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Full text of "Items of genealogical interest in the Springfield, Greene County, Missouri newspapers, the Springfield leader and the Springfield daily news for 1929"

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Items of Genealogical Interest 
(Births, Deaths, Marriages, Divorces, etc.) 

in the 








Part 1 

Pages 1--600 (January 1 --September 3) 

(Index is at end of Part 2) 

Wm. K. Hall 
33 Westmoreland Place 
St. Louis, MO 63108-1227 
March 11, 1999 


PROJECT a,-;d g. S. 


\i I 

va'nri' • ^"^n'^P.'H V 


J n 

*) O 1 


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S M T W T F S 

S M T W T F S 

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12 3 4 5 

12 3 4 5 6 


6 7 8 9 10 11 12 

7 8 9 10 11 12 13 


13 14 15 16 17 18 19 

14 15 16 17 18 19 20 


20 21 22 23 24 25 26 

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 


27 28 29 30 31 

28 29 30 31 





1 2 

1 2 3 


3 4 5 6 7 8 9 

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 


10 11 12 13 14 15 16 

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 


1 otzr\ 

17 18 19 20 21 22 23 

18 19 20 21 22 23 24 


24 25 26 27 28 

25 26 27 28 29 30 31 


MARCH 1 2 



3 4 5 6 7 8 9 

12 3 4 5 6 7 


10 11 12 13 14 15 16 

8 9 10 11 12 13 14 


17 18 19 20 21 22 23 

15 16 17 18 19 20 21 


24 25 26 27 28 29 30. 

22 23 24 25 26 27 28 



29 30 




1 7(C 7 


12 3 4 5 6 

12 3 4 5 


7 8 9 10 11 12 13 

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 


14 15 16 17 18 19 20 

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 


21 22 23 24 25 26 27 

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 r. 


28 29 30 

27 28 29 30 31 k 



1 2 S 


12 3 4 


5 6 7 8 9 10 11 

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 **» 


12 13 14 15 16 17 18 

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 


19 20 21 22 23 24 25 

17 18 19 20 21 22 23 


26 27 28 29 30 31 

24 25 26 27 28 29 30 





2 3 4 5 6 7 8 

12 3 4 5 6 7 


9 10 11 12 13 14 15 

8 9 10 11 12 13 14 


16 17 18 19 20 21 22 

15 16 17 18 19 20 21 


23 24 25 26 27 28 29 

22 23 24 25 26 27 28 



29 30 31 © 


The following issues are missing from the microfilm: 

Leader News 

Saturday, January 5, 1929 The entire period from 

Saturday, January 19, 1929 January 27 through June 27 

Friday, February 1, 1929 inclusive 

Thursday, February 2 1 , 1 929 Monday, July 15,1929 

Saturday, March 1 6, 1 929 Wednesday, July 3 1 , 1 929 

Tuesday, July 16, 1929 Friday, August 16, 1929 

Thursday, July 1 8, 1 929 Saturday, August 2 1 , 1 929 
Saturday, September 14, 1929 

The Sunday paper was issued jointly by the News and the Leader. Sometimes it is fr)und 
in the microfilm file of the News and sometimes in that of the Leader. However the following 
Sunday papers are missing from both files: 

Sunday, February 3, 1929 

Sunday, March 24, 1929 

Sunday, April 7, 1929 

Sunday, April 14, 1929 

Sunday, April 28, 1929 

Sunday, May 5, 1929 

Sunday, May 12, 1929 

Sunday, May 19, 1929 

Sunday, May 26, 1929 

Sunday, June 2, 1929 

Sunday, June 9, 1929 

Sunday, June 16, 1929 

Sunday, June 23, 1929 

Sunday, September 22, 1929 

Sunday, September 29, 1929 

Sunday, October 6, 1929 

Sunday, December 8, 1929 

Sunday, December 29, 1929 


The newspaper made errors: John Dutton was really John Hutton. Names are 
misspelled. Dates are wrong. Many events—even deaths—were not mentioned in the 

I made mistakes. Microfilm is often blurry and indistinct. Numbers particularly 
are difficult: 2s and 3s look alike; 6s and 8s look alike. Items were scattered about. 
Who would think of looking for a birth announcement among the want-ads? Items 
were overlooked because headline writers tend to be cutesy: "Prosecutor Jones Gets 
New Assistant" actually means his wife gave birth to a son. A marriage was reported 
under the headline: "To Consolidate." It is easy to overlook such whimsical items. 

Many items which I omitted nevertheless mention family relationships. Before 
radio and television people spent much time visiting— usually relatives. There are 
thousands of items reporting such comings and goings: "Lucy Belle Smith returned 
to Ashtabula, Ohio, to visit her grandmother Violet Vales." Such items were not 
included in this index but nevertheless often reveal family relationships. The reader 
(if he has enough patience) might do well to read through such items. 

The reader is strongly urged to CHECK EVERYTHING. He should check the 
microfilm himself He should check with other sources: birth and death certificates, 
tombstone records, probate records, ftaneral home records, city directories, census 
records. Fortunately the Springfield-Greene County Library has many of these records. 


The year 1929 was the centennial year of the founding of Springfield and June 16-- 
June 23 was the centennial week. There were all sorts of celebrations. There was a 
magnificent evening parade on Wednesday with illuminated floats. I remember this as one of 
the very best parades I have ever seen. On Thursday there was a pageant at the Shrine Mosque 
with over 1400 participants. There were many family reunions, exhibits of old photographs, 
old furniture, old clothing. There was a birthday cake three feet in diameter. The newspaper 
reported all these events and also ran interviews with many old timers. There were other 
articles dealing with the history of Springfield. 

I was somewhat surprised to read (page 319) that Mrs. Alice Holland— whom I remember 
for her ability to quote long passages from the Bible from memory—had indulged in "kissing 
games" in her youth (!) to the tune of "King William was King James' son" (page 403). 
Miss Marion Bissett, later a teacher in high school, presided as Queen of the Ozarks. William 
J. Miles recalled when he fought in the Battle of Springfield in January 1863 (page 338) 
making it seem much more vivid than the simple factual accounts in the history books. Isaac F. 
King recalled a song the Civil War soldiers sang (page 373). There were descriptions of the 
Square as it was in 1868 (page 337) and in 1876 (page 384) and photos of it at various times. 

In one quite interesting feature the forecasts made by various Springfieldians about what 
it would be like 100 years in the future were reported. Some forecasts were quite accurate. 
One man predicted that home cooking would no longer be done. Instead people would get 
their pre-cooked, packaged meals from their grocery. Miss Ida Ausherman predicted (page 
315) that a woman would run for President. Some predictions were wildly fanciful— Prof B. F. 
Finkel, for instance, thought in the ftiture they would pave a street without digging it up a few 
weeks later. 

One of the most useftil articles, I thought, was the chronology of Springfield history 
compiled by Dr. E. M. Shepard (page 365). Dr. Shepard gave the actual date when each event 
occurred. So many of the history books are rather vague about dates. 

Another article (page 309) listed many of the people who had lived in Springfield fifty 
years or more. 

There was an account of how New Year's was celebrated in the old days (page 6) and 
also an account of the hazards of travel in the days before the railroad reached Springfield 
(page 336). 

Many interesting articles were printed in the Sunday paper but unfortunately many of the 
Sunday papers are missing from the microfilm. The Daily News is missing for the entire period 
January 27 through June 27. I don't know why. It seems to me there was vague talk of a fire. I 
was so impressed with all the historical articles in the newspaper that I saved the Leader [We 
did not take the Daily News] for the entire week June 16— June 23. I had these laminated and 
gave them to the Public Library but they seem to have disappeared. They are all on microfilm 
anyway except for Sunday, June 16, and Sunday, June 23, both of which are missing. 

For those interested in local history, a perusal of the newspapers during this period 
would be richly rewarding. 


Hoberg, MO; naming of— page 3 

New Year's Eve as it was celebrated in the old days—page 6 

A new evening newspaper in Springfield will be published— page 10 

Frisco railroad; early history— page 12 and page 24 

Mrs. Claude McElhany has a letter written by her grandfather Josiah T. Keet from 
Barry county in 1843 to his brother in England— page 16 

Predictions for the future made by Dr. Benjamin F. Finkel— page 48A 

John M. Calvin, half Sioux Indian, talks of Custer's last fight from the Indians' 
point of view— page 50 

A. M. Haswell writes about a Civil war incident involving Anderson White and 
"One-Eyed Davis"~page 71 

A. M. Haswell writes about the first settlers of Springfield— page 86 

Recollections of Springfield in i 845 by Dr. W. D. Delzell-page 100 

Recollections of Springfield in 1856 by Charles Boyden— page 1 1 1 

There is a long article about the record books used in the courthouse; how much 
they cost, how long they last, which department uses most— page 139 

Cartoon history of Springfield-pages 146, 148, 151, 158, 160, 163, 166, 168, 170, 
174, 176, 178, 180, 183, 188, 191, 192, 194, 195, 198,201,203,205,207,210,212, 
216, 218, 220, 223, 227, 230, 233, 235, 237, 240, 244, 247, 249, 251, 254, 255, 262 

Little theater movement in Springfield; beginning of— page 147 

Photos of old Springfield— page 148 

There is a letter written in 1840 from Springfield describing conditions here— page 

History of First Presbyterian church on corner of Olive and Jeflerson, soon to be 
razed— page 1 56 

Photo of Square in 1867— page 157 

Ph.oto of an ox cart— page 159 

Photo of the old Berry house on Sherman near Brower-page 162 

Photo of the Baldwin theater on fire in 1909— page 165 

Photo of the Square in 1876— page 167 

Meeting of Ozark Press association naming editors and their papers— page 168 

Photo of Gen. Holland's house on Jefferson, probably the first all brick residence 
in Springfield— page 169 

Photos of the Square before and after the fire of 1913— page 173 

Photo of the Square in 1868— page 178 

Photo of South avenue— page 1 79 

Photo of the Square in 1882- -page 182 

The Society editor remembers old times (i.e., times when she was young)— page 

Photo of the funeral of Fremont's bodyguard in 1861 —page 187 

Photo of the Square in 1899--page 192 

Photo of Fairbanks hall in 1884--page 200 

Photo of Drury college football team— page 202 

Dr. E. M. Shepard writes about the Indians in the Ozarks before the white men 
came— page 208 

Springfield is at the crest of the Ozark plateau. Dr. E. M. Shepard writes about its 
climate and topography— page 208 

Photo of Drury college football team in 1896 giving names of those in 
page 2 1 5 

Bolivar Free Press, article about— page 217 

Federal judges in Springfield, article about— page 222 

A. R. Freeman recalls Springfield in 1855— page 224 

Iron mining at Meramec Springs and Cherry Valley in 1860— page 226 

Ten Springfield people listed in Who's Who in 1929— page 232 

Photo of the Square in 1876— page 234 

Early baseball and the first curved ball— page 238 
. Springfield people now living in Long Beach, California— page 241 

Woolen mills in Grant Beach park struck by a tornado in 1882— page 252 

Long histoiy of the Springfield Fire department with photos— pasge 259 

Early histoiy of Springfield described in papers of Mrs. Ophelia Seaman— page 

First roads were laid out to Fayctteville, Arkansas, and Boonville, Missouri— page 

First bank in Springfield— page 261 

First newspaper was the Ozark Standard started in 1837 by J. C. Tuberville— page 



Pioneer women wove their own cloth. "Jeans" were a combination of wool and 

cotton— page 260 

It snowed in May (six inches) for the first time in Springfield history— page 273 

Garber, Missouri [near Branson] has a woman mayor— page 273 

A Missouri newspaper publisher died. At one time he published the Evening 

Record in Springfield— page 275 

Springfield postmasters, article about—page 276 

Mrs. S. S. Lawing recalls early history. Her family came here in the 1830s-page 


Mis. Margaret Emily Diffenderffer kiiew the Empress Carlotta in Mexico when 
her husband was U. S. consul-page 282 

Jack W. McKee, county recorder, talks about issuing marriage licenses—page 284 

Early day newspapers in Springfield, article about— page 285 

There are good photos of members of the Community Women's club-page 286 

A real daughter of the American Revolution is honored-page 287 

The Rev. Lewis R. Anschutz tells about the difficulties he had working with North 
Carolina "crackers." When they were given bathtubs they used them to sore coal and 
wood— page 288 

Kissee Mills in Taney county, article about— page 291 

Drury college was founded "in a house on the southwest corner of Benton and 
Central which is now on the Drury campus." It was the home of Charles E. Harwood— 
page 297. This article is not correct. In 1929 the Drury campus did not extend south of 
Central street. Charles E. Harwood's house was on the southwest corner of Bcnlon aiitl 
Sycamore (now Brower)— see page 859. Later he built the house on the northwest corner 
of Benton and Lynn. The obituary of his son Edward Charles Harwood (who died April 
23, 1944) says Drury college was founded in that house— 1307 Benton (old number). 
Probably the founding of Drury college was discussed in both houses. Such decisions 
are rarely made instantaneously. 

First Presbyterian church, history of— page 300 

List of people who have lived in Springfield fifty years or more. Their addresses 
are also given. This list was compiled from people who sent in their names. Others are 
omitted— page 309 

Charles E. Harwood recalls former times— page 3 1 2 

Photo of the old Worrell confectionary which had Springfield's first soda fountain- 
-page 313 

Prophecies for 1 00 years hence made by Miss Ida Ausherman— page 3 1 5 

A young girl's life fifty years ago— page 319 

Kissing games of fijfty years ago— page 319 

Watch pockets and tidies; gift items of fifty years ago— page 319 

Quarries in Springfield— page 321 

Rocks absent in west Tennessee— page 321 

A circus as remembered by Arch McGregor— page 322 

Springfield in 1837— page 323 

Grist mills in pioneer days— page 323 

A shoemaker recalls fifty years of his business— page 325 

Springfield in 1857 listing many items carried by the stores including reboiled 
molasses, indigo, champagne and codfish— page 328 

River travel and the hazards involved— page 327 

The Springfield Inn had buggies and hacks for rent—page 329 

Marker where WiUiam Fulbright erected the first cabin in Springfield—page 33 1 

Prophecies for 100 years hence made by Prof. L. E. Meador— page 331 

Springfield in 1868— page 336 

Difficulties of early travel as recalled by A. M. Haswell— page 336 

Poor horses were worth more than good horses during the Civil war because the 
soldiers always stole the good ones— page 337 

Battle of Springfield as recalled by a participant—page 338 

First machinist in Springfield recalls his career— page 341 

During the Civil war ammunition was so scarce that newly made cannon balls 
were carted away while they were still red hot— page 341 

Springfield's first daily newspaper, The Patriot, began in 1878. All previous 
newspapers were weeklies. The article mentions some of the subjects written about. 
Temperance was a big item— page 349 

College boys had their fun in 1878. They attached an additional rope to the bell 
cord and ran the other end out one of the windows and down to the ground where it was 
securely attached to the horn of a decrepit cow. Every time the cow moved the ringing 
bell was heard thoughout the dead of night— page 35 1 

Springfield in 1875— page 355 

A replica of a pioneer home, one of the Centennial exhibits, is described— page 

Features of the Centennial pageant are described— pages 356, 400, and 402 

There is an old movie reel of Springfield taken about 1909 or 1910— page 358 

Early newspapers in Springfield are recalled— page 359 

An article about llie "first families" of Springfield— page 362 

An exact chronology of Springfield going back nearly 400 years was compiled by 
Dr. Edward M. Shepard. The gives the exact dates when certain events happened— page 

[In 1975 Lucile Morris Upman compiled another chronology from 1829 to 1975 which is 
given on pages 9 1 3-928 

Photo of the Square in 1876— page 372 

Civil war reminiscenses including the words of a song the soldiers sang— page 373 

Special Centennial articles were carried in the newspaper of June 16, 1929— page 

Centennial events are listed— pages 379 and 393 

The first photographer in Springfield came in 1 878 and took pictures on glass- 
page 380 

The Fulbright marker was unveiled— pages 381 and 395 

Reunions and displays were features of the Centennial— page 382 

Histoiy of some of the buildings on the Square—page 384 

The Centennial cake was in four tiers and was three feet in diameter—page 386 

The first street cars are described— page 387 

Family antiques and treasures are put on display— paage 389 

The Centennial parade (really magnificent) is described— page 397 

A vei7 amusing account of the first locomotive coming into Springfield—page 401 

"King William was King James' son"— the words to the old kissing game song— are 

given— page 403 

Centennial pictures— two full pages— in newspaper of June 23, 1929— page 404 
Prophecies for 100 years hence by E. C. Hackett— page 404 
Article about the various Springfield banks which have come and gone— page 407 
State Teachers college began as a private school founded by Mrs. Alma Dow 

Miller-page 417 

Prophecy for 100 years hence by Prof B. F. Finkel. He predicts television, a 

beautful Jordan, a virtual absence of crime, streets not torn up soon after they were 

paved, and many other marvels. This is a truly interesting article— page 424 

A. M. Haswell writes about the temperance movement in Springfield. Many early 

day "groceries" were little more than saloons— page 421 

A Civil war incident is related by A. M. Haswell— page 430 

History of the Civil war cannon on the Drury campus— page 438 

Books on theosophy donated to the Drury college library were refused— page 461 

History of the Campbell Grove Baptist church at Bolivar— page 463 

Early wells in Springfield, a long article— page 470 

The First Christian church (the Campbell ite church) and Carlton college— page 472 

The divorced wife of a Springfield man sues Gene Tunney the prize fighter for 

breach of promise while her divorced husband is suing Tunney for alienation of his 

wife's affections— page 478 

Cedar Gap is considered the highest point in the Ozarks— page 495 

An interesting Civil war incident is related. Members of the Quantrill band were 

ordered to execute Stephen B. Elkins. Instead they let him escape and later he became an 

United States senator—page 508 

How Rolla, MO, was named and an article about the town—page 518 

Photo and history of the first electrical plant in Springfield— page 539 

Patton alley, description and history— page 564 

There is a safe of historical documents in the office of the National cemetery— page 


Evangelical Zion church at Hoberg, photo and arficle— page 570 
Water street, history —page 571 

Photographs of six Drmy graduates at time they graduated and as they are today- 
page 573 

Names and addresses of the 2671 people who signed a petition to recall Mayor 
I'homas Gideon—page 575 

Grave marked of soldier in American revolution (Nathan Clifton)— pages 583 and 

Newspapers in Ozarks— page 621 

Publishers of Ozarks newspapers met in Lebanon— page 652 

First "authentic" map of Springfield in 21 years is being prepared. It will be 6 x7 
feet in size— page 682 

Some street names were abolished in order that the same street would have the 
same name all across town. The abolished street names are listed— page 693 

Grave of William Lumbley, a Revolutionary war soldier, was marked— page 706 

Photos of Springfield's leading radio dealers and their stores— page 706 

The coming of electricity to Springfield. The first electric lights were brought 
here by a circus— page 72 1 

Three Ozarks soldiers awarded Congressional medals of honor— page 747 

Account of Goblers Knob and a country cemetery— page 75 1 

Monument to Springfield men who died in World War I with a list of their names- 
-page 770 

Spinning wheel, photo of and its use described— page 788 

Map of Springfield showing how various areas are zoned— pge 801 

The beginning of State Teachers college in 1905— page 803 

First typewriter in Springfield— page 808 

Indian mounds in the Ozarks— page 823 

Kickapoo Indians— page 823 

Founding of Drury college— page 859 

Diemer theater on Commercial street— page 912 

Chronology of Springfield 1829-1975-page 914 

History of Springfield with photos—page 914 

Page 1: F. X. Adams died.** 
Page 6: Jacob Phillips Kinsey died.** 
Betty Lee Scrivener died.** 
George W. Byrne died.** 
Ben PfeifTer died.** 
Arthur D. Nichols died.** 
WilHam Y. Anderson died.** 
Mrs. Flora E. Swindler died.** 
Mrs. Alelia J. Cross died.** 
Page 11: Card of thanks.** 

Page 12: Vera Opal Freeman sues to divorce Thomas Elbert Freeman. They were 
married November 13, 1924, at Ozark and have a son John Carl Freeman, aged 3. The suit is 
brought in the name of her mother Mrs. Ellen Brownlow. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wellington McClelland celebrate their golden wedding 



■''>,i-!l -, « il. 

^f mta M dootdy MUbr*t«ci ben by 
Mr. uid Mn. WcUlnctoB MoOMland. 
mbo will otetr*« m vcU. tl»«lr foMan 
wddlQf annlTtnary. Mr; MnCUlUntf 
WM pTwMtnt at th« Mopl*^ 0Ut» 
tenic at Tluyw imtU b« rcUrod a f«w 
jmn ago. 

The annlTvnary wUl b« obaerred 
with ft family rvunloo. at wtiich Ut. 
and Mrs. ttaChU*na» (our cMklran 
all will ba prsMOt. Tba chlMiva art 
Mis. Ttrftnla Fltapatrlck. Ray B. Mc- 
dalland. and Smt R. McCWlUnd. at 
TbafBT. and Mlaa Una UcCtellaDd. 
at CqpxincfUld. 


Charging desertion and the aquan* 
derlng of bU money in pool balla. 
Vera Opal Freeman yesterday filed 
suit for dlTorcc from Thomaa Ebert 
Freeman. Aa Mrs. Freeman la not of 
age, tbe auit la brought In tbe name 
of ber mother. Mrs. Ellen Brownlow. 
There la one aon. John Carl. 7 yeara 
of age. They were married at Otark. 
Mo.. NovemlMrr 13. 1924 


W* wish ta thank our m«nT friend* for 
their klndooM and uTinpsth) : sl*o lor tbe 
baauUtnl fteral eMrrloiB durlns our 
r«e«Dl keraavtment in the loss of our 
belaeed tatbtr. 11. Unqutit. Uoqalit 





Funeral aareloaa for Jacob FUDtps 
Kln«y. 95 yt^n old. reputed to h«»« 
baan tba oldaat llTla( m«Eabar a< 
Um Odd Fallowa todca. wUI b« eoo- 
doetad at 9 o>clook tbU momlnf at 
tba Aim*' Lohmeyar Funeral cbapai. 
BurUl will ba at Sltoam Bpflnci ba- 
alda bis wife, wbo died foor yaars 
ago. Tba Odd FaUowa lod(a win 
bars chart* at tba burial ntaa. Mr. 
Klnaay died y a atud ay mamlng at tba 
boma of bla aoa. CUyton P. Klnaey. 
head ef the mualc department of 
8Ute Ta*cbers ooUef*. Ba was bom 
in M«:bank:*burg. Pa., and Joined 
the Odd Fellows lodge there when 31 
yaars old. At the time of his death 
ba bad been a member of t*»> lodge 
7A rttfs. Ha li surnrad by two sees 
and two datifttters: ClAyton P. Kln- 
aey. tprlngfUld. Onn P. KlAeey. at 
Okiaboma Olty. Mra. R. A. Bankln 
and Ura. I. Guy Airy, both of Uusko- 
fx. Okla. 


Puntfal anmn(«&ant* for OeorBS 
W. »7nM..M. f tamampUU podtnt 
th* UTtral ot dMaat ntMttn*. Tb* 
B«man K. J«lmMrv Taomnl bon* 
U ta eterg* ot •matttumxttL Ux. 
Bytae, • realdant of Pair Orora. Mo., 
dtsd ywt*rd«y Baomlnc »t tbe ^oma 
of bis statar. Mr*. Marr KaUey. IBM 
noMencm «t«su«. foUowtsf an st- 
iMk ot lafltMU* aad pntnmwif/ B« 
tt cumvvd by tbe vldow. on* dattrb- 
t«r. Mrs. irdi* ioum of wblta Piah. 
Mflot.: two itetwACn. J. U Sebaai- 
dtf a&d icra. K»nn. bocb of aprtac- 
naM and on* brother, Btepben Byrne, 
also ot BprlTitrUld. 


If. X. Adams Stricken With 
I Apoplexy While Riding With 
Members of Family 

A plensanl holltiry drive over tlir | 
rcBideiice dl6tr;rt of Sprliigfleld 1k*1 
iilglit Wiis turned to sorrow wlun F 
X. Adams. 68. for more than 40 jenrh 
an employr In the clalnij de|)«rtniciu j 
of tlie Fr>co. became 111 v.hlle motoi- 
I Ing vnili his wife and daughier. ar.d ' 
! died a lew minutes later ! 

! nrl\lnK null raiiill« 

j Mr. Adiims. who lives at 429 Moril- , 
I cello avenue, was driving with Mrs 
I Adams and their daughter Mrs. 
.Ellrabfth Adams. While drlUiig oi; 
! South Fremont avenue he complained 
■ of nines*. 

j HI.* lUnee.s tjecanic ^o acute il.e> 
stopped Ht the hon;c of Frank W 
' Fcllnif ler. 660 South Fren-.oni av?: vjf 
'Mr, Adam« liild down and nicd'.ctl 
! aid was sunuiioncd He died a tevi 
I mliuiles ..fter a pliysiclaii arrived 
j Death was due to apoplexy 

With KrlMo In Vear- 
j Mr AdaniH haa been lii the eui- 
1 ploy of the Frisco railroad for more 
I thau 40 year*. He wae a traveling 
! adjiiistfr of clalma for the freight de- 
I portment 

I He Is ..urvlved by hu wile u:.d 
j^eveii chllrtrcn. Mra. F. W Slmt. of 
' Mr . EUian Oraluun. Bluck- 
wrll Okh- . .Mr; t'er:l Hi'\ Kar.-a- 
, Cll> Ml.-^i IClUiibcil. of t'.ie 
home. t>«Bk ^ Adanis. of Denver. 
Colo.. H^ Adam*, ot Cofleyville. 
and F. E. Ijaiiu. of Springfield 

Funeral firrangementa are under di- 
rection Herman H. Lobmeyer 
at home 


Mrs. Aiella J. Croes, 61. died at the 
home of her daughter. Mrs. Robert 
Stewart, 1214 Ktngahlghway. yester- 
day kltemoon. She Is survived by 
three daughters, Mrs. Stewart. Mrs.. 
Ida Eullss, of Brighton. Mo : and Mrs. 
Pearl Erwln. of Bolivar. Mo. She also 
is survived by two soni. Jamex M. and 
Ernest L. Cross, both of RriL-liton: 
and two brothers, J. W . Lcluu.m, of 
Springfield, and Ed Lehman of Ida. 
I^n. PMneral Mrrlces will b« beld 

at the Brighton M. E church at 3:30 
o'rlocK WoiiMf ^c'..iy afternoon. BnrUd 
w'.n be !:: the Brighton ceii>«««ry un- 
der direction of Kllngner Punersl 


Puneral aerTlce* (or Ben Pfeltfer. 
76, who died Bvmdar nigbt «t St. 
Job&'ft boapltAl, wlU be conducted at 
tM o'clock ted«r *t SUrna moc'- 
tUAi7. BurUl will tM In Huilwood 
ttmttuf. BM to ■unl rcd by fotir 
dAQghtcta, Ux*. atjtf ■olMCt*. Ui*. 
y. L. epiocr aiMl iOm OUn Pf attter. 
all 9t SprlacttoU. and Un. Jmbm O. 
8h«tt»» ct OamhM, Mcb, and by nliM 
cnBdehUdm Mkd mrm trM%-fnad- 

AMTBvu V* iacaoiM 
rMMtal mmiwiitnu ftr Juttim D. 
nia^ Sonuu BiMi^Kflcbt luililan^ 
«r«' inooaplau. Tb* body will mr- 
flv* aarty Uauuriu w from Blnnlns* 
bam. Al*., vbera be died Bund*y 
nlfht. ruaeriLl wrantamaau m« 
under direction Alms Lobmaycr 
Punermi bome. Ur. IVlcboU wm man* 
agar of tbe American Radiator cotn- 
pany plant at Blrmlngbam. wbera be 
bad lived lor tbe last two yean. Mr. 
nioboU iB aumved by bta wife. bU 
motber, Mrs. D. M. VlcboU of Bprtn(- 
field, and two aUters. Mrs. J. H. 
Rotjntree, 445 South avenue, and 
Mrs. Setb Barbam. Mr. Ntcbois' 
motber make* ber bome wltb Mrs. 
Rountree. He also baa a nephew In 
tbla city. L. C. Montgomery, 014 St. 
Louie street. 


PUfteral services for William Y. 
Anderson will be conducted at 10:30 
o'clock tbU morning at bis bome. 
817 Dolliaon avenue. Burlai will t>e 
In Maple Park cemetery under direc- 
tion Alma Lobmeyer Funeral home. 

Ura. Flora E. Swindler. 70>year-old 
plonaar Sprtngfleld raaldent, died yea> 
tarday at tbe Mary E. Wilson bomc« 
bare foUowlng a llngerlnK lllnecs. 
Funeral servlcea will be conducted at 
a o'clock today at tbe Christian 
cburcb at Ash Grove. 'Burial will be 
In tbe Aab Orove cemetery under di- 
rection Alma Lobmeyer Funeral 
bome. Mrs. Swindler is survived by 
five sons, John and Ray, of Spring- 
field; Hale of Jackson, Teun.; Earl of 
Fort Wortb. Texas, and Merton of St. 
Louis: by one sister, Mrs. J. E. Long 
of Cordele, Ga., and by two brothers, 
O. M. and J. C. Bottorolf of Owens- 
burg, Ky, 

Betty Lee 8crlv«ner, tbree- year •old 
daughter of Mr. and Mr*. Alva 
Scrivener, died last nlgbt at tbe 
bome, 1103 Kaa% AtlanUo street, fol- 
lowing an lllneea of pneumonia. Bbe 
Is survived by ber parents and one 
alater. Patty Lou. Punaral aerncea 
will ba conducted at 3:90 o'clock 
Wedneeday at Btama mortuary. 
Burial will ba In Oreenlawn cemetery. 

Page 1: Joe L. Smith committed suicide.** 

Fred Delo died.** 
Page 10: Jacob P. Kinsey died.** 

Betty Lee Scrivener died.** 

Ben Pfeiffer died.** 

William Y. Anderson died.** 

Mrs. Flora E. Swindler died.** 

Mrs. Alelia J. Cross died.** 

Arthur D. Nichols died.** 

Mrs. Lottie Neltabarger died. * * [Meltabarger] 

Mrs. Hester Scott died.** 

Birth reported.** 
Page 11: Card of thanks.** 

Page 12: There is an article about W. C. Smith who is retiring from the Frisco. 
Page 14: F. X. Adams died.** 

Henry Hoberg died.** 


I>ri4 l> iiul..:. \.. >.-,: H Rpnii-l.ilci 
;.*::.;■> Irn r " n-'-i'I*: I;;;.' wHiltn »• 

l»<lfc im:(1 lire lr;<>;cOj iiuiic wlillrlwo 

i othrr nir:iibtr< o( ihr xumc la.TilIy 

' «rrr dntiLTii;ii>l> Ul. 

rre<t D«lo. M. oxplrctl ol liiflucivi;» 
thU inonilnn itt his lioini-. 103T East 
Blaine. HIh mottaer. Mrs. Id* M&y 

i Delo. Tlrllm of the sanir <llfen.«f. was 

' bum 1 hpre 8>ii'd;'y 

1 fill. DcIo'« Utlt^. Jol.ii A De;o. il. 


Founder of Hoberg, 
I Civil War Veteran, 
I Expires at Monett 

I'ae m«n for whom Hobent. Mo.. 
I little Lawrence county «ettlemei:t ■ 
uiidwiiy between Springfield iknd \ 
JopMn was ii«med. die<l Monday at j 
87 years of age at the home of a 
daughter In Monett. Mo. I 

He was Henr7 Hoberg. pioneer set- , 
tirt of I«\iT»nce county, and amonK 
the last of the Civil War veterans ol 
that county. Penth was cauaed by 
inllrnitllrn of old f^r 

Mr. Hobtrc »as txjtu In Germany 
June -.M, IMl. and he tame to this 
country when only 17 veara of age. 
I in init llp<t at Morrison. Mo . In 
1 Warren county. H« left there In 
! 1885 and came to Hoberg. »hlct> ««■' 
;a'<. uHiiicd lor lam. 

Sh6rt funeral cervices »1U be held 
from the W. H. noreth realdenca In 
Monett WedDCMlaj, Juiuar; a. mX 1 
o'clock. followMl br Mrvlc** at 9:30 
0*61001: at the Pieebyterimn church 
at Hoberg. Burial will be In the Ho- 
berg cemetery. 

I-. (.rrlou.vly Ml «i li'^ linnie \\H t.iiM 
ITutrul sliccl. Ill^ roi:>:;ilor. v ;u, crit- 
ical at the lime oi Ins wlle'» funeral, 
and .he casket was takaoi.lo hta home 
and held bj' thi' pallbcarera bealde 
hl« bed. He tvaa told tiUa morning of 
bU (onV-dca^Ui. and seemed to with- 
stand the ab6ek.well. 

Mi«. Bfda Delo. wife c' Pred Del9. 
Irl' n Rict: bed several day* ago to 
ii'.ie Icr her hust.and, and lUc coo\- j i 
! I -lalion pt,«a«X- H!')d her mneaaji 
I lirbOght a rt:«pse In her coadlUon I 
I lor'ay. ' ! 

, , In Lddltloii lo li;s lathet and wife.': 
I Mr. Doio la survived by two broth ii».li 
! J C. Delo. of 7M Nort.i National aee-r] 

nur. and Cburle* Delo o( Ir.glcwood. 
[<:al. Kunoral arrangemenU are In- j | 
; complete, pending the outcome of tU . | 
I father's Ulnnis. bu: burial will iMtm- jj 
I tier direction of the Alma Lehmcyer i j 
i funeral home. ' . 'A 

I li 


TT' m ' i ' ■■iii^ ' ii i I I ■ fpf Jacob p. Kin- 

••y. M, wci* oooducted thU morning 
at the Alma Lohmeyer funeral chapel. 
Burial waa at aUoam Bprlngs. whert 
b« waa laid to r«at by the tide of bla 
«U« «>M «U«1 tour yeaia ago. 


PUBMU MTTlOM for Batty U« ScrlT- 
ener win be conducted v.«liwMlay at 
the BUrna ntortuarj. Burial will fol- 
low lo Oreeolawn ucnictcr). 

'^f web' Expires 

F. X. Adama 

r. X. Adamf. 08. for more than 40 
years an tniploje In tba d&lBia^ da- 
partzncDt of the Frtaco. died audAan- 
l]r un nigbt, becoming 111 whila mo- 
toring with hU wife and dsagbt«r 
througb' the realdence district or the 


The group waa driving on South 
Fremont avenue when Mr. Adama 

eompUtnad of IIUmm. BU lUncM b*- 
cua» M »eata tlt»» ttuj atoppod »t 
th* IMOM ot PrMilc yf. FaUmttar, MO 
South Prcmont avcftue. where Mr. 
Adama lay down aiid medical aid waa , 
aummoiied. He died a few jnluuleaj 
ttter » phyalolan •rrlTcd. OMtb wm | 
due to apoplexy. 

Mr. Adama, who lived at CM Monti- 
cello arenue, waa a retired travellug 
claim agant for Um Frleco. and dur- 
ing hia yanra In that department 
traTellad about M.OOO milea ench 
Tear, a rttntanrr equal t" " tf'P 
around the world each year. 

He la aurvlved by hla wife and 
•even children. Mr» F. W. Slma of 
Tii|«: Mni EthHii iJr.Thnni. nincl.- 
well. Okiii .. Mrs Cetll Ha.v. Kniitoa 
City; Mr». Ellrabetli Adams of llie 
home; Sam D. Adams of Denver. Col.: 
H F. Adama of Colleyvllle. niid P. E. 
Adamn of BprlnRltrld. 

Funeral arraugemenla are under 
the direction of the Herman H. Loh- 
roeyer Ftu5eral home. 


ruavi aameea for Ben Pfelffer 
WW* conducMNl today at tha Stama 
mortuary at 3:30 o'clock this after- 
oooD. Burial waa In Haielwood cem- 


Funaral aarvlcea for WlUlam T. 
Andtnon wara conductad at 10 .-ao 
«>clock thta morning at hU home. 617 
Dolllaon avenue. BurUl followed In 
Maple Park cametery under direction 
o( tba Alma Lobmeyer funeral borne. 

Springfield Youth.. Arrested 

for St. Louis Theft, 


Arrealed on a «tkar«« ol robblag fU 
roommate' at a downtonm T.M. O. Av 
In Bt. Loula, Joe L Smlih. aa. who told 
St. LouU police h« waa frtwa Sprhif-, 
flwld. Mo., bangml btouelf in Uia elt^ 
JaU tbara aarly tddaj. 

Ha ga»a hla neareat reUtlra at the 
time of hla arrest a« B. J. Smith of 
103S Weal Soot^ atreet. Springfield. 
lUft- father, wboae borne la in Tell- 
»tU«. Ark., .now la Plaiting at the 
home of B. J. Smith here. ! 

H. B. Smith, the roommate, wbo is ; 
net related, diacovered a suit of I 
clothes' and ITJ mlaalnft yeeterday. He I 
lufoinied nieiubeni ol tl:c tioriui:"!.. 
council who queatloned Joe Smith. 
Cto dcnlad knowing anything about 
tba robbery. The mlsalDg ault was ; 
(qfund hid tu)d«r a stairway and •!» j 
waa found aacrctcd behind a tele- | 
bbona diraelory rack on the same 

Joe Smith went to a hotel tail : 
nlghl for n New Texr's ce!«tjrnll.ii» 
When h? returned be wa» arfited. 

Aaong Joe Bmlth'a poaocasltcu waa j 
found a key to another room at the ' 
T, ti, C. A. which waa recently rob- j 
tied, alao a pawn ticket lor 'a glad- i 
stone bag. Such It bag had been Uk- ' 
en from the ottaci- room. I 

Joe Smith'* .biolher Here iJils afl- 
cttioon daeUrctt it was Ihctadlble to 
him that the yoftb ^xsM t^ate.t>c«n 
guilty ol theft. 

Funeral awangement! ara Inrom-' 
plcl •. bill burial i Hi Ik- i%; VelWllle. 
Ark Ir l<ro'!-rr tjUI I:i arldl'lon ti>' 
(he father and brother, the youQ) Is j 
tUTTlved by a aUAer^ . Mra. A. ^ V. 
Advna'of New Meddbt I 


Funeral aervloea for Mra. Flora £. I 
Swindler, long time realdcnt of Qreene j 
ootinty, who dlaid yesterday at the j 
Mary E- Wllsoo home following a 
lingering Illness, were conducted to- 
day at the Christian church at Aah 
JUrove. Burial was made In the Ash 
Ocove cemetery under direction of the 
Alma liOtuDeyer funeral borne of 

.lUtS. ALEUA J. ( KUS.t 
F«n«ral aarvicaa for Mrs. Alella J. 
Oroaa will ba ooodueud at the 
Brighton M. E. church at 3 30 o'clock 
Wednesday afternoon. Burial will be 
In Brighton cemetery under direction 
of the J. W. Kllngner funeral home 


Mr*. BMter Boott. 83. OXM tod*T mt 
btt bomc. 1000 Worth Protpect are. 
nu». siM was the wife of Ocorse W 
Scott. BurUl wUl b* In th« suiloH 
MDWtny thia WMk under dlrecuon of 
tbt J. W. Kllngner DndertakJni com- 


Mr. luid Mrs. Dolln M. Crawford 
440 We»t Brower atreet. announce the 
Wrth December 79 of • ion. Wllli«ai 
Harrejr Crawford. 

UM % cr TWAmci 

►j^«d faUiff. u. LlnquUL UoquiX 


runeral •ervlcea for Arthur D. 

NlchoU, 43. who died Sunday night 

in airmlnBham. Ala., following a brief 

lUneH. will be conducted at 9 o'clock 

Wednesday afternoon at the home of 

William T. Merrlnian. 1428 East Del- 
mar street. Burial will be In Maple 

Park ceniFttry under dinrttion of the 

Alma Lohmeyer funeral home, the 

Reverend C G. Fcx offtcUUng. Pai:- 

bearers will include ChMter Wolfo. 

Dr. A. W. 7T)0»riii». fraiilc Wtlllami. 
• tuon Muiniy. Will. an. N'.^ Oanlcl A'. 
I Hountree. Wiuh Adanm. Holland Keei • 

and Xdgar Herman. 


Uf^ JUottla Me^Ubargcr. 45. <U*>i at 
iiwn"l»i»> P '"'ft* * *"* aiartiUW tel. 

^toipiiiC kiMtf ObMM. tea la atantad 
by ^Mr husband. J. U. NelUbargcr; 
one daugbter. Mrs. Lon M. Miller of ' 
Springfield, and two eons. Everett and : 
Fred, both of 'he hoine ncldrfos. r>t- 
neral services will be niiiiu'tetl fioni 
ibe home aildresa and burial nl.l be i 
I In F.:,.-? I.T»n cfniirry. TImic ol llir 

Ifvuier:.! has not been Brmni;»0. b>ii ' 
the J. W. Klliigncr UuderUliins com- 
pany is in charge of arrangemenu. | 

Page 1: Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Waddell celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary. 
Page 4: Miss Velma Cox and Mr. Curtis R. Owens were married.** 
Page 10: Betty Lee Scrivener died.** 

Mrs. Alelia J. Cross died.** 

George W. Byrne died.** 

William H. Davis died.** . 

Sarah E. Rice died.** 

Mrs. Lottie Neltabarger died.** [Meltabarger] 

Mrs. Hester Scott died.** 

Arthur D. Nichols died.** 

F. X. Adams died.** 

Henry Hoberg died.** 

Fred Delo died.** 

Miss Cox Married 
In Kansas City 

Tbe marriage ot Mlu VeLou Cox 
to Mr. CurtlA R. Owens was cele- 
bnttod yotardfty In KazuM City, Kan., 
at high noon at the b()me of tbe 
brlda'a brother. 

DiB bride Is the only daughter ot 
Mr. and Mrs. Jobn H. Oox of Ocark, 
MO., and baa been auoclated for tbe 
past six years with tbe Heer Dry 
Goods company bere. 

Mr. Owens is associated wltb the 
Great eoutbem SsTlng and lioan as- 
sociation on South avenue. 

Following a brief wedding trip Mr. 
and Mrs. Owens will return here. 
where they will make their home. 



Funeral sa i Tlsia for Betty Lee 
Scrivener, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Alra Bcrlvenar, .will be conducted at 
a:SO oVileok today at W. L. etame 
mortuary. Burial will be In Green- 
lawn cemetery. 


Funeral services for Mrs. AJella J. 
J. Cross will be conducted at 2.30 
o'clock today at the Methodist 
Eplaoopal church at Brighton. Burial 
will be In the Brighton cemetery un- 
der direction KUngner Funeral home. 


Funeral Ber^lces for George W 
Byrne will be conducted at 9 o'clock 
Thursday morning at Sacred Heart 
Catholic church. Burial will be In 
8t. Mary's cemetery under direction 
of Herman H. Lohmeyer Funrral 



if. V. » * * •*• 

ASH OBOVB. Jan 1.— Recalling 
how ierenftd*!*. in the Oarkt 
during tb« yeare •oon aUer the Civil 
wmr. welcomed an Incoming year by 
making the rounde of fann houees 
in their vicinity on horseback, sing- 
ing and firing guns. Mr and Mm E 
a Waddell celebrated their 63rd 
wedding annlverwiry at their home 

They have 13 grandchildren. Their 
•oos and daugbten are; Aitbu£ Y, 

Waddell of Chllocco, OkU.; Mra. 8. 
B. Tarbet. Kanaaa City: Cyrus M. 
Waddell. St. Joseph. Mo.; Mrs L W 
Wyrlck, Ash Grove; Lawrence Wad- 
dell. Tulsa. Okla.. and Mrs Oeor^ T. 
, Miller of Mutual. Okla A. T Wad- 
I dell 18 head nuraerymun and orchard- , 
i isl at the Indian AgrlcuUural School | 
at Chllocco I 

Cyrus was a teacher In the Philip- | 
pines for eight years, and Is now In 
the railway mall service at the St. 
Jgeeph fcrmlnal^Mrs. Wyilck. who U I 

'the mother of "triplets, keeps bouse 
j teach- a rural school, taking the 
'three eight-year-old bovs along wi„. 
jher. and raises purebred -.urkevs a^- 
a hobby 

E G Waddell has "P*"' ^ -"^3 o. 
his life in Greene court? M.^.-ojn 
I near the place where he r..'» '•• e» 
He was. ho^erer. a res:c:en: ot lanev 
county foi several years He served 
as assessor ot tha: couniy. and al*o 
' as Judge of the county court ror » 
year* or more b« was clark of th« 
kchocd district In which he lives. The 
task of keeping the records of the 
district ha« been performed by a 
inamber of Waddell's family for at 
least 65 years. His father, his older 
brother, he. and since Ills recent 
ir&lgnatlon. his sonlulaw. L. W. Wy- 
iKk. have performed the service. In 
nddltlon.' he has served as Justice of 
(lie peace, and was federal census 
liiker for three consecullve terms. 

Waddell. who was once a teacher 
of vocal music, tells of an Interesting 
New Years custom which was ob- 
served In Some parts of the Ozarks 
soon alter the Civil war. A group 
i.f men. chiefly jouiik;. and ncurly 
nil farmers, started out on New Years 
. v» on horseback to make the rounds 
ot the farmhouses of their com- 
munity, serenading, and firing a New 
Years salute wherever that was per- 
muted. They would often prelude 
ilielr chief performance with instru- 
mental music, and always with a 

song or chant In which they asked 
permission to fire the weapons they 
I arrled. 

... — ♦ 

rtl.i.S Ot •>! IM)/. \KK> » I M «>M 

* Ou alighting from then horscb m 
iront of a house, the Urbl move was 
■ or someone to grusp the door hi.ndle. 
,., the householder was not to be 
. I lowed to appear or to .sec IiIl. mic- 
i.iiders until he had been serenaded 
ihe next thing was the salulotlon; 
Hello. Mr. Soandso. hellol We wish 
oil a happy New Year, you and your 
.. iic uml sour children uiid all lliat 
.,ic with >uu In tills house!" Then 
. .iiic It r..llicr lciit;il\y sonc ■■''.' :■• 
;.l which llic lliuil lines allcr pci- 
n.isbiou to sliool had boeii grunted. 
'MIC U3 lollows; 
llcic wc Bluuil upon '.oiii li'iil 
Willi );iili!> "lid I'ljlolo all in ImhI , 
Here we stand belorc youi door— 

You shall hear the powder roar I 
Ihc old years ^<ji\c. the new yc«r^ 

;.o now fur luck wc 11 flie u i;'in " 
+ + 

Kin .MIS imi'i:ki^i-< I 
+ + 

llic- rhymes were iiiipcrfi-cl. l.ic 
.uiic wiis somewhat monoioiious. uiil 
llic heartiness ot the salute and llic 
-ood feeling back of It made this 
mcUiod of celebrating ihc new year 
.1 nclkjhborly as well as ii picluicsquc 

I U. lOlll 

When perhaps two or Ihico roiind.s 
had bceu fired, the niasier of the • 
hoUM usually invited the sercnuders | 
lu. and apples, nuts, elder or oilier i 
lelreshmenlb were passed .iromid. I 
l'o&:^10ly there was cake or pic and 
coffee, for many hospitable iK-rsons 
prepared lor the sertnadcrs before- 
hand. Perhaps a few more songs were 
tiung, or the fiddlers played some old- 
laahloned tunes, but the serenadcrs 
did not atay long at one place. The 
hcfrt •» tha Uat place often becuinc 
otKat Ui« P»rty as they rode ou to 

)»•**•% and where the custom orii;- 
,,iid. •'Vod whether it was by any 

,!»• **'')'Y'»' <*'" ^''* Ozarka. no 
Jii»atn«k^r ,5no^ jt has been dis- 

!<ntin^"^l' ^^v 40 ye.i:- Kr r.iir, 
,Hot'^^\' ibtl-onyci r.iM <idtr o: 
<oU«* ] " olierea b^ wa^ oX re- 

(:csl'.liieiU. WaiiU'.l (;oc;u;fs V.tV.'. 
Ihe cavalcade at'd i.ii ucr.t 
home in the dawn, all coiit::-.ued per- 
fectly ■•(•.vil' cilKi well-l'rl.i; ivl. 
thouKb also lull of life and pa'.e'.y 


WUllsm H. D»vl.i. 80. died yosirrds; 
morning Rt hl« home, 2035 Travis i 
street. He is survived by his «Ue. a 
•on, William H. Travis. Jr.. of St. 
Louis, and (wo daughters. Mrs. Fanny 
Wallace, Montrose. Colo., and Mrs. 
Jessie Richard, of St. Louis. He also 
Is survived by a step«on. F. C. Delo. 
Funeral arrangements are under 
direction Kllngner Funeral home. 


Sarah E. Rice. 76. died jesterday al 
the home of her niece. Mrs. John 
Hubbard. 228 street. 
The body will be shlppt-»i to Alloi.. 
Mo., for burial by the Kllngner 
Funeral home. 


Funeral services for Mrs. Lottie 
Neltabarger. 45. will be conducted at 
2:30 o'clock Thursday at her home, 
route No. 2. Burial will be In East- 
lawn cemetery under direction Kllng- 
ner Funeral honio. She died yester- 
day following a brief lllncM. She Is 
survived by her husband, a daughter. 
Mrs. Lon Miller, of Springfield, and 
two sons. Fred and Everett, of the 

Funeral services for Mrs. Hester 
Scott. 82. will be conducted at 3 
o'clock todny at Shilo church. 13 miles 

Routheast of Sprliiglield. Burial will 
be In Shllo cemetery under direction 
Kllr-.snor F;;:.cra: hcrr.c 


Funeral services for Arthur D. 
Nichols. 43. who died Sunday In Birm- 
ingham. Ala . -^Ill be conducted at 2 
o'clock today at the home of William 
T. Merrlman, 1435 East Delmar street. 
Burial will be in Maple Park cemetery 
under direction Alma Lohmeyer Fu- 
neral home. 

.•'. X. ADA.MS 
Funeral arrangements for F. X. 
Adams. 68, are incomplete pendln:^ 
word from relatives living out of the 
city. Mr. Adams, a retired Frisco vet - 
eran. died Monday night while ridlr.v 
with members of his family Th?- 
Herman H. Lohmeyrr Funeral hom" 
U In charge. 


Short funeral services for Henry 
Hoberg. BT-year-oId CIvU war veteran, 
win be conducted at 1 o'clock today 

at the W. H. Floreth residence ai M.:.- 
iiett At 2 30 o'clock fiinfr.-il icrv'.ccs 
wlU be conducted at the Presbyterian ■ 
church at Hoberg The imall town 
of Hoberg. In Lawrence county, was 
named for Mr. Hoberg. He moved to 
Hoberg in 1885. Mr waa fccrr. T. 
Germany and came to the United 
States when he was 17 years c!d 


Funeral arrangements for Fred , 
Dclo. 38, T,ho died yesterday of influ- 
enza, are incompfete. The Alnia Lob- ' 
nieyer Funeral home is in charge of 
.vervlces Mr. Delo was the second 
member of hli fuiiilly :o die w;thi!i 
the last week. His mother. Mrs. Ida 
May Delo. was a victim of Influer.iu . 
and burled here Sunday H:s .'s:;.i-:. 
I John A. Delo. 81. Is dangerously till 
iwlth InXlueaza. al the Oelo horns 

Page 6: Henry McClure died.** 
Betty Lee Scrivener died.** 
Mrs. Alelia J. Cross died.** 
George W. Byrne died.** 
Sarah E. Rice died.** 

Mrs. Lottie Neltabarger died. * * [Meltabarger] 
Mrs. Hester Scott died.** 
Arthur D. Nichols died.** 
Henry Hoberg died.** 
F. X. Adams died.** 
Garfield Daugherty died.** 
Fred Delo died.** 
Birth reported.** 
John Freeman died.** 
Joe L.Smith died.** 
Page 8: There is an article about Francis T. Ingalls who was president of Drury college. 
His brother was Senator John James Ingalls. 

Page 9: Miss Letha Lee and Mr. Eddie R. Chism were married.** 

Pioneer of Ozarks, 
J ohii Freeman, 96, 
Dead at Seymour 

Nfw Y«r» «l»y ••w Uif p«»«lnf ot 
i.r.r pf llie 0/«rfc»' mo»# promlnet.'- 
figure*, a pioneer »ettl«r. Joba Tnt- 
m«n. tlmoet Bfl ye«rm old. mb oAi»ti •« 
Ihe home of hli •on. U D. rr»em*ii. 
at e«yraour. Mo. Ur. Tr^mux would 
have reached hU nln«tj-ai«Mi Wrth- 

ld»y on January 4. 

I Prominent lor manr ye«r« In U»« 
necilon about S«ymo*ir. t»* c«me to 
111* United State* in J840. »»tilin« in 
eartem TenneaaM. In 1M9. Mr. rree- 
man Joined tha ranJta of the gold 
•.Tfktrs nilgriting to Callforn!* !•> 
1808 ha came to tha Oaarka l^siou 
and ennaged In Uia merrantlla btjal- 
neM He aoon found aucceaa. and \n 
]S?.2 : r csubllahed the Kreeman 
Clothing romp«i:y In eeymour. which 

I today la under the management of 

'• hla eon. L. D. rteemau. 

I Mr. Freeman «aa & founder of tha 
Beyniour I>i«abyUtl*n church and «a< 
an outaUndIng civic leader of tha 
Ihtn aparaely MtUed region. 

Ha retired from bualnas* aevrral 
>ear» a^io. nr.ct up unt:! t: ' r"-*' f^"* 
niontha according to b E. TrunW^, 
a relative here, he »»» very active, 
traveling about the country at bia 

Mr. Freeman mamed EUiabeth 
Aiulrk. who died »«rtr»i >i»ra a,:- 
They had six children, tlire^ of wl-.cri 
are luing. L. D. of Seyraotir. Thornaa 
ot Seattle. Waah.. and Mrs. Laura 

. Banka ot BcntonTlUe. Atlc. 

Funeral carvlces will be ooodtKted 
Thuraday afternoon at 7 o'clock a« 
tha Saymour Prtabytartaa church. In- 
terment will be made In tha Maaonl« 
cemeterr at f^evmour 


I A brother. Jemell Smith. lOM Weal 
I Bcolt atteet. today went to 8t. Louia 
I to Uke the body of Joe L Smith. wh« 

jetlerdny liangtc: UJnuelf In a 6t. 
Loula Jail, to Pyatl. Ark., where eerv- 

. ,. . . w. . ■ .• - . - nT or 

< Friaay *fteriio<.>i. 

Mn. Jcaell Smith and her father- 
Inlaw today writ lo P)alt to awar. 
the arrival of the youth'a alater and 
her husband. Mr a.iU Mr» A. V. Ad- 
anui of New .Me» . r^ 

The Bmlth vouth. who was 2J* 
old. »nf! fmrlr-^'ft ' ■■ I'le Fly-WsiV-- 
Ury Goods coiupm.v In 61 loul*. 
hangad htniaelf wllli hla muffler mart 
a tie. after he had been arreatad and 
accviaed of robbing hla roonunatc et 
tha Y. M. C A. In St. Loula. ot Ht 
and a ault of ciothea. 

When ha was aumn>oned before tha 
(lormliorr rommlitrf made up of r'jt- 
ular realdenta of the Y. M. C. A. and 
waa told that be would not be proec- 
cuted If he would reetore the rnnalo- 
der of the money. Bmlth denied 
knowledge of the theft and latrr rir- 
parle<l lo spend New Yewrs e\e %1th 
friends at a dSiiitowii lioirl. 

The suit had been found under a 
alalrway In a corridor of the -V 
bulldiiig and (16 srcurrd In a tele- 
phone booth. He hanged himself 
within an hour aftrr he was placed 
in the cell. 

Ur. and Un. Ira K. Tooper, 3Ut 
CaM avcnu*. bavf announoed the 
tturlat* of their daughter, Letha 
liM. t« Ur. XddM a Ohl^n cf Tula*. 
Okl*. Th« marrtag* occurred Oe< 
eambM a7 in TuIm wh^re the young 
oovpto will nuUi* their home. 


Kuner-Bl Mfvltrs lor Uclt> I er 
Bcrlvener were coiiducled today at 
330 o-clock at the W. L. surne 
Mortuary. Burial followed In Oreen- 
lawn cemetery. 


Funeral aervlcea for Mra. Alella J. 

, Cimw were conducted today at the 

I Methodist churth at Brighton. Mo. 

1 nuTlal followed In the Brighton ceni- 

iit'ili-r illro-tloii nf 
Kllngiiei' h unci 111 lioiiii 

the .1 W 


Kuncral Bervlc».» for George W. 

D-. ::.<■ ■■■■:■'■ '■■'' ■■•'•■■('•• •••■'■ 7''-ii'"Uy 

niornlng ot liacrcO Heart church at 
, 9 oMock UurlHl will be made In 
I bt. Mary s cemrier>- under direction 

of th« Herman K Uihmryer Funeral 


•«AK.\H E. Hid. 

Sutah E. BUe. 7S. dlefl yealerday at 
llip home of her niece. Mr». John 
llulibord. :;20 t"»- Tliomaii street. 
The body Is being sent to Alton. 111., 
lor buriiil by the J vv Klmgner Fu- 
neral ln.»n:r I. ('.»'. 


Funeral aervlcea for Mrs. Lottie 
Neltabarger will be conducted at 3:30 
0*1)10011 -Tbvraday afternoon at ber 
home on route No. 3 Burial will be 
, 111 Koatlawn rnnciery uiidi-r direction 
ol the J. W. Kllngner Funeral home. 

■"--''■^ SCOTT SBRViCBS 

Pyneral aemcea (or Mra. Beater 
ScoU were conducted at 3 o'clock to- 
day at Shlloh church, la mlica 

tb« J. W. Kllngner Funeral home. 


Funeral aemcee for Arthur D. 

NIrliolb were cniidurled at 3 oVlock 
thl6 aftcrnocn Ml the home of Wll- 

• ■ ,.- T >< !■ '4?^ Fi.«i TT'n'HT- 

ivlrrtl. UuriKl roUowetl In Mapie 
Park cemetery under direction of the 
Alma LoSimeyer Funeral home. 


I' .scrMir.s fur Hrnry Hoberv ^ 
wern ruiiiltii-lrd at 1 o'clock this afl- 

I rriioon m the W. 11. Klorelli residence 
111 M'.nrl' Mo AiHillirr servkr tul- | 

J lowed slioilly afterward at the Prea- 1 
bytcrlHii ihurili In Hoberg. the Miiall 
town In Lawrence county named after 

' Mr. llober-' Burlnl v.iu< In Hobert; 

I cemetery. 


r. X. AUAMK 

Funeral u*rvlce» for F. X. Adam* 
will b« oouducled k u o'clock Friday 
■tUrnoon »t ikn Htrman H. Lobmcy- 
•r Puntnl lioSM. Ottatr arrmngeintou 
kr« IncompttU. pending the arrival 
0/ *elaH»ta from out of the city. 

t..tllMI.II> I>M tilll.KrV 
OurdeM Oaugherly. 4a. of 613 
North Main areniie. died early thU 
iiiornluc in a BprliiRfleld hospital fol- 
lowing an attack of liifluen/«. He U 
tunrlred by bla wife, three aons. 
Jamee, Carl and Charlc*. and two 
daughters. Kvrlyii and Mary Francis. 
all of the home adrtrrsn. Funeral 
aerMces will be rouducteil Thursday 
eftrmoon at 2:30 o'clock at th? Her- 
man Lohmeyer funeral home. In- 
teniitni will be made In Urecnlawc 


Puneral aervlrea for Henry Mc- 
C'luro win iH- roiulnctril Thiir«li;v 
111 HI ui«..ii 111 J oilutk Hi Hie Benton 
A. M. B. chutrh. the Reverend M. U. 
Smith offli'iatlUK. Interment will be 
III boutli Hazelwoud cemetery, under 
direction of the Campbell UndcrtaK- 
iU(i iviiipaii^ . 


Piiiii'ial hervicejt for Fred Delo. who 
I died yetterdny of Influenza, will be 
1 i-onUiicted at 3 o'clock Thursday afi- 
( eriioou at the Alma lx>hmeyer Fu- 
i iierHl home Burial will follow In 
Hazelwood cemetery. 

Mr. and Mr.'. Herl>cil Champlru.t. 
J320 Texas avenue, announce the i 
birlli of It dauKhier. Dorothy Jane. ' 
Jaiiuaiy J. I 

Page 1: A new evening newspaper will be published.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 3: Mrs. Anginette Little Link died.** 

Ivan S. Griffith and Florine A. Cunningham were married.** 
Page 6: John Crawford Crenshaw died.** 
Page 11: Card of thanks.** 
Page 12: Mrs. Martha Alsip died.** 

George W. Byrne died.** 

Mrs. Lottie Neltabarger died.** [Meltabarger] 

F. X. Adams died.** 

Fred Delo died.** 

Garfield Daugherty died.** 

Henry J. Tramthan died.** [Trantham] 


Nvm ot tbf demtb or Ura. Augl- 
aatU UtU* Ltnlu 48. in Loa Angeles 
lul rrl<Uy. bM h—n recelvwl by 
Springneld frl«n«to. BurW wm in 

,ihe Inglewood rfmetery at Loe 


Mn. Link lived in SprluKfield u 
4 »lrt. Kttended Drury college, and 
WM employed In a bank here years 
ago. Bhe waa the widow of Robert 
X4ok. also a Bprlnglleldtan. Although 
•ha had lived «ln California for many 
yeara, ehaJiad retained many Bprlng- 
tiald frlendahlpa and la widely re- 
membered here. Her death waa very 
•udden, and no cause was assigned in 
the annouucement recflved here. 

New Year's First 
Couple Is Wedded 
In Greene County 

rpKE honor of being the first 
•*• couple married In Oreene 
county In im goes to fvsn 8. 
Griffith, of Stella. Neb . and Flor- 
ine A. Cunningham, of UoKT^villr. 

They were the first to obtsin a 
license in the county thii yesr sa 
well aa the first merrlrd. They 
were married at the courthouse by 
the Reverend Thoma.^ H Wllea 
yesterday sftemoon. 

Ivan 8. Lin.'filli. 34. of S'.eUa Neb . { 
fiiid FIor;;.r A Ciir.ii'.i-.ef..Tni 1" of' 
Rogersv;,':? M."> . .'•.-.fl E/:a O'jc.v, 44 
Slid Mar?sretta Wcl^brad. 31 bo'.h ol , 

I {iprlni;(leld 



J. C. Crenshaw, Merchant 

Here Quarter of Century, 

Dies in St. Louis 

John Crawford Crenshaw, 71. who 
WM • prominent bu«lne«» man oi 
aprlngfleW tor » quarter of l^ 
cpotury. died from compllcaUona 
superinduced by influenra at the 
KUig«way hotel in St. Louis at 8:40 
o'clock last night. 

Shortly after leaving Springfield 18 
year* ago, Mr. Crenshaw formed the 
Crenshaw Balee company of St. Louis, 
of which he remained president until 

his death. 

8pen Snmmers Here 
Mr Crenshaw, the son of L. A. D. 
Crenshaw, one of the faundeis of 
Bprlngfleld. waa bom on the Cren- 
staaw farm on the Campbell avenue 
road. He operated the Crenshaw 
Hardware ton on South Avenue for 
oMUiT nam. I*t« ha formed and 

Mr. Crenshaw had apant each aum- 

mer In Springfield Tlaltlng reiatlves 
since going to St. Louis. 

In Bprlngfleld he has a daughter. 
Mrs. J. L. Cook. 726 East Lynn street: 
two Bteters, Mrs. Luke F. Crutcher. 
1418 Benton avenue, and Mrs. John 
W. Love, wife of Doctor Love. 
Funeral In City 
Also surviving Mr. Creiisbaw arc 
hla widow, Mrs. Lucy Russell Cren- 
shaw: a daughter. Mrs. B. M. Ander- 
son. Jr.. wife of the political econom- 
lat of the Chase National Bank of 
New York City; a son, L. D. Cren- 
shaw, branch office manager at Chi- 
cago for the Improved Equipment 
Russell Engineering corporation of 
New York City; another son, J. R- 
Crenshaw, manager of the Eagle- 
Plcher Lead company of East St. 
Louis. 111., and a brother. AValter 
Crenshaw of Chicago. 

The body will be forwarded to 
Sprtngfleld for burial In the Cren- 
shaw lot at Maple Park cemeler>-. 
Funeral servlcen will be conducted at 
2:30 o'clock Friday afternoon from 
the Alma Lohmeyer Hmeral Home. 
Former biislness associates of Spring- 
field will act as pallbearer*^ 


H S .If vr!! lr,i 30 ■,■.-, j.,. ,..^. 
of tlie SprlnpflpJfl l.rmifT. annoiin(e<l 
I yrstrrdj> tlinl he would begin pi;b- ; 
lUhtlon of n new evenin? Mrw»i>apfr 
in .Sl>r.i:Rflcld. .MBrrli I The an- 
iinuni-ctnent -tas rn;ifle !i> Mir Asfi- 
c:«'.ed PresK 

T. W Uiiiall. the h.-K.ounre.neir. 
'.■.;r1 •x'.'.i he I)'.;- ::.c-.-.- ii,j1ij:-i .- .ii.'! 
J-.sepli M .Actilf Mill be iiOvc-; i>iii^ 
iiiiiii.i^f I fl'itfi 111 1(1 ;.;inllar |H>f-ltio:.- 
011 the l.'Mflir iiiuler Jeurll 

I'-v ■ '.: j-i. ■..a.jri 111, I,c„oi . I/"' 

i-r;;;ii^' 1' ;o .S'.iidr' Oin.M (.; H.:;'-'- 
mo.-e <'ii;;\ ii. 1'JJ7 ji Ux f.jir.h- 
iijie- t'.r olrl •'.••p::M... j;i r.M'i ;/i--',i 
•jiKlir rt'V. o •• i.' .'-:!.;) .111(1 >-■■'. L-c- 
t.iine '.If .b;)r;:;*r;< Id UmT .'' cv - 


Wa wish to thank our many reUtlras 
and fttenda fee tbilr trmpaUir and floral 
otttrtaca dnrtni tba lllncu and death of 
aar fca b ved Husband. Father and Brother. 



Mrs. Martha Alslp, 87. of Carthage, 
died here yesterday at the home of 

\.C7 .-".av.ghtcr. Mrs. Bessie White. 1367 
Sherman avenue, following a brief 
Illness. She was visiting her daugh- 
ihe at the time she became 111. Fu- 
neral service will be conducted at 
2:30 o'clock today at her daughter's 
home. Burial will be In Treenlawii 
cemetery under direction KUngiier 
Funeral home. She Is survived by 
her husband. W. C. Alslp. of Carth- 
age; her mother, Mrs. Ruben Harmon, 
of Illinois, and three -ons and three 
daughters. They arc: Guy, of Chi- 
cago, and Dell and Lee of Kansas 
City; Mrs. Maud Wampler, Carthage; 
Mrs. White and Mrs. Kale White, of 
Council Bluffs. Iowa. 

GtOKOt n. U\BNt. 

Funeral services for George W 
Byrne will be conducted iit 9 orI';(l; 
today at Sacred Heart rhvirrh Burlnl 
will be In St. Mary's cemetery under 
dirlctloii Herman H L<)hme>er Fu- 
neral home. 



Funeral services for Mrs. Lottie 
Ncltnbarger will be coiidtictecl Ri 2::(0 
o'rlork lodny hV her home on route I 
Nu. 2. Burial will be Eubtlawii crinc- i 
tery under direction Kllngncr^'uneral I 
iiome. i 

1. .\, AIJA.MS 

Funeral (ervicea for F. X Adams 
will be conducted at 2 o'clock Friday : 
afternoon at Herman H. Lotinieycr 
Funeral home. 

rREI) Itbl.O 

Funeral services lor Fred Delo mil 

I be conducted at 3 o'clock today ut 

Almn l^)hmfycr f unenil rliii)M'l 

I Burial will be In Hazel wood cemetery. 

! He died of influenza 

(iAKKIKIIl liAKilll.ltl Y 

Fu;>eral services for Uarflflo 
Daugherty. 48. of 612 North Main ; 
avenue, will t>e conducted at 2:30 
o'clock today al Herman H Loluiicyn 
Funeral chapel. Butlal will be in 
Oreenlawn cemetery He died y<"fctci- 
day at St. John's hoc>pltal folloutn)< 
on attack of Influenza. He Is sur- 
vived by his wife, three sons. Ja:iics 
Carl and Charles, and two daU|{hterM. 
Evelyn and Marj Kruiioes 


Henry J. Tranithan. 80-year-old 
pioneer resident of n «r Willard. dlrd 
last night at his home. He Is surviv- 
ed by two dau(;hters. Mrs Ethel 
Shelledy. of Sp luKfleld. and Mr- 
Lodema McCuIlough. of /th«rr:.- v'llc; 
and five vor.s. Levi and ^»""^''*»3'BiiipB 
Co:.->. Fred and We^le- , ^i-i" WtlUittl 
dud Luther, of Ciiicago. ' Funeral m: - 
rangements are under' direotlou 
Kllruner Funeral home Burial \\\,\] 
be In Robl>erM)n Prairie cemetery. • 


Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 5: Judge Charles Colvin died.** 

Harry E. Bates and Bonnie L. Blackman are to be married.** 
Page 8: Birth reported.** 

J. C. Crenshaw died.** 

Robert W. J. Smith died.** 

Mrs. Martha Alsip died.** 

George W. Byrne died.** 

Mrs. Lottie Neltabarger died.** [Meltabarger] 

Fred Delo died.** 

Garfield Daugherty died.** 

F. X. Adams died.** 

Mrs. Anginette Little Link died.** 

Thomas G. Ray died.** 

Mrs. J. F. Robinson died.** 

Mrs. Elizabeth Linn died.** 

Cloice A. Rowe died.** 

William Earnest King died.** 
Page 9: Card of thanks.** 

Page 10: There is mention of Arthur D. Nichols, son of Danton H. Nichols, and some 
history of the Frisco railroad. 

There is mention of Mrs. Rebecca Wells Deardorff who died recently. 
Page 11: Mr. Wilbur Bottors and Mr. Yewell Betters of Owensboro, Ky., and Mr. 
Russell L. Long of Paducah, Ky., came here for the funeral of their aunt Mrs. Flora E. 
Swindler. [Bottonoff??] 

Miss Rosa Allen and Mr. Virgil Croce were married.** 


Mr. and Mrk. Leonard P Tiffany of 
HoUUter. Mo., announc* Iha birth 
of a ion. Leonard Perry. Mrs Tif- 
fany maa formerly Mica Freda Kirk. 
8h« la a former office aaalaunt to 
Dr. WlUlam Rlenholf of thia city. 


ilS.P""^!*'' ♦''•" »7«»pat»iy and floral 
Slt^'JSL?'!!^ "« *"~» «»* <••«> of 
«w Mmd Uoaband, rather and Brvthar. 

WU. R KniBcmcL 

MICHAL <UlturiieL, 


•rK^l j. :-,S' 

iHnMi Aw.ot f ■■■« acBiM wtu 

fbroUtr iMT, mm •Tonas mra irlth • brisbt 
tntatv^: B« ,«M a mtanbcr ct m Bpriastteld 
tUBlIy thkt mad* htotorr t> tbc.Mriy dari of 
th« elt7. His fathtr, Duiton B. Nichols, was 
oa« ot til* first ccDeral oniMrs of the Frlico 
railroad and for a long tims was a isnoral 
saparlataadsat -witb offlcsa baro and UUr in 
St. Loals. Hi* Frisco lias no censral sapsr- 
iataadtat now. th* orfanisatioa bslns condnct- 
ad br a dltfaraat msthod. H. H. Brown was 
tba last cansral snptrintaa^ant ot ths 'roa^ 
It W8« coostdered a Iiard plaoa and rsqnirsd 
Boelt travallac. Boms yaars bsfors bis deatli' 
Aadraw O'Hara, long division sapsrlntendent 
la Springtisld. was sppoiatad general superin- 
teadaat of tbo VVlsco by Carl H. Oray. then 
genaral nisnager. The appointment came as a 
sarprlsa to Mr. O'Hara' as be<was not axpocttng 
it Ha was wall satisfied wbara bo waa. A 
dalagatloa oT Sprlagtleld bostaess men ra- 
qneatad tl^ appolatmaat aad Jt waa mada. Mr. 
O'Hara .aerred two months and requested be 
ba i a< fe «d ^^^triaion suparintandent. This 
was done, ne did not lUte 'die long trips on 
the road, and as be waa a man of moans, could 
afford to ba particular. Thera was a long gap 
batwaaa O'Hara aad Nichols, bowerer, Nichols 
baring retired from the Frisco in the aarlr 
90'a After Nichols retired from the Frisco 
he became general superintendent of tba New 
York and New England roa^And stltl later 
waa in charge of a raUroad'In Louisiana. 
• • • 

Mrs. Rebecca Wells DeaVdorff, who died here 
a few dajrs ago. was also o< an old family. 
Tba West Plains Qnlll In referring to her says: 

'During the CItII war West Plains was en- 
tirely deserted and Its homes destroyed by pil- 
laging armies. When the war was orer and 
the former residents of Howell county began 
slowly to drift back, the deceased and ber bus- 
^nd came back to West Plains, she being the 
first woman to come back to the deserted vil- 
lage. She and her husband opened a little 

• • a 


<"<)tiir»ctliiR portlfd to the •■)txx"' 

ninrrlkf<« lo b« staged st the benefit 

; dance In Clirk't h«ll tonight— Hairy I 

E -Bltm" B«tfii. ae. of Joplln. one' 

jot the marathon dancers, and Bonnie ' 

I jjuff^ ^iilija^ Ot^ jptlpgf I tid. UHA, 

ar|iUfln ftS^y — « —mr, 

ibUlnad ■ marrlaff* Uemam at tiiel 

county recorder'ii office. The cmiple f 

»lth other maralhonere obtained of- 

flcliil ««nrtion for their r.uptiajK 

lull- riinlili'.i: an Irlrii^lie cn.iva» of 

i;ie <in:rt liuii«e lu m-:; t.. ki'i« :,■ :'r 


HoiVell Co, Judge 
Expires at Home 
Following Stroke 

S|.«k,«! OfpnI'h tti / /*« Lf 11*1*1 

WEST ri.MNS M" Jii!-. T Ir.f!,.- 
Cbarlet Colvln. ()•_' year* old. prcMii- 
ing Judge of the lIo«rll rouiu.v i(Miri. 
<U«<1 at hia home henr nl 6 ocloi k 
thJa morning Collonlng a atroke of 
paraljsla which he KUHcird u IKllc 
mora than a «eck hko. 

Mr. Colvln had srr\C(l tii;lv one 
year of hU two-yrHr term, lie liad 
realded on a large farm tuc iiiilrj 
northweat of Wcat rinlii.' lor the pa..'. 
Dine years. 

f^rlorr rniiiliit: lirir Mr C.'I'Ti i':ts 
III the lunibrr bu.iii:r.-'K in .Miuuii.i'iL 
Spring. Ark. lor 16 \r.i:^ TriMf i.- 
to that llnic he lived in (iniiir.-vill"-. 
Orark county, for many years Tl:crr 
be fanned, taught achool. and servctl 
two tarms as county Judge of Ozark 

Mr. Oolvm cams to Ozark county 
41 jeare ago from Kentucky, where 
he had lived for niany years. He waa 
a natlre ot Ohio. HLs wife Is the 
only atu-TlTor living In West Plains. 
He bad oo children. 


Jobn Baylltf. at, Decatur, and Reba | 

Alford, IS, Hogersvlll*. Mo.: Harry E. i 

Bats*. M. Joplln, and Boniilo L. ' 

Blackman, 31. Bprliigfleld. 



J. a. CraniJiaw, 71. (otmar Bprlng- 
ftaid buslna^ man, died last night In 
St. Louis following an atUck ot In- 
fhienra ar/l later complications. He 
was a »on of L. A. D. Crenahi.*. one 
of Uie (ounderi ot Springfield, and 
waa t>orn on the Cienahaw farm on 
the Campbell avenue road. In Spring- 
field he has a daughter, Mrs. J. L,. 
Cook. 739 East Lynn street: two sis- 
ter*. Mrs. Luke F. Crutcher, 1418 
Benton avenue, and Mrs. Joseph 
I>ove. wire of Doctor Love. Also sur- 
viving Mr. Crenshaw <re his mldow. 
Mm lucy Russell Crenshaw: a 
daughter. Mrs. B. M. Anderson. Jr.. 
wife of the political economist of 
the Chase National bank of New York ', 
City, three sons. 1.. O. Crenihaw.' 
branch office manager at Chicago 
for the Improved Equipment Russell 
Engineering corporation of New York 
City; J R. Crenshaw, manatger of 
the Kagle-Plcher Learl company of 
East bt 1/5UI.S. Ill . "Md Riclinrd Creii- 
«haw. of 8prliigl:e:u. aiui h broth- 
er. Walter Crenshatv of Chicago 
TTie bodv will be forwarded lo | 
^ Springfield for burial In the Crcn- | 
j sliaw lot al Maple Park remelery. | 
' r^ir>er«l services vlll be coiidrttted at ] 
jJ:30 o\lo<.k Friday adcrnoci; lifni, 
I the Alma Lohmeycr Funeral home. | 
I former ht:fclneit« n.H.vxlnir< iit t»pr;ng- j 
I field will Bfi ni pallbearers 



Robert W J. Smith. 81. nri eiiipl")* 
ot. tb« rrlteo rmllroad iUt4 ^Mterda; 
U> k Bpnngtltld hMplt4U. lU It tur- 
Tlwd by the widow aod on« dau(h- 
Ur. runvral Mrvtora «cr« conduct- 
•<t" todai at 19 o'clock «l Bui 
ch«p<i, 18 miles norlheaal at Spring- 
field. BurUI wu made In BaMvllla 


Punersl eervlce* for Mr« MArthn 
AUIp. 67. of Carthagv. Mo. »ho dircl 
here jreatarday at the liome of her 
daughter. Mm. Beula White. I3«T 
Mhcmuin avenue. «ere cuiiducted m- j 
dar at 'J:M> o'clock at re»ld«ncr. ! 
Burial »a« In tlreeiilawn irn\ftprvl 
under the direction of the Kllngnrr I 

Funeral home. I 

_ I 

UMI.NK .M:Kt Kl.> 

Funeral aervlcea for tleoine w ■ 
Byrne mere conducted to<l»y »• U 
o'clock at the Sacred Ilcnri rliunh ' 
Burial followed In areriiUaii ceme- 
tery under direction of the Hrniian 
H. Lohmejrer Funeral home 


Funeral aervlcee for Mm lo'iie 
Neltabarger were conducted at asoi 
o'clock this afternoon at her . 
on route No. 2. Interment uan In 
Eaatlaan cemeterv tinrtrr (]lrrclloii 
of llie J. W Kui'.e:»l r.oii.t 

Ui;i.O SKKVK !.<« 

Kui.erai seri'.cc^ for Fret: IVi*. arrt* 
conducted at 2 o'clock Ihia aftcrnouii I 
at the Alma Lobmeyer Funeral home. 
iBMmMM «M,.4a.HaaaU>eod OMM- 


Fuaerml Mrriee^ for Oarfleld 

D«'ighertjr were conducted at 2:30 

o'clock thia afternoon at the Herman 

[ II U>hDieyer Funeral home". Biiilal 

wa» In Ore^pRtrwH cemetery 

I . \. .\IM.*W- 

lui:ei«l \e:-. 1..H (or f X .\..«ii.» 
who died Monday evening, uill be 
conducted at 3 o'clock Friday after- 
noon at the Herman H. Lohoieyer 
Funeral chapel. 

I Word of the death of Mr* Aiiglnetie 

I Uttle Link In boa Angeleii has been 

I received by frleii<^i> here lurlal »a< 

-| made In Iiigm^O(r>aj[^_f emetery at \ 

; Loa AnKeles Mr«. LIrU was the ' 

j widow of Robert Link, al.w a former I 

' Sprlngfleldlan Site attended Drury ! 

I college here many year* ago and was : 

I an employe of a bank here aUo. Ura. 

Link la widely remembered in Spring- j 

field by numcrou* friends. , Her death 

wa* sudden. 


THO.MtJt O. R.W 

Tnonia« u llay, 73. died of a pro- 
longed tllneaa at the home of hia 
daughter in St. Lo^jU Wednesday. | 
The bodv will he brought here for ; 
I burial Funeral arrangements, under . 
I direction of the Alma Lohmeyer i 
, Funeral hoii-.r nre as vet lii<om(>lete 
lie Is survived by iils v Ife. four 
daughtera. Mra. Jasper Boyajlan. of ] 
8t.- I>ouU. Mra. Claude McCloekey. 
Mra. H. A. Dale, and Mlaa Florence 
Ray. all of Springfield, and one son. 
John Ray," tt San Pedro. Cal. 

MRS. J. r. ROniNHO.V 

Mrs. J. K. Robinson. 70 years old. 
died thla morning at her home. 10 
miles northwest of Springfield. She 
la survived by her mother. Mr.i T. J 
! McQulKg. 93 years old. of Springfield. \ 
I three daughters. M:ss Deity Robinson | 
I of Ihe lio.iie iidilri.i.s. Mr». Fmiik; 
I Craig, of ruuli. Nu 6 Springfield. Mra 
Seth Johnson, of route No. 3. Wlllactl. 
. two sisters. Mra. Eugene Jone* and 
Mrs. W. u. Miller. t>oth of Sprlngllsld. 
She U also survived by three grand- 
aotu. Ray Cratg. and Olen and Leon- 
ard Johnaon. 'Funeral aenrloea will 
ba conducted at U o'clock Saturday 
morning at the Clear Creek Baptlat 
ohurcb. Burial wlU be In Oear Creek 
cemetery, under direction of the Alma 
Lotuneyer Funeral home. 


Mn. Bllaalwtta Linn, B3. died today 
at the home of her daughter. Mrs. 
Fred W. Wltle. of route No. 1. She 
Is aurvlvod by three daughtera. Mrs. 
Wllte of rtiiilr No. 1, Mrs. Hurry 
Newmaster of Lwa Aiitt''"!'. Col., ana 
Slater Mary Slgberta of Lincoln, Neb. 
Mra. Linn was a resident of Spring- 
field for 3» years Funeral aervlces 
will b«! conducted at 9 o'clock Sa'.ur- 
day morning at 81. Joseph church. 
Burial \.lll be In »t. Mary* ccnieiery 
under direction of the llernian H. 
Lohmeyer Funeral home. 

Il«>«»; IXIA.NT 

Clolce A. Rowe. InlKnl (l»u<liirr i.f 
Mr and Mrs Wllllain Howe. 719 North 
CKiiipbell oicMvic. died lasi night at 
the home. She Is survived by her 
p.irents and three slsUrs Funernl 
services will be held Friday morning 
at 10 o'clock at the W. L SUrna 
Mortuarv. Interment will follow In 
lln/elwood cmeteiv 

Mll.l.l.\>l I. MN<. 

Wiliism Eiirne.-.t K.ui!. 4:.' of jj* 
douili Warren luiiii.t. duel lli;s 
inornii'.g In a Springfield hospital He 
la aur\ived by his wilt ana ui.o 
datighter of 'Verona. Mo., hIa parents, 
Mr and Mrs L L King, of Clever, 
Mo., four brothers. Jesae and A, II. 
King, of Clever: J. P. King of 
Springfield and Orba King of Browu 
Sprlnga. Mo., and n»e alatera,-Mra.-Na«- 
oml Wsniplrr. Mrs .Mice Peebles. Mrs. 
Nora Solomon and Mrs. Uua Wamplar, 
all of Springfield, and Mra. Bula 
Jenklna. of Pell. Waahlngton. Funer- 
al aeryloes «lll be conducted FMdar 
afternoon at 3.30 o'clock at Uia f'.if* 
Baptist church of Clever the Rever- 
end F. B. Ilaliiea of the Collef* 
Street Baptist church offlcutlng. In- 
terment will follow In the cemetery 
at Clever under direction of the J. w. 
Klln«ner Funeral home of Spring* 


Urn. WInfUld D. Umiin of MOL 

Kaxt Cer.tia: stjeet, baa aaitoiiDccd 
the marriage of bar aiaUr. Mlaa aoa* 
Allen, to Mr. Vigil Oroce. The mar- 
riage occtnred DaeamMr ai. Uf. «ntf 
Ura. Opoce wlU laa»a aooB fbe Ccky. 
rado wliare ttoe y wlU main tliair bam*. 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: Mrs. Hattie Brown died.** 
Page 3: F. X. Adams died.** 

Mrs. A. L. Link died.** 

Thomas G.Ray died.** 

Mrs. J. F. Robinson died.** 

Mrs. Elizabeth Linn died.** 

Cloice A. Rowe died.** 

William E.King died.** 

John Crawford Crenshaw died.** 
Page 5: Henry J. Trantham died.** 

Florah A. Neu died.** 

Francis H. Buck died.** 
Page 8: There is an article about John C. Rogers, mayor of Ozark. He has been a 
resident of Christian county for 75 years. He was born in 1853 in what is now Christian county 
but was then Greene county. 

Judge Charles Colvin died.** ____^— — -•— — ^— 

Resident of One County 75 Years 
Record of Mayor Rogers of Ozark 

Fifty Years a Citizen of 
Town, He Is Serving 
His Second Term as 
Mayor; Founded Bank 
In 1886 

OKVENTY-nVE ye*r* ■ rtbiUent ol 

one county— »nd the last bO >n 

the same town which he now Is aerv- 

tng his second term m lU mayor— »» 

the unusual record of John C Rogers. 

mayor of Ozark and organizer of the 

Christian County bank there. 

And Uayor Roger* Is said by his 

friends to be as active In his cUlc 

alfalra — and other projects for the 

promotion of Ozark — ss he was In 

1878 when he first moved to the then 

small hamlet. 

Actl*e Throusli Veurs 

During most of Msyor Rocrrs' rcsl- | 
dence In Ozark he lias been actlvt- in i 
public work and lias hrld a minibfr , 
of county and city offices He »ai| 
elected county asseseor In 1876 He i 
again waa elected clerk ol tlic circuit 
court and recorder of deeds in vUiicli i 
ofllce he served until 1887 I 

With Bank .since 188t> j 

He was one of the principal or- ; 
ganlzers of the Chrifcilan County b«iik 
In 1886 and has contlnuou.viy held an j 
office in the institution since ihui 

Klayor i'.ogers was Ijorii in 1853 In 
what now U Christian county, but w»« 
at that time Greene county. He wss 
educated in the public schools of the 
county and at Bryant 8 Stratton col. 
lege In St Louis 

Presiding Judge 
Of Howell County 
Dies From Stroke 

>prrtAt lo I he Uailv Nc«v 

WKST PLAINS. Mo. Jhii J 1 i: ■ 
crRl service."} for Judge Charles Col- 
\ln. 62 \e;ir.s o'.d. prcbldliip Jucl^c of 
I lie Howell county court, »tio died 
at b o'clock this morning, probably 
will be held here this afternoon. HLt> 
death followed a stroke of paralybia. 

Judgv OolTln had terved two years 
of a four-year term aa presiding 
Judire. He had resided on a large 
farm tmo miles nortlinrst of \\r»t 
Plsln' for the last nine >ears 

lie IS 'urMved bv his wlrlo« 

Mtui. HATTUt mmamn oim 

Una. nuut BRNm. Ml dl«« 
day meniXnc at bcr Immbs^ UM 
Bummit avrouc. Punerml mttIi 
mill bt conductad ai a o'do^ 
afternooa from tbm ItotwpoltUn Bap- 
tut churcb by Um Barsruid J. a. 
DoTMy. Burial ' «IU be to SouUi 
Kaielwootf cdnttary midar 
of Um CampbaU OndcrtakBiK 
pany tin. BrovQ li mrrtved by ■ 
aon. BOTt. and aU tta(btni: Um 
Loula Taylor of TaniM Ctty. Mo4 
Mra. Delia CBirliicton ot Tasaa, and 
Mrs. Annla Walker, tin. Oltrtr Mc- 
cracken. Ura. Lena Blfga and ICia. 
Bertie Baaalay. aU at Um bona ad- 






, lotin Bayliir. 31. 0*cstu.* i:i ac<t 

ll«ba Alforti. t». o: Ro««ravtUe. Mo: 
Jcbn Wood. 60. aad Clcmm* Coch- 

r»a. 42. both of 8prtn«field. and 

Hi Try E. BktM. 2«. of Jopliii. Mo.. 

*(d Booni« L. a)«« of 
Sirlogffold I 




Htnrj J. Tnntham. 79. of route 
No. a, Wlllard. dl«d Thundajr night 
»t bla home 10 miles northwMi of 
Springfield. FunfrnI servlcM ^Mll be 
cooducted at 3 o'clock today at Rob- 
banon Prairie church. Burial wilt be 
la tha cemetery there under direction 
KUngner Funeral home. 

rLAR.\ll .*. NEL 

Flarah A. Neu died at her lionir. 
1500 Benton aveniir. at 3:30 o'clock 
yesterday afternoon. She Is &urvl\ed 
by her husband. E Neu. and a daiigh- 
icr. Mrs. Howard Ingram of 1220 Ben- 
ton avenue. Also her mother, Mrs. 
J. D. Shlpman of Broken Arrow. 
Okla., four pisters and three brolher?. 
Mn. O. E. Elaey. 903 KImbrough, Mrs. 
Oeo. rraser. NcvadH. Mrs. Hallah Mil- 
ler. Bt4 touls, Mrs. Roy Cuddy, 
Broken Arrow, Okla.. Mr. Ernest Ship- 
man. Fulton. Mo., Mr. Chas. Shlpman. 
Broken Arrow. Oklu and Mr. B. A 
Shlpman, of Tulsa. Okla. Finieral 
aarviccB will be conducted at the 
home at 2 o'clock Saturday, with 
burial at Maple Park cemetery, un- 
der the direction of the J W KUng- 
ner Funeral home. 


Prancia H. Buck, 50, died at n 
Springfield hospital yesterday sfter- 
noon following a bUet Illness. He Is 
survived by a daughter. Miss Msry F. 
Buck, of Brighton, and three sons. 
Francis H. and Paul H. Buck, of 
Brighton, and LIndsey Btick. of La- 
mar. Colo. He also Is survived by two 
listers, Mrs. Lincoln Exilne. and Mrs. 
Pred Luft. of Enid. Okla. and a 
brother. George Peeler, of Hunians- 
ville. Funeral arrangements are in- 
lomplete. Services will be rondtictcd 
at Brighton with burial In the Brigh- 
ton cemetery under direction W. L 
Starne, undertaker. 


Funeral aervlcea for Clolce A. Rowe. 
Infant daughter of Mr. and Mi«. WIU 
Uam Boi^e. 71B Jlortb Campbell ave- 
nue.. will be conducted at 10 o'clock 
today at Storne mortuary. Burial will 
be In Hazelwood cemetery. 


r. X. ADAMS 

MTTloM lor F. X. Adama. 

l^latMUf •Tenlog, wUl be 

mt a o^elock today at the 

Hertnan H. Lohmeyer Funeral chapel. 

'"' MBS. A. L. UNR 
Mn. A. L. Unk. former Sprlnsfleld 
resident and one-ttme student at 
Oniry coUtg*. died at ber borne In 
Lw Anfalaa, OaUf ., aeTcral daya afo. 
U was Iwnicd ban yeaterday. 

.xMy,«¥acnu» «. SAT 


M«t«> Bistel vlBM tndv dtoMOM 
Aim* XAtumrar raaaral homa. 

Funeral- aervlcea for Mra. J. F. 

Roblnaon. 70. will lie conducted at 
11 o'clock Saturday morning at Clear 
Creek BaptUt church. Burial will 
be In Clear Creek cemetery under 
direction Alma Lohmeyer Funeral 
home. Mr*. Koblnaon died yeaterday 
at ber bome 10 mllea northwest of 
the city. She la survived by her mo- 
ther. Mra. R. J. McQulgg. 03 years old. 
of Springfield: three daughter*. Mlaa 
Betty Robinson of the bome address, 
Mrs. Frank Craig, of route No. «. 
Sprlngtield. Mrs. Seth Johnson, of 
route No. 3, Wlllard, two sisters. Mrs. 
Eugene Jonee and Mrs. W. D. Miller, j 
both of Springfield. 


Funeral aervlc^s for William E. 
King. 43. of 034 Soutb Warren ave- 
JWptJfUlbo oonductMl at adO o'clock 
WnTTirthO FIrtt BaptUt cburcb at 
Claver. Burial will be in the Clever 
cemetery under direction Kltngner 
? »giMmI bome. of Springfield. The 
Bvvnciid F. B. Raines, pastor CoN 
lege Street Baptist church, will of- 
flclte. Mr. King died yesterday morn- 
ing at a Springfield hoapltal following 
a brief lllneBs. Re Is aur^lved by his 
wife and one daughter of Vcroua. 
Mo., his parents. Mr. and Mrs. 1.. i. 
Kln«. of Clever. Mo.. lour brothers. 
Jeaae and A. H. King, of Clever; J. 
P. King of Springfield and Orbs King 
of Brown Springs. Mo., and five sU- 
ters, Mrs. Naomi Wampler. Mrs. Alice 
Peebles, Mrs. Nora Solomon and Mrs. 
Oua Wampler. all of Springfield, and 
Mra. Xula Jenkins, of Pell. Washing- 



The body of John Crawlord Cicn- , 
•haw. 71. former Springfield mer- j 
chant, who died In St. Louis Wednes- , 
day night, will arrive tn Springfield 
thU morning for burial today at 
Maple Park cemetery under dlrecUon 
of the Alma Lohmeyer funeral home^ 
Serrloea wlU be conducted at 3:30 
o'clock this afternoon from the 
chapel at Maple Park cemetery by 
the Reverend C. O. Pox. 

Pallbearers will be Charles Mc- 
Oregor. Louis ». Meyer. A. R. Bald- 
win. Frank FeU>ws. Joseph D. Shep- 
pard and Oeoncp McDanlal 

' •****1«Ilsi'%UatABBTII LINN 

' Funeral services for Mrs. Elizabeth 
Linn. 85. wlU be conducted at 9 
O'clock - Saturday at St. Josephs 
Churcto. Burial will be In S^ Mary s 
c«net«ry under direction »«^*f ", 
Lohmeyer. She died T****'*''^ *!L" 
bom* or her daughter. Mrs. Fred w. 
Wltte. of route No. 1. She is sur- 
vlved by three daughters. Mrs. 'VMite ! 
of route NO. 1. Mrs. Harry ^'^^^- 
ter of LOS Angeles. C.I.. and 8^t*r 
Mary Slgberta. of Uncolu. Neb. Mrs. j 
una was a resident of Springfield for , 
35 years. | 



Page 1- Kate Nagel sues to divorce George Nagel. They were married February 20, 
1912, in Christian county and have five children: Verne, 10; Mayola, 14; Floyd, 12; Clarus, 

10, and Boyd, 9. 

Page 2: The will of Jacob P. Kinsey was filed for probate.** 

The will of Mrs. Hester S. Scott was filed for probate.** 
Page 5: Ed Gipson and his son Howard Gipson were killed.** 
Page 6: Mrs. Anna Scudder Kirkpatrick died.** 
Page 20: Mrs. Claude McElhany has a letter of 1843.** 

b^-^e Waste Basket 

I late WltMi At* Oflw 

•anva w«a 

Mr*. Claude MeBnumy hs* received from 
En«laad a letter wrltUn by her grandfalber, 
Joeuii T. Keet. to We brother, who remained 
la Enxland w^sa Jostah camo to America. The 
Utter w*e wrllteaJB 1843 and at the Ume Mr. 
keet resided la Barrr eooaly. He came to 
8prln««el4 abont 1M4. For years he was the 
bea4 it the Keet Bounlree Dry Goods com- 
pany aad the company took part of lU name 

la bta honor. 

While resldln* in Barry county Mr. Keel 
wrote the letter to his brolhsr In England In 
which he described early conditions In this 
.•cUoc He gave prices of agricultural '>rod- 
ncts and oth«r Information of Interest. Mr. 
Keet resided In Keetsvllle, named in his honor. 
Letrr It was found that there was « KeeUvlllo 
In the central part of the slate and the nsrae 
of the Barry county town was changed to 
Washburn. Mr. Keef. old homestead here 
was the Heps lot on SL Louis street which Is 
now becomln* a business block. 


Two wm» werv ni»<l willi tlie pro- 
late eooit today, thOM of Jacob P. 
jr i w e sj ' e< SpnAgfMd. wtto ditd D<- 

. Mr. mhmt itft three Iota In Blxbr. I 
a son C>rlu P. Ktiitof, wlio I 

itl)»r. Cl(»yion P, 
■y. of Bprlnrflri t Rrkidnr of ttir i 
estate iruul iHi iruiired t.j ^^hIi uidn \ 
ttjt- t«niu of the will •nd apiMrilotiMl i 
•qually between the** t»o iKinii i<n<l 
two dauiihten. Mri. Babr& A. Kfinkln 
end Mrs. Mary Ervllle Airy. Clayton 
P. Klnaey U named etecuior. 

Ure. Scott gave a ltf« Intitreat In 
her home to her buaband. O. W. Bcott. 
If ha OMlrvi to ll»» there, otherwlsp 
requiring that It t>« aold Ohe Irtt , 
eiOO to maintain the Bhlloh Eravc { 
Jar4 near Rrvftfrivlllr, Weh»i»r rnMt.-i 
Ir; eiO apiac* to 13 graxidnephcws 1 
•n't (randnlecaa, and t5 aplrrn to ! 
■evan of her huaband'a grannnrpiima i 
■Dd paadolaoca . Itoaldue of her •«• { 
tata «aa wlUwJ to u iilo> f MkkkI" ' 
EwtoK. i.nd a iie;>h*w. Toraniy Driullry. i 

MUNCTl' MtlM.^N. inn HUM 

leOUKTV, Mo. Jan 4 — Hrn. Anna 
Scu^.der Kirkpatrick, the otdeat resi- 
dent Of Monett. dl" rt TiiesUny after- 
Doou at the lioine of her daughter. 
Um. John T. Burgear. list. Klrk- 
Ick was 100 yaars oX age ■ » t»i a iu ' 

the'^fctl-odiss sa 

iai Ilia ijiH iNiis< iiriuii ti 
a* »:M oWook todar. Burial will be I 
la Um I. O. O. F. crmelen. ' 


Fathfsr cutd Son 
Fatcdty Wounded 
By Hunter's Gun 

BLOK Trs. Mo.. Jan. 4- -Ode 
buUat cauMd • doubl* huntlog 
tn(«dy tMt* »h«& El Olpran And 
bla little aon, Howard, wert killed 
M tiM pwilt or tb* accldeiiUI 
.^••'•v* •»•{•*» of • rxi.** which another 
man «aa cairvlng. 

The two. with Ky Bowman. 
wen bunting on Uttl« Cow ciwck 
wli«n Bo«'mau • rup waa accld«nt> 
\j dUcarred. the butlat pawing 
througta Mr. Olpaon'a body and 
tban through th« IltUe aon't. kill- 
ing the boy alnioat Inttautly. 

The talher lued only a lew 
hours. Both were burled in the 
Hala cemetery near here. 

Page 1: Mrs. Julia A. Hovey Colby died.** 

Three sons of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hicks burned to death.** 
Page 4: J. H. Hodges died.** 

Anna Scudder Kirkpatrick died.** 
Page 12: Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Barron will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary." 

Mrs. Geannette King died.** 

Forest Adair died.** 

Mrs. Elizabeth Linn died.** 

Mrs. Flarah A. Neu died.** 

Francis H. Buck died.** 

Mrs. Jannie Bell Crouch died.** 

Mrs. Augusta C. Grove died.** 

Thomas G. Ray died.** 

Isabelle Ward died.** 



.•.(.. <.n' />ii|ifi)' fi (o The .Vri<J 

CLEVER. Mo.. Jan. 4. J. H. HodgM. 
55, member of one of the moat prom- 
inent families in this community, 
died from pneumonia early today. He 
lived on s fsnn near Clever. 

Funeral servlceb will be coiicluctcd \ 
•t a o'clock Sunday afternoon from I 
the Christian church at Clever, with | 
the Reverend ' Cdldwell offlrlattiir 
Burial win be in the rtiiictery here 

Besides his widow, he Is survived | 
by three daughters. Mrs. RoUa Hayes | 
of Clever; Mirs lyenora Hotlies of 
Jopllii. and Mrs. Helen Walters of 
near Marlonvllle, and by 6ix sons. 
Clay. James. Joeepli and William, all , 
of Clever: Howard, of JopUn. and ! 
Lloyd of Flint. Mich. | 

.?/.(. iai Pi.'i«iMi !■> 'I >•< >'• " ' I 

MONETT. Mo , Jan. 4 —This rtty j 
lost Us oldest resident* when Mrs. 
Anna Scudder Klrkpntnck died at I 
the home of her (lauthter. Mrs. John : 
r. DnrL;es.s. Mr' K!rkpn;nck pH^>^•cl 
il:r (Ciuury lusirk :<< pUir.N-r 24 la-: 
Iuiier;»l t-erw''^ v t r" li''l»l b" "-'r 
Melhodlbt cliuuh here hi '^ M o clock ^ 
voFterday afternoon. Bnrial was in , 
the 1. O. O. y. lemctcry 





Mrs. Oeannett« King. 89, died yes- 
terday »t a BprtngXWd boeplUl lol- 
lowlng » brtrt lUneas. She mwle ber 
bom* with a nephew at M7 South 
Jefferson arenue. She U eurvl»ed by 
one brother. Richard L. Humphrey* 
612 West Walnut street. Funeral 
services will be conducted at 4 ©•clock 
Sunday afternoon at SUrne mortuary. 
Burial will be In Maple Park cemetery. 

Mrs. Julia A. K Colhy,9K 
Pioneer Instructor, Dies 

"""" 'I never remarried 

Woman Known to Thou-W Mrs coiby tr xcicu ukc; 
sands of Missourians 
Celebrated Last Birth- 
day With Long Air- 
plane Ride 

Ti/rRa. Julia A. Hovey Colby, pioneer | 
^'^ MlMourJ teacher who numbered 

three generations of many Springfield 


Mrs. Colby 

unong her 
puplU, died 
at the Mary 
C. Wilson 
boms U«t 
night. She 
was 01 years 
old on the 
fourth of 
July last 

New York ar.d Morida to Cal;.' Tills. 
and twice visited Eurof-e. in 1900 ai:d 
111 1902. She es!>eclally was fascliial- 
ed by Bwltzerland. and on lifr return 
to Springfield bnlli a Utile lionie on | 
South Grant street. modc;?J aflcr a ' 
Swiss chalet 



cleebrated the day by going up In an 

Mr«. Colby waa known to hundreds 
of persona throughout Missouri, and 
was widely loved. She was a pioneer 
suffragUt In the state, and one of her 
treasured memorlea was of meeting 
Susaj B. Apthony In the early days 
of suffrage aglUtlon. She was also 
a lifelong and active member of the 
W. C. T. U. and of humane societies, 
and was for a long period superinten- 
dent of the mercy department of the 
W. a T. U. 

Here she lived alone fi>r a k:rect 
many yearc. and conducted a "Select 
School" for primary pupils She wai 
an unu.sually gificd icrtc).i.' i'. »n~ 
said of her that "she Is wlie eiioiiRh 
to know that dry lecl are iniirt- ini- 
porlant than upelllni;," niiii .-.^c i;.-»a 
the modern Idea of stresBinK clinr- 
atter developn^eMl in the c;ab^;lJO.•:. 
along wUh scnoltii'>liip 

She continued Ikt bl '.I. '.::«■•• ;: : i.' 

rx;ie;i:c old u^t. ainl Ub!r i-'-'- ".- 

*"•* i ] when bhe Kove up her teact.liig Sle 

"" : moved to the Mary K Wil>or. li(,n-;e 

j about three years a^o 

I She outlived mott of l.rr kiiitolk 
and 18 survived only o> Cirrc niece; 
who live In Florida and in Uavhif.g- 
ton D C 
4^ _ 4. 

DU ( (tt l.ll lO f Kl \l II 
♦ ♦ 


g^iMr IN oaio 


— ♦ 

She was born at Bazetta. Ohio, j 
July 4 1837 Her father, a dentist. ] 
emigrated to Missouri during her 
childhood Aa a girl of 15. with a 
younger sister. Julia Hovcy made the 
long Journey from Ohio to Missouri, , 
travelling by steamboat as far as , 
Jefferson City, and completing the ^ 
Journey overlard to Buffalo, where 
her parents «ere settled She attend- j 
ed the old Lebanon Academy, and at , 
17 began her teaching csreer She 
taught Hi Buffr.!o. Bolivar. Marsh- ; 
field. l.cbanoii. and In Miller. Phelps, 
and Cole couiilleb. and for about 50 i 
years in Springfield. i 

A« a young woman Mrs. Colby 
married and had one baby son. He | 
died In Infamy, and her husband j 
died while she uas still a girl She | 

1 Funeral iirrni'.ce;:.f t.'.;- '. •-• ■' 

: Mrh .Miim Lolirr.c rr a-r :'...:■ ;\t 'c 
I bi' n III be made today lii HicordaiKC 
with rtqucsu which «he had made to 
frUnda. One of tb^ was that Dr. 
H. L. Oough. pAstbr^f the First 
Spintuallat church, preach her fu- 
au*\ aennon. Her father had been 
» Bplrltuallst. friends explain, and 
while as a girl she was a memt>er of 
tiM Cbrlattan church, of late years 
ab« bad been Interested In the Splrlt- 
uftlUt faltb. 

For burial Mrs. Colby's body will 
b« dreaaed In a black crepe gown 
wblch she bad made especially for 
Lbe occasion several years ago 

Although for the pait two or lliiee 
vears. Mrs. Colby had been in frail 
n«alth. fchc sad neeined leasonbly well 
thla winter. She voted for Herbert 
Hoover on November 6. treasuring to 
the last ber hard-won right of suf- 
frage, and bad seemed quite well and 
Joloed Id the obesrvance of Chrlst- 
maa at the Mary E. Wilson home dur- 
ing the holidays. 

Old ^e Is assigned as the cause of 
ber death. 


mfinY YEARS 

Elderly Pair to Entertain Their 
Friends and Neighbors In 
Celebration of Their Golden 

r^LEBRATINO completion ot 50 
V y«m' -iwrled lUe. Mr. »nd Ur.. 
W M. BMTon. prominent Republic 
coupl*. will hold '^peu boupe- to 
tbttr wend» wd nelgbbora betw«n 
7 and t o'clock tonight. Mr. Bwon. 
who w- n.»yof «* B'P"''"* '** '^ 
year* ending iMt spring. U he«l of 
U,, Bwron Cooper.** compMiJ which 
h«. planu .t Bpnngfield. Pepublic. 
Aufoe* and ItorlonTlUe. 

Mr. Banon. who purchned ihe 
buetnew ot the W»inderUch Cooper- 
•n compuir here tour yw ago. ha. 
Sn in that line ot endeavor m 
wuthweet Mlewiurt tor the pa»t » 

' B* WW bom in eaatem Penniyl- 
vanla but »-ent to Michigan «hen 
htwaaWyea^old. «^„y""»***! 
he tnarrled MU« Jenny 8. Baldy at 
Schoolcraft, Mich 


^__ -♦ 

NMt M^" *** * <rtU bring Mr. B«r- 
K,n "age to the three-quart*r centur, 
~ark. Mr.. Barron I. 73 >«*" "^ 

During hU yeara aa mayor ot R*- 
oubUc Mr. Barron accomplished 
L«i'in'Se way of civic Improve- 
ment. HU efforu w«e ^*^'\"- 
^ooMlble tor oonetrucuon of a •«.- 
owwater work, and an •>««=Wc light 
2d power plant valu^ at MO.OW^ 

Btfral. manufactured by Mr. Bu 
JSttlim M» used all over the 
SJki M well a. in other parU of 
^SmomU Kan-a. Oklahoma and 
SS1-. They reemployed in the 
shipping of flour, applea and cream- 
ed ErSucU, M well a. poultry and 

rabbit*. . 


"^ Banon la in charge of the Be- 
ptSilo^STsprlngfleld l^^^^^^^ 
bla organlxauon. the latter oeing 

looatwt at 631 Weat ' Commercial 

A MQ. X<ewU'W. Barron. Uvea at 
AittOr* and •uperrlM. the plant there 
•aa i^e on* at MarlonTlUe. Another 
eon oC the couple died at the age ot 
le vtall* the tamlly llTed at Aurora. 
One daughter, Mr.. Nettle B. 
Hucklna, lives near her parents In 
Republic, while another. Mrs. J. C. 
MoClearjr la a resident of Seattle. 

Mr. Barron la a prominent Mason. 
botdlnt membetahip In the Shrine 
tmn, Uw Oonclatary at JopUn and the 
■u* lodge In Republic. He also Is • 
mambar of the Woodmen of the 
WorM and Maocabae. and I. O. O. F. 


Forest Adair. 74, died yesterday i 
afternoon at his home. 618 North | 
Main avenue, following- a lingering j 
Illness. He is survived by his wKs. | 
five daughters, Mrs. Martha Mc- ! 
Donald, of Springfield: Mrs. Maude 
Daniels and Mrs. Mary Daniels, of 
Turner; Mrs. Clara McDonald, ol | 
Fordland. and Mrs. Addle Swearen- 
gln, of Springfield. hdU a wJii. OlUr ' 
Adair, of Fordland. Funera; services , 
will be conducted at 2 o'clock Sun- I 
day afternoon at Oreenhlll cemetery ' 
at Fordland. Burial will be there i 
under direction of Herman H Loh- ' 
mcyer Funeral heme 


Funeral services for Mt-i. Lli.'it- 

I beth ir.iii 'vlU be condut ;ec1 a* 

'o'clocK ut 81. Josephs rhurch. Burial > 

will be In St. Marys cemetery under | 

direction of Herman H. Lohmcyor 

p^intral home. 

.MKS. FLA it A A. NLl 

Funeral EervlccA for Mrs. Flarali A. i 
Neu win be conducted at 2 o'clock 
today at the home. ISOO Benton ave- 
nue. Burial will be in Maple Park 
cemetery under direction of KllngDer 
Funeral home. 


lor liiitiiis :!. 
conduced at II 

Funeral services 
I Buck. 50. will be 
o'clo.-k thla ntornli.i; at Bri(;li;on. . 
Burial will be in Bri^htun lenietery i 
under direction ol W. L. Starne, i.n- ' 

MK8. JANME UlXi. < IIOI Cll | 

Mrs. Jannle Bell Cru\u-li rlied \is 
i terday at her home. 4'24 West C'iifM- ■ 
I nut btrect. She Is hurvlveo by lici ' 
husband. Jnmen F. Crouch, a cImuxI.- ! 
I ter. Marie, and sous. Jiuncb !• .)r . - 
■ sister. Mrs. Wllllnni Pcti'.ins. ol Crai.» 
j and a brother, Jfwt Q. Routh. ol . 
I Springfield 


mm mm 


A ^^d uur tb. rr«.« .tructuf. 
colUp»«<l. . 

Children Play in House While 
Parents Go Short Distance 
Away to Visit at Home of 


Mr. and Mrs. Hicks Discover 
Home in Flames Upon 
Returning: Triple Funeral 
Services to Be Held Today 

THREE children. »1I «>oJ*- •«'• 
• oumed to d*«th je»t«rd«y morn- 
ing, and their tetter p*»nfuny In- 
jurfd In » fire which de*ray«d 
their home tlx mile* toutb of ■mln- 

The chlldreii wer» the •on* of Mr. 
•nd Mr« OtCMT Hlck^ who U»« on • 
•m&ll f«nn In the hlll counlH eoutb 
or Emlnen,* 


VihITtIt .sr.\RBV HOME 

Mr. and Mr*. HleX*. atwut 4ft mln- 
ut«s berore itM flre «m dl«co »«r»d. 
left tlie ctilMmB. C*»**n. «. «uj«ii* 
3. and run«Ufc,' 10 bo«n«. »«• *»«« 
100 yarda avtj- 

Th« hoto»— «nT«k^ad^ In 
IwM auoonnd m the 


* rum neighbor, and t*^ J^ 
telnenc eoon brought tb« ro- 
under control. The charr«jd bo.U« 
of tha cWldran ♦♦re found tn U»a 
rear room of the '^^•^^^■^^^^ „» 

U u belJ«ved to »J*'^*J^ Hiefc* 

d.fectlra flue. ^l^^^^Jf hlSa fo^ 

«.d tha children ml^ b^« '^^ 

wme matchea and aet tba no-— 

Funeral terrlc*. /^ J*^ liunaril 
«iii h« conducted today at *au— ~* 
chapet fourmlle. .outh of Bmlnenc. 
BurUl win taa there. 

" .Mils. .\Uil>l.\ t. tilUMK 

Fuiierol fcrvlces lor Mr*.. Auisvit-ia 
C. arovc. 79. of KcpublK-. will l>c con- j 
tHirtefl there Kuntiuy oflmiuon She • 
died Thurfiday at the home of livr i 
ton. Rrv Grove, at Hui:iaii»vtllr She 
IB Rurvlved by three bo;u'<. K;.y Urtr.c. ^ 
L. B. Orove. proonelor oi Lite laity- ; 
elte hotel, and H. A. CJiovc. of IXilsu | 
Tlje I. A. Josopli Funeral home of j 
I Humnnsvllle Is in charge of arrange- ; 
: men IS. \ 

I TIIO.M.ts li. II \^ 

1 Funeral bervlcci :or TlioinH.-, G II. y 
. 7-J. wl-.o clcU in bl. Unil^. will be 
; conducted at U oclocl; bunday at ] 
' ril.ta. Burial will bo m Po\tic iciiie- 
' lery under d'rscllon ot Almn Liili- 
' nieyer Funeral lunr.e. ' 

I _ ..- 

l^.\llKLI.t « \KI> 

runeral services fo Uubtllc Ward.. 
83. Of 1923 Raui^^cy nvcnue. will be 
conducted at 3:30 oclock lotlay at 
Kllngner's Funeral < iiapol Burn 1 »UI 
be In Hazelwood ccineterj She died 
yesterday morning -t her l-.»iie 

The Leader for Saturday, January 5, 1929, is missing. 



Page7A: J. H. Hodges died.** 
Page 8A: Mrs. Mattie A. Dunham died.** 
Page 9A: George W. Scott died.** 
Mrs. Jeanetta King died.** 
Charles Ayres died.** 
Thomas G. Ray died.** 
Forest Adair died.** 
Page4B: T. B. Carmical died.** 

David E. Ahlers, formerly of New York City, and Levida J. Hemphill of 
Springfield were married last night in Springfield. 
Page IC: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Mrs. Julia A. Hovey Colby died.** 
There is an article about W. C. Smith.** 
Page 6C: Son born January 2 to Mr. and Mrs. Jess Jenkins of Monett. 

Mrs. Anna Kirkpatrick died at Monett. Grandchildren who came for the funeral ' 
are Fred Burgess of Tulsa, Okla., and Mr. and Mrs. Guy Scroggins of Springfield. 

Mr. Keorper, an aged citizen of Peirce City, died Wednesday. He leaves a wife 
and several children. 

Walter Loomis, 32, died Tuesday at the home of his father William Loomis in 
Peirce City. He leaves his father, two brothers and a sister. His mother died several years ago. 
Lige Miller and Miss Edith DeSherely were married Thursday in Rolla. They are 
from Newburg. 

Mac Patton, 63, a farmer living east of Miller, died and was buried in Shiloh 
cemetery. He leaves his wife anf four small children at home and two sons Roy Patton of Stott 
City and Percy Patton of Penn. 

Mart E. Depreste and Miss Alice Phipps of Miller were married December 24 at 


Grandma Epps of Miller died December 29 at the home of her daughter Mrs. 
Benjamin Griswold died December 26 in Miller and was buried in the Salem 


The six year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clay Allen of Miller died January 1. 
Page 8C: Memorial notice.** 
Page 3D: Miss Dorothy Young and Mr. Frank E. Brady were married.** 

— - LIge Miller »ntl MIm EdJtli De- 
Sherely were united In marrtfrge In I 
Rolla Thureday by Mr. A. M. Light. 
Their Newburg friends wish them a 
! pronprrous Journey through hJe. ; 

'cSarttnj lack of affection xnd 
I cruelty on the part of George Nagel, 
luta .wlfeT^ate Nag^l. yesterday filed 
fvaMt^fer divorce. She atno charge* 
!ptb*ti;f«b« was compelled to support 
jiilin and their flTe minor children. 
iTUey were married February 30. 1913, 
Kand^Mperated December 34, 1038. ■ 

Mart*/., /V:5.%w'-. 

A 6-year-old daughter of Mr. and I 
Mn». Clay Allen tiled TueimR.. Jnn- I 
uary 1 after .-. s-hoi t llliiiss of pnen- 

Mart E. Deprexte and Miw* All<c 
,Phlpp.s were married December -4 ol 
I Joplin. 

Oraiulm.t Kpps Jllf-d Siit\ir<lav. j 
December 2l» at Ihe liomp of Urt 
daughter Mr.x. Wo^t Hllrr nii e.'ctenclecl ! 
, lllnr.str. ; 

I WiiMc loraii-- uuriy-u\o \raii old, 
ilird Tiii"-t:,iv iilglil at the bon-ip cf i 

ihis l:\lhri-. Wni. loomis lie lfn\cs a 
fidher. lv.f> bvi'tlins nn;l a .«i.«-trr and, 
otli<r itlativos ;i;'(l irlnids lo mourn 
Ills dr.. Ml MiN ii:ofln>r died j-evr:al 
yciiis ;i : • 

I Mr. Keorper an aged citizen living 

^ In 11)5 Powlh pnrt of city died at his 
I home Wediicbduy he leaves a Tvlfe and 
'.several children. Furierol H Incom- ! 
j plcto. waiting the arrival of the | 
.children. , 

Krrd Buite^i I'l T'll-". t.>l.l!<. ■■<:<'■ 

Mr. iiml Mr.-. Uii\ hcri-crin ol 

Sprlncfitlrl v Pre I ere •rimr'^d .y i-> 

rttiriHl thr luneral >.'f il.rtr l.i.i<1- 

. liiMllnr. Ml« AiiiUi'.i' 1. 


Thia la > recent ptiotocreph of Mr». Julia A. Ilovey Colby, who died Fri- 
day at the Mary E. Wlliwii home. Bhe was 81 year* old. and bad spent 70 
years of her life sa a teacher. Of theae years, more than 50 were spent In 
Spttngfleld, and she was the first teacher of many men and women now 
prominent lit the city. 

Funeral Rites Monday Will Be Made Occasion for Tribute to 

One Going Gallantly and Willingly Upon Her Last 

Great Adventure 


CUMAXINO a lUe in which travels 
played • vivid and memorable 
part, Mr«. Julia A. Hovey Colby has 
taken her final Journey. Mrs. Colby 
loved to travel, and loved to remem- 
ber and talk of her varlou* sojourn - 
Ings. Those who knew- her know that 
she welcomed the last Journey with 
the same gallantry and eagerness for 
adventure with which she faced all 
earthly wayfarings. 

Bhe had long been ready— ahe 
wished to go. Because of her Splr- 
Itullst faith, what men call death 
was to her In a peculiarly re:il sense 
only the beginning of greater trKVCla 
than Iltc could offer. 8o ;lic ven- 
tured the unknown confidently, as- 
sured that she was going to and 
to Join old friends, numerous and 
close aa the ones she left — assured 
close as the ones she left— assured 
that trsvfls beyond earlli would 
prove no let.s glamorous and tttscln- 
atlng than llic ones she so much IihM 
enjoyed here. 

A. R. Van Matre. state treasurer, will 
apeak briefly of her long affiliation 
with their organization. 

+ * 


the Julia Colby 
named for her 


It l.s too late for farewells, but mm j 
and women who h.ivc honored niul 
loved her will pnthrr by the score at , 
2-30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon m , 
the Alma Lohmeyor chapel for a fu- , 
nernl service that will tie u memorial ' 
— not a service of hadness. nor ot rr- 
Bret; but one to rpc;ill the mn\:\ love- 
linesses of her lift- and Ik .■'li:irc iiiriu- 
orles of lier. our ii> ^roll(i(■nsl li.'" 
whatever rreI'Mi ,'villn Coiby i '-".v 
travels a lovlni; "bon vovaur ' Pct- 
haps .•■he will cntcli the iiir.>vva^r - 
perhaps, evf.i. her f;)lrlt Mill ni iv 
hover close enough .••o that lici 
friends will pel hack from her a rw-f-- 
saee ('( •oiirage and hojir and appic- 

In compliance with her wl.shcs. Dr 
H. L. CouRh. pastor of the FlrM Sp:r- 
Itullst clnirrh. will prr:ich the tii- 
nrriil fcrmon Mr.'- N-'lIc Uii-:;'. =•'■'■ 
president of the W C. T. U . and Mr. 

For many years she has been state 
and federation director of the Hu- 
mane Education department of the 
W. C. T. U. Lately the positions j 
have been honorary, and assistant di- 
rectors have directed the work, but , 
she retained the ti'Ics to her rii"H:;i. 

Menitwr.* ... ...i c, niigfleld W. C. ; 

T. U. Fedcrntloii ^'.'.l attend her fu- 
r.eral In a body. So will members o! 
union, which was 
Both bodies, of 
course, will send flowers i.'-'o Vir- 
tually every one of the 11 lln:r>n^ in 
the city win have representatives at; 
the funeral. I 

Mcml}er8 of the Julia Colby union I 
will act as honorary pallbearers , 
These will be Mrs Emily PUlsbury. | 
Miss Fannie Heckert. Mr?. Jennie j 
Murry. Mis. Bert Brown. Mrs Walter ' 
Smith. Mr- Wiiltor P^o|)^.l • M-- u : - 
lUini Pliillr. Mr.">. R E. Huxlc . aiii 
Mrs \V. C i;oIl?r.rirr 

♦ + 

I't I'lLS \N rAI.LHKtKI K^ 

+ + 

Actr.e pjllbearor.'.. many of wiiom 
were her pupllH years ago. •.'■:'A be 
Ar(h McGrccor. Onn Patter'on. A\ 
Roimtree, Bert Smith. Walter r>.>on. ' 
Bert S. Lee. George Langaon. Fred 
T.Tylor. and W, E. Harrt«. 

Mli.'-lc at i';o iiinrral scrv;-? •'.;: 
be I\irii!.vhed by Mrs C C M-L.-;J 
Mr and .Mi.- Ilerhcrt Bf,-:;er :..:c' 
Mr- tircrjo Mi;r.- i.f :i~r 

nuiiiil Will I>? Ill r.ic .\lapl,- P .r!. 
cnnricry. I>f-'1p hrr f.ithrr .' .il 
ir.'>;)ic-i. r)r ai.ri Mr- f II .w. 

Kn. OolbT la •unrlTvd by two 
OMOM. On* of tbtm U Mrs. J. H. 
PUUogs ot Watwbula. ru.. wbom 
Un, Cotby n^nA ftUnoat m a dauyb- 
t«r. It probably wUl ba Impoaalbl* 
(or bar to coma for tba ftmeral, al- 
th^yn gh aba baa baco notUlad. Tba 
otbar niaoa la tmknovn to Kts. Col- 
by^ manda bar*, but U aaltl to llTa 
In Wtablncton. X>. O. 

Ura. Oolby waa bom at BaMtta. 
Oblo. on Jtily 4, 1837. She cama to 


lOMOUXt at 18. maklnc tb« long 
JounMy by atMimbMt and orwUnd 
aknw ascapt tor » younger Btotor. Her 
panote pnrloutly had MtUed at 
Btttrato. 8Iw attandad tba old Lab* 
anoa Academy for a (aw m en the. 
and at IT bacaa the twrifiinf oaiMf 
whlflh «M to laal (or 70 yaan, and 
Bttk* bar wall known to tba wbela 




aba bagaa taacMng near bar boma 
town e( BuCIalo, In a log aobool- 
bouaa. Tloor and bancbaa ware 
mada of alaba wltb tba bark left oo 
tba undar aide. Ona log cut out 
jnoTtdad a ^nndow: and a fireplace 
added warmth and obeer to tbe 
prlmltlva room. 

At tba and of bar flrat month of 
teaching, aha waa paid tIS In gold. 
Part of thla aha bad made Into a 
ring, which ahe alwaya baa worn. It 
remalna on her finger now. and will 
ba burled with her. 

After teaching In many Mlaaourt 
cltlea aha came to Springfield more 
than balf«a<«entury ago, and taught 
here, both in the publlo achoola and 
m a prtvate "Select Bchool" of her 
own. for about SO yean. 


8ha waa a woman of wide Intereau 
and enthutlaama. Bhe waa a pioneer 
BUffraglat of tbe city: ahe waa alwaya 
aotlre In tba biunana adacatlon de- 
partment Of the W. O. T. V. and an 
ardent "white rlbboner" In tbe daya 
when It waa not ao eaay aa today. 

It waa her gentle boaat that ahe 
bad attended moat of tba ouUtand- 
Ing axpoattlona of nearly half a can- 
tury. Ber tint ona waa tba Centen- 
nial expoaltkm in Philadelphia, m 
1876. On thla Journey ahe alao 
Tlaltad Waablngton and Mount Ver- 
non. In 1884 aba attended tbe Mew 
Orleana ezpoattlon: In 189S tba Chi- 
cago ezpoatUon. In 1896 tbe Omaha 
ezpoaltlon. In 1004 the 6t. Loula ex- 
poalUon. and In IBOO tbe Parle ex- 
poaltlon. which aha tlunigbt not at 
all comparable to tba Cbleago WOrld'a 

affair." It waa at Chicago that the 
met Susan B. Anthony, and heard 
her addreea the suffrage convention. 



At the Bt. LouU "fair." true Ml»- 
■ourlan that she waa, ahe pointed out 
tbat "tbe moat oonaplcuoua object 
In the Palace of Agriculture waa the 
com palace of Mlasouri, great towere 
being conatructed entirely of Mis- 
souri com." 

Mra. Colby wrote a great deal- 

songs for her pupils to sing, poems 
and eaaaya for tbe Tarlous organiza- 
tions In which she waa active, propa- 
ganda verses for euffrage and klnd- 
nesa to animals, and descriptions of 
her travels for newspapers and other 
publications. In IBIS she published 
a small volume of remlntecences. 

With all her Interests, probably her 
most ardent enthusiasm was for 
birds and for animal life — aside, of 
course, from her pupils. These she 
always taught the love of birds and 

animals as a regular part of their 


« 4. 

Her garden and bird refuge In the 
Uttla home, modeled after a Swiss 
chalet, which ahe built at 458 South 
Grant atreet, was a spot of beauty 
and mtereet to Sprlngfleldtans for 
years. A field of June-blooming 
llUea, fragrant and white, especially 
won great admiration and corrunent. 

Her Inwn had some fine maple«, 
and in their shade, for the comfort 
of birds, ahe had bird platforms In 
which fre&b water was placed In Im- 
maculate containers every morning, 
and on which food as well was plac- 
ed during the winter. Her love of 
bird and animal life went so far that 
she championed vegetarianism, and 
especially deplored the eating of 
fowl. Including Thanksgiving turkey. 

Her cottage was filled with curios, 
pictures, and relics of her travels 
which she treasured and always dis- 
played with affection. 

During the winter of 1924-5 she 
was frail and 111: and before another 
winter, on October 14. 1935. she 
moved to the Mary E. Wilson home. 
Last spring alie was 111 (or a long 
while, but regained her strength dur- 
ing the summer, and seemed as well 
as usual at Christmas. Friday even- 
ing, quietly, she slipped away on a 
far Journey, eaijer. we may believe, 
for the adventurlnjj that ape and 
frailty deprived her of here any 

;ll MlMOttAM 

IK VOVWa UKMORY Of OUT dear moUj^r 
Mrs. Mary A. 8«lley. who pajacd •»•? 
two veax* afo January Hb. ItTT ^c 
loTlDf mother, true and klod. no litr.ic 
on earth like her we find. Por ali ^1 
us the did her best. God rrant ii- •' 

dreii. t»lber aud oiolher. Mr and Mis 
Blry BoUes. aUter and brolhera. 

Benjamin Orlswold died iit lii» home - 
lu Miller Deceiiibrr 'JtJ a:iri k lliiprr- ' 
Ing Illness of heart trouble iinrl roiii- 
pllcaUons. FimrrHl .--c-rvlcr.s . jircl 
burial were held Tliiir«di«y Ht .MhU-iii 
cemetery. Itcvcrciid Tnll and tli- 
1. O. O. F. liKlgP had rliHi>;o t,f Hio 


|W. C. Smith. Retired by Age Limit After 54 Years of Service/ 
I Starts Vacation With Expectation of Later Tasks; ) 

I Recalls Romance of Lmp 

lU I I.I l\ I I WMl, \S 

AT 70. lies looking for a nfw joo. 
*^~'~Hol becauM he needn the Job. 
but becauw they've made him quit 
thertlaco after more than half • 

cehtury of rallrond'.nm. and he's fl'"- 
tcrmlned not to alt back and *pend 
the nst of his lite twiddling hie 

A lively, lutereated and Inierentine 
man Ir W. C. Sniirh. *Iio wi-r rrflrrd 
as trelgirt njjent for the FriM:o rail- 
way hrrp D^crnhrr ^t nVer 41 yrnr» 
of service ' itlt the ronO The Fri.i- 
cn's u!;-|ir.irv nilc iu.<ln t'.'- 
nii lii lit :.i< 11 r«iii i.ii .; •"') )<n- 'i'. 
Age forced the road to pension him. 


« 4. 

It wa« 54 year.i ago that the clirk- 
cllck of the trlei^raph kry In the MIs- 
Bourl-PaclMo Kraiion at Kirkwood. 
Mo. hired SriiUh. then b boy of IC. 
out of Ihr hl;li !j]i<^-)l t'.ierp hrid Into 
hla f|rst_rajtwav Jgt?., WUh-lh c e»-_ 
ceptlon f>f or!«> Uf'^ horn r.TlI- 
roBdinK «Mcr mar 

.Mr. utid Mr<. Kitilih |in< krcl tl.r:r 
baK" y«->lcrtlHy. inc:'.:'Jiii(; it l)i:id'.<'<n.»- 
r«'v .Glr.'S'ot?" wl.l'li >t. t«lo'.es k' 
tlic fr«i!:il <:..<■. I iMi'.i- Mr 8:1. .'l. 
hl."i laHl finy on th*- Jub. and U:t for 

They Vkon't Ix bark liti'll April — 
■Alien Mr will r'.urt lookir.-; 
for a BocxI bu.-liirvi openii.z aiiil 11; 
the mtnntiinc lies i;oIm« to l.Hve tli<- 
best vacutlon he'« enjoyeji l:i ,^0 >rr»r" 
"there ohouldn t br ^ir v.orr;f.s nr 
'«'jp',i«!l;Il"' •• hii'i';; ^; ■ v r I.Irn t'r>. 
varauoii. tl '>i/.;m l^e 111.-:, :.ot. bf ;tMf 
to fofft prit.'rel\ lii«- Work of th*- o,'- 
(Ico vhrh hiis b'fli h:> f'T .»cvrr;i| 

♦— - - -* 

IlllCOI't.ll M{l><( <t'S < KIMn 

♦ • ♦ 

The veteran Frivro e.Tip'.oyc is a 
nalkuii; enf-yrloivdla o( Frlwro farth 
He'd wen 'he ro«'1 Kro* Ironi a ^hort 
lIMle line, ficthllni; hard asralriAt 
stror.BT comp'T'.ltlon. thro-itrh » re- 
CfHer*f ri n: d :r."> oij*- •.{ tl.r ^^e: t 
rallroi<('..s ol the .soulii nhd r.i.rtcjlc- 

Tv.'i l.'-.'i ;••■ h' t'lir.k.-; Iiai.<» b»-ei. 
;'«j»pot •■;*).»• n, :•.!.■ '.nr •.■ Mecev- ': 
the F:iv' f.: ' he •■;:i'-»«- ^'v^^I 
mar.pgenie:.* ••.■i..r«n.\ fi;.d gr>od 
buelncb^ j>«rK" :.-,<-i:' li'» o'rer fac- 
tor la one :lr.Kl ha* hr»>:, larcely a 
matter ol luck Dincovrry of oil In 
Oklahoma helped trrently to put the 
road on Itt Ice'. M.- hmi'h i-.-»>s. and 
the jfrifcco JuAt h?pp»ned to b« one 

of the few linee Mit6 the Oklahonk 
territory when oil development be- 
gan. 9 
4 ♦ 

IT'S ,\ n.xRuzn i;.\Mt 

« : ♦ 

A reporter-friend tUlted Mr. Smltb 
Friday nijht In hU beautiful oU 
home nt 1889 North Jeffernon arenoe. 

Mvhl(h he b<illt a nurnbrr of ye»rs 
"go. •* 

"Wli?;.' ' »;e r'';x.>rier Tiaii'ed fo 
kno*. "J-. I he rlilferT'-'- betneen 
i<iiMi'- liO-A Hi.d wi.en jou flnt 
nr;,-. i-> work t->r the Frlvo:* What 

'' of the ne-v cooperation. and of 1 
changing theories of competition?" j 

I "The game." aatd Mr. Smith, "la ! 
harder than it ever waa before. They I 
«xpecl mor^ r>f you nowadays. That I 
1.1 as It should l>e — It's Just good ' 
mar.nge.'ner.t. Feeling toward ' the , 
Frl'co i;.Ti;rally has changed a great 

»!-i<l s: 

I wr:.r to work for t^» 

"To afi . ei- p eeially-tn Bti r ln n fleM . wnew | , 

t:." ol'l -y. !0!i of the city for many ' , 
^r:.•r^ rirri'e;! 'tie Fr).*co building It* 
o*n KiAn licre. Now the competl- 
t|'>:, h'-rr siiil .n i;ckmJ. but the wltolc . 

■I'.' .« Irieii'lly -t/jviBrd the ro^rf. 

• iloii."< are shorter for moni work- 


•n. 8«ltrte« •!« much blgber. of - 

It «M in 1874 tliAt Mr. Smith b«- 
f»n tlnkerloff with • Ulegrapb key 
m tbe MlMOurl-Pactflo aUUon at 
Kirkwood. wbere bla famUy's borne 
WM alttiated. He picked It up quick- { 
\j and tben decided to quit blgb 
•cbooi and go to work. They gave 
tif»w tbe Job of night operator at the 
KUkwDOd eutlon. 

HU flrei Job be held for aU months 
before one of tbe early "economy" 
move* of tbe railroad cut out aome 
of tbe older men and put him out 
ot work. He waa tranalerred im- 
medlatelr to Carondelet (South 8t. 
LotiU) and put to work aa a clerk In 
tbe Ulaaoorl-Paclflo freight office 
there. Be earned promoUon to the 
position of chief clerk and caahler In 
the office before being tranaferred 
to work In the office of C. O. Warner. 
then auditor of tbe road. In 1886 
he quit railroad work to keep book* 
f or • at. LouU btulneea bouae. but 
went to tbe TtUco the next year aa 
caahler of tbe freight aUtlon at 
Perla. Tuaa. 
♦ ♦ 


It was Jtut three numtha after be 


mot to rmrta. untU Jmamur 1. 1M8. 
to b* OMt. tbM,% Ht. Smltb wma bp* 
polntod puMDcer B(«nt for Um 
rtlaoo fct rwlt. Th» rrUco wm«nt 
much ot m aystam in that tUy. Puis 
«M on* tcnnlBoa, KlUwortb. K»n^ 
•oothtr. and Vlniu. OkU, u»a third. 
Tha mieo paaa«n(«r ataUoo at ParU 
aaw two paaa«nK«r tralna a day— ona 
loloc each way— *nd they wera only 
(iva-car tralna. 

Whan Mi. Smith waa tranif«rr«d 
from ParU to Bprtngfleld on October 
16, iwa. baglnnlng hU long Urm of 
aerrlea here, ha found tha paaaanger 
•Utloo near tha old Orark hot«l, 
landmark racantly gutted by flra. He 
had an offJoa at the paaaenger sta- 
tion, another near tha comer of Com- 
mercial atreat and Boonvllle avenue, 
and a third at Pbelpa and Jefferson, 
whera a ooal company now stand*. | 
Tha Prlaco'a "High Line" ran only | 
to Bollrar. Tha Chadwlck branch , 
waa about aa It now appears. | 


« _ ♦! 

Two other railroad* gave the Prlaco 
hot eompatlUon in tha early daya of 
III. 8mlth*a experiences here. The 
KAhaaa City. Port Scott and Uampbla 
waa tha big oompetltor, with lu ata- 
tlon where tha praaent Priaoo p«»- 
fcenger atatlon la ettuated. and the 
Kanaaa City, CUntoo and BpringfUld 
alao troubled. 

Springfield. Ui. Smith rtmambara. 
bad a population of 23.000 when ha 
cama here, and horaa c»ra atlU oparmt- 
ed on traction llnaa running out Km 
I atraet and to Doling park. There wm 
an electric Una around the Bentoo 
and Boonvllle avenue loop. 

Mr. Smith haa far ouUlvad hU 
old competitor* for 8prtngfleld"a 
■hipping B. K. Smytha. commardal 
agent for tha Memphla Una- when ha 
cama here, and E. J. Parry, tha Mcm- 
phla' local agent, both arc dead. 

It waa in 1M8 that Mr. Smith aaw 
the llrat of tha Prlaco general of- 
fices beffin moving into the old Otark 
hotel. There '*•-- ••jed until tha 
preaert Prlsco buildnig waa erected 
yeara later. 

Conaolldatlon of tha Prlaco with 
the MemphlB and tha Kanaaa City, 
Springfield and Clinton came in 1903 
dtulng tha admlnlatratlon of B. P. 
Yoakum aa prealdant of tba Prlaoo. 

P. K. Clark, now dty ticket acant 
for tha frlaoo. U about tha 00I7 Prl»- 
eo office employe left who wao wtth 
tba road bar* when Ui. Smith cmb*. 
but ha dropped out of tha fmllroad 
aarvlca for a abort tlma and haa » 
■horter aervica record. 



Por SO yeara Mr. Smith haa llrad at 
the comer of Orant avenue and At- 

lantic atreet. He built hU preaent 
home, a two-etory structure of ample 
proportions with a great, comfortable 
living room. In 1893. HU home, hi* 
flower garden — especially hi* roaea— 
heve been his hobby for many yeara. 
In the mornings before work, at noon 
and m the evenlnga ha haa found 
time to woik In his garden, and Ukea 
great pride In the beautiful spot 
which he baa created. 

He dot-rn't want to quit working 
for the Frisco — it aeem* strange and 
unnatural for him to vlalt hla old 
offlc« and not go to work — but he 
thinks perhapa Ifa beat that they 
forced him out before he was too old 
to b« Interested In anything else. 
When he get* back home after ram- 
bling alwut California with Mr*. 
Smith, he's going to look about t^r a 
bustnesa position with enough work , 
attached to keep him "on his to«« ' 


Mac Patlon a farmer living esu*l ot , 
Miller died after a Rhort llliiesh of fl" j 
at the age of 63 years. Surviving liini ' 
are his wife and four small chliurcu 
at home and two fcoun. Roy Pntloii jt 
Stotl City and Percy ration of Pemi. 
Funeral services and burial al Slillfli 
cemetery Sunday aftenioon 

i I»a\l(l F. Ahlern. formerly of Nea 
; York City, was married last night to 
• Levlda J. Hemphill of this city. The 
■ Kcvereiid A. J. McCluni? performed 
; the marrtsgc at hU heme. 


DS'ld X. .\hlers. 3'- SprliiKnelcI. ni:(l 
l.evldA ' Hemphli: 1'! ^^< :ii:k::i< i<' 
Jaconae Stewart. 23 Sprliicfleld, at-.d 
AttMTta Elbon. Ifl. .'^pilr.rrieUl 


Is Announced 

Aniunincament hat been made ot 
the mmrrUge ot Bdlas Dorothy Young, 
daughter of Ur. and Mra. WllUam 
Young of Tulaa. Okla., to Mr. Prank 
S. Brady, of Muakogee. Okla. 

Tha marriage Waa celebrated In 
September but haa Juat been an- 

The hrld* tn»da her home here 
with her grandparenta, Mr. &nd Mrs. 
William R. Toung, 804 SoQth Broad- 
way arenue. last aimimer and was 
vice-prealdent of the Theta Tau so- 
rority while here. 

Mr. Brady is a graduate of the 
University of Oklahoma and a mem- 
ber of PI Kappa Sigma fraternity. 

They will make their home tn . 

J. U. 1IOOOE9 
CLEVER. Mo.. Jan. 5— IMnenU 
senlce* will be held at the CbiUtlan 
church here at 3 o'clock Bunday aft- 
ernoon for J. H. Uodgea, member of 
one of the moat promlnei.t famlJ"-. 
lu this tommunlty. «tio died from 
pneumonia Friday. Mr. Hodges was 
65 years old. Tlie Reverend Caldwell 
will officiate at the .•erM'-M and 
!.:;: :,.; ■.'■'. '•■; c .. <• - --f •« 

unUertBkfr. Mr. Hodcfs ;* survived 
by his widow, three caug.^.:ers. Mra. 
Roll* Hayea of Clever; Miss Lora 
Hodges of JoplUi. aud Mrs. Helen 
Walters of near Marlonville. and by 
e.lx sons. Clay, Janiea, Joeeph and 
William, of "Clever; Howard of Joplln, 
and Lloyd of Flint, Michigan. 

'woman dies suddenly 1 
, while milking cows, 

I ROl-lA. Mo. Jan 5— .AP>— Mrs.; 

Mattie A Dunham, daughter of the; 

l.-\te John Webber, the orlslnal set- ' 

t:er of Rolla. died suddenly at her 
'home about one mile iouih of here 
I Inst night 

I Mrs. Dunham ai.d '.'.rr ^..;«ta^.i. 
. James Dunham, were ml;kl^.^ the 

vOvi,<; l.Tte yesterday when Mrs Dun- 
i ham fell dead. She was 63 years eld. 



HOUSTON. Mo. Jun :-- (AP; - 
F«inernl scrvlce.s will be held for T B 
Carnilcnl ui hi.; former home at W C-l 
Plain* toiuorrnw. Mr. C.irnikbl dird 
Frldny at the M^ftonU homr. Kt 
lx>iilN. where he v.-n^ taken fror.i Ms 
home liere two wrfV.^ ii^i Hv •.■.!.<. ao 
years old and hud lived in Texris 
and Howell counties most of lil.-* life. 
As a young man he waa a school 
tea'^her and .singing teacher Hi;d 
served br circuit clerk nnd recorder 
of Howell rouMty. 



George W. Scott. a3, of 1050 North 
Prospect avenue, died at 12::30 
o'clock Saturday afternoon following 
ft brief lllncsi, Ills wife. Mrs E.-^Uier 
Scott, died only five days previously. 
Funeral services for Mr. Scott will be 
conducted Tuesday afternoon at 2 
o'clock at the Kllngncr funeral chapel 
with burial In National ccmeury. 
Both Mr. and Mrs. Bcott are survived 
by several nephews and nieces. 


Funeral services for Mrs. Jcanetto 
King. 89, who died Friday In a 
Springfield hospital following a short 
Illness, will be conducted at 4 o'clock 
Sunday afternoon at the W. L Slarne 
Mortuary. Burial will be In Maple 
Park cemetery. 


Funeral services for Charles Ayres, 
who died Wednesday at Humansvllle, 
Mo., win be conducted at 2 o'clock 
Sunday afternoon In HumanavlUe. 
The body will be brought to Spring- 
field for burial. 


Services for Tliomas G. Ray. 72, 
who died In St. Louis, will be con- 
ducted at 2 o'clock Sunday after- 
noon at Nlxa, Mo. Burial will take 
place In Payne cemetery under direc- 
tion of the Alma Lohmeyer funeral 


Funeral services for Fore&t Adair 
will be conducted at 3 o'clock Sun- 
day afternoon at GreenhlU cer-;ctery, 
Fordland, Mo. Burial will be there 
under direction of tho Herman h. 
Lohraeyer funeral home of Sprlng- 
I (Icld. 

Page 1: George W. Culler died.** 

Eugene Henderson died.** 

James O. Smith died.** 

George W. Scott died.** 

Betty Leonard died.** 

Richard Lee Trantham died.** 

Glenn Harrison Rentfrow died.** 

Mrs. Julia A. Hovey Colby died.** 
Page 2: Mrs. O. P. Moody died.** 
Page 4: William T. Powell died.** 


Fbund Ds^ed atid Bleeding 

NKVXn iMorerlng < from lojurtcB 
m7st«rloualy aasUlned two weeks 
sfo wben be was found dased and 
bleeding on a downtown street, 
Ocorga W. Ctifler. M. fonner Spring- 
field mayor, died In a boeplUl early 
yesterday morning. 

.Mr. CuUer was found two weeks 
ags Saturday nlgbt. unconscious by 
two boys wbo saw hbn stagger to a 
curb on BoonvlUe avenue. He was 
Uken to Springfield baptut hoepiui. 
where be laid In a coma tbe greater 
part of 'tbe time. 

PoUee InTMtlgated the strange af- 
fair and are said to : bare come to 
tbe conclusion be was struck by a 
bit and nin driver. 

Mr. Culler was elected mayor of 
Springfield on his 40th birthday. 16 
years ago. He was active In tlie re- 
publican party and served as chair- 
man of the Springfield republican 
central committee, and as aecreUry 
to the Greens county republican cen- 
tral committee. 
4 . « 



In 1904 be was elected to bis first 
publlo o<flce. that of stirveyor of 
Greene county, and four years later 
was reelected. He at one Ume was 
city engln^r. In 1009 be was elect- 
ed to the city council. 

At the time of his death be was 
secretary of the Bunker-CQIlcr Lum- 
ber company, and was officially con- 
nected with the Queen City Wood- 
works company, of Sprtngfleld. He 
was a member of the Chamber of 
Commerce, the Boosters club, KnighU 
of Pytblas. tbe Shrine. Solomon lodge 
A. F. and A. M. He also was a mem- 
'ber of Calvary PrMbyterl£n church, 
and .An attendant of the Caravan 
Bit ctaaa at that ehUrcb. 

Funeral services will be conducted 
at 3:30 o'clock Tuesday at tbe home. 

«TvatM. c^btT 
IMT* ebats* mt 
Burial wlU be 
la Haartweod oataetery under direc- 
tion W. Ik Btame. 

4 « 

♦ ♦ 

Mr. Culler was one of two men In 
Mlaaourl wbo were bonorar) members 
of tlM Veterans of the Spanlth- 
Amarlcan war. He also was one of the 
charter membera of tbe old Spring- 
tUM club. 

Mr. CuUar was bom In York. Penn., 
Aprs a. 1873. He came west with 
bla parent* while a youtb. H« was 
educated In tbe public schools of 
Fort 8oott,*Kan.. and Springfield. He 
later attended Z>rury college here. 

He Is survived by bis wife, his 
mother. Mrs. Anna M. Holland Cul- 
ler, of Springfield, a daughter, Mrs. 
WalUr J. Lyman, of Pittsburgh, 
Pcnn^ and a son, George W. CuUer, 
Jr.. of St. Louis, and three sisters, 
Mrs. J. D. Ratbl>one, Mrs E. E. Ennla. 
both of Springfield, and Mrs Anna 
SUckel. of Kansas City, two brothers, 
Charley CuUer, ot Kansas City, and 
B. L. CuUer. St. Louis. 

Pallbearers at tbe services will be 
E. F. Hannah. Ernest Rathbone,- 
Kobert Walker. W. P. Magee. James 
lAwler. and Harry Durst. 





^l>eiial Ui3pat' >i to 1 lie Sivx 

NOTCH. Mo.. Jsii. 6 — WUIlRm T. 
Powell, 63, resident of Notch and 
MarlonrlUe, was fatally stricken with 
a heart attack In a btore here yester- 
day. He started to light Ills fflpe 
ul-.cij he collapsed to the floor. 

He Is survived by (our eons, John, 
OIpii. Winiani hiicI Vrri:i>i,; ;i ('..iu;:;i- 
trr. and wife. He also ik «>ur\ivetl by 
three .brothers. Waldo Powell, owner 
of Fairy Cave: Lfslle Powell and Olrn- 
dale Powell, and a sls>ler. Mrs. A \V. 
Irwin of anffthvlUo. Ark. 

Mr PoweU was the son of late Tru- 
man S. and Helen R'. Powell. Truman 
S. Powell was a member of the state 

Funeral services will be rondiiutrrt 
at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon «t 

I Notch by J. K Cook. Sunday S.l:.--»l 
niisnonar''. under rtlrci-t.dii nf llie 

' B.'adford Uiidertaklnp conlp.l:l^ of 

, Marionvllle. 


ititStalk^ Mrs. 0. P. Moody 
taeflersoh City Where She 
eeompaniedr^Husband to 


O. p. MOODT, «»• of Repre- 
KhUUre O. P. Moody ot Mount 

moUier of O. W. Moody. 

diMl stKUIMily ywMrday alMmoon at 
Jtttmoa Oty. 

■CM. Moody had *coc«np»n l ed hir 
hiMlwad to tb« capital city as a 
rcimpanW durlnc tba aaaaton of the 
cvnonl Mactnbly. and to wltneas the 
inaugvrmtloa of Henry 8. Caultteld 
lui (OTcmor. 




Following lunch yeeterday Mrs. 
Moody retired to her room for a short 
nap. A short while IsUr Mr. Moody 
wwnt to Uie room and Xound hrr 
dMd. She apparently hsd died while 

The body will be brought U> Mount 
Vernon tod»T. Mr, C. W. Moody, hrr 
don, s«ld Isst night. hnir.fral iir- 
rui^ements are Incomplftc pending 
word from relatives living at distant 

Mrs. Moody w»* born «t Pelrrc 
City M years ago. She spent her en- 
tire life In LawTence county. 

♦ ♦ 


4 — ♦ 

She Is aunrlved by her husband. 
who now la serving his fourth term 
in the state legUlature. She aleo Is 
survived by four eons and two daugh- 
ters. C. W. Moody, of Springfield. 
Walter Moody, of Pelrce City. U. P. 
Moody. sUte bank examiner, of 
Wentworth. Mo, and O. R. Moody. 
Jr., of Cedar Rapids. Iowa, and Mrs. 
Frank Key, of Beatlle. WsAh..snd Mrs. 
Jewell Nelson, ol Riverside, Cal. 



Cugvne Henderaoa. 70. Tttenui em- 
ploy* of the Frl«» recently retired. 
died at e o'clock Bttiiday at SU Johnii 
bocpttal. Mr. Hcnderaoa bad been 
employed as a timekeeper In the Fris- 
co shopa for the last 30 yews. He is 
survived by bis wife and one daugh- 
ter, Mary. He also ta eurvived by one 
alster. Martha B. Hen^eraon, of Wcb- 
ater Orores. Funeral aervlcee will be 
conducted at 3 o'clock Tueaday at 
Kllngner Funeral chapel. Burial wlD 
be In Belle Fountain cemetery. St. 
Louts, where the body wUl be shipped 
to Immediately following the aervtce* 


James O. Smith. 48. died yesterday 
at home. 836 South Grant avenue 
Funeral arrangements are Incomplete 
pending the recovery ol bis wife. 
who la confined to her bed with in- 
fluensa. He Is survived by his wife, 
and a small daughter. Ruth Annabel. 
He also Is sur\-lved by his mother, 
four sisters, Mrs. Lillian Chapman, 
and Mrs W. A. Judy, of Springfield. 
Mrs. H. H TInns. and Mrs. R. C. Van 
Dlnler. of Oklahoma Clt.v. snd two 
brothers. Tom SiiiHli. Aurora, and R 
L. Smltli. of Rogersville. The Alma 
Lohmeyer Funeral home Is In charge 
of arrangements 


Funeral services for George W. 
Scott. M. of lOAO Iforth Prospect 
avenue, will be conducted at 3 o'clock 
Tueedsy at Kllugner Funeral chapel. 
Burial will be In National cemetery. 
His wife was burled only a few daya 
ago. Both deaths fallowed attacks 
of Influenza. 


Betty Leonard, the daughter of 
Mr. ar.'* ^''= "■ ^ ^f^'-err' r"^^ ^j 
her home, .mj a\enue. lollow- 
Ing an attack of Influenza and 
pneumonia. Funeral services will 
be conducted at 1 30 o'clock Tuesday 
at Klingncr Funeral home. The body 
will be placed In a vault at Oreen- 
lawn cemetery where It will rest 
until spring, when It will be taken 
to lows for burial. 

1(I< ilAHU I.Kf TR.tNTIIA.U 

Richard Lee Traiuham. Infant son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Alvan Trantham. j 
died Saturday afternoon at thf ' 
home of his parents. 56d West Pine 
street. Funeral services wUI be con- 1 
ducted this morning at Stame 
mortuary. Burial will be In East- > 
lawn cemetery. ' 



Olenn Hanrlsoa Rentfrow, 40, died 
Saturday at bta home. 703 Nortb Jef- 
ferson avenue. He U »unlved by bi« 
wife, a daugbter, Wandlne. and a son. 
Oliver. Funeral services will be con- 
ducted at 10 o'clock ttaU manHnc-at 
St4nM OMTtiury. Short lunanU 
MrrlMs «U1 pr«Md« burUl 
at a a'dddc tbkt «bwaoaB>^ 




Scores of aprfanTKiidlaiw tbl»-«f- 
t«nioon St a:M o'do^ In the Aim* 
Udimeyvr cbapel. will pay OmI bon- 
or to Mrs. JuUa A. Hovey Oofby. who 
during SO years of teacbing bere 
numbered among ber pubUa nmny of 
tbe city's outstAndlrg men and wom- 
en. Mrs. Colby died at tbe Msry* E. 
Wilson borne Friday evening. Sbe 
wss past 01 years old. and had tsugbt 
in Missouri for 70 year::. 

Dr. H. L. "ougli. pastjr of the 
First Spiritualist church will preacb 
the funeral sermon, in accordance 
wllb ber wish expressed to friends be- 
fore her death. Mr? Nflle Bursrer 
state president of the W. C. T. L'.. 
and Mrs. A. It. Van Matre. state 
treasurer, will also a part in 
tbe service. 

Btulal will be In tbe family lot at 
Maple Park cemetery. 

Page 1: A daughter Suzanne Bearden Hixon was born in Springfield to Mr. and Mrs. 
Hubert C. Hixon of Ash Grove. Mrs. Hixon's brother William B. Bearden flew here from 

Mrs. Julia A. Hovey Colby died.** 
Page 8: Eugene Henderson died.** 
James O.Smith died.** 
George W.Scott died.** 
Betty Leonard died.** 
Richard Lee Trantham died.** 
Glenn Harrison Rentfrow died.** 
Angle L. Gentry died.** 
Mrs. J. L. Landers died.** 
Page 12: George W. Culler died.** 



Bugcn* Haodersoa. 70, retired PrU- 
eo •mploye, died at 6 o'clock Sundsy 
•reoinc at St. John's hosplul. He U 
■urvlred by hit wife and one daugh- 
ter. Mary. Ht also u turvivcf' bj uoe 
•Uter. Marsha E. Heiid«r»ou. of Web- 
ster Orovu. FMiitrsI services will be 
oonducted at 3 o'clock 7\iesday at 
Kllngnrr Punrral cb»p»! Uurm! will 
b« In B«lle rountalii cfineteiy, Bt. 
Loula, wh«r* the body will be shipped 
to Inunedlatcly followlns tbe services 

GCOKOK n. storr 

Funeral aervlce* for Oeorge W. 
Srolt. 83. of 1050 North Prospect ave- 
nue will be conducted at 2 o'clock 
Tuesday afternoon at the KllnRi!er ' 
Funeral chapel. Burial «'|II be made ; 
In the National cemetery 

Wi th St<9fk fi^e 

A NtymXR t^uinph for aviation 

In whloh a brey Goose pUna 

10H1 •% MLS* with. tl« 

bwdmd ban '.mui' 

about mldulgbt from his slater, 
Un. Hfxaa. telling -that ah* was 
oa hsr #ay to St. Jotm'a boapltsl 
bere. Unable to gat s train out 
of Chicago at that iiour. Mr. Bear- 
den cliarterfd a (our-pB<»eiiRcr 
Stl»i>on-l>elroller plane f^om the 
Orey Oooae sir lines, making the 
(j60-mllc tr:p In five and a liHlf 
hours. He got here before ihc 
bulli ul bii<HiiU( Dniuicl: liUoi. 

.M.-t,. Ii;.\ii:i •■ •,>'ll^aIcnlllg «t fcl. 
John'k horpltxl 



Puneial services (or Richard Lee 
"naatbam. infant son of Mr. and 
Mrs. AtVan Trantham. MS West Pine 
•trcet. were conducted this morning 

I at the W. I, StariiF Mormaiy Burial 

I »as la Eaatlavn cemetery. 

iHuhtti^ds Jorn!ri Tribute 
i.To Mrs. CdrbyV Memory 


Flowen Banked »ip Oyer Teaoher's Casket; W. C. T. 
Leader andlpi^ttuallit Church PastwVofcc Ap- 
• preclaPt*it% l^no Lite ..^ 



run«r»t Krvli-M for Aiiglr I Gr:il- 
tj. who died In bl. LouU. »«r« con- 
ducted jaaUrday •t her home. «34 
Went Calhoun street. Burial w».i in 
Or«eDUwn cemetery, under direction 
of lb* KlUnnw FunerU botne. 

J. It. taodan. es. of 1343 
jSotrtlt n<tniont avenue, died at 13:30 j 
fo'clock thli afternoon. Funeral sen- j 
jlcea will be held at the Hlghliindv:Hc , 
I Baptist church Tuesday afiernoon at! 
1' o'clock Burial v.i\[ be Iji the .cm- I 
I etery there under direction of the! 
' Alm» lohn. <>',<! l-'in.fral hoiiir >•[ 
Si>.:i.Kf;c:c: Siie r. i-.:- •■ cd ti;. .-.even: 
I daughura. Mr*. Adele Voinig. Mrs. D. I 
Ollmore and Mri C. M Bman. nil of 
Sprinsfleld. Mrs. H. O Oldeon of Mr- ' 
natchc«. Wash., Mrs. B. Hanunond of | 
Pone* de Laon, Mo., and Mlaa Roxir 
Landcra. of Kanaaa Ctty, Mo., and . 
aoiu, Trt>r ot Springfield, and Frank ' 
of Hlghlandrllle 

Betoi-e a flower-covered caaket. men 
Bi-.d wouxa sfomlnent In the affairs 
of ^(Inffttld. tbU aftwnoon p«u»»d 
to hwoT a llttl* woman whosa In- 
nuMioi thay b»d inomti •iU>«f »° 
ff^n^tttf^ or later yaan. 

Mrs. Julla A. HoTay OoJby, plonf«t 
teaoh«r and •rdent wortar In the 
Womane Christian Temperance 
VnloB. wa»^ given lovlnf trlbut«a 
rrotn her hort of frt«BlU wbo fatb«r*d 
to pay their reapectoto )>•» wamory. 

The parlors ot tba Alma Lohmeyar 
Funeral homa wwa filled t« capacity 
for the funaral eerrl ^ea. M*mb«-s of 
tba W. C. T. U. were In a section ra- 
sarr^for them and former pupils of 
Mrs. Cdlby also sat together. 
S. nowers Banked Hlfb 

^er». a tribute ahe would have 
IBI^. were banked high about the 

•^..v... T.- fror.t <%f the r-»r*f< •«•»• 
lin elatjoratc spray of eiqultlte deep 
pink roees with a whlM 'Ue upon 
which ems the word -PuplU." This 
was from men and women who had 
In chUdhood le*roed to re«<l «« 
MiUt to the sebool rooms oter whieb 
Mrs. Colby presided. 

Other beautiful flowers were sent 

from the W. O. T. V. o»K*n»«atk>os 

-> IndUlduals. Upon lh« 

•aaket was graoetuliy 

"-•te satin rlbboo i 

•oacrtbed In { 

T. U." 

BENTi'RHW m;rvhi> 

Funeral services for Olenn Harrison ' 
Rantfrow were" condiicted at 10 
o'oloek this morning at the W L. , 
Btaroe Mortuary. The body waa uk- I 
en orerland to Morrlaville. Mo., fur ^ 
burial In the cemetery there | 

nilevlBle the »me. Hrr 'bird sanc- 
tuary- will be a besutllul and rare 
remembrance lo all who star ^UIt«d 
her qualht little Swiss chalet. The 
blttU..kD*v and trusted her as their 
beoetactor kmi-filend. 

"Her June lUlas were not more fra- 
grant than her ktndly deeds, 

(Continued oil Page Eight) 

1 •<• jrt.^ 

o r*t.. 

Tb»«. tor . 
moiHIliT •■ 

tM>nga Tha. 
Song.i nell loved by . 
sun? by a quartet Incluu 
C. McCord. Mr. and Mm. 
Bruner and Mre. Oeorge Mutsci^ 
These Included •'Safe In the Arms o. 
Je.Mm ■• "BcRutlfiil I.'lf «t S.^nie- 
where" and "The Old Rugfted Croaa." j 

Members of the Julia Colbj- W. C 
V y union »ere hoiioiarv p.illbrar- 
r ., T" r-"- •: -'■::!- : M:.. I....... i". ...•.- 

buo". MIM Fannie Heckert. Mr*, Jen- j 
nie Murrj-. Mr*. Bert Bpowd. Mr* 
waller Smith. .Mrs WoJtrr Prophet. 
Mi*. William PUlle. ^i'» R K- Hux- , 
ley and Mrs. W. C. Hollender. . , 

Active pallbearers, msny of mhom 
were pupils of Mrh. Colby ycara ago., 
were Orin Patterson. Caaper Leder«r. I 
Al Bountree. B-rt Smith. Bert S. Lee. 
Oeorge Langdon. Fred Taylor and W. 
C. Harris. 

BurUl was In Maple Park cemetery 
beside Mr*. Colby'* father and moth- 
er. Dr. and Mr*. E. Horey. 


James O. Smith. 48. died Sunday al 

hU home. 833 South Grant avenue 

Funeral arrsngementi. in charge of 

fhe luma Lohmeyer Funeral hon.r^ 

are a* T't Incomplete pciuU...- thr 

^Tr^ of hia »lfe who is confined 
recovery oi ni* »ii^. 

to her bed with inflnm... -ii ■ 

v?vo^ by hi. w>f*. and a .n.all dHUgU- 

v.ved by V... n, '-- -'"^^ '^"^ 
Lillian Chapman, and Mr.'. W. ^ 
judv or Sprlngfleiri Mr- H H 

■r\r,T\x and Mrs. K. ^ *•'" 
-nnn.1. •"" , brothers. 

Oklahoma City. «"<! \" . ^,_,,,, 
Tom smith. Aurors. and R. I ^'""h 
of Bogersvllle. 

m;TTV i.tuNtKii 

Betty Leonard, daughter of Mr, and i 
Mr*. K. K. Leonard. 2423 East avenue. I 
died yesterday nt hrr home follow Iur 
an attack of influenza, which later 
developed into pnruinoniB Kuneriil 
services «lll be conducted nl 1:30 
o'clock T\ir9d»y afternoon at the ; 
home. The body will be placed In a I 
vault at Greenlawn cemetery where j 
(t -ttill rest until tpriiig. wiif;, It wlii 
h<> taken to Iowa for biirlrl T lie 
Kllnicer Funeral home Is in clinrge 


city WoodwTjrtre-bav* not b««n found 
tine* tbc nlfbt thef figured In the 
caM. and police have not obtained 
their elorxi. Olflcere tliougtat at 
rir«t that Mr. Culler had been Injured 
•imply by a fall, but phyalctans 
scouted thU theory. 

J. D. Itathbone. hroth^rlrlRw of Mr 
Culler, will fri-l: tcxlny In piece to- 
gether the threads of Inforniatlon and 
tbeorlea which have been advanced 
In the caae He personnlly examined 
the place whore Mr. lullrr »rs found 
Injured, and he 1% convinced that a 
hlt-and-rtin driver rfniUI not have 
t>een to blame. 

There were no blot-fl utalns In the 
fctreet or leaduiR from It. he ^a:d, I 
while a trrtii f' T.k-Kl whs found from | 
near the entrm-'- I'T tl;c ufxxlwurl.: ] 
'. Mir ^p"l where hl» brotherinlaw i 
v>B« loiird Mr Rnthboiie tliliika Mr 
Culler nilKht have been nilitaken foi 
aomeon* elae and attacked by tbuga. 
Robbery apparently was not » mo- 
tlTe. aa money waa left In the man's 

LonK rromlnent Here 

Mr. Cul'w was elected major o( 
SprlnRfleld 18 jeara ago, after euter- 
, ^~^(.~ lift, u^ too4 n.1 Orerne " 

No Inquest Planned Into 
Strange Death of Former 
Mayor; Hit by Motor Car 
or Victim of Holdup, are 
Conflicting Tlieories 

_ Unleav •ooscont comat forwmrd with 
ii«« Information, the atranga Injtulea 
wblcb" yciiterday brouf bt dtatb to 
Ooorf* W, Culler, sa-ycar-old former 
mayor of Springfield, probably will b« 
tOraTtr a myatary. 

Amnd two wMka a«o Baturday on 
Boomrlii* aTcniw near tba Quaan City 
WoodworkB. staggering about In a 
half stupor with blood pouring from 
wounda on hla bead, Mr. Culler re- 
mained m a a«mlcoQacloua condition 
until hla death In a hospl'.al yester- 
day morning. 

Thar* «lil b* no further tonatlr . 
Uoo of '.tola death, and no coroner's 
Inqjettrit la tinderatoon, unlaaa ad- 
ditional Information Is obtained by 
authorities. Dr. Murray C. Btone. 
0tmf» eotmty ewoner. aald thU 
mertttnr that inveatlgatlons so far ap- 
I^MnnUT hod brought out notamr 
which would anable a coroner's In- 
qunt to ooiva tbe ease. 

•■ Off« T1»o Iheorlet 

RqralcUuw who atttnded Mr Culjiir 
wtrg «0<iTlBe«<l that bis InJurlWwire 
eai«ad tlthvr by hu being struck by 
au automobile or by an attack of! 
boldqp man. Two youths wbo found 
him aUggenng about near the Queen | 

Page 1: George W. Scott died.** 
Page 4: M. W. Ayres was appointed to administer the estate of his father E. D. Ayres.*' 

The will of B. E. Fulton was filed for probate.** 
Page 12: Memorial notice.** 

win' M under dlraoUon of W. L.\ 
flume. ' 

Mr. Culler Is aunrlVMl by hU wife. | 
hla 'mother. Mra. Ann* M. Holland i 
r?"""' of flprlngf leld: a daughter. ' 
Mrs. Wslter J. Lyman of Pittsburgh. I 
Penn.: a son, Oeorge W. Culler. Jr . . 
of 8t. Louis: three slatem. Mrs. J. D. I 
Batbbona and Mra. E. K. Kncla of 
Springfield, and Mrs. Anna Stlckd of 
ICansaa Ctty, apd two brother*. Charles 
Culler of Xanaaa Ctty and S. L. Cul- 
ler, ist. Louis. 

Pallbearers will be E. P. Hannah. 
Ernest Rathbone. Robert Walker, W. 
P. Magee, James Lawler and Harr^- 


Funeral s«rvlce« for 0«orge W 
I Scott, 83. 1050 North Praipect avonve 
will be conducted at J o'ci'>~k tlii-. 
i aftenioon at the Kllngner Kuhrral ' 
I chapel lr.t«nnenl wii; be In the I 
i National cemetery. i 



M. W. Ayres oT Weaubleati. Uo.. 
WM sppolntAd by Probate Judge 
John H. Palnnan Monday as adminis- 
trator lor the esUta of hU father. E. 
D. Ayns. who died December 37. and 
for his mother. Mra. Kate A. Ayres. 
who sumved her huaband only 30 
hoturs. Bond was set at WOO. Th« 
eatate U estimated at 9350. Heirs 
are: two daughtera. Kat^ A. Ayrea, 
of MonroTU. Cal. and liOUlac Dtmcan 
of ICaraball. Uo.. Harrr D. Ayrea. son. 
8807 North Fremont avenue, and 
W. W. Ayrea. 



In lorlnf memory of our d*«r one Mr. 
Crnret Miller, who peued away at Oak< 
Mnd, CalK.. one jrar ago today, Jan. 

7. int. 

A prrclotis one Irom us hai gone 
A toltfi we loved u stilled, 
A place If vacant In our home. 
Which never can b« (lllrd. 

The days co on Ju.t sii bcfotc. 
The sun shines just the same. 
But way down within our hearu 
la that never endUig pain. 

He ta (on* but not forgot ten, 
In a lonely grave he lies. 
In Oreen Lawn by the roadsldr. 
But hU home la In the skies. 

Just • little while we'll llocrr. 
Just a little while we'll watt. 
Then me'll me»t him over vondar. 
Just beyond the golden Kite 

Sadlv mined bv wife. Mm Preeda Mil- 
ler: Uttle son Chester Murrlel: parents 
Mr. Md Mra. O. W. Miller: sisters, lu'lss 
noti^ga MlUer. Mrs. W. O. Owens. 


MArnage or death Is a condition 
under tnhlcb Mra. Ella Ellxa FtUton 
U to bold property bequeathed to her 
by ber husband. B. E. Fulton, who 
died recently. 
I HiB will stipulates that oil Ms 
i property. bot^» real and personal, 
shall r> to hU widow and remain her 
property ao long as she Is his widow. 
But on remarriage or death the prop- 
erty, or the remainder, shall be turn> 
ed over to their eight daughters. The 
will was filed In probate court yes- 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 3: Marriage license: Joseph S. Mabee, 40, of Lockwood, Mo., and Irene B. 
Brown, 26, of Springfield. 

Page 10: James O. Smith died.** 
Abner M. Collins died.** 
George W. Roper died.** 
Mrs. Artelia Isabelle Drennan died.** 
Nathan K. Pope died.** 
James W. Sherrow died.** 
. Isaac Stutzman died.** 
George W. Culler died.** 
Page 11: Poem in memory of Mr. Ernest Miller 

Drlniar A. SailUi. 6lt. Enid. Okla.. 
atrd Orace Bmlth. 44. Bnid: Leonard 
W. Hoover. 34, Craig. Col., and Jeanla 
May Bole. 33, Sprtnglteld 

I Mr. antt Mm. E.' L. Robberson of i 
i C»v« Sprlui;!!. Mu.. baA'w announcril i 
! Mie mnrrtBMa ot their dnURlitcr. ' 
.-tWetii <•«»- Me. L.- C Antttmon nt et. j 
maiTlaije was per- , 

Lnula. M(>. ttie mairlaije vaa 
formnd Mrw Tear'* Tn at tlio Inima I 

Ui* B«v«r«nil W. B. Rtu 

mum, Mifc — Ifti as* Mwi 

••u or I 

■Aadwr I 



^ la lering 


■w m ery et our dear aoa Mr. 
arsen Miller, «bo pasMd away as Ouk- 
bad. CsUt., on* rear . ago today. Jan. 
T ir« 

A prKloui 00* from ut li»a laae 
.'S «em «• levM Is sUJUd. 
(A Blaca l« vacaat la tmj tramt. 
Irbkb Mt«r can be till*/. 

»o en jojt U Wr<r<; 
Tbt tun uitacs jutt u>* saase, 
M way Sown wttMo ear ittana 
.Is U>st o«««r eadtng 

8« ti, rr* *"'' "^ *- 
I » Usntlj tr«»« be tin, 
la Orr«a Laao by tbe road.ild* 
Mt bla bocn* la la tha tUu. 

Jut > little whl)* vt'll iing^r' 
'•Jut a Utti* «M> wv U «ait.' 




runsral aarrloes (or Janes o. 
smith. 4*. who dlad Sunday at bia 
iMoa. 83S South Oraat areaus. will 
b« held at a o'cloe* Wadassdaj •« 
tta home of hU dsughwr. Mra. w. 
A. Judy. 603 Normal avenue., Bunil 
will be in Maple Park oenictery undee 
the direction of tha Alma Lohmejsr 
Puprral home Word waa racalved 
rariT thta morning that two slaters 
of Mr. Bmlth. Mra. H. H. Tlnns and 
BiTS. It. C. Van Dinter of Okiaboms 
City, will t>e unable to attend tbt 
funeral because of the death o( tb« 
8-year-oId aon of Mrs. -Tlnna. 

I JtMII \\. .vllMIIIIIH 

I J»n\n W. ShrrroK. 87. formerlv of 
Sptlnrflrlrt. Ule<l In l.a'irel. Mont . a 
few <Uv» »^n. drrordltiK to word re-' 
<fHr<) hrrr Mr Sl.rrr.i* m »\irUvf(4 
l>V Hire •oti.« Rnil four dsiiRlrters. Ons 

I of hlA tlBu^htfru In Mrn Hiimr 8trst» 

■ Ion 1C05 Wf.vt W.liiui fttrvet. Mrr 
^'i' V V Iff r.r .,<.n t<f IIir«m Shf.- 

I rii« , one of Mivioiirls rarlles! set- 

I il<r« 



runrral trrrlreii (or Abner U. Oal> 

I Una. 83. who dird at the home o( 

lliln ion. Loren B. Colllru. 1300 (ut, 

lMcOi:i;el ttr««t late last nlgbt, «^ 

I be held at Verona Tburaday attw* 

noon at a-30 o'clock. The body «||| 

ix- l.n>i..,:c^ ! ■) Verona at r.oou 

tomorrow by tlie Alma Lohnujif 

Funeral botne. Mr. Collins U Mt* 

Tlved by two aona, Loren C, ud W.' 

P. Colltna. of Wrtumka, Okla.. tr^ 

» daugbter. Mn. Eliu Cotter el.**, 

rr was by Just about as 
a i g t n w a Hctu i y tin W. 
era scorM 780. the ClUsens 

or the MoClDer aquad 

hrough with the Mghrao 

Iking orr li4» ^ina In Uia 

le or Mie match, by almcwc 


Ul . InH 3rd 

QP, Oame Oiinf n«in«.»-to- 

i«i H7 im- )i« 

liroi^^Rv Itinvr, 67. aif^ 
yilghl at hl> hontr; 6X1 South 1_ 
v»<rby »ii" li*-^'! 

avenue. He Is *urvl\ 

hU HM^ ' 

ter. Mm. J.~r;~Jiunli>on of lbs 

|Mlitm\. Iliirr »latrra. Mr« IWT~ 

Mall 'Mr« J. c. Jamlaon and MM' 

Adah nop»r. all of Ranaai City; sat' 

two brnthrrx. K(t»la Roper ff 

OranRT. N J. and'.tohn r. Roper^ 

I f&lrmoauu ^lla. . FuuexaX — ii^ '' 

iniriiia are priidlnR «illi W. L. fltm| 

' Cndertaklni; rompaiiy. '^'M 

,MICS. Alt I I.I. M Is.llllLLt URtMttI 

Mrs. Arlrlla liAbrlle Orennan, (j'. 
jriird la>i night In s 8prln«Ileld )>»; 
■|>!(*I aflrr a brirf !lln»>.». fiht li •»(_' 
|vi\rfl bv hrr Imnhaiid. John Ol«a> 
,ii«n, rtniighler. MIm Lucille Urea 
' »r«ii. Sntiuifl. of B'XIon. Mau . 
I'lftem. Mrb J. D Rrvia of RsaiK'j 

■ Tfxm. end MrJ f. \V nolj- of ll||," 

■ Worth. Tcim; and two brothels, I 
I 1^ Sir»rfiird. of HiiiKinlon. W. 
,«nd Prekton 8lrafford of 8pnn|. 
in.f b"dv will hf forwarded to 

moi.r It, tri» itior: Inc hv w. 
.M.«.-:.r I l.fliT:iii:i.,- roiii|.|,iij- fu 

al nervlfM »i!i be hrld at Seyn 
tomorrow afternoon. 


Hathan K. >>o». a pioneer ci 
oL.HiS.kQri rauntj. .oiad T^'mt ag .ihi 
sl.bis booM near Pnsten. M«,- «g 
*• of M years. He waa intsns. 
■■• ••M»s h» ee mmu nlty arrstra. waa 
• Mtinesaarui fanner and stock dealer, 
and had «e^^ed .rvrral irrini. •« judsa 
of the conn ||, b,<, be«, » 
deacon in the Ollre Point Baptut 
church «lnce ita orsanliallon and his 
funeral win be hMd from that churcK 
Wednmday. Bealdex hia widow. Mary 
J. Po^H! he leave, jue aoiie and two 
daURhlrr.- s I. Pope of Sprlngflfld. 
Walter Pope of rmd. Okl... Dr. Nathan 
Pope .tr of M«rnh«ll. Mo . »rirt Olh-r 
P.'f-v hr«.k iv,.,. Mr«. <; r. I,lnd.v> 
and Mr. W. J. Eddie all of rrf.lon,i 

tH.WV. MTI TZ.M.W i 

\^tc atutrmaii. BO, for many years 
a ra.'^nt of Springfield, died tills 
imernTng at his home. lOfO Caat Main 
|Mr(ri. Hr 1.^ mitvUrd by thrrt 
I daCfgblrra. Mm. Alice Oage of Bey*, 
mour. Mra. Ellrabeth Manlngton t4 
I Bprinpfleld and Mr.i Anna Rhea ot 
Houatcn, Te»ai. and three sons. Wil- 
liam Stuiunan. of Ilou'ton. Taxs^ 
ana Charles and Robert StuUman d 
Springfield. Funeral services will tit 
conducted at 5:30 o'clock Wedneadsf 
afternoon at the Kllngaer FunardC 
home and burial will be In Hszelwo 


Funeral aM^lcca for Os^rgs W. CtiK 

ler. fortner mayor of Spflngricld «h4 

I died from Iniurlse rscelTsd inystert( 

joualy two weeks sgo last Saturday 

, were held thu afternoon at 73^ 

joclock at hIa home. BOB North Je<»; 

jferson arenus. Burial was In Haze 

: »(. v| rcir.ctery iinrter th. dirsction 

W. L. Ktarne Undertaking compsn 

Solomon Lodge bad charge of t 

burial ritea at. the cemetery. Rl 

reaentatu^ of aeveial orgsnlaztloi 

of which ijr. Culler w.-i a member a 

tended the nervlces. Pallbearers 

rliinrd f. F H.nn»h_ Ernest Ra. 

.Magee. 'jarass Lawli 

llarrj Uur»t end E. D. Mcrrttt. 


Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Arthur Boggs was icilied.** 
Page 5: Martin L. Howard was appointed to administer the estate of Martha E. Phillips. 

James O. Smith died.** 

Abner M. Collins died.** 

George W. Roper died.** 

Mrs. Artelia Isabelle Drennan died.** 

Isaac Stutzman died.** 

Nathan K. Pope died.** 

Mrs. Christine Smith died.** 

Mrs. Margie M. Batten died.** 
Page 11; Card of thanks.** 
Page 12: Miss Helen Robberson and L. C. Anderson were married.** 




Older Brother in CriticaJ Con- 
dition As Result of Injuries 
Sustained in Train-Auto 

tlon wma r«*ebcd. 






AlezAnder wm mUI to hav* 
bU way to Uw puvg* oC 
Uw at Dunn to !»»»• 
on bU c«r when he dr6*» tn tnmt ft. 
tJM p«««ig«r tnOn. !!• I« •orrtf^d 
by • wife and cblM. TIM fMaU ywM 
llTinc two inll€» aootb <A Xbm I^aca 
wber* the •ccl<lent o cc m rod. 

In the trM«ly »t St. Jt a— . ^ 
two boys drov* onto tlM croaBtns 
without efelnK tb# fast eouthboond 
t««n •pproachtoc and ilMplta tba 
wamlnc •bout* oC aertral apectators. 
The auto waa carried a c o n ak t a r abla 
dUtanca by the train befor* tlta ca- 
glneer could etfect a bait. 

The boya were ptacad on Um tralB 
and taken to tb« BoIU boapltaJ. 


Cr«w of BIiM Bonnet Exoner- 
ated by Corontr; Alexander 
Dies Before Reaching West 

nriWO petMiia en dMd 
llaa In • ertttaal — 
Mlaaoun Seboeto of 

and • IhlMf 


Mr. and Mra. B. I>. Robbetaon of 
Cava Bprlnfe, Mo., yesterday an- 
noosoed the marrla«e of tbeUr daugb- 
ttr. Helen, to !•. O. Anderaon of St. 
liOUla, Mo. The ceremony waa per- 
formed New Year'a ava at the home 
of the Bererend W. R. RueaeU of 
Brerton, Mb. The ncwlywed* wUl nive 
In St. Loula. 



at Roiu aa tlM raault oC 
croeainc craabae tn vMatf 
••etlona o< tli* O 
two antomobilM wi 
maco paeaeoitr tratii& > j 

Artbttr Bona, e-^aor^oM 0(. • 
Mo.. bo7 dlad «» Vbm 
)ra«eMcjr BMratac *€ 

L*onarrt W. Hoovar. 24. of Cr«lg. \ 
Col. »iid Jennie Mae IHIe. M. of 
Springfield: Jo«epb 8. M*be«. 40. of 
Lock«ood. Mo., and Irene B. Brown, 

laa. of Springfield, and I>lin*r A. 

Isn-ilh. 59. and Grace Smllb. 4< both 

,of Enid. Okl*. 


rldloff waa atm^ and 

%. Bt J«me» rall»»y cro»«lug by th« 
Blue Bonnet, fart St LouU to Dalla* 

I— 0HSD8 OF n 

Wa with to tbank our \- . — 
bon for thtir klodncM and 
th* death of our father and J 
B«a. PftlHtr. Aiao for tlie 

oiftrlnft, , 



♦ •♦ 

His brother. Victor Boco> ^- driTar 
of the oar, U battUsc for hla Ufa a* 
« t^HM .«(.«oanda and tv^alm «af- 
feted' In the aocldent. Tba fofia. ate 
Um tOM of Mr. and MK*. Tlotor ' 
9r. . -" 


West Plains. D. B. JUewandar 

fatally Injured wben an awte. o# 
which he «a« thf sole occupaat. wma 

&l toy tho 'fc xi ihbuand SanafliML 
B* waa takaa aboard tha tafa m'aa' 
effort to gat htm to a Wai 

hospital but dlad befora tba 

Martin L. Howard was yesterdsT 

appointed administrator of the«te 
of Martha E. Phllllp.i, who cited re- 



P\incral services for JamM O. | 
Smith. 48, of 825 South Ornnt avc- , 
nue, win be conducted at 2 o'clock ; 
today at the home of liLs slMrr. Sin- ; 
W. A. Judy. 503 Normal avenue. B\ii- i 
lal win be In Maple Park cemetery | 
under dlrrctlon of Aln'.n lohirr'.i 
Fiincrnl home. i 


.\nNKK M. < OI.I.IN'* 

Funeral servlcfs for Abiirr M Col- 
llij». 85. will be conducted at 2 30 
o'clock Thurnday nt Verona. Tlic 
body will be rrmovrd from hl^ l:onir 
here. 1300 East MiDanlel street. !\t 
noon today and will bn taken to 
Veiona by tli<- AUna Lol-.nieyi-r Iii- 
neral liomc. He 1* survived by two 
sons. Loren E. of Springfield and W. 
F. of Wetumka. Okla . and a daughter. 
Mrs. ElllB Cotter. Also of Wetvimka. . 


Funeral a^rvlcca for George W. 
Roper. 67. who died Monday night ^t 
hla home. 623 South Fort avenue, will 
be conducted at 3:30 Thursday at 
Stsme mortuary. 


P^ineral services for Mrs. Artella 
Isabells Drennan. 55. will be con- 
ducted at Seymour this afternoon. 
The body will be taken ihprr this 
morning by W. L. Stame. undertaker. 
She U surrlved by her husband. John 
Ortmuui, » daughter. MIm Lucille 
Drennan. a son. Samuel, of Boston. 
Maaa., two alatera. Mr*. J. D. RevU of 
Ranger, Texas, and Mrs. O. W. Doty 
of Fort Worth. Texas: and two brotli- 
ers. C. L. Strafford, of Huntington. W. 
Va.. and Preston Strafford of Spring- 


Funeral services for Isaac Stutsman. 
00. will be conducted a||r*a:30 o'clock 
today at the KUngner Funeral chapel. 
Burial will be In Hazelwood ceme- 
tery. He died yesterday morning at 
his home. 1060 North Malu avenue 
He U survived by three daughters. 
Mrs. Alice Oage of Seymour. Mrs. 
Elizabeth Harrington of Springfield 
and Mrs. Anna Rhea of Houston. 
Texas, and three sons. William Stutz- 
man, of Houston. Texas, and Charles 
and Robert Stutzman of Springfield. 


Nathan K. Pope. 84. a pioneer ; 
citizen of Hickory county, died Siui- 
day night at his home near Preston. 
Mo. He was Interested and active In 
community affairs, was a successful 
farmer and stock dealer, and had 
served several terms as Judge of the 
Hickory county court. He had been a 
deacon In the Olive Point Baptist 
church since Its organization and his 
funeral will be held from that church 
Wednesday. Besides hla widow. Mary 
J. Pope, he leaves five sons and two 
daughters: S. D. Pope of Springfield. 
Walter Pope of Enid. Okla.. Or. 
Nathan Pope. Jr.. of Marshall, and 
Oliver Pope. Frank Pope. Mrs. C. F. 
Uudsey and Mrs. W. J. Edde. all of 


Mrs. Chrlitlne SmlTli. 52. died yes- 
terday at lirr liorup. 2127 North Johii- 
kou avenue. She is survued by her 
husband. J. H. Smith. Funeral ar- : 

ramfement.s r.rc li,'-om7>*r K;; 
Funeral home is m charge 


Mrs. Margie M Batten. 40. died at I 

her home on route 4 late last night I 

following a brief Illness. She Is sur- | 
vived by her hust>and. John W. Bat- j 
ten, a 'son Lee J.. 13 years old. and i 
her father. J. D. Hensley. and several ; 
brothers and sisters. Funeral ar- ' 
ningements are under direction 1 
KUngner Funeral home. Burial mill 
be In Mt. Cillard cemetery^ uear 


Page 4: The will of W. E. Baker of near Bois D'Arc was filed for probate. He left $1 
each to Lewis G. and Katherine Baker, his son and daughter, and the remainder of his estate he 
left to his widow. 

Page 5: Arthur Boggs was killed.** 

D. S. Alexander was killed.** 
Page 8: Deward Hixon died.** 

George W. Roper died.** 

N4rs. Artelia Isabelle Drennan died.** 

Abner M. Collins died.** 

Margie M. Batten died.** 

Mrs. Christine Smith died.** 

Ramona Ann Terrill died.* 

Births reported.** 
Page 9: Card of thanks.** 

Page 10: There is a note about Mrs. Julia A. H. Colby with mention of the Anthony 

Page 11: Miss Loretta Seifert and Mr. Gerald L. Hopkins were married.** 


Page 12: William T. Powell died.** 

Florence Dean died.** . 

Mrs Anna B. Gaddys sues to divorce Joseph A. Gaddy. They were manied June 
22, 1928, at Carthage. She is his second wife. He was divorced from his first wife Dollie M. 
Gaddy on July 5, 1927. He has two children by his first marriage. 


" iiu»ta» .<I1«0(M JM»» tUrMd t«0«r 
br Mi». Ann« B. <Hd<lj. •wsond wUe 
aCJAwph A. OwWy. ♦•liir^ ogwf 
Mr tatf ' tnta dlipMoii^ .of Fnnklln 
county, wbot* m»r1t»l troubJet !!•▼• 
crMUd rIpplM la circuit court Ui»on 
two poTtonf oc e—l oai, , 

Th » nwt Mr». «djI,J>ccu8ed her 
^{^jb«nd 0( [i^HthXulDeM. in* 
McoDd Mn.-0«ldr alaA tftcJarcd in 

ber ptlUlon that h« provtd unrtlth- 
rul to hl» m»rrl»ge vow» and auocl- 
atad "lUacBUy* wltb other wooMn. 

jOmtar entartd an app«tr*ne« and 
l«n*T«I denial. Tha attomeja for 
Mrs. Oaddy. Alfred Page aml^ 
Uaaon. are thoaa who rep warn ted 
Qaddy In hla fJnt divorce enH. 

The man filed ault U> 1827 for di- , 
von:e from DoUla m: Oaddy. charg- j 
ing bod tamper. 8he filed " .croa 
bill. Th« CM< «»s heard before Clr- ^ 
oult JudgS Xixtr D. Klrby. twUmony 
taken and decree haoded down July I 
8, inn, (Ot^tnc Oaddy to aupport hu 
ehlldr tt. He dUmleaed hU aiilt. 1 

Bowaraf. on th. cjoaa bUl <W«» 
Kl»en cuatody ofnil. two chlMran. a 
boy and glrL The girl now U In cua- 
tody of Mn. ixaiio M. o«kiy.« «^. 

But before thla r«ult«d. OJrtrtt 
Judge C. H. Bklnker of Wetoeter 
oouttty WBB appointed 
]udge to hear 

.tiiange of ici.uc Iv,»^. ..--"-j , 
UMI awltchlng of It back, j 

Oaddy n»med hU eeeond wlfa.ail 
Carthage June 23. 19M. *r.<i they' 
■•paratcd Auguat 13. 



Youth and Man . 
_ Are Fatally Hurt 
As Autos Struck 

A C yc:;: I'lu tjl. Juiiu.> boy uuii u 

I Texas county mon ate drad and an- 

othrr \oinh »crlo\i.^ly lnj»:rrcl »l Ilir 

rrtull of nulo criuliM vklth FrUco 


1 Arlliur lloK-K-. c. died m the Rolla 
{hofipitiil ycHcrrtiiy oiDrnlnn eftcr bf- 
; lii^ liijiiriil nhni Uii- car In ftlilch. 
Utv,M ridm„-*ii8 drniollDhecl lu a col-j 
lt«lon wltli-lhu Frlxco D:uf Bonnet, 
m 61 Janic«. Mo. cravilng »w 
htoilier. Victor. »n» riiU>»ily liijm- j 
rd. Vhnr purciiu me Mr- »"d Mri. ^ 
Victor DoRps. Sr. 

Tho I' .. lli.'-l":; «".^ »• Uuiiii. 
I Mo about 40 tnllrs nortliwc«t of 
i Weil Pl«li«« n. 3. Alexander was 
'(Biully iMji'ren »i>eii 1>I» rni cinshfd 
' with tlie hoiitlilioiind Frisco Suniiy- 
1 Iniid. The luinlly lives two mile* 
'south ol where ll.i Imgedy occured. 

WiUiam T. PoWell 

'* tf^thftlin? liu'lalde 

tiltJiAntt^^N^ MlotlfM pltkce 01. one who 

liBO* «»• pictoreaque region lij the 
.txya when Hr.rold B-M '.Vrlch'. \ ..)•.- 
b.T "Shepherd of the Hill- " 

___Mf4H*mtti T PoweN. 63, sou ol UiC 
IR?«frutnan' 8 Powell, who' *«» » 
oiMlnRUK4ic.l pi..;,r.r tritlcr oi tl>c 
tthtpbanl of ItO* mil* country, died 
IKi4d«d7 lu-Marlonvllle eaturday end 

,VikBin>rt«d.-^.the Kvergrecn ccmeteRr 

Mr Powell bad lived on his fHrm 
llevr notch unUl six- years ego when , 
'•lie wetit to MBtlonvllle to enter the ' 
MK^>»mUHae. Aft«r four years he I 
|iM|>l>i»->m«tli ■ *nA returned hhmc. 
^K^ad decided tu tok« up the work 

•jAln to >un3nvlUe. On Saturday. 
li« »rut to to*n, apparently fceliiis. 
•im9' OBd atotmod «n a stotr. 'Tie 1 
l^ivfad to UgAt hW pipe- and ooN.| 
lapsed to the floorl stricken v lib n ; 
Jteart attacK. I ' 

rxtwM la MTtlred b^ Iotf( sons, 
^^ Oietu^'tnpiMn aald. Vemon.' a 
ttiittW: "ittd htal WUe He also iv 
nvirvlved by Ihrci brothers, i Wsldo 
iuwcii. owner of ■ Fairy etve; L«Jle 
Powell and QUhdale Poweii ^mti a 
ctetcr. Mn.' A.. W. itwiu ui oiuijiu- 

Punetal seivlcci. were conducted si 
MqUb by J. K. Cook, of aprlogfleld. 
'mSiy^icbool aHwtonary. Mr. PoweU 
V«tt^ Mifled iMvUto bi» father In the 

.»• 1 'MortOI. taiowo 8« "Ihicle Ike" of the 

_-^— i- — rWJT'^ Btoepherd of the iJllto. Mr. antt Mrs 

-wVVuiniA««nk. eair-Ti^r A i[^^J:^^{f J'tTHxm, known •* -Old Matt and 

Aunt MolUe-. of U.e same book, ai.d 
CTrt. Ljneh. for years the of 
UarnH care. ■ * 



.Ti»u. 9 — Bprl Jolin- 

AURORA. Mo. •'-'" I 

■tpn o ir m u tin --' " ■ »" "-*"« "^»n 

1UUU HI UUM! BUyiian igonn'Loulkr \ 

Tillt. Ky.. by J»U (trfalgmndfdllipr. 

^r J ohnatoD has befn nollIleU by I 
thr POUrt to PPIK-HF in Ih'- Krnfiirkv I 
ciiy «; tlir lust ol the iiidh'Ii wlioii i 
the Jund • will be dUUIDutefl. Mr. 
Johnston b*Ueve» there \a. Jim otic I 

■ o«: . ■ h eir . His •K««frftiuirt>lh"."n- 1 
I. CrByrrolt, amijafd a forluno In i 
the wholecale harnc&s ki;<1 MUlcllrr:. 

'biflnt^' ^-cmisr h? ri)ii';rt-ri-«I '.\u 
iona »p*i>dthr4Il». he esiublnhcd ilic j 
| pi»t fi iii fl f*i>u> »UUli Uw III iii'n; 
only Uo* lB«oD>e. ' t 

.Mii«« i.«»ui;tt.\ m;ih.ih i 

WKOB MB- HorillNS | 

Aoiiouiircraeiit li«» been maOr of; 
the marriage oj MUi. Lorelia Sril.'r; | 
tormerly of Cprlnfiflrtd. tn Mr Oerald ^ 
L. Hopkliia of CnlcBHo. Ill 

The certmonv w«u« reMi .l-iuii.i:. ■• 
in Chlcauo. wh*« Ihc youiii; louplc ; 
Will laake their home. .1 

Mr and Mm. Hopklni are vl-lllii;5| 
her aMiil and uncle. Mr. aiul Mr* j 
James P. Murphy. HSo Noril. M«iii ! 
nvfiuir. Mr.» »|.-r>'l"' "• " '''^""' '' 
Mr*. J»ine» M. Ho»f.. »li'> Joriiicrly j 
llted here. • 

Mrt. Jull* A. H. Colby I.- at rcBt ■ft'*r an 
_«ienaul4U«,- It •• aaW *•»« of the high 
points to her waa meeting with Susan n. 
AnthODv. Iho preat leader (or woman suf- 
rr»f*. Su««n B- Anthony wai closely related 
to U« Anlhonyt ot Sprlniflelii. George An- 
thony wa. a pioneer tobacco manufacturer 
her* and Sman B. waa a cousin. J. C S. 
Colby, husband of the pioneer school teacher. 
I, well remembered by many old to Ume 
Bprlo«field people. Ho was a man of fash- 
ion * dresser of taste, a mamrho always had 
the latest cut and the most recent tic. He 
was appointed United v States minister to 
China by President Orant and scrvpd yevcr«I 
years In tbo flowery kingdom. 

BAKER WILL iinir. > 

Tlie »i:i of W. E Bnkrr of near 
Bols O'Ato, «ho died recently, was 
tiled tor probate yauerday. It givaa 
ri each to Lewl» O. aud Katherlne 
BaJur. hla son and daughter, and th« 
bafeuiee to aia wtM. Mrs. vm makat. to 
be divided betweea the rblldren after 
lier death. Mrs. Baker «•• named 



The will of T. O. Ray. who died 
near Battlaneld. Mo., recently waa 
filed for probate today. Tl*l«-to 181 
acrea of land near the town waa veat- 
ad In the widow. Ura. Matilda Ray. 
during her llfetlnif. with provlilon It 
be apllt equally between the children | 
at h»r de«th The children are John 
Ray. CK>I<la Boyjalii. Annie Dale. Tlit- ' 
x.vr n»\ and Magijif i-l^Vmn^iry 

Tl-c »l(e a!v< r.a^ permltlecl 'o 
fhoo«e or.r l.o:.vr and oi'.e cot for 
Herself He.'l'J-' r! Rs;.'» properly 
waa .willed to the children. Tom T. 
WUIUma wee named aa executor, but 
a codicil changed thla to Oeorge W. 
Davia. one Of the wltneaeee lo the 
«lll. > 

Dr. and Mrs. O. W. Aoierman of 
BOl tx>r«n avenue, announce tt>e birth 
of a daughter. Norma Dell, on De- 
cern l>er 24. 

Mr. and Mr». \V I. M)ir» of 801 
North Broadway, announce the birth 
of a aon. Frentile Jean, oo January 4. 

Mr and .Mm C R Luce MSi Wes; 
Olive street, announce the birth of a 
daughter. Virginia Lee. January 6. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Feltmelr. 
83 South Florence arenue. announce 
the birth of a daughtc. Plorencc 
Carol, January 8. 

MR.a. lllRinTIM: ffMIIH | 

Funeral aervtcea for Mr» Ctinatlne j 
Smith. 6>.* who died at her home, i 
3137 North Jolinaon atenue. reater- j 
jday aa a remilt of Injuries receded In 
; an automobile accldeiii a w»ek ago | 
■last Biinday. will t» held at- flogera. | 
' Ark. The twdy waa forwarded lo that _ 
! «<»»n This afremoon by The KTTnYner ' 
i Funeral home Mra. Bmlth la aiir- | 
i Tf.ert hv het lm«Oarfl. J H f^ni'M. ' 
j an emplo.Te of the Fred Harte; com. 



Funeral eemoes for Dwward HUon. 
37 of Aah Orove. wer^ oonduc'ed at 
thit town January «. Mr. Ulxon waa 
the aoB of Mrv and Mra. J. W. HUon 
of Aih Orore. He had been III t»t 
ellht years He Is stirvlfed .by his 
parents, lour brollisrs. Onal. »oyee. 
Oletla and James, and a .aUter. ChrU- 
Une of OaUfomla. Senrleea were 
eondueted by the Rtrereod Roy Bla- 
lock of Lebanon and the Reverend C. 
a. awlft of eprlpgfleJd at the CbrU- 
ttaa church in Aah Orove. ' 


Funeral services for deorge W. Ro- 
per, 67.. who died Monday night at 
his borne. 833 South Fort avenue, will 
be held at 2 30 o'clock Thursday at 
the sums mortuary. Burial will be 
In East Lawn cemetery. 


— rrotni f iff Ti cM rTar an Atit nr 

laab«ll% Drennan, 8». will be con- 
ducted at Sey mour Thursdsy sfter - 

J BMa.kt Jiiiu o ' clock, ihe boay 

be taken there tomorrow murnlag 
'by the W. L. Sterne Undertaking cosn- 




"MecTing Former IVlayor 
Few Minutes Before, He 
Was Found Injured Fatal- 
ly; Noticed Odd Manner 

«»pJtn«tlon of the manner in 
tkhJch George W. CviUcr. Tornirr 
mayor of SptinglJeW. euaulned tl . 
InHirlfl n««'n.>:-r 29 from whlcii be | 

to b..e bccu imm<t by P-"^;, '"^^'^i i 
Orand street. m.r...n.,t m ..« P~^^ 

' of Mr. CiiUrr. ,, ■ -■ 

-■■ HUil UKl^Tcd IcKJu) liU belict. buJittl 
'^having .crn Mr. O.Ufr r..m.ln^ 
?n a ear/d rondlv.o.i cm 
.l?r«t m. mlnntr. •^^"^^*./-, ^.u 
; jound IrnuJi.K nK">">^ " ^ . ,., 
' oueen City Wo"<l Wmk. .ml ^^"Mi- 
•truck hia iMad. [j 

" Un-Boa Theory Uoubted 

" Ktflhar Bolt no* police, who have 
towidl gated the Injufies which at 
nrat were binmed to r hlt-*nd-rHii 
notorlst. or m: niM' k by )iiiii>. !>'•• 
Jtrvfd todHV tl'.iii M 'ii liii'l ^ali■i. 

)f««)ry atore of willtam n D«vi«. Jr. 
at au Xaat ComtDrrclK) »Vrect." Mr. 
HoU d et^UiTd t'-dny. "■w-hrn ! onw 
0«orfe Culler coining went toward nic 
at a pare h»lfwBy betwren ■ wnik 
and a riui. JU uuil 1. li:.\t tjciu b^ - 
qualnted for >f*r». h\il he ^Jld not 
W^-ogu***- n •" ."IthonBli Ills lurr »k^ 
*urnei' t- « -jd imc 

"TeMi. ol >Uoiig»> .M:iuii«-r j 

~ -TTt vin^ iivl vulchliii; where \\o \ 

■tttnt'ttttrr wn'^ .somr'tiiiiT \vr.',;.j u:tj) : 

hini. I 

'Of courMr I ilo noi ki-.ow liir hum.: 

biittl ^l|•>p*»r^ tl' Ml' ^int- in? mil's;! 

l.«v« run nrverul bl'«'k<> hiuI probably | 
became oximii.^ictl umi fill 1 tUd not! 
tre h:ui turn <>i.i.» IJooiiv ;il<-, Ixit lie; 
Uiiul »ii»vc coiit;i •.u<i i;ii ..ii.;' t'l 111' , 

|>i>ml vilirrf br wn 
.M4V Hm< 

Hrct'iiiv l."-t 


Al ll.f ll«'":r ol 4. VJ l<aMa.»l... 
9Ij ^<•rth .Irironx.ii Rvomir. i iillri s 

l,rolbcri..l«*. It "'' ►«'" ^'' •^"^' '■' 
protMkbly had •U.rleil oui u. tl" 
•roM dlrccliu... bej;.mi couicu.«d auU 
p^^ibAiy bad atartia to run In aljrm 
berauae he »ra» "Jont." 

O.V.Ur Wl-.-. b'^ f"' '""•'•'.%';"'■ 
j^P.rt r»..l MlJauUU.. Jll'-i N.Klh Hub- 

Mrie »T*Btte. 40.jrMir»oW jrotitlu 

vbo iwiiMl Mr. Cu'i*' *"*' '",.*!!t 
i n ' u r fg. m*'»> '*''""< '^'''* "° " 
oa Wi^ aeciacui. WoUum alouK' 
BooMlU* owmw they aaw • Poo\ oi 
blood on tbr ,iaf«nlk bihI foUowlnp 
up • trVl louud Mr. Culler »e«.u.'8 
.r«ln»t a wall, tb.y -..M Thpy rnllrrt 
help frunulK-Hrbv aj.UjH>li,c *cic iio- 
ttfled at 7 o'clock. 

Ptiyaldana hate reported their b«- 
U«r tlia« Mr. Culler* Injurlea could 
^JM«« town aualau»cd trom a lull. 
^SS'^uat »»*» come, trom beinff 
■inMK .lihBr by nn •ut^iobUe ^r a 
-~llll0k]ack." Two »crvlie •tiOloii!*^ 
un on a ■nearby comyr ai.d u l* snul i 
then ll«hU at night li:imilii;itc tbaj 
•Uwt brigUily. 

• P0llc« Orret Fall Theory ( 

Police .admit the "^poslblMty ihat| 
Mr. CtUler. ninilhg acros» BooiiMilr, 
avenuo at Comjuerclal etreot. nilRlit j 
haT« been atrucit by a W and yei ; 
hara continued to the poln» where he; 
•vaa foun*. However, no N/tiK"" ot 
blood or marKi" Indlcktlng ftiTy-such 
could be found at'tba Inter- 
«• ftloug Boonville avenue 
.ta Itfar men IlKely that 
___illon of thb accident waa 
«t' the poo! of blood, wher* 
tber tiH Mr. Culler probably lell. 
itW m -M^ cut hi» head and probably | 
Us tkeOirig tot two ualnuica or ao 
bafor* li«-ref»»ned eoprtcloutJCM. 
~Tvafnl aarvlcea for Mr. Culler, were 
'1M4«Jk» 9*0 o'clock yeaurday alter- 
naon »t the Culler home. OM North 
j^ntmm arenue. and burial wm In 
«S«Hrood cemetery under dlrecUon 
iSr wI1r»t«n.. underuker Repr•^. 

Mr. Culler had been a member at- 
ttn<l«d in a body 

■•h.^ (i<.ii!;V !{•• .-■'•• II < '; ' ' 
TtnaC'uli) Iir hue i.i.'. bull iiijuicd; 
thiu. Tluii wiu> ui 6 j.'i Ol I'M k. IU« 
mmuiea before i-.e vn» tovuia. 
•1 tiioii^-;.- :.. ••■ ' '• • ■■■• >•■.«:•"'• 

that I turiinl iirst; wiitdn*! liliii. He I 
COlitlmuil n.ii;.'i.'-iii il I liiKiIU •.lop- 
ped »H'i.;:i: i; vl.ii. I' •'•■1-^ .''I'M 11., 
Iront—oX-tv*' •*' ^ Hr^tJ::«-r -^rocrrr! 
flora two d(K'ih e»-t of BiwuniUe nve- j 
r.iir. Tho llijiwi' '• > "rrr>l to ti.« . 

R«>IU.NA .»>N TKKKII.I. | 

RunoDk Ann ' Temll. \h* infant 
<l^«|luer of ' Mr. uid Un Raymond | 
Terrlll of MtrahCtrld. dird in ■ : 
Sprlngfitid liocpittl till* mrvrninf' ' 
ruuml sfrvlc** win b« it Mirth- 
(l«M tomorrow •ItrrnotjD at 3 30 . 
o'clock. Arrangenifnti ire under the . 
direction oi the 'Aim* Ix>hmertr i 
runerml home ; 


feV** •-. ;.»1*teNtB MAN 

Ttit bofft of noirnco Demi. Sf wlio 
»«4«<^ta 0|Uc«(e, ni, wui arrive btn 
"t 4:4» o'etoek IMs arteruonii Puncral ' 
*«rrive» «yi b« cwutJucled kt 2 oclocu j 
"TTftttftdiiT altviaoon'M the home oi i 
IWT aunt. Mra L. U. VIrker*. loos [ 
Ssherraajj avtnur ihf Rcvrrmd M. 
6. SuUUi yiiU oUlciale. laUnuat will 
iMflir.lfawlwood eematrnr under dl- 
r*et|Oil ©C.tlic Campbell (imerail Jiome 
J<iM Dean Is tunrlved »r one aute- 


Fiiiifral arrrlCM for Abner M Col- 
lint, U. «i;i b* roiMlU4-it(i at 3 30 
o'clock rhur*di7 at V>rona. Tlie 
bodj will b« l^in to VrruM* hy thr 
i^lma Lohmajar fuoaral bom4. 

.M.tii«iii:~M. ».»tti:n 

I f uitfrkl tcrxlc** (or Mr* klaigi* M ' 
I Batten. 40, who dietf at Iter noma on i 

rniit- 4 li'f l««i lll»^^ will b* hrlrt I 
, ThutMlay morning at )0 orlork at i 

I * — • t ■ 

j wiu be In charg* of Iha ftoTrrrod Mrs ; 
I W. 8. Brnnrtt BiirHI will b* In ' 
, Mount Ollead rrmnrry nrar Bolitir. I 

Page I: The will of T. G. Ray was filed for probate.** 
Marriage licenses issued.** 
Abner M. Collins died.** 
Mrs. Artelia Isabelle Drennan died.** 
Page 3: Mrs. O. P. Moody died.** 

Mrs. Anna B. Gaddy sues to divorce Joseph A. Gaddy of Franklin county They 
were married June 22, 1928, at Carthage. She was his second wife. He dirvorced his first wife 
DoUie M. Gaddy in Greene county on July 5, 1 927. 
Page 4: Estates in probate.** 
Page 6: Ramona Ann Terrill died.** 
George W. Roper died.** 
Mrs. Margie M. Batten died.** 
Mrs. Christine Smith died.** 
Births announced.** 
Page 12: Robert W. J. Smith left his property to his widow Mrs. Mettle E. Smith. 
Joseph S. Maybee of Lockwood and Miss Irene B. Brown of Springfield were 
married. They will live on a farm. 


Title to tb« home wtate of 161 
seres of Und waa bequeathetl to his 
widow, Un. Matilda Ray, by T. O. 
Ray. wbo died near Battlefield, Mo., 
recently, according to tbe terma of 
Uie will filed In probate court yester- 

8be la to hold the estate durtns ; 
ber lifetime aud at her death it is to | 
be divided between their children, 
John Ray. Oolda Boyjain, Annie Dale, j 
riorliM Ray. and Maggie McCroekey. j 
Tba wife alao la permitted to chooee j 
one cow and one horse for her' owu 
uae. The^ balance of the property if | 
given to tbe children. 


Fiineral aervtces for Mrs. Artella 
Isabelle Drennan, 59. «UI t>e con- 
ducted at Seymour today at 2 JO 
o'clocic. W. L. Btarnc, undertaker. 
«lll be Ic charge of burial there. 


Funeral services lor Mrs. O. P. 
Moody, wife of SUte RepresenUUve 
O. P. Moody of Lawrence county, who 
filed at Jeflerbon City Sunday, will 
te held at the First Baptist church at 
Mt. Vernon Saturday afternoon at 
3 o'clock. Burial will be In the Mt. 
Vernon cemetcrj*. 


Witeii^e NiiiTies 

tM7 ipu ity* ttsppUy 
cm AfUr." 

Kbt tbt *n& of m tmixj atory but 
nwrely Jad^ O. A. HUtotard ttart* 
Ing tti« o«« ytar OCT by perform- 
tnc • wadding Mftmoay<«iMl wlab- 
Ing Um mvlyprwinuppUMM. 

The newly ««da ««r» Joseph S. 
Itoytee, of LodnMod. ud UUm 
,Ir«o« Jk>BRiwn,'eC SprtagiilaUI. «1m 
wocbt JodgV'&tibWNL la ^munl* ' 
clp*l ootirt to pertotm tbetf cert* 

*Tb«tli tlw kind of ft. oou^ I 
Ti|bi^4o_a»t|." . Jodgo Hoiiterd 
Mid. ■*'tMptTlui»fmnta9A • nle« 
Yann hoak for bU brid* and they 
«r« going t<) MttUt down In tbt 
ootiAUy. and X predict ttaey-malca 

Executrix Named 
To Handle Estate 
Of William R ogers 

Mtrtln L.- Howard of Republic wm 
kppolnUd »4linlnUtr«tor ot the eatat* 
of Uartb* E. PhllUp* of Republic by 
Judge Job* H. Fftlnnan of the Greene 
county probata court today. The 
woman died December 17. A niece. 
Dorotlir V^y nanagan. reUnqulataed 
rlgbt to be admlnlatratrli. 

Mary A. Roger*, widow of WUUam 
O. Rogers. wa» appointed executrU 
of hlB caUte. 

Application for appointment a* 
guardian was granted Mrs. Vema M. 
Dlahman. 1340 Waahlngton avenue. In 
connection with the ahare of Laura 
Marte Dlshman, 16. In tbc eetate of 
B. O. WlUU, The girl u a minor heir 
entitled to abare In Webeter county 
and Oreene county property. 



Birth of- a daughter December 34 
ia announced by fir. and Mr*. O. W. 
Amenaan. 801 Leren avenue. She baa 
been named Kocipa Dell. 

Mr. and Mia. W. T. Myers, 801 
'North Broadway, announce the birth 
of a son. Frankle Jean. January 6. 

Mr. and Mra. C. it. Luce, 1484 Weat 
Olive street, announce the birth of a 
daughter. Virginia Lee, January 5. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Feltmeler. 
630 South. Florence avenue, report 
the blrtb of a daughter. Florence 
Carol, January 6. 

m/Irriage licenses 

I C'ftu/e E. Buctiicr. 21. and Mariha 
! Ami -rf omas. 21. both of Fair Orore. 

and BrPd RtiMi. *0. "«»tJ !>«" Rowln. 

37. 4ibth or Sp<U>K"*'f^ 




Funeral eerrlcea for Ramona Ann 
TerrlU. Infant daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Raymond TerrUI. of Marahfleld. 
will be conducted at aao o'clock to- 
day at Alma Lohmeycr Funeral 
chapel. The child died at a 8prU»g- 
field hoaplUl yeaterflay morning. 
Burial win be In the Marahfleld ceme- 


Funeral aervloea for George W. 
Roper. 67. wlU be conducted at 2:30 
o'clock today at Stame mortuary. 
Burial will be In EaatUwn cemetery. 
He died Monday ulght at bla home. 
623 Souili Fort avenue. 

Funeral aerilcea for Mrs. Margie 
M. Batten will be conducted at 10 
o'clock today at KUngner Funeral 
home. The Reverend Mr*. W. B. 
Bennett will officiate. BurUl will be 
In Mount Gllcad cemetery near Boli- 


The body of Mrs. ChrUtlne Bmlth, 
52. who died at her home. 3137 North 
Jefferson avenue from injurtes In an 
auto accident a.ueek ago last Sun- 
day. was sent to Rogers. Ark., for 
burial by the Kllngner Funeral borne. 

.»BNr.B M. COLl.IN«i 

Funeral services for Abner il Cu'.- 
llns. 86. will be conducted a: 2:30 
o'cMcIc today at Verona. Tbe Alma 
Lohmeyer Funeral home will take the 
body there today 


Page 1: Mrs. Gus Marx died.** 

Page 4: "Veteran pastor dead"-but the article is so blurred I cannot make out the name. 

Page 10: Daniel E. Patterson died.** 

G.M.Toole died.** 

Willis E.Morris died.** 
Page 13: Miss Edith Marshall and Mr. Loyd Hitchcock were married.** 

mtlm^. t« »r««x-.j6a*,. »;mwras tltatt u U h Htf 

.if^iv »rr-~^.r*"^ '*•'"*-"*■ v»4jrf' >uit . 

At .or uinx lliiu 't • •■i.'i. v-iitij.' iA >'Mj>i» J:bt u'l'^i iii>» i' •' ' 

1iTn>i4ft 'U- ••'.l^' i » ir 1 ii(ir:« .r>»r,»r »uiii -[i-n irj."..'ii m^'w-'-.L-L i.i<t 
1.19 jM L «»r!0»iB •^Hil:I.;<^•I. .:.. M»r"'«,l >.< ••i>uir,« . iit.f.< il .I'.'il.ul 



Mri. Out UMi. long time rctldnit 

i>: Springfield, who came litro In 1B84 
died thi( morning at her home. 436 
Btate *tr«et. at 11 :U o'clock after • 
lliiftrrlng llhitst.. I 

Mr*. Marx' was Uie wife of Ouk i 
Man. proprietor of tbr Marx Qloth- 
Ing company on St. Lioula str«et. She 
I* imrvivrrt by her huabaiicl and t»o 
soni, Manny and Arthur Mart. Fun- 


ei-«l aervlcea probably will C con- 
ducted Sunday afternoon at tbe horn* 
with burial under direction of the 
Hermnn Lohmeyer Funeral home. 

I ■ ■ » 11 I III - 

ItAMBI, F.. l*.%TTi:il 

Daniel «. Tatte raim, *a_ 
f morning at hit home, mf , 
i utreet. tt^llowltig a brief |||n 

' ence. oue danithter. Mr;- FraBTj 

Cloy, and one bruUirr, w. 0.1 
I (on, all of aprlugflcid Bur 
■ In Uapl« p»rk cemetery 



rangcmenu. under direction 

Kllngner F^inera' 
t PMt. 


honit, tn .1 

Mr> fml J. MwrahAlI ha* •nhounced 
ttM, ^URlan DC hi* daughUr. Bdtlh. 
toMt.-Ut* ai«Db«ciek. Tb* wMdiAg 
w»C' 69lM«ito<l IM«Mnber aa at 'the 
htmrttVm hrMa'a sUt«r. Mra Uwirge 

Mr. antf Mn. Hitchoock «re at 
IjOWl •« MQ Ktrtli Hatlonai avanua. 

<!. ^^. TOO! I 

U M T.oilr 85. lonu ll.iie 
-"f-Mpiiiil{ri»IfI dIed'Oiik fr.i 

hi* home. Illu Forrrgit t\tn 
■ liiB a brief i:Ii.,m ||r 

li) the widow ai.U ou« li* 
i Jenny Sheehan. of M 

Funeral arranrrnient* »re 

but will prolttlily be lirli 

• ftrrnoon at the Hem\an 

meyet Funeral home. 

' Wont waa reealfSdTnTWi 
In . c ' lb* death In St Ujul* at 

11* C. Morrla. 23. of I Mi North Boulv 
', Tard He is *ur\i\ed by hU tatiiarj 
I Ch*rleii Mr..-ri» of 'he home artdrea*,'* 
I and one uncle J*ine* A. Uorrli, mtt 

33« Hovey »tie«t The body will ar** 
, riTs In Bprlnxfleld Friday monklac 
' Kllngtter Funer*l hon»e brra W«| 


take charite ArT*ii?emenu art at] 
yet InccMnpletr. 

Page I: The will of Mrs. Julia A. Hovey Colby was filed for probate. She left personal 
things to various friends. 

Robert H. Nelson died.** 
Page 5; Mrs. Gus Marx died.** 

Ellis S. Hawley died.** 

George M. Toole died.** 

Nathaniel E. Patterson died.** 

Willis E. Morris died.** 

Mrs. Ellen Shelton died.** 

Mrs. Neaty A. Young died.** 
Page 6: Melvin W. Gustin died.** 

Bllla 8. Hawley. 63. died jresterday 
at tila borne, 748 Weat Olive atreet. 
followlog •lingering illness. He was 
a veteran of the 8panl8b>Amcrlcan 
war and was a member of the Jobu 
J. Pershing Poet No. of tbe United 
SUtM War Veterans. He U stirvlved 
by Ills wife and one son. O. W. Haw- 
ley of Tulsa, two sUters. Mrs. Alice 
Caxnell, Fair Orbve. and Mrs. Laura 
Nleliola of Wlnfleld. Kan. He also Is 
aunrlved by two nieces. Mrs. C. M. 
I^nbee and Mrs. C. A. McMillan. 
botb of Springfield. Punrral arrange- 
ment* ata tmder direction of Herman 
H. "Lohmeyer. Burial will be In Na- 
tional cemetery. 

Punenl Mnrlees for Urs. Ous Man 

probably irill b«r eortducted from tbe 
|iQaM^<4M BUU atnet. Sunctoy. Ar- 
ifsnadtt. dtnetton «f 
le^sf l^intMl iioDM. 

at$^mU^ of Gas Man. owner of tbe 
iiiux Olotblns company. She Is sur- 
.m*d by two sons, Manny and Arthur 


II Judge. R. H. Nehou 

of Christian County, Buried 

MISSOURI'S Ozwks ■bill* have loet ^ 
a plctureKjuc i^w! eccentric 
pioneer with the de»Ui ol Kobert H 
NeUon. civil war veteran and lormer 
probate Judge of ChrUtlan county, at 
hla borne In SpartA Wednesday. 

For aoma unknown reaaon. Mr. 
NeUon had never had a liatr-cut. and 
wore hla hair In bralda. thua attmctT 
ine considerable j»ttent;on Irom pcr- 
WU3 *^honi lie i'^iucrd to meet Sev- 
eral >ears atjo while campalgiUng for 
election a.s probutc JndRf he made 
hl.s whole canipnlgu lUrougliOui ilie 
billy comity afoot, relueing the u»e 
of vehicles oflered by his fnendb 

Mr. Nelson waa 87 yeara old He ' 
was t)om In Teunesoec. and moved 
to Christian county 65 jears agp. He 
Is survvlved by his wife. Mr». France* 
Nelson one *oii. Arminda Nel«oi.. 
and IW.O clniighterf. Mrs Newlon 

James and Mr% Salome SUlpmat: a'.l 
of i:ear Spar'.a 

Kiineral ^ez\ .c«f- \ tzr cii:uu ;ec! 
>ebterday aliemoun at fAo ocIocS 
Ht the family home in Sparta. «-'h , 
the Reverend Blljah HsnkA 
lug. Burial waa In the Ma^onc 
cemetery at Sparta. with service's^ 
conducted by O J Vaughan. D D ' 
G M.. of Ozark, and members rf 
!?p..ita l<-dse A K aud AM f j 

Funeral aervlcea lor Oeorgc M. 
Toole. 85. will b« conducted at 3 
o'olock today at Herman H. Lob- 
meyer Funcrml home. Burial will be 
la Maple Park cemetery. Mr. Toole 
died yeaterday tnomlng at his home. 
1110 Forreat avenue. He was an old 
time resident of Springfield. He la 
lurvlved by his wife and one daugh- 
Icr. Mrs. Jenny Sbcehan of Miami. 


Funeral services fr>r Dunlcl li. Pnt- 
tcrson will be conducted at 'i o'clock 
Saturday afternoon at the Kllngncr 
Puneral chapel. Burial will be lu 
Maple Park cemetery. He died yeo- 
tcrday at taU home. 1647 High street, 
following • brief lllnesa. He Is sur- 
vived by hlB wife, one son, Clarence, 
and * daughter. Mrs. Frank Pomeroy. 
He also la survived by one brother, 
N C. Patterson, also of Springfield. 


I-Hineral arrangementa for Willis E. 
Morris. 33. of lua North Boulevard, 
who died yeaterday In St. Louis, are 
incomplete. Kllngner Funeral home 
IS^ In charge. Ho la survived by his 
father. Charles Morris, and' an tiiicle, 
Jiunes A. Morris, of 326 Hovey street. 


M. W. Gustin Published News- 
paper at Lebanon for 
Forty Years 

Melvln W. Qtiatln. S5. veteran 
Ozarks n,ewipaper man, died UM 
night here at the home of hi* aoo. 
J. D. Ouetln. (oUoirlng a alMrt ni-> 

Otutln. who waa well known orar 
the Oxarka. began bU newipaper 
career when he ptnchaaed a paper at 
Lebanon In 1868. He pnbllahad Xbm 
paper there for 40 yeara. He also 
published papers at Rlchlanrt. 
Tuscumbla, HaitTllle and Salem. 
Was Veteran of War 

A veteran of the CItU war. Mr. 
Otistln followed his three years of 
aendce In the Union army In an 
equally colorful career aa a country 
Journalist, his friends say. 

He came to Missouri from his boma 
In Michigan In 18S8. He first settled 
ttear liebaiton. and two days after tba 
Battle or WUson Creek, ha enlisted 
In the Union army. 

Dtirlng bis enlistment be nsrer 
mlased a day of serrlce. He cngag«d 
In the tMktUea of Monday Bill. Pea 
Ridge, and parUelpated in the alege 
and surrender of Vlcksburg. He waa 
a member of Company A, Sixth Mis- 
souri Infantry. 

Wife Vied Recently 

His wUe died a year ago last June. 
He Is survived by his son and one 
daughter, Mrs. Thomas F. MlUer, cf 
Lamar. Funeral arrangements are 
Incomplete. The body will be ship- 
ped to Richland where services prob- 
ably will be conducted Saturday. W. 
L. Starne undertaker. Is In charge. 


Mrs, Neaty A, Young, 79. of Straf- 
fonf, died last nigbt at her home. 
Funetal arrangements are under dl- 
recttOBV o€ Kllngner Funeral home. 
8b« to \nrTlTed by aeven aoiu and 
thr«* dangbtcrs. They arc: John. 
kOtia, Robert and Abb, of 
StntOovda Oharlce, Stegar. Ill-, and 
Ro^ar. of VBooker. Okla., and Mra. T. 
B. Orave^ Tulsa: Miss Marguaret 
Young, aijd Mrs. J. P. Turner. An 



• Mr*. Ellen eiiclton, ea, cikU nl licr 
Home nt 1222 East Pacific Pfrrrt 
enrly last night after & lingering III- 
IMM. Siie Is survlvml by her husband. 
WllUam P. Bhelton. six sons and threa 
daughters. The sons are Frank Bhel- 
ton. oC TuUa. Okla.. Albert. Jake. 
James. WlUlara and Eddie, all of 
Springfield. The cfaughtera are Mrs. 
Clarenc* Pike, of St. Louis, Mo.; Mrt*. 
Rufua Cook, of Ozark, and Mrs. 
Cbarlea Noble, of Springfield. Funeral 
irrangemento arc Incomplete. Burial 
vlll be made lo Oreenlawu cemetery. 


Page 1: Albert B. Blair died.** 

Mrs. Glerma Dumell sues to divorce Homer Durnell. They were married April 29, 
1925, and have a child John Robert, aged 2. 

Marriage license: James L. Camp, 21, and Audra V. Telia, 23, both of Springfield. 
Page 18: Melvin W. Gustin died.** 

Willis E. Morris died.** 
Douglas D. McCandless died.** 
Evelyn Mae Weaver died.** 
A. A. Lingo died.** 
Mrs. Gus Marx died.** 
Ellis S. Hawley died.** 
Page 21: Miss Emily Jane Fort and Mr. G. Terry Robinson were married.** 

->-. . *■ ' . ^'v^y*^ 

Mr. and Un Chsrl«^ Port. IS30 
•duU> Oamphall a««i>u«. bav* sn- 
attnneti Um aiarrlao e( th«lr dauch- 
«ll; Sally Jtm.'io m, O. Tury Jtob- 
fiiMd ot Veto aea«b. Cat Tba ear. 
tmoar «•• pwrle n nad Daeambtr S7 
'in Kanaa* Cltr. Mo., at th« botne of 
the orilcUtljig mliiliier. tb« R««crcDd 
Stephen B. Campbell. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robinson wlU make 
their borne In Vcro Bekcb. 



' ■ -i- 

Albart 8. Matr, M. for SS y«an 
an amploya oC^.th* Trtaeo raUrqad 
here, died auddanlr yeeterday *rA. 
noon at Tbayar, Mo.. foUowiitg a brief 
illnrrr.. He la sarriwd by iii« wife, 
who la ill at ib^ home, W38 Norlh 
Benton^yenu*. - 

Mr. BUIr. employed by thr rnnco i^ 
a fr«l«ht conductor, left hero yeiter- 
day on bit regular run to Thayer. H< 
left hta train th«>« and asKrd that he 
ba rsUered on account of ticliner*. 
Uia cvodiuon graw aertous and rail- 
road aaiplojraa at Tbayar aummoiied a 
pbyalstaa. 'vtao iinmadlst^y arranfed 
for l(r.<«latr^.tniiwpeirl»lton back to 
•prtaglMd. He laptM^uinto udcod- 
aelooaneaa and died JMvw minutas 
l^tar. Th« limn ■nrrjniiii tbia aru 
arneoo from Tbayer eSiba Kllngner 
Ftaaaral booM took dJMi. 


MELVIN n-. Ql 
Metvin W. Ouatin, u i 
40 yaara publltber ef^ 
nawapaper. died here 
Wie-»ewe e f -fata ao«r,; 
fbllewlng a brief tilr _,^ 
Mr. flutllit pnbllKhed^ 
RU-hlaiid. Tuki'imihla. Ha. 
JRalrm ditrliiR hln rolorful' 
I a ne«ep«p«iinnit o( the 
• tio.i • Mr inirrii»»rd 
tiSX. Il l Jl flM . a li u ti- , ^_ 
1 1» period of <0 yriirn H^ \ 
Wm \rt<Tuii. Cc'iiilDK 
from Ulchlfan in I8M.^| 
settled near Lebanon. 
mMtatety in fhe Union 
<!§>•» after tlm hmile uf 
Hla r«cord ru> a xoldirr 
high standiiiK. He par 
the battle* of Monday 
I Ruige and the r.vr.r nf 
«ai a inenil>rr nf Compaal 
MlMourt liifaiiiry. Kunii. 
.Mil b* oornhH-te^ a^9-s(rgt 

urday momlng at the W, 

Mortuary The remain* win* 
ahipped to Richland for 

niiLi.s r. MOKbuuM 

Mineral aervtm fiir-wniRI 
rla will be conducted at ini 
Saturday niuruiriR at Uta tt 
Funeral ciunni. Th. niaee^^^ 
haj Cot aa lat be..,, <<t t e i B 

— m 


r.uxH HrsBAN* eoiL* 

tin. OtaBM 
Dunwff f«r dnont la 
«oM to 

tlMtr •hUAMiw BetaBCa 
•ad >lao tU • fMtoh 
fc- bin. Tb«7 «•!« ■MitM AatS li. 

OOt'OUm Mrl'ANt 

nnuKliiii D McCmKllraii. 
of Mr ivrid Mm ri A. 
aoia North Broadwmy. cl 
■ t th« home following » ' 
Th» bodr wM Uk»n o»»r 

to I,lnrijli> iol biirlnl In 

cemcury by tlie Klin|o«(^ 
horn* tirre. 

f;\r.l.\N M\r mi;avi 

Evelyn M*r Wfavrr Inf 
If I uf Ml "iina~>ti 
Lr.m Dio»«r Mirrl. illf'l lli 
•I th» hoiur. Funfr«l 
under direction o( tti* KII 
u»r»I honi». »r^ tnromph 

\. \. I.IXIO 

WrST n MNH M.-> . J«n. 
l;i\((o. R7. of Aiii\. M'. . pl0D»«I 
drill i>f Mi>»>;l i"<ii>>y »'>d b| 
I Jud|t» E»rl IliiRO. •oiilt 


Judge of il>e lIo«»n count] 
• died Bt hl» home \v*<lnp«diy] 
I influttua. Mr TJngo h«d ' 
^ w e ui u i Ho trwrfomny so 

Funeral eertlcet for 
!Mtr»- will be conducted 

o'clotk Sunrtsv ■fterinwn «t 

addrew-. 4a.'i Hi«le Mreel B« 
I be made In «he Jrwlnh ceD»^ 

dtr direction of the Herm*Dl 

roeyer Funeral borne. 


runarat a«r»lc«» tor KlUa B. 

Mondar aflemoin al the H*nni 
Lohmeyei Funeral otoapel. " 
wlU b« la Matiooal t»a»%»rt- 
direction of the Spanlah-/ 
.gir Vt'.eri 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 3: A daughter Sara Elizabeth Butler was born January 6 to Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy 
Butler, 2148 N. Main avenue. 

Page 4: Miss Emily Jane Fort and Mr. G. Terry Robinson were married.** 

Mrs. Sophronia O. Miller was appointed to administer the esate of her husband 
Charles E. Miller who died December 20, 1928. 
Page 8: Albert H. Blair died.** 

Mrs. Gus Marx died.** 

•W.S. Whitehead died.** 

Melvin W. Gustin died.** 

Evelyn Mae Weaver died.** 

Mrs. Beatrice White died.** 

Ellis S.Hawley died.** 

Willis E. Morris died.** 
Page 14: Mrs. Oscar P. Moody died.** 



^r.^R*^'*""'- ''• Nlang.iB. Mo. and 
rhL>*i'- /:• SP^'"f -'«'■ Ora S. 
^vivm r ' "* Aiigclrs. Cal . and 
j^jj,^ '»8uewood. 21. NixH. Mo; and 
t'i,. J- Camp. 21, unci Atidra U. 
iciia. DWh W«prUniicId 

— -i 


^fiss Fort Married 
To Mr, Robinson 

R^.i *^ **"• Charles Fort. 1320 
^11 S^Pb«JI avenue, announce 
Uie marriage of their daughter. Emilv 

V«ro Beach. Cal. 

n^^^^^'^lZ** Performed by the 
H«TtrM»«pb«j B. Campbell at hla 

S^!l?*^ City. Mo, December 

^w^f^'w*"** *'"^ RoblMon wUl make 
their hdme ia Califomta. 


State Representative George O. 
Reed, of Greene county Is a member 

01 a delegation of three from the 
I'.o'.iso of rrpre«eritfttlves to attend 
the funeral of Mrs. Oscar P. muv^v. 
wife of RepresentatUe Moody from 
LAwrence county, at Mt. Vernon at 

2 o'clock thla afternoon. 

Other representatlTea are J. S. Mc- 
Queen of Barry county and Mr. 
Orlggs of Jasper county. They ar- 
rived In Springfield yesterday. They 
win return to Jefferson City Sunday 
to be present at the Inauguration of 
OoTemor-elect Henry 8. Caulfleld at 
a Joint session of the house and sen- 
ate Monday. 

I < 




Funeral anrangemenU for Albert H. 
BUlr, for M years an employe of the 
FrUco railroad, are Incomplete. The 
Kllngner Funeral borne la In charge. 
Mr. Blair died suddenly at Thayer 
after becoming 111 mhlle working. He 
was a freight conductor. He Is sur- 
vived by lUa wife, who is HI at. i>er 
home, 2038 North Benton avenue. 

Funeral aervloes for Mrs. Ous Mars 

wlU be conducted at 3:30 o'clock 
Sunday afternoon at the home. 435 
8tat« street. Burial will be 1l Hazel- 
wood cemetery under direction Her- 
man H. liOhmeyer Funeral home. . 


W. S. Whitehead. form»r Springfield ' 
resident, died Tuesday morning at hia 
home In Tulsa. Funeral services were 
oonducted there Tburada". Ui. and 
Mra. K. L. Fields, and Ann* Ftelda. 
of Springfield, attended the serrlcee. 
BITS. Fields U • sister of Mr. White- 

Mrs. Beatrice White. 29. died last 
night at the home of her brother, 
L. L. Olore 1331 Frisco street, fol- 
lowing a brief illness of Influenza. 
Mrs. White conrrnccd the lll^.''^s 
wUUe Burslng her lour children, three, 
of which arw- crltlcaUy lU wlU^ UtK 
disease at the Olore home. They .Were 
brought to Springfield whqfl the 
whole family became beditJt. 8b« 
Is sun'lved b/ her husband. William 
1 While, \klio lives or. ^ Jar~. en rcjte 
I No. 1, and four children. Beatrice. 
Mary. William and Norblt. She also 
issurx-lved by her parents. Mr. and Mrs. 
B. T. Glore; four brothers. L. L. and 
N. S. Olore of Springfield. C. M. Olore 
of Los Angeles, and B. F. Glore. of 
Denver. She also 'Is survived by a 
sister, Mrs. D. T. Conway, of Denver. 
Funeral arrangements are under di- 
rection Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral 


Funeral services for Melvln W. Gus- 
tln. 83. will be conducted at 9:30 
o'clock todsy at Startle raoruiarv 
Burial win be at Richland. Mo. 

ELLl!!i 8. HAH LEY I 

Funeral services for Ellis S. Hawley '< 
will be conducted at 3 o^lock Mon- I 
day at Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral ! 
chapcL Burial will be in Kai.onal ! 
cemetery under direction Spanish- 
American War Veterans. 


Funeral services for Willis E. Mor- 
ris will be conducted at 11 o'clock 
today at Kllngner Funeral chapel. I 
Burial will be In a Springfield ceme- i 


Funeral services for Evelyn 
Weaver, Infant daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Elda Weaver. 1006 East Brower 
street, will be conducted at Kllngner 
Funeral chapel at 10 o'clock today. 
Burial will- be In Kastlawn cemetery. 

Page 1: Mrs. Louise G. Wallace died.** 
Page 3: Mrs. James K. Vinton died.** 

Miss Josephine Harrison died.** 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Camett died.** 
Page 6: Births reported.** 

Ellis S Hawley died.** 

Albert H.Blair died.** 

Mrs. Gus Marx died.** 

Mrs. Beatrice White died.** 

Mrs. James Smith died.** 

William T. Junkins died.** 



Word was received here today by 
Mr. and Un. W. A. Vmton. lOM 
aoutb Fori ftUcsl, of the Uesth of 
Uto* Jamse K. Vlstea on January lo. 
M^AJo^ Artsona. 


Fuasra) ssrvless for Miss Joecphln* 
HsrrltoB. II. wbo died Friday ai her 
bonM.4M Tm*' ***i)U«. «>n b« con- 
ducted eu»d4y afternoon at I o'eloek 
at the realdsooe. Interment wlU be 
In South Batetwood cemetery, under 
direction Of the CSDipbeU Undertak- 
ing company. 

!trs: Louise G: Wallace, 
Drury Benefactor, Dies 





ged Widow,' Who Gave Generously To College Here ..nd to 

Schools in Lebanon and Elsewhere, Expires 

at the Age of 85 

un. LoalM Orocftbeok Waltaoe. M 
7«an old. wMltby phllanthroput of 

Lebanon. Mo., and v.ldow of W. I. 
W»lUo«. died thU morulng *l bet 
home In L«bu>oa of old «ge. 

Mrt. Wallace wui a plonMr citizen | 
of the Ozarka rrglon. and wog «he| 
donor of both the Clara Thorn p«ou j 
hnll of nuibic ai;d Wallace 1:h11 ol j 
Drury college, lojether with orer \ 
nine other cducallonol lustltuttoiik 
and boine and foreign mlaalons In 
Mlasourl and other state*. She gave 
more tiiau »C0.OOO to the Lebanon 
aich ochool, and building expenses 
of the two halls here at Drury toUled 
mtee than (300.000. 

All business bouses of Lcbinoa «111 
rlo«c foi the funerol iwrvifee Monday . 
alternooikgEtt J o'clock :ii the Cjutite- . 
fBtlonal church. Burial » Ml be made I 
in the Lebanon ocniclery. 

Ckrrled on llukband°i> Iturk i 

. W. I. Wallace w»s. up until the' 
time, of hir death, eapecla^l);^ active lu 
phiuinthroplc work and Jn'the Con- 
gregational church. He was a truo- 
tee of Drury college lor n number of 
jeara. Shortly after his death Mrs. 
WnllMCe took up hln work aud dur- 
ing the Drury college commencement 
•xerolscs of 1934 announced her con- 
tnbuUon to the Mtaeol. tbat of Wal- 
imo* haU. 

- Mr. and Un- Wallace ti«d no cbil- 
dreiv but adoptM « daught*r.^'lara. 
wbo ttarrua Major Sd«ar Thompson, 
•urmen •(. tb« UnltMt 8U(«a <naT7. 
mmT a brother of WUmtr TUompaoo. 
now an Instructor IB mathematics at 
Drury. The foster daughter died 
ahortly alter bar marrtafe. and It 
was at thia time that Mrs. Wallnre ^ 
made the announcement of a second 
cootnbutloD to Drury college, tbia 
tint* In the form of a oopsen-atory of 
music. The Clara Thompson hall, ded- 
Icatad to the inemory of ber focter 

Lebanon's Ucat Friend 
It was aiuiounoed today by D^an 
Jobn H. Bennett of Drury that the 
•ebool would probably bold memorial 
•ervloes some time next waek. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace came to Leb- 
anon frc«n tbe Kaat in IMQ on ibeir 
hoBeymSfi. Uked the cotintry. and 
bad UTt« tb4kt since tbat time, pnt- 
■ f 

mottng bualnees intereeta and edO- 
eatlonal enterprises and actlrely en- 
gaging In church work 

Besides the Lebanon Bigb school 
and Drury college gifu, other dona- 
tions were made to foreign and borne 
mLi&loru. the Children's Home In, 
Council Bluff*. Iowa, loerla Acaoemy 
Rl Rfrl:*, Mo. the Concregntloiial 
church ai Lebanon ard aeveril other 

Mrs. Wallace was described by Leb- 
anon clTlc leaders as "the city'a t>ft 
friend and promoter." 

lablet liiM'rlptl»n 

The Inscription on the bronze tal>- 
let In front of Wallace ball here reads 
as follows: 

"Erected to tbe memory of Waah- 
ingtou Irving Wallace by his wile. 
Louise Orocsbrck Wallas^. 

"Elblc vei5-e— • riie law ol truth was 
III his mouth aud unrlghteoueneea 
v.uJ not louiic: i:i his llpe: he walked 
tn p«ne« end uprlghteoxisjircs and 
turned many away from Iniquity. 

"Malacbl. 6th verse." 


lABAirOir. Mo.. Van. 2»— Double 
funeral akrrloee will be conducted 
here Monday for Mr. and Mm. rvonk 
CarnetC. Mr. Camett was killed last 
Sunday In an niitoniobllo arrldeiit 
near Blloain »|frli>«(«. Ark . ami Mrt. 

oamett died Mat al«bt frocn injurlM 

received lu tbe mlabap. 

The aerTlces will be held at Wew 
Hope. 10 mllea eaat of Lebaron. and 
burial will be made In the cemetery 

Mr ar.U Mr.i. KvKcnc Wicker. 0T< 
West .5coit street, armonnce the bitttil 
ol a tlnuyhur. Palrlclii Louise. Janu-j 
arv 11. I 

Mr and Mrs. Paui M<-Cleriioii. for- i 
merly ol Springfield. wlw> now raalde 
In 8t. Louis, announce tbe birth of a 
son. William Paul, on January 10. 


l«y will b« conducted Mond«y Rflfr- 
noon at 9 oWock •t tb» H* nn»n H. 
Uiiatytr Matnl boa*. Burial will 
lb* in Hattaul c«nieury under dir«c- 
tloD of th« ep«nl«h-Aroerl<»n Wor 
Vetfrkos ol 6prln«<lf Id. 


Funtiml Mtmnc^tnU (or Albert IL 
BUtr. «b« <U*d awMcniy Thurvdtr 
•ttanieoti, ar« m y«l Ineompleu. Ar- 
r«n««m«nU ar* tu charg* of tha 
KUnfoer funaral booia har*. 

Punrral aerrlcea for Mm Ouw 
Mara vlU ba eenduetad at a .SO 
o'eUolr, Sttnday ■ttarnoea at the 
bona. *U auu atraat. BurUl will 
ba -In BaaalKOOd aamatarr under dl- 
raetloa of tba Herman H. Liotima|ef 
funaral betna. Patlbaanra- named 
«ara aa (ollowa: Bmeat Rathbena, O. 
0. Aaynoldi. John Lawlar. Jacob 
lUrehmar, Mot rayman and Rojr 
lUwyar. . 

.-.'VbBaral amngemenla tot Mrn. B«» 
ftUtM Wblta. «ho dltd laat night ut 
Um bona of bar brotlior. U- L. Oloce. 
•M Inoatnpiate. T^t/t H«nu«u H. Loii- 
majar funeral hoib* u in charge, siie 
la aurvlvcd by ber buabaiKI, William 
Wblte, who IlTF« on a farm on route 
No. 1, and lour cJilldrao. Beatfic*. 
Mary, WlUlaiin and Norblt. Bbe aUo 
b '■ur*li:pd by bar paranto. Mr. and 
lOa. B.'P. Olora: four broibata. L. U. 
and N. 8. Olora^-eprtngfteld, C. U, 
Olora of Loa Angelei and B. F. ^toro 
of Oaawr. Sb« alao la aurvWad by a 
alatar, Ura. D..T. Convay of Denver. 


Word has been reeelred here of the 
death Tcatcrday of ilre. Janiee Smith 
of WMtitngton. Ind. Ura. BmlUi «Ka 
the mother of Mr«. Harry E Trr»ter 
of 1700 We«t Atlantic street. She Is 
•urrlved by four aona, all of WakhinK" 
ton. and ona daughter of Balem. lU, 
BurUI WtU ba made in Washington. 

WllUam T. Junklna. 80. of Walnut 
OroTc. Mo., died Friday afternoon 'tt 
n Springfield Uc»pilal lie Is suttIv* 
ed by ona aor and two aUtcra. Fua 
neral serelces will be conducted 8un» 
day afternoon at Mount Pleasant 
eeuwlary. tmder direction of tba Brim 
Undertaking compaiur of Walnut 


Page 1: Willie Anise Calvin is 3 1/2 years old. Her father John M. Calvin will be 83 on 
January 24.** 

Page 2A: There is a long article about Julia Colby. 
Page lOA: Mrs. Beatrice White died.** 

Ellis S.Hawley died.** 

Mrs. James Smith died.** 

Charles W. Anstey died.** 

Joseph Dorrell Bradley died.** 

Albert H.Blair died.** 

Mrs. Gus Marx died.** 

William T. Junkins died.** 
Page IB: There is a long article about Dr. B. F. Finkel and his predictions for the future. 
Page 3B: The mother of Mr. George Hughes of Newburg died.** 

Mrs. James Dunham of Rolla died Saturday. She was the mother of Mrs. Clarence 
Decker of Newburg. 

Mrs. Edith Gord died.** 

Mr. and Mrs. John Watkins have been married 59 years.** [There is a photo of 


Sister Mary Bemetta died.** 

Miss Margery Wright and Herbert Austin were married.** 

Miss Emma Gatewood died.** 

A. King died.** 

Son bom January 7 to Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Carney of Monett. 

A. H. Jordan died.** 

Mrs. Mary Griffen died.** 

Glerm Rentfrow died.** 

Mrs. Woods Hamilton died.** 


Son bom January 8 to Mr. and Mrs. Darlh Boucher of Peirce City. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Looney died.** 

Dean Henry died.** 
Page 6B: Miss Abbie Lewis and Mr. John Holler were married.** 
Page 7B: Miss Dorothy Palmer and Mr. John Wesley Green were married.** 

Miss Agnes Millsap and Mr. Harry G. Edwards were married.** 
Page 9B: A son Billy Engleman, Jr., was born December 16 to Mr. and Mrs. W. A. 
Engleman of Pittsburg, Kan. Mrs. Engleman is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hill, 81 1 
West Pacific street. 

PagelZB: Card of thanks.** 

Mrs. Mary Grtffen of Webb City. | 
widow of the Inte Jo<> Grlffen. was 
burled »t the Hickory Grove ceme- , 

tcrj- T^.^Ir.•<<I3y 

Ule:;:. o. i; 

buT'ed here Mond.iy. He leaves bis ; 
widow Rtid several small children and ; 
his lather. Georre. brother. Ora, , 
and sLitorj. Jane and X^rCa. of this 
place, and hla brotlier. Cliff, ot . 
Springfield. I 

Mra. Sue Axlon of Denver. Colo, 
wan called here by the serious lllncM 
and death of lier mother. Mra. Eliza- 
beth Looney. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Looney. 89. died at 
her home, three miles weat of Peirce 
City, Monday morning. 8he was the 
mother of nine children, elx ot whom 
survive, three aons and thre« daugh- 
ters.. Her husband died 11 years ago. 
She leaves a sister. Miss Tempa Orll. 
and a host of relatives and friends to 
mourn her death. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Looney of i 
Springfield, were called here Monday 
by the death of Mr. Looney's mother, j 
Mrs. Elizabeth Looney. 

Mr. and Mrs Rlley Loonry and the i 
former's sister, of points in Gkl.Thoina.' 

■ were here to attend the funeral of] 
their mother. Mrs. Elizabeth Looney. I 

Dean Henry, son of Mr. and Mra. 
Charlea Henry, died mday. Dec. 4. at 
his home In Miller, aft«r a short IIU 
nesa of pneumonia, runeral services 
were held Sunday afternoon, at the 
Baptist church. Interment In Pleas- 
ant Drove cemetery. 

I A. H. Jordan, age 55, died at his I 

home at Fort Smith. Arlc., January 3. i 
Burial was at Sellgman Mr. Jordon | 
waa a brotherlnlaw of Mrs. AJU , 
Partridge, who resided here for some ' 
years before realenlng her F>otltlon at 
I the \Ve«t hospital 

A. King, a former resident of 
Monett, and uncle to T. L. Wnin- 
wrtght, died at his home in Noel 
Tuesday and burial was at Newtonla. 

Mr. one. Mrs. O. C. Carney an- 
nounce birth of a son. born Monday. 
January 7. 

Mr. and htn. Louis Huffman and 
son James of Springfield, attended 
the funeral of Dean Henry. Sunday. 

Mrs. James Dunham of RoUa died 
suddenly last Saturday. Mrs. Dun- 
bam was the mother of Mrs. Clarence 
Decker ot this place. i 

VlrgU Weaver who has been 111 some 
tima died and was buried Sunday 
afternoon at the Thomas cemetery. 

Sister Mary Bernetta. sister of W. ' 
P conrev. died at Loretta. Ky . 
f. yAJui^.. callnn 

Saturday 5. her niece, in?" , 

and nephew Will Conrey left to at , 
tend the funeral. . ._ ' 

Mr. and Mrs. BUI Inks and sons. 
were called to Oklahoma by the death | 
of their daughter and sister Mrs. ] 
Cdith Oord, who has been 111 some ; 
ttma. She leaves besides her parents, | 
a brother, a sister, two small children j 
and husband. . . . ! 

Mrs. Wood.s;o:i of Waltiut 
Grove died Wodiie*dBv r.r.d vk;'.s buried 
at Oakdale ccnicu-.'\, iifar here, 

Miss Margery Wright, daughter of ' 
Mr. and Mrs. Solon Wright and Her- ] 
bert Austin of Mt. Vernon were mar- j 
rled at home of the brides parents at j 
8 o'clock Monday evening, January 7. 
The ceremony was performed by Rev. 
F. B. Klnell of the Baptist church. 

Miss Emma Oatewood. an aunt to 
Finis Johnson, died at her home In 
Peirce City and funeral services were 
held Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock 
at Weasel funeral home. 

Mf- Hu«b«a. motbar of Mr. Oeorge 
nughw. «ll«<i >n Corslcana. Teias, 
and bar body was brought to DUon, 
Mo^'IuBcral aervloes were conducted 
Tbonday- Those from Newburg at- 
tending the services were: Mr. and 
Mra. Geo. Hughes. Mr. and Mrs. R. D. 
'WUaon. O. D. Ward and wife. Mr. 
'8am Montgomery and wife. Mr. Homer 
Booiton. Miss Helen Houston and 
Mrs. Van V. Eltlng. 



tfUCdt. Uf f-Mi LJI9G&9iOi 

To communicate with ntiontd, ^ving belhgt ot. cither 
planetfl — ~ ^ . 

To shoot a rocket to the moon — 

To proIong^ human life indefinitely, predetermine sex, 
and have absollute control over alJ disease — 

These and a thousand other fantastic and inconceivable; 
things are seei^by Dr. ^ F. Finkel, head of the departHient ; 
!r,f jscioncc and mathematics at Driiry collpgo. a.« sane, soien-' 
tific possibilities for the future. He mentions merely the 
fantastic ones. Doctor Finkel explains — the inconceivable' 
ones he cannot think of, or he would predict them. too. 


' Not tl.nt lir fxprrf'! to ]\\f to nr* 

I them. uiideTStnnd— nor yet that hfl 
expects you or tae to do so. In f«ct, 
be concede* that It may take 100 
million years to acconipltsh iK>nie of 
them. But considering advancea In 
WttDM ffiMI«V|B\U>* i«rt IltU* ««!• 
tury. and the fact that the human 

mnit -dntioito mut ■. s«ois«tric*i 

profrceslon. Docttnr rinkel bellevea 
that nothing U Unpoaalble if the hu- 
man race endurei long enough. 
. U virtually iiolhliie; end 
Doihlnii on tlUa' earth. He doe* be- 
llere that it wUI be impoeilble. ever. 
for a man to leave thia earth and 
then return to U— «a on a Journey 
to the moon 

earths atmoephere U Ituitaatly coo- I 
aumed. And in the laat place, even i 
If bp got there alive, he couldn't IItp j 
in the o«rbon-<Uostd« atmospberc of I 

the moon, and he would have no way ( 
to get back to earth. 

But on the earth Itself, Doctor 
Finkel t>elleve« thai virtually nothing 
to, too fantastic to be pOMlM* of 
rcaltcatlefi. "nriitn la no ' limit to 
I the po«w)b!llty of development of the 
taunian mind." he says: "and thve 
to no lUait to what man may' kjum." 



In the first place, he explain 
(jraniMiK 11, « i,oa,-lblllty uf »ljoollin( 
a man as far as the moon on come 
sort of rorket— It would take an ex- 
traordinarily preclae aim to hit a 
speck a* small as the moon. And 
If the traveller should miss hia des- 
tination, tip •.(onlfl simply go on 
hunllnx i.'irouRh^ In an etuf- 
leas tnteratellar Journey. 

In the aecond pl«e«. If by aome 

mintoJe of accuracy he did bit the 

moon, he would merely make a tiny. 

Inappreciable dent in It and dlsap- 

I pear— much as a raei«or atrlklog j 

Alieiiiji>iii.f.' ai me iiii.-«;ii.K I'l l.ic 
yuncncan Asaocistlon for the Ad- 
^MKWUieut of BotojM* and MMwtated 

.ft ,j«sw TwH xjiar. jnm 

tan>ed. has If aaytblng eren In- 

UvMfWkiUaaaattdMo* la th» >n«u«M 

lotf ^i^MUMvabW )M>aen>01tidk tor fW 

tm' iitr^lopmtMk Wip^rU of «l»| 

■ ri eo ttoto bt/n Moo*. mmI «r* doiag 
^mmia an InlM-tf ttwt WfpP*' 
«iUNt£4a Um TwWatuUtiw of l(^ bo. 

mon mind ;o develop ;n poier and 
increase la tnnwi»^gt yean b«o Doctor Fin- 
kel predicted that during hu o« 
time "the a;, will be fllletl v.i-.a fij . 
ing macbloee as it U wuh bimn" 


That pnpbt^Jtam to*«n TUtuAlly Xnl- 
lillctf— th«r« m«y not b« quit* y«t u 
numy AUpUoM. •«■ Umc* v* blrd^ 
he ooBcedM. but they do fly by bun- 
dmie. A peraoncl wUti pcrbap* 
fathectd that propb*cy — even then 
Doctor FInkrI hop«<1 to fly hi» own 
tiukcblne. mnd b« atlll doM. H« baa 
ridden ID a plana and found It a 
ihiilllng eiperlcnee, but will not be 
sntudcd until he can pilot bu own 
plane. "I doot areti like to rida in 
■n ■utomobtle. unle« I can drlre it 
mv^flf." he explains 

I t 



Twenty yean a«o be pradlctad 
'■ televieion. whleb la now rudely ae- 
complUhad and on the Targe •. pcr- 
tecUOB. Tba day to ttet far ott, De6* 
u>t Puikal aaja. "wliiu y«a oaa att 
at yevu telepbone and whlla yo ' tail 
lu ^e brre aea ma and tbia 
aa eleaily aa y«u tf0> now. * 

Mr*, rtaui -WbiwttatStf 
that eba bopw «l^»''^~ 
to paa«. aooM iett ti MnMk w10 te 
pirytided for emet g aael co — la «aa»'bpa 
mtfrht not wi*b to be looked at. 

Tbare u a lay belief — relic. D« 
doubt, of •etaool day«~wlMa etudeola 
"Just bate" alccbra and' (aoaactry— 
that matbciBaUoe bi "dry and duet." 
and neaa. pcoeale ataCf. Ta( no fv- 
tuii«t poet baa a more vtrtd and cbal- 
lenglDB lma(inatlor than Doctor 
Ptnkct. eeee larfer vlaloita or aajoyi 
tbem mora. It. matbemaUca be Xlnda 1 
thrtlla. faadnattoB and gra«t a.i^n- ' 
twrr aed tn xdenoe an expaiMUnc tu- 
toa bayootf ataa bla broad eos^ira. 

:4 '■ < . « 

^ -~ . . . , ■ ^ 

It IS maUiamatlaa. ' ka polata oat. 

*♦.-» m«Vp« «rt^n^« fl^JlSt** — -mii^^* »f 

powlble to apply It to practical prob- 

•>«»•> ^JMa«^«B^|tM^MM^li»;aig»^pDrk. 

ed o«t wtd |iroM4 kbi M<iUHN9Uitlc«] 

Electric.; P""-'""":"",. " .^^ ' lears 
^TVtH about two B. '..-J^ i^ar 

amber, ^ 



■--«|. more than two mlllenUini*- 


Aniertoau. working independeiuiy on 
oppoelto Bidea of the Atlautlc. an- 
jl2UllCSd_l.ljr_M>i>c <n-v.ovrri-U,r re- 
^-■i«« nt flectrtcItT and m agngtlMn. J 
That was le«i than 100 jeani ago— | 

CT aiicT aerrtopment of electrical 

-^2Z!le^y revolutloulred tl>e »orM. 
Flii^itllrtrt ft-T" (beU discovery. 
f^^;S5rwmA tortl»*nt btologut do« 

^ih*qu»nt"y of Woloflcal d.U now 
at hann-«n rqu«I revolution m«y ^ 

<;,pected. Doctor Fliikcl bellexes_ 

' Ad he aer» It tl:r p!l'■^^■lll •<-lriirrs 
I today have reRclied r tcii:i>oiury prr- 
!lod of rtt* whHo-Uko-Woloelcnl BCi- 

eucc» are polseti 0'» "— 


Uic blU.r. i'( ft 

thatttr. kbit MT 

ttoD. maayi^ara , batata, ac to n Uf 


rrogrrsi '.n tii'- p!i;-' •' 
been K> K«l[t durhiR 

... V. ^...:. .. . •! 

the VMi 30 

adaatlOo kMw^fMyii Mklk^ mM 
Bsa<btn^M«l fotnolM tJxmtty 
wb«*«« (M^ dMoiruttf^l^ X^ray mM 
:nrantad the radio. Thua the matbe- 

uiatlclan prophesies and the ^lentlst 
3iak«e prophecy reality. 

ilM lUEKt fle.d for sclcnttflo lm> 
KoeeaMbta, Doctor Flnkel sees In 
bMo^y. Btolosy today, he say*, la 
far behind, the pby4oal sclencea. ilun- 
dreda of research eolentlsts Lav ac- 
ciuaulated a vaitt mass of biological 
data — OtM> day. Doctor PlnkO says. 
» biologist -mat h^aiatlclsn i«lJI appear 
to glre meaning to thli data and 
maka-U valuable fo.- practical use. 

» » 

And that wlU be the dawn of a 
new era. Life wtU be Indefinitely pro- 
longed. Dtoeeao will be conquered, 
controlled with the aanie mathemati- 
cal precUlon tlvat electricity is con- 
trolled IoOrt. B-'S will be hivaratfly 
l"ra'!ei iiiliic\i .1. i-nti... •. •• 

■>:» f;ir 

1.1 lUlVllt.'c < I.I.' 1 

In H r|i. «.<■;' 


■II,.. rr'Mlt l> 
a iBck of enulllbruiiii. lie M.ys hiuI , 
physical science will wait awhile un- ; 
111 mtJ\ catch up with It. So he ?eeR 
InmirdSaUly i>tic»(I «■ pcrlc'l of In- 
tellectual. srUfcllc. niul tplriuii.l (Ir- , 
velopnienV— » ••rri.ttKsanco'- whirl-. I 
wUI twin* the other i-lmses of llle ■ 
■yxicr BB"!n pbrra't 'if .-.Ir:;..- 

In the meanllnie, luo i)li>bi..iii. 
solentlsU will be pluKHlnt; away to 
prova and eetabllsh theorlee already 
Bereloped— but nUll only theorlen For 
300 years, ill science was based on 
the "claflslo mechanics" of Newton. 

nnd < i\i'i llloll^ ' lr;in - . • ■ ' •■ 

many dlacoverlrt* mid ;i',-.ii.:iiu!. y<: 
InesUmable Importance resulted. i 

With the late '00^. MlrntUln had 

obsenred so many InexpUcBblc thlii;- , 

.that tba "classic mechanic*" of New- j 

toil weta Bo longer satuf aciory -they i 

left too mtich impossible of explana- i 


tlon. flDcc then any number of new I 
tlieorlf llll^e t>c^ii ndvumod niitl lunv j 
uro malting to be proved or dltpioveil. 
What Doctor Fhikfl hcllcvm to be the 
most torUllantly cumprehenilvo U the 
■trfklns arw conception luiowft as 
the Eln'lelii t!iroi). T\ii'(h riiiMteln 
advanced In 1805. 

*__^ * 

; MIND srtKH') F<»Kn.\ni» | 
» * 

80 It t«. 'be eay.s. tbat nrlentlats 
now have enough Hlmidy on thetr 
bands to keep thrm buiy a lone 
jStiUe. tintU a new sysMm t« worked 
out which will prove b« UMful. rev- 
olutlouitry. alid fc-illffrCfvy ii« New- 
ton>i did. 

'.«;u win couie u i:ew perlcxl of 

development of It. with ipecUctJlBr 

diacorerlea and inventions relatlvrly 

^iigjPpir^s|Lt„JUL tboae refulUng from 

Um Mewtiaotao theory. 

And* when thl<i new theory— Bln- 
*teln'ii. or whatever .iiny be estnb- 
ll'hed- V»« been tievrioped tft the ■ 
lull. »ni(KMi-Aii «"(! d.-- .ifd'"'! '•■'« 
theories nCRln *lll N ndvuncrd. 
wei»:hert. drvelupcd — m.d s> I:i rsilrs. 
,.,.^ periods of ipectncti'or ndvanre 
and period* of <|ulrt. ^rl-,'.l,.r:; ^.'uc.y 
the world will go on in endiew pro- 

And all the while, tjecnusr lowevcr 
uoall the ratio may l»e — even If only 
a imall fraction more than o;ie— the 

;.'i::;n:; rriVi'^ •":' '- ('"'<'•..■■■..• '•, a 
Reoanetrtc prufcTtMioi.. Ij> mui; i|..1wi- 
tlon lu»l*ad of merely by addillon I 
I the matlieni»liclh!i ti>ciikiiivi pm- I 
umta «HI conlinuc more (>»(fily rxlih : 
each ceiilury uiui rii> 11 iiiiiloiiluiii , 

TALKI.M;- IIIKIM fill M'.tC K 

* ♦■ 

Tiie In ■. ■>■: ..1^ : • ■• .:: 

bt «tplored and b«^-<iine nn a|K-ii book , 
to tlM man of (li<- future ilic ee- I 
:t*t» of 9Ua» and *tiirn— of KolMr nnd 
ataOor •yataen*— of whole KaUxlcK. | 
la^ • UBi ee i aa— AllI >k xiiif'^IUcd ,' 
O^tttm tlM ffrawlriK mind of.mun. j 
n 0Kkm FlADVta Inbabltaole by be- 1 
Infi OOVpArahla to men xre dtv-ev. 
MntL oMmnunlcattoii pooibly ni:i be ' 
iMd. According to nil the 
i4UcMl ebaa«e«>iiid probablll- 
,,^._-J*:itl» tnnnltc9»rUUoiM poa- 
albia even to known elementi. It U 
Terr remotely probable. Doctor Pl-'kel 
■aya, 'Unl prcclfcely the same com- 
blnatlMiK wblcb produced tba earth 
would orctir Rpnin onre In several 
million tlmea. 

Each planet la differently com- 
posed, he explains — niid only another ^ 
"r.r rr::.:^^"f"* •'>"^«'"*'«' •• the ^nrT^ 
, la composed couid support a Ufc . 

comparabla to earth life. But out of 
tnflnlU mlUlona of worM», It U not 
tmpoMiitta. b« my, t hat »omaw t>ere 
TDere h:»rT>* olI»«" "I^n^no earlb 
_nnd If tbar* are. comniunloation 
wild them may be establlabad within 
the neit hundred million rears. 



""^ Doctor Pinkcl believes Ihsl the , 
physical evolution of man Is virtually | 

ciidfd— that the human speclrs Is 
rKUbllshrd brvoi;<l vh:.«i;.m.. He , 

l.r. nenjamlii I ninklln Vlnkel. ^ 
liiurt iiiMllifinallrUii and MlenlUI. , 
ulio'»ee!> "110 limit- I'. «hat huroan- 
l«T nisT a<T<impllMi In the next IW I 
uililiuu y<«rr. | 

does not see tiio ninn of a nu.iion 1 

yrnrs hence different physically frum | 
I ili« man of today— except that he | 
I will lire long*'''- *^ ''^^ '^" dl»f!«»e. j 
I e>< > d h a v e a roo ra-toeauH<»t» y « ym - 1 

metrical body. * 

But b* belierea that "ment*! 

evolution" «1U bt apparent with each 

A hundred million years from now. 

he balleres that psychic phenomena 

will be as deftnlUly esUblUhed aa an 

eza^t eclenoe a* physical phenomena 

U today. 

Already, he bellevfs — while the 

psvi luc icBlin lb vlrtus:;y iniki.'^a :-. 

-there Is sufficient evidence 10 estab 


Ilsb the truth of ;^lepathy. That la 
onlT the verr tiniest beginning—* 

drop in the ocet^n 

-nothing— today. 

soMF. Mr.NTM, r.xrncisF. 


To the man of s hundred million I 
years from now. It will be aa simple I 
jsntf unmyslerloua as the simple Uw» 
I of phyaloa and chemlstrt today. Doc- , 
I tor nnkel »>elleves. Telepathy, today ■ 

|soua. he seen generally pructi«jed By 
mMXis o( tt, he btll«Tea tb»tr-« hun- 
dred million years from now— men 
across the world from each other can | 

j communicate, without spparattiit- 
see each other and taU to each other. 
Ifa quite a mental exeielise '•\fi: 
lo roncelve the things Doctor KniKfl 
ftnl1<-|p«t^^ — If the inlnda of men 
ir.-nA n^ (i,!>t for 100 :u.i.ion ^^af* n« 
I could feel mine croi^hig during 
the liour and a half I talked with 

''•'■■ •' r Tl'V.C^ ^»^ T>-.>i>('r«;^<t n'.f4v 

Miss Lewis 
Is Married 
In St. Louis 

IwriSS ABBIB LEWIS, dkifgbtcr of 
■"*■ Ur. and Mr*. J. D. Perry L«wU. 
of St. lAUls. Mo, «u nuirrled yMt«r> 
OjU In St. Louis to Mr. John HoUtr. 
Am«rle*n vice oon«ul In'Venlo*. Italy. 

Til* brlda ia well known In Spring- 
fleld, having vUlted her aunt, Mrs. 
Oaorg* M. Seb^e. 631 South Jeffer- 
■on avenue, many times. 
- Tb* wedding was attended by 
Major and Mrs. Jobn B. Sebree of 
Kansas City, Mo., and Mrs. Oeorg* 
M. Sebree of Springfield. 

Mr. and Mra. Holler wUI sail Mon- 
day for Italy. 

t>BA)ioit Uo. J»n. IJ— il i*.lil»iJt Of L*(tod. county 

MM a, mifU KalMM InUotfT. H* •» bort "» ATkm™« In l.«B .o4 
■^^J^ .a lA«t.^ e«.uil. In !.• •«.!» h. •»'» ."^ m.inf.1 lii.* U»r- * 

• I, In IK. M.. ........ - ..... «J -n... .... f.r p.m..- r| l! , Ml. 

SMcial Ditpalch to Tin Stvoa and Leader I 

LEBANON. Mo.. Jan. 12.-A resident of Laclede county since 1868 la lUe , 
record of Jobn Watltlns. 83. a veteran of tbe Civil war. He served « '^h Com- 
pany E. Twelfth Kansas Infantry. He was born In Arlcansas In 1846 and 
moved to Laclede county in 1868 where be met and married Mi&s Mary E. 
Bly In IB«9. Mrs, WatUna la now 83. They were the parents of 12 children. 
eight of whom are sUU living. They celebrated their 69th wedding an- 
nlToaary In Lebanon recently. 

Wedding Announced 

Announoament baa baan mad* ex 
tha marrtaga of Mlas Agnes MUlaap. 
daufbter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugena K. 
Mlllup of Lebsnon. Mo., to Mr. 
Harry O. Edwards, son of Mrs. Thom- 
as W. Edwards of this city. 

The marrlags vows were read at 
the home of the bride's mother De- 
cember 24. 

]~ (AIDS tF TMAnt 

•VK WISH to ezprcss •^.B****"^^ 
apprwisuea to o«r many *"«■»• "f.S* 

Mw to us wbra dastta eaUetf away mu 
beloved wlfo and mot her. 




WE WISH to tbaiUt oor many trtMtd a an d 
nalshbon for th«r klDdncaa and ST»- 
pathy thown darlnc the alcknem a«l 
death of eur tfarllnc wife and aioUiet. 

.1.0 for th. b.^«»'-j ny*'o«lJj5l3R 



Mr and Mrs. Darih Bowcher are 
tha proud parenu of a nine-pound 
Mby boy, bom January 8. 

Mist Palmer Weds 
Mr. Green 

Announcament baa been mada of 
tha marrtaga of Misa Dovotby Palmes 
of Wsaublcau. Uo.. to Mr. Jotm Wea- 
iey Qreen. of Oacaola, Mo., oo Oacam- 
bar tw«nty-etgbt at Orcaaflakt Mo., 
by the BAvarand Tbotnaa B. PowvU 
of Oreenflold. 

Mrs. Oreen to the daugbtar of Mr. 
and Mr*. WUtiam T. Palmer of Waaa- 
bleau. Mr. Palmer U a retired stock- 
man there. 

Mr. Oreen is tha son of Mr. aiod 
Mrs. Charles H. Oreen and th* grand- 
•on of Mr*. John U. Lucas and tha 
late John H. Lucas, who waa a prom- 
inent lawysr of ITsnaaa City. Mo. 

Mra. Oreen la a student of th* 
Southwest Baptist eoUega of BoUvai 
and Is making har boma wltb bat 
lister Mra S. Bruca Emerson and Mr. 
Emerson of Bolivar. 

Mr. Oreen Is a fr**hman in tha 
law acbool of Mlssotirl CnlT*r*ity at 
Columbia. Mo.. ai>d to • m«mb*r ot 
th* Chi Mu chaptar of Phi OamMia 
Dalta fraternity there. 


„ her jSrefltsrnveii he*- alkrted three 

0i*dahc»:6iidifcen 'years* the total lenirth of time 
cbv^tred by two generations will be approxi- 
inJitelyl60 years. For Willie Anise is ZV2 
years old while her father, John M, Calvin, 
921 East Scott street, is 83, or will be, Jan- 
uary 24. , , I 

The child will live to see wonders unknown 1 
to lis but her father, in his memories, can go ! 
I bade over the ClvfJ war and still, see tbe ^4n- [ 
I dering herds of buffalo on the /oothilla of 

Wyoming. \ 

Calvin Is half Sioux Indian, that tribe of; 

red men who were amon^r the last to try toi 
stem the white wave to the west His story ( 
leads from the Kosebud reser^-ation in; 
Wyoming, where he was born, through two | 
schools, into the Civil war and climaxes in| 
Custer's last fight. sex no. owe on pao« a-h j 
Otl*tP MUa ot bto bojrbeod on tb* 

l»yiutlrwi ot. in* aojoum^kt va 

InilUn ooU«g« wtier* hl« n»in* wm 

ehangad trom Big Moon to U»t of 

John M: OalTtn, lOl Indiana being 

gina -irtUta manl •xam 00 tlwlr 

«Btrz.liktonbool. B« toUowed Grant 

down tba MUslnlppI tlvar during tbe 

OItU war, want back to tba reaerva- 

tlMkfor • f«w yaara and'tban aaat 

■gain to attend a acbool of medldna 

a»'01nelnnatt wbcra b«> graduatad In 

1878. .^. 

'Ba tella of tba vacation m tba 
■OBimcr et l«76 wben ba was back on 
tba rcaenratloo and Joined tba red j 
men In their ngbt against Cmter and 
bla nan. Oalvln grrca tbe IndUn 
■Ida of tba affair wltbout prejudice, 
admitting that tba Slotix, armed wltb 
bowa and epeara. loat many mora 
than the boye In blue In that batUe. 
UU deacripUon of tbe fight U that 
It laatad 80 mlnotaa. He claims that 
tbe Indians tried to treat Wtb Custer 
I but ware told that nxe would flgbt 
first and treat afterwards." At a 
given signal hundreds of warrior*, 
I hidden in the sage brush, arose and 
I tba fight was on. Tbe blueooata 
fought bravely and Custer, s\ir- 
rounded by dead horses, was tbe last 
to faU. Tbe Sioux tried to captxire 
Custer but bad to klU blm. ao dee- 
perata waa bis defense. One soldier, 
more boy than man, be says, waa 
captured and later released 

Calvin denies any atrocities were 
committed t>y tbe Sioux. Tbe Sioux 
had many educated Indians on their 
side, many of whom had tried to 
srgua Sitting Bull out of any tdta 
of battle, but had faUed and fought. 
The fight, he says, was to protect 
the Indians on th^ Sioux re«erv»tlon. 

CalTln went back to achool a few 
months Utar but was reUcent enough 
for years about be'ng on the IndUn 
side for fear of the government 

Calvfti ha* llvfd in 8pr.iign*l<l for 
is years. He has eight chUdren. aU 
living. One child. Mrs. Zelpha Eu- 
banks. 1237 Frisco avenue Is the 
only one In Springfield, bealdea .VUlle 
Anise He has been married lour 
time*, tbe last venture beUig four 
and one-half yeara ago. 




Vuaaral aervtcea for Mra. Beatrice 
«Whtt«. who died Friday nlgbt at tbe 
bom* o( ber brotber. L. L. Qlore. wUl 
'b* iMid at o'clock Monday morning 
at tba Sacred Heart church. Inter- 
ment wlU be In St. Man^a cemetery 
tmder the dlrecUon of tba Beiman H. 
Xx>bmeyer Funeral boma. 


Funeral servlcea for Ellis 8. Hawley 
wUl be conducted Monday alternoou 
at a o'clock at the Herman H. Loh- 
meyer Funeral home. Interment will 
ba In National cemetery under direc- 
tion of the Spanish-American War 
Veterans of Bprtngneld. 


Friends here were notified yester- 
day of the death of Mrs. James Smith 
Friday in Washington. Ind. Mrs. 
Smltb waa the mother of Mrs. Harry 
B. Trester. 1700 West Atlantic street. 
Burial will be In Washington. 



Cbvln W. Anstey, 65. died at 3:30 
O'clock yesterday afternoon at his 
home. 236 West Brower street. afK'r 
• brief tll::e&.v H;s wife Is the opij 
survivor. Funeral aervlces will be 
held at 10:30 o'clock Tuesday morn- 
In; at the Herman H. Lohmeyer fu* 
Deial honi«. Burial will he in Maple 
Park cemetery. 

«v ^~~~~ 


Joseph Dorrell BrartJer. 8-vci\r-ol(1 
son of Mr. and Mrn. Oren Brndlev. 
died Testerrtav at the famllr home 
In Strafford. Mo. He Is survived br 
hto parents, 'wo brothers and two 
«l«t*r». p-iineral senlces will be held 
at 2 oVIocV Mnrdsr aft^moon In the 
nanforth church, six miles east of 
«orln»fleld. Burial will be In the 
Danforth cemetprr tinder direction 
of the Kllnpner funeral home 

M.niRT II. ni AIR 

J^iineral servlcr^ for Albert n 
Blafr. P'tAro roiiHi,r»ij- r.ho rtirr' c-.i:'- 
fienly Thur>tl!iT rrtfrr.onn «t T. -vrr 
Mo., will bp ro:'riurtPd In tV.e Flr^t 
ConipvvatloDsl church at 2 o'clock 
this afternoon br tlir nrverenrt O 
Bryant Drake, pastor. Burial win be 
In OrMnlawr cemetery under the di- 
rection of the Kllnener funeral home 

Mn«. fas MARX I 

F^ineral service* for Mr? nv* Marx 
will b« held at 2:30 o'clock thi.s after- j 
noon In the home. 42s Etnte state | 
Tntenncait will be in Ha.'eiwood 
nemstMT under direction of the 
Herman H. Xohmeycr funeral home 
PallbMrerBve ant:ouiiced as follows: 
ItethbODS. O. H. Reynold.*. 
tMwler. Jacob Karchmer. Moe 
Mtf Rot lU«7er. 

wnxnM T. 

FunentI <;er"«—- > 

who . died KT<4«^ 


fT Wlllirm T 
-•••♦; 0.'"ove. ^to ■ 
^t^-.vUU3 ID a i 

Sprtngfleld hosjrttal wlU be conductsd 
thl* afternoon ' at Mount Pleasant 
cemetery Under direction of the BrUn 
Undertaking company of Walnut 
arova. Mr. Jimklna is aurvlved by 
one son and two alsters. 

Page 1: The three year old daughter of N4r. and Mrs. Aaron Joliff who live three miles 
east of Rover [near West Plains] died of bums when she fell into a tub of boiling water. 
Page 2: Mrs. Fannie J. Russell died.** 
Mrs. Beatrice White died.** 
Ellis S.Hawley died.** 
Charles W. Anstey died.** 
Joseph Dorrell Bradley died.** 


MKS. KANME J. Rt:s>iEI.I, 

Mrs. Faiitile J. Russell. 64. died 
yesterday morning r.t her home. 2156 
North Johnson avenue. She is aur- 
vlved by her husband. John Russell: 
three SOILS. Andy ntis*ell of St. Loult. 
and Henry and Major Russell of 
Springfield: and four daughters, Mrs. 
James Stahl. Mrs. Alice Scott. Mrs. 
Ona Mahon and Mrs. Catherine 
Porah. all of Springfield. Funeral 
serviced will be held at 3 o'clock this 
afternoon at the Rose Hill church. 
30 miles northwest of Springfield. 
Burial win be In Robe Hill cemetery 
under direction of the Kllngner Fu- 
nrri'l home. 



Funeral services for Mrs. Beatrice 
White will be conducted at o'clock 
today at Sacred Heart church. Burial 
will be In St. Mary's cemetery under 
direction Herman H. Lohmeyer Pa- 
ul home. 



Funeral services for Ellis S. Hawley 
win be conducted at 2 o'clock today 
at Herman H. Lohmeyer Fxmeral 
home. BiirlHl will be la National 
cemetery under *llrcrtlon Spanish- 
American War Veterans of Spring- 


Funeral services for Charles W. 
Anstey, 65, will be conducted at 
10:30 o'clock Tuc^Jay morning at 
Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral home. 
Burial win be In Maple Park ccme- 


Funeral services for Joseph Dorrell 
Bradley. 8 years ol;l. the sou of Mr. 
and Mr^. Orin D:adley. will be con- 
ducted «t 2 oVIock today at DHiilorlh 
church, -six miles e«M < f Springfield 
lirlal will be In Dsnforth crmriery 
under direction of KlUigner Funeral 


Page 1: Rev. J. G. Moss died.** 

Page 10: Mrs. Flossie J. Leeper died.** 

Edward Stephenson died.** 

Virgil Cantrell died.** 

Mrs. Fay Vandergriff died.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 13: Miss Dorothy Staton and Mr. Robert W. Hudgen were married.** 

Miss Thelma Morris and Mr. Clyde B. Tillman were married.** 


Is Announced — 

■*■ tan. «M«h*« o« Mfc •!« 
Bobert A. Staton. 511 
arenuF. to Mr. Rotert W. Rudga. ■Rt 
of Mr. and Mr». lUnUon W. Bud(«n« 
11X3 CMt Orand MUm% . tea ttMB •»«. 

Hw muitec* *••• ••!• !•■■ •••♦ 
cMnber iM in Ouilwte. >•»* ">• «*•. 
marTlace wm kept •«e»»l until JW- 

Tlw brliM to » OMmMr of tbt AJbbiki 
Tku iptu hlgb aeboot ■u rnUlj M»*q>y 
Zct* Tku Aipiu aarorttr at Orury 
ooUcg*. Mr. Badgun «m » mmm^if^ 
of tb« Alptm Pbl Bate fr»»tnRr 
vbMt tM attcndwl WMtUngton Onl«' 
▼•nfty aiad to a pl*4n «< 
fr*t«mlt7 at Dmry. 

Mr. and Mr*. Bt>dc«n «tU 
thetr ham* in ttita «ttj vImt 
■pa rtuitenta at nnirr rnHa— 


Announcement ha* b ea n mad* «C 
the marrlac* of MUa Thalm* 
to Mr. Clyde B. TUtman. Tba 
were r^art , 

Dr. Corona H. Btloa in hla 1 
and Mra. TUlman left laat nttttt Mr 
Joplla and Kanaaa City. ICow aftar 
which they wtll return to 8prln(flcM 
to make their hooac. 


Kcniill Wtwiou. 2i. West riatn». 
Mo., autl CUrlbel 8Uii«. aS. Ourk. 
Mo.: Clyde B. Tillman, ai. Hprlng- 
(leld, and Thtlme Bet XorrU, 10. 
SprliiRnelti; Arl«, Slockttlll. a5. 
bprln^fteld. and Elm* Jean Wedc. 17, 

UlrhHtd 11. lltUalc. i2 Kkiius C'llv. 
Mo . and Margarretbta Edwardi. 40. 
TaneycomS^, Mu. 

SO Yecnra Preacher r' 
Rev. J,'G, liiosSfSl, 
Dies at Home Here 

Tl»e Reverrnd J. O. Mo»», 81. pio- 
neer HBaptlat mlnlater of the Ozarh>i. 
died thU momtng at tha borne of. Kb 
C-.ufhter Mra. F. J. Aten. IQll We4t 
LofWWtd street. 

Mr. Moaa b»d been pr«ad\lng 40 
rear*, having b€%n ordainM as a mbi- 
tster at the agr ot M. He had lived 
In Springfield with hU daughter one 
year. He retUad from the mlnlatry 
aavaral yeara M^o. 

Before coming to Bpriu^leMr' Mr. 
Moa* hnd lived In LawrenA^ county 
60 yeara. Ris last paiitorete was n'. 
Marlonvllle. He also had lived in 
Rarrlaon. Ark.' Burial will be at Ma- 
rlonvUle. Funeral arrangaidents are 
pending with the Alma Lohmey>r 
Funeral home. 

Mr Most Is survived by threr 
daushters. Mrs. R. ,T. Scott. Anahein 
Cal.: Mra. Bilnnle Clark. San Bernar- 
dino. Cal : and tin. Aten; two (tons. 
R. H. Moss. St. liOuU. and O. S. Mom. 
Joplin. a.Jd one I r. 'iter, A. A. Moas. 
Uttla Rock. Ark. 


Mrs. rioatle J. Leeper. 37. of A.Mi 
Grove, died In a Sprlngflrld hospital 
thU morning Mm I ^rprr whs th<- 
wlfe of C'harlrt J. Lreprr. oniii-r of! 
the Laeper garane anrt pronuneiu ' 
buatnets rtian at Ai!U (iro\r Punrral | 
arrangements are prndlrii; wltli thp ' 
Alma !olirrr\fr fni;rr,i: InT'-.r IlMrml 
a 111 be In the Ulnkiiit; Crrtk cenie- j 
l«ry at Everlon. Mrs. Lerpcr La sur- I 
vived by her husband. t»o alsttrs. I 
Mr>. Ethel Bacon. Beiwmer. Ala . aiul [ 
Mrs. Daiay Perkins. Kurrka aprin^t. i 
Ark., and three orolhers. Joe Oilldny, ' 
St. l>oula: Claybiirii Dnuiny. San An- 
tonlo. Irx, and Emory Uillciny. 



Virgil Cantrell. 33. of MaiiKfleld. ' 
died In » Sprlngftrld hospital ihis ! 
. momlng. The funeral arrai-.^'inciil? | 
! are incomplete, bvil ihr bo'ly will be' 
. taken o%erlaud to MunaflMcl under | 

!' lb* direction of the Alma Lolimeycr 1 
tUBvntl bohie. Mr. Cantrrll la unr- 
vtved by bU wltc, his motlier. Mrn. I 
I Carolyn Coiitrcll; .sU rhildim. t itiv- j 
I borue. Meealey. Don, Delia tin. Arva- | 
' zrna Frances niirt i:!ln l<in'.i-o. aV cf 
Maualleld; three broltirrk. Jackcr and I 
J. O. of Manafleld and W. D. of 
RartvUle. and five alater*. Mrs. Charles , 
Moore. Springfield: Mrs. Joliii vnnre. 
Mrs. Ada Uonic; and Mm J W 
Teaguc of Bdnionloii, Alberta, CanH<lH. I 
and Mrs. L. A. Calloway of Ctillr. 
I South America. < 


I Edward Stephenson. 03. uieil tlii.s 
, morning at his home near Ni.\a. [ 
Funeral arrangements are incomplete 
becatia* of ih« serious llliiera of hin [ 
mothar. Mrs. Harriet J. Stephenson of 
i the home. T*o of Mr. Htrpjirn-icnji 
brothers also are 111 of InfMieii^a at 
tb« home. Mr. etepheiwon is Kitr- : 
vlred by four brothers. Joe. NoHh. Will 
and John, and one slater, Mra. Martha ' 
Jane HIcka, all of Nixa. Funeral ar- ' 
rangemenis are under the direction of 
tb« Alma Lohmeyer funeral home. | 

Mra. Fay VandergMff. 36. of Crock- 
er. Mv> . ilird ..11'. i;i>ii.i ;n uie 5pni:^- 
flcld llKpM^t I f>.|iUHl folio''.;i.g sf. 
ol'Crii! liii. Ml-; :^ nuivivrd L)> In r 
husband Charles Vander^crlff; her ps- ! 
rentfl. Mr. nnd Mrs. Pleasaul \V:ltou: | 
one son. Vcrnlie; one brother. W. U 
Wil.son, ull of Cro<'kfr. Kbd one >l»ter, ' 
Mrs. II 3. Mlu hell, of Warreu. Mich. 1 
The reniRins will be (<hlpp«<l lo Cro<.k- ' 
cr '1 uitday ii.ornliin lor burial by the 
W. L. Starne Funeral home here ' 
Fnineral services will probably be held I 
Wednesday .iflernoon at Crocker I 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 4: Miss Dorothy Staton and Mr. Robert W. Hudgen were married.** 
Page 7: Charles W. Anstey died.** [Funeral home record says Austey. Cemetery 
record says Anstey.] 

Mrs. Flossie J. Leeper died.** 

Edward Stephenson died.** 

Virgil Cantrell died.** 

Miss Ines Gertrude Shelby died.** 

W.K.Morris died.** 

Joseph H. English died.** 

Rev. J. G. Moss died.** 

Mrs. Fay Vanderfriff died.** 

Mrs. Sarah M. Easson died.** 

Mrs. Paulina Daniels died.** 

Mrs. James L. Mitchell died.** _ 

Miss Staton Married 
To Mr. Hudgen 

Announoement baa been made of 
the marrlagt of MlM Dorothj- Staton, 
lautbter of Mr. and Mr*. Robert A. 
SUtoa. 81S South Market avenue, to 
ICr. Bfllbcrt W. Hudcao. ton ckf Mr. 
tad Mi*.-Hanlaon w. Hudgen, 1M3 
^Mt Orand atraet. In Caitbage. Mo., 
3n December 34. 


Kermit Wasson, 25. West PIbIds. 
iiiiil ClHrlbc! Stliie. 25. 0»rk. RlcU.irc' 
H. Tlsdele. 52. Kansas City. Mo., and j 
Mnrgarrethla Edwards. 40. Taney- j 
como. Mo : Arle Stockstlll. 35. and I 
Klnia Jean Wade. 17. both of Spring- | 
field: Clyde B Tillman. 21. and, 
Thelma Bee Morris. 19. both of ' 
Springfield. I 


Ida. Hudgen la a member of the 
Alpb» Tau Pbl aorortty of Senior 
ntfh achool and of tba Zeta Tau 
Alpba aeiorltj oC Drury college. Mr. 
Rudc«n waa a member of tb« Alpha 
PtU Bata XratenUty at Waahlngton 
imlTCtalty and la a pledge of tbe 
Stpnft Ktt fratonlty of Drury col« 

Mr. and Mra. Hudgen are botb 
atodcnta «C Onny oouege and will 
nak* tbetr boma tn tbia city. 




Puner.1 wrvlow lor <;»»">" J*^ 
AiwUy. 66. will b« conduced «t 10. 30 

t^^ocl: t**'. --\"«,,\VT"" 
Lohnwjer Funeral ^"■P*'" ,,,^, 
will be in Maple Part ccmetcr). 


Puucral ..rvlcoa for j^^- r'*?*;^ 
T Leeofr 37, will be conducted at 10 
Jc^lTwcdncsday at the A.h Grove 
^Sytx^rlau church. Mrs. L^'P^^/^" 
X of Charlea J. l^P'^" °*""..!5 
The Lceper Oarage at Ash Grove, died 
yeste^ay In a Springfield hoepltal. 
^frneverend J. B. Lemon will of- 
?cUtr.nS^ burial will bo In S.nMng 
C«ek cemetery at Everton under dl- 
reaion Alma Lohmeyer Fun"»';°^^^ 
Bhe 18 Burvlved by her husband, two 
Stera Mrs. Ethel Bacon. Bcsaemrr. 

C .„-r Ark and three brothers, Joe 
SCa'y" « i>o*u"u:'ciayb«rn, 
iiS Vitonlo, Texas, and Emery Dlll- 
dav. of Springf ield. 


Funer«l arrangeraenta for Ertward 
Stephenaon. 63. who died ycbterday 
at hla home near Nlxa,, arc Incom- 
plete. HiB mother. Mrs. Harriet J. 
Stephenson, of the home 1» critically 
m with influenssa, Uie dUeaso U»at 
caused Mr. Stephenaon's death. Two 
of his brothers also are HI at the 
home with influenia. Ha U survived 
by lour brothers and • aUt«r. Joe. 
Moab. Will and John BUpbenwrn. and 
Ui*. Martha Jaa« Hi***, ot l«»»- 


runer»l aervldea for VlrgU Cantrell. 
33 will be conducted at his home 
in" Mansfield Wednesday. Mr Can- 
trell dlfcl in n ho^rHal hTC Mond.. 
«nd the body will be shipped todB> 
To Mansfield by the Alma l^hmeyrr 
Funeral home. He la survived by 
blB wife, his mother. Mrs. Carol>n 
Cantrell; six children, Claybor.ic 
Messley. Don. Delia. Arven^ena 
Prances and Ella Louise. He also is 
survived by three brothers. Jacker 
and J. a., of MAnsfleld. and W. D. 
of Hartvllle. and five slaters. Mrs. 
Charlea Moore. Springfield; Mrs. John 
Vance. Mra. Ada Donley. Mrs. J. w. 
Teague of Edmonton. Alberta. Can- 
ada, and Mra. L. A. Calloway, of Chile. 
South America. 

Mtaa ines Oertrudo Shelby, of Fort 

smith. Art, died y««»*'«»''y ,•):,'*;! 

borne of Mra. Grace Reese, of fatra 
tord, wheio Bhe waa a sue.c Tuc 
body will be shipped to F^^t SmUh 
today by the Alma Lohmcyer Funeral 
hw^e. Bb» U aurvlTWl by her parent*. 
STand Mrs. Charles ebelby: cu^^ .- : 
tere Mrs. AlU Pelcher. Mrs. EuUii 
Eubanws. Miss Oolda «nd,^'f'- . ."^^ 

Shelby, all of *'«>'' ^^^^'^'./''Jort 
brother. William Shelby, oi 


W. K. Moniiis 

W K. MorrU. aged 80. rotued 
farmer of route 2. SpringMeUl. d.ed 
el^e^day afternoon at his hon,c lol- 
i^lne a brief Illness. He was <n.c of 
r oVut'andIng 1--'--, /'.'.-'f.;: 
or the locality. '-^"'^ '' " „ '^^t 
;^^s."HoTame^o'"s;;n. eld 

-- ^'"orThr- H^ rr::^; 

rree'^dau'ghr.- Mra^ -- -••- 
«,«n of Wilson creek. W«*'' • "^"^ 
W £. ivTsin- of the hon.e 
Sra. Howard Tv.rner of Turner Mo^. 
one .on. W. It. Morr.s. »f /»* ° ^ I 
Okla.. and one brothor. X " ;\^ ■ 
of Republic wash. He .s •-»'--"[ 
vvrd by 17 grandchildren ."18 
ercatKraiidchlldren. Kuner-1 ^erMce6 
:;.\:r.^ held Wednesday aue-^^ 
the home. Int^rnentj.. foUo^^^^^ 
Roberts cemetery. uua«;' \ 
^° U>e W L- Starne Funernl .>ome of 


Joseph H. English. 70. Frisco ma- 
,Uinl-t. died at a local hoepiul y~- 
icrday morning. He Is bur%l%ed by 
„... widow. Mrs. BuelHh M. English. 
,.„nerul .sc.vke:, «Ul be lu Id al H'e 
KUngner Funeral c apel 2 o clock 
i Wednesday alternoon. Burial >»lll be 
i n.adc in Oreenlawn cemetery. 


I Funeral services for Mra. Fay Van- 
derfrlff. 38. of Crocker who dl<^ 
hera yesterday at a Bprlngfleldho^f 

,ul, will be conducted at Cro*"/; 
MO.. Wedneaday. Tb. body ^^^ 
•bipped tbew today by W. U Staroe. 

I ubdertalLcr. ^ 


Mrs. Sarah M. Baawn died Stmday 

•t the home of her <l*"8bt«r. Mra. 

Rosa E. Robertson, at Oaark. enr 

^85 yeara old. Funeral aefvlcea 

^m be conduced at 2 oclock today 

ttt tl.c Presbyterian church '^ 0«rK. 

The Reverend W. C. Hicks, Preaby- 

terlan minister of WUlard. '''"<>»- 

ncSe. Burial will be in the 0«r.c 

e.n.ciery under direction T^ B^^ 

(,„ Mra. Eaason came ^o Missouri 

rom New York state in 1877 and has 

made her home the entire Ume at 

0«rk. Her husband. William Eas- 

I son. died in 1903. 



Puner&l services for Uie Reverend 
J. O. Mou. 81. pioneer BaptUt preach- 
er of the Ozarks, will b« conducted at 
2 o'clock toduy at the Marlonvllle 
Baptist churcli. Burial will be In 
' the Marlonvllle cemetery under dl- 
, rcctloii of Alma Lobmeycr Funeral 
! home. The Reverend Moes died res- 
i terday morning In Springfield at the 
j home of hla tlaughter. Mrs. F. J. Aten. 
1011 West Lombard street. He had 
I t>een In the Baptist inliitotry since 
lie ^^as 25 years old. Uc 'retired from 
the ministry several years ago. The 
Reverend Moss la survived by three 
daughtere. Mrs. R. T. Scott. Anahem. 
I Calif.. Mrs. Minnie Clark. San Bema- 
Idlno. Calif., and Mrs. Aten. He also 
]l» sunlved by two sons. H. H. Moes. 
St. Louis, and O. 8. Moss. Joplln. and 
'ohe brother. A. A. Mos?. of Little 
Rock. Ark. 


Funeral services for Mrs. Fay Van- j 
derfrlff. 3L of Crocker. »ho died 
her* yesterday at a Bprtngfleld hc»pl- | 
Ul. will be conducted at Crocker, i 
1 Mo.. Wednesday. The body wUl b« 
lahlppc^ there today bv W L Stame. I 

.MK>i. I'At I.I.NA liA.Mt.L> 

Funeral aervlces for Mrb. Paulina 
OauleU. 71. of Ozark, vnere conducted 
yesterday afternoon at her home In 
Ozark. The Reverend W. P. Rlcbard- 
son officiated. Burial was In the 
Ozark cemetery under direction of 
T. B. Chaffln. Mrs. Daniels died at 
her home Sunday morning. 


Mrs. James L. Mitchell. 83. died 
yesterday at her hofne In Brighton 
following an U'T^ets of Influenxa. 
ranrral services will be conducted 
at 3:30 o'clock today at Brlg...^.. 
nnd burial will be In the the Brigh- 
ton cemetery under direction of the 
Hutchison Undertaking company of ■ 
rii^ilviir. S^c !■; svirv'.\ed by ^.fr h'.;;- 
biind and the following children: I 
Tliomas H. Mitchell. Morris. Okla.. 
Mrs. Eula Redding, Muskogee. Okla.: | 
J. L. Mitchell, and Mrs. C. P. Scriv- 
ener, of Springfield, and Mrs. War- 
ren Oarrltson. of Ferdig, Mont. 


Page 6: Jesse Lee Ruffin died.** 
Page 12: Virgil Cantrell died.** 

W. K. Morris died.** 

Joseph H. English died.** 

Dr. D.J. Nichols died.** 

Mrs. Flossie J. Leeper died.** 

Birth reported.** 



<*^ >1BaiL C,\NTRELL 

••nIeM tes^lrfU Caotrcll 

•Unsncld^edocaday. Mr. Cantrrll 
lU«d b«r« Monday and the body Is be- 
iBf alUppM tot»$ to Mansnald by 

tb« Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home. 

W. K. MORRI«* 
; W. K. MocTta, ae, lOBC \Uat raaldent 
of Oraen* eounty and a retired farm- 

jwtotdaqr •Itantoon at bu 

tMumr'tM' tB« ^wt n jmn, 

and vas widely known In thia aecuon 
of Um Oaarka domain. Funeral atrf- 
1ms will bo oonductMl Wednesday af- 
twnoon at bla bona. Burial will be 
In Roberta' eemetery. under direction 
of the W. L. etarne Funcrnl jioii.r 
be re. 



Funeral aervlcen for Joseph If. i 
Engllah. 70, a FrlEcb employe who ; 
dlad yaaterday morning In a Bpring- 
deld hoapltal. wUl '>.e conducted at 
the Kllngner Funeral home at 2 
o'clock Wednesday afternoon BurUI 
will be !n Oreenlawu cemetery. Mr. 
English Is survived by his widow. 
Mra. Bttilab M. English. 


■ . .-loaa for Dr. D. J. MIcb- 

Vtelna and PottmrwvUle, 
wtbo tflad Friday nlgLt. ware bald In 
Wwk Ftelaa Bonday afternoon. Tba 
aarvlea was c ^ducted by the Rever- 
end Sam L. Rop^J. pastor of the 
First Presbyterian cluirch. 
saB=ia-Oak-Vawn CMoetery. 

.Jhmtnl servloea for Mrs. Floaale J. 
I4«p«r win be conducted at 1 o'clock 
Wednesday afternoon at the Ash 
OroTO Obrlatlan church. Burial will 
b« In Sinking Creek cemetery, unc^er 
direcUou of the Almo. Luluncjcr Fn- 
nanl boma bere. The services, as 
torattlly announced, were to have 
baen held In the Presbyterian. ctu»rH 
at Ash Orove at 10 o'clock Wednesdny 


Mr. »nd Mrs. Carl W. SchuUt. 937 | 
i EaKl Division »lrf«i. nmioduce T.ic 
I blrih of « SO". Hownrd Arthur, at ihc 
: liomc jBiuiBry Vi. 


L«* Itvffln. 71. pioneer educator, died 
•t bto borne In Weet Plalne Sunday. 
The body wm lorwarded to Union 
City. Tfcnn.. tor burial. 

Mr. Buntn WM >»"> ^ Helen*. 
Al», •Bti WM fraduated from Peabody 
eotln* >n NaahYtlle, Temw He epent 
40 years In edMcntlonal work In Ala- 
. Mkina. T*nne«ee and MUkjutI. He «^ 
^,lflf.i^«rt tbB ttrst blgb acbool In 
Union City, Tenn. He also wa« su- 
pwtnt«ndent <rf public •choola in 
lAke City, FU.. ••▼•'** y«»rt- 

Several year* a«o be came to the 
Onrka for hie health and for a time 
waa head of the Van Buren. Mo.. 
.etooot*. He came to Weal Plalna in 
1931 »t whlcb tune be reUred from 
aobfcwl work beeauae ol hU health. 

Page 1: Mrs. F. O. Westerfelt committed suicide.** 

Eleven children were adopted in Greene county last year. 

Mrs. Louise Groesbeck Wallace left money to Drury college. [This is a long 

Page 13: Card of thanks.** 


Fordland Woman Pours 
Gasoline on Clothes 
And Sets Them Afire; 
Found in Flames by 

QATURATINO her clothes wUh gaao- 
Un* and IgnlUng them Mrs. r. O. 
WMtcrfelt. 85. of Fordland. Mo., fa- 
tally burned herself yeaterday. 

Oh* died an hovir and a baU after 
bMng found with her garments In 
.aatkM and her flesh seared. 

Mr*. Frank O. Weeterfelt. Jr, dU- 
eorered- her motherlnlaw back of an 
outlmUdlng at the rear of the Vint' 
erfelt home. In setting fire to ber- 
telf. Mm. Westerfelt had also set the 
outbuUdtng on fUe. 

The flame victim rega'ned con- 
•clouaness long enough to matter: 

•Tdy stiffenng was too Intense; 1 
had to end It." 

^__ ♦ 

• c-vT Tn TAKi: W.tLK I 

husband la a widely known commer- 
cial aaleaman. Wltl hla son, Frank 
O. Waat«rfelt. Jr.. he waa calUnK on 
merchant* In towns In souufweat 
Mlaaourl and had not been notified of 
the trag«dy late yesterday. 

Relatlvea had cloaely guarded lira. 
WMtartelt for aeveral months. Only 
ah* •nd bar daoghUrlnUw wera at 
ilw JlTirtiq^ bom* irtMpi Kn. Wa«^ 
•cfa&MBri;ib(iMBfM'<N iraf Cpuif to 



BelaUvea "said she had been men- 
tally afflicted for :wo years. Her 

tb« door. I» 

was lodud. (Q)* battsrwl tranUcaUy 
«» It. H«r «ers*iiM *ttraot«d atten- 
tloh of the RsTcrend Smith of Ford- 
4 — ♦ 

♦ — ♦ 

Together the two forced the door 
open. Blra. Westerfelt waa not In the 
building. Then they heard a moan 
from the rear of the structure. There 
they found Mrs. Westerfelt. 

!Her clothes wera biuned off. Her 
body was charred from the flames. 


Tb«y carried ber Into the bom* and 
summoned Doctor W. J. Rabenau of 

BCn. Rabenau. who U a friend of 
tba family, accompanied tbe physi- 

Tbe Westerfelts lived one mile west 
of Fordland. The children of Mr. 
and Mts. Westerfeltr Jr.. were at 
•cbool at tbe time of tbe tragedy. 

Near the spot where Mrs Wester- 
felt was found was a quart bottle 
wblcb had conumed gssoUne and 
which Mrs. Weaterfelt had surrep- 
titiously taken from tbe rear porch. 

10 Homeless Waifs 

* * j|^ * * * 

Find Welcome Arms 



In Greene County 


were bometeaa 



We wUb to thsnk the (riends and 
neighbor! for their kindnru and sym- 
pathy, durlnc the t'>jess and drath of 
our brother. aUo Rerv. Tox lor his lovliig 
worda o{ kindneis. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. C Janilsjn. 

Mr. and Mrs. Urj7v Hall. 

Mr. J. r. Roper and Ida Roprr. 

ctaUdren. 10 of whom 
and one abeo* 
Iut«ly parentlaas. found tbelr way 
Into good bomce In Oreene cotinty 
last year through the legal process 
of adoption, recortls In the Juvenile 
division of the circuit court show 

BU\ other children were also 
turned over to foeter parenu pend- 
ing tbe completion of adoption 
prooesaes started last year. 

Tba ages of the adopted children 
ran from one extreme to the other 
The youngest was 13 hours of age 
and the oldest 31 years old. 

Persons alleged to be the parents 
of one child, a baby boy. denied the 
paranugo and the court, after ad- 
rertlalng for the father and mothei 
and falling to find them, granted 
the petlUon of a Springfield famllj 
to take It as their own child. 

Death stepped in to cud uui 
adoption case tragically. A Spring- 
field man and wife had asked the 
court to be allowed to adopt a sniBll 
boy. whose father wns unknown, 
but before the proceed could be 
completed the child died, 

Pagel: F. S. Robberson died.** 

Page 2: The will of Mrs. Louise Wallace was filed for probate.** 
Page 12: Births reported.** 

Mrs. Louisa Arnold died.** 

Mrs. Margaret Beckwith died.** 

Martin S. Allen died.** 

William F. Chalfant died.** 

A. J. Beard died.** 
Page 13: Card of thanks.** 

Mr. and Mr.s. j. l. Da\is. 23311 
Boonrllie •venue, announce the birth ^ 
.of a baby »wj «i the Surge honpltai 

ytit. and Mrs. George Qulnn. ronte 
6. Bprlngfield. announce the birth of 
a baby giri Tueedsy nt the Burgo 

Mr. and Mi*. Harry Olbeon. 730 
East Lynn ».trcet, announce the birth 
of a baby l)oy Mourtay at the Burge 
j boapilal. 




««y a« tMr-baoM Imi*. 4ft Mplar 

street, followmg a Itngerln^t innssal 
Mrs. Arnold was the widow ot 
0*orge W. Arnold, early aettler of tb« 
Osarks. She came to Springfield lu 
1863 and boa rosdc her borne her? 
since that time. Mrs. Arnold 
Ik sxirvlved bv rwe sons. W. L_ A L- 
Oeotjic V.'. «unitj. \. IU>v I. . all tA 
Springfield, snd two dauxhtere. Mr*. 
Anna E. Wlllier snd MIe? Leooa 
both of Springfield. She Is survived 
by Ij Krandrhlldren and three gira'- 
grandchlldren. Puoeral aerTiccB all! 
be conducte<l at o'clock Prldsy 
morning at ihc Churrh of Immaru- 
late Conception Burial mil be mada 
In St. Msry'a cemcirr;.. 



LTO. oaiS 
,_j«ii' Dbltonthro- 

^^SSilT^-t MU •. Joint ««cu- 

lilm HOW, but lie Dm j.qoo 

p;-obiihIy ulll tccfUc U.-^etn 

left IJCOOO fo'r th.. ""•"''"^,^',,V' 
;p„alutU..-non. .30.000 lor-; 

endowment, and b.t«-.n •"'^ ';;1 1 
♦50.000 to MtailvM. -rae wnount r« i 
^nmg m the «Ut*. h. «^d. 1»^ 
b« divided equ»»y between th. pro- 

T^jor the n>«lnt«n*nc. of Cl.r. 
¥,.11 Th« fund "I'l o« 

provide » perinsncnv ,„,,w,nE 

LfHcient to malnum th. buU<U08 

F. S. Robberson, Son of Pio- 
neer Family, Expires at 
Age of 85 


r. 8. Bobbmoo. a». ^ '^^'**,^ 
tne -rll-t Or««.e owmty t^^ 
and . vct*«n ot lb« "vU w«. «»«< 
Tu*.d.y lUgW .t hi, hom. W C.« 
aprtns. .fUr .. f* wwM- "^•*j'*^ 
IU,bb*«on w.. bom >«^ tb. fTB. 
own*d by hi. Ulh«r. R'»^|r»»»*^ 
«>n. m \W. KU •»«•»«•. ^rr! 
•mong the <lr»t plop«es- of "^" , 
t^ hU pmr«nU both being bom In 
S^eoe county. «« )oln«l th, coa- 
,«l.™te army In \M2 wd -^^ ?»; 
Ill th« end ot Iht t«r "» C«wny 
K. 1 8th UlMOurl dlTlrion. «•*«•" 
lU, b«ttle or WiUKUi Cr«k. «^J^;; 
tie of 8prt««fl.ld and ^^T »**^; 

L^mer. Ur.. ttlU MeOulte <^^.>- ' 

nut Orove. route 1: two «oX FL IT 

Robterwn of SprlnffUld miui K.1^ 

Uobbenon of WlU«tl. roou I; Un 

jrmndchlldren and ten «!!r*;J!^; 

ducted .t .be ere 8P''"«» J^^;^ 
tOTton church at 10 •>«»oc* -nxuwtaJ 
l^ninK with burUl in the «»•- , 
^n thert «nder dlr%cU«. oC the 
S-I^^nuade Funeral home^ WlU.rd. 1 

; worn .a* r«cme<l today *^ "^ " ; 
,„ U.. dearhof hUsuler. Mr^^M*. 
garel Brckmllh. funeral ""^'^ *, 

' ihtrt. 

Funeral arrangetnenU are " ^«* 
incomplete for Martin 8. A'l'n "J^.^ 
retired farmer of route Mo. « ' »>o d^eU 
.uddenly at hi. home y«it*rtay 
afternoon. BurUl will be In Ea*t- 
Uwn cemeun. He l« survived br 
his wlU. l*v> daviKl.Kii. Mi». Hen:/ 
StulU. routfl a. and Mr». Roy Dun- 
hum. Clarcmorc 01.U n.... "•^«^'^- 
William, of Joplin. John of Kansas 
ri.- rvv. '• ;v;- -•• ' '"•• ' "'"' 
Dave and Ofotse ol rouir 0. He als« 
Is survived by t»o t'.^trrs 


■ Funernl tcrvlces lur WllUani t\ 
Chalfant. 67. former SprinRfl'-:'! ref- 

! Ident who died yesterday at his hom» 
!ln St. Louis folio* iPK s brief Illness. 
, were contlut tetl Bt 2 r,0 (.• -lo.X Ihl* 
'afternoon si tli"; Hermo-.i H lohmev- 
rr Puiirral home. H<irl;.l »»s mad* 
. Ill Msple Hark cemetery The Rer- 
'frend WllllBni M«' >'■■-•'' o'-i'l'i'r*e<l 
, 'iic srrvi' c? 

.\. 4. i;t\Ri» 

A J Beard. \3. died Sunday morn- 
nib- at Ills home In Plcher. OK'r. aff" 
a brief Illness, and Uineral service* 
1 «^re conducted at Plcher. TuewJay. 
I Mr. Beard, formerly a reaWent Of 
I Bprlu^nelri. U Mirvlved by his wUr. 
'■ one SOU. Eugene, both of Plcher. end 
a Mster. Mrs. Jack Lloyd of Winona. 

— SJ -;iuE~t« Oiank the frtsods aad 

Stf'Swtllr'f'atar Re». F». for hU tortn, 
a«r4s of fcindnsas. 

ifr and M". Hsrrv HsU, 


Page 3: F. S. Robberson died.** 
Mrs. Louisa Arnold died.** 
Mrs. W. L. Jacques died.** 
Dewey Fetterhoff died.** 

Lewis F. Tharp sues to divorce Christine Tharp. They were married September 
17, 1927, at Ozark, Mo. 

Page 5: James Edward Eckles and Fay Albert Eckles died.** 

Page 6: Roy Sprague of Red Top, Mo., and Miss Edna Sawson of Fair Grove, Mo., were 
married yesterday in Springfield. 

The will of Mrs. Hannah Marx was filed for probate.** 
Page 14: Marriage license: Roy Sprague, 23, of Red Top, Mo., and Edna Sawson, 18, 
ofFair Grove, Mo. 

j DEATHS "^ 

r. 8. R0BBEB80N 

runei^l •ervJw* tor F. 8. Bo^bw- 
«,n. M. «m ol on. ot «« ^'l^ 
Oreene county iMnlUe^ and CItU 
war veteran, will be conducted atlO 
o'clock today at C»ve Spring. Prt»- 
byurlan cUurcb. Burial wUl be m 
the cemetery ther« under dlr«:tlon 
of Oreenwade Funeral borne ot WU- 
lard. Mr. Robberwn died Tueed;>y M 
hla borne In Cave Sprtnga foUowlng 
an lllneM of only a few week*. He 
was bom on • Xann In Greene county 
owned by bU fatber. the Ute Ruli» 
Robbereon. in 1844. Hla parenU botb 
were born In the county. Robber»on 
avenue, one of Bprlngfielde main 
residence eereeu. was named for the 
family. a» well as one or two 
churches near the city. Mr. Bobber- 
son Joined the Confederal* army In 
1M3 and served until the end of the 
war in Comp*my E. Wth Missouri di- 
vision. He wa» in the Battle of WU- 
son creek, the Battle of Springfield 
and many other engagements. He la 
survived by one daughter. Mrs. EUa 
McOulre. of Walnut Grove, and two 
sons, R. H. Robberson, of Springfield, 
and B. L. Robberson. of WUlard. He 
also Is survived by 10 grandchUdren 
and 10 greatgrandchildren. 


Mra. W. X^ Jacque*," W. who Uved 
for many years In Springfield, died 
at her home In Kansas City yesterday. 
The family moved from Springfield 
about eight years ago. but Mrs. 
Jacquea has visited here several time* 
since and reUlned many friendships 
here. She was a native Mlssourlan. 
She Is survived by her husband, one 
son. W. U. Jacques. Jr.. of Kansas 
City, two daughters. Mrs. Salome 
Bearden. Decatur, 111., and Mrs. Mur- 
ril Jacques Walrod. Kansas City, and 
three granddaughters. Funeral ser- 
vices win be conducted at the home, 
3936 Mercler street, Kansas City, at 
iwo o'clock Friday afternoon. 


Funeral services for Mrs. Louisa 
Arnold, widely-known pioneer Spring- 
field CMldent, wUl b« conducted ftt 
o'clock Friday morning at the 
Church of Immaculate Conception. 
Bxirlal will be' In St. Mary's cemetery 
under dlraotlon of Herman B. Lob- 
meyer Funeral home. Mrs. Arnold, 
who was 84 years old. died Tuesday 
at her home. 414 PopUr street, fol- 
lowlnc » UngcrUif lUnMS. 


The body of Dewey Fetterhoff, 29. 
car Inspector, who died at his home 
In Chicago Sunday, arrived In Spring- 
Held yesterday. Funeral services will 
be held at the Baptist church at 
Strafford 12:30 o'clock Friday. Burial 
win be made in Plsgah cemetery. Mr. 
Fetterhoff Is survived by his widow: 
two sons; two brothers, Roma Fetter- 
hoff, of Oklahoma, and Moiit Fetter- 
hoff. of Chicago; a sister. Miss Esther 
Eddlngs. of Strafford, and his mother. 
Mrs. Maggie Eddlngs. also of Straf- 


All property of Uts. Bwuwh Marx, 
who disd at her boms hers last week. 
was bsqtMSthed to her husband. Ous 
Iton. of tbs''Uan aotblng and Bhos 
company, according to the terms of 
bw'wlU nisd tcr'pnHMU yesterday. 

B«r Mtat* Includes real ssUt* at 
438 ^sst 8UU street and » lot In 
the Colonial addition to tbs city, as 
^reU as an undetermined amount of 
pWsonal property. >. 

•■Itustlng with Implicit confidence 
In his atfactlon and good Judgmant." 
Mn. Uarz states In the document 
that she heUsrea he wlU make proper 
proYlsloiTfor the general welfare of 
their two children. Emanuel and 



Taken Hi After Father Goes to i 
Work, Small Boys Expire ; 
Within Short Time 

D«nlfd by divorce tite ministering 
preaeiice of tbelr mother. Mrs. Alice 
Ecklcs of KUmfleld. Mo. two small 
iBoys yesterday died within two hours , 
of each other nt the home of tlir ^ 
father. Roy Ecltiec. in Kanims Cliy. ' 
accordlHR to a report received heir. ! 

Since last September Mrs. Penrl Acl- I 
dingtoii. who fias two chiUlrrn of . 
her own. has cared for ihc lllilc boys] 
while their father has b~:: nt work. ^ 
The father also boarded at the Ad- , 

dington home. 

Kissed Tliriii tiood-li.M* 

Eckles klssctl each lad pooflbjc .niul 
went to lub uoik 111 n |);ukmt; pi. ml 
Two hours later he ciill'-il lioiiif 
by a telephone nirs.>-iiue tlinl !i;s t"m- 
year-old son. James Edward, was ctcad. 
He found the other boy. I-'ay Albert, 
six years old. sitting In a rh.-jir. Ko 
looked pale but a.ssurcd his father he 
••felt fine." Fi^llowlni; ii cmi^lilni: 
spell an hour later, he. too. was <ioad. j 

An examination revealcti ilii.i <lriitli 
was due to typhoid fever. 

Dhoj^'Cd Two Yeiir- 

Tlie boys' father niul moihrr wi-i, 
divorced two year^. ago ivkI mikt tlin; 
time the chlldicn itiid l*rii tared fo. 
by the former. 

Other than the pinrnt-. ilic boys 
are survived by their ;;iiiiulpi vcr.ts. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwarcl F<;klrs and Mr 
and Mrs J. A \V:lllnm.'-. all ■f Nor- 
wood. Mo 

Page 5: Births announced.** 
Page 10: Mrs. Harriett Fulbrigiit died.** 

Martins. Allen died.** 

Mrs. Orlena M. Peltz died.** 

Mrs. Louisa Arnold died.** 

•Dewey Fetterhoff died.** 

Mrs. W. L. Jacques died.** 

F. S. Robberson died.** 

James and Fay Eckles died.** 

Mrs. Eudora Hunt died.** 

William Thompson died.** 

Marjorie Keltner died.** 

Arthur C. Wright died.** 

Mrs. Julia Ann Merrell died.** 


Mrs. Orlena U. Pelt*. t|i4*| 

00 years a resident of Orwat 

'died this morning it btr hoi 

I (topers avenue, followln a |q^ 

I nc»i>. She li sur\'ivcd by tit| 

■ \v T pf Wftib City. Mo. m 

lot Bolivar. Mo. and »lx 4m 

I Mr*. T. N. Bodlne and I0^{ 

'Cheek of Springfield. Mrs. W.| 

Un« of Bapulpa. Okla.: Ua^ 

Darrow of Centralla. Waatt j Jj 

A. Bateroan of to* Angalea, (M[ 

Mrs. J. A. CroM of Tacoot^^ 

Kunerml Mr\icet «lll be coatf^ 

3 o'clock rrlday afternoon t 

Merman H. lohmeyer f^inwi] ) 

I Burial will follow In OreeaUn 

leiery. Mr* Pcltr la alao 

one brother. «ohn rerrrtsui. it 

! niil Orove. Mo., and on* aiMM 

' A EddlnRtr. of WtnfleM. Kaa. 

MRM. ii.%rrii:tt n i iirk.iit 
Mrs. Harriett rulbrlght. 77. died 
Ibia morning at her home. 631 Phelps 
avenue. She la eurvlvKi by one »on. 
Harry, and one daughter. Mrs. Rush 
Franklin, and one brother. Prank 
akptfUi««MU sU Of BprtBgltetd. ru> 
Jiuftl aai^loe* witl be conducted Buo*. 
day mttmrnooa at a o'clock at tbe 
Reedy Chapel A. M. E. «hiucb. la- 
ttnacni vlU follow in BouUi iTaael- 
wobd cemetery, under dlrecUon of tbe 
Campbell DoderUUng company. 

Funeral acrvlcei lor Martin 8. Al- 
len vlll be conducted at 3:30 o'clock 
Friday a(««raoon at tbe W. L. starne 
Funeral chapel. Burial win roUow id 
Baatlawn cemetery. 



Funtritl ttT\lc*» for Mn, % 
.Arnold, wvll-known UrMDt « 
I pioneer resident, will b« 

9 o'clock Prlday mornlaf at 
Church c: th« ImmacuUU Qh 

'lion. Burial «lll be m St. I 
ctcntttry under directioo «< tte 

'man H. Lohmejer tunenl ^qb* 

' ucwcr riTTBi 

I Funeral MrvlcM for Dawfj 

' lio(( wilt b* conducted at 
'ford Baptist cburcb at 1141 j 
j Friday afternoon. Burial 
Imade in PUgab cemettrj. 

■MRS. W^ I. J AC Q! M 

I ui*. W. Ii Jacqucf. It, U 
SprlnK'Uld reildent. died 
I at her home In Kanaaa City 
{a lingerine lllnMa. The famltyi 
j from .'Springfield elsht tear* 

!«»f nldtly known In Bpri^ 
] Funeral •ervtcaa will be caiif|fl 
'Kanaaa Cl(y at a o'cloc 
noon at the borne addreaa. 

ck Frt«g3 
reaa. ^ 

r. fl. ROBIIKRAO.'* 

Funeral aervicea for F. 8. 
•on. U. a metntKr of one of IMJ 
est Green county famlllea as4-*' 
mar veteran, were conducted "» 
ocloek thia mornlnK at Caee-jl 
Presbyterian church. Burial^ 
the cemetery there under dtraii 
the Oreenwade funeral home ft 
urd Mr. Robucrioii died 1 
Ills home In Cave springs 
an Ulncaa of only a few « 
• aa born on • farm In Greene 
owned by hia father, the late 
Robberaon. In IM4 Hla pveo 
mere born In the county. Rel 
»vfrn:e. rue of Uprtngfleld'a 
reaidence atreeta. waa naWAd 
family, a* well aa one 
churchca near the city. Mr. 
son Jollied the Confederate 
1883 snrt •Ttrd mii'II t.he em 
jwsr In t"oinp»''y I- '""' •"'"' 
I vuion He w»i» in tlir B«tt 
|aun creek, the Battle 
and many other miia 
•urvlred pj oa* daufhtar, 
McOiltrw. of Walnut Grot 
aona, R. H. Robberaon. of 
and E. L. Robberaon, ot 
Bl»o \% aurvlvad by 10 g 
and 10 greatcrandchlldrcn. 

Janira and Fay ^klea. 
of Mr. Roy Ecklea. of 
IIM Within A few houra ol i 
rr at their father* home, 
are siinived by their fa 
nmih^r ot Maii-fleld. Mo.. 
K.-anapa.'enL'.. Mr. and _ 
Bcklr* and Mr. and Un. i3 
llanm. nil of Normood. Mo 

Mlf^ I I IMIK \ IK NT . 
M;- KiiOora Hunt. M. dMf: 
.orlori; Wrdnr.tday mominf < 
I home In Aniory. MLia. She ^1 
' ed h\ her iMi.hurd, c M Hunt 
, rngutrrr. and a daughter. Wkj 
! Vai.derford. of WichlU. Kd^ 
I nrral arrsiigrmrnts are 
I pcndlnic the arrival of the 
1 rompanled by relatlvra. In 

' be In Grecr,l/iT\ii cemetery 

I rec^lon of ilir .i. w KllnicMrf 
I l.oni* .Mrs lluMi »mwe|l_ 
I Spr.ncfirld. liavlnj lived bt^ 
I ni.mber of yean. ^' 

"111 MM 1HOMr.«09 
WtST PLAINS Mo. Jan. It 
Ham Thompson. 90. rcaldent m% 
county 50 years and knoirt|i 
many frienda as "Uncle BlUT.^ 
his home nenr Vmcr Valley "*" 
of H>fci lueMjay. Mr. 
•on served In the Union 
the civil war. 


Marjorle Keltner. B-yea.-,. 
tor ot Mr. and Mra. lUym' 
ner. 006 Hovey atreet. died 
llts kt her hooM foUowInf 
oi pnetumoolk. she wma . 
reciui enUrUloer here, bei 
eoted vlollnlat. Baaldea 
she la aurvlved by a aUter. .. 
Funeral aervlcea will be con 
3:30 o'clock Sunday aftern 
home. Other nrrangemen 
complete. Directions are In 
the W. L SUrne Funeral 


Funeral arrangeraenta 
C Wright, member of the 
OpRrliJicnl of Heera. who 
morning at hla home. 730 
nu«. at the age of 57. are 
j He IS &urrlved by hU wMoH^jl 
j children, Arthur, of 
I RIclinrd and Mclvln Of 
Mlu Moe Wright of the 
j Mrs Glady.t True, of T^lUa. ' 
, I i.lin.r;.rr luiieral home la 
ruti»-Hl arrangements are 
pending the arrival of 

>IK^. 41 MA ANN Ml 
Funeral aervlcea fOr Mm 

Mrrreil, 78 oho died at lJ«f ' 
milM northeast of 
dsy evening, wlU bo heW^ 
Pisgah chapel at 1 o'clock j 
<fnoon, and burial will W'l 
Pt«8ali cemetery. J W. 
snd company, funeral 
officiating. Mia. Mertett' 
by a son. Emeat O.. oi 
daughter. Mra. Henrf 
of 8tr«fonJ, and toy *•*'- 
tlf'n. Her death c««« ttt^i 
uig UlneM 



Mr. •nd Mrm. J. L. 8«WT«r of 3013 
North K«wt»B tu.*! rnnounc« tht 
birth *d * JtoughUr. Mar^ o«n«»lev«. 
J»nu»r7 '^ 

Ur. •nd J^*- WUlUm IliUfm«n. 
1783 W»ll Btrttt. Mujounc* th« birth 
of » «^ft«. Bobtrt* M»rlon. J»n- 

VKCf \t, 

kr and Mr* F»ak W. r«ltnaol«r ot 
«M B<nith Frtmont mtenu*. •nnounce 
Um birth of fc daugbur. Tlor«nce 
Csrol. Januaxr 8. 

Page 1: A daughter Joanne King was bom January 15 to Mr. and Mrs. I. O. King, 324 
Dale street. Mrs. King was fomierly Miss Leota Caffey. 
Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 10: John W. McKinney of Springfield and Ella May Johnson of Webb City were 
married yesterday in Springfield. 
Page 14: Card of thanks.** 



I WISH lo~i'h«iil( rarli'nr our friends foil 
th»lr lt1ndnf?^. m time of .sickneu WHW^ 
drath of my bflo\ed Imsband. Mri. Clllil 
8. Hanlry 

John W. McKinney. 77. Springfield. 
and IIU May John«ou. 43. Wabb 
City and Emory J. Strawn. 26. Dal- 
las. Texas, and Ruth M. Wilson, 23. 
Tcsarkana. Tcxa^ 


Page 18: Mrs. Louisa Arnold died.** 
Mrs. Mary Jane BuUer died.** 
Mrs. Eudora Hunt died.** 
James M. Weir died.** 
Arthur Wright died.** 
Martin S. Allen died.** 
Charles Hall died.** 
Ernestine Welch died.** 
Marjorie Keltner died.** 
. John I. Chapman died.** 
Mrs. Polly Hollingsworth died.** 


it-wiFi^-WMjPKTrrt — — ^ H^# 

Ffllse aniLfHtlo ns a) iMng from krgii 
J t aiuLiuj mm It'p^tlcd ticoorUona of; 
-ilim in favor of ber pnrents were ad- ! 
fAOC^ by IxHila F. Thurp In his rtl- 
;j^ fU«d with the circuit clerk 

"~ -^ stioard'be 

* decree from Christine 
J^rjf^^'Tiin wer« marridl at Ozark 
Jkptwober 17. I9a7jy\a sepamted t4»» 
tUl Uma'Jftnuarj- 10. 1025. 


.'.JflUMt*! wrvloea for Mr*. Louisa , 
AhwJkf: were cotiducted at » o'clock I 
»( the ChUrch of the ImmRculatc | 
Conception. Burial was in St. Marye | 
c«nt^terr under direction of the Her- [ 
man H. Loym«ye'' F"ner»' home. > 





rWbtf to ihaak wtck SlUu WmaU 
IbalrkttdiMM*.. la tin* of •tdtsMa _a»d 

d««th ef tsj MovM hBiband. 



|«if«HBJr46:afKtfieysf in Grist of Cases; Trag 

Qf Dlslllusipn, Desertion and Faithlessness 
i:!:^;^:j^.'fti»ely Related V^ 



■■ ■» W HIM in uliumt O B ui f i tBK" 
nwoinc, .tb^.jRMaoilBAtlBcly Urg« 

pi«ii«( <Mm copo ftu i a TDong taui< 
•ad^vtvw— many oC tbai» un- 

mfatthfuiiKw. ablftltHDMa, quar* j 
mImoimwm uut lack of lort were I 
UBpof U>« oopnta i!«id by yarlousi 
ttunualonad onaa In Uu eobraa af| 

tha winmlng .ylnBt tti« |i«— bmi «..■■ 

wliom they aoogbt lEMdotn by; 


Romance Laiti But MonUi 

nw eourt had f tw qwetatoca otbar 
vltb tbalr ebaiaetar wltntaMa. wno 
vara tlwra enly-tt tba intaiMt o< 
ttMir (fwu caaea. JU Um caMa wtra 
triad and Uta dlfMroaa grantad by da* 
fault or otbanHta dUpoaad o(, tba 
foom waa amptlarf by thraaa— tha par> | 
aoQ taatlnf Um dlTorca and tba two 
■ llniiiii vbA.ltft Immadlataly. 

Mia. lioratta Moraa, a pretty young 
(trl with U«hi brown curU paaptpf 
out baxMatb bfr fatctatnc roaa faU 
bav told oC • Mtf manlaca In «hlolt 
Itar btiabaad. 83 yaais. dt^ 




awr^TiM-fWiMBfsraSi <?^^ ^„ 

AUfuat 7. ' hr traa granted tha dl- 
vpr«a tron XaadaU Motaa and baf 
maldan naaa at Uxatta Vft «a* <«* 

fStwa mavtf oC 8eoU»ii« 
On tha piaaaant ahorea of SooUaad 
bagan tha raqtasoa or Um. Jennta 
Blou and . ikac 'ixuaband. 

Clai« VU 

WttJCl\_ «nd!Wt ^g^ w1l2l_f _ ^'T''**^ t"- tinvr t«o fhlldrfn. • girl of 15 iinrt 

" ' a boy 17 who tlia mother «<i!<l a« 

-WinshTCirBiarwaa given bat niaJd 
en name of Bswsn. Mr«. Bhna t«*I 
of martylnf her husband -wbaa eha 
Uved in Perth, BooUand. and ba ••■ 
a eajlor boy JB the United Statea 
navy. That waa In l»l». ^>ea*lng 
in a eolt mueJcal voice *he attracUlre 
young woman anewered the queeUona 
of her attorney and the Judge, reveal- 
lB 4 he r liiMlJaxid had lall c a U) priK 

vide for her and that Hie had been 
I the support of both of Lbem untU 

laet September \rhon x,\\ty were eep- 

Samuel .W. Martin' declared that 
his wife. Lulu, Mith whom he lived 
ftom 1009 to 1B3A left for Oklahoma 
and he hadn't heard of her since. 

WUllau 1.. Minor, asking a divorce 
from his wife. Bertha, whom he mar- 
ried July 1S3«. declared she was un- 
tslthful. since slie Is only about 18 
years of age. it w«e necessary for the 
Court to appoint a representative for 

Orlln O. Bpragtte. who said he bad 
■lived only tn Oreeno county andli 
» rrlsoo employe, said his wUa also 
:jktft for Oklahoma and aaver latum* 
|*% Ho <a(Mitd ^t^ aha qoarxalod 
pith hiB. aven when othera were 
Around. They were married In 
{fount Vernon October 1023. and »ep- 
brsird iBRl AURUAt. 

Hii»l>a nd W ouMii't Work ; 

Mr!<. I^rcne Twlifgfr. a Utile Rlrl 
01 i:^. lestlMi'd ItiaL tier iiutbancl 
Palil. 38. whom nhs ninrrlffl June 
16. J'.'-i, ^^"'i.'.ri I 'A-/.,. rti.iJ w An t.(jii- 

tUniitlly Intoxiratfrt 

Mis, Opal Vrrna I';e<rnian, IP. B»k- 
f^ tor hrr dl\orce on ihe grounds 
|bat lirr husband. 1'homaa Elberl, 24. 
trhoin she married four years sro in 
Orark. msde no effort to aupport her 
DOT Uielr child, ape 2. Mis. Krernian 
^as an attrocthe bruiiclte, dre.s»ed In 
^ llttln bisck salla hat and blnik 
boet ^^Hh high fur rnllar. She tnld 
♦hn' .^hr i"<v 1^ inrVli r t'T »l't a 

(K aud Uia couri tn t/.r»nlnif; (he 
divoirc ordfrcd that tlic Inrh.ind poy 
the ntloniey fee of a2& and $20 a 
0ionth for the support of the child. 

Mrs. SUIla B. Wilchf. after 20 
^ara of married life, asked for a di- 
;rorce from her husband. Green I., 
(irjioin ^he chi\igrd was ' i.rt;;t;li;c 
HURiTpJ.'orao and Indlflcronl." Ihry 


elated In her support since tba fsther 
left home. 

_ ,_Oiba«L-Alf Wooa ^ _ 

"TSrs. Irene Jaqullh Whitehead a 

IbIiH Ctrl also under lagal age. areas' 

l^te a Kiby Maek bat and fur trtm> 

-mffPaaat. savi bar bUOband. Allan W. 

eled with her , and failed to 

tbalr ona year of 

Sairried life. 

Tliomaa Wilkcrson. a younr man 
lu II. o ea:ly i«rr.lii.v i.fivouMy 
Chewed g'in> a.' ho lold how Ills wife. 
OaOTKln. •falird to prrel him as he 

w»Dl hoinr linin «.)ih ami «*» «'- i 
Tvar* t}nBciMV ivi.'l i|ii»rrrllii>:." ihrn , 
IinMly l'!l inn l" rtliiin 

V^iU*. noKoc* Wr«f«b«i •l»o untftr 
•t*. h*!'' her 10-nionttu old b«by In 
hw •"»>» M the told ot unhtpplnwM 
brouRlit to her by her husbiincl. Le«- 
ler. J.. *l>om »Ub married M»rch 80, 
1926. "t tr««t«d him •• good •■ I 
knew how to tre«t k hu»b«nd." ahe 
Mid M «h» decUred tb«t ho "ncYer 
paHJ a dime" lowMd her iupport. i 
. Other C«fM llrara I 

Other* r«»ce!»lnf dl»orrrii by d» 
ftuU ttaU moralng Inciudad: I 

Marthall Kl»li#r frooi Lorenr Ki»hfr «bo 
.^««ivrd cuKiody of a mlupr <ituld • 

Olllf 1) Enjtia frotn l«««c Enrlr, rfcelv- 
JtMf cutiody of two ctilldtru. llrr attoriirv 
!«• was nllowfd togrthrr witli »30 a j 
Bif>nfh for Mirport (■? i\:r rl.i!i!'-'n 

N!%'jdr Bronk'bsiik from Ken:-,!' nrr>'.Vr- 

Klhel Carry from Ernpst Cwrey. recelv- 
Idc custody of four minor chlldrrn. 

laUf> Oeiift U. Cardwfll from FJortnce 

Op»l M. ClauMCii from I-eoiiard Clmis- 

m «iid h'r maiden name »«» restored. 

Oladys E. I>lln(ier. from I^f^nard D. E«- 
llngrr ai)d fl>r rpiri-rd I'Ufiody <'f a min- 
er r!Mld. 

IlaUiP Krlf-Tid from Tlioman Friend. 

n. F Eullon from Mi»ude M. Fulton llr 
%■** Bivfn ru^'ody of a »on 1(1 year* of 
iff nn«l tl)» dBiis.!iirr r'tiialned aim thf 

fpr^' ' ■<■ r. 

Nelli*" L. Ooodaid from Comnmdcre C 
OootlM rd 

Id.t .Mir^ Xi'iUlina- ftoin Jainrs IllmliR« 
Vha o^s Klven custody of oiio child and 
|il« (a'liT of aiio'lier 

A^in h^H" H>»1I f^oin Ilorrv rUv Itail. 

*'t*li» <"> llPtiitiv irom A J liBinby. 

rt I, Hull Jrnnr 7,\0>% Hall 

MaAla II. Marllu from Ina 8\bll Mar- 


Srhino(>1c <Jr»nl» S7 
Thtrty-Mven divorcee were granted 
^ Judge John Schmook In the epe- 
flal day set Mide for the purpose 
faaterdsy. AH of thcge caaes were 
On rirJaull. llie dcfrndanta not »p- 
paarlng. In ell caaea the plalntUfa 
mtro Riven cnsfort^ of children. 

Tlic rtlvorcea fn'Wilocl ^crr: 

KUa Brlfham from C W. HrUham and 

eU'-t'KlV f>f a fnlli-'f fhllfl 

Can;' Bryaiii irom J»»ii.'(» Bryant and 
TMtoratlon of her forcer namo of Carrlr 

Bonnie Brlitow from Bob BrUtow. 

Ciaudr Dfniore from .fr.'.'ie.Demore and 
CU»todv of thrlr child. Tona 

JfUIP i:. Bolrrjack troiii Riley C. Bolcr- 
Jirlc aud custody of their child, Velma 

Ilut-v Kdl^on fro:n Omrr p>i;sfui. formT 
flfrree modified jfivlnK %2U a iiionlh sup- 
port for von. riiarlrs Rolnrd 

KItlin rt Irirnd Trom EuRrna Friend. 

/lavmond I., (ioirhfll (rnm Ortnide 

Margartt Oardner }roin frank E. Oard- 

L. T. Origsby from Klnlo M. Orlgsby. 

Arbaleta Croaaan from Ilrnry Cro««an 
Mid rustofiv of ilieir « lilld. Mrlvin Mnrlo 

Uobbip M. Hanklns from Fred L. Hin- 
»lT»a antJ runtody of their child, Ronald 

May HoUlngswortI) from James II HoT- I 
lln«swor»h and restoration of her formei I 
• •KiiK d] Aies^liitr. 

vesjer Henry from Kffla Urnry. I 

Ltdla Pearl Jones from John C. Jones j 
and custody of lliOr rhlldreii, Lucille | 
and Ploade Pearl. 

O«orge W. Koenemann from Nettle 

Robert M. Laltomus from Mary Effle 

Haze] M. King from Leonard M. King 
and restoration of her former namo of 
HKKel M. Oecrge. 

N« il'e May Lorainc from Maurice I-<»- 
ralna and reatoratlon of her maiden name 
of Kettl* May RHtenhouse. 

■sUta B. Mallard from Samuel Nash 
Mttllartf and custody of their children, 
Loala. Pranklln and Fema. 

M»ry C. Muts from Lawrence E. MiiU 
and cuatody of their children, Robert. Jo> 
^rp^i-if. nnd Jncqiielliic. 

Vrys. Medley from Arch Medley and 

Yntoration of her maiden name of Smith. 

Je.«^e M. Rottrta from Fred JB. RoU- 

trU and rMtoratloa of btr roftlden daodc 
Ol OUddtn. / 

Uiodm RlclMTilMm from Obarlea C. 
Rlduurdioa. mad csutodjr of ih« children. 
Bvtty Joo and Dorothy: MO a month all- 
mony and chlM ■urpport beginning r^hru- , 

mony ana c niM aopport befinning 

■ ry I. and 135 allorney'a /ee» 

— W tMila P e a rl n ob ltiauu fium 

L«on KM-' 
lD«on, and reatoraUon of her maioeo 
name of Hawking. 

GenevlM riay Ironi Lewla A. Ray, auO 
ctl^todv of th^lr child. Barbara 1^^ 

Myrtia Itaicllff from Fred U Icatc.jff. 
•ml return of her maiden name of John- 

Addl* Bmlth from Jack Smith. 

Dan W Tuck from Bulah I\ T-i'k 

Gwendolyn L. Walker from Jam^g H. 
Walker, an'd cuRtooy of their cM'id Pa- 
IricU Ruth. 

a . M. pii ari from Victor u Biad^*. 

Floyd Daprrc from MacnoUa. O. Dupree 

Myrtio Kv<>r«tt from cfyda Breretf. 

Emma Mover from M. C. Moyer. dia- 
mlaaed br plaintiff. 

AgnfA Woolev from Percy Wooley. and 
return of her maiden name of Bailer 

Kathleen K. Wood from Emnteil J 
Wo^jd. and arcs* alimony <if f:iO. wuu $M 
attorney's fi'ea. 

Olenna Durnell from Homer Durneii. 
V. iih custody of their child Jo^: 
Robert, and |15 a month support, begin- 
ning January 17. 

JA.MCS M. Hua 

ii.^«w«r«. «n*n 


atrMt. folU»wlB« a 

briar ; 

Mra. John Oott. xuial 

and one granddautht*r. 

was a member of tha Oata alj 

Temple lodce. A F and A. M. 
iicrul •ii*i.h'i"<^"-» ^i* iBtem$A 
but burial will b* In OrasalavaA' 

,t,ry under dlrerf.on of tbe j| 

„«r F<in»"^1 hfvK— 


yv. ' ! . 11 

fliSr_ ,._ 

her hobi*' fi ' tHftt 
BvUtf^'WM bora 

•nd MlUad IQ Pb«Ip« o 
thtrt thtr inbvad nt^ 
•ht taM aiad* tier bom* 
Sutler, who*« maldm 
Ctoud. WM raarrtad to 
Ur. Mweb ». itM. T 
^lldnn. BU ol Umm 
band bAT* ottd. 8b* wac. 
br Martin, of SprlncfMd:^ 
Ban Angdo. Tnaa and Mrt" 
Hart, Cl« yar. Wv Mmi 
eonducicd . by tb* 
Wulir. paator a< th» 
churcb of Clrvcr. and 
WI8C Hill remeteiT. 

.MR5. tllKJBA 
Funeral acrvlcca tor 
Hunt w«r* cooductvd ml 
this afternoea at tb« 

nfml rbapal. Burial f( 
Ur««nU«n ccmatcry 


runtrsl wrvlcca. for Arttal 
Wright «er« coodoetttf at 9M 
thU afternoon at ttv'JUMa ~ 
Funeral cbapcL Bwlal «• 
HaMlwood c»iBet«ry. Tbt 
! Osrar Lee Black oltlBlatad at 


FuKPrd kervtrea for *tartlB t 
lent wer« contJucied it aj« 
. th>* ariernuon at tb« W. U. 
• niorluary. lniem»«Bt 

:«» r. 

. r:rr'er» 

4 HJt.ttl:S MAU. ^ 

i Chn:t% Hail. 71. loot tBii 
dfui nni t'ionjer of > 

' rt:e<l veilffTlay at hl« 

'• Mief attack of influMMk.S 
•lemcrs will h« coci<lT^«a4w 
ti.«n >.inler C.ire<-tic>n g( Qt) 
Ir.ilettalili.i; lompar.v 
raugemeri* are a* »'« t. 



Tbt body of MUa 
IS. win arri«« In 
day- ^tOTa«0a- froai 

Un. W. O. roUMd of 

tvo tM wi — . »M« «m'a: 

man, bolb of WlUard. 

[o'clock Bunday att«raea«r 

; aon Pratrle cemetery.' tst 
, ba tc tbe cconetery tbti* 

; rectton of the J 

W Kimgat 


FunenU aerTtctM for 
ner will be conducted at 

I Suiidajr lUternoon at 
_8'.«rr.e rmieral rhapel 
. be in E&atlawn cematerj. 


f 'ir.eral »*r»icea for Jobi 

n:an. 91 urellme reaJdent of I 
'•"uri 0,»rkj«. will be co 

2 :;0 <)>lock Saturd- ■»! 

"ie -««MUenrf 1 1 i- 
■■ Bprin«:irM Burial »in t^ 
1 tJernon cemrter^. under 
j tlie Alma LohmeTer Fur 


Mlcv I-,, 1. 1 \ lloLllNfiSI 

I Mr* Poily HolUniftwortb. 

Ii*r manr fr!rn<J« as "Aunt 

; pioneer rrsident of the 

»i hrr liome. rive miiea »oi!lU _ 

Orovr !!;•., mornlna. Funrnll 

' ' ■ < V- .»p«I 

t'r>. f(>v;r mlle^ iouth cf Aafe 


Page 1: Marriage license: Otto W. Johnson, 26, and Gladys V. Blunt, 20, both of 

Page 6: James M. Weir died.** 

Charles Hall died.** 

Ernestine Welch died.** 

Marjorie Keltner died.** 

John I. Chapman died.** 

Mrs. Polly HoUingsworth died.** 

Nicholas W. Chanlee died.** 

Mrs. Bertha Pittman Noah died.** 
Page 14: Divorces granted.** 

William Daniel White died.** 


Small Son Dies of Disease 

Within Less Than Week of 

Mother's Death 

Innuenuk kiui pneumonu yester- 
tertUy cUlmwt tbe Mcood inember of 
an Ozar)is farm family with the 
death here of WllUam Daniel White, 
Jr., four years old, who died at the 
home on an uncle. L. L. Glore, 1331 
Frlaco a^mne. 

A third member of the family. Mary 
White, an Infant 14 montha old, U 
near death at the X>K>re home ,fn>m 
pneumonia following an attack of In- 

Mother Died Becently 

The children's mother, Mra. Beatrice 
White, died January 13 at tbe Olore 
haaae of Influenza. 

Two other amall children of the 
White family. Norbin and Beatrice, are 
recovering from terlous Ulneaa of In- 

The amaU boy la aurvlved by hla 
father and the three brothera and 
alatera. Tb4 entire family waa moved 
into Bprlngfleld In an ambulance 
when all became bedfast with in- 
fltienea .at their farm home on route 

Fiiner^ For Child Today 

Mra. White died a few hours after 
being brought to the city. 

Funeral serrlcea for the child will 
be conducted at 3 o'clock today at 
the Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral 
chapel. Burial will be In 8t. Mary's 
cemeter; under direction of Herman 
H. Lohmeyer. 



Puneral aerrlcee for Jamea M. 
Weir. 83. will be conducted at 3 
o'clock Sunday at hla home. 1141 
Weet Atlantic street, vhere he died 
Thursday night following a brief Ill- 
ness. Burial Tklll be In Oreenlnwn 
cemetery under direction Kllngncr 
Funeral home. 


Pvuicrsl aerrlces lor Charles Hall. 
71. were conducted ye«terd«y at HbII- 
to«ii. Mr. iidii \NB.. \),c ! , :: ' •.'•'•■'^rfr 
Hall, founder of Halltown and rnrly 
day Lawrence county farmer and 
bualneea man. lAr. Hall had spent 
hla entire life In the Halltoun com- 
munity and was ^ell tnown. Burial 
was In Halltown cenietrry under di- 
rection Clark Uncif rittMim . uii.i..w.y 


Funeral services for MIm Ernestlnr 
Welch, 18. of Oklahomn City, will be 
conducted at 3 o'clock Sunday after- 
noon at Itobberson Traltle rharyl 
Burial will be In Robberaon Prairie 
cemeter/ under direction Kllngiier 
Funeral home. She Is mrvlvcd by 
ber mother. Mn. M. O. Smith, of Ok"- 
lahoma City, an aunt, Mrs. W. C. 
Pollard, of Springfield, and two 
unclee. Pred and J. B. Zimmerman, 
both of Wlllard. Me. 


Funeral aerrlcee for Klarjorle Kelt- 
ner wUl be conducted at 3:30 o'clock 
Sunday afternoon at W. L. Starne 
mortuary. Burial will be in East- 
lawn cemetery. 



Divorce Mill Whirls Merrily, 
Grinding Out Thirty-seven 
. Decrees in Four Hours 

Division two of the circuit court 
undid In lour bours wbkt it luually 
Uk*t tb« rveorder of dMdi 10 days 
to do, by grftnUng divorces to 31 peti- 
tioners yesterday. 

YooBg Tell of Woes 

Marriage troubles of as couples. 
young one* (or the most part, were 
related to Judge Warren h. White 
during tba morning and abort after- 
noon seaslon. All ware granted free- 
dom from the martal tlea tbat had 
become, tbey aald, unbearable. 
Thirty-Seven Granted 

Thirty-seven divorces were groiii-d 
Thursday by Jwlgo John Schmook 
In division one. 

Those receiving divorces were »s 

Maxle R. Martin from Ins Syb:) 

8. L. HaU from Zula Hall. 

Stella O. Ramby from A. J. Haniby. 

Anna Mac Hall from Harry Clay 

Ida AUc* Hlnsbaw from James 
Hlnahaw. .' 

Nellla L. Ooddard from Cornnicdon 
C, Ooddard. 

R. K. Pulton from Maude M. Pulton. ! 

Hattle Prlend from Thomas Frleud. ' 

Oladya E. Esllngrr from Leonard D I 

Opal M. Clauben from Leonard 

Lue Genu D. Cardwell from Ploi- : 
ence Cardwell. 

Ettoel Carey from Ernest Carey. I 

Maude Brooksbank" from Kermlt i 

OlUe D. Engle rom Isaac Engle. j 

Marshall Plsher from Lorene Fisher ' 

Florence Wre^e from Lester J 

Thomas Wllkerson from Oeorsla 

Irene J. Whltehesd from Allen \V 
Whitehead. I 

Stella B. Wright from Green 1 I 

OpBl Verna Freeman from Thomat i 
Elbert Freeman. ' 

Lorene Twlgner from Paul Twipgcr. 

Orlln G. Spraguc from Nancy E. 

i William 1. Mmoi t:'>m Brr'l.n 
^ Minor. 

Samuel W. Martin from Lulu 

Jennie Sims from Clark H. SUns. 
Marlella McKlnney from Eustace 

Loretta Morse from Randall Morse. 
Virginia Claire Sbattuck from 
Loren Rollln Shattuck. 


Funeral aervlcea for John I. Chap- 
man, 0C pioneer Ozarks settler who 
was bom wttbln a few miles of the 
place he died. w.l.i he coi'.rttT-tecl nt 
3:30 o'clock today. The serAlces will 
be conducted at the Chapman home, 
11 miles, southeast of Bprlngfleld. 
Burial win be In the Henderson 
cemetery imder diretlloii Alma Loli- 
meyer Funeral home. 

Mrs. Polly Holltngaworth, known 
to her frlenda and nelgbbora for more 
than 80 years aa "Aunt Polly." died 
yesterday at her home four miles 
south of Ash Grove. Funeral aer- 
Tvlcea for the pioneer woman will 
be conducted at John's chapel Sun- 
day afternoon. Burial will be In the 
cbapel there. 


Funeral services for Nicholas W. 
Chanlee, 73. who died In Tulsa, Okia , 
Thursday, will be conducted at the 
Clear Creek Baptist church, 13 miles 
west of Springfield, at 1 o'clock this 
afternoon. The Rtverend J. J. Parten, 
of nojer^vlllr. Mo. will offlilate. 
Burial will be In the Clear Creek 
cemetery under the direction of J. W. 

Mrs. Bertha PIttman Noah, 10, wife 
of Elvla Noah, 018 West Chase street, 
anil daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. 
PIttman, died In a Springfield lios- 
p:ui yesterday. She Is aurvlved by 
her husband, her parents, and two 
sisters. Mrs. Leah Rushing, of Kansos 
City, and Miss Dorothy rituiian. of 

Funeral services will be at the 
home at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. 
ind burlsl will bo In Oreenlawn 
cemetery, under the direction of J 
W. Klingner. 


The Leader for Saturday, January 19, 1929, is missing. 

Page 1: Daughter born last night to Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Yates, 2023 Keiiett street. 
Page 2A: Joseph A. Teagarden died.** 

John D.Coffman died.** 

Marjorie Keitner died.** 

Miss Ernestine Welch died.** 

James M. Weir died.** 

Mrs. Bertha Pittman Noah died.** 
Page 12A: There is an article by A, M. Haswell about a Civil War incident.** 
Page IB: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 28: Marriage license issued at Mt. Vernon: Ray L. Royce of Aurora and Helen 
Bagby of Springfield. 

OlafKnowles drowned.** 

Page 38: Mrs. Nancy Burks of Bolivar died Monday. Mrs. Mamie Bufford of 
Cotterville, Mo., is her daughter. 

Frank Greable died last evening. He lived south of Bolivar. 

John Montgomery, a retired Frisco engineer, died Sunday at his home in Newburg. 

Mrs. Minnie Huskey of St. Louis died in St. Louis and was buried in Newburg. 
She was the daughter of Mr. Ed Prewett of Newburg. 

Mr. Marion Johnson died at his home in St. Louis. He was buried in Newburg. 

Mrs. Estella Mackney and Mr. E. O. Crotchet of Pittsburg, Kan., were married [in 
Rolla?]. Mrs. Mackney, formerly of Newburg, is the daughter of Mrs. John Sterling. 

Mrs. John Blue died in St. Louis and was buried in Newburg. 

'There is a photo of five generations.** 

F. M. Hall, 85, died January 12 in Monett.** 

The two week old son of Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Smith of Marshall Hill [near Monett] 
died Sunday and was buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery. 

N. S. Wilcox, 75, died January 12 in Monett. 

Mrs. O. P. Moody died and was buried at Mt. Vernon. 

S. A. Chapel of Monett went to Wichita, Kan., where his sister died. 

Daughter bom January 1 1 to Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Dummit of Monett. 

Georgia Edith Reinsmith, the one year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred 
Reinsmith of Monett, died January 10 and was buried in Mt. Calvary cemetery. 
Page 6B: Memorial notice.** 
Page ID: There is a photo of Mrs. Kearney Richardson. 

Mr. Enorh Mceks. Rbout 88 years 
ol •ge. ot the Wet PraJrle nelghl>or- 
hood. died Tuenday momlnp. Mr. 
Meek wan a veteran of the Civil war 
and a member of "Uncle" Wade Bike's 

of Ur\ad Ui%. '*«> "^^S^ia* 

607 FUtn «tr^. «J»!i^'^S£ffi 
t«moon. MFTlce- by BMt. T. B. Ktt*U 
Interment In Mt. Cmiruj 

Mrs 8«in O jMnea ot MaysTUU 
died mi her home January 4th. aged 
64 years. 10 months and 13 daya. She 
wa« a sUter of rreemaa Ballard of 


Mr. and Un. Il C. x>uinmtt •a-\ 

naaxiM btrtli ct • *«|*»**_*S2l&' 
J«iu*ry n. »t ttwlr li«»»,c»3g««L 

Fourth itTBtt. _ _ -__1^ V-l-^Ji. 

8 A Chape. »a« called to Wichita. 
Kan»a» by death c' » aUter at a 
hospital Salu'day. . 1 

Mr.. JO. B»ti« died »» 3t. UJUli and 
i,*,V^,wa. brought to Newburg to- 

;SlS tSHw (Friday) alternono. 

Mrs. Mamie Bufford of Cotterville. 
Mo came last Tuewlay to help care 
for ber mother. Mrs. Nancy Burks. 
Mrs. Burks died Monday and vat 
burled Tuesday. # nt 

Five gcnsnUoo* of .an Omrks tuallj, ruylag in tf • trom 1 months to 
9» yMia, M« abown In thla plotura. Left to rlglit they an <lo««r row) Mr*. 
Cordelta A. Or^Mt^pf CUbiax SprtnfB. Uo^ grMt-Krandmothar. af M: Baby 
Ukcj VlTRlnl* Tbompooa. 7-months^Icl: and Un. Martha A. Mooldar. oT 
Climax Sprtnci. graat-great-pmadmother, ag« 63 yeara. Standing ara Mn. 
K. R. Crtaelk ot Macks Oraek. Mo^ grandmother, aga S0 yean; and Un. 
Willla C. Tbompaon of Macka Creek, aee 10 years. 

A Newburg Item In the Bolla Her- 
ald loporta the recent marriage of 
Ura. Bitella Mackney to Mr. E. O. 
Oretebei of PltUburg. Kan. Mrs 
Mackney was formerly of Newburg 
■nd U a daughter of Mrs. John 


>. M.<BaU. aga S«, dt«d at his hnoM 
aid SMond atiMt. January la. Hto 
daath was eauMd^hy InduMua. m*^ 
natal Mrrloaa war* bitld •*tb» hen*. 
Monday afternoon, conducted by ■•▼• 
B. K. Moday of tlta Maaran* church. 
Mr. Ball laaraa a wife and fltra 
daughtteis and .three sons. ir. B. Ban 
of Monett la a son. . Interment In X. 
O. 6. T. cemetery. 


Prank Oreable, «bo resides south 
of town, died last evening. He had 
I flu and pneumonia. 

John Montgomery, a retired Frisco 
snglntT and old dtlsen of Newburg. 
tnHirt away at hu horns here In 
Mewtnixg Sunday morning. Funeral 
aenrtoea waer conducted by Rev. 8. D 
Berlin of Rolls at the Newburg Chrla> 
tiaa church and interment waa In the 
Maburg cemetery. 

Mra. Minnie Biukey of St. LouU. a 
daughter of Mr. Ed PreweU died at 

her home in St. Louis and her body 
was brought here Wednesday. Punoral 
serrlcee were conducted by Rev. Floyd 
Banks of the BaptUt church at the 
home of Mr. Chas. Fulton and Inter- 
wae In the Newburg cemetery. 

Paiwna Mnrlccs of Mr. Marlon 
Johiuoxf vbo died st tbU horn* In St. 
Louis were conducted at the Baptist 
church herv Saturday afternoon by 
the paator. Rev. Floyd Hanks. Inter- 
ment was In the Newburg cemetery. 

The two weeka old aoo of Mr. and 

Mrs. P. C. Smith of Marahall Hill, 
died Sunday morning. Interment at 
Odd FeUowa cemetery after aerrlcca 
at the home conducted by Um Bar. 

H. A. Jonfg. Monday. 

N. 8. Wilcox 76. years of age. died 
January 13 at his home at 4M Lincoin 
avenue. Funeral serrices MoodAy af- 
temooa conducted by Rev. F. B. 

Mrs. E. P. BridweU. Mra. W. J. Mills. I 
Mr«. W. P. Landrum and Mrs. Alice | 
Qerhart attended funeral of Mrs. O. 
I P. Moody at Mt. Verr.on January lath. { 


Protem Bachelor Shot Down 
As He Leaves Rooms to At- 
tend Masonic Meeting 

StHlked by four men u.t li«> was 
leaving hta rooms In Protem, In Taney | 
county. Winl W. Jamfs. 46. unnisr- ' 
rled. was peppered by Irnden pellrtF 
fired from a shotgun in the hands of 
one of the men late yesterday. 
Hullels In Toufue 

Dr. Don H Silaby of Sprlncficld ' 
i worked more than an hour on James 
I lit Springfield Baptist hoppllsl re- [ 
li)iovlii)( the dlhrliiirxr from lili neck. 
|cl>.est. lace, and forehead. Some of. 
Iho p«>IlelK piercTd the cherk snd 
lodged 111 Jsme.s" tongue. He I.* pain- . 
fully, but not latallj. injured. Doctor 
Sllsby said. , 

James would gho no reason for the 

. OnlrrnI To Muml 

'I vvH.s IruMiikT rrv ro.iin< .t "le 
rr«r of the Uob.irt Ovien »iorf uljnul 
« p ni to sticnd h Mh^imiic nieet- 
. ing," kald Mr. Jamr.-^. "when I snw , 
.Marlon Torirt. hl« brtnlifr. Jnm-r.. ' 
and two other mii. J.iniM (irdrrod 
his borthrr to ^h.H1• Hr flrr'1 fr-m 
.1 ri«i;i:r !•: Go foe" 

^lr .ntiil Alrx. |;. «• \.itr». JiiM 

'^f''*^" ' "•-' ■ - •r.r hirt;-. of 

j a bnby girl la.«t nieht at the Dt;r.— 
, hrvipltal 



Clyde Olbson, 32, Seminole. Okla.. 

nnrt Lucille Ketchum. 18. Everton, 
.Mo ; Floyd E. Ypst, 23, Springfield, 
and B'lby McCoy, 17. Springfield: 
Floyd Duprce. 32, bprlnefield. and 
loulso Pitts. 24. Springfield: Clarence 
H Kolb. 3B. Springfield, and Mabel ' 
Gordon, 27. Joplln: Beryl Hamilton. 
22. Sprlnpfleld, and Helen Olenii, 31. 
Springfield; Ralph Johnson. 31. 
Springfield, and SteUa Weaver. It,, 


A marriage license has been Issued 
to Helen Bagby. Sprln; f le^d. and Ray 
L. Royce. Aurora, at Mount Vernon. 


• • ,- II iti i i i i [■■II i ^ ,, ■'.= ^ ' 
oinf KBo^i^'pt son .-n*^ fifw 

wM dnmiMii Mrty 8ii(toM»7 BwAim 

In Botliataa. Tbsm. mbf ta* «m in 

tb« vaptoynuat ot • ptp* luw aon- 
pMir> MoortUoc to iofonnatlan n- 
Mlvvd ben ^ bU wU;' Un. tnaa 

Mr. Knowlw la aurvlvMl by bU 
wU«. bla notbtr. Un. OooOi Knowlaa. 
two btt>tb*n. tUnbti and Oaimld. and 
two Asters. Mrs. Maude Rms* and 
Miss Nora Knowlea. 

Tba body will b« asot here Monday 
and funeral Mrvlow wUl be unagti 
by the Kllngner tTndvrtaUnt cooi- 



joasra a. tbagarobn 
JoMpb A. tmttxOm, sa. antll (our 
yanra fa • naldaot of Sptlncnald, 
dlMl\Fnd*y In OblOMo< aeoanllng to 
OMHico TaoctTMl bcra yaaiarday. 
Mr. Ttmtu&to.tonuKif wm cqcumoW 
•d wtUt ttio Itacartea PMUof oom-.. 
pnny o( this elty. TtM body will ar> 
ny* b«ra this moraine. Mr. Tfagar- 
dan la mrrtTad by bla^athar and 
mother. Mr. and Mrs. U. S. Teagarden 
ot Wast Plalna, Mo.: one son. J. A. 
TMc^rtftn: a alstar. Mlsa Farrlea Tea* 
ruxlan ol Waat PUlna: and a brother. 
0. a TUgu^m. Jr.. of spnncfMd. 
Funeral aamoaa will be held al 9 
o'olook Monday morning at the 8t. 
Afosa OathoUo ehuroh. Burial vUl 
be in Bt. Mary's cemetery under di- 
rection of the Herman H. Lohme/er 
funeral home. 


John O. Ooffman. 48, Aguit (or tht 
Priaco nuiway at ll*nlifl«ld. dl»d at 
tH* FriMO boapiui b«r« at S o'clock 
jTMUrtfay an«rnooo followtng • brief 
Ulness from pneumonU. runtnl 
MnrlcM-ar* to bo b«kl at Marsbncld 
Monday aftomooa. Tbe body baa 
bean praparad for burial by the Ber- 
H. Lobmeyer funeral home. 


Puoerat aemcea for Uarjorla Kelt< 

' Bw win M oowiaetotf %% Mm ^/M^ 
thl* »n«mooa at tiM W. U. MmM 
Mortuary. Sarrtooa will bt tmi bf 

I the Bavarand rtanli B. Waet. BiuM 
«1U ba la Caatlawn oaSMtary. 



Oaring Feat of Eight-Year-Old 
In First Year of Civil War is 
Reoalled By Pioneer of 
Greene County 

lAo summoned cavalry 
to seize gang chief 

Moth^ Enttrtaint M»n Who 
KflM Husband Till Soldiers 
Arriit; Gloats as Thoy Are 
Hanfesd By Mate's Crave 



QOMB ma SCO X tald la tbaaa ran- 
dHi ifeatehaa of tb* lad vbo rode 
throvgS lbs alght. lalUaS a group of 
fiaa a XTaiuu offl* 
oaptvrad by tlia 
OonfMafatao. Thla tima. I want to 
tan of tba brava Uttla fallow, only 
«l(bt yean old. who took a ride of 
alz mllea through the blUa. aum- 
raoncd help, and led a company to 
tba eztcrtnlnatl^ of a band of rob- 
bcra and murderers. 

It waa in October of that ftrtt year 
of the CItU war, 1861. and tba acane 
lay among the hills of Pulaakl coun- 
ty, aomathtng leas than a hundred 


Sarrlcaa for'Mlaa Brnaatlna Walctt 
wlU ba eeoduetad at S o^elook today 
at Bobberaoo Fralrta ehurob wltb 
burial following In the Robbersoa 
oamatary under dtraetlon of KUngaef 
Funeral home. 


Funeral •enrloee for Jamee M. Well 
will be oonduoted at H o>Block today 
at hU home. 1141 Waat AtUnUo atract. 
Burial will be In Oreenlawn oeme> 
lery under direction of Kllngnes 
Funeral home. 

NO.«H 8KKVM't9 

Funeral eervtces (or Ura. ficriha 
Plttman Noah will ba oonductad a1 
3 o'clock today at the bome. B18 Weat 
Cbaae etreet. Surlal will be in Qreon- 
lawn cemetery under direction of 
Kllngner Funeral home. 

1-uiM er TiuuKS, ra MiMtmm 


nt vofUM 

OfUM Beaaecy i 
wa»«Har%a« thla 


Sfa (ear yean aco 

Janaarr SO. Today recalls sad msaartos 
ef a (o*«d on* ceae to rest, baa oar 
hcftrU kr« stlU >w] and lonely. Where 
otbets are tUlad wltb Joy, boi tbsra U 
•un oaa iiMailittiiv theaa who thlSk «( 
aiadya taday are tha aaaa wba lavad her 


AUi^titUM, AD*. 

niUea northeast of Spritagfleld. Here 
tba Robldoux. one of thoae cryatal 
claar streams characterlatlc of the 
Oearks, winds through the hills with 
ibc little farms strung along the 
banka like t>eads on a atrlng. 

larfy In tha war aa It was, deeds 
of blood had already been done In 
kha region, not by tbe enlisted men 
of althar aide, but by bonds o( dcs- 
peradoea, who took adrantage of the 
uDsatUed conditions to rob and mur- 
dar at wlU. A company o( Federal 
caTalry had been stationed at 
\7ayne8VllIe to run down such bau- 

^_ «. 

♦— ♦ 

.Tbcn one afternoon as Anderson 
Wtalla and bis wife were returulng 
to^tbalr home lo Robldoux they were 
baked by. a -group o( horsemen. The 
laador waa a giant in slzr whoee' 
ftHCa fac« MM rendered still more 
atatotcr beciAue he had but one eye. 
Wtalta and hU vklte Ir.Huiitly knew 
tbat thla must be "One-Kyed Davis" 
a oian wlioae bauds mcpb already 
«taeped In innocent blood, and on 
*hose head ootli Coiiietlcralrs «iul 
Fadaials had set a prii^. , 

Tlxla (Igure motioned uitii iiu re- i 
volaar and gare the order. "Git out 
of tbat wagon." 0( course the terrl* 
Clad couple obeyed; theu one o( the 

gang wa» ordered (o get liuo the' 
w«fon Mid diltc It lo Ujclr camp.' 
And when WhJti vcntuiwl to prolcbt 
th» robbtnr Da-.^s Uioi the poor fel- 
low dead mnd, "Tode nway without a 
word! A c^Kf blooded, heartless nmr- 
fO";, b\U fVo more so tlian hiitid:rds 
'Of'otben. chargeable to such bandits 
In tbcae da}«. 

I STINNKD i:V TK.t<itl>\ 

♦ ♦ 

The poor v.iJe ^H' u:. ;iii -:i und 
• Qd held licr hubliaiid's lieau until 
Um Ia«t algD of life li&d ceaaed. ;iiid 
then ahe straightened li!-^ rorni, fold- 
ed his baudb. crovered Ins fuce with 
hi» hat, and then, tearless anci tight 
Jlpped (the blow had &lnick tool 
deep for lamenting) hurried the tuoi 
milts to her home, s'.uii.-nonrcl iit-ar ' 
iMlgtabors to her aid and the inur-j 
dared husband was brought there and 
the nest day laid to rett in hlb own 

The mtirder vaa committed on Sat- 
urdajr, aind on Tuesday the widow 
•till sat alleut and learlcss. stunned 
by the wicked blow that had struck 
her. Kindly neighbors had dons 
their best for her conilort nnd re- i 
tvimed to their ovmi homes fearltil . 
lest s like horror el t uld lK>fiill them • 

also. I 


Suddenly the;e ;:.i .".uuikI (•: ■ 
many hoofo on thr loaii i-i ::utii of' 
the home and at a glance the nonian I 
•aw that here were the slayers of hci ' 
buaband, "One Ejed DaM.s" nnd his j 
wtiole gang. In an Instant r> plan | 
for fearftil snri i :.;1i;.-.mi' • c: •.■w.,i' 
sprang complete lu f.en drii ;! hau- 
lier mind. 

UU taouee! Uow lu>ney, take ii.'' 
tcldl* nxC sllQ up ou Uie rldze, u.>.c^ 
old Moll. X ean hear her bell right 
DOW, take off the btil and get onto 
the old nag and ride for WaynesTllle 
and tcU that Yankee captain that 
"One Kyed Oavla** and his whole gang 
are here, and 111 keep 'em here some- 
how If I die for It. but tell them 
soldlera to come quick for the love of 



REUALE.S MATl.s •.|.\M.|tN 

She hastened to niei?t tlir ii:.r-r\r'': 
glnnt at the door. v,ith voul^ i^; wc- 
com« and outstretched h'ii'.cl-< Dnvi- 
seemed greatly surprised :'.iid cMtiii.:- 
ly decided to accep' an liuiiutiou 
rare in his bloody career Cnialiily 
Ive had not recognized the -.vonia:.. 
probably because at the iimo of t:i- 
murder her face bad been h:dtlen iii 
the depths of one of the gre;ii Mm 
bonnets then In vogue. 

80 seating her giicsi.s a;:fl '(i-ii;' 
thecn to make themselves r.i hor.if, 
while she got a regular old-la.--hioir-cl 
dinner, ahe hurried out 'o tli; hari: 
octenalbly to gather eg;;* t the fcii^t 
There, as she knew she would, b', e 
found her little son John nt i l;.y 

Sbe caught htm. threw hini well 
oat of the way of any chance glHine ! 
fima the house and whitpered fran- \ 
tteally. "John, son. do you reckon you I 
WoM fliu] the way to Wayneeviile?" 

JohnnM anawersd. "Shore 1 can. \ 
Un% I bMB there with you and ' 
Paf* llMB hie mother gathered liin-i 
In tar aiBM asd whispered again: 
*0^ Irtinnia Jkoney. you are so little : 
but ym ere an I have. .Johrrv- 
mren that killed jour father h.-i- 


« , « 

Johnnie feald not a word then, but 
with pale cheeks and flashing eyes 
was away through the undergrowth 
as swiftly and noiselessly as an In- 
dian. HU mother listened till the 
tinkle of the boll ceased, and then 
she bent all her energies to the prep- 
aration of a fine meal and the en- 
tertainment of her guest^i. Mean- 
while, Johnnie hud goi-.c cautiously 
along R fei'ce until he reached the 
road at a point safely out of sight and 
hearing of the house, and then he 
put bis surprised old mount to such 

speed as she had never attained be- 
fore, and in an astonishingly short 
time he dashed Into the little court 
house at Waynrsvllle. Wildly asking 
everyone he met for the Yankee cap- 

That officer was soon found and 
to him Johnnie poured out tt-.e story 
of ills father's murder and his moth- 
er's frantic message. The story l)ore 
every stamp of iruth and In 10 mln- 
ufe«i alter the boy'?- arrlvril the buple 
i>otui(led ■•Do<ils nnd S;iddlet>" and 'JO 
cuvalryraeii lolloucd ihc cuptaln with 
Jo)uinir all old Moil well In the lead 
n;i(l giiUopi-d oil up Itobldoux | 

4, 4-1 

I! warn in «.rt t» 1: 

+ ♦! 

MrainvJulr. thr- b.indits hnd eaten ' 
.'lull u iiiral :r: lari'ly «.i.s theirs, and 
Davis had ordered tlieni to hans 
around the honir [i.-eparatory to leav- 
ing, while the 'vkIcw m .i.v m despair 
'.(.-I hn- pi ..I ■ ' li, !..•; .il'.cr all. In 
the roincr of ".no room j-he had a 
small reed orgati. a rare filing In the 
hills In thofc cla\«. nnd t-hc played 
and sang for them Indeed, she got 
tht»t bunch of ruffians to gather 
around her. and. Ineredlble as It may 
seem, those blood Ftalncd men Joined 
In ."i1i]s;lng liynin after hymn 

Davis had once been a backwood.s 
preacher nnd he led that singing 
with all the fervor of lil.'i more In- 
ncKenl day.i Then there w,t^ a u.11,1 
shout from the sentinel above the 
house: a tJiot or two, and the thun- 
dering of many hoots, and the blue- 
coated cavalry, with Johnnie In the 
very forefront, dashed In and sur- I 
rounded the lu)use. Resistance was ' 
hopeles.<>. for the <lt'*p<rndocs were | 


outnumbered two to one. and tlic> 
surrendered iincondltloiially. 

Probably DbvIa thought he would 
not be recognized, for he had never 
met the captain before, and he tried 
to carry It off with a swneeer as he 
said. "Captain, first off I took you 
all for a gang of rebel biishnharkers. 
but I «*« now you wear the blue; 
me and all the^e fellera is Federals, 
on our way to Rollii to eiillft " 

But the rascal had not counted on 
the woman, who with blitzliiR eyes 
sprang In front of hint imd sl-rlrkcil. 
■ I>)irt yon bfllrve tlicni rrip!i\lii. 
He's "One Eved DnvM." nnd lie kiii^H 

my man last SRtvirdny!" The offlrer 1 
a.sRured the wcnian tliBt lie knew , 
who his prLsoiiers were. | 

And tlicn. iirrn'-Mlr.^ to -•;;:. .'i" 
onier." to l>oth hcrleriils and Confed- j 
erate/". In nil such ca/e«. lie ordered I 
llie ]ii prisoners taken to the woods ' 
and haiiKcd at onrr. But tlie uonia:; 
prote.-tcd to till; niid "ii niar.tled t^at ; 
the punt; he hufeed on trees nroii:;'! 
In r l.u.-hn::c!;« ;;:■">■•■■ ■•'■'^ "■'■''• ^'" 
done. Willie the \n':n;i::. P verltiihl"' ' 
fluure of r:«lilccti-- ifi-'.-.i-irc i;:o:i(- 
(U o-.; r ty.r ■■■ .. ■..••• 

Page 6: Joseph A. Teagarden died.** 
John D. Coffman died.** 
Mrs. Ann Lewallen died.** 
Franklin Stewart died.** 
Mrs. Sara A. Nelson died.** 
James Criss died.** 
Page 10: Miss Ellen Elrod of Monett and Carl Howard of Peirce City were married 
December 3 1 at Vienna, Mo. 

Mrs. Frank Key of Seattle, Wash., came to Peirce City for the funeral of her 



Punanl Mrrtcei for JoMph A. Tm- 
c*rtl«ii. sa. former Bpringfleld real- 
dent, will be conducted at 8 o'clock 
thie mofiUng at Bt. Agnes Catbollo 
(hurrh. Burial will be Iii St Mary> 
i-emetery. under direction Herman 
K. Lohmeyer Funeral home. He died 
FYlttoy m Chicago. 


P^^n«Tal (<«rvlc«« will he conducted 
today »t Marsbfteld ;or John D. Coff- 
ro&n. 48, PiUco agent at Marshfleld. 
who died Baturday at St. John's ho* • 
pttel. The Herman II. Lohmeyer Fu- 
uenil hotne will be in charge. 


Puaerkl nrrrlcee for Mrs. Ami 
I«w«Uen, 81. win be conducted at 
3 o'clock today at her home In Bran- 
ym. Burial will be there under dl- 
-eettoo Tbonihlll Undertaking com- 
pany. Bhe Is 8ur^lved by her hus- 
oftBd »nd three daughtem. She died 
here yeetcrday at the home of Mrs. 
Mary Ooonls. 1430 Pacific street. 

Th« body of Franklin Stewart will 
he aent tn M« i>r>n'o in f-os,^! ->•>-'•■ 
loday by Kllngiier Funeral home. Mr. j 
3t««art died in a Bprlufrfl'ld hospital j 
Sattndsy night. > 


Mr*. 6*r» A. Nelson. 79. died early 
Sunday morning at her home. 233 
Weet Chaee street. The body will be 
.shipped to Mountain Grove today 
where burial will be In Van Zant 
.emet«ry under direction KUngncr 
F-uner*! home. 

rimeral services for James Crlis. 
..9, will be conducted at 9 30 o'clock 
•oday at the home. 17'22 West Chest- 
nut atieet. The Kllngner Funeral 
•lome will be in charge of the burial 
-ervlcee. Mr. CrIss died yesterday 
morning following a brle< lllnefs. 

Page 1: James F. Snow divorced Fay Snow. They were married November 7, 1926. 

Mrs. Jack Donlavy died.** 

Manta Lee Williams died.** 
Page 2: Franklin Stewart died.** 

Mrs. Sara A. Nelson died.** 


Mrs. Belle Tholborn died.** 

John Wesley Arnold died.** 

Joseph Teagarden died.** 

Don Beasley died.** 

Betty Jean Wallace died.** 

Manta Lee Jackson died.** 
Page 3: A daughter Virginia Sue Wilkerson was bom January 1 8 to Mr. and Mrs 
William B. Wilkerson, 801 Prospect avenue. 

Page 8: The will of William K. Morris was filed for probate.** 

A V SiitCH-k. EitRlrnook upartmenu. 
left tills innriilnR to Bttonrt the funer- | 
«l of hUi brotliorliiJAw. Jdiiies Evaiijt. , 
ut Sliclbiiiu. Mo. I 

j The will of WllllBni K Moni"! wba ' 
! fllrd with tlif probntp rourt loday. . 
! (levi.sliip most of Ills ixtm>iibI rltects. ' 
I (111 nil mr Mi.<l fttini iir.|)lrm»iiu« to « 
j ror.. William R . and tUe residue of , 
his v.^Uilr lu II. Is .--,.11 ! i"- o cIbiikI'-- 

! ter.x. Mrs Cora E. Gllmnn and Lochie 
; B. Turner. In cqunl .shares. .\ .M>n- 
Mti-h-n, HowBrrl Turner, and a nflRh-- 

hoi. Ururue KolKTls.. were l.nnird r\- 

ccutor.s n'.thctit iKind. 


The body ol I-Vanklln Htewarl. «ho 
iMeU Baivirday nUht lit n Sprlnglield 
iiojpltal. ■nUl be shipped to hln home 
'.n Ckbool today by the Kllngiier 
runeral home. 

mA;?. s.\h.\ a., nklson 

r\...';a'. :r.--, ;c;. f r M; . r.:.. \ 
Nelaon. IB. «ho died curly Sunday 
morning at ner home 233 West CUaae 
»tr««l. »iil be conducted today at 
MounUln Orov». Mo. Burial wlU be 
lr\ the cemetery there under the di- i 
rectlon of the Kllncner Funeral 
nome of StciiigtlrUl. I 

'v^,,JI^^ ' 

>*^ iK^ ., 


DON Hr.Asi.t:\ 

Don »Mtl»y. 5-vear>old *oii of Mr i 
and ftfn. J. W. Beuley. died this j 
monUDC.M Ox* home of hta parents 
oa foots Mo. •. followlnit an attack 
of dipfjtherla. He Ia stuvned bj hl& 
pareuifi fou' •■''••efv f^mji l>ovMtli\ 
Helen mid M»y('r;ti iMt^ i-..i b.-.jili- 
tit, lUchaiu tiiiC Ui>>iv|'ud. I'lUwit : 

fuueral acrrlCM will ,bc conducted i 
Tiif'drw Bft^rnoon nl 2 o'clock at the ' 
W. L. biarne mortuary, only member.! 
of the Immediate family aitendlnK I 
Btirlal will follow In BelleMeu re-r. 
tery. I 

a^rvlcen IV Mr* Br'N."; 
Tholbor{i. W, *ho died iatt nlttht at 
her home, 921 Monroe street follow- 
ing a lingering illness, will be con- 
lit ««> o'olook •yiiMiUy aR* 
at' th« ' Almii Lobmtyex 
Puinnl c)wp«l. BurUl will b« in 
Baachrood ctmetcrr. Th* RcTorcnd 
WUUua ManfetUld wlU otnoUU. 8be 
t« * ui Vl»e d by one dsiight«r. Mm 
Bnia~;Bmlth. wboee buaband died 
Jan.-i. a ion. Archie, of Sprlng- 
fl«M.- and three aUtfm. Mra. H. O. 
Uunur. Sprlngfiald: . Mra. CaUa 
WlilU.. Poplar Bluff, and Mrs Ttnic 
DerlQgton. of Poplar Bluff 


John We^ler Arnold "J \«-nrB of uire. ' 
uieU at the houir, bOl Wsbl Calliuuii i 
atratt, thta momlnit of pneumonia.' 
He U sunlveU by liis niullier. Mir i 
Oladya Araokl. two brothers aad a j 
grandmother. Funeral arrat:gementn | 
are Incomplete. Burial will be In | 
Greenlawn cemetery vmder the direo j 
lion ■ d Herman Lohmeyer Funeral i 

JUbCFII Tt.A(iAni>i:N 

Funeral f>«r\'Ueii ior JoKeph Teujtar- 
deu. ttrho died in Ciilco)(o Thun»day. , 
were held this mornlug at St. Agnes, 
church. Burial wsa in St. Mary's j 
cemetery under th^ direction of , 
Herman Lohmeyer run«-ral home. ' 

i . IIKTTV JliAV H ALLAt i; 

Dfliy Jettn Wallace, lufaut daugh- 
ter of Mr. ar.d Mrs. H. Wallace, route 
So ;i. died this mornini( at her 
She 1* survived by her fHireiits and 
one bi-other. .lames Robert. Funeral 
i •ervlce* will be conducted at 3:30 
I o'clock Tuesday afiernoou ni tl:e W. 
; L. Starne mortuary. Interineiit will 
follow In Eastlawn cemetery 


Miiiita Lee Jackson, mfini (iavigh- 
ter of Mr and Mrs. Paul C. Jackson, 
died early this morning m a Spring- 
field hofipiial. Funeral se.'vlces win 
be cor.clucted ot 2:30 o'clock Wednea- 
f,.iv .ifir M'"vi .it the \v L. Starne 
n.-.v.i".- l!i enr.cnt will bf in Easl- 
Iv.v-i; I . U.'-.i : \ . 



:Two mm 


Daughter of SpringfieW 
Family Bumcd Playing 
vMt rtfi Matche s . 


Tbo «xplc«lon wma.oMind by tiqmim 
^ntn pipw wbldi mvmd tbm bwtar. 
to blow up •ooD after It vaa U|:bt«<l. 
Mn. DonUTy ttma cod« (town •tain 
to tet about th« bMitar • maamnt 
before It blew Jop. hurUaf Jtfd 
pieces of met«r mnd fUme* at ber. 

The body wm taken to Monett to- 
day uuder the dlrectloo of Uarman 
Lobmeyer Fiineiml bonne.. - 
Cblld rmtaily UrvC 

Mant* Lee Ml^Ulama. 4. d«ufbter 
of Mrs. C. P. Wiataaa, Ml 8o«itb Bob> 
beraon aTenue. <U«(t »k the Sprliic* 
field BKptar* iKMpltAI at 19:4« 
O'clock tbU momlnc fnaoa burtu re* 
cetved a« ahe Ut en a WwT ng frrfl i^ 
1Ee~Home WhUettae iiwilHil w«» la 
» netgbbor^ bom* ■ktoatay wtKg- 
a telepbone^ 

• Ura. »i"' — T ^titn ; elit rrtiirnti 
to her hoir? found ttw ^tfU'tStft M^ 
ond Ooor bedrooa mt t i flpmlt H' 
iBt be<lfV»Uilnt n 
haA ^iMQ pUjtDC 
«fWi«&er bMt oat tbf 
bmBito, .bdt ■ 

tt»«. emiiTa bo«t»?J 

^r..v»^ I --•- 


Wonett Woman ExSresd 
.Hurts Received When 
-V H eater Burs ts^ 

TWO peraooa di#d,lkli a w^]t^g ^ 

borrtlile. bume. 

Mrai Jack Doolavy. 4». -W Uoo*V 
died la tb»- Bprln y fl e l d Bapttot^e^ 
pital loUowlng injnrlee iii,aliil 
about two weeks ago when a caa «»*. 
ter heater tn her booM uiptodatf. 

Pagel: Whit W. James died.** 

The will of Mrs. Louise G. Wallace of Lebanon was filed for probate. [Only a 
portion of this article is included here.] 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 6: Mrs. Belle Tholbom died.** 

John Wesley Arnold died.** 

Don Beasley died.** 

Betty Jean Wallace died.** 

Manta Lee Jackson died.** 
Page 10: Card of thanks.** 


Verda Howard. 21. Hi«hUnd»vtlle. 
and Il« V McCoy. l'8. Ozark: Howard 
M. Bbarp a7. Sprlnpfield. and Anna 
Frances Austin. 23. Mt. Vernon; Carl ^ 
O. Daugherly. 31. and Anna Illrabeth , 
Tionyaoo. 15 both of Sprlnffield; | 
and Ralph Johoson. 21. and Stella | 
Wearer. IS. both of Springritld. 


to ceals o ll«i». 

We de»lre lo fxprfjj our »lnrfre thanka 
and •ppreclatlon ot the klndncu »hown to 
US la the slekBCH and death of our be- 
loved wife, daufhter, alitcr and friend. 
Bertha Pittman Noah, and wa want to 
make special mention of the elaborau 
ftoral offerlncs— the espretalon of love 
and errapathv— and mar Ood ralte up 
trlcods to help and eomfort each of jrou 
tn a time ot sorrow and trouble. Blfned: 
ElVM NOAH. Husband. __ . .^ 
er and mother. 



First Dearee Murder Charnps 
Will Be Filed in Taney Coun- 
ty Against Youths Who Shot 


W. R. Adams, Prosecuting At- 
torney, Will Order Inquest 
Today; Two Held in Jail 
May Aid State 

WITH accusations of ruthless nuir- 
der on his llpa. Whit W, Jbitips. I 
Protcm bUE!r.c^5 n-.r.u. -'.cci lait ..'.i'..: ^ 
at a Springfield hospital from gun- 
shot wounds inflicted by a Protem , 
youth near his place of business there 
Saturday evening. j 

Four youths held at the Taney 
county Jail at Forsyth In conectlon 
with the slaying of James last night 
had not been told of his death here. 
W. R. Adams. Taney county prosecu- 
tor, said charges of first degree mur- 
der would be filed against all of 
Uiem following an inquest to be con- 
ducted at Protem Wednesday. 





tfM t 



M TMfXuwtbto for «li* tlavlaff by 
Jamea a few hours before hla deatb 
when he made » statement before 
Robert Durst, assistant Greene coun- 
ty proeecutlng attorner. at the ho.spl- 
tal. ' 

Adams said last night he iiad not 
yet decided whether lie ^ould .isK 
for tlie death penalty, but h« would i 
file charges of first degree murder. 
It Is believed he will dUmlsk the i 
charges against Tom Ragsdalc and a i 
youth named Todd, who were with | 
the Ford brothers when James wae 
shot, if they will turn slate witness. 

In his deathbed statement Janic-t 
declsied Marlon Ford flrrd the (atal | 
shot after his brother ordered lilni 

I to discharge the shotgun. 

SKiNS ST.Ml.Mfc.M 


' I 
— ♦; 

'^•■r saw Marlon Ford aim a bhotgun | 

at me and shoot me. Jim iFord) said : 

•Shoot him. Marlon:- I gave them no 

re>aM)n to shoot me When they coni- 

, meiiced cussing me I told them to 

I gel away and let nio alone. 1 was not 

' Rrnied In any WBy They liad no 

' resson for chootlng n>c other tlion 

I being mad about the gasoline. ' 

Tlu- Blutrnuiil wah ^M;ne^4.^^i b> 

I Nirs. M. Hawkins, his nurse, and H. 

y 0\v<-n n r<i\i.i!ii ,'i(iin-< ^' •■■'' 

, wesK to n^n 11 and made n .-■.'- 

j Reference to the gaaollne convinced 

-»latlve6 the Iwys were angry be- 

Janie?. who operated n tsruco 

had abkfd llielr niotlicr 

''»n. wife of Dr r M 

-^ollne 1)11! the 




•trvtOM for Mrs. JMla 
■nioIbecB. as. vtU b* eoBdoetMl at 
240 otJlook tod«7 »t Aim* Lohnt^yer 
Maftnl'lMaM. Bwtei wui b* in 
HifUlWH cwmtwy am. Ib o l bom 
41id Bimdsy Blgiit tA Ue h«m«. Ml 
Umnf..9tmt, PMamtog m lliiCMtaff 

«• -jtirv 


Funttkl amiiccnunts Sot John 
Wm1«7 Arnold, a yMiB old. are Incom* 
ptot*. TlM Herman H. Lobmejrer 
PiUMnl bom* to in cbarg*. TIw 
cbU4 <Utd yaatCTday morntng at hit 
baoM, 901 Wwt Oalhwm. (oUowlnc 
• brtof llTinw of ptwumonia. He is 
•urvlred bjr bis mother, Mrs. OUdya 
Arnold, two brothus and a (rand- 


Puaual aervlcM for Don Beaaley, 
a yean old, will be conducted at 2 
o'elook today at Stame mortuary. 
Burial will be In Bellerlew cemetery. 
He waa the eon of Mr. and Mrs. J. 
W. Beaalty. route 0. Only immediate 
m em berm of the family will attend 
the services. He Is survived by bis 
parent*. S<:pr sisters. Buby, Dorothy. 
iraydaan, jand Helen, and two bro- 
tbeia. Richard and Raymond. 



rimcrml t«Tvlce« tor Betty Jean 
WalUe*. \ntmnt dsushter of Mr. and 
Mra. H. WalUe*. route «, wUl be 
conducted at saO o'clock today at 
BUroa mortuary. Burial wUl be In 
EwtUwn cemetery. 8be U aurTlved 
by ber parents, and one brother, 
Jarne* Robert. 


Funeral aervlces lor Maiita Lee 
Jackson. Infant daughter of Mr. and 
Mr». Paul C, Jackson, will be con- 
dtictcd ftt 3:S0 o'clock Wednesday at 
Btame morttiary. Burial will be In 
Eastlawn cemetery. 

Wallace Bequests 




Chief of the known glfu are: 
Drury coUefe. M35.0O0; Piedmont 
college. Demarest. Georgia. •75.000. 
Christian Home association. Council 
Bluffs, la.. •45.000; Home missions. 

• 100,000; Foreign missions. •100.000; 
Missouri Congregational commission. 

• 16 000: Talladega college. Talladega. 
Alabama. •25.000: Iberia academy. 
Iberia,. Mo.. •35,000: Congregational 
foundation. •20 000; Kidder Institu- 
tion. Jackson county. Missouri, •35.- 
000; Schauiner Mliwlcr.ary Training 
school, Cleveland. •20 000; Wallace 
Memorial High school, LebsnoD. •es.- 
000 "nie Reverend C. W Dunn. 
Jormer pastor LebRiion Congregn- 
Uonal church. •30,000 trust fund; 
Joe Wallace family, e25.000 trust 
fund: Clara Goodv.ln St Loul.. •lO,- 

Page 3: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 16: Mrs. Belle Tholbom died.** 

Betty Jean Wallace died.** 

Mania Lee Jackson died,** 

Don Beasley died.** 

Joel H. Pollard died.** ^^ 

Earl Peltz was appointed to administer the estate of his mother. 

Card of thanks.** 

; reibOiiBl beqiieM.«. inclurtert $10,000 
I to Dr Edgnr Tliomp^on. liuvbaiid of 
I her adopted dauKhtcr. Clara WsllDce 
'Xhompbon, deceased; JS.OOO each to 
Dr Alfred Roulet and MRtlle Roulel. 
nepliei.8: Mr.v May McCliiUlr. Aiu.'.e 
Hunt and Velma W Vernon. nlece>: 
snd the Reverend E. K. Schwab of 
Kansas Cltv; •2.500 eatli to Mary G a hlstcr. Ha^el D. Fl.her, 
I aranddaughter: «1 000 each to E J 
h'.lier Jop W \\Mlln. r Hi.rt h™n>;» 
, Wallace, nephe^t: a..d •SCO each to 
I Lewis Wallace. Mrs. Kat.e Marlln. 
' and Mrs Sadie Slior.boiper 
I "Her will sets aside a Umd of tbO.- 
000 for a memorial hospltsl at 
Lebanon, and gifts to relatives The 
balance Is then to be divided equally 
among Drury college, the hosplU 
and the Ubanon Congregational 


10 irKl» a liot. 

ut in 1 lie «lcki.e« Slid rtrsH' "',"''. 
loVMl mile, dsugl.lei. •t'";^' ";"*«',; 
B«Tlhs Plttmsii Noiili. !""^, •" ^T'^',. 
make .p^cisl mfnt.oi. ol U.' '•■•'-'■ 
(lersl offerlnga-II.e • ^PI'" "" ,;,". '" , 
Slid »Mnpslh,v-«ii<l nia.v '/>••'•.; ^„ 

in s tM.e of »orro» und trouble. -Sign- <l 
Kt.VIH,NOAH, Uusbanrt 
er Hiiil mother 
MFW PAUL nilSblNU. fi "T. 
UOICpTHY PtriMAN. Pl.-^iT 



runeral ■e^^•lces for Mrs. Belle Thol- 
born were conducted at 2:30 ocimk 
this afternoon at the Alma Lohmeyer 
funeral chapel. Burial was In Ha- 
zplwood cemetery. 



Funeral •errices Tor Bcttj Jean 

IVUtoe*. iQfKDt tfaugbter of Mr. and 

Ifn. B. Wallace, route No. 3. were 

coa4a«t«d 'at ,^.^0, o'clock tbia after- 

JDOon at tha Starne mortuary. In- 

jWineat waa U> Cast Lawn cemetery. | 


-Ji^rYir-^ rfmightcr ut-AiL-*ndJ 
%arm Paul C. J«ctaon.>wUl be con- j 
dU. i out Tift "-"-"^ w^dne««UV »«- j 

e^n at the SUrne mortuary- In 
tfm«iuwlll_b«jn^t Lamn rrme- ; 

it«rr ^ 


-runml'wn-l««' for Don B*a»i'N 
wer. couductcd at i orlock th.. .fi- 
crnoon at the W. L g^.rne mortiurv. 
Wlcrnftht *-»» t« Sfflevtew crmeitry 

j«ii:i. It. i'<n.i.\ui» 

Joel H. Polls. 0. formor'.y :^ if-siurnt 
or SprlnK-flelcl. dec! ^«t«•r^«v ftfr*!- 
nOOll at HUSO, OkU nurUl wt.l s«> ... 



FARL PELnUrtll cnifw. shr cmfnyao 
KarlPrltz. »on ot Mr». O. M Peltr ^ 
of Sprlngllcld. who "fllfd Jununrv 17. ; 
was appoiiucd admliusii'stcr of her 
eiiBle today \>y Judsc John H FR'.r- 
xamu ol th« probate coiiri. under »A00 
bond. Mrs. Poltr- left 10 heirs, eight , 

• Hwnif-CBlKlren. Earl Pelt*. Mrs. P. j 
«. »odto« »Aa Mr». C. T. Ct»ee» aM ■ 
the Bprtngfleld heir, and W. T. Peltz I 
or Webb City. Mo.. aUo Is named Th« 
estala consists of easo personal prop- , 

j erty and •3000 real estate. 

tMA ADiia EUUabeth. Tennyson. 21. 
."SprlAllleW;- toa)l>h Johnson. ;-»». 
;B^ni«l«W. UMl 8t*U< Weaver, 1&. 
^ Sprtnf ti«ld; How^td M. , ShafJ). 27.^ , 

ard. 21. Hi^hlsntVylllc and Ha Me- 
rcP7. -tS.'Oci'rk. - •■•^.__ 

Page 1: Marriage license: Kenneth E. Baldwin, 31, of Forsyth and Frances R. Phillips, 
30, of Springfield. 

Page 2: Mania Lee Jackson died.** 

John Wesley Arnold died.** 

Joe T. McNier died.** 

J. F. Kiplinger died.** 
Page 7: A couple will be married tonight on the stage.** 
Page 8: Carl Baker died.** 
Page 14: Card of thanks.** 

reoperation Fatal 

SJ ^School 

Carl Baker. 17. prcmlaent athlete 
-■9t BeuBtoD Rlcb aclMol. died raster* 
'mtv ta • 1iM|>Ral bcr* toIbnrlBC mn 
operatioo for appcxxltcltu. The body 
^■Ul b» taken to Oaboot for btxrUL 
*f'B» is •urrtvvd br ^^ pwcnta, Mr. 
iMl'Mn. Wtttar C. Bakw. sad ftr* 
IBmia. U»aa». BttMt Av«B. Delia and 
ifftcdliw sD ot H o mtn o. 

Hilei wwt Bused on the aQ -South 
Owxtral MBOctatioa football elcTcn by 
last rail. . 


1> cew<e a Hue. 

WV WISH to thank our many frlen«Ia and 
oelfbbon tor UmIt kJndaea* and sym- 
paUiir shown to ua daring tb« lUnesa and 
death of oar beloVed son. Joe Tea* arden, 
ajso for th* beautltal noral ollerlngs. 
W. 8. Teagarden and family. 


l^y'UlMal oMTTtcM tor Manta Lee 

MJMiHMt'tnarg old. wlU be conduoted 

at »aO o'clock today at W. I. Stame 

mortuary. Burial will be In Enntlawn 


4. r. KIPUN<iER 

J. F. KlpUnger. 73. retired bitflness 
man of Aab Orove and a pioneer citl- 
fikoKot tbe Ozarks, died Monday eve- ' 
*-••"» at his home In Ash Orove. Mr. ' 
vas In business at* Ash I 
fnggfor over so years, leaving it [ 
"only a resr ago due to falling health 
nmeral sefntces will be conducted 
^today kt the Coats M. E. church of 
^UahOtove, the Reverend J. B. Lem- 
mon officiating. Burial will be In , 
Ash Orove cemetery. j 



•mntonuiu for John 
ff AmoM. a ycftn old, wlU be 
idted •( 11 o'clock ttato morning 
m% Hennan H. Lobmeyer Funeral 
•)ia^«.-^ BurUI will be In OreenUwn 
^WMiary. B« >• sunrlved by bla 
liaetlMr. Mi*. OUdy« Arnold «nd two 
ttoratbers. I 

JOE T. McMER '■ 

Tbe body of Joe T. McNier. B2. ol i 

>^8tnt(ocd. will be »blppcd u> Ceti- 

, ii5, lor burUl tbU mommg by 

i punetml liome. Mr. McNlel 

^Craday'at his borne near strafe 

ts mirrlTed by hi« suter. 

ICts. Ann* Todd, of Los Angeles, • 

MAtiCliter. Mrs. L. A. Oanlelsoo. of San 

JjOuIb Oblaco. Calif., and three «or.«. 

J. Edvard. of Centrslla. Robert H.. 

KcStnfford. and Joseph E . of Mod- 
_is. Calif. 

CoHple to Marry 
TiFes3ay Evening 

On Theater Stage 

A WKDOIMQ Is scbsduled U> take 
^^ plsos oo the ttsfs of the 
JMtnson theater next Tuesday 
srtnlnf. socordinc to Fred Wilcox, 
msnaccr oC the theater. The couple 
to be married are both of Spring- 
field, but their namea are not to 
bs reresled until the night of the 

Tbs Bsverend M. Q. Covden has 
consented t'> perform the eervlcf. 
the theater manager «ald today. | 
Tbe marriage will take place Juai 
aftte tbs first evening perfomt- . 

iDce St about S:20 o'clock. ; 

Tbs couple will march onto the 
atsgs to the tune of "Here Comes . 
tbe Bride." only It will be given 
mors tbsn usual vigor due to Ita 
being played by a modern Jazz i 
orchestrj . 

Page 1 : Mrs. Wilhelmina Majors sues to divorce Frank Majors. They were manied 
January 2, 1920. 

Page 3: Dr. W. E. Lockwood and family of 875 Kickapoo street went to Linn, Mo., for 
the funeral of Dr. Lockwood's mother Mrs. Martha Hutton Lockwood. 

Page 4: Miss Mary Gillespie and Dr. Walter Henry Voskull are engaged to marry.** 
Page 8: A daughter Anna Louise Newton was bom January 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Jeff 
Newton of 790 South Fremont avenue. 

John Wesley Arnold died.** 
J. F. Kiplinger died.** 
Carl Baker died.** 
William T. Padgett died.** 
Mrs. John Rosback died.** 
George T. Killingsworth died.** 
Page 9: Card of thanks.** 
Page 12: Dr. Sereno Burton Clark died.** 


runeral services for John Wesley 
Arnold were oooducted at 11 o'clock 
this morning at the Herman II. loh- 
(Aeyer Tiineral horns. BurUl WM lA 
Oresniawn cemetery. 



Kuiifrol for J. V. KiplliiRfr, 
retired buslncfca man of Afth Oru\e. 
wore couducted today' at the Coata 
M. Z. church in Ash. Drove, the Rev- 
erend J. B. I.rmmon' officiating. Bur* 
j lal was lo Ath Grove cemctcri-. 

( ARl. B.IKKR 

Carl Boker. football alar of Mou«- 
ton. Mo." died yesterday In a Spring- 
field hoepllal following an opcratloiv 
for appciidKltl.''. The boily «III be 
taken to CnbooI for btiriBl lie :* 
survived by lila pareiiLs. Mr. anrt MrN 
Walter C. Baker, and ll*e iLiVv. 
Maude' Kllicl. Avou. Drlls •nd 
rrelda. all of Houston. 

ar« moit thrtlUas wm; and moil fun to »nBOUDc« 

D <<i)|i|B_kk«.t(U»-le-|^ if •• »T»UJ » yonei p«rion m MIm M»rr 
brt^SrittJWnreiKrrtoor for thulrli of lh» public Khool«^ from 
llfit-mflj^jO tlbi idhnni, ii-i— 1«--' 

r=lBiri^^iiwpl« will nanr C. WiHor Hodft Vo.kull. of PblUd.l- 
»kU..«tliy BOt moDlli. Bh* h>o r«id«n.d h.r work hero. •"«"" 
:*IM« Ui««ra~M^ ItWtT. MiM KinllT Arnnlroiit. o< Jr»rr«tt, will 

t)l6MM««'Illa OniMVl*'* work. ..>__. 

lSStor>ra,U 1. . ,«, ..d .«lofl.t l» ih. d.p.r^ta«l 

k tew TMr« t» OUlMple wm » moinb.r of bli e««»~ll w.i 

D««or Vo.kuH .l«o )• ..thor oC . book on "Oon.erT.tlon of W.l.r 
P^.-. «d U dowworklo, o. iwo mor. volum,.. oo. on economic 

•^ .«OBPll.bed rwdor, 8h. b» .tt«d.d bo.b .be =»•• C.) «nd 

b"\r.d«"lon frdm .h.^Bl... Tccb.r. coll.... .od ha. b«a . .1.,- 

\. .^ at Or»nl B««cb during the iuuinifr. 
•"^•l^S^pr.. thTd".M.r o. Mr., H. Ml 


0/ FafaZ Malady 
r- Baffling Science] 

stricken \eni than three week* ago 
«ltb a i)BU>t«rto«u nuLUdy. Dr. eerwio 
Burttfn Clukf ptvtwtor ot eJ»B»ic« »t 
Drury college «l«l ye«t«rd»y *ft«r. 
noon at his, home. 870 Ka«t Central 
•tnct. His ' SMtb WAS «ttrttoute<l to 
jVddllwn's dU«»»».'tor wWch Ibore l» 
no known cvir». ' 

Doctor CUrk became Hi auortly 

'afler'tbe ChrtstniHH holidays, but his 

i coiMliUon VTM not considered aerlous 

' iintU » dUnnoel* »»« p^rfonr.ed last 

u^ck by Dr. A, L. Anderson. 

Doctor Clark came to Drury in 1836 

to l»«g»a work m profesaor of cUaslcs 

on tli« Aitnea Hnrwood loundatlon. He 

alao was Rlveu the C. 1.. Ooodell foun- 

dutlon poslilou of instructor In Latin 

• net Greek Unguj^ts hucI llterulurc. 

He b«» been teaching each year since 

' he tlrat c*nie here: 

I While at Drurr Docloi' Clark was 

lacflve In college work and was one 

ot the orgaiiucr* of the c;n>!>K.u 

club. He wtis fond cf lllcrutu:-.- a:irt 

■ rlajBslca. 

I He waa gredimtei from the Unl- 
l\ei»Ilv of 'Michigan Ift 1901 with an 
• A. B.' degree tuid toter received de- 

grrei of Ph D. and M. Pd. from the lumerxity and Mlehlgail M*te 
I no;mu; sqIicoI. 

' He U sur.hrti U) "•» xl^*- Mr*. 
' Uuulse <.;;.-.-k. *iKi « M.Hter. Mr^ Nf'.Me 

CoUlim of Bnuo■.^•9. Mich. l-Mnrrul 
' armnBcroeniA i.r« Inconoplete pending 

the arrlva: of Mrs. Clark* brother 

>^Prmctlo*lly ertry teofl function- «t 
pKunr^thls wee*. inotiMUng daneae 
*kSiUa* bare beeo c«»oe"e<t Mem- 
ber»» of the Ecta T»u Alphu sorority 
\-ere to hov? fti"tn their tnjual for- 
mal diihceFilCay- night but* ihi. was 
cnUetl o« earty ihU morning. 

i un.i.i,\M T. p.\i»<a:rT 

Wtlllam T, Padgett, 72, prumtnrnt 
pioneer merchant ,of Moiintnin View. 
Mo,, died yc^terdny at hin lianie tlitr* 
folk>wir.jj an attark of Rpoplrxy, Mi^ 
Padgett was a naltvr of Howell rotin- 
ty. having been "bom and resrrd' 
there, H« ha<j o#en retired from busi- 
ness shice^ JBia^,^nf_Jij_£uivUxa- Imi- 

j the widow and three fons, C. C. Padg- 

j ett and T. E. Padgett, both'of Moun* 
lain View. »nd W. M. Padgett of 

I Springfield. Funer:il services «lll b* 
conducted at 3 o'clock Tliursdsy aft- 
rrnooii «■ Hie Cliun-li of C'liri.'t in 

I Mountain View. UurUl will he in (h* 

1 cemetery there. 

j Mn*. JOII\~KO.lIUrK 

— Ml-- T*rrhrj Kn«:rTnrx. B4 pioneer ut- 
l.rn of fiprlli.,lip|<l K.Ml (irrriir . <.;•■• 
ty Slid a ni'nibrr of ihc orrtrr of ;ji» 
; Eastern 8tnr for the ps;<t 4S yrsra. 
died thl.N rnornlni; »• iier honi'. 7."v7 
JBouih — Jeff e y ew — aTf im r : — nnsWaT" 
servlcea will «« conducted at a.aiT 
o'clock l^uraday afternoon at th* 
Wrst Pre«6)^terlan qhtirch. Burial in ' 
Maple Park cemetery, under direc 
; tiriti of l»« tteverend !,»••» 
LBJMlt^ — M»Jt.IU>»toae* .»• «nTTtrwt-br ' 
twoaons. drear and Prank, of RprUis- 
[f:e«d. one hlsJer. Mrs. M. Z: It.-*;, of 
,Srnlt>. Wi««h . onf 'brother. .1 It. 
I PlellA. of Uncoln, 111 , anrl , five 
j granacKUdren. QkO. and A. H. Roa- 
' hack of ChlraiffvWiith t^o^bacV. of 
Tulsa, Francis Ro« _ 

Tcnener, of 

•ly of Sprink-; 
field. 8ha ia also sdmved 

by tbr^ 


OeOROe F. KII,I.I.\«^WQRTil 
Oeancc F. KlIHngiworth. G3.' promi- 
nent fnrmer nu^ pioneer settler of 
ttM Orarka lexlon. d.ed atiddenly Bun*- 
day at hlshome' nenr Walnut Orove, 
Mo. Funerat services will be coneUici-- 
ed at the Walnut C'rove M. .-'. church 
Friday, the Rc%rrpi.<.; J D. Lcxnaiou 
oITIcTBtliig"' fiiurl.Tl «U1 be la Or««n- 
lawn ceroetery at Wnlnut Orove under 
direction of the Brim Undertakin* 
conipanv ^'r. Ki'linr^'o.iirlh I' »;ii- 

1 Vivea liy .'iIS tvUIuw. :.-:.i l,a•.l^;l.t«r^. 
Mrs. Wlillam »awkln« n.' 5; : :n^rir:,;. 
Mrs. Ollle Fortner and Mrs. John Cot- 
ter of Lonjt Beath. Cnl , and Mrs Tror 
Davit of Ash Oro'. e. Mo, snd -tjire* 
sons. Homer of Wslnuf Orore. Ar^-il 
of. Matshfleld nnd I'csl of Tul-.i, 

[oklif.'Bnd t«o brotl.eri. Clay Vf Wal- 
nut Orove snd Orfn of Ncvads ;tat'. 

I and one slstrr, Mr» Charles Cjuble of 
Phenlx. .Mrv. 

iHUMM or THMU. m MtHtliVII 


nalftibors lor their ki mto ati a«M> »T«n- 
pMhy sbown to tu durlDi ib* lUncs* and 


Pagel: Whit W. James was killed.** 

Page 2: Dr. W. E. Lockwood and family of 875 Kickapoo street went to Linn, Mo., for 
the funeral of Dr. Lockwood's mother Mrs. Martha Hutton Lockwood. 

Son bom January 13 in Springfield to Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hyland of Des 
Moines, Iowa. Mrs. Hyland was formerly Miss Ora Walton, daughter of the late J. E. Walton. 
Page 8: Robert H. Nelson died.** 
Page 12: William T. Padgett died.** 

ner's Jury Hears Story \ 
OfProtem GangFight, Murder\ 

first Degree Murder , 
■Charges Will Be Filed \ 
Today at Forsylh by ^ 
Prosecuting A ttorney \ 


'"DLAME Xor the de«ll> 
^ Jamf^f. Prf>trm busiI:^^^ niuii 

Wlwl W 

dim bcre Monday nlgUt Xrom gun- 
•hot wounds sulfertd 8iituTd»y eve- ' 
ning. yesterday wm Imld to Marlon j 
Ford. 21 -year-old Protem youth, and 
bis brother Jame«. and their com- ' 
panlon. Tom Bagadale. 

A coroner's Jury InveaUgaUng | 
Jamea' death at Protem yrsierday ■ 
afternoon said tbe faul shot was j 
fired by Marlon Ford on the in- 
aUteoc* of James Ford and Tom ^ 

BafBdftle ' 

^ ♦•• 


ttbty bad (oUowad Mm to bte gan««- 
Other wltneasea told of James Fordl 
command to hU brother to ahoot. 

Tbe signed statement made by 
James at a Sprlnglleld bosplUl a few 
hours before bU destb. was ezblblted. 

Funeral eervlcee for Jamea were 
conducted M XbifTnUm Presbyterian 

Masonle lod|« and fba Ttamhln xm- 

lertaklng company of Branson. 

First degree murder charge* will be 
filed against Marlon Ford wiih Jamea 
Ford and Ragndale charged m arces- 
torlce to the crime. W. W. Adam>». 
Tanej' coi4»ty proeecutUiK atiomey ■ 
announced after the Inquest. » 

In the absence of Robert G Thorn- t 
hUl. Taney county coroner, the in- ^ 
quest was conducted by Pro6e<-utr>r -i- 
Adsms. Adams said last nlghO^'he j 
preliminary hearing would ^ »et 
within the next few days / 

Before a crowded improvlsifl court- 
room. Protem folks heard ly-siimoiiy , 
I of ft down persons wbo said tbe tbree 
youths and another youth named 
Todd, bat who was released by the 
cortmeriB Jury, bad cursed Jomes and 
intimated blm for » number of 
weeks before tbe sbootlng occurred. 




Stoneer JVIerchant 

Of Mountain View 
P i iy yPcadolApp oplexy 

ffit^ tHttatth to The .Vfu* 

IfOmrrAIN view. Jan. 23. — Apo-j 
play caused tbe death of William T. | 
Psdgett. fi rears old. prominent | 
pioneer •mcrr'.unl of Mountain View 
»t his borne here yesterday monilng. I 

Bom jon a farm near here Decem- 
ber as, 16A6. he spent virtually his | 
entire life in this community. He 
ingaged ::i laruitng loi a number ul 
years and spent a long time as a sue- 
cessftil merchant here. He retired 
(rom aettre business In 1012. 

He la survived by his wif* and three 
•one. C. C. Padgett and T. E. Padgett 
•f Mf w m***" View and W M Padgett 
of Bprlngfleld. 

Funeral services ^lU t>c conducted \ 
,mX> 9 oTlBlock Thursday afternoon at .; 
Itbi X&ltttOb' of Cbrlst In MounUin [ 
View, wltb bttflal In the cemetery 
bere. . 

Tbe witnesses told bow tbe youth, 
•arly Saturday eyenlng. bad driven 
James to bis bome. and bow later. 


Over the Ozarks 

Newi and Views Shatred From 
y r»pm of tM Hllla 

J^flSSOURTS hlUs hjive k»t m plc- 
I turwQue and eccentric pioneer 
I with the death of Robert H. Nelson, 
avll war veteran 'and former pro- 
bate Judge of Christian county, at 
nl« home In Sparta, says trie Shan- 
non Herald. Por some unkonwn 
re»aon Mr. Nelson has never had a 
nair cut. and wore his hair In braids 
thus attracUng considerable atten- 
Uon from persona whom he chanced 
to meet. Several years ago while 
campaigning for elecUon of probate 
Judge, he made hla whole campaign 
throughout the country afoot, refus- 
ing the use of vehicles offcr^ by 

^•T" «• ^^ ^''«'" '"» 87 years 
Old. He was bom In Tennessee and 
moved to Christian county sixty- 
five years ago. 

Pagel: John C. Brady was killed.** 
Page 2: The will of Genella Carter was filed for probate.** 
Page 5: Dr. Sereno Burton died.** 
Page 8: Mrs. John Rosback died.** 

Benjamin F. Ferryman died.** 

Mrs. Ella E. Kemper died.** 

Mrs. Limie Pearl Robertson died.** 

Daughter bom January 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Savage of route No. 6. 


Howard Carter, louic 3. WUJ»rd. ■ 

»•« appointed eiecutor of tiie eaUtc ' 

of bl« wUe; OeuelU Carter, by tue 

pr pba M -«ourt today. The woman. 

'who diad recently, left about mos 

.ptn^Bal property %nd SIO.OOO r«al 

ill4<it« to bar buaband' and to Wanda 

Stafije.' a. a cUTigbur. of Lakeport. 

Fla.' Mra. Cuter waa a daugtrter of 

D. OL Oomuui. lnnuco{^l citizens of 


Kosn.ttK M.nvici;.'* i 

K'!iir:Til !irrv\ces for Mrji. John Rc«- | 
liai k were < ••noi:i:c(i m j ,!0 v>.'.r-K 
this arU'tiiuuii al Uie ^lr^l r.'c'.);. - 
Irru'r, rhdrrh, thp Reverend 0»car L«e [ 
Blnck oiflcimini:. Burial was In 
Maple PnrK cemetery. Mnder direction 
of the Alina Lohmeyer Funeral home. 


Benjamin F. Ferryman, li. died 
Monday noon at lil.i home In Morrls- 
vUIp, Mo. Funeral aervlces were con- 
ducted Tue.-«dny afternoon at 3:30 
o'clork at Flagle cemetery, near Mor- 

>rtt9. ELLA^. KCMTEH 
Mra. XUa K. Kamper, 1\. wife of 

"Teierxr: K^c'mper er 1357 worth rior- 

cucr avrnuc. died thl« monilng at a 

Springfield lioapltaj following a brtaf 

lllneM. '8he la survi^jpd by two aona, 

Cbarlea B. of Joplliv, and John T. of 

Springfield; onp dauRhter. Mr*. H. T. 

I WiKXlR. h!»o of Spr'.nt[fl'ld Funeral 

I "prviiea will bf at the KUn^ner lin- 

I dertukmg comp.iiiy ( h»p<l Sa-i.tildv 

'at 3 o'clock'. Burial xilll be lu EaM- 

i lawn cemeterv. 




l«I./M.CIouoh, Veteran Coo- 
way Business Man, Jyted . 
- - ' A njer^urge f--^— - 


b'y'CloUgh. I 

\et<ran Residents 
Ti>r lury »»s compoB*^ of N. »• 

C W. HnyiKS- T E. R.e»*ier » 

owMlnp var.ou. Urms during '*^!!!i 
^enco'nrar t.>e l^clede count, town^ 
When tue coiurovewy o^".'^^'*;^ 
estate commu*lon aro« ^«^;^^ 
««o. Clovifrh w^ advl-ed by P^-o**"" 
,or Jeffreys to flic suit fcr h- moiwy. 

An<f 2 Women Hurt 

S eve ral W ltnesr-SlwotUnr 
CTimaxing Fight Ovcr^ 
Old Commission ^ ^ 

\ Refused « ic«l esta^ e«|ninl»- 

tlon wWch te saut-lorvfetM «««il 

blm, M. M. iCloogh. er. pra ntptnt 

::f*TTTrrTtTini^l'i"\ii rilflW Mtf l"'i'^*r— *^ 

Uhe peace. sty>t and klUed- John .CX 

Brady. 70-year-old farmer, at Ooch 

way at 9:30 o'clock this momlng. 

The slay ing, committed near tti» 
OMway gtodityahia in'Uie umtpw 
.of nveral witdesNa, eUnmn4 aa oM 

■ . _ > , 

■y Th€ A— •«*•»** '»••• 

a famw •»p«t«l oC b«lnf aUquoc 
nuin«rrwM killed, and Mm. «▼» Jei- 


It mm »»• dHfnalaad wbeth«r 
guilt waa 1I»t4 '■'*^* «»— h.-er by 
nuuboi flre.-Ttiwa wira ••*;»^ 
sunabot woUinU m !.«• body. The 
offlom said •w«al t*Uon« of liquor 
tooad in tba auteoMbU* wrack- 

dispute over a commlMloo wAd (^b9 
due Clough from the nie dt ft 4^ 
acre farm. Brady was reporUd to' 
have threatened the aced b urtneaa 
man ^when the latt«f-neMiHr'Ur 
claims, aud aller a brief quarrel 

wJien ihey met this momlng he was 
shot lo death. 

One Shu TliruuKli Hear: 
No more thai. Mx feet from Brady. 
ClougU drew k 38-c«llbre revolver aod 
fired one »hot. It entered the farm- 
er'K heart and he toppi id over. dead. 
Clough immediately called T. Vic- 
tor Jeffreys, proeecutlng «ttoro«y of 
LRrlede county, by telephone at bl« 
oitice in beimuon and noUf^lcd him, 
that 'Tve killed a man.". 

Ck)roneT R. A. Palmer and Prope'Titor, 
Jeffreys went to Conway, taking vrltlk 
them Paul Page, editor of ths l>ib- 
anoQ Rustic, wbo was dapuUasd to 
taks tbe alsyvr to l/abasoa and placa 
hin\ la tbe county ]aU tb^n to wait 
trUl. , ,i 

blm. - 

A coroiiir; 
IMBfier at 

■anTirm».4 ^^ ^^ 

liiot wound, mwiftfin frisii an t 

^rinriotUA that thsy bwt htmn 

tUMMd Iboti'waa running liquor la 

^mXiMM. Mid so Uy in wait for| 

Uaa. .....' 

Aniomcers car wu «« t o bloclt j 

tb«u hUhway. btit Scott •■••'»•* I 

Mrmmtf it and droTe on. tbs offtcers ; 

•aid. wh««n»n tb«y lirwl <»n »»', 

ipw. 1»Wcto continued 150 yards before- 

-tleaTtttC tbo hl gtrway. | 

Miis. i.iMiir~p. Roni:B-T.MON 

Mrs. liniic rcarl IMbcri v-.r.. i'. 
I cIlcU Wedne^'i8.v r.l;hl In a Sprlnj- 1 
i field hoepltBl. &he was the wife of 
I William Robsrtbon. of 2060 NortJl ] 
-Johnson «■. ni-ic Besides her hus- 
■ bond. !>he i.^ survived by one »on. E\i- 
-rv.c '^i-.e rjrct'.irr. Sam Km?, of 
lspr.n(ff:eicl. .ii.d four sister*. Mrs. B 
! .\ Scott. Vt Springlleld. Mrs. W. R 
Winfrey, of StovUland. Mo.. Mr». Ida 
, RlrKerKon; of White Water. Kan., and 
.Mrs. l.ula Curnlne. of Sale*. Oregon. 
Funeral services will be conducted at 
2:30 o'clock Friday afternoon at the 
Woodland Heights PresbyterUn 

church. Burial will be In Bastlawn 
remeterr \ii-.der direction of the 
Klingner Funer^ home. 


funeral Hitis 

FUnei«l •enrloM were conductetf 
thU aftcrjioon «t Stone Ch«pel ot 
Dnirr collegt. for Dr. Sereno Burton 

rUrJ; protrssor of rlRKflco. who died 
Tuesday afternoon following R>i ill"'" 
of more than three weeke. The Rev- 
rrfiid a. Brj-iint Drftkf. P»'«to'- "^ '"' 
First Congrmallonal church, of which 
Doctor Clark T«as s nipnUvr. offici- 
ated. ' ' . , 

Dr ThoniBS W Nadal. preMdcnt of 
Drurv. «poke briefly concerning Doctor 
Clark* life, touching on his scholas- 
tic tittninmmts. his tenchln- ability, 
and hl!> i;rnilemanly characterl.^tlcs. 

•Hf was a ftudctit m evrry f.«-nse of 
the word." Doctor Nadal .shUI -He hart 
a wide knowledge of Ufc; he loved 
muMc and palntlnga.' As • Student he 
traveled to Rome and Athens to ob- 
tain first hand Information and ex- 
perience. . 

"He always took an active Interest 
m each atude.nt and wbr fond of hav- 
ing Ultl« entertajnments at his home 
for his college friends." 

' The service was opened by two 
•.c..!. fr'.rc';""s bv fw-an T SlanlcV 
Skinner, head of the Drury confcerxa- 
tory of music. Dean Carl B. Swift of 
the Bible school read the opening 
prayer and then Reverend Drake 

Five members of the Drury fac- 
ulty and one of tha Southwest Teach- 
ers college were pallbearers. They 
were Profr.wor Norman Freudcnberger 
of Teachers college and the follow- 
ing from Drury: Dr. B. F. Flnkel, Dr. 
L. E. *lendor. Dr. Arthur Wald Dr. 
Roland Ncurnud Profes-sor G H. Ben- 

Following the service the body was 
taken to Grecnlnwn ^ernele^y for 
bu/lal under direction of the Alma 
Lohmcyer funeral home, 

Dr\jry colle:;e was closed' today in 
respect to the memory' of Doctor 
Clark and clsiwes will be resumed to- 
morrow morning. 

Doctor Clark? classes have been 
continued this week under the dlrec-, 
lion of" Misses Lois Wllks and EUia- 
beth Taylor, who were his asalstanU 
in the classical department. Authori- 
ties it the college are undecided as 
to whom they will procure to take 
over the leadership of the department 


Pagel: John C. Brady was killed.** 
Page 12: Card of thanks.** 


Second Degree Murder Charge 
Filed Against M. M. Clough 
Following Shooting Near 


Afternoon at Lebanon a few boura 
after ne abot and killed John O. 
Brady. 70. Conway farmer and father 
jfiptMir'tmall otilldmi. 

The ehargea were fUed by Victor 
Jettrtee. Laelede county proaecutlng 
attorney. In W. H. Tumer'a Juatlce of 
tlw peece court. Olonth waived 
pitlHntiiafT >— rtHg and wm relaaaed 
oa MOOO bond for trial during tbe 
noKt term of the Xjadede county 
Unvli eourt. 

DitagrMtntnt Over R«a) Es- 
tate Commission Said to 
Have Led to Affray; Pris- 
oner Out on $5000 Bond 

BMOy la aetr AMbM attw tbe 
bed <UMcreed«Tfr parmeBt to Olougb 
o( e real eeUte oomnUaalon. The two 
men had been at odds for 
weeks and had ^ygag ert In a nMi n 
of minor disagreements over the 
transaction when Bradj. according 
to Clough, refused to pay hUn a com- 
mlaalon after Clougb sold a 40 acre 
farm for Brady. 

Bbotkld Plough be found guilty 
he would be liable to a sen- 
tence of from 10 years to life In- 
prlsonment, according to the statutes 
of Missouri for punishment on such 

CHAROES of second degree murder 
were fUed against M. U. Clough. 
87. prominent btislnesa man and 
JuaUce of peace at Conway, yesterday 


a charge. 




« --^ 

The •booting oocurrvd emrly yes- 
terday near tbe stockyards at Conway. 
The men had been discussing the 
trHtisactlon and Clough. standing 
about six fe«t from Brady, drew a 
38-calibre revolver and fired one shot. 
It ciiiercd Brady's heart, killing him 

Brady was said lust night to have 
been penniless and a permit to pay 
for his funeral services from Laclede 
county funds «-ma approved yesterday 
afternoon. He Is survived by bis wife 
and four sniall children, the 3ldest a 
girl 13, live In a modest fanu 
home near Con way. Kuneral ar- 
raiigemeuls are Incomplete. 

Clough lmm:UiateIy called Jeffries 
and gave hlmielf up. Coroner R. A. 
Palmer immediately r/crt to Cooway 
and held an Inquest, the jury return- 
ing -H verdict be died from a wound 
Inflicted by Clough. The verdlc. did 
not stipulate whetatu Clough waa jus- 

♦ ♦ 

I PAUE 18 OEPt'TIZLi) , 

4 « 

who accompanied Palmer and Jeffries 
to Conway, rzas deputized to Uke tbe 
'layer to Lebanon and place bim In 
the coupty Jail. 

Tbe coroper'a Jury was compose, of 
N. B. Clinton, W. P. Noland. R. J. 
Jamison, O. W. Hay-es, T. E. Kensler 
nnd O. C. McCiibbln. 

Clough la engageti in rrnl estate i 
buslneea. He was t.citve in Laclede 
couuty politics and In civic affairs | 
at Oonway. Brr.:ly at oii.> time was { 
considered a well-to-do farmer but i 
til recent years had lost hcsvlly. I 

PnMsctJtor Jeffries said yesterday : 
when the controversy arose bet'.-een { 
the two men several weeks ago hi ad- 
vised Clough to f;ic suit tor the com- 
mission money 


1* cmts a Hwg. 

WB wish to thsnk our many friends for 
tbelr kindnets and syinpaUiy throucb the 
■tekness and death of our desr wife and 
ra-thcr; alto the undertaker and florUt. 
Km. and MHO. B. P. UENDKR80N 
MR. and MRS. 8. O. DAVtS 

Paul Page, Lebanon newspaperman, j 

Page 1: Fred Scott was killed.** 

John C. Brady was killed.** 
Page 2: OlafKnowles drowned.** 

Albert Busby was found dead.** 
Page 4: Miss Florence Bowen and Mr. George D. Laker were married ** 
Page 5: A. M. Haswell writes about the early history of Springfield ** 
Page 16: Ella E. Kemper died.** 

Miss E. Jane McClellan died.** 

Mrs. Liilie Ann McDaniel died.** 

Card of thanks.** 


l<t Ltlllt • )<N« 

WE wlih to lltsnk our man; tri«rtd« (sr 
thttr kindiMias sod kympsthr throuth the 
*l«kntM and d«alli- of our drsr wlli> »rid 
B- thcr; also the andrrtsktr and flori^. 

MRS. OEOKOK. 1i M:T.eON ' 

— MR — ■««— wRa— T. r. -nENurneor* 

MK. and MRS. B. l> UAV» 

Florence Bowen and lir. 
-I>.-l*ker wrertrmsnied' at the 
! Central Chrlntlaii church lost Bunday. 
I the Reverend E. C. Serhler perform- 
' ItiK the ceremony. Mr. tud Mm 
i Laker art hone>-nioonlng lu New Or- 
leana. They wUl Uve at IS17 BaotoD. 
avenue after January 37, 



ff^ak Vet. Meosho eorvttattte. wbo 
•boi and killed i'lta .scott. 40-r«ar- 

eMCfMOMr M «t«Ua. M*.. Uta W«d-> 
nmf(i»J tUfbt, «aa exonerated by a 

^^MtaM^ )aiy foi^ ertmloal llsbUtty; 
MaUrday afternoon. 

r ll», X«« Jtfterk*. 18-year-old 
«dtaaD eompanlou of Sroit, still la In 
•^ Waotfto boapHal suffering ovvfral 
gttmbOl wtMUKia In the face and nerk. 
' • •O X IKX ca optt^ tire on Scott's ati- 

.iO(B9ba« »ftar he fatlel to halt .|l 

' tlMlr ebmmMid. Tb«y were acting on 
• ttp tbak Scot* was 'transporting 
Ui)Uar from a Ka1is«« town to Stella > 



















1, •• 



1' B^ 













HI 1 



How John P: Campbell Chose 
* First Hoimeslte 'Here Re- 
lated In Old Articles Has- 
well Recalls; Called City's 
'Real Father' 

AU t»>rlliClM4 U U Ma ik« «Mh •( 
'^■IM M tub yMT te a tcatawrial c*l«.. 
hnltoM. ckMnrtec Hot •mm kn4r«4lk 

»U aM Ik* 

far '' lb* mbUobUI Micbrattoa It •*• 
•ta«i*l la tka fallawtiK artici' %j A. M. 
■atwaO. Otsrfea bMarUa. arilh Itr. K. 
M. tk«M^i Mr. Haawtlljiair ■■■wrlUni 
• kMfc. "A Caaury af fprlaffMC" 

fclHMar wttk aaratfaa, ^gcaiiU 
llkc^ ithr tkU «>ta » a» tS a 


•prtngftoltf |« •soapuootlly rortu- 
to haVtnf • wtu .tttyMatUAtod 
t«eor« M 4o th* MinUty of thoM 
«1w< wen thi f«9o4«n of tb* pUct. 
A rveerd ttatt tliLfs b«7ond dtejrau 
Ui« nuBM of til* mtn who tint mw 
' th« tratt. which «»• iaur to b«coin« 
tho ■ftn^ 5(^)CM» -'Qiwtn -)%t the 
OCMti.'' tLmI not only th» mnly of 
UuM dUoovcran. but ttoo n«n«^^ 
tbo«f who actuaUj put up th« flnt 
rud* e«blBj her*, and the datwi of 
frotJt'of Umm eocpmnoM 

When In March. 18S0. John P. 
CMapboU ona hl« hU brothartnlaw. 
flOMph Mllltr with their famtlleo ana- 
•l*T««, MTlTtd and "Oampetl at the 
natural well." there wae .amopg tbeia 
-alsd'li} year* of ac«. J«hn H.- Miller. 
■B nof Joaepb MUler and nephew of 
'John P. CaatpbvU. Some SO yean aco. 
John H Millar, then an old man lir< 
jB f at We h a yi W ew t o n eminty. Mo. 
wrote a earlea of articlea for Tlie 
0prtn«fl«ld Leader, clrlng in dcuij^ 
tho atory of the migration of the 
Oampbtil' sad MUler ramillca, from 
Mtury^ eeunty, Tenn.. to Bouthweat 
Mleaoun. llieao aitlclca form, a 
prtSelaaa mint of information to any- 
«oa wlablnc to team of the begin- 
ning of eprtngfteld CcrUlnly no 
en* at tbla lata day .can dUpute the 
aceuraey of that record. 
— ^ rind -Natural wrll" 

Vullcr begtna hla atory by telling. 
of the coming of Jo^n P. Campbell, 
and hla brother MadUon Campbell, 
who made a )oumey on ITorseback 

tha antlra 
width o# tba. thaa. tamtory, of Ar- 
kaaaaiL VBtil. •bdot «» -Uia p r aa w t 
loea ti D B ot inayattavUla. Ark., they 
«iinMd toward tba-YMrtliaaat. "Strlk- 
tag OtUmmn Tamo, tha only plaoa 
•f aota Mb, tha Juua <W1c aotna 40 
■euthaa it • of aprtngfiald. 
north tanm lOBltapoo PraWa 
>hMW.JddiiMf " t l i|» M i n i 
th» Mttftibl illpHar. M4 tM 
BBtural well.'* 

to landa In that el* 
«llj(t^.'* MU1dfi(» tbotr tuunaa en 
t taaa to that w^y. waa m euatom com- 
moo among the' ploooera and In the 
fwaa of John P.'Campt>eU later proved 
hla prior right to hla claim, and en- 
abled hhD'te hold -tha land. Bo 
cloaa did Springfield come to ioelng 
her father, hrfore her birth! 

Other* Settled FIret i 

It aoeou to me that the date of i 
that firat aelectlon of the landa her* 
i* the correct date to celebrate as 
tba cantoonlal of Springfield. Re- I 
member. It waa at>out mid-October. \ 
la 1838: that waa bafora tha Indian 
tltlo waa axtlngulabad: It Vaa t>erore 
tha rirat atroke of an aie to f^il thr' 
fliat tree; several month* before the . 
firat cabin wae biiiU. and aeveral I 
yeara. toe. ' before the Vnltfd States ' 
thought enough of the Ozjtrks c\rn : 
to aurrey them^ In a word It w»» | 
the aeed *from which all the-reet h>s , 
grotm and there la no poaaihtltty of ; 
• ralatake as to the date, or the tnrn. 

But the honor of being the first ^ 
*eitial aaitlan dbea not belong to the 
Campbfllf, for MQler talla ua that 
th« brDth«ra ratufnad to Tannaaaea 
•flar thto famlllaa abd that: ' •On 
Pebruary. IMO. John P. CarapbrU. 
and hla brothertnlaw Joaaph Miller | 
SUtt4 vp with their oaall families '■ 
and aet out for Kickapoo Pralrlr." 
Tbla waa tha mliprattoo In which the , 
talar hlatorlan. Joba H. Mlllvr. topk 

o.BaUblUhea Earllctt Clalm^dT^ 
And h^mi^after won^^uP^e- 
talU,. bf tha}i H l iiHi i >» i i the dim 
traeea of tha 'wllde/neaa. that they 
•rrlrad "at tho battml wall. » abort 
dIataiMa north of tba preaent poblle 
•quara of fprtsgfMd: hare thty 
campatf oti tb« night of the 4th of 
March. 18S0." 

Miller goes on to aay: 
."In tha maantlma Uocla BUly Pul- 
briibt had floC dboot thrat waaka 
ahcM d( ClMHb, Hid atoppad at tba 
Pollitlffat apMng. Bb torotbar. John 
P.. 'bad aatUad at another aprlng near 
by and hla brotharltUaw. A. J. Bur- 
nattT^ad auooaodcd m putuog up 


• ■B«ir«'«M^ poto oabln. lidtlS. Juat 
(fn lh» apq^ of thf> 0I4 Squirt Bunion 
TMUIaiic* on BoonrlU« stivct." 

. i^US P0l« Mbla of BUOMttli «M 

am th» iuk$ ^Mm»d toy Jobo P. 
O^tepMUr Md vlMn. SOHMtn at- 
tcaUoa WM .okltod to ' OwnpiMira 
lyjWa^ 0ut tn ttw «t«M. b« at oum 

mUw Mst, M tbt li«rnn 'putc*.*^ 
n^ tiM <MU at^ tbat John PoU 
OuaqpfaaU «M tbn Ont to ebooaa tbto 
•a ttw'Mt* for Ma liMM:/«rbUa t^a 
VutMs^t bratDaim and Bumatt wera 
tha'flni to aetoally^Jraild Oo tlw 
JMaant aita of eprlngfleld. Honora 
vo^ OMM t» ba varr'erenly <]!• 

,Jtea| rather 
\ft»m 9, Oampbatt waa 
» 41m adrantafta 
«f «(M» IwBitlon/jaMI for 39 jrMn b« 

«it:ili|^ Jwaf. tjld front or eT«<7 
wt^ mttk fn titi adT^Dcetnent of 
'«llo plaet.' On* of Jtia daufbten had 
Ml m tSSSt^ 4Mi ^ <it|>«r liuUt 
no Um than la log cabin* In one 
year, moving out of each as some 
newcomer needed It for ihelterl It 
wnf In his lop lioijsn tli«t. on the 

■•• o^BK^ ']iaa|M nm Bltn^fnv 
ga nl aad Hat oO^iy court of Orcooa 
aeunty, ' ■ ,'" . —■■■ 

. Moratban that, urbe. a crUU came 
that would iHiH e6at the lltUa town 
tbo oiNmtf aaat.'^aeaiiaa tba couaty 
did not bare any money witb «b(cb 
to btUM the oourt botiae and Jail. It 
mat the Mime John P. C»mpbell who 
cut a aquara M acr«a out of tbe 
<«nt<r oC bla heldlnga. and K*va tbem 
to tba eountir: and tb* aa)e of toon 
Iota in tbat M aerea brougbt tba 
noney for tbe needed bulldjogs. and 
aaaured tbe futura of Sprlnjfjeld. 
<JtrtalDl7 no other man d«aenre« tbe 
of "The fatbvr of Sprtnrflrld.** 


Word haa been receKod her* of the 
tftath of Ml»a E. Jane M^CIellan at . 
Englealde :iom« In Topeka. K«n. She ■ 
«aR formerly « resident of Spring- ! 
field and a niftier of the late John B. | 
McClellaB. -She would have b^^n 82 ^ 
renrs oM "H Kobfian,- 22 S'.k" I» 
rnn'lvM hy » r.!'ve Mr«. Arch Je:- 
t'lnr5. at:fi n. iiepl. '•■»-. Mr. Arthur A 
Met Ifllai.. bi'ih .>; Spr:i.?fir:-! 'Kj- 
iier«J' servi.e^ -a ill be conducted in | 
'Iope!.:n Satiirriay artcnioon. 


..:iflif^ :.f 


Autopsy. Is Performed on 

—Body^f-Thayerrfamrer " 

Found Dead in Car 

A coroner's Jury at Tb^er. Mo., 
tbla aftamoon tna InveatlgaUoK tbe 
ttfan«« deatb of Albert Btuby. younp 
farmer vboee body waa found Tbura- 
day momlnp In an empty box ear in 
tbe PrlaoQ railway 'a awttcb yorda at 

Pear of relatives that the young 
farm owner had met foul play led 
OOrooer Leo Carr of Thayer t» order 
an InquctU .ci>uduct a pcx>l ptxioui 
and ae«k a chemical aimlyRls of the 
dead man'/^tomactt . No marka of 
Tlolenoe weirW appar 
body, • and Mr. Can- 
to find a motive for, 
tbe farmer. *■"*. '•" 

Koiaon LIqnor Victim 

Teatimoiiy before the coroner"* 
Jury eoon after It went into aeaaton 
at Tbayer tbla morniilg Indicated Mr. 
Oarr waa InTeaUgating a theory that 
the youth waa kiUed by polaon liquor. 
Several «ttnew»e«. he aald. met Busby 
the lugbl before hia tx>dy waa tiut- 
covared. and tliey leftlUled that he 
apparently had been drUiklug. 

A laboratory at St. Louis la con- 
dueiloc a cbehileal anal>kls and Mr. 
Carr expected time required lor a re- 
port on the u;^a)U.'- vvoulcl delay the . 
Jury "a verdWt. until Salunlay. 1 

^ . Leavra W lie/ Child I 

Buaby,' who lived on a farm a short j 
dleiance east of ThHyer^,pnpn_ speut, 
riil»4>v«niTi««'Vn' Thayer and spent 
much time about the KrJ.-io >ard«. 
HlB oody was found by a Frisco 
switchman. , 

_35itj-oting man la mirvived- by-Jjia- 
wlfe and one child, and his purents. 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Busby. St.. who 
live In Thayer. 

r.n..\ E KTMrrR 

Puneral aerrlcca for Mr*. Bla E. 
Kemper will ,be conducted Saturday 
afternoon at a o'clock at tha Klingnar 
-PtlD«rM'cUapei.~ 'Burial win b* IB 
■aatla a uf tn e t e iy. uu aer aiwsetldp of 
tba Kllnfoor Puneral bom*. 



■ i g i w 



AgedT Peace Justice Readily 
Admits Killing lAan in Quar- 
rel; Anned Himself After 

_ii(e_Wjas Threatened, He 

Offlc^m toduy f:v<rd Uui »■> th« 
inotU-e wUlih goaded M. M. Clough. 
67. Ju»llc« of ibe pence »nd bu*lne»« 
m»ji ol Conway. Mo . to shoot and 
klU John C. Brady, 70-year-oId 'ann- 
er. during • quarrel »i ilie Conway 
stockyards Tburaday 
• Clmrgcd wtTli wcond degree a-.ur- 
nT ulirr 8.11 nurturing to Laclede 
: i-onnly oflRcr*. CIoukIi oi-ea a pro- 
' limlnary hearln,: In the JU8llc« cou.-t 
I of W. H. Turuer and w«» freed under 
•MM bond pending trl»I et the rm*y- 
ruary term of circuit court ct Leb- 
anon. HU bond w%M slfDed by W. l. 
Dlffenderter, piWilnent bu«tx>«aa man 
and bMakvr oC LebMUHi. 

■Bd klfletf i|u 'a?ee feih^c, 
ttM tattMr u l »piii l «i> » 

a. ' Bredyrl^'^ e.aJiued a coot- 
mtaalon 10 • mi eeUt« tranMictlt* 
bandied by Ciougti. and mougb bad 
refuaed to pay blm. Severai Um/n. 
Clougli chargra. he waa threatened 
by the other man Saturday nit(ht 
B.'ady met litni li. Conaray and cbaaed 
h:in to hl» borne. Fearing the .jj-m- 
cr. *uo wiM» a large and powerful 
man. Clough b<«an carrying \ n- 
voUer. ' I 

To rieod Srir.l>eten«* I 

tnipK>>e» at a parage In Couaay j 
li»\e ie»'iried t^ai i> sliori iniip be- 

ioU UM ataodUtif ^Itnwwlay 
Bnidy Itft' OMr- ««*«• wttt> 

I |>romlae to "aee the old man and bare 

It v>ut with hun." Clough and Brady 

OMi .OMT ib« CoDwray atoclL>arda. 

and riou»h told ofltcers he #lr*d 

after the farmer picked up a large 

I rock RTifJ hi.rled it at li:iii 

I A. W. Cuny. pruiniui-iu Icltituui' 

■ litlomey. lin.% teen reiBUiert to fleftiid 

I the «c<d biivUieM tuan. It {f> uuder- 

jatood be trill bac«hta pl«a oti aeU- 

Idrirnsr Sbotild Clougb oe^ found 

I giil.i.T OH lh« charge be ta«» bv 

could be aentenced to fTom !• years 

;o lile inipr;ff*-)nment. 

. O. O. Clougb. aou ol tli« Jualtct* ui 

the peace. wo» a wimess to ib« sboot- 
tng. He and a .Frisco aectinn baud 
were titandlng Dearb^i' at the time ' 
btit w«rtJ ubt cloee enough vo bc*r j 
clearly^ the rerbal exchan^, wbicb | 
came before Clough opeDcd f'trt. 1 

^ody of Youth, 21 , 
Drowned in Texas, 

Arrives for Burial 

• —————— 

vTba body of OUf Knowles. ai. son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Knowlea, 3(Mt3 
Plerc» street, who was drowned ne'ai 
Jiuuat on ,--Te«aar->a a» Wa t ordar. r.rnr- 


ed iB Sprtngftald Tu«aday night. Tbe 

Klliigi'<er Funeral lioiue lo<:'i; < l-.Ari?. 
Toung knowles, an employe of the 
Atlanllc-Paclflc-Oulf Reflninc oom- 
-p«nT7""wai«~ironcIni[ for^ tlie' new 
IloxHiiH refluerj i.far Hous'.o:; w.^e:; 
a pontoon ou wlilcli he stood i 
was overtuir.ed. throwing lilm Into I 
the water. .His body wa* re<rov«.'ed ■ 
nhortly after br fellow worker? Heavv ' 
rubber boots which he wore werej 
thought-to hare hampered, his efforts [ 
In trying to get out of the water. j 

He is survived by hta wife. M». , 
Irene Kni~wt»fl. of Ho',iston. j>i..; > ;.e 
daughter. Vlrtjlnla. his pareriJs. Mr 
Br.fl Mrs Perrv knowles r? S-ir.:u- 
(leld. one g'l'ntljmrent. F. M. AuaTiu,, 
of Springfield, two sisters. Mails i 
KiiO'.vlcs of Springfield. Noiid Mrs • 
Maude Reeves, of Stratford. .Mo and ' 
two brotliers. Harold and Gerald 
Hnowle.t. of Springfield 

rtnu-rB". tervtcra »ill be condv.oTed 
SuiiciRV afternoon nt 2 30 oclivK :>t . 
the home. Inrerment, wlU be ii-. ■ 
Oreei;la»n cemetery, under cUrevtl-i:-. 
of the J. W Kllngner Funeral home ■ 
here. . 

I.II.I.Ii: .\NN McnXMKL | 

Mn«. LiUle Ann McDairlel. 40. of | 
Williird. Mo. died Friday. January imi 
;.t her home following a lingering ill- { 
nesa. She Is- survived" by the husl>a'nd ' 
and oi;e daughter. Mrs. Iiie^ Teck of | 
Wlllard. one brother, one ►i.'sfer and 
fhe grandrhlUlren. Funeral service,"* 
we're coiidiuled Sunday at West Fin- 
Icy cemetery under^direc.lou of the 
S'ar Funeral home oT Fordlsnti. Mo. 


Page 1: Marriage license: Simon Barney, 52, of Lockport, N. Y., and Ida Stomis, 43, of 

Page 3: Lester L. Higgins died.** 

Mrs. Ella E. Kemper died.** 

Miss E. Jane McClellan died.** 

Mrs. H.C.Crosby died.** 

Ramsey infant died.** 

Mrs. Treva Kershner died.** 

Ralph Cloud died.** 
Page 12: Card of thanks.** 
Page 14: Springfield twins celebrate their 86th birthday.** 

IMay to tbe 8e|b birttadsy for the 
UvOMiromen tbonjk •tore, twins wtio 
ihw* Uved la tli»^ Osuto moit or 
tbelr Uvea and Who now reside In 

Ttutf are Sirs. TnA Butohsr, 1603 
WesI Water street, alMTe and Mrs. 
Pranldln Moore. 1903 West Walnut 
street, below, kpown years ago aa tbe 
ICaUleoat twlns^ Mis^ Butober'a given 
name ts Alpba and that of ber sla- 
ter's, Marlah. 

. , Remcmbrr Civil ^'sr 

Botb can remember aprlnglleld 
Wbsn It was somswbat of a vlUai^e 
•ad tbe most rapid transportation 
Into It was by hotae and buggy. Tbey 
rsmember hearlnK tbe cannon at tbe 
time of tbe Wilson's Creek battle, 
living • few miles nortb of town. 
Mrs. Moore's husband and the twlos' 
fatber were borne guards at Spring- 

field aK tbe Ume of the battle. 

In 186r ibe entire family moved 
to nilnolB ^^iM^ra the twins lived 
wblle their husbands were fighting 
In tbe Union army. They moved 
back to thU part of Missouri in the 
early 70's, Mrs. Butcher to live In 
Springfield, her husband working as 
blscksmlth for tbe new railroad here, 
and her sister to MsoKfleld. 
Like Oxarks 

Since then neither has moved from 
the Ozarlts to live. Mrs. Buteher 
lived in Ash Orove and Osceola and 
Mrs. Moore has. lived In Mansfield 
and Ash Drove. 

Both have been in Springfield since 
about 1013. Both are widows. Mrs. 
Butcher lives with a sod, Fred, while 
her sister lives alone. 

Each of them has had II child- 
ren and out of each group, 4 are 
sUU alive. 

Springfield Man 
Dies in Accident 
. In Phoenix, Ariz. 

Word of tbe death ln~aB auta ac- 
cident In Phoenix. Arltona. of RaJpb 
Cloud. 87. formerly of Sprlnf fWlrf has 
been received by bis fatber here. W. 
B. Cloud. 84< South Patton avenue. 

He was In the barber trade In 
Springfield previous to 1024 snd serv- 
ed 3» months m the transportation 
corps In Prance during the World war. 
In the spring of 1934 Mr. Cloud went 
to Arbnna with hta wUe because of 
her health. No details of tbe accident 
were reoetved by the father h«re. 

In addition to bis wife and two 
daughters and bis father, he Is sur- 
vived by an uncle here. E. C. Cloud. 
8M South Missouri avenue, and one 
sister. Mrs. Harry -T. Brundldge. of 
St. Louis. He wss burled yesUrdsy In 




«« runeral wnlOM^Xor Letter L. Hlg> 
gtns. 19, wUI be ooadoetetf Stinday at 
3:80 o'clock at East Avenue Baptist 
chuwb. Burial 'WlU be ta Oreenlawn 
cemetery under direction Kllngner 
Funeral bom*. Be la survived by his 
motber. Mta. Cela Hlfglns. two broth- 
era. Tni.- at Tmrn, and Jamee, of 
Oklaboor^vad five sUtet*. Ura. Jen- 
nle nwUfy. Mrs. Anna Jackson, and 
Un^^Uuf Muuab, aU of Springfield, 
aad lire. LoMKeUer and Mrs. Bertha 
BtlBvelLof OUaboma. 

tMmat eervlM Mr lira. XUa K. 
KMBper win be oooOucted «t 3 o'clock 
today at Kllngner Foneral chapel. 
Burial wlU be In Eaatlawn cemetery. 


'Funeral services for Mlsa E. Jane 
McClellan, 83. will be conducted at 
Topeks. Kansas, this sftemoon. She 
to an aunt of Mrs. Arch Jennings and 
Arthur A. McClellan, both of Spring- 


Mr«. H. C. CrMby, Xonn«r Spring* 
field resident, died at titr boma In 
STrtoiue. N. Y., yesterday. 8be If «ur> 
vlTcd by ber busbend emd tbree 
'deugbters. Funeral Mrvloes will be 
beM In eyracuse Monday. 


Funeral services for the Infant 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie 
RMDM7 Of Oalloway. Mo., were bold 
•t tbe bome yesterday luider direc- 
tion of W. L. Starne Mortuary. Burial 
wa» In tbe Dodson cemetery, near 

10 ctntt a lint. 


Mrs. Treva Kerahner, 47, died at 
her home on Springfield Route No. 
9, at noon yesterday. 8he Is survived 
by ber husband, William Kerahner. 
and three daughters. Mrs. Leola 
Dfites. Vinlta. Okla.: Mica Oletu 
Evaus. Sprlnglteld, and Miss Jane 
Kerchner. of the bome address. She 
Is also survived by four brothers, 
Claude, D. A. and Walter McCroekey, 
all of Springfield, and O. L. Mc- 
Croekey. of Washington st^te; and 
six alstera, Mra. Harry B. Meek. Mrs. 
Frank Fulbrlgbt, Mrs. John Olenn. 
Mrs. Claude Mack, all of Springfield; 
Mn. Ellsa Cooper. Purdy. and Mrs. 
Ed Crawford, LeKoy. Mich. Funeral 
serrlces will be held at tbe Alma 
Lohmeyer Funeral tiome 2 o'clock 
Silnday afternoon. 


WB WISH to thank <Hir frlands and 
nflithbori, sbio Hcrmaa LobMejrer for Ui» 
kindnpu. help and sympathr shown 
at the drsth of John Weslcr Arnold. 
Klgnpd: Olady* Arnold. two imall 
brother*. Mr. and Uri. Arnold Welch. 
Mr. and Mrs. John Richard, Mr. and Mrs. 
Ray Henry. 

Page 1: A. J. McCollum died yesterday at Atkins, Aric. His son Tom McColium is 
enrolling clerk for the Missouri senate. 

Mrs. Vada Rogers Jemigan drowned.** 

Aaron P. Flood died.** 
Page 2: The probate court docket for February is published.** 
Page 3: Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Gordon celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.** 
Page 6: Mrs. Treva Kershner died.** 

Lester L. Higgins died.** 

James M. Millikin died.** 
Page?: Card of thanks.** 
Page 10: Three couples in Mountain Grove have been married more than 59 years.** 

Golden Wedding 

RS. MOK FAYSI.\N (gd her two d»uElHer». tlalne aod Gloria. 
Iftl >e.MTU.i.> jfivriiiiiiu fur SI Joseph to allcod tbe golUeo 
vedillBS nlsbnllon of Mrt. r«ym«B» pircnls. Mr. iDd Mrs. Istac 
OorJon. About 70 kiu.-(olk «lll jalhcr at tbe Robldoin Imiel 'or a 
lainllr dinner, rnllo»ed hv a general rocepllon 

Mr. and Mr». Gordoo were murrled Iti German) 
50 raankfij. oo Mrs. Cordooa birthday. One ot 
>h«lr diUgbtert, Mrs. Samuel Krkdtoo. of V.'Icblla. 
H»n.. (Iso was born Janaary i;. «hli.h makes to 
moiToW» gatb erlnt a Irlpla celebraUon. They 
■ iiyvcd to S'f. Jn^-'t'li 4 ■; yrnrs l\^n. where Mr. Cor- 
doo wju > msrchAit unlli his retirement fire years 
■ go. • ■ 

Tbeir Dine rhildreu. v> lih Ibeir tauilUea. vlll all 
Li. lu St. J-jicph for th*' anulverbary celebration. 
Mr. raymaa will go today, and h« snd (be flrls Klulm- I .■>iiium 


^hllc Mr? ravfi^an w"tn vt^lt for 

■ f«w «eeki 

will reiuro .Monda} 
\with Mr*. Frl«dioD. 

"Hit Oor4<ffl4 b**« freqU^ntl^ visited tbe Faj'?*'*' here, and are 
v1i}«)j XBOva lo 8prLii|(l«ldUDB 


H cmti a tine. • 

WK wiHH to thank oor'frUndi and 
'leifhbort. also liennau LolimeTer Jnr th« 
kindiieaa. halp «ud lyoipaihr aho«n 
". ^* "jlfH? •' •"">" WmUt Arnold. 
''«"J<1: Oladyi Arnold. tw*. imall 
r>roU)«ri. Mr. and Mrt. Arnold W»lch 
Mr. and Uri. John nicbatd. Mr. and Mr». 
Rar .Banr;. 



• *',* 

Her to Safety 

CUagiof to a tTM for atven houn 
afUr b«ln( ■wwpt Into Ui« ley wstcn 

of BprtDff <»«i^ dmlt nijtii. uo, m 

Onu-k oounty, Mr*. Vada Bofcn Jon> 
tilC«i> of K>ntat City wm drowned 
WJ1II0 •tt«mptlng to crawl to th* bank 
alone * fope watch had been thrown 
to hf r. 

Mr*. Jonnlgan's tracic d«atb came 
aft«r rajichmen of the Cureall-KIlJah 
dUtrlct had worked lor hours In an 
attempt, to rescue her and her aon- 
in-law and daughtrr. Mr. and Mra. 
Lewis Johnson of Elijah. Johnoon 
[■ftnd hie wife wwe saved a lew nilu- 
jutee after Mrs. Jonnlgan drowned and 

were taJOnt to a nalgbborlng ranch, 
a wall Of wat«r ewrpt down upon 
them, overtujoad Ihelr wa^on and 
threw them into the raging stream. 
Young Jonnaor belpad bla \itt and 
mother.ln-laa; to reach a small trea 
and he m.anagad to. reach another 
tree farther down atraam aa the 
current -awept hlffi 00. Nalghbora eooo 
dUoovered their plight, but the 
stream continued to rlae and a res- 
cue waa.Dot poaalble untu about 10 
9'clock at night. - . . 

Loeea Hold on Bope 

A rope finally^ was thrown to ihe 
tree where Mra' Jlopolgan and her 
daugbtar were cllQgUig. The daughr 
• er fastened the rope high In the 
tree and Mn. Jounlgan attempted to 
creep along tb« rope. Ber t.umb 
handa aoon loit ttMir grip, atta tried 
(or a , momtDt to cHng to tlM lope 
wUh her teeth, and then her body 
vnulahed in the streaui. 

Mrs. johnaon was able to raach 
safety by clinging to the rope, and 
her huatMnd wa* aaved In a like man- 
lier by the ranchmeo who had come 
to their rescue— T. Earle Wylder. 

•ansger of the Wylder ranoii. WIJ- 
.m Roea, Mllo Carter and other 
.rm;rt f the rewion. 
^rs. Joonlcau'a body has t>ecn r«- 

Mrs. Jonnlgan was thb daugt^ter of 
Mr. and Mca. Curtla Caaay of Clljab. 
wltb whom she bad been spending 
tbe' winter. 


Injurtaa J/uftCTed wben be wai 
kicked by a horse at hU bom« Jn 
Btooe county bare proved tmt^ for 
Aaron P. Flood, a Urmer and father 
of Ur* children. 

fttaggaring into bU bom* aboM 7«0 
o'clock We<ln^*«ay nl«bt. Mr. Wood 
never regained consciouanaw. There 
were no witneaawi to tbe accldant. but 
ImprliiU or a hofaa*a eboe ware toand 
00 tbe side of hla face. Funeral s»ck- 
lc«s wera conducted at the bom: and 
burial was in tba Ftood oatnatcry un- 
der dliaeUoo ctf T. B. Cbaffln. 


Torn IlcOoUum. enrolling -clerk of 
tba Mlnourl aetliate. and Mrs. McCol- 
liun artJfod "at tbelr home ber* Uta 
yeatefday an rottta from Jefferson 
City to Atklna. Ark., where Mr. Mc- 
OoUum'* tathar, A. J.JtoCoHom, di«d 
Xeataitla^ A. J.McCollum eerved lor 
sereral yeare as sUt* repttwentatlTis of 
Ripley oouuty. ^Ha v* captain of the 
4an<l Ttnnaeaei infantry during the 



lor Mn. TtaT% Kmatinar .atinday aft* 
^moonjit atO xlock at th^ Alma t4>h. 
iBfjnir' fiwral »l>apa i . MU*. katab- 
n'er died yeatarday soon at her boma 
on Route 0. Burial will be In Kersh- 
I iirr rrniftrry ^o^If|)env» if Sprliii:- 
; field. 

I.KMKR I.. Mlf.filN^ 

Flii-.rml «-rr'. lor.H for I<-sti r t U'.f- 
i;lM« wll! be tv'.idliileJ t ;;.i'..;. ,\.yr:- 
noon at 2 30 o'clock .if the Kast .\\e- , 
nue Bfipt;."'. i-!nirrl\. Burls! will be' 
rr.adc Ir. Ciro«>iiI.m :i .•eiiie'rrv iir.dt-r ;, 
dlrertlon <>f the Klii:i; Fmiora: i 
home. , .1 

.|\>ll.> M. Ml I.I.IK IN 

Woitl his been uiclvrtl licro >■>.' :hr 
flcaili if Jameb M .Mllllkiii. former 
Bprlnpfleld;»iVor. In \Vir:slo». 
.^rl7x>p«. Burial >»hr In Wu'.>low 
Mouiia-. af'-rni> n .Mr. MIIIi>;;u \»:\»' 
a hrothprlnlaw of Mrs. Frrd Wilmrs. 
of Route No. 4. 


MOUNTAIN OBOVE, Mo.. Jan. 36 — 
The Mountain Orove Journal. In try- 
ing lo find tlic couple which baa b*«n 
married longest of any lu Uila com- 
munlty baaiound thr*a with inor« 
than 58 year* of marrird Ilfa. Mr. 
a)i<t Mrs. A^ J. Todd. Iiav* bera ma/- 
hava be«n nrkarr.lcd 60 yeara: Mr. and 
Mra. Pet«r Kropp. 61 years last I>- 
camber 13: and Mr. and Mrs. T. C. 
tag^ya, 01 years laat Se^tcmbcf 27, 

Probat e Court D ocket 

ara doa !»■ ltx«o«toia» «*alnW»»«»- 
Ouanltaiu and CM^on at 'ttta wmlnt 

• roOTUtryr- iKS. Term. OI Ui« Probalr 
' Court. 01 UraeD« eountj. Missouri, com- 
! niendoi on U)s s«toDd_ Monday. «» 

elsveDtfi day of rtMary. »». 
■ All citntion* «r« r«tufn»blo on ins nrsi 
I day o( tlie term. 

Antbony. Jsmet. daeessed; EatI 8aa- 
: nsos. exccQlot: Unsl ■etllemenl. 
I BkKk. rr«nc«s, deceased; WtlUsm UU- 

mana, ««ecuior: final setUeroent. 

ArrlQSlou, Carrie, Jeceased; Merrltt M. 

LoKBp. BQd Jotta Sctunook. aucutocs; 

alxU) setal-anDUsJ saitttment. 
Bueknrr. SalHs B., tieceascd; Lswlss B. 

BUnlfnith arimln'''^-^"''- itnal-sauia^ 

Bayer, PraoiUna. inasne;: Andrew W 
rrtcdhofsn. fuardlsn and curator: (litb 
annual MillenieiiL „ . 

Booker^ Uarottiy Maile. . minor: Union 
NstloDsI Bank, tusrdiao and curator: 
-tei^aniTaat setttemrocx ' 

iuroK, Esther M»y. Rot Emast and 
Kthel Viola, minora: WiUlain P. Burns, 
guardian aud curator: iblrd annual ssl- 

Buchsnsn. Oeorge M.. deceased. Betty 
8. Bucbanan. adaitsUtxatrtx: final set- 
tlsment. . , ^ . . 

Boclini Ernest Tbeodor. deeessed: J. L 
Urant. executor; final telttement. 

Benorlt. Alice Mooney. deceased:: WU- 
llain P Benneil. executor: final setile- 

Bennett. Alice Mooney. decessed: WU- 
llsm P Btuneti. eiectuor. final sellle- 

Trr i tt » Y y r^- ovn o^i^ r r.ii , 1 9 -4a«a^ 

Bubeck. FTed. deceased; James A. 
Nelm», rx-publio sdniUilstrator: final set- 
tlemriit. . . 

Broomllrld. O. 11 , dec»>ssed; James A. 
Nelins, ex-pubUc adoilnlstratot: final sat' 

Byrd. Orrsl. deceased; WUUata M. Oar- 
dcoablre, admloUtrator; f Ust. aemlTannual 

Buokmaster, Mary C. deceased;; T. H. 
Cmrr. admlnuuator: first semi-annual sei- 
tlamsnt. . ,f m 

BrowDlnj. Hsnnah. dcceasad; x. a. 
Brownlnf. admlnUlrator; first »eml-an- 
ousl settlement. _, , 

Oolf Bldon Brysnt. minor; W«le Mae 
Uobsoii, ruardlan aud Curaillx; touriti an- 
iiusi settlrmeiit. 

Oofflbs. Joseph Clsy. minor; 1 Wiener, 
guardian end curator; Ihlrteenlli annual 
kRillrniFiit _ 

Cunip. Norixl. minor; .' 1 C»mp 
(ruarrtlftn Slid curntor. ele^o:;!.! ii:inusl 

Cotton. Harold C . minor. C. L Coslon. 
guardimi aud curMor. Ullh snnusl »et- 
tlfmrni. . , _ . „ 

Cot. Alb'r!*. iiilrT^r Juliu P'l I Oox. 
R -ir'liiir-. n;: 1 ■ :rri: cud annual sei- 


HEONCSD.tT. THIKD D.«Y. FEB. 13. ir:» 

CotMii, Jacob F . (lecra»ed: Csrl Kvereit 
Corbln. •dralnlstrstor. Ilrtt srml-snoual 

Calriu. James, drcrased: Jarifs A. 
Nrlnia. rx-publlc administrator Kith the 
■Mil anne.\cd: first Atml-annua 1 leCtlc- 

Coles. Jrniilr, deceased: Henrr ft. Coles, 
executor: (Irii tenil-aniiual settlement. 

Condrad.v. EmIUe. dec»>a»ed; E J. Bus- 
rhx. executor; firiil tsemi-ai.'nual tettle- 

Cooprr. Praiilt Eugene and Ruth E 
minors: Adah E. McConnell. tuardlsn sod 
curatrix; i.econd aniioal settlement. 

Dulln. Wilms C . minor; William A. Dj- 
3ari. guardian and curslor; eighth snnusl 

L>odse. rrank 8 . Jr., Insane; Martin fj. 
Howard, ex-publlc guardian sivd curator; 
eighth annual srltleinent. 

Dletrtch. Oeorge MoDanlel and Wanoy, , 
minors; Oeorge D. McDaolel, curator; 
tilth annual settlement. 

Darr. Lea and Dorothy, minors; T. ■. 
Pusxell. (usrdian and citrator; second an> 
nual selitamenv, 

Dane. Olsra, decessad; Ouy R. Dane. 
adnitnlsirstor: final settlamsnt. 


Delsell. Btu. dabaasad; WlUlam O. OaW 
land, administrator with tba will 
add* keiUa oon: lowtk 

■■ ttl B IWUt. 






Dtetsnnan, Joa . 
tXatermsn. ezscutrla; Orst 

.Oetaner. Oordts Bafd, deosased 
9. ToiertoD, adminlstratrla: first 
annual settlement. 

Durhaas. Sidney O.. deceased:: 
Durluim, administratrix; first semi-an- 
nual scttlanent. . _ _ ..^ .. 
i Daufhti^. l»a, dwsaased: «. B. Oaojch- 
trey, exacutor; fUst s«ml-aniMa) ssttle- 
meat. _. 

Ellison. Wlllism R . deceased: Plorenoe 
A. Roxell. admlnlstrstrlx; final seitlFment. 
Ellts, Jsmes H.. deceased; Florence A. 
Roiell. adminlatrstrlx; finsi settlement. 

Ellis. Jsmes H . deceased; Martin L. , 
Hu«urtl. er-publio adailnlstraior; filth 
i annual aettiemeui. . ; 

Elwn Lawrence, Bomsr Olano and | 
Mary Eltaiior, m inors; W. W !»-';?. I""! 
j dian and e ur Viof: Tir th thhUi T atlgsmef 

1 FKfDAY. Firra dai, nn. is. tna 

' Ediiiond.'on. John, deceased: Frank 
Wiight. executor; flnsI settlement. 

Edniondscii. (lec*ss«l; W, J, 

I Brkdoliuw, artmliilRirator with the iWll an- 
DcTcd dP boiil.t lion: final settlement. 

I Edsiirds. louKe K.. rteceusetl; Hobt. R. 
Beardrn, executor; first seml-auuusi sel- 

Ethrliigr. C E. decessed: J. P. SlhrldBf. 
srimlniblreior: first senil-snuual settlc- 

! EHLion, Msrtlia CTIssbelh. decessed; 
; Florence A. Ilorell. executrix; first seml- 
: annuHl settlement _ _ 

I F«»riiM»orlh. El.tle C. deceaaed; Oeorge 
1 n. Hkldinorr, sdmlnlRlralor with the will 
I annexed: final seiilcnienl. 
i| Freeman, Arthur B. deceased:: Emma 
I D. Freeman, administratrix; tiryt seml- 
BUiiual settlement. 

Fallln. H I., d'cessed: Carrie D. Fellln. 
admiiiiairnirlx: llrst .«eml-»iuiual setlle- 

Fsrnsworth. Anna M.. deceswd; Ixe 
I'llmaii. executor; Ural semi-annual icl- 
SATllKDAY. SIXTH 0.*V. FEB. I«. I»t» 
Olbson. Etolle. decea^od; Ralph H. Ulb- 
3011 »dBilnl»lrolur, (Inal selilemeiit. 

Orsf Ji.nHMii KrlfitKl". decea.'wd: Joli- 

anita Loui.m- Ori<I. Brtnilni.«italor. wlib the 

win sniiex'-d: lln«l settlement 

I ar.iy Marv E . decased. William Ed- 

; »srd tirn» mid Frnl Cyrus Gray, extcu- 

, lorn: final »e;ilemeut. 

' (Jlllenple. Charles C. deceased- Jona- 
' than Ullle.^(>le. sdmlnlstrator; llrst seml- 
; snnual yelti'ment. „ ^ .. „ ^. 

Oarrett Fernando C. deceased: S. t. 
Trimble, admiulsuaior; (irjt semi-sunual 
i oettlenicnt 


Ualt* Havit Clalrt aotl Plorene* LoulM 
mtaortr^W O. Frlct, (utrdUa and curt* 
tor; WH mnummt Mtltomvai. 

Otbaoa. L«wr«De* Kur«ne. miner; Lev* 
OlbMo. nirtlriD sad cvairlx; tirti u>* 
nnal •etUcMtni. 

Oowtr. Ton. d«ce**cd; Tern Wakklaa, 
faardlan and curator; (iDal •etU«flMnt. 

Oortn«n. t,«nor». mtnor: Lnuli* O. Tt*d, 
(uardlaD and curatrlx; tUlrtf' annual Ml- 

MONOAT. j«e\'ei>mi dat. rra. is. i»t» 

Gouty. Neva and Mlldr«d. mloori: B. Z. 
Ooutr. fuardiin and curaMr; aikib an- 
oual art(l«m«nt. 

Harper. Klla. Inoan*; W. II Harprr. 
cuardlao and curator; tteond annual Mi- 

Hlc(«, Mar; and Oal\in. tnhwrn- t)V> 
rernla Ktrra Wiboo. foardian and cura> 
trix; rint annual atttlfinant. 

Hawklnf. No«l J., minor: Noel H Brlvra. 
nardlao and evrator: rttlitJ) anauai *•(• 

Horainc, JitltB RoMiaary. mlaor: Mary 
Acnaa OaOTal. cnardlaB aod ««ir*lrU: 
third aamwl ••ttlaBiant.i 

Buekaby. W U.. dacwMd: Boa Bitek> 
akr. «i*eul«r: nnal aattlaaMai. 

Hurtt Latajralta. d«eeaa«d. J. A. Rural 
and R. B. Horft. admtatatralora: naal 

Hmdrlekton. John T.. dac^aard: Oaoffa 
W. Handrtekaon, azacutor: flrai aani-ca- 
oual aMUnBcnt. 

Bortoo, WUllan W . daceaaad: Joatpbto* 
Hdrtaa fMegtrls: firai aaBl-asBaal aM« 
Tf^DAT UOBTB DAT, ttB. I». It3» 

Hartnan. Mrt. MiDolf AUe*. d«rraa«i: 
Mri. JaunJe rort. adaiiiiUtratrtx vlth Uta 
wilt anneaad: llrai a*inl<«iuiiM) attU*' 


Ilou^rr Ralpti. dfrraikd: R. Oomtui, ad- 
mlBUtrator: nrar »(ml-annu«l ■attlamanl 
-.MKmiM, a. W. daoaaaadv IMb«r B. 
Harnla esecutrUi;. ftrat atmNUuuMl acl- 

Huui. Oordella. daoeaned: t. raya Hoat. 
<ir«utnx: tlral a^rol-annual a«ttl«mrnt. 

lira. Wtlraa. minor: Oladyi Ilea RobcrU 
ten. cuardlao aod curairlx: olnlb aonna) 
I teMlfmetil 

Innian. Farley A . In»an». J O. CoSfr. 
(uardlaii and curator. <l(hth annual lel- 

Johnson. Jo»eph R rteffa«»d: Jamts A 
Nrlm". rvpiibllc artmi-.lsi ra tr>r: flrit 
hrnil-aiinual srttleniriit 

JoQnsoo, Aletaodar 9^ deccattd, 

ihU B. -^ 

aawl-ann— 1 aalUa an Bt. _, ._._ 
Jarratt. MbD. daeaaaad; Mu 
I admialaUalM with UM wUI ' 
', luai aami-annual laiUaaiant. 
I Oaaaa^ Oorte. wiMa: OlaraJK. 
I twardlan^ and cnraUB: tvwfta 

n : ■ < » . ■ll. 'l I B UAI. r 

Jona*. Artbur. locompataDt; Ocort* J- 
Caldvall (aardlaa aad curator; attrenia 

I annual aetUamant. 

Kln(. Umlta P^ deeeaaed; Uvta OL 

' Kinc. azaeutor; nnal MtUcment. 

' Krrldar. B. Earl, inaane: T. B. Kr^dcr. 

! guardtas aad curator: lirai an nual aatna> 

' nient. " _ ^ 

j Kean. Una Ctatoa. axlaer: rsatar W. 
Kecor fuardlan aad curator: Ifelid aa- 

nual aaulemant. 

Lont. Mltaada. dacaasjd; J. B. Billing 
administrator: final •attlement. 

Land, sarmb H., OMsMaad: tba Oalfc a 
NattoaaJ baak. admlntrtratan Oaal «•!» 


^ Ltnesr Ow rg e "W.t «e«*iW;"T3orSTJU« 

j fiaa lines, adatlnlatrau'lz: Ilrsi aaatW 
annual actUaateaL 

TntRSDAT. nsrm dat. rsai. n. *»» 

Uwaa. I>aur. minor: Mra. M. A. BatyaiL 
Buardlan -«ad c«ra^r— wcoad — aauM l 

tsta, Lawti C. Mlfwr. Jaa aj h W. bara. 
ruardian and curator; tIcMk aaaoal aat- 

Maadova. Lucy KUaa: d a caaaed: JaM«- 
A. Nalau. ei-pubU« a dmlntaUalor «Mk 
tha wiU anncxad da booU ; 
oual aettlemeni. 

Mactat, Jobo. dicaaaad; ^amaa A. Ma 
aa.pubUo adoUalatrator: leartb 


Mattbava Ura. A. J.. d«c«aaad: A. Jk 
Burraan, adailntatratar vltb iti* vtU an- 
nexed: IlnaJ aettlament. 

Moora, J. T. dacassad: Jaaaa A. IMaia. 
cx-public adminlatrator; final aattlemant. 

Modrtl. adr.Ui'.liirator: final lettlemcnt. 

MIII5. J. E. deceased; UJlla A. UtUa a»« 
O. H. Potter, adnanlatrator*: tltxal aaUla- 

Mora*, oilie. decaasad: Dan M. t«a«. ad- 
muit^trator; nr»t seut<«uuiual aetUemaot. 

•axi;bi>at. clksntb oat. fkb. n. nit 

Myan. Bmxd LAtkyttM, aUrmi m. m. 
Mrara, ruarolan and ourator; ftrat aosaal 

Melton. J amaa w, daeaaaad: mA L. 
M«lt«n, admlAutraior: flaal aaUlaataat. 

McMillan. Otho o.. decaaaad; B^pb r. 
McMillan, executor, tlcal aetllamaat 

MtMurray, JoUn t . daeaaaed: Barak 
eiiiabeth McMurr.r, axacntrli: Itoal act* 

. Mcuuira. Eunlca: ray aad ftirtoa. art- 
nori: flora MeOulrr, taardlaa aad o«ra- 
lri.\. drat annual »etlIcniaot. 

McKlnalD. Harry Le,. minor; Aboa Ma- 
M^air r-jarcrtxc »:3 cisratm: wird in. 

Dual .I'ttleiuent 

McCowar.. Sarauet E.. Inaana; Umij M*. 
" ;; flfxa aa- 

Covan. ruardian and curatils 
nual s^lil«i»«n(. 

McCluer. Rufui A. d<'caa*ad; Jamaa W. 
iUClure. rxecuto.': final aatttemeaL 

Mclnturf, Kuc*na Orthnaa:. atBVr; 
M«tsir .Mcii.turf. auardian acd enratrlx; 
bccor.d annual ftfttl^ment. 


Kt.wn. Job. decaaaed: Dvlafct B. I*av- 
toi!. isarutor; flral aaltitmaot 

Noblett. .Marr babel aad Zdwia BMiiay 
m:ior»: w z atcTall. ruardian and ciira> 
lor fiiird •iiiiual aettlament. 

OlUrr. Benton, daceaacd; Paul Omrr 
executor. f;r»t aeml-anaual aatUaatant. ' 
^ 0» fn. Chancy Loula. minor; Ftark F 
Orm. crrmior: tarama aaauAI uruaavKni' 

Pratt. John Harvey. d.«a.ed: J^oTTa. 
w^ims. ex-public admiauUator. tuun aei. 
ifftmf nl. 

Potter. Mra. J. B., dceaaoed; J. B Tw- 
ter ad.-nlr.uuator; hnal .ec-.lani-at." 

Pfrkitia. KmmaUna L.. decaased cx W 
NlchoU. admlnlatraior »ith u»a alU aa^ 
^i*"- U"i, •«al-annual actttanarv. 

ParnaU. Herbert HadJer. d«caa«cd: J W 
ParnalU adaunlatrator; fUai aaaS^maal 
lemnme Dt. 

j "Parker, "Wftliam L.. da««aaad: Jamaa A. 
I Nelnia, ax-publlc admtnlitrator wttta Uia 
I win a&naiwl; firil acoU-aonaal atttta- 
I mtnU 

I TUBBDAT. irra bai. rsB. at. um 

' Robart*. WllUam J., minor; Winia« 
Roberta, gaardlaa aAd ooratar; Osal aat- 

Bobaita. TahlaU M.. aalaor; ^WOKT 
Babarta. ■aardlaa aad carmtart tklM W*' 
aaal aattlwaaat. 

ItiirfcTWr. BtiJiairt 
Bi ' i»aiaa»»r-*aa>a—>i 


Botoaila W 'A-, , 

al Sank of OprlnfflaM. admlalitratar: 
Ilr«l Mnil-annual aetllenieat. 

Rauahav. A. A.. d«c«Med: J. JL WU- 
Uaoia aad A. W. 7*beiBpaoa, adattatwrm- 
tora; ftrrt aamJ-annnal sattlemcBt. 

Rearea. Ruby JevcU, minor; Varbla J. 
DsTls, gnardlan and enratrts; third an- 
nual leltlement. 

Srawfl. Mabel P. lnian»: Thomaj H. 
Gideon, ruardian and curator; t/iird an- 
iiuxl 5etlTfmrr:t. 

Scott. Kaniiie. mjane. J«n:r.« A .Nelm.' 
ex-publlc giiarclluD aud curator: teoood 
S1.11U1I !<ftflrmenf. 

»tKi>.\i..-«i> - III im. ;; i;«.-v 

BiuUl. Paul W.. Insane; LouUe H. Stahl. 
irunrdttn ard curatrtxi: second annual aat- 

9tougli(oii, Ber;Ucr. tr.4aiiex M«rtin x 

Howard; ex-pubUe guardian and caratar; 
fourteent^i annual teltlrmrnt. 

^hrward Duro:!!.^. minor: Maude U 
nc!n-»tx. cM«rdl«n and cjratnx. alxtn 
oi.tcual snilfuieni 

&ra.'>e. Elmer E.. insane; U. D. Durac 
iruMrdlan and curator; aixtb annual Kt- 

Bnldrr. B.ll»y, -dnor: WllUam L »^ 
Curdy. iu»rdi« i »»<1 curator; iwtUOi •!>- 

SchmiiU, John. d«»»5*<5. W. R. 0»U 

<51.elu.n. Murrl. miner; E<»-' .«>«^'?S 
K«nn»dT. fu«rdt»p •«» eur»UU; ninth No«ln«'. minor: J. 0^^^'*°^ 
miardlan tni cur»u>r: ninth aaoMl •e*- 

'"siylm.n WIIIl.m T.. Jr. ln«^: M.rt.- 
L. no««rd. «u»rdUo •nd curator, eighth 
Hunual scttlriurDt. 

■ H o.<Y. rca. 2». IK* 

Sullen". Cl»r» Ann. minor: Ro? SaUcsa. 
iiir^tor- lourlh annual s«Hl»in»Dt 

8a»yrr. Jay. dec«a»»d: Ui'"»'i JialtoJJ*; 
link. nimlniJiiraior: tinal wttlfoiftit 

Saundrra. JCiuma B . ti«c*»**<i: OU B. 
Orr .idminlsualrlx: fin«l srtllrraent. 

Sii'tlr. John W . d*c*a.««d: t.lna O. mtu 
tU, admliil»tt»;rlx: tlna) MltWon-Dr. 

Saodon. France*, deceaaed; Jamet A. 
Ni-lni> fx-i-ubllc adminliiraUv: final a«t- 
llrmrul. ^ _ 

S^«df .'Mice A . iret—eO: Hrt^ B. 
Sladf »rtminl«iratrl\; final •»'. t!<:n»*til. 

Saiiford. IT M.. dfW««Pd: R A. San- 
forrt. exrcufrli final Kitlemenl 

Surkow Ha.-mon C. dece»s«l: »*artha 
C euckonr. adtulnUtralru: final Mttle- 
tnriie. .. . 

Sim« Hi>nr» C . d«f a«r<J: Mar'ln U 
Howitd. Hdminlstrator: flr»t srml-anDaal 


I aamoer, CliMbctli, drc«a**4: U. W. 
I Baeknar. admiulttrator: tint Mmi^aamNJ 
' Mtllemeiu 

«*#tli«y. I-Ufher, rtrc»a»rdi Mm«a A. 

Nalma. cx-uut>lic admiiiMlra*.or: first aemJ- 

annual arttUcxnt 

• MlUM. SnuK. <1««a»*d; rranc* Bpltt- 

l*r. necuior' firit •eial-anautl acttM* 

mem. __ . 

Taylor. Je»sle iiale and t.illlaa Vartao. 

mlneri>; W B Uaney, earator: fUtb as- 

nuul *e(ltnD«rit. 
Toothman. Mrtjamln R.. nlAor: Anna 

Hoolhaian UoUUon. {Hardian and curatxla: 

Unth aoauai aetUemtnt. 

I Th«io*a. HMana. ratovr: 
I t«M4taa sod ctmtrtt; " 

__ !•, 

ikV'mat WM M 

, Tbotwaon. Ow. 1 - , 
I auen 11^p««B. *s«eaUUi 

TomutlnK. Mary t. d««eaa«d: OnMo 

Natiooai Bank at SprincrMd. •MMrtOT; 

final »»tt1ein»-nt. _ . .,> ^ 

Tavloi Anna, deceased; S A O. Camp* 

orll. adnunUualur: flrat aenu-anaaaj •«» 



Toomba. RohMt t., dM«aa^: itohait U 
Toemha, Jr., MtalaUtrator wuh tl>* ta 
auncx'd: tirat aeml-aDDiu! i^Ul>n*CBi. 

Vaugoan Barbara A., drceaaed: J A. 
Taylor, tuecoior; Omal aa lt la m aB t 

Veir*. William N, rteeaaaad: KBa O. 
Vt im. cxrculri^y. flual »etU«ra»nt- 

\>ra:l!llcii. UrI::!. deceased: Jamra A. 
Ifelma rx-pubUe admluUuatv: Uisl aemt- 
annual aeutrnient / 

TVUUama. Victor, mluor: Marttn U Ho** 
ard ea-p«bUc r»r<Ua asd Ctttvtsr; 
tlth aitoual actUemant. _ 

Whiti. Eatalla B.. taaaav. Jay r. ara- 
mervtlto. fvardlan and cnrater: alat u ^ m b 
annual aatUanwai 

WUaoa. Vant«rb J.. 
Raldlar. aMctiUlx; Um 

WlUla. W. B.. dacMMd: Obarta* L. WtK 
III. admtJttstrator: n:ti Makl<«BMiU at*» 
tlrmvpt. i_ 

Wana. Mora, iniane: t aaward Mathat, 
tnardlan and curator; iMith aaoMl mtm 

Teanv. Can mlaec; J. W IHOrnat. 
fnardlas and cvrator: lUat annual a g ti la 


<BaaI) M Ot*rk el Ft ahala Otwrv 

The Daily News is missing from January 27, 1929, to June 27, 1929, inclusive. 


Page IC: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 3C: Mr. Gustave A. Gocke died January 20 in St. Louis and was buried at Dixon, 

Mrs. D. G. Donlavey of Monett died.** 

Julia Ceselski and Tony Gloubski were married.** 

Gussie Carlson and John Volke were married.** 
Page 2D: Miss Margrette Charlotte Adams and Mr. Leo R. Reddick were married.** 
Page 3D: Miss Wessie Bass and Mr. James A. Wilkinson were married.** 
Page 5C: Mrs. Caroline Schweitzer died.** 

Albert L. Nappy died.** 

Mrs. Kershner died.** [Treva Kershner] 

Lester L. Higgins died.** 

James M. Millikin died.** 

Mrs. Nancy Catherine Williams died.** 

Elza Weeks died.** 
Page 6C: Cards of thanks.** 


Tb* tun«r*l o( Mr*. D. O. DonUvey. \ 
•«• 6a. wu b«l« «t lh« . MathodUt. 1 
chuHMi W*4n««4AX. aXtrnoon — wU»> 
•rr«lc«« conducted by R««rr«nd J F. 
Klncpr C4rtU»^. InUrrorfnt .«•• to 
r«lrc» Olty o<M>t»ry. TIm *Ort«i; eft 1 
■<*r (»«• UMtr, touitol wrvio*. 

mA4l« Id k atov*. January 7. BIm 1 

ua^ in ^:p^tllf;flrld hoapiul /or treat- 

ka»u«tfuL, ,<i*r UmM iwa .• 

. *ad Jk O. Sitort of ^alra* Of^' 
la MtMHtanea. tin. J. r. 6«t«r 
of B«oo«n to • uawr. 



lAn. Edward PaH»r«>n 
yiUtaaalpbU. Ohio, and daugtf r. t»iii« 
to attmd th« funeral ot Mrs O. ti 
DonUM- Mr». r»ti*«»"ti wa« lorn.crly 
Jeunl# McCormtck and l»«d lived wltJi 
Mr and Mrs IX.t.lHvy for »onie time 

Tb« marrlac* ot julU OMUkl aod 
Tooy Oloubaki took pUo* at 9 o'clock 
ktonday niornliiK at Brli-«field. Tlie 
lUrervnd Jullua JUoorydlovrakt ot- 
riclat«d. Tb* young couple will niaka 
tb«lr botne at Kanaaa City. Kan. 

f OVMls Okrtaon of Mooelt and Jobu | 
: VoU*. J'~ <X Peir^^ C'l>. «er« niar- i 
; rlad at Mount Vernoii. Tiiurada}.! 
■ Jtnvmrf U Thr> left imntadtaiely ; 
' fur rtutt. Micti.. lu niakc iliMr itonie. . 
JHnt yolk* iMd «orkrd at' (he Kr«d- ^ 
* rkrk Clear laclory Tor a number of 
, y«ar». fb* waa «h' 'Iri^-' daughter I 
I at Mr. and Mrt. Tony Carlton. 

Oaecr flandcra, eourt 
and J W B«M* •MMUtod tlM «oni|pr 
tir'B Inqunt Wednaaday bald ta friK 
tain. Tauajr county for Wlnt Jamea 
wbo WM rtoantlj miini«r«a in Tvatft 

MUt Adams Married 
To Leo R,.Reddick 

Tb* Bumtaga \o( l|lu Margratta 
Gharlotta Adama to Mr. Leo R. Rfd- 
tlek WM parformed yeaterday after- 
-ttooo by tba B«Tarend John T. Bacon 
at lilt, taotna, 701 Boutta Florence ava- 

Mra. RccJdJcK !• the daripbter of 
Mr. and Mr*. WlUlam M. Adama ot 
Kinwitlt placa. Bha vaa a fonntr 
•tudant of 6tat« Teacbera college. Mr. 
Itoddiek la tba aon of Mr. and Mra. 
Waltet R. R«ddlck. 781 Lincoln ttreet, 
and fonnerty attended Drury college. 
Ha Is well known In mustc ctrclea 
bere. Mr. BeddJck Is connpct4>d with 
tba rruco. 

Only the ImmedUte families of the 
young couple «ilnei>scd the crtfuiony. 

Mr. and Mra. Reddlck are at home 
at 781 Lincoln street. 



Mr. and Mta. Bampacn 9. 
SlOl Martik 
tba maztlaca of tbetr 

Otnetnnatt. OWo^ 

L«o R. Raddlck. 33. and Margaret t« 

.\dam», 23. boll) of Spi Inglleld. bikI 
C'.eve H Bowie*. 40, und Oecllr 
Mounej. J7. both of 6prlngfieUl. 


I D Ltnit u 'l.i«. "^ _ 

WK wl.^h to expre&« our thanks to each 
and tvcry cue who helped u* so oiucli 
lu tite lon« ilckness and death ot our 
lovtd ooc. especially the Gas and Electric 
company. Brother Armitronf and tli« dear 

Aiit* Brother snd Sisters 
~ We " W illi tu e it" r T iii ~uiii tii giiRg' ta"~aor^ 

niaiijl ' rrmnfli e'ld — UMnliboni knd to ihr- ■ 
.Mssons tor their >ymp»thy and (lorul ■ 
olfeilDts during the recent Illness •ml . 
drach of otir hetoved mubsrid sni! fjillifr 





Word haa been received In h'prin?- 
Ilcld of the dCiiUl uX Mrk. Curoili.c 

Bcbweltaer.. 75, at Umg Beaob. Cal.. 
Friday night. Mri". 8ch«-rlt»ier wan 
tbe widow oX t!>a laU J. O. Bcbweit- 
r»T, eprlngfleld pioneer wbo came 
.hara-ebertlr' aff -the Ctni war and 
waa a prominent fruit grower of the 
region, llTlng oo Sobweltxer road 
three mllea east of tbf city. Mr. 
Bohwcltaer died In April, 1036, having 
got>a witb hit wife to Long Baacb 
in. J81S. _ They are aurrlyed bx _ tU. 
cblldran. Joba H. .and Fred O. ot 
Bprfncnald, Obarle* B.. Oaoet* W. 
and Mra. J. E. Wataon of Long 
Baacb. and kCra. X. B. Beaton oC Bad* 
land«. Cat Mr. *nd Mra. n«d C. 
Bobweltser wUl attend tbe funeral 
aerrlpea at Long Beach. ( 


Albert L. Nappy, 79. died Saturday 
afternoon at hla realdenca, 416 Beat 
Atlantic street, following a lingering 
lllneaa. He It eurrlred by hla wife 
and a few distant relatives. Funeral 

Rervlcea »IU i)e conducted from the 1 
j Kllngner funeral chapel Tueaday at : 
3 30 o'clock and li\ifrment mill be. 
in Greenlawn cemetery. 


Fiin«r«l •ervlcea will b* coutlucl*d 
' *t U o'clock this afternoon for Mn. 
I Kerthuer from the Ainu Lolinjeycx 
Ifuner*! cliapel. Burial will be in 
I Kerthn«r cemetery •ouibeant of 


Kuiierikl aervlceii for beiter L. Hlg- 
glus win be conducted this after- 
t:<x>n nt 2 30 oTlock Ht tli^ Eo-t Bap- 

iBwn cemetery uuder dlrtcliuii 
KUnguer funeral home 



Funeral Mrvlced for James M. Mil 
lllilo, fornierly a BpriiiRricld contract | 
lor who died Jaat week In WInMow. : 
Arieonal will be held Monday after- j 
»;oon in \^lnslow. Mr Mllllkin wag a | 
bfOlhtrihlaw ol Mr<i Pred Ml/iljit«« oH 
rout« No. 4. 

tin. Nancy Catherine Williams, 87. 
died at the home of her daughter. 
Mm. C. V. CuniiliKhani. 815 Wost 
Waiuut at » o'clock Baiurday eve- 
ning, following a lingering llln«M. She 
18 BtirvlTed by the daugmer tnd one 
1 son. E. C Williams of Neosho Funeral 
I Berrlcca are Incomplete but will prob- 
' nhlr hf Ii(>lr1 ^arlv tills week from the 
icsidoiioe wiih in HH,f.».<KKl 

1 cemetery under direction of the Alma 
I Lohmeyer fiiiipral home 

I Klza We«?ks. 30. fonner s'.udenl at 
' Reed Junior hl({li m hiKil. died «•• 
' Cti'.rnifd 1 rulHV iMuriui..- I'l o !mwi\ 
wiU be returned to BprlnKtieltl loday 
for funeral *>ervlcet. at 2 o'clock to- 
morrow afternoon from the Aloia 
lx>hmeyer chapel. Burial will be in 
East Lawn cemetery. He Is nurvlved 
by lii6 fathrr. Robrrl B Week*, for- 
mer Springfield renident. who moved 
to Chicago two years ago, and a als- 
ter. Miss Maud Weeks uf Springfield. 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 3: Elbert Wade of Republic was appointed to administer the estate of his mother 
Mrs. D. A. Wade. The heirs are four sons and two daughers. five of whom live at Republic. 
Mrs. Ella Wilkerson divorced Roy Wilkerson. They have a minor child. 
Page 4: A daughter Anne Clayton George was born Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. 

, Page 8: Daniel C. Stone died.** 

Mrs. Nancy Williams died.** 
Elza Weeks died.** 
Albert L. Nappy died.** 


! Funeral services lor Elza We<-k«-. RO. ' 
i Hlio died IrltlBV in l!i:.ii..i ■ ■ -» '. 


«f^^ ^- '^^''^'^ '^'•^ /«»»«• 
ofOonway Mo., died last night at the 

NIcboU Juncllon. The body will be 
sent to Conway for «ervi<r., tliM after- 
noon by the Hcrm.., U. I^l,m,-;rr I 
Fiineidl home. | 

.MRS. N.INCY Mll.LI.\.M.> j 

Funeral aeri'lcee for Mrs. N;ii.ry j 
Wllllama were conducted at :: 30 i 
o'clock this afternoon nt tl.r Kth' ' 
of her daughter, Mr*. C. V.^- 
ham. 815 Weet Walnut street. Buris! 
was In Hazelwood cemetery, under di- 
rection of the Alma Lohmeyer 1 u- 
nerml borne. 

condUct«l at a-o'clock this Bflern'xm 
at the Alma 1-ohmeyer Funeral home 
Burial was la Eastlawn cemetery. 



Funeral wrvlcf.' for Albert L. Nappy r 
will be coiiductetl at 2.30 o'clock 
Tuesday afternoon at the Kllngnrr 
Funeral char>el. Burial •win be In ■ 
Greenlawn cemetery | 


ribfrt Wade. Repiibllc. was named 

.Tflniliililrator vt the e.nwtp of hi*. 
niother, Mrs, D. A. Wade, by Probuti- 
Judge John H. Falrman today. The 
heirs are four sons and two daugh- 
ters, fire of whom live at Republic. 
The estate Is a small one. 


MsrrlBPc llrenEcs iBsueO here fmlny 
Robrrf. E Gibbons. 22. Sprmt'trld 
pnrt TliolniB Vhiillne. 17. SprlngfielO; 
Samuel W. Martin.- 37. Sprlnfrfleld. 
and Eininn Joncw. 23. Spnngdeld. 


Page 3: Miss Cecile B. Mooney and Mr. Cleve H. Bowles were married.** 
Page 7: Unidentified man was killed by a train.** 
Page 8: Garry Smith and Florence Wresche will be married tonight.** 
Page 12: Mrs. Louisa Schaller died.** 

Mrs. Chlora J. Wooley died.** 

Mrs. Nancy Stutzman died.** 

Earl Tiffany died.** 






Webster County Officials 
Vainly Seek Clue in Baf- 
fling Case; Struck by Train 
or Auto Victim, Conflicting 

DMtb ^Alkwl •OOM Um« in tba 
iil|lit^i(b, %.1*y«r7 Ubor«r along ibt 
niaoo^rftUmy^ -tracks Jast east of 
Uojfliao. JlQ^ In. Welwter county, and 
iotfAy-otnevn v«lBlr were swkint: i - 
Identty thn mangled body of tbe lunii. 

^und by a Frisco Irclgbt train 
crew at 7 o'clock In tbe morning, ly- 
Int on Ita fac* be&lde the railroad 
rlfbt of way, tbe body now U at the 
XMgcnvUle Undertaking company. 
«^M It vlU to« baltf for aaverai days 
in the bope Uiat aomeone will tden< 
tlfy It. 

No aae to Menllly 

'T^K. K. Kelley of BogeffaaUe^-coronet 
of.Webeter county. U convinced the 
iMdy 1* that of a tatm laborer ot 
Wvb*t«r or an adjoining county. The 
-SBTobvIwufly *i* not » tramp, he 
-oaM. for hl» oTBTaili MHl Jumper, 
eheepakin coat and leather cap were 
neat and clean. Tlwro waa nothing 
tn bla clothing— not a acrap of pa- 
per or • clothing tag— to Identify 

Mr. Kailey ttejleva* thh' man w»« 

atfuck by •'Piiaco train m h«^w»l**<i1 
-ato n p rna - . t fip ' tr t c t i.— TTg . ^nn#r { 
walked too clo^ to the track ami ^»= j 
hH by th« engine. tTTi tnou^ht. or. j 
Mr. Kelley ventured, it Js poeelblc 

awlnfln* open, alruck him In .the 
back. The coroner said he foun'l 
where the man"* ehoes had tkldded In 
the gravel of the right ol way before 
he waa thrown down the etnbank- 
aioat. tho back of hie head badly 

Mlgbt Bo Ante Victim. 

OfftPlals of the rrteco here tn- 
nouncwt tbo body waa found by the 
cr«ir ef freight train No. M. eeoond 
eectlon. on which H. Poff waa conduc- 
tor. It •. •* an eaalUound train. Tlie 
rrteeo ot^eliA* "aid their track* run 
cloao along highway M at tbe point 
whero the body 'aii found and that 
an automobile ml^ht hnve struck the 

man. - 

There will be no Inqueet. Mr. Kelley 
conaldertng cauee of death well e«- 


- The man appeared to Mr. Kelley to 
be between M and 80 yeara old. 6 
feet and 8 mc!:-- tall and weighing 
batwoan ^ w»«l !«> pounda. He bail 
a. hiarlr '**'!^'' - - 

AnnmmoaoMni boa been mado of 
4lM» UORliWk o( MIBB 6acU« B^MooiMy 
to Mr. Ote^ H. Bovlea Sunday attcr- 
boon, Tbo oaremony waa performed 
by rather D. Joaopb ODrlaooU. Mr. 
and Ura. Bowlaa Mtt yoatorday •tttt- 
la^wo <or.8ji 8«t<>adod agutbem t^p. 


Funeral •ervlces lor Mrs. .N*ncy 
Stutnnan^ 49. who jSI*«Lta«t-til«i>t »t. 
h«r home, 244 South Boutermrt^ fol- 
lowlDg • brief mne«. wUl b. c^^^ 

at the Kllngner Kuner»l ch*pel. Bur- 
ial win be !n Ore«nI«wn cemetery. 


Mm. LoulM achallM-. 6». died this 
nMnlnC •» »»f» J«n«. »** ^^ **" 
ciflo' it^trt, «4»»owto* • Iiiig«rla«_m- 

^I^IUD «oa Cb*rta«. both of Sprtns- 

BenwrTof Ann. Arbor. »41cb.. and >to 
Irene 8ch*Uer of the bom* addw*. 
runeral eerN-lce* will l>e cooa >ct»A 
at 8:30 o'clock ♦WedneWUy altemoou 
at the Kllnpier funeral chapeU the 
R«Ter«nd H. A. Wood offlcutln*. 
BurlaJ wlU foUowJn Cwentawn ceme- 

ttn. Chlora J. Wooley. 34. died laat 
night at the home of her father^ 
C lowder. three miles west of Pair , 
Drove. She Is aur^lTed by her bu»- \ 
Dana. Clync E. •wooler. on" aatiBhter. ; 
nine month* old. h^r parents. Mr. and 
Mm. M. C. IiO»-der. and one •l»ter 
Mia! Ed Leach, aU of the home «d- 
dnM. Funeral arrangeineote. under j 
direction of the Kllngner Funeral • 
home, are Incomplete. ' 

Enrl -nrfanr. 33. of 1812 North 
Shermfln Mfnuf. died la«t nisht at 
his home foIIoTitn? a brief llliie«. He 
U eurviveU by hl» -ifc hl-i 
and laiber. Mr. and Mrs. P. C. TIX- 
lany of HollUter. Mo.; by lour broth- 
ers. K-nneth. Leonard. SUnley and 
Wayne Xllfany. alU^l the home ad- I 
dreas: and by one alatei. Mra. Fred * 
Stevcna of SprlnRlleld. Funeral ar- | 
ranfrcment*. under fhe direction of j 
the Tenuan Lohmey« Funeral home. . 
are as yet Icct'mplete. t 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 

There is a long article about H. Clay Day and his ten children: Ruby Day (a son), 
Julian Day, Hallie Day, Olla Day, Mrs. Bergen Woodard, Ivan Day, Irl Day, Mrs. Hazel Smith, 
Fenton Day, and Halcoyn Day. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Day who live on the 
Webster and Dallas county line. His father is 85 and his mother is 79 His paternal grandfather 
was bom in Kentucky and his maternal grandfather in Carolina. Both grandfathers were born 
in the same year and died in the same year. [This is a long article.] 
Page 6: William Fleming died.** 
Page 14: Doris Lee Lincoln died.** 
Earl Tiffany died.** 
Clifford L. Demore died.** 

A son Carl Michael Knowles was born January 27 to Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. 
Knowles of 520 Loren avenue. 

Eacortcrt by chorus girls und wtilk- 
tng to ,the lurw of "Here Cornea the 
Bride" pl.iycd b> a J;. .v. onli'fiUii. a 
Bprlngficld couple, Oarr^y Smith and 
Florence Wresche. tonlpht will be 
married on the stui;e of the Jrdcf^on 
theater. The pcrJonniincc will be 
legal in every renpert, accordtnr; to 
t;;r :•■::: ...■:.[■■ i! , ■ ■.■ ■■ 

■J ji;s IS .sijfj lo Lx- ii.< l;i.' ; i!i:e 
lliai sucnim RiruU' haV bt-cn Qonp 'in 
the city. It win 1«ke plncc In-mc- 
dlatcly following the pcrforniuuce of 
"Susie Sponge," a ntuslcnl comedy, by 
the FoUytown Malda who are now 
aypeailii g atthe JefTersoh. 

Bprlngfleld flrma .have almost en- 
tirety equipped Uie couple nor the 
^-wvadtng, SV«n the brlde'e raarcell 
>«me funifabeit Crae br • Sprlagfield 

JaftHtT l»rlfir. 

- -T h e e t age irlil be decorated irlth 
flowers and fernB."- The minister. Rev- 
erend M. P. Cowden. will stand In the 
center of the stauc and perform the 
ceremony from that platt. 

Arthur Illgglns, niid ninnn^er 
of the stock company nt the Jef- 
ferson, will act ii.s ina.^'t.' of rerr- 




Doris Lee Lincoln. Infant daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mr* J. W. Uncoln. of 
Crtckett. Ark., died T«*t«"l*y «» ">"^ 
to Springfield where her parent* 
plnnned to pluce her In a hoeplUl for 
medical Ueatment. The body waa 
•hipped to FllppJn. Ark., thla morning 
Tot burial by llie Alma Lohmeyer 
Funeral home. 8he Is survived by her 
I parents and one sister, Anna Frances. 

CUriOKI) I.. l»KM«>Kt 
OHflfKd U Demote. .V.. tlied »«id- 
dnily at hU home. ao48 North Wa5h- 
inr'on. Ttte.xtlnr aft«rinv.>n. toUo*lug 
Hii a'-.ack of Ihc l;civi'.. llv 1^ m;:v;\- 
cd by the widow, lour wmu-. Harry. 
Ralph and. James, all of Springfield. 
and Homer, of Iowa, U. S. A., and 
three' daughters. Mr!< Irma Belle. 
Chicago. Mrs. Opal Sllih. SprmRfleld. 
and Mlsa Grace Demorc. also of 
BprlnRfleld. Coroner Murray C. Stone 
viewed the body and decuied that aii 
Incnic.'t was not necessary nmcral 
arr«iit:r::;r!.t.'<. under direction of the 
Kliiignrr Fimcrnl home, are incom- 

t..\iti. Tl^^.\^^ 

I Funeral service* for Earl Tiffany 
wlU be conducted at oclry-k Frldny 
morning at Sacred Heart church. 
Burial will be In St. Mao's cemetery 
under direction of the Herman H. 
Lohmeyer Funeral home. 

Otatlm VfeahooMT. M. 
»iMI JdIU Oantrtll. 91 , 
WUUtB. VUtMC J«. 9n(MMb 


WlUtam neoUnc. 7a 7MI« old, m 
IfVtbb Ottjr. Mo., dropped Ct»a tbU 
momins -in th«. front yard of itoe 
fttan ^ nf hia da uf hf r-to'taw . Mra. 

NelUe HoUintawortb. 1018 at. Louis 
■tnct. CoroiMr Murrar C. 8ton« ex- 
aoiload UM'body «nd accrtdlted his 
death to natural caitaes. 
- jiir. riamloff waa vUtlng hla 
d«ugbter>la-Uw. B« la aurvlved by a 
daugbUr. Mra. JlUa Oraj of Wabb 

j«* yi Ma» "Pd oo»-K>n^ Wi n n iii . a < ' 
ptober. Okla.. runeral afraiynaaf 
art UMompUU pwidlng wort troo Uim 
wo and dauftbter. Tba Almft Lot»- 
mcyar funeral home u in cbais*. 



Page 1: There is a long article about and a photo of Dr. W. D. Delzell of Rogersville.** 
Page 8: Mrs. Emma Fretz died.** 

Mrs. Mary Matilda Monks Green died.** 

John Kinser died.** 

James S. Magee died.** 

George Washington Hilterbrand died.** 

William Fleming died.** 

James B. Moorman died.** 

Clifford L. Demore died.** 

Earl Tiffany died.** 

Elizabeth Jean Kapp died.** 
Page 12: C. S. Cauble was appointed administrator of the estate of William H. 

Birth announced.** 

C. 8: Cauble, of PtwnU. Mo., waa ap- 
pointed MtmlntaUrator of tba aaUU of 

William H. Cauble of Walnut Grove, 
bU fatbar, by Judge John U. FaU« 
man of tbe probata eouit tbU morn- 
ing. Tbe widow. Mra. Buaan A.' Cau- 
ble. died January X There are alz 
belra. all aona and daughters. 


Mr. and Mis. O. R. Nichois. 738 
West Scott street, announce the blnh 
of a son. Billle Bob. January 20 ac 
St. John's ho'pllul. Mra. Nichols l>r< 
Xorc her marriage wius Ml*S Esther 

eraniDoctor ^ua. 
For Pioneer Day Honors 

Udty commltte* through Tl» H«*« 
»nd Leader. Od« «Ur of the cenwn- 
nial c«lebr«Uon U to b« "Plonew d«y" 
with ipecUI reco«nltlon to tbo«e who 
•aw murh of SprlnRtle'd"" bUtory in 
Uic inuKll.g. 

Here for JMkaon Dinner 
Hal* aod hMirty. with a kircn mexn- 

; ori' and a rlvlil intexeat la mod em. 
adaini. Doctor Dvtrett-TraTnt>eT% count- 
lean p«r»oii8 through the OE*rk« amoog 
hla frlenda. He wa« in SprlngfleW 
^f'>:>(•!lT to fitfrnd the JnrX.v-n CnnT 

jilt io;..e"- c.frj jti.- iv :..?-: cc;...- 

l«r»tlo r»Uy-le«»tB. and enjoys them 

I hugely. , 

Doctor Del«Jl, who wlU be 85 yaara 
of age 10 ^uly. U thought to ha«« be- 
gun praotlclDK In the Orarka earlier 
fhsn any other ll\lr.(f phyjlf-ian ■^■'■^ 
llie fxc<ptiO!i of Lir. I. N. U<>Km o: 
CaJlIomla and formerly alao of Rog- 
ercTlile. lie haa done UlU* pracucc 
In recent year*. aUbough eTtn yet 
"qac« la awbll*^ go«« out wJ^th th«^ 
yiAincer faUowa** in consultatiim eo if* 

— L<ad<'- l^lalt I'holu 

Dr. W. '). Deltfll 

Rogersville. Physician, Who 
-Went Through Springfield 
83 Years Ago on Horse- 
back, May Hold Record, 
But Other Names Sought 


Bjlitr-thrrc ytwfB ago Dr. W. D. 
Oetwll of Koftn^ilVt rode tbnnigb 
Sprlngncld on horaeback. He wac one 
year of age at the time, and waa car- 
ried In hla mother^ anna, but it aaama 
doubtful if thara arc many — If any — 
other Mrtng peraona irbo wm' tn this 
city that Biany yeara ago. 

Bponaon of the c«lebrallon In hoB- 
or of tht 100th anntveraary of the 
loundliig of Springfield to be b«'.d the 
week beglnBing June 10. thU morn- 
ing rxpreaaeO much Iniereat in the 
.UiXorxuaUua ihai Lkx-tor rwirall waa a. 
TLsltor m ihU city 83 yeara ago. They 
hope that i: there are other ploneera 
wtio were in SpringPeld t.^at long ago 
I they will :;oi:fy the Centennial PuD- 

tn tha lesa inoderu daya of th« Oaarki 
wtisa Toada; «cr» poor and a aa n a ci 
comniuntoalion few. Doctor DalsaU 
diamtaMS'tkat phaaa of tUa exparl- 
eoeea aa 'ua more than every other 
doctor m^:' the thaa had to go 

Wbea CMnty Unea Ctwogetf 

Doctor DaUsan waa bom in Ore«ne 
county and with the change of 
boundarlea "Wrt>at«r -eounty came u> 
htm when b* '«m liJ." Tlit honwataart 
was one mlla tnr^ Wa pr««nt liotn*. 
which U about Wro mliaa Irem BOftt*- 

The iiicidtnl »*hich brought him 
through Springfield W yeara a(o oo- 
curT«d when. In the fall of ^*, >»»• 
mother, riding on an oW-faahlooad 
aide aadd)a made the trip horaeback 
to Springe to a oamp m eeUog — 

The next time he »»■»■• Springfield, 
and of courae the fuat tune to far aa 
hla memory of 11 l« concerned, waa 
when he waa 10 jeara of age. 

•Tather aald to me. "BUly. *e mort 
go to Sprtngfleld after a plow."* be 
rccalla aa the prelude to the excltloc 

(Contlnaetf oorTage Etgbt) ^ 


Veteran Doctor 
Qualifies Here 
For Pioneer Honor 

(Continued from race One) 

"Th» distance from our home to 

SprtngfleM whx 17 miles."' he explain*. 

"and It took us t'.*^o days to malce the 

trip. V.'e drove :» yoke of oxen and 

a wagon and camped overnight here, i 

fllBves at the Force ; 

'"V.'.r: ■ -r-~ .-;- ,...-/., py ^ ' 

blacksnutb 6hop in Sprlngiieid thei.. i 
The most vivid recollection I have of ; 
that trip was the Lair blackamlth { 
shop. The owner of the shop had 20 : 
African alares working, of magnlfloeni j 
build, and I remember their Tioriun5[ 
aw.iy an tho jpa:k.» .'Ifw fri-v::i tl-.t 
bla^inf; flrra." j 

l>o<-'or Ij^h'f!! V. ;•.« c.'sci'iifed from ■ 
StXouls Medical college In 1877 and \ 
returned to bU home to tak« tip bis 
practice. He enabllabed hla offtcw at 
Henderson, then a thriving educatloa- 
al center. lie serred as representatire 
In the state Icculatxiro two terms 
about 30 years ugo L>r. W. A. DelreJl 
and O. O De:.r;i of t:.i« city are his' 

■•■J'liore »rr(- Ij-^.s v! i.rer ^\.^ -lirkcy 1 
In the Oznri;s ^hcn 1 ix.\.« a Vy " re- 
ralia Doctor De;,-*:!. • -Ae;.; ui I 
cirovew of i«o to 3j. I r.pver shot a i 
'derr for I wwn't much "f a ;.•..:■;?: 
Wo frequently had renlaon when 1 
was a bor> 

"My grandfather came here in "37 
and I remember my jncles telling 
aboiut. getting tlrod of turkey ana 
de«r ibey at* It ao much." 

-MRS. .M. M. .M. fJREK.N 
WEST PLAINS. Mo. Jan. ;U.— 
— Mra. Mary Matilda Monks Green. I 
7X, widow of Judge Henry DUon ' 
arecn, diad at tha boma of her son, 
Jtidsa wm B. D, attta (a yfmt.9HHsm I 
yeatarday. Mrs. Orecn had spent 
moat oX her Ufa In West Plains and 
waa the datigbter of Colonel WllUnnj 
Monks, who was b prominent Civil 
war veteran of West Plains. Mrs. 
Orean la survived by one daughter, 
hfra. Mattle Johnson of St. liOiils. and 
threa aons. Judge Will H. D. Green. 
Henry DUon Green, Jr.. of Wast 
Plalna and Ruasell Green of Kansax 
City, runarat aarrloaa wUl ba bald 
Friday aftemooa at 3 Cdook In the 
Fltat Ohriattan church at West 
Plalaa by tha Rarercnd Tloyd John 


Punaral aarrloea for John Klnser 
win ba oonduotad at 2 o'clock 8un> 
day afternoon at the Church of 
ChrUt, corner WBlnul and Broadway. 
4otarment will follow In Dodaon cem- 
etery, under direction of W. L. 8Ume. 



Mra. Emma Frets. 87, pioneer of 
Springfield, died at 12:45 o'clock this 
momlug at St. James, Mo., where aba 
had mada her home for the past four 
yaara. Mrs. Pretz came to Spring- 
field In 1880 and resided here unUl 
movini: to St. J:«me.«. Piincrr.! ar- 
rangements are incoiujiicu-. ^i.c ;a 
atUTlrad by three sons and a daugh- 
ter, I. W. Frets. Springfield; H. H. 
Frets. Denver, Col.; H. K. Fretz. Nlxa. ; 
and Mra. Fannie Oreer, of Memphis, J 



,Jatne8 8. Magae, 68, died today at 
the Pythian home, lie is survived by 
a sinter In Kansaa City, whose nnme 
la not known here. Mr. Majtee was a 
member of lodge No. 213. Knights of 
Pythlaa. Funeral services will be ron- 
ductad at 2:30 o'clock Sunday after- 
noon In the auditorium of the Pyth- 
ian home. Interment will be In llnr- 
«»lwoo<1 remef*" y, TiridT (Jir»"C(loii «'. 
the W. L. Stanie Funorsl home. 

OCORGi: \V. ^IILlt.UUU.\>ii 

Ge^il'ge Washington HilterbraiKi. .12. 
Ot Mt South Broadway avenue, died 
thla looming at St. John's hospitnl. 
He la aorvtved. by the widow, three 
MMera. Mrs. Roy Bhelton, Springfield. 
Mfs. rrank Jackaon. Bancutt. N. C. 
and Mrs. Carl France, of California. 
V. B. A., and two brothers, W. H. of 
Sprlnsfleld. and Charles J. IlUter- 
brand. Of Brownsville, Tex. Funeral 
amiMesienta, under direction of the 
W. a. Stamo Funeral home, are In- 
complete, pending the arrival of rel- 


^^((ftalfA' Fleming, 76, jlled sudden- 
ly'«7tafcalB7 morning at the bothe of 
htf dau^terlnlaw. Mra. Nellie Hol- 
Uncawortb.vlOlS St. Louis sUeet. Mr. 
^ricmlng. wKoae home was In Webb 
CUy. waa xlaltlng at the Holllngs- 
wortti home. Funeral services are in- 
cami4«t». He la stirrlved by Mrs. OlUe 
'hreyJV daughter, and William, Jf, a 
am. M Ploher, Okla, The Alma U>h- 
meyer Funeral home Is In charge of 


Juam B. I*oonn*n. 7B. died Ust 
nlfbt »t hU bom*. 1534 North Rob* 
b«noo avenue, following »n Ulness of 
ye*r». He ta eurrlved by hla wife. 
He wa» ft veteran Frisco ronducior 
uid aerenl year* ago lost an arm In 
a train accident. PrlrntP ^l^prn1 
mnHom win be conducted at 3 o'clock tbs home. Burtal will be In 
4ii9te7»tfc eamctery under direction 
vtWOiOfUtt runerai bome. 

. curro&D u demobe 

'rivdBiBd •magcoMnts for OlUford 
^I^ Pcmore, S8. who died suddenly 
Tuladay afteroooo at hla home. 3048 
Nflfib Wa^ngton avenue, are Inconi'- 
pHi*.:; ^Tbe Kllugner Funeral booM la 
iOf^^i^' U* U contvctf br bli vUc 

and four aons. Harrj-. Ralph and 
Jwnea. all of Springfield, and Homer 
gt Iowa, and three daughters. Mr*. 
Irma Belle, of Chicago; Mrs. Opal 
Btlth. Bprlngfleld, and Miss Grace 
Demore of the home. 


I Funeral aervlcei for Bart Tiffany 
will be conducted at 9 Q,'clock Fri- 
day momtng at Sacred Heart church. 
Burial will bo In St. Mary's cemetery. 

! under direction of the Herman H. 
Lohmeyer Funeral home. 


' Elizabeth Jean Kapp. 8 years old. 
died th!.i momInK at her home. 803 
SoiilU M.iiKc; a\ci.uc follow l:..^ n 
brief Jllneaa. She U hurMved by her 

jparentK. Mr. and Mra. Fred Kapp. 

ilwo brothers. Aldcn and Joe of ilie j 

J home addreu and tuo slaters. Ruth. 

jof the home, and Mrs. Fred Oamroon. 
ot this city. Funeral arrangemeuU. 
tindrr direction of the Herman H. 
Lohmeyer Funeral home, are incom- 
plete. Burial will be at Lebanon. 

The Leader for Friday, February 1, 1929, is missing. 


Page 1: Waiter A. Coon remembers tlie Slavens family.** 
Page 3: The probate court doclcet for Febmary is publislied. 
• Page 6: Mrs. Amanda Tennis Stailings died.** 
John Kinser died.** 
James S. Magee died.** 
C. E. Matthews died.** 

t u ii«i nt i f i W ' ''y". ' 'i '<i ! 

ii_ if!)i ij ! S iii , .. T, ii ii . rt!!y i 

■III I i» I 'l l I V • I I I 



timu tb* nfit^ o< inoWratp «o«|r 
V ^natat pioimr <>»?*«» itf'w 

jton^Wtf^r :A^ ooflib,, yUft^^^mmii. 
4\h» tMloa Iflktloeai bMBlcMcilna 

liiai vne cuavena 

tory oC, tbto «*>- 

^^"^ 'L^ "'■■>■'■ 
cnij rjewrtty 
Mr. Oooo »oelv«i 
«n 1 n t • raatlng 
letter from bla 
bofbood ' fHand. 
Robert «.fUt- 
aoa, now poat- 
master a^ l^- 
compton, XatL, 
tr. A.-OMa- and tb» fcand- 
aa^ o^ XJr. 4faiDea Slavena, a pbxdCUn 
"Itbo organized both the St. Paul and 

tbe Oraoe MethodUt chiirohee heiv. 

The aon of Doctor Slaven* and the 
father of the Kanaaa poatmaater waa 
Dr. Z. L. Slavena. one of the flrat 
White chUdPftt :aQrn In BrnngTUUI 
"Bis btrthplaca waa • boMM that ttood 
about wtaera the Bell TWephoo* cocn> 
pttiy bulldbaf la xk>w. Tb« XamOy 
later moved to Urbane. Mo., and that 
i* whefc Mr. Coon lived when a boy. 

*'My father frequendy beard Dr. 
Jamea Slaveina preach," aald Mr^ Cooo. 
"He waa a phyalclaii, but wtaco called 

"^V^t *?-_SU JLPVtoJt Jje »*« «reat 
care to'sermon preparation and la aald 
to have been a good apeak -r. 

"Dr. and Mra. 2. I*. Slavens were 
Sunday school teaohers when I waa a 
boy. They were »hout the finest Sun- 
day school teaabera I ever know — 
and I have bad soiae good odm." 

There are three cblldren of this 
couple: Robert B. Slavena. Thomas 
L. SUvens, a retired officer of the 
United &ut<-s aimy, and. Mrs. J. H. 
Eteser of Convray. 



ruitcnl MTVlcM for Mt». Am»nd« 
Tennto SUlUais will bt conducUd at 
a o'clock Sunday axurnoon at th« W. 
tb StanM rtUMrai bom*. BurUl «iu 
b« In Xaatlawn orawtAry. 

Punaral MrvicM for John Klnter 
wkll be conducted Sunday arteraoon 
ml Um Churoh of Cbruv Waat Madl- 
•on street and Solitn Vroadvay av»- 
nuc. Burial will b« tn Dodaon c«u«- 
t«ry. under direction of the W. L. 
Starnc Funeral home. 


Funeral services lor Jamea S. Ma- 
ge* will b« conducted at 4 o'clock 
Sunday afternoon at the Pythian 
home auduorltini. Burial will be In 
Hazelwood cemetery, undrr dlractiou 
of W. L SlRrne. untleriakpr. 


C E. MatlUewB. 76, pronjlMci;t l;-^»- 
ine»* mai ot Webb Cliy. Mo . Uird 
yesterday at hU home there aft>r an 
lllneas of a loug period. Mr. Matthews. 
a ■widely known luml>em>an. utaned 
hl.s now large bvi'tiie^- 47 year* ago 
111 Webb CUT. tUt-n a mere niiuliig 
cMnp. Mr. Maltlir»s «hs e.«f>et.l«lly 
Ju:tlvc-La-poUUt:» and civic aflalrs of 
both CarthaRe and Wrhh r:ty U« «a5 
a staunch republican Kuneral ^erv- 
Ices will be conducted at 3 30 i- clork 
Monday afternoon at the honie ir>»r» 
Burial will be In Park cemetery Iv. 
Carthage. A iurvlving slater. Mrs. 
Mary Owens, re.sldf! In Sprit. grielci 

The News and Leander for Sunday, February 3, 1929, is missing. 

Page 1: Madame Agnes Heer, a nun, died.** 

Mrs. Christine Patterson died. She was the mother of Mayor Charles Patterson of 

Page 4: Mr. C. E. Matthews died at Webb City. He was a member of the Burgner- 
Bowman-Matthews Lumber company. 

Page 7: Suspects are arrested for the recent murder of Wint James of Protem. 
Page 10: Glenn Pratt sues to divorce Lorienne Pratt. They were married December 
1928 in Polk county. He has a daughter, 9, by a former marriage. She has four children, aged 
1 to 1 7, by a former marriage. 

Mrs. Catherine Richner died.** 
Artie Schribner died.** 
J. A. Mayes died.** 
W. E. Lawrence died.** 
Joseph E. Black died.** 
Mrs. Martz Haynes died.** 


ArtK acbribM*. 1*. mb 
Mrs. .Cliarin' BctitlbDtr ot 
died yeaurday mornlnf to 
field -tioftplUl followlas m 
UUmm. lie U su/Tlvwl by bla 
•U alater* and four 
body WM ^rapM«d for 
HenMm H. tohmayer 
and atnt to Avk yesterday 
for b'urUl there today. 


■wrEn;AH kb 

jr. «. Lawrence. M 
crau. died Friday at lila 
rar. Mo, folio* mg a 
n**a. ile parttrlpattd 
^tun uf lUu uiill 
WUami Creek. -Pea-B 
pcodence. /Mineral m 
conducted TtJtaday at 
with burtat In National 
aprlngdeld under dirac 
Uutebeeon .* Hloa 

Madame Agnes Heer, 

Dies in^Califarmur 

Aftzr Long Service 

Madaiqe Agnes Hi?ri of t>«crt.'' 
Heart convent. e»n PrancUc?. Cnl.. 
died Sunday inoriilnj »t 7:30 ocl'X^. 
•ccoraing to »ortI received here Or 
relative*. Funeral tervloM will W 
held Tuesday momlny with burial in 
MT.!"i r..rl;. v_".i'i. 

V. X. Heer. president ot the Ueer 
StoTM 9t>mp*ny. \m a brother of 
Madame Heer. and the store will be 
closed throughout Txiesday in reopect 
to her memory. 

-Atedaaw -Heer haC oeen • nur. in 

! the Sacred Itoart couvcni lor 30 jcars 

, She wa» preparlug lo celebrate Ue.t 

■ Roldrn annlveraury this year. Word 

wm» received here several days ago '<t 

her serlfHis Ulneas and her sis -. Mt;ii 

A. J. BtMnojayer. left Unxnedlat«iy tor 

8«n Pranclactx 

Madaiue Heer Is survlvoti Dy one 
brother and fvo slst«re. Wr. Heer. Mra 
Klaenmayer and Mrs. Manr Cro^dua. 
allor thu city. 

Madame Heer entered Maryvm* 
convent In St. LouU in . 167» aa a 
teacher. 6he taught In Chicago. 3t. 
Joseph. Omaha and San Trauclsco 
during her 60 years of service. 


Mrs. Catherine Blchn«r. Tt.Htif 
lerday morning at tha twaM;j||| 
(laughter. Mrs. Ocar Borgia«|«,i 
Normal avenue, following a bt|ir'| 
new. H»»« '» surv.ved by foqr^- ■ 

ter»: MiR J "■ WUa*check, 

col •. Mm. Phillip Schlbler, V^Ml 

Mrs. Charles RoberU. Pleaa«^||| 

Mo. and Mr* Borgmeyer; lit\ 

, (rf IIS. tl■KIl^.^ llKhner ot f wtn 

' iV, , and Olllf Rlchner of 

Mo. Brief srrMceii will be b^Nj 
joilok noon today at the " "^ 
j lA.limryrr funeral ilispel. T^|| 
l«ill then br taken lo Pleaa«iHb 
I M<> . I'T fnnrrul services at Xfi 
llh!:* H(lrrn.«>n at the n«^|£ 

rluirri: HiTlnl «lll be In thlB^ 

nil! II'T' cr:x\i-rr, 

_ J. A. MATES 

I J. A. Mayes. 09, long>tlra* \ 
, of Oreene poiinty and a 
' farmer of near Aali Orove, 
' rr^terrlav at hl^ homp on 
.l"l<La>.«ri!i_*ervlc«_sill be 
i Aah Orove Presbyterian chti 
'o'clock this artemocm. Rurttll 

tion of the (Jrernwadr funt 

■ i»f Wlllnrrt. Mo. He li sum 
'»lflori-. Mrr .'rnrip M-.irrsy 
I a«:>n. P A. Mayes ot near 
t two irand<-hlldren. Mrs. 
'fern and Harold Maye* of 

■ address, and a alster, 
Ooutv cf A»h Grore 


Jowph X. Black. M 

tng at hla hnme (KV5 

street, following a brfaC^ 

Is stirvlved by . tlie 

brother. Charlr* Black. 

Ill Mr Blark 

music Hore l> 

til- rirH !» 1 |y)rsry prwJttot tff the 

Kl«vauta rlu»/ a< ttt 0«gaaI m<on-t 

Springfield. ,.^e »lK>^'^W» *•*"■? 

ctinnerted wlUs'iiM ||](%UkiR 

pany. irarmiaif StV t 

ajter for that comYrn tor WBt ttpf 

Pxineral arfranpements, 

tioii of ti»e AInja 1 ihmayy 

home, are imonipkif . 


Mrs. MarU Haynis. 1J. *"■• ^j« 
resident of Oraane county MS f 
Osarka. died thtt monUog tAx% 
home. 821 South Kimbrpugft -^^^^ 
following a short llliteM. MM «f|i 
vived br » step-daughter 
Kngllsh of SprinKfirld.andoa* 
Lucy A. Vance. i>r Mrrcede. OiM' 
one brother. ri;:;!<> Vanhauu C^ 
Slma. Tenu. Funeral arracigaSii 
u.idc.- direct i'{n nf -.he Alm\ LiftJR 
er puneral hottvr «re in 


JOPUN. Mo., rab. 4— <AP> 
ChrUtlne Pattarsoo. rtoiber ■</ Mayo* 
Charl«a Patterau . a long Unw 

resident of Jnplln died here yaalar- 


Page 1: Alfred P. Harwood was killed.** 
Page 3: Family reunion held at home of Mrs. Betty Myers.** 
Page 10: Chncellor Van Winkle died at Blytheville, Ark.** 

Mrs. Lola Victoria Murphy died.** 

Albert B. Yorke died.** 

J. Ed Black died.** 

Mrs. Martz Haynes died.** 
Page 11: Card of thanks.** 

Mr. and Mrs. Cbarlea L. Whc«ler 
i and Mr«. Corda Farrt*. 055 Suutti 
' Wclirr av«nue, have retunu-d from 

Joplln, Mo., vhere they wrnt to ot- 

, lend Ihf; luiirral of Mr, OeorR^ H. j 

WtUlc. Mr. Whlt« lormrrly )|\rcl In ; 

Sprliigflfirt I 

I. -^- U13 : 


Word waa received here loJay of 
th* dMth of AUrtd If. Haxnocd. 00, 
lA. CI«rw»ont. c*).. j*»ttM»j u. Uft 
■utouiobUt accldeut. 

Ur, Uanrooct toaanls -ww^. ^t$flr' 
-«'e«»i.of BprtngXicld . H> «od frlp tiro 
broUiera, Cbarlea aud Jame« SBnMiod, 
WM* iDtereaUd In Um tOODdlBC o€ 
Orttnr coU«c*< JuoM Hi^nraod tV> 
Und«d Um calebraUon of Um 60tli 
ra*r of tba oollegtt^i foundliif Im% 
•prloc. AUtwt P. Harwood coovM f 
CBjJfornU jMis a«o. 

Family Reunion 

Honors Birthday 

Mr. and Mr*. KUworUt .Hmjtm. Bow- 
•Ml. Moot.. Mr. Mtd Mim. «arl W. 
Myora. ll«wport. Pm^ and Ur.~WaI^ 
^*r C. Mjrera of Nampa. Idaho, are 
Ujo cowto o( UMir tDoUMf. mm. BMOo 
Myara. and al«t«ra, Mr*. Adah ZXeU- 
phaln and MIm Leisnd Myern. 830 
Oaimar avenue. Tu« family reunion 
la in honor of the birthday anniTvr- 
aary of Mrv. Settle Mrers. 

Mr. W. r. Powell. 558 FhM Llm 
v.itci. icturiKU yc-kVeriUiy Iroiii 
DlythevUlo. Ark., whcrr he utfeiuiccl 
the funerf.l of hla uncle. Chuncellor 
Van Winkle. Mr. Van Winkle was a 
brother of Mrs. Leila Powrtl aud MIm 
Nellie Van Winkle, and an uncle of 
Mi.Hs Daisy Van Winkle, oil or Spring- ; 



LOL.* \ltfOai.\ Mt'BPm 

Mrn Lola Victoria Murphy, j^ 
Fortieth- and ArviUe «ue«i». |^ 
City. Kan. daughter of Mr. vH\ 
K. P. Weet. of Btra»qrd. Mo_ ^ 
^'nd8y~evenliTlic at Bethany 
In Kn^^a.■« City. Funeral 
*erc conducted at Victoria T«b«n 
there lhi.'< afternoon T!ie bg<Q 
arrive In Sprlu^rirld tonight (^ 
second tervire Wednesday at ih| 
armbly of God church at S 30 o^ 
Burial «lll he In Orcenlawo ^ 
tel-y. under directlo;: of tie ; 
II. Loluneyer I'^ineral home 
Uurphr U •ixrrlved by bcr 
and two children, her par«qfi^ 

ina~Hf»:"i:."P.~M'c8i. of atot 

Mo . arven brothers. Burt of 
land. Mo ■ Ion and nntay, of apt 
field. Juliu !* of_FQr»HDg-.-MaaV 

than and Lee, of Van Anda 
'«Bd l£arl. of mri/Tbrd, Mo. an4t 
Klatem. Mrs. F. A. Bayers, of { 
lord. Mrs,-Cbartea Orumm. of tj 
field, and Mrs. Walter Short of 
sas City. 


Albert B. Torts, 37, died 
In et. Louie folio 
He Is sunrlTsa by 
Edna Coonla Yorke, 
street. Springfield, and one dsa| 
Loutse YorJte._ FunsraLftJrrle*. 
ronducfcti today In St. Lnula. 

i. KU OlACK 

Funeral aer^lCMs for J. Id 
mill be conducted at a o'cIocM 
neadsy afternoon at the AUn« | 
tneyer Funeral home. Bxxrlal 
in O r sa n laww e eai etsry. — 


I Funeral service* for Mrs. j| 
Haynes were conducted at 3 304|| 
this afternoon at the Alma 

! FunersI home. Interment 

I Oreenluwu lemeterv. 


t^UOt or ThAMS, !■ MEMOIIOll 

CA«ii or THAHEir 
W« «U>) - lo ilMnk our frtan^ and 
ntlgbM>r» tor iMir ktndiMM Mid •rmpciby 
dorinc th« UlnM« aod d«*tb vf Mir bf 
fered taibw. AIM loc lit* bMUUnl lloral 

Mrs. Ellle Orivfs. ronw«y, MO. 
Mf». J. N btuiir. b}irlrn(l«ld. Mo. 
Mrs. I^lhs Oaiiii, Lon| LaDC, Mo. 
Mr. WlllUm «ton*. Conw«T. Mo. 
Mrs l-'k«iriic» ".'wn, bl. Loull, Mo. 

Page 4: Miss Pauline Henry and Mr. Roswald Mcintosh were married.** 

Miss Hortense Hull and Alvin McGarvey were married.** 

Violet Anderson and Mr. Sherman DeWitt were married.** 
Page 10: A son Raymond Otis Peale, Jr., was bom January 3 1 to Mr. and Mrs. R. O. 
Peale of 2006 College avenue. 

George H.White died.** 

James S. Haymes died.** 

Joseph L. Twedell died.** 

Mrs. Ava Keefer died.** 

Rev. Motz Simms died.** 

Mrs. Mary Morriss died.** 

E. A. Alward died.** 

F. E. Brumley was appointed guardian of his sister.** 
Page 11: Card of thanks.** 

Page 14: R. E. Sweet was killed.** 

A SURPRISE weddlin of eilraordlniry IdIitoI lo 
Iheir frleodi •nd lo younger Bprloidold Boclelr 
(oik w" Ihil of Mill Horlome Hull (o Alfln McO»r- 
t»r. which look pl«ce «l th« home of the llovtrcnd 

L« w ii n. li i T«~ » ir . iv tcl enrWatTiirii. no'"' 

ro«iK ptnoDi tr« •ilrimdr popular h«re, 

Mlu Hull ctma lo SprlDlflsld from MuuiiUlii 
UreT* jTMlerdar cft^oon, «uptK>l»dlr lo «(t«nd the 
Klrk««IU*-8. T. C. bukotbtll |in» tail nisht. l>h« 
(•Id kor (rlonJ. MIn Mary Dalrrniple. thai »ht and 
Mr. MoOarTfr w«r» golnc to bo married. Inil Mli» 
Ualrrmpl* look It mora or lam JokluLy. Alicr dln- 
nat mn Hull. Mr. McOarray. MIm Dalrymplo and 
Ben Barllolt met lo »o lo a moTl»-^hiU IneUad 

jUrlea Oh 'a "'arch for Jack McKce and n liiorrlufe 
lleaiua. Th«r found hin «boulfl0:30. and «ol the 
llcvnaa— Ihan lot FrancU McClarnon out of lied lu 
proTlda the ring. 

rollowlng Iho carepiony. the (our had u itr.iHni; 
aupper at Iha llarTey bouae. . Mr. and Mm. M<(lnr- j 
vfyalayed at a hoifl here lasl nwlit. and «ent lo 
.Mountain Grovo lhl» inornlnj. They «lll >"""; h" t- 
tonight to alay. I 

■ Mr«. McGarver Is Iha daughur ol J. n. Hull. <•' , 
Mountain Grove, and has been tM\(hlni; "Ulli cr!i.l<-. 
In the Monnlain Orote .•chool. .«ho ntt<-na-d Urnry I 
college (or two yeara. and nreiieau ..•INi;'- In i;iiliH ■ 
HU B l aal l e a r.^nd-h J mrmbCT of thr /rta '1:1": 
.\lpl,n Bornrltr. She l> fl-ler lo J. I' Hull. Ir . prln- ! 

-ripmt a t tb» gn n lur 1flgh-rrbool here j 

Mr. MrOar»eyl1a the eon of Mr». Kt.ndaua Miliar- 1 

•»ey. 1023 Weal Kim Ktreel. llo ««» n of | 
the Acorn club at Senior Ulpsh • i< n..» ^ 
employed at the Man clothing comrany l"r>-. 
The two had pliinncd lo be married lair n.i 

1iTfnir."1nil "JU'it (leddfd -wo dt(ln-t iriir.t in w.t' ary 
Innc.T.- Mr<. M. linri.'VJ^Ti.I i_li.. .1 <'.-^ M..ii,lnt 

It <>«««(» a tnt- _. 

IN LOVINCI iiieiin'ry >.f oii' rt»«r hu.«h»n(1 
mid ....r iirrr."'..' r. l:<v 15 T Mtl- 
loii, »»ho jnusrd »vr»r on* >•»' *t° '*"' 
<I»y, ff)}. ». H'I8 One ymr b(o lod»T 
tl'.r <«uTr.". J.kI ^k <">'f '••'f' "" »•'"' 
wu called s»*y. il« t»(l' »o on* k i»»l 
farevrlL He B»ld eo«Klby» U> Don*. Hl» 
lotlncly Jiort had e<-«»»d to beat ajrid 
brfur* »r knew il. Ii* una gone. To 
haTfl to lo»r and Uirii lo part la ll>« aao- 
dut- t*l» f^ -rfir- irr'^rtr .• rto onf Vhowi' 
how much we tulaa vou No one fcno»i 
llie bitter pain. SJinco »f loat you drar. 
titfi iiai neyfr bffii tdr tarnr 



Wedding Surprise 

Announeemcnt of lb* tnArria«a of 
MlM P»uUn« Renrr to Mr. Roewald 
Molntoatk oaeam •« » cuibxIm *« tJieu 
frteads ber«. The cvmndnr- ^i*** sol- 

emniwd TTiurxf.-.r rtlrht »t ov;~*)f' 
»t MarshflPltl. Mo., but. ».ept m- rr; 
for nrvrriil c'.ny.- Mr.^ M"-'!! -■ 
and Ml'-.s f';riii;"r fi.-tfrr -f tlJj w.'. 
act'(iin{>itr.l<-<l th« cottpl'- 

'lite uridr i.s tJir d^nclUcr of Mr». 

Pi.l:I \V H.;;ry <■? T14 S"lt!; I>>'ik-!:..~ 
a\ri.;u-. biic wa-s a n.fl!iu<T vt UiC i 
wiiior r-l.-iHi of tieiilur lUgb ichool. 

Mr. Mrliito««h l» a nipmbrr 6t the 
Pi Kappa Alplia frmtrfulty »t KatLNw> 
uiiitrrMty anrt a niriitb^r of tbe Delta 
Pill Onifv.t MKh ju^J.ool ?ni»»rntfv. 

Mr. Mi'liilooli Irll hnUay !or Mciii- , 
plii.t. rfiiii . wlirre hr I.'* r:rpUi>rti | 
bv t!ir Itrr Bl.stviit rotnjKi: v. n; n 
Mr.s. M<~I;;t.-:: 'k-.^ l.;i'.r tl r .wm ..; 
tliLs uf«ii (i> join bim Tbey «i:i 
niHke their honur ni Mrniphu. I 


p. Mr. .and Mr.t. Earl O. Afidemon. 
737 Orant avenue, announce the raar- 
rlagc of their d atighter. Violet, to Mr. 

wn)fiimn Lwniu m at. iaiuih m b t . 

LouU Saftirday e\enln«. Mr. and 
Mm. r)cWltt will live In 61. Ixttila. 




f Ocorpe n. Whtt*. 48. 
iL(«r_ftOil sdvertlalDg 

horn* In JopllB foUowluB anlliiMt^ 
oo« mootti. Mr. WtUM vm^ 
a naidcat of BprtnffM'l. ' bi^ 
•l<l«d at 539 XMt Walnut tti^t 
bafora movtat *» AipUa. Bait 
vivid bf Um wUom ami • 
Orland & White, alao of Jo 

fMUMlly 9i 8pClll(ftCU. 

iota wvH coMucud-m Jopim 
dajr afteraoon with burial In 
Hopa" oero«i<oPlb«r»- Tha 

Ciur Tltua offlciaced at tbe aerrli 


JAMK8 8. UA\M£8 • 

Jamaa 8. Haymea. 78. rvUml 

rr. died IJilii morning at. tha 
lUa dauybtcr. Mia. JeUrtaa. 18«4 
Boftn aTenu4>. lla u aurvivKt ^J 
daufbt«ra. Mrs. Jarmaa of tha 
addrrM. «iid Ura. R. 8. PnillLi 
TUlaa. Okla, aitd aon. W. p. n^y 
.ol( Ivanboa. Cal. ' yunana 
nanta, undar dlracUan of'tba 
nar runaral hocna. ara ic 
BQlal will ba to SaaUawn camaitiyj 

:rJaaaph U Twadatt. u. aon af 


lUa Ufa. L aw ia T w i uall. lig r~'W| 
walnut atraab, dlad ttau aramiac] 
a-^Sprlugtiald boapital Ic 
tlBfartnf Ulneaa. Ha la aunrlvad! 

atater, runeral arraacaoMoUL 
diractlon of t ha Har maa H . 
iif 'ruiieraJ noma, ara UKvcapla^ 

MB9. AVA KCi:rUl 
Mra Ava Keefer. 74 }«ara elC- 
dl«d yoatrrdaji afternoon at bar 
1078 Eaxt BiBlna'atrMt, will bt 
In Ilacalwood <;rni«t^r) Frtda^ 
noon f4>Uowliig fuiiiiil hmUI aTf 
o'dodc at th« Dale Stivat MMfeadM 
i church, IMS lUxuary aVMua tht 
I Kilngnrr Viidrnaklux «—- pr y ^m 
' b« !ji cJ-.iir.;'' f.f funeral Mrrtoca. 

I l^e Reverend Molr SlQHMt Hi Jto^j 
I nc«r OurU preachrr. oC HI 
jUraDt aveiiiir. died tbU 
[a a^rlnt;(ieid hoapttal foUovtat 
I brief tllness. lie id turvivad b| 

land. Mo . utid Mm Pelnda llnu?. 
; Fy>ri>ytft, Me rijner«I ar 

QiCjiu. viridrr direction of tha 
man H Lotimeyer Funeral Soaia. 

runaral a«mc«a lor Mra. Mary J 
rim, ittjiiirttt ba baW at m»- 
har-aoo. O." D. Momta. 1818 
Oraat avantM.- Tburaday aft 
a o'Btock. Burial wOl ba la Haaalv 
tMMNarf tiodaf tba dlracttoo «i 
Atab LobaMjrar Puaantl taMna. 



^vHiub «l«d tn s MrtaftUM 
•Wb/MoiBk thia morato«. % 
vlvad br bta wtfa. Mra^ Ida 
hUi aoo. O. P. Aiward. bdttl of 
natd. A dautbtar. Mra. Jaaaa Met 
of Loa AnEelea. a brother, O. U 
ward, of IXM Angetea. and a a: 
Mri*. Andy Brll of OkUlmma. M 
wnrd was a rri«co iiiacUliilst for < 
yeara Punerai aervtcea will be 
ITiiirndK^r nfleri.oou at 2 30 o 
at the Alma Lohmeyer Tunaral 
Burial will ba In Oreenlawn 


T. Z. Brumler of Springfield 
appointed Rtiardiau and curator 
hla tUter. Mrs. Ilar.y L<xkrldg», 
. bjr the probate court of Judge 

■ If Fatroian today Mn. Loclii 
formerly Wiini* Urumley. U 

■ daughter of W H BrumleT, wbo 
I Deceml>«r 13. 1938 Bond of 
1 »a.% given. 


a» X. BarMl. 65. plonaar farmer of 
;ipnndK fprtas*. Mo.. «m kUlad Al> 
•4li«*laM«BUrin aa aat«aiobUa oraab 
M^ yartatdar aftanwoft when tba 
poop* m .whlcb ba waa riding 
i^wHti a <a>av roat ooupa drtr* 
J. limu. JopUa aalaaman. 
tm highway 60 a few mSea from WU- 
isar Springa. 

f^Xsk tb» coHlatoa. Swaci waa tlupown 

;£4teMtb-4Ba wladaar ot fha car. ddren 

;|aji.<A.W/BMC hi* bo47 atrtklac tba 

'pavammt -wttltaucb foroa that a 

caaa which ha waa earrylng waa 

thntat through hla throat, aaTcrlag 

ptm Tagku vela. 

A T. B. Butna aaibulanca of Wil- 
low agtiawt anrtvad. bbt Mr. Sweat 
^paa doMt bofbia ha oouM b« takan to 

imtUnAtxiiittim,^M^Ait tha tact (bat 
'hciUk imftiln,a4 "ara danoUalMd. 


Page 1: Marriage license: James W. Newton, 23, of Joplin and Evelyn W. Bishop, 21, 
of Carthage. 

Page 6: Miss Carol Humrichouser of the Southwest Teachers college went to Plymouth, 
Ind., where here mother died early this week. 

Page 7: R. E. Sweet, an aged Willow Springs farmer, died after being injured in an 
automobile accident Tuesday. [The article gives details of the accident.] 
Page 10: James Legg died.** 

Mrs. Mary H. Simmons died.** 
Mrs. Frances Childers died.** 
Rev. Motz Simms died.** 
Joseph L. Twedell died.** 
E. A. Alward died.** 
Mrs. Ava Keefer died.** 
James S. Haymes died.** 
Otis A. Wintondied.** 

Mrs. Mary Josephine Robertson Gilmore died.** 
Mrs. Mary Morriss died.** 
Page 11: Memorial notice.** 

M kMk6uAu 

la lortiif iDnnot7 of our dMr Mil and 
««h - - - - - 

M, II 

kro«h|T, Lecter Qlgklo*. who iUmI j'aniury 

HO «M know* Um tilant he«rt-«ctaaa. 

Only tboM who h«Ti iMt cmn UU. 
Of th« (Tier thkt U torn* In >IUnc«. 

Tx>i our d*4r one ito lovtd eo wfll. 

Uor* and nor* ttch <]4y «• mlM 
FrUtxU wj thlok the woand U 

But Uirr Uetle koe« th* >orrow 
That Um vlUUa our beatu concealed. 

W« mlaa rear daar. nnttisc raec. 
But 7oa left ua a mrtnnry that oooa oo 
aaaU> can taka rour place. 
Pm««(uI Im your alwp. dear aon ^ad 
. . breUier. 

Ood took Tvn tootn*- It «ae Hla wtU. 
To be mith ilie ant^la !n i.'iil HfirfsW 
flfhsit ao paUk or toitdm «c«r coma* 

•adlr roiued br Vnrnrr. SlJt'rj, Broth- 
■ri and Oraodmother. 



JaiDM Ltgz> M, ot MounUlQ Oravo. 
Uo^ dlad jMtvrcUr In * BprlOftMa 
hofpttal foiiowlng m brief Ulntm. Ua 
is aumved by tau wife, a daughter, 
lolllne: tla parenU, Mr. and Mr*. 
rrank Lcgg of Premont, Mo.: and two 
elstera Mrs. L. H. Kanard of Tulaa. 
Okla.. and Mrs. F. Jones of Winona, 
Mo. The body haa b^en prepared for 
burUI bjr the Alma Lohmeyer runeraJ 
home and waa aent to Moantaln 
Grove thla momlor. Funeral scrr* 
Icea are to be held at the home there 
Friday in charge of the I. O. O. r. 

Mrs. Mary H. Slmmooe. 75 died 
yesterday afternoon at the home of 
her sr*nddaughter. Mrs. Henry J. 
Burch. 141S North Rogers avenue. 
Funeral aerrlcee wlU t>e conducte<l at 
the home at 10 o'clock Friday mom- 
InK. with interment following in 
Bobbereon Pratrle cemetery tinder di- 
rection of the Kimjner P\jnera] 


Funeral terrloea for Mr«. France 
Childers win be conducted at Pear- 

•qn ohurobi n««r -Om»» ilo. at i 
o'clock Friday afternoon. Xntenneat 
wUl be In Pearson oemetcry. 


— Fu nei a l "gemcea for the Reverend 
Mots Blmma. 75, pioneer Ozarka mln- 
J^M^-m m^ b^^opndwtejj j|$ JtjrclnCIt: 
' FHday ~ainernoon at the Hennan H. 
Lobmeyer Funeral home. Burial will 
be In Haaelwood cemetery. 

< JOSEPH U TU'tDEl.!. 

Funeral services for Joseph L. 
Twedell win be conducted at 3 
o'clock Friday afieruooii at tlio Ilo-r- 
maa H. Lohmeyer Funeral home. In- 
terment win be In Herelwood ceme- 


Funeral services for E A 

were conducted this afternoon at 

7 10 nVlr><;>' R'. l^P .Mni» Tr<l.n\.-;.»r 

FMiifrKl homr B' \« a ; in Oreen- 



1 Turieral eervtce* for Mr». Art Ree- 
fer will b€ ronductfd «t 3 o'clock 

frlday •Jtrrnoon »t the Onie Strtci r 
Metbodut church Utrt. Interment | 
wlU b« In lUulirood cemetery, under I 
<llr«ctlon of the Klln^ncr ruueral 

HOAe. ~~' ' 

J.XHhH ». HAY.Mt!) i 

rvmerel >er\ lce« lor ihtatt^^i^ 
lUyiBw "wTll be conducted at 3.30 
o'clocit rrUtey afternoon at the 
Kllofnw >uoer%t chapel. ? tUI 
wttl ba made In EasUawn cametcry. 


Brief funeral — nr l e ea for the lata 
Otla A. Wlnton. former Mxton of 
Maple 'Park cemeterr bfrc, who died 
June te. tB38. at Lot Angtlca. Cal . 
were conducted thU Bflcmoon at 3:30 
o'clock at the Herman H. Lohmcyer 
Funeral- home. Burial wae In Maple 
Park cemetery. The aervlce* were 
private, only Immediate membera of 
the family preaent. The body haji 
rested In a vault In a cemetery at 
Loa AnKelen. Cat. Ainre hU dratli 
las'. Jui:<- 


Jtfra. Mary Joeepblne Rob erteou OU_- 

more. 76, long time resident of near 
Walnut Orore. Mo., died last night at 
her home on route No. 4. Walnut 
Orove. following a lingering lllnew. 
Mra. Ollmore'a father waa one of the 
pioneer e^ttlera of Greene coui ty »nd 
Ihc Ozcrk.!!. 51. f Is s;irvl-.ccl liy I.t 
lui-bRnr). one ftsuu't'.'.cr. Jessie, or tl'.e ' 

j home addresa. and three sons, v;iiiieni ! 

j and Albert of the home, anti Waliace. i 

: v1 Santa Anna, Cal.. aiid three rU- 
ters, Mra, Ellcabeth Schneider and , 

1 Mrs. Sally Murray, of Wllla.tJ. ard ' 

Mrs. Martha PhtUJpa. ct South Miami. 

dOcrtedat 1 1 ' olaSkVrjSiy" raomloc 
at Mount fleaaaot elrareb. nmr WU« 

lard, with burial following in Motini 
Pleasant remetery. under direction of 
the Oreenwade UndertaJtlng company 
of Wtllard. 

,MK5. .>I.\KY MORRIS5 

Puneral service* for Mrs. Mary Mor- 
rl»a, 73. who died Tueaday ot her 
home. 1310 £a«t Walnut afreet. foN 
lowing a llnKering IKnesa. «ere con« 

fVK'*'^ n' V "• *ivV •1-1, ^^.^.. . ... ^. 

the home of lier i«ot:. (.'. D M'-tI;.--. 
IMi North Grant avenue. Intermeul 
*" IIJL.^g-JjL*^*''**'*" "***^ cemete rT. uaLcr 
direction of itie Alma Lchmejer 
runeral home. She Is survived t-y two 
sons. O. O. Morrlas ot Pprlncfield aud 
H. L. Morrlos of Kanoas CMv: two 
dati^hterv. Mrs. K R. Hawkins of 
Sprlnirflelf! nn<1 MIf.i T^it;- Mr>rri«» 

. ' the ^ ■; ' .. . :;r.^. ; :.. ,-^ .^ ,,. . 
1 '-IVKl by [•.Ml,- .-.iMrrs. Mr» A T. T*;. - 

1 of De' Btur, III ; .Mrs A. G Otey, 
I Portland. Ore; M"> Mcrrv K<->.;:rr. 

ChUaK". M"1 Mr.« Fr^i-K t^r.fortl of 

Denver, and a brother, U >'. Dent. oX 

UotchklNt. Col. 

Page 9: Orin C. McNier died.** 
Page 13: Mrs. Catherine J. Heck was found dead.** 
Page 16: A. B. Sayers died.** 

Moses Battles died.** 
Page 17: Card of thanks.** 
Page 20: Charles E. Boyden recalls old times.** 


. tgk'lmt'USBu, UiHSa 

paaaad away OM year ago t»< 
t •• Sadly mlaaed by daugb* 

MRS. c. «. eTAifirr, 

'i-4- MRS. A. A. DENTON, 

(^y MBS. HTNnv y.T.rr. 

fr*A' mcs. J. R, ROOCAH. 


M^)^^s nA17l.l..'< 

Funeral arr^ncnnenti) fi»r Mo»ea 
Bnitlcs. i»lio died yrstcrdav morning 
at Bol)^;^lli^. M«j are a^ jci incom- 
plete. The body will amre In 
^rlngfleld this afternoon, but fu- 
neral 8crvKe<i «||i be delsj-M until 
the arrival of a alMer from PboeoU. 


Was Prominent in Spring- 
field Business and Fra- 
temal^irctes - — 

rrom ft "hole-ln-Uie-wftir biulncM 
•Urted to Springfield la 1000 to ft 
IftTge and tuccMsfuI cnterprlae In leiS. 
wft* the ftcblevement ot Orin C. Mc> 
Nler. 55. widely kncwn bmlneas man 
ftnd church leader, who died iMt i 
night at hU home. 1345 North Jcrfer- . 
•ou ftvenuc, rollowlng a lingering 111- ' 

Mr. McNIer was Dom in Weldon. III.. 
September 4. 1876. Btlll a young man. 
he moved to Golden City. Mo., where 
l.e tried hl« hand at rHruiliig He be- 
! came dlaaatlsfled with his occupa- 
Uon and decided to move again, this 
i time to Sprln(ffleld. where he became 
j an employe of the Frisco railroad and 
I worked for 13 years with that com- 
I paiiy. llu'- M'- W>--"^"- »-'•' ^"^•» • 
satisfied. He wanted a business for 
himself, whiro he might be his own 
bo«a. flo^ togs the r JcUh h i s br o t h sr ^ 
1. N. McNIer. and a half-brother. Den- 
nis Ofeal. he opened a small furni- 
ture store at 203 East Conmrerctal j 

The threi young business men 
struggled ftlong. «ndurUi« bu^Mhlf* 
I that ftt times almort speUed 'tftlhtrB. 
lATter th« first lew ye»r«. the flnn 
I began to ahow signs or prosperity. 
I Mr. McNIer was widely known in 
Springfield, being ft membero* tl>« 
KnlgbU of PythU*. the Woodmen c€ 
the World, ftod » -deMoo In »^ «»■• 
Biptlst church. n< nad been »n in- 
valid lor the U»t four years ot hi*, 
life. He Is surrued by the widow, 
ftnd hi:, mother, Mrs. A. C. McWler 
1813 North Main aventie. one^ brother^ 
l.~M. McHief; loai Vvth Jefteraoo 
avenue: one h*ll-brother. Dennis 
O'Neal. 330 East DlTlston eireet, and 
a nephew. Paul P. McNler. 

PunerftI ftrrftngemenu »r« Incom- 
plete, but senrlcee wlU probftWy bo 
held Sunday afternoon under direc- 
tion ot W. L. Stame. undertaker. 

Find Woman Dead 
At Home in City; 
Acid Tells Story 

The body of Mrs, Catherine J. 
Heck. 38, found dead In her bed, a 
suicide, yesterday morning at the 
family home. 1215 West Mount Ver- 
non street, was sent -iQdaX-tn-Port 
Scott, Kan., for burial. 

A sniiill bottle of dradly acid. 
found on a window alll beside her 
bed. told authorities how Mrs. Heck 
had died by her own hand. She was 
thu wife of W. U. Ilrck. an employe 
at the tteneral offlcf* ot the Trlaco 
licre. — ; 

After viewing the body. Dr. Murray i 
C. Stone Clrpene "-oiititr roronrr. (1^- 
cldcrt t;.ril, i;u '.r.quctt would hv ;.cc- 

Death of his wlfs was discovered 
by Mr. Heck when he wrnt to awoKfii 
lipr j'.i'.rrdny ii:o.-i.;r.,: 

Mrs Heck Is sur^lvpd by two chil- 
dren. Mildred. 6. and Waller fl: her 
pnrrnti. Mr ni-.d Mrs. J, \v M ':;ti.;;, 
Dallns. Trxs^. and three ,«lRtrrs. Mrs 
tjiwrrncp Cossncr und Mrs. Nrl'.e 
Stoner of .Montrrl^c. C.hI , a:.d Miss; 
Huth Mont«K of Dallas 

The body wr." sp- • •• To-' Sr^xt 
by tl.c a;iii* I-<..limryer 'tir.rrB! r.T.if 



Tee t erd»y ma r te e d th e pyaalng o f- 
one ot the oldest pioneer sclUers of 
the Oark region, ^ veter*n of the 
^♦vH- m nr end ■ ii if uilj e i uf uu e uf 
the must prominent pioneer famlllee 
of tre section. A. B. Sayers. 88, who 
died at hi.* hnmc near nov;prh\llle. 

Mo.,' following a lingering lllnena. | 
Mr. Sayern soIrtlerH in the Civil 
war uniicr Marinuciuki-. lie liud lueit 
virtually alt bis life on the home- 
stead near rtogersviiip. moving there- 
with bis parenu from West Virginia 
when only a few wrrkH old He wua 
ft bachelor. 

He Is survived by thrpe Mairrs. all 
ot whom live ou the old hnincstpsd. 
They are Mlw Susan Sayers, Mrs. 
Mnrgorrt Alexandpr. nnrl Mrr.. Joliti 
Caldwell. He is also survived by n 
coutln, Dr . J . 8. Sa yera. and Bcvfiil 

nlpccs and nrph'-v.s In Springfield. 

K'lnernl .«^ervlrp> will tv conducted 
at the rrf.ldpncr .ti it ■i'i-Ir.«-k SaHir- 

*':.*' t!!*^'"''*!'.' |«i*r-*'Tl*r''-' (.I».,-|'-.i. -T 

ricklc cpiiiPlPry. iit-hr ^;^sl^>ro. uudfr 
direction of the Kelly Funeral home. 
ot Rogccavllle. 


iVl^itor of 73 Yeare Ago 

Jdin in Centennial 

Ctwaies Boyden Te ll& 
r Meowries of First 

Visit to 

m^ — 

Springfield Long Ago; 
Thrills at Chance to Hail 
Old Friends 


Seventy-mree y«re »go cnaries L. , 
Boyden w»« In 8t>rlagXlelcl and he ex- 
pecU to b* tun Juxm 16 abaklng 
luAdB wltlt old ttltnOM when the big 
ccntenstal oelabrmtlon gtt* under 
way. H* wUl be emong those who 
JjATC known BprlngTlrld longest. 

P»rgo. North D«kot«. l« Mr Boy- 
Ueo'e hooie at preseiil. but tie and i 
iir». Boydeu «re In Springfield to , 
spend tJie r«ro*lnlng ^veeks of winter 
•wttb hts stepson. Attorney rranJC Wil- 
Itanui. 1100 South Pickwick »T«nue. 
Vhid Meiiiortee o»" Visit 

Vivid »r« ti»« mei^onee Mr. Boyden 
)iM ot Sprtngtleld ^hea he Ilttt eew 
at ee » boy of eU. Hl« home w»* In 
BC UouU th«n. but whw bU father 
«il*d hta toother sent the boy to epend 
the Bwnmer with hl» grandfather. 
Daortcr Carver Ounn. who 1J»^ o° * 

~niifl uitr juuvsr. 

- ~*^ ..^mT nTHT ♦»■« trtp m-sptinclielil 
>ery *eU." »a'r^ Mr. Boyi;<»n. "An huiil 
CUM With me. We came by railroad 
to RoUa. That was aa far aa the road 
waa built then. From Bolla to 
Bpclngfleld we came, by »tagc and I 
cant recall Itow vre tn«d<» the remain- 
der of the trip to Bolivar. ' 
-me equare In Springfield l« a v*rf 

"U)^ looked email compared to Kt. 
l^ouia. Aa I remember It now, there 
waan^ much difference in i:>c aire 
of ih'.s nty and Bolivar." 

TelU of Camp Meeting 
Xxutead Of ataying only o«ie tuni- 
.-i-,«r, Mr. Boyden was at his granfif«- 
tber'a two years. i»c rtmeinbors u 
camp meeting at "Campbells camp 
«,^tlng ground..- He went to ^.-hacU 
ta • log echool houw whlrh l.Hrt 
puncheon on the cf the room or 
deaka. Mr. Boyden recnll« U^»l his 

l^othT. the.. lour >*>H.- .' -- -'• 

tne decorum of tm «:hool room one 
(lay on a vfii -■•.hru h*- ^»- "' '■■'■ 
ptmcheon desk, looked out n hclf in 
the loga of the 

room aiMl yelled 


•"Ba-a-a" at noine sheep. 

Mr. Boyden took an iiueiebt la t^c 
ju^tlvltlea of hln in poll- . 
lice lu 1856. 

— ' " n ini -wgy— rnr •v.-i^r tT.. .'-i-i' '!■/.;■ 
I'rt: : V ua.-- !■■•: uii •. , . ■ , . ■ 

M i;rai'.ifai;;er .ii.d In-, l.:-:-:. 
Carver Ounn. both voiea thr r«'t>iiiii;- 
can ticket lor Fremont ond Ua\tM:i. 
I remember going to ihi votin^- 1hm>'1i 
n-ith them. Tliey folded tlieir b*lloi» 
and handed them through the wiii- i 
f dow and graatother Utddria^lo look 
I through the window at the Judge." 
j Rqiu Ooldmi City fttore 

I Mr. Boyden alao la a republican. 
I His family moved to Iowa when he 
I was a boy and It waa aeveral yeare 
< batore Mr.- Boyden relumed to Ml»- 
I aourt. Tlian be came to Oolden City 
I "and r:^t.ihll«hed n g»Ticral store. 
' "A man advlned me to net io nillea 
from the railroad and utart a general 
atore." he aald. "l lollowed his ad- 
vice. I owned one-third Intereat in 
tlK atore and tuyed In Oolden City 
six yeara. That waa of course before 
the PrlBCO railroad waa built through 
(h^re attd we frrlg+itrd jjowls Jrom 
IprTng^IeYd and Ch* hige • 

Mr. Boyden left Oolden City to go 
to Wisconsin. Me ret\irned to Spring- 
field and .stayed awhile, then went u> 
the DakoUa where he haa lived since. 
Amazed at City's Orowlh 
"But I alwnys come bark to Spring- 
firlrt." lie Iniiirhef! '"I nni ntnttTfi 
rvrry l:ine I •.oiiio ;,«rc n' 'he won- 
derful growth' of the ciiy ' 

Page 3: Mr. and Mrs. Rex F. Clark went to Lexington, Mo., for the golden wedding 
anniversary of Mrs. Clark's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Harding. 

The probate court docket for February is published. 
Page 6: William Wells died.** 

J. W.Becker died.** 

Orin C. McNier died.** 

Marylan Elizabeth German died.** 

Moses Battles died.** 
Page 10: Births announced.** 

Leonard Williamson died.** 


- Wiu^uM yf.iit e 

.WlUtaA W»U«. «B. tfW tart n'rht 
( bU home. TOO North Franklin ave* 
nue. following n long lUi>«f«. «• »■ 
survived by bU wllc, one bon, Baxter 
WeU» of SprtngflrW; six d«ugtit*r6. 
Mr»."iijrtle SbemurBt. Joeeph, Mo^ . 
Mrs. MoU Ball. Crane, Mo.; Mrs. Opal 
Alley. Springfield: Mlw'Nona Wells. 
Springfield, and Mrs.. Bertie Shaulee. 
Cran«, Mq.; by one stepaon. L>ndail 
Adam»; four brolhera. J. R. WeMf. "f 
BUUncs. Mo.; Dora WrlU of Crauc. Mo.: 
V , WelU or RepuDllc. .nd Bob Wells 
of New Mexico, and by one ftlstrr. Mrs. 
Joale Wells of Oklahocna. runrral ar> 
rsngen.enta are no* completed sa ar- 
rival €rf relatives Jiv »»eliiK bwbM*-*!. 
Benrlces wlU b« under the direction 
of Herman Lobmeycr. 

J. U*. UtiCKLU 
— * W;-B*ok«rj-W. <U*d taaf flight »v 
Um hom« of bis sjster. Mrs. Lula Olck- 
ensheet. route No. 0, following a lini- 
ng lUneM. I-'uneral •rrauKCiuciiM 
are as yet Inoumptete pending worU 
from relatives In Culllornln. but srr' - 
loea will i>« under direction of tit* 
Alma Ix>hn>eyer Punoral liome. Mr. 
Becker Is survived by four rutlirm, 
J. y. Becker. T P. Becker and A H. 
Becker, all of Sprlnstlrld. aixt (' F. 
Bri krr of Hiinnii^dxi FntK. vnl . ii;:a 
two BlKters. Mrs. Msrv Lee of PB^a- 
ilviia. Cal . and Mrs. Dlckensbeet. 


Kunersl servioas for Orin C. .McNler. 
6ft, vei<)rau furniture dealer, will b« 
conducted at 3 30 o'clock Sununv aft- 

here. UiO IlevcicuU l^euuk M. UmU <*•'- 

f.claUng. Burial wtU be in Mapla 
Park oametery under direction of tba 
W. r. 6tarfte ftiiieral liom--. 


Marylan KllZAl>elh 7- 
n>onilis-old daughter of Mr. and Mrr^ 
T. r. OiTinsn c>f Knii.viw fry and 
formerly of Springfield, died ye«ler<lay 
.nornln^; of iiiieiim<>nl« ft>rord:t.i: to 
word icoeived by rtlotnc;. here, t'n- 
uersl aTan>;ciiienl^ ore ii.< 
but the body will l>e LinuiJl.t !i» 
!<prlr.t:fIoI'! ni;{f Arrvlros,.i-:\ ". i 
>>e licid buiiduy ati llic Aiii.a Ion- 
meyer_ funeral hpnjS^ *IUi_liilfnuent- 
following In Ea.stlaWu cemetery. 

.>io>»t?» u.- 1 rn.s 

Puneral ^^rvlce«.fo^ Moees Battles, 
wbo died Friday • ><>rnlng tn B<x>n- 

iiltrrr.oo;' \< .' i . ivj. <. n: ll.->;.;.i»s 
cliiircl) at Booiivill*-.> IxkIv «:;l 
remain In the p»rlc>'> ot the herl^rt 
Smith Funerul Uou-' J!ie.-t ur.tll U:n 
«ervljea arc hclc Jciiil v,^ l« :ii 
Unroll'. Mcou>r'-.l CTii'tpry 




plon«er fartn«r of Lawrrao* coon^, 
died at 1 o'ekxrk tbla roornlm at U>« 
home of bis dati(bt«r. Urs. Frau 
Moore, la MarlonTUIc. H» had ' 
l.'l for ae^eraJ weckSL 
Mr. WlUlamaoo wm wMaly 


I n l awr eww e u<rti >y . Iia > tm * p w u %i 
farvMr for mmnj year) la tbe Mount 
Vemoa dlatrlct. Us omb* to ttv* vftlb 
his daugbter at MarlorrrlUa tikttf 
{ y-ara ago. 1 

Mr. and Mrs. B. H. BtlllngaltT of 
63(r West Chestnut street announot 
• lip birth o( K t-oii oil Jaiicui;. Ji. 

Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Lisenby of 1518 
W«ai Xbn strast. announc« tb« Urth 


Pa.e^Tf n ^^^'^,^' FEBRUARY 10, 1929-NEWS and LEADER 
fage 1. Al Jolley sues to divorce Mrs. Ruth Jolley. 

Marriage license issued.** 

Birth announced.** 

Page 3C: Raymond Washam and Alma Casteel of Miller were married Thursday in 

The infant of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wassak died Monday in Kansas City and 
was buried in St. Paul's cemetery at Bricefield [near Peirce City]. 

Roy Howell died.** 

Mrs. Lige Roberson of Peirce City died.** 

Daughter bom February 5 to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Saxe of Tulsa, Okla. Mrs. Saxe 
is the daughter of Mrs. Dan Quinney of Monett. 

Mrs. Alice Godfrey of Pittsburgh, Pa., died February 2. She was the sister of Mrs. 
H. Ward Day of Monett. 

Mrs. Emma Godbey died.** 
Mrs. Sarah E. Slate of Ava died.** 

Son bom to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kavanaugh. Mrs. Kavanaugh was fomierly Miss 
Elinor Adams of Ava. 

Page 60: Card of thanks.** 

Memorial notice.** 
Page 2D: Miss Mildred Case and Mr. Hrold Junge were married.** 
Page 3D: Mr. David Bookout and Mrs. Marie J. Whipple were married.** 
Page lA: Mrs. Jalissia F. Groves divorced John F. Groves. Her former name was 

Max Singer was killed.** 

James D. Knox was killed.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 

Suit to break the will of Mrs. Louise G. Wallace was filed in Lebanon by two 
descendants of an adopted daughter. 

Page 6A: Marylan Elizabeth German died.** 
Page 8A: William B. Allen died.** 

Orin C. McNier died.** 

William Wells died.** 

Mrs. Roxie Knight died.** 

Mn. Swab X. 8UU. 88 yeuB old. I 
dlad m<Uj a| th* bom* of her aon, 
JOjbn Slate, rear Ava, from an attack | 
of pxMumonla. | 

iSn., J. M. Adams t^tred from ! 
Evaostoim, III., to relatlrps h*re Sun- 
day olght announcing the arrival of j 
a new son to Mr. and Mr«. Harrr I 
KKvanaURh. Mr:*. Kavanaugh will 
perhaps be bettor remembered l-.e.-t- 
a« Miss Elinor Adams. i 

I Mr. aad Mr*. Ralph ttax* of TiUaa. i 

I Okla.. annoimce the birth of a daugh- ( 

' ter. February fl. at the Weat bo<pltai. | 

Mr^. baxc i* a c.tUKUu-r ot ilr*. Co-i; ' 

y;:.'.:.rv. ••i" T?'Til ,«'''*! ' I 

Ttht infant baby of Mr. and Mr*. 
Raymond Waisali died at their home 
In Kansas City Monday, ard tho body 
I was brought here Tueada, for burial i 
in St. Paiira remctary at Brlcpfleld. 

' Mrs. H. Wnid Day received a me«- 
•yige iiiat a si&ter, Mr.i. A\ic» Godfrey. 

' of Plfjsb'.ir?!.. Td . lixd iliPd Safjrd.%y, 
K'^r;;-r\ _' .M: Ii..y :< rt to •".rj-iul 

, l!ie f'.::i-.'ai. Mr> V>.\y a ,45 i::.ab.f lo 
►;o i^:i 11- ';::'. oj Mi-Kr.rj^s. 

I Word was received here that Mrs 
Emma Oodbey of Durham. N. c vif-' 
of Or. A H. aodbe>. k form.. i)re„- 
rtent of tfce college here, died January 
» nnd waa Hirteu c at. Louis. She 
leavea ber husband and o!ie daughter 
Beulab. who live, si the homi ad- 

Mrs. Uge RBbenon tiled n her 

E^bTua^"/"' ^-'""St- «venu7 
February 4 sr^j ^i y„„. g,., ,^^.^ 

»n aged husban.l. three son»: Jcs. 
John and aiarley /toberson. end one 
<J«"ghter. Mrs. Bather Ro-er«,n. 
eJeven grandchildren, suters and a 
brofhrr nnn other rrlMlvrs nnrt 



*pt&M DUpMrh eo t7>* K«10« and t»«4tr 

..MABZONVUXX. Mo^ r%b. »-rA 1«- 
fmit bl^twrtb. Umx atnt*r. ■y*u in- 
■tsatlf UUad here this arterooon 
wflcQ • ebotgnn Into which he wu 
loolUaf to M* U Um barrel wm cJog> 
fad trttfi « no #t WM ^eoldwrtaUy Ttls- 
otuurB9ct« ' / 

: tlM bojr li*ii «Urt«it oa * bunUng 
^ttpMitUii wijt^,ArT9Vtt'**l toapan* 
(on aftortiy'«rt«f tidott «iU tbc boye 
•wers sbAot « b*tt mtHi wutbeMt of 
MtttonHU* wbittr ttw te«««(l7 oo- 

Singer wma the wn of John ». 
Slufar. «!»ct|a(L tonaan tot tM ro«- 
00 HklUoftd «t iUrtonrlUe. The flith- 
er mt prevent 1» Ul In the Prleco hos- 
pital. , . 

The himtlnv trefedy' ccme In th« 
mldat of aewreb by 
c««a:jkff0 elllaeiu.far XtkM four mao 
iritQ ttiia ndmnc Tbbbed Om balUt ar 
Uar1oim))« of ^83«» attar boMbof R. 
C. TurrenUne and hla l^e In Uxlr 
home all ngbt. Tralta>< for tb* tUna 
lock's release: 

; Mrs. tiuiah Honeni rfcru c<l v f>rd 

I Monday I'lut her neph*w. Roy Iiowell. 

'of Fowifr City died MonaHyrJantimry- 

1 28, of tuberrtilools and wits bur'.fd 

January 30 HIb parenta. Mr and Mrs 

Luie Hp-viell. wrr* furmrr !o>l(ler.U of j 

this clly beforf! moving to Calllorniii i 

L ■% t»aa na ftr THiMlft lil ill MOaitiM 

18 c'tm* o «(i«._^ __ _ 

VKkn or tmXnk5 

\VK »iah 10 acknoultdg* with he»rl-tfU 
Uiaaks >our belpfulneu. for jrour beauti- 
ful (lover*, all other exprcatloni of 
jyinpalhy .extended to ui durloc the re- 
cent illiieti iind demh of our beloved hue- 
band and (allier. Mr. C A. Alrard. To 
'riendi aud nel(bbors. FTIico doclori and 
nurjei. Frlsto mrst shops, norlli «lde 
roundhouse and AUna Lonmeycr Funeral 
home. Ladiei' Aid luxltly o( South Avenue 
CI:rUtlan church. Women's Mlsslonarj »o- 

] rielT ol South A'fiiue Christian church. 

; thole who furnished the muMc and Rev- 
cr.-nd O. Emerson MUlrr for comfordnf 

O. 8 ALWAflD and rAMH-V 


Lt lovliir r.:»rrr>r-. cf nur d'lr mother 
Ntrs LV s •iiliiiwi vil.u dep^r'.rd or.- 
■ rnr ago t'.dn 
.M'l.irr 'm-. <oi;» in.* Iff u>. 

\.,xi U' : » l-'C V f .'. ij» M ; :. I ■;.-,•. 
Sl.» h»» tone "o d»f:i »ilf. J»«us, 

On thai bright ctrrna! ^ho:•. 

•. we. too. «n!i Mjon foltnw on. 

I There %ith hT childre.i ai.d lo\(d ocei. 

' To 'otn In tlmi I sp;"' "irorit 

?»d:v Ml'^fd hv Hrr Chi'.drfn 


Aanounoemant baa baeu mad* of 
Um marrtaga of Mr. David Bookout 
aod Mr*. Marto J. Whipple Wadneaday 

momlng at 11 o'clock at the Whipple 
hooM. 983 Eaat Uocust atreet. The 
Rawand John T. Baoon performed 
tba ceremony. The wedding wa« wit- 
neaaad by relatlTes and '^veral friends 
of tba couple. Following tba cere- 
mony a wedding breakfaat waa serred 
at Hanrey's. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bookout left for an 
extended honeymoon In the south. 
They will b« at home after March 
1 at BB3 Eaat Locust atreet. 

Secret ff'eddint; 
Now A tnionijcetl 

Annouticemeiit of the innrrliiijr of 
Mis* Mllilrrd Ca.He to Mr Harold Juni;c 
Ih of much liiterrkt to tlic -nauy 
frlnidh of Ml^> Cas/- Ivcrr 1 i;*- wcf,- 
iiuiK vkub t>l«brBtoiJ 111 iiepteiiiber at 
Cameron. Mo. and k<'pt. term until 

Ther bride Is the daugblrr ol Mrs 
Eva Case of Marshfleld. Mo., and a 
former studeiit of Drurj' college 
vlierc slie was Kroduated two years 
ago. 8b« ha-i bean teaching aohool 
at Cole Camp for the past two veurr. J'lnce 15 a rrslrtei-t of C'^'.r v.~i>.Tip 
.iiitl the ymuig Mjiiplc '.vll! :ii,.kc iltcir 
lioiiic there. 


A i^aiila^ IteefMae iMa b^m gmn« 
ed at OsKTk to WlUla D. Botmaa. ». 
Sprtngfl«ld and Kuby L Mapf>> 11> 


Mr. and Mra. Bannaa ML 
848 Nortb ' Oraa. aTcaua. an nog o oa 
the birth of a aon. Hannaa M. Cttttik 
Jr.. February i. 



Funeral servlcea for Marian Eliza- 
betb Oerman, 7-months-old daughter j 
of Mr. and Mrs, R. T. Oerman of , 

Kjiiisas City aiifi formerly of ?pr:ng- 
flcld, win be held IhLs afternoon m: . 
1 ;30 o'clock at the Alma Lohmeyer , 
Ptineral home Burial «!!l tn- it:. 
jEatitlawn ccuetcr). 



Taking Friend to Hospital,! 
James D. Knox Instantly! 
Killed By Skidding Macnine; 
Companion injured 

£)RIVlNa hU motor car on an errand 

of mrrcy Ut« >-rldar. James D. i 
Knox. Jormeily night toreman at Uie 
rnsco mjlway* nurtb'; rouo<U>ouM j 

here tit^b killed when the ev akklded j 
on an Icy paTemect and • plunged I 
OTcr a high bluf:. I 

Mr. Knoi. who thre* ytn' ago 
moved from eprlngtl«lcl to Kanaaa 
Olty to become «bop mpertntetident 
for tba rtUco then, waa a broOMt 
of O«org« F. Knox, owner 6' tb* Knoi 
U>oe company bet*. 

tat* ntMy ha waa at Um rnaoo 
roundbouaa lo Kanaaa city wb«n an 
•ttploye bccftma painfully ui. Ha 
lnin<Ue« Um man into bla motor car 
MKl atartad to drlTa him to lUa t«n« 
bi|t oa tb» itMj ttM motor oar aktd. 
«»•«. bit • tTM Mid tbko plui^ed o»tr 
'be embankment. Mr. Kno< vaa kUt- ' 
«d''«lnM>at inatMiUy. and bU frtend 
waa badly injured. Tb« latter U In 
• boapttal at Kon«M aty. 

Mr. Knoi i* aurr|t«d by bla bnHbcr 
■ •!«« in Chloacf^. bla #tfa and toot 
obUdran. Funeral a«mc«t will ba 
ooBducted Mood«y i^tvmoon at tba 
Gate, ronarat boma in Kuiato City. 



BQ F. nattfa. as. akMiwflald and 
Wjry mial', !», Caartha««>. Ua^ ud 





Uo la aunrivaa by two aooa 
.'ttfr.nv* bro(tf#n and 
'.'^ fuatsal MrvlOM wtlt ba 
_ ft tb* ttt Conn*] Matbtf 
M tarartti Monday at S o'eloek and 
burlKl wlU be In East Lawn cemeier> 
under direction of tba 8Ur Under* 
taUnc oompany of-FOrdland 

SMTloea for Orln C. mkn. U. 
Teterm fttrnlttae dealer, wiu be o ^m^. 

-<loa<ed-t 840 o'olook ftwoday an«r- 

noon at the First Baptlat cbmch 
here. Tbe Baverend t«wU M. Uaie 
wUI ottloUte. Burial wUI be In 
Mapto Park cemetery imder direction 
of tbo W. Ij. Stame Funeral home. 


Funeral eenrlcea for WlUUm Wella. 
99, vtio died Friday wlu be bald 
Monday at U o'clock at bla realdence. 
MO nortb Franklin avenue. Tbe body 
will then be taken to Clever. Mo.. 
wbere Intermen iwU I be held in the i 

Wlae BlU cemetery, under direction 
of tbe Herman Ix>hmeyer Funeral 


Mra. Roxie Knigbt, 31, died at 10 
o'clock laat nlgbt at tbe boine of 
her father, 8. M. Jackson, 963 East 
liOCTiat street, following a brief Ul- 
neea. Funeral arrangementa are In- 
complete, but burial probably will 
be Monday at BradlejrrUle. Mra. 

tt nntut 18 i u m n a py"TrCT~HiuB&flff. 

L. W. Knight: a small son, Billy Le^ ; 
her father. 8. M. Jackson; three bro- ,' 
tbers, Ernie E. and Lee Jock-son of 
Springfield and D. L. Jackson of OkU 
boma City, 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: Jack Bayless died.** 

Page 3: Paul Berghaus and Roy Walters were killed.** 

Page 8: Mrs. Georgia Bair sues to divorce Charles R. Bair. They were married March 
16, 1922, in St. Louis. 

The will of A. M. Collins was filed for probate.** 


Inez M. Burch was appointed to administer the estate of Mary H. Simmons who 
died February 6. 

Page 12: Dr. Francis V. Baldwin died.** 
J. W.Becker died.** 
Darreii Jean Dunn died.** 
Mrs. Lura A. Small died.** 
M. A. Cavin died.** 
W.T.Dyer died.** 

Win or A. M. Colliiu of SprliiKflfld. 
who died rer«itly. fU«1 for pro^ikto 
with Judc« John H. Puirnmn to(ia.y. 
Klv« ISO splrre to five rhlldrrn of 
hta dec«uM>(l dMiRlj^rtn. Wnlly B<')<^. 
•nd Corrielin BlacK. itf)d tlj^ roiriim 
of hl» pAtntf fo Ihrr^ of hn i-hlfrtrrr. 
L. t uiid Irui-.k. Cuilii.b. and Alite 
Carter. L. E. Collln« wu named ex- 

M»._Otor»>» B«ir of Bprtnfiuia 

«jwt ftWB CtSklf R. telr. chnrRin^- 

Ineif. M Biirrli. Ml.-i Ro«rth »\rtMir 
loflny tiM n|>poiiit»M BdiiiliiNlratfir or 
llie Mtate of M»r> 11. Simnion*. uiio 
rtird Fybruary e. bv .lnd^-r Jol.i: M. 

Clothing Fliunes 
To Fatally Burn 
Competition Boy 

Fuaei-aJ »«rrlce« for Jack BayloK.s 

***7««»'-'oW ton of Mr. Mia^tfn. C. W. 

■•yl«« of Competition. U&:, wer« hew 

*t tn* Tint B«ptUt oburch In Uoun- 

t»ln Orore thU aft«ruoon at 1 :3o 

'o'clock, follorxed by lnt#rmfni In tl„- 

ceinctvy il"'!*. JkLk BHyltbft cicU ii. 

[ Springfield Bopiut hoepltAl remterday 

i afternoon about 5 oclbck of burns 

I •uaUUiea early Bmturday momU« in 

hi* home at Competition 

The lad had ]ust ttotten up Batur- ' 
U«y mt.ri.Ii.i "'nl wu« 5l*iic:;i;;; bf.'or- 
» red hoi atore to warm when hjs i 
n»nn«l nightgown caught fire. His 
b»ck and chest and arms were ae- 
rerly bun>ed before the flame* could ' 
he extJnguliljed by hU father wi»b '' 
the uae of a blanket. 
I Mr. Bayleu luffered » badly burned 
I right hand while fighting the names 
I which fatally burned hla son. 

Be«lrteR thf p..rentii. Xfr nrd Mrs C ' 
i W. BuylcM.. uuf»r., ^t 
1 home. aUo survives. Mr. Baylriia i, . 
.•Rfcoclated Mtti his father. C XT. Bay- ' 
, less. Sr. !:i t::c niirtfry bu«u-.«.R .t 
j. Mountain Orovc 

I The b^Kly of J»cit Buylew: wh» pr#. 
■ pared for burial at the Klln><ner fu- 
I n4-ral home h(r.> ajd atir. tu Woun- 
( tain Orove la«l lUxht 


.^l.\RRt.t(:f: l.KKNSKr: 

Elmer Lee Steur:/. 21. -nd Gertrude 
Owen. 31. both of Springfield: George 
W. Jeffrle^ 45. and Muriel Haggerty. 
30. l>olb of Oc» Molne£> Iowa. 


fttnytli. Mo., died ywt«r- 
da y a ftwa wn t n > gprtngfui d ho a- • 

p^foHowtOf a tnut flOMa*. ItM 
bodr te'MntPrtPMM for initial by 

th« Kllngncr Funeral home here and 
wlU b« taken orerUnd to Ava. Mo.. 
today for burial tb«r«. 

I Punaral aerrlcea for J. W. Becker. 

I 7J^ ji-erp. cotjUuc.Vci;! at. 3 ocjixk lU!s 
aftanaooo at tb« Alma LobmeyerFu- 
naral tiooM.v Intanncnt waa mada In 
Roberta oemetary. 13 miles eaat of 


Oarreli Jean Ounn. infant ton of 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dunn. 611 
North Framont .avenue, died Sunday 
mornlof. Funeral aerrloea were coo> 
ductad at 3:30 o'clock thia aftamoon 
at Oanfortb cemetery imder direction 
of the Alma Lobmeyer Funeral bome. 

MHg. LCRA a. 8.MALL 
UiM. Lura A. Small, 73, secretary I 
and treaaurer of ihe Women's Welfare [ 
Home board, and ulfe uf NeUou II- 
Small, died early Sunday morning at 
the family home. 431 West Poplar 
street, following a brief Illness. She 
la survived by her husband, one 

(iij:ugntrr7cmjy:aTr«roT:r'S6tirciiR:icB; T 

Mrs. Sn»all Hvil ui (jprKiLrfieiii | 
the past 40 years, moving here f:>m 
Utloola wltb bar huaband. Beaidea 
betas aotlT* on the Woa.kn1 Wei- 
far* Home board, abe waa a member 

1 un Boroiu ciuD ina & cntrttr 
mambar oX tba Mary S. WUaon boma 
bo«M.' PttliMil aarvlcaa vUl ba cod-> 
-dtta t a d a v-a< o' cl o ck Tuaaday-alfr- 
noOQ ■^"^'i^jto^lobmayar 

~ tbOowloc te Baaal' 

•iisli';: ' .••^.■- 



M\^t Accident 

. yWbO» txmtni 

ptHiata let two beya wbo mm UU- 
•dtnctanUy to • nUriMMl eroMtog •e- 
cUtaDt at BUUngs 8uD<Uy afternoon, 
A' tUM twjr «M Mar dMUi in 8t. 
Mbn-B boaitltaJ imm today. 
-Mutt BatghM^ i«. MB or Mr. sod 
Mis. L. p. Bergbaiu. and Roy Walters. 

^ Mr >nH Mf Wlllt.m R.B. 

BenMMl i*trt' 

19.' braUMT-oC Paul, aoftend « 
•knit and Jaw and loternal 
Jnlvlo*. wtMn ttMtr automobUa waa 
struck 1^ nriaotr mall train No. 4. 

Funaral mtviccs for Roy Wallen 
will ba beld at tlia' Baptlat cburcb 
at BUUnfs Tueaday afteruoon at 3 
olelock and interment will follow pt 
MariaoTtlto In cltatte of the Wallace 
Und#rtalflng parlora of Blll;nge. 

BecauM Mr. and Mrs. Bergliaus were 

In 8prlngfl<-|a tnu momlog at tbe 

tfa e lr a o u. Peiuaid. wUu U 


oiada «^ 

:i9^f;iMvoi4. tmm m 

balitk towad l^^blnd 
xaglWSfSZtSmiai' eu Ui wiieh tbo 
M^ir^yiM ttdtoc titr fiita juapad to 

■afety and escaped Injury. ' 

Tba croastng at wbidi tbe accident 
occurred Is conalrtered one of the most 
daagtroua In tbls aacUon. Ur. Berg- 
luaa, w|k> Is manager of tbs Barg> 
] lUtia Mareantlla company at Bmin|^ 
bad been a leader 1 1 recent a^uttoo 
to bare a wlg-wag atgnal ins tailed 
at tba croMlng. 

OCneMOa of tba Friaoo announcad 
lait Tbtnaday that the signal would 
be Installad soou. 

loqaett. is uoneceasary 

Ilia Walters boy waa tbo stepaon of 

William Baxter, wbo la employed la 

tba Bergbaua store. Ua waa tbe elty 

carrier for tbe Mewa and iMder at 




iifiucnp J11UUI.UI 


Off Ider Wins Plea for Cor- 
oner's investigation of 
— — €xooji viof 9 D e a tfv — 

Tbougb Dr. Murray C. Btone. 
Oreene county coroner, waa satlslied 
(Sday by a brief InvestlgaUon of tbe 
lata! sbOQtlng of Walt Caaaell. 38. 
year-old ex-con>lct, by a city pollce- 
mian bars Saturday ntgbt. the offi- 
cer invidved demanded an Inquest 
■sdFttaa-coranar agrvad to comtuct 
one at 4 o'clock tbia afternoon. 

Tha Inquest Into CaaaelTs dcatb 
wlU be In tbe municipal eourtroom 
at tbe city poUca ftatlon. Doctor 
Stone waa prese n ted a long list of 
wltneaesa by police, but be thought 
only a few of tbem wotUd be necea- 
sary. X. C. Smitb. motorcycle offi- 
cer, wbo abot and killed Caaaell aa 
tbe man fled from tbe city Jail Sat- 
urday nigbt, urged tbe coroner to 
conduct an Inqueat, and Doctor 
Stone decided ne ba'd a right to one 
If be wished It. 

Parenta Seek Inquiry 
Parents of^tbe alaln man appeared 
today *» " t tia oirllee or ObUnty Atfd«<- 
utf Oaorge Skldmora to aak an m- 
Teetlgatlon of the ahootlng. Mr. 
Skldmota told tbem it appeared that 
Smitb bad fired tbe shot wblla car- 
rying out the Uw, and that no action 
could be taken. 

CUseell wbo waa wanted by Sheriff 
.MaroaU' JUadrU -to- —n* ■! ■ B » «> ii>l ie- 
on a one-year sentence for petit lar- 
ceny and wbo, police said, waa sought 
eleswbere for burglary, waa picked up 
Saturday on a charge of being drunk 
He was locked In the Jnll at the rear 
of tbe police fttation. while W. w . 
McCalllster. beld on a liquor charge. 
waa placed In a cell on the second 
floor of tbe polloe station. 

Eiplrcfl In Hospital ' 
When relatives came to the statlou j 
to make bond for McCalllster, Of- | 
fleer Smith thought he vaa in tii« . 

there for hbn. CasMl' represented j 
himself as McCalIlsl«r nncl (lr<1 aftr: , 
tbe officer liad released him. SniUli i 
ran alter htm and fired at blm three 
I times when he refused to hslt One ■ 
' ot the bullets strucji the man In t!ie . 
bacjc _»n.a ■ Ue dlfCd luV nlj^t at. bi ; 
JoUa's hospital. • 

runerml •ervlcM for M. A. C»vUi. 
who died \ Sunday morulng In * 
BprlattMd hoiplUI Xrom injuria 
•uTlered in an •utomoblle «ccJdent 
Mwnl mUa •«o. wlU b« conducted 
at 3 30 o'clock Tu««J«y »fteTnoon »l 
the Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home. 
Burial will be In Me-mprlftl Patk ccni- 
I etery. 


On* of the laat of the few aurvlv- 
tng frtenda of Samuel E Clemens 
(Mark Tnalii). famed novelist and 
bumorlbt, died yesterday atternooii 
at 714 South Main avenue, following 
a brief lllneaa. He waa W. T. Dyer. 
OS yeara old. a realdent of Spring- 
field lor the past 38 year^ Mr. Dyer 
waa l9om In Stoutavllle. Mo., but 
■pent hla boyhood dajs In Hannibal, 
growing to manhood wlih the famed 
writer, who waa but one year older 
Funeral aerricea will be condurted 
at 3:30 o'clock TuetitlBy nftrriiooii at 
the Bermao H. Lohmeyer FunermJ 
borne, with Interment following In 
Hazelaood cemetery \ 

Page 3: John Eklund died.** 

Roy Galen Beadle was killed.** 
Page 9: Bernard Berghaus died.** 
Page 12: Walter Cassell was killed.** 

Hugh Creach died.** 

L. C. Estesdied.** 

MaryA. O'Delldied.** 

Harry Hogue died.** 

Mrs. W.T.Allison died.** 

The will of James F. Kiblinger was filed for probate.** 
Page 13: Card of thanks.** 
Page 16: W. R. Self was appointed to administer the estate of William F. Cowden.** 

The will of Ava Keefer was filed for probate.** 

W. R. Self wma named adnilnlBtra- 
'or of the eikUte of William P. Cow- 
den by Judge John H. Falrman of j 
the probate court today. Ui. Cow- 

f-^n. who1ivr<l In Bprlncflclrt. died nt I 
Detroit In Decemi>er. The heirs arc ! 
the widow. Belle B, and two broUi- 
era. John P. una R. C. Cowden. 

Wl'il of Av« Krffrr. who II\rd b' t:,-" 
BoulliweM corntr ol Florence uvcni;*.- 
and blalne street and died recently. , 
wa» Ill«d with the probate court to- ; 
rtay. n deMnea the home, houaehold 
woods fiid ii.oi.ry 'o riKK'p^ and 
iieiihr««, rviia .^. Chr,M«li-,. U^r;. A '' 
Vauishmi. hiiiiiiv Brac). r.iusy Uriec;- 
lo^e and Charles L. £aion. and »25 
lo ii.e Dole .S'.ref. M. E chiir'.-'i. 
.South. Bcti Chu&iain waa named ex- 


— OAnL J\Jf(GfR>ri. Mo, rihTii^ 

(API— Roy Oalen Beadle. 21. vaa tn< 

Btantly killed Sunday evening' wlien 
a Bled, on vbieb be waa iKUng wUb 
tuo cotnptntona bahln d » mot w^ «•■*■ 
Hweried from tha road aod^ craabjd. 
Into » telaphiMi* post. BMdlali naek 
waa broken. 
' Wilbur S;»B ar.d Clay Co«t. the 
I other two young in«n riding the atod. 
|.w«r« Ir.Jurrd. 

rmrtH w»a a Junior a» Oaar* ^'^ 
I«r»n ooUaga at Caurtliaga, 
of Mr. and Mr*. Hoy S Beadl 

■. and • aoo I 

leadle cf this 


*t*li (« ttenk oor maar Maada uid 

^ »r Mr 4t«rtr Me«M motiMr 
fraadmetlMr artd for tba beMttlM 

I offerlniB. 




Funeral Conducted 
At Ijfountain Grove 


— ^— 1^ ■■■■■■ I |M ^ 

ICOOirrAIK OROVB. Mo.. Feb. 1»— ' 
John KJUund, 84, pioneer Mttler In 
tha 07Arks. rlird nt Ills home iirnr 
MoiiiitKln Onur 8ti:i(1;i- Funrriil 

srrrjPM \rprr coilrttlrtrfl by tlif R<-\ • ] 
cxcnd r. J. LiMlit. mtfl tMirlnl Trii5 !n ' 
the Swedlab cemetery at Mouiit«ln I 

Mr. Eklund came lo Americ* from ! 
6tockliolir>. Bwrden, In ttie uprliiK of i 
1806. After tnree week.* cio«»lrn; the ' 
AtUntIc lie Uncled in New Yorfc Clly | 
•nd then catn« to CtilraRO. ror two 
Kixl one-half yenr* hf worked ou tl.f ! 
railroad In MIchlRan and MDmotirl | 
U« helped to bulJd Iha frlaco Uitr 
t>*tw»*a at. VonlM and Sprlngflald 
Mid oa to MoantAla aroir«. 

Mr. Eklund thea fook a lioine«t«od 
on* And ont^fourtlk mUen nortnwaat 
oi MotmtalB OroT*' Mid tor MrcrmI 
TMr* «ndur*d prlrmtlon »nd tutrd- 
•hlpa. He carried lofc* on bla ahoul- 
der for tbe first bouae he btillt on 
thia land. He broke tip the flrat acre 
of land he cleared with a i>pade and 
etiltlraUd hU «om with % ho*. He 
workad at home Uirouglt tbe aprlng 
•nd mttf rammtr. ttito. vorlwd In 
Iron mine* or on the railroad tbe re* 
ouandw of tta* year to make » llrihg. 
R« walked wherever he went a* he 
had no otber way to traTel. The 
eloMat rriti mill waa HartTtU* and 
h« c«n1«d hit srain four or tlTe mUea 
to • n«t«hbor who bad a yoke of 
ozan that'they might make tbe trip 
tor the mill. 

There were many deer and wild 
turkey In thoee day* and Mr Eklund 
tiaed to recall having ftcen 30 to 40 
In a bunch at v«noua time*. He took 
tip plaat«r1n«. brick laying and atone 
work which gave him emplonnent 

eloaa to bom* m the town bcfaa to 
btilld. • 

Hr. Eklund waa married to Chxi»- 
tine Swenaon, also of Bwwien, In 
1 8 11 ana ta* tta* etg hi c faildim . it 
of wbom are dead except one son. 
Edward Eklund. Mr. Eklund 
mamber of tha Church of Ood. 


Third Victim of Auto, Train 

Crash at Billings Dies in 

Hospital Here 

TlM toU In the railroad croealng 
craah at BlUlnga Stmday afternoon 
waa tncreaaad to three wltti the death 
<it B«maud Berghaua. 17, at St. John's 
hoaplUl here Monday afternoon at A 

Paul Berghaua, 14, eon of Mr. and 
Mra. L^ t. Uergliau* ol Huhlux, H;.vi 
a brother of Bamaud, and Roy Wal> 
tera. 19. aon of Mr. and Mrs. WIU 
Baxt«r of BlUlnga, were the otber two 

Paul Berghaua and Roy Walters 
wera killed Instantly when tbe Ford 
touring car In which tbe three boys 
were rlOing waa struck by rrlaco faat 
mall train No. 4 aa It paaaed through 
Billings about 4:40 o'clock Sunday 
afternoon. The automobde, whlch-f 
waa towing a aled on which several 
rUIs were riding, sUUed on the cross- 
ing and waa hit by the train bcfot« 
the boys could Jump to safety. 

Tbe girls on the aWd. among who 
was Mia* Prancea Berghaua, 10. sister 
of the Berghaiu boys, escaped Injury. 

The two yotmger boys wer« killed 
instantly, but Beruaud Bergbaus was 
uUve uhen found and vrzi taken to 
at. John's bosplUl In thu city, wb«r« 
he died twenty-four hours Uter with- 
out regaining consciousness. 

Ftineral serrloea for Roy W*iur»- 
were held thU afternoon at the FUst, 
BapUst church in BilUngi, In charge 1 
of the R«Ter*Dd T. B. U linger. [ 

Although no deflnit* nrrangementa . 
for a funeral for th* Berghaua boys 
had yet been arranged today, ac- 
cording to A. S Wallace, undertaker 
at Billings, a double funeral will 
i"'.bfii)!y ;v ;.c:-! «: st Jo««epri> c«^^- 

ollc churvh at Bllllnpa Thuraday j 
morning. In charge of the Reverend | 
la'.lier Kadelafe. Burial will take 
p!B'*« In K'. Joseph's Catholic ceme- 
tery at Billings. 

Among thoae who survive the Berg- 
hatis boys are »»»♦ parent*, Mr. aed • 
Mrs. K P. Ber^hans. and three sisters. 
.\llv« Henrietta Keller, an instructor 
lu Ktaie 'ieaihcra college m Spring- 
l\i '.:'.. t^ uil HUi.t 

Hoy Walters 1^ 8',;rvived by hl.^ »*«ep- 
f-i:h»T nnd mother. Mr and Mr* W;i; 


Church Bequests 
"^Included in Will 
Oi-Rich Merchant 

tmiTURi bitinwn MO.OOO~kD<i •TTUjo w'l 
1 nwd« wMHr Um will of Juim* T. Klb- ; 
1 Ungar. pnantcant mcrcU&ut of .Sxn 

iJzuyt, nuo ulMt ;n jBrtuar>'. l~.e ->... 

WM nicd with Fma^tm Judc* Joba H. . 

rttirm*n todar. Mr. Klblloicrr. >intil 

I'.orc «iirt .'uii»>.-A( .ifirr.-* in A^n '.r' •. " 
One of 'h»- flr/t .>rfai/'*'» .» tlV) '*> 

to r.iri* for fl.^ •t:i\»h "f Ki^<iiii<rr 

! »nrt hi<i -ji!.'^. H.-ifl *.V» lo lire for »;• 

f ■ ••■-t,:«' (trH-,r« Afirr f.i« •Mf<?« 

c< Aab JCIrac* for bin (MVdtlHId. 
yirniTT HTrrti. Um frtmlp«l mi4 tnfr 
«i( to tw rt tuw fJ L uamt t|Mi.^ar >• 
as. VrevMon li a,a<l9 l».p*f.-«blB 

moiwy to <u>l> IL rrwMte. awigbHt. 
MM WttUM B. XlbUncM'. Mtt. in OM* 

Bl (liTH withont Uxue bcfor* age 
36. or to bU cblMrcn U aoy. 

RMldu* of UM wtato «M toft tottapr 
widow. Mary Jan* ICIbUngcr.and al> 
•o sho waa left a bualneaa bultdlnc In 
Aah Orovo In f«o*. K nn. W*l« 
lace, was ginn 80 acm of tann taad 
and the daughter. Susie, th^ ttome on 
Calhoun atre«t, Aab OroT*. Tba vMow 
w«a namtd axAcuior. 


III nil cliCAcii 

i Uufb Citacb. 89. of Mack* Creek. | 
{ Mo.. dle4 Febniarr S *t bla boma. 

waa til* only aurrlvor wl vue ol luc , 
oldeet pioneer famUlea tn t he OwrfcaJ 

Ilia latber «-as an early aettlrr com- 
ing bere from Vlrslnta In 1837. Mr. 
Crearh rpcnt ihc gre»»er iiart of t, ir 
\\t* on tbe old bom«*t«ad wber* be 
waa bom. He serred for orrr • Tc«r 
wttta tbe Camden county Votnnteera 
<.•( tlir EnrolN'd MtAoo^irl Militia. He 
I I* kurtitrd br bia «^Ie. 


yu»ertti wtvi. r^ ivr HHfj' H-^gv 

M. former rcaldent of bpnitifllelri 
who rtlod at MarrlBonvMle. Mo . were 
conducted at 11 o'clock tlil« Uiotii- 
Ing at tbe Herman II. I>obinc;er 
Ftuierat borne. Burial waa in Eaat- 
lawn cemetery. 

Officer Is Freed 
Of Blame by Jury 
In Shooting Fray 

A coronera Jury returned tlie mer- 
lin I Moiiduy iilK iiii.'.Mi "1111.1 \V..i;tr 
Casnell came to liln <lrMh from a 
bullet fired by roUcciiian t. C. brnlUi 
111 line 1)1 (inly •• 

The tnque«t wn* coiulurtrd by Dr 
Murray C. Stone. Orocne county cor- 
oner, at the request of Smith. Al- 
though Dr. Stone cxprenseu llie be- 
T'ff flinf (in IndUfMt mth y.r^ot.-.r\r\- 
alter iiii liiveMiKiUloii jestertlBy 
luortrlnp. he Inipnr.rllrd a Jury iir po- 
llic luftclquiirtfrs tit 4 o\ U., k Moi.- 
tlaT afternoon when the vprdlct tx- 
vneralinK Hmllli was! 
V0MMtit Who «M tUUlOTttoOd to 

have aanwd tUne tn tbe atate penl- 
tontlarjr, waa fatally abot In the back 
•**^ o'clock Saturday night north 
oC OoHtoK* 'oo Main airaoue. Be bad 
attempted to eacape froni the city 
J*l» When PoUoeman Bmltb had cone 
*»»•«» to raleaae another man for 
wbow ralaUvea bad arranged bond. 

Among thoae who teittified at the 

tiKiucst be»lUe« Knilth. -n-, re Hrii.f 

PUaki Ebner A. Btockdale. city tirel 

wan; Oene OUIard. necro. wbo waa 

In tba aauM oeU wltJi Oaaaell: and 

Clarence Halteman. Police Chief o 

C. Pike. W. H. Daahbum of tbe anto 

recovery department, and Officer Lee 

Jonea aUK> took the aUnd. as well 

u Mra. Ruby Smith. 70» Weat Olive 

atreet. who aaid 6he waa aUndIng at I 

the comer of Main and College when ' 

the ahootlng occurred. 

Caeaell w«e 28 year. old. He la' 
aurrlred by his wife, his parent,..,' 
*tr. and Mrs. Rivera CaMeli. 3031 I 
North Pierce avenue: two alatera. Mra 
L. a. Cat** and Mlaa Rachel Caaaell; 
and two brotbers. Charles Caaaell of: 
Tr-'.'ce. Kan . and Alonjw CB*»ell of 
Uetroit. Mich. 

Funeral aerrlcea for Caaaell wUl be 
held Wednesday morning at 10 o(U>ok 
at Starnci Mortukry. conducted h\ 
the Rev. Lewla M. Hale of tbe South : 
Avenue Bapii^t chum.. 
wm take place in BMllawn cemetery-. 

L. C. fct»TES 

• L C. Bate*. 89 died at ihe reo'-rtl 
}3o ldlai* ' home rt m. .^nirnns Bani'-' 
j day xacbt. mineral ecnK-cs ■« en helC 
jthU afvrrnot'.'i 6i 1 wIixk in MoiiCti 
Imitli burial In the Ia't crmr'jcrr a: 
! VrroiiS. Mr. }utlre wb* b tu<-iu!>r: il 
'. nevairal Maaontc ordara. Inctuding tbe - 
/S»t' :d <vjii'.'.i Nv. 2!j mud .^o^.•v Br:. 
AUbeci bhruie oX bprUmJUeld. Ua U 
*ur->'lved by three children. Mrs A. '■ 
M H«nde:»or. 6prrr(rfleld- Mr.« W A 
L4le«. Muuett. kud Mra. Aaiou EiaCK. 
I Verooa; 18 graudcbildrec ai.-l a great- 
' ^Tanddau^htcT. 




Tt. f'«'t«»*"f ■ htiff 

b« oooduci«d ^t'JJtO o'ciock WedOM* 
d«f Aft«mooD Bt tilt Kllngt»*r fun«r*J 

i,r.."«. Biirtr.1 will »K» II P:ri">v" 
1 CCIUClC/>. 

MM. If. T. AIXI80N 

Word >»•• »*ecn ree«l»«U U«r« of ib« 
death ill Hollywood, C*l . of M" W 
T. Atllnon. of Brewertoii, W»»b . "nU 
formerly of Hprlrivflvld. Mhe «• «■• 
inriiihrrcd l>> li»r fiIfM«V . J.'f re *e 
MUa Matil* Bnowd«n. tiii* U Mir* 
vlftd by iter liu»l«ao«J biiU l«o kiii*. 
I«(t broilirrit. 0«><>rge of Bull Anloiilo. 
•Ie»»i», Ruil Ji.liii I'f I I."' ••»;>». 1". wid 
llirre iUier*. Mr*. Miy Wolf. Mt» ^o• 
Clartliirr. «nrt Ml»« BuiUy »lliww«l«n. 

,,# »1*i*-1i 1 ,- f tl-ll' V .„—*— 

Page 10: Mrs. Emma F. Sims died.** 

Charles Kemieth Gwaltney died.** 
William Conn died.** 
Walter Franklin McConnell died.** 

A daughter Freda Marsalene Fielder was bom February 9 to Mr. and Mrs. D. F. 
Fielder, 917 Kingsbury street. 

Page 11: Card of thanks.** 

Page 14: Mrs. Hazel B. Collins sues to divorce Charles A. Collins of Kansas City. They 
were married May 17, 1925. They have a child. 


WaJter FrankUn McConnell. 10. aon 
Of Mn. B«u<* Ort«n. dl«<l jeitcnlay 
•t bis horn* on rout« Ho. 1. three 

mllei* northetjrt of SprltipTleld. He 
U survived by IiU mother, tv^o aitiera 
Mrs. D«U7 Burka and MIm t.1l» Mc- 
Connell: atiU t*o brotJirr-. MarTy Mc- 
Connell and Charlea McConnell. Pu- 
nerml arranfamenU ara not complete 
but aerrlcM will be conducted under 
direction of the Kllnyner Funeral 

'^dbaJ/tm K0iai*t}iOw*lUMf.> Infant 
eC Mr. ud Mim. WUUam ' H. 
Omltney. dlad thto mcmlnf at tbt 
iiaiUjr realdane*. ai» North Mtaaourl 
arenue. He la aurvivcd by hi* p«r- 
•Ota. on* brothar. aod^os atot«r. The 
i>ody will be Uken of^land to Wright 
cfUMlary in Stona county Xor (unaral 
Wr^iotm : TIniiMay aftaraoon at a 
Mloek. Burial wUl ba In the c«ma- 
Uuft under dlraotlon of the Klingner 
runaral home. 


WlUlam Ooon. M, dlad Tueaday 
evenlnt at bla bocn*. 330 North Kan- 
sas avenue. He la surrlred by the 
widow and bla motber, Mrs. Alice 
Conn, of WlUard. Mo., ona brother. 
Claranoa Conn, of Sprtngflald, and five 
alatera. Mn. ftank Xaatam and Mrs. 
avm MeCrmktj. both of WlUard: Mra. 
Bertha Richard, of Bt. LouU: Mrs. 
Trarla Ulcka, of Bolivar. Mo., and 
Mrs. Amanda EDunarton. of Bprlns- 

'. M«.. vfc.. VW^v«Vl 

noon at ttaa last 

Ohorab. Burial will ba in Oreenlawn { 
lesmateiT, under direction of the J. 
'.W. Klingner Fancral home. 

f ''I'-, 


';Mn. Bnuna r. Staa, 76, died yes- 
terday afteraoon at tha bone if- ber 

aoau^Tsrett O. BUns. en ftouia No. 4. 
(Ate la aurriTad by thraa sons, Barry, 

of West PiaJna. Mo.. Everett O . of 
Bprtnstlald. and WIU W. of clever. 
M«.. and two dauf btats. Mra. J. B. 
Wade, of RcpubHe. Mo, and Mra. W. 
B. Stuckl. of Bprtnfftald. PuneruJ 
services will be cooduetad at Hood 
M. E. church, at Republic. Mo.. > 
fbursOay afternoon at 3:30 O'clock. 
Bttrlal wfU (m in Brerrratn oematery 
there, under direction of the R. C. 
Tbnman Puorral home. 

' MWM^^^i^^^^^^^N^*^^»^rf^^#V^»W^^»^^^^»^^'^« 


Ha wUh fo tbank <rar many fHcsdi 
lea Ibalr klodntM and •ymptihy during 
LJHM death al oa» Mowsd bs*. 

txasOfiil floral ottrffnf 
J V. UtiVUU« ai^a t>O.Sti. 



Page 2: Charles E. Whitlatch died.** 
J. T. Johnson died.** 

Page 12: A son Jolin David Patterson was bom January 21 to Mr. and Mrs. John 
Patterson, 426 Chestnut street. 

A son Bonnie Lee Brandon was bom February 12 to Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Brandon 
of 704 West Calhoun street. 

Page 13: Card of thanks.** 


Word haa b«*n received here of the 
dMth in Monterey. Cal., of Charles 
E. Whitlatch. who had lived in 
Spnngfield intermittently elt q 1880. 
while employed by the Frl»co. Mr. 
Whitlatch vkaa 71! yfHr» ol age. He 
came to Bprli.Kfleld Ironi "orl 6oott. 
Kan., and nerved as yarrlninn. br»Kc- 
man. and condJicior. Monett ua» Mr 
WhlUatcii's home prlo"" l" •i'* depar- 
ture for Callfornlft for hln health, 
however. Ouy Whitlatch of 1/owcll. 
Ariz., Mra. John Ro«»t and Mrs R. 
Rohliidon of Mf-ntere^- PorV. . sre 
•unlvlug children. A widow also bur- 

\ 1VC3. 


Puncral wrrlcea for the R«»ei«nd 
rrmnP Umoiut wUl b« conducted Sun- 
day -*(t«raooa «t 3:30 o'cloclt In PItU 
M. E. chapei>ere. Eureka Lodge No. 
S9 wlU hftv* cbATge of the Mrvlcaa. 
BurUt will be In Soutn Hanel-ood 
otiiMt«nr under direction of Ih, Iler- 
b«t V. Smith fmier*! boooe. ^^ \h 



H j p»« i» a •*»«^ 

In U>\ins memory of my darUnf baby 
Billy J«an Lowe. «h6 died on» yaar axo 
today, rebruarr M. >»»« "» on« know* 
K.r Diriil rie«rl»i;he Only one who U>»1 
c«n teU of the jrlff thul li bofoe lu 
fllenr* lor m> b«by 1 loved »o well. B»<1- 

In lovir>f memory of our moth»r and 
fTaodmother, who passed away in Oakland. 
California, four )e«r« »io today. 

Mr. and Mr« K M Mfchan and Waytia 


Fvineral aervlcea for J. T. Jo!iii!>oii. \ 
70, who died liiesday morning. wlU 
be conducted thla mornluR at the 
home of hU son, J. L. JohnBOu. 1621 
South JafXeraon aveiiue. Burial will 
be m the ceme'ery at Spnrtn. Mo . un- 
der direction of the HernidU II. L> n- 
meyer funeral home. 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 5: Jack Vandiver died.** 
Page 14: George Fugitt died.** 

Elmer E. Thompson died.** 

Charles E. Whitlatch died.** 

Walter Franklin McConnell died.** 

Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Baker died.** 

John H. Moon died.** 

John H. Widenauer died.** 
Page 18: Card of thanks.** 
Page 20: There is an article about Alfred P. Harwood.** 


Funanl Mcrlces tor tba Rewrentl 
Prmnk Hann«, who. died In Oreen- 
Iteld, Mo.. Wcdneeday morning, wUl 
b*. ocmduotcd at Pitts Ob&pel- M. B. 
church bar* Bxiodsy afternoon at SiSO 
o'clock. Bvulal will be In South Kas- 
elwood cemetery, under direction of 
I the Hert>ert V. Umlth funeral home. 

runtral MrrtOM toe Barl Uaitlii 
wUl b* oooductwd at laJO othMk 
aondar** ntt* Ob»p«l M. ■. ehunh 
bM^ BnrUl «m b* tn Unet^ Mem- 

ortal cemetery, under direction of the 
Herbert V. Smith fimerml home. , 


'Aged Negro Dies; 
W€is Former Slave 
On Tobacco Farm 

• Jack Vktidlrer. mfta ntgn srrvant. 
dlfltf tbU nK>ralng at Uie bomo of hia 
•mployfr. J. T. AoitrM of 994 Clierry 
•trcet lie auffared a paralytic blrokc 
at 8 a. ra. ^Mle working In the 
kltclicn uf tlie Andrrs hemic. I>ntli 
occurred aoon altervard. He »m 
credited with belog uearly 90 vears 

' "Oncle Jack," a« be was known to 
trie Aiic1rc« fMnlty. had born em- 
ployed In the Aiidren liDim.' tor iho 
paat 18 year*, coining brre (roai 8t. 
Loula, mhere he had been employed 
•a a cook by aeveral hoteln. 

During the period of alavery. "Un- 
ci* Jack" waa the property of two 
different ovD«ra. He was boru In 
DanvUlt. Ky^ on the plantation of a 
wealthy to: ace. grower, being sold 
to a realdent of St. Loula at the age 
ot 20 

Aa yet funeral arrangement's are 
incomplete, but It is thought thst 
tb« body will be forwarded to St. 


— B lings Dndc " 
to Visit Here 

^ rarrtngton. Jr.. wfre aurprlaed on 
hla arrlTal tJUa momlpg to learn of 
hU marrlaca tbla week. Be waa mar- 
ried Tueaday to Mlsa Nora O'Neill of 
Vc-y Orleans. La . In New Orlcnns. The 
newlyweds arrived here this morning 
to vlalt bl« parent*. Mr. and Mr». 
Jobn 8. Karrlngton. 931 East Walnu t 
jtriBt — Mm. Panlmtou. Ji.. l» ttrc" 
daughter of Judge and Mrs. Charles 
A. O'Neill of New Orleans, l-i...^ Mr , 
Psrringtou baa spent the winter In j 
New Orleans. The young couple have . 
no defUUte plans for the future. They ■, 
,«U1 tM bera for about.a fortnight. i 

In i«r«rrliis to the death ot Alfred P- 
Hanrood. the Upland Newa. published In 
the CaUtornU town where^ Mr^ Harwood 

l eei d e d. B a y w : -7-- . 

-InyBBtl«aaon« ludicau tiua Mr- ti*^ 
V^ drove hla car into the side of the 
trtln'i locotnotlTc and death !■ "'d to 
bare bMB practicaUy ln«unUneouB. 

-He waa born In Bennington. Vermpnt. 
in 1S8». and lived lor many years In the 
east before moving to California. 

-Mr Harwood had spent arpro.xlmatclv 
haU ol hla life here, having coiuc to tl|« 
•OnUrlo Colony' ^ben there vas little 
here but «igebrush and Jack rabbits and 
hU life was very much wra|.i.ed up In 
the development of the community. Al- 
though he had recently been maklnK hU 
home with his SOD. rrank H. Harwool 
at San Dimas. he was almost n dully tIb- 
llor in Upland, where he owned unicli 
property And bu*in«k<i lul«»r«iU. 

"A giOftt iover of >hn itiit-trf'!"^r*, Mr. 
Harwood. despite hie advanced years, 
apurned the aervicca of a chauffeur nnd 
InalBted on driving hie own car. Some 
10 yeara ago. while drUlng.-wlUi a friend 
hla machine went over an embankment 
and plaaged. with lU occupanU many 
h u ndred ft^t iift wn- tb^-Bteep- canyott 
wall, but by a miracle neither wna criti- 
cally Injured. 

"Mr. IlarwiKHl was foi" more Hiau UU 
vcars prcMUtnt vl the IVoj-lc-, .Mutual 
nnlUlIni: .TU'l I-oaii a?;=oclatlon and (he 
Guarantee UuilUing and Loan a.-.-.oU.iti')u 
of Ontario, nnd at the time of his death 
was chairman of the board of directors 
of the Ulilaiiv vTlii.' vf »'■'- l'-; :'-i'' •"■' '"' 
Sri%lngs and Loan ronipanv. Hucr.--'i.- 
of the aforementioned ahi^ociaiU'UK. " 



<:ARI> or TllAMLa 

W* »l»h lu mriterfly Ibank our r»la- 
tiTri. frifiid» Slid neUl'i»o»»- •"» *'*^' 
tiTVlfH » »\nip«lli- fxtrrdrd In U>» 
• irkiirM •i<<1 drkUi i>I our t»<f>rr. J 8 
tiavinrt. w» invit humUv th»»iii »"• 
mK\titfiK lor ilirir »(>ra» ot comlori and 
farh lndl>iilii»l tur ltn> h»m«iltful no»»r». 

MX AMI *m: • CM'.-- vv jF.yvH.rr' 


PUncral aervlees wcra conducted at 

Onaa. Mo« yesterday for oeorge Pu- 
tM^ Tt-^aar-old Btone county pio< 
Smt. wlio waa touott dead In hi* cab- 
'j^iWar Oraaa lignday evening. The 
■m^'^mtm- waa touod^ deatf l>y a 
6#bMr; a, yr. Stewart. 



Wtter B. Thomp«oa, 67 ytar« old. 
«lMftttb« ham* ox hu aon. CUwnce 
WBpMB. PM W« Him .trwt. at S 

»P^t y^ OMBpUU. but .«^ic*« ^,11 
PraiMMy b* tMM at the W. u BUma 

toHMUwood o«D«t«7. Mr. -niomp. 

!• «imT^ by hU .on. toy t^TQ 

US9. Sua CofnAod. Bprina- 

•ad Mza. Wmum DatuUon 

1 CItjr. Mul by OM brothar, Kck 

*** Xltaver. . 


Wort vu r«:eiwj here ywterday 
«t Um dMth m Monterey, c.l or 
Cb»rl«» «. Whiii«ch. Who bad Uved 
in 6prtn»fUld IntertnUtontly .inc« 
itm. Mr. Whltlatch oaae to BprtM- 
fltkJ from Port Scott. Kan, and 
••r»ed u yardmwi. brmlieman and 
rondoctor for the rrl«;o. Monett 
»a« hU hom« at the time he left ror 
California ror hl» health. 


.•llia>, W«ti KlmAth Biikar. wUa 
^M Ut» lUTcreDcl A. J. Baker or Caaa> 
VUte. 4U«d ftt tba bomt or her dau^h- 
tar. Mn. •vmm 8bor*. in CaaavlU* 
tNOotadar •* Um Kgt el eo yaara. 
ICIS. BakK. wtio WM Um daugbUr 
OC tba lata Mr. and Mrs. AUr«d King. 
'Vu bom and reared la Brookline.' 
Orwo* oonnty. Bealdaa bar bu«> 
teotf alM i» aarrlTad by two tons and 
«a« datighKr. •• loUowa: A. B. Ba- 
ftw. Funlr; Obsrlaa Baker. Caavllie. 
■«tf Mrs. B«rt.ia Shore of Caaavlllo. 


JoliQ U. Moou. 37 died this monil-.g 
mr his bota*. 3939 Nortb Grant ave- 
tliM. Foneral arrans«tnent«. under 
tfttvetloa ot Ui« KllQgner runcnti 
•rt Ineomplete. 

runada mrt ht m for Waiter Prank- 
, fta IfcOokBeU vera oooduotcd at 8 
«%tedt 'ibto aAOTaoon •« Bellvlew 
ehsrc)). aU mtlea north of Sprlngrield. 
Burial vaa in Bellvlav cemetery, un> 
<tar dlrecUon of the J. W. Kllngner 
V^UMtml boma. 

'•mUMfBl wnliia for Jobn ii. Wl- 
wttl b* conducted at a.-3<; 
afUraooo at tba First 
eburcb. tbe Reverend 
0L IpiTaai Drake offlclattog Burui 
^f$ii b« til Oreeniawo cemetery un- 
C$f aifMVoa of the KUocsar funeral 


John Wheeler. 67. and Martha L. 
Kltohlug. 74. both of Aurora; L«- 
ro7 Jackson. 21. and Ethel Otrton, 
-rerhoth of Springfield. 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 6; Elmer E. Thompson died.** 

Joe Ann Hood died.** 

Jolin H. Weitnauer died.** 

Mrs. Harriett Wear died.** 

Mrs. Pearl M. Caldwell died.** 
Page 7: Card of thanks.** 
Page 10: Henry Schneiter, Jr., was killed.** 

William T.Ford died.** 


yiSfral tenicos riu be condufe4 
at 2:30 o'clock Sunday aftemooie* 
the Methodist church In Mart.M|f^Ui^ 
Mo. for Wiljiara T. Ford. 74, a fMl« 
rtenn or Lawrence tounty alnca IWT^ 
•'ho dlert «i hl» MarlonvlUe ^iib4 
Friday a.'tercoon afte.- a tolef <f% ^TTi. 

M'. F-:c! ojs bom In TexU buf 
■' *■^ :•:■ i.^,. t.. It! I ;er.-o county tt»a 
he WM two year* c\C. MMt of'^l« 
life w»« tp'Tit oi: E farm Ilk the ^tft^ 
ern part or the cot^cty. he and ll4 
family movinj to Marlon\-tIle abOi* 

:% iHT':rif< bv .»i!« 7-:>. u cbUdi^ 
end 3D ,?.-«-c;ciii;c;rfr.. 

I - l -.JL i i 


Loulas Taylor. J7, Stockton, and 
Myrtla Edtn, 33; Monett; Ray Q. 
Holmes, 36. sprtocfieU. aad OoIorcB 




ft MM a Un*. 

vuh To thank our tn«njr frltudi »r\d 

jBb<n tor thdr •*rTlo«« and irmpatoy 

eatciu:^ In t)ir ilrlinrM unci deaih o< 


.jMU -iMaband and broiiicr. WUaKm Conn. 
Uiaiik Ui« 


We *l|a aapvctallT to Uiaiik Uto rrcscoit 
Laondfy and each 4xidi*t4aal lot- 4' 

- """T^ HUB. WnJJAM OOHW, 





Funeral servtceti for Elmrr K. 
Thnaiptoiw gr..i<wiii-i>« .«i«»n(iMa4»4 ■>■ 

3:80 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the 
sum* funeral chapel. Interment I 
will be In Hazelwood cemetery. I 

; JOK .\.N.N noon 

I Joe Ann Hood, tnfaiil UuuKlitei uf 
Mr. and Mrb. Veriilc ».'. Hixxt. 8yit 
East Delmar utreel. died ypsterduy 
morning at a Springfield hospitnl 
The tMJdy will lj« overlniid to , 
Miller. Mo., Sunday niornlue for 
burial to the Beyniour cemetery. | 
under direction or W. 1, .snnrno. 
unricrtiKrr : 


Puncral servlcra of John H. Welt- • 
nauer will be ^l^duct«d at :!.30 ^ 
o'clock Sunday afternoon at tlic 
rint Convregattonal church, the ; 

iqt- Btulal will be In Oreenlawn ] 
mn a t a ry , iinri a r d lr a rilnn x f Hm 
KUnfner runera! home. 

.MKr«. IIMtKIKTT Ml. All 

Mnr. Harrlrtt Wear. lA. rilrri Lliia 
murniuj; at the liotue of her dauch- 
tcr. Mr.-. P. C. C'oiiflli-l. Vno K."?' toin- 
bard ^tree^ following n liiipi-rlin; 111- 
n«M. Boaldch Ihc tluuglitrr here, Mrs. 
Wear Is anrvlved by three other 
TaugfiXefeTMnj. K. B. h'eliou mid Mra, 
J. L Arua. both of Toledo. Ohio, and 
Mra. B. Ir Moorman of WaahtnRton, 
D. C. The bodv will be !»etit to Cmn- 
den. Ohio, by the Hrrman >J. Loii- 
meyer funeral borne here for funenU 
serrtcen in Camden Sunday. 

.MBS. Pt.\KL .>l. (WLUULI.I. 
Mrs. Pntrl Montgomery Caldwell. 
30. wUe of Romic C. Caldwell, 1!:!0G 
North For', ««rmir dletl enrly thi.s 
morning at her home foll-jwiii;; k 
brief tllncAs of pneiintoiiln. Shr t» 
6i;r\UTd hy IIt iMi.^hmirl biuI '.w.. 
unall ftotvs, Junct, ami i.ii>;eiio, iicr 
father, Jamea W. Montgomery, aiici 
"two brotheriv. J. Z. and Paul Mojit- 
gomery. and one sister. Mrs. Stella 
Wecteraon. runernl sen ices will be 
conducted at 2 .10 o'clock 'Sunday 
afternoon at the K&rI A\enue B.-ip- 
tut church, the Rexerciidn .T. U. 
Barnrs ri;cI V.. A Krppi-li of ficl.if Itic 
Burlnl will be in cn lulftsvn ceinctery 
under the dlrertion of the Klir.pner 
Funeral home. 


Henry Sclinelter. Jr.. ouf of The 
four young people who lost thair 
ll«ee In a grade crossing accident last 
week near Aurora. U!.. \rms the icc of' 
Mra. Henry Sohneiter. who before Ueri 
ni*rrtage wa« Anne Wolrer of Spring- 
field, It waa learned fcere today. The I 
boy's mother la The nephew of WU- ' 
11am r. Wolter who lives on rural! 
route No. 10, northe&st of the city. 

The Schnelter fanjlly visited here 
aereraJ tlmea this winter and wm 
here before Christmas to attend t&a 
funeral of Mra. Scbneiter-a father. j 
The accident in which young I 
Schnelter wms klUed occurred when 
the car In which he waa riding skid- ■ 
ded on an Ice-coverert road and struck 
a train broadside, according to tnlor- 
matlofi received here. The whole' 
side of the car was ripped aw^y and 
th« six occup««ita. three of 

asa tbcssB au\ 

sy and' 

Page 1: Son bom February 15 to Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Johnson, 1608 Ferguson avenue. 
Page 3A: J. J. Beshers and Miss Louise McKeon, both of Springfield, were married 

Page 5B: Marriage license at Bolivar; Claudie O. Grain of Goodson and Sylvia Johnson 
of Springfield. 

Son bom February 15 to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Owens of Battlefield, Mo. 
Page 73: Mrs. Esther Hall of Ozark sues to divorce Ira Hall of 971 Concord avenue. 
They have a child, Robert, aged 6. 

Son bom February 10 to Mr. and Mrs. Fred McCann, 1202 East Walnut street. 
Page IC: Mrs. Ethel Banfield sues to divorce P. L. Banfield. They were married 
September 22, 1926, at Webb City. Her maiden name was Anderson. She has two children by 
a previous marriage. 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 3C: Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Howard celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary.** 

Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Lambert have 1 5 children.** '^^ 


Miss Henrietta Gruene of New Braunfels, Texas, and Tom T. Steele of Monett are 
engaged to marry. 

Miss Norma Ice and Ray Johnson were married February 9 in Cassville, Mo. They 
will live in Monett. 

Mrs. Fred Lester died.** 

Daughter bom February 1 1 to Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Black of Monett. 

Hirley R. Bowen died.** 

L. C. Estes died.** 

E. C. Whitlach died.** 

The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Eden of Monett died February 9. She 
was three weeks old. 

The ten month old son of Mr. and Mis. Floyd Goodman died Tuesday and was 
buried at Halltown. 

Miss Esther Alexander and Herbert Dixon of Morrisville were married.** 

Mrs. Claude Moore died Friday in St. Louis and was buried in the Newburg 
cemetery. Her sister lives in Newburg. 

Son bom Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brown of Newburg. 

The brother-in-law of Mrs. Nora Glasscock of Miller was killed in Cowen, Tenn., 
when a brick building collapsed on him. He leaves a wife Anna [?] (Morgan) Brick [or Brock] 
and three small children. 

Page 3D: Miss Winifred Turner went to St. Louis for the wedding of her cousin Miss 
Jane McUroy. 

Miss Nina Lewelling and Edwin E. Hughes were married.** 
Page 6C: Cards of thanks.** 
PageSC: A. L. Gouldin died.** 

Elmer E. Thompson died.** 

William T. Ford died.** 

W.E. West died.** 

Maxine West died.** 

Joe Ann Hood died.** 

Mr. and Mr». J. V. Black aiiuounce 
b.rth of B daughWr Moiid»y. Feb- 
ruary 11th. 

Hlrl«y R. Bowen died Febiuary M. ' 
at bl» home on M«rsh«ll Hill nftrr 
; long lllnew caused by cautrr. H<^ 
. wa» 48 yeurs of age Ii.;c::i <; • « l^ 
In Odd rellowa cen.clrry luf-u.1% 
Services conducted by Rev f:r'.c!<»or 
He Is survived by lil* wifi- B:.d ^:i 

U O. «rt««. •«« » yeara. died at 
tli« FWerml soldiers" home at St. 
Tim— F«br\wry tUntli. Tha txidy 
w»a bfoofbt borne by his sou. W. A 
Ata*> FunanJ aerTloea at Baptist 
cbUTCli Tuesday lUtemoon by Rev M. 
Smltn of KxeUr ^ssutert by Rev. P 
B. XUmU. Body was interred In Lee 
eraMtery. north of Verona. Masonic 
burial service »bs given at tfr«\e. 

O K. Wtiitlach formerly of Monett. 
a retired Frisco employee died at his 
borne Kt Monterey, Calif.. February 
U. He WM n yeara of age. He 'a 
•urrlead by bU wife, one son and 
two datightera. 

Mn Kor» OlMeoock ■•eetvad 

rroin fowen. TeDi;--tb»t b »r bro tber- 
tnuw bw> he«i lauHy mffar^ d. ■• 
v»s In fttmt of a irnrf* brick WMd" 
ljt(. tba froBt oaved tn. taOlBC as him. 
Be llTed A* bowra. BwvleUit **• 
are bta. vtle. AaB« (Uotfut) KfiU 
and three em*!! eJiUdnu. Mn. Apak 
•pent ei"r«trml moott» l-t tUto vIralBlfef 
•erne year* »«o and ba,« many rrlnAi 
who refret lier free: loaa. 

TIM (en-montba-old son of Mr. and I 
Mi*. Floyd Ooodmaa died Tuesday | 
of pneumonia. IntersiMJt was at > 

Tba infant daughter of Mr and 1 
Mn. R. L. Eden died February ninth I 
ot pnvmoooU. tb« ebUd waa three 
week* of age. I 

MIsa Norma Ice and Rny Johnson 
were married Saturday. February M, [ 
by Rev. Calvin Henderson In his of- i 
flee In CassvlUe. Mrs. Johusou «'ork- ! 
ed for Marshall's as waitress lu the , 
cafe. The young folks are at 310 
Seventh street. I 

I Mrs. Fred Lester, age 74. died from 
I Injuries received by a fall, chusUik m 
I fractured bip on January 8 She was 

a patient at hoepltal and died Kebru- 
' ary 11. Funeral services wtre held .it 

Pelrce City. Burial al Ml. Olivi 
; church cemetery. 



Unjust charges that she was 
meeting her former husband ruined 
her married happiness. Mrs. Ethel 
Banfleld declared In her divorce pe- 
tition filed Saturday against P. L. 
Banfleld. The woman said she had 
two children by the former carriage 
and her second husband was jealous 
and flew Into rages. They were 
married at Webb City, Mo.. Septem- 
ber 23, 1926, and separated Febru- 
ary 13. 1929. She asked return of 
her maiden name of Anderson. 


Thomas J. Young. 40. Springfield, 
and Alice Nora Beckerdlte. 29. 
Springfield; Richard L. Dowdy, over 
21, Springfield, and Sallle W. Hert- 
den. over 21, Springfield; Clarence 
A. Ward. 28, Kansas City. Mo., and 
Lois Uensoo, 25. SiulDgfiQlcV 




A. U UUL'LItl.N 

runer«l •wice. for A. I, Ootildln 
«. Who 41M to a city tiMpltal l^ebru. 
a»y ». wlU b« taeUl Mondny morning 
•• «>• KUagntr funeral chapci 
Bun.1 wlU b# In Park crmc- 
i«ry. Th» body ha* brtn helu lor *\x 
4V» ta an atUmpt to lUid .oma Uv- 
>■« rvUUv* of the man. but the 
••arch «aa VlUiout success. j 

'Jfflwal wnrtcM for Emer E 
TbMapwti. «7. who died Thursduv 
•»W»>af at tb» boma tX hie ion. ciar- 
•aca TbocnpMn of S6S Elm street wii 
tw htfd this •ft«nioon at 3:80 oclock 
»■»• W. U Btarna mortuary, in- 
Unnaiit wm b« in dazelwood cenie- 

tTILLlAM T. lonu 
Futtwai avncw tor wniiam x 
*** 7*^»0Of-tlma realdent of Law- 
taaca ooonty will b« heui at a 3o 
?J^ ^ afUnioon li> the Bdethoo- 
1st church In Marlonviii. Mr Pord 
••• bora tn Tesaa. but u.oved to Law- 
f«Dco county, when he wa« two years 
old Moat of his lire he Kp,nt on b ' 
fann la the nesteru part of ihe 
county. About five years ago lie re- 
urn and moved into Marionville lo 
•pmd th» retnslnder of his life, iie 
t» •urrlTM by hU wife. 11 children 
and as grandchildren. 

VTH Mirt .Mrs. T. K. Howard. v.ho 
■* wrro niarrtrd January 33 1808. 
rrr^r.tlT ot «^".rri tl.rlr aU'y-flr'f 
v.rC'' e:.:.!'.e:snry Mr. IloaHr<5 
VKB born and reared In Laclede coun- 
ty aiid hsi »^rn the district proRresa 
from the old ox cnrt through to the 
a;rpU;;e. M.'a. Howard was born In 

■| Baron covinty Ke;t!irky aixl rar::f *o 

■ Larlfde coiiiity wlir;; r.'ir.^.l vrnr" o'.6 

Wl'.rri 'hpv V rrf : "■; Mr !! i- 

Kir; ».ji ^u }:■.,,; .M.\ !;• ...,:i; v. =^ ;c 

^ Fourteen children were ben lo the 
union, of »l rh ftevm arc row liviri? 

i They have I'V Krajjclchnflrm a:.d 10 

1 grent-prniidfiilldren. 


Wi»b LMhe- Ale\uiicler and Herbert 
I'.j.dii uiTf n;«ir:cd ;i; ihe home of 
I the brlde> parents. Mr. and Mrs. John 
' Alrxniider. Tuesday aft^-noou by Rev. 
Ci!n« J. Wllklns. and th i wedding 
tH-i:^ luuK b!»o Wednesday for Miss 
Cto\n Walker »nd Ray Blackey. MIn 
Wnilc.T IS thp oldest child of Mr. and I 
Mi- B:\i.r \V;-:ker and the groom la, 
■■■■> il.ic: V...' M.- siiL." Mrs. Joe i 
bi.rkrj of Wtsbart. 


Miss Nina Lewelling 
Marries in California 

Mrs. Ida Call. ACS South Marfcat 
ar«nue, baa ancounctd the marriage 
o( her daughter, MUw I^ewaUlng. •.> 
Edwin K. Rushea. Tlie weddlur '»■•«» 
oalebrated Ui t3M> rranclaoo. Ca. Jtii- 
ruaa >• Th* brtda haa bMD sno- 
clatad with tb^ W«*t«m Dntoo TW^ 
graph oompany. for the paat ten j*mn 
and Ur. Hughe* U with a boodtog 
ccmpany. They wiu make thalr hooM 
Is San PraoelaoQ. 

W. B, WMT 

W. K yrmi, tot Biau; >e»r» n ] 
pramtntnt ttmt realding four niilwi i 
rMl ot Aah Orore. Mo , d»«d at his ' 
ttoam at • o'clook lut niflit. »lr. 1 
WMt VM 60 JMT* old li« but bccu 
Ul ««it7 a ■bort ttnii. H« «fts the 
■oa of 11MU7 WMt. on* of ttu pton**r 
fknoan of Or««n* eountx. H« it 
■ m r l i>< by Um widow, two •onM. 
rurrr and K«tin«lh WMt. who live 
fiMr Aab Orov*. kod by en* d*uRh- i 
• »r. Aln»«. of Tort Worth. Tnaii. Fu- I 
"•ral •JT»nf»mtnt« ar« tnromplple 


l*un«ral •errlca* for ft-)r»i-old : 
MaxlDO Wr»t. who d>«d Katurdar '• 
momtng following an aturk of arnaU- I 
pas. will b« at 10 ookick at ti>* iioin* ' 
of bar paraou. Mr. and Mr*. J. H , 
Waat of Ul North :i«ln' avri<.i» ' 
B'.irlal «ill '" In ' -t'l >-«» < 

*>iid*-rtakii^g torn;. •! ■ 

Hour* is» \N I 
fXinaral ii*r»ic»» loi .''v Aui li.v,.i 
tnfaat daufbt^r ot Mr and Mr« V C 
Hood ot 900 Caat Drimar t'Trf't ■*■•.. -j . 
(iivd I'Vlday •ren.'iii;. *r:i- t<rlr| i-, 
Mlllrr. Mo, 8aturd«v aft^.-iv.'.-. Ui- 
:laJ ••• in tlir M;'>- r-.i.t,- 


11 coitt n '1"^ 


We 10 il>»nk "ur trltnAi and 

rent bfrravemfiu. Alw the beiuilioi 
Ilor»I oflrrlng .r.Mno 


MR AND MHS " II ^'*RIVi.-_- I 

ilA.-.rL AONfV 

WE wliih to thank our m»ny frl«n<l» and 
nnthbori for Ihrlr klndnf«s. tympathj 
unrt btiutlful floiHl o(t»ring!«. alto Dr. 
lUla for hia .omlorliii* wordu In our 
tmd b«rf»»«m'tit in Ine loo» of our bu»- 

l)»n<1 >on mid c.-n:i'i " ■ 

MHS OCLDir CA'SErt.r.. 

^ MI88 RACHfX rA.««CLl. | 

' WF: nl«l' rr> ll»iv: .<!• ir»I:v friend' »nd 
; ,t-.-'t...r. I.T •'.•■. r >:y;i''« 3u-\ ^y '■->■, 
I -m' V lui'.nn '!i- ;l'ri".> "ini Cf«'.n of | 
! our h»,o\fd "on. WnlTr Mc<-on'.tll. »;«o • 
1 (or tlie b»«ullf'i: fl-^r.; n?;--"\.: i 


Page 3: Son bom to Mr. and Mrs. Fred McCann of 1202 East Walnut street. 
Page 8: Albert R. Patterson died.** 

A. L. Gouldin died.** 

Births reported.** 
Page 12: Miss Vera Pratt and Wainwright Humphries were married.** 

Kathleen Sullivan and Neal Pulliam were married.** 


Aa If to alope wne not In Itaalf 
•iclttnc aaouca, t»o Weal ruina 
jvaat oouploa addvd to Ut« novaitj 
of tbalr weddlnc* by being married at 
3 oVIock la the morning. 

Tha alop*!* were Mlaa Vera Trail 
nd'WalllwrtSbl Hmsphrlea and iJlsa 
Katblsan SuUlran and Weal Pulliam. 
Tb«7 mere married In a double urd- 
dlng ceremony at Balem. Ark . Satur- 
day morning at 3 o'clock, after at- 
tending a dance at Mountain Orove 
Friday night The two couplea r«- 
tunied to Weet Plainji immediately 
after tbe wedding and will make their 
home* tbrra. 

The couples had left their homes 
rrlOay «vt3lng to attend a"^perty In 
Weat Plains. b'Jt later telephoned 
their pairnla that they were going 
to a* at Mountain Orove. At 
the fijnrp, "bey der'.d'rt lo pel. mur- 
rlej and &et out for Balem. Ark., ac- 

obapanted br Mr. antl Mr*. Earl KeU 
lati of WMt Pit'nb. 
> Oy ttao' ttioa tbo tnsrrlaca Ucaiua 
etairk utt ffm mlituUr at |ta|«^ ootUtl 
b*T*whmi andarouaad.ttwuS •.n. 
MnC Walnwrlgbt Huibptuiaii. who; 
waa Mlaa Prf tt, la tba obly doughUr 
pf Mr. an d t its. «ert -rratt-of WaaT 
Platna. Mr. Rumprlea tt a aon of 
JtMa^ aatf kn. O«or«* Hxuopbrlaa ot 
W«M Plaloa: , Tounf Bunphrtea at 
prMant i* In hit fatber'k law 

Mt*. Naal f-ulHaftt. wto'wan Mlaa 
Katbleen Culilvan.' Is a dattgbUr of 
Mr tod Mra. Con M Sk<!U\wi of West 
PUUu and her hna^ftodf li a aoo of 
Jolm A. Pulliam , of Donlpban. 
PylUasija «np|c7f<l Jiy'tb* MJiiKUrt 
Pbctflc Tianatwrtatlon Company witta 
hf»JHn a r tgr> at WiMC Plato*. 

Botb couj<)ea received tl)« benedlc- 
tlona of'tbafi'.paranta upon tbair r«' 
turn at daybreak Saturday from their 
•■•mtdrxlght", weddlsga. 


rtuMnl itrvlcn.fW Albtrt It. Pat- 
it. wito dltd y w uida y in eprtnt- 
IjkirirlD ^ Qonduoiwl »t 4' 
TUMtUy •fUrnorn M Um 

Kllngnar funeral home. Mr. Patter* ; 
•on. vbo lived al 931 North N«itoo»I j 
Areou*. la •urvived bjr hu »U», Mr*. 1 
Ky» rsttencNt: M* mother. Mra. Belle ! 
Pftttcraon: (our brothcn, • M . B. T 
C. B •tjd r r ; onr flMif. Mr- W j 
J. Kent, and uiir cauKtiKr. MIm Mil- 
dred Lucille Vattcrtoii. i 


.*. U (iOlXDI> 

runeraj aervicea for A. L. liouldin , 
ia. WHO died ID 6t. John 1 hospiui ' 
F«bnuu7 •r were coudurted at KIlog- ■ 
ner'a funeral home Uus niorniug at I 
10 o'clock, followed by bnrial lu I 
I Mapl« Piirtt i-cmptrry ' Thf hody «-n.« ' 
held for tcvrral on)8 In an itlU'ni|>; 
to find relatlvm of the nun A 
COU6ln. Mrs. Nellie' Krrr of f.l Pavi. 
•univea. but r«h« did not claim the 
body for burial. 


Ml. and Mra. Clifford Rorr of 9ba 
Weat Paclflo tiiaet annuunce tlir hinti 
of • daufhter on I'ebruary II 

Mr and Mrr. A A Dlslinmn at 
'otitr 3 nniiuuiicr Inc l)i;'.li of n -on, 
Je««l« Lero), on February II 

Page 1: Marriage license: Robert E. Fulton, 46, of Springfield and Corda J. Kinser, 43, 
of Rogersville. 

Page 5: Mrs. William D. Sheppard died.** 

John Francis Stewart died.** 

Jacob Phillip Cook died.** 

Earl Clinton Jameson died.** 

^4rs. Delia E.Mills died.** 
Page 16: William F. Eraser sues to divorce Rosabell June Eraser. 

Hallie F. Kittel sues to divorce Charles D. Kittel. 
Page 17: Card of thanks.** 


Mra. WlUUm D. Bbappvd. of ha- 

wall. Maia.. dlad yeatarday in San 

.Vateo. Pla . Jt waa learned har» today. 

f.iner:.! ^f- l-r^ will ht> rond.iclJ-d 
Itturaday afternoon at LoweU. Mr. 
and Mra. Bbeppard wtr« pioneer aet- 
tltra of 8prlnKftel(<. having resided 
bai» for over flO yeara. Tliey moved 
*o l<»«-e!| t«o Tpsrn ago. wli^rn Mr. 
Oli«|i|<urd died tLorlly after. 


MONrrr. Mo. Feb. 19-john 

f'lantis Stei.»ri. es. Hit, tlr^t >ard- 
maater /or the Frleco iii Monett dim 
^'•^o Piinds;-- utie' !ir^.M; »ir. Pi-.vo'-i, 
^u ooru It Laclede county and caniu 
to Monett aa yardinasl^r when the 
Itleco began operations here. Later 
he went on the road lis paaaengcr con- 
J'lctor on the central dhl.Mon. 

4AC0B r. COOE. 

Punaral aervloaa for Jacob riilUtp 
Cook, plonver t«aldent of L* Junta, 
Col . aiid father of Cbarlea Cook. 833 
Weat LjTiu atreet, Springfield, were 
held at St. Patrlcli'a Catholic church. 
La Junta, ou Friday. Mr. Cook Tva^ 
born In LoulsvUle, Ky., but had Uved 
In Colorado alnce 187e. During the 
civil war ho aerved In the FlfUt Ken- 
tucky Infantry. Seven aona. aU of 
whom ecrved a« pallbearera at thelp 
f. therk funeral, and three dBupllter^ 

Cbarlea Cook, alio formerly lived lu 



Carl Clinton Janieaon. 37. eon ot 
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Jameson of Marbh- 
liclU. died at Morrl*. III., uherr lie 
■*«.•< employed, on February 13 after 
a aliort lllneu. Funeral aervicea were 
held ^aturdiiy In Marxlitield, folluwed 
i>r L-urlul 111 P» l.ijkc'B ceniclerv there. 
B"'.'1f tlir |iB:ri;l;. Ihrrr brnthrri,. 
L'iilicr of M»r^llfleld. J»y of conwuy 
a'ld Jolm (.'f Taft C'al.. Hnd four ?ls- 
»rir. Mra. Ella Rhoten of Conway. 
Mre. l:thel Barner of fiprtngflald. and 
MUs Lizzie and Ml5a Lleln Mac at 
nonie. survive blni. 


"Graduate of S* i • t^»» 
J)ie9 at K._D, House 

J»mM PhiJrli PenneJ. who w»» 
B«du.t«l irom the Bouthwa MU- 

dfTM .t the clo«. ot the W» terrn^ 
dl2S7-t nlBht .t 7: JO oetock 't the 
K. D. frmternlty hou«e. MO EmI 
Orwid •twt. .fUr .n lUne« o* •!* 

*lS^erml .erTlce. wlU be heW •t the 
fraternity houee et 9:30 Thur.d.y 

mornlnp cr^nrtuctrd uv Iho Urvcr.nd 
TUoma. H. WUe.. p;^lor of tt.e On. . 
•venue B.ptUt church. Burial will 
take place Thursday Bfternoon at 
Seneca. Mo.. Id charge of the Ht-r- 
man Lohmeyer funeral home. 

Fraternity brothere irf Fennel will 
parUclpate In the funeral «crvlc«». 
and glrle from the Merry Go Round 
sororliy will a«iM »ltH ihc muMc. 

PaUbearere will t>c Walter Hitch- 
cock. Olenn Story, Walter Whlnrey. 
Clyde Hale, Cllftou Downing and 
Robert Ruasell. 

Pennel was one of the best Known 
apt! bejt liked studenU ut tho col- 
lege. He WB» known a« "Fuzzy" at 
the Be»r> Den, where he had worked 
durln- hlA cnllro four >e»r= at il'.c 
college. e«mln« hl» way through 
•cbool HU» brothers, Curtl. Pennel 
of Washington. D. C. and Lee Pen- 
nell of Kanaas City had nUw worked 
at the aame place. 

Besides his mother and stepfather 
and two brothers. Pennel is a:»p snr- 
xlved by a sister. Miss Julia Piiaiel 
of Seneca. Mo. ^^ 


un day. .go. died yesterday in an 

^^re'TS't'a. apparently on .he 
JIJ morery after a b"llet had 
^en .amoved tn>m the center of ji^ 
Uull. He died, howeirer. from a sec 
ondary hemorrhage caused by the 
r<^ng of a blood clot which had 
;:^ed fn the roof of hi. mouth, a. 
a result of the bullet wound 

Dr IV W. Sinarl p»Ti.>n..«l "•••• 'T" 
erailon Sunday which .cmov-J "|^^ 
bullet from the boy's skull The 
70Ulh *c*med to c»in stronKth ..nd . 
hope, were held for 1.1. r'^^^'''']' _ 

Funeral servlceK piobablv will be | 
held at Marlonvllle Wednoday. ^^q 


Mrs. Delta B. Mills, aged 78. of 
11:5 East Madison street, died ul 

. ,f i.„..;<~ ril 'i''rtr>!r'it Moi-flMV tilR'n. 
tuueral err^U<'r> 'Mil Or hold hi llio 
home al. 10 oclock Thursday roorn- 
l)\g, followed by burial In tastlawn 
i-emetery in charg** of the Alma Loh- 
oieycr funeral home. M r». MllKs Is 
survived by two son^. lir. K. H. Mills 
of Kansas City and O. I. Mills of 
UprlDCfleld. and by one daughter. Mrs. 
B. U. fftnltb of Indianapolis. Ind. 
Mra. M'"" b*<l been a resident of 
eprtagUcM tor la yearn. 

BOOD — Wr "I'll "• <'■•'!"• 
friecul* and l;t:l^h^■•^« I'' ' 

iiur II. » 
•r kll ■!i.' 

aiul .Tmp«lb.v iluiiii» il'.e cr-.h ol ■j>'I ' 
SSr Jo Anil. Alio lur Iti; btautilu, 

Ooral ott'l^*-^^^ „,^ V. O JIOOU^ I 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: Mrs. Delia E. Mills died.** 

Delbert Hasty died.** 

James Pharis Pennel died.** 

2^?S;^n;!;;):Lerly o^S,..,.... has be^ chars^ .^ big^^ 
Page 4: A son William Dysart was bom this morning to Mr. and Mrs. William Dula 

Dysart Mrs. Dysart was formerly Miss Helen Finley. 

IZ !o 'M^fal^lLtf i'n'Kansas C,.,: Irene Stewart, 28, of SpringHeld and Mother 

I?] Barber, 35, of Kansas City. [Blurred and difficult.] 
Page 11: Card of thanks.** 


I CecU T. SUlea, 15, WWi»rt. and 
'LoU Belle Hopkins, 18. Wlabart; 
I Pteest L. Donahoo. 97, Deover. OcL, 
I and Ruth Qamer. 17. PlwnU: Ar< 
'Uuir C &!»■ 37, Springfield, •od 
\U»rf Helen Ooeiey. ». Bprtngfleld. 



Former Springfield Man Arrested When Matrimonial Compli- 

oations Develop 

TbrM woman tntered tb« Ufa at 
A. P. TkODChUI, 40, formerly ot 
SprtoKfUld, and Um last ooa m%» rt- 
•ponatbU for hU arreat bara e«tur> 
day on a cbarga ot bigamy. brouKbt 
•gaLnvt talm In Jopltn 

operaMU u ri^inltig IiuliM.' a; Mk.i< 
aranu* and College atr««t. 8b« la 
a«ht now to lira oaar a uaffo id. 

Last Beplember TannablU marrted 

Marl4 Haroldaon, 34. ot JopUo. The 

eoupk. movrd near BtraXToro wbere 

I ibey operate a dairy farm a abort 

TanneblU waa picked up by Ward ; tlni« and ii^parated because TannebtU 
Mackey and turned over to Constable "could not make the woman's two 
Lou Draae of the JuaiU* court of E. j children b^ a former marriage be- 
H. CuUiaon at Jopltn. The men have." 

waived .prallmlcary bearing nii« wa« U Is the Haroldson woman who 
bound ovar to the circuit court. In | bruuKht TannehlU before the court. 

' He wa« l>om lu Taney county and 
•XBs reared In SprlnKfleld. He Is a ' 
rarmer and formerly operated a 
?)lai'khmlth shop In rfsr,</«nv. nir> ' 
Il'^t wlfr. rr.srrirrt tlhii^l-.'-r ai.rt "-ix 
other children live lu £>prln^fleiU. 

; default of (900 bond lie went to Jail. 
I TkiLueblll had uim authentic Cl- 
I Toroa and ha aald b« undemtood a 

i«eniif1 wife f.Uri ^H<1 rllTorrecl hlni 

According t'* inc liiiivl w.>ir.Mi. !.•<•.- 

ever, this »nfc nfH tr'ie. The wommi 
I Who Is said to be his present «lfe la i The first wife, now divorced, is iti;;)- 
! Kva Brim whom TaXlnehlll n-.arrled i porting her sis chKdren by tak.i.t; In 
I In SpnngXleld and who formerly i aashlnK'. 

|> can t* • MiM 

IM LOVINO tUUOHV of our dari.RK 
daofbter, mothrr and KUUt, ^Tr^ tlrllrr 
DUhnao Urrtn, »hu (liparirtl lioui llili 
Ills OB* >«sr ago luds) I 

BeDcn La> toi>a *nd li-ll u< mid lirr vole 
M ttora «« U bosr. 8ho Un^ runs to 
OWSU witb Jeiua on that uri<lit rtrriiKi I 
ataere; (ataveU biil not (oirvrr. vi tot '. 
«U1 foUeir on and wf *rr votnlorttd h\ ; 
■HauC promi** that «• »ill tnirl h»!Kiii 
•adly mUard by Uuthrr, tKihrr, ChilUiri i 

aaij^ Brother. j 

WnTNAtJXR— W« aUh to thsnt: sll ol I 
our IrleniU, udlciolH and rii]iil''M't:> ol { 
the Sprtnifleld Trhrtlon Cu . cins miti I 
Xlcctric Co.. tlif l«tll»~ «t II. !• CmnT.i-j- 
tionsl church, and Rrv. I>rak.r lur tiu 
beautlfal floral olferlnat. and klud ri- '. 

reaaUMi of aympaihy. diuliiK ll>n druti . 
enr belovtd Husband, t'r.lher anu : 
Biothar, J W. Wrlliisiirr. i 


MK AND .MIL'S (I'-'O I) SAMrl.R I 
MIt AND MhS tlKl> ^ .M)l».>lh.Ll 
MR AMI MUR •" \V \VnTN^^'^R 

ixuta ni.«Kis pc.NMCL 

Puneral •arrtcea for JaniM Pbarla 
Pcnnvt wiU ba baM Thursday taora- 
mt at 10 o'clock at tbs Pirat Cumber- 
land Preabytrnan cburcb at Grand 
aacnaa and OoUiaoo atreat, with the 
■««*rMtd Thomas H. Wllaa offlcut- 
inx Burial aill take place In Mount 
!.•.,/*■ »«Ji.e;<-;^ . 1....: J.;:!, lul.u..: 

■amoaa wrx* poatponad from Tueaoay 
uaui Tburaday. pendUi« tbe arrival of 
a alstar. lllaa Uildred Pennal of Trini- 
dad. Oolo. and a tjroiiier, CurOa Pen- 
b«l of yimMhiafXaa. U. C. Peaual. 
wbo «M • graduaU of SUt« Taacbers 
ooOtfe. dtad Mooday nlgbt at tbe 
X«y and Oa«g«r bonie. 830 Eaa'. 
OraDd atract. afur as lUncaa of sev- 
eral waaks. 

Pnnrral acraloM for Mrs. DtUa E. 
MtUa. vbo dtad Monday ni«ht at 1435 
iMt Madiaon strctt. will be bald 
Tburaday mornlnf at 10 o'clock at 
ttM UooM. lDt«nD«tat wUl lakt ploce 
In Bastlawn camattry under dlrec- 
\UMi ot tba Alma Lobmeycr fuitrrul 
hone. Mra. Milla was 76 yesrs old ' 
to:.a ;s •aiv.^eu i.t i-'. • v r '. 
H. MUla of Ifanrrt City and U. 1. 
MUla of BprUictield, and by one 
daucbtar. Mra. B. E. tfmlili of In- 
OtaxMpoUs. Ind. 

i.LlUt .>1tKPilV 
Mainorlal aamc«a for Oyde Mur- 
f>by. M. abo died Tuesday uigl.t ot 
( bia aac Robert Murpby. 
Fa«« straat, wUl be baid at 
Btanw^ aMrtuarr at 3:30 o'clock 
Thonday atuncon. Burui wi:i ukc 
plmm ■* BiMlBWill oamatary. Mr 
MxttpKf «M aa atd rettdrat of 
BmimfWHi ■• ■■• a intlal work 
cootnctor §m ataiaat 90 yeara. He 
M avrrlTad by bia «ou. Rotivl. and by 
a tMUt. Ulm Mary .K. >mptj. 619 
Miilb OaatptU »|tpu«y ^ 


\Funerid Services 
L For Plane Victim 
To Be Held Here 

! funeral •ervlces lor Frauk borreU. 
30. BprlngfleW avjator wlio died laU 
Tue«d»y Bt McCam«y. Texaa. foUow- 
IDK injurlea he received when hu 

definitely arranged lor UxU>. but li 
U though probabU that burial wlU 
lake placo at Warsaw. Mo. aor.cira 

Bealde* tUa mother. Mr*. Cora E. 
BccnlL vbo larmarly • Uv«d. at .0807 


•urvtTetf by two •M*n. Un. W. A 

■eSttor. and Bgr od* brvtber. s. K. 
Somlt wbo was w«th him in Vteaa 

••«CKi"l'r «?*;«. 

Frank •omU. were employed here 
early laat year at the King SlRu aya- 
lem plant, ol which Uielr broiher-in- 
Uw la the manager. Later, however, 
they purchased a biplane in K»ns»e 
City and returned to HprlngflelU 
»lirrc thrT did loiiimfnliil fbrni: 

Kroui bprlnglltltl tlio l»o veuL lo 
Texas bhurtly before ClirlBliiiat. tlicy 
>Mi» i.i»iijiuk !>.»%.■.«. iiftt 1 1- ." •••1. r"'"'- 
at the time ot the accident at Iraan. 
Pecoa county, near McCamey. The 
motor at&Iled at an altitude jt "b 
feet, causing the plane to take a none 
d:ve Into thr (trouod. The p;isif 11.4'rs. 
Roy and Elmer C'o.\ 0/ Iraaii. v-cit ^ 
Injured, but are expected 10 rcco\er. , 

Frank Sorrel, who whsj Uie nioei ' 
»erlou»ly Injured, aufferea a rruilied | 
che»t, trom the result of which lie ; 
died tn a McCamry hoepltal where lie 
I «.»B tak<-u Iiiiiiif Jlukly Mflcr ti.c hh.1- 

Idem. t. E. Borrell la BCcoinpanylnB 

'the brxlv of hl'< brollifr t,-, \Tivv,,,,,l 

I (or burial 


Six Divorce Actions Dismiss- 
t s F ai l ' 
to Appear 

New rulst of the Orecne eounty 
eourt which make It Decenary for 
IttlgnntK »o appear for trial on the 
day set or gtre "alibis wblch «iil 
hold water" resulted today In the dis- 
missal of all dlTorce actions and one 
note action In tlie court of Jud^e 
John S Schmook. 

>. lillliKjk 1 l.i-l ^ f .1 I ■ 

These cases hsd t>eeu ^t for Jan- 
tiary 17. but upon request of tha lltl- 
gsnts were re»vel for todsy. When the 
pernona failed to appear In court. 
J'Klti S< hniiiok marked the case« off 
11. f '!'■■< v< ■ 

The divorce cases were Anna E. 
Hammond va. James D. Rammood. ' 
Uary T. Haatcn ti. WllUam H. Hasten. | 
Fred Letoy Butcher vs. Marie M 
Butcher, J. H. Rogers \». Alpha Rog- 
ers. Annie Bllysu va. WlUlam Bll- | 
yeu. Bulah Marie Nelson vs. John | 
Netsoo. 1 

The otDcr case dt iuiUs e d was tint 
of the Holland Banking company 
agalst Roaooa Stewart 00 a Dote. 
lilTorca DlsmlMe4l 

The diTorce sctlou of Martha Ous- 
Ufson agalost Ralph OusUfson was 
dismissed by Circuit Judge Wanen 
L. While on motion of the plaintiff 

Judge Schmook Krsnted ihe c;;vor..« 
■tUlff m""""g ta .Mis...r>lhfnn> U.i 
Cbampleuz from Charles J. Cham- 
plsui on default. The mother was ^ 
ijiven cuklody nf tl.c children with 
the privilege to the isiher vUltl&s ; 
them two dsys each month. Ths ■■ 
mother also was awarded HO a inoitth . 
1 for their support . i^a 


>'uuersl anan«em<Ti'.s for Delbert 
Hasty. iLjaul sou of Mr ai.<i Mrt 
B«n Hatty, have not yet been loin- 
pleisd. Buna). ho*»ver. will take 
pjac« in EastUwn cemeteo' under Ui- 
r^tlon of the Alma Lohmeyer 
luneral home The child died las', 
i-l^hl at the home of tj»e parenl* 
fo<l'>*!l-^• a brJei lllneas. 

The Leader for Thursday, February 21, 1929, is missing. 


Page 1 : Robert A. Bowland, formerly treasurer of Greene county, died in Tulsa, Okla. 
Mrs. Marie Sweringer died.** 
Eugene Walton, Jr., died of bums.** 
Page 2: Frank Sorrell died.** 

Mrs. Mary T. Beatie died.** 
John T. Blue died.** 
Ralph White died.** 
Wilbert Plaster died.** 
Page 3: Mrs. Julia Carter sues to divorce Fred J. Carter. They were married August 3, 
1927, in Springfield. They have two children. 

Page 8: Jeff F. Watson, 72, died Wednesday at Houston, Mo. 

Page 16: Mrs. Lizzie West was appointed to administer the estate of her husband W. E. 

A son William Henry Beaver was bom to Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Beaver, 630 Jean 

Card of thanks.** 


Woril wu.-. ncciveil ii.u uxlay o'. . 
j tho dcnth In l\ Okla . of Robert j 
'A BowlHiid. who served for clRht 1 
I >tari> n.s frcnsiirer of urerno county j 
I lieie Hi- had betni a\\:-\ from I 
' ^:!iiir.'--ii> Id lot ab<->-.;t 16 >fars i 




HOI STUN I'lUNiitK bits 

.r; HOUSTON. «!l*.. Tth. a I — ( AP ' — 
ittt F. W»tM>n. n. tiMttoT memher of, 
Uic bardwar* firm of J r Wittaon 
4nd aoD. died kt Uib liouie lierv 

PUMnl Mrn4« for Tnmk SotTell, 
80. who died Tu«ad«y at McCamey. 
T«zas. ot InjurltB reoelvtd la »n alr- 
pUn« cr»ah. will be beld Sunday 
afurnoon at 1 o'clock In the Nfw 
Home cburcb, live mllc» south of 
Wmmmt. Mot. tm O. 8. Highway 65. 
Tbe He*. O. R. Powell of Kansaa City. 
Kaiu will offlcUU. Interment will 
take place in the New Home ceme- 
tery. Surviving Mr. Borrell are hlB 
mottMr, Mrs. Oor* r Sorrell. formerly 
of Sprlagfleld but now of Holllster: 
two aUlerfl, Mrs. W. A. KUm. J430 
Kickapoo avenue. SprlnKfleld. and 
Mrs. W. E. UmbocXet. UoUUt*r: »od 
B. B. Sorrell. a brother, who wa« with 
him tt the time of the plane wreck. 

.MRS. iMAHY T. Rt.lTIi:: ] 

Puneml servlcee for Mm. Mary T. j 
Beatie, 83. «bo <Ued yeeterday morn- 
ins at her home In RogeravUle, fol- I 
lUMrtac •ajUlBMi of pi^umonl*. wUl 

«uxUl wiU follow In the Palmetto 
oemetffry. Uts. Be«U« waa the oldest 
twddent of Bogeravllle. Dr. W. R. 

Deallc. 635 South rvciuio. SptliigllcW. . 
la a son. She Is alt>o survived by an- . 
I other son. H. A. Beatie. P«rU. TejiBs; : 
by three daughters, Mrs. N. T. Bole*. 
Mrs. Harold Tunnell and Mrs. Anna | 
Hedgespeth. all of RoRersvllIe. and 
one brother, P. A. Cmlbrnltli. Norlli- 
vku. .Mo. I 

KALPII uiiiil; 

• 1. wl.o UlcU Wtuin.-t.a.i> 1,..,;., , . n,- 
I Juries ho received when the (1«-livcr> 
' tnick he was drlvlnn rolllrtrd with a 
street csr on North Brondwnv on Feh- 
rtiHrj- 11. were beld ihli. uliernvHjn iii 
the Church of Christ. Dnrlnl tcx'K 
place in Welch cen-.etery nour Noitii- 
fUia. Mo., lu clia;^*; >^; iI.l K... ,^.,, . 
Undertaking company. Surviving «r«- 

the pwente. Mr. and Mra. J. M. White. I 
two brothera. Kenneth and Sanford. ; 
uul one aUter. Mia* Ruth White. aU , 
of nu»l route No. 10, Springfield 
RAlpb White waa to have been mar- 
ried In September to Bliss Irene Wolf 
2109 North Robberson avenue. Spring- 



Relatives Not Satisfied With 

Explanation of Farm 



Man Tries to Kill Himself 
Aftir_FjndLnj Jfoyng _ 
Woman Dying 

Further Investigation Into the^ 
rtnujge death of Mm. Marie Bwer-i 
Ingcr. young vlfe of a prosperous ' 
fanner Urlng in the Johns Mill 
neighborhood eight miles southewt 
of Twtntaa. t^as sotight today i>y 
relatives of the woman. 

A coroner's Jury said It was sui- 
cide after the woman's body, with a 
bullet hole through her h«ad.'wu 
found lying In a wagon shed • few 
yards from the home where she bad 
Ihred an often unhappy existence 
with Walter Swerlnger. farmer. But 
her father. Robert Scott. • former 
Bprlngfleld man who now lives on 
a farm near Pordland, and one of 
hU sons jare npt satisfied With the 
outcome of the coroner's .Inquest. 
Pccallar Featarea 
It Is a strange case. Por InsUnce 
Mr. Scott has approached John M. 
Bragg, prosecuting attorney at Ava 
wtih Uie Idea of a further bivestl- 
gmtlon nc arjmed that there w«re 
M> powder bun IS evideri* about hte 
daughter's wound when the body 
was viewed by the coroner's jury, 
and that such bvims probably would 

fact that powder b\m»s were not 
2« by the coroner-. Jury mUlht 
fT, been beoaa* Doctor Ooodo* 
^^ summoned ^Tf^ 
after the shooting. '»»hed and 
driesed the wound, he <lo«l»r«<»' PT' 


"'MrB^gg declared that the bul- j 
, urrd her head about the "^ d^le °l . 

-' Tr .Tad ^re^ro;e".;" 

I ¥^,15 tacl. according m U,e pn^U; | 

■1^;. been Ilred trom veo' clo.c 

rar.gc and ^^ ^cll-lonicled. 1 

I Husband Soofht Death 

1 He was a«Ked regarding the uav- I 
I ing shell, and this brought the 
I ^velailon that Bwerlngc.i several 
. Uu^^rted to Kill hlms^U-h" hU 

■ .,ue died alter he had lound her 

■ Bragg dcclarod he v^aMold b> Jo , 
' Moxley. a («rme. ol ihr Johns M.U 

. w'otre m his h.MMC thre-A oul in . 

A nr.-l P^'t 1". •^"'•"^"'- \'"''- 
.mreatenlng lo kUl '^'"--'' :;'7,J,;, 
pMoxley took the cun a*ay .on 
'l ,Um. he said, and a 3horl .h.c la , 

Kn.l l.'^'; lr"='' '•'''•"'G '•"•'•^'''' V 

an BLuU-inaUc plsiol and the;, wa.,, 

ft razor. 

It IS Kiuuo-. ihM thor^ l.acl o.en, 

««l«Mr. Smy% Pr«tee»l«r 1 

tedar *w * "th«roa«i»lr «o«i*ta*«" \ 

-ft#M ckmm vaa >vc>a 1^' efllsM^'' - ^itt4 
that so far as hi !• oonoemed t^irt 
win be no new Inveatlgattoii. the 

Ju»l before the ihootlng. Mr. Bragg 
^ai.I. the 8«citnKf"« 4-yfar-old .ou 
inu into a brdroom of hl» home 
ttlierc Ills grandmolher. Mr». 8»r«h 
Swerlnnrn. wan conrined :• bed. The 
boy Irntlflrrt nt the Intitiect that he 
told •■uruin-niii" hln inotlirr van look- 
li:K for » bullrt to load the rifle and 
shoot hrrwlf ThP «'lc1er Mro. 8wf>r- 
in^-rn wmj. i<x> HI 'o I'^ve hrr bed. : 
and lew. than IS nilnutea after thr \ 
; tjoy came ^^lhnhl^, U> hrr ahe Is aalrt j 
to hMvr hfard hfr aon ahoiitlng that [ 
•Mnrlf M klllrd hrrK4-lf." j 

Mr. HiKl MiN ^»^I•HlC<••.l hn'1 »•"•" , 
Kr|.:irnl.<l f"' a '■hurt lime recfi'.ily. 
ilir »lfr rcmn-.lnt; to tlirlr home 
iilKivit t»o »p^ha «t;o 

Mr. 8»«-ilnK«-n. It 1' underslood. 


...'!rii ,H,r\ft1 nri iiMfnmntIr plMoI mm 

«»»m, H« fud hAd ft pttty «iiMgr««. 
m*nt wuh ft brother. Mid to have t«- 
•«Ut#d from ••ttlemsnt oX hi* 
mothWft property rjfhu. 

—^ '^"' ■n lU D tto U lT* Hen 

Kr, 9ceU» IftUiftt of Mr*. •»Mlng«n. 
am. to aprtnclirtrt «ith hta .on tol- 
Srf^^i^=^^5»»pft» to ooaault ft 
Smi.iiTr*'^^-'^ ••• tf ft ntw In. 

itopty So dtlwiaint the conaition or 

dlslotermeot wouid not be poeaible 
•Kcept by order of the coroner or oon- I 
•rot qt the husbftBd. It wme thought 
unlikely thftt thle v^uld be it- 

The womaua mother U ri>port«d 
entirf-lT Mtuned at :he outcome of 

j : !.•• ln(,Mf I . 

I Onr phase of the Inf^tirnl wMrh ha» 

(brrii qiiffllniirrt Ir |hp fH<t tliHl r>>r. 
tor Good of Ky>rc1l)in<l. «lio ktt4>n(1r(1 
Mr*. S«rrlnKri) after ihr Miootlnc. 
WHS not Kiimnmnfrt to t*i.tlfy rrffarri- 
liiit Utr iinitirr «.t hfr roiit.rl. !).„ tor 
I Oood (]<^■tnrpd loclay Iip had not b«*n 
' ftiipMlotirrt hv the row^utor or hy 
I I' •' P'i\. lomiicr of Ij.iiiglic-- r.iiiii'u 
mid hr rrtiuwcr to lommriil on the 

'-.••M- III ^„|.1 h< W.MI,.! 1.., ,,.-. ..,. 

Ihr «niiinn> deiith )jnlr>* h- t^ 
plat-tHj on Ihr vitri'v. .i«i,rt niid 
Hrtrird thnt !<r Imd rftii'«'d !•■> Irll ^tr 
f*ro(t hiniK-ir nheih<'i or not yo-vdrr 
(>Mi'iiK wore prrKcnt 

■Ilio ronnty Htl'>rnr\ sHid rv»-lor I 
Ciood »«« not Miiniiifiixl lo |ps|,(» »• ' 
the iiif(iiprt hemiiv -IiIk trsiinionv i 
Hadn't Min'-ldrrfd ilvu^ihil* U tifcrs- '• 
^ry. and hr would Iimt ..Hd lo niakp j 
a lout tfil' '•' rr Ixi'l .-inl- 


Wllbert Plaster. 10. dl«d at the 
home of his parents. Mr i.nd Mrp W. | 
R. PIn.strr. at Turner. M^' . .;> ir^lay [ 
after an lllnebs of two >e..: Bendes : 
nu parent*, he Is survived oy eight 
brothers, all at home. Funeral Mrv- j 

tees will be h<>ld nl the ho:ne at 2 30 
.Saturday alternoon. loilowtd D> 
burUl In the Turner cemetery, lu 
charge of Herman H. Lohmever. Wll- 
beit Plaster wac a prar.dKOn of T It. 
Plaster, lias East Division strMt. 


I J('i.n J UJup. L4. €!!•■: lit iM.iiic 
I at 1915 North I'ro.N[-M<ot n-,r:air. mrl', 

thl.* mornhiR uf ter a km;; illnrss No 
I funeral arrangements Imri 1)»tii n>n'!e 

\r' f-"1nv ht:* hti.i.i! ■ ■! '.r •■•r',,- 


Follows WitMn Few HfBolai 

««a. Je, tat nmkiL 

AwkMa. datvbUr «C lAi.Clm, 
WIQliini» <tt ftoBth Hotl m i w ft W>. 
mm, WW ^muta tQ dtetb lativ' tt 

I alone In her horns tot m Snr ada- 

Euffene Walton, Jr.; fttwJ thto 
momltig of bunu utitend while 
plftylng with raatches tn the kttctoeo 
of thu Walton home. JEarller Ura. 
Walton had gone acrosi the itr«et 

-to thw hfflpa ^ ]^T,^ flfHWfw Tnmsa- 

to place a telepbooa order for cro- 
cerleE, Iia\-iog her small son and btt 
l-fear-oM (later. PaoZlne. lb tbt 
house ek)D«. 

""• 'EMirHtatt^BaiHBt ~ 

hSfL^\»i'.^ —^ • 


' i^^f^y"^. ""S*^ ^*fl^- ir}*:i'JX . "»••. .-^ ••«•»;.-..• 

but tbay alrtadr 1««4 

chUd*» body tnm HiM ^*^!l^~^^ 

tug only hto ttm imhiirt. or. t ^ 

Brutoo WM eiUM, ba» «» ^*J 

bums were » nriooi tli«t "" ^ 


LOU Dsstli of OM 

Besldee the parents »nd M** •*'^ 
ter, Paulln*. the chl]d _l» r 
\/f ft brother, flogrtf. mm 
nagmaXM tow* m*''*^ *.-^^ 

Kltngnar. ' ~ 

Deftth o( Mftiit*' U^ 

here a month ago trom barns — ,,. 
Uariy custaawd waa nealkd by tte 
tragedy In the Walton hame. ACanta 
IM had been left ateoo Ux a f^v 
minutes te a bedroom atiier bom* 
while her mother. ICn. t wTWa«^T , 
went to the home of a next door 

^yhgg abe wtamad tbahmrAM^ 

I child scrBamUig and ran Q|i8t«ta 

to find her lying qq the btS, hsv 

ciothhw and the bedolottMs ftfii% 

She had ftand aooM aatdiet and 

had been playiag wtth then oq tte 

I bed. The child eiptuBd m iberi Uma 

I >f^ suf ferine tb* baruk 

Newa of tba mooimI dMth to 

authorttiM to p„«rta. «S75« 
to "afeguard chUdrM ftW ^^ 
dangers ^ 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Allie Geneva Hixon died.** 
Page 2: Marriage license at Ozaric: Aichard Seamon, 23, and Retha Meadin, 22, both of 
Springfield. [Richard?] 

Marriage license at Ozark: Robert P. Leach, 26, of Springfield and Genevieve 
Thompson, 23, of Brownington. 

Page 10: John J. Blue died.** 

Mrs. Mary T. Beatie died.** 
Frank Sorrell died.** 
A. G. Willoughby died.** 
Eugene Walton, Jr., died.** 
Gene L. Ocobock died.** 
Forrest K. Denny died.** 

Byron a Wdcb. 32, BprlngOeld. 
and BeniletU Oruadbetg. 31. Sprtng- 
neld: Jotxn U Oriuant. 33. 8prlag> 
field, and Helen Hannan, a. Spring' 
rtekl; WlUlam R. Jobnaon, 37. Ava. 
and Pranc«a Rodgara. 31. 8prlngft*UI: 
rboouw H. Sullivan, 38. Mountain 
Orora. and WUma Wed^a. 31. t'.at- 
vood: Roy Mott. ac, JopUn. and Mary 
L*nnlng. 33. BapubUc; Obaatar Bans- 
lee. SS. Bartvtlli^ #94 9)ad|« A9BI. 


'I J in I •. -I > Jo \\t.U 
llt^utUf^r liirii»<-» liH\c omt'lMU 
III U«.rk lo Au-linrd tJeanion. 33. St 
' Kriii.i tf-jiiJiii. n. both of Sprit 
'lioHl: uTnl )(. K.<l><>rl I' 14-hcIi. M. 
t-iiiiiv^Hilit. ami Ciciirvicvo I'liutuf 
i *u. . 3J. ot BruwninRlou. 


' Punantl aenrloes (or John J. Blue. 
B4.' wbo died early Friday at bu 
home. 1015 Prospect avenue, will be 
bald at KlUiguer'a chapel Sundny 
>f» «ni»ea a i 3 1 o'c l ock . IoUqwuI by 
burial in Graanlawn cemetery. The 
asTcrend £. W. Armstrong ol Wood- 
land HelgbU . Presbyterian church 
wlU officiate at the funertU. Mr. 
Blue is survived b; his «lfe. t«o 
dsogbters. Mrs. Ella Adams. Spring- 
(laid. HL. and Mrs. Eva Fretx. NUun. 
Uo, and uy three sons, John and Pete 
of Kansas Olty. Kas.. and Sam of 



C^argoyi Murder Jiied 
At^W' Stepfather' i|p 
jgJBr ks Qtoh P roteT 

■GAY tllY^^iriftN "^TAimr^ 

NcioMrors' Stories of Par- 

enfi Strange Attitude 

^Leads to Arrest 

Charged with the nrarder of hte 
9>raLr-K>ld stepdaughtvr. JoMpb a. 
Jurett. M. of near Omlnefvllk. Mo^ 
ma in Jail there t^Oaj. 

Jvrett'i «mst followed Invettiia- 
tion by OxMXit counlr authorlUes 
Into the BtTitertous death of Allte 
Oenera Hlsn. dauvht* erf hla wife 
bf anothw marrlafek «li>^ft>liid 
MoodaTatherbaoM. '«A -V 

TtM ato wacfa of the gM ha^bem 

examlnaUco. which, ftcoordlnc to 
Dr Roland Ne*l. he»d oX the chem- 
Ifltry department of Drury college, 
will not be completed for Ukx daya. 
WeUhbuta gtart TtSbm 

First teportar Irere that eharfea 
agaliui Jarreti and hl« wife would 
not be ij cele ti ed tpileaa the •tomach 
of the ehUd waa found to cdnUin 

Suspleton of tielfthbors w&a arcms- 
eU v>Uru Jarretv and hU wile refus- 
ed to admit to bis hooM f rlenda who 
1 wished to . administer wtiaterer »kl 
' they coold to. the sick ifidld. at>B» 

ly axcae 

the Jairett boaie to be at ttia 
side at the ehlld. A poat 
ftTsmlnwt<"" was condiirted by 

Ckjroner Z. A. netctt ol^^rk 
county, who removed the Bt^ ui ar ii 
and ordered a chemical analysis of 
the contents 

Jury Falls to Afree 
\'An« the ciblld l»d dM. ttM 
OBt^bon reported ttie attttaide of 
jaRvtt and hla wife to aatbocitlea. 
wbo immediately began an lnvestt> 
gaUoD of the aCtair. A conmart 
Jury, howwrer. failed to retpm a de- 
ddve variUct and ordered tbe an* 
alysls of the child's atomarti. 

Jartett Is formerly of Jc^dln. Mo^. 
and xtow resides on a farm near 

Tried to Boy Palsoa 

Authorities said they learned that 
two or three weeJta beXore the death 
of the chOd, iter stepfather soogtit 
to obtain some drugs from a 
OalnesvUle physician. sUtlng that 
the child was suffering from can- 
cer of the stomach. Th» physician, 
officers were told, refused Janea 
the drugs. 

Further disclosures In the Investl- 
gaUon. officers said, was that Jar- 
rett later did obtain some medicine 
containing poison on the rcpreaen- 
talon that he wanted It for tilmself . 

Oorooer Beacti..#tio perfonned an 
autopay. said be found no trace o< 
cancer in the eblld's stomaetL 

The Jarretta came to Oark caon- 
ty last November and had realded 
on a farm In a sparsely settled com- 
munity In a canyon in the shadow 
of "Bald Jess" th^ highest moun- 
tain In thu section Of tha Oaadca. 

Mra. Jarrett is M. "Sw aaid twr 
former husband. WllllainPtxtui. who 
was the father of the child. Is Ut- 
Ing in Oklahoma. 

runarmLaerrlces for Mrs. Mary T. 
B«atle. Its. who died Thar*lay mom- 
in( at ner bom* In Rog«raville.' will 
bs cooducted at 3 o'clook. Sunday aTt- 
emoon at tba MetbodUt Epiacopat 
church at RogenvlUe. Burial wlU 
follow In ths Palmetto cemetery 
th«r«. Or. W. R. BeaUa of <35 South 
atrenus. Springfield, la a aon oT Mr*. 


Funeral aervtcss for Frank Bonrll, 
SOb who died la MoOamsy, Tsz.. Tuea- 
da* at inj uries sostaUwd in an alr- 
wUl be conducted 

Sunday attamoon a* tb* Maw Home 

_c ur oh.flTa mllas soutb of Wanaw. 

iKT^k J[rrBrhtBliway ea. Intannent 

win taka place In ths Hew Home 


ruMnl MrnoM tat A. O. WU* 
laugliy. 79. wbo dlMI ftt bU re«ldeno« 

D««ir BUafford. Mo, rrld«y night, will 
b* cooducud »t iO o'clock Suad»y 
mamtng at tb« horn* tbcr*. BurUl 
irUl toXhrm In the Mulllnax cemetAry. 
OD« mil* couth ot StrkffoitJ. In ch«rs« 
of J. W. Kltngnsr. One brother. E. 
WiitoUKhby of Btrr.frord. and Mventl 
rUecea and nephewe eurvtve. 


Puneral eenrloea for Cugen* Wei' 
ton. Jr, who dl«d yeeierdey of burn* 
■uatalned while playing with matches 
in hie home, wm T>e Beiann 7 S'inoct 
Sutidey aftrrnoon at the Hamlin Me- 
morial Baptut church. Burial will 
taka plac* in Qreenlawn oemetary In 
cbarga of J. W. Kllngnpr. Tba child 
waa S yeara of ag* and la cumred 
by the parmta, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene 
U Walton. aaa7 Nortb Jk^hnaten ava- 
nue. and try a brother. Floyd. 6. and 
a ateta f. Pamm*. 8. . 


Oena L. Cco'>oci. Infant »on of Mr. 
and Mrai Fred A. OcoboCk.. laiS Weat 

riorlda etreet. will be burled Sunday 
afternoon In Qreenlawn cemetery 
alter funeral »enlc«a at the home at , 
1:30 o'clock. Herman H. Lohmeyer's i 
funeral home will ba In charge. Th« 
child died mday aft«moon after. a 

short Ulnees of p'-eumonla. Surrtr- 
Ing are the paranu. thrte brothers. 
Pred. Jr^ Herbert and I>a»ld. and two 
statars. Maryuerlt* and Marr. 


i«torr*ai K. IVnny." I«)^m6eiM=5ra- 
son of Mr and Mrs. W. H. Deany of 
Oalloway. died at ihe boma of tl>« 
parvqta la»t night followtn« an Ul- 
neaa of pueumonla. Funetai aarTlcaa 
and Interment were bald tWa attar- 
noon SI tbo Oalloway cemetery ta 
cbarge of the Alma Uohmeytr Ptnjer* 
si home. Bealdea tiM paranta. foor 
brothers and three statets aurrlTa. 

Page 3D: Miss Agnes Payne and Mr. Murl Palmer were married.** 
Page 3C: Daughter bom February 18 to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ballay of Monett. 

Robert Veith, 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Veith of Monett, died February 18. 

Daughter bom Febmary 16 to Mr. and Mrs. M. L. means of Monett. 

Vera Paris of Miller and Ira Jones of near Mt. Vernon were married Febmary 19 at 

Son bom Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. Johny Crandal of Miller. 
Page 5B: John J. Blue died.** 

Mrs. Mary T. Beatie died.** 

A. G. Willoughbydied.** 

Eugene Walton, Jr., died.** 

Gene L. Ocobock died.** 

RaT. D. K. Ftalda waa caUcd to 
DUott laat Monday where ha con- 
duotad tba funeral eerrlcaa of Mrs. 
Mar/ U Mobry at Uia Oraca M. B. 

Payne-Palmer Marriage 
.1 nnounced Here 

Bprtngnald frienda of Mlas Agnes 
Pmyna. of Waabtngton. Ind.. are In* 
taraatad to know of her marrlaga In 
Wsahlngton yeaterdsy to Mr. Murl 
Calmer, also of Washington. 
. Ulss Payna formerly lived In 
Meoftt, Mo., and racantly has bean 
vlattlbf kinsfolk here In Bprlnsfleld. 
w»<ir»v1«T nbo w«« iriext «» a tnlo'-'l- 
laneous ahoarr at lU* lnun* ui Mi&. 
-<lohn A^HateJter. -at»t Wor th »rnnc- 
Vay. who la bsr aunt. About ^u rels- 
tWea attended the psrtj. tjhe left 
"Wednesday eTcnln< to return to her 
yyrrn*, and waa married yrttrrdsy. 
Mr. and Mrs. Palmer will live at 
ConnersvlU*. Ind. 

Mr. and Mrs. CSiarlea Hayea. Ii31 | 
East OUve street, aiuiounce the 
birth of a daughter. Lela Maude. 

Fcbr'.i.iry 'JO 


John' j.' blve 

runera] aerrleea for John J. "Blue. 
•«. wbo dtac rtlday. wUl be Held at 
3:30 o'clock today at tba KUngner 
Funeral chapel. Burial will b« In 
Oraenlawn cemetery. 


Funeral senrlces tor Mrs. Mary T. 
nestle. 83. who dleU IhurMluj- i.-.lth- 
Ing at her home In Rogersvllle. wUl 
b« conducted there this aftmioon 
and Interment will be in the Palmetto 
camatary.. Dr. W. R. Beatie ot 635 
Sorith avenue. Bprlngfleld Is a son 
of Mrs. Beatie. 



•\. G. n'lLLOl'GilBY 

J^inerm* Mirlon win b« conducted 
U>d«y lor A. O. WUIoughby. 79. who 
died Krtday » jt his home near Straf- 
lunJ. Uo. ffurlal um he in tJie 
Mulllnaz eeraetcry. cxie mile eomi, of 
Btrariord. t 

. I.I «.i..m; w \i mis in. 

! rollowin* eervjcea In HHrnlin , 
MrmprlH) BapUat rhurrh IbU after- 
nooQ. Eugene Walton, Jr.. will be | 

jdireoiioQ oc J."W. S^Tngn'er. TounVj 
j Walton vu fatally burned Thunday 

. f;rNK I,. oroBocK 

at' "3"^'' rVr «'» »'- 'o:>duclcd 
Oene I,. Orobock. irrfant bod of Mr 
• nd Mre. rrf^ a. Ocobock 1813 W^ 

Oreenlawn cemetery uBder 6tt^i^ 
of Merman H. Lohmeyer. 

:^ji: !Si s il' ! Ill 



bt&^aelng Added; 

, Jfioc&siuru Price- 
J(itI66Uorif of Records in 



Iniuraneo Coiqpanies Won't 
> - m t k lliiifu iii i Wur U iims of 
'instruments and Cases 
Kustbe Written in by Hand 


*-<timi»^«onntf tor augay yem ha* 
been • eustaour par ezeelleno* to tbe 
•Mtttr af *'d9luz«" vohunea. Alret dy 
••• iMa*" •lOO^OOO 6tm beeo apeat 
jaflnijr tor th« boota in which are 

. WW 4fad 

iMTea. but Greene ootinty 

■ '-: tMfc» tmA with 

'v^M banks of reowa 
Mate. In avwy offtce he (Inda depu- 
ftw Vt"1 clerka immersed In Indexes 
Md nooctf bocAs. That la their main 
ta^tCr'ratmwtr the matter of recording 
mUU baa bappcited oUldally in the 

A <aiMg» la nied ainUnst a man In 
ylyeatt oBtnt. An entry muet be made 
•o that 80. 100. 800 years from now 
tt wtn ba tn aU probability a legible 
ncortL An aiuwer U- made, a moil.. 11 
|»»e<J. wlt ri fWB •«l.|>o»"-^'. '■'- "**"' 
trtod. . ▼erdlct rendered. tJir person 
Wood Innoomt or committed u> jaii 
•r prison. The facts nn:.-.t to set 
aawb''1n blacX and whlt« for pre».cui 
'•ad for poeterlty. 
, C«at la Me*«y 

olllcft a de»cl Xl. 
ht In to be acluioale<!?'rt H' |^ 

;iijr. ■ -1 '-n^ •» *»•? mHK.'«>il*n"<"»» I 

ln*tr\uneut. A k';..-:- ;.nr (f i.— 'l 
may beol vital ii..;-.ri:iu. c K'O >pit.rB ' 
Iran DOW. I 

fSJmllnriy. orri< ixl lu"**^'""-- ^'^ '■ 

UbQ coU!.'> .-Uft. i:..; l>io))Hto .ovr'. 
trcasuicr. county coll«ctor 
fiuuat tM entered In 

Tto Inmre ocaln-t llir 

^ and tear of the vcarR. but li 

at t>a done at any c'_»l. 

"^ttot otnt« of Jaric MckVe. r»>- 

K."*!* to be found tb« moaf e«- 

tt% Toiumes used In county of- 

k—Tbera Is ooe «40-p*ge mis- 

'**•*"•• <Jeed record conlalning 

printed forms ilmt cc%t the 

— ^U».7». and It i Wta on ly one 

_ > ;*^ nite. ThergUaiJother 

;>*•*«* containing alz forms 

^NMtii Uttia loac«r.,juad thla 

l^lM* book uaed In the* probate 

•curt of Judge John H. Fatnnan 

auiy lasu aeveral yaara. for U 

*'•• •» "o. and an admln- 

t»«»k with threa 1 ocnia that 

i^ .i?* **"*' "W w»«^ »• nailed 

|;flfiy^two )r«an. 

•••• Ara BoQght 
lfii^"P«*» Owaoa county baa bought 
^g^qun aOQO Of theM g«at \JS- 
ftamw •! aa aattnate<l coat of more 
» I OO. O OO. Thai* ara 1988 of 
yMlw «Xncaa of the •corder. 
MUn. ctrout cotift. collector. 

> eouri atJB treasurer, alone 

.,tt«t *>a etirrent anfl tn use 

AQjr although dating back 

_ ys*n In addiUon there is « 

"f* •tore o» old volumns In the 

Qaurt houae basement. 

TlMlr Instrlmlc rslue is compara- 


:rM*r«>t m booK, .r bh c-.n 

•'""•^Amount l««tU-b.« 
What amount iH«y actually rrp- 

SS?i« .Bd c,*rk. who ««d. the 
^008 ot entries la pr»cUc,ll> Im- 
poMjble io e»tluiBio. ottuci-s 
•aid yeaterday. 

in the recorders .>il"io itivi c iliere 
.. . ^na ot-ito«>* wviimttia.-rrpirsent- 
ine an InvrMmcnl of Pt lr«sl •38.000 

^4tvr TTCCTdrr nsrs noii. H500 to •1800 
of rccorU l>'Xiks »n'l luUexfb a jenr. 
lii.lwcilug vwo iliati^l mortK^iKC In- 
dexes costlug *131.60. a ihattle rec- 
„rn b(x>R Bt »-«<M0, gci»erKl lUc at 
I he tanit j.rl'-e. two waiianty rtaad 
Jticlexcb al •Ul. » '^^^ «>f trust lu- 
lUj. ttL ABflJZi. * w*"**** lle«iu«» tn- 

|de* luid record at about $100. a ml.. 
«2*»«ou. dMd word at ♦185.75. and 

urer'k oftlce in Oreera cxHmty'a bto- 
' (of7 has accumulated 100 volumes 
representing between •OSOO and $7000 
Investment. • 

All beaanrully Bound 
Tht«« booka are tjeautlful exatuplea 
ot the bookbinder'* art, aJtbougb 
made eMentlally tor eerrlce. They 
arc ot rugged conatrucUon to with- 
stand dRlly handling through the 
.veara. but are twund nevertheless "ii 
teU or black cdUtliin and titled In 

goW Wfrf. - 

P»i;e» are of the heaviest and fine«t 

Itpen ledger pap^r. The books arc 

hand bewed. Kor many gfirpoee* Ioom- 

leHt ledgers are \u,e<t. xliese prunartly 

are for keepluK mluutes cf pnx-e^rt- 

lng.v ^Vhen a certa:;i p«r:,xl ir c^mu- 

I t»1«t4i>d.-or -attifteieiil leuvH idr on*' 

I volume are typed, they ara t aken ^ 

.4aa«» ♦twl u uwe -i e ar B Waef. aent io] 

the find that do«« the countyTa book* 

binding and put ih permanent- fonn. 

' Such records as mortgagas, chattels' 

ni«rrlMn« — t u^n aea- mid — c»niJl«i«lei«; 

proceedings In probate meh ae ap- 

pointiticot Df executor or admln utra- 

KWr-.,*'*~^^ ' • ==* ■ 

K..V*".'*" "'• county court pi.i<j » 

iSf ?..^ yy** '" ^' "'''^ rcblnd- 

of volumea on hand, with about 435 , 
*tiich OM« la tba nalghborhood of : 
• 17.600, and usea about tSOO to •«oo 

"f h.Hj)M a J ear. The roiiiity .on.- 
however, hai the second UrgMt hii' 
f«>i recojd books, using riKtu t.. 
b-x>k».nnd eight aMcesineiit book-v • 
yenr nt a total, coflt of »89(.i. hi.u 
.••«'>il »200, aclrllnuiu.1 for u.l».tl- 
laneoua books. Th. county court hu, 
on file about 260 record book«. and 
111 addition 54 regutratloii book* 

r.n S^"****"**' probably coat nearly 
510,000. . . 

•ItMM) In Books Uere 

•fh^n coniM tlifl probste conn 

which uacs between •500 ^nd •700 of 

book* a year. Uiree general record 

books at 576 apleoe. an inventory 

^ book and two settlement records at 

i •W apiece, an expensive fee book 

I which Iftflts several years and the ad- 

minlsthitora form book coating' tijo 

and which lasto two years. ThU. court 

1 has «bout 33 books In current rue 

and more that are old. representing 

an Investment of •2000 or »3000. 

Tlie county eolleclor, Harvo W 

I Turner, ^haa effected economy of 

•bout •1000 less a year than under 

previous practice by simplifying bu 

records and doing away with two 

form^ and Win re<eipt Rystrm, but 

even to ll^^^ nine books a year at a 

totul cost of f540. He has on file 

ai7 volumes, which coet about •9000. 

BlU'of the county treasurer. Mn. 

Sarah Olbson. runs atwut 5350 » year. 

since her office uses nv» booke k ye«r 

at a ooel of $70 apiece, but tb» trae»> 


eip^^difait* toy *»» wpty 

r*H. — rr ^ . . ti4firrt xm» fliU«*B** 
^nftanFui •oah tecorde wt» labort- 

ously copied by hand into the rec- 
ords, page after page repeaUng prao- 
tUallV,4lW wme. phraseology. .71 ■>" 

Art catieed record books to bepntowd 
vVlUt .bUok 4oan» te»4y <« 'Jf"**"* 

oraeuiB and speomcatlona. TOU re- 
; duced the coet of labor tremondously. 

' books. 

1 The pUto ruled record book now 
coeU 586.30. Depending on bo# inMy 
forms aip required, the sam* book 
mAy nof JP to 5153.50 or mo^»5. Tb* 
c<wt tot aaJQh addlUonal (onn to ■!>> 
proxUnately 515. Moat of the tooto 
conyiln 640 pages. __-_._ 

'But whei»«a lor. the reo ory ^ OI- 
<Io* • book co n mi Hn y sU t yp. fg^ 

-»- 'vitu , coree 

igmlnSuitor's' book 

forms costs fiso. uraCb dep^as on 
the amount of type matter. 
Kew CompUeatloDS 
BtUl an o*"** ' oompUcatloo '•ppeara 
IQ tbe iMonMc^ otbm. 'An attempt 
fffif bass auJk to ncura yaitXona 

teSdSt?'bSnrSe obrpetatiS 
Isadli ae instintJioe -oompaal*! wWob 

iSeaa Ot whM oiwisututee Mt -Ui* 
ifgut- instninMnt. Wofding <i« mmlk 
forms varies between oompanlea. and 
separate record books thus must be 
malnuttacd by Mr. McKee t o aceom- 
ujudaie Ulj_iJ»UUtg r 

"Slice such a book haa been printed 

a company .Qiay change the wording j 


of Its Jpstrument. whereupon either 
coiUit»nt correction* muat b« inter- 
Uata In tbo record book, or « new 
one ordered. 

Heavy caiiviMi covera Aave the pon- 
deroua vohunea Irom the hard tuage 
to which they are put. At nlgbt tliey 
are atowed away carelully in Uicli 
reepectlve nlcbea. aome of them being 
In flre-realstlre vaults with ateel 

[doors. Mr. McKee per(!oii<ilIy aeee to 

I the locking up of his charges every 

I nlirht. and no do ioreml oMirr county 


I Ffw persons reall.r jimt h..w im- 

portKiit hre li.r«e p.-c.-Mic rucorrt*. ao- 

cordlnij tp roiinly otri'-er*. htit they 

aoon uouia fiiu! !.' tli* bioke 

were destrycd bf lire. 

Page 3: Miss Helen Harman and Mr. Leslie Guyant were married.** 

Miss Henrietta Grundburg and Mr. Byron C. Welch were married.** 
Page 6: William F. Sprohs died.** 

Mrs. Suzanna Parker died.** 

Walter C.Knaus died.** 

Mrs. Ella Bearden died.** 

Mrs. Emma Nickel died.** 
Page 7: William F. Sprohs died.** 
Page 10: Son bom today to Mr. and Mrs. John Babb, 1000 South Fort street. 

niLUAM r. hruoHH 
Taani eenrlees for wuiiam 9. 
Sproiia. 64. of 1813 Sherman avenue. 
BpnncfleJd. who died Sunday in a 
a». LouU boqiiui after a long lllneea. 
will be held at Sacred Heart Cetbollo 
cboreb Thursday raomlag at 
o'clock. The Reverend Patber Tbomae 
Brady will offJclale at the funeral 
•hd the nernun H. Lohmeyer funermi 
home wm have charge of the later- 
nwn» IB »t Uarr* oemetery. Mr. 
sprohs waa a member of local No. 83. 
Brothertioed of Looonotlve Bn. 
(fineeia; for 13 years he made the 
•run" from Bpringfield to Newburg 
oo the FVlaco's •astern divuion. fle 
Ifjmrrlrod by four daughters. Miaa 
^rtrude and Mlaa Calherina Opmha 
^«ii /?•.*• ^ 'n»on»P«>n of Lo. An. 

f^ ?*•"'= "•*• *»"• J'*'', "l home; 
and by a «««,. Un. Kvn. Prugger. 
1018 Bununit avenue. ^ 


Mra. Susanna Parker. 73. who was 

for more than SO year, a resident of 

Oreene county, died at her home oa 

west High street ro«d. rural route 11, 

••rly thu morning, aftw a long iii-' 

neaa. Puneral arrangemenu. which 

will be III chanre of the Herman U 

U>hmeyer funeral home, are as yet 

••toonipMe. She Is eunrtrrtt by her 

husband, by two sisters, Miss Lua 

Xt»ia«u, *,«, Mr«. R.rh«rt« Armatrrwg 

<■. Prr'':cflrlcl. nrifl .m,/- »,r.>i!,Pr CTrI- 

borne Tniinau viho llvc.^ In the state 

of California. 

wnxuM r. sntottt 

^y°*^ •rrangemeBU^lbc 4irniiam 

r^^?* **• ** *•** innnmu a*«> 
•^i»* tfM SuMUy In ^ at. Louis 
nayt ai. >f tacoapleta. tTiey ai« 
i«M«» of tba Herman H. 
ytuMral booa bere. ' Mr. 
• BMBibar of toeal Mo. 83. 
of LooomoUea Mn- 
gtneere: for 18 yeare be made the 
"m" mm BprtostteM to Mewburi 
oo Um Pdwoli j p rt i rn dlTision. He- 
U aurTlTed by Wtkr dsqghteia. Miss 
a«tnM« and MlaXMbertne Sprohs 
MM Mrs. It. u UMCBpaon of Los An« 
geles. Cal, one eon. John, at home; 
••d by a sister. Mrs. Bra Prugger. 
IfM annunlt avenfae. 


Funeral services for Mrs. Klla 
Bearden. 83, who died Sunday morn 
Ing at her hom e. }\ 

airerl. alter a llngcTliiK lllnena. will 
bf» held Tuesday afternoon at 3 
o'clock at the bome. Burial will 
ba In XasUawn cemeUry under the 
tftNetloa of the Alma Lohmeyer 
foasral home. Mrs. Bearden was 
mcmt>cr of the Eastern Biar 

wm WIUIW aflHB* a&d of the 
Osntiml Ctartstlan cbureb and tba 
JEo(&aa:s autmary U» -tb» O fde» o» 
ItaUway Oonduotara. 8b« to surviTsd 
by btr busband: by tbrat daughUm. 
Mra. W, A. DelselU Mra. A. L. Skin- 
*eft aiin MlsS Peiu~X)esJdeii; att OT 
Kansas City; one aon, R. C. Bearden. 
Tulsa, Okla; one brother. Robert 
nrliham, Kansas aty; and ou« alstar, 
Mrs. SanUi Vorley. Bureka Bprloga, 



VowM Are Read 

Mr. »n<l Mn. L«« C. HuaMUO. 1411 

Nortb iirt*ttw»r •»«»V*' Ht^?^^'^ 
tH'tamtrUkie oi tb*lr dausbtar. Ralan. 
to Mr. Laalle au/*nt, •on of Mr. uid 
Mr». H- H. auj»nt. 833 Weet Chwe 

The cfrrmony «»« performed 8i»t- 
urtlk7 evening »l 8 o'clock Bt the 
liotne of the bride's parents by the 
Rarerend Howard A. Wood of the 
CMnpbell Street Methodist church. 

rema and calla-llltea decked the 
bouse. The bride wore a llftht blue 
crepe drew and carried pink ro«ei. 
MUs Eunice Harniiiii. sUter of Mrs. 
Ouyatit wHU nmld of honor. She j 
wore Ian trepe mid al»o carried pink 
rosea. Mr. Thomas Snider was beM 

Miss E-.inlce ZofH played the wed- 
ding march as ihe bride approached 
the altar. 

rollowint; the ceremony a weddlnR 
.<.'i!>;ifT '^'l' ..-■.,•■ I':,.'. ::.! ;:..■■- :* 
I the lniniic;aie^ v.. • ,. .,iiit.| 
I Mr. ar.d .Mr' n-iynrit nrr ot home ^ 
! at 1373 Norlli Griiiu avenue. 

1 _ 


Walter C. Knaus. 85, of «33 Cherry 

,M.-Pl. III"! »<• 1" '" O''"^"^ '•"•'''- '''t^''' 

III a Hprlugflelrt lio.M>lial. He had re- 
n,lrd in Bprlngfleld for ovei 30 ycara. 
Ko waa inniiager of the l"an depart- 
ii.ent of the SpriiiKtield Becurliy 
.•..mnaiiv nn.l a ipprrvMiliitlTe of the 
Oonni-CMcut MMtui.1 Ufr 
>r.ii,|Miiy K.inciiJ »rr.ltlKf-nl.•I.t^. 

•.\i,:.i> vill hr uiid-r Hi'- dii'viloii of 
I n.r ,M.'ii l'.;,nii>ir iiiideriur.M.,; es- 
lahli-hment. arc as yet Incomplete. 
•••, is sMrvlved by one son. .^. H 

Miss Grttndburg 

Weds Mr. Welch 

AnfWHinctnwnt 1mm been niMl* ol 
tha txuuTlact, o< Mlw Hanrtett* 
OrundbUTff to Mr. Byron O. Welch 
yeaterday at 13:30 o'clock at the home 
of tba brlde'a father. Mr. Henry 
Onindbuiz. 3273 Benton a.v«niije. 
"THrTWTWWnnBrerr C~8»cBler of 
ilM Central Cbrlattan church read 
Ui« TOW*. Hm farldf wort a drwa of 
tan (eorgetta knd carried » bridal 
bouquet of roars and lilies of th« 
▼alley. Mr. and Mr». Roy Adaau cf , 
St. Loula attended the couple. | 

Mr. and Mr*- Watch left followInK 
tbe ceremony fdr St. Loula. They 
will b« St home here after March 4. 

Tb» wedding dinner waa served 
after the marrla^ to the following 
relatives and friends: Mr. and Mrs. 
Cbarlea Moret, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond 
Welch. Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Oruiid- 
burg. Mr. and Mrs. Ira W. Harvey. 
Miss Pauline Orundburg, Miss Ruth 
Kelley. Mtaa Effle Ott. Mr. and Mrs. 
Roy Adams, of St. Louis, Mr. and 
Mrs. Alfred T. Orundburg of TuUa, 
Okia, and Mr. Charles Fruk and Mr. 
Henry Orundburg. 

^uia. i;.M.MA Nickix 

The ftineral of Mrs. Emma Nlck^} 
wlir bo li/ld at the Baptist church In 
Mount Vernon Tuesday afternoon at 
-^30 o>'k»^k. lnteTTn«-nt wtM takr 
place' III .Uic 1. O. O r. cemetery 
at Mount Vernon. Mo., tmder the di- 
rection of iho Alma Lohnteyor fu- 
nrrnl Ivunc Mrh. MrkrI, wlio WRS 6;> 
yeHU ol BKP, died tiiuidby afternoon 
at her lioine, 6.10 Ea^t Lorrn street. 
art<-r a l<>n^ lllnrFv,s She Is niirvlved 
T' ,■ UT luu-baii'l Mild one daiighli r, 
j MIM Helen Nhhrl, iilso by her 
' mot her, Mrs. Iv M. Ooodmaii, 830 
! Eant Loren atree'. Springfield, and by 
'"..:" hro'l.Ts Hiid two Flsierr. In- 
'i'! .-.;; Mrs. O.-'-nr Wise of .'Spring- 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 12: Twins born today to Mr. and Mrs. Hiland D. Kelley, 1025 St. Louis street. 

Mrs. Suzanna Parker died.** 

William F. Sprohs died.** 

Mrs. Ella Bearden died.** 

John L. Tillman died.** 

Walter C. Knaus died.** 

Peter Schults died.** 
Page 16: Mrs. Louise G. Wallace of Lebanon left money to Drury college. Now 
descendants of her foster daughter are trying to break the will. 



>u««.| fTTto- for Ma. ftaww 

BIfli sttMl md M«ad»y. vlU 
ta HaU •« flMTMl Bwri OkttioU« 
cbaKb TboEMUy mornlnf •» • 
eWook by tba B»funaA V^tbar 
TlKMBM Bndr. Jntennent will tol> 
Isv tB at. IUry« ooMUry naatr Um 
tfuaeUoo of tli* Iftnnan H. l4iluBC]W 
taaanl lioiii*. W*. P»rkcr la nir* 
vtvatf toy liar buatoanl. two MaUn. 
Mtaa I4» Itamaa and Mn. Rlobard 
An&atraof oC mnafncld. and on* 
broCtaar. CUlborM Tmmaa. wbo re> 
atdaa In CaltfortiU. 


ruoatml aarrtcaa tor Williain r. 
Sproha, 64. wbo diad Sunday in St. 
Loula. will ba bald at 8«crtd Baart 
Catbollo cburrh Wednaaday mocBia« 
at B o'clock wltb tba Ravetand Fatbar 
■n»flinaa Brady ofltcUtlnc. BurUl 
wUl taka plaoa la St. Mary^ eamatary 
wltb tba Hanaaa U. Lobmayai fu> 
naral bom* In cbMia. 

Baar tton, M. wbo dlad Sunday morp- 
ln« at bar bocna. IlM Kaat Oaotral 
atreat. wara bald thia afternoon at B 

o'clock at tba rcaldanoa. followad try 
UurUI Ifi r.u»lUwn c«ra«t«ry undar 
tba dIraoUon of tba Alma U>hoicy«r 
funaral boma. 

iOlIN I,. TIi,I..M.\> 

John I,. '|imii»i|. M. (W bwuUl 
Holland alraet. will ba burlad In 
Smith cmnrtery n«ar Rofforavllla tbtt 
altcriioon atirr runerul i««rvlcr« at a 
<i"iliM-k nt Iliirnioi\)r rtuitfli on IT 8 
niCbway as; tbraa BUIaa waat of Boc 
arartlla. Tba Ram«tt M. Lobm^ar 
funaral hoota will ba In abarg*. Mr. 
TtUman U aunrtvad by four daugh- 
tan. Mra. Ollla mtlia haad of tba 
booi^ Mra. ttalU PlM>aoiK of Xanaaa 
Oiiy, JCan.; Mr*. S«lma WMtrald* of 
nirial rout* No. », Bprlnftlald. and 
Mra. Kffta aclwffltMl. ftit Naw ava- 
nut; l«o arma. nan W. Tillman, «4I» 

But MadlKui. and Oyda B? Tltlmln. 
TU Waa« Nlcbota atraat; bla fatbar. 
J. H. TlUmaa «« Bt. Lovta. ona alitar. 
Mra. BUa Cbambarlsln of ton* Baa«b. 
Calif, and ona brotbtr. H. M. TilUnan 

Dead at Si* Louis 

AnaounoaBiant o( tba daatb of "WTl-* 
llaUn O. Budaon. M. head of tha ^vll 
anftnaartnc firm of WlUlam D. Hud- 
aon Co., In St. Louu. baa bean re- 
ealwd la BprtOtfflald by bla rautlvaa 
■ad trtanda^ 

Mr. Budao p dIad in St. Loula yaa* 

tarday nonTUnx' ptMOxnonia. Hti 

wUa la tlia aUtar of C. l Htiiton. 

■ ^|»*"t***''^ ■tteriKT t"'' former 

Judge of tba 34tb circuit. Mr. Hud- 
aon waa to bare aaalMcd In tha city 
trtanning projact in Spnn.'f.eiJ ihi;; 
aummar. tba contract for wblcb waa 
lat raoantly to Barlan Bartboiomew. 

Mr. Hudaon waa widely known for 
tba an«lna«nns proj acu In wbicb lia 

,n,-V>H In rr^atm tbAH W mW» Of-tba 

OBHad Btntaa. 

Ma tewTn»r\f \\9mA >> Jnplln and yot 

tola flrvt wparlanf in anglnaarlnc 
durtbt tba tralldlng o< tba Wbtta 
■iTcr dlTlatotK of tba Mtaaourl PacUlc 
lattioad fiom Oa r Mi i 

Ark. He waa a world war veteran 
WM* «IU«( dmftamaa for tba brtdga 
rtap a Hnmit -SiMl. lAJitt. jm^ Mfdatam 
brtdja «a«tMar of tba lUaaourt Pa« 
ctMnrallnMa It* daiftiiwi ia* l^wav 
vtMtoot ta St. Unite, In IflOS 
^rttb Kartaad. 

tiM finn vMab 1m 

Jb ia dojagu 

JBraan'Miatf by Bla'Wffb.' 
IX todaoau' I ' 

M.aad mtOf 



r a n ili n^ ih e aiii ' iiii ii f it ii ' "' 
Arthxir fn^m I\»rtt«uKi. Or*. «io t\\- 
iirr»i uir»;i>;c'.:>oi)U* !:.i\e ; < '. lu-rti 

Chfrry ttreer. ••ho di»a 

-- Kh i> i i». »»■ **i\ 
i»a Stirulor rlitht I 

Lotimcy«f tuu«*l bomc. howrver. 

^cer Scbults. 11. dlad at lt30; 
• clpck. iMt niftau tn a SpnscfVeltl j 

, ^rl****' Mr. 8cbut9 wtio tuu be«t: i 
V iiaam r of tao Pytattn boom for, 
Um paa( irfcral y«an. tfi«<A. aficr a I 
brief Uloaaa. rer-mar.? T«an h« wa* j 
a nn»mbrr »»t SranT;« *(•; 17 Liit'.it' ' 

■ K' T" "■ •' r • ■ . ' - ' • i'' 

i i^ ^iifvj>e<'l rj/ ,i.r r.^ii, ..■»•■■ Mi* 
ft,>;.. r.f \tA\'<:'-s'fx: M.. fir-prol 
I fcrriiri(?ein^»'.L* whi.-ri -"lil i^ ut.#l^r iti^ 
i dir*<:tlona of W I- m..r:i». »f» V«t i 


habhiaob license 

Honw Rurdi^l and-Rut|i Olaj-j 

pool. 23. J»oUi of WAlimt Urovc: 

-iiiaOB XttOUl. 31. OkdevllI*: aud 

Ir«w OMvnaau 21. x>f. Walnut 



Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2; Aaron M. Reams died.** 

Page 6: Miss Bess Smith and Mr. Roland D. Pursley were married.** 
Page 10: Mrs. Suzanna Parker died.** 

William P. Whitlock, Jr., died.** 

Peter Schultz died.** 

Isaac Kelso Redfeam died.** 

Noah A. Bush died.** 
Page 14: Card of thanks.** 


Long Illness 

.|Ma^M.iMlMr et am- 
O. R«uaM. opetstor of Um 

Ur. RMniM la cunrtTad by hU wir«. 
«B« thzM mfOB, BoMM ot Spring. 
Ud: B. U Bmbu*. OiUnMTUla, ru.: 
i(M S. B. BMOM*. Miami, rto. Two 
broUi«r«, T o m -a MTtiM . TJ n cn l n. 
Ana 8ol Bmoms. Detroit. Ulcb, 
• siat^. Mn. Hannr ^AddeU. 
Ito^ttt*. Ky, alao ranrlT*- . 

and mred at MumfonUTtiir. 
K;r, Mr. atamea moTcd to Mluouri 
vtita • Tounc man and lived in 
Bte(^ county (or many yeara. In 
ItOir tw aatUad on a farm near Waat 
Hatarn in BOweU oeunty. .Re then 
baealno'MaocUted with tb« Brotncr* 
hood of America Yeoman, and alio 
%ttb tbo ranaara' Barlnga Bank of 
Waat Plalna. of whldi he waa preal- 
dtot f or a number o f yeare. 

»rt«» to «rf^<"I "P » "'r— 1«*T»' 
twltlauc a lu f lort da — tn — tt* 

m^ the 


In BprlngfJelO, ^Ith olflcea 

la tha Woodruff buUdldc A r*^ 
■fO b* returned to BprtnKfleld where 
IM had aliioe made hie home. 

runeral ee r T l cea will be held t" 
Um nn% Baptat ohurob. West 
iPlalna, at 1 oclocJt Thuraday. fol- 
lowad by InUrmienC in tB'e* oemetery 
there In charge of the McFarlsnd 
Caderttklnv company. The Hermnn 
H. liOhmeyer runeral home la In 
Charge of arrangement* here. 

Biafibvt^ Vftat im .apoo D. . }$• ^> 
Brnqr*^'rt ami wiu isvm le, of 
Burrtio ^ i 

[ RajiwoDO Pcurut.. K^uolli. '^ 

ianfiCiMd Bista. 30. BilluisB 


MUfMeaa Smith 

Weds Mr, Pursley 

~~AllBMiD«eaent haa been made of 
tba marriage of Mlu Beaa Smith. 
daughter of Mr. and' Mra. Jamee'T. 
Smith of 1!tov«raTlll«. tv Mr. RoUnd 
U PuraUy. eon of Mr. ,L. W. Puraley. 
Ot thte city on February 14 at Lock 
Baaoh. CaL 
Tha oaremooy waa performed by. 

thtf Ratrarend Ralph A. Jeneen. paa« 
tar 9t the H t m * Dap tle» e hu reh . T he 
couple waa attended by Mr. and Mra 
Charlea H. Puraley. 

After a honeytpoon at Catallna Mr. 
and Mra. Pursley will be at home at 
1411 Baat Plrst auect. Long Beach. 



lU . . ..I. .1 It.: ; 

DtNWV— "W»*liIiIt-to -ina-nr—- wrr — rrmttr- 
fnriuU and ueiahbor:. (ur Uiv b>t<M>:'il'y 
mid kliHln*** uwlrii durlnr llic llUl••^^ 
mill drXli iir o<ir durllnic Imbv ."tin null 
broihrr. AI»o lur lliv UiaJiii") :'. ' •> 



Funeral aemce* for Mrs. Suzanna 
Parker. 73. «ho died ai hrr home i>:i 
Weet High atreet road Sunday, will be 

couducleO al 9 o clock Tliurt'duy 
morning at Sacred Heart Catholic 
church, foUowro by Interment In St. 
Mary^ cemetery. In charge of the 
Herman H. Lotuueyer funeral home. 



"•" AmnfcmcnU are not complcwd 
for the funeral of William P. Whil- 
lock. Jr^ who died Tuesday afternoon 
at his home. 901 North Campbell ave- 
nue, at the a^e of 23 years He lf> 
survived by his t3ilier. wwitam P 
WtUtlock. 8r. and four sUtera. Mrs. 
rimacea Wltberapoon. Mrs. Lydia 
QuUiD. Mra. Dora McCormack. and 
Mlaa Betty June Whitlock Inter- 
ment will be In Eaatlawi cemetery 
In.obarge of the J. W. Kllngnei fu- 
ntod 4iom«. 


Punersl aitmngementa tor Pater 
actauiu, Tt. vbo bad b«en » resident 
of tba Pythtn bonie for seMral years, 
have not been made. It Is thought 
probable tbat the body will be ship- 
ped to 8t. Loula tor burUl. however 
One daugbtef. Ura U. Riley of Maple- 
wood, aurvtvea. Bliime'a mortuary 
W III eliargc of arrnnKMii«*iita here 

ls,\.\t' kCL.SO UtUKL.Mt.N 

• "uneral aervloea for tJiaac Kelso 
HWfcHrn. 74 were held Tuesday af- 
ternun si ProKpect ceiitelery. ncun nif 
fonnei hon.e at Bole DArc. Mr. Rcd- 
fearii had lived In CHllforiiln tor 
I many >ears. niMklnK ••m> huint -i 
j buiiUi ll'*a lie !iiul iimrtf I'lily our 
«istl to his hume in Mli>auurl In utc 
50 years be had lived In the arst 
Wi E Redfearn and M A Redfearn 
of BoU 'Arc were brothers 

NUAH A. BlSli - 

Noah A. Bush. 43. who had mnde 

ililk liutiic uitli U\f filler Mis Eilirl 
MiOabb on Prairie View miu-li on 

I U 8 ItishwHv 66 uf.'^t i>f SprWiifllold 
dird HI tiie Mlntotin ttulc hu.tpllui ui 
Nevada on February 16 and was bur- 
ted at bis fonner home. Keola. loaa 
His death followed a tevere attack of 
liifluiurji. He la survived by five slx- 
•era and three brothers: Mr*. Lily 
Rowe. Klunn. Iowa; Mrs. Emma Nesl. 
Crelghton, Mo.; Mrs. Bessie Urern. 
Clem I n g to n . M t> ; - M m . O r a rr a» u i th 
who resides In WaAhlnglon state: and 
Mm. McCrabb with whom he Ilve4. 
Irvlii Huili. Colona. .ChI.ihikI EniT- 

hni, .i.-iij Cjru* Dn.l; ul Wii>liliij-''"n. 

Page 1: History of Springfield #1.** 

Page 5: Mrs. Katheryn E. Talbert sues to divorce Edward Y. Talbert. They were 
married at Ozark. Her maiden name was Katheryn E. Gray. 
Page 10: N4rs. Frances M. Carvin died.** 
Hal C.Bellville died.** 
Aaron M. Reames died.** 
W. G. Knaus died.** 
Daughter bom February 26 to Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Forrester, 1 128 North Grant 


Mrs. Clara H. Porter died.** 

_ Card of thanks.** 

Mr and Mrs. O. R. Pt>rre8ter. 113S 
North Orwnt avenue, annotinre the 
birth of a daughter. February 30 

.MK>. (L.\ltA II. I'UK 

Mrs Clara H. Porter. 20. a Ifc of 
O. B. Porter. R. F D.. No I. Straf- 
ford, died this afternoon in h bprliix- 
i field ho^pllnl She l.t nuivlvrd by hrr 
I htiabar.d. two cliiUlmi. All>ert mid 
' Mahie: hrr imrriit.s. Mr and Mrs 
. J«"r.h I .•rrii.- •«<> ••ivirrM mi'l llirci- 
I brvllierK llir bu<ly will ix tski*!! 
lo 'lir tii'iiii" I'f hrr imiTiiI.* iil H<\ - 
jliiuMi, wlKD 1)111 i.t! u.:: l.iKi.' |il.ii'>' 
Fur.ersl d!r'-f'iuii.> nro uiicli-i ihr .'ti- 
I pervikion of Dir Mmt I.ohniryrr 
' iuneral diretiorx 


SCM *)(. CABV1N 

VlfeaiN* M. o»is 

^'Ht'tntL-Jutitn yiMtay moraint 

i>r>ionnna; Vto« wrhei* atM 

«l«trM of UM rtorld* ChrtaUap 

PotMral MTvlce* wtU be b«^ld at 

Uta Aim* liObmeyer Funeral home at 

a:tO o'clock VYM»y.att«moou, follow- 

•4 \ts iBttnnrat in Maple Park ceme- 

'tory. Ml*. 4. N. Hti(«l«a. Mra. M. C. 

.mum. Mi». A r m b m ti h. un. wi i.- 

Ham O. Mtimr. I<- 8. I>l|*ln. and 
UMt, Kirk Morris. aU of Bprlnglleld. 
OOUalM of Mra. Canln. 

^.'^' HAL- C. lliaX\ IIXK j 

Itet- C Belh-Ule. 40, found dead in i 

hi* opwtmwit tn 8t. LoiiU Tueaday. 

^Is aurvtWMl tm» by hi* Vir« and by 

VhtmtUOtatvn. Mui. Billy, aud CaUt- 

Ifo word ba« itttn received 

tiac»--l«f«ntJlig fUiMral •rrangenmU. 



*-, J f .. ' • 

uiBefbre Svringflold Was Bopo^. 

(P Pnor to ilie War of 1&12. Ihe southwest portion of Mlisourl \raa 
kaamn am the OMge country. OMg« Indiana hunted and fished 
. wlthta tta bottiMUiica. The moderate climate and numeroua sprlngi 
oCTend natural adVaotagea for ptlmlUve Uving. 

@ The first vrhlte toen Ipppm tf 
were French advenlUMftf "^^ ~ 
south of Bt. LouXi. f^a 
of lead. " 

ttattad this p^ri «f MlMOuri 



4 Durius the War of 181?, the Klcltapoo tribe of Indiana came in 

. and built a town on wttat waa later luiown aa Ktckapoo Prairie, on 

/'the present site of Springfield. It was located where Pbelpa Ortrre 

/■ park now la. Abont lOQ. wigwam made up the vlUace. 

W*"sv. ■ / • - 

.\.tUUN M. Mh.\.MI.S 

jil**>tei»enil serrtc^swere coiiduct*<l'»i 
.1^ Pteal HaptUl ctounh. WmI PUItuT. 
tbU •flernoon for Awron M lleuine*. 

100. »ho rtlcd III bprlnuflrlrt rii<v<lM> 
nlRhl H »ir lioDir ol lil» m'Ii. IUiu.u<>. 
ep^ntor of ihc armiicK' iioiri. Bm- 
tni look pl»»f III >i W>»t HImIhi* •Ttii*'- 
»rr». Mr. Krwiii'>. -^Im ■< »; ('rMT- 
ly ra(mBM] 111 tiip intwrMi.iL' lMU'liir»« 
in Bprtnufl'W. '» Minnrd liv lll^ *lfr 
Kiid thrte •oiv«: H'.'f •>«• nf S|>iintfi'-I<l. 
K. l^ nr«mc*«f Oalii«wv|llr. t-'lu : niicj 
E, S. IIMUIIM or Minnit. no 

W. C. fcN^I «• 

ier«tc«« (or W U Kiiu>» 
I wtU ba bald kt lh« Alma tuliiiieyrr 

fnaaral bOBtS rrldajr mortiliiK at 
{ 1040 o'Mock. with il>« tUvrmid C. 
I U. >KlC^ eCn«tetln8. BurUI vlll Ukc 

plaoa Id liaptc Park ormcury. Ar- 

n^MiWls bad tMpeo (lcla)«d peod- 
I tag Itaa arrival of Axttiur Kntuit. « 

•O0. «( PorUand. Oi« . vho rfuchr^ \ 

Sprlngfl'ld '> a(»rtn"Oi< Mr» (. 
H Cr»» » o( h;.j'' <• a tuitr .•/ .v. c 


■ \» f.«(' <•_''■<• _. .. — — .-L, 

:;'„^..ff AIM. «or llir b..ulftu. 0^ 
Otirliw*. ^ijj ^^„ „Ra „ u. DBOCr 


■'■ ^ jffr* it-'^-ferra»tf ■ 21. of Bumnkn- 
\1U«. Mov. and Ednu Medlock. 21, of [ 



Pagel: George Peters died.** 

History of Springfield #2.** 
Page 6: There is an article about Joseph P. Pecic.** 
Page 11: Glenn Lanham sues to divorce Hazel B. Lanham. They were married June 23, 

Page 13: Rudolph Wertime died.** 

Mrs. Clara H. Porter died.** 

Henry Gugel, Sr., died.** 

John Keithley died.** 

August H. Aschmann died.** 

W. C. Knaus died.** 

Albert P. Weingartner died.** 

Mrs. Lyda K. Buiey died.** 

Ben F. Melton died.** 

George Widman died.** 
Page 18: Births announced.** 
Page 19: Card of thanks.** 

;!4 Talented Springfieldian 

-Uya'ABB M Me««toa*<l.tO rMdIng and hearlos about tuirrehiini; 
'••■ ptop|« l0 other clUe« that U Mldom occur* to ux that lh< ro arc ' 
people Ju»t as lrrt«<rv!«tlni; hihI dolnR J^l^<l nn nnirh. rlplit h«>r<» In 
SprlBsneM. > Mr. Jpr>eph 1*. Pwk. for many y«>arii nhldeul <■! iJpriug- 
IMd and atlll a comparatlrclr younic man. has dlittlngulthed hlmseK 
la pre4qe«r. artlat 4(3 detlgnar. Mr. Peek waa the flml and only 
«•■ to latrpdac* ttaa H<tt1a theatre noremejit In Springfield. Tbia 
ll« dl4 rar y fcacgeaafully. He not only directed the L lHle theatre but 
daalfned the rtage "aetr, trained the actori«, iIonlRned' the cnatuniei 
Mid Mtad M biulnesa manager. Mr. Peek aelected the players from 
aaeng Springfield talent «nd wHh i Ik-It toxi-cr^tli-n nuii his (umi 
•lYorla achiered very remarkable rr*ulin. The Uttle theatre, however. 
I» not tka oBljr aotewwrtliy acMevameiit of Mr. Peek an he la well 
kao^o aa a cottume d»»lgntr having d-.-alftnc-l for hm ii imublt; in'i- 
•■••'■ M Zlafffld aad the Meaar*. bhubcri. and lu «ddlil<iii to thU he 
dMtcaa. aaif mak«fl aomo o( the moat beautiful and unique masks 
tMglaable atl«r th« faabion of those orlgln.tted bv th^ fainon.-) arilHl 
W. T.'Baada. 

Mr. Pack, wio la alwaya lu aearc^ of the ueu»st in orl. has now 
4frt«ta4 hia attaatioB toward the makiOK''o( marluueitea whirh are 
taat bacomlnc popular, all orer the couatry. at> a nicdhini of pnt^r- 
UtemtBC iia-lua alraady made aome very <lever puppets and with I 
tbeae and others in the proi<»« of < oiiriru« li^n. he win jiroduro ai 
eompleta laarlonette ahow which he plans to present in .sprluKfield. 
prap«ratoi7 to an eslended tour of the country. Mr. Peclia studio 
tai (ha aoaUiweat arcade of tba aqu^re is the moKi intereittlag spot 
la Eprtogfleld. The walla, bung with gay shawls, markr. rostumeB. 

flctures. give mute tcailmooy of hia many and varied iul>^nif< 



liiink our fri»ndi and neifh- 
ktndnrM and (TaipaUijr ahevn 
(Itfiiig ana dcklU of our dar> 

wn.- C ti.' waluiu imff f a i p ity 

a* -- a . \ t *»»—■- — J - 

Ur«. R. E. 0«rd»*U and temuy 



Mr. and Mrs. Carl rarnier, of 
Orore. announce tha birlb of • 
UnUKlilcr. Marram Jun . on rtu 'H 

Mr. and Mrs. W. D Moypr. 1841 
North AtXeraon avenue, aiuiuunce 
the btrth of a son. March 1 


ItHE history of SPRINGRETLD (No 2)- 
The First Settlers I 

TtlO flnt pemuuieiil wiai« MUlwient In soulbwest Missouri van 
^X n>*4* In l8I8 by John P. Pctlljuhu and txia fanUl; and Joseph Pnce 
and Aug\Mtii!> Friend, tt was located about ten or twelve miles 
*uutbwe«t or the present city oX Sprlnstleld. on the James river. 


(p Other bcttlarc lollowed and all lived peacefully until 1S33 vtten 
the Oelawar* Indiana csame and laid claim to all of Um aouthvest 
portion of Mlasoun. rMy claimed the ffovemment bad dres It to 
them as a resen-allon. 

^Tbe aetUera vera detenntned not to glT« up their, hnm r at nwla 
without mora datlaltd Ictiawledge ao they aent Tbotoaa Pattcrsoo. Br.. 
ont of their number, to St. LouU ta verify Um Indiana claim. Bm 
brought back word that tbe iniit^ n^ vcf« rlchc — 

'Art' Allen Plans 
To Exhibit Photos 
Of Old Springfield 

A LjUecuou ol old piciart-s ot 
soring field to be display*^ ^^■ 
inp liic b;« centennial celebra- 
uon b<>Kinnm<? June 16. U being 
made by Arthur Allen, Spring- 
(ipld aitoriiey. , 

Mr An-n i^ trym? '-o a.-^embie 
H.' Luanv of ilic interesting old 
pictures as possible and he be- 
heves these »ai be an Important 
tfutvirc 01 interest to centennial 
visitors. He already has obtained 
a lew ol the pictures and hopes 
that llic collection *n 11 -become 
complete enouRh to z -v an U- 
lu-uatcd history of the city dur- 
ing the 100 vears of li.'^ existence 

"^ Wtfd IhM bMn nealfvd htn «r tht 
>>«la»tt^ tJ» ObaB^bfratottrg, Pa, of Su* 

tantio trtn »t« to iBie. At uw 

tuna ot hU daath Mr. Wwtlma was 

l^bVOtoV Of ibtM9 IB WUMtt ooIHc* 

M GbMnlMiiliun. • BOiltlMt wrbl^ 

Itf .lua taaM for U iMua. Ba la aar« 

' «)tM br tali «u« ■■< ^u ifanowit 

nsuuMftt waaotpb, 4u mut ooh- 




Body of Uioroe Pelers, 
Springfield Police Char- 
actor, Found 4.yl($|^dtt 
Empty Bottle llarkad De- 

Bm-pr SpriuKS park, northweic oit; 

0«orge Pel«ra. 31. Sprlncfleld la-[ 

txmr. w«i round •ariy uua Dioru-| 

lti«. Bfldde Uw body toy an empty j 

pint bottle clearly Ubeied "Denatur- j 

ed Alcxjbol— Polaon!" ■ 

nji4 Oottle ! 

Serteant Ed Waddle at Central' 

jnonce-iUllon recclrpd a call at 7^1 

^clock telllns that 'theie's a ihani 

I out Ui Silver tertngs-parlt. orunk or j 

: aomethlng." Officers found Peters" , 

body there beside the emptied bot- ' 

tie. aod they itimmoned Dr. Murray 

C. Stone. Qreene county coroner. 

! Doctor 6tone found that the cause 

I of death' apparenUy waa denatured 

'ak»bol. and said no Inqtieat would 

, be ncce&Nary. 

j Waa>»tte« CtaaraeUr 

Pficr», a laborer whobc pan-nis 
[ died here a few yeani ago. wa« ••ell 
I known to the police. He frequently 
I served short sentences lu the city 
I Jail (or tiAng drunk, and once dur- 
UiR the present winter he wa,«; foviiul 
: by police lying on a sidewalk In the | 
• cold The toes on one foot were I 
. frozen off by this experience, and j 
" after that the man spent some time j 
' at the county farm. 
I 8cek Relatives 

lie n iu> Identified by Uocior Stone , 
, through a receipt found In his pock- 1 
i ets for room rent paid ut the G. W. ' 
I Tompkins boarding liouse on Com-j 
I merclal street. . The payment, »2 50,' 
[covered rent from Febniar> 15 to^ 
. February 18. 

i The body whs taken to the \V. L. i 
8urue luneral home, where cffo.-ns, 
j were being made today to get In : 
j touch with two brothers whose! 
I whereabouts are uuknown 

r fHpAfal Mrrtoaa'wtn be bald at 
r.fhe booSiff St htr PMsata. Mr. and Mrs. 
^Acob Lorau at Seymour at 3:30 
^•eioek this aftofaoon for Ifim. clan 
a. PocUr of Btmnocd who died in a 
jMspttal Here yeatatday aiumooa. 
;:Bum Her nnsbcnt. ^. B.-ratt«r. 

-and b«r parents, Mrs. Porter u >ur- 
•wlTMl by two cbUdTMi, Albert and 
)l^bl«. AnangamaDta bera were in 
Ipbarga of the Alma Lobmey«t funeral 


^ Poaeral tt?lc< a foe Henry Qugel, 
Br.. 1S87 Morth OoufrUa ftveoue. who 
HMa4-*wddanly at. Alma. Aiit, V/tX- 

•ft, XUafner funeral booie Seturdity, 
^jiftaroooa at 3 o'olcok, followed by In- 
^tMTDtQt at Ore«nlawn ctmetrry. Mr. 
Ovgel is mnrlved by bU wife und by 
•ilia following children: MIm Editti. 
iat borne: Mrs 8. A. Phillip*. Mrs. H. 
JP. Hartley, Mrs. B. L. Krimedy, Mrs 
2t P. White. H T. Oixgel, C. L. Ou- 
^•ty^ *U ot K|inngTI«lrt; Jliu. M<trl« 
-Ougrl end P E. end P. t Onuel of 
-betrelt. Mlob. Two •l»t»i(. *ho re- 
..ilde In Baltimore. Md.. •>•■<.• Aurrlvc 


^ John Keltblty. 69. died this mom- 
fDM at 13:30 o'elook at taU home, 883 
•Aeutb Patton avenue, after a long 
■Ulneee. He I* eurvived by hiK wife 
kad nine Brown chllrtirn F\inrr»l 
ananfamenu h«ve not )ti ixc:! 
aia de. pending the arrival of tiir chll- 
•Aren. eotne (rom Colorado und Bomi; 
,3l«in Kansaa City. Th« Herman H 
•)<e hBH Tfr funeral hon>« •rill bava . 
Vbtrge of burlsl Brraii,;rmrnts | 

I - 

\i i.\ sr II. A!*niMtN\ 

Z. Puucrsl »ervii-e» tor Au^um >l 
■ *a c>i ntai i » . ■♦>•. who «tt«>rt a< hf »M»ine 
tn Xtn Cnglenook apBrrment* mrlr 
JttUa moralag wiU b« held at 3:30 
jll'elock Saturday aftarnoon In Kan- 
«aa crty. with burial in Moiitii Mk- 
Ttlah remetfry there. Mr. Aschmaiin. 
;^o was geceral manager for the 
Bmerlran Railway ExprrM hfrf liad 
Tjeen \'\ ai'out two »m'V.»> U\> «:rr 
^ed here la«t June. He is hurvivcd 
^y hU father and mother. Mr »t\i1 
Jlirm. OeofKe H. AKhmauii. Kaiiiw.s 
City .-; ■'. r-y '-r fnllun-ltiK brother* 
^A autera: Oeorga H.. Los Angelee: 
"StabTt. St. Louts; Charlea. Chicago: 

Union. KMi.^.l/» «.ll>. M)>. lUn M 

fly, Kansas Oily: and the MiMefi 
. Grace. Blaurti«< Kn<1 .Albert « 
^aehmann, all at home The Alnm 
Xabmeyer f<iner%il home |)m» clurt;!' 
•f burial pr«p«'al.oii.*: hcie 


^ W. C. KNAl'H 

'i*r% held ai 10:;I0 ocluck thu morn- 
.^Ig at U)o Alnia Lohmcyrr ft:r.rr«l 
BOfna Harry BruUin. tenor, rnnK "»•- 
]>6od th* BliBdo«8. by C. A. White, 
•ad •■BKilillfnl InIc o( Somrwhrre " 
3Qm IUt. C. H. Brlir^ offlclalecl. 
JpurUl took place lii Muple Park 
cemrien Mr Knaii* !• •iirtunl by a 
•on. Aflhiir, ol roril«iul. <>:<■ i>ii<l a_ 
Imrr. Mn C II (>(■«» ff l"ivriir.' 

.tt.llLHT P. «I.IV«.AItTStU 

■ The body ot Aloerl r. WriiiBHrlnrr, 
kl. will be aent lo St LouIa thib 
•rternooii by tlie llTinaii H toli- 
mejpr funeral honir. Mt. Wi'aiKurt - 
BW, alio naa a salehniaii (<>r the Wit- 
ftwn WrlRley rompajn. dlrrt ^uddvtily 
of heart Ui^eHoe lu/<t iiicht In 1il« 
hotel room here. Dr. Murray C 
8loiie. coroner, decided no int|iie»t 
»•• nccensarj' BurlHl will inkr pliu-e 
In St. lx>ui». vkJH'ie I hr niul)> tn.ilhrr 
and .Mktrr rr.UIr r> I!MH McCuuhlnnd 
• Tenue. 


0«arf* WUUBao. DtzoB. M».. 

chant&nd former realdcnt of 8{irtB#- 
fitld. dwc It D txon tttti mwii t ng *Tt- 
er » brief UlnaM. Punwml avrrlcw 
will be held »t the Herman H. Jjoh' 
meyer fune;«l bom* In 8prln(neld 
Sunday afternoon ftt a:M o'clock. 
followed br Interment tn Hacelwood. 
There are no near reUUvee here, bat 
word Is being awaited from reUtlree 
of Mr. Wldcuu cUewber*. 

•..'i Mil*. tVOA K. BIXEY 

Mr*. Lyda K: Buley. 51. Ot*^^";"* 
morning et het home. '-'^ ^"''^ 
Jeller»on avenue, after a llUEerlng m- 
ii!:^he U wrrlred b, «« «J»"«^- 
«HS. Uis. J. B P>«n''- "■* " " ' 

S^e wui h... ot-T,. ofth. .en^c- 

•HBfl-imty BniBSh wHl iing, "Wh«D 

' They Ring Tboe. Oo"" ?•";• "T^ 

• B^nd th. Bh«l.w..- The ^rrjc- 

•111 be held et the Aim. U)bnwy« 

mneral home ^^^^y ,'^'Z''T X^ 
a 30 o'clock. BurUl will be Itt th. 

Ha«lwood cemeterr- »*«-^*^^ 
been dormitory matron at the Spring. 
Held Y. M. C. A. for the paat 13 year*. 
She wM .Uo -ponaor of the Wom.n • 
Auxlllnry of the Y. M. C. A. A qtilet 
hour win be ob-^tNed in her memory 
at the a«>oclation building diulng th. 
1 tuntT«I aervlcea tomorrow. 

B«p r. UHtoD M. tn XMt CUboun 
ftTMt. died mt 1 :ao o'clock this »ftci- 
Bodb-in • boepttal her. UtM m ttti^t 
Illness, fie U ramtrM 17 nrt thU- 
dren. u fbllaw.: Mn. MmmI* Uon- 
boitM. vltb whom b. Urwl: Mn. F. 
M. ShiUfer, Bprlni^Wd.. M!r!|,.V^ Wl 
OreMtwad.. O.I1M, Tn.; B«a M.!' 
ton, Jr., Fort Worth, Twt.: .nd rruik 
Melton. BeUeru*. Ohio. PunwaLv* 
rmngnauiU bST* not bMn madt, 
awitlktiic tliMrrlvU of latetlT.*. H«f 
mtn R. Lohm«y« bM tbatfm. 

Page 1: History of Springfield #3.** 
Page 3; Miss Florence Burch and Mr. Donald Dodds were married.** 

Miss Marguerite Burch and Mr. Waden R. Wooldridge were married.** 
Page 6: A son Carl William Rule was bom February 28 to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rule, 424 
Beach street. 

Page 10: Ben F. Melton died.** 

John Keithley died.** 

George Peters died.** 

George W. Widman died.** 

Albert P. Weingartner died.** 

Mrs. Lyda K. Buley died.** 

Mrs. Minda Strong died.** 

Harold Dean Dunn died."''* 

James R. Milner died.** 


Hiat>ld De*n Dtinn. a-month«.rW 
8on of Mr. and Mr». Rayipond Dunn. 
1810 Ea*t Ke.rr.ey etreet. died ttua 
mornliiR at the home of the p«reDt». 

Kuiiot^ii «irv.ve4 ar.rl bur:»l «Ul ~*»e 
held Sunday aUernoou at 2.30 «l 
I>'nf"r*h rer.ii«'e:v. Bts'iP« the p«r- 
en'-i. filter hiDitn-r.-. Herbert. Wlll'.am. 
■ and Raymond. Jr . survtve. Darrcp 
Dxxtin. . twin ol Uvold Dtma. died 
Janttanr 31. 


The body of Albert P. tr«lng*rtncr. 
who died HtiUdenly of heart discnso 
in hl« hotel room here ThurwlBy 
nlpht. WHS nent from the Hermnn '1. 
Lohmevor funeral home to 6» l.ouU 
laat n'iRht for burial there Sunrt y. 
Welnnartner'B wife, mother and «is- 
ter Burvlvo him. His home wa» 10 Id 
MrCaualand aventie. St. LouIr 



— Early Days on Wilson Creek 

u^foVnlna praek «et» lU' nftms fnmv OMke* VWlaon. who caoM wttb 
'^^ttar beUwmnH into aoutbirtttorti MIssoaH. Slirw Umw ta»oi<nrtBd 

- • rfAOarw' 

oUm tirtb* but •UxX tti«B;»>«U1inonUa Witurei WBW. 

(^ U« lat«r nurrled « St. Louis 'wonuui Mid tboy Bvcd' tn ■' caMn 
' oev tbe QOTith of tbe owk ttwt l»*n bU aftQie. ' Be sU^ed «■ 
this looaUon titer Um Delswmrt ttltw 4ak' iodfcd Ut6 IM Unfiaja 
< ««xit«]r4 m Mi% -iw dM to lan. 

3Vtth Um dfpwtor* ot Ui« Delamrea, Urg* numbers of wttlen 

.',ibft tu4 left vbeti tbe Indlant iwTV«d Into aoutfawwtam lOaaoort. 

cais« b«^ ilbd Mttled on thdr old cUUiiiB. A crta* nd^nbcr oC oAv ' 

! Dnithlf Wt>rffiing 

t /s Announce^/ 

Mr MKi Mr». l4><Hinrrl P. nurch, 
bltt KiMl M:><it»uii ^lr^•<•^, lihVc »ii- 
Douncrd tht inmrrlBRM of tfielr 
da\iKht«r*. Klorertoe knd UMrRuerlle. 


u m 'lp i i ia rr X T 

n wt a U uiiDig m - fU 

MUk KlorciK-e «•» innrrled 


became Um bride o( Mr. Wadeu R. 
Wooldrtdg*. Tbe double Teddluf 
ceremony v»a read February 10, bul 
»it> not lAitiouiicvd until ttiib week. 

Mr. WooldridKc In the noD ot Mr. 
RUd Mn. B. B. Wooldrtd«e of Th«ycr 
■••o:,- sna "Ur. po q dB tt ttw w>n omr." 
mnd Mn. IL H. Dodda, 168 8ouU) Clay 
•renue. " ; 

Boib youii« couple* wtJl niaJke tbeir 
Iicnic III aprmyjlrld. 





Funeral Mrvtees^for Ben F. Melton. 
M. 317 Ka&t Calhoun strrt-i. who died 
ywtcrday aftemoon, tn ■ boepiui 
hCM XoUowlng a brief Uliieu. bave 
been »ct for Snnday afternnon ot 1 
o'clock at the Hern\sn H. Luhiueycr 

fumiK l H o me. M U »u r vlVc d by five 
children. Mrs. Maude Morehouse, with 
whom be made lUa home; Mrs. F. R. 
Shaffer, atao of BprtnKfleld: Mrs. V. 
W. OrecnuaUe, Dallas, Ttx.; B<?n Mel- 
lon. Jr. Fort Worth Tv% . mid frjitik 

l&k« placfl at HiKlilMidvUle. M( . 


— t 



John K«llhUy, (13. who rtled Fri- 

Okv Bl ht» home. B83 South I'atitui I 

"BTCmiC, Win T>e bulled hi Kuiu>as 

.City, KThere the body will be sciit 

ftft«r brief lunenl Mrvlces at the 

HTm«n H T<(>hw>ey> twaeiml home 

hen tbl* kfterndli At « o'clock. Mr. 
Ktlthtoy U survived ^y ^la «if«< He 
w»« th« lather ot nine grown chll- 
^bfli, now or whom live beto. how- 


-- .rui x nl e e i i Kw tw Oeong Tetore 
8«. who WM found died early yeet^- 
d«y morning In » pavilion at Silver 
Bprlnp* pnrk. will lie lieUl nt Stariio-R 
mortuary and burial wlU fuke plute 
la Maple Tuik tini«ur>. l>i;i il.> 
time hM not been aet. Peters Is sur- 
vived by two brothers. Albert and 
\t. Peters, of Tulsa. Okla.. and by 
an nunt.. Mro. S. M. Reddlck. 873 
South avenue, bprliiKfU'd. A«H:ord- 
InR to Dr. Murray C. Stone, coroner, 
who conducted an invesHgatlon inio 
tho cause of Pctem' death, no formal 
Inqueai will be held. Doctor Stone 
suted today that li seemed evident 
that the young man died partly aa 
a direct result of drinklnR dcnH'ured 
alcohol, presumably at his own hand, i 
and partly becaut* of exi»osure 

Word was received here today oC 
the death. Friday, of James B. MU- 
ner. a farmer retident ot Sprln«2Md 
wh9 of late lived In long P e ach . OoL 
He waa 80 ye.<rs old. Mr. MUiwr wm 
\n the real estate uustnees In 8pnt.C- 
tii'.d nt;(l v>.-,- .,;so 1 p-.-^inbo" o t'.\^- 
\.,:ui:u .\:i. y •■. i.'.e lUpabiic Uir, 
blstor. Mr* Bv--tl? jdi;rN U. «:UI live* 
111 Sprtnpfic'd His «j;ly other atir- 
vlvor if a broth >r. WUllam V Mil- 
uer. who resides In CallfomJi. Burial 
will prt bably t«k«. place ,a « X4Mi( 


Oeorife W. Widman. 09. merchant I 
or DUon. Mo., who died at hU home i 
ttatre Prlday morning, will be burled 
iOfii^uelwood oemetery here Sunday 
Kftemoon following funeral oenrlcea 
•t tho Herman H. Lobmeyer funeral 
home. Mr. MTldman was born and 
nared In Springfield and resided 
here until h« entered the hardware 
bunlncAS In Dixon In 1911. lie ! 'Ur- 
vlve«l by lil-. vnic iiiiu iah i.i ....i.'i . ; . 
Miss Love and MIks tli.£«lHni Wul- ; 
man. both iit home. John Wldmnn '. 
of La Harpe. Kuii.. b brwilicr. ul.-.i' 
survive* ' 

MBH. Li-uTli. bili;y 

Tha Beverend O. Bryant Drake ot- 
^| ^f | «^ yt 11% funeral Ecrvicer for Mrs. 
l^ila K. BuJey at the Alma l«h- 
raeyer funeral home this afternoon 
and Harry Bruton sang -When They 
BUig Tbo* Oolden Bells" and "Be- 
yond the Bhadows."^ interment took 
plnoe in Hiifelwo^ cnui-irry. Mr? ■ 
Bulcy. who was 51 years ot age. died j 
Friday at her home. 1330 South Jef- | 
ferson avenue. She had been dor- j 
mltory matron for the Springfield Y 
M. C. A. for n year.1 and was spouFor I 
of the women's auxiliary ol the Y 
M. C. A. An hour ol quiet was ob- 
served at the y. M. C. A. today dur- 
ing the funeral service. Surviving 
relatives are five daughters. Mrs. J. 
R. Flank. Mro. U. R. Stackle. Mrs. R. 
H. Rugbee. Mlaa Alma Buley. Spring- 
field, and Biro. C. M. Freeman. Weat 
PUlno: one etater. Mrs. J. A. Or«- . 
hooda. Kanaaa City, and one brother, 
E. A. King. Lone Elm. Kan. | 

MR.^. MIM».% ^TKO.Vt. 

^Funernl •ervlces for Mn^. Miii<.iu 
Strong. 43. who died Krlda\ at 2505 
North Broadway, will prv>bably oe 
held Monday afternoon. In charge of { 
the Ainu Lohmeyer funeral home, ! 
followed by burial In Urecnlawn i 

plete. pending the arrival of William ' 
O. Wade, a brother, from BakersfleW ! 
Cal. Airs Stroni; ir> survived by her 
husband and one daughter. Mrs. £. 
S- Cirier. , 

Page 8A: George Daniel Steinhauser and Mrs. Mary E. Herman were married.** 

A daughter Mary Esther Martin was bom Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Martin, 
71 1 South Market avenue. 

Page llA: There is a copy of a letter written August 2, 1840, from Springfield.** 
Page 14A: The will of William F. Sprohs was filed for probate.** 

T. J. Frazier died.** 
Page 2B: George Peters died.** 

Richard R. Thompson died.** 

Mrs. Albert Mayes died.** 

Mrs. J. P. Callaway died.** 

Mrs. Nancy J. Davis died.** 


Page 3B: Lester Cossius and Miss Mauta Baize were married February 24. They will 
live in Morrisville. [Uncertain] 

Miss Helen Hastings of Monett and Edwin Burbank of Aurora were married 
August 1 9 at Eureica Springs, Ark. 

Mrs. F. A. Logan of Monett died.** 

Daughter bom February 27 to Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Callaway of Monett. 
Mrs. Susan Stephen, 87, of Arkansas died February 20. She was the mother of 
Mrs. J. W. Foster of Peirce City. 

Mrs. Henry Boyd of Miller died.** 
Fred Farris of Miller died.** 
Mrs. Angeline Davidson died.** 
Page 6B: Miss Jessie Mae Gladden and Mr. Orin E. Divan were married.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page IIB: The First Presbyterian church on the comer of Olive and Jefferson built 
about 1844 will be razed.** 

Page 12B: Cards of thanks.** 

OoMlus and Ulm MtaU 

n»»r r«xl FrkUy. r^bniary 

a. aiad tb*r «>U make their bo«n« 

for U)« pr««rnt vlth Mr*. H. M 

I RtoyncM. 

j Mrs. P. A. liOgui died Saturday 

I aTi«r a long lllneaa. runeral aervlce* 
»rre held Monday conducted bj 
Ilcv. C. r. WhltltHk. InternifiU In 1. 
O. O. r. cemeteo'. Her huaband. 
Plnla Loffan. one daughter. EllMbeth. 
and ton. Oeorge. a etudent of a 
Springfield rolleRP. a howl of rela- 
tircs and (rieuUs uiuiiiii her de- 

Mia. Banr i JU|U Ul e J U am*» i a ft a r 
a abort UlnaM at ttaa boma of ber 
•on. Bob Boyd, aouth or LocKwood. 
barlDg realded in tbia eammunlty 
Bome :eara. Retnalna wera latd to 
rest In a c«meter7 sear StolU City. 

rred Parrla. a well known farmer 
lu thu community, died rtlday after- 
noon. February aa. at the Holmea 
liofc^jllal Iroui curapUcattooa foUowlos 
an « >l»T »t iop - ^4Qr_ apDcndecuu per- 
formed Tueaday. Burrinng hi m aia 
•*'• wife, Un. Anna rarrla. and tbraa 
aona. Funeral aameea w«r« bald 
-Ainday attamooo at tba Uethodlat 
church. Intannant In tba 0%«« 


Mrs. Anftellne Oavldaon died Alon- J 
day at her home la Oreenfleld aftar | 
a llnKsrlng lUnem. F^ineral eerrlcrs 
and Interment were held TuesdsT [n 
Orrenflrld Mrs. I.arlc Memclc Is a j 
Kistrr of Mrs Davidson snd was with ' 
her dwrinR hrr Inst Illness. 

. L tW>WW» «i W 

Albert .Cuncii. 21. of Dtge^ns, 
Mo., and Ruth 18. b1£0 
of Diggltu: Henry R. chandler* 23, 
jof Sprtfigfteld and Orncc Myrtle 
!john*on. 17. of sbrlngflcld. Cieorge 
iO. eielnhaiier. 78.. of Vniidalla. III. 
' and Mary F.. Hrrm.iiV 67. il S|>. iii:{- 
. riFld. Robert t:. Mann. 34. and Lu- 
'elite HobbK. 27. of Sprlnglleld: WU- 
j Ham W. Dobbii. W, and Minerva, J. 
■Young, 80, of Springfield. 



tfii kta4 

ta thank "Mr many (ncnda far 
»„ .—Jiwi iKwB aa doruif tbs lllaos 
rSi TSaUiTf our lof »d ooaVCarl Martu. 
^K lor tHa wondarful floral atf^rtoas- 

gg^ fAMILY.- - 

m f n q u i niiiii Ba r iiuit n g iaiiuu ii v r 

ihs 1900 olotk. Prooprct Are . for ^mu- 
UfUl (Joral oIfsrln«t; also lor U>« kjnd- 
D«sa and tympathy abowa durinf lbs 
lOiieaa of oar daar buibaod and fatbcr, 

lira J J. Blus. a«m Blue. P. H. Blur 
and famttr. J- i- Blu« and (amiljr. Mrs. 
P M. Adams and familr. Mrs. Sva 
pwta, -Ui. J. A . Mcgeon and lam l ly. 


Ws Wish to thank our Irx iiJ> and ntU^- 
bors for tbeir kindorit and •rmpathv 
durint the arclrtrnl n.nd d-itn pf otir 
beloved son. broth-r and (lance Auo (or 
the beautiful (loral offrrlns. 




Vows Are Read 

Mn JfM'.e Orahani. 824 boalU Jef- 
Xeraoa avenua. aniiountch the mar- 

lis Mae , 

OlXdden. to Mr. Orm E. Divan of this. 


Tba caraiDObjr .wa«- partocmed aev- 
ral vaeka ago by the Revrrrnd John 
T. Batxin and «aa kept arcret until 

Mr. DlviU] U the ^o^ o( Mi and 
lit*. Elza £ Divaji. tI2 South rri'iTi»iit | 
avenue, aad la eiup'.o>rd in Llttlr , 
Rr>ck. Ark., whet* the couple will I 
toake tbalr boaic. 


Little Godliness Found in Ozarks by Springfieldian of 
1840, Old Letter Tells; Children Advised to Fol- 
loWSober Paths and Help Wld2ws______^ 

*^* iMve but Itttl* nligion In tBU 
otmntry." Ctutrlea Ve i t ree» wrote 
from Springfield to bU bom« In In> 
dUnA Ut« In tl\* mimmer of M40. 
Po«>lbl7 aome mlnl«t«ra bei« mlgbt 
■till b« dUposed to agre* wltb him. 
In aplte of the 60-odd churchM scftt- 
t«re<l over tba city tod»y. 

Mr. Vertree*' letter wm reed by tb»- 
mamtuj. J. V. Boewall. to m«Qtt>«ra 
of th» Unlvertlty chib »t tbetr A»eek- 

tj lunAbeon In the Beer^ teft ^0001. 

It bad boen aant to Ur. 9otiiitM by 
KU» A. MuaMlOMH. from OkmulgM, 
Oklk., vltb com* UttU aiplanaUon 
aa to tba otroumataocea of tta writ- 
tBC. and tba family of tba wrlt«r. 
Many DeaaandanU la 8U^ 

ApparaoUy Mr. Vartraaa w»a 
■pandlnf bla tlrat year in Bprlns- 
fleJd. Hie two eons, Warren and 
WUllaa. —am to b tia, Jiaea-llTlnt- 

promlslnt;. 1 

HJiy Tan-rard rmftted 
T have bought a tan-ymrd In 
Springfield and have bought a field { 

of ten acTM tkmtir to Uy* flo. »aA 
have been UTlng ob ti alnoa tb* iald> 
die of AprU. I jara twaJTt btmdrtd 
fifty doDan for »IL tmXbm to bid* 
and btdea «ra cbaap aad I tblak I 
sbAU do well at tt. 

"I ba?e neTar t<t my money from 
Mattoofc and Bot>tf r»t.-Tbey-<t»ted- 

-two hundred dollars to me-thlk anm* 
met\by WUUam Berroo and oo hla 
way be let hla ptatel t« off m his 
band and ahot off mm of hla Uncen 
and tore bla band badly, and he 
tumtd back and took my money 
with blm. I expect I ahaU hav* to 

the time the Utter waa written. 

Although Mr. Vertreee returned to 
bU Indian* home the aame fall the 
latter waa written, the two younger 
Vcrtreea moved to MUeourl m*ny 
y«ara Utar and Uved at Aurora In 
the early aeTentlea. Warren waa at 
one time candltlate for aUU treaa^ 
urrr.'"'H*" dl«d "In Cfrenileidr «Ua 
M^l^^^mvnn «ny5 that tli^re sre still 
nuiny Vertreea Uvlag In Missouri, all 
deacendanu of Captain John Ver- 
treea, reroluuonary aoldler of Vir- 

TclU Crop Conditions 

It U curloua to note that tba let- 
ter, written on Auguat 3. waa In re- 
ply to one received the preceding 

The letter follows In full: 

Springfield, Greene county. Mla- 
■OurU August 2. IMO. 

"Dear ehUdren: We received yuurs 
of the 33rd, April, and U pave me 
I much istUfscllon to learn you 
[are ail well. 

"We have a. fine proapect for com. 
W)ieat and oata waa excellent. Com 

go to Indl&nn tbla faU. 

. ^ I -We b«»» but UtUe religion la tW» 

with their grandnaotbeL in HMdrloU- 1 ^^j^ j „j,, n>y old pr eac ht* 

county. Indiana. Warren waa !• ** ^^ niei 

and meetings wry much, bttk V T w 
grace of Ood I feel dlapoaed to prees 

forward to the m^J c _ f^_tbe_£rUe 
'^Ih XTbrlst Jeeua. 

Baay to aiaks Urlng 
"Mother U not at an aatlaXled In 
thU country. It u an easier eo«n- 
trr to make a Uvlng Ux than Indians. 
The winters are ahorter and there U 
aucb a large portion of the country 
that cannot be aettled tbstthsjwge^ 
.idU-WtoOPBa,^Alag».Jg rTT[r;mWm i: 

talna stand. Ball timber and bwUd- 
Ing tunber Is entirely too scarce 
Firewood U plenty. 

-I do not know whether this ootin* 
try la any healthier than It was 
where I lUed In Indiana. We have 
had some fever here all winter and 
aome dealha. but It looks Uke there 
could t>e no cause for alckneaa here. 
We are all In common oea'th »nd 
have been so ever alnce we bav* 
been hero though mother U consid- 
erably weakJy at this time. 

1 AOrtCV to HTs~ Children 

Now my dear children deny your 

u worth M efptfl ntLlnabsl.. Wheat •"^'«' «>» *>« UDgodUne« and wurKU, 

l.-Worih W Vnta P«- bu-hf!. 1 bad | '^^ "'•«» '^•»* '^'^^^J'- ^i^'^^^r- 

no wheat aowed. I have over five 

liuiidred bundie of oals. and I have I l^M 

about 36 acrea In com th&'. luok* * 


and Oo<U7 In ttau pment world. 
VUlt tiM fatbarless and tb* widows 
In their afructlons and katp your- 
- TliM M w^a Mua fium t m w uilU and 
•o far a« in jou Ut* do good unto aU 

"Olv© our reepecu to your tether 
Md mother; to Pother Vtmoo and 
Mother Vernon and aU tha eooBae- 

,.7*?""" ""* "'^ •»' *o '»« w»n 

»■ to do well. Charlas VarUve*.* 




win of WllliBoi r. 8pn>ti«. be- j 
qurathlng hu $3000 estate to (iTe • 
children. Oertrude, Kathr>-n. Praocea. | 
Florence and Juhu, *fu odmHl^d to 
probate here Saturday by Probate j 
Judge John H. Palrman. Though ! 
Katbryn Sprohs waa named executor ' 
by the vill. the court appointed 
Florence Sprohs Tiffany to admir!«- 
I ter the estate because the fonnrr u 
I a nonresident of Greene oounty I 


i;.>i<, . ... ... .... ,,, . :■ St^v* 

^^UUUUAOS that waa the iwolt^oMWatf ' to i^rln(fl«U In 1484. ttrtd 
**'ot am Mandahlp of yaara ot two AffBMaBJMrv^fMra. Mt Md raturoad 

<w»ni^ — -»i — ..^ 8atuxtta7 «D'nqr-ni-ttoo. riiMtir ta if»ai thtr 

morntng by tha Ravarand O. 
«aa MiUtr of.tb* Boutb Afvaua 
Chrlatlaa eburcb with Oaocige Oanlat 
St a l nh aua a r. 78. of Vaodalla. m.. and 
Un yary K Hfnnan^jg^LJjaa J«orth 

Orant aventie, aa thia brldegnxMn and 

Both were ralawl In Vandalla but 
Mrs. Stelnhauar waa conatdarably 
youagar than tha craom and wban 
tba latter manrlad. no haartaidMa 
wera felt tor ahe waa only IS year* 
old at that time. Tha prsaent Mrs. 
Btaln^uar waa acqualntad with tba 

(fliat wlfa of her huaband very wall 
and r^canletf har m» aa older aUter 
r— » 

want back for a Tialt with tha people 
Um^.. liA^ .tawvu bj mall only for 

♦■ — ♦ 


van tw yniiR nifc 



8U yaara latar aha married ■Joiia- 
Haman. alao ot Vandalla and thay 
nio»ed to Oarld City. Nebraaka. That 
waa lo lf79 aod tha Hermaoe mw uo 
moria of Vluidalla or tha Btalnhauara 
unUI l0St whan they returned to tha 
oidboma town for a Tlalt. Thay bad. 
bowavtr. baan oorraapondlng an thoac 
42 raan. kaaplng In oloaa touch with 
aacto otbar. Tha BUinbauars aUyad. 
IB Vawrt.iu yf,fn, B t pinhey ft- k.m 
. j wn a rom onii nty . a t ata-And-joterj 

ment offlcea 
In thamaaatlme tha Hermana had 

In 1934 Mr. Uarman died aod in 
1937 Mra. Btalnhauer ptuwed away. 
Blooa \m, Btalnhau«|r baa made fre- 
quent Ttaita to Mexico. New Maxloo 
and vsrIouB wf^tern point*. He oime 
through Bprtngflald on bU way back 
to Vandallar during tha flrat part of 
February and rlaltad Mra. Uannan. 
Neither had given any thought to 
ihArtlaga but during that vljll Tl~wu' 
agreed upon and BUlnhauer. aftar » 
aUy In Vandalla returned to Bprtng- 
flald Prtday and they wera marriad 
Saturday. - 

The npwly mnrrled couple will not 
return lo VandalU for the time be- 
ing, at leaat They wUl aUy In 
Sprlogfleld for a short time and then 
will travel. 8telnh»uer doea not 
know where they will go. "AnypUce." 
he eaya. but lullmates that U prob- 
bly wlJl be Mexico. 




fl»nryi> Pfit""* ^* "'''" "■' tnuniX 
dead -in Sliver SprliiRs park early 
PTlday. will he burled tbia morning 
in Haaalwood cemetery. Stame'a 
mortuary la In chan<c of arrange- 
manta. Two brothers. James and 
Albert PeUrs. of Tulsa, Okla.. survive. 


■* v.-v,JKV^- 


>/ Vp^Ut^Ddt0*A uiotnobiie HoteF 

ttImuaorvl(t wmr, UgbMuing ana 
-tf — tou etton. MnttineBt and tradl- 
tlon— «ll ar* found . cenUrcd about 
U>« UttU plot of int>und at Ollv* and 
Jtneraoa, where -tue Plret PreabytM- 
taa ohxireb atanda today and wb«r« 
Mareb 18 tba buHdinf will ba nu»d 
to make room tot a 90tb century 
Autoinobllc mid tire bulldmg. 

rfraa tbe time In tbe early tbtrtles 
ot iha paat century wben the ground 
was sold at tbat location (or $1.25 an 
aor* to tM praaant «ben tba prop- 
^rty- waa aoid for 91000 per front foot. 
tUa apot In tbe baart of Springfield 
haa borne apeclsl algnlflcance. 

♦■ ♦ 


; . — ♦ 

May. 19. lB+<. t« the dale inscribed 
in ^he record* of tbe PrMbyterltn 
church as the daw ol founding. There 
wM built a building which picture* 
in the hoirtoe of «ome of the preMmt 
congragatioti ahow had little resem- 
blance to tbe alructure that Is there 
now. And. aa a matter of compartaon. 
It had not the angbteit reaemblanct 
to Um bulldlnt whiefa the cburcb la 
now conatructinc M DolUaon and 
>— — ♦ 


4. « 

Many la Springfield remember the 
flrat elder* of the chiirch. C. B. Hol- 
land. 8. B. Allen and H. tiuow. A 
(onaet paator. J. T. Baooc. who 
•erred from 1800 unUI Morember 16. 
1M7. la aim a aprlngfleldreiiideiit. 

Within tbe memory of tbla paator 
and oibar men^ben of the preaent 
congregation aa Ura. Ada McCann. 
W. N. Towiiaend. Will Bigbee and 
other* areltbe. atlrrlnfi oonnectloB 
tbclr church had In the ClvU war. 
8o Jirs.'McCann ttila tba church waa 
oaed by ^e Federal army aa an 

At one Ume during the «ar a con- 
t0iat%yt anny under tbe leaderabip 
of pcnaral Marmaduke abelled tbU 
afMnaL It la told by aome that an 
•xploatTe abeU went completely 
throufb the building, and out with- 
out exploding. 

I |.H:IITMN« I»\>U<iKS IT f 

^. — ~~ * 

But the building waa repaired after 
the war and thlnga went along nicely 

until 1878 when Mrs. McCanu aaya 
tbe- atructUfB waa etruclc by light- 
ning. Conalderabla damage waa done 
and tbla waa one of the primary 
cauaea for the decision to build a new 
chUKh aomeume In the '90a. 

The piwent building waa erected 
^-t80XBOd Reverend Bacon began 
hlB;b(rtoa with the church In 1888. 
The memberrtUp rapidly increased 
and m a f«w yeara tbe church waa 
one of the «»oet proaperoua In tbe 
city. ^ 



I ^ 

Today, under the laaderahlp of the 
Reverend O. L- Black the budget of^ 
• 16.000 18 eailly ralaed. A aurplus , 
which haa been accumulating will be 
uaed In the erection of the church'a 
latest buUdlng project. 

The new building wlU be one of tbe 
finest church airuciures In the city, 
according to members of the bulld- 
InK committee. Evprythin? atxjut It 
will be modern and up to date and It 
will be one of the largest edlflcea in 
tbe city. 

But with this new church lliere 
will still remain the tradition and 
backprount^ of more than a half cen- 
tury of activity. 


f^Mial tMay««ra lo Tin H»%o» 

CtXVSa. Mo., March 3 — T. J. Far- 
alar, 80. Civil war veteran and pioneer 
Chrtatlan county dtlaen. died at tata 
home eight mile* east of her* late 
tbla afternoon. He came to Christian 
county with hU parenU wl>en a boy. 

Funeral services will be beld at 
l;30 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the 
Frasiar chapel. live mllea eabt of 
here. Service* at the grave will be 
in eharge of the Masonic lodge of 
Oaark. Burial will be made In Fraaler 
cemetery imder direction of P. W 
Maplea funeral home of Clever. 


Rtrii.tnn n. Tiin->TPjio?r 

Richard R. Thompaui), «ho died 

earXy yMtMdAy iii<>rntnr "t hm hnnw. 

SOT Weal Tlioman street, afler a lonur 

lllnma. «||| b« b<ir|pfi in Ori>f-iila«ii I 

|«Triiftcr>- MdiicIh) |tflcruoull^_tluittiU_ 

•srrvicrs win bo hruj hI SI. JuImV ' 

JEvaiiRellrul chiiri li at 3. JO. with tlic ' 

I Rfverf nd O. A. aiuill/. ofrjclatlng. ! 

8Urn«'a mortuary Ir in charge of 

UTUi(wiMtiVa. tir. Thompaon la aur- 

*tv«4. by kto %Ut ftnd two acns. 

l^tMm,'9rH aooa. Morth iXMifte 

A w a m ia, -am ot ar l i ■» h em e. -«ir 

mother. Mrn. TIiuiiihs riiuiiip«>u:i n.' 
Checoub. OkJa.. is aim Jiving, and 
thr»» ulstfrn and tliree brothen. aa 
,f.MU.«,^ Ntr« W (• MorrlFon nnd 
|Mri. Kniiik llrlltr of ChecotaJi. Okla.. 
I liiid Mrs Ed BriiiKit of CartliMRc, Mo : 
.'»nie« Tli'Mi.j)-,..!. of Chciotiili. If.-.-- 
b«rt, of «aj WiM Division street. 
Bprlngfleld. and Tom, Pine Blud. 
Ark. Mr. Thompaon condtirted a ma- 
chine ahop at 3ia North Patton 
avenue for 72 years. He waa a mem- 
ber ot KnlibU of Pythlai lodge No. 


Funeral servlcea were held yeiiter- 
day afternoon at Bolivar for Mre. 
Albert Maye*. 71. who died at her 
home there Friday nigbt after a long 
lllneaa. The funeral «as held ai the 
Chrutlan church of Bolivar, followed 
by burial in Oreenlawn cemetery 
there. Mra. Mayea la »ur\lvrtl by her 
husband and one slotrr. Mrs. A. H. 
jHirm-kr, B2J buiuh Cuiii;>bfll u\f;.ut. 

MR.«s. J. P. rtl.LAU.W 

Funeral aervicea for Mre. J. P. Col- 
laway, 60, who died at her home In 
Marshfleld Friday afternoon, will be 
held at the Christian church there 
thl» afternoon at 2-30 o'cIocK. fol- 
lowed bj liilpriiicnl 111 the Miir»lil.i')tl 
cemetery. Mra. Callaway waa the 
mother of Dr. Ouy Callaway and the 
sUtcr of Ur. T. B. Druioa of Bprlni;- 
fleld. She Is atv> nurvlved by her 
husband. .J. P. Callaway, and another 
sou. l>ftwrence. who la connected with 
the Andes Copper company In Chile. 
and win be unable to attend the 
funernl. .^llothe^ brother. Dr. L D, 
Bruton. ItvcH III MiiiikoKec. Okla.. aiid 
a Bister. Mrs. Delle Davli.. resides in 
Carthage- Mo. Mrs. Cullaway waa a 
iiir.-iitxi ••( oiii ' ; '!i>- i'lflr^T fnrrlllos 
la Wet)s.ier i-oimi.v. ine Oriitmi laii.Uj. 

MItS. N.wrv J. I>A\ I.S 

Mr8. Nancy J. Duvis, Si. of Fair I 
Orove, died at 4 o'clock' yeeterday i 
afternoon at her home there after a '■ 
long Illness. She Is survived by four 
sons and one daughter, a" follow.*: C. 
j B. Davis and I. A. Davis. Los Angeles. ' 
1 Cal . and Mra S. F Olover. Foone ; 

liii.i' .in iiiiLrri'.'"!'' - n" ;,i." ■••■■■ 
I plele. but bu.rial will bv in 
' cemetery in charge of J W. Klingner 

Page 1: There is a photo of the Square as it iooiced in 1867. 

Page 13: The parents of Blanchard Witherspoon deny that a marriage license was issued 
to him and Nita Erwin as reported recently in the Leader. 

Mrs. Louise Bruton sues to divorce Ralph Bruton. They were married November 
10, 1926, in Webster county. 

Page 16: Hiram N. Henry died.** 

Mrs. Hyacinth Early Wilkinson Ward died.** 
Mrs. Minda Strong died.** 
Dr. Frank M. Johnson died.** 
Paul Stracke died.** 
Kenneth Hugh Martin died.** 
Page 17: Card of thanks.** 
Page 18: History of Springfield #4** 

Putato of Blanchinl Wltherapoon 
today denied %h%t » murlace Uceiiae 
bad been laaued to him and Nita Er- 
win. M aUted reoentlj in The Leader 



^^n-rm iff-;- 

WE « l>h to thank our nisny Irttuii (ui 


lA^StStSr^^MnrUfSld alnfclWt IL 
Jim tat U>r- %andirHU noral ottatlOM 
_^ . AIIO.»AMII.Y. 

]^ PaMWn/yn<v > nr i Arri~i 1 — i '* — 

Acctulng btr btubuid of immoiml 
Conduct. Mr*. LotilM Bruton filed 
■tat for dlTeroee bare today agmlnat 
Ralpb Bruton. Tbcy w«re nutrrted 
In Webtter county November 10. 1930. 
and Uecd tosetber unUi Febrtiary 3^. 


mi'i'i I ■■. 


The Campbells Are Coming 

In the Stin of 183B. J. P. •nd Madtviu Ompbcll Irft Mmiij cuu;i'..\. 
^ Ip ccuUal Xmneu^e end started wcot. Marclitng for siiltablr loratloi.' 
to aatabllsh botnM. Hcodlng Into soutliwnt Mlaoourl thty rtlfcovrrcd 
what waa later kiiunii ax Fulbright spring, and n natural veil Ttir;. 
cut thalr namea OD trrea near there to cstablUb clalma to the Inud 
and want back to Teuuessee (or their famlKcv 

^; jKffrcnitpball uitf b^ trnttmlaUWr Juaapb MUlw, with tbclr faoi- 
^^"~V*«^ •"♦ '°' •outhweatam 4Ua«ourt. »Udtton CaoipbalJ did pot 
Mdntn 163X AtUt • taog Journay tu* KmTalera Minped at Um 
'^lr«tl. iMr camp bMng MUblUhed'ft «bort dUUnc* from tb« preotat 

. «lbU^ aqtuur*. UMcta i. 1S30. 

(t) Thrsa w««ka befort, Jobn Ptitbrlcbt and A. J. BuroaU. ploo«ar» irom 

^TrniMasae. bad a«tUad on tbla land and coostrttcted cablna. UMtlrst 

habitation* lo be built b; vhlta men to BpctncfWd. Tb« clatma et 

Campbell vara raapactcd. bowrrar. and PMlbrlgbt and Buroatt caotad 

nva mllea eaat, laa*li>c tba land and cabins t(t Campbell. 

-1 iContlnacd Xotmomf >. 


^n». cu NTON w. wa«d 

Mrt. Hymclnth Bwrly WlUttyon 
W mi u . M . w U t u f C lllll u u W . Vaf c t. 
30M NorUi Robbcnoa ftrtoue. dl«<l 
04x17 tuU nornUig Ut a boaplUl hrra. 
BMlde* her husband, the U aurrlvctl 
by • aoii. J»in«« Clinton, and tao 
daughtera. Hr:en LmiU* and Butb 
Hyacinth: by two brother*. J M; Wll- 
kli)M}ii. AU'iJ-. Okla . anfl trvin E 
Wllkliwon. Springfield, and a «l»l«r. 
Mrs. Orlln (iomian. Spnnglield. 

Punrral 8*«a w|ll be h«Id 
Wcdnpa<1ay afternoon al 3:30 o'clock 
at Ilamlln Memorial B«|>U»« ehurrh^ 
with the Rer. J. A. Iloper officiating. 
Iiitprmrnt alll follow In Oreenlawn 
cemetery in charge of J W. Kllng- 


Miiirral aer\ ice» /or .Mr». Miuda 
StraiiK. «3. alfe of Out E Strong. 
•.•S06 North Broadway avenue, will be 
held at the Alma Lohmeyer Juneral 
Home Tue«lay afternoon at 3:30 
oilock. followed by burial In Oreen- 
I:mii -nnrlcrr Hirry Bnitoi: «lll 
Kir.i; • Wlini ntni; Tlioie Oolclrn Bells" 
Biirt ■Beyond the Bhadowa." Honorary 
p.TirtirAreri. frbui the O. I. A . aiixillary 
lo the Bn.>i herhoort of Locomotive En- 
"lt)rer«. «1II be Mr»dame5 Jol-.i; Bow- 
ler, a H Carr, Margaret Helfertnan. 
S K Mnriin. E M Monroe. E. I. Hlce. 
nolirri SliHw nnd T CI SlKHkiey. 



rnjiirral Mrvlcr« for Dr. rr«nk M 
jQbnMMi, T^.-who tf>«d ©mrtmy mftrn-"" 
iiii; *t,hl» bumr. 1102 Noriii Grant 
nvciujr. wrre hrld tliU Afternoon at 
; lUe Almn lAhmr.Tpr fuii«r»l hom^. 
( follow rd by hiirial in Maple Park] 
Irrnifipry Marry Orulon aang • B«- 
I vond ilic 8hado»a" and •'Beautiful 
I ItfJp of Bomewherr." | 

I ! 

I r\l I. >TflA( Kf. j 

' Kiinfral Hcrvicea for Paul Atrarkr. j 

\ZJ. who dirrt In a liowpltal h»Tf pjr-l 

jinttaf nifbt. Will Iw b«M at Ui« M«tb-| 

bdtat Kplacopal church. Xiirood. at « 

I o'clock tomorrow afternoon Th^ n^x f 

jJ « oweiu uill ofJicJaia and Uie 

|Th<rrman Undrrtaklnir company of I 

flrpiiblit *iU be in cliaree oi lUa 


ht.wi.TU III (.11 \| iKriN 

Krniifii, jju,;jj Martm. Infant aon 


SprlnirflrW rraidr nt. diM at hla home. 
vii Thomaa atreet. at i orloc): this 
•ftemoon loUpmlng a abort lUneaa 
H« U aunrivM by hbt wife. Sadie- 
three tlaughters. Mm. H. W. Johnton 
or apnnjneW. Mra. Oeorpe L. airuly 
Tulaa. OWa.. and Mr.. F. E. wilaou of 
Kenberly. Waho; and on* aon J 
Frank Henrr. tiw of Kenberly. 8er. 
«lc«a win be held Tueartay artemoon 
• t 4 o'clock In the Alma Lohmeyer 
funeral home. The ftevrrond Emrr- 
•on C. Miller, paator of the South 
Avenue Chrlallan church, win offl- 
elate. Place of buria: Me not been 
litctattl but interment will be under 
<;irrrtlnn nf Trie Ainu- Lchioejer Fu- 
neral Iiorr.c. 


of Mt^-a#>H-Mw I to y Mart i n Ot A^ro 
Acrea. was buried in Orwniawn cenc. 
tery tJiH aftamonn foUpwiwf ^rr-t.^ 

at fitamea mortuary. ti># ehiM dla4 

I Sunday nioniinK * 


RogersviHe. ^^"'^^^ ''^^"^^•- ^^'^-F-drich, 26, of Levasy and Edith Trouman, 18, of 
Baby feared dead near Willard 
Page 6: Miss Erdice Chamberlain and Mr. Harold R. Sedgwick are engaged to marry - 

354 H^vey slr'eet'" "" """"" °''" """' "" '"^ "'"^'^ ' '"^ ^- ^^ '^^^ C*^-'- L. Dent, 

died March l^lSr ^I'^hL^"' T""^'^'" ^'^'"■"'^'^'- ^^e estate of August H. Archmann who 
March L Mr^Archmann s heirs are h.s parents and eight brothers and sisters. 
Mrs. Chnton W. Ward died.** 
Mrs. Effie Kelsay died.** 
Hiram N. Henry died.** 
Thomas D. Hurley died.** 
Page 13: Card of thanks.** 
Page 14: History of Springfield #5** 

Mr*\'^^°5^^^'' AN.NOI).VrK» I 


'Mrk. »w Mocano .venu/ •-■ 

The wedding wUl take dUc ir, .x i 
' near futijw^ ^ P'*'^ •'» ">« I 



Funeral ■ervlcea for Mr». Clinton 

•oo avenue. wtU be held at 3:30 
VeidcK 'WJcdheaday afternoon at the 
Hamlin Memorial* BaptUt church, 
followed by Interment In Oreenlawn 
cemetery in charge of J. W. Kllngner. 
Thf Bcvfrend J. A Roper w\u offi- 




Campbell s Bf-others Arrive 

© John I'. Campbell. In order to get settlprn to itay in tbU 
— r.c« J;. r^JUiiJc J roini!i'J!i!l) . ""jH furnish trHxelor.-- Im.iiivI 
eUewhere, log cabtni'. - Caaipl>«ll built aii<1 gave away 13 oatv 
iaM iD'Ono y«ar> Hupiilies taam In niid niiort tln> iowd wat rr 
carded ai a trading point for KCtllers and Indiuni*. 

j^^no'.ot^Jiibt'a P. C'ampbeirR brothem. Junius T. and WIl- 
,..IWin.rwai% ■tarong the oorly aPtlleri*. -Junius arrived fo Oc 
(ytolwr. 1881. Ila wag thn first Juotlof of th*- p«acp. flpripri In 

1832. He WHS hIsi) the flrnt,.' i'<r -in,! |.ii<l ;ii.i-r.^r Thu 
^^potrtoffiea WU plitced ber« the latter part -ot 1&34. Tbo o«ar- 
ik„ett JWtotUc« ,WM »t Harrlaon'H Atorc. at Little Pincv. 11" 

g) rue tlr»i sermon In 
Springfield wa* preaehed- 
Ort.-Vr I". I*-l- ''?■ ' 
Methodist ^ minister Ke«ei^ 
end Jamva H. 8U»f»y^»ti > 
prlTkte Sprln^flald lj(^Ji«. 
■»» ' 

(»ue bi ur.e. ci» busl- 
nesacti moved into the com- 
iimt>lt». The first hlach- 
snilth shop in tlie town was 
run by Jamos Carter. In 

^(jjitQ /n Rochester 
Is Of interest Here 

U* ftnt of Jun« lo Mr. Thaililout Nro. II »|.,. ct lli.,' r > It. 
U* Oral «I JuDt lo Mr. ThadJtat .New.ll. ilio o( tbal cMy. 1 Ue ' 
-\mt WVX Uk* »lao* M U« Hub Epiicopil rhunb •! Il«brilrr I 

Albnl OcMln. daathler ot *" '' I 

mi Un. JaUaa Slmmoni or 5*' •"■ '■"•'* '"' *• ""• •♦">"'« 

..^i. . .. „. ■""" •" *»l>b Both IfU. Pool, ud Mis. 

«-4lM. ud Ml» U.I.. M.f. ^^^ ».«_bwft_t«<in«u^.rt.»- 
•f Mt. VwMB. N. T.. will b« ton ta 8prtatn.ld .nd ar. wtU- 
I •! kanar. u I. Iaur.itii>« (kaera U aodal drclM her.. 
' >eU Uat betk HU. Pool.. U. 
\» b.. and Mlia Uglttri 
r brldomald. at tb. waddlni 
of Un. OaMJa lo tbU dir ■( .p- 
^«rt>alaalal7 lb. uma Urn. Ia.t 

Jiwhlia Mlaedtsc Rboot tocotbrr 
^**» M." Tork, mad. aa acreein.iit 
Stbal «wk Toald ba prennt at lb. 
Hathwa* w^dlat, aad tb. w.ddlni 


. Hold ServiceB 
^or Tram Vtctitn 

^^Mtn A IKmln gw , ao . w b»-<tod- on 
.l^'Mloe-ttwii iMt olght whUt «rt- 
kaMMr;W<ilp(tii«(Md from KaiuM 

IMM Onrk WMtDMdJijr aft- 

> ^yoiMnl Mr*lee» wlU b« held In 
*th* >w ptt Baptist church at a 
^>daek. in charge of the T. B. CbaXIa 
VndcrtakUiK company of Ozark. 

KMalns^r bad been 111 Mboul eight 
.aMBttas. In Dtcetnber ho bad gone 
- tO'TlMaon. Arts., hoping to regain hU 
il«*IU\. H« was accompanied to Arl- 
■OOA by hla elater, Mr*. Una Rhode*. 
flf Ocark. « 

IceollxlnK Ui.ii lit Ltiii'd ncxi-r bi 

wtU. bo««r«r. the >-outb anlcrd to re* 

torn borne. Ic company with hit 

•Ivtcr. h« waa axpected to arrive In 

aprlnfflald from Kaitaa* City la»t 

' ntfht at midnight. An ainbulauce 

' froia Otark way to carry young Ke»- 

I alnger to bla parent'* honir near 

I Otark. 

I llic yjxing tnaa died on llir train 

'. -ahortly bafore it arrlred in Spring- 

( naUL Alter the body »as taken to 

'''Klt nt Dtlr^ (uneral home where It waa 

wttwad by Dr. Uurray c. Btone. 

. Or*«n« eountr coroner. It waa uken 

to Otark to ba prepared Jor burl»l. 

KaaaingM U aurrlved by hit father 

-: ftnd mothar. Mr. and Mrs John Kes- 

" •In/P'- ti hrothrr K\fTrri nl hnmr 

•Ml threa aUtcra. Mri>. Irma Rliode*. 

>9rbo «w «1tb blra at the time of 

'i^ 4miti, Un. Balph Rbodea. of 

t Ogtrfe. AOtf •« unmarried aUter tn 

-V Mis. Amanda FDrgey. SlO Wast Lo> 
Ctitt « trao t . •prlngflfW. I« »n orint 
and Kobart ■. Mapes. 035 tjoutli Ml>- 
«^(j aT«B««^ la an uncle. , M. R. 
'■TikiKy. t*6 Collage atreei is a 

•WlTBOdo foUawtac tUBaral serrieea 
fat tba Atat^ U»b»ayar lunaral 

MR^. Eirir. KKLS.tV 

Arrangementa are not oomplcie fori I 
the funeral of Mra. «ffie Kelsay. 41. ( 
wife of E. A. Keluy. Rogerivlllf Mr» ' 
Kelaay died Monday night in a { 
Bp rln gfteld .tio»plt>l._ Inlermfnl^KUU 
be m Dot«ou cemetery near Kovem- . 
I vine under the direction of the Alma :' 
[Lohmeyer Funeral homr Mm Kr'.- 
«ay U »ur\lved by her lni»l>«iiu »ud 
t«o d«u(thler.r Jnll» Nrli ,,:ci tri,« ' 
Jane Her mother. Mr» Robert '. 
Hooper, and a broUier. h<.iii*i r . 
Hooper, alio lunlve 

IIIRA.M N. IU:nh\ 
Hiram N. Hanry. U. 911 Piomai 
atraat. pioneer reaident of Spring- 
f l tl i l waa ht i rt ad I n M * pU p» r> t nia 

Thomas D. Hurley. «a. died st 
lOJO o'clock thU morning at hla 
home. fl03 North Campbatl sTenue 
after • loius lllue^* iir h»d beei: 
'S|i.'iii;rirlf1 nsrr.I fo; 'hr K«n-8.'. C:'v 
6lar for JO ye«r» He m »urvn«i 
by hl» «lfr and the fnllowinit >oii« 
Slid JlKURhtem C. C. HurM. »nti O 
A Miirlry Spnngfl^Irt. Mtr K M 
LdnlOild^, Khiim, Cil} .Mia .M.rgKr.-: 
Hood. Mr*. Elma Slaven*. and Misa 
Waclle Hurley. Springfield One nu- 
ter. Mr» Elnsn Shrrmsn I ilxriil 
K»tl . ninlve». TTierr »rr 11 Rrand- 
I children. Kuncml arrangement «rr 
llicomplrtp. but burial am be In 
I Maple Psrk cemetery m c liarje of 
I Herman Lohnieycra funeral homr 


rage 2: Thomas L. Cummings died.** 

Frank Pinegar died.** 

Peter A. Peterson died. * * 

Thomas D. Hurley died.** 

John Franklin Biers died.** 

Thomas D. Hurley died.** 

Mrs. Bessie A. Bennett died.** 

Harry Johnson died.** 

The will of Frank Uhrig was filed for probate ** 

Robert H. Bumie died.** 

Mrs. Elizabeth Stone died.** 

William M. Simmons died.** 
Page 13: Memorial notice.** 
Page 14: History of Springfield #6'' 



T^ The Berry Home Stood? 

Thl« picture of the old Berry home, which stood on Sherman street 
ne*r Brower avenue. Bhows (ho the famonn reHMcnc© of early Sprlnn- 
riold a lew vears before it wi.s di.'^niKntlcil. The homo whs built by 
Dioneer Sprl'ngdcldianH and was oiio of iho iiiohI niaBnincinl refl- 
dtnces of the community. It wiia knowu as a home wUw:*-lM»a»»it*Uiy-- 
-rctyired and the fine tra.lltloiM of tlir curly sctilrib hold sway. 


at tW «MBW o« W« «l*«»«»»t«r. Mr». 
ai«ttl» AnwkU «» ■-» Chaa* »w»; 
after » lob* XltDftm. Ha u mrrttwj 
M. fate «M» aod Uuw dUkUw. a* 

inniii-^^ '- A»o*«^ >*>* 

OcMto Wtah ABd' Arnold Wtlch 
botk •t fcamiL IMliwal an«xi««B«>" 

»»•••■«>» T« «*« ""**•• »*'"»»° 
-vSl bava durg* 

•BOBEST H. Bt-ft:(lK 

H. Burtu*. 4*. low Kaat 

{ Ha#f«aMa •«•"»*«. <n»«l -ihwTTwmTnf at 

[two cbOdicn. RotJ«rt, Jr. %v>A Betty 

I J— — B»»- 


Vord baa b««n n<c*iv«tl h*T« nf th* 
Ceatn ert Mr» Elizabeth fivji.e tn 
Portland. Or«.. PebruaT> 10 bUr tvad 
betn Ul for a«<rtfral monttK Mrr. 
atona fonoarlT llrw l oa_ a larm 
Mttbaaat o^- et««ttord and her 
daucbtm. Mta* P««rl and.>4u4 M&bel 
BiMie. ODce 'taught lit the public 
trhoola of SpnuBflcld. Four Mut 
and Xyn dauchura aunrlve. aa fot- 
U>w»j_ jtii^MiH. yuitf"" **'"" - ^^^ 
Tlon, Bt. louu: Barty R . of Alaaka: 
and ywraat R. o( Browning. Moat.; 
HH TUlMIMli nmi rnrttaiirt Or*.; 
kMTlftsir.r. LpKb. Bacttla; Waali. 
M/a. Bum*. - aui* -*i<ielr lirM»wn tn 
' W«b«ter and Or»ene countle* 

re«kJ« In St. Lou:*. 
!a« w«U aa a brotbrr. H. F. BumJe 

I For » r*«^ >*-'• B\;r.nle »w cou- 
tncetJKl with ttoa fr»i«r.: ioea and 

Camafe «>p».--™«'-'- '?' -'"' S' LfluU- 
'Saa FrancMco rall'irty and at ibe time 

-.' £..» *e*t& h» »*^ »»».»ij.:.: io J .n;. 
iMcCoratack. »iC>»--' ■■'"^*^** *>' ''"'*' 
. c«p^rX2ncnt here. Fu.-.t*! •.-rs.-.n*- 

mea,'.a are Ic cb*/«« or \::t Htrni.r. 
t lyrfririeyeT fur.tnil ioc:* bu^ *^ ir.- 



In food and iannc i» 
hatband and ' ■"" — 
4Ua4 4 jraara 

i lartoc MMDary of our dt 
fatlwr. Mw r. Tanr, « 

of our dtar 


Antanfftt — 

toataoma; In U>« mld«l of erowdt »• ar» 
khlti With a MBlla on oar (aM afut a 
hakiUoha, daar Uaiband, wa aUU atlM 

'^idlf mUMd br wtfa. ytn. Stafl Twry 

-\d chlldrtn. 



When Death Stalked the Streets 


»tk« ^tySi-Mb«dl te ifrlflfncld «» #it>bltsbjod lu 1831. It had a dirt (tcor, « 
• /T) lot ^*^ cut o«i for • window. Tlifrc waa no cbtmncr aod no fhutter for ili* 
floor. UdcU JoMph Uuuulr««i hud lh# firvt tvaclier. In I8SS. how^ever a nvW ■ 
'•pftootwta built with w|iat«««r roorcnience* it waa posHlblr to koI at Hint :iin«. 
It «M locatod at tbo nortbwMt coro«r of wtiat is now Main av«Diia and Ccilcgo 


^ Wtlfit DO bearius un tli>- liU(ui> "j^;9prtattMd. but*u«iver> 
> fhWlMs BO iDlvresllOK flKure In lJf|t<Mrlr •nnala, was- on«" 
jMa# B«i1«M. au old «liiiip:ii-d ruM. lie carried h hutolur 
knife and a i(.ni»li»"i< i.m i.. ttfrlnurpoaf for !«;• wan iiaria* 
Imu ••rt aevor attfini>led (i une rlther. On h\n IiIkIi .'Idv*. 
I»ll>« bat. be «urp u i>I.»r,,r,i oD'Wblcb waa lettered tho «t)rd 
"Doaiiu" iiu uivU lit It^t, 


Q On January t. 1833, th« MItsuarl l*Ki8latur«t 
created Greeov couoty, naming It In honor ol 
General Nathaniel Greene nf the Kevolnttonary 
war The fl rat area of Greene rounty took la 
what la now known aa McDonald. Newt6n. jji». 
pT. Karton. ' Dnde. l.Rwren>'e, Anrrr ^tono 
CbJli't'an. r.repne and UVf.xi.rr coiitl*-^ gnd 
laAe portlntia-of Vernon, Laclede, Wright and 
Doujlaa counUea. 


Win of rrenk Uhrlg. 8r.. 
vbo died St bU home n««r Bitlinp 
laat monih. «aa filed for prot>atf lo- 


Mu properij waa beijueetlied to nJ» 
children at followa. Aiinlf Ca:>c-*lcr 
1100: RoMll* Uhrlg Leltenabcyfrr, 
IIOO. Mary Uhrlg H«wx:r.«. •IC'O *:•..« 
KattoerltM: Ubrlg. •300 The rem»-.r.- 
dtr of the eaute. both peraooa: wi 
real, waa t^fvx to rrank rhr!;. •*:■. .^ 
n»i named eierumr , , _ 

— — Ib3 

acrvlne will be held at the 

DanfortA t e w etery at a o'clock. 

tot WlUlam M. 

77. who died Tue«<Uy alt- 

ertMMO at tbe hoate o< bi« daucMer. 

Mn. B. U Biapbma. «1S Caat Pacific 

>«iee>.*^ill<M •»**%. atepbena. Mr. 

SUnmoAa" la attrrlTed l>y aiMMher 

da«ghter.j|Mfa. Lou Tae<e. Cbacute. 

Tan, >■■ a rrr OarWa. of Strat- 

focdl A half btotber. W T Prx* 

an atoo Uttni. Mr* 

. P Oaaip. Vm W««« Walau:; Mra 

.J W. MniptiT. H^s^n ...... M-'' ^' ■•■ 

> Htcka. •traftord: aod Mr» O^-W Foft- 
j«m». aid aoutb OotUaon eveitwet a/« 
ttkr au'.CTt 


Mineral aervirck tor' Thomu U 
CUiniT'''« r* i ** TtUco avltchmau »bo 
w«« klllM mhll» Rt work Monday 
uigbt. wtU b* held ThurKlay uioitiliiK 
»•. • o'(.:cM.-k at SkiicvI Jlrurt Culliollr 

cburcb in thu city. The botiy will 
ihen t« taken oicrlanil hy Hrrrnaii »r 
tiOhiii*y»r'« fiinfral coach to M<iiint 
1\ 'Pt Cftiiftrry. .loplln. t"r biiriHl 

in\.>K _i • i\y\ -Ml 

rank PlnoKar. 33. »l.o diM Tuts- 

■ t hU home at 1624 Ea«l C^ni- 

lai ^•|f»■' «HS ;jiir;'"(! lit H"' 

Mo. (1.11 sftcrr.'Viii. tnilowrd h> 

^ MTMcra III H ilu.nh tli< re <iii- ■ 

a>i-"cii''ii ui J. %v. KiiiiKiift. 

ol • 

OfCltlt .1. I'LILU.-O.S 

till >crTlira li'T Prtrr A P'-'ri- 

C3' fsiciciit v'.i" "lita Tiir-iJ.. 

C<^lii« tioin«. 002 Went ai»f 

Uetr **jj4^ at 81 JoliDs K.-iii.- 

«(«riK>on, follow^ 
ifaz^lwuod cemetery 
.urne ■» mortuary. Mb' P»»ci'T-«^_ 
-r«/vivt<l br hl« wtfv^aQd two «if 
Au^eltu•. 014 Wi«r 8t«l« rtrt*!, aoki 

jffflroMAS o. iiCBLev 

n«nt« for th« funerai of 

D. HuTl»r. «& M0 i«ortb 

»v« n»» Jw r» i w>» t»* »»•«> 

''complt»dey O* *^ u »<g< *<!' i>o 1° ^* 

WtiifStmetery under the cUrccllou 

(tiMa U. Liohm*r*T tnneral I 
and 11 

cliarce of 


John Prankltn Btera. prominent 
fanner anct ploueer Mttler of ChrU- 
lUn county, died tbla ntoriilr.g at hU 
boiue cear Ozark. Mo . foUovlng a I 
lingering lllneaa. H« U iiirrivcd by 
tM "wtaam. Mn. StU Bt«n. two 
AMifban. Mra. Baaat* Qraham aii<] 
Mr*. Maxle "nomaa. both of Otarfe, 
•ad tbrM alat*!*. Un. J«d« CaMidy. 
r4 Kamm City. Mo. and Mra. Kate 
L*«rctic« and Mra. Ida Crowell. both 
of ItMUana atate. runcral »erirlc«< 
vtll bo conduct«<i at 3 o'clock f*n-M 
day afvmioon at tite Oaark CbrMt;an \ 
chu/cb. Burial «ill b« in 0<a^4 ; 

ttff. vnaar duecttoo of taa it^v 

tUDtnt bona u^ck^ 

' VIH»MAS U. HtBLa.> 

runcral aenicw t**- 7..r-»i i.' 
Uurt*7. M. flOB J<-/rr. '»-^^nir. 

JTbuxaday after noor •■. •.•.4 .^ri-..« . 
M. liOlitiiry#r {iin»r»l r.-'.»r.* ' -.>v"»« 
hy :iil«rni»ii' ;. M.; • < . ■ . . 
Mr. Hurivy t* auriXed ?.-> -.ji ♦.f.« 
f1»0 irrovn children tr.". i. f»-/». 

MK8. BUlAII. .%. n».^\t tJ 
lire. BcB*)« A. BeniKV, «'• i,'-: ♦'- 
4:M o^doek IliUi tnonitnx m a A-/ . 
.Arid hOBplUl of compIUrkUof^ f'^i^. • - 
Mi« •n.opvrailOQ. lihe waj th* «:f* 
:.{ W. I. Bvntirtt or Kllwood. Mo Hf* 
H Mimvcil by t}t« hiubo.-.'J N*r 

JaajMr* J. L. Cook oi Bpriii«ii«i<:. o.-it 

,J|Mlgbftr. Ad* BcUc Uarte, and « Aoti. 
tatUm W. Brnfiett. boih cf ri! .'^^ 
Sri* u rlao »urM- rd by thrtfl kUir;.,. 
Mf«. HsT^ood Pieldeii of Ourk. MriN. 
W. I BU'-k of C.'il'^X". in . fcr.d Mt^. 
P » ^UlUand of SprlnKfl?14. ani 
UUM broUMrs. C. B. Cook of Bouth 
lf|Mim»rl aveuuc, Bom Cook of 300 
Saiki QMBtout atrret and Dr. Jamca 

'Cook of Ttil»a, OKla wr.- 
k-c« «lll b« ct/iiUucttd al 2 odocK 
rrJtlay afternoon at the Cuiter Qnr.t 

.Zptmoopm\_ eburch. elsht mile* mat nri 
hiKhway M. Int^mirnt «^ill b« In 
CiMir Cr>^k c«tnft«ry under ttlrvclioii 
trt W L Starnr iin«l«"-tBV... 


PunMat aei*ic«a were held at Or«rk 
Ttiraday afternoon lor Harry John> 
■on. bl. «ho died lii HI Jolin'i. hnt- 
pita] Sunday afternoon Runal took 
plac* lu Iho Odd relJov cemetery 
MMt of Oaark In charte of th« T. B 
CtMfla uiMlntaking ootop*iiy. John- 
^agti'M CtaXtk followed a alrokc of 
pat«)|BiB vblCli b* auffetvd lit a 
rooaHlC bouaa Iwra laat Thun><lay 
mgkl. ftr aavcral year» bt bau been 
'WBplOyvdM •dark In tb« ChrlslUn 
eiaamtf laaaiiiWa bf f lea at Ocark. H« 
U (Wrvtrad by two brothrra. Bernlre 
.l'>htu>'>ii of 0-\iLrt. .indJ. I> John»t>n. | 
«!.• Ka*t M«irttMiii "ly^ Bptiugneld. i 
MiUtJ Jobficoo «'■• WBOanicd. 

Pagel: Marriage license: William L. Collier, 50, and Mary Louise Crossman, 49, both 

of Marionville. 

Page 7: Mr. George Daniel Steinhauer, 67, and Mrs. Mary E. Herman, 78, were married 

Saturday. He is from Vandalia, 111. 


Page 8: James Roy Mahan was killed.** 

Twin daughters, Jacqullne and Geraldine Jones, were bom March 6 to Mr. and 
Mrs. Jack Jones, 2707 North Campbell avenue. 

Mrs. Opal King sues to divorce James A. King. 
Page 9: There is a photo of the Baldwin theater on fire January 6, 1909. 
Page 12: Mrs. Bessie A. Bennett died.** 

Benjamin L. Martin died.** 

Thomas D. Hurley died.** 

William E. Arp died.** 

Robert H. Bumie died.** 

Jack Welch died.** 

Richard Calvin King died.** 
Page 13: Card of thanks.** 
Page 14: The History of Springfield #7** 

— Irailrr Staff PUtIa 

Jlcre ara &lr. and Mm. Ocorg* DmdIcI Stcliibauor, 67 ■iid 7t 
TMn-Old, rfl^MUT«l]r. 14SS Nonh Grant aranua. who were married 
Satardar mornlDC by the Rovrroiid C. Emerson .Miller. Mr». Stcln- 
fcyw y*> foratrly Mra. Mar y E. Jlcrman. Mr. Etelnbauer tomea 
from Vandalia. III. they piaii'tn utay fn Bi.rlnFflflrt for a while 
BDd then travel in the aooth and louthweai. They had known each 
Otkar la oblldhood daytln Vandalla eren tbouRh there waa • apacj 
Of JUjrcftn'ia which they did not ace eai:li olhu-. , 

'"'^t zr ' "' " 


Coreiwr Stone to Conduct 
Inquest Tonigtit Into the 

After Uquor Found in 
Overturned Auto 

An iBquaat telo the deatti of Jam** 
•or Mabaa. sa. «M W«at Ohaaa 
•tnet. win tw held toolfht at T 
o>clock at KltD|nfr^ funeral ho<n*. 
Or. Morray C. atooe, OrMue oouaty 
■ u Oi W . alated today. 

•Maa «aa InatanUy kimd lau 
W*i>i«arlaj aftanHoa wbaa ttta anto- 
^■0Bua aa vaa Artrtac pluiigad duwu 
• Ift-tMt eiabaakaiMrt thna aUlaa 
Qocth «( WiwintflHd oe the aaw 
■oUrar toad. 

Othtn awapa 
u (Bad! Ttina. aoa aumaut 

ava^Ui^ aod BumcU Recaa, 731 Chl- 
GfCB atnal. aacmpM withoot antoaa 
tajarr Tfc* tno had t»«n to tb« Sao 
ttvcr TUhlnc and wu rrtmlDC to 
Sartacflald wb«& tba accident oc- 

At Iha potot wbrrr tha Xtaiiao ma- 
e^xam Itft tb* hit>>wey iter* >a a ai(b 
fin. Or. Steoc aaJd. Harry and Leo 
at PUai 0««c>. wbo rt- 
mn ataadiBfl to tba 
T«ra at ttiaa- tatbara bona and aaw 


ta^ wtUca ware 
tana otbar BpTtnjftaM aaa. 
I bJa owa ear atruek a ranch 
ta tha tm, rating Mahaa to 
laaa au uti ol of hla ear. Tlia manhlna 
naftad aowB tha amhantmant at the 
Mft alda ot tha road and tumad 
caMptataty erer wtiea ahout half way 

Ifahan waa taaUntly killed. Vban 
:auad. ba wa« I)Id( on tbc f<>aund 
at the aide e( tb« car. Apparaatly he 
had faUan or Jumped out of t>ie car 
Jtst batora It rotlsd ever bim aa It 
lown tha lacllB*. A 
H to aaUeved bad eon- 
lalaad Uqaor waa found naar tbe 
daad maa^ body and a broken bottle I 
waa found In the car. ' 

C*TT lor IWh1» 
Tbe occupanu o( ihe c«r «blch | 
Maban had overtaken stopped and ' 
uatited In ci>rlQg for the txMly. They ' 
were Archie Lae. 1700 Calhoun street. 
tUff Stokea, 3017 North Mearton ave- 
qua, and Frank Brlte. who lleee near 
the tatataactloa of Uurcy atrcct and 

Tbay are employed at the aprtng- 
llald Water eompany'a pumping plant 
aad aNra im tbelr way boma from 

E-jtelJiJMiL irii» and. .«>»• 

I AUaatte atraet. and bgr three I 
bratbara and two alatera all of Spring- I 
tittd. Tliay era Bert. Charle*. Howard j 
aad Ui« Lucllea Maban, and Mr*. 
Oertrude Monday. 

t « THmt. f Mniwatf 


' mod arniMilhy 

Taraa Ortr 

Mahan had apparently 

u4 MMtlM flMaieffwrloit gbovn «rr> 
latnty. Mra. i. j. Blut and (ainUr. 






Organizing The County 

, >, In th* orgmnlMllon of the county It b»<l b««n xl1r«>rt«<l that an 

'U plertloo b» h*}6 for th« rhooslnir of otflctala for cvftmln oftlccf. 

TtaU htd bern done and JereoitMh N. ijloan. Jamca Dolllmm and 

••.su^^^iaMl .lifartln had l>e«D elvcted the dm jaatlc«« of tli« eoaaty 

ff^j ^S St^fjimtm^OU^^ (}r««B« eomntyV first «l«rk 

atid Trfftn^fthrtrtwiirt^fcirt thf flrtt abcrlff. Tb« flm mmIod of 

art*n» rvnnlf eonrt w«m h«ld at the rMldenM o( JohQ P. Caiap- 


.<r\ The court waited no tltn» lo retting lo -^or*. Most Important 

, ft Ita decision" wnj »n rtr-'drc tbe rt^»^ '^^^ Springfield. Mis- 

I aourl to FiiTrttevltle. Arkanvas. a public road, at l*aal that much 

of which waa \m r.n«w fou^j. Th« maU Wl<>K In Voct condl- 

^tloa and th* raart 4Ir«rt«d that vorh b* *><>* •»< <> "P i" 'be 

' Ackani>a« nata Une. Thta Sfsaloa ».Uo ordered aeTaral other 

r«r,4a biUU. 

A) The first cl'^-'lf^n In Greene county after Its orgaaliatlon 
was held to «Iec:t a congresfman from the district the couotv 
was tn. Th« election was boguo od tbe 5tb day of Augnat. 
1832. but It tasted tbref dava bacaoaa ol the dlfOcalty la gat^' 
Ung tha "back iattl/inent" vole • 

MBS. BKSUe A. Bgl f WK Tt 

:F«oan> ■errieaa for Kra. Baa a ti A. 

nett. 4S, wife of W. I. Bmheit. Kl««od. 

Mo., will be h«ld at a o'clock Pndar aft«r- 

^ noon _ I n the Center Orove Kplacopal 
thurdi. fUbt uilles wert of SprtngfteVtf-oA 
U. fl Hlgbwar M. Burial viB Uk« ptee* 
In CUar Creek ccincfry in charge of 
81 erne's murluary. Be.Mdes her hnitband. 
Mrs. Bcniicll IS cu(vi\t(J b) m dsujt.'.rr 
Ada Belle and a aoa VetUt both at horn*;, 
and by her father, j. L. Coolf of SprHtg. 
field. Three sUtcra and tliree brother* 
•lio nrrlre. 

Benjamin L. Martin. 90. inattea of the 
peace of North Campbell township, was 
burled In arccnlawn cemetery this after- 
noon after funeral »er»tcea In Hamlin 
Memorial Baptist church. ArrangctnenU 
were In charite of J. W. KUngnar. Oata 
of Temple lodge. A. »". and A. M.. eoo- 
ducted burial rilea at the grave. 


Thomas D. Hurley. M, MR North Camp- 
bell avenue, wax buried thu aftarooon in 
Maple Park cemetery, after funeral aer- 
▼ Ices held at the Herman H. Lohtneyer 
funeral home. Mr Hurley t.i survtved by 
hia wife, fire chlMreo. and II arastf- 



' TVe bodv of Wtl'»i, r Arn -^ Si 
l^ul5 traveling salCM.-iAn who rtifa i i « 
ho«pltml Iter* Wednrnday uricrnuoa trter 
•n iUofn «f two wevki. wts mm t» hta 
h«mi« U«t nicht for barim) th«r». Ptiiwral 
«er»lf«i will probtblY b* h»W rrMav 
Hrrm»n H Lohnir>er «>» in ch«rt« of 
■rranctmmiu here. Mr. Arp U nrrlTwd 
by • ifster. Mtsa Louis* Arp. who *»« 
Xiih"" ^^"^^'^ *' »Ji« Vtm« of Ml 

8«nic» tor Bobcrt H. Bami« wiU be 
ni-ortsr iift#'r a Jon« IMncn. He vrna 4» 

^" "^-gg y " ."„ *"« .nd rh'^yjl'' 


J««-k Wflch. 7». will b« burl»-1 rrl«l«T 
mornlnr nftft f.infri.; fcffTlrf.- »« in •> clock 
In the Hfrnimi II LoJi'^'y" ^lne^•I home 
Interioent nllI be In OreenUwn cem.tenr 

Mr W'Vh l« 5ur''lve<1 br M* »ir» »n1 
lhrr<« rhlMren. Mrs 01».K^ Arnold «nd 
MiM Ooldle Welch aud Arnold Welch. 


nirhnrd Cslvln Kln«. mftiit .■'pn of Mr 
■ nd Mc W»lfer King. <>f »o.'» Muih N'm- 
ton utreel. dlrtl l«te Un nl»h« »t 'he 
fBmllr rr«i<1enrr F^fTe' fr^X-r*. lirrter 
Ih- direoiloa of Ih- W t 8t(»rn- un««»T- 
• iVIne comnHHv iMl! b<- hrM at 10 r. cl-vk 
loniorrow mnrp-pi "t "ir KliiK hoir» fol- 
lowed bv burlrl In Eu»t L«»n cemetery 

Page 1: Three sets of twins bom here.** 
Page 10: There is a photo of the Square in 1876. 

There is a meeting of the Ozark Press association.** 
Page 20: Robert H. Bumie died.** 

James Roy Mahan died.** 

Richard Calvin King died.** 
Page 21: Card of thanks.** 
Page 22: The History of Springfield #8** 

3 Sets of' Twins 
Born Here During 
Past Two Weeks 

Thne eels of ixviiia. tii which 
tlif girU outnumber the jo.'s five 
to Dill'. Imvc been, boui m ypnni;- 
lleld in Uie piul two wecics. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sanipeon Baker. 
310 tiouUi Lexington street, an- 
nounce the birth of twin daugh- 
ters. Ruth and Ruby. March 7. 

Daughters, named Jacquelln 
and ticraldtnc, also wore born to 
Mr. and Mrj. Jack Jone*. 2707 
Kortli Campbell avenue. March 6. 

And a son and dausluer were 
born to Mr. and Mrs. Hlland O 
Krlley,' 1025 81. Louis street, Feb- 
ruar>- 26. They arc named Pa- 
tricia Eileen and I>a>id Ulland. 


Th« vnrUl rite* of the Masonic* I 
««r« eooducted ml the cravi- of Robeitl 
M. Boruie. 43. who wa.i b'lrlrd tlitf> ad- ' 
frnoon in HaieNood C'-m'tfrv r.iurtiti 
iteivtM* were held in thr Ilernmn 11 Loli- . 
myrr ftinersi hom« Mr. Burnle was nt- 
sUtaat auperlnl*ndent of (he (relchc loi> - 
mnd cUJm department of tli* rntco hrrr i 

James Rov Mataan. 38. >li« «•• k':i-i , 
In aia •ttt«inobllA arcldenc north vl Surinr- . 
ftoW W<><lae«lay evenlnn. vrat burl'd in ■ 
Or««nIsvn eeio«terT thla afternoon aft'i j 
fuocral ••reloM held lo the Klincncr fu- 
neral ebaML Mahau l^s <>urviv<>d bv iii.-.. 
wif* aod idaa nilall children and ■!.>« h\ ' 
Ma p«r«aU. Mr. and Mr» W T M^ihar. ' 
»M Waa4 AtluUe aireet. 

BIcaABn CAI «IN Kt\r> 

IU«hard Oahrln KU:ir. inUi.i >'it. o: y.- 
arvi Mr*. WaMer KInc. SOr- South Nr«tor I 
»treet. wa(> burled In Cast Liiati reiiir(»-\ 
lOdav after brief Juner»T •t-. -.ic^ o! f.r) 
hoise In rharsc of Starnr- » ruoriuao I 
ZlM eiui4 tU*<i lau Wednetdar nisi-'. J 


10 «,«wU O finf, 

WE WIHH to thank our trirnda' and 
iitt(hbors lor th«i kindnrm and *ympa> 

I v ihown durina the lUneis and dcaUi 
0.' lui tlsiliiiK uiic and iiiolher. ali>u lor 
-lu I'-'iry Irautiful llon»l olf-iiiijt 

II M. KobctU. Mr. and Mrs Jnrii Ilob- 
rrtj. Mr. anT Mrs c II. Off. Mr. and 
Mri O 8 lajlor. 



'0 The «ndtscrlnilDiil»! loiitloo nf houses broQEht about « 
«ar« orderly p!»n when. In 18 35. John P. Camptwll l«ld off 
, Che tpiro in lol». with itrcet* and allerv- ApuWI* aqiiare «r«« 
«l»o deaigualed 

{ .. 

C<i^<bffbW>S«ii«nl belief l« lb*t Sprloffleld rrt lU name from 

mrt^/ittot tbartf betng ■ tpHnf under • bill, od top of which 

W *aAt*»'fl«IiJ •" 'rh'<'b "»* «'"'" 'f"* *«•'" Another arguaieat 

U«a»itf<W 1« thai II WB« named after SprlnKfleld. Tenn?»«o«. 

^^/ HoifWr. -the flnt atory is more •*•»» •creplcd and Is prob- 

(^ In 1S3S. fire year* after the first white aetllvateat •»raair 
up Id what la sow known a* SprlBcfleld. th* lo«a boasted 
IbrM (tores, two blarkin)lth shops, one rablnet maker aatf a 
^ hotel. Tha hotel was jjvlaue In tb* fart that there werv •• 
rbitrkc*. ereryooe beiac ealertained free John P. Campbell 
• as Its crart«>i» nroorlctor. 


lEditofS r or Tl i el r I Id m e 


Ovar-ttw-Onrks Ufa U pleate&t 

to tba "tMOM towD" booata l>elng 
tircn t»y members of the Oaarlc 
Praaa aawclatlon vbo mat at tha 
ColoiUal hotel today for the first 
If loii of the two>4ay ooorentloix. 

The men and women who i>ul>Usb 
the newspapaia throughout the 
(Mhtfka apant moat ^f the morning 
|us« -Ttaltlif." 

Bert Woolaey of the WooUey 
PrlnttBg «omp*oy on Olive street. 
publUhad Uio Aah Qrove Commoo- 
wtalth for 13 years and be was one 
of tba first puaons at tha soene of 

the oonTentJon this morning. 

: — Tcofildnt taUai aeeUg IbU bUBcbT' 
declared Us. Wootoey aa he fhook 
baotfa with the crowd of newspaper- 

W. C. Johnson, who bsk a grocery 
and market at 800 St. Louis atreet. 
and formerly published the Bouth 
Ulasourl Democrat at Alton. Mo., also 
proudly deelaiad that although he 

sold his newspaper four years ago he 
itlU U a member of the Orark PrcM 
association, and h« oouldnt think of 
mluing the meeting. 

Don C. Wright, publisher of the 
Crane Chronicle, who is P'^^^ent of 
the association. ««Pt:[|fl^'!-if 

ment of the controversy o»" "^ 
Table Rock Usra. A new WO.OOO high 
KThool building also U -^^ **^*t 
voted upon at Crane, Mr.. Wright 
also attended the convention. ^ 

H. D. Derry of the Buffalo Beflex. 

Who 1. vice president of the club^ 

his town Is particularly »f»««^ 

I just now in the highway bet^ «r- 

Iteyed to Bennett BpHnR- Buffalo 

i,« hopen.i. he «u'. vh«t it wrn^ 

on thrconnrctlng link between high- 
ways M sntl ^ 


A.-B^Dmtaii - nf thf 
nnttm Janmal trMinm _irf-liM 

ptetioa. wM ttat ctooBd wM brakta 
r— *f*tfM *** '''* ^'^^'^ '°* tHW-tikli 
mil* of ftiMt p«rtng. K«« 'wtUr 
mAlna •?« to be Uld b*for« tht pav- 
loc la put down. 

J. luy Kins o* tha Stooa Oouniy 
New»-Or»c)e at Oalana, aecretary oX 
tb« aaaoctatloa. >a pradlcUng that bU 
town wui ba a r«al tourUt center now 
that the rrancla-BaldwlD R««U]r and 
RMort «oiBpany haa bought • l*rf 
tract to divide Into loU for aummer 

" •>nm^ K» !■ ■» im. ii»«rt atsite fa- 
jnouK OkUxUL-Bniiaaii float,'' poU>t«d 
out Mr. KtBf. "aiKl t>ow that tbU btg 
NMrt tlwl hM boan mada It will 
jntaB • rati d«filo|iiDent for tba 
I town. We will be Jutt alx rollea above 
tiM baadwator ct tb* Tableraok lake 

and win bavo the beet fleblng In the 
I Cruted State*.' 

I B. J. I^lw of the Houeton B«r«ld. 
I who with Mr», Ljrlee la attending the 
I convention, waa . wondering .. thla 
I morning If he could aueak off at 2 
o'clock this afternoon to eer Houston 

'pUj In the Ti-aWWitlt Um„-,iM,.J^ f4 

8Ut« Teacbera Mdlac*. 
: *nRr* bav« a r>od haalcotban «««iu'* 
b* boaatad. "BooatDft— teo — fM* 

•obooU anyway. W* ara.lciKNm OTS 
acbool town and w* atabd 
the things our ' achoola m 
For an inland town I beUaraw* ha 
out o< tbe beat ecboola In tb* atola.'* 
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Zon ct tb* 
Howell County Oaaette at W«at ftetas 
alao were cooTentloa membao, lie. 
Zom and Paul Pige of tbe LebaaMi 
Bustle were rejoicing orer iKV_|Mri?>. 
office bulldingii eoon to be ereotad Is 
their two towca. 


Page 6: Billy Jack Freeman died.** 

Henry Batt died.** 

John T. Chapman died.** 

Josephine Irene King died.** 
Page?: Card of thanks.** 
Page 8: The History of Springfield #9** 

Tin: rm.sT iinicK housk stood? 
- xTp^in^ft^/a^ Centmn/7/of Ct/tdrof/on — 

Burely you remember when ihl^ two-atory briok raaldenc* itood 
on Jerfcraoii avrmic next lo the Wllholt biilldlnK. It only recently 
haa been .lorn down after havfng been sold by the Flr8t Preabyte- 
riOB church which used It for a time m a Young People'a roeettng 
place. Th«t house was built by (lencrRl Holland and waa the firet 
two-ffory Hrli-k n-^lrlencf. nnil jirohnlilv tho flrti ro«Menre built 
wholly of brick. In the olty. 



The Town Becomes a County Seat 


■ ^'^ ^vC 




% l/^nii 








(f) la July. 1836, tbrcc lommlsslonors appoliilrd by ihc legie- 
Utur« mat and Kelec(<>d Springfield as Iho pennaiionl lounty 
(i?«t of Greene couiitr Tlirr«i hud been mm.' inlk l.pfori pf 
loratlnt the county «eat soracwhcrc ncarpr thr roiiter of the 
pnorioom aroa that comprised Grceae county ai thai Ume, 

^Sprlnrfleld first voi«d In a national election In 1836. ^«ben 
Martin Van duren «oa tb« praaldancr from William Henry 
lUrrlton and Hugh ^^TiUe. Canpb«ll township, which In- 
cluded Sprinjfleld. gavo moat of Its voloa to the vltior, who 
received lia votet to .Whit«'a llj 

(Dxhe winirr of Ig.16-." broujtbt »l(h It iho -O-aKP ^ar - 
Gorernor Boges of Missouri ordered ColoD<!l Charles S Taorev 
10 drive the Osage Indians, who wer« living In th« Bouth»e.;i 
part of Mlasoarl. out of the stata bounds, where ther bad 
no Hgb. to be. Aftnr a few council meetings It w., 'oJoJ 
necessary In summon the rollUla. The Indians, confronted 
wlt^ armed forces, retired to the west and aoulh. wlti, no r^ 


I ' 



Blllr Jaf't Frtcman. 8-mobths-olrt 
■on of Mr. and Mr». Henry Freeman. 
BOa WoBl raciric »lre«V. <l»e<l **i'> 
thU morning at " the home ot his 
parenU. IMnersl serrlc^s will >)• con- 
ducted Hi a o'clock Bunday »fterno6n 
■ I the freeman home, followed by In- 
(«mtert In Ea»tUwn cen>«tery to j 
charge of J. W. Kllnjner ^ 

llt.NRY IIATT j 

WorU Ui«« been rrccUcrt by tlcurge j 
1j, C*ld«rU. 831 Boulh MlMMJurl avc- } 
: nur. of the deilh of his broUierlnUw. • 
I I'enn' B»ll. of rre»no. C«l. Mr. Ball | 
1 WM formerly of bpringfleio. j 

"jpilN ^» CHATMAN *^' V ►i. 

Jonn T. Chapman. 47. Turner. Mo.. 
(Ilart aarly thU momlnf »t a Spring- 
field hoaplUl. Ha la aurrlrad by a 
daiifhur. Margaret, and tbrea aon«. 
Oordoii. nl home, nnrt Thomas and 
Marlon ot Memphis. Tenn. A brother. 
a, a Cuapman. Bpringfleldt and two 
alaUrs. Mrs. J. A. Mooneylian. Turaer. 
and Mra. Laur» . Homer. PleManl 
Hope, ala© aurrlr*, Puneral aenrlcea 
will b« held Svnday afternoon at 
3 30 at U<e honie of Mrs Mooneyhun 
at Turner, tollowed by inunnent la 
Palmeto c«met*y in charga of tba 
AUna Lohmejer funeral home. 


m\U IM^NT- 

JoMpMn* Iran* Kiaf. i nUnt I 

^■ mh ttr u f Ml. *iia Ml*, uwmt • 

King ot 000 eouUi Netllrion aTcnue 
died UU Friday niRbt at tb* bone 
of hrr parenU. The Infant U •ur- 

' . i.rri sv tlir parrr,;* '^irt ••»-. .•-•»-'< 
! Helen aiid Brrnicr Ftinrrml service* 
I will be conducted from the home j 
Suudar at 3 30 o"clcK-k Ipterment I 


illrrciion o( I'lr W 
drrtatin,; company 

I Ma-iif I ::-. 




_ ifi 

Wt WIHll lo th»u» ilir inlgfiboi» 
Alrio Acrr.i »nd Wlllo» aprln§» Cic»Bi- I 
trf Co . »uil leUllvc*. lor kindiif •« 
»ii(l >>'Dipkil<y •liuwii u» dutiua iht 
llloM« aod dnin of uot d«(Un< bahy. 
Kaanvtti irsfa Ma^Un. alt ■ loc ib« 
m«n» b««nrifol fl»r»l f>ttrT\nw^ 

:tni i^AVffl 



lanUr; »f LeaU: Mr. and Mn. Anb 

nolrrUck. Cibool: Mr. »ri(l Mrs T B 

A- ilUi willow Sri""- '■•' "'I •^"' 

K L .Aiitlli.. 5pri;rf:i-.'1. M-s— . t:i;;cc 

I MTid 

Pagel: Marriage license: Bonnie Smith, 38, and Edward H. Johnson, 29, both of 


Teddy Barnes, formerly a bartender in Springfield, was killed in Mexico during 

the revolt. 

Page 2A: Billy Jack Freeman died.** 
Mrs. Mary A. Grey died.** 
John E. Chapmann died.** 
Frank O. Roberson died.** 
Josephine Irene King died.** 
Page IB: Townly Rose celebrated his 93rd birthday at the home of his son A. D. Rose, 
727 South Missouri avenue. He has lived in this county 85 years. 

Page 2B: Several marriage licenses have not been returned.** 

Page 3B: Mrs. Dosia Friar died March 3 near Miller. She is survived by her husband, 
two sons and four daughters. 

Knox Jennings died near Stotts City. He was a cousin of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Smith 
of Miller. 

Mrs. Nancy Bennett died Thursday at the home of her daughter in Mt. Vernon. 
She was the aunt of Mrs. Rena Hinshaw of Miller. 

PdlSt Petr Ostran of Monett died March 3 and was buried at Bennett, Neb. 

There is a long article about R. H. Smith who has been a mail carrier for 30 years 

at Billings.** 

Mr. George W. Widman of Dixon died. 

Page6B: Card of thanks.** 

PageSC: Frank O. Robberson died.** 

Page 2D: Miss Kathleen Tully and Mr. Allen H. Chase are engaged to marry.** 

„ . Mr. and.Jixi. XouU D. TuUy. 1034 Eiwt Efm street, have announced tb* 
tapigmnent of-the1r daughter. Kathleen, to Mr. Allen H. Clias«, Km ot Mn. 
WllU«m N. ChMe. 620 South Plorenre avenue. MIm Tully ts a member of 
LkmbflA Alpha Lambda and PI Beta Phi aoroniirti aiul a popular atudent at 
Oniry coUeg*. Th» data of the wedding liu iu>i been set. 


10 ■ r>'l-_n Jin.- 

yvr~VnSH to THaVk Vur m„r.v frUTds 
and neletibor* for the kir.<ir.<-«>« anrt jir. - 
pathj durlnf Uie illr.tss »r.(i dfj'.l. o.' 
our lo^ed one. Also (or the beiuiilul 
flora) offertnc*. 

Mr. Clinton W. Ward and famll*. Mr. 
and Mr*. J. •. Wltk1o>OD. Mr. ai;d Mr* 
Dun O'lrmaa aod famO*. Mr »r.rt Mn 
J. if. WtUtem, Mr. t:\tu W ;:«!:. ^T 

wifwiBII TO THANK our many Irlrnd* 
for the Wndn«« ar<1 b>« i'.:fu' r:nr»I 
effertnira In Iha dcknea* ar.rl d'»tl o-r 
belOTed futher ^_ ,. 

.Mr* J. Veage, Martha TCaage. CharUe 




I Bonnie Smith. 38. and Edward H. 
jjohnbon. 29. both of Springfield. 

• • • 



Ja«k W. MoKo*. araana oounty re- 
corder, announced yaatorday that the 
following marriage lloonaea. Issued 
more than 90 daya ago. have not 
been returned to bU office, and that I 
If they are not returned Immediate- t 
-ly the «*ee« will be Investigated by j 
the prosecuting attorney. • | 

Otis Stephetwon and Katherlne 
Dean, both of Springfield, license la- 
sued July 16. 1B28: Harold Trtmmell 
of Kansas City and Virginia P. Bales 
o' St. Louis. Issued July 3. IBM: 
Leonard C. Clauasen of Springfield 
and Therala M. Yuttertnan of Tulaa. j 
Ofclff . Issued July a, 1938. 

24 Years on Same Route 
Record of Billings Wlan 

Christian County Man, 70, Has Carried Mail 30 

Years: Well Known Through Oxarks Region 

As "Uncle Gits'"; Wandered in Youth 

,.r in< r-i-fnl'-h t'> 7 li*- V< t. » and ],ra'<fr\ 
TyiLLWOB, Mo., March B— TUlciy 
** yeara In the po«tal aervlce. 24 j 
of which were spent as rural mall 
carrier on ront« T out of Bllltngn. 
wen completed Saturday by R. H. 
("Uncle OUB") Bmltb. 70 yesrs old. 
who haa been retlrrd. 

Uncle Qua recelTed numerous gifts I 
Saturday from bis patrons on route 
3. They Included canned fruit, home- 
cured meats, butter, eggs and hota«>H 
baked -akes. In addition there were ! 
•everal letters of appreciation of his 
aerrlce. One of t^ese was from the 
children of a famll Many young- 
ster* were wsltlnK at the uiRil boxes 
iaaL -Saturday to bid Uucio Ouo 

Monday was 8inllhs scvciillelh 
birthday anniversary. 

Smith was bom at Frederick, Md., 
Maitb 4. 1860. From there he moved 
with his parent to White Oak, \V. 
Va^ and Uter to Parkersburg^ W. Va. 
When Mr. Smith was el£ .t years old 
the famUy moved to St. Charlea.<Mo. 

the ctoi- 

tUiued in the employ of 
tractor until July. 1873. 

Sm ith hnd Uitlt' jhatxrc la-Qbtaln_ 
an education. The bcbools to which 
he had atcc.i.^ were Ior siructuree 
with puncheon floors, if there were 
any floors at all. The students sat 
on fpllt loE benches and usually ejc- 
(•! h.s-vk< hr.-.,i;^e ;ew !i«^t a 
complete t-el of u.xu-. 

While cRrrylns: the rorr\th-Harrt- 
soii route Smith rle<-icl(>(] u> r\in swsv 
from home. One day when he «r- 
rlvrrl iit Forsyth he hired a t>oy to 
lake the miill bnck lo Harri><:'n. 



John W. Smith, the father, ob- 
tained a Job as an engineer and ran 
» locomoUve from St. Charles to St. 
I/>uia. At that time trains were fer- 
ried across the Missouri river at St. 
Charies. From St. Charlea the family 
moved to bl. Louis and f rou» St 
Louis to Lebanon. The Frisco had 
j\i.--t corDpletert Its Uriea to Jerome 
pud from Jerome Smith and hLn fa- 
ther walked to Lebanon, where they 
remained through the winter. Rolng 
from inereTo Half way. theu~to~6zRrk 
and still later to Forsyth, where they 
farmed at U»e mouth of Swan creek. 

About this time Smith entered the 
postal service. 

, nitsT SA4.AHY Z^ ri-',\TS A 1»\yT 

♦ 4. , 

In those day* mull routes were held i 
I by contractors and Smith's first Job 
w«h Cttir>lij^ iiic ji.B.. i,^... ;;„_-.._-.- 
Ark., to Clarksvllle. Ark- He then 
was 13 years old and received 3S cents 
a day. Jim BeUler. the contractor, 
two years later, transferred hUn to 
the ForByth-Harrlson route. He con- 

♦ ♦ 

P*rom Fo/f j;lh J,'?, , ^"i^n!'^ W> ^^^^ 
county,' wliere ho herded cattle near 
Bolivar for the remainder of the rMitx- 
inrr. I.nter ho pot .\ Job sldlni^ In 
driving n bunch of entile lo Fairfield. 
Neb. He returned to Mlsaourl, Kotng 
first to St. Joeeph and later to Cam- 
eron, where he worked on a farm for 
Bob Ru&Bcll. alteudtng i>chooI In the 
winter. When he wa-i about IB years 
old he obtHliicU h joi.> lU a rnllriwd 
and worked between Cameron Junc- 
tion and Drookfield. He Liter left 
Cnmercm and went to O.wlsville. W. 
Va. There he railroaded for about a 
yetir and then returned "TO TStlssoUiir 
locating near Bparta. He was em- 
ployed In the extension of the rail- 
road from Sparta to Chadwick. Later 
he worked on a farm owned by Wil- 
liam Hyde on Sluarfs creek and In 
1884 married Miss Julia Richards of 
Greene roup. v.. He aj.d hi* hrtde lo- 
tiitcrl on « !.<rm ii'^nr where Ihc towu 
of Piano uow BUinds. 

Two years later he retiuncd to 
Parkersburg, W. Va.. where be rail- 
roaded until 18B4. In February, 18JH, 
he moved to Springfield. Mo. 



Thar* emtth became an Ic* 
drtvar bnt aoon moved to tl\« pcaaaai 
alt* ot Piano when ba ectat>Uahad tti* 
first store at that place. Ha re gaJmA 
In the store abo"' m -rfttr nnd than 
cold his Interest to his bualiMn part« 
Her and movait to OoJan CUT tS 
•feooa «But^7. nMn ttm tatamt 


and parcli»»ed • rtw root* ftom »• 
B^.P«We. in MOl. "Thl. rc«t« 
whicli extended from Bom u> tiHUatB 
be carried lor about lour year^ In 
I90S be wa« appointed rural carrier 
»nd began work In April of tli»t T*»r. 
•till carrying the mall between Boas 
and BiUiog<». 

He came wl'h liU faniilT to Bll- 
Urgs III MBrrli. lvC5. HUd begau uork 
out- of the local of rice when WUllam 
Gardner was postnia-stcr. Since then 
lie liHS vkorktC. u:;rier I ^^:tiia»tf rs 
IaIoii/.o T\inior. \V. L. Hixsou. R. L- 
{ Andrews iiul C>l:;'.ire Cir»y. 


John E. Chapmann. 47 for nianr 
years a realdent or Turner, Mo., died 
late yeaterday afternoon In a Sprtng- 
Xield hoaplUl. ruoeral Mrrlcea. un- 
der the direction of the Alma Loh- 
meyer funeral home, will be held in 
Turn«r at a JO o'clock thu afternoon, 
followed by burial In the Palmento 
o«inat«r7 «t Palmento. H« U survived 
by one daughter. Margaret Chapmann 
of Turner. 


Exaak-O.-Rebeniou.-06, died at hts 

liorne. 671 Enut Rim r^r^rT. yp^rcTTTR-r 
morning after a brief illneM. He wnjt 
a member of ^he Botrth Avenue chris- 
tian church, the Modern Woodiucn 
and the Royal Nelrfbbors of America. 
For many years he was einployed hy 
the Springfield Machinery coinpRiiy I 
Ho la survived by hU wife, two aona. I 
Rex and Ruaaell of Memphis: his 
((Hilier. Cicorgf U.'brr.-i ?:. ri; '.'. ■.'•'■ ^ 
dftiighler. Belly, all of tl-.e home art- j 
dress. Mineral serrlceo will be held 
Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at 
the Alma Lobmeyer funeral home. 
Harry Bruton will slug. Interment 
will be In Maple Park cemetery. 

KINO l.MA.Nr i 

Funeral services for Josephine Irene i 
King. 7-months-old daughter of Mr. I 
and Mrs. George King, who died Fri- ' 
day night at 11:50 o'clock, will be I 
held thl^ afternoon, at the family 
home, 900 South Ketiieion, u.i';.;;o | 
_?'?*_?5_*yTtlv4<l_by tAr jiiren?*. two. 
sisters. Helen and Beatrice. n:i of :;-e 
home adrtrcs?. liit'TtT.*-::! wi:; be m 
Eastlnwn cenieterv vr.dcr the direc- I 
uon of W. I . ^•• 


Billy Jack PrMman. e-montha-old 
•on of Ur. and Un. H«nry PrMman. 
sea WMt PacUlo atrtet. died early 
Aaturday morning at the bocne of bis 
pKreote.-^ Puneral ee n l u ee will be con- 
ducted at a o'clook Bunday afternoon 
et KUngner's funeral bome. followed 
hj isterment in XaatUwn cemetery, 
-^large o f J .-W. Kltagner. - — 

Mrs. Mary A. Urey, 73. 2020 Pierce 
street, died Saturday afternoon at 
1 o'clock at ber borne. Funeral ar- 
rangements are not yet complete. 
Mrs. Orey Is survived by two sons. 
Jamea W. O'Brien, Upringfleld. and 
John A. O'Brien. El Psso. Tex. J. 
\V. KUngDer v,:n l-sve ,!-.arge of I 
I burlsl. j 

Page 2: Walter H. Henderson was appointed to administer the estate of Waiter C. Knaus 
who died February 24. The sole heir is Arthur H. Knaus of Portand, Ore., a son. 

The will of Robert H. Bumie was filed for probate. His wife Mrs. Jewel Florence 
Bumie was appointed executrix. 

Births reported.** 
Page 4: Thomas Moore died.** 

Page 6: There is a photo of Mrs. Alphonse F. Dames of St. Louis.^" 
Page 10: J. W. Clayman died.** 

BlonH. McGintydied.** 

Horton Markle died.** 

John E. Campbell died.** 

H. Clay Collins died.** 

Mrs. Sarah Smith died.** 

John E. Campbell died.** 
Page 12: The History of Springfield #10** 
Page 14: There are photos of the Square before and after the fire of 1913. 



The Debut of Journalism 

Journalism mad« Its d^biit In Springfield In Ihc spring o( 


1837, In thp rorm of Iho Ozark btamlard. U wa8 e6tabli8he4 
lere by J. (.'. TuI)»t* llle. Shortly (itt«?rwHrd tho uame of this 
paper was changed to the Osark Eagle, 

Th^ firtt klllinK of p buman being in Springfield ncrnrred 
la tk« Call of \9%7 when Judge CharloM Yanrt-y wan rorc«»d at 
• matter of n^ir-4efena««. to Rlioot Jf>hn llnbertV ftoh^rtK had 
b««n fiDvd In V»nr#y'« i-ourt anii (iiid hornn mallcH beiaiihe of 
thjt fart. Yaccpy was trlc.l for nmrder bill the Jury, after i 
tm mlnates con»uli«iIon, freed hlni. 

it wai on Kebruary 1«. 1838 (hat SprinKfield was first In- 
eorpor»t»d •« • town. At that tlm*> the populntlon wa^ 
■roaod 360 Ttie fown'fl hoiindflriert w<tp eMnhllHlif-d bv tli* 
fouDiv r«iurt. The flr»t board of iruHt^.-H v^^re Jopj M UuH^n 

?0Mpi SoacT''' '''^"'' ^' ^"''''"'' ^'°^"' Crawford Hud 



J W. CItym.n. ". iovntrU ot 
Sprinjrnna.- tat -wore rfcentJv of o^ati.. 
u« burlfd in Ortl K-Mo^.i ccn-fU-rv 
ur«r Oi»tk. this .flfruoon alur Junvr* 

,rrvlc.^ held Ht lh« !^"iVhin,ri^u 
rhurrl. II. cl..rr« ol the T. », <^''"'" ^^, 
(1. rtuklnii ^'^. .S":" ' , h.^ 
horn aiKTrfur-d l.i PprlnBllMil. ^ul ».e nart 
coi.dutlrd a l.otcl »nd re;fuf«''t " O^;^ 

lilr' Bi'innRflelci. ' J»cic" rimni«n. Sprins- I 
j n- It: <iul Hlaiilry i. Uvniaii. Uiatk. | 


BI.O.N II. MrOIN » ^ 

Arnntrmriils ure not rrt ronipl'te fiT 
Ihc ot Ulou IL McauiU. ^6. T- JO 
I fllfd Smiclav atlrriioon Ht ll.r Kmi.'«« < :'v 
i\intrtii- hn-pilnl. wluT'- h<- had be"i ■ 
':>.<!'ri,i fi.r ;>l rnoiitli.N 'Mic l)0<lv will be 
LroiiKlil lo f^prliinli. ill tor n.Urmi-ii' In 
Unnfoilli c iiirtr'v In chiirif* of th-. .A iii« 
. t olinirvpr f'linml liouif A >.^trr. Mr,. 
I Aha M Mm1;h.oiiI. und V.nrt auntv Mr> 
I KUh Mni.lccr Mis.- Lill'o Mn.lnlv •n<I 
I Mi»^ Dulrlr MiUiutv. all ot Sur.nsH- Id. < 
arc llio jurvlviiiK r<-latn«»». | 


Ttor'on Marklr. J9. of Dodd Crv. Ark . ! 
rti'd In • ho.'pital here at 3 o'doct 5un- 
rtav nC.f rii.).>ri Mfli.' « hrlrf lllnr- I ^»^ 

bodv » as prrtmi'-d 'rr buriil ht i:;'' ller- 
iTiBii It l>il.fiicvfr fiiii'-rnl lionir ii.d ^nf 
to P\all. Ark. I.i.lav (or fiin.rnl »l'r\1<■r^| 
Aiid burial llurf TiLv^dav •ft-ri'>on A ] 
wilr »i'd four rhilrlrrn and lil» fHll'.er and . 
mnth>T. Mr Hr.d Mr- Ororse E Marilc. 
:'jr^i>c '!■■< (l<"<td nan , 




I.,:., ml ' 'V Hlrk4"«f WUUXd-T 


|T«o broif.'M •'»" »'»'♦"♦• ! 

iBh, .««'<»» 


J7t »>«r d«"l«>1i«S 




omtta Moore,- 16, 
Former Republic 

l^puthr U Killed i 

r tM fhtal 

irhMi oemmd 8atuM*f. 

of tb* youth's <Mtttb wu !«• 

bare br rcUttvca l»t« iMt 

hlfrbt, and two ttnclrs. Jesse W." Moore 

hUd Jiili'r-. M.^'f.-. \ri: Pprliicf Iclcl for 
Khnbttb City It iii\cnili;i.iv iln; uici- 
dent and attend runeral Mi-tices 
there Tuesday. Burial will be hi Kan> 
aas City. 
.Toung Uoora U autvlvcd by bis 
tnotbcr, Mrs. 'SUna Moore, a widow, 
wtiosa bom* la In Kansas City: a sis- 
ter, riocla, also of Kansas City; a 
biothar. Herbert Moon, who Uvea 
with his grandmother, Mrs. W. B. 
Moore, of Republic and attends 
acbool there; th« two unclea who Uve 
In Springfield and an aunt, Mrs. L. 
H. Coward. wUe of Greene oountys 
kuperlQtendeni of schools. 

Moore graduated last year from the 
Republic grade school and then en- 
rolled In a training school at Kansas 

.Mr and Xlm It K. Jour*.. 717 Sunr ) 
sirtet. announce itie blrtti of a m'i. , 
CharJea Ertwlii. on Mar. li 7. ot KUr 

br anrt Mrs. O N. I'owill. Bui S^^i.. 
Ktoreiir^ aycuur. alUlOUQCC Uic biill) ■ 
of a daughter. March 


Page 2: The will of Mrs. Mary E. Tompkins was filed for probate.** 

Page 4: Mrs. Virgie Byrd, 23, of Webb City was killed in an automobile accident in 


Page 13: Edward Craft died at Monett.** 
Page 16: Mrs. Sarah A. Kunsman died.** 

Brayfield infant died.** 

Blon H. McGinty died.** 

John H. Acker died.** 

Mary Nuszetta Royal died.** 

A daughter Donna Lee Smith was bom March 1 1 to Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Smith, 

3 19 East Pacific street. 

Page 17: Card of thanks.** 

Page 18: The History of Springfield #11** 

Page 20: Melvin Kissee died.** 



The First Court House 


liUvMw U>« (li>t buddlnc o{ « pcrnuincat. court houit*. U 
i%|^«»«tor7 blirk buildiog. 40 by 34 feet in size and cout. 
^MtXM. ti wa4 located In Ihc mJUdlc of ihe puhllc •quare. At thai 
iliB* t» nM lh« hesi liulldlni! lo tbc rtiv and a public pride 

6) aprlD^ulU took ptirt in Hh nccoiid liatlonal el«<^llon In 1840 
wb«D G«o«r»l Htrrltou ran aRalntt Van Burcn. The town wm 
Urstly for Van Diiren und ul h deuiocrallr niotilng In the aoutn- 
e«alera part of t.iwn a flRurr <lr< »HPd In an old bonnet and drew. 

ubM "Granny" llHrrlMon. mao hung by the road leading I «> St. 
XamH. It atayed there for wrrk« Vair Huron irrcivrd o2l of 
llM^town's 4«.t voieh 

® k (TWIP xf Maaour b«ion(lnK to ludKeH ai other point m. inri 
•M Ibe llrd ftt June. 1841. and petitioned thr grand lodge fur 
• 'Mftir. Tbt« vaa (ranted and In July. OzarU lodge. A. P. uod 
AlSlTNa 14 »u organlMd witb Joel H Ilailcn ixr lla firfX -vir 
.kirftil a)«<rr 


JOPLIN. M... M» IV— fAPl- 
Iliht!^r V.r,l.- Dyr.l ■-■ « "t w.hh 
City. Mo. today pr»blKrt the sti-rrliig 
«h«fl of «h« nutomobllr In which 
»l>« wi.« ridtnc Rhd »«» Vlllrrt In the 
IChtll*'»»i' 1 !'•• • 

- -Vou mii»r r«' thl;iV- ^!r. to riiUli 
olit hirfl* v:''i .tiitf: (.■•\; 


;^m>, <*BMI A. H.L N S MAX - 

T.„n i>.illy««>' >'' CLrvrrn' Wv" 

Kiiiirriil .crMrrh »iH b.- held iil Hie 
home Ml «t' l,ou„ ....rt -t Z 3" «'?■"' : 

m»n 8.V Vim dird Mond.v. "I'V"'''' 
«l|l h., in lliir. Unod crn.rtrr» It' <■■>"'«' 
of IH« Alm» I>.lin>»>iT luiirr.l l.onir. n«o 

Kuti«i<i»ti. liirlnrtlnB Mrs Jfniuc Jouf» unil j 
1. J Jours "f BiuMiKli- Id 

nRA^Hi:i.:> iNtAM 

^\\^r infonl -on ol Mr ai"! Mr» .Inlin r 
lU..M.rld. 7.'!. Norn, l-r,.-,- ■ I ■'•;';";■ 

or-Mllr I!'- »tlirM..oi: bUrf.r ; motl'i- 
,,rx »»■. Ill ili.oc-- "I .irtuMtMiirM' Hc- 


Insuring Burial, 
Pays Undertaker 
Before His Death 

MONKTT. Mo. Much 12.— Xa- 
wcrd CraTt. 79 ye»r» old. wl»hlnf 
to Inaura bUnMlt of k d*e«nt 
burial. p«UI tb* undcrUker mar* 
than two yeara b«for« hU death 
and mad* airangctnenta for tht 

Mr. Craffa wife died three yeara 
aso neit Auuuat. Callawaya un- 
dertakers of Monett had charge of 
the (iineral. When Mr. Craft went 
to pay the e«pen»e» he added 
enough to pwy hli own funeral, and 
told how be v.ishcd llie aervlcea 

He died at 3 o'clock SUBdaj 
momlng. March 10. at hta heme In 
Aurora. In accordanca with hU 
requeet he waa (tven » elmple 
burial In the afiemooa of the 
aame day. In the cemetery at 

Mr. Craft uaa formerly in the 
mercantile bualneaa In SprlDgtleld. 
On hia retirement he went to Au- 
rora to make bU home. He leave* 
DO family and the only known r«l- 
atlTcs are ft nepbew and niece in 

OF CRASH hurt; 

Phltlipsburg Youth Expires! 
While Companion Fights 
for Life 

MelvHi Kijsff. 

auioiiiobll'- aviiili 

18. one 01 two I 
/. i.ra; l.i.L'i.i.i'i) , 

J«»liN II. A« KUl 

■ Jol-.ii M Ark'-r 7". rli'-rt M !■•.« >f>T<- 
HU WrM ll/nrj Mr,.-', nt If) l> •"'°<''' ""' 
mbinlnf.- after a abort lllnfw Wr »•»'•'- 
\l»rd by hl< wife and one klrp-wii. C O 
Hnilth ftiitrral arrniijcm'-nt".. Iii fliMrce 
a t t h e H e t ma n »l I eliine y ee P wnetat lHMi»e>-f 
•re not yel complete. - " 

Mttv NUMitU Roi*l, l(-d«y-«la dauih- 

the home of the pareiiU. Mil Wru Water 
• Irret. Monday nilht at II J5 .•>'»•»*•• 
BurUI aervlCM will probably be heM at 
a;»n WMti>.ii«> ■f ^>rnn«n In rharcf. nf 
8i*ro«'* morluaiy. 
only child. 

The. Infant •»« en 

eMXxio"* ' 

!♦ rewi* • »■» ■ - _: 

Wi Vrimi t«lin>r«>* our hearUeli thank* 
lor the )•»♦ and aympathv shown by 
our many frleiwla and lo •'•«*/u''»^«f- 
k»*wM|t each beautiful amalt tribute 
Itndrred In our recent berea*»ra*nt In 

^Ih* 4Mlft oX pur beloved huabADd. fattin 
And #0A 

Mil Piudl* C Strtek*. Dorothy and 
Oladya Btracke. Mr. and Mr*. Charlea 

o. t A of B. of L. t. .'1"*J?^': 
lerkan churob, lor tho ktitdneeeea »d« 

* MI > *» ' 

Sunday, died At 3 o'clock this moni- 
Inc :n .'^; Jjlin .s t■.■'^p1lal hrf v Hl> i 
ou*. rcsalnliig consciousncsa. 

Homer Blggt. Klssee's companion 
At the time of Uie falAl Accident, 
VAi reported as "no trorse'' . this 
mornlnc by Attendant* At the lios- 
pttal Ahere he b wagliiK a fight for life. 

The t«o boys were Injured »htn 
a^-frool vbeel ot their Automobile. 


• «im« At tlw toot ot A hlU down 
wtikh they liAd driven At a high 

me* And Blfg s'lniirfervd 
tnetvxtd akullA Blmer Bi«t*. a 
trotber ol Homer Blfge, siutAlned 
only sUght injuries end was taken 
to bla home. 

Meinn Klsiee «« survived by his 
•tepfAther And mother. Mr and Mrs 
Id M. CAltey. And by a sister. Mrs 
CMSr Vernon. aU of PhUllpsburg. . 

ThA body was prepared for buitai 
by the Herman H. Lohmcycr f.mrral , 
home here and sent to Ph.ll.psburp ; 
At noon today. Funeral jervices arc i 
expected to be held at Balem church 
there At 3:30 Wednesday afternoon | 
followed - bv burial tn LoiirsoniC 


wwmmm •>. Jfrtftlg. 

Mr. Ouy t Strong. Mra. E. B. C arter 



Moat of the eeUte ot Mra. Mary E 
ToenpktiM. now worth approalmately 
»as.OOO. will be left In truet «"r her I 
giwatgrandchlldren. Mary Puckett ai.rt j 
Clay Tompklne Puckett. according to , 
a aetUeroent on file In protoa.e court | 


Mrs Tomptlnsi Brandd^uKhle^ I 

Mr.. Eula OalUhan. receive* onl, » 

tmaU amount of real eet4tc by the 

■ aettlanMnt. Tb* Onion Katlonal bank 

It oasMd Asaeutor and trtutee for 

Page 10: Mrs. Margaret Swank died.** 

L. J. Neff died.** 
Mrs. Rachel Hudson died.** 
Mrs. Louisa Meitz died.** 
Abner Buster died.** 
John A. Acker died.** 
Page 11: Card of thanks.** 


Page 12: The History of Springfield #12** 
Page 14: There is a photo of the Square in 1868. 

Marriage license: Clenn Simmerman, 18, of Rogersville and Wilma Ewing, 18, of 


B. M. Bennett sues to divorce Effie Bennett. They were married December 1 1 , 



Newspapers and Banking 

.^^.UgtimWu rint p*p«r bad not dorie mt »«•!! aod bad 
^y efM«d.publlc«iloD In 18i: However. Iii*|g<l. Warren II. 

rrvmwML^tfMtlaad to wntliiBo publication «Btll 1881.. 


maka nf money The •li.rrf.-- » . ^ * "' ""«« "' ">• 

•soru- ..d.n":;:,.7!;.«„„ij'^-\,';v;;;' t::": • "^^-"^' — «"■ 

@ '"^*y. 18fS.'ttl«°SpHiitneld branch of iha SUte Baak ul 

^lluourl waa estahllabed allh J H .McBride a« Im ure.l.lriil. 

tbia eanmaaltjr. 

•It by (be town, tbis eTeni wax 
|).mor« Important than ervr In 


\\ t wuli to lliank th» ff1»nd» and aaltHj 

M. WISH wa tM>u« •••> •..^..w. .»- aalfh' 

bOC> and ll>* Mr'cb*iii< It.' Co, xiH 

fiwtir* Oar*|«. lor lh« kindn»t« and 

aiaisattajr ahp«n u> durlna tlia «talh of 

-«wf*5rtwi« "iaii a»d bretuw, kct V*- 

haa, AIM lar tba maay baaultlni ra>«' 


' MR. and una. W T. MAUAN 

MR. and MRS. BEAT MAh>N and 


and rAMILY 
MR. and MR«. COY MOKOAY and 

rAMit V 
Ml.v^ I., > a t. •■. \i,\': 
WE WlttH to 'liiii.k' uur many <fin"ls 
and »»lail*»f. Frtaro frlanUa an. ilio 
O. 1. A. «f B. of L. X.. rir»t Pv»««»»- 
i»rlan ehvirfh. lor tha ktniJiif«»«i Iim 
• »inr«lhy; *\*o lor tha b»autUul floral 
■•I(»rlui», durlnf lh« rrcml b»r«avf- 
in«nt of o<ir darllnt all* asd motbcr, 
MiDda A Bttonf. _ _ ^ 

Mr. Our B Bironi. Mri. K. B. Carter 

runrral irrflori (or Mr*. Martar^t 

B^nk. 77. «m b« lirld at Church Orov» 
c»ilirl»r». 10 initfa »oulh»r«»l of Buffalo. 
In Pallait .-oiinl*. Thuridar niornlna. In 
thmgr nr J W Kllngtirr Mr> 8w«nlc. 
who mld«4 at ■•>• Eatt Thoman ilrMl. 
died Tufaday In a h««pltal brr*. 


u «. Ncrr I 

Funfral wrrirr* wro brld at Alrleb Ui> 

iin\ ii.i i. .1 N.if. :;. »ith •):- n»'- J 

IVrkrr nf B|itingflrld ottlrldliit liiter- 
nirol foilowrd lu QrMniawo ctmriirj at 
Walnot OroT« In aharf* ef Um Brim Fa> 
nrr»l liomr at Walnut Ctroyf. Mr H«ff If 
>';rvi\cr| iiv hit «||e and IMr clilMrcn. at | 
(olln«> |to>. or SprlnsfUld. Mra. E(ta 
MiilRiiax. hSorl Worih. Trx : Mra. Pearl 
,K>lllM^-Aah_Or«ik»i. Harry K«-f f. - Wa li . ' iit 
~Orovt; and Mra. Lera Haaala*. AMrlcli. 
Mr. N«fr. bffforc ibotIiib to Aldrlch clabt 
rtara aco- «■• an«att«l in Um Alaekaaalih'i 
tradr at Walnut Orove (or 4S yvara. 


>ti« lUrhrl Uud -in. i». of «I0 8«ath 
Nrwton slr<-»t. dl»u at 1 M o clock thU 
mornin* In a aprinttleld lioipltal •• tht 
raault of a llnnrlna UUxaa. Sb* la anr* 
Tirrd bf lour daufht«r*. Mla**a Alle« and 
pMtba, of Iha hem* addraaa: Mra. WIIUmi 
}atca and Mr*. Qaoria Slfalman. both of 
BorlncriKld: four tona. John and IY«d 
Hudson, of the homr addrau. Tom KndWB 
of Ortrolt and Jim Hudton of Kansaa Cllr. 
Kan. 8h* It aUo turrlrrd by oi>o aUtrr. 
Mra. I»th«r NavMII. k rcttdant of tbU 
city. rxmaral t«r«lr«a will probably b» 
held at \t)» Surna mertuarr at 1:10 •'clock 
rrMar afternoon Tnl-rmrnt mill be hf Id | 

*?*l^Ji» f»rkjf*m£jjiE_imme<aAitt»30;S^ 
ine HrrKfs; 

M««. IX>1 ISA MEIT/. ' 

Funeral arrvleea lor Mr, l^" "lVJ^' Vj 
,1 her home. »«S W'«t Monroe iir^t 

Klnnrar. Ubanon. Ind 

_„_.__ _i;OTKB _ . ..J 

AblMT ■»»t*^•T;^^W•»»«*.<»!r!• *!• 
•» hM hoo» t»i«»->J 

I IR .^?^ ol Jbt-Arto J'uoer.l home at 

i -tcKonnrotow. . . ,, 

■'■• -^^"-"^ jomTJirXciut* '^ ■■;'■= 1!" 

Funeral wrrltta lor John A. ^f^-^: 

^ho died Tue«1ar at hl« homa. Ml» W"t 
lloev .tr-el. »IH be held tomorrow after, 
noon at 3 jn oelork. at the Herman M 
Lohmeyer funeral home He <• »"'"'«5 
br hl» wile and a rtepaon. C. O.-Smltl^ 
Interment will b. held In «»« OreenUwn 
eemeterr. Imjnedlately after ih* funer»l 

Page 1: Virgil Rice committed suicide.** 

Page 4: Miss May Peebles and Mr. Fred L. Walker were married.** 
Page 6: Inquiry into death of Allie Geneva Hixon.** 
Page 12: Mrs. Rachel Hudson died.** 
Mrs. Grace Irene Queen died.** 
Mrs. Eliza Burke died.** 
Mrs. Freda Ikerd died.** 
Page 14: The History of Springfield #13** 
Page 16: There is a photo of South avenue taken quite a few years ago. 

Mrs. Nellie Copeland of Walnut Grove was appointed administratrix of the estate 
of her husband Charles E. Copeland. 

Mrs. Madge McKinney sues to divorce Homer McKinney. They were married in 
October 1925 in Ozark. 

Ma.X. BAllirL aiD8UN 

l'unT«l »ci»ivc» lv;r Mij K<iv'';rl lliiii- 
(on. it. (to South Newton avenue. «ho. 

(**^d in a Sprincfi'Id l'n*;>:»A! \V^.jne»(jav * 

moriunc from o' liacarinf* lllnaaa. wlU b« 
boM at 9J» AolBok rridajr aftotneon W 
tha aiarna morluary followed by btirlal 
ill llMalvood cooiH^n'- *t*»- Mmdaon la 
fureivad by fottr dati(lit«rs. Mlaaea AUeo 
and Peroili]' HotfaoB of iht homa addreaa. 
Mr*. WtlUam Yalaa and Mra. Ooerg* atcal* 
Man. both of tfrtaftlaM: tent aoaa. Ariia 
and Frod ftvtfaoa M Un nooit. Tern Had* 
aon of Detroit and Jama* Hudaon of Kan-' 
aa* Ctir, Kan. Bb* la turvlved aUo bjr 
•no ttaur. Mra.,BaUMr MawblU of Sprtaco 
field. ._ 


— wri UfiM n*h* Queen. 14. died at 7 M > 
o clock WediMtdar afternoon in her home. 
3ai« North KaltotI ayaoua. foUowln« a 
brief lllneit. Her huaband. Sam Quaen. 
u an employ* of tho Frtaioo rallwmya 
bagiava department. Bhe alao If aurrlTed 
bv one daufhter. May Marfarei; taro 
«oni. Clifford Oeniel and Albert Curtla: 
jri p«rriiiv_Mr r>i.iSl_>D». .i>. Jt^-liavii 
\ Pi UOiaW Clt). Mo : three auter*. Mrs. 
Arthur Maai. B44 South Orant arenue. 
I PprlDxMeld: Mr» Janper VoikI of Oolden 
; CVIy ni.d Mr.L Hc:mai< ICar<l> Alton. I 
' N n . aii>i (wo 6ioi.'irrs. Ariiiur ana 
freeman DavU. of Uo'den City. Funeral 
•ervlrea will be held at 3'3n o'clock Sat- 
urday afternoon In the Btarne mortuary. 
fntloaed by Interment In Pattaraon cem*- 
lery. aouth of the City. 

' '■■ ■ MRJI. lUXA Bl'RJlC 

runeral !.ervlcei for Mr» Fllxa Burke 
ao year> old. who died Thutiday inornlna 
•I Iha home ol har aoo-ln-Iaw. Hoaa B. 
Kane. In Oaltowar. Uo . wlU b« held PrI- 
tlay afternoon at 1 o'clock at the Uethodl>t 
KnUropal church of Oallowav Burial 
will be in National etmelarv hero under 
Ihe direction of Iha Alma Lohmeyar Un- 
rt^riaking company. Mra. Butka M »ur- 
>lved br o»»e aon. Thomas Burke.- Walnot 
Orove. Nto.. and l»o dau«ht*ri. Mra. B. L 
Wert and Mra. Bom B. Kane, both of 


[the history of SPRINGFIELD (No 13 ) - • 

The First Prohibition Movement I 

(S> Th« Mexican war. In l^B, drew Its share of rolan. 
teert from BpringfleW and Greene county. Th« ftrrt 
company .ent from Sprlnicfteld loitered around Trr 
Learenworlh and finally dl«bandf.l. lJ«t^r. Iiowerer. a 
company of 10» men and officers, under CapUln 8ana«J 
Boak. a local lawyer, marched away and were aent Into 
Mexico. Hfvmy-tlre returned. »^om© tiad gone to other 
•tato« V ii> u <lisi buiu>'<l rro«» t'le army. 

& AkhIu orocUoii >c«r roll«>d 
ii.'uand ^ut the election of 184S. 
MO tar as the uational ticket wau 
concerned, provided little luluresr. 
The deuiocrats weru conceded 
BprlnKfleld and Missouri by thf 
Ublgs su Itie lutureMt locally lay 
lo-the retnro of Hon. John ti. 
Phelps to congress. Taylor nnd 
Fillmore were Tlctorlou« In lb«» 
uational election and Phelps w&h 
: eaaily reelected t'> congress from 
tlila district 

l9lf condllloii8 were kooo. iroiKtii Iroiu 
St. LouIb tu Hprlngfleld reached the cou- 
Hlgnee after a month's travel and aa a re- 
biiU any talk of •'rallrnad" created much 
rtxoilenieul 111 tht'se rcglous. In March. 
184!*. thi> ■•Pnclfd" rond \< a? thnrttrtd 
A nil euurniuus grants from tlie guvern 
luent. tioou afterward 'the "Southweet-- 
i>rn'* branch was chartered. Both were to 
lead out of St. LouIf. The "South weetem' 
iM'UDch v%as the l»egiiinlug of the present 
I'rlsco synifnt However. Springfield wbr. 
Ill wait J!l yiHrs in -pi? Its-first lucomollTe 

Q In February. 184«. the Sons of Temperance was or- 
Kuulzed nnd soon most of the "drya" of the towr be- 
liuiRod. In .\pr1l Its rnrollmeiit wiif Tfi <>ti April 7 a 
i.iiaJf was si;ised by lUe mcmbcrB and al ita termi- 
nation, temperance speeches were made by Rev. B. Mc 
t ord Roberta and llev. Thomas Johnson 

It might hv added that there was a large (teld to \yy 
worked by the organUntlon. for Springfield was « hca- 
11) ' jrliiklng lo*ji 





Facing Trial as Death 
Car -Or4vefr-Sprk»af »€W-IA«- 
chanic Found Oeadflf Pois- 

Haunted by the gA^st of • mMi 
ti<- niu chanced with lia^liig kUled 
with hiji aulonioblle. VlrRil Rlr<^. 30. , 
drovr Ills rar t^ii nillfs from town 
on a countiT road, locked htnueU 
In. WTote a ■•farcweU" letter to 

Fn^a Mollrnskey, a Blrl friend*. 
l«-o ot hL<i wife and another to hla 
parcnLj. drnlnrd a bottle of'polaon, 
and toppled otrr the steemlg 

wheel, dead. 

MLvs Mollriu^krv hnd Ix-rii his 
companion on the tragic night of 
last NovcmtK-r :! when they were 
found toitellirr In hit car. toppled 
Into a ditch, a dead innu on the 
liU:liAH.v hrhtiid lliriii :in(i b1'.>v>d 
ii|>un thrir radiator. 

No Trace of (jirl I'ouud 
The Kin >Hnlatird and officers 
hnvr soiiKlii Ifr high and low In 

:\Hiii Hitr WHS riillcil to trial In 
January but the raxe was continued 

I Ml.v* Mollrnskey could not 

j lie found. Not until officers picked 
)i|t '.'»• lo'irr »!'•• H'- nic'r. body >»•«- 

I Irrdiiy did thrhy know hrr address, | 

Inlirn they uccdod hrr no longer. j 

I Dr. Murrny C 5tone. coroner. ! 

I who r«\lcwrd llic i-\ldpncr. fovlay | 
.'■iiul thai liu iii(|ii(S'i. WuuIU be lu)d. 

! School children, walking along ; 
E.usl UlvLsioii Miccl ruad lute >es- 

I terday afternoon on their way home 
from BchooJ, found Rice In I'^ »*r, 

I dead. Life had passed several hours 
before. C. A. ORlIoway. who resides 
near the s|X)l where Rlc« kept his 
rendezvous with death, passed his 
I .ir alxjut 9 oilocW .xrfcttrday morn- 
ing, he told the coroner. Rice had 
drawn his car to the side of the 
road and apparently was reading or 
wTltlng. Two hours later Galloway 
passed tlie car again and Rice 
seemed to have fallen asleep. Offi- 
cers believe he was dead at the 

Victim NcTer IdenlUtcd 

It was about S o'clock In the aft- 
ernoon that Roy Dean, 14-year-old 
son of Oeorgc Dean, and his little 
brotlier, saw ihe man and tried to 
awaken him. Deputy Sheriffs WIU 

I Webb Olid R. E. Hodge and Doctor 
I Stone were summoned after the 
Iboj-s liad given the alarm. 

|Uv« WM d*sd. OO the Mat b«>ld« 
him lay a two«ounc« botUa. amply. 
It h»d coouinad a deadly p«l»oo. 
Tlic letters «l»o l«y n**"" •>"" **" *"• 


MIM rreda Mollenrtey h»d b«»n 
with him III liio <:»' oP"" '"• "'«''* 
of Isai Hovambar 3 wlisn a msn. not 
idantltlml Ut this d«t«. wat kllKd on 
Nc^rth BoUl«v«rrt ctilif. Jtli* .•"J th« 
girl wai* found about »i»il an hour 
latar altUng la thtlr ear which h»d 
plungad into ^ ditch not far frdm 
tb« spot whara th* ihan w«» struck. 
Both w«r« daaad. 

TrlaiMllr Itraweir 
nir<- inld a r»ll>*r incoherrnt MOty 
of b«lnR Mruek by another cir which 
boro down upon him on tha wrong 
>id* of tha road. Physical tvidanos 
mad* hU story aaem ImprobaM*. 
Than hmnsn blood was found upon 
the front of hla car. 

A coronar* Jury charged him with 
th« man's daaUi and on April 3 ba 
waa to bay* goo* to trial. Tha caaa 
kgalntt him will now formally b« 
dismissad. Oouaty Aitomay Oaorgs H. 
SkidmoM said today. Mo charga bad 
baan mada against tha girl. Frada 

8ha, howfrar, had disappaared soon 
altar tha tragio acoidant. Ofdears 
bad sought for bar la rain and not 
until they found tha lattar addrsaaad 
'to bar in Bt. Louis did tttsy know 
where she is living. Tha letter. Cofo- 
D«r Stone declarad. mada no refaraaca 
tha charge against the man. It 
wa*. he said. "Just a friendly leUer 
of fareweil.- He. ^owe»er. refused to 
divulge Us content*. 

Letters From ••emewhefe' 
Three other letters were found In 
the car. One »•» addreieed to RIce't 
u|r» rl th<> Iiome of lilf p«ren'» •nfl 
• nolher to htr ai the home of her 
mother. 835 Korth Kansas aveniie. 
The third letter »•»• sddreeaed to Mr. 
and Mra. Lemon lUce. IIM North 

The peculUr manner In which tha 
letters were heeded w«s pointed out 

•s an indteatloa ot Kloa'a 
in laosnt w#«k*. Although ba tt k*. 
lleved rot to hs»s wriitan tlie Hnan 
tiaU) Wadneutsy mornint just ba> 
tor* bU ' daith. be beadsd tbam 
'••4«»«w«iera, Tu«adsy." 

Rtoc was bead ot the used car de- 
partment of the Oliver MoIot Cer 
company, wbcra h« bad beea amptoy. 
ed for •e^•en )-eare. Offlctals o< tha 
OOmpany said today that he had been 
dt*pond«nt recently, spparenlly o\«r 
the trial. He had not worked slnic 
Uturdsy of Iset week. 

runersl eervlceft will probably be 
held at Kllagner'a fuaeral cbapci 
Baiurdsy, followed by burial id 
Shielda ceinetery. near Msrshllcld, 
Rice's former home. 


FtM Teste ReM Traces Of 

Lead Polwning; Order 
_PBft«jQtOth«LOroan8 Be. 
fere Conduoting Final In- 

fMa» ttMM oc iMd pett witm ««• 
foiMd la tiM atoaMb ol AlU* 0«M«« 
Huon. l.ymf^ld girt wt»« t»f 
UUMT. Jo»ipli JMWt. i«nn« U»Uif 
BMr OilnMTlU*. MOW I* imUI in ]»>l 

cbMtM »rtUx h« afturdtr. ^^. 

hte-^ — vvfiort oi 

^Bloi DBBT COlHt* MM* ««»• 

(otarittad to OorooOT o. A. 
«r OMik eeoBty. Um Utur 
m4e known tod»7. 

rrokoOtMr Ottuw 

P,^ to aibaa* tb» sM% body to 
oMnia *ttnl ot«wM tor ftirtiwr m- 
■Jioto »r 0«. w«^ '*• ««<*•' •"* 

^STm* of tha petoeo rron tlM 
rt nr"'' bus IM tott nir* •trc>n4«r 
traew would b« found In otbw orf »n» 
wmli — llw Mill -nimrrr^M brmln. 
An tnqUMt wUI not b« btUi iinOi 
Dr. K«al la abto to aubmlt • mora 
««ailad ■nd_9«ana-npart^thA cot- 
^aUrHUl- In tlj« inaMittnM J»rrett 
iMld IK Jitt •» OalMHTtU* 

•Mch today fpiwi U bit 

«and tba IHtU «li: la cnniMii«»«m 
«tib aeaa otbar jwaa daadly potaaa 
vpea vbleb It would baTa tba aftae* 
•TaHMraM^ ttMaa-aad aMfeinf a 
■nt«a p yao Ma* mdN diflicuiv 

ratal To CbUdrva 
Bowarar. aooetdln« to Oofonar 
Oonttar Murray o. ttona of 

Of««M eountr and Bprtnfflald phrit- 
■ rt^y. , tba petwm prebaMx would ba 
fktal to a ebUa » a doaa ot ^bout | 
ooa ounft. It ••• aaKl »»>" ^'^^ 1 
bad i*«nxT*d »M«T t»klr.K an oimea 
but <-.-.:.''.rfn r-'!>»f> '^^•■-' - '' '""" 
ini:*t« »o much. I 

I* would t«ka a taw d«y» tox n 
to bt f»t«:.- Dr eipn« f»:rt • Fro- . 
bably daath would not r»»ult unUl 

polaon baa not ot\*n bwn naad.for 
paraona." | 

RrfuMd AM - 
Jonatt wid bU wlft, motb«r o< tba j 
drad Kin. lira* eama URdar au^tdon 
, |oiio»i:.j; rapart of tha ehUdIi daalh ] 
' _ ■/■_ .»,. ~-rr — r cf Tf^rdnr; 

>S. vb*a naitbMfa aald thay bad 
vvad atnployBiant o* a pbyaWar and 
ST-d baai folttaad. Aftar tba« tbaj 
MM tkay oO«ad «• alt by tba »ad«da 

MA »-»Pk b«» *«ta *?^«? if ^ 

' tn waa ampnyao 

TJao Airatta lira on • ftim about 
low pi lU* aertbwaat of OatnaartUa. 

I mrjl irki»a iKinn 

,33, 1V4 K^-l »"••"•• »"*''•-'-." iSt ill. 
«i loVfUvrk rrlday mornin; at ♦"•••*: 

nimnr Mrfrt .n.l NiHiomkI »;""''\V''.„7 J ' 
nt\ N <t nrl'lo» «lll ofJiclnt* ind J , 
'w« -.11 hare . h.r.r of burl.l 

-. nrrrnlnir-. rrmrtrrr Mt^ TVrrrt 15] 

«nd b» hrr o«r»nlv Mr and Mri. Charlea 
Thom«» rnA ' hrotl-rr 1 


MUs May Peeplea 
Weds Fred Walker 

Qdllr tiirprlBllic to (rln)rts of »tlN« 
MiY rr<l'l»» iiKl Mr. KrcU L. W»lkrr 
«•« the •iiiiuuucciuiiit of tliclr mir- 
tuie )«u<rtl>y. 

Th«> ctifiin'iiy •*»» prt formed ca 
January J9 at Carlhape. Mo. 

^lt^ WolV.) I Ik I In cliui)jliirr of Mr. 
Oforgt y rrfl'Uf'. "lil SonlU Mala 
av»nur. Mr. \Valk«r la tlie »on Of Mr. 
Ab* Walkrr, SAS OoxiUi CanipbcU 

Page 1: Arbaleta Taylor sues for an annulment from W. H. Taylor. They were married 
April 11, 1928. She sues by Mila Harris as best friend and claims Taylor already had a living 


Page 6: The Society editor reminisces about "old times." 

Miss Anna Peterson and James Johnson were married.** 
Page 10: There is a photo of the Square in 1882. 

Page 20: A daughter Rose Mary White was bom March 12 to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R. 
White, 1805 East Brower street. 

Virgil L. Rice died.** 

Gilbert M. Harris died.** 

Mrs. Grace Irene Queen died.** 

Mrs. Mary A. Dawson died.** 
Page 22: The History of Springfield #14** 



First High School Opened 

(i) Ovpurluatljr lur lilgbor IviirulDk uum utlercJ 
.>tt« 7«nUi ot SpriBtflaM la April. 1860. irbeo 
ilkMl*^4Unenr1 UUb aeiiool wm op«o«d. 
L^j,|h«<,akndrw ol kith (chool •■• took 
•'i< Ulit epportunltr- Ai -■ raialt. tbt 
, ftrat klgli aeliovi had ■ good atteodtjica euBi- 
ll^l^qpi^^tk* vepalaUoo of tbe tovo. 



Tlia Bona of Tamparanc* bad aiartad • 

^ nioT«iment th»t kept the t-onDty eoort 
& chaoflog Terdlcu (pr asfaral yeara. In 
Oetobar. ItSl, Uia eeart ordtrad that bo 
Itcaosa ba craatcd for aalooiia for tka tol- 
towlag yaar. Tha aatl-problbltlnoliU prv 
taatad aed tha coan anonlled tba nrdec. 
Tha problhlllODlsta lh«» made aa appaai 
and again the cnnrt forbade Baloon*. r\- 
nally after aaveral derliloaa aad rcTersala 
iba coon pannltted llranaea (or aaloons. 
Coal of a llcenie was ITS. 99. 

Q^ In.lba aammar or 1S(2 word 

'-araa raealVM of -tha death of 

the founder of Sprlnxfleld. 

Jobo 1'. Campbell. He died ai 

t,!OU Sprlagi. Charekae Natloa. 

^..'.aow Oklahoma. Uay SS. Ittl: 

SI jtwn after h* ftrat camped 

'oa Iba aofi whera Rprlogtield 

aow .otanda." 

($ Tba Pacific rallroad'a aooiawealvro branch aaa moTlog 
lowarda 8prlng(leld but ruiaore ratua nf lu rinaa<l«l em- 
barraMoicnt. In ItSl Ibe people bad Toled tloo.oou t'l 
be uied to buj boodt id the railroad lor the couot; and In 
'ltB4 another 1100.000 «aa offered to tba companj to be 
paid la loalallmanU with the requeat that a autloo be 
biillt within bait a mile of the court house. So aniloaa vae 
Iba eonat; aot to otraad the offlclaU of tba rallaar that 
tber withdraw tha raqnaat for the autlon. fearing the hai- 
ard of loalag lba'road'%ltogatber. 



hetf Wadaaaday attarnoou. he uf 
»5»''»*a*i MoUanakay.. *^Qm 

•owUf fUV tba 

paatAf In court 




hoatlUatton pi ap- 
and taUlBR of tha 

•atatbar after 'KMaV«ur Ihad rtw 
Oo»n and killed * man on llic out- 

TW«MBa alaar- taday when 
Bkldmorr. cniintr atloniejr. 
aBDounocd he would dlwnlu iiia 
aianalauvkur charge pending aguintl 
RJce enil «l»o h charRr whirh had 
baeo (U*d agalnat Uie girl but wliicli 
ba«. aa« baiate baao made public. 
Mr. ikIdaMN aald fbt charge waa 
hni kl aatiagt bar only Id an at* 
Umpt l« laanfa her praaenca aa a 
■ilMaa at Rlea'a uial. 

Miaa MoUaoaker. daughUr of a 
•MMty Hmttt, diaappaarad aoAa aftar 

•llht et lloifaBihar S.<wben aha 

'^' IIMM><a«a|9»d by offioara 

^tira fwmd hy Jewel wtp. 

ity cefooar. in Ric*^ car 



la tiw ditci> on Non^ 

•ntkua, a dedd maa behind 
hlaa on the hlahway aad 
^blood on tlir IciiUrr ot ihc rnr 

It waa not uiilll nice voiiiinlticd 
tulclde WedtMiiday after iwrklnK liu 
rar 10 mllM ea»t of here on DIviMnii 
*Uaet, mad. laavlng notca to uiu 
Uollanakey. hia wife and hln parent*. 
Ilml Iho KirlV iii-n hcMmk^ Ihm.nih' 
kuowo. The .nou wai adUrokMHl lu 
har in at, Loula. 

Mr. Bkldiiiorr drrlmeil the onlv 
purpose ol Ihc I'tmriie niiiiiiini tin- km I 
waa to obtain her piewnre ut Rlcea i 
irlal. iind tlml it Ihr.-rlore «ili he 
dlMnl>M>d. _ ' 


vtaoa u ttwm 

i>ih«r •lul im'Umr. Mr. "iiu •-■ 
I'v.' .llVl 113« NojII. IJro«d««r. 

'r, .!':.'' .V,^':'': ;.'dt,v ..uunc. Mr.. 

Mr. HnrrlK m »« nnployt<< b y_Jg;_VA*5g 

-ut — M oi prntrr ■ 


riiiii.r«l srrvlcJ-i for Mrv Or»re Trrn* 
OuMi. 34 who «li«J wed.if.d.y afUrnoon 
T":i non..!"'«a. North Krllett .T.n« 

.f>rr n brl-f I Inf". « l" b^ n"" ^2. 
,.,1..i s,.u..fl>,v ndfrn'v^.. '"^ '»"• ^'^j'^ 


Funcml oervlreii will b^ held In Ash 
Orovr rlirl.^iUu church 8*turdii7 aflrr- 
n.Miii M 2 M) for Mr^ Mirr D*W(on. 7S. 
Mlir (lirrt Thur.'iiliiv nljhl Ht the hon>» of j 
lirr daugliirr. Mr*. J. I. Rountrrr In A!>h I 
Clrovp. liilrrmftit will br In the Aih I 
CJrnvf rfnirtrry In chtnre of Ih* Oalbratth 
uiulerUkiuR rompany. Mrii Daw>nn was a 
[ilonrer rr.«l(triU o{ Clreriie county. i 


Leroy Edward Wallace. 20, 113 Eaat Mc- 
0«al»l atreet. will ba burled In lUula'oiid 
MiMt«ry Sunday afMmoon aftvr funeral 
«er»lce« ut Pllta Chapel In char«e of the 
Herbert V Boilth under. nklng company. 
Wallace, who wat a senior at Lincoln 
high «chool. had been ill for aeveral 
monlhsbefore hlj death Wednesda y at h U 
homr" He Is »urvIvea~By~IiI*.n>other7 Ada 
Bedell. • brother. Wlllard. and a sister. 
MIy. \« 


Anna Peterson | 

Weds Mr. Johnson \ 

AiiuouDcciueut ha* been made cl 
(he mtm>(e of James Joliiuon to 
Utm Anna Tftfrson of 81, Ornr\lr\r. 

The ceremouf was perfonned ye*' 

tnm h«r* w«ra Mr. and Urs' Butena 
Johiuou and Ut. Wllllain H John- 

Ur. Joboaoa U the aoii ol Mr. and 
Kra. WlUlaa R. Johnson and Is a 
(raduat* of Btolor High achool. Me 
la saMK-laled wttli Mr. W'lIllHm W 
JoHnsen. coalractor. 

Mr. and Mr*. Johnson will arrive 
Ihta erenlng to make thrlr home 


The Leader for Saturday, March 16, 1929, is missing. 


Page 2A: Rev. William E. Shaw died.** 

Page 3C: Mrs. Jane Cowan, 97, of Peirce City, died Wednesday. She came to 
Missouri when she was five years old. She leave three sons, one daugher, and 

Mr. Charley Zimmons living near Jefferson City died. He was the father of 

Mrs. D. W. Williams of Peirce City. 

Mrs. Mace Jacques went to Tonganosie, Kansas, for the funeral of her sister 
and brotherinlaw Mr. and Mrs. John McCaffey who died from influenza. 

William Hazen, a Frisco brakeman, died in St. Louis. 

Mrs. Sarah Smith died March 9 in Springfield. She was buried in the 
Chesapeake cemetery. She was the mother of Mrs. Pierce of Miller. 

Mr. Walter Hazen died in the Frisco hospital in St. Louis and was buried at 
Newburg in the Roach cemetery. 

The small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dipple of Newburg died Thursday 

Mr. Adam Nuss of Vessie, Mo., died March 10 and was buried in the Com 
Creek cemetery. He was the father of Mrs. E. S. Grayson of Newburg. 

Page 2D: Miss Erdice Mary Chamberlain and Mr. Harold R. Sedgwick were 


Page 3D: Mrs. Lettie Wilkerson and Mr. George H. Hill were married.** 


PageSC: Charles H. Caton died.** 
Ella Lou Frazier died.** 
Gilbert M. Harris died.** 
William Young died.** 
John T. Howard died.** 
A. W. Davis died.** 

Page6C: Card of thanks.** 


Reverend VI. E. Shaw to Be 

Buried Near Old Home at 


«1M hoaj of mm. WUltam K BIww. 
OMfl «w vttasn sad tonMr ebap- 
talB «t UM MliMun aUta itfUlatur*. 
vU b* takui to tali old horn* mt 
OrMnflfld Monday for tuoerkl aenr- 
leta aim burtaL 

A abort Bomoatal aarrtea wUI ba 
ImM la KUncnat^ tunanl diapal Id 
■tglinnahl at t •'clock ttooday 
I niornmg bciur* Clip botl'y is tuki-n tw i 
■Ortfntlfld. The Il«T t. I Klifrl nr i 
I the riret Cumberlantt Fmibytcrlan I 
Icburcti irUl olflcat* In ttia acrvice I 

^ 'baM m\ 


Qraranetd. a chuicb «Mcb Mr. Bb>« 
ortanlaad more than M> ;»r« *«o. 
of wbJah ba vaa tbe pajtor until 
a abort wblla barora bu lut lilnau. 
TlM Ilav. R. O. Jobnaon of Kanaan 
I'CIIJ «lll otilclmu. 

Tba Ii«T. Mr. onaw died at bla | 
bona. .S31 West Chua acmt. rarlv 
iktufday Bomliif altar aa lllnaaa of 
aaaaial montha Ha bad lUad In 
aptloftlald about (Ight yeara. Ma 
a mlDlatar of iha Ciimbrrlautr 
Praabytarlao churrb (or mora than ■ 
half crnturj, aprnaitiK mmi o( liia 
UOM la and naar Orcaulltld. 
■ tVaa Kar Vrlrmn 

Mra. Bhaw, who ■llrvlvan. km aUti 
a praactaar. Baaldea tba aldow, thrrr 
ara four aona and thrre daughtrra. 
aa followa: J. B. Shaw, arrrnrirlU: 
R. E Bhaw, Kanaka City; K. X. Bliaw. 
Tymar, la^ H. E. 8ba«: Nampa, 
Idabo: Ura. J. O. Darenport, Rlrer- 
alda. Calif.: Mra. Lata Wnlck. Rad- 
laada. Calif., and Mlaa Anna Sbaw, 
•lao d Bodlaada. 

Tba Sar. Mr. Shaw vaa a mamber 
of tba autb regiment caralry. Mia- 
aoun voluuteera, during the Civil 
•ar. B» waa ona of fwa of tba 8} 
Urtai laamb af ol tba reglmant who 
(atbatad la a reunion of the organ- 
laatloo laat Saptamber 13 In Bprlng- 
fleld. At tbat time, it wan Totrd not 
to bare any more reiinloni. bKauar 
tba mambara ware "becoinlng loo 

-Cocarada" 8ba« la tba flrat of hU 
■roup wbo baa died ainca the rr- 

Mra Jan« t'ownn. Hrfn-Itoiiatrly 
knovn as Aiinl jKi:r. rtii^ Wr<tiir>day 
niRht at Iha aKr i.f 1»7 j.ara. blir 
came to Mlaaoilrl at th» 'ase of live I 
veari". « hrrr alic hn» rr^'drrt alnrf. | 
hlie lpu\r^ tlirrf l>i'iis aikI oii^ (IniikIi- , 
t»r. grantlchlldrrii and ollirr rrla- 
t:\r^ I 

Mr. Adam Wiiaa «( T« 
BuBday. Marcb 10. aad 
{at tba Oora Ontk 
Itba tattaar of Mra. K. B. 


A email daucbter of Mr. aad Mni 
Joa Olppla diad Tbnraday tt tea* 
«««k. runarml awiliaa ««r« eoaia 

duct«<i at tba boma by Patbar Stocky 
Ir.j ct R?!!j Safjrisy t;ter=oc= aad 
tba body vaa burtad la tba Waab um 

Walter Haaaa. a PMaco paaaentar 
brakeaiao died at maeo boapital In 
H. LaulB Tuaaday. lataraant waa 
at ItowbOTf oa VMdar. Ba waa waU 
kaeva aad had many tnanda la 
Mooatt, Wbo an aorry to bear of hia 

I Mr. Charlay Zlnimnna llvlnn near 
'.''•frrr«r.n cllv. rtlrd anil »aa hnrTpil ' 
;iil Ilinl |Mii<<' M.iril, " M: .•'.■..i!, 
«aa thr lathrr of Mra D W ^VllI1lUl:.^ 
'of Ihla clly 

Mra. J. R. Portarflald retnraed 
Wedneaday from Cottar. Ark., wbaaa 
aba attaadad tbe firaaral of bar lltUo 
Iiaadaoa. Oena Fortartlald. jc' 


I'wo louplft. »(rr iiiflriKd ^fitei- 
d»y In Judgr X D. RobertA' court at 
a09'-j Ea.»l C"oniniercl»I strp*t. TTi«?y 
were Hurry Smith. Pprlngflcld. and 
Kola Jackson. Springfield, and Jo« 
Ui>Krry. of Se>inotir, and Opal M. Col- 
lln.o. of 8prlngri*ld. 

MiMM ChmmtbtrUin 
Weds Mr. Sedgwick 

of Mlaa Brdica Mary 

i total d a y anar- 
•» a •'■leek at tbe Imom of tba 
Mr. Mtd Mr*. Itol^ea 
L CbaabcrlalB, 1140 Nortb Otey 


Tbe veeat wae baaatlfany dreorat- 
•d with eprlac nowen. Tba ooupia 
~N« tba altar to Um etiataa 

veddlfif Btotvb ntitu Meb~ 
dalaaehn, wbara the aingle ring care- 
■aony waa raad by tba Rararend O 
laryast Drake. Mra. Joiin K. Oappe 
Of Oblcaga IU.N.^aDt.*I Lor* Tou 

Truly" (Bood). '^ \ 

Tba brtd* were bal<a teorsatM 
tilBraed IB acra laee aad ^rrlad a 
■bowar bouquat of pink taa roaaa aad 
laaandar a»-«t praa, 
__JMlo«liid tbe waddtbt r«tr*aba)«nu 
aarred to abodt M ralatlato aad 



Leaves Poems of Admiration 
For Aged Friend; Liked 
Books, Biography, Travel; 
Was Homeles Man 

MeDda whom h* tud comforted 
-m tneir Tkouri of^l>«ln and •orrow. 
but wben It came bU time to die. 
none or tbem wa« with him. He died 
ftlone among etrangera. 

In the notee and papera which w«re 
found U) the r©clu«e'a room at aoa>^ 
Eaat Cantral street aTter hU audden 
death Friday waa a poem which he 
had written and dedicated to one <ft 
hU trmda, T. K. OUmora. B* had 
known Mr. Ollmore In Maoomb. lU.. 
when he llTCd there for a abort time 
five yeara ago; 

with • faith that U •tronc. b« co«i ru 
With a ooafldme* eUadfart and tru«: 
Ue (•»<!• bU good iMok. iurna upwatd hi* 

rinda > m«nd who wlU lead blm cUan 
Uuougb. « 

Be Ufa alnc blat a 

•one a* •• pa»a aJoBj, 
•atala att«Ad. 



Aad wTiMav «taa •< Ipmmum* 

M ba^Ua^rtKrettaar •bore va tball 
toim more and ouir*. ^ ... 
The" w»TSa» 'ito w»ii wllb blai by 
•vary lokan. 

U*r 1 brinf jou thli Ytr»«. thai might 
be much worw. 
Th«t ilnfs o» a boe trowing old 
WuS a \^l\» in bU Facer H« h»« run • 

Hov'he do«« it can hardly b« told 
BOW no Qo~ _^^^ Charles H. Calon 

Mr. Caton w»» a gradviaU of Tale 
university abd held the degree of 
Doctor of Divinity, hia papera showed 
He waa a acholar)y man. 'and spent 
much time Uv the 8prU»gfleld public 
library during his nine mouths here. 


♦ — * 

Both th* original manuaortpt and 
a newspaper clipping of the -poem 
were found in hU notea. The poem 
waa written when Mr. OUmoce waa 
93 year*' of age. A letter from an- 
other friend of Mr. Oaton, written 
December 16. 1028, aald "Mr. OUmore 
la atm active and waUa like a school 

ras ALMOND ncE uuix rtovmnB 

To T. K. Ollmera 

X think It a pleature to cbarUb tb« treas- 
or a 111* lived with rrac« to old age: 
With quick Bt»p la walk, and good aenM 
In hU talk. 
We may wtU write him down a« our 

1 ihall ..iig ot a bor. who to know U a 

Of a l>ojr grown old In good grace. 

Ult quick, ^aiier ilrp ihowt he'a chock- 
f I ' f 
And good oatuie ahowe Ita algn In Us 

Aa h« goe» down the ilreet. bU lUp U a« 

rleel . 

As ll)t boy'a In hU teena. joung and 

Though he * now W he U nimble and 

He'a a» Jocund a» childhood and lunnj 

How he carries hl» jeare— bow be Uve» 

without lrar». 

Uacy people have queeUoned and won- 

, wbenli" wmea wllb hU nnlU. hU trtwida 

I wuh'he d'uTi"flght along to a ^•lndrtd 

Hla taste In books Included primar- 
ily bloftraphy and travel, aUhough he 
did read some Ilctlon. according to 
attendant* at the library. One of the 
booka he had read was Senator B«v- 
erld«ea "Lincoln.- He had com- 
inrnted upon Hip merit of tlir uo,k 
one day while walllug al llic dcBk 
lor another book. 

The man had the bent figure ol 
one who has spent countleas hourt. 
with his books, but his eyes were 
piercing and clear. Indicating a dle- 
cprnUiB mind. He made copious 
notes of what he read and preeerved 
them for reference when prrparlnR : 
Ilia lecture*. With his letters and | 
papera were the outlines ol some ol j 
bla addreaace. j 



True to bla calling of a mlnlstar- 
lecturer. Dr. Caton waa also a cru- 
aader. He had been In Leadvllie, 
Colo., when that city was In the midst 
of a vice crusade SO yeara ago. Ac- 
cordlr^ to th« account. .hU ardent 
lectures advocating clean govertmient 
were largely rcaponslble for the de- 
feat of the gangsters. 

The man waa country bom. he had 
aald. In hU declining years, he hoped 
to btiy a umall farm In the OfJ^rk 

i."U ,f ^t .••> r<"r( li''' nri' 

llic pfHceliil quiet lie hurt known »».■< 
I a boy. He had no place he could call , 
' honif i«fler hl.s years of triivcl biuI. 


A . ^ ♦ 


+ ♦ 


loo old to return to tlie 


preM of the city. Thero w»re m«ny 
letters of polite refu»al of appolnt- 
mcMlf. he had sought for lecture en- 
g&g'^raenla aud p*«tor«l charges. 
"Perhapa next fall.~ they aald, or 
"Come b»<fclt next year when we may 

be nljii IlJ in i|J .S>.<U 

Aim t)u u luuu hIio iiau done hlfc 
I part for society In the day of his 
strength and who had sympathized 
j with many In trouble had no one to 
luhoin he could turn In Ills own last 
Idsvs. He was a homeless man. 



Ell» Lou Krailer. l-)f«r-old (l«ii(|litfr of 
Mr »n<l Mri. W«ltfr KraiijT. MI South I 
W«rd »vrnue. mill be bur-M ripar nilltn«» ' 
till, •detndoii Kflcr fuufral gervicri at 
J o'clock at the Collrje Street Baptut ! 
church. J. w. Kllnirner l* In chti.'^e of ' 
arrangement* Bealdea the parer.u a sit- 
ter alto lurvltei. 



I t cxre • ««■*• . 

oSSpSf'VlSSi Oo«n«IU KBl«h» WptaT^ 

Church for their iTmpathy and floral 
offerlnfi at lh« death of our li"»b»nd 
•nd father AUo thanJi the Poal Olflca 
and Terminal employe*, and the American 
Legion of Kanaaa City. 
Mrf. B. h. MarUn, Mr. and Mrs^O. B. 
Martin and Mr. and Mrt. C. K. Wllker- 


Mri.Zeitl9WUh9tioit ' 
Married im Kansas 

Annaaaemmuat hm Men Biatfa tt 

the in«m.g« of Mre. I*tu» WII»»r- 
wo. *04 eouUi Main aywiu*, to Mr. 
Otorf H Hill o( HulcblnaoD, Kan. 

Th» rtrtmoiiy »mj> parfomiad Mon- 
day Hi lh» IiiMiia of Mra. Illlla (laugh- 
(rr. Ml^ IlKinfr ••' "' Biitfalo. Mo 
Tlia Bcvrrrnil J. K. JolHiaon of llilt- 
falo raad Uia vowa. 

Mr. and Mra. Hill «lll ba at honia 
to Ihfir trlanrta at 710 Kaal B»arh 
atraal, llutchlnaon. Kan.' 


Funeral lervices lor Ollber! M Harrl.'i : 
«». »1II be held at 3 oclock Ihlt afternoori ' 
• t hill home. lOnl E*jt Chestnut itreet ' 
follomed bv Interment In Eaat Lawu ceme- 
I'ry In charge of the Aima Lolimever 
funerni home. Be«!dei the ulfe and Jour 
children, the father and mother. Mr. and 
Mra Oeorge Harrli, of Soutb Dakota aUo 
■urvlve. • 

rnneral Mrrieea for WUUam Toatm tt. 
Droorl.U)r of tb« Grand hot.1. will be 
hew at tha Reman « LohmeT^r fon^Ti 
home at J:30 o'cloctc thia afternoon. TTae 
bodr will then b« l*k»n to 8t Lout* 1* 
burial In • oemetao Oran. Mr. Taoak 
dia d rrlday attar aa mnaae at oavml 


fl; Mo.. TbnrKlar. win *• kartad la tJta 

afieroooa axver ruoarai aamoM Umt* "at 
1:» o^ctoek. Ra u aarrtrad by a^Mw 
Mr. n 9- Parker. TM 8<mth CUy arTwJ" 
Bprln.ri«ld: and four brwUier. /L M Row 

Cal : O W Howard. Cohimbla. and Robert 
r. Howard. Wharton. Texaa. '"'o'rt 

^ A. tr. DATTR 

rnneral aerTieci Jor A. W. Oarto. Oraeaa i 
eovnty pioneer, will be held at bis hoine 
on* mile eouth of Aah Orove at a o'clock 
this afternoon foUewod by bortal In Aali 
OMva eemeterr In chart* «f tba Oalbraltb 
UndertaklnceompanT. He U survived by 
Uirao eoDi >Barl. WUIlam. and R«a and to 
two dauirhteri. Mrs. Blanche Oloeer and 
Mr.. Maltl. Da»l.. Mr. Davl. wa. a 
party" '" * •^fk*' ««» the democratic 

Page 1: Sam Stewart was killed.** 
Page 8: Rev. William E. Shaw died.** 

Mrs. Alice Tucker died.** 

Kenneth Max Killian died.** 

Nathaniel G. Thompson died.** 

Miss Milinda Bamett died.** 
Page 10: The History of Springfield #16** 
Page 12: There is aphoto of the funeral of Fremont's bodyguard in 1861. 


Funeral »ervlce« lor Mrs Alica Tucker. 
70, who died Sunday mornlnc at her home. 
IttS rierce arrnut. afur a ktnt Ulneis. 
Mill br h^ld at 10 o clock Tuesday morn- 
iiil at the reaidrnce. tolloved by burial at 
Rparta. J W. Kllnkner U In charaa of 
arr atik-rni- iil!i 



NaUianlal O. ThompMH. 93, of Uta««. 
Mo who died aunday afternoon tn a 
hospital here, was a former coanty aad 
dliirirt Judke of Miller county. Mr. 
Thi'ini'»oii nerved on» term aa tirealdins 
judae o( the county court of Miller couott 
and one torn aa second dtitrlct hidca tii 
that roiinlT. maklnr debt (ran bf iprvtee 
111 h;i. Kui'cral ^cr\:c'-« aUl be held *t 
Iberia, probably Tuesday. The body «a* 
prepared for turlal by the J. W. Klinenrr 
t;ndertakln( (ompany and sent to Han- 
cock today by tralu. Mr. ThomiMon j> 
survived by sli son* and threa daachtera. 
a« tollowi: Orsnt. Butler and J» H. 
Thompson, all of OUen: Cttarles. 8t 
Louu: Barry. Datlss. Tct.. and Albert 
Philadelphia. Pa.: Mra. Suaaa Sloan. IM7 
Travis avenue: Mra. Jim Wllsan. Meta. and 
Mrs. Lota* Cross. Hancock. 

IItHE history of SPRINGFIELD (No 16)^- 

The Republicans Appear 

oC t*ta ftnt JUBM Bucbsiun. dem- 

^ to th« Whita home, Ore«n« 

^77 llTUH him • majority o» 39 role. TI.1. 

'flnTmr tbmt Uu republlo.n jwrty «n- 

j M«li It letmred no »ot«» whauo»ver in 

lirroilw county. Th. -Mirror." . P'Pf;; P"^" 

ItotMd In Sprtnifleld. »>• mouthplec* of the N.- 

LTln.rlc.n or "Know NathInK" pTty c .Imrd 

(5) nr»t nunbUngi hr*ia In Sprlngtlrld of ite ap- 
^roaehlng CItII war »»r» tirartl In conrrctlon 
with tUe KaiutJi gue»'.loo at -ilaiTry rh« ~Fn* 
•nd til* "alart-boltSfn'* «*r« tmtb iightln( u> 
Kanaaa and tlicr* vere thone In Springfield vbo 
«er« backing the tlave-holdcni ti ln« Umit. Oo 
September 1. 185«, a ••So'uLrern ri»ht» meetlD( 
«ra» held in which tpoechcj "fre made cj prx>- 
"latery men Mimey was raUjd am pledgrd tr 
the B'^is'-'-i Mf ih» <i»v» .-.lA^. ir Kaiu«a 

Tb. flnit tair taiOr-eii. county was held 
II a S Jt*'^^^ tawa WM orer- 

*g) Advertliemenei In ths Sprlngfl«ld papers 
ot 1868 show the prices ot certain eommodl- 
tlet. »otne ot which are not handled openly 
today, the price ot whisky was 40 cents a 
callon a»d 7S cenU kept a mair and hU 
.■C^.OiqkM, <or;t« heart. 


Trapping Couple Together, 

Pursues Fleeing Man UntiL 

Bull et Downs Him V / 


Separated From' Own Wifci 

He Hal Planned to Return x 

to Army Ranks — 

Evfrftt B. Powers. W. of Rleh- 
Und. Mo. WM held In Um PuUuU 
county JaU «t WatimstUJa wttbout 
t«a todAy on d eluii* at bxttaa 
•hot and kUlad'autt Steimrt, », 
*lao of RIcbJaad. 

The shooting occurred In an aJ- 
Iry near the i>owers booie about 
7:30 Saturday niglit a/ter the ac- 
cused man liad found 8t«wart and 
Mrs. Mar/ Powers, hla wUe. togclh- 
« in the Power* barn. 

TeUa Slory ta Sluriff 

lnuo«ll»ttIjr after tbt «H««t1ig. 
Powen tnf onnad Mayor o. J. Tm- 
burfw rf RiehUnd that 1m haA 
killed » -nan and watted at Ma 
home yith Mr* T»oweni until offi- 
cers fotKtd u«wart's body, near the 
»Hey abd^ut "iO fett from the Powers 
barn. v 

««at to (he Pa^na 

"t * ^<* *" " » '» yhen be «u 

by Mm 




/ . , *• *>«amd toiwwflMi' 

/at imat tout or okuw ateCiu ii^ 

IbSy**' ^"^ **** "**** «*»«» 
Aocotdiaff to Richland ofno««, 
(Powers rtred one shot at Stewart 

when he found him In the bam 
with Mrs. Powers. As Stewart r«n 
down ttie aiiey tnm the bam Pow- 
ers continued flrtnc ffesr the point 
where the body was found tber* la 
a small peech tree, under which 
SUwart Is thought to have stooped 
in ordar to keep from striking hla 

According to evidence p rese nt ed 
ftt the Inquest, the fatal shot struck 
Stewart as he sUwptKl under thti 
tree. Tilt .-ilioi iiii.riiii inb baclc nil 
the left side and came out on tlif 
right side of the brea5t bone, having 
pierced the heart. 

Victim World War Vet 

Stewart was an ex-soldler. He hod 
seen service in the World war and 
he hud served one Ivnu o( exUisl- 
ment since. He returned to the 
home of his mother. Mrs. John 
Stewart, near Richland, last fall, 
but he expected to re-enilst in tha 
army. It was said at Richland toOay. 
He was to have left for camp to- 

The dead man was understood to 
iiave been married, but hla wile had 
not lived with him since tUs return 
home last fall. The Powers family 
has had trouble for the past six 
months. It was stated today, but 
they were living together again aC 
the time of the shooting. Mrs. Pow- 
ers accompanied her hu,iband to 
Waynesvllle when he was taken to 
jail Saturday night. They have one 
child. Albert, a boy aboat five years 

Funeral services were held today 
at Richland for Stewart. 

Death of Veteran 
L e ave s 3 Remaining 
Of Civil War Troop 

After brief Mnrloe* at o'clock tbU 
naomlng at Kllncocr'* funeral chapel 
the body of the ReTerend William E. 
Shaw. Cirll war veteran, waa Uken to 
hla old honic at Greenfield for hurl I. 

Tba funeral waa held In the Cum- 
berland PreKbvtrrlmi church nt flrrrn- 

l\tU' Hi 2 UClUkk tills uUl-f IKMIil, III 

charge of J. W. Ward, undertaker. 

Tl)« Reverend Mr. 8lia\T wna a 
member of the nlxlh riivKlry regi- 
ment, Mlaaourl Volunteers, during the 
cull war. lie wa* one of five men 
of the Si living inrmberB oC the rcKl- 
Dieiit who attended the luRt rciinlxn 
of llir oicniil.'iill.iii 111 .^prlni^lli'hl 

Melr:u W. Ou.«lln. aiiutlicr one of 
the five who nttt-ndrd the miiiinn 
l«st lull, died lirrc .'iiiiiiury 10. Mr 
Shaw'a death leave" only thret- oth- 
er*— P I. Wlll». Norwlrk. Kan . T. D 
Keltnrr. Battlefield. Mo., and M. U 
MiKiit-;!. ci.-«iiiri<:i!. 


XmfSTH MAX »^"^'*., ._^ 


UUi Mlllnda B«rnelt, 78, dl«d faily to- 
diT "t the hom« of h»t •isttr. Mr» J. W. 
Uuiao. M» South Jr((er»oD »venut. •Iter 
• ionf lllotM- Stia U aurvlrrd by anoth- 
er tUtcr. Mrs. riorcnc* L. Wbltmvr. of 
Lou Amt^-lfi. C»Ilf . and bT a numbr of 
nrlce* and Dcphcvi. locludinc Clarenc* 
L Arundata of Sprlnftlfld. Miaa Barnctt 
(."•c^tnc n murb^r of the M. E. cbureh 
»iirn a girl, in Uudiey. Pf r.(i»>lvanl4. Fu- 
neral iTvlcei at the at 7 SO 
Tuesday afternoon mill b« pruate. (>*- 
cauie of the Illness of Mm Ducan. The 
Rev. Frank Neff wtU officiate and Har- i 
ry Bruton vlll ilng. Burial will bo In ■ 

Uapla ua.'l. cemeitry In charge of llie A.'-^ 

• • .. '■.' ■ - . - f*'> 

■'''tttr^maft 'OWMrtii, --, , — — — 

ter of Mr. •nd Mra. W. B. OtUldrMa^^.^ 

rfterattn ftvMtai. ••iffy t«d4r. r«OM»l 
•arvtoM tvUI «• boM at 9 octock Wrdoea. 
day »ti*r»odit »t Um Ftnl Baptltt eburolt 
wlih th« Rev. Lawla M. Halo ettleiatUit. 

The Alma Lohmerrr rwneral homa la \n 
charge of arranf ementi Beitd»» tha par- 
ens. i»o Kliteri, Dorothy and Betty Juuo 
and • brother. wlUiani. Jr.. (urvl«a. 


Ftineral ■•rrires for Mr> Martha Ct>le. 
77. who fled »arljf today »l her homi* on 
Roat* tl. near Bprtngftald. *U1 be held 
at 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the Al- 
ma Lohmeyer Funeral home, tallowed bv 
burial in Kaet Lawn eemelery. Harry Bru- 
ton will sing at tha fuueral. Mri Cole • 
death followed a lonir lllneu. She I* 
Fur\l\fd br her daughlerlnlau , Mfi U I- 
Cote ol Bprlogfltld. 


jori.iN ni.MisT i)if:.s 

JOPl.lN. Mo. March as— (AP)— Pr 
Jot-. M A Cotton. 6J. pa«l preildeiil of 
tl.i' M:-.iM^<uil l>'i.iiil uB-suclBlluu, illcU 
itiKtdriily iKiit lilKht. 


Page 14: Benjamin A. Dillard died.** 

Mary Jane Childers died.** 

Houser infant died.** 

Mrs. May Mason died.** 

Charles H. Caton died.** 

Mrs. Annis Stiimp died.** 
Page 16: The History of Springfield #17** 



nfuj-inli. A nillarcl. 4b. Inrmrr of rurrj 
route No 10, 10 miles e«»t of SprlugtirK.'. 
dlrd late Monday afternoon after ho was. j 
slrliken by a heart »tl»rk »htlc plowing. 
in a field on hit Inf. !Ie " •or'l'^'d | 

'<y Ills »ile Mr.n tlliabelli Dillard, and. 

two daughteri. Fanny. 9, •"?«»„H"3Lilt!r 
■ret. • HU motherrVlri. WinttfcW D«U«rd; 
two iUler.. Mr« Dora A. Cote and Mra.l 
S. T. Parten and three brothera. Dan. 
William, and Tom. all of BprlngfleW, alio 
(urvlva him. Funeral aerTlcaa wlU «>«. "*»« 
at a octock Wedneadv •KJ«">*»«»" i3 
Alma liohmeyar funerftl home. nOowt* 
by burui in Ki tUwn o wmtwy. 


Funeral *ervlce« for Mary tfan* ChlK 
dera, !».• daushl«T of Mr. and M". W. 
B. Ohildera, llao 8«aUi Jafltraon aienaa- 
will be held at » o'clock WednMday Mtxv 

n»nn at the Flr»t B«t>tt»t chfareh, oon- 

. 111. ted bv Iff r.r: L. ii- M H«l''. T I' 
.Alrr.H Lci'Aii-.r- rr fKi-.r-l home »l!i f;*» e i 
rlimrne ol liilermri" tVirothy and Brtty ' 
Jane, tljirr^ h:h1 Wilu*--. J: . a bto'-ff, ' 
survive «iU> ihe parrr.'s ' 


Tha Infant daMhtar of L . 

Faal Hooaer dt»d at (h« natasta' honio. I 
4)&V4 South Campbell arenaita. ayl^ . tftlfj 
mermnc. Btaraa'a nw r t o aaty Iia4. CWW^gl 
el bailal ae i e kaa and lulaiweu t ' n 1Km<1 
Lawn cemetery. Mr.. ai>4- Mra. Uaiuer [ 
hara no aibac chUdran.. ' ..^xu.v^^ 

■■■■'■' ■ — — ^ •-:'^^:^ 

MRS. MAY M.\*>nN- 

Mm May Mason. 34. wife of Jamea 
Mason. 807 South tJcIftirare arenue. dl*^ 
at her h/^me at 4?0 o clock thu mornln* 
after a ))nc lll.ieu neitder b«r hus- 
band she Is s'lrvived br a .ion. Rob> rt 
Johnson: br her father and mother. Mr 
and Mis. James Wllaon of Norman. Okta 
and b.T two brothers and fix &l«ters. Fu- 
neral arrangementj. In charge of the Her- 
man Lohmeyei funeral home, are iacaaa- 
plete, awaiting the arrlral of ralatlTca. . — . 


The borlv of the It'v. r>r Charles H ; 
; Caloii. "8. »lio ««» (ourrt dend In hi\ i 

ro«.r, j; .'n:^ Fi--* '"•■i.'-h 'T' t »'i 
. rridav. «i».s sent bv •.-e Alma Lohm- »" I 

funeral home lo Kokt ,. Ind . l««l n;ght 
. lor b'irlsl , Sino- t^e ,.^,-<l i:iaii 1 id t.o ! 
, relsir.r% or ilo»- friends here -.t •«• j 
' nrrp«N»rv tp a»»:t !!i>tri.rti.ii;« frf.:'i ( •' 

lirfl-er II V ti "■. r! K"Lom<i a:..-" d- 
. <\'.i»;i •;'■ 1 irirr i>: ■ • y..; e adii<i.i.>*f a- 

;or. m •» ho^e i,.i;.il. t.-. oejj u.a;i » al- [ 

l.iirj vrri placed , 

Mr.« Ai'ii- iSv.mui. i. ■ >. "•! <i 1' oi' 
Ihli aiorumii at tin? tv^»»— -.»♦ ! . » i <; ■ n; i .: » — r- 
Mrs. J L Mrfsoey. litt South N-wton sve- ; 
nue. after a long lllnea.t She ti »uT«l\e- ' 
by t«o dauRiitrr>. on- M);\. one xui-r ami ' 
one brother The dau(hter< are Mr' J ' 
U Maaacy and Mrs. Oscsi Eick. the l«it-i I 
of U>« Angelea. CaJ. The m>o. John Ft- I 
nest PhSmp lue^ n' '.;•<< v->rt>- ^rr^^..^- 
«>ri;u<- Mrs titi.i. Van*, ilw aist- i . 
lives at Aurora. Neb. and th» bretlMr i 
Kdward Douglas al Charlton. la Mit I 
ShlDip came to Sprtngft-ld from Charlton I 
la. 44 rears aro aiKl had siuee mad" !:<-r . 
home She r.^. , ,.„,^f,^^ „, ,,,„' 
''l.-.r. •■ r( f : :: • V ., . .■ .., , ■ .^^ ' 

'.'■ '■'''••'•■•• • ■ .. \\>,;; 

'•■'■ •:•■• ri.o.M. rt-. . r. .. . 



17 ) 

Slavery and Stage Coaches- 

aikTa marktU flourlihed In SprlnKfleld betora 
tb« ClTll wtr. Cort of (tiairm around J»ST rhow 
that n "likely" negro roan o( 35 brouxht a !<um of 
11000 and a necre woman with a child of i«o 
brought tlSO. . 

jprlagtiald had iU (tnt rtaw ol an orerUnd lUge coach Sept«oibcr IT. ItSt. when 
lh« Butlerfleld eompanr'i flint coach went Ihrouith here on lis way lo California. On 
October }}, 11(1, th* lln^^TmrUad mall from California reached beta on the wat 

I the Irip from Saa Fraaclaco. 

ttober }}. 11(1, tha llra^jTarlaad mall frc 

Fine telegraphic coram'iDlcatlon with tha rest 
of Iha world waa eetabllahod la Sprtagfleld tha 3rd 
of April. 18<b. wbaa a IIm to Jatleraon City wan 
oiM4*d- W. U. Paraoaa waa lha {Irat telegraph 
opwltfy here. 


Morris Garnsey to Study in 
France; Will Wed Miss Col- 
leen Kenney in July 

I'tirough Um department of ero- 
neoilci and aorloioiry at Oark unl- 
rer»tlv. Worresirr. Mum. Morris K. 

IOariiaey of Aurora. Mo., a KraUiiaia 
•muent or Ut« department, haa been 
awarded at the Unlveralty of Pari* 
t»« ABMTtoia~IIa[(riiMTrcc feilowablp 
lor Fraoeh nnlT«r«lUaa. admlnUtercd 
^ the luutuu of InUrnailoital 
■» W»Uca. y lMa iMaiia tvluoA m 
Tna BoitxmM, Farta. and an emohi- 
uieut of glioo additional At (lie 


/aame time aanuey waa offered a re- 
/•aarch fellowahlp. Includlog tuition 
land MOO artdlllonnl. at the Innllltitr 

I fur Hrvarr." lii |.„,.,| |., ,,i„.,.il.!. „t 

Kltiiuiil I . Kl> ..-, d;i(, I.,,. 

Mnjurk III tr<iii<iiiiK« 
OuMiM-v. »liu Is in.,jt.,,„^. I,, ec.>- 
I ••111.-, ,. „ rurtt; :,•,- ,,r Ur.irv tol- I 
.r,.- .-|.!i.,li.M II'- «!ll iiii.-' jrar ' 
r<H<-ivr Ir..iii CIsrK tiiil\erHlty. ul.rrr 
he lioltis a frlluweliip in econoiiilcs. 
the tittm of nii.Nicr o( art)., hnvins 
lor hi* Micilg ihc subject, -HUtory 
Bank of Prance Since ilic 

■>f the 
j War. • 

He IK 

To Wfd ttrury Gir' 

I ni<-iTii>«T o( SIciiia Nil fra- 

''■''"' i «"» preside I. :.e sui- 

ileiil h.«ly Ht Driiry collcRC. Ills niar- 
1 >(!« lo Mlu colltcn Keniicy.a oeiiior 
at Drory college, will uke place be- 
fore be Rails for Prance the flrn of 
July. They win go dlrecUy to 
Orenoble to spend thi»« months In 
InUnslve study of the language before 
going to Paris. UUs Kenney Is •a 
speclaltat In Ihe Preiich language. 
hBTing uught French at the college 
in the absence of the regular In- 

Page 1: Mrs. Maude Burris and her three children died in a fire.** 
Page 2: There is a photo of the Square taken about 1899. 
Page 10: Mrs. Eva May Mason died.** 

Martin Darrell Brooks died.** 

Mrs. Annis Shimp died.** 

Clara Maydean Newkirk died.** 

Charles W. looker died. * * 
Page 11: Card of thanks.** 
Page 12: The History of Springfield #18** 


Election Excitements 


Tb« •lactlon of IKO, to •I'-nirnt In lb« Iiletorr o( 
th« United Btttet, ciui«d •zcllemcnt Id vvery com- 
mnnllr «nd Sprtngdeld wsi no eicepllon. Locallr. 
r«pablle«Dliin wu Id 111 rxor and ibe (ew «bo aup- 
portad that tirktt made no announcerucnt of tbe (art. 
Tkar met In Mcret, bad Ibeir okd bandahakea and 
•1(taf and itrnek banda to sopport Abraham Lincoln, 
tbt pari/ nominee, who. after (he l>allollnK. wa« fonnd 
to hare rerelTed <I voles In the entire roanly. 

'?' Lincoln detea!.-.! Bell. Breckeurid** 
uud Douglai (or the preaid(ncr In IKV. 
Locallj'. the election *\i not aallt- 
fartonr (or the malorltf. altbonfb ai a 
rule Sprlnxdeld men (atored tbe union 
In the growing argument r-f 9ec^«<%lon. 
On the aeceeelon of South Carolina 
however, many chsnifed their views. 
Then followed a period of changing 
minda dne In tbe axcltement of (he daji 
following this announcement. A anion 
man oo one day might idToca;.- -e--- 
»ton for MlMonrl tbe neit and ti,,i 


.^ B«(or« gulug Into the recording of tbe Lull 
war, tat ■ word b* aald regarding tta* alara 
hafdara In Sprlngdald and Orecna connir. A 
bard and ernel maatar In tbia looalttr was hardly 
knoim and itrlngent lawi forbade crnelty to 
•laraa. la Jannary. ilSO, C. 8. Bodenhammer 
waa Indicted (or erneItT to a ilare. arreated^and 
held npon tbe charge. 

@Tbe regular term of court In August. 1(58. 
Lai arp^l"*ct' th-^-f : -■—:-'«•! '--^-" '^ -'-'^-•» j 
location and make plana (or a new court bouse. 
Work waa started wltb Joalab L«edr a^ archi- 
tect but (loanrlal dlfflculllea were met and It 
waa the drat day In Aprik 1861. t>«(ors three 
rooms were completed and the county, clrrult 
and probate courts moved in. This cour: bouse 
waa loialed at the corner of College street and 
the public aqnare. where Heer's now standa. 
Tbe building was not fInHhed undl .ifter the 


It es»(»_* Maa. . - 

Wr.~WtHlI Io'iuVnI^ our "'•"», '"'"Jl' 


to oar dwr lolka Md ftJandi lor ««» 

Mndiv deeds of love and sympathy sJ>«*ti 
to ray dear brother. Frank """^X; 
through hU long lUneu. May Ood bl«a» 

Terroa Belle. California, 



runrrti i^tvlc** for Mri E>« »••» »«»- 
Hon. 14. who dIMl Tu*«<J«t at h«T home 
807 South D»U««r« »r«nu». w»re lield 
thM aflffnoon at lli« H-rmin Lflhrnfirff 
f,. ..,,„! 1. ..,..■ (i.Iln»ri1 bv hjri«l In ■ 
ci-mrlrrv m\ H«llio«n Mt.- M».— .. ;^ »-■ 
\H.d bv lirr limhmirt. Jmir* M«»oir « 
»on. Robtrt Johiinon. «iid br h«r p»reiil». 
Mr und Mri. J»inr« WUion of Norman. 


ruiirial .•(rrMf." for :.l«rtln D»rrr.I 
Brooks. J-nu'iillii- old -.■n of Mr «"<1 Mr? 
Chnrlf. I nrooHv ISJJ Norlli DoukI»» 
•v.DU.. wlU b« ThurU»y •'T/i^'i 
U ..»j»ct»d to b. In OtttnUwn ermtitry^ 
BMlde* Ui» p»r«nU. OD* fcroU>«r and on* 
»Utw mUo ittfTlT*. 

runtral mttIc^i lor Mii. ArinU «»«»»• 
M. alio «H«d Tu».dMr. »ornln« •» «>• 
bom* of b«r d«tt«ht*r. Ur». J. U »*•»«/,■ 

Uw w«Wti>w thU •rumooo. toUrmtol in 

BUrnfi mortu«r». Ti^ d»u»hur» Bnd 
on* loa ■urtlTt. *• loJIowi: ""■^"'•.ii 
Maury. 8prlD»; Mr*. Ojetr »'»• Jl^ 
AnfiUf. C«I.. •nd John »' »"» ""i'"!;' 

Mr*. ShiBip had llvrd In Sprln«n>td sine* 
romlni hrre from Chirlton. I* . 44 r«»r« 


Cli*rlr« W TooKcr. 'TS. dlrd *t hn lion.e 
tt WilUrd »*rly tod«.v, H» U «ur«l»«l 
bv lii.s »if» »iid bv *lx ions and thrr* 
rtB<n/>irr». »» follows Geor«r R . Aurora. 
M(. CUrriiir H . l>" Ati«»lr». Calif : 
John J Wrburr GroVM. Mo : Oarlrs. 
1 ulna. Okl« and \Ve«l»r and Douclai at 
Willard. Mrs H P Mowlnnd. Chleafo: 
Mr^ J It. Plumlrv. Hunlincton Park. 
Cn;if mrt Mrs John Brr.nttt. Kout^ I. 
BprlriKtlfM A brcUier. rrai.k. I1t«» In 
Moffat. Colo . and another bcotlwr. Cg- 
brrl. Ill Slate Hill. N. V runeral tcrrlMS 
will be held at KUr.gTier'a funeral chapel 
fcf.d burial at Maple Park cemetery «i 
mt.Krii:'!!!? are not c.imr''" 

WK WtSH to THAMK th* (rUEd* and 
natehbora and rrlaco IVland*. Rav. M. D. 

ScrUener lor »ervlr»», llarrr Bruton for 
th» beautilut iMiigiuii, <f>r the kludoaaa 
■ud aympathy alMvn tu durinf U>* d*«U> 
au4 butii^ uf our b«to<r*<l Mil*»*n<L fVUf 

loia. nvA HAMua aho obiIp* 


CUra Maydaan Nawklrk. nlna-mooUia- 
eld dauihtcr ol Mr and Mra l*»l Naw- 
kirk. B3t Ka«t DIvUion itrect. died at ttta 
parenU' home early today. Befldei th* 
lather and mother. l»o brother* and on* 
alaler alao •urvlt*. Ptineral »«rTlce« wUI 
be held at Kllnincr'* funeral fhapel at » 
orlork Ihnrvflav afternoon, followed dt 
lliteriiiriil in ta.M L»«ii cemnrrv. 


rttKOiB. Mo, March 30- 
9t gMOUno with which 
• r tsd tn y lampwaa 
bttnwd.ter Um fatal burning of 
Un.'UaUde BurrU, U y««n old. 

and her three children near hrre 
Monday night. T. O Hrltllan, coro- 
nar of Fulton oounly. Ark., an- 
no tin ead today. Th« children wer* 
VrVi^tqi, t: Cdward. 1, and Jlm> 
mMkJL ' 

The htttband, aw-ny righllng a 
fore«t fira which threatened his 
fann, ratumod lo Uro« to taka the 
bedlM of talR famllr from the 

Page 7: Mrs. Georgia L. Cantril sues to divorce Eugene E. Cantrii. They were 
married in 1922. 

Page 10: Charles W. looker died.** 
Mrs. W. E. Landers died.** 

Maude Roberson was appointed to administer the estate of her husband P. 
O. Roberson who died March 9. 

Rev. Joseph H. Carter died. 
Page 12: The History of Springfield #19** 




runeral **r»lc*» lor Ctimt\t%\».-TocL*t. 

V^'.^SSi'^ Vin^^i"^^' ^^^J& 

rrWaifa'terDoon at the K»n#o«r *vMr^ 

SmtMiT. Mr. TPoUt U '^J^^^J^f* 

K-.-.t nr.d threa dtughlrrf. Ineludtnf WM- 
!.» Aod Doujlaa, aona. at WlUardu "nd Mi». 
Jobn BtmuU si aprlngtleid. 


TTie JRoverciid Jcii>cpti Hobsoii 
Carter. kno«-n throtiRhout Misaourt 
as n nilnl.itrr nnd rdnmtor. died 
here this niuniiiiK at the home u. 
hU daughter. Mrs. C. T. Vatighan. 
1S00 Eaat Sunshine drive. He wm 
BS years old. 

Funeral servtcct will be heid Fri- 
day afternoon at 3:30 o'clock la the 
Alma Lohmeyer funeral home. The 
Reverend C. Cmenoa MUler. pas- 
tor of the South AventM Christian 
cburcb- wlU offlcUtc. Burial wlQ 
be In HsMlwood cemetery. 

Mr. Carter ca.-ne to Sprlncfleld In 
1014 from St. Louis, where he waj 
PMtor of a church there. Prior to 
that time he held the directorship 
of Uif ancient and modem lan- 
guages department il Cah-er-Stock- 
ton ct)lleKr, Canton. Mo, for 2S 

[the history of SPRINGFIELD (No iqT 

The Civil War Begins 

DariBC lb» illrrlDf time* luit prior 
-,(0 th» Cl'll w*"-- •»<-M''''n •«» »" <"»» 
&/ia Mlwoorl »nd (Jorernor Jickson called 

a sPMUI U(Ulator« mad*. up of thrM 

tImM' lh» nomb«r uinally eonrenlm. 

Tbr«« ni»a ••" alecKd '«"° <^'<^»« 

ceoBtf. Tha tl«ht w»i ••unrondlilonal 

BoloB" acalnit Mcewlon Th» rounty 

and tllr both went -uwoin. i.-...i. 

natoa" bj a ToU of approiimaiaJy loci 

pa oat. 

Q Tha guna that tired on Korl Suropter, April ll". 1S61. a((eri«a 
•»arr loealHy. Tha ■•»• waa i»celT»d la 8pr1n»fl«Id by t«l»- 
craph and Iha -AdTartlaer-' laaued aa extra. Crowd, conrr*- 
gatM) ararywher* to dlacuas the probable consequfnca*. The 
CItII war wai on. 

V E«rlr In May. l«tl. Major Banjamla Kite, a 
(3)"Bl»ek Republlcao." waa appointed pottmatter of 
Sprlncflald. It li aald that Nathan noblnton, le- 
eeatloolit poatmaater nnder the Bncfaaoaa admtn- 
latratlon. bad • Confederals flar abore *he poft- 
offlre. Kile, with a platol In one han<J and bla 
conmlfilon In the other, went In and Bh<*ed them 
Vo RoblDiOB who nsve over Ihe olflrAj*) til« ■nr- 
cexnor. The ConlddMAU COlOf* can^fdoji^u .1 

^ .Military maneuTeri near tba 
Arkanaaa line May. 18(1. 
alarmed SprlBitteld Cnlonlala 
and aa a reaalt the ttreets of 
the town and tha road* laod- 
ins Into Sprinctleld w«tr« 
Kuarded. The patroillnit waa 
>loue al night trom diuX Lo 

word w. ^l^ I^Zrt^'f^^- 
iverend Tnd Mr. Bullena »r. fcofHd- 



Pagel: Marriage license: Bermie H. Craft, 2_, and Margaret Montgomery, 2 1 , 
both of Springfield. 

Page 2: Mrs. Susana Steury died.** 

Page 6: Miss Margaret Montgomery and Mr. Benjamin H. Craft were married.** 

Miss Gladys Long and Mr. Francis Canaday were married.** 
Page 20: Joseph Hobson Carter died.** 
Mrs. E. William Landes died.** 
Miss Lola Curbow died.** 
John Wutke died.** 
John W.Smith died.** 

Mrs. Carrie Underwood sues to divorce J. J. Underwood. They have been 
married 25 years. 

Page 22: The History of Springfield #20** 


The Blue and The Gray 

Bulh Unlunlat* ■nd Confedrraln orgtulird 
. ailii«-il f... . . .i V.!;!: -i^'h'-'lty from no i.n.- In !hM 

cUr. In IN<I. Kiirliinaldy bolh aldn had L-apabiv 

/I) aud Inielliguui t*-i«<iirK u uu L> ^; :h. : a . ^''^:;. 

^ rron flcbtlnc. Col. KIthard Ckrapbcll l«1 lb* >e- 

,rMtlODl(la irhll* Hon. Joha 8 Pbolp*. wko had 

li*«n «l<>rtrd rolun'l \ij lila own itroap. h'adrd ih« 

Onloulata. Tta« leaders Hnd th«lr nfflcerm tfiDfer. 

r«d at Umaa la affortt to itard oft uancrasurr 


Jn Juiif. l**! 'h- t'n..lnl.i. ..-Ill Ihrrr li>ral •Ult»r« ii. St Umij lo u«k tcr 
Kedi-ral iild. Th«>- reached Holla, mhi-rr ihey fnund i'..| sig<I. oho ha. I ia;> 
tnrad (ha lown. and apoka of tbeir mlulon. Ila amuif.l thtin ihit .SprlngIi»IJ «;. 

@bl* daitlnatloo. On Jnaa :i. 11(1 8I(H and hl» "Yank*. Dalch" army, called to 
>>o<au>a of tba larga uunilirr i.f Crmana In It potcred Sprlncfleld from t!i« ca't 
Kama ••caaaloalat* ware arrealpd and Iheir pnKdtrr. bidden In a barn. «aa rooflaratpd 
• Thai nifht. Ineldentall)'. tba old roitrihouaa burned alartlnn. It la aaM M the 
•rtlona of a batf-rraxed man *bo bad t>«ea placed In It for hl< loo hllaHon* (rretlnr* 
of thf L'nli>n urbnl 

^ m ham» anrta, caU*4 Ut««w m»4 

^t^HMMa Hsna OaaHa or Phalpa* Kacteaat. Ilia 
{3J|atT0ii«. »aa orgaatMd la Jaaa. l«t aad u imtj 
Wmraa twMd 0T«Ma QavanlXnw «te y« »ntit 
la Bprioitlald Jolr IS to aaMrt aigvL Thaaa troeao 

& S? •'•". '*• "«'"»«« wM.^lidaito^ 

~ aHTieo. A laria onmber of Iho troop* r«- 
Mod lo thttarmr, bovarcr. 


Funeral for Woman 
Drowned in Bcarel 
To Be Held Sunday 

ruDcral Mn-lct* for Mr*. Suaank 
SWury, TO. mho wm drowned wbcn 
ihr (rll Into « rmin bami at b»r horn* 
four and ont-halt mllai Mit ^^ 
Sprlniidfld on the Mill itrevt road 
lat« Thuradajr. will b« htid Sunday 
^ftrrnftoii nt Mia rftldrnrr 

A K'ltlinl IliqurAt « A« not ivnatO- 

rrt<\ nriTMaiy bjr Dr. Murray C. Stone. 
Or«enr county corontr. who iDvaatl- 
gated the case. Aceordlof to mem- 
h^m nf ihr famtlT. Mri. Staury had 
ucrii a fuKrrrr of heart dlaaaaa and 
«aa In the habit of fotnf to tha rain 
twn*! to bathe htt fae* and banda 
during atiacka of Iht troubla. II U 
brileved Mn. Steury loat her balanc* 
and (ell head (nremoat Into tha wawr 
barrel or fainted, aba w«« found by 
her huahand when ha raturriMi to 
(he ImM^r Irom his work In the far- 

.. Threr sons and five daught«ra aur- 
\nr Mitli their futlier. Tliey are 
Fred and Edward Steury. rural reut« 
No. 3. Springfield: Henry SUury. 1308 
St. Lotii* street: Mr*. Sam Zdmondaon. 
Kanaas City; Mra. John Toung. Slraf- 
ford, and Mra. Leonard Kraunaner, 
rural route No. 2. Springfield. 

Mr.i .Steury and her husband wtra 
known as the proprletora of Staiu-y 
Springs farm, which la widely kJiowa 
to picnic parties In this section of 

Misa Montgomery. 

Weds Mr. Craft 

or Interest to (rleods of Mlaa Mar- 
paret Montgomery and Mr. Banjnmin 
H. Craft la tba announcement of their 
niarrlaee laal evening. The vows were 
read by the Reverend r. Emrrxon 
Miller at his home, loao bouih Pirk- 
wlrk avenue. 

I'lis bride la the Oaughlrr of .Mr 
•Waller B. Montgomery. ISM North 
.irf;(T*ofi sArnii*" Mr. Crn:i L«. the 
•a •! .Ml> .MmiIc rrpf!. *yj \\i>' 
lix-u.-i Mreel. I'lie ji.m.i; <<..i;iie :.i< 
both Rrariualea of Beiii<>r Mirli ■< IkioI 
and Mrs. Craft forninly Mi:r!i'-(1 at 
Hnrclln college In Mrxiro. .M-"! . and 

Mr. and Mrs. Robi>rt JlM'lrrn uii- 
nrmed the ceremony. Mr. mirt Mrs. 
Craft left Immediately follow 'nc ilie 
wedding for a brief honevnioon They 
will be at home after April 1. at Mc- 
Alester. Okia, where Mr Craft will 
open a Nehl Bottling company. 



Funtral ••rvJeei for the R«vtrend 
Joseph Hebaon Carter. M. wBo died 
Thuridty •% Uie home of hU d«ut^«««'. 
Mr*. O. T. Vatilhan. 1600 East 8iin*faln« 
driTf. wtr« held thU afurnoon at J:K 
o-eiotik al the Ahna Lohmtyer runeral 
horn*, followed by Intermen t in Hawl- 

■ttr*^-vt t» H i br MB ^ " >ia»t»« ''•pSlment 
of Culver-Stockton college at Canton. Mo. 


Punrral services for Mrs E William 
Landes. J». who died Thursday al her 
home In Kansas Cttv. will be held In 
Sprlnfflcid at a o'clock Sunday alMrnooo 
in the Campbell Avenue MethodUt church, 
of which her father, the Reverend J. I^ 
Sullcna, «a« at one Um* oaatar. Mra. 
Landea was Mlu MabeUe SaHena before 

husband and bv two children. Marjorr. ». 
and BlUy. ». The Reverend ft. A. Wood 
wIU offlelau at tha fwnoral S tm d a r - *»- 
terment will be In the Ot«cn Lawn «•«•- 
tery where the Reverend and Mra. Sul- 
lens are buried. J. W. KUnrner Is la 
charge of burial arrangements. 


Funeral acrvlces for Miss Lola Cur- 
bow, n. graduate nurse who died Thurs- 
day afternoon, were held th'.s afternoon at 
3 o'clock at the Herman Lohmeyer funeral 
home. The funeral will be held at 1 
o'clock Saturday In the Delaware church 
n>ar NIxa. followed by Interment In D«la> 
ware ceraefry. 


runera! <rrilrej for JoNn Wulkr. 117. 
who died Thursday at the home of hi< 
(laughter. Mrs Martha Waggner. MJ 
.toutfi lJougl»% aifi.uf. a:'.I b- ^'!?1 '- •^• 
German Evangelical church at BUIln«e al 
2 30 o clock Sunday afternoon. In charg« 
of the Alma lyOhmeyer funeral home. 
Burial will follow In the parub cemetery 
Mr Wutke <s survived by five dauchtera. 
a^ follo»«- Mr» Lena MrCov and Mn 
Marllia Wagjr.rr. Sprlri-field: Mr» Min- 
nie R Haines, Aurora, Mri. Julia An- 
tienon PavV Idihr. aid Mr< Anna 
Log.tdon Joplln. 


Arranff nient* are not ■ oinnletrd for 
' the funeral ol Jo, in W 8:r.l;.- 4" aho 
' d!ed Thiir.ida-. al Uli home, IJ«4 .Ml!l 
street, after a brief Illness J W, KUng- 
I er will bf In chane of Interinent Mr 
Smith Is survived by his wife, 'hree son*, 
and one daughter.- 

MisM Long Weds •= 
Francia Canada^ 

Mr. and Mr». W. Long. 031 Nor^^tf 
street, have announced the marrlafb 
rf their itaiuhier. Ola/ly*. to »tr. 
rrmncia Canaday on March '« at tk» 
honte of the Reverend Frank Heff. 

Mr. Canartay U the son of Mra. L»»- 
na Canaday. 614 South Market av^ 
nue. The couple will be at hooie p 
«I4 South Market avenue. 


Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Miss Delpha McKinney committed suicide.** 
Page 6: Louie Moad was icilled.** 

Ben Lamb died.** 

Mrs. Susana Steury died.** 

John Wutke died.** 

John Bach died.** 

Mrs. E. W. Landes died.** 

John W.Smith died.** 

James H. Mashbum died.** 

Alva E. Latham died.** 

Mrs. Nora B. Cook died.** 

James Edward Strocke died.** 

Kruse infant died.** 

Mrs. Elizabeth C. Wright died.** 

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Fruit, 1234 St. Louis street went to Comanche, Okla., 
where Mr. Fruit's father died. 

Marriage license at Hartville: J. S. Tone [?] of Lynchburg and Nora Dash of 

Page 8: The History of Springfield #21** 
Page 10: Sister Mary Adelaide of Elfindale is dead.** 
Thomas Helton committed suicide.** 

Kills Self After Quarrel 
With Niece Over 'Dates' 


Bois O'Arc Woman Takes Fatal Oose of Poison After Dispute; 
Found When Girl Returns From Basket- 
ball Game 

T VI. I tii.U ri'i'ii-il Iio:i> 



Reuione ovrr • qurnrel «'llh her 
nelec. «lK>m ah* Uioucbt (hould 
■tajt at homr and stud.v Inatetd of 
liavUig "dales", and drgpondcncy 
TJTW"liniMllli." war* Uie'reaaons 
vsslmrd today for tlie suicide of 
Mlaa Delpha McKinney. 38. of BoU 
D Arc. 

Mlu McKinney died at lirr home 
ul Bols DArc ai > oilwk this 
morning after baring taken a dose 
of poison vhlch had been pur- 
chased for UM lu dUlDfectIng a 
chicken house. 

Or. Murray c Sioue, Oreto* ; 
county coroner. Inreatlgatcd tha! 
case, but decided that no lor..:.i'. 

|lnquul «aa itaoaaury, clooa UUa-t 
McKinney admitted harlng taken 
th* poison, etie lived for four hours 
before the doae prored fatal. 
Owtor n'Mka Vainly 
Vt. A. E. Poller of Sptflngfivld ' 

' «'aa called aa aoon as it waa dlaoor- j i 
rred that Mlu McKinney bad tak-| 
en the poison, but It vas tmpotd- , < 

I Ne lo roiintrract Uh- eflecui of Iha J I 

■ Mi.^ .M.iv,:.:.!,. ai,-; .>..v. ii.nt ! I 
jilrlrn, luid quiiri'lcU <iii liiu:!AUy| 

>'■ • ■'■■< : •!■: : ;t ■! ■'...- 

I, - a senior in the BoU 0'Arr''ni;fh I 
JtlMoI unri 1,,-r „,nt bc!.f.,-d Uml i 
»he »h«ild not have comnan* on 
,^i^} Wf«>««.. ;.l»lllli«.U>e *r»^.l 
in>enl the elder MIm 'McKlnneyl 
t!iri:Hlrni<d to loniiiilt lulclUi'. the 
ftlrl said. . I 

Friday nithf tl;c i.iv<» al^end'^d ' 
a bs-slcdball Kumc prffuniAb'.y mlth I 
youiiK Massn. Ifavlne hrr aunt at I 
home alone. Ano'.hnr aun'. Mrv i 
, Li)uis \Ve»I. rrt!;'-.l citirinL: th*" f.ei:- | 
I UK and vas tui>l ot the artniniTnt j 
on Thursday by Miss McKlnn'-y. 

Prambrd lu iliplaln i 

When Mrs. U^.-t IrC ;.bo'.'. 8 1 

oclork. ho«e\rr. her sister prom- I 

Ised not to take her om-n Ule. An | 

1; "ir I'-iT, •::.■ rt- ^^ r> :.;:;<•<< a:.J : 

I (uUnU her aun' Itini: nn a tied s i(- j 

• 1< rin« iironv *r i.f :;.» e!;f-ct? cf 

iiiiv ^4Hiiuiti ;.■... ! 

Miss McKlunry is s.irvivod by 
thrr».' .'l^*T^ ..t'^. I'.vti hrcJirrjt 
.liiin,*:., .Mis. li.i.iy Ijfn.orr. Mrs. 
H. C. Biirkow. jiiid Mre. LouK \VV5t. 
all of B<iis IJ An, ni:d Will McKui- 
nrv. Tiho'livrii m OkUihoma. and 
nlio h the fnthcr of Hi-lca McKin- 
ney. imd aiioMiri- brother »ho lives 
in Cdlor.iiln j 

Mi-.'. .Mi rl. ;;..•:• .ii..i ihio'Ih;' .•-..-' 
ter. LHlla. «lij is u.-.tcl noa. Iiad ( 
roMdc it home :or thuir laece after 
the rtonlh of her itioiher. .Mrs. WiU 
McKinney, .vtrfal yrari at:o. 



Before>he Battle^f Wilson Creek • - 

" > i' 


Ib or<I*r to aDd«rat«Dd lh< 
rrrnls that IfHil to Itir batllr of 

Kprlocllelii to the Coiifsderates. 
It will b* B» e»« « « ry u> follow th« 
moroaaats of lb«lr •rrolM. Th» 
CoafMl^rata BO»eri>m«nt b«4 or. 
dftT*4 Goaonl McCnllocb. lo 
fhmrco «f that annr In Arkanua. 
lo go »o lhi> iKil'lanir of •<Tn.. 
flonlitj la (outtiweii ULasourU 

rkanna*. tlpnrral Price, hrnd of (ho 
i (iliUMlerato t>tutc ki^iI'Ih nl Mtss<inrl, 
luoTod to meet lilm at Cansvllle from 
(Towakin Prairie, shere b» bad had his 
■rmx ancamped. The two armies m.'t 
«t Catavlll*. Joly Z'.K H«l and, iinltnl, 
beaded lonard Sprlnltrield UenarHl 
iBinrM s rinliii. li"iaun' hW troopi 
Kuew ibe couuto', look lUt Uk^. 

f^ Rain* rMChed Dui Sprlnga, Auguiit 2. ISd. General Lyun5. 
bead of tha UdIod forces. mo»ed lo««r(l» his f"i'« (mm Sprliicfleld anil 
■urprlaad nalna' adrance guard at ihnt puiiit. A sklnnihh cupiirtl and 
the CoDfed«rtt«8 fell back. 

G) Lyons, however, had (ounU that iha 
opposInK army »as larger than his n«., 
Mi'l rr'-.r--'. '^ S;-,-;r~M !■. •>»,i fe. 
Inrorceraenis that, tocldentallr n*ter ar- 
rlied. So »ell did ha exeeuio ih!« nirtal 
Ihst nn arcumeni sro«e bri • c.-t i r'ed- 
erflte rominail«I<r> .t> t-* *h*t'n --r r *t %^ 
«iia<k before It •.■<^ kno« a iS^t (liara 

yai 1)0 irm>; to aUJ<.W, 



Mr. and Mi«. J. W. rruU. ISM 

; rruu'a (.4u«r. ' 

1 iiirt^ii Ik Tt«t» W»uli««n«T' ^' 
S2?V"^V^«« Ura r . Moa- 
JTSooatt B. •" !>"-«»•■>♦ "« ">' 
tn.ll«« 8t.l« M.ehl»e conipanj »n^ 
his home w«a "■ Bactra. Taias B»s 

Ualhrwa. klUad m a laUicad accj- ] 

l«wt la U** 


8«.lrr Ma/ J Ad.-l»nle t<IV,ti. tJ. « 
member of the order of 8i. rte C'lHii- 
la! Aesdrinj ol li.e Vu,lt«Uui.. <!lerf ..t 
Bt. John'* hospital this morntnc aft*-! 
an Ulnaaa of acvaral months. 

SKUr Marr AdeUlda had b<-':i " 
uiambar of tha urdcr at KlIiudBit !"< 
30 yeara, duruit "'''eh ltm» '■I" <"" 
ii<»t leave the tk>l»«»red pr.-liumn •;! 
ir.r ». ndt-niy \\nu\ :•■•■; ; •■,■ ' ! 
bbc-waa born a:-.i'. r^ateil li' b« !• i.i'. I 
but took lirr vd«» ol ^U'cthi) hI 1: • 

runeral »eivice». alM piobably ^' 

talA ta t>>« c»«P*l ** 'I'* Mu'*'"' 

"CVBday »ft«niooo. wtm interment In 

tlW «MtWl bmUl iwuiul In oharta 

ot tl»a |il«^Mn ■I.oiua»rtr fuocral 

Mia. Oaonr* Kunkel ni.d M- J">"' 
f^-fHnlrt1 kotb at et' Umu, *rr 
ItaMiM "VlWMfTlra Slatrr Man 




K.ii.rf>l .trvirrj for Utn L.mb. 15 

Oretne iouni». »lll «>• h«ld Sund.y 
,„nr„lnc .1 10 o'clo. Ic .t I •' """!"" 
I,.li.iirv.r iMMiTiil hiillif Huili.1 «lll iKf 11. ■ «mel«r» at Ojo»i. »liBr» 
Mr L»nib iMIded Ottof romlny M> 
Bprlniflrld nboul 30 r'«" »«<> * brollirr 
J.mfi Lamb, ^nd nilil nelcM •10 -JM 
iifpliew »arvUf Mr. L«nib «•» « mem- 
lirt .f OilJ lfllu»» «l'd tU.s lo>-.,ci 

MRS. SDSANA «Ti;ll«» 
tuiMial »fi>lte» lor Mc» Su».i.« bt<.ur>. 
-» oill be licid al lh« l«Diil» rctld<-nc« lour 

■ lid on* n»U mile* e««l of Sprlnilleld on 
Mill ilrerl ro«d Sundty •Ittriioon *t 2 » 
oilock Durial »lll lollo* m Miirlxood 
crmrtcry in chtrgc of 8l»rnf » niorluary. 
John swurr. th« huiband. »nd lhr«e »on» 

■ nd llv* diuihteri turtlte. 


I lli« body ot John Wume. »7. •I" b« 
iIhU'ii to Bllliii«» »iind«) lor luinr«l 
I »ri\Kri III llie Ufrntm Hangrl^i*! 
I rhurcli innr »t 2 30 o . lot» In me illrr- 
iioon. Burul »ill Iollo» iii the psri>D 
ctmeleiy in chart* of the Alma L«li- 
in»>fr funeral home Mr WutK*. »ln> l» 
»urvi\rd by live daufhurs. died Thur»- 
d*> *t llie homt o( b-i* ot ibroi. Mr>. 
Martha Wafioer. U2 South L>ou4laa ave- 

iOM.V B.»tH 

Julm r.ach. 8J. «ho died al I •• Imm 
riome nrar Willard l^ldaj. «*» Uurinl .n 
Naliuiial cenietety here tUu alcernouii . 
alter funeral lertirei at tlie fanKlv at 1 o riork. directed by J W 
Kliii|iirr. Mr Bach wa* a member pf i 
the I6lli rt«lmri;t rlliiot? c■^aIry dur-i.;^ 
the Cl»ll war. II* la aurvlved by hl.i wife 
and on* *on and neveral traiidchlldien 
and giral-craiidclilldrrn. 

MRK. e. M'. I.A^ULS 
riir funrial of Mr». C. W. l.anrirs. alio 
*a< MIX Mabell* aulleii* f>efore J\« JJM.-. , 
rlarf. artH b« h*M »< tn« C«tnp6»n Ave- 
nue Mrlhodlat rliurch Sunday afl«riiooa 
at 3 o'cloek. with Ui« H«y«T*nd H. A. 
Wood otflellUlif Til* KetrtKDd J. L. Sul- 
len*, taiixt of Mrs. Lend**. «•* oik-« paa- 
tor of that rliurrh for aaeeral «far» In- 
j Irtnieiii aill b* in lirren LaarD remctery 
I ID chart* of J W. Klia|ner. Ttia tiua- 
oaud and lao ainall rhildrau *urvl«e Mik< 
UkBdta. who dl*d Tharadajr •» lit* tamitr 
hom* In Kanaaa Clly Mr* K N rinlry. 
1*17 North Urant aeenu*. and H Ue* 
aullons. I»ta North Beulrvanl. ar* aliter 
and brother ul Mr* Lande*. 


Th* Mn»ral of John W. SBilth. 47. ll«4 
Baat UUI >)r**l, alll b« held at Klintnrr't 
ehapol Bandar antrnoon at I e'clork. 
leUewwi ky intaratol Id ar««nla«n 
tifilati. Th* wU*. IMM MB*, asd om. 
daaihtrr atirvir* 


Jamri 11 Mailihurii ot IliiinaniiOlle 
I Mu . dird al iii> lioiiie iiifrr tn<ni a rtini- ^ 
I pltmti'Ml of MitTnriil> rtini:iu*u to the Ul- 
Ulmalites ol a|t. 

Tbt tody U*t In *t*tt at hli horn* 
•wallinc III* arrival ut hi* *on< »lie 
H«« in Iii* *•*(. and other rrlall\ei. 
Kunfral ^rr\U-f^ mill he r'Mit1ur1**l at 
ll»r n»('ll-l I h'lr.-li Si;i<U^' mi 'i *''» It in 
h» tlf> u;iljai llillfmn:!. mwl !>• Hrikf. 
Ml U|iriii|(irld oill have rliaige ol the 
MaaoDie riira al Ih* travr. 


Alva K Lathain. 10. aim Inert on iiimI 
inul' No 2. Willard. died at SI Jt,\\\\ t 
Iteipltal at noon today. II* l< lurMvrd 
ky hi* «ll«. hU paranu. Mr. and Mr*. M. 
n. LaUtaai al WlUard.^ and four brothci* 

■4 t— alatera. aa lalWvs: Ilann. w>l- 

.>iK>. .Null A II TOOK I 

Mr«. Nnra B. Cook, ^C. n;;o clird at r.rr 
no.nt. 113} Wett Atliii.iu' ■itre>-( a ill be | 
burled In Robb*r«on I':-' r:.* i.-T..'i. n..*. i 
luii'-ral arraittemeiiin i-r InruRiplrtr S'le I 
la «urv|v*<l by her liii-hand. I.ecl I. ('<>..». 
a brother. Harl'V Hion'i .^iirmitielrf >'r| 
ta'her. L<'*l> 8toke.«. IVrllard. ard iiv | 
tolloarlnr ehlldrrii I.^«*ls. Ker!r>.i* *t.c , 
Ollberi. all of Sptlnilirld and m;, i.i I 
Waltot» .l»rfer>on-. il I ■•• 


y inrral »ervicM fur Jn.nev ^l;.^a^tl 
Stroeke. 1-%'ear-old vnn ot Mr m.o \\,^ 
Cdaard BIrorkr. ni« W>>* '■Vjlmn -u, i 

• III b> held Sundav MitriKuuii at Hit 

fw£9r«r i7*W. Kllntn^r. B«ildeii ti>a 
I parent*, t brother, n.r! aiU I.- *, (ui... .< 

KRI -i|; IM \M |i|,> 

III* infant roll of .Mr and Mr .Vir- 
nian Krute. (32 Ilrtereenr drl\... %>. h.- e< 
111 Ore..nIa«n lerrirrT I'KI*-. aft..: ;.j.. :a[ 
■•TVtMi directed i,\ i w. kiininrr. 

MBA. KLir.AR(TH r. WKIIilir 

Mr, ElUabrlli c Wiiijlit. g7, iiir<i ,i 

Vi!. ''Sff*^" "" *•"• J*«»» A. Wrlthl 
iSII rrlirt *\rniie. al Ift oVIork f rirf.iv 
ni»lil tcllualiig a linHeiliic llliiein Btie' u 

• iirvlred by one oilier ten. Oeort* W 
Wright. 1IM Norlli Sherman ateniie ami 
four daulhter^. Mis rie'ii jr In ,.,f) m,. 
Trank Mitrhrll nt IU'3 We^i lirnnrr Mr. 
Marthall .Jnhnaon- of Prjor. Okia and 
!£2/I!7 ^D'fJ i' '"•"•T Mo The fu- 
'?'!*'w**¥ JJ" ••••* funday mernln* at ( 
o«l<Kk al Central C>irlallao church The, 
gea^ »m Uttn »• saqt u Afa. Mo . lor 


HalUown Farmer, ^^.,, " 
* Suffering Hlneta,-'' 
Takes Poison Done 

Thotnaa Ifallon. 0«-]r*ar-old Hall* 
town .farraar. diad al hU Imbw Fli* 
day nl(bl. afUr drinkinc een«e la 
vMeik lia auiiad a qiaaUty of potaoo. 

Mr. Helton, a former Oreen* roun- 
ly lr^lllel^.. n.iU hrrn ill ol aloniarli 
iruubia for acuta tuna, and la be- 
ilered 7o liaie he^nnie rle^pof ider t 
I'M. I..;. h,i.U.l;>ui H lo'K the 

til .tK:.<*>' 

Mr ItrlTci; j.% *.l'M.rfI b" l.iii ». a 

and by a iieii-* »lio iiud* Iter hon-.* 
with them. He vaa a iiatlrc of 
Oreeiia cviinty. and left hla home m 
Ilia Yeakley chapel nelgliborbocl, i* 
mllaa «r«*l of Bprlngftold oo U. 8 
highway M. about lO jeara aco U» 
raalda oo a farm a mU* and a ^pianM 

town, the a|ed roaa had been ihrra;- 


Funeral aerrteva will ba hcM aa 
Teaklej- chapel Punilay afiemopn nt 
2 10 crlrHlc. !'.!!. ^•"' ;. ;••,.•-»■ t 
m the nineiery r.carf - 

mnk T. riraatoae. 33. Marlon- 
Tllle. and MUdrad Thutman 11 I 
|| Carl H. eununerfleld. 31. Spring- 
field an Hatel King. 21. Sprlng- 
illald I 

ai/ford Hawklna 24 and Adella • 
, Howell. II Aah Orovf 

WUUam David Will j, . 4o. «i. | 
i Louto, and AUnerU Maty AUlltr, 

ItTa eerneterr. »ul arraiii'inei:' • ii« 
i.«i .*««i»e(e J W K'^rrrrr n In rr.arce 



The News and Leader for Sunday, March 24, 1929, is m.ssmg. 


Page 2: John W. Hawks died.** 
Page 4: Miss Josephine Adams and Mr. Dotson Gorman were married.** 

Miss Mildred Thurman and Mr. Frank F. Firestone were married.** 
Page 7: Five died in automobile accidents.** 
Page 10: Homer Biggs died.** 

Alva E. Latham died.** 

Mrs. Nora B. Cook died.** 

John W.Smith died.** 

J. L. Harmandied.** 
Page 13: Mrs. Nancy M. Stubblefield was named to administer the estate of her 
son Ernest waiter Stubblefield who died February 3. 

Page 14: There is a long article about Liza Jones, 63, who has lived her whole life 
at the poor farm. She was found as a baby after the battle of Wilson Creek. 

There is a photo of Fairbanks Hall in 1884. 


Sunday Brings High TolKof 

Motor Casualties: Boy. 

Hurl Earlier. Dies 

1 111- »nm» v.ct'ltr." biii><li> 
mi\iiy n>ot'»nst.». »». t^-^ l.:r »■**.*: « «;*!»: 
lti« rrault tlid Itic nuirbfr o.' vrrli- i 
rnd (Uioinohilr iiccicjrnu 1q Mls*oun | 
«a> Imgrr Hat:) utiinl. 

'Ilirrr »rre l«o 'jrnilii irporlrrt In 
the 0/iirk» ir»inii, mir »t r»vMtriille. 
Htk, Kllfl our »'. ni.'ll«. M'> IM'T iwt- 
M^it mrro killed lit iioiih Miuouii. 
Al r»»Htt»ille. Mlu)«r<l Jujn*. 34. 
of TulM, OklK , vai klHr<1 vlirii hli 
ftutoniobilt oirtrturnad liCter toimuii 
with m nt dr»v«n bjr Mua V. Umjtu 
of Ro(tra. Ark. 

FtmI Jijm*- t>ro!lirr u( ilie mm 
wtto ««• UUfCiWaa MiKnuly mjursd. 
Tha MMfMo* ooeurTMl *t • btuy KrMt 
intOTMOtlon In riyett«lll«. Tb* two 
brolhvn were on thrtr »»v to ■ »>o«- 
pltnl th»re lo vi»U Iheir molhrr. mho , 
It ctltiolljr HI. I 

llot l«l«llv Injuifd I 

WJIlle Ivoiaon. 5-jfH>r-olO mm o( Mr. , 
«nd Un. Bfii Ivoifton ot Covfri, , 
Mich.. *•• l«Ully ln)ur»U 6und«y •(- | 
trrnooii «lifn hi» l»ilic:» luiomufclle 
I •iklrtrtrd l!< }>f*.r cru rl nn V 5 VT'-- 
«■>' M n««r Rolla .mi.d uveiiurticd , 
Into » dUrh i 

Mrs IvorMin fnidrrrrt » broken : 
f.liouldrr bl«de. but Is rNpf i ".crt u r»- ' 
ro\fr Olhrr iw,iip:.i.'. ..t iv- i«r 
UfTide* !'.■« t«!lirr. «fre « J-> ••'•<»'<' i 
•lrt«r. and Mt >0(1 Mr» J w B»>ir. 

rrUllvr: of Mr* l>c<i«oii. Tlia purty 
»«k rriiiriilPK luMUtiiii.<n Iroin • Irip 
«o CallfornlH. 

Tlif rtfulh of lliiinrr Hik^i. i>«r 
Irbmioii fiulnrrtnv nicli' who \U' rr- 
Mili ol mi lnll•^lm•hll<■ M'.ii'M v>l.icli 
<Nriirrrd uii miiidny. M«ri li lu H'cK'. 

IP. Hi4n H r«^ni[H,tli<>tl rW Mrlviri Kl".ff. 

!•! rl riill'il. I ■ ■. • - ■• ' ■ 

Johns liiv|iitHl li<rr ■• • • — 

tl.r Im(h1 :i. ■ iilrni lit, I ^ t.. iiAV\ 

0tt thrrr inlli^h HfkL of Lrii.«l.i>ll. 

Illl-l- lin'l »l"^ I'"-" ■' , •■:■■' I ' 
llie lio<v|>llHl lifir. but iif vi«^ iriii-i^f'l 
to ilir liotiir (it Umii'' ri'"'ii I irU- 
inr. wltni III!* roiuiiiioii i.ffiii«''t Int- 
proved III* draili f>«Iiirdi>v »»v iin- 
rtprrVKi. Both BIko and Kinafc had 
aufftrrd fraciured skulls. 

rimrr BigK^. a brotlifr of Hoinrr. 
wa* aUo m the car «ti»ii a i»h«el col- 
lapii«d a« the trio drove down a st«e|> 
hill Kt a hich rnir i-f •p'"' Ivi' » «- 
not i>rrloutly Injured 

Three killed Near M. lxul> 

A man and l«o bnvn »frc killed 
and MX cither p.r»iiiis i.friuu»I> in- 
jured near Pcvely. Jefferaoii county. 
MiMOurl, 30 mile* south o( (JU Loula. 
when Iheir automobile left the high- 
way and rolled down an embankment. 

Henr. Brttke. 33. driver rt Ihe car 
and hta n phew. Walter Eiilow. 1, 
were killed outright, and Jamo Kn- 
low. li. anothrr nrpheu dinl today. 
The piiriv «B^ rfluri:;;ic frt.ii; '.. jul- 
Ing at the time of the Bicitlei.i 


Vows Are Read 

Aiiiiouiti-ruieiit lm^ t>erii iiiadt of 
j th« mamaie of Miaa foarphint Ad> 
I aiiia. datiKhler of Mr and Mra C. E. 
, Aoanix. ea*t of the rit), u Mr. 0<it- 
' aoii Oornia.i V>n of Mr and Mra. not- 
ion (lornnin OltL't*.n ^trrr; road 

riir vrciiiin; WW, ■ drill .ilrri Mun It 
f. l-.i Pri.|,-r.- K..I Ml iiMl Ml 

Oorman mill make Ihrtr home hciv , 


ITHE history of SPRINGFIELD (22) 

Civil War Activities < - 

^s'**?*?^:' : 'v^l 

An ardfr from the Cofitedoriilc Kuverntiipiii t.. 
•dtrtnr* on Lyon (ettled ib* «riiumpnt 
MtCulIoch and Prlc«. The Contederalo army 
moni aJooc lb* rkyatUflU* road to Wllaoua 
Cr««k, ]• mllM toBlhwnt of Bprlnnfleld. In 
(h« BiMnUms, Lroo at Bprlocfleld, had callrd 
OB OtDCral rrenoot at 81. Lou la for more 
Jxaflll& — rrnnnnf ntnmt^ «nrf lyon |.pf,-|nc 

himacir hopalMdjr ootnumb«rcd. curs«d Krc 
innnt and hia m«aM(«. 

On AiiKiipt ? anothrr nir!<5nitc rjinie from PrMnont. Acdtn he r^ 
iM«irt help and r.rilrml I. inn m hold Sprincfl'ld. l.rm df '"I t.> 
nnipriaa ibe ConrnlFralm ulih an army Iom than half ih»jr numt>fr. 
At H p. m. Aufuat 9. 1861. he ael ool towards the CoD(ed«rat« camr. 
alshdng Ibclr ramp firea about mldnlcbl. 

-At daybreak. Anguat 19, Lyon attacked and atitr qnlte a llttl* aklrmlihlBK. rh« 
rcderal llBfi advanced. At Ihia time there waa aome talk of the Confrderaln fallag 
back bnt Slcel kad allpped around wjlh hIa troops and some artlltery «B< titld tbt 
only road to Arkansas. 


Punaral atrvicea «tra held at Lonesome 
Hill ceoirterjr near Lebanon yratrrday lor 
llomrr Bl(fs, It, Plillllpaburi. aecond vie* 
llm of an automobile accident near lila 
l:"iiie on Mar(li 10 tti «Mrli ho'>i li» 
aittl a r(tni|iaiiniii. Mrlvlii Kl^we, w.fir 
fatally nurl. Klairt died Iti Ht Jolin a 
hutpltal here a tew da) a alter the acrt- 
(Irnt Bl|(a also was a patient In the 
hospital liett for several days, but «at 
lalrr taken In tlie home or a relative 
at I^banon »hrii liH roiiilKlun tliowed 
linprovenirnl Ills death Saturday nifht 
was unexpected. 


Alva E. Lalhain, ID, Willard. «as buried 
III the renirtrrv at Aohbenwii Prairie 
rliaprl IIMs ntimoni i.iri ir — i;.! ■••:• 
Mr^ tlinr loifaV.. .1. W. i:.iiii(:ici l.aj 
charte of arrBti||f^*fit< 



I lie llneiriid J I.'iiard o( Matsn- 
ficld and Ilia Ravetend L. V. Swinely ol 
the Tythlan avenue Baptlat church olfl- 
rlatrrt at lh» funeral of John W. Bmllli 
Sunday afternoon at Klln«ner"s cbapeL 
Burial was In Oreen Lawn cetneUrj. Mr. 
Bmlth was born in Newton county. Mo.. 
Ill :r(tl ai.d lali r lived In Dallas counU. 
lie la aurvlved bv lii» wile. Mra. Martha 
ti^n.ll Wnill h. f '<'iHll^*' "" ''"'' "'ah.. . 

^Ili Kan»a» t'llv. and three rnn\ Olen. 
Ar;iol'1 and Ca;!. ••:! *•■ l:»nie. :3«4 I'aM I 

I Mill ureet HH latliet. lipeneer Smith. 

I liven at Ileil lop. Mo 


runeral i«frvlrrk lor J. L "llarman. 71 

yeart old. who died at liia home lu Wal* 

nut Orove Monday mornint at 1 o'clock, 

will ba held Tuesday morninf at II oelor-k 

In Kiel hall at Phrnli. Mo . under th« du 

! rerllon of the J. A. Brim and Son On- 

• detlmklna mmpanr erf Waitrnt tlmrr 

lliiiial will he III (ir^eiilaim reinelrry at 

i Walnut Uroie. «lth the O'SuUnan lodca 

No 7. A. r. and K. M . laktnf part The 

Revereiid J 9. StiermaK of Walnut Qrove 

will ulflclale. Mr llarman U survived 

hy his widow, Edith llarman: two »ona. 

Rue Harnian. Walnut Orove. and Dean 

' Herman. Ash Orove. and three daughler^. 

I /nra llarinan. Walnut Grove. Mra Cecil 

, Martin. H^imannvllle. and Mare Franrra 

llar:naii. Walnut Grove 

fxtmgiiish the flrr on Hit g»rd«n lot 
and ihiu » Surre «cnbul«nee •»» 
sunoiODcd to remove Mr. H»»k» to 
tiM ho»p»t»J. Dr. Murray C. Stone. 
Ore«n« county coruiifr lnve»tlg»t«(l 
tlie cue "tter Mr. HewK.' death, but 
tfMldfd U"* no >nqu*»* *" nece»- 
Mr. Hawk*, who formerly wi« em- 

pleT*4 by th* rrl#eo. »««<> reowUy 

I u »unrU»<l by two ei***"- »"»• A*"^ 

PhlUlpa. T»m», I«.. •"<> >*r». Idk. 

rielden, IBM Hork Ulend erenue. 

f-unrrel strMrrs lire eipected lo be 

,held.«t 8t»riie« inortutry «t 7M 

I o'clock TU««l«r »l««moon. followvd 

i by burUI In Oreen L«wn cemetery. 


Mm Nor. B Coolt. SO. ms WeH Af- 

Chapct cemetery lodey •"•''"'>"•'.,?": 
vlcei ther. thU mornlnf •«.,'> "«'?!• 
In rh«ri» of llie KUniner Ond«rt»klnf 

Mildred Thurman 
Weda Mr, Fireatone 

MiM Milrt'rrrt Thiirni«ii. drpuiy In 
the office of Jack W MrKf. ««« mar- 
ried to Mr. rrenk P Pireelone 8*t>ir- 
day afirrnix^il al Piirdj. t4'> Hf 
vo«'' »ere rrntl bv the I7r\rniitl W 
I I' Mrll.lrl^'<ll 

I In' >■• :i'' 1 . II''- .'■'!•; ■ ' M 
and Ml^ A 1 .iiii iiiitii ft Itr- 
pub'.lo iim Mr KirrsXMic 1^ ilir ►on 
of fcr KrllK Fllr.-loiic nl MiirH'ii- 
vllle mid la HKuciHird villi l>i!< Ihiiim 
In the (OiiliHi'lliii; liinii r-.. 

Ml»a Amy I'rnm miil Mi I'-'n II' .f - 
toil (II (.omiMiiin »i lilt \i.iiii»: .i>..|i;. 
Mt mid Ml-- firriiiiii' will milki 
•V. ; '...itif li« f f .t .1 ; ..I ( t ,,. 

John ^. Hawki, FaUttv 
fiurnede Was Springflekf 

^Resident 50 Years 


John W IU»k«. 1«. who died »t 
Springfield Beptut baq>tt»l Sunyy 
■ftemoea ol bum* whlcb h» nwlj* 
■vblla burolof "ott W« tu4m MtOar 

In the day. had been a reeldent of 
BPf lntlield tot m gr» 

Here rrom IIIIdoIs 

Mr Havka cunt bare from IlUaols 
Ktwn b* wms 31 jmn oi f- ■•- 
MUM ct tJa loBt iwMWiM Iwra. hm 
WM rwiuw with raoeb d M>» htttatf 
ot UM elty and eountr- BUM Ow 
deitth of bU wUe 11 jnn •r> •«•• 
clooaat compuilooa had been boy* of 
Uie nelihboehood of bU home at 
IMH Orace atrcec who d*ll(bt«4 tn 
bearing blm UU itcrlM of ptoaaar lUt 

Otrarai T« Help 

Ont ot tbeaa boya. Heal* BtiOar. 
15. • popO 3) Baad^Jonlor hlgti aebool. 
waa Uia ftrat paiaao to nBd Mr. 
Hawka antr be ms.Iatalty bun>e« 
SuDdaT alvenMoct. TlMrba^lia4 et- 
fcMd to help tba aged bwb bora tb* 
trwh off bla garden, but Mr. Bawka 
atteoaptad to go abaad unaided. 

II It baiiaead tbat he etarted fire 
In teverat different p'ri.'. of the tjar- 
dfo and »«» iurrounded and over- 
ct>m« by the flaniea, WUen Hie Bulla 
bey hviTtadly ratumad. attracted by 
UM affd maa^ groani. be found Mr. 
B*«k* lyteg t»tm downward, with 
m wfh eC bla elotbing buniad off. 

No iBqucat^lcld , 

The flra department waa called to] 


[Page 1: Stock market crashes.] 
Page 6: Miss Christine Bostic and Mr. Leonard Dodson were married.** 
Page 7: J. W. Quehl died.** 
Page 9: There is a photo of a Drury college football team of some years back 

[date not given]. 

Page 12: A son Samuel Ooley King was bom March 24 to Mr. and Mrs. S. Merle 

King, 61 1 South Grant avenue. 

Mrs. Ethel Smith sues to divorce Charles T. Smith. They were married 

January 25, 1925. 

Mrs. Vema Anna Summers sues to divorce William Z. Summers. They 

were married November 30, 1922, in Ozark. 
John W. Hawks died.** 
A. B. Robbinsdied.** 
William Smith died.** 
Page 15: The History of Springfield #23** 

AfUr mort th»n ihr** ye»r» oi 

' marrlrO lile hrr J>\i»b»i>d rrfuM-fl to 
I tuppoct her. Mm Elhrl Bfnlth rhbrufd 

I in A dlvoi«* Ault UlfH titrt touiiy 
•Calnat Ctoarlt* T. Hmllh TbrV mur- 
ntd Jahu»nr 35. lW3a. and wiwrfitiHl 
; Juoe U. 1938 

} AJtoClnf that her hu»l>*nr1 vtns 
I •urlj. Abiuive kiid totu iowmkI i t-i 
JJt» Vrrim .\; Suii.n.i i .s [■ ,i. , 
•d In circuit court here fo a divoiir 
froai WUUajn Z. Summem. »li<>in -he 
■Mrrl«d at Ourk. Mo . Novrmhr' jo ' 




Tho B attio of Wllson_Cro8k 

T*» kii<)« of WIUoU Crfck toiililniL'i] null 

(D'tt^ry r««ertB< «b« fMo, Hu-n nu^ilmr. I,.\oir,i 
><*— k»4 h *»m vbot frOBt uii«J<r lilm and li*' 
ftlMMlf «o«»d*4 la th% l«f. but b* ^^as alMut 
fk« f<«M. cLrtduc lilt uoopt and reoriaulr.Ing 
(*.« f«4«ral Umm tb«t WATtr*^, 

(3) Ntinilic'iB avciitually (old and 
(■«'ia (law tlml all wjih IhhI. Uur- 
i"»lrii; a Iioipi^ ati<I tMkliiK all on 
iin«i last cliarR9, lie wan abot dowu 
wbll« laadlnc tba 2n<l Kansaa 
if-nluiont. H« foil from lh« horao 
and dl«d la Ika arms of one of 
hia ordarllea. 

^Evan then tho federals fought on. counting on BIbM 
10 r«lurn villi rtlnforcomcula. KIgel had be«n do- 
raaltJ, howcvor, aud tho federala were dlaappolntad 
and llnallT forced to retreat from the field, which 
ih»y did In fairly good order, to Bprlngfleld. 

/^dcad ot both aide* woro left at m«U •▼«•■«• 
^ot iho doap«»u U»ht4a». Mmmt fco4la» w«m 
b«tl«d oa tho ftoW »• bo mo»od to tho NiuoMl 
" cemetery ot SprHuUeM C T^ro lotor. * 


John w Ha*»i». l«. *ho died *««»^*\5jr, 

huaarSeu w»» burled *>'^»«*1?'*!2^' 
Si^at"? »h>» ellerT.oon oft*/ funeral - 

A. B. ROBBpi* 

.,-!■>■ ■■*' 


dird Monday n»«hl »n •^^•"■"iS *»«lSil 

•M and ftfl? dtu«ht»r inr hf ^W jNf^w , 
lU^tJ one hroiher. liiMtmenl wUl 0» 

m^, in clMurg* or Burnt* biO»WM» 


r« . prmur. dtrd »t hl« «»«ni» in ••«» 
• •> « brpiher of Bock flmlilv «• ^Wf'l 
llui*» 1* »*p«ct«d to lx« in onrornu. 


anA/Vtio Gave Name as 

- Ain ; i i iti -rf-t tfirr"«if'^ff » ^'*»^^*" 

I Boye«, brothrrs of Mr*. Qtiehl, «rnt 
' to Tort ScoU Hiid Idrntlfled iho lody 
u IHat ol Ihelr btoUiertnlan. 
SenrlcM Today 
Th« bod; arrived In Sprin^icld late 
MoiMlay and waa t«k«n to ibe Her- 
man LohTnc^r Yuneral homii. wher« 
{un«rat aervlcee were held tbla after- 
noofL Interment toUoived In Oroen- 
Uwn cemetery. 

Ura. Quehl and ber two cblldren, 
Joeepblne. 1, and a rounger t>oy. aur- 
vJre. Tbelr bome la at the corner ol 
ClUtoo avenua and Ljnn street. 

nvwMi wttb tlM idntWtcfttloo In « 
ror* eeott Kan., mortuary of J- W. 
QtMld. 98, of Bprlngneld. who died la 
a hoapltal tbera Marcb 14. 

QuthI had been taken to the hoa- 
pltal from thr Frisco pnssciigrr sta- 
tion tbe day before be died, atilferlng 
of pnatimoiUa and In a aeml-con- 
•etoua eoadltlea. It U beUeved the 
maa BtMt bav* lain tmnotload in the 
■tAileaTor two or three daya before 
It %a8 dIacoTered that be waa III. 
■ Gave Wronf Name 

The delay In Identification waa 
caused "by iha Uct that Quehl gate 
tha name "J. V. Skacga" to hoepltal 
•ttMidante whUe In the. delirium 

broticbt ab out by hla hl^ fever. 

— A'fcnall BlBI*~wHicEr>«a found in 
tb« man's belongings had the name 
"Joaephlna Qtiebr "on the nyleaf. 
Joaepbinc U Quehl-e «- year -old 
daughter. Whenthedyln£^an_Kau. . 
' J. W. B t kgga. Spr ingfield. Mo." a» 
bla name and address Fort Scott au- 
thorities sent a Ulegram to the child 
here, stating that J. W. Skagg had 
died In a boaplUI there. 
^^ ' Date Ulm i^lbto 

BUira lUt 't"**^ *■>*■ "^ "" — 
try that name they wtn pticatod l>y 
tbe atrange tele«ram. They did not 
give 11 Jurlher thought, however, un-" 
lU a few days later oldar members of 
' I the family learned from the Utile girl I 
that, uuknown to Uieui. she had 
given her father a waall Bible aa a 
parting gift when he left home about 
two weeka before In aearch of work. 
No word had come from Quehl 
•Inoe hu departure. . Becoming appre- 
hensive that the msn "BksgK*' 1" 
reality was Quehl. William and J. 8. 

. Men Seeking Boy 
*"• tn Blea^ng Btxrn 
is Burned Fatally 

n» Tke 4 n »iia » « < tm* 
* OARTRAOfc Mo.. Marth ^iV— W 
X. HaXIman, 47, • fanner of near 
JaapcT. Mo., died laat nicht In a 
hoaptial hero from twrna received 
when be nubcd Into a flaming 
brooder liotae, m oua oua ly beUcr- 
tnc hla 4-ytar-old son. Jackie, was 

Me ooUapaed w he eui c j ged and 
ttW back In the name*. His uifa 
dncced blm from the buUdlog. She 
•lao wart) timed tondly. 

The boy started the fire while 
plnylnc with matchea. The flames 
. - apread to the Huffman home which 
'^ VM destroyed. . u 

I Christine Bostic j 

Weds Mr. Dodson 

Mil. r.dw»r<l Bosli. ilJJ living 
Bvrrm*. •nnoiinren th» murrlnof of 
her daugnier. Chtlslln*. to ^U. Uon- 
ard Dodaon. The ceremony was per- 

rrriiiid M'.urh 20 nt Fi-TfllHnrt. Mo. hy 
W. F. WrUhl. jiiilKC ol llic peace. 

Til'- rroom l« llif "111 of Mr. nnJ 
Mm. VMllmm D Do<1m>ii. Ui8ti Ks»l 
Crntrril flrMl Mr rxxlson Is aproinl-. 
ici:', >:r.|(i'i. 1111(1 Bt'cr Ap'.I 1 • *^n: I"' 
goll instructor at the CsrthBKe Uoll 

Alter « hrlrf l-.on^xrr"oii Mr aiid 

; Mr». DodhOU villi t>c al homo in Lar- 

' thuge. Mo. 

i - -— -■ 




Page 4: Miss Ruth E. Reed and Manson Alexander Stewart are engaged to 

Page 10: LorenzaP. Ghan died.** 

H.C.Bates died.** 

Guy Lloyd McMahan died.** 
Page 11: Card of thanks.** 
Page 13: The History of Springfield #24** 


After Wilson Crook Battia 

® AlUr tb* battle of WliMn Crwk Ibo rodcr*! nriiiy letl Kprliigfleld. Many 
•f tM ailW •nnP.thU.r. I«M with ihem a. ih«y foar.d the Co«(«der«tr, 
Thilo" trtln of w»ton«. 2 tulles long, headed toward Roll* unmolested 
by their enemy. 

©About 11 .. «... Au«u.t llV iJiiTTi^lilJ^ troop, appeared In 8in^°«""": 
MtCullorh and Price neither made »»/ «""" 

uDlonliU were snll.tlod with the I'^l""*"' V^" 
^r^ Vron't body, brought Irom the field to 
^r^rneld. w'a, guarded by »,"• Confederate, 
until a dtltif'"" "^'^ SU-LouU took the Iwdr 
•way on Aoguat 33. istl. 

'""lloiP«ft rbrilia riarrdrniilon men ■»«« promlMd-b7-th« Co»- 

fv federate aulhorlUcB and uulntdo of a few arrest*. thcr» were b« 
dlfUciUtlea. For a brief eeaion there were few ctidcncea of war 
«xe«pt tor the uniforms and eren with the war ao doe* at hand 
tijere were aome festlvala. Many families of the Coafederau 

pfflf.r* KnA •oMiKr* Mfne to rlKlt tb»ra In aorlntfleM at thto 

S..4AIDS tP nUMKt, M MtMOtlUH 

f ' •< JUkST 

wte «»p*r«ad thU Uto ot 



one yeaf 
ago today. Marcb M. Itn. at I:4S a. in 
We mlM ytra )u«t aa mucb t«>day aa 
ia tb* hMir y«« went avay; wiu> com. 
May w« ar* taaeiy. in crowila we are 
klae; e<ir taeaita are aching, ralhfr. (or 

ym^ y ftr, f ly >* ^^H^ ^lT ^* g W^_ t^ p\mtnnr j 

dear ro« aver will remain. 

•adlir mliMd b* bia childreo. cblidreo. 
lB>law and graodcblMreo. 

William T. 8b«pp>ri1 ot Lintell l« u ion of 
III* Ut* Wlllltni U. Shapptri). loog > raildtnt 
or dprlBgrUld. A lew y««rm beforo hli dellh 
Mr. Bbapptrd rotarnsd to hli old tioino In Lowell 
and dl»d Ihere. While In Bprlnnfleld ho win 

pr.xMrrtf nf Ihn UnnV of CnnirMr-rc wtlh \V T 
IllKlno UK i:ii>lihr. 11" Iriiiih "ii- l'".ii».| »hrrc 
lb* Union Nellond now Is. Mr. Sbeppnrd built 
jn» or lilt flnf«l honit'S In Ibf rlljr on E««l \V«I- 
nul elrecl. He renie to Sprlntdeld *onn after 
'ha riTll war and waa a resident Inr iO years. 
When Crorite Ward Nichols wrole highly colored 
slorlcs aliom Wild Dill nnd bis killings In the 
west, which were published In Harper's. Mr. 
Eheppard wrole a general defense of the coun- 
try for a Boston newspaper which was pub- 
lished. Wlllism T ."ihcppsrd. Ihe son. was born 
In Springfield and waa educated here and In 
Harrard nnlTerall;. Ha la a lawyer and balm 
lulcfL-sieil In church work In the east became 
acquainted wIMi Ihe Rockefeller family. All 
are members of the Uaptlst church. Mr. Kbep- 
pard married a relotire of Rockefeller and haa 
long been a close friend and advisor ot the 
nil mngnsle. Mr. Sbeppnrd Is often In the golf'. (.! I*it-J:cfc!tcr ar.d ti:t.- :>u.-!aei^ Ai v^ill 
•i social coanocllons with John U, uix 


Oar Uor« UvMtliAB. lofani Mn oT Mr. 
■nd Mrf. W«<! MeMthan. t»6 Bouth J*r. 
lrrM>n •vrnu*. »m biirl«d m B«Ml*ood 
mnctenr tbU afUriMoa mtttt mnm tn 
enarce of the Alma Lohtnrrrr tunoal 
hem*. Thr rhild dl«4 Tunday Bisbt !• 

LO»t.MA r. TsBAN 

'_F«n*ral mtvImi for Vbtnam T.^ OImm, 
t). vioiMvr ClirMMa Monty raaMmt. VM 
diad at hU hOM* «o tha Jam** rl««r 
Mar 0l«v«r/ Up^ Mimdar. v*r* mM tftit 
wwnlni at tertM* ehapal ariih Um K«t«r* 
tnd ObacWa rrsalar vtllctoUnc. Ifr* 
ahan »■« a tialtv* «f Ti>nnr<a^. bat na 
fiad l<v«d In Clirlstlan rwuiiir (or ^• T'lri. 
tils *ir>. now <1ead. was Mlaa Martha A. 
Mfrrltl. tnrmbet ol anottjrr ploiiMf (amltr 
M tit* vicUiUr H* U aimrlvvd by tear 
M«ti)t*ra. •» Mlevs: urt Hull* cmea- 
titam. Ura. TUhIa MarrtU and Mra. AUca 

k«r. Oardan 0](«rM«. Tii« brot&«ri, 

I T. A. Qhan of 4U Swith Mala aTtoo* SM 

CTiarlea Ohan «f Cl»v»r. aluo •urvtra. b«»- 

•i^^iiu iraodthlkUeo and acvaa crcat- 

I -^ ^ ^ n. C. BATES 

I ., Jh* J*^ •• "• *^- ■•*^- •»• •» Bantw 
*IIIr Ark . »bo rtIM TufiHay nijhl at 
Ih^ liont of hi* »on, John W. BaU*. >U 
Kaat Lron araat. tnh b« aaot to Hantm' 
viUa for funeral aanrtcaa tbara TlMfadar 

ion Bcra for ihnt rmn. ■• «m • pt»« 
na»r ratldtnt vat acSioel tcaehar in MrUi. 

' -** -"''bUSJi nfif "*"*"• 


Miss Reed's 
Is Announced 

aAil |W««Clt»UWT WMiinad* >e»laf 
**aay aftfrtMon of tj>a f ngaivmaMt 
«f Mt»llutb C llaad, dMh of v«cmii 
o( Oniry collrvr. I<> Mkiimmi AlrMHidrr 
nirn-nri. drmi of YiiiiKi.>!i ioII^k*. 
Yaiikloti. a. D. 'fhf miift'iiu < tin til 
raiitr Hb n ^llrpllM- ^■t tut i:iiili\ 
Irlriids of MiM Krrd nhft v a^ n.atl'.- 
tit nil lllloritiHl trit ^t\fit Ht 11.1 l<.||-.<* 
of .Ml» 'llir<llln> W Nl'Vil I I Iti Uril- 

ion'aVanu*. Mra. Na<l«i hml tinlKrt 
«attilnia«t tha Drurr ra(n4ty-We- 
inana club to houor Ulaa aaad'a 
motttar. Mra. sulla Read, on {>rr 
M>Hi1l>_"iniiiltir tha anariMOo aaaail 
rnralepca ware handed thr k<>"<**- 
tuppoiadly contalnliiK Xaatxt grvrl- 

loffa from Mn. R»«d. Whan tliey were 
OfMiMil thay wara found to cootaln 
tha (nganpnienl atiiioiincfiivnt. 

Mta. Ettla-tAmar aharldan prcalded 
iVUW tta Ubta wMeh was drcoratcd 
tritti •"botMiuat of yellow 'Jonqu'la. 
Baakata of rad roaea decked tha en- 
tertaining roooia. Mra. Reed cut tha 
b^hday cake. 

Mra. John Bannatt read an original 
poem In praloe of Mra. Reed"» dough- 
i4iiu. tor wliMi »lie l^ faiiioua. Mm. 
Reed axpreaaad her appreciation to tha 
group fof tba eourtealea anown her. 

About n wara praaant at tha tea. 
. bnmadlaUly after tba t«* Mlaa 
Reed attended n liotirc tnrrtlni? beInK 
h«ld by tba campua girls and told 
Uwm of iter angacMtteni. It u tnur- 
fating to note that tha college cue- 
tuiii of sending candy uhrii hii vii- 
gagprnent la annotmced u'iii> ubterved 
by Mr. Stewart, who sent r> tlvp-pottnd 
l>ox to IhP wlrM 111 the (li>i iiiiionrs. 

The wedding will be celetxrated Ihe 
coming siihiiiifr nl Ml«^ Rci'd's lioiii"' 
111 Alt^olDt, Jo'.va. 


Page 3: Henry Fair was killed.** 

Harve Jeffers died.** 
Page 8: Two marriages performed.** 
Page 12: Births announced.** 

Mrs. Susan E. McGarr died.** 

Jackson infant died.** 

George L. Graham died.** 


Mrs. Susan E. Garr died.** 

Mrs. Anna Caffey sues to divorce A. N. Caffey. They were married June 15, 

Mrs. Annie Versaw sues to divorce Felix Versaw. 

The will of A. W. Davis was filed for probate. He left his property to his 
four children and Blanch Glover. 


Mrs. Dorothy Wilbum Penn died.** 
Page 15: The History of Springfield #25** 



^Al"«dVol*'T"i''^"?"' '"•"" •"••"■■'■ "'•^>- f"r "H'or 
rMdaantf Col T. T. T.rlor w.b mi m conim.iid of tboao 

^u2^.tJl^!7ilS'.'"",^^'°""' •^"■""e-'l- Springfield 
■■rgMB B. H. Melcher, who ta«d bMn left In c«re of Uiain 
n"hrn"g';L"w."nrod!" '"""" ""' ""•""• "" »« *^ ""' 

©In (h* m««a(liae Oeherkl Framont la northern Mlawnrl. hnv- 
iiie Biccrlalned (lie number of Confederates in Springfield, des- 
patched .Major Cbarlea Zagonrl and Major Frank J. White and 
hU Pralria 8«»nU» to Uka tlia town. Octobar 24 loud tha 
radarala juit out of Springfield where a taw Contederalaa were 

r-s^iT^t'Spri^Sid *• •""•' ""' '"•'• ''"• '""• • '•* •»«• 

(^ The Confederates wera encamped about a mllo west of tha 

pnbllo aqnara on tba Ht. Vamon road. In tha nie«ntlma Whltt 

i^fML-htta captured br tha Conladeratea by. mi error on tha part 

'' ot tM y«daraU. KbovIbc XtCOBTi to h% naar tha CoatadfratM 

wan plae«d la •nboih 'ba' botk tUlM of the road, iralttas'nir 

^ iho IMwal* wko wttv aot Jobs 1b otowtas «». 


■tItSitmrf O. Btoaa. Qiaana eounty 
oaconar. «m MJM to Stratford today 
to vtm Um body oC Harre Jaffata. 4a. 
•■Cr» vtM died auddenly at Ma 
hiMHa"^ ttia Bud <>otter farm there 
laat- Bight. Tba lareaUgaUon Indl- 
eatad that Jeftera died of natural 
aauaaa. ao no Ixtquaat was held. The 
ft wUa and four 


MRS. ooRornr wilbcbs pk.n.n 

Mrs. .Uorothr WUburn Penn. 37. wai 
burlad ttya afurnoon In HMalwood ceme- 
Ury aftar funeral aarvleaa la tha Olbaon 
Ctiapal Preabrtarlna chureb In eharge of 
tbo Herbert V. Bntth tuaarnl home. Her 
mother and five sitters and five brothers 
xurviTp. She died Monday In Kanaai City. 

• Ii-t lMl.-l):iliil ililtlli- I IIP |.,^, :,». I 
jeiim ol iiirir iiuirrim li(«- uiuscu loj 
'•'iin...rt hi-r mill h.r , hiiciron imcl urt- | 

VMII.SI.l III l..«S|,,,|„|, ,;.i,i ,.,. >n,,,„|, 

""•- t'»> lillK r..nir»<.if,i by tier. Mr* 
Aiinlo Vcrwiw ch»r««i m « clivorcr 
►<ill lilp,| II, rirruii rourt litre l<xl«y 
NKiiliiM frUx VrrM>«. 


Red Men Looked to This 
Country When Summers in 
Other Territories Made 
Difficult by Heat, Meager 

WttlUB M 7«M«»ft«T Ooiumbut OU* 
ioT«i«<l AliMrtca. kud 75 year* b«for« 
Um PIlBTlm* Undad oa Plymouth 
ruck. trUnAty Xndteaa had l«d Spaa- 
jnh •sploavn to IhUr "wondertul 
land." tb* Onrks. Ur. Edward M. 
SItepard told in«inber» or Um Uiilvar- 
»uy club ID tbcir weakly luncheon 
u)Mlui« al^ Uoct'a Uarootn at noun 

Tor c»nturl«». he Mid. the Ozark* 
uau bcca a ' Mavwk aud paraoue" to 
all Uw ttOtm witleb wand«ia4 b*< 
iwacn Um Appalachian bUla and Um 
Rockies and from Canada to th« 

TIM aamc •dvantagM of cllmai*. 
lopocraphy uid •I»*»Uoq wtUob mad* 
th* Oaafk* » pMmdiM to tha Indiana 
inal^« tlMin aupwlor today to any 
p«rt et tha lrnlt*d 6lat«a b«lw««n 
*ha caalffD and «'fttern mountain 

FmiM Baltcf Hera 

fnta tha pralrlM of Ohio. Indiana, 
liUnoia and iht northeaai. inMn tha 
Rraat plalna of tha wMt. and from 
the Mvaanalit of the south, "hcra 
rxntalva heat, lack of wai«r and 
.:...(:(. n.i.i^rr luiilliiK mitde 
tummer* dlfllcult. tha Indian* looked 
■<)«ur(l tlin Or«rk.*. Iir rupUinod. 
Ilrrr itiry vniiie to Jiiitl abundant 
vairr In kparklloK (trtani* and cry*- 
iiUllne. icy aprinis; plenty of rub 
aad (auie. lerllle land*, and a won- 
(trrlully I'lraaaut clunau 

•More Than tiold* 

llinc tliliiK* to the Indian* «rre 
n-u!r pirrloua tliin |old. Doctor 
hhti'urti »m:a, ami ko not quite iio- 
<lrr:<infidliiK what tabiiloua trciuiure 
the SpaiiUrds «rrt ereklnif. the beat 
ii>« liKllaiis could (li> «■■ tu bring 
i..(iii !>• iiicir liiort iAiuuu% land — 
•I* O^tks lliiik It hapixned that 
Ur.'V>tii. coining from Mortd*: and 
CvruoH<lo. from Mrxico. bot^ Invaded 
the Ozark* abotil the same tln><-. and 
<'. uDC tlue acic wilhlii a day* ride 
of each other witboul knowriog It. 
Doctor Shepard aatd. Tbla «aa in the 
>ear IMI. 

OiilUlnl M»tiMtlWi or ttm 
Ozarkt' advanug»» wa* given by Doc- 

tha ftnrte eo««a*. ta i^IM of eeunU 
leaa centurie* of gradual afoatoo. 

niakint: ih» hllU norily rotindrtt In- 
*««aa ol liarati and rocky, the Oaarka 
BtUI form an "ItUnri" In thr lovrlaiidi 
whkU taicna in *ll uirrciloii* to the 
Appalachian aud Rorky Mountain 
(halnt. he lald. 

»ir»t lllghlands 
thrjf art the firxl l>t«ihland* reafh- 
•d by the molature-ladeii wind* from 
tt'.e •.•■,i!l. I'M.) II, rv iimlpiUtf tliiit 

I • -■• ^. :..^,o i,iu.Mi.|j uhiiiiUaiil 

laliifall. una the ii*lural aprlngt. 
^•U» and atreama for wbleh the rt> 
lion u famou*. rhiia in effect, the 
l>wrk* "iteal their ralnfair from 
Kaas**. Nebr*Akit *nd Oklahoma, he 
MM. and a* the re*ult have auperlor 
tounlry and auperlor cliiiiale. 

Areraire anuual rainfall lu aouib* 
««•! Miaaoun. b* aald. la 46 Incbea, 
a* agauiat U to U Ibcbaa In Xanaaa. 
Mel;ra*ka and Okl*h(>n\a— and alnre 
'.f Inchtk It the iiiiiilinuiii req<ilrr- 
■ rn; lor nic\r>.'rul ircpft. the advaii- 
>i^e 1* obtloua, ha aaid. 

•prtncn^ld At Creat 

Springlltld, Doctor Bhepard aald. I* 

rt the cr««t iM tha plateau, and *o 

haa all tha advantate* of lh* Orark*. 

n«l In «f1(llll.>ii to llml of rlf\nllt>n. 

• h:t !i l:u^^ ii .1 < liiiiiilc Mi|KTlor Iw 

<nai o( other clfle* lu the aame lall- 

Mide. ttirh as Norfolk and nichmond. 

V's wl'Uh he mM hrr tii\irli hotirr 

[>>..iu( MicpaiU raid Hint. Mnce the 

kiaclal age when the Ocark* were In- 

nabiied by cliff dweller*, at leaat 

right diatlnct racea of people hare 

i.hittjitrd Ihrii ■••:<l probably niaiiy 

more. Tbeae primitive cave dweller*. 

«ho watched tha glaciers recede and 

melt. w«r* followed by bltifr dweller*. 

'lira by two racea of mound builders, 

•nd riitally by aucceailva tribea of 

Indiana, be aald. 

Befora tha whlt« man came, the 
Uzarka were ror 600 year* tha homo 
ot tha Oaages, "tha largest, rincst 
and moet epjcndid of any race In the 
United States." be said — and humor- 
nuflv (iiftftrated that, n* the flnrM 
:,b<- ol Xiidiaii* (ie\clopcd In the 
O^nrkii. so the rinrfit group of Aiiicrl- 
' an* might alao develop In the banie 
•■-i"]! Ill thr iicxi 500 ytarfi 



ate the 




and Mr*. 

Roy E 

• vrniir 


of a boy 

. n<>>;er 




and Mm. 

N. 11 1. 

ihvk, sue 


riorld* atreet. 
baby daughter. 

are the M 

«rrh 23 

of a, 


and Mr> 

Ed Vliin. dJI c 



are the 
March aA 


«t a b*b> 

hoy . 


and Mrs. 

tdRiir M Moiida 

y 8111 




uiinoumr the | 


1. .'i .•: 


U-e i 




Henry Fair, Stock Buyer, Ts 

Fourth Auto Crash Victim 

of Week in Oza rl(s> 

U«nr)' >'au. Uuwcil luuuI) klock 
iniT«r, iMMow tb» fouttto aatoiBObU* 
cnab vicUai In th«' Oauka r««loB 
this «Mk vhta tato eu na Into a 
«tMb ura mroBk ma tiactno Ugbt 
pal* ttmt bla booM at «^ov Bprlng* 

y*M J * y. uuiBc him UMunUr. 

tbt oth*r tbrM who haw 1«( their 
UT«a thU vwk «ra Mmroartl Jayoe. 
ta. Tulaa. Okla^ Hooaar BIgsa. IP. 
PtaUUpaburs. *n<t WUUa l*anaa. 6. 
■on oC Mr. uMl Mr*. Ben iTocaoe. 
Oovmt. Mlcb. 

Mr. PWr. wbo wm 4S. waa ratumtnc 
IMMM aloa^ UBitad BUtaa blctaway 
•0 wttb a load of baj and (aad wban 
ba tat floatrpl e( bla —"«'«-» Mr. 
nur •Hdastly aooalaraUd ^mwI In 
ordar to paD back Into Um hlcbway 
rrtWD tba ditch. Ba waa dtting on 
•.:.c t'.-l- rf •*-• — "/-hin. n»Tt fo the 

Mayoard Jayaa. who waa klllad in 
rayatlavina. Alt.. Sunday aftamoon 
wbaa tola car collidad at a atraat in- 
tataacuoo wltb ooa drlran by Ulaa Z 
V. Mayaa. M. Aogars. Ark., waa a 
brotbartalaw ot Mra. Howard Wt«*cr. 
831 Soutn Grant afanua, 8prlncfl«Jd. 
Mxm. Weaver returned home Wednea- 
d*) Xrcjn Far»'"ville, where aha al- 

.tcnded -funeral aemcciJor Jajne^ 

Mra. J. U Jayna. mother ot lb* 
daad man. wbom b* waa on bla way 
lo Me at llie time he waa kliied. U 
kllll crlllcally 111 tn a hueplul only I 
t«'<> hlocki from the scene of the : 
accident. I 

Ulsa Mayes, driver of the car which 
collided with the Jayne machine, will 
IM Klven preliminary hearing on a I 
maimUuKhter charge Friday morning I 
III Kiijcttevllle. j 

Car Overturns ! 

Willie IvorsoD. the third accident t 
victim, was fatally Injured when Bla | 
parents' automobile. In which they i 
were returning to their home lo 
Michigan Irom a trip to CalUomu | 
overturned on United States highway t 
00 near Koilu Sunday a'ternoon. 

Homer Briggs. the fourth to die In | 
the past week as the result ot an su- i 
i.«injbi;t incident, waa Injured on 
March 10 when the car In which be 
w.o» 1.^...^ i.\cr»urnci '^^ the high- 
way near Lebanon. Melvin Klssee. a 
companion ot Biggs, died In a Spring- 
field hoepltal two days after the ac- 

Mll». 51 SAN '• MfC..*** 

■»*j-' .N>.rii. Cit«i>i «v.-nii'. •.'"•■I • lour Ill- 
net; Her h.iMNin.1. K M McOart. ju. - 

m^-TS J -he J W. KUnB"er.Undert.k- 
co^pSny The place for il.e tuacral Usi 
not been cho»en 

iSfJ^r. ,..-■. ••jAaaoitnurAKT ' ■ 

Th* infant ton of Mr. and Mrs. Kmfrf 
Jackson. 19M Kaal MorkJa •»7*r'' ". • 
Tliuraday Dl«ht In a Springfield ho>pitai 
ruotrftl arrmataawnla bra la ehana of 
Um J. W. Kitagn n Vnin imkiat ewnpany. 

''^]"' ' OKOmGB U UBAMAM 
Oeort* U Qrataam. 74, died at hU home. 
411 Cart Lmn streets this morning after 
a thiTrl t""»" He »** • rellre^l i»i«t:i 
dealer, bot bad >i»ed m Springfield otiiy 
« ftw |r«ar«. Ha U survived bjr hu «il« 

Mt» adk complatad. 

et Sprlncfto 
1. W. XUBf» 


Oolda Lilt, l-year-old daugluer of Mr 
and Mr» rrank Utl. Mioey. Mo. died 
thli nornlng In a Bprtmtrirkl hoapiul 
afUr a brief lllnew. The body »*» pre- 
parvd for burial at the Herman l.ohmever 
Fi^at home and sent to Miner today lor 
tbnaral *»tvIc«» at lh« Ul' residence Fri- 

.MR.«i. SISA.N E. <iABn 

Mr*. Pii»an E. Oarr. 79. ?4."14 North Orant 
avanue. died Wednesday night at her home 
after a lone llln.**. Bhe l* »urrlvrd by 
her husband. Fount Oarr one .on. Andy 
Ro«er/i. Ark., -and two daughtert.. Mrs. 
Ollvr James. Lebanon. Mo . and Mrs M. 
A Thomas. Bprlngfield. Funeral .services, 
under the dierectlon of J W Kliugner. 
will be held at the fstniJy residence at 
7 o'clock tonight The body will he take:; 
to Lebanon early Friday morning for burial 




jwttee of tba Paac a R. A. Treva- 

IHf»i who lays hia claim to the dU- 
^ftitiaa of hsring p«r1ermad mar* 
imn*|T c*r«moniee- tbaa any paac* 
ItiaUca tn this section, offlclsted at 
(«e MOra '•eddiuga }eswrday allai* 



If wedlock *<>*• dC Cbartea Me- 
.gj^mtum tt ya^*^* city and Jena B. 
eoam «i ■HiMMH w*t* feffewad by 
^tSst ^ Mwtiarl C. Tyson and Lola 
IftalnbotbaJb. botb ot Beoslia These 
Tmmir-'— emt Judg* Tievathaa'a to« 
if^ t» »* weddings lo the t« years 
jMum jfr a*r»aa aa justice of tfia peace. 

UeclniliiK ili"i lie li>"»b«i!(1 ihresl- 
enetl l>» llin>» Her rl<.lli«^ out of llirir 
luMiie rel>ruiir> Ji ln^t i' H" dul n<'l j 
lrn»r hlin. Mi^ .^i.ll.« C.iITi t .r(l • nil : 
U'r<\f'i ' '.n .ir.inl i ..iirl Iwir l'i<lii\ 
■r N t;.!(r-.. «li.'i:i "h- ninr- j 





^ «M b«r* March ai. Itft an 
jpatth MWW, It waa r««Ml«d i 

IB aa appOcatloa lor appoint- 
or as ■drolnUtrator before I 
H. rairman In probata 

ap)Mpt«l J. O. 
of Malba B. Oor. 

,_, 1. a gilat-Blaec of 

M admtnlatrator o( U>» 

^^^Uiaa 9UIOU laft no 

rrtattva aur- 


Page 1: Marriage license: L. M. Donnell and Elizabeth Baxter, both over 21 and 
both of Springfield. 

Page 6: Miss Colleen Kenney and Mr. Morris Garnsey are engaged to marry.** 
Page 20: Mrs. Martha Wray died.** 
Mrs. Susan E. McGarr died.** 
George L. Graham died.** 
Page 23: The History of Springfield #26** 


QlvH War Campalpnlno 

• ••,«>.■ 

The Federa]! found Confederalei oti liulh Rldpt nf ttii- roft<t 
they hid to (ratel to r«Kch tiprlogtleld and Ztc'itnin irufi|i 
etaarcvd down with their eoemy (Irtaf et tbeiu from both eldfe. 
After loelnc a snaber of troopi tbej reached a brook and fouoil 
protection U!)«l*r Its bunks. Rnon three trnnuR mr-r*. (nlned by 
fnplnln Fnlrr end Llnifenniit \J:i\llir^l tin' l;iir..r it.iMcitii- lIi- 
CoiifetJerate tuvalry and driving tlifin a«uy whilo tlit- rt>!*t of 
tit* army charged the remalnloc Coofcderaie troopi and at-at- 
l*r*4 them. 

(J) The Federals then rode Into 
Si.riiiKtl. 1(J JI..1 rclK«,M.I ihe Ir.i.'^i 
truope b«ld prieoB there. The 
rnloolitt wer« vlld vlth Joy. In 
the meantime Major White had 
r«. .Tpfd ;ini! refiirnc'I to Sprlnrf'el'l nn 11-tMtH.r :■:. f-. vioTlt^ arrr v 
iiijolifil into ^frlDSIlrld. tto .Su- 
veiiit>er 2, FreiDont vai aaperveded 
by Geoerai Hauler aid when Hnttr 
arrlrcd. Nor ember 5, be carried with 
bitn au order to retire to Rolla as 
there waa aome talJt of the Confed- 
erates atlemptlnK lo cmptnra til. 


~^ Co NoTnaber I lbs Federals r«tlred 
from SprlDifteld much to the dlssoit of 
the Unlonlata sod to the sarprlse of lb* 
Confederates vbo coald not nodentaod 
the mOT*. Many Uoloniiu left with tbe 
Fsdenl army. On Norsmber II, IISI, 
tbo OonCedentsn nnder Qeneral McCnllocb 
•Blared Bprlndleld lbs aecond time and 
■sen tb* crsnldr part of lbs soolbem army 
was encamped aroond Bprlnsfleld. 

(f) Other tampalins called lbs Confeder- 
ates away from Bprinifleld and a smnll 
faro* waa ell thai w»i Isit lor som* tlm*. 
Tb* FederaU, oyer the seasonal star* «t 
8t Loola belB» attacked, moied down 
enslo on tbe city and all.r a sUibt iklrm- 
lih near straltotd, entered tbe elly. re*- 
ruary U. ll«J. tbe third tUn* In I*** «h«« 
elllbt montba, nnder Major Oineml Sam- 
uel B. Cnrtla. Tbe town soon »aa n baa* 
of operation for (be F>d»i..i« ■Anay oC 
the Soolhweil." 8appll*a w«r* BOTad 
here nhd Incidentally, thee* supplies oro- 
voked. later on, the battle of SprlngflAld. 



MissKenney • -'i^ ; 
To'Be MarrieS^ 
To Mr, Ga rnaey 

AlfNOUMOXkUNT hM bMn mad* 
"■ br Mn. Albert tUlman of UttI* 
itook, Ark,, ot Ui* •ngk(«incnt oc bn 
tmnddftugbur, Utm OoUmo KasMy, 

(u Mr MoriU Otrntcf ot Alirori, Mo. 

MIM Keiiuiiy U • uirmbrr nt tho 
iKJIor cUm of Dmrf colU|^ ana ol 
ri B«Ui Phi Mrorltr. tlM la a >p«ciaU 
tut III tli« rranch Unguage ur. 
0»ra»»T J* * (raduau of Orunr and 
will raoal^a hla maaUr of arta da«i*« 
lu •cotiomlfa UiU year from Clark 
uutvaraltjr, WoreeiUr, Maaa. H« naa 
bMn awarded th« American r^la 
StrTloa Mlkywaiup for VYaocli unuar- 
■Itlea at tha Unlvamlty of ftrla. Ur. 
Oariiiar >■ • Stfma Mu and waa praat« 
dfot of th« iturftnt bodf at Drvry. 

Tb« wadding will Uka plaoa al 
Ulaa ICannaya botait tn Juaa. rb« 
ooupW WIU aalt tot rranc* tha riiM 
of July. They will go to Oranobla to 
■pent tlirea montlia before gotuf to 


1 puneral a«r»lcca will be held •'^"'^ 


MRS. srSA.N E. MtiARR 

TUr body or Mr. C iica*rr 10 
wak iBkrii li> Lfbouou lyvl.iy lor d-''"' 

Tliiinidav evenlMK J ". Kimguer 
j cliari;* of arraiicr!T-rii!> 

(iK«>R<ie •. «i«AIIAM 

KunerM ,rrvlc** for «*<"»•' V.>i,"''."ll'.u 
li, who died Thur»<U.v »',' wuf b2 heW 
home. 411 East Lynn •i'"'*- •*" 5? 7,^ 
a- 3 ocloclc Sunday »"VV,'~^ L in 
Kllnguer funeral rl.apel. foll.^.ed by It.- 
urmeivt tn Oreen Lawn cemetery. 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 6: Mrs. Frances Combs sues to divorce Espy Combs. They were married 
November 28, 1909. 

Mrs. Ecta Rasnic sues to divorce Waldo Rasnic. 

John C. Sutton sues to divorce Mrs. Myrtle Sutton. They were married July 
5, 1921, at Sedgwick, Kansas. 

George L. Graham died.** 

Mrs. Sarah Ann Frady died.** 

Mary Frances Agee died.** 

Mrs. Sarah Jane Cowan died.** 

Mrs. Matilda Beatie died.** 

Mrs. Lititia E. Carpenter died.** 

George L. Graham died.** 

Mrs. Darcus Panter died.** 

Mrs. Emily Hill died.** 

James E. Robinson died.** 
Page 7: Card of thanks.** 
Page 9: The History of Springfield #27** 


i__l« tjl«la_0^«»e; t 

Otie yrar tfo todftr. 
I ii>- ttavior lallrd inoitirr U> rest, 
bucli Auituw hart never entered UiC bomr. 
i<<ii aurvly God knew tx»l. 
Madly iiiiaaaa b)- W. li. UmileT, b'laband. 
and caUdrca. 


B.nd Winnie UncL%ej. ». WUlard 

Fnacia Jay Hunukcr. r. Uoim. 
tain Orove. and Dona Dolorw Soot^ 
24. Mountain Qrme. 



Th9 Battle of Springfield 

> - - 



Q WUb tb« rt(urn ol iho (oderalii to SprlnKfl^M inmr hrtinr iIiti.-x. TM" 
RoverniLaDl extended the tcleRraph lino from S(. I.nnin i<t Hdllit to ihi. 
Iioint and the union qiinrl<«rmiia<frii bontiht much vt llirir iiii|iii|i< -. lion-. 
^ rf""''*! hoxl'lfnl »ni ri.liitill«hn<l with hPltrr raillMlPS for llic «tiiiriilril 
It waa onljr natural tbai tbo (edorala wli<lied to bold the town hiiiI, u.- .. 
meaoa of precaution, four foria #ere built (or detenie. 

"" Tl. • fr.l.rnls did not lf«Te tbe prolfCtlon thoy 

,, ,1 .,i,.l A i.uiui.T ..( ir....l.ii w«Tt. in .outhrru 

MiiniMl 1.11.1 .\rl<:iii««i<. Confederate General Mama- 
.l.ik.> drrldrd In make a da.h at the town and cap- 
iiiio 111.' siiiipllm. now b^clnnlnx to h* ararre In tBe 
,,.iir...|.i;ii.' ronki.. On th.' .-».i.lnK of JanmrT . u 
««■. r-porlnd to IJenrrnl Hr..«u. f.Mri^l .ommandrr 
Ml Siirln«Clrld. thai the enri;i>- »i>n .ou. In» ni' and 
hell.- prpparatlona were made lor defenae. Brown t-v mi-n and hl« armr had Tolunteem from 
SpiliiKtl.ld Bnd evpM Ihe l«»»*r wounded who had 
;. It ihi- hoBpllAl to lUht. 

WW that Uatr M4MQr vucMf ««»••*«•« «»«• *■*** 

•Ided to fight It out. After a HlUe ah«r«»a tha i.aafa««raUa 
mored • bit to thf waat aad a(Uck«« Iro« Ut ►..ail. and 
•oatkwaaL Tka katUa of 8»rUcnald. Janaary t, IKS. h«d 

commenced. — "" 



runoral aerTlcea for Oeor«e L. Oraham 
7«, 411 Ka*t Lynn ttref^t. will be held 
, 4l 3 oclock Sunday aftern'jon In the 
I Kllnf uer funeral chaiKl. (ollo*cd by bu«i»l 
1 In Orrei. Lawn cemetery 

MM. »A«AH ANN nWOT ^^ ^^^ 

home •« W-t Stala •«^,%J^'f;/,f3% 
noon, runeral •ertOcMja^bjhe'f'V^ 

sr:.h'u"r'.'"m.-. ri^ lirr^vi:^ 


Mri. Emily Hm.^S, 
DieM in Fair Grove 

As 111* rwuU of »n uif«ct«d right 
Mf'tflMQf'VUl, «0 |r«wnuD|!4.. 
dlvd '%% hi>ir bom* nemr P»ir Oror* 
ywUntajr aooik A Um jrsus bafor* 
h«r death Wri. Mill muvvd to ralr 
i Orove from BufUlo. «rliere ah* «■• 
tfioiii'lit to hr the olrtfNt llvnu 

miffvnt. 8h« «M lidrft'^ W ' mfltUMin 

and niovfd to'Bitrr»lo iioin*-^ yvitn 
»go Kith her hiuband who was ■ 
Oonfederftte ctvll war vttcrtn. 81M' 
ts •urrlred by ono apn, H. O. Hill' of 
l>lr Orove. ^wo ' daughters, Mary. 
Hart«r and Drucllla StaKord both of 
l^ilr GroTr. She la bI<io inirrtTed toy 35' 
grandchUdren. 17 greatgrandohtidnm 
and 3 Rreatgreatgtaadchlldret). Pu* 
neral kurvlecs were held this after* 
noon at Pair Orove followed. by inler- 
inciil III Union Monnrt rcmcJrry. 19 
mlIeK northwest of PVir Orove. 

I'lONKRR riTI/.l:> IMEM 

30— Jnmea E. Roblnnnn. an old cUl> j 
rrn of Mountain Orovp. ctied ut M:i.v i 
wood. Csl., from the effects of %\\ at- 1 
tack of jnrumnnla. aftrr a bri'f HI- ' 
nesn In a ho^pltnl there He rrcrnt- 
ly under^'^nt a major operation in a 
Sprl-el.,1 )ir</^}ittKl. miri Hfirr hi* 
PIc'ih! irt'-v<ry he win; hi.- Aiir "ri.'. 

lo California, where thtcr daughters I 
m<. reside. '' 

MR«i ntR<i> rwrtn 

Mrs D.ittu* I'miler tnrni'Dv v'. K".- 
wood. died In Ok.'.«Ji'»n.o Ci«v Frldnv alln 
>. hriff ll'ilK"---. Huorilir.i !;• a -r^l :<•• 
rfl.'-il l-.rir lodi*'. \hr i.-'.. «."; . • : •• 
in Springfield toni<hl lor burtol tn Mii;>i> 
Park c'lneierv The time ->? tS' TivvriT 
haf not been >• . M:» : .i..irr w> •■■.•■■ 
vu-ed hv or.f M^r.. lli.rrv. «nrt ■ ,»i>"rr. 
Mr». M;>eale Aldrlrh of ! 'Uittf.' * I'-'- 

itiaii Lo'mitytr hw.s rhiti.;o oj 

I ineiit*. 

Mary France. A«J*. •-""V^ >5i«>^ <»«» 

at the home. \^\*.yL^ B«»«le« ine par- 
dsy after a »»'tf ', ^'•■rattUr 8nr»tw.~ 
enU. one «>™^'>'' f.W heW at Marlon- 

de" the duectioo ot Sta rne . mortuary. 

M«S. SARAH JA.NI! ^^^^jj^d tM, 
S^'^\%'uvi^.nSU" count, all her 

Mni 'and M'r.."LuU Ci».»oi.. ail ol ;^on> 
Ki it W Monroe street. Mr, Or. Scott 
wi came Parson and Paul Co.hsu ai 

Pundny atterneon at ' *' <' •'••^'„ 'p,:.,,„ 

of luieinteut. 

■MR!«. M*Tn.nA BtATtK 

Mr», NUilcla B»alJe. »J. ot.d *^^'' 
b«m* l»««r Re«*r«»lH* fmrW f^^-J 
monilns. She U sutTired by lour daufh- 
tr» and one *nn. Puneral arrancementa 
• r« Incomplete DJt burial *ill be m i^e 
Palmetto cemetery Sunday afternoon un- 
der (1tre«tion of Ro*. tktiIIc t'mJertsklng 


' MILLER. Mo . March 30-Mri^ Lilitia T. 
Carpenter, long lime resident oflhl^lo•n. 
died here Wednesday at Ihe advanced age 

of t« She U survived by eight children 

all of whom lUe |ti and about Millar. 
Bern In National. Trnn . In 1«43. Mm. 
Cirpciiier lived (h»re ui.f.'. .^l;- inarrcd 
Joiin H. Carpenter in IMi. and then 
r.iovfd to Miller. Twelve children »ere 
born to ih» t-ouple. four of them now 
dead Funeral nervtce* »ere conducted 
Kridav at the ramtly honi- with burial n j 
the Miller cemetery undT dirrcuon of J I 
W Mortis. undTtakT i 

(.I.OR(;r L. liRAIIAM j 

I P;in»ral 6er\u-e» lor Ceorge I, crjliatn I 
74 4'I Ft' Iv:i- >.'r»-e', «:'.! b' I'lf? ' 
i\r 3 SO o iloi.'K Simrti«\ «;'rri;ii.)i. i:i •.»»•■ 

\ Kir-» SplrMMnlt'' »;:'iti!!. t>;!y»rd t,-. b.r;«I" 

I 111 llrcrti Lnwn rnv.f.Mv 


Easter Sunday 
Page 3 A: Mrs. Willa Mae Latham died.** 
Mrs. Sarah Jane Cowan died.** 
George L. Graham died.** 
Mrs. Sarah Ann Frady died.** 
Mary Frances Agee died.** 
Mrs. Matilda Beatie died.** 
Page IB: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 2B: Mrs. Jessie May Divan, 20, sues to divorce Orin E. Divan. They were 
married February 10, 1929. Her maiden name was Gladden. 

Page 3B: Louie Moad of Electa, Texas, died and was buried in the LO.O.F. 
cemetery at Monett. 

Pete Reese died April 25 at Tyron, Okla. He was the brother-in-law of Mrs. 
F. N. Reese of Monett. 


Mr. J. D. Baker died at Crocker, Mo. His son is S. L. Baker of Newburg. 
Mrs. Susan Paris died Tuesday at Stotts City. She was a sister-in-law of 
George Hobbs of Miller. 

Naoma Proctor, 16, died Tuesday at the home of her parents Rev. Tom 
Proctor and wife at Grunfield. She was buried at Greenfield. 
Page4B: Joe Wisby died.** 
Page 6B: Miss Norine Thompson and Mr. Eugene McCurry are engaged to 


Page 7B: The entire family of Mr. and Mrs. Ben J. Martin are here. Mr. Martin is 

seriously ill.** 

Page 128: Cards of thanks.** 



Ii»U Which Are OtUn Tn»<«il (irrmiw Which 
.^rc WcU WorUi M hllc 

Joe WUby ta d*«d In Oiithrlo. okl»hpnii>. 
_»iMte_llftJU»dreMded Jor many jcars, Ue »us 
nwhen U>« (GSl •ummons c«nie and clowd an 
■TWiUul me. Ho was progecuUng attorney o( 
WtbaUr OOunly in e»rly d»y« aud rrpr«senled the 
■wte in MiM (Munu criminal case*. Ho prae- 
Uc«d In Bprlnglleld alio, Uls mcwt lanioua Uial be- 

WM tried for the murder of Sam OdeU. NoUnd'n 
cmisln. Ed Noland. wtu at one llnio treajurer of 
MtaTOurl. Charles Nolands father ma* piciJclcni 
of the Exchange bank when It was firet ««tal>- 
lUhed. but resigned and left 6prln«(leld long be 
fort the bank went out of bnslnc.M. Charles 
Noland. having been irtv altoriiry and pruininrnt 
lawjer. It mas pracliLaiiy liii|>,;c to obiuln 
counsel to assltt Prosecuting; Attorney J. A. Pat- 
terwo without Rolni outside the city. Jon^'h 
Wlsby and James R. Waddlll were emplovrd finally 
to aid In the prosecuUon, Waddlll residing at Uic 
time In Kansas City. 

• • • 
•nie klUlng was the resuR of a milt In a 
hutle« court. Noland being attorney In a cas« 
•catnst OdeU. thirlnj the trial Odcll was TOld 
to have threatened Noland, Raving he would 
thrash the attorney. Koland replied "It will Uke 
no mlenwoiM to tlnd me." The juLtlces oflicfl 
was In the building at (3oUege and Palton. the 
Klrby building, and when Noland reached the 
street, evidence went to show. CKIell .ilriiik Nimrd. 
who fell to his knees and at once opened fire. 
striking Odell several times and mnicUiig Iz'al 
wounds. Tlie trial took place In the old courthouse 
on the Square and attracted great attention. Bit- 
ter speeches were made against the deltn.daiit by 
both Wlsby and WaodUl. whlcli were always re- 
sented by the Noland family. Noland moved lo 
St. Louis and had not l^en there long rntl. he 
wa.» knocked diwn by a policeman lor asking t hy 
t, man was under arrest, Noland did not nhoot 
this time but he gol <i'n. He kip> luv r.r r,„ 
the officer lor a long time and. llnding he .',ent 
considerable money, 'arted an IiivcsIikbIIoi-.' It 
was discovered the ol..i »Hb treniiiirer or a \yi- 
llce relief fund and was short. Through N-iland's 
artlvity the ofl, -- •^ia fei.t to ,hc iJcnlliiill.Ti •. 
Noland died long ago and nboiil ever)lliiiig nctur- 
ly eonn--ted with the celebrated murder case has 

a « • 

Ham Odell was one of the original characters 
of Uie rough and ready kind. Jolly, good natured, 
but had a temper. He was a shouting democrat 
and bellevefl In celebrating. When there was a 
democrat Ic victory and a parade glvn. rwi(i: was 
always present with a cannon in n ttsgoii. which 
ho Ilred oil from iiino to urr" .* me niurdicrs 
niuveu oil. ilfcs bi.'.li.iely -, 1. v. ao 'hi. r,;;;.'..: c' 
mud) rvgret. being so tragic and so unneceasar>'. 

A broUi«r<ln-Uw ot Mn. F. N. 
R««M of MoncU, Pat* RacM. died at 
hU hom© In Tyron. Okla, Tueadar. 
AprU 3A. 

The mnalne of Lou!e Moad of 
Electa. Texaa, arrived Sunday evening. 
j^un^rml MdrloM vara held Mtmdav 
^Atwnoon'at MatbodJst thvaeh. eon- 
ducted by Rer. O. O. IdlnKnuui ot tba 
Chrtatlan church oi Klecta.- who waa 
» apaclal frtend. Interment In L O. 
O. P. cemetery. 

Maama Prootor tfte4^<' 
nine aMar ■ aMrt r ~ 
of l»»r parent*, Btr. , , 

and wife at Orunflald. •• tft(» «|il.«e.j 
18. runaral aervloaa W T* ' «»W 
Tbtuwtay at a p. n. liit«r«WiBfvJ». 
Oreanflald oamatary. JMftMBd «*»^;., 
tor and family fDnsady f W K i d tm» 
and bar* tlM aymp«th]r ei ill* wlK<». 

The entire family ot Mr. and Mri. 
Den J Martin, 8r.. IMl North Main 
aventie. have b«en called lo ihe bad- 
aide of their father, who U aerlotuly 
111 at 8t. John's hoapltal. The duugh- 
tera frpm out ai town are: Mra. 
Oeorge MoDaotal. Mra. Lorrmlae Joat 
and Mra. A. D. Wright St. Loula; Mra. 
Crn««t SbalUagfrger. Milwaukee: Mra. 
MUdred Ray. Mra. Mortaoaa Magae 
and Mlaa Naomi MarUn. Obloago. 
Mra. Rity. Mra. Magaa and Mlaa Naomi 
Martin were called from Havana. 
Cuba, and Miami, noatda. where they 
were apandlng the winter montha. 
The three aona of Mr. Martin, Mr. Ben 
Martin. Jr.. Mr. laaac M4rUn and Mr. 
Theodore Martin, all reatda In Spring* 

.'Vo;;/;r 7'h()f>if)SfHt 
To He Married 

Mr iind Mr< .1 .it r. .^ I"'"^'!:; ', 

nil Koiiili BroHclwny ijvcnue. an* 
noiinre> tlir fiiKagcnient of their 
dauKl.ti'r, Norliir, to Mr. Euiiene Mo- 
Curry. non of Mr. and Mrs. J. IL Mc- 
Ciirr). 830 .Soiiili Nrwioii »v«ivir 

Tlir- iimrrlni;<- \.:l| lul.r i)lB<r In Hie 
eiirly (;i||. 


WK WISH TO THANK our manjr IrleoiU 
(ur (lirlr kliidimK and iTmpmtlijr ibovB 
MS durlnr th« slrtnr^^ and dpnth o? cnr 
d««r buitaAjid .MOA ikUiet^ Mr^J^Ii^ ilAC> 
nun of waioat Oro*«. Mo..- 

MRS RDini HAKMAN. Wilnut Oro»«. 


MtSfl ZORA BARUAir. Walaut Orav*. 


nut OrfiVf. Mo 

una. rvoestE martin. Bumaturiut. 

-: ■ DEAN BARMAN, A«h OroT«. Me. 
RUK RARMAM. Wklnut QroT*, Mo. 



towns WM iiullcaied>estcrdty In th( 
lam^ timatm.ct m»Kfi»9t lloenses 

Mtiftty : J80o w6r »i ...,„.. . . ...... .' . 

Lio«ie« were, issued to the fol- 
ios^ oouples: 

Jkflk O. Russell. 31. l^ountain 
Ofove. and Katherlne M. Mantle, 
31.'«lso of Mountain Grove. 

BL Ifc SwearengtD. 41. Springfield, 
•tid Bva Barnett. 38. Sprlngfteld. 

Bert W. Hogard. 23. Oalnesvllle. 
and Leah Derrick. 21. Lutlc. Mc. 

Julian Smltb. 24. Springfield, and 
MCu7 Smith. 21. Springfield. 

Lester Wonunack, 30. Fair Qrore. 
and Jennie King. 26, Fair 

JtajTOond E. Obampton. 31. Stret- 
fOKd. and Dora S. Strentach. 38. 

TedOann. 34. Springfield, and 
hmelma MltcheU. 31. Springfield. 


10 it»i/* ii_/i'*- . 

INrOViNCJ KtrMOKir of'our dr»r bnbv 
wl:n (t'fifiitMl ""* '" "^ 

tUU Ule oat yr»i MO. 

#9 1e*e4 «• *tm««7 

A'ilM U T«e«nt In our h«BM 
Whteb nerer can b« filled. 




"^SStl MM L*|ll|g;^«^*»^ *♦•'"» 


ytturtttf imra brtet Uliwes. Sbe was 
K?«^4JifTi3wl*itoam. w<» «Jd^««rt 
«p».^ Aba is aonrlvtd by tw« «*]}?«»..*'' 
a former narrtage. Harold and Oermldm* 
Bndli^, and nr two sutera. Mrs. Maggte 
.Bedii^aBUBer aod^Mri. I^Ua Uotm- 
b«rg. both of mptlntnua. mowral eerrtew 
vtU b« bcld at TM o'clock Monday »/i«- 
noon at tho Alma Lohmeyer fun»r»i 
bom*. (oUow«4 bv tntcniMDt In tha Potur 
cemt t ery oast ol aprtngfleld. Tho lU 
•lend ■ C. Seebtar wlU offtelat«. 

Poairal wnrlccs for Mra 8«r»b Jum 
Oowao, U. 7U Monroa strMU «1U b« bald 
tbie ahiriieoB at 3:M ofelbek at Oantor 
Point ebareh. feflewo<Kb)r interment la 
tbe eemetery tbert lo^eharg* of tho T. •- 
Obafln UadcrtaklQg company of Ourk. 


SarrtMa ^r O«ort« L. OrvhJLm wtU bo 
held mt r:90 o'clock tMa itrtrmoon at tha 
Ftrat .BplrltuaUat church, followed by intar- 
moat to Oroon Lawn camaVry. In eh»rg» 
or 4. W. iait«o«r. Mr. orahsoi was T4 
and r«sldcd at 411 Baat Lyan stroat. 

Mrs. 8or»h Ana rradr 
^noral .oamcoa (or Ura Sarah Ann 
Fradr.-O. MS Wait State atrati. wfll be 
held at S;SO o'clock thla afUrtxtoa In tha 
Methodist ohureb at Brighton. foUow«4 by 
burial to the partah ceaMteiy la charge 
of J. W XUngner. 


Fnnaral •errtees for Mary Fraooes Ages, 
aged • montha wtll »• bold at MarlonvUle 
thl« afternoon at *-S0. ttnder the direction 

<•( Slariir t mortuary. Mr. and Mr». J D. 
A»w. th* purentt, resld« at 1419 W»« 
Pbelpi atrMt. 


FtineraJ •arrlees for Mra MaUlda Baatie, 
M. of RonrtTlD^ vUl be Held this after* 
>0B at BogeiavtOc (ellewed by bartal la 

Palmetto comotery ta 

AoRercrllle Undertaking 

obargo of 



HAWKS— We wUh to thank our trlciuU 
M>d aalshberi far- tbetr ktadaaaa. aym> 
pathr and beautiful floral offerings In 

th» rtfiilh of our b'loved brotlifr. .''''■n 
W. H«w»». We wish e.<v>eelally to thank 
Kllnitfr Lrndertaklnc CO. and the Kruco 
Eiiop bnvit. 


Page 1: Marriage license: Fred Ritchison, 47, of Strafford and Minnie Smitii, 42, 
of Friley, Ark. 

Page 3: There is a photo of the Drury college football team of 1896. [It gives 
their names: Lucian Smith, Wilbur Smith, Alfred Page, et al] 
Page 5: Mrs. Rebecca McCracken Laptad died.** 

Mrs. Lora R. Mobberly died.** 

Aaron Hill died.** 
Page 10: There is an article about the Bolivar Free Press.** 
Page 11: The History of Springfield #28** 


Mkrmnduke ordered the confedcratn ravnlry to di'mnunt 
and alia<k in that, nianiirr, aiin'lur lytal nilsinUi'. I'lio .i.n- 
rf>dnrHtn!i rearliod the ioulh atid i-oulliwfsl THft "f '<'*" «"<! 
Boms of the holtest flBhtloB was In a (rraveyard In that part 
of town which has long Blnco been abandored. The nionu-^, 
ments provided protection for the Bolillers. The coufederntes 
were eventually driven back and evenlnn found the federals 
Btlll In poMesBlon of the towc, ••xpcrtinK anolhrr attark tlio 
followioK day. It never came ae tho coiifodcrateB moved away 
to the noutheaRt. 

N.nv that the daficer ■»»« over and th« 
i.i»n saxtil t>> . rlpplcx a-d volunteers, ihs 
fedrral En^rrnruent setit recnfori»fnieDt» to 
RprlnKficld. The town also was the harboriax ' 
plate of many rffupees. who came from »U ' 
over fouihwestern itiMonrl. brlDgtng Utile | 
or no motiey witb thera. As a r*»«ilt there 
was a grrai deal of giifftfrtnit In the town the < 
winter oC lS6::-«3. A mild winter saved mutj ' 
from frrpiine to death. 

By Janutrr 1. 18«<. «» wat 
found that 13 87 Greene county 
men bad eatered the service ot 
the goTernment. ThU did not 
count the great nun-.ber en- 
listed nnder the stars and bars. 
The draft quota had been sen* 
oyer by S»l men- There wa« 
little flfhtlng after the battle 
of Springfield aronnd thla aeo 
tfon except a few guerrilla 
raids. In politics the town and 
county had had a change ot 
hpHTt, for the 40 votes cast for 
the republican randltlatc. In 
1><t;o rreiv fn ••♦•'■? <" 1 « •' t 


On April 9. lS8j. new^ was re>-<.;vt'd of l>^» 
surrender and the town ceVbii'.i. '. _> ^ . . _ .: 
the rnntederata government cama a month later 
and the Taterana of both aide* began coming horn*. 
The wearied men wor* glad enoogh that all waa 
over and, although a few caaea were kaowv whar* 
the war and a man's Tlew> ef tt cansed tn>Tible. 
for the most part everjone was glad enough i* 
fonrlve and forget. 


up 'iiotB«''im^ vrsBti ' oif louUiweft Ifiiiouri In 

).th* Bolltw Ftm Prcu, which 

oldMt p«p«n In tbla iMUon. The 

that for SS' TMra^o* '♦'• 

.ff/M^BhMKfMfl ^* ▼•t€ran npsblleaa •dltora 

^WH i l rtM i t 'l H * att In th« •dltoir'i^ «hali' md 

( 4lr««C^ lh« pnblliblaf of hla wMklr Bvir*- 

p«^, th» 1l*r«« Pr«M. In the county eeat of 

Folk counlf. The I'rco I'reBK will bo 61 years 

old thU aprlng. and hii aerrlce ai Us editor la 

loncer than that of all of the other editors of 

the paper combined. 'When conditions follow- 

Ing the Civil war had Bcttled. a Kroup of Doll- 

'nr'cltiiens felt that tber iranted a paper to 
record county news erents. They bought a 
printing outfit, and hired a Springfield printer 
to take charge. This printer collected money 
for suhecrlptlons and legal notices and then 
iklpped out, leaTlng Bollrar backers to pay 
debt* that be had incurred. Undaunted, Capt^ 

W. M. Delaplain and a. young lawyer, 1. Edgar 
Qenton, were put in charge. With no newspaper 
experience, they ran the paper tor a time, and 
then it was aolJ to an experienced newspaper 
man from Memphis, Tenn., Col. James Dumars. 

The father of thH Bolivar publisher was ouc 
of the landmarks of the Ozarks and once rep- 
resented the Sprlorfleld district in conin"PSB. 
James Dnmurs, m'^ntloneJ as a Memphis printer. 

;, t Bqm4 ill spnni t ma uut he latt Bo iiTtr ind , 

yftL^-ffif^UM of the laud oti'lco here. His sua, 
^;><Q|«iwi^iIl. ;l>tunars. ;was the original band- 
mister of Springfield and was a musician of 
blib ablllly, Tbe Dumuil l'.in<l furuUUed all 
th* -band rouslo for tb* rl'y '"'•r niRny years. 
led all parades and wun many prises. Mr. 
Dumars later loraleJ In i .trihacc nnil look 
ttaareg of the Carthage Light Guard band and 

1 wore tho showy uniform of tin- nillKIa oon;- 
panlea of those days. .Mr. Duniars finally lo- 
cated in California, where he died. several years 
ago. Hla brother. Horace, located In \ew Yorit 
after leaving Sprlugfield and wrote several suc- 
ceaaful playp. The name Dumsrs. which onco 
meant so much to Springfield, has disappeared 
aa bare many other pioneer names which were 
once a houpehold word. 


^MnJiIl iefaJCT^ rtr Mr*. RtbMOft Me- 

Cracken Lapiad. SO. will be held at ttte 
bom t her 4uchtM. Mxa. PraaJi V. , 

Kan., for bwUI. Ura. Lkptad died Snn- 
^;"W«3«» M Mh BaaMi of her sw. W , 
^-J^*^"*^^ Pom«aa. Mo. Mra. Albert 
Lardle. lUiuaa CUy. U another daugbUr. , 


TJ»» bo4y of Mr». Lora Ro Mohberly. 81. 
*»>• «JN* fcM»4«y »t Um boms of her Ma, : 
H. P, Mobtartr. lUi Cut Kin aUeat. wll< t 
be sent to. Lonirri**. Tex., from tbe Abaa > 
Lohmejru' fuanil borne today for tuaerai 
awicea aixL burtU there Tueeday. Three i 
other sons aurvlve. aa follows: Samuel 8„ 

9ii l^^.'- ^^Ji Aaartlto. Tex., and Id -O^ 
Pilot Point, Tex. 


Aims Lohmayer funeral hone To*aday aft- ' 
ernoon for Aaron Hill, It. Fair Orovc. route , 
J^lnterment WlUfoUow lu areeniawn 

T^S l^ ^ '^ """^ Iwn ilauihl. II ail" ' 

Page 1 1 : Mrs. Rebie Anderson sues to divorce A. M. Anderson. They were 
married March 25, 1923. They have a baby daughter Maudine. 

Mrs. Ethel Lindsey sues to divorce George Lindsey. They were married 
November 6, 1 90 1 . 

Page 14; Birth leported.** 

Mrs. Lydia J. Keene died.** 
Mrs. Mary E. Robords died.** 
WilliamN.R. Dillon died.** 
Mrs. C.C.Potter died.** 
Page 17: The History of Springfield #29** 


Mr snd Mr« M O Portrer of De- 
troit. Mich., announce tlie btrtb of a 
datigbUr.-PauiclaO^. oa^MtMh^n- 
Mis, ftortu^ vaa f anaerty Mlaa Opal 
Alexander of BprlncfleUl and ta a 
sister of Mra. W. N. Benfro. 1501 
PennajrlTfnla aajenua. 




Funeral nerrlees (or Mfi. Lydia J. Keene. 

81 mfrt if'.C. ■,h\r «frrrn~T «r •!•» Kllrc- 
ner ciiapcl with Ui» Ktvem.d N O H:.-- , 
low omclaUnt. ' iDUnRcnl (oUowed tnll 

..Ureea.JUan tamtxtxi^Mni^ SefELmoTiX 
v|vM> by tix daafhtm and one aon. as I 
loIlu»> Ml»» n«.v.:e »: d rff • T'-' W^»x»r ' 
and Mrs Alia Arthur. SprlnfCrld. Mr*. 
rtdtiea lllmmcr.i. atfr:;--e K<" • ^«i" 
Mlnpla WtaTcr. Tulta. Okla.: Mlu Pearl 
reiSaT, Sapulpa. Okla.: and John Weaver. 

^artvUto. M» 


Reconstruction Days 

Sprliigtlcld srieveii •«lih iho r»st of ihe 
natiun wben (ho nows of Liiirnln's iisitnfi»i- 
lialiuu reuilinl li, ,e. On .Xpril 18, IC;:, 
liiii«r«I «crvlce« *er« lieirt for the cllnilu- . 
' RUlphvd (1«>art iinrt fho town Hrnppd In nioiini 

llie. MmM uf Ihl' >lll|Ps ll(l^^ll. 

The early reconttructloD dayg In SprioR' 
flulj foiiiul ;i rouRh tloincnt Infesting II'" 
I own a&d it waa nrcfasary to atari • crunailc 
,1 cnlnKt rice. In IRfiS InHlennn^n wa( riiin- 
■'•ant and many nmrdiro luiuinlllt-il. '1 li" 
iiiioat nolorloua ot (bono waa the death o( 
David Tutt at Iha band* of Wild Hill lllcknk. 
."illy Jl, ISSn. Krfnlunlly an orjciinliatlcin 

Mnl Iht ••ItcKiilaliir?" lonk ili' I iw itit> 
I iieir owu bands and punished < rimlnala evrn 
I o alMtk. Soma of tb« aoldlorx contributed 
< •> thtt-XflllfiE&l nnreit mt timea. Huitcvoti^Uut- 
'•nldlera wera b«lnK muatered out uf th« aerv- 
>■ • a^ fast as posulblo and the ln>l federal 
left Sprlngflt^ld September ::::, IhU;-. 

The town procreued rapidly after the war. 
"■ji|ten< of the town lioiiirht Ihe SI. Loiil- 
lelvgraph line from itio goveriancnl. .Ni >' 
•fillers appeared. comluK from nil lu.lniH <'! 
Ill* coinpafiS. Two new bunks olil.ijn- l . Ii.n- 
ifrs. the Klrst Katloniil hunk <•( Srnii(;lU l.l 
on Novemher IS. IS'iJ. .niiil llic i.i.rii- 
I'MiMily .Nnllonal hnnk, IVlTlinrv :•. 1m;i; 
On .\nveinhir 1. li'.'J. llm lo" ii - jmi; .: r.i..:. 
wat 3.663. On Kebruary J.'.. I.'-m. liie 
fi|trln(|fi4>M Public library opened lis floors lo 
Iho' public. The Springfield L'-ailor in.ulc li'. 
Hppcarancc on April 4, 1867. Ue.onMrniili.ii 
ll»^■> 111 .SprnlEflel'l were pro-'perous. 


if'^'.^r't^rSSin at i V. o clSet .t \t« »««"• 
day artetnoon a« j.*' " '•'j?_, Paturaon, 

of her daufhur »«'• °ri? ,', "olTo- 
iiM Benton avenue Burial wui ■°'" 

HawSr M" WalUee Kraeraon l^^*p; 

t Robardl. lo' An»»l»« 

III July. l^r.^. .Mr. W.- M .(;ood)ii-3r. sti.t 
out by th* goTemtnent. rams to oTcne* iho 
movlac of the bodlca ot the federal dead trom 
Wilson creek lo the cemetery estab;t«be<l 
111 ri- hy tlic -...rr'":' • '. •m.ili.j'i of lO" u. 
lbs contederjiu cemcli-ry was eslablubed 
Juat •outhof It. •j'hc l aiier remeterr wm 
~<ili(alntd b#' t'li'Ii^'riplion'br ihe Coofederat* 
ll:irlal UHsotiiition. In I,v>._' ii «as taken 
■ •>er hy Ihu < v r.>Tif.'ilT-i'e« ut ihrir reunion 
;il }<eilalla. A >liii.t " lil >'-|'.-»t-W»<l ila l»o 
ceinclerlea but ^t the riosu of ib<i IVib cen- 
tury a gutenay »a« made and Ibe gorera- 
in«nt now tak<^ tare of both. 

Funeral lervleea for WHilam N. R Dllton 
41 will b* held »t St*!ne » murtUM? •» 
3 in o Cock W»dne»d«y alternoo- t m | 
th« RfTftKiid L»«t> M Half » '• .at: f | 
Intarioeut »lll follow In NaUco*' ceme- i 
tery He dlM Sunday In the gov .ment 
bate hoaptul at rort Lyon. Coir • '* I 

• urvlved hT a sUter. Mri J P •»>. •'"■' 
lltti lo Nebraska, and a broi: :. rale . 
DIUon. of NorUi»»ew. Mo. 


MBS. c. o. rom-i 

PanerBl Mrrlc*! for Hit. C C Potter. 
M. who dtttf MMitfV •» b^ J5?^ "^ 
Uftdcnlorc Ukr. not Ur frou 0»rk. win 
l# hfM tt I o'clock Wtiandu: -*l«rDooo 
■I Uatfm .•••l«TT. li««r »•»• '^f'' 
«»• VM l-:i amUitr oj Or \ e 
o< Sprtnirifld. tnd or th •; -• .-h«»r«. 
•« (eU»«r«' Mr* WlllUai RMd kii4 Mn 
Winikoi Porcvnr. itoih sf Onrk: •n4 Mr< ; 
N B Lawaon. SparM. Ms. Tlw h«*b«Dd I 
■n4 tettr *Ul*r« alto anrTlT* Th* U«trr> I 
• re Mr> An<»r«on Owtn. Mr» 8«m . 
ruidtr. Mr> Jsmri Cald«*U. and Mrv 1 
Charim Oallovay. ai: or SMlncnald. Mra. | 
FrHrr «•' born In ChrUllari countr. but . 
*)i* had Uv*<l most o/ her '.!?• m Orrtnt ' 
renotr li 

Page 2: James A. Reed, 20, sues to divorce Isabelle Reed, 18. They were married 
November 1, 1928, at Eureka Springs, Ark. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. J. F. 
McCaffrey. The groom is the son of C. H. Reed. 
Mrs. Mary Robords died.** 
Page 3: Joseph R. Tunnell and Mrs. Loula Jolly were married.** 
Page 8: Mrs. Mary E. Robords died.** 
Nelson Baker died.** 
Chistian infant died.** [Christian??] 
Horace Winboume Thompson died.** 
Mrs. Eloise M. Horton died.** 
Mrs. Martha M. Griffin died.** 
Miss Ethel Buckner died.** 
Page 9: Card of thanks.** 
Page 11: The History of Springfield #30** 



K. D. llaiTUt, BprliMifUld •MoffMy. 
and an intlmaU Wand of »b» funlly. 

today paid ll>» following trlbttta to 
Mra. Mary Robordi. whflaa body will 

iM broimut-to Bpumi u ia > aii n »»M«^- 


"In the 4taU» oj Mr»- Mary 
Robord*. who paaaad from thU lift 
on Sunday whlla vlaltlng htr datigh- 
tar In Loa Angalta. m»ny In ttalt cit; 
liav* lo«t for awhUa a Irland whoaa 
mamory wiu long be chtriahad In lov- 
ing rtmambrmnct. Mrm. Beborda wma 
iw.rii 1M IB44 Hi Avora. New York and 
rama vo llili city with h«r buabuuL 
the lata E. M. Iloborda, III IS8S and 
bad lived hera for the paat 46 y«M*. 

-rir. Roborda had a tma vaiaA, • 
i«ik;7 wit and • iMart bif anouib 
to. take In ararTona In tronbia or 
•orrow. Her aympathy found aaprM- 
*lon not alona In worda of balp Mid 
comfort, but la daada that mad e th ia 
old world a tittle batter and >iappl«r 
for her having lived Surrotmdtd by 
her loved on»a and cheered by tba 
love and renperl of all who knew her. 
■he <|iiletly paaned from the buay 
K-rnra of ihla life to the City where 
the many marulona b* to the rvward 
of thoaa who are talthfu) In the c*ua« 
of Chrlit and humanity." 

Mountain View 
- Banker 'Mtafriea 
/-For Third Time 

WKaT riAINS. April S.-Joaeph r 


in a very- aeoMtiona) ' divorca . attit 
Jirre. »nd mho Ibe day follovrlng the 
■fkntlng of BOjHMcib*. Vh owrrna. 
to lira. awUW'^nMrfMyot.MouHe- 
ialn View, waa acain marrlMl ta Wak( 
Plalna Btturday. Bto UtMt : brtd« ; 
«Ka until Katurday. Mra. toula Jolty ^^ 
of Weat flatna. The marrlaKe cere- 
many waa aald by 'Prpbatt Judff; <l. 
N linitivy 111 lit> olfli-e I.r.e. 

When TiiiiiieU »«» divorped from 
IrU M>rniii1 wife. Mrv Mary Tunnell | 
a few >eMrii «ku. Mt« Tunnell iiainril 
Mn. McNrrnv.' ai one of the aninen | 
«ho had broken u|> her home. Mra.;! 
MrNeriiev had hi»l been cranted a dl-l 
vorre from her Urn liuHiand. and »be 
and Tunnell Immedlaielr motored tu 
a n»U^borln« county »tjd Vera warr 
ried Houfver. their matrimonial 
iii.rk »n* •""11 wrerkril. nnd at the 
Kebfuary.terni of Moacll cou nty clr- 
riilt emnt thlo ye»r Ttmnelleeeured 
another divorce* _ . _ . 

Tunnell gave hl» age here Saturday 
ftl 67. while hia new bride gara htr 

• Mia Jolly waa the «l#ow of the 

)Ate Ben Jolly. »ho loet hU life In 

the a«ploalon dliaater here. She and 

. Jolty had bttn itparaltd for atverml 

jMtu before Jolly^ death. 


|i i D 't 



roa d '■'-' • '« ■r?^ 

' rj, i i, i ... .^, ' 4.jj ftyte 

'1 ti« •le<.(luD ut .S'u>i'iiib«r, Ktig, wna a luiul- 
• lid* for Ibe rrpubllraot to fur •« the Iokd ct 
HprUsfUM sod OrctD* rouD(y wai coiii'vrDrd. 
i;r«at «pi>o««d Sexmour and at Grant wai ilia 
tapabllcao. b« vOn. Th* county i;bv« Grant 
IJoj Tolea to Hryniour* T4<'. linlrr the Draka 
ani«'in1inrr.t. an ait forllilJint; any ct-('oiifril- 
rrala or •ympalbltar to «ot«, many of those of 
Totint ■(• «"^ dlafranrblard and maoT Sprlnic- 
'. l)Mf » ...I ti-'. lute Th»r« » rm IHtl^ III- 
fecUuc ni"ilii« *l«rtlon. Th* tountyn population 
.T. M; > -irK- »«• «t«en "III at 13.'>iifi. 

SprliiKfiolU now loukril to the northwest at 
lh« onriiinliiit Kansas Clly and Memphis rail- 
road, hoadc'cl this wuy. While all wore anxious 
for the railroad to pass ihroufh Springfield, 
iiererthelflss u bond Issue of 1400,01)0 tor the 
railroad was defeated by a narrow margin In 
Niitoinl»-r, 18i;9. In tho suiniuer of 1870, how- 
I'lir, tli» i|>i' '^'l|l<ll iif liunil.t runjo np HKaIn ami 
iMi linn Fi'fninl to fighl llio Idi-.-i. Tho court. In 
full session, made the subscription witb lbs 
agreement tbat no money would be paid until 
the road reached the bordi^rs of the county. This 
decision later on caused many IcKal battles but 
rvcntUHllv Ihf dnrlxlnn of tin- lOtirt held. 

Tk« AtlaaUo SDH Pacific rallrtMd finally rMchad Bprlngflald from St. LoaU. On April - 
SI. lITt. \3t» tint locomollv* reaehtd town. BecanM »t aome dliagrecmanti {)etwMo Muia 
cf ika dUs«aa aad tb« railroad otrtclalt, the road ballt Its depot a mile north of tha aqnara 

and furthermore, built Its own tflwn. The to«n was whnt wni lutcr known n* North Sprlng- 
fi'ld. The opening ceremonies for the railroad were hfld Mnv :;. 1870 when iin excursion 
train frvm St. Ltonia arrirad. Tha train eama In and w|(b It. the first sight some people had 
•rar kad of • leooaoUra, eonatrTman oomlag from mllaa around to tho celebration. On 
Mar 1*> 1170 • ragvlar aeliadnia waa aatabUabad batwaen hero and St. Louti. Sprlncnald'a 
popvlailon at tbat tlma waa S.tl4. 

MI.>S I IMI I. ni°( HNIkR 

M. » in,. I ll.i.kuri. :4, '•till rtird U'" 

rumdar, 1^ survived by litr latlier and 

irMr><>T. ^^r and Mrs n r Huekner, rural 

luuta J. fair tiroM, and hy oitv blullmr 

and two' sltlara, as rnllowi: Italph. Fair. 

tiio>r Mri ns'iiiniiit Tol'v. flprlngflelrt; 

I aitd M»»i| faulliir. fair t(r<n» I'uiieral 

I srrticFii adl ba held at I A o'clack Thurs- 

flav nior;illig at Ratu cliapri, II tnllaa 

' iinrlhsa>t or Mprlngfleld. fnllovrd by ln> 

tarnirnt tn it>» ceinelfry there diraeted by 

J W KliiiKiiKr. 

i::SM6i OP TfUMnrnmrioirjH 

ia r«ii(s a N««, 

IN LOVINQ USMpRY at our ■oldlar, 
Laali WlUtaai TboinaB. who passed 
away tsrn rears agn. April 3: sadly 
■latad by fatbar, nellur , aUtar and 




r«a*«»l Mrrlc** for Mr* Mitrf K nnb- 
«(«•. M, *UI M MM Tttiiratfa* •lt«tiMMiii 
M tJ» • alMk •> Um Imm* of Mr* Orln 
PsUttMn. tin B«nl«i) avfnut. • 4«utti- 
Mr. lnumcDl •ill loiloa <ii MkI'I' V»t\ 
4mmt*rr, tfir«c«Ml kjr U<« Atais Lehaicrrr 
r«if««r*l rteinr Mi> Nokordi dl*d Sunday 
ID U«> An|rlr>. ('•"' 

mUON BACUK . .. ,_ 
Mtbaa Bator, m. f r»wiin»m tn Miiriit* 
•clMir. ••• k«r»^ In UtMinon Tor»0«r 
• f|»r tuf>»f«l ^••'••" !•.•<•' M- «i ;'i— 
el l«Mn«i> Bliritirr* laill-airM »ii<- 
•r. I tHtHt>4^tr*. O •• l.inf ••'■ilrT. J. 
M Ba»l«7 Carl IU>M r«rl .lo«tw, Ur 
PrMtoy Themptaii. rra-.k hrlion and 

-- - Mr BBk«f'« ••«». *•*'» *«'• 

(HI«TI«V CM \*iT 

TIM laUlil ann v: Ml> ai.ll Ml- P'l 
..(<i OlMMM. IMI WMt OII<» Mr*«l. <«<»<! 

•I • tttUHk ^^l» o'lMiiim ai .1 «»> butiKl 
••r* la ciMitt u( ttiaiiicaj 

a. m. THOMnu.N 

•r Uir d»a«h nt Horar* Win. 
iMMpMn, Ml. I t 1 ^r lUii.l. i.>:':... 

M* hIMl f «M n i l haro (» lii» audi. Mm 
I W. aitvvnt. nai Nirlral* <tr^t Mr 
TtaMpam liv*d in •princlirld inr a>>niil 
W TMrt prior t« hH r*ino»«l in iMtroii. 

Mich. ktlOUl Itin Wlillr I'rr- Ir •..■^•'f 
fM Ih* Prliro. Rrr^nilt h» dart t>rrii In 
Un- fiirl-> I'f ilif t-iin N"tor rtnii|i«ii» 
II- l\ '".i-l'.!! ts li'» M«'lr nrill i.m- >•">, 
.li.'u kimI h\- li'> iiiiill.rr. Mr» Marv II, 
T • iin I ■^■■■i ol ..XM^Ittm. Katt J„ '!J^^^''^'" 

Ktrll.:»to»-Cf WI ehlU.' LUIlKU, I IJJUUll 
Irt . an<t Kvnt. of r.'htrtio. Mr. Thoaip- 
».-?.♦ «ifr «aa MI-'» Mini." C'oarll. only 
4a««l>wr •• 4olui MwtU. taraxr ■arUK- 
W»W 9iiy e«uneitMan from Ito «taU^ 
• ard. ;,^ -. 

runtral >rr«lc*a for Mra Klolaa II. Hor- 
ten< M. vitl iM hald at 4 o'clock Tliur»> 
day allariHMtn at tha h«ma of har aon. 
Marry Harlan. M* aMiUi palMawi •*fM««. 
rLiiilurl'il l>v !»"• n-^rrrna A .T MaCluiiir 
IlKtiv IliiiUtit ■^,11 *'i>r rni.^ Ill ¥i:t 
ha >n Ma|ilr Fark rainrlfrv In rliar|i>i f>( 
I ha AInia Luhn<»y«r faiiaral Itoiiir. Mra. 
ilniltin. »bo waa Uia iridow of O W, War. 
tan. tfM m har •on* horof lata Tiim- 
day ■••Mr* h«r lotu, ihraa graMe^ll* 
drm aurrlra, i 


Mi> MarlliM y$ (Iririlii. :>•. of Taiina.' 
bdro. diad at tlia hnmf> at lirr mm. Uaorfa 
I itrtrtln. 'J4II Kalltit arrnur, Tutadaf 
rtriitiig. Hit* u *ur*lvrd by her hu«- 
band. J. W. Urtrrin. by thr ami, Oror(« 
I. by una <lau«lilrr, Mr« Aftti. r>«illn, 
Kn isii** I'jM. aii>l try fi'iii Liaiirt rtuMrri.. 
riM.rrai ^riMrri Hill b* hrlil al Kllhglirr'l 
<hap«l al 10. >0 o clock Tliurtday morninc. 
(ollnard bv tnlrrmant' In Orrrn Lawn 
r#matrry. Tta* Rctcrcnd Mra. Beanalt «1U 

Page 1: Marriage license: Robert L. Sharp, 27, and Opal Stapp, 21, both of 

Page 4: Miss Colleen Kenney of Little Rock, Ark., and Mr. Morris Gamer of 
Aurora, Mo., are to be married in June. 

Page 5: Mrs. Agatha L. Martin sues to divorce George R. Martin. They were 
married November 26, 1919, in Bolivar. 
Page 10: William Dillion died.** 
Mrs. Nora Robinson died.** 
Mrs. Rhoda E. Bross died.** 
Page 11: Card of thanks.** 

a-«AfiOi 6F THANKS. IN Ml lOmJM 
!0»r 1 aof MldUr, 

>;MHaaa It 

•aid tar, 


MkM. WarM »ar *M»t«a aha 

ly la a gaaarAHMM aaaa hot- 

!««•. Oala, ««a harIM in 

•< M » O t y n*T« >aii> aadrr ii<' 

•t •<««••» laMlaa n r«nrial 

jg gi III) aMMaan cttapal 

Waenaa^ay aW w aati bat Inimtwfti «ai 
jaateia^ aaa tl Ma arrltal rf Wfirial or- 
atra tfaja ta« aaa aaaarlnrnl ai Waah- 
O. C 



>. aa. dird a« • 7i 
aVMab *aaa> at bar bam*. »•• aoOlli a>r- 
Ma. allav • MPM< iUnraa 8b« aat tl>r 
•Ma* af OlMl A Maainaofi. lemiti 
inaflrM tr«rar and Milwiior l.<t l ha 

M llatailNaitii. unia, 
- aanaty . MiaaMirl. I 
J* ■ MMhfd bf 
taar liM a ta. aa laOMw* Mlaa Laura 8*a. 

▼ta, •«* Sauih a<»<uf Mn r r Ac 
WKTMHIB. Ma,: Mr* k • Wo«4». tai 
•mUi a>awa« auiludf.rid and Mr> A H 

T»M «ir. laa WtM wainui »«r»»t r»- 

t» »rat arrai y w—ta ara not rnmrlft* but 
I MMUva a III a« bald •* »fjiu a morluai > 
I aad talarwvnt at Mapla Papfc frmatrry 


MKR. KHonA t. aanaa | 

:. ■•aaa. «•. I»IT Saat J^aii 

_ al a a. ■ la4ay ai har hamr 

«*• w aarrlTad by har buaband B»tt t 

•roaa ►r favr daufbtart. Bratia. rtaiirai. 

I Opai «nd r>arovhy. Bn4 bv hrr lairi'p and 

'•'■■"»' M- •• " M't n E S-iafx, 

«cla(k rtiday afiafaaaq at th* Uiiar 
Ob* Calau cHarth a« Uw caraar er Mli- 
•••rt *«•«*♦ aad M4II auaat. rnllqaad br 
iMaraiaai la Oraanlaan aamrtary in 
rharitd nf J W Kli,.,n»t ' 

■ c ■;.^»)■A•^^;<»..r: 

w«U worth who*. ^ 

« ICntel wu .th« dnt 
M«H ta B»rtD|tMk. ^ ^a 9^^. 
to ttranU vllh bat hic doekh* 

wsa not frte from IWuor. There were always 
gome nioon»hln« cmm where the d«f«ad&nu 
failed to pay the federal lax and ih.:re »«r6 e..- 

Joplla court WM eeUblUhed. rmOtta to tk« aM 

tettta tamtory »»^ "^ gvnnmnt wmte^ 

Hqnor •elHiw to ladUiia cwrfdttT •• i"*« '•»■ 

r. Fhlllpa uMd to Mr tho iBdUa iMd • tar way 

■4»-f» feaCat* M hwma «h4Uw4 •souch to drink 

vkkky. Judf* iKraiwl "»" • «rt^ ■»• •«•* *'«^ 

mas "With * broken acMot. ban Oarma* and bait 

English, but ha Intenaely American and loyal to tha 

U«W*d BUlaa. Wha» ba tlral opened court here 

,U im th»ehH vkrted be« war • qwartar e( 

4yt,rtWy<Bd a » tt l l» Wj ^ -»M avw*» !««> w« 

eya on auapactad rabela. 
<f^;v--- - .„v ■; • •■ <* -^>; . ." 

A^'MttiH. 0«acM iru< ft raws Iftw^or U tboaa 
^By .«itfea«t max practical ao ba did aet abfact to 
'■Mm»# 0* larJaar Ba bad norad haro from nil- 
noia and bta people were all loyal to the union 
' ^darUc tto ClTtl war. Mr. D«aeaa waa plaeod ea 
.,;^ff«ial Jviiaa but did not alwajna aciaa to tba lode 
"ot Xndga Rrakal'a ebarvaa. Ha tlbad t* lat bla tat- 

low jdrora.lmoir ba knew a IRtla bit aboat the Uw 

^'tenMlt adHHtb tta Jiron pratarrad ta tallow tba 

|i|id(^Wfi|«tel»)rvfttlMr ^aM Ifta lawyar MBk« 

ot tbtjBVMtV Doaeaa woald haac tba Jory. Aftar 

Aiiw JMa » tlpa nrao Judgf Krakrt aald to tba 

Clark: "Mr. <5 »k. dlamlaa that jory.Tbafa la a 

w TJr.rrf who hurt m ft with 

^^iadla^'la^ aatafal oaaia. aakad tSatlfiilMl^ 
■^faaatfba -aat aalda aa aaarty all wara davocnta. 
vblob, ba aald. waa a atran«e colnddenea T*a 

l(lWilii'i¥l'<' l '>tt]U II »tT "' ^" — ' *"»'*''*** **^ 
capable of antordnK tba law. 
• • • 
Wbaa Jodga Xrakel died Jadca John r. Phlilpa 

..uWaa aaiaad by (Saraland for tlir place. There waa 
la atrOttafdlffarance. KrtWol Hdb rather, crude. 
II wntln anil maitar ot tact. All ihlns* «rre srrl- 
o u a . a lib B i m 7~Tb1Mpa waa brllllaat. aareaatle. 

jj|yH^ y^ 0H^ «^«» SBOb boiBor wltb tba work of the 

-roBrt.- H« MUM 11 i iXaic* COOT* at oao ima~M 
nearly all eauea were for email Intractlona of the fed- 
eral Uw. He waa retarded as rather i.rtrjudlc^ 
and did not Ilka to bare hia tinia takaa ap with 
hearing cawe when the deftniJanl should i>lead 
fullty. H\M cbarces ware generally to pointed that 

~tbara waa ao doubt what hIa opinion waa. In tba 

alsbtb circuit, howarar. the Jodsa cannot expraaa | 
tbe belief that the defendant le guilty. aUhonghl 
hp la perml(ie£iPLila-SO-to-lh<- •^c'Trrrirci;!!. "the 
difference being dua to contrary rulings by ^ the 
-aourta of appeal of tba two eirculta. Thaa what la 
laatnl la ona ctreott Bi a^t ao la aaotbar. 

• • • 

'^^^Jhidca FfiOllW waa aawa d ad by Jndga 1. & Taa 
Vftlkanburgh. He waa different from both the 

other Judges and one could lianlly tf'.I "h^t !;i- 
thought of a caaa from his charge. Lanyern 
bla policy far mora than tbay did that ot Krakel 
and rblUpa. When Tan Valkenhurgh waa elevated 
to tba eonrt ot appaala Jndga Albert U. ReoTaa waa 
made district Judge and later on when a aecvnd 
Judga waa provided Judge Otis was appointed. It 
Is thought »ome u.... > Uilrd dtatrlct may be estab- 
liahad In Mbnourl wltb Springfield aa bead- 
■ilbartara. Wttb Saaator Pattaraoa in tba aaddla 
.tMa oUgbt be done within the next six years. 

• • • 

Much baa been written in tbia column about tbe 

<^. .1. ,#i ij „r »>,^ 1-oi.fnMc i^nm pro- I 

Two Seek Divorce a 
To Increase TotOi 
tor Year to :iixty 

Tba mat«lt o( liittkaik AMI la ainl 

liuiiir* k oiiliii.ird i,\i^u, t!ic jmcra a! 
llii- i!i\.M. r ^l.>. I 1 1 111 riin iif I'Miii'v 
olreult touri today. IVo more pell- 
MniiK for ilr.rrrn liri<tl(Th1 llir (')'nl 

fUad iliice January I, «i|) to 00. ■ * 

Inoa Da Flabar chargtHl Jial C. B. 
nailer, whom aha aucil fur dlvorca 
pravtovialy brcauM In abu««(t ati<: 
hpal her. hail prr»mlN#d to trent li^'r 
aril mill t-ln' MMii ttuck l<> lilni Rhr 
(UiiiiM that. Iip cotitliiupd ti» strike 
lur Tlirv wcrr marnrd Apill 6. IBlo, 
iiTid -r|>iiiji'rf| 'Si- f:is' llin^ April Hi 
HUH bhc riiiiilly tt'*f> forced in leave 
lUni ill Psbniary, 1039. K.UIier. ahe 
said, worka In the Ttlaco ahopa and 
niakra about gfl a day, whilr «ho U* 

Kmmrtt HlKlKower aurd Mlldrisl 
lllKhtower. charKiiiR that ^hc waa 
f|Unrrels<iiiir. nindp Irlpn t'> Ml I.ouls 
aiKl otliet «illoi with other men. and 
then fle\» Into rager when h* quei<- 
tlonrrt hrr nill'itm «h • tMinllv Iff. 
hllii III br (.'.-, Mhpr, I!»24. Iif < Isliin-d 
They w^rp niarrlrd in October 191P. 
In flrernr rouiily. 

Page 2: John Williams of Stone county sues to divorce Leta Williams. They were 

married April 20, 1927. 

Page 6: There is an interview with A. F. Freeman who recalls the early days.** 

Page 8: Mr. Felix DuPre and Miss Ivon Holstine were married.** 

Page 9: Dr. J. S. Sigler died.** 

Page 10: W. J. Cunice sues to divorce Barbara Cunice. They were married June 

11, 1926. 

Stella A. Murdock, a minor, sues to divorce Monroe Murdock. They were 
married December 1, 1927, in Chicago. 

Frank J. Dodge died.** 

W.S.Phelps died.** 

Thomas C. Lindsey died.** 

Mrs. Nora Robinson died.** 
Page 22: There is an article about the James and Dun families.** 
Page 23: The History of Springfield #32** 


More Railroads; The Street Cars 


dprlntflplil had ronildcrabtr irmihln 
(•lllnit Ih* Kanui f'Uir >nrt MrnipliU rail- 
»nv, <;rnilltiK h«tl lifrn r>nti|'l' l'-'l f'-r tl'i. 
rallwar lo Aah »;n»», ;« mil"-" i" 'In- 

nnrlhwciil. bul Ihi- panic of 1H73 m il 

work lo rra>«. Tor four jroara nnlhlni; 
waa Hono. lull In IVTT a »rnop of Kprlne- 
tiald nvrn. Iimpihk Io call 111- K.iiiMi'. I I'v 
railway's alionilfin I" llila piilnl m .hi 
built a •malt railroad to Aab (irtiti uu 
Mar 10, lS7i, lla tirat train arrlncrt lu 
HprlDKtleld for 1h» d»pnl was loraipd In 
tba old town. The Kanaaa rity railroad 
promptly tnrk advantaieo of thla fnnn'-*'- 
lloo and built tu Anh llroTc and Mit%- -'•. 
mm, •aw iha Ural Irain from Khmi-ms 

City. Tha nrw ri.:iil. Ilk.- ih.- Kri- 

nam.! rlvi.n t-. lit. ..Id Allunii. anil I'd- :fii- 
railroad), which had built oo IdIo Indlun 
territory to Vlnlta, built on and piishnl 
Into Mamphh. 

@ (t* Notrmlwr l«. Hit), tha 
of tha tint Htuna chapal at Prury waa 
laid. II waa Ih* learlk bulldlni on tha 
caapua at thla llnta and had baan tinanrad 
■nlatr br Mr*. Valarlt O. Riona of Mf Idaa, 
Mtat. Wbai naarly flnlahad, II burnad In 
tka wintar of lUt!, bul tha Inauran.a 
■eatr kod (Itta (rata Iprlnitlald ptmpla 
balpad t'l lb» bulldlni of a flaw rhapal, 
ablfh mm «tand^ on Iiriirv mnipuii. 

ffli^,kl«f kMk •< •tnmttfl*. «• find «»r- 

!M. - .JT2- — . ^autma U* b«w lowa 
!rZltk iLiiijniM n» »rfia«firtd o— 

"^ »y*y* 2S» !•• »•• Tha popu- 

^!n. -f t,H.»fWld «- MM ^* •',''»p» 


(S)ln mil* a rharlrr bad ham iranlrd aayeral flprlnidfid 
man to opcrala a airrct rar on any alroal on town, hcraa 
or ataam car. For aoma reaaoa aalhloR waa ayar dona 
about thla firal rhartar. lo 1870, 130.000 wai Toltd br 
rlly offlrlola In a toundalmut way In aid In bulMIni a 
alraal tar Una. Tlila achania ah» fallad. A liiia wai fnpa- 
rially naad'd now that tha dapof waa In ona town and 
iha main pni.iiliill..n In nnf.lhrr. !• w.i» l«'n hrrorn a «t-iup 
rould ha found lo carry a alraal car plan out with a 
.apltnl of t2(.0nn. linmar K. Fallowa. noh«rl J. McElhanr 

• li.l JiiiiH< .\. .-il..iil;liT..n f.. I a ...iiiMny and In H'l 

horaa cara war* runiiini; i.n ,i I.. I' lln.^ fmni Ih.- <Tiiar", 
north to foiiiuniiciai alri-ct, raat to llent.iB aycnua and 
l.a.'k I.. 111. ••lU.Tf I. J- way "' ;.i.d SI. Louis ».r.-cli 

^jlTFalo Man Recalls 

Early Days ^ 

lic:ft.rr«eman,88.Tell8 of 
•mp from Kentucky to 

SprfngfleW In Tennessee 
Wagon'; riiii vibiicii ni-ic 

Ui* fl» » e«ntuiy MP* »«■ »<''<' >>•'• 
br A. a. FWtAin. M. of BuJfUa. Uo, 
^ fpMt • «•» in «»• o»«T par«li«»- 

drrtloplm on M» «»"n in D»!U8 

Mr. mtmac. vbo la a stociuly 
boUt BAB. —*o» much youngtr than 
U( H jmn would UtAlcmt*. He fint 
T]ar«d 8l>ttii«fl«kJ In th» f»n of 18S5. 

«k« 14 ir»"» o* ••^ •"* ""^ '^ 
UM aad 1M7. h* U*^ «o • '^^ 
ijuiii><ii «c »• at? «"P<» >»*• "*"™ 

to »• «■■> A>*A *»• C*^ *"• ****" 

to •w»td IB tto tmioB •ray. 

the 1 


^__ , fkttor of tto DallM 

eouatj'mui. .oKI W« f"Tn of 800 
MTM IB t«««i» comty, K«ntueky. 
claw «D tto lC«toolty-T*nn««~ »n», 

■^Sw^oT ilprtntfl-Ja to •">? 

ni« ytwBUM tr»»tl«l to • Tm- 

,„,!, Bnnr fls-nvM* vw* r«- 
qoind *• pon tto »rtUel». »nd wJ»«n 
«h* tBOJcnnts I«n eprtngnclo on 
tbatt wvr to Uount »«mon. • l«r»« 
«••« gilfil •« OM old woodan 
tridga Mtea tto Jordan w •oeaHU* 
'^3*»'«BP*etBic to aa* tto toa*7 
v^oB bnak throuth Into tha watyr a 
_al^th« iinam bak>w, wbJeh actunl- 
tnf »c Vr. rraaman wai at flood ttaga 
baeauM of toavy raloa "It wa» the 
lufoa* wa«oo that Iia4 l>Mn aecn to 
SpfUCtUld." l>a (aid. 

only a VUUf* 
At tha Um«. Bprlnffltld wa» only 
a %i;;«,.. I.'.'it » I. 1-1 >"■'•• ^- '•■■ 
of Uk* ooun •quata, accotilmg to Mr. 
•icapuoc for a fa« wld»ly 
touaea. Ttoart aaia thttt 
.._^ bttvaaA aprt»«flaM and 
Mount VtiT.on »» hf r»mrmb*T». oni- 
of Uiam b»lonmni- t ' •» :i-»n "»"•<'* 
Fanner. B«»ic:rnu. of Ihu •tcilou 
mm wara arondartni how lh«y could 
wnr ftnaa Owal Pralrla. mhleh wm 
eorarad wlUi »lld gr»*» But r.o t.-rrs 
of any kind which cou'.rt be uf^ (or 
|«nen or fur bi.i;illni;s. 

Thar* w*ra no r»llro»d« vtf. c.f tl'.c 
MliKlu'.rri 'i»»f '*>en On thf^r »i.\ 
Ihrouiih Ullnoli from Kfntnciy Ih^ 
praTloua iummer. th» rraemana had 
111(1 aain tha tncka of a railroad opar- 
atlni balwaan Cairo. 111., and 8t 
Loala, Mo. Tbey had wa'Ud at th» 
croatng for thtae houra. ha aays. In 
ordar to cateh thtlx firal gUmpaa of 
« Araki aa It potted By. 

Aftar aprndlnt tl.a winter of IMS 
and 1*4* in Mount \»rnon, th« Fr««- 
T~.i. family decided to ratutn to Ken- 
to^ky. On thalr way home, however. 
Uiay apant »«»eral roontha In Balm 
rraoooU county In Boutlieaal MU- 

Ml«tB( Acttaa 
f^ ■tlDD Uountaln" mine rear 1 

aa Bllia ftotn tto ntaltar to tha trwn 
of aaim Oaaerlera oi the Mlaalnlppt. 
«tam tfvar boau waited to take tba 
'aaifo to the ateal mllla in tha aaat. 
AAat. tto Ctrll arar. during which 
tlma tto ybunaar Freeman Krv<(i u:i 
dar OaoaraU Hu««CTin« Buell. 
Ttomaa. Granger, and S^ermt:.. hf 
•(•ta liaaded w^taaid. ihU time 
alana aa a yuung mi«n Hr cmnt bv 
rail to Holla. *r.d r.-»ni il-.rt» ti» iiimir 
th» trip orer!. tirt ti ►t'i«'....i1 

W. C y-.i'.. .: . . ■ • A . 1. 

ramalned In Mlui'uti 11 vo-!- V.fuir 
waa llTlnf In Bprlntt1r:<l. lie viat a 
carpenter by trade, and *ai err.ployert 
by John Sehmook, a coctractor. >ho 
operated a planing m::i neir 
borthwaat corner of Iha tquirt- 

Dunnf tha neit two yrar>. 
rreamaa relate*. 8pritii,l.r'.il Krcv, \rr\ 
rapidly. Between aooo and 300<i : 
buildings were (te~*.«c '.f:t I:.:.- 
were cut out and !at«a at In*- 
Schmook planing mill and taken to 
tto alte of thi« new home In •frtloru, 
ao that fCtir men could ifecl a i»»>- 
roora ho'Jie reK<:y lor occtriti^rv in r 
day. "Of eourae. t»«y were aiuail and 
not plaatered." Mr FTeem5n »ayi. "but 
they could be livid in ' 
Living Cheap 
UtIdc to Bpnngtleld waa cheap. 
With tha eaceptlon of dry cooda. 
at tto prteea which prevailed 
were: fggt. » doe»n tor 10 cent*: 
applM. t touat>ala for a quarter, nitat 
-aa fine a eteak aa ever rut on th' 
block,'' > pounda lor a quarter There 
waa one grocery and t»o meal thcps. 
he reaaembera 

izg to Kr. yiea=xr:. htizi L youii 
man atout to »a eanied. te wanted 
a new outfit of clothei 

"OaDaral Holland, a iriend ol mine, 
.rtvieed me 'o wait •' Mr rr-rmiMi 
u|«. -H* aald he waa (rolng to Bt. 
LtAUt 1= a lev Ciyi to buv a riock 
w-.ti w.i:c,:. t" <';*! ^ - atM.-».- 

OaiM/a; SolUi^ pA>rc&a*ec S'.OO.- 
000 ot gooda. according to 5t Free. 
man. and opened up a aure "n the 
tita ••» t!.r r5T<.:A"t '.lol'ii'd b'r'.I'ti 
ci i^ aaat aiCe of »; t p\.bUr aqtjre. 
Piodimg price:. we<e cut tr half. Mr 
Fraaaaa r«co;;e<u. "1 bourht a aviit. 

.hoea. hat "h"' 'l* '■""^r '"''^ " ■" 
a oompleie r.ew oullll. lor on!y 

• 1«.- 

Bacalla Landmarkt 

Mr. riaaiiiaii recalled aoma of tha 
eld landmarka of 1»«« and l««7 Th»>» 
waa anly one bulld:ng north rf the 
Jordan on Boonvlllr. he aalil Tlie 

tan jO Boutl» avei.ue. Dear where the 
llniinT nrat Baptut church ttanda 
X^tn vaa a Matbodtat church, a brick 
fclUMlm to* ** •*•'• '^*** Chrutlan 
ehtvcb WW "in ">«> " where 
On OaU*V* traat lork quarry now u 
ij^,^ MUrt bouaa. ot ; Mirae. atood 
ria elota now atuida 


II do 


Anar another vlalf Jo K' 
Mr. Fraemen ret-irn"f '"' •'"' ' '' 
' ^ toB*!" «attua< oa a larm ^ 


Um pramt town of BufTalo. 
b* has llTcd to th« preaent da^, 
f lW tM tot **" """* r*'" -p"" - la 

Saatueky aad two yean in ?C»nm. 

'Mr. rnaaut U rary acura. Htii 

tjwltM la good. hU hrartni only 

all(htly lmpalr«d. and bU memory 

cJtcep'lyr.allj', !!'■ riVt.-.'. u yf>-- 
.nurot In the tnitt orchard uhlcli hr 
la davaloplfig on hi* (arm nil!fs 
northwest of Buffalo and h« still 
d«U(hU In taunting ~1 g«t a raeaa 
of aqulrrel erery now and thtii." hf 

'I hMt a nputauoa *• a crack rifle 
ahot In tba army." ha related. "One 
day wbCD our army «aa camped on 
tiM Ohio nvar a abort distance above 

Olnelnnatl I mad* tb* du11% ay* ■ 

baU mil* away acro*b the river wltti 

llit*e ahota." 
He accompllabed the (aat. b* «x- 

plalned.. with a an.lth and Weaaon 

rUl* on Wblcb tbar* arere three alf hta. 

nne for use at 100 yardi rang", one for 

• m ■ --ri. ;.. <i r.rf fnr sno vnrii^ "f 
I kialiU'd by ihe 60<) yard "islit, fired 
' <>i:i;<! to jr.rtir my iim. atid then lifted 
I tin- birrrl a little more lor the utra 

diii.ince. I made 11 on the aecood 

>h..t.' he f?l(1. 

Mr. Wreinaii haa one Aon. Henry. 

four grandchildren and four great 
■ E.-nndrhlldrt.-. One of hu grandsotaa 

ucconipauicct bis to bprlo^fleUl 


ii $urpr'ua Marriage 

QKW^ tf(*^*a>iBi< and lurpciit m^iriaiei tt^m in bt ctuiaf 
" aara »«*«Ur aiatii do. . . . riUadi ot Mr. r»lli DuPr^ inij 
Mlaa iTCf Holfallni >ar» iurptl>rd lodar to loara ol Ihrlr mtrrliie 
Wkltk tfak »lat* lait pifhi. 

Tat r^aay <oapl«. who bate h««n tacrQlly rii|H|i^d lor • moDlli. 

•r*T* lapaark >mI alikl ^lib Mr. aad Mri. Ralph McMilUn. Iclend; 
ef Ike areeai. tud w«ra quitllr niarrltd ft )v o'clack .Tht brldte 
«baf« kama li al Maril|fivl'l, U f |m,|.iiI,ii ^iikIvui jI Slalc Tcj^lurb 
•^l«fV^ Mr. Pa^ra l« coaaeclid alib tli< Knoi Shoa (om|»Dy «i)d 
'a •*■ Mlaa aaiuBf lb» rouiiiar rel. Thry |i|«n li> make Ihllr 
I bf fy<laf IM4 fi)r lb* prettiii. • 



Th* body of rrank J. Dodge. M. rrlaco 
rallwiT CAT repalrtr at Thayer, Mo. vat 
aent inare thla afternoon on tr.e Bunny - 
land for funeral i*rTleea and burial Mr 
Dodge died In a hoapltal here late Thura- 
dar He !s turvlvrd bv hi.i »!fe J w 
Kllngnar waa In charge of arrangemenu 

W. *. PRILrs 
ruficral aervlcea for W. 8. Fhelpa. *7. 
former mayor and retired buslnesa man 
of Remibllc. were held In the Pint Bap- 
tlat church there thla afternoon, followed 
br Interment In Evergreen cemetery In 
chart* o' the Thurman Undertaking com- 
panr. Mr Phelp* died at hia home In Re- 
rubllr earlv Trur'daT m"rr.lnc He tt 
iurvlved br l*o daughters Mr> .' ■ ' 
Kerr of Republic and Mr». Morria of 0«:a- \ 
horoa CItv He came to Or»en» countv 1 
from Kenluckr more than 50 veara ago I 


..'^".!.'*1 **V\'^y "" **" •"»'• Roblnaon. 
M. will b* held at J JO o'clock Saturday 
afternoon at lb* home of ber aliler Mri 
8. B. Wood*. MS South avrau* * eon- 
durted by th* R*T*r*nd William H Mani- 
fleld. paator of St. Paul* M. E church 
Inurment will follow in Maple Park cm*- 
tery In rharg* of 8tarn«'a morluaxy Mra. 
Roblnaon died Thuraday morning »\ her 
horn*. tM South aT*nue 

• I 



Coroner Rules no Inquest 

Necessary in Fatal 

Automobile Crash. 

PuBcral ■•rrlo** (or Or. J. 8. Sigler. 
SB, 414 Kaat MarrUon atrcot. will b* 
held at South atraet Chrlatlan church 
at 3 o'clock Saturday atlemoon. In- 
Urment will be In Memorial park 

Doctor aigler died at 3.30 o clock 
Thuraday afternoun In BprlnRfleld 
BaptUl hoapiul af_injurlea he re 
celved In an automobile accident near 
Pordland the day Iwfore. 

Preceding tha funeral the body of 
Doctor ftigler will He In aiata at the 
church from 10 until 13 o'clock In 
tba morning, in charge of the Alma 
t-ohmeyer furwral hocne. Harry Bru- 
toQ wUI alDg at U>« fuiMna..ln tb* 
aftcntdon and U>« lUTvrand C. Bm- 
•*Ma MlUar. paator ot tha etaiirata. wUI 

Pallbeareri Named 
Ooeaoc aigler wa» an elder In tue 

WalUa I 


Iowa: Dr. t«r. P Patterson. Dr. 
Saltb. T. H. Oardaer. Cturl** Solo 
mon. W. R. Self. CTharlee Howell. J. 
H. Hahn. and Kd V Wllllama. 

Active palllwarea will be Harr.r Mil- 
ler. Herman Miller. William Millet. 
William NIcka, John Cald«ell. and 
Bryan Nloke*. 

WtOi Doctor Sigler when h* dl*d 
hta vir*. Lora, and bto fla* 
ehUdran, a* (oUowa: OrvU U. and Jo* 
Bl blglar, •ona, of thla olty: Mlaa klale 
Sigler and Mra. R. K. Thomburgh. alao 
o( Sprlnfirieltl. and Mr» EI»»ortti 
Crllebel of Fayeiteville. Ark llie 
•oiw and Mlaa Elale. and Mr. 
Tliornbiirgh, a M>n-ln-laa. were y\\ 
connected with the Sigler Drug coni- 
peny here, of which Doctor Sigler 
waa preaideni. 

No lni|ue«t >e»e»»ar.» 

Olher rrlallv-e/t Mllviviitff ait t\*u 

IlliM Ik i ... V. ... 1 I. * ' r'-»..-.|,^u 

MlMi . and John, of BiKtne. Colo., and 
two alaterv. Mra. klluiile lUle. Uani. 
moth Spring. Ark., and Mra. Emma 
Nirk*. Wetunika. Okla 

Di Murray C. (Stone. Oreene loiiiitj 
coroner, made an liivenilgnlioii (ullo* • 
Ing Doctor BIglera death Thuraday. 
but daclded no Inqueel would be 

EaamUiatlun ol li.e Siiiioiin i nr 
which waa brought to the Crump ami 
Shipp auto work* here, ahowed that 
a part of the aleerlng apparatua had 
broken. It la believed that thu oc- 
curred ;«4ten the heavy machine 
alruck loo** gravel which had recently 
been draggM Into the middl* of the 
highway by a road acraper. The 
wrecked car waa found at an "S" 
curve In the road. 

H. N. Simona. S3S KImbrough 
arenue. with whom Doctor Sigler waa 
riding at the time he was faully hurt. 
auffered a dUloeated ahoul<;er and 
broken collar bone, but he waa aald 
to be Improving today at Springfield 
Baptlat hoaplUl. where he la a pati- 

thomai c. unomt 

Thorn*! C. LIndMy. 5«, dltd »t th« 

J.mlly hnm». in » («rm ne«r W»lnut 
OrOTC, Thur»<l«r runer«l »ei.ict» '■: 
htid thii •fUrnoon at Roie Hill ch«p« . 
for.ducUd br «h» R»Tfrend W C 8Uj*»U. 
IntrrmtDt took pl»ce In th» c»m»t»rr 
«h«r» In ehkrf* of th« Ore«n»>dr Funer*! 
horn* of Wlllkrd. Mr. Unitty. «tM «>■ 
born In Kno«TllI«. T«nn . e»in» to MU- 
nourl with hn p«r»nt« »bout it ytart »fo. 
Hli father and mothtr, Mr. and Mrt 
Oaort* W LtndMjr. and ftra brothrrt. a* 
folio*!. aurflTf: Isaac. Jam*!. Uack and 
Norman, rural rout* 4. Walnut Oro»«; 
Ivan of Wlllarrt: and a mtfr. Mri Orr- 
irudt Coble, Walnul Oro\c 

J he n asieoudiMci 

Into which ar« often tossed thingf 
wen worth while. 

A 4Up>leh (rom 8tMl»lll« la Cr«wfor4 wonlr 
MUt of Bprtmtl.M OB Ih. rrlico. ll'tM ll>«t • 
lart* ••»l»r« mlalii* eompany bM bwwon Id- 
Ureiln) In lh« Iron •nd lulphur ore pomltlllllM 
•t ChiriT V.IUr. •i><l "k.t wM (.DM Ih. Mcoiid 
larint prodaelni Iron sod gulphur mine In Iht 
•Uti. •fwr Urlni dormmnl for ibout 10 y»n. Ii 
• ipccltd 10 iHKonie • ■"n. of r»new.d .ctlrlll... 
Chfrrr V«IUr hu boon th. tuno ot mining 
oparolloni for y««r.. Th. land w.. Ural 
likoo np br WlllUm Jimts. who op»r«led tbt Iron 
furnarM at M«rani«e Sprlnn In ll«0. Hla htlra 
hald Iha tula nolll 10 r«»ra ago, whan lh«r da- 
cidad 10 diapoaa of II In order lo aHlla tha eMult 
In 1110. tha Midland Iron FurnacM. near Steel- 
Tllle, were supplied with ore from tha Cherry V«l- 
lar nlaaa, and conslderabla ora waa ahlpped lo SI. 
Unila. During tha period lliat the Sllgo Turnace 
Co.. waa In charge of operatlona there, from HOJ 
to ISl*. prodncllon reached lu peak, nine carj of 
ora dallr, and waa limited onir becaua* ot Iba 
capacllr of Iba furnacea, 

• • • 
WIDUm Jamai ma ona of tha alroof eharacUra 
el tbU SMIIsB «• jraan tto but ha la now all but 
for(«(Uo. Ha locatad In Pbalpa oountr » b»l' 
santarr wo »Bd w»a a (remendooa force In tha 
daralopmanl of the Oiarka. Ha waa orlglnallr 
from Cbllllcotbe, Ohio, and hla ability and energy 
•oon counted. Ha accumulated ■ largo fortune, 
but not mlthout «i«ny upi and doi> iii At oii>- 
tlma ha want broke but reentered blnnell In » 
abort time. For many yeara ha loaned money In 

Springfield mill liflil Uoil.'; nf Irit^t on niiirh 
Springfield reel eatale. Me has been denil many 
yeara. Tha town ot !tt. Jamra wna hla home and 
hla manafon there was one of the hhow places of 
this sertton. The lilg houKC finally IvtiiRht 
by the stale ami conve rti-d Into .-* home fur ft- 1 
rrsl soldiers .inil Is .to msciI todn.^. 

James waa .i brnlhrrlnlnw i,r n O liun, «li 
fiiunded the mircnnllle an^ncy of H. u. Dun and 

Cn, Jamn l.ri sf>erul , l.iM:, :.. ,.„, „ ,;;, chf- 
m.rrl.d James Dun, for ycnr. a clllten of Spring 
i.e.u ....; ; . .. : : ,; .■,.. .i..„f ,„ki,„,., ,,, ,j., 
Friaco railroad. James grsnrtdoughler. .Miss l.ucy 
James, married Huntington Wilson, a^lsinni ser- 
■-M.v of n<M- i,r.d.-r H,v,,^,,|l. Nut the m.^r-',,. 
waa not h haiipy one and a divorce was. ol.Mm,,! 
Miss James took hack her maiden n.inie ar..l 
spsnda much ot her lime In Kiirope where ahe la 
»«». Uev«*«r, th* will BO doubt return to Pbalpa 
eoBBly ihU summer, which la bar custom and ro- 
mala aatll fall In bar nmmar home which waa 
built br her fraodfather. The house Is on a bluff 
U (ho head of Meramee rlrer and beautiful 
grounda surround It. Mlaa Jameo fllle the bouae 
with (rienda erery aummer and tha seaaon la al- 
ways an enjovalile one. .She has tents on the I 
grounds »l,lch are oflon . I : I'y slranK.ri.. .■.hi- :.i I 
Ing a generous, charitably Inclined young woman, i 
* * * I 

Wli.n n C |ii,n ,|IM MU, I„„„., |„h,r|„,, „„,. I 
third or tha rslale. .She already rerelnd a 
large sura (rom her grandfather's estate and Is 
on. of the weallhlesi women In the rounlry Her 
aunt, who reside. In naltlmore. also received . 
large part of both estates. 

A 81. Louis paper not long ago referred to 
William James aa 'a man named James" which In. 
dlcalea bo. aooo one Is forgotten and aa the 
topibatooa Mys In England: -i ,,. «, ,<„,„ d„„ 
for. I often wondered what I wu boguo for." 
• • • 
When William Jam., wa. acll.e In St James he 
employed a young woman aa tutor (or his chil- 
dren. 8ba remained In the family (or many yeara 
and one day met Senator Hearst o( CalKornla. H. 
was not a senstor then end not very high In the 
world, not being e.en an educated man. Uut he 
had a wonderful mind and he admired the bril- 
liant young school tr.irli,r In ih« J,i,„., f„- .f, 
Th.r were married and lived hoppll, „<- .fi,r. 
ward. William n. Hear.,. ,h. celebrated pulv 
l.he,. 1. son. Phoebe ,„.„, „ , „.„, ^„^ 
In great lenderne.s In SI James and Phelps 
county. ' 

Page 3: Miss Opal Stapp and Mr. Robert Sharp were married.** 
Page 6: Mrs. Nora Robinson died.** 

Peter McCourt died.** 

Mrs. Thomas Phillips died.** 

John Beierle died.** 

Arthur Ray Hawk died.** 
Page 9: The History of Springfield #33** 

John C. McGee died.** 
Page 10: There are photos of Hortense Wrightsman and Weldon King. 

Dr. J. A. Siglerdied.** 



Th» fuittrt) ol Mr«. Nor* KobiMon. ••, 

> f.,Urtw#«1 bv lnierin«r»t In M»o» 

I p.m Mint ury 111 «"•;■« °«'*i»'^'=»j;j2L: 

tuary Th« lU^artod WlUt«m H. >*»l»»« 
titid ol(leUit4 


Aiihur ftajr Hawk. 7-Ttar-old ton of Mr 
• nil Mrt Courtn»v' Hawk. 100* Br««*r 
•trv«t. dird at 4 u>lock thli roornlrui at 
Ih* home ati«r a briaf illneaa. Furor* I 
In rhari* e( J W. Kllnmcr. will b« hrM 
al Ut* funtral hom^ at I'M Buntfav aftT. 
iMoit. feltowtd by iiturmtnt •( Bold. Okia 



Banking and Transportation 

North Rpr]n»f|.<|i1 n .irp for«iir«l 
whm th« Bank of t^prini(ri#ld wng oicanlted 
«n.l InrnrpnrRloft Si«pl».nil.rr Id. I8S2. |f 
«** \atlh li,wi«grui,r» fliBt'lMink^ lt.aa.t 
lo<-«i«| •{ C6mm«rfUI 8ir»«t and Robbergou 

' On Mar S. lam, Poat No. <9 of 
Ih* Urand Armr n( Ihr Kepiibllc wan 
nrganlied in S|>rlii|iri<«l(l with Jiidite 
W. F. (iriKpr na JlrKl r(iinniand»r. 
riii> iKi"! Mas Vimnii IK iIhi Ciiptain 

—John Mattirw-) \nft. Narlh Spilii;:- 
flHd PMI No. an> oraaiilMMl A yj-ar 

'Ul«r. Th» "Roya In lltu«" ueio 
rmpldir approacbhiK middle ai(«. 

TranaporUtlon In *ni aroiiBd SprloKftold 

Kr^w by laepa and bounds in 1886. Th« Friscn 
liiilli a noMT irark to nollvar from her* and 
III" Rlr^Pt rallw»:.« wt-re electrified. Sprinp- 
ri^ld uN^ nna nr the firrt cities In the rnU<'d 
•siaiia lu so equip lis ftrerl rallwHvs. Them 
were komia who doubted that car* toutil run 
ii.v electrlclly and tha attorney who repre- 
Kfnted the street car company was qnea- 
llniierl rtonely by rity council membera before 
ihn fPHnchlse wax KraDteJ. Some tboufhi 
that Know mould hinder the electric cars. A 
larK* a/iiniiDt of trackaice wan idded to the 
'•'.viirem Mnd Rprlnfftletd Koon had a refrrort 
■>f »(efl Mlihin Its' jijiilem. 

-^ , In. the aprinc ot 1887 Springfield entered tato lU 
Jpf)ftlUiltM»AlaimP^ Iwcne. lU Bsa* vu tk« 
^^«ni liMC«« aad grw conpoMd of Utile ttoek, 
not O p rlat^ ru S m ilfc, W » b b dtr a nd SprlinfTfl i t , 

The league failed la July. The garnos were played o« 
the Bame rronnda the present !•■(«• tooas *lai7 ■•'« 
Pre>ioua to that Spriu^tieM ^.n ! had romo aiaateur 
tMiaa,^ MM>t tliatt tho oM Koot, Rosatn^ coapoaat 




Mr .nd Un, W. K. Webb, ot «« 
bJJ^cuI left ihf ";«"^« 

Dtteb'. raUier. John C. McCm. » 
iwidtnt of Wobtrly. 
TWO yw. prtor to »»,»•**"'• ~- 

U» plM» ol bU birth. ^\^rV^* 
J^l.ft P.ri. h. w« on. of tto. t<^mi 

.«^ «biKu« oti.« tb.n »jf- w;"» 

whlo h.r« M follow.. ror..t^ McOM. 

M.i.h.11. MO.. JMk of P'«|«'"«V,*^'i- 
, Mr. U. B McNec- of W»Ii.ut arov. 

MI«,.N LmlH. rx.illi "nd R«« «»' '"« 
. )iom» HddreM .nd Mri. E«rly nu»*ll 
' »lJio of Mob«rly. 
I — • 

MIH* W»IOMT«"*> 



Af i'm Opa/ Stapp 
Weds.Robert Sharp 

Announcement b.. b««n m^de of 
tb« marrlM* of MU. Op«l Bt«pp. 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs Charle* M. 
Stapp^ 73a NorUi Kan«aa avenu.. to 
Ux. Robert Sharp, .on xsT"Urr~VSS 
Ux%. J. W. Sbarp. leis Wen Walaut 


Th. cerwnoDT ««a parformad 
W»dne»d»r evening by the Reverend 
tmmtt Bal. at tba rint BaptlM 

Mr. and Mn. Sbarp wUl mAk« tb«lr 
bom. In thf> city. 

t„-.. M.» ••»» »•'• • "•"•• '"' ""I 
""'li.t 111" •fK-'l >"""•'"•' •" ""I 

, , w,.....l • I'l'' •>"••"•■■ "" 

f,„ ,,„i.,f. .Iin« «"l 

„.. lU.i.m.. mr Jf.r boo* "« "" "' 
.iicw Mi«h •flwx" 


V i^V^^»ldVnt of "»•«" Bprlnf f iPld WMon 
^IJ^nrnv Mr McCourl became connrct»d 
Vm^^'thV w':f,'on'*:oSp.nv upon hu mar- 
ri>>* 34 v».r» ato to Mr» CharU. P. i^***- 
^'a'uV,'*r'nr.h-"l.t. Co.on.1 H /. '/"^.V, 

i.oT^fur he fir.ih of MrH McCourt. Mr 
Ifcrourt ni.rrlfd Mr. Sherman Brown 
of DM.ver.'"ah... with J|«7„ »"^ ;"„*"k'' 
«M>» -Mter .1I/VIV05 Mr and Mr. H. r. 
r. lloa> of til" Ke.>l»(.o<l Arm* hotel |. ft 
rrid.v afternoon tor Denver lo ettend Ihe 

funeral ; r 

Mrt. Ihoina. PhlUipi. U. of »0« Bouth 
Oram avenue, died thii mornlnf •* "«/ 
home. Bhe U .urvlvd by one dtuthier. 
Mr.. M P D.vl. of Vantura C. .. aiVJ 
ni). U»ter. Mi»» Cora M MerHU. of 
Sprlnifleld Funer*) ertaneemenU Bre Jn- 
compfete. but probably will b« oon<u»ted 
Wedn»idav at TeneyvlUe. Mo . under dl- 
rfcUon of W L Starne runeral home. 


John »el»rte. 40. of Crockrr. Mo, died 
rarly U>\\ nioriiiiig in a HpringfirM li<i&- 
plial tolloainf a brief lltneM. He I. .ur> 
vived by one brother. Jacob, nf Battle- 
field. Mo . and one iln'^r. Mra Aniilc 
(jwfn. ol Routf 8. ritv ►uneral aervteee 
a 111 be conductod at IJO o'clock Monday 
afternoon at the Herman H. Lohmeyer 

Tineral bora*. 

Burial w il l t>a mrif* It 




Proves One of Largest '4r 
To Be Held at Sot 

Street Churcli Here 

lix riiiirrxl of Oi. .1 \ Slgler 
afUrnooo wm on* of iiie laifMt 
ha* t\cr >.>rrn hcH In i^outli •! 
Cbrlatitn chunit. of «hleli tot 
b««n'*ii rider tor Mvrrn) yetn. 
eutlre Ir'U*. ix.ritmi of th« chur 
WM Ttilrl with (lowrr* «hkih 
com* fri'Tii thvtr frlenil* wtaoot' 
numbtrMl 17 iIm litiiiUrrd*. 
Th« Rc\rirnd ('. iri.irrvn 
p«*tor of ihr ohurclr offirmletf. 
•tutfd by l»r C. N i lii!i>. r*itor 
IH« lliimphir- » MriiMrt.i Mirch, 
CharlMton, W. V« . n «!••-< Ii;riifl 
th« Slgler l*iiitl}. ytl'i i.-invj 
8^r1u4rtolll tnr-tt;* tmrrnrf - 

Hurry Brutni tenor. -•r.~ "Tl*] 
Liord Kn'>»i Wi-.> ' »lii.h » .1 •• (t- < 
root* hymn of Doctor MKlr>. it..» 
•'When They n ■« 1hr»p tioW<-n 
BrlU" Walur ilirwell ^pt nt ij« 

"Aitl l^ ^^«!! b » T »'> *rM> ••■ foJlo»»| 
H. J Miller. ImtK*»i<. Ark-. H VT. 
MUtor, Thayw. mat W. L MiUer. 
MtaaaMb iv*ia«. Art . sii hitm at 
.KhouL-iLrc ncphfv*: ^Itltim mekk,' 
w, of W< viunka. Okia : Jonn 
UUI* neak. Ark. and 
: tkeiftMTlUa, a mrmlwr of 
ihi PiOti ^w y wyi j f — atucit- 
m prMldral. Baker 
neka, a nephrw of 
tNtomte. *Okbu who waa unable tu 

Honorary pallbearrra aere r;i»» 
friend* of Doctor Slglar. and inclurlad 
tht al<n^ of, tht Boutb Btrf«t Cbria* 

ratlrrtoii. Dr. 

!• follow »■ Dr. W. 
\Viilli'> SniHli I. 


Oarria er . Cha r tea Bolo m o n. — W- -I*. 
OtU, Charle* Howell. J. H. ffahn and 

Ed V William*. 

Intrrment took place in Mniutnl 

>inte MimKirinii'aMrf* ot tiM~Atti* 
liBl MMy^lWW^boine. From ip 

body lay la aUta in tM 7;taap*l ol 
the ohiireli. 

Doctor 4l|ter had i>e«u an active 
worker 4a iba (^h/Utian church a|l 
bta life, aa waa hia father befoc* htm. 
Mr »iin also n niriiibrr of llhir I.odee 
hiid Ki'jul Anil .Mll"o;l^ niiC 11 Ki.!!-; 1 
Templar, belnR pas', emliitni rom- 
montler of Calvary CTinmandery No. 
I 'in A f i>.".'I A. M nt Mmvv.r.ih 

< "He *•»* « ut»'i»>r i>f ti.f o tl 
. Kchool.** taid the Rerrrand C. Kmei- 
I »'>ii MIMrr. In roinn\rnl'.ii»; «»ii the lite 
■ of iKx'to: filler "He i;i<1i\ 1 v .!t 
know It there «ai a fm wsltinK Icr 
him at the other end of tiie line be- 
l< re •iillliiK on a puiirn' 
I Doctor Blcler »i»» chi>rH'lfri/«l t>» 
I the minlmer •« "a ruHti full of il.' 
I huly ftpint mid of InlMi «nd t((X^ 
' vorK* Ht« whole life waa a «i:- . 
ne»a for tlie right." llie llevemid M.. 
MUUr aalfl. 1 

AnionK thoeo froir e dl'lan-e whtf 
funeral were the fotlo»inn; Mr. and' 
came to nprlnfrfleld tixlof for the 
Mri. H W Mllirr Th»\er I( .1 Mt|.< 

:, r. ;•••• —•. ■ ^■l,. ^^•. m h >. 

Man.i.i '111 hi t.i.» A:k .1 ■ ' • ; 
Mra. Jueephine Mtirrril .Miiii-.:i.' -.1 
fiprlne; Mr. urd Mrt. J H Reed We~i 
Hlalin; \V. V. HnrUi . '.Virr I-ii..-: 
C L. SlRler a brothtr. niifl Mr» ^•. 
i<-.. ciri -li.TW .Mil" l)r <■ N < '. 
Charleaton. W Va.: Chaiirs I 1: - 
man. 8t. Loula: John H. C'sld«r,;. af- 
rlmsiif aft-irnev generiil of Ar»-.n-r'. 
Little Rock: W. I- Miller Mroni- 1 
«»prl'ir»- T A Biker f»'>«er^Ml!'' Wii- 
llnin Nlrku ui. ■ 1... 

Mrs. T. Coukln, C»b >l. Mi.- !>.■.>•;? 
and kllM ray Powell We*i Plal"* and 
Dr. and Mra A H. Thorin .irv'i. '.Vest 

The News and Leader for Sunday, April 7, 1929, is missing. 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 3: Mrs. Lucy T. Hensell died.** 

Mrs. Thomas Phillips died.** 

John Beierle died.** 

Miss Verona Pontius died.** 

Mrs. Lucie F. Hansell died.** 
Page 5: Miss Corinne Heim and Mr. Fielding Parker Sizer are engaged to 

marry. ^ 

Page 13: The History of Springfield #34 



Tha Union of the Towns 

/HW» T>'l 

jx,..^ Ill 4rfnr 

(l) lo lb* fall nt Its; the two (nonii o( Nnrlh 
iprlngtl'ld and SprlngfUld ««ra unKnil. 
Llltl* oppoaltlon wa« met In thia conanllda- 
llon and tb* TOtln( waa almoit unanlmoui In 
tin faTor. Both towna bad drslrsd tb* union 
for aoma time and although there were •till 
»ome flelda and woodt between the towna. It 
was graduallr building up. J. S. Atkltioii 
ma* alerted the flrpt marnr of the ron.'oll- 
daiprt io«n^. KlFht warMs <w i e In Iho iirw 
city, four 111 iba t>'iiiui i'nrt and four In the 
aortbern. In 189U tbe population of Spring- 
field "»« ?i •sn. 


;t) The flmt atale pollllcal cnnrenllon held 
n SprlnKflold wnn In the Ule «prlns of 
Jfl88. The democrats met here In the old 
opera houne near the corner of Central 
etroot end ItoonTllIe avenue to nominate » 
ranilldaie for eupromo jiidg'". .Shepnrd 
l>. nanlay wee Ihnir choice. Tho conven- 
tion ol»o nunilnati-d candidates for the 
Knni-as f.'lly iiml ■-'.' ilK'rlft iulp'- 
nhplii. l.o'.Blly the 1H8S rl<-'-tlon had It* 
1 -. ,,. . iM'.iiri'l •},■■ I ■■ r-'i-.n^ ■ r . .>iir'v e'.-1 
ii.-iil'iiiiil liiiil.lir.t.--. >>•-., iT V: .-nilili ••>..- 
rl<-t<-d prCKltllnr lndSO '.f tho <■■ i:r.i .• 
, ,,Mi I '.ii 111". I '.!'!■'• n •■: '.■•■' .iMrt " ■ 
, ■.■irili.ii,-.' II. .ir i!.. ■ ■ ■ • ■ T ■• 

I h" (Miiii'y jjil ^- .1 ' I' .1.'- i:. 1-" " • "!■■■• 
t'onlrel strcrl hihI Itnlihcrfon avenue. It 
la allll tun. lint. .N .•ioi;nllv. t.reenr 
roiinly and Spiiiicfl'M f;o'>rfd the >- 

nn cnnill'I»t<». li'i'.iBmlii llirri'on. <.m.- 
• iriivar Clevelniil. 


Tto Oraiy iAa«IN» AMMto .Mn«l*ttoB «h onuUg«4 la 
Ittl tat kcMVkt tbomt m toettall tMB. rretMtor Ol uflx 
'm nOv, «k« had 9tvr^ tectbaU la th« aMt, wm U« gsldUs 
light ot th« *mm. Th* tint fm» pUr*d h«r« wu p1ir«d oa 
Tteakwtftac 4ar. Moraabw >•« llll|« 5<ruhlBstOB BBlr«r- 
altfa rOory'* oppoaenl, «ea II-9. 

Tb* paalc of IttS ktt CfriasOtM 
tk* Mm* •• th« TMt'ot tka aoaatrr. 
8«T«na baaka itll«4 airt toaataaa* 
(^ waa peer. Btrvata ware Itraty aaoa^ 
\ytw tha vaopla wara abaat, talktac 
orar tha bad tliaaa bat llttia waa 
boogbt or aold (or tha ilmpl* raaroq 
that thara vaa ao meaar to b* baiL 
Tha SprlBirtlaM Plaafai Mill ft Lama 
her company got a contract tor con* 
atroetlon ot tha praaaat Sprlagtlal4 
Tea and Refrtiraratloii r/tmpalir balM'* 
Ing on rhetpa itreel lM>lwaen Boon- 
^llle and Campbell aTaoueg and 
paopla were ao aasloaa to work aad 
make aome money that many woald 
etnrt laborlnR witboat perralaaldla 
from tba bulldaca. with tha hep* that 
they might b* rawardad. Werkata 
had to b* lltarally drWaa trev tka 
joh« III anrh ra^ee. Stich «ar« cob- 
rilKor» dnrlnjf the panic of if9i. 




MBS. icTT T. wgtnmx 
MBS. Tii<»M%ii ' rmnxxr* -^^ 

M « cteviA. ■ d«n>bl«r. o' N friar* ct 

■n or 44J «*.i «:« ••'^•^TirJ? 


Cors M 

JOHN Btirti.r , 

rVMnl f»TTU»» Jo* John B*««f<«. 4« c« 

l^rS ao-.R<. f<»tV}*«d o* icwni»«n: ta 

MI'S* \rRON« roNiii - 
»h9 <!J«i ft-<» «»rv«M»r •« •»• . t-T^ J 

ilf iM Cori fine Heim 
*to Wed Mr* Sixer, Jr. 

Mr. Bad MiB. Rudolpii P. Htim of 
St. JoMpb. llo . h»T« «ni)fHinc»d th« 
BMMAt «C tMr tftufbtOT. co- 
>. t» FUldH^lnglMr Wot. Jr. of 

tt^Ua^ Tb« vtOdmi 1* to IBM 

piBM la June. Mr. Ftoldtttf fltaer. 0r.. 
tk k prominent Uwy^r of Mon^tt and 
U wtU known In 8prlng1i«ld. 



O«orge R. Palmer. 31. Sprlngdeld. 
and Lola X<oui*e MorrU. 21, of 
SprlnKtIeld: Letha Pearl Huff. 14. 
and Thiirman Harwood. 23. both of 
Fair Orove. 

t„Te M.*» rjr.: u. »r^. ■*■ 'y^' »=" 
m«(S«T .T.le HrvtrtM tr4 M?» ■- H. 
ttot laltea «» i««B»or»r)r 
h#ra to b* r.«ar !i«ir »rv»tSj*r 
t**'il Po.-.U'**. ^h'> iM »e»o » 
at S» J?^- » Kijr;'.*l H *•»*»•• 
!•;:•. •.r< aa ♦o«fa;M^ 

Page 6: Miss Lillian Rhodes and Mr. Knute Gustafson were married December 1 5 
in Ozark. 

Page 13: D. J. Attaway died.** 
Page 14: Lenore Wilton died.** 
Page 16: Mrs. Lucie T. Hansell died.** 
Mrs. Thomas Phillips died.** 


AHQ^mm aaerct mAiiuge tl4» ^•*n innouo-ed Frten'lt of Mies 
LMIlaB ^kodM aad Mr. Kiinte GutiaUon «er« surprised jeaterday 
|i> l«arD that th* younit rou;>l»> hu^- been »e<.i«'il.v married i<jnrr> the 
SStb of D*<«iuber. They ^ere married In Ozark, a. .onip*nled by Mr. 

, I , VBOaiAS ,,,, , I , 
Arr«ncrmtnU tmr Um f«a«r«l of Mn. 

Thomaa Phllllpa. 79. MC So«th Ott.I 
arcnut, ar« atllt ineoaiplet*. awaittnc Ut« 
•rrtYAl of ralatlvaa. imaiMwiu vlB 
in cBan* of BUnM'a nortuarr 

.M1U1. IlllL 1 H\>.'»tii- 

Kuneral a«r*tcta for Mra Lacie T H*n- 
•ell. T3. «M Baat Elm atravi. vllt bt bald 
at a:W •'dock WadMadkjr •fMraoaa at 
th« Atoia Lohn*T«r P^i u atal haow. fM» 

lo«ed bv Inierrreni !.n M«ple P«:k ceme- 




tousbinc «ux» talking *»"» • «~*i£^ 

Lrf Mr. mmJ ii». J. »«»*» ^''°*^J!T 

! father. «n tntomobll* rtemler of W11- 
j low Sprl^g^. t* » former mayor of that , 


Atuwiy. Moliett, Mo, _. 

aaenU wwHtewJ here today teOoyy* 

to • poUoe ofltor on • Awotown. 

Pi^pert bl which AU«w«r WM 
Identified Included ft telegram in 
codB relating to M. a. Singletoo^ 
tomey. lonnerty of KanaM CUf.l 

who had fallen «o h»» dea ih Iw m >| 
laUth floor window a Xew hours | 
I previous. ! 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 5- Luther L Hunt committed suicide.** 
Page 6- Ten Springfield people are listed in Who's Who in America. 

Miss Doris Medley and Mr. W. N. Stovall were married.** 

Miss Enid Thomas and Mr. Roy Jones were married.** 
Page 12: Lee Campbell died.** 

Mrs. Thomas Phillips died.** 

Mrs. Lucie T. Hansell died.** 
Page 15: The History of Springfield #35** 


Uo^ 4]Nlt 4»-AtaBflt^ 

UmiMdiato d»Ui r«iUUdjwh«n Ut- 
Uier I. Hunt, local barber, drank two 
ounoee of carbolio acid. UU body 
van toaadtf Boril Baln^ an ■»• 
ploya oC the Broadway hotel. 


After ausfa partner, B.. T. . T«*- 
iant, want to.tunoh. Hunt locted hha- 
•alf in a toUet at the hotel and drank 
the potooa. *he empty bottle and 
f laN. (otuA OMtf him, were mute »«•- 
Umooy o« wUt happened. 
. ju-far-aa4fc toom Mr, JBtaaVJaft^ 
B9 MBlbMUktldD tOt hJa aei 1& MiSaH 
hie own lUe. Ba appeared to ba m 
(ooA health and good qrtrlta. evoept 
mat eeveral ot hi* trlenda and mai' 
tomera noUoed that be eeemed Ust- 
)«M, To one man who aaked If he 
was not feeUng wall h« replied that 
he wa4 all Tight. HIa family aald that 
he bad b««n "blue" and quiet the 
avetiiug oeiuie. 


».n.«r.i aervlca fw l^ee Campbell, Ti. 

SVad by inumjant there. ^* JlVi,*i 

' '•wao oy "• oarenta near Btratforo 

the horn* ol bi» ^,„" n. u alw aur- 



1- J^ct MT» Thuroa. Phl!llp». f^- 

■yaf^itSAT^ bit ton"»» arrant- 

i:W^_r!SSNl a-*lt>nt th« arrival 

J^O^. • daugTit.r. of veo- 

Henry C. Crater. 40. Bpringfldd. 

and Beulah Robiiuon. 39. South 

Bend. IikL; and Alden I^eBvttt,* 35. 

,of Wtnona. Mlhtt.. and flelen 

liCnight. ai. of Bpringfield. 

T. HAwaeix • 

'^dled Bonday. 



•Tha High Sohool «hd PoitoB1o<i ' r^ 

r?r ».;•.• 

E »• kKl t^• nation 

la tvrtacnvl^ fr«t1»4M« «m •ufrvrlng. llow- 

%w<r9 hni;t !a )•>! ssa th« pMlofflr* flnlfhcd 

« r > f t» < U !•>«. Boik o( IhM* buUdlnct 

•UU ta M*. 1^ kick ackool hAVlac b«d mt. 

»i4ltlg— vfttf* (9 it. T. C. Ix>v« w«t ih« 

paaUMMrvr la ik« »«v balKlag. Tb« Dortb- 

< Jl/«ii7 )oc«i«4 ««>! it «a« at tb* corntr of 

Si>rlii>-flfli1 v,.(.i| down n Jmnil hHilo of $100,000 for H 
niutili l|iiill>' (iwtifd fi|««irli- liKlil iiluiil In January, 18V4. 
;■.■,'•■!«. •■vlilt-nflv iii-lti«f nrnilil iif n in<Mit«y Hhortmce. Condl- 
^ {•>iii» iIiiimikIiiiiii (lie loiiiiiiy \\<iii xilU In u had condttlou. 
1'h« rliarllv licinrd of SprlnKflfM wan bankrupt and the 
town «na having n Imrd tlinn <'ollc<:llnK taxes and paying 
lia dfMii. An fIt'clWm waa hold for Iho vnllnfc of bnodn for_ 
a n«w roiirtbouao. but wun dofoated In the county by S720' 
to 3:!>0, Marrh 27. 18U4. Kanda of men headed toward the 
tiaal to Join t;i>xey'a army, iiaanod tliruugb the town, during 
'»•• »fi.t..r «ii<t BtirlMK «if 1RH4. Lntor on a mans meetlnK 
«:i« !■• I'l on tlic pill. Ill- '"iiinrf to i«|f<n rnfinny to Bond the 
■ army" roine provlnlona. A curloitd waa Kent from this 
P'Int fo rnx'-v II' V,'ii"liliirtoii 

(SiTka election of lt»« brougbt to 
SKlacOald and Oreana county tha flrat 
aatlra damoeratle county victory In 
yeara. The county and town farored 
Bryaji and hU (raa allTar arsumenta aa 
did inaar oUltr waetem ttatea. The 
damoerata and popnllata. a new party 
t^t bad apmas ap a Uw yeara back, 
eoaaoUdatad and put their elate over. 
Tba might bafora the elacUon tha demo- 
crata threw a big parade that foretold 
•^•lr vlrtorr of fh«» n^tt dar. Natlon- 
allv. Ilrran bad little luck for he loitt 
(o McKinley. 

Q Another war waa aoon to arouia tha 
country, tha entire country waa aroused 
by the sinking of the United States battla- 
•hip Maine In a Cuban harbor. This out« 
raxe waa blamed on the ispantards and war 
was certain. Sprlngnald, aa othar towns. 
was greatly axcited and was willing to 
send Its Quota to the front at first calL 
Finally war waa declared, April 21, IStS. 




Mn. T. U. VkD«v«r7. 3a. of Mlnoe- . 
■pbUa. «M klllad y«st«rd*y •n«nioen 
wb«a tb« •utomobll* In wblcb ktie 
«Stf htr l|iMb*ii<l «ft<l Mr. and Mr* { 
I.. U Abbey, of Vllnneapolti. »»r* 
ruung. OTcrtuxned near l>uuBr. Tut 
e»r WM bwdwl north oo D. 0. high- 
way Tl. 

Tb« e«r. vhlch Mr. Van«v«ry «t»» 
MrtrtBC lMiD*««nl fRMH tha vtatet 
iWftilt of th* aoutb. otertumrd 
wh«n It struek a stretch of road mauf 
reu(li by Um racant ralna. and 
enalMd fate • ditch. Although no 
■UnMMK to tlM MeMant oould be 
■ttmi. ladtofttloiw ««r* that th« ma- 
^Utf «M baint drlTen at htgti 

• Mr, Atrbay. who U aald to ba a 
nJltir gnla tacotor. racauad only 
maev I^JtvtM M <iM Unk Abbay and 
Ur. Vtamrtrf. 

Mi88 Enid Thomas 
Bride of Roy Jones 

Aiino(inr«>mr!it Un* b*«>n mad* o( 
tli« niarrlape of Miss Etud Thomas j 
daugliter of Mr and Mr« W C i 
Thomas, lo Mr. Roy Jones. The cere- i 
mony took plact Sunday. April 8. at I 
Mountain Grove Mo. The couple will 
makt tbalr home in Sprinirfleld 

Miss Doris Medley 
W eds Mr. S tovaU 

Annotioeement ha* been mad* e( 
the marrlace of Uiaa OorU MetUey to 
Mr. W. N. StovaU of 1833 Nortb J«f- 
feraon avenue. The couple vere 

married la/tt Mondny in Arizona end 
are now visiting the groom'a parenta, 
Ut. and Mrs. O. C. StovaU. The cou- 
ple will leave In two weeks for Call- 

fon'.M T.hcre t»-r.- •ori!) mxk* »hPlr 
home. j 

Page 1: Byron Alledene Dawson was killed.** 

Page 2: Miss Evelyn Monger and Mr. George W. Dye were married.** 
Page 3: Ralph R. Rogers died.** 

Mrs. Maggie Gault Wilkerson died.** 

John McKinstry died.** 
Page 5: There is a photo of the Square in 1876. 
Page 17: The History of Springfield #36** 

KAi.ra «. »oatE»_ _ 

wmoral Mnrloe* iV Ralph R. Rogers. 
Jr^T wbrdTid wiSne«lay at tha home 

^:^ SbTt- l".%^*rrri-.VeVrn 

^^r^ .?!,.V'r-etr-;u^orffi 

of the 7A ciaw "' , ^r of hi* hoin« 
school •'"1 "" hI r«""««J »' 'h.-uma- 
room. Ho. ><"•,"? obieed to ba absent 

turn •"^V* '^^%"„ &. ^'I -'""^'O 
from school. J-o**"; two years. Besides 

er.'. si . • broih.^j»^>^. •""'«•• 

r«neral «"'£•;, '^7 the Rev""nd W. J 
wil--n: '^j^^^.X: ?harc'h' 


Ward ^*« reaehttl here of the death In 
TwSi. WMh.. a« John McKlnJiry. 71 
vh7fM«erl7 w— employed In the south 

IkSi ffvSJX ■• «» turvued by two 
rSera Mn. K»U Calhoun. Tawma. and 
J2i Harriett R<<er». Chicago. III. There 
STtwo WW mnk MdCJns.ry of Buffalo, 
S and Robert UeKlOMUr. SentoavUle. 


. Mlaa Cvalyn Uongar. daughtar of 
Mr; and Mrm. ^oaaph Monger, of 
Bparta. Mo., became tbs brlda of Mr 
Oeorge W. Dye. at Otark oo April S. 
Mr. Uyr la the aoo of Mr- and Mrs 
fffpeuUk Df0^ pt Sparta and formerly 

ffT^!* ctty. Tb* fDuac ooupte wiu 
inakt tbelr boote in Sparta. 



ThW W t With Bpalrn^'^^^^^^'^Si^^i 

^ ~, »§ttmatM4 hm4 ••• ««mr«aT la tb« ■•iiomI 
%.W tmar4 *ri^» — «*»« MtMavH ••faalrr. Tkto 

« If *** ™ • t " * •? •• •■• »•*-••••»* f/-f rlti^T 
<4*^ttti*mV«« s«* ti« ««««i#4 i* i«Ur a fall irri- 
»Ti MMt n was •!«•■ la apnacrwid lo m«k« 

-J~: «• «•• «< tfeaaa. Ik* ••» ««w»«aT «m lo 
to k»*«a «• >— May M. In Ifc* aiKdU of 

■-a- - Mar. »» l » M aTa ««t« «alW4 for Ik* a«« cooi- 
.^- . »••» M ka —yialaai by KraMt C\ McAf**. 

..nee cia«Mfa A. O. IMnlaa vaa rapUla of tka 
mi-h»r ra«>«ay. TB» a*« cvB.|-aB/ crvdrd 

"^^ ' Wl •« aas k«« It! app U a*. C«aM«a»atly 
(«• «••<• «k* ;in^ Is ;i boor* and h<ilb 

' tar J«n«rM« ha>r»nb«. M. L<<«1*. af^T a ra-I- 
"t ' aWallia ta (bu c*iy; C«ar«sr K bad aa- 
; jfl' ITaraa aM vaatinaf eat <«|avltirlT bnt.j 
^ * ' ia»'»aay tf ha4 aatiiac bat rirtllas rialbfa. , 

@ Aiiliuadi ui«ii> .-^i.iiiiiiii' iiii«ii« »<i»- lu uiiiii 
dayartnaau ot tba aarrlra and aoma raachad 
Iba rirlai Ilaa. companla* M aad K bald moat 

• I Ihr bvlllildrl.l •I'MIrl^. IK'lllirr Crtltnc !>«- 

joad Albanr. 0«irila. Krom Jaffrraon bar- 
racka lh«r war* saat le rbltkaaiaaca park oa 
Iba atata llaa batwaaa Oeorila and Tannaaaaa. 
Tbia vaa toward tba aod of May, lltl. Thay 
alayad tbara darlnc Iha mat of tba war. Thera 

• ra thoaa tbst aUII uy polltlca bad Ita part la 
lari>lD( lb* .Mlaaourl anldtrra from tba firing 
llaa wbaa thay wara to go. Navarthaleaa. atlar 
•laylBg •! rt.rkamauKa for moalba and a ao- 
Juu/B al LAllnrliiii, Kr , and bring altarkrd 
ty Ijrpbnld frrt-r. mhl'h k'll'd Iwo iif thrtn, 
rnopanlM M and K with llin rt*l of Ihr Mia- 

foarl Infantry, were dUcbaried-El,. Alhany, 
Ooorgla. Marrb 4. Kit. 

m r*br«kr7 II. lit*. 
vast «o«a i« l» b*> 

U« eltr VM 

IB tk* V*if4 BUtM. 

Vcavaltod erar tkia mcUob 


r k«f tklaca war* gnuloall/ uralaii (or tka bot>, 
I tar.>~ Dnur ^MlMCii kad W craatar attw d—wj 

coins •([._' Aa«th«>:.taUrbad waa btlitc talkad '. 
'f aad^ mmv Mw afiMinad l«,»«nud« tt''t*i 
'^ ra».arM«k «srteglWd.Tlt twsad oat t* to- 

aaeUar p«p«r Ttllrod. towarar. 


•od. lh«Jiaa>. 

Nettk ArkaatM n&hra^eaiaa to aaaskt. 
. iyrtegnald «a* to.,«att. Mvaral raan tot; m^j. 

otkar rallread.'* Bat SprlwOold vaa ▼nitac t»'» 
- IH i m aii. ' -- It >_ ■ < f I f d. ahnwit ttb leqalraf' 

tl A«.«ta bcfera thlnn fall tbroagh. 



following Older Sister to 
-eomcr Store^for Candy, 
Child Is Struck Down; 
Parents Hold Driver Blame- 
less;- Fourth Casualty 

A trip to a corner gnctrr. *»«« 
her older sJater b»d •iitaOj gone. 
fnr ■ pimt rf --"^ oort. mtl«-B»*. 
ton AUtOam VKWwaa. tb« •-»••*- 
old d»ng;ht«r of Mr. and Ux*. A. B. 
DftWKm. 9» Wert High itreet. I»«r 

ttU. ^,. -. J . - ... -^ 

The c^Ud d)«d in 01. Mm's bo«- 

streM. ^M* • tiUflk from Um 
Dawson home. 

CUlniJ M(»dfrmt* Sp*«h1 
After aendlnc tbe (Irl to St. 
John** boapltal In a HemuLO I«oh- 
meyer ambulanoe, HoMren. who Is 

31. reponod the acddeot to poUce 

AoeonUng to Holdren Im 
drtvln* north on Or»nt ayenue In , 
his Ford coup* »l mod«r*t« speed I 
when the child dartad directly ln| 
front of the car from l>ehlnd a »»gn 
on the comer of the aklewalk. Lu- 
clan Llndfiey. 2137 Spnice avenue. 
who saw the acddent from a dls* i 
tance. estimated Holdren's speed to 
be 10 miles an hour, but Holdren 
believes he wm going 15 miles an 

Dr. Murray C. Stone. Oreene 
county coroner, arranged for an In- 
quest at « o'clock this afternoon at 
KLUngners funeral home. 

FMTth Boeent CassaHr | 

The parenU of the child today 
were said not to be emblttere>J by ^ 
the death of the girt, but rather to j 
regard the accident as unaToldable. | 
The frtrl was a first grade pupil at ] 
lBo«Trman school. 

BsaidM tba psmtic than ai» ttrsw 
alsten and oo» bratbcr. aa (OUows: 
Pansy. Arlans. Joy and Darld. Ttt* 
frandntotbar. Mrs. Lana Davla. also 

Funeral Mrvlcea will t>e held at | 
KIlBgncr'a cfaapal at a JO Prtday aft- | 
•moon. rollow«4 by tnterment at '■ 
Wtnooa. Uo. 

TbU U th* foortb automobU* caa- i 
nalty raeorded In Sprtncnald alnc« 
January 1. Tba atbmm ««r« Balptt 
Wbltc. drtlTwry clerk toe a grocery 
•tore, who wa» fatally Injured on Feto- 
ruary 11 In a collision w.-.i; a »;re*t 
ear: J. R Uabaa. Pttaco employe, in- 
stantly klllMl In a craah oa htfhway 
13 on March 6: an<l Dr. J A Sl«!er. 
who died of Injuries received only a 
w«ek ago. 


Pagel: Marriage license: John Wade Kemp, 21, of Brown Springs, Mo., and 
Dovie Mae Fugitt, 21, of Clever, Mo. 

Page 1 1 : Robert F. McLemore and Jasper McLemore died.** 

Byron Alladene Dawson was killed.** 
Page 14: Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Coyne celebrated their 65th wedding 

Page 16: Ben J. Martin died.** 
Page 28: Martin L. Mitchell died.** 
Ralph R. Rogers died.** 
Mrs. Mae L. Jackson died.** 
Ambrose R. White died.** 
Francis M. Brooke died.** 

Aleena Mae Buchnan sues to divorce Paul Buchanan. 
Nellie Morrisey divorced Ed H. Morrisey. 

Nora Anglum and J. H. Ferryman ask to be appointed trustees under the wil 
of O. W. Ferryman. 

Page 30: D. J. Attaway died.** 

Page 31: The History of Springfield #37** 



The Twentieth Century Dawns 

Tk« epMUag «r tb« tttb Matary fMB4 Sprloc- 
a«M • city of !3.t«7 InhabltkBt*. AlthOBfb Ui« 
. attMtt «< U* paole of lt9l w«t« atlU toil, tlta 
cHy «*■ 4«t«nntncd to keep what U BiS alK 
wk«a tk« Friace i«Uir«> tpok* of motIiis their 
dkmt» tfm hora to aoma otkar pelat im lt«0. 
Ua city niMd 140,090 and tava M Ua raUway 
wllk tk* MraaaMBt that ahould tha a^ofa ba 
■«T«d tha menay and iotaraat coold ba n- 
cUlaM4 by Sprlngneld. Politically tha eonaty 
and rily went republican, Bryan no lencar hold- 
ing fala Ureeon roaoty votea. Hprlngrieldttn* 
laaroad of IfrKlnlay'a victory In NoTembcr, 1900, 
by a long wblrlle from the Bprlnffleld Ice and' 
Refrlfaratlon rf>m\<nny'» plant about mldnlxht 
of alaetlon niKbt, that baing the aiftnal of Mc- 
Klalay** victory. Had Bryan won. there was to 
haTe been ten abort whiatlet. Thla bulletin was 
arranged by tli« Springfield I.rader-Democrat. 


not «u • eesTantlOB year for BprlBBtleld. Tha 
CuiWUaA Praabytartu el^orch hald lU «aaaral 
- aaaaaMy-hera hi -Mar.- T*a MtaaonrioeiaiUta 
\S> haU, Ualr coavantloa hara la J ana, eosTanlag oa 
tka ttk sad laima41*talr paaaad a raaolatloa eoa- 
daaalac* tha loeal "eemradaa" tor haTlac Mayor 
Mallatta of fprtagtlalA formally waleona tham, 
«i««»img that tha aaM Mayor had baaa alaetad aa* 
tm Ite *%i9ttalMk* iM^ Th* daaoerau had 
thair atata Jadleial maatloc la Bprtactlald.'Jaly I. 
Iftt aad aamlnfit^ thalr choices for tha high of- 

' fleaa. la' otiar wajrf Sprtagfleld wea dlaappetatetf 
far tha Iraa Meaatala railroad ehoaa to balld 

" Unasli Aarara laataad of Bprtngtlald oa lu way 
%tCullk»9!^tt9m Arkaana. 

Bprlngttatd's two railroads united In the snm- 
mer of 1901 to make the great Priaeo ayatem. The 
rallrohda that crossed at Springfield now raacbed^ 
faSM it. U e a l a tu T e ns aa dtnnn -inmBs Ctly lo 
Memphis. Tha rrlsco had built a competing line 
from Bprtagflald to Kanaas City faralM to the 
Itaa of the Heraphia aad after tka coaaelldatlon 
that line alooa waa operated nndar tha aame of the 
jCaaaaa Ctty, Ctlotoa aad Bprlagfleld railroad. The 
consolidation made SpflagneM the central point of 
the Frisco and eTsntaally meant mnch to tbe city. 
Tbe head officials of aereral of the departments 
were located here and naturallv the shops In- 
creased In alts, year by year. After the consolida- 
tion the passenger trains of both railroad; ran 
Into tlie toulh side station of tbe Memphis railroad 
00 Mill street. 

g) Excavatlag tor tha Pablle Jibrary at Cea- 
tral atraat aad JaSaraon as«aa« waa started 
May, im atf I a aalt 

agalast tha city tor larying taxes oa tha p«»- 
pta for Ita apkaapb Aa tadlvtdaal broaght th* 
mattar op aad Circuit Jadge Norllla daeldad 
In tha laditrtdaal'a favor. HowsTsr, Caraa- 
gla want ahead with (he balMins of the ll> 
brary, eoaating aa Bprtagflald to keep It a* 
to tha asMoat of lift* por yaar. Ha eaaat- 
ad right for tho Uhrary ia to thla day haft a» 
by tha dty. The Hrat brick waa Uld la tha 
touadaUon July H, 1902 by Miss Halaa B. 
Haaaa. The bnlldlag waa opoaad to tha pm%. 
lie rabraary IS, 1905. The Aboa Bea Adhem 
ahriaa waa asubtlahad la SprtagfleM in 1901. 
Ita patltloa waa graated Joly IT. 1901 aa4 
tha aaw tampio laaUtntad at tha Maaoal* 
hall, October It, 190a by 6hris«T« frem aH 
over tha atate. 


runeral urMlres for Francis M. Brooke 
«.!, "i <l .t ^-l wet W,h...r Mrrrt ! 

Ifrnirnt in llaiel»«»od c^ra«terT The R«» 
I A W.K,c1 of ramt-bell A""'" Mflh- i 
riii.t rl.urrh offlciatrd Mr B.ookr f 

,1;...,. 1:. n:^ »;i' •:•■'■ '"' '" 

reir.ii"- ■ 



Funeral serrlces for Ralph R Rogfrs. 
Jr IS. were postponed from I o clock 
today until 1 o clock Bsturdsv at the 
Alma I-ohmever funeral home. »fl»r mhlch 
the bodr «lll he "cnt to Fp" »roi;. K«n . 
on the S'jnnvland for burial ir.'re Suu- 
dnr Til.. Ud iiK-d \V>aii.»<:»N » ■'■-';"^- 
at the home of his parenu. Mr ^ *^[\ 
Ralph B Rogers. Br. lU East Madljoa 


Piomer Citizen of Sprinor 
Conducted Loan .Busl- 


Tb* tlm* for th* funtnU of Btn J. 

Murtlr Br «« l«5I North M«ln •Te- 
I nue. h»c1 not brrn (If flnlttlT "t to- i 
■ euy. but Btrvlce* will prob«Wj not be 
held bcfor* Sunday. The U«rmkn 
Lohmtjrer funaiul boot* it In cbarg* 
of •irmngemenu. 

Mr. Martin died At 10 o'clock 
ThurwlBy nlnht at St. John'* hospi- 
tal, wheT» he bed been • patient for 
the pe«t all week*. He bad rccenUy 
undergone two operatlona. 

A naldent of Sprtngfleld for 44 
yean. Mr. Martin engaged In three 
different bUBlneaa enter. rUes here. 
The flret wae a clothing etore at 
the corner of BoonTllle arenue and 
Commrrclal street with X. Eeu, from 
1884 until IBM. 

Between the ytara IB04 end 1917. 
he w«e engaged in the OTeraU manu- 
facturing bualneea on BoonTllle ave- 
nue at Water etreet. Then he orfan- 
lEed the Martin Loan and Jewelry 
company. 406 College etrtot. which 
concern he operated at the time of 
bU death. Mr. Martin aleo had tx- ' 
tenalTB intereeU eleewhere In eouth- 
weet Mlaeourl. eepeclally at Aurora. 
Mr. Martin wae . bom In BelleTUle. 
ni. Juat prior to hU eoming to 
Sprlngflfld he »a* married to MIse 
I Mary Hannaman. The family ha* 
I lived at 18S1 North Main avenue tor 
35 \r»r« 

I Mrs. Martin and 10 children, aa fol- 
lowa, iurvlve: Mlaa Naomi Martin 
I and Arthur Martin of the home ad- 
■draae: Mre. Loralne Joet. Un. Delbert 
Wright and Un. George McOanlet 
b.i Of SI. Louie: Uia. Hortenea Magea 
and Mre. Ulldrml Ray. both of Chi- 
cago: Mr*. Braeet Shallcnbcrger of 
Milwaukee and leaac F. and Ben J. 
UarUn. Jr.. of Springfield. 

.^ ihe M^astebasl^et 

Into which are often tossed thIngB 
_ ___jttllJfflrtli-Whlle. 


ORXENnSLO. April li-ttt- •« 
Mrs. Panick Co>n« of Cedar towg 
atolp celebrated the alxty-nttb 
yertary or tneir -wedding, all «t ' 
eight lIvlMK rhllilrrn n«^emb\l»f 
tho home for llio <liiy In honoc ot th»,i 
occaalon. _ .■ jj 

Mr. Coyne, who hni* been • P»*™^ 
nriu IlK<ne "f WrMrrn PadP conntf • 
for mnny yearn. I" a n» live of "*''* "<'■. 

a J. AtUWV. whew remalai wer, burled 
' ta Moaett thU wert. waa a member ot the At- 
gkww tamitr •«»»"» who ran the At'*'^ 
"ISil aS io»f "wd wari factor, to the aftalra 
ot aooUw^at MI.«.uH. It U .aid that one ot 
tfea "Atuway boja" Introdtieed the carred baU, 
Into «priBgtlal*.ta • fm» pUyed iO yeara 
„? Tradition .an that Atlaway pitched tor 
IVebanon amate-r team while W. T. Morrow 
wae in .he box for the Bprln.fleM B.a". Mbr- 
row had a awlft ball but Atuw.y couM put 
Zo^ on and the celebrated Star, of the for- 
Ir generation went down In defeat by a h.aTy 
.cor. The curre ball had been -- "J"'^ » 
Springfield b-t It had not appeared •■"> »^«" 
wae m«h doubt If .neh a thing a. th owlag 
. crooked ball wa. po.elble. The «-•'• °^'"- 
,on w„ <hat It could not be but """^ A.t.-.y 
HO, " proved the curr, ».. PO«lble. T".. defe-t 
«f Brrlacfleld by Lebanon wa. an event In early 
h .fo^ SpHn^eld had a couple of .bou»nd 
I'^rpeop.: thfn Lebanon and -" ««;';;-J: 

^. mti- --"f -.^d V- t- ^" 


ealebrated the rlctory by firing off f^°°' J,^,« 
cnrre having been e.Ubll.hed ... '«' ^ "' 
" the po,.lb.Ilf.e. of .be pitcher lumped to the 
l°ber extreme. W.Uer WHllan.. a ■•'" P^^^"; 
U wa. cUlmed,. could throw a .If ~» ^.11, one 
tkat enrred both way., forming a letter S. 



Martin L Mitchell. 8S. one of the five 
veteran, of the Sixth MUsourl Ca\alr7 
of the Federal army who last Octotter 
held a final reunion here, died at hli 
home near Greenfield, Mo., early thl* 
week. "HI. death follow. cloMly that of 
the Reverend W. K. Shaw, another of the 
five Tcterani, mho died In Bprlngflrld I 
three wreki ago. Mr. Mitchell waa a : 
prominent pioneer resident of Dade county 
He waa born In MUalulppt In 1.44 and I 
hli parents came to MUsourl when he 
«&■ t«o yeara of *fe. | 

The body of Ambroae White, gJ, ar- 
rived from Huntington Park. Cal.. Thurt- 
day ni«ht for funeral aervlcea here at 
Kliniiirr'a rliapel- at J 30 O'clock Bundav 
■ Itrriiuoii l.'lliim.d by Inler ni.I'.t I" n»»-l- 
»o«d r^meterv Mr. While la aurMxd bv 
two aona. Robert of HuntUiaton Park. Cal.. 
arut TV A White of Kanaa. CUT. Mo One 
fianddauwlilrr, MariUf-rlte. of DrQuln- 
cey. La . al»o aurvlvea 




On tiM MUM Omj and in dU(er«nt 
■UtM two bretlMn, OMmlMn of a 
prainliMnt plonMr DmU county fam- 
ily dtad laat Saturday. Tlia brothara 

Uvtac daw OfMnftald. and Jaapar 
IKLMorfc 60. iMBk pnaidnt and 
««*ltliy laadownar of Ponim. Okla. 

Jaapar Metaaora diad of an attaek 
of paaumoDla and Robart MeLamor* 
died a Urn boon 4atar of a baart au 
tack. Ha did Bot know of tha daath 
of hia brotbar altbousta ba bad b«an 
worrttd (or aevaral days at report* of 
bla aarloua lUnaaa. 

Wg Ditplay Sign 
Blamed in Death 
Of AaioU Victim 

pttf, nnnpniiil (H 

t. n. OMiii. s. M. 

nun. J. a. iMMT 

Ma's, o; Wood. piMad tba Wmm Mr 

tba deatb of Byron Attadvn* Dawaon. 
fl-T«ir-« rt Bovmnan achool puptl. on 
a lift atgn wblcb stand* at tli* cor- 
aor ft Orant avamia and Blf b atraat. 
Tba taqvaat waa btfd at 4 oVsloek 
Tbtiriday afternoon at tb* J. W. 
KIlngBor Ondartakint eoapany. Jobn 
Bol«T«a. 31, 1100 iaat Pin* atraat. 
drtvar of tba ear wblob atruck tb* 

Mr* Maa U Jaekaon, •!. »\»1 rranklin 

Doen in a »anTlarluni at Eldorado f*''"*''- 
Ma wh*r* aha had b*«n a pattant cIom 
IhV luffVrVl a broken let wh.n alruek 
by an automobile Ih.r* Monday Death 
fJnlied from • blood clot near tj.* he.rt 
however, and not from the •"«"»' !J' 

wa* •p*ndln« •♦•eial »eek» at the «••'"' 
reeort a* wa* her annual cu»lom. Bhe 

• horn »1.» nixli. t-rr hpm< In "l"'"«|'' ^• 

• ml br P"- brnthrr C K Tool* *^f^°"' 
Okie run»r»l nerYlcri will be lvl<1 >"'« 
"^,r It." <11r,r.lon of thr A.m. l^]^'r*T 
ittaer.l home. Arr*i.»rinciii» ne r.ol 


trtaUir b«|«md bat W( 
dy» •vaatac wm abaglrad «( 
attlUty for Urn aeoldanv Dr. Muiray 
a. Bt o w » nr ao n * oown t y aoia»i ^> h o d 
cbarfo ot tb* iaTattlfatloo. 

<Mtad*« IB tb* rtf V«Mt«t «M^ 

laaoiwfaWMUMnn tor' tb* raarfival e< 
tb* atpi(nm «bftb «» « 

to lM|V# pctt of 

Punaral aarrloaa wU b* b*ld at 
a:SO oUoJI thi* afternoon at Kltng- 
n*r* cbapal. Th* l>ody wUl bo Uken 
to WbMoa. Mo, Saturday for lntar> 

Tba parenta. Ur. anC Ura. A. B. 
Dawaoa. «M Wcat MIgb atiaat. ani 
tbiaa atatara anU ooa bro«b*r tur^ 
▼1^. . 

Page 2: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jefferson Shinkle celebrated their 65th wedding 

- Page 3: Mr. Fred Fenker died.** 

Miss Lenore Evans and Mr. Steven Harold Kuhn are engaged to marry.** 
Page 6: Ben J. Martin died.** 

Ambrose R. White died.** 

Mrs. Mae L. Jackson died.** 

William J. Crawford died.** 

Mrs. Delia A. Bailey died.** 

George Bruton died.** 
Page 9: The History of Springfield #38** 
Page 10: B. L. Rinehart died.** 

Mrs. Sam Fisher died.** 

J. N. Baggett died.** 



WEST PMDI8, AprU 1»— Mr. mad 
Mra. Thomas Jeffenon Shinkle. well 
kno«-n pioneer re«ideoU of Howell 

: ronntv. ^■ve nrnhnhly h»#n n^nrrf-fj 

: longer than any other coupl* in the 
I eotiaty. and hare • celebrated their 
' sUly-flfth wedding annlveravy with 
an old-fMbloned blgb^noen Hii|fffy 
at which on* hundred nelflibor* and 
friends, maar of them from Weat 
PUIna, gathered to offer thetn con- 


Mr. Ed Fenker. Mra. C. C. McMuUIn 
and Mrs. Sophia Matt left last night 
for Augusta. Kan., to attend the 
funeral of their father, Mr. Fred Ven- 
kcr. « 

Dr. and Mm. Erra Levi Erana. «1B 
East Walnut street, announce the 
engagement of tlMlr daugbtar. 
Lenore. lo Mr. Steven Harold Kuhrt. 
of Philadelphia. Pa. The wedding will 
bo celebrated In Xftm early part of 
June. Miss Evan* will arrlTo' n«rt 
week from Port Arttotir. Tasaa. wbarer 
she has toHn taachlag lorttM toil 

two l%tfB, 


When tho Cows Want to Pasture 

Thare waa a rurmi (ouch to Spriniirield In 1903. Co'in were 

4rlT»B throagh th« itreet on tboir way to pasture* and foniGllmei 

OTi'trin lH«in an(tflur.rr xaiilnix. — An y rt«u lt U wa a a e PP Bg ary .to 

^ nmli" a dttTmlned < (f'lrt l>> eniorrc lli.' rlty orrtlnnnco gtilnst iciwn 

^ ht'lne benlrd in mrci Is uiiIom ilrl>rn liy mnipi-trDt hpnlsiinii. The 

••■• IhlDg •pplled to bogs. Th<>r« wcrt? iDdicallont nt prnitrrsii 

thouKh for on Oflnber J«, 1903. tlir hipt mule car made lln run from 

Iha aquaro to the old normal niliuul ut Cbrrry strrot ami riikw|(k 

ini'iiiip. It Kan a llii'' Imh'ppn'lcnl of the elr.lrk' r;iilwRy r(iiii|iiiny. 

' Biactrle cara aUrU4 running over the Una nnd did (he eolire trip in 

]be Ifme ft look Ihe mules to go ihr^e or four blocks. 


* Ob Jane 2«. 1*04, St. Paal'a eharch at tba eornar ot Walnut 
atreet and Jefferson aTenue was openad. At that tima It was tba 
largast and most atlrartlTe of all tba city cburcbrs and cost In 
■flit' Befghborhood of fSO.OOO: 190« was world's fair year at 81. 
Louis and the Friii.o was forced to run aitra trains to handle 
"ilUia Tisltora from the aouiliwest. For tha sake of safety, small 
^••blook" eUllona wera placed at most all swilchea aid were al- 
taoded by lalegrapbera. Each sUtlon had a cartain distance oT»r 
which It had JurUdlctlan and allowad only one train In Its 'block" 
«t a time. The paople of Sprlngflald attended the fair In droTes, 
Iha bast month aa far aa railway paasangar receipt* being Oc- 
toltor. when «'> perrent of the $16,000 Uken In at the ticket 
office was for transportntlon to St. Louie. 

On April 1«, 1106, a mob of about SOOO paopla formed 
and hung three nagroea on a tower In tha pnbllc aqnarv. 
Two of the negros were alleged to hara attacked a whita 
^woman and about 10 p. m., after a hannlog had been 
(l^lalked of all day. the mob broke Into the county Jail, took 
the two suspects and brought them hs.k lo the square, hunc 
them and burned their bodler. Tiie first irmhlng oc- 
curred at 11 p. ni. The mob then w^-nt b«< k to the jail 
and took another negro, charged with Ihe munler of a man 
on the Drury cHnipuf, bark to the >ginre whT.-. In th» 
early honra ot tha morning, he was liuag and his body 
burned. Ona ot tba alleged leaders was arrested tha n«xt 
riny by the mllltta that hnti been rnll.'il out and h.^d plarad 
Sprlugfleld under martial law. U.- «;i< trl»^l I'ui I'ta ?«•• 
ended In a "hung" jury. The luihii.t »i.t>cd tvii a few «iaya 
nnd departed, for lh« rliy was normal all the lime eicept 
on Ihe day and night ot th«> lynching*. 




mt ». h. WartiMt. w 
Vantt Maim •ttemtT (or tht 
vwMm dtotrtet oC Miaoarl. who dl«« 
ntdiy •(Mflwoa tn Um niMe iu»- 
pl<*l, St. tisau. win b* takan to Bv 
JMnM, iha ham* ot Mi ptranu. tor 
burUl oo fluoiUy. ^ 

Tb« ■tCororjr'a datlh- Mm* unex- 
p«ctr41r> tQllmrtoc mn ■(tarlt of (CUM 
•ppvndicltu which h« niifffrM on 
Tiip*fl»y wnttB vuitinr hi* poren-R,' 
tlif ltr>/ri I ■' ftiut-Atr<. I. J. Illii<-)iiiri. 
He \M.'. i"'li'il ••! H" Uniln It mi 
oprrmtton. Iiiii pciitonitu and i>nru- 
:i. I : 1 riii«»>i liin (trnlb. 

Mr. KiiiPlinrt wan In Kprlnxllrld 
until K wi-rk Bpo t<Klfty. arwlMlnirTHs- 
trtet AMoToay W. U Vantlfveunr Id 
tba pruaacuUon at the cHmlnal 
dor»r». In tba rffiitar April t«rm of 
fidcnt court nci«. 

Purlcuc Uiat lima ke r-roaecutcd 
•V' ••- -Alls rr'>"»My »lir l:ix>' ltrp<ir- 
I tan; rrlnilnal r»f« of ll>e irnii. iim". 
of Hanrjr (iuUlngcr. Braimun mar- 
chant, and OeorKa RlJdIa. bU clerk, 
both of whom wvra charijcd with 
Uquor law vtolatlona. Alfred Page and 

.^ir • yMr** wRtanoa m jaii and a 
iMkfy ftna lor oparatlac a' oulaanoa 
and lUddla als montha In Jatl for 
lalling liquor. 

Phalpa county, Mlaaourl. waa Rlnc- 
harfa boyhood homa. Ha read law In 
the orrice of Lortz and Brurr at Rolla 
and th«n went to Wrst Plains In 1017 
.'<nd opened a Uw oftick of nis own. 
He became Howell county proaecutor 
tha following year and waa elected 
ai;nln tn inso and 1923. 

I<li.rhKit w«.< nppoirtert I'tuted 
Mlalfi nMl^tHiit a'l.Mn;. ".n AjirU l.i. 
IW'ja. hy aenutor Uofioe i . r»tteraon. 
whn waa dutrlct attorney, at thnt 
liiiw. \V. I.. V.^;. if.ri.;. : ;• :.>• -r'; t: ' 

Ltiula I(. Hrrnr. Uu!t»<! S;aU" r>*- 
tornay for tha ai>ktem diKirlct of Un- 
aourl, la a eoiuln of Rinehart. Ru 
wife, (nther. mother and three broth- 
era aunrlve. Homer R'.nehart, one 
()r.-tli*r. reMdc at We;; ri»ln» nr.U 
lLi«*utl.«; rA.. :.-.• : ■ .r ^* .i..-.* 

l^neral aervlrea win be held .,t ii cj 
Christian church at St. Lotila at 2:3ol 
p. ni. Sunday. Burial will be in the! 
Masonir cemetery there. Tl.i 

Mn, Sam Fisher 
it KiUed by Gaa; 
Health Waa Poor 


—'I — ~-j 

•f bar fciiahand waa 

MB«y Borea w. U Mm 

or th* wMtto nrkUr o* Mn. 

klaato n, m^tt, M. wU* ot auBUd 
, nahar. city anflncer. 
Mr*. Flabcr waa found asphyxiated 
by :"'imlnallng gas In the kitchen at 
the ^ome of ber alater, Mra. O. W. 
Jooea. M3 North Douglaa a*en«N, 
en Mra. Jonca returnea nom« Itl- 
aar cvenlns at 6:15 o'clock. 

Jamca Klahcr, la-y«at-uld sou aud 
•oly ebUd o( tba daad woman, was 
tha laat |i«naB to aaa bto>.iaotl»«r 
allTa. it la ballcved. Bha had tone to 
sislar'a to spend tha day and the 
M a '•"dloctc la Um 

Wtam Mm Xam* and bar wn ar- 
■• tbay tooad Mra. nabar 
to tba tlchUr'aieaad toon, appar* 

antly llfeleea. Dr. Mary Athertoni who 
waa eatlad Ipimadlataly, aald toda; 
■ha beli«*a<l Mn. VlilMr waa daad 
when aha arTl*«d at tha Jooaa home. 
The woman was taken to Springfield 
SuptM boapttal In » BtanM ambu- 
taaea. howtrv. la aa attampt to r*> 
*lTa bar. 

Mr*. Plaher la *tir*lT«d by bar bus* 
band and aon and by bar slater, Mra 
Jeaaa. ruoaral aarrteaa will ba bald 
at • o'clock Sunday afternoon at the 
Lobnwy«r funeral home, fol- 
«r UMaiaMat ta Mapla raik 

raiuraed (roa Call- 
' <onila lh« 'itikar day attar apaDdloB* tha winter 

Iliera xkvh there are at '4«Bst 100 former 
Springfield paopla Ilrlag >u Louk livaiii. I'lr^I 
UcCulIali. who ban been Inns (lontinaalcr, I] sllll 

'..i!l>.]WO#. irttk U* powara and no doubt will ba 
raappotafad tiy Hovter. W. L. Portartlald ia 
aetira aa awar and la aractinc a IS-story bond- 
ing. Mr. Porlerflelil win pnwengcr agent of 
tha old Manphia railroad hiTo for acverul vcar-. 

7-mrt w — al ea ted to the Icglslalura frein tiracne 
flonaty. Ua obc« waa a candldato for the re- 
publicaa noulnallon for scrrolary of elate but 
waa dataalod. Whita in Lung Beach Mr. Wright 
aftaadad tha tnaeral ot Nelsun Ward, who died 
about two inoaiha ago at Iha- advanced aga of 
91. Ilo built the Ward flats and the Ward 
hole! here atid waa somowhal active In repub- 
lican polltiin. ll'- w.niiiiil I" li-' pll^l^la••"- 
UBder llarrlaun but L'ungm!>in;iii \Va>lp 'llfl not 
taror kim and be lost out. HI* a«n. Ed \Vard. 
Is active In the affairs ot Ia>uk Ucai-h. 



lirN J. MAKTIN. BR. 

M. IMi North Main ■»'?",•• w*'I'. « jfi. 
HiiKday afternoon at 3 oe»o«lt at Bt. JO- 
Uepl.s catholic «»>'"«'"^™.,,'i*,,i7: 
telmrnl l» 81 Mary a <••«•>'»"> tVchl'^c 
man l*hin. ver home t» ]n rl\»T»' 

man l*hin« v». -• ., . ,_ 

o( arnitigrnioar*. Mr M"' '",.'"''.. m 
hoaplial hare Thuraday nlihl altar an m- 
nraa ot aeveral weelu. 



^^ ^Mmm 



Planned Sunday 

■:rtmir»r wtfvUr. for 0»0«t« Bru- 
ton..8T, oo*ot> Qt aiUletJc* qI »»»• Bol- 
ivtr High wJhSfet ^o <»'•* "» ■P'***'' 
new* Baptist hOtpiH^ Ftl<»»» .«*«»»* 
win he heiasr 15:80 o'clock WtoOMJ 
luorinhK ut DolJ^Rr. vlfh Interment 
«l MprrlsvtUe. hl« former home. 

Mr. Brulou diwl after »n UlneM of 
only two <lKy(..'but It U belleTed hU 
,(,.^11. UHK ImlkrecHy Ui« re*uU oX an 
opertllon Which he underwent laai 
fniinmrr for » ronlliprmnt throat 

Hr !«. f.\irvlvrd by hl» Wife. *lf hU 
faihrr. H P.' Bruton .of ^^^>Td^■nd. 
and by three brothers and one aU- 
1*1. a.s ioVlow^. Vt'i'. "' Tuib*. 

Rl|h Mbqol: and Un. fWrn MclVMki. 
of Detroit. Mich.- 

Vt T. B. Bruton and Dr. J. W. Bru- 
ton and O. W. Bruton of BprtngQelCI 
are roualns of the young man., 

riiM v^ttn Bruton* firwt year aa 
•-c>.-ic)i »t Bolivitr. llu baAketbaJI team 
had Jiii^l rlrwed a succeaaful aeaaon. 
nitoitiln^ tiinnenip hoiiora In the 
niibdbitrlct tournament at BoUvar 
and later reaching the seminnala in 
the dlslfrlcl ' me«t here at State 
Teacher* college. 

Mr. Bruton had prevloiuty taught 
{(■r se\eral yearn In the atate .of 


ru... r»l M-rvlrr. for Ambrote R. WhIU. 
M. «llt be hold at 3:30 oclock ■""«•/ 
afternoon In the Kllniner fttner^ebajel. 
(ollowad by interment In "•«f>*2«I. «i!?t* 

i»ry Mr While died In Huntlnrton rar«. 
Cal »hrtr I. Ik »on. Pobni. reild_e»_ an- 
otii.r M.ii w A. Willie, livei In Kan»a» 


run'ral ji'Mice* for Mr» Mae I* Je*** 
onii «7 1\m Franklin avenue, who died 

Ih'is.uv Ml KIdorB.lii .Spilligv Mo. will 

nr !.• ..1 .-.i...>l..\ :,.i.riiini« nl 10 « i lock at 

, the Alma Lohmever funeral home, followed 

1 ov inttrment. In Maolc Ptrk Cf!n»4«l^ 

Harrv Bruton will »n« at the luoeral. 


Wilham J. Crawford. M. ehl.T*';;:2Jo 

clerh of outbound Irelehl for "••.'IJ^ 

r..Uay rtirrt at hi. home. 7M Weei »cott 

..r.e,. .1 3 la o clock Ihl. ";"'"^'« V0V4 

.„ illnf»i. of two '•"''•A,.,^'-.„S",Tr?ed" 

,., born 11. loM.o.ion. 0'^'"/"A y'',,. 

in the fhillppli.-- iil«"<l» «•«"'"«_"»' "Pum 

hVAmJrIcen war He came to gj;'"!*^ 

and rnlered Iha »e.vhie of "J* JJ!*^ 

i.iiii«rv I ii»oi Uf wa» a meinber 01 

I ,h" eoutli A rnuf tl.rlslU" .hurch Mr 

|r"^*tord .' Mirvived bv hi. w fe and o. . 

*i>i«r ruii'ial anann'menli •/'.'", 

rh.Tee of the Aim. Lo.»>'"«7/ '"%?.' Ii.irUI mill f^-r i'l«ce In the Na- 

•..iiiiiii I • i"> '■ ' ' ^ 

Civil WAR VET 

J. N. Baggett, 89, Expires 

Here After Brief Illness; 

Prominent Ozarkian 

J. N. Baftetl. W>yaar-okl fgnnar 
Confatferate aoidlcr, died at 13:«D 
o'aloek thU.MoralBt a» tbe bom* of 
Ml datigMer, Ml*. OUM r. Tvnn or 
1114 Oberry atrwt, wImt* ba raaldad 
during the put'lO year*. 

Promlntnt In civic and rellglou* ac- 
tiTlttaa In Springfield. Mr. Ban«tt 
waa active untU early thia «e«k nhen 
he becune 111. He was a member of 
the South Avanua CtirUtlan church 
ead aavatal elty enaniaatloaa. 
Hern In Alabama 

Mr. Baggett was bom April S. IB40, 
In Jackson county. Alabama. At Uie 
a(e of S bla family moved over the 
CumberlaDd mouutalns and •ettird In 
TuuieaM*. HI* father and mother 
diad thera, leaving tlia youth oo tala 
own resource*. 

Before he wn* 19 years old Mr Ba(- 
gett Joined the group of Mlvenlurer* 
who comprised the nucleus of the 
tamoua gold rush of 1W8 and he tried 
bin lu<k In the gold field*. He re- 
ttuiiril ti> Ml. fiirin In Hii.tonvlllr. 
frk .'tlir hl> r-jpi-rlrmT In 'lie gold 

llrlils Ulul \ tiltil. I . r: t-.l 111 ■. t V ■ 

fedrriilo urui.v v^lirii the I'.ral cill 
wna Issued. 

Mnred to nprlngrield 

He mnrrictl Kliortly after the Civil 
tvnr snd Ilvnl tor prvernl years In the 
iilil liimrvii ml mi Ark.iii»i\.^ In IBOO 
lir iruvcU'd Inio Ukliiliniim and ilirn 
llnnlly decided to live lu Springfield. 

Anuing the survtvori are the fol- 
low inc: A hl»trr. Mm Adeline Blnip- 
wtii i>{ Triinc»*.i-c; 11ir«*i» «on^. J. A. 
Bsggett of Dallas Tex.: J. H. Baggett 
of Big Springs. Tex . and C. P. Bag- 
g«tt of loss East Elm streeki Spring- 
field; three daughters. Mrs. T. J. 
llardraMIe of MusKoFce. Okla : Mrs. 
C. a. Bryan, 1/w Ancele*. Cal . and 
Urs.^Wle F. Turner. Springfield. 
BervlcM Monday 

Funeral services will b« held at 3 
o'clock Monday sf'ernoon tii the 
South Avenue christian church un- 
der direction of the Reverend C E. 
Miller. Interment -«ill be In Msple 
Fark cemetery with the Alma Loh- 
meyar funerml home In charge. 

MB*. UtMA A. "V.^-ffitu, veari 

Mr-. O'lla A Ball-V. un II eight >«" 
ago a resKlenl of Hprlnglhld. thrt wile 
:r.u"./. H lUllrv. lorn.erlv -.P"*^","' 

K,, ... r.lU.v. <lle,l at Ih. »«""''«' l'[l 
dauaiiiei Mrs B F. P»B» °' JoD""- '•'*: 

„gr Bl.ur leaving he.e she had lived 
„ n.i.rr. Okla. until •'»'«»:«•"'•'",.;'/ 

I month. «Ko Jl" »'V'*'Tfe,f'irv7ve as 
•I«o son. and t»i» '>""«"i''» *"'^,*"J'i;.,V 
l„llr,»s Paul C Ilallev 434 Eaal L#cusl 

'. .T .S..r".i,ri.M W M nallev. Dallas. 

.|. X Mrs Wall'' KUm..n Ifon. Han 

1 „M l" . a-<l M.- n I P«r- J"?"!'.. 

■■ I lie b.iUv >»lll tir hriiuglil lo nij' H.<«'''_. 
(.li;er»l "■ Ui •• •"'! hU'lal 


I t.r 


H' II.. 

. .1 . K ' 


In Bl 


1 I .. • • 


The News and Leader for Sunday, April 14, 1929, is missing. 

Pagel: W. E. Crone died.** 

Harold Buckner and Miss Gladys Williams were married.** 

Lt. Shapley Gray, 25, formerly of Springfield, was killed this morning when 
his parachute failed to open. The motor of his plane stalled when he was flying over 
Gumbo, Mo., and he jumped from his plane. 

Marriage license: Harry E. Huntly, 28, and Irene Swegart, 21, both of 

Page 2: Earl Quigg and Miss Delores Richardson were married.** 
Page 3: Virgil William Todd was killed.** 

Page 4: Miss Irene Swegart and Mr. Harry Huntley were married.** 
Page 10: J. N. Baggett died.** 

Mrs. Delia A. Bailey died.** 

W.E. Crone died.** 

William J. Crawford died.** 

Betty Virginia Allie died.** 

J. J. Foster died.** 

Elmer Merriman died.** 

Rev. H. Pinkston died.** 

Archie Wheeler died.** 
Page 13: The History of Springfield #39** 


W. K. C'r«u» 


FuntDkl »»rT»oe» «»rr l.rtd at 
isurti^'* mortu»rr »hi« tfwniooo si 3 
! o'clock for W. K. Cronr 5». former 
Ipirttoent of the Mii^jun OUleoxu. 
!ini\eltiig men* rellgu»ii-'« crd»r. nr.j 
' rtlwl B«Hin1«T »ri«rnfjor. In St Luk«« 
bc^fU). St. UraH. 

- Mr. Croat ««• oritta^Uy tttm At« 
■ ttc*. Ind.. but b« b«d !>»•* '«* 
Sj.tliii;«:ilU tci 30 >rAr> pr'or to 5' • , 
UiV.i-.o: lo ^!'. l'y~\-> •.\ ■•■•- "^ '■'■■ 
wa« » r»|»te»ent«ttTe o! lh» Lanseu- | 
•>fri! Hut .on:p:':»y f. fr. , 

SiuTlvli:* ret»tive» t«re I'.i* uio'her. j 
Mr- l:i.::..« C;^i.< K:': •*■ C": . 

vlic wUc. lite (ikUkUter* aad oc« eon. 
Ttoere ert eJeo four brutbeie and on« 
M«lfr. ii« fo'IoT* Dr Hnrrv J Crotic. 
8|irinKHeW. Dr. F. W. Crtto*. DelU«. 
Tcu*; J. B. Ctone of Nocth Carolln*. 
fcnd P W CrT»n» M K«n«ii« Cur. mod 
Mrs. Rulpli Weirel. Kmti»a& C»t» 1 

A »hort fuuerel •erriee wee H*W «t | 
I the reeldence ia Si. Louie Suoder »•• I 
' forr the hoar we» brmwht to botIbv ♦ 
!tr'.fl for biir;ftl Imermfr.t «ae ;n , 
.\Uplf Psik crn-.ei<r« , 

Harold Buckner, 
Gladys Williams 
Married Sunday 


Huold Buckner «aa mwrted to 
Miss Oladjrs WUUuns at CaithM« 
yestenUr MtMinon st .4 o^ekirk by 
thQ Kevcnnd Ewaon. pastor of tbe 
Omrtbase Chrlstlaa chordi. 

Both -Mr. Buckner u>d his brld« 
a«-c well knoAm here o.« he Is 
tbe stMe representftUve o( » Urg« 
lumber concern whtle th« former 
«!>• Wil'.tn.'us U part owned of s 
lartrc bottling flmi here. 
. When In this city Mr. Buctoer 
makes his bome with M»HflStbBr. 
Mrs. W. D. TkUov, <tf BoUaiid road. 
Miss WilUams has resided at VOS 
Nortta Jeffamo avenue slnee mn- 
Ing hcrr from Cran?. Mo. several 
years ago. 

Mr. Buckner recentlr dlrorced hte 
third wlte. snld to be a Chlcagv ' 
bleress. { 

The bride and groom will make '■ 
UWr home ^ Mr*. Buckner'* North | 
Jefferson arenue residence. The I 
bride lald thta moming Uiat sba 
will continue her business Interest*. 



G)ntesl for Normal School 

Wbao It b«caB« kaown that a atala oormal achool waa to b« 
Mitbllahad In loatbwast Mliaoaii. SprlBctlald tmiMdlstaly Malt- 
ed coDipetIng wKh Lamar. W«bb CttT. Naoabo. Palrc* City. 
([) Aurora, Marabtlald and Lebanon for lla locaUon. Each city 
mada allracllTe oftara bat Bprincflald waa cboaan aa lu alta In 
Iba aprlBC ot ItOt. Tb* drat aeaalon wai th« aaiamcr mmIob 
of ltO< wblcb oiwnad Jane 11 wlib BOO atndeoU from IJ eo'on- 
tlaa. Tba balMlBca of lb* old Spriocflald Bormal achool at 

"rr"roMU.""' "• "•■^"" '- Spr.,n,.d Ib tba 

(iQiStme y«Br» oC t»lk. • n«w r»iU-o«4 aatarBd SpriacflaM trom 
Vh» loath. It waa tba Mlaaoart Patlfle aad had Bnnrad a braoek 
to BprtBKflald la tba UUar part of 1»04. It wm ob April 14, 
HOT tbat tba lait (vika waa drlvaa oa tba braark raad tram 

Crane, Ulaaourl. »hera It connected with a main Una of tba road 
and all daya later when tba firat trala arrlrad orar tU ralla 
Into BprlBRtla'ld. It waa tbonxbt that tha Mtaaoarl Paelfte plan- 
ned to build north to Bariall, Wlaaoatl. wbart a branch at Ha 

lino hud h»fn bMlIt frnm Jefferdon City aBd that SprlBgfleld 
would be a dlritilnn point but nothini «<er came o( ii. toe M^- 

:.„jr; !•- •• ■ - • ■ V..,. _^nj ,,^-. j. 

On AuKuot 1, ISOT tha Colonial hotel opeaed Ita doora to tha 

/ tiw. u viaw ii.>- :...,.. : V ■ t "! '-. ••■■•»-'»«.f Mt««r>nr1 and at' 
that lima had no challeuxe (rum any i:^:fr b'^^t^iry in that ro- 
«p<<rt. On Mar IS. 1 907 Mda were betOK recclred for tba balld- 
Init of the admlnlatraiinn and poarr bullillnics ol the new Normal 
achool. rnntracia were awarded and on Jane 1, 1)07 tha first 
aDrraya were mada for the naw bulldinc- Tba c«otracta war* 
allowed with the clanaa that they ba raady by Aacnat 1. If Ot and 
that the comeratona bo ready to b« laid Aacvat l*. lOOT. Ob 
Ansnit 9, 1907 tha rnrnerxnne of tba normal achool waa Ial4 
dnrlDC a reremony In whlrh thooaanda of people attended. 
Oorernor Tolk of Missouri apoke to (be rrowd » rerorf of tba 
pul.llr nrhocU i.f SiTlimfUM In IS07 showed 10« tcarhera with 

W. K. t'RONr. 
Short fun«ftl »»rclcf» •t the Bra^eTf- 
rad«4 lh« hiirlal uf W L' Cii-i.r ot f.l 
l<euU Id Mapir I'lik crnrtei) hen .llils 
■riam«en at 3 o'clock dlarii*'* mortuary 
«'«■ to chargr o( arrauteiiiriitft. Mr, Cioiif 
fortnerlr llvfrt in nprliiKllfId *r\6 Bt oii' 
time was MU-oouii elate (irrtiUlriil of tlie 
Oldrons orKaiiliatluii 


WlllUm J. Crawford. 61. of 714 Vetl 
Scott atrart. and Hpaiilih-Amrrlean war 
TVtoran, war* held at tha Alma Lohmever 
runaral hem« today at ) lO today. i<>l- 
lovad b7 Inlarmcnl Jo iho National eema* 



Forwi6r opnrttfi 


.# AlriJ ' 

( Both Jump Wheirlliitorf ails 
ll Wh o n NcflF fWm^ ttter 
Cross-country Trip • 



Tlw bodr ot 
Onv. ».8t. 
merly Ihrtd la 
found in « tMd 
mow «wk of St. Imit, ttito 
log «h«n he 
iB • pwlwlnito Jump fnm-Us 

The motor ot OnfM plane •UU'* 
ed *od «toa bo ■tfaiptoa to jHm» 
hlB pontchtit* failed to epm. Ho vma 
x«lurolat'^tf> 8kl««t» 
9on CltT " 

ra»U of 

prtr.Mlpk i« mtiUoD •bOfui.Uuca- 
ireon oto. Ho waa a pupU of Uad« 

J, K. •AOOtTT 

Chrlittan church. Mlowrd by ii.iftii.^iit i" 
lUpU Fark otrntlary. H* «"•«»■• '"'"^"i 
itlht horn* of hU d««iiiM'r. Mr» oil»» 
r Ttirn^r ,1114 Chtrrv •"•''' ' >" '^"'' 
Lohm*y«r funtral b«mt *»» tn cn«i 

Mas. f>ELIA A. haiii.v 
runfral •«r%)cf« !or Mr» l'cl:» A. D«llrv. 
•0, vlio dl«<l rrlday al the Jiom* of ncr 
daucMor. Mra. B. I*. P»|« of Joplin. were 
li«M at a .10 o'clock thia afurnoon at 
••arad Heart Catholls cAurcft. Interment 
followed In 8t. Marv'a cemeurr In charge 
of tha Mtnman l>enmeytr funeral home 
Paul C V Bailey, 434 Eaat Locutt alreet. 
vaa a Ibn of Mr* Balipy 

itrTTT viit<;i\L\ ALi.ii; i 

Betty Virginia Alllc, 7 monthi-old | 
daughter of Mr enit^ Mr^ O I A'" • 
717 Norlh UrotxlKKY atrikur (• — .' 

Hiinrfey aftrr a Ii>:.^ ll.i.r».> i'jiinai 
•crvlcet «IM be held at 10 30 o ;cjofj i 
T^Mdaff Borning at ' tha famliy •»•••• 
laCwSl hTlnterment •«' M^OonnaH jeme 


Oxarks Man Killed 
** /n Derrick Crash; 
Home's at Manes 

VIrRll wmmm Todd. 77. son of Mr. 
and Mr«. A. D Tcxltl. of MmiM. Web»- 
ter county, was ineunaly kiUed Sun- 
day In Santa ft Springs. CaU «beii 
no fell from an oil derrick. It vaa 
learned In Springfield today. 

Th« Information followed ttaa re- 
ceipt of a telegram by tba polica de- 
partment here from the California 
city aaklBg aid In finding the parenta 
of tha young man. 

▼trgfl Itodd bad bacn amployad by 
tho Whfta and Bmeraon oil eompany 
In OaUftarala alnce going tbcr* wren 
yew* afOk It waa reporteU bare. After, 
an Inquaatfln Calimmla today tlia 
body will be ?rr.t to Manee. northeast 
«C HartTilla.' for burlai. 

•■f- j_ ft>llTEB . ., 

PBBOffal mvlow lor J. J- ^y^i ,^' 
y«ar.old Otni war Yeleran. •»»^« »»»'«1 'J^,'* 
afUrooon at 1 o cloek in Uia Marahfield 
M r church, followed by Inteimenl lh'f< 
In charge of J W Klu.,m»r "Mr ro«t»r 
was a lift -long reHdeni of the 0»ar»» 
region. . r*r many jeeri he (armtd ou 

Hold. Ha U Mirvtvad by Uir« ipiMi. JoKft 
IX 0» «f afford. Mo. J T. of Denver 
GOla.: and Je»»a U . ul SprUialieUl. aiid 

hf lour «««fMy^.liI«- »«*«l*' ¥S?f»r 
TiM. Rot»U l7 8lrafford; MriTB. A. Kli>l*o. 

flaid: and Mra. ». T HenaW. HallnrelH*, 

Okla Th^r*- »". H cr*:i(Ji!.!!dt/n *i«J 
jt-gteatgr^ndchll dren 


Iiinirat halt tt- tiiiint "f 1WT|fliWBr 
today Tho ywtl^ <•••* »»•*• BMBdilrTn 

anhOaplUt afl^r a brief «lln>-i& ■ Ha U 

8!r5%.*i?ok'"o*f v:2?rffWr/u..ei, 

•ad aunt. Mr.-a i>d Mra, tte^ »*»tfli»ir. 

—•" <" ' .. '-., . < ./-.j.-J-.^. 

Ki.\rRrHn h. pinr^tos- 

Ki.tirral »rr\:cf» lor lUr Heverend H. 
Pingaton. father of Mra P. t.. Robertson 
of Springfield were held th:« afternoon 
at 1 o rloclr at Vrrm.a 
Pinktton. fatbir of Mr* 

P t Robrrtson 



an 5 

Archie Wheeler, ISvtar-eld aon at Mr. 
and Mra. Otto Wboaior ol Maaclleld. diad 
ir\ a haapiul hora thta nomlni ol appaa* 
dioltla. Beatdoo hi* poronta nt la nir- 
vlrad by two ilatara and one brothar. 
Tho body wlU Pa aoat to ManstiaM Tooa- 
dar for burlai thora on Wednaaday Tha 
Lehfn«r«r funaral boma la l*i ghtrgffi i** 
oetaooawioiai —"' • 

rf>^-^-< 9f iU n m *i 

I HuntleySwegart 
L,^.}^Qm9 Are Read 


Mr, Bury 

^„ , , irf-tH^ brldtli 

pMMit*. Ut. and Un. Edward J: Bwe- 
(tft. f»0 Chmy rtrwl. by the B»v. 
«fl«Brt Ctordoi LOkvy. Aft«r • nhort 
hon«7in9on the couple will m»ke thftr 

Tbe wedding eeme »8 a nurpriae to 
tlt« mmny friend* of the ymitiR com- 


jLttet the cererrtony iTrre«hmfnti 
wrn wrved to the following (PiMt* 

Bla Urrtfll Lfll* 

M««»r». and MejiUmca 
Cbarl«* HunilfT tA Hwegatl 

Oordoa Loktr 
Mr. li«n Hunt1#» 

Mr wvnm r«f'»T 

■h BwrM't 
RorMhY I.olt«y ■ 



Barl Qulgft. of 100& W*^t Walnut 
Blreei, naa tnarrltU tu Mis& L>«lorc!! 
IMfltM>rdeon. daugbter of Mr. and Mra. 
C^^-RtolMii^Sl. «)I0 Uvc «wt Of 
tb« city. la«t Friday night at the 
home of Juitloe of the Peace J. R. 
Roberta. 1137 Eaat Kim street. 

The bride and groom will make 
their home at Mr. Qulgg'e w»«t Wal- 
nut retldence. Both Ur. Qulgg and 
the former Mlaa Richardson attended 
Cenual High achool here. 

Page 3: Aledene Dawson's death on April 1 1 was ruled accidental by a coroner's 


W. S. Carroll died.'** 
Page 14: Mary Lee Melcher died.** 
Mrs. Elizabeth Brown died.** 
Dorothy Hoghon died.** 
W. F. Oldham died.** 
John Russell Smith died.** 
Mrs. May Owen died.** 
Mrs. Ella May Owen died.** 

A son George Leonard Forbes was bom April 12 to Mr. and Mrs. George L. 
Fortes, 7 1 6 North Rogers avenue. 

Page 17: The History of Springfield #40** 

A m.irtlKB* llrcn«« »«« Iwnfrt In 

Ice H:ll a* of IHtlf Ro<-k ir K«ii- I 
• a. (K) Tf»•frd.1^ . i 

Coroner's Verdict 
Of Fatal Accident 
Before City Council 

Vfrrtlcl of a coroner't Jury, blaming 
a rcwrt i>lgn for an arcUImt which 
cauaed the dratli of Alrdene Dawiton 
In ■ litwpltfil hrrr April ll.waa placed 
»>cfore the cUy council today by Ur. 
Muriny aionr. Orrrne rminty rnrnnrr 

Tho vfrdlct lold that the child wb» 
mrurk by a t-nrn car clrlvrn by John 
Iloldrrn. and declared Mr. lloldren 
wan blmnrloBd. A RiKn on the north- 
east corner of Oram avenue and IIiKh 
»lteet, *here the arrlrtent ocrnrred. 
iO>Mrurlril the \lrw of I hr i lillcl nnd 
the niutorl><t, the J>iry it \ricll' I »»»lil. 
:»iwt *"n»i»rrl thr fnlnl i rn«>h 

J. I*. Itanmev. «ltv < i>iiinii^--i''ii«i <<t j 
Miiils iiixl piilillr ltnplo\rnlrllt.^ n nn ; 
lliktrtirtetl to lnveHtlKi>l<' nnd UtK i - 
mine ir the harard ran be eliminated. 


lh« funeriil •» f»2r Znd iSri WllU.m 

sisfvB ^S-sa' «i»5£ 

Sohatytr tuofi liwnt U to «»«•. 

MRS EMXAfltTM »*""''*^, ^ 
ttrm. KUMb«Ui Brown. 8«, mfa "".^r^ 

Ml North Main avenue. '•»«,,*'"^" i", 
' rnoon- lollowlng • ^,°^„^^A^tMt ^ 

aldra the daughter, two wna. Jam ei Brow i> 
or OaMTllK". Mo. 4nd T. 'Vhr^T?man 
Omaha. Neb . •«•« •"j:»Vu, JT'jn^hS^ 
Lobm«y«r funeral homa ••" »f hVr^aS* 



TTw Fiht Auto; Fruco Shopi G)me 

Uyti»ttf»fl »•* ir»«»»< u • r*w form cf •port in Hon whrn 
rlto 0Ht MMMMMI* tw* vaM ma. i ti* •».• •'.•tir>i «iih 10 
^4 ArtMM •• OMiaanlil m>ww_ <mb« 4««a BoobtIII*. out Coiina 
umg fe*rk. 0«ly («*« ••imioWU* naubvd. ib« «tii- 
4tiw— hr M«U«»4 K*H. vke *«4* \hm run la 
taO •>»• •^i ««*-k*ir fe*«r. It la -••Umaivil lu.uou 
M* IM rac* k«tw«w« k«r« •m4 R«»«lilir. 

Th« nnrlhwfiat ahiipa at tba Frlaco opeDad In Julr> 1I09, and 
rmi itinra nn nntalillihitd tha Frlaro railway an tha pradomlnant 
(artor la Hprlngflald'a proaparlljr, Thar* was a great formal 
opanliig or ibvaa naw abnpa and, with tha contlnnanea of tba 
nidar north and aoutb ahopa. broiiRh the payroll of the Triaco 
In Hprlngflald to around f BOO, 00* a month. Tba saw ahopa 
anit>l<i)ril hundrcda of naw men. ;__ _ 

Many itprlii((lal>l paopla got tbatr first rlaw of an atrplaoa 
Jvna II and I). 1910, wbrn an air maat waa bald hara. Aviator 
fharlr* P. Wlllnr<t rifw Ma CiirlUa alr|ilaiie around tha Country 
(lull Rnxinit^ i<n tlir l|(h Itrfura n crowd ot.abnnt 6000 paopla 
iiMi(tr|c«ir>t ilnrr. Iln had triMilila with hni rnKlnfl and had 
lM>an dKlavrd III antilng tha plana In Iba air, iln tha aaroad day, 
atipf Il>lnc ar.iuiid a Ml. tha plane (all about 160 feel. It waa . 
ilanioliiliril, Inii (lia avlntor aniiin way or otiirr earapnd with- 
ii'.tr.iT liiliiili'i 1°lin iiii'ft altrartad pnopin rriiiii nil around 
hi'i't>(liM I'M' I' 1 III (Mi'ii of llin til/ III l:)i:;i nna aiiii<iuD< ud 
•a •lltlilly li< low 4i>,ouu. 

for W yaara. 6\t4 Monday a hit ho"** »' 
Nichola Junction alif r a I ong ..••^•••^ 
Known lo many m 'UTOla BlUJ^^h* U 

HHH*Tt». Mrhols; Mr-* "•'"'T •'^ ^,;"^'J 
822 E«i«t I vnn »lirrt. and Mr5 C K 
Weoddll. •«> Wfit Popjar atreft. and by 
fftfhl grajidehUdrart •nd «lth» tre»t •«»•««- 
rhlldr*n Wr OMham had bren a mi-m- 
b«r ol KnIghU of Pythias ledgo No St3 
for 40 yoara. Funeral aervicea will b* 
hfM at Warnei mortuary Wrdneaday a/t- 
arnooit at 3:>«. followed by Interment In 
Mapla Park cemeUry. 


nrirrMoTdled nrSt John-t hoaplt'tl Mon 
««> attar »u lUnwa of two Won»t»t_,"« 
Uaurvlvad b» hU wife, Mra Do. a Smith, 
•nd eight ehlldren, all of liaKway. liin 
faihar. A. J Smith: one broth er, .y... A 

' Uri. P U Pierce. Mra. L. K. U«Uh#w». 
Ml»a Beaale Smith and MUa Warslff 
Binith. and fUr aUl^ra. Mrt K M WlUev. 
yuHfral ji^r»i«-^ mill be rondurt'd in the 

i Baptist rhurrii at Halfway \%>dnradav 
inn-nMiB «\ 11 oclo< It Ir.tfrn '-in «.l'.l br 
in Rei»d> r^m'terv near Halfwav under 
the direction of Huichlniton 4: Hall, un- 
I d-rtak^r^ <if r»-jll-. ar 



IT Tr- *"««? b«"^ »trt;"*-n.." .^'^^ 

r.n Thilrf of .rr.«.a,.nU^ Th;^P^,^,„ 
^,7^ 't,«f no*t'=^o» Ho-to... .urvtve. 


W. "s. Carroll; Route 2, 

^ Drops Dead While at 

Wor k in Farm Barn 

W S r«rroH. «3-\rnrfl'1 fmnnr. 
rcM.l.l.C .IKl't «l>ll^^ CM ..f hprl"P- 

(lelrt on r>ir»l route a. tlropi-^ «i«"d 
at 9 o'clock thl» itiofDlng whUe •» 
work m U»« b«m on hU Unn. 
Heart Atuck 
A .udd.n h~rt •lUck w». bUn>«d 

t.y Ui. M..ii«l «"'""• Or*-'-"'- '""f^«^" 
coroner, for Mr. Carroll • death- Ac- 
cordlnt to meinb«» of iha family. n» 
had b««n In III h«alth for more ihan 
a \«r, 1>nl lir hurt "<-<»r rrfp'trfd 
the aervlcea ol a phyiicmn. Hr li»U 
•uffered aymptome of heart troubia, 

fiilirr «'all*'"l 
in A K rr>ti*r or Pprliu-fifld hud 
brni ralleU and he a».i>iea l>,cior 
B«me In the cjuuiuuatiun. Kw W " 
quait will !»• naeaaaary. ih« coroner 
aaid today. I 

With Mr. Carroll whan ha waa 
Mtrlrkrn waa hla t-yaar-oUl graiKUon. 
Edward ljiwM>n Carroll. Th« Ud waa 
wfttclilnc 111* grandlalher "ring" hoga 
when ha aaw Iha elderly man fall. 
tVmth followed qtilckly. 

.No Arranfrmenl* 
Mr t'srroll In iiurvlved by hU wife. 
■on and aevea dauRhl^ra. Funeral 
alranfemenla www atlU lB«««nplrta 
this afternoon. J. W. Kllngner pre- 
pared the body for burlaU 

Page 3: John F. Leedy and Mrs. Malissa Travis obtained a marriage license.** 
Page 4: Divorce petitions filed.** 

J. N. Baggettdied.** 
Page 8: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Mrs. Allie E. Prueitt sues to divorce Josephus S. Prueitt. They were maiTied 
October 4, 1927, at Carthage. She has children by a former marriage. 
Page 11: Card of thanks.** 
Page 13: The History of Springfield #41** 

MR.*; MM <>M t ^ i 

o, ^VlUnrrt roulr «*> -, .?' bv two »on». 

Leonard ot ^-'^'^/'rt.u.Mrr h">"> "' ^^^ 
,,r»- Okin """"";■ broil rr« «nd «••< 

KUnti»<'T fupTtl home 

Mr. rn. May «*'';„' ;„,f,':^W.narrt I 
dav at .'.'r hom- '" '"'J ^ owe.. flh" «> 
Hht- w*. tnr WIT. «;,_•' ,y„, Leonard H. 
• Uo aurxive* by J*l-»iVi P L«v»rn'. 
i Ub-r.!. -Kan •n<l *®^,;,er " H^-n. al 
OkU. •"«! hr one •*'"■"'". r* a i»d l«r. 
»,om' T>.-' •'' •'»" ITc". will Probabiv 



Mbn 9.UU6SI U eprti«04«.a ana 
ftbout « yawa OM. •od Mn. IUUm 
Tratta. alao of SprtacOaUf. AbUlaMI 
» nantaa* Umbm ti«« JftOc W. Ma* 
Km. ca«uit7 raewdar. Codkr- Mn- 
T>a»la U ■<>>»- wtdoiar oC J olin Tm »>fc- 

ttiui ■>i iH ■!■ l aii a nl Ifi i i ~ 
tor •laettoo aa mnxntr ]ud«a. 

£i MfJ Mat Jaeh»on. W» w«n« to ..- 

&"* vSflTio l»»: ""vl O JS^I'V; 
Mr H.rry Brotoo. »«'• *"»' ff" I'". 

• lid l<u»ll WllKoll 

KOY > JACK»C>N. ■i:''"«"''''„11° 

an 8 


Tfoublet of a Growing City - 

/^. As •iMtlDD held In Ih* ■print of 1110 brought * portion ot 
Urrllorr lorthirnl e( town and Ih* ttrrltorr ou » i.i. h tlxi 
prtMBI normil nrlmnl now nlmiilii. Into (be bordnrt ot tba 
ellr. Attn ytu* of work towirdi ctttlni a new cour^bouiu, 
the <erB«ntoa* of the prvient on* «aa laid daring IniprMslT* 
reremonlti, July IT, 1(10. Vlre-preildent Bherman of tba 
Talt a4iBlalitr*tlon ap'ilDi In AiikuiI, 1!)I0 end William Jrn- 
■lat* Brraa agala rliltod Bprlnglleld, thia lime In .Sn|.iriii. 
b«r, lliO, aprnklng at Dnirr rinlil. nianlpf Ketrhrl, prite 
fllhler, m-orld'a inlddlewplght i-tinDiplno, waa itlit^t ai Cuiiwn). 
MlaaonrI br a farm hand and illod la a Uprlngtialil buapltal a 
ttw bouri later, (Xluber lb, IhlO. 

g)Tbt flrat part o( lull aaw bulldloga gulug >lo»u lo (lamua. Un January 
4, the Marr Bord irhool burned to tb* ground and on Ftbruarj t, tba 
Cnir irhool burned down. In neltber caae wai anr talalllr recorded. 
March :v aaw the uld Y. .M. (°. A. biilliling burn down, a loll o( 140,000 
with no Inai ot lite. Thie building wai then located at BL Ix>ale atreet 
nitil Jrlfirann avruup. Two nionthe Uter a drlre tor tunda waa atarted 
nhli'h ri'aullrd In a |iiiirnii(i<u nf a ii>fM Y. M, C. A., and the present lo- 
■ nlinn airrrd upon. The WoodruCt, Friaco office and Republican build- 
iniL-« wrrn ihntwii mi>i ii i«i iHihtjc tppprfilnn F^hniarx 3. 1911. It li eatl- 
united lt::il lM,iMtii |M-iipln went front Inilhllna lu bulliltng, looklug o%'er 
till-*)' ihrif ritldltloits fo tlin proof of Sprlnicflrld'a proaperlty. The prrecnt 
• • iiiriit tiKif III III! I'liiaii i^iii r;lll^lll■tl iliirlnK thn aumnier of 1911 by 

Itiu trurtlun rniiipany« 


^@ OB Jannary II. If l^". a bantlog ot a water nala U/A 
Springfield withoat watar for 10 boars. Attr*apr«as 
up dnrlns that tima Juat aooth of tho preaent Laadtr 
building nnd water was ruthad from Jordan eroek wUb 
tlia ai ; ', f ;i '>•••■•" nn.l t'linip to fight It. On FebrnaiT 
_;Lla-t.bSJl&UtiUil -BiUUf jecoxdeiL In. ai>ringiii-iil Xi^L Tha- 
ararata depth waa 20 Inehea. la aooM eaiaa tho tfrUta 
war* aa high aa a raan'a aaek. A naod for a eearsa- 
tion hHll hroiiKhl about the raltlBg of 960.000 to b«M 
one. Work bogau on It July, 1912. It waa flnUbed and 
the formal opening bald May 1(. 1*13. Tba B. P. O. K. 
bad a atata meeting bera dnrins May. If IS Uat broackg 
hundreda of visitors to the city. Tba coartboaaa waa 
finished and the orrirlaU took ofdrea In It dnrlns tba 
Mummer of 19 1:. Traffic -conditions raqntrcd fba flfir~ 
traffic officer li^EurloKdeld at the corner ot St. Loala 
street and Jeffemon avenue. September S, If IS. Rooa*- 
velt came through Springfield darMV <ba eampalsa ot 
If 12, and spoke to thonnanda at Dmry field. la tho 
election ot If IS the democrats won nationally. carrt<4 
MlKDourl and crraped with all tba eoanty otflcaa la 
Crot-ne rouiily. 



ThTM tflToroe pcUiloDs wtrr i\ie<i 
vtOi tb» circuit clerk ttiU momlnf. 
two try «!*«• •nd ooe by > husband. 

a'.l it arc:: R \'.>lr!.. tfni|Xr« HIi'1 tw> 
f l.tmlnj brUlAiil). 

Mm n%B o m M. rt1ck«tt« charg«* 
°«tet K. T. rrta(«tU bMl bMn bniUI 
to bcr th* Uat tbr«« T«Ara and ths 
|«n him oooe b«Ior«. rctumtnft wben 
b* prooiUrd u> do belter. tJbt utrulii 
Mt J«nu»rr 2>' 1^^ Tbay wert mtr- 
rlad MbruairT S. 1M>7. and bar* two 
rhtldmi. She asked cuntody of "'< 
rl.::c1rrr. »ii<l •iipivi'. i:.iliii;iv :..«' 
miit 1> orokoi in'.'.l. 

J. c. Mitchell claimed Uial Chr>iii*t 
^ii<-»v ll bMd a violent temprr and 
T^txmtA to cook for him. They were 
married jn Wrisht couuty July 13 
Itaa. and he left her June 12. 1938 
Mr*. MltcbeU now Uvea with hrt 
tettMT. CbMXlem D»»l», route 8, Nor- 
wod. Mo. 

John O. Woody, proprietor of a Ran 
station on College ttrwl roue! 
Um Hollaud larni. «tt» 'tif '!c- 
)B$ la as •ctlon by lim wile. 
D. Woody. oC Sprlngneld. who 
tiMt alM bad lived with hLm 
^ dorlac aU o( wiucb tunc be 
" tnHW'"t*r BJO" ihreatenn.s- 
^ j^gr 8lM aakad custody of ber 
^«* cbUdrra. «0 a mootb to€ mip- 

1 . 11 . ni'Hji i lJ. i m . .... . 


i. N.JBauttt 

J. K. BadSttt. CoofcdertU vataran 
wtjo died at hia bom« b«re la^ fcttur- 
day, was born In Jackaon county. Al- 
abam*. on April B. IMO. At the affe 
of 19 ha went west with the goW 
aaalTOT. Wtt UMr ratur9«d to a faaa 
irmbl&fiMlai Ark., f rom whara ha. 
^acl to te d In U w auut ua i u anny. Alter 
Uta ckaa of tba ClvU war. Mr. Bag- 
gatt retumad to Arkantas from where 
ba cama to Sprlncflald Id IBOO. Ha 
bad thraa aon* and thrw ^ughtara, 
mrludlnu C. P. mgg'tt. JOSS Ea»t 
KUn aueet. and Un. OUIe P. Turner. 
IIU Cherry strait. Bprtngfleld. 




amy avnm WaMbay, Jr« aon of 
UlAJkat MDrB..H. & Waatbaf of Mo- 
netl. Mo. was married to Idlaa Halan 
Mai«arat Andnu. March 13. ot Saint 
Mai«ta4«*UM»>fla)da. London. 

ilciirMttey if •gimduataof 8p«af. 
fMd 8«ai6r Riga aebbol and tba tJtil- 
vanlty ot MlHOtttl FOUowtnc hU 
gfadoattoo lia ««nt to Rogari. Ark, 
vbaf* ha «aa aoirtpyad by tba Mu- 
tual AM ValOb. 'latar ba want to 
New Ydrk City where he took a poal- 
ttoa wUb tha Metropolitan Ufa In- 
suranoa company. Tbay sent him to 
England In November. 1037. and tatfr 
made hUa aalaa auparvluir of group 
dtvuion la Oraat BrtUin. Mblcb po- 
sition he now hold*. 

Mrs. Waatbay U an American' girl 
and met Mr. Waatbay while vlsiUng 
bar aunt In London. They wtl| ba 
at home at S Hays Mewf. Berkeley 
Square. W-1. London. 

Mr. Waatbay la wall known In 
Sprlngflald and has a large drda of 
frlenda b«r*. ^ 

Li -5 



After making her earn a living for 
both of them, her huaband threat- 
ened her life and htimlllated her 
time and ai;ain by bis surly manner 
with her friends. 

Such was the charge made by Mrs. 
Allle E. Pniellt In a divorce petition 
(lied III rlrriilt court here this morn- 
ing against Joseplius y Trueltt. wliuin 
i»he married Oclobrr i. 1927. at Car- 
thage. Mo. Her liusbmid. the womnn 
declared, waa unkind and stuly to- 
ward her children by a former mar- 


Ward C. Melton. 24. St. Louis, and 
Elta Jones. 24, NIxa. Mo.; John F. 
L<redy. Springfield, and Mrs. Ma- 

jllssa Travis. Springfield Cader R. 
Mashbum. 37. Springfield and Fl06- 

Isto jr. Hodges 16, Spiingnelo* 

Page 2: Divorce suits filed.** 
Page 5: More divorce suits filed.** 
Page 12: Fred Hamilton died.** 

Ensley Lee Bodenhamer died.** 

Mrs. Elizabeth Brown died.** 

W. S. Carroll died.** 

George W. Beck died.** 

Mrs. Winfield Reece died.** 

A daughter Mary Glynn Stambach was bom Monday to Mr. and Mrs. E. 
Glenn Stambach, 738 1/2 South Jefferson avenue. 
Page 15: The History of Springfield #42** 



When Building Brgan lo Boom 


yoar l«r VilMiTt |im14m mt»t rwldracW lh« Trtli' 
*■• Wlai »«llf*a4 |>laa« tor ■ airMt rir Irsrk 
^ f« na cat In'lhal dlrrrtloa. Tb* Y. M. V. A. «■■> 
la tfea Mrif fall •! ml* )r>r *ui lb* third i>nr( i-r 
I MH.'^'TlMr* «u a (Ir*. ih* grwioit la 
''(kat''^f*aM'4 a irMl <r*l at bullillna 
j^.^ ta^^aa^ Oa Jaaa t« itp >V« «■•■»•< biuik. r>.t>|it • ihhIiIimi: 
M!i{'JmM'pi.^tMfaalfMt.M.«**a.«br pelat «brr* Nalta*n'i.»(ar« 
*('*-*'' MW Maaia aad lka^ltoUaa4 bvlliliac. bnrnril ilii«ii. a ln>"'«( 
'^^^'"•••Mt«. ■ ie»a4 Ikal'aaBM- (!•►, »Ua( *»ri> U-l«a iii»>lt roi 
j. , twua»ra.i!<.n. AaiilbM If- <• "• "r.V. M-r. ilirvnlciKU 
V, • p*fll«B at lb* ft—m"*"! alt-ltl'l. lull <•■•• MX-il allvr iIkiii- 

**^ 'WiaCVtlMtt «U d<<a«. Tba bulldlug im^ iho \V«trr« 
■* P»WT« oil atallaa aaar wbMi- iha JrdM-MU Ihrnlrr now aliml*. 

"^r^i an .»« *. *.!. -«•*«• fr l«r 4«f. a.4 tt U .."-..<*' 

Slt-^i ». ZF-«i« •»HMfl-« »wr «. tt. — .1 . rt... 

if baalaaaa mm Ikat Tlilla* ~t~« »^«« •■< ••*"*'^ •»*•• •*• 
nm T*Mf— t>»^wak at »ar traa Carw*. «• "tt.r part ol 
ItU •« late ■» kr raa-ta. *ar »a«.. aaboMibla. •<. t.'Io*' •" 

t«!«b n i n ' " '"* **• "* " "" ^'"' 

■: rfn.t ft .t«roortl«»rT •<*>« "»•• *•«* ••"'■« '■• 


g) SprlaffUld li»(t a w«r of iu own darlni tlM tertoA. tte 
•irtttt rar rnmpuny waa botherad by ''jTtaliyr'^ laniraM 

laraa rnrK (hat ran nhotii ihr niropia rarrylnn paaarnic^ra 
tar a nlrklp. Hn thick wi>r« ihoit« Jlinrya thai of iho i5:i 
■Ulouiobllaa rwgUlurad lu ttprlnRflrlil In May. 191 S. iti 
w«r« In Iha jltnar Mr*lr«. HMOtnallr the aUMt ear com* 
. paay eompUtuad that Ibvy would taava to antMnd ep^ratloa 
on aomo of thalr llnei It not clvan pretMUoa from t^a 
Jlinara. Tbla raauitad In a hither lleenaa bvlnc 0#«iniwlwl 
uf (he jllaeya In October. 1*17 and tor a while the JItnoya 
didn't run. They made quite a comeback a llltla later oa 
and cauaad lhi> aireol car romiiany morn troiihla than ayer. 
The latter threatened to rut aenrlce and wagea and floallr 
ihi< rntirp riRht wax 1<>rt for ih^ rltr to dMida at the iwUa. 
*>ii August ::. Utit (hn «Uy viiti-rt, liy a majority of :««. tn 
aire tha i;ar company full right to operata buaaea aqd eireat 
i-arp. "niK Jllnry was a (hint of Ihp pa#t. The rommiaaloB 
form of foveruinont. ppriiilaiwblo for MprinRfleIrt becatiae 
of the renaua of IBIO had kItch It (hat rlaht, waa Toted 
oa tor tbe tourthitiiaa au'l paaatd by ) TOtea. It had been 
dafentrd ihrico liefofe by (ho \oi»r»; Th»>"ne«r and lAUdera 
buildliiax wero romplei«>l Hie aummcr of 191 &. 

I Mr. ftttd Ml*. It M Ktltnfr. »05 
Hr>r*r •trr«l. antMMiww Ui* btrth of « 
'«on. lUymuaa M«rioii. Jr April 1.^ 


L 17" 
U 14 

[ ■>< tilt Ion will raa inU laaar ihoutandi 

|^fl#Jli«.-c4..-.». w.»>, ■ -T.'' ,'.•■ 

eodil^r plana lo rebuild. It la 


Thia la lb* aMoad tlma at l«««t R«(in property 
i-Mr« ak"teraa4a. Tha old wooUa 
^VW* V^»•A b7 8. H. R«|aa 
ia''prop«rtr waa under the 
Ika Racaa family that th* mllli 
~|1 1U> i~Ea9~atorn atruck 
«!■ Un aftaraooB ot a dark, sloomr day 
ImI ' IfM aapaeUlly ••Ttra in the wait part oC 
town. The SprlnrfleM woolen nilllii were lorated 
whfre Orent Heerh perk now la. The wlml hlrw 
(be top ol( the mill* and «imiI wri mttlCiU'd u\rr 
that whole leclloa o( tha city. North o( the mill 
k houaa had been wrecked with a Ioik o( life, Tbe 
mllla had hern runnlnc only once In awhile and 
were not la operation at the lime of the alorm. 
Sprtntfleld ha4 juat put In water worka and a 
fir* department with bote carte bad been eitib- 
linhrit, Th^ rirle wrre rirsKarrt lo the firoe by 
men atuoi. Whru t)i,' fiurm hit U wjin ihoiiKhl 
wiM to call out tbe new lire ilrimtliiirnt, alihuiiich 
the county wai *o wet It rouM hardly be aet afire 
VUh'taaolloe. but the people wanted lo aee the 
fire department In artlun and It wii ralird out. 
Th^ "IniMifs" n»n<lr u wniiili-rrul ilu«h tlirnuRh ll»e 

...:.• !• V vl.l 1- ,..• 1,. ..f. .',..11, : I.. I,:ii.- li.i-.. ,| 

tbe a<|uare hut what wee Ihu u.'e u( Iflnx n f Ire- 
Ban BHloea you daabrd IbruuRh the iquare? After 
tka aqvaro had been daabed ihrougb and a tew 

yerde rorerfd on nonnvlllp evenno the rtasblnK 
t^eil. .Sonie of the hrnxf "laddip? ' look «pnt^ 
O tha enr b and SMoeU fur breath vhile a tew 
othera draecoi ihr tun uhrrlnl i,im '<n«.iril. 
f I'Tin'iir* li'lna ippfiilnl 'n tn i.iVc hold ot the 
ropr and h<»1p ilrap, Tho tlrpnrlMriii «i>t to ihn 
wrecked nllll finally and eau clail in l>arn Ihvie 
- wsa noihlni; to rti>. I1n>rn «n« •"'> nri' h nhmi" 
tlim lo ilii an.'Ihiiiit. Thp inlll-! wi r>- ii- %••- r.l^ ii 

bwt th* old amokeatack atill aiandx in the park 

• • • 

S H. Regan had wnoli-n mllU In lioih .spring 
jrQalll ^ad Carthage. Tbe milli here were atarted 
a« a aort <tt public enlerprl«e and were finally add 


••»»n dirert* p«uiioim »«r« fiud Uu 
Wfdne^rtay In iiie eircuU court. 

>to«. Ooaa Turntr RIm of IM St. Lsola 

■«"•« r«««tr and UMlM>r of 4fainau« 

»ipr#aaion, r)iar|»<1 thni Hugh K met, 

,j? *yy «>Mk« *»»ow th* ni*rrlttl m 

'? ^ *** * *•* ■' < ! th ' if t i u mw m a x k oh 

n*« W*. 8b« Mktd cutiMl, of ttailr MD. 
tugh r., Jr.. $. 

mavM M. rriokttU atktd «•«»• 

1 MUUI t T. rrJckeltt, sUtriin. bruuiity 
•nd ukliif cart •nit euatodr of thfir two 

^^ .?!2SSi -• '""'•* •^- *" 

to rrmlt tor him. fhi 
• a Uriirtit 






hey wert 

John ri" ,ij "V" '""""' "» '"». 

,1111^.,,.."'" *'"" '"•<< "'■'■ fi" 
.;...:. ,':.'"; "■\"'""' Oefcnuaut in ... 

rh^VwVl''^- p—'-".r";;:;i'r Xm;.;- 

Mra . 


.."♦•^.toftuitr 1« ytftra. 

i»*«. fcnd olUn atruck her, Mra 
£- rnitiu cb^rgtd th«i 
Jnintl ferce4 htr to 
*oth of them, and 

••rn « luinc tor 

hi; :.'ri,„ir"^'^' hTr"Ufr;Vr?.d5; 



r-'d llaitiilion. HO. (lied at lila lionif. 
1»M Noriti Jeffrrauu avrnuc. \Vi-(1iira<lnv 
liiglit aftrr a liiiiti lllli>-i>fi llr waa a 

foiiiier rtiaro «i>iiiliirl«»r anil ■ i«rinh<r 
of trie Bii.|'\eilitioct nf Jtall»»v rinliimrn 

!■•«•■ «lM ft* •»MUh-A»trtMn w«r 


•mrte peUUoma for dlvoroa were 
rutd in eiroult court hat* today, ^ro 
•ItotlBf daeartlen aa groauina for di- 
ereea and the other chariliiK tiicoiu- 

Mr* Curda MlKiili'k tiled ault tot 
oirorce from O. 11. MUmlck, whom 
aha marrttd Oolobtr l». UU. daolar- 
ipg Mr huaband waa .ooid and die- 
taut towtrt hat durtai thtlr taH 
year ot married life. 

Her li(i»b»nd deaertad hrr October 
t. IBJT, Utile mote tbao a year and 
a half after they were married. Mre. 
FMcda Brtelen charged lo har petlUon 
agaiiiil Alfrtd Edelen. 

The Ihird tllvorre aiill wa« broiiglil 
Dy tmeat C riremeyer a«alnal Mary 
V. Xlwineyer. wbotn be married in 
North rarollna on Oeioher 1. t»13 
They li»ed together until Novemljcr 
1. IMS 

» ele»» 

I •}!•. IftTM •MM. UMOWII. 

1 •Ti M iMrtioii. and ao* 

l^airal arrani 

) W ICtti^ffn^e 
•tit ka 

Mr Ktmlllnn la aiirtrlew bf hU 

Ik. IXii •!iil Hal nil 

_ . tfaugtiur. Ifr*. 

^ie». rtc^Ulof ^i»nnf«. Mo. 

•nca«i«BU ar« In chario of 

ti It ttp^ct^tf itaal burial 

Mauooal camturr- 




i| avowoa far tliiala v U»» Uorlrn- 
M. vho ditil Tu*tdar nifhl at liU 
m amtih Main a«tnur, artra hrld 
al S ja e'cloek Ihit ■ftrrneort In Ih* Hfr- 
«a« N Lahw^rer («tt»ral homt lntrr< 
aiMti i»ok pUrt In Xati Lawn rtmfltrv 

ruiMral terrl^M far Vr«.^"Bfiibafll 
Brown, at. wHa di*4 Meaiiay at *lt North 
MaiB avtana. war* bald at $ o'clock thIa 
wT i itwg at th* ehwrah «f tha iMmMp* 
lau Cooraptioii. follow td bv burial In nt 
MafT^ ataaata ry Tha Hormaa If. Lob* 
■tafar f)iMr«l beaaa had chart* oC »f* 


Ht t, CASSOUt 

mi. wivrttift aKt^ 

UKUBUft Mr. BIkiK 

i«M<iC* U Urtk. 71. of III niirfl*lri 

. •«««■<' ■' "^ at 1)> n riork IhU morilllll 

' AtiVr • lM«f UlitvM H» It Mrrl*«4 fey 

lilt »)»♦. ri.r ii»'.»i'i'C. *.t:' Ht WM1i«m« 

r>f ipiui<Ilt)«) .anii by thr«« miiu. Albaii 

a •prii^tMld. Mimon oC Utirolt. MIoh . 

•M John et lx>» Anc#l»«. Ctllf On* 

,fcio(:.«: Jf::y. if n • fUT alto ■urvlvra. 

r»»t,^ wriMtm •tli WJitW •Kj u^UKk 

.••twriiar Mwrnli- •! «»»• Merttf MmM 

CatiMUr rbvfrli. ?«»Howr4 b» uiurm»nl In 

•1 Mai) • «cm»»»ij I'l »li«f«r Pf »"» n"* 

M Itotunfft ruutral homf. 

Page 12: Mrs. Genevieve Groty Davis died.** 

Mrs. Susan Howard died.** 

W. S. Carroll died.** 

George W. Beck died.** 

Mrs. Winfield Reece died.** 
Page 21: The History of Springfield #43** 





tuiarml icrvlee* for Mr*. Urtvvlfvt 

Onty Davla. It. mtm <l4>tf TharxlaT'morn- 

>■• Jkk- tb* beaaa ot brr iNr»r<*>. Mr. and 

'kUmrr, M. Orotr. tn HouUi NetU«t«B 

•on** ittaM JM^natnt in Ortcnlavn caan«- 
.Mry. Bllfaii tba bnabaad. Ravinood Da- 
<u. and lb* parvnu. t%o brothrri and 
MM (later alw ■orTiv*. a« lollowi. Murl 
Of«ty. BIrmlntham. Ala.: Charlr-i OrolT. 
Kanaas Cilr. Kao., and Mm. Irvnt rorrl- 
.ncr. St. Louli. 

Mr«. Satan Howard (3. dird Thursrinv , 
Digbt at h«r hooif. 227 Can Chatr xirtn. .' 
aftrr a }nr\t llln*-%> Ahr It tarvlT.-(j bv > 
• '..« M.^Ti. Ld^ufl IJ ljci«ard. u*. !..*)ti '■. r •: 
i»n L'rM'Tr H rntp (t r.;;b. :i •! l-ui.r 
!■».«. t.ic' W .^ '...IbT- I.' !'.< -I .*.: ■ 
The bedr ww" prrrtr«^ I'" hiirinl ut Ihr 
Hrrmap H I>oi>in»-Ttr Iuii»ral homr m,r« 
trk<n to Dixon. Mo . today (or runfiti ' 
(•ivleaa tb'r* Saiutdtv at Uif C'.r: ■.:,ii. ' 

W. .•». t.\«»OLl- 

T»>j fjt:eal cf W. 8 C»:"i!I. «2. of -a-; 
r«' ro'jti 3 .• 'iifi*. niilcs »»»t of .Iprln*- 
li»M »tll b* ^'td !n •.h» Prr«bvi»r:tri 
chorch at r'l'a^nl lliiiv &undf» arirrnoor, | 
f»flo«IOt a b:" f tfrvic* at ih^ rf«iii- mt ( 
in the inriJln* Tf.r C R Briiori I H- . 
drrlaktnr fompaoT U In tharga of 1.- 
riir.Kf trf..: ■ I 

■ jntial • rrMcet «or 'jtornr >V B <.k.. :•! 
ol air Oarfiald av-nue. n:! b:- 1.. IJ »t 
Saeratf Ba«rt Catholic chutrti at » o clerk I 
■atarday a*rB.nt folloved h| ir.trrmrr.t i 
ZT si Wy* ec-.-tf-^T. Hf <: d «!v> 

uTSTWa. a»^«iryl»» 


n»» bod» of Mr» Wlnf 'd Jt'-c. St. of 

lchm'»»'r f.r.-rii.' hc;r:e >., .'?-oav ir. 
Ca*»Mll" f" ;untr»l »«n.c«e tbr.-c Pun- 
4ay ta.cro»o&. 



The Firtt Auto Show; Street Car Striica Lk Ji^-' 


t) SprlngfKld bad It* first automobile ahuw In the new Holland 
h u l l Hiii f, Junna ry IH - H - IS. 1 9 H. A aliui L lUWit car. fororunn«r 
et tb» graater on* to follow, came the latter part of February, 
JtKf Oo the follOwtn* April 4, the clly'a affair* were turned 

'o»»r to the eommlaaloa aa that form of governmeut had been 
voted In. ' J. J. Oldeon wa» the firat mayor elected under the new 
charter. 1916 "sw the last plR within the illy limits as ;>H tlu- 
porken wpio ordered to be removed by their o«i;.rs. at 
that there were bnt 29 fonnd. The g reateat car mrlke In Spring- 
field's history atarled In October. J»l«. It laKted until June. 
1917. when both factions compromised 191S cle.llon 
year and Charles Kvans Hughes, republican ""i^'^'«'-,''i"^® '", 

r the citr. October^ 1 a -The followtag day Senator Heed of Missouri 
aniWered •Hnghes' arguments. 

''"'• ""'«ghMn''rraVrhe'l^n.?ii''^aTA\rd°l.« 

I'i.T^s. %r;t:e'm%'t"tS^^rM-; - -,-rd^ -r f^o; ut 

.sme and *»"' "V.^i _ liracilrallT to a etandatlU aa aU ma- 

:r :ben,.r^;^:;X,t . .-.r -^^^^ -----;;:-[ 

Ih'/r^'TrmMIc; v».^ out • celebration wa. held but 
Z n'iarVo « fSe^Sue the false report. 

^ Tha qiieaUon.o{ Uie_l««iu» otjaUoiu- »»■ oTer th e co o B t ry^ 
Benator Reed again spoke In BprlngfleU. M ewaa acalnat Dm fA 
UU ipaecL was made AprU 10, 1»1». The eoldlera of the SIU m« 
»»th divisions began arrirlng In the United States and the peopl* 
hero started clamomlg for their return to their home*. On May t« 
tha J5lh division came through Springfield and the octaalon w«« 
marked with parades and apeeches. Sprlngflelds aaloona eloaed 
midnight, June 30, 1919, permanently aa far as Hcenaes were «o»- 
cerned. It wa* estimated that 1 160,000 waa spent for ilqaer her* 
the last day of the open saloons. T%lrty-flTe hndred ahopmen l» 
the Frisco shop* went on a strike bnt only for a ahort time th« 
anmmar of 1919. It waa, bowerer, a aample of what waa t« foUev 
aeraral year* later. 


Page 2: Lige Baker was killed.** 

Page 3: J. B. McMullin sues to divorce Mrs. Mabel McMuIlin. They were 
married June 8, 1926, 

Mrs. Stella McGinnis sues to divorce James B. McGinnis. They were 
married in 1907. They have four children. 

The probate court docket for May is published.** 
Page 5: Miss Cordelia Mann and Mr. Ward C. Moore are engaged to marry.** 
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Page 12: James F. Adams died.** 


Tfe« eaoans of 1*20 f>r« BprlDcftelcl the official population of 39,S20. Grfeoe rounty bad a 
populuiinn of 6r.C0t. Th« city *»« malprlnllr aldeil by the ceocral wage iDcreasa stren railway 
•mployea In Jaly, 1*20. «v«n ihuuKb tbrlr wauvs bi'Ksn In b« rut nhoiit n year lator. In the elec- 
tion of 1920 the republleani rarrlPd inoKt of the county offlres In which lh« city and county polled 
the larceat vote In hiatory of cither. The UiOih anniversary of Mlsnourl'ii rntranre Into the union 
wai relebrated Id Fpringfleld by a parade June 2 3, 1921 and paK*anta presented on the Slate 
Teirherii rolle^e rampun. Historical events wore depleted and llie costumes of by-gone days 
were rt>l>ed for a lime. 

Til* sround for tbe fihrlne moRgue was broken October tl, 1921 and the bnlldlag d»dleate& 
~ Wbvember S. lilt wbtle thouaands of Shrlnera wrre here In a convention. The Sunday ahowi wer* 
cloaed by a Tote of the people of the city December 27, 1931. The winners won by JT76 Totea. It 
VM tiTe 7<Mr« before Springfield had shows on Sunday, they roopenlnf; In the latter part ot 19ZC 
mafler ■ few court flshti. A touch of wild west was Riven Springfield May IS. 1122 at Ljnn Mreet 
and Bon«Ttlto ayanna when tlTe masked men held up a pay roll of (he Frslco railway rained at 
tlO.BQO. wotuding oaa of tbe gnarda. Three men eventually reached tha state prlaon tor the 
crime, one being pardoned later on when It was declared be had no part In It, BoUi tba bandits 
•ad payroU party were In an'opoblles. A great firlko effocled Sprlnpfleld In Jnly. ISII. 3000 
or mora ahop employee atmek in accordance with a national strike order and for a time threatened 
to paralyse the railroad ayatems. The railroads were greatly handicapped and tbe freight jmrda 
wer« greatly conceited. Tbe effect ot the etrike lasted for several years. 


Mr« John H CamrbtlL «. of Itarrlvtn. 

A!k »l:ert >ir» Triflav In a dprliigflr'-l 
'•••;.:?.. ; l« i«»;^ -»• •-• • *•' "r- — «^-i 
fti.iii It" A:m» l.ohn:»''r I'lnersl lior-,« 
t -T«l l>!'re nii'lsi The h t«- 
band. l«o sen* b* a lormrr marriage. 

I .Inhn and .Tsrk McClarv. and thren (Ittera 

land two hrolh»r» survive 



ir. << rAKKoi I. 

•ffT «:jn:; f-in'Ta' ^TiKej at th» T»sl« 
'*).• - - nr> r';-«I ro'it* 7 ar T* in acI^x-IC 
S ;i Im rr.Ti.ine (or \V 8 t. arroi; Si. 'h« 
bodv Kill he taken l" the rreabvterlan 
rhU'ch at PlaaaanI Hope for th« fBlural 
at 3 o'clock In the •nrrtmon. latorm«al 
«tU take plae* at Fleaaant fTov* under 
tb* dlraetlon of livt C. R. B«nloa Dad«r« 
tmktmc eewpuir. ^, 

any Springfield 
Friends at Rites 

ames Adams 

to Hospital • cif?«%>^ 

Life Baker of Bardlcy, Mo., was 
dMd today and hla neighbor, Hen« 
deraon Oann. 37, waa In Chriata 
Hogan' hosplUl at West Plains as 
the result of a fight between tho 
two men early Friday night In which 
Baker was shot and Gann badljr 
beaten about the head with rocki. 

Aeoordlng to information reach- 
ing Springfield. Oann was the in- 
stigator of the quarrel. Baker then 
beat Cnnn about the head with 
rocks. "Later, when Gann had pro- 
cured a gun. he shot at Baker and 

kill e d liliii instan t l y , a cc o r ding to- 
the report. The shooting was said 
to have occurred near th e Oann 

Oann went to Alton, tha Oregon 
eouQty aeat. . and surrendered to 
Sheriff Oeorge Dalley immediately 
after the shoot Inp. Then, because 
one Alton physician was out of 
town and the other lU at his home. 
Dr.' f^.'A.' fiwmM of Thayer was 
called and th* Injured man taken to 
West Plains In the Leo Carr ambu< 
lanee from Thayer. 

Th« extent of Oann's Injuries was 
not known today. X-ray pictures 
war* balnc taken .to determlna if he 
had (Of f^red a frmeiared skuU. 

Bardley, whA« the two men Ilv> 
ed. Is east of Alton on the Ori>gon- 
Rfpley county line. 

Oatln said late today that he and 
Baker met about 6 o'clock Friday 
evening on a road near the Gann 
home. According to the Injured 
man. Baker grabbed bim by the 
rollnr and beat him about the head 
»iu» a rock. Oann Is Katd to hixn 
sliiit TlRker tvilfo with a .32 re- 

Both men lived four miles west 
of Bardley on Eleven Points river, 
Oailn. a laborer. I* married and has 

'four rlilldreii. Baker. alx)Ut iS 

j year.^ old. was a JliiRlr man. 

Accoi'dlni; to <.ian:i, Bakrr threat- 

. t-nrU hini with a kuii nt li:.'* hoina 
two years ago. knocking Cinnn's sis- 
ter down. He rte^rrlb'-fl H.iVer ii^ 
n •tout.l: "•''• •■■• ■ l.-i.! :'. i:;" U,r 

I him and niolr»trd li:i:i «.evernl 

j Uann Is without a guard In tha 
'hf>«plt«l »< We't PI«l!'5 It «■».•? said 

I . — 

FtijjernLfervlre-i for Jtmei r. Ad- 
amx. as, (ortn*r coimiy clerk «)f 
rhrlstlsu ro\iiny «nrt promlneiu 
Ozark bualne&« man. were lirld ililn 
afternoon at 3 9'rlock at the Chrli- 
Imii rhiirrh there «Hh the Reverend 
B Frank Wf»l of Sprlnufleld orrirl- 

Interment look place In Itie Orark 
i-fMiefrr\ In - hnrrc of xUr 'I H Cl-iif- 
ftn Lndrrl.tkHK ((iin|»Hii\ l';i«.lj* .tr- 
riK wric F E V.iiilirtd, I i t<l Ha\>klr:». 
i;.ii|li rim««. II D Johnson. 

Charlei shollenberRfr, and Tom 

AoTOTiR ttioae from Sprlnitfleld «l>o 
attended the funeral were Dr. and 
Mr*. C B ElWlns. Mr und Mr». Fred 
Barrett. Mri Waah Wade. Mra. J. VI. 
Bruton. Mr«. I^onard Wiilker. MiK 
H«l»o ^ llllfr **'-• M""* am*!! aim 
Ur. and Mre.-W. B. TboinpaonofBo*- 
. ton aho art iliniiif rrlstlTfl here" 
itnMnvAMRUl 4U«d at-bU boma^.at 
tki rt' Tli ur wlay nigAt following an 
lllnem of aeveral weekii At the time 
of hla death he was manager of the 
Oaark. Abstract and Loan company, 
which b» assisted In organising al|iout 
12 years ago. For eight years h» ^aa 
HMhMr<ot tb« Banlt ot Q*f^k.»^flft 
h« had aarred aa county clerk of 
Chrlstun, county for 1« eioiisecuU»a 
Tears. LeRoy Adams who a«ttl|»d-»B 
Chrlnllan county In 1833 «a< hl« fa- 
ther. ' 

To Be Man^i^ 

Ml*. Sdvartt jr,'Mta»A 
t6wn. Memphia. 7lnm«ln*:4 
the angagament p( her 4^ 
CordeUa. to Mr. Ward O. iCoovti 

Louis and Bprlnsfleld. 

Mr. M00r» la tM ton's: 
Mra. Oaorc* W. Uoan^'»fa%-,rrz^f~n^ 
Weller avenue. •* •ivl'i*] 

Mr. Moore Is fonnerty-'Of 'AjKnoM 
field and haa many friends here, w^j 

The wedding will occur •CMQ^.JlagVt 



WAi.M" * nn \T 
Punsra) *«rvir*s for WaUia A. Blunt. iIa 
who died FrMay night al his boms. IMt 
rih Hosard avenit*. wlU b* held at g 

Iftty nsar NMthview. Mo. !»<* 
Tiia ^w S ktm i fmn: TumM V 

^ luitt. and ihTM brothers. William snii 
winlon o( ■^tncltsld and Hoy of Da« 
4fatt, -Mleh . sttrrtva. 


' MR"! orsrvirxr. r.ROTr n**i* 


OrotV U«n» l» "' <'i Routh NclUflot* j nurUnfr. 0»fflf H.. <1-rr»srf1: 1,,k\%» R I 

•venu* wll»'b« JitM ■! Itlin«nrr'» ttwpti ! Bl»nilori|j. ^dminmrxru, rin»l »nti«- 

•t 18J0 Stind.y mwfiln. »nil««d of •• ,■"'"•,„ - ^ ^.„.„^ ...... ^. ' 

■• ^« t'lin'lnv nft^rTifvnn •» flr»t •nn<»unf»<1« 


Th« fnnrr*! «f W«II»t H TUr 3«. »t 

' ror«vth Mn •»><» di«1 in • ho»plUl h^r« 
Kriiiay ni«lil, will b» ^'l^l ■• roivi'»l 
Siindajr Tho h»dT w«ii trnt »h»r» from 
ih* J W KItncnrr Un<^i»ltlnt romp«nv. 
Tho ThornehtU U«d«»u»i«nr twnptn* o| 

I Rraniun will h<»v^ t^nrwt of Inlfrmen', 

j Mr «nd Mr^. John n. R«v. the p«rf^nU, 

I »ur»U». 

Docket of «••*• In which Mtlt«in*nU 
• X du« «ircuu>rt, kdmlnlttrltor*. fiiar- 
tflSM and «ur«lar« si Ut» eeainc May. 
ItH term of th* Probatr Court of OrMiM 
Oountr. MIraeurl. rommcnclnc eo Ih* ••«- 
ond Uoa4*j, tb« thlrtMsth day el May, 

All citations are rrturnabl« on th* tint 
day ol the tcrin. 

Arnold. ChoriM ■., nlnor: Pay U. Mo- ' 
Brid*. fuardlaD and caratrlx. Pttat annaal I 

Aekvrnan, JoMphlna. nlnor; MTrlla B. 
DoM. inarVlan ami curatHs. Baceod an* 
Btial a*ttl«ni«Dt. 

Arm«tron(. Praaeos niaaboth and Knal 
L«a. mlnori: Alta M. Armitronfe, (uardlan 
and curatrU. Ptflh annual Mtilemant 

Anderson. Peter L.. decaied: W. P. Ander- 
Kill, •tlminlatrator d* bond non with the 
will anneird Fifth annuel xettlvtnent. 

Bos5l. Katie, d'oeasrd; Brrnard B. BoMl. 
adnlnUtratoT. Pinal leltlement. 

Zink. WltUam T.. deceased: Julia A. ZlDk, 
admlulitratrlx. Pinal settlement 

Ranta. Pxra W , deceased: C. A Banta. 
adtnlnlslrator »iiti the aill aiiucxrd. >'lnal 

Borders. Ezra W., deceased: W. C. Csl- 
land. administrator wUb-lhe iclU annexed. 
Pinal settlement. 

Barlel, Levi, deceased: Lloyd Robl^on. 
exicuioi. Klna) s<'t(lrment. 

Berry. Lou A.. d-cea«rd: Sylvia Berry, 
admlnltlratrlx. Pinal setllrmeal. 

Balchelder. Oavid \V.. deceased. Clarence 
Batcheldrr. administrator. Final settle- 
Tl'EKOAY 8ECO>a> DAT. MAT II. !•*• 

Blades. Oeorfe W.. deceased: J. A. i 
Blades, admlnlstralor. Pinal settlement 

Baumiiartner, John, deceased; P. P. i> 
8uth<TlBiid. admlnlfttratnr with the will |j 
annexed. Pinal seitl*mei)t. ! 

Beveraxe. H. C. deceased; Delia C. Bev- J 
erage. administrator. First semi-annual ' 
settlement. { 

Bro«n. A<1dlson. d'fea«ed: P H. Brown.! 
' srtminljtrator l-lisl senti-aiiiiual scttlc' 

Blake. Ruth M. dece»s>d: O. R. Brake, 
administrator. First semi-annual settie- 

Black. Prank L.. Incompetent- Louise L. 
Black. Buardlan and curator. Fourth an- 
nual srltWrntnt 

Becker. Loella. minor: Arlle Becker. 

f uardlan and curator. .Second annual .vrt- 
lement. _ 

Bucco. America Thomas, insane: Dotnm- 
lea Zuccholll. iruardlan and curatrii. 
hourth annual settlement. 

Bennett. Marjorle Jean, minor: L. Oor- 
don Bennett, Rusrdlao And curatrU. Ninth 
annual settlement. 

Bailey. Wllham Wayne. Lola May. Zelma 
Lorene. Mary Fvelyn. Helen Margaret and 
Ada Ramsey, minors. W. T. Gasior, aiiar- 
diati and curator. Sixth annual settle- 

Young. O T. deceased: J A. Young. 
artiiiliii.sirstor. j'liisl .leltle nif nt 


' Third 

CorblM. L C. deresKed- .lilin W Corbln. ' 
executor. Final lettlemenl 

Camp. W P. Oec'-aned: M. M. Camp. I 
r»erut';x Final nettlement | 

Chtldrejs. J O. decesKed. Oeorge W 
Ooad. administrator pen dente iite. Final 

Church Harver H. /lereasert' Mande O.J 
Ctiirrh. e\cruuU Kniel jctlleni^m 1 

Csrmic.harl. Willlsni T d'<-e»>ed- Ts- 
: lltna E. Smuh. executrix. Final >etlle- 
I ment. | 

ramp. John H . deceased; MartK* M. | 
Camp .administratrix. Final settlement ; 
Cralf. J. L.. deceased: W. E. Precmau. ! 
executor. Pinal aettlement. i 

Campbell. Mary H.. deceased: Harry- M. 
Campbell .executor. Final leillement 

Coover, Will W.. decaased: Kva K. t^oorcr. 
executrix. First s*ml-annual aettlement. 

Collman. Mary P., deceased; C. P. Cnfi- 
man. administrator. First acml-annual 
»• tllement. 

Chaney. Mlllaid P. deceased: Eva A 
Clianry. edniliililratrlt. First seml-ait- 
nual aotUrmcnt. 

mVRSDAT. rOU«TH DAT. MAT l«. Itt* 
Newton. Howard, minor: Harry D. Durst, 
cvardtan and curator, rtaal aattUmcnt. 

Oox. Albart. d««*aaod: L. Paul Hyde, ad- 
ministrator. First acmi-aooual aattlement. 
Cochran. Melvln. Intana; Doaale Oocbran. 
■ usrdlan and curatrlx. First annual sai- 
I IWmcnt. 

Curtis. CriMatltM. mlaor; Beatrice Curtla. 
I fuardian and curatrla. "nilrd annual aal- 
' llement 

C^ooQts. ASCII M ., '.ii»«;'.c. 3zrr.^' -* 
es publico auardtAn aiMI curator 
annual »»ttt«meni. 

CrMft. yolMi £.. inlB«r> Martin L. Howard, 

grmmriSitttKt mtm^trs^-Wtmtlh AafWAl a«t> 

tlement ..'"■''' . . ' 

Cieikc. ricrtncf MelTlIler Jean AuaoeU 

I and OUreoe* 14aUBlJJa,_ Minors: Chaun- | 

j yy H, <XU*k», Mrator. IClcbtli anaiiKl a«»- j 

**SS»^*a»•• B.. doecaaatf; Mary T. DyM. , 

•MMlru. FIna] aotUamaBL ...... 

' mSS't^*- '■• daeaaoMl; JiaAea A. Nalaia. 
•X pShlteo adnlnUtrator. Pinal aettla- 
mcnt. ■■ ^ . . . 

Dunn. Mary Jane, deceased; James A. 
Helm*, ex publico administrator. First 
semi-annual settlement. 

Uewhurjl Rob-rt. deeea.ied: " W«t»on 

Mansell. administrator. Fiist seml-aniiuat 

settlement. _, ,. « 

Dole. Vielen Dorothy, minor: Walt«r 8. 

Dole, iruardlan iRM curator. Plrsi annual 

-"™aY. PIPT0 DAT. MAT IT. mt ^ 

Dauihertv. Mrs. Oeorge. Insane: W. L. 
Masaey. auardian and curator. Third an- 
noal settlement. ...«.« j 

FdmoiMon. Kmma, derea«ed: W J Brad- | 
• haw admliiLlrsloi de l...i.i» iinn » Ith 
the mill anil- x'd. Ilnsl «eMirmeni 

Falrbankt and French. cn-p» i ner»l-'p: , 
J W. French, defrayed. J \V Kaitbsiikt. : 
mrniiic p«:lr.ri. »flin'.i.i>!' stor. Ftnsl 

French. J W. deeessert; F \l. French. _ 
erln.-nlMrsinr Pinal setilem*ni 

^«lk. rien li-resie/l jsiiv^ ^ Ke1rtl«. • 

ei publico adminlsttaloi . fli»l rrm: »\<- 
nual felllemeni. 

Pergiuon, Carmenta C, Insane; Kmer C. 
Blades, guardian and cuiator. Second an- 
nual settlement. 

Ooss. Salome J., deceased: Martin L. 
Ttnosrd. ex publico administrator with the 
will annexrd hiiial •etilenirnl. 

Ulbson. 8U!<an. deccaaed: Charles E. 
Smith, administrator. Final settlement. 
Olbson, William C . deceased: L V. Gib- 
son administrator. Final settlement. 

Ulbson. n. it., deceased' Mary C Gib- 
son, executrix. First final aettlement 

Uoddard. Hamuel D . deceased; Jam> s H 
riuiMsrrl. ailmliil'trator. First seml-an- ' 
mini «eii|.'ineiu i 

(iurlev. Ciira. In.iane: S. H Ourlev. 

guardian and ctiialut Ninth annual set- j 



I IIuIh-. .I- iinie. f1e(.'«\.(1; A R Tisn- ' 

i tti?rn. sdmlnisirainr. Final seltlenient. | 

If ■•' Tsvlor 11 rtecea^ed: Martha A I 

: Iluiii n'lininif Irsi • n «;t;i Ihf «|I1 «i)-; 

•■- .. 1 t •..,) .FMlrriel'l ' 


Iloll^riil. I 011V-- M. O'c '»«■<! . A-ra Mr- 
. ^ . (.■."■. ^ nit ■■^MUinfni 

i Il»rrl5. (I'orKf w . drc»a«'d .loin W 1 
: Ttllm»n. ndininisli ctor. f'lrH MTni-timuil 
frK'.rmrn* I 

ll'lid!i ■. I'ni'T F d'ici>5rrt R B I 

1 Mmdl"'. en'f'i'pr Ff«l N-iiil-aiiijual jfi 
ll'r'^' r.' ■■ 

H'iKh" (trorg», rirrmyrd: Jim'ft A 
I Nflm*. •« DUb'Iro aMmlnl'lrator Third 
• nnuat ff-ltlemrnl 

M^r.r. r>»>fm». minor: .7 A HInf. «u.iT- 
dl*n and curator. Elr\*ii)h annual •fill*- 

mtcftlntt. T»«ae»« Feb««eft, tulnw:. T. 
C Hvtchliin. K««r4lftn and cnnitot. mwtn 
•nniai a«tiwni«i»t. _ „ . 

Holland. JoKn O.. inaan^: Jam»t C. Hal* 
land, cuardlan and aurater. Blitb annual 
t«tllfmtnl. , _ _ -^ 

John*. R. T.. d»e«a»«d; W. F. Oorum. 
BdmlBlsUator. rirat aami-animal aattla- 
ni- n* . _ 

JfffTlfn. Inraa and Bfrnlcf. minori: a. 
W Jeltriri, auardlan and curalor. Btc- 
ond annual a«ttl«nient. , J n 

Jaanaa, Thtlraa P.. minor; Jwph O. 
Jamaa luardlan and curator. TwalUh an- 
nual «»UI«m«nt. J ,, 1 

Johnson, DanlH Oraof, iref^ji: Ha - 
lir O Johnion. adtninlslralrlx di* bonu 
I. on with th« will anncxfd Final aetlle- 

"iioNti.^Y. nr.vrvTH dav. j»iav •«. tf^ 

K»\*ti W H.. dtreanpd: C. M. K«Uo. ad- 
mlnl«iratrl« final »»tll»inilnt. , . . 

Kidd. Margaret Jane. d»e«a»rd: Jdnn 
Milton KIdd. •Mcutor. Final leftlnnent. 

Klm». Barbara C dtc»aa*d: W. H. Kim*, 
admlnlilrater. FIrat taml-annua) a«ttl«- 

m'Bf. * _ • 

Keen. Htrb«rt. minor; Laura Keen. Kuar- 
dlan and curator Flr>l annual acttlvmtnt. 

Kllgntf l.mira K . rt^rra<rd W M Kll- 
norp iidmliil«t'«tOr ■ rintl fritl»mfn». 

Kump. UouU Huberi. minor. N'lllt 
Kiimp. cruardlan and curalrlx. rillh an- 
nual »»tUem«nt. „^ , -. „ 

KHl»r. Henry M . Inaane: ObarUa Kcll'r. 
iruardlan and curator. Tenth annual m%- 
tiemrnt. . _ 

Kaltenbaeh. Rutb and Robert, minora: 
Philip B*ebnr>*r, tuardlan and caralor. 
Third annual aettlenent. 

Kratll. Manr K.. minor: Chloa KratU. 
(uardlan and curatrU. Third annual aat- 

*Klnrald. T.lllle M . In»ane: Clifford Kln- 
eald Ruardlan and curator. Seventh an- 
nual aettleraent. , . ^ .. 

Kearnev. Jam*!, dec^a^^d: B. D. Mer- 
rttl. fxerutor. Final »rlll»ra»nt. 

LevT. Moaea. deeeaaed; 8. R WoU. ad- 
mlnlilrator with the will annexed. Final 
settlement. ^ — . _. .. 

Lohm'T»r. Aii«iit»r der»a.»»d T .T ri»(J- 
Ut. admlnidtrato' n-'' •■.•ti.tT...'i 
■Tl'KI«nAY. Eir.HTH PAV. .M.\t ?l. lirtu 

Llltlflnn. Netll* B . d'c'i%'d T C 
iin, executor. Final aettlement. 

■••It, ; • . .'^' ■•■'■-'■ ^^ 

- Luak. KHanor. minor: L«« '- 
rator. Flllh annual aettWmeot. _. ,^_ 

Mnrrar W R decea»»d: D I. BiMTtn, 
admlniatralor. Final a«»l»»m«nt. 

Mantan. Rob-rt V.. *«2»^LmiILA' 
Man«an. adnUal.trator Final «*»"rj^*- 

Marr. Mary H.. <»oe«Aaod: r a lUmUw. 
a«minUtrator with tb* »ol mamatta. 
Final aattlement. ».-»-« ^A- 

MeUon. C. F.. d*cea»ed; Mary ''♦"•^•"" 
mlniiUaUlx. Firat aeml-anBual a«UU- 

"MUeh.U. «dwar< U.. <ll l i* M^ i. «» 
Mitchell, adrainiitratrlx. Ftrot aaaai- •»- 

MUch«U-Hol«alln« LlTt«tO<k Oowmlwlon 

Oompanr. «d*ani O. *«i»t»rSlJS'*X^ 

panoer: Joaet* Ho»MtlD», a dwriiilato aWr. 

FIril aeml-annual a«tt»»«i*B». „_. .^ 
Mack. J. D. decaaawJ; IWha •••**iJ»,** 

mlnlatratrli. Flrat aaml-^BMal mttU* 

fOf nt. _ . •• - 

Mann. Fred. Inaane; Haart Maw^tw"- 

dlan and curalrlx. Sixth annual aettI«B««t. 
! M'-werll, Richard B . l.<HiU J*"^*^ M- 
I card A. and Ro»all». minora: Uln :^ j^ 

Whiltaker. cuardlan and eatatrtx. Ittatm 
I annual aettlcnepl. 

. 1I>T» 1 

; Ham-! 

wrovitsDAy. fusm dat. mat it, n«» 

Martin. Rrx Alexander, minor: L^ura !>. 
Irwin, guardian and executrix. Thlrt««ntla 
annual •elUemcnt. 

McMahon. Jamea. deeeaaod: Umxy MeXa- 
hon. admlBl<tratrtx with lb* vttl asaoxad. 
Fln«l •ettlemrnt. 

MrClrllan. Mary Mart«r««. minor: A. A. 
McClrnnan. guardian and curatrls.' SiX'> 
teenth annual aatlleracnt 

Owen. Sarah R . dcceated: Felix O. 
Owon. LucT Owen McCammon and Marr 
B Bryan, exeuctort. Third annual aattla- 

Owen. Clarence n . tnaane: C J. Ow«b, 
guardian and curator. Second annual ael* 

O Brien. Kdkh Pauline, minor; J a. 
Wa4ldlll. guardian and curator. Tentb aa« 
niial selllrment 

^Ummor. RarfT. 4««*atad: W. F. tt »m 
gee. oxecutor. Final acttlenient. 

Pak*. MatUa B.. daecaaad: A. J. ]!•«>. a4« 
minlatratoe wUh Ih* wUt aaa*M4. Wtaml 
a*ltl*m«nt. ^ ^ . 

Phiiiioa. A T. da«eai»d: Vat BCaamij 
rx'-rntor. Mnal aettlnaent. 

PllmmT. Ralph Coleman, minor: WnUaat 
P Magre. guardiau and cuialor. Flrit an* 
nual aettlement 

Patteraon. Aubrey, minor; Frank Fatt«r« 
aoii. guardMii and curator. Flrit annual 

Palmer, Leila and Du*ml«r. mlnorai 
0«orc« P. Palmar, guardian aad cvratag^ 
First annual aeitleroent. 

Rogers. Alice Townet. deeeaaad: Barrr 
D Durst, admlnlstiaior. Final aettlement. 

Robinson. Henry D. deceaaod: Jamea A, 
Nelms. rx publico admlnlatratar. J^aal 
ieltif m'-nl. 

Rlsscr. Martha Ann. deceased; Aetna 
Moore, administratrix. First ■eml-annnal 

It> irhle, William d'ceasvd: HaryT 

n>ichle. rxecutor. F;rsl seml-anoual set- 

Rirhler. Henrv. deceased: LIxxl* Stokaa« 
fx'cuirix Flr»i «'ml-anniisl settlement. 

F^lrhardutn. Josephine. Elizabeth, Dar*a 
f-v »nd BeTt T. Jr.. mtnors: Pl»«» RlctT* 
• rd^on. guardian and curator, Rlath ail« 
nual settlement 

Bob»rt.«on. Marv M An»hon» W. Henrt« 
reia F. and Ellr.abetb. minors. Anna O. 
Robertson, guardian and caratrtx. FttUa 
tnnual settlement. 

Btonebraker. Helen R. drceaaad: ». K, 
.Star'brsk^t. administrator Final »etf1»- 

St'rnb-rg. Leo. deceased: James Kt 
Nelms. ex publico administrator. FlBal aat* 

Snider. Qeorge w. deceased Alcxandet 
Le« Snider, exeuctor. Final aattlaaaDl. 

Bayers. Virginia, decawaed: Dr. J. a. 
Bayers, executor. Ftnal aettlaaaaBt. 

Bebree. O M.. deceased: 
executrti Final settlnntnt 

atapD. Sarab L.. decaaaed: A. B^ HoalM^ 
administrator. Ftnal acttUaacntT^ "•■wwn. 

Smith. William T . deceased Oscar R. 
Stnlth. admlnWlrator. Ftnal •cttleaoent 

aamucl. UartUa 8.. de«>as«d; Clata Bams 


LUsle 8«br*«, 

««il, adaalatauatrta. rtna) aauUaaitC 
I J^.V.f*- ^* ILv d»e*aaedT irena aayaia* 

administratrix. Final sctttonMAi. 

•tecbtlU. Allan. (Ucwaaod: Jaa 
Nslma. ex Mtblloo a«j«lBlgtraUr. 
acml-annual aettlwment. 

Bchwaraanbftck. «mtl. «sa»aaad; -t^ 
nrant. eT;eeulor. Ftrst a*ial-a»B>ld 

Ktahth anawal a«iUatMaa%. 

B»irerf. Loretta'Marrr mln«>-: fnlmt'' 
^♦rt. jaardlaa axM garatve. Tttir« aaatial 

I . Ttag», Harrr O.. fi 

I nanl/aA aa4l earatctc. 

Twjhed. Nomar U. Uatttf: OsM 
tnardlan and curatHx^ JtovaaS. 
aattlcmeni. - ■•■ 


•«TimeAr. rvmrm m«;r J 

TlMMai. WUIt«M etwrlM. 
! B. Tbeoiiw, rurdJia aM wn 
. naimal Mtitomrat. . ^ -' -i 1— 

Van HOMB. Rvbrccs i.. < ■«>■>■; T^ .tW 

UinlMrt«r. vzccutoc. UmI i* tt l«w « i i i^ "^ , 

V«n Wafti, rr«d. a i w i« < ; Pr^_^ W» 
, Watn. Jr.. MimUibtrator %ttb Um wfO •*• 
' D«nf nr«t ■rail-Biiiin*! avtUvmcst. 

willaufhbr. Marr P.. tfacauad: JmaaW 
or-rin •dmfnl»tr«lrl». Final i»lll»«eilt. 

Wood ril»«lKlh. 6^crm^n^■ 0«arf« A. 
Wood, xircuior. rinal MtllcinfDl. 

\v«iioti .(n«»p"h Hmrr. ^♦r»a»rt: aCfh« 
arlr.' Walloii. r\rturrlx. *in»l »»ti;»m«r.?. 

W^lrh. navM. riar»ar#. tf»e«at^: Bar" 
mond W'lrh and Mlnnia M. Welch, eie^i- 
tom Final aettltmtnt. ^ _ 

winton MiTT E d»«»t«a^ Th««aa» K. 
r;!*!-"!!. -vrrutor Firii tytni-floal aetllt* 

•»"" < . . > . 

WorVrotP. John H. d*r»a»^: J A C«»- 
den. txccuior. ririt a«ml-atuiual aatiM* 

Wllloughbv. Oicar. drecMfd: Haiti* WlU 
loiiKhbv .(itmlnlitratrlz. Plrat •«ml-ai»s 

n-ml •■ttUmrnt 

We.M. J. II . dec'isrd: Ira D DiahmaOa 
•xrrutor. Ftr«t •emi-anoual ••ttK>meDt 

Williams. JottphlD*. drcraaed: Bra WU« 
Itami. admlnUlratrli with tha win ana 
n>'Xf(i. t\!H •••ml-anDDal >«tti*m«nt. 

Wiliton. Rxulati l,»e. minor: Ma B. WIV* 
'on piiardlan and curator. Flrit aannaj 
srttl^tif nt 

VV>!I .vi'nnl». drr'isrd' C H W»H. ad> 
kuh:i....m. K..C \.,.„:j: Frc- r.i ftnuual »»(» 

Wmmorfland. JVilllam. inaanr: Nannl« 
M. H«<tln«>. tuardlan and curator. Pint 
an!ttiKl ti-ttlpmc^nt 

\S'il. Miiiiii' arcea^-'i C H. H«l' ad« 
iiilnlMrator. rinal icultmrnt 
AfeM .Trvvnr f ^oi.tKY. 

■S-*t' Ork or Protntir C'.o'irt, 1 

V... •• fptil ?«?•:. Sff 4 ;t )%ff 

Page 3A; There is an article about the early history of Springfield.** 
Page IC: Edward Sims died.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2C: Berry Dickinson and Loreta Hays of Tulsa, Okla., were married last 
week in Carthage. The bride is the daughter of Elmer Hays of Tulsa. 

A daughter Vera May Allen was bom April 5 to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Allen of 

Page 3C: There is a long history of the Springfield Fire department with photos. 
Page 8C: John Wisdom, 23, of Flint, Mich., was killed in a highway accident at 
Richland, Mo. 

Page 2D: Miss Goldie Cross and Mr. Joe Weddell were married.** 
Page 3D: Miss Ruth Elizabeth Reynolds and Mr. Raymond Robert Belt were 

Miss Mary Frances Goodloe and Mr. Henry M. Jacobs were married.** 
Miss Elizabeth Jarrett and Mr. John Bray are engaged to marry.** 



Miss Reynolds 

Becomes Bride. 

Of Mr. Belt ' 


■VMa»^-it inH MJ J lAflElH HE T^ 

NOLDO. daURhtrr of Mr and 
Mra. W. r. Rcynolda ot Ava. Mo. 
was married ytatartUy to Mr. Say- 
tiiond Robert Belt of Kanaaa City. 

riie ceremony waa read by th« 
HcM-reiMl Ml. Andreaa Bard at St. 
Mark* Lutberan church In Kanaaa 
City. Only immediate reUtlres wera 

The bride vore a sown ot t>iua 
cliiKon with- matcblnc aeccaaerlaa. 
She la a itraduate ot Drury eellaffa 
.1(1 :• *f-'.\ kn.nn In Spr'.r.cft^ld 

yrHm. • 

M- l»< ii ni-rnard Uie Vi:ner»lty 
(.'I Criiorado and la a memtwr ot 
Phi Delta Omefra fraternity. 

Mr. aud Mra Belt will b« at bofoa 
after May 1 m Kanaaa City. Ma 

FAizabeth Jarrett 
To Be Married 

AnAouneemcnt baa been mad* ol 
thy^enfagement of Mlu Elizabeth 
Jarrett of St. Loula, to Mr. Jobn Bray 
of Cblcato. 

Miss Jarrett formerly lived In 
Spiln^iflrld where she made her borne 
wltb her aunt. Mra. Oeorge Mc- 

The wedding will be celebrated In 
8t. LouU April 27. Mr. and Mn. 
LUo^it a. Lamb and Mlaa Ruth Mc- 
Latighlla wlU attend tb« weddlnf. 

TlMjr will mak* thalr bocne In CIU- 


i Cross 

^tiuchtcr ot Ur. 

itAtaMl^'alrMWrt«MrnBanfM laH 
ntgM to Mr. Joe Waddell. son of Mra. 
PlONBO* WeddaU of Kanaaa City. Mo. 
Th« COTMoony waa rMd at 8 o'clock 
at tbe home ot the bc^le'a parents 
by t&a Reverend Mr. HowaM A. Wood 
of t^a Cunpbell Street Methodlit 
ebui^h. Only rilatlvaa and a few 
Manda of tha young ooupla w«n 

POIIowlng tha caramony Mr. and 
Mra. WaddeU latt lor a trip to St. 
Loula" and Chleago. 

They wtu mako tMIr hecoa at 490 
East Madison atreat. 

illBtory of City-Found <Amono 

Papers of Mrs. Ophelia Sea- 
man, Lono-TimeLjaM|(leo,l 
Wlio Died In |?2n{j^ 



A BiWt many thUis« e»n h»pp an to 
100 ye»r». Orowih oi BpringII«M from 
•n uncUlmed eipatwe of timber, upon 
which whlt« BitnhMd^oljftJaBA^^ 
-»-Btif nbf m6r»"lBiSei000 Inbaw- 
UnU U on* of tbam. 

Up unUl 19U. nop* tout IndUaa. 
t>»I*warM and Klck»poo«. had mad* 
tbMi •bod* in thU Ttdnlty. according 
to UMettotl d»t» found uioec *bm 
iwp«r* ct Vn. n. Orpb*ll« B*> nwn . 
long tim* rMMsnt of Bprlngfleld who 
(Uad to tb* »ammer of IW7. Vtm^ 
eoT«r7 of lnform»Uon concerning th* 
«MiT aattteoMn* ct ^trtngfMd »too 
WM xtt*d* by Walter A. Coon. t1o« 
lj*i«iHn1 and trust' omosr oC tb* 
ntotoD HMtooal bank, wblcti U act- 
iB«M i*iwi>i« «< Mn* 8*amaa>«»- 

CaiBpb*Il« ytrt _ 
Pa fcr Ma to kaowB. Ht* fmfe'^^Mt* 
toM «» w*Ik o««r tb* att* «< tb* 
^imwil dtr w«r* J. r. Campbell and 
){A<Uaon Campb«U. brotb«r«, who 
inart#a off claltM fc«r» In tb« faU 
ot 1988 aftw rtdlng howaha** 
tlirtmgb Aikanaaa from Maury coun- 
ty. T»nn Ma **. —T^ 

Tb*7 retumtd with thctr twaJUf} 

Burnett *nd John WlllUm rulbrljht. 
Il.i^ IMler •ettl^'l b**!"!* mtbrtght 
•prtog. MT*ral milca norttawMt. wblcb 
baa fltwk lb* dty It* major w»t*f 
•upply for nuuiy y«ar». — 

N*cdcd 8Brv«r 

By IBSS th* a«ttl«in«nt was larf* 
«nough to ne^d a tun-ey. Sine* thcr* 
w«r* no public fund*. J. P. Campball 
donated SO arret for a townalt*. Tb* 
lota were Bold iit aiirtlon and the 
|.iu.<t<iN ui^tl lor trf'.mn of nec- 
^.»'. f •■ f. '■:■• ' ' ! i: .....•• 

1.1 )••• ;... . camp- 

bell followed the example of bit boin* 
munlctpalUy,*. Tenn , and 
had tb* four main itreeta tvrmlnataic 
at the cen Ur of cacti aid* ot th* 

Oreen»> roiin'r. in '^'•••<-.'7fi tn 
1033 embraced aU aouthweatem Mla- 
aourl. . Jer*nUab M. ^loaxt. J a m— 
Dolllaoti and Samuel Uartin «*r* 
•l«et*d M Um ftnt iudsM* at tb* 
'i&iSity court and John D. Shannon 

WM chaa«a •• Um An* *b*nn. 

wda abow tha^ th* i i aa a *** tat Itw. 

UHT UMbaaa tely~«b*^ 

jOUb. waa ona of th* b**t known 
SMjMitan *meB« th* «arly aatUera. 
WfHilMaMr am% t*MnMaB«a vt nr—rm * 
and (atiwa ■awa^ lnmy Bty M».jia« 

. M . vM4*»». > — wB- mm ^Mk ^ n » — < ■* 
Jamaa Oartar put up and oparmtad tha 
first bUckamtth ahop. not for from 
th* eortbeaat comer of tha pubU* 

Early routes of traral around 
BprlnRfleld were merely footpaths or, 
at he'll. brIfllM fr«'.;s Moet of them 
followed the old Indian trail*. Aa 
soon «• th«« rniir'rr was orRsnli"! 
tAs people began to ettabllah outside 
communlcnMonR by means of roada. 
IllMUit*ed Road* 

At the first term of county court 
tha matter of public highway* was 
dlacusiied. It «aa rer<ir'1ert that "The 

ware town, and ihrnr* to rayetteTllle. 
In Arkansas territory, be and the same 
Is hereby de-Mared to l>e a public high- 
war 1" nrr"-.r r. '::•;. • ■> ::.» f.^xe 
line. Another order of that Initial 
term of the court appointed six com- 
missioners to "view, lay out and mark 
a public road or highway from 
BprlnRfleld, In Oreen* county, weat- 
wardly \mill 1' atrlkea the main fork 
of tha Six Bulls, at or near Samuel 
Bogard'a. then In the direction of 
Fayettevllle until It reaches tha state 
line. Another road was ordered •»- 
taMIahed from Sprlnefleld to Swan 
CTMk. Forayth. tb* eounty **at of 
Taney, la at the mouth of thla atream 
and tb* road beara the nam* of the 

Csed Steamboata 

Aa aoOQ aa ragular Una* of ■t**m- 
boata were put In operation on tb* 
Ulaaoutl rlrer. It waa foOBd eonvwM 
tent to ahip good* from St. Louta by 
water to BooDTiUe, than haul tb*m to 
Springfield. Old Pranklln waa an- 
other of tha points to which goods 
were shipped by water. 

Cloth for th* ordinary w«*r of both 
men and women, with the exception 
M * «aui)l aAMUitl tX atlleo ftnd to«^ 
lln, waa tb* prodtict of tb* bOO WllWi a 
loom* o( th« ptonaM*. On-aMUly 
*v*ry portih itooA ftst**! («ur«po*t*d 
loom, Thene crude nukchlnea produced 
a very strong cloth, altbar \u wool 
or wool and cotton mixed. The com- 
bination maunal waa caU*d ''J*fq»7. 
•Bd foraiahad «M>«latl» tor tlii.mtinr 
aulU. tt wa* dyed- with wbit* wU> 
nut of other natural: dye stuffs fur- 

IllshKl I'J lllC Moods. 

.Vu Foot Offlc* 

In tli* early day* < there were no 
postal facilities. In 1830 tb* ncareat 
post office was the Harrison's atore 
at the Junction of th* UtU* Ptnay 
and Oaaconad* ittm*. 100 mU** from 
b*r*. ■ ■•■ ,.A.„a*»»« 

Junius T. Campb«n waa tem*d 
poatmaater when th* first post oCflo* 
wa* •stabUahMl In Bprtngf l*kl la 1834. 
Tha offleo'Ws* looatcd la a UBUaa^ 
b*w«d franr logs, north of th* aqtiar*. 

Uank> In 1»45 

Earll**! plocMoa -.did- ao baaktac 
•for tb* fi^VtW^nuf.amr^mtuac 

no ne«d for a bank. 

h*re. They had no 


■• thcjr imlaMI tbeir own food or kill* 
«a It la ih« woo<ls, and made UMir ova 
^DUtinf and agrlcaltaral UnpMaMBto. 
Vftvra vma not moA aaoaay tai«ti» 

Ailatloo- atut furs ot wOd ««i».«iii 
rV«r» «aaiiBoalf/ ^iwa m > .1 1 ■ i«ii« [ [ ' 
«r aaebaiig*. ^^^ 

. Tb« tttU«,flraaU«r~«iaii«paiS:aK 
ao» ttoom of mnieinik tapoctaae* 
to r*qnft« hanlctat IUtUt|«^^«a|tt| 
May. 1845. wh*ii » bnnch ^ itt^Wii 
BteM Baai VtiOaabmgt'm Mmtm^tat^ 
fd, «ltb Juon H. li^vM* aa pnal. 

dtsK jr. M. DftBlarth u eaabtor. and 
a. A. Kadca danr. — 

Tlito b*nk did bualn«aa until 1M3 
When tba Civil war dvmorallavd Ita 
builmaa To pi«*«n* Ita (unda balng 
eapturad br Um Oentodarato anar. 
tha IB01M7 waa takan'to St. Loula and 
d*paait«d. Attmtn e4 tb» liutltutlan 
'w*f« aatUad mtctbI jear* Utar and It 
waa auaoaadad by tba flrm of Vansbn 
aad Oo^ banlrwa. 

Ttta fint MaaotUo body In aprlac- 
fMd. OiMrti lod«a. A. V. and a/JL 
Noi SO, i»aa ehartarad la July. IMl. 
m oCflaan <tNi«>«a toOowai Svtt.M, 
Hadan, worthy BMat«r: lama* M. Bw^ 
fortto, aanlor wardtn: Oonctantlaa 
gwttt M, ^WMlot waif^aa^ an d Jo ha 
i^ani^rtB TaaawPtary. _ ^ ~~ 

■ Vta* bMuS^MuMaM WM tiia ffta* 
n*w«pap«r. rt waa ••tabiuhcd In Um 
•prlOK of 1897 by J. O. TubarrUla. Ka 
publlshad a amall folio ahaat wtalob 
ha printed on an old lima band praaa. 
Ra*. Jantaa H. Blavana, a Matbodlat 
mlnliter. Is rrrdltrd with having 
preachfd the first a«rinon in tha new 
srttUm^nt. Ths er«nt occurred at 
the home of John P. Campbell. Char- 
ter members of the church which he 
later organlied were Mra. Ruth rul- 
bright. Iiiaac Woods, Jane Woods. 
Bennett Pohfw-'-^n F'vin pi^^.'/--. 
Samuel Mackey and Sarah Mackey. 


RICHLAND. Mo.. April a<>— John 

Wisdom .23. mechanic of Flint. Mich . 
waa run over and instantly killed by 
a heavily loaded truck on Highway 
M late Tbtikaday afternoon. ^ 

Wisdom snd wife hsd been on a 
visit to his mother, who was 111 in 1 
Kansas. They ran out of gasoline near 1 
Harelxreen .He got a nn of pssollne 
at the town 'and rode bsrk lo hia rar 
on' a passloR truck. In getting off 
the, moving inirk he fell under V 
piM waa cruabc<t 

Man Kills Himself 
Upon Sheep Ranch; 
Body Brought Here 

Funeral services for Edward Sims, 
who Wiled hlmaeir on a sheep ranch 
In Montana, are to be held at 2 
O'clock Sunday af^evnoon Mi the 
Methodlft church at' Bols "D"Arc. 
Mo. his former home. 

Sims arrived at the Perdue ranch, 
north of Lewlstown. Mont., early week, giving his addre.v* a.s 
Eden, Mont., going (rom Great Falls 
to work. Ha had been In Montana 

He'*rar*lv«n his Instructions and 
went out wiih a flock of sfieep. Re- 
tumlnc in tha evening, ha had din* 
ner and retired to his berth In a 
.^hccp Wuboii. lie v^as fqund dead 
the next momlnt, a bullet wound 
In his head, and a note on the table 
asking that bis brotherlnlaw In Los 
.4"g*''— be notified U anything hap- 
pened to blm. 

He was a brother of W. L. Sims 
of Sprtngflekl. and la also survived 
by another brother and two sisters, 
J. H. Sims, Ina' I3odd of Mexico. 
Mo., and Ena V. Williams. Los 

' Following the services at Bob 

O'Arc this afternoon the body will 

Mbroucht here for burial in Manl>* 

^PwJt- cemetery. 

Mr, Jacobs 

Mrs. M. Eltzabath OoodJoa. 1400 
Weak Atlantle atraet. annwwno aa tiM 

Boanlalie o< bSK daagMar. Mair «Mt 
eaa. «» Mr. Hamy ». Jaeota «C Bvua- 
vllle. Ind.. on April 11 at Mooat Ver- 
non. Mo. 

Mr. and Mra. Jaeoba ware a l lai Ml a d 
by Mlaa Maude Oott and Mr. Howard 
McSwaln. The young couple ara to 
maka tbair boma in BransvUla. 

Joe WeddeU. «. Springfield: 

Ooldle Cross. M. Springfield. 
OrvUle Preenian. ai. RepubUc; 

WllUe TUtOSi U, Springfield. 
Paul C. Jackson, 24. Springfield; 

Anna E. Slow. 22. Stralford. 

Page 12: Marriage license issued at Mount Vernon: Harry Jacobs of Evansville 
and Miss Mary Frances Goodloe of Springfield. 
Mrs. Susie O. Mason died.** 
C. C.Daughertydied.** 
Ralph S. Robinson died.** 
Wish Keithley died.** 
Mrs. Ruth A. Finney died.** 
Page 15: The History of Springfield #45** 



Th« ilolliiiKl Imnk or SprliiKrirlil < lost-d ixr. doorn Juruary l.'i, l'J2*. 
with ■ Inm to hiindrcda of ppoiilr Sfvernl nfrhpr.i of the Imiik wrri- 
]) liiilhud. Iiiii .•v.niiiiilly nil .harios »,-rc ilidpiiofl Spi iiiRllihl (org. il 
■ hoad reKHrdlPM of lh« handicap. In January. I!«25. the Sprlnnfirld 
parkin* plant Id lh« caat pan of town opcnpd and t:.liUO.(i<i(f worili 
of hnlldln^ waH KoInc on tn the rliy durliiK Ihf nutniiier of l!t35. riw 
rhlldrcn of Sprinitripid hnd Ihfir own town whrn "Tlnv Town " mnHi 
of mliiialurH houaeH and liulldliiKH mailr In llie manual irulniiiK ^■lnHB^•^ 
at th« rchoola. wan placed In Grant nraih pHrk the utimmrr of Iflif. 
and entertained hundreds of vmlior!! durlnn ihi- i\»o weeks It mood 


Sill iii;:{k'ld »H^ h< to the filirriab distrUt o( th* Rolarlau In 
April. IM26 Itoiarinn^ frnni four ^t«»r« were »l«itoni. Drur»> rore- 
liieiHCiiii'ni of I'JJS wan ai cumpamrd «iih 'he drdlcaiion of ihr.— 
Important college buildlngn. the Mudr ball. (irU* dorraltorr anj 
llbrnr.v. June 1. Another exteoiilon of Sprinirtleld took In territory 
io the Koulh and aouihea?'. in. ludlnc part" of the Gulf Pni;«hlce 
and Oak (jruve acbool distrlti.^. Anolh«>r Imponaot building was 
thrown open to the public when The Keniwood Arms hotel was 
(ompletod In Jul.v, 19-'6. .. __ 

(^ Thla chapter of the hltiorr of Sprtngrield ladlralrs « 
beginning inatrad o! an ending. The two Tiaducta. Iob« 
planned, were flnl^hi'd in IS.** Th* Benton Bienue »ii- 
■ lu.: «.ir iiiii-h..: 1. ::,, -prior of !«;< and the «;r»rt 
aveniiu viaduct wa.^ opeiifd to irafflr in the tall Or« 
of the largest conrenilona eter held In Springfield wai 
when the city entertained the ThlrtT-Jlffh dlTlsion xet- 

.erana September Z'J-30. l»;g. Poliitrallv. SpringfirM 
waa recognized a« a great factor In the election o: IJ.'S 
when hoth randldate!! for vl, e president spoke here la 
.Srptrnibor, The coiitirv *'.-rr f.-r \tf^^\c' tv tt '••^'^ 3- I 

TIIK frMl 

! MBS. Brm *. rmxcT 

1 MM Ruth A. PlonCT. TI of Laekvivu* 

ln« atur ■ brief lllitvu. 8h« U Jurr?!^ 

bT one daughter and oi>e ^ tS^ ,^ 
»a, taken f.ou, the H-rn... 11 io'rrWir 
funeral home to Loekwood for funerll 
■erviee. .od burial ther, XbitltU^S^ 


Wish KeitMev. Ml of ForsrV- V'l ■' -<1 i 
lat» 8undi«v Iti 9l John « l-.o«p '.al here ' 
The body was taken from th* J W Kline- ' 
ner Undertaking rompanr to Branaon. 
from wh«re the Whetshel Undvrtaklrtc 
companjr «lll direct IntermcDt at Tanev- 




>un>r*l serTlces for Mr«. Sutie O. Mm- 

son. 47. »irf or J H. Msnon formrr O-rrnr 

county pros'CUttnR »Uoro«T. w-re heW ; 

••iprlJV n' 

)h. »!r«» M»'^i- 


c. r. n.\ri.ii»Krv 

Kurrral «^rvu•e^ «»:<• ;.rl>l ;r. (.i>'l.'.<ir 
tills iroriui-.i; f'M C C D«u(rli»rtv. J«. mho 
dlrd at th>- CarthM" hotoltal Fridav niKlit 
He was a brother of Mrs O. W Tu-r.*r 
now of Drtrolt. MIfh . but forrrrrlT of 

SSrSj ."h the H««-» ator* "^ '^^.'V ' 

also • relat.T, of Mr. •"" .Y./r-rTf . ' 
Nixon. 13:0 Bo<.nill>. mho •'^''^J-'^.J.^J • 
tuner.; Nfr Daufhterr •a. part o«nrr 
■-' li » F»-' S'-'l- Mi'.is'd rarli^r 1". r« - 
tria«. for rean H» Is *««"'7iu« CwSt 
brolher. and two «**«5»v«; «<»'*S31 *^ 
of Cartha... Jeaa of OttrrM. U>€h lU^ 
niir of Merr.ohis Trrti : M'i B NI«on or 
E,VreVt. Wash, and Mr.. O »..TurDtr ol 
Detroit. Mlrh 

siV»V<K. BAtm S. SOBDMOI* I 

Ralph 8 Robln»on. 43. of 10I« NV •.': 
Broad «»enu. rtlrrt at ^ o rIorK ih:« i ■-•>- 
ItiB Mr 1» ^ur\l^fd bv liif *:ir. i..- 

rixjahtcr Mrs nU May B*»» fH .?' 

M,\»c" ViU b- held at jnOJ North Hnff- 

I mnn «\rMur »t 

followed by ruiriit m 
cuiturjr u» cti«t(t of J. ^ 

3 30 Tu'Sdav «f'r»-~ 

(.iieeit Ltkt:. 

Interment m ,.... — ,— .,- 

ruN"- fvrv.^' Kan Mrs Ma»on \* sur 
v,^ed bv her hu.bard "no .s "o. rduor , 

„.o three brotl.- ; ''^':« '.^ ^..„^, ^,.. . 

1; ^',':!.'"X. Mason died., h..: ho-ne tn 
Plcher Taurad.v after a br..f .Unrs. 

Page 6: Miss Dorothy Owens and Mr. Ralph Gardner were married. 
Page 12: J. E. Frost died.** 

Ralph S. Robinson died.** 

Mrs. Ellendar A. Clark died.** 
Page 13: Card of thanks.** 

1 {Cardner-OwenM 

VoWM Are Read 

one of' the moat inMi-ttot rrtnt. 
of th. .-.on took pUca i-^i «»«« 
wh«. um DortHhy o^^^*"^ 
of Ml. W«le Oar«- ci Tal«. OU^ 
Mean* tto. btldt of Mr. Balpb a«nl- 
n,r .on o? Mr .nd Mra. Jamea Oard- 
oer 135 Weal Mount Vernon atx—U 

•Ave vMldlof waa ao Hmnl^ ad .t • 

°„.'::;:fer^h. »«— r;i;:»2"oi''tS; 

va< Only intunato fmndo of »n« 

^^ iTMuirSirf Dinrmpta «- 

Mr Harrr Cruber' 

Mr. dardner »or, llo-««t "-«» 
ehlftoo. with a n-«'-*°'"^.^*°± 
, plctur. bat of tba aa». •^ "ff 

rrmpM wora a nUa V^±*^^^^ 

with matchln, hat "^*«-;*}^,„ 

The eoupU will .p^iwl ••^rarrnl aar. 

ur.e. »'- i'»>« '•"■« '•■■'" P^' 
of the »eek for Tulw. »aer« th.y wlU 

make their bom*. 

lira. Oardner la weU knowTi In Bprtrf- 
fiald. whara aha haa »uit«l frwit-w- 
ly at the Oalrympla bo«o«. 

..i^Vw^'v'' •'« 

l^ju rsotT . 

nue were heM at S 30 • '•^* •*••• ,■,"!!• 

•,o..i, IK 1;;' N--- Mt' <••">"'■ •' "•• - 
ar.|..Hoi.e lUi.-i.l 'oo- pii-"' « "//''V.' 

^f^V hto •Ue h»a «nv OUtm^ VS**!? 
rtauehtV,. Urn Ma'jd- Pasl-s- of r«wnee 

■Al-rM i«. •OBIVON ,^_^ 

4J. MM l»»r|h Broii<«M. **• <»~ Wgr 

Hwtb HoffmoB aeenite. »<•""•••„ zL.^ 
t.tment in O.eenlaan cemeterr in eharK* 
•( J. W. Klloiner 

Mrt Blender A 1 lar». «. 6«^« "^J 

y.- »^nD.trTh.r":Mo jnj Mrj. • O.J- 
«^ «jHr.n.mU. T^^ TM.r4 

^p.jTto T^,Trr fof ?«"•"' '^'''^ 
and biirl.I ^^^^^^__ 


:rk^'^^,£?^ , 

",..., K.inved hii«b.nd and father, naw l 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 4: Miss Virginia Ridley and Mr. Gary K. Adams were married.** 
Page 14: Mrs. Mahala Davis died.** 

Clyde Mutz died.** 

William M. Preston died.** 

Mrs. Matilda Redel died.** 

David I. Miller died.** 
Page 16: There is an article about the McFarland family.** 


The Wasfehas/^f 

Into which are often toswsd thinss 
well worth while. 

aa old Urns dmto urTanU^bM Juil died In West 
7fe f(«^r " BiV mothw IBM mwtmnt to tk» UaU7 

tjl/tX^ Vummr WM born «t RolU and went alon* 
wllk Un. MeFMtand whM the moted to We«t 
PUtBi. While unable to Ulk he wee capible ot 
«olM «"y W"* •' hoii««Uold -work. Alter the 
tMh ^ Ur. uaAVit. J. H. KcTarUBd tlio old 
negro resided with the children but death ewept 
tkrovgli ti« Umlly rapltllx- The eoa. Ray. wm 
killed la, an automoblU accident and ble wKo 
was killed in the terrible eiploelon in West Plains 
or«r,a year ajo. Mrs. J. H. McFarUad waa ol a 
prominent family. She was the gfeat grjinddaugh- 
l«i ot General Jacob Brown, of Nct York, noted 
Tr»rrlor ef the revojullon, who wnn nt one time In 
chare* of Coloatal (oroaa Is Waablncton. D. C 

^~tM t ut w li o m -Uw town oTBrtirBiTfllo. K Y, wu 
named. She also waa tha granddanshtar ot Gen- 
eral £fbert E. Brown, of CItU war fame and who 
was In command ot the Central district o( Mti- 
Morl durlnf the war, with beadquartera tor » 
p«r<o4 In Springfield. Mrs. MeFWrland's maiden 
nama was, Egbertin* Dodge. Her father was Lieut. 
J. a Dodge, asslsUnt provost marshal In 8t LouU 
dwtng the CItII war. and to whom ber mother, 
BallU Browo, was married la the eiecutlve 
mansion at Jefferson City, at a largo' wedding 
Whifli was one of the few brilliant socUl STenta 
Ibera during the days of the war. Clippings from 
81. Louis pspers now In posiesslon ol the family, 
describe the brilliant ««.rtdlng In the capiul, 
which came nesr ending In a tragedy for the 
l.rlde. wh»n lirr lonn uniiiy «<'ll n.iiKht fire from 
a slovo soil InDtaiilly «n\rln|><iJ lui m llaiiif, 
from which her father saved her by quickly 
siuotlicrlng It villi hi- <•"•'. «t>l'Ii h' Ihrrw 

about her. 

• • • 

General Egbert E. Brown l^^rnallrd hy some 
ol the old llmrrs here. Ilr ».i\ m i..inrnaii'! v'. 
(he In Ion forces at the llalllc of Springfield 
whri, .Mnrniafliil.r ullatkod the rity on January 8. 
the anniversary of the battle of New Orleans, and 
aii^nipird to felrc the city. General Brown actlve- 
iv lo.l till- I'l. ,il fi-ri'i's .mil wlien tlic flltht *••>' "t 
il.i tiriKlii li" «•'■ lli""vn ( his li"r>e .ii:l 

hailly Injineil Tin n <',-ii C. n. Ilnllnnd took 
command and fliiliihi'd tlir liullle. Marmailiike 
succeeded In ri'Ienrtliif; h Ihik** !nitMl»*'r ttf Cor* 
federals piiboucm. 1 in-u In n in .lU'!. i.i:-' i' 
Jaeob Brown was at one time In supreme com- 
mand., of ih« United Stataa army. That was be- 
(ora tha day* of tha general staff and whan aome 
general was deslgnaleU an being In ililcf lom 
msnd. a job whirh confMcJed with the duties of 
the secrelar.v iif hmi. Aiulicw J.u k...<iii v^aj lu 
command of a dltlsion iiniirr Ilrnnn. Jhi k^m 
did Bomethlog vthlch dUiilr.ised Ilronn and he 
roprfMnndrtl .tiirksdn. J.t.k-^'in In Inrfi i!«««'ird 
KcnernI nrdera In wlihli hf nilhil I. '(111' 
Rrown." .VothInK cmpic of the nff.ilr ;is In those 
ilsva iiiBpy IrreKiilar things were tolerated and. 
inoreovei, Jackson had his way when he look a 

• a • 

The will of Mrs. John W. John«on. Just filed In 
SI. Louis, (JlaposcH of an rslatr of Jlon/ini) shi> 
was the widow ot the late L.on V. Stephens and 
had l>een married to Johnson a short time when 
she died. She left liini $125,000. She was not very 
well known here but ber first husband, the gcv- 
ernor, bad many Springfield friends. NVhen he 
ran for the democratic nomination In liiuo ue »hs 
oiipoMcd by a SprlnRfltM man. .lanics r. ''Vj'^iJi'i 
Uovernor Stephens owned the Warsaw branch ot 
the HIsaourl -Pacific and at one ^ima tried to 
arouse sufficient Interest to have the time ex- 
tended to Springfield. His closest friend here waa 
J. 8. Boarmnn. Tbey were boys together and at 

Mia vtrg iiu» iu<iJ«7, dftucltter dC 

Mr. and Mn. T. a:- Ridley or AmomJ 
MUaeurl, tncnme the biid* of Mr. 
Oary K. Adanv. of Harrlmn. Ark., 
ytaierrlay afternoon. a», 4 -o'clock. 
The Reverend Dr. Arthur J. .McClung 
waa th* officiating minuter. Mr. and 
Mrk, JofOj-;-. \Vh«':rr < '"> "•- "t- 

The bride .ntore grajr puacy willow 
t*ffeta wuK nutcbinf acct—orltn. 
and Mra. Wheeler wore roe« belt* 
crepe, «ith a roec hat, and rea« belc* 

MisA Mary Mi (j.-rwor nnri MLss 
Hazel Huiluga of Aurora, Mo., were 
the only gueetc. 

TTie TounR couple •nil! make their 
home In HarrUon, Ark., 



Horace Hoffman, 36, OartorviUe, 
•m Fa|» B«litoi|k» 4U. OartOTvlUe. 

Floyd Kmboff. 44, and Leys Lls- 
•nby, H both of q;>tln«fleld. 
r Out ICi AdAipi^ M, Barrlson, 
Aik^^vtiji^xifiai^ L. Rldlen 31. 


wumuA »ATn 

tar Mf. MalMU DaHi. 

A.arvlwii UUt alUTMM at IM 

af^T^iMab ifea fiMtr vaa lakta 

tr.n*mMm tmvt 

MO. «. tll«li«a|r If, tor 

Oavto dM TMMU7 alMr a 

■It* la MrilTvd ky tV0 MM. 

Oa»to •! •pru^fivM aad Jolui H. 

2- -^ . ' CTiMI— t AMm, Ua. aad »|r (Mr 

MM. §wah Omu. Mr». MsrUia D««kworth 
•ad m$» M»nf Davit, all of tprtai- 

Ofd* M«u. w, or mrai reoU i. thrt* 
"" wta 9( •prifivfiald. <U«d at tiU 

. Z,*!^*' •'*•' • ••«f «lfi>«M Ha It 
'vrr.xra bf hit m'>ihrr and itven Ivottirr* 

fWWJ: L««r,»n«» and Ba«r »t KaiUM 

r **?•• ,*:'.' ^'■"7*' ••rvic., vin U imM 

». 7 '. r,/wk Th-ir.«1«» •ft»rnor.n •• I 


Winfam M. PrMtoB. tl. • pmnlnrnt 
fatnar »l n««r bo ct wood. Me.. dJ«d al 
(&• bam* or bU mo. ravlr. Pr—ton, ItM 
W««« tnehatt tlrt*t. TMt^rdar aft^rnflcti 
Mr PrMion cams to dprlnfflvid Mvrral 
d«rs axe (or ai^dieal U*aus«a« r Ha ta 
mnrtirod by hte widow, ofw daaabUr. Mri. 
F*flx AppMbr. MiUm. Mo : thrtf ton*. 
Uaa« r. rmtoo, Loekvoad: WllUaai C. 
rrmUm. Akron. OMo. and M«l P. 1*rc^ 
ton. too (UUrt. Ur». OUvtr Murray. «tl 
taraa atroH: Mn. WUttaai Oataa. Paaaa- 
bof«. and en* brothar. O. O. Proaten. 
tacbvoad ^norai mnif «iU b* btfd 
Thoradav a/Urnooa al |:M o'alack at th« 
as Uwri* rhurrh of whirb Mr. rrt- 

• •• • frrTh»' Til. n»»»rrnd U F 
-•-• .f n- . ■ sf.rM »<1| f.xirlijr* Il- 
ia* rrtCOA. Burial oill bo In Ui« Lo«k«oed 
I ovMMW uador Um dlfKtlea of Ui« turn* 
rnd«naklni cAmpanr 


Uri M*i:ida nrd'l. •] dlad at htr horn* 
•ft rooto I laM nt«hl afur • briaf llln«M 
a^• If turtitcd by bar hiuband, too 
aaoabtara. Mr*. A M. Bdal. acra/fora: Mrt. 
U D Kraaaof. roou I ^Iwo aona, Frt« C. 
Kaa*! a0«»r. Tai.: abd W A R«4tl. 
BriMoL OEla M «raadchitdr»n and ona 
rraat>iran4chlM 0b« had barn a Tt»l- 
tf*(it of Oraano covnlf for 44 yaan 
r^naral MrMc** will aa h»\a FrHay aft- 

• •n'win ■• J n'flork at "tha atarna fnor- 

• ua-T TK« R»v»r»nd o Schulti of Bt 
J^hn • B>ant'lt<al churith will eonau«t iha 

»»r>'r»» B,-:ii «!ll b* tn «h* Bfll-M-* 

' frin»t#rT undrr tha Oirartlon of tha Btaroa 
I' com^ny. 

t»«>iB I anixBR . 

T>o*ia T KilJT. a». of rvi'al r«ata 1. 
bttarfard M" «i»<l '"^ • h-^^r"*" f^*'' ""• 

•r* ftor ativman at hnmr. an<1 ri««. 
t^tut*'**'* a* fniio** Mri Una Moor*, 
BtalaoO Mn Mn Minnia ^avta, Covn*