrrfed *u *ra> botiqtrrt ©troaea. 
n* ^ frteoen w.v« aiiended by bit 
} N»tber._>lr i>-car Neleon -of Fort 
SJoToT. Trs. AfMr thr reremony a 
luncheon ^ae •erred «t the 
rsMni of the brlde» par*nt» to the 
idal partt and tn« minuter and ble 
but. Tba young couple bate • 
»n:e circle of frlcnrti here. Includ- 
ar n^DT at ibe Frl»co office*. They 
eft for Mempnl*. Tenn . for a *hort 
tymoon and will return to their 
918 Worth Grant avenue. 


Marvel Cave Owner Passes 
Away in Carthage Hospital 
-Native of Canada, He 
Came to Southwest Mis- 
souri in 1894. 

William n Lynch. scholar. Ideal- 

;>; dreamer, poet, inventor and booaV 

n of llw Ozark region. dlMl at »-*0 

l o clock thu morning at Um Qagthag* 

[hospital, where hs bad bosh a psU* 

tsr • unto mm than i ««k, 

cave u located H» became a widely J 
known character of the dlatrlrt and 

\ *u a bus*!— tram ths tlma hs f lrat 

' arrived in thte section 

Cloae rrirnd of Author. 

Mr. Lynch «"a« a rloee friar/.d of 

Harold Bell Wright, author of "The 

i Shepherd of the Hllle." and alao wm 

% c'.oa* r.'.enc-' of a number of the 

- • -t ■• * * rt--k liirliiffr.. Mt !•<.'» J K It'*' Old Mat' and 

HUT." M.^.t in,.' !>ev| Mori;:. 'In- 

.-_.«■ lit :: '.tie csjtttl '!;;«: »'■•• '.u 

which Mr Lyn'-h devoted ao much of . 

•bit time and ~:f.v!t3w *m mention-, 



I DMtn rasultsd from h*rd*nisg 
1 the srtsxtcs and complication* causa* 
i by a fangrenoue infection to on* of 
; hu feet. 

H'» condition became critical about 
t*-o weeks mgo and he wu removed 
to the Carthuge hoepltal from tola 
: home at Marvel Oave In Btona coun- 
ty, at the request of hie daughter, 
M:u Uenevleve Lynch, ttipcrtntend- 
e-.* «f the honpltal Phyalclane were 
of the opinion that 1 la condition wae 

' 'ti proving laat wack but It took a 
eudden turn for the wore*. Sunday. 

j Oaaadtaa by aWrUi. 

lit Lynch was M yanr* ow. It* 

came to the Omrae In 1W4 from 

; Canada. Ha waa born at DanvUIs, 

1 Q leuae. Canada, and waa a Canadian ! 

«'.:*>'r\-t \:r.t' revsntlv 

r*.'!.* • :•,:- r>c- .it ve^»r« alter •ettllng 
>av Mar**: Cave. Mr iTncn divided I 
!-.•« time Se-ief; thlr dlatrlrt and' 

* -« .aS"« -'i:.':? .i.akmjt fjttbtrft 
,i\:t iruw 1. ■ anede wtierr ne «W ' 
w.»le:v »f-PW! as a kpeclel dairy com* 
m**:or>ej FNv the i ant I* veer* Me tripe h^rt t«*rom* fewer and 
i e s*\ \r : rv ■*? t;!e time •<> l;le 
.». s*-, >'rti-r -a"- ll( h« avrvtd 
at a iiira«>rf or the Cauadiaii i»arha- 
imnS and «m i clna* friend of Bin 
ft";j?r*d Laurirr. former 
j r»n.ler 


Idorablf' tteM to 
vanttooa. Ao anU-duat and draft 
Mutilator Invents* by Mr. Lyneh to 
now 'Mat wMtlj uaad in buOdtnga 
and on railroad car*. The invention 
•aa aoM at a noralnal rum and too 
feutod to fooitoo an* great amount 
from' tv 

Reside* the daughter at Cexthege. 
ha la aurvlrad by auothar daughter. 
MLv Uinam. «no dtmeta tba torn 
room and toarrer Cftte ledga n 
the *•** ■' 

V rameral Tharada). 

The So*» %lll be returned to the ! 
(•.sun* at Marvel fave where (vtneral 
•ervtrae *tll be held at 3 30 o'clock 
TliUraCay afternoon will bo 
U; Krergraan camatary. where lie tba 
todtae of Mr. and Mrs. Rosa and sir. 
.Vo.-TIi: :n the ahadov of a K r "U|> of 
ii.iahiy pines. Which have bean the 
object of a Tight of several yssra by 
Mr Lynch to preserve them from the , 
aa of the woodman 

The cemetery te along the trail be- 
- ' eec Marvel Cave .ml Hraneon and 
;, ptnaa. lovated ae they axe. on the 
exeat of Roark peak, will eervs aa a 
i»-.Ttinal for year* to come If they axe 
.paxsd aa wished by Mr. Lynch. 


Ml*».'i.r1 he learred 

,r>.-eeied at ur.i'a to Btune coun- 
'„ r , :r rhaaed the land where the 


Richard H. Benson. TT ywars old. of | 
routs S. eprlngnakl. dtod this morn- 
ing at bto boms following a linger- 
ing lllnesa. Funsral eervJcee will be 
held at 9:M p. m. Wednesday at the 
homa under direction of tin. KJlng- 
ner Punsrai homo. Mr. Benson la 
survived by bto wlfa. thraa soru, 
James B , John K., and Rlobard K., 
Benaon. and two grandchildren, Ella 
A. and Mdward Jamas Bsnaon, all of 



Mr. end Mr*. L. B. OWW." •M'-HM* 
Ormat innui, and Mr. Lawrence 8. 
Wrtghtamaa. eoa of Mr. and Mrs. J. 
D. WrtgMsmen. «7 South Hampton 
tfrnut, were married yesterday mora- 
log at 10 o'clock at the Pint Pres- 
byterian chureb la a pretty W W OB y 
parfrsrassil by Bar. J. T. Bacon, pastor 
of the church. Tb* ring eervice was 
i resd before an altar of yellow end 
' white flowers and ferns. Preceding 
I the Impressive ceremony, Mr. Pred- 
, erica P. Uppman sang "At Dawn- 
| tna" (Cadman). aeoompaniad by Mrs. 
J L. Lyto at the organ, who also play- 
ed Mendelssohn's wedding march. 
J 'To a Wild Roee" was pUyed during 
I tu« ceremony. Trie bride waa given 
; away by her father. She wae gowned 

» r>M i»tt or»r old roid satin with 
: tone he of bi\i» and rose. Her hat 
of hiatal cloth and gold lac* matched 
the gown and *»h* tan led a 
bouquet of pink premier 
I lutes at the valley. A platinum and 
1 diamond bar pin, the gtft of the 
! groom, was her only ornament, iliu 
Thelma laley ctf Pittsburg, 1U&i h 
was attendant to tb* bride and war* 
: a coatume of green georgette and 
j chiffon velret with a close fltUag 
' hat of green velvet. Her arm bouquet 
was formed of Ophelia roses. Mr. 
! Herbert Looney of Walnut Grove. 
j cousin of the broom, attended Mr. 
Wrlghtrman. Measru. Edward and I 
Gilbert Wrlt'hla.-nan served as ushers. < 
fl;.:. Mr. and Mrs Wrlrhtsman were ' 
educated here, attending Senior High i 
•chool and Drurr college. The bride i 

, U a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority 

. and the groom U Kappa Alpa fra- 

. ternltv man. The ceremony was at- 

; tended by only relatives and clone 

■ friends of tbe >oun£ couple and the 

' out-of-town (rue*:* exre Mrs. Kate 

Wilcox and M'v A T Drove, or Re- 

pttbllc. both grandmothers of the 

bride, and Mr. and Mrs. liny Orntr 

•>; HumamiTlUc and Mr. II. A. Orcrr 

of Tulaa. Okla. The bride wore u ; 

, costume of black and white when j 

the couple left Immediately after the I 

• -•• — : v for sou '.hero p*;nt.« In-' 

ciucr.g Ok.ahnir.a and Texas titles 

Alter October 1 Mr. and Mra. Wrights- , 

man alu be at home at Cisco. Tex.. ' 

where Mr. WrtgbUman Is a chemist ! 

to the research department of the j 

H-.t.s> o:; (orr.p_i.;, 

PuneraJ services war* bald this aft- 
•moon at Prospect cemetery under 
direct:..-! of W L 8tarne undertak- 
ar. for the infant son of Mr. and 
Mrs. William Uuttram. 433 Wee» Pine 
street, wbo died at »90 a. m today 
at the borne. Burial was tn P ro ap eo t 

Oiadye Helen Preehears. 8 years old, 
died this morning at tbe family home 
Waa Howard street. She to survived 
by the parent*. Mr. and Mra. James 
H. Breaheare. and two brothers 
Funeral services wUl be held at 3*0 
P. m, Wednesday at Beat Avenue Bap- 
tist church, with Interment in Oreeo- 
jawn i cemetery under the direction of 
lb* KUagTMr Undertaking- company. 

Page 1. Irva Adkins sues to divorce Guy C. Adkins. They were married in 1920 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: William Henry Lynch died.** 
Page 3: Mrs. Mable Edna Tourtellotte changed her name ** 

time f,ddlers?une? lbraith *"* ^ h ° ,d " ^^ ^ and Fred GaIbraith ™« P'ay old 
Page 12: Marriage license issued.** 
Richard H. Benson died.** 
Gladys Helen Breshears died.** 
Buttram infant died.** 
Mrs. J. T. Mason died.** 



marriage license was Issued 
yesterday to nicimrd M. liar- 

«>f Los Angeles. 32. brother of 
Ruth Abercromble of Spring- 

and Miss Betty Thomas, 24. 
of Los Angeles. 



wTd I"""-***: ¥££?& 

Jeaeul,to?' P J: "' s » r, "«'»«>««. and 
Ji^ephlne Cooper. je, Harrtaon, 

aaeanor Harmon. l«. both of Spring - 


Owner off Marvel Labyrinth in 
Shepherd of Hills Country 
Expires of Poisoning After 
Long and Vivid Life 


Spent 35 Years of Life There 
After Winning Fame in Can- 
ada a* Agricultural and 
Dairying Expert 

y* utue «nepnera or the II Ills 
cemetery Thursday afternoon at 
1:10 o'clock. In this Utile cemetery 
a Ion* pine stands guard over the 
•Treves of other pioneers ol the 
Shepherd of tha Hllle country— Mr. 
and' "Mr* i. K. Roaa. known aa 
■mjflCla-sU'l," and -Aunt MoUle~ of 
Jtha Shepherd of tha Hill* and Levi 
Morrill, known aa "Uncle Dm." The 
fttw t M B Jena Crockett, paator of 
tha Tabernacle Presbyterian church 
and friend of Mr. Lynch. wlU have 
char ge of tha funeral aarrloea. Miss 
Dalay LJvtngstna, of 8prin({Oeld. 
»UI slag 



T» Httls time for a"»«i of cols. 

f asss my time — to ll»»; 
And of !h» hour* 1 may rstriere. 

WbsJo Ui»rr *fr» more to sir*."" 

rpillS VERSE from a poem "Bcrv- 
x Ice," by William Henry Lanch, 
waa recalled yesterday by Bprlng- 
field friends of the Owrk pioneer. 
e*#t, hW— I ur and scholar, who 
early yesterday morning dlad In a 
hospital at Carthage. 
' Drawn la tha traarka about tt 
Year* aro by a vital lataraat la 
Marvel care, which ha porch ased. 
and which la located la what la 
now known aa tha Shepherd of tha 
810a country, near Reads Spring 
and Branaoa. Mr. Lynch had made 
the development of the Ocarka. and 
sertieulaj-rr of tha region la which 
ha lived, tha dream of his life- 


Tha Ufa of SO. Lynch waa aa 
colorful as tha background of the 
Mas hlDs against which the last j 
•S years of it war* enacted. Borni 
fa Daavfl]*, Quebec, Can, he held I 
paalttan of responsibility and truat 
km Chat eoaatrr. Ma waa tha means 
tha Ca.nad!aa government 
a dep artm en t of dairy 

the aon nt iT. He waa a 


Stataa. Orsat 
Traaos and Den- 
i scholar and io- 
ta the early S0*s Mr. Lynch 
stories of tha wonders of liar- 
cava he became so Interested ' 
that he came to the Ocarke to visit .' 
vs. From that Ume his love , 
Cor Che cave was a compelling force 
in his life. He purchased the cave ■ 
and for several years spent only 
part of his time there, making frc- 
. quant trips to Canada. 
(* •>' 

; | Btf-UHt MA1LHUAU DAYS i 


♦ _♦ 

Mr. Lynch was born In Canada 
hat became an* American eltlsen. 
Be waa to years of age. Ilia death 
waa caused by gangrene in one of 
his feet due to an Infection about 
U years ago from wearing colored 
When the Infection became ', 
lous about two weelts ago. he 
waa taken to tha hospital in Carth- 
age where his daughter. Miss Gene- 
vieve, le superintendent He has 
om other daughter. Miss Miriam. 
who Uvea at the home near Marvel 
cave. The first word waa received 
in Bprlngfleld of the death of Mr. 
Lynch yesterday morning by Mrs. 
C. C. McCord. 1130 Roanoke a ve- 
nae, a friend of the two daughters. 

Funeral services will be held In 

?«, ___.*. 

ITboSfe were the days before a< 
railroad had been built through tbs' 
ragged hills of the White River 

Country- The Old Wilderness road: 
I pmllt before the Civil war and over I 
i which Mr. Lynch traveled to hia I 
'cave, waa not tl.e most accessible | 
'road in the country 1-Yelglillng was 
jBone in wagons irom Hpr.iig'field 

and Harrison. Ark. Lven then. ho» - 

Over, the dream of Mr. L>ncn fur; 

Introducing tl.e wonders „r the 
| jD*arks to the. worlu as* a nut to be 
Maantad. He had a grand opening 
aof the cave about lh!»i. A pi:>n<> wa>' 
powered Into the. luvi. a l-iaifurin 
fballt and an urcheMia hired, ai 

tat npora ry hotel of B.-.eral ie-orns- 
/waa partially constructed to ac-J 
.■commodate the vmituis. Krw, how-' 
fever, came from \er> gnat di.ilo.iic*, 
c ao difficult Was travel at the I; Hi* 
f In tho«e days Mr. l-> n> >i inUrl 
Shave been a sinking Il»;-n- In t I.e. 
aWporsely settled frontier country 


RTrlends -who had known l.irri f»ii 
yniBir year* r« called l..n. br ).• r*ti> 

the hill* wearing a l* A.!...'! 

it, an HnKh»" cr-avjt u ''d d- rby 
a Vun L>>k-- b. a: J 



auout it >>am Mr. l->r.'li 

Q)«rt») his pernisn'T - .'. I, due ntuf 

ve. Me owned about 100U 

of hind stretching «•••« over 

la and hollows mLuji iri» n««. 

jra hi* drcum »»i tu d-velop 

He lubtr»-d tar - , ins <> ul 

across the hills and boost - 

tor tho region. 

r , fjftich had a rtiiiarkul'n: il- 

which In spite of hi> 'J«C<- en- 

hkn to guide and explore in 

cave. Seldom a d^> |ui>»-(! that 

IM not go Into tho cave if only 

a bucket of water from i!" 

cool spring mary feel li-luu 

of the ground and knowi. 

Fountain of Youth." 

Lynch wai Inventor of an 

and draft ventilator 

•old aod which Is used In 


brought nhn 

'return. Ho also »u writer of 
era! poems which attracted fa w- 
able comment from piuuiln*e* 

Mr Lynch was a fr^nd of Harold 
Hell Wright author of "The Bbep - 
herd of the Hills" When that writer 
came to the region tor a visit about 
•even year* ago be presented th* 
rave owner with the hhaJU suit 
which he wore while* writing The 
Winning of Bar&a/a Worth." 
Wright also did some sculpture 
from clsy In on* room '.'. 'he •"•*•• 
now called -Wright's studio' 

Always Interested In Uteraxure. 
Mr. Lynch numbered among his 
friends and acquaintances many 
prominent writers >.t this cojntry 
and Canada. 

Mrs. J. T. Mason. 48 years old. of 
Galena. Mo., died yesterday morn- 
ing after a brief Illness In a local 
hospital. The body was forwsrded 
yesterday afternoon by the Herman 
H. Lohmeyer Funeral home to Ga- 
lena for burial, tine Is survived by 
the* husband, four daughters. Misses 
Sura. Mamie, Wild* and Jessie, 
and one son, Ralph, all^of the homo 
address; and by three sisters. Mrs. 
Relda Tooley. of Cenlertown. Ky., 
Mrs. Jennie Eutsler, o&tGalena. and 
Mrs. Jessie # Watklns, of Slater, 


forth that their m me •* 

too long for convenience, that It 

subjects th-m to ridicule and that 

It has beVn brought Into disrepute 

■ by Uje frequent arr-s's of th* form- 

I *r husband and father. Mr* MtMi 

! Edna Tourtellotte and her children. 

j Kathleen and Effl* Wane, were 

I aranted permission vesterdnr to 

1 change their surname to Williams. 

This Is* the maiden nam* of the 

mother and former »lf .« of Hay 


The order nuthbrttlng the change 
of the nnme vm made by Judge ' 
Ouy D. Klrby shortly after m n«Ml-' 
tlon naklnK ihe rlmnce Im.l hcon 
filed In the office of Cur C. Clbbs. ; 
clerk of the circuit court. 


Funeral services for Richard H. 

BBSOQ, 11 ywars aid, who died yes- 
tarday at his homo on rout* *. 
Bprlngfleld, following a lingering 
Illness, will be held it IK o'clock 
this afternoon at the residence 
with burlaj under direction of the 
'KUngner Funeral nam*. Ho la sur- 
vived by th* widow, by three sons. 
James B.. John K.. and Richard K, 
and by two grandchildren. Ella A 
and Edward James Benson, sll of 

ar* - 


Funeral services for Olady* Helen 
Breaheara, eight -year-old daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Jsanes H. Breshear*. 

of ZS32 Howard street, who dlsd 
yesterday following a brief Illness 
at her home, will be held at 2:30 
o'clock this afternoon ut the East 
Avenue Baptist church, with burial 
In Oreenlawn cemetery under di- 
rection of the Kllngner Funeral 
home. She la survived by th* par- 
ents and two brothers. 

— ^— " ■'■'**j* 

Funeral services -for the infant 
son of Mr. and Mrs. William Butt- 
ram,, of 41} West Pin* street, whs 
died yesterday morning, were held 
.yesterday afternoon at Prospect 
cemetery with burial there under 
direction of W. L Starne. under- 



Page 9: Richard H. Benson died.** 
Gladys Helen Breshears died.** 
Edward Barnhouse died.** 

i u .| P T ge1 ^ WilkinsTa y lor °fJoplinvvas married Saturday at Stilwell Okla to Miss 
Isabelle Lott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lott of Kansas City 

Page 13: F. M. Morris, 76, for 50 years an employe of the Springfield Wagon comoanv 
d-ed h,s mornmg. He will be buried in Hazelwood cemetery. He is survived by h'wifet wo 
daughters, six grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren Y ' 

Mr Jm "i Car l 0f th3nk ! f ° r ki " dneSS 3t time ° f death of " our son Ji »™ie Jr.," signed by 
Mr. and Mrs. James Faucet and families. B y 





T1 yean oU, who 4W aa*> 

at hie home OQ KIQM t, 

foUowUkl ft Unfertnt 01- 
beid at S40 p. m. today 
at Um reatdi ana, erio- burial under 
d inalfcu of tb* CiafiMf 

Be to aurtrtad by fell 
three tow, JunM B., John 1". 
Richard K_. and two grandchildren, 
aU of Springfield. 


Funeral aervlcee for Oladya 
Breeheara, 8-year-old daughter of Mr. 
and Mra. Jamee H. Breeheara. of SMS 
Howard ■treat, who died yesterday 

' following a brief lllneas at her home, 
wara bald at 2 JO p. ax. today at the 
■art Avenue BeptUt cburob. Burial 
wm In Oraanlawn cemetery, under 
direction of the KUn^ner Funeral 
home. She la aunrlfed by ber parenta 
and two brother*. 


Edward Bambouae. 38 year* old, 
of Clinton. Mo.; died it I a m. today 
fo. lowing an operation In a local 
hospital. The body was prepared lor 
burial by the Herman H. Lohmeyer 
Funeral noma ana forwarded to 
Clinton tbla mornlnf for burial. Mr. 
Bexnbouae -waa a aaleaman for the 
CJIntod WboJeaal: Orooer company. 
E was known by many bualneae 
men here. He la rurvired by bJa wife 
and a 10-year-old daughter. 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: Mrs. Carrie Blakey died.** 

yesterday in S^^ " * L ° UlS ^ ^^ =*"" ° f V-gfield were married 
Page 3: W. H. Lynch died.** 

Richard M. Delong died.** 
Page 12: F. M. Morris died.** 

Edward Barnhouse died.** 

Funeral aa nrl caa for Mra. Carrie 

BUJrtr, «T. who died September 
11 will ba conducted at 1:10 o'clock 
thta afteraoa at the home of bar 
daughter. Mra. Jajnea Cook. 71< 
North Robberaon avenue, with th» 
Rarerend L. R. Orent offlclatlnc 
Burial will be In Lincoln Memorial 

1 cemetery under direction of the 
Campbell funeral home. 


Richard M. Delonc. ««. of TS1 P.irk 

avenue. <Uc<i lnte Inst nleht n» his 

, home. Funernl arrnnrcmentn are 

! Incomplete, hut aervleea prnhahtr 

will hn conn'ueteri' thin nfternoon. 

Iwlth htirlnl tinder direction of the 

JKllnpnrr funernl home 





Funeral service* for F. X. 
7» year* old. veteran employ* "a* 
tbe^Bprlnglleld . Wagon oiw|M I. 

wH*art»deerly yeeterday 
fcrrKSt^TTtn operation la 
WpluU will bo held at S o'« 
thai afternoon at tho Aim* Lon- 
meyer funeral home with bwrtaJ la 
Hazel wood cemetery- He la eor- 
vlved by the widow, two daughter*. 
Mix Krundt -hlldreti and three graet- 
, »,-ranU< ■hlldn-n. 

The body of Edward Birnhouit, 
38 year* old. of Clinton, Mo., who 
died yeatcrday morning after aa 
operation la a local hoapltal. waa 
forwarded yeeterday afternoon by 
the Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral 
home to Clinton for burial. Mr j 
narnhouee. who waa a ealeeman forj 
the Clinton \\ liolestalu urocer c**m-j 
pany. la survived by the widow and 
one daughter. 

eerrloee for 
w-=. «-- ** of Marvat - — 
to conducted thla afteroooa at I:t# 
• eiock at the Uttlo Shepherd of " 
HUla eea n tery about It mlWe 
Reeds Boring. 

-Mr. Lynch wag bora July tt. 
1ffl. at Danville. Quebec Canada. 
Ha Bled Tueoday morning In a Car- 
thage hoapltal where hi* daughter. 
Oamileea. Is raparlntenBent. 

Mr. Lynch married Jennie L<oulaa 
Goodhue, daughter of Jamae Oood* 
hue-. In llll. Bhe waa a elater of 
Dr. E. S. Goodhue and l»r. W. J. 
Goodhue of Hawaii. Three chil- 
dren were born. Willie, who. died la 
Infancy. Miriam, who Uvea at the 
home near Marvel rave, and Oane 
vleve. Hla wife died when the chU 
dren were young. 

Mr. Lynch bought the cava IS 
yeara ago from* K. 1>. W. Arnold of 
Lamar. fllnce that time he haa la- 
bored conatantly for the develop- 
ment of the cave and the region In 
which he made hla home. 

Mr. Lynch waa a Royal Arch 
Maaon In Canada. 

Clethra O. Medlock, 12. and Edna 
Howard; 16. both of Springfield: 
Vlrrll II. Light. 2«. St. Lnula. and 
(Eleanor Kvans. SI, Springfield. 

Page 5: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 10: Richard M. DeLong died.** 

Samuel Collett died.** 

F. M. Morris died.** 

Mrs. Ova Moen died.** 

Birth reported.** 
Page 11: Mrs. Carrie Blakey died.** 
Page 15: Divorces granted.** 
Page 19: Rev. J. R. Blythe and Mrs. Zella Fink were married.** 

Miss Beatrice Farrell and Mr. Louis Sadd were married.** 


»'«rorder Jack W McKee yesterday ^ pr ( IwlBa»4 BarlagfteJd Man Wed*. 

Mas Baatrtoa rarralL daughter of 
Mr Chert** Faxrell. editor and pub- 
lisher of the South MlaaaurSan Dem- 
ocrat of Alton, at© . and air. Louia 
waad a»w> rt that city, eon «f Jim. 
t*i. 1 4'rtrr»or.. 3*7 Klmbrougti *v*- 
, nue. were married Frtday at Hardy. 
(-At*. She wedding cam* aa a but- 
imxm to thrtr many friend* In Alton. 
I *tr» 4*dd waa a member of tht 
- Junior claea of the Alton Hub achool. 
' Mr 8add who went to A'.ton from 
fccr. le proprietor of the Jonrr 
S»f. «■ ?TM'-»r. and Oaraee at Alton. 
; ' u; > r:c at home temporarily 
*-. :he Al'.on hotel. 


U. both af BprtncfUld. 

id. and bCbo Mo- 

CWUan, Bo. both of Sprtagfleid. *&$% 





Starting elowly but gaining 
mentum as the wheels of '•■ OrMDt 
coMoiy. divorce machine began to re- 
volve. Judge Ouy D Klrby meted out 
*» drf.ult decrees this morning In 
division on* of the circuit court. 
Th» courtroom was crowded to ca- 
J p^illj long before (lie mmioii opened 
j at V o'clock. An except lenel J y largo 
! number of spectators vied for poel- 
tu«tis so thfjr <vuid hear *vrr) word i 
'of testimony of tnr parties to the; 

Slirt Ir'f'r w!»;Twe« 

Judge Birby continually urged the 
attorneys to hurry Um «ork ae t»j 
8M * W" docketed for oall and It j 
was the oourt's desire to complete the > 
call during Um room in* aaaaion. I 
Wivee grwUy outnumbered hue. i 
bend* in tboM seeking to breek the 
Uee of matrimony They rented In 
e«« from ths ute teens to the 'sixties. 
Decrees were grmnted In tht fol- 
loving cases: Fred B. Woodall agalnat 
Irene woodell. H. o. Newberry 
against Irene Nswberry. Minnie Kaet 
*»»:nit John East. Ada Johnson 
sgamst Msrcine Johheon. Ruth ! 
Bhoopmen tfiiiuit Forest Bhoopman. 
Charles Johneon agelnet Zoe John- 
eon Jewell Moore against Ward Ce' 
Moore. Albert Meeon a«ainet Let* 0. j 
Meson. Lillle WUoojc agelnet Ray- 1 
mond wileo*. Mabel Woodcos egalnat 
Paul a Woojico*. Ida Croley agalnat : 
Henry T C roley, Carloe Utty agalnit i 

lAMUie utty. Mam 
Joe J. Burgees, Jeea M. sfwlM against 
Jewel Bulae. Bdc* U. Wghtwlne 
agelnet Homer I*. Nlgbtwlne, O. H. 
Thurman agalnat Edna Thuraaao, 
Pauline Cheek agalnat Oharlea V 
Cheek. Nellie M. Btelnert agalnat 
Tbomu R. flielnen. Tbula May 
Brown against John W. Brown. Alea- 
ander Moore against Parmella Moore, 
Maude H. Bailey agalnat Joseph 8. 
Bailey. 11. L Meyuard agalnat Flossie 
Maynard, I>e»io A. Cremeens agaluet 
Amanda Cremeens. Xlsle B. Nixon 
against Edward C. Nlaon. Maude 
Brake against D R. Brake. Klva An- 
drews against Auicufct Andrews, Myr- 
tle Muegrave against W M. Mus- 
grave. Vlrgle Eaton against Walter 8. 
Eaton. Iouise Bsker against Jamee K. 
Baker. Inea Wilson against Onus Wil- 
son, George L. Forsyths agalnat Clair 
Poreytbe. Jamee Bruet agelnet Alma 
Jean Bruet. Oeorge E. McWllllams 
agalnat Edith K. McWMUms. Levi B 
Cllnkenbeard agalnat Sadie L. Clink- 
enbeerri. Ketheryne atlnson against 
Edward Btlnaon. Ooldle II. Patterson 
agalnat Rlohard B. Patterson, Aetata 
Baiter agalnat William X. Beater, 
Jamee W. Hall agalnat Clair R. Ball. 
Pred E. Gideon against Flora E. 
Oldeon. Martha Bmlet against Marlon 
Emlrt, Ueorge J. Parson against Avis 
Parson, and Ellaa Forrester against 
Herbert Forrester. 



j Funeral sernosa for Richard M. Do 

. long. M. who died last night at his 

! ii»mr. Tvi Park avenue, following a 

lew days Itlneaa, were held at, 4p, n. 

today at the home. Burial ere* in 

East Lawn cemetery ttmdaV dlreer«or\ 

ol the Kllngne* Funeral beans 


s r e l aae wiu we BwM B# J 

P aa. Friday at the home far Sarmtiel 
I Col let t. M years old. who died last 

night at his home on route 3. Pair 
1 UrtMf Huilal will be In Oreenlawn 


Funeral eerrieee for Mrs delete 
Blakey. 47. who died September II. 
were held at 3 .90 p m. today at the 
'.•..-me of hrr dau«hcer. Mrs. James 
i..\H.k 73o North Kobr<t»reon avenue, 
with Hev L. R. Grant orfiMetlng. 
Burial was In Lincoln Memorial cem- 
etery under direction of the Campbell 
Vr.derteJtlng competnjr. 


Mrs Ova Moen. J7, of Essler. Mo.. 

died si »|0 ». m. todsy in a looal 

hospital The body will be taken 

■ overland by the Herman HJ Loh- 

l meyer Funeral home to Exeter for 

hurtet Saturday afternoon In Maple 

Wood cemetery. 

iTii>r-rry. nt-.der direction 
KUngner Punrral homr. 

of the 


». M. MORRIS. 

ru»*r»I armce* for F. M. Morrta. 

7o. vtuiin employe of the Springfield 

Wa^on company, vho died yeeterday 

munitng following an operation In a 

local hospital, were held at 3 p. m 

t today at th« Alma Lohmeyer Funeral 

; horn* Burial waa In Heielwood cems- 

1 lery. He U survived by hie wife, two 

daughters, ili grandchildren and 

three greet gnndrhlldren. 

Cava* Married Bar*, 'r^<-*$<$i 
The Ret. J. R. Blythe. paator of the 
nrat Baptist church of Clinton, and 
Mm Kella rink of Calhoun were 
ntarr.'rd I. ere yesterd.v, morn tux at 
10 o'clock at the home of Mrs. rtnka 
•later Mm W. P Edwards, M7 North 
Jefferson avrr-.ur. In- the Rev. Thorres 
ft Wilt*, p«j:v'r of the Orant Avenue 
Rapmt cbtttrh The wedding tw a ! 
■ejv.irt ceresnoriT wMneaeed only by ? 


Mx. and Mra. O. w. Albright, reeld- 
! ing oo the Nlcnolf etreet road, at* the 
| parenU of a aon. Claude Wellington. 
j r . born August 38- 


will ■alooma Mia. SlyUet. *JlsO to 

•rtdety known for 4wr •ctlniwrt *h 
tha Baptist eburoh In Mlaaourl. Tha 
members of the family wj tneeaing tha 
eervice were: Mra. A. N. Wise, alaitr 
of tha brlda. and Mi. Wsae and their 
daughter. Ml*, atofcart Oalbey* d 
Sherman, T»*.: Mr. and Mra. W. P. 
Edwards and their daughter. Anna 

Page 1: Marriage license: Charlie Blodgett, 19, and Margaret Ann Steele, 15, both of 
Fair Grove. 

Divorces granted.** 

Charlie Blodgett and Margaret Ann Steele, both of Fair Grove, were married 
yesterday in Springfield. 

Waymon Connor died.** 
Page 3: Margaret Bashford divorced Leland G. Bashford and was given custody of a 
minor child. 

Page 8: Dr. E. A. Harris died.** 

Laura Parker divorced Joseph Parker. 
Page 11: William H. Lynch died.** 
Page 16: Samuel Collett died.** 
Mrs. Ova Moen died.** 
Mrs. Artie May Keller died.** 

Charlie Blodgett, It. and afar* 
i Steele, la. bath of Fair 

Charlie BUdgett and MaraarwV 
Ann 8teele. both of VUr Grove, 
were married at the court teas* 
yea terday. The oerwtnony waa aald 
by J. W. Ttppln. preeldlng Judge of 
the county court. 

j Mra. FV W. Stranr and infant 
dauirhter. Vlrrlnta. who hare been 
visiting- Mra. Strang's aunt. Mra. J. 
. D. Pipkin. COl Eaat Walnut atreet. 
I hare returned to the-lr home In 
( Fort Worth. Texas, Mra. Florence 
Hall McLaughlin and sranddaugh- ' 
| ter. Emily, who alao haw been 
tgueata of Mra. Pipkin, left for St. 
! Louis yeaterday. Mra. McLaughlin 
I la a alaler of Mra. Pipkin and Uvea 
<n ' Fort Worth. 


■ ■ ■ » »* 

Lone Pint In Shepher 
Of Hills Cemetery Famed 
Charaoter Is Buried 

la Um Uttto Shepherd of the HIM 
oamtery where a tot *Im aotUy 
whisper* end the runr«S hUto loom 
la the distance through their rail of, 
misty Mao, William Henry Lynch, 
owntr of Marvel Ceve, wee burled 
yesterday afternoon. 

Friends and neighbors throughout 
the 8b«pb«rd of tho Hllli country 
and surrounding towna feathered at 
the home near Marvel Cave about 
10 mllet from Reeds Spring, for the 
funeral services. These were held 
with a talk, prayer and songs. A; 
final song was ■naff and brief aerv- 
leaa were held at the little oemetery I 
about one and one-half miles away. I 
Rsv. Croekatt Speaks 

Vision— the vision of one who 
tabors for an Ideal— was the theme 
of the tstk riven by the Reverend 
John Crockett, pastor of the Taber- 
laele Presbyterian church who 
aueted from Proverbs, "Where there 
to no vision the people perish.'* 

The Reverend Crockett quoted 
from the Watchtower of the Dally 
News In which Howard Bddy spoke 
•f the love of Mr. tflrnch for Marvel 
save m "a love I*, the grand man- 
ner ." He read the following portion 
»f the Watchtower: 

"People have said that It was 
queer for a man to spend nearly 
half of his life, and he lived for »0 
rears. In the embrace 08 that fan- 
tastle love. I do not think It waa 
queer. I think It was a passion, a 
•trange blsarre passion, perhaps, but 
nevertheless a passion to me strange 
ind wonderful He did not always 
live with his care after he had come 
to know It— but It called him back, 
sailed him back relentlessly snd Ir- 
resistibly, called him at increastng- 
v fr.-iuent Intervals until he came 
to give himself entirely to It. And. 
ls true lovers are- wont to do. they 
become as one " 

Old Friends Pallbearers 

Miss Palsy UvlneHon and Harry 
Nelson of Springfield sang, accom- 
panied at the pUno by Mrs, C. C. 
IfcCord. also of Springfield. 

Pallbearers were Col. Tom Ley, of 
Aurora. Mr ronrad. of Aurora, F 
A- Morev. of Branson, Mr. De Groff. 
of-the Shepherd of the Hills com- 
mrjr.!!» Mr. Hsmmer. of Spring- 

field, and Homer Johnson, of Notch, 
which Is the postofflce near Marvel 

In the little cemetery — called the 
"Kvergreen" cemetery In the days 
when It was established— also are 
burled other famous persons of the 
Shepherd of the Hills region. 

Mr and Mrs J K Ross known as 
-Old Matt and Aunt Mollle." of the 
novel by Harold Bell Wright. Levi 
Morrill, known as Tnrle Ike" and | 
Truman S Powell, who opened up J 
;he Marvel rave a few rr-vra before 
ilr Lynch bought It. and who served 
as a member of the Missouri state 
legislature, are all burled In the 
shadow of the lone pine. 


Dr. E. A. Harris. 41, prominent 
negro physician of Scdalla, who 
practiced In Springfield for about 
II years nnd waa well known here, 
died at the home of his brother. 
Dr. Mayo Harris, In Toledo. Ohio. 
Tuesday night Funeral services 
will be conducted nt Bcdalla at 
! 30 o'clock this afternoon. 

Dr. Harris waa born In Scdalla, 
and attended the George 11. Smith 
college there, completing 1 1 Is pro- 
fessional education at the Univer- 
sities of Kansas. Cincinnati .'in»l 
New York While In college he 
was 1 famous athlete, nnd member 
of two championship footbul! 


He did conspicuous service In 
Springfield during the epidemic of 
Influenza befnro the war. and his 
•ireb ss ef f »*t ta ...'■• 1! many ).••-- 
o( both negroes and whiles. 

He returned to Sedalla to prac- 
tice about a year ago. 

His death was due to pneumonia. 
He !s survived by his wife und 
two small children. 

Dr. Hums wa.« a memocr of 
Truth Lodge, No 151. Masonic 
Order, A*. F. and A M.. and of the 
Knlgrffs of Pythias Lodge No. 77. 
The worshipful master of Truth 
lodt'e. Ivingdon Smii I,, and mem- 
bers of the official staff, left last 
nljrht for* 8e-daJla t<> attend the 
funerai. Besides Mr. Smith, those 
who went were James Burns. X. 
(*.. Armstrong. Henry RarkT <"!er- 
ance Wiiburn and Andrew Kelley. 


Charge at 

Aaron Stratton. eprtngfleht youth, 
charred with ha viae murdered 
Waymond Connor. l*-ye*r-old 
Mount Yernoa youth on the Bight of 
June' J. wu acquitted at I Mount 
(Vernon «h*n Judge Chart** H. 
I Henson sustained a demurrer at th* 
j close of th* state** testimony. 
y Connor was beaten to' death by 
bandits during a carnival. HI* 
i body wu found on the High school 
Icampua at Mount Vernon and *•▼- 
|er*i persona were held In connec- 
tion with the crime- Stratton** at- 
torneys claimed only circumstantial 
evidence had been submitted by the 
, proeecutlnr attorney resulting In 
Judge Hanson sustaining the de- 




14 years eld, who 
Wednesday night at hi* bom* oa 
route J. Fair Grove, win be held. 
at J o'clock this afternoon af 'the 
realdano* with burial in Orsenlawn 
cemetery under ' ' direction of th* 
KUncjier Funeral horn*. 

■ " *• : ■:■-]. . 

■v • 

Th* body of Mrs. Ova Moon. IT 
rear* eld. of Exeter. Mo, who died 
yeaterday morning in a local hos- 
pital, wu forwarded yeatarday to 
th* hem* by th* Herman H. Loh- 
meyer Funeral home. Funeral 
services will b* held tomorrow. 

Mrs. Artie May Keller. 4» years 
oid, died at 9:45 o'clock last night 
at her home, 761 West Elm street, 
following a brief Illness. Funeral 
arrangement* are Incomplete but 
burial will be in Weaver cemetery 
near Ozark under direction of the 
Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home. She 
Is survived by the husband, J. N. 
Keller, one daughter, Mrs. Velma 
Wilson, one sen, Tom, and one sis- 
ter. Mr* J. A. Whitehead, all of 
Rprinfffleld. and three brothers, 
Louis Jackson of Washington and 

i C scar and Hyde Jackson of Okla- 



IN' J 




Fabrio of Domestlo Bd! 
Tattered and TamlsherJU 
Spread in Divorce Court for 
Pathetic Salvage 


Elderly Folks, Yoyng Girl 
Carrying- Her Baby, 'Rap- 
pers* and Youths All Have 
Their Brief Spotlight 

"Rig Thursday." 

One more day In division No. 1 
of the circuit court In which the 
ever-changing, ever -c hangele** 
story of domestic unhappineea and 
desire for freedom from the bond* 
grown Irksome was unfolded. 

And when Judge Guy D. Klrby, 
late yaeterday afternoon, adjourned 
the day'* session. 47 def au It di- 
vorces had been granted. 




court . room we* crowded 
rapaettv and the air nlfling when 
Judge Klrby mounted th* bench 
at S o'clock and Sheriff Alfred 
rapped for order. Every seat 
waa occupied and the passa ge way 
at th* aid* of th* room we* oc- 
cupied by * a standing crowd that 
extended Into the lobby. 

After th* ftret can* en the docket 
had been called and passed, EUaa 
Forrester. 17. year* eld and heal 
taat took the stand. Wearing a 
black hat faced with pink, a yet 
few Cowered dree* with gray silk 
Ms* and e*ye*>**» JeM y 

ftret d ecr ee created. 

Th* case of Otedye at Bark far 
a divorce from Oeorse N. Burk 
vu called, and It wu found that 
eervtoe had not been obtained in 
time for trial at this time. 

"Your honor." Val Mason, at- 
torney for the defendant, remarked. 
Perry Allen Is trying to beg me 

I Into accepting service and I don't 

(Ml In the mood to do It." 
' Then well pans the case." 
'Judlf Klrby announced, "and rive 
' you Itvytn Urns to f et together." 


!•> ♦ 

I Mila V Welle tu testifying 



for » 

divorce from Home* 

Warf was restored. 


+ * 

her mill 

-Are all the charges you 
truer* Ju dge Klrby asked . 

*^fRSTlW^wtr*wardH It) nWf 
In contrast with recent "BlsX 
Thursday*,- not s. woman wlU» 
rolled hose appeared among- tit* 
plaintiffs. Lavl E. Cllnkenbeard, 
however, set the style for the hus» 
bands whew he took the stand. 

He swarded a divorce from 

Sadie L. Cllnkenbeard. and the 

u jstody of the children was award - 

1 1. 1 to the mother with the provl- 

js'on that the father should have 

1 x*? privilege of visiting them at 

lira eona ble t tmes. 

I An attractive blond, wearing- * 

!rh*ck black felt hat. a trreen crop* 

dress, silk hose of a delicate ba»- 

I Nm> shade and gray ahoes. entered 

the court room as Pauline L. Cheek 

jand left ae Pauline Morris when 

I she wae awarded a divorce from 

rharles U Check and her former 

name was restored. During- their 

tllghtlv more than a year of mar- 

irl»d life, her husband not only had 

'•■e«-n abusive but had fnlled abso- 

] lull lv to support her nlthough able 

I to do so. she testified. 


snapping hl.ick 
responses that 
witness In the 

With the same 
ejrm and ready 
marked her as a 
Irlal of "Warren Ftreet for aliened 
attempted robbery last spring", 
rtuth Shoopman took the viand to 
te<tlf>- In her suit for a divorce Forrest Fhoonmnn 

Attired entirety t« wtsttev jaunty 
tatt hat. ato areas.- *UUc. hdee and 
Ls An—, • sssTa wan a pto* 
•t vtmdtT as she testified. 
"Tolkmln* her. tin elderly woman 
numntad the stand "as a character 

"How lonx ha-js you known the 
VstdnUffr Judge Klrby hsked. 

Thirty years." sine 'replied, and 

, even tho Judge joined In the laugA 

at the thought that anyone could 

'have known the girl who had lust 

'left the stand that long. 

I'Tou got acquainted rather 
early, didn't youf Judge Klrby j 
asked as the laughter subsided.' 

The witness explained by saying 
{she thought she had been asked 
j how lone she had known the 

I The plaintiff was awarded a dl- 
It-orc* and her former name of Ruth 

Liowtoned conversation had, be* 
come a butt a few minutes later 
and Judge Klrby surveyed the 

| "If this talking Isn't stopped." 
he announced, 'Til dismiss court 
and hear no more cases today." 

The threat wm* effective. The 
conversation stopped. 

"What's your wife's name?*' 
Judge Klrby demanded as Fred K. 
Woodall was testifying. 

"Woodall.- the witness replied, 
and. noticing the smile on. the 
Judge's face, hastened to add: 

He was granted a divorce. 

"You mean your wife made yon 
no much trouble In four months 
time that you couldn't stand I IT" 
Judge Klrby asked after H. O. 
Newberry had testified that his 
wife nagge* and quarreled with 
lilm continually and then refused 
to live with him longer. 

"Yes." the witness answered, and 
wan granted a divorce from Irene 

*"Sh« Inst left me" Albert Mason 
elderly worklngman, anewered 
quietly when asked why he desired 
a divorce from L<ela S. Mason. 

He wan awarded the decree. 


Frail and pathetic as she mount- 
ed the stand with ■ a babe In her 
iinns. Navls Burgess told the story 
of Indignities heaped upon her by 
Joe J. Hurgeaa. | 

Judge Klrby awarded her the de- 
cree and also the custody of the 

"He was so cross and so cranky 
I just couldn't stand him." Edna 
K. Nlghtwlne testified In her suit"' 
for divorce from Homer Phillip 
Nlarh twine. 

£he also charged nonsupport and 
abandonment, and the decree was 
granted her. 

Thula May Brown was testify- 
ing In her case against John W. 

"How did he treat youT" Judge 
Klrby asked. 

"Well, he wasn't so mea n to me. ) 
but he sssWrtefM wttS PUiaf ■sfPf, 

remarked, and 


testify Inc; 

had been 


"She let 
of last April." 

"Default decree*' Judge Klrby an* I 
nounoed. "There's no use to waste. 
time In heating- character wit- 


^ne mdSUQ 
year 'afro the) sixth 




After testifying that hl» wife 
"wouldn't stay at bom*, that aha 
rot mall under an 'essoined name. ' 

land conducted herself In a 
mysterious manner,' DiTid A. 
Cremeens obtained a divorce from 
Amanda Cremeena 

- -Let's harry along." Judge Klrby 
urged, after granting; Vlrgis Bats* 
a divorce from Walter Baton and 
awarding her the custody, of the 
three children. 

A minute later. Ionise Baker, who 
testified that her husband had fall* 
ed to support her. that he had abas- 
ed her and ones had threatened 
her life with a revolver, was grant* 
ed a divorce from Jamea K. Baker. 

"My father gare him S100 to 
make a payment on our furniture 
and I haven't seen him since." Tne* 
Wilson testified In her suit for 
divorce from Onus Wilson. 

She was awarded a decree- * 

"Aren't are through yetT" Judge 
Kb-by demanded,'- after "having 
granted Oeerge L. Forsyth- a di- 
vorce from Clara Porsytbe, "I 
Seat see bow there can be any 
eases left." 

"There arc only If mora. Judge 
Klrby." Miss Irene Harper, deputy 
circuit clerk, replied. 




Divorcee aJso wars granted In the 
following ca ses; 

Ada Johnson from hfardns John- 
son. Minnie East from' John Bast, 
Charley Johnson from Zoe John- 
son; Jewell Moore from Ward C. 
Moore. LIUle Wilcox from Raymond 
Wilcox. Mabel WoodcoK from Paul 
A. Wood cox. Ida Croley from 
Henry Croley. Carlos Lltty from 
Ladle IJtty. Jess E. Hulse from 
Jewel Hulse, O. JD. Thurrnan from 

Edna Thurtnaa. Nellie M. Stelnert 
from Thomaa R. Stelnort. H. L. 
Maynard from Flosale Meynard, 
Elate B Nixon from Edward C. 
Ntxon, Maude Brake from D. R- 
| Brake, Elra Andrews from Aujust 
Andrews, Myrtle Musgrave fromW. 
H.- Musgrave. Ooorgo E. McWll- 
)Umi from Edith Lee Me WUttams. 
Jamea W. Hall from CkUr R. Hall 
Pred B. Oldson from flora B, 
Qldeon, Martha Emlot from Marlon 
Emlet. George J. Parson from Avis 
Parson, Katheryne 8ttnson from 
Edward Stlnson. OoldU H. Patter- 
eon from Richard P. Pattaieen, 
Bather Coring from Richard Coring. 
Alma Anderson from Carl Ander- 
son. Paul Dnnseth from Mary Dna- 
seth and Charlotte J. Erring from 
Euclid R. Erring. — 

Cases reset were: J. H. Allan 
against Dona Allan, October IT; 
Verne L. Wortay against Carl B. 

, October II; Ina a Batter 

jC'>i ;>*•* 


14; Ernest M. 
I atbha against LUUan Globe. October 
tab Btttela U^Hadgeng against W. 
■tXa Hodgena, September IT; Na- 
I* Bateon against Mary 
October If; W. B. Lew- 
agalnst Verla Lawrence, Nov. 

1J| Leah Van Buren against Oswald 
Van Buren. Nov. J, Pearl BoUsman 
against William O. Bousman. Oct. 
| The following cases were dismiss - 

Buena Vista Hartwlck agalnat 

| John Hartwick; Lilly Miller against 

j Clyde Miller. Ethel Grace Myers 

againat Clarence M. Myers. Loretto 

' Lloyd againat Irwin Lloyd. Ruth 

Benham (gainst C. E Benham. May 

V. W-f horn against Earl Welborr. 

Remaining cases on the docket 
yeelerday were passed. which 
means that they may be called up 
later In the term. 


Pagel: W. H. Lynch died.** 
Page 6: Divorces granted.** 
Page 8: Dr. E. A. Harris died.** 
Page 17: Mrs. M. I. Ragland died.** 
Samuel Collett died.** 
Thomas Richards died.** 
Hacker infant died.** 
Mrs. Artie May Keller died.** 
Page 18: There is a notice in memory of "our mother and sister Eva Thompson who died 
September 16, 1920," signed by Samantha McAdams, Gertrude Gracey, Isabelle Wickliff, 
Maud Ransom, Will Adams. 

Page 21: Miss Wilma Carr and Mr. Edward Ekberg were married.** 


■ »" > m .■.j.v 1 ;'** ' . TP a 



TUeok Prt4ay~ "• Swi«rf«*I tstsr 
to division H» of the circuit court, 
with Jung* Wtmo L. WhHe gnwt- 

Uttf M default diVOTCC deer***. 

Matrimonial knot* were 
with taw rapidity today than 
4*7. wh«n Judge Ouy D Klrby grant- 
ed 47 de c ree * In dlvlaion on* of the 
elrrult court, during Um morning 
iirtiw and IncrMMd the total this 
morning to M by granting en addi- 
tional *tght. 

TIm beating* thi* morning mortd 
nun akrwl-. due to the cross exam- 
ination of the plaintiffs and wlt- 
HMti By the court The oourtroom 
«u again crowded to capacity with 
interested spectator*, parties to the 
eult* end the character wltneeaee. 

Few humorous Incidents occurred 
during the morning aeealon to vary 
the monotony of the steady grind of 
tha diToroe machinery,. 

Default decree* were awarded in 

tha following 

jAUtoB Umtm 

Ekberg-Carrv • 
The marriage of Mlae Wllma Cart 

TuUa. Okla . and Mr Edward Ek- 
'rg of thlj city, eon of Mr. and 
r« .1 Ekbcrg. 447 New avenue, took 
ace September 7 at Claremore. Okla. 
ie rouple la vlMMr.R Mr EkberO j 
m-nla a::r1 w:!: ro ;.-i Tu> a nrxi 

k to make their home. I 


TUlar afelnst JUrtWrt A. Tiller. 
Regan afcine* Thome* 0. ■**•*, "At-" 

ami*, ww* m»io* J. «• warns U 

J. Dart* against TbetmA D-Tto, DW 
Margaret staBfjBl against Henry X. 
Klgglna, Mary Ann McBwaln agalnat 
B. I. afCs***ln. Clara Cllnkner fiDM 
Jama* Cllnknor. Nancy S. Dend 
against Robert M. Dodd, JueUe Mur- 
phy against William Murphy. Berth* 
Sumner against Bmery L_ Sumner, 
Ball Peck agalnat Fred Peek. Sarah 
1. Dudley agalnat Chart** O. Dud- 
lay. Haael V. MaUeek agelne* Homer 
W. MaUeek. Kerre C. Baldwin against 
Vema La Baldwin. Barl Smith agalnat 
Oaorgla Smith. Jewell Slough agalnat 
Catherine Btough. Nona Patterson 
agalnat Edward P. Patterson. Minnie 
Adams against Oscar Adams. Bailie 
Penrod agalnat Jam** Penrod, R. A. 
Brown against Bra H. Brown. Alice 

and JJtm 
Oompton agalnat W. J. Oompton. 



om. B. A. babbis Dm. 

haM at 

S40 p. m. today at Sedelle for Dr. 
B. A. Barrft. 44. promlnant Negro 
phyalclan of Sadalla. who practiced 1 
In Springfield for I a year*, and who 

* dlad Tusaday night at the home of 
his brother. Dr. Mayo Harris. In To- 

! ledo. O. 

Funeral aarrtoas ware haM At a JO 
p. m. today at tha Herman If. Loh- 
m^yer Puoeral home for Joseph Wll- 
llam Backer. Infant son of Mr. and 
Mrs. J. B. Hacker, SSI Peach aTsnu*. 
who dL*d at 10 a. m. today at the 
reeldence. Burial was In Bast Lawn 
cemetery The Infant U aunrlved by 
tne parrnta and a alder, Dolles Kuth. 


e r v HM ear Mm. M, L 
land, who died Thumdey night a* 
har noma la Conway, tto, wUl Be 
held at • o'clock Sunday afternoon at 
tha Christian church In Conway, eon* 
ducted by Dr. B. P. Laake. pastor of 
tha South Avenue Christian church 
of Springfield. 

Mm. Ragland la survived by tha 
following daughters and sons: Mrs. 
J. P. Lagan. Springfield; Mrs. Henry 
McNemara. Tulaa; Mr*. H. W. Mien- 
holta. Tulsa; Mrs. J. T. Simmons. 
Carlotte. Cal; Mrs. Oertrude Dob- 
kins. Ventura. Cal.; Walter Ragland. 
Webb City. Mo.; Ben Ragland. Carl 
Junction. Mo.; J. B. Ragland. Hold- 
redge. Neb ; Arthur Ragland. Pbllllp*- 
burg. Mo.; Hugh Ragland. Conway, 



Marvel Cave Owner Buried 

With Friends, Character* 

in Wright's Novel. 

Last rllM for W. II. Lynch, owwr 
of Marvel Car* in Stone county, who 
died Tuesday morning at the Oar* 
) tbage hospital, where ons of bis 
(daughter* la superintendent, war* 
! held yesterday afternoon. Rev John 
j Crockett, pastor of the Tsbemeela 
' Presbyterian churcb bare, officiated. ,' 

"Where Thera la Ho VUlon tb* 
People Perish." was the aub]ect on 
which Rev. Mr. Crockett spoke. He 
paid high tribute to Mr. Lynch and 
told of bli activities during tha thir- 
ty years b« resided at Marral Cava. 

MJaa Daisy Livingston and Harry 
Nelson of Springfield sang tb* tuner - 
al hymns. They were accompanied 
by Mrs. C. C. McCord. also of Spring- 
field. Pallbearers, all of whom were 
old friends of Mr. Lynch, were: Col. 
Thomas A. Loy, and Mr. Conrad of 
Aurora. P. A. Moray of Branson. Mr. 
Hammer of Springfield. Edward 
Leake of Branson and Mr. Da Oroff. 
reeldlng In the Marral Car* neigh- 

Following the services at the resi- 
dence the cortege of old mends and 
neighbors followed the remains to 
Evergreen SaMBaf*. where several 
weU-known^haxacter» of Harold Ben 
Wright's novel. TM B h ep h ssd of the 
Hills." all of whom war* does friends 
of Mr. Lynch, are burled. 


' Puiiera! arrangements are lneom- I 
plete for Mrs Artie May Keller. 40. ! 
.».>o died at B.46 o'clock last night 
I a. her home. 759 West Elm street, 
; following a brief Illness. Burial will 
j be In Wearer cemetery, near Oxark, 
1 under direction of the Alma Lob- 
j meyer Funeral borne. She Is surviv- 
ed by her husband, J. N. Keller, a 
daughter. Mrs. Velma Wilson, a son. 
Tom, and a alater, Mrs. J. A. Whits- 
head, all of Springfield, snd three 
brothers. Louis Jack6on. of Washing- 
ton, and Oscar and Hyde Jackson of 


Funeral services for Samuel Col- 
let t. M, who died Wednesday night 
at his boms on route S. Fair Orore, 
were bsld at 3 p. m. today at tb* 
residence, with burial In Oreenlawn 
cemetery under direction of the 
Kllngner Funeral horn*. 

The body of Thomas Richards, 62, 
formerly of Springfield, who died at 
hi* home in St. Louis Wednaaday. ar- 
rived here this morning. Funeral 
services will be held at 3 p. m. Sat- 
urday at the K::nrneT Funeral home. 
:'.e Is survived b> his wife and a 
step-eon, Henry Bikes, of 8t. Louis. 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Ardie Hanner was killed.** 

Daughter born September 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Snider of 2315 Howard 

Page 2: Daughter born September 15 to Mr. and Mrs. James Harwood of 514 Delia 

Page 3: Divorces granted.** 

Joseph William Hacker died.** 
Mrs. Artie May Keller died.** 
Mrs. M. I. Ragland died.** 
Thomas Richards died.** 


Page 5: Mrs. H. A. Cochran of 1366 North Grant avenue announces the marriage of her 
daughter Crystal to Mr. Lee Watson, Jr., on Wednesday, September 7. 

Page 12: Son born September 16 to Mr. and Mrs. John S. Pachlhofer of Tulsa, Okla, 
formerly of Springfield. 

Josie Stiles sues to divorce Ralph Stiles. They were married December 30, 1926. 

Southeast Missouri Nan Shot 

After Resisting 


GREENVILLE. Mo„ Sept. 1L— 
(**> — AMI* Hunrr. J«. *u shot and 
kill*) eerly today at hU (arm homo 
two mile* from Wappapello. by 
Sheriff a. L Hughes, who with 
two deputies raided Hanner's horn* 
In search of liquor. 

Sheriff Hughes knocked on the 
door and In a few moments Hanner 
appeared snd fired at the officer. 
but tbe shots went wild. Hushes 
returned the fire, killing Hsnner 
almost Instantly. 

An Inquest will be held at Wep- 
P«ip«- Ho Saturday by Coroner F. C 

Prior to the shooting:, officers 
had Arretted Manner's fatherlnlaw. 
B»i Neighbors, at Wappapello on a 
liquor charge and had the latter In 
custody when they raided Hantver's 


August Peterson. 29. JJrooklyn. N 

T.. and Alice Ruth TornquUt, 25. 

Springfield: Ewell Whitehead. "31. 

and Gladys 8tockhlll. !2. both of 

.Springfield; Stanford Bllyeu. 22 and 

'Claris Evans. 22. both of Orark. 

Funeral services for Joseph Wil- 
liam Hacker. Infant son of Mr. 
Hacker, of ttTPeach i 
avenue, who died at 10 o'clock | 
y— t erday morning, wore held at > 
1:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon at j 
•the Herman 11. Lohmcycr Funeral, 
home with I ur:.i: ;n 1"...-;: L:»\\ii 
cemetery. Ho :s &..i\imJ L> the, 
parents and one sister. 


Funeral services for Mrs. Artie I 
jMuy Keller, -»» years oid. who di«d 
I Thursday night at her home, ;Sk 

!- West Kim street, will be held at 2 
O'clock this afternoon at Weaver 
cemetery | near Oxark with burial 
there under direction of the Alma 
j Lohmeyer Funeral home. 

I Funeral services for Mis. M. 1 
j Ragland, who »l;««d Thursday iwtthi 
at ! > r home ::> i\>ii«.i\. Mo., will: 
to bald at the Christian church | 
there at J o'clock Sunday afternoon] 
WRh the Reverend K. F. Leake, | 
pastor of South Avenue Christian I 
'church here, offh i.cti k. s^lio u »ur- 
jvlved l>y fixe daughters. Mrs. J. F. 
iLegmn. Springfield. Mo.; Mrs. Henry 
IMcXamara. Tulsa. Okla.; Mrs. H. 
. \\ . Mioiilwila, Tuisa. On"..i.; Mrs. J.I 
T Simmon*, f irl»i:.i.; Mrs' 
Gertrude lvl>k;v.s. Veiitum. Cal.; I 
and by fixe sons. Walter K.igland.j 
I Webb City. Mo.; I ten tlaglaiid. Car! 
[Junction. Mo.; J. It. Kagland, HoUI- 
|r*dge. Neb.: Arthur Kagland. Phll- 
lipsLurg. Mo. and Hugh Kagland, 
Conway, Mo. 

Mrs. H. A. Coohran of lilt North 

1 Grunt avenua announoos the mar* 
rlage of hsr daughter. Crystal, to 
Mr. Las Watson, Jr., on Wednesday 
evening, September T. at I o'olook. 

Mr. and Mrs. Watson are at home, 
at ltd North Grant avenue. 

Funeral services for Thomas 
Richards. ti'J >ea:s old, u former j 

r»-* :»U-' 

• f Spi'ir.giicM. who died 

\\ , ,ir..^.i ,\ :it h'.s home In St . 
L..ji*. will oe lu Id nl 2 o'ciack this 
afternoon at the Kllngner Funeral 
l.<-me with burial in l!re.e8i!awn 
cemetery. Ho is survived by the 
'widow and a step-son, Henry Sike*. 
of St. Louis. 


ml tied under examination by Judge 
Whlte that be had been "friendly" 
with another woman. Judge Watt* 
reserved hU decision and appointed 
Va* Mason, attorney, an 
the co««rt" to make an I: 
to find out whether the plaintiff 
would be entitled to a divorce. 

— • 




•- "J"*-; -.— 

Ptoc6s«on of MiJmated H 
bands and Wives Contlni 
To Wend Before Judges, 
With Ties Speedily Severed 


With Somewhat Different 
Words, All the Testimony it 
Set to Same Tune and 
Judges Work Speedily 

-Black Friday." 

Second of tbo two divorce darn 
that mark each term of the Greene 
county circuit court — and another 
recount Ins; of tbo sto ries of blaatecs 
hope* and dreams unrenewed- ""' 
/■ ;Ths prooeaalon of husbands MA 
wlven. each a more than speaking j 
witness to a noms-dsntroynd. panted j 
oelore Judge Warren U White iu 
division No. s yentardny.tMa^nW 
court Anally was adjourned. ST dV 
vorces had been granted. 

This brought the total number of 
dlvorcen granted durtnS : thn', PS* 
two days to M. Of these, beside 
those In division No. I. yesterday, 
two were granted by Judge White 
Thursday. 47 by Judge Ktrby 
Thursday, and nine by Judge Kirby 


+ . 2 

"The cases will be called In the 
order In which' they occur on the 
docket." Judge White announced 
Immediately aner mounting the 
bench. "If the parties are not rea°T 
for trial to any case, that case,* 1 " 
not be taken up unUl the call is 

After the first five cases had been 
passed, the case of Warren Albert 
Muody against Ethla V. Mundy was 

Mundy testified that his wife bad 
b*«n guilty of Infidelity, but ad- 

When 1 remonstrated with , him 
for staying out all night, he told mo 
It was none of my business." Lil- 
lian Hlgglns. gently rocking their 
baby in her anna, testified In nor 
■ ult ugulnat James Ulgglnn. She 
also aald her husband was •o.uarrel- 
M.nK'and abusive. She was award- 
e*t a decree and the custody of the 
two minor children. 

Aflrr tesllfylni; Hint Iter husband 
had sold their home, purchased with 
U.elr joint llfrtlme savings, and had 
tefused to give lier any of the 
money. Laura C. Tiller was award- 
i-d a divorce from Hubert Tiller. 

"When he started to take two 
women to a dunce, after he'd told ! lie was tingle and 1 told them 
1:0 wasn't, lie cursed me and g.ixe 
ni.' u beating." lierta Hagan testi- 
fied. In her suit against Thomas C. 
Jiagnn. Judge White granted the 


♦ •__.._ -_ « 

"I went home ono du> runt found 

faTnote from £ my^wUs g«yinf9n\ 
'had left/VL^J. Dnvia said . In bi n 

su.t against Tbalnta De 

with afasniiMfisnt He 

a divorce, >* H $ 
■ "sly husband went to 

City to worn/* 


three tl 

her a divorce from Henry 1L 


After, hearing the 
►.•lit of LoUise Catharine Earnhart 
for a divorce from Oeoar k). Barn- 
hat t. Judge Whits appointed Addi- 
son Brown to make an Investigation 
of the rase before a decision la ren- 
dered. TUs husband la II years old 
sjd the wife la even younger. They 
have one child. The girl wife 
charged her husband with assault' 
sn<l r.tnsupport. 

Another story of the husband who 
left to obtain work and was to send 
for his wife but didn't was told by 
Mary Ann McSwaln In her suit 
sgnlnst Benjamin Irving McSwaln 

"For three months after he left." 
she said, "he sent a little money for 
the children and me. but 1 haven't 
hrnrd fcuni him since." 8he waa 
granted a divorce and the custody 
of the two minor children. 



"My husband and I came here 

from Av»." Clin Cllekner teatl* 
fled In her tuii againat J*m« 
Cllekner. "ana he took ISO, nil tha* 
money I had. and went to Kansas 
City. He uaa going lo send for me. | 
but lie never did." S lie ubluiuod a , 
divorce. | 

Durint the rail It developed that , 
Joseph E. Earls waa a defendant tn 
two divorce suits, brought by Vir- 
ginia Lee Earls and Elele Earls. 

"One waa a mistake." Jerry B. 
IVnton, attorney for one of the 
pblntlffs. explained, "and the other 
Isn't necessary because Earls got a 
divorce In Joplln." 

Declaring that her huabnnd la a 
"vagrant within the meaning of the 
law," Nona Z. Patterson obtained a 
divorce from Kdward F. Patterson 
md the custody of their child. 

After Flo Curtis hml testified In 
h>r w.itt ncr.lnst James R. Curtla. 
Judge White remnrked: 

"I wont to think a little na to 
whether I luivo any Jurisdiction. 
This plaintiff came here from Polk 
county on August IB nnd filed her 
null here on August 18. I'm not sure 
tnai alio cun be regarded as a cltt- 

i«n of Ureene county. Durin* the! 
afternoon session. Judge White' 
heard further evidence and granted I 

, Dii.' decree, awarding the mother the 

j custody of a minor child. 




Other divorces granted were: 
Agnes I), Blunt from J. H. Blunt 
and former name of Agnes Ban- 
croft restored. Nancy B. Dodd from 
Rot art M IV dd. June Murphy from 
William Murphy. Bertha Sumner 
from Emery L Sumner, Bell Peck 
from Fred Peck. Sarah E. Dudley 
from Fred Dudley. Hazel V. Mat- 
lock from liomer W. Matlock, 
Harve C. Ba'dwln from Verna L«« 
Haldwln. Earl Smith from Georgia 
Smith. Jewell Stough from Cath- 
erine Ktu'Jgil, Minnie Adams from 
Oecar Adam*,* Sallle Pen rod from 
Jzniet PtnrMI, R. A. Brown from 11. Hi own, Alice West from U. 
\Veat. Cordon Woolen from Fern 
Wooten. Hnv S. I*rnwl from Verna 
Prawl. and Lilly Complon from W. 
J. Complon, Flossie E. Smith from 
Walter i» t?mlth. and the name of 
Floaald Ww daxd restored, Nellie 
May Suvtth fi-om James A. Smith, 
and Ruth PjvIs from A. R. Duvla. 



Caaea react were Zella Baxter j 
against Charles F. Baxter, October 
«; J. H. Hinds against Bertha 

Hinds, Ootobor 6. Carl J. Molgurd 
against Blanche K. Molgard. Oc- 
tober t; W. A. Kennedy against 
Mary E. Kennedy, October 6; 
Leonard Claueaen againat Bessie L. 
Clauaaen, September 19. 

Tho following cases were dis- 

Ola J. Fenker againat William F. 
Fonker, Delia Davlea against By- 
rant Davlea. Ruth Walker against 
Applcton O. Walker. Nettle Helton 
against A. L. Helton. Jewell Malll- 
cout against Georgia 1. Mallicoat, 
Edward Popejoy against fieteila 
Pope Joy. 




Nine divorcee tn M minutes waa 
tbe record eatabllsbed yesterday 
morning by Judge Ouy D. Klrby 
In division No. 1 of the circuit 
court. Judge Klrby had granted ST 
d«creos on the preceding day. De- 
fault divorces granted yesterday by 
Judge Klrby were those of Rachel 
A. Allison from Robert F. Allison. 
Loth Van Buren from Oswald Van 
But en, with the custody of a minor 
child. A. Y. Caleb from Jennie C. 
Oalub. Ezra Dooley from Maude C. 
Dooley, Adna I. McClure from Paul 
W. McClure, Doris May Fields from 
William Fields, Harry R. Watson 
from Fern F. Wataon, Gladys R 
Rurke from George A. Burke and 
Eleanor Brown Webb fruni Gordon 
J. Wei to. 


Page 4: Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Evans have been married fifty years.** 
Page 12: Josie Stiles sues to divorce Ralph Stiles. They were married in December 

Marriage licenses issued.** 

Divorces granted.** 

John Burke died.** 

J. H. Forgey died.** 

Mrs. M. I. Ragland died.** 

Hacker infant died.** 

Mrs. Artie May Keller died.** 

Thomas Richards died.** 

Clyde McKinney died.** 

Birth reported.** 



Seven divorcee were granted la ttM 
two mxrmoam ot tb* -oncuit wourt 
taJa nwrntng. ewalUng **• twaal 4w- 
uf»«t>M( three* daw* te ft. Tata 
to teUUrved to approach a record far 
the atdBbit granted during any oa* 
term of tot circuit court. 

Those granted thla morning follow: 
Bttadon one. Aille t/k&mm agalnet 
Fred TqT Uva, WtaUa L. studgen* 
•(tuMt wftiuam Hudgia*: division 
two. Betty Hamtltoa agalart Oharlai 
Hamilton, Florence B. Dtcklneoa 
again** L/wtt ' H. Jploklnaon, Ruth 
Hoi lan aAlnst John L. Hollan, and 
O. X. Dean against Mary Dean. 

In tha action of Jama* D. Layer 
against Ethel B. Layer, a divorce waa 
awarded tha defendant on her oroaa- 


Married M Y 
Mr. and Mm. W. T. graua oele- 
Mated the flfty-ettth annlrereary of 
their married life at RoUa. 
- Ooinoldant with thla calibration 
Mr. and Mra. Evans received the newa 
of Use marriage of their granddaugh- 
ter. Mlae Loulae Leweon to Mr. Henry 
Snelaon la Springfield on the eame 


The fast that 9t divorcee were 
granted Thursday and Friday in cir- 
cuit court apparently haa not die* 
couraged Dan Cupid, aa Recorder Jack 
w McKse UUa morning laaued li- 
ccnaea to eight couple* 

The following applied for licensee 

Bert Matteeon. 58. and Berth* Ac- 
ton. 34. bqth of Kocenville. 

Walter Ipork. 33, Seymour, and EI- 
va Oook. 23. Cedar Clap. Mo 

llwXlf Phi! lips. 22. and Pauline 
McCrolUa*. £2, both i.l Aurora 

Wlillam S. EvklHuM. 32. Mabel 
Stiver. 32. both of Springfield. 

Stanford Bllyeu. 21. and Clarla Ev- 
an*. 21. both of Ozark. 

Euell Whltehcat. 22. and Oladya 
Stockstlll. 22. both of Springfield. 

August Peteraon. 2». Brooklyn. N. 
Y, and Alice Torlnqulet. 25. Spring- 

Word waa t ae e ieafk, haw jMtar«a* 
by J. P. tturteyo* tb* daatlrof/otm 
Burke tl ytait, old. of Wt fW 
Olty. formerly »n resident of Spring- 
Oeld. Mr. Burke died yeetextksjjBflrjr*, 
lng. Tht body will be luiMMVtS Deri, 
arriving at 1 a. m. tomorrow, Pwnarai 
services probably will be held Monday 
morning at Sacred Heart ohurch. 
Locuat atreet and Summit avenue, 
with burial In Bu Mary 'a cemetery. 
under direction of Herman H. Loh- 
meyer Funeral home. Mr. Burke we* 
born and reared in Springfield. Kia 
Uihci a«a O r..::lck Burke, for many 
year* captain of the north aide fire 
department and one time acting 4ire 
chief. He la aurvlved by a brother. 
Jame* Burke, and an aunt. Mr* Pred 
Oarney. of Springfield. 


funeral aeivicea lor J. II. Forgij', 

who died at Kramer. Calif.. Septem- 
I ber 12. held at 2:30 p. m.8un- 
jday at Linden cemetery, near Ozark. 

Service* will be conducted by Friend 
' Lodge' No. 352. A. F. and A. M.. of 

Ozark, with the Ohaffln Undertaking 

company In charge. 

runeral aervlcaa for Mra. M. I. Rag* 
land, who died Thursday . night at 
her home in Conway, Mo., will be 
held at 3 p. m. Sunday at the Con- 
way Chrtatlan church, with Rev. E. P. 
1 Lei»ke. pastor of South Avenue Chris- 
' tlan church, officiating. She is sur- 
I rived by five daughters. Mrs. J. P. Le- 
gan. Springfield; Mrs. Henry McNa- 
I mara. Tulsa: Mrs! H. W. MlcnhoJtz, 
J Tulaa: Mr*. J. T. Simmon*. Carlotta, 
* Cal.; Mra. Oertrude Dobklns. Ventura, 
! Cal : and by five M>ns. Walter Rag- 
: land, Webb City: Ben RaiJland. Carl 
! Junction, Mo: J. B. Regland. Hold- 
I redge. Neb . Arthur Rng'.and. Phil- 
i Upaburg. Mo .. a:itl Huph Rag'and of 
' Conway. 

I Puneral services for Joseph William 
Hacker, infant aon of Mr. and Mra. 
i J. B. Hacker, of 822 Peach avenue. 
! who died yesterday morning, were 
! hejd thla afternoon at the Herman 
; H. Lohmeyer Funeral home with 
' burial in East Lawn cemetery. 



Funeral nervscca lor Mrs. Artie bj/Af 
Keller 49, «!■"> rtlrr1 Thursday night 
at her rrnn.r, 7Mi West Elm street, 
were held at 2 p m today at Weaver 
cemetery near Ozurk with burial 
there undrr direction of the Alma 
Lohmeyer Funeral home. 

THOMAS hichahd*. - -n» 
• Funeral aerrlesafor V**?*** 

and, who ««i ygygarJs 

*n MdtT »t MMJ PlmiX*" l*U*W** 

Some Burial wm in Omnlawn 

- -■-' : ''."ir : *t»D«r«i«OW«Yv- i'Mr^ 
Oyt* MeJUnney. ia tmi« «M. kmi 
of Mr. «nd-Mr«. Amu McKinswy of 
dmt Houston, Uo. died at • :** a. m. 
today in a local noailtal following 
injuries suffered three we«w a«o 
•htn dragged by '« hone. Tbe body 
will be forwarded to Houston *t 8; IS 
a. na. tomorrow by the Alma Loh- 
meyer Funeral home for burial. The 
boy Is survived by his parent*. live 
brothers and.' sisters. 



Mr. and Mrs. John Hurley. 1935 
North Weller avenue, announce the 
birth of a daughter. Bridge*' Aria* 
September 10. 

Page 2A: There is an article about Otto Ernest Rayburn.** 

Card of thanks from Mrs. August Engelking and others.** 
Daughter born Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. John Berry of 1414 East Atlantic street. 
Page 3A: John Burke died.** 
Clyde McKinney died.** 
J. H. Forgey died.** 
Mrs. Blair Bedell died.** 
Page 8A: A son Carl Edward Stoops was born September 17 to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen 
Stoops of 929 Summit avenue. 

Page 10A: Seven divorces granted.** 
Page IB: Adoptions granted.** 

Son born September 17 to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Willis of 2024 North Weller avenue. 
Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 7B: Mrs. R. C. Mayfield of Lebanon went to Grove Springs for the funeral of 
Uncle Charlie Shields. 

E. D. Holman of Monett died.** 

Mr. Murray Reed of Springfield and Miss Pauline Pitts were married.** 
S. E. Johnson, 54, formerly of Monett, died September 13 at his home near 
Anderson. He was buried in Monett in the I.O.O.F. cemetery. 
Mrs. Clato Shaffer died.** 
Silas Wilcut died.** 
Page 11: A child aborn about 1901 in Toledo, Ohio, under the name Chandler or 
Andreas was taken to some Missouri Orphans home and is now sought as heir to an estate. 
Page 2C: Miss Louise Stinson and T. F. Timmons were married.** 
Page 3C: Miss Catherine Marie Quinn and Mr. Louis H. Gummersbach will be 

Mrs. John W. Shourds of Albion, New York, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. 
Wall, 1425 South Jefferson. She is the sister of Mr. Wall. They have not seen each other in 42 
years. She is here for the Wall-Elsey wedding. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Marx will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.** 
Miss Lucille Hay and Mr. J. C. Berry will be married.** 


v Mrs. Jake Marx, of the Enjk- 
book apaxunenis who will celebrate 
thatr golden wedding anniversary. 
Monday. September 19. frlenda of 
tnelrs will entertain with a dlnnei 
tomorrow evening; at the Colonial 

Carrying out the golden weddln. 
anniversary color scheme, the tabK 
decoration* will be of Meld flowt-i ■ 
artistically arranged, and pla. 
carde and other favora will coi 
respond In color. . 

Old frlenda of Mr. and Mrs. Mar. 
will speak Informally during the 
dinner. Probably "6 guests wIL 
participate In the merry making 
Relatives and friends from out-of- 
town whe are expected ur% 

Mrs. aa4 Mrs. Jo* Rubenateln. Oreen- 

USm Ruth Rub«n.i«in Greenfield. 

Mr*. Ell Bfrmitin Oklahoma CUT. Okla. 

Dr. sad Mrs. Htrman bylu. XaahvlU*. 

Mim Rnth Spilt ^i.hvUI' Tenn. 

Mr. at* Fraoadorf. Dnmitrr. 

Mrs. Nalaaa Fratudorf. Deepwatar. 

Mr. Bar mood Franadorf. Deepwatar. 

Mr. Joal Fraaadorf. Deapmater. 

Mr. sad Mrs 8am Sch'^r.brun. St Louis 

Mr. and Mr* ialdora Enoch. St. Louis. 

Mr*. Manor Sehaartx. 61 Loula. 

Mr. U>rtw« SChwani. Kt. Loula 

Mr. aad Mrs. Sol Ultu; St. Louia. 

Mrs. Jo* Roth. St Loula. 

Miss Hay to Wed 
In California 

Miss Lucille Hay. daughter of 
. Mr. and 'Mrs. Wallace O. Hay. of j 
(ill- Lust Central street, lelt yea- • 
[ terday ..morning for Lone Beach 
. v".*;.. where siie will be married 
the last of this month Jo Mr. J. C. . 
I Berry of Long Beach. Mlaa Hay ! 
j waa accompanied by her mother 
a:..'. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Urovo.- 
I They are m.iklng th« trip overland 
••."•'. ;._'.. w :'.'. »»«::>! .. few da>a 

. in UuMiogtv. Ok'.a Mr. Hay will 
. ' leave the lost of this week to Join 
| the party in Long Beach. \ 

W« with to thank ear many frlenda for 
their kindness aad sympathy shown oa 
durlnc the lllnesa sod death of' our hus- 
band and father, Auauat Lngrlkmg. We 
■lao wiah to thank our many friends for 
their beautiful floral tributes. 

Mrs. August EagelUng and family. 

Otto Ernest Rayburn 


and versatile young Osarklan, 
recently found time to organise the 
OaaxkUna, ft guild Of Hj-ttW ryMfl 
waa elected president of tho BMMCT 

lUyburn Uvea at Kingston, Ark, 
and haa played ft big part In tha 
<!• \ eloptnenl there nf the Kingston 
Community project, which haa ftt- 
t riu t«-d nationwide attention. 
Among other things he la editor of 
Oxiirk Life, n magazine of distinc- 
tive style: auperinlendent of tho 
I Kingston Community High school; 
auplntendent of the Kingskraft and of the Klngaton Com- 
munity Sunday school; and pro- 
moter of the Writers' Colony; the 
Klngskrnftcrs; the Ozarkana Wild 
Life association; the Peoples' Col- 
lege and a county demonstration 

He begnn his extensive commun- 
ity work after returning from war 
service, having been a buck private 
In action In the front trenchee. 

'I h<- lizarki.ins. the writers' guild 
recently formed. Is now functioning 
actively nnd Its members are taking 
n large Interest In producing Ozark 

Ous H. Robard*. :'w. and KxYla L*J- 
rlU Loom Is. It. both of SprlagfVeW; 
Howard K. Bataon. tl. aad DaMry 
May Hagewood. 13 both of B&W 
Ings: Ewtng M Harare, to, and 
Frieda afable Wlngo. 1*. both «f 
Springfield; Carl DowaU, >«. 

iOpaJ Klnaer. tl. both of 

■ vtii*: WUlUm S. Bekman. M. 

J Mabel Stiver. It. both Of 

! field; Walter Ipoek. It. 

land Ktva Ooaa. tt. Cedar 

) Mask la Phillip*, tt. 
McCrelllae tl both 
Bert H. Matteaon. M. 

. Arton. M. both of 
Itlam TaJley. It. and 



Mrs Clato Shaffer Jted « her 
fcorn. tn Avllla W-n-d.yth.Mh 

.t th. .c. of ii »•*" J* 1 *! A" ii 

of nwiI months Bh. has 
.mny frfnd. »» thU «»««" ,B " r . 

_i tjij.iM were h.ld »t Mv. wii»» I 

3ST3TSK. cur »»-» 

.Iterooon. Int.rment In Mt. 

7 More Divorces 


MO ygflVM O. 

& IX Hott>a» a«. tl y-« di- 

S^^Eaaday .*» x Vc 

Wtth CanCr OB KM »•*•• 

ROft" Wllcut died «t his horn, 
near Round Orove Tues* ay the 13th 
after . lingering Illness .t the age 
of M yeare. Funeral service* were 
held Wednesday afternoon at Round 
Orove church. Interment at Kino 
Point c*m*tery. 

Th. muriili of Mr. 

Pitt, of Uonott took ptao. 

teraber 10. They will b. .t bom. 

to friend* at 108 Walnut .tfoat,| 

Seven more divorces, two by 
Judgo Guy D. Klrby and flv. by 
Judge Warren L. Whit. In circuit 
court yeaterday. brought th. totaj \ 
of th. put three day. to M. All , 
have been by default. The divorce, 
granted yesterday were: 

Betty Hamilton from Charlen 
Hamilton; Florence B. Dickinson 
from Lewi. H. Dickinson and th. 
plaintiff's former name of Baker 
restored; C. E. Dean from Mary 
Dean: Ruth M. HoUan from John 
L. Hollar., with custody of a minor 
child; Ethel B. Layer from* James 
IB. Layer on a crossbill, and the 
; plaintiffs former name of Ben- 
nett restored; Allle A. Love, from 
Fred C. Love, and Zltalla A. Hud- 
Kens from William Hudgens, with 
the custody of a minor child. 







QU1NN, mo south National 
Boulevard, announce th. engage- 
ment of their daughter. Catherine 
Marie, to Mr. Louis H. Oumtner.- 
bach. son of the late Mr. Joseph 
Gummersbach and Mrs. Oummers- 
barh. Til* Forsyth. Boulevard, St. 
Louis. Miss Qulnn Is a graduate 
of Elflndale academy, aoulhwes- 
of the city, and of Th. Sac re 
Heart Junior college of St. Loutr 
and she received the bachelor o 
arts decree from the State collefs- 
here. She la prominent In eocln 
affairs of the city, and 1. vlce- 
prenldent of the Klflndale alumnui 
a-KoclAtlon and a member of 
Lambda Alpha Lambda sorority 
Mr. Gummerebacb Is a graduate of 
St. Louis university and Is secre- 
tary of the B. Herder Book com- 
pany of St. Louis. He Is a nephew 
of Mrs. Herman Meyer of thin 
city. The wedding will be an event 
of the latter part of October and 
wi : tnkt place at the St. Agnes 

Tb. marrlac of Mia. Louis* 
tttaaon, daoghta* «C Mr. and lira, 
Pall D. Btinson, formerly of Bprfng. 
field and now -of Aurora. flL, to T. 
F. Tlmmona, of Neosho. Mo., took 
ptaeo at Aurora. Ill-, Wednesday 
afternoon. Mrs> B. O. Qreen, of 
Springfield, .tt ended the ceremony. 
After a motor trip and a short visit 
with the bride's parents, the young 
roopU will live In Neosho, where 
Mr. Ttmmona la employed by the 
BdnBght Produce company. 


aarrloa. for John Burka, 
tl year, old of N.w York Ctty. a 
former resident of Springfield, Who 

died at his home there, probably 
will be held tomorrow morning at 
the Sacred Heart Cathollo church 
Ith burlsl In flt Mary's cemetery 
under direction of th* Herman H. 
Lohmeyer Funeral home. Word of 
Mr. Burke's death was received 
Friday by J. P. Hurley. Mr. Burke. 
■ hu .s father was O. Patrick Burke. 
U survived by a brother. James 
Burka. and an aunt. Mrs. Fred Oar- 
ney of Springfield. 


S» a <Ct.V01 M'KINNEV 

Houston. Mo« 
who dlad la a local hospital y 
latdaj , ■mm ntnf as a r**ult of In- 
Jurloa auataJned tare* w**ka 
wboa be «u dragged by a * 
win be 

Hottaton : by tbe Alma Lohmeyer 

Funeral hoiua {or bar ul. The boy 
u aurelred by th* p«x*nu, and 
by Ave brother* and ■latere. 


Funoral •arvlcea for J. H For- 
gey, who died September It ai 

,dora a eeemlatgly rndleaa proce*- 
'cn of huahanda and wire* who 
fed found marriage a burden— 
r.hom* on* ambition wan the *ev- 
moce of thoae tie* that fall**! ln- 
glorloualy to bind "until death do 
iii part.** 

And apectalora of that pageant 

watched and wondered. Ar* there 

' any homea left T Are there any 

longer to ho found roupte* happy 

In their marriage*— content In mu 

tual low m m wboao hoartbftoi 

■. CaUt. wlU ©* bold at !:»• 
o'clock - thla afternoon at Linden 
cemetery, near Omaxk. with burlaJ 
tber* under direction of the Chaffih 
Undertaking company. Senrloee 
will be In chars* of FrUnd lode* 
No- ttJ, A. F. and A. U. 

Funeral aoiiluaa for Mr*. Blair 
It roar* old, wbo dlad laat 
at bar bona, nit Baat He* 

,*W> ■"■■ 9* 

bar tho haebonA 

antara Jabaooe? 

V Jatnaa Smith, all 

Homes Found for 14 Young- 
sters During Juvenile Court 
Hearing; Many Nameless 
Waifs Are Made Happy 


Scene Entirely Different From 
Day Before When Scores 
Crowded Corridor Seeking 
Divorce Decree 


R two daya ther* had peeaed 
through the court houae cor- 



th* ftroa of,, love, aad klodoan 
born? \ 

The answer came yeaterday In an 
other proctaaloa through thoae 
•me coTTidnrar and that anewer— 
ni> uncertain terma — waa "yea." 1 


When Judge Qujr P Klrbv ad- 
^rr.eri the ecaalon of Juvenile 
urt yeaterday morning. 11 couple* 
»d heen made happier. Fourteen 
hie fnlke- eome of them nameleea 
-»lf« for whom the future ha J held 
• I'ttle hone— found new hnpplnea* 

the welcome aunahlne of contented 
»r.»« h. ncrf..rlh t.. t-e their own. 
" -r 'J l«-e.1« of adoption h.»d l»-en 
>r.| *.' v Judge Klrbv in that 


t.rl-f aeaaton. 

ourt room \» lii' h 

».«-f.-.r.- had a< en t> 

little of" 

' V.-n look on yeaterday all the! 
'■eirance of * huev »how Fond 
'-. ra and mother* proud aa i 
'*n'« could be— nnd wlih the lit - 
' fnTka all wearing "their very 
1« Sundav rlothea- for thla oar* 
w|n! r-ccaV.on. occupied the bet - 
I aeata. . 

. . — ♦ 

Rateman. only five 


"J5a In Dad* county. It waa aald 


"la old and abandoned hy her 

^T"~*iK. Jon** of Aab Ocoee. Aa 
"E^augHtor ** btr. and bfra 
y^'had dlad abort ly bofOr* the, 

,_.. abandoned child waa found. 

i fftenda. knowing of tho too* 

jlhe Jo nee Mama, look the Infant 
. 'them, thinking It night leaaen , 

.ir grief 

*erhap* I hat crlef waa not lea- 
t «d — for nnli tiarenta know — but 
■he hel|«|e«a IMtle child found a 
i< • ' .••■!•• I". Hie home and no". 
. •• .- O.e Ilia been adopted, can 
' i> <• •• future ao much brighter than 

!t Kll 

Little .T.-hn nobert .lonea dl«pl*r- 

«.| , ,. i«i»,. r *«t |n the hrrtrlnr «a '•» 

ht« adoption for he la onlv five 

.-tl « .'.1 Me liv Iii <x larce 

• i v-iaict prettllv lined and trim- 

••• «'t»> fiiffv b'ue material while 

r • »> I Mra rharlea A Hall of 

• • SiMlth New avenue, who were 

. •..-.tme Ma lecal | arenta t««tl- 



r"hn\ the adoption waa appro***. 
new father to«k the baeket on 
•« irw and ho and th. mother left 
• room. Judg. Klrby lo©*«« up. | 
Ml-', rot the haby l« • bnahetJ"' 

/- iu<iii> ixcUimcd In nmaternenVJ 
,t .lohn Robert, with Ma light halr.| 
blue eve* and chuhhr far*. »••*•* 
M« h. .d on the dainty blue pillow j 
mil didn't care ... j 

"A f.»ur-Ye»r-old ybuniret*T •P-l 
•4-ared n.«l the leaat disconcerted 
n* ho received hie third nam* «nd | 
went through hid second adoption.. 

p, H.tninn l-:«tct1. ho nn.1 a twin. 

Mother »or« separated when ho wast 
•di>|tr.1 hv Mr. and Mra Joseph , 
(ViMiimi Bloom and tho brother »'«»; 
s.t'.. •• '. b* Mr ■"• I Mr* J E . 
| But now the twin, will lb. to- 
Igrthor again, for Mr. and Mrs Al 
[ford liked their aon ao well th.y 
pcrau.ded Mr. and Mr-. Bloom to 
Irt them have Herman and he la 
'now Harold Herman Alford. 

ImoihT. came to Springfield and 

t'x>k th«-m to their home. Only the 

ifort the grandfather had not 

: signed the adoption deed prevented 

'\h<* a-loptlon yeaterdoy. HH failure. 

!•. waa'l l»y court attaches, was 

'.:- '. :in oversight. 

Meanwhile, the father, Robert B. 
Chandler, confined In th. county 
Jail Kara, tecai a. charge of bigamy. 

Mr* W. R. Keller of 1001 South 
Pickwick avenue, whll. visiting her 
alater. Mra. Jay Brit., waa attracted 
to a pretty two-and-a-balf -year-old 
child whoa, mother, depar t ed by th. 
huaband and father, waa employed 
In tho Brlto home. 


|. ■— ' * 

Only a legal requirement yet to 
|.„ compiled with halted the adop 
If..., of U'Ora Chandler and Qeor*e 
, . i.t. and that will be met with- 

in I. w day.. H le expected. 

Life, for them, hae not been aJto- 
grthrr pleaaant. Alter their mother 
■ dud the father. It la claimed, did 
■rot take care of them and they were 
;....,•. I III tho i hlldrcn's home hero. 
j Learning of thla eome weeke ago. 
!Mr and Mra. J. H. Overturf of 
kulaa. Okla.. parents of their 

♦ - + 

With a hnrd struggle nheod, the 
mother finally ronaented to the 
adoption of her child by Mr. and 
Mra. Keller, ao Irene Golden In now 
Nancy Jane Keller. 

Other adoptions were: 

Klght -year-old Lawrence Qlat- 
Irr by Mr. and Mra. Iamac I). Rrown, 
who reside' on ft farm In Polk 
•••unt>: Vrrna llnicl Klncade by 
yv .,.. » >».« HrrMinn K. Barber ••' 
I j'luin.'ii. K.lith I<oe Cissna. 17, by 
hrr stepfather. W. T. Wadley of 
IsM North Brondwny; Nelson 
Richmond. now Margarelle "Fay 
Snyder, by Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge 1* ' 
S-r.v-l.r ••* T.plln: Il-len V. :c- :.. 
\v ••|.h now Kuacoe Audrey Robert- 1 
« n t-y Mr and Mrs. Ilnrry L. Rnb- 
•i'.^..n <f lOaU Kiist Commercial 
'•r.-.-t: Virginia Hose Smith by Mr 
: rA Mrs V. II. Godfrey: Infiles In- 
!.nl by Mr. and Mrs. Klmer Jon.-s: 
'•'•.re- l.«" i >« ens l.v Mr. nnd Mr* 
.'. «-;.h .1 Vogt. who reside north 
of Kprinrfleld. and Devcrnc L. New- 
ton by Mr. and Mra. Orval Ash of 
IMS Wert frprlngfleld. 

Page 7: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 20: Miss Catherine Marie Quinn and Mr. Louis Gummersbach are engaged to 


Miss Magaret Lackland Stoddard and Mr. Henry S. Cowgill were married.** 
Page 21: There is an account of the Stoddard-Cowgill wedding.** 
Page 22: Mr. and Mrs. Jake Marx celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.** 
Miss Frieda Mabel Wingo and Mr. Ewing Mitchell Savage were married.** 
Miss Isabel Boyd Page and Mr. Fred D. Bryant were married.** 
Miss Louise Stinson of Aurora, 111., was married. [This is a confusing item.] 
Miss Lucille Hay and Mr. J. C. Berry will be married.** 
Mrs. John W. Shourds is visiting her sister Mrs. H. B. Wall.** 
Page 31: Mrs. Clara Bedell, 70, died last night at her home 1112 East McDaniel street. 
She will be buried in Lincoln Memorial cemetery. She is survived by her husband Enos Bedell, 
a daughter Mrs. Nora Johnson and a brother James Smith, all of Springfield. 

Page 32: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our son Earl, who died August 
29," signed by Albert Davis, father; Minnie Davis, mother; Herman Davis, Roy Davis and John 
Roy Davis, brothers; Betty Jane Davis, sister. 

Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our husband and father August 
Engelking," signed by Mrs. August Engelking and family. 


Page 10: Mrs. M. I. Ragland died.** 
John Burke died.** 
J. H. Forgey died.** 
Births reported.** 

Wlege to Wed Teeedey. 
The marrtge of Mia. Prison Mabel 
Wlniro. daughter of Mr. si d Mr. 
fred O. Wlngo. 917 South Pickwick [ 
esrenue, to Mr. Swing Mitchell 8a rag* 
east of Mr*. Lee Barege. •*» South ] 
Market avenue, and the late Mr. " 
will be eolemnlaed Tueedey 
at • o'clock at the home of 
9Jbe bride's parent*. Rot. John W ' 
Pearson, pastor of the St. I-aul M. 
M. Church. will road the '•eremony ! 
Which will be attended by about 60 ) 
letolliM and friend*. Mlaa wh.ko la j 
a graduate of Senior High school and 
attended Drury college for two year*. 
She to a m e mb e r of the Tau l*hl 
Qinm sorority and the Tau Aiph* 
gosstaheal club. . Mr. Barege, who to 
S member of the Delta Phi Omega 
fraternity, graduated from Western 
Military academy and spent one year 
go student at the University of Mis- 


W .«ils»' 


•ou th i National beoJeeerst 

the engagement of their daughter, 

Catherine Mem, to Mr. 

o* St. Louis. 

is the son of Mrs 
betb Ciummersbecb of St. Louis and 
the tote Mr. Joseph Orommersbech. 
Be -hi a nephew- of Mrs. Herman JY 
Meyer. »1 • Beet Bhn street. Be ' la 
associated with his brothers In the 
S. Herder Book co m p any of which he 
Is secretory. Miss Qulnn ta e gradu- 
*to -of lUflndsle academy hers, and 
of the Sacred Heart J ustor college in 
St. Louis. She later lee s rred her A. 
B decree at Southwest Teachers col- 
togs here. The bride-elect Is e mem- 
ber of Lambda Alpha Lambda soror- 
ity. Mr Oummersbsch Is a graduate 
of St.. Louts university. The wedding 
wiu take place in the latter pert of 

Te Celebrate Anniversary.; •*•,! 
Complimentary to Mr. and Mra-; 
Jeka Men. of Bngtenook epertmente. j 
who will celebrate their golden wed- . 
oust anniversary. Monday friends of , 
thsfrs will sntertaln with •"«»»"' 
tomorrow evening at the 

^Carrying out the golden ««lj| 
anniversary color goham*. «■*** i 

decorations will bs of flsld flowers. . 
Really arranged, and *•» £*£ 
pother favor, will correspond In 

°°oTd friend, of Mr. •*»".»£' 
_ui .ni>ak very Informally during 

s" si ««* »rs:»r« 

participate In the merry making. 

town who are expected are Mr. ana 
IfA Joe Bubanrteln. Oreenfleld. Mo 
SC. Ruth Ruben.tetn. Greenfield. 
JtT Mr. KU Bernstein. Oklahoma 
Cut' ^kla. Dr. and Mrs. Herman 
££, Nashville. Tenn.; Mis. Ruth 
J£ HMhrlllr. Tenn Mr. Big Bjnjv 
Sorf. Lhop-ato.. Mo M^athan 
ptensdorf. Deepwater. Mo.. Mr. R*> 
mood Prenadorf. Deepwater. Mo ; Mr. 
Joel Prenedorf. Deepwater. Mo.: Mr. 
and Mrs. Sam Schosnbrun, St. L»ule. 
Mo Mr and Mrs. Isidore Enoch. 8t 
Louis, Mo.; Mrs. Manny Scbwart*. St. 
Louis, Mo.: Mr. Lawrence Bchwartx. 
St. Loul*. Mo.: Mr. and Mrs. Sol Blng. 
St. Louis. Mo.; Mrs. Joe Roth. 8t. 
Loul*. Mo. 



and Mia. B. O. 

olty were gusets at the wedding of 
Miss Louise SUnson of Aurora, HL. 
and Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Tiaamone of 
Neosho, Mo., which took place in Au- 
rora Wednesday at St. Mary's church 
pexsonage. Mm. Qreen waa a mem- 
bar of the bridal party. 

To Be Married In California. 
Miss Lucille Hey, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Wallace O. Hay. 1113 Bast 
Central street, left yesterday morning 
lor Long Beech, Oel., where she will 
be married to Mr. J. O. Berry of that 
cily. Miss Hay was accompanied by 
her mother and Mr. and Mra Harold 
Cirow. The part yle making the trip 
orerland and will visit In Muskogee, 
Okie., en route. Mr. Hey will leave 
the last of the week to Join the party 
In Long Beach. 

ty sjuaoaa-PTtan. 

MRS. Hwmr 8. <»J^tJLi 

y^^toy *, u- aummer boms «* *« 
Ji^Mr .nd Mr* ^^"^ ! 

, Mnl Thl* attract!** bride »*■ 

L™ uwr.1 ^* u »* r:^ 

^nd be. Tl*lt*d tn this city **""<'»1 , 
^n„ The wedding «- st»-nd-d fc * 
. number of BprltiKflrtd guwtf. . 

|= ■ 

Tba poond* of Twin on*.- tn- 

gummsr bom* of Mr. and Mm 6oU>- 
moa Stoddard ft Serooxls war* tbe 
••tunc tor * weddthg la wnleb so- 
cdaty of tble city, m wall aa «* *a*V« 
aa* City end Barooxu. u intensely In- 
Urwt«l, when Miss Margaret Laek- 
ItT Hl Stoddard, only daughter of Mr. 
end Mrs. Stoddard of Kin— CUT 
and BanMl*, ni married to^ Mr. 

dreae satin with « large heir braid 
hat and slipper* to match. The 
gowns of tba bridesmaid* wcra also 
in tba tun* style and were In au- 
tumn shade*, ranging from pale yal- 
I low to da«p orange, end their large 
hate of h»!r bral^l li&<] long relvet 
Htreaxners Ln matchit.g hhiules. Their 
bouquau were formed of snap- 
dragon* and aatera. Slipper* In 

|?*enry •trrana OOwgUL 3r^ of Osr- 

I thags. yesterday afternoon at 4 

o'clock. Tba nuptial event woo an 

] ai fresco affair wltb, tba obkvful 

I dan and th* g Ian t oak tress i 

' background. Tba Bar. Robert 

•on Bpenoar of Oraoa and Holy Trln- 

• ity KpUoopal aburcb of Kan sas City 

! raad tba asrrle* before a flu*** 

{ banked altar at tba and of an elale, 

I oarpaiad in whit*, which began at 

, tba aoutb portloo of tba 

Down this aisle wnleb lad 

a doubla row of Obtnaa* cedars 

tba bridal party to strains of Loben- 

grtn wedding march. 

Tba matron of honor. Mm. William 

. D. Ortbwatn U. of St. Loala, and tba 

brldea-melde, Mr* Byron Spanoar and 

Mra. Prank Kvarte of rT-n— ■ r Olty. 

Mm Maria Ntviu* of Lot Angolas, 

•OU, MIm Miriam Whitney of Mont- 

xielr. N. J„ and MIm Clair* Oaraesu 

■ of' St Louie, were th* bride* atten- 
dants. Mr. CowglU ww attended by 

! Messrs. William B. Pollock. Youngs- 
lown. O ; Robert Mr Keen. Jr.. Pitts- 
burgh, Pa.; Prank D. Hayna. Jr.. New 
1 Orleana. La.; Comellua Clarka. Dal- 
' :aa. Tex., and William Drake and 
J Joseph McMillan of Oarthsga. 

Tba bride* period gown in old 

: Spanish design. fashlsn*d of lrory 

wedding ring aatln. bad a full 

■ length akirt from which a train waa 
I formed. Old roae point and ducbeaae 

lace, a heirloom, made the lace yoke 
and tneeta In tba long eleeree. Tba 
bridal veil of magnificent old roee 
point and ducbeaae oyer tulle waa 
caught at tba bead with pearl* and 
orange bio— rime. Mr*. Cowglll car- 
ried a aheaf of calla lllle*. Mr*. 
Orthwein wore a replica of the bride* 

frocks. An orebeatr* playad 
out tba a fte rno on and tba two- 
courae aupper carved to tba 800 
fuaata ,tn tba garden. Tba bride-* 
table waa oorered wltb a tmfcroat 
clottv.of Italian nist and bald d*oot> 
atlo&a of swaatbaart roae* forming a 
double heart In tbo canter. Place 
cards wars brides In tulle. Tba. 
guests were eerred at email tables 
surrounding the bridal table. The 
wedding cake, a bugs formation In 
four tlpr* and elaborately hand- 
daoorated. waa placed on s asperate 
table and waa topped by a bride co*-' 
-aimed like Mra. Cowglll and with 
)U«k piece* of stiver falling from 

asttn ribbon* held by twins. At tba 

entrance of tba ground* tba arming 

guesta were served punch from a 

large cake of Ice filled with grapea 

which was placed under a bower of 

; smllax and roses. Tha orchestra was 

j screened by smllax. Pall flowers In 

baskets suspended from the tree* 

: added beauty. 

Following the ceremony the brldM 

, party Joined Mr. and Mr*. Stoddard. 

i who were assisted in receiving the 

guests by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Co*- 

i gill, Br., of Carthage, parents of tha 

• groom, and Mr. and Mra. H. L. Har- 

I mon of Kansas City, who formed a 

! colorful group under the tree*. Mrs. 

Stoddard's gown was of beige lace 

and chiffon with a hat of roae axd 

beige aatln slippers. Mra. Cowglll, 

8r.. wore yellow chiffon and Mra. 

Harmon wore del clue chiffon. 

The honeymoon trip will take 
the young couple to Hot Spring*. 
Va., and New York, and they will 
I be at noma In Carthage after Oc- 
I tober 16. Tba bride 'a golng-away 
I gown waa of beige, eatln and duve- 
I teen, a "Mangane** modal and a coat 
! furred wltb beige ermine, small bat 
j and allpper* of auede, completed tba 
| costume. Tba wadding waa a notable 
' event and was attended by many dla- 
Ungulabed guests. Springfield guests 
were Mr. and Mm. Henry Schneider. 
i Mr. and Mrs. Lawrancs Lee. Mr. and 
Mra. Allan Moors and Mr. and Mra. 
Z. A. Barbour and Mlaa Mary BUI* 
Barbour. Many pre-nuptlal func- 
tion* bare been given for this popu- 


lax bride since the announcement of 
bar betrothal but spring. Mr». Cow- 
gill wu educated at Ogonts acbool. 
Philadelphia, with tnrrel and study 
Id Europe In company with bar 
motbtr, following h«r debut in Kan* 
ml* City. Mr, Cowflll la a graduate 
of Tale. 

Mies Isabel Boyd Page and Mr. 

Fred D. Bryant of Memphis, Twin. 
were married Thursday at Oortngton. 
Term. Mre. Bryant la a niece of Judge 
Alfred Paga of Springfield. Mr. Bryant 
in the eon of Mr. and Mr*. FYed K. 
Bryant, "71fl BeOmont at/vet, and for- 
merly Heed in tbta oity. 

Mre. John w. Shourde of Albtoo. 
n T, i» the gueet of Mr. and Mra. R. 

M WaB. 143* South Jtrtnrwa Mra 

-.1 • inio la Ui« aiauu ui Mr. WaU, ■ 
wham ebe hea not eeen dor forty- | 
two year*. Mra. Shourde he* been . 
the gueet of Mr. and Mra. Wall since 
September ». when aha eame to a*- \ 
fend the Wau-JQaey wedding on Bep- 
teruber g. 

NAdl LtCBHgzS 
Jack w. MeXee 
•Jay Issued mamage Uoeneee to the 

■wing M. Barege. 30. . and Mlea 
Frieda Mabel Wlngo. 19, both of 
' Springfield 

Howard E. Bateon. 31. and Daley j 
May Hagewood. 22. both of Billings. 
Mo. j 

1 Qua H llobarda. 30, and Kffle Lu- . 
! cilia Loomle. 19 both or Springfield. 
William Telle*. 23. and Marfraret 
Brugger. 31. both of Springfield. 

Carl Dowell. 23. and Opal Klnaer. ' 
31. both of Sprlngfled. ; 


i ■ 

Funeral services for Mra. M. I. Reg* 

land, who died Thursday night at 
Her home in Con*ay. Mo. will oe 
held at 3 p. m. today at the Conway 
Christian church, with Rev. E. F. 
Leake, pastor of South Avenue Chris* 
Man church here, officiating. 


Funeral services will be held Moo-^ 
day morning at Sacred Dealt atourdiT 
et Locust street and Summit avenue. 
for John Burke. 31. of New Tork City, 
formerly of Springfield, who died Fri- 
day. The body will arrive thl morn- 
ing. Burial will be In 8t. Marys 
cemetery under direction of the Her- 
man H. Lohmeyer Funeral home. 



Funeral services lor J. H Korg-y. 
who died at Kramer. Calif.. September 
12. will J* hew af» 3.30 p. jn. >odsy_ 

at Janden cemetery, near.Owrr*. *«*"*- 
jfl/>» V **£!., he cond-jried by MKisjamJ 
ladge^Bo? 3S2. A. f. and A M , of 
Os5f.r*.";wl1h the , Chaff in Unticri^kintf 

^-uteres ?*. ■:..:■ - :__ ,,." • 


Mr. and Mrs. Calvin B Willum-, 
Ru-selvllle. Mo. formrcly of Spring- 
field, annonncc the birth of a wn 
Scpembcr 13. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M IV>bb<rson. 
ol 19C5 Johnson, iinnoui.ct the birth 
of a daughter. Defy Lou. September 
17. Mra. Bober'on formerly wa.* M.«s 
Dela Crumley. 

Page 1: A daughter Julianna Elizabeth Johnson was born on Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. 
Eugene P. Johnson, 1001 New street. 

Wiley Fry of Thayer was thought to be dead but was not.** 
Page 2: Mrs. Blair Bedell died.** 
Page 5: Miss Isabel Boyd Page and Mr. Fred B. Bryant were married.** 

Miss Alice Ruth Tomquist and Mr. August Peterson were married.** 
Page 10: Mrs. Arty May Jackson Keller died.** 

Mrs. Loren Turk, died.** 

John Burke died.** 


T4THEM BET JflfPHAJs Viflfr 

Going to Oklahoma .1 
Another Leads to Unusual 
Confusion *i 

of their broltj»r. 

♦ ♦ 


A WIDOW and her Or* children 
ut in their little farm hoxwa 
some t* mite* east of Thsjp&lfig* 
teat Friday night and mourned tor 
their husband e»d father, but a few 
daye bar ted ta the family plot of a 
nearby .cemetery. * 

The children hovered near their 
mother, sensing her despondency 
and grief wba. t Mdw wHm, a 
the- door attracted their etfe«U«ttL 
The door strong ©pea *b<3 Uw *ae> 
for whom they grieved, stepped ini* 
the room! ,' » 

The moOter stifled, a »dr«*Ja 
bar chUdretv to 4 
•Ad ahra«K 

la the thee of euch positive Man- 
Ulflcaitoa Tuba officiate released 
the body to the relatlvea and drop- 
pad Investigation* lending to prove 
Uiat It waa the body of Lamar, too 

The body wa» returned to Thayer 
and thence to Job*, Mo, aoma Si 
mllee east of Thayer, where it waa 
bur;ed In the Fry" family plot last 
Tbureday afternoon. September 8. 

Juat eight da*s later. Fry dropped 
from a train In Thayer. Clttrens of 
the town atared In undisguised 
amaaement at the seeming appari- 
tion an Fry walked along the street 
until be encountered Barney Vic- 
Courtney, constable, whom he had 
known for yeara 

the doorway of 
McCoortny. of 

the ou u tr etched arena of ber hus- 

But this aaoat aaasoal ataty baa 
It* beginning almoat on« month agx> 
when. Fry Informed bia family tha* 
bo had planned a trip to dUaheta*. 
where bo hoped U get 
wmi Uma nothing 

rbea omcaate. k* im 
a, Identified the.axaa 
r. holder of team. pJB 
»ho had scarred} ts|k 

watiarlea. • j' 

Ua acrawted aa tea* 

. > «C a 

there. For aovaral days iJk* «*>- 
Maatttted body, at U>a ba*4H s**** 
taw marge*. The* ofrtotete, by aa* 
«( ftoger prints, Maatlfloal thai 
aa Jack Lamar. 
Uee records, art 
terma In poaltoaUartoa. 

Bat fate again acrawted aa . 
certain band acres* tha web 
events and relatives o£ Fry ■ 
that the body of a Saan. aliu*a 
Identity had not condtaslvety be** 
established.' occupied a as}b In that 
Tulaa morgue. Fearful of wba* 
they might find on that Blab, Hi 
brother and • aiater of Fry Jour- 
neyed to Tulaa. viewed the body 
and poaitlvety tdeotltted It aa that 


a _ ♦ 

"What's the matter hero, Bar- 
ney?" aaked Fry. "what hav^j I 
done? These people all know me I 
but oou'J think I was a craxy man 
walking up the street the way i 
they're acting now." 

Instantly realizing that the real 
Wiley Fry stood before him instead | 
cf l>;ng beneath six feet of soil Ini 
the Jobe cemetery, Constable Mc- ' 
Courtney replied: 

"You're auppoaed to be dead, j 
Wiley. You can't blame people for j 
being afraid of you. 1 waa myself. ( 
and I'm atlil shaking. Wo had a. 
fui.eral ht\ ice for \ ou last Tnurs- . 
ilj> ^i.d buried )uu in the family I 

lot but I ui sure glad it wasn't you. 

And >ou can bet > our folks will be i 


♦ ' ♦ j 


! Mi-Courtney then offer- ' 
• J to go with Fry to las home and 
the two left :is soon thereafter as j 

1 possible for the Fry farm. 

The fsmih ha* •divided tliat'lhej 
!-....> ..! liit- .:.i:..n;il mil If allowed 
to remain in us grave on their p'.at j 
for a Tew nior<- days, awaiting pos- : action on the part of Tulaa I 
officials. If It has not been taken ' 
Qft-T a reasonable time. It will be 
removed ar.J r»-bnned In the Pot- 

. ter s field al Tim) er. 

Funeral service* for Mrs. Blair 
Bedell, 70, who died Saturday at 
her home. US Eaat McDanlel street, 
will be held at S.SO o'clock this 
afternoon at the residence with 
burial In Lincoln Memorial ceme- 
tery under direction of the Alma 
Lohmeyer Funeral home. 


A pretty wedding* was solemolaed 
at noon Saturday, at the horn* qf 
Mr. and Mr*. K. Toi-nqutst. 770 Col* 
lege »trs>t. — when their daughter 1 . 
Alice Hulh.' become the bride of Mr. 
Auirual Peterson of Brooklyn. N. 
T. Dr. Lewis M Hale of .the First 
Baptist church performed the cere- 
mony. The blrde carried % bridal 
bouquet of rose buds. MIm Mar- 
caret Backlund played tha bridal 
march. Mlaa Esther Maria Torn- 
quiet, sinter of the bride, served 
at bridesmaid, and carried a bou- 
quet of red and whits dahlias. Fol- 
lowing- the ceremony a buffet 
luncheon was served to about fifty 

The couple left for a week's 
Welt with friends and relatives In 
Kansas City. Lawrence. Kan., and 
Verona. Mo., after which they will I 
ro to Brooklyn. N. V.. where Mr. 
Peterson la connected with the; 
New York Central railroad. 



\ I 

Couple Wedded 
in Covington, Tenn. 

The wedding of Mlas Imbel Boyd 
*•*• •* Memphis, Tenn.. and Mr. 
Pre* B. Bryant, eon of Mr. and 
Mrs. Fred Bryant of this elly t>oK 
plaoe In Covington. Tenn.. Thurs- 
day at the home of the brides aurt 
»*»u. K. C. McFaddan. The- bnJe 
wea attended by Mre. Robert Kins; 
°' Memphis and Mr. Maha Linster 
•* Springfield and Memphis attend- 
ed Mr. Bryant Mrs. Bryant Is a 
niece of Judge Alfred Page of this 
city and Is known to a number of 
Wends here. The couple left for a 
trip to Kansas City where they will 
reside temporarily. 

I uncial services for Mrs. Arty 
May Juckaon-Keller. 49 years old 
who died Thursday night ah her 
home at 76» West Rim street, were 
held Saturday afternoon at Weaver 
cemetery near Oaark, with burial 
there under direction of the Alma 
Uihraeyer Funeral home. She was 
burn on April 19. 1878. m Jasper 
county. Mo., und lived most of her 
life in or near Springfield. She 
Joined the Baptist church when 14 
years old and continued wfth her 
irhurcl: ...".:..,;.,.,, uulu uer j L . ul |, 
| She was married 1>n January 20, 
. ..•••.. to Jonn .V Keller and to this 
'union two children were born, a 
I daughter. Velmu. and a son. Tom. 
I She is survived by the husband, one 
I son. Tom. one daughter, Velma. one 
ll.rother. Louis Jackson, of Wash- 
ington; one sister. Mrs. J. A. White, 
head, of Springfield, two half 
brothers. Oscar and Hlte Jackson, 
of Miami. OkU. 

Funeral services for Mrs. Loren 
Turk, who died Sunday at her home 
j In Ash Grove, will be held at the ■ 
. Presbyterian church at that place 
|at 1!:S0 o'clock this afternoon, 
i Airs. Turk, who formerly was 
,Mlss Dolly Killings worth, was a 
: member of one of the pioneer fam- 
i Hies of Greene county. She is sur- 
ivned by her huabund, Loren Turk, 
■who is one of Aah Orove's leading 
•business men; by two daughters, 
Mm Sherwood Morgan of Tulsa. } 
OMa.. und lUtle Miss Louise Turk 
jof the home address, and by two 
. brothers. Wayne and Cleo Kllllngs- 
, worth, who reside In Aah Grove. 

Funeral services for John Burke, 

-I >«.-.. r- old. of New York city, who 
l»ta killed Tuesday In an explosion 

of gasollr." tanks where be was em- 
l ployed, will be held at 9 o'clock this 
| morning at Sacred Heart Catholic 

Church with burial in St. Mary's 

C*met"r\ under direction of the 
,H»|-m.-.:: K. l/ihmever runeriil 



Page 4: Birth reported.** 

Mamie E. Brown sues to divorce William H. Brown. They were married in May 

Wilfred Fry, thought to be dead, returns home.** 

Katie S. Peat sues to divorce Arthur D. Peat. They were married in December 

Mrs. Blair Bedell died.** 
Page 17: Miss Alice Ruth Tornquist and Mr. August Peterson were married ** 
Miss Henrietta Young and Mr. J. D. McClinton were married ** 



Happinaa* again ratg»* m Q»* 
bom* of WUfred Fry. young OMfMi 1 

bio honta. frvnj aJgh* altar a 
aaontha ■ssa n ti, during wbJeh tun* 
the body of an aPtgal bandit kttkat 

during aa n botdua at 

Tulss. Ofcla.. had barn Menttfled as 
Fry aod vat taken to ate 


', notorious po- 
llos ct ii i i c U r , but gave up Um body 
to a brother and tutor oC Pry, who 
went to Tulsa and "posltlealy" iden- 
tified it aa that of tlMir brother. 

Bo positive war* member* 'of Fry* 
family of the Identification, that 
Mr*. Pry at first believed her hus- 
band to be a ghost when b* walked 
Into their home Friday night. 

What disposition will bs made of 
the body burled in the family plot 
baa not boon determined. 

Mia* Kctvtetta Young . daughter 
Mrs. Edith M. Young of Pelree City, 
became the bride of Mr. J. Or MoClin- 
ton at JopUn at a qui** oaramoay at 
the home of the groom's parents, Mr. 
and Mrs. B. B. MoOllnton of Diamond. 
Mo., ysatarday afternoon at I o'clock. 
'Mr. and Mra. Ralph 3. Madden of thla 
city attended the couple, Mia. Maddoa 
1* a sister of the bride. Mra. MoCltn- 
ton wore a street frock of black geor- 
getU with matching a iu saso rt aa. The 

■ Katie B. Peat this morning filed suit 
In the circuit court for dlroro* from 
Arthur D. Peat. They were married 
un December. 1P06, and lived together 
untQ September. 1937. The plaintiff 
alleges her husband threatened to kill 
, her aad was, SUftrrajsome, 


Funeral services lor Mrs. Blair Be- 
del!. 70. who died Saturday at her 
ljuiiir 1112 Kii.-l Mri'Hiitt'l htrcet.were 
hrld at 2:3U o clock this afternoon at 
the residence, with burial In Lincoln 
Mcniorlnl cemetery under direction of 
the AlmK Lohmeyer Funeral home. 

I p ■ ^^1^7^?* 



) Rev. Ira Karr. pastor of the Methodist 
Episcopal church at Diamond, per- 
formed the service* which was at- 
tended by Miss Norm* MoOUnton. 
a l ega r of the groom; Mrs. Ira Karr and 
the parents of the bride and groom 
in addition to the attendant couple 
rrom this city. A four -course dinner 
followed the wedding ceremony and 
places were laid for 10. The bride 
presided and cut the large bridal cake. 
The centerpiece for the table wss 
fashioned of a wreath of ferns and 
pink begonia blooms. The young 
couple, both of whom have been re- 
siding in Joplln. will be at home In 
that city after September 23. They 
plan to Tlalt several nearby point* 

I before returning to Joplln where Mr. 

j McCllnton la employed by the South - 

i western Creamery company of Jop- 


Peterson -Tornq nl«t . 
A pretty wedding; was aolemnlrad 
st noon Saturday at the home of Mr. 
sr.d Mra. E. Tornqulat. 770 College 
street, when their daughter. Alice 
Ruth, was married to Mr. August 
P»:er*on or Brooklyn. N Y Rev 
U«i> M Hale, paator of the First 
Baptist church, performed the cere 

f»'-« <!'»rle Tnrnn«.l>< •■..._ _» ...- I 

Ir.. 1 
T::e ' 
luu< :. 
t '■ 


Mr. and Mrs. Avi* Oosby, of MSI 
Bast Raaal street, announce the btrth | 1 
of a son. Robert Wesley, on Beptam- 
bar 18. 

The brlflf'a bouquet was of 
is and the bridesmaid. Mia* 
v.rle slater of the 
:neU red and white dahlia*, 
'inn march waa played by 
vnret Backlund. A buffet 
was **rved to about 60 
i the ceremony. The 
._;..e departed on the Sunny- 
■!«•'. of a •week with rela- 
tive: h:.v. friends In Kansas City. Uw- 
rer.>. K-u . and Verona, Mo., after 
wh:r;. »:;iy »-M leave for Brooklyn, 
N Y their future home, where Mr. 
Pt >rv ,n is connected •wtth the New 
Yw-:< Let::.:*; r;»il7oatt. 

• -0-- 


Page I: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Harry and Calvin Smith were killed by a train.** 
Page 2: Katie S. Peat sues to divorce Arthur D. Peat. They were married December 16, 


Page 3: C. H. Davis died.** 

William V. Thomas died.** 
Page 5: Miss Freda Wingo and Mr. Ewing Savage will be married today at the home of 
the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wingo, 817 South Pickwick avenue. 

Page 8: Mamie E. Brown sues to divorce William II. Brown. They were married May 
22, 1923. 

Harold C. Dickenson and Louise Schotte, both of Springfield, were married 
yesterday in Springfield. 

Page 12: T. H. Gideon was appointed curator for Virginia Rose Godfrey, a minor. 

Dead Two Daw 
Discovered by 
For Car That Had 
Them Fatally $w 


Tell of Pathos tn Ark 
Home, With Indication 
Wero Returniiife fr 
To Har Plea 

£UX cniM alowiy Bmft 
b X a ponderous boat car a* 
elept Saturday ni«ht oa aa earth* 
•n railway bumpw, tnw riillah Jr 
two yoatha ware found by a ttSSi 
■witching- crew at T o'clock hv* 
nbjht near the latarwaetlon of ^aoa , 
■troat and L;on tttn*. . ' 

The bodlea were lyln* aSd* b* 
bM* on the bumper which er.d* Um 
Frleco spar eloeraldo tho railway** 
record fila bulldln*-. Their n aaln< 
choau told how they mat death; 
Bleeping oa tho hamper ta**taar2 
they failed to hear aa aporeacfclna* 
lawiicb engine and » « ground 


agauutt Lhe bum | 
crew ahuoted a car aaalwet It. 
It la believed they bare b 
Identified poeitively aa Harry 
Calvla Smith, brother*, who 
hurrying- to their heme la Wlneiow. 
Arte, after apendlaa; tho niaiiaaT 
wortiar la Detroit* Idea, . . i 



Letters whioh rrtablhahod' 
Identity told aiao •» a hmag m»gt»> 
er tn Whjato*. ptoaataf with " 
boya to eaamo boaae, «( a 
la too in to tqaml hf» 
of tho tatty aiadiwj 
retttro af the yowtha w-a* 
to -nd foe th«»tr iwa aaaw 

we** ui. athoa .aalawfi 
afTI I iTTitf TaTaW 
ho di**>T«rru tho In Hat ! 

i<i«i o*>«u uf«u for aearhL 
M boura 

Mm* nignc 

lie rr-w who dlocorered 


■ --» n tuv.a «. me n 

I Mat • ••••-.*.***/ • _«.- » ^J^^^ 


It had a* I 


rl»i) were fat 

■ lava In th» nrjTt 



Railway officials aald 
!lev»«l tri<« youths had been 
minic" their way home oa 
trains and stopped near tho 
i'l" >.trds Saturday. 

Finding a rootla* p*aoe la/ 
shade of a box car oa tho 
Ing spur, they aald, 
probably decided «o 
night there, Lylnc 
on the gradaaj alopa of tho 
which ends tho spur. A 
crew, brlngiag a car of coal eaVa 
the spur late Saturday night awe* 
the boxcar lm/nberlng agalaet the 
mound. Tho yoatha prabahty Ala* 
a few mlnutea after the ear aU a taa 
jthem. eitber of Internal injuries or 

suf location. " 

A telephone call to too «Uof of 
police at Wlaalow rsrreaisd thai a 
Mr. and Mr*. W. A. Smith JH» 
there. It la beileved they are the 
parents of the youth*. 

A bill of lading for a valine 
•hipped from Detroit on September 
14 to Winelow by Harry Smith, 
found on the body of the older boy. 
served to further ealabllah their 
+ + 


Letters from "Mr*. W. A. Smith. 
VYinalow," were found on the bodies 
of both the youths, one addressed 
to Calvin Smith and the other to 
Harry Smith. In these ahe begged 
her sons to come heme, and urgod 
Harry to etop In Wlnslow for a 
short time if he insisted on "going 
oa to the oil fields." 

Both the youths appeared to be 
of a good family, though they wero 
dressed for the road. One wore an 
expensive wrist watch and a small 
gM.j pin, a liny airplane model set 
with atones. On the body of this 
youth were found two mall money 
order receipts for money believed 
"j have (een sent lo hi* mother 
Tr.e wrist watch had slopped at 

l.tO or lock. 

A driver's license Isued In Detroit 
was fouod on the body of the older 
boy. and the description given of 
him on It was seen as an accurate 
description of the youth found here. 
It gave his eLrolt Address as route 
* and described Mm a* brown- 
haired, blue-eyed, ud 21 years old 




Th* poverty of the youths' fam- 
ily/ is plainly but . graphically - told 
In »tbe following letter from Mrs. 
Smith, found on tbe body of the 
jrounge* boy: 
"••vUsnber 9. 

"Dear eon: I will once more write 
you to lot yow know 1 ana not quite 
oaad y*X. Calvin. I want to know 
why you don't write home any 
low' fatbar u not well— he 
t be** slno* you loft home, 1 
that you aro fee tin* fin*, 
• |«at flnkmhod working in the 
OsesV) a day and a half, tnaking 
flit, and aro g*Ug to pick again 
today. Ptoaoo, CaJrin you and 
Marry eotne home and help take 
care of tho crop. Two boys you 
know here are going to the oil 
about the Z6lh of next month, 
so you boys come home and help 
your father with the crop, and If 
Harry wants to go on he can go to 
the oil fields with them. Your 
father la not able u> take care of 
the crop by himself. Hurry and 
do Come home Answer, please. 

Lore to you — from your mother and 
all at home to Calvin." 

The bill of lading fur the valine 
Indicated Inn: the youths decided 
to return home Immediately, park- 
ing their clothing and shipping It on 
ahead of them on September 14. 


♦ * 

Another letter from Mrs. Smith, 
found on the body of the youth 
believed to be Harry Smith, con- 
tained a plea similar to thai found 
in the other letter. 

A pipe' carried In a breust pocket 

of one of the youths was smashed 

to bits by the crushing weight of 

the box car. An old large copper 

coin carried l>y the ether bore a 

£•::: i»I>|<ari'n:l) made by the car. 

j Keached by telephone at Wlnslow 

j last ni|:hl. W. A. Smith, a farmer, 

declared hla two sons had left home 

eaarly this summer, and that he 

I believed there was no question of 

■ tr.e Identification. He will eoine to 

' Springfield today to cialm the 

r.odles and complete funeral ar- 

-a-.L-'-tr.etits The bodies He a; the 

A:m:t l-or.meyer funeral "home. 

Pioneer Attorney 
Of Pulaski County 
Bu ried at R ichland 

funeral services) were held yes- 
terday for C. H. Davis. 47. prose- 
cuting attar*** of Pulaakl ©ounty. 
wso died Saturday at hla bom* at 
Richland following a abort Ming— 
'The death of Mr. Da via leaves 
Richland, a town of too population, 
without an attorney. 

Mr lHlvts was tho oldest prac- 
ticing attorney in }••:!:•»!•.! . .*.';;>,, 
having been burn and reared In the; 
county lie began the practice of 
law when a young man and filled 
the office of prosecuting attorney 
severs I tenn>. : 

The September term of l'ulaskl I 
tounty circuit court was convened 
at Waynravillr yesterday morning"' 
by Judge \\ . K. Uarlon but court] 
was adjourned until tudav . Court, 
will tw reconvened this morning but | 
further d* lay may be < aused un- I 
,<-* tSoverisur S. A. Maker acts un! 
II. •■ iippulntmenl uf a prosecutor lu 
»UiieeJ .Mr. Davis. 

Mr. ' Davis was prominent In 
rte.'ii •. r.itlc politics oT the Ozaras 
for »o jmr». 




William V. - Thomas, 71, of ISM 
Clay street, died yesterday after- 
noon after -a llnserlng Illness. He 
is survived by the widow and » 
sons. W. F.. Harry H, and Ray. aU 
of Sprlncfleld: two daughters, Mrs. 
Eva White. Springfield and Mrs. 
Chester Brashear*. also of Spring - 
•eld. 4 grandchildren and I slaters. 
' Mrs. Theodocla Gibson, of Spring - 
'field and Mrs. Lena Molten, of Los 
• Angeles. Cal. Funeral arrange - 

nenta bar* not been completed. The 
KUngner company Is In charge of 
! arrangements. 


i. .. *-***•» *L »«d Irens PhO- 
Uns, II, botb of Aurora, Harold C. 
I'lckenson, 81, and Louise Schotra. 
»<. both of Springfield. 


Page 1: Harry and Calvin Smith were killed by a train.** 

Page 6: Miss Corrine Dobson and Mr. George Reynaud, formerly of Springfield were 
married Saturday in Los Angeles. The bride is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. F. F. Dobson of 
Oswego, Kan., formerly of Monett. Mr. Reynaud is a brother of Walter Reynaud, formerly a 
football star at Teachers college here. 

Page 12: A daughter Julianna Elizabeth Johnson was born September 1 8 to Mr. and 
Mrs. Eugene F. Johnson, 1001 New street. 

Elva Renner divorced Elvis Renner. 
Page 13: William V. Thomas died.** 

Page 17: Miss Corrine Elizabeth Duemler and Mr. Oscar L. Palmer were married.** 
Family reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Campbell.** 
Miss Erma Jean McKinney and Mr. Elmer F. Bath were married.** 
Miss Mabel Stiver and Mrs. W. S. Eckman were married.** 
Reunion held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Tuck.** 
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Marx celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.** 

Btaalatt of Cousins 

A cousins' reunion and basks t din- 
ner van held st the hocne of Mr. 
sad Mrs. 8. 8. Campbell. 9*0 tut 
Division street. Those who attended 
*ere: Messrs and M— rtsmos R A. 
Oampbell. Iuim Cslloway, Claude 
atone and sou, Billy, Alien Cain and 
■on. Aliru. Jr.; Misses Relhe »u.-_r. 
Wills Belle Stone. Juanita Campu«u, 
Vlxrcella o.:i . ilw:» Viigll Uni 
aad Oeorge Cain and the out-of-iovn 
fuests. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stone of 
MarahfleJd. Mr. and Mrs. Lie yd 
Brooks and son. Lonnle Jean, of Jop- 
lla and Mr*. Ellen Bodenbammer or 
8t. James. 

Mrs Mary K. McKinney. 1612 Col- 
lege street, anaunoe* the marriage of 
her daughter, Krma Jean, to Mr. 
Kmer F. Batn of this city. The 
ceremony was performed at Ozark 
Sv»«]ay. Mr. and Mrs. Bath are sj, 
home st ISIS College street. 

BeonJsa at Taak 
A family reunion was bald Sunday 
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. 
Tuck near Bolivar. A large dinner j 
to the foOowtng Messrs ! 
O. F. 
May. Osorga Low*. 
Kemdon. Fred May. h. IE 
Agnes Tack. Mr. Ralph Low* and the 
young people. Max nnd Kern Hem- 
don. Junior May, Martha Ann May, 
and the out-of-town guests. Mrs. 
Nettle Devise of Kansas City 
Miss Bart May of 

Mrs. Jennie Murray, lias North 
Missouri 'a\euue, anouncee the mar- 
riage of hex niece. Miss Mabel Btlter. 
to Mr. W. 8. Koknaan Sunday morn- 
ing at. the home of Rev, T. H. WlJee. ' 
pastor of Grant Avenue Baptist , 
church. Mrs. Eckman has been mak- ' 
log her home with her sunt. 






It Is believed that the youths had 
be*n "bumming" their way and were 
en route home, as the leller found 
on one of the boys written by his • 
mother urged them to come home as 
ah* needed aid. Railway employee be- j 
lieve that the buys stopped on the 
apur Saturday night and comfortably | 
situated themselves for a few hours 


Harry and Cahrm— Sffiith, 

Winslow, Ark., Meet Death 

on Frisco Tracks. 


Youths Apparently Had Gone 

to Steep on Bumper at End 

of Switch Spur. 

Crushed by a Frisco freight car as 
they alept. th* bodlea of Harry and 
Calvin Smith, brothers, of Winslow. 
Ark., were found by a switching crew 
at 7 o'clock InM night nctr the in- j 
tets.f t:on of Chase Btreet and Lyon j 
ftvejnif j 

The rhCF.ts of both youths, lying ! 
eldc by side on the bumper which j 
end* the Frisco spur alongside the I 
railways record file building, were | 
horribly crushed. They were believed 
to have been killed Saturday night 
when the car. loaded with coaL was 
cut loo«e from a train and backed i 
Into !.he flrilr.r, 

Identification Made. j 

The bodies were taken to the Alma ' 

- Mr. 

er*d lest mcht at a dinner a* *fac 
Oolonat hotel on the fiftieth aasuV 
msmry of their wedding. Butty gneeta 
attended the dinner, arranged by local 
frlenda of the Springfield pioneers, 
among them being a score of relattrea 
Of th* couple, who came here from 
sereral clUea to participate In the 
annlveraary celebration. 

Ignace Olaaer acted aa toaetrnskster 
at the speaking program which fol- 
lowed the banquet, and in a abort 
talk paid hla compliment* to Mr. and 
Mrs. Marx. 

Complimentary talks alao were made 
by Or. Herbert Spits of NaehrUle, 
» «ea*ev^g ay a>e^e*^p^ w* ae^ec #a^e»n M'aia 
Suliaab at* 

Mr. and Mta. Man were the recfpl- 
I enta over the week-end of many mas 
leagea of congnHnlatlawa team, tMaade 
I in other titles, as «dl aa the personal 
fellcltattone of aprlngtlakUaoa. and of 
many gtfte to mark the* f ol d ed an- 

Mr. and Mrs. Marx have Head to 
Springfield with the exception of a 
few months, ah of their married Ufa. 
coming hare' nearly so rears ago from 
Louies-Ilia. Xy. Mr. Marx engaged hi 
the clothing buelneee after osaatng 
j hare and ip one of the cays buelneaf 

teornf) er Funeral home where a let- A 
g«r And other articles found an th— tj 
gars their Identlfloatloc. A letter 
aore the algnature of their mother 
and waa mailed at Wlnalow. Ark. 

After talking with Mr. and Mra. 
W. A. Smith of that town. Coroner 
Jewell B. Windle aald that almost 
positive IdentLfloeUon wae certain. 
11m parents of the boya will coats to 
•t^wtnigfwait.peobaaUy arrlrlng at mid- 
night tonight, to take charge of the 




endley. aa «r 

An Inquest will be held at 10 a. nr. | 
tomorrow. Coroner Windle announe- I 

ltwt Clay 

afternoon after a Ungerlnf 
la eumred by hla 
W. F.. Barry X. 
Springfield; two daughters, Mra. 
White and Mra. Cheater 
Springfield, two eastern 
grandchlldran. Arrangaaaanta 
charge of the 



are la 


nirr Springfield Girl Weda. 

■.mermen t ha* been received 
.. . uf toe marriage or 41U» Corrlne 
Ulltabeth Duemlcr. daughter of Mr. 

Art*, to Mr. Omit L. Farmer, eleo of 
Phoenix, Saturday. The young couple 
will tat* * weddinc trtp to Oread 
Canyon and will be at home after 
October 11 In Ptooenuc. The bride 
end her family rtelded here until . 
about three yeara ago. , 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 3: Mrs. Kate Smith died.** 
Page 5: Miss Freda Mabel Wingo and Mr. Ewing Savage were married.** 

Miss Marian Galbreath and Mr. Byron Cole were married.** 
Page 12: Daughter born September 19 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Versaw of 1 1 19 East 
Commercial street. 


The bride's (own wae of white 
eatin etudded with rhlneetonee and 
a large rhlneelone buckle and with 
■Ilk fringe Unletting the rtppllng 
cap*. With It she wore » head 
drrna of oransje bloaaome and ellr- 
,,.- >, M aallli. Iter uouuael 
urn of » hlte roses and bal-y breath 
in nhower eHect. ller golne. away 
frock was of delph blue Jersey, with 
Mark trlmmlnge. with hat and oth- 
er acceasorlee of harmonising colore. 

Immediately following the cere- 
mony an Informal reception »»» 
held and a two-courss luncheon wae 
aerved In the dining room. The se- 
riating gueete were Miss L*u4»e 
nooenbauer. Mice Margaret B*nk». 
Mi.. Louise Martin. Mlaa Helen 
Heed and Mre. Victor Dorrell- About 
li rloee frtende of the two families 
were •preeent. 

The bride I- • tradoate of the 
Renter Hhjh echoo! and •"ended 
Prury college two yeara. ■*•*■■ 
member of Ta« Phi tat-wj« 
M..1 very fopt.Ur among the voorg 
membra of the society set. Many 
«l„.wer» and partlee have b en 
?i".nTn her honor durln, the P«" 
f«» weeka. 

Mr Savage, who U a graduate of 
lh r;VnTorMI K he.h.,aandanU i n>- 

,, .w.oolated wl«h the L**e Save. 
I-alntlng company. 

Mr and Mr*. Savage left 1*"* 
.,5.1 for • motor trip *rou«l. 
■"ufnern -tate- and «*» ^! ?/ 

E. $&*& 


> • 

NE of the prettleat home wed- 
ding* of the season took place 
at the hem* of Mr. and Mre. Fred 
Wing*. »17 Seeth Ptekwtck eveno*. 1 
at • o'clock yesterday afternoon' 
when their only deoghter, yreda 
VabeL became the bride of Mr. 

Bwing Savage. * eon of Mr*. Lee 
Savage, Ml South Market av»cue, | 
The cermeony room wae attract- 
ive with It* color motft of pink and 
white which waa developed with 
roeea and dahlia* In large art baa- 
keta. An Improvised alter of green- 
•ry wae arranged before the fire- 
piece, forming e lovely background 
for the bridal couple, while the 
stairway waa outlined with emlla* 
and asparagus fern. The other 
room* were adorned with * profu- 
sion of garden flowere emphaalalng 
an arrangement of many color*. 

Previous to the c*remr>ny Mlaa 
lrma Rethbone a*ng Snuberfe 
'Song of Love" and "Deep In My 
Heart." from The Student Prince." 
Aa the bride descended the stair- 
way and entered the ceremony room 
en the arm of her father, who gave 
h^r In marriage. Mendleeeohn # . 
wedding muelo waa played by Mlae 
Kell Roae and Mre. Knola Caleld 
Hti'dley. who aleu aottly gave 
Cfcoman'e "At Dawning*: dnttag the 
ecrvlce. wkloh . wae read by tn» 
Reverend J. W. Peerecn. paetor of 
St Paul MethodUt Bpleoopal 

K"w« be"*t home at Si; *<>uth 
Pickwick avenue. 


Mr* luil* Smith, tl. of NUngu. 
dlej t^itiUt afternoon In ■ hoa- 
.plUJ her*. She U surriTed by b«r 
hu! * , >4 OU*! a'danghur. Dorothy. 
hsr Uihtr and mother. Mr. and Mr*. 
Je<-k*oa LHtennaa of Nlanrua; 
focr sister*. Mr*. . Lent* O'Connor 
c< Spring-field, Mr*. Matt Hendricks 
«f NUnma. Mr*. Uaal* Rader of 
MarahrjeM. Mm. Orao* Bowden of 
• Irore Hlwinr*. Mn ; five l>oMherii. 
<X<-ar. lllram. Porter »nj CUrvnM 
l*tt««-man. all of Nlanrua. and Jo* 
I*1tenn*n of nruner. Mo. Funer- 
■1 eerrtr** wlU he conducted at 
!10 oVKx-k this afternoon at Nlan. 
qua. with Initial In the cemetery 
ihere. The body will bo taken ovsr- 
l»nd thU mnrnlns; by th* Kllnrner 
f-ineral home. 


The n,nrri., K «. ,,f Miss M :lrilln 
i-il.-rrail, 5s* i>h„..»„t Miret. t„ 

, ••"'"" lVI «' «'•«' IVl'Ur atrrn ,' 

•«k l'!...k S..,.,on.l..r I.I „, ,,„, , 
';"»•; "' the Broom'* »u lrr . Mr „ u | 

TK.„ ,, ,. f Kansas, nvriiuo The 
• f Wet, Avenue M K . rh , lrrh ^ I 

. '."V " , T '" '" ' :rl ' - w!:i »>■>»>«■ 

r Rome In Hon |, I1K Ur , rn Mp 


l'aul U Hula*. IS. and Minnie M. • 

Lehar. IS. both of Springfield: Wll- 

li.itll K. Plbben. ?!. anil Frovla ; 

Chandler. l«. both of Springfield. , 


Page 12: Harry and Calvin Smith were killed.** 

Newton Simmons died.** 

Mrs. Kate Smith died.** 

W. C. Thomas died.** 

Birth reported.** 
Page 16: There is an article about Sterling Price. 
Page 17: Miss Frieda Mabel Wingo and Mr. Ewing Mitchell Savage were married.** 




Funeral services were held Monday 
'. for Newton Simmon*. 80 y**x* old. 
! formerly of Springfield, who died 
1 Sunday at bU home In Clinton. Mo. 
I Mr. Simmons waa a Civil war Tet*r*n 
; and was a member of the O. A. H of 
8prtngfleld He Is survived by a sis- 
ter and two brother!. 

Funtnl service* were held at 2 30 
p. m todav «t Ntangua for Mrs Kate 
Smith. 35 of Nisngus who died yes- 
terday afternoon In a boapltal her*. 
Th* body whs taken overland thl* 
morning by the Kllngner Funeral 
borne. She Is survived by ber hus- 
band. Otis: a daughter. Dorothy; ber 
father and mother. Mr. and Mr*. 
Jackson L*tt«rm*n of mango*; ftwr 
nam, Mm. Letti* . O"0ooaor jc€ 
Springfield. Mn. Mary Bcndrtcfa Of 
Nlanrua, Mr*. E**l« Rader of Mg>- 
field, Mr*. One* Bowoan of droto 
Spring*. Mo„ and tent 
Oscar, BlfaiB, Porter and 
Lrttarman of Brunor. Mo. 


» Tuner*! seT views wwr* b*ld *4 * 
today at the horn* for W. C 
73. who died Monday at hi* 
1304 Clay street. -following a lingering 
:i.:,esa. Burial was m Maple Park 
cemetery under direction of Us* 
Kllngner Funeral home He is sur- 
vived by bis wife. Mr*. Laura Thomas. 
three sons. W S Thomas of txx 
Thomas- Turner Tea and Coffee com- 
pany: Harry H. of near Springfield: 
Roy E . 1307 Clay avenue; two daugh- 
ters. Mrs C M WhIU. 1370 Washing- 
ton avenue and Mrr. Chester Beshears. 
033 East Division street, by t»o sis- 
ters. Mrs. Theodocl* Gibson of 
Springfield and Mrs. Laura Molbtn of 


Mr. and Mr*. E. R McDanlel. 831 
I Webster street, announce th* birth 
i of a son, James Edwin, September 4. 


Mlaa Tried* Mabel Wiago. daugh- 
ter of Mr. end Mr* Jrred Wlngo, »17 
bouth Pickwick avenue.,- became tbe 
uride of Mr. Ewlng Mitchell S«v M i. 
son of Mrs. Lm Seraga. MS South 
! Market avenue, at en Impressive 
ceremony yesterday evening at 6 
o'clock at the home of the biide'e 
parents. .Attractive arrangement* of 
, nam aad dahlia* formed a pink and 
' *hlte color scheme amid the green 
; of the fern and anil lax outlining the 
' stairway down which the bride paaaed 
1 to an Improvised altar before tbe 
':*f;:luT a' nti* r::ii r»f t^e !'»r.K Uv- 
::iK room Oardr;. fiower* tn art 
i tjaoheu t-iid vw*» decorated Lhe 
! other room* of the horn*. MIm Irma ' 
Kalhbone sluk Bhuberta "Song of ' 
\-r.r" f«* rr. Illoeaorn Time" and "De»-p ' 
In My Kcirt ttitm tbe iuudei.t j 
Frfnre" preceding ti»* entrance of | 
• : «■ i :u:,-.'. raujrle 1:.* a~: o:u;»*r.!- 
lueUt was r.'i*>«-d l<> Miss Neil Kjw, . 
ptuilat and Mrt. Cnoja Calvin Hand- ' 
> r A vju Hhlat » - !".»i ii!v; played t !»** •* ••'1 - 
j;ilg*lh*rcb iroui Lr-latngrlti by W»<- j iiiirt "At Dawning" by Cadmun t 
throughout the service, Tlw brad* 
entered on tbe arm of bar father who 
gave her in marrtaf*. aad aee* Mat 
a* the aJ 

Methodlet Episcopal chtiTeh. 
. ring eenrlce. The gown worn by 

j bride wa* of ahlmmatlog white 

with a cape effect formed of lS-fneh 

fringe. Rhlnestonea atudded the 

drew and finished the walatUna. The 

! headdress was formed of four bande 

»f orange bloasoma and allppera of 

a bite satin were worn with the 

costume. Her shower bouquet wa* 

formed of brlde'e roaea and baby 

breath. An Informal reception wa* 

beld following the wedding ceremony 

end a two-course luncheon wa* aerv- | 

ed to the 50 clone friend* and rela- I 

Uvea. A larye heart-shaped white j 

»-o>r *h|r)i »u.n r>">r«ted vJth «-ft;t*f 

.•<«»^>t »♦-» c-cr»t»rr<: • ;.«• •».(.::• TiJl ?j ... 

-c** hi *laa* tc.dpr* K<:^rrir«l 'he fojr 

A t.UISlber Of 

I ::u* mhr> a*- 


She is a popular mem- I 


ber of young society and Is a member 
•of lau I'j.j Chuoma son.riiy. She 
.graduated from Senior High achool 
land was n student at Drury for two 
years. Mr. Snvnge Is also a graduate 
o: Bei !r- )!!•), s,!vk.: „,id Is n mem- 
ber ■ •( • 
Uy li. 
pie have 
of Uitir Jive* 

!'■;■..! !'•.: 0:i.f»gu frateri.- 

• ■" '• ■ * <U In- Saline 

r.p.ii.v • U. Hi young peo- 

••<l here the greutcr pari* 



Coroner's Jury Finds Arkan- 
sas Brothers Were Killed 
Accidentally. j 

A coroners Jury empaneled at 

, 10 a m today by Coroner JtnU S ' 

; Windle to investigate the deaths of 

! Harry and Calvin Smith, brothers of 

Window. Ark vhoM crushed bod lev 

were fo'inr! Monday night near the 

old banana plant at Chase etreet and 

l.jc n avenue jrare a verdict that their 

deaths were due Vn ai. accident and 

that no criminal responsibility could 

»■* !a!>l 

fliv.1 that Harr, *nd « a<>ali niuitb 
ramr to their deaths b; Interns) In- . 
Jurle* caused by being struck by a . 
brake beam of Frisco record car No. j 
12630. the said car being kicked onto 
*. dlr! bumper, located on tbe south 
side "f th? old banar.. plant. Chase 
• treet and Lyon avenue Evidence 
«ho»s that ar.rldeu: could ha-.e o^ 

I v -.:•..: 



IK l.f 



« •• ■. :; w •••■ ^ hf;aw« 

-^ — Mvri: . : ..-.» H«#sisr 4 hau«, Mn:-.1:«. A:.: T.« ker. Hr>n 

Reed and Mr*. V.r'or l>»rre:; Mr. 

and Mm. 6nvn^o left last nlRht for a 

motor trip to the south and will be 

a: i . r..r ,,• n:7 s-.-mi P:-ku:rk n \r. 

raie. tijv.ri theS rr'urn. a larve 

number of showein, bridge parties ■■: d 

luncheons have been Kiven for the 

I bride since the announcement of htt 

' curved Saturday. Baptembei 17. or 
more probably Sunday. September id. 
Evidence further show* that 'death 
waa an accident and no crlmmeJ re- 
aponalblllty can be laid for their 

W. A. Smith os- 
father of the youth*, _ 
Ceivta, i«. arrived La Springnead lead 
night to Uk* chart* •* 
landing word from two 
Harry's wife the bodlaa will remain 
at tbe Aim* lobmeyer Funeral horn* 
Burial will be at Window. 


Page 1 : A son James Edwin McDaniel was born September 4 to Mr. and Mrs. E. R. 
McDaniel of 330 West Webster street. 

Ruth M. Atteberry sues to divorce William V. Atteberry. 
Page 2: Harry Smith and Calvin Smith were killed.** 

Newt Simmons died.** 
Page 8: Mr. and Mrs. Jake Marx celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.** 
Page 11: Card of thanks for expressions of sympathy signed by James L. Burke. 

Mother Dangerously II! in 

Arkansas As Result of 

Apoplexy Stroke 

The bodies of two youths who 

net death under ft Frisco boX car 
hi re Saturday night were eent yes- 
terday to a grief-torn homo In 
tvtnelow. Ark., a homo where their 
• ged mother lies dangerously 111. 

W. A. Smith, father of the youth* 
confided to Coroner Jewell K. 
Wlndle before leaving Springfield 
for Wldslow yesterday that hi* wife 
1 id suffered ft stroke of apoplexy n | 
»hort time before word of her sons' 
deaths waa received, and that he 
feared the shock of thle tragedy] 
would cause her death. 

No question of the youth*' Identl 
lies frmalns. Thev were Marry I 
Smith. 21. and hi* brother. Calvin. 
1C. both of whom were on their way 
Lome from Detroit to aid their fam- 
ily, now In atmoat destitute circum- 
stance* They were killed as thev 
e'ept on n Ft!«co spur bumper heri'i 
Saturday night, ft hoi car rrushlnc 
them to death against the bumper. I 
r.n^ their r>ortles were not found un- 
til Monday night. 

Seven of nine children In th* 
Pmlth family have died In recent 
years. Mr Smith atild. He own* ft 
small farm near Wlnalow. and hns 
worked for many year* with the 
fTlaco there. 

A coroner'* Jury called by Mr 
kindle decided vesterdnv mnrnlnr 
tr-it the brothers' clenth war. caused 
hv an unavoidable accident, and 
that no one could be held 
lv liable. The bodies M'era sent to 
Wins-low for hy the Alma 
Lo"hmeyer Funeral home. 

lf)NE of the moat delightful of all 
! the answers to this enigmatic 

I question. "What Is Love?" Is con- 
tributed by Mrs. Juke- Mars, Kngle- 
nook apartments, whose romance 
| really inspired the contest. 

Mr. *nd Mrs. Marx (shown 
I above) celebrated the golden annl- 
i vemary of their wedding Monday. 
t'»ii ' In the evening were guest i at 
a Immiuct at tho Kcnlwood Arms 
hotel, attended by about 70 of their 
trlcnda. The room nnd tables were 
beautifully decorated with golden 
blossoms, and a great golden wed- 
ding bell hung over the heads of 
Mi and Mrs. Marx. Mr. lgnnre 
lil.mer ncted as loastmnater. und 
congratulatory speeches^ were made 
hy several of the guests. Including 
Irving Schwab nnd l>r. Ilcrmun 
Spitz. Mrs. Man's nephew from 
Nashville. Tenn. 

From her more than 50 years ex- 
perlenii- being "In love." Mrs. Marx 
sa y a : 

"Love Is a flower of frlrest hue. 
Hut stormy waves surround It: 
And bitterly must u. woman rue 
The hour she does not *lnd !t." 


Funaral servlc** 1 war* conducted 
Monday afternoon at Clinton. Mo, 
for M«wt Simmons. 10, * who dltd t 
hta homo In Clinton early Sunday 
morning. Ha m a veteran of tbs 
Civil war and a member of tho Q. 
iR. Ha la survived by ona alater 
and two brothers. Funaral asrvioaa 
were conducted by the Reverend 
John Bry, pastor o4 the Clinton 
Baptist church and Interment waa 
hs tho Clinton oaxmtary. 

crrs thank* la* kind expression of rour 
iimpuhr James L. Burke. 

7 sasssisisssssjMWMW M ^s s sj ■ ■■eeeeeseeee<Mi^ t 


Page 11: Mrs. Frances M. Clarkson died.** 

John B. Garrison died.** 
Page 12: There is a poem in memory of "our baby Martha Jane Massey who died one 
year ago today," signed by father, mother, and grandparetns. 


JOM* ft. (•4Rftl«OV D!ft*. 
J*vhn B Q*fr«a<Mt *4 t**.-* *U1 wall j 

ktiowb tn/i»u*n county curjm+a 
h,d l4nu*t. died wbi* mama* ai lut 
bona in Oaart Death leauflsd ftwa* i 
* iingeriDa; tltnaaa M« » Mil iK by I 
him wide*. Mia. came Ow—i • 
brother. Landoa Ovrm. and bla ! 
•grd paicbU. Mr. and Mn Hiram j 
Oamaon. <x Onrk. 
ffltnU art loeoarpeata 
«t!I be hr'd tr>mcr.-</* -a Saturday 


la »ur»l»ed by two 




bald at 3 oaaac* ItMay 
haw Saiaaa church, fhirtai 

Page 3: A daughter Margaret Jane McArtor was born to Mr. and Mrs. Brown McArtor 
of Brighton, Mo. 

Page 5: Miss Bertha Myers and Mr. Lafa Tiberghein were married.** 
Miss Corrine Dodson and Mr. George Reynaud were married.** 
Miss Marzelle Marbut and Mr. Erskel Henderson were married.** 
Page 11: A son John Charles Fairman was born September 2 1 to Judge and Mrs. John 
H. Fairman of 91 1 North National avenue. 

Son born September 14 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vanzandt of 1 1 89 East Mill 

Page 15: Card of thanks from James L. Burke for sympathy. 

Card of thanks for kindness at time of "our bereavement," signed by Miriam 
Goodhue Lynch and Genevieve Louise Lynch. 
Page 16: Francis M. Clarkson died.** 
John B. Garrison died.** 




Mi** Maririir Marbut ana Mr. 
grakel Hendeiron. both of Alonetu ■ 

. wfrt, married Sunday moraine at 
the home; of Mr. AsbuYy DaTla. they* 
Reverend) Vfrnfrad Davis reading 
the- eerv (<■••. - They were Httonded by ' 
MIhm Kuth Marbut. tha brides eta- i 

Iter, and Mr. Cheater Henderaon, Iba | 

; bridegrooms brother. ' Tha bride, 
who is a former atudent of Drury. 

i college and has bean teaching at 
the Marbut school near Monett.<le 
a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clint 

, Marbut. Mr. Henderson I* a aon ( 
of Mr. and Mrs. Ben K. Henderson. 



The marriaga of Misa Bertha 

'Myers, daughter of Mr. arid Mrs. 

! B. II. Myers of Nlxa. to Mr. Lufa 

JTIbanhaln of Hot Springs. Ark., 

took I'lale September 17 at Hot 

.isprjnea- Among those who attended 

■ the wedding 'were Mr. and Mrs. 

. Kvri-t Myers and Mr. George Myers 

I of till" < l\ The eoiijilo "ill live In 

I Hot 


We wish to .exprees th* sincerest trati- 
tuu and appreciates ta onr assay friends 
for tbetr generous ■jraipe.Ugr and beauti- 
ful floral offerings, la oar recent be- 






■« Funeral services for France* M.j, 
Clarkson. M years old. who died 
at U o'clock yesterday morning at 
tbe home of his son. C. L. Clark - 
••a. of route 1. will be held at 2 
o'clock thla afternoon at New Salem 
church with burial In Mount Com- 
fort cemetery tinder direction ot > 
t>e KUnC BW Funeral home. In ( 
adBlrkm to the aon with whom he • 
made hU home, he la survl\ed by 
two other eons. E. M. Clarkson. of ! 
Seattle. Wash., and Thomas Clark- ! 
•aa. of Ash Grove, nine grandchll- , 
dr»n and 11 great RrandrhlMren | 

John B. Garrison. 64. prominent 
•aimer and dairyman of Christian 
county, died yesterday after a Un- 
caring- Illness at his home near 
Osark. He la survived by his wife. 
Mrs Carrie Garrison; a brother. 
London Garrison, two sisters. Mrs 
Angle Taylor and Miss Florence 
Garrison, and his aged parents. Mr. 
and Mrs. Hiram Garrison, all ot 
Osark. Funeral nrrnnKfnvnti" ar« 
Incomplete, but servicer probably 
will be conducted at Uiurk Friday 
or Saturday. 


Th» marrta** of Mlqs Oorrlne 
Dodaon to Mr. George Reynaud took 
place tag*. Saturday In Loo An- 
I^W, Mm Mi»« NelUo How- 
ard and Mr. Yflton Reynaud. the 
bridegroom's brother, attending the 
coupV ' The bride Is a daughter of 
the Reverend and Mrs F. F. Dob- 
eon, formerly of Monett. and a 
former student of the University of 
Kansas. Mr. Reynaud la the son 
of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Heynnul anJ 
for two years was a student at 
State Teachers college. He Is now 
employed by the Standard OH com- 
pany and the couple will reside in 
Los Angeles. 

Page 23: Miss Ruth Frazier and Mr. J. E. Guinn, Jr., were married.** 
Page 8: Francis M. Clarkson died.** 

Peggy June Hauser died.** 

John B. Garrison died.** 

August 1923. 

Ruth M. Atteberry sues to divorce William V. Atteberry. They were married 


Birth reported.** 

*4» , . Gulno-rrasler. 

Mrs. P. B. Frazier. «3o South Mis- 
souri avtnue. announce th* marriage 
of nor daughter. Ruth, to Mr, J. K. 
Ouinn. Jr.. son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. 
Oulnn. 1007 West State street. Tues- 
day cvcH.i r by ttt !>r 1/ The' 
younr rou;!p are at home at" 14M: 
South Cait.i.i>r.i :: ■.<:. uc, 


ii i i i - ■'■■'?''■ 


Mr. and Mrs. William M. Pickering 
of MO North Robberaon avenue, an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter. Mary 
Lou, September 23. ' 


Funeral services for Francis M. 
Clark.ion. B4. who died al 10 a. m. 
yeeterrlhy at the liomc of his sou. C. 
L. Claikson of route I. were held af 
1 p. m. today at New 8alem church 
wl*h burial In Mount Comfort 
oemetcry under direction of the 
Kllr.irnrr Funeral home In addition 
to the wjii. wiih whom lie miule his 
home, he is survived by two other 
sons. E. M. Clarkson of Seattle Wash., 
and Thomas Clnrkaon. ot Afth Grove, 
nine grandchildren and 13 great- 

«v— s«*ffW« 


t*;wK,jK— ■ r«"- ". — - — ~-- — ",; ■■'iirttf*i 

"*- TwAiiiY Jl*l: MAirwML 1 ?^ 
^Xuoerai aa*rf«aa. »uu e»-ljei**»s*t 
3 p. tn, t om orrow at tha HM« tet- 
PtCCT June Hauaer. 3-year-old daugn- 
Mt of Mr. toad Mrs. Warnar fUuaer. 
•t 111* Went At Untie, who dW Uii» 
mornlnj! at the home. Burial wlH 
ha In Grecntewn cemetery, under dl- i 
rectlon of the Klltignrr Funeral home. ! 

JOHN It. t.,VKIUM).\. 

Funeral arrangements are incom- 
plete for John fi. Oarrlaon 64. promi- 
nent farmer and dairyman of Chris- 
tian county, who died yesterday after 
a lingering nines* at his home near 
Ozark. Services will he held at 
Ozark. He la survlred by hla wife. 
Ura. Carrie Uarrlaon: a brother. Lan- 
don Oarrlson: two slaters, Mrs. Angle 
Taylor and Miss Flarcnoa Oaxrlsou. 
and hts aged parents. Mr. and Un. 
Hiram Oarrlaon, ail of Oeark. 

Page 1: The will of Mathias Hauber was filed for probate. The heirs are the widow and 

12 children. 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: A daughter Marylou Pickering was born September 22 to Mr. and Mrs. William 
M. Pickering of 930 North Robberson avenue. 

Son born September 9 to Mr. and Mrs. Louis McKinley of route 6 Springfield. 
John Garrison died.** 
Page 3: Elizabeth Huckaby sues to divorce John W. Huckaby. They were married 
September 21, 1916, and have a child. 

Page 5: Miss Erma Gene McKinney and Mr. Elmer F. Bass were married.** 

Page 12: Myrtle C. Long sues to divorce Alfred Long. They were married February 6, 


Carl Stamps of Wilson Creek and Myrtle McVey of Republic were married 

yesterday in Springfield. 

Peggy June Hauser died.** 

Mrs. Mary Frances Armstrong died.** 

r . 



Ktinerul service* for PejtKy June 

jll.«i-«i. iu.' \ i .i i ..I.I iI.iukMit uf 
| Mr. an. I Mm. Humor Hauser, of 
[1313 W.-jtt Atlantic street, who died 
■ yesterday morning ut the home, will 
Im- In-Ill nt . o'rloek this afternoon 

nt I In' ri-siuVin 

with, burial In 

Crrenlawn cemetery under direction 
«»f tin- Ming tier Funeral home. The 
child la survived by the p;trents. 



Mrs. Mary "'France" Armstrong. 59 
years old, widow of Abner Arm- 
strong, died at 8:30 o'clock last 
night ut the homo of her daugh- 
ter. Mrs. A. H. Wallace, rout* 1. 
Springfield. Hhe la survived by 
two sons, James H. Armstrong of 
Kulr Grove and Orvllle Armstrong 
of Springfield: two daughters, Mrs. 
Wallace of Springfield and Mrs. 
.Maggie Armour of Xanton Alto, 
Alberta, Canada: 13 grandchildren 
ami e'.x great grandchildren. Fun- . 
ituI Kervlcea will be conducted at 
11 dclock Sunday morning at] 
Pleasant Hope, 20 miles north oft 
litre, and burial will be in the 
cemetery there under direction of 
I the Kllngner funeral home. 

I f<Aa\ to Tk» N*V*. 

OZARK, Mo; Sept. 'SC-^John'B. 
Garrison. 66, pramlnent In affairs 
of Christian eouifty for many years. 
died at his home near here follow- 
ing a lingering Illness. He la sur- 
vived by the widow, one brother. 
London Oarrlaon. two sisters, Mr*. 
\nple Taylor and Miss Florence 
Garrison and the aged parents. Mr. 
and Mrs. Hiram Oarrlaon. Funeral 
services will be held Sundny nt 
the home with burial in tha Oarrl 
son family cemetery. 

On tha allegations that her hus- 
hand la Quarrelsome and abu»i»e 
and tnat he faUed to nipU'rt her. 
jiyrtl* C Lrf>ng has filed suit for s 
divorce from Alfred Tht-y 
mn married February 6. 1S-H. and 
avparated last May 1 

Carl SCampa •♦ Wilaon Creak and j 
Myrtle McVey of K-publlo were] 
•tarried at tbe court liouae y»-t<-r- > 
4ay by J. W. Tipi-in. pr.-i-iJ.r.t,- 1 
of the county cour'. 


Hobart W. Dean. »■*"*""«! 
M. Bailey. »S. both of SprlB««eM 
Robert a Crithton. 21. SprUwfieid, 
.„d Ruth Wllhelm. K Mofcatt 
Carl Stampa. 12. Wllaon Creek, and 
Mrrtu McVev. 18. Republic 


Mr*. Mary McKlnney Announce* 
the marrlare of her daughter. Erma | 
Oene. to Mr. Elmer F. Baea. which 
toot: place Sunday. September 18. at 
Omrk. The rnupte will reside at 
1612 Collage afreet. I 


Page 3- Mrs Walter Mayfield Chaplin of 2401 Howard avenue and her sister Mrs. Clell 
Reed have gone to Fort Worth, Texas, for the funeral of their little nephew Lewis Mayfield, Jr. 

Page 6 : R. I. Richard of Bedford, Iowa, who recently moved to Howell county is a 
second cousin of Tex Rickard, owner of Madison Square Garden in New York City. 

Page 8: There is a poem in memory of "our husband and father J. C. Jones who died two 
years ago today," signed by wife Mrs. J. C. Jones and children. 

Page 10- C. C. King of Springfield is the grandson of Gov. Austin A. King, who was 
governor of Missouri 1848-1853. Gov. King was born September 21, 1802, in Washington 
county, Tennessee, and came to Missouri about 1830. He died April 22, 1870, in St. Louis. 
This is a long article. 

Page 11: Miss Crystal Cochran and Mr. Lee Watson, Jr., were married.* 

Mrs J W. Weis and Mrs. Helen Skidmore of Manchester, 111., are visiting their 
nieces Mrs. Al Rountree, 508 South Main avenue, and Mrs. Sam Hall, 709 East Monroe street. 
Mrs. Rountree and Mrs. Hall are also entertaining their cousin, Mr. Stanley Weis and Mrs. 
Weis ofMatoon, 111. 

Page 12: Myrtle C. Long sues to divorce Alfred Long. They were married in February 

1916. . Jx , . ,. 

Merle B. Kelley sues to divorce Claud V. Kelley. They were married March 3 1 , 


Hazel M. Bailey obtained a marriage license soon after her divorce.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 

Mrs. Ross Essex died.** 

Mrs. Josephine Gilmore died.** 

Peggy June Hauser died.** 

Mrs. Mary Frances Armstrong died.** 

BurleyE. Walton died.** 

Mrs. Susan E. Davis died.** 

1 lira. H. A. Cochran. ISM North 
Orant avenue, announoaa th» mar- 
ria«« of her daughter. Cr-jalai. to Mr. 
Urn WaUon. Jr., on Wad n —d aj . B#p- 
umber 7. at 8 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. 
Wataon ara at bom* at It 68 north 
Orant avenue 

- -0-- .. i 

Licensed to AYcd 
Nine Days A Her 
Divorce Awarded 


Th. W pmuu.n of -Ho.-lS- M. . «n- 
luckv proved true in a mlt for m 
lore. lU-d thU tnorntr* ID *«?"£, 
oi th. circuit clerk. Juet U"*-**"**' 
and U»lrt8«i ttty. af*r tb«»r marrtaft 
the deserted Merle B . K'lle>. 
plaintiff in an action e B »inst Claud 
V Kelley. according to the petition 
filed by Mr*. Keller. Thev *«« 
rn~le7 March 31. 1027. and lived to- 
. »ether until July U la** 

With only nine day* elapa!n| from 
the time ahe v«t released from the 
ilea ot matrimony by Judfe Guy D. 
Klrfcy in division one of the circuit 
court. Hnzel M Bailey tod.iy » a* » to an application f'ir r\ 
i .jvkc lkenee. In thr ollire ot Recorder 
of Deeds Jack McKtr. 

The records In the circuit court 
show thai Mrs. Maude Bailey wan 
grunted a default decree lor divorce 
September lft and the records In the 
recorders* office ben- her name as a 
party to a marriage license. She ob- 
tained the divorce from Joseph S 
Bnlley and the license »ns issued for 
her marriage to Hobart W Dean. 


, marriage lkc\m:\ 

Recorder or Died* Jack W. McKec 

i tiAlay issued the following marriage 

' licenses: 

' Carl Stamps. 22. Wilson Creek, and . 

Myrtle McVcy. 18. Republic. 

Robert 8. Crighton. 27. Spftng- ' 
'field, and Ruth Wilhelm. 25, Monett. j 

James W. Hall. 34. and Mrs. Edith ! 
M. Thompson. 32. both of Springfield., 

Hobart W. Dean. 39.. and Hazel M.j 
Bailey. 33, both of Springfield. 

Mrs. Susan E. Davis. 73 years Old. 

wicioflTof qfrorpe Davis, died at noon 
today at tre home of a daughter, 
Mrs. A. J. Pale. 710 East Division 
street. She u survived by one son, 
Owen Davis, of Springfield: two 
daughter*. Mrs. Zela Morelock. Loe 
Angf let.. Calif . and Mrs. Pate: three- 
sisters. Mrs. S Y. Helms. Mrs. J. W. 
Knaules and Mr*. Belle Daley, all of 
Springfield: two brothers. P. J. Daley, 
Pomona. Calif., and 8. O. Daley. Har- 
rison. ArK . ann" six grandchildren. 
Puncnil arrangement are Incomplete, 
but will be under the direction ot 
the Kimgner Undertaking company 

Word wee received bare yesterday 
by Mrs. Holland Bennett of TM Spoils 
Missouri avenue of Um death la horn 
Angeles of her brothers wife. Mrs. 
Ross Essex. Mrs. Wears died Septet** 
i ber 31. Burial was In Los Angeles. 


Mrs. Josephine Ottnsore. to 

'old. of near Bverton. Mo. (Bed ttusj 

' morning In a local hospital. Puneral 

| services will be held at 3:80 p. m. to- 

[morrow at Friend Chapel free miles 

' west «r Everton. Burial will be la 

the cemetery there under direction 

of the Paxson Puneral home. She Is 

. survived by a daughter. Mrs. Lester 

Dresdel. of Everton. 


Burley e Walton. 33 trir-t ,- ■■ , 
6pr,, lg f,eid. died Thursday .fi^ 
" his home In Eureka. Calif mr 
cording to word received here bv h ." 
-other. M, s M .r> J. W .|l«n^iJS 

t«« Division street. Mr. Walton w»» 

&S *z rcared ,n the cui ■"« " 

J*urlsl^riu be In Eurek* -W m<wS*> 

gjr*" mother. . ^mi^mm 

l**V**fr. rhree brothera.TW.tter A " 

l B. :jia*>v~ three aisters, Un^Vir,*: 

! ton-. d.u S reside. In BprtngBelo. 


Tuneral services will be held at ll 
a. m. Sunday at Pleasant Hope. 30 
mile* nor'.h of here, for Mr» Mary 
Prances Armstrong. 88. widow of Ah. 
ner Armstrong, who died at e_*x> 
o'clock last night at the home of her 
daughter. Mrs. A. H. Wallace of Route 
1. Springfield. Burial win be In tbe 
cemetery at Pleaaant Hope, under dl- 

I rectlon of the Kllngner Puneral home. 
She is survived by two *ons. James H. 
Armstrong of Fmr Grove and Orville 

I Armstrong of Springfield; two daugh. 
ters. Mrs. Wallace and Mrs. Maggis 

( Armour of Nauton Alto. Alberta Can- 
S ** m *'*" ad »; " grandchildren and six great 

Pagel: C. H. Denny died.** 
Page 4A: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Burley E. Walton died.** 

Mrs. Ross Essex died.** 

Mrs. Susan E. Davis died.** 

Mrs. Josephine Gilmore died.** 

Mrs. Mary F. Armstrong died.** 

PM.f.Y 41 SK MAI *».K. 


Puneral services for Peggy June 
j Mauser, two-year-old daughter of Mr. 
1 and Mrs. Warner Hauser. of 1313 West 
I Atlantic atreet. who die* yesterday 
I morning at the home, were held at 

2 pm. today at the residence, wills 
' burial In Oreenlawn cemetery under 

direction o( the Puneral 

home. Tr:c little Ctl l« •■•::• .■.:■"'. oy 

her parents 


Page 9A: Wiley Fry is alive. Jack Lamar is dead.** 
Page 10A: John Garrison died.** 

Son born September 24 to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wheeler of 604 West Harrison 

A daughter Margery Lucille Dennis was born September 20 to Mr. and Mrs. Orval 


Page IB: Earn Johnson of Bois D'Arc and Tressie Brown of Ash Grove were married 
yesterday at Ash Grove. 

Page 2B: Merle B. Kelly sues to divorce Claud V. Kelly. They were married March 3 1 , 

Page 7B: Charles H. Davis, 67, died Saturday at his home at Richland. He was 
prosecuting attorney of Pulaski county. 

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lillard of Lebanon died Monday. 

Miss Ruby Blakely and Mr. Bernard J. Meeth of Lebanon were married September 

Betty Jean McDaniel died Monday in Lebanon. She was the nine month old 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvy McDaniel. 

Mrs. J. C. Crow of Lebanon went to Inglewood, Calif., where her brother E. J. 
Hickman died. 

Daughter born September 21 to Mr. and Mrs. Arch Long of Monett. 

Homer Lee and Miss Dola Fritz were married September 12 in Monett. 

Miss Corrine Dodson and George Raynaul were married September 17 in Los 
Angeles, Calif. They formerly lived in Monett. 

Jim Jones of Elkland died and was buried in Mount Olive cemetery. 

The young son of Mr. and Mrs. Olin Day of Marshfield died after eating poison 
berries in the yard. He was buried at Mission Home church. 

Page 10B: Mr. and Mrs. James Pickren of Salem, Ark., will celebrate their 55th 
wedding anniversary on November 15. He is 78. His father John Pickren was born in Italy and 
came to America in 1836. Mrs. Pickren was Nannie Webster of Webster county, Missouri. 
They have eight children. 

Page 3C: Miss Henrietta Truman and Mr. Earl G. Davison will be married on 

Miss Bernice A. Skates, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Skates of 1215 Roanoke 
avenue,, and Mr. Harry W. Holden, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Holden of 1236 Concord street, 
were married August 25. 


Wiley Fry. who XVH " 4, ** d * nd | 
i burled but yet Hv". haa resumed 
I hit lite with h»" "wily on a farm 
\K miles from Thayer. Mo. Since 
{appearing before * startled com- | 
Imunltv several days ago after he, 
I was supposed to have been burled j 
■In the family lot IH the cemetery | 
I near hi* farm home. Fry has deft- j 
nltelv Iwfn accepted as alive and ' 
the excitement has considerably 
diminished. I 

The body of Jack I.imar. con- , 
vlct. who wit burled In the family j 
plot under the Impreaaton thut ft' 
km the hods of Fry. still lies In tu j 
original grave, no claimants having I The body probably will! 
be exhumed und roburleU in the I 
pojter s field 

Wedding Wednesday 

The. marriage of Ml** Henrietta 
Truman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
K. Truman.. 1»30 North Broad- | 
. t. to Mr. Karl Q. Davidson of' 
ehlta Fall*. Tex., will take place ' 
•dneaday evening at I o'clock at 
tumlln Memorial church. The' 

• ride will be attended by Mra. Hoy | 
llornhurkle of Kansas Otty «•' 
niatron of honor and her brides- j 
tnalds will u- Miss Velma Martin. 
Miss Ruth Kelley. Miss llessh' ' 

"Wells, and MKs Klltabeth Gibson. | 
Mr. l^nul* Tmmnn, l'r«-tl»er !>■ il-e 
l.lde. will l.t» ll-.e honor man. and 1 
I l:o gjiioinsmrn will be Mr. Tom I 

• Yabb. Mr. Oeorge Hall and Mr.! 
N>d Hart The service will be t«-ad 

I ■>• the Kcver"hd J. A. Hi-per. The 
couple will make tlirtr home In 
Wichita Falls. Tex. 



to Bmto CnJtf 

sseatred nor* ky kla 
Mary J. Wanna, HttlaM 

He la SSjrftVOJ by the aether. Ui 
e*«r»t*r; by three tooth. 
Wehea, of MprifthM. 
of Baraka, oaat. u4 
whe la to (ha Unit* 
I to f««r itototo Hn. 
Maris*, Hit Sato ■sneak*. Mrs. 
It — tea ana kttaa MIh Wal- 
el of SpHastUM. Puaoral oottIm* 
aad burial wfll to toM U Koreka. 

■a. Row lau. of Los Aaida. died 
11 at bar b i« i, ■aoafllac 

to a 

*fc*a»-k»-ln«. Hit. Ballaa4 Bennett, of 
TV gwatk fcUaa-ct. eeenae. Burial 
to La 


Funeral trnuo'iu ara r*» Ineoea- 
pWu for Mr*, loai E. Dmrla. 7» years 
•*». woo died at noon |«UHtr at the 
kiw of k*r «**«».t»T. Hn. A. J. Pat*. 
n» Eaer Dtrkdou streak bat will bo bold 
of tka rancor Funeral 
•bo k> a m rl iad ky om »•. 0»tn 
Dorw, gortacflald: two dauahUra. Mr*. 

Pule: tkro* sisters. Mra. S. T. Holma. 
Mra. J. W. Knaoioa and Mra. Bollo Daley, 
all of Sprlnffkld; twe brothera. F. 1. 
DoJrr. at ISaaaaa. C*JK . and B. G. Dal«y. 
of HLarrtooo, Ark- and alt rrandeblMren. 

Wmum al ■■ itoaj far Mra. Jeasaklae 
Olhairi. M yaara aid. of near Irorton. 
Max. wko clad yesterday aaornlnc In a 
local Hospital. wUI bo told at X:*0 o'clock 
this aflarnoan at Friend caapel. fl»e atllrt 
woat of Srorton. with burial In tba ceme- 
tery ttora under direct ton of tto Peaeon 
P an oinl tocaa. Ska Is ss nU ed by ana 
dno«btar. Mra. Later Dresdet. of Ererton. 
and tka kuaband. W. M. CUmurr. 


Funeral eerrteea for Mra. Mary Pranr«a 

Araastronc. ■> yaara old. wko died Friday 

nlcbt nt Iko homo of kcr daacbUr. Mrs. 

A. H. Wallare. of BpHo«fWd. Rte. 1. wlU 

lb* k*ld at 11 o'rlork tbli mornins a* 

Pi » Hop* wttk burial tkrra under 

dir«rtion of tk« Kllncncr Funeral bom*. 

Ilnrwr <-"■ nnd Mian Dol* Frits ! 
«ere •lulrtly married Sept. 19. Bt j 
home ,if the Ileverend W. J. Boehne. | 
703 Klftll street. Mlea Herthn Frit* • 
mil Hurl Mm. kins b^ing only wit- J 
' ncKio* to ceremony. After a wed- 
dins Journey of a abort tlma, thsy 
win reside la Meoott. 



OZARK. Mo.. Sept. II.— John B. 
Garrison. 66. prominent In affairs 
of Christian county for many yaara, 
died at hla home near hero follow- 
Ing a lingering, lllneaa. He I* sur- 
vived by the widow, one brother. 
London Garrison, two bisters, Mrs. 
Angle Taylor and Miss Florence 
Garrison and the aged parents. Mr. 
and Mrs. Hiram Garrison. Funeral 
services will be held Sunday at 
tha home with burial In the Garrl- 
son family cemetery. 


Injuries sustained last' Tuesday 

moraine when ha was run down 

by an automobile while crossing *\h« 

| square In Ava. Mo., last evening 

j proved -fatal to C. II. Denny. ?& 

. years old. merchant of that town. 

i Mr. Denny died In a local hospital, 

I having been brought here lmmedt* 

lately after the accident for treat- 

jment. He had sustained " a frac-l 

j lured skull and a broken hip. 

| The car strlkln*- the merchant; 

was driven by a Mr. Toy. of Ava. a 

i veteran' of the Civil war. Sheriff 

[CUnkenbeard last night said that he 

could not nay at this time as to 
• whether charge* w+y be filed 

against Toy. 

Mr. Denny is survived by tha 
j widow and by one daughter. Mra, 
:\V. C. Mnnkln. of Bakersfleld. Cal. 
The body, will be sent overland 
! thin morning to 'Ava by the Her- 
jman H. I-ohmeyer Funeral home. 
■ Funeral arrangements are not com- 
; piete but services probably will be 
, held Tuesday. 


Charles E. Fesperman. 10. and' 
Margaret Coley. 22. both of Spring- I 
field; Barn Johnson. If, Bols D'Arc. ! 
and Treaale Brown. 16. Ash Grove' ' 
James W. Hall. H. and Edith Mark- 
j Thompson. »2. both of Sprlngfjeid. | 

' I'nele Jiai Jonea. veatraa realdoat ef 

I tto county U dead after a liaceriag H\- 

. nets. Funeral aerrieaa ware toM arltti 

'tto >*r*r*ad Jo* Hick*, offklathh*. 

, wmrlnl aat In .Mount OH** ui l af . 

I .Tko ywaac aan of Mr. and Mra. OHn 

Day. ef Marah/Md. wko dM after aat. 

lac passes borriea oa ornanwatal toajaaa 

In tko yard, was knriod Buaday at Muafam 

Homo chorea, tto service being conduc t ed 

ky tto Baoaread Pattan. 

The marriage of MUs Corrlna 
Dodaon and Oeorge P.eynauJL Kept. 
1? at Los Angeles.. Cal.. has been 
announced to Monet t friends. .The 
young folks attended school here. 
Mr. Reyna nd was of the i*i9 gra- 
STJEfWaf claM nr»nmend ed T e1 f*h - 
• era Ctllr-g* at Sprinrflel.l for .twn 

Page 1: Ed Conway of Walker, Mo., was killed in an auto accident yesterday near 

C. H. Denny was killed.** 
Page 2: There is a history of Hollister, Mo. Much of this issue is devoted to Hollister, 
where the English Inn just opened. 

Page 20: Miss Henrietta Truman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Truman, and Mr. Earl 
G. Davidson of Wichita Falls, Texas, are engaged to marry.** 

Page 21: Miss Berniece A. Skates and Mr. Harry W. Holden were married.** 
J. A. Delo celebrated his 80th birthday.** 
Mr. Randolph Miller and Miss Nina Kerr were married.** 
Miss Henrietta Truman and Mr. Earl G. Davidson will be married Wednesday.** 
Miss Minnie Lehar and Mr. Paul Hulse were married.** 
Page 22: The body of an infant boy was found in a stock pond.** 

Marriage license: Charles E. Fesperman, 36, and Margaret Coley, 22, both of 

Marriage license: Earn Johnson, 19, of Bois D'Arc, and Tessie Brown, 15, of Ash 

Page 31: Mrs. Josephine Gilmore died.** 
Mrs. Mary Frances Armstrong died.** 
Mrs. Susan E. Davis died.** 
Births announced.** 
Page 10: James May of Jamestown, Ark., was found dead in the hay chute at the barn of 
Fred Zoller of Billings. The young man had been doing chores for Mr. Zoller. 

Roid Irl Day, 2, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orin Day of Marshfield, died September 16 
from eating poison berries. 

The following marriage licenses were issued at Marshfield: 

A. A. Hayes and Ella Smith, both of Ava. 

B. L. Huckaby and Frances E. Brown, both of Springfield. 
H. G. Brown of Billings and Pearl L. Brown of Clever. 
Raymond Thomas and Alma Dean, both of Niangua. 

Ray Dugger of Hartville and Georgia Dudley of Niangua. 

Nancy J. Calloway, 73, died September 16 at Marshfield. 

C. Z. Murphy died Sunday at Niangua. He was buried in the Lutheran cemetery 
west of Niangua. He is survived by his wife and a son. 

Mrs. Kate Lesterman Smith, wife of Otis Smith of Niangua, died Tuesday in the 
hospital in Springfield. She was buried in the Niangua cemetery. She is survived by her 
husband, a daughter Dorothy, her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Letterman, four sisters Mrs. 
Nettie O'Connor, Mrs. Grace Bowden, Mrs. Mary Hendrix and Mrs. Essie Rader and five 
brothers Joseph, Herman, Oscar, Porter and Clarence Letterman. 

Announcement baa been mi^i 
of the marrlaLge of Mr. Ran- 
dolph Miller, ion of Mr. and 
Mr*. J. W. Miller. 2300 Worth Na- 
tion*] avenue. to.Mlaa Nina Kerr erf 
i Wichita, Kan. Monday. Mr. Miller 
I has " been reeldlnc tn Wichita and 
trie young couple ■win continue to 
make that city their home. 


M. and Mar 
33. both ef Spnnffield 
ii 4 Bo*. D-Ar*. a*J 
Is. Ash Ore**. 

Mr, and Mr*. Orval Dennis an- 
nounce the birth of * daughter. 
Margery Lucille, on Beptamber 30. 

Mr. and Mr*. K. P. Brlckley. of 107A 
Grace avenue, announce the birth of 
a eon, Jamee Klroy. September 10. Mr*. 
BrickJey *u formerly Mlaa Pauline 
Simmons, of IB06 Grace avenue. 

Mr. *nd Mrs. John Kaufman, 1004 
East Locust etreet, announce the 
birth of a eon. Robert James, Sep- 
tember 18. 


Reunion at Brljton. 
A family reunion was held last 
Sunday at the heme of Elijah Black- | 
burn. 30 miles north of Bprlcg'leid. 
uear Brighton. Dinner M« wm«I St 
1 e'rlork at the old «pr!:>« Mr 
filiti ».:.;;rji VM bom In Trr. f-.»*e*e u- '. 
oan:» !:ere when a ve~ ;,<..:,„• 1 v 
at the time oa wagons werr uaed. Mf 
is 80 yrara old and si! 11 active. He 
la the father of six children, all n? 
whom attended the reunion. The day 
wee spent fn reminleeenoss and In- I 
•pectlon of the old home. The fol- 
lowing relatives attended: Mr. 
Mrs. Elijah Blackburn. Mrs. 
Khyne. P. L. Presley, Over** Btaek- 
burn. Burley Presley. Malen Black- 
burn. Mrs. fiemmontrea. stobert Cope* 
iand and family. Jsaao Presley, Homer 
Murd. iohn Kurd. Jack Planer. Arnold 
a*re*lcy, GiSKUve Bailee. Orn;ie Treb- 
le*. Qeorge Pr n tle r . Charles Bhon. Ben 
Turk. Charley Barter. Orville Btoke* 
and Out Blackburn. 



AVA. Mo, Sapt 28 — (Special)— I 
Tha finding of the nude body of an ' 
Infant boy In a eecluded etock pond 
near tha Champion echool houaa. In • 
the aaat end of Douglas county, on 
September 18. remain* a mystery, al- 
though prominent cltuwna of the 
neighborhood are conducting a rigid • 
InTaattgatlon in co-operation with ; 
oounty officer*. 

Dra. J. L. and Marvin Gentry of 
A **» called to axamlna tha body at , 
an lnqueat bald* befors Justice Wll- j 
Ham OUes. reported that tha infant . 
n »d bean drowned and tha body had 
been '.v. th» «•»»►» fnr four r ,r f»v« 



STOCKTON. Mo, Sept. 34. — (Spec- 
ial)— Ski Conway of Walker, Mo, was 
killed. Tom Peter* of Marble Rill wsa 
Injured, probably fatally, and Ar- 
nold Zing of Walker auffered two 
broken lcaga In an accident which de- 
mollahad Zing'* Pord roadster near 
I here yesterday. 

nun proves 


+ > x 'F^i/v 


• -'•'•■ ■. • • '*«S506a 

-- - ' - ■"'*?' 


'-■■•,- •'v'-v-,.^ nw? . ;.j^-v - si' 

C. H. Denny Brought to St 
John's Hospital for Treat- 
ment Last Tuesday After 
Having Been Struck by 

C. H. Danny, 73 year* old, owner 
of the Are Marble Works and promi- 
nent Douglas oounty business man 
for many year*, died at 0:30 o'clock 
last night in a hospital here fol- 
lowing Injuries auffered Tuesday 
morning whan run down by an auto- 
mobile as he attempted to cross a 
street lh Ava. , % 

Mr. Denny wsa brought to Spring- 
field following; tha accident and 
placed la tha St. John's hospital. 
Examination disclosed that he had 
auffered s broken left leg and a 
fractured akulL .' 

HI* condition grew worse until his 
death last night Ha had been un- 
conscious since the accident. 

Mr. Denny u surrlTed by his wife 
and a daughter. Mrs. W. O. Man- 
kin of Bekersfleld. Calif. Tha body 
will be taken overland to At* today 
by the Herman H. Lohmeyer Puneral 
home. Puneral service* wlU be held 
Tuesday afternoon at At*. 



[ Mlas Bemlece A. 8katea and Mr. 
jfcUrry W. Holden were married last 
Sunday by Rev. John Crockett. Mrs. 
Jtolden Is the daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs E. R Skates. 1215 Roanoke ave- 
JBJC and Mr. Holden la a son of Mr 
ar.d Mrs. 11. C IIoln-.w.. !236 Conrord J 
aareuue. They are at home at 1336 ' 
jponcord avenue. ! 

A MT pretty '■Kit; if. I 


nt^A a* a*. Joseph. 

'<uy momta. at 8 o'clock whan 

bn«*< wore a track ee* 
large picture h«a ea 
I s aalcsV end easTled • 
i ot ur**« •* rasas. Me» 
sister of the bride, 
-ad Mr. wu;i»m Lst-ar attended U»». 
Wd^room. Th. bride I. **«*"«*; . 
w of Mr. Mid Mr*. R. J. l*h*r. •» 
Snh Ormnt street. Refreshments 
<r*re served to the wedding rur^» 
Th. out-of-town ,ueets who attended 
were Mm. Edward Nelaon end sou of , 
Kanw City: Mm. Valentine Fiuner , 
end daughter. M«rgle. Mr*- D.H 
■ MO— of Aurora; Uxm. Ernes* Ray- 
dor and family ot ft»t»r. Mies Oath- 
«rlna KnotweU ot West Wains. Mr 
and Mr. Hulas will be e» homo on 
Boute 10 after October 1. 


rur.eml eerv!ce« will be held at 
3:80 p. m. today at Friend chapal, 
five mile* wort of Everton for Mrs. 
Josephine OUinors. 00. of naar arear- 
ton. Mo., who died yesterday morn- 
ing In a local hospital. Burial will 
ba In the cemetery there under direc- 
tion of *ha ruan Funeral boms. 

Funeral services wUi ba held at 

!uxa today at Pleasant Hop*, 30 
miles north of here, for Mra. Miry 
France* Armstrong. 88, widow of Ab- 
nar Armstrong, who died it 8:80 
o'clock Friday night at tha homa of 
her daughter, Mrs. A. H. Wallace ot 
Route 1. Springfield. Burial will be 
In the cemetery at Pleasant Hope, 
under direction ot the KJlngner Fun- 
era! home. 

deodhter of Mr. end *™-*Jl- 

who will bacom. the bride »«JM£ 
Ucrl o. Dertaeon of ™du 
wSm. Tweas. Wedneedsy •?■■»■« 
iTTcair-mony «t the Hamlin Me- 
morial Baptist church Ml" Tru- 
man la the daughter of Col. R. E. 
Truman who wa* yesterday; elect- 
JTprSlannt of the Thirty-fifth , 
Division association. 

Mlat Truman to Wed Wednesday. 

Wednesday erenlng u the time set 
for the marriage of Miss li<ennetta 
Truman, daughter of Col. R. E. Tru- i 
man. nearly elected president of the 

Funeral arrsncemsnts are Incom- 
plete for Mrs. Buiuui E. Davis. 78 
yeara old. widow of Oeorge I>»vi». who 
died at noon yesterday at the home 
of a daughter, Mrs. A. J. Pate. 710 
East Division itreet. Burial will be 
under direction of the Kllngner Fun- 
eral home. 

4f J. A. Delo Celebrates Birthday. 

Mr and Mrs. J. C. Delo. 764 North 
Uor:a! avenue. entertBlnn-1 with n 

Thirty-fifth DlrUlon association, and 

In B. abd 

O. If. Delo of Altoona, 

visiting at the J. C. Delo boast, 

Mia. Lucille Pearson and da 

fcktorado, Arte The 

celved a number of nice gifts 

other guests present at the 

were Mr. end Mra. J. A. DesOv MY 

Mrs. T. X. Delo. Mr. and Mra, 8. 

er and two ehlMren. Miss M 

Delo.' Mr. Jack Delo and Mr. 


' -A- 


Page 1: Dr. Herman E. McCollum drowned.** 
Page 2: Clark infant died.** 

Hancock infant died.** 

Charles Stamps died.** 

Henry Hayes died.** 

Mrs. Lillie Kelgore injured in auto accident.** 
Page 5: Miss Minnie Lehar and Mr. Paul Hulse were married.** 
Page 10: Judge A. L. Baty died.** 

George W. Tunnell died.** 

John B. Garrison died.** 

Dr. Herman E. JfeColhim't 
Body Recovered by Rancher! 
Near Laramie; Mrs. Hancy 
Gunter Dead Man's Sister i 

pi IAN TIC efforts on the part of 
two companions and a rancher 
(ailed to aave from drowning yss- 
lerday afternoon Or. Herman EL 
Manuel McCollum, one of the lead* 
ln< physicians of Wyoming and 
brother of Mra Nancy Gunter of 
Spring field. 

Dr. McCollum was drowned in a 
lake near Laramie when he waded 
out after several ducks he had shot 
and became entangled In the weeds 
and sank. 

Both Unable to Swim 
Ills twu companions unable to 
swim, waded Into the water but 
(ailed to reach him The owner of 
the ranch on which the luke is 
situated, rode a horse Into the lake 
as far as the animal would go. but 
also failed !u r»arh the enot where 
the doctor sank. Ills body was later 

Up is »ur\ ;v.-.1 by a widow, and 

four Mstcr :.:id two brothers, Mrs. 

Minnie MtlVlium ■ f Browning. Mo.. 

Mr-. Nellie WiisvM o' Everett. 

• Wash.. Mrs. Nancy Gunter of 

.Springfield. Mo... Mrs. Rachel Nev- 

1 Ins of Browning. Mo, Dr. Beverly 

R. McCollum of I^oa Anmlos and 

Curtis B. McCollum of Des Moines. 

.' Iowa. 




■■■■—■ ■ ■■ ' i --™ ■ * 

Henry Hayes Came to United 

States From Germany When 

Two Years Old 

Republic's village blacksmith. 
Henry Hayes, friend and confident! 
of townspeople and farmers for 
many years and a former mayor of 
Republic, died at hie farm home late • 
Saturday night after a long illness. 
Born In Amsterdam, Germany, in 
1841. Mr. Hayes came to the United 
States when he was little more than 
two years old. The family moved 
immediately to a farm in Southwest 
Missouri, and young Hayes grew 
up nesr Republic. 

Well Known Character 
For 27 years he occupied a po- 
sition In Republic much like- that 
of Longfellows famous character. 
■ pending most of his tune In his 
blacksmith shop. About 15 yearH 
I ago Republic's political leaders put 
j thvlr heads together and decided 
I the village blacksmith was the log- 
i leal man for mayor, lie was elect- 
■ ed easily. 

1 Tin years ago 111 health forced 
; him to retire from his shop, and lie 
moved to the George O'Bryant farm 
three miles east of Republic, where 
he died. He la survived oat? *T 
two children. Jerome i Ha yea of 
Springfield and Mra. Vila Ward of 
the home address. 

Buried Today 
Kunerel services were conduct* 
ed at the tarn home at 1 o'clock 
yesterday afternoon with the R* v - 
E. C. Bechter of. Springfield deliv- 
ering the funeral sermon. Burial 
was In Evergreen cemetery at 
Republic under the direction of the 
It. El Thurman Undertaking com- 


WOMAN. 64. HURl 

m ■■■■■■! I 

Mrs. Lillie Kelgore of Dexter 

Dangerously Injured in 

Mishap Here 

.Mrs. Llllle Kelgore. 64. of Dexter. 
Mo., was dangerously Injured yes- 
terday when a Hudson sedan In 
which she was riding ^with- her 
daughter, Mrs. R V. Bardon. and 
her granddaughter. Miss Gladys 
Baugh. both, of Tulsa. Oklu.. was 
'struck by- another -cur and turned 
over fit the Intersection 6"f High- 
way 66 and Nichols road early Irx 
the afternoon. . 

A Starne ambulance brought the 
Injured woman to Springfield, 
where ahe waS given medical .at- 
tention. - The three women are 
staying at 81C South National 
boulevard, where they obtained 
room* later. 

All Strangers Here «- 

All are atrancera In Springfield. 
They were en route from Tulaa to 

Mrs. Kelgore was badly cut. and 
bruised, with especially aevere cuts 
on one lee and wrist, and her back 
was injured mo that ahe waa un- 
able to rise or. stand last night. 
The physician attending was un-, 
able last night to say how danger- 1 
ous the Injury to her back Is, and 
said that it might take a day or I 
more to determine Its extent. He! 
does not, however, believe that It 
will be permanent. 

Other Driver Unknown 

The car was badly damaged. Th<j 
driver of the car which struck It 
Is unknown. The other two wom- 
en, and a fourth passenger, a beau- 
tiful white Russian wolfhound, 
were not hurt. ^2-6 


Oearga Vf. Tunnell. v*. i»&g How- 
srd avenue, died suddenly at his 
beate yesterday afternoon of a heart 
attack. R« had seemed In his 
usual health, and had eaten a 
hearty sneal at noon. 

Mr. Tunnell was a Union soldier 
daring the Civil War. and later en- 
gaged ta cattle raising for many' 

Ha waa one of the oldest , 
Masons in Missouri. He is sur- 
vived by his wife and one eon. Joe 
1. at Mountain View. Mo. 

Christian County 
„ Judge Dies Here; 
Funeral at Sparta 

A. 1* Baty. «•. of Sparta, 
it ta business at Sparta 
iber of the county court 
At Oaark for the paat two years, 
4U4 hat* at 4 o'clock yesterday 
•soratag at the home of hie son, W. 
B. Baty. tu Normal, following a 
abort tune— 

Tjadge Baty was prominent In 
politic* of Christum 
for almost 10 years. He en- 
la business at Sparta when 
a young man continued in this ca- 
psjefty vatll elected to the county 
cewrt two years ago. 

Ha Is survived by the widow, one 
eon. W. B. Baty. a daughter. Mrs. 
Rath Nelson of Sparta; three 
Brothers. W. M. and Oeorg* Baty 
of Spring-field and John Baty of 
Sparta and four grandchildren. 

Kuneral services will be held 
Moaday afternoon at iSSO o'clock 
with Interment in Sparta cemetery 
■after direction of the Klepper t'n- 
■eilsslin company of Oaark. 


The marriage of Miss Minnie Le- 
h*r. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. 
Leber, to Mr. Paul Hulse took place 
at St. Joseph church Wednesday 
morning. the Reverend Father 
Mnurus reading the service. The 
bride wore an sttrartlv* 'rock of 
nnvy blue with a targe picture hat 
and accessories to match and she 
carried a shower bouquet of bride * 
roses The bridesmaid. Miss Mar- 
garet Lehar. sister of the bride, also 
wore navy blue. Mr. Hulse was at- 
tended by Mr. .William Lehar, a 
brother of the bride. Following the 
ceremony a dinner was served to 
a large group of friends and rela- 
tives. The out of town guests were: 
Mr*. Edward Nelson and son of 
Ksnsas City: Mrs. Valentine Flts- 
ner :irw1 iltiughler. Margie, and Mrs. 
mil Hashsw of Aurora. Mrs. Ernesi 
Knvdnr and family of Exeter: Miss 
«'«ther!ne Knot well of West Plains 
Sir an.1 Mrs. Hulse Will be at home 
to their rr.r.ny friends after Octo- 
Iwr l on rurjl route number 10. 


m Tt» latent dau«1»ur of Mr. and. 
jtre. lUUrt CUrtu IU 1 Concord 
died at -ja SsrlagOeld boe- 
taurday iaoralng. Funeral 
will b*. conducted In the 
Dhapei at l» o'clock thle 
aad bortal win be ta East 
Law* cemet e ry, i ' . » - 

Tb* Infant daughter of Mr. and 
lira. J. D. Hancock., Greene county 
betel, dlad yesterday afternoon at 
a Bprlagfleld hospital. The funer- 
al will Ukr place In the Btarne 
chapel at 10 o'clock thla morning. 
aad burial will be In Kaat Lawn 
co— lory. 

Funeral aervlcea for Charles 
Ftamp*. who died Friday at Wilson 
Cre«k .were conducted yesterday 
at the Manley cemetery, nix miles 
from Hi pub.ic on the James river. 
Burial was under direction of H K. 
Ttumian of lUuublic. 

I . 


Funeral wvlcesi were hold yes- 

I terday at Ozark for John B. C.*»r- 

! rlson. pioneer of Ohrlstlnn county. 

who died ut his home followlnK >i 

llnKerln* Illness. Services nor'- 

• unducieil by tlip Kevc-rend J. J. 

j Torten. The Modern Woodmen of 

• America conducted nervlces at the 

irrave. An unusually lurpc crowd 

of friends and relutlves attended. 

Page I: Mrs. Lillie Kelgore died in an auto accident.** 

Page 2: Hans Olson, 99, one of the pioneer residents of Wright county, died last week at 
the county farm. He was buried in the Swedish cemetery at Mountain Grove. He was 99 years, 
5 months and 3 days old. 

Page 3: Judge A. L. Baty died.** 
John B. Garrison died.** 
Clark infant died.** 
Hancock infant died.** 
Charles Stamps died.** 
George W. Tunnell died.** 
John D. Cooper died.** 

A son Ralph N. Van Winkle, jr., was born September 25 to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph N. 
Van Winkle of 1 3 1 5 West Florida street. 
Page 9: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 13: Miss Grace McCormack and Mr. Charles Berry were married.** 

Dr. Herman E. Manuel McColIum of Wyoming drowned yesterday while duck 
hunting at a lake near Laramie, Wyo. He is survived by his wife, four sisters and two brothers: 
Mrs. Minnie McColIum of Browning, Mo., Mrs. Nellie Wilson of Everett, Wash., Mrs. Nancy 
Gunter of Springfield, Mrs. Rachel Nevins of Browning, Mo., Curtis B. McColIum of Des 
Moines, Iowa, and Dr. Beverly B. McColIum of Los Angeles. 

Page 14: Mrs. Anne Scudder Kirkpatrick became 99 years old.** 


f x ■ 

Mr. and Mre. Balph !»• Van Winkle. 
ISIS Waot Florida •treat, announce 
the btrth of a eon. Ralph »~ P~ Sep- 
tember as. 





MOJOTTT. MO- ■•P*- *•' 
— Mm Anna Souda ar KJ , 
Koaitt* oldest InneWtant, 
bar ninety-ninth birthday sanlfSf- 
a*r* Saturday. She wee boer *-«■ 
tember S4. isa«. In Ohio and 

! of a long lived family, bar ■ 

1 reaching SO yeare before death. 
Klrkpetrtck led an active life until 

1 nine yeare ago. when the fell end 
broke a hip 8h« hea been unable to 

! walk for the laet elx yeare 


Mrs. Lillie Kelgore of Dexter, 
Mo., Suffered Fatal Inju- 
ries When Car Was Upset 

Near Springfield Yesterday 

not seUously injured. 

Body to Dexter. Mo. 

The body of Mrs. Kelgore will b« 
forwarded to Dexter at 13 o'clock to- 
night by the Starnc Undertaking 
company. Funeral services probably 
will be held Wednesday afternoon. 

Besides her daughter and grand* 
daughter, Mrs. Kelgore Is survived by 
two sons, Tecumseh Kelgore of Dex- 
ter, and Lawrence Kelgore of Tucson. 
Arte.; a brother, Jess* Goodpasture 
of Greenville, O. 

The driver of the Ford failed to 
make a report of the accident either 
to the police here or the sheriff. An 
Investigation is being made. Ac- 
cording to Mrs. Bardon, the driver 
of the Ford stated that his foot 
slipped off the brake. 

Injuries suffered at 2 so o'clock 
yesterdsy afternoon when an auto* 
mobile In which she was returning 
from Tulsa to her home In Dexter. 
Mo. collided with 
and -was. 

Mrs. Kelgore died "•$"'* »k*-ei*sCT3P 
the home of It. T: Hornbeak; eld 
South National avenue, where she 
was uken after receiving treatment 

I at trie oil ice of Dr. D. H. SUsby. 

j Mrs. Kelgore and her dsughter. 
Mrs. Minnie Bardon of Tulsa, with 

, whom she bad been vllatlng. and 
Mr* Bardon 'a daughter. MJ6; Gladys 

I Bardon, were en route to Dexter. 

i Mrs. Bardon and her daughter wore 

! taking Mrs. Kelgore home. 

■ When their automobile, a Hudson 
I sedan, entered the center of the mad 
' Intersection. It was struck m i, ford 
touring oar. the driver of which Is 
unknown. The Hudson car roHec 
over onoe and into a ditch at the 
•ide of the toad. 

Wosaea Helped flees Car. 
Residents la the vicinity and oo- 
cupanu ot the Ford lifted the three 
women from the machine after a 
larffe hose had fcweo broke us the top. 
A • tarns embulaxuw was rushed to 
the scene of the accident and tbe 
women ware taken to Dr. sustrya of- 

1 1 was fust believed that Mis. Kel- 
gore was not injured seriously as 
only e few minor cute were inflicted. 
She waa taken to the Horn beak home. 
Her condition grew worse lest night 
and she died early thle morning. 
Mrs. Bardon and her daughter were 

Miss Oraee MeOoraxaek Weds. 
Miss Grace MoOonnaok of Pittsburg. 
Kan, daughter of Bar. and Mrs. Wil- 
liam R. McOorm*ck. formerly of this 
city, waa married to Mr. Charts* Barry 
of Port Worth. Texas, at a oeraaacy 
' Saturday afternoon et 4 -SO at the 
church of which Rev. MoOonnaok Is 
; pastor. Tbe single ring — ilie wae 
! read by tbe bride* fathwr assisted by 
Rev Oalthers of Fort 6cott. Mrs 
Gertrude Srimin of Wichita, Kan., 
sister of the bride, wee matron -of - 
honor. Following the ceremony a re- 
ception was held at the home of the 
bride's parents. A number of Spring- 
field people attended the wedding of 
this former resident, who lived here 
with her parents until last February, 
when Rev. MrCormeok left his posi- 
tion at Grace Methodist Episcopal 
church to accept the poet at Pitts- 
burg. Mr. and Mrs. Berry will reside 
In Fort Worth. 


Recorder Jack W. McKee today is- 
sued the following marriage licenses: 

Homer A. Sutton, 60, Marsbfield. 
and Sarah Cook, 46. Elkland. 

Jack T. Jernl«?an. 24. Aurora, and 
Melva S'A'carengln, 1C. Springlicld. i 


Funeral services were held at 10 
a. m. today at the Btarne mortuary 
for the Infant daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Robert Clark. 846 Concord ave- 
nue, who died In a local hospital yes- 
terday morning. Burial was In Eaet 
l«wn cemetery. 



Funeral services for Judge A. L. 
Baty, 06. of Sparta, prominent In 
business at Sparta and * m«mb«r of 
the Christian county court for the 
pact two year*, wbo died at 4 a. m. 
yesterday at the horn* of hla eon. W. 
B. Baty, 894 Normal, following a abort 
talnaea. were held at 3 10 p. m. today j 
at Sparta. Burial wee In the Sparta! 
letery. under direction of the ' 





gteee and politi e s of Christian oounty 
for almost M yeaie. He engaged IB 

business »t Sparta whan a young man. 

He la survived by hie wife, a eon. 

w. B. Baty. a daughter. Mrs. Ruth 

Ne:eon wf Spana: three brother*. W. 
U and Oeorge Baty of Springfield. 
and John Baty of Sparta, and four 


Funerul aervlcea wera held yeaterday 
at Omrk for John B. Oarrlaon. pioneer 
of Chrlatlan county, who died at. bla 
home following a lingering Illness. 
Service* were conducted by Rev. J. J. 
Porten. The Modern Woodmen of 
America were >n charge of the aervlcea 
at the "grave. 


Funeral services for the tnfant 
slaughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Han- 
cock, who died yeeterday afternoon 
at a Springfield boapital. were held 
at 10 a. ra. today at the Starne mor- 
tuary. Burial waa In Eaat Lawn cem- 

Funeral eervioee for Chawlw 
Stamp*, who died Friday at Wilson 
Creek, were held yeeterday »t the 
Manley osmetery. alx mile* from Re- 
public* Burial waa under direction 
of the B. B. Thurman Undertaking 
company of Republic 


The body of Oeorge W. Tunnell. 03 
ef 1P6S Howard avenue, who died eud- 
denly at bla home yeeterday altar- 
neon of a heart attack, will be for- 
warded to Emporia, Kana.. tonight by 
the KJlngner Funeral home. Mr 
Tunnell waa a Union aoldler during 
the Civil war. and later engaged In 
cattle railing for many yeara. He 
was one of the oldeat Maaona In Mis- 
souri. He la survived by his wife and 
one son. Joe Tunnell. of Mountain 
View. Mo 


John D. Cooper. 84 years old. Civil 
war veteran, died at his bunt at 704 
West Mount Vernon atreet. at a. m. 
today. Mr. Cooper waa a retired mer- 
chant. He had resided In Springfield 
all his life. Funeral services will be 
held at 3:30 p. m. Wednesday at the 
Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home. Burial 
will be In Hiutelwood cemetery. He 
is survived by his wife, a eon, Ray. 
of Oakland. Calif., a alster. Mrs. Allle 
NewblH of Kansas City, and a grand- 
daughter, Mrs. Nell* Barnett of Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: The will of Daniel M. Evans was filed for probate. 
Page 5: Miss Grace McCormack and Mr. Charles Berry were married ** 

w&U?£ Su,,on of Marshf,eld and Sarah Cook of Elklmd were — « 

Daniel Grant Johnson died.** 
Page 12: Mrs. Susan Davis died.** 
John B. Garrison died.** 
George W. Tunnell died.** 
John D. Cooper died.** 
Mrs. Lillie Kelgore died.** 



Body of Dexter VIotim Return-] 

ed to Home After Collision j 

Near Springfield 

Th« body of Mr*. LMIe Kelgore, 
04 years old. who died aarly yes- 
terday morning as a result of In- 
juries sustained In an automobile 

j wreck Sunday afternoon, was for- 
- "iJfJ last night by \V. 1^. Starne. 

I undertaker, to Dexter. Mo., her 
home, for burial. 

Mrs. Kelgore nu fatally Injured 
shortly before 3 o'clock when the 
Hudson automobile In which she 
was riding was struck by a Ford 

I touring car at the Intersection of 
Highway 66 and Nichols street road. 

. the larger car being overturned by 
the force of the collision. 

' Mrs. R. V. Bnrdon. daughter of 
Mm Kelgore, and Miss Gladys 
KaiJKh. her granddaughter, both of 
Tulsa. Okla., and who also occupied 

• »h» wr«rk»d % rnr, woro uninjured. 
Mrs. Bardon was driving. 

A Starne ambulance was called 

land the three persons were taken 
to the home of H. T. Hornbeak at 
SIS South Boulevard. 

j In addition to her daughter and 

, granddaughter, Mrs. Kelgore la sur- 
vived by two sons, Tecumseh Kal- 
gore. of Dexter, and Lawrence Kel- 
tore, of Tucson. Arli. and one 
brother. Jesse Goodpasture. of 
Greenville. Ohio. 

The driver of the Ford la said to 
have stopped his car and to have 
tendered all possible assistance to 
tht- Injured women. In the general 
excitement, however, he failed to 
leave his name and he. had not re- 
ported the accident either to police 
headquarters or to the sheriff late 
lest night. No efforts had been 
made by 6fflcers last night to find 
the man. 

Miss McCormack 

Weds Charles Berry 

A liituo number of Sprlngfleld- 
lans are Interested In the marrlago 
of Miss Grace McCormack. daugh- 
ter of the Reverend Wlllam K. Mc- 
Cormack. formerly pastor of Grace 
M. K. church here, and Mr3. Mc- 
Cormack. of Pittsburgh. Kan., to 
Mr. Charles Berry' of Fort Worth. 
Texas, which took place Saturday 
afternoon at 1'lttsburg. The ser- 
vii'o was read by the bride's father, 
with the Revenend M. R. Galthera 
of Fort Scott. Kan., assisting, the 
ceremony taking place at the Meth- 
I'dlst Kj'isco'.uil ch'.irch. .' recep- 
tion at Hie home of the brides par- 
ents followed. Mr. and Mrs. Berry 
will make their home In Fort 


BmW Grant Johnson, CO, 
at 1:10 o'clock yesterday afternoon 
at hla home, route 7. 8prtngrt«ld. 
He la survived by two daughter*. 
Beulah Johnson of California and 
Hal Johnson of Kansas City, and 
two son a Harry and Thomas John- 
son of the home address. Funeral 
amrurementi are Incomplete, 
pending the arrival of relatives, but 
bartal will he under direction o( 
the Campbell funeral home. 


Funeral services for Mra. Susan 
Davis, who died Saturday at the 
home of her daughter, ->n». a. j. 
Pate, of 1119 Kast Division street, 
will be held at 2:30 o'clock 
Wednesday afternoon at the resi- 
dence with the Reverend E. C. 
Sechler, pastor of Central Chris- 
tian church, officiating. Burial 
will be In Greenlawn cemetery un- 
der direction of the KUngner Fun- 
eral home. 


Funeral services for John B. Gar ■> 
rlaon. pioneer realdeht of Christian 
county, who died recently at his 
home In dark, were held Sunday 
afternoon at his home with the 
Reverend J. J. Parten officiating. 
Services at the grave were con- 
ducted by the Modern Woodmen of 

The body of George W. Tunnell. 
92 years old, veteran Mason, who 
died Sunday afternoon following a 
heart attack at hla home. 1958 
Howard avenue, waa forwarded last 
night by the KUngner Funeral 
home to Emporia, Kan., for 
burial. Mr. Tunnell waa a veteran 
of the Civil War. a Union soldier, 
and Is survived by his widow and 
one son. Joe Tunnell. of Mountain 
View. Mo. 




I J T J«rnl*-»n. 24. Aurora, anil 
'Melva Hwearengin.' 1*. SprincfWld: 
I1k» 1*. Krelder. IS. SprlncfleM. and 
Helm T Buskfi. II. Joflln: Hoyd 
Htyes. Jl. and Eva McClare. 19. 
r-.<ih i.f Reru'-Mc; Homer A. Suttnn. 
50 Muihf'rlJ and Sarah <*ot»k. 45. 
' Inland 

Funeral services (or John O. 
Cooper. 84-year-old veteran of thr> 
Civil War, who died at 8 o'clock 
yesterday morning at hla -liomo. 
784 West Mount Vernon street, 
will be held at 2:30 o'clock tomor- 
row afternoon at the Alma Loh- 
meyer Funeral home with burial In 
Hatelwood cemetery. He Is sur- 
vived by the widow, one aon, Ray. 
of Oakland. Cal., one slitter. Mrs. 
A!'le NewMll. of Knnyi* Pity, -,~.i 
one grand-daughter, Mrs. Nella 
Barnett. of Denver. Colo. 

Page 3: E. B. Carlton of Vernon county committed suicide. He was unmarried, owned a 
good farm and had no financial problems. 

Page 10: Teresa M. Friot sues to divorce Lewis J. Friot. They were married in October 

John D. Cooper died.** 
Mrs. Susan Davis died.** 
Eugene F. Sayles died.** 
Mrs. Sarah Scovil died.** 
J. E. Bowman died.** 
Birth reported.** 
Daniel Grant Johnson died.** 
Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 15: Miss Ruby Vaughan and Mr. Paul F. Nisson were married.** 

Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Vaughan, TM 

Eaat Harrison snreet, announce ill* 
marriage of their daughter, Ruby, to 
Mr. Paul r. XlMMB, SCO of Mr. BOd 

Ura. A, NltMon of 114 W«rt 

marxial street. Th» wedding 
p mtmrn * •* turdoy im Akron. O, fef 
fttr. o. M. rota*. Boib are gradu- 

ttM of Drury ooUege Mr, His— s o 
M *> s&esnber ot ttM «fcjma\ Wu &%- 
tarnltr. ■• >s sjomnwiad with the 
oherasral development sUraasae of the 
Good Tear Tire * Rubber company, 
Mr. and Mrs. Miasma spent their 


be at home In Akron, O . October 1. 
j The bride* mothtr, Mrs. Vaugbaa 
j was present at tiie wedding and baa 
I Just returned from Akron. 



Recorder of Deeds Jack W McKee 
today leaued marriage ilcersen to the 

Rex P. Krleder. 23. Springfield, and-i 
Helen Buckett. 31, Joplln. 

Boyd Hayes. 31. and *r» McClure. 
19, both of Republic. 


Funereal Mr* 

Mr And Mrs. Oeorge Bean of route 
, 6. Springfield, announce the birth of 
a daughter. Mary Lou. September 24. 
in the Springfield Baptist hoaplUI. 

*er. eH-yeer-oUJ 
wa:. *2o d.?\! 
tnorrKu: a' !v:» 

, Veruci: »ireet. 

: p. a. Mafearro 

' m e ye * Wssr^a' 
.v. Ka-T'*wV 

»:■»♦« by ~ - .* 

v.>ak:*s^. C»:: 
N-r*:..'.. .-: &..» 

ares for John 0. Ooop- 
vrteran of thr Cltrtl 

• : .« o cluck yesterday 
home 74* Wean Mount 
■Ul be bold at 3:30 
« at the Aim* Loh- 
*.onse Burial will be 
.■♦r.:e:fr* He is »ur- 
tUf. a son. Raj. of 
. m Mrs AIM* 
..*u> C'.'J and a grand - 
»«>•:-» "!\«rv«! - : .>f Den- 



1 Mm S:»rah 8cot1I, 88 years old. died 
thl* morning at tl>e home of n daugh- 
ter. Mn>. May Pelroe\ <"1 Dalla 
1 street, following n lingering Illness. 
She Is survived by three daughters. 
Mrs Alice Johnson of Oregon House. 
Calif . Mrs. Elta Hoffman of Clifton 
, Forge. Va.. find Mrs. Pelrce. Bnd 14 
grandchildren and 16 great grand - 
I children. Funeral services will be 
I held at 2 p. m. tomorrow at the 8ev- 
I eiith Day Adveutlat church. Main and 
JLrnn streets. Burial will be In Bell- 
j view cemetery under the direction of 
' the Kllngner Fuueral home 

i. K. BOWMAN. 
J E Bowman. &» years old. of 
Springfield, died Mils morning In a 
K<*1 hoepttal TOl lowing a lingering! 
[illness. lie is survived by two! 
daughters. Mrs. Margaret Looney and 
Mrs. Mary Cookeey. »nd two sons. 
Harry snd Paul Bowman. all of 
! Springfield. Funeral service* will be 
' held at 10:30 a. m. tomorrow at the 
I Alma Umrneyer runeral home. Burial 
I will be In Oreenlawn cemetery. 

***- * ' MR* M >\> 1»M »* 

^_.-i serv..^ :o. Mrs Susan 
r»«-K »>•«-' «^** Saturday at the 
^-c* of ?.er daughter. Mrs A. J. 
p.-.* eC ill* &** 1 Division street 
1;.- ^. i,.... a . > 30 p m. Wednesday 
,."-4 rAVifwCe wlt!i Brv E C. Sech- 
.- " -*«-.x- of tcr.'.ra! Christian 
cfcurcb. officiating Burial will be 
a OreenUwn cemetery usder dlrec- 
iwa of !Cinsner Funeral home. 


Funeral service* for Danlsl Grant 
Johnson. 60 years old. who died yes- 
terday afternoon at his borne on 
Route 7. Springfield. wUl be bald at 
3:30 p. m. Wednesday at the resi- 
dence, with Rev. L. R. Or ant. pastor < 
of Pitta Ohapel M E. church, of- 
ficiating Burial will be in South ' 
Hew I wood cemetery under direction | 
of the Campbell Undertaking <-oni- 
pany. Mr Johnson la survived by 
two daughters. Mlas Beulah Johnson 
of California, and Miss Hal Johnson 
of Kansts City, and two aor.s. Ham 
and Thomas Johnson of Springfield 

LI iitNi. I . jvWl.r.f. 

Kugrnr F Saylrs. 60 years old, 
prominent hardware and furniture 
dealer of Vlnlta. Okla.. died here this 
morning at the home of a son. N E. 
Sayles. 948 West Division street. He 
is survived by his wife, two sons. O. 
. M Sayles of Joplln and N. E. Sayles 
■ of this city; a sister. Mrs. Rctta Sweet 
ol Denver, Colo., and five grand-* 
children Funeral arraagMOawrte are 
incomplete, tout burial -will be in 
Mount Oak cemetery at Joplln. under 
direction of the Kllngner Funeral 

The Daily News for Wednesday, September 28, 1927, is missing. 

Page 9: Luther Tuttle died.** 
Page 10: Marriage licenses issued.** 

John D. Cooper died.** 

Mary Jane Kiefer died.** 

J. E. Bowman died.** 

Mrs. Susan Davis died.** 

Eugene F. Sayles died.** 

Mrs. Sarah Scovil died.** 

Dorothy Lee Demore died.** 

Birth reported.** 

Fern Taylor sues to divorce C. A. Taylor. They were married in October 1924. 


tr.-M. who died Monday ei bli 
748 Wmi Mount Vernon street, ware 
held at 3 :S0 p. m. today at the Alma 
Lobmeyer Funeral home. Burial was 
In Haselwood cemetery. • 


Funeral eervlcee for Mary Jane 

Klefer. five-year-old daughter of Mr. 

and Mra. Chartee Kiefer. of eol South 
,' Nattlaton avenue, who died at 3 80 
' o'clock yeaterday afternoon ai Iter 

home arter a b."!t? i:ii.e*§. w;;: :>r 
, held at 3:30 p. m. tomorrow at u>* 

Herman H Lolum-yvr Funvral rV»m» 
. Burial will be in Bciiview b— M J ta r f 
i Bbe la aurvtvad by the parents, two 

I brother*, frank and Dean, and four ' 
grandparents. Mr. and Mra. Charles 
Klcfer. 8r . and Mr. and Mra. Walter ' 
Morgan, all of Springfield 


Funeral aervlcea for J. E Bom-man. 
50. who died yesterday morning in ■ 
local hospital following p. lingering 

I Ulna 

•t 1040 a. m. uxu.y 

at the Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home. 
Burial waa In Oreenlawn cemetery. 


Funeral aervlcea for Mra. Buaan \ 

! Da via, who died Saturday at the 

, home of her daughter, Mra. A. J. 

'Pate. 1119 East Dlvlalon atreet, were 

I held at the realdence at 3 30 today. 

| with Rev. E. C. Bechler, rum tor of 
Central Christian cburch. oflclatlng. 
Burial waa In Oreenlawn cemetery 
under direction of the KUugnet 

I Funeral borne. 


.»■;•>.• t: 1. 


Marriage Ueenaaa were Issued today 
by Record** Jack W. MeKee to Um 

Harp, 33, and ■ aitileen 
Haon. ST. both of McCreeken. Mo. 
• -Sari O. Davideoo. 2a. Wichita PaUa, 
Tba,' end Henrietta E. Truman. SI. 

Jack Hodaon. a 1 Walnut Cta-ow. and 
Gladys Keen. IS. Phertli. Mo 

Claud D. Kepley. 31. Fair Orov*. 
and Mary Joaepbine Jump. It. Straf- 

v . -. exoesc r. havuu 

The body of Kuirene F. Baylee. 00. 
j for many yaara a hardware and fur- 
niture dealer of Vlr.lta Okla . who 
died yeaterday morning at the hon.f 
of hla aon. N. Z Baylea. D48 Went 
Dlvuion atreet. will be aent ov#rland 
tomorrow morning to Joplln by the 
Kllngner Funeral home for burial. 


Funeral earvlcee for Mra. Barah 
8covll, 88. who died yeaterday morn- 
ing at the home of her daughter. 
Mra. May Pelrce. BU Delia M rrrt. 

I following a lingering lllne*s. were 
held at 3 p. m. today at the Seventh 

I Day Adventlat cburch. Burial waa in 

| Ballview cemetery under direction of ! 

■ the Kllngner Fui.eral home. , 

Dorothy Laa Damore. tba few- ' 
months-old daughter of Mr. and Mra. | 

' Claude A. Demore of Woo North 
Orant avenue, died at 1:15 a. m. to- ' 
day at tba borne. Tba child la sur- 
vived by the parenta and a alatar 
Funeral aerTlcea were bald at 
3*0 p. m. today at TeakJer Chapel 
12 mi lea weat of bare, with Rav. J A 
Young- officiating. Burial waa m 
Yeakley Chapel cemetery under dl- ' 
rectlon of \v. L. 6tarn«. undertaker. 


Tba body of Lutbar TotUa. 96 yaara 

old, wbo dJad Tuaerlay at La Junta, 

Col o.. will bo fonrardad bare for 

burial, arriving Thursday morning. 

] Mr. Tuttle waa a former Springfield 

; resident. He la survived by hla wife 
and a email daughter and hie mother. \ 
Mrs. W. O. LaRue of this city. 

\ Funeral arrangements are incomplete, 
but they v :il be held tinder the riirrc- 

ition ul the Funera; home. 

Alleging that bar buebaod was ex- 
uamaly jealoua and that ha had 
baan oonvlcted of a felony before 
their marriage and bad served a term 
In tba penitentiary at Little Rock. 
Ark., without her knowledge. Fern 
Taylor this morning filed stilt In tba 
circuit court agalart C. A. Taylor. 
They were married In October. 1934. 
and lived together until September, 



Mr. and Ust. Clyde Whetler, of 604 
West ^Barrlaoo street, nmouace the 
birth of a »on. Wilbur Euirene. .Sep- 


Pagel: I. H. Leverton was killed.** 

E. B. Carlton committed suicide.** 

Walter Harp and Kathleen Garrison, both of McCracken, were married yesterday 
in Springfield. 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: Claud D. Kepley of Fair Grove and Mary Josephine Jump of Strafford were 
married Tuesday in Springfield. 

Eugene F. Sayles died.** 
Dorothy Lee Demore died.** 
Mary Jane Kiefer died.** 
Mrs. Emma Albert died.** 

Page 5: Miss Catherine Marie Quinn and Mr. Louis H. Gummersbach will be married 
October 22.** 

Walter Harp and Kathlaan Gar. 
rutin. l>oih of McCracken. were 
married at the court ho.u*« yester- 
day by the Reverend George O. 
Van Soy. 

j Walter Hurp. 23. and Kathleen] 
i Harrison. SI. both of MoCruokon ; ! 
, Farl <*. Davidson. 25. Wichita J 
I Falls. Te.v. and Henrietta E. Ti u- ' 
•tan, 21, Springfield. 


K. II. Carlton, Vernon county 
farmer, who lived two miles south- 
east or Schell City, committed m:!- 
clde by drinking poison. Melancholy 
and poor health were assigned iih 
reasons for the act. 


The body of Kugene F. Sayle*. 
60 years old. hardware nnd furni- 
ture dealer of Vlntta, Okls., who 
died Tuesday at the home of hU 
son. K. E. Baylcs. of 948 West 
Division street, will be forwarded 
this morning by the Kllngner Fun- 
eral home to Joplln. where funeral 
serN lc«>s will be held at 2 o'clock 
this afternoon with burial In Mount 
Hope cemetery there. 


Funeral services for Dorothy Lee 
I P.-more, Infant daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Claude A. Demore. of 
2309 North Grant avenue, who died I 
at 1:15 o'clock yesterday morning.' 
were held at 2:30 o'clock yesterday) 
afternoon at Ycakley chapel, 1 2 , 
miles west of Springfield. with | 
burial In the cemetery there under 
direction of \V. L. Starne, under- 
taker. The child la survived by 
the parents ami one sister. 


Funeral services for Mary Jane | 
Kiefer. five-year-old daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kiefer. 801 
South Nftlleton u vnuc. who died 
Tuesdar>aftei noon, will he held ut 
2:30 o'clock this afternoon at the 
Herman II. Lohmeyer Funeral j 
home, with burial In "Well view rente 

Mrs. Knnna Albert, 77. died, at 

'T:3U o'clock lust night following a 
brief Illness at her home, route 11. • 
Springfield. Funeral arrangements 
are incomplete, pending the arrival 
of relatives, but Mrs. Albert "prob- ■ 
ably will be buried hero under the 
direction of tlic.'.Mma oLhmeyer fu- ; lioiiie. Sbe is survived by two 

.d.nigliiei ".-•. .Mrs. Frank Kvans of 
T' x.t> and Mrs. Inadore Dole of 
< 'i.ioi.olo. tuo sons, John Alb'Tl of 
Hran.hTi. biw.1, and Edwin Davis of 
Kansas 'City, and several- grand- 






Skull Crushed At, Deaf and 
Partly Blind, He Walks Into 
Trolley Path and Dies Few 
Hours Later 


Eager For WaJk Instead of 
Dropping Letter at Corner 
Box. Disregards Warning 
And Is Knocked Down 

| \A7ltb both sight mod bearing tm- 

!- paired by old a»« and able to 

{wala only with too aid of a heavy 

!can«. I- H. Umtvn, M-yearaold 

' veteran of the Civil war. Ual eve- 

nine hobbled directly in front of a 

•tret: car a* be attempted to cross 

Beoavauo avenue to tae poeiotllee, 

— taming lnjurlee wblCB provod 

fatal at i o'clock this morning 

lUopping- hu car a* q ul ckly ae 
possible, David Kerguson, motor- 
man, called a KJlngner ambulanoo 
and tbo Injured man was rushed to 
the Springfield Baptist beepitai 
where aa tiiirtnillfl" revealed that 
bU lajuiiea included a badly crush- 
ed skulL An «mai«m> operatloa 
bp Hr. WUbei 
and 1*. Loo Ons aad a large 

uno tha brain. was 




!• — ; * 

I Homeless since the death of bis 
ml« lit >rar» ago. the ifd veteran, 
had written a letter to hl« sister. 
Alias il«i» l^serlon. of lte>uulda. | 
Mo. in which he urged thai she' 
• niu\e lo <t*prin*-fieU] aud make a 
home for him. explaining that be' 
plmmed lu Lu> - small home here. 

'It was lo mall this letter and lo take ' 
a Utile exercise that Air. JLeverton 
had walked (rum preeent boarding' 
place at iui Weal Walnut street. 

I'oming to tiprlniffleM a lea 
months ago. the veteran had taker* 
a room -at 430 South Market ave- | 
nun where he lived for only a few . 
weeks, later moving t>> the home of] 
Alford Baker, at b'vt West Walnut , 
', . Ultle vu know about UM 

' man since his Impaired bearing Pra- > 
.vented hie taking any great part la 
; the ' conversation ' at - bis boarding 


' lie had seemed In excellent splr- 

lla lust evening when he left his 

.room, according to Mrs. baker, who 

explained I lull he had entered their 

'i living room and Jested wllh them 

'regarding the pa > inert of tils rent. 

He seldom evert talked Willi thrm. 

, she said, remaining In hi* room 

1 1 much of the time. 

'I When he explained that he wished 

' jto walk to the postoffloe to mall his 

I letter. Mr. Itakcr urged him to de- 

i posit the letter In a nearby box 

ruther than to attempt the walk. 

' but the veteran Insisted that he 

■; needed the exorcise. 

Jet. 22 

V : f I 'x rt ' 

gXaCTJRDAT. October U / |g 

date eelected by Miss Catherine 
Marie Qulnn. only daughter of Mr. 
*od Mrs. James M. Qulnn. §00 Booth 
■National boulevard, tor bar mar- 
riage to Mr. Louis H. Qummerebach ' 
of Bt. Louis. The wedding will take ; 
place at » o'clock In the morning at • 
at - Agnes church, with the Reverend | 
Fhther L>. Curtis Tleman reading 
the ring service, before a large 
number of friends of the young 

Miss Qulnn wlU be given In mar- ' 
rlage by her father and she 
attended by Mrs. John Qulnn as 
matron cf honor and Miss Agnes 
Meyer, who is n cousin to the bride- 
groom-elect, as maid of honor. Mr. 
Ourumersbach will be attended by 
Mr. John Qulnn. brother to Miss 
Qulnn. as honor man. and Mr. John 
Hawke of St. Louis as groomsman, j 
The ushers will be Mr. Ed Hla-glns , 
of Bt. Louis an.1 Mr. John Meyer, of j 
this city, cousin to Mr. Cummers - 
••ach. Master John Qulnn. nephew I 
to the bride-elect, will be ring- J 
bearer. | 

Following the ceremony a break- | 
fast will he served st the home of 
the brides parents to the bridal] 
D*rty and members of the "two funi»{ 
< Hies, the newly wed* will then leave 
for a trip to New York City and ! 
points In Canada. About December 
1 they will go to 8t. Louis where 
they will be at home at «©57 Water- 
man avenue. 

Many lovely parties are being, 
Clven for Mis* Qulnn by her wide 
circle of friends an the date for her | 
marriage approaches. I 



Page 2: C. Emmett Brown died.** 
Page 6: I. H. Leverton died.** 

Mary Jane Kiefer died.** 

Wanetta Hedick died.** 

Mrs. Emma Albert died.** 

Daughter born September 24 to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Logan of 1409 South Fremont 


Page 13: There is a photo of and article about S. D. Conway, a Springfield grocer. 
Page 23: Miss Henrietta Truman and Mr. Earl Davidson were married.** 


1cm of the KIlligTHT t.'r.rierlnklng 
company pending word from rela- 
♦*\s« Information contained among 
f.>5 in .'il» room indicated Urn* im 
i. : ■. * c< »<jiiV Ourry Lrvertoi;. ••: Ael- 
• «•:.-, la and J O Levertw; f»my- 
lU:(r. Mich . and the ulitlrr. Minn Lev- 
erton, of Reynolds. Mo. 

I. H. Leverton, Civil War 

Veteran, Run Down by 

Street Car. 

Attempting to croea Boouvllle eve- 
BUr to the main postofflce late yes- 
terday afternoon. I H Lererton, W- 
yeer-old Civil war vetereu. wi« run 
#)own by a meet car and suffered to* j 
Juries ehlih proved fatal at J o'clock , 
Vhii morning In the Springfield Bap- 
tlat hoap'.tal. where he was taken 
Shortly after the accident 

Immediately alter the man wm I 
•truck by the •trrett car. Molorman > 
David Ferguson called n Kllngner j 
ambulance and the Injured man was 
ruahed to the hospital An examine- ) 
tlon by Dr. Wilbur Bmlth and Dr. j 
Lee Cox revealed that ha had Buffer- | 
ad a badl> crushed tkvi.i A piece of 
the •Hull, which had been forced In- 
to the brain. »u removed by the 
■njrgeoue In an effort to aave hla life. 

Homeless elnoe the death of hie 
wife 15 year* ego. the aged veteran 
bad written a letter to hie sister. 
Mute Mary Leverton. of Reynolds. Mo.. | 
iu which he urged that ehc move to j 
Springfield on<1 make a home for i 
him He wu on his way to the post- 
office to mall thla letter when struck 

bv the street car. 

Mr Leverton had lived at the home. 
of" Altord Baker. 508 Weet Walnut 
street, since coming to Springfield | 
#rversl months ago ; 

The body 19 being held in the par- | 


AURORA. Mo, 0«p*- W— (Special) 
— Word was received her* yesterday 
of the (teeth In Colorado Spring*. 
Colo., of C. Emmett Brown, promin- 
ent business men of Aurora, who 
died following en operation. Mr 
Brown had been e resident of Aurora 
for 38 years, leering here a year ago 
for the weet In an effort to regain 
his health. He was president of the 
school board for eereral years and 
had been president of the Aurora 
Building and Loan association since 
Its organisation, until the tint of 
the year. He had served as an elder 
of the Presbyterian church longer 
than any other man. Hs was a Ma- 
son and belonged to the consistory 
at JopUn and the Abou Ben Adhem 
Shrine at Springfield. 

— — — — - """JF 



Funeral semoes for Mary Jans 
Kiefer. five-year-old daughter, of Mr. 
and Mrs Charlee Kiefer. 801 8r*rtti 
WeUleXon avenue, who died T»esday 
afternoon, were held at A JO p. m. to- 
day at the Herman m. bofcmsjtr to* 
nerej boose. Burial was In 


Wan*tta Hedlck. flv* 
daughter ^>f Mr and Mrs. Dalmar H*- 
dirk of Rseds Spring died at • «Ab»s** 
this morning at a local hospital Besides 
tlM parents she U aurvwvsd bjr a *l*»er. 
Puitcral e*rvlce* probably Will be bald 
uwnorrvw morning at the restdanea. 
Burial wi" he In Tocum Pood came- 
•in- The txxly U :n chars* of to* 
W. L Stiu-ne Undertaking company. 


Funeral arrangement* are incom- 
plete, for Mrs. Emma Albert, 77 year* 
old. who died at 7 30 o'clock la«t 
:.:gl>t. following a brief Illness at b«r 
home, route 11. 8prlngfleld. Burial 
probably will be made here under di- 
rection of the Alma Lohmeyer funer- 
, al home. She la survived by two 
■ daughter*. Mm Prank Evans of Tama* 
' and Mr*, laadore Dole of Colorado; 
, two sons, John Albert of Brandon. la . 
ar.d Edwin Davis of Kaneaa City, and 
| several grandchildren. 

$£' ' 

■ ■■ 


Henrietta Truman, daughter 
of Col. R E. Truman, president of the 
Thirty -Plftb Division aaaoclatlon. and 
lira Truman, 1930 North Broadway, 
and Mr. Barl DaTidaoo of Wichita 
Valla, Tag. war* the principals In a 
pretty wedding ceremony which took 
■dao* at 8 o'clock last night at Ham- 
lin Memorial UupUsl church. About 7A 
and -rwlaUra* wera. la. attend- 
An attraotlv* background for 
(be ceremony waa formed by the altar 
decorated, with two baskets of pink 
bride a rone and a candelabrum bold- 
lag five white candle* which were 
lighted at the beginning of the nrrv- | 
lo*. A color cioia uf green and while { 

"O Promise Me" prercdlnt; the ccrr- , 
monv and was accompanied by Ml** ■ 
Vivian Turkcr, r"» lllM - w, '° I>l">ecl > 
th* wedding nmrcb from Lohengrin [ 
(Wagner i lor tl:e procession. Rev. . 
J. A. Roper officiated. Th* bride 
entered the room on the arm of her 
father who gave her away. She wove 
a gown of white frost crepe with a 
full-length veil caught at the head 
by a wrenth of orange bloasoma. Her 
bouquet waa formed of rosebuds and 
baby breath. The bride's attendants 
included Mrs. Roy Hornbuckle of 
K""*- City, matron of honor, who 
wore blue stain. Mlaa Velma Martin, 
maid of honor, who wore peach 
georgette and lace, and the brides - 
meid*. Mli—e Bessie Wells. Ruth Eel- 
ley and Elisabeth Gibson, whose taffeta 
gqasns were of apricot, pink aud 
orAld. respectively. The bouquet* 
carried by the tr?rndnnts were t>f 
\-::'.' and fcw'.;\ I:t« ... fc;x 

*brpiierd«v» "attendants, in pink j 
taffeta d r eae e a formed an arch at the ' 
step* of the altar by huld::.£ their ' 
Whit* abepberd'a crooka with large 
pink bow* our the procession. Theae 
were: Mlase* Enid Thomaa. Mildred 
White. Ellen Oamblln, Virginia Hart- 
sell, Lena Solomon and Mary Day. 
The groom waa attended by Mr. Louis 
Truman, brother of the bride, who 
acted as best man and the grooms- 
man. Messrs. Tom Crabb. Oeorge Hall, 
Jr.. and Ned Whit*. An Informal re- 
ception at th* home of the bride's 
parents followed Immediately after 
the service. The groom Is the son 
of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Davidson of I 
Dallas. Tex. The out-of-town guests ' 
were Mrs. W. O. Davidson, mother of 
the groom, and Mr. end Mrs. Roy 
Rdrnbuckle of Kansas City. The 
younc couple left Immediately after 
the reception for Wichita Palls, Tex., 
where they will be at home. Mr. 
Davidson Is an employe In the Wichita 
Palls post office. 

with touches of pink was used 

throughout the church. The II- j 

lumlnutlon from a larce elect Mr i 

croas foil en the path of the bridal 

procession. Mix* Tt.elina >pp» sang ' 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 3: James W. Farmer died.** 
Page 6: The will of Daniel M. Evans is in probate. 

Page 7: Daughter born September 28 to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kirby of 1 893 Rock. Island 

Daughter born September 27 to Mr. and Mrs. William C. Crutchfield of 1 03 1 West 
Thoman street. 

Page 9: Mrs. J. E. Fulkerson died.** 
Page 13: Wanetta Hedick died.** 
Mrs. Emma Albert died.** 
RoyB. Dye, Jr., died.** 
Mrs. Anna May Hendrickson died.** 


Mrs. Laurah Snider died.** 
I. H. Leverton died.** 
Page 15: Martin L. Howard was appointed to administer the estate of the late Henry 
Hayes of Republic. 

The will of Clara S. Iseman was admitted to probate.** 


J, I 

LBBANON. Mo. Sept. 11 . — Fun- 
eral service* wer* held today for 
Mr*. J. R. Felkereon. 72. plonker of 
T-i-'Ttft county and leader la W. C. 
T. U. work of the Ourk region for 

eny roar*. 

In rloas wer* conducted by tho 
Reverend O 8. Fr**ter pastor of 
Madlaon av. ■ • Methodist church. 
Maiato «u provided by tho church 
estoar and a quartet. Mr*. Fulker- 
m« wu widely known throughout 
Che district as a raault of bar lead- 
la choroh work, * 


OZARK. Mo, Bept. It.— James W. 

; Farmer. 77. pioneer of Chrlatlan 
county, died Thursday night at hla 
home at 6parta following a linger- 
ing Illness. He la survived by alx 

.children. Funeral *ervtcea will be 
held at the Fanner home at 1:10 
o\:lock thU afternoon under the di- 
rection of the ChaXfln Undertaking 


1 The wUl of the late Clara 8. 
Iaeman, died yesterday In probate 
court, leaves the estate to be dlvld- 

led equally between the two daugh- 
ter*. Cmthalene Ieeman and Mrs. 
June V. Tailey. The daughters are 
to be Joint executrix** and to serve 

i without bond. 


Sylvlua Remain. 10. St. Loute, 
and Marguerite O'Connell, 11, But* 
ler: Elijah C Mehagan. It. and 
ViMan n. D. Breanle. It. both of 


Funeral arrangements are Incom- 
plete for Mrs. Laurah Snider. -1 
years old. of 2115 Howard avenue, 
vcho died yesterday afternoon In a 
I local hospital but will be held un- 
Ider* direction of the Kllngner Fu- 
ineralhome. She la survived by the 
; husband, one eon. one daughter. 
I three sisters and five brothers. 

Tho body of Wanetta Hedlcx. In- 
fant daughter of Mr. and Mr*. Del- 
mar Hedlek. of Road* Spring. Mo, 
who dlod yeaterday. ipprnlnr In a 
local hospital, wax forwarded yes- 
terday by W. I* Btxrnc. uhdertaltcx, 
to the homo, where funeral services 
will be held thlx mornln*; with 
burial In Tecum Pond cemetery. 
The tnfant la survived by the par- 
ent* and on* sister. 

Funeral arrangement* . for Mr*. 
Emma Albert, 77 year* old. er ho died 
Wednaaday night after a brief III- 
nesa at her home on Route 11. 
Springfield, are yet incomplete but 
will be held under direction of the 
Alma Lohmcyer funeral home. »ne 
is survived by two daughter*. Mr*. 
Frank Evana. of Texas, and Mr* 
isadore l>ole. of Colorado; by two 
sons. John Albert, of Brandon I*-. 
and Edwin Davis, of Kansas City, 
and by several, grandchildren. 


Funeral services for Roy B. Dye. 
Jr.. 2 1-1-year-old eon of Mr. and 
Mr*. Roy B. Dye, of Nichols, Mo., 
who died yeeterday afternoon rn a 
local hospital after a brief nine**, 
will be held at *:*> o'clock this 
afternoon at the Herman H, Loh- 
meyer Funeral home, after which 
the body probably will be *hlpped to 
Indlanapoll*. Ind.. for burial The 
child I* survived by the parent* and 
on* sister. Nancy. 

Funeral servtee* for Mrs. Anna 
May Hendrlckson. 41 years old. who 
died yesterday afternoon at her 
home at 2226 North Campbell ave- 
nue, will be held at 2 o'clock this 
afternoon at the Kllngner Funeral 
home with burial In Oreenlawn 
cemetery. 6he Is aurvlved by the 
hvaband and several children. 


Funeral arrangements for I. H 
Leverton. 82 years old. who died 
In a local hospital early Thursday 
mornlng as a result of Injuries sus- 
tained when h« was struck bv a 
street car Wednesday evening 
while attempting to cross Boonvllle 
i avenue, are yet Incomplete. ■ The 

ibody la being held at the Kllngncr 
Funeral boms pending the arrival 
of relatives. Th# aged man Is sur- 
vived by' one sister. Miss Mary 
I ye vert on, of Reynolds. Mo.: and 
two sons. Oarry Leverton. of Oel- 
weln. Ja.. and J. Q. L»everton. of 
Grayling. Mich. 

Page 19: There is a poem in memory of Tassie O. Smith who died September 29, 1926, 
signed by mother and sons Mrs. Julia Smith, Leo and Chester Smith. 
Page 8: Mrs. Anna May Hendrickson died.** 
Hedrick infant died.** 
J. W. Farmer died.** 
RoyB. Dye, Jr., died.** 
Mrs. Emma Albert died.** 
Mrs. Laurah Snider died.* 
I. H. Leverton died.** 
Birth reported.** 
Rev. C. M. Deaver died.** 
Marriage licenses issued.** 


Bev. C. M. Dearer of Clever, former 
esaociate Judge of the OtarWlan 
county court, died at 8 45 o'clock 
yeeterday afternoon it his home fol- 
lowing, a lingering nines*. ! 

Rev Deaver. who was born Octob»-; 
3J. 1871. in Cherokee rounty. North 
Carolina .was a veteran ol the Bpan- 
i tali-American wnr. He was converted 
> when 31 years old And *oon began 
j-hts ministerial work, preps ring him-. 
'self in Morris Hill college, at Morri« 

I iiiii. n r. 

lb later lo\'iitc/l st Bom. Mo . and «s> 
i married there January 10, 1904. to: 
j Miss Verda Wampler. He l«. survived , 

by h!5 wife and two children. Mr* 
| Prarl Sullivan of Springfield aurl Wli- ' 
lir Deaver. of the home address, ss 
j well as three brothers and two sis- 

Funeral arrangementb arc Incom- 
plete, pending the arrival of the; 

brother, but probably will be held ct 
Boar tomorrow afternoon, under dl- 
-rctloii of T W. T.eple*. Clever tm- 
■:'.'" «-.'».« r T'.Af. funeral *ir\uct> uii: 
be 'inrter the s.i.'plrc; of lite Masonic 



Mr. and Mra. *. X Dtllard, 1411 

Lee street. Announce the birth of a 
•on, September 39. 

-;:>^.. , , — . -.• .. :-v 4 ' 


l aaooro ar Jack W. kftoJUa today la- j 

the :fol lowing marlnaf* license*: j 
BylTius Ramelll. 30. St Louis, and 
J Margam O-Oonnall. U, BuUer.. Mo. -j 

Itlljah C. Melmgan. 19. and "Vivian . 
O, Brawl*. 18. both of Springfield 


Funeral eenrlcee for Mra. Anna May 

Hendrickson, 49 yeara old. who died 
yesterday afternoon at her home. 3315 
North O— pbrtl avenue, were held a4 
3 p. m. today at the Kllngner Funeral 
home. Burial was In Oreenlawn 
cemetery. She la survived by her 
husband and several children. 


The body of Wanetta Hadrlck, In- 
fant daughter of Mr. and Mr*. Delmar 
Hedrick of Reeds Spring. Mo., who 
died yesterday, rawoinj <4n a Joeal 
hospital, was forwarded yesterday by 
W. I,. Starne. undertaker, to the 
home, where funeral services were 
held this morning with burial In Yo- 
cum Ponfl eemetery. The Infant l.« 
survived by the parent* and a sister 

Funeral arrangements for Mrs. Em- 
ma Albert, 77, who died Wednesday 
night after a brief Illness at her 
home on Route 11, Springfield, are 
yet Incomplete, but will be held un- 
der direction of the> Alma Lohmeyer 
Funeral home. 

i . 


Fuuct.l .-ervlccs lor J. W. Fanner, j 
years old. pioneer resident ol 
Christian county, who died Wednes- 
day night at his home, one-half mile 
north of Sparta, were neld at 2 o'clock 
this afternoon, with Rev. J. J. Par- 
ten of Ozark officiating. Interment 
was In the family cemetery near j 
Hp&rta. T.i«' ileceabcxl \\h>- tnc iiiiin: . 
•.I L. j4. Farmer, former Christian 
county clerk. 

-r * • 


ROY ft. DTK. JR, 

Funeral services for Roy B. Dye. Jr.. 
a 1-3-year -©id son of Mr. and Mrs 
Roy B. Dye. of Nichols. <JCo., who 

died yesterday afternoon In a local 
hospital after a brief Illness, have 
b*cu ( «A.,(njiit(i due to the serious Ill- 
ness of a sinter, but l*>r ** T -i-f n;j: 
be In charge of the Herman H. Loh- 
meyer Funeral home. The body prob- 
ably will be forwarded to Indlauapo- 
lis. Ind. for burial. The child Is 
survived by his parents and a slb'.er, 


Funeral services for Mrs. Laurah j 
8nlder. 31 years old. of 3315 Howard ■ 
avenue, who died yesterday afternoon i 
In a local hospital, will be held ot i 
11 a. m tomorrow at Bethel church, i 
IS miles north pf Marehfleld. under 
direction of the Kllngner Funeral 
bom*. Burial will be In Blthtl cem- 
etery. '.*» *;*»*?•* by bar M* 

•Ml. it LBYRRTON. * s * 

Funeral ' arrangements are as ff. 
Incomplete for 1. H. Lever 'con, 82 
Tears old, -%-»» died 4» a loom! taoeplOl 
aarly y asi frd ay mowing •* a'Tesun 
o< inJunM^suIlwsd «!>*& be 

Of ' • screws ejs* ■ 
erenlnf while attempting to 
BoohvllU avenue to the poetofflce. 
The body la being bald at the Kllng- 
ner Funeral home pending the ar- 
rival of relatives, . . 

Page 3: J. W. Farmer died.** 

Miss Alice Cornog died.** 

Mrs. Laurah Snider died.** 

I. H. Leverton died.** 

Wallace Lane died.** 

Luther L.Tuttle died.** 

Mrs. Emma Albert died.** 

Rev. C. M. Deaver died.** 

Knapp infant died.** 
Page 1 1 : There is a notice in memory of "our mother Annie K. Buck" who died October 
I, 1926, signed by Lillian Buck Dudley and Hugh Earle Buck. 
Page 12: Nancy Dye and Robert Dye, Jr., died.** 

Wency infant died.** 

Funeral service* for Miss Alios 
Cornog, who died at 4:80 o'clock 
yesterday afternoon at her home In 
Rogersvllle, Mo, following a linger- 
ing lllbeas, will be held at the resi- 
dence et 11 o'clock tomorrow mora- 
ine with burial In Palmetto ceme- 



K. Bass, 
••W OeUksr l«t. IMS. 



JJOW a farm UmUy owr Rt>|«»- 
tU1«, shut oft frot^ tha rwt of 

the world by Hood waUrt, 

! tha birth of a baby and then 

lessly watcbed the child 
die for lack of medical car* "was 
revealed yesterday In tbo monthly 
report of Coroner Jewell E. 
Wlndle. * . 

The tragedy occurred during f»- 
oent nbrh waters which left tha 
farm home of the Wenor family, 
two mllea north of Roa*eravflta lao» 
lated for nearly two week*. Tele- 
phone Were down: there waa. 
no way of communicating , with 
friend* on neighboring farma or 
with physicians In Rogerrrllle. 
No Help Poeelble 

The child waa born without 
medical care. For three days -It waa 
ai well at any babe. Then It sick- 
ened, and for elx day* it craw 
weaker and weaker. The stranded 
family could do nothing*. On tha' 
ninth day the child died. There, 
waa a simple family service, and 
tha baby waa buried on tha farm 
near the home where It waa born. 

First word of the straacs ^Uat ady 

was received hare whan Ci 
Wlndle noticed aa unsigned death 
certificate. He want to Rocersville 
and learned tha story. 

Baby Starves to Death 

Coroner Wlndlea report for tha 
month of 8eptanrber told, too of an 
Infant born In a hovel here, dying? 
six weeka later of "nothing* lees 
than starvation." Another child In 
thla family, the report revealed, al- 
so Is near death from lack of care 
and proper food. 

During; the month there was one 
suicide here and one death of acuta 
alcoholism. Two youths were killed 
In a railway accident; an aged man 
died of Injuries suffered when he- 
was struck by a atreet car; and 
two other sudden deaths were 
blamed to heart disease. 

Hold Double Funeral 

* * * * * * * 

Services Here Today 

** * # # * * * 

For 2 Dye Children 

T^Ol'BLE funeral services will 
be conducted at 2 o'clock this 
afternoon at the Herman Loh- 
meyer funeral home for Nancy 
Dye. C, and her 2-year-old 
brother. Robert. Jr. both of whom 
died here within a day and night. 
Robert. Jr.. son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Robert Nye of Nichols. Mo., 
died in a hospltul here late Thurs- 
day nfternoon of tubercular men- 

Funeral serxices were to have 
been conducted for the child yes- 
terday afternoon. but the C- 
y ear -old sister. In a hospital here 
after an operation for appen- 
dicitis, became dangerously ill 
and the services were postponed. 
The little girl died at 5 o'clock 
yesterday aftprnoon, despite a 
blood tranfuslon yesterday 
morning when the father offered 
his blood as a last resort to save 
her life. 

Both children recently suffered 
attacks of whooping cough and 
were In weakened condition be- 
fore the fatal Illness developed. 
Robert was stricken with tuber- 
cular meningitis shortly after he 
recovered from the attack of 
whooping cough. 

The Reverend George O. Van 
Xoy, pastor of Kobberson Avenue 
Baptist church, will officiate at 
the funeral services this after- 
noon. The bodies will be for- 
warded tonight to Indianapolis, 
Air. Dye's former home, for burial. 
Mr. Dye formerly lived In 
Springfield, being employed at the 
Martin Music store, and seve.-al 
ytars ago he played in Keel's 
orchestra at the Electric theater. | 

J.W. FARM£ft .. 
runarai sanriooa for J. W. Fann- 
•r, TT years old. a Ion*- time resident 
of Christian county, who died Wed- 
haaday night at bU home near 
Sparta, Mo., war* bald at 2 o'clock 
yesterday afternoon, with tha Rev- I 
•read J. 1. Fartan officiating. Burial 
was in the family enmetery near 
Sparta. Mr. Farmer waa the father 
of L. M. Farmer, former Christian 
county clerk. . 



The body of L H. Leverton, 82 
years old, who was fatally Injured 
Wednesday when struck by a atreet 
car on Boonvllie avenue near the 
Ipo* office, will b« forwarded today 
|bjr the KUngner Funeral bom* to 
Oldweln. Iowa, for burial. 


Funeral services for Wallace 
Lane, infant son. of Mr. and Mrs. 
E. B. Lane of 179 West Lynn 
street, who died yesterday morning. 
was held yesterday afternoon at the 
residence with bo rial in Mount 
Pleasant cemetery near Ash Grove, 
Mo., under direction of the Kllnrner 
Funeral home. 


Funeral services for Luther L 
Tuttle. 27 years old. who died Tues- 
day at La Junta. Col., will be held 
at 2 o'clock this afternoon at the 
Kllnrner Funeral home, with burial 
in Oreenlawn cemetery- Mr. Tut tie 
to survived by the widow, one 
dauchter. his mother. Mrs. W. O. 
LaRue, snd one brother. Howard 
I TutUe. all of Springfield. 

Funeral arrangements fry Mrs. 
Emma Albert. 77 years old. who 
Idled Wednesday night at her home 
on route 11. Springfield, after a 
brief Illness, are yet incomplete but 
will be held under direction of the 
Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home. 

Funeral services) for Mrs. Laurah 
Snider. 21 years old. of 231S How- 
ard avenue, who died in a local 
hospital Thursday afternoon, will be 
held at t o'clock Sunday morning: 
at the residence with burial In the 
M ar l l n cemetery naer Conway, Mo., 
under direction of the Kllngner Fu- 
neral home. 

Funeral se rvice s for the Rev- 
erend C, M. Dearer, of Clever. Mt, 
former asso ci ate, judge of the 
Christian county court, who died 
Thursday afternoon at his home 
fsUowtng a lingering Hint—. wtB 
be held at S o'clock this afternoon 
*t the Baptist church in Ctover with 
la Bona c sssw t e ir . He M 

tar. Mrs. 

field, and one so*. Wdlam Poaver . 

of Clever. Ho. three brothers and 

two sisters. 

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Walter Knapp, 1501 South Kings 
I Highway, died at 4 o'clock yeater- 
i day afternoon. Tha ^rfs ther and 

'mother are the only aur*Sfors. Fu- 
>n«-ral services will be at 2:20 o'clock 
| at the Starns funeral chapel, with 
| burial In Haxelwood cemetery. 


Pagel: David Rhule died.** 

Page 8: Card of thanks from A. J. Tate and others.** 
Card of thanks from S. E. Pearce and others.** 

. no* . • I! iere ' S a " ' tem '" memory of " our mother Annie K - Bu <* who died October 1 
1926, signed by William Buck Dudley and Hugh Earle Buck. 

Page 12: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Nancy Dye died.** 

Robert Dye, Jr., died.** 

Miss Alice Cornog died.** 

Mrs. Laurah Snider died.** 

I. H. Leverton died.** 

Wallace Lane died.** 

Tuttle ; Luther L. died.** 

Rev. C. M. Deaver died.** 

Knapp infant died.** 

Richard N. Jones died.** 

Mrs. Alice E. Cornog died.** 

Birth reported.** 

Bsoorder of Deeds Jack W. 

today Issasd tn» following marriage 

start Love. SI. gad Kata- 

Olgnn, 1*. both of Springfield. 
C. rtrry. *T, *no Loelnda 
Camper. 17. both of Springfield. 

iUCk In d«rot«d mtmoTT of our di«r1y 
•etoved moih»r. k Buck, who 
i» Orteber I, ltM 

LttxiAN Bticg' Dudley. 



David Wuile. Formerly of 
Springfield, Wat Killed in 

Granite City. 

One of the victims of thf devast- 
tng storm which Thursday struck St. 
Louie and Illinois tii-clty suburbs. 
David Rhuls. 44. formerly of Spring- 
field, kte bs burled here tomorrow. 

ftbuto. according to master word 
received here, met his deeth while 
st work in an Iron work* st Granite 
CUT. Ill Reports of the storm told 
of tbe fetal burning of three men 
in Oreulte City when tbe force of 
the gels upset a crucible of molten 
metal et the plant of the 8t. Louis 
Coke end Iron company, but It It 
not definitely known here whether 
Rhule wm one of that unfortunate 

He was formerly employed by the 
United Iron Works here, and leaven 
his vile, two eons, a daughter, and 
bis mother of FordlandV Mo. 

The body 1* expected at the Kllng- 
ner Funeral home tomorrow morning 
and the funeral service will be held 
at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, with 
burial in Haaelwood cemetery- 

Mr. and Mrs. rtancla Douglas ofj 
■6t I/vuls announre the hlrth of a 
bahy girl this morning. Mrs. Doug- ; 
laa fonnrrlv was Mine Betty Johnson j 
of->hls city. Mr. Douclas Is city edl- 
th* St lotus Globe Democrat j 


«TSARCB— We wish to thank our friends, 
nets-beers and relative* who so kindly ee- 
elsled us during the slrfcneis. desih and 
hartal at our deer mother, also tor the 
BjeaaUful floral or ferine* We especially 
taaak Brother Alva M. Bagaaale for the 
eaoMiraslnf words spoken, also those who 
naejsnii the beaMttful sonft. the. ooss 
who furnished care, pallbearers and 



Double funeral services were held at 
> p, ra. today at the Herman H. Loh- 
meyar Funeral home for Nancy Dye. 
a. who died at 8 p. m. yeaterday, and 
Robert, Jr.. her two-year-old brother 
who died Thursday afternoon of tu- 1 
j bercular mentnejtle Services for 
Robert, Jr mere to have beru held 
* yeaterday but flue to the serious ili- 
neee of bu eiater. who underwent an j 
I operation for apper.rllrltin In a local 
' h-osplt*:. wrrr pi-Mif ptinrtf 

A Mo«h1 transfusion yeaterday morn 

,1ns; was administered by attend!!:*" 

physicians as a last resort to save the 

little girl's life The father. Robert 

Dye of Nichols, offered the blood for 

the transfusion The disease which 

\ snuffed out the lives of the two cull- j 

i dren. developed after each had suf- \ 

I fered attacks of whooping cough. 

Rev. Oeorge O. Van Noy. pastor of J 
the Bobbareon Avenue Baptist church. I 
officiated at the eerrlce. The bodies? 
will be forwarded tonight to Indian- 
apolis. Mr. Dye's former home, for 
1 burUI. Mr. Dye formerly lived In 
I Springfield, being employed at the 
I Martin Music store, and several years 
1 ago he plsyed In Keet's orchestra nl I 
the Blec.rlc theater. 

Ml 8.8 ALICE rOKNOfJ. 

! Funeral services for Mlsa Alice Cor- 
i nog. who died at 4:30 o'clock yester- 
| day afternc/on at her home in Rogers- 
ville. Mo. following a lingering 111- 
neea. will be held at the rrsidcn.e n" 
ill a. m. tomorrow. Burial will r^ m 
' Palmetto cemetery 

Mrs. Alice E. Cornof died at 440 

'• -!rw* Frirtnv afternoon at her home 
r. !t «c-tmi!> after « Sneering III- 
nrss Funrral services will be held 
a It a m, Sunday, at the family 
home, with interment In Palmetto 
cemetery. The deceased Is survived 
by threr sisters, Mlas Emma Cornof 
and Mrs Frank Kirk, both Of the 
home address, and Mrs. C Rathbun 
of Marshfleld. 



PAVTS- VTs »uh lo ripraM our apprsi 
Hon fee Um llbdrvtw And sympathy 
shew* shirts* la* MM Ulnass end death 
•f ear ssoUsar. sister sad srsadasotbsr. 
w» wish w> thank «t nelghsers and 
frtswdi. fcvuiwMt 8*8 Tetosheas Oo . 
WeedS-Cverts * Oo . SummrTfleld Florist 
Co . Rev D. C. 8*chW and Kllngner Un- 
OriaAlna- Oo. tor th«tr kindness. 

j ' Ll'THRR L. Tl TTLS. 

' Funerel services for Luther L. Tut- 
. tie. 27. who died Tuesdsy st La Junta. 

Colo, were held st a p m today st 
! the Kllngner fui.tnl home. Burial 

«u In Oreenlawn cemetery. Be if 
I survived by hit wife, a daughter, his 

mother. Mrt. W. O LaRue. and a 
I brother. Howard Tuttle, all of Spring - 

I field. 



runernl aervlcea for Rev. C. M 
Deaver. of Clever. Mo . former asso- 
ciate Judge of the Christian county 
court, who died Thursday afternoon 
at his home following a lingering Ill- 
ness, were held ot J p. m. today at 
the Baptist church In Clever, with 
burial In Boaz cemetery. He Is sur- 
vlved by bU wife, a daughter. Mrs. 
Pearl Sullivan, of Springfield, a son. 
Wllllsm Deaver. of Clever, and three 
brothers and two sisters. 

Funeral services were held it 140 
p. m. today st the Sterne mrdSiisry 
for the infant son of Mr. sag? Mrs. 
Walter Knapp. 1M8 South Kings 
avenue, who died at 4 p. m. yester- 
day. Burial was In Haeeiwood cem- 
stery. Tho Infant U survived by the 

MRS. l.Al RAM KMIll.ll. 

Funtrsi services for Mrs. ■ Laurah ■ 
Snider. 11. of ni5 Howard avenue, J 
who died In a local hospital Thursday < 
afternoon, will be hald at a. m. 
Sunday at the residence, with burial 
In the Martin cemetery near Conway, 
under the direct loin of the Kllngner 
Funeral home. 


The body of I. H. Leverton, 83 
Civil war veteran, who was fatally in- ; 
Jured Wednesday when struck by a 
street oar on Boonvllle avenue near 
the poet office, will be forwarded this 
afternoon by Um Kllngner Funeral 
home to Oldweln, la., for burial. 


! Funeral service* for Wallace Lane. 
; of 870 West Lynn street, who died 
! yesterday morning, were held yeeter- 

. burlsl In Mount Piessant cemetery 
j near Ash O.T>ve. Mo. under the dlrec- 
; won of the Kllngner Funeral home. 



The bode of BJchard J*. Jonas. 8s. 
IMS West Las street, who died 
Thursday In Jefferson Barracks bos- 
. Altai, St. Louis, errired here t*4sy 
Funeral arrangements are Incomplete 
but burial will be :i; the national 
esmstsry under direeUon oi tfts 
Kllngner Funeral noma.- Hs Is sn r- 

rtved by his wife, two ^J****** 
rtster, and his wJthsr.-MtST Oswit 

Ryan of Wlllard: bis fsthtr. J. I* 
Jones of Welser. Idaho; four broth- 
ers. Harold Jonse sad BiUls Joomo* 
Bingham Canyon. Utah; CHffofn 
jouee of Pasadena. CaUf; and Emory 
Jones of Chsbails. Was*.; by two sis- 
ters. Mrs. Vernstta Hughes sod Mrs. 
Vera Smith of Springfield. 

Page 1: May Detherow divorced Claude E. Detherow.** 
Page2A: Richard N. Jones died.** 

Mrs. Emma Albert died.** 

Mrs. Laura Snider died.** 

Riggins infant died.** 

Lester G. Whitlock of Birch Tree and Ruth S. Gravitt of Monett were married 
yesterday in Springfield. 

Page 3A: James Karl Love and Katherine Glenn, both of Springfield, were married 
yesterday in Springfield. 

Page 4A: Henry L. Lynch of Lebanon died Monday. 
Mrs. J. E. Fulkerson of Lebanon died Tuesday. 


Mrs. J. H. Campbell, 80, of Lebanon died Saturday, September 24, at the home of 
her daughter Mrs. E. E. Barr of near Oakland. 

Mrs. Ira Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Prince, all of Pittsburg, Kansas, came to 
Lebanon for the funeral of their grandfather John Addison. 

Hans Olsen, a pioneer of Wright county, died last week. He was 99 years, 5 
months, and 3 days old. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Roemer and son Ernest of Newburg were called to Pacific, 
Mo., by the death of Mrs. Roemer's mother who was 84 years old. 

Son born Monday to Mr. and Mrs. William Hess of Newburg. 

Efton Henson and Miss Eden Vanzandt of Cassville were married September 22 at 
Columbus, Kansas. They will live in Monett. 

A daughter Jewell Louise Brown was born September 26 to Mr. and Mrs. Victor 

The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Viles of Monett died.** 

Henrietta Bass of Monett and Joel Falls of Kansas City were married September 
26 at Joplin. 

Son born September 24 to Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Chumbley of Monett. 

Miss Ruth Wilhelm of Monett and Robert Crighton were married.** 
Page IB: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Thomas H. Phillips and Oma Arthur, both of Springfield, were married yesterday 
in Springfield. 

Page 2B: Cyrus E. Wyman and Gladys Fleming, both of Aurora, were married yesterday 
in Springfield. 

H. M. Gordon divorced Jennie Gordon. 
Page3B: O. C. Mitchell died.** 

Mies Ruth Wilhelm became the 
bride of Robert Crlghton of Spring- 
field, the ceremony took place at 
the Preabyterlan church 8unday 
afternoon at 1:10, September 26. 
Rev. Ijenox Crockett uniting the 
couple by the ring ceremony. There 
were only relatives and Intimate 
frlende In attendance. An Informal 
reception was held at home of the 
brldea parents Mr. and Mrs. Geo. 
Wilhelm 926 Fifth street. Mr. and 
Mrs. Crighton are at home at 613 
Cherry street Pprlngfleld. 

New Short Order 
Divorce Record 
In Circuit Court 

QHORT ORDER divorce rec- 
*^ orda were broken in division 
No. l of the circuit court yester- 
day when May Detherow was 
grunted a default divorce from 
Olnude K. Uetherow. proprietor 
of n cleaning and pressing es- 

The suit woo filed In the of- 
fice of Ouy C. Glbbs. clerk, to- 
gether with an entry of appear- 
ance signed by the husband, and 
while the Ink was drying on the 
flrM entry. In the clerk's records. 
Judge Guy D. Klrby heard the 
evidence of the plaintiff and her 
Miarncter witnesses and granted 
:ho decree. 

The wife chnr»rej her hu*haml 
*lll> abandon men t and failure to 
uipport her. 

Judgo John H. "airman In probate 
court yesterday appointed Fred 
Rin gs** urg administrator of tho 
•state of tho late ML J. Ringosburg. 

Leetee GL Whrttoek of Birch Tree, 
and Ruth fl. Oravttt of Monett, 
wore married at the court house 
yesterday . Thy ceremony was said 
by 4- W^f^pln. presiding Judge I 
of the county court. 

Efton Heosoa aad Mia* Eden 
Vaaiaadt of CaaavUla war* married 
at Cetumhus, Kaa, Beptember U. 
They have returned and are at home 
to their friends at Ml Fourth street. 
-Mr. and' Mrs. "Viator Brown an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter 
Monday, the ft, named Jewell 

Thomas M. "Hiillip* an d Os»s 
Arthur, both of Springfield, were 
married at the court house yester- 
day by J. W. Tlppln, presiding 
Judge of the countv court. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Roemer and 
son Ernest ware called to Pacific. 
Mo., because of the serious Illness 
and death of Mrs. Roemers mother. 
She was 84 years old. 

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Chumbley 
are parents of a son, born at Dr. 
West hospital. September 24. 




0. C. mitohell, Postmaster 
During Wilson Administra- 
tion, Also Worked as Po- 
liceman in Early Days 

OC MITCHELL. 69. for 40 years 
• a resident of Springfield and 
postmaster 8 years during the Wll- 
aon administration, died at .4 
o'clock yesterday afternoon follow- 
tag a lingering Illness at his home 
at 1917 North Benton avenue. 

Mr Mitchell, who was the son or 
the Reverend and Mr.. Greenberry 
Mitchell, natives of Tennessee. »»* 
born U» Da»»» county. Missouri, 
October 20. 1868. He wa.^ married 
on October 2. 1878. to Elizabeth 
Donnell. who was born. reared 
and educated In Greene county. To 
this union, on* son. John &, «« 

born. . , ^.^o 

On Force » Year* 
Mr Mitchell received hU educa- 
tion in the schools of tWe^xounty 
and also spent one year at Morris- 
vuls college In Polk county, after 
which he engaged In farming until 
March 9. 1887. when he moved to 
Springfield and secured employ- 
ment with the Frisco railroad For 
two years he held this position, 
then was appointed to the poHco 
force by Mayor Walker, holding 
this position for two years, after 
which he spent a year In the gro- 
cery business. He was appointed 
mail carrier In ls»» an* held this 
position for 21 years. In February, 
im he was named postmaster and I 
MrTed |„ that position (or eight . 
rears, when he resigned. He re- 
turned, however, to the post office 
work and served a. clerk for one 
v-ar in order to complete the 3J 
years service record which entitled 
him to a pension. - 

He then retired on this pension 
and engaged ,n no other business 

Funeral Servloos Today 
He is survived by the widow. 
by h-» ton. John K. MltcheU. of St. 
Louis, one brother. Street Mitchell. 
of route t, Springfield; and one sis- 
ter. Mrs. Rebekah Cooksey. of Fair 

Funeral service, will be held at 
| SO o'clock thU afternoon at the 
Kllngner Funeral home, with thJ 

Reverend Earl W. French, pastor of 
Kast Avenue Baptist church, offi- 
ciating. Burial will be in Green- 
lawn cemetery with the Gate of 
the Temple lodge. A. F. and A. M. 
In charge of services at the grave 
Mr. Mitchell waa a member of 
the Bast Avenue Baptist church; 
tne Gate of the Temple lodge. A. 
F sad A. M-. KiOghta ef PyUUea. 
ZrfT , l - <* «*♦ World, and the 
SSTm\*u*4V*^ **** 
K«tioMl \*m«m£m ec letter Car - 
rtera, of which be had served as 
president tor It years. 


I Frank Rail. 30. and Alma Ander- 
son. 24. both of Brighton: Thomas 
II H. Phillips. 20. and Oma Arthur. 
: 17. both of Springfield; Lester G. 
'Whlllock. II. IMrch Tree, and Ruth 
S. Gravitt. SI. Monett. Cyrus E. 
Wyntan. 2T. and Alta Gladys Klem- i 
. Injt. --• both of Aurora: Elmer j 
McOroskey. 20. Springfield, and , 
Lawreno HaumSerger. 20. Brook- \ 
line: James Karl Love. 21. and | 
Katherine «:lenn. 19. both of Sprlng- 
|i field: Clnu%le »\ Perry. 27. and 
Lurlnda K. rumper. 17. both of 




Funeral services : fcsv«~ ,.^-. 
Jones, «• years- old, ttfUM Wart. 
Lee street, who died Thursday la 
Jefferson Btrtukl hospital -In BL 
Loeie, will be held at -1 Veto©*- to- 
morrow afternoon at tb* XUngner 
Funeral horn*, with burial In. the 
National cemetery." Ilia la survived 
by the -widow, by two daug hters. 
on* slater, hio mother, Mrs. George 
Bran, of Wlllard. ¥©.; his father. 
J. I* Jones, of Weleer. Idaho; tour 
brothers: Harold and WUUanj, of 
BlBgham Canyon. Utah; Clifford, of 
Pasadena, Calif, and Emor y Jo nes, 
of Cbehalla. Wash.: and by two sis- 
ters, Mrs. Vernetta Hughes, and 
Mrs. Vera Smith, of Springfield. 

Funeral services for Mrs. Emma 
Albert, 77 years old. who died 
Wednesday night at ber Home on 
route 11. Springfield, will be held 
at X o'clock this afternoon at the 
Alma Lohmsyer Funeral home with 
burial in Brick Churc h cemetery. 

Funeral service, for Mrs. Laura 
Smd-r. 21 years old of 211. i Howard 
avenue, who died Thursday, will be 
held at 8 o'clock this mornuur^t 
the residence with burial In the 
Martin cemetery near Conway. Mo 
under direction of the Kllngner 
Funeral home. 


Funeral services for the Infant 
son of Mr. and Mra. Junes N. Rlg- 
glns. Of Celt, Mo., who died at 6:30 
o'clock yesterday evening In a local 
hospital, will be held tomorrow at 
the Starne mortuary with burial In 
Hazelwood cemetery. The, child Is 
survived by the parents. 

Tba 'four montne o?e daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs, J. V. Vllee. of Quapaw 
Okla, died In the *Haco sUtlon 
Wednesday night. Mrs Vilas waa 
on her way to Warsaw, N. Y.. to 
homo of her parents. Death waa 
caused by acute gaatro enteritis. I 
The body waa prepared for burial 
and shipped to Quapaw for burial. 

HenrletU Baaa of Monett and Joel 

Falla of Kansas City ware married 

at Joplln, Monday the *♦. They 

will make their homo In Kansas! 


Page 1: Obadiah Clark Mitchell died.** 

Page 4: Twin daughters were born last Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Hiram G. Letterman of 
Niangua. This is their second pair of twins. The first pair were boys. 

Page 20: Miss Catherine Marie Quinn and Mr. Louis H. Gummersbach will be married 

Page 22: Miss Zedith Charlton and Mr. Hugh O. LeBlanc are engaged to marry.** 

Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Musgrave celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 29: Helen Stuart divorced Harry E. Stuart. 

H. M. Gordon divorced Jennie Gordon. 
Page 31: Births reported.** 

Mrs. Emma Albert died.** 

Richard N. Jones died.** 

Luther L.Tuttle died.** 

Rev. C. M. Deaver died.** 

Knapp infant died.** 

Nancy Dye died.** 

Robert Dye, Jr., died.** 

Miss Alice Cornog died.** 

Mrs. Laurah Snider died.** 

I. H. Leverton died.** 

Riggins infant died.** 

Card of thanks from Mrsd. Laura Thomas and others.** 

Card of thanks from Charles Kiefer and others.** 

Another card of thanks.** 


Mr. and Mra. L. H Muagrava. 734 
South Pickwick avenue, entertained 
majmba ra ©* wMtr family at dlnnar 
Friday in celebration of their golden 
aatVltnf anniversary. Two of their 
threw ohlkfren. Mrs V. A. Walker at 
Oklahoma, with her ft 


city were peasant. The mtmbsn of 
the Psu k wao fc club, of Whteh Mra. Mua- 
grava u a ■nember, called In a body 
and extended ttoetr oonfratulaUona 
and praam ted a bouquet or flowers, 
Mr. and Mrs. Muagrara erere married 
: In Teiaa September 80. 1STT. They re- 
lumed to Oedar county and hare re- 
I aided there and In Oraena county 
1 since. They moved to Springfield in 
l too snd have resided at 790 Plck- 


Mr. and Mrs. June Lee, or 600 West 
Drowcr street, announce the birth of 

;• daughter, stolen June, September 

I 20. Mra. law formerly was Miss May 

{ Warner. 

{ Mr. and Mra. Clarence Ward, S006 
Ramsey avenue, announce the birth 
r>t a eor., Francis L*Hp>. Brplrmher 

i Mr. and Mra. Itlcbard Fowler, of M4 
South Wearer aTerme. announce the 

1 birth of a baby daughter, Brptcm- 

; ber 38. 

i Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Chaplin an- 

, nounre the birth or a eon. Lloyd 
Franklin. September 29. 


Died Yesterday After thlg* 
ering Illness — Funeral to 
Be Held This Afternoon- 
Postmaster in Wilson Ad- 

Never ArlUe In Politics. 

Mr. Mitchell was a member o( tbo 

t Avenue Baptist church. Masonic 

todge, Knlghte of ratals*. RoyeJ Ar- 

fcenutn *nd) Woodmen of the 

i ror more than 10 yeara be wen 

drnt of Orark Mountain Branch HB. 

203. National Association of Letter 

Carriers Although n Democrat. Mr. 

( Mitchell never took an active, part 

j in politic*. 

Funeral eervlcee will be held at 
1 3 so p. m. today at the J. W. Kllng- 
nrr Funeral homr. »'.'.h Bf-' F 



00 years 

Clark Mitchell 
d1e*1 .v. 4 o'cock yesterday afternoon 
H Mi home. 1927 Benton avenue, fol- 
. an Urn-ess eatorndlng or** * 
o* ereera) months. 
Mr Mitobetl suffered a awoke' of 

i;c...... j.«/-l : .: !>.:* Vet"" 1 ' Bap- 

•l»t church, officiating. Burial will 
oe in Greenlawn cemeuty with the 

| Oate of the Temple Lodge, A. T. A 

: A. M . In charge. 

Mr. Mitchell J» survived by his wife, 
a aoo. John E. Mitchell, of 8t. Louis: 
a brother. Robert O. Mitchell of 
Route 0. Springfield, and a ahrter, 
Mrs. Rebecca Cookery. Rout* 10, 


Recorder of Deeds Jack W. McKee 
yesterday lasrued the following mar- 
riage lloansss: 

Btmer MoOroaksy. 30, Springfield. 
mad Lorece BtWunbtTgejr. 90, Brook- 

yeatertty. Mr. Mitchell bad begfllnl 
%pd health tor the past eight motrtn*. 
Mr. Mitchell «|i better known to 1 

u.r • «J*eas rf Springfield «• poet' 

maMTf during Ppfceldent • Wood row 

; Wuson'a administration. He' served 

j in that capacity tor ehclit year*. h*v- 

! lng been appointed id 1014. 

Born In Delia* County. 
i Mr. Mitchell was born In Dallas 
j county. October 30, 1888. HU parent* 
were Rev. and Mrs. Oreanberry Mlt- 
I chell. who went to Dallia^jftLuuy In 
1850 from Tennessee. HJb^nWher was 
i a plonceY minister of southwest •Mle- 
! eouri 

. Trie aina/n; reifi.ttl «. common 
school education and one year at 
I Morrirville college, Polk county. Be 
engaged !a farming until 1887 when 
lie came to £prlit£fldd And obtained 
j employment, with the rYlsco. T»o 
• rears liter he was appointed to the 
[ Springfield police force by Mayor 
i Ralph Walker. He served as a po- 
I lice officer for two years and reslgn- 
ied and established a grocery busi- 

In 1893 he was appointed a mall 
carrier and served In that capacity 
until 1914 when his appointment as 
potima»;tr w** made. 

Cyrus R. Wymen. 37, and Alt* 
Otadye Fleming. 33. both of Aurora. 

Lester O. Whltlook. 31. Blroh Tree. 
Mo, and Ruth S. Oratitt. 31. Monett. 

Thome* H. Phillips. 30. and Oma 
Arthur. 17. both of Springfield. 

%— CARD9 OF TsUNaTt, 

TU On AaV-We wish to thank our maw 
friends for their kindness shewn as dur- 
ing the slekness ami death of eslr dear 
husband and father. Want to thank 
Bro. Mason for th» comforting words 
the* were spoken and we feel so grateful 
to ths singers for the beautiful sons; 
service, also want, to praise little Hmens 
Black for the kind and good things the 
did to maks thlnn plea«*nt tor him. 

M rs. Laura Thoma* and Chil dren. 

KncrKR— We wish to express ©or sincere 
thanks te oer friends and neighbors for 
their kindness and beautiful flowers at 
the death el ear darling daeghter. grand* 
daughter and niece. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cruu. Klsfer and sons. • 

Mr. and Mrs, Ohas. Kiefer. Sr. 

Mr, end Mrs. Walter Morgan. 
, • M»; and Mrs. C. «. Dsan. 

Mr. and Mrs. R A. Askew aad fsjaJIr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Itary Kleter S lanUl/ 

**r. Ftsnklln J rseter 


nkMORk— We w i»h~to^^a'ok^iuT^mioT 
friend* SAd nel«hbors for thstr kind. 
?*•" .*? <1 sympathy ihovo ua durlnr 
th« tlrkness and death of our darllnr 

r^.H^uufS 1 noraf^rx- 

wm and mm jtww ^ qkav^ 



Q « I B a, 
daughter of Mr. tad Mn. Jamas M. 
Qulnn, *» South NsisoneJ Boulevard. 
wfll to married at • o'clock Saturday 
SI. to Mr. Louie H. 

Oumounbuli of St. Lotus. Ths Rev. 
rather L. Ourtle Tlsmaa will perform 
Um ceremony, using the ring service, 
at St. Agnes church. Miss Quian will 
be Riven in marriage by her father, 
and Mm. John Qulnn will attend 
her m matron of honor, 'with Miss 
Agne* Meyer, cousin of the bride* 
groom, a* maid of honor. Mr. Oum- 
merabach will be attended by John 
Hawke of St. Louis as beat man. and 
John Qulnn. brother of the bride-to- 
be. as groomsman. Master John 
Qulnn. Jr.. nephew of the bride-elect, 
will be ring-bearer and Mr. Ed Hig- 
glna of St. Louis and Mr. John Meyer 
will be uahera. After the ceremony. 
the couple will leave for a trip to New 
York City. Washington. D. C, and 
placet In Canada. They will be at 
home In St. Louis after December 1 at 
(5067 Waterman avenue. Miss Qulnn 
la being honored at a number of 
parties among which la a luncheon 
to be given by MIm Helen Louise 
Graves at her home. 1400 Bast Walnut 
street, Wednesday and a party by MIm 
Leola and Mlaa Agnea Meyer to be 
given at their home. OLA East Elm 
ctreet within the next two weeks. 


runeral ee i fl c — far BAY. 0. M 
rVavrr. of Clever, Mr» , former as- 
sociate Judge of the Christian county 
court, rhn died Thursday afternoon 
at his home following a lingering ill- 
nesa. were beld at a p. m. yesterday 
at the Baptist church In Clever, with 
burial In Boas cemetery. Ha la sur- 
vived by his wife, a daughter. Mrs. 
Pearl Sullivan, of Springfield, a eon. 
William Denver, of Clever, and three 
brothers and two sisters. 


i Funeral services were held al 3:30 
i p. in. yesterday at the Slarne niortu- 
fary for the Infant arm of Mr. aa4 
Mrs. Waiter Knapp. 1&08 South Kings 
avenue, who died at 4 p. SB. FlWsf 
i Burial was In Rasstwood o s ia a t s ij . 
j The Infant la survived by the par- 


runeral ear rices for 
Albert. TT, wtoo diad 
anar a brief LUnsas 
Routs 11. ■pringneid. WIS be hstd 
a p. m. today at the 
Punsral home. Burial w4U 
Brick Church 

Double funeral services for Nancy 
Dye. 6. who died Friday afternoon, 
and Robert, Jr., who died Thursday. 
were held at 2 p. to. Saturday at the 
Herman H. Lohmeyer Punsral horns. 
The bodies were forwarded laat night 
In Indianapolis. 

runeral services for Richard N 
Jonas. 3d. IftSfl Wee* Las 
died Thursday tn 
hospital. St Louis, will be held at S 
p. m. Monday at the KUngner ru- 
neral borne. Burial will be In the 
National cemetery. The body arrived 
hafs yesterday. R« u surriTsd by hie 
wife, two daughters, a sister, and hie 
mother. Mrs Oeorge Ryan of Wlllard; 
hU father. J. L. Jones, of Welssr. 
Idaho; four brothers, Harold Jones 
and Blllle Jonee. of Bingham Canyon. 
Utah: Clifford Jones of Pasadena, 
Calif.; and Emory Jonas of Shehalla. 
Wash.: by two slaters. Mrs. Vsrnetta 
Hughes and Mrs. Vera Smith, of 


runeral eervicee for Luther L. Tut- 
tle. 37, who died l\ieaday at La 
Junta, Colo, wars beld at a p. m 
yesterday at the Kllngner runeral 
home. Burial was in Orsenlawn 
cametery. He Is survived by his wife, 
a daughter, his mother. Mas. w. 6. 
LaRue. and a brother. Howard Tut- 
tls. all of Sprtngfleld. 

1 fl. I.FVLRTON. 

The body of I H Lercrton. S3. Civil 
war veteran, ilrn was fatally Injured 

! Wednesday a hen struck by a etreet 

'cu on Boomilie avenue r.enr t»*;r' 
poatofflre. »»« forwarded yeaterdav ' 

! by the Kllngner runeral home to 

• Oldweln. la. for burial. 


The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. , 

I James N. Klcglns died at 0:30 
p. m. yesterday In a local hospital. 
Funeral services will be held Mon- 

! day afternoon at the Sterne mort- 



Funeral services for Mrs. Laureh 
Snider. 31, of 3315 Howard avenue, 
who died In a local hospital Thurs- 
dajr~*fUrnoaa. will to* held »!•»,«. 
»uatuy at the resides**, wttn burial 
in The Marlin cemetery »•■* *ODBw»r; 
under the direction of the Kltafncr 
Funeral home 


Funeral services for Miaa Alice 

j Cornog. who died at 4:30 o'clock Fri- 
day afternoon at her home In Rog - 

i •r»TlU«, tlo, loUowlnf a. lingering ill- 
ness, will be held at the residence at 

II n. m. 

today. Burlnl 

will be in 

Page 2: Richard N. Jones died.** 

Riggins infant died.** 

Mila infant died.** 

Mrs. Rema Weatherly died.** 
Page 3: Indian mounds will be marked.** 

Will Place Marker 
On College Campus 


Near Indian Mounds 

rpHBJ thirteenth of the Univer- 

ally club's historical markers, 
erected to Identify and com- 
memo rate alUes of historic sig- 
nificance In and near Springfield, 
will be dedicated on the Drury 
college campua thla month with 
Interesting ceremonies. The pro- 
gram ls still tentative. 

The marker wiU be placed arold 
the ancient mounda which remain 
In the open space betweert the 
Clara Thompson music and the 
president's home, about half-way 
between McCulUutu cottage and 
Benton avenue. 

The top of the marker will be 
Inscribed "University Club His- 
torical Marker. No. 13." The west 
face* wlU bear this legend: 
•These mounds mark the alte of 
prertstorlc Indian homes. They 
are believed to represent the re- 
main* of thatch -roofed circular 
adobe huts similar to those built 
by the Mandan Indians. Thou- 
ejaaflg of similar house mounds 
axe widely Bcattered In groups 
throughout the Orarka, but are 
being Widely destroyed by agri- 
cultural agencies. Their builders 
antedated the Osages. Meager 
evidence Indicates a non-warlike 
and agrtculteraj race, probably 
effaced «lthef by pestilence or by 
warlike enemy tribes. Erected by 
Drury college, October. 1927." 
! The east face of the marker 
will read: "100 feet east waa the 
I old St. Louie road which once ran 
! diagonally through the Drury 
. college campui from southwest to 
i northeast. The remains of the 
I earthworica thrown up to fortify 
| this road In (he early days of the 

Civil war can still t>e obscurely 
eeen on the southwest corner of 
the campui," 

Dr. E. M. Shepard ls chairman 
of the University club committee 
on historical markers, which ls 
cooperating with a committee 
from the college In making the 
dedication arrangements. 

x *nne**t^ 

Jon**, st i 
Lee street, who died Thursday la 
Jefferson Barracks hospital to St 
Louis, will be held at I o'clock this 
afternoon at the KJIngner Funeral 
home with burial. In. the National 
cemetery. . • \ 

Funeral services for the Infant 
son of Mr. and Mrs. Jamea N. Rig- 
gins, of Celt. Mo., Who died Sat- 
urday In a local hospital. „ will he 
held at 3 o'clock this afternoon at 
the Starne mortuary with burial In 
Haxelwcod cemtery. 

Funeral aervlces for the Infant 
eon of Mr. «and Mrs. H. Mlla, of 
8prlngf leld. who died In a local hos- 
pital yesterday morning, will be 
held at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon 
at the Starne mortuary with burial 
In Haselwood cemtery. The child 
Is survived by the parents. 

Funeral services for Mrs. Rema 
Weatherly. 22 yeurs old, of Exeter, 
Mo., who died at 12 o'clock yester- 
day In a local hospital after a 
brlefv Illness, will be held at 2:30 
o'clock this afternoon In the Metho- 
dist church at Exeter, with burial 
In the cemetery there, under di- 
rection of \V. L. Starne. undertaker. 
She Is survived by the husband, 
William R. Weatherly, one daughter, 
Ruth, and five step-children, and 
hy her parents. Mr. snd Mrs. D. E. 
Wilson, of Exeter. 


Page 10: Obadiah C. Mitchell died.** 

Birth reported.** 

Mrs. Rema Weatherly died.** 

Richard N. Jones died.** 

Riggins infant died.** 

Mila infant died.** 

Mrs. IDa May McNeece died.** 
Page 15: David Rhule died.** 

Page 19: Miss Elizabeth Patterson and Mr. Jack Denton will be married Saturday.** 
Page 20: Mrs. Mary E. Kennedy divorced W. A. Kennedy. 

Albert T. Carroll sues to divorce Bertha I. Carroll. 


Funeral servlcee for Obadiah C 
Mitchell, formerly a Springfield poet- 
! muter, who died Saturday at bit ; 
hum*, ware held at 3 p. m. yesterday 
at ths Kllngner Funeral home. Burial 
waa tn Oreenlawn cemetery with the 
Oate of Trmrle l/xlee A F A- A M . 
in charge. 
| Ur MlUhell la aurvlved by hla wife. 
: a eon. John C. Mitchell, of 8t. Loula: 
1 a brother. Robert O. Mitchell of 
! Route 0. Springfield, and a alater. 
Mrs Rebecca Cooa»f>. Route 10. 

l M 

etra. Mary X. Kennedy Una morning 
M granted a divorce from W. A. 
Kennedy together with ITM gross all. 
mony. which was satisfied In open 
court. The divorce waa granted on a 
croaa bUI. The eult waa beard by 
Judge Warren L. Whit*, in dlruion 
two of circuit court. 

Albert T. OarroU thla morning filed 

eult for divorce from Bertha J. Oar- 
roll, charging general Indignities and 

Mra. Ida Ma; McNeece. 03. who waa 
a resident of Aab Orove for many 
yearn, died yesterday at her home. 
Funeral earrlcea were to be held at 
a p. m. today at the r e al d sao e. with 
burial in Oreenlawn cemetery at Wal- 
nut Orove. She la survived by her 
bueband and a daughter. Mra. D. B. 
Morgan, of Springfield. Burial we* 
under direction of the Oalbraltb Fur- 
nlvure and Undertaking company of 
Aab Orove. 

Anaemaee WedsJag !Ta»*v, > 

wedding of Wm 

daughter of Dr. and IttmW. 

Patterson. 1000 Bast Kim street, to 

Jaok Denton, eon of Mr. and lira. 

E Denton. 816 South National 

enue. will take place aiL^he South 

t Chrlatlan- church aC l\ o'clock 

turday morning. October lV. The 

ngle ring ceremony will be perform. 

by Rev. K. F. Leake, paetor of the 

urcb. who wtU 

only relatives 

da of both youag 

iphlne Umbexger and Ur 

ton. brother Of the groom-to-be 

ill be the ateendanu. The 

>lan to take a trip to eouthon 

'ollowing the wedding. The 

iitot baa been che 

.id arable entertafz 

wra of society here. She 

it a large luncheon brldga at the 

Country club glean by Mra. Denton. 

sother of the The 

bride- to-be will be honored guest at 

» bridge party Tuesday afternoon grr- 

en by Mlas Marthell Burman, S10 Bast 

Lynn atreet. and Mlaa Oeorgla Tucker 

■will entertain for her Thursday aft- 

•rnoon. Parti ee are being planned by 

e>ther friends. Including Mlas Barbara 

Borton, who will entertain the last of 

Able week, and Mlases Mary Martha 

(w>th and Mary Ruth Hubbell. who 

will also honor Mlaa Patterson. 


Mr. and aire. I. K. Stoops, of 1631 
Wast Lynn street, announce the birth 
of a daughter. Ruth Aline, on Sep. 

te:r.ber W. 



rontnl earrioaa for link I 
Weatberry. M. of Ktatsr. Mow «»» 
diad st noon yesterday in •> >■•*• 
hospital, were held »t 3 Jd P»»»~ **" 
day In the Methodist fbpnb «* 
Bxeter. with burial In twcamatgfy 
there, under direction of W. L. 
Starne. undertaker. Bhe Is survived 
by her husband. William B. Waattoar- 
ly; a daughter. Buth: flv* •up-ctoll 
dran. and by bar jwtttt. Mr 
Mr*. D. B. Wilson, of SttMr. 


Funeral services for the infant eon 
of Mr. and Mr*. Jamea N. Rlgglns of 
Celt. Mo., who died Saturday In a 
local hospital, were held at 3 p m. 
today at the Starne mortuary with 
burial In Hazelwood cemetery. 

Funeral services for Richard H. 
Jones, 2«. of 1B30 West Lea etreet. 
who died Thursday In Jefferson Bar- 
racks hospital at 8t. U>uu, were bald 
at a p. m. today at the Kllngner 
ruoeral home. Burial waa In the 
National cemetery- 


| Funeral services for the Infant son 
of Mr. and Mrs H. Milt, of Spring- 
field, who died In a local hospital 
yeaterday morning were held at 
3:80 p. m. today at the Starne mor- 
tuary with hurlftl In Hazelwood 
cemetery. He It survived by his par- 


Funeral asrrtoaa MaVfiRVM Khule, 
M. formerly of BprtnfflaM. who was 

killed In Thursday's storm st Oranlte 
City. III., were bald yesterday at 3 p* 
m. at the Kilncner Funeral bom*. 
Burial waa In Haaelwood cemetery. 

Page 2: Frank Jones died.** 

Mrs. Ida May McNeece died.** 

Mrs. Mamie Youngblood died.** 

Albert T. Carroll sues to divorce Bertha L. Carroll. They were married on March 


Son bom October 1 to Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Embrey of 1821 Douglas avenue. 
Daughter born October 2 to Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Dulin of route 3 Springfield. 
The will of Emma Albert was filed for probate.** 
Page 12: Mary E. Kennedy divorced W. A. Kennedy. They were married June 30, 
1922. Mr. Kennedy has a grown son. 

Page 16: Son born October 1 to Mr. and Mrs. John Whitworth of 1412 North Rogers 


Mrs. Mamie YounK>>lood. *7 years j 
old. formerly a resident of Hall- . 
town. Mo., dl«*d last evening follow- 
iit.« u llnKennir ut the home I 
i,.f her daughter. Mra. tJ. I'earson 
. Wurd. Ii2t St. LoitlB street. Bhe Is 
survived by the husband. C. B. I 
YoungMood. two sons. K. B. Young- | 
I1.mii! of Cleveland. «»lil(.. and Percy j 
» OureMood. of Tulsa. Okla . three i 
'.'•.iiKht«r«. Mrs. Ward. Snrlnrfleld; I 
V '«s .Unfile Younplilood nn.l Miss 
<N.U Y«unr»'l«o«l. both of H.putlle. 
'Mo- h-r parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. 
■ N Do*nln«r. of Halltown. Mo . three 
L'Hters. MlM Pearl Downing, of 
ITalltown: Mrs. Nora Dameron. of 
Halltown. and Mrs. Minnie Butz. of 
Uiownsvllle. Texas: and one brother, 
irimer lx.wnlni?. of Sand Springs, 
lokla The body will he taken to 
I Halltown this morning by the H " r_ 
| man H. Lohmeyer Funeral "« m * 
jvfccr* funeral services will be he d 
j tomorrow afternoon, with burial In 
the cemetery there. 


The will of the late Emma Albert 
filed yesterday la probata 
court, and the property, with tha 
.exception of bequests of fl each to 
two grandchildren, la to bs divided 
among tha children- A son, ttraeat 
Sebastian, la to senre aa executor 
without bond. 


Funeral services for frank Jones. 
T» yaara old. of M4« Boonrille are- 
nve, who died yesterday afternoon 
after a lingering lUness. will be held 
at S o'clock this afternoon at the. 
ininsner Funeral home with burial 
In Oreenlawn cemetery. He !*> 
■arrived by the widow, by two none. 
Walter and Arthur, of Springfield, 
and one daughter. Mra. AUce Avery. 
ut Joplln. | 


Mr*. Ida MvllcNwcn It year* 1 
old. for many year, a resldant of; 
Ash Grove. Mo, died Sunday at her | 
homo after a Una^ina; Aliases., she 
Is •ttrrlred by ttao husband and on* 
dau«hter. Mrs. D. B. Morgan, of 
Springfield. Funeral service* were 
held yesterday afternoon at the i 
residence with burial In Oreenlawn ' 
cemetery at Walnut Orove under 
direction of the Ualbialth Under-' 
I taking company, of Aah Orove. 

Page 1: Obadiah C. Mitchell left a will.** 
Page 2: Mrs. Emma Albert left a will.** 
Page 10: Freda Cantrell divorced Ira Cantrell. 

Birth reported.** 

Olin D. McConnell divorced Adah E. McConnell. 

Frank Jones died.** 

Mrs. Mamie Youngblood died.** 

Mrs. Sarah M. McDonald died.** 
Page 11: James Blair died.** 
Page 12: Card of thanks from Mrs. D. M. Rhule and others.** 

Card of thanks from Mrs. Luther Tuttle and others.** 

Item in memory of Robert R. Arbuckle.** 
Page 15: Miss Lorene Baumberger and Mr. Elmer C. McCroskey were married.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 16: Sgt. William A. Casey died.** 

r .* v fe'** : " 

■ x 


<*•*?» i)i 

WUMam A. 

. . .. • mind nm „„ 

of tb* OWUd «utw army, died to 
Wnt Plain* following a loaf Him— 
Mr Casey was taken to Wart Plains 
from Moatesr. Mo.. 10 days afo In 
such critical condition that no nop* 
»u offered for hi* recoTerj. 

With him st th* tun* of hi* death 
war* maabn of the A J. Hitter house 
family of Montser. with which family 
ha baa mad* his horns sines ha re- 
tirement from the army ft* year* ago. 
Sergeant C saa y was born in Dublin, 
Ireland, his father bslnf a ofty en- 
gineer there. However, the spirit of 
adventure, which probably was re- 
sponsible for his long army career. 

j cropped out st a vsry early age. and 
he ran away on a ship while a lad of 
eight. Four years later he returned 
boms, but after a fsw years ran sway 
again. Bull later he Joined the Eng- 
lish army, servtufr four yeara. Than 
he came to America and Joined the 

i United States army. hU loyal serrlc* 
covering a period of to yeara He 
served In the Bpanlah-Amerlcan war, 

I and bad five yeara of foreign service 
with the United states regular army. 

13 4 * 


James Blair. 70. who has been s 
number of the Pythian horns her* 
for seven years, died early todsy. He 
Is s member of Hop* Lodge. No. 1M. 

He U survived by s daughter and 
a grandson, Mra Aun Merry, and 
Claude Merry, both of Bt. ieuu 

Funeral services will he l»*ld at 8 
o'clock Wednesds)- afternoon In the 
auditorium of the home. The body 
will br sent to Bt. Louts tomorrow 
night for burial. 



Obedlah C. Mitchell, former poet- 
! master, who died Saturday, left his 

•-■*.-,.,■ Mvc Mni ~.. K Mif.-hHI hlF 

icsltlciice property m iu2~ ncuior 
javenue, a note valued at J1.500, and 

•500 In cash. The remnlnder of his 
i property was left to his son. John E 
| Mitchell, of Bt. Louis. The will, filed 

lor probate yesterday, revealed It war. 

drawn In April, at which time Mr 
| Mitchell was In Ul health. 


Funeral service* for Prank Jones. 

I 7*. •* »4« BocnvuM areata*, arte «M 
yesterday afternoon after a lingering 

j Illness, were held at S p. m today at 
the KJingner Puneral home with 
burial In Oreer.lawrt cemetery. He i.'i 

: survired by hi* wife, two aona. Walter 
and Arthur, of Springfield, and a 
daughter. Mr*. Alice Avery, of Jopun 


j Funeral services will be held to- 

I morrow afternoon at Halltown for Mnt. 

! Mamie Youngblood. 47. formerly • 
resident of that town, who died last 
night at the home or her daughter 
Mrs. O. Pearson Ward. 1531 8t. Louis 
street. The body was prepared for 
burial and taken overland to Hall- 

j town today by the Herman H. Loh- 
mever Puneral home. Burial will be 
in the cemetery there. She U sur- 
vived by her husband. C. B. Young- 
blood. of Tulsa. Okla.; three daugh- 
ters. Mrs. fJnrd, Springfield; Miss Jeu- 
nle Ypungbtood and Mis* Nell Toung-. 
blood both of Republic; her parents 
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Downing of Hall- 
town; three sisters, Mies Pearl Down. 
ing. bf Halltown; Mrs Mora Dameron 
of Halltown, and Mrs. Minnie Bute of 
BrownsTllle. Ttx.; and a brother. El- 
mer Downing, of Sand Springs. Okla. 

Mn. Sarah M. McDonald, 53 yrnrr. 
old. »!fe of Ot:.» M«D.i:uld <! > <• •! . 
:m>r;.;;.(; „t •:,, ;..;;.,. ic.r; .*...::.. 
Ocant avenuf. following a lingering 
nines*. She li> survived by her hus- 
band, a son. Uimit McDonald ot 
Lebanon, m.; and by two eUters. Mrs 
Mary Dane of Houston M» ..' and Mrs, 
T. E. Spahr. and her mother. Mn». 
Sarah Chapman of Brookllue. Mo. 
Puneral sen-tees will be held at 3 
I o'clock tomorrow afternoon nt the 
Kllngner fuiiernl chnprl Burial will 
be in K«6i Lawn cemetery 

TVTTLK—W* wish u, utmnk our many 

, friends and nourhbora for their kindness 

I end ryspaU-.y lo the death of Luther 

our beloved husband, son and brother' 

also for to* many beautiful rtowwrs, and I 

our sincere appreelatloa of Um Rev. 

Wtxwfi' comfortlnj words ' ' 



un akd una Howard tuttm 



Miss Lorene Baumberger. daughter 
of Mr. and Mn. WUllam Baumberger. 
of BrookJlne. Mo., became the bald* 
of Mr. Elmer O. McCroakey Sunday at 
high noon at the home of Rev. E. C. 
Sechler. who performed the rtng 
ceremony. The only attendants wore 
'Miss Viola Baumberger, sister of the 
bride, and Mr. Prank Cobbans, cousin 
of the groom. The bride Is a grad- 
ustr of Senior hlRh school and the 
groom formerly attended State Teach- 
ers college. After the sendee the 
couple left for a short wedding trip, 
•iter which they will reside In this 


- Mr. and Mn. J. R. Wheeler of Sea- 
ion Hill addition announce the birth 
; of a son. Jos Ridley, on October 3 at. 
St. John's hospital. | 


OUn D. McConnell was granted a 
divorce from Adah E McConnell this 
morning In clroult court. 



With the exception of htqueMs of 
• 1 each to her three- grandchildren, 
the entire ostato of Mrs Fount Al- 
bert, who died recently at her home 
here, will be dlrlded equally between , 
her children, under the terms of her ! 
will filed yesterday. 

! ARSOCTLX— In tortus; memory of our j I 
' dear son and brother, Robert R Artvuckl* 
. -who departed this life (Ik years aco to- 
! dsr October the «th Badlr ml**rd by 
mother sisters and brother* , 

Recorder Jack W. McKee yesterday 
.l«ued the following marriage 11- 
| censes ; 6 

| Wliuam Weetfall. 40. Rolls, and 
■Nellie Wilson. 23. Republic. Mo 

EralB A. Penlnger. 37. Springfield 
I ■ n . l . ! _jL ewe j_6Uer. 23. Springfield 

than*. Me laajl iQlT £" ~**™* 
and our many friends for their klSdneia , 

MRS. D M RHtrLK j^jj rAMILr 
UMM. BURNB l WOTH*R, *«"•*• 


Page 3: The will of O. C. Mitchell was filed for probate.** 
Page 5: Mr. Lawrence D. Carrier and Miss Dolly Johnson were married.** 

Daughter born yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. Russell Williams James in St. Louis. 
Mrs. James was formerly Miss Marion Welsh of Springfield. 

Page 11: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our loved one," signed by Mrs. 
D. M. Rhule and family and Mrs. Burns (mother) and relatives. 
Page 12: Mrs. Clyde Pope died.** 

Mrs. Mamie Youngblood died.** 
Mrs. Sarah M. McDonald died.** 
Mrs. Josephine Hasten died.** 
Emanuel Angler died.** 

Mrs. «yd« Pop*, of UM North 
Lyon amo*. tfto4.yaatacdajr.aMra> 
la* at tha boast of vhar awtbar la 
Oklahoma City." OMa, foDowtaa; a 
Tha body to «*- 

peeted to tft)r« bora tonlfbt and 
iM— » t' et Ttota: probably trill be- 
hold to m orrow aftamoon with 
burial la Bride Church cemetery 
under direction of tbo Harnuui H. 
Lohmeyer Funeral borne. Mrs. 
Pop* to survived by the husband 
and one son. Warren, of 1150 North 
Lron sv«nu*. by tbo mother and 
two atotera, of Oklahoma City, and 
two brother*, of Springfield. 

Funeral services for Mri Mamie 
Youngblood. 47 years old, who died 
Monday nlcht at the hOms of her 
daughter. Mrs. O. Pearson-Ward, 
of 1611 St. Louis street, will be held 
at I o'clock this afternoon at the 
home of her parehts In Halltown, 
Mo., with ' burial In the cemetery 
there under direction of the Her- 
man H. Lohmeyer Funeral home. 

Funeral services for. Mrs. Sarah 
M. McDonald. 62 years old. wife of 
Otto McDonald, of 1007 North Grant 
avenue, who died yesterday morn- 
ing- after a lingering Illness, will be 
held at 3 o'clock this afternoon at 
j the Kllngner Funeral home with 
burial In East Lawn cemetery. 

***** *" *■■ ■nir i m ii hu i j i ju. 


w « *•** *° esprea our s.aemst taaaki 
•as apprteialiua to tUv. Frcoea. Uvr eaotr 
ol i^»i Areniw enurch and our uor 
frWno* for taxir nitwn.w «nd SasSaaaot 
at th* (untrei of our iovae om. 

taa family. 
USB. BURNS (Metaer). 
en* ttUUm. 


Funeral services for Mrs. Joseph- 
ine Hasten. 61 years old. who died 
yesterday afternoon at her home at 
1S2J North Main avenue following 
a Ungerlng Illness, will be held at 
2:30 o'clock Friday afternoon at 
the Robberson Avenue Baptist 
church with burial in Haselwood 
cemetery under direction of <tb« 
Kllngner Funeral home. She Is sur- 
vived by the husband. J. H. Hasten, 
and one brother, Edgar Lee, of 
Pjett. Idaho. 


Emanuel Angler. 78. died at the 
:home of his eon J. P. Angler, 2027 
| Ramsey avenue last night. His home 
; was near Elkland but he had been 
' In Bprlngfleld about a month. Mr. 
Angler la survived by his widow 
and son and three grandchildren 
and two great grandchildren. Fu- 
neral services are incomplete and 
,are in charge of the Kllngner Vn- 
' dertaklng company. 

fcotwv*? r •Mimniajniing.r. .-.- 


The will of tbo late 0. v 6^ M/fcheU. 
fltod yesterday In probata court, 
provides that tbo bom* at KM 
Washington and a dasd of trust for 
♦ 1600 shall to to tbo widow. Mary 
E Mitchell. The re main In* prop- 
erty to left to tbo son. John B. 
MltchelL Tbs win requests the ap- 
polntroeni of Matthew Golden as 

The marrtace of Mr. Lawronos D. 
Corner and Miss Dolly Johnson, 
secretary to Mayor W. E. Freeman 
In Kansas City September M. be- 
came known to frlenda "In Spring- 
field yesterday. They were married 
at the home of the Reverend Q. W. 
Boosy. a former pastor of th* bride. 
Mr. and Mrs. earner are st home 
at IMS North Missouri avenue. Mr. 
Carner Is an employs of th* Frisco 
railroad here 

Pagel: Blind Boone died.** 
Page 3: Birth reported.** 
Page 12: Mrs. Mamie Youngblood died.** 

Mrs. Sarah M. McDonald died.** 

Mrs. Josephine Hasten died.** 

Mrs. Lelia J. McMinn died.** 

Mrs. Clyde Pope died.** 

Emanuel Angler died.** 


Noted Negro Musician's Ca- 
reer Is Ended-* After 
Heart Attack. 

WARR.ENSBURO. Mo.. Oct. ».— (A 
P.I— Death hu ended the career of 
1 mi Boone. Negro punut. who won 
fame lp many couatrlea for hu abili- 
ty to reproduce » piece of music af- 
ter hearing It only once. 

Born In • federal army camp near 
Miami. Mo. Boone gained hie love 
of music from hi* father, who wan 
a drum major in the northern force* 
during the Civil war. Brain fever 
caused the Iom of hi* eyesight when 
he wn* six years old, and when his 
father placed him In school he ran 
away and organized a boy's band at 
St. Louis. 

He later attracted the attention of 
John Lang, director of a Sunday 
school orchestra at Columbia. Mo., 
and under Lang's management toured 
the United States and Europe for 30 
years. Ill health forced Boone's re- 
tirement last June, soon after the 
death of Lang. 

Boone died here last night after a 
heart attack. He was OS years old. 
Burial will be ut the pianist's home 
at Columbia. 

About three years ago Blind Boon* 

hla last trip through this aec- 
■ Uon of Mlasourl. At that tune ha 

I announced that he probably would 

I never appear In concert In Springfield 

a;nln Not only *va» Boone well 

known In Springfield but also In 

1 practically every small town tn this 

' section of the atate He frequently 

gave c.-.nrcrts In high achoo! audl- 

. Ua ...::.«. in the smaller towns, donat- 

| lng a portion of the box office re- 

ceipts to the school library. 

One •' • r.. •■■■' ln!*rrrt!ng puni 
Interpretations was "The Mar&liileld 
Cyclone." In all hta concerts In this 
section of Missouri, he was sure to 
be requested to render this number. 
Boone played entirely by ear and one 
of his favorite features was to have 
some musician from the audience to 
play a difficult selection. If possible 
one that Doone had never heard, then 
be would repeal the selection with- 
out skipping a measure or beat. 


Mr. and Mrs. Ban J. Harrison, of 
1004 South Fremont, announce the 
birth of a daughter, yesterday after- 
noon In the Jt. John's hospital. Mr. 
Harrison Is secretary of the Missouri 
Athletic commission and operates the 
Model Markets. 



Funeral servtoe* for Mrs. . Mamie 
Youngblood, 47. who died Monday 
night at the home of her daughter 
Mrs. O. Pearson Ward. 1021 8t. Louis 
street, were held at 3 p. m. today ! 
at the home of her parents In Hall- | 
town. Mo., with burial In the ceme- j 
tery there under direction of the I 
Herman H. Lohmeyer runeral hornet j 

& MBS. RAaUM M. MDOKiU*. £5% 

funeral sorrtOM for Mrs. Sarah M. 
McDonald, 03. who died yesterday 
morning at her home. 1007 Worth 
Orant avenue, were "helfl at 8 p. m. ( 
today at the Xllngner runeral home, i 
Burial In East Lawn cemetery. 




Mr." Leila J McMlnn. 84 years old. 

»lfe of the late Joseph W. MrMlnn. 

; died at 10.SS •. m today at the 

hr»me of hrr eon. R If. McMlnn. »44 

• Njr'h Orusit nv'inir. following « 

| lingering ninee* bhc is survived by 

i her »on: two brothers. Ci. T. Smith 

.'and K. Smith, both of BprlnRfteld: 

'a aistrr. Mrs Anun Fa»cett and a 

! grandchild of Springfield. Funeral 

I services will be held at U:30 p. m., 

Friday, si the home with Rev. H. A. 

Wood officiating. Burial will he In 

East Lawn cemetery under direction 

of the Alma Lobmeyer Funeral home. 


Fuueral arrangements are Incom- 
plete, for Emanuel Angler. 78. who 
died at the home of his son. J. P. 
Angler. 3037 Ramsey avenue last 
nlgbt. His home was near Elklaud 
but he had been In Springfield about 
a month. Mr. Angler is survived by j 
his widow and son and three grnnd 
children and two grcat-grundchildrcn. j 
Services are In charge of the Kilvg- I 
ner Funeral home. 



FunarmI arrangements for Mra. 
Clyde Pope of I860 Noith Lyon avr- ' 
nut. who died yesterday at the hotr.t 
of her mother tn Oklahoma City, fol- . 
lowing a lingering Illness, are 111- j 
complete. Burial »ni be In Clear : 
Creew cemetery under direction of j 
Herman H. Lobmeyer Funeral home, j 


Funeral services for Mnr. Joaaphlne 
Hasten. 88. who died yesterday after : 
noon at ner home at 1838 North Main 
avenue. wlU be held at 3:30 p. m. 
Friday afternoon at the Robberson 
avenue Baptist church with bunul 
in Haeelwood cemetery under direc- 
tion of the Kllngner Funeral borne. 
8b# ts survived by the husband. J. 
ffHaaftn and a brother. Edgar Lee. 
of Py*t*» Idaho. 

Page 1: Ray W. Atkins and Hazel Bechler were married.** 

George M. Ransdell and Etolia Hutchinson were married.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 

Mrs. Kate Utiger was killed.** 
Page 2: Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Ben J. Harrison, 1004 South Fremont avenue. 
Page 3: Freda Cantrell divorced Ira Cantrell. Her former name was Fairman. 
Page 4: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stockton have twins.** 

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. C. Woods reared 1 1 children and adopted 17 more.** 
Page 8: James Blair died.** 

Devoria Ivon Brumback died.** 



Funeral service* for Jnincs Blah, 
who died at the. state Pythian home 
lu-re. were held yesterday after- 
noon at 3 o'clock In the Pythian 
home auditorium The body w.i* 
•hlpp«d lust nlKlit to St Loula by 
the Slarne I'nderlakinK itiinpati}' 

Devorlii Ivon Itruniback. 6 -year- 
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L)es» 
Hrumback. of feymour. »ii»"«l at 
7 15 o'clock last niKht at 728 North 
Prospect axenue after u abort 111- 
I nesa. She Is survived by the par- 
! eiit*. one brother and a sister. The 
1 body will be whipped ovcirlund to 
j Seymour by the Starne t'ndertak- j 
ing company and funeral service* | 
I probably will be held thero Krlda\ I 


MR. and Mrs. J. M. C. Woods, who 
live near Van Buren and who 
are credited with having reared 11 
children of their own and 17 whom 
they have adopted, apparently are 
preparing to be ready to take care 
of other orphans should the need 

Mr. and Mrs. Woods have pur- 
! chased from Mr. and Mrs. M. H. 
1 Barker for SI and other valuable 
I considerations." 200 acres of land 
I west of Mountainburg. a deed filed 
i for record In the office of Fred L. 
' Wagner, circuit clerk, shows. 
! Woods Is a street car conductor 
and one of the oldest men In sen- 
iority employed by the Light and 
Traction company. He and his wife 
have established a record for caring 
for the homeless, particularly If 
homeless ones are children. As their 
own 11 children grew to manhood 
and womanhood they began to 
adopt and to rear other children. 
They will celebrate their fiftieth 
wedding anniversary next year. 

They do not expect to occupy the 
farm which they purchased last 
week. It Is "Just another invest- 



crossing sue- 

| his own Injuries. He mid 
[aged woman stepped iqu»re)r •» 
! front of his machine, which WOT 
| equipped with a sidecar, and that 
' the crash was unavoidable. Ha 

suffered the oroken arm when 

thrown fr*>m th«" m^rhtne 


j Walking Into Path of Machine 
As Driver Tries to Dodge, 
Mrs. Kate Utiger Sustains 
Fatal Injuries 

Recorder's Office 


Is Scene of Double 
"Marriage Ceremony 


Body, is Badly Hurt and Man 
R*c*iv*s Sever* Brutee* in 
Other Traffic Accident* 
During Day Here ■*-£]£ 

AN aged woman wan 
It. the drlvar af - 
which struck bar sai 
•xm aad aarioaa Iftuhiaa, a t JssU~ 
old child waa bruised badly and ft 
Springfield man suJuttoad hart* M<* 
a series of accidents here jpatit ' 

Mr*. Kate Utigar. tl yaw 
of til North Oram aeon 
laat Bight la the Bare* 

of Injuries suffered whsn 
; strwek by a motorcycle j 
i afternoon. Robert King at 
I Weat Phi* atreef riding tar V L 

Claa Meat Market, waa narataaj; 

broken arm aad ' 

auataiaad la the. 


She waa taken 
Barge hospital la 
King- reported the 

police headquarters ai 
had obtained medical' 

DAV W. ATK1N8 and Hate) 
Srchler. faith of K.iii»»i» C.l», 
»rre In tlie office of Jack W Mi- 
Kee yesterday afternoon to obtain 
h nurrl»|« license. 

Walls the aptiUeatloa blank was 
••eia* niWd aet. 1 nil M. Haae- 

"Ws want to be married right 
ewajr." he said. 

"And we want a minister to 
rrsrry us ." the brkte to be added 

' There aft* srvlnlster here « howe 
name Is the same as yours." the 

r rewaiwis) 4a the yoang 

*-th* Hererend K. C. Sech- 

tor. Is h*\ ralatrre at yoorar 

-Na." rtattaa »the bride to bo. 
Tgit I amnt him te marry aa* 

-Hell do for as, too," remarked 
ItaaadaU. M. who to caretaker at 
the ctty toartot . park, aad bto 
' brtaa-^o-be aaddad. She to 3*. 

Then the look it rerolntoeenee 
earn* lain his eye*. 

**| lost my w Ife and two children 
It yaar* ago." he said slowly 
•They were coming home after 
having been away for a month, 
and were on the train that was 
caught by the flood when Brash 
creek, up near Lebanon, swept 
away the track and the train 
turned over. 

A Uttto later. Mr. Sechler ar- 
rived and the two couples who 
had met by chance were married 
In a double ceremony. 

Ray W. Atkins. JG. and Hasel 
Sechler. M. both of Kansas City; 
George M. Ranadell. «7. and Etolla 
Hutchinson. IS. both of Springfield; 
Paris Hants. JO, and Edna Jonee' 
?C, both of Sprinjrfleld; Krnest H. 
Blnchsm. 12. and Mnrthu J. Smart. 
SI. both of Springfield: William J. 
HurJ. «C. Kverton. anil Mury (511- 
.: m ' ' F\ «>ri.>- 



VfFt- and Mn Tliomas Stockton 
"*■ who live near East Prairie. 
Mo, are the parents of twins born 
ou two different dates. The girl, 
which weighed seven pounds, was 
born at 7:30 p. in.. Sept 29. The 
boy. eight pounds, was bom at 12:10 
a. m. Sept. 30. 

This Is 12 children In all born to 
this couple. The mother Is 43 years 

Page 1: Mrs. Kate Utiger died.** 

Edmund Wayne Dillard has many relatives.** 

Devoria Ivon Brumback died.** 

William J. Adams married a young bride.** 
Page 8: Two couples married.** 
Page 12: Harry E. Weaver died.** 

Mrs. Clyde E. Pope died.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 

Birth reported.** 

G. N. Jacobi will be married.** 

***** MA«T B. WEAVER. 

funeral atrvloaa for Harry B. 

v£ w ' ** , ** n ***• who **•* •* 
L- ** m - tat *9 ta • iocal hospital 
toUowtaf *■ operation. lernhrtlj win 

S b,W ** **° p - m - ■* t «^»T *t the , 
■Urn* mortuary. Burial will be in' 
Haaelwood cemetery He Is survived ' 
by his wile and a auter. 

jj -" -MBB. CLTDB B. POPB. 
^Ftineral earrleea for Mrs Clyde E 

ZZZ ~ lM0 MorUi x *°» »»«ua. who 
«ed Tuesday at the home of ber 
mother in Oklahoma City, following 
£ ttnfsrtnt Utoaaa. wui be bald at 3 
«i? l 'J^. daf ** ** netoe »»«*. Burial 

Outer dlraouoo of the Barman H 
tohmeyer Panaral home. ^^*° n ' 


Another fatality from diphtheria 
wm reported last night with the death 
of Bevoria Iron Brumback. six-year- 
old daughter of Mr. or.d Mrs Dew 
Brumback of Seymour. 

The child la surrlved by bar par 


Oeorge M. Ransdall. 07. caretaker 
at th* c'ty tourist park, and Ktolla 
Hutchinson. 30. also of Springfield. 
figured In a double wadding ceremony 
yesterday afternoon at the court 
house Ray W. Atkins and Hazel 
Sechler. both of Kansas Cliy, were 
the other couple The ceremony was 
performed by Rev. B. C. 8echler of | 

Atklna and Miss fiechler had been 
(ranted a marrlaffe license and were 
•waiting the arrival of the minister 
when Mr. Banadall and Miss Hutch- 
inson arrived. Both oouplee bad in- 
dicated that the minister recom- ' 
inended by the recorder would be sat- 
isfactory to them, and while await- 
fng hi* arrival decided to have a dou- i 
**• »~»— »~«y« 

The minister is not related to the 
bride of the Kansas City man 





Mrs. Eugene P. Everett of the Ever- 
ett apartment will leave Springfield 
tomorrow to attend the marriage of 
her brother. O. N. Jacobi. Jr.. of 
Buenos Aires. Argentina., at Evanston. 
HI., Oct. 8. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Jacobi of Stram- 
ford, Conn., parent* of Mrs. Everett. | 
will return to Springfield for a two 
weeks' visit with their daughter. 

WOMAN, 77, IS 

Mrs. Kate Utiger's Death to 
Be Probed; Driver Is 

Xnjurtw lulfered »»«» 7trt«rd^ 
whan, nmdown I* r motorcycle rid- 
den by Isobert lanf of Ml W«rt ««• 
street, delivery boy for the Ola* Heat 
Market, prove* fatal for Mr*. Kate 
rruger. Tf yeara old. of tit Wortn 

Grant avenue. 

She diet! it 6:15 p. m. »t the Burge 
hospital. 45 minutes after the acci- 
dent, which occurred on North Orant 
tTtD ui near tha Central Bible InaU- 
tut* Mn. Utlger was eroeelng the 
street when hit by King's machine. 
King eeld he attempted to awerve the i 
motorcycle around her. but that the 
. ;urned Into l»* patb. 

She suffered a broken arm and hip 
| and fracture of both legs. King suf- 
j fered a bfbken arm and bruises. 

She Is survived by a son. 
• An inquest wbs scheduled for 4 p. 
|m this afternoon by Conner Jewell 
! E. Wlndle at the Alma Lohmeyer Fu- 
! ceral parlors. 

Joe Holliday, 4-year-old son or 

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Holllday. of 1509 

West Atlantic street, was struck yes- 

1 terday by a car driven by Dave Rob- 

! inaon. Ml West 8omt street. *fc» 

child suffered no broken bones. 

Blight Injuries were suffered by R. 
|c. Alfocd. 103S Btewart street, when 
an automobile crashed, Into his bug- 
gy on the Oleatone road north of 8t. 
Louis street. 

Marriage lic ens ee • were Issued yes- 
terday at the offloe-of Jack W. Uc- 
Kee. racorder. ae foUowe: Farta Mar- 
rU 30. and Edna Jonee. 26, both of 
Springfield; W. J. Hurd. 06. Kverton. 
and Mary Ollilan. M. Springfield; 
Mm Walrood. tt. Bandolph county. 
Ark. and Laia Smith. 93. Mammoth 
i?pr!rs. Ark.: Brneet H. Brngham, IV. 
and Martha J. Smart, 31, both of 

-II*'.- ■-■'* 




Boy Bom in Springfield is] 
of Fourth Generation; His 
Great Grandfather is Only 
67; Has More Than 30 

lard; -7-dsy-old-i 
R L DUlard. 

Edmund Wayne Dlllard 

ton of Mr snd Mr* 

141 J Lee street, represent* the fourth 

generation of DlUards. hla parent* 

Ipajd today. ^ qrm- 

f|j2S!'l8r^ri{ T Okie'.' i« only «rT 
i yeara old. ::u youngest aunt 1* «U 

I A treat grandmother Mr* A J ' 
'DUlard. of Kbenwer. M * -l»Uo ffrT | 
at Ebenewr. She has been employed 
as an operator there for 23 years. | 
All Generations Active. I 

He has two gTeatgrandmothers. i 
three grandpercnU end ten uncles 
and aunts, besides bis 30-odd cous- 

HI* . .grandmother* are Mia. K. W. 
Dlllard. ««. and >"*■ Abble Wuim, 
M. both of Springfield. 

HU grandfather Is K. W. DUlard. 
BO. also of 8prlngfleld. 

His gTeatgrandmothers sre Mrs S. 
I J Crlssman. 85. of Lone Wolf. Okla.. 
and Mrs. Dlllard of Ebenezer. Mo. 

All his KrandDarenU end irreftt 
grandparents are actively engaged In 


JB — M— s^ssjsjs^sje— ■■ ■ ' i— — • - ftP 

Mr. and Mrs. Jean Brees* of Aero 

Acres announce the birth of a daugh- 

ter. Charlotte 



Church Orchtttri Director; 

Married ikonth Today, Says 

Aoe Is no Barrier. 


Wife Won in Whirlwind 

Courtship 8 Years Older 

Than Step-Daughter. 

•:■ "Men with their you Lb behind them 
Vensrally hare better Jobe than 
'I tom haaamtttb.' therefore are better 

able to^mytde a boon and the 
thing* fswWt»ome whlcb every wom- 
an wane* ted which makes them con- 

Old thour,h to Enow. 

-A n d besides, I was old enough 
when I got married to know whether 
I wanted to get married." 

"And he's much jounger than hi»| 
yesxs, dont you think." tntsrjectsd 
afre. Adams. Who; had bs*n eagerly 
smittsc hsx husband* :ttfmOt«l 

laarjorla, ft. Mr. Adams* daughter 
by a lormer marriage, carde onto the 
while IB*. Adams was talking 
JaJd her bead OS he* J 

Mrs. Adams' rather, who le only 
10 years older than "his son-in-law. 
calls Mr. Adame "aon." 

Mr. Adame, who le a broom worker, 
intimated he waa comfortably flaad 
by saying be could "quit work any- 

"Too many homes are smashed by 
financial trouble." he said. "A man 
should not marry unless he Is sble 
to support his wife." 

Mrs. Adams sings in the choir at 
the Campbell Street Methodist 

Their romance began with a meet- 
ing at a social function which mem- 
bers of the choir and orcheetra at- 

They reside at 10M Chase In a home 
which Mr. Adams had furnished and 
had waiting for his youthful bride 
when he led her to the altar. 

Affectionately embracing each oth- 
er. VWUlam J. Adame. W. and his, 
young bride. 10. today celebrated the 
flist month of their married life by 
Hiring a "love rsclpe" on how middle 
age can be happily wedded to youth. 

Possessing all the ardor of a brlde- 
jrown ot 30. Mr. Adams, orchestra 
leader at the Campbell Avenue 
Methodist church, who wooed snd 
von his brtds after a brief courtship 
of two months, declared: 

"Age makes no difference- In true 
lore. The™ U no reason why a cou- 
ple with 10, 20 or SO years difference 
in their ages should not be blissfully 
happy if they lore each other. 

Pagel: Marriage license issued.** 

Page 5: A son William Lewis Warner was born Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Warner 
of St. Louis. Mrs. Warner was formerly Miss Lucille Sherer of Springfield. 
Page 11: Mrs. Lelia J. McMinn died.** 

William H.Shelton died.** 

Harry E. Weaver died.** 

Mrs. Clyde E. Pope died.** 

Mrs. Kate Utiger was killed.** 
Page 16: L. S. White sues to divorce Nell White. 

St.-tlf \V t'unh.wn. .'•.'. I*U|"" ,, «\ S. 
P.. un,l Anna M. Col«\ 3ix Sprlng-- 

" Btons>W. Oerihant of Dupree, 8. 
D., and Anna M. Colo of Springfield 
rrero marr!Sd v.t the court houso 
yesterday by the Reverend £. C. 
Sechler. ■'" . 


King: I9 Exonerated 
By Jury in Kilting: 

Of Mrs. Kate Utfcer 

. » 

A coroner's ivory, called her* ye»- 
Wday afternoon by Coroner Jewell 
XL Wtndl* to Inreatlcmt* the acci- 
dent la which Mr*. Kate UBger. 77, 
suffered fatal Injuries Wednesday, 
decided that Mrs. VUger died as 
the result of an unavoidable acci- 

Robert King. SSI West Pine street, 
rider of the motorcycle which 
struck Mrs. Utlger. was exonerated 
of any criminal liability for the ac- 

General shook caused by Injuries 
suffered when she was struck by 
King's motorcycle resulted In the 
aged woman s death, the Jury de- 

The verdict wa« signed by C. W. 
Page, foreman: J M. Clifton. J. R. 
Pamplln. C R. Edmonds. W. O. 
Payne and F. T. Jared. 

Funeral nervier* for Mm. Utlger! 
will be conducted at 3:30 o'clock! 
this afternoon at the home of her 
eon. Daniel Utiger. 916 North Grant! 

avenue; Burial -will t>e under direc- 
tion of th>> Klin^ncr funeral home. 

Mrs. Utiffcr la survived Ly tha 
son and five daughters, Mrs. Nora 
M osier of Branson, Mo, Mrs. Kelly 
Campbell of'MJlfbri Nebv* : Mr«. 
John Crozler of Oklahoma City, Mrs. 
Qlenn McClure.of Trenton, Mo., and 
Mrs. Frank Bell of Tulsa,, Okla. 

___ j 

I Funeral services for Mr.. Clyde 
E Pope of 1850 North Lyon avenue. . 
!«lll be held at 2 o'clock this after- 
noon at the residence with burial 
In Clear Creek cemetery, under dt- 
. rectlon of the H:-rman H. Lohmey- , 
, er Funeral home | 


Funeral services wjjl be conducted 
01 I: JO o'clock this afternoon at the 
home of R. H. McMlnn. 144 "North 
Grant avenue, for Mr*. Leila 3. Mc- 
Mlnn, 14. widow of Joseph W. Mc- 
Mlnn, who died Wednesday morn- 
ing after a- lingering illness. Mrs. 
McMlnn Is survived by one son. R. 
II. McMlnn; two brothers. G. P- 
Smlth and K. Smith; one sister, 
'Mrs. Etta Ffcwcett, and one grand- 
I child, all of Springfield. The Rev- 
< rend H. A Wood will offiolate at 
, the funeral service, and burial will 
jbe In East Lawn cemetery under di- 
| rc-ctlon of the Alma Lohmeyer Fu- 
•ntral home. 


William H. Shelton. 90 years old. 
Civil war veteran and a pioneer 
Creene county farmer, died last 
night at the home of his daughter, 
Mrs. H. W. Herndon. 759 South 
Crnnt avenue, after an illness of 
four weeks. He is survived by one 
son. J. O. Shelton of Battlefield. 
Mo., and four daughters. Mrs. Hern- 
don of Springfield. Mrs. E. Wll- 
loughby. 1308 West State street. Mrs. 
A. M. Howard of Battlefield and 
Mrs. Samuel Wallace of Fair Grove. 
Funeral services will be conducted 
at 2:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon 
at the Battllefleld Methodist Epis- 
copal church, with the Reverend 
Smith officiating. Burial will be 
In Manley cemetery near Battle- 
field, under the direction of W. L. 
Slam a. 

Funeral services for Harry E. 
Weaver 54 years old. who died yes- 
terday morning In a local hospital 
following an operation, will I* held 
at :i:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon 
at the Starne mor.uary with burial 
In Hazelwood cemeteiy. He Is sur- 
vived by the* und one sister. 

Page 21: Earl Edward Dickens, the nine month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dickens of 
Route 1 1, died this morning and will be buried at Brick Church cemetery. He is survived by 
the parents and two brothers. 

Page 22: W. H. Shelton died.** 

Mrs. Bertha Hinds divorced J. H. Hinds and was given custody of their child. 
Mrs. Blanche E. Molgard divorced Carl J. Molgard and her former name Strait 
was restored. 

Page 27: Mrs. Eugene F. Everett went to Evanston, 111., for the wedding of her brother 
Mr. G. N. Jacobi, jr., of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Jacobi of Strafford, 
Conn., parents of Mrs. Everett, also attended. 
Page 13: Marriage licenses issued.** 

L. S. White sues to divorce Nell White. They were married September 8, 1926. 



Ut*. Berth* Hinto «M •*»»*•* • 
dirorc* *7 Circuit Judgft Wwwn U 

White today from J. H. Mind, on ft 
croee bUl fUftd bf Mr*. Hind*. 

Judge White ftlio granted Mr.. 
Hind, the cu.tody or their child and 
•16 • month lor tu eupport. Tht 
father wft. glTen the right to vUlt th. 


Mr. Blanche B. Molgard wu tint- 
ed ft divorce lrotn Carl J. Molgard on 
• croft, bill in the w» dUlelon. The 
court .too gr«>Ud h« *? "Je- 
tton of her former n»me of Btrftlt. 

Shelton Fought Three 
With First Arkansas 

JL Bhftlton, tO-j^r-oW ClrUi 
twteran. died at 11 :30 o'clock la*t 
•t the bom* of bto daughter. | 
Mr. H. W. nemdon. 760 Booth j 
Grant, following a lingering lllnee.. j 

Mr- Shelton fought for three jeer. 
tWtac th. OItU war IB the Flrrt 
Arkanea. Cavalry. He w*e » member 
ejf the Fire* llethodtot church et Bat- 

flftfleld lor many yeare. 
- Funeral eemce. will be held »t I 
p. m. Sunday et the Mr.t BaptUt 
church .t Battlefield, with Rev. h. A. 
Fmith olficl.tlng. Burial will be In I 
atanley cemetery under direction of I 
W. L. Btarne. undertaker. 

Be to eurvlved by four daughter.. 
Mr. H. W. Herndon. ftt whoee home ; 
be died Mr.. E. Wllloughby. 1308 ; 
Wee* SUte. Mr.. A. M. Howard. Bat- 
tteneld Mrt. B. C. Wallace of Tair j 
Orore; 'by ft eon. J. O. Shelton of Bet- , 
ttotleld; and a slater. Mr.. Parthena 
CftjT, oC Mlu. Mo. 
•fi*t* r • -.■ ' ' ' 

Page 1: Marriage license: Otis R. Nichols, 19, and Esther Lee Danielson, 18, both of 


Page 3: Harry E. Weaver died.** 

W.H. Shelton died.** 

Mrs. LedaNeal died.** 
Page 12: John S. Edwards died.** 

MABBXeOB "«*»»*• 

tad Mtoft Ann* M. Onto, ft* •pctnfftoM. 
were granted • m»rrt»fft IteftfcJft f»»- 
terday arternoa© •» the oOJoft Of J*» 
W. McKee. recorder. 

L 8 Whit* he. filed .ult for d»- | 
voire f -•>.—• N*« WS!!« ehafg'.r.ij ■ ' 

Funeral aervlce. for W. H Shel- 
tor WJ-year-old veteran of the 
i-jvtl war. who died Thureday night 
at the home of hie daughter. Mrs. 
II. W. Herndon. of Ti» South Orant 
avenue, following a brief lllnees. 
will he held at I o'clock tomorrow , 
afternoon at the Flret Baptist 
'church of Battlefield. Mo., with the, 
iKeverenJ L. A Smith officiating.! 
, Burial »U1 he In Manley cemetery 
j under direction of W. U Starne 
l u n<l«-rt:lker. 


I gnri'.al :.' The Stu-t. 

', LKUAN'ON. Mo.. Oct. '. John 8*. 

KilwAI'd*. 71. :i cltlwn of l-» ■i-<l«* 
'county for 46 years anil well known 

Ij.rouKhout Uio coujntry, died at 
i | is home today. 9 miles- east of 
' Lebanon, following a IiiiktIiik ill 

lll'SS. , 

lie is survived l.y tile widow nr.'i 
Ucv.ial children. Funeral :irran«e- ( 
I Hunts have- not ln.'Ml iMlu|*rt-d. 





Funeral services for Harry E. 

WMitr, M years old. of North Fort 
j avenue, who died Thursday In a 
i local honpltat. will bo held at I: JO 
.o'clock this- afternoon at trio Starne 

mortuary, with burt»f Jk.Haxelwood 



| The body of Mrs. Leda Ne:il. wife 
,.f Kmory 1.. Neal. who died Thurs- 
day In Llvlnjrstone. Mont., 'will ar- | 
I rive here tomorrow morning and 
| funeral services will be held at 2:30 
i o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the 
1'aison Funeral Lome with bur1:il 
, !n Haxelwood cemetery The Ozark 
. K.-\jtern Star chapter \*!11 be In 
I < harue of services at the cr.ivc 

Page 3: There is an article about Braxton McCord Roberts.** 
Page 7: Mrs. Emery Neal died.** 

Betty Burger died.** 

Harry E. Weaver died.** 

W. H. Shelton died.** 

Mrs. Leda Neal died.** 
Page 12: Charles J. Shelton and Sarah B. Swicegood were married.** 





, fyf %]* 

Braxton McCord Robfres. long 
' alnce laid to reat In th» Roberta 
cemetery near Springfield. was the 
founder of the First baptist church 
T-.»re ahtrh celebrates He seventy- 
nrth anniversary this month. 

The church was orjranlred In IMS. 
In a little wooden shack near the 
•its of the present building, 

Mr Roberts rams to Missouri when 

*•• mna : i :rom North Carolina, hli 

y*> r itata He has beei called the 

J^A* ••'■ the Baptist cause In Bouth- 

*>S*n Missouri. 

In hie early youth.Mie .wee ev M«tho« ( 
diet, hut dlfterwa^wlUJ ttu~ beUeto 

of that church and became a Baptist 
early in hie career. 

Ills last speech was made for the 
Southwest Baptist college at Bolivar, 
i lr* which he w** intensely Interested. 
• B. L. Roberta. «JK> * Delmax street. 
Its a grandson of the church foun- 
der. J? 
I The riret Baptist church we* or- 
' ganized as a mission of the Liberty 
I church, which still Is In existence, be- 
Ing located about ten miles from 
! Springfield on the Fair Prove road. 


, The body of Mrs. Emery NeeJ of 
. uvingstan. Uont, a former resident 
of Otark. who recently died In Mon- 
tane, will strive here for burial Sun- 
day et 3*0 m. el Oreenlavwn ceme- 
tery. The r "tee will be under the 
ausptcee of u.e las tarn Bur. 

■ — 

nrrTT burgee. 

Betty Burger, the ll-yeer-old 
, daughter of C. O. Burger, superin- 
tendent of Oongregmtlonel churches 
of Missouri, formerly of Springfield. 
was burled *t Webetar Orove». Mo.. 
October ft. Betty died in St, Louie, 
October 7. 


Funeral service* for Harry i E. 
Weaver. 54. of North Fort avenue, who 
died Thursday in a local hospital, 
aere held at 2 30 o'clock this after- 
noon at the Starna mortuary, with 
burial in Haxelwood cemetery. 




| Funeral services tor W. H. Bhelton, 
»o : y**r-old Clrll war veteran, who 
died Thursday night at the home df 
hli daughter. Mrs H. W. Herndon, 

: of 7&0 South Grant avenue, following 
a brief Illness, will be held at 1 p. m. 
tomorrow at, the Flrat Baptist church 
at Battlefield. Uo, with Rev. L. A. 

| Smith officiating. Burial will be In 

| Manley cemetery under direction of 

• W. L. Btarae. undertaker. 


Tbe body of Mrs. Led* Ng»I. wife Of 
Emory L. Real, who died Tbureday 
In Livingston*. Mont., will arrive here 
tomorrow morning »nd funeral eerv- 
icrs will h» h«M at 2:30 o'clock to- 
morrow afternoon at tbe Paxaon ""u- 
nsrai home, with burial in Haaelwood" 
eemeteir. The Oaari Eastern Star 
chapter will be In charge of the terr- 
Icas at the pave, 

— J0W 

Cfcartea J. Shelton. 60. of Phllllpe- 
tvajSutK. and Cexah B. 8w1oegood. 
U. o» BprlngfleW. were granted a 
marriage license here todey. Uoenee* 
were laaued yeaterday to William W. 
Jotvee, 22. of Springfield and Edith 
Mm Sharp. *!• °* BmC 1 Bprtng. and 
OtM H. mchol*. 19. anu Esther Lea 
XMaiciMO. it, both of Springfield. 

Page 1: Marion Sampson died.** 

S. A. Smith died. He was a farmer who lived near Fair Play. He was in an 
ambulance being brought to St. John's hospital in Springfield when the ambulance and a truck 
collided. Mr. Smith was accompanied in the ambulance by his wife and son. He was taken to 
the hospital but died there at 8 o'clock.** [This item is so dark it is difficult to read.] 
Page 2A: Mrs. Jennie Buckner died.** 
Betty Burger died.** 
William C.Young died.** 
Mrs. Leda Neal died.** 
W. H. Shelton died.** 
Mrs. E. C. Sawyer died.** 
Page 6A: Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Pfau of Monett went to Aurora for the funeral of C. 
Emmit Brown. 

Lemuel Persinger of Henry, Neb., and Miss Helen Livesay of Monett were married 
October 1 in Monett. 

Daughter born September 30 to Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Hinshaw of Miller. 
Son born September 26 to Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Webb of Miller. 
Everett Robb and Dorothy Laturner were married.** 
Page IB: Charles J. Shelton of Phillipsburg and Sarah B. Swicegood of Springfield 
were married yesterday in Springfield. 

George E. Mc Williams and Flossie Marie Epperson, both of Springfield, were 
married yesterday in Springfield. 

Page 10B: Zella Baxter divorced Charles F. Baxter. 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 3C: Miss Jeannette Averill Drebelbis and Mr. William Earl Drumwright will be 
married in November.** 

Miss Elizabeth Patterson and Mr. Jack Denton will be married Saturday.** 
Son born October 5 to Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Patterson of 1 120 North Naational 

Page 4C: There is an item about A. M. Haswell.** 

Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Worren 
L Webb Sept. Zi. a fine boy. 

Kv.i-tt llobb and Dorothy La- 
turiu-r wire married Wednesday 
t-w-:i!:.K. »pt. 1,'s at 7 o'clock by a 
justice of the peace ut Joplin. the 
r.r.j < 'ti -iiioiiy being used. The 
! rule la the daughter of a highly 
i t^pecied mine operator of Joplin 1 
.: 1 the groom wan formerly of 
Miller, attending the high bdiool . 
here and In the youngest son of 
Mrs. 1). Garver. Their many ; 
friend* wish them u long and hap- i 
py voyage through life 

Horn to Mr. and Mr*. Hoyd Hln- 
Jshaw Friday. Sept. 30. u !>Vk- pound 
' baby glrir* "~ 


-TV* marriage of Lemuel J^Tfdnger 
«T Hearr. Nefc, and Miss Helen 
Llrwaay rook place Saturday. Oct. 1. i 
at throe o'clock at the First j 
Christian church. Re*. EJrnest. ; 
P'.ebenthal officiating. The young 
couple will b* at bom* at Henry. 
Kebx. after Oct. 18. [ 

M In Drebelbis to Wed 
W. E. Drumwright 

Mr. and Mm. C. B. DrebelbU. 724 
South Dollteon avenue announce 
the engagement of their daughter. 
Jeannette Arertll. to Mr. Wllllar. 
Earl Drumwright, eon of Mr. and 
Mrs. R. H. DrumwrlKht, IH0 North 
Campbell avenue. The wedding 
will take place late in November. 

Ambulance Bringing F 
l Hospital Here 
; Truck in Collision and 
Suffers Broken Ana 


ElwooJ loomed In ' 

denly at the corner 

and Division atreot. 

vainly u> avoid a crash, wML; 

front of the ambulance struck' 

rear end of tha truck and 

over. Moore a U-yeajp a l aWwi; 

thrown from tha ir-rfck axid>M-arm 

was fractured. A UtrnvM T nhMMjMJf; 

ambuUiKe look, aim iv Si. Jeha^ 


♦ *■ 


Apparently Fatally 
While at Work in 
Operation ia Performed 
Without Succeaa 

FEW hours after tha MttOsJjU 
which waa ■pearling him 
hoapitai here crashed lata a 
truck, at tha corner of Broad 4 
and Dlvlatoa street, 8. A. 
farmer who lived _ 
died last night In St. John's | 
of a fractured skull. 

L«eater Moor*. 11 -year -old 
H. T. Moors ot Klwood. aa i 
of the truck which eottldad 
suffered a 

Erwla, driver of tha BoMtwx 
bulance, said hers last alga* 
the ambulance was travella* 
mors than 20 miles an hoar at U* 
Uma of tha crash. The foros of ties 
collision was not enough to mot* 
hU patient on the ajnbuiaacs ooi, 
he said, declaring he is csrtala thw 
I accident did not complicate Mr." 
'Smith's Injuries. 

The Bolivar ambulance proceed**.'" 
{immediately after the crash to 
.hospital, where an attempt 
I made to s&ve Mr. Smith's Ufa by aa. 
operation. He died at 8 o'clock, - 

Funeral arrangements have not 
been completed. The body lies at 
.'the Herman Lohmeyer fuaeral 

Miss Patterson 
To Wed Saturday 

tar all 

tao aaxt bo 

lac oa tha 

a sharp re 

■ttlMr suffered a stroko of 

or waa Jerksd down by tha 

head atrikias tha rock. 





_ at 

•a by WIDsrd B. _ 
monad to tako the iajarad 
St. John's hospital bora, 
lost rnnsrtniisnssa, shortly 

Doctor Brown of Fair Play. 
Smith a wtt* and a son rasas Jsj 
ambulance with him. Tao" dr*r» 
from Bolivar to SprtacttoM Ww* 
made quickly, and tha imTrnbjeri ■ 
was nearlng the boefeUl wb*S « 
Ford truck driven »y*Hi T. Mtsne) J 

The marrlass of Miss Elisabeth 
I Patterson, daughter of Dr and Mrs. 
W. P. Patterson. 1000 East Elm 
I street, to Mr. Jack Denton, son of 
I Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denton, lit 
'South National avenue, will take 
place next Saturday morning at 10 
.o'clock at the South Avenue Christ- 
ian church, with the Reverend E. 
j F. Leake read Ins the sen-tee. 

The bride will be given In mar- 
riage by her father and she will be 
attended by Miss Josephine L'm- 
barger. while Mr. Denton will be at- 
ItondseVby his brother. Mrs. Charles 
I Denton, 

I Following the ceremony a wed- 
I ding breakfast wll^ be served to the 
bridal party and a few very close 
friends at the Johnson tea room and 
the newlyweds will then leave for a 
wedding trip through southern 
smtes, returning to this city to 
mnke their home. 

Miss Patterson has been honored 
by a larRe number of pre-nuptlal 
affairs since the announcements of 
her engagement. 



Charles J. Shelton. 69. Phllllps- 
burg. and Sarah B. Swlcegood, 35. \ 
Springfield; Delmar Tummons. 18. : 
Willard. and Florence Maplea. 16, j 
Brighton; James A. Russell. 27. St. , 
Loula. and Rua Taylor. 22. Straf- 
foid; Marie Gobs. 29, and Pauline 
Baer. 22. both of Springfield; ( 
George E. Mc William*. 25. and ' 
'Flossie Miirlc Epperson. 21. both of 
.Springfield; William W. Jones. 22. 
ISprliiKfleld. and Edyth Mae Sharp. 
21. nieds Spring; Earl M. Algeo. 
:25. and Blanche Bodanskl. 24. both 
J of Springfield; lshmael Epperson. 



Betty Burger. 11-year-old daugh- 
ter of C. C. Burger, euperintendent 
of Congregational churches of Mis- 
souri, and formerly of Springfield, 
died at her bom* In St. Louis Sun- 
day and was bur lad there last 
Tuesday, according to word re- 
ceived here yesterday. 

21. and Bona McDonald, 17, both of 
! Springfield. 

Man Dies Watching 
Baseball 'Contest 
At F air Play , Mo. 

TJOL1VAR, Mo, Oct. ».— <*">— 
° Marlon Sampson. «0 years 
old. a prominent farmer living 
near Violet. Mo, 10 miles north- 
east of this cliy. tell dead today 
while watching a baseball game 
betwMn Bolivar and Fair Play, 
at Fair Play. 

Mr. Sampson, whose son play* 
on the Bolivar team, was slttliu; 
In the front row of seats Just 
back of a wire netting, when he 
suddenly collapsed. He was 
fuund to be dead when a doctor 
arrived. Death was said to be 
due to heart dli 


Funeral services for Mrs. Jennie 
Buokaer. it years old, wifa of B. 
E. Buckner, of Fair arera. Mo, 
route I. who died yesterday, will ba 
held at 1 o'clock tha afternoon at 
BaasvUle church with burial In the 
cemeterv there un<ler direction of 
the K'lpgner- Funersl dome. 

William C. Young, SO years old. 
veteran of the Civil war. died yes- 
terday noon at his noma at 458 

South MarluC avenue, following a 
Uncaring 111ns— Funeral arrange- 
ments era la oo mpl etn tort will ba 
held under direction of the Alma 
Lohmeyer Funeral home. 


Funeral aarrleM for Mrs. Leda 
Neal, formerly of Oaaxk. who died 
Thursday at her home in Living- 
stone. Mont., will ba held at 2: JO 
o'clock this afternoon at the Paxson v 
Funeral home with burial In Haael- 
wood cemetery. The Oaark East- 
ern Star chapter wUl be In charge 
of services at the grave. 


Funeral services for W. H. Shel- 
ton, 88 years old. who died Thurs- 
day night at the home of his daugh- 
ter, Mrs. H. W. Herndon. 769 South 
Grant avenue, will ba held at 1 
o'clock this afternoon at the First 
Baptist church at Battlefield. Mo, 
with burial In Mnnley camtery un- 
der direction of 

W. U Stan* ■*. 

Mfttw eVC* 1AWY1R 
Th* body of Mrs, B. C. 
a former restdant of Bp 
who died recently at her noma I* 
Detroit Bilch, rrttJ arrive bare to- 
morrow morning. Burial will ba In 
East Lawn cemetery under direc- 
tion of the Alma Lohmeyer Fgaaral 



T CERTAINLY pulled ft "boner" In 
*• this the other day when 
In a character sketch of A. M. 
Haswell. who Is doing such wonder- 
ful work In writing novels of grip- 
ping Interest though well past 80 
years. I stated that he was a Manx- 
man by birth. 

I setting me right as to the place 
l f his natlvltv. Mr. Haswell writes: 
i-I v.-as born much farther from the 
I tt r; "' n.n "•" T ~'" " f ?Tpn, In the 
iold Baptist Mission house In Maul- 
I main. Burma. East India. But I am 
I In no way a heathen Chinese either, 
jfor my father was born In the did 
'battle town of Bennington, Vermont, 
land my mother In the adjoining 
I county of Berkshire. Massachusetts. 
I So If there Is a full blooded Yankee 
Ion earth I am one. Also I voted 
, without being naturallred. Three of 
my great grandfathers. -and four of 
their sons fought In the battle of 
Bennington and at Saratoga. My 
father's father. Anthony Haswell 
was In Washington's army at the 
selge of Boston; the battles of 
.Brooklyn and White Plains; and 
■was one of those who marched bare- 
footed In the snow to cross the 
i Delaware and capture theHcssfans 

at Trenton, and then at Princeton. 
After that he was chosen by the 
committee of safety of Massachu- 
setts to ecjit the V.'orcrv-'er Spv. the 
hottest liberty paper In the colonies, 
and he was only 21 years old at the 
time. The first on father's side 
came to America in 1639. and on 
mother's side In' 1645. So I have not 
a drop of blood in my veins that Is 
not pure American-Yankee. I must 
tell you, too, that Anthony Haswell, 
at the close of the Revolution, load- 
ed his wife and baby, and his hand 
press and font of type. Into a two- 
wheeled cart and drove through the 
woods from Sprlngf'eld, Massachu- 
setts, to Bennlnpton Vermont. 
where. In 1783. he established the 
Vermont Gazette, which he and his 
sons printed until 1852.'' 

I hope Mr. Haswell doesn't feel 
hurt at the way I balled up his first 
appearance on earth. He would still 
be a man of sterling character nnd 
co;ira;:c ihkI nn American i<> the 
core even though he had been born 
in -the furthermost cornel of the 
world from this land of the free and 
home of the brave. 

I doubt, not that if Irs count-v 
needed him' A. M Haswell would 
promptly enlist in the, assertion of 
its honor and the glory oi Us Flay. 

OZAR'KIN Vol. XX, No. 1 

Spring 1998 

Springfield, Missouri 
by George T. Harper 


As the Reformation developed, dissenl took corporate form in the Puritan movement, of 
which Congregationalism was the most radical wing. John Robinson, one of the most influential 
early Congregational leaders, fled in 1609 to escape persecution in England and settled at Leiden 
in ihe Netherlands, with the exiled congregation from Scrooby in Nottinghamshire. For twelve 
years his congregation enjoyed peace under the Dutch, but he was haunted that their children 
would not grow up as English people. A large part of the company sailed for America in 1620 
aboard the historic MAYFLOWER. The democratic ideals of their Plymouth colony were the 
cornerstone of the structure that gave the U.S. its free state, free schools, and free social and 
political life. 

By 1640, there were 20,000 at Massachusetts Bay from England and with the "Plymouth 
People" joined forces to establish an all-powerful theocratic government. They produced some 
powerful leaders such as Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield. In the education field, this 
church founded Harvard in 1636. Yale in 1707, Dartmouth in 1769, along with Williams, 
Amherst, Bowdoin and Middlcbury. At Plymouth, they began work immediately with Native 
Americans and by 1674 there were 4000 "praying Indians" in New England with 24 native 
preachers. While some did come with the western movement, Congregationalists had a virtual 
monopoly in New England. (I) 


In 1869'Springfield, Missouri had grown to about 5000 and was slowly getting over the 
old animosities of the Civil War. The railroad was building toward Springfield, having reached 
Rolla. While Springfield's original settlement had been largely from Tennessee, there were 
people coming in anticipation of the railroad. The original town had been built around the 
Public Square. In 1869, there was a brash new competitor. This came about because thrifty 


businessmen were cool to suggestions of eastern builders that the town donate cash as well as 
right-of-way for the oncoming railroad. Springfield civic leaders thought it inevitable that tracks 
would be built through their thriving town. Why spend unnecessary money? Result of this 
miscalculation was North Springfield. The rival town, a mile and a quarter north of the original 
settlement, was centered around a broad business street called Commercial, parallel to the 
railroad right-of-way. The Frisco Depot and the Ozark Hotel, owned by the railroad company 
were there, along with several business houses huddled along Commerical Street and residence 
streets radiated from it. 

Newcomers in North Springfield were concerned about schools. Several of the more 
prominent former easterners were members of the Congregational Church. At that time the only 
religious congregations north of Olive Street were two Negro fellowships -Pitts Chapel Methodist 
and Washington Avenue Baptist. Actually the Congregational Church began in 1868 with a 
mission Sunday School started by Rev. James Haswell Harwood, who was a graduate of 
Williams College and whose ministry had mostly been in the Chicago area. The class met in a 
carpenter shop on the southeast corner of Boonville Avenue and Chestnut Street. The Sunday 
School grew and it was decided to organize a church, which was done February 14, 1869 when 
eleven persons formed The Union Evangelical Church ol Springfield, as it was first called. The 
charter members were Rev. and Mrs. James H. Harwood, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Harwood, 
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Harwood, Mrs. Eliza Haswell Harwood, Miss Katherine S. Harwood, 
Stephen Burton, Charles J. Burton, and Dr. Edwin Taylor Robberson. Dr. Robberson was one 
of the town's leading physicians and had large land holdings. Today's Robberson Avenue and 
Robberson School were named in his honor. He and Charles Harwood became associated in 
laying out and developing North Springfield, mostly from land already owned by Dr. Robberson. 
Rev. James H. Harwood, organizer of Union Church was a vigorous young man who had had 
successful pastoral and evangelistic work in the north, including active participation with D. L. 
Moody in his work in Chicago. He traveled all the time, organizing Sunday Schools and 
churches. From Lebanon on the northeast, to Carthage and Neosho on the southwest, and Lamar 
and Barton City on the northwest, he was known and welcomed in every little frontier village 
and farm home, and his beautiful gray saddle horse, Ranger, was known to every child along 
the rugged route. 

In 1868, a 21-year-old cousin of the Harwood brothers, Alanson Mason Haswell, 
followed the family to Springfield. His diligence as historian was of inestimable value to the 
church, and many of his newspaper articles have been preserved. He described the day of his 
arrival in Springfield, September 15, 1868. "Along St. Louis street as we came in we saw 
several neat two-story residences, the homes, as I learned later, of the Keets, Shephards, 
Hollands and other of the old families of the place. But aside from those homes there were far 
more one, two, and three room cottages. There was a big livery stable (where the Colonial 
Hotel stood) at the corner of St. Louis and Jefferson streets. I wish I could make you see the 
Square as I saw it that day. The street which the stage had come in on was a perfect sea of mud, 
worked up by the ceaseless procession of wagons bringing freight from the railroad; the street 
was bad enough but the Square was ten-fold worse. In the center was a circular cistern, for a 
water supply in case of fire. The circular top of this cistern was the auctioneer's block where 
many a slave had been sold." 

Such was the Springfield which the organizers of First Congregational Church were 
helping build into a city. The little carpenter shop soon became too small with 38 members and 
100 in Sunday School. On March 10, 1870, they voted to purchase two lots at the northeast 
corner of Jefferson and Locust Streets in North Springfield for a church to be known as First 
Congregational. To obtain larger quarters, the group moved diagonally across the streets into 
a former millinery shop to await the new building. There on August 10, 1870, was organized 
the Springfield Association of Congregational Churches— Lebanon, Lamar, Barton City, 
Carthage, Neosho, and First. At that meeting a tremendous step was taken by the six little 
churches. They adopted a resolution: "Resolved that a committee be appointed to take into 
consideration the founding of a Congregational College, somewhere within the bounds of this 
association." This was the birth of Drury College, first liberal arts college in a vast area of the 
Ozarks. The first passenger train on the future Frisco tracks to North Springfield pulled in, 
April 21, 1870, about two months after First Church observed its first anniversary. Mr. Haswell 
described the new town as "perhaps thirty small frame business houses, strung along on either 
side of an eighty foot space labled "Commerical Street." Of the business houses, he wrote, 
thirteen were saloons, and every saloon had an annex of a gambling den or worse. There were 
probably 300 people who had built houses and settled more or less permanently. 

The new while frame home of the First Congregational Church was dedicated May 21, 
1871. The $5000. cost had been contributed by members and was debt free. The building was 
40 feet wide and 70 feet long, with a tall bell tower. The membership had reached 56 and was 
having a great impact on the spiritual and cultural life of the city. Among the pillars of First 
Church were Frederick S. Denny. Frederick Ball, A.B. Conkling, Dr. William M. Smith, and 
Henry T. Rand, all deacons. Others included Mr. & Mrs. W.L. Hardy and daughter, Georgia; 
and Mr. & Mrs. P.W. Bahl and daughter, Madge. 



The idea of a Congregational College for southwest Missouri seemed important to 
members of First Church. Naturally, they hoped it would be established in Springfield. A 
College, however, was not founded without difficulties. There was a determined effort of 
several Ozarks towns to obtain the institution. Neosho and Carthage especially, were strong 
contenders. Springfield won over Carthage by one vote. 

Drury College was founded in 1873. North Springfield was now claiming 1000 
population and Old Town had about 6000. Rivalry between the two was intense. The proposed 
college was the first thing on which they united. Even then, the cooperation of business leaders 
outside the church hinged on an agreement that the college would be located between the towns. 
It was a substantial link toward the eventual merger of the two Springfields in 1888. (2) 

There were four transplanted New Englanders who brought about the beginning of Drury 
College: James H. Harwood, home missionary and evangelist; Charles E. Harwood, real estate 
developer with legal training; Nathan J. Morrison, a college administrator; and, Morrison's 
friend Samuel F. Drury. James H. Harwood (1837-1932) was mentioned above as organizer of 
Union Church which became First Congregational Church. Charles E. Harwood (1830-1933) 
older brother of James H. Harwood was considered the second founder of Drury College. He 
was born in Bennington, Vermont and studied law after his graduation from Williams College. 
He was a Judge in Springfield and would have much to say and contribute when it came time 
to find a college campus. The third "founder" of Drury College was Nathan J. Morrison (1828- 
1907) who was the first President of Drury College. He received a Doctor of Divinity from 
Dartmouth College in 1853 and in 1884, he received a Doctor of Laws degree from University 
of Missouri. The fourth "founder" was Samuel Drury (1816-1883) who was born in Spencer, 
Massachusetts. In 1838, he came to Otsego, Michigan and established a country store which 
became a successful venture. Dr. Morrison was teaching at the new Olivet College and he and 
Mr. Drury became close friends. Later, when Dr. Morrison was in Missouri and was working 
toward establishing a new college, he presented the need for start-up money to Mr. Drury. He 
asked for $25,000 on the condition the school should bear his name. After that , Mr. Drury 
frequently visited Springfield to attend board meetings and to make additional gifts to the new 
school. On September 25, 1 873 the first classes began at Drury College. There were thirty-nine 
students on opening day. Later records indicate that of those enrolled on opening day, fourteen 
eventually earned their baccalaureate degrees. They were: eight women, Anna and Emma 
Grigg, Mary A. McCluer, Cora J. Perkins, Alice Porter, Georgetta Hardy, Hattie S. Robberson, 
and Aurelia Harwood; there were six men, A. P. Hall, J.T. White, Joseph Shepard, McClain 
Jones, Edward F. Townsend, and Walter B. Robberson. (3) 


At one time there were five Congregational Churches in Springfield; First (1869-1991), 
Pilgrim (1884-1908), Central (1883-1899), Swedish (1886-1918), and German (1885-1919). On 
January 10. 1899, First Church merged with Central Church, with a total membership of 440. 
Two lots were bought at Benton Avenue and Calhoun Street for the new brick church across 
from the Drury College campus. It had a steeple, stained glass windows, a pipe organ, and a 
beamed Gothic ceiling in the sanctuary. 

Unfortunately, 40 years later, the beautiful church was destroyed by fire, in 1952. Dr. 
James F. Findlay, president of Drury College offered Stone Chapel as a meeting place. The 
community responded to the church's loss with gifts toward a new building. The cornerstone 
for the new church was laid July 21, 1953 and the dedication was December 13, 1953. 
However, there had been a great difference of opinion about the type of building— traditional or 
functional. The building committee sent out a ballot and 156 voted for the functional plans; 73 
voted for New England architecture. (4) 


The last pastor, Rev. Nelson Parnell (1974-1991), still lives in Springfield and updated 
the writer on more recent history. With a decline in membership, the church disbanded in 1991 . 
The First Congregational was a progressive church and took on causes which sometimes were 
controversial. They chose to pay taxes to Springfield, supported the American Civil Liberties 
Union, supported food stamps and helped Crosslines with food and clothing for those who 
needed the help. They supported scholarships for Drury College students and helped in other 
educational causes. 

The church building and parsonage are now owned by Drury College. Dr. John Moore, 
president of Drury College, informed the writer that the college has a "Covenant Relationship" 
with the United Church of Christ (successor to the Congregational Church) and has the same 


relationship with the Disciples of Christ (Christian Church). While the college is completely 
independent, they maintain a special relationship with the former parent church groups. He 
stated the Drury College Mathematics Department now occupies the former church building. 
The parsonage now serves as a Bed and Breakfast for guests of Drury College. 


1. Handbook Of Denominations In U.S., by Frank Mead. Abington Press, New 10th 

edition, Nashville, 1995, pp.292-295. 

2. First Congregational Church, Springfield, Missouri 1869-1969, Centennial history 
booklet, 1969, pp.5-11. 

3. The Drury Story by Frank W. Clippinger, Drury College, Springfield, Missouri, 1982, 
pp. 19-33. 

4. First Congregational Church, op. cit., pp. 15,23. 

NOTE: The first four pages are missing. This issue begins with Page 5. 
Page 7: George W. Short of Crane died.** 

Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Arvil J. Neill.** 
Page 8: Leslie Duvall died.** 

Page 29: Mr. George H. Ball and Miss Zoe Cole are to be married.** 
Page 30: Miss Lucille Hay and Mr. J. C. Berry were married.** 

Miss Jeannette Averill Drebelbis and Mr. Earl Drumwright are engaged to 

Page 39: Births announced.** 

Page 42: There is an article about J. West Goodwin, 91, who died recently in Sedalia. 
At one time he owned a paper in Springfield. 
Page 12: Mrs. E. C. Sawyer died.** 

S. A. Smith of near Fair Play died.** [Most of this item is missing.] 
Page 16: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Mia* DretwlfcU It Wed. 

Mr. and Mrs. 0. B. Drebelbli, 724 
South DoUleon avenue, announce the 
engagement of their daughter, Jean* 
nette Areriu. to Mr. Bart Drumwright. 
son of Mr. and Mrs. R. II. Dnimwlght. 
B130 North Campbell. The marriage 
will teJte plane the latur part of No- ' 
rcmc-er , ..Mies prebelbls and Mr 
Drumwright arr both graduates of the 
Srrinf field High school. 

V -*H ■ — o— 

± .' Berry-lhy. 

Sake Loellre Hey of Bprtngfreid end 
Mrs J C Berrr of Lortg Beach, Oallf , 
wm* mertled 'September 90 e% the 
Christian church in Long Beech. The 
o^remony was performed by trie R*t. 
C. C. Bentley ot Long Beech, who 
reed the aemoe. The dHdc wee 
Attended by her eleter, Mrs. Harold 

Marriage license* were issued yes- 
terday afternoon as follows: Delmar 
Tummons, 18. of WlUard. and Flor- 
ence Maples. 10. of Brighton: Harry 
' Campbell. 34. and Helen McKean. 31. 
I both of Springfield; Manle Ooas. 39. 
' and Pauline Barr. 33. both of Spring- 
! field; James A. Russell. 37. of 8t, 
I Louis and Rue Taylor, 33. of Btraf- 
i ford; Oeorge E. McMcWIUlams. 24. 
I and Flossie Marie Epperson, 31. both 
of 8prtngfleld. 

Orove. as matron of honor, and \h9 
groom was attended br Mr. Harold 
Orove. The bride wore a gown of 
Canton blue crepe and carried a bou- 
quet of bride 1 * roees and eweet pee*, 
and the matron of honor Wore flesh 
colored georgette, end carried roees 

' and sweet p*as. The bride 1» the 
dauah'-r of Mr and Mrs. W O Hay. 

, Ilia Seat Central street. Following 
the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. He/ enter- 
tained at dinner, where covera were 
laid Jor 14 gueete. Mr. and Mrt. 
Berry left tor Sen Diego and other 

' point* and will be at home this) tall 

| at 13 Carter court. 1240 East Sevon- 

; teenth street. Long Beach 







that he believed a ttM««reIl 64 bird* 
although be did* no* M »omemberv 

HsremcDtbered «rKH»vlng"tons to 
the timbered section »b cut wood. He 
stated that he must Have been sjtrlak- 
on vlth heart trou'ot* and fell, or • 
limb' of the tree atruek him. When 
be recovered he «u lying on tha 
ground and had to force himself to 
get to tlte bouK, he told hi* family. 

Neighbor* investigating, eUted thai 
a tree In the wooded section where 
Mr, Smith had been working waa 
lying on the ground. It was their 
opinion that thle tree had fallen on 
him »i he chopped away at It. 

There was little belief of foul play, 
residents or Pair Play and his family 
declared. He had no enemies. 

He Is survived by his wife, * 
daughter. Miss Mildred Smith. 33 of 
the home; a son. Morris Smith, 30. of 
Pair Play; a brother, three sisters and 
a granddaughter. 

Punsral arrangement* are Incom- 
plete. The body was prepared for 
burial by the Herman H. Lohmeyer 
Funeral home here. 

Oeorge W. 8hort. 74 years old and 
I a native of Stone county, died at 
I the home of his son. Efton Short, in 
j' I Council droves. Kan.. Sunday morn* 
Ing after an Illness of several wnu. 
He wae burled at Oalena Saturday. 

A daughter waa born to Mr. and 
Mrs. Arvll J. Nelll Wednesday of last 


Y etra. B. ft SArTTKK. 

£?ttxa» M. a Sawyer. M years old, 

fQcfiistr «* Bprtoffleld. died at her 

JbOCDe to Dftadt, Mich, SatartUy 

"ng> oooordtng to word reoslred 

The body will bo forwarded 

for banal, arrtnng Monday 

Burial will be In East 

iorv.tuMtsc direction cf the 

XobmoTor Puntrai homo. Pun- 

•re Incomplete, 



She 4>u%arsJ eerrtov for Leeij* Pu- 

ym** tf *#*£&, K ****>« ft 
X w. Ottv%o of iprmgr^fctl ^n fee 

fcejd this mom Ing at Butler. Mr. Du- 
tmll died at St. Luke's "hospital In 
£*«»•*» Cat*' following o Aa&el opera- 
tion whJdh developed an Infection. ■ 
Be leaves baaido hie brother hero % 
wtr* and his father and mother. Mr. 
and Mrs. W. F. rArrai. of Butler. 

•'. Mr. Geo. Ball to Marry. 

An announcement of Interest to 
uivnv members Of society here Is that 
of Mr Oeorge H. Ball of St. Louis, 
who was formerly a resident of this 
city, to Miss Zoe Cole of Memphis. 
Tenn' Mr. Ball Is an official of the 
PrUoo railroad >»* w ** located here 
for several years. The bride-to-be la 
a member of a prominent Memphis 
fCmlly. ,belng the daughter of the 
late Mr,; and Mrs. William I. Cole. 
Sfcs has spent several year* traveling 
abroad and Id thut country and t&e 
wedding, for which no date has yet 
been'faetl' will be an event of con- 
siderable Interest to Memphis and ot. 
Louis society. 


Mr. and Mrs. Oland Parman, 018 
South Newton, announce the birth 
of a daughter, Nora Jean, October 4. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Patterson.. 1 130 
North Boulevard, announce the birth 
of a son, Octo ber t. 


Page 3: William C. Young died.** 

Miss Aletha Briggs died.** 
Page 5: A son Chester Archibald Wolfe, Jr., was born Friday to Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. 
Wolfe of 522 East Walnut street. 

Page 10: A daughter Catherine Ellen Banks ws born October 8 to Mr. and Mrs. J. P. 
Banks of 918 East Locust street. 



jjfa i»4 




Funersl aervlces tor Miss Alelhe 

BrUcfta. 20 ypars old. of 1501 Farmer 
avenue, who died yesterday morn- 
ing, will be. held tomorrow at Grant 1 
avenue Baptist church, with burial | 
In Greentawn cemetery under dlrec- 

'tlon of the Kllmrner Funeral home. 

'The hour of the funeral baa not yet 
been set. 

Funeral a ryt cea for William C. 
Tounc. •<> year* old. who died Sat- 
urday at hU homo. «M South Mark- 
et avenue, will b« held at 19 o'olock 
tomorrow mornlm at tfie Alma 
bohmeyej Funeral home with bu- 
rial In the National cemetery. Ho Is 
survived by three sons, Richard of 
Kanaas City. 'William of Plcher. 
Okia,. and Laurence of Xlxa, Mo.. . 
and by three .laugh ters. Mrs. Bessie ', 
Meese .of Battlefield. Mo.; Mrs. 
Minnie Butler of* Hardruan, Mont, 
and Mrs. Uoldle Pierce of Clever 

Page 6: A daughter, Catherine Ellen Banks was born December 8 to Mr. and Mrs. J. P. 
Banks of 918 East Locust street. 

Page 11: Marion Sampson died.** 
William C. Young died.** 
Alethe Briggs died.** 
Dorothy M. Arbuckle died.** 
Page 12: Card of thanks from G. S. Epperson and others.** 

Funeral strrloa* for WlWsr^ C. 
Young, so tun out wttrm of the 
01 ru war. who died* Saturday at bia 
noma, iftf south M*rfc*l atthu*. will 
ba. htld at io a, m. totooftfr* at tha 
Aim* Lohraeyir Funeral fcohi* with 
burial In the National ctmttarj. 8a 
la aurrlrcd by throe tout; Richard of 
Kansas Olty. William Of Pitcher. 
Okla, ana lawrence of Khuv, ffio* 
and by three daughter*. Ua. Beaaf* 
Meeee of BaiUefUlrL Mr*. Mlnnla 
Batter of Harditian, Mont- and ka. 
Ooldla Pleroe or Otrar, Mo. 


j4t M >i Wi1 ay ii Ni 

a ■ brtaf • luasa*. * 0h*iE SB 
har parent* antf/av *-brdtbery 


*>t b«af . UUws*, i.M^JMmtKVto: 
h*r parent* ao4 .'a> brother, 0Urd«y. 
Funaral sen-low will be bold at 
t p. m. tomorrow at Mount Pleasant 
cemetery, west of Wlllard. Burial will 
be undsr direction of the Alma Loh- 
mryer Funeral home. 

Funenl MfrioM tor Mia* 
Brttfa, 30 yearn old, of 1801 r«rm« 
aranue, who died yesterday morning. 
win >e bald tomorrow at Orrant Are- 
nut tiaptlat church, with bttrlal to 
Oreeniawn oemttery uhdar direction 
of tha KUngner funeral homo. 

*f» £ ' ' - , i CARD* Of, THAWta. 

pcuuncs— we «t»b t» fttri the many 
frtanda who were ao kind and thought* 
tal durtagthe Josf theses and death of 

_eur dear father; also tor tha beautiful 

natal oTftrtnaa, tha elRgert and mlnltter. 


■ FAMILY, . • 










■ i muuj j i i ..j i _.lw 



Foosral Mrvtow wsr* hsld yastsr- 
day at l"alr Flay tor Marlon B*mj>- 
•on. 74, » Xannar, wbo w»« •trioken 
with hMrt disss** ftaturdsy ftfUrnoon 
wnll« wftlfthto* ft ball gains »t Pftlr 

A bsssbaU gams betwesn Bolivar 
and Fair Play. In which his two sons' 
wars playing, had lust gotten undsr 
sray whan ths man fall dead. Ha dlsd 
whlla bslnf ruabad hars. 

Ba U nnlnd by his wlrs and two 
eons. Obartaa and John. Thar Uva on 
a farm northsftst of Fftlr Flay. Mr. 
a>mp>on was ft ptoosar rsstdsnt of 
Folk souaty. having btax bom Urns 

I ta iws. I 

j - ■ -^- — - i 

Page 1- Hobart Dean and Maude Bailey were recently married.** 

Marriage license: Cecil C. Putman, 28, and Fern E. Shull, 26, both of Springfield. 
Page 2: Alexander Calhoun died.** 

Vernie Hill died.** 

William C.Young died.** 

Dorothy M. Arbuckle died.** 

Alethe Briggs died.** 

CM. Forbes died.** 

Dorothy M. Arbuckle died.** 
Page 5: Mrs. Blanche Decker Dodaneske and Mr. Earl M. Algeo were married.** 
Page 1 1 : There is a notice in memory of "our mother Addie Colter Lisenby, who died 
October 1 1, 1925," signed by husband and children. 


Two years In th« federal peni- 
tentiary at Leavenworth. Ka*., «taa 
the wedding* prevent handed to Ho- 
'.iirt Dean. 8|>rlncfleld police ehar- 
.i.ifr, by Judge A. U Reeves In 
lotted Slate* tUatrlct court jres- 

H'e bride of a few day". Maude I 
lUillry Dean. »u fined SSOS and , 
placed on probation. "■— - 

Both were charged with violation 
•f the Volstead law. 

The fact that Dean previously 
iiad been fined In federal court for 
.lulatlon of the d\y taw accounted 
.'or his prison sentence. 

_^_— — —— — — ». 

C. M. Forbes. 81 yssrs old. died 
Sunday morning at the home of nU 
daughter. Mra. O. 8. Epperson. 4tt 
South Market avenue. Funeral 
services were held at 4 o'clock Sun- 
day afternoon at the Starne mortu- 
ary with burial In East Uwn ceme- 

The marriage of Mra. Blanche 
Decker Dodaneske. daughter of 
Mr. U Decker. 11 SO Holers street, 
to Mr. Earl M. AIrco. son of Mr. 
and Mr*. Oeorge Algeo of Lock- 
wcod, took place Saturday, evenlnc 
itt the home of the Reverend J. T. 
raxten of Oaark. who read the 
(•ervlce. The couple was attend*'.' 
by Miss Nell Charles and Mr. Harry 
Workman of Lockwood. They 
will reside at 1130 Rogers street. 

Dorothy M. Arbuckle, 13. daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mra. Eldreld Ar- 
buckle. died yeaterday morning 
after a lingering Illness at her 
home, rural route 4. Sprtpgfleld. 
Funeral services will be conducted 
at 2 o'clock this afternoon, with 
burial at Mount Pleasant cemetery, 
three miles northwest of "Wlllard, 
under direction of the Alma Loh- 
meyer funeral home. The Arbuckle 
child la survived by her mother, 
father and a brother. Stanley. 



Alexander Calhoun Expiree «i 

77; Wat Extensive Owner 

Of Property Here 

: Alexander Calhoun. TT year* old. 
retired buaioeea man and t«t m**r 
year* «rwU«t of SpringtiekL 41t4 
at *:4» o'clock yeeterday «»«niaf at 
bta home. >M Delaware avenue^f ol- 
lowlafc * Ungeruig Unas*. s -. ■ 

H* oamo ta Springfield and an- 
gaged 1b boelneea In 18*5. opening- 
an eatabUahment on WaUr atroat 
near Robbereon awiue, known aa 
tba Calhoun Buggy and Implement 
company. Ha waa one of the firat 
to raallaa the future poaalbllltlea of 
property In the southeast section 
of the city and acquired large taoM. 
inga there. f 

Ha la aurvtved by the widow. 
Mrs. Suale Calhoun; by four 
daughters, Mra. George Crlghton, 
Mlaa Mary Calhoun of Springfield. 
Mra. H. R. Nelson of Walker. Mo* 
and Mra. P.* H. Magnus of Pitts- 
burgh, Pa, and by three eone. Guy 
of Walter*. Okla.. D. E. of Spring- 
field and L. M. Calhoun of Borger. 
Texas. He waa a member of St. 
Paul Methodist church. 

Funeral arrangement* are incom- 
plete but probably will ba held 
Wednesday afternoon at the home. 
Burial will be under direction of 
the Herman H. Lohmejer Funeral 

Brlgga, SO yeara old. of 16*1 
avenue, who died Sunday m o rn i n gs 
WW ba held at Uf o'cloek «hl* 
afternoon at Grant Avenue Baptist 
church with burial la Greealawn 
cemetery undeV direction of the 
Kllngner Funeral bom*. 

Vernle Hill. 22 yeara old. of Ford- 
land. Mo, died yeaterday morning 
In a local hospital after a brief III- 
neaa. He la eurvlved by his father. 
W. E. Hill, of Fordland. and four 
brothers. J. E. Hill. W. C. HU1 and 
George D. Hill, all of Fordland* and 
B. T. Hill, of Mammouth, Kan., and 
by two alatera, Mra. Joale Compton, 
of Rogeravllle. Mo, and Mlaa Katie , 
Hill, of Fordland. The body will be 
forwarded thla morning to Fordland 
by the Herman H. Lohmeyer Fun- 
eral home and funeral services will 
be held at 2 o'clock thla afternoon 
at the residence.* 

Bi BEE5R 3 ear aaraag aeetaer. ST 

■1* Colter Ltetaby. wke eVpartea this 

Ufa twe year* ace. October 11. "«es» 

bat aet fo aa jota ra ." Se aaafer h Ii iH by 



Funeral services for William C. 
Young. 80 yeara old. Civil War vet- 
eran who died Saturday at hla 
home, 458 South Market avenue, 
will be held at 11 o'clock thla morn- 
ing at the Alma Lohmeyer Funeral 
homo with burial In tba National 

Funeral services for Dorothy M. 
Arbuckle, lS-year-old daughter of 
Mr. and Mra. Eldreld Arbuckle. of 
route 4. Springfield, who died Sun- 
day night at her home after a brief 
Illness, will be held at 2 o'clock thla 
afternoon at Mount Pleaaant ceme- 
tery, West of Wlllard. with burial 
under direction of tba Alma Loh- 
meyer Funeral noma. She la sur- 
vived by tba parent* and 
baother, Stanley. 

Funeral eervicea for Mlaa Alethe 
Brlgga. 20 yeara old, of 16«1 Farmer 
avenue, who died Sunday morning, 
will be held at 2;S0 o'clock thla 
afternoon at Grant Avenue Baptiat 
church with _ burial In Green lawn 
cemetery "under direction of the 
Kllngner Funeral borne. 


Page 9: Aletha Briggs died.** 

C. M. Forbes died.** 

Vernie Hill died.** 

W.C.Young died.** 

Dorothy Arbuckle died.** 

Alexander Calhoun died.** 

A daughter Margaret Winifred Askins was born October 10 to Mr. and Mrs 
Walter I. Askins 1368 Benton avenue. Mrs. Askins was formerly Miss Marion Murphy. 

Marriage license: Cecil C. Putnam, 28, and Fern E. Shull, 26, both of Springfield 
Page 10: S. W. Ornduff died.** 
Page 11: O. E. Hamilton died.** 
Page 12: There is a notice in memory of Mrs. Belle Hammond.** 


Page 15: Mrs. Blanche Decker Bodanske and Mr. Earl M. Algeo were married. 

Miss Helen McKeon and Mr. Harry Campbell were married.** 
Page 16: There is an item about the Nosier family.** 

Rev. E. O. Hamilton died.** 

Neater Kin to Otarka, ■• ■■$$: 
While not a native born eon of th* 
"Qeark*. Loyd Noeler'a parent* *t& 
Oeaxit people; having been resident* 
of Aurora *• number' of year* -egdi, 
Mr .N osier's mother'*, maiden nana* 
wu uiii Ida White" and fa well re- 
membered, having vialted In Aurora 
thla cummer, and while there vu 
the guest of Mrs. Offie Taylor, who 
la a causln of Mr., Noil cr. 

Loyd Noaler wae the film editor 
of "Bej* Hut." and next to the di- 
rector of a picture, the film editor 
baa th* next moat responsible post- 
Uon. In editing "Ben Hut." Mr. 
Nosier was given the teak Of taking 
acenea from 1,600.000 feet of film j 
that waa Uken In filming "Ben Hur." i 
and cutting thla to 13.000 feet. The ' 
Loa Angeles Time* has thla to say I 

about the task Riven to MT. Noaler: j 

"The task of cutting and editing 
'Ben Hur" fell Into the hand* of the I 
meat youthful film editor that ! 
cinema land harbors today. Whnn . 
one underatanda the Importance of I 
taking- thouaanda of feet of film i 
that were ahot of every sequencer I 
and finally bringing the picture J 
down to Ita present atage aa did Loyd 
Nosier, who Is credited with accom- | 
| pL'ahlng thla a«emtngly lmposalble ! 
j feat, one can readily aee what a gl- j 
i gantlc taak he had. j 

"Mr. Hosier started his film work ■ 
eight years ago aa office boy for Freo ! 
Mblo. the director of "Ben Hur.' and ' 
has risen to hla present position to ' 
a salary of *M>0 a week In thla time. ! 
He !a 38 years of age." 

a. W. Ornduff. 00. died Monday 
morning In JopUn, according to word 
received by Mr*. Effle Dalgler. 007 
South Campbell avenue, a cousin of 
Mr*. Ornduff. The deceased w*a well 
known In Springfield. Mrs. Dalgler 
left today for JopUn to attend the 
funeral Wednesday. 



t and wfrt, Mrs. Balls Hammond. 

Bather and 

•bo pasted Into the spirit world two 

yeare a to today. Oct. ». 

T«m vui saver bt forgotten 
Nsw can our hearts be htsled 
And no one knows the aorrow 
That It In oar hearts concealed, , 
Bet. Ood fovea you. too. dtar Motbrr 
And took you home to dwell 
Bui oh. the vacancy left In our home. 
No tongnt can ever teQ 

Badly related br husband, MR. JOHN 


AJreo- Decker. 
The marriage of Mr*. Blanoh Decker 
Bodansk* to Mr. Earl M. Algeo waa 
performed Saturday evening at the 
home of Bar. J. J. Parten of Cfcark. Mr* 
Algeo la the daughter of Mr? L^Decker 
1130 Rogers avenue, and Mb Algeo* 
parent* are Mr. and Mrs. George Al- 
geo of Lockwood. The couple was at- 
tended by Mies Nell Chiles of this 
city and Mr. Usury Workman of 
Lockwood. They will make their 
borne at 1190 Rogers avenue. 

Wedding Dinner for Cduple. 
Mr. and Mrs. Karl M Algeo were 
honored at a wedding dinner given 
Sunday night at the noma of Ml** 
Nell Chiles, 878 Prospect avenue, who 
entertained a number of friend* In 
compliment to the young couple, who 
were married Saturday evening. Mr*. 
Algeo* wss formerly Mrs. Blanch Dock- 
er Bodanske. The nous* waa at- 
trmotlvely decorated with American 
beauty roses. Covers war* placed for 
the following: Messrs. and MesdJunes 
Karl M. Algeo, J. T. Chile*. Oren D. 
Barron. 8. J. Decker, Mlaaes Lillian 
Yates, Hllma Tatee, Nell Chiles. Dor- 
othy Barron. Vivien. Jane Decker, Jean 
Decker and Messrs. L. Decker. Stanley 
Cecil Brown. Ralph Dean Barron and 
Harry Workman of Lockwood. 

, < Campbell-McKeon. 

Ml** Helen McKeon, ' daughter of 
Mr, and Mrs, James MoKeoh, 3011 
Benton avenue, and Mr. Harry Camp- 
bell were married Saturday evening 
at 6 o'clock at Sacred Heart church, 
the Bar. Father Brady officiating. 
Th* wedding guests were Mr. and 
Mrs. George McKeon. Mrs, A- H. Blair, 
Misses Margaret McKeon, Lo wains 
McKeon and Irene Mltchener. A wed- 
alng supper waa aenred at the borne 
of Mr. and Mrs. Blue, grand perenta 
of the bride, 1015 Prospect avenue 
The guest* at the supper were Messrs. 
and Mesdamea Blue, James McKeon, 
Mesdame* A H. Blair, Myrtle Mitch- 
«n*r, Mlaaee Esther Parrlah, Margaret 
McKeon and Irene Mltchener and Mr. 
Bam Blue. The couple will be at bom* 
with the grandparents of the groom. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Campbell. 2008 
Worth Robberson avenue. 




■ i iii Mliil pSSSSSS 


earvfec* for mm Attica 
Brtfja, *> IW oJd. of 1601 Fanner 
uooi, wbo died Sunday woroln*. 
mn bee* a* SAO p- m. today at 
Orant Avanaa Baptist church with 
bursal to Owwhw oemetery under 

«* th* BHafjer funeral 


es aUc sa w*r* bcid at 4 

p. m. Sunday at Um sterna mortuary 

for C M Porbe*. S3 years old. wbo 

i died Sunday morn trig at the bom* of 

| hU daughter, Mrs. OL 8. Epperson, W 

! Booth Market avenue. Burial wu In 

l**t Lawn cemetery. 


The funeral servta* (or Alu-andsx 
CkJhoun. 77 years ©M. retired butt- 
on* men. who died at 6:46 o'clock 
yasterday afternoon at hie horn*. 
CM Delaware traw, following a 
r±nr«rinr Urne**, probably will be at 
10 o'clock tomorrow at the Herman 
a Lebmeyer funeral bora*. Burial 
WJI be In Haxelwood cemetery. 

Mr. Cmdhoun cam to Springfield 
■ad engaged In b\ertpaa* In 1M8 
opening en erUbUebment on *»Ur 
street near Bobbexson avenue, known 
ae tba Oalboan Boggy and Imple- 

He ts am * h ad try big *rif •} four 
Mr*, atom origbum, 
Mary Calbovm at Springfield. 
H. B. Nelson of Walker, Mo- 
uld Mr*. P. H_ Magnus of Pittsburgh. 
Pa_ and ay three eons, Cruy of Welt- 
em. OaJa, D, E. of Springfield and 
L. M Calhoun *f Borrer. Tea. Be 
of St. Paul ohurch. 

Funeral eerrk** for Dorothy M. Ar- 
bockJe, U-year-oid daughter of Mr. 
end Mis, Kldrakl Arbockle of rout* 4. 
SprtngfleM, who died Sunday olfbt 
at ber home sftar a brtet i rtne e*. war* 
held at S p. m. today at Mount 
neaaeni teaue i ery. vast of WUJard. 
Burial Wa* under direction of th* 
Alma lohmeysr funeral home. 8h« 
ts e unl re d by th* parenU eod a 
brother. 8tanley. 

i- -i Kev. -£. -O. Hamilton .Dead. ..,; £, 
' „R*v. E. O. Hamilton, well known 
evangelist In the Christian church, 
died suddenly Saturday night In 
Tex**, where he had been conduct- 
t lug a revival meeting. Mr. Hamil- 
, ton. acted as pastor of the First 
i Christian church at Carthage* for 
, about two months, following the res- 
ignation of the Rev. Ben Smith*. He ! 
Alto conducted a revival meeting 1 
about two years ago. 

It U thought the body will be 
taken to. Mountain Orove, Mo., his 
former home, for burial. He Is sur- 
vived by his wife, and one daughter, 
Jean, 8 years old, both residing in 
Springfield, where the family recent- 
ly moved. 


J -.i.0. B, HAMILTON DIBS. ,. . , 

,-; UQU$n$Jat caov*. m©.< gtftrgto 
{a>K»ui)-ta x. HamUW, \**y «*U 
•known . ChrltUui cofacth; fta$g*f|t^, 
who ha* held, meeUnji in bracltCfVl 
' Vrery itaCa In toTOtfoa? died - &W. 
day in ^aa Antpulo. T*x« Vflmara*. 
services will be held Wednesday af- 
ternoon in Uil* city. Mr*. BaBUltOB U 
th* daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. 0, 
0*ndj*n o|. Mountain QKiTe.^Mx> 
OafMUer U pmid*a> Of tb*> JwaA 
Ghambar ol Cbmm*rpa *>Hl4 a mim- 

ber ol th* board, of rimti of tho, 

Sprtttifleia Teacher* /jOU^e. f 


I The body of Vercu* H11L 23 jeers 

jotd. of PordJand. Mo, who died yee- 

terday mnrntng la a local hospital 

■ after * brief fl loses, wa* forwarded 

to the home ihie morning by the 

H. Lohmrrer funeral home. 

Ponoal serrseea were held »t ) p. m, 

aatbabsoae. He t» swrrrM by 

tBok ejf *tiwHijii1. 

J. B. Hlli, W. 0. 


f IflilTXITil. 

Mo, and 
Bin of Pordamd. 

eerrloee for WlUlam a 
Tbuos. 90 yearn del. <ArU war T0v« 
sxas. wi*o died QaturCay at ale bom*, 
4M Sovtt* Market avanu*. war* bald 
•t 11 a. m. today »t tb* A4(U* Loh- 
■Myer funeral hen*. Burial iu In 
th* NaUooal cemetery. 



m t i i ■■ i i i 

I Mr. ana Kts. Walter L. Asking, 1W 

BaotQB tratuc. »nmw Ttf * th« birth 

i«f • tMCtiter. Margaret WUlXr*4. 

j Qc to b f 10- Mrs. A«*Ji» vat f artntr- 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: Potter family held a reunion.** 

Page 5: Mrs. Effie Daigler went to Joplin for the funeral of her cousin Mr. S. W. 
Ornduff who died Monday. 

A daughter Margaret Winifred Asians was born October 10 to Mr. and Mrs. 
Walter L. Askins. Mrs. Askins was formerly Miss Mary Murphy. 
Page 8: Rev. O. E. Hamilton died.** 
Page 12: William V. Breazeale died.** 

J. T. Sherrod died.** 

Lorton N. Cox died.** 

Alexander Calhoun died.** 

Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. William Busby.** 

Hamilton Funeral 
To Be Held Today 
At Mountain Grove 

Sprrtnl In Thr Stum 

MOUNTAIN GROVE. Mo.. Oct. '1. 
— Ilcvorend O. E Hamilton. 48. 
prominent evangelist of the Christ- 
Ian church and sonlnlaw of Mr. and 
Mrs. W. S. Candler, of this city. 
<Mrd suddenly In San Antonio. 
Texas. Sunday after it short Illness. services will bo hold her<> 
Wednesday nftornoon nt 2: SO o'clock 
with the Reverend E. F. Lealce. 
ir.ator of South Avenue Christian 
.church. Pprlncfleld. officiating. 
1 Th" Reverend Hnmllton was out- 
standing In evangelistic circles of 
( the Christian church He had con- 
ducted meetings In virtually every 
stnte In the union. Ho also held the 
pnstornt" of the Chrlstlnn church 
j.'tt Cirthngo for «ome time. 
I He Is survived hy the widow and 
in daughter. .Tenn. Their home has 
! hoon In Pprlnirflold for some time. 

The body of J. T. Sherrod. 68 
years old, former resident of 
Springfield, who died Monday eve- 
jnlng- at 4:46 o'clock In Kansas City. 
Mo., will arrive hero at 1:60 o'clock 
this afternoon. Funeral services 
I will be held at 3: SO o'clock this aft- 
ernoon at the Herman Lohmeyer 
I Funeral home. The Revefend John 
I Crockett, puutor of Tabernacle Pres- 
Jbyierian church, will officiate. Bur- 
ilal will be in Grecnlawn cemetery. 
Mr. Sherrod Is survived by his 
wife. Mrs. Jennie Sherrod; two 
daughters, Mrs. Edith SUva, and 
;Mrs. Gertrude Oliver, both of Kan- 
laas City; two sons. Ray Sherrod. 
of Sp/lngfleld, and John Sherrod. 
of Cleveland, Ohio; one brother. 
Henry Sherrod, of Knoxvllle, Tenn.. 
jand two grandchildren, Ella and 

i Harold Sllva, of Kansas City. 



Funeral services for Alexander 
Calhoun. 77 years old. who died 
Monday ^fternoon at his home. 836 
South Delaware avenue, will be 
held at 10 o'clock this morning at 
the residence, with the Reverend J. 
W. Pearson, pastor of St. Paul 
Methodist church, officiating. Burial 
will be In Harelwood cemetery un- 
der direction of the Herman # . H. 
i Lohmeyer Funeral home. 


Lorton -\. Cox, 68 years old, died 
yesterday morning" In a local hos- 
pital after u short Illness. The body 
was taken overland to Mr. Cox's 
home at Wlshart. Mo., yesterday 
evening by the Herman Lohmeyer 
Funeral home. Funeral arrange- 
ments are incomplete awaiting the 

'arrival of relatives. Mr. Cox is 

'survived by the widow, four eons. 

,lwo daughters, one brothe». and 11 

; grandchildren. 


Mr. and Mrs. William Busby of 
854 North Broadway, announce the 
birth of a daughter on Sunday, Oc- 
tober 9. 


More Than Hundred Attend 

Gathering of One of. Oldest 

Families In Missouri 

More than 10a person* attended 
tha annual reunion of tho Potter 
family. Sunday, at the homo of J. 
W. Potter, six mile* northwest of 
Fair Grove 

The Potter family Is wall known 
throughout thla region and waa ss- 
tabllshed here In IMS when B. T. 
Potter and hie brother. Col. Tom 
Potter, came to Missouri and net- 
tled In Dallas county. 

During the reunion It waa de- 
cided that a meeting be held on the 
first Sunday In oeptember, 1»Z8, 
at the home of EUlxha Potter, north- 
east of Fair Grove. 

Representatives of this family 
who are now In business In Spring- 
field. Include J. E. Potter, of 624 
South Clay avenue, who Is a for- 
mer county collector of Greene 
county; Raymond L. Potter, 2101 
N. Prospect, a member of the 
Springfield city council; C. O. Pot- 
ter, of 2114 Travis, is Identified with 
the Cowdea-Bulck company; A* 
C. Potter, 1100 Bast Atlantic, a 
machinist In the Notth Side Frisco 
shops; Carl Potter of Sunshine road, 
connected with the McGregor Motor 
company; Paul C. Potter of 1421 
8. Fremont, owner of the/ Paul C. 
Potter Cheese company and owner 
of the first successful cheese fac- 
tory in the Osarks; Paul la a. 
graduate of Teachers college and 
has taught school a number of 
years In the Osarka. Us waa sup- 
ertntandent of schools at Nlangua 
last year; H. B, Potter of 16 51 St. 
Louis owns a grocery store at uSe 
corner of St. Louts street and Glen- 
atone road. 

Those attending the reunion In- 
cluded the following: 

Cat Potter and Dee fUmnet of Fall 
Grove; Ton Potter, and Willie Newport 
and wife of Bed Bop; Charlie Mayfkld 
and wtf, sad son Arils, of Springfield: 
WiEard Case aod wtfe of Halfway ; LariU 
Opal. Oman, and Marie Veaaloa of Hah*- 
way: Many Miller ef Halfway; Goats* 
fcaroo aad wife, Nlaa. Wilfred, and CWo 
g—oa, ef Bod Top ; Bill Self and wtfo of 
lie* Top; Hubert OprUn and wlto ot 
Spriazfiald; Joan Potter and wife of Bad 
Top : Lawrvnc* Potter and wtfo and 

Boater Pot- 

■aashter. Iran*, of Bod Top 

tar of Bad Top: Hattie 

seas. Jake. Loo. Baa. aad BUU* of Spriag- 
rlaM. KUaa* Patter and wife aad eon 
Syres sad daaaattra. Pearl Marie. Use, 
aad l iagi aa. ef Pair Otwvet Oefos Pot- 
ter aad wife ead ehDdren Cethrya aad 
Balsa ef .priagfiald; Dee' Caaalfax aad 
wtfe had aoa CarfDee. of Pair Oro»e, 
Lawraaee Wlmlir and wife ead.daash- 
ter Thada Paari ef Elklaad. Habtrt Oarl- 
sea aad wtfe ead children Bulls Joan 
aad Gassy* Jaa*. ef Mleasaa, Joke Walt- 
eaa aad wifs of Spriasfleld; H. B. Pes- 
ter and wtfo aad dausater Both, ef 
SrrimgfUU ; BV B. Potter aad wtfe aad 
eMMiwa. Beanlaa. Bad. and Max of Bod 
Top: A. C. Potter aad chOdrea. Lores*, 
aad T/lela, of ■prianf l oM: Paal C. 
and daaahtar Lata No- 
ed S ni le #n de» St**. Potter aad wtfe 
JawJer. *f Bed Top i Grwat Jewee 
> Mra. W. a. Pa*. 

w*J» *f BpriasflaM ; Mr*. 
Orore: Clay, Ofne aad 
_ Pair Grove; J. B. Potter 
aad wtfe aad 1 eafldraa. Jaatea Lea. aad 
Mary Madallaa of fair Grove; aad Hattie 
Bey of Springfield. 

William Stcnnett. 64. Wlshart. and 
Serelda Dole. g . Springfield; Claud* 
Henson. 21. and Vesta Horner. 18 
»x>?h of Springfield. 



Retired Merchant Had Been 

Resident of Springfield 20 

Years; Funeral Today 

William V. Breazeale. 70 years 
old. a retired merchant who, for 
the past 20 years, has been a resid- 
ent of Springfield, died at 2:46 
o'clock yesterday morning following 
a lingering Illness al his home, 626 
East Monroe street. Funeral serv- 
ices will be held at 2:30 o'clock this 
afternoon at the Kllngner Funeral 
chapel with burial In Hazelwood 
cemetery. The Iteverend M. F. 
Cowden will officiate and the Solo- 

mon lodge, A. F. and A. M., will be 
In charge of services at the grave. 

He Is survived by the widow and 
by two sons, Charley V. Breazeale; 
Allen J. Breazeale, of Springfield; 
by two sisters, Mrs. Miller Cave and 
Mrs. Addle Walker, both of Spring- 
field; and by three brother*. Tom 
Breazeale, of Oregon", Oscar and 
George Beazealo, both of Ozark, 

Married to Clan A. B. Flelden. 
on March 27. 1879. the two bad Uved 
happily together tor 48 years. 

Mr. Beaseale was reared In Chris- 
tian county and whan. sUIl a young 
man, moved to a farm on the Jaines 
river, eight miles south of Spring- 
field, where he lived until 80 years 
ago, when ho moved to Sprincfield 
and entered the grocery business. 
He continued In this business until 
two years ago when be retired from 
active work. _ 

He was a member of Solomon 
lodge. No. 871. A. », and A. M, 
also of the Chapter and Zabud coun- 
cil. He served as acting tyler of 
the Solomon und United lodges. 

Page 1: There is an article about Mrs. Nancy Ann Price, soon to be 101.** 
Page 5: Potter family held a reunion.** 
Page 6: Indian mound marker dedicated.** 
Page 13: William V. Breazeale died.** 

J.T. Sherroddied.** 

Alexander Calhoun died.** 

B.F.Smith died.** 

Mrs. Fannie E. Negus died.** 

Mrs. Gertrude Lea died.** 

Job E.T.Hunt died.** 

Lorton N. Cox died.** 

Ira Lucille Lucas died.** 

Daughter born to Dr. and Mrs. Floyd B. O'Rear.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 14; Card of thanks from E. C. Sawyer and others.** 

Page 17: Mrs. Effie Daigler of 607 South Campbell avenue went to Joplin for the 
funeral of her cousin Mr. S. W. Ornduff. 

Page 18: A son Clyde Joe Campbell was born October 10 to Mr. and Mrs. William 
Lester Campbell of 1056 East Commercial street. 

Dr. and Mr*, riord * °*E£ * 

Me* Tor* aw . tvwrtr ot py 

Z^JL* and U 7>0* • r*ember O* W* 
TO* CUT. B « Uib, !*^JK^. 

MarrUf* JIc*n»e*, were issued J«- 
Unity to CJeuOe Badson, 41, and 
Vesta Homer. 18. both 'of Sprfafffield; 
vrmiam ateanett. 64. <4 WlQhart, and 
BereJde Dale, 60, oC 8prlngfleld: and 
Cedl C. rutman, 38, and Ttrn B. 
fihull, 96. both, of ftprlajntlct. 



"". ' ,% ' .. V. 

Stone l&m&Yz&Bm 
Is Dedicated at 

"Early Man Liked the Ozarks," Says L. B. Mgador at Cera* 
mony for Unveiling of Campus Marker; Relic Is • 
a Link W(th the Past. ' ' 

"The mound upon which this atone 
U placed to all that remains of the 
bouse of some chieftain of the Neo- 
lithic age - said L. K. Meaner, in an 
■ ddw at the dedication ceremony 
of the historic marker placed on the 
Drury collage campus by 'the Uni- 
versity. club this afternoon. 

The markar. a simple ttone, with 
explanatory Inscriptions, rests on a 
mound beneath a clump of ever- 
green* between Wallace ball and the 
muclo ball. 

Miss Alice Tbraaher. registrar of 
Drury college, unveiled the marker, 
and T. w itadaL. president of Drury 
eoueg*. made an addreea In which he 
accepted the .market fen behalf of the 

Dr. John Pearson tare, the invoca- 
tion. fff~T eeramony - followed - a 
luncheon at* the University club 
served In tbe domestic science room 
at Buraham ball. 

MT. Meador made a hlatorlcal ad- 
dreea In which* be explained tbe old 
trails and the Indian moundi, both 
of which the marker commemorates. 
Tbu ■tone.** be eald. "marks the 
achievement of tbe pact. It telle -of 
a race too buey with life to leave 
written evidence of tte existence. But 
trie consists In action, in functioning, 
and wa art therefore Interested In 
what the oarn did. Tbe houee which 
once eeood "Bare »u made some 10.- 
000 years afo b7 perbape tbe second 
r*£e of men to Inhabit Oreene 

According to Dr. L. M. *8heppard. 
the beat living e'uthorlty on the his- 
tory of the cou.-.ty. there are about 

10.000 of tbeee mounda In Greene 
oounty. Tbe mound dwellers built 
the walls of their houses of adobe, 
tbe roofs of thatch. 

"We know nothing about the men 
and women who lived In them, but 
much It coming- to be known of tbe 
part tbe men played in tbe long and 
interesting story of clvlliaatlon, M he 

aald. "It was tbe men of the tito- 
Utbic age -that first made the rough 
pattern* of all tbe essential tools 
which make Industry possible today, 
tbe wheel, tbe wedge, the arch and 
the screw. Much of our civilisation 
of today we owe to unknown men and 
raoee of the silent past. This marker 
represents our unpaid debt to thews 
men. . 

"This stone marks an old trail, one 
of many old trails over wblcb man 
have traveled for eenturlea to one of 
the most attractive places in the j 
Ozarks." said Mr. Meador. "Two of 
tbe most Important of thee* trails 
crossed at Springfield, one. the WU- 
dernees road, leading from the Osage 
settlement to the Osage river at Ber- 
ryvllle. Ark.; the other, tbe Virginia 
warriors' path, leading from the At- 
lantic to the Rocky mountains. There 
were other trails made by tbe In- 
dians In coming to this bunting 
ground. One of tbeee, tbe trail to 
St. Louts, became Important during 
the Civil war and earthworks were 
thrown across the trail to protect It. 

'. The remains of these earthworks can 
■till be seen on the Drury campus, 
and this stone Is placed here aiso as 

' a memorial to the action and men of 

, thla Iste'r day." 


Mra. Nancy Ann Price, who today 
pitQMd to celebrate her lOlit birth- 
day November 37. She u pictured 
e bore at her •pinning wbe> 1. 

HAD HER IN '33; 

Oldest. Woman, In Ozarks 

Primps for "Birthday 



«r*u We* (Jit Qld-F*bioo* 

Kn. Mary PtIo-, oldest woman lir 
the Oearra, wn© thought her "time 
had coxae" way back in 1839. when the 
■aw tr>t eky empty Ita «t*r» onto the 
ground, today began pUm for cele- i 
traiieg he 101 at birthday. | 

Bu: UlU year live wente a quiet ' 
one. On* Uiouaand helped bet oekf- ' 
bni4 reechlps th* century mark laet 
-»iar at her quaint certta** tucked 
away on a 300 n ew farm northeast j 

At 10i- en* apeaXs authoritatively | 
on the aubjret of lougeviiy. 
Bare a her recipe: 

J>rlak plenty of food water— 
like that found throughout the 

Bat wholeaome and substantial 

food — nix with the rich dellcfeclea. 

Oo t« bed at a reasonable hour. 

Oont uae tobacco and by all 

mrtni leave Intoxicant* alone 

Bead the Bible and enact lla 

That'a all. 

The wonderful little old Indy waa 

foOnd today .anting: tn her favorite 

100-year-old rocking chair In front of 

a fireplace, a picture of contentment. 

•0 Attenda 100. 

"X feel fine tor a woman of my 
yeara," aha aejd. There- waa a twinkle 

la bar e. m a* ahe aald thle. 

-WW I let you take my • picture? 
Well. I euppoee Ojcre » rjo harm in it, 
and beaidas I've had too much ex. 
parlance to let It natter ma. Wait 
until I gat 'fixed up.' though. 

-KUaebeth." ahe called, "cat that 
I little, boa of mine orer there in the 
wardrobe. " 

KUzabetn U Mra PrUree' fttater. Mra. 
XUaabelh aumner. who la 00 year* 
i oM haraelf . She Ulrea care of her 
elderly eletar — doing the cooking and 
other email bouaehold duties. It la 
remarkable to note bow aba fllta 
about the houae with auch graat aaaa 
She handed Mr Price her prised box. 

Tna little old lady nimbly lifted the 
Ud and eearched for fully ,\w© min- 
utes. Suddenly a amlle played about 
her countenance and from -within the 
tx x ihe rcrr.o\ej & l*r.ry lace hood. 

Dona Fancy llood. 
'1 eouldnt think about baring my 
picture mien without thla." ahe re- 
marked, aa ate tied a neat bow be- 
! naath her chin. 

It haa not been definitely decided 
'. Whether or not a celebration will be 
•feaimafl lot "Ura. Price on bar birth- 
(day. ' ttn. Jhiem declarra that ens 
! bad nmets rather rpeod tha day in 
' yeac e and quiet. 

TUa Sloa to bare all my children— 
aona, daughter* grand children, great* 
grandchildren, and even t roat-sttat- 
grandchildren — gather* here, but the 
excitement la too great,** ahe aald. 

Mra. Price waa born at Cast. Term, 

McMmn county. November 27, 1830. 

Uer parantaj ware Mr. and lira. 

George Waaaingtoa Simma, He/ f *- 

thar bains of a roving nature, he 

traveled with ble family tuten»irel? 

throughout the unsettled country. 

(Prom McM:nn couuty lh» family mo»- 

ied Into Georgia Tjn«y were there 

| only a abort tune whan be loaded the 

family and belonglnga Into a wagon 

and drove to Bedford county. Tenn. 

Saw Say Bala Stare, 

Later the family moved near the 
Cumberland mountain* and lived 
there about four yeara 

tn 1404. Mra. Price aaw an unusual 
light, opened the door and aaw atare 
railing juet like drop* of rain. 

She called bar older aiater to the 
door and they thought the and of the 
world bad coma 

The Price* famlry mover' into Mia- 
aoun when Mra. PTtoe waa but 10 
yeara old. Tney drove through the 
ltoc mining region aouth of St. Loula 
on OreenaS ferry boat. At that time 


there vunl a raitroed Ikon oc Louis 
to Springfield. Th* entire JoUxhey 
ih m*d< wiui ox-drawn waa^ne. If 
they traveled 10 alio * day the? oon- 
ddered this a record. Mi*. Price de- 

Wild B*BHM iWan<fl 

At night thar vcuU find a place 

10 cunp and cot tree* cknro to make 

a warm fire. " v . 

Mn met aaid tn*re> were plenty of 

1 wild turt*r» and ottnr i»m» then. 

■ um (aU>« Jailed eewereJ on lb* Joux> 

orf bare. 

Til* wagon train r oe oh ad Green* 

oounty. Aptti io. itrr whu« coming 

through Bprtagnetd it tn moissai 

tar Mrs Prtc**e father to ptck hu 

! way around etump* and I r s oo " gvc n in 

1 Uw exact tot whera cur pupllo *qaaxe 

I at located today. L*nd wa* serilng 

■at IliS an acre In Bprrtnsjflgia a t 4 that 


Krs. Price rernoTnhsrod duunctij 
the place wbm they firs* located— 
Banana-- .and :lheig n«-4ghbor» 
peopla by u»« name* of Haadlaa 
•Ad Bteel*. 

Tb«r« vrere eight BeedTeo'boys and 
amn Bteel* pa*, aha r*tQ«3»i>*r*d. 
aod ee-ven at the Beedtoe boys married 
UM B*e>l* glrto. Mr. Headiew VtUxfld. 
for r*^Uitr fltotJa.gM to th*>biB.*>n, 
John, could marry bar. 

Mr*. Price, formerly Nancy Ann 
rumma, was married December 14. 

1*44. to Tarry aruTln Price. Bar un 
eie. Brlgg Slxnma, performed th* cere- 

Tn* moat wonderful thing in oar 
Of* wa* to watch Um growth of 
Bp,T«aeStaid. Whan she first saw the 
♦earn It was nothing. OguraUtalv 

Thart wu a lonf toff cabin, logs not 
even hewed, uaad aa a boarding. 
bouse. Tbe hotal wo* run by Nick 

There wtu on* dry gooda atora and 
a email grocery Mora owned by Bob- 
art MceTThany. 

Haw City oraw Cp. 

Daniel B. Berrv married a niece of 
President Jama* K.. Polk. Mre. Berry 
made a draw lor Mrs. Price at one 
tana. Wben Um Democrat* nominat- 
ed Polk for president, people would 
cej out, "Donl rota for Polk, U*'e 
polaon." baring rafarenoe to th* polk 
weed, the "rrand old woman** re- 

in 1MB. Mr*. Price* brother, Bobert 
Busuna, 17 year* old, left bom* to ffo 

to tbe rotd Dead* tn California.. It wae 
et tn* ume tn* peaceful reltglou* Ufa 

at tb* BpanJab mission waa disturbed 
.xd destroyed by tb* nero* oneet of 
AjMrtcan prorraaa. A man nnmed 
fctergbeJ found a ptee* of met»i 
which proved to be gold, to » lew 
■vaeks It «u diacorared tb»t ffold we* 
u>undant tnroucbout Cellfornla. Mrs. 
Price recalled. 

It wa* nearly known all OTer tna 
eminwd world Uiat In Calif ot»l*» tnexe 
war* flakU of sold that could be | 
«tark*d by aayona wbo could bwy a, 
c^nrr-t vj\r.\ a pel. ahowal and a 
un p«n- 

At least that wm U»b ,n»w» th*t 
readhed BptlnffJlald «nd CfAiled.WPl 
to' Join in, th» mad rtuh W -th^'doBtn, 
ttio aaid. reople traveled 0u foot, on 
h6rseb*ck, in *<riL|xfn», l» euU. 'Un. 
Prioo aaid thay never heard anything 
of Robert. H* wa* glran up tor dead. 
Fifty, year* peesad, and one; day to 
th*ir aurpriae and treat Joy. a trlaaid 
informed Uiem of, Robart*a whar*> 
abouu. Ba attended the World's Fair 
to et. Loul* in 1904. Ba thought ail 
of hi* family was dead. Learning that 
hu two slaters were here, ha paid 
them a run In 1005. Be dlsd a short 
tune after the visit. 

Relative rounded JopUn. 

Un Price had «S uncle named 
Barrla JopUn. Be waa a Methodtwt 
preacher. 8* founded a email settle- 
ment where Joplln now la. Be put up 
a oommlaaary house to keen prorlsions 
for the Cheroke* Indiana. Be wae so 
Uked by. all who knew him that they 
named thl* ••ttlement Joplln. Mo. 

**I don't visit very nxuoh.** Mrs. 
Price said, I've been taking The 
Leader etnoe the flret publication It 
kwrpe me posted on all tbe event* 
of the day— flappers, unsuooosaful 
marrhtgaa, murdera and moat eT*fy- 

**OlrU' •moklng?'* sh» pondewd 
"Watl. I moat certainly -dor^t llko'li— 
sod those short KklrU ara terrible'. But 
then of oourse Ume* haVae changed 
and I might .be a was bit old<a*hton- 
ed, I'm for tfxe yaungtr see Ttatring a 
good Ume— but In the right way." 


nr klndntn ihovn n» during aur greet 
Barrow and for the beautiful floral of- 

fertnai ^ 


1 ,1 i.-a.uaii'u i 'LUu.megaa.B — 



The annual reunion of the Potter 
family was held at the homo of J. 
W. Potter, atx miles northwest of Pair 
Orore, Sunday, Members of the Pot- 
ter family art prominent in Spring* 
fltld and the family has lived here 
for almost 100 yearn. 

QoL Tom Potter came to this dis- 
trict tn IMS, with. his brother B. T. 
Potter. It was derided at the reunion 
that the meeting next year will be 
held at the home of xusba Potter, 
northaast of Pair Orore. 

Utmbtn of ths family now living 
in Sprtnfflald are J. K. Potior. 634 
South Clay avenue, formerly collec- 
tor of Oreeoe county; Raymond Pot- 
tar. 3101 North Prospect, member of 
the city council; C. P. Potter. .1300 
the elty council: C. P. Potter. 913 
Travis, of Cowden-Buick company: 
A. a Potter. 1300 Kast Atlantic of 
the Prlsoo* shops: Carl Potter, Sun- 
shine road, with McGregor Motor 
company; Paul C. Potter, owner of 
tha Paul C. Potter Cheese company, 
and H. B. Potter. IBM Bt. LcruU 
street, owner of a grocery store. 

Those who attended the reunion 
were: Gal Potter and Dee Rennet of 
Pair Orove; Tom Potter, and Willie 
Newport and wlfs of Red Top; Charlie 
Mayfleld and wife and eon, Arlli, of 
Springfield: Wlllard Ca#e and wife of 
Halfway; Leslie, Opal. Omen, and 
Marie Venetoc of Halfway; Murry 
Miller of Halfway: Oeorge Eagon and 
wife. Nina. Wilfred, and Cleo Eagon. 
of Bed Top: BUI Self and wife of 
Bad Top: Hubert Curlln and wire or 
Springfield: John Potter and wife of 
Bad Top: Lawrence Potter and wire 
and daughter. Irene, of Red Top; 
Buster Potter of Red Top: Hittle Ed- 
monson and sons, Jake, Loo, Rex 
and BlUle of Springfield; Ellaha Pot- 
ter and wlfs and son Syrus and 
daughters. Pearl Marts, Una and 
Imogene, of Pair Orore; Clofus Potter 
and wife and children, Cathryn and 
Rufus of Springfield; Oee Cannlfax 
and wife and eon. Carl Dee, of Fair 
Orore; Lawrence Wheeler and wife 
and daughter, Tbeda Pearl, of Klk- 
land: Hubert Davison and wife and 
children. BiUle Jean and Gladys ' 
Jane, of Nlangua; John Whltebn and 
wlfs of Sprlngf laid; H. B. Potter and 
wife and daughter Ruth, of Spring- 
field; B. B. Potter and wife and chil- 
dren. Beulah. Bud and Max, of Red 
Top. A. C. Potter and children. 

Lorene. Eugene and Viola, of Spring- | 
field: Paul C. Potter and wife and 
daughter. Lela Nadlne of Springfield; 
Stere Potter and wife and eon Junior, 
of Red Top. Orant Jonee ana wife 
of Springfield: Mrs, W. A. Potter of j 
Springfield. Raymond Potter and ' 
children. -Unabelle and Josephine, of 
Springfield: Pern Potter of Tuiea. i 
Okla.; Carl Potter and wife of Spring- j 
field: Mra. Bud Potter of Fair Grove; 
Clay. OUls and Ethel Potter, of Pair j 
Orore; J. B Potter and wife and 
children. James Lee. and Mary Made- 
line of Pair Orore, s-ud Rattle Roy 
of Springfield. 

w. v. niiAr.KM.t. 

Puneral ttrVlcee * foe wmiem V. 
Brteseale. 70, a retired tptffihAnVwho 
died at iM o'clock ywtatday morn- 
ing following a^llngerlng Illness at 
his hocus, cm pat Monroe street,' 
were held st S Ho o'clock this after- 
noon at the KUngnex funeral home. 
Burial was in Hesel wood o em e ter y. 

i. T| 8HXBBOD. 
Puneral aarvteea were held at 8i30 
p. m. today for J. T. Sherrod, M. 
former resident of (Mi city, who died 
Monday evening at L-a home* in Xan- 
eaa City. Burial wag tn arejnlawn 
cemetery under dirr*tloo of the Her* 
man *H. Lohmeyer funeral boms. 



Punaral servloee for Alexander Cal- 
houn, TT. who died Monday afternoon 
at his home, B30 South Delaware ave- 
nue, were held .at 10 a, m. today at 
the residence. Burial was In nasal- 
wood cemetery under direction of ths 
Herman H. Lohmeyer funeral home. 

J. E, T. HUNT. 

Job H. T. Bunt, 70 years old, died 
this morning at the home of a daugh- 
ter. Mrs. Charles Williams of 311T 
8pruoe street. He Is survived by his 
wife, three dAughtara and a eon. Pun- 
eral eerrloas will be held at 10 a, m. 
tomorrow at the Kllngner Puneral 
home with burial In Hasalwood ceme- 


a, r. BM1IH. 
> Funeral eerrioes trtre held at t 
p. m. Sunday (or b. f. smith* •• 
rears old. who died,«t bit bom* to 
Hoaett, Mo, o*rly. Saturday morn- 
ing. BurUl we* In the I. p. O. F. 
cemetery at Monett Mr. omlth cava* 
to Monet, about BO t»" •«<> •»* 
settled at the home where ht died* 
He «m married to Miw Nellie Cranw 
oX Springfield In 1&08. to this union 
two eons were born. Mr- Bmltb «• 
one of MoewU ■ leading oontfaotors 
end buUdere; He Is surrtTed by ble 
wife, four sinters, Mrs. Kmma Hlsr-« 
©nymous or Loe Angeles, Mrs. Uemle 
Jameson of Sen Franclaoo, Mre. Oar- 
rte O. Olerk of Oxford. Ulee^ end 
Mre.* Martha "Eagle of Oerdlngton. <K 
and e brother, riaey Smith of Mane- 
aeld. Mo. fie wee a member of The 
Mother church, the First Ohuroh of 
Christ Solentlet of Boston, Mass, end 
also of the Christian Sdlsne society 
of Monstt. A large number of 
mends end relatives attended tbe 


krs. Oertrado tee. ♦» »•**• *** 
wtfv of T. M. Lee> of MarahfJeid*. Mo, 
died lest night In a lodel hospltel 
foOowtng e brief Illness. She U sur- 
▼tTed by the husbsnd and e> eon, 
both of H»^^*' fl ^•' , The body waa 
forwarded to Menhfleld this morning 
by the KUnfner Funeral home for 
buriaL Funeral esrrlces wlU be held 
Thursday afternoon, although the 
oour has net been set. 

L. N. COX. 

Funeral eerrloee for Lorton N. Cox, 

M. who died yeeterday morning la* 

local hospltel after a brief illness, 

were held at S30 p. m. today at Wis- 

I hart under direction of Herman H. 

! Lohmeyer Funeral horns. Mr. Oox Is 

I surriTed by bis wife, four eons, and 

two daughters. 


i Xre Luetlle Laces, M.months-old 
daughter of Mr. end Mrs. Harrey lM- 
ni. M9 CoUtge street, died »t 

,D40p. m. today et tbe home follow- 
ing a brtef Illness Funeral eertlcea 
wtH be bald at SAO p. m. tomorrow" 
at the Sterne mortuary. Burial win 
be in last Lawn cemetery. 

Mrs. Fannie K. Hegus, formerly of 
Springfield, died Tuesday at the- 
home of her eon, O. H. Negus, In Chi- 
cago, aooordlng to word reoslred here 
today. Funeral eerrloee will be bald 
Ttmzaday m. Chicago. , 


Pace 1: Job Newton, now 101, took an auto ride.** 

Charles C. King was appointed guardian for Ruth O. King, minor heir of the late 

R. Ophelia Seaman^ ^ ^^ r ^^ ^ ^ ^^ R ^ ^ both of 


Page 2: Mrs. Eliza McDowell died.** 

Florence A. Rozell was appointed administratrix of the estate of William R. 


Page 3: Mrs. Gertrude Lea died.** 

J. E.T.Hunt died.** 

Mrs. Fannie E. Negus died.** 

B. F. Smith died.** 

Lucas infant died.** 

Mrs. Mollie Smott died.** 
Page 6: Marker put up on Indian mounds on the Drury campus.** 
Page 7: A son Charles Vernon Underwood was born October 9 to Mr. and Mrs. William 
Underwood of 1089 South Douglas avenue. 

Page 11: Card of thanks for kindness at time of "our sorrow," signed by E. C. Sawyer 

and Mr. and Mrs. George Crippen. 


W. wtoa «• taaak ear Iriraaa tor kl**- 
ttm ^owm ■• Sarins •»* srvat ■»"» 
^4 tor the baaatUal floral offerins*. 

K. C 8AWTM. 

1 .....I...I-I !■! . 1-' 



ha Lucille Lucas. 2.1-mni.ths-o.d 
■ of Mr. ana Mrs. Hnrvey 
Lii.m.1 of ."'39 rollcao street, died 
v.-surday following a brief Illness. s.ivl.«8 will be held at 
L*:30 o'clock this afternoon at the 
.<tarn.- mortuary with burUl In 
r^ist l^iwn cemetery. 



Site Marks Fcrtner Homes of 
Mound Dwellers of Neolithic 
Age, Said To Be 10,000 
Years Ago 


1 "DU1LT on a mound which. *up- 
posedly, wu the home ot the 
chief tribe of Oxark mound dweller* 
of the neolithic age— *om* 10.000 
year* ago — a marker wm yestar- 
d«y dedicated by the UntTeralty 
Club In commemoration of the j 
event. The marker, of white atone. | 
and uniform with othera placed 
about the city on hlatorlc spots, was 
set slightly north of the Music hall. 
"The mound dwellera were the 
second race of people to Inhabit the 
Oxarks." Prof. L. E. Meador told 
the University Club membere. "the 
cave-dwellers being the first. The 
mounds were circular, from IB to 
30 feet in diameter, and there were 
at least 10.000 in Greene county 
alone. There are a great many on 
the Drury campus. We have but 
a few bare facts concerning these 
people, but we know this much: 
they were the makers of the first 
rough tools, the wedge, the wheel, 
the screw, the lever — tools that 
modern Industry could not do with- 

The marker accidentally serves a 
double purpose— the other being to 
mark the spot where on* of thw 
moat famous traJU leading tot* tho 
Oaarka uogeit thS Drury campus. 


try pflMMMrt several large spring*, 
besides being a* Meal hunting 
ground. As h **suK&nun*erou» 
trails Into this country war* «•*•*- 
listed by ths Indian*. ■OMfj^f 
which later d*v*lop*a -tot* gremf 
highways and other route* for xatt- 
roada. Many ot these trails bagaa 
near the Atlantic a— c o st, and ltd 
aa far wast as Kansas. Ona of thS 
most traveled of the** trail* croea- 
«d the campus at the very spot 
where th* monument now standa." 
Miaa Alice Thrasher of the Eng- 
lish department at Drury college, 
unveiled the marker. 

ITncle Job* Newton 

• • • .-•• • • • 

At 102 fa Thrilled by 
on* Auto Journ 

•Hacis Joh" Newteu. who Is a*- 
hi* »ait»4 htrthday. «*- 
Sunday that ho wanted to 
■Bake a hnelness visit to 8t_ Louts, 

The pioneer who le sa le r, who 
boaeed one of the first -cov*r*d 
wagon" train* from St. Louis to 
California In 1148 and who cam* 
to Springfield from St. Louis in a 
wagon pulled by oxen, decided 
that a trip over 'The Main street 
of America" would do him good. 

In company with friends, he 
started late In the day for St. 
Louis In an automobile and a 
meaaage to his son here stated 
that he stood the trip well and 
was having a good time in St. 

Mr. Newton ran a wholesale 
hoiifce In St, Louis when that city 
was a small village on the Missis- 
sippi river. 


LEBANON. Mo.. Oct. 12.— Mrs. , 
Elita McDowell. 87. wife of Oliver 
McDowell, ot near Agnes, Mo., died 
at her home following a short Ill- 
ness. She was born In Laclede 
county August 16. 1890. She was 
the daughter of the Keverend and 
Mrs. W. T. Spencer. She was mar- 
ried to Mr. McDowell May 1. i»14 
and to this union wa* born 8 boys 
apd 8 girls. 

She is survlde by the husband, 
six children, a sister, Mrs. R. L. 
Lewis, of Orla, Mo., three brothers. 
W. H. Spencer, of Bono. Ark., R. 
A. Spencer, of Southard, Mo., and 
S. J. Spencer of Paducah. Ky. 


The body of Mra Gertrude Lea. 
4» years old. wile of T. 1L Lea of 
ilorshfleld. Mo, who died Tuesday 
night In a local hospital after a 
brief illness, wa* forwarded to 
Marshfleld yesterday morning by 
the Klingner Funeral home. Fu- 
neral services will be held this aft- 
ernoon. She la survived by the 
husband and one ton, both of. 
Mamhfleld. 1 



Borlal •sprjoa. ****+¥***£ 

gmott, »*!■*• old. tvfogwrgtt*- 3 

dent of eWtagfleld who died Mo* 

dor oroalta* tt tho homo o* h* 

niece, Mra. A- J. 8 » od " of *fS??L 
CKy. will be held In Maplo Ptr* 
cemetery at * o'clock thto aittr- 
noon. with the Reverend Pool «*• 
TaJbott, former rector of Christ 
Episcopal church here. officiating. 
Burial wlU bo under direction of the 
Paxston Funeral home. Mrs. Smott 
was a alster of Mra. 8. F. Vinton 
and Mre. George F. Reed, tooth of 

' Mrs. Kannle E. Negus, a former 
resident of Springfield, died Tues- 
day at the homo of her eon. C. X. 
Negus of Chicago, according to In- I 
formation received here yesterday. ■ 
runeral •orvlccs will be held In • 
Oiioun) toda>. 



B. F. SMITH ! 

Funeral *er»a-ea for H. F. Smith. 
;S >v~»s vlJ who died Saturday at 
It;;* home in Moiiett, were held Sun- 
day. Hun. a nu In the I. O. O. V. 
,-. iiict.ry there. He 1* survived by 
the widow, lour sisters. Mrs. Emma 
lliiToiouiou* of l->s Angeles; Mrs. 
Mamie Jameson »•* San Francisco; 
.Mrs. Otrrjo U. Clark of Oxford. 
Miss. ;md Mrs. Martha Eagle of 
l*;trd:iiKU>n, t'hio. and one brother, 
EiB»y Smith of Mansfield. Mo. 

J. E. T. HUNT | 

Funeral service* teJ.ET. Hunt. 

7t year* old. who died yesterday 

morning at the home of a daughter. 
Mra. Charles WUUam* ' e* *M% 
6urooe street. wtU be held at l«| 
o'clock this morning at the Kllng- '■ 
ner Kuneral home, with burial In; 
Haaelwood cemetery. He Is sur- , 
Tired by the widow, three dsugh- 
! ters and uiw son. 


Page 2: Mrs. Eliza McDowell died.** 
Page 4: Dr. L. West of Monett died.** 
Washington Ray Kellett died.** 
Page 6: Births reported.** 
Page 11: William King died.** 

Rev. 0. E. Hamilton of Mountain Grove, prominent evangelist, died Sunday in 
San Antonio, Texas. He was a graduate of Drake University. He is survived by his widow 
who is a student in Springfield State Teachers college, a daughter Jean, a brother Roy of 
Longview, Wash., and by his father W. B. Hamilton of Victoria, Texas. 
Ira Lucille Lucas died.** 
Miss Mollie Smoot died.** 
Mrs. Gertrude Lea died.** 
J. E.T.Hunt died.** 
Mrs. Fannie E. Negus died.** 
Dorothy Dickens died.** 
Page 12: Card of thanks for kindness in the time of "our bereavement," signed by Clyde 
Pope and son. 

Page 15: Miss Frances T. Bishop and Mr. Fayette Haris Sweany were married. At the 
same time her parents Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jefferson Bishop celebrated their golden wedding 

Miss Elizabeth R. Hood and Mr. Douglas R. Forrester were married.** 
The Stubblefield family held a reunion.** 

*- CaftDft OF THANKS. ' 

POPE— W« dealit to thank all tbois who 
vrre so kind and helpful to ui in our 
recent bare* reneot. JbpeciaUy. do we 
appreciate the (crvice* of Rev. Beadier. 


■BOB — — B» > ■ ■«».' m i ■■«■ 1JJ-J ' W »S 

Mr.. StrU» Hood. 1118 Worth Grant 
avenus. announce, tht «*^ - g*J? 

bex daughter. Ml*. EUatbeth R. ^Hood. 
STmt. bougla. R. rorreator of Mar- 
lonTllle yesterday. 



IT. B, Kellett Die*. 

Washington Ray KeUett, «2 years 
old. secretary-treasurer of the Cash 
Clothing company, died in- West 
Plains yesterday. 

Mr; Kellett, who wm a meutber oX 
one pi the early pioneer -families of 
this section ol the Ozaxak. was. for 
many yeara, a merchant and banker 
of Bakexetleld. Ozark county, before 
earning to Wwt Plains to live four 
yean ago. He helped to organise the 
Bank of BakataOeld. and was. lta 
president for many years. • ■•• 
- Shortly before Mr. Kellett cad hla 
wtfe came to West Plains to lire they 
purchased stock In the Union 5Ute 
bank In Weet Plains, and latex, after 
they had purchaaed a home here and 
moved to West Plaice. Mr. Kellett 
purchased «n Interest In the paah 
Clothing company. 

Mr. Kellett was born November a«. 
184«. on a term near Ozark. Mo, In 
Christian countj, but while a child 
hla parents mored from ' Christian 
county to Ozark -id located at 
UdaO, where he frew to manhood. 
Weaen he reached mature years w. 
luy Kellett soon became one of the 
leading business men of Oeark coun- 
ty, and waa engaged in the mercan- 
tile bnstnees in Bakerafleld and alao 
wee postmaster at that place fox ser- 
eral years before entering the bank- 

Gojden Wedd • Celebrated. 

The marriage of MIm Prance* T. 

lahop. daughter or Mr. and Mrs. , 

lames Jefferson Bishop of near 

>uth Greenfield, to Mr. Payette Har- 

Sweany of Waahlngton X>. C, was 

plemnlzed Sunday when her parents 

celebrated tbolr fiftieth wedding an* 
nlvereary. The wedding, which waa a 
touching and unusual climax for the 
anniversary celebration In which 
many friends and neighbors of the 
Bishops Joined, tu an el fresco af- 
fair tad the doub!a ring eervlcfv waa 
read by Dr. Marion Stevenson of St. 
Louis. Mr. and Mrs. 'Sweeny left im- 
mediately after the ceremony to motor 
to Washington. Greetings and con- 
gratulations were received by both 
brides as well as numerous tokens of 
friendship. Mr. and Mrs. Bishop, who 
are well kno\ n In Dade county, nave 
resided at their present heme most of 
their maxrlM life. 

itqbbtoflejd Reunion, 

BtubbleJleld/ r HM West ■- Division 

stree V *» '&°WSk4 , M* ■$<&*■ ****' 
gar and lier "» MjgUtcrr Helen of 
Eureka Springe, m* who were visit- 
ing tbe City. A^lfrgo table epread 
with a befatfiful- diaper wan decora- 
ted with dsnllaVtJetera; and ' tosta. 
Thoee who enjoyed the, occasion were: 
Messrs. and Meeds^ea 0, W. Green* 
wade, P. F. Muslei, Ji Ai Hall; Robert 
Harrison, Emery Isernlnger, Everett 
Snider. Weademea Laura Barger. 
Homer Abbott, O. 0. Btubblefleld. T. 
Stubblefleld>.Lee Snider: Misses Hazel 
Qreenwade, Helen: Barger, Oenevieve 
etubblefleld. Jenny Washburn, Helen 
Margaret Greenwade, Woodrow Stub- 
blef leld, Betty Jean* Abbott. Sue Stub* 
blefleld, Gloria Lee Harrison; Messrs. 
Kenneth Sllsby. Young. Howard and 
Paul Btubblefleld and Master Donald 
Lee Isernlnger. 

A Dentist Dies. 

Dr. L. West, a well known dentist 
ml Monet*, la dead. 

Dr. West was the son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Armenia* West and was born 
umaj Springfield in January. 1660. He 
taught school when a young man In 
the rural echoohi of southwest Mla- 
eourt. Later he took vp the practice 

s ceaa*'^h , 

six months ago. 

. . . . ' ., »•*' • • 

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Wagner. 763 
North Boulevard, announce the birth 
of a eon, October 11 at Burge hos- 
pital. Mrs. Wagner was formerly 
Miss Esther Anderson. 

Ur. and Mrs. William Underwood. 
1069 South Douglas avenue announce 
the birth of a son, Charles Vernon on 
Sunday, October ». 


Tuaertf MrtJota wer» Held at a«> 
p. m. today far Ira Lucille Lucaa, 23- 
months-oW daughter or Mr. ' and 
mm. Harrey Lucaa of Mfl College 
street, who died yesterday following 
a brief Ulnesa. Burial *m in East 
Lawn cemetery under direction of W. 
U sum*, undertaker. 


Miss Motile Smoot, rortner resident 
of Springfield, died Monday evening 
*« the homo of bar niece, lira. A. J. 
Bands. In Kmhh City, Funeral aerr- j 
toes win be bald Id Kansas Olty and | 
burial in Maple Put cemetery here. ; 
under the dlreotlon ot the Paxou 
Undertaking company. Dr. Paul R. 
Talbot, rector of Christ's church, erlll 
conduct the Mrrioee at the grare. 

Miss Smoot waa a elater of Mrs. B. 
8. Vinton, and Mrs. O. F. Reed, de- 


funeral aervloee were held today 
Tor Mra. Oeitrude Lea, 40. wife ol T. 
U. Lea ot Marehfleld. Mo, who died 
Tuesday night in a local hospital af- 
ter a brief lllneee. The. body wma for- 
warded to Merahfleld yesterday by 
the Kilngner Funeral home. She la 
surrlved by her husband end e son, 
both of Marehfleld. 

J. E. T. HUNT. 

Funeral aervlcea for J. K. T. Hunt, 
i0, who died yesterday morning et 
the home of a daughter. Mr». Charles 
WUllama of 3117 Spruce street, were 
held at 10 a. m. today at the KUUif- 
ner Funeral home. Burial waa In 
Baaelwood cemetery. Me la survived 
by hla wife, three daughter* and a 

a , DuflpTHV OICKRNS. 

Dorotby Dloka&av -•infant daughter 
of Mr. and Mra Leonard Dickens, of 
Mumford, Mo. died at 630 o'clock 
yesterday afternoon at the home. She 
la eurrlved by the parenta and a ela- 
ter. Funeral services wera held at 
2:30 p. m. today and burial waa in 
Robinson cemetery. eoutbeaat of 
Springfield, under the direction of the 
Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home. 



mrs. eliza Mcdowell 
dies at lebcnan 

LEBANON. Mo., Oct. 13.— Mre. El Ira 
McDowell. 17 years old. died at the 
family res ce near Agnes, Mo., fol-, 
lowing a r, t Illness. She waa the 
wife of Ol:- n McDowell. 

Mrs. McDowell waa lh' daunhter -of 
Rar. and Mre.'W. T. Spencer ana y*~f 
born in Laclede county August 18, 
1690. She was married to Mr. Mc- 
Dowell May 1. ion. 

She le survived by the husband, six 
children, a sister. Mrs. R. L. Lr wis of ' 
Orla, Mo^, three brothers, W. H. i 
Spencer of Bono, Ark.; R. A. Spencer | 
of Southard. Mo., and 8. J. Spencer . 
of Paducah. Ky. 




Practically unknown, William 
King, M, died thla morning in a 
local hospital following a few dayi 

The man came htra about 15 day* 
ago, so far as is known, ana stopped 
at wo College street. He became 111 
tbortly alter nW arrival, ~ 

King la light complaasohwd. about 
fire feet and 11 Inches) In height and 
weighs about 140 pound*. At aome 
tune he suffered the low of hla 
right eye. His body U being held 
at the W. L. Starne mortuary. Wal- 
nut and Market avenue. 


Mrs. Fannie E Negua. a former 
j BprlngfJeid resident, died Thursday 
nt the home of her i<on. C N. Negua. 
of Chicago, aocordlng to information 
received Here. Funeral eerrlces were 
held in Chicago today. 

Page 1: Marriage license: Sidney R. Davidson, 34, of Tulas, Okla., and Louise Reeves, 

24, of Springfield. 

Page 5: Miss Elizabeth R. Hood and Mr. Douglas R. Forrester were married.** 
Page 8: Anna Willoughby sues to divorce Ewing Willoughby. They were married 

March 1, 1897. 


Son born October 12 to Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Siplinger of 622 South Missouri 

o V CI 1 lid 

Page 9: Dorothy Dickens died.** 

Page 13: Wilbur Carlew committed suicide.** 

Page 19: Card of thanks for kindness at time of "our sorrow," signed by Clyde Pope and 



I Funeral services for Dorothy 
Dickens, of Mumford. Mo, who 

I died al 6:10 o'clock Wednesday 
afternoon at the home were held 
at 1:10 o'clock yesterday after- 
noon with burial In Robinson ceme- 
tery, southeast of Springfield, un- 
der direction of the Alma Lobtney- 

i er Funeral home. 


Mrt. Bertha Hood. 1123 # Nortli 
ilrant avenue, announce* the mar- 
riage of her daughter. Elizabeth It 
Mood, to Mr. Douglas It. Korreeter 
of Mnrlonvllle October 12. The serv- 
ice was read by tho Heverend K. V. 
I ««ko 


. Wilbur Carlew. T4. bachelor, oom- 

Jiriltted suicide at Bafnell by shoot - 

|ing hlmaelf He was born at Tlo- 

• nJecog*. S*. » and went to Bafnell. 

north of Springfield, three years 

ego. He leaves no known relatives. 

^ w. m ■ i w ■ m h i ■i l wiw^,« nm 


We wish 5 eapraat. oui 

Meats tm their ktadaaat dariag ear 
great s trew aa4 — seesU br u» Bar. Shaw- 
tar: eh* far eaaatifal ftoral effort***. 



Page 2: Frank Strick was killed.** 

F. W. Adams became 73 years old.** 
Page 8: Wilbur Carlew, 74, bachelor, committed suicide at Bagnell. He was born at 
Ticonderoga, N. C. He leaves no known relatives. 

Page 25: Marriage license: Lilburn Motley, 17, and Hattie Sanders, 17, Negroes, both 
of Springfield. 

Page 26: Marriage license: Sidney R. Davidson, 34, of Tulsa, Okla., and Louise 
Reeves, 23, of Springfield. 

Mrs. Annie Willoughby sues to divorce Ewing Willoughby. They were married 
March 1, 1897. They have a son John Willoughby, 18. 
Mrs. Amanda Lyman died.** 

Page 27 
Page 28 
Page 31 

Mrs. Nancy Harwood died.** 

Card of thanks from Mrs. Lena Rader and others.** 

Miss Thelma Louise Robertson and Mr. Paul W. Vann are engaged to 




. / 

Mrs. Amand* >orm*G, c£ S&^miti*. 
MJgaouxl ave'nuev died -a^bspr Jaotam 
thl* morning at 8:16 O'clock. flb* 
was 80 years of age. 

Mrs. Lyman came to Missouri from 
Tenneenee with her parent* 74 years 
ago. settling on a farm near QaHoway 
In 1813 the and her husband mrmd 
to Springfield. Mr. Lyman died here 
April 14. 1021. Mrs. Lyman U eur- 

Ivlved by a daughter. Mrs. Prank 
West; two sons, A. J. end J. L- Ly- 
man, end a brother. L. F. Patterson, 
all of Springfield. 

Punera. aervloee win be held at tht 
home tomorrow at 2 o'clock? and In* 
torment will be made at DodSon 

Mrs. Jtency Uarwood. U. died at 
410i. m. today at Che home of her 
daughter. Mm. Penny Clement. WtJ 
teat Locust street, foUowtatj a Itn- 
gerlng lllneea. funeral arrangement* 
are incomplete. »nt they w tU be on- 
d,r the direction of the Sermsa H. 
Uohmtyer Paneral home." She t> anr- 
rired by three daughter* and a adn. 

a_ canon t/t TWcaa. 

fn*n<t» ara£ r*tmxt*T* tor UmIx kiztdnr** 
and (TxaaaAter c«nsc ih*> str fc nrw axid 
grata *f ear Isvei hurts iwi ea ' 
&I«ob Al*e tor »*• eeeeUfel 
•(f-rtcg* «i «uh W> extend special 1 
IfiAnLi te BroibfT ArUxu WUaoa. £>i ; 
Wad* Dr. Wmareo and T. *^ 



WUaoa. Dt 
B. Cbam^. , 



i ■"' Mmm*1* rm** (HA 

i -». ~j».~ 9 xr Adama of poU*** 

for 14 r«*rs wao 

rineti. About «Kbt ^JJVjJ 
mm ww reorganl«d and »»"*£**: 
tod a. tbo Adama-Adama *«W 
Oo, Mr. Adama ujd tto •» r "• 

Adama. beto* «*♦ ^^T*!!!?^- 
Mr Adam* rapreafmtod Foil eoun- 

tr in tbo toglalatxiro to W 41 "^ 
bal pod to wrlto th. Contonnlal Boad 
Ew, under which Mlaaourl. road 
sygtcm haa boan btnlt. 

jmmlc Otrtck of BrloafldM 
Blown to pleco* b7 » powdar tOait 
a* th* lh-« kiln at Fatrea CUT. Us. 
etrtck m alone at tin ttm* tbo ac- 
cident occurred and the eano* 1m un- 

Mr. Stride to employed at tbo 
Uln ha-ring for hi* raftrtar duty th« 
attUnr ot blast*. An tnquart w»i 
hold by William W wwll . coroMr of 
Lawrence county. Tbo JurTa eardict 
vraa tbat Frank BUlok make to hia 
death by a powder explosion th* 
mum of which Li unknown to tbi 

Ml« Louise Bobextaoa to Wed. 
Mr. and Mr*. G, Q* BobertaxHi of 
Brookllne announco tbo engagement 
and approaching marrtg* of their 
daughter. TbeUna Loulee. to Mr. Paul 
W. Venn of Neted*, Mo. Tbo wad- 
ding will bo aoLamnbsad tna eealy part 
of next month. Kumaroua CWM 
and partlaa hare bom pla nn e d far the 
bride-elect, who baa bom maktof. Mr 
homo bar* with bar alstar. Mm. H. L> 
Potter. 733 Seat Para street. 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 3: Mrs. Nancy Harwood died.** 

Mrs. Amanda Lyman died.** 

Mrs. Paulina N. Youngblood died.** 

Charles C. Moore died.** 
Page 10: Arthur Earl Ragland died.** 


Steven J. Slauf. 27. Qraftoit Ohio. I 

and Oolda B. Baumr*rdner, 20. 

Ami; J. H. Denton. 21. and Elisabeth 

Patterson, 17, both of Springfield. 


Funeral arrangement* for Mr*. 
Nancy Harwood, t2 years old, wbo 
died early yesterday morning- at 
the home of her daughter, Mrs. 
Fanny Crement, t82 East Locust 
street, following a lingering- Illness, 
are yet Incomplete but probably will 
be held Sunday afternoon at the 
Central Christian church, with 
burial Id Hazclwood cemetery un- 
der direction of the Herman H. 
I>ohmeyer Funtral home. She Is 
survived by three daughters, Mrs. 
Nora Och.«mbeln. of Joplln, Mo., 
Mrs. Emma Obland. ot Denver. 
Colo., and Mrs. Crement. and one 
son. E<1 Harwood, of !>>trolt, Mich. 


Funeral services for Mrs. Amanda 
layman, 80 years old. for many I 
years a resident of this county. 
who died yesterday morning at her 
home at 813 Fouth Missouri avenue, ' 
after a lingering Illness, wfll be 
held at 2 o'clock this afternoon at 
the residence, with the Reverend 
H. F. I<eak*. pastor of South Ave- 
nue Christian church, officiating. 1 
Burial will be in Dodson cemetery' 
under direction of the Alma Loh- j 
mayor Funeral home. Mrs. layman, 
who moved to this region 74 years] 
ago. settling on a farm near Onllo- 
way. Is survived by one daughter,] 

Mr*. Frank West, two 
and A. J. layman, and 
F. L. Patterson, all ot 


Funeral service* for Mra PanHfca 

N. Youngblood, 84 years old. for 
•S*"years a resident «f Qwi 
county, who died at 7 o'clock last 
evening after * lingering Uln«M 
at her home at 765 Prospect ave- 
nue, will be held at 3:10 o'clock 
tomorrow afternoon at the Pythftm 
Avenue Baptist church, with burial 
In East Uwn cemetery tinder di- 
rection of the Kllngner Funeral 
home. Mrs. Youngblood Is sur- 
vived by the husband. James P. 
Tounghluod,. by five sons, William 
E .. John I)., J. Robert and George 
B . all of Springfield, and J. P.. 
Jr. of Dallas. Texas; by four 
grandchildren and two great - 

Charles C. Moore, a former resid- 
ent of Springfield' died at 9 o'clock 
last night in Kansas City. The 
body will arrive this morning and 
funeral services will be held at 2 
o'clock this afternoon at the KUng- 
ner Funeral chapel, with burial In 
Maple^Park cemetery where services) 
will be under direction of the Ma- 
sonic order. Mr. Moore was a mem- 
ber of the Greenlee! Masonic lodge 
of Oreenloaf. Kan. He Is survived 
by a brother-in-law, Charles Dare, 
of Springfield. 


COLUMBIA, Mo., Oct. 14. 
Arthur Earl Itaglandr-^. of Phllllps- 
turg. Mo.; a Junior In ihe Univers- 
ity of Missouri, and 'editor of the 
1918 Savltar, university annual, 
died in the university hospital her* 
today of an Infection of the throat. 

Ragland had been ill for several 
weeks, and two transfusions with 
blood furnished by Delta Upsllon 
fraternity brothers had been made 
in an effort to save his life. 

Ragland was graduated from the 
university high school here. His 
parents live In Phtlllpsburgh, La- 
clede county. 


Page 1: The will of William V. Breazeale is in probate.** 

Page 7: A daughter Carolyn Ruth Adamson was born October 10 to Mr. and Mrs. W. J. 
Adamson, 1507 W. Walnut. 

Mrs. Amanda Lyman died.** 

Mrs. Paulina N. Youngblood died.** 

Charles C. Moore died.** 

Mrs. Carrie Linster died.** 

Mrs. Mandy J. Webb died.** 

Mrs. Nancy Harwood died.** 


run oral •anrlc-M for Mrs. PaulUUY. 
N. Youngulcod. 84, who died at 17. 
o'clock last night alter a lingerie* { 
Ulnesa at bar horns at 753 ProaptWt 
avenue, »U1 be held at 130 p. m.' 
tomorrow at the Pythian Avenv'ie 
BaptUt church, with burial in fca ttj 
Lawn eemetery under direction of t| le 
KUlngjaer Puneral home. Mxa, Your»g- r 
blood U rurrlTed by ber, 
judm P. Youngblood, by five eof a, 
William K, John D.. J. Robert ef id 
Oeorte B- all of Springfield, and .J. 
P. Jf„ of Delia*. Tex.; by four graa d- 
chlldren end two great grandcadl- 

Funeral services for Mrs. Nancy 
Harwood. 82. who. died early yester- 
day morning at the home of her 
daughter. Mr*. Fanny Crement, 982 
East Locust street, following a 
lingering Ulneew. win be held at S 
p. m. Sunday afternoon at the Cen- 
tral Christian church. Burial will 
t>« In baeelwood cemetery under di- 
rection of tbe Herman H. Lohmeyer 
Puneral borne. Sbe is survived by 
three daughter*. Mrs Nora Ochsm- 
beln of Joplln, Mo.; Mrs. Emma Ob- 
land of Denver, Colo., and Mrs. 
Orement, and a eon, Bd Oarwood of 
Detroit, Mich. 



Men'WtoSaw W^V; : fcrea- 

;m\f Sign His Name Also 

Have' Succumbed; Court 

H& to Verity Signatures to 

Act on Will., 

A series of death* pres en ted * court 


The witnesses weietf, J. dldeon snd 
J. M: 6ldton: - ™& ; ^ 

Under the terms or the win" the 
residence property *t Monro* street 
alio! Myrtle «ttou«, together? with mil 
furnishings and personal "property, 
goes to ths widow. Mr*. Clara Bree- 
seale, during her lifetime, and at her 
death to a eon, A. J. BreaneeJe. ' 

The remainder of the estate la to 
go to another son, Charles V. Brea- 
aeale. and a daughter, Mra. Mary 
8. Crenshaw. 

The will aeU out that the ton, A. 
J. Breateale. Is to cars lor the widow 
during her lifetime and the two are 
named joint executors of the will to 
serve without bond. 

Mrs. Carrie Unater. 68 years ©Id, 
died at XI o'olock last night at *hs 
boms ©X her son, O. F. Zinster^ S08 
South Florence STenue. run seal 
tervloes will be held at I p. a dan- 
day, with- burial in East Lawn ««ne- 
tery under direction of the Afl*a 
Lohmeyer Funeral horns. Mrs. Uto- 
■tsr U survived by two sons, O. F. 
Llnster and A. O. Unater of Ott»- 
clnnatl. O., and a daughter, Mns. 
M A. Coe of Santiago. Cal. 

Funeral services for Mrs. Amanda 
Lyman, 80, who died yesterday at her 
home, BIS South Missouri avenue, 
v-ere bald at 3 p. m. today at the 
resldenoe. Ber. B. F. Leaks', pastor 
of South ATenue Christian church. 
^tflolated. Burial was In Dodsoa 
cemetery under direction of the Alma 
Lohmeyer Funeral home. Mrs. Ly. 
man mored to thla region 74 years I 
ago. settling on a farm near Oallo- j 
way. • She la surnred by a daughter I 
Mrs. Frank West, two eons, J. uF 
and A JT Lyman, and a brother, F. If 
L. Patterson, all of Springfield, 

Mrs. Mandy J. Webb, 48. wife ot 
T. F. Webb, died at ? a, m, today. 
at htr home. PC3 Johnson avenue, 
following a brief illness. She is sur- 
vived by her- husband* three daugh- 
ters, Mlsa Verna Webb of the homo. 
address, Mra. Clay Cofxman of High- 
landvlllo. and Mrs. Joe .Taden or. 
Kansas city; by two sons, Lealle or 
Kansas City, and Ceoll of <m Hamp- 
ton avenue, Springfield; ty four* 
brothere. John Flgg and W. N. Plggi 
of HlghlendvlUe. J. T. Plgg of Colon 
rado, slid Sam Plgg of Oklahoma; by/ 
a slater. Mrs. .Oeorge Hesllp of BJgb- 
lendvllle. Funeral cervices probably? 
will be held Monday afternoon av 
the Grant Avenus Baptist church 
with burial In the Odd Fellows 
cemetery *t HlghlandvlUe. under the 
direction of W. L, Btarne. under- 


The body of Charles 0. Mboah. a 
former resident of Springfield, Iwho 
died at o'clock hut night in Ran-: 
aaa City, arrived hare this mora dug 
and funeral services were held) at 
8 pm. today at the gltngrww FurJer* 


in charge 

"Moore was 

leaf Masonic lodge of Qrwole4f. JCan, 

He is survived- by * brother-tin* tag, 

Charles Dare, of Springfield. 



Page 1: Pearl Joplin sues to divorce E. B. Joplin. They were married May 26, 1903. 

A son Ira A. McBride, Jr., was born October 15 to Mr. and Mrs. Ira McBride. 

Mrs.T. A. Coffeltdied.** 

Julia N. Cardin sues to divorce William Oscar Cardin. 
Page 3A: Mrs. Paulina Youngblood died.** 

Charles C. Moore died.** 

Mr. Bess Waggoner died.** 

R.C.Rice died.** 

Mrs. Carrie Linster died.** 

Mrs. Mandy J. Webb died.** 

Mrs. Nancy Harwood died.** 
Page 5A: Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Butts celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.** 
Page IB: Mrs. W. A. McMehen died.** 

Marriage license: John Riley Arnold, 22, and Josephine Rieke, 22, both of 

Marriage license: Fay W. Sears, 25, and Geraldine Grider, 21, both of Springfield. 
Page 2B: Mattie Agee sues to divorce Al Agee. They were married February 3, 1921. 
Page 6B: Ida Tinsely sues to divorce Edis Tinsley. They were married August 27, 1926. 
Page 7B: Mrs. Tom Fonville and her brother Addis Martin met for the first time in 35 

Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Phil F. Martin of Victoria, Texas. 

Miss Mable Golden and William Shockley, both of Cuba, were married October 5 
at Union, Mo., by Rev. Edwin Bauer, the groom's brother. [That's what it says.] 

Mrs. W. E. Roller of Monett died.** 

Dr. L. West died in Monett. 

A daughter Betty Irene Trouba was born October 9 to Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Trouba 

of Monett. 


Son born October 9 to Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Wilson of Monett. 

Robert Greig drowned.** 

Wyatt Glidewell of Miller and Irene Moore of Mt. Vernon were married 

Mr. and Mrs. John Dobyns of Miller will celebrate their 55th wedding 
anniversary on October 16.** 

Mrs. Mary Crow Butts died.** 

Mrs. T. A. Brookshire died.** 

Maud Hargis, 3, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hargis of Jerome, died. 
Page 10B: Fay W. Sears and Geraldine Grider, both of Springfield, were married 
yesterday in Springfield. 

Page 3C: Miss Elizabeth Patterson and Mr. Jack B. Denton were married.** 

Miss Thelma Morris and Mr. Harry Reed were married.** 

Miss Shirley Katherine Jones and Mr. Harry Ellis Engle were married.** 

Mr». Mary Crow ButU. who ha* 
be*n Hnrerln*; between Ufa and 
death for the last six month*. 
passed away Saturday aranlng al 
her apartment In tha L W. Mayrlatd 

Mrs. T. A Brookahire died last 
Saturday. Oct. 8 at the family hon>e 
tu the south part of tha county at 
Ithe axe ot W years. 

Wyatt Qlldewell of MUler and 
Irene Moore, of Mt. Vernon, were 
married Sunday afternoon, the 
Jth. at ML Vernon. They have apart- 
ments In Mrs. Vina Brown's resl- 
denoe. where they will be at home 
to their many friends. 

▲ dinner wlU be hald Sunday, 
Oct. 1« at tha John Dob/as home 
•oath of Phelps. It bains; in honor f 
•C Mr. and Mrs. Dobyns* fifty 
fifth weddins anniversary. 

Mr*. W. «. Roller, who had re- 
turned from Baptist hospital of 
Bprlnstlsld died at her bona early 
Taasday moraine. Funeral sarvloee 1 
war* bald at tha horns Wednesday I 
aftarnoon condactad by Raw. F. B. 

- to ' 


JCas, and nej He ss 

ant UOWrer- 

UK* asM 


Hobert. the 16-montha-old ion of 
Mr. and Mr*. Kd Urelg. living oast 
of Rolls, was drowned In the stock 
pond close to the Orals homo last 
Monday. At the time Mrs. <2relg 
«n out feeding Ihe chickens, and 
the little boy accompanied her. 
.Shortly after going out the little 
boy ran after a duck, and a few 
minutes Inter she missed him. and 

i begun to look around after him. A 
little later Mr. Crete came, and the 
search led to the pond, where the 

, body of the child vu found in the 
water. lifeless. Dr. Fulbrtght of St, 

Dr. L. West. age 77. father of Dr. 
W. M. Weal died at hla home on 
Third street last Saturday, October , 
8. of bronchial trouble. II. «.is 
born near Springfield In 1850. He ' 
had resided In Monett for a number 
of ymrt and was a successful dent- ' 
1st Me leavrs .1 wife, daughter. Miss; 
KrleJa. 1 <r \V. M. 'West tif, ! 
Mr*. Ooorge PetUt of Kansaa City 
attended funeral services Monday 
afternoon. Interment at Odd Fellows 

JUT. D. K. Felds was called to 
Jerome, Mo, Thursday for the fu- 
neral of Maud Harris, th* throo- 
i year-old daughter of Mr. and lira. 

Thomas Harris. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. II. M Morris. ' 415 1 
West Calhoun street, announce the 
mnrrlage of their daughter, Thel- 
mn. to Mr. Hurry Heed. 1205 North 
Hrondway, which took place Octo- 
ber ti. 




Reverend and Mrs. J. Russell 
Jones, formerly of Spring-field, 
announce the marriage of their 
daughter. Shirley Katherlne. to Mr. 
Marry Ellis Fugle, at noon on Oc- ! 
tober 12. at the home of the bride's | 
pnrents In Rlngo. Kas. Mrs. Kngel I 
Is a graduate of the Senior High 
school bore and attended I>rury , 
rol!< ri\ Mr. Kneel Is connected ' 
with a creamery company in Hope,* 
Kile., tth-re they will reside. 

! l 


Mrs, Dr. T. A. Coftelt. of 1140 
Banton twrnw, died at midnight 
teat nsjht la the Burg* hospital 
8ft* ti TrlTa d by \h« husband 

•on*. Everett Cotfelt and 
Coftelt. both or 8pringfMd . 
Oacar Coffalt of P e^rcJt^JaTTNvl 
*wn : and two daughter*. Mr*. Roy 
Hugh**, and Mr*. James C. Hutch- 
toon, both Of Springfield. Funeral 
arrangements have not been mad*. 

Pair Separated More Than 35 
Years, Have Joyful Meeting 
At Moorehouse; Aoeident 
Causet Reunion 

BpteUt Ptesotek le The Newe 
J^OREHOUSE, Mo, Oct. 16 — Fat* 
la b*U*Y«d to have directed 
the path* of Mrs. Tom Fonvllle 
and Addle Martin, brother and sla- 
ter, who, >i year* ago. war* sep- 
arated and bad not had traoa of 
**ch other alno* that time, 

A f*w day* ago they were re- 
united at th* homo of Mr. Martin 

Caen* fee Vlart 
Mr. and Mra Tom Fonvlll* cam* 
bar* a tow weeks ag-o to rlatt Mr. 
Fonvlll*'* mother and other rela- 
tive*, near Dexter. They cam* 
to Morehouse last week on^ business. 
During their Tlslt her* they met 
Jo* Cambron. who had realded near 
Hartford, Ky.. wher* Mra. Fonvllle 

»" raised In their conversation 
familiar names war* recalled. 
When Mra. Fonvllle told Cambron 
that her maiden name waa Mar- 
tin, h* atarUad her with th* in- 
formation that her brother "live* 
Just across th* street. " 

Found Har Brother 
She hurriedly went to the house 
designated and found Addla Mar- 
tin, whom she had not seen or 
heard from In 36 years, it waa a 
joyful meeting. 

Martin had married at the age 
of 19 and moved to Indiana. Their 
father died end the children bo- 
came separated. Mrs. FbnrUle left 
Kentucky and want to Illinois at 
th* ac* of II. 

John Riley Arnold. 12 and Jooe- 
I phlne Kleke. 22. both of Spring- 
field; Kay W. Senra. 26, and Oer- 
aldlne Odder. 21. both of Spring- i 
field. ' 


Well Known 



I»r .1 

l>. • : 

!ii .\ 

\"' ■ 

1 •• . 

on also Is a former student at 
> college and Ik a member ot - 

He U 

a Kappa Nu fraternity 

.au-J « I>1* lather in Ih* 

n ilr^c store. 
.,, .. :uu weeKs wedding trli- 
!-w Orleans and other southern 

, the n t «.>«'-«'» »' 11 return; 

■ urinKfir-d and «" ; *» al ,,0,,, "i 

I , .. ,,,. ;,.!, jt *I>1 South Ivlm- 

. i; 1: .i \ » l.Jti. 

A VERT pretty church wedding 
** took place at 10 o"cJock yestor- 
day morning when the marr^tie of 
Miss Elliubeth Patterson, daugh- 
ter ot Dr. and Mr.. W. P. Patter- 
son. 1001 Eoat Elm street, to Mr. 
Jack B. Denon, ton ot Mr. and Mra. 
C. E. Denton. Il« South National 
avenue, «ai solemnised at the 
bouth Avenue Christian church. 
About 75 guests were In attendance. 
An altructive color motif of 
green and white wm developed 
with ferns and palma and a pro- 
fusion of white chrysanthemum*, 
both largo and small. In art baskets 
and vase*. 

Just before the entrance ot U»e 
bridal party Mrs. Enola Calvin 
llandley. MolinisL, played "Deep 
In My Heart." followed by Miss 
Nell Kosa who played Lohengrin* 
wedding music as the bride entered 
on the arm of her father who gave 
her in marriage. Tho bride wab at- 
tended by Miss Josephine Umbarger 
as honor maid, and Mr. Denton was 
attended b> his brother, Mr. Charles 
Denton, as best man. 

During the wedding service, 
which waa read" by tKi Rovorond 
K. V. Leake, pastor ot ths> South 
Avenue Christian church. Mro 
llandley softly played "l'MUf 
day." The ring service was used. 

The bride s gown was ot Flondsrs 
blue transparent velvet, trimmed 
with, with which she wort * 
small hat of the same color trim- 
med with silver lace, and black 
satin pump*, tibe carried a ahowor 
ol ruse buds and valley lUllea and 
wore u string of pearl*, a gift from 
the bridegroom. Her mold ot honor 
wore rosewood velvet and georgette, 
with a block hat. and she carried 
Uplu>l:u ru*es. The briJe s going 
uwa> truck was a combination of and gold with wblcb she wore 
u blaia coal and hat. 

Following felicitations a wedding 
breakfust was eerved at the John- 
son lea room to the bridal party, 
the two families and a few vory 
Close friends. Cetera were placed 




The bride Is a graduate of Uie 
Senior High school and spent one 
year In Drury college where ahe 
become affiliated with PI Beta Phi 
sorority. Bhe ts popular In the 
younger social set and many pre- 
•iui :uil affairs have been given for) 
n.r during the past few weeks. Mr. • 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Butts 

Celebrate Golden Wedding 
i With Gay Fete 

Celebrating the golden annlver- 
|Bary of their marriage In Hickory 
' counpr 10 years ago. friends and 
'relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin 
II. Butts gathered at their farm 
home a few miles east of L'rbana 
j recently for a feast on tbe spacious 
i lawn and a gay reunion festival. 
In the center of n great 80-foot 
table built on the lawn, 50 candles '! 
glowed on a huge wedding cake. | 
Characteristic dishes of the Oiarks '■ 
countrj. where Mr and Mrs Hutt-» 
have spent virtually .'ill their mar- 
ried life were U*"|I In l"iiu !•••■ 
festival menu. 

Dallas County Pioneers 
Mr and Mrs lUitts writ- married ■ 
on October >. 1*7 T. by the Keverend 
McCIutcheon at his home in Hick- 
ory county They established a 
I home In Dallas count), near l'r- 
bana. and several years later moved 
to Pair Play. Two years later' 
they returned to Dallas county and , 
moved to their prevent home. 
The Quest List 
Gifts were showered on the aged 
couple by their children at the re- 
Coot anniversary celebration. Those 
who attended Included: Mrs. A_ 
T. Vaagsas of Spring* Mi, Maw. 
Buo| tsayisssi of L'rbana. W. B. 
Bottf and & It Butts of Urban*. 
Mr. and Mm. Coon, Mr*. Fiord Roy, 
Mrs. O. W. Hsyws. Mrs. H. P. 
Smith, Mrs. Charles Turner, R. L. 
Cox. O. M. Hopper, Mrs. Sharon. 
Mrs. K. la. Belknap. Mrs. M. B. 
Bsynotda and many others. The 
Rovorend J. B Smith, pa* tor of the 
Bride and Groom church, delivered 
a brief address, and the Reverend 
Owens gave a brief sermon. 



W.U.XVT UROVR. Mo, Oct. 15.— 
Mrs \V. A. MeMohcn. member of 
one of Walnut Grove's prominent 
fmiillles. died ut her home on a farm 
adjoining Walnut Orov* at 1:10 
o'clock this afternoon. Mrs. Mc- 
M.lien Is survival by her husband; , 
i.n.' daughter. Emma L*o; her , 
m.ther. Mr«. Helen M. WhUe; five • 
«lstcrs nntl four brothers. 

Kunernl services will bo held at 
th- Iituno at 2 o'clock Sunday after- j 
„..,.n with burial in Oreenlawn I 
, ..Tn.t.iy here under the direction of 
Prim and Son* I'ndei taking com- 

rus-rwl sarvloa* for Mra, ******* 
Touasrbiood. •• year* old. wb*> dl*a 

>vi ia> night after a lingering Ul- 
,,.. at her Lome. Tib Prospect 

IIMM| win b* ha* •* »:»• •'<*** 
this afternoon at tb* PWaUa Av*- 
nu* Baptist church, with burial In 
Ka.t Uvn enmatary »»*«* < lr * c - 
Uon of th* IMIngnar Funeral bom*. 


Funeral aarvkc** tor Charles C. ( 
Moor*, mho died Friday night In 
Kiowi City. wlU be be»d at 1 
o dock thla attarnoon at lb* Klln*'- 
nar Funaral chapel with burial in 
Maple Park oamottJry under direc- 
tion of the local Masonio ordar. 

Funeral aarvloaa tor Mr. Baaa 
Waggonar. M year* old. who dlad 
Thursday at hi* homa thr** bUm 
northeast of Oaark. war* bald at 
I o clock yesterday afternoon at 
th. Baptist church in Otark. with 
the Keverend Floyd Ueuka ofllclHl- 
jm Burial was In lha Oiark 
oametary under direction of B. C. 
Kjepper. undertaker. Mr. ^ag- 
Igouer is survived by *h* widow, 
his motber. two aUtara, two broth- 
ers, two daughters and one son. 
ail living in or noar Osark. 

R. C. Rica, wall known In Spring- 
Oeld and antll on* yaar ago con- 

nactad with the Commercial Ap- 
paal at Memphis. Tenn-. bis bom*, 
dlad auddanly Friday night attar 
a heart attack sustained wbll* h* 
was a guaat in a Chicago hotel 
He was In Springfield th* first of 
last week. visiUng with his brothar. 
B. B. ltice, of •»£ Benton avanu*. 
Mr. Klca left for Chicago yesterday 
afternoon to accompany the body 
to Memphis, where funeral services 
will be held. 

Funeral aarvlcas tor Mr*. Carrie 
l.inster. 68 years old. who dlad 
t 'it day night at th* bom* of bar 
»on, U. F. Linstar. 60« South Flor- 
i-r.C9 mvnuc. will be held at I 
o i lock tills afternoon at th* resi- 
dence with burUl In Kast Lawn 
vtinelcry under direction of th* 
Alma iiohmeyer Funaral horn*. 8h* 
is survived by two eons, O. F. Lln- 
,..r and A. (J. Unsier. of Cincin- 
nati. Ohio, and one daughter, Mrs. 
M A. Coe. of Santiago, Cal. 


Fuuural services for Mra. Mandy | 

... Webb. 4» years old, wlf* ot T. 

.-. W*bi>. KSJ Johnson avenue, who 

..i« d yektcrday morning following a 

..ilef lUneas. wlU be held at 11 

, clock tomorrow morning at the 

.rant Avenue Baptist Church. With 

urlal la the Odd FeUowe ©emertery 

.: llighlandville under direction of 

W. 1* Starne, undertaker. Mra 

.obb Is survived by the husband, 

.nee daughters. Miss Verna Webb. 

.( the home; Mr*. Clay Coif man. 

HlthUndvlllc. and Mrs. Jew 

..lenT *f Kanaus City; by two 

..ui» Leslie, ot K-unsas City, ancl 

Cecfl. ot fit Hampton 
Sprlncttald; by fonr brotbam, John 
and W. N. Pig* ot HUbUndvUl*, 
J. T. Plgg. of Colorado, nnd Sam 
PUTS, ot Oklahoma; and by on* 
alster. Mra G«orst HanUp. of 
Hlg-hland villa. 

Funaral service* for Mra. Kancy 
Harwood. M jraar* old. whs UUd 
Friday moraine at tb* botm* ot 
bar daughter. Mra. Fanny Cr*m*nt, 
til E>*t Locust street. wlU b*) bald 
at i o'clock thla afternoon at tb* 
Cantral Christian chttxcb with 
burial In Hasalwood oemetery un- 
der direction of the Herman II. 
Liohmeyer Funeral horn*. 


Page 1: Mrs. Mary C. Coffelt died.** 

There is an article about L. K. Gibbens.** 
Page 2: Earl Ragland of Phillipsburg, a student at the University of Missouri, died there. 
Page 5: Marriage license: Fay W. Sears, 25, and Geraldine Grider, 21, both of 

Page 19: Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Butts celebrated their golden wedding 

Page 20: Elizabeth Patterson and Jack B. Denton were married.** 

Miss Jeannette Drebelbis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Bl Drebelbis, and Mr. Earl 
Drumwright are engaged to be married. 

Page 21: Miss Margaret Mason and Mr. William Jennings Shrake are engaged to 

Miss Shirley Katherine Jones and Mr. Harry Ellis Engel were married.** 
Page 22: Miss Thelma Morris and Mr. Harry Reed were married.** 

Miss Josephine Rieke and Mr. John R. Arnold were married.** 
Page 35: Willard Glenn Rader died.** 
Mrs. Nancy Harwood died.** 
R. C. Rice died.** 
Mrs. Amanda Lyman died.** 
Mrs. Paulina Youngblood died.** 
Charles C. Moore died.** 
Mrs. Carrie Linster died.** 
Mrs. Mandy J. Webb died.** 
Son born to Mr. and Mrs. Ira A. McBride.** 
Mrs. W. A. McMehen died.** 
Page 1 1 : Miss Gladys Terry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morgn Terry, and Auburn 
Lashly, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Lashley, were married Sunday at Purdy, Mo. 

Miss Ova Boswell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boswell of Purdy, and Mr. Fred 
Swindell of Joplin were married last Friday. 

Charles Hoggard of Crocker died. 

Mrs. Tennie Alexander died October 12 at Roosevelt, Okla., and will be buried at 
Niangua. She was the mother of Mrs. M. L. Dah of Niangua. 

Son born October 9 to Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Wilson of Monett. 
Dr. L. West of Monett died Saturday. 
Mrs. W. E. Roller of Monett died Tuesday. 

ptmeral eervlcea for >*ra. W. B. 
BoUer. ftaa <»*■* eeafly Tuesdy aaorn- 
tas. weta i*0& Wednaede* afternoon 
at Ow boom, enndaotad by Brr- Fred 
B. sxntTL % 

MRJl „,-W, orr, •• 

WaJLKUT OEOTl» |IOw OcC 14.— 
(Special) <4tm w. a. Ustutvm, w 
jwua old. d>«C>» tad o'clock B»t- 
ctrttay tXtafUOOQ a* nar borne bare*. 

She ni Ah* wOe at W. H. McMehert, 
prominent banker of till* city. 

Mrs. McHaaea la sunrlTed by the 
nosband. one daughter, Ulm En* 
Lm UilUbUH bar mother. Mrs. 
Helen U. Walts; flVa stater* atut 
four brothers. 

rnnerel eerrloas win be bald aft 
1 Cdexflc UUe afternoon from the 
borne, with burial in Oreenlavn 
tem e taij . under tba direction of the 
Brim sod Boos Undertaking eotn- 


1 and Mr*. H. M. Morris, 410 
West Calhoun street, announce the 
marriage of their daughter, Thelma. to 
Mr. Harry Reed, son of Mr. and Mrs. 

j Charles Reed. 724 Weat Walnut street. 

I at Miami, Okla., October 8. Mr. and 

rWrs. Reed are at home at 724 East 

! Walnut street. 



Mrs. Mary C. Coffelt, 65 year* old, 
wife of Dr.1r. A. Coffelt, 1X40 Benton 
•Tenue, died* et IX o'clock but nlgbt 
In a local hospital, following en oper- 
ation 'Friday afternoon, r uncial ar> 

rangemenU are Incomplete. 



DecW jof ; jFJue C)ean^s& 

, v 




L K. Gibhens, Oldest^Sweepi* Vpes Skv&When Not 
Chasing Soot; His Hat HbfifelS Cents Woiln of *, 
Beer— At Pre-Volsteidij Prices. ' l ■ 


L. K. Glbbens, who claims to be 
tbe oldest kUti chlmnej *aw**P In 
America* )or the past 10 years a 
picturesque and familiar figure on 
Qprlngfleld streets, alnga the songs 
be wrote himself a* be strolls about 
tbe city, clad In a soofy suit his 
tall peaked cap upon hie bead, and 
lila bruabea on bla back. 

Until recent yean tie wore acarlet 
stocking*, gay red shirt, end. cordu- 
roy breeches. He quit wearing them 
for the very good reason that bla 
wife burned them. 

"She said they were too gaudy.** he 

•8Uty-«lx yeara old. Mr. Olbbens 
baa spent his entire life as, a- ohlm- 
ney sweep, and be Is famlHar with 
the Inaldee of mora chlmn/ys than 
Banta Claua himself. ' , 

i "Do I like my work 7 Bay, Listen." 
he said. "I've been a chimney 
sweep all my life and I wouldn't do 
anything else." 

Mr. Olbbens bears tbe marks of 
four severe falls, but he says' bis 
chimney sweep luck saved blm each 

Once be thought be waa dead* but 
when be beard that tbe doctor was 
coming, be Jumped- lip" and went 
home by himself. . . 

! He worked up and down the Mir 
aourl river in tbe old days. 

**Z learned tbe business from my 
grandpa, who waa tbe first chimney 
sweep In America. He came , here 
from England and' waa tbe 'best 
chimney sweep .that ever crawled 
through % ptp<» Ha w s nn' t re a lty my - 

grandpa, thpugb, he" waa my wife** 
grandpa but I always called htm 
rains'." The little old man sighed 
for the veteran of the flues, "how 
dead many years. 

"There's ope thing about being 
a chimney sweep, you can't afford to 
pet fet because tome of tbe pipe* 
pre only 18 inches In diameter, and 


more than- 50 feet long, and let me 
tell you -something, -If you don't, 
know bow to breathe Just right, you'll 
quit breathing. Not everyone, of 
course, could be a chimney sweep, 
that la a scientific. Intellectual 
chimney sweep. You have to move 
your arms like this," and he crawled 
across the floor, to demonstrate . Just 
bow a scientific, intellectual chimney 

■weep, works himself through a soot 
filled pipe. ' y 

"I used to work the river towns* 
up and down, on the boats as loo* 
aa the) weerthef stayed warm and 
in the winter when l» got cold I laid 
orer some place. v * * 

*T bsive lota of r fnn with this cap 
of mine, onw inns I bought the , 
•whole thing full of beer for is 'cents. I 
Of course that we* t» the. old days, 
and 1 think I wa*»i Bt. Joe. 

. "Why do I wean this cap? > 
"Well, that's the;. reason— to make 
people ask me why. ITs advertising 
you see. • . « 

"One time I (Ued tip • half-breed 
Indian in a suit like. mine and paid 
him to walk the streets to advertise 
my business. We wandered intp » 
saloon and everybody looked at us 
and wondered, and I took off my cap 
and asked the bar tender wbat he'd 
take to fUI It up with beer. He said 
10 cents and so be filled It up and 
the whole crowd bad plenty to dhnk." 

Mr. Olbbens has worked from Ar- 
kansas to Illinois, and hell tell you 
he's cleaned, some dirty chimneys 
in his day. 

"But I believe in being dean, even 
In a dirty Job.", he declared, and 1 
guess I shouldn't say It. but some of 
the basements 1 go into are «u. e 
a disgrace. But X eant ever leave 
any dirt around my furnace;** 

Life has presented a peculiar mix- 
ture of adventures to Mj\ Olbbens 
and he has found much pleasure In 
the world of. chimneys hs'haa worked. 

He sat In bii noma tns other •Tu- 
ning. %. nappy contented wife and a 
pretty daughter sewing on blU of 
frilly gr»en something beside him. 
frankly proud of this unique father, 
and he told with glee or the times he 
ha* outwitted policemen who rep- 
remanded him for singing his song: 

-Chimney sweep. Oh. chimney 
. sweep, 

Dont forget the chimney sweep, 
Hell eweep your chimneys while 

you sleep, * 
Sweep, chimney sweep. 

•"An'". Mr Ofbbens added with a 
■parkle In his eye. "you can put It 
in the paper that I couldn't find a 
wife in this country to suit me and 
had to send to the old country for 

Mr*. Olbbene was born In England 
and came to America, when she was 
a young girl. 

Dr. L. West, ma old and highly re- 
spected dtlzrn of Moaett died at hla 
ham* Saturday night Funeral serv- 
ices were conducted by Ber. Lenox 
Crockett. Monday afternoon. 


Ln£f I-Jone». 
i Rev. and Mrs. J. Riwell Jones, 
formerly of this c:ty. announce the 
marriage of their daughter. Bhlrley I 
Katherlhe. to Mr Harry Ellis Enge; 
'ut noon Wednesday at the home of 
the bride's parer.'-s at, Kan 
'Mrs. Engel •■ a gradual of Benlor 
1 high 6chool and attended Drury col- 
! lefjc. Mr. Engel Is'.ed with 
| the creamery in Hope. Kan . where 
. they will make their home. 

Miss Itltke Weds Tulsan. 
Mr. and Mrs. H, T. Rleke, 1040 
Cherry street, announce the marriage 
of their daughter Josephine, to .Mr. 


! John R. Arnold of Tul« 



ceremony was solemnized yesterday 
morning In the presence of the fam- 
ily and relative* by Rer. T. A. Ms- 
haney. After the service the couple 
departed for their future home In 

Children Help Elderly* Pair 
Celebrate Golden An- 

ur and Mrs. Benjamin H. But* 

JZx«Z<i n Dallas county near Dr- 
resldlng in oau dlnner , Q 

bana, were feted w«n 

wedding. The w » ^ 

October 9. W""« Bt in .„ nirirorv 
r^v Mr. McCutcheon >» Hickory 
t. Prior to the wedding. Mrs. 
KKJS. Joeephlne T. Oo*. 
B Following their »Jp3J^2S e 
sided in DaU« jounty and ^ 

exception of two *•» • rea , de<1 m 
their ".rruge- th «> *J " nwa 

that county since n ^ om 

a family of six eh Wren, at 
wlth the exception of 

three of than resWj new ^ ^ g 

their P" en "' ,™° exception of one 
distance. With tt» •»£ ^ ^ 

daughter. Mrs. L. E. v udren at . 

Dayton. Wash., all of tne u> 
tended the celebration. 

*■ . „ "m w R, Butts and B. R. 
Burel Reynold, w. *~ ° CD Udren 

Butta. all of M^^TJi* • 
presented their p« g^*^ gold 
gold watch for the ffttner 
rW for the mother, and Mr.andMrs 
Butts received numerous gifts from 
the large crowd of friends P"** * 

The Rev. J. B. Smith, pastor of the 
church which Mr. and Mrs. Butte at- 
**nd. made a short talk Waning 
the occasion of the celebration and j 
following the dinner preached a ser- 





'Elizabeth Patterson 
Wed to Jack B. Denton 

CeremonyPerformed by Rev. E. F. Leake at South Avenue 

Christian Church-Miss Josephine 'Umbarger Serves 

as Mail, of Honor— Now on. Tour. 

A cnurch wedding lovely In Its sim- 
plicity took place yesterday moriimg 
•t the South Avenue Christian 
church when Miss EUEabeth Patter- 
son, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. W. P. 
Patterson, 1000 East Elm street, be- 
came the bride of Mr. Jack . Oenton, 
son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denton. 316 
South National avenue. The cere- 
mony was performed by Rev. E. P. 
Leake, pastor of the church. t>' 10 
o'clock before approximately 125 
mrmbers of the families and close 
friends of -the couple. 

The bridal party was led by Mies 
Josephine Umbarger, maid -of -honor, 
who wore a gown of rose crepe and a 
< lose black hat and carried a bouquet 
of pink roses. Miss Umbarger met 
the honor man. Mr. Farias Denton, 
brother of the groom, at tre altar. 
The bride followed on tno arm of her 
father.. She was costumed in a bright 
king blue, her dress being fashioned 
of chiffon velvet with close bodice 
and t '1 skirt. Her small hat, which 
was of * matching shade of velvet, 
was trimmed with silver lace. A 
shower botique* of i*>< e'r <----« and 
lilies of the valley was carried by the 
bride. Mrs. Enola Calvin Handley 
and Mis- Nell Rose, organist, played 
"D> . In A./ Heart" procedrn: the 
aeddlng march and •'Yesterday" soft- 
ly throughout the service. The altar 
before which the single ring cere- 
mony was perform**! was 1 r -d with 
palms and ferns anr* wh«;e chrysan- 
:! -in - "" '« combined villi irrecnerr 
and tied with streamers of silver 
tulle. A wedding breakfast at the 
Johnson tea room followed] the serv- 
ice at the cr-iroh. ■ Members of the 
families and' a few intimate friends 
Vers guetts. .. filet lacs cloth cen- 
tered by a large white bridal cajt* 
p'->ced in a wreath of varl-colored 
flowers and fern decorated the table 
at which the bride and groom and 
c'.nht intimate friends were seated. 
The members of the family and oth- 

er Kuests aat at another ■ ' le. 

The bride s going away gown was 
r golden Ji rsej with a coat of black 
trimmed with badger and the wore 
a small black hat. Both young peo- 
ple are well nown here, both having 
attended Drury college where ' Mrs. 
Denton was a member of PI Beta Phi 
sorority and Mr. Denton of Theta 
Kappa Nu. Mr. Denton Is connected 
with his father In Denton's Drug 
store. 'They left after the breakfast 
for a tr ... the des.. nation "1 which 
was -ot dlvul_?d. and will be at 
home after November 1 at I Klek- 
apoo avenue. Many pre-nuptlal af- 
fairs have been giver for the bride. 



Funeral services for Wlllard Olefin 
Rader, 24 years old. who died at his 
horns near Nlxs, Christian county, on 
October 8, were held at Blchwood 
cemetery October 8. Iter. "Wilson eon* 
ducted the services. ^ 

Air. Radar was a well known young 
farmer who had resided near Nlxa 
for the past six years. Prior to mov- 
ing to Nlxa six years ago. Mr. Radsr 
had resided near Poplar Bluff for 
some time. 

Mr. Radsr Is survived by his wife. 
Lena Rader, and bis parents. Mr. and 
Mrs. W. M. Rader. 


Funeral services for Mrs. Nancy 
HArwood, 83, who died early Friday 
morning at the home of her daughter. 
Mrs. Fanny Cretnent, 083 East Locust 
street, following a lingering Ulnees. 
win be held at 3 p. m. today at Cen- 
tral Christian church. Burial will be 
In Baxelwood cemetery under direc- 
tion of the Herman H. Lohmeyer Fu- 
neral home. 

B. C. BJCE. 

&. O. RIM of Memphis. Tenn. who 
.only last week wu visiting with his 
^brother, D. B. Woe. of this city, died 
at the Morrison hotel In Chicago 
early yesterday morning. B. B. Bice 
left immediately .for Chicago. Mr. 
Rice, known as "THck" by hie many 
frlende here, epent ecrersi days In 
the city. He left Tueeday afternoon 
for Chicago, where be died. For 85 
year* he wae associated with the 
Commercial Appeal of hi* home town. 
Memphis. H« severed connedtlons 
with thle paper a year ago. Burial 
will be at Memphis. 


Funeral terricee lot Ure, Amanda- 
Lyman, CO, wHo dlod Friday at her 
home, 019 South. Missouri »ienu». 
were held at 3 p. m. Saturday st the 
residence. Burial was In Codaon 
cemetery under direction of, the Alma 
Lohmeyer Funeral home, 

Funeral services for Mrs. Paulina It, 
Youngblood. 84, who died st 7 o'clock 
Friday night after a lingering Illness 
st her .home, 768 Prospect svenue, 
will be held st 330 p. m. today at 
Pythian Avenuk Baptist church, with 
burial ^ln East Lawn cemetery under 
direction of the Kllngner Funeral 
home. Mrs. Youngblood Is survived 
by her husband; fire sons. WUllam 
E., John D., J. Robert and Oeorge B., 
all of Springfield, and J. P.. Jr., of 
Dalles, Tex-j by four grandchildren 
and two greatgrandchildren. 

Funeral serrloea were held at 3 p. 
m. yesterday at the Fllngner FuneraJ 
home for Mrs. Charles C. Moore, s 
former resident of Spring field, who 
died ft o'clock Friday night In Kan- 
sas City. The body arrived here yes- 
terday morning. Burial was In Maple 
Park cemetery, with serrloea st the 
grave in charge of the Masonic order. 

Funeral services for Mrs. Carrie 
Llneter. 08. who died at 11 o'clock 
Friday night st the home of her son. 
O. F. Llnstor. «06 South Florence ave- 
nue, will be held at 3 p. n* today. 
Burial will be In Bast Lawn cemetery 
under direotlvu of the Alma Loh- 
meyer Funeral home. Bhe Is eurvlved 
by two sons, O. F. Unster and A. G. 
UnsteT of Cincinnati, O.. and a 
daughter. Mrs. M. A. Coe. of San 
Diego.- Cal. 

Funeral services for Mrs. Mandy J. 
Webb. 48. who ^d led yesterdsy morn- 
ing st her home, 963 Johnson ave- 
nue, following, a brief Illness, will 
be held st 11 s. m. .tomorrow at Grant 
Avenue Baptist church, Scott street 
and Grant avenue. Burial will be in 
Hlghlandvllle cemetery under direc- 
tion of W. L. Starne. undertaker. 


V ' ■ ' ■ — 

Born to Mr. and Mrs. era A. Mo- 

Bride at the St. John's hospital, a 
eon. Ira A. McBrlde, Jr. 

Miss Margaret Mason to Wed. 
Mrs. M. I. Mason. 710 South Plck- 
I wick avenue, announces the engage- 
ment of her eldest daughter, Mar- 
garet, to Mr. William Jennings Shrake 
of Lincoln. Neb. Mlsa Mason U a 
1 graduate of Southwest Teachers col- 
': lege and has s wide circle of friends 
! here. Mr. Shrake Is a graduate of 
the University of Nebraska. The 
wedding will take place during the 
Christmas holidays. 

Page 1: Mrs. Lucinda Jane Barlow died.** 
Page 2: Mrs. T. A. Coffelt died.** 

Mrs. E. O. Stonebraker died.** 

Leo Lewis Lemen died.** 

Mrs. Mandy J. Webb died.** 

A son Bert Milton Felton, Jr., was born October 9 to Mr. and Mrs. B. M Felton of 

Page 5: Miss Ina Shumate of Springfield and Mr. J. C. Hinshaw of Detroit, Mich were 



Mitt. T. A. COFFELT 

for Mra. T. 

M tmti old. of 1140 Ben- 
m, who died Saturday 
t» * local hospital. wUl bo 
at liM a'ckx* this afternoon 
Mot hod tot church, with 
S. W. Pn&yoos^ paa- 
Bwrtal wui bo In 
under dtrec- 
Alma Lohmoror Fun- 
term. Coffelt. who was 
of Dr. T. A. Coffalt and 
Hvwd In Springfield for 
XT years, was a prominent 
of tho St. Paul church 
a member of the 
of the Butern Star. She la 
bjr tho husband, by three 
Brerett end Glen, both of 
d; and Oscar, of De- 
Mich.; by two daughters. 
Boy Hughes, and Mrs. James 
Hutchison, both of Springfield; 
George and Walter 
both of Springfield, and 
L Clayton, of Oklahoma City, 
and four slaters, Miss liar,-. 
Clayton, of Springfield; Mrs. 
B. Lewis, of Dallas. Texas; 
ssa Keith, of Llnglevllle. 
and Mra. Nellie Newaam. 
urr. Ark. 


Mrs. Lnclnda Jane Barlow. 71. 
died at the horn* of her daughter. 
Mrs. W. J. Fisher. 11S> North Grant 
street, last night. Mrs. Barlow la 
survived by thro* daughters. Mrs. 
W. J. Mace of Crocker. Mra U. O. 
Hammack of Iborla. and Mra. 
Fisher. Funeral arrangementa aro 
pending in charge of the Alma 
Lnhmeyer Funeral home. 

for Mra. B. O. 
M years old, prom I - 
of .' Sprtnfleld who 
morning following 
Ungarsng Ulnets at her home. 
Jjt* Mast Walnut street, will be 
{MM at *:t0 o'clock this afternoon 
kt the residence, with the Hev- 
iBjaTHl A. J. McClung. pastor of Cal- 
j J*ary Presbyterian church, of which 
Aire Stonebraker had lung been 
m member, officiating. Burial will 
tie In Haselwood cemetery under 
JMsswCtlon of the Alma Lohmey. 
"**tmeraJ borne. Mrs. Stonebraker 
Vas the wife of E. O. Stonebraker, 
3f9ne preaident of the Inland Print- 
line company, and her son. Barnard 
#3to»ebraker. Is president of the 
j a g em pnny. stve la survived, in addi- 
tion to the huaband and son, by two 
Staters. Mrs. Charles Neiswanger. 
yaf BockvlUe Center. L. L, and Mr». 
Clara Knapp. of Tulsa. Okla . by 
so* . brother. James Hayes. of 
Phoenix, Arii.. and one niece. Mlsa 
Vartan Knapp, of Loa Angeles. 

Miss Ina Shumate of Springfield j 
and Mr. J. C. Htnsluuv of Detroit. ; 
Mich.. w«;re married October 8. In i 
| St Louis, leaving at once for Chi- [ 
1 ci»ico. After a brief atuy there they t 
will go to Detroit to make their!" 


L Funeral servlcea for Deo Lewis 
M years old who died Sal- 
afternoon at Liberty. Mo., fol- 
a brief Illness, will be held 
1:99 o'clock tomorrow afternoon 
the Starae mortuary' with burial 
Bast Lawn cemetery under dl- 
Of the local Odd Fellow 
of which he was u memlwr. 
belonged to Trinity lodge No. 
-the Cantons and Maccabees 
fay the past to years had been 
0t an Odd Fellow publka- 
* Triple link. . He la sur- 
the widow, of »M North 
daughter. Mrs. 
Ttonrlrs of Toronto, Can- 
brothers, Joseph 
"of How Jersey and Carl 

Of Pennsylvania- 

ss i i lu sa for Mra. Mandy 

r«bb, 49 yean old. wife of T. 

rehb, 999 Johnson avenue, who 

htjsstsrday morning folplwing a 

Bness, Will ho heW at 11 

this morning at the Orant 

; ^httrch, with hnrlal 

Odd/ Fellows cemetery near 

Mo, on dor direction 



Page 1: The estate of Miss Aura G. Pace is in probate.** 

Mollie Nuess committed suicide.** 
Page 5: Mrs. T. A. Coffelt died.** 

Mrs. E. 0. Stonebraker died.** 

Leo Lewis Lemen died.** 


Mrs. Mandy J. Webb died.** 
Mrs. Lucinda Jane Hume Wheeler Barlow died.** 
John Ederle Pringle died.** 
Son born to Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Felton.** 
Page 15: Miss Ina Schumate and Mr. J. C. Hinshaw were married.** 


Fuuoral*er vices for Mrs. T. A Cot- 
felt, 68 years old. of 1240 Benton »*•• 
nue> who tiled Saturday nlgbJt-Kr~a 
local lioepltal, xere held at 3$0*p. m. 
today at BU Paul Methodist church, 
with Rev. J. W. Pearson, pastor, of- 
ficiating. Burial, was In East Lawn 
cemetery under direction of the Alma 
Lohmeyer funeral home. Mrs. Coffelt. 
who was the wife of Dr. T. A. Coffelt 
and a -eslden' of Springfield for 27 
years, was a prominent member of 8t 
Paul church and also was a member 
of the Order of Eastern 8Ur. 8he 1* 
survived by her husband. y tbfgc 
sons, Everett and Olen, both of 
Springfield, and Oacar of Detroit. 
K.ich.; by two daughters, Mrs. Roy 
l-'ughes, and Mrs. Jamea C. Hutchi- 
son, both -of SprlnRfleJd. And J^hn 
M. Clayton of Oklahoma City, apd 
four alsters. iilss Harriet Clayton ol 
Sprlngrield. Mrs. Charles B. Lewis of 
Dallas. Tex. Mrs. Lem Keith of Lln- 
glevllle. Tex., and Mrs. Nerlle New- 
aam Of Newburg. 


John Ederle Prtcgle. 86. yean okL 
di»d last nigh: at hi* botoe on route 
10. Springfield, following a brief 1D> 
nesa. He la survived by his wife. 
four daughters, a can. two slaters. 
Mrs. Ethel P. Barber of Springfield, and 
Mrs. Earl Thomas of Hnxie, Art. and 
his mother, Mrs-. Margaret Pilngle of 
8prlngfleld Funeral arrangements 
are incomplete, but they probably will 
be held, tomorrow afternoon at the 
Alma Lohme>tr funeral home. Burui 
will be In. Oreenlawn cemetery. 


Ur. and Mrs. B. M. ?*UtJi ™ 
Roaer.vtll* announce th* btrtb <* 
a ion B«t UOUMU ate. « dunda,. 
OctobOT 0. 



Funeral services lor Mrs'. E. O. : 
Sionebraker. 68 years old, prominent : 
resident of Bprlugfleld. who died yes- 
terday morning following a lingering 
Illness at her '..ome, 663 East Walnut 
street, were held at 8:30 p. m. today 
at the residence, with Rev. R. J. a*o- 

rlsn &i»x^o^Sdii^@^iS3tSSmi l 1 
be In Haxelwood cemetery under di- 
rection qf the' Alma Lohmeyer fuBenU 
home. Mrs. Stonebraker was ihe wife 
of E. O. 8tonebraker, vice president I 
of the Inland Printing company. anO I 
her ,son, Barnard Stonebraker. Is | 

president of the company.' She alio , 
la survived by two alsters, Mrs 
Charles NeL anger of Rockvtllo Cen- 
ter, ' L. I., and Mrs. Cl:i& KDapp of 
Tul6a, Okla.; by a brother. James 
Hayes of Phoenix, Ariz., and a niece. 
Miss Marian Knapp of Los Angeles. 
Cal. ] 

>in8. BARLOW. 

Mrs Lucinda Jane Hume Wheeler 
Burlow. V6 jrears old. died at 1)25 
o'clock last night at the homo of a i 
Oniinhter, Mrs. W. J. FUlitr. 11MJ 
North Grant avenue, following a Iln- , 
goring lllneaa. She 1b survived by ' 
three daughters. Mrs. Fisher. Mr« W j 
J. Mace of Crocker. Mo., and Mrs. | 
Elisabeth Grant Hammock. Jberla- 
Mo. Drlef funeral .services will be 
held at 1:30 o'clock tonight at the 
Alma Lohmeyer funeral home The 
body will be forwarded to Iberia to- 
morrow morning, where funeral serv- " 
ices *nd burtal will ne neW. Mra | 
Barlow was born In Kentucky. 8he >) 
bad resided for the past » yeare In 


Functi services fpr Mrs. Mandy J. 
Webb. 48, wife of T. F. Webb, who 
died Saturday -morning following a 
brief Illness' at her home. 983 Johnson , 
avi nue, were held at 11 a, m. toda; at ] 
Grant Avenue Baptist church Burial ! 
■ans In the Odd Fellows' cemetery 
near Highland* llle. Mo., under d-lrec 
tlon of W. L.'siarnft^,. undertaker. 



Funeral ^.vleea will be held t 330 
p. m. tomorrow at the Btarne -nor- 
tunry for Leo Lewis Lemen. 38. who 
died Baturtaji afternoon at Liberty. 
Mo., rollowlng a brief lllnesa. BurlaJ 
will be in East Lawn cemetery under 
direction o' the local Odd reliefs' 
lodge, of wblch he wa» a member He 
wia a member of Trinity lod*e No 
405. the Cantons and Maccabees, and 
lor the past 30 years had been editor 
of an Odd Fellow publication called 
Triple jink. He la survived by his 
wife of 930 North National avenue; 
a daughter. Mrs. Julius Bullrlck of 
Toronto. Canada, and two brothe:-. 
Joseph Lemen of New Jersey and Carl 
Senseman of Pennsylvania. 

,,J t iHnsbaw-BIi ornate. , 
Mia* In*. Shumate of this city and 
Mr. J. C. HlnthAw ot Detroit. Mich-, 
wen quietly married. Saturday. Oc- 
tober l» la 0L Louis ana departed for 
Chicago for a ahort honeymoon, after 
which. th*7 will be at home la 

\ 1 1 

of tha> lAQraCtf 'A&tvXX* 
toe mmxtfj*mm waa 'to 
norfu **»■ poa-toOlee*; 
was granted letttr* of/admm 
ixv-bex eetate. Tba 

tim t«»t* toaasm^ 

valued at WX3S0 wfta 

property Hated. Wa P*c*Cdu»4 tut 

»* <*■ ..v..-j« a 

WOMAN, 40, HAKGJSJ^iftag' 

cuudk Mo, Oct lT.-4BpaaJfs>~ 

naaglin baraeU to a trWJimh- Urfc 
chfldiah ptayhbuaw , on Eav*vfathef« 
Bwaxr Cr»ek farm, llollla JfTiasa. 40 
years old, committed aulcid*.^ 

g*Ti»"'« bMO mo u nt 

ror,orrara] reara, J» 


Page 1: Mrs. W. A. McMehen died.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: William Hicks and Mary Sellers, both of Springfield, were married yesterday in 

Leo L. Lemen died.** 

Mrs. Lucinda Barlow died.** 

John Ederle Pringle died.** 

Marvin K. Pace was appointed administrator of the estate of Aura G. Pace. 
Page 5: Miss Elizabeth Rice and Mr. Everett Squires were married.** 
Page 6: A son Robert Michael Pyles was born October 12 to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Pyles. 
Page 7: Edward Hensley died.** 

O.P. Johnson died.** 
Page 12: Harold Highsmith died.** 

William King died.** 

Reverend J. L. Weatherferd was 
called to Walnut drove yeaierde.- 
to conduct the funeral tw ice) »'l 
Mrsv. W A. McMehen 


T. E. Moore. IS. Gushing Okla_ 
and Lrla Price, 4». Buffalo; "Wil- 
liam Hlcka. St. and Mary Sellara. 
44. both of SprlngfVeM- 


funeral aervlcea for Edward 
Hensley, formerly of Rrookilne. 
Ilepnhllr and Billing*, who died 
Sunday of typhoid f««ver at 
Wtttonga, <»Vla.. will be conducted 
at Knon church ut \Vl*hart. Mo., 
this morning. Ho is survived hy 
his parent*. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. 
Hensley. hla wife. Mm. Lona Hena- 
ley. and three email children, all of 
Wlahart. netor* coins to Watonjra 
recently. Mr. Hensley had been en- 
gaged In the garage bualneaa at 



• * « f> v ...# 

In Hospital He* e 

* ■*& 

A UTKOMTIK* h«a aafl la St. 
Louis yesterday contta«ad •» 

aparentiy futile Bearish for rela- 
tives of William King, M, *••, 
lleved to be of St. Louis, Who died 
In a hospital here Wod n ee 6 * 7 
sfter he bad been found BBBon- 
solous In hie room at a cheap 
boarding house. 

Physicians believe Kin* died of 
an apoplectic stroke or aome 
•trance malady. Discovered un- 
conacloue tn his room more than i 
24 hour* before his death, he re- 
mained In a daxed condition until 
the end. muttering; only "St. . 
Louie" In reply to all questions. 
He had reentered at the rooming 
house as William King of St- 
Louis, and the same nam* and 
address were found in a notebook 
I in his room. Except for the red. 
notebook, his eyeglasses and a 
peculiar scar on his back, author- 
ities found little on which to 
base Identification. 

The body lies at the Starne 
mortuary, pending word from 
relatives. Assistance of a bureau 
of identification In St. Louie has 
been enlisted, but no relatives 
have yet been found. 

sue. was solemnised last Saturday 
afterneee at S:W e/steete to the 
study of the Reverend H. A. Wood, 
who reed the eerHoe. Immediately 
following the service the couple 
motored to Joplla. returning Sun- 
day evening. The brfdo le a grad- 
uate of the Springfield High school 
and la a member of Alpha Tau Phi 
sorority. Mr. Squlrea waa graduated 
last spring from the" Western Mili- 
tary academy at Alton. III., and la 
a member of Delta Phi Omega fra- 
ternity. The couple will make their 
home for the present with the 
bridegroom's parents until the com- 
pletion of their new honte which Is, 
In course of construction on South 
National avenue. Mr. Squires la 
associated with his father In the 
A. L>. Squires Lumber company. 


Harold Hlghsmlth. XI. nephew of 
Mr. and Mra T. O. Rhoadee, of 
S pringfield, died yesterday after* 
neea la a St. Josep h hospital where 
he waa taken for aa operation fol- 
lowing the accidental discharge of I 
a revolve r In hie room. I 

Young Hlghsmlth, who Is well) 
known In Springfield becauee of 
ma n y vMta here, picked up a pistol 
at the home of his parents In St. 
Joseph at noon yesterday when It 
dropped to the floor and was ac- 
cidentally discharged, the bullet 
entering the abdomen. He died 
while on the operating table. 

He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Inrlng H. Hlithsmlth. of Bt. Joseph. 
Mr. Hlghsmlth. former circuit clerk 
ft Buchanan county. Is now deten- 
tion officer at St. Joseph. Mrs. 
Hlghsmlth. the boy's mother. Is a 
daughter of John TV. Franklin, of 
Ttollvar. Funeral arrangement* are 
Incomplete pending the arrival of 
relatives from Oklahoma and New 
"Mexico. Mr. and Mr*. Rhodes Will 
attend the funeral. 

noon at the Starne mortuary t°* 
Lm U Lessen. ••. wo* dM BatW-, 
day afternoon at Uherttf MoAfcftef. 
a brief llmeee. Burial win be la 
East I^awn cemetery under direc- 
tion of the Odd Fellows lodge here. 
For the past 10 years Mr. L*rosn 
had been editor of an Odd Fallow 
publication called Triple Link. He 
la survived by his wife, 910 National 
avenue: a daughter. Mrs. Julius 
Ballrlck o* Toronto. Canada and 
I wo brother* Joseph Lomen of 
New Jersey and Carl Senaeman of 

Funeral services for Mrs. Lu- 
clnda Jane Barlow. 7«. who died 
Sunday night at tbs home of her 
daughter. Mrs. W. J. Fisher. 1129 
i North Orant avenue, were conduct - 
jed at 7:30 o'clock last night at the 
Alma Lohmeyer funeral home. The 
body will be forwarded this morn- 
ing to Iberia. Mo, where Mra. Bar- 
low will be burled after a brie? 
service at the grave. 


Funeral srrangements had not 

'been completed last night lor John 
Ederl* Prlngl*. 34. who died Bun- 
day night at his home on rout* M, 
Srlngfleld. following a brie! Ill- 
a«H. Service* probably will be 
conducted at the Alma Lohmeyer 
funeral home today, however, and 

.burial will be In Qreenlawn ceme- 
tory. ^^ 

0. P. J0H«S0riS*DEADSfei 

Mftriml la Th* .Vnre 

OZARK. .Mo., Oct. 17.— O. P. 
Johnson. 7S. believed to be the native cltlxen of Chrtatian 
county, died at 6 o'clock tonight j 
from the InflrmlUea of age. 

Mr. Johnson, who waa born and 
reared In Christian county, waa 
prominent In Republican politic* 
for more than iO year* 

Funeral services will be held 
Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 
o'clock at New Harmony church 
i followed by Interment In Holland 
| cemetery. The service* will be 
conducted by the' Reverend A. F. 
Hanks. The Klepper Undertaking 
company la In charge of funeral 

Page 12: Births announced.** 

Harold Highsmith, 21, died after being accidentally shot at St. Joseph, Mo. He 
was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Irving H. Highsmith of St. Joseph and the nephew of Mr. and Mrs. 
T. G. Rhodes of Springfield. 

Page 13: Leo L. Lemen died.** 

Mrs. Lucinda Jane Barlow died.** 
Edward Hensley died.** 
Mrs. Sarah L. Rogers died.** 
John Ederle Pringle died.** 
Page 14: There is a poem in memory of Vivian Katherine Seiler.** 

There is a poem in memory of John Riley Carroll.** 
Page 17: Miss Elizabeth Rice and Mr. Everett Squires were married.** 
Miss Fern Shull and Mr. Cecil Putman were married.** 

■I ' '' k 

Pringta, M. wlw^WW^HS" 
hi* bom* w rtttt- Kfc 8pr»t»««. 

iMiowiac • £** £to^«5Li**2* 
bmiw Taatnt *«*%; »*?t«*%l» ** 

j' Mr. and Mr*. Mark Mercer. 1040, 
•W Mt. Vernon streev *nnounce the; 
, birth of a daughter. Mary J*ne. on 
! October 17. 

Mr. and Mrs. Beu Pyles, CIO Hovey. 

announce the birth ol a son. Robert 

. Michael. October 12 



•ffin. VUI»n K.lh«ln. MK who 
aTetfon* year ago today. October 14, 

In tlleac* ahs su» ered ,- . 

with patience the bore. 
Till Ood called her home 

To tuifer no more. 

Twm hard to break tha lender chord 
where loTe has bound the heart; 

•Twai "hard. io hard, to .peak the word. 
W. mu«t forever part. 

Deate.t on* w« h*»» laid 

la the peaceful grata embrace. 
But your memory -111 bo cheruhed 

Till we »e* "thy heavenly lace. 

Sadly missed by mother, father and 
• Li ten 

rnTafiirCL^Tn lond remembranca ol our 
d^f hu^and lather, grandfather and 
brother John ' Riley Carroll, who passed 

.war at his home. **» a 2,V rd Il " ,V, 
on* year ago. October 13. IM.e. 
Wa cannot. »e> -»• will not »ay- 
That he li dead-he u.Just away 
With a cheery amll* and a w.»e of hi* 

band . . 

He wandered Into an unknown land. 
And left ui dreaming how very lai. 
i^need. must be. .Ince h. lingers there. 
And "e— O we. who w wildly yearn 
£oV throld-llme Itep and the- glad r.- 

We thmic ol him .till »» the same. I iay. 
He U not dead— h* U Just away. 
H gaily miaaed by hi. wlf* children, 
jrrand/hiwtren. sMt*er_ajid_ slaters. 


Funerol services will be held at 
3:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon at 
the stoma mortuary for Leo. L. Lcra- 
en, CO, who died Saturday afternoon 
at Liberty. Mo..«.aftcr a brief illness. 
Burial wll> be in East Lawn>cemetery 
under direction of the Odd Fellows 
lodce hero. Mr. Lernen had been edi- 
tor of an Odd Fellow publication cell- 
od Triple Link. He Is survived by nil 
wife, 030 National avenue; a daughter. 
Mrs. Julius Ballrict of Toronto, Cin« 
I uda. and two brothers, Joseph Lemon 
I of Now Jersey and Onrl Senseman of 
| Pcnncylvonla. 

Funeral service* tor Mrs. Luotnda 
Jane Barlow, TO. who died. Sunday 
night at the home of bw daughter. 
Mrs. w. J7 Fisher. 1129 North OrStf 
avenue, wore Jield at 7;30 o'clock lUt 
night at (ho Alma Lohmeyer Funeral 
I homo. The body was forwarded this 
morning to Iberia, Mo., for burial. 



Mrs. Cnr&h L. Rogers, 78, a resident 
of Orecne county over A0 years, died 
this morning at the family home, 
route 1. Strafford.- She Is surrlvad 
i by the husband, J. B. Rogers; a son. 
. W. B. Rogers, 6trafford; four daugh- 
| ters. Mrs. J. M. West. Mrs. John Mel- 
I ton and Mrs. Will Roland, all of 
Strafford, and Mrs. William Melton of 
Springfield. Funeral eerrtoM will be 
held at 11 a. m.. Wednesday at Mul- 
let: ax cemetery, hear Strafford. 

Mr. and* Mrs. Rogors recently cele- 
brated their 67th wedding annivers- 

isnuirr-- Win 
Mim KlU»a>*-.. j- ^'-rr, rt. !»;•». rr :C 
Kr anci Mr. Oiarlai R US-*, tout 2k 
Campbell avar.ut. becanw. xitr IrtO* . 
of Mr. Everrtt Rqu:rt«s wii tC Mr. 
and Mr* A. H Squire*. IKi Semh ; 
IZimhrxrafT. avonut. SaUDUM* aTler- 
noon el 2:30 Id the auici: tC fir:. H. 
! A. Wood, , «bo pert onns/. *n* set*- J 
moay The coup'* moimwfl 10 top- J 
Un Immedlswftr aTtol- the icteux^ 
returning Bandar rrcr Jnp Mr*. 
Scju:rt» Is a p-* c" Src-Joc Hl.rb 
' sebco! anc a nwnr.hnr :>' "■>* A_? ia 
Tau Phi joranrjr. Mr 8c>J?ry f 7 * 2 " i 
uawfi firan Wwtrrr JCnnarr irx'tz.-.f 
la*: ijirtng anc" if a ntrmiNr :<!*:» 
Phi Omega rraicrr^cj- The c-^-j^je 
' » a] prrwcnl wtCa i£* par- 
ent* of the fraaa wine* tb»T wJl 
rraiaJn uxftfi th*:r rw» bnn/* co 
Sv-vutfi Katlcm.? at-rsrus i» r.T=.>ir*/-i 
Mr. Scrulrr* !.« asw.s'ri » - .tb i.:i 
fiafcn la the A 33 S^** 2 ** K^irher 
compicyr Thr'-rraTr vrif *-eof *:rc- 
orr± at «Trr.T«T /=..:■ £'ir *if-' -' •*" 
uii to S».£-\ K .rr. ,".« 5: Iv-.J 
wreeu Thr ri-u;* I* a piKnr Sj> Mr 
R:r* Ar. »i.:..^.r. tv»)V *.-><-.rr.* •» «.« 
used la t^r t*»b.»* c«ccou«r.* Oc-r*r§ 
\rere laid :ar Vrs*-» n-: Vw^,u.-,« 
.Everett Sc«ilM«. A Ti Ss, -..-«>. C R 
Rice. Hufh RJr*. M S I^trarcrf* oT 
1 MomXtan, la, and Maator Jtact JBoo. 


i Putman-Sbull. 

| Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge ShuD. roc to I 
9. the marriage of \hfs I 
."•-f.UffSi't-r. Ten., to Mr. Cee'.l Fjttaa, 
.son of Mr. and Mrs R. B. futnua,, 
ro-fte 1. October' 10 at the St. Joeeph \ 
parsonage, with Her. Father IXarxua] 
offlcutlo:. The only attendants were ' 
Mia* Catherine Baroa ant Mr. Ed 

i Baron of this city. 


Funeral services for Edward Hen- 
sley, for«ncrly of Brookllne.- RcpubUe 
anil Lilllnc*. who died Sunday of 
typhoid fever at Watonga. Okla.. were 
held at Enon church %A Wlehart. Mo.. 
today. Ho Is survived by hi* parents, 
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Hensley, his wll«, 
Mrs. Lona Hensley. and three small 
children, all- of Wlshart. Before go- 
1115 to Watonga recently. Mr. Hen- 
sley had been engaged In the garage 
business at Billings. 


Page 1: Neil G. Line and Miss Neyevan G. Blakely were married.** 

Marriage license issued.** 
Page 5: Miss Fern Shull and Mr. Cecil Putman were married.** 
Page 9: Mrs. Mary Abney died.** 
Leo L. Lemen died.** 
Mrs. Sarah L. Rogers died.** 
Page 12: Genevieve Page Smith sues to divorce Edward C. Smith. They were married 
November 7, 1916, 

William H. Stout and Delphia Fortney, both of Springfield, were married 
yesterday in Springfield. 

Page 15: Card of thanks.** 

Page 16: Irene F. Emmons sues to divorce Clarence F. Emmons. They were married 
October 16, 1926. 

William H. Stout. St. and Deiphla 
Fortney. St. both of Springfield. 

Mrs. Mary Abney. 4M 
Spring, died at a looal boeptta] 
tarday. Mrs. Abney Is 
ona son. Clifford, sad ens da 
tar. Mrs. Cora CamelUoo. FuMTa* 
services will ba hold at S a'cleo* 
today st Reads 8prlog under the 
direction of tba Paxaoo Underta* 
ir.g company. 

and Mr*. Oeorge Shall. 


Funeral services wlO ba conducted 
at J: SO o'clock thla afternoon at the 
8tarna mortuary for Leo U. Lemen. 
who died Saturday afternoon at 
Liberty. Mo, after s brief ttlneea. 
Mr. Lemen bad been prominent for 
many years in Odd Fallow activities 
in Southweet Missouri. Member* ot 
the Odd Fallow and Rebekah lodge* 
will meet at the I. O. O. F. hall 
at 2 o'clock to go to the services. 


I east of the rlty. announce the mar- 

rlajre of t/ielr itauKhter. Fern Shull. 

: to Mr. Cecil Futman. son of Mr. 

.and Mrs. R. E. Puimnn. living north 

'of the city, which took place Octo- 

| bar 10 at the St Joseph parsons*;* 

with the Reverend Father Maurice 

reading the service. The couple's 

attendants were Mlu Catherine 

Baron and Mr. Ed Baron. ' 


Mrs Sarah L. Rogers, 7*. wlfa of 
J. B. Roger*, pioneer farmer, died 
yesterday after a lingering lUneas 
at bar home, route 1, Strafford. 
Shs la survived by her husband, a 
son. W. B Rogers of 8trafford; and 
four daughters. Mrs. William Mel- 
ton of Springfield and Mrs. J. M. 
West. Mrs. John Melton and Mrs. 
William Roland of Strafford. Fu- 
neral services will he conducted at J 
the home near Strafford st 111 
o'clock this morning, with burial! 
In Mulllnnx cemetery under direc- 
tion of the Kltngner funeral homo.! 


Nell O. Lisa and Mlas Neyevan CT. 

IUakety were married last night St 

the home of tba bride's parents at 

1SSS North Orant street. The Rev- 

«r*nd M. F. Cowden peoforcned the 

ceremony. Mr. Line Is In the 

grocery business at 1001 West 

I Thoman street. The couple will 

• leave today for a nip to Colorado. 


-We wtoa , 


eor hii 

ad Brotaer 


Star sad the sissy' 

efferiag* daring tae 

deal*) of ear salsved wtf* i 

*•»■ T- r. Weak, ajm 

thanks -to BmW Wuea 

Heary and t* the Stars* 

A lariat aoahaad and eaOsrea. 
T. F. WEBB. ^^ 


LaSL^°wSS: CHM " T WQBt 

* " "■■■■ mmmmm tt 

r*r n<- rw*a* ini.g^ 


Page 6: William King died.** 
Page 11: Two divorce suits filed.** 
Page 12: Births reported.** 

Mrs. Mary Abney died.** 

Leo L. Lemen died.** 


Mrs. Sarah L. Rogers died.** 
Page 14: Card of thanks from P. F. Webb and others.** 


Charging that her husband ne- 
glected her. Mrs. Otnertaye Page 
Smith, yesterday f Ued rulfrfor divorce 
from Edward C. Smith, proprietor 0/ 
a radio ehop an UoonvlUe avenue. 

The petition xti out that they are 
equal owner* in the radio store, the 
etock and coatenle of which have a 
value' of (4.000; that the defendant la 
wasting the stock and money deriv- 
ed therefrom Bho asks -that a, re- 
ceiver be appointed and her husband 
be restrained from disposing of the 

Care and custody of a minor child. 
Edward Page. U asked by Mrs. Smith, 
together with such alimony as the 
court may see fit to grant. They 
were married November 7. 1916, end 
separated In October, 1037. according 
to the petition. 

Mrs. Laura Rutledge seeks e di- 
vorce from John Rutledge, charging 
non-support and other Indignities. 
They were married February «. 1913. 
and separated October 17. 1937, ec~ 
.eejrdtng 4jO tfce petMofc. • ( v v 

F t«o\h ijM«Pi ^•ti&fs&r 

., -. * II I !■■ .Mil- —!>■■— II ■l^l .1 ■■■■ .1 I ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■! 

t— ' * CAKDS Ot TBANKS. 

..'* with' to our manr 
frlendt and relatives lor their Jclndneis 
and erwpsthy and the *tanr' oeavllfttl 
floral offerlngj daring the recent Jllneaa 
and death of our beloved wlfa and 
mother, Mrs. T. P. Webb. Also our SJnd- , 
est thanks to Bro. Wiles and JJro. Henry 
and to the Btarne Undertaking Co. 
A loving husband and children. 
P. P. WEBB. 

mr and mrs. clay copfman, 
mr. and mrs. jok yadon. 
mr. and mrs. cuxsley wedb. 
• leslie w.kdd, 
verna "wkjib, 
ellis webb, . 


Funeral services for Mrs- Mary Ab- 
ncy. 49. of Reeds Spring, who died 
at a local hospital yesterday, .were 
held at 2 p. m. today at Reeds 
Spring. Burial vs* under direction 
of the Paxson Funeral home. 8he la 
survived by a daughter. Mrs. Cora 
Carnelllon ana *,son, Clifford. 

I.EO L. LEMb.w. 
Puneral services were held at 2:Z$\ 
p. m. today at the Starve tasrtusuy 
I .or Leo L. Lemen. who died Saturday 
afternoon at Li'befty, % Mo.. after a 
brief Illness. Burial was In Ezst 
Lawn cemetery with services at the 
grave under direction of -the Odd Pel- 
Iowa. % 


A continued search for relatives of 
William Kin* ft*, believed to be of 
St. Louie, who died In a hospital 
here a week ego after he had been 
found unconscious In hie room at • 
cheap boarding house, u being con* 
duoted by authorities here. 

Physician* believe King died of 
en apoplectic stroke. 

The body lies at the Sterne mor- 
tuary pending word from relatives. 
Assistance of a bureau of ldentlfl- 

I cation in St. Louis ha* been enlisted* 
tout no relative* have yet been found. 


Puncrul services for Mrs Snruh L 
liogers. 78. wife of J J>B. Roger:, pio- 
neer fsrtncr. who dirt >esterc!i7 
after a lingering Illness n*. her t.:r..- 
route 1. Strafford, were neld at H 
a. m. today at the home. She Is sur- 
vived by her husband, a son. w B 
Rogers of Stsafforri. and four daugh- 
ters. Mrs. William Melton of Spring- , 
field and Mrs. Jj*M. West. Mrs. John i 
Melton/ and Mrs. Wllllom Rolar.<l ot 
Stratford. Burial was In Mt'!!:nt.i 
cemetery under direction of the 
Kllngner funeral home. 

Mr and Mrs. Ellis Harrison. 1M1 

North Boulevard, announce the birth 

of a son October IB. Mrs. Harrison 

jrormerly was MLsa Helen Clark of 

Crocker. Mo. 

Mr and Mrs. E. M. Warner of Loul* 

' nnnounce the birth of a son. Will am 

Lewis. October 1 Mrs. Warner or- 

, ncr ly was Mis* Lucille SUcrer of this 

I * Mr. and Mr*. Robert A. Black, 764 

! West Olive street, announce the blrtn 
,of a daughter. Alma Lucille. Oclo- 
iber 19. 4 


Page 1: Rev. Harry T. Crocker committed suicide.** 

Marriage license: Forrest Scrivener, 24, and Geraldine Scrivener, 21, both of 

Springfield. ^^ ^^ ^.^ ^ ^^ ^ rf ^^ ^ and MolUe j 

Cantf tge S-' aISL Elma Lucille Black was born yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. 

Black of 764 West Olive. . . , 

Page 16- Forrest Scrivener and his former wife Geraldine Scrivener were remarried 
Laura Rutledge sues to divorce John Rutledge. They were married February 2, 


Forrest Scrivener, J*, 
aldlne ScrUsner. 11. 
field: Msttlson W 
Kamu City, and Msjlle *. 
in. Dedevlli*. 



■■ • 

Suffering Nervous Collapse, 
Reverend Crooker FataHy 
Wounds Himself and Expire* 
In His Parsonage 



Fully Conscious That Ho *• 
Blooding tcfcpOath, HoVokco. 
No Porsonai Regrot for 
Tragic Action 


fcred * nervous breakdown 
months a*o and had b*m> la 
health sine*, ahot himself dramat- 
ically early ywierdaj. Bapgdnc. *- 
.IS calibre reTohrer from hla >w- 
room wh.De tha rcat ot th* tamfty 
prepared for breakfast, ha wajsj**' 
Into the front yard of tha 
ea* and seat a ballet 

tin lk.« c«n«*fU>l« •»•» h«» 
**^rr»*i<m. «.d tftte siertel 
•ko/l intw »•» o» *»mortaKI». !»»•» 
•JkoJI k* *rxm*M M *••» '»« •••*"• 
rfesf 4» «-T«t««. D»«lk ♦» ««ca »W< •# 
4a t4rt*«*. O lM» «»« «* *** enseV 
O r*-ar». «*»" » Iks- rirtonrf 

-pLEEDlNO to death of self -to - 

■ fllctwd run»hot wound*, thai 

Reverend Harry T. Crocker. 4% 

(••tor af th* Ftrat Baptist 
at 8eyn»*or tnr mora 
years, exptrvd at U>a 
parsonage at T:li o*«*e*fc last 
| Tha Reverend Crockar. 


whispered: «*,". t'j.'\ 

-l know that I hnvn aMI st 
■rtf . I ana M oo d1a > to 1 
enrry f*«" yo«a- 
nened. be* I ooul*} Mt Jsebj IV 
Promlaa ma only that tm' 
cure of your 

From ahortly attar 
time of hla death, ha wu 
at brief Interval*, recce** 
about him. Ha aeemed flaUy aware 
that he would dla and aflfcaraaaad ho 
peraanal rneret for hla ae*. ■* 

Ha la surrlvta by hla wife, three 
eona aad two daachtara. Th* 
otdeat eon Luther. 21. la a teacher 
In the Seymour High school, and 
the younjreat child la Franoea 
Louise. S yeara old. Tha other chil- 
dren are Claybcook. 19: Rachel IX, 
and Harry T, J*. T. '\j$$iR 


Tha Rati 

tha Seymour 

1126. from a 

Mo. Several 


forced to quit the pulp* far a I 

though hla eouresthm that a 

ceaaor be naaaed (or Mm 

f uaed by the Seymour chore 

He returned Sunday tram * 8*. 
UuU sanitarium. w h *r* ha 
been under trea t m e nt tar A 
oua trouble tor tha 
letters from eanltartum 
1 had led the family 
I his condition waa at 
1 and this belief 
i the minister's 
! returned to Seymour. 


I Heve he fearwd. !M*W*»«r. 
I never would be **>*♦ «• ** 

|dutlee In the 
Mr*. Crocker 

j told of her hu t ll f l 


■-•■« i 



flowfd from a wound on the c 
, n«-«tr the heart, and from another, 
' wound on the back, where the laraM 
■ -iMbre bullet had left the body. 
Only one bullet waa fired, the Rev. 
•>r*nd ("rocker apparently slielatTi 
th- gun at bin h»art. 

L'i J. H. boihna^r. «.';«! U*e« 
across the street from the parses*- 
"«♦. *" summoned. The minister 
waa carried, un> -oruclous. Into tfce) 
l«rsonaKe. After .» brief »x*m$m*-. 
tlon Doctor Rulllnccr declare* •sjfij 
man had little chance to recover. 

Kuneral .trrunc*m*nts ha4 
been comi>letrd last night. 

officials of the church ***** 

r iu^st»on*d reejareln* a pueesrilj 
'motive for th» auldde, dealed th»t 
! they had planned to call another 

minister to the paatoraU. 

Hearing the report of Mr. 
! Crocker's revolver early yeeteedsvf 
■ morning, the family ruahed nit* 

the front yard to discover hla body 
! there, apparently Ufeleae. Bloe* 

Page 1: Rev. Harry T. Crocker committed suicide.** 
Page 4: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 12: Walter Bond Phrophet, Jr., 6, died of diphtheria this morning. He was the son 
>f Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Phrophet of 797 West Calhoun. He will be buried in Greenlawn 
emetery. He is the fifth diphtheria victim. 
R. J. Loveless died.** 
Mrs. Rilda Wagner died.** 
Mrs. Nellie Tharp died.** 

Son born October 18 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frizzell of Kansas City. Mrs. 
rizzell was formerly Miss Edith Weddell of this city. 
Page 13: Sam Chappel was killed.** 


It. J. Loveless, 65, died at I a. nv 
today at the home cf a son, Louie 
Loveleaa. 603 North Nettleton avenue, 
after a lingering Illness. Ho Is sur- 
vived by^ the one eon: one alep-son, 
George Rollins. Tulsa, Okla., and one 
brother. H. L. Loveless. Fort City, la. 
Funeral services w*n be held at 2 
p. m. Saturday, with Interment In 
Memorial Park cemetery under di- 
rection of the Alma. Lohmeyer. Fu- 
neral Home. 

Marriage license* Vexe lsroed j**- 
terday to MattUcm W. Campbell. 27. 
Kansas City, and Kellia . CantreU. 
23, DadcTlIIe; Forrest Scrivener, 24. 
'and Oeraldln* BcrtveneT. 21, both of' 
B print-field. ] 

Mrs. Hilda Wagner, 71 years old. 
wife of E. H. Vagner. dltd this morn- 
ing at her home. 2308 North Main 
a-enuo. following a brief Illness. 
Funeral services were held at 3 p. m. 
todny at the Klingner Funeral Home 
with burial In Crrcenlawn cemetery. 


Mrs. Nellie Tharp. 27 years old. of 
3324 North Ramsey avenue, died this 
morning In a local hospital following 
a brief illness. Funeral arrange- 
ments are Incomplete but they will 
be under direction of the Klingner 
Funeral Home. 

JS^ltl ffM LOJlOG 

WE^T PLAIrterf tio* Oct.' 20«— ( A 
p.)— Sam Chappel. 4r>ye*r-dld farm- 
er who lived 20 mUes aouthweet ol 
here, waa killed Tuesday by » wild 
bog which be and a neighbor were 
attempting to kill. The hog had 
been making depredations in the 
neighbor's cornfield. 

Tho hog attached tore* dogs which 
the men took along for the hunt. 
Having no weapons, the men began 
throwing* itonea it the hog to save 
the dogs. The hog suddenly charged 
Chappel. * 



Rev. H. T. Crocker Dies Ten 

Hours After Shooting 



Exacts Sons' Promise to 

Care for "Mother"; 

Funeral Tomorrow. 

Eliciting forglvcnc&s from bis wife 
and exacting a pledge from his older 
aona "to caro fox mother," the Rev. 
Harry T. Crocker of Seymour died 
at fl:50 laat night at his hoove. 

Tho pastor of the Pint Baptist 
church at Seymour fatally wounded 
himself early yesterday by shooting 
h:maelf In the chest. The tragedy 
| was enacted In the front yard of his j 
i home as a climax to a two months j 
nervous Illness. 

Funeral services will be held at 
3 p. m. tomorrow from the, church 
where the pastor had filled the pul- 
pit for more than two years. 
Family Uoveri Near. 
The Rev. Lewis M. Hale, pastor of 
the First Baptist church of Spring- 
field, will conduct the funeral serv- 
ices over hi* fellow clergyman. 

The Rev. Crocker will be burled In 
the Mnsonlo cemetery, not far from 
his home In Seymour.* 

Surrounded by his grlef-strlcken 
wife and four of his five older chil- 
dren-, the pastor;, who bad been an 
attained; Baptist minister 31 years, 
goeped u lartwell la tp' yesterday. . j 


sUth gTades li-tfiS&aiaf-'Tfcf *.■'■&* I 
I day. I 


"But he told us he Just couldn't 
'get himself together.' He returned 
Sunday from St. Louis Where he had 
tw-en under treatment at the Baptist 

."The family met him at Springfield. 
He seemed quite Jolly after reaching, 
home. We avoided talking, to him 
alwut his Illness, because be dis- 
liked to discuss It. 

" 'Mother, we haven't anything to 
worry about.' he sa'ld Sunday. But 
wi couldn't get him to tako an In- 
terest In things about the home. We 
a*ked him ahout buying wood for 
the winter, but ho listlessly said, 
•Let's put it off awhile.' " 

Felt Death Approach. 
Throughout yesterday, as the fami- 
ly hovered near hla bedside, the pas- 
tor said little to hie family. 

"Once ho uald to mother, 'I lovo 
you.' He aeomed to want to get well." 
As he realized the end was near, 
Mr. Crocker called to his t*~o older 
sons, Luther and Claybrook. 19. and 
b< gged them to take care of their 
mother, which the boys sobblngly 
promised to do. 

Luther recounted tho details of Uie 

"I was upstairs dressing,'.' he said. 
"Mother was cooking breakfast. Sud- 
denly- 1 heard a shot. I looked out 

from s window and saw father lying 
on the ground, the pistol near him." 
Neighbors Astounded. 
Shocked neighbors ran to the home, 
be said. 

Mr. Crocker's limes*- seemed 'to 
creep gradually upon him. the son 
said. Members of his church first 
noticed his breaking health. 

Encouraging reports of his condi- 
tion were rucelvcd from the St. Louis 
hospital by the family while the pas- 
tor was a patient there.* bis son said. 
Prior to going to Seymour two years 
ago last February, Mr. Crocker was 
pestor of A Baptist church at Thayer 
fcr 18 months. 

He has served as spiritual advisor 
of several Baptist churches In Okla- 
homa before* , oomlng to Missouri. 

He was a graduate of Clinton col- 
lege. Clinton, Ky*. He also attended 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Seminary at Fort Worth/ Tex. 

He was born March 2, 1880 In Gib- 
son county, Tenn. 

Deacons of the church today de- 
clare the -minister was a forcible 
spsaker, a capable organizer, and 
an energetic pastor. 

He was popular with his cqngre- 
ra Uon. 

. Pa B e * ; Marriage license: Louis H. Gummersbach, 33, of St. Louis and Catherine M 
Quinn, 24, of Springfield. 

Page 3: J. A. Nelms was appointed curator of the estate of Frances J., Katherine E and 
John T. McKenna, minors. 

Page 11: J. A. Nelms, public administrator, was appointed guardian of Georgia Fay 
Lews, Clyde, Richard D., Thelma Lorene, Jessie Eunice, Elwood Lee and Claude E Martin 

J. A. NaJme, public administrate?, 
j waa appoint*! by J udg* John H. 
! Fairman to probata court jrester- 
j oar aa guardian of Georgia, Fay, 
j Lewla. Clyde, Richard XX. Thatana 
> Lorena. Jeaele Samoa, Bweod Lee 
I and Claud* B. Martin. 


Page 22: Rev. H. T. Crocker died.** 

Marriage license: Louis H. Gummersbach, 38, of St. Louis and Catherine M. 
Quinn, 34, of Springfield. 

Forest E. Davies died.** 

Mrs. Nellie Tharp died.** 
Page 14: Sam Chappel was killed by a wild hog.** 

Mr. and Mrs. William Robertson celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary.** 

Forest E. D&vies. 30. 2361 Prospect 
avenue, died this morning" to a local 
hospital following a brief Ulneea. 
Funeral arrangements are Incomplete 
pending the arrival or relatives- but 
serrices -rill be under direction of 
the KlingneT Funeral home . 

Funeral servleee will be held at 
U a. m. tomorrow at Pleasant Hope 
for Mrs. Nellie Tbxrp. 37. of 3234 
North Run»«y aren-je. who died yes- 
terday morning in a local hospital 
following a. brief illness. Burial wlil 
be at Pleasant, Hop* undtr direction 
of the Kilngner Puneral home. 

A marriage' Jlcerue waa laeued yes- 
terday to Loula 11. Oummersbach. 38. 
St. IjOuU. and Catherine li. Quinn, 
M, Springfield. 


The Baptist church at Seymour this 
afternoon waa filled to capacity by 

rr, . pastor ^or.vtho church. , who com- 
mitted sulcids Wednesday. 

The Rev. Lewis M. Hale, pastor ot 
the First Baptist church here, con- 
ducted the funeral. Burial was In 
the Masonic cemetery at 8eymour. 

The pastor shot himself as a result 
ef a nervous breakdown. 

WeddJnr Anniversary 

Mr. and Mrs. William Robertson, 
cf Crane, believed to be the oldest 
married couple In tho Ofark country, 
will celebrate their elxty-flrst wedding 
aunlreraary Sunday. 
; Thalr marriage toccurred on Octo- 
ber 35. but tin calabratiarf Wlmtng 
held -oa Sunday, .bo that a greater 
number oX 'poopla*Tnay Attend. 

Mr. RoUertaon la 83 years old'and 
bit bride of elaty-one years ago is TO. 

Mrs. Robefteon la' a native of 
Crreene county, and boo -nnd-her .AU$- 1 
band, a native of Lavrrence county 
who lived near McKLlniey.- were xaar- 
rlod three mllc'n~we«t of liepubllc. 

They lived In Greeno county. one 
j year, and the remainder of their mar- 
ried life waa spent In Lawrence coun- 
ty, up until nln* years ago when 
they moved here to be near their son, 
T. B. Robertaon, who lives at Orane: 




8am Chappel, 41 years old. * farm- 
er who lived two miles west of Cure.- 
%0, tear West Plains, was almost In- 
stantly killed when be was attacked 
by a wild hog In a field on the farm 
of Rev. T. D Mln3on. s neighbor, 
with whom he had gone to help 
capture the outlaw animal. 

Rev. Minion ana Chnppcl went to 
the field with their dogs at 2 o'clock. 
In the morning to capture the hog 
which has been making nightly raids 
on the minlsW's farm and destroying 
his corn crop. 

The bog attacked the three dog- 
^ W as wounding them »""&■ 
Se men were throwing rocks , »t the 
SJ to beat It off the dogs, when the 
£2 .\KWenly charged .t Chappy 
i^oro he could flee, the hog .truck 
SSipel twice with iu tusk., tha 
SStSaah cutting the knee cap bone 
SIS and th's eeconu InXUotlng : * 
d„p wound a few Inches above the 
Jnee The second wound tors opfcn 
S artery, and Ch*ppe» bled to dea>b 
££?».*. Mlneon. who rushed to 
£5 aid. could do apytbing for hlrn. 

iJr Mlnson sald T he did not think 
the man lived more than three or 
four minutes. 

"I had gone a few feet away to get 
m ore roc>s. when Chappel cal.ed to 
me." the Kev. Mlnaon said. He tem 
m9 the hog had cut hta It* ott -J 
ruebed to him and caught him In my 
cm, m he fell backward, but he was 
abl, to speak only a few words. 

Page 1: A. J. Breazeale was appointed executor of the will of W. V. Breazeale. 

Marriage licenses issued.** 

Mrs. Harriet C. Choate was killed in an automobile accident.** 
Page 5: Miss Catherine Quinn and Mr. Louis H. Gummersbach were married.** 
Page 9: R. J. Loveless died.** 

Mrs. Ethel Harrison died.** 

Truman Paul died.** 

Forest E. Davies died.** 

Stamford Conn, architect, formerly of Rolla, died today in New York. 
Page 12: Alberta Marley sues to divorce George E. Marley. They were married 

November 12, 1926. 

Daughter born Friday to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walch. 

Son born October 21 to Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Thomas of 1 150 North Kansas avenue. 



Funeral aw** lew for H. J. 1*^- 

,.J. <i. who died at his hum*. 6S3 

N^U Nctt.e.oii street, «* •» *£ 

thu. alu-rnoon at = ode*.* in Uie 

Ata- bohnwyr Kun-al home. 

i will I* at llreenlawn .• 

l«n Mr. liuve-u** 1- survived l>> 

utw'swn. 1a»uI^. on.- -t*l««n. W«yrB« 

IjulUns. «t Tula* *»<* ■»"* ***"■ 

II. 1. la.vs.lesw. of Fori City. lowu. 


Truman l*aul. of Harrison. Ark.. 
i^ y.Mirs old. died yesterday ut a 
hospital her... The body was for- 
warded to Harrison yesterday by | 
the Herman II. l^ohmeyer Under- | 
utklng company, and the funeral | 
wrvlcfs will be held theme tumor- , 
iow afternoon. The boy Is survived ' 
by an uncle and aunt. Mr. and 
Mrs. Lon 1'aul. of Harrison. 

Funernl services for KVireat E. 
Davies. SO. of 2?6l Prospect avenue, 
who died yesterday mornlnjc In a 
hospital here after a brief Illness, 
RI ^" N . will be conducted at 2 oclock this 

The body of Mrs. KthM Iwur afternoon .it the Kllngner funeral 

of 1ak-W\mhhV «t< years of *■*; c hai>"l Ibirlal will be In Unsei- 

zed II. a hospital here Thursday 
•Ctrr»«n. was forwarded »«»lerda> 
to I^ckwood. where lh* funeral 
Levies, wa, held yesterday atter- 
,.oon with burial in chaise of the 

Starnford Cerm Die* 
Stamford Conn, prominent arch I - 
- | tect and formerly of Rolla. died In 

Undertaking company. J New Tork today Mr . C onn received 

Mr. Harrison Is survived by the 
husband. Clarence Harrison. I 


his sdueatlon at Mlasourt university, 
and slnca graduation had become 
widely known for hui architectural 
triumphs. Funeral arrsnremtnU 
'have not been completed. 

Pioneer Sprittafl aMffi 
Sustaining ftractorttj 
Dtet After Betnfl 
Hospital Hera 


ChDd Sustains 
Accident H*r*i Two 
Eaeap. WW| JJnM 
naming Car Nwr «dbt 

mtti"^'*" altar the) 
to Um O. T. 
In a txtM. Dr. Alirl* 
uttered 1M aid UWtMBd fladhegr 
that Mra. ChoaXe ted at iar a la i l .« 
fractured ahull, She) aad h*r sw*- 
band were brought to Um Bprfag~ 
f Mia Baptist hoegauu la a Sprtaa> 
| field im h "'»y 

Mra. Choate was tha daughter 
v>( Thomu H. Cox. for many year* 
a federal revenue ooUaetor 
She wu bora la aprlngflaen 
■pent virtually all bar life 
aIm la survived or her ha 
and one brother. D. W. R. Oo*, 
of Springfield. 

Funeral arrangements b*4 
bean completed laat &U>». 
burial will be under direction eg 
the Alma Lohmeyer fusarsi h " ** * 



•ha was rldlag, flfttddad to 
graral and pranced into m. oltsSvA 
Highway No. •» soar MansfV,as 

aauaad tba a oa th ml Mrs. 

C. Cheats. M. mauler ec * 

Beclngfleld family, ta a 

bare at 1* M s'elock laat nlgan£ 

Her bushaad. Jobs a 
17, night ed 
Franklin hotel, lias dajigerowary flr- 
Jnred at hla noma. MS South JeaV 
fareoo avatxna. la the crash, whi*a 
reaalted In am wfeVs death, • ha 
aufferad a frsotarad collar haata 
and Beware hrnleea Mra. Laara> 
Kirk, n, the other aatmaaat off the 

roomed with- the Cassia raamiry JBar 

Glen Thomas. 22. and Opal 
Frlelda. 21, both of Springfield: 
Claud Ellla Hendrlcha. U, Billings, 
nnd Zelpha 8tlara.ll, 1«. Republic. 


Miss Quinn 
Will Wed 

rjPHB Interest of Springfield 
eoclety today will oantar In tha 
marriage of Mlaa Catharine Qulnn 
to Mr. Louie H. Qummersbach of 
St. Loula which will take place this 
morning at » o'clock at Hi. Agnea 
church. Tha bride la a member of 
one of tha oity'a beat known 
families, tha prominence of which 
la equalled only by tha popularity 
of tha bride-elect In her wide circle 
of frlenda. She has bean extensive- 
ly feted during tha weeka follow- 
ing tbe announcement of her en- 

The bride will be attended by 
Mra. John Qulnn aa matron of 
honor and Mlaa Agnea Meyer aa 
maid of honor, while Mr. Oummer- 
bach will be attended by Mr. John 
Hawke aa honor man and Mr. John 
Qulnn aa groomimen. The uahera 



will be Mr. Ed Hlcxlni of 9t Louis 
and Mr. John M«yer of this city. 
Maater John Qulnn. nephew to Mlea 
Qulnn will be the ring bearer. 

The aerrU-e will be read by the I 
Reverend Father Curtis Tlernan I 
and will be followed by a breakfast I 
for the bridal party and cioee rela- I 
iIvm at the home of the bfide'a ■ 
parents, Mr. and Mra. James M 
Qulnn. 600 South National avenue. 

Among- the out of town ruesia 
who are here for the wedding are 
Mra. Joaeph Gumtnerabach. mother 
of the bridegroom: Mlaa Mary 
Clummerabach, a *l»U-r. Mr. Vic 
Gummersbacli and Mr. Gene Gum- 
tnerabach. brother* to the bride- 
groom. Mr. nnd Mra. Ed Gummera- 
ba£h and Mr. and Mra. Ed Higartna. 
all of St. IyOUls. and Mr it. A. 
Schnelderhahn of tiloux Cltv la. 

Page 1: Mrs. Harriet C. Choate died.** 

Page 7: The probate court docket for November is published.** 
Page 8: Card of thanks from E. H. Wagner and others.** 

Page 11: Miss Catherine Marie Quinn and Mr. Louis Gummersbach were married.** 
Page 12: Delbert Sawyer died.** 

Ed Hensley died.** 

R. J. Lovelace died.** 

Mrs. Ethel Harrison died.** 

Truman Paul died.** 

Forest E. Davies died.** 

Jake Stribinger died.** 

Clayton Reams was shot and killed.** 

Sister of Widow Mere; 

Fatally. Shoots Mate 

* : « 

Mrs. Tammehill, Mother of, First Day Nursery Inmate, 
Awaits Pay Check to Telegraph Woman Who 
Killed Mate in Quarrel. 

Word received here yesterday af- 
ternoon by Mr*. Beeile Tammehill. 
330 West Wall street, advised that her 
slater, Mra. Emma Reams, 'Wednes- 
day night shot and Inatantly killed 
her husband, Clayton Reama. when 
they became engaged In a quarrel at 
the home in Kanaaa City. f 

Their disagreement waa ever a 
dime spent by the Reams' 14-year- 
old daughter. The man.^lt I* said, 
punished the girl and Mrs. Reams got 
a revolver out of a table drawer to 
frighten him. she said. 

In the Bculfle that followed, the 
gun was discharged and Reams wu 
6hot through the heart. 

No charges will be filed 'against 
Mrs. Reams, who Is the mother of 
five children, according to word re- 
ceived here by het sister. The Kan- 
sas City woman only wanted -to 
frighten her husband and prevent 
him from Injuring the dau ghter, but 

d La- 

the revolver was accidentally 
charged and Ream* waa killed. 

"This thing Is Juat another worry/* 
Mrs. Tammehill .said. **1 ha vent 
enough money to get In touch with 
my slater, but -when I get my check 
this afternoon from the Farm club I 
am going to wire her. I don't Hke 
to spend 1t for a wire, a* I need ev- 
erything I can make to take care of 
my own five children, but stoea I 
beard of Emma'e trouble I have been 
so worried I haveut been able to 

Mrs. Tammehill. who la a chicken 
picker at ihe Springfield Farm club. 
Is the mother of JlmmJe Tammehill. 
who w»a the flrat child to be taken 
care of at the Balvatlon Army day 
nursery, which opened on Boonvllle 
avenue Monday. 

* The woman has received aid from 
the "Army for the last three years, 
when »he came to Springfield from 
Kansas City with seven children and 
three cenva In lier pock el book 




Funeral Services Sunday for 
Mrs. John Choate; Hus- 
band of Victim Recovering 
from Injuries; Three 
Pinned Under Wreck. 

Mrs. Harriet C. Choate. 60. wife 
of John C. Choate. of 605 8outh Jef- 
ferson avenue, who Buffered a frac- ( 
tured skull and a broken back early 
yesterday when their automobile. J 
driven hy . Mr. Choate. overturned j 
near Mansfield, died at 10:60 o'clock i 
last night in the St. John's boa- | 

i pltal. 

j Mr. Choate and Mrs. Laura Kirk. 
29. also received serious Injuries. 

Mr. Cboate'a condition was re- 
ported slightly improved today. He 
is being cared for by a special nurse 

Surferefl Bruises. 

suffering .from bruises. 

Delbert Sawyer. *-J°**' ola "" °! 
*,. md Mrs. Fr*nk Bawyer. 337 West 
Che^ut street, died at 10*. m to- 
day. Private funeral service, were at 4 p. m. today ^ J^ ea >*™ 
Jmetery under direction of the Wj 
Lohmeyer Funeral home. The chid 
1. survived by his parents, three 
brothers and a Ulster. 


Funeral cervices wore held Thurs- 
day at Enon church near V.'lsh.-.rt. 
Mo. for Ed Hcnsloy, 2U. who lied at 
Wa Tonga, ORla.. Gunuu7 ,USO^.?W 

jLW^d tUrtolrantai children; by 
rSiparents. Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Hen- 
ley and threa .later., all of Wlshart. 
Mr Hensley at one time was in vr* 
rarage business at Billings and Re- 

lector here" ~ ! She ha<f r resided *'pxfc*-"' 
tlcally^aU oL her life In Springfield. 

Funeral services will be held at 
2:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at 
the Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home. 
Burial will be lb "Maple Park ceme- ■ 
tery. jusaaak 

Mr. and Mrs. Choate and" 1 } 
Kirk left Springfield at 8 o'cl 
yesterday morning to drive -to the . 
Cboats farm, 12 miles east of Mans- j 
field. j 

As the car approached a curve on . 
highway 60. four miles wcet of Mans- 
field, Mr. Chontr: attempted to check j 
the car's .■.pcot'; by applying 'he; 
brakes. The machine skidded In the j 
loose gravel, swerved across the road 
and overturned Into a ditch. 

The occupants were .pinned be- 
neath the wreckage. Freed from the 
car, they were taken to Mansfield 
where physicians ru'nulod ihrm 
• Mr. >and Mrs. Clioatc were brought '< 
to Springfield In au ambulance. j 

Mrs. Choate Is survived by her | 
husband, who Is night clerk at the > 
j Ben Franklin hotel, and a brother, j 
! D. W. R. Cox. o." Springfield. 

Jake Btribtaser, CO. died thia morn- 
ing at Ma home on route 0. He la 
surrt?ed by one brother. MarUn 8ul- 
hmjer of Springfield. Funeral serr- 
lee. will b» nejd at 3 O'clock lornor- 
rbw afternoon, at Che Herman Loh- 
meyer Funerxl home. The Re-. M:. 
Bpretht. pastor oi the Lutheran 
church, win officiate Surlil vtU be 
In Maple Par* cemetery. 


Funeral services for R. J. Lovelace, 
85, who died at hi. home. '663 Worth 
NetUeton avenue, were held at 3* p. 
m. today at the Alma Lohmeyer Fun- 
eral borne. Burial wa» In Oreen- 
l.wn cemetery. He Is survived by a 
son. Louie; a stepson. Oeorge Rol- 
ling, of Tulsa, and a brother. H. L 
Lovelace, of rort City, la. 


Funeral services for Mrs. Ethel 
Harrison of LocKWood. 40. who died 

to a local., noepltal Thursday, ware. 

held yesterday aflcinooft at Lock-, 
wood. TjurUl wafc under "direction oi 
the Caldwell Undertaking company, 
Mrs. Harrison U survived by her hus- 
band, Clarence Harrison. 


Miss Catherine Qulnn Wed*. 

© wedding ceremony of Miss 

herlno Marie Quinn and Mr. Louis 

ersbach of 8t. LouJs.. an event 

attracted tho Interest of society 

the city today, was performed this 

rnlng at 9 o'clock at tho Bt. Agnes 

ircl) by Rev. Father I. Cur'. is Tlcr- 


,Vhlte chrysanthemums and green- 
In art baskets adorned tho corn- 
nlon rail and palma formed on en r 
nee to the altar. Tho beauty of 
church formed a lovely back- 
und' for the wedding rites and 
ss. The bride, who Is the daughter 
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Qulnn, 000 
uth Natlunul h.vci:uc, was given In 
rrlage by her father. 8ho was bo- 
lugly gowned lu » period gown 
white aotlu, fashioned with a bouf- 
t skirt and uneven hem line and 
ed with lace. Her full length 
fell from a cap caught at the 
ee with oraiifce blossoms. Long I 
lie gloves were worn by the bride. I 
ho carried a shower bouquet of! 
Ide's roses ami buby breath tied 
Ith white tulle. 

The gowns of Mrs John Qulnn. mi- 
on of honor, and Miss Agnes Meyer, I 
isld of honor, were also period styre, I 
Irs. Qulnn whs costumed in slicll 
Ink chiffon with silver lace and Miss 
eyer wore seafoiuii green chiffon, 
It!) the sAino trimming. Matching 
icture hau, long whlio glovce and 
orssges of rr*«fs and valley miles 
,-ere tho accessories ol boih uttend- 
nts. Master John Quinn, in whit* 
atlu. preceded the procession, carry- 
ng tho rlufj In tho heart of a lUy on 
a white satir. pillow, 

Tho Lohengrin wedding march 
(Wagnor) was played for tho entrance 
of the bridal procession. Mr. dum- 
mersbacli was attended by Mr. John 
Hawke, honor man, and Mr. John 
Qulnn, groomsman. Mr. John Meyer 
and Mr. Ed Hlgglns of St. Louis acted 
as ushers. 

Tho bridal party aud close Trlcnds 
of the couple wero guests at the 
bfeaklast at the home of tho bride's 
parents following tho church service. 
Tho houso was decorated lavishly with 
flowers and greenery lor tho occasion 
and music was played throughout the 
breakfast. Mr. and Mrs. Gummersbuch 
dopartcd for a wedding trip to Wash- 
ington, D. C, New York City and 
polute In Canada. Mrs. Guronicrsbach 
hoi been tne Inspiration lor numer- 
ous social affairs since the announce- 
ment of her engagement, and the' 
kunctlons in her honor have been 

jfttnong the in oat interesting events of 
Rbe»4<iU .aa, ; tht>i hrldo is o popular 
"member or tho. young, oot an woll as 
^member of one of Springfield's most 
jfcpminont lanjjllee. 6ho l* a inember 
onLtqnbda. Alpha- Lambda sorority 
andj'atteiided JtUlndalo academy. here/ 
f'-^EUnner wo*, jlyeii last' nighfc-'*or 
the 'bridal party and the parent* ,ot 
the brldo at tho home of Mr. and 
Mis. John Qulnn, (101 South Florence 
avenue. Covers at the dinner were 
L>lui_id for eleven. 

Among the out of town guetts who , 
were hero for the wedding are Mrs. \ 
Joseph Qumincrsbach, mother r»S (lie j 
bridegroom. Miss Mary Guiri.'nersbitch. j 
a sister; Mr. Vic Uumiiierebucli and | 
Mr. Gene GummersbnCh. brothers to • 
the bridegroom; Mr. and Mrs. Ed ! 
Qummersbach and Mr. and Mrj. Ed ! 
Hlgglns. all of 8t. Louis; and Mrs. A. ' 
Bchneldcrhahn of 6loux City. In i 


ioVr«tr .Vh 4 , lo .V $ ln the *«■■ o> ear 
rerta« 3&£*, lht }«»«»««« floral of- 

RUdrfwV^ir! IUDerU °* ° Ur ,0Vtd - «•• 


Funeral serv| ce „ r or Truman Paul, 
13. of Harrison. Ark., who died yeg* 
tcrday i„ & hosplla! here, will be 
held tomorrow at Harrison. The body 
wns forwarded yesterday by the Her* 
nun H. Lohm-yer Funeral home 
The boy is survived by an uncle 
•ntl sunt. Mr and Mrs. Lor, Paul of i 


Funeral services for Port* I E 
Davie.. 30. of 3301 Pro.pect avenue ' 
who died yesterday morning in a' 
local hospital. after a brief ilinew.. 
were held at 3 p. m . iod.y at the 
Mlngner Funeral home. Burial was ! 
hi Har.elwt^d cemetery 



Docket to vbio tiaettlerneDU are do* 
from executors, administrator*. guardians 
and curators «t the corning Norember 
term ol tha Probate court 0/ Grtene 
County, Missouri, commencing on the 
second Monday, tho fourteenth day of 
November, 1637. 

All citations are returnable on the flr*t 
day ol tho term. 

1027. I 

Alexander, Mercla N., deceiased; Bernfe 
Alexander, executor. First semi-annual I 

Ament, Adelta Monroe, deceased: J. W. 
Chilian, administrator. First semi-Oii- 
nual lettlcineuL * 

Agere. Carl, minor: Margaret V. Akeri, 
guardian and curatrlx. First annual set- 

Adaiui, Mahala. Imiik; M. T. Prater, 
guardian and curator. Third annual set- 

Armantrout, Aaa and Delorls. minors; 
Delia Armantrout Freeman, guardian and 
curatrlx. Ninth annual aelilernenl. 

Bray. Welter, deceased; James M. Bray 
and W. T. Jennings, executors. Blxtii 
•erdl-annual aeltlemcnt. * 

Ballinger. Homer J., minor* Mrs Lu- 
cille Weaver, guardian and curatrlx 
Glxlh annual .settlement. • 

; vBrajr, JeneTa &.. minor: *r*& B. Wil- 
liams and Mabel Williams, guerdlaaa Mid 
curators. Third annual settlement. 

1 027. 
Purges*. Henry v.. deceased; Marl O. 
Tiller. administratrix. Final B*tUement. 
Dills. Ctrollne, deceased: George O. 
Blythe. executrix. Final Mltlemeot. 

Blythe, James M., deceased; Ada u 
Blythc. cxfcutrlc Final settlement. 

Brunntr,. Edward ,W., deceased; Lucille 
Brunner. administratrix. First aeml-an- 
uual settlement. 

Britain. Ophelia, .deceased; James A. 
Nrlms. public administrator. Plrst scml- ' 
annual settlement. 

Barnhar:. Davis, deceased; Elizabeth j 
Barnhart, administratrix with the will I 
annexed, first semi-annual settlement, 

Beazloy, -Everett, deceased; Lowe O. 
Deazley and W. W. Mantx, executors. 
First semi-annual settlement. 

Bryan, Lorena Ethel, minor; James A. 
Helms, public guardian and curator 
First annual settlement. 
in, 1027. 

Blcnnerhassclt, W O , deceased, T. J 
Rose, executor. Final settlement. 

Ballinger. Harriett E.. deoeased: rtalph 
R. Ballinger, administrator. Final set- . 
Uement. I 

Crlglitou, Maud T., deceased; John C. 
Crightoti, admlnl.ttrator. First 'ftml-an- 
nual settlement. , 

Crelghton, J. W.. deceased; Fannie V. 
Oreigbtoti, executrix. First aemt-annual 
settlement. | 

Oann, Wyatt, deceased; Diddle Crabtrce. , 
! administratrix. Final settlement. I 

Cowi:!] Oil Com pa ,3y, C0-|iail:icrshlp; , 
Oscsr Lee Goss, deceaecd partner; Harry] 
U. Cowell. surviving partner, adminis- 
trator Final settlement. I 

Crls.s. C, V.. deceased; Vance C. Crlss 
and Mary 3. Crlss. administrators. Final 
settlement. _ • j 

Canireii, Louisa arid Elizabeth, minors; 
Loons Cantrell, guardian and curatrlx. I 
Fourth annual Rltlemeht. 
17. 1M7. 

Crow, J. ».,• deceased; A, F, BhlpUy, 
administrator. Final settlement. 

Brlxey, Josephine and Alva M., minors; 
W. O. Brlxey, cttnrdloh. and Curator. 
Sixth annual settlement. 

Bancroft, Dorothy, Wilms, Doris Leo 
and Andrew George, minors; J. XL Blunt, 
guardian and curator. Fourth annual 

Bingham, Jessie B., deceased; Charley 
Bingham, administrator. Final selUe- 

Blankcnshlp. Mildred, minor; W. A. 
Blankcnshlp, guardian and curator. Final 

Drussa, Margaret Marie, minor; Emily 
M. Barnett, guardian and curatrlx. First 
annual settlement. 

PIngledrln. Edward P., deceased; Ida 
A. Uingeldoln, executrix. Pinal settle- 
ment. . ■ 
•^■filngeldaln "ynilng BWlon, Edward P. 
tfingeldeln, :, deceased Mjartnct; Ida. . A. 
Dinguldcu,; 'ndrainlstf atrlx. •" Final > aottte- 
ment. ••>■* .. . . 

' "Tartar,''" ifarF^JBL, rlsSrfalcecft^lcle- Mo> 
Laughlin, administratrix. Final eeiUs* 

Diogeldeln, Dorothea, deceased; Julius 
W. Dlngledeln, executor. Pincl settlement. 
' Dewburst, Mary Agnes, minor; 'Robert 
Dewhurst. guardian and curator. Sixth 
annual settlement. 

Dryden, Harry L., insane: C. L. Carmln, 
guardian and curator. Fifth annual set- 

Eddlugs. Luther and Bculah. minors; 
William {,. McCurdy. cx-publlc guardian | 
and curator. Ninth annual rrltleinent 

Elliott. Annabclle. John William »pd J 
Oeorge Austin, minors; F. M McDavld. 
curator. Fifteenth, annual settlement j 

Ellis. James H., deceased: Martin L j 
Howard, ex-public administrator. Final i 

Flcldeu. Herbert William, minor. W. J. j 

Fleldcn.' guardian and curator. Sixth an- | 

nuttl settlement j 



Frlck. F.arl U , Insane. James A Nclms, i 
public guardian and curator. Becond an- j 
nual settlement. i 

Fuibrlght, Charles U, deceased: J M ' 
Fxilbrlght. admlnlslrator First semi- 

annual, settlement. 

Fcycn. Bailie, deceased; J. A. Oammon. 
administrator, with the will annexed. 
First semi-annual settlement. 

Fellon. Jack Eugene, minor; Laura L. 
Cowden, guardian and curatrlx. First an- 
nual settlement 

Fallln. Dorothy C. minor; Louise A. 
Pallln. guardian and curatrlx. First an- 
nual settlement. 

Forester, Bolonion. deceased: Anna 
Nowlin. administratrix. Pinal settlement. 

Freeman, Rebecca E. deceased; James 
A. Beck, executor. Final settlement. 

aavlor. O. 0.. deceased: Ada Oaylor, 
administratrix. Final settlement. 

Ooad.* Minnie K. Insane; O. W. Ooad. 
guardian and curator. Tenth annual 

Osult. Claude. Insane; Inez Clalbrallh, 
guardian and curatrlx. Eighth Annual 

Hr.rness, Arthur, deceased: A. J. Bmllh, 
executor. First seml-ani'.uni ." eUlcincnt. 

Hash., minor: J. O. Hash, guar- 
dian and curator. Plrst annual settle- 

Herman. F.lmlra E, formerly Elmlra E. 
File, deceased: J. K. Olbson, administra- 
tor. Pinal settlement. 

Herman. Daniel H.. deceased: Edgar S. 
Herman, executor. Final settlement. 

Horney. Elr.a J. deceased: Daniel M. 
Hornev. administrator. Final settlement. 

Hagewood. Samuel, deceased: W P. An- 
derson. sdmlnistrntor Final settlement. 


deceased: Vernn. E. 
Firs", scrri ;l- annual 


Herbert. Albert II . dccrn:.rd; John W. # ' 
Herbert. administrator. Final scltlemert. 
Hurt Icy, Roicor, deceased;^ Anna K. 
Hartley. executrix. Final settlement-. 

Hendricks. Lewis w . deceased; Peajl ! 
P. Oarbec. administrator. FJnAl settle- j 
merit cS 

Wlmbcrly. J w . deceased : Annie Wim- J 
berly. executrix. "Final tettlrmrnt. 

Hogin Mary. Insuno. Mike Nlbler. guar 
dlan and curator. Fifteenth annual set 

Humphrey*. Edwin and Mar Miller. ; 

• rr.l-GTS . K Jf .::i|i!.m->s, curator. . k:inj«i settlement. «, 

Inglls Alrxandcr, deceased; Augusta M. I 

Dally, executrix. First semi-annual set- I 

Uement. . 

I»rom. Lois A . and AMs D , minors; 
Vetn A Duvldson. curator. Second an- 
nual settlement. 

S3, ID?7. 
Jones. Matilda A 
Mitchell, executrix. 

James, O. W.. deceased: C. L. James, 
executor. First semi-annual settlement. 

Johns. Fannie, deceased: C. C. Johns, 
administrator. First semi-annual settle- 
ment. • 

Jones. J. C, deceased: H. O. Jones. •Ad- 
ministrator. Final settlement. 

Johnson. Reed. Insane: Dale B. Johnson, 
dusrdlan and curator. Third annual ccl- 

Kenncdv. Lee C drccased: Wllllnm T. 
Ker-.»1v.' executor Final setllemen' 

•.»;•'< • .' ' p.ert tlrrea'ed: Anna K llttrl- 
\f/.' aufiilniatrairix *iui the will Annexed. 
Fi"t sen-i-annual sal tlement. 

K'ndrlct. 2llr.tb-lli. tn'.nor: C M. Kin- 
rtrlck. guardian and curator. Tenth an- 
nual settlement. 

thdrsday. tenth pay. 
novkmrer 84. 19*1. 
Klndrlcx, Willi" m Thomas, deceased: 
Martin L-. Howard, cx-uublio administra- 
tor. Pinal wtU tx xanV, 

- lAwrent*, flaxuh 'C. P^^^I-^^i 

nual eetllemeat. . • " " * w _""_ 

Long. John I/., deceased; WaJtltpt 

executrix First? xeiiU-annual -*iUerr*Et. 
tamWrd, Sterling P x decouaed; Orta 

Patterson/ executor. J*ir»> ^Mjfepattl 

"uuerxl, Coiumbl. ^thtWj Wft*g i 
Mildred IV.- MeOloafcer. admlaUtrattix. 
First semi-enndal eeUl-ment. jL- 

x>ster. Alice, deceased; ***** "*-. «*- 

Curdy, executrix. Final uU.Htatat.-' ■• ■ . 

tA W too. wiuiam w.. dee*»»^i: ynn*ai 

E. Lawtorr." ndmtnUtrmttr 'vllh- «k wUi 

annexed. Eleventh aanual ■S*t*J« B 5h-. • i 

Moore. Karl U, minor; B. S. 8oJdex,^ 

guardian and curctt or. P inal MUmem. ... 


> HOTKMBEK »» W7»- • . 

Mason. Wxa Ann, dec«*»t<i; Bart 3**- 
ion, administrator. Tlrud f*Ute»»Bt. 

Mason. F. M. deceased: Jamea A. *«»*• 
public administrator. Second annual tet- 

1 Macht. Jobn. deceaaed; J»m«« A. rTelmx, 
public administrator. Ueeotid annual set- 
tlement. . _ ...-il^ 

Martin, Annie, minor T. B. Martin, 
guardian and curator. Ptfth annual «**- 

Marilnex, Jw. minor; **•<?• «S^ , « **" 
rator. FourWentn annual artUewnt- 

McCluer. Addle. ^e***** 4 - j8 | m , 
Bchmook .administrator do bdhls non wtta 
the will annexed. Pleat settlemeTit 

MrKcnna. Frank. Insane: N-.tla T. 
Do*li:r. guardlau and tur*l."U- Ts=lh a-- 

| nual settlement. . 

UcOulre. Esther Bands, minor. Ch»i. A. 
p. Bellcrd. guardian and curator. Blxtn 
! annual settlamenL 

KUYEMBBR £«. 1*17. 

I iiclaaote, ^ohn PauL' dcceateiJ. John 
! & Mc4>tnore. aomlnlstrAttK. .TIrst »sml- 
annual settlement. ' 

Mccracken. Tnoma* J» deceased: 
Georgia McCraeken. admlnisttaUlx. Pin* 
semi-annual tetUemeni. 

McKlnma. Nannie M„ deeeaxed? ADl* 
Campbell, adnilntxtratrtx. PlnsJ ateeteraenf. 

MeCrosfcey. Oeorgc M.. CeceTtsed: John 
B. McCroske/ and Robert H. MeCrwker, 
executors. Final eettleraenfc • 

Norman, Mary L-.. decearxd. Lccv E. 
Miles, administratrix. Flnal^seltiemerit. 

NlcJiolron. Ljrnan, minpr: JCadlre A. 
Nicholson, guardian and curator. Second 
annual settlement. 

Nelson, Jamea Drew and JCathrrn Jane, 
minors; Maude O. Nelson, guardian" and 
curalrlg. Third annual settlement. 

G»en. Thomaa. deceased; Miry O. OTren, 
adiDlnlstratrlx. Final settlement 

.NOVEMBER 28, t»Z7. 

O'Neal. William W., deceased; Martin 
U Hosrard, executor. PtnaJ aetUemrat. 

O'Neal. Oeorge .Elmo, minor. ZcU* 
O'Nrsl. guardian and curatrlx. Third 
annual scilltmant. 

O Day, Robert C . and KVanor M 
minora; Maftha M O'Day guardian and 
curatrlx. Fifth annual settlement 

O Day. Marie Jane and Alexander C . 
minors; John Bohruook. sruardlan and 
curator Ninth Annual settlement 

Plcxel. A. II . deceased; Walter n. Evinn, 
i:.-.rc.:'.or K'.r 1 ;; :*rr.! • /i.'H;'.;a I .>rt!.!e.mer.l. 

Perrytnan. O. W.. deceased: Nora Analum I 
and John II. P'trymsn, execulort. First I 
.'."•mi-Annual setH'm-nt 

Pipkin, rttb'rt I. « layette, deceased Ar.r.a ' 
P Pi |ik 1 1 >, executrix. First seou-ancial . 
fcelllenjenl j 

Potts. <EdWard L.. deceaaed, Leon K. ' 
Potts, administrator. Final aettleinent. I 

I I*t«ooa-. VT. C., d*e»ue* !«, *»■*#& 
I admlnliitatoc. Pinal aetUetoeht^ • 

Pallet t, Bar ah Vthtxtt, dec eased ; CMorM 
iW, Da-rls, administrator, Pinal settle- 
r meni. . • • ■ 

Phaips, T«imam, minor; PloTtnce Brts- 
well. euardlan and curatrlx. 0frenU> an* 
I nnsl aettlemeoL 

I Raosln, lUm J., eleorased: JamM A. 
'Reims, public admlni.Ui.Uu. Tint aerni* 
annual aetUemenU 

Rnbertaon. Thomaa 1^, deceated; John 
W. RoberUon. executor. First gemt-aranxal 
settlement. . 

ifnAhaw, YTTlllam O.. deceaced; CasUaco 
A. Ilenshnw. administratrix. First semi- 
annual settlement. * 
need. Woodr. de-ceased; Jasae* A Netax. 
, public ndmlnistrato:. First semi-annual 

Roberts. Peter W^ -deceased: J. i. 
Roberts, admlnUtnttor. Pint semi-annual 

ReUlr, 3, W, deceaied, Mary fltotllT, 
administratrix. Final eetllement, 

Rofej-^Oacar P. . deceased ; Jamea . A. 

-'•iuidej'i.-rOeif-* rw»U: 
RAder/adrrUril»i41ltrlX.i _ 

R6aa. 'PaollnaW'-AtlttorTT 
Held, guardian and cnralrUc Third sakiMl 

Richmood, Richmond iC MrrOe K. and 
Maggie M, minors; Martin L. HoTsrd, ex- 
publlo guardian and curator. Fifth annual 

R-A-es. Chester Ontn and Leona Mar, 
minors: J. W. Reaves, guardian and cura- 
tor. Foil rlli annual aollleratnt 

UkcttoU, ALzada >■' . (l'.ce.vsed: W. M. 
Moonevhain. administrator. First seml- 
ai;nunl settlement ' 

Smith. Pred O, 6er»**^i ttvOaTL 
Bralth. administratrix. Plnrt semi-annual 



Behwel Iter. Jacob C deceased; TnA C 

Schweltzer and John Bch«-«1U«» azeeator* 

Flrit semi-annual settlement. 
Eheppard, Chaa.. minor; Helen OatM 
, Sheppard. guardian and. caraULc First 
! annual aettlenvnt. 

I Stockbrldge. Sadie C, deceased: aiadjrj 
I M. Eldson, administratrix, Final aettle- 

Btu'ekl. Ernst, deceased; Union National 
Bank, executor. Walter A. Coon. Final 
settlement. . _ . 

Sheppard. Ches , declared: Helen Gates 
Bhrppard, executrix. Final settlement. 

Summers, 14. B.. alios U K. 8now, 
deceased; James A. Helms, public adjolnls- 
trator. Final settlement. 

Sechrlst, Thomas, dt-ceased: Jane* A. 
Halms, Public administrator with lis wUl 
inn'ttd. Final aetUemrnl. 

ajoberg. Dorothr. minor: Uulda J. fljo- 
brrg, guardian and euralrlx. Serenth an- 
nual arfM'inent 

DECEMBER i, im. 

Turner. Oeorgia. Louise and OrrlUa, 
minors: Mark E Webb, guardian and cura- 
tor Ninth annual settlement. 

Youngblood. J M . deceaaed. W. fl. 
Youngblood, administrator with the; will 
antirard. Final •»lUcment. 

Tatum. lli-vfrlv A . deceased: W A 
Tatun:. adiniti;»uator. Final settlement. 

Tuck, Sarah M. defeased; Delia E. 
Iiumpajt. executrix Final settlement 

Tyler. Mailnda, deceaaed: Claude CtB>» 
■haw. executor. Final settlement. 

Underwood. Jennie. deceased; rr*rrn 
Jlemlrlckjon .adoUnlstratris. First 
annual settlement. 

" Watson. Joseph B., minor; Jane WaisTO. 
ruardlan and euralrlx. BIxfeentB annnU 
settlement- . _ . • — -■ 

Woodle. Frederick K.. Insane; Carrta 3. guardian and euralrlx. Fixtn t»- 
nual settlement. » ».»•.«. 

Wharton. Oeorf*""V- d<c **£* <5 ,v.t? :<U " 1 
p. Wharton, administratrix. Twelfth *n- 

nuftl settlement. _._ 

Wright. Hollli Oarrett. minor; Holllx K. 
Wrialit, guardian and curator. £ls;hth. an- 
nual settlement. , 

William*. Ernest Drron. Insane; J^flfj 
Williams, guardian and curator. Third 
annual settlement. _-..., ,. 

Whlllocfc. Ju'.ln.; Jessie WhllJoct, 
guardian Bnd r.urn'.rix. Third annual art- 
llcmcnt. __ 

Wagner. Mrrl and Lorene. minor*. Dei- 
sts Daniel, guardian and coralrtx. Elrrenth 
annual aetllement. 

Willis, D O.. deceased: W. B. WlUla, 
executor. First semi-annual settlement. 

Williams. John W. drrr»s»d. Robert 
p Wllllamr admw.U'-rator. Frit semi- 
annual aeltlement. -„,..., c 
Williams. Juliet R. deceased; Robe.t F. 
Williams, administrator. First semi- an- 
nual settlement. , 
Walsny. James. m!n-,r. E C namlla 

curanr First annual f-'i;»ro'nt 

Wlilie frorge T . df -ca*rd. J H Fjrrr- I 
man. administrator de bonl.^ non. Final 
settlement. "V - „ 

Wlberg. Hlls O., deceased: Amanda >C 
Carlfon. executrix. Final settlement. 


Clerk ol Probate Court. 

Page 1: Samuel M. Austin and Kate Davis were married.** 

Joa Reinert and Amy Peragen were married.** 
Page2A: Mrs. Lizzie Reaves died.** 
Page 8 A: Jake Stribingerd died.** 
Mrs. Harriet C. Choate died.** 
Truman Paul died.** 
Delbert Sawyer died.** 
Mrs. Hattie A. Jordan died.** 
Edward Hensley died.** 
Page IB: Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Robertson celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 5B: Daughter born Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Huggens of Newburg. 
Son born Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tyler of Newburg. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Ward of Springfield went to Newburg for the funeral of their 

Page 6B: There is an article about the Ewing family farm. Arthur Ewing came here 
from Tennessee in 1837 and four generations have lived on the farm since. His grandson Ed 
Ewing is the present manager. Two other grandsons are Arthur and Asberry. This is a long 
article but it is mostly about the agricultural aspects of the farm. 

Page 8B: Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Billings celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.** 
Page 3C: Miss Catherine Quinn and Mr. Louis H. Gummersbach were married.** 
Miss Naydean Blakely and Mr. M. G. Lion were married.** 
Miss Elizabeth Marsden and Mr. Forest Hunt will be married.** 


I Jua lbalnert, 24. I'ualco. and Amy 
iv™*«n. It, BllllnKa; Bsunuel M. 
Wustaln. 80. Republic, aund K»t« 

;:>hvU. 27. Clovla. N. M.; Ouy M. 
N.-lKhbora. Si. and Heaa B. Jonas, 

il! . both of Knobnoater: Ola* Bald- 
win. l'V>. nnd Chloo Atohloy. II, both 
,f pprlnatfl^ld. 


Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Robertaoa. 

who today celebrate «l 
of marriage. 

nm urm* »» 


9 i . 

Presence of Maid-of-Hon 
or and Best Man, 
Whose Romance Bios* 
somed at Robertsons' 
Marriage. Will Be 
Unique Feature 

TUHKN 18 -r«*r -old ElU* Oe- 
muif bfctnio tho brido of the 
yuunir Union veteran, \V. W. Rob- 
ertson. In a -ceremony performed at 
Republic. Mo.. «i years ago today, 
the bride** nloce. Sarah, acted, aa 
maid-of-honor. and JunM Bra- 
wluuvs vu beat man. Tradltional- 
ly, a aecond romance bloaaomed at 
the, wedding — 

And chief anions; the g-ueaw at 
the anniversary reunion of kins- 
folk and old friend* who today wlU 
celebrate the anniversary of the 
wedding of Eliza and W. W. Rob- 
ertson at their home In Crane will 
be Sarah and Jam. a Brashares. 
who "stood up'' with the celebrants 
»<• lone ago. Id'-'^"^ 

anniversary relet. ration today will 
he attended by their children and 
grandchildren, and many lifelong 
frlenda. who will ronm to enjoy a 
basket dinner together and to spend 
the day In ploaaant Wetting and 

The children of Mr. anj Mm. 
Itobertson are T. H Robertson, 
iratie: Mrs. Motile Ragedale. 467 Walnut street. Springfield; 
and Mr». Id.-t Itlrhmoml. S.irroxle. 
Mo. There are three »rrnndrhlldren. 
all girls— Ruth Robertson. Wllma 
Richmond, and 'Wllma Kagndale. 


«. . 4> 

Roth Mr. and Mrs. Robertson 
were native Mlssourlans— Mr. Rob- 
ertson being born 12 years ago In 
Unrrnrt county, and Mra. Robert- 
eon Ti' years ago In Greene county. 

Shortly after young' Robertson 
came home from the Civil war 
service In the Union army, the two 
were married, and moved to a farm 
In Lawrence county. Later Mr. 
Robertson assisted in building a rail 
fence along the Frisco's right-of- 
way before the road Itself went 
through: operated a sawmill for a 
tlmo; and finally became a mine 
operator at Aurora aad at Btotta 
City. He retired acre v er a! years 
ago. and for tho past nine years the 
two hare lived at Crane. Mr. and 
Mra. Breehares still live at Repab- 

»»«• . 


♦ ♦! 

Mr. and Mra. Robertson, now In 
their eeventh decade of life In Mis- 
souri together, are among the old- 
est couples In the state, and the 


Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary 

Celebrated at Christian 


fpwrtal to Tht N«u'« 

LEBANON, Mo.. Oct. 22— Dr. and 
Mrs. J. M. Hillings. 84, tonight cele- 
brated their sixtieth wedding anni- 
versary at a reception given in their 
honor at the Christian church here. 

Is Pioneer Physician 
Dr. Billings, pioneer Ozarks physi- 
cian, was acquainted with Lincoln 
and Orant and dined at several ban- 
quets with them. He also heard the 
famous Lincoln -Douglas debate. 

The program at the Christian 
church tonight was opened by an 
address, given by Dr. Al McComb. 
A quartet, composed of Ralph and 
Claude P.urley. Miss Jessie Hurley 
and Arthur Billings song, "Silver 
Threads Among the Gold." Mrs. H. 
C. Clark was the accompanist. 

Vernon Gives Address 
I>>n O. Vernon. Lebanon attorney, 
delivered a short address, praising 
Mr. and Mrs. Billings. Miss Myrtle 
Campbell sang a solo and Mrs. J. 
M. Billings, tho bride of 60 years, 
recited a poem. A 6ong by tho 
quartet "■When Yn-j and I Wore 
Y<>'ing Mriirgl- " u:i- rulluweil by re- 


Miss Quinn 



doujrhier of Mr- and Mrs. 
James Quinn, 600 Houth NaUonal 
Doulevard, became the bride of 
Mr. Louis H. Qummersbach, »oa 
of Mrs. Joseph Guromerabach o! 
St. Luull at 1* o'clock yesterday 
morning at nuptial high maa» 
service at St. Agues church In the 
presence of more than two hundred 
of her friends. 

The church presented a lovely 
sceno with Its natural beauty en- 
hanced by a profusion of huge 
white chrysanthemums In large art 
baskets Interspersed with beautiful 
ferns and palms In attractive 
jardinieres, over which a soft glow 
was cast by the lighted tapera. 
White l»ouquets marked the seat* 
reserved for the Immediate rela- 

As an Introductory to the •ervloa 
Mum Lura Heckenllvely play** 
the prelude to the third act of the 
U>hengrln opera by Wagner and 
she ujayed the Lohengrin bridal 
music aa the bride entered the 
chinch acc<xmj»nled by her father 
who gave, her to Mr. Oummerebacb 
In marriage. During the service 
Miss Heckenllvely softly «ave 
"Dr*«mi'' from the eeventh •onato 
of Oulllcmant. and she accompanied 
Mr. Will Kennedy who aang 
Schubert's "Ave Marie." Following 
the service which waa read by the 
Kevercnd Father James A MoffaU. 
the rlntc ceremony being used. 
Mendelssohn'! wedding march wai 
played for the recessional. 

Thn bride's (town was a lovely I 
creation of whli* satin, made In 
period stylo and trimmed In Duchess 
lace, with ee«-d pearls outlining? lb* 
r.cck and following tho lace trlm- 
; .,!n K on the skirt. Her full length 
veil, which formed a train, was of: 
I'ucliesa luce mnl was held by " 
wreath of orangw blossoms, and her j 
slippers were of white satin She] 
. nrried n shower of white rosea and | 
\a!lev lilies and wore a plaUnumti 
nnd diamond pin. a gift from the 
bridegroom. Her golng-away frock j 
was of tan silk crepe and with It 
► he. wore a tan coat with a large 
brown fox collar and hat and allp- 
j.«rs to harmonize. 

Tho bride wrui attended by Mr*. 
John Quinn. a slsNy-lnlaw aa mat- 
ron of honor, and by Mlas Afiiis 
Mever. a cousin to the bridegroom, 
as roaid of honor. !Both wore 

itowns ©f chiffon. Mr*, Qutnn'a of 
l«nJe pink and Xllsa Meyer's of nlle 
(H-M-Ti. made bouffant style with 
large chiffon hate of harmonizing 
■•hades trimmed In silver ribbon 
nnd lace and they wore sliver slip- 
pers. Their flowers were old j 
fashioned nosegays of pink roe.*) 
Mii.'.r John quinn. nephew to the 
' i •..!•■ In a suit of white satin, car- j 
! .1 llie iii.k in » iuSffl illy Oli •»■ I 
>\ I. l;e so: 'ii pillow. 

M «. James yulnn. mother of the 
» r:div wore M.o'k rhlffon Irlnwwd 
;• .-.'..I o\t fli-sh colored satin, 
with a sin.i'.l Mack hat. Mrs ' 
', s,.,h < '.Liii.mersbach. mother of 
l |-.i» bridegroom, wire blue and 
wlill.- i hlffon and lace and also. 
V.I.. a smiil! hat of black- 

_Mr. tiuniineriil nil was attends , 

I N V: .1. ' n ll.iwke of St. Louis UH 
hot., r ii. i' M'.d Mr. John CJuinn. 
i-r -t»;< r :•« I l.c bride, as groomsman. | 
T! .• i;s!.. m wire Ml Kdwurd A ; 

I I Strains ..f Si. I*'u!s and Mr John 
M.i.r "f tlil» oily. Cousin to the i 
bridegroom. The bridegroom, hia 
honor man and ushers were daaa- 
matcs of 1914 In the college of art* 
■ t St. Ix>uls university. 

Immediately following the aervlce 
breakfast «M served at the honrss 
. f tho bride's parents b« the bridal 
,.;ir!>' nnd tiiein'.K-rs of llie two; 
families. Tho newlyweds then left i 
i..r .-t. l.ouW nnd from there they 

will K<« t» N« w * ork cu * and olh * r 
eastern point*, vlsaUrui also In 
<'anada before returning to *»t. 
I .-ill i about Po.iinU-r 1 to make 
tl.i ir homo at 60iT Waterman 

TI . brtilo is a member of one of 
S|-rln»if :-*l«ra moat prominent fam- ' 
i:..s .mil :s one of society's most 
i' \ ,:t,i: women She 1* " 
i'Y.ulu:t!c ' • St. de ucadi my 
, f Springfield and of Sacred Mi«u-i j 
Junior colli ge of St. I ami is. and r»- . 
reived lici degree of bachelor of; 
i,rt* from the stats college here. ! 
.-he I* n member of Lambda Alpha ] 
Lttubd.i sorority nnd 1* vice urea-' 
I.Jent of the St. do Chantel Alumnae , 
association. Sine* the announcw- 
m. :it of her bethothal to Mr. 
I'.uiiiliiir.-ba.'h In September *hs 
i .,, been honored by an unusually 
'.Irgo i.uiii.'.-i of dinners, luncheons, 
bridge pJirtU-a and teas. | 

Mr itutr.mersbai h l» a graduate 
of the St. 1a<ui* I'lllveralty and la I 
secretary of Ilia ». Herder Dook j 
. oti.pany of Si. lamia. 

Among the out of town guests nt ' 
m« wedding were: Mr* Joseplt'i>. Mia» Mary Uuiu- 
i . is!..n h. Mr. VI.- CuiiiliMTsUirll, ' 
\|. i;.ii,. tltiir.nieruliai-h. Mr. and 
\-,« 1-Mw i rd A. IHgKiiiK. all of Si. 
I, ,; j ai..| Mr. and Mrs. A. A 
- ■.,, .-.,i.-i i.;-.jiii ol .>ioux city, lii- 


Fourth Generation of Family 

• * * + + * * 

! Now Living on Ewingacres 

i j. • • -*- 

'; Arthur Ewing, Tennessee Pioneer, Settled Land in 
1S37; Shorthorn Cattle Featured on SOO-Acre 
Tract Sorth of Springfield 


r ;\ r 


TKAM <-f oirr labored up the hill, slowly pulling ttio covered waijon 

.<f:«r them. The driver, a tall, broail-shoul.lercil Tetineiwian. walked 
:<*.!■ lh« • urplng thetn on. Hehlnd tin- wagon was tied a. cow, the 
..!>• milk tupply. 

Arv nc must there?" called the wife from the wagon. 

- Almost — junl over tho hll!." came lliv reply from the teainwter. 

-Ij*'. t... nion pulled until finally Ihn lr..w ..f th- hill was reached. 
• ►.. ;r :.• .nr.vTd a hftautlful Ozark panorama. A silver stream fared 

• k , r< »- ■(• valley, '"luni rre.-s y.-" '.11 lh«- slopes away front lh- 
»r. H-r.- »nd there wore natural clearing* where velvety biuegr<iss 
dark gr.*n f-pota In the distance. 

Double Ceremony 
Is Performed Here 
By Rev. Sechler 

CIMMON ED to the court house 
yesterday afternoon to per- 
form a marring* ceremony, tho 
Reverend E. C. Sechler found a 
double wedding- awaiting him 
when he arrived. 

A man- luce license had been 
Issued by Jack W. McKee, re- 
fonder of deeds, to Samuel M 
Austin of Republic and Kate 
Davis of Clovls. X. M. While 
they were waiting for the arrival 
of the minister. Joa Relnert ef 
Tu\lco and Amy Peragen of 
Killings appeared at Mr. Mc- 
Kee's office In search of a lioense 
and a clergyman. 

Neither couple had met before. 
Vat they agreed that since each 
was to be married, the same 
minister should officiate and 
t! .• there >liould be a double 

Miss Marsden 
To Wed Saturday 

Mrs. Harry Grubert of the Ray- 
mond apartments, will leave Tues- 
day night for St. Louis, where she 
will be matron of honor at the mar- 
riage of her sister. Miss Elizabeth 
Marsden. to Mr. Forest Hunt of 
St Louis. 

The wedding will take place next 
Saturday evening at 8:30 o'clock, at 
the home of the bride's parents, Mr. 
and Mrs. Q. C. Marsden. 6907 En- 
right avenue. Miss Marsden has 
frequently visited Mrs. Qrubert 
here, and has a large circle of 
friends among the younger set. 

Mr. Hunt Is a chemical engineer 
and has been located In St. Louis 
for the past three years. 

Following the wedding the newly- 
weds will leave for a three weeks 
trip through the east, after which 
:hey will be at home at the Oates- 
l worth Hotel in St. Louis. 
i Among the Springfield people who 
| will attend the wedding will bo: 
'■ Mr. and Mrs. Roland Moore, Mr. 
and Mrs. Francis Camp, Mr. Harry ( 
O ruber t and Miss Frances Ooftman. 


Funeral services will be conduct- 
ed today at Harrison, Ark., fsr Tru- 
man Paul. 12, of Harrison, who died 
Friday In a hospital here. The boy 
is survived by an unci* and an 
aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Lon Paul of 
Harrison. The body was forwarded 
to Harrison by the Herman Loh- 
meyer funeral home. 


Funeral services for Edward 
Hensley 29. who died October 1« 
aTwatonga'. OKU,, were conducted 
at Enon church near \%lshart 
Thursday afternoon. Mr. Hensiej 
Survived by his wife Mrs. Lona 
Hensley: his parents. Mr and Mr , 
M C Hensley. three small children 
and three sisters, all of " >*'"rt 


Funeral services for Jake Strtbln- 
gerd. 60. who died at 10 o'clock yes- 
terday morning at his home, route 
6, Springfield, will be conducted at 
2 o'clock this afternoon at the Her- 
man Lohmeyer funeral home. The 
Reverend Herman Specht. pastor of 
the Oernian evangelical church 
here, will officiate, and burial will 
he In Maple Park cemetery. Mr. 
Strlblnger Is survived by one 
brother. Martin Strlblnger 'of 

Funeral services for Mrs. Harriet 
C. Choate. 50, of 605 South Jeffer- 
son avenue, who died Friday night 
in a hospital here of Injuries Buf- 
fered in an automobile accident 
near Marshfleld, will be conducted 
at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon at 
the Alma Lohmeyer funeral home. 
The Reverend E. F. Leake, pastor 
of South Street Christian church, 
will officiate, and burial will be In 
Maple Park cemetery. 

Miss Naydean lUakely. daughter 
or Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Blakely. 
IMS North Grant a venae, becejv.e 
the bride of Mr. M. O. Lion, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Lion of 1101 
West Thoraan street, Tuesetiy night 
at S o'clock a£ the home of the 
bride's parents. Reverend Cowden 
of the Woodland Heights Presby- 
terlan church read the ring cere- 
mony. Mr. and Mrs. Lion left 
Tuesday night for Denver, Colo, 
where they will spend two weeks, 
after which they will bo at home 
on North Broadway avenue* 


Delbert Sawyer, 4-year-old son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sawyer, J37 
West Chestnut street, died at 10 
o'clock yesterday morning. Funeral 
services were conducted at 4 o'clock 
yesterday afternoon at Oreenlawn 
cemetery under direction of the 
Alma Lohmeyer funeral home. The 
child Is survived by the father and 
mother, three brothers arid a Bister. 

Mrs. HatUe A. Jordan, 02. died at 
10 o'clock last night at her home. 
638^ West Walnut street, following 
a brief Illness. She Is survived by 
her husband, who Is a baggage 
agent for the Frisco railway; two 
sisters, Mrs. E. W. Thorn and Mrs. 
H. C. Hedlnger of Remington. Va, 
and two brothers. \V. J. and J. E. 
Humphrey, also of Remington. The 
body probably will bo «'"< to Rem- 
ington for burial by the W. L. 
Slorne funeral home. 


Special to Th* N*u<t 

LEBANON. Mo. Oct. 23.— Mrs. 
Liule Reaves, 86, th* last of a 
family of nine children and one of 
the pioneer residents of Lebanon 
and Laclede county, died at her 
home here tonight. Mrs. Reave* 
came to Lebanon In 1SS1 and has 
taken a prominent part In clvlo 
affairs of the town since that time. 
Funeral services will bo held at 
the Lebanon Congregational church 
Monday afternoon. 

Page 4: Miss Una Allen and Mr. Earl Kelbune were married Wednesday in Marshfield. 
Mrs. Winifred Tennessee Alexander, 79, a pioneer resident of Webster county, 
died October 19 at the home of her son Charlotte Alexander near Roosevelt, Okla. She was 
buried in the Niangua cemetery. 

Miss Alice Oldfield and L. B. McMillan, both of Chicago, were married October 
15. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Sarah Oldfield of Bolivar. 

A son Bernard Lawrence Margason was born October 15 to Mr. and Mrs. Bernie 
Margason of Bolivar. 

Page 3B : Miss Catherine Quinn and Mr. Louis Gummersbach were married yesterday. 
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Quinn of Springfield. They will live in St. 
Louis. [This is a long article.] 

Page 4B: Miss Louise Reeves and Mr. Sidney R. Davidson will be married today.** 

Miss Esther Lee Danielson and Mr. Otis R. Nichols were married.** 
Page 13B: Marriage license:Guy M. Neighbors, 35, and Bess B. Jones, 29, both of 
Knobnoster, Mo. 

Page 18B: Mrs. Hattie A. Jordan died.** 
Price R. Freeman died.** 


Delbert Sawyer died.** 
R. J. Loveless died.** 
F. E. Davies died.** 
Page 15: Joseph Reinert and Amy Paragen were married.** 
Samuel M Auslam and Kate Davis were married.** 


to Be Married. 
Miss LoulM Bmvn and Mr. Sidney 
R. D*vidi»on will be married at 8 
o'clock this morning In the study of 

ekett of Tabernacle 

Davidson and iftr. tad Mr*. 
OMU Waitea, The tor. Crocket* will 
nod the rtnf earemooy tn*tbe praa* 
ence,of .the Immediate families and a 
few Intimate friend*. The bride will 
wear a traveling suit or dark blue, 
and the couple wlil leave, after a 
wedding* breakfast to be •erred at 
tbe home cf the bridegroom? par- 
• n'_*. Mr. and Mn. A. S. Davidson. 
410 East Elm atreet. Tbe bride la the 
(laughter of Mrs, OatTle Reeves. 803 
8t. loula atreeL 




The Office of Recorder Jeok M. Mo 
Kee waa tbe acena" yesterday after- 
noon of a double marlage ceremony 
performed by Rev. E, C. ScchJer. pas- 
tor of tbe Central Christian church. 

Tbe couple* married were Joa 
Reinert, 34, Pur loo. Mo., and Amy 
Pereg an, 91, Billings, *nd Bamuel M. 
Aualam. 80, Republic, "and Kate 
Davis. 17. Clovta, N. M. 

Mr. Becbler wVa cailei to perform 
tbe ceremony for tbe first named 
couple and In the meantime the, other 
couple bad arrived and desiring to be 
married agreed to bave a double cere- 
mony. Tbe two couple* were stran- 

A* marriage license was Issued to 
Olaf Baldwin. 20, and Chloe Atchery. 
31. both of Springfield. 


Mrs. Hattle A. Jordan. 83 years 
old. died at 10 o'clock last nlgbt at 
her borne. 838 West Walnut street, 
following a brief Illness. Bbe Is sur- 
vived by her husband, a son. Elmer H. 
Jordan of Fort Worth. Texas; two 
sisters. Mrs. X. N. Thorn and Mrs. H. 
C. Hedlnger. and two brothers. W. J., 
and J. A. Humphrey, all of Reming- 
ton, Va. The body probably will be 
forwarded to Remington by W. L. 
Btarne. undertaker. 

i -» 

Nichols — Danlelson . 

Mr. snd Mrs G. N. Danlelson, 738 

, West Bcott street, annouueo the 

j marriage* of their daughter, Esther 

Lee. to Mr. Otis R. Nichols, 485 Lo- 

: ren street. October 9. 

1*. K. FREEMAN. 

I Fuueral services for Price R. Free- 

I man. 56 years old, formerly of Spring- 
Held, who died Saturday In Kansas 
City, will be held Monday at Kansas 
City. He' Is survived by bis wife, a 
daughter. Mrs. J. L. Goes of Clinton. 
Mo., a brother. Percy C. Freeman of 
Springfield, arid three sisters. Mrs. R. 
E. Putman of Springfield; Mrs. 

j Bertha Pfoff • of New York, and Mrs. 

I Fred Cook of Omaha. Neb. 


Private funeral services for Del- 
bert Sawyer, 4-year-old son of Mr. 
I and Mrs. Frank Sawyer. 337 West 
; Chestnut street, who died at 10 a. m. 
Saturday, were held at 4 p. m. yes- 
terday at Greenlawn cemetery. Burial 
was under direction of the Alma Loh- 
meyer Funeral home. 


Funeral services for R. J. Loveless. 

66. who died at his home. 662 North 

NetUeton avenue, were teld at 2 p. in. 

yesterday at the Alma Lohmeyer Pu- 

! neral home. Burial was In Green- 

| lawn cemetery. 


Funeral services for Forest E. 

Davies. so. of 22C1 J#oapect avenue-. 

who died" Friday morning In a local 
i hospital after a brief 'lines*, were 

held at 2 p. m. Saturday at the 
I Kllngner Funeral home. Burial was 
! In Haselwood cemetery. 



Fear County Treasurer's Son i 

I May Have Suffered Frac-! 

ture of Skull; Dr., Cox, His: 

| Uncle, Has- Lad Removed ' 

to Hospital. • j 

I Bun <owj by an autaeaoblHr while 
psaylng in ths street In front of hU 

Charts* CO*. *, *-™wr<)Jd 

ot.MiV «***!%. ,«W*. p&t. Br- 
'.c 943 -forth Rotfbersdh' fwsnue, suf- 
Ifered a pomiblf fracture-of <le skulL 
' J. W High fill <Jf MP Bmifta Nettle- 
ton tttnii*. driver of the Automobile, 
said he attempted to sw^rre his ma- 
■ chine to miss the lad. but that the 
fender struck the ooy. knocking hua 
to tba paTement. 

Witnesses of the accident mated 
that the err passed over hla body. 

After an exnmlnatlor by Dr. Lee 
Cox. an uncle of the injured boy. a 
Herman H. Loruneyer ambulance was 
c .lied and he was Utcrjj to 8t. John's 
hospital. ™ 

The- attending physician was un- 
able to deterSlr.e the seriousness of 
young Coi's injuries, although It was 
thought he might have suffered a 
frvtured skull. 

Mr.' Cox. father of the boj. Is the 
Oreene county treasurer. 

2955 Pineridge Avenue 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208-2863 

April 22, 1998 


Dear Bill: 

Doth Billie and I really appreciated (and astonished) 
the copies of the articles in the Springfield newspapers about 
my accident. I had no idea that there was any publicity in the 
papers about it. Nobody ever mentioned it to me. 

As best I can remember, I was apparently in a coma for 
about four days and in the hospital for about a week. My 
first recollection after the coma was Uncle Lee standing over 
me, and his first question waB "Have you had a bowel movement?" 
I had never heard the term before, 

Jim and Kdwin were at the scene when the accident occurred, 
and both thought I was a dead duck for sure. Jim lived until 82, 
and every time 1 talked to him on the phone, he reminded me that 
I really should have been named Lazarus. 

Apparently I did recover rather quickly — so far as I know 
the only lasting effects were a slight drooping of my left eye- 
lid, and the need for glasses. 

At any rate, I'm glad to know I was so famous, even if 1 
way D ' 

did it the hard/ My only other publicity in the Springfield 
papers was in connection with the high school yearbook — a copy 
of which I am enclosing, the pictures that is. If you don't have 
the 1935 Resume, I have two copies, and would be happy to give 
one of them to you, as you are in several group pictures. 

Time does fly, even faster than before retirement. Billie 
has a new Dell Computer, with all the features including large- 
screen, color printer, and scanner. We don't travel at all- 
haven' t been to Springfield since 1989. Should you ever travel 
this way, we'd surely love to see you! 

Thanks again, hope things are going well with you, and 
keep in ^f'^ J? , 

u^ktWik^ Sincerely,, 

VJ 1, \ P.S. - In your letter you mentioned some guy named Jack Benny. 

■'as he the masked man in the lone Ranger series, or was that 
before ybiir time? Ji^ -^ *J^ 


y~. 6Z* out. /*U~y «^f 



IsHS Yearbook First in Its 

j Class; School of Ozarks , 

Annual Also Winner 

The Resume, Senior Higli school 
year book, won first place In the 
state among schools of more than 
1000 pupils, in the annual Missouri 
Intcrscholastlc Press Association 
contest, it was announced at the 
MU school of Journalism today. 
Professor E. K. Johnson of the jour- 
nalism school judged the entires. 

Jophn's Joplhno won second 
place, and Grover Cleveland High 
school in St. Louis, third. 
Cox Was Editor 
Also a matter of pride to Spring- 
Ik-Mi. m;-. is the announcement that 
The Ozarks. published by the 
School of the Ozarks at Hollister. 
won the contest in the class for 
printed annuals of schools with 
fewer than 200 pupils. 

Editor of the 1935 Resume, an all- 
school year book published each 
year by the senior class at Senior 
^Jilfill^chooKjyas Charles Cox. Cox 
^s Kohig^PsT Q) this winter. Asso- 
CHtB cdTTor wTTs Kenneth Lovcland; 
art editor, Martin Roper, and busi- 
ness manager, Omer North. 
Takes 825 [Mitts 
The book was notable for general i 
excellence in Its editing, a new and ' 
novel arrangement of material, and f 
outstanding artwork. 

In the National Scholastic Press ' 
association contest it won "first I 
class" rating, with a score of 825 J 
points out of a possible 1000. 

James Woody, editor for this 
year, aspires to the highest na- 
tional rating or all, which is "All- 
American." First class is second 


Elected Editor 
Of $HS Yearbook 

— Sews mrd Ltnttrr Staff P/iufo 

Success or failure of the High 
school yearbook, the Resume, will 
rest largely upon the shoulders of 
( Charles Cox, Iff. above, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. C. C. Cox of 942 Robber- 
son avenue. Charles was elected to 
edit this years publication, which 
will contain no advertising. 


Page 1: Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Robertson celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary.** 

Elsie C. Farnsworth was found dead in Mississippi river.** 
Page 3: Mrs. Hattie Jordan died.** 

James A. Saltz died.** 

J. L. Mitchell died.** 
Page 10: Mrs. Ada T. Shockley committed suicide.** 



Many Old Friends and Kins- 
folk Celebrate Sixty-first 
Wedding Anniversary of Mr. 
And Mrs. W. W. Robertson; 
He Amuses With Fiddle 

< 5- -first anniversary In Fwbraary- 

e> * 



OCORES of kinsfolk and old 
friend* iath«r«d on tbe sunlit 
lawn at the hom» ( of Mr. and, lira. 
W. W. Robertaon In Crane yester- 
day for an all-day celebration of 
the sixty-firat annltrsraary of their 

The guests began arriving by » 
o'clock In tbe morning, and the 
early houra were apent In reunlona 
[ and general visiting. At noon a 
I bounilful picnic dinner waa served 
on a huge table about 76 feet Ions 
erected on the lawn, and a brief 
program of felicitation* followed. 

+ -4 


♦ : ♦ 

The Reverend F. A_ Mahanay of 
I Springfield, and Tbomu Pendleton, 
aa oM neighbor from nvTrywe, 
Mo, both gave aihli 11— 11a Mr. Pen- 
dleton, recalling experiences of the 
paat tn a happy rain and Mr. Ma- 
hanay. pralalag tbe Robertaon home 
[aa aa example and eymtool of the 
beat In American home Ufa, with 
husband and wlfo ttvfrvg lovingly 
together for mora than M years. 

Both Mr. and Mr* ftobertson are 

I tn excellaBt health, and active both 

mentally and physically. Thar au- 

Joyed the day hugely, and voted tha 

occaatoB a "wonderful tbna* 

Others attending were: W. R 
L«ee. Mrs. l\ A. Hudson. Mlaa Jean 
Wright, lira. Oertrude Buehnlll 
Mr. and Mr* Dnsgtett, J. K But- 
lor. Mr. and Mm. John A. WHllama 
Miss Ruth Rob ot ta o a . Mian Ben 
Stotta, Mlaa ITalheisa Johneoi 
Roberta Parsons, Mra. 8. ft 
win. Mra. Sara Parsons, Mr. 
Mra Tobe Dnvta. Mr. and Mm J. 
Williams, and Mr. and Mra. T. A. 
Robertaon. all of Crane; Mra. J. A. 
Flelda of Kanaaa City; Mr. and 
Mra Jamoa Braaharoa and J. T>. 
Haod of Republic; Mra Ella MagOL 
Mr. and Mra Charles Smith. Mlaa 
Marie Smitti. Sanford Smith and 
Mr. and Mra Marion Gardner of 
Aurora; Mr. and Mra. T. L Pendle- 
ton, John Robertaon and Mr. and 
Mra Charles Arnsmeyer Of Marlon- 
vllle; Mr. and Mra Lester Robert- 
son; Mlaa Lora Law la. Mlaa Vir- 
ginia ShulL Mr. and Mra T. B. 
Rlclunan and Mlaa WUma Rlckman 
of Kareoxle; Mr. and Mra. T. Hay- 
herst. Berryvtlle. Ark.; Mlaa Betty 
Mason; Reeve Hounh, Mra. Enoch 
U Ragsdale and Mlaa WUma Rags- 
dale of Springfield; Mr. and Mra 
W. H. Robertson, Webb City; Jas- 
per Owen. Mr. and Mra Scott Ruth- 
erford and Mra Grant Hart, Stotta 


to that of 

youth fa! 
Aurora, gave 

The table waa 
ated with rifts of n« 
other gifts added to 
of the occasion. 

More than 1« guests, from sev- 
eral towns of Missouri and IT s news 
attended. Among them wore Mr. 
and Mra. James Braaharea of Re- 
public who warn attendants at the 
Robertsons' wedding (1 years ago. 
and will celebrate their own atx- j 


The body of Mrs. Hattle Jordan, 
wife of W. H. Jordan, who died Sat- 
urday night at the relsdence, 638 
West Walnut street, will be snip- 
ped this afternoon at 2 o'clock to 
Remington. Va_. for burial. The 
body will bo viewed by friends at 
tin Staroe mortuary at 10 o'clock 
this morning. Mra. Jordan to sur- 
vived by the husband, a son, Elmer 
Jordan, district passenger agent for 
the Frisco at Fort Worth. Texas, 
two slaters and two brothers. 


> . - .-. 


Strange Disappearance of 
Springfield Nurse Solved 
With Finding of Body liar 
St Genevieve, Mo. Q; 


Body Will Be Returned Her* 
For Burial; Mfae Farrawortfa 
Only Recently Rele a iej l 
From Hospital .* 

■ | 

TyrTSTKRT eurrouudtn«**]*1 
strange dlsappoa ratfe ■ xfMSr 
Klsle C. Tm x m wor t h. 
nurae, from th* Veterans' 
at 8t. Louis nearly two 
lifted yesterday with the discovery 
ot Um woman a body 1b the Missis- 
sippi riwr near St. a mitot allt,. 



Mlu PVMwonii,' U, whs for um 

northwest of 
October U 
pttalte 8C 
the St. Loads 


ho V< 

•'• J *» , V'"ijajHBiCV i"£" v 

the nerr. 



5; I at 8C GaosTlwVe) 

fleatlon was m a de bT • 
which frlsods rwooepUaed. «■« 
wu clad only la aa 

of the tragedy 

friends of taw 

aim Fa ias wortb 

»nd had 

depth by a strong 

theory, ho said, w 

furthor by tha fact that 

committing suicide by 

usually woar clothing. 


Mj-v L. E. Faraaworth, 
mother, had clone d 
tho belief that bor dausrh 1 
the hospital to ro to tho 
some friend before brwahtrg 
pena;on mwi" to her. She 
naif -hysterical when Informed 

rta. thai s s j aw wl 
lesperatet* «$ 
usrh'-er had wasV 

federal panalon 
'away, chose "dath In the river. 

That the nurae abould so swim- 
ming alone In the river after quit- 
,tln» the boepltal wea not oonalder- 
ed strange by friends here, who 
revealed -letters from her which 
allowed the river held an odd fasci- 
nation for her. 

Miss Farnsworth suffered a nerv- 
ous breakdown shortly after the 
war. largely as a result of her fl<ht 
against the Innuensa epidemic In 
a southern training camp, and *be 
twice had been to the St. Louis hos- 
pital for treatment. 
I Following discovery of her cloth- 
! Itg ou the banks of the Mississippi , 
'at 81- Louis a week ago. an «t«n- 
alve eearch was conducted for many 
miles along the river. 



_ i * ^ 

The body will arrive here Tues- 
day and burial will be In a Spring- 
field cemetery under direction of 
the Kllnirner funeral home. Mlaa 
Farneworth la survived only by hor 
mother and a brother. J. U Famn- 
worth. head of a business college m • 
Corpus Chrlstl. Texas. 

T*pcov»ry "f the nurp»'« bndly rte- 
ronpii^ body weih a Kruennrrv c\\- to a series of tragedies In i the 
Farn*worth family iWIOwIn* the. 
war. Wm Tvtmm*** '• *■*** '" 
•bout a year ago. and hla daugfc v 
strength waa waeJtaa^ w «ra»0l^ 

ausuif tu -wwrnm www-— ^w*- , -, 

aba nursed htm during bla Uat 


•■ '■>■* 

She and her mother lost a amau 
sum in a recent bank failure, and 
their farm home near Jefferson City 
was lost to litigation. With her «ayw 

In** tni m» smau pension an* re- 
ceived from the government for dis- 
abilities resulting from her work 
during the war, Mlaa Farneworth 
cam* hero with Her mother and 
bought a J-aer* homo on the WU- 
lard road northweet of Springfield. 
re levelng auch surroundings would 
aid her In winning back her health. 


Former Springfieldian Leaves 
' Note Saying She Was 
Tired of Life 

her duughter nt Kansas City: 

"l>on't worry about me. 1 cannot 
Man J the ("train. My mind seems 
to have snapped. I>»t me sleep with 
my mother. So sorry to bring this to 
you. May God have mercy on you 
and keep you. my children. I did 
not think this ever would come to 
me " 

Worried in Recent Years 

Relatives said Mrs. Shockley, who 
naa 63 years old, had been depressed 
and worried In recent years. They 
> ould give no specific motive for 
the suicide. 

In addition to the sisters hcr«« 
nnd relatives nt firandvit-w und 
Kansas City, sbe Is survived by 
thr«-*< brothers, 'ienrge ( 'ole of 
Wyoming, l'aul Cole of Colorado 
an) William Cole of Minnesota. 


. antes A. SalU. 


65, died at 1 
o'clock yesterday afternoon at the 
home 'of his son. route 6, Spring- 
field. He Is aurrtved only by the 
son here and a daughter who lives 
In Ranees City. Funeral services 
will be conducted at 2:80 o'clock 
this afternoon at the Clear Creek 
cemetery, 10 miles west of Sprlng- 
flcld. and burial will be In the cem- 
etery there under direction of the 
Klingner funeral home. 


J. L. Mitchell. 69, formerly, of 
Springfield, died at 1 o'clock yes- 
terday afternoon at hla home in 
Joplln. He la survived by a daugh- 
ter. Mrs. John W. Drumwrlght. 
iCIC" Travis avenue, Springfield: 
two Bons, W. A. Mitchell of Joplln 
and J. L. Mitchell, Jr.. of Tulsa 
OkLa.. and one sister, Mrs. James C. 
Deran, route 5, Springfield. Funeral 
arrangements are Incomplete. Mr. 
Mitchell was born in Springfield 
and s-ppnt most of his life In this j 

Mrs. Ada T. Shockley of Qrand- 

vlew. Mo., who leaped to her death 

in the Missouri river Saturday from 

| a bridge at Kansas City, formerly 

[lived In Springfield and is survived 

> by {wo slaters residing here. 

Mrs. William S. Thomas, 1 109 
' South Jefferson avenue, a sister 
of the suicide-, left Springfield yes- 
terday for the home of Mrs. Shock - 
( ley's soninlaw In Kansas City, E. Q. 
Oood. where funerai arrangements J 
are being completed. Mis. Shockley I 
I also was a slater of Mrs. Stewart 
' Shockley, 1211 St Louis street. 
| Bern in Canada 

| Mrs. Shockley was born at Saint 
Thomas, Canada, and came to 
Springfield while she waa a young 
girl. 8he lived here for many years. 
Carefully folding her coat and 
I laying her purse upon It. Mra. 
Shockley leaped from the center 
epan of a bridge over the Missouri 
■ river at Kansas City. With rela- 
tives, she had gono to Kansas City 
Ion a shopping trip. 
' A note found in the roat she left 
on the bridge provided the only mo- 
tive for her action. She wrote to 

rage 1: O. L. James died.** 

Miss Elsie Farnsworth committed suicide ** 
Page 7: Mrs. Ada T. Shockley died.** 
Page 8: Births reported.** 

of Marshf,eld Marriage ' iCenSe: ^^ C "^ 18 ' ° f S ^'^ M and ^ida S. Wallace, .6, 
Page 14: Mrs. Mabel Gruner divorced P. C. Gruner. 

Mrs. Hattie Jordan died.** 

James A. Saltzdied.** 

J. L.Mitchell died.** 

Mrs. Ed Wagoner died.** 

O. C. Mecord died.** 
Page 15: Card of thanks from W. B. Prophet and others.** 

There is a poem in memory of William Moyabb ** 
Page 18: Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Robertson celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary.** 



Farhswpfth atJJt 
Brother Demands Autopsy toJKscIose 
Cause of Death; Skidmore]^ 
vestigation by Local Orgariizatioiu 

: ■ ■ ■ '• .- 

An inrea ligation Into the death of Mtaa B!ala> C. Farnewnrth, 
Springfield war nurse, wrfo*e bodr wu found yesterday in the Uli- 
slsslppl river at St. Genevieve. Mo., is to be conducted by the young 
woman's brother and Goad-Balllnger poet, American Legion, aocoTd- 
ine: to an announcement made today by the Legion and a dispatch 
received by The Leader from the brother. 

Snapecttns foul piny In the death of hie slater. • J eaae rarnawortb. 
Corpus Chrlatl, Tex., left 8t. Loula today for 8tv Oenevleve to Inalst 
an autopsy be performed on bis slsler'a body to determine whether 
she died by drowning. 

To Probe Treat meat. 
The too*] Legion post baa announ- 
ced that It will Investigate Miss 
Parnaworlh^i complaints that abe was 
not given proper care at the Veterans 
hospital at 6L Louis from which she 

An Investigation to determine 
whether MMs Farnswortb bad been 
told ahe was about to be deprived of 
her government compensation alao 
Mil be conducted. II was stated. 

"We don't know that Miss rams, 
worth was ill treated or that aha was 
to lose bar compensation , w said 
Oeorge H. Bkldmor*. commander of 
ths local Legion post. "But she told 
ma she was not receiving proper care 
at the hospital, wh*oh did not -have 
proper taolMttaa for the care ot -. a 
patient In her , condition. 

Beard 'Complaint. . 
"When she tettsad to me aha was to 

IdentlHed By Watch. 
Word received by Farnswortb yes- 
terday advised that when the body 
was taken from the rlrer it wss not 

clothed. A wrist wetch served to 
Identify the corpse ss that of the local 
num. Farnsworth ssld today thst 
he would demand an autopsy to as- 
certain cause of her death. 

The brother baa been unable to ac- 
count for the fact th*t his slater's 
clothing waa found ecattered along 

'!the river bank a mile aouth of the 
j Veteran* hospital. Several auiu of 
underwear, towele and handkerchiefs 
'were In a aalchei on the river bank. 

The brother believes that If Ml*s 
I Fa/nsworth had planned to take her 
j life ahe would not have brought «x- 
! tre apparel to the river bank. 

t'ompenwitlon I nrertau. 
— In regard to Mian Faruaworth a 
. death. Dr. R. Y. Peak, local Legion of- 
ficial aald: 

jfcoajis lor the had t*u **£*"!J3£ 

MMn ] TTi-^ -.,,,1 \+*a to ha» eietatw 
» eioe thee anight »*»"» «Mmto 

• tot of red tape to ^a^" ^ W "S 

-nemmant compensation. Things 

__, ere better, but still vstarens axe kept 

. «-* v -aa* on nine and needles wondering how 

JrSm?E>- erwi their comp«ia.Uon U to be cut , 

*'^V^ ' off 

bee been tv ■*? '"1 don't know that Miss remeworth I 

was about to Ices It. 

But some men- 

ion may have been made to her that , 
» CJ0# u»w* «■"•"- -r~ ."-i, \~tim*** a^' wsi lo N- rut off of the coroi>en- , 

on October 13. At thf llm , 

word flrat reeehad 


Pr-:r-*lif'd thai Mlaa rarnaworlh had J 
dup^»rM. neighbors of Miss Warn*- I 
worth ad » at red the theory that the | 
■ urae h»rl mat death by vkvl»nr«. I 

She. tr.rj *a.«<. »hj !*i the habit or 
•».--jiii( a conaiderabie aura of money 
ee >. -r p*r»or. Due to great modesty 
on r\er part, neighbor* aald. Mln 
P»rT.»wortn would, never ha»e atrlpped 
he-»<:r r? her rl.^'.hlng before fling- I 
log herself In the river. Religious 
err<..p:e« slao would hava prevented 
h#r from taking her own life, thsy 

M'.ae rarnivorth'i mother, who re- 
on a amail farm three mile* 
or ■prtngflaM on rouu 11. 

sttis had clung to tha tbougnt fhat 
her daua&J«r was yet aJl»e— -Juaj 
vtattfnc friend* In 0C Loots" — and 
vould return to bar bono* hara. Whan 
■wd or* the body bainjr found 
tfay waa g^rtn to Un Farruwortb, aha 
beca^r.e SlJtraught 

U.h ri:rj»-t:uii body a... errlTt 
ts Sp.-:r.g?;e:2 tomorro'w morning. ! 
*-:<••: -» ' »ed r.e.-e ".oday advised. ! 
I ..-.»» ..-:».• ;-::-.»l.u a,-* ir.cotaplete, ' 

t . ■ ». . t-e •_.'. -cr '. w . e d.'rr - , 

• ■« K-..-^ier Undertaking I 

Millionaire Dies of 
Injuries Received in 
Automobile Wreck 

RQLLA. Mo.. Oct 84.— .(AJ*.)— O. L. 

'Mi* 87, Claramore. Okie., million- 
aire, who suffered concussion of tbfl 
brain In an automobile craah on 
High w ay M laat Wednesday, died at a 
hospital bar* last night. He did not 
regain consciousness after the acci- 

J*mea waa tAe owner of the Clan- 
n-.ore hotel and Clareruorr bath* and 
h »d been actir* In Oklahoma politics 
*«* mani^f»ar». 

H:i daughter w.ho lire* In 8t I/miIb. 
+tjX Ilia vtfe and aon. who had Juat 
'♦turned from a European trip. w*re 
at hit bedside. He waa en route to 
Ft Louie to mm Un James and 
thejr son at the lime of the arrldeut. 
T"* «■ re- »k|(;r!fv1 ir.rt tvirneil o\er sev- 
'"*■ "..~.'s A tv.j u: a; lie waa giv- 
ing a ride to 6U Louia, auffered only 
•light injuries. 


W. W. Robertson of Crane 
Entertains His Anniver- 
sary Guests. 

The aUty-flrat anniversary of their 
wadding was oelabraud Testerdsy at 
Crane by Mr. and Un. W. W. Bob- 
ertaou. who were vial ted by scone of 
relatives and old friends. 

Early hours of the day were spent 
In reunion, and at noon a picnic din- 
ner was served on the lawn at the 
Robertson home. 

Talks wen mads by Rev. T. A. Ma- 
hanay, Springfield, and Thomas Pen- 
dleton, an old friend of Mr. and Mrs. 
Robertson of McKlnle*. Mo. Mr. 
Robertson entertained his guests by 
playing old-time selections on bis 

Oneats present follow: James Bra- 
shares, W. R. Lee, Un P. A. Hudson. 
UIas Jaan Wright. Mrs. Oertrude 

BiashnlU, Un and M^.,Dm«ib«, X «.' 
Butter. Ur. and Mia. John A. WU- 
llama. Miss Both Bohartaon, Wm Bva 
fltotta. Mlas EAthsryn Johnson, Miss 

Roberta Parsons, Mrs, 8. X. Bhsrwln. 
Mrs, Sarah Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. 
iTob* Da via. Ur. and Mrs. J. WU- 
I Hams and Ur. and Mra. T. B Robert- 
son, all of Crane; Mra. J. A. Fields of 
Kansas City, Mra. and Mra. James 
Brasharea and J. D. Hood of Repub- 
lic: Mr*. Xlla MagUl. Mr. and Mrs. 
Charlea Bmlth. Mlsa Marie Smith, 
Sanford Smith and Mr. and Mn. 
Marlon Gardner of Aurora, Mr. and 
Mrs. T. I. Pendleton. John Robert- 
son and Mr. and Mn. Charles Arns- 
meyer of Marlonvllle. Mr. and Mn. 
Lester Robertson, Miss Lon Lewis. 
Mlsa Virginia Shull. Mr. and Mn T. 
E. Rlckman and MIm Wilms Rick- 
man of Ssrcoxle. Mr. and Mrs. T. 
Hayherst. BerryvMe. Ark.; Miss Betty 
Mason; Reeve Houah. Mrs. Enoch L. 
Ragadals and MIm* Wllma Raradale of 
Bprtnglteld. Ur. and Un. W. H. Rob- 
ertson. Webb City; Jasper Owen, Mr. 
and Mrs. Scott Rutherford and Mrs: 
Orant Hart. Btotta City. 



The body or Mrs. HstUs Jordan. 
wife of W. M. Jordan, who died Sat- 
urday nif ht at the residence. 6M W««t 
Walnut street, vaa forwarded at 3 
p v .m.- today- to «R«minj ton. Ya.. tor 
burtal by w. L. Btarne, undertaker. 
Mr*. Jordan U survived by bar bua- 
band. * aon. Elmer -Jordan, district 
passenger agent for the Frisco at Fort 
Worth. Tas.. by, two sisters and **o 

)TABB — In memory of William Moyabb 

ho paused away on* year ago today 

■•October 23.) He la sadly missed by 

ompanlon and children, Mrs. Alll* Moy- 

bb. Harvty Moyabb, Mrs. Zella Johnson, 

Irs. Lela Bratll and Henrietta Moyabb 

The. leaves mere aoftly falllnR. 

At we laid htm down to rest. 
His dear ones dearly loved him. 

But the good Lord loved him beat. 
Oooo from this world of sorrow 

One year* afo today, 
In a lonely graveyard 
We laid him beneath the clay. 

| J. A. SALTZ. 

■■ Funeral services for James A. Salt*. 
65. who died at 1 p. ra. yesterday at 
| the home of bis aon. route ft. Sprlng- 
1 field, were held at 9:30 p. m. today 
! at the Clear Creek cemetery. 10 miles 
I west of here. Burial was In the Clear 
1 Creek cemetery under direction of the 
1 Kllngner Funeral home. He is eur- 
I vived by bis eon and a daughter of 
I Kansas City. 

OAmoi or nuiiu 

OFHJCT— We wish to acknowledge with 

noerewt g raUUde the kindness and 

rmpaifa* a* stir many dear frfcmaa » 

ir benr af d aepaat sorrow. 



J. L. Mitchell. •». formerly of 
Springfield, died yesterday afternoon 
at his home In Joplln. He Is survived 
i by a daughter. Mrs. John W. Drum* 
I wrJfhVi .aiftBuTrevla, avenue.. Spring- 
' field; two eons. W. A. Mitchell of Jop- 
: lln and J. L. Mitchell. Jr.. of Tulsa, 
jokla. and a sUter. Mr*. James C. j 
: Dorsn. route 5. Springfield. Funeral | 
arrangements are Incomplete. 


Funeral service* for Mrs. Ed Wago- 
[ ner. 71 years old. who died Wedneadsy 
• night at her home. 330B North Main 
street, were held Thursday afternoon ' 
, at 3 o'clock from the Kllngner funeral ' 
chapel. 'Burial was In Oreenlawn ' 
cemetery, under the direction of thej 
Kllngner Undertaking company. 

The decedent is survived by two ! 
I sons, E. A. Daier. Springfield, and Ouy i 
1 User. Los Angeles, CaUf.; one brother, j 
Charles Clemens. Omaha. Neb., and 
' one enter. Mrs. Eva Carnegie. Spring- 
i field. > - 


Mrs. Ada T. Bbocktey ,of Orend- 
vlew. Mo . who leaped to her death In 
the Missouri rlter st Kansas City 
Saturdsy. wu a former resident of 
Springfield Two sisters reside here. 

Mrs. William 8. Thomaa. 1109 Bouth 
.Jefferson avenue, a sister of Mrs. 
ShockJey, left ysstarday for Kansas 
Clty for the funeral. 

Mr- Shockley also was a sister of 
Mrs. Stewart Bhockley of 1331 St. 
Louis street. Mrs. Shockley came 
here several years sgo fTom St. 
Thorns*. Canada. 

Relatives said she had been de- 
pressed. They could give no specific 
motive for the act. 


I. O. C. Mecord. 4fl. of 724 Normal 
{, street, died Saturday night at Topek*. 
Kan- after a lingering Illness, accord- 
ing to word received here. Mr. Mecord 
entered a Topeka hospital three 
' months sgo for treatment. "He Is sur- 
vived by the wife, two children. 'the 
; mother tnd several brothers The fu- 
• jiersl will be held Tuesday at To- 


Mr. and Mrs. Max M. Lyles of 426 
j Beach street, announce the birth of 
j a son. Perry James. Oct. 23. 

Mr. and Mrs. Res P. Eapue. 430 
I Bolman street, announce the birth 
I of a daughter. Oct. 90. 


■ hi . ! ■■ ' n 

Page I: Marriage license: Claude L. Reynolds, 22, of Springfield and Pearl Sherrod, 18, 

There is a long article about the death of Miss Elsie C.Farnsworth 
Page 3: Daughter born October 22 to Mr. and Mrs. Oran Cunningham of 1201 North 
Broadway. ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Rex ^ Holman street. 

A daughter Mary Louise Porter was born October 20 to Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Porter 
of 965 East Division street. 

Page 7: J. L. Mitchell died.** 

Joseph R. Fryer died.** 

O. C. McCorddied.** 

Price R. Freeman died.** 

J. A. Saltzdied.** 
Page 8: Frank Dalcum was found dead.** 
Page 11: Card of thanks for kindness at time of "our sorrow," signed by Mr. and Mrs. 

W. B. Prophet and family. 

Page 12: Son born October 23 to Mr. and Mrs. Jess W. Palmer of 1 500 West Elm street. 
Son born October 23 to Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Cave of 610 West Brower street. 


Funeral services for J. U Mitchell. 
7« years ojd, ,a termer resident of 
Springfield but for the pa»t 2t 
years a reatdent •■'. Joplln. Mo., and 
who <lte,l at his heme there Sunday, 
will he held at Maple Park ceme- 
tery at 2.10 o'clock this afternoon. 
T'h« lK"ly will l>e brought here by 
;!>* And.'non Undertaking company 
,»f Jt>|.lin. He Is survive.! by one 
.laughter. Mrs. J. W. DrumwrUht, 
of Sl»9 Travis avenue. Springfield- 
|.v two sons. W A. of Joplln. and 
J L.. i.f Tulsa, by one sister. Mra. 
.lane O. FWnn. of Springfield, route 
;. by three rran.l<lnut;hter«> and one 
srea; granddaughter. 


Joaeph It Fryer. <S year* old. 
died at « o clock Ust evening after 
a brief Hlne— In a local HosssltaJ. 
Funeral arr.inirements are Incom- 
plete but services probably will be | 
I held ne»t Monday mnrnlnc at the, 
|«t Apnes <-ath..:i. . hurch. corner 
„f Jefferann i.vmie an-1 Mount. 
I Vernon 'rMfoetf' with burial In SU\ 
'vary, cemetery under M™**"*, 
'„„, Hm«i H l.»»'meyer funeraj , 
». _. Mi Frv-" •" >o had rnafle 

itr^—i ^ south ■»«->--£! 

„«.. I. survived by 0™ *"■£""_: 

, siv , r Mnry r.ermalne. of »■*•*"■ 

.hc„.ttul in St Ivoula. and >»ra Ma« 

Weaver and Ml- Gertrude Fryer 

U„ of Springfield : and M ««* 

';„,,„.. Mr- J-t>n Burkner of < ox 

fifnn Ky 

Daloum, a blacksmith, living n 
8uthard. Mo.. So mile* southeast 6 
hare, wu found dead In bad early 
Sunday morning by him brother who 
teas aroused by groans from the 
room. Sheriff Sam C. Allen and 
Coroner Stanley Palmer were notl- J 
fled and went to Investigate thei 
death. Stanley decided that a coro- j 
iter's Inquest wu not necessary, i 
that death had resulted from heart! 

The two men had been black- 
smiths at But hard for It months, 
coming there from Now York City. 


j Funeral services for J. A. Saltz. 
5:.. who died Sunday at the home of 
hi* son. route 6. Sprlngflehl. will bo 
held at 3:00 o'clock Thursday ufter- 

;„,.,.n at Clear Creek ceturtvry un- 
der direction of the Kllngnrr Fu- 
neral homo. The servlcea were *ei 
forward on account of the ltnpend- 
im; ..rrlval of a son from Tallfoml:*. 

!||(. i* survived !•> f« v '' * wn5 > J - A> 
of SpnnefleM: Irvln of Springfield; 
l»,.«. i.f K:ii*««* City; Arch and 1. T>. 

'of California, by Ioul " *l""s' h «« , rB- 
Mr> C I- Mah.m and Mrs W. IV 
l";.l».j. !'"th -f Springfield. Mrs 
Zeux Van Winkle of Kansas Cll>. 

'and Mrs. (Hta Karkln of California, 
and hv one brother. Joseph of Bols 
! l»Ar«. 



O. C. M-COftO ^ 

ftouwraj ewvlrr. for O. C W; 
C*cd. «• jroare. old. of «« Norm ~ 
,*,*„. «ka died Saturday night 
after * hnfertnc »■«■»»■ a ho.- 
,..,»! In Topeka. Kan, will bo held 

[in ti.^t city lodox. according to In- | 
formation recalled hero. Ho to 

laurvived by tho widow* two chll- | 

!«tr*;i. »>l« mother and several 

•lin'tliTH . • 


Funeral service* for Prtoo R» 
1 Fm-msn. ii years old, formerly of 
Pprincfleld. who dtod^' 8at«rdejr 
In Ktnwi City. were held yeoter- 
day in lh»t CM}*. He to »urrtv*d 
i l.y the widow, by one daughter. 
.Mrs. J. L. U«>»». ot Clinton. Mo.; 
jons brother. Perry O. Free m an, of 
! Sprluef Ivld, and Hire* ulsters. Mr*. 
|K. K. iMtmen, ot Springfield, Mr* 
. uertlia IMnff. of New York, and 
Mi* I'r.-d 0«h»k; of Omnh.i NV- 

Page 1: Miss Elsie C. Farnsworth died.** 
Page 5: James Monroe Endicott died.** 
Page 8: J. R. Harvey died.** 

Frank Jones and Dolly Cardwell were married.** 

Claude L. Reynolds and Pearl Sherrod were married.** 
Page 14: J. L. Mitchell died.** 

O. C. McCorddied.** 

Price R. Freeman died.** 

J. A. Saltzdied.** 

Mrs. Eva Bell Copes died.** 

Joseph R. Fryer died.** 
Page 16: There is an item about Dade County names. 
Page 17: Miss Chloe Atchly and Mr. Olaf Baldwin were married.** 

Miss Harriet Jones and Mr. Paul McClernon were married.** 

Williams family reunion held.** 

Funeral eervlcee for Price- R. Free- 
man. M. formerly of Springfield, who 
died Saturday !n Kanaaa City, were 
held yesterday In that city. 

4. L.MlTCHUXv 

Funeral .errloe. for J. L. *«<*«»• 
76. a former resident of Bprla«ttaM. 
but for the part rt !«•• «•**»»* 
of Joplln. who died at his bom. Bun- 
day. were held at 3:30 ocl«k today 

at Maple Park cemetery. Tbo body 
w.» brought here by the Anderson 
! undertaking company of Joplln He 
! is survived by a daughter. Mrs. J- W- 
lorumwrlght, UIW Travis avenue. 
, Sprlngf .eld; two aon.. W. A. of Jop- 

Jsne C. Doran of Springfield, route B. 
j three granddaughter, and a great- 

O. C. McCORU. 

Funera! service, for O. C. McCo£ 
40. of 724 Normal atreet. who d ed 
i Saturday night after a "»•«»»« » ' 
I nes. in a hoapltal la Top*.. Km. 
• * e e held In that city today. I-« W 
i ; ur \,ved by hU wife, two children. 
into mother and aeveral brother.. 

HoBfli County Funeral. , 

One of the largest funerals ever 
held In Howell county «m that of j 

jamdoUonroo K»dloott. pkmear mar- 
*7£*nt and flour mul oparator of 

PotterrrUte Sunday afternoon. 
Mr. Kmtlootre body waa brought 

back to Howell county Sunday from 

Oil H1U. Kan., where he died laet 

Thursday night. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dtnamore and 

man. Paul Dlnraaore. of Paola, .Ux. 

"mod Mra. Chartoe Endicott of Wichita, 
and the widow, eooompanled the 
body here from Oil HlU. They were 
joined in Bprtngileld by Mm. O. O. 
kndleott ind Mra. P. T. Jared. both 
ot Bprlngfleld. a ' atoter-ln-law and 
niece of J. M. Bndioott. who ale© at- 
tended the funeral. 




TO 1 



Arriving Here With flody 6f 
Sister Who Wooed River 
Death, Business College, 
Head Seeks Legion's Ret 
to Investigate Treatment. 

Ajitnac (a 


*^«v ' 

Fulton, %^ 
•rt/ resided ik 
•ershlp In the Leg*. 

Ool. L B. Wagner, in v 
Jefferson Barrack* hospital. . ~«wtl#a- 
comment. «o«onlln| to an Assoc. tba 
Free* dispatch. , 

Mr. Fenuwocth who rwidM in 
Corpus Christl, Tex., and hu mother 
who Utm on a small farm, two and 
on* half allot northwest oX her*, wort 
busy todsy making funeral arrange, 
menu for Mlaa Parnsworth. 

Amoral Mrrloac «m b« bald at iC 
©•«»ock tomorrow mooitnf at th* 
Xuntnor Funoral home. Burial will 
be in teat Uwn cemetery. 

"Mlsa Farosworth had been In ill 
health sine* the war and aa a raoult 
was placed in fomnmant boapiuta,- 
•*> Farnsworth aald. 

She was treated Tery nicely In 
moot of the sanitarium*, but the 
complained when they began .hitting 
her from one hospital to another. 


Two couple* war* married, yeas**- 
day aftarnoon at tha office of Jack 
U. Melt**, raoordar at deeds, after 
havinr obtained marriage license* at 
th* office^ Frank Salee, aa. New 
Blaln*. Ark, and DoUy CardwalL 88, 
A*b Ore-re. war* autrrlad tot Bev, 
Thomas H, WiMa. and Claud* U Bey- 
MUa, 88 Springfield, and Peart 
•Berrod, 18, Holland, Mo., war* mar- 
ried by Bar. I. O. Seehler. 

A uarrtafa Uoenee also waa laauad 
to Paul W, laoClamoo, 87. and Hen- 
rietta JotWe, S3, both of 8prjns;n*ld. 

Talking about old tuna event* B. L- 
Myers of Bverton write*: 

"I want definite information about 
all of the towns and stream* and mills 
of Dade county. Hers Is what I want 
to know: Who named Oraen field? 
When and why? Was It named for 
a town In the old homo state? How 
did you gat your information? Who 
named Lock wood? Dade county? 
Who can tall mo about some of tha 
place-names listed below: Dado coun- 
ty. Greenfield, Lock wood. Everton, 
South Greenfield, Areola. Pannsboro. 
Pilgrim, Xmmstt, Noola. Bona. Syl- 
ranla. Nelnsrt. Cedarvllie. Kings 
Point. Corry. Olenntown, Beybert. 
Melville (Dadeville). Ernest. Comet. 
Hulstons Mill. Dllday's Mill. Ollles- 
ples Mill. Ragsdale's Mill. Hoyle's 
Mill. 8*c Turnback. Sinking Creek. 
Lumny Branch. Limestone. Linn | 
Branch. Horse Creek. Cedar Creek. I 
Sou's Creek, or any. place I have not 

Probably there will be many ver- 
sions of tha Dade c. unty names Just 
ea^ t here .s ^») .about bow Springtlald 

• • • 

On* of Use Dade county names, 
however. Is clear enough. It lo Lock- 

wood. named In honor of J. E. i/ock- 
wook. general passenger agent of the j 
old Memphis railroad. Mr. Lock wood 
named this section "the land of the 
big red apple" and boosted apple 
growing. The Oearks went through 
many trials in learning the apple 
business and after several years some 
of the orchards were abandoned. The j 
apple, however, has come to otay In ! 
this section and with better market- i 
ing facilities many of the troubles 
of the early d«7 fruit grower have 
been removed. 

Mlaa Chloe AtcJhley, daughter of 
Mr. and Mr*. M. J. Atchley, Bast 
Blaine street, became the bride of 
Mr. Olaf Baldwin, son of Mr. and 
Mrs, K. Baldwin of Exeter. Saturday 
morning at 11 o'clock at the Grant 
Avenue Baptist church. Rev. T. H. 
VTilea performing the ceremony. 
Mrs Baldwin la a graduate of senior 
high school and a former student of 
Btate Teacher* college. Mr. Baldwin 
is also a former student of State 
ZoaUwe college and Ua* bean, s&i 
gaged In work in th* postoffioe hers 
for same time. The couple are mak- 
ing a motor tour of tha western 
states and will make their home at 
•Douglaa. Aria. After November 1. 



J. R. Harvey Found by Wife 
In Rear of His 


J. R. Harvey. 60, Spring-field drug- 
gift, or 1003 North Broadway avenue, 
was found dead In the rear of his 
drug f tore tola morning. 

Death apparently waa the result of J 
trouble, aMianwt t)| * «Mk1 

Mr *a*y*r 

y*w*m fpttotj 

Mrs. Harve y. He bad bean dead only 

a few minutes. 

Mr. Harvey, mho had been In the 

'drug business practically All his life, 
, had been In 111 health for several 

weeks, bla wife aald. About a week 
I ago he suffered an attack of Influen- 
iaa. but bad never been confined to 

Mr and Mrs. Harvey came to 
i Springfield 18 months sgo from Chll- 

lloothe, Mo. He purchased the Lllleys 

i'uannacr at itfixj Urosdv.ay Avenue 

a year ago. 

He 1* survived by his wife, a 
' brother, of Indiana, and a sister, of 
! Chllilcothe. . I 

J. A. SALT7. 
Funeral services for J. A. SalU, 56. 
who died Sunday at tb« home of his 
son, rout* S. Springfield, will be b*M 
at t o'clock Thursday afternoon at 
Clear Creek cemetery under direction 
of the Kllngner funeral bom*. The 
services war* changed because of the 
arrival of a son from California. Ha 
is survived by five sons, J. A. and 
Irrln of Springfield. Dee of Kansas 
City. Arch and I. D. of California; 
four daughters. Mrs. C. L. Mali an and 
Mrs. W. D. Oaba, both of Spring- 
field; Mrs. Zella Van Winkle of San- 
aa.: City and Mr*. Ona Karkln of Cali- 
fornia, and a brother. Joseph, of Bola 

McOenion -J ottea. 
Miss Haralet sons*, daughter of 
Mr. and Mr*. Jo* Jones, 717 South 
Newton avenue, became the brtda of 
| Mr. Paul McCteroon. no of Mr*. Jo- 
ee-phlne McClarnon. 330 West Scott 
street, at a ceremony at Manhfleld 
this morning at 8 o'clock. The cou- 
ple left for a motor trip to 6a. Louis, 
where they win remain a week. Upon 
tbelr return Mr. and Mrs. McClernon 
will be at borne at 714 South Fremont 
avenue. Mrs. McClernon 1* a gradu- 
ate of St. John's hospital training 
course and Mr. McClernon la In the 
Oeneral Heating company on Boon- 
ville avenue. 

' ramlly Reunion. 

Mr* D. L. Wiseman and daughter. 
Miss Hazel, entertained a number of 
I guests at her _hom* in Richland Sun- 
day in Tvmor of Mr*, Wiseman's 
father. Mr. Jama* William*, who Is 
neanng his eightieth birthday. The 
following attended: Mr. and Mr*. 
T. A. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. N. J. 
William* and daughter. Martha Ann. 
of Jc.Tcrson City. Mrs. Opal Meredith 
and children. Winston and Mary Isa- 
bel! of Jefferson City, Mr. and Mrs. 
O. A. WUJlams and Mr. and Mrs. S. 
A. Williams of this city. 

Mrs. Eva Belle Cope*. 63. wife of the 
late E. J. Copes, died at 3 a. m. today 
' at the home of her slater. Mrs. I». E. 
Morris. 2 121 North Broadway avenue. 
• She is survived by the sister, and five 
i brothers. J. E. and George 8telnberg 
lof Tulsa: E. A. and A. E. Steinberg 
^of Lebanon. Mo., and J. O. Steinberg 
; of Oklahoma City. Funeral arrange- 
ments are Incomplete but the body 
a 111 be forwarded to Fort Scott. Kans., 
by the Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home 
for burial 



McClernon- Jen f* 
Haralet Jones, daughtar of 
and Mrs. Joe Jones, 717 South 
Newton avenue, became the bride of 
, Mr. Paul McClernon. eon of Mr*. Jo- 
sephine McClernon. 330 West Scott 
•treet. at a ceremony at MarahflaJd 
this morning at 8 o'clock. Tha oou- 
ple left for a motor trip to 8t Louie, 
where they win remain a week. Upon 
their return Mr. and Mrs. McClernon 
will be at home at 714 South Fremont 
avenue. Mrs. McClernon t* a gradu- 
ate of S» Johns hospital training 
-ourse and Mr. McClernon it in the 
Genera! Heating company on Boon- 
vltle avenue. 


. Funeral services for Joseph R. Fry- 
er. 65. who died at « p. m. yesterday 
following a brief nines* In a local 
hospital will be held at a. m. on 
Thursday at 6t. Agnes Catholic 
church. JeTfereon avenue and Mount 
Vernon street. Burial will be In St. 
Mary's cemetery under direction of 
Herman. K- 1 rBh»ywt Fti n w i I - hQ UU U 
%ts. Fryer, who baa made bis borne 
at 700 South Dotllson avenue, 1* sur- 
vived by three daughters. Sister Mary 
Oermalne, of S:. John's hospital In 
Sv Louis, and Mrs. Mar Weaver and 
M'.m Oertrvide Fryer both of Sprlng- 
'.»'■'. srrj S" * «:*'t Mrs John of r>. 

z'.nr.. Kv 

Page 1: Marriage license: Paul W. McClernon, 27, and Harriette Jones, 28, both of 

Miss Elsie C. Farnsworth commnitted suicide.** 
Page 3: Otho D. McMillan died.** 

J. R. Harvey died.** 

J. A. Saltzdied.** 

Mrs. Eva Belle Copes died.** 

Joseph R. Fryer died.** 

Wilbur Morris Rothermel died.** 
Page 12: Little W. Jeffries sues to divorce W. C. Jeffries. 

>ra mMwtr for /. £ 
Hajnrer. I* yeAre'eM. wall kom 
dru*Ttist who r*ll tsaa In his store 
at 1»©» North Broadway, yesterday 
morning, are ret Incomplete pend- 
ing the arrival of relatives but will 
be held under the direction of the 
Alma Ix>hmeyer Funeral home. 
Death wae believed to be the re- 
sult of heart troubl* following a 
brief Illness of Influenza. Mr. Har- 
vey had been dead only a few min- 
utes when found by Mrs. Harvey 
lying behind his prescription coun- 
ter. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey came to 
jSprlnttflAld 18 months ago from) 
■ Ohllllcothe and purchased the I.llley : 
'Pharmacy at 1903 Hroad way. Mr 


Shor: funeral service* will oe livlJ 
|iit .' o'clock this afternoon u: the 

Ainu L*>limeyer Funeral u>r 
I.Mrs. Eva Uclle Copes. 13 years old, 
! wife of tho late K. J. Coprs, who 
l.'lod at 2 o'clock yesterday mjr'.ln* 
| at tho heme of her sister, Mrs 1* 
E Morris. 3131 North Broadway, 
following a brief Illness. The tody 
then will- bo forwarded to Fort 
Scott, Kan., for burial She Is sur- 
vived by the sister and five broth- 
ers: J. R. and George Steinberg, of 
Tulsa.: E. A. and A. E. ^t-r.^rg. 

.f Lebanon. Mo., and J Q. Sieln- 
terg. of Oklaboms City. 

i Harvey IS survived by the widow, i 
one brother, of Indiana, and one I 
sister, of < hlllicothe. 

J. A. 6ALTZ 
Funeral services for J. A. Pjltr., 
55 years old, who died Sunday at 
tho horn, of his son on route 5, 
Sprlngfieiil. will be held at 3 o'clock 
tomorrow :ifternoon at Clear Creek i 
cemetery, with burial there under! 
direction of the Alma Lohmeyrr I 
Funeral home. 


Funeml tervlcee for Joeepu K 
Fryer. 6t years old, who died Jjon- 
d»y otter a brief illness at his borne. 
703 South DoUlson avenue, will be 
held n: 9 o'clock tomorrow mc«~ilng 
at the S>». Apnea Catholic church, 
with bur'al In 8t. Wary s cemeiei y 
undei direction of the Hercn'n H. 
l.ohtlieyer Funeral home. 





M\ V. 


; :.ii, 

i were busy making plans for the , 

Services will be held at 10 o'clock 
this morning at the Klingner fun- 
eral chapel. The Reverend H. C. 
. Haines, i<a*lor of the College .street 
; Mission Baptist church, will con- 
. duct services. The Kebekah lodge. 
of which Miss Farnsworth was a 
member, also will participate In the 
' ser\ ices. 

I •>. — ■ • 


Brother of Miss Farnswc 
Drowning Self Will Resume] 
Investigation Alter Funeral] 
Rites Are Held 


Legion Will Cooperate In Prob- 
ing Claims of Persecution if 
•Additional Facts Presented, 
Says Leader 

•*"PHE story of a happy home of 
mother and daughter abruptly 
broken two weeks ago when the 
daughter was driven to suicide in 
the Mississippi river allegedly as 
a result of continued persecution by 
veteran's bureaus was related yes- 
terday by Jesse Farnoworth. head 
of a chain of bustnees colleges in 
Texas, who arrived In Springfield 
I with the body of his sister. ^Mlsa 
I Elsie C. Farnswortb, Rod CreSfi 
nuros. V 1 

My sister will be burled today 
but the case will not end there/ 
Mr. •Farnsworth Mid ye«osrday. 1 
have no desire to get 
I'm going* to 


the InouJ to my sister wm subject - 
ed to In coxing from this bureau 
to that bureau when she O fcs wM 
have been In bed. Too questUon- 
aalrea tbeae government s g s fi ss 
•end to patient* are too silly to 
be submitted even to a Child.** 

The little Farnsworth home. 

three and one-halt miles north- 

west of Springfield, paid for by 

the nurse out of her earnings and 

! pension, will be deserted for some | 

| tune. Mr. Farnsworth will take ; 

' bis mother to Texas to live with I 

i him until she U ready to return ] 

1 to the Otcarks. Last night, they j 

Members of the American Lofton 
will march to the funeral chapel in 
a body out of respect to a fallen 
comrade. Miss Farnsworth U thoj 
first world war nurse to be buried ; 
"in Springfield. The body ■ wiii be ; 
Interred In Kast Lawn cemetery. I 
friends of Miss Farnsworth yes- 
terday charged that an incident in \ 
tforuurfleld a few years ago caused 
Mis* Farnsworth to suffer a break- 
d«.» n after she had returned from 
one of the examinations. She was 
striving a small home for herself ; 
and mother and went to a realtor 
and instructed him to buy a place. 
He demanded a deposit fee of $100. 
WU.-n he failed to find n suitable 
Lome, she asked that the fee l** , 
returned but was refused. 

Mr. Faraswcrth said he would 
center with Lesion offiicals toda> 
regarding his sister's case. lie 
pointed out that at each bureau his 
sister was told she .was Buffering 
with B different disease. The dlag- . 
r.osts ranged from tuberculosis to a j 
nervous t>reakdown. 


i Wilbur Morris RothermoL (-day- 
old son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hoth- 
ermel. Hural Route No. L died at a 
Springfield hospital at noon yes- 
terday. The funeral will be at S 
o'clock this afternoon at the home. 
with burial In Oreenlawn cemetery 
.under the direction of J. IV. Kllng- 
i tier. 



Prominent Real Estate Dealer 

And Sportsman Expires 

After Lingering Illness 

Otho D. McMillan. 67. prominent 
real eatato dealer here for many, 
years, died at hi* home. 719 South I 
Fremont avenue, at 11 :30 o'clock 
last nlsjht. niter a lln*erln* Illness^ 

Mr. McMllUn »u *• native of 
Missouri, and was widely known 
for his Interest In out -of -door sports- 

especially hunting and fishing, aa 
\v«ll mm for his business activities. 
He was a member of the WooJmcn 
nf tlie World. Modern Woodmen, 
and Elks. 

At one time Mr. McMillan ran the 
.famous old Culley'a cafe, opposite 
I the Metropolitan hotel, which f or | 
I many year* was a rendezvous for 
! Springfield society. 

He Is survived by his wife. Mrs. 

■—■I 'Laura H. McMillan, and one eon. 

jrlalph McMillan, both of Pprlug- 

1 field: one sister. Mrs. Jennie Mc- 

; Kalg. of Springfield. Ohio, who Is 

now here; and one brother. George 
Ik. McMillan, of I'aaadena. Cal. 
I Tho funeral will be held at the 
I home. Htid burial will b<- In Hniel- 

w yixj ceinftery under tho .1lr«-<-tlon 

Iof J. W. KUagner. . 1*« <*■*• ©t the 
funeral had not baa* decided last 
night- _ 

Page 1: Miss Elsie C. Farnsworth died.** 
Page 14: Otto D. McMillan died.** 
J. R. Harvey died.** 
J. A. Saltzdied.** 
Mrs. Eva Copes died.** 
Joseph R. Fryer died.* * 
Wilbur Morris Rothermel died.** 

A son Billy Joe Cave was born October 23 to Mr. and Mrs. Willard Cave. 
The brother-in-law of Mrs. J. H. Fairman died.** 
Page 16: William Shirley died.** 

Mrs. Harriett C. Choate left her estate to her husband.** 
William Roy Mallard and Ellen Etta Foster were married.** 
Paee 19" Mr and Mrs. Grant Eslick, 970 West Monroe street, and their two sons 
William and Lester went to Inola, Okla., for the funeral of Mrs. Eslick's mother Mrs. Margaret 
Horner. I , . , 


With the'eacepUon of a bequest 
of »100 to her brother. Pr. W. R. 
Co*. the entire eotate of Mre. Har- 
riett C. Choat*. who died last Friday 
night from Injuries rccelred In an 
automobile accident near Mansfield 
that morning, goea to heT husband 
John C. ChoaU. under the terms of 
bCT will, filed yesterday, for probate. 
The husband la named a* eicutor to 
•erve without bond. 

■William Roy Mallard. 31. Elkland. 
and Ellen Etta Foster. 33. 8prlngfleld. 
were married this morning by the 
' Rev. E. C. Beehler. pastor of the Cen- 
tral Christian church, at the office 
of Jack M. McKee, recorder of deeds, 
where the marriage license was ob- 


{ William Shirley. 73. of Leota, Mo 
idled at 8 30 a m today In a local I 
I hospital He is survived by two I 
J daugliier*. Misses Maud and Filey | 
j Shirley, and a son. Orvil Shirley, all f 
! nt home. The body will be forward- j 
, ed to Leota at 8 30 o'clock tonight 
• .by the Pax*on Puners: home. 


Probata Judge and Mrs, J. H. Fmlr- 
man want to TMtieburg. Km, tola 
morning to attend the funeral of a 
brother-in-law of Mrs. JTalrman, They 
win return tbU aftarnoon and Judge 
rairm^n «U1 leave tonight for at. 
Joseph to attend the annual conven- 
tion of the Missouri Association of 
Probate Judge*. The meeting wlU 
convene tofnorrow morning and con- 
tinue through Friday. 




Brother Vows to Vigorously Press lnvestigatloivto Discltfse 
If Miss Farnsworth Was Mistreated "For the 
Good of Others." , 

-. ;.-.=< 

Investigation of alleged mUtreat- 
msnt of Mlse Elsie O. FernaworUi. Red 
Cross worker. wUl begin following the 
funeral today, Jeeee Farnsworth, a 
brother, of Corpus Chrlstl. Tex, said. 

MIm Farnsworth was burled at 10 
a. m. today with all military honors. 
JThe services were conducted et the 
Kllngner Funeral home with Bet. R- 
C. Raines, pastor of the College street 
Mission Baptist church, officiating. 
Tbe Rebekah lodge, of which Mlaa 
Parnavorth was a member, participat- 
ed In the eerrlcea. 

American Legion members were 
preaent for the service* at the grave. 
in East Uwn cemetery. Miss Fmrnn- 

worth wu the fir* World war nuree 
to be buried In Springfield. 
ror Ooed of Veterans, 

' "Services hare been held for my 
Hater and ahe hae been burled. And 
now I ahall direct my sfforta toward 
obtaining facta In the case." Mr. 
Farnsworth aald. "It u not with re- 
Tenge that I aeek this Investigation, 
but rather to aid other veterana In 
getting Juatlce at the banda of the 
government hospitals." 

Mr. Farnsworth will confer with La- 
glon official* and he alao plans to 
retain the services of attorneys to con- 

(Contlnued on rage Sixteen.) 

runeral service* for Otto D. Mo- 
Uiiian. it. for many yenra • mi ••• 
tata dealer here, who" died at hie 
home. 7» Fremont ftvenue. at 11. -SO 
o'clock last nlgbt. after a lingering 
Illness, will be hold at 10 ft. ffl. to- 
morrow at the home. Burial will be 
in Harelwood cemetery under the di- 
rection of the Kllngner Funeral 

At one time Mr. McMillan ran the 
Culley's cale. oppoalte the Metropoli- 
an hotel, now the Blue Oooee, which 
lor many years waa Springfield's 
leading restaurant. 

He «u» member of the Woodmen 
of the World. Modern Woodmen »nd 

He H survived by his wife. Mrs. 
I aura H. McMillan, and a son, Ralph 
McMillan, both of Springfield; a sis- 
ter. Mr* Jennie McKalg. of Spring- 
field. Ohio, mho is now here: and a 
hrothe:. George E. McMillan, of Pasa- 
dena. Calif. 


Short funeral service* were held 
ftt 8 p. oi. today at the Alma Loh- 
meyer Funeral home lor Mra. Eva 
Belle Copes. 58. wife of the late E. J 
Oopes. who died at 2 a. m. yester- 
day at the bora* of her slater. Mrs. 
U E. MoitU. 3121 North Broadway 
avenue. The body will be forwarded ! 
to Fort Scott. Kan. for burial. 


Funeral services for Joseph R. 
Fryer. 85. who died Monday after a 
btlei lllneaa at bis home. 709 South 
DolUson avenue, will be held at 9 
ft. m. tomorrow at the Bt. Agnea 
OatboUc churcb. with burial In St. 
Mtry'a crmetery under direction of 
the Herman H Lohmeyer Funeral 


Wilbur Morris Rotbenael. 6-day- 
old aoa of Mr. and Mra. Franlt 
Bsotbsrmel. rottt* No. S, Springfield, 
died aft A Springfield bosplUl ftt 
noon yeaterday. runeral servlcee 
wave held at t p. m. today at the 
boms with burial in Oreenlawn 
cemetery under direction of J. W. 
ffllngmr Funeral home. 

lo H 

TIk bod* of J. H. Harvey. W. lor 

found dead in hi- »">«• «>« 
Worth Bwiuy "etiue. /"Jf." 1 '' 
•nornlng was forwarded to Cbllll- 
SC^ii*.- W. former horn., lor 
burial. D«th was ^"•"^ *> *"■ 
►wen I lie mull of heart disease. 

J. A. 8ALTZ. '** • ' f 

Funeral aenlcea lor J. A. Salt*. 5*. 
«bo died Suuday »t U»» bom " °' 
hUMnoD route 6. 8prtnftl*M, will 
be held HSp.n. tomorrow at Clear 
Creek cemetery? with burial there 
under direction of Alma Lonmeyer 
Funeral" home. 

Mr. and Mm. Wlllerd Gave announce 
ihe birth of a »on, Billy Joe, October 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Benjamin F. Chance died.** 
Page 2: A daughter Mary Jo Raby was born October 21 to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Raby of 
1015 South Clay avenue. 

A son Frank McLeod was born October 21 to Mr. and Mrs. A. H. McLeod of 321 
Ilderdeen drive. 

Page 5: Miss Chloe Atchely and Mr. Olaf Baldwin were married.** 
Page 6: Walter B. Thomas and Bonnie Ellen Mcintosh were married.** 
Page 12: J. A. Saltzdied.** 
Joseph R. Fryer died.** 
O.D. McMillan died.** 
Leonard Hayden died.** 
William Shirley died.** 

Rollin A. Brown and Bonnie Park, both of Springfield, were married yesterday in 


nollln A. Brown, 37. and Bonnie 
Pnrk. L'8 both of Springfield: Wal- 
! icr H. Thomas, 30. Cassvllle, and 
Bonnie Ellen Mcintosh. IS. Spring- 
Meld: William U Kuh*. 33. and 
Helen M. Mott. 30. both of Spring- 
field: William Roy Mallard. 81. 
Elk land, and Ellen Etta Foster. 13. 



Miss Chloe Atchely. daughter of] 
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Atchely of East ' 
Blalno street, became tne bride of 
Mr. Olaf Baldwin of Exeter, Mo, j 



Benjamin F. Chance, to. civil war 
veteran and plnasse eitlxen of St. 
Clair county, died at his borne at 
i Osceola following a long Illness. 

He was born at Weston, Mo., and 

during the war was a member of 

Company E. Eighteenth Missouri 

. Infantry and was discharged la 

I till He leaves a widow, six chll- 

{dren. IS grandchildren and three 

greet grandchildren. He was a 

I member of the O. A. It. at Osceola. 

uturday morning. October 22. at 11 
o'clock at ths Grant avenue Baptist 
church. Reverend T. H. Wiles per- 
formed the ceremony. Following a 
motor trip through the west the 
couple will make their home at 
Douglas, Aria 

Waller I! Thomas, til tVtSM'llle. 

ii nd Hunnle ifllen Mrtntonh nf 

Springfield were married Ioni nijtl.t 
I by Reverend J. It. Axliman «i th» 

home of the hrlde'n pn rente. Mr 
; II till Ml" K. It Mcintosh, of ZZf-f. 
I I'ort Klreet. 



J. A. 8ALTZ 

Funeral services for J. A. Salt*. 65 

year* old. who died Sunday at the 

' home of hla eon on route 6. Spring- . 

• field, will be held at S o'clock this I 

afternoon at Clear Creek cemetery . 

with burial there under direction of j 

j the Kllngner Funeral home. 


Funeral. services will he held at 9 : 
! o'clock this morning at the St. 
! Agnes Catholic church, corner of 
'South Jefferson avenue and Mount ( 
Vernon strut, for Joseph K. Fryer. ) 
65 years old. who died Monday at j 
his home at 709 South Dolllson nve- j 
'nut. will he In St. Mary's; 
cemetery under direction of the I 
Herman II. I.ohmey*-r Funeral j 

! o. o. McMillan 

i Funeral services for O. D. Mr* 
' Millan. 57 years old. former real es- 
tate dealer and restaurant man of 
'Springfield who died Tuesday night 
at hl<! home :i»"72» South Fremont 
avenue, will he held at 10 o'clock 
Mils innrninc at the residence with 
hurlal In Ilazelwood cemetery' un- 
der direction of the Kllngner Fu- 
neral home. 

l^onij.l llaV'lin. 11 -months -old 
son of Mr. ;md Mr«. VIA Ha>'d«'n. 
1I1S Fiist Atlantic stre.t. died nt 7 
t.VlocIa ln»t nlclit at the lioni" 
Funeral ncrvlecs will he directe.l 
i.y the Klingnor I'ndertakliiR com- 
;<iny ill a. time to he announced. 

William Shlll.y. of lxota. Mo.. 
1 1 led in :i h>«t|>ittil here at 9 oYh« U 
y*trterday irinrntfttr following a 
linceritiK Illness. He was 72 years 
• •I'd. lie i« survived hy two daugh- 
t~r-«. Mauil" and Kll»-y aeid one soil, 
Orville. Tlo- body was «lii.|«|><«l 
last !ii|;ht to lyola. 

Page 1: An article lists the 47 men in Springfield who carry the most insurance. 
P. S. Cornell died.** 

An unidentified man was found dead in a freight car.** 
Page 9: Little Wisenen Jeffries sues to divorce W. C. Jeffries. They were married 
October 20, 1 92 1 . Her maiden name ws Marley. 
Page 10: Body found in freight car.** 
Page 11: Leonard Hayden died.** 

Joseph R. Fryer died.** 
Page 16: Births reported.** 
Page 21: Miss Ellen Foster and Mr. William Roy Mallard were married.** 


Mr. and Mrs. J. X. Raby. 101ft 
South Clay avenue, announce the 
birth or a daughter.' Mary Jo, October 

. Mr. and .Mrs. Oron P. CuhntagbanVi 
130 1 North Broad war, announce tho. 
birth of a daughter, Noma France*, 
i October aa. 

Mr. and Mrs. Prancli A. Oettlng. 
1530 Weal Calhoun, announce the 
birth of a daughter. Rosalind Rader. 
October 34. 




Funeral aarrleaa for Leonard Hay- 
den. 11 -months-old son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Ed Hayden. lilt East Atlantic, 
who died at •? o'clock? last night at the 
home, will be held at 4 p. m. tomor- 
row at eaored Heart OathoUe church 
with burial In 6L Mary's cemetery 
under direction of the Kllngner 
Funeral home. 



Funeral serrlces were held at 

I ) * in today at the St. Agnes Cath- 
olic church, for Joseph R. Fryer, 66. 
, who died Uonday at his home at 70O 
j South Dolllson avenue. Burial was 
' in St. Mary's cemetery under direction 
of the Hrrmsn H. Lohmeyer Funeral 
: home. 

Body Is Found to Freight ^atterabe Which Was Hauled 
There from Carthage; Murder Theory 



Tba body of an un t d a n t in a d 

iwiiit taut 
at Oom, mi bur- 
la*] to* night aTtar an lnveetigatlon 
had raiss* to shad any hfbt oo the 

Tha «r to wbioh Um body w*a 

towad ' waa btwownt to Crane to • 

reayoJar fleafai train from Carthage at 

4 a. m. Twaaday. Stt hours later a 

tpeoad tbe c*r door* 

tbe dacQDipo—d bodj. 

» An — mlnatloo by Dr. J. C. B Dog- 

0t Crane nriUM that the man 

cum to bJa death try natural 

Tbe man bad been dead at 


theory that tbe oin may bave 

, toam robbed and murdere<l and then 

Cvxag Into tbe freight car we* aban- 

' deoed When a plain fold band ting 

mm Sound on tbe third finger of one 

| hand. Tbe man also carried an emp- 

I ry ^f 11 *-*^*- in one pocket, a tooth - 

1 brash, safety raaor and shaving out- i tbe mu apparently had been 
; tn i nm« tint* before his death. 

v • • • ,1- • 

•0 yam «M. 
vajibatf I«l patonds V* **• ftto fort 
tfcd *u toMbee to beignt, Or. rjofgwu 
reported- Jea> wore a beat town aeige 

eult bow tie and a cap. Tbe ault waa 
jstode by a Birmingham dealer and the 
oap at' Covington. Ky. The man wore 
ton eh dee hh hair waa brown* 
etreeked wttb gray. Tbe words, 
"Blanche" and - Ef fie" were tattooed 
on each of h!» forearms. He had 
false teeth, both upper and lower, and 
tbe thumb waa off hla right hand. 

The Investigation by the Mleeourl 
Pacific agrnta rrvenlcd that thr ! 
freight car in uhlcb the body waa 
found was unloaded at Butler. Mo.. 
and then takrn to Carthage, where It 
waa sidetracked 10 daya before being 
moved to Crane. For this reason. It 
la believed tbe man entered the oar 
at Carthage. Dr. Doggett eald that 

ill for 

Wo. I 


reoad Body to Car. 

Whan car inapector Val Pfltaner of 
Aurora, who wo:\s at Crane, opened 
empty Missouri Pacific box ear 
taatt *t Crane thla weak ha waa | 
ed with a gruesome aV»t. It' 
daad body of a man. lying flat on bla 
beck with lege and anna extended. 
Tracing tbe movements of the car. 
Station Agent aUllecc. of Crane finds 
tnat It was moved from Butler, Mo.. 
Hoe. 13 passing through Nevada on 
tn* jMaa date and awltcbed Into the 
WhlU rtrer yerde at Carthage the 14 
where It lay until the night of October 
M. when it was picked up and , 
brought to Crane, arrtrlng there at , 
11 56. and being opened The county 
refused to accrpt ar.y responsibility ( 
end burial we* at the expense of the , 
j rallwsy company. In Masoblc Potters 
. tleid 



Mr. 8. loafer, route *. 
«he marriage 44 his da«e* 
™Mr. vftlUam »ef **»»•»*«* 

wore Mr- and id*. **»•» •> **"*- 
U sad Mrs, Mallard are at 

lusasinif wttb a, urtaiaua».Me;»»a ehuwai 

SSL*at. roitoT»*» »***. *r * 

BUtoewetfrteada, Many t»toful and 

neb nam* tirto 

couple, about 

pi w an ted toe 





P. S, Cornell, 28. Dies De- 
spite Physicians' Bat- 
tle to Save Him. 

, a losing t»tu« waa tomb! t»y four 
prominent phvsjelana tn an ettegt to 
is*** tki Ufi <C f. L Oomau. S8. 
' brmXecnen ob lh« M. * 1». A. Rell- 
i road ~n-r**r at Harrison, Ait- wfco 
! «unsred ♦»• taaa of nU feet 8un- 
1 dar afternoon tn a railway accident. 

Cornell d,led In the St. John'* hos- 
pital shortly after It a. tn. today. 

Cornell was brought here Tuesday 
Mgnt froiii Harrison by Dra. Frank 
Klrby and C. M. Routh. Ao tnfee- 
llon having developed. U waa neces- . 
aery for surgeons to make a second * 
. amputation of the left leg. the laat ', 

■ severance being near the hip Joint, 

.The operation was performed by Dra 

y C Rose berry and E I.. Evans, of 

iViingfse'.d. and the two Harrison 


Cornell > condition yesterday after- 
noon was very good and physicians 
were he>;>*ful for his recovery. How- 
| ertr. at 10 o'clock laat night, the 
| patient suffered a rtlapae and his 
j condition grew worse un}ll^d*jath to* 
I day. 

Cornell was coupling can at the 
U. * N. A. shop yard* al • oosock 
| Sunday erenlng. In swinging onto 
a freight ear be fell beneath tna fialB. 
! Hu lega war* severed abort an* an- 
, 'Threatened with blood poisoni n g, 
j Hie Harrison physicians ordered him | 
brought to the hospital here. An am- 
putation of the left leg Just below 
I the knee was perrormed Tueeday 
; night. Later it was necessary for 
I the physicians to make a second 

Mr. Cornell's wife, mother' and 

father were at the bedside when 

death came. The body will be for- 

I warded to Harrison for burial. 


Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 10: Mrs. T. D. Roberts died.** 

Leonard Hayden died.** 
Page 11: John C. Choat was appointed executor of the will of Harriett C. Choat. 
Page 15: Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Billings celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.** 
Page 16: P. S. Cornell died.** 
Page 17: Miss Lena Brown and Millard J. Eisenhour were married.** 

Sixty years of married life and no argument* Is the record of Or. and 
Mrs J. M. Billing*, pioneer Lebanon cltliens. Residents of Lebanon and j 
surrounding territory Joined with the couple In a public observance of j 
their sixtieth anniversary Saturday night. Doctor Billings has been prom- ■ 
Incnt In affaire of the Oxarks region for many yeans. He was a personal ■ 
, frl»nd of Abraham Lincoln and General Grant, attended several banquets 
j with them and heard the famous Lincoln-Douglas political debates. 



MuTard J. Eisenhour. 22. and j 

Lena Brown. 15. both of Reeds j 

Spring; Herbert 1'lank. SI, audi 

Helen Holt. 18. both of Springfield. ' 

Miss Lena Brawn and Millard J. 

Eisenhour. both of Reeds Spring. 
were married yesterday by ths 
Reverend J. A. 'Wood. The couple 
departed on an automobile tour to 

Ktmentl services for Leonard 
Iliiyden. 11 -months-old son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Ed Hayden. of 111! East 
Atlantic street, who died Wednes- 
dsy night, wUl be held at * o'clock 
this nftemoon at Sacred Heart 
Catholic ohurch with burial In St. 
Mary's cemetery under direction 
of the Kllngner Funeral home. 



Wife of Justice of Peace Ex* 

pires on Thirty-fifth 
1 Wedding Anniversary 

! M.\« Un>hc*l* Uobcrta. •> >«**» 
(old. wife of T. I>. Roberta, Justice 
of the peace, died yesterday after- 
noon after a lingering Illness at her, 
home at IMS North Douglae avenue. 
Mr*. Robert*' death occurred on the 
! dote of her Jtth wedding annlver- 
l eary. 

! rimers! eervloe* will be hold at 
: 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at 
• the Itobertaon Avenue Baptl«t with the Reverend W. Z 
Stovnll of Fprlngfleld. officiating, 
agisted l.y the Ilevorrnd K. O. Van 
Nov pa*tor of the church. Burial 
will be In Oreenlawn cemetery un- 
der direction of the Kllngner >"u- 
nertl home 

Hit noherU. la survived by the 
I husband, by thre- daughter*. Mrs. 
I AM, Van V.rn. of Springfield: Mrs. 
! Monte Valniy. of Hollywood Par 
'and Mra. \Y. O. Dockmon. of Fort 
Mil Okla.. and by two grandchil- 
dren. Patricia A'an TVwn and James 
Wnlmy. •'•' 


IH6s in Hospital 
Here of Injuries 

The body of P. 8. Cornell. 21 
>eara old. broke man of Ilarrtaon, 
Ark, who died yesterday morning 
In a local hospital following ampu- 
tation of both Iocs, mads necessary 
by an accident In which hla lac* 
wara crushed at the ankles whan 
ho fall beneath a freight car Sun- 
day afternoon, was forwarded this 
morning by W. I* Btorne. under- 
taker, to Horrleon. Ark., for burial. 
Funeral services will bo held there 
at 2: SO o'clock tomorrow afternoon. 
He Is survived by the parents, Mr. 
and Mra Wlllard Cornell, the wid- 
ow, one daughter and one eon and 
four brothers. While shifting a 
freight car Sunday afternoon at 
Harrison. Cornell slipped and fell 
beneath the -wheels. In spite of 
medical car*, blood poisoning de- 
veloped and Tuesday the Injured 
man was brought to Springfield 
where amputation was found neces- 
1 sary. 

The Leader is missing for the following dates: 
Friday, October 28, 1927 
Saturday, October 29, 1927 
Sunday, October 30, 1927 
Monday, October 31, 1927 

Page 7: Frances Hall sues to divorce Elvis M. Hall. They were married October 12, 

A son Keith Dillard Brigance was born October 27 to Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Brigance 
of 2701 North Grant avenue. 

Page 12: Mrs. T. D. Roberts died.** 
Elkins infant died.** 

Daughter born October 28 to Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Elkins of 1601 West Calhoun 


Th« infunl dauRhter of Mr. and 
Mm. A. G. KJkins of 1601 West Cal- 
houn street, died yesterday after- 
ik/vii. Funeral services will lie held ' 
at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon at the 
residence with hurixl in East U«n 
cemetery tind'.-r the direction of the 
Klingner Funeral home. i 

' lAmersJ ■ .»».ii 

o'clook this afternoon at Uii H4 
ber son- A venue' Baptist -tbutcq -tor 
Mr*. T. D. Roberts. 6J years old. 
wife of Justice T. D. Roberts, who 
died at her homo at 18U Douglas 
avenue. Thursday afternoon after a 
llwrerins; lUness. The Reverend W. i 
Z. tftuvall of Bprlngfleld. anaitrted ( 
by the Reverend E. O. Van N«»y. . 
pastor ot the church, will conduct, 
the service*. Burial Will k» »r. j 
Greenlewn cemetery under direo , 
tlon of the Kllnsjner Funeral home, j 

Pagel: Jackson W. Coleman died.** 
A. J. Spencer was killed.** 
Marriage license: James A. Mikels, 22, of Faifax, Okla., and Grace Ferrell, 21, of 


Marriage license: Floyd D. Kirkendall, 23, of Billings and Martha L. Algire, 21, 

of Springfield. 

Page 4A: Human bones found in barn near Lamar.** 

Page 8A: Daughter born October 25 to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Glenn of route 6 Springfield. 
Page 12A: A son Charles Dee Fitzpatrick was born October 20 to Mr. and Mrs. Hazel 
Fitzpatrick of Battlefield. 

Denis C. Lloyd died.** 

E. B. Mitchell died.** 

Clark child died.** 

Mrs. Nary L. Rand died.** 

William Roy Mallard of Elkland and Ellen Etta Foster of Springfield were married 

yesterday in Springfield. 

Page IB: Nathaniel L. S. Batson divorced Mary E. Batson. 

Page 7B: Jack Benjamin, the infant son of John and Marguerite Turk of Miller, died 
October 21 aged 2 months and 4 days and was buried in Brick church cemetery. 

Mrs. Will Kelley of Miller died.** 

Boyd Sanders and Miss Dixie Boyd were married.** 

Eli Glasscock died.** 

A daughter Harritte Katherine Shears was born Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Harry 
Shears of Newburg. 

Son born October 25 to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Caufield of Lebanon. 

Rev. O. E. Hamilton died at Mountain Grove. 

Miss Clella Collins and William Welsh were married.** 

Jack Lane and Ruby Irby were married.** 

Daughter born October 22 to Mr. and Mrs. Ira J. Stockton of Monett. 

R.M.Hyde died.** 
Page 11B: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our father," signed by 
Gertrude Fryer, Mrs. Lillian Weaver, Sister M. Germaine. 

Page 3C: Miss Clara Lucie Ely and Mr. Carl L. Hawkins are engaged to marry.** 

{ William Roy Mallard of Elkland 

;and Ellen Etta 1'ostcr of Spring - 

• flcM w«-re tiinrri«d at the court 

hou-c yt-Mt-rdav IjJ" rtit Reverend 


E. c. StchU-r. 


. R. M. Hyde ah old and hl*hly 
respected cltlten of Monett.. a*e_TT, 
father of Mrs. H. C. Fleming, died" 
from rerehral hemorrage caused by 
,i cancer at a eanltsrlum at Sevan- 
i-..h. Mo.. October JJ. The funeral 
was held Monday afternoon from 
»":il!aw,iyn Fur.oral home. Interment 
In i Sid Fellow* cemetery beside that 
of his wife who died In 1»J5. 



I |S 1 1 * 

Jackson Coleman, President 
of Bank of MajionviHerWerF 
tiffed Wtth Many Butinett 

A I'RORA. Mo.. Oct.- Jt.-^acfcawn 
W. Column, 61. for »0 year* 

pre»ld»nt or tho Bank of Marlon- 
vlll*. a director of tho Bank of 

Aurora and one of the largest land 
owner* In Southweat Mlaeourl. died 
today m hia home here. 

The story of Mr. Coleman's life 
I* the romance of on* of thla aec- 
tlon'* two: known bualneaa men. 
Krom a partnership In • email 
mercantile aoore at Kepubllc la 
1IS1. hla hualneaV) Interest* grew 
rapidly and steadily, embracing a 
.i ..> ra.\v-' of rn!erj>r!*es 

Mr. Coleman wu Umi November 
IT. 1IC0. In Webster county the 
eon of John 8 Colaman and BarlX 
Rnfflh C6Ieman.~ Duflnr UMrCWBT 
war tho family moved to Martha 
field, returning In MJ to Wabatar 
county to establish tha old Coleman 
mill on the Jamaa river. 

Move to Springfield 

The null was moved to tfprln*" 
fleld In 1S7J. opening; aa tho Ancfcor 
mill. The family moved to 89 lag - 
field and lived there until 1177. 
when the *Mer Coleman organised 
-•» mercantile company In Marion- j 
Mile with two of hla aona, M. 1* 1 
nnd J. \V. I'oleman. and moved the j 
family to Marlonvllle. 

J. W Coleman and a brother | 
purchaaetl a mercantllo atore In j 
Republic, operating It until 1111. | 
when the atore was traded for a' 
mill at Marlonvllle. Soon after tho I 
brother* had expanded the enter- 1 
prise Into a roller mill, the struc- 
ture burned at a great loaa. An- 
other atore wne organized by J. W. 
Coleman nnd I". 1* Coleman, a. 
younger brother, at Marlonvllle. 
and thla latter expanded Into a 
hardware nnd Implement bualneaa. 
Tho three brother* opened a whole - 

eewnpany at Tuaka- 
In Indian Territory, In 
ttad after a remarkable auc- 
£eaa tha firm waa aold in 18M. A 
ytMtrojring Interest In the Bank of 
^ptarioavni* waa aocopted as part 
Vayment for the Tuakahom* com- 

? Haada County Bank 

1 J. W. Coleman took charge of the 
faenk In January. 1 Syr. and Im- 
jieedlatel'y was elected president. A 
^few inon.h* later The long partner- 
,*hll' of the three broilers was ills - 
eMlved. L". K Coleman ub^iiiumx 
control -.t the hardware company • 
■aad il. I> Cob ni. ui taklns* charge 
•f a similar enterprise at Aurora. 
[ For Jv yearn Mr. Coleman con- 
sued at the head of the Marlon- 
Toe Inatltutlon grew 
In Ml? It* deposit* 
ttt.SM. By im they had 
aed |40J.M». 
Mr: Coleman suffered a paralytic 
ke In Novtrobtr, 1»26. and 
to Aurora wtth hU family, 
amine a director in the Bunk 
I^He 1* survived by the wife, two 
Utere. Mr*. Charles H Kite of 
Angel?*. i>nd Mr3 Moll- Adatr.a 
Aurora' one, limluii 1 ». 
in of Springfield, and a s!a- 
W. Mr*. W. II. Bradford of Mur- 

>, Funer.U arrangements have not 

Miss Elvj 
To Wed 

TlffUCH Interest will be created In 
aoclety circle* by the an- 
nouncement made today by Mr. 
and Mrs. EMward Coeby Ely, 4Wi 
East. Walnut street, of the encagre- 
ment of their daughter. Clara Lucie* 
to Mr. Oarl U Hawkins of St 

Mlaa Ely 1* prominent In social 
circle*. She la m. graduate of the 
Springfield Senior High achool 8-nd 
reoeived her A- B. decree from 
Drury college, and 1* a member of 
Pi Beta. Phi sorority. Mr. Hawkins 
frequently visit* here and la known 
to many of the bride- to-be'* 

The wedding will take place In 


J. Spencer Killed 
Squirrel Hunting With 



A. J. Spencer, 14-year-oM High 
school student at Lamar, wna In- 
stantly killed at S o'clock yesterday 
'afternoon while squirrel hunting 
with two companions near Lamar. 

Young Spencer. together with 
Ralph Springer, son of the Frisco 
agent at lamir and Edgar Dia- 
mond, son of Dr. W. B. Diamond. 
Lamar dentist, had approached a 
small stream and were preparing to 
cross when young Spencer threw , 
his shotgun to the opposite bank, j 
The trig ge r WB l el e oa e d by th e I m j 
pact and the charge struck the boy , 
In the forehead nnd carried away 
the top of his skull. 

His companions hurried to town 
and notified officials of the acci- 
dent. Coroner C. F. Konants de- j 
cided an Inquest was unnecessary, i 
The body was removed to the ' 
Konants Undertaking company. I 
Funeral arrangements have not ' 
been completed pending the arrival 
of relatives from distant stales. 

j Miss Clella Collins of Monett and 
, William Welsh of Cleveland. OkUv. 

were married October 14 by Rev. C. 

r. Mills st his home 407 Sixth street. 

They will make their home in 


The announcement has been re- 
ceived of the marriage of Jack Lane, 
formerly of Monett to Ruby Irby, 
.of Fayettevllle. at LlUle Rock. Ark. 
They wll make their home at Miami, ■ 
Florida. j 

A beautiful wedding was solemn- 
ised Sunday. October 16 when 
Itoyd Sanders. of Olinger and Miss 
l>l>ie Hoyd of Miller were married. 
The hrlde snd groom »r» highly re- 
»lK>cted In the community iind have 
nianv friends who wish them a hap- 
t«v voyage through life. 

Mrs. Will Kellev died Monday 
after a year's Illness from oonipll- 
i-utlon* following nn operation ^h» 
ass laid to rest Tuesday at Hrlck 
church cemetery 

Mr. and Mrs. Ira J. Stockton an- . 
nounce the birth of a daughter. Oc- 
tober St. 

Barton County Officials Fear 

Foul Play; Man Lurks 

Near Fire 

An investigation has been 
launched by Coroner C. F. Konants 
as a result of the finding of human 

bones In the ashea of an old barn, 
destroyed by fire early yesterday 
morning at the home of William 
Frey, farmer living near Lamar. 

Frey called Coroner Konants af- 
ter noticing a suspicious character 
lurking near the blase. After 
searching the ruins, Frey found a 
charred bone, believed to be the 
hip of a man. 

No animals have been kept In 
the barn for some years, the cor- 
oner was told. 

The fire was discovered at 2 
o'clock yesterday morning and 
about 9 o'clock Frey said his dogs 
continued to bark near the old 

t'oroner Konants took the bones 
to LriuiKir lor exuiuliialion anu Mar- 
lon county officers will conduct nn 
Investigation in an effort to ap- 
prehend the firebugs. 

Wl (ll.isscoch died Monday morn- 
ing, the !4th. at his home In the 
■■outll i>s>rt of town lifter -i short 
tllliena of dropsy and li«:irt trouble 
:«t the na> of »H years lie was a 
highly respected citizen nnd will he 
k really missed In this community 
Me has resided In Miller practically 
all «.f his life. He hns held a posi- 
tion as rural mall carrier on route 
1 for mure than :'- years, lie has 
been an active menWber In the Bap- 
tist church nearly all his life. He 
uns a member of both the Mason 
.ind < Md Fellow lodges. Surviving • 
lilm besides his wife Is owe daugh- : 
ter. Mrs. Olen Cagle of Earlaboro. I 
nkla. one granddaughter. Bonnie 
lx>u Ogle, three sisters. Mrs. Sarah I 
Cochran of Seymour. Mo, Mrs. j 
Margaret MoKlnney. Mia. Rebecca 
Hudspeth of MlUer. three brothers, 
Marlon. Hardy and Oliver C.luae- 
i-iicfc. Funeral services were held 
j.t the Baptist church at 2 o'clock 
Tuesday by the Reverend Helm. 
Th«< i-.iral mrrlers were pall bear- 
ers :nt< > ni.nt In l'leiumnl ffc-ovs 
cemetery. ; 



The body of Penis C. Lloyd, form- 
er resident of Springfield, will ar- 
rive hers at 4:10 o'clock this after- 
noon from San Antonio, Texas, 
where Mr. Lloyd died recently. The 
body will be taken to the Alma Loh- 
meyer Funeral home and funeral 
arrangements *vll| be made at that 

The body of E. B. Mitchell. 10 
years old, who died yeeterday at 
his home. 2112 North Campbell ave- 
nue, will be taken overland thia 
moraine by the Herman «H. Loh- 
meyer Funeral home to Bolivar. 
Mo., where funeral service* will be 
held In the First Methodist church, 
with burial In Greenwood cemetery 
there. Mr. Mitchell, who had en- 
gaged In the livestock business for 
several years, la survived by the 
widow, three sons, Tom H.. of Tulsa. 
Okla, Max. of Springfield, and 
Browe N.. of St. Loula; and by two 
daughters, Mrs. P\ H. Maples, ot 
Nevada, and Mrs. J. H. Brown, of 
Colorado: by three sinters. Mrs* 
Battle Meyer, and Mrs. II. B. t'tley, 
both of Springfield, and by six 
broth era 


Funeral services for the three- 
year-old daug-hter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Edwin Clark, of Hannibal, who died 
In that city last week, wlU be held 
at t o'clock this afternoon at the 
Starne mortuary with burial In 
Qreenlawn cemetery. The child la 
survived by the parents 

The death of Mrs. Nary L. Rand. 
71, for many years a Springfield 
resident, waa learned here yeater- 
day through a telegTam received by 
a friend, Mra. L. C. Harmon, 1411 
North Broadway avenue. Mrs. Rand 
died Thureday evening at her home 
in Los Angeles. The funeral will 
take place in Los Angeles tomor- 
row. Mra. Rand was a member of 
the Women's Benefit association 
here, and of the Royal Neighbors, 
750 Sunflower camp. She Is sur- 
vived by her husband and three 
children, two daughters and one 
son, all of Los 'Angeles. Mr. Rand 
formerly was employed in l he 
Frisco shops here. 

We wish to aavnaTour sTassra tEaaks 
and axatitad* to all oar trim* (or thai* 
fc fa dn— daring oar huW. fflooM and 



.'\meai a Mlkela, 13 

vkla.. and Grace FwrraU. 11. 


Floyd 1>. Klrkeodall. 13, 

an.: UaxUia U Algtra, IX, 



Page 1 : Mrs. Albert M. Cuyton, 5 1 , was killed October 30 in a motor car accident near 

Ollie West was killed at Lebanon.** 
Page 8: Denis C. Lloyd died.** 




Funeral services for Lieutenant 

I Denis C Lloyd. 38 years old. who 

d-od Friday at Fort Hun Houston hi 

San Antonio, Texas, will be helil at 

!! 30 o'clock 1Mb monilnx at Na- 

■ ilium! cenii'tTV und»r dlrf«-tloti of 

1'niteil l.oUge No. 6, A. F and A. M . 

I with burial Uiero under direction -»f 

ithe Alma Ijohineyer Funeral hunie. 

He lfl survival l>y the niothor, Mrs. 

I Sarah 13. Lloyd, and by two slMtrH, 

! yiifti Frieda l-.loyd and Mra. t\ S. 

.Natlian. all of Kansas CU>. Mo. 


r - 

tm>-s had 
I to OCTTT **»•> aody *•** 

led by Uwe Creasy of the> ' 
»«-e.r.c Uiat the bo* *a* 
f-j**-! te let tbean leave 

Th«y taea put the 
r -h- r»r and Jro*e back 
X.ii^a where the sberltX 

^r^.'.«r fo-ind then 




Laclede County Man 
Wounded Before 
aget to Seize 
Stab Rowdy to Death 

&4Jf"PtR HffV 

V * 


Gang of. Four AUatupt* to , 
Break Up Pfe Suppar, and 
One* Drivan Away Raturn* 
To Waylay Labanon Fofc 

*»-— m Wn#i *> rw JVew*. . . 

t ebanon. jfa. o«t. «a--Pa f * n dv 

Ing Ma wt*n, daughter I 
aelf from u attack by threw 
whom be had ordered away ' 
pie supper. Frisco AlaustataV a i 
dent of Lebanon, taat night tnetant- 
'.? killed one of the attacker*. OUle 
West, 2». by plunging * 
1r«!fa ««t/> hie «ld»> after"* 

Tn- -.rouble started earty- 
Ja.. r..«h! *i a pie aupper '%* 

' * »., ..».: ii the StOl ("reek 
i.vjK, r.«M mJlee northeaat of*- 

: Lebanon, under the dlreclloa esV 

I Loraa J aca a aa . tee r est 

! of the ecbooL 

c 00*104 up to Ua 

I uullding. the four 

! West. Carrol Wee*, 

I Ue and Rich LIUasd 

1 lag the peraana In tha WaaWaT'ja* 

. ioud talk and noise jutslda ., , 
J. L>. Brakerleld and ,* Uu e a a ja * 

' both ciUaeoe of f ahnaatx ,*ayaf j 


' » !'..i the beye. 
io»ri to behave 

, The youth* then attached' the 

I men. I.I Herd hitting BraaeOald 

• slashing » cut d. wn the a*d« oa at*) 

j head Aler.stein vu 

' oat «4i not seriously hurt ajt 
Lirno tod the ouj» were md' 

l leave the plane. , "*Jj] 

a» tha crowd filed" out of the 
school building after the «,loee of 
the antertaJaaaent. three «.f the 
>*utha, the two Weal u<\.;» ai.d 
Pmlttle. came back and seelfcic that 
the aupper waa over, went a dis- 
tance down tha road to waylay 

&-.% tmm'Sjt) ta« -m«J 

ere»k eehool house, where tha 

■upper waa held, th« 

(irl ■ left aye 

a rock aad Mrs. 

•truck several 


• ■ 


__ _ — ♦ 

Aa Aleoetela aad hta family ' arne 
tha three attacked them 

Tha aheea ether baya +gm jjjf « 

throwing rooka at all three, and at 
1*"fc«f»r Alenateln with club*. Alen- 

jraa knocked down and CM 11© 

West got down on tup of htm, beat- 
ing him in the face. 

Mans fin*; to draw hi* knife from 
his pocket Alenstein plunged it Into 
West's side, klllin* him almost In- 

With one of her eyes mangled by 

a rock, the Alsnsteln girl ran to 

home only a abort distance 

away and called the sheriff. Mr. 

aad Mrs. Alenstein were then taken 

their home where medical treat - 

nt waa given all three. 

X Jury was summoned to Investl- 
gaXe the case this morning and after 
ta king the testimony of West and 
Bsalttle. bad to go to the Alen- 


etela home 


Benton, llwrloon Holman. Homer 
4>rlffen. Charles R. Taylor and 
Homtr D. Hough. 

Carrol Wast and lltrman Smittle 
are txlnjr held In the l>-I>«non jail. 

The condition of Alenatein «m 
regarded as critical tonight. )!•■ has 
teen In a semi-conscious condliP-n 
since the fight and la unable to 

The mother of the boy wl.o was 
killed and the West boy who In now 
being bald In Jail arrived here to- 
night from her home In Oklahoma. 
Viewing the body of her son In ih«s 
morgue here she cr, Happed and ha.l 
to he carried In ht-r room. 
arrangements for Went have !;o; 
been completed. 

The Jury returned the followlng 

-We the Jury, bavin* been duly 
vworn end approved by 8. R- F»»- 
mer. coroner of Laclede county, find 
the following: OUle West came to 
bis death by knife wounds under 
left win inflicted by PVtoco Alen- 
atein. a knife then and there In hU 
bend held. 

"We the Jury also find that It was 
a Justifiable homicide and exoner- 
ate the smid Alensieln of above 

Members of the coroner e Jury 
were: W. 1. Dlffer.d-rfer. Bert L. , , 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Charles Leon LaHawn was killed.** [Lawhon] 
Page 3: Elza J. Ott died.** 

Albert A. Beierle died.** 

Onie Duffey died.** 
Page 8: A. J. Spencer was killed.** 

Mrs. Mary A. Huffman died.** 

Births reported.** 

Fire probed for human remains.** 
Page 11: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our wife and mother," signed 
by T. D. Roberts and family. 

Page 12: Sidney O. Acton sues to divorce Sofrona Acton. They were married May 1, 

Corliss L. Wyrick and Ethel Rose were married.** 

10 Dozen Canaries, 
3 Parrots, Monkey 
And 6 Cats in WU1 

t>)R the first time In the 
proha:<. court In ilreene coun- 
ty, ii » .»» *a!J yesterday, bird* 
and animals. oth«rr than those 
ueed for work, are to figure In the 
settlement of an estate The In- 
ventory of the property of the 
late Mrs. Harriet O. rhoate. who 
di«-.! «!• 1 ?l n* the re»ui: rif In- 
.i.irleg Buffered In an autotnobiln 
Hcci.Vm near Mansfield, was M- 
<».l in the probate court yesterday. k 

A portion Of the est* IS, arcord 
InK to the Inventory filed by E. I 
.1 Shrlpman. Roy A. Whaples and 
1. M llaydon. Includes t»rt dmen 
rmary birds. t>-ree parrots, one , 
l,.l of bird <**<*. one monkev, 
mix pair <>f Persian gray cats. 
and four Persian gray kittens. 

Lamar High School 
Students in Final 
Tribute to Comrade 

| Mourning- tho death of their chum, 
A. J. Spencer, killed In a hunting 
[ accident Saturday near Lamar, stu- 
| denta In all classes of the Lamar 
I High school wer« dismissed jre»- 
• lerday afternoon to attend funeral 
' wrvlces for the Hnencer youth at 
Who Lumar Methodist church. 

Young Spencer, 14-year-old high 

i school student, was killed Instantly 

I early Saturday afternoon while 

wiulrrel hunting with two compan- 

' Ioiih FYeparlnir to cross a small 

'stream, the boy threw his shotgun 

to the opposite bank. The full 

forced tlio trigger and tho charge of 

' heavy shot struck Spemier In the 

I forehead, blowing away the top of 

' his skull. 

The boy had been one of the 

i most popular young students at tho 

I I-anuir High school. Scores or his 

classmates, and many townspeople. 

gathered rtt the Methodist church 

for tho funeral service. Burial waa 

In Lake cemetery at I-amnr. The 

Spencer youth Is survived by his 

i father and mother, a sister and a 

I brother. 


oi iihiui ia-a-M 

Charles Lean 
Races After 
oer* at 
tempts to Swm$ 


Saw Train PuB In WW* ORt-g 
ing With Friend*, Th*». 
Dashed Down Roadway fa> 

- Effort to Qvtrtaka tt. 


rTCBXED needlon* to ;th*r*f* 
•"right-of-way m *» made Ml 

roui a— fui all»m#l tol 

in* rri*co p— — ■» tram «t 
way, flT« mil— aooth e* 
Chaiiee Leon UHtwn, 1». o* »1 
Weet Meoroe rtmt, swtfered t**£j 
Injuria* at 1 19 o cJecfc 

The yotiOi died tw* 'aifcrl" 
th* aectd*nt *a the Trim* 
I her*. 

I Thrown tram the 
«-6p«terfVh! tram to I 


train. Leerm* the 

the tra-in puiMd rnte the 

•tatlon. h* ran atone tha 

Sprtn«fieid hi«herejr for 

rarda. croaeeo 1 on a prtrele roadway 

to th« railroad tracka and alteaapted 

to board tha morln*' trato- 

Ha 1» »ur-»tTed by hi* pare***. Mri 
end Ura. C A. LaHawn. and tw* 
bn>U.ara, Hanrr X* "«* Jacaeon K- 
LaHawn. aii of Springfield. Funeral 
»rmrur»roanU are Incomplete, but 
burta! will be under direction of 
ih-» Aim* Lohme?er funeral ■"■*» 

_, . ■• 


Jewell at WtodWa 
t~oroner. will make a full tn*« 
, tH>n of tha accident today. A* "f 
(queet U> fix raapoa«lb»ty for tha 

youth* death probably will ba a** 

Jered. he aaJd laat nJ*ht. 

An embulanre from Sprlagfleei 

r-arr.ed the seen* of lb*) MaaW *■ 
i leas than ten minute* afl*r tt •*- 

-irr»d. Mm Ovrwa Plu*t*C 

Mr*. KC*J.»- of lia^loway 

;*d the Injured youth In 

>-:...i-,:« : > ;he hospital here. 

Coroner Continued > 

Probe of Mystery 

* Flr^Nea**" 

Belief thai a man p*rl*h*d Jlp fb* 
myetertoue fir* which' d*»W*i*d .a 
bay-Oiled barn at tha heme «| WH- 
11am Fray near laMT early Friday 
nttrnliyr **•«,' e^r*»**tb*n*d W*** 
day WtilT tt* dtooorery of * amUl 
ofvtH >uckJ* and metal button* 
in tha nrtn. where bite of charred 
bone* prwVtoualy ban baan found. 

Mr. Fray reported yesterday to 
Coroner C. F. Konantt, who la ln- 
vsstisaUns tae blase, that hs had 
found an overall buokla and several 
metal button* In the ruin* of tha 
barn almoat at the aama apot wherw 
be hai «arllar dlaooTarad warn* ap- 
paarod to bo part* of human bona*. 
Ho raltaratoi hi* coarletiva that 
there wu no llveatock la tha bar* 
at the Ume of tha Ore. 

On* «f tha charred bono* found 
In tha jutted barn appeared to be 
part of the hip bone of a man. 
Another charred bit waa th*u*Tb« 
to be a human tooth, bat a daaUst 
at Lamar could pot Identify It poo- 

Coroner KananU U eeekln* a* 

unidentified man. dreeeed la *louca 

hat and overalla who W** aee* 

about the fire ahorUy after It wait 

'dlacovarad about 2 o'clock Friday 

• morning. The man appeared eu«- 

■danly out of the <darkne*a, Frey told 

| the coroner, aeked about the cause 

I of the blare and then dlaappeared. 

Pioneer of Ozarks 

• •.■■• -* # > •- .•*"-'•• 

Dies at Ava Home; 
•'■"•••• » « 
Was 92 Years Old 

iMotoi Oieeetrfc Co Tfce We«ee 

7vA. Mo.. Oct. iJ^-Mrs. Mary 
"""•A. Hoffman. 88. pioneer oi 
the Ozarks rlglon and a resident 
of Douglas ooontjr for 88 year*, 
died at her home near here fol- 
lowing a' lingering Illness. 

Mr*. Huffman waa born In L*o 
county. Virginia, April 6. 1888 
and came to the Oiarka with her 
parent* when 10 years old. Bhe 
had been a member of the Chrla- 
llan church for 72 yeurs and was 
prominent in church circles for 
almost 76 year*. 

She waa married to William 
J. Huffman December 10. 1864. 

To this union 11 children were 
born, nine of whom survive her. 
Ttaa ■urrivor* «*« Joseph Huff- 
man. Roseburgh. Oregon. Henry 
Huffman. Fort Scott. Kansas. 
Mrs. James BrUey. Bates. Ark.. 
Wash and W. J. Huffman. Mrs- 
Paul Krelsel and Mrs. J. A. Spur- 
lock, of Ava. and Mrs. Thomas 
Hogan, of Cedar Gap, besides a 
host of grand, great grand and 
I even great-great grandchildren. 

Funeral services were conduct- 
! ed by Reverend Walter Ooss. of 
! Seymour, who Is also a nephew 
! of the deceased, assisted hy Rev- 
erend .Top Wallace and the Mt 
' Zlon chorus. 



funeral services for Elsa J. Ott. 
St years old. former resident of 
Springfield, who died Friday night ' 
In Omaha. Nebr.. will be held at 
!:80 o'clock thisi afternoon at the 
Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral home 
with burial In Maple Park ceme- 
tery. He Is survived by ihe widow, 
his father. Jacob Ott. and two sis- 
ters, Mrs. C. J. Majer and Mrs. Kd 
•tllft, all of Omaha. 


1 Albert Alexander Reierle. Sfi. o! 
< r\M-i>er. Mo. died In a hoepltal here ] 
at 11:30 o'clock last nlRht follow 
In^,- ti brief illness. He la survived ( 
by two brothers John |:..|. ■•-].> , f 
| Crocker and Jacob e,erle of Itattle- j 
'field, and n sister. Mrs Inn Owen.! 
] route S. t-l'tingfleld. .n 
• rungenicnts art? Incomplete. Iitn I 
'burial will be In Owen remrtrry at • 
, I'uttlefleiil under direction of the; 
! Merman Ijohmeyer funeral home. 


Onle Duffey. :«. died at 5 JO 
o'clock yesterday morning at the 
home of his mother Mrs Virginia j 
Duffey. 2T0? Kellett avenue. Fu- 
neral services will be conducted at' 
2 o'clock this afternoon at the home, 
with the Reverend .! S l.V>r»ey of- , 
flclatlng. Burial will he in South ' 
Hazelwood cemetery under dlrec- ' 
Hon of the Camiitvll t'mlertaklng 
company. | 



Corliss I* Wyrle* of Omaha, Neb, 
and Ethe! ;<oe* of CheeotAh, CStla.. 
war* married at the court houso 

1 yesterday by the Reverend E. C. 
Stealer. ' 


j Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Dawson, of 

!?K West Florida street, announce 

j the birth of a daughter on Monday. 

October 31. 

Ouy Jeffries. -16. and Eulu Sartln. 
19. both of SprlnRfleld; Corllas U 
Wyrlek, ?7. Omaha. Nebr and 
Kthal Rose. 23. Checotah. Okla. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sam A. Malone, of 
Muskogee. Okla., and formerly of 
Springfield announce the birth of a 
daughter, Dorothy at the Baptist 
hospital. Mrs. Malone formerly was 
Miss Katherine Fowler. 

We wUk to thank oar saaay sambos* 
aad friends for their t riad— I aad 
fond etterlag* dortna tke Ula— aad 
4e»u» ef oar wife and matter. Slsneo. 
T. D. Boeerts aad faaul>. ' 

. j i ju'u ■ i " * ' ' * "** 



Page 1: Charles Leon Lowhorn was killed.** 
Page 7: Mrs. Mary . Hoffman died.** 

Page 16: OUie West, 20, was stabbed to death Saturday night at Lebanon. Ollie West 
and his brother Carrol West and Herman Smittle waylaid Frisco Ellenstein and his wife and 
daughter following a pie supper. Ellenstein stabbed the West man. 
ElzaJ. Ott died.** 
Albert Alexander Beierle died.** 
Births reported.** . ^ lu 


Frfcoo Employe Misses Coach 
aod^Uffen fatal Injuries; 
Irtectto IJoanl Frisco Train 
aNalto^ay; Dies in Hos- 
XfaL £ 

Injuries suffered yesterday 

beneath a moTlnf 

. train on the Cbsd- 

scancb 11ns hmt Oelloway. firs 

of ]mi, proven fatal two 



• fractured &tfUr+> 
deep scalp twrnd, and • bedly fertfeeh- 
ed right shoulder. 

The injured youth wu rushed to 
Um JTrisco hxwplul here. He died two 
hours l»ter without regaining con- 

An Inquest probably will be held. 
Lowborn had been employed as a car 
carder at the rYlsco offices here. Ho 
left his home to go to Oalloway yes- 
terday and have luncheon at the 
home of Mr. and llri. Roea Kane. 
He decided 10 return on the afternoon 
train to Springfield. Hs raced to 
catch It as It was pulling out. 

He Is survived by his parents. Mr. 
and Mra C A. Lou- horn and two 
i brothers. Henry 1- and Jackson E. 
Lowborn, all of Springfield. 



Mrs. Mary A. Hoffmsn. 98, pioneer 
resident of Douglas county, died st 
her horns near At* Sunday. 

Mrs. Huffman was bora In Lee 
county, Virginia, ApU 8. 1898. She 
came to the Oxarks with her parents 
when 10 Tests old. 

Stoe was married to Wllilsm J. 
Huffman Deosmber 10, 1884. 7b this 
union 11 children were born, nine 
of whom survive her. They are 
Joseph Huffman, Roetburgta, Ore.; 
Henry Huffman, Ton Scott, Kan.; 
Mrs- Jemee Brtxey. Betas, Arlu Wash 
and VT. J. Huffman. Mrs. Fatal Wrissil 
and Mrs. J. A. Spurlock. of Ave, end 
Mrs. Thomas Hognn, of Cedar Oep, 
besides a host of grand, great-grand 
and even **ee*-gxe»t-fx*nd children, 
Mrs. Huffman was prorntoettt' » 
church circles, having become a 
member of the Christian church 72 
years ago. 

Funeral services were conducted by 
the Rev. Walter Does, of Seymour, 
assisted by the Rev. Joseph Wallace 
and the Mt. Zlon chorus. 


Mr. and Mrs. Sam A. Melons of 
Muskogee, Okie., formerly of this city, 
announce the birth of s daughter, 
Dorothy Jo. October 28. Mrs. Melons 
formerly was Mies Katharine rowler. 

Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge Lemmon, 1143 
Nichols street, announce the blrt v of 
a son, Noel Randolph, on October 30. 
Mrs. Lemmon formerry was Miss 
Wilms Mackey. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Csnaday, 437 
East Kim street, announce the birth 
of e son. Jackie Alonzo. October 17. 

Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Bclvldge of Ca- 
bool. Mo., announce the birth of a ; 
daughter. Bmi Joyce, at St. John's ' 
hospital In 8prlngfleld. October 28. 



» . ifrtr. 

for Baa J. ott. an, 

resident at BprUtftHM. who 
died rridsy ni*ht In Omaha. Neb., 
were held at J30 p. m. today at the 
Herman K. LohmsrsT Punerml hoDM. 
wtth burial In Maple Park cemetery. 
The* body^ arrived here yesterday 
morning . Be U eurrlved by tale wife; 
bis father, Jacob Ott. and two ate- 
tars, Mrs. O. J. Mayer and Mr*. Ed 
Oin. all of Omaha, 

Albert Alexander Beterle. M. of 
Crocker. Mo., died at 1140 o'clock 
last nlfbt In a bospltal ban. Be te 
survived by two brothers, John Beiralo 
of Crocker and Jacob Belerle of Bat- 
tlefield, and a sister. Mra. Ins Owen. 
route 8, Springfield. Funeral eervloes 
were bald at 4 p. m. today at Battle- 
field, with burial In Owen cemetery, 
near there, under direction of the 
Herman H. Lohmeyer Puncrsl home. 


Page 1: Marion Owens divorced her husband G. B. Owens. 

Miss Mary Bell Newman was killed in an automobile accident.** 
Page 2: Son born November 1 to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fleetwood of 1 025 East Pine street 

Crawford Williams and Maggie Williams were remarried.** 

Naomi Smith sues to divorce J. Obie Smith. They were married October 20, 1924 

Charles Leon Lawhon died.** 

Crawford M. Williams of Tampa, Fla., and Maggie Williams of Springfield were 
married yesterday in Springfield. 

Page 8: Matthew H. Muratta died.** 

Dorothy Elizabeth Nuttall died.** 

A. H. Gorrell died.** 

Albert Beierle died.** 

James A. Corden sues to divorce Artie Corden. They were married January 1 5, 


Page 10: Marriage licenses issued." 

A. H. OorreU. 77. fllt-d at 3 
o'clock yesterday aft«rno.,ii at hie 
home, rout* 10. Springfield, nft««r a 
brief Illness Ht is «'jrv!\.-i (,. ,.rn- 
•on. O. F. Oorrtll of Dresden, Mo . 
a sister. Mra Anna Hti-r'ing of Sc- 
dalla. and two brothers, John l>. 
Gorrell of Windsor. Mo., Hil- 
ton Gorrell of S*-dnll H Tl c b ,dy 
will be taken o\»-riar.1 u.,!.,y i ; 
the Btarne funeral I. •,,.. »,, Si.."l-.:!.» 
where funeral servi'-.-i « 'i 
dUOted at 2:10 o'clock Tl.ur»d.iy :if t - 
frnoon at the homo of Mrs. Si t r- 
ling. Burlai will t«e at j-'tdiiila 

Vomeral service* !<..r AJte-; 
IWltrle. 66 year- oil <f Cr a-. 
Mo. who died ilo/KlM.. r.i^.'it •». |. 
.ocej hospital, were h».-M h? 4 •••!«. : 
yesterday aft em,....:. :-.•. ist-.x:'>i.- .-' 
with burial In Ow.-n • '-r;.*--. - . ; 
der direction of lr* H« -in;.!! ,. 
bohmey»r Fun*<ral h> •••!.• . H»- 
trurvlved bT two 'broLi-re. J, . •.». 
Botarle. of Crocker Mo.. a_r.'i .]j.<- 
Belerle, of Hauler '.<■ '.!. uri'i ••! •■ 
• lrtw. Mra. Ina Owtn, of >\<r .'.*■ ■ 
field, route 8. 


A coroners jury will meet at 10 
o'clock this morning- In the Frl/ico 
railway station at Galloway, five 
miles southeast of here, to fix re- 
sponsibility for the death of Charles 
Leon Lawhon, Springfield youth, 
who was Injured fatally when he 
made an unsucceesful attempt to 
board a moving passenger train at 
Galloway Monday afternoon. 

Coroner Jewell E. Wlndle called 
the Inquest after a preliminary In- 
vestigation of the accident yester- 
day. Roes Kane of Galloway, the 
engineer of the train and other eye 
witnesses will testify during the 
Jury's probe. 

(Funeral services for the youth 
will be conducted at 2:10 o'clock 
this afternoon at the Church of 
Christ, corner of Broadway and 
Madison street, with the Reverend 
William ttagsdale officiating-. Burial 
will be In Greenlawn oemetary. 



uyvE turned ovar a new If C— 

A rm trains to start over. and 
from now on I'm roing to do every- 
thing for her happiness and pleas - 

Crawford William* speaking. 77- 
-old bridegroo m who yesterday 
waa happy In hla remarriage to I 
Maggie Wllliama lt» College street, 
who divorced hlro more than two 
years ag\x 

"He dldnt want no other woman; 
and I dldnt want no other man," 
lira William* aunt It up, nnJUng 
contentedly. "We're getting alonff 
— - Mra William* la M— "and we 
need each other's companionship. 
He's good help—" Mrs. WUllama 
runs a rooming house — "and I think 
ril get along better with a man 

Mra. Williams has four sons, but 
two of them ar* married, and the 
other two— the youngest is 20 this 
week — she thinks are likely to leave 
at any time. There'a more security 
■In a husband; particularly a hue- 
band who ha* been tried and 
proved. ... 
«, ♦ 



Mr. and Mrs. William* first were 
married In Arkansas, eight years 

u;a. lire. Willlaxua, after 30 >«utj 
of wifehood, waa a lonely widow; 
Mr. WlUlama too, was lonely, with 
two wives dead, and hi* three chil- 
dren grown. 60 they were married — 
For six years they lived amiably, 
coming to Sprltur£«£d in 1921. 
Then, still amiably, she divorced 
him — for reasons "too personal." 
she says, to be revealed. "We never 
d!d have any trouble," she sold. "I 
Just told him I was going to dlvorco 
him: and when I say a thing. I 
mean It. When the day to get the 
divorce came, he said to my law- 
yer. 'I fueae there's no use my com- 
ing. Is therer and the lawyer said 
^certainly not.' But he Just came 
along: anyway — Mrs. Williams 
Implies that he didn't want her to 
face the ordeal alone. "It wan the 
first time 1 ever nad been In court, 
and he sat right beside me and held 
my umbrella all the time. Then I 
Kot my divorce, and he brought mo 

4. _ * 


♦ ♦ 

Mr. Williams moved Into the 
country near WUlard — Mrs. Wil- 
liams thought he mbjht *ret lonely, 
so she ■wrote htm regularly, and he 
wrote her. Then, further to koej. 

him from feelUur too lonely. she 
sent him a subscription to The Re- 
publican. The boy to whom she 
gave the order, misunderstanding, 
seent her copy of the paper to him 
Instead of an extra one, and for a 
week she had to buy her own paper 
each morning at the newsstand - 

"But I didn't mind;" she says— 1 
knew he would want It." 

In April. 1924. she married again, 
a man "who tried all the time to 
get mo to sign over all my property 
to him; and I wouldn't do that for 
him, or for no man." After two 
months, he left — "He thought he 
could go away for a couple of 
days, and then come back and I'd 
do anything." she said. "But ohl 
It was a great relief to have him 
gonel I was so glad I" she says. 
And when he did come back, he 
found a closed door. In September, 
exactly a year after divorcing Mr. 
Williams, she divorced him. 

She then resumed cor r e s pondence 
with Mr. Williams. Last summT 
he went to Florida for the winter, 
and repeatedly wrote her to come 
down there and marry him again. 
"But I couldn't len.vo SprliuffleH." 
she explains. "I have a lot of Al 
friends here, and I didn't want to 
lrave a sure thin? for something- 
thAt would be uncertain." 

So he came, back here Instead, 
arriving Monday — and yesterday 
they were married. 

Henry P- Walker. ?«. Prjroc. Okla. and 
Chlua SmilApetrr. 24. Grow* Okla. : tUral 
E. Anrr, 22. Nlxa. and I.ueWa Btrtakar. 
21. Ourk : Paul Bureau. 14. Sparta, and 
Glynn McCoy. 2S. Sprin«fl*ld;^ Cr»wford 
M. Williams. 77. Tampa. Fla.. and Mas- 
si* William*. 61. Sprtngfiald. 

Alleging that her husband was 
quarrelsome, and that he cursed 
and abused and struck her on diff- 
erent occasions. Naomi Smith has 
filed suit for divorce from J Ohio 
Smith. They were married October 
20. 1924. and separated last June. 

10 45 

turn la the highway at the NatKasfti 
:«-m->t «-.--. and with his Tlaton ito- 
p«iired by a heavy rain. aeot hi* 
'"h«\rul*l sedan Into the curve mt 

too high nap Mfr 

Trauedy pif 
turning From' 
Dance at Half- 

side of the car 

to© Jsnparn. CtSt'ii? 

lac from tho 

there a f*W 


blood weUm« from 

her head. 

ambulance hull lad 

to Si. John* hospital. 




Mary B»ll Merman, JopCn 
soci«ty CiH, and Missouri 
THata, 1« TtrriHf M 
Emify Klngtborj, B 

TTER skull ernahod and h«r Mq' 

fearfully mangled la a* 
mobile craah on Markmai ai 
near the National cemetery ■hs*tf!P > ' 
after midnight, Mlaa M a r y 
Kevmu. SO. of JopDa. die* at 

Mlaa Newman 
Joplin only recently from an i 
ed visit in Illinois, where her jar- 
em* were roachod thla mwmhjfc 

after the t raged y. "r 


Mlaa Newman «u the 

of rrana Newman, dlrlaloaal QMfe 
senger acent for the fYiaoo at J<*f>J 
I in. She «u a graduate of Mi»» 
' souri University and a member otS 
; Kappa Alpha Theta aororttr- > 

Mlas Kingsbury, also a Missouri 
: university graduate and a wammb0tf 

i of the Pi Beta Pht sorority, is tfro 


daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. 

a.i-ti^ui') ui Joplin. 



jureo aa a reauil Oi in* 

Lawrence Price, yooag 

man of Baxter Springs. Kasv. ssif* 

tered a bad gash ore* the haft. W 

and cuts on hia left arm 

Mlaa Emily Kingsbury. XI. Of 

sustained a broken : 

oua oata and brulsea. RaJpb 

lob of Jonila saffered fractured. I 

*** lacax , ?% 
♦ - ram* ww» rai t 

4r ' i « '«♦ *■ 

Punerel services for Matthew li. 
Muratta. »7. formerly a resident of 
Springfield, who died Sunday after- 
noon at hia home in St. Louie, will 
bo conducted at Orace Melhodlat 
Bplaoopal ciiurch here at 2:30 
o'clock this afternoon, with th*> Hev- 
orend 1. D. Harris oflclatlng- IturlaJ 
will bo In Maple Park cemetery, un- 
der direction of the Paason funeral 
hoToe. Mr. Muratta had lived in 
Springfield for 18 yearn and was 
well known here. In rooent ions 
he vu «t the head of t!i<j tiuill str\ - 
Ice department of trm FVlscn mil- 
way, lie la survived by his wife. 
Mrs. Mora Pool Murium of BL 
Louls: six children. Mm. K O. 
Turner of Springfield, 8. C Muratta 
of Tulsa. Okla .Mr* S 11 <".i.t«»s of I 
St. iuoula. J. R. Muratta of Mem- ' 
phis. Tenn.. John Murattu of St. 
Louis and Miss Flora Nolle. Mu- 
ratta of St. l-.uln and two ulsters. 
Mra N. B \aJlc«y and Mies Sue 
Muratta of St. Petered urn. Klu_ 

■imilar Joplin 
[a- Hill tea house 
Price, unf 



Dorothy Ellabeth Nuttall. Infant 
dauanter of Mr. and Mri. Otis Mut- 
sall of Springfield, died In a hos- 
pital her* yesterday afternoon 
Burial will be In Haselwood ceme- 
tery thu afternoon under direction 
of W. U SLarn* 



Matthew H. Muratta of St. Louie. ] 
formerly a resident of bprlnKfleld 
for some eighteen yoars. <1I«m1 In 
SC I<oule Sunday. October »0ih. 
1M7. at the age of 67 years, lie 
had been for a number of years In 
chars* of the •ruali-eerTto* -depart-} 
merit of the Frisco llailwiiy He is 
•errtred by his wife, Mr*. Flora. 
Pool Muratta and hIk children;! 

Mr*. K. O. Turner of Si>rlngfl«ld. 
Mo.; 8. C. Muratta. of Tulsa. Okla.; 
Mr* B. H. Gate*, of St. Lx>uls. Mo.; 
J. R. MoratU, Memphis, Tenn .; 
John and Flora Belle of St. Uul«. 
and two sisters, Mr*. N. B. Yankee) 
and Mies 8ue Muratta uf bu Vet- 
erataprs. Florida, and four grand - 
ohUdren. FoUowlns the service In 
St. Ixruis the body will be brought 
ts> Qailinflssfl where eerrloes will 
the Qraoe M. E. 
at »:*» Wednesday after- 
he iras formerly a 
The services will be In j 
efcnrffe of Rev. 1. I). Harris, the pas- 
tor of the Grace M. E. churoli. The 
es t r i ce s at the grave will be In 
charge of the Masons. Thu bod) 
may be viewed at the church from 
1:10 to 2:»0 Wednesday afternoon. 
The Interment will be In Maple 
Park Cemetery, under the direction 
of the Paxson Undertaking com- 

Page 1: Miss Mary Bell Newman was killed.** 

Miss Elsie C. Farnsworth left her estate to her mother.** 
Page 8: Crawford Williams and Maggie Williams were remarried.** 
Page 12: Joseph H. Showers died.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 

Leonard Claussen divorced Bessie L. Claussen. The mother was awarded custody 

of their child. 

James A. Corder divorced Artie Corder. They were married 33 years. 
Page 14: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our wife and mother," signed 
by T. D. Roberts and family. 



Th* antlr* attats of the lata KM« 
C. Parnewortb. SpflagtuM but**; 
who committed gak*a* try drowning 
reewnUy at St Louis, foes to bar 
snother. tics. Lucy KUsabath Faroa* 
worth. unda* the tanas of har will 
which waa tiled lor probate yesterday. 

Ths will cantatas do Information 
aa to the probable aaloa of the astata 
but It »a unOarstood <thnt ah* owned 
a smal! amount of raal asUta. 

The will was drawn February a, 
1FM. at Raw BJoomflsJd. to Galloway 
county, and najnaa Senator mek T. 
Cavb of Fulton, as awctrtor to ear*e 
without bond. It waa witnessed by 
W. U FrofJar and W. A •choen. 

Jaavph If. showers. M. foreman at 
Ufe* peJnt shop of the Springfield 
Traction company, died thin morning 
•4 bis home 313 Xast Pacific street. 
Me ks survlred bj bis wilt, a 

of Oprlngfisld; three 

a ad Mrs Bu ! Thomas of Kansas 
City, and saien |^«n4cbUdran. Fu- 
neral »rrarvf«irK->ta are incomplete 
but *b»T will ha i"i charge of the 
K.:ng:;rt Funeral borne 

_-*j-»-if>-j''*-0-<^.'- «-^-~- ■ ~ ■- - n_ i -n^— . say*. -*• ■*.<*** -sr* i **^s'* i — m — — ** 

VI wish t«"thsns e«r atany frleodsmC 
n#i resort ler in*tr MndatM and Oawaf 

i sffirlngs anring the Illness 
1 ear wile sad wothtf . . ._ 
T ' 



Leonard fjwuaatn waa grantad * 
divorce from Beasla X*. Olauaaan this 
akomlng by Circuit Judfl* Ouy O. 
Klrby, altar a crossbill of tha defend- 
ant bad baan dUmlesech Tha daoraa 
oonUlnad a clause raqulrtnf Clauaan 
to pay his wlfa IU a month for care 
of a child, tha custody of which was 
awarded to tha mother. 


Auto Accident on National 
Boulevard Culminates 
• Dance Party. 


Downpour Causes Driver to 

Fail to Make 


On* pmon la dead and three oth- 
tn are In 8t. John's hospital eerloue- 
iW Injured *a a result of an automobile 
aocMeat at midnight la*t night oo- 
** National boulrrerd at National 
e*m*\rry. , 

Ths dead: 

Mta» Mary Bell Nfwmtn. 30 years 
old. prominent aocUl leader of the 
Jopiln rounrrr set. and * daughter 
of Prank Nfwnun. li'.fch Prlix-o offl- 

<■••' , 

T.-» :.-.;urK« i 

*U*« rrallr ICJr.^»bury. 31 year* old. '; 
alan pr-xnlr.^nt !ri Joplin aorlety. 

LAr^'T.'.t Pr'.rf. yout.K »utouioblle , 
t*!~ -.»r. r; (Uiv: Pj.rJr.r* Kar. 

P-».pr. 0»'.»r:on. of Jo^ln. ioh of 
T. w Oirr;ob. of the Oeier'.oh 8ta- | 

and mount comimny. 


«H«f tn* occupants 

Itb her 

«f apttntartng ci»*s ana 
rending of OMasi attracts the *t- 
of Um oanukvl family at 
««7. Mr. and Mrs. John Me- 
***, Harold. Toe 
ran to ike highway where, he 
Um tojarao 1 parsons mi the 

An oc um injured van taken into 
eakMnce and the Herman 
f wbinejei ambulance was called. 
hains ; reoejTed In Spring- 
t 11 55 o'clock. They were* 
ruabed to St. Jobn'e hospital, where 
Miae Kermic died wltoout regaining 


Jfr»man rurtaiaed a cru«hed skull, 
asternal Injuries and lacerations to I 
bar body. MM* Klntaburr's Injuries! 

are a fractured 

in so evening's pleas u re *» 
toe two 

Of PrsejrfwMt 

Mr. Price austslned a sertoue gash 
Um left ape end cut on hie tart 
end teg • 

OC Um men. Mr. Pa t e r ta b was Um- 
more seriously Injured. Int 
errerml broken ribs and UoereUoaa 
about the face. 

All of the person* In teat nights 
tragedy were of prominent Jopltn and 
Baiter Spritigs families. Him Wew- 
[ man was the daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Prank Newman, who hare been 
i well known In JopUn for many paars. 
Mr. Newman Is chief p asse ng er agent 
for the Prtaoo at Jopun. returning 
, there from Kansas City yesterday 
t»ru»r apending two years In that city. 
U^a Newman attended Missouri 
j university in IBM and was a member I 
; of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. 
( Miss Kingsbury la Um daughter os- 
Mr. snd Mr*. H. B. Kingsbury. Jop- 
un.' and also la popular among Um 
younger man and worawn of UM city- 
She altendad Mtasourl untreralty 
» insislur of PI Beta Pol 
Bar tathar m an or* buyer 
tn JopUn. 

Mr. Price, son of Mr. and Mrs. WU1 

Prte* at connected with Um Cbavrout 

agency operated In Barter Springs by 

his brother. Herbert Pries. 

Mr. Oatertoto la too son of Mr. tad 


Mrs. T. 

Ostertoh. twin or -abom 

^ it JopUn resident*. Tba 

* elder Osterlob owns the Osterlob 8ta- 
noncry and Printing company, e 
targe JopUn business firm, and to 
president of tli* JopUn Rotary olub. 
The families of all th* pwiooi In 
UM (cc»«nt ww« in 8| 1ntfMiM Into 

Mr.wM|Mn> «"•»•* 


daufbtar* ihkttMt ftreo thorn. 

Mr. and Mra, Rinasbury. Mr. add 
nets. Pnos sod thsir eon Hofbort, ond 
Mr. and Mrs Osterlob armed tn 
i Springfield oarly thto morning, att- 
une out immediately for thto city 
upon receiving wofd of th* accident. 
Tbe Mrwmana war* on root* to 
rranavtile. Ind, to TWt Mr. Itcwxnan'a 
father, whan th*y received word on a 
train at Buffalo of their daughter^ 

Uum Newman w mat at the 
, train by Mia* **Ongsbury. Mr. Prtc* 
> and Mr. Oetetioh. who naked bar to 
, drtra to Springfield laat night to at- 
I t«nd the Pathfinder dance. Tn* 
patiy left JopUn n 1-30 o'clock, ax- 
riving here In Urn* for tbe dance. 

When tha Pathfinder affair ended 

at Batf-e-IUll the two couple* started 

back, to JopUn. A heavy rain was 

: /ailing when they Ul t Half -a- HI 11 and 

I when they r eac — d the sharp turn at 

' Hatlocal cemetery the downpour hsd 

made ti»!pn prac-.icslly impossible 

and Price Cid not see the turn In 

• tun* to avoid crashing Into a tree. 

| It waa eapected that Mlaa *Clnge- 

bury end Mr. Price would be taken 

c~»c* to JopUn late tLie afternoon. 

bu*. Mr CHUt'.oh will be forced trv 

-rauin in Bt John'i lor acveral days 

tor treatment. 

Puoeral arrangement* for Mtoa 
Hewtnen are incomplete. Th* body 
waa accompanied back to JopUn by 
th* lift's mother and father. 8*rrte** 
probably will be held sometime to- 
morrow In JopUn. It was said. 

iir» Newman wu in s hospital bere 
this mornlnc ander a physicians- 

77 REWEDS 58 



Herbert a Amdt, M and Chios Fry. 
SI. both of Bettteftold. ..ara frantod a 
marrtars Uoanaa bar* today. Licenses 
war* toaoad yesterday to Harol E. 
Avery. IX NUa. and LuclU* Strieker. 
Si. oaarto Paul Burgsn, 24. Sparta, 
and Glynn McCoy, », » Springfield: 
Hanry P. Walkar. M. Pryor. OnJn, and 
Onto* BmlthpeWr , 8*. Orot*. Okla. 

Tbetr lacea egtow with h s p o ln e e s. 
Crawford Williams. TT. and Maggls 
WUUama, M, who war* remarried yta- 
torday after being divorced two years 
ago, today war* receiving felicitations 
of friends at the elderly bride's room- 
lea bouse st MO College street. 

Blnce they were divorced. Mrs. Wil- 
liams had wad again, but soon after 
got a dleore*. 

"Mr. WUUama and X bae* always 
been good friends,** Mrs. WUUama de- 
clared, "and there waa no Ui feeling 
at the time of our separation two 
rears »«ro. Our only trouble was that 
be was In the rooming house busi- 
ness, which kspa htm away from my 
home, snd I could not hare the com- 
panionship I desired. At thst time bs 
didn't feel that be could give up his 
business, but now be bss decided that 
he will itay with me snd if he goes i any business It will be close to | 
hocse so be can eat and sleep bore." 

Mr. end Mrs. Williams first were 
married tins yesre ago st BatesTllle. 
A-"». Thty removed to BerUesville. 
Okie. shortly afterwards, and three 
years later they came to Springfield , 
where they made their borne untU 
Mrs. WUllarna obtained a divorce 
two Tsars ago 

Mra Williams was a widow snd be 
a widower st the time of their first 
marriage. Mr. Williams bad lost two 
s i r es and Mrs. WUUama one husband. 
Both have grown grandchildren and 
are proud of their age. 

DvLTtng the time Mr. sad Ura Wllr 
llama were divorced O* was again 
married, but soon became dissatisfied 
wtth bar other spouse and divorced 
htm within a J*eer from tbe Urns she 
obtained s divorce from Mr. WUUams. 


Page 1: Miss Mary Bell Newman was killed in an automobile accident. She was the 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Newman of Joplin. [This is a long article.] 
Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: C. J. Owen was appointed administrator of the estate of Albert Beierle. 

Wilber Lambeth and Ola Hoffman, both of Springfield, were married yesterday in 

Page 3: Lillian Caron died.** 
A. H. Gorrell died.** 
Watkins infant died.** 
Joseph H. Showers died.** 
Leonard Claussen divorced Bessie Claussen. 
Page 8: A daughter Helen Edith McLean was born October 27 to Mr. and Mrs. N. A. 
McLean of 824 1/2 West Walnut street. 

Page 12: The will of A. H. Gorrell was filed.** 

Hunt Mother of Tot, 
Victim of Pneumonia \ 

At Children's Home 

■■ ' 

Chubby, good-natured Uttto Ui- , 
Ham Caron. 4 years old. * faTorlte • 

among children and attendants at 
the Springfield Children's home. 
died at the home early yesterday 
of pneumonta. 

While the older children of the 
orphanage mourned the child* 
death, officiate of the home tried 
vainly to find her mother. Mrs. Lil- 
lian Caron. and appealed to the 
preen to aid their search for her. 

The girl's father died here leas 
than a year ago of pneumonia. 
LJUlan and her 2-year-old brother. 
William, were placed In the chll-- 
Arm's home by their mother. Offi- 
cial* of the home last heard from 
Mrs, Caron three weeks ago. She 
then vru In llonett. and wrote that 
• he planned to move soon to an 
Oklahoma city. Attempts to reach : 
her at Monctt proved futile. 

The little girl contracted pneu- 
monia Monday afernoon. and a phy- 
sician was called Immedlaely. She 
failed to respond to treatment and 
her condition grew rapidly worse. 

Funeral services will l>«? conduct- 
ed at 3 o'clock this afternoon at the 
Herman Lohmeyer funeral home.', 
with burial In Hazelwood cemetery, j 

All of the real estate of the late 
A. H. Gorrell was left to Ove Gor- 
rell, son and the only heir, accord- 
ing to the will filed yesterday In 
probate court. The will also sets 
furtu that the personal property 
go to Jessie May Bradford, in 
recognition of her having rar*-d for 
|th<> testator during the past f«?w 
[years. It is further provided that 
I ;?. I*. .Vance serve as executor 
j without being required to give 

Funeral services for A. ft 
77. who died Tuesday morula*- ati 
his home, route 10. SpringtuUA-'wfll 
be conducted at Sedalia at 3 o'clock < 
this afternoon, and burial will be in ' 
the cemetery there. The body was 
taken overland yesterday to SedaUa 
by the Starne funeral home. j 


The Infant daughter of Mr. nn.l 
Mrs. Sam Watkins. 608 College 
street, died at 3 o'clock yesterday 
morning In a hospital here. Funeral 
services will be conducted at .1 
o'clock this afternoon at the Dan- 
forth cemetery. 1" miles east «>f 


) Joseph II. Showers. SS. foreman 
i of the paint shop at the Spring - 
! field Traction company plant, died 
[ yesterday morning at his home, 
'315 Kast Pacific street. He Is sur- 
■ Tlved by his wife, one son. Owen 
Showers of Springfield: four daugh- 
ters. Mrs. W. A. Kggens. Mrs. Adclle 
Smith. Mrs. William Thomas and 
Mrs. It. It. Person, and seven grand-' 
'children. Funeral arrangements are 
Incomplete, hut burial will be under 
direction of the Klingncr funeral 
. Iinnin 

Arthur W. McCann. J». and 
j Kirkpatrlck. 31. both of Richland: 
1 Herbert O. 3J. and Chioe 

jFrv. ;i. tvth of BattleflelJ; Wilber 
, L»inil>eth. IT. and Ola Hoffman, S3. 
I both of Springfield. 

: j 

Following a hearing in circuit i 
court yesterday. Judge Guy D. ! 
Klrby prante.l Leonard Claussen a | 
divorce from Bessie Claussen. after 
dismissing the crossbill filed by the 

Wlf<S. xi 



Page 1: Miss Mary Bell Newman was killed.** 
Page 2: Charles Leon Lawhon was killed.** 
Page 12: A. H. Gorrell died.** 

Watkins infant died.** 

Mrs. Martha Allen died.** 

Birth reported.** 

Wilber Lambeth and Ola Hoffman were married.** 

Arthur W. McCann and Bessie Kirkpatrick were married.** 
Page 14: Joseph H. Showers died.** 

There is a poem in memory of Evans McClintock.** 
Page 17: Mr. Muratta died. 


The train craw of th« Bprtnffleld- 
Chad wick rrUco branch Hue yeeter- 
<lay was absolved of blame In con- 
n«Uon with the accident at QaUo- 
wajr Monday when Charles Leon Law- 
hon. Springfield youth. «*i fatally 

, Injured 

Bert Lyons, engineer, testified at 

J the heartna; that the youth 'made a 

j frantic effort to grab a railing of the 
train He miwd and the bar appar- 

, er.tu struck him and knocked hlra to 

, the right-of-way. Lyona aald. H. C. 
Pan in. conductor. Rave a almllar ac- 

' count of the accident. 

The coroner's Jury «u composed of 
William IWse. foreman: Loyal Oarrl- 
v.i.. w J Klrharuson. A L Richard- 
son. E E Gooch and J. C Benton. 

Funeral MTt'lcra were he!d yester- 
day at 3 JO at the' Alma Lohtneyer 
SuneraS home for tlie Lawhon youth. 
Burial «tm rn Xlemorlal park ceme- 
tery t.r.Ctr direct Join «>f the Modern 

*'•"•'• **.n.rt. r f 'Aiiir:irn 


MoOUntoak who died 

of Iraou 

fltW/llllwV«« we aww www — - - ™ • 

All to our e«lr*J we think of 22*1- o~. 

Thin* •! uv thine* 7****** *. • 
Tnlnk •* tht UUnga wo **•<*» *»7. 

Think af Uw hMPr TWJW. 

Hiu«e* - e a»Oe. aasmattn?** wt «lf b. 

Whan we think of tho happy 4*7* 

^yt. Wea 

oruo o«t hearts «• wand*?, to ib« |T»Te 

not lar awoy. M . , 

Wbirt we mid our dtuUBf UUm Just 

^•OD ywax ago t*4*y 

b d«*r tolbor— U U 
twfoV to wreathe, tout finm* 

r<r*cwf*i w r*u 

In lilo we loeed jrou dearly— In death 

»odtT mi*? wt'wiIR" Mra. .MattU Mc- 
Cllnlork, ond children. 



Body of Miss Newman Also 
<; Is Sent to 

Mtae «m:lT Kingsbury, tl. of Jop- 
an one of the elctlme of Uio eulo- 
mobtta accident Monday night when 
tnree were injured and Mla» 
Mary Bell Newman. 30. Joplin society 
■irL «u faulty Injured, wme Uken to 
he- Mome l»»d*T ",n an ambulanca. 

Bair^ Oewrloh. of Joplin. eon of 
Mr and Mrs T. W. Oeterloh. and 
Lawrence Price. Ba*trr Springs. Kan.. 
wrr* reported on the TiM»d to rrcor- 
try'lfda* at Hi John s hospital They 
wtil'fee kept at tne hospital for two 
or three dare physician* aald. 

The accident occurred about II 
.Vtiork Monday nlsbt when the 
Oye*n>t sedan. In which they were 
r»v«rruar. from a Hallowe'en frolic at 
M*.r«-H*.U T-liri'f. skidded Into a 
tree at the National cemetery, three 
m:>« south****, of here 

The ewe we* -demo lushed Mis* New- 
man, filed Ic tie et J>hr.s hospital 
as hour after the tragedy Her body 
waa forwer<Xi to JopHn yesterday for 




Wilber Lambeth. 37. and Ola Hoff- 
man 33. both of Springfield, were 
married yaaterday. afternoon by Rev. 
< C. Sechlcr at the office of Jack w. 
1 McKee. recorder of deed*, where they 
i obtained a marriage license. 

Arthur W. McCann. 30. and Besala 

K'.rkpe-Ulck. 31. both of Richland. 

Uo . were granted' a marriage license 

' yesrterday afternoon. 

under direction of the Kltryrner 
; ruoerml bom*. He l» surrlved by hU 
t wtft. * «on. Owmi Btwwin of Spring - 

field; four daughters. Mrs. W. A. Bg- 

trrt. Mrs. Adelle Harrey. Mrs. WU- 
: Item Thomas and Mrs. Verne Pear- 

•03 and aeran grandchildren. 

JOPVH H. 9HOH cas. 
TMnaral aarrtoas for Joseph H. 

Shower*, ©a. emptor* of the Spring - 
! field Traction company, who diedyes- 
| tarday moraine at his born*. Jia Bast 

a. h. oomjuoju 

runarsj servkoee) tor 1 , A. «. OarwU. 
rr. who died.Tueedayr mdrttoi •* bto 
borne, rootal 10. SprlnftfrW, *•£ 
held mi a p. m. today •» Be***!* *K* 
burial in the ©Wsttery there. The 
body was taken wrertand ywetrrday » 
Sedelie by ths Btarne funeral horn*. 

Funeral eerrlcee wdiw held at 1 p. 
m today foe the Infant daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Bam WaUlna. #00 Ool- 
l«ca street, who died aarly yesterday 
morolnc. Burial was In Danforth 
cemetery. » nxllce east of Oprlng- 

Mrs. Martha Allen, mother of Mrs, 
j. k. Martin, formerly of-Bpeinffleld. 
died yesterday et ber home In Colo- 
rado Springs. Oolo.. aeordlna; to word 
received here by Mra O. O. Martin of 
Country Crub Place. Mrs. Allen .was . 
inown to many aprtn*ileldlans. 


Page 8: James R. Anderson sues to divorce Henrietta Anderson. They were married 
October 18, 1921. 

Page 9: Ida A. Dingeldein was appointed guardian for William J., Edward S., Josephine 
S. and Dorothea M. Dingeldein, minors. 

Page 10: Guardian appointed.** 

Page 16: Mrs. Martha Allen died.** 


. Mr. and Mra Bror otf Ba tr. 1309 0t. 

IxnUs etraet, enncnjjismrlSje -birth of * 
daughter, Oclofrer 3«V 

Mra. Martha Allen, mother oC 
Mr« J K- Martin. «*ho formerly 
ilved tft Springfield, died }*•*■••- 
day at her home In Coloreoo 
Rprtnga, Colo, accord ing to &**• 

Judge John H. Fslrmen In pre- 
bau court yesterday •OT '" 1 ** 
Robert D. Durst guardian for Doris 
Le,. Dorothy WUma and Andrew 
George Bancroft, minor heirs, of 
the lata Andrew Oeorge Bancroft. 

a O. Martm, v «t 

Page 1 : Miss Agnes Slocombe and her brother Ronald Slocombe have come to live here 
from Swansea, England.** 

R. O. Smith has erected his own tombstone.** 
Miss Mary Belle Newman was killed.** 
Page 21: Six people have been killed recently in automobile accidents near the same 

C. H. Turner on October 25, 1926 

Miss Mary Bell Newman in November 1927 

Arthur Lee in March 1927 

Charles R. Fulbright on January 17, 1927 

Miss Essie Scott on October 3, 1924 



His Sister, on Arrival Here. .1$ Surprised Not W f*Wl Mp» 
Gold Teeth; Orphans Are at Home of Thejr Aptr. . 
Mrs. Glairy Williams. 

Th* American people ere ft 
charming surprise to dm." declared 
Him Ap«i aiooomb*. 10. who with 
her ' brother. Ronald, arrived In 
Springfield from Swansea. England, to 
make their bom* with their aunt. 
Mr*. O. Perry William* of the Vir- 
ginia apartment*. 
_^Lwben informed by a reporter that 
fc»»nter»l*w with them waa dealred. 

fc. Blooombe. demurely gaeped. 
-W^fcyou muet not put anything In 
the paper about ue. Why in Eng- 
land people do not get write-upe un- 
leae they do aomethlng. Why your 
American newspaper* certainly go 
after publicity." 

"We are both eurpriaed. at America. 

. We Had that the people here are not 

' ao different from the English ae we 

erpected. We expected to find a lot 

of gold taeth. But the American 

■ p so pia we have met do not aeem to 

be any more money-grasping than 

L&e English aaid Mlae aioeombe. 

When Ronald wm asked what be 
' thourbt o* the American clrl. he re- 
p.ird. with a amlle: 

"They a**m to ue* moiw NrUft thfttt 

the English girl." Mis* Slocomb* was 
not wearing any. 

"Ob. you must not aay thai. Bon- 
ald." aha told him. with a little laugh, 
"you wlU hare the American glrla 
angry with ua right from the begin- 

•Thafe right." he replied amOlng 
at hla alater. "Maybe you had better 
leave that out." 

"You see." Ronald aald. "we hare 
not -been In America long enough to 
form anyNJefenlta opinion* about It. 
But «c arc »ute we wul Hke It. The 
people we have met have been more 
than charming and bare treated ua 

"We Intend to make Springfield 
our home for the present." 

Their father, who waa an Bngllah 
ship captain, died recently. Their 
mother having died eeveral year* be- 
fore, they decided to come to Spring- 
rield to il""e with their aunt. 

Their futi::i: j>la»»* i.u»e a* yet not 
been made* 


: ii\ una 

L'l,l I 7 " i |l TTBTai » 

Erect&Own Tombstom . 
Is in 'Pink of tiealtW 

"Uncle Dick" Smith, Union Veteran and Pioneer of Howell 

County, Just Wanted to Select His Own Marker, W- 

Explains; Name Is Inscribed on Shaft 

Although he never "fait better In 

! bat life." 8. O. ("Uncle Desk") Smith. 

Unioc veteran and pioneer citizen of 

Howell county, haw had a tomhatoqa 

erected for himself. \\ became known 


The unpretentious marker "that 
-TjncU Diek- aasec ted to deatgnet* hta 
eternal raattng place haa bean placed 
to the Beroett eemetery. 10 mile* 
oortbeest of Wert rialne. 

Pi*ecre-by noticed *h* glUtanlng 
in the 

There waa no free* dirt to ipA&l* * 

raoent burial. -•'.- '"•'■> '•* •'>•--•' * 
Closer inspection rwreeJed the fbl- 

Company A. l*th Missouri cavalry, 
born August 11. MO. Ih a buna*** 
camp in Shannon county, Mo,"- . : 
There la a peace **• for ah* motre,- 
mant workers to chisel out the data 
of his death. 

Mr. Smith now reside* at Mountain 
▼tew. Ue t* still hals and hearty, 
but declared he wanted to select his 
l"own tombstone.'* 



funtf 1 . H wae 


"Both youths IM1 terribly about 
6*104 unable to attend the funeraL" 
the physician attending um 
youth.* said. "But tt ra 
that th«j be forbidden from oarrytnf 
out tbstr desire*.- 

Oeterloh u •uffering tram e broken 
nb end arrrraJ nwi rut* about tht 
sr.outb. while Ptk* u sutfertnf tram 

wound* on Lb* ino and forehead. 

r*uo*r*J KrriM* lor UIm Newman 
were to be h«M »t SAO o'clock today 
from the bam* o< bar parents, Mr. 
end U.i frank Niwmin, 402 UoTiet 
avenue. JopUn. 

Acbootaaatc* Am r*UV**rera. 

The iut b. r. QIm mm. pa**** of 
the Pines W«vfcolir-. Xptecopel church, 
wtil ofrv-:*--* B-oru-J win be is Mount 
M:*j< cmcfJtfi near 

Pal^eau-ers will be Uoot* Taylor. 
r.Terr'.*. Ajk:rj *-£d Howard Sharp of 
.•;^_i. »jLi Jia*j Harrtnf-ton. Joe 
Colline and Jo* Hubb«ll of finti 
CV.y Tt.«7 *«r» schoolmate* of alls* 

Tt* accident occurred tt a carve on 
Bovrth Jtationai ittnui near JtaUonal 

P.-x:«. dn»Lsc the coup* ba which 

da, night m *a 

mmb on th* trag* muom'nx p»rty 

%t BMU^-tm jm Sot- P**** 

r^j »o to •&*•< *> •«-« *" 
I ^^j rt u. Botb T. patient, at 

■ • Johr.'i borp!t«J . 

: WIT.f to fee* th* danger of com- 

Plic'iiou tb»« they wild tnvlt* by 

,«.,«. their be** at to. hoepUal 

I bou, uted to grt friend, to tak* U>« 

I to JopUa for 1 

• '.earned. 

<>„« \krtlm L»*»r*. 

Tb* youth- are Ralph Oaterlob. eon | 

T w Oatarloa of JopUn. and Law- , 

J^, m«. B**t*r Springs. X^l 

Ml« Knily Kingsbury, daughter of , ^j, » onB . you^j p-aople were riding. 
U' and Mr* H E Kingsbury of. »,-;,*; » -; ni^it the turn and th* auto 

JotjUxl vbo aiao vsa Injured in tne 

crmah. we* releeMd m«n the boipttal Bt Jct _ m t<MVit ^ 
reaterday. • A texrj o&wxpour of rain bunded 

BMh Act rer%l««<a. " nc * 

She wtu attend the funeral 
Page 1: Job Newton died.** 

Marriage license: Paul W. Vass, 22, of Nevada and Louise Robertson, 19, of 


Page 4: William R. Jones of Yellville, Marion county, Arkansas, has published a book 
on the Jones family. He is a descendant of John Paul Jones. 

Page 12: A daughter Naomi Ramadine Gott was born October 27 to Mr. and Mrs. Ray 
Gott of Bolivar. Mrs. Gott was formerly Miss Pauline Brennan. 
Mrs. Mary Price died.** 
Lillian Caron died.** 
Mrs. Ida Dulin died.** 
Thomas D. Hinsley died.** 

Mrs. Ida Dulln. 43. of 818 Bouth 
Henton avenue, died at 10 o'clock 
laat night In a hoeplud here fol- 
lowing an operation. She J« eur- 
vlved by her husband, a brother 
and two Bisters. Funeral . eenrices 
probably will be conducted at 3 
o'clock Sunday afternoon at the 
Starne mortuary, with Interment In 
Bellcvlew cemetery north of Spring- 

Funeral •emcee lor "*"•*„£*£* 
on, Ave years old. who died Wed- 
nesday at her home, wefe "•»*•» 
I o'clock yesterday afternoon at tne 
Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral 
home, the Reverend John Crockett. 
pastor of Tabernacle Presbyterian 
I church, officiating. Burial was In 
Haaelwood cemetery- Th* child la 
survived by the mother and one | 


Me in sep 


MnS GoW Rush to California 
\Ufl_ , 4d and Was First to 

Drive Wagon Train Into Salt 

Lake City 


• - 

Ceme to Spri**^ *° Y ** r * 
Ago; Drove W9L iLotri* WW* 
Friend. Onty-LM^ Month; 
Know End Near 

rpHB colorful and dramatic life of 
1 -Undo JoV Newton. Us* mm- 

viYor of th* famous -^rty; 111 ?"*: 

f* ) j rll|t y...t» pioneer buslnee* 

of Maeonfy In Ml-ourV' ended a* 
^aToekH* last night »n the qutot 
•leap of -OaaUi-. „ — ._ 

oa J«te»U of thto year. Mr. K«w- 

;..!. had fbacived t:.. .-.»•• »'■<••- 
veraary of his birth with a merry 
(r »^,: ..f fell"* M«»<t.« .'■•> •'**;• 
leaders or Ihe Kji«;>.rn ."--ar .«. 
Phelps Orove park. » 

d.ed early last night »^' 

.plight Nekton of Springfield. e»d J 

i a •«.»• friends of th« fvmll) 

Newton could not life much longer. 
He appeared drow.y during Uie 
dinner, and «»« forced to retire 
before the gueeta departed. He 
lapsed Tuesday afternoon Into a 
half -stupor, trying vainly to talk 
to hie son. and apparently never re- 
covered complete consciousness. 

-Uncle Job" spent his last fully j 
conndoui. hour* Tueaday In the j 
company of hli< old frlendti of the I 
Eastern Star and Masonry — Mra. M. i 
p Welch. Mr. Lena, Mill**. Mrs. IV I 
'■ T. Klrei. It l.iura Chambers. Mr*. ! 
B 11. Jones. Air. and Mra. Henry 
OBryant and Mra. E. M. West. 



Urn* !• »imort «P- Btm , M 

. — fl «c% of the Bestem mar. **■ 

i:a« , s. , tt5fe 

Dr W. P. «Patt*rson. tha family 
physician, called at the Newton 
homo ahortly before « o clock yes- 
terday afternoon. Mr. Newton a 
heart action hud become vary wee*, 
and the physician »ald death was 
inevitable within ft few hours. 

Funeral arrangements had not 
been completed last night, pending 
i the arrival of another aon. Etninett j 
N*wton. from New York City. Mr. I 
Dwlghl Newton bellevea. however, 
that his father had requested a 
Knlpht Templar funeral, and such I 
a service probably will be conducted I 
j Suadiiv afternoon at the Paxson fu« | 
jneral home, with burial In Maple. 
Park cemetery. 

«. t i 


♦ ' *i 

torn on a I>elnware farm In the I 
early days of another century. Mr. , 
Newton at the age of 12 moved with 
iiia widowed mother to St. Louie. .> 
then little more than an Indian 
'trading put. In »»• «»•*•« J J* , 
long overland journey a.roes wll 
dernes. trail. It was the be. inning 
of a colorful, adventurous life on 
the western frontier. 

The rest of his oovhood he .pent 
in the «ay river to-n that was then 

St. Louis. A !«■««» " f - 3 *^ l'" 
frst rixh of adventurers <o t..» 
c,.U fields of California began In 
1S4«» he led one of the first covered 
wnp.n train, on the perilous Jour- 
ney Into the west. 

*lTo train'across d e » ert ^ 

Five vrars Utrr he brought lie 
,in,t euppllvs Into tho »Ul : Mormon 
vlUufce ,n the l-.-Ws .-f U» ^^ 
Hall UUe of 1-Ibii «hith w us to be - 
,..„„. the meat S«»l« Ul *° l " y V 
„Kla>. I relithting across the de-erw 
..f the so.lta*v.t. I.e k-d .. trull. ... 

S„:i i.1t y to i'nUf..ri.Li *»h .. 
»:r.-..t herd >.? cm.-. k"J *.daig •" 

,.,c buUdtm: of t!.« ae. 1 louse n. 

lie .ii v of ••r'-'s Valley. « ..1 

Almost €0 year. atfo. at the axe 
.,f 4^. he decided to 'settle down 



la Springfield, apparently deciding 
to 1nv« the rout* life of the fros- 
tier to yoanger men. 

For a tlmt hero bo ted a wool* 
en mill, and engaged In fur trading. 
imter bo established a dry goods 
store, and after a tlmo launched tbo 
Vow ton Grain mid fommiwlon 
ceinptnr on tbo corner of tho otroot 
where bo baa llTOd for many yoars. 



♦ : ♦, 

Until past *0 years old. ho re- ; 
malned active and Intubated In 
business life and In affair* of 
Masonry and the K/mtrrn Star. Then 
he retired and waa content to spend , 
bis time rhnttlnr with old friends 
and working In his carefully kept 
garden. II* waa able to get about 
In his garden with the atd of ' 
rrutrhea until nhout four years ago. 
when he was forced to result to a 
wheel chair. j 

After routine to Springfield. Mr. 

New ton to.k nn active Interest In 

fraternal work, being credited with 

organizing the first chanter of the 

Order of Eastern Star In Missouri. 

He was a nteniher of several Ma- 

«onlc orders. Inrlndlne the Knights 

Templar and the Ahou Hen Adhoni 

Phrlne. He also was a past grand 

patron of the Eastern Star of MIs- 


* ■ 




Tn hli famous ft righting trip l« 
^alt ljikc City an. I California. Mr 
Newton left St Tx>uls earlv In the 
spring, arriving In California the 
following October lie returned In 
Ft. Ix>uli In 1SM by the Nicaragua 
route on a VamlerMlt vessel, the 
flr«t l'ne rim In opposition to t!ie 
1'atlflc Mail roulc. He crossed die 
Isthmus of Panama In 1S55 on his 
way to San Francisco, return Ins to 
St. Tenuis In ISSfi. Selling his buril- j 
nos* Interests In St. Tx>u!s. he came I 
to Snrlnrfleld In H6«. 

In recent years "t'nrle .lob" had 
been slcm'ilv honored on manv oc- 
casions by state leaders of Masonry 

and the Eastern Star, who gathered 
here each year on bis birthday to 
pay tribute to blm as "tho grand 
ulJ man uf .Masonry In Missouri'* 
♦ ♦ 


lomoblle trip to St. Louis with Mr. | 
and Mrs. J. H. O'Bryant. marvel- | 
lng at the speed and ease with- 
which the trip wu made In com- 
parison with tho old days of the 
covered waton. He seemed to enjoy 
the trip tremendously, and to suf- 
f< r no 111 effctn from the unusual 

l^ess than a week a«o he drove 
out Into the country with his son 
Dwlght, and enjoyed the outing a 
great deaL 

Ho lo survived only l.y the two 
sons. Hwlght anil Kmmett Newton 
and a niece. Mrs. George Teaife of 
Cheiryvale, Kan. 


Mrs. Mary Josephine Price. 4" 
years old. wife of R. B. Price, prom- 
jlnent farmer living" four miles north 
of Bpringtield, died yesterday aft- 
ernoon at her home. Funeral ar- 
rangements are Incomplete but bur- 
ial will be made In Qrosnlawn 
cemetery under direction of the 
Kllngner Funeral home. Mra. Price 
la survived by the husband, one 
daughter. Mrs. Klvin Moore, by 
three grandchildren, by two broth- 
era, Charles Kmrick. of Joplln. and 
P. Emxlck, of Jefferson City, one 
sister, Mrs. Marie Anichulu, of 
Chicago, eight nieces and five 

Tboraaa S>. Hlnsiey, «. ot i . 
villa. Me, died In a hospital 
at 2 o'clock yastorday alts 
af tar a lone llloeea Hs la 
by tbo wife, lira. Wtenlo Kinsley; 1 
a daughter. Jewel, one eon, W " < 
dan; bis father. Thomas TTIsHssTi ,' 
all of OelnesTllle. and a sister, btra 
Oladys Ross of Texas. Tba body 
will be sont to OalneerlQe today by 
tho Alma Lohmsyar fanaral boms, 
and burial will bo at 1:10 o'clndB 
Sunday afternoon at Center r*osnt 
cemetery there, with tbo 
Ted Upton officiating. 

Threo weeks ago ho made an au- 

Pagel: Job Newton died.** 

Charges have been filed in the murder last August of W. H. Hatfield.** 
Page 2: A history of the First Baptist church has been written.** 
Page 3: First religious services here were held 100 years ago.** 
Page 6: Lillian Caron died.** 

Mrs. Ida Dulin died.** 

Thomas D. Hinsley died.** 


Page 8: Irma McKinney Bath sues to divorce Elmer Bath. They were married 
September 18, 1927. 


Marriage license: Paul W. Vass, 22 of Nevada, Mo., and Louise Robertson, 19, of 
The probate court docket for November is published. 


Highest Masonlo Bodies to 
Pay Tribute to 


Saw Country Grow from 
Wilderness; Lived Here 
Sixty Years. 

Funeral acr e scea for "Unci* Job" 
Newton. 101 yeers old. founder of 
Uv» Zsstert) Star In Missouri and a 
prominent Msaon, who died at 6:45 
o'clock last night at hla home. MS 
Wmi Walnut street, will be held at 
3 30 p. m. tomorrow with last rites 
by Ibe Masonic order. Knight Temp- 
lars and tin Eastern 8tar. 

r-^=«rml serrlcee w:;i be held at the 
Shrine mosque under direction of the 
Masonic order. The Knight Templar ' 
w.;: act as pellbeeren. ' 

Burial will be In Maple Pirk ceme- 1 
tery in a lot beside hki wife, who died I 
in !dM 

PaWM- te View Body. 

Tfce bo*y will be taken to the 
mosque by the Pexaou Funeral home 
aa tour before the services and 

p**c*d for new of the public 
Dr. Corona H. Brtggs will conduct 

Mr. Hewtoo ft* mrrtred hj " two 
•dim. stamen Newton of New Tort 
Otf. who wtU arm* here Mat thlt 
afternoon, and Dwtfht Newton, of 
l 8pringneld. and by a netee, Mr*. Af- 


I am Star, tn order which he founded 
la Missouri, with a dinner at hla 
home. This dinner had been an an- 
nuel affair for aereral years. 
Lap s ed Into Stupor. 
The dinner was given a few waste 
earlier thJa year for fear that TJncla 
Job" would not lire long, Mr. Newton 
was forced to lea re hla guest* and re- 
tire before the dinner was over. 

Late Tuesday afternoon ha lapsed 
*sio a stupor. Be ralnly triad to J 
talk to his eon. Apparently ha sorer 
r ecov er ed complete QOOOBJotsMom 

Dr. W. P. Patfrana. the family 
physician, called at Um Newton home 
shortly before 6 o'Oeoeft yesterday 
afternoon. Mr. Newton* been action 
lead become vary w arns . The phyet- 
etan said death waa Inevitable within 
* few hours. 

Worked Until to. 
Mr. Newton remained actlTaly en- 
gaged In business until after he was 
•Oyeara old. Whan he flret came to 
•prtngf leid. Mr. Newton took an active 
totereet In fraternal work. He was 
credited with organizing ths first 
chapter of the Order of Eastern Bter 
to Mi ssouri. He was a member of 
••varal Maaoalc orders, including the 
Knights Templar and the Abou Ben 
Adhem Shrine. He also waa a past 
«J»«1 patron of ths Eastern Star of 

«Prlngfi e l«rs early business affairs 
** a urns here R , had a woolen mill." 
"d tngaged in for trading. Later 
w *^' Nfc<J,ld * *** food* *tor*. Af- 
oLH U JL b * >W«*«d the Newton 
"*»« •^Commission company on 

tao eocner of too owaat when h« 
Ism lrvod lor 


HUMtat of %ho teavoa Atwp*"*" 1 
MM, to taw aa*" «*l» *» *** 

a» a*** a* <n fatmaa. !*«»««>«•• 

uda*«M MBaaflaUl *«ta. for- 
marty k>oa»od «**"**» *°*J£2j[ d * 

^ «rwtos rocontly mada • t*P * 
•c Lou* with »**- •*• Mn * J * **■ 
frnryant. * amoroaMd at tho apoad 
Sw» with whtah tha trip **e 
nod* in aompartaon with the old 
4»r» erf tbo corarod wagon. 

Loot woofc ho drcro ***** ta *° **** 
eouotry with hia aau. Dwlfht B« 
greatly aa>oyoa *b* outtDf. hit aan 

t7 tn# beauty of the Onrki that he 
iec.eed to mat hu home here. 
, WUi Died ia IMi 
aOT Mnrtan jwturaid to •*- Iahm 


Mr. Jtowtoa ta bota •• W *•■ 
U*, oa • f»n& «*• nii«* £r ° m 
Georgetown. Dala. WbiU yat a child 
cm «um wee* with hia mother to at, 
Loul* making tbo trip by ettimbort 
tod iijm ttoia. TIm route followed 
xrr "Undo JOB - *** ble mother wae 
*r the way of Wtewh. tod.. Phlladel- 
^*>u P rv» . Plttebtirgb. Penn. and 
Alton. XU. Ml. Kewton. Ida mother 
end turn brother* arrlTad IB 8t. 
L0BU, uvea * amall trading towa. In 


Brared Unknown, 

Prom ltM ttfltd laarch 17. 1M». 
T^le Job" waa engaged in the pe*- 
timee of youth and In training him- 

mU m tb. .rain ^ JSJgttfS 

no*, in 1M0. Mr. **^J£VS, 
of a party that ft cut forljH !£• 
dt, with * cargo OX t*g£ too 
-ion train of which -TJnelo Job 
^mambex wa. oompoaad of only 
» let men end throe wagon*. 

The freight trip woo. • •J"'?; 
the wagon train reaching boll Uke 
cut many month* Utor. and return- 
ing 7 *?" Lou- Hmo* • I«« •«•* 
lte ortainal departure. 

rWm» unUl 1844 Mr. Kowtou 
enMcod in ftoiihtlng e»x«oea from 
srTouU to the wo.t. m*kln« hi- U-t 
u.p in 1»M. Upon hU r«tum to St. 
Lou»e eiUT the Uet trip in 18*4. >*r 
M.wton t>ec*me one of the l^aing 
buyere of wool. fur. ond produce in 

S* l'« ,uli _. ., 

In 184M • repreeonutire of Mr. 

, Newton* compony in «t. L«uH wm 

eent to •pnn«lUW to purohM* » 

bulldlne; eiu for * wooUn mill. A 

,U »•« obtained »t the tnteree«Uon 

3 f cempb«a erenue and MU1 etreet. 

s •■• 'jv.<:< Job- dkd not H*« "tne 

»-_nd r: hU repreeentative-e letter. 

»C came to thu c\ m ; in l»d«. 

tfft inepecunf the eiu in aprin«- 

:>ld. ae w*;i ae altee throughout thu 

ie*;cr Mr Hewton decided that a 

» .' . n C-.U wouid not b* praotioal 

in thu retion. but wae eo attracted 

It. and 

%»r <rf oeM of the oldart and moat 
prominent famlUee of tttat et«U Ut ■ 
%tj£. Rrm ^>\Tton were ma-iTUcl ltj : 
:1M in §'_ Loula by Alexander Camp- , 
boO. «no Mttr rermed tno O i Wipb t l - 
Ilea oburch, wruah U BOW known a* 
iBo ChrtotUa church. 

Ob ohatinf hie homo ta BprtngfioUL 
"tmcle Job" enured too grain and 
food bueinaaa, For many yaaxt ha 
opotmtod a firm on tno public •quart, 
and Mtar moT«d to a aite on Souta 
Matfcat avonuo. The Kewton Oraln 
and feed company waa known 
tnrotifbout aouihweet Mlaaourl aa 
ooe of the leading aetabuahmonta of 
lie alnd in thU aUte. 

"tTncle Job" reeided In aprtngfUld 
continually ainoe the time ho moved 
bora in laM. with the txotpUoa of 
one year. IBM. when ho made hi* 
tvoma In Kanoaa City. 


A htaaory U tha ***J?* ** * * 

. , .-.1 .1 *4 AnpfKkaHeitd had DOOB ax^n* 

ptM by It M. IttebardaoB. «f wf 
Turner rumtahlnf Oooda oompaoy. 
ehoroh alar* and oenJor f^oB-J**, 
hia4orykofUM with tho Oral rall«iow ; 
earnce to the) oounty and InclUdaa Ufa 
akotcboa of aH the > naator« of tho 
church, and' of a numbar of church 
Isadora. Tho book wUl bo publlahed 

B—W My after tho diamond Jubt- 

W eeiebrattoo of tho ohuroh and the 
ntati of tbo eotobraUon will be in- 
cluded in tho book. 

Mfca Addio Lr»uif»ton haa ooo- 
trtbuted tho atory o< tho Bdaatonary 
work of tho church for tho hlatory. 
Mr. IHM tJann boa beon a matnbar 
of the church for twmty- mc j eara 
•Ad u actlro in tho ebarch worh..Eo 
baa eoaapUad tho hlatory with a new 
to a4vtBf tho poopio tntoroatcd In tho 
(jfcqW li g # j MU tsalfht tBto Ha acU»l- 
lim jj^i lamfllar lBlBt them with tho 
m meeting lecU of Ita early life. 



Southwest City Physician It 
Spirited to JopHn Jail at 
Feelhio Aunt High, Of fleer 
Shot- to Death on the 

Charge* off ffnw* degree murder wars 
ntod tat* ymiftoy at PtnwvUI* 
against Dc Unrt Croat**!*, «trath- 
west city physician, WjusauuUng At; 
tornsy J. T. fuumU of MeDofiald 
county said today. * Onnl>l» to charg- 
ed Id ooaiMctlan with the slaying last 
AUfUtt of Iflght ttenhtl W. H. Hat- 
mid of Southwest City. 

Dr. Crosdale to being held In th* 

etty toil at Joplln for safe keeping. 

Tbt Southwest City physician *u 

i taken Into custody 10 days ago on a 

. charge of carrying concealed weapons. 

Raced to JopJIo. 

He probably wtU be a-rrmign©<t for 

•*~.-~ ww»wyu» u ft* tW Of 

Ml saloty. jjfiiMHPi tsfld, 

lit Onlt and Luther MoDonejd, 
arretted atraral days ago, or* held un- 
der bond an witness**, Proeacutinf 

Attorney PlnnoU Mid today. 

rinng of the murder 
against Dr. Oroxdala cam* after 
CrabJ and li dDt — I d art mid to hare 
furnished information to 

aotbcrtetoa u onrmsctton with 
Craag to 1*111 M toil *t Pln*- 
•nlto. McDonald baa bean remored 
to the county toil at Hsosho. 

MoPonald oounty offloere aald Hat- 
field had conduotsd a campaign to 
-rtd the town erf bootleg f*ra and tow 
vtoaators." Attorney Plnnell atated. 
There bad b*«n enmity of long •tend- 
ing between the two men, according 

Hatfield wa* shot and klltod August 
10 on the main street of Bouthwsst 
Otty and bto body wa* found th* fol- 
lowing ipornheg, Tbeortoo that ha 
waa atom by bank bandlte or bootleg- 
gers have been abandoned. 




ago this f*8 the 
off any kind 

by the Hew. wUHnm Moonoy. * Bap- 
ttot preacher. Jn Taylor township on 

On Korambar ia\ a part of th* 10,* 
Hepttot* of otwao* oounty wtU 
in a*rtngflaed at th* Pint Bap. 
ttot church to ooUbToU th* htm* 
dredttt anniversary of the bsginnlnf 
of Bapttot work In th* county. The 
oantanntol catobratlon win but aH« 
day and will be featured by addreeee* 
by W. D. Upehaw. uwigia—mn from 
Atlanta, Oe . and W. O. Anderson, 
e former pastor of the First Baptist 
church here, who will s peak on The 
World's Debt to th* Baptists.'" A 
basket dinner win be ssrrsd at th* 
church at noon, and th* day will 
be spent Id exchanging reminiscences 
of th* past history of the church, 
and In summing up the Bapttot work 
! of the oounty. 



day fUsd 


other Indignities, 

Th* couple waa married 
19, 1987 and 
cording to th* petition, 
restoration of her 



A marrlag* license waa Issued yes- 
terday to Pant w. vase, at, of H*> 
tada. Mo, and Louto* Robertson, IB. 
of Bprlngftold. 

• PuDsral ssrrloes for LUllan OafOH, 
five years old, who died Wednesday at 
her horns, were held at 1 o'clock yea* 
telday afternoon at tbo Herman H. 
Lohmryer runeml horns, JUwsmnd 
John Crockett, pastor off T*b* fri* *le 
Presbyterian churob. officiating. Hur- 
ls! was in Hazel wood cemetery. The 
child is surriTsd by bar mother and 
a brother. 



PuMral MMM will bs> Mid at S 
p. m. Sunday at the Burn* mortuary 
tor Mrs. Ida DuUn. 43, of aU0 South 
Sanfbiv. ar«xiu». who died at 10 
o'clock laat night In a hospital' htrs> 
following an operation. Burial will b« 
in u*u*Mi*w o«mst*rj, north of 


The body of Thomaa D. Ulnalay, O. 
who died In a hospital hen at a 
p. in yesterday afUr a long Illness, 
! »u forward**! today to Ostiiesvilic, 
bu boms, by tn« Alma Lohmtyar Pu« 
neral homo tor burial, funsrai Mrr« 
loaa wUl be held at 3 30 p. to . tomor- 
row at c-tntor Point oemetery with 
JUrerend Ted Upton officiating. He 
U survived by bis wife, Mrs, Winnie 
Kinsley; a daughter. Jewell; one eon. 
Warden; his father, Thomas Kinsley, 
all of Omlnesville. and a sister. Mrs. 
Gladys loss of Texas. 

Page 1: Son born November 3 to Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Hill of route 5 Springfield. 

William E. Ashenhurst died.** 
Page 3A: Mrs. Mary J. Price died.** 
Thomas D. Hinsley died.** 
Mrs. Ida Dulin died.** 
Washington Houk died.** 
Page 4A: Irma McKinney Bath sues to divorce Elmer Bath. They were married 
September 18. Her former name was McKinney. 

Son born November 4 to Mr. and Mrs. Ed R. Barnhouse of route 1 1 Springfield. 
Page IB: Joseph Gaddy divorced Dolly Gaddy.** 
James B. Phipps died.** 
Job Newton died.** 

Daughter born November 5 to Mr. and Mrs. Nelson P. Hansen of 2525 Summit 

Lottie Chapman sues to divorce Frank A. Chapman. They were married 
November 17, 1919. 

Mrs. Martha Forrester was killed by a train.** 
Page 3C: Miss Vail Smith and Mr. John Cox will be married.** 

Miss Raynee Curtis of Springfield and Mr. Carl Johnson of Ash Grove were 
married were married October 28. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Curtis, 412 
West Lynn street. 

Miss Pansy Haworth and Dr. H. O. Wolfe are engaged to marry.** 

Miss Vail Smith 

To Wed November 22 

Minn Vail Smith, daughter of Dr 
md Vr«. Wilbur Smith. 602 South' 
National avenue. has selected 
Tu.-«day. November TC. as the dat-- 
for her marriage to Mr. ,'vhn Co' 
of St. Ixuilv The weddlnc wll 
: iVe place nt St. John's Kpisropa' 
i-huroh «!'.! he attended by n 
lnrce number of friends of !!:•■ 
t<>UT:jr ■■■•:t|-'e liirl'idinc a f.-rmet j 
il:i»ii'..i!,< fri>m the State l"n:»er- j 
•■it* i>r Illinois a; t*bai;.i<ili:Ti. «'.•• i 
both ■ItoRtlcil schooi t«o >c;,r- 

Another wedding which will In 
. tcr«-t i^prinrfield society folk will 
lie It :it i-f M,«e N:t:i \-ul of Kan- 


sas City to S. K. Helsley. wlil. : 
will t.V*e place Tl'.uiii.s>::'> .r.g d.i< 
!n Kansas City. 


<*"iai tHtpatt h to r*» Vnt. 

LEBANON*.- 'Mo, Nov. 5— William 
K. Ashenbursf, 78 >ears old. for the 
past 30 yeans a resident of Lebanon 
and operator of a livery and dairy 
' business, died yesterday morning as 
a result of n heart attack sustained 
while milking. James Hearld. who 
was helping in the milking, called 
Randolph Mills, nearby, and r.irrfcd 
the stricken man to the house. 

lie 1% survived by the widow and . 
.four children. I>>e and Miss Edna 
j Ashenhurst, living near Lebanon.! 
i Mrs. Davis, also living near I.cb- 
I anon, and on* daughter In Cali- , 
. fornla. ! 




White Haired Men He Knew 
As 'Young' Recount Roman- 
tic StoriM of Life of 101 
Year Old Pioneer to Be Laid 
At Reel This Afternoon 


UONORKD by tba order which 

for more ^M k * J f"*"Sf oturT ne 
ha* »pon#oisflniLhd aided 'in Mil- 
•ourl. Job "Newton todsy will be 
'given Masonic burial — 

At I V »0 this afternoon, plumed 
, Knights Templar will bear his body 
reverently from the Psxson funenvl 
'home to the Shrine Mosque, where 
•' the Reverend C. II. Brlgga will 
I preach the funeral itrmon. For' 60 
year*. Dr. Brlgga and Mr. Newton 
wee* frienda and acUre workers to- 
gether In Masonry. Following the 
eerv Ice at the Moaque. the United , 
Lodge No. 6 will conduct a Masonic 
eervlco at the crave, with K. F. 
Hanna In charge. Members of the 
Abou Ben Adhem Bhrlne. Knights 
Templar, and Eastern Star all will 
attend both services. The funeral 
baa been arranced under the dlrec- ' 
on of Dr. C. A. Moore, worahlpful 
master of the I'nlted Lodge, and 
Mrs. E. M. >\'eat, worthy tuatron 
of the Eastern Star. 

Pallbearers, in the uniform of 
Kottchta Templar, will be G. TV. 
' Ouster. John J. Schneider. YV. O. 
■ Swinney. Bert S. I*ee, A. C. Dally . 
and Or. 1>. T. Kiser. 

And So Uncle Job 
Built His Bridge 
For Those to Come 

(XH HIS hundred and first 
v birthday Undo Jab Nrwtaa 
nn to hla frteod * UtUa card 
which bore the Haas at tkt* 
Tarae. -The BuUdla* af tfaa 

■ An oM du going a tone hlgnwajr 
Came at Um erasing cold aad gray 
To a rhaam vaet aad deep aad wide. 
Tba old mu B lesses la Lbs is-Utgiu 

The aullea atresia bad a* fears tor 

But L<- f-roed wbta aata ea iha other 

And built a bridge to •can lha (Id*. 
-old niae,' eaid a fallow pilgrim 

luu aie waning your time with 

building bar*. 
You nrrtr again will paaa this way. 
Your Journey wtU and wlU> the clos- 
ing day. 
You have croaaad tba chasm deep aad 

Why I- -<■•'■ )OU lhl» bridge at evening 

Tha bu.Mrr lided hi* old (ray head. 
'Good frlMid. In tae war that 1'rs 

C"fT># " ha aald. 
There :•:. i <•»•!'. atirr ine today. 
A voul.'i. mtaoee feel muat paaa thia 

Thla stream that has bees as aaugbt 

to ma 
To tha fair- haired youth might a Stt- 

fall be. 
Ha. too. must erase la the twilight 

Good friend. I am building the bridge 

for him." 





Burial wlU be in the Maple Park 

! cemetery, beside the body of Mr. 

New tons wife. Mlner\a i\ Ault 

Newton, wbo died here 41 years ago. 

I Mr. Newton and Miss Aulf were 

'married in St. Louis in H."»6; had 

| two sons. Kmmett and Dwlght, and 

lived together for 10 years. 

The older eon. Kmmett, for many 
vMri prominent In democratic 
, circles In Missouri and Washington. , 
and until five years »fo manager 
of the Landers theater here, will be 
here from New York City for the 
funeral. Dwlght Newton, who was 1 

associated with father in the 
grain business here until hie retire- 
ment about 10 years ago. since that 
time haa lived with and csred for 
hie father, end was with lilm at the 
time ot hla death. 

Wherever older Bprlngfleldlans 
met yesterday, the death — but oven 
mora the life—of "Undo Job" was 
the topic of conversation. In homes. 
In offices and shops, and over res- 
taurant tables, old acquaintances 
were recalling tales and anecdotes 
of hla Ions Ufa here. 


4> < 

"Uncle Job." at 101, had outlived 
by 15 years the last of his own 
feneration of intimate cronies; but 


there are scores of younger men. 
•rblte-headed th*n»**lT*e now. and 
associates of hi* Utor years, who 

, recalled and r*lat*d tho thing* 
i which had made him for half-a- 
' century an outstanding and well- 
loved figure— 
' How for 66 years ha had been 
In the grain buslneaa here, known 
and dealt with virtually all of the 
farmen Id Springfield's trada terri- 
! ton. aa well aa with th* business 
[men of the city, until ho probably 
had a wider acquaintance than any 
other man In the Oxarks. 

How he was noted for. his square 
dealing, so that "his word waa aa * 
, good aa hla bond" throughout the I 
teg ion. 

a — ^— — ^— ^— — — — ■" — ■ ~ —~-~'^~^^ — ™~ * * ! 

♦ ♦! 

How he was civic-minded, fore- 
seeing in Springfield's earlier days 
how the city would develop, and 
making his vision effective — how. j 
with two associates, he recognlxed 
that one day the city would need • 
■low mown and so bought 
"the til) 1> ■:" t>- hold :*t th.»t i-.v.l. 
It was the block bounded by Col- t 
lege. Campbell. McUaniel and Mar- 
ket, where convention hall, the city 
fire department, and the city Jail 
now stand. 

! Tear* later, whan the cltv did 
need the property, value* had In- 
creased enormously. In the mean- 
time, one of the three holders bad 
sold out. Mr. Newton and the other 
had held the rt si aa a sort of trust 
established by themselves, and they 
■old It to the city at the price they 
had paid for It- and even then took \ 
(a>ment in long- time warrants. 
♦ -♦ 


cess of many civic and Masonic 
ventures— and that his great but 
unostentatious generosity waa the 
foundation for many a successful 
business and successful life today; 
how frequently his right hand gave 
what his left hand knew not of. and 
sometimes months or even years 
later, his closest friends, or even 
members of his own family, would 
happen by chance onto some act of 
free and generous giving which had 
never been revealed. 

Po It was that rpcollpctlnns of his 
eenial humor, his consideration, 
hojaety. and leadership, farm ed 

dayr .i r •-:♦«, .}'...:•.:>,'.*»'" 

Friday erenlng. hi* 
since done, and his fine, 
old body too weary to carry on. 
Job Newton died at hie noma, ill 
West Walnut street. 

Today bis friends, and the chil- 
dren and grandchildren of Mauds 
of former generations, will gather 
to do blm final honor— 

This, old friends pointed out yes- 
terday, waa merely an example of 
the activities of "Uncle Job." who 
was ever a moving spirit In city 
progress. They recalled that he was 
on* of tho builders of the famous 
Metropolitan hotel, by far the finest 
hotel In all the southwest, which 
was built In an attempt to "save" 
Springfield when the Frisco went 
through North Springfield — and waa 
a big factor In the success and 
growth of the city, for years a 
headquarters for social, political, 
and commercial lire. That he was, 
too, one of the builders of the 
splendid old Mansfield Opera House, 
at 315 South street, where the 
artistic activities of the southwest 
centered for years. 

+ ■♦ 


Husband Awarded 
Decree of Divorce 
At Second Hearing 

The second trial of s divorce suit 
:„.,«,■.< Joseph Caddy. Frisco 
„;,„a|.l. operator, and Dolly t*ad- 
,lv resulted In a verdict for th. 
. husband In Judge Warren U 
White's division of th* circuit court 
yesterday. The father also was 
i awarded the custody of th* two 
children. Franklin, eight T*ars old. 
»nd Connie Elisabeth, four. 

The first suit waa fllad by the 
huTband and waa tried •**.*•* 
term of court before Judo Guy D. 
S55y~ When Judge Klrh, tag- 
mated that he would grant th* wtta 
, a divorce on her cross bill, a non 

„„,, was taken by the husband. 
' which amounted to a dismissal of 

"^r:^ th*n filed rult for *1- 
' vikvs. and the caa* was tra"-f*rred 
to Judge Whlte'e division. A cross- 
bill was filed by «»« l ,lUBband \ llll _ r 
i Abu.* end sssoclatlon with other 
women were charged by the wife 
; while the husband claimed hi* wife, 
had nagged at him and neglected 
her housework. 

There were many to recall that 
Job Newton, frequently from "be- 
hind the ecenes." assured the auc- 

Mr. and lirs. 

birth of a son on 
bar S. 



Mrs. Martha Forrester, 70, 
Walks Unheedingly in Front 
Of Freight Train at Far 



George M. Forretter of Spring- 
field, Wins Race With Death; 
Mother Conscious to the 

Um trat* or hear Ha 
whW)« blast W. «- Knae* •« 
Clinton, tb* *nplB**r. <«* »«•*• 
h«r approach, but th* *£•«•*• 
William Aokarmaa of Cnntotfc 


*fjt\ i* 

. ■ r < 

TGNTORINtJ Th* shrill wnrnhur «t 
x th* train'* wfaisU* and Um *>*» 
elangtna; <* «■ ben. Mm Martb* 
B. Forrester, ft. mother *f Oeente 
m. Forrester oC Bpriturn*!*. mat" 
w*d fatal Injuria* at 11 </cWij»i- 

ah* waft** 

terday morning- whan 

Into tha path •« a alowly moving? 

frclilit trata near her heat* at lair 


Tha i|«4 woman wa* struck by 
the engine of th* trala and thrown 
clear of tbo track, sustaining; a d*ep 
ecelp wound, possibly a fraotorad 
•knii. a fractur* of tbo collar boo* 
and Injur lea to bor spine- 8b* dlod 
at 2:30 o'clock yesterday afternooa 
In her llttl* homo at Fair Flay. 

Mrs. Forrester had walked to tho 
business district of Pair Play jee- 
terday morning- to transact a few 
matters of business and re', her 
mail. Walking homeward, aiv* ap- 
proached tha Frisco railway cross- 
Inr at the eaat end of the pea- 
eenger station as local freight 
train No. 5* moved alowly Into tha 
| town from tha south. Members of 
the crew said the train was not 
traveling mora than 12 mile* an 

♦ — — * 


*. — e 

Hon at tb* station sboatad to h*j 
ratal y to stop as ft " 
that an* waa d*spJL 
bar own thought* and dfci 


^lenBy to avert tb* 
etne at th*b*n. 

Mr*. F uti a st ar „~ ~rr~.I^«* 
tb* track, stin apparently *■«*•*• 
of her danger, *b*o «*•_•■•!■• 
struck her. 

Member* of tha train 
tb* flrat ta ranc h bar. 
unoociadoQ* for s*T*ri_ 
but th*n T*cor*r*d from th* 
and did n*tapp*art*b*dar- 
ry hurt. Sh* wa* tak«« 
dlaUly to bar bom* for 

4> — ^T 

! HECO QNIZgS »O w j 

Her *on. 0*org* ^. »>»rra*t*r. 
commercial sgwnt for «»•?"•£ 
h^a, won a race *galo*t f^ZjZ 
her beside, rearhtn. Fair F*ejr 
with Mra Forraater about « "»" 
vtea before his mother expired. BB* 
rtin waa conscious wn * n J ,1# .r* 
rived at tha home, reoornlstoc ■*■» 
,„d talking to hhn. 

Mrs Forrester had lived ta Fair 
! nay for II year.. » l "~ *•[_"£ 
I b U. Forrester, now of FUtstwrgn. 
P... was fir* named P— nger 
stent for the Frtsoo there- Bb* 
35. to remain in ™™X 
Ure alon* when Mr. Forreatw ia*ar 
„,» transferred. 

«h, u survived by the two •on* 
; s„?two^uinter^ Mr.. Wlllard 
i Estee of D** Moloa*. Iowa. 
■ urs. Zula *>« iwt « r _ ™°* 
! Th* body wa» brought t* L . 
field for burial yesterday •*-_ ~ 
| by th . Alma l^ohmeyer fw-rel 

' home. ' m - 

t wi^o w of vrrtwA N 

1 *m^. Forraatw wsa th* ""j***?* 

Thomas D. Fonastsr. •«*»**- 

veteran and for many year*^ »«»* 

chant at Rogersvllle la <*£££ 

county. Boon •*«•'»»« £*£H 

death in 1901. Mrs. ro""«** r . m ?TJf 

to Springfield, living her. until OtU. 

when she went with her won. B— t- 

i ley Forrester, to Fair Pl»y- 

* Funeral arranfementa •*•»■* 

'complete, pending- •"'T^.EJE 

: uvea, but burial wilt be In «•*»*■ 

'park cemetery undT direction of 

th.- Alma I^ohmeyrf funeral bom*. 

i Mr. and Mra. Oeorga ^"^ t « r 

[had hop«>d. when they left Bprhtf. 

'fl^ld hv bu" ■* TW,on Testerday *rt*r 

rerelvlnR word of the accident, that 

the *«e.l woman mllfht be «•*•« 

to a hospital here for treatment, Mrt 

Ishe waa near death wh.n th*T 

renche.1 Fair Play. 

' After a brief' Investigation, tn* 

coroner "f Tolk county told Mr. 

Forrester an lmjueiit would not b* 




. Sprrml Pwateh to Tht Snct. 

LEBANON. Ho, Nor. I.— James 

B. l'hlpps. prominent citlscn of Lr- 

! cleils county and (or the past IS j 

' years a resident of Lebanon, died 

at Ills home here f t o'clock Frl- 

"dny afternoon. He »m the father of 

eight children, of whom five are 

living. These are Mrs. Homer Frank 

I of Iowa; F. M. Phlpps of Lebanon; 

j Mrs. I*>tha Clark of Pallas.. Texas: 

' Mrs. MyrAe Grant of Los. Angeles 

and Mi*s Charlotte Phlpps of Los 

Ancelcs. -' 

ounce' Engagement** 
At Luncheon Party 

Mrs. R. F. Smaller announced 
the engagement of hear sister, alias 
Pansy Haworth. to Dr. H. O. Wolfs 
at a 1 o'clock luncheon at tho Kent- 
wood Arms hotel yesterday. A 
color schema of pink and white 
predominated In the decorations 
and the men a. Pink and white 
chrysanthemums were the fa to red 
flowers and small pink gauze- 
wlnged kewples perched upon pink 
i hearts served as place cards and 
j favors. Each little kewple held In 
| his hand "the latest news" which 
»ai the announcement* of the en- 
; gsceroent. 

i Hearts formed the afternoon's dl- 
. version and high score prizes were 
; awarded to Misses Let*. Cannady 
end Ros« Taylor. Covers were 
i placed for Miss Freda Walker, Mies 
Let* Cannady, Mine Elizabeth 
Jackie. Miss Leona Strode, Miss 
Rose Taylor. Miss Win*. Tjee Tay- 
lor. Miss Helen Sbeedy. Miss lm* 
Haworth. Miss Pansy Haworth and 
Mr*. R. F. Smaller 


neral service* for Mrs, Mary 
Price, who died Friday at her 
home four miles north of Bprlnr- 
fleld. wlU he held at I o'clock this 
i afternoon at Dale Street Methodist ', 
church with burial In Greenlawn 
cemetery under the direction of the 
Klingner Funeral home. 

The body of Thomai L>. Hlnsley. 
42 year* old, who died In a local 

hospital at 2 o'clock Friday after- 

noon, wjji furuarded yesterday 
j afternoon by the Alma Lohmeyer 
j Funeral home to Gainesville. Mo.. 
j for burial. Funeral services will be I 

held nt Center I'oint cemetery with ' 
: the Reverend T. Upton officiating. 


i Funeral services for Mrs. Ida | 
I Dulin, 43 years old. of 81» South '■ 
I'atton avenue, who ilied at 10 
o'clock Friday night In a local . 
hospital. will be held at two | 
o'clock this afternoon at the Starne ' 

mortuary with burial In ltelleview 
cemetery north of Hpringfic'.d 

Washington Houk. 77. dropped 
dead on the lawn of bia f**m a*** 
six mile* north of here early lest 
night Heart trouble was blame* for 
hi* sudden death. 

Mr. Houk. a retired farmer. I 
survived only by hla wife. 

Whits m u*\t 
day. The cat* to: 
on November IS, 

Page 1 : Job Newton died.** 

Mrs. M. E. Forrester was killed.** 
Page 4: Judge and Mrs. Chester Selby celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.** 
Page 7: Mrs. Alfred Riggs, 84, a pioneer resident of Dade county, died Tuesday in 

William T. Brown of Areola and Miss Loretta Mills of Everton were married 
October 26 in Greenfield. 

Page 16: Miss Louise Andres and Dr. Harry Charles Johnson will be married.** 
Page 18: Miss Rynee Curtis and Mr. Carl Johnson were married.** 

Miss Pansy Haworth and Dr. H. O. Wolfe are engaged to marry.** 
Page 22: Miss Eleanor Hogg, 452 East Cherry street, found a bundle of old papers in 
her attic. One is dated November 5, 1 827, and was written by Miss Eliza Hogg, great aunt of 
Miss Hogg and of Dr. Garrett Hogg of Springfield. 
Mrs. Ida Dulin died.** 


Mrs. Mary Josephine Price died.** 

Washington Houk died.** 

Lottie Chapman sues to divorce Frank A. Chapman. They have two minor 


Frank Carr was denied custody of his children. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Overturf adopted their grandchildren.** 
Page 24: Card of thanks from George E. McMillan.** 

Af is8 Louise Andres Tm 



*?. i, " *■ 

Dr. Harry Charles Johnson to Wed Daughter of Prominent 

. Indiana Family-Several ipnngfield .ResWenls^o- 
,:''.'■ to Attend Ceremony. 


Announcement of the app— — ceorj*; • 
montefe of Mi*a Lootee Andre* «<; 
■VnnsmU*. Ind, to Or. awry Cb i rt e*. » 
JWBW of aTvaneTllM. to 
on MoTwmbar IT. 
Mim Andres baa been a 
and popular guest of BprtncneM peo- 
ple and to tb* granddaughter of. Mr. , 
J. *, Ferguson. 8r. The wedding »IH , 
take pteoe at • o'clock to tb* mora- . 
tag at tht AMumptton cburcb at 
arranarrUle. and a wadding breakfast ', 
at tb* horn* of tba bride's parents. ■ 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Andrea, will b* 
aa*-*d at 10 o'clock. Mr. and Mr* | 
r. X. Hear and Mrs. John Wall of. 

>" i 

•prtngflald artll attand tba wedding. 


»» y »M'»'»* 

part in that tea* eed Oo- 

T want you to koow jron nova 

Mcta to eolao* the hear* •! A •»»- 

_ MaHtoar who wa* anaia* . f*>- fc* at 

*)***■ V" ^eBwweW Oaai^aV \r^MI"J Jap*' Ml*H|lWU| 

M»5j ytftwaodj Ajg_j jgggfi O**, 



A pan of ma* Our of iMfmW** 
for, custody of hia two «ntff*o£l4hj 
ni* Oerr. *. and Manaroi Awnabat 
Carr. i. Inmates of, tba Candi*-"* 
bona hart, was danlad by . Otreult 
Judg* Ouy D. Klrby yesterday. 

Tba fatbar aaksd to take the obila 
dran to tba bom* of Ma parent* l» 
BopubUo. Est fatbar *rtunt*ered t# 
taka «ara of tba children, bot aaid to 
-would be oo*ur* ead that has ^ 

**hnsoo-C«rtla. ' | 

Mr. and Mr*. Paul Curtla. 4M West , 
Lyuv. Hrret. announc* tha marriage 
of thnr daughtrr. Raynef. to Mr 
Csrl JoIwiod of Ash drove. Tha wed- 
dius. too* place October 38 and the j 
reretnooy was performed by tba Rev. 
JT. H. Wiles. 

Tb* children war* plaoad In the* 

institution 'on oepiembar t, at thf 

request of tb* mother, who ft* orp*; 
aratad from bar husband. 



________ « 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Orarturf of 
Tulsa. Okie., war* made happy W 
tarday whan Judge Ouy D. Klrbf 
antarad a daara* giving ttoam la 
adoption their gran dcblldren. Loom 
and Q*org* Chandler, former .nmaW* 
of tb* children's hosi*. 

Tb* mother of tb* children 10 
dead and they war* admitted to tho 
home as neglected children several 
months ago. Tba grandparent* start- 
ed action to obtain' their custody and 
com* her* last July 4. They were 
permitted to taka them to their 
borne In Tula*. \ 



Body of 101 -Year-Old Pio- 
neer Will Lie In 


Eastern Star to Pay Hom- 
age to Its Foun- 


rrlvcfe or "Uncle. Job- Wcwum, 
known throughout Um ttat* m "tat 
mb« Menonry of Mto- 
«o* Friday night a* Ms 
to *m tkm yea* will 

01 port* of Um tfotn la Bay 
' tbetr las* trtwutft to the p lQBeft T . 

rUQtrU MTVtOM vOl bd fattM* At 

; sjo otto* in* afternoon ft***** 
•nrtno linno o undftr in* H ea t M as ' 

, ol Um United Lodn ** * **%»* 
I Teaaptan and Um Eastern •*«•. Bo 
i was Um Mawourt founder Of UM 
1 trn 8t*x 

Dr. Corona H Brtgja wtU b»rw 
rh*if» of »h» errrloM. A doubM 
rats*-* •.onrtst will Mag two — I OC 
tiom Mr J vrttnan. Hoc* will slag 
, * K>to. "Croaalnc of U»t Bar ." 
i T1m body till im In iUU at ibo 
rmawm funeral parlors until a frw 

mnuiM bet\<e Um funeral w iikm . 
rnenda bmt *»rw the body until It 

w r»«ion(l to the Moaqua 

foUres-ae: Um earvioea at .Um 
iue, lbs funsr»l prooessataerWUl 

»cd A C Dslly 

7"^* Mo*;u« »4-« MlKUd (or the 
eerrtces tc order to accommodate the 
ftuadjede expected to attend Um fu- 

A <jtuS:« ';-«r>t will air.r two •*•- 
iortloo*. "Oa'-hering Hocne" and* 8w*rc Day." Tb* member* 
ar» U-t C R Coulter. Mr* Rob*!-. 
«oo4». Mr* William James. Mm 
IVf* Ovf«.*irr J Wymin Hos*. 
Rft^A MAt'J&fft*, Waller I>k> and 
Tetf Trmpp Ml* J*tIU> Rom will ec- 
rrwa p a n y Uwn 

Mr. Newton m eurrivsd by two 
•one. Dwtfbt Kowton ol* Springfield. 
and Kmmett Newton of New York 
City, and » nteoa Mr*. Afn«« Tata of 
Cno rrym lo. Kan- 
He mod* o trip to St. Louie three 
weeks ftfo wltb Mr. and Mr*. J. H. 
Olrpni Be apparently stood the 
trip flue v 

At ft dinner given In hta honor by 
the K»»t#ru ":*r Tuesday, hr was 
(Vi'K !•' lc**e hi* tf.tnda end re- 
tire Late Tuesday afternoon be ' 
!»r*"*d into » cv>ma, losing control of | 
hie tole* Ms quietly expired at bU 
rv roe frwar erenlng with ooly bU ! 
pht»ici»n. Or W. P Patterson, hie i 
•on. Owi«ht. ftnd » friend present. Job" ni • bMt!n««a m*n. ' 
* r-rr-. -»r. •. Muor. »r.rt » "friend 
•.•^ cr.Ar. ' Hur.'trNM or inter* of »jni- 
pftttiy wrr« r«<riT»d by the ton y«w- 
•»f :n *•. »h# iomr 51 J Wi-it Walnut 

tapMOng to 8prtnffl«ld wb«j Utt 
town w«* younw. Mr. Rtwtoo took aun 
•cut* prnrl In U>* bualoftw* lift of 
t.*i* conunucuty Ha *** ftrttr* in 
rrfttrranl work, bring tba founder Of 
Um l*a«»ra fttmr In MfOBrt and an 
anrry nMtnMr of the Maaonio ordor. 

Mr. Rrwtoo first opened ft woolen 
■OH her*. Um be eofftffed In Um 
for trvde. R* aartabllahed • dry gooda 
■trra and Uen Uun-h«l the New- 
w. ora.ii tu.a unnmiMion compariy . 
on the taratr of U>« alreet where be ■ 
new lr*ed for anany yenra. 

U.i Raw ton wee uurtrumenlaJ In \ 
bwUdtng Um fnnaoun Metropolitan ; 
botel. rn Um eauly deya UtU being 
UM erene ef eJl pntlUoal g»UMrtn«a. 
and the oUf. MnnefleM tbnttr. foc- 
17 kxatted wn«re Um Rogers-Bald- 




Cftnn. oaenmsnder of 

ca Rtim e n dei y . 
W Custer. Jobn J. Bcbnrlder 
BwtxLcey. D T. riaer. B«n 8. 



; i -r i 


78-Ycar-Old Mother of Frls- 
oo ^Emnlpyecs Hurled to 
Dtafth t* *aOn at Fair, 


at nir Play. Ma 
Mr*. F orr ester «•** Hi'lng from h 
home to ih# buslne«i action of Fair 
Play when the a.rliJ«nt ixxurr»0 She 
ni almost off the ilght^f-way wtom 
•truck by the engine, having stepped 
clear of Cba traca*. 

by tha train but regained conertous- 
neea and lived for three hours after 
Um accident, I ". 

The tnfurad woman wad eakan to 
the office of a phyatctan and a* tint 
it ni not behaved that bar ifchaHe 
would pro** fatal. Bowevee, -feet aoo> 
dltton grew teaadiry worse And aha 
died ihm hour* after the accident. 
Termer I y Llted Here. 

Mrs rwrnur formerly resided In 
SprtngtleM. Oh* waa born and rear- 
ed near Oaark. Mo. 8ba bad maided 
at Fair Play for the past 17 years. 

Mrs- Forrester la survived by two 
soos. Oeorge U. Porrasiar. oonuntrolal 
agent tor lbs Frisco; with beadquar- 
tora In Springfield, an d Bsn e Ui P ot' 
raster, of Pittsburgh. Pa., also con- 
ner-te<i with the rrtaco: sod by two 
daughters. Mrs. W. P. gates, of Oaa 
Motoea. Is, and Miss Sula Forrester, 
of Kanaaa City. 

Definite tunaral arrangemeote have 
n completed but will ba un- 
der tha direction of tbe Aima Lob- 
Punaral bona of thla city. 


Ha worth, to Dr. H. , O. Wolfe, waa 
announced yesterday when Mrs. R. 
F. Smalley entertained with a one 
o'clock luncheon at Kentwood Arm* 
hotel. A color scheme of pink and 
white was used in the decorations, 
the center of the table holding pink 
and white chrysanthemum*. Small 
ptnk gauze winged kewples perched 
upon pink hearts served as favors and 
place cards. Each kewple held In 
his hand "The Latest News" which 
contained tha names erf th* hrM». 

A tuldra Wigjlag Anniversary, 
October no, About oo» bundled 
friends and rvJattvee of Judge and 
Mrs. Chester Sclbjr met at their horns 
at linn Creak to c ele bra te their gold- 
en waflSSsg anniversary. It waa ban 
to tha saave hodaa which waa Mra. 
Selbyv childhood doom that they 
wars aWr;ed nay yeara ago. 

Hers they bare spent all but nine 
Peat* of that* ana/gad. gfapflW 
boys' and two ftraa, <Th«r b*ew *0 
grandchlldran and four graai-frand- 

noun child**?*. 

Lotus Chapsaaa pattarday fltod serf* | 
a* € varee f— n Frank A. Chapman. 
r .■*•*?*■. rjijr4 oaatoditdC «h*tr 

c wall W bald at I 

px m. taday at tha eTtarna mortuary 
Sr mmw Ida Mm. da, of «a oteth 
Mnton eawuua, who died at 10 o'clock 

Vraday aught la a toaal hoapibiL Bur- 
tal wUl ba m »eUeview osmatary. 
Of ■otlUffUM 

MM. MABT pmiCB. 

arrteaa for Mrs. Mary Jo- 
Prtee, 47. wlfa of *. aV rrtea, 
imng four mUea north of 
•prtngtteld. wlU be held af i p. m. 
today at Um Dale Street Methodist 
Church. Burial wlU be In Memorial 
park o sma t a r y under direction of the 
KUngner Funeral home. Mra. Price 
to survived by bar husband, a daugh- 
ter. Mra. «rtn Moore; three grand- 
ohUdren. twa brotbtta. Charles Km- 
rtek of Joplln. and P. kmrtck of Jef ? 
feaaon City, and a sUtcr. Mrs. Marie 
sVaachulu. of Chicago. 

Page 1: Dorris May Brooks died.** 

Job Newton died.** 

William McKee died.** 
Page 2: Mrs. Martha E. Forrester died.** 
Page 10: J. A. N. Patterson died.** 

3000 IN Ft 

Loved Centsnnarian's Ufa 
Built on Teachings of Ma- 
sonry and Christ Says Pas- 
tor; Fellow Masons Bear 
Body to Grave 

TNTO a gravs heaped with tbou- 

*■ »antla of fragrantly beautiful 

bloaaoms — as from afar •laps" 

sounded with tender flneUty— -the 

I body of Job Newton. 181-yeer-oM 

I Springfield plonoer. was reverently 

i lowered yesterday afternoon by hia 

I MiiBonlo brothers. 

The funeral at the Shrine Mosque. 

nt tended by nearly 3000 of the axed 

, man' a v frtenda und associates, was 

i one of the largest ever held In 

I Springfield. 

Um great Christian vsri O oo fa i t h 
la Qod, the brotherhood at mas. a 
Ufa which aa«S In death, but la 
followed ly resurrection and tm- 
"Berry In hia Masoalo Ufa he had 
i bean taught that the Bible la the 
Inestimable gift of God to man. to 
be u sed m» a rule and guide to faith 
and practice; and that ha never 
ahould engage In any important 
undertaking- without Invoking the 
aid and bleaslng of the, Deity. 




J. A- K. 

Dr. W. P. Patterson ©t 
died at 7:45 o'clock last night" 
the family boms tn Sale Creak.* 
Teen, near Onattanooga. v. ,_aidsl 

Doctor Patterson left Immediate- ' 
ly. for Sale Creek v where he prob- 
ably wilt remain for" the remainder 
>f the week. 

Mr. Patterson had been In poor 
health for several months, and 
news of his death was not unex- 
pected by friend* of the family 
here. He is survived by four sons. 
Doctor Patterson. A. U. Patterson 
pf Savannah. (Ja , K. .1. J'utterson 
»f 0»attanooR:t, and J. T. Patterson 
tt Bale Creek. 

At l:«0 o'clock. In the Parson, 
, Funeral home, abrtst private 
ivlce for members ef the family 
I A few Intimate friends was read 
by Dr. Corona H. Brine: and then 
■ uniformed Knights Templar car- 
ried the body to the Mosque, where 
, the publlo service took piece. Th» 
platform wee heavily banked with 
myriad* of flowers, received from 
all parte of Missouri sad the 
Oearke. But the casket Itself was 
| moat almpiy end Impressively deoo- 
I rated only with the emblems of 
Masonry, which ■poke eloquently 
of Mr. Newton's long Masonic serv- 
ice and the love of his fellow mem- 

Doctor Brig**, who for 47 years 
Imd been a friend of Mr. Newton. 

made the funeral address, tn which -^tootm. d t»d yesterday afternoon at 
Um spoUc of their. endu ring friend- 1 n>f home. 141 jwrta Kansas avenue, 
-w.-; •_-*» ef Hr. Wa^rtoaTfcgFrWT V. n , u survive* by her father and 
trTafas tr nrr ' I mother, two brothers and three els- 

— ■*■' tars. Funeral arrangements have 
not been completed, hut burial wlU 
be In Haaelwood cemetery under di- 
rection of the Pax eon funeral home 



% -uncle jors- cwatp 

♦ I 

• Hia character. 
said, **Was moulded by 
la the teachings ef 

1 byato 


I rletjm to tb« extent that he would 
not be able to fire a eeoond shot. 




First Degree Murder Charge 
Filed Against Alba Woman i 
Despite Report Made by 
Coroner's Jury 


Many other factors enter *ta£o 
Um case of circumstantial evidence 
built up against the woman. Anions 
these are reports of domestic trouble 
between Mr. and Mrs. McKee. At ; 
one tlnie a divorce suit was filed i 
by one of them, but later dismissed. I 

Prosecutor Blrkhead has learned ! 
also that property which McKee j 
uwned recently wan transferred to 
a third party by a legal process. 
itul then dit'i'.til back to Mr. ard 
Mrs". McKee making either one of 
them the heir :n the evm of the 
other's death. 

+ -♦ 


! Prosecutor Thinks William 
McKee Kneeling When At- 
tacked; Preliminary Hearing! 
Scheduled Today. 


i Facing a web qf circumstantial j 
i evidence which the prosecutors In- i 
I terpret as the gruesome story of a , 
, carefully planned slaying. Mrs. I 

Vlo'.a McKee. farm woman of ne.v 

Alba, Mo, ta 

arraigned 4a >; 

a murder charge In 

the. death of her 

tembor t£, " t n 

mtatt of • first degree dm 

charge against Hnx McKee camel 

Mrs. MoKrt denied the prose- 
cutor s c::;uv when p'.utvd under 
arrest. repeating the story she re- , 
lated before a coroner's jury. She ' 
returned home late on tlie after- 
noon of September 21 to find her ; 
husband lying dead on the floor. , 
she said, and declared she knows 
nothing else of the death. | 

Testifying before the coroner's 
iiiry. which convened s4>on iftcr 
Mr. Mi'Kee's death. Mrs. McKe*» 
declared that her husband had 
been of unsound mind. 

\rriiimment at Carthage todav 
»•.;: '"• before Justice <■. W \*v:i- 




McKee, «*: '«sr' 

on the floor of their farmhouse 
September II, tiro bullet 
In hie head. 


His Investigation, according to 
Mr. Blrkhead, has brought conclu- 
sions from leading physicians ihat 
It would have been virtually Im- 
possible, from the physical stand- 
point, for McKee to have died by 
his own hand. The aged farmer 
j was shot twice In the back of tho 
i head. Blrkhead s theory is that. If 
i the- first shot did not produce In- 
1 stant death; It would paralyze the 


* Funeral services t sr Mrs Martha 

*fc Forrester, 70. mother of Georgo 

V. Forrester of Springfield, who 

•suffered fatal Injuries Saturday 

"l^erbeo ahe walked Into the path of 

Might train near her home at 
Flay. WW be conducted at 
o'clock this afternoon at the , 
Lobmeyer funeral home here. 
vATta serrtoe will be conducted by 
tfce Reverend John TV. Pearson, 
of St, Paul Methodist Bpls- 
cherch here, who will be as- 
hy the Reverend Cook of 
Flay. Burial will be In 
staple Park cemetery. 



Page 1: Charles E. Rucker died.** 
Page 4: Mrs. Martha E. Forrester died.** 

J. N. Patterson died.** 
Page 5: There was a Mitchell family reunion.** 

Job Newton died.** 
Page 6: Charles Meddings died.** 

Doris May Brooks died.** 

John R. Carr and Leah M. Hart were married.** 

Son born November 1 to Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Pauline of St. Louis. Mrs. Pauline 
was formerly Miss Mary Conrady of Springfield. 

Page 7: Dr. Bonifant Ramsey Harmon died.** 

Page 12: Marvin A. Craig sues to divorce Estella Craig. 

Page 15: Miss Vail Smith and Mr. John Cox will be married.** 

Mis* Vail ftmltti to MTa*. 
Miss Vail 8mrth. daughter of Dr. 
and Mn. Wilbur Smith. Ms* South 
National avenue, will be married No- 
vwmber S3, to Mr. John Cos of St. 
Uoule. The wedding will take place 
ta 8t John's Episcopal church and 
will be attended by a Urge number 
of friends of to* young wupto. MlM 
Smith and Mr. Co* attended the 

▼?C#*rtB^» *^^r* 

tviij where Ml** Karat 
be matron of honor at the wedding ot 
her cousin. Maw Kite Vail, who wtU 
be married on Thanksgiving day to 
Mr. 8. K. Helaley. Mlea Vail bee vUlt- 
ed here many Umee and la well known 
among Sprlngfelld folk. 


Twenty-nine nephtwa and nl 
attended a eelebraUon held In honor 
of Mre. M. P. MltcheU. 73. of Hamil- 
ton. Ku.. yeeterday at the borne of 
Mr. and Mre. Tedford Former at Wtl- 

lard. Mo. 

Twenty-five of the relatives were 
from Bprtngfleld and went to WU- 
lard In two care and a truck. Mri. 
MltcheU la vlaltlnr at the home of 
Mr. and Mra. R. 8. Fox. »7* North 

Tboee who attended were: Mr. 
end Mrs. V. E. Mitchell. Mr. and 
Mrs. II. C. Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. 
Harrta Dickey, Mr. and Mra. Alfred 
Harthcuck. Mr. and Mra. Cherlet 
Hastings, Fred Mitchell: Mlsaea Alice 
Westmoreland. Tennle rortner. Anna- 
lee Mitchell. Josephine Mitchell. 
Mildred Mitchell. Marporle Mitchell. 
;»ud Ciena Mitchell. Perry Mitchell. 
Dentil Mitchell. Howard Dickey, Earl 
Btarn. Homer Fortner. Ralph Fortner 
end L. J. Martin, all ot 8prlngfleld. 
and Mr. and Mrs. Tollle Mitchell of 

The O aieae u funeral. 
Funeral aertloee for Dr. Bonifant 
Ramsey Harmon. 60 years old. who 
died at Oarthage was held yesterday 
at the home of Mre. Harmon's broth- 
er. C. 8. Burg, at Bethany, Mo. Burial 
waa la Bethany eVmetery. 

Dr. Herman waa born June 10. 
1807. at De Kalb. Mo. He went to 
• Carthage from Springfield to Join 
, Mre. Harmon, head of the Latin de- 
partment at Ozark Weeleyen college 
Dr. Harmon, who had been a practic- 
ing physician for thj laat forty yeara. 

He went to Oorpua Chrletl. Tex., | 
last February to regain hla health. ! 

which had been bad for about a year. 
He waa removed to hla home this 
j week from the Carthage hospital. 

bn^ey^wvi'ffln' ritTBjir-i «: .< * «-v. 

Cbartse K. Meddinge. 31, an em- 
Ploys of the Frisco railroad at the 
►oeeJ general office building, died at 
1 o'clock p. a. today at the home 
ion West Meant Vernon street He 
Is suTTlTed by his mother. Mrs. Ullle 
Burg, sis West Walnut street; one 
•**•». M*e, Marine Ruffln; three half - 
fc»othere> Boy. Audrte and Harold 
**ge. and a half -slater. Jessie Sage, all 
of this mty. Funeral eerrfoee will be 
bead at 140 p. m. Tuesday at the 
Aasso Lohmeyer Funeral home, gS4 
8%. louts street, wit*. n*r J. w. Fear- 
asj otOetattng. Interment will be In 

\o r \0 

Southwest's Esteem - v *" i: « 
For 'Uncle Joy Spoken 
In Costly Flowers 

Southwest Missouri spoke Its es- 
U«m yesterday for "Unci* Job" New- 
too in the language of the Dowers. 

Psora) trlbuiM running into hun- 
dreds of dollar* banks* hit cuk«t 

Several thousand people — many « 
Umoi from Carthage, Jopltn, Barton*, 
Mount Vernon and othar southwest 
Missouri town*— vara to Springfield 
yesterday aftarnoon to pay paraonal 
trtbuta to "Uncle Job." who died Fri- 
day at hie home cm Won Walnut 

Funeral aenrlcea for Mr. Newton 
probably ware tbe moat lmpresalvs 
rrer hew la tbe city. 

Private Services first. 

Private services flret were beld at 
1 30 o'clock at tbe Paxson funeral 
home. Th* service* were read by Dr. 
C. H. Brigs*. Tbe family and cloae 
friend* attended tble service. 

Tbe body waa carried to tbe Shrtne 
moeQue by uniformed stnlgbts Tem- 
plar for the public service. 

Around the casket, waa banked j 
probably the greatest floral trtbuta 
ever seen in Springfield. 

Next to the bier were the floral 
emblems of the Masonic bodies. 
Tap* Sounded. 

Th* funeral naartu at tbe tnoaque 
waa delivered by Dr. Brlgge. who had 
been a friend of "Uncle Job" for 47 
year*. He apoke of their enduring 
friendship and of hi* friend'* long 
life in Masonry. 

From tbe moeqce tbe body waa 

to Maple Park oemetary, 
tbo rttuailstlo burial ewnrto* of the, 
Mhwi waa road by K. F. B*xum. 
Into » e*reve heaped with thousand* 
of fragrerly beaaUful flowers— 
while from afar ~tapa M sounded aof Uy 
— tbe body of Job Kewtoo **b lam- 
ared Into Ito aternal resting place. 

**Hie character.'* Dr. Brlggs said, 
"waa moulded by bis belief In the 
teaching* of Masonry and tba graat 
Christian TartUaa— faith In Ood. tba 
brotherhood of man, a Ufa which 
end* In death, but Is followed by res- 
urrection ~nd Immortality. 

"Early In bis Maaonlo Ufa ba bad 
been taught that tba Bible la tbe 
Inestimable gift of Ood to man, to 
ba used aa a rule and guide to faith 
and practice; and that he never 
should engaga In any Important un- 
dertaking althout Invoking the aid 
and blessing of the Deity. 

"The great lessons taught In Ma- 
sonry are tbe *tory of human life." 
Dr. Brlggs said — "it's trials, empta- 
lion* and dangers, death and Immor- 

These were the things Job New- 
ton believed and the things which 
shaped hi* life and character. 

"Hi* gre*t popularity v.aa based on 
his fine Integrity: and the belief, 
reverence and sffectlon which the 
members of tbe Eastern Star, which 
he founded In Missouri, had for him. 
showed tbe good that waa In him. 
Such devotion la not given unde- 
served.** _ 


Funeral service* ware held at 
3:30 p. m. today at tba Fexson 
Kuneral home for Dorte May Brooks 
3-year-olJ daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Edward H. Brooks, SO South Kansas 
avenue, wbo died at noon yesterday. 
Burial was In Hsrelwood cemetery. 
The child Is survived by ber parent*, 
three sisters and two brother*. 


Last rltea for Mra. Martha B. For- 
rester, 70, mother of Oeorge M. For- 
rester of Springfield, who died Satur- 
day from injuries received when 
struck by a freight train near bar 
home In Fair Play, were beld at 3:30 
o'clock this afternoon at the Alma 
Lohmeyer Funeral home. The Rev. 
John W. Pearson, pastor of St. Paul 
M. X. church, officiated, assisted by 
tbe Bev. Mr. Cook of Fair Play. Bur- 
1*1 w*» m Maple Park cemetery. . 


John R. Carr. 32. and Leeb M. 
Hart. 23. both of Springfield, were 
married Saturday night by the Rev. 
t. C Sechler. pastor of Central Chrts- 
iton church, at the home of Jack W. 
.UcRce. recorder of deed*. 240 West 
Weba'.er street. The coupla obtained 
•.he J'.cense from the recorder st his 
horn* and the minister ws* called 
there to perform the ceremony. 

Tro marriages ware performed Sat- 
urday afternoon at Mr. McKee's of- 
f:ce in the court house by County 
Judge J. w. Tlppln. The couple mar- 
rl»d were Harvey Baldwin, 23. Jeri- 
cho 8pr1:ure, and Mary McBwetn, S3. 
Springfield, and William Floyd Dear* 
tck. 21. Kansas City, and Marine 
Belle Bkylee, 3d, SprtBjfJtJA 


Dr. W. P. Patterson left Bunday 
night for Sales Creek, near Chatta- 
nooga. Term., to attend the funeral 
of his father. J. A. N. Patterson. 8». : 
who died last night. 

The senior Mr. Patterson had been 
in poor health for several months snd 
his death was not unexpected. Sur- 
viving are three other sons, A. L. 
Patterson. Sarannah. Oa : R. J. Pat- 
terson of Chattanooga, and J. T. Pat- 
terson of Sale Creek 


Charles K. Rucker, Manett, died this 
morning in the Nevada. Mo, city hos- 
pital as a- result of Injuries sustained 
Saturday In an a u t om o b ile accident 
near Nevada, aooojrdlng to an Associ- 
ated Press dispatch r eceived here. The 
accident was caused by a tire blow- 
out. Miss Battle Rucker. his daugh- 
ter, and Mrs. 6. W. Whlttaker ware 
Injured. Miss Rucker* condition la 

Page 1: Marriage license: Joe R. Downing, 21, and Pauline Carter, 17, both of 

Martin L. Wheeler and Miss Madge Glenn were married.** 

Page 3: A son John Logan Anderson was born November 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. 
Anderson of route 3 Springfield. 

Charles R. Meddings died.** 
Mrs. Martha T. Booth died.** 
Page 12: Daughter born November 7 to Mr. and Mrs. Sherman P. Finn of 1408 South 
Florence avenue. 

Son born November 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Byron E. Snider of 741 Delia street. 

J. E. Rucker was killed in an automobile accident.** 


Mrs. Martha T. Booth. 8T years 

old. widow of the late Waldo C. 

i;<x>th. died yesterday afternoon fol- 
lowing a lingering Illness at the 

homo of her son, titanley O. Booth. I 

of <J2» East Elm street. She was | 

U,rn in Buffalo. N. V.. In 1S39. was | 

married In 1&65 when she made her . 

hon.e !.n Cincinnati. Ohio, the fam- ' 

iiy u.oUng to fc-prlngfleld In 1«69. , 
:S?he is survived by .two -sons. Stan- I 
.!*>• C. and George. 1L Booth, and 
i two sisters. Mrs. I E Lord and Mlsa j 
I Ida Thomas. (Funeral services will 
I be held at the residence at 2:30 

o'clock tomorrow afternoon with I 

ju m\ ir. Maii'.e Fark cemetery un- 
!der the direction of the Alma Eoh- , 
Irn^^r T*uner«l home. I 



Awioafnted toy 
ence, Veteran Fontier lite- 
sourian Takes Miss Madge 
Glen as Bride in Colorado 

gF.KKI.VG a wtf* "without jan 
Ideas." Martin U Wb«wlir. t«- 
year-old hotel owner of 
Col., yesterday married Mies Mads* 
Glenn. 20-year-old girl of Evertoo. 
Mo, a few momenta after ho mat 
her. for the first time In a railway 
station In Pueblo. CoL 

The patriarch-groom haa nine 
children, the youngest of whom la 
older than his bride. Some of his 
grandchildren are older than Mtas 

Wheeler, who was a boyhood 
friend of Miss Glenn's great grand- 
father In Dade county. Mo., saw his 
voung wife for the first time when 
he met her a railway station In 
Pnehlo vpstenlny. having been ln- 
:r -««lii« <•■! to Ii«t t>\ i'or.res|H»n«lenoe 
through .1 cousin. 

Miss olenn went to Pueblo from 
a farm near Kverton on which her 
elderly husband's first wife, now 
dead, was burn. The marriage 
ceremony was performed by Jus- 
tice George C Foater. who lived In 
the same Missouri neighborhood as 
a boy and who Is acquainted with 
both families. *"* 

Wheeler, who went to Colorado 
from Dade county in a prairie 
schooner 40 years ago. Is the father 
of Horace W. Wheeler, prominent 
Denver oil man. He has four great- 

The newly weds will live at the 
Wheeler hotel in Florence. CoL 

Funeral services tor Charles R." 
Meddlnga. 11 years old, an employe 
of tho Frisco office buDdlng here, 
who died at 1 o'clock yesterday af- 
ternoon at his home, 1023 West 
Mount Vernon street,- will -be held 
at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon, at 
the Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home. 
with the Reverend J. W. Pearson, 
pastor of St. Paul church, officiat- 
ing. Burial will be in Hazelwood 
cemetery. Mr. Meddlngs Is sur- 
vived by his . mother, Mrs. Llllle 
Burg. 315 West Walnut street; one 
sister. Mrs. Marine Ruff In; three 
half-brothers. Boy, Audrle and 
Harold Sage, and one half-sister, 
Mrs. Jessie Costello. all of Sprlng- 
! field. 

Crash Hnrts.FataT Tl 
To SpringfieM^taW 
In Nevada H ogpital 

,. Injuries suffered Saturday In a 
motor car accident near Nevada, 
Mo- caused the death yesterday of 
J. E. Rucker, 2I3S Benton avenue, 
In a hospital at Nevada. 

Hettle Rucker of Springfield. Mr./ 
Ruckere daughter. Is In a critical 
condition at the Nevada hospital as 
,'a result of the accident, which was 
'caused by a tiro blowout. Mrs. S. 
J J W. Whittaker, who ncompanled 
j them on the trip to Nevada, aino 
I was injured. 

Funeral arrangements for Mr. 

Rucker had not been completed last 

night, but the body probably will 

be brought back to Springfield to- 

.day for burial. 


Page 1: John Bean died.** 
Page 2: Charles R. Meddings died.** 
Page 5: George O. Newman died.** 

W. R. Daniel committed suicide.** 
Page 6: Dr. Bonifant Ramsey Harmon died.** 

Page 10: Marriage license: Joe R. Downing, 21, and Pauline Carter, 17, both of 


W. D. Bumgarner died.** 

Bradley^^'co^ Court 1 " ^ *" ^^ ^ b ° m N ° VCmber 4 t0 ^ and Mrs. Floyd 
Mrs. Martha T. Booth died.** 
Miss Emma Lineberger died.** 


Car Runs Through Building 
at Harrison— News 
of the Ozarks. 

Mra. Frank 
father* boo 

Unaware of his only grandchild* 
tragic death last Wednesday. George 
O. Newman, lather of Frank B*-Hsw- 
man of Jopun and grandfather of 
Uim Mary Ballt Newman, who waa 
fa»ally Injured In a motor oar acci- 
dent naar Springfield, diad at his 
bom* in Kvanarule. Ind. Mr. and 
Newman errivsd at ate 
bom* Saturday afternoon, 
end war* with him when ha diad. 
Bacauaa of his crlUcal oo nrilMn o. 
Mr. Bewman ^aa not tqld as* MM? 
BaUa'i death. Ghe WM a t*n*U*M 
had vtelted with him — ratal 
returning to JcpUn item 
Mr. Newman vm 14 years old. sad 
bad baan In HI health aeraral month*. 
Be waa a pioneer Associated Frees 
operator, baring been connected with 
the association in Its earliest day*. 
before typewriters came Into use and 
messages had u> De written In long- 

Former Yt Irce City 
Youth Is Bunted to 
Death in Farm Fire 

KANSAS CITY. ICah.. NOV. •.— (A. 
P.)— John Bean. 19. formerly of 
Peirce City. Mo. waa burned to death 
thla morning when fire destroyed a j 
bunkhouee on the dairy farm of O. 
R. Spencer, a mil* north of Over- 
land Park. Kan., near hare. The fire 
waa believed to have -been aaused by 
the explosion of a coal stove An- 
other employe at the farm escaped 
from the budding. 


. Dr. Bonifant Ramsey Harmon, SO, 
wall known Sprtagfleld physician, 
died Saturday afternoon at Carthage. 
Be resided la Springfield for It years 
and want to Carthage recently to 
be with his wife. Mrs. Kittle K. Har- 
mon, head of the Latin department 
at Oaark Weeleyan college. Ha had 

i been In 01 health for mors than a 
Dr. Harmon waa born st DeKolb, 

, Mo., and bad resided la Missouri vir- 
tually all his life. Hs was a precUc- 
•u: physician until a year ago. 
The body was taken to Bethany, 

. Me., for funeral aerviosa and burial. 

Ended HU Ufe. 

W. R. Daniel, aged 68. a weU known 
refmant of Harrison, oommlttad 
sulciae by drinking carbolic add, ac- 
cording to a coroner'a verdict. Rel- 
atives say it was Daniels third at- 
tempt to end his life. 

Mr. Daniel had been a cripple since 
1004. Hs was maimed when a tree 
which be was sawing fell upon htm. 
He had been an Invalid Mare that 
time. Mr Daniel Is survived by hla 
wife and three daughters. 

Funeral services for Mra. Martha T. 
Booth, wife of the late Waldo C. 
Booth, who died st the home of her 
sob. Stanley C. Booth. 635 Raet Kim 
atreet. yeaterday afternoon, will be 
held at 3:90 p. m. tomorrow at the 
home of the son. Burial will be la 
Maple Park cemetery under direction 
of the Alma Lohmeyar Funeral home. 
Mrs. Booth waa born afBuXfalo, If. 
T.. December 11. 1699. She was mar- 
ried in 1865 at Cincinnati. The 
family moved to Springfield In 1869. 
She Is survived by two sons. Stanley 
C. Booth and Oeorge H. Booth; and 
two sisters. Mra I. L. Lord and Mra. 
Ida Thomas, and a grand daughter, 
Mary Martha Booth. 



Un. A. 8. Gardner ft 70t Waller 
avenue hu been oaUedto bar for* 
mer bom*. St. ClalravUle. On on ac- 
count of the death of her uncle* W. 
O. BumsMiiM. Mr. and Mrc Bum*, 
garner visited Mrs. Gardner teat year 
and met many 6prtnftle|rflena while 
here. Mrs, Oardner aspects to re- 
turn about November 90. 

| I— * ! ■ ■ 

mineral eerrice* were held at 3:30 
p. m. today at the Alma Lohmeyer 
runeral •home for Charles R. Med- 
dlnga, SI, an afmploye of the Frisco 
railroad at the local north aide etore 
department. Burla* era* In Haselwood 

■» ■■ 


MIm Emma Uneberger. 13-year-old 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs Ellsworth 
Liueberger of Purdy. Mo., died at 5:80 
». m. today m a hospital here follow- 
ing a brief illness of pneumonia. 8ha 
la sunrved by her parrots, two broth- 
ere. iMttr n and JCugtme. and a sister. 

13m body will be forwarded to J 
Fordy tonight by W. L. Btarne, tm. 
dertekar. for burtaL runeral aemoes 
will be held at lp.a tomorrow at 
Baw Bona chapel at Purdy. Burial 
will be in CUarlr cemetery. / 

Page 1: Son born November 7 to Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Hall of 2201 North Main avenue. 
Marriage license: Loyd A. Richards, 21, of Bois D'Arc and Ruth Owens, 20, of 
Ash Grove. 

Page 3: Son born November 8 to Mr. and Mrs. Mack Dill of route 1 1 Springfield. 
Daughter born November 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gardner of 435 1/2 South 
Campbell avenue. 

Marvin A. Craig sues to divorce Estella C. Craig. They were married November 
15, 1921. 

Page 8: Thomas B. Love is a leader of the dry forces in Texas. He is a son of the late 
Col. T. C. Love of Springfield and is a brother of Dr. Joseph W. Love of this city. He is a 
graduate of Drury college and became a lawyer. He served as assistant secretary of the treasury 
during the Woodrow Wilson regime. This is a long article. 
Births reported.** 

Eunice Buck sues to divorce Harry Buck. They were married July 8, 1920. 
Page 12: Henry Raymond died.** 
Mrs. Martha T. Booth died.** 
Mrs. Dollie G. Ryan died.** 
W. D. Bumgardner died.** 

Funeral services for Mrs. Martha 
T. Booth. 87 years old, who died 
Monday tit (.lie home of her sun, 
Stanley C. Booth, C?3 East Elm 
street, will be held at the residence 
at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon, with 
the Reverend Paul Talbott, former 
rector of Christ Episcopal church, 
..fflrlating. Burlnl will he in Maple 
Turk cemetery under direction of 
the Alma Lohmcyer Funeral home. 


Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Pantle, S16 
West Hamilton, announce the birth 
of a daughter October 25. 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rader, 1308 
East 'Webster, are ths parents of a 

Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Wsdde;i, 878 
No.-iii Campbell e\ei»u*. announce 
jtha birtb of a girl. 


W. I>. Bumgardner. who lias 
i visited in Springfield on numerous 
rccasions. died at his home in SI. 
Cl.ilrsvllle. Ohio. It was learned 
yesterday by Mrs. A- S. Gardner. 
I of 7n7 Weller avenue, who left yes- 
terday evening to attend t lie serv- 
• j^rs l«r l.i-r untie. 


Mrs. Dollle O. Ryan, 45 years old. 
who was born in Springfield but 
who. for the past 20 years has 
lived In Oalveston. Texas, died at 
her home there Friday morning, 
November 3. It wan learned here| 
yesterday. l-*uneral services will he 
1-eUl »t 2 o'clock Saturday after- 
noon at l*evy"« Funeral home with 
hur'al In the Galveston County! 
Memorial cemetery, with the Rev- 
lei-end Virtor Alberta officiating 
'■ Flie is purviv»»d by two brother* 
I Horace M. Hicks, of Springfield 

i •_-!.:„ t lllM.'c of Philatlpl- 

land -Archie B. 


Hicks, of Phlladel- 

Funeral service* for Henry Ray- 
mond, T7 year* old, for 47 year* a 
members ot the Odd Fellows, who 
d'.ed at 9:30 o'clock yesterday 
morning at his homo on route 3, 
Springfield, will bo held at the 
residence at 2:30 o'clock this after- 
noon with the Reverend E. E. 
Coleman, of Springfield, officiating. 
Burial will be In Memorial Park 
Cemetery under direction of the 
Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home, with 
Odd Fellow Trinity Lodge No. 493, 
in charge of services at the grave. 
Mr." Raymond is survived by the 
widow. Mra. Lotta Raymond, by- 
two sona. Austin 11., and IJuy V., 
cne daughter, Mrs. Mattie Brecken- 
ridge, three brothers, Orval. Colonel 
and Don Raymond, nil of Spring- 
field, and by. 12 grandchildren and 
[five great grandchildren. 

Page 1: There is an article about Dr. Edwin Powell Hubble.** 
Page 6: Marriage license: Lloyd A. Richards, 21 , of Bois D'Are and Ruth Owens, 20, of 

Ash Grove. 

Births announced.** 
Page 12: Thomas J. Perryman died.** 

Mrs. Dollie G. Ryan died.** 

Mrs. Martha T. Booth died.** 

Henry Raymond died.** 

Davis Harless died.** 

Mrs. Laura M. Fawcett died.** 
Page 13: There is a poem in memory of Mrs. Georgia Marler.** 
Page 15: Mrs. Earl Hudgings of Ash Grove announces the engagement of her sister 
Miss Faye Spragins to Rev. T. C. Pennell of Ash Grove. 


tLKlt — On* rear ago today our darling. 

e and mother passed away. Mrs. 

argia MarUr, Hot, t, 1W€. 

darling now lit* sleeping In a lontly 

iilant grave, 
,od knew boat and took bar from us 

and her tout we know U aavtd. 
• spirit dwell* on yonder ahore where 

she thall rel4Tn lor evereWe. 
lit baa font into a better land where 

we all later will join her band, 
empty space the left, can nrrer be 

refilled, Iter loving memories linger 

With UA Rtlll. ' 

ladly nilaeed by hutband. Virgil Marler. 
rliter. l/tah Jran and relatives 

Mr. at* atom. Barry Gardner. *»»* 
godta rjaisnixn avenue announoa tne 
btrtat of a danfbter. »6**nib«r «. .." 

Mr. and Mr*. Clifford Sample. Il« 
Wee* Hamilton etraai. aanounoa the 
Wftt at ft *M*V#> Qti»»t* «fc 



Nephew of Dr. £. F. James 

Elected to Academy of 



'•Island Universe" Discovery 

Made from Mt. Wilson 


Dr. Bdwln Powell Hubble, former 
Springfield boy. and a nephew of Dr. 
Bdwln r. Jun« end Misses Barah en4 
Janle Hubble, of SpringfleW. baa 
been awarded «ie of the high*** 
honors possible lor • scientist to re- 
ceive, according to word received here 
tod»T by hit relative*. 

Dr. Hubble waa elected to a mem- 
bership in the national Aeedemy of 
Science. America* moat eminent 
eclentlllo organisation, wblch hoe M 
lu prealdent. Tbomaa A. Bdlson. 

Dr Hubble la a brilliant young 
Mtronomer of tba Mount Wllaon ob- 
•ervstory. In California, and hae tlren 
to science tha "Island universe" 


His election to the national Acad- 
emy of 8clence waa In recognition of 

bla discovery. 

Likens M*r» to Beea. | 

h. K a* members the , 

T T^'e U "m"h of acleucs. | 

leaders !n every ■»» elected to a, 

-"■m "w — -i 

membership o« ™ re*earcb re- 

T£^Z*Z* ****** •** 

uSTof the fartheat obJecU observed 


planet One Bwarbi. 

-The star* form a detlnte system | 
which, like a mm of bees. U drift- j 
In* through open space." Is the way 
Ur Hubble explains hi- theory, so 
•mounding to scier.oe. "The system 
„ > 3 »- shaped -like a thin watch— 
.-,* .he ,un a ivplcal star. Is some.- 
,:;- f ,;e*r the rej.'er. The Milky 
Mfsy indicates the direction of the 
rtm of tba ateUar system. 

■•Our, is but one swarm: out in 
„p« C e beyond the borders of our sys- 
tem, there ar. countl«*s others. We 
^ them «« small, faint patches of 
light scattered over the f.ce of the 
•kv and »• rail them nebulae The 
Isrgest telescopes show the most cou- 
•picuou* Of thorn **\twana» of ata*s 
of the same general nature as our 


"Among the eters in thee* nslgh- 
borlnf nebulae, eeeeral typee have 
baen identified which ere well known 
m our own *7*tom. We know their 
intrlnatc brightness. Hanoi their ap- 
parent reintneas aa we aae them, in- 
dicate* their distances. Tola fire* ua 
a measuring rod with which we con 
explore the universe out as lex ea tel- 
escope* can reach. 

•The largest telescope— the 100- 
uaoh reflector on Mt. Wllson-re- 
v**l* most of tn* nebulae out to a 
distance so great that light, travel- 
ing »t IMJBQO mile* per aeoood. take* 
nearly 150.000.000 yeexs to reach ua. 
A sphere of this radius represents tn* 
observable region of space. Several , 
million nebulae are acattred through- 
out this sphere and In the midst of 
one of them Is our aun with It* fam- 
ily of tiny planet*. Including the| 
'e^rth on which we live." 

Doctor Hubble, who Is 35 years old. . 
waa K>rn In MaraMleld. Mo., the son 
I of Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hubble. His 
family later moved to Wheston. Mo. . 
where he graduated from the Wie»t- 
j„u high school. He stayed here at; 
■ numerous times. 

i He entered Chicago university. | 
! graduating from there with J»»g*J» n 
•* «h. CM-il Rhodes schol 


on, He won the Cecil Rhodes schol- I 
uslitp from Illinois for Oxford uni- 
versity in England. I 
Upon completion or his work In, 
Oxford. Doctor Hubble returned to , 
•he United States, which shortly aft- 1 
irwards went to war with Oarmany. ; 
T-c scientist entered the sen lee and , 
lae'rved throughout the war. at the 
! close of which he again took work at , 
I Chicago university. j 
He was sent to Mount Wilson ob- | 
1 «-vatory from the university, where , 
he has established a national repute- . 
;;on tn science by h.s "Island unl- ( 
verse" theory. j 


Thomas J. PeTryman. SS. of D» 
,..., ooto, mo «rf Benjamin Ferry- 
man of MontrvMe. died a* hM name 
Friday, according to word received 
here. The body *1U be forwarded 
to Morriavine for funeral eerrtcae and 
burial' In Slaglo cemetery. The fun- 
erml errangemente have not been 
nuult. Ha 1* eurerred by Mi wife, 
three emidren. hii father and a 

Mr*. OolUe O. Ryan, 46, formerly 
of Springfield, died at her home In 
Oelveston. Tex.. Friday morning, ac- 
cording to word received here. Mr*. 
R?an la survived by tero brother*. 
Hor*ce B. Hick* of Springfield, and 
Archie a Hicks of Philadelphia. 
Funeral eervlcee will be held Setur- 
d*y afternoon at Oelveeton. Burial 
will be in the Oalreaton County 
Memorial cemetery. 

| Funeral services for Henry n*y- 

mond. .7. for 47 year* a member 
! of Uio Odd Fellows, who died at 

U 30 a. m. yesterday at Ms home on 
' route 3. Springfield, were held at 

• J 30 o'clock this afternoon with Rer. 

• E. C Coleman, of Springfield, offf- 
j elating. Burial was In Memorial Park 
' cemcter? under dlrr;tlou of the Alma 

Lohineyer Punaral home, with Odd 
Fellow Trinity Lodge Mb. 4B5. tn 
charge of e enjco a at the gray*. Mr. 
Raymond la survived by two eon*. 
Austin H . and Ouy V., a daughter. 
Mr*. MetUe Breokenrldge. three bro- 
there, Orval. Oolonal and Don Kay- 
mond. all of Springfield, and by 13 
grandchildren and five great grand- 


Davie Paul Harless. one-year-old 
son of Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Harleea. 
died at 9 a. m. today at the family 
home on route 5, city, after an Illness 
of scarlet fever. The deceased Is sur- 
vived by the parents, three brother* 
and one sister. Private funeral ser- 
vice* were held at 3 p. m. today at 
the home with Interment In Oreen- 
lawn cemetery under direction of the 
Kilngner Undertaking company. 


Funeral services for Mrs. Martha T. J 
: Booth. 87. who died Monday at the j 
borne of her non. Stanley C. Booth, , 
625 Em: Elm street, were held at the at a:30 o'clock this after- ! 
: i.oon. with Rev. Paul TaJbott, former 
rector of Christ Episcopal church, 
, officiating. Burial wee In Maple Park 
; cemetery under direction < .' the Alma 
Lohmeycr Funeral home. 

Mr* Laura M. Fawcett. 4d. died at 

4 a. m. today at a local hospital 
after a brief illness. She Is survived 
by the husband. W. E. Fawcett .of 
1M3 Texas avenue; two sons. Earl W. 
and Claude Fawcett: two daughters. 
vtus Dulcle Fawcett and Mrs. T. E. 
Weaver' and two brother*. Thoma* 
in? Kl'eber Smith, all of thta city 
Funeral service* will be held at 2 
J^Thtnwday at the ^Mw*« 
Avenue Baptist church, with ££- 
meat in BsJrt IMwn cemetery under 
direction of the rHngwer Undertak- 
ing c omp a n y. ■ 

) • 

Page 1: A son Jack George Botteron, Jr., was born November 5 to Mr. and Mrs. J. G. 
Botteron of 2050 North Campbell avenue. 

Page 2: A daughter Virginia May Carroll was born November 1 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles 
B. Carroll of 445 Poplar street. 

Dan R. Utiger was appointed administrator of the estate of Kate Utiger. 

Page 3: John Weaver died.** 

Mrs. Laura Fawcett died.** 

Harless infant died.** 

Thomas Perryman died.** 

W. H. Hutchison died.** 
Page 5: Miss Faye Spraggins and Rev. T. C. Pennell are engaged to marry.** 
Page 12: David N. Fink died.** 


Dav id N. 

In. Southwast 
many yearn a promlnei 
banker, died yssterttay ■»* k 
Texas, vhtr* hs had W ^ 
to enter - b u s ine ss. .. « Mr.? ™ 
known to numerous «P**U^ 

Entering the busings* worfd 
Ing hlf boyhood aa a clett^ 
hardwood stors at SotrtftwaW 
Mo., he worked his way upward 
til he became prealdent of thn 
merclal National bank at Moal 
Okla. In MIL and two year* 
waa elected national prealdent . 
the Jefferson Highway assodstlj 
to serve three terme. 

lie waa born In Selby county* 
Ohio. Hl» mother died whU *_$jL 
was an Infant. >nd_the t****T 
moved a few years later to BooO*-. 
west Missouri. He had a common 
school education, entering t*». 
Southwest City hardware firm «***• 
clerk immediately i Iter he oompl«*V 
ed hU grade school studies. A nbtttg 
I time later ha obtained a P "* 00 " ** 
a traveling salesman with a wboW» 
I sale hardware firm and traVeledl 
'through northwest Arkansas antf 
IndUn Territory. *' 

In 18»» he went to Muskogee to 
■ Join the C. W. Turner HardwafP 
company, then a distributing cento* 
for a great area In Indian Teitt- 
i tory. He left Muskogee soon aftetw 
wsrd to organise the First National 
•bank at Grove. Okla- wheca ha 
i served as cashier. Returning «» 
Muskogee In 1S01. he became cashier 
lot the Commercial National bang, 
i Three years later he was elected 
vice president of this Institution. 
and was named president In Mil. 
• After his term aa national prea- 
i ident of the Jefferaon highway fresd 
'l»U to 1915. he waa elected Ufa 
prealdent of the Oklahoma Jefferson/ 
Highway association. He was a 
Mason and a member of the Elk* 

and Rotary clubs. , 

j x . i — . hi ... es s 


Funeral servlcea for Davis Paul 

i Hariess yesr-old son of Mr. ana 

? M« Sheiv Hariess. of Springfield. 

! 'rout, 5. who died yesterday morn- 

lnR .t the home following an 111- 

„"« of scarlet fever, were held at 

3 o'clock yesterday afternoon a the 

resWence with burial lnCreenla*n 

c'-neury under direction of tht 

KMnVner Funeral home. The Infant 

uT.rr«ved by" the parents, tr.ree 

.brothers and one sister. 

i r ,uu mm jxmt ^mm^m 



Father of Famous Vaudeville 

Pair Pioneer of Ozarks 


John Elijah Weaver. 74