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Full text of "Items of genealogical interest in the Springfield, Greene County, Missouri newspapers, the Springfield leader and the Springfield daily news for 1929"

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Items of Genealogical Interest 
(Births, Deaths, Marriages, Divorces, etc.) 

in the 








Part 2 

Pages 601 --928 (September 3~December 31) 

and Index 

Wm. K. Hall 
33 Westmoreland Place 
St. Louis, MO 63108-1227 
March 11, 1999 


ITER'; :^..^ 



yp ■'• npt ^ vr- "n -r-j . ; I 

< I.U10N i I \KK MAKTIN 
Th« hodT of Clifton V^•t•< M«rllii, M- 
V J?.oM .on It Mr «nd Mr«. J, P. M-rt n 
nf rh»ria Mo. who died in • flprlngfleld , 
hof5lt« V"l"1"V mornlnit following jin 
„nJ?.tlon will be tnkrn ovrrlmid thi» ' 
:r;rnC io^brr.. by ...o Aim. Lohmryrr 

i irSnU .nd one t.rothef. E.xl M.rlin. 


Funeral ^ervlr^x for Walfrr R. rimpitian. 

1,1 who died early vrMerday rn<irinng at 

hi; home on rural route U »fter * long 

Iness win be at 9 o'clock Thursday 

ornlnf n 8t. Joseph Catholic church 

"'rmeni will be in St Mary s "'n'/^'y 

under direction of the Herman H. Loh- 

niever funeral home Mr. Chapman >• 

-h^e ^C'-t.'Ji'; d'a-u^ghTrrSf-rrr; 


kprlMneM Oa« brother and one-.lster 
aho Burvlve. 

^S§^"=^^'*^:TII0MA>» J. FOX .v->.'.-?r^-^-.(l 
Vuneral ^erxires for Thoini» .» F«t. **. ; 
of 3409 Summit avenue, will »»e he'd •«; 
2 30 ocloek this aflernJion •« «he Baptret 
?hureh »t Webb City followed by Inter- 
nient In Mount Hope remeierr at .topltn 
undtr direction of J. w. Kliniter. Mr. 
mx la aiirvivrrt t»y hl.i wife, t«o son* and 

ihr^a dauBhlers. 


Mill Lois Keesllnir. 17-year-old daughter 
'f Mr. and Mr.«. Samuel Keeslinjt. di«-d at 
1 o'«leck yesterday afternoon at the home 
•>r the parents, linn \Ve«t Locn'^. follow- : 
ing R lingering tllnesa She Is surrired by | 
I lie p,'»rents. and four brother* Rov, 
r'-rt- Wh'l srid W:!!!?:". nl ■-? •>-• IioTe 
nddrex* T^e hnrtr rrob«h|r will b» «ert 
to Osnwav Thursday hy W. L. Starn* Fu- ! 
rer^I »«rA'cr» are expected tr» h» Friday In ' 
tnt ll»1er cemeterr near romay. 


Page 3: A daughter Eugenia Warner was bom September 1 to Mr. and Mrs. L. E. 
Warner of 221 East Dale street. 

Page 5: Charles W. Page died.** 

The Clifton family held a reunion.** 
Page 12: Walter R. Chapman died.** 
Miss Lois Keesling died.** 


Fifty Descendants of Web- 
ster County Pioneer . 

rirty dewwndanu of ThotnM 

Natban CUflon. pioneer Webater 
miintv i-'ttler. with nearly 100 of 
ih':r IrKu<l«, uaiDereU »i n^f <>'^ 
CUfton boinwtead aeren mile, aouth 
of Marahfleld, for a ihr^ day family 
rrrnlor. last we^k end The Pl*^;: "' 
m«tl..K wa. aetlled by Thoma* Ulf- 
toD and hU family wb«D they moved 
from Tenneaaee In the early days in 

iVugrain llaa Fe«iliirea. 

Bu>k«t dinnera. luformal program* 
and general Inloimal ine«ttnga fea- 
M;r,.f« (f^o reiii>lnti pri'^ran^ 

lite following mcmbara of lh« CUf- 
ton family attended: 

Mr and Mrs D. D Clifton and daugh- 
ter, Margaret; Mr and Mrs. Henry Lan* 
and *on. Clay, Mr and Mrs U. 8. N«a«« 
•Dd aon. Cllu. Mr. an<t Mr*. Charley 
Reece and daughter. Itelle. Mlaa Mary 
I Clilton, Mr. and Mrs. Ivy Dameraon and 


••■f Motihir Kmrrn* Mr and Mr*. Harry 
Ciiriou, Ur »n<t Ura blbcrl Andrews and 
clilldraa, Harold, Uurston, Basil, and 

MX. and Mra. Arnold Neeec. Mr. and 
Mra. W. U. Mui« and daughter. Minnla. 
Mlsa Luelll* Clifton. MIm Freada Ollfton, 
Mr. RtitJ M«r HuL< H Aiidrms. Mrr, Etrif 
Hural and cblldran. Mable, Martha Jana 
and Emma Jean. Mrs. Ira Clifton and 
daughter. Margarrt and Mary Louise, Mrs. 
Herman Trai.tliain and daiiRlilar. Heity 
Jans. Mr Rotwrt Ltnrt'nstruth. Mrs N M. 
CIKtoa' and cblldten KugeDc and MaKray. 
Ur. and Mr* French Kesteraon and baby. 

Mr.' and Mra. J. O. Hobson and dauah- 
t«r. Mary Laona. Mr. Jim Clifton and 
daugtittr. Ora'e. Oeell CUfton. Dorothy 
Pelts. Mca Sallla BrUU. Mr. and Mrs. 
KdmoDd CUfton. Mr. and Mra. Klmer 
Reace and children, Jean. Howard, and 
r>»»'/. «»r und Mm W R tnmnn and 

rhtldran, Clifton. BllUe. 
Lfo. Mr. .rCMvaa .luuaH 

Friends ^(tendlrt-. 
T)ta following ar« TM^iutl, 
tendtd : 

Mrs. CalllB Fire, Mr and _ 
, Banner and «>n, Clarence. Mr 
.Dava BIfcer. Mr. and Mrs. BartKy ^ 
Mr. and Mrs L«« Lacy. Mr. and 
Chlstophar BrooM and aon, Mr. *Bd 
Frad Lombang. Mrs. Byron CprtwiU 
rhildrao. Fraiirts, Harlln, -nd DarHa. — 
Cinda AUeo. Mra. 8. B. >^»»«»- »fc*«» 
I Mr*. N J. FIra, Mra. W. T. KHUnOO, 
Mr and Mr^ C B Bateman. 

Mr. and Mrs. Olaud Bataaaao atttf 
dauchler. Betty. Mr. and Mra. Jf^gm 
Bridwell and aoti, CUrenoe, Mr. and Mr*. 
cnarlay Kln« «.nd daMthler. Mlnata HUr. 
Oral Wanaea. Mr. and Mrj.. fat WlM 
and daatbter. tthal. Mr O. •!. ToWjti.. 
MISS Mar> Oowi. Mr K. M. MJUa, Pnw^ 
Smith. Mr. 8 A flhelton. Mr. Bd Hia Mr. 
and Mrs Oscar Reploflex and ehlldrat^ 
wim.s. Haacl. Bobbla. Oladyi. OI«nn.'an* 


Mrs FranH Renner and chlldr an._ O ra 
and Char!ev. Blancha Aaatln, BilMua 
Austin. Earlma Austin. Mr. Karl Monti. 
Mrs Hester Dairvrapl* and children. Mama 
.ind Clarence. Mrs Stella Batba, and Mr, 
W. B Oeotfe. 





Charles W. Page Expires at 

I Home After Skokc ui 

I ;u*t>c« or peace tatA tormer polloe 

i judsr, dirtl tudarnly Oiia uiomluf 

jat hu rxNnr. 31i3 Nurtb Bouler*nl 

Mr Pace had oompUliMd of fed- 

tr« badly lor aevml d*ym. YetUr- 
' d»y hf wri5 >t hLi office as uaual 

iiiid l»Ui Ui ihr U>i> he wiiil to btt 

•»-• ■ -JIT- 


a phvilclan. HU death wai thought 
to h«T« been U»e re«ull ol a bUo« 
ot paralrtte. 

Mr. Pace had Uved tn 8pni]«flekl 
44 yrara. Durlnc all that time his 
boiM has been m the 3100 block 

bacse has been In the 3100 block 
, on Korth Boulevard. He served as 
', poiico Ju<;«e about 30 years a«o. Re- 
cently he was appointed JusUce ol 
Uvi' prutc Lo liil uie uiuxpircd Lcrin 
f n I. M:irtln. *hi' dl'd » ff* 
month* ago. 

Mr Pa«e is sunired by his wife, 
(i:;c ii.iJk'.>' r. •■••- ^^■.■" rv;.::c i.: 
K- I/.'.:-. ■->• -^n. r. W. Pa«e. of 
CalJi.ri.hi 1 ■': one brother, Ed 
Pa«e. of Bpringlirld. 

Puoerai arransements are In- 
complete but are In charge of the 
KUngner OndertAikihg company. 

Puoaral stTTtees lor Wattar R. Chap- 
man. • !, who dl«4l Tuetdaf mornlna at 

till hom« on rural rout* II, *III be h*lc1 
ot 9 orlork Thundsv iiiotiilng at St. ' 
JcM«ph Catholic rhurch, follomed by In- , 
iftnirnt In Bt M«ry'« r'iii''''r» T'"* 

, Herman LolMntycr (uosrsi hom* Is In 
charga of arraiifamenta. Mr. Chapmao Is 

! nirvWtd by his wifa a son Waltar at 

> horat and by threo daufhteri. including 

: Mrs. Ida Prllfrr of Rprlncrirld. 


Mlaa Lola Keeiling, 17. daughtar •t 
Mr and Mrs. Samutl Keedlng of IMt 
West L.ocBst atrset, died Tuesday aftar- 
noon at hsr horns aftar a long tllnasa. 
Bhs ts stirvlTsd by hsr parents and b* 
four brothsri. Roy. Clyds, Whsl, and Wll- 
llsm. all at home The body will ba Uksn 
to Conwsy for fuiirra) aerflcea and burial 
In ih* leader crmetrry there, probably 
Frld«y Sliirnr\ inoiluar* U IB aharga j 
of arranirmeiils 

lard I 


KLDON -The body of I<o..ard 
I Jarkann. «ho wan rimwnert laat 
In ihr Onaf..- rivrr at Zrbrn. Mo . ■« m 

loamd eatigtit In soma driftwood yaa- 
Mfday. A eotonar's jury raturnad a 

Page 2: Charles W. Page died.** 

Mexican youth killed by automobile.** 
Page 4: Miss Leone Rawlings and Mr. Delmas McCracken were married.** 
Page 5: Miss Donna Reising, 15, and Ralph Swanson, 18, both of Omaha, were married 
September 4 in Joplin. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Sadie L, Riley of Omaha. [This is a 
long article.] 

Two unidentified young men were crushed to death Monday in a freight car at 

Page 12: Miss Lois Keesling died.** 
Walter R. Chapman died.** 
The estate of Mason G, Brown was settled.** 



W; 0;~Tatlow, AttomeytHeceii 

Wins Judgment for Spring- 
field Woman and Others in 


court. However, tha defendant wen 
ft new , trial through tha plea that 
new evidence had b««n "dlaeovftWP 
Mhlch would help hie chM and a 
rhange of venue to Peitle county wee 

Tttf itfcnwd (riBl of the c««e w»« 
conctiirtert nbogt n month ago enrt 
had since been -kept under considers* 
tlon by* 'Judga Hoffnui. UU tUM 
deetalon^ waa to award tha plalBttfte 
an addltfonal laO.OOO over their Jud(»* 
ment lii the original trial. 

There Is every resson to believe, 
Mr. Schwab Mid. that the caae wlU 
not be npprsled. 

^ if^'^^.'- 


Springfield snd seven other hetra 
of Mason O. Brown. Sweet Springs. 
Mo., banker, who died In 1017. wlU 
reeovtir approximately •80.000 of tM 

>iWW%JUMrt "** '^^*<' ^ hfyyhwat 
. e6tic«a]f£>«i 'the reault of • aeeiasil 
handeiifaewn by Judge DImmItt Hoff- 
msn of the Pettis county circuit 
court at Sedslla. It was annotinred 
here yeeterdey by Irvmc Sohwsb of 
the law firm, Tatlow and Schwab. 

The helra. who also Included Mary 
:B;>(B(otfa!l8l^Vulton.^Ko/ uid^KdW 
Smith of Hollywood. CaU haTe been 
represented throueh the history of 
the case by W. D. Tath>w. senior 
member of the Springfield firm. 



Mr. Brown, f or many years a prom> 
WWnSnhfluentlal resident of 
Jn^.aprioca. left no will providing 
for dUpotal of hia ratate now eMI- 
j |> l > 4J to bavo batn worth mora than 
naif ft million dollars. 

11 waa not learned until 1017. with 

tiM daftth of. Mr. Brown's widow who 

luunad.ftdBilBUtratrli of 


. . tt Veen aub- 

mitted to probate. She had taken 

,ilb$,balt of what bad been probated 

In aeeordanee with law, it was 

bffMipht ftdl. rnnrrnllnf^ Ih^ rrmnlii- 

der. Other heirs were Riven their 


^ *^&m^tt*r har 

tt>;^mftrrl•dJ. P.Uantr, 

Into poa a aaaton of her 

property after her death. It was to 

lObUln wh*t they believed rightfully 

rn«lr*ftharaa that heirs to the Brown 

eaute filed suit through Mr. Tallow 



¥b« Springfield attorney won a ver. 

[diet when the ca.'^e was first tried st 

MlrtH I.OIN KI.»:Ht.lN'n 

T! e Vi ^.^ '-f ,Mi«- l.ol- Kerxllnt. M- 

rear.Hd daugUirr of Mr and Hra Samurl 
K^Ming. IM9 WeNt Locuai atrert. who 
r^ied Tueidftv ftfiemoon at h^r home, will 
tke >»nt fn iitnrtiinK "^ Conway. Mn . 
for funeiai a«rvic^a and burial. Inter- 
r^etil aill b*" made in nadff t^mHtty 


l»> nernl «^rvir^« f«r Waller I? Chap* 
man. ai. mho riied Tuesday mnrning hI 
hia lM«*<*e <in rural route tl. will be held 
• « • Actnrk thia morninK >n 8l. Joafpli 
frtllnwed hv burial In 
T'-e Herman H 
li»)ri e i\ |t> rharic' o( 

f*B»hei''e rivirrh 

• f ».« f * r t 

J ^■tmie ver f liiie t s 1 

Miss Rawlins Weds 
Mr. McCracken 

• nt 

An Informal wadding araa aolaia- 

nired Tuesday afternoon ft 4 o'clock 
nt Berryvllle. Ark., when MIsa Leone 
Rawlins became the bride of Mr. 
ilmaa McCracken. son of Mrs. Dora 
MeOracken of SprlnKflifld. Only the 

St (he reremonv. 
j Miss Rawlins Is « former student 
.'Of Dniry college and Is a member of : 
Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. Mr. Mr- 1 
^ Crscken also attended Orury and la 
ft member of Sigma Nu fraternity. 
; The young^-egjipie Bf«./spendlnK i 
• heir honey/nonli^^he western 
states snd will mske their home In I 
Wenstrhee. Wssh.. where Mr. Mr-' 
; Crarken will resume managership of i 
I ft mercsnille store. { 



■■■ I . W f IMMMBtMii 

fluclsre Oharles Page, 

Veteran Official 
Expires Suddenly ' 

i.< stricken »uddenly tor •" attsck ol i 
'upoplMV. ChiirlM W. Pflcr. 70. jw ' 
,iicr of the pfRCP In No:?li CniiiphrM 
i township line! former nmnlclpnl HiriCf 
L| f-pj« piinfflald. died shortly Kfter 6 i 
pBwele>'-^*»«>t«rd«y momlnc «t Ms 
[Tome. 2M3 North National «\piiiir. 
1 Mr. Page was named to the offi'-p 
fSf juatJce on laat March 11 follow- 
IlnR the death of Justire B. L. Mnr- 
Ujn, who al.-^o wa.s a vlrilm of npo- . 
' plexy. Previously he hart worked | 
for 25 vears as operator of a mrn- 
j table at the north side mundlioii'e 
IjjjL^WM retired in 192J. 
P'HeTa'liurTived by hla wife, one aon. I 
^X W. Page. San Bernadlno. Cal.: oi-.c 
jdaughter. Mrs. Oti.s Payne. St. loni-:. 
! and one brother, Ed Pane, city pollee- 


1 .Funeral arranRements. In rharee ol 
I J. W. Kllncer. ar« Incomplete pend- 
ktng word from the aon In California. 
I Born In Grant co«inty. Kentucky. 
U|l|]bt3«JMS»J4r. Page came to Mis- ^ 
%ou'ri at the a Re 'of « years when his 
parenta settled on a farm nulit milr. 
i.'y.xV.f.'f.' "^f P"H-f' IP Pnik rn.m'v 
41a. later moved to Springfirld. 
here he had Iired for mor* than 
[6 years. He held the office of i>ollce 
;udge for a period of four vcnrs 

rtinerat awrtlrea for the two im- ' 
Identified yount men found crushed 

•>« d'sili In a fi^lwli' fsr lni'l'-'I -"IMi 
, ,,. 1-1 II, r y-l-- •• •. i::-! ii" Ml ' • ' 
Monday, will he li^ld at 10 o < lo k 
»hi» morning In ih^ TsUiwsv fn* 

'i»T«l linm' a' M'ln^ll H*'.rr»il nilm^'^n 
■ ■f M'.ii^t* 'hiir>li^» illl 'pf'i'1-''f 
IlitriMiriil will lollow 111 tlir I <J <J t' . 
• rinetery. 

Sii.'' Ill' spp«' «■ •' 
'h' t-»r> ni'n lndl'n''fl ll.nt. Mi'-, , 
wera not ordinary, tramps, the p^o- 
pl# of Monett and Harry county. 
ihroiiRh Coroner Floyd fnlls-wiv h*"" 
arranged to provldo appropriate las'. 

No Indfatlon as ♦/> 'h» ld»n»'.*.- 

of Plth^r lisd ti»»n rfrr\:rr\ |« ■». 

nlaht hy Mr. Callawsy, althoiitth 
mnntf persona had vl«l»efl th»» fu- 
n»T»l h'lm' lo \'>rtk s* »l\»' ti-i^Ir^ «r': 
.'l.«r» I I'l f-allM him h7 lonn d!^. 
'iun« If-l^pli'in^. 

l)i/en^ of pT^oti". up nr.'ll ls<* 
niRhl. had called at tlie offir** of 
Tha Kewa and Lesder aee'^lng to 
learn If either of the dead were 

^Mexican youth about 93 years 
or age who died yesterday morning 
after being found injured on the 
pavement eight mllea weat of Hall« 
town on highway 06 was stUl un- 
identified Ian niRhf. 

The youth was found by James 
Ttodd. Pickwick sfsRes driver of 
TulsH. Okln.. about 3 o'clock yester- 

Iday morning and died on the way to 

j Sprlncfleld In an Alma I/Ohmeyer 
ambulance, called to Halltown by 

! Todd. 

Kx:i:!i!t^?' !"r! "f ♦'"' hoV« ctothln'? 
riiul siiltr.TiP f:illo(l to revpsl snv 
iiirnns of idcniKic.itlon. He was 
(IreKScrt In blue Irou.sers. white ahirt 

I without necktie, black low ahoea and 

black felt hat. 

It was thought that the youth 
might have been struck down by a 
motorl.'t. Examination of the body 
by Dr. Murray Stone, coroner, re- 
'•calcd deep scslp r.-ounds. bad l>ody 
hr^iiT-; :>i'! p'^cc-.hi' tn'«"nsl In- 
juries. Cjtt^^ VIOA^VTI^ 

15-Year-Old Girl Married in 
Hospital at Joplin After 
Leaping From High Platform 
When Lover Jailed 

II J I I.. ,1 > I I ■ ^ 

TOPMN, Mo.. Sept. 4— An elop^- 
m^nt, whlrh nesrly ended In 
• rsgrdy ciilinlnnlrd In a wpddlii^ ' 
here f«Way when Miss Donna Heis- I 
inR. 1ft. of Omaha. «sr nmrrlrd to 
tlnlph Swanpon. IH. nio nf Oin.iliii 
The ceremony was performed In a 
l.ospltal with Miss ItrKlfit; luoiipi'l 
up In bed, suffering from two frsr- 
turcd vertehrnr sustnlnrd r». I'm -it' 
Jumped from a 40-foot cosl loHdln ; 
tramway at Lanrran. M'l. 


♦ ♦' 

Following the weddlnR the hrlrl*- 
waa taken In an ambulnnre to tiip 
drpot, where the cunpl' bonrrlrd ;i 
train for Omaha. MSs UrN'.ii.; 
Jumped from the loadliii; dork M-pii- , 
day morning •»»— -•-- "-ntX opont thi- 
night In a de g r^W iRsn In com- 


Page 2: The two men riding in a freight car who were icilled when some iron pipe 
shifted and crushed them remain unidentified. They were buried in Monett. 
Page 3: Miss Clara E. Howard died.** 
Page 4: Efraenne Martinez was killed.** 
Charles W. Page died.** 
Births reported.** 
Page 8: There is an article about Elijah Gates.** 

Page 12: Miss Leone Rawlins and Mr. Delmas McCracken, son of Mr. Dora 
McCracken of Springfield, were married Tuesday at Berryville, Ark. They will live in 
Wenatchee, Wash. 


Into which arc often tossed things well worth while. 

The name o{ Elijah Qalrs Is per- 
petuated In the Onrks. 

Vaca^onlata, vlalUns I^jikt Tirney- 
taam to t^ Mtamol Ocuki, to 

son to <he 4&rn hare noticed cm the 
rttht akle, About two tntles out of 
Bntuon, * pretty bungaiow In s 
settlns of trees and lawn, the 
fc-routids filtered HiioukIi an aicli on 
which appear the word* "Richmond 

Th\x M the home of r>r nnd Mrv 
W. Spier Richmond, formerly of St. 
Joseph, but who have lived !n the 
Tlrnn^^n nrichhor?irv>r| Inpr rjv'irl- 
lo t)e (I ».•-.-<• cl *.<: Oil) ^etllfl^. llic 
RliCnUlcance of the word* "Rich- 
mond Oate.^" Is fully Bppreclnted 
whrn It i5 lenrnrd t)'..-\l Mr5. Rich- 
mond's maiden name wr5 Gates. 

Elijah Gates, and a eUier of Joel 
E. Gates, city license Inspector of 
St. Joeeph. 

Doctor Richmond wa."? coroner of 
Buchanan county from 1896 to 1900. 
Shortly thereafter he moved to 
Kansas Cily and from Cit> 
to Branson on account of faUtns 
health. He soon regained his health 

•wJ now ha^ an extensive pracUc* 
In Branno and rlelnlty. 
-,• * .• 
EUJab Ofttw to gradually paaalnc 
tram ttaa axmonr of this goMr- 
•tlon. R* hM bMB dead nuuiy 
yeara but to hla time h» waa a not- 
ed character to MlasourL He waa a 
federate. aerTlca 
atMl lost an arm to one of the 
batUea of the dvU war. Ue waa 
treaaiirer of the >t«t« and was for 
years promtoent to public affairs. 
He was the first man to cry In 
Sprtogndd: "O, yei. O yea. The 
booorabla XTbltad Btataa district 
court of the southern division of 
the western district of Missouri Is 
now to seealon." He opened the 
first term of federal court here to 
the old court house which war. pro- 
vided by the ooonty until quarters 
were obtained Brfore the frdrrnl 
buiiding was erected ii was reijuir- 
ed that tbe Oreene county court 
provide a borne for federal ootirt 
C<d. Oatea was marshal of the dis- 
trict and he came here with other 
federal officials to conduct court. 

felRTHS^^ t 

. r ^ ••■— 

Mr. and Mrs. Noel Perkln. 1013 

North Prankiln avenue. simouDce the j 
I blitb of a daughter. Marjorle Buth« j 
I t>eptcii>LK'k '•• ^ 

1. Dr. and Mrs. r T. HDoublor. »06 
flouth Wcller aventie. annotnfb* tb« 
birth of a son, oa September a. 


cha&lks w, rAOB 

r«vr«l •rr*iit«««>«rtU ■« •till «ik«w- 
ptm f« Oh«rtoi W. rw*. ». J«^««« ^ 
th« p«M* Jn North 0»mpb*U towmhtp 

wtw iSlVt hi. horn.. 31 J4 Norm •[a 

(ollowlnB • •irolt« of .popl'ty Br.«Hv»« 
here ar* iw.ltlBf jwrU from » ■""•.J, 

(oint mh**!! with fuii»T»l pl»n« "«>'••''• 
10 b« 111 lh« OiMnUwn cfmflfTy_ TJie 
•rxi MMte* t» tatrlrtt by hl» wlJo. »on 
•Qd one dmu«hUr. Mr. Otli P«yne of 
St hw\: one brotber. Id Pm*. '» ■ 
SprlncntM polleemaa. Ju»tle« PmM wm 
bom In armt county, KentuckT. He 
mo*Ml to MlMOurt •! lh« »te of • »na 
r»m» to SnrlnfflHd frnni R t.rm In Pollt 
lOUIil) A mi\t ovtr 40 ^rAI^ »i;ii. 


YouUtt J(iH«d In Fitioht Car 
"^m Riua Rftes; Still 

: ( 

Thi twc Mrltlfrnlflfd Totinj mrn 
klll*4 hr p«f>» In • fr»l»ht r«r >t Uo- 
DMI *«r« bun*d lod*7 In Ihf OdU 
PMIawa wawury tellewlni funcnl 
a»rn««« tt »h» CilUwBT Vn<1frt«Hns 
compmoi tto*p*l. llirrf Monrit mii-.' 
IMBB partldpMMl In tb* final nun. 
■ Wbll* liM borftM vwt In th* 
iMrftt* aaariy • tbeuwiM pmpi* 
vMlwl thrrf thinkinf ihrv i.^uld 
M^ntify thf mm IcMit h\ ihr 
Ihoutht tn*> Ihr <*" inlglii have , 
thrlr «on« or thfU hrolhrm who 
■ilwlni |n» thnri and lonj ' 


WMU *nmf (lr<>l«r>i1 nn* or tht 
*tMf or UM two mm bor* » mm*. 

Km «*• ««• t»^Mapl«wiy-MmtM>; 
Um two MifnrttBt to eauM • d.lty 
In tbt ruatnl. 

Hnweirr f?nr*r print* « rr^ iMlr^rt 
b; riu)<1 CalKvuy. Barrj rouiitj cor-. 
Mtr. uid ttuH *»l b* (arvartM n 
fMHtoto tt MTleu. oIUm %o mt H- 
Ut.y e*n trae« th* raUUvM of ih* 
two mrn. ^ 

Tb* two wtr« rMlaff In ib« mm oI 

• frvlvht ft loadtd with Iron |Mp« 
vliru ilir CM- «u Jtrtird In coupllni 

• nd ihr )iii<# »nuVrt«hmt Into thrlr 
bodtn. Tliry both died inntantly. 

MIssClar* Howard. Instruct- 
or ilnce 1911, Dies Aft- 
er Illness 

Ml*. Clarm E. Howard, of the King*' 
bard* apaxtmcnU. taaehar of »ooUI 
•clenea In nerU Junior High •chool. 
mad >hl« morninn it 1 o clock at Bi. 
John* ho«plt«l. 

Mia* Howard, who haa bean *mo> , 
flawd wl«h tha Bprlngtirld public 
whool ii)»tm» since 1»U. had t*u«ht 
at Baad for the p*«t two yeara. and { 
bafor* that had b««n at Rocer* and i 
McOre|or achpola. 

In roar Health 

IthoiiRh aha had been In poor| 
health for aome time. Ulsa Howard at-i 
tended aummer achool at 8outhw--et 
iSaU Teachera' coUeca and received | 
bar B. 8. defrea at the cloaa of the 
aummar term laat month. At the eon- 
eltialoa of the term, however. ahe| 
waa toread to to to the boaplUl. and I 
waa granted a leave of aliaenfe by the 
I aciiool board at Ita laat mectln<. 
Mat of .HnrrlTora 

She la atirvlved by her father. D. 
D. Howard, two alaters, Mr». rred 
Rolt. of Anthony. Kan, and Mra. 
Bertha Batten, of Fort Scott. Kan.| 
and one brother. Leater Howard, of 
WlnnaapolU. Minn. Funeral aerrleaa, 
wUI ba held at I o'eloek Prlday after- | 
iwen at the Alma Lohmeyer runaral. 
Home and the body will be aent to. 
MaHoaTlUa for btulal. .-I 

Secwre Identity 
of Mexic€ui Youth 
Found On No. 66 

■fr««un« Martlnrs ot Ban Aoloolo. 
T*n«, Waa believed today to tiavo 
beien the Mealcau ytnilh found lyln.^ 

.' .L»!.. .'.'.'".' ^'.' '': •*■* n"%-^f»rtit ni. 
V. 8. hiriiway M waat of ttalltown 
ritrlv W><'.iie-dav inornlni[ by Jamea 

IlMIC. iV..^» UU> til. Mi, 

Tt>« IdritUty of the young man. who 
died on the way tu Springfield In an 
Alma l/Ohmeyer ambulance, wan e<(- 
tablLvhed throttgh inlormatloii fttMii 
Rodolfo Nava-ictl. a compaiilnii of'.'.ii'-.- II- it'.r tune both .ire ImIIcv. 
eil to !i«<«- I.KT1. run tJii»ii l>\ a I.U- 
and-rtio amonioljilr iiiui-- 

NavBirell wax fuiiml b> inrii>l>ci9 of 
• family named Kul-rr. «hrn tlicy , 
»fr» ari/u*ed hy tlir t-.iiViii/ of ilinr 
dog at daybreak Wru.-.tMtHV. Ilir 
Mexican »«» lymr in 'lir K«1mt ymtl 
I. ear tbeir automobile, lie wna In a 
daaed coodltlou. but waa able to.iiak 
Mra. Kalaar -Where a friend man?* 

A pfayalClMt waa cail«d front Mount 
Veinon to treat Navurrell m Injuries 
and th* Utwcniic lovml) .l.<i::: w.i- 
. ..'■,,) •., s« •. »..,.'." f..r <\ir In- 
jured yoi4tir« coiiip.iiiioi. 

Todd, » Plckwlcn ata^rH driver from 
Tulaa to SprlnKfleld. rill«.<l an aenbiil- 
ftnce from thu city »l.iii he rfmlied 
HaUtown and Martinez waa brought 
hT*. H* died on tb* way to Hprliig- 
fleld without reitaliilnr coiiMloiiarieaff, 


Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 3: Charles W. Page died.** 
Page 7: Mrs. Aifreta Miller was killed.** 
Page 14: Miss Clara Howard died.** 

Two unidentified men were killed at Monett.** 


fFuneral Services 

Are Held for Two 
|l JVhoDiedinT^^^ 

I..v» u'r\ wrir :irlr1 k( thr rnllnwiiy 
liiiirrRi honif In Mourn ymlrrdnjr • 
inornms for i»o imlrtrniifirtt youni; 
iiifii »lio wrrr rr\i.x|)rrt to rirxth 
, by pip» in (t trelRhi cur in the rrl*co I 
• !rarda of that city Monday arternoon. 
I'liiep Monrii iniiiUtrrK confliiciwl ihc ! 
. wrviren I 

Atthoiish nrartv onr thotiMnrf p«>r- ' 
■on*. rrMidrntn of iivr HtKim, vikucd i 
• hr mnrRiir In attrmpu to Idrntlfy , 
Kiir or thr othri. no r1rriliH.A r]um to 
•lir iflMiUtv nf riihrr wo* ohinlnrrl 
Dy Hoyd Callanny. Barry county ; 

Vii •-■'■I pi ini« of Ihc i«o nwn urrr 
■M-ii hv the rfiriiir-r who Mtlfl tliHl 
(opieit would be forwardrd to vari- 
ous cltlfn In a further attempt, to i 
find relNtivfo. 


ruB»rtl Mrvtctt lor Ch«r #• W. P««<^. 

;•. North 0«Bipb*n towiuhip .Jutllct o« 

•ii» pfBff and former mtinlclpml limt* 
I rre who died at lii» Nome. 3134 Norm 
National avenu*. early Wedneadof njo'n- 
• f probably will b« held Sunday. Tlnal 
.., ;.ioi. €.11 funeiBl arrantemenli. how- 
ever, la being held up P*"**'"!, **'° 
trnm a »«n. T W Pafe. In Ktn Bern»r- 
f-,' Interment will he in Oreen- 
.••n remeieiy under direction of J W- 



Ouiuvca Lutz. 31. Of Trccce. Kao^ 
and Ctu Woollvar, IB. of Sprtnrfleldt 
Joseph L«lvft, 33. and Idonna Nor- 
roac. SS, both of Tabacbapi. CaU aad 
BUphcn PltU. n. and Anna Ma* 
Pitagcrald. 33. Iwtb of 8t. Louia. 


ii^ARoToF THANKMN^Tlloiilirir 

ONK YKAP. AHO lOflAV Ihr ««> lor'rulUrl 
FmhPr lo rf*l Siirh unrrnw liutt iifv^r 

I entered the hnm- . but turely God knew 
belt. Badly miMcd by Mary VanWain 
and family. ^,^ 

Funeral Services 
r To Be Held Today 
For Teacher Here 

Kunrrnl mix irpn for MiM ClnrH 
HoMnrrt. irm hrr In the Sprln^flrld 
public aphool nyRtem oinre ion. who 
eliert earlv \r»irr«1av mornlnR In a 

lii>»|>l' il liiir. will Itr KiMihKlrfl (It 2 
(>«i(Mk Ihin nlirin<M>n in tlir Alinn 
l/^hmever fiinriBl home Follnwlni; ' 
the rilr» the hofly uill br ^enl to 
.MitflonMlle for hiiiiiil. 

Mi«» Howard hart iiern tenrher of 
«<><-im1 AriPiiie In Hrra .Innlor Ulch 
"^. li.«>l I<ir thp past iwc) vi':ir« nurt he- 
Tore thni Rhe liiiiL'hl ni the Rni'Pis 
and Ml Cursor m hool-. AllhouKh fhr 
had l>een in falling liPHlth for Kimr 
time, ahe attended the eiimmer term 
rtl Soul h» »*l T«-ai hrta rollPije and rr- 
celved her B. 8. degree laai month. 

Stirvlvlnjf Mlaa Howard are hrr 
'.'!.'■ n n )!'>vinrr| • ■.« •'.•r-» 

Mrs. Fred Holt of Anthony. Kan . and 
Mr«. Berth* Batten of Fort Proit. 
Kan : and one brother. Leaier Howard 
ol Muinei>|ionit. Minn. 

Afired Woman Dies, 
Three Badly Hurt-^ 

As Car Overturns 

onwWA. Mo.. Sept. S.— Mra. 

. fret« Miller. 74. Austin. Mo. 

' kllleri and threw yoiinr wwnen 

: daniceroualy Injured late today wbon 

! the motor ear in which they w«i» 

rMIr? t'irned ov»r .-, a ''.'.•r^ ttrt 

mile* ■xrt.t. of h»r» -,r, [J S highway 

So. 40 

I The ear skidded on the wet pave* 
: ment and turned orer. cnublng Mra. 

MIII»r .Mlaa Alice EmmonA. 30. who 
• w^« »1r1vlnff. suatalned aerere cuta. 

Mm Mi!l»r< diTijf-'pr. M:m Ruttt 

^' . '- 2t ar./l .M:v> Cor;.-.: <• j'<r.r»n. 

a.i. a>o were Injure*;. 
I They were brought here to a h(»> 



Page 3: Miss Clara E. Howard died.** 
Page 5: The Matney family held a reunion.** 
Page 20: Births reported.** 

Miss Clara Howard died.** 

Cooper infant died.** 

Marriage license issued.** 
Page 22: Miss Margaret Schaper and Mr. Guido Moss were married.** 

Miss Mary Evans Quade and Mr. Earl Houghton were married.** 

eibarlw Hawaii iPottsr of Kaskrtl 

ikOT l« M Mr. I 
krtll*. T*nli MIM J mtm h i U t%# 4a««k- 
t«r of Mr. ui4 Mn. Barry W. JmoIw. «1> SMih W«Uw avMw*. Mm m ', 

ft frradnal* ot tb* Ualrtirrttr of Mlmwnrl. wk»r» •»• »•• ■ «»!■*•»• ' 

of AIrh» C3«mm» IVlt« •ororttr. Sh* •»otht in Tlpliin J-in:-.- H «h 
jtrhool ttrr* »od later taughl aortal arl^aev al Hard B«lmoat. N*«b- 
iTni*. Tfnn. Mr. Totlrr l« «b* (ton of Mr. A K r««M»r f>r Sa'""')!'- 
J H» att»Dd»<l lb* t'nlTenliT o( T»Bnf»!ie« aad »a» a m»t»N»r ot Fbl 

Oftoima D«IU traUrallj. TIM marriac* :Tevt «1U h* r««4 at ■ — ; 

at th» home of Ihtt brtda'a rar»in<i. .. -r*^- *• •»•'- #-.«.'<k 


^Wedding Armoanced 

"^ •! tiMir daatbtar. Marfar»t. to Qnldo Mo»a of SprinafleM Tt^" 
w^ MlBK t e ofc Blaea Twga day lt» SgdalJa^Mo . at th» hom» "f ih« 
"otH«i»tlB«'»Iiliurrtlia BaT.rand Mr. F. A. Mlllhoiiff. Ml" .«.h»prr 
la a tradtiata of the UnlTfriUv of «n<1 I. « n.«ni^.r of M-, 
Phi Epallon. honorary mui-lcal •ororu.r F^r rl.» :>i' ' - '' 
hasbaaa laachlng mualc at Port Arthur. Tcxai -Mr. Mn«« i« » f'^rin'r 
atadMit of Iha college of engin'trinn at tbr rii:»rr«iiv <•: 1:-'-.:. 
Ha la a member of Tau Beta ri fii>rni;> *n'. :« ;.-■■» t :'- '. ': 
Um •aglBaarlnc daparttnettt of the rrlsro rallw*'^ Afi^r a r-;r *" 
OhlHC* Ud otfcar sortkara polaU Mr. and Mr*. Mom «UI maVe tb»ir 
> at tai lut WalBVt ftrMt. 

Another wadding of Interett to a numh^r of <:prin;rirl,1 p- .Tir 
Is tk«t ot Mlaa Marr Brana Qaada. daughter of Mr. and Mm J. W 
QtMte ot Arhaaaaa CItr. Kan., to Mr. Earl Hoiighton. aluo of 
Arfcaaaaa City, which waa aolemniied th»r^ Tue<i(1«r mornlot Th» 
Botkar ot tk* "hrtda waa rormertr Mlaa Ulllan Gardnfr of thl* ri-. 
and h wall known in aorlal rlrclea here. The hrlde al«o h,. msnv 
fr1«a4la bare, having baen horn here and h«»ln» rt.ii.d ^»'. s 
■»«k«T «t tlmea. Mr. Henry E. Gardner o( Springfield, an nnrle 
^ «k« krMa. waa preaoat at tha wedding . I 



1 mrrtct* for Mlaa Clara Howard. 

• wlio had h^tn • irarrirr in thr Rpring- 
ti»li1 trfHwil* .iiirr Ktl *rim hrld nt 2 
i'Ci>\k U... aii'ii.iM'.i •■ O.r .Miiii> I till 

• laavar fanaral hoisa The bodv «lll l>e 
••m t« hfarloOTllle for burial. Mlaa How- 
*r4 dlad Thuraday morning la a hoai>ltal 
(vera She had ht*n teacher of aorlal 
arienc* in Reed Junior Ml|h echool for the 
(>»«l l»o rrar* an.t Ketotf llial »he l\ad 
tau(hi In the liuirta and Xirdrrior 

• K-hoola Bhe rereited a rtegre* Irnm the I 
fl'alf Tearhrrj roll'»e U.<t inonlli Tlia ' 
fali'.et. n l^ IliioaiU. and l»u Kldrrt and, 

< otM brother aurrite. 

» i»nr» M i\» wr 

Th' tnfanl 'uii ol Ml. aiiU Mra Noel 

' <"oop»i of T14 Mount Vernon •(rr^t will t>e 

bulked at ] M) Sal<irdar alternoun al Ha- 

j aelwoAd ceatrt'tr Btarna a mortuarv la In 

chare* of ajraiigimenK The rhlld died 

Thurwlay niahl iii a hoti)llal here 


Mr and Mra J A. Mlllapaugh of 710 
l.lnrolii atreet are the parenU of a 
[ datighter. Margaret Anne, born Wed- 
. iir»r|(<v. B'pl'nihrr i 

Mr »iid M'' O'r: ■» r Dennnr'. "f 

I7?fl Wr»i Tdnnnn. erinoiinre the 

, hirita ot a aaughicr tJuiiday. firpiam- 

i» reafa a »wr. 
^iJL^'li^ S^"^tfAV"the-B;Ti-or7irred 
•otwd the heme, but tnraly Otm knaw 

-V. , ''' '«'»''«» by Mary VanWagn 
and family. " 

I . 


k larally reuniem wm held "t «»• 
JMOM «l MW. I. W. »UtlM7. •"* o' 

Bannaur lM» we* with tb« lollowlnf 
.ttrnrtlnr Mr. and Mr. Wllry M.t- 
, r. Ml « "■• tl>»l»f •nO 
<l»u«hter. DorolhT: Mr. .nd Mr«. Je" 
M.tnfy ^nd family: Mr.. Polly Hunt 
.nd .on. Evirrtt: Mr .nd Mn W«It»r 
Mulnry miil f«nilly. Dluglii*. Mo ; Mr. 
and Mr». ArU>»r Matner »nd tamlly 

oC OaUfQOUM Mr. mBA MK 5«« 
lOrtar M« d»iigbur. Uti «■< l^** 
oteod* Bt ufcMi d tw n mmi ftmOr x*^ 

•n« Mn. lUlph ItawmMi ftOd faoUir: 
Mr. ind icn. Rmtr JOhraoa and 
ramlly: Mr. uid Mrm. WUIimm And«r< 
•on •aA MO. MMd: Mf . and lbs. Ardi 
Matnay: Mr. and Mi«. Klnc MatiMr 
of loU. Kan.: Mr. and Mra. Orel Mat- 
n»y of Kanaaa City: Mr. and Ma. 
Jcata Prawitt and family: Mr. and 
Mr« ClTcla TrewlU •nd d«u(thteT. 
Mary Bll»n. Chlllrolthf ; Mr. and Mra. 
Jama* H. Prewltt of Hlckorr. Mo.: 
Mra. Nancy Cridar and aon. William. 
ot Maoatleld: Mr. and Mn. Claud 
Cridar and aon. Mr. and Mr* Ham 
CrIdOT and famUy: Un. Bartha Web- 
star and daucbt««a, WUma and Un< 
drad and aon WlUla. «f 8pr1nct1*ld: 
Mr. and Mr». Edmond PtrKuaon and 
iilrrc. Sybil Jran Clinton; Mlaa Oteta 
SUndfar. Clarcnca Matnay: Mtaaaa 
Anna. Mafllne. Ruth. Dorothy Jean. 
Warran and Blllla Matoay of Sey- 
mour: Bim Mataay of Maaafleld and 
Mr. Marlay. 

Reed'a Students 
^ ^Hold a Memorial 
For Miss Howard 

A aMBMrial precraaa. followad by a 
taw mlnutM of tnapraaalva allcBoa. waa 
ebaarrad at Read Junim Rlfh acheol 
at 10:90 thla atamliiff. whan atudenu 
and teaehata paid tribute to tha 
memory of Mlw Clara K. Howard. 
aorlat aclenca teacher, who died yea- 
terday monUng. ftfttr a protracted 

FMlowlnf an appropriate mualcal 
number by Mian Oenfva Wnnd. Man- 
•on Cadla, praildent ot her home 
room laat year, ra^ a abort Ulk en 
"Mr ImpreMlona of Miaa Howard aa 
a Homa Roo m Teach er." Thwnaa 
'iieodmoa apokt » few oiomenu con- 
ecmlnc ht* impraaiiona of her as a 
riaaa room t«achar. and Mrs. Anna 
rreaman told of her saooclatlon with 
her as a fellow atudent. 

Mlaa Luclla Shival talked a frw 
minutes of Mlaa Howard from another 
tmmetmrm aopdyotnt. and V. M. 
Hardin, prlnelpn) of R«ed school, rx- 
prisiM appraetftUoa oC her in con- 
UeU wltli bar «erk tmder hto offle*. 
Ilkar* wtTi etlMr mqateal nnmbars. 
•nd Own a mooant <tf aOanea. aa the 
•ttidanta, htiabad and iwvorant. paid 
trtbttta to a taachar wttotn they loved 
and raspeeted. 

Funeral aa nlo as for Mtas Howard 
will ba held at a o'clock thU after- 
noon at tha Alma Lehmeyar Funeral 
fco">«. and tha body will ba taken 
iSSSSSMLJ^ JtMXiBBSiiiMm tVT ' ff'f*' 


■ J(ita'i>P«aM W f W— ««• «KaM«Ml •» 

'•44l>Ullt V«n»<m yeaterrtay to K. K. | 
rierre of BprlnKfield and Kattaryn i 
bn/)t» of Moberly. I 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 

A daughter Pricilla Ruth Davis was bom September 2 to Mr. and Mrs. Marshal! 

Page 2: Cooper infant died.** 
Charles W. Page died.** 
Page 4: Mamie A. Hollman sues to divorce George W. Hollman. They were married 
February 15, 1910. 

Page 5: A daughter Marjorie Lou Bath was bom August 30 to Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Bath, 
227 South Boulevard. 

Efraim Martinez was killed.** 
Page 14: Miss Clara E. Howard died.** 
Page 15: Card of thanks.** 




T}-f iifiiiii son ol Ml mid NU^ U'>r\ 
r.iiip. I ol .i-J Mount Vrriioii Mrert will; 
he biirlr»l nt 2 .10 oTlock thin wfiernoon 
It) Unrrlwoofl rrtnrtprv under Ihr dirfc- i 
lion of W I.. Sinrne. The child difd in 
i\ nn'pltnl liTP Tliiir«idnv night. I 


FunrrRl srrvlcfs for Charles W. Pnge. - 
7ii. jimtlcr of the prace In North CairiD- | 
hr\\ lown^lun nnd formfr SprlnRfl'id ■ 
niiiiucipal JUll^:^. who Ul»a mi ;.iv uomf. ^ 
3134 Norlh National avenue, earJy Wednes- 
d«v mornInK foMowlnjr a stroke of apo- 
plfxv. will be held at 3 30 o clock Monday 
afternoon In the East Avenue Bapttat 
church Intrrmenf will be in Oreenlawn 
remeterv under direction of the J. W. 
Kllnaner Undertaking company. A »on. 
T W Pajte. on hl« wav from San Ber- 
nardino. C«l . will arrive here Sunday 


The bortv of Efraim Mnrtine?. IR- 
\THr-pltl Mi'Xi'Mii vcMith uh-i -.v .i.^ (a- 
'tally Injtircrt when Mrnrk dcvn by a 
I hit-and-run automobile driver orj U. j 
! S. highway 66. eight miles west of 1 
I Halltown. early Wednesday, was ' 
1 shipped to liLs mother nf San Antonio. 
j Texas, last night. . 

I While the identity of the youth j 
■ w«A bfinc citabllshcd. the body had 

liren in tlip Alnin Lolmievpr funeral 
, home here. Through mformation 
; gained from Rudolfo N^arret. a 
'; oompanlon' of Martinez, who was In- | 
' j\i:cU at the .same time. Dr. Murray 

Stone. Greene county coroner, and ^ 
\ Sheriff A. L. Henaon of LawTencc 

county I'carned the Irtcn'lty of the 
; body. I 


lor hiKh aclinol yesterday intimlns 

aorlal iiclence teacher who 
Thtiradajr morning. In • memoci- 
at prSftWfTaC the school. 
MiiA^jM»*jau«lcUl number^ Mtaa 
a«h<jvr~wood. Maneon. Cfl3ir«preMr 
i«&%«C^|ilMABOwintii • boow-ioam^ 
elaas Ia«t year, spoke on "My Irapres« 
slona of Miss Howard as a Horn* 
Room Teacher." Thonuia Henderaon 
told 6t her qualities as a cl«« room^ 
teacher, and Mrs. Anna Preenun spoke 
of her association with Mlas Howard 
as a fellow student. Tribute al«o tia^ 
paid by Mlns Ludle Shlvcl and V. M. 
I Hardin, principal of the school. 
! The body of Ml«s» Howard wa.'^ sent 
I to Marlonvllle for burial after funcr« 
'al service.* at 2 oVlorlc yr.'trrday af- 
^ tprnoon In thr .Mni.T Lohmrxrr funcr- 
I al home. 


$Jr ^D MRS. rUOYD ROBEUra . \ 

Page 8: Charles W. Page died.** 

Mrs. Ray Schollenberger died.** 

Mrs. Mary G. Smith died.** 

Marriage license at Ozark issued to Carl Mack and Mae Callender, both of 


Marriage license at Ozark issued to Argus Richesin of Bartlesville, Okia., 
and George Rogers of Springfield. 

Marriage license: Claude LaFon, 21, of Everton and Glenna Louise 
Johnson, 18, of Ash Grove. 

Marriage license: Carrol Lee Cummins, 31, and Sue Kathryn Williams, 26, 
both of Newtonia. 

Page 9: Card of thanks.** 

Page 10: Miss Kathleen Tully and Mr. Allen Chase were married.** 


woOT lttp(WMv*'l» n* XmpllcitT 
M ynm llh9 wtatrffi UiU moralnf 
e( MIM KAtbtowi TuUy. diugbwr of 
Mr, Md Mn. iMto D. TuUy. Bowtn 
mtioiMl tfMM^ Ml Mr. AltaB auM. 
n« of Mnuwamo* KrcauM •&« on 
uu ut. oh«M. aao souut n««ae« 

■v«ntM. Th« Towl w«r« Tt«d tt tht 
boiM «< Oit brtd%'« p«r«t« amU sur- 
reiisdla«a »•«• aMMttocty aurM> 
ilT* with qutnUtm o* f»rt«i Uow- 
«ra in pmUI tlUdM. 

Th» lUvmBd Dortor Oarofift H. 
Brin* f**^ *•*• c«r«inonT. l*' »hlch 

• bout M r«l»U»«« and clo«« frlen<J* 
cj th» young couplt had »M*mbl*<l. 

UtM Maifarct Voorblaa of Neoabe 
aanc "At Dawnlni.** pf«e«dlnc tta* 
c«r«nioiir. 8ba wa» a<*«npante<l by 
MiM Vloin Vtarkamp. »!»'> f^l Mefxho 
MIM Mary nitabeth i rourh of Jop- 
lln pUyad ~To a Wild Roea" aofUy 
ourlng tba ermnony. 

Tht biida'i only atundant vaa 
Mlaa Kmina Jane McDanlel aa maid 
of honor, and Mr. ChBa#'» b*st man 
wa« Mr. Benjamin BarQatt. 

Tba btlda wia lovely In bar orchid 

eblffon waddinc draaa with a abort 

I rrlvct Jackat-of a darker ahadr. Shr 

I *«re orchid satin allppcra and car- 

rtad a ahowar beuquat ot T*^low 

Th* maid of honor waa •tnartty 
(ownad in a frock of ir*«n crap* 
BlMkbath with frru ' lar* UUnmloii. 
Her looaa ana bouquet waa faahlonad 
of pink room. 

Thr cer»moiiT ir»« follom-frt hr an 
Informal reception. Centerlnf tba 
mndlrllcht refrpahmrn' table waa tb« 
ii«n(l«on>^ hmri -i>h»n*<1 «ri1illns cake 
kfltlni amid a maaa of flowera In 
pMtel «hKrieii and Rrern maidenhair 
Irinn T«ll rtrem-rolorfd cathedral 
randte* lighted the table. 

Mr. aad Mra. Chaae left for a ihert 
honeymoon trip, after which they 
^■lll Ijt III home t" iliflr (rlrnrt^ In j 

• heir new home In Ijilnka helfhte. 

I "I ii.Mdiiiii Ml", rii.isv ••■If » 
t'1'1* diirt crav k«*h.i fn«rtnhle with • 
.iialrhinR errrimorie*. ! 

BolU Mr iinrt Mr« fhner ure pnpii- 
'.ni nienihrrn of itif voiiiiKrr ^ri her^ 
Mm. Chaee wae a nturtrnt nt Drurv 

• olIfRe. where ohr «»« m member ot . 
n Beta Phi eorontT. Rhe alu) waa : 
■ rriiuterl «lth l.i«/n)>rlii Alpha Lambda 
end Tbu Alpha Lambda aororltlea. \ 
Mr. Chaae la a member of Delta Phi 

lOmafft fraternity. Mra. Cbaaa paovad 
«• b« oa* of tB* BBOM popular b^M 

, In many a day and haa b««n feted 
*iiit a I (iiiLiiiviBi louiid of parties 

I glean by bar many frianda during the 

i paat few weeks. * 

Out-of-town gueeta here for the 

wedding were Mm. Robert 8. Hun- 

,,r of Doiiglaa. Arlr . MIm BettY 

nolsn and Mlaa Mary Ellrabeih 

'Crouch of Joplln. Mlaa Violet Veer- 
Kimp and Mies Margaret Voorhlee of 

' Neoaho and Mlaa Irene Anderson of 

for Ctaartas W. . PRge. 
V. }Mttea wf tha prara In North Campbell 
tnraahlp and former municipal judge here, 
'wn B* b«U at 1:39 o'clock Monday after- 
b* Cm* AfviMM a*ptlat church. 
Vtn %»k» pUo IB Oretn L*«n 
la chart* »( J. W KUngner. A 
. F*t*,l» on hU war Ut Bprlng- 
n«14 from hU home at 8an Bernardino. 
OkL. Jwtle* -P«v* tftvd «n4d«nl7 at 4iis 
at im Wo rih NatlOBal •eanua Wed- 

Mrt. Bay >cfa»IU»hw g a r dtad ai her 
h*«Mi t« •*. Lc«ta rtldty aftMneofl after a 

long Ulnesi. She !• »urtl»'<1 bv h'r hi:»- 
hasd. aad b* r>laUv>A At Monuiaiii Ornve 
•M We«( Plalaa. Oharlaa Bchollenberger 
«f OMtrk la • brathvrlnlaw. rar>eral acrv- 
le«a win ha beM at Mauntain Orova. Mra 
•chaOeBhertw'a hooia. Uvoday aftarneoo. 

Ma«7 <IL BBUth, 70 at*« tbta mora- 
b»r n * w . 7M BewUi PTMMni atraat. 
I aMrviMn wtU ha M tba iham beh- 
faaaral boau Maeday aftantoea at 
Bvrtal will ha la 

Mtm ^alaek. Bvrtal wUI b* la UaplaPark 
xawaury. Bha la mrrtrad hy ana aon, 
Maahlt Bmllb. of Sprlngfletd. and one 
brother. Thornton lUlnaon. ot Kansas Citir. 

2-eAIDS 9r TM*«K$, « MtMOIWII 

1* rmfa • Ha*. 

Wa wUh to . thanh our friend* and 
ntuiAan lar thrtr kiiidnaaa abovn 


and Oi a w dw ethar. 

We aUa want to 

Mis* Jam* Beat- 

alae for Um 



rtealb af otir Mother 

Mra. T C. Thompaon 

thank tha mtomtTaa 

maa for her s^actar 

beautiful floral offerin 
MR. AND MRS „„..„ 


S: jSiv hSa. FU3TD ROBERW 
ROT CatilFTOI* ^ 


M*ma«a llcaoaaa war* laauad In 
Onirlr ThundaT U> Carl Mark of 
Sprlngtlald and Maa CaJlandar. of 
Spclnfflcld. and to Aivua Rlehaaln. of 
BAtUaarm*. Okla.. and Oaorgla 
Ro«rra. of SprtnRflrld. 

Mitmage llmt.-e.« werr l.^fnied to- ' 
day to Clatide LaPon. 31. Kvrrlon and 1 
Gleniia LouUe John.<wn. IB. A.ih 
OroT»; Canol Laa Ciimmtna. .11. Nfw 
tonia and Sua Kathrrn WUllami. M. 


Page 1: Marriage license: G. M. Scrivener, 46, and Alice Whited, 36, both of 

Page 2A: W. E. Caves died.** 

Mrs. Carrie M. Smith died.** 
Page 12A: Lonnie Vickers, Jr., died.** 

Page IB: A son Arthur Earl Derrick was bom August 26 to Mr. and Mrs. William 
B. Derrick, 955 East Division street. 

Page 3B: Miss Fern Breece of Monett and John W. Sturdivant of St. Louis were 
maiTied Sunday in Monett. 

Page 6B: Miss Kathleen Tully and Mr. Allen Chase were married.** 

Page 7B: Miss Marjorie Gammon and Mr. Doolin Gorman were married Tuesday. 

Miss Ethel Wilson and Mr. O. D. McKenzie were married.** 
Page I2B: Cards of thanks.** 

Kathleen Tully, 
AUen Chase, 
Are Wed 

tnglr •t»r*rtlT» with • profuMon 

or •utiiiMii rio»»n In p»»tri tiiixio, 

dAUgbUr of Mr. •nd. Mr». UvuU D. 
TUllr. South MaUeoai •v«DU*, and 
Ur. AlUn Chm*. »on of Mn. William 
I*. ChftM »nd th» Ut« Ut. ChtLM. Mi 
South rionne* •*»nu». w»» c»lebr«u 
•d wiUi eh»nnln« ■impllclty TMt«r. 
dar inorninf at 11 oeloek at tha 
hom» of the brldei p«r»nl» 

Th« wpcKllnK vow« »err r»»rt by 'h» 

preMnca of about llfly-flva r»UlHf» 

and floaa frtenda of th» younf co'ipla. 

Praeavdlog tba aaramoof 'At j5awn> 

Inc' «aa aUDf bj Mlu Mirgartt 

Voorblea of Nroaha. Bh« waa arrom- 
paoUd by UUa VIolat Vaarkarap, alao 
of Naoabe. Duriof tba caramony 
-To a Wild Roaa* waa playrd aoftly 
by Ulaa Mary Sllsabeth Crnuch of 

Mlw nnma Jana HcDanlat att*nd> 
rd tba brida aa maid of honor and 
Ml. Jif iilHiiilii Umlirtt »K« bMt inan 
tji Mr C liit«^ 

Tlia btlda «a« atMnnIng In a Inrti^ 
frwk of orrhid rhiffon alth »lil'li 
\}tf »i.i^ i\ xri'.r' )A( kPt In « flR'V^r 
»ii«'i». ••••r •iiji|>*r» »rra m\»n nrrutix 
and aha rarrlad a ahowar of y»llr>w 

Tho maid of honor wora a amart 
gown of rrrfn crapa Ellaabrtb wl'h 
rrni laoa trimmlDg. Rha rarrlad a 
lo<iM arm boiiqiiat of pink rrwr*. 

An Informal rarapllon and brnlc- 
liit folln»»rt (ha c»r»mon» Tiia 

r»niar r>l tha rffrrahmant labia h'lil 
a lanta hr*rt ahapad wadding raka 

rr.'tr:y n , 'r*"': :f ' ' - " ■• '' 

p»«l»l ahadra and m.ii'l»tih«ir I'n.t. 
Tha labia vaa llclitad «lth lall 
raihrdnU randlaa. lvo»y rolor»d. 

Mr. and Mra. rhai«i l»ft yi<atfr<1ay 
for a ilinrt VPddIng trip afi»r aMirh 
Dipt »iI1 !>• at lir>rr» 't t'i'lr n-«nT 
;;..; ,» R-. ■:.' I r.r» l,Tf.» >■, loiv.a 

A i*- *" ■• »:-.a V n . % '■ -^t' :a 
allh<-iiliig a'-<-<a«oiiM «»a worn 
by Mra. Cha^a for ip«v»lln» 

Iloth Mr. and Mr«. <:riaM> ara a-all 

known hara whara ib^y ara populaf 
marabara of tha youncar a»f. 

Oiii-nf.lo«n gueau praaant at tha 
»»<1dln» »»r» Mra nr>n»rt « Hiin»i>r 
"f l)".!,:*^ An/. Mma Ir»r.» An-1»'- 
aon of TuliM*. Okia . Mlrv<a Pafty 
Dolan and Mary Kllcatiaili Cronrh of 
JopJin, Mlaa«a Margaret Voorhlaa and 
Vlolrt Vearkainp of NacMh. 





vaa, W 

yaara a llocman for 

faoBd £mI ail a tAgrapk paU 
waa varklnc aa 11 

nmand taryTiaa"" for '^T «, M Wnia' 


ha wa« varklnc aa IlBrmao 'Xof 'tha 

raliroal naar Uamphla Friday. It It 

bt »•» »a had a«lAjml a baart •!- 

Ht vaa ra«r«<Baar 6«ark Da4 Uva4 

irinffUM far a aoasbar of yaara 

ba wrnt to Hamphia lu liir cuiitio.v 

of tha rrlaco Mr. Oaraa had auftarad for 
aoaia tloia with baart Iroubla apd tba 
drat at thla mtt/k waa la SprlngfiaM to 
MaraU a phyatelaa. Ifr. Oaraa U «tir- 
vivad br hit parenta. Mr. and Mra. Duteh 
Oavaa, no •auth Ntwton avaaoa, and (onr 
waia, FnM. BlUla. Hrvard and Jack. Tb« 
body W1U ba takaa thla aftameon at 1 
aValooli Iran tba paraata* boaaa to tha 
WaaTar fataatarr Baar Oaan wiiara atr- 
ytaaa ir«tt M brt« at a.-M a-deck. 

MM. <»Ami'* M. ■Mmi 
Mrs. Oanria M. aianii, wba Uvtd ahme 
at till NortJi RofMt avasaa. dreD|>«d da«d 
at bar homa today at ll:4t o'eloek while 
at work In tha yard. Daath waa pro- 
noanoad dna ta natnral eanaa, fsUowIng 
an aiamlnatloD by Dr. ii irray C. Slooa. 
Oraana eounty earonar. Xra. •mlth waa 
•> yaari af aga. Sba la ramrad by thrra 
alatar*. Mra. Jannla Laah-. Mr*. Lou Oal- 
loway, and Mra. Sarah Morrlt of Parary. 
Wye.: and by thraa brothar^ Will and 
Oaear Baaiar of Pa vary. Wyo., aad Pata 
Baalar of Navada. Mo. A atap-daughtar, 
Mra. Katy Rabanau. of Pordland. aUo lur- 
vlvra. Burial will ba at RoUa. J. W. 
KUngaar la In eharga ef arrancemcnta. 

tomnx vtoucui. im. 

niiwral aarvfea* f«r Lennia Viekar*. 3r . 
it. vbo dlad to Ohlcafo TharxlaT, wtU b« 
hatd At tht Cumberland rrcpbytertan 
ctour^ btr* Uila aftariMion %t S:M oviock. 
foUotrad by Intartnant In louth HaielwiMx) 
ea m a Ur y. • Ttia Rfvartsd W. X. Hotiaten 
I win offlciata and tha OamphaTI nn<lFrlak- 
IM company U In charjt of arran^rmenn 

n* ni*i>»t:tAiai4yvabutiBr., «b« moth- 

ar . Ift t^XatK^^- VUlwr a, and tsa JdaMri* 

I Mr«. MaiN)* Or»«n and Mra. Oaaara Cobb 

: of Bprlnifield aurvliv*. Th« church whff 
- tha ftincral will ba h«M l» at tha eornar 
-0( Wathlnrton a»anu« and Wna atrral. 

r — • 


••Id «(M9t>kT« to neof. 

i J?'j5f n«rt h«4 en— 4 to kat 
-_,**«^ ••■•*• w» tn»w It b« *•* toac 
ms ch*«rf(U wor<l» ind klmny w«t 

•W» (o plMMOtir r«c»U. 
H» Had • dBllr for rr^ry om. 

And »eai wjotmi o» «r 
So oMIy rou>«<l by rttbor. 

MoUmt aod .arotbtr, 

Mri. O. U. 

' nri.nivn anso( n« rn 

MlM Ethfl Wilton, dmightrr of Mr. 
• nd Mm, C. M. WlUon of W.lnul 
Orov». Mo. and Mr. O. D. UcKkn- 
We of Eudor*. Mo., wert nitrrlM J»n- 
uttj l», at OtMTk, Mo. Til. inam*c« 
h«« boen lupt • oecnt clnco that 
time. The jouan oouple wiu make 
lh»lr home In Eudora. 

iM a«r maar Mead* and 

W» «Ml b'M^ 

M«tabefa <•* tfca ktodneu and •naMUiy 



MR. AKp MR«. jo« rrrcna 

Mil. AMD MIW. D. T 


The wedding of MIm Marjorle Otm 
mon to Mr. Doolln Oorman. wu »ol- , 
•mntzMl latt TuaMl^r mominf at* 
nine oelock at the home of Mr. and 
Mn. Hermaa Loba«yar. on Eart W«l. 
ant ativet. 

Th« Aererand H. A. Wood vaa the 
ottlolatUiir mtnlater. 


Page 8: Col. Cloud of Peirce City died Sunday at the state hospital in Nevada 
leaves a ^on Horance Cloud. 

Mrs. Willie Brown living near Peirce City died Monday. She leaves a husband 
and six grown children and grandchildren. 
Page 10: C. W. Page died.** 
Jacob Forgey died.** 
Roy Eugene Evans died.** 

C. W. FACeB 
^ Funeral Mrvlccc for O. W. Page will 
w hHd thin afternoon at 7.Srt o'rlork 
• n thp E«^» Ar^nM* BnpfUt rh'irrh. trlfh 
fh* n^tv^rtnfi Earl W. French off«r!«»- 
ing. Mr. Page had b«en a member of 
tha church for many jreara and waa 
preaident of Its Men'a Bible claaa. The 
rholr. iinder direction of Arch Burgess. 
"v'.I! a'ti'ii, at 111* SCI k lie i-xlav. Active 
pallbfarers «111 br Charles Scoffer, M. 
J. Golden, M. K. Freeman. Charlca Cook. 
J. L. Brunner. Oeorite ekidmore and Sam 
Johnston. Honorary pallbearera «i]l be 
J. B. Oooch, A. M. Mayfleld. O. T. Ham- 
lln. W. A. Caldwell and E. E. Parrla. 
Interment will be In Oreenlawn cemetery 
under direction of J. W. Kllngner. 


Jacob Forgey. 81. died at 4 o'clock r^n- 
terday morning at hl.t home. 510 
Locuat atrcet. after a brief lUnasa. He la 
aunrlved by hta wife, two aona. Rlley 
and RoRcoe of ftpringfleld. and a damhter, 
Mrs. aiesaa Cowan of Nebraska City 
Ntb. Puneral service* will be held at 
2 30 o'clock thlii artrrnoon at Prospect 
cttnUtiv under direction of T. B Ctiadiii 
ot Osark. I 

ROT rrr.FNF: fvanh ' 

I Ror riigen# Fvnn^ in-month-old son 
o; .Mr inrt Mis. JumnK M. Evans. MS \ 

1 North Weaver avenue, died at « 45 o clock i 
last nlfht after a brief lllneaa. Funeral 
serylcea wlU be held at JrM oeloek thla 
afternoon In the giarne mnrtuarr. Burial 
prototbli w}U tog IB. tu% Uvb gamctf rv. 


Page 4: Mrs. Margaret Ebbs died.** 
Mrs. Mary G. Smith died.** 
C.W.Page died.** 
Mrs. Carrie M. Smith died.** 
Jacob Forgey died.** 
Roy Eugene Evans died.** 

Charles L. Underhiil was appointed guardian for Betty Jean Smaliwood, ten 
month old child of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Smaliwood. The child received a settlement from 
the railroad for injuries. 

Page 14: Miss Charlotte Maxey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Maxey, and Mr. 
Ellis Webb, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Webb, will be married tomorrow. 

Page 16: A son Edward Weir Rice was bom September 4 to Mr. and Mrs. Paul 
Rice, 909 West Division street. 

>,■:? • <■ I — ■ ,:, ir»- . 1 

f 'Mhi CtmritnfUtvmr, dtUHht^r of Mr. and Mr«. Oil* V»«»r. 
•r "Th« C^d^n" vUlb* married tomorrow to Mr. Ellli '\>bb. nnn ot 
Mr. aqd Mr*. Harvar Wabb. Th« wedrtlng will b» r*lnbrat«4l In' 
tbe arenlng at tha hem* of ib# bfld«'« par^nl*. -*•»--• «» l^h. | 


Laberef)':' Instantly Killed 

W^n He Steps on Tracks 

at Olggins 

John Cook. M. laborer of Dl<(tni. 
Mo., *aa Ulled InsUntlT .tM» mom- 
Inc at 11 o'dtyk when ha tltppcd 
In the path nf a through freight 
tram nrar ihf Frijco flatlon at 

Cook waa lookiiic for a frieod 
and It \% thnuRht hr lalltd to noUcr 
thP apprnnrhlnj trnin Th'' frnsht 
which hll him was ihf .vcond unc- 
tion of train llfi. northbound 

Coronrr K. K Krilev of Roarrs- 
vlllr lmnir<l;»tr:v i»a.< nn'itirri ot ih' 
acr;drni Rnrt Ir:; (or DiBgin« 

Cook \f J^lr^l^^d bv h:.^ w(» »nd 
four childtrn. Edwin Cook. JopUn. 
Mm Elhrl CKntrfll. Oklahoma CItv 
Vr' M.i\ Inhn'^n n'.nraii anrt 
Mr« ri"'in' f1riti''*rlt n.~~.". 

l"-.) -.r;):". acn C^cti * ami Fni- 
Diftt. waa found dead at a railroad 
rrrv«lnK one mile wu'h nf r>iegm.« 
and It was ihnuiht he had been 
stnirk by a train 

Ai the ;ime of ihe accident Cook 
waa looklrut for Louie Keller, fore- 
man of the 8. M. Hart Canning 
company plant, to a.<k him for 
work Tlif txjrt:. »a.« lakrn to 3ey- 

mnii- Kv <►•» C».— ''-■*"— HV -,i 

company. It will he returnr<'. t« 
Dleitlni for burial. 

run»ral a^rvlcca for Mra. MartarM 
Kbb«. 7t. who <il«<l Saturday at her home < 
•t ItV Worth Jefferion avenue, were held 
thla aftrrnoon at Cedar Bluff rhurrh. 
thr»« mnt% earn of Fair Oro^e Inlei- 
m#nl look place in Ihe Cedar Bhm reme- 
j t«ry In ebarge of J. W. Klintner Two 
I aeni and on# dauihier aurMve. ks fol- 
Krva: CbtriM AUtn of Bprlntflrld. B«rt 
Ebbs 91 Kanaaa Oitr and Mrs. Ida Wil- 
I ilamt of Kansaa Cirr 

' MBA. MART r.. fi.MITH 

I Funeral »«r»lc«« foe Mra Mar» C? 

■|-<wl *h. W. -w»» rfi«* JNtnrdaT at her hoitif 

I at 7M South rtamont avenue, met* helo 
thU Ait«moen at tbe Alma Lohmeyer 
hmcTAt chAp«l. follewad by Intermrnt in 
M«p!« Park cemetery. One aon. Nesbii 
I Bnith. aur>lTe«. 

Funeral aervic«s for C W Pate jti«. 
Mee of the peare of North Comptx-Tl lowr- 
i «hlp. were held thla afternoon in thf Ka.<'i 

• Avenue Baptlat church, with the n^^erend 
Earl W Trench officlatint Mr Pate 

! had been a member of this church for 

; manr yean and waa preaident of the men « 

Bible clas* there The church rhmr 'tne 

• • Tod«T." dtrectetl by Areh Bxirx^yr r»«ll- 
bearera were Charles Scoffer. -M t oo' 
den. U E rreeman. Charlr« Cc'O'^ i L 
Brunner and George Skidmore Hi-T'orarf 

Fallbearera were J. B Gooch. A .M M«i 
. leld. O. T Hamlin. Sam JtOinaton. W * 
1 Caldwell and B. E. Parrla. Interment will 
take plac* In ar««iUa«D MiaeMry Ui 
duurtc 9t J. W. Kltncner. 

runaral a«rvlcea for Mr» Carrie M. . 
i Smith, M. who died auddenW Safurdav 

• at her home at 3107 Koaera avenue, were . 
held «t RoUa today. The body waa sent ; 
tb*r« Sunday afternoon from the J. W. ; 

t-KWnner-VndeHaitfn* ctrnipanr here. Mm ' 

SinlUi hi survlred by three brothert and ; 

j thr«« tUtcra knd by one stc|>daufhter. I 




AVA. Mr> . Prpt Donald Pirt r. 

ff>n. t ypdrn old. son of Mr. und Mr* ' 
Bumey Smclotnn of Kn-n A\«. r!'<-<i 
from wh«l local pbyslcUn* pro- j 
.iuuineed^A cle*r cA«a oX iiyd foph o bi *. . 
Tht child WM bUt*n or. th« fiicr 
by » nnall pup >n May. Shortly aft- 
frwarda the pup dt»app*»rfd and wa* 
; fc-r:. -^-- U3 . 


Jacob jForcey. tl. died at 4 o'clock Sun- 
day nornlnc at bis bomc. ftlO Weat Lo- 
eoat str««t. aftar a short tllnM« He i* 
smrrlTed by hia wife, two boo5. Riley and 
fUweo* oX BprlncflaM. and a daughur. 
Mn. Oltis* Cowan of Nebraska OXiy. Neb. 
nmaral acnrleaa were beld thia aftemoen 
at l»To«p#ct cemetery In charce of T B 
Chaffln Undertaklnx company o( Oiark. 


and Mn 

vans, 10*nioatn!i-oid aon 
Jame< M. ETani of M5 

Hofih Weaver avenuf. dl«d Sundar e»»- I 
nina aft#r a abort lllnea*. runeral »#rr- , 
lc«a wcra held this afurnoon at Starnc'i | 

Page 1: A daughter Helen Louise Felton was bom September 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Bert M. 
Felton of Rogers. 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Newell M. Adams committed suicide.** 
Page 2: John Cook was killed.** 

Charles A. Brown died.** 
Page 10: Card of thanks.** 

^M"' i^'-^WW^'y^"^-''^ 



I Don't Deserve to Hansr; Adams Mutters 
Shortly Hefore Death Comes; Officers Be- 
N«^"«rM^«c!de Planned for Year in Event. 
S^tLasaUgal Hope Failed; Thanks Sheriffs 
' For Kindness. 

JJEWFXI, M. "DOBB • ADAMS, tripio .slayer under sentence 
i to hanflr At Bolivar Sopt«»mbpr 27. Ia<«t m'srht succeeded 

in choaUnjT the ksIIo'v.s by carryinj? out a vear-old oUn to 
I commit aulcidft. ' f •• «* 

mrf yj^^W^^ Cjr^gne county jail at 11:31 o'clock from^ 

r , " ffTa doadly p^^i.^'on which hr ;rrifp*'d in hi.s cell 
."hortly after noon ye.stcrday. 

J'l did not dr.«rrvr to han;r hiif r u'io<« I do«rrxed to 

die. Thoso up ro amon^ his la.n wr.rd;.. whi.ipered in the 

HjUfiience of his wife. Mcada Adams.. Sheriff Marcell Hendrix. 

Iftto^nl^^ several prisoners. Shortly bS«re 

-hedfed he a..ked .Shorfff Hendrix to rail a drn-tor '^ 

"I'm prettinK blin'^l." he .«aif| 


The pnlMin. a rtor.fn or more tab- 
j|lilU.k,whleb tba alayer awailowed fel- 1 


»li«'«<l lot* 
TowTni • nhort ron^»S»i»l< n with th» 
Myw|||««boui la^O yesterday afUr'- 
"(MM). workM qiilrkly Not W« th«n 
, tlv« mlnulM •»" he RulpM them 
InilMlViweonttf t« th« floor of hu 
OtUrRllbt^nO* *>'•'•' pil«)ner«. who 
•■Jhotitfrt for J«llfr Wllley 

nv rh» f|m» th' iKll^r Biirt th' <h'r- 
Iff gol hjm out or The rell »n<1 pUrf^l 
him on a until cot in tb« ouur o(lic« 
.ofOlM MU. h« WM In an ajonj of 
pain. Prom that tima til tha and. he 
^fttrtdw:ft-tbouaand-d«atha. ^ 

H« remained eonaeioua until tha 
lait. althdinh ha »e«ih«d unable to 
maka «otd« half an hour bafora be 
♦ ♦ 


The crImM for which he wa* len- 
lencfd to piiy the ««pr«me penalty 
occupied hf» minrt unci filled mum- 

' bled don»eriatlon« with hie wife, who { 
fmalnrrt with him lo ihe \in<.. «nd 
Sheriff Hendrix. 

'"""I wenn't at myself when I killed 
ihr wom^n." t\r mo»ncd He rrtfrrtd 
■r, Mr- ?1arah W*:.i;;i. h:« mT^'M:.- 
Uw. xiid MIM Zella SmcUlr. a friend . 

rof^U wife, both of whom died aa a I 
reRult of hin wild rempeRe. 
"Anyone who know* me knows I 

^'wouldftt have harmed a hair on \ 
iheir hf«<lA if I h«<1 been myself." 
he rontlnuert "I »s* Jii«t. rmry 
>i(e. I wanted to know 

•Ins hii i-eii'»n"- f omm'i'.ed 'o life 
imprwonment until Governor Henry 
S. CauUield I»n -seek rcfu^fd to 

! Interfere. From th«t time on hw 

' hopen faded end he drooped f!u«lly 
dfirtms "> ►"• hu own r«e'-:".'^i>»r 

rellow prUonem recalled l«»l n;?ht 
that Adam.* had often der'.ared he 
Mould never han? They at firs', 'ook 
h!m '-r> mean that he he:;e-.»d he 
*o\ilrt either ce*. a new tr:«l and a 
»»nei.'-f f.f !ite ;;\o!vnr.-.-. -•: ■'.■^' 
the »en'.erce would te rnmrr.ute-'. 

! Hia death by hla own hand explained 
h!* promi«e 

Ye.sterday morn'.ns rv^bb a.'ic'i '■•r 

•Jailer To call L I. Collin». one "t r> 
a»»o'Tie\« A 'el'ph-^ne rkl, "-:-•.•.■;• 

■«ori '.-^' rn::.u!t •^^•- ;. » ■• ■■■■ 
he roMlrt not mm* "o 'r' ."i '. 
V "That* » poor «ay for him •'> '^'> 
tfum'me down here a» rht uv he 

^fa?:- yiiia r^ ■ , - , ., a I 

llorney would havceoitia 
'not been «K^ 

•Well. I gue<w thafa right/- Do** 
i rnncluded. -^ 

. He then exited that V%.i\tt BtDdltS 
,bc aent to hun. Whta Um IMM, 
arrived ahorUy aflat TIlBoo. t W-wW 
I to Adama and aak#d what b* ■•aUd.^ 
I Mr. HendrU.'^y^e •»art«<l alowljk 

>Ti i.oT^ n'-iifn 

' I appreciate what you have dooa tar 

,F- ;•"•">,' ■■'t* 


ipMeada. hla wife, cried a» he talked. I 
'} Hla mind then turned feebly to • 

Francla DeArmond. ilie Springfield 
t^Wtlva *ho "•" ■•"•* *'*'"' '" *" 

atiempt to »«r'»"''' Artam* 

miW TO il !«TIKV *fT 

♦ ♦ 

•DeArmoi.d »l.'.i »i me fll«» h' 

rrled. If he hadn t ("one that I 

; wouldn't have ahot at him." 

, Adama Ulked freely with Bherifl 

I kandrli and Jailer Willey about the 

inolaon yeeterday afternoon. He ad- 

niiMM thai he had had 1' for nmre a •'■IT mi'l 'li"' 1' ^"'^'l 

, to Uke It If ef forte to aave him 

.from the «allowa failed He refused. 

however, to tell who amuggled It to 


He told .them that a •fellow 
' brought It to him ahortly before 
Meada. hie wife, tried to commit ■ 
nilrlde by taking pomon about a 
year ajo Officers were Inclined to 
ririivvr that Adam* and hl.^ wife h«'! 
framed a aulclde pact, but thai 
AM^rr.' " 'he la*' momer." ha'k'd 
,He tucked the poiaon a-^av ..-. •■.-.' 
^Wattreaa of hla cell cot. keeping in . 
mtnd 'he po««lb!Ilty tha' the dea'h 
.r-i'Ti" mIRh' e'anrt The q'i«nt;--. 
»h:'h hi\ wife took waji small and 
HM»w«W«fc#«V; ..-•■■ .:, - j_ ,^ '• 

■*i nr. iiK ««M I i»N T ii\N<. 

*■ - ♦ 

^^>Dobb had clung to hopes of gM. 

me. Tout* taated raa UK* • 
and I want to. thank jnni." 
"tttm abarlff . nptatoH^rA^ 

hla lotentloa t« tiM» alt 

ahke. refardleaa of wtet' UMt hM 
done. • . *^ 

-Wel>," Dobb wtimi ad. 1 •odMirt 
have expected better treatment." 

TT.en he expre*»ed deep blttemeaa 
for newspapers and rcportera. Ha 
I aeemed to blame them for moat of 
jhla trouble*. 

+ 4. 


♦ •♦ 

Mr. Hendrix was called away tkaa 
to anawer a tclepbetie. Joat aa b* mtm 
rk/*in5 the con^-ertatlon. fellow pru- 
op'ts <e1>': ''.r Mr W:".m~ Cillirg 
to Mr Hendru he ran lo Dobba e«lL 
Adams had colUpacd and vaa moaa* 

The Jailer at fliat thought Dobb 
waa "acting." BuM|k« sipiaaaloi'ia of 
aRony on hl.s tace loon caused them 
to real'.ze 'hat simethlnc was wrong 
They quickly placed the man on hla 
cot and the aherUt aakcd btm what 
waa wrong. 

' **bld you take aamatbtagr* - n^ 
Hendrix aaked. \ 

"Yea" IJobb confeaaed. 1 tOOk^ 
about a d'^zen blue-green pUla." ., ■^' 

"Polaon?"" the aherlff aeked. * 

tVibh r.'Klrt'd 

A hurry call waa made lor X^. 
rharlea A Oeorge the Jill phy«lelaa. 
If* »rrl-'<1 ahou' 10 m:r.';'«a la'er 
and " all possible emergeocy 
measures 'o save the man 




Adama^ death uk«a a burden, tnok 

the ahoMlders of Sheriff Roy Shipley 
of P'.IK 'r,'.:y. Tt*'. ofTl-er said la**. 


nljjhi tna*. he n»a planned to »tart 
«t>rk on constnictton of th« ^tloft: 
tn I"" "III r»rtl there next we«fc. -/- -v 
^ He air > had be«n «««ktog leital aA* 
vice on i.a! o£ sar^ty hear:zg Ha 
had heard that dtfcnae attan>«7s bad 
planned to seek one. 

Shlpl'v. ahfn lrform»d of Adama* 
art. ^.!l'l :!••.!« comment to mak«. 
From t.:n -.r/.r* ir laj evtder:*. :h«t 
he »»■• .'»;;»ved. 

Frar that he tnlch' rommlf «nl- 
ctde waa the only kind r,i r^ar that . 
Sheriff Hendrix felt toward .frtam*. he* 

"I was never afraid of A»*im*." Mr. , 
'nendrlz aald. **! don't bellcre he | 
mnild have harmed me or biit o( 
my deputlc.1. In fact, there are .«ev- ^ 
eral prisoners in her* r"-r <» ^'im i' 
had less faith in than Adam<. I 
WotUd not have been afraid to turn ' 
my tun ever to him. 

"But 1 have «l«i\« "icrn .-.rr,->.*.d ^' 
nil^:i; try -.o '.a;.? : -■' r " '•• 

Mr. Hendrix snid. "Several ha\e 

aald tii.1t he did not "•v- 'he I'.rr''- 
but I relt differently about »t. 
)S«a«ner Wi;'ey said" l^^t rfiuht ihlif| 
>i# had beM» planiilnR"— ro s*archt 
lAdaioa' nil ttaoraufchly for anjrtbtaSk 
that hr mlchl iwe 'n kill hlmiirir.'btiti, 
•'-ni othfr riiitlr« hi"1 k^p' him from 
It. , "... 

The NHtT wa« taken to the J. W. i 
Klliisnrr fimeral hrme' \y%t nicht. 
Arrnncmrp'^ for 'Vr- ;*in'"rfll hart n«t 
V'TP TTfrte !•«» nlrV' 

4 - -■♦ 


4. 4. 

Adsma* death en** one of Greene 
rovintys mo«i notorlon* rrlmlrsl 
«.T.s'.'«. AilAt..-. ■' - ■-' - *' ~ '"'."r 
of I ha l«o »orr.rii srrt D'Armond. 
the dctecUve. «s» plnrrrt in the 
Greene eotmtr Jail, where * mob ; 
p-i'V.rr^rl n"*^ •!•■'• Trnrrl 'o «*oiTn 1*. 
Bhfiiff Alfr.-rl Ourn nucccedrd :;i 
smMJClIn; Af" m« from the Jail and 
*\ '' l;im m •V>-> •Ar.'%(*s «o\ith of the 

11;. r.i-r •' ■= ^- • • •'^ P. •..•.«r o:; 
rhnnce of venue. \ Jiirv found hini 
millty of the mnrrter o.' De.^rmo^t!. 
Ten vn'pd for rtr.ith «rr'erre and t«o ' 
for life lmprl«>i'.nier.i. When the 
Jirv ?i'ird 'o r.crrr .Tiiflce C H. ■ 
^ , -r.rv./-^ •>•«% t*-' ■ • ^^yrv-ff 

nr<riise »;iori-.r-« Or;i<- (". Dirmrr 
and Kred A. Moon, then look an ap- | 
nrpi 1(1 •1'.'' <.'?'^ f'p'rp-* '■'>':-". Tlie 
court reversed 'he lerdi. » ."nri .*<nt 
the rsw bark for re»rl!>l. The ra«e 
wnit 'i-ken up hv the \\\:*\ "-our* o" r*-- 
hrar'.i'T •erurrrl bv .^»«'•■-:•• .\-'iy-r- 
General A. B. lovan. 

Th» .»i:prrnir r->-:-- ■•■rv r" 'rTd 
l'» forn'.r; r:rr|v.-i" -<••-■ ' \.- • •- •:->1r 
ft exermlon for F::f':iv Sr—rri''^^- 27 
Defense attorney.* then : .crt i-.o.o'. 
for rehearlnR. which was denied. 

Defense attornrvs then appenirt* to ' 
Governor Caulfltld. who rr;vi*ed to 

^^ _^ .CHAKUt* A. BKOWN 

-■5?'* <un«r»l aervvM lor Charles A. 

ef^'C* ''"^.A'*4. ■* noon yesterday at 
{^gbCfW. 1M7 Baat Brower street, win 
■RMWMJa th« retldenee at 930 o'clock 
'this mernlne Tfie botlv then will be 
[taken overland to Pleasant Hope crme- 
Uifir. ^Acar Mountain Grove, where an- 
fltlwr%vmcc will be held Burial will be ' 

under direction of J. W Kllntner. He is ; 
iaurvlvrd bv his wire and bv lour daiiRli- 
M«n.' ••follows: Miss Latira Bell Drown 

of Rivera, Csl ; Mi<s Rnlh Brown of 

Springfield .Mr« Frin.inl W.iolr.df of 
. Klotintain Oro^e. and Mr» .lames Rnper. 
'of Oklahoma Five »on«. V'Ireil. fart clar- 

enre. Clifford and Murrell. all of SprinK- 

lield. also stirxhe. 

iggins Station 

inU had not been 
for John cook, m 
^latorerof Dtnlna. Me . who was killed 
lay morning when 'le 

J a fast fftliht train I 

,nrv the FrlofO station at D.kBins. He ' 
waa M.uck by the ,....„.! .eciu.,. of 
.'northbound freight No IVi 
■'' •Tbe body w»s taken to seymotir by 
Vlh* Seyomur Undertaking company, 
> lollowing the accident. 

Cook waa aeeklDK Louie Keller, fore- 
' man of the 8. M. Hart Canning com- 
pany plant, to aak lor wort.. wh«n *i» 
' was strtirk. ^^^■^■■pift.jt* * 

II» n nir\|\M^^nlfTmfTatt«ri«*»1f ■ 
children. Edwin Cook. Joplin. Mrs 
Ethel Cantrell. Oklahon-.a <n\ M- 
Mary Johnson. Duncan: and Mrs 
»f1arlnc Brunback. Oiggina. 


j"^l« rrnr* a Hue _ 

IN loving mfmor» of WE iBovd'~B-ir- 
ruughs, «.'io psisrri s«iiy uto jf«r» ijn 
today. Ueareil Boydle: How - we mus 
you. and our lirsru »iili criff trr filled. 
We are al»sy.i lonKioz. hMenln; lor 
your voice, which now i« milled. Badly 
;. misiird by Mother, Father snd Relatives. 
Bfpl. 10 

T— —^ 

>l tnRi.\<.(- I.ICI.N^I>^4B| 

Trd Hsrrl.«. 7ft nt A'h r;-o-» 
^^^ Olaths Meek. 21 of E venon 

22. and NqI* Mc>. I 
hoth «f OaJena- Wsf"* i 
'. E^Owacris. 23. snd Je'»ni Sheopard. 1« I 
,bothi<6r Willard. Geore* Sheppard. l«. 
'and nora Da'^* tO ho»h of WtMsrri 
»"•! F!::- H W»hh. 2.^ t-* r*-,'-'.-'*- - 
, Msxey, lA. ho'h of Sp;in;':»;<i. ' 

LTbaodcra . po~* 


Page 1; Newell "Dobbs" Adams committed suicide.** [This is a long article and 
only part of it is given here.] 

Page 2: Annis J. West was appointed guardian of Robert H. Coonis, 1 1. Mr. 

West will administer the estate of Sadie A. Coonis. 

A daughter Marion Lee Ward was bom September 7 to Mr. and Mrs. 
Manin Ward, 534 South avenue. 

F. W. Ca\e was appointed guardian of his grandchildren.** 
Page 6: H. S. Lanenberg died.** 
Page 12: Charles A. Brown died.** 
William H. Mills died.** 
Card of thanks.** 

Triple Murttav Rrffifli'HIt 
Vow That Thfty^'fftwr 

Hang Me' 

POISONED EVEfti^^ittllv 

Wife Whose Divorce Soil 
Drove Him MadJ^iirrtt^ 

Him at the &id 


Dobb Adanu last jacti^t fnl- 
filled an oM prrnntup.-Vr- i . 

"They'll never hanf a*,* 
hp .*Rid lonjr ago. It ^»«s t»k- 
cn &s bra«:^docio, mti ipto^ 
•rrilod rriflly Th«y^ ntvar 
nang mc." he aaid. Stilt peo- 
ple smiled— that wia iht de> 
I fiance of deq;>«r»Uoiu rJ^ 
I fatuous hope of » Tiljar-|ft> 
I sane with fear, ntvaiag^ to 
I face th« facts. 

ln» ol hia cou »doui me Mit oi a 
man-i hand. In whtch the ubleu 

had been h'.ddrn A Ihoroueh search 
(allfd to reveal any more of ihe 
poison, and It la believed mat Adams 
swallowed all he had. 

Adams' wife, Meatla. stayed with 
him until his death. Meada Adams 
immediately Ule«raphcd his brother. 

! John Ad»ms. In St. Louis, who ar- 

i rived 111 Sprlii>;rield thi.s morniiie. 

' AdRPib' body wab taken to the J 
\V. Klmtnrr and roinpnm fiiiir'-»l 

■ iKimr. »na Mrada Adam.i '.til dt.'.- 
iijte Biid .^Irui orders not to permit 

I "We've been buUragged' around so 

'much that I think It's time to stop, 
now that the man l.< dead— I «m go- 
ing to quash publicity, 11 Its the 
last thing I ever do," she sa;d this 

ll<ill\»r ,*lifrlff Krllrtrd 

! One man. dlUii'iieh hr rrfinri TO 
rotiiniriu on th* «iii:«tion. 1> un- 
doubtedly rfUrvrd by Adinis suicide. 
Hr 1< Sli".ff Rrv 5h!t>!fv of Polk 

■roimty. »lio »oiild have li»rt lo haii^ 
Adam* h»d he lived imlU September 
27. H» »»' plminlnR to befln build- 
in/ the g»Ilo«» in the Jul y»rd •: 
Bollv«r ncit vie*k .frtums «•*-« Ulrd 

roimty. So g-fi *"» ••■-••» ;-..•♦-.■■•> 
lh«t nhortly »fter hi» arrrst he wts 
spirited out of the county tnd kept 
in hiding by fherlU AUred Oaeja lo 
s\o:rt » '.m.-hln? 

1,^1 ,. .< rr.;: S." •.vf^ « ••-■\ :: \ 
g;«d lo '■'■ :<■ >■•>"•■•• '■' "' ' '' "■ 
duty, qtuie a UrRe numtxr of men 
«re dl»»ppolnte<l thit Adam« «m suc- 
res*Hil in thasrtlnc the Is* They 
«re the ones who hoped and pUcned 
to »ee the hsngliig 


Man Found Dead 
i In Hotel Room 1 
From Hemorrhage\ 

tr worker who«« hoeaa U b«lle»ed to ! 
b» 111 >llnii««poll». wo found dewl 
In b«<1 »i his room up«UJr» at, ^06 
Boon»me a»rnue ••rly tHU rDornlni. 

Dr. Murr»T C. 8too«. Ore«ne coun- 
ty coroner, »Ut*d following exsralniv- 
Uoa ot the body that • hemorrhage 
«ks the e*u»e of death. The roar. 
hAd complained to other roomera at 
the BoonMlle avenue addr«« of lisln 
in hLa luiigx. 

LocBiMTg bftd nv«a at BOe Boon 
TUIe amea AprU V. He waa aald to bt 
• myMm^ttmr Of tb«'UooM lodfa And to I 
h*T« fam«d 8«T«rmJ •cquaintaaeea '■ 
here'throuRh hl.^ ■work ha h cnrrxi 
UXi«.efer. iic ii»u fv vaneiy cX gcxxJ 
tool* for leather work and (eiaeral , 
rtpfttrtng in hl« room. 

Th« body wa» dre«»ed In under- 
ft ^tey^trtf ■■h«n tniinA _UiJls iTVirnlng , 

tiTtHtInf thst til* nun might have 
•tttmptMl to drcM and reaob a phy- 
ileUn » that he fell dead Jvist »« he 
ntand far ttie nl«ht. 

Th«. body WM taken, to tba Xlrn- 
hohOMjn funeral home, a^aitin^ the 
noalpi ot InatructJona from • •« 
«be Utw In Uinneapolla. 

At>nl« J. Weit WM appointed 1 
fuardlaa of Hoberta. Connia, U. thu • 
momln« in probau court. -He will j 
admlnliler the eiUt* ot Badle A. ■ 
Connli. ralued at approxlmitely | 

■ ; 

ctuMiMM A. mmown — 

runerai aerricei for Charlea A. Brown, 
who died Monilay noon at hla home at 
1107 Ka«t Brewer »treet, were held at lb# 
r#»*d«tKe at f-.K u 'e kx.X tn» monum. T*e 
ho4f WM tb«s takan to PUM*ni Hop* 
e«m4t«i7 6**r UaaaUta Orore. wber» i»- 
«tbtr B«rT»«« waa to ba b«Jd. J. w. 
Kan«n«r b%i chart* of arraafemrata. Mr. 
Brown la aurfUad by hla wlra^ aad four 
datnhUra ajul Cte aoaa, aa foQoan: Mlaa 
L«ora B«n Brown of Rlrtra. CaL:; Ulaa 
Rath Brown of 8prlMfl«ld; Mri. Bdwar4 
Woolrldta of Mountafo Oni-« a&d Krt. 
Jamea Rop«T who ll»ei In Oklahoma; ajjd 
VlrjlL CarL aarance. Clifford, and Umt- 
rell Brown, all of Bprinjfleld. 


Willltm H Mllln '«. of Kaniaj Cut. 
a pioneer renard o. i.jrcr..i: » - .. --.^ 

Springfield, died B«plember 5 IQ Kaaa*» 
City foUewtnt a krUt UlfiMa. Be wu w*U 
kiMWD lo Uve Otarka. bariAc raaidad in 
thia taction (or almoat 40 ytara. B* ts 
cwTTlred by hia wulow, BarLMa of tba bofoa 
addrew. three aoni, Arrh. ef Sprln* field. ' 
J. lu of Webal«r Urora*. aod T. B. of 1 
Kaniu City, and two rirt«n. tm. Nannl« { 
Oaua, of Sprincfleld. and Uit Sarah , 
Push, ot Brown Bprlnfa, Mo. runaral art- | 
tlcei were conducted laat Saturday in 
Kanui City I 

2-eAROl Of THAIKl, I" 11111011811 

le ceiUa o Ha« 


OT ioflnf m'n^orr of W. « '"«Td' ._- 
Tou.i.., *:'o pa**r<l away t,»l y*»r»J*a 
today. EHarail Boyote: 

How we 


1 a«« 




;7u and our hiaru with t.lef arr flfle^. 
Wr are al..>^ lomirw. lU..nU< for 
,our NOlre. wlucfi now U '^-i'^i.,.?^' 
muaed by Moth^. Father aod B*UU»a*. 

Bcpu to. 

Mr. ana Mr«. Marrtn Ward, M4 
South aranua, announo* the birth of 
a dauthUr. Marlon Lee. Saturday. 
8ept«mber 7. 

P. W. Care »»» appcinietl g'.;»:d;»n 
of hU goindchildren. Blllle Care. 15. 
Howard Carf. ii. snd Jacl Ca\e. 6. . 
thla morning in probate court. The 
children are the minor h»ir» nf 
gTerrtt Cat* and aie«l« Cave. Tbe 
caUta U valued at appnxlinat«ly 


Page 1; Newell M. Adams died.** 
Page 2: Hiram Randolph died,** 
Page 3: H, S, Lanenberg died.** 
Page 4- Miss Charlotte Maxey and Mr, Ellis Webb were married.** 

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Woodruff celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. 
Page 14: Mrs. Anne Harshman died.** 




Mxx. Aniie Har*hm«iw 34. dl»d yf^*»t4^f:k 

■ftercoen In • hbtplltf h^rt ^ollowln^ *n ^ 
ut«iu]e4 lUneu 'Shf u lurrivrd by her i 
biubftsd wad tvo aaialWeblldrtfl. Puoarmt^ 
•mnremenU. in' eharce of J. W, KUnf*' 
fler, Are ioc«mplet«. 

THOUGH plans for the funfral of 
Newell M. "Dobb"' Adams, con- 

guard • 
M with t^hf utmost Berrecy. It wn"; 
lb*ll»v*d imt night th«t nervlcM 
would be beld at the borne of Elmer 
Vyngjrmtlie boo Woek of Weet Pine 
«9«ttr«Va o'clock tbu afternoon. 

Detail* of the funeral, which were 
Imsde by his widow. Meada Adams. 
' wfre known only to her. a few close 
(rienda and J. W. Kllngner and Com- 
pany, the undertakers In charge of 
the bo(te. 

Mrs. Adams gave orders that the 
arrangemenu be kept aecret and 
allow no one to view the body, 
nmalned bebl^id locked doors 

Tlie place of burUl »L(>o «.bs br- 

ing closely guarded by those in 
ehargtof tlM funeral and Intemient. 
It wss recsllfd thst Flo'fni of Mrs 
Adams. »horlly sfter his trlsl snd I 
conviction at Bolivar, had declared 
that they would not permit tola being 
burled near hia mothertnlaw. Urs. 
Sarah Whalln. whom he killed. 

I Adsmx. St thst time, exprf^wed the 
wish to be placed bealde^her grave. 

The secret of the la st rifa wa* 

'k*p»atr«o'(raai'AdBna*'aUonM9a •»< 

i( the sheriffs office, lent It leak out 

II to the curious public. 

;♦. -^ ♦ 


; ♦ 



I Altho\ieh It w«« tmrterstoort thst 
the sen-lcea would be held at 
the home of the Ryans, who were said 
to be oloae frienda of Newell and 
Meada, a change may be made today 
In an effort to keep the public away. 
Inquirers were Informed at the 
funeral borne yesterday that no def- 
inite funeral arrangments had been 

I iitiuie. 

I Mrs. Adams expreseed the hope that 
! the funeral be a private one. Inas- 
ladfiOfiMtoWtU had paid the debt of 

ymifi^i aoBlety. A pubUe funeral. 

aha l>eleleed, would attraet only a 

nppA of (h* curlou*. 

V i l I It ' -< ■■ 

-A» far a* Greene eoui^ cffleera 

sre concertied. th^ »lsyrr> suicide of- 
(iimii) i:...^!-.-- one of the ouiManoing 
crlmlnsl r(u«es In the histonr of the 
county. No ctforis will be msde. 
Sherlft MKrcrll Hendrix »aid. to de- 
termine who smuggled the poison 
Into the Jail «nd gave It to Adanm. 
Attorneys Interested In criminal 
practice dUcu«3<ed the effect the 
state supreme court's ruling uphold- 
ing the death sentence might have 
on future murder case*. Many seemed 

• to believe thst the cs<>e will be »n 
outstanding one and i>er\e as a pre- 

l cedent for future nillns?. 

The upholdlns of the trial courfa 
verdict br the high court placed It 
on record aa holding the sUte capital 
ptmlsbment law valid ai>d constitu- 


Fiircral srrsnccmTit.' had n<i- hrrr 

mf(\r l.iM nicht tc.r II S. Lsi-.c- .hcrr. 

.'n-vrar-old Irn'liT 'JTRrr. r I.'v t ■ 

lound df(>d In his room «t .TOfi B"or.. 

vllle avenue eRrlv yc«terd.Ty m-imini. 

pciKlInc uord from « f^n :ti Minn' 
I spoils. Minn. 

j Dcnth Tf.'uHrrt from s hrmorrhme. 
■ II »n.< miiiouiirrd bv Dr M:rr'V C 
' Stone. Orecne coron"".-. Jo'.- 
j lowlnp an rxsmlnatlon of the boiv 

I.nnrnbrrr Imd rnmplalnrd 'o other 
I roomers of pain in h:$ I'lr-- 

The man. whose home M of.. ■ . 

to have been In MInneanoi-.s. lisd 
I lived at the Boonvllle addrejw sine? 
' April I. The bodv l» In charce of ;he 
' Alma Lolimeycr funeral home. 

W 'eddinn A ti n iversary 
Is Celebrated \ 

Mr. and Mra. John P. Qass of 431 | 
Cbeny atrtet,- wUl ehterUln with a j 
(flhaimlot dinner party at their home 
tbla erenlng honortng the fiftieth 
wadding annlrereary of Mr. and Mrs. 

The (Hnln7 mhle w lU h' sMrn^tlvrlv 
dfforarrd with plnlt dftlilla' "nd pinK 
tapers In silver holders. Those who 
Will bd entertained are: 

Mr. and Mrs. CIsude Woodruff 

Mr and Mr» Will W. Wood 

Mrs. BVlruUr PaJmtr 
<w.'Mlaa Oraee Pateer 

Mr. Waller Woodruff 

H»ttT Woodruff 

Sua C«rol>n Woodruir 




^^ i*«jw<n w»« relfbnttwl l«iit nljtht 
•V • O'clock when MIm CharlotU' 

J^pMy|^b•CMB• ^tb* jtorMa ot Mr. 
'UtoW^b. BOii of Mr.' and Un. Har- 
der Webb. _ ' 

^^Tli« roiw wtre »«c^»ng»«' •! •h • 
glmpcOTlwd aluir in (rootot tbt 

!%F>»llow roM*. Mr. Eltaworth M«»»y. i 

brother of the bride, wm Mr. Wrhb> 
bent mail. 

rollowlng the peremony a wertdlnit 
dinner w*» Mrred In the dlnlnR-room 
■ Vm table was elaborately deco- 
tlth autumn flower*. 
^♦Un. Webb left for Kansan j 
City. Where th» will apend their 
honeymoon. Tney will make their 
In Canit>l>cll, Mo. 


of, Ozarks 
at Niangua | 
ligf Tllndss 

TJiriUi e1urTaanth«rau«u In riudta 

of yellow end whlt«. Chrraanttae- 
|i|M«tB'«b»iHuaosbad«a ««n UMd ! 

In iMwrtwIon throughout th*' houae. 
Tlte Reverend Mr. Dewey Short read ^ 

/the ««r«moey In the pr«aene« ot e 

i ntimber of relatives and fricnda who 
had Bothered Jor the <iervlce. 

I Mr. Olen Siambncli played ihr 
ur-'^rt.riK ii.niili f:,'iii I.<"lii u^i '" »^ 
tha bride approached the altar on 
the arm of her father. He atao play- ^ 
•d the Lleberauaum aottly during the 

t^tnnoBr. and 'the Mendcltaohn wed- : 
dlttg march a* the bridal party left 
Ihr aUar. 

The bride waa lovely tn a gown of 
white chiffon, made prlnre>« at vie. ' 
Her white tulle veil w«"> catighl to hrr 

I head with a wreath of tiny orange 
bloammn and pearU. She farrlrrt a 

' ahower bouquet of white roues and 

'loranga bloeaomi. 

* Ri « f Iioutaa Maiey. the bride's only 

^nendant. wore a smart frock of^jel- 

jg^gforgetM and carried a bouquet , 

HIrRm Randolph. 70, one of the , 

I earlleat acttlcrs m the Ozarlu, died i 

'at 3 o'rlorlt yealerday afternoon in | 

his farm home, seven miles eeKt of i 

NIangua. Mo., following an extended I 

UlneM. Mr. Randolph had been ini 

ill health for several years. A fenner I 

'all his life, he h»« hren art;v» in' 

jdBlrj'log for the pajii 10 years. I 

Mr. Randolph waa a member of the 
I Odd Fcl'ow.i lodge at G.o.-? Sprlnc. 
'Mo. for the pan 25 vears nn:1 ^r« I 
pronilneutly Identilied in its wo:ii 
4a aurrtvcd by bis ^ttfft Mrs. 
iph] two daugh9MV<Mrs. 
Nlangua nrata 1. 
.''Cora Bestal of Conway; two 
sons. Omar of Caldwell. Idaho, and 
Ray of Nlangua. route 1; one brD-her, 
Prank Randolph of Van Bureo. Mo.: 
and t#o sUt«ri. Mra. America Jordon 
'anrt-Mp" Porter Hendfr»on of Hart- 
I Tllle. Mo. 

^^|U|val.aef vices will be held at the 
yWrew^rturch Wednesday afternoon 
n 2 30 orlo^k. «l»h the n«'^«":pnd 
^§fjp h Jone* officiating. Burial will 
iMltiliUlV'Bttlcka' eemetery. 

Page 1: Newell "Dobb" Adams was buried in Eastlawn cemetery. Meada Adams 
is his widow. 

Page 2: Bessie Davis, a minor, sues for divorce through her mother Mrs. Cora B. 
Pummill of 612 East Pine street. 

Mrs. Anne Harshman died.** 

Origiliaus Newcom died.** [The funeral home record says Orgilis 

Hiram Randolph died.** 
Miss Lucretia W. Thomas died.** 
Page 12: There is an item about newspapers in Ozark, Mo. 
Page 16: Miss Charlotte Maxey and Mr. Ellis Webb were married.** 



Uila Bornlxic at hla hMM fti Itlt 
Dataware ovaaoa. Urn to aarrtvad ky 

wife asd arrera] aaiM and «*iicbt«ra. 
W. Kltacaex ta In chare* of 


i Mr*. Aime Harahmac. M. d^ed Ui* Tue»- 
I day la a boapttAl b^* after a kmg tUjaaea. 
I She is awrriTod by her kr-^kond a»d two 

• mal' rh-l/frei PurU? »('! h* '.n nat*:- 
I «ofi4 temevery in cnarge of J. »'. KJ'Of- 



In <1*«lh, N^wpU "Dobb" A(1»m« 
today «M mArmiiMtotf oMj mr vam 
who I0T«I hba-4hl* man what* Bit 
had be«o on* of »loH»e»— Who Sad ; 
won Uic tftnd of hl« fellowa 

All »tr»ntfr» wtre barrtd frooi hiJ 
funeral, a tlmpl* »<nrie« In a prl- ^ 
raU room at the Klln»neri funeral 

! The mTV\er wai rntlreir t" '•" 

• naniti of women— It wa* a woman 

, who In loothlnf. rhythmic wordt In- 
'.-"'d ihr - — "" -■■-• •' - ; 
It aa* a trio of women"i voice* lh»t 
Mn( »t the end. "Nearer. My God, 

'. to Thee." 

(Inlr Krnre Allrnd 

I 11 «>« women who were th» . 

.mourner*. mo«ly — chief amon« ' 
Ihfm hln wife M'«di. moanlnt; iind 

:»obbln« throughout the nervlrer. 

I Oh. oh— How can I Rive him up 

Mlkp Ihl.O- 

In ihp clo.»fl.v runrded room. Art- ; 

tmi Uy Jn a Br»y casket. Only 

(bout JS person*, member* of hi* 

'family md moet lntlm»te Jrlendf 

i itiendPd the wrvloe »nd viewed 

I HmAM »Vl??K?L-r* farmer 

' ,ral we*k» He "",^l,^omty 't-^^* 

I Adami for the l>*t time u the fin- 
' ■! hymn wa.« mine. 

Frx-'r»I rnlnrfiil «prfl'« r»f 'Inn »'-' 

decorated the funeral room and ihf 
I rrave. 
I Meada Adam*, dreaaed in almple 

black, her face red with weeplns. 

left after the lenrlcc on the arm of 
a frl«nd. 

FoUowlnff the •errlce, the thort, 
Md prrvi»Mlnn miir'» )♦« w~" •- ' 
AmIMwii eBawleiT. 

mt b«rt*l. ■ Ih th» _ ^ 

ilM kto BoOicr-la-tow. IA«'«aJ«h 
Wbata. wtoeoi ha kOM te UmJ 
nnpac* o^ btaoddttal r«r wMeli ta« I 
ptM. by hla own band, tha ulU- 1 

mate penalty. 
Adan* had bam drroted to Un. '_ 

Whalen. hU wlfen mother, and after 
hrr death he betced thai ne mifbt 
be burled beside her. At that tune. 
memt)»r« of lh» fwniW ff-iv.* t*^ 

today In the name eemeten. but on: 
on the «ame lot. 

He wa* burled wlthoot any buna! 
permit having been K«-:<-i »■ \h' 
city hall. 


brrtber. Frank KMmSoipti -^ * " Adat ' 

,n<l Mr. PfTVrt ^Lu 1- k«*J •* tt>« 

I S^,k. rt«r«h at J^ ***r^' rurel* ! 

■ Mflclal-. 

1 Mii»fi i.rciwTiA w rmoMAn 

tea* Uien-ua W_Tbe»»i. "-^ t^ 

i i5isrrSL2s^«in.*re".r.2^ 

l^- hSr Unt^To^rrr Tho»a.^ aodjM. 

??St*A. %»i i^ 5j" "' «:^^ 

:*"7;^er'*Mr* ^ttr HartJm.n cf Lc. An- 
..Lm IAo ar,d one brt»'J>»r ". w 

m' i» it»a' "ifco-^n^ fieatapt ce y^ e^y 

Aam WtUU, • MMntt«d 

•trooa oo atnet coniar aifiuncnt. 
«M one* ttmrdlBC ca » maoo train 
going louth. He waa arstilnc poll- 
Uca with wveral white* on leaving 
Sprliicfleld and tlUs kept up until 
the Arkansas line waa reached. 
Then the Jim Crow car was nltnch- 
rd .iiiil 1,(1 one ^n' on u, Mt r:tr v a^ 
rnllrrly rniply. ■ r«iiv m'- ^."'1 
White, "my private car la ready and 
I must RO " It crrntcd a lauRli and 

thing* to his own advantage He 
used to like to argue wlUi Harry 
McOregor, the Texa.'? statesman, un- 
til one day McOrcRor told him "I 
don't care to argue politics on the 
street with a nigger." 


Ellis Webb 
Are Married 

QHE of llM loT*ll*«t wr<idlnKt cf 
tb« unaon win lb* M*xrr-Wri>b ' 
waddlBg Bt • o'clock teat •vcntng at | 
lb* bMutUul Mas«T horn* "Ttit Cc- 
Mt*." ea' OlMiMonk Mli;. wban >U« | 
ICh«rtottf Mkhpt. ddirbtnr of Mr «nd 
. Mri. OlU M»ry, bccam* thr bridr / 
I of Mr. nilt Webb, aoo of Mr. and 
I Mr*. Hartti Webb. 

iTlit MTfiboajr took plar*'^ tranl of .' 
an ' Imprortaed alur of yetlo* »nd ' 
white chrjrunuternuinii iti frf'tit r: 
jlha huire tlr*plece. Chrrsuul>»m<im> 
I were u»ed In pmf«i«lnii *• (•»rrir>. 
jflon thro<i«hoiil inr |i..n'> 

T!ip Rf^^rrn(1 Mr l>r'A." «. • -• , . 

Ithe ofllclatlnir mliil*irr anrl -m'A • 
few Intlmete frlrnda nt ihr joiint 

'rouple in(hr>r<i for 'li^ "rr. ,, . 

I Lohrniiriiia .V»iidiin Mor'h «a« 

TPlBltli tiy Mr. ai»n BUmbarh aa «h» 

jbrldt >nlerr<l th* rorun on <hr arm 

of her father. Mr. ftnoibm h |.is)ti. 

the Llrbrratrauni »ofilv Thrriii<h'>'i' 

the cerenionj' and M«-iidri»»r.|,-.> (>,._ 

rr^Monal at thf bridal parr> \r:\ v.-.r 

j altar. > 

The bride «aa loipir In « j,,«n of 
|«hlU rhlffon Her vhli* ii,l> >-il 
' M-aa ratichr ro !t**t r»-,in -^ ..^ ,. n-r:.--, 
c( llin (>;nlii;e l>i(;vMiinM .,;,,: (>euri* 
Bhe •-Krrlrd l> ult'iser iKxiqiiet ntuM-' 
rT>«ea ar)d orange t)loH«om« Mi«s Lflu- 
l*e Maxpr si'*^- ,,f '^^ l,r;''r »»:(• 
»he onir aiw-niiai;', w.-* »rlii,u < :-. f. 
I ton and rarrir<| '.r;;,,* roiwa Mr 
.ni«»<)rlh MIH.-V « :»f: a< (kh- man 
I Alter the cerrmon; a weOdlnf din- I 
I ncr waa aerrtd In tha dtnlDf rxMNn 
I where the table waa elaboratelr der- ' 
oraird vl'li rhr^iuiii'Iirmiirr.' in ihe 

'^■Mo* rtd'l y) .■ -.- tnl'-rr.r 

Imnir(l:»'( Iv .rirr the Mr 

; and Mr«. Webb left for Kaoaaa Ctty 

wK*r^ fh*i- *•-*•• •-^r-'* •»»^'- ^.,.^. . 

moon. They mill b» at home .n 

■ Campbell, Mo. 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Edwin Cox committed suicide Monday. He was instrumental in bringing about 
construction of the dam across the Osage river. 
Page 2: Artliur F. Pranter died.** 

Origillaus Newcom died.** 

Miss Lucretia W. Tiiomas died.** 
Page 10: Card of thanics.** 



Word has been received by three bro- 
thers nn a non In Sprlnfgleld of the death 
or Arthur F, Pranter. 62. nt \\\^ Far. 
Dttgo. Oallf.f )xune late Tuesday night. 
The body will tofe brought here, arriving 
;n'r Moiulay "r Turtrlnv. for burini In 
IIn7pl«ood rpmefprv Mr Prnr.trr Inert 
Hierr for a number of rear*. Iitrfnir movMt 
to the wf.«!tern citv about i«lx venrs ngo. 
Re i« Rurvlved by his wife, three daughters 
and three sons at the home address: one 
.«on. Fritz Prnnier.- of Sprlnefleld: three 
hrothff.'!. John ^Jt Dr. V. C. nnd Fr^d 
r. Pranter. ail cp Springllfld: and tl^rrr 
.•l.«;frr.«. Mr.<!. J<S«ephliie Fosppt-man. Tiil<-a. 
Okla.; Mrs. W. G. Williamson. Tulsa. 
Okla., and Mrs. John T. Albert, Chjcago. 

ORir.lM.M S NKWiO.M 

0:I:;inaMs Nrucom. 72. riird ii! 7 fi'r'n' k 
\f*l(»rdav moriiiiiK at Yi\- '..•-)u.^ ?• !''!" 
Nnrih Dflawarp avcnur Hf l.«; .«ur' i\Pd bv 
.'lis wi(e and .several .>-on.": nr.d dniicl'.'ri-v 
•T W KllngriPr l.«; tn rharpr of arrantic- 
mrni«. whlrh are Incompicf. 

rnfil/^ *?i,-"l' ^''J" *•"«>• had nevrr 

'ntered th« home but turely Ood knew 

#.l*.u'' """'"l by Mary \»n Wacn and 
■ ■tniiv. 


Funrral services for Mi.'^.i Lucrriia W 
Thomas, 82. who died vr.'^tprdav niornma 
nt the home of her p.iete. Mr.s. John 
HuchPR of Willard. Mo . after a lone 
nine.";.":, will bn held ni 2 .10 o iloc^ 'l.-v 
flftrnioon at the Pre.sbvterlan rhurrh in 
willard followed bv burial In Mount 
t'Ipn.saiit cpnirfrrv undT cl;r<^rr:!!i nf •] r 
Oreenwade funeral home s.^.e t<i ^.u- 
vivcd by one sl.stor. Mr*. Rpt'v Hardman 
of Loa Angeles. Cnl.. and one brother. 
W W Thomas of Willard Mi<.<: Thomas 
wa.s born in Trr.nes.spp and tame to Mi.">- 
.soiirl with her fa'her w h( n a \o.;i< 
^tn!i--!r>. T!iev ^eMled on a f.-^r'n In Oreriip ' 
rourrv thrfc ir.:'- - •.v--t t.f V.' :;,>:d. 


Herahel Blma, 18. and Wllnui 

. BUdM^ tt^bojUlof Billing*: and Lcroy 

Tcotaw. SKaniarlora LlndHpy. 31, both 

of Springfield. 




Page 2: Divorce cases were heard.** [This is part of a longer item.] 

Miss Lucretia W. Tliomas died.** 

Arthur F. Pranter died.** 

Origillaus Newcom died.** 

Homer Fare died.** 

Richard Jenkins died.** 

A daughter Ann Louise Sheridan was bom September 5 to Mr. and Mrs. 
Homer Sheridan, 2220 North Keliett avenue. 
Page 12: Memorial notice.** 
Page 14: Miss Stella Smith and Mr. Norman Blount were married.** 

n'^yv,^ fe,: 


^ti:^.i>aj ^ 

Thursday' Is End 

r -A Uigt ^juiuh ff ct t faow Itrtbr, 
^ourtvQOib WW0 vrauMiL It wm ton* , 
tMinttlt' to Icnov irtddi of tlianj 
were then u UUg«nU or witnesses. 
tan tbe boUocH of the oouzt, »nd 
whkh we merdjr cmioas onlook- 

ffC ■.■-•-. 

Th#. !»n*clf1c cfuw which 8e«med 
to eaU forth the ruling— although 
tbe judge had repeatedly protested 
tlM nolce In the e uurtr oom before— 
WM that of a man aeeklng a dlTorce 
Mdi tbe euatodj of three small chll- 
'4iisL An* aStamey rfepreeenttng 
tbe wife's father rose to ask a oon- 
tlnuatlon of the oaae unta further 
InXormation coultf be f'.lfd ^n4 tb» ' 
defcDdantu represented by counsel 
now out of the city. 

A Snake's BeHgton 

"I can tell you all about that 
Udy's (his wife's) father." the 
plaintiff Interrupted, '^e'a worth- 
le8»— he's been married six tlmea, 
and ^'1 a preacher.'* After some 
dispute the Judge flnaUy sUenesd 
the attorneys, and they silenced the 

litter, ret^yint to his attorney's , 
question, tbe plaintiff said that his 
falherlnlsw "is sn ordained mlnln- 
ter. all right, but he hasn't got no 
more religion than a rattlesnake." 

In spite of the warnings, the 
crowd In the couri room ru&red, and 
Judge Schmook Interrupted tbe 
hearing to order a record of his 
ruling tboUshnlg "Big Thursday." 

He then heard tbe rest of the 
case, and deferred his decision. It 

e's Stidden 

will come up again on September 14. 
Cases Disposed Of 

The following ca*es came up Ir. 
Judge Schmook'8 court this morn- 

Llllltn Raetor 8»rn«tl« TrrM* ChtriM 
BarnctU, c«n(tnu*4 to October 1«. 

Dlla U. Burgo Ttrtua OharUy H. Burt«. 

Bertlt B«««Jrr Yernit PttCT Buntltj, dli- 

Nflll* H Brandon vrnui Jo« E. Bra.-- 
don. f<>ntmuf<5 »nh Ottob^r IS »«1 •« > 
UotatlT* data tor tha hrannc 

AUre Bills Ttraui Lonnlr Bltfi Jf:r^ 
and euatodV of two isfaoc children award- 
ad Mra. Btffa. 

Mary A. iurtr Ttrint Pranto Sttrar. 

Ino» De PUh«r rrrtui K B ru^e^. con- 
tinued to Octot>«r 17 

OUIa HarnSon v^rtua J, R. HerBden. 
eonttnucd to O«<ob«r It. 

Bra Marl* Chlttim vrrauf Xriint Alftad 
Ohltttm, continiwd to i o cloc^ thu aiitr- 

Baaato Ca|la vama Xatbart Oa(U. ptaiiS 

to tha nail term of court. 

Ob*a OrahaiB Camp vcriua Ocerga U. 
Oaaia. eabUanM t« S«ptaiBb«r 3$. 

Mu t b ta Ohaadtor ttsrtna ^Tb«a«a 
<amdl»r. 4Mie» maua 
a ai juM tarsttoj m b«r 

^^CBft^^^y— ><Mi<» oi^^ <>«<»• 

fmntaQ fnV iiuiBftfi^. 

ItttWy Hont«r rarsaa EuKaoa Huntrr. eaaa 
calMI tor 3 •'el«ek today. 

L«MJ« Mpp » no n raraoa 0«erf« S. Cppar- 
aon. d«era« sranlad Mra. Cpparaon. 

Leon Tr*iy varaiia Kata rradj, motion 
for trmporanr anotony l« b« heard 8«»- 
tfmbrr II, caaa conttnued iDdariDltfiy. 
with tha poaalblUtr at a haartac vbaa tba 
alimony motion li heard. 

Anna B. Oaddy rertui J. A. Caddy, dt«- 

Rabert C. Oardnfr rtrtui Alpha Gardner. 
action {or annulment .<el for Reptember M 

Thomaa L Orllflth »«r»uf Marila O. 
Orlfflth, decree (ranted plaintiff. 

VtT(lala Allan* Otiloway vcrina Raodcl 
Xujena Oalloway, ea«« to b« aet latar. 

Claianea John Bandarahot *araaa Brm 
Vlrlan Henderahot, declalon deferrtd. 

Irli Heriford vi Ortille Herlford. na'.n- 
tlff (ranted decree. cu»lodT o( minor 
child. I/oratta. and tM a month for the 
ehlld't aupport. 

CMBCVIet* nnn ▼«. WniUa Rnn. dia- 
mtaaad by plaintiff. 

Ltlltan 8. Howl* t( L r Hewla. reset 
for Septtmbar II plaintiff III 


Robart X. Holmkn vi. Vlnnti O. Hoi- J 

rain, dl^ml^sed hT ololntlff 

l>tt» Humphtcr *■. 0*rl HumnhKT. rr- 
ii*t far C>ctob«r t. to b« coDteitrd bT dt- 

Cl«rr t John* m. Joholf John^. con- 
tinued until Jknutrv lerm of court »^r\- 
Ice on d«(end»nt too late (or tMi term 

Btrll* Alleo hom» vi. BtrrUon T. Love, 
coiulnued for Mrvlcr. 

John C. Uvlnrston ti. OIIt* 1. LlTlnj- 
(ton. Ml (or TTiiirxlaT afternoon. 

Oraca I>ett*rinan vt. Zverrtt IXlenntn. 
plilntllf irinlfri dcrrca of (i'.\nrrt and 
cuitody of two chlldrtn 

Mrrtlt I. MeCoolt »» Kdward L Mc 
Cook, plilnilff grinlrd rtlvcrcf dfcrc- »..d 
Ctiitcid; of 4-Tcar-okl chtld 

!<t»Vt M'-Oi"ni« \§ Jaiti»t R McOlnnH 
plaintiff irani'd rti\nr,r r.rc:rr :■ -''' 
and (Uit«d7 of Il-f«ar-eld aoo. ETcrttt. 
Jadiie ExpUlns. 

Following the court's adjoum- 
inn.i. Jv.da' Sr'^rr'^k PTp!a;p.pd 
that he h&5 been ront^rr.platir.c 
the change ever since he became 
Judg«, and that he had Intended to 
wait until the January term to make 
It, but was provoked into hastening \ 
his action by the aituation In the 
courtroom this morning. 

■'A thing that surprises me la 
thftt tuch a rule has been In force | 
00 kmf ," be tald. "I find it has been 
In operation for at leart SO years.- I 
— A rt« Ul »of the groupinf of divorce 
cases tUB been, he explained that 
ttUillMMMlciin. father on "divorce 
dayB" to enjoy the proceedings, and 
to get amiuement Irom them. 

geea DI pU^ Uyeet. 

"Such • thing Is not oonduclve to 
piBVKfptat Ttsptct lot the marriage 
[rtlaUon.'' the jodge aald. "Many 
jroung people, some of whom are not 
BdUTMl and tome' vbe ars, eome 
oa Iboee days and destroy the dig- 
nity oX the court by laughing at 
the 8]!i)t|te»t^provQcaWQn." . 
'■' "This mornlnf,'' he continued, "1 
order leTsral times, 
ahesbd aod maks 

who havs 

Ctfonb day.* the Judse added. "You 
qttSM than. crovded into tl^ court 
Ri0(tt llitfdBit^tbnmdt«^^ to 
est «TCl3r ^vttd that's sakL* 


bsSB gtaatsd— ssTsa to wives and two 
«o .htisbaada. Wtx «MSS wers dl»> 

The ftrsi divoroe graiitM\ waa to 
MSB. AUss Blgga. a phttap. fraab'^aesa 
gU Who «i**'msa eaiT ti bow, has 

Vows Are Read 

Ml.« Sf'.'.A 5.:ii;'li. .Unpiilri r.( Mr 
mirt Mn> Jam*^ T .Smith of BoKerf.- 
vlllf. and Mr Norman Blounl. »on of 
Mr und Mr« Wnltrr Bloiiiil (il«i of 
Ronrr."^ Illc. nrre marriert BnlurriBv 
fvenln? »t the homr of the Reverend 
Wiwne Riiffin of RoBer5\lllr 

They were aUrnrtrrt by Mr nnd 
Mrf Otio Johnson. Mrt Johnson he- 
me « ^lBte^ of the Broom Only mrm- 
heni of the immertla'e fumllle. »-" 
prp«<.n' Thev will maKe their home 
near RoRerxvllle. 

l~««IOt 9f TMUXS, n HgNtirail 

1* rraf* a W»«. 

I (ink vr«r f%n (o/l«-. ih^ aailor ralird 

IPilh^r (rt rf^' Surh sorro* had l.f. rt 
enifred the home but •urcly Uod knew 
Hadir mlt.ied t>y Marr \ an Wain and 

I a«me«a tor MUb lJ»artU% 

-tl^cwite.aM wi 

IWf aMiCMtt. Mktk 

Pmtasnl ccmaUr] 

I PMMMii ccmaUrr In tharfe of tha 
1 Oraeovkda fuoaral bom*. On* alvtar. I 
Mri. BaUrHftrdnun o( Lea AoolM. O^. 
and <m« br««lMr^ w. W. TlMMaa mi W5- 
lartf «urTtT«. Mln Ttutmaa cab* t« Mte- 
••urt from Tenn ti aaa when a yatiag 
woT«an and aettlcd en a Or««B« •oootT 
larm Uir»« mllea weat of WlUard. 

AKTWVB r. ruAtmn 

Arthur r. Pranler. M. oniiJ the yeara 
a»o a realdent of 8prln«n<>d. died Tuea- 
day at hla horn* la San Oiace, CaL ae- 
eordlnt to word recelred here. Tbt body 
t»UI b« broQcM har« tor korUI la HasaU 
wood ecmaury. Th* wifa and tfart* 
daaghtan and threa aonj aarrlT* In 8a« 
Waeo: on« aea Frltt 1It*c »n SprlaftMltf 
»n4 three brother) ara hart, John A.* 
Dr. T. C . and Trt^ T. Pranter. Tbva ara 
alae threa lUUr*. Mra. Jet»>.tt» ^«>*t- 
man and Mra. W. O WlUlamaon eX Tatea. 
OkU. and Mri. John T. Albert af Chi. 

oainn^LAim nvwcom 

Fiinertl nervlcen for OrltUlau^ ^ewcom. 

7], who died Wednesday at hu beaia at 

l»ll North Delaware aTpnaa. w«L> be held 

' FrIda.T afternoon at ] o'clock at the Wert 

' ^Ide Riptl.^t rhurrh. »i'h t,.f Restrfnfl 
S. P. Newberry ofdclatlnt Bunal will be 
In Oreen Lawn cematery In cbarfe of J. 
W. KIlDcner. 


Hom«r Fire. 33. died »i 3 JO odork th.» 
niprnlnjT In a hojpiial here, foilowinf a 
ihorl lllneu. H* f* turvlTed by hU wife 
and two (mall children of the home ad* 
dreti. 770 South avenue. ArraocencBtt of 
funeral vervlrea ondtr lb* direction of 
Htrraan R. Lohmeyer art Incomplete. 



Richard Jrnklru »fl. died l*«t nLlhl In . 
a SprlaafUid boapttat feOewlnc a abort i 
lOaeaa. He la aufrlvcd by aaa broOkar. Pa- | 
naraJ arraneeBeata bar* not b««B eoai- , 
•plated by the Ittraaa H. LehBcyar f«> I 
aeral borne. 



Page 3: The estate of Eugene Morris is in probate.* 
Page 5: A daughter Beulah Maxine Applegate was 
Oscar Applegate, 1246 East Olive street. 
Page 9: Arthur F. Pranter died.** 

Origillaus Newcom died.** 

Homer Fare died.** 

Richard Jenkins died.** 

James H.Floyd died.** 

Mrs. Mary Thatcher died.** 



born September 1 1 to Mr. and Mrs. 



Arthur P. Pranter «2. who resided In 
SprinRJleld until 5lJC years ago. died Tups- 
d*y. at hu home in San Dicgo. Cal. Tli« 
body will be brought here for burial in 
Uarelwood cemetery. He 1$ *urv»ved by 
his wife, three son* and thre« daufnteri 
In Ban Diego. Three brothers. Dr. V. C.. 
rred and John A. Pranter. aU Utre in 
Springfield. Three Rlsteri also sunrlve. 


Funeral servlcen for Orlglllauj Nrwcom, 
72. who died Wednesday at his home at 
1918 North Delaware avenue, wiil be neld 
this afternoon at 2 o'clock In the West 
Side Baptist church. J. W. Kllngner will 
have charge of burial In Greenlawn 


The body ol Homer Fitre. 32. who died 
at 3 30 o'clock yesterday morning in » 
Springfield hospital, folowing a brief ill- 
ness, was sent yesterday afternoon to 
Aurora by the Herman H. Lohmeyer 
funeral home. Funeral services and burial 
will be held today at New Jenkins. Mr 
Pare is survived by his wife and two 
fmall children of the home address. 770 
South avenue. 


James H. Floyd. 27. of 1315 East Cheat- 
nut Mreet. died at 3:30 ocloci: ■-'•"'•'^ay 
afternoon In a hospital here after a 
month's Illness. He Is survived by his wife; 
his lather. John Floyrt. one brother. Ray 
Flovd: four sUfrr.s, Mrs Bonnie Perrv. 
Turner. Mo; Mrs. W. N Bolden. Forf. 
Scott. Kan., and Miss Olcda and Miss 
Juanita Floyd of Springfield; and one 
half-brother. C. W. Ifampton of Spring- 
field. Funeral services probably will be 
held Saturdav afternoon at the home, 
followed by burial In a cemetery near 
Fordland. Mo., under direction of* the 
Herman H. Lohmcyor funeral home. 


Mrs. Mary Thatcher. 80. died at noon 
yesterday In her home on rural route i 
4. Funeral services will be held at 2 '. 
o'clocic this afternoon In the J. w Kiln?- ■ 
ner funeral chapel. Interment will be In I 
HarelwDod cemetery. I 


' nilnlMinlnr of tti» r.1-.»<« n 
i;.-i\p »200(l bond. 


Funeral aervices for Richard Jenltins. 
fiO who died Wednesday ntaht In a hos- 
p lal here, will be held t^ "^ Vho^^e 

,„ .V,. ir...--r,ot> If Tnbmrvpr filTTwl home 

Interment will be in Hazelwood cemetery. 
He 1« survived by one brother. 

Page 1: Divorces granted.** 

Lee UUmann died.** 
Page 24: James H. Floyd died.** 

Homer Fare died.** 

Mrs. Mary Thatcher died.** 

Wanda Lee Bateman died.** 

Arthur F. Pranter died.** 

Mrs. Lucinda Hockett died.** 
Page 26; Miss Myrtle Lyle Taylor and Mr. Clarence Tabor were man 


W. M. Morris w»» appointed •<!- 
mlnUtrator of th« eiUt« of J>U 
brpther. Eugene Morrl*. yesterday by 
Probate Judge J. H. Falnnan. 

Uorrla gav* ail.eOO bond. The 
value pt the e»Ut« U estimated at 
•6.800 in personal property and $1200 
In real e»tate. Elsie May Morris. 15. ' 
a dBiiirhter. and Carl Morris, 0. a 
.*<>n. nrc Ihr only hflr,». 

Nmblt Smith wa« appointed ad- 1 





Tales of Cruelty and Neglect! 
Recited as Divorce Cal- 
ender Unrolled 


Two Wives Accused o( 
Threatening Their Hus- 
bands With Knifes 

Vlrlriit oiinrrrl* nn(^ r'\ir\\\ 
rtnjnkencw and tiiif*lihfulne»», were 
amonc the abuara recounted u Frl- 
dny-U)e-U>inMnUi unfolded iU 
pICM tot divorce before Judfc WW- ' 
irn U White of dlrutoo two of 
Or"fr.r rrmnty clrcui'. rourt t(x!»> 

Hutbaoda «liCMe .'raloui «lNes 
OMCed utd h&rrwaed tbrm and 
wu-e* »ho«e hualMknds hait refa^ed 
U) provide tor \ht family wrr< 
•moti< those who told Lhelr storlm 
ol broken honiss lo Uif court T*o 
men lasttfted iheU wives would be- 
come vIolcrUy anjtn nt IrivUI mat- 
Ki> and had threatened lo kiJI ihrni 
wtth butcher knives. Sevcnil wlvp» 
loH atorteB of huabandt who had ^ 
_len ihem for other women. 

--v<.. Soba I i^Kit Mm J. 

8h« mM ahe wtt married lA J«««e| 

r-: f 

loimrr hTOve in Chi usLLn: loui.iv 
«h« did ft\avv r.iTii work, pitched 
hki tn4i4(orto4 tn 1il* tiM. »1- 

foflr oblldmi an eduoiUon. 6h« 
waa Mparaied Irom her husband . 
ta«( M*y and U vorUnc bn Sprtoc- : 
field. 8b« WM awarded the <U»«»« ', 
and CTWtody ol ber two youD«e»il 
children, ate* »nd U. with the w- , 
Mptkm of lii« monilM of June. Jui> . 
»nd A«8Urt. «K»» paieat «*3 
(Iven the rtghv w> >l»>i ^»'' '•^"■ 

Mrs. Amanda M Green n\ed 
with her husbftnd. Fred B. Oi -en U 
OTiluckT daji from Augt»t a lo Jl. 


she testified. B1« chsrwed he tail- 
ed to support ber. Their home was 
at Ava. Mr» Oreeo. a womsn of 
n''»r middle sge. received ht de- 
cree of divorce ana her tormer nsmr 
ei ChatMjr »M restored. ■ 

Crweitr Depleted. 

Mr*. Dora Applegale charged 
cruelty and wrong lul conduct 
against Oeorge Applegate who she 
said baa left the counu-y with four 
of Ihair ai* chUdreo. They were 
marrted In 1>0« and separated la.n 
February. Their home was in 
Christian county and she U working 
now at a pouiuy boose here to sup- 
port herself and the two children 
who were awarded ber by the 

Un. Chloe Bateroan •*« lh»t 
her husband, Leroy BaUman. kick- 
ed her and bit her and told her he 
had a woman that "beat her aU to 
plece»." She was awarded the ctis- , 
tody of her two boys, fire and nine 
years of age. 

Mr*. Lottie Chapman, a woman In 
the early »». charged her husband. I 
rrank A Chapman, with mhom she 
lived from July 192fl to January 
18». abueed her. failed to provide 
for her. then left. The decree wa«' 
granted. | 

Claude Cook a middle seed man 
drfLSSCd In nvrralls and blue »hlrt,_ 
declared hli wife. Mulinds, left him 
after/ brief married life. He a-as 
granted the divorre. ' 

T7-....-'f » r"«-i- • t- »"r*^ man 

aho wft-t givfii a o.\i.\-^f irn.-ii ;u.^ 
Wife. Eva. said their trouble first 

•ran om her ifl^KOj o«_^ 
Irfculi, both m«0 and women. She 
deeertod blm on EMter Sunday, be 

After Tea Da; 
Vemlce Leon 
naireo gui Qi A». *"" **• •"■' 
tracUrely dre^Kd In bUck. testUled 
■be Ured with her husband, Charles 
B. Delo, 10 days. She charged be 
left for another sUte jiromlslng to 
send for her, which he never did. 
Her maiden lyime of Long was re- 

MA. AlU Fletcher said she lived 

; with her husband ifl years when he 

{abandoned her. She wa« awarded 

; the custody of the three chUdren. 

I Mrs. Margarette Orlgg also was 

'given the care of ber two minor 

chlldmi when she was awarded a 

dlvorM from Dmer Origg who she 

charged wa« abusive to her. 

Obariet A. Jones related .that his 
Biarital dJfflculUes arose over trivial 
matters such as gettln* In from 
work a few minutes Ute. The court 
■warded blm the custody of his 1- 
vear-old iton. whom he Is carlnn for 

Tea DJJ*^ 

DnloTa pretty red- 


«t ptmmi. TtM noUMT !■ to have 
Um prtTUet* ot TldUnc the child. 
Scr* wife T1irMi«n«4 
Cecil L. Lok*. formerly of Joplln, 
wwa given % divorce trom his wUe 
, of eight years. Mrs. Grace Luke He 
I said she had threatened to kill him 
,wiih a butcher knile. Ihey each 
■ bad children by lonner marrtagea 
'and one child was born to their 
marriage. Mr. Luke was ^iven Uic 
custody of that child. 
. Mra. Mae Larerty. an attractively 
dresaed young woman, was awarded 

■' a divorce from O. Raymond Laverty 

' whom she charged with indlftnltles i 
including Ihat of rtiimiiiiiiK »^».\ 

: from home for .vvrral days Bt a 
time. She was Rrnntrd tin- iuM<)d\ 
ol lin j->''"-"'" '"" "'"'• *■'" ■' 

' month support for him. 

' Mrs. Pearl Harris, a jonng woman 

; who was married January 5, 1928 ■ 
and Rcparatcd from her hu"!band in 
March. 1B28, said hfr husband wns 
intoxicated niiicli of the liinc the, 
were h\iiii; ioi;«th.;. Rrplymt; u< 
question ol Judge WhltP. Khe .said 
she did not know In the two years '; 

' of ihelr acquainunce before their ' 
marriage that he drank. i 

■ Mm. ln» L Edllnga wa» given a 

1M4. 8be eaW he now !» in Illlnoi.-; 
ano that during thalr 13 ye«» •'i 

MuTTlngton H. Malaun, was given 
»jLtrare<Li^«B W* 1»Me. Be«trtce. 
who la now to pennaylvanla. thelT 
fonner botDe. He UatUlcd abe aofX 
struck blin with » butcher knife 
when she became^ engry because he 
was Dowiiiig ana tnat sue utaciieti 
him. He said their two children, 
age 4 and 6, are with their grand- 
parents In Pennsylvania and Judge 
.White made no order as to them. 

Anna H ParUh. mother of nva chJl- 
<tr«o. tMtiried that aha cupportcd ber 
huaband for more thun 10 year*. «n<l 
tloally could endure it no lon?f- 
They wera aeparaud D«<ember «. 
' laas. She waa awarded the custody | 
I of her two minor chUdren. | 

Judic* Whit* aald that h« will paaa 
Raturrlay morning upon the case of 
poreat Martin, who aakad a divore* 
from hia wU«, Ida, who be aald de- ' 
aerted him last Miy. The coupl* has 
one child. I 

The casa of . T*bl« B. Pascock 
against Marie B. Peacock, a minor.! 
also waa beard, hut the daclslon was 
deferred until a rapreaenUtlve of' 
Urs. Peacock can report on the c««e 
' rreda Edcllii wa« Rranted a divorce | 
' fram Alfred EdeUn of St. LouU and 
the cuatody of a minor child with an 
Kllowanoe of •» a month for lu sup- 
port. Mra. Bdelln told the court that 
htr huaband could make eaoo a 
month as an advertUIng seleaman If 

ha would work ateadlly. but that he 
deaa not mak» more than ais or aiM 
a month. She charged that be de- 
a«rt«d her and would not contribute 
toward her aupport. 

Thr«« raaaa Alreif 
Dorothy Deava Taylor waa given a 
divorce decree, the cimtody of her 
child and an allowance of glO a 
month for Its support. 

The himband waa HUlnR for a dl- 
vorrr In thr rnnf of .l:inirB Biirce 
RKaln.nt Llllie BiirKe. Tltr muplr \»frf 
mnrrlffl 1*0 vrnr* rco In Sprlr.ff Irlrt 
but neparated In April of tni» yr»r It 
' would bo Inipotwlble to continue llv- 
liiS with hl.n wife. Biirce Ifltl Ifir 
JudRe. beraune nhe complalnrrt .- n- 
Kliintlv of his Bickiic^s mid hi" :na- 
blllty to work. Shr asked hlni to eo 
nnd Ihc ullh hlf rhlldrrti hr "jiid 
}lv Imd "hcnrd diffrrrnl mlr* hr 
said, of the nvinibcr cf times his uifr 
luid bTii nn\r:ifi1. hut hl.^ U«>fr ;ii- 
f'>rMH-(', ' M'* r<''ir! tv ,» «hr hnr' K/.*.^- 
ir .ti : If 1 f . \ r ' . rr. <■• :•► : •; <• :.' • r. . i ■ . . " _ ' 
to UutKe. Tlie pl;i:ritirt had been 
married once before hid Ill-fated mar- 
rlBRe which he nought to have dls- 
folv«>d. The decree waa granted. 

Tour divorce decreea were grwatAd 
... t„. %-.. ..,.._, .inhn Bchmoefe 

In aivuion t. I 

L MKkMte tTMiAa WM glvan a divorce ) 
' from wnilam Alonrr. Warren and her , 
I melitr" nain«. Martin, ravtorad. I 

[ Lu«IUe r. Turner rec«lv»d a decree 

the cuAtodv of h<"r t»o . I.::i'.rrn .tv.-. 

' Judgment of MO a month for tbetr 
support. ... 

Lata Humphrey waa given tb« cua- 
tody of three children and «Uowe<( 
»."?0 a month for their iiipport with ; 
her decree of divorce rrom Carl , 
Humphrey. The defendant la to b^ 
allowed the privilege of reaaonabia 
vlalAtlon to aee hie children, however. 

Stalla Bharick vs. Archtte Sbarlck. 
decree for plaintiff and reatoratlon 
of maiden name. 

Otmta Rooe vii Ira C Kn^f. decree 

D. Ijiwrenre. trial by default, decree > 
for pinlntlff 

Mcarriage Vowm 

. UHm Kyrta* tyl* Taylor, datifbtei 
« Un: II. I. Tfcylor. of thia city 
««■ naarrled yesterday afternoon to 
Mr. Olaranea Thbor of Bolivar. Th^ 
voirv w«r« raad at the home of the 
bride'e mother. 

The Reverend Mr. Lewis M. Hale 
waa the offlclaf'ng minister Follow- 
' Ing the ceremony the young cotiple 
' left for a few days' visit with frleni^a 
; and relatlvea. They will retiim S^in- 
day to their home at «sa Cherry 
' rtreet. 


Mr<i TVlm«ii Mrrr»rVrn wii« fornierlv M!^ Lz-Mnp n««llii«. "f 
n^rrv.lll-. Ark., hrtor^ h.T ni.rrl.K. l»^t - -rU .Mr. M''''-"' •;"" 
(ormerlj •tiendert Drury coII«m wher« »>>«*«» • m.-mlnr of Ihf 
Ze»* Tan Alpha »ororUy «n«1 ha« • numbr of trlrnrln nT"- t^lb 

^eiktW u<^&<'>'^**^ *. 

Prominent Springfield Maf> 

is Faltally Stricken m 

Kansas City 

Lee UUm»n. 63. prwntxwB* 
Sprtnefldd nal e«uu in«n. •ja?eoi« 
j«tJiI tbeJlrm_Qtimin»n-Bni*ber»,- 
■dled m a ho«plUl In KansM City, 
thl» aTlernoon »l 3 o'clock. .„,_.■ 

% lew daya ago on a tom ltw wtt^ 
He became auddenly tD oa MmWft jg 
^tul wa« uken to « fa^ *P ^ ^ 
Wedneeday where hl« ««dltt« 
grew iteadlly woree.__9to wlta ^^ 
three chlMren were with hto w'wPP 
time of hto death. '^ " ' 

Mr. Ullman h»d lt»»d'li< 
field all hto life. He WM • ^ _^. 
of Harvard unlverilty. He fOTBWV 
wa« m the lumber bwrtnw* N* «» 
many years ha« been In the re«I ••- 
tale bualnew. 

He is survlTed t>y hto -•«• «>^JJ 
three children. G«nevle*ft.^^ 
Edww^a U. *nd ttro tactM*. 
Mam XJUm»n ot BprtnglWd. ^ 
H. M. inWB»n. profanor oC """^ 
in' at Uehl«h Unlxrttty . ^ 
s.iier, Mr«. O. O. WmlMrtatD 

1 Richmond. Va. 
Punetfti arrmxxeDMOti M» 

Fonera] mttIc** tor Mr*. Luolrtda H<Kk- 
•It, 71, Ml South Hampton avcnut, who 
dlrd IhUTtdar mernlnc at II o'clock, vlll 
fb htld 8uiid«v •ftrinor-n «l 2 oclork ^ 
from Putii Chapel Mftl>««ll.^l rhiirth mih 
llif rUvKniJ .\I( .Ml'>'»r nf trint rliiirrh nf. ! 
flclatlnf. BurlaJ will b« in itszriKu.Mi 
r»metery under the dlrertlon* of lh« 
H*rb«rl V. Bmllh funfr»l honK- Bhr l« 
rartlTtd by her hutbarjd. Rlfh»rd Uockrll. 
■nd on#» niece. Mr*. Savannah Smith, both 
of Springfield. 

The bod, ol Homer r»rr. "• .' V" .,"' , I 

Mr rare U lurvlved by nu ""^ ." i 
Mr. '^■•f .Kii^ren of lh» home »ddre»» 
t*« «n»H <^' °"" °' • The Herman 


ranfemcnt* here. i 


,to«mr-rTtoii"^i^ h.>- " "K,?„'Jr.r 

SSSPlit WK» ThWiJfay at her horn, on 
?^| r««M «. UUermaal took pUc« in 
Haa«lw«ed ««BMtery. 


W«nd« Ler B»1.iuh;. « >.-. -1,1 rtmoah- 
ler of Mr. and M" M M V."h""^' i.Vr 
1M7 Worth Doa»U» »»«"""■•, ^^"•'^.■'.r 
r«sldene« thU mornln.. B«»'<^" '^« P"/ 
•nU. two iUlere and one brother sur- 
vive. J W Kllniner U In chirge ol 
fun«rai arranicemenls. 


The body of Arlhur K. ITanler. who 
for 'o veVrs wa, a 8prln,ll.ld p.lnlln, 
rontr«cior. .« exprflfd lo .mve f'O'" »» 

1 ll.HO lii) 


JAtnn ■- FXOTfD 
XrS^'S'a.-'rh^U/? h'er. aj^l.r a K.n. 

--• H/Hrj£ ^'i^^ •'^^^^^^ 

K^-i-Han-US- Sled'Ta'^ 

rff:;ro-on'';rthi'h::^. ?^..o-.d by bur... 

;?er:.n"T;&.V ."u^ne^'.-r^hoS!." U ^„• 

Lh»r|» of «rr»tigem«nt« 


Mciu'iiv «nrt vklll be tekrn 
'■IS y .i«' M' 1>»1"' • 
ue'rV "»hrre" irien.l.^ liiBy coll t>" ^>r- 
■tun- arrMimrineiiM hoy bren mii<lr lor 
,„r lunrt»; A Kon. t UU I''?'"'' . V,' 
•lirre JoM. A f rr.l I- ti.d Ur. 
\K''>t ridiu.i. liv :ii Sprinnfi'lil. 

VBTIIIR r. PRANTIR | friM.-^ !or Artluir 1' ITariter. 
I.J lurii.rr Spr IMK fir liUlill ^•■"> 'H-'' ''^■';" 
l)i'. go, Cil . Tur^rtRV. pr(.i.«U> «>.. br 
Tuetday alvernoon »l ihe lUr-.i.m ■ ' ■ 
meyer tunaral home. Mr Pr.ntar • Uo<J% 
will »rrlv« in Springfield Sunday or Mon- , 
day to b« t*S«n tn tharge by «'.. 
1 UohnayaT. T>«ta«a ol U»a tonaral will b« j 
i incomplete iinlll the arrlvel of 'he *"^"«j4 
I Th« PiiBttr family moved to Springf.em 
■ i7 yaara ago tiiu month, and for manir 
fimh AxtbuT Praoter wma a partner with , 
hu oMaat brothrr. Pred Pranter. in the ; 
painting and Interior decoretliig bu-lnrss 
Fred Prunler Mill ::•" '■■■' ■' **'• ^''' 
Monroe Hrerl *i.J im:if,, i .. : .:> oim- 
nfn« Tm o'.lier brollirr>. boili llvliii; in ; 
s ;i ,:; ' rt *ir Dor I If Vir-.ot C Prai-.ter. 
-ii'irt John A I'rm-.irr A son >'. Arlhjr 
IToiarr Ftiti Prtnter. al.'o livei In . 
Siiriiiifl'-l'l There nrr m other children. , 
.,'1 \\ .11 Riirt I"-.: ?Kh Ulrgo Mr . 
Pr»iilet also l« turvurrt b) Cur- '■'l^'J'' 
Mr^ John A Albert of Chirago. and Mr*. , 
Billy Wllllamwn and Mrs Richard FeUer- , 
man. V»ih of TuUa, Okla. 

Page 1: Marriage license: Charles H. Potter, 26, of Nashville, Tenn., and Lonne N. 
Jacobs, 25, of Springfield. 

Lee Ullmann died.** , 

Herman West sues to divorce Margaret West. They have a two year old child. 

Page 6: M. C. Park died.** 
Page 9: Arthur F. Pranter died.** 

James H. Floyd died.** 

Wanda Lee Bateman died.** 

J. Otho Barton died.** 
Page 12: There is an article about the Hopkins estate.** 
Page 15: Card of thanks.** 

Tbey ron' ii.ii''i 

Lumbfr ; 

Widely Known Springfield i 
Business Man, Friend of 
' Youth and Civic Leader, 
i Dies in Kansas City 1 

riMJE hodv of IjTf L-lIm^nn. 55. 
i widely known 8prlag«l*ld bu.1- j 
new m%a .n* member et tiMi firm ot 
Ul^.nn Brother.. -«»° -"^ J^.tJ,"?, 

k.n»a. City. I. "P^':'*.,iV'"^ ' 
here thU momlng. He.rt "'"^ T^ 
announ.ced .. the """ °1^*^ 
Mr. Ullmann went to K»?f^*^ 

i^^V wwt to hf -«• TtKo*^ i^?H 

„„,,, ,n,0 -.hrn M-rv -ooK o 
.semenl ol th, UUm.nn ...-.-^^ 

ried on an eKtenM^^ b .^... ^ 

,,lBtr «nri l'"n« ^ 

Mr. Ullrraiin ^n." i>n " 
in hU e«rller year». j 

'%.v.r loelng hU yo"^*''"','^:::; "^^'j | 
UUm.nn «l»»y« »n«'«'<« » Jen 

r;;„. m m. do..,., o, >o,.n. n>en. 

'. nunc wnn-.T. ■■'^ 


5f r\ed 

= p - : r r - 



! Kdwart U xnimann. and all ^re wtin 
him at the time ot hl» O'*'^ . ,„, , 
I X «n ot Dr. and lU.- l^"' VJ^ 

Si. ClTll war. Ut. OTlmanii *»•« »»*4 
rsprtngrietd *^\^^^^\'^'\'^^ ^ , 
been In bu.lnew Here lot mor j 

•'"HeT/cVlved hU e.rUer education In. 

hiu.^t. V."- ^ 

♦ — ;:Ti^iir?sri^>»_^;^;2 ♦ 

♦-.pon 'h^rgr-duMlonlrom H.rv.r<. 
n,^ «,-., " ; ':''^p'^;j,;, square here 

lor rlvir t>f i irm.r, «: 

bond cRmpBlK.i.v 

surviving Mr. LMlm«n «re his «ife. 
t«o daughier... Ucnew.<. »';"■'.'■•'• 
one Aon. Edm.rd L: t»o broth env 
WllllBm Cllm.n of Spr.nct.eld «nd 
Dr H M. unman. prote.v»or of chem- 

ll.,M.r Mr. r r %v«r— •• -r f'.--- 

mond. Va. 

runerml arrangement, have not 
been compleWd but Interment will be | 
in charge of the Herman H Lohmeyer ' 
I funeral home 

MARRI*"E i,irEN>r. 
if-Charlea H. Poller. 26. of Nashville 
'^enn" and Lorlne N: Jacobs «. of 
SprlngHeld. ^ 




'VIewa Sbrared 
,3]l»J4ewsinpen of tbe UUIa 

^fiiM'WARFUIt of Salem, wbo 
cl&im.t to p€ the son of Helen 



' Hopkins, son of Brirgmon Hopklnj ; 
I Sr.. whose chronology cannot be i 
fdoiibted and an heir to the great 
j Hopkins cfitaie, now In litigation. 
I writes this Oladstonean sentence to ' 

In the Dc-infr Po't df J.iU ~ 
, IhJj. ail u:Ui.ic u.ib luiu.ismd i;. i^- 
j pard to the Mark Hopkins c.«.tatc . 
I having been settled In tavor ol one 
! who has brfn called Tiniotliy Nolan 
1 Hopkins, who Is neither an heir b> 
birth nor by adoption, and yrt ha' 
I the control of Ihr estate, with llir 
aid or Ihr rlly Tiid rn'iii'v of Sail 
Francisco, ni ca.sii ami bondb o> 
certain* banks and railroads, who 
refused to let thr linrs l:avr a 
hearini: to prci i . . 
to tlic estate, which undoublcdl.v i 
. shows an ub.Miid desire o{ the coiir; 
lot California to deprive the tru- 
i heirs of their riehts as citizens of 
! this prar.d and well protected 
country, wliose brothers and cousins 
land foiTla'hr •■■-. v.l'.r> v.crr r-ub.irrt to 
. Ihr ixjwcr.s tlial were, and now son;e 
I of their ricrrnrtanls are lenored 
Mvhen reniiestiiv; their ripht and 
'li'lo in this !a:r l.nirl of frr^i'^:-- 
thai r\.i' vvon !)• li"iiiu bloou 
of the la:llilul. and are now Jeered 
.Tiid srclf'-il .ii !■'••'( a i-r tliry ha\e | 
requested a I'f.inMC ?i the bar of' 
, the supreme court ai Washington. 
D. C • 



It erm l» « W«» ^^ 


^•ih«T. z. o. utm. «t>« , 

jff»r no. Bfrit-iit-f' ". I*^- 

Wher* the now»r» tnitrr w*t«, 

Llf* Ih** oil'- w lo^rd ^o drariT 
In hl» n'.tr.t loiir!/ «r»»». 

T'i. :- le ■ .: ■ ••; ;■• .: H- .':. 

!• :' .» -; ■ ■ •.:'r - ■ ..- .-IT t 
In ii.c »e lo-.<rt ^•'- r.riz' . 

In dr«l!i •-» »;■) : .• 'trr 
In ; : • e ^ 

We :io loiiser i .r >■ s-'»r 
fVho 0:1 t! f ::■"•:■ i « " 

Ood look him t\on.r. :i «»< »i « »'•'■ 
But jn our hearn hf Irrt'rs !>I:.I 

nit memor'- i« •= '-'■"■ • --• • 

As In in» hrur ..' r»"^-'<i •«•▼■ 

SadiT mUJfd bv mitr »iid rt-^i^-tr. 
MPS r w MM'< 

mvv.inn;;:" vai.> 

M O. Park. '70*. died at 30 o cloeV lart 

right ml h'.ii home. li,-;i Wr^t 

\f ff ri ^ ToM'^v***r ^ i^.j- .••..>,, \i . 

>>Jr^ ived by h.s »ife. one doughtpr, Mrs 
J>aiil Cantrel of KauEas City, and three 

COD*. Dr. J. C. Park and Harry M Park 
'Df Sprlnfffleld and William M Park of 
*Witthlnftoa. D C Funeral arrancerr.eni- 

ere Incoinplete but will be in charge 
nrf J. W. Kht\gn*T 


Pun'fnl yT'.Irei for Ar''M;r K rrci*'- 
M. a former reiirtent of Bpringfield. • wlio 
dl*<t Tue-day In San D-ego, C*l . v .;i b-' 
conducted Tuesday at the W L. P*arTt- 
mortuary, foUowinR lh<» arrivnl of thr 
body M onday luglit. Arraugnneti* lof 
■■■Mif#^bodtnMn^*iNfnfltit« th» arriTai 
or the widow. Ihe Pran'er fanillv mn\'<*. 
to BprlDgfirld about b'l years aRo And 
for many jreara Mr. Pmnter wn» enracd 
In the patnMn^ and riee^rafina h'isln<--« 
with hid brothf-r, Fred I-ran-T. *.ho «'-i;i 
llvoa here, at U» Eaut Monroe .iT'ef 
Two other «iirv!vinc hro'^'T^ I.t" «re 
Dr. Victor Printer and .John A Pi.v.'t 
A ion. PrllT; Prantrr. alsf> re.'Mde^ iierr 
BlX other el-.IIrir'i-i t^-a n>f> M;rf»" Ir »■ 
ui and eroinri San Hire 




for Jaroea HL Floyd. 

^mm% -^'-■' ■m^— •~— Cheatnut alreet. «ho 
'^1^ T^Jttr.'d.iv morninK in a ^.o^|)lf;^^ hrr*-. 
will be held at 11 o r'.ork S;ir.''»v ; 
In tho home, followed by burial In a 
cemetery at Fordlftnfl M" . nr^l-r r«i'^ 
tlon of th»» Herman H I '..'.me- f-r fii.-ral 

home. II'' is .s;ii., t-J !/ . :.^ '•'■■. '■■ 
father, John Flr^d. ot «• f.r'>".-r Tf.ix 
nord; and by four sisters. Mrs. nnr.nin 
Perry, Turner. Mo.; Mra. W. iN. Bolden, 
FOrt ficott, Kan : and MIs^ nirriR «i:.1 
Ml»s Juanita i-loyd <.•: Spr; M. 


Funeral .service; for Wai di l.'-e Baf'-- 
man. 8-.vear-olrt ria'Ki'T nf Mr j-.t-.d Mrs 
M. B. Baleman of 'V>il Sirid houglafc 
avenue, who died Ht thf h-jri" ve«;ierrtav 
morning, will !«• l.fid a: .: 1 .■ >: 8uii- 1 
day afternoon in the J W, Kl.t.ctier fu- ( 
neral chap'l nir:i: « ' »• :ii ' .i«en! I'.wi ! 
cemeferv. He.'^ldo-. It ;,,.rr; • , i i^p (MM is 
aurvlved by two sis'rr^ a;.(l one brr.trier 


J. Otho Harton. j:. H ...'•r ■•. llle riral 
route 8. died m a Rpr-.'pfl'M ho.ri'-.' 
ye.sterdav af'>T..»'n f ■ w 

tlon run'''Hi <•:■;'»-■•, «.! lo fi-'; ••■'1 ' 
•t 2 o'clock tiunrlnv aCTnoon ;;i 'i*^ | 
PleSMHt Grove .cenief< rv in \Vrb<ter 
countv B'lml w"i hr <\r''r' .--pr'ir-.. 
of J. W. K::;:,;'r. M'. Har",-! I- ..jrvi.'I, 


The Leader for Saturday, September 14, 1929, is missing. 

Page 5A: Warren Ernest McWilliams died.** 

Mrs. Susan H. Isbel died.** 

M.C.Park died.** 

Mrs. Minnie A. Rundberg died.** 

James H. Floyd died.** 

Wanda Lee Bateman died.** 

Calvin George Nickle died.** 

J. Otlio Barton died.** 

F. L. Adams died.** 

Mrs. A.J. Hayes died.** 
I»age 8B: There is an article about Mrs. E. A. Hurley.** 
Page IC: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Lee Ullmann died.** 
Page6C: Card of thanks.** 
Page 8C; Harry Luther Jones died.** 

Page 2D: Miss Dora Id Nichols and Mr. Kenneth Long are engaged to marry. 
Miss Elaine Fayman and Mr. Samuel J. Stone are engaged to marry.** 
Miss Lorene Jacobs and Mr. Charles Howell Potter were married.** 
Miss Ida Elizabeth Smith and Mr. Clement Bollman are to be married 


Miss Betty Davidson and Mr. Harold Lutz are engaged to marry. 

; tlM tell Muon win" »• IOm ©otm Ida S 

Nichols, left, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Mchol*. 1.123 S'.:rr.rr. • ; 
avrnue. MIm NIchol.i will berome thr bride of Mr K'l-.nrth T/>r.c »nn n'. 
Mr. and Mrs. Oninr lonp of tli!' ^I'v "n » >-■■'■ •■- •• s r: 
Senior HiKh ^< liool biuI k nuiiiUr »if A. pi..* i.... <•.. !■■>., :.\.\. ^.u■ i.ajj^- . .. 

the annovincement of her en^ge- 

entertained at n\imerou» parllea since 

Mr^. Jark !>. Hlrnrh of Beverly HUM. CM rei-.ler M lh» -••n.rVv. ^-^■:.'• 
guest ol her alsler. Mrs. Marx Netter. ai.u Mr. .sMLrr. ..lou cav.^.pA »-.r« 

MlM KUlna Faytnan. right, daughter ot Mr. and Mra. Mm FaTman. IIM 
Boath Wekirlck avtnw. to to be married In January to Mr. Bunuel 
J. Stone ^f WlehlU. Kan. He U the aon of Mr. and Mra. M. J. Stone of 
it*. MJn J^Tinaa to weU known and popwUr among tbe ivungcr eet 
doubtleH b* ttas Inqtlratlon for • aoBiber of MCtal 
dtiHbf the coming month*. 

M.\nRIA<iK. i,i( KN>r.s 

GeorRC W. Kirfffr. Jr . 2:. and 
Mildrrd rattrr^nn ?1 N--»- "' 

Willie E. Bench. 2fl. and Ooldie ; 
Watt."!. 20. both of Rottersville. 

Poyd H Mannlnc. IP ?p-.nrfirM 
.MKi Mi.15 Helen VirKlnui trtf. ;6 
I . 

^ To Be Married 

Mr. and Mrs. Volley E. Davidson. 
825 South Newton avenue, announce 
the rnKairfinciil nf tl-.ri- di'i.;h"er 
Bfily. to Mr Ili-'ld 1 •,.:.■. s^:; (.f 
Mr. and Mrs. Uii. id H. Lut/. 615 
South Market arenue. The marriage 
«lll take place the first of next 
month. Alter n fhorf trip, t'-r tt:-- 
. oiiplr ttill in;.ke •-l.rlr home at 6'.Z7 
, Norinal street. 


runeml for H.rry Luther Jones 

I 30. Who died rrid-y -t M. horn- .t :t«» 

!pi;rre aTenne. will b» hMd Mond.v .f.-r- 

noon «t 7 no o c'.rir^ a' '^e Me' r^r"..'' "> 

Bap-:«i rh-irch on S'^r-)'. 5.:rim' .•-.-. 

,1.h Ih. Reverend J P O-r'-ev oft.r;;.-- 

inp Burial w,I! he .n S^-•.'J^ HYr:»oo<1 

i cemetery m charge of tne Cxmpb^d Is- 

!ner«l home. J""" '\ "T 'H^ . ''ijL 

Mm. Edn» Jmcknon. hl» fr.n^V-'. _- , 
I Br<>«T r.^.i I. ■'-« —>,■» -v ...•■. ^ "^ 

(,3 a 


Mm. E. A. Hurlrjr, "4. I» nhow-n 

•boTP with the »miill roUarr ■( ISO"! 

South Jeffrrson ivrmir. mhtrr <hr 

hua IItM Blonr for thr past 20 rrar*. 

Mrb HaH«y tet «ut eTPf7 •«* »"«• 
, piMt »i» the Urit» yard, and x'l" 

rarr* for them her«rlf. She »»• 

bom tn Webster rounlv. anrt «penl 

13 ,Tear« in Ihr frniiliri iiiiiiiiik »>-i ■ 
• Uons of CalKomia hefore romlnr 
' bark t« Miiwourl. and later to 


.» »i«unch democrat at elerllon lime. 

Mrs. E. A. Hurley. 74. Keeps '•?- T," !:---^r-T'""'T 

■•'•*■ ,hr dMrried. Bur »iih nil lirr iiiirrrM ; 

in 1929. »h« enjoya rcmlnl»cence too. j 

The 7lctiireMHie Csllfornla of gold 

rush tlme.'^ wl'H 'hr • purrly s ' 

the (inloon fictT«''H' »i'rt f-rrnmhlr 

for rlmm* unri t^r the littir vclL'-J 

n\i?get(i. »nf1 the h.irclMMp^ of pioi.rrr 

life. (II wind Ihrmfrlvr... Into xt-r 

tne duneetR oi iiir in enriy Rom nm;- ^ , ^^^.^^ j,|,^ which »he tello of her lire 

|lng camps In California. Mrs. E. A | y, ^^e mountain* there right after the 

Hxirlev. 150.^ .«;oiilh .Irtfer«on svri-.tir I ,.,,. 

I Elopeil Al Ifi 

j A pioneer even In frontier tlmri-. 

I Mrs. Hurley at 16. eloped -vlth her 

! IB-year-old lo\er In order to mnKc 

I the lonely trip t»est In a covrrf d 

wagon. With her hukbaud and hi« 

family ah« left her home In Webater 

I county the day after the »eddlne to 

meet others who were hnrXinc we.«;- 

»»rd at K«n»ii* Cii> IVrhnpii no cirl 

I ever had a more thrilling honeymoon. 

I "When «• h«H n wacons snrt ""i 

men and boys topelher -a hic enouch 

I train tnt protection against »IM In- 

ldlan»— wa started »est. The wscon 

boM nlsr.ned ihe ri«r» tnp. f;--;-"' 

m^^fto k-P actlT. u/h«omy ; ^,P^ ^,^ ,„^ ^,^ ,^„,, „, ,,,. 

to kctp joung." Mie declared, her ^,^^^^^ ^, m^ht-you Krow 

Checks (learning. [ ■■•■■•« ^ ^^_ .^„„,^ m.iH. 

Young by Keeping Act- 
^ivtf^ She Says j 


TTAVINO exprrlenrert the Jolt.s sni 

thrill' of s rnvprert nsKOn tr.p 

■ across country In frontier days and 

the dancers of lllr in esrly (told mln- 

kt 74 l.-- enserlv nsPliiE her flr«t sir- 

' plane ride. : 

I ••!>• tackled everythlns; elsa ss !• , 

!c*me along." she «sld yrsirrdov 

•People «»rned me Ihst I »a» riskm; 

my llf« when I rode on my f ir.'t 

trsln. snd srsln » hen 1 msde th- 

trip on the fir«' rlrr"ir T-ilrv : . 

in Spnncfifld. ""' ""' "■'"'■ ' "> ' 

get for a trip in the sir Im B"in!: 

40 Uka It." 

■ BtM had Just -ettirned from walk- 
ing to the court house and her crLsp 
tones ss she fsi there, her flnRers I 
busy hulling lima besns bore o\it 
.•?Io kaep actlTe 1* the only j 

Hh*^ Staunch tJefn*"!'^'" Wmiik*'* 

ibem with the tongues Inalde 

, .,.„.„.__ - __. i»"» bamemde afelnrt atuckers. 

^ . . .._ Iwlth an enflr*ure for us In the r,r\- 

AtUr 74 years of trail blaelnf. Mrs. \ »"" 

itiX^JVh-ic;::^. rVup/Arg ,i iim'e'Vhrn ':vu:Ln- went h.ff.,o ^ 

S»-bito.- M.d property »»♦"'»«»•.»»"""»« "f* „!**'~Vt s^m.d ages 
'.he ,s actively Interested In P">'^'«-Mt »«;«^»-',V:VCp wUr". -Hie, 

! had kUled the buffalo though, and 
I *•« eut chunks out wtthotit attempt- 


■ inK to *kln I' It »•' '"«""'" 
«o ••iiT KwnT frnm ihr rf " M-" 
Hurl<>v rflnfl- 

BomrtlmM went Wpfk» 

I -fvf wt on th» rrMk b«nk •nrt 

. hfld th» r^vplvfr whil» my hiisbund 

fi»h«J munv » timr - »h» »\rIMn»ri 

■ Wnv (or n»\' ■"• ^f^' ►f<- sr-,\ 

houfes. not •nythins rx<»p' mk' i 
! bnuih inrt erfiii»r gr»«!> Somftiir»!i ] 
i w« went w«ek» Ju»l itoppir.r -• • -' • 
' «nd thfn «» wodM r.m-p Inr ' «n rr , 
I thr«* «lty«. Rf»" 'h» ^tnck •nrt rook I 
] up »nouph food lor tnothrr »rfk or ] 
1 two •■ I 

"Thfr* »■<"< "nr t* kIoi c ar.rt ;• 
I M«ma unr«»«>n»blf. but tlifv «niiM 
1 milk It In Ihr morn:n:;. r-hui np lh» 
milk liv reswla »r.d r»rry It iiloiic. 
•nd by'night. H «oiiid bf th>irnrd j 
to butter— ju»t by the Jolting ot the i 
waRoht." (be declared. I 

•■When the first imin ever nin out | 
on the pl»ln» came by.' the oxen 
tiiok* Md rm for mile*. It »«« the 
*llr»t locomotive »e had ever seen. I 
•nd *• w*'* about a* wared a^ the . 
rtteaw." •>>* ta-ent on. | 

MttttV* thTM montha trip the youtiR j 
feouple narhed Callfomi* and »'«Vert 
a rialm. At one time. Mr-- H'"lex » 
huebard om-re-i • '■'"•m '-n Jppi" 
mountain »h:'-'h' f^"- •■-■ "I'-'J- 
' MDda of dollar*. They lived near th» 
I famoii> Ktirrka mln'^ rturiPK the. 
>*onL there, right in the midst. of the 
artii^y. . ■ 

*One of niir nrtehhor^ cot Rhnt ore 
niclit (lo*n at a f.iloon rikI I'lnhody 
even aaked who did It. There wasn't 
any Inw. not a policeman, and lots of ' 
Ihi" time no rhii;.-h The; fart- 
rrt niiuurts ((ir money exrrp'. uhcii 
I thry took their llltle sacks down lo 
I the hank.^. and then they xpent It all 
j on the ■ hurdy Rurdy's" as the frontier . 
dtncM were called," she declared. ! 

I Only Woman In Camp 

Often Mrs. Htirley w«« the onlv 
woman In the ramp »hrre .she Iixeci, 
■ I d CO n-.rinhs nnd iw «<e ntiotjirr 
r.rl." she saifl. I|oll^^s tirre of yj^r*. 
and actohe. with s few trn»« "^'\r 
I.', frt 111 all kiiuls of c1nri;i:'.cs.' she 
insists, "and eaten all kinds of meat 
ItttfMftt to cat— deer, bear, antelope, 

^"in^WMoniT iHl mllea away at the ' 
jttq^^t^tho Mountain Meadow ma«- I 
^eT«, "when the richest train that 
ever crossed the plains w*s held up 
IbJHNh* Uormona, and •rery person I 

Meaped. "Weren't you seared." she i 
'«iui asked -A Iif:r ' s'.-.e riecl.ned 
•but we cot so u.sfd to i; " 
The Train >i«p|>e<1 
I Mrs. Hurleys four children were 
born in Cnlifomls. but the fam'.lv 
I mo»ed bark to Mlseotirl 49 year* aeo 
•It took two weeks to rome on the 
tra-.n." she expl.t.:'- ■'•' "'t " 
take p'lr o«n f-\»> '■■'■ ^ »-<^ » ^ - 
l«(n the seats c'»: :■■ - • ' 

one place in the ro-;r'-v «/^ •«'• <-••■. '•■ 
see a cousin of ours and get a basket 
of food she had Ilxed"" . 

Uj% Hurley la rery enthusiastic 
about picture shows, espec'allr M-.'f 
west Jllma ^Ith Tox Mix and Harry 
Carey. -I liked The Covered W«-or.- 
and The Pioneer T:a::" she .. -• 
— The;^ were Just as natural as '.•.fe. 

mind that " 

^Lorene Jacobs " * ! 
Becomes Bride 
Of Mr. Potter 

* WEDDING of Interest to membew ^ 
of the younger crowd ber« w»» i 
tbs wedding ytautif mornln* •«J 
Miss liorene Jacobs, daughter of Mr. | 
and Mrs. Barry W. Jacobs, to Mr. 
Charles Howell Potter, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. E. A. Potter of Hash»llle. Tenn. 

The wedding took place st 12 I 
o'clock St the ^.ome or tT h-''*-« 

parent.«. i.-.< »» '■ •••' ■•<>»* 

were read before an Improvised altar 
of yellow marlKold and fern. The 
Reverend Dr. John T. Bacon read the ^ 

The bride looked chsrn-.'.r.? '.n a 
dress of clillfoii velvet In a . 
brown shade wlth«niatchlni{ :• •- 
Mirles. She .airlci: s .-••..iser iHM:;i<.et 
of yellow roHcs siiU lori{et-me-»iou«. 
Her atundant. Mlt«« Mary Potter, of 
Sparta. Tenn.. wore a chsrming en- 
M^iiilile of lo^e Kv.'i.-i'.'.c M..1 v..r:.i-vt 
an arm bouquet of pitik roM» aud 
1 blue asters. Mr. James Ttipper acted I 
I as best man. Mi.-« S<i-«le Dillsrd play- 
ed Mendels.sohir.s wcU!;; .: n;.i.'-:i a« 
, the bridal patty approached the altar • 
.and Miss Dorothy Dyer sans "Oh 
'promlw Me" lmme<1!stely preceed:n« 
I tb« ceremony. Ml»» DlUard pUyed • i 
I medley of songs softly throughout the . 

, A wedding breakfa-st was served to 

about fifty Rtiests after the ceremony. 

The rtli'.'.rj !:»bl' •^3-;'-.-! i'.'.'-'- ■'' 

;,..e rloth will, h lins been in the 

frtmllv for cn-rr.if.ons. A! 

bowl holding yellow flowers centered 

I the table and white tapers In crjstal ; 

candlesticks were placed st ench side 

of the l)mi<;'i''t. Thu^ewl.o n—'.-'i'^l 

In servliiR were- Ml.-' Helen Boi i clt. 

Ml«s Jean Heed. Miss Laura Mnrle 

nishmsn. Ml-- Kil.i M.'C .^.n-c M:-- 

M„ry M...-i.!^ "id .M.- .M.: .;<■-. 


Mr. and Mrs. Potter left ImmcO.rite- 
ly after the wedding brcskUst for 
Quebec and the and will later 
(to to\ille where thry wtll 
tlielr home. 


1A rtntt o Nkv 

We wish to llirnk our msnv frirnil" tiKi 
reltllVfS. al«n N. « II-humi) I O a h . 
W. A., itoisl M<i«hbor>. East Av*. 

-»» . - 'v » g " j -j -janwiuhn War»»r» 

•!• and HelpeTs tor 

IKelf tnanr floral offrrlniis and tindnf»» | 
and snopathy dorlne the death of our 
lovini lafhVt and husbani) Chas^W, Pair 
-f<MR8. O, W. PAOB, 





I Mr.', A. J. Hayfs of Kansa"; Cuy. 

' molhrrinlaw of Dr. Harn5nn Hal** ' 

I formerly profe.^sor of chemist rv at 

' Drury rollcRr herr and now hrari 

I of his dpparfment at th*» TTnivrfsi'v 

of Arkansas, died siidrirr:- Fr:'i-.- 

morninp at the Hair hr-iuf .:; r .v - 

cltcvUle. Ark.. accordinK to word rc- 

crived in Sprlncflrld S.T-ird!i'- 

Since the death of her hu.sbanci. 
' Mrs. Hayes has lived with her 
daughter. Mrs. Hale. In Fayett^vi:!? 
Doctor and Mrs. Hale were at Madi- 
son. Wl.<!.. at the time of Mri^ Hav--^' 
death, however, atiendinp the r:-..v- 
ing of the American Chemical so- 

D'-'fl'': of Mn Hfl'o-, flra'h ^r-p 
not knnnn lirre hut it i.<! e.Nprr'erl 
'h!<» bun«I wiM •;»»(» nlaro in K»n- 
.-;».•■ Ci':, Jki ['.rnicr ijon-.'- 


^jl&ilirndnn Funeral 
To Be Held Monday 
At St. Agne9 Church 

Funeral tirvtcM for Lw Ullmtnn. 

i widely known Sprlnijfleldlan who I 
rtl»^ .«iidd<>nlv In". Cl'y Fri- 
day, will be held Monday •(lernoon . 

'•t 3:30 o'clock at St. Agnes Cath- j 
olle church. The Reverend Father i 
Prank 8. McCardle wUl conduct the j 

taUbearer* wtU be John Fairing- 
ton, Sam Trimble, Oeonte Thomp- 
son, Ray E. Murray. Fred H. Phil' 
ilpa, JullkB Stmmoiu. Carl Jatotmem, 
Bad'LeuU Reps. 

Dr. U. M. UUmann. Lehigh unl- 
venltr professor, arrived In Spring- 
field Saturday morning and Mrs. C. 
U. WalleMteln. a sister, of Rlch- 

monti. Va.. will arrive late today. ' 

'a brother. Will Ullmann. lives in 
Sprmtrfield. In Mr. Ullmann's own 
famil.\ are his wife snd two dauch- 
ter.<. Grnpvifif und Jane al horn'. 

^4Kl,».JK>n. Edward,^ who ia here 

rlrwn Thpeks- Kan 

Misi Smith, 

''' Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.: 
CtaariM F. Smith, of Muakege*. Okl^, 

and Mr. Clomfnt Bollman. mn of Mr., 
and Mr5. LouLt BoUniau. »iil take 
place Manday niorninc at 10 oVlock ' 
at the home of the bride's parents. 

MiM Margaret Smith, sister of the 
bride, uill he the oi:lr attpiidant and 
.Mr. Cailrlon ll:i«t;;:;.e v.:.; a> ; i, 
best mail. . 

After the reremoiiy there'. be a 
niJ>:.i,i{ 'o.i.i^.'j^. r.. U.c ....i.c n.:(-: 

Which the youug couple wui leave for 
an eitended tour of the aoutberti ' 

mates. Tliey will be at home at «iT 
East Qrand strrcl. In th!» cl'y. 

Ml.^ Smith atfndfd nnirr hrr» »tid 

i l.s a member of the Dclt.'x Pr:-,, t>!'a 
M)rorltv. Mr. Bollman l« a irember 
<'f the S:vir..i .S;i irrtirr!i,>. sir. Bol.- 
man and Mr H.t'Pltlro irf» for Mua-' 

• ^***» '•«' eveninc and .Mr and Mr«i. 

■ Lotils Bo'Iman and M:.*s Brrn.oe B.MI- 
man will Irave this afternoon. They 
*«Ub« accompanied by Miss Rtaete' 


Warren Ernest McWIlllamt, 30, died r.t 
3:10 o'clork Saturday afternoon at hw 
horn* at Ma West Monroe atraet. He it 

survived bv his wife, and one son and 

ihrrc daliRliteis as follows; Wilbur. Kv.-. 
I 'I'tirliiia Altec. and Riilh Mary. lliS 
, Ulhri and mother. Mr. and Mr>. D. F.. I 
! McWllllams of 96i Wesl Mcnirne sired. ' 
I Hl^•• .Mirxhr. »lth two brothers mid llirie 
. slstfr.« Hoiiipr nnd no«s ai hoinr Mr 

.>nfi»* M<i liMtii nl .'^(tl illKllfln. ,\lrs (iroi :r- 

• Uillani ol Mokiniaiii Otoxe, aud Mr.<. 

Barney Burr of Rogersville. 


■ .'V^'f 

Wanda i.ek iiATrvav 

■avenue « ill he h °ld i hii . ,?!1^ UoiibIbs 
orlock at ih. in afternoon at ;• 

loll"" ,1 1 . Klln»ner f.mor.l ,(,.,..-, 

iem.te^y. '■' ." „, Orrrn L.v.n 

I '.*'"" V/**!.. . ..... 

ervlcei will be hrld al J 30 of luck Mon- 
dav nfternonn at Slarnes mortiiarv chapel. ' 
lollowed by iniermrnt In Rlrh«o«d cm- , 
eiery. tm'o miles smith of 07trit. | 

MRS. «i|'SAN II. I«:ni:i 
Mr«. Susan II. I.sbel. in. died al her j 
home In Cassvllle Bept'mber l.l Pha «a« | 
hrrn In Nen* J»r.«ev. Marrh I, IS41 Ph» | 
••:•« married to .1. W. Da<i«. .Isniiarv. i 
IS.SQ. and rhev had enht rhlldren Onr | 
of Mrnry .1 Davis, of Npk- Norw,->v. i 
Alberta. Can . MirMvea his moihrr. Mr , 
Dp vis died In 1911 and she married O A 
t<hel Fiin»T-»| T.vlrrs nlll he held it 
ihr Horlne Fiinrrsl home In C.Ts.«\|lie. to- 
day at 3 p. m. 

M. r. FARK 

Funeral arrangemeiiLs for M r Park. 
70. who dlid Friday at I03l We?l Thomsn 
street, are still Indefinite, pending the ar- 
rival of relatives. J. W. Kllngner is In • 
Charge. The wife, one daughter, and three ' 
Mnt survive. 


F'lneral srr\ ir.-s lor feliiii r;»(irKe , 
Nickel. 27-monih-old »on of Mr. and Mr«. f 
Orvilta K. NIcVie of J2» North .fnhnson 
avenua will be held ihi.s afternoon at j 
o'clock at the Latter Dav Saints church 
T.'lth h'irlal in OrTO>n r'ni'ier-- m 
rliarae o( Hit F. C. Thi'me tuneral i 



n.rniber of the "''•"J" -moiovKl on the ; 
MiKMUrl 5l«te •«?'»"•, 'ri''court records 
AUdlt of the OTttn* -oitnty c»^; ^ ^^^ 

*'T-,n^v'";'t Vi; 'ri • ' H.rr'.nn Mrert 
•uddfnlv "i J)'; '•*^ ^, o rt«rk 

B,T,„e. h.r 'r'',*'*^.. ■-'-'' -"-''•' - 

t,%Wf«i?. "'■ 

^^^^^ . »,,, IT J r-owers nf 

Br.rtgfpor.. Comi^ «;;'';,,V be ,ent by 
't" ,'"w'' comp.r* 
"""^.n^, Ctv tod»v on the Sunnyland 
{2rVu"e'r..''^e'ocrs .nd bur..l there. 

JAMhS II. M.<»VI» , hue. > .1 .^... K... C....,^ 

„„l ,,, .t i^l M "^"^'^^'^' _,. v.l.O d..<l 
,,^„v «1 J''"'V,,.' ,m" '.o F..,dU,..l !M 
rhur^d.v. «ill "■•"■., ......MnMn lcir::.l 


•urvlve. _____ . 

r. L. Ad»mt , 

' riineml «fTVirrv !nr K I Arian. = . ■'< 

llor^.lle K NlrVl. of 7 .,,„,„„„ «. ; 
"^7'"^' r, .he inurr n»v Ki«"'' ^'^•"^'■• 

T-nh h'iri«i • > J. Tti-r^' ' 

charge o( the r. 

u\N,ll\ in: ItATIM^N 


Pagel- Henry Thornhill was killed.* 

]::. ZZltt'U we,e W„.ea .n an au^ob,. acciOe." 
Page 12: Henry Watson was killed.** 
M.C.Park died.** 
Warren Ernest McWiUiams died. 
A. H. Dixon died.** ^^.^^^ -j 

Mrs. Sue W. Sieben died.* lAlso give 


WTHEN Hrnrv Tlioriihi:!. IP nr^ro alVer the bullet from » 45-c«llbr« r«- j 

^^ co.i.;::urd v> K.rc.reii r.rz «. . ,,^W*l*r bored • hole througj^ eUt.t. , 

I teault«tftf ber refuMi to ftve taim fwmie Arnold, who niKere^k •Imllar | 

I mone^Olsoml H.ndley. ». • ne^ro *ound. rallied yesterday afternoon . 
I womM. .hot the men down end «rt. (| «nd to h«ve . Might ch.r.ce 
I ouMy wounded Lnwrence Happy" <o "':"•'''• 
Arnold. 29. nrero. «• h'r h'^me st 6:i 
nho'.t 8 c>:-^k 

W.vhlnKton H\pnue 
' vftrrdnv r.r tiKiii 

The woen»n. eccofdlnc 'o the. 

meMRre mory whtrh questioners could 

obtmn. »■»» corded Into the trt bv 
' nn »tti»ck which Thornhill m«de upon 
, hct with • knife i»T-er«l hour* h»- 

f„, , <;►•- i- ,- . ■■'-• ■. ■ ' ■ 

■bout the bod\. 
ivfTlwtPhUl dtd wUbin • few minute* 

The CBUM of the iffray »« well «« 
'he ci';^.i-<,--c,.c^ i<rc (.urif. 
with my«ery. Officers received many 
OMft and aecounta.-^ 
Ty ,C*>.aioa«. coroner.. hM , 
InqtHwt tn he held a the 
ice tution at 10 30 o'clock thin 
"ifiornlnB whether rh»rce» *lll he 
fllM acoin*' 'he w->m»n »ill h» f^'- 
tcrmined et the hearing. 



I One thln^ appear* clear, however. 
iMA«t t>t>i.>lA>ir.J»oin»n did not in- 
I UM ^tTHIVnTTCtiold. He. aecordlnR 
i to her atory, and that of Bill Small, 
negro Junltor Rt the Ore»ne roiinty 
I courthottae, who waa present, acci- 
dentally atepped Into the path of » 
bullet Intended for Thornhill 
I The woman waa frantic In her cell 
at the city Jail over the ahootlnif nf 
Arnold, who. It appear*, waa trying 
, to protect her from Thornhill 
I Tro\ible stniietl al Mir HanI»T 
, home early Sunday niuriiiiiK when 
' Thornhill went to the woman a home 
and demanded money. She refuaed 
, to give him any and he departed in 
ariK'r. f>nlv to leKirn laier He then 
attacked her with a knife and cm 
her. thouRh not aeverelv. 

QurKllnna failed to brinir o'lt » hen 
\ l.'.I'l ni;f1 Sninll r.-v'-'l Wh.-" 

TTiornhlll entered the hoi]»» nhor'lv 
before 8 o'clock and again demand"! 
money, the woman pointed the Run i 
*• him and pulled the trlRRer. Arnold 
cither tried to grab her wrUit to keep | 
her from ahootlnR the other man or i 
accidentally atepped In front of the 
: Etin. He fell to the floor wounded ' 
The woman quickly fired a aecond | 
•hot nnd Thornhill run %rrr»rr,'r.:: 
from th» hou^e. H» fell ;n 'he var'l . 
and died a few minute* later. 

The Hanley woman wa* arreiited by 
Motorcycle Officer Briunley. 


Truck Driver and Wife Art 
Crushed to Death In Acci- 
dent on Highway 65 Near 


th* wTeck««e. bu.t both dM« I wlWW * 

mrdlcal »lrt ■mvnl Thrj iuffewd 
ii.tcrnal injurlm. 


^ — ♦ 

I Both, howevtr. »»r« »bl« to «*?• 

lrt»«.-;« of 'hr »«->-.H»r.t b-'or- 'hrtr 
rt»'«T.« A ■ '.n •••.».~p^ ■*** a:»<l» 

•-, r"-.rv v^' •'- ""■'- '" ■'^-^' ''^ 
• thp rmipl* "t Hamson of th« •c- 
.cMlcnt •nd f«t ih»in to U»« ictn* 
'. beforf thf p»r»nt» died Mr^ Lcnf 

gave the t«lephone n'-unber of tft« 
lehlMTCB MMl be«f^ to •»• «»•«» *^ 

fore ahe died. 

The bodies were 'aken to the T B. 
IciMmB run«r»l boiB* M OMMi^^ ttn 
lth«T "e™ prepared for T«niow»l •• 

Harrison tomorrow for burtal. Mo n:- 

queai *i.i be i»«'<l- -t »»» "-^ *' 
'onrk l*«t ntcht. 
. Th«, wteckert vehir.e »v- < i.f 

injured Wonaan Gives TeU- 
phOM Numb«r of HoiiM to 

^^P«tilraby But'DiM B«fbr« 
Word Is Received 


pvraoaa ««r» klUad 

■jr.tly »!-.«u -u* oxtkcr a< a 

t truck appvcaUy MI Mtoap eft tlw' 

prhMl. •liowing th* Tvbida to tM«« 

TWm. and crmahMl lato • Iwie tiviw 

'•ho.- ; n t:'^< -^e^'erday aft*r- 

The dead »rt Ur. »ad Mxa. B. tk 
Umc. Mcd ai sad 4* 

»|v»Iy of H»-r!-^r!. Arif 

Long oprainr of a milk arid 

b«f«n h«r btMband bad 
L>ong to decide at the Uat iiv«b«c» 
to aeoompany h«r b«ak*ad. Ba %>C 
vwkad ail daj flMMay aad «IN. 
gr«at«r part of BkMHar alikt. Sb* 
thought that ber laawini wtmld MUr 
M^lta^p btBi awaft^. 

r^-r ■>»' ■"■■ •■■» tniek aortb 

nr. 'he !i;iyi««T >• « «p»»d "-' »'>"'it 

41 miir« mi ri~-.- ».\en dro»«ir.e«a 

t-verpoweted him The truck d»a^•'1 

! tn th* aid* of tb* road, ptuattd ovw 

[V. dfvp ditch, tnd ploin(b«d ttuooO 

« barbed uire fer.ce to rome fi a 

; .■" :. *■ i» * ^.. . : *».:r : ...' y 

' • ;»rre free 

I Tha tore* oC tiM Impact abo««d tb« 
|«nittn* back Into tha cab. enabta^ 
I the man anfl fil» ■»!> P»Mtr.» a-ro- 
ImobUtsU humadly trtad tb«m troai 

M. C. ThUK ^^ I 

I Puoeret aervicea lor M. C. /'■^''.„' , , 
l,'"^,„1 FrMar at hl« homf. 1031 Went] 
, Thoman atrcei. will b€ coiiauci<>i ;".'•;' i 

' •." IC •■;"" r^nr^'} ■• '' o rlnrk 'hl^l 
.f.,'.-.or>".. Volloninc flie ^ervlrrv Ih' noil; 

• 111 be lent lo Kaii.saa Ciiy loi oui.n. ^ 

Funeral >ervue5 Jor W.rrci. ErnrM Mr- 
• Willlama 30. «ho riled Saturday •fi"- , 
1 noDnTl hU home. Ml Wen Monroe xtreet. 
1 will b« held at 3:10 o'clock Tue^ay after- | 

noon In ihe fl'nrne morluitrv. Biirle* will, 
he 111 HlrliwooU itiiuui>. l*^, ■.::..''■ ^ ' • 
of Oiark. • 

1 "^ A. II. niXON I 

' A H Dixon. 45. promiiipul dairy larfnrr 
of near Walnut Oiovf. died at " " <^ '«^,'' 

yr.terday morning >" •^SPr.\"«''r,V,- * ^'^ 
Dltal He U survived by hU wife, his 
Ker. Mr/r R. Dixon. Walnut Orove; 
^even clulair... Har-^v. Homer. Fred, Fran- 
tiv Jame^. Ralph and Wilma L*"?. all ol 
tf-.f home ?OMr brothers, f- J "no t,. H . 
Walnut Orove. automobile dealers, h A 
,.r walnut Oro^t =r.n ! I-'' >'"'"' w' , 
two ^i^tcm. Mr* Olen Rummel nnrt Mr.-; | 
Pete Acuff of Walnut Orove. /""f^"' J"" 
vice.'* will be held at 2 o riork thl* afler- 
I oon tn the ORk\llle rhiirrh. nenr Morris- 

I ville Mr«. Bennett officiating Intermenl ■ 
will be in OakvUle cemetery iindT fltrer- 
tlon of Brim and Sonv Wiilnut Orove 

I undertakers. A member of a prominent 
pioneer family of Greene county, Mr. 
blxon had lived all hli life in the same 

MBA, KI'E W. niT.Bf.S 

Mrs. Sue W. Selben. 69, a former resi- 
dent of Springfield, died veKterdsy noon 
at her home In Bapulpa, bkla.. according 
to word received by friends here She 
left Springfield about 20 years ago but 
still has many acquaintances here. Mrs. 
Selben Is survived by four daughter.^ snd 
one son, all of whom live In Oklahoma. 
Funeral services and burial are to be held 
today In Tulsa. 




Prominent Oregon County Man 
Jailed Without Bond After: 
Victim of His Pistol Fire, 



F. OVtRSTREET. 34. proimnrnt 

fkrmer ot J Oregon county who 
,u hf.d wlthoia bond in conntctlon 

,wHI b« (tlv«n a preliminary hitarlng 
at 10 o'clork fhln morning before 
.IiiMkr RUlinrrl Brooks M Alton. 
OTfc;(tn county «*«t. 

Wawon, a tenonl on the farm own- 

'ed by Over«treet. waa ahot at 3:30 
orlock Wpdne«d(«y afternoon but did 

mot die until an early hour Saturday 

I ArcordlnR to the alory told offlcera 
'W"iTie"arpU!«frt man. hf~rnrniihtfr*(li 

Wnt«on diKl Mnrlon I.««hlfv. 33. neor ' 

the taiin home Riirt lUrealoiiPrt Uiin 
' »htl«> La*hlev pointed a rtoublr-bar- 

rflPrt fhPtcun »t him and snapped 
»«t twice. 

Ovfr.tirert thrn. he Rnld. drew a 
' .33 caliber ravolver and «hni w«t«on 

through the rlRh't aide and Laahley. 

who waa horaebark. •took lo the 

Mini.silf a l>Hi hrlor. Wai.vfin liHtl 
been living in ibe home with Ovcr- 
•treet and the latter'*»r.old 

i«*uRhter. LR."(hlrv also had been 
KtaylnR there rrrently over protest 
of the owner and It waa thle cir- 
cumaunce which la thought to have 
rmiiwd the Irrmhlr. Over«treeet had 
»)eeii Bciiarated Irom his wife for aev- 

! eral yeara. 

PollowinK the ahootlnR. Overatreet 
was arrefiled by hia father, ThomaJi 
Overatreet. who haa been an Oregon 
."..fifv deputy aherlff for elx yeara. 
The yonnRer man was taken to Alton 
hii» r plarcfl In the rniinty 1*11 until 
a rharee of Ural rteRrre nuirdrr was 
filed aRBlnM him Saturday hy Rohert 
Lamar. proeecuilnR attorney, follow- 
InR the death of Wataon. 

Officers yeaterday were aeektnc 
I a.shlPV for q'lrFtlnnliit: ... ii^rtui k- 
• • :. .; ':"..• .u I lie n..-. ii had 

been aenlcnrrd to the penitentiary 
for two yeara on a charRe of chicken 
steallnR followlnR a trial aeveral 
montha bro but had been paroled 
from the bench hv .Indire K P rv>rrla. 


Lee Ullmann Rites 
Will Be Held Today 
U At^UAgnes Church 

^PteiWSliut* will be paid Ijf tm- ' 
I mann by lUs countlea« frleiHls «b«n j 
1 funeral aemrr* are cor<!u«e<I at I 
2 10 o'r'tork •^:• tff-r-«^n -. ?' 
ABn«< Catho.'!' rr.-irch Tf.f R^xerer.rt 
; faU>«r fra nk S Mc Anile ■■ill conttuct . 
•iKk' a^r'flre"'"" 

.--.». II r I:. .' ( . .•■ I;. .p.»>.. 

tlUy Z. Murray. Prta H Pbi;;ir- 
iullan^mlRen; Carl Johniaon »r- 
t/Mil« P^p« !r"»rTi».n! »m t* .- 
{BX. Maiya cemetery. I 

Page 1: Lee Ullmann died.** 

Page 3: J. A. McKinney, 78, sues to divorce Luella McKinney, 42. Tiiey were 
manied eight months ago. 

Page 14: A. H. Dixon died.** 

Mrs. Sue W. Sieben died.** 

Arthur A. Pranter died.** 

Waine Everett McWiiliams died.** 

Mrs. Gus Callen died.** 

Charles C. Morton died.** 
Page 16: Miss Dora Ida Nichols and Mr. Kenneth Bernard Long were married.** 

Elaine Fayman and Samuel Stone of Wichita, Kansas, are engaged to 



Miss Mildred Wood and Mr. Harold Baldwin Meador are engaged to 
Page 17: The Holmes family held a reunion.** 


Mlns Mllrtrrcl \\oo(l. rtnuKlil.r I'f Mr mid Mrs. Wllllnni F. Woorl. 
mm Nnrth ("lav f\riiiiF. »il! !..• iii:irrlf<| In Orr.ilnT li. Mr lljinild 
nalilniii Mriiilnr. nu\ n! .Mrs Mim K .M.;i.:>>r -f M;.! 
(The weddlDg will be rpl» brnii-il In licirdii ai iIk' luMiir i>i .Mt \lr.,.|..r > 
»t»»pr, .Mr*. Thonm* Al«ii>ii. < 



th« funtfnt irlth th« hundradt U 
tnend* of Mr. Ulini»as. (ftinered 

rMhar Ourtto L. TJernaii, .*W»f- 
tlmt and tntlmat*- frtend of L«» 
UUmuui. *nlT«d tn SprlactMi 
•bou» aooa tofUjr to MMcnd Mr. 
UBnaan't taatml at Bt. AfBM 
elwnh At S:W e'clook. VaUMrllar- 
Bupi vaa for «B«ay y«*n at St. 
AciMi fllfiireh. end to now ebu^abk 

U-JUrt WB, f»hi._Ht.Bga4».ttn| la t»eapaaa>» with tbe 
Jounioy to Sprtngfldd br %ir^UUM foitr MittrtlL^ain ver* i» 
aiUl automotiU* In order to arrtre 
ta tiaa for tka fuMral ^rrto*. In 
vtiieh b* vfU 

ta wl>l^ ha vaa hild •tay a 
whol* dtj^ and tba. imireraal lyoi- 
pattar foU for hte family. 

nuher Tleman proobad ttao 
ftearal sonndn. wtdU VaAer Vtstak 
a. UoOanUo otflclatad dortoif Om 
unuJ fuseral rltiial of t)ic CattMlte 


at the »erT<ee. 
PaUiaanra wa. Jotm Vkzctnt-I 
.».^ ^ .» , ■ ■ . ton. Sam TrteUa. Ocom Hmov- I 

at Ar>r>.chuR^va| crovd^ far moiu Ki g f. .KMit«y. J^ad ruOpa. 

^gCTarmiBiam~cpt~3 iiH i uuu. -igitff 
LotL. <^u». Burial -.^ ia 6^. 

01 ttaa 

1 1 S»h«SVtVU I 


Lateat Betrothal 

I. -.1 )• |. p.., „.(.-il<U fn IfilK 
rourt*. «f>ii w^rr *arpr\vri\ 

\T<>^^' that II ii*< h#.n Tnrnii.ll* .<iii i 

• «t randum alvoiil Ihr ^ni .tc» -n^iii i 
<• ••■••I (Hull*, "f Wlihl'a. Kan of 
■ till fhrlll'd. aa r***r\fin* «■• f'laln^ t 
h»ra n( Ihf joiliifrr .n>«.l am! Ilir affair «a. a ra» <.f ln>» al flr^l 

• t«bl. Th» l»n mn Khrn r.laina »ai tripplni ariniii ihia «tinimar 
, »f. !• I.rtlhl.v foiul lonklnc. arror.lliia l„ iho.r . hn lia>a arm him. 

Ct*«» «•> marh a|Mr«Uilon amoni hfr frlmila «han h» lanirj 
« for • ahorl »la|i nol a,. an..— hm Klalnr proTnl Dial a 

• oma^.an V-rp a afcri-l for iha •-ii|ia(>.nianl .amr a< a (real aur. i 
pria* l> hrr (rlanda. Tha waddlnf will laka plara In January, and I 
Ifcwt k*«« all tpaiiy hwn maar parllM plannad In Elalna'a honor. ' 
Vr. Klona la la bnalnna vllh hl> falhar In WIchlla. It, a larar ron- 
earn Ibal maiitifartnrra atrpUaa rrnp^llara. 

T^Vr*"""" '"""' "" "•» """ "' ni"".' Infurmal lalla vr.lfr ' 
dar affthlooa atl-r .Mr and Mra Favman had annonnrad Iha a„- 
lacrmMt. Th» rooma varr aDrarilr^lr dcroraiad »ii(i a proln«lon 
r-( avainsal flpan. and laa .aa a.rr.d rturlO| ihr allrrnoon. Ba- 
(vwm Ullr aad ic'cnly-dx lurria callad. i 

Dora Ida Nichois 

Weds Kenneth Long 

a- WKDDTNO of iBttraat to naabara of tha vnungar crowd, was 
■^ Mlatralad yaalardar nioniini whan MIra Dora Ida NIrhola. 
daofktar of .Mr. ud Mra. J. C. NIcboia. brraroa fie brlda o( Mr. 
Kanaatta Bernard Lone aon of Mr. aad Mra. Omar bona Tha Towa 
«ar« achaBfod al (be bona of Iba brida'i paranta. n:J Summll 
annaa. at I o'tlotk. Tha Raiarand Mr. Ooorco' Vaif ■Nor waa Iba 
nfflrlallnr mlnlaler. Tha hrlda lookad ebarmin* In aa rniambla of | 
Indapandi-nl hlna ihlffon »«l»«t. 'Ub malrhlnc arraaanrlaa She 
WOT* » aboald»r reraata of oraaio hloaaoma. ImmrdlalrtT atiar ih« , 
raranosr. Mr. and Mra Uiai laft fo tn aiiaadad trip ihronith iha, 
Mat. Tllar win b« at homa aflar Octo>iar I. al 117 Waat Calhoun I 
•treat. Mra.. Loat •• « rraduala of ^prlnirflald HIrh a^hool and of | 
•talt Taaeliara' pollaia. 8ha la a aiambar of Alpha Ian Phi .,.rorii>- 
Mr. Leaf la conaertrd wllb tha Ornn* Counir Bulldlnii and I.oaa : 


MrrtMt far Arthur A. rranUr. 
tr 8prlnfflrt(1<»n «Ko dird at 9an IX* 
»•«<. Oalir.. Um TUCMla,. »lll )>» at t^a 
•Urn* Bborluarf at 3 Ml o'clock Turuiar 
•funtoaa. Burial viu b« to Um Hasci- 



Mra. Oai Caiton. a voman of abotit IS. 
from Otmo Poraat. Ark., dl«4 —tir thU 
motnlnc In a SpriA^fUld hocpltal. folio*- I 
lac •■ apatratton. iba ta anrrtrH tor h«r | 
h^ib^md, bar parrau, Mr. and Mra. Brti 
Johnaea, of Orara Per^t. aiH) on* aon. 
Karl Loalhni. »h« Mrra In tha atat« of 
Waahloctoa. W. U Slaro* U in chart* o( 
tha ba«if' *hich vUL ba laxit to retuth, : 
Mo . for Vurial Th* funrral ptobahlr «i!l i 
to* al Porayth at 2 M Tu*«d*|f afi>rfwton. 
and tourlal vlU ba la tha teapp cmtt^rr ' 
at rerafrtk. , | 

Family Reunion 

An tnrnnnil pl<-nle diniirr wn* held 

yeiurday by member* fo the HoUnrs 

(unllx. mt COM Bptioia. weat of the 

eltjr. TliU t»mUj boUa • reunion 

etch Te«r hi tb* fona of aa ■IIhUt 

meetinf and p(«nle dlaoer. Tii* fol- 

lowlnr Qumben of the family van 

la a(U1U>aM~«rtIi« BTTUr y«at«nUy: 

Or. and Mi*. WinUa U. Holmaa, Dr. 

and Mra. t*miitf J. Bolmaa. Dr. atMl 

Ufa. T-. Albert ttobnca, Dr. and Mr*. 

Gray W. Aolmea, Mr. and Urn. T. Ja- 

•on Holmca. Dr. and Mra. Oeorga T. 

Holme*. Mr. and Mm. Jiimen J. Lrwui. 

Mr. and Mrs. Myron Molmrx. Mr. and 

Mra. Arlla Holmaa and family, Mr. 

and Mra. Murrell HolmeM, Mr. and 

Mra. Robert A. Wblu and (amltr. Mr. 

and Mra. Kmmett l«wl8 and family. 

Mr. and Mra. Jaapar Compton and 

family, Mr. and Mr*. Marrln Cooip- 

ton and family. Mr. and Mra. Henry 

Mniilry and fnnilly. Mr. and Mm Kdl- 

aon Klllpntrlrk. Mra. Dallas Pusb. 

Mr. Oeont* Idwtm Pugb, Mr. U>y 

l.«»ii. Mr. Allan Holraea. Mr. Lewis 

White. Mr. Joaepb Mantore. Mrs. Ida 

OoQipton. Mr. WUmar OompUm. Mt*. 

Dla McOoT of JMkaon, MUa, and Dr. 

Dorothy McCoy ofjackaon, Mlaa. 

.*. II. ni.x«>N 

A H niion. 4^. Weliiut Orore dairy 
furrner rtcrt F-iv.-tn: fiinrnine In a Jif- 
pital hfrf MP :» furvived by hi« »H' 
hi» mother Mr». F. R. Olion of Walnut 
Gro»»; and by l>f^fn children. Harry. 
Homer, Tred. rraneU. Jainei. Ralph, and 
Wllme Lee. all at home rbur brother* 
and two >iKlerii aUo turrlTe: T. J and C. 
H nuon. Welntii drove automobile deal- 
rt». r. A . «l>o o( Walnut Oro^e and 
Llovd nj MorriariUe: and Mra Olenn 
niirnnifl a:i(1 Mr* Pft« Ac'jff of Walnut 
Orove. Funrral acr\ice* were held thia 
aftrrnoon In the Oaiville rhurth near 
Mirr.».|'> «.i 1 \\\r IXfxrrrr-* Mr« Brn- 
n»;l nffirianne Inlrrtn'n! «*• in Oak- 
■.;ii» rr^^\f.\' i:j ct.^ric^ ; ?»:.:. i %->'. \.'. % 
ol WalQiii aro\e. Mr Dixon «<i a mem- 
ber of a pioneer Orecna coanty family 
and had llrcd In the same community 
aU hit Ufr. 

UARP.V CARSON: "T^Unjr of 
Um eU«r rcaltf«ota W Uie 
- etty will NcraC to Imcb Uut J«lui 
W. 8h«tt, •t » ptaiw«r Spttaf- 
flaU flunlly. wh« taored to Prior 
Cr««k. OkUhema, rnanj year* »f» 
is eritteallr lU »i bi« borne and 
hMM been In bad hc«tJUi for a lone 
Ubm. Since leaTlng Sptinfneld 
John has be«n qalt« »tH:ceMful 
and la one of Ibe wealthy men of 
his eoonty. He is a Knuidion of 
<Tilef Mayw, noted Cherokee In- 
diati. lUs father was one of Ihe 
best known of the early physlctans 
of SprlriRfleld. Mrn. Shall, widow 
of the doctor. Is In jood health 
and resides with her son In Prior 
Creek." ,. 

CMABi.cs r unuron 

Cb*e1«a C Morton. 71. a plonret of 
aoulbwaai Mlaaovrl, died U>i« ir.4Mnin« (( 
1 •'atoefc at hto noma in Keorai Ctif . 
t^UovlBfl a brief Itlnea*. '»t!tn and reared 
al CaaaTtftt, «her* he will b« burtr<1 <n 
W«4aeMar. Mr. Morton, had tra%*le« 
throofli tbe vb*!* «f aoutbweet Miaaowrl 
(or th« p«(t i« year* aa aiat« afeoC (er a 
fir* Inavranra evoiMoy. as4 «a« wtU 
known threuftumt Ihia aeciloo He la eur- ' 
«l«ad by two ^aaal.irif. Miae JUt(«b«ti> 
MMtMi. and Mra Ralrb Meiealf. b*<b •! I 
K«naaa Citt. tv* aona. Pharia. Aaiarltlo. I 
Tai.. and B«et«r. of T«lu. Otua B« u * 
a br*U>*r'm-U« •( k/a. Olurtot Ra>. I 
pobllaber •{ ttia CaarHtto DemoerM ai><j ! 
alao Mr*. Betoa C. Habba ef CM^fflta. t 

wtfxr rvmrTT MrwniMM* ' 

Fun. ral «»f»ire" '.nr Waine E>»r't« Mr- 
WilHami" SO wh.i died at hia home at | 
• 53 Wf«' M-.r.rne »tt»»t Batjrrt^-. »iM •-• 
at the Starne mortuary at 10 o clock Tue«- | 
day mornln* Burial will be in the Payne I 
cemetery pTr^ mile* aoulh of SprintdeWl. 
Mr. McWiUlafca la aurvlvcd by hi* widow. 
hU parent*. Mr. and Mra K. D. MeWII- 
llama, ttl Wett Monro* alreet. three email 
eau(ht*r* aoA ooti aon, and three aUter* 
and two brother!, all llrlnc In Bprloc- 
; field. 

MRS. Sir W. PirBKN 

Mrr Bue W. fliet>en St, a former reai. 

1 il^nt nf nprln(flrld. died Sunday at h»r 
. ' home In flapulpa Oltia . according to «f>rd 
I receired by frienda here. She had led 
I BprlniflPld about iq year* a(o but kiIII ' 
I haa many acqualntarcea here Four 
ilaufhiera and one pon ittrTlve. all lirina 
. In ffAlahoma f un^rat kpf-u*^ ar;d bur.a; 
w»r« to be held to<laT in Tjl»a 

Page 1: John Cash committed suicide.** 

Page 2: Laura D. McMehen was named administratrix of the estate of Thomas D 
Uotson who died November 14, 1928. 

Waine Everett Mc Williams died.** 

Mrs. Ida Biggs died.** 

Mrs. Bessie Virginia Miller died.** 

Arthur A. Pranter died.** 
Page 3: Henry Watson was killed.** 
Page 7: Lee Ullmann died.** 
Page 14: Ed Karr died.** 


I John Cash Uses Shotgun to> 
I End Life After Conference! 
1 WltW KJn; Wtft Agrc«<ltff^ 
i Settl^ent 

QHOOTINO hlmnflf throiiirh ihr 

Joha C«Kh, 43. well known Polk coua* i 
tjr fanner, romthltted iiuiclde at S | 
o'clock ywtfTdny wfternnon In hi*' 

hom»' a mllr snfl « hslf «o>ith nf 

flernncrmcnt firi«lnit from mAriml dlf- 

flfnltlps 'rrf elvrn «■. ra>i.«.r^ of his 


:♦ ♦ 


!♦ ♦ 

' S. B. Hutche*on of BoHvif. Pnlk 

iconntv roroner. viewrd the body »onn 

nftrr the trwc'*'' « a.« enar*»fl unrt 

decided, after talkin; «ith frlendu of 

I Cash, >hat an Inquest would be un> i 


I Cash killed himself «>on after he 
miri » hrothrrlntuw. who^e n*me la' 
,lLlcKiii_iU. iruuiird Iiom tJoir- <r 

f Where they went (or » oonfwunM jrMft|| 

I the lormers wife. An attempt wea 
mxde. «rri>rdln(t to Information (tlven ' 
Mr. Hutcheson. to obtain a property , 

'oeftlement with Mm. Ca«h. who had'^ 
been nnmrrl rtofrnrtwnl In a dlvorre 

>auli filed by her husband. »..<>:^y. - , 
The wife offerrd to «el»le the >«!» 
(or a nii>ney ronsiflrralion of »400. 
her uttorney told Mr, Hutcheaon. but ', 
Cajih apparently was obaeaaed with ■ 
»lir irtrii tlmt, »>hr would "ne him In 
itn niirmpl to ohtsln posscjwlon of 
his farm. She w«» »ufrt for h dlvorrr 

itiiri 'li'- .rll h,s h'lmr .«p-.(i^i * ' • r 

^en with hrr two children by a for- 
mer marriage. 
i ♦ ^* 




Upon reaching the Ca«h home «b ' 

•"» r'":Ti from ni^ll- '^r Mr Mf-- 
Kr.irh' starlert to walk to h;s hoiiw 
vkhirh lit /on an sdjomlnc farm. He 
har! "oneSjTily a nhori distance when 
C»'h • :>r1 hlrri to rome hi»rlc. The 
shot was fired before he reached the 
hotiae. He found the man crumpled • 
•ip^r « 'ji'droom fl'>or There he "iid 
fallen bcalde the door. The charge - 

of nii'^ll "hot hed entered hl« hesd 
on the rieht eMe nnd h«d come out 
;.. ;..o ilir I'-ft. mr. 

The hodv » na tnken tn the 
Hiiirlir.<.oi» nnd Blue funeral parlors 
(It, Bolivar. , where It ' wsa prepared | 
for btirlal Funeral services are to be • 
held at the BrlRhlon church today 

. or tftmorr^w followed by interment In , 
Briehton cemetery. 

Cnsh la thou((ht in hsv» a brother 
In Pprincflcld hut he could not be 
•.r>':t.i\ \>M mcht. AMo'her brother 
lives In Brinkley. Ark., and a sister ; 
in California. The other alater U ; 

•the wife of Mr. McKnlcht 

HundretU o( frlendt of Lee Ullman. 
promlMBt la elTle and batlneM «f> 
tain of flprtnftleld* pftld trtbuu to 

hiR memory TMterday afternoon In 

attendsnca at tha funeral aerrlcea 
I which wera held at tha St. Agnee 
[ Catbolle church. 

(RniiM^^teiftla L. Ticrean. mtimaio 
ifhend of Mr. tniman, epoka worda 
'of conaolatlon to tha family and 
MentU la a brief addraaa. Ha had 
«Md* tha trip to SprlatfUld by air* 
plana aad autamablla from Fort Bill. 
Okia . In order tn aaalst at the ser- 
vice for his long-time friend Paihar 
TIaman la mnaj chaplain at Port 

Pather Prank 8. McCardle. pastor 
or St. Atnao ehureb, nfflHated during 
tha tiatui riyial of the Catholic 
church. Pollowlng the custom of the 
church, there were no flowers at the 
I aervlea there. Tapem burned In the 
'■ front of the altar and the aervlee waa 
brief and tmpreasUa. 

Burial waa In St. Mary'a cemetery. 
arhieh waa lovely and peaceful foN 
lowing an autumnal ahower. A can- 
opy had been erected over the open 
grave and at tha aide of thia vara 
bundreda of lovely floral trlbiitex. 
Banked In a high mmmd at tha side 
tha grave, and reachlnc a great 
uadcmMth tba 
caaopy. tba flowera wera 
ably beautiful tn their var1-<'Olor- 

nither TIeman offiristed In the 
brief aervl c ea at the grav*. Tba pall 
bearer* were John Parrtngtoo. Sam 
TrimMa. Ocorge Thompaoo. Bay E. 
Murray. Pred Phllllpa. Jullui Mm* 
mona. Carl Johniwn and Ix>uia Repa. 



Puntrtl itrvlcct for Walne JEfMM^Ote- 
williton. 10, who died 6«tardtir«i«pmf 
homf , P3» . East Monroe »tre*t. will 9* 
hfld in ihn 8l«rn»» mortuary at 10 o'clock 
ihU morning. Burial wiu be held In .U^e 
Pavn*" ffmeiery. nin* mllf« «ouin -or 
Springfield. He U aurvlved by hU fil*. 
on« "on. two brothfrs. three nUtrra and 
hit parent*. Mi nnd Mr> K U. McWil- 
llams, Ma .West Monroe atreeU _^ 


Mrit. Ida BIritk died suddenly at her 
home nt 18.13 North Lyon avenue yester- 
riiiv nfirrnoon She is survived by her 
husband. Hugh BIrrs: two sons. Melon 
hiid liiikih. .Ji., hi. Ill of SprmgJield. and 
t«o daughter!. Mrs. Oladys Stephenson, 
of Ash Orove. and Mrs. Retta Satlfleld' 
of Lebanon. Mo. Funeral arrangemcnta 
are incomplete. Burial will be under di- 
rection of J. W. Kllngner Funeral home. 


Mrn Bessie Virginia Miller. 1«». of lg4? 

East Central street, died at a Springfield 

hospital yesterdav nfternoon. She Is lur- 

1 vived by her husband. Ray Miller: her 

' parents, Mr. and Mrs. William T. Qreat- 

< house of Joplln. live sisters and four 

I brothers. Funeral services will be held 

I at the .T. W. Kllngner Funeral home at 

■? .1" oflork this afternoon Burial will 

be made In Oreenlawn cemetery. 


Fiinf'sl «rrvires for Arthur A Pranter. ' 
; former Sprmcneldian who diert in San 
j Diego. CbI . will be held In the Slarni. 
'Diego. Cfll . will be held In the Starne 
I with the Roverend William H. Butler, paa- 
i tor of the Taherni*rle Preshvterlan rhurch. 
and the Mortorn Woodmen of America Iti 
ihHrc- liucr:nrr.l will be in Hazrlwood 
. cemetery. 

Pioneer of Ozarks 
Expires Suddenly 

Kil K.irr «<) plDiirrr fiitmrr r>f T>al- 

IMS county, rtirrt nuklcnly »i lo 
o'clock )B^n<l*y nlcht tn-hU home. | 
one mUe^i«>Btl a half northeast of . 
Loulsbure. IJroih whs nttrlbtitert to i 
hrnrt ctl«esse niirt no Inqnr^t 'wn* 
thought necessary by Vernsl Routh. . 
Dallas county coroner, and 8. B. j 
H<itrhr<on. roronfr n( Polk county, 
who wns rnlled to the home. 

Mr. Ksrr. nppsrfntly In Rood '. 
hrnlih. rrilrrd Siimlnv nlcht sffer 
fRilnt a hritriv mpprr. His w;fr 
noticed him sinigBllnK sbout 10 
o'riork. Shr cot up Biid turned on 
ilir lirlit 1X11 (niiii'l l.(T liU'b.Tf.rl f1r.-i(l 
when Hlir icliitnrd lo liim. , 

Up N nirvivrri br>^:f|p.s lil< wlfp hv 
''■■ r (l;;i<l:rii |-iiiiri;i. .•-';\.i.- ■.>,.. 

br held ihi.-! ftfiprnoon in a rfmeirry 
near Ix)uisb<irR followed by burial 
imdrr dirrrtlon of Clyde Marsh. 

l/ii;l<.t)i;rc iiiidr .•■•il-rr 

. .-« i •jrfrw"; 


Arcnif W. Crsnd»Il. 33. of Atlanta, 
0« . and Martmente Dowell. M. of 
KanssA City, Mo.: and AJbert H. Jar- 
ratt. 60. of Bolivar, and Loulae ■ M. 

Murder; Gives Bond 

.T. r Overstreet. 34. was bound 
,..,, .^ t>yf Novpm>>er term of Or^^'^n 
county circuit court on SSOOO bond 
foHowIng his preliminary hearing 
yeaterdsy morning at Alton. Mo., on 
K charge of first deptree murder In 
connection with the slaying last 
wcm of Hriir.v VVntMin. 4H. <>ii « fftini 
two miles south of ThomasvlUe. 

Watson, a tenant on a fsrm owned 
by Overstreet. wss shot Isst Wednes- 
day sfternoon by Overstreet. follow-' 
InR a dispute between the two but 
did not dla until Friday night. 

A large number of witnesses hsd 
been siibpoenaed for the hearlnc. 
some of whom testified that Wslson 
mad* a dying statement that his 
trouble with Overstreet arose from 
the latter'a objection to Marlon 
Uaahlay. S3, living la the aame farm 
home. Lashley was said to have been 
doing the cooCilnR for Wstson and 
, bis Invalid mother. Mrs. r. H. Wat- 
i son. 

Page 5: Mrs. Ida Biggs died.** 
Arthur A. Pranter died.** 
Mrs. Bessie Virginia Miller died.** 
Page 7: James Henry Thomhiil died.** 

Page 10: A son Lafa Tiberlian, Jr., was bom September 12 to Mr. and Mrs. Lafa 
Tiberhan, 817 College street. 


Page 13: Lawrence Arnold died.** 
Page 16: There is an article about Col. Washington Cloud. 
There is an article about the Ullmann family.** 

A^StiuliiarsI MUsu;ai laiirlmark U 

tone tn thr drath of Col. Wuhtnc* 
ten OI«u4 of Petra City. He bad 
resided In this irftlon slncr the 
rlOM of the civU wmr. He was t>om 
In VUflnla and bit tathar waa a 
ix-idlrr r^I th' n^vol-it'.^i Thi- 
/ntlicr naiii'-'l ^ll'< ?"n Im [•^•"•r <>f 
the father of hL) country and died In 
at tht aga of M. A pioneer dtuen 
telU of ireliig Ccl. Clou I art 
as leniponirv chalrmnn of a 
ret! h"t i>clitir«l »on\riitlon »l 
P<Mrr C;r\ I'l Iti.; «|:-i; iin- ,!'::..i- 
cr.i'.N r.oirit.rtt : a ciitdida't' ^"r 
riM ►Trsv ri.'* f jM.lilM*.«f;* liMfl !»:• 
i.(raUy iiiiiiiitfeti'd C'll W. Vi^tttM^m 
."■lor rt)ii!:rr>i» in the nlrt Thirtern'h 
dLMrlrt. 'I he ii|i'ib!lr*n rn>!<!i<1a!r 
aat a mil «*r \rirrati aho rMtnr 
here alth Kaniiaa tronpa and foushl 
under Ljron al WllMm Crerk. Col. 
W. F. Cl'iiil all ■..I'-'! the prlrr>- 
City rnnvri :t<in ef ' ' Hm.niTat^ 
miPMAW «%:.> . . .ni<t that 
Ci'l. Wa>liliiKlcii Ci ■•il mo.ilil li^ 
temponiO' fhalnnaii 'if the r»nnrn- 
lUm tlirri" *«» a Uii«h ax it aa.' 

'thoufht bjr tnaTtv that reference 
waa marie to the rrpcWlrnn nmm- 

>bM who vu in the halt and that 
koin« Wirt of a >i»-.r n«s on. 
.• • • 

!:■•:. W'ljt'-: cnui.'.y \.) Kni.- 

■::■. ;a».:: c ir. .I''I>T an'l Nr»tnn 

f. .!,•:• • 'III'- iiorili l>"Hi:iiliir> Ir.- 

<•<']»'] l''>:k and l)n!l.*« and Klciir 

ai/l lar.'j- mere inclimrd on tlie 

••■•'h N>»ilv rt'rv rountr had a 

'■»T. '•,■.".;■ 'I fL'Tn* Til'. nrr<l fraiilt S. 

*.*• • I rt k '..'i I .-xr "v nr.ri 

•;!. «l.i;* Ja-iiT. «hlcli »a^ 

• "i^.i.'v II, ihr rtl'-triit. 

M !'. .;. . V'..V. ■>;,•. 

-1 r.vwtoii fouehi 

■ih'fc wa^ a 

W. fyan 



Mil. Ida Bltfk of IU3 North Lr«n aTe> 
nte di«d (oddenlv at her heme Mondar 

• it^rnooD. She is >urrl\ed by her hus- 
binit. Hu|h nm>. tao tnr\t. Mrlou Mild 
)* mi'. Jr.. boih of Pvjriv.Kfic M two <1(\uth- 

• •r<. Mra. Oladyi Strphrnton nf Ath 
Ornre and Mm. Retta Satldfld cf Leba- 
non Mo .' W. Kllniinfr li In chat(e of 
l..nerjU arrancemrutx. 

'riic fKmrttiti faml'r h»» had 
tn:irh to rto with the butidinc of 
Sprlrtfi'M Pr. L Ullmann »a» 
pKiniitii Ml ;ii tl-.e f»r:.\ li'.i>t.)r\ o.' 
the ritv and alaay* had cnnfldrnce 
III tiir fu'iire of the ctty. He erect- 
ed the Ullmann hotel building and 
nthrr 5tnirturea. The Ullmann haM 
btillding vaa retarded as one of the 

, ijjomjr utructures of Sprtnirfleld 
vhetDt va* oomplrted In 18S7. Ur. 
nimann'J Kons were always profrea- 
mvr and have been art>\r Ui lanous 
vrnturm. It L* probably forgotten 
''■•it !>' I'llrmnti iR" »'. r^rr \:r.'r- 
a niaiuifacluicr of nAL^iu.; piv..-.;.- 
nriire. He Tias a member of the 
firm pf l'::rrar.n A: Phllpot of 
Clexplaiid. ir.anufaclurer' of r-r-:"- 
liig ink. ar.c! '.!•.'• brAncI «*.' r.^p''c:».:y 

^VOpiUar. Mnch of It waa aold la 
B|>rtngTleld. But Or. inimann be^ 
CBUM iioine alek and rKuiu od to 
Springfield chere he retnalned initO 
hU desth. At MM ttana there wma 
a large paint and paper house where 
the Heps nlorr U now. It wa.x run 
bjr Ullmann BroUien. Ooaa br oo 
the north side of the mfcmn Cjr Pat- 
teraon waa In the aame bustrteaa. 
'ni« Ullmann hou«* tacked up a 
»IKH ■Ihl* U Ullmanns where any 
lillle b<j> or Rirl can buy a lillie poi 
of i^iii.t for irn ceiila." John 
Dunckel and other rtUage wmgt 
notielnt the tign plaeed anotter tn 
Pnt|onym> window which grratly 
aAKiiiitlird Uie proprietor nhen lie 
lame dcmn next morning. It lald: 
•■/Ills Ij I*attervjii 1 mhtre any llt- 
'. I.-.-, o; II.:: ' ..:. I, .; « >.. :: ( » « 
I<IK Hit 'if |>»li:l for any o:d prire • 

ABTBrB A. rKA.vncit 

Piineral »er»lcei lor Arlh'ir A Prantrr. I 
Iryrmrf Sprlntflrldiitii who dlfd In San ■ 
L)i-«c Cat. wfrf hrld at Slsriif ' morln- , 
ai> Kl a .W o'riocit iIun •llcrii'vn. »llh i 
If c Itrverend William H Hutlrr of Taber- ■ 
, .,1. rrr«h» icM.-i . :rif :i otC.< .ni'MC 

illlial too* pllll' ..1 i;«ill»o."l .rii:r'.Tl^ 

cliarge of Ptarnen morlu«r\ 1 lie , 
.1-^fl'ru Woodmen of America conducted ! 
tl.rir ritual at ttif lunpral. ! 

MK9. BrM.SIC VIR«;iMA Mll.l.l R 
Fiiiirral »»r»ic's for Mm. Bf«»ie Vir- 
e n.» Millff. 10. rf )'<*? rt-i rrnlrn! 
street, who died In a hospital hfrc Moii- . 
fl..v afteroonn. were h'ld this »(!frnoon i 
at Kltngner's funfral chapel, followed bv I 
;:iterm»nt In Oreenliwn oemeierv Mr< . 
Miller tt survived bv h»r h'i'bsnd, Psv | 
Miller- her parents. Mr and Mr» Wil- 
I »m T Gre»lhou>e "f Joplin. «nd fne i 
•.'•rr« snd four brother* | 



r'in«ral serviren mere held In a cme- 
t'lx near LouMbiirn t'l« •fterr.""n for 
> Kurr «r piorT-'r PiU-i* rnur.': fRrmer 
■f-'in died at lll^ '."III' iMTihrn^l 
r: iJiuUbure Sunday ni«hl He Is JU"^- 
< . • !.\ !•:< wile ur-" '."ir rMldren Heor 
«<i.rii\e mil given «i the cause of Mr. 
K»rr» »udden death be Vernal Routh. 
r>«l'ii« ro'inlv coroner and B B. Hutche- 
fo.- Polk county coioucr, » ho a'..«o »»^ 
cs'led iik 

MUn mdnrraoBMuiU' ' ' 

runersl ierrlew for Jmbm H. ThotrbUI. 
JJ, »ho dlKj 0und»7 mornim, wtU b« h«M 
W»(lneul*« truirnoon at a:»0 from hto ro«l- 
ilriice mt 917 K«»l Scott »lre»t. BurJ»l will 
b^ In Llnooln lf«no»1»l cwmturj wM9i 
ih*' tllrfctioii of the Herbert D. flmlth fu- 
I TPral home. M» It mrrtrKl br hU w1f«. 
Mrt Ir»nr ThornMIl. two dtughter* Her>- 

'rt««ts ftiitf MCC**>^*^ 
Kfrf. janM Tbemmu ol 
and tvo tutors and two 


I Funeral nerrire* lor Lawrtnc* Arnold. 

. ■"«' whn (M^rl P*rt»mber 1(1 at lh« Sprlnf- 
• ;f1 (\'.i:\r vill N^ h'Ul fnnndii-. fr 

I ihe retirlrnce at ~\i Cait McDanirl | 
utrrrl. »llh tlif Ileveretid J B. Dori*y of- 

I ririatlnt Inirrment will be In South Ha- 
-fl«')f>c1 crtiptfrv llu It Hifvlred by hU 
iiKittirr, Mis. jmir* Arnold, and fcjr 
• Utert. Mm Sadtr Rlf*. Mn Jeule Bal- 
Ifv. Mri Hazrl McKimmnn* and Mr* 
fern Bolrtfii of Sprin^fi^lr;. iin'l or» 
lirothfr. Raiph Arnold of Pi J1•»r^ 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: Mrs. Margaret J. Watts died.** 

Welcome Pennington died.** 
Page 12: Card of thanks.** 

rs. M. J. Watts, 84. 
^tiiffitime Resident 
Of Ozarks, Expires^ 

Mr« Mnrcnrrt .». Watf^ R4 a llfr- 
tinie resident ol tne o/iUK*. ciiru in^i 
nlfht at th* homr of a daueht^r. Mrx. 
M. «. Muon. 740 Normal aventie. 

8h» waa th^ widow of J. J. w«»t«. ' 

jlh» Sixth MlMourl r vatrv. Her pnr- 
1«BU canM to thU rvfinn with th* i 
HMtMM^ploneeni^. 8h« vta born In 

1B4.^. re»r noeernxillr 

riinernt i^r\\rf% win he hrM nl 
2 10 nrlork Thiir^rtdj udet noon m 
llbt Alma Lnhmeyer funeral home. 
J Burial will be In th« National rem- < 
|«ttnr. I 

t<iir\l\or» inrliifle nne r«nii. Dun y ' 
Watt* of Ixia Anselen. (hI . ihrre 
rtatichtern Mr« Anna M Zelmimr of 
L»einer. Colo. Mrs. AmmiUH Uoimi (,| 
EllBlewood. Cal ; and Mrn. Ma«on. and ' 
one mep.pon. DourIr* Wnttii of Port- • 
land. Ore., and one Muter. Mrs. Marihft 
Pirttle. Pprmcfielrt Ronie 2 

WCf.COMB*TeKKfNatO> i; 
Wrlcotne Prnnlngton. 86. died suae 
I lit 10:30 o'clock TMi«rd«y momtaf " 
I homa. Vlh Weat Loeuf t atr^t.- Dr. " 
1 C Bione. Orerne cuiintv roronef. urX' . 
' nounr<>d aftrr vlewins th^ body that draUi4i 
I «»• due to heart rtiseaac. Hr Is aurvlvedt, 
, hv thr*# aona. Will of Palrland. Okla.jf 

pH r.' Minrp- Ol-H t>ri* F'^rl of nnim- 

! nsht. OkU., and one dauBhter. Mr». Bfde i 

' Miirtniv or 0prlnRflPld.« Ktinfra!^tV«n|t«>«4 

, m^iilk ha\e not hfen comftleied bul Intrr* , 

m^n^ will ba In charxe o( J. W. Kllniner i 


W« wl«h 10 think cur rticiirit (or Ih'lr 

. ktrf1ti^^« ^honti in ih'- 'tmri Mir'-*' H'A 

ilr'li ol. niir clnrliiiE ltlil>> di>ii(hl«r, 

Wanda Iff Al»n It ihrir b'nulidil tloT 


iWe «anl to eiprrUlly thank Mm. BIrlla 
U Bhreeva (or hrip 


Hinry C Talhrt 9« (»n<1 Opal n«r- 
"ftf. IS l>oih of Bollvnr: Harve ! 
Wenter. M. of Oklahoma City, and j 
Ploraoca Courtney, ii. oi Jupim. anti 
lUnray U Hlahflll. 43. and Ina B. 
FMter. 9Q. both of Fair Orove. 

Paee 1: Russell Hall was killed.** 

The will of Lee Ullmann was filed for probate.** 
Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 5: T. Ross Whitlock died.** 

Mrs. Margaret J. Watts died.** 
Mrs. Carolina L. Nelson died.** 
Welcome Pennington died.** 
D. L. Connolly died.** 
J. B. Rose died.** 
Page 12: A daughter Lois Anna Roper was bom September 13 to Mr. and Mrs. 
Charles Roper of St. Louis. Mrs. Roper was formerly Miss Gertrude Hunter, a 
Springfield teacher. 




Springfield High Sohool 

Graduate Diet in Wreck of 

Tri-Motor Machine 


Veteran of Army Air Service, 
Formerly Operated a Ma- 
chine Here 

' CrwhiiiK m a Kl«nt lri-moU>r«d 
I rirk«lrk .Mnrayi pUne y*»t*rtl«T 
' HUrrnnon at El C*ntro. C»l.. Ru»- 
I srll >rrank< HaU. 39. for l^^n * 
irMclrn; c'. Springflfid, Taaj klllM 
. hIiiiusI i'.i.Mi»n'.;;. . 

j NrwB or the crash In which her 
I fton «as kiUrd «at received here to- 
day by Mrs J W. Harris. S38 Wert 
I Monroe street. 

; -.-^Ui Care«r H»r« 
Hall, a traduaU ot Bprtocn^d 
I Senior Hlch achool »d& » temMT 
I student of BtaU Teactmm eoa«««. 
1 had bean a pUot tor Ptckwleh Alr- 
I ways In OalUomte ilao* )■* April. 
I fljlns Wt pasBcncer alripa tCcm. 
I Ban rrvunaoo to Los Aacdek *sA^ 
irom lioa ikBC^M «o aaa 
I taia* 4mto« tki» ««■ 

^•ndTiwtrt (Rfctwi of tint eKy o«U" 

WhetlMr ttm bo47 vfll b* I 
! to Sprlii«fl«M ftr bntel bad ao« 

nooo. BaU'l wU« Utm ■* i 

and the f unerml may ba 
I thcrr, altbotich Mrv Harrla. tala 
I mother, wtabaa that borlal ba In 


■•» to aprtoefltwto 

r^Sw.Ur.;a..d 10 Sprlngf r>d^ 

• • • 



Cashier of Traction Company 

Here Expires Suddenly 

at Home 

T. ROM WblUocK. 57. caabln tor 

the Sprlngrirld Traetlon companjr for | 
the put five Jrean, died unexpecudly ', 
lit his »v>me. 907 North C»mpl>»'ll are- ! 

l»ralh t(a> ttaddeti | 

Mr. Whitlork mn >t xhr tnc'Aov. ' 
cofii|>Biiy fiflice fta U9ual Tuosd*). bul . 
berame ill ^oon aftrr Koini; home 1i; 
the »\niiii|i. He hHd UKrir trratmfr.i 
lor k Miuhi cold •I>jiii a wrrk ire- 
Mi bM OOOdltMa waa M 
■•rious Heart trc-jla 
ta ba*' cauaed hU death. 

Twt> soaa and two daii»bt«a 
vlra. with thair B»otJ»ar. Wm 
Wtalliaak'aad Boas imtlaek. M^ m( 
at boma: Mra. Dwtctai "notaa* li*ca n 
Kaniaa City and tb« whereatwuu of 
TOm Wbltioek. tba other aon. are un- 

WiM Bank Caitalrr 
A UMbsr, W. P. WtalUock e< Ml 
North Campbell avenue, aurrlrea. 
wit hUirte »ut«r». Mm. J II. C»»MII 

of U03 Ni.:!!. t..:. ;":: •--■^- ■' ^'i"- 
Jr«i» Whiuock ol t»03 North Ciitp- 
bell avenue and Mra. W. C. Paweett 
ot McAlcster. OkU. 

Before beeomliig ca*hlfr lor the 
tmctlon company Mr. Wnitlocfc waa 
amifttant caa^ler at tbs Cltlaena bank 
for neveral yr»r». 

i>'.rii>.c» ».;i be l.f'..l »■- •-<^ 1- "'^ 
Klliigiivr thup^l Tl.iir>d<y arterio-,. 
at 3 o'clock, followed by biiriU IS 
lli«;rl»o-.-1 ir-n.f'r- 

Ullmann Estate 
\ Goet to Widow; 

$100 to Children 

In I he n1ll of Lee Ullmann. filed 
for probal'- (cxluy. th"» home at 977 
Kasi WaliiuL ftireel U ti. or. '.o hj 

I »ifc. Mr§. Genevieve inimann. aloDx 

i wllh the rrmain.'lfr cf tha estate 
«f!'r expenv^ hiva be'n paid 
tlOO fach hBj b^n c.ven to the 

.three children. Edaard, Genrrteva 
unil Janr 

I Mrs •■...,-- . - •-- '\-: -.-.x 

I to serve without bond. 

"Havlnc full eonftdcnea tu mj 

' wife, o«nevleTa xnimaim.* ttia «tU 
''lA "and knowlnc that aba wU 

, ni»i;f the proper dlspoaltton Of my 

I esute unoUA my children. I do 
hereby cltrc. dcvtia and baquaath to 

' my Mid wifa all tha re^ «f Bar 
estate, as her abaohite iJiup e ity to 

I use. sell and dispose of as aba may 
think best " 



1 Merrll West. 30. Munlca. Ind^ and 

Mis* Vergle Uoran II. Tbayar. Moi. 

Edwin N. VelTK 33. Miami. Okla. 

latMi Miss Maurlne SparUo. 10. 

Miami. Okla. 

MIU. MA»tlA«RT ». WATT« | 

Mt\ Murgarrl J. WiiM». 84. > lilr.|:ftir 
rcildtnt 6t in* Oi«rka. dlfd Turariay ni(hl 
•t m* homr o( hrr duuRhtcr. Mm U 8 
Msjoii. 740 NorniKl kvrnur Fuprtal trrk- 
irr will b« li»ra al »hr AIdii U.on'- - 'i:- 
n<»ral liOfiie at 3 M u A luck 'Ihiir* t ? 
noon. fitlloMrfl by .ii'.rrnirnl In Uir i'4t* 
llu:ial rrnirlrfv our »oii 'nrl llm tlr.^i 
(«ra >urvltr, ai follows Umi 1 Wnlt^ u( 
L.4M Ant»l«i. Cal , Mix. Anna M. 7.'-hrung 
of Ittnyrr, C«l , Mr« Amaiiil* Ooul<S »[ 
Rntlrvnod. Cal ; and Mr^ Ma^on A al^p- 
aon, Douflfei Watto o. Porllaiid. Ore , and 
on* tlXrr. Mm Marllia Pliklr nt iiiral 
rontr 7, f^;ir . ".t I.r!f1 k'.^n *Mt- •. » \f' . 

ynrm was tiorn r.»ar l(or'r-Tii;r :ri lf.»- 
8h» xaa Ih- widow of .' H \V»it» • a 
mrnibrr of the Sit'..*! Uibtiun i;niliy Ctr- 


U L Counoll) 33, of Nuf \»ooJ- M'l . rtl»£ 
Tiwad»r •Iternoon %l « »ioaD<l*' •>«*• 
aflfr a ahort llli.rss Hf M ►urvlvfd bT 
III! alfr and l»o rlillrtrrri hy ln« paren*'. 

and Mr» (' I foi rnllv I't N'irw*>rt 


ll' l...l> 

«■ '"III;! I 
M'tirlay at 

« ARIM.I.VA r 

if MiK r.-i,' 

HptliiKl'rKl •.• 
Ill' iiorii' <.l 


:t..^ 1 r;,. .,r. I 
n.m. » I •. lii'd j 

11- 1 III. jii :• r. I 

M'« J I. Jlorinan of WnhUi. Kin. ar- 
fl»»d httr latl nittil. Tun^'al «».viet« 
will b« hrld Thnridar aftrrnoon at 4 
•»>1***. al lh« Alma lynhmr-rrr fflnrraf 
liomr Huilal «ill hf In Miipli p.itk 
rrmr'rry 8>'r l» riivlv^il hv \rt iln'igl . 
l»r. Mt» ^iiTitiaii. and i«» »oii<. I- led W 
Nrlaon ot «alt Lake Clly, Utab, aod 
Howard L. Nclaon ot 8prtn«tl*ld. 

who dltd .uadmly mornlna ai 

SpriDirifM J. /w. Kiii>«i>«- wM la c1mi«« ■ 

of ariantfrntnlo hfrr 




i> hri.lliit. .1 L <■■. 1.1. I'll, if I'l-rr-,. 
ami a 'KIit. Mr- .inM- I '•■ i ?:.»:. 1 r.. 
Sprlniitirlil Tlie llfrniaii II. Lohmejrr 
funrral home Is In . Iiarqf of arraiMif- 
in»nt« Hrtvlcri will b' hrld at 8t .'o«»ph"s 
Oathnlir rliiirrh Ml II "cWrk Thursday 
morTklnr. "'*'> hurinl in «i Marj'« MflM> 

J. B. lUWI 
J. B. ntnt. ai. died «t ll:f*, ^. _, 

tM> raortiln* at l.;r home near BtraMorrt 
llr U Mirvlvrrl bv h- »i'.>. ru/.t ri. a' ■ 
raniemant^ »rr Inromplrf. 1 h«« bidv »< 
in Ih* HCTinan II lolmovfy «iin»ral homr 


I I 

Mr and Mr« (t.hili. io.iit i.f S' 

UouU aoiiouorr tli« birii: ol a Uaugli- , 

t*r, t»U Anna. Vrpifnibfr }^ Mr* | 

Rop»r waa (oriii»-rly Mian rirririiria ' 

Huntar. • t*«vti#r m HpilnK'"'''! . 

Page 1: Mrs. John H. Whipple died.** 

Mrs. Martha F. Mills was killed by an automobile.** 
Page 2: Mrs. Margaret J. Watts died.** 

Mrs. Carolina L. Nelson died.** 

D.L.Connolly died.** 

J. B.Rose died.** 
Page 3: Russell Hall was killed.** 

T. Ross Whitlock died.** 
Page 4: Miss Mildred Marie Henson and Mr. Ivan Young were married. 
Page 12: Lee Ullmann left his estate to his widow.** 
Page 14: Marriage licenses issued.** 


Tlir biiKc of the r«in'» nf lee fll- 
ninn wn< hrqiionilirti lo h;* »iie. M:> 
Oenevleve Ultninnn. arrordinp lo the . 
termn nf hia will filed In probate.! 
roiirt yealerday. I 

The h"m'' n* P37 ra«t Walnut ' 
alrrrl aa well aa the remainder of , 
the ealalp. with the exreptloit of ' 
»lf)n for enrh of the children. Ed- ' 
nnid r.rne\ le^•e and .lane, gn to th* 

I widow. 8ha la named rxecutrix to j 
»rne nithniil hond ' 

■•Hnvine full ronfirtenre In mjr 
wife." the will read, "and knnwiiic 
Mini ih' x<ill ninke the proper dN- 
pcAi'lon of my rslale amnnt; m\ rh.i- 
dren, I do hereby Rive, devlae and j 
hrf|urHih 'o nn f«ld nife alt the rri«t | 
of my estate. a.< her abKolule proper- y 
to iiae. aril and dispose of as »hc may 
think beat." 


^r•. John H. -Wltlpplc, 87. mothrr 
of Mr*. John M. Bennett, died nt the 
home of tha dauKhter at 1123 North 
Summit Rveiuie. early laat night. 

Bb* la •unrived bjr the dftughter. ■ 
gnndMa. ;iWilUam BMaoiH. of Sehen* 
•cUdy. V. Y.. Khd a creat-icrand- 
datiRhter. I,ol« Bennett. al«o of 

Funeral services wilt be held *t the 
Aim* Lohmejrer funeral . home at 4 
o^look Friday afternoon. The body 
will - be Shipped to Springfield. Ill . . 
Friday night for bplal. -.. 



Frisco Machinitn Wire. 

fnjures Mrs. Martfia F „, 

71, In Accident on Atlaati(V 



Coroner Stone to Hold fnquest 

Parlor; Victim Wat Cnttkifi 

Mpv ^tm* uaiil Ujuu to Om ifpt* 

£Z X...... } - Vrtm 


Avx<t vm^ttnan 

TM cutomoblU- 


■CTRUCK by » npMOr 

^ motoU* •hortly afUr 4 oWeek ,, 

tcrdajr •! urooon at Um oomcr «C I 
West AtUntte atrMt ut^ AlbtrU «f»^- 
ou«. Mn. Martlui r. HIQIm tl, ct 
1431 w«t TbonuB. «M<*9|> mimttBff 
lat«r In the Sprtngfictd B«ptl«t ho— ' 
pitAl. Her lajurlw Inctudad » tne- 
tur« of th« tlmll. • broken left lef 
and nrrrr^ larer«tlona of tb« anna, 
lega and face. 

The machine which atnick b«r vas' 
a 1939 model Kwes aedan drtrao ky 
MrM. Clarenre c. PinUey of 1S19 
North Newton avenue, wifa ol a ma* 
ehlnin at tto tfmeo Wmk itMipa. Mnu 
Pinkley waa drtvtnir w«at on AUantta 
atreet toward th« ahopa vbar* atw 
waa going to taka bar bnatoMkd 


th. treat b, Um. i;|»»^> "^ 
fort to ketp fram 5'«^^/S' 

through a aUU -'"^e^ v, tb. •«- 
Although eye «^t°*^ ,~,~"JrL were hard to txnd ,^, "^ 

I t60M.«b« •«• » «** W"SrBS» 

ItTme were fonrinsed that <*• "^^ 
, mobila »«» «oing at a conatd^rmbla 

r»uof»pMd. >«»»"»• ~,S!S 
I through the atr for a eooaldawW" 
diataaca by the Xocc« •< ib» ^*»**» 
according to Un. Al*» «. Jtoewjr. 
, 163S Waat AtlanMc t ret. i>e« f wnow 
I homa tba acetdwit oBCTawO.^. . ^ ' 
norothy B«rti»n. ft.year-«l«' B*^* 
horhood Rlrl. "id aha ^*^'<^^'^^^^^ 
of the c.f. brakea atUd^ly "PW 
,nd fumed « '«»* ^»^ i!L ^ .^ 
, M« Mn MllU folpg throti»* '■■^•r 
'Vfroi.t of the machine. It look*l 
U.M. l.icr .he had been blown from 
-he mindfhlHd et tba car," tba «»t 


. . Mra Pinkley WM »n an aimoat ixr»- 
■ teri'-il condition at her hOBBO »•» 
. nuh' M a return of tha tragedy, her 

fii.sba:.^ rrporrpd. _^ 

** GAVE W.%«M>0 »Oin»B » 

4 — -^ — ♦ 

According to what abe told him, bo 
said, the aged woman had •tAitwl 
acroaa Atlantic »tre«t from the ao«tb. 
Mra. Unkley waa then aald t* b»T« 

sc'jndM i-.T horn, an \inu«nally loud 
t one and slowed down h«T auto; then. 
I thliikin? that Mra. MUU waa gola« f 

stop, to have speeded VP again. 
I Mr. Pinkley declare^ that both h* 
and Arch Bamay. 20©^ Johnaoa »T»»-, 
^.., «!.-> n Ir;«-o nv... iur.i-< . ""«' 
Maned walking eaai I rem the »nop. , 
to i;:«r-. ir,f ».- ■ ••• 

car a waning aound »ben they were 
tWo bkKk. away. He aald ha had ] 
teamed that Mr?. Mill* »"-» paniallr ; 

rrantle efforu of the driver to I 
avoid Ura. Mill* •►>'» »*^« •^*' '"' 
n^mti— bad apparently not aeen 

^^.l^^toorertum. J*" •;'"J;^''J! 
l-akan and ih« marhine otherwise 
^UMgad had to be towed to a garage. 

Un Mllia U aurilved by three touK 

r^M. H'"-^ B. U MUla aod U R. MilU. 

ill rf Sprmgfleld. and two <l^«h""; 

t^BarthaTr. Dodaon of Springfield 

and Mra B««i« Cooper of Thayer. 


. ^^^Mnl arrantMMnU ara Incom- 
NelTbtU interment will be In Clear 1 
lurj under direction of J , 

A minion of the 0«en J»mlly »'■• 
M beW Beptember ». at the home of 
ktfph Owen, north of the cny. A 
(•«» r' - — ' "' fn'n<W und rtUUvff 

{ Hi 

•DjJY I 


JRussell Hall instantly Killed in 
I Fall of TrI-Motored 

I Airplane 

Riiv»ll (Frmnkl Hall. 99. for vf wm , 
I It rriildf nt of Sprinsflflrt. *•!« killert 

IalmnM ln»»BnMy whm » >«rgo trl- 
motnrrd nrplnnf »hlch he «»» pilot - 
inc rrmnhfd Tu*«d«y arKmoon al El 
Crn'ro C»l. 

N»»» of th» mon'K df«th In the 
muf ifif.iril lirrr \r''r'r<ny hv 
W HktI" Bin Went Monroe 

f f A»ll 


(iradiial* of H. II. '■ 
Hall «aj> a Btadtiate of the BprlnB- 
; firirt Senior Hi:h ►'•hool end a former i 
1 MUdent of Staw Teacher*' collese He i 
had be«n a plloi for tha Plchwlrk I 
I Alr»»T« tn California aince laat April. 
Hf plio-erl lerce pn.'-enrT ehlps fi""' 
San Francl»co to Lo« Aiiiirle.^ «ii<t 
from Urn Angelca to San Diego. Hi.'». 
bom* w«a at Olvndalr. Cat. 

Haira flylnR career hegan In , 
Sprlnsfleld aeveml yeara ago wlirii 
he and Roberc Staton of thia '•liy ' 
avne<t and flew a plane for ^pori nurt 
hi;-:ne.«<. H^II enlfied In the United 
«»t^«e<. urmv Kir nervire diirint: thr 
«»r and berume nil rxp'rl pilot. 
.Nn liiner»l .\rr;iiicriiiriil<i 

"^ PuiU'ral amnfcmenU - hid not 
been made U»t nlRht. The yotin? j 
irnno mother arf" hi' «lfe had not 
„f.:tu. ■..'<: -x'.. '■>:.'■ ) - ■• ■" ^^ b'lnrrl 
n«ir III n' (•'.■. 

Je-per. UA 
Memll We»i. 30 
Vertle Moran. 

of M^ii ' :«. I;;C 
'<>. tit Tnhver 

Eunl'-e I 
.Mo: I 

Mo ; 

•nd Ed«ln 

Ok 1 ard 



2\ rf 

M .-.111 


T. Ross Whitlock 
Expires Suddenly 
At His Home Here 


he j7\ 

an* ' 

I riineral aervirrn for T. RfKW Whlt- 
' lock. AT. who dtad atMManty tmttf^pimA 
terdaj morninK at hia home, *l>t^ 
< North Campbell avenu*. will b* 
I at 3 o'clock thu afternoon In the 
W Kliinner rhnpel" Interment will 
he III >ln/rlK<HKt Kiiifiery. 

Mr Whitlork had a wide acquala* 
; tanre in Springfield, havtnit l>e«n ••- 
^ aiaunt caahier at th« ClUccna bank 
' for man» yenra More rerentir tt* ha4 
been ritKhirr :or 'he SprlOKfleld Trac- 
tion company. He worked aa uaual 
Tueaday at tba traction company 
flee but became III aeon a(l«r 
home In the eventng. , Heart diaeaae 
waa theutht the cau— 'flt^fl—llij 
He la aiirvived by hla wlf*r 
Mabel .Whitlock. and fotir chlldrtn. 

M'.iw .liilm Whiilork and Ro<ia Whlt- 
lorK. Jr. of the home. Mrs OvU'ht 
I Thoma* of Kan«ut Ctty and Tom 
I Whitlork Alao aiirvlvinf ar» a 
I hroiber. W P Whitlork of POI North 
f ,<'':i «'■•■■;»• Hid th'»^ •i«trr« 
' Mm. J H. Canalty iind MiAa Jetuie 
. WhIUock of 003 North Campbell ave- 
! nne and Mra. W. C. Fawrett of %te- 
' Alerter. Okla 

I Youun-ffctison 
' Vows Read 

I Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hrit.on of \r\wi 
North Clay avenu'.aiiiioiinrr tlir mnr- 
' rlKT'' f^f their rininrhlrr .MlUlrrd 
I Mnrle, to Mr. Iviin Youiik 'I'lir iiiiir- 
, riace took place S.itiirriay. Srptrmbrr 
4 n* rl)lr:»co 

.Mts Younj: l.< »eli !."'>" n nnmrc 

FrncUiated la*t niriUK H""" •'^"'i' ' 
Hlffh achool. The yiivmi; roiiplr will 
be n'. home »iftcr Rrptiiiihrr L'O 
Chlrnco where tlir\ jilini 



riineril afrvlrfu for Mri. Margtrel J 
Wai»« M. a llfr-lotiR re»ldfn» o( th^ 
Ofarka. «ho dl«l Tutartav nljht at. the 
tiome of hrr daiiuhler. Mra. M fl Maaon. 
140 Nnrmat aventie. t»in be held at 2:30 
rrlork thl« attertiooii at the Alma TiOn- 
nie%er lutieral home. liiiernieni w.111 be 
held in the National remUfrv. One aon. 
three dBUtiMt«^»>. » alepaon and one sl.-stcr 
aurM'e. Bhe wan the widow of J. 
W«t'.«. a tiMl *"!■ veteran 
ArraiiBrmml* for the funrral of .r W. 
«" »ho dlrrt earlv veOerrtav tnorn- 



r ..»r«i «rrr (rea for Mra Carolina L. 
Nfl-^on. «V former HpriPRfif Id woman "''<» 
died Monday at I he hom« "', h" <lau«h- 
ler Mra J E Oorman of Wiriilta. Kan . 
T" he ..Hi. ... i ...locW \l.'.: nficr.innn 
• I the Alma Lohmryer funrrRl iiomr. 
'eurirrwill tJke PU;* '" M.ple P.rk cem- 
r-erv ^'^o ^onu. Fred W. of Pau •'"«•' 
CMv. Utah, and Howard 1. . of Sprlnsf.cld. 
1,1*0 aiirxlvr 

Funeral s 
nf Nnrwooil 
.,,• ,1 li'-rr alirr a 
I, rid al HI .loaeph 


(CR tor 1) I. Connolly. 


ulio died Ttir^rtBv In ■,,>!""- 

• hot. Illiirn.'". will be 

, CnilKillr church at 

1 (uneraVVo,^;. Mr. Ro»« l» wrvlved by 


Page 2: Mrs. Martha F. Mills died.** 
Page 14: Marriage licenses issued at Marshfield.** 
Page 18: Russell Hall died.** 

Mrs. John H. Whipple died.** 

T. Ross Whitlock died,** 

J. B.Rose died.** 

D.L.Connolly died.** 

Mrs. Margaret J. Watts died.** 

Mrs. Caroline I. Nelson died.** 





Mttis Dies 

Shortly After Being Struck 
by Woman Motorist; Wit-, 
nesses Have Varying View 
3f Incident 

Tbt slmoct totUat dMtli of Mn. 
Uwtbft T. UUk. Tl. of 1431 WMt 
TboaULB (treet at 4:30 WntofAiy 
ftftamoeo wb«n (b« wmt tiruck by 
A car tt the cx>mn' of Wnt Atlantic 
atTMt and Alb«rta avtnue, brouchi 
W U Um total fatalltiM from auto- 
.■mMM aeddteta whkh Dr. Uuirar 
CL Stout. Oreena couoty coroner, 
|M« raeordMI ilocc UUng otfier De- 
ceoibw I 

Diw SbertlT All«r 
> Un. UOia. Uto «•• ttruck by an 
' JfeMt ndaa Arhr«a by Mn. Clarcnc« 
& Ptnktar. ot 19U Nortb Newton 
•WmHi>' t*^U» «raMM AUantle on 
bar way to Um° UeOuirt Orocery 
_«taT*- men IT Hm fffli"g^'''i Bap- 
tot • Um mUnrtea later 
i ra ct un * -atea and etfacr 
Mrtow Injtniea. 

,ffe<ai total wlO b« bald thu aft»r' 
{•M* at 4 o'aloak at Kllncacr Un> 
.Arty^pv pntor. at vhleb ttea a 
nwnfrir ol witnaaaca. who appear to 
bar* rarytnt new* ol th« aeddrat 
wax ka eaOad. Funeral aenrloaa tor 
Mm MUli wBl ba held at 1:30 Fri- 
day afternoon at the Clear Creek 
Di|<li( iliiiiiili oadar um dtrecUon 
«r KHaiMr Undertaken, and burial 
win be In Clear Creek cemetery. 

Bay Car 8pe«dln( 
' Aeeerdinc to Mr*. Ellen Murtrey. 
1131 Waet AUantle «treel. and Doro- 
ttqr Barton, ll-yaar-old Kirt. wlt- 
aaMH to tlM aoddent. Mr*. MilU 
'«•• ttirowil (Ire or ilx feet Into the 
air and nearly i: frrt out o! ihr 
path oX the car, which they aald « as 
movlnc rapidly. 
The a«ed woman was carried by 


penona who ran to the 5crne to ihr 
grocery alore porcli and rorrd J"r 
there until the W L StHrne Riii- 
bulanee arilNcd. 

The Pinkie.- b.iimu'iIjiU- i i> ii 
ac»lnit a low bank on ilie w.uili .Mdc ' 
of the street and overlurncd. iw a 
retull or the rirUers wttci.ipl in 
avoid hlttlni Mrs. MtlU. Mrs. Pink- . 
Icy. however, waa uninjured, and 
CUfflbed out through the window. | 
Heard Horn of Car 

Mrs. PlMkley ma* drnliii: »<-«i "ii 
i>Hant*<r , mx^aiu ..•*■ * • • -^ •' • • ■ - . 
ahopa. where her hinband Is em- I 
ployed aa a machlnlai. to drive him j 
bone from work, when the accident 
occurred. Mr. PInkley and Arch 
Ramey. alM a machinist, «aid that ; 
they were walking to meet her. and 
heard the horn ol the car aounded 
wblla they were two blocka away. ' 
-, Acoordlnc to Mra. Plnkley, the 
•ted voinaa bad started to eroas 
Attaatle gtreei from a path on a 
HCKBt lot, when she aaw her and 
■eotmded her horn. Thinking that 
Mu, Mllla was going to ntop, rhr 
vp acaln. Mr. Plnkley said 

that taa tiaderatood that Mf«. Mills ; 
waa parttally deaf and possibly had 
not beard the approach o( the car 
and the hnrn 

Mrs. M1I!'< 1* Siirvr.wl hv Hirer 
j^j iy^ I^ IL Mllla. B. U Mills, and J. ; 
X, v«H«, of 1431 West Thomsn. two ' 
aa^btanr Ux».-Mbn U. Dedaon. 
lOL.Wftl Itwnian. and Mr*. B«a- 
ita Cooper, of Thayer. Kan. 

MR,t. JOHN II, wiiirri.r. 

Mr* John H Whipple K7. mother «f . 
Mm John N Bennett, died at the Brnoett 
ho me ot M " Worth aumtnlt a»fn'i» W'C- 
nesrtay nlgnf ,A crandaen. WlUlam Ben- 

iirM. ann a rreaf -rranilrta'iehter. lx>ls 
i rtennetl o( Stln'iirrl»d\ . N V i!-" 
' 'M» r^nn^ral t»nire« nlll h» h'ld at itie 

A'riis l.'.liinrirr f;iii'"i'>: liDtr' si 4 or!ork 
. Kiirlm n(ir.-(:,w.|i. i.,i,-r m . .'i "lir i>o'1 

will be srrK to Sprin^tfield. 111. for burial 

J. It. ROSK 

runeial arrangemrni » for .i P fto.e fiS 
I who died early Wfdne^rta^ *' l';\ '^':"': 
!«n a farm near Stratford. »r; In ■"••"'■"';', 

.. u |^[««ii ae funeral home, i 

[tfe ifty U »«re< W«^ ta wife. I 


. • • • 
nAMtSr r. BATHBOIW. I«nntt. 
** ehl»r of pollc*: -dn* P»«* « 
ar*».« county which rc.ld be 
- turn pubBc P»rk U Uie old l.nnl 

^;«, on wt«n^ »««.•«-;;• 'IT" 

Und U .IX nille. «>««t or th. 
.-u^.. eonUlM » »l»ln« -^Ifh 
!ii« out of • bUI w»m • ro.r WMl 

j;::;;r. crrck which ^^ »r^- 

;;^ w. cme here «.n,e of he 
p„p,rty .rouiHl WM c.lW the 
SLp «TO«nd on account of c.mP 
-JLgB belli* hrld ttiere. There 

„„,„. one lor .h. .rr„ »n., .nnh^r 
.orth. women. "'"""",';"" 
.infuland degraded ""»• *f ^' 
who would be c»u«ht entering 
Church in those dav^wlUxM. own 

wtfe. -n hare doi,e so uould have 
created an awful -randal. We «>Id 

It became^ popular place for f Ish- 

"^ rtream or lake. Mr. Gold - 
neck *a« » hard *r.:kir-.K "•»" .ind 
«,rd .P co.-.M.!erabIr '"''■-5:^/?';;; 
„„rtd«Und promoter. wW Wm 

bo iiart life over again 

■ ftrriinon »hen ii 

n.'-ti' i.:«nf whirh 

Funeral Services -^l 

For Russell Hall \ 

.XoiB?M,dd SundayL 

mnmtl »frr|r«'* for Ruaa«ll Hall, , 

IV). Jomirr "»prlll5tlrM orliirrtr irho ' 
»a« kll!frt Ti:rv1« 
ui«iU ffl-niolorii 

he w«.i piiotii,^ »,., :.. .. „• T : r.-; T :. 
Cal.. will be conUuctad Sunday after- 
Booa at Otandal*. OaL, 
had liT«d rccaoUy. 

(atiMr..lir>.HMI.MBk 9. ,~ .^ 

Wast Mooro* atrMt. w^fe pripHfbtl 
today t« go to OlMidahr Ibr ' tt« { 

fimPT-Bl •ervl'-» 

Hall, a BrRclMiiif r>f the Pprii c?;fl.: 
Senior Hlch school ind a former »tu- • 
6i«ie Teacher* coll^^, had! 
• he Pickwiek Air- 




It pMot 



home at 


i Puni-ral nervirea for T Roy 
ST, who rllfd K-iddenly •• ^^^•■;i",.u^, 
fKiT North r.mtil.ell a%rn.i' Wednesday 

imornlnR. aere held Jhi» alternoon a- 3 

! irrmrnt t/>ok place in Har-lwocrf c#x.e. r» 
iThe wife. Mrs Mabel V^! •• - • . ir- ■> ' 

with two »on» and two rtaui '• '•• 
Ihroiher and thre» »l«ter» : -n are 

Mua Jnha Whillock and Ro«* Wtiitlork 

.Ir . (I h«mf Mr« P»lcl.t Thoind' r,' K»n 

»at Cll^, and Tom Wlmlocn. 


rur.eta! arr«ngem'P'« for .' B Ro»» ** 

' «ho died parU Wr,-!'»~-;»- »• -.. — . 

oil a farm n^tr pimHorf. ar* in ir.«r<e i: 

.,, )(.,.,,- M »o-~-»-'- '-.-'ral h'--r.e 

Mr R•^.«e t \_ ■■•'■' i .".^ «;'» 

Funeral «ei» 
( (ollo»e<l h» 


lr»s for D L. Connollr, 


f • p 

s- .t^.»p^ » r »• -<- ■- . ■. ■ ■ . 

mlermrnV in Rt Mar* » trmr- 

»rv in rhartP of l!i' Hrtman II Loh- 

m»\»r f;ir«er«l home He i» f'.irv -.vert 6\ 

«iiv^ :ii (•«:::. inii* .•.,i;.e ;»»t .April 
flying big paaacngcr planca ftot^ San i 
Pranclvo to tioa Angelee and from } 
I 'Ht Angelea to San Diego. Before 
leaving Springfield h« and a fiiriul 
h'era owned and dop«rat«<; • ptaae. { 
Ha obtained addltt^al experience m I 
ttat. United Sjiatca army air corpa. | 

ij Marriaga lletnae were iMXied thin 

*ee"< nl Mnr^liflrlrt to r:niu1r Vt 'ithn. 

iaa. of BprinRfleld. and l.uiUl-- v.;:n- 

'I trell. 32. of Seymour. I.. E f ar- 

I firlma. 21. of Sprlr.Kllrld Arnc. .• 
• Ijjwuon. 22. of MpilMitflrl.l. MK 0,»» i. 
' Poliulrxiir. :i. cf U 

;. - — ' ' ''y u^i 

rntHir..'* BKNi**"^' Loo?<rT [ 

ru.,e"al Mr»lre5 foe Charle, Berijamln 
U,o."t V>,., J.r.l «l 1U.N I"""' •' ,11" 

K. Beuion A. M.K. church r,^ 
d«r afternoon at I.JO oeloclc. *tthtl»« 
tlvitVud iTa Htnlth olflclatlng. B«tal 

5m »i to tM U.«oln V»*?I.**'^i.?t?,'t^* 
I md«r the iuactton of the Barbarl jr. 

^!i«-. t iiii« I rvciner "ix chfldreti. ieiia. . 
1 i^l'v" LeV- mZ?': -Kdna. anU Charle.. 
[•ndslK »Uter. and two brother..^ ^^^ | 

_^.„^~- ^ ~ ~ CONNOLLY • i 

of K«rw<»d. ;^"^;iS-,* catholic 

sssJ? f^-S^^HVK'irmnv^? 'l: : 

trre in charge ni ^""^ " ,ur.;>e<t h> 

m,v»r luneral hom' "' " "" 


vim. ji. * Maion. WW- 

forV thl* afternoon 

• t ine 

MRit. ( tRiU.IN.V L. NLLiO 
P«neral »er»ire« fof Mf«. C»« 
Nr l«oii *J Inrirer Bprmtlteld *em 
<1ie«l Mnn<ta\ at the hom* •! h»r 

<rr Mi« J F Hi^rP'*!' '■" tV'rM . 
»«{• h«Mi ihia afternoon at tb* AUna 

m»Ter funetwl honte «af1at •"*• Jfcii ... p «-" •— n-^r.^iU* 

M.1I11* Pnik I'm*"-.. T*o ""n" Fr»d w . ffwi^^^" _., horn near K0*e'a-fM»" 

NelCr Mtflt L>k. Cttt. .^ft^. H«^H L. . 'jTr ^^^V"-, 7^r...*^t'"> In the 0».rU. 
„,'<^„r-..c^r,,»^ t i i > i l' y y !ii ? M r t UMHS P t I ,„<i upent her enm 


» .rt^v* "** 





±i UJ p 

— I H- 3 

>- h- i^- 

s c/jr 

>- cc 3 

.< ifl s 


Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: Mrs. Martha F. Mills was killed.** 
Page?: Russell Hall was killed.** 

J. R. Rose died of injuries.** 
Page 8: Mrs. John H. Whipple died.** 

Mrs. Lucinda Baxter died.** 

J. B. Rose died.** 

Mrs. Ida Williams died.** 
Page 14: Card of thanks.** 

Funeral ServiOM for Aged 
WbMan Win Be Held Today; 
invettioation Cdnducted by 


te tht part U 
naklay. «< »l* 
Hortta Ntwton •»eou«. w*» held to 
bUuM br • cofooWi Jury which In- 
T«Ug»t«l th* dMth M Ur*. Mtftba 
F. JUtUb II. <4 Itf I ^•■t Tbomaa 
%^rMitirdflW «ma Mniek by a Mr 
•» tb* eprnaf o( Wm* AtUnUe atrart 
•Bd AlbOTt* STtinM. at 4:M o'clock 
WadoMday aXtaroooB. 

♦■ ♦ 


♦ — ♦ 

Tha Jury, aimunonad by X>r. Murray 
C. Stooa. Oraena county coroner, ra- 
tumad » Tardlct laU yaat«day a/Ur- 
Booa boldlDf tba drlTar oC tba oar 

Wbttlwr or not olnlnal ebarfoa 
wm ba <Uad acatn** Xn. PtnUay. 
a«ocf« B. BUdmora, Oraena county 
pnMcutor, vlU doc»da today. Tba 

Coroner Stone Finds No One 

To Blame In Accident Near 


InJUrlaa whicb cauaad tba death of 
J. R. Roae. m. who died Wednaaday 
I .11 hU homo nttLt Blrafford, were re- 
oalrad-ln an automoblla accident In 
wbleb no on* vaa bald to blamo. Oe 
Murray O. Btono, Oraena county eor> 
owr. annauaeod yaatarday. 

Altboogb tba accident did not oc- 
cur In Oreana county. Dr. Btona waa 
.aakad to tiiTwUcat^ Om McMtn*. Vm 
found tbat a yoonf man aamad May^^ 
nard Moora. of naar Korthetow. plelec^ 
Mr. Booa up naar bla booa oa blgb* 
way M and took blm to Mi daattiM*^ 
uon • alMrt dlitaaea awaf . Ite tf4 
I daily naa atodd so lb* rtmalaff bo«w 
of tbo ear and atappad off bafowttMU 
ear cam* 1» » halt. B« fan aad wto-H 
talnad bijurlaa wbieh ulttmataly !••' 
aultad In bla daattu 


I > fltnnaub . ibbvicm • xopat < 


Mra. MIIU vaa atruek by tba ear, 
M aba erooaad Atlaaua atraat oo nay 
w«y 16 Um MflOvlrr Oractrr •tei*. 
eiM was tlueini flv* «r At f«tt«tBvo 
tba air and nearly 13 faat out of tfaa 
Botb, aoeordlnf to wltncaaaa. 

Funeral aerrloaa for Un. MUU will 
be held at a JO o'clock Wday afUr- 
aeoa at tba Olaar Oraek Bapttet 
ebuccH. under tbe direction of KUnx- 
nar Undartakera. and buHal wlU ba 
In Olaar Cratt camatary. 



Punetal serrlcea for RuaeaU Hall. 
80. fonnar 8{irlncfl«ldlan. who waa 
fciHaH Tueaday In tba craab at Bl 
Cantro; Oal.. of a trl-motoMd mono- 
plane which ba waa piloting, wtll be 
bald Sunday afternoon At Olendale, 
OaL. wbara ba bad Uaen aUUoned 
ainoa laat April aa a pilot for tbe 
Pickwick Alrwaya. 

Tba young man waa a graduate of 
the Springfield Senior HlRb acbool 
and a former etudent of Soutbwaat 
TBacbeta college. ■ Before leaving 
Springfield ba and a friend here own- 
ed and operated a plana. 

Mr. and Mra. J. W. Harrla, 8S8 Weat 
Monroe atreet. mother and atepfatber 
o< HaQ, pireparad yaatarday to go to 
qj fiiiaia for tbaifoneral. 


PW. rr. mother or Utu. John W. B«an«U 
o( liaa norUi •uminu avenue. wUl b« bkid 

4 ^«loeli this ftfteroooD. Tbe body will JM 
cblpp«d to BfittDgtUM, m.. for barlia. B^ 
SSUUn, JBwmelt. a crandion mkI graM- 
grandcUUfhur currlTe. 

FBiMral MnrloM for Mr*. Luelnd* 
Baxter, who died Thursday mominc at 
brr bom* la B6U D'Arc. vlU too b*ld 
una afumoon at a o'elook at tb« ,BoU 
D'Arc Baptits church. Intanaent will b« 
In Clear Oreck eeaetcry. 

MtRRUfir. l.lfr.N>'F> 

John R. CoMln. 39. of Marinnvtiie, 

Mo. and Lon* M. Heniley. 2H. of 

, WUtaart. Mo : and Xicholous Ahr«n«, 

. 34. of Newport. Ark., and Edith 

JLooney. 19. of Springfield. . 

J. B. B08E 

ruoeral eerTicea for J. B. Rom. 68. who 
dle4 aarljr Wednavdajr mornlnf at tola 
horn* on a farm near Strafford, probably 
wlU b« held Saturday afternoon followed 
by Intetveni under direction of Uia Bar- 
man H. JU>hmeyer funeral home. Be la 
(•urvlTed by tola wife. 


Mr*. Ida WtUUme, 6S. died at 10:U o'etoek 
last night In her home. 1909 Waehlngton 
Hvenue, following an lllnees of one week. 
Kunarei arrengementa are Incomplete but 
Interment will be In Harvlll cemetery in 
ChrUtlan county. 8ur\lvtng Mre. WU- 
llams Is hfr husband. William WlUlams: < 
three eons, Reggie and Fred WUIlama of 
Spring field and Ouata of Skldmore, Moi.; 
and Xour daogbtera, Mra. Myrtla Bark* 
hart. OldflekL Mo.. Mlts Flo Winiama and 
Mlae Ftom WUIlama of the homa addreta,^ 
and Mre. Delpha Maggard, -whoea addreaa 
la not known. ...^ 


to eenfa a Un*. i 


Katie M. Pranter and family iT' 
acknowledge with alncere thanka y 
expreulon of tympathy ihown / 
many frlenda of A. F. PranUr. f . 


Page 2: Mrs. Martha F. Mills died.** 

Page 14: Publishers of thirty Ozark papers meet in Lebanon. 

Page 24: Mrs. Martha F. Mills died.** 

J. B.Rose died.** 

Mrs. Ida Williams died.** 

Mrs. Lucinda Baxter died.** 

John B. Robertson died.** 

Hay ward Bamett died.** 

Marriage licenses issued at Ozark.** 

Card of thanks.** 
Page 27: Miss Naomi Martin and Mr. Lloyd Hasty are to be married tomorrow.** 



r::nrrn\ f»rvlrf» for Mr' MiirthR F ! 
' Mlllo. 71. of Mat WMt Thornun 

>fre*t. «rrr h^M thin ii.t»riiw->ri «l i 
•h» Cl^^r rrr*k Rnptid rhvirrh \iiiflrr 

I . r li.f' 'i"lt •■' K.lKfci.r- i ■.,! ' ... 

, homr. Burial «■« in lh« Clrar Crrrk , 
I cf mf t*ry. 1 

I Mr*. Mill* waa kllUd V/ninttdtj 

»flfrnoon >«'hen Rtriick hv an auto- ( 
, niohllf diMrii I)) Mr*. Clntrii'f F. j 
■ rjnkirv. IPIP North Nfwffvn avpniic | 

i l!.' •virtiifi > Ji.i) MArifrl t.Mrlf-' 

(irlvini; on th* part of Mm. Pliiklrv 
us \ht r.«iiw of !lif arrlilrnt. Tl)«> 
jvir\ »a» M.iiimDiird hv Di . Murrny 
<' .""onr. nrcftir roiin'v roron^r and 
:\'f 1 .■•■Tfl.-. nltrriifxin fMitnrd ihe ; 
vrriti'' htili'.iii; if» ili.-rr .f i|i* iki 
:rn|>oiiMt,;r 1 

No riiiiiinal rharK' *lll br (llrd ; 
. ;i >• Mr I* I . •<•^ Cr.'-.^r H .«ikl<1- 
mi'if. (irr<i.« i.iniij pi<>M > t,: .>i. .»iilil 
' 'rtfity a'ter h« had lnvF&;i|ated the ' 
caM. i 

I I 


illTMA r. MiiJ.r. I 

iirrVt<-<t« frr Mr-. M«r!lia T 
_l -tU of Mil Wf»l 'rrnm«r. »ir»rt 

eva e|p an n'i;"'i. .iii'.f i.,f. ii' '.ntuc 

«»r» hrlrl at 3 in i.-ili.. It I'.IN ;lftriliot.Ti I 

• t llir tlrai «lr<l, H:.;l. • ■: .r.'i Hiiii..i. 

'^waalM Olr»r Crark rruirirry :ii itiarif , 

• I J. W. KJli.k.'rr A ,_ii . ...i.M i:,.,-.; 
'«1*v hv r>r Miirri\<- C 'Oriiir crrriic I 
MMMUr f«r«lM>Aj>>an>rd lli« rMli'i*.<.vnr'"i r.f , 

W i i i jJji l i m mSM j f««»to»y «rt »••• Norih I 

. JWVOm •»•■«»•. dn»»r or the • nr «!i.'h. 


«»a tro/^-iin Wr«i 
»%tuu(, lot th* 



Miss Martin, 
Lloyd Hasty, 
Are to Wed 

rnnt wrddlni of Mi» Naomi Martin 

dcuthUr of Un. B«n Martin 8r.. I 
lUl Nortlt MaJD avrniie. and Mr. j 
Llo)*« n*Mr. Mn Of Mr. uid Ui. C. A. \ 
Haaljr of Drtroll. »in ttr nolrninlml 
•I tb* 81. JoMpb'a pariah tiuua* to- ; 
murruw tnuruiUK, | 

Tb* lUvtrand Path«r Maunw will ' 
3AJM- lb« offlfflailni mlnutfr. ^ Jha j 
voB> mill b* lead undar an improvuad > 
altar of fail »lo«rr» Mr Arthur 

Mtrtln, Iwethar of ill* krM« will Ml 
as b«al mail, and Mian MllAr^d Ray 
I '^Ul b« BsM or honor. 

T 't*» >tt»i vut w«v an importad 

I Indrpandrat bhia chiffon anarmhlr. 
jl with matrhtnK ar«*«aorl«a. and mill 
' CM-ry • bouquat ol rosra, otrlitila. and 

Ullln of Uw vUl«r. 
Hot ■tMBtfuit will w««r palt crrto 

cMlton with ButehlBc accaaaorlaa. 

and will rarrr an arm hniiqiifi of ; 

pink roMs. Tha (mom'* gift to ih« i 

hrida will b« • diamond plallniim ' 


Ininirdlatrlv afirr t ti» r'rrif..ii.v. a 
axdiliiiii brrakfaai mill b* M-i.r^ m 
Maiwall'a Ontrm. aficr which the . 
younj rjiipl» <r||| Utrm for HI, Loiila ' 
wtMra the/ mill ba entarulned miin : 
a dinner al the Ooranada hotel hj ' 
their friendj there. After dinner ihe% , 
will tear* lor an extended lour of ■ 
the Xaalem atale* and mill I..- n 

' •» alin IM.,U<I l.Ml. .1, (S: , ; . 


''^M tMddlnt brMkhlt will bo held i 

In tb* priTito dininc room at Max- ' 

«*ll% Oatfm 4i>d bwkoti of tall flow- 1 

' I In a riot of relora »/.ll he tiaert ' 

ilfroinlKin TUr I •«!.:, 

I mill be rriitrre<l »:l|l a lyi\ i.f the 

j llowera. and tapera la cryaul candle- , 

XtUekA wm b* pUe«4 tl Mther tnd of ; 

i Thoae who will attend the break- I 
■ »-laa» ata 

ilr. ana Mr> A. D Wrl|hl. ef m Lault 
.'*".'-?"'"• Ja^t. al ■! Louli 

-T'- "«i..>» «w««.-«| Bi 1.4IUII 

Mr. .lahB r. Dally, al Obleaie 

Mr. Irain W. UatU. af Oliicaae 

Mia. MIMrad Ray 

MUa HatUaa* Maaea af Chlcaaa 

%. *" f tt ••"• "••• Martin 
Mr. »ni Mri San J. Matttn tt. 
Uia. aan Martia Sr. 

lilt recexi'l uL«tmi Iiu. 
<if Tulsa okla . a:iil 

I. It 111)^1 

KullOrtI al IKl in... Ti' , !'.! .■ I! f • e <;K 
m!>n rtlfrt \\>.iin\a.lav •; I ip";i.' l»er 
8traffoTd. mere ir- (-•ii;tV** ti..ia'. prtiiM»iff 
lulu IL M^ii. .1 A l{*»-e 
•V;- sun I, P 
U,ili.> •■.. . r S I .:• '•: r. • A' • I- 
VIvea her liuabaiiil whoM- ile.iMi ««> ntin | 
buted to !n)iirt»« he irr":ir.l r^ci'Mv m li»ii ; 
he atrpped Irom ••—; atHfinnbile j 
Arrvea ky Maynard Mnora of l<eer Nniih- i 
■«*■ ■ Or. Murrkr C Stonf. Clreeii* tmtrttf | 
Mtor*llbr, WM •AllM to iiiveill«ai* lb* 
t*tf, •If'tuth the »rcirteni rtd not nrmr | 
In lht» foiiiilv. So oiK^na* h'fil in blame 
/fit the u'.','! -i: M' I' ' '!j » II ■•nn 

iPe^oiUBoyec I'tntrai hem* ii in (h*rfl« i 
»f «Tr«ntr>ren»« I 

T.4a m'ill|»m« 1J dl'd a» !•■ l^ 
*>T>W«<I«* nl«h( at her h«ine l» ■» 
%»««r«rp;«i'. .' •' ••• «.'•■! •>'. i.iJ-ev . f '••.•• 
«*ek ».'»' •» ^111. 1'" b»v. i'.»! f-.-i-ai'l 

1Wiil'«m w;i:.a.i- "•''•■'.•;• 
IPy^ Wi:liam» ol RpiiinneUl am tiu^ia of 
•mUtmM^. Okli "and (our <l«iitl<i»ra. Mr*. 
SStO* Butahait rt C«i{.''i!. M" . Ml*-; 

>^S'irttttam< *vA r^tn wiilmm" »i iiome 
mSk'Vt* Oetiiha Mtit'ord riir>erRl ar- 
' T**ee»ne'*«« »»e ^■?t^-..■ i.f .' •.»• K!"i.-. 



"Fllfl^ral "rn u-r J Irir Mi» I.inMiiifa B»x- I 
ler. who f.eil I: iiMlH" iiori..i-c Jt li'I 
|.nir» InTtni. Tl Am- ryt" • .-lil h.k »ft»i-l 

r »ou a' • ^ « '*" »• 1;' * ''■ I' ~ i» Nt' liiir* , 

r»l ^itlfrh lr'»iniint f"i'k rUce li> . 
'jta*r Ci«*« e»«eUr>. | 

JOHN II Mttltl H I «!>> , 

' T^l• badv of .t-i! II M noberifiii. former j 

PCM., wlU arrive here Moiidav motaina lor I 
Knerat «ri'' .»'« »i.<1 l>'i' ■• ' ' • " "f at after. I 
oooi*. arr*^tir.i.i» : * ;;il"i n^.ii. ■i ii» -,i rrt by 
i. W. Kllnrner '"in iniuittr.B 

i^ '«*rwWn-B««vrTT 

f FtiMn) aerirtcet for liaiwanl 

«; «k»jHMJB ■•UtM Mtaw^iv an opera- 
fMm»»m m'Mfi.'r»l tli* Bapltal rhurrh 
'in tInDeW Burwlae afiwiinon a» 7 < elork 

JCimM'S '' ':'■ "y^ »TII«'m« .ir»«:-.'r- m 
nK3r lai (tl^rt* <tr tn* fmrea M. 

■ift*!' tar«#rli (jted in ffiirinc<>*><l Mu 
^»^'»a. ^r . aff" M" VIrlnr Barneit 

raa.i.* •» :«' • 1 ».'^^•.■».• |^( - •• '•f Ji e. 



la Oaark to T. L. OrtmUi. 41. *nS 
Itertha RaklD. U; Albert JennlnKk. ^ 
33. blMl CI»l»'Ch»n»r. «>: Brneat P*r- 
jklna. 33 antt Leeoa'Wllaon. 31: all of ; 

i ."prln.f;- ''1 

The Daily News for Saturday, September 21, 1929, is missing. 



Page 4: Dr. John H. Boyd died.** 

Page 8: Marriage license issued at Bolivar to Benjamin Davis, 45, and Mrs. Amanda M. 
Chaney, 41, both of Springfield. 

Twins, a boy and a girl, Bobby Dean Holman and Betty Jean Holman, were born 
to Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Holman, 724 Normal avenue. 
Hayward Bamett died.** 
Thomas B. Baker died.** 
J. B.Rose died.** 
John H. Robertson died.** 
Page 10: Miss Louise Agnes McMaster and Mr. Theodore M. Justice were married.** 
Miss Mildred Gibbard and Mr. Sofus Anderson were married.** 

F^&f.Jdhn Boyd 
Conducted Today 

PrtvMf MnrrnI «*rvlrf»> were 1« »>• 

'hrld .t 3:'0 c,TI^'-«r thl. .M^rnnon 

;tor Dr. John H. Bojrt. 71. oni- of thf 

fnund^r^ of aprlngfl'M hospital | 

wbicb Uur b*cun« SprlnHlHd B.p- 

Ma B«num a»«nu«. JTrldwr rnifttrp 

of. 8prlngfl«ld for 3* y-r. •nd • 
Uh. um. of hU r.Urem«nt •*v.«l 
,yf»rt aRO h« wM con«Ul««<J on. of 

!,he iMdlnn medK-.l men In MiMOurl.l 

Hf *« elected .l.t* medlc.l director 
I tor the Modern Woodmen ol America | 
in \M\. He hid »frvf<1 * t»rm »* | 
!,,n.Mdent of th« Greene Coun'y 
Medical eoclely and he held member- ; 
'„hlp !n the fl<uith*eiit Mlwourl M-rtl- 
.»l »<Mlrl) »1.<1 llie MivvM.n Sl«l» 
Medical aanociallon. I 

: The aged pbyalelan »>e«au practice 
. f^ medicine -la. OUitier. Mo_ la IM A . ' , 
! He waa a n»tir« of Kentucky and had 
Miidled In *»JleTue Medical Ho«p!»nl 
college in Ne^r^*V>rk City and at Unl- 
xeriitv of loiilsrllle He later dM 
,K«t-,ir«du*l« «orli in Chicago. 

For »everal yearn Doctor Bovd «n. 
treaturer of the Sprlnifield Hoapltal 
„5.orl«iion and l»ter .«ecretarr of the 
j Mra. Boyd, who waa Uiaa Nann*^ 
', M. Montgomery of Uebanon. Ky.. abr- 
' rIveK. with one .daughter. Mra Robert 
Otynn. also of »M Ben'nn avenue 
.-irfiiiri* ii,.>rt \ iia<l churge of fu» ^ 
neral arrangement!. 


' Ml« Mildred Olbbsrrt of Spr.rc- 
(teld and Mr. Pofua Anderson of WH- 
inw Ppr.nB* '^"e mArried Sfpiember 

• 10 at Van Buren. Uo. t 

Thrv «1U make Their Lome in Wil- 
|jo» Spring*. ^ 

Vows Are Read 

Thr n-.nrri.irr "f .Ml«j« \ni,,<r- Acn .- 
MrMa.ttrr (M-;enTr iT .Mr nrirt \\v 
W-r.'fr r\ N! M,,-ir' r.v-, \\,,i s.-'-' 
"rrf ••. .\1r TlT-oflir' M '\:--t.rr oj , 
Si\r P< ir'> ("ill r'T. '-vf Mr ;,r.f| Mrs ! 
I* M .I'l«t'.i^ rf f'3;r Mo. \v.i.« ' 
.«r)lrn'.r.\i'e<i Repieinher IB ai '.h^ pur- 
l«h house of th^ B«"nton Avenue 
• ht:rfh Thr ^mip'.r -!r.c 'rrrnionv 
*a« r»ad hv thr Rr\ crrnfi Mr .T<»mrs 
W. Hcr-.^v. 

of im t«e atrcct. aprlniaaliL «IU b« 
ImM tn UM Bapttat cniutt m Uturt 
Bnndajr afternoon at J-^ o'cl«>elr Mem- 
ber* of tlir Odd h»-llt)«» lortgf mill h«»e 
rharge of the .sfr«lrf Barnett died In 
Bolirar, mhere he operated a garag«. fol-i 
towlag an operation. Ha formariy iK^atf I 
UtU ctir. ; 



Thoma* B Baker. i3. died at 11 M , 
O'clock rnrtay i.lghf at hit home. MSI I 
I.vnn arrtrir lie I" <iirvl\»<1 bv lii' *\ff. 
Mil Klia Hmtn. and one ttroilicr. Joatph 
Baker, of Wheauburg. Teaaa Puoeral 
ararogerocaiii are lii «harfa' of J. W. 
KttafMt. ' Interment will 'if la Willow 

I J(»fiV II. ROnfRTSdV I 

] r>iM»i»l sfi-.irtji (ill John H. Rob»rl»on.| 
I K9 »ho ilt'd In Rant* Ann. r»l . »ill be ■ 

' r\(\ Mn..,1llT Bfl<-M.O.Mi ■ I n (. t |i)l ic •! 

KIu.Kiict a (liapel. follonfd by Interment 
I tn Oreen Lawn cemtery. The body wtll 
arrive here early Monday morning. Mr. 
Rebertdon it aurvMed iiy a daughter. Mm 
Oriin r««k»v. vlth whom he lived, and 
' n crandilauahter. MIm Evadenn ra^kev 
1l<r<irr lii« rrnuiMl to California 13 >r«t< 
larni, on the Hollnnr road, two milea north 
• |i>.iin. on the linliitr road, two mll'i north 
■of ftprlnrli'M Ht« mfr. who nn^ Msr^ 
y nill> rt:o«l hrf» I'J \r«r« aijo Clxde 
I) r^.ll.s of tlu< city ;• ■« Aroll>et-ln-la». I 


I I. B. Rosr 

r'in»r»! <rr'i(,-~ ffir J C H.)-' 8*. »1i« 
drrd WKlnriulay al la* horn* nrar StraN I 
ford, wer* "htld «hl» •ft<Tnooii. fnllavi-d j 

' Iv ;ntfriiirnt In Hii/rlAooit ifinrictv ni 
• !i«iK^ 'if *ti» H>;M.iiri II l.iili:n. ;. rr tiii- 

■ rr:>l hOTin" Mi Ho-'- In .v'lfMv'ii bv ^l» 

, V iff. M »..n. J A !;•-»■ i.f I. .In. o^i* . . 

• aiicl • rlrp >oii. :. I' l<obrrt< n( St. L<.u>.^ ' 


The News and Leader for Sunday, September 22, 1929, is missing. 

Page 1: Miss Madge Grantham died.** 

A man was killed early this morning when an automobile ran into a train at the 
Glenstone road crossing. 

Page 8: Mr. Dodson of Newburg died in St. Louis but was buried at Dixon. 
Mrs. Van Winkle of Newburg went to Lebanon where her nephew died. 
Dr. William F. Bums died September 1 7 at Newburg and was buried in the 
Newburg cemetery. 

Page 10: Wanda May Leslie died.** 
Bobbie Fay Comstock died.** 
Angus Dupree died.** 

' (ilrnn n«hrrt*<>n. II. an<1 
Dorothy Kll». 18 r.oth of Bo4a D", 
«er« marrlrd Saturdif af< 
by Juntlcr of th^ P»«r* m. B. Hut. 



Wandft May Lralir. a-montha-old dauxh- 

It of Mr. and Mr.< l.p«U I^sllf. (Wrd 
r«rJ.v Vfslrrday mornlnK In a Bprinslrld 
hospital Fiinrral n^rvlrr^ will be neld ! 
at Ifl 30 o'rlork lliln mornlnR at the 
family homr on rural roiit^ • IntT- 
ineiil will be In Paltrmon cemriarT. ninr < 
mllea noiith of SprlnRtlf Id. iinrtrr dlr^r- ' 
tinn of the J. W. KlliiBner UndertalLlng 


Bobby Fav Coinntofk. J-monthB-old aon 
of Mr. and Mrs. Pay Comitoclc. IMO i 
North Fremont avenue, died yexterday I 
morning In a hospital here. Kuneral .yrv- 
Irea alfl b« held at 1 o'riock thit after- [ 
noon In ilir KHnRnrr funeral chapel 
Burial will b« In Danforth cemetery. 10 


AnRiM Dupree. 7*. died at 10 o'clock \ 
lant night In hl» homa. Ills South Main i 
«\eniir fnllnwintt a .vhort lllne.v* He U , 
survived by his wife and lour dauRhter^. 
Mr*. 8 A. Potter and Mra. Thoma.^ F '■ 
Reed of Chlcano. Mr.*. J. A. McLean of 
Elkhart. Ind . and Mro. Dan Webb ot 
Springfield. Two brother* and four •li- 
ters also .lurvive. Funeral arranfement*. 
whlfh are Incomplete, will be In charte 
of the Herman H. Lohmeyer funeral horn*. 

: -TS?rTt 

One Dead, 2 Hurt 

In Auto 'Frisco 

Crash Near City 

r\KK man waa killed an* two 
others m> badly Injured that 
they were not expected to llT« more 
than a few hour* early this morn- 
Ini when their automobile rtrurk 
the aide of a Frloeo train at the 
Olefmlone road rroaelnif. The 
bndlea were foiuid about S:M 

Tha two Injured men, nncon- 
M-louii and badly hurt, went taken 
to the Hprlnxrield Baptist hoaplUI 
In a stame ambulaare. Home time 
wa« required to remo»e the body of 
• he other from under the wreck- 
aga of the automobile, a f«fade- 
baker sedan. None weT« Identi- 

The ear had been (otflK aonth on 
nienstone and appairntly bad 
«^ck the side of the train vhlrh 
bM. mrrlef the Tchlele ea^^ward 
for about son feel. One OT the 
iiijuied iiirn was found near the 
bichway while the other two had 
been carried alone wUh the car. 

Dr. Murray C. 8lone, Orcene 
count/ coroner, left for the acena 
of the. accident Immedlalely after 
betnc Informed of the traced j. 


Miss Madge (Uantham, 18, 
Dies in Hosjjitai; Driver of 
Farm Wagofi Is Ff6ed by 
Sheriff Hendrix 


Dr. Stone Will Make Effort. to 
Determine Criminal Reapon- 
tibility for Crash on U. S. 
Highway 65 

-KyrlBS MADOB GRANTHAM. 18. of l 
Wtlnut Grove, who aurterMl •» 
fr*rtur«<l •Irull when n mntorrrcle on 
which the wu riding erubad Into n 
term wagon on highway 8I( loutheMt 
* h«r« SmtunUy night died at a 
Springfield hoeplttl »bout.3 ocJock 
yfaterday aftcnMoh. *> 
iDr. U\aiAj\Oi,Btotf, Ora^oa eount;^ 


( :im4 «« Motaaeteli) <'cnAr Mf>^ 
Mtrmfhlr*^ Tlwy aaldW-ttiBtf <g^«M 

f ^t4^''VliaB''4tieatloaM «ttef tha,e^> 
«i<yn.. Ha waf '^t— * ^^^gy *j^***^ 
jrnnnliK h»w*W.' o*;i*«{rf|a "tr «•- 
.^uiM* «bI*'VM hMlitoat;- . i * - r- - 

'itiafi ii<aff**>i— jf^a.W'tnBpldtik' ^' ' 
thft lOfllMBn And I'M Vo^'i^^^ 
til.^l^'atzMt. ftb* ta aurn^ iff 
ner ftKnts. MX. JuOt krs. ^j r. 
Oimfiuiaa of Walnift Orore; a JMtfUk' 
.tr,. BaJpb. of . *|trliKf tcUh ugift Wo 
alat«M. Uta. Barrr LIkena ^or' t^ 
Snallb. Ark.: and Mr*. ,iuam It^ran 
of MlaiBt. l^a« PnnentI arrv>IfBCnta 
are liicoakplatA 9ar*a w^f.-M. la 
-GrcaHlawn cemetery - at Walnut 
Orora. . 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued 

Dr. E. Conrad Cantreli and Paul Preston Shouse were killed.** 
Page 10: Winfield S. Hulett died.** 

IsomG. Williams died.** 

Angus Dupree died.** 

Ottomar Schmalzel died.** 

Bobbie Fay Comstock died.** 

Wanda May Leslie died.** 


|sf»>1 f. HIM I\M« 
l«fim O 'Ailiii.n.v 1^. pir«iti»iU ft «n' 
Banker* ttf» Innuranc* r aa p aay^al !••- " 

nfl rtt'fl III • ho»()*<«l hrr» at T « rW>c« 
•unday »vfiiin«. folio«utt an epra Mon . , 
H» '■* tiiTxiTrt bT bu witr. lw» daogTi* 
\tt', Mt>. ■) M (iriHriT o t_Ccn» «>. Ark . 
•i\a' Mf» C B. King ot CDpir»y. •» ._C >i 
an4 kr t»«>r ton*- T. *C mX A^NX^Mt*] 

Uams of Mo»>»«t; Al««<» 9* ll*«ef»»ld. mt . 
• i\d Jukiin. ol RauiIicM. Wu Hia awu 
Mr*. Ma« Kirby WlUU»«. alao »»*• 
Uanalt. and • btotlwr. W. R 

' for^rMv nf%rr.n,f..M 'k., ..h -aM 

,n .h. Ml.K»uM B.PI..I ;V;l"^ '^j 

' i>iui> from poeamonia **' ■ ""'•l*_^Si ^ . - - ^ 

4l4 ti^-«T^-'«'"^^^ "'• "^'"""^^'^^M.- 
r„i|.» .t»l Mr» M»«" »>jr»ra. »'r- 
if»j •ii: f* •' .-to.iTii 111 

noon. ;ol;o»nl bv initim'v.; :n t^ie Ho- 
n«u e«meiery ^starn« • ••niMrj la l« 
ehari* of arrantrmenl* 




• •■■( •'.<■•■' 


■-^■.^ <■* 

Dr. E. C. CMteOI,. Spito 
ffefd OmuDlei iS^ 
stantly In Crash , 


Paul Shouse of -iSreenilkSiS 
Expires Soon After Qi^^^ 

One man vm killed InsUaUr ait. 

other lataUy taUaraa •ad V^tttM 
, Krtoualy hurt wban thdr •utooo- 
; bU« crubed Into a mortec XreWit 

train at the FtUcoa Mm a^et 

croMtof on OteniteDe raui at m^ 

o'clock thli BMrninc 

Xbo 4tm4t 


^enUsC With ,«„ 
e»l Arts taiUlBf 

of OraetifteK^ Ifo, 

^ aon Of Mr. ana Mn. Vsatt 
Dancbtny, GreBcftaUL Bo wm» 
talncd lotonua iBjwtM, a ktvkm 
arm mii« acalp wom^ Bte !•• 
eoTcry b moart^u. 

The aoeldent «•• tiet (tttooToroA 
USUI biOl a |M9K 

to patUso;ttaA' l^r^iajl^'tett''^:: 
Wnt on ^ 



fiocn ( _^ 

iTtoff fatelly.irvfuta^ ; 
^ crasft totfk place. 

Sbartd CeroMrVOCtiOT 

Dr. Kumir o. , 

cotuity ooronw, who ibarad *4t kf» 
lA tbt KadioaJ >uta talMlnCipltti 
Doctor OaatreU. waa tha fllz«t^|Mr- 
aoQ to r ooo gu loe tiM ^VNiar cteatht 
■•hen he came upon the boOy pinned 

yarda down the railroad track. 
The coroner had been called to 

uie acene immooiately after ofQ- 
ofn had tracod the strevn wreck* 
, mgn to where the car lay. 

Both Shouse and Daushtioy, whc 
was found lytnf bythe dde oif the 
wrecked car.' wen cnnwiinna wbea 
^OQtul and were rushed to fiprtbt' 
field BaptMt hospital In a Sterne 
ambulance, but Shouse died a short 
time Uter. 

The members of the train crew 
were unaware of anjr aoddent igitl 
they re4ched RofferarUIe, when they 
dlBcovered a hole which had beao 
' torn in the side of the freight car 
fiCrurk by the automobile. 
Fans From Trestle 
j. The auto, a SMidebakar "PnA* 
*. dent" model s«)tn>mpparently liad 
) been caught a^ by the ftvigtot ear 
. and dragged along the rlgbt-of- 
wny until the train pa.<;9ed orer a 
I ftmall trestle, where it fell Into the 
'strCHni brrl below of Its oixn weight. 
Whpu {.he automobile became dls- 
I lodged, the freight car was de« 
i railed, but righted Itself wtMQ ft 
I passed a switch running from th« 
main line to the SpringlMd Jfeock- 
^ yards nearbyr ~ ~ 

The exact time of the accident 
. Is not known, but since the frelsht 
! train left the yards here not fitr 
, behind the Kansas City-Florida spe- 
cial passenger train at 13:36 o^odc. 
11 l5 believed the rr««h miist have 
j occurred about 1:15. The train 
[operator at the South Junction, a 
I tower loratrd JUM ur.«i of Gltii-, 
Stone road, reported ttiai a Lraui 
passed him about 3:07 a. m. how-' 
ever, although thia was almost a I 

lidif liour utter 

: i brrr. 


received at the cenUal police sta- i 
Uon. ' 

Na WIlnetMn Found 
Inve«tlK«tlon failed to dlsrlov any '*s to the iraitedv DauRht- 
rey was unable to talk lodav. «I- 
. LboiUUi he U expected to recover. Au 
tmldenllfled hiker reported to Doc- 
I tor Stone that he had been sleep- 
; ing by the side of the road near the . 
' croMlnit and that he had heard the 
train whlKtle and a noi.v ax if of a 
' collision, but he said he did not In- 

j A high bank along the railroad 
right-of-way jti.^t we«t of the Olen- 
.«one TMd rro-vinj: rartlally 6b- " 
Kures arv approachinK tram fiT»nv 
'he Mr* of a mo!or;«; c^inE .v>':*h 
^ the direction In ahlch the Shou^ 
;car was traveling. 

Marks on the pavement indicated 
that Shouse had applied his brakes . 
Riiddenlv and that the car nkldded 
atwul 100 feet on the paxenient be- 
fore 11 cra.nhed Into the train. The 
fact that the automobile struck the 
fifth car from the engine Indicated 

th»t the drlvfr probably s*w th'" 
U»ln whfn It was loo Lie lo «iop. 
The fact tha> ShouM wm not 
familiar wllh ihe road made the 
croealng doubly dangerou*. | 

Thfir Cht*la Cru^hrd 
It Is believed that Cantrell was 
rldlnff m the front w«t wH^ Shouse. 
and ihal Da«htre> wa« rJdlng »n the 
back «eat. When the car crashed. 

windshield, and onto the paxement 
at the CTOsaing. Daughtrey fen 
clear of Ihe auto a» it hung over "^ 
ireatle Just before it broke lo««e ; 
from the freight car. He «ra^ l.Mng 
on the bank of the small creek 
when found. 

Canlrcll* deaUj »a* cjum-kI h* a - 
cniahed che«t. according to Doctor 
Stone HU ln.i..rie* also .iv'. <^r^ 
bolh >«.■< bioWcr. and a de^-i) .<wa.p 
wound and cuts the lace and 


Shouse also auaUlned a cruahed 
eheat. but » (nctttrad akuU U be> 
ttrr*d to luv« llmlly ea^ised hLi 
deatW. HU lower Jaw was al^ 
broken and hU left leg broken at 
Ih* kne«. 

I I.lrrti i\i (;r»-rnfl*l(1 

'• ■• " •■ n.^ me .V)ii ol Dr. .'ii:ii 
Mr' i4 I ^ Cantrell of Greenfield. 
Mr linfl bom nrarricinc '1»>:ri':!\ :n 
.SpitiiKlirld (oi ab»...; lUirc yr.M . 
I coming here from Greenfield, where, 
1 he practiced with hi.-* father for a ' 
' nhort time. He had also practiced^ 
' Al Miller Immrdiately after his 
graduation from Kaii'ia'. City Den- 
tal college. v_^aJ 

Shouse wa.*; the .<nn of M.'. and 
Mrs. C. W who live a mile 
and a half south of Cireeiiheld. b.ii 
lie m.ide h:^ home wi;li lu^ .ictd 
KrsndpRieiu.s Mr and .M!"i J. C lu (irerulicld. Mrs. J. C. 
.Shoii'-e. .the crandmuiher. ha.s been . 
a patient In St Johns h<js{>t(;^5 hrrr 
for the 10 days since .she 
sustained a brrlcn ain". ;:i a Jal! .•»' 
!her home 10 daya ago. and P«ut| 
Shouse had been in Springfield 
I Sunday to rlalt her. | 

I VMted 8lck rather • | 

Doctor Cantrell had gone lo 
Oreentletd Sunday to tMI hte fa^^j 
Ihrr. who Is serloiislv !!! of heart 
Iroiiblr. The eldr; m*n had ir- 
I limed m ins home ilurr only a 
i week ago after taking treatment in 
. a hoapital here. 

leaving Doctor and Mrr P'oTir 
uiiti uhoni he had nindf il" 'r.p 
ab..i;i 4 ;!'! ::; ".-.r- :,r:r::::. ::. :'■■"'•-■ 
Cantrell went to the Canlrrli gar- 
age on Olive Mreci for his own car. 
which III- dio-.r '.i 'hr .\mhnv,>artr>r 

aparlnienLK at B29 Ea.M Elm street. I 
where he lived. ; 

Lat«>r in the evening, he called at 
the apartment with Shouse and ' 
sUtod thai Ihey would probably at- 
tend a show. The la^t time the 
l«o were .seen before the accidrn'. 
wn.s at a restaurant about midnight. 
It Is (i.ii kiiovin »hrn» Da-iRhlrcy 
joined tlifiii. 

Visitor See* Body 

First information of the accident 
wai« from a young Lebanon man 
who stopped at the Jess Smith ham- 
'.!■ -irrr 5'a!-r! y '>'"■ S" I.^Ks ^'rf!". 
and reported that he had .seen a 
man Ivlng on the pavement ni-a.- 
the railroad crosalng. He explained 
that the hinch stand was the first 
piKie hr had fo':nd open as he 
drove into ti'«n 

R. H. Kulbngh*. i410 V. esi Oii\e 
street, and Floyd RuUedge. 1015 
Ro^rson avenue, who were In the ' 
lunch room, placed a call for police 
and for an ambulance and then • 
went down to the crossing, where _ 
they found Shouse Tracing the 
path of the »ret:k*gr thf\ found 
Daughlrey and placed him and 
Shouse In a Siame ambulance when 
It arrived. 

The body of Cantrell was taken 
to the Herman H. Lohmever funeral 
home to be prepared for burial 
after It had been viewed by Doctor 

Boih bodies we<» lo be uken to 
Greenfield late todsy where 1 ii^^ral 

±ces will be held, probably Wed- 
ay. A comer's juo viewed « 

both Sbouse nnd Cantrell this aftJr- I 
noon and will probably hold a for- 
, mal Inquest lat^^_j|^en Daughlrey 
IS able lo tr.sllfv. 

Canlrcll was the only child of Dr 
niul .\ti- I K fiiifr'-;! }{''. \^\ff 
.\tis l.'.;ii- .M I .u;'ii-:i. wiii) ... .• 
.•- ; . ! \ r. i - . •' ■ .- >■:'•(■;• ;.■•::■'- 

in City al the lime of the 
accident. wa.s not married. _He taj^ 
survived by his parents and grand- , 
parents, and by one sister. Mra. ' 
John Yates of Kansas City and ' 
by two brolhens Joe and Mlnii^ 
both of l^iUon. Mo. "^ 

K' orrvli r« for no<-t'>r (^n- 
tiell »ill be lirlU »! 3 o . lo,-k T'le*- 

day afternoon at tbk- hooM ol taiaA 

parenu. Dr and Mra. I.. K. Cantrell. | 

ri-rf.:\r\'' P ir:sl » M • i^- 

pliire in the <".reenl:el<t reniriery. 
Arrangementa for the fUnenU (4 j 

raiil p. Plioii«» nrre (till '.n'-r>ni- ' 
pine this »feern'V>n 



Lonnie Joiner, 21. and Beatrice 
Vlcory. 19. or Morshflrld. 

Mark H. Bry«nl. 21. of Oalloway.; 
and Wanda Wolfe. 19. of Ropera- 

ANiii H Dirnrr 
Pttn«rtl »»'v»««» f«ir An<u « Ovpt**. t* . 

Th n 1 IIT1I I ■ i i niiT ' ■ '' " . ' ' ' " !' Z. 
81. Agiwi Catholic churcu w«<lne»dj;j. "»•■ ^ 

Chan* or \h» «""»*" "e^^rtJif.- 

Itff-Jf." Din WiS^I •ofiatflrUL rnci 
bniUwa and f«rt •»»*♦♦• 'i^ •«"«••- I 

OTTOMA1 «C inMI Wf , I 

h«M T«M««T mornlnt »i !• sa o rtock ki 
KHnfOfr't chap«I, followed hy iMrrmvBt? 
in th<> Nattonal rrm»urT Vhmalaprai 
hem* wat at 1014 Noctto lUt'c a>*M«. | 


fl»r»lerK' *#t» h»ld tht» •*:•-• v- 
Kllninfr* thaprl lor Bcil - .' • 
Mo«k.-l-mo»lha-oW aoa ot Mr »ntf Mr»/» 
r»T Comrto- It of !»« Hcrrv r. • • . 
nu». BurUI took pl»cf ;t !•. • ■ ■•-. f 

WAMDA M\V 1 > - 

Tun^rtl wrrlc** r^i .v 
'•monlh'-old dkugliir: 
L««l> L*i>llr of rural in.. ' . 
w«re heM Utu motnitia m ' 
i,Wltto Uiltrment la ^Itrr^ou 
chatfo of J. W Kltr^tiiT 

"sirUit It. 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Dr. E. Conrad Cantrell and Paul Preston Shouse were killed.** 
Page 2: Angus Dupree died.** 

Ottomar Schmalzel died.** 

Miss Madge Grantham died.** 


Jury Finds That Wagon Into 
Which Motorcycle Crashed 
Was Very Little, if Any, Off 
Right Side 

The farm wagon driven by Tom 
Ginger, Into which the motorcycle 1 
crmahod. waa Tary little. « any. off | 
the right aide of the highway, the . 
Jurors decided from the testimony 




-^^'^ died SnnAfy aftvinood from In- 
juries received Battirday aftemooa In 
a motorcycle accident on highway 68 
near Oalloway. waa fatally Injured 
"due to faat driving and poor Judc- 
ment on the part of P. O. Jdauan,' 
a ooroner'a jury decided in an inqueat 
held at the Central police atatlon laat 
I night under direction of Dr. Uurray 
I C. Stone, Greene county coroner. 




^ -♦ 

"^ ThoRc called to the aund Included: 
r. a. Johnson, Flora Houph, who waa 
on a motorcycle following the one 
that craahed: S. N. Brookahlre. police- 
man: Lee Wllherapoon, deputy sher- 
iff: J. H. Elllaon. who Uvea near the 
scene of the accident; C. V. Smith, 
motorcycle patrolman; Dr. E. L. Cart- 
wright: Tom Ginger and hla aon. 
Lewla Ginger. 

The coroner's Jury •t.tis made up of 
the following: 8. M. Pnvne forfn-<»r!: 
, W. H. Feaperman. P. J. Martin. E. J 
. Sage. A. J. Ooley and H. L. Carson. 
I Funeral services for Grantham 
'■ will be held at 2 o'clock thla after- 
i noon In the Methodist church at 
I Walnut Grove, the Reverend J. F 
Sherman offlclatlnR Interment will 
be m Greenlawn cemetery there, un- 
der direction of Brim and Sons. 


♦ : ♦ 

Testimony given by eight persons 
who were c*lled to the wltneaa atand 
developed that MIsa OrBTith«m «■•♦ 
riding in the aldecar of the motorcycle 
driven by Johnson at a high rate of 
' speed. 


M.\RRi.\nf: i.irFNSFs 

Mark H Br>-ant. 21. of Oallownv. 
and V,'«nda Wolfe, 10. of R»H;rrsv lllr. 
I/>nnle Joyner, 31. and Beatrlre Vlr- 
or>-. 19. both of Mnrfrhfirlcl; IJoycl 
Johiwon. 21. oC/Bols DArc, and Wllma 
Corbln. ?!, of Ash Grove 

2 KIllED. ,1 HBIIT 

Condition of Injured Man lie* 
ported Slightly Improved; 
Has Fairly Good Chance for 


ivtciufiine I cars into bioe Of 
Frisco Train and It Dragscci 
Distance Down Tracks* 
Dropped Under Trestle 

'pHE rondltlon of Robert Datigbtrty, 
^ 26. at OrecnflAld. Mo., who wu 
serloiuly Injured In an automobile* 
train crMb which took th« Uvea of 
tmo companlonn h^re early Monday 
morning, wan reported alightly im- 
proved by hia phyalclan laat night. 

Tho«M» kllird In thr actldent «fre 

Dr. K. Conrad Cantrell. .SI. dcntlat. 

I with oHlo«B m th« Medical ArU 

j building h«re; and Paul Preaton 

I 8houi#, 37, of Greenfield 

Tb# accident occurred about 1:18 
o'clocR ^onAAj momlnn when in 
autonu^MIa In which the three man 
WM* rldfng craabed Into a moving 
ft^^M «r«ln at «>• maoQ^ ^1^ 

., .. . . ^ ... 

Bprtititfleld^ptlft hoapl*! by a W. 
L. Btarna ambulaae*. 

Oaugbtrey atanda a talrly food 
chance to recover. Dr. WallU Smith, 
hla phyalclan. aAld laat nleht. X-ray 
picture* taken yenterriay r«-vf alert that 
he had aufitalned a frurturerl pelvi» 
bone, a fractured left arm and 
woiinda about the fare and heart. 

The accident wan not dlacovered , 
until half an hour after It occurred [ 
when R vourjf.- I-ebanon motorlHt re- 
porUd to the police that he had aeen 
a man lying nn the pavement near 
the railroad rroAnInu When officers • 
arrived they found Shouae .ying fa- } 
trtlly Injured near where the rra«h 
took place. Tracing the atrewn | 
«Terkape, they foiinrt Daughtrey ly- , 
Ing bealde the wrecked car. The two 
were ruahed t6 the hoaplUI and Dr. I 
Murray C. Stone, coroner, waa notl- ! 

flert. 1 

^ ♦ 

sii.\itKi» on i( »:s 

Dr. atone, who aharwl offloea with 
Doctor Cantrell. waa the firat to 
rerognlre the young dentlat. who waa 
pinned in the wreckage under a 
treatle. 60 yarda down the railroad 

track. . 

The cau»e of the accident remataed j 
unknown laat night. Mark* on the 
pavement. It waa aald. Indicated that 

flh-Mi^e. who »inn«rent|r w«» rtrlvlne 
had applied hln br»kf« Mirtdenly and 
that the car akldded •pproximately 
100 feet on the pavement before It 
rraahed Into the train The farf. that. 
Hhoii>.e waA not acquainted with the 
croaalng made It doubly dangerotja. 
It a believed there waa no eye wlt- lo the Brrirleiit 

Vorinr Cnntrell M the <y^'.y child 
nf nr. und Mm. I>ouU E Cantrell of 
Oreenfleld. He had been practicing 
rtenllA»rv In Bprlngfleld for about 
•hree ye.ire Hi.* wife. I i*;» M Twr- 
'r»'ell. who piIv> survives, waa at the 
home of a «l»>trr m Kannaa City 

7uneral aervlcea for Df)ctor Can- 
trell win be held at the home of hla 
parenta at Greenfield at 2:30 o'clock 
thia afternoon. Burial will t«ke 
place In the OrrenV.f\ri rrm-'^ry. 

8hou?(e wa.^ the >rf>n of Mr. and 
Mra. C. W. Shouae. who live a mile 
and a half nouth of Oreenfleld. but 
he madet hm home »t'h hla aged 
grandparenta. Mr and Mra. J. C 
flhouae of Greenfield Funeral .«er- 
vlcen for him *l!I be held nt Oreer- 
fleM probahlv Wrrtrie^rlRy or Thurj- 
day afternoon. Durlal »i;i be m«de 
In the Cfreenfield cemetery under di- 
cectlon of w L Starne mortuary. 





runeTfcl »erncM for Ottom»r 8ch 

Klionrr fuMral horn*, (ollowed b/ kurttl 
Ml NaUonal ecntUry. H« llrtd tt 1014 
•♦orth Roff«rv avenue. 

AS(,t S I)| IRr.E 
riinrr.l ..rt icrs for Angui D'inr»>» T< 

South Afain •»fnuf. mill b^ held ,1 st 

C.'.'L* k" .""*' ."^^"'"'^ W^dnrsd.T fol- 
ic* M b) burul In St r.Ury. cfmnerr 
under lh» dir.cllon of the Herman H , 
Lohmeyer funer.l home He m ,„rUved 
by his wl/e ,nd four dau(ht^r« «« fol- ' 

BprtnrfMd. Two brother, and Xour iU- i 

Page 4: Mrs. Demma Barton Hombeck died.** 
Page 5: Angus Dupree died.** 

Roy Morris died.** 
Page 9: Dr. E. C. Cantreli and Paul P. Shouse were killed.** 


.ASQVS Dvruxc . ^ 

• Funeral Mrvji<«^fo»..Ati«ut Ouphse. .t4'. 
vho died Sunda/Stt' bis t:^Mqe;-lU& SouMi 
Main arenue. wUI bV ItWd . Wedaetday 

morning nt 9 orloik nt Rt. Arnrs' 
OatboJIc church. Interment »iU take pUca 
in Si, Ma:y a rrmeterv In rhar.Re ot the 
Herman H. Loiunejer lunctal home. The 
wife and four daughteri aurTive, incJudinK 
Mra. Dan Webb of 8prin((leld. 

'>^OV MORBIS -m 

The body of Roy Morrli. 3 -v earmold son 
of Mr and Mr» John Moir!.«-. rortnrrly 
Of 7M W»»t Mount Verr.on itreet, Sprinc* 
field, has been »ent here from Buffalo. 
N. Y . where ilie c.uld »u.. kiiJed 6aiid»iy 
FHA^al— «rrvlrr$ and burial will be In I 
rhari?e of the Herman H. Lohmever fiinera! ' 
home. Beaidcf the pareni.v three broihft!, , 
i.i-.d or.e 5irtr' rtirv vj-. nr ^l n:«n n trent. 

Wett Mount Venran itreet 

M fg. Dt mmt Barion Hornbttk SV. nl 
:t$tffWui tth Oraai a*«au«, owthtr e( Ura. 
TM'Wla«i(, «l«d at l:lf e'cJvck thla aiorn> 
lar at bar boau after a loDt lllnen 8h« 
(trad by Um aoa dauaLttr. vif* ot 
'"Wlaaer. deattat. aad ttirea a«ni. 
- Mttm. wlw Bvai all Bllea north 
of bare. WlUlan Barton of lluikofee. 
JOW < and Maaea aaxtaa of n«ar rert i 
'^inUK^MUMial arraafffaMDU ba*a not | 
kaaa eawpla t ad. peadlaa ward from Mra i 
Wlaaar. «ho it in Loa Anfelaa. but burtti 
WW be aadat diracttm «( iba TtiKaa* t 
fvparaJ bem«. { 


ProbBtrr Death of Contrell, 
Shouse, to Be Made; 
Daughtrey Tells of Going 
to Sleep Before Crash With 
Train \ 


' WtmU Inqueet Into the death of 

Dr. E. C. Cantreli and Paul P. 

BbouM, vbo were killed when their 

•ntoraobU* enuhed into a Frisco 

freight train early Monday morning 

~irUMi~Ua| rtrtet croaslnc on Olen- 

'Stintto«(l via b« b«ld thla erenlng 

•MiMat-tbft'clbtra] police lUtlon. 

Dr- Murray C. Stotu, Greene county 

'.eofoptr. Mtiauneed tai> morning. 

' Robert Daughtrey, who was sert> I 

r'l.v'v '.'ij-:'r(1 !n !hr ^n^v.^ (i».>.li wl^^' 

able to niake a drpo^ltlOll to ihc j 

^ - ■ • r -. #...<■ , 

field BapUal hosptui, where he ia a j 

patient. I 

Met in Restaurant 

The youns man told Doctor Sione 
that iM-toM attaoded a show alooe 
Sunday erenlng and that he had 
taat Cantreli and Shouse allerward 
and had gonn with them to a res- 
Uurant to rat 

Later the trio drove to the mu- 
lUclpal airport Doctor Cantreli was 
greatly Ui'crrstrd In nvinlion «nd 
had ir.»(le arranKnnentj to uWr a 
flying course only a few days before 
lito death. 

. TlM crash occurred aa the three 
Imnw men were returning to town 
trem tha. airport, aooordtng to 

Daughtrfy Ihls morrUiig. Ho ««s 
k«l«l> la the back fti ol the \cUan. 
lM nil«L and Uw otbcr two were rtd- 
Ing In front,. with Shouse driving. 

'pMifhtrcT. the only •urrivlns oc- 
cupant ot ttao Ul-I«t(d car. Mid he 
dM not Mtt the tnOn and did not 
rfm»mb<r the cr»»h He hiul noi 
twii informed .\fl Uc!«y of thr 

.llcatU At bla two companlotu. 

^1.^ ''i->*af«Bla Utn N»w 
Pfmtttmr^ ptninU. Mr »"'* ""■ 

Omnthiun Btindnv rMnrn»d «i nn 
InquMt at central police staiion 

MIM Oranthsm. IS-yf.w-olrt Wal- 
,«| Rccr't 

fYed Daujhtrfy. who fcrmerly llvfd 
In Sprlmflctd liut who now rarfda 
Id OratnUaM. vara with him today. 
Up had Ttsitwt thrm tn nrefnHrtd 

Fiiiifral »ervicM tot Doctor C«n- 
lr«ll ^ra held at uie iiunir ol hu 
parenla. Or. and Mra. L. E. Can- 
trrll. At Orfrnflflrf. «l 'J ^0 oVIrvk 
thl.'. iltfrnooii ^^t» TtfyrrtuA W. 
B. PiiutI'. Fraabytcrian nitiiikVcr ol 
Werton uA loaf -time trintd of the 
Cantralla. took part In the aarrtoe. 
•ad tba Blaa Lodge Maaons were 

OtekMriS^^'Mui Ueyar, and 
tlennain^MMd ot eprtngfleldwent 
ka OreeaneM thU afternoon to aerre 
M pallbearere. Others from here 
vho atteadad the funeral were Dr. 
•nd ilra. MOrray C. Stone. Dr. 
Bertram Meyer. Di. O n Lemmon, 
Pr. T T. Uinbargci. Mis. Clmilr. 
|UI«|, Mlia UicUla MorrU. Mi. and 
Mra. J.p..OaiitreII. and Mr«. C. E. 

The body of 8bou«e %as taken to 
Greenfield at noon lodav for 
luDenU-aarvtoM and burial there 
Faal BrtfarTUamed 

-rait drlTlni and poor Judgment 

ett-UM-pari-ot ?- O. Jotuuon »«s 

tlta yndtelt • ooranrr'a Jury InvetU- 

.Catta/ilMdiRh of Mtaa Mad«e 

«raa rldlns crathed Into a farm 
•man tfrlvtn by V^ oinvtr on u. 
fi. hlftairay^intl;^ ttb OaqutoU f tah 
Tiatchcry Saturday evening abmit 
^•:aQ. Jdbiiito was guiding the mo- 
|tor«yc)e to which Mln Grantham's 
Mdaear «u attached. 

• Wtteeaara TeaUf y 
- Klgbk vltoeasea testUled at the 
bearing Monday night The farm 
Wftgon waa very UlUc. If any, off 
llM rlcht aMa ot tha highway, the 
Jurors decided from the testimony. 

Those who were called to the 
etand wera F- a. Johi»»on; riora 
Hoiiph. who waj* on a motorcycle 
following the one thai craslied. b. 
H. Brooksblre. policeman; Lee 
Wllherspoon, deputv .•Jierlff; J. H. 
Ellison, who lives near the scene of 
• the accident; O. V. Smith, motor- 
cycle patmlman; Dr. E. L. Carl- 
wrifht; and Tom Olnger and his 
aoD tewia- 

.liinr Painrl 

The Jury was made up oi t». .\i. 
Payne, foreman. W. H. Fc.^pcrman. 

^P. J. Maittti, E. J. Sage; A. J Ooley. 
«irt<SbU^ Canon. Dr. Murray O 
8tona^ Oreena county coroner, con- 
doctediha loqueat. 
:,' PHtMnJ aenrioaa (or Viim Oran- 
tbam win held at a o'clock this 

' ancnwoa in th* Methodist church 
>» Wain"* drove, with the Rev- 
tnadJ. T. Stiennan offtdatlng. In- 
terment took place In Oreenlawn 
~ ewnetary thara In charge of Brim 
•nd Sons. 

Page 1: Inquest held into the deaths of Dr. E. C. Cantrell and Paul P. Shouse. 
Page 2: Dr. E. Conrad Cantrell was killed.** 
Page 6: Miss Bess Harlin and Langston Pease were married.** 
Page 8: James L. Senter divorced Pauline J. Senter. 

Hisa Kishimura divorced Ikuta Kishimura. 
Page 9: Mrs. Demma Barton Hombeak died.** ' 

Angus Dupree died.** 

Roy Morris died.** 

MRS. demIia barton hornbeak 

Wn Hombeak. «5. who died yesterday 
morning at her home. 501 South Grant 
avenue, will be held at 3 30 oclock this 
aftamoon In the Thleme funeral homo on 
Benton avenue. Burial will be in East 
L*wn oamttary. Mra. Hornbeak la eur- 
j;lT«d by tbra* aona. Asa Barton, who 
!^* "'' ™"" north of Springfield- Wll- 
iAT-«^'*?" °f »<u«'»o««. Ok la., and 
Maion Barton of near Fort Worth. Texas 


The body of Roy Morris. 3-year-old aon 
of Mr. and Mra. John Morrta, formerly 
of 733 West Mount Vernon street here. 
has been sent to BprlnRfleld from Buffalo. 
N. v.. where the child wa* killed Bun- 
day. Punerai services and burial will 
be In charge of the Herman H. L«hmeyer 
funeral home. Besides the parents, three 
brothers and one rioter «urvtve Mr.'» 
Charlea W. Anderson. 430 West Mount 
Vernon street, U • great-aunt. 



Coroner's Jury Finds That 
Two Were Killed Oue to 
Neglect and Carelessness/ 
On Part of Car Occupants 1 


Reveal Freight Train May 
Have Been Standing -Still 
When Speeding Machine^ 
Rammed Into It 

T^HE death of Dr. E. C Cintrcll and 

Pmil P. Shouw. who wrrr ktlird 

I when their otitotnoblle crashed Into 

I a PrlKco frelitht train early Monday 

i momlns. wa« due to "nefilact and 

rareleMtneiwi on the part of the orcu- 

pant* of the automobile." arcordlofr 

to the verdict of a coronera Jury 

reached lac nieht. 

An InqiiAat wt* held at the Central 
police station, a' which four wit- 
neaaea wer« examined and the deposi- 
tion of Robert Daughtrey. who 
Mrtoualy injured Id th« rraah. 
r«ad by Dr. Murray C. Stone. OrMD* 
eounty coroner. 

• H* accident,' ihed new ilg(%it pa th« 
rraah Prom hia te»llmony It ap- 
peam that the aiitomotilfe In which 
the three victims wrrr ridin?. hit 

_ the frelsht car while the train waa 
either KtnndlnK allll rir waa movlnf; 
\rr\ nlo«ly. 

, The train crow, hefore leaving the 

' rity, waa conapelled to take out • 

' rfama«ed freight car. In recotipllng 
the train atopped on the Olenstone 

' road croeelng about three miniitea. 
Mr Baker fKlii H' Miifl liln ln\e5tl- 
eailon revealed that the fifth I 

.freight car from the loromoilve waa] 

•■'"• — • ■■' , ■'•-: — • during 

'hr hull , 

I Thin teatlmonv. coupled with the 
fact that the automobile tore large' 
hole« In the aide of the freight car. 
left the Jury an'l the coroner to l>e- 
licve that the arclricni occurred diir- « 
Ing the halt. If the accident had 
happened whll^ the tram «ae mov- 

I Ing. the automobile would have hit 

' a ear nearer the middle of th» train 

♦ ♦■ 

I I NOTirr.n cattlr <;« aru 

♦ ♦. 

1 Mr. Baker xald that meml>era of 

the train crew mere not aaare that ^ 

; an accident had oc-iirred until the 

' train reached Roger»v|||c. One of 

' the hrakrnicn noticed, however he 

dald. from the cabooee a» ihe rrum 

. waa polling out that the cuttle guard 

at the croaaing waa torn down 

Olhrr.'* » no le^llfleO i ere W K 
Wchh. police offlf-rr » hr> nn'wrrcr k 
call to the acene; Jeaa Smith. h»m- I 
burger aland operator, mho men' to 
the acene when told by paMlng totir- 
. lata that he had aeen the body of a 
, man near the croaaing: and Floyd 
Pox. who took a W. L Starne ambu- 
lance to the iwene lo pick .ip ih» .r.- 
' Jured men. 

The coroner'a Jury. In t:« verdic 
aald It deemed It advii«it5> ar.r; rf- 
ommfiidrd that a rcrl «:;r.«: blok be 
Installed at the croaking. Mr. Bakrr 
told the Jurv that the hiehmay de- 
partment the citv and 'he railr"».rt 
have marning »lgi;» at the cronaing. 
, but no Ugh* algnal. 


lUsittant Cashier ot. West; 

Plaint Bank .Varnes Miss. 1 

Bess Harlin ' 

Pui-a' t, ■ \. 's. 

TIIATBR. Mo mu: M. - Mita Brtu , 
ftuUa. papular 0/Hrk^ r:rl. and Lanc- 
•••• 9»m»r. afc»;--.i'' r.,.>.:.- <,{ tf,p ' 
JRTeM Plaina bar.K at \\».i riaiiis. 
|to«w> msmed at T^B\.r toMcht hv 
fta* B»»«r»nd T ^.'•< ;.;•<■: ■■• ^u> 
§f. K. clltirrh of M'r»t >>uiii«. 

BoCIl ara niembcra of pionec 
pmtral OsarK* (jn..l!>< M:>« H.i.'i:i. 
fe • tfsuchter nt Mr. anl M-- 'cc 
Ibrtta. naDagrr of the Hi-' <' ! 
jWrt>ol— al« Oroper con.p*r-.\ i.- 

Spring. Ark. f.-.c « i.iu. of 
B. Hu-lln of Weal rialn-i 

Wm»\at John C. Harlin of 

Is » ion of Prank Peaae. i 
Uui(atoa-Peaae Mercantile ' 
ef Waat Plalna. He la a 
•t the Langston brothers. 
eC o«M of th« pioneer 
■tabtlaluBeiita In thi* ' 
Mirt 9t the gtjito. U» U a«crrUry of 
;W0 WM FUbu chamber ef com- I 
Both are coU«g« graduate', 
having att«n<l«d tb« U^i- 

trtcedt and reUtlvM of the ' 

•i WMt PUUm 



Japanese Granted Decree by 

Sohmook; Another Woman 

Fights for Child 

Tw© divore* decree* were gnnUd 
Itt etivult oouH T«*terd*y afternoon 
bf Judge John Sohmook of dl«Ulon 
MM. • June* L. Banter wm granted^ a 
divorce Irora Pauline J. 8»nter, ind 
Hlea . BUshlmura wa* given a divorce 
from Ikuta Ktehlmura. The Kiahl- 
murae' are native Japaneee and were 
married In Japan, but came to the 
United Btateii «oon after thfir mar- 
riage. In 1034, and have been em- 
ployed at the Oklno dairy (arm near 

It waa a "parenUI marriage."^ ar- 
Siuiged by the perenta of Mr. 'and 
Mis. Klahlmura according to the 
mental ctutom. 


One of the most bitterly (ought 
eaaaa to coom up la crcult court thia 
term la tht habeas corpiua auit o( 
Itra. Ann« »*yB ^ravrwr to ^Italn 
y flaw! cm ot IImt cblM. 

I^ yttatm W( 
Mra. Brewer charges that at the 
ttme o( her eeparatlon (rocn her hue- 
bud. Clyde K. Brewer on September 
«. ha ■^tole" the chUd during her 
< lM» iw tram home and took It to 
tiM home ot hla mother and (ather. 
Ut. aad Mra. Xi»wU Brewer, of Oreen- 
fleld. TIM chlld'a mother charges 
that her motherlnlaw Is not capable 
of caring for the child becatiaa of 
poor health. 

♦ ^* 


« 4. 

^_, ilr . answer to thIa charge. 

Bn»wec and hla pannta aasert that 
bis vtfk'li people are 'Migratory and 
unaet|tatf" and have no meana with 
which m rear the ehUd properly. 

A divorce peutlon (tied at the 
MBM tun* by Mra. Brewer and 
charging n«n-aupport. cruelty, and 
neglect wUl be tried at the January 
Unn ot Greene county circuit court. 
In thla' peUtlon, Mra. Brewer charge* 
that b«r husband gave all hla earn- 
loss to hU mother and that when 
twins were bom in January, he so 
iM(lectMl her that they died. 


Funeral Services Held 
Crash Victim at Home 
Of Parents 


! A Breat ntimber of rrlatlvea and 
' frlfnd« of Dr. E. Conrad (;»ntrell. 
bjii liiKlielil ilriil>:n( who WB* killed in 
en automoblle-trnln crash here early 
Monday muniliiK, ullciidrd the fu- 
neral nervlres at the home of hi* 
parrnl.i. Or. niid Mre. Louln E. Can- 
trrll. nt fJrmifleld yrilerdny ari*r- 

I OOll. 

I The Rrverrnd William R. Russell. 

I pastor of the Everton Presbyterian 

: -.hurch. and ItfelnnK friend of Doctor 

' Cantrrlt'n femlly. conducted the f\i- 

r.eral arrvlrea. The Reverend Lewla 

n. Annrhutz, rector of the St. John's 

Fpliropnl church, a personal friend 

of Doctor Cnntrpll. al.^o spoke briefly. 

I Many Springfield friends of Doctor 

Cantrell were pre.ient et the funeral 

■-erviirK. A ktchi prn(u.5lon of In- 

I descrlbnbly hcHiitlful flowera gave 

I evidence of the larRe number of 

Iriends of the young dentist. 

Burlnl was In the Oreenlawn cem- 
etery. The .service wna under the di- 
rection of the Mn.<;onlc order. 

PallbenrerK were: M. E. Morris. 
Miller: John E. Meyer and Charles 
W nilfv nf SurliU'flelfl HollK Toory. 
Hlntcr. nnd (ifirdiiM Weir Bhd Orion 
Rxi.siscll of CSreenfield. 


FunfTsl services for Aiirus Duprer, 74. 
who died Sunday at his home, 1115 South I 
Main avenue, will be held at 9 o'clock 
thtt morning in St. Agnes Catholic 1 
church. Burial will be In St. Mary .<. 
cemetery under- direction of the Her- 
man H. Lohmever funeral home. A wife 
rnd four daughters survi\e, the latter 
Including Mrs. Dan Webb of Springfield. 


Page 3: Winfield S. Hulett died.** 
Page 5: Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy died.** 
Page 7: The estate of Mrs. Isabel Ward is in probate.** 
Page 8: Inquest held into the death of Dr. E. Conrad Cantrell.** 
Page 14; Mrs. Demmie Barton Hombeck died.** 

John F. Hawkins died.** 

Henry P. Smith died.** 

Birth reported.** 

Daughter bom September 22 to Mr. and Mrs. Rex P. Kreider of Route No. 8. 
Page 16: Miss Lucille Justus and Mr. John E. Cook are engaged to marry.** 
Page 18: Robert B. Taylor died.** 

I •-«iir- T" •■TTptiri 
_LCH» C i U H I I LulI 




left Tuwltj^ 1"T , 
JIM nnwfal) 


nuiitf 1. 5prin{(lfld 

of Mra. tiuui'm t»lhri. WlnflrW B. 
)lul«tl, *>io diMi Moo<U7 at the 

i^talM<M<^ kMplatc • hmtt tm 
'^K fAiITT hm In «t>*'U»faliw 
c«pBrtaMnla. 47» Caat Walnut auvvv 
..stbti« b* -fraTdrd (gr it» Rorthvnt- 
Vrn Wi™ c«anp«nj- «f StrtltaC. m. 
Jnty moved Irom hrr* tu ciiiriiKo 

'sr'H*Bii"?jijrrw«d *r hu-mite, ^ai 
Hl*rfatt««tnc ' bhthfrpti. tin. W. A. 
Tnilley nf N»« Tork. Mr« ni««orih 
lifiixrr, 8prtn|iield. John Hulstt. Chl- 
r»(0. tnd Rtrbtrd Hul«t».. St. Louis: 
tlnn by hH molhfr. Mr» EmilT Hulrlt 
o' Walrrloo. lo«i>. i>n<i lil» broi her. 
pnx Hiiletl. of W»t»rloo. 



04. r«t«r«n 
who InaUlIed 
machine* ot 
m 1806. died 

hl« home In 


•Olnat Um eatau ot Inr moUMr. 
Ml*. iMbel Wuo. Hoc Mie nr aenleee 

in ctnn* for her for four y^ut and 
10 months durlnn hrr lut l<l::ca: vss 
trifd III pcobiir roiir; this «f>."Tioon 
bcton a Jury. p. W. Bamtt r*pr*- 
•nted the W«rd mtAtt and Jtrry 
PcDton r«pr«Mat«d ttn. CtOboun. 

Mr. aiKt .Mrs J. II .l'i»ivi« •■; 

Brannoii •nnotiiirr lh» »n(;««rnitiil <<f 

thrlr daughter. Liirlllr. to Mr. John 

♦■ r(vvk. «ni\ of Mr Blul Mr« .Inhn 

'N rook of Ty^BrKspd. Ark T7ir 

I WcOrilng will take place av Btaiwoii 


4 Ml . uliU 

B43 Norm 
or a 

I trinbrr Jl. 

iVll:». 1 . o. < .1111). I.I 11. oi 

Clay, aniiourirc the l)lrih 
rtmichter. Blanche Hrlrn. Srp- 

Mr, nfifi 
Route Nit. 
the l^lrth of 
32. at thrlr home 

Mri.. Rrr P. Ktrlder, of j 
H. S|)niiKficJti. aiinoiincr 
daughter. September I 

B. njrior. 
printer and macblalat, 
Um nrai t^pv-aetttac 
.Um Sprtaffleld Leader 

•uddenljr yesterdnr at 

i^num, Waah. i 

Newa of Mr, Tav|r>r> r'rn'ri ni-. r<- 
celved today Joy Mrs. Cli:ir!r^ irnvn-. 

90i WadV.'Oatral aue«t. a former! 

neighbor. Mr. Tfiylor 1«. mirvlvnl by ' 
. ilia JtUe, -U»»*e »<ytia, a {1.iui,'litcr audi 
aeveral brothere. 

The veteran typoftraplirr liiAlalled ' 
three linotype inarhlnr* for T1i»' ' 
I>c8der whfii the re»'p.-»i-.)r wnn hm'>- 
Ushed on CoUepr utr^cf ni ilie rr.-ir of: 
the present alle of the Hrrr Stores S. I 
J. . TUfany and Tom Rhoadea. who I 
•tin ara employed by Tt\t Leader, 
were fellow emnlnves of Tftvlnr nt the ' 
time. I 

Funeral aerWcea prat>ably will be I 
conducted at Enutn. 

City Woman Dies 
In Auto Accident; 
Body Brought Here 

The bodr of Mri. Kli.->twth Km- 
p»rtT. •«. fijT raany years a miouit 
-• nnrlnfTitt Tibe |na HMMMMi 
ixy In an antoCMMla aOWBl^ 
Biiffslo N. T. xrrU'd hrre toda> 
for bunal. 

Arnol of Mr». KmnMfr'k bodr 
ir<d* It aprvirent that an error had 
been made In a telesram re « e l »ee 
Sunday from Buffalo. which aatd 
that Roy Moms. 3-7ear-old (raod- 
aon of the bad (Men kUl>rl 
and that the rbild'a bodr «<mld be 
aent to tbU cut 'or burtal. aclatl««e 
believe that the boy probably waa 
badir tejated and tbat hto ^ttiir 
made a mistake In her telegram to 
relatives. »i»inc the rame "Roy- la- 
•lead of that of bla atandMottaer. 
j ' Mia. Kennedv. a alaterlalav ef 
, Mr*. Charlrs W. Anderson. 4» We»t 
j Mount Vernon street, left Sprlap- j 
I field recently to tif* wfth her ' 
daotbter. Mra. John Morrta. a tonDM| 


eesWent of this nir w«ic rr 
Buffalo sevfrsl yrtn «^. 

ruoeral ananceaMota ac» 
plctabot aervlcee probably wtn be 
tiHHliHled nMay, wttb bwirlal uDder 
direction v f Lotir.e)rr. 




Carelessness Cause of Crash 
:^4(iliino.TwOr is' Inquest 


"N«al*ct and c.r«lM*naM on the 
p«rt of the oecuptnu of tha sutomo- 

blle" were blamed In the vrnllct of 
-the ccronrr^ jury iMt tiiRTit Tor tnp 
death o( Dr. E. Conrsd Cantrrll and 
Paul_p^ BtiooM In tbe. autotnobtl*- 
traln crsah aarly Monday morning. 
Th» Jury. howe»er. recommended that 
a red signal block be Inatallrd at thr 
Oleiulone croaalnf. 

The Inqueil -was held at Central po- 
lice utatlon Four witness** were 
eiamliicd and the depodtlon o( 
Robert Daughtrey. who waa aerloualy 
Injured In the oraah. waa read by 
Dr. Murri>> C f..i.i-. iirr(r.» >-.-.\iiiij 

Testimony of W. F. Baker, rrlaco 
claim agent who invettlsated the ac- 
rldfnl. Indicated that the aiitomoblle 
I In »k:hlch the three \ouiik' nirn ncrc 
riding hit the iraiij either »hile It 
ttus «l«urtinK »•-!!! or •*«« niovins very 
slowly. The train rrew. bclore leav- 
ing tba'clty. took out a dainaged 
freight car. Mr. Baker aald. While 
recotipIInK the train. It was stopped 
on the Olanatone road croialng about 
thrfe inlinitc'. lie Trstltiert. siirt ihr 
fifth freight car frort the locomotive 
waa acroM tha pavement during the 
halt. The claim agent aald members 
of th» trsln rrrw did not knnw ;>i' 
arcldeni had ocrurrert ui 1 the tr»:ii 
rf :i. I:i''1 Rocrrfvllle 

Other* who testified were W. K. 
Webb, police officer, who was called 
to the scene; Jess Smith, hamhiircer 
^t-^nrl oprratrir. whr» wrn' To" Th»- 
^rt■n^ when tol<l tjy a pasMnK tourist 
that a body had been found; and 
noyd Fox. driver of the W. L. Btame 
ambulance wlilch picked up th* in- 
Jured men. 

Daughtrey was reported to be In 

I Improved ronrtllinn to^sy He Is In i 
'the SpT-ln;'(iPl»I nnpltx' l-.'<^pii«l Mtid 

.' ••. m-iiiinl rin' h' •.';ii rri...\<T 
', l-*iir!'i»t •.*•! '. ■ '':' f.-T n«". r ( a:;- 
trell wer held realerdav afternoon at j 
the home of his psrents In Oreen- | 
field. Services for Paul Shoiise were 
to be held at f.rcciiflrld Ihls af er- ■ 
noon. . 

Mrs; I.utle Canlrell. wife of fVv-tor | 
Cnnlrell. who li rfroverin,: trr>ni in 
j operation In a Kanaas City liospiial. ! 
I was unable to .I'trrd tl-e f';:-en' " 
I •■erMie> She has txr:-. •■^•r;■"l^;'. ..; 
for Mverat days. ' 

rv::: --^ ■ 



Funrrnl services fnr Mr^ !>emnile nar- 
Iriii lliinihci'k. h.'i. vierr ii.n.hictctl ihl'. e'A- 
eriioon at the Tlileiiic lumtul liuinr. 1617 ■ 
Hoonvllle avenue, bv the Hevereiid Tlionias j 
II Wiles of Oram Avenue liaptlit church. , 
liit> t Mrnt III. k ; Inr>' :•. Km ' ; I. no'! t'-rii'-- 
I<-|) Mr> Mill .-.lifi k (li'-(l ji( l.ri limi;"- 
■""I South Uruiil avtj.uc U uewlav. iJlie •• • 
tWn<i H I' by thre e long, luflutllnt Aaa Btr^r 
,too. who llvgg north 4 ol Springneld, mm i 


- - JOHN r, HAWKINS • • -I 

■l^Mtm'r. Mawklna. 71. died Tutadar nifht | 
«t hl« home. 80» SouUi Urani avenue. He i 
t» •arrived by hl« Wife, and by thre« | 

sona and four daugUtcts. b.s lollons. .WllL: 
T'" of Aurora. Colo., und John and Alex J 
of ."^prlfiKfl'-ld: Mr- Frma floetr. of Ht I 
I.otil*. and llie MLssr^i (Irnrr. F.ll.-abetli, : 
Niiii Minnie I'f .Siirinsffl.I fsnrrsi ^Tv- • 
Icea will br helil at Kllngnera chapel at • 
J o'rinck Thuradav afternoon In charge 
"f llir r.tMroiitl M .*.. Wrioil with In- ■ 
irrmeui m Greeiilawn cemetery. 


r Henry >. Bmlth. IS. died early todty at 

' Ml homt at 1100 Weal Locuat ttrttX H« . 

l« 'urvh-ed nr n brother. II M Hmlth 

and a «l«ter. Ml«« Anna flmlth hoih of 

eipiii glield fv'i'-ral ^^r^ll<•^ a;I: ("■ '^ll 

f<l It «:eloek maty mornlna at Klingne r'l , 
' rhtpel, with tha neverfnrt H. A Wood of. ; 
lUciaiing. Intern-eni. *»> be In id m 
Mtawlwood vciiNtrr. 

Page 3: A daughter Grace Marie Kreider was bom September 23 to Mr. and Mrs. Rex P. 
Kreider of Route No. 8 Springfield. 

William Sciirieber died.** 
Page?: Henry P. Smith died.** 

John F. Hawkins died.** 
Page 14: Robert B. Taylor died.** 


HfNBT r. HMTTH ,_..^ 

runerat a^rvlrea for H'nry F ■nUUl, 
7g. who died early yeaterday at hla tKHM 
at 1100 Waat Locuat »tr»»t. will fe« IMI4 
Friday nmrning a'. 10 o cloclc al th# 
Kltpgner funeral home followed by tBttr^ 
m*n\. in Haa^lwood cemetery. H» U aur» 
vtved bv a brothfr. H. M SmlUi, tud • 
(later, i4lM Anna Smith, botb ot tytlaa*,:. 

jom* r. iiAirKni.<« - '>?. 

Fiir^aral a^rvir^g for John r. Ravfellli^ 

71. who died Tuaadav night at hla bosi*. 
gni Bouth Grant avenue, will b« lMl« 
»hM afternoon a'. 1 o rio<-k at tha ICbn(> 
tier funeral homa follnw»«i hy inunoMit 
in the fireenlawn r«m'*ery with tb* 
nereren'l H A Wool offirla'Ini He IS 

survived bT hla wife, three B«n* aii4 

four riaufhtera. 


S(ftlRIEBER, 74. 



otrnm *«m*tli»nMt, oiM'rMtw 

•a optnlloa. f 

Ur. Behrtlber' formfrlr nwnM .tad 
ap«Mt«d A Urt* tmtm n—t tk* rui- 
brtfBt pump tUtloB. north ot BprUtg- 
ftold. About a***!! raonthi «r> >>• 
wtBt to 0t- I<a^l* (Of madie*] tiMt- 
nailt !!• »• iUtTlTed by • tltn. who 
tMldM la 0«nBftnr. 

TIM body wiU-b* •taippctf to Bprinc- 
floM foe fUBtrtl ••r»l»M at th« St. 
Jehn'i E»»ngrilcil churth n 3 no 
o'eleek Sundays alwrnoon with ih« j 
lUrarend O. BehuHs offlclatlnn. Bur- 
Ul will b« In E«»l lJ«n rrmfifrj- 
under direction of w L 9i«rne 


Rob«rt B. Taylor, 64. veteran printer 
and linotype machlnltt. who person- 
ally InvUlled the flmt typesettlnft 
machines unert by The SprlnRfleld 
Leader In 1806, died auddenly Tues- 
day at hl« home In Bnum. Wa«h . 
frienda here learned yesterday. A re- 
port of his rte»th was received by Mn». 
Charlea Fraree, 604 Weat Central 
street, a former nelchbor. Mr. Taylor 
la BurvlTed by hia wife, three sons, a 
daiiKhlcr and Mvrral brothers. 

8. J. Tiffany and Tom Rhoades. 
BtiU employed by The Leader, were 
fellow employes of Taylor at the time 
he Insulled the first three linotype 
mschlnes In the plant which then 
waa located on College street st the 
rear of the site now occupied by the 
Heer building. 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: Jolin Nunn died.** 

William Schrieber died.** 
Mrs. Mary Jane Mashbum died.** 
Lawrence E. Pierce died.** 
William J. Herrford died.** 
Fred R. Angwin died.** 
Page 7: Marriage license issued in Kansas City to L. Frank Hare, 21, of Kansas City and 
Miss Harriet M. Reed, 21, of Springfield. 

Page 16: Mrs. Anna Faye Brewer, now separated from her husband Clyde E. Brewer, 
won custody of their four year old son Dennie Lee Brewer. She is now living with her parents 
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. McFall of 2350 North Missouri avenue. Her husband is the son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Lewis Brewer who live near Greenfield. [This is a long article.] 

JOBK njjtnt .. 

•nr-^ni f uf JB i m Kuiih. ' a-maB U ii-cM 
-^a t MX, aa4 Mrs. John L. Norn •( 
Mt7 Raaisor aveawe. was takeo overlaBd 

today to Wast Plalas far funaral scrrl£ei 

! and burial. The child died at home late i 

Wedneidar faternoon. J W KUncner i 

had charts at burial arranBemenii. , 


runeral serrlccs for William Schrlcbcr. I 
:<. Ore«Dt county farner who died Wed- 
hssday la a St. Lo«U bot'pltal. will be 

I I 

hold at St. John s Kraafelical ebarctt hero | 
Sundsy afternoon at 7:** o'clock, with 

the Rerertnd O A. SehuUx orridattnr. • 
Intsroicnt will take place m Ea.M Lawn i 
cemeterT In charfe of Blarne'* mortuary. I 
Kir. Bchrlebcr formerlv o»n»d and oper- 
ated a Htetw (arm n^^r Um PulbcichtJ 
pump !it«tlon. north «<f Sprtiictirld. b'lt 
about icren months ago lit vriu '.c S'.. 
Loult lor medlral ireatment. He U aur- 
Ttvad by a sUUr, who resides to tier- t 
many. t 

Mrs. Mary Jaas Mai.ihara. IS. died 
Wsdaaaday alabt at her beaa on rural I 
route a. atrafford. 8ho is stirrlved by a 
»on. Wiley, Bprmtdeld police officer, and • 
by three brothera and two alatets, a^ , 
follnwii: John Ollliiple. Strafford: Joe : 
' Giilispi* or Kennrwlck, Waih.: and Albert 

Oilimpie. who iWea In Oklabooia: Mra. M. | 
I P. Pierce af Sprlnsfleldr and Mrs. Martha | 
J Ann Stroud of Fair Play. Mo. Punrral ' 
t l err l ee i -wiH-be h e ld a t 1 > oslo«k^rxi<Uj-. 
! morninf at Bass chspel. followed bT burial ; 
In Baasvtlle r^meterv. J W. Xllnfner j 
is In rharte of arrannrmrnt^. ; 

i.AH'KF..s(-r. r. Pir.Rci- i 

I l.awrrnre E ^1'rrr. Mt. who -"-' 

Wedneidsr night at hi* home «l I^3,^ i<>( 

Thomsn stre^. U surrtved by hi* wife, . 

• »nn tnrt Inn i1iiii!hi»r«. all three children ! 
: small, and by hi* lamci J &. r.c;.:r. a^^ 
j Urtf In Weat Virilnla. Ha it al«o survived 
: hT a brother Bryan of Detroit. Mich . ' 

and hv a »l»ter. Mr< Ejitelle Nixon of 
. Kansas City. Interment «'l!I he held In 

Oreen Lawn c.emetery in charge of J. W. 

Klingnrr. but ^.rfral arrangements are 



WILLIAM /. ■«««fO»?, «,«-,. 

trd five K)n. •■ followi: Mra. J»rTy 
I Gentry. Wltflnt. Col: Mr. How»r Poland. 

MA Olio of Trenion. Mo. R«T •"""^ 

;• ihnrnftMrt ' P nf H^Timsnd Col. 
.r.e rirt o' P. '"^r;.-.. M« T-o ••''".>^';* 

MO .!*«<U' Th» ho^v «.II proh.bir 
■1. •,•».. tA T^.•^r?t»l'? !* 

,,, . ■ .. ..,■■< ■,-r.' t 
o/,W. L. »i»rnf. 


1 rntv a. anowih 

' Tt^ n Anrwln. SO. who ••» ''•'"'■'I 

in Springfi'M »nd who formerly '•"•'J' 

• Khool in Otirl .nd Nro*ho. dif^ vidd»>nlv 

Wtdne»d»T •! hl» honi» tn Pin»b.jT|h, 

Kin nf»r whfrf h» »»» prlivlpil of • 

. ronwilldiud school. Mr. An|«m *•• 

■ fdltor of th* Oiark Rfp<jblir«n •» or.» 
timf Hf l.« survived bv hi» wif». • 

■ daufhUr. H»»«l 'Ho tftfh»« '.n Mi«ml 
OkI« • wn Utynird. of Cfd»r r.r ■'« 
{■ and O«rdon at homr. W F Vau|h»n 
of 'lO«0 Harrison itrffl. «pr<nBfl»ld.. who 
*a« a brother-in-law of Mr. Angwin. w»nl 
'o PiU«b'ir([ fodav lo a'tfnd the f'.m»ral. 
Trhich »i;i b^ held there Frtdar »t : '.n 

' o riock. followed bT burial Itifre MT .^^.^• 
«in s mother live« ir. Branson and he 
has • brolhtr AJjtl* '" OWUhom*. 

will MM J- HFRRrORn 
William J. Herrtord. ;J ^''^,^'?„' ^^,.: 
inf In a hoapltal her. foHowinf an op*"* 
uo'n. H. U^u^vlT.d f.T «our d.u,V..rr. 
ard five aon. aa follow.. Mra. J»rrr 
Thotmartln. Princeton. Mo. M" Bv>»"' 
n^nirT Wii,,n. Co. ^r, Horner PlHird. 

MO. Otto, of Trenton. Mo^. ««y •?«''',' . 
nf Thnrnfleld. .f * of Hammand. C<»1. 
and Md of 81. Joirph. M« T«" bro-herc 
Md and Prank. wh» li^e near Bo><;«;- j 
MO alao .urvtve Th* bodT will |»rob«btT I 

" Ava Mo. lemorrow. Burial m^P"*"*- 

r»m»f*rv there «ill he held und»r the 
dlrretlon oh W. L. «iatne. . - ^ 

r»En a. anc.wix 

PrM R Angwin. Ml. who wa» reared 
m pprin«ft*ld and who formfrlv laujht 
school in Otark and N*<>*ho. dif<J .uddenW 

\t'»<ine.rf»T •' ht» home In Pitt»burth. 


Arthur Stnlth, .12. Si^-lla. Mo., afid . Myrtle UndbauRh. 30. Rogers- ^ 


Charley M. Campbell. 29. and Martha Irene Ba«. ^* both 
of Strafford 
. Svdnev F Pierre 7i Cabool. and 
MK<; Ida F Jop'.in l". Sprincfl'ld. 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 7: R. S. Shamel died.** 
Page 10: William Schrieber died.** 

Mrs. Mary Jane Mashbum died.** 

Lawrence E. Price died.** 

William LHerrford died.** 

Fred R. Angwin died.** 

Mrs. Eliz abeth Kennedy died.** 


Arthur Smith. .12. of Syrllfl. Mo. 
ftnd Myial« LlmbauRh. 30. of Rogera- . 
vtllr "iCIo'TT'iioriev 'rff t 'a rrt'itr^T I. iv.ur 
cmt;. Strafford, and Martha Irene BaA.'^. 24. 

B, tbMtk^, of Strafford; Sydney F. Pirrce. 34. of 
•* Cabool. and Ida F. Joplln. 17. of 
L«ol«d« coontr."Wtr« h«Id rMt«rdar springfleld; and Baail Hemmlneway. 
at Comp*UtJ«»o. with th. R.T John ,j ^^ ^,^ ^^^^^ ^^^ Ell7j.b«th Rlch- 
B, TouDfblood o* BpnoKnald o«l- I ,._ _, ., ... ri,,>,.. 

tf.fut MO trlMdsud nUUTM 
Oraof -all vnt ttik ■uinwiiMltwg oooa* 
try. Tbt cburch wu filled and maoy 
«n« (oread to aUnd outald*. 

Ut. SlWBMl dlad ot •popluy 
brtnifM on by ortrazrrUon wblla b« 
vaa TUlUnc •( Um rMldanc* ot a 
Btifbbor. O. TaactaTcn. B« wm «im 
fooofMt of clftat ehndrtn and Imown 
to hta frtoDds m nmel* Bob." 
SltM •! tb* (isT* «M« la etiarg* 
lod(* of Oaiiip«;Utt4». 
ibj^EiMi, PUto and 
Oompftmoa p»i4 ttMir iMt rMp«ct* 

Mr. BhAtecl tm pnatdat oT ttV 
Bank of Competition and a member 
a( ttM aood roAdi committM. 



_ Puneral •erylces for WJlJiam Schrlpber. 
ft. OrMiM county fanner who died 
Wtdnetday night tn a ho.pltal In St. 
tool*. wlU be held at St. John's Evan- 
nUcal ebnrch here Sunday afternoon at 
f:M e'elock followed by burial In Ea.t 
lAwa e«fneUry In charge of W. L. Starne. 
acr. Oetulabar fomerlr owned and oper- 
jMd • tana near riubrlgbt'a pump ata- 
ISC^ TMMtljr vtnt to St. LouU for 
■ a adlc M treatneat, Be U lurrlTed by one 
MM«t «b* Itn^ la Oaraiany. 



Parents Hurt in Accident on 
I Highway No. 5 South 
Of Ava 

. rpHE two-yetr-old daughter of Mr. 

■ •'• unci Mrs. OmnvUle Walker of 
Brixrv Or^rk ronnfv. »«< kil!«><l ;n an 
automobile »cc:dpni on hichway 5 1 
krui'cof A'. «» "ITif parriii* ar.o «n 
oldrr dauBhtrr escaped *irh minor I 
Injuria* when the car In mhirh they J 
wrrr riding Kiruck lo<^se gravel and. 
WB» up»et . I 

Mr and Mrs Walker »nd the fo . 
children were p'ckert up by a pualng j 
car and ru.<»hed to Ava Th* baby ( 
w«« il^art Tih«*n 'hrv «rr:"ed at the 
offir^ A( r>r n. M N'^Tn>'i 

•^'^"' frrm The RhorH than Trom in- 
• Juiica. I 

Maahbam. «9. who died Wednesday night 
at bar borne on rural rout* 3. Dtar 
atlAftWd. vUl b« hald at Bass chaMl 
at 11 e'eloek this nwralnc followed by 
u In Baarrtll* oemttery under the 

MU. KirzARrm kenncdt 

Funeral ^ services for Mrs. Elisabeth 
. K*noed]^.<4. iormer SprlnffleM resldeht 
who was killed In an aatomeblle accident 
at Buffalo. K. T.. will be held at B o'clock 
thto morning in 8t. Aimea OathoUe church. 
Burtal win be In 8t. Mart's cemeteiy 
under dIrecUon of tbe Herman H. Loh- 
mcyer funeral hotne. 

dlroction of J. W. ICllngner. She is sur> 
vlved by threa brothers and two sisters. 

LAWBSNCK K. nticr 

Funeral wrvlces for Lawrenre T. Prlrr. 
19. who died Wednesday nigM at his 
heme. 169S Thoman itreet, will be con- 
ducted at 9 o'clock this afternoon In 
tba J. W. KUngner funeral chapel. Inter- 
ment will ba In Orecnlawo eemetery. Mr. 
Prlco la BurrlTcd by his wife, a son and 
two daughters: hla father. J. S. Price 
of West Virginia: a brother. Bryan nf 
Detroit. Mich., and a sister. Mrs. E.stelle 
NUon of Kansaa City. 


William J. Herrford. 73. died yenlerdaT 
morning In n hospital here foltowlni; aii 
operation. His body will be taken over- 
land from the W. L. Starne mortuaiT 
this morning to Thomflcld. 13 miles south 
of ATa. Mo. Burial will be In Plland 
cemetery there thix afternoon. He It sur- 
Tlved br four daughters and five son*, 
an follows: Mrs. Jerry Throgmsrtin. 
Princeton. Mn : Mrs. BIythe Opntrv. Wig- 
gins. Col.: Mrs. Homer Plland. Olrndslr. 
CaL: Mrs. Lee Ridge, Thomdeld. Mo. 
Otto of Trfnton, Mo.. Rot and Ira of 
Thorndeld. J. B. of Hammand. Col . and 
Bd Of 8t. Joseph, Mo. Two brothers. Ed 
and Ftank. who live near Bolivar. Mo., 
also aurvlve. 


' Fre4 R. Angwln. SO. many reart a 
resident of enrlngfleM. «)io formrrlv 
taught achool. In. Osaj-k aad J<«osbo. died 
aaddtnly at hla home in Pittsburg. Kan.. 
n«ar where ha was principal of • con- 
aolldated whool. It was learned here 
yasterday. At one tima ha waa editor 
of tha Otark Republlean. W. F. Vauahan 
of 1060 Harrison street here, • brolher- 
Inlaw of Mr. Angwln. went to Pittsburg 
yesterday to attend the funeral, which 
will be held at 3:10 o'clock thla after- 
noon. Mr. AngwIn'B mother lives In 
Branson aad ha haa a brother. Algle. In 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 

The baby daugiiter of Mr. and Mrs. Granville Walicer of Brixey, Mo., was icilled in 
a iiighway accident near Ava, Mo., in Douglas county. An older daughter was not seriously 

Page 8: William J. Herrford died.** 
William Schrieber died.** 
Mrs. Mary J. Mashbum died.** 
Lawrence E. Price died.** 
J. P. Stebbinsdied.** 
Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy died.** 
Page 19: Sam A. Dickerson died.** 

Page 26: Mrs. Herbert Walker announces the engagement of her sister Pink Howard to 
Mr. James Russell Moir. The wedding will be Sunday. 

Miss Edna Denny and Mr. Vernon Collison were married.** 

.M^RRIAf-.K M( r.NSK.S 

Ri^sll Hemingway. 19. and EUz.n- 

br'h Rlrh'pr. 7] I-»nth of \%h (-.rmr 
Ixan Hr»;nian P A^in (^•'^••- art'-; 
Ona Unrtrr'-vood. 1?. E\rr'.on. .Mo. 


>\M .\. I)H Kl.K^<»> 

Th» tifxtf .' ' fi'li A 



i|d man wl)a died lo lean- 


'fin' Kfiort fnnrral itvrvlcea and borlal at 
■Jhia at naitelwood cemcterr- ^*^ Uerasan 

'K^ tiOhmryrr f unrral home Witt ba • tt 
'Chart* «»f arTB'nfi»mei»l». 

Veaaing AnnounceajL 

MIf« Kdna IVntiT. dmnh»pr of Mf^ 
I and Mm. W. M. Denny, "f OxIW.way. 
I wii.« married S^ptfmh^r in, to X!r 
j Wrnon rollUon. aan of Mr. and Mra. • 
I W. M. Common ot Tulare. CaJil. 
I Ther wvre »tt«ndMl by Mr. aott \ 
Mm. Ben Colllwin of RoRersvUlr. Mo. ' 
Tbey wUI probably mak« ttimr hoa>t » 

fn CoTIfornU 


iV.^VaiMrat aftiicta ton WUIUb Bchrleber, \ 

,Tf r.rfrnr rouDlT farmrr %ho «1t»<1 ' 
*;^><«<;»v ti> • l;osi|lal 1:. «» l./.ulV "kltl 

«Mr,^M. av. 3;?o,i^vi(Kl( ilundar ai Si.; 
Juiin a Kvaiicrltcal ctiurch line, roiluwrd 

'by b«f»al III Ea»i l.a»n remetery in 
' harge of Sliirni>'.i n)o»tii«rv H» i^ •"'- 
».»eU to> one il'-lff «l>o lo e* Hi *J ^JL1'"ii.' - 

^..^J'jiQarat aet\tcra tor Mra. Maiy J Ma*h- 
bnrw, «irr"'#hii dfk-tf ar her ftom* r»Mr 


Ui^vllle cJmei 


Th« body of Will. am J Hertford. 13. who 
d.fd Tl'.ufxliiv III n here foUov. - 

• MIR an xperatuin. was takrn to Thornltcltt. 
13 iMlr^ vcriiili t>f A\ii. Mti . t'iday f'lr In 
ivihI .Mivic'i) fiiU li.irul tliTT 111 J'll.iiiil 
e^m^lery. Pour dauihtera and fiva noni 
>.ii.i\«'. Ilk ti>llu«<' Mik. Jrriy TliioRmoi- 

r ton. Pftnc»«ott, Mo.: Mr* BIrthe Uentry. 
\M«gliu Colu , Mr» H.imrr Filiiid, CU'ii 

, dale. Cat.; Mr*. I>e« Ri(l«c. Thnrnfieid, Mn : 

' Utio Herrterd ot Trenton. Mo.. Ito)- and 

[ Ift* ««f Tliornfteld; J S.,i.9t Hamnoonrt. 

iCai.. aitd Kd. ol St. Joseph. ^ Two brothers. 

1^ and Flank, live naat Bolivar. Starii': a 
»Miaary hut chare* ol ftrr«n|fm*nta. 

»•»»■ Jn riiarae of • W Kllncnei Onr unn 
.Hii#y Ma«li(>iirn of flnrtii»nr|.i TVijr', 

t \wnvsctir. "wfiir* 

^^Ifiireral »ervir«»% jnr l.» entire r Pttrr. 
MliF%rHM tflMl WvdneadAT nl|h; al lii^ Imm'. 
t^AM^'Tbeinsa alr«*t, ware hald ihia mUtt-,, 
iLitona in KUngner'* rhapei, followed br id- 
irt*rmmt in Or»»n L«»n remrtery. Prlea 
|MfnWnt»f4.;_b^^ I 

f ^••'Ir'rf'i. a hnv ((rid »»o |irU 


J r.->>-i4.iiHiN«i 

l»*'Tlfra Hurty C Kvana and her mother.: 
( Mi» \iiii» A .''"■bbiii.i. of f<2\ KhM turn- , 

bar«l «treet. returned Thursday from I»e» 

liitoinaa. Jo»a, where they aere called bv 

i.itt- u- mil of .Mc.i Kvai'..<' Rrandlather. J. 

1 1>. Btebbina. ■S. Mr. Siebbina apant •aeh 

{.•inter li> Hprlnirfleld for the pftil 10 years 

1 and lii.l a iiiiiiiiiir of fdenda (lere. The 

nqed man waa born lit 8omeraet»hlr«. 

r.iialand. May 5, ia40. and earn* to Amrrte* 

»|J|- a voufh Funeral^iervlcea were held 

|:at Emmotiburr. iona. -' _.,'r* 

MK>. i;i.iAAnKru Kr.NM;nv : 

t<^ Vbriaral aervlrek for Mm Cllxaheth Ren- I 
• i\rti\ «4. «h.i «'««. Killed in an automobile) 
*< I I'i'M ::i Hiilf»Io N V . Kuiida\. ^rx- , 
held at 9 o(!o'k It-.l.i. n-.nriiinc at Ht 
■UiAlie thurch, followed bv Interment In 
• .cemetery. The Herman H Loh- 
vc* lo cbarft el ■*'• 


Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: Henry Ernest Cieaton died.** 

William Schrieber died.** 

J. P. Stebbinsdied.** 

Hans N. Anderson died.** 
Page 14: Angus Dupree died.** 



Henry Erneat Claaton. 10 a former 
rraldenl ot Sprlntfleld, died rerently at 

j Iha home ot ft dauf htrr. Mrs. Homer 8. 

I Tucker, whom ha wan vUltlni In Bowling 
rirern. Kv . II •"» Iratin-ri hrre ve«.trr- 
>.rn Ml CUf.! "■.•.. uhn lM(1 birn Ihi:e 

• I Louisville, aai. uperial field agent for 

• ;.:r n..\,;t,:::r . r'!"'rn 'Te hart heen In 
i tailinc health ainca he »ufferrd a paralytic 
latroka two yeara aito. Mr. Cieaton waa • 
: brotherlnlaw of Balem Cope of Sprlnjfleld. 


runeral nervlren for William Rrhrlrher. 
I 14. Oreene county farmer, who died Wed- 
iie«(lav In a hospital here, will be held 
, at 3 30 oflock hundnv alirrnoi"! a' S' 
I Johna Evaneellral church, followed hv 
I hiirlal In Eaut Lawn cemetery in rhatcr 
; of W L. Blarne mortuarv. One »i»tcr 
' who lives In Ocrmanv ^urvhe.s. 


Mr' Harrv r F:\i<ii^ and hT mnt'irr. 
■ Mrs. Anna A. Sirobins nl ti.:! J..:-; I 
\ bard atreet. ha\e returned from iv^ 
Molnea. Iowa, whera they were called by 
ibe death ot Mra. Evana' Rrandfathrr. 
J. P. 8tebbln«. BB. Mr. Stebblna sprnt 
each winter In SprlnRflelil for the 
10 yeara and had many friends here He 
wan t>orn In Somersetshire, Eneland. M.iv 
h. 1840. and came to the United etafs 
when still a youth. Funeral services 
were held at EnmeUburg. Iowa. , 





I Cvtrctt Tuter. 37. leonlum 
I Z'lla War«. 31. of SprlnefieM. 
Motnun, 19. of Aatx Orove. and Ona 
Pndcrwo o d. 10. nf Bv«rten: tntl Char* 
J«T B. Kldd*r. 43 M Fort Srnrr Kitn . 
and MabelU Srown, t7, of Kant* < 

mrieil#nii«i;ii;-.»v»' ' 


Funeral aenicc* tor AngUK Dupr«r. 
«b0 tfl«d atidtfrair flCinday nlsht at 
Vmheum, lllft South Main avcniw. 
J»i« fc«W •» Bt. Acaw' citurcta »Uh 
MHtl Is St. Uarya cnnaterw 

Ur. Dupr«c was born In Cornwall 
July 4. IB&i. and wiib bU 
^ JBOWad to Mleblcan when he 
ft yaara e( ate. He iwed moat 
«t Ma llf«i|a Mfartit^f^ and lUlnou. 
aselac «• tbla city la lOlT Mr.' 
Dupr«« waa a rtalm adjtiatrr for thr 
Ifitrmaltnnal Harve#irr rompanr of 
America for 3^ ymn. Abnut nix frmiti 
a«o be waa retired, and since that 
Umm ha haa b«en la the (rocery 

Pallbearers were H. H Wrbb of «t. 

Loula: J. P. Wclla. I. D. Dtshinan. O. 

W. Lovell. H. R. Lefora and 8. R. 

at Up rlngf l al d. aU of whom ar« 

vltb tba International 


Hana N. Anderaon. 69. lonR-tlme j 
. resident of Springfield and faiUer of , 

NfN F An<1rr<»nn. editor and manacrrr 

of the St. Lotiin Tlmm. dlrd at hia 

home. 731 East DeUnar street, at 3:45 ; 

o'clocic yesterday afternoon. The ' 

widow and a daughter. Mlas C. J. I 

Anderson, of Washington. D. C. also j 

BTirvtve. ' 

I Mr. Andrraon waa a native of Den- 
mark, having been txim there In 
1 1860. He came to America while a 
.\<niih ar.d .v-lllcd In C'.rrnio "^\niiy 

In 1881. 

Funeral nrrantcementa are Inrom- ' 

plete. Burial will be made undrr dl 
j rectlon of W. L. Stame mortuary. 

Page 8: Hans N. Anderson died.** 
Sam A. Dickerson died.** 
Henry Ernest Cleaton died.** 
Angus Dupree died.** 
J. E. Peltzdied.** 
Hans N. Anderson died.** 

ara tl|« t 
4MitM#a. tin. 8. A.' 
Urm. Tttoa. P. Reld of 
'Chicago: Mrs. J. H McLean of Elk- 
baru XadUna. and Mrs. Dan Webb of 
th* home addreaa. two l>rothrr« and 
X>M c^Mldven and one j 
ot Bt. Joseph. I 
wers bcra to attend the funeral. 



•M*a rhe .on." the wl«|!?w IT 

.M'>. r J Anrt'isnr- • \v» j . . 

~»L<,_-.,.r\ivt. >;■ .^. -.:.oi ai '. 

!{£' 0'»"SJ»^ but he- ca«e o the UMt«««^ 

.ta chant* .t»r Vamc* a sa n as ty.- 

I - " ->?:''^. -i-=T:'. ,,- 

f kwldeolr t«Raa.aa CHr PHdbr. Mr' OkM 

' BCSRT EB.veST CtEATOX ' " ? 

H»nrr Erneot Cleaton. W. a former rest- " 

5aira> Cope •( thi* cIit. died at tur hoow « 

of a daurht'r. Mri Hom^r 8 Thicker. 

Pwtiom he warf^^H^IHnt'ar-BWinnt^ utmm.'^ 

K> . I' »»» I'»in^<i !'»-r (■rM.i\ Mi 

LCIaatoo:* boma.jiiaa ^tn U>tt>a.r aw^ «teMU 
pne" *aji special Tield arenr for-r^lW**B»l 
• rompsn* H' had tKctt in HI. 
[^health far .two vaaxa: «w«» h»-.aiiff«nKt j|^ 

• troitf of paralvtM 

ANCti s til rKr» 

I Ancti» Oupree, who «a« burted Ptiday ; 
I In 9T " fj* ! 'W f I »"" ■ — '■■■ ItWff^Vl 

' •»rrir»« in St .Acne«" Cs'hllr rnnr>h. wa^ 

H* mo\eO it> MlcniK*n ■art »i.* -i. »eD:» 
• hrn h» as* 11 v-ars ««1«1 'tr rvvi'T-'i, 

Ihad lived, in MichiM«n '"i Tihr.ii' ri<»'t' 

jif"'*rr Itiirli'"*- 


are cAnne 

i»anv Ttir 


with t» 
widow and n-i 
.^II^.v» f. fnllo*" Mt» f» ^ roi:-<H:d 
Mr« Thomat F. t>H of CI :i-J<" Mr I 
>t Mrt r.^n of »:lj;har?. Ind anO M'». ^ 
Da«e vVfhb at the h«me b»T«. Two • 
hr'-rl-':\ and !o'ir ■■!'»-» • -> >! ■ • 

•,, »ii. nMr«r»e. n -I-.". »: : •; t"."^ ■. 
>n<i tn* lour daughtrr» attended th* ra> i 

Rflttr »» 

.t r rrtTT 

-tH* — Hmr». ol "j'l Ku^.eo. lorncti 

SprttgfWI A.' bu il u Mg wtmn; ^^flMfc* fi :! ttiw 
Anahrim sanktertuiit, An«kb«te. Ctal. nl- 1 

i lovlo« iin «pcT»U«n. Mr. r«)ia ««m b wrn ' 

■ tn SpiinattoM asd «pm( Ms MiUr* Bf»| 

hfrr unin 18 T»»'-'» ■f»- «'•••« *•« iro*M • 

to Lon« B»«eh. C«I . »nd hec%mr •^xocl- 
' alM irifh «h» Complon Bntk and Ttl« 

renipany. Whit* hrr« h» tnd b*«n • 
( pArui«r in-4>t« P»)U and Cot1*<^ Bb«*. 
, companir t}# w»»«- wi> in b»f of lh« fM^: 
I lo«'ln( llprlii(flrld loi««a: Rrrf Mrn. 
f Knlfbt* er Pythin.' OMr ©f T'lnri' N" 
' 443 iind Vinriii rhaoter No I to. Maj>oiiic 
I ordtrs ll« l« turrlrvd br bi.« vlfr. Mr», , 
I N*Iir Prlrxer Lont IWach. and tv« ct»»i 

'•!« of K^jilj.tfr:!-!/!. Mr» U ::ilniii ^^^••'Jor. ' 

t-ltS Ncrlii Rohlwr^on a- »nur. and »lr» i 

!• W H>iiiir». !h;j Nof.ri MiU. « • i.i.i * 
, I iiiiri»l krrMcf« »i!l b» UrU\ iti.SprlMK- 

flvM. btil •vr«ncr«*filt will km »• ca«^ 
; pirird until th« arrUal nt the hoAv tmttf^ 

i.r\l mrrk 

|Un« N.- An«l»r»on. «». » jfi^ * 
r^'¥j\r rour'v Ift •r»r« t1<»jl ar nl< 

ll^^« X. AM»r«<ov 

^dcnt at- 

T<| F.>>' H'-lTntir «t;fri ;- r i n i!' ^r •■."on 

' U,V.nm\f n brift Uln-'» Mr An<1'r««n 

M ^urifd bv M« »if». ""• d«'Hi-t»r. 

\ti-.' ri<-ifi» .1 AiiH»r«"n nf W»«'i!H*'>i-i. 

I> r ni:il f>:'<- "-I. N» - F A'-'-.-nn 

I'.'/ir n( it-» Sr I^ il* 1 .:ri'« Mr A r • 

1 drrM>n cam* to itiu tour.ii, iroiii U»v»n- 

i p«Tl. Iowa. ais »•» l«c a«r»»*l ^frttr* 

i van manvtRf «UIot •! tW» BortttstWM T 

PfP'iMicar In l«lt !h» «<k> Trre»r»<I an 
• uppoinimcnl a* Aiu»nc»ii »ic« t«naul ai , 
! Salonika. Orett*. »h»r« h« M>*Bt »«• 
r:iT' llf 'i.Tlrr rr-.iiir»v; Im.r. :•" il ;■ . - 
train- 5Prtif» and be»am» fonnrcJpd with 
■ 'i< S' L^uif i.r»\pap^r. ol mhich ii» no* 
n r<1.ii«i in rVil^'f and a member of lh»- 
'.'ojiiJ or (1:rrrior« H» iL«c n ■prf.^iden^ 
-r.»1 ir»«.«iirfr of »h» Altlep* Println* rom- 
: a:-.- '•( ,■;• l<)ir» T»" ri:-T»l tl ftari" 
V ^^,^•r "n «i;i S» h»li1 •• ?-tO r :r. 
.Monday a( Ihf W. L Stariif Tioriuarr. 
• itid»r 'th» ampler* ftr-"»h# «Cr.!»Kl t,n^km». " 
. ...h,. •- \ r j'-l \ \' ■• mh;r-i '•'* 
•.<» • iiir:ub»T I t.» i>o>; . i.'»r. a lit t>r 

lakrn bT W. L. RtarnV !• St. Lnutit «h*r» 
i: ai'l »»* rrrn-.alfd and th» a!^^r^ r-t'irn- 
r(i 1 rrf • > ,rr;'o»p in an .m jn % sierl 
'iiiilt at I*"* 8tarna mrrfiar-. 

The News and Leader for Sunday, September 29, 1929, is missing. 

Page 1: H. N. Anderson died.** 

Thomas Winfrey was killed.** 
Page 3: Harley J. Sapp died.** 
William C. Smith died.** 
Mrs. Nellie McClinton died.** 
David Pettigrew died.** 
John E. Carter died.** 
■ Page 4: Miss Helen Irene Hurley and Mr. Joseph Dalla were married.** 
Page 8: R. L. S. Hamel died at Competition, Mo. 
Mrs. R. L. Barbee of Joplin died. 

H. E. Sinclair died at Monett. He was the brother-in-law of Mrs. E. P. Bridwell of 
Fellows, Calif 

I. G. Fowler died at Independence, Kansas. He was the brother of H. S. Fowler of 
Monett, who with his daughter-in-law Mrs. Claire Fowler, went to the funeral. 

I Miss Helen Hurley 
; Weds Mr. Dalla 

Word hart l)Ttl re rlvert lirrr of tlif ' 
msrrlac*" of Ml»< Hrlrn Irrno Hiir- 
Irv. flaiiRhtrr of Mr. anrt Mro. .lohn 
r. Il'irt»v. MIH North nmnt. a\rtiiir, 
•" Ml .' >"^-pli IibK.i of Alntn'i'.n. ('"\ 
1**1 Mondnv r\rnliiic nt. AiilRnlto, 
Tol. Mra Dalla 1« a Rrarlliair of 1hi» 
Bprmcfleltl Brnlor lllKti arliool, anil 
altrnilrd Dniry rollrer and la'rr f - 
I mvert lirr df(;r^« from tlin alr\t;r 
learhrra ' college lirrr. 8h« la a 
member of tha Zet* TViu Alpha an- 
rorlty. The younR couple are to 
mmle th^lr future home In Alamosa 

Lagt Rites Today 
For il. N. Andcarson, 
Pioneer Resident 

. TVneral aenKtm for.H. W. Andpr- 
■on, j» le»e*r r^drat of Sprlnfflpld , 
who <dJa<l rtiOtj at liU banM, Tst . 
D^ttf ttnet. »U1 be held at ISO 
e^lcck thl» afternoon In the Btame 
>fc.- Aiii»*r»eo l» «'"r»lT»d br hi? 
I W(. Mra, Anna Andarami: one 
: dambter. ,Itta C*rt^ Ahdetaoo of 
! H^MUmtoB. D.- Ci anil- oo« . fon.l 
IM« >. Ai^ertoiv «di«er «ad maaa««r^ 


ON U Sv 66 

.S7. Louis 'lf1$p Sacrificr't 
Life to Ke«ki^»m Ranu 

i minf Af9t<Msfs Cor. 
West of Sprtk^fitld t 



•a •ulenAlilla la front 
t«r«*r rt»t TJicinM Wtpfi 
Leal* truBtStr own. hi* 
10-(aii triKk h* waa iMir 
l«l« a* ilReh ui4 mrrturai 
wtim w—t W SpHnf n*l« 

Wlofrqr^lM ahnut-ll. a'clotfHj^M'i 
BicM l»« ByttngflcMitaMul «4<*«{ 
tw WW UX^ **•• W^e^l^ni* '^- 
kuMne*. TM^aeMdakt oedinM^ 
l«r<>>lark. * 


, I 


Wlnfr»T w«« on hit «•▼ from 81 
LmiU to TuIm. OkU.. «lth k load nf 
ftvicbt. %>v*r*l miM out of Bpnni- 
11*14 M lot t>«htni) a tourlnc rar 
Whan tb* lourtng car. rrarhad tha 
awoMi lu na w nad. tha drttar of ,tha 
▼ablcf^ qvfcklT tMm«d to tha faft. df* 
rartJr In front of «tr larva irdrk. 

Steln^ tt«*\ h» F""ld t>» tinaW* to) 
•top ih« h<wf tnirk In tlma tn (volit, 
MItlAl * tha aiitonlnhlla. WXnJrrj 

/(jUlrklT ll»r|'^.l -it* If'Hk l'« • .t* 

rlfM ♦»> Xf-p r"-n\ --xn-m'nr !• A* 
n^ tfid ao l( ohnt off Ihr p«i<in«ni 
lirt« a dicrh. oTPftiirnlnt t«-lra aa It 
waot. ' A frndrr atrurk the to%rlr)j(* 
car but (lid llitia damajt. • 

♦ ♦: 

mamTimiorrm no\wJK 

♦ : -■ ♦ 

Paaalnn motArtata pnlird th* tn>ek< 
dn**r fmm iha«vr«ck«(» ao/l hr **« 
■aat to tho hoapiUI. Ha auataload 
bad eitta and tmilaaa. about face and 
Vxry aa wtll *• aaTanl ttroken bonea 

WInlrtT la a iBanbar of the Llndell 
MOTlai aatf Storafa company of Bt/f 
l^\Ha. KM boana aaa at ail I Hotf- 
oan atiaat. Ra u surrlvrd br nuj 
pcraotil a'atatct and brother aiitf hia' 

T&a aaooa of tha periiona :n the 
■utOBObUa Var^ Dot^rnr^. 
» ■ " ■ — •■ ■ ' -r ' 



Tha Mty of Harley J. Sapp. 51. of 1PP4 I 
North L)'on avenue, who riled Saliiicliiv ' 
mvlil In a ho'pUal here, will he laleii 
r^ritaod this nioriiiiic to A.vhiaiid. Mo. 
«li'ia lunrral aervlcru aiirt hurial «'lll br { 
lirld unrirr dlieclloii nf J. W. Kllnnnrr. | 


liititral .ertlrca for Wllliatn C. Smith. 
T*. who died al hl« home. 1124 ChicaKo 
•itret, fluliirdav «Ilerno<in all! b^ held al 
r :10 o'lI'>i"k lhi« aflerjiooti In Ihf rr<;. ; 
( r:ira. Ititrrmeiii will be In Orr'nlian 



under dirrrtion ot 




Mri. Nellie MrCimlon. ST. of «:il Wr5t 

(■»->'l-|.] '.Ire'-f. fti^fl e* 4 o I lork V* 'rf. 

I »< aMcriiniiii 111 K Upniicli' Id ho«pii!<I 

I.r.MSl vervlre* will he held at 2 in 

V till" odniiMoii -.,1 III- .^.^^.(v [,n|-- 

I r Itiiieral linme ffllnaed hv i-iler- 
: . t In Orertilnwii ^lnlM.r^, Mi ^f^- 
» '1111 Is pttMi\f(| h*. run *nn<. Rnnuld 

. "1 Victor, tlir»r hr.i'iKT*. .iiiiii .iani''« i 
.laier and H- p Mernrk nf Monti' Ver- 
I'lii. and oiia m>lT. .Mi^ Jol.n Neiier o! 

nAMn rf:TTir.»»w 

David rel'igrra-, Jr., IH-tnoiith-old »on 

01 Mr. and Mm David PettiR:e«. died ai 

II 11 clock yr.ttrrday mornlnR follonmir a 
ahorl Illness al the home of the parer.t*. 
JU9 North Main avenue. Re.^ide^ the 
parrata, the child is survived by threr 
.•.l.Nter*. funeral «rrnrr» will be held at 

2 o clork tl.i- . nflernonn iii Rn.e Kill 
• etneiery. 16 miles north of Rprinefield 
nurltj mill ba In charge n( the Herman 
}|. uohmayer Xuoeral home. 


oeitin E. Carter. 67, died at Nevada, Mo . 
.Saturday toUowlnj an extended illne»5 
Je la surtlved bv bis wife, Mrs. Hatiie 
lartar 0t Seymour. Mo : t.\x daughtera. 
(race Carter of Springfield: Mrs. Laura 
lankvnthlp of Permnur M" ■ Mrs. Lax- 
■M-^ntUaett of Oklahoma Citv. OUa.: 
ta. Htii imort of Kansas Oily. Ura. dan 
Ot BlUinga, Mo.; andAMrt. rioulc 
9t Tnlaa; and V **aa, W. 
Ovtar of 

Page 1: J. H. Meehan died.** 

Edward M. Wilhoit died.** 
Page 2: Thomas Winfrey died.** 
Page 10: The marriage of Florence Parten to Oscar Emhart was annulled. 

John E. Carter died.** 

David Pettigrew died.** 

Mrs. Nellie McClinton died.** 

Harley J. Sapp died.** 

William C. Smith died.** 


H. N. Anderson died.** 
Mrs. Emma C. Cox died.** 
Walter L. Crenshaw died.** 
Page 12: Miss Helen Irene Hurley and Mr. Joseph Dalla were married.** 


AHbMdi In disliked to p«M tot pholoKimpM. «uid wm •▼«»• to p»- 
pMMteMr. B. M. wniHtH liked UiUlofarant pletara of himwir. whteh 

vHiM and hln i*ihr*nifnt Jrcm »ctlT«^bwineM. "* 

•From Humble_Sta!l-a& Wule Team Driver, Oil Man^Earned 


: Caiiital of S500 

IValh or Kdvard M. Wnholt. mll- 
reured oU oyerator^ ^ hU 

aimik * fa^ftuuia^-BMia. Bom on . 
m tmrm ne*r Ctettoiuiiv Kx- «» 

I ye»r» ago. h« spent his boytiood ; 

! Um»« awl ne»er outcnw ihe tore o( ; 

: na* fatraland and fine slack which, 
hr Required *..«= « lod. Yrars I«t*r. 
havKif t>i:ii' « .'-Ml... ■■ ■ ' ■ 
diftcreni b.iMi.c;-^ '..c '.^a. 'o rr...rn 
to lamung ae a hobby and a dc- 

i ' M«i Job OriTtor Molea 

' When he w»5 about 30. with two 
neiahborhood rhum.v he went «Pt^t 
•o WK-hi'.a. Knn lU^ f>r^' Job """^ 

. dHrlng a pair of mules, hitched to 
a dray, foi a grocr-.N .^loir. Wichlin 
was booming.' and Mr. Wl'.hoil 
bought some land, t'lvmR personal, 

' not« for It The boom burst, and 

. iiiv irtiiu -.1.-11 I Aiiiin iiukU — uui 
he did any work at hand, until he 
hod them pold off. For a while he' 
worked a» « laipcnicr. and on one 

•earpenier'n Job walked five mile* • 
'day to h»8 work, and fjve mU" 
HSk. ,JUUiUVd«aUi.,h« i*lU.4WB^ 

' cpoapony. . In too laoonllii*'. ^' ^^ 

Ito mortjr tho boyhood Bwe*tJ»eort 
wtio Hved on the f^rm odjolnlng hU 

falhrr*; and the younff bride came 
weot with her ambitious husband 

l^fptifi fn Ui« ewwr tttat »" *P 
[*ttli<^ the tri»tMt-lndependoot-«ft 

biisinc-ss In the Ozarks. 
I ' rirt^ SUtton Bt J«>liilB 
1 Jitter 10 T«w« with the 8t«nduil 

OU comp*nr.»he loJk hli copltal of 

'Itto md started his first itatlon at 

Joplin, In 1806. Uts former cmploy- 
Lcn assiffed blm that they would 
i'^make Is so hot for hlra'* he never 

could succeed,, but he replied, "I 
.^B^'loMViQUch monef, boeaOM I 
\ den*t havo much. Btlt mr knowl- 
i edge of the oil business learned In 
; 10 years working for jrou I ne\'er 
I can lose— I'll still have It when my 

monrv 1.'^ Rone." 
' Comprtltlonwas keen ond heavy, 

and pro^reftK. alow at ^rst. Hr- 
j'WUholi vas tn^ buslneaa, from maci- 

a$er 1o teamster. He dealt mostly 

at first, with kertweQ«,\»l>d Its chief 
i use wa« to fill lamps 'Later gaao^ 
! line came into . ua« . M , a .oooklos 
•fuel, but It was along while bofon* 

motor transportation (Tested tht 
' big markets of tdday. 

Second Station nere 
Aftrr six years, Mr. \V"holt came 

to Sprlpgfteld and opened his aec* 
! ond station, and two years later 

moved here In lt)0< In 1907 he 
! opened a third statipn In St. 
' Joseph; other.-? $ooo-ln Atchison and 

KevBda. Trom then on. expansion 

wnf laplrt, imlll at last he had cov- ' 
rrrd wo.Mrrn MLwiurl and rnslem 
KnnsH^, nnd had the Indr- 
|)iim!' Ill oil bu."ilnrs.>: iii 8:i lli' 
O^Hik.'^ rrRJon. 

1 Walter Coiwey, Mr. Wllholls son- 
UnlaWt antercd the buslneaa 1ft yeara 
[ago. The next year Mr. Wllholi 
•plunnert to make him flpringfleld 

mnPRrrr nnd move to Kmi«as Cllv. 
He and Mrs. Wiltioil fMid iiirii hi. 
lr>.il« vtrr<» home and wrni to 

iKaniMs rity, afrtr^'Tr''*" » bUUr 
^storm of sleet. 

Derided to Remain 
A irlephone conversaiion wilh 
their daughter. Mrs. Cossry, assured 
jlhem that the weather In Bprlng- 
1 flrld yas lovely; It wasn't any pleas- 
■ure getting about Kansas City, and 
'when they did. "We saw only 



. ^U»n^t fmrs. nobody we knew," Mr 
Wllholt rrlaud years Inter. 

S« llif\ »<nl Into cxii I'l.r >f.s. 

, •ion to di^L'UM ihe nmtur. Wliai 

do you think about It?" he asked 

Mrs Wllholl If you tlont «tnl to 

llii.-.r h::v .wiivf Ki.u, ] i;,, ., , v 

• not." nhe said. 80 ihev came 

"homr." and biillt the hnti<te at 
fln.1 South Wrllrr. «h- "r. Wil- 
■ holt died thi« mornini:, 

>«rll« OiK Itii.liir.^ 

I On Mar as, 1928. Mr. Wiihoit an- 

nouneert the ««Ir of hl« north MIa- 

•oiiil proper';-" mrlurliiie 20 bulk 

j •tattona and 34 Kervlre utRtlonii in, 

north and «eot Mutnniirl mid Atrhl- 
j^aon. Kan., to the rhilllp* Petroleum 
I company of Bsrtleaville. Okla. < 

In ^'ebru«rT thU yr.-ir. hr nold ihp 
' reel of Ma atallona in noulh UlMourl 
I and MkMlt^ Kan*a{i to the Mine cm- 
nxnv ThU IncJijderf SO-milk HUtrl-" 

l>l. ' .!.•* 


you know If." Mr MrDanlel then 
made him a prrKonal loan to ■'rairy 
atatlona. in .SI citlea. Re retained. 
however, the E. M. Wllholt OH coni- 
p»ny reflnerlen at Joplln. 

At thr tlm^ n{ ihu< l»«t »*le. Mr 
Wllholl Raid. "When the future be- 
r"n <r> look im'-»ri«:r. for 'h» »n?»i; 
1 iiiiijinn; . 1 ("rT;-ii>T-^<l To iook 
around end of all tha companlea with [ 
abundance of re»Miirte« T rould nee 
none better .ami. .lata, ta aay opti^oa 
a4 good aa tha Phlltlpa Petrolctiin 
company. It la a wonderful orfan> 
l;raiion. oiint tip 111111.I1 4< c\.rt hi« 
,,ii,,,, . ■.•*.*^ 

partmeni* the employes jrlUL-Wturh 

j A* Mr. WUlMMt apok* of hU cm* , 

I ploy««. teara ram*' Into hia «y«a and ! 

I he declared "Much of our aueceaa haa-1 
r been d\ie to o\ir KO<xJ io>i». riitijl-,jtr 
and Riso 10 the »oi:rtrrfii! •Mppor> 
wa have had from tha cooauming | 
public." c* I 
Uralefal to Public < 
"We owe everything to tha loyal j 
employe* and to the fully aa loyal ] 
public." he continued. "They have 
supported UR throtiKhout. If there U 
^n should feel grateful to 

Mir )>..%.., ir :. -h* \VIlh'^|• f»m!Iv " 

Many of the agenu at the Wtihoit , 

"tRiinn^ Rt the time of tbe-eate w e r t "* 
• •<« .•rr>' nnut who ••Rr'ed « hen 
".he >taT:nii.< »ere e»i»nl:i>hr<l l.\r to 
30 yeara ago. One famUy. Including* 
three brothera and the son of ona of ■ 
them, had worked for the Wllhett 
, rompRiiy more than 20 yeara TTin 
• fRmllv inriudea Fred Painter and 
Ernest Painter, both of Springfield, 
will Painter of N«»l and C. H. Pain- 
ter of ?• I'-,.pph 
, It «RR 10 Mr< Wiihot(> «vmpathy 
Rr.d ro operRtioii in Rll hi.t bu*i.-.pvi 
venture* that Mr. Wilholt alao at- 
tributed much of hIa RucrcM. 

"I hRve hRri R t.opt'.rr'.'-.l pRrtn^r " ' 
Raid Mr. Wilholt "i aiwaya hare 
tRlkecl over »lti» Mr» Wilnnil my' 
plana and ahe has ^.ven me her help 


(fenfy Ended 



Held Tuesday Afternoon 
atChapel Heft®^^ 


Mfaouri'Who HbenUr mM Us 
tnegg . to *ttifc .raniM '^ '- ■" '" 

-*«*»o.or ■ttmpage'lof ttU utaw 
through Um hwtmowte. H» «m , 
stricken at about 1:30 oclock. nadl 
died a lltUe mora tfeui ui boor | 
Ut«r. with htm at Um ttme of fate 
death were hU wife. Mr. and Ml*. 
Walter^ Oootjr. hla daughter aii4 
"<»»nl»w. •nd TkmXcn Iter im^ r- ' 
ton and O. B. L«nm«o. ~^ - 
f-fftrfid U(!i|wiiiin — -T-;- 

t ^-VCh indlcestion a onie w tia T <rf la|»' 
week*, but no »«rtoua heart trotAIo 
n»d been msp^cted. 
, In the'nibrntnc. Mr. ^JhlJ^f )if^ 
takcu Mrs. wnhoH to otnu^ aod 

; wa« with hlffl M Us dfatlt, h«4 

been associated with him tn biul- 
' new tot mix* Uimu U ytn$, md^ 

-•■^ «^:.:.-: -•.^'r'C*^ of hlitfow- 

Funeral Plana Incomplete 
Mr. WllhQit'a djuightcr. Miss Ed- 

n« WJlholt. WM tn Ktntucky vWN 
Itig her mother's brother and hu 
wlfo. Dr. and Mrs. T. D. CrttJw* 
whev. her IHher died. They wiU ajl 

Besides hJ« wife axti t«© dMSA' 
ten. Mr. WUholt to-aarrtwtf *or * 
gr.inddauRhter. Ja*n Cossey. »nd by 
two »Uter8 Uvlng In Kentucky. 

Un. Wllbolt today it aeverely 
shaken by the shock of her hus- 
bani's death. 

Hold runenU Tua»d*y 
Puneral serrtee* for Mr. W»Uio|» 
will be conducted Tuesday after noon 
•t 3 o'clock at the Alma (p^bmcynr 
funeral home. foQowed tf tote>- 
mcnt In Maple Park cemetery. Th»_ 
fcvel-ehd A. J. iitClvaak of Oifiy 
Presbyterian chur^^wtti^c«MU^ 
th« service and BlfiRf.tevtCntl^'fll, 
rtnir. _» 

I Active pallbearers will be fonner 
employes of Mr- Wllhotl. They wUl 

I be rred Painter, whb ♦otted'^ , 

' years for Mr. Wllholtt C^srles Con- 
nett, who worked 30 ytuf^ l^ftxT- 
Stone. Claude B«nk». and. Alvtt 
"Tsylor, with IS jt»n of service e«c^ 
and Beii Tb^r^jBOO, with 10 ye^t 
of service. • With the tv^vOon of" 
:Ui. BiuiiL^ wliu iivM u Jopim, aU 
six men reside In Sprlnafleld. 

Hoo^EVy baUbe»r«ra will beu- Arote 
McOregor. .Oeorce O: MiDantot, 
Lewis LOBter. T. T. Umbargel'. Wal* 

! ter Tillman, Al Kc^ert. Otqr KvmA 

{ and Harr>- SchneliJer. 

IXriMck Driver Dies f^. 

In Try to Avert '^ 

i Cras h WittLAsito 





\\'J. H. Meeha. ri;"i«l itA^ St. 

• i/oul biislnfiw man md fsfther of 
Mr.' lyi\ii* Rep< of ."^prinjfield. died 
at the family home In St Loma al, 

:j:SO o'ctork 3T«*erday aflcmooo W- 
1.1 »in; 9 ow'. illnr.^.'. Mr and Mr.^ 
Reps were at Mr. tMeehan's be<Wde 
• ! th^ iimf of his deaih. 

<lucted at Bt. Louis Tueaday af ter- 

Mr. Meehan had operated for 

• tuany years" la a stock buyer In St. 
Louis for packlnir companies 
throughout the country. He retired 
f'rom active business about eictil 
years ago. 

Surviving relatlvee Include the 
widow and four daughters. Mr?. 
Reps of this city. Mrs, Harold 0*r- 
rtson of Kansas City. Mlaa May 
Meehan of the home address and 
Mr« Cecil Zimmermsn of Bast S' 


^'^*^i»iaa^'>*Wrey. "94. drtrer " for a ; 

St. vtixiln trtniitrr crnnpuny, I<w>i hi* 

AWHtlltaatiBday when hit ttiriwd Ms| 
huge tnirk, hemiiv io«rtofi «i«h 

■ (reich*. Inirt * rt;«ch i ■ i' 

milr roiiirr" »rM nl .Mi): ii!^!ir;il. Iri 

j atroM hlttlnt an atitomoblls ahead ' 
j ctf him. 

Winfrey wwi on hM w.iv from t>' 
r U o uU tu T \iUr .' OUa. ■S^vursl mile* : 
• p\fr nf H prlngtIflT l >!• *v i|' it ' IP ^n i i ' 
Jm lourlag car. Wh«n ij^e autdhioMIl '. 

I >«..>• hrfl th» riwvirt rfn.v r^ll "'\ 

, lUivrr quickly tuincd tu lii«^leli lo', 

front of th* truck. i 

8««ln|r that he roTiM hot Ktnp hi* ; 

' 10-ton truck tn time; Winfiry liiriinl ; 

■ sharply to th* right. Tl^ Tnirk'^pll- ' 

nl 'i\ fr !'S.I'' »« It nil"' "ft 'hr pn'r- 
m»i>l into lh# «ll»rh. A rrmirr of id* 
trtirk Klruck th^ loiirin.: '.ir htit rtirt 
liiilr (ifimKL'r 

TanMiiK niolorlMii ;t \'.'.''\ Wiiitiiy 

' from th» wr^rkan* of lii« Irtirk unci 
M-iil liliii l<i 1<; il..;.rivl li.... 

j pital In" • Blarii" nmhtilMirr. TTi» ■ 

I ■crld^t orrtirr^rl nf 1 ^n ;n th» «f!- ; 

1 ernoon unci Wlnfrrv difrt nhovit II • 

I oviork 8tin<i»y num. 

I Tlir trtirk lirltiirK«-(l .o lU." I inflrll 
' Moving ftn.l 8lc.r»t;e compuny of Rt 

Loul» Winfrrv. who U «iirvivfrt h\ 
i bit wiffi bis parent*, and a brother. 
I and «lM*r. llvfd m SJH Hoffman j 
, aueel. The hoay will hr •~rl^\ lr« .St/ 
j Loula tonight from Starne'a Mor- 1 


U. B McCrnw, ulio Ims on W*-»t 
I DlvUlon atrect road, wkm drUliiR the 
j touring r»r. He told Dr. Murray C 

9lon». flrrene I'onnty rnrnnrr. Hint 
i ht slRnal*d hia Inirnilon in turn *Uh 
I 1)1* left arm. aftrr Mra. MrCraw 
I warned him the truck wm c1o»» b»- 
jhlnd. No formal Inqurat will hr 

^j»ed(})n({ of iiitrrrpt to a dtttnhcr 

[Qfjli Vaa><ha>to<iiiiatr[ 

*Cl«» Irewa Hurlf*. dauRhter of Mr. ' 

'fe^Mrif?^i^m;f^^^Ti•|flf MIT VtrlH [ 

-tttraorinrMSUa, ,u> Air. joacph Daiu of > 

Alamrwa. <:*«llf . «h)rh took pl^r» la.'t'^ 

iMondn;. r- .i.,:,,- i,- .•,•.• • ••• •■ ■ : 

'K'-Mn. Onlla Ifc q Ritmistr of SprinR- . 

;irtM i;.r'. VI ho..r hV.iTltfi Ilriirv 
.cullrgft and lalrr lycrurd l)fr clrgrc« 
Tom Plate Trnrhrra rollr^r hrr*. She ' 

txr ot ;Mi« Tau Alpha so- . 
" '•'youn#.t<mpie'«tU: '■'" 

notenca Partao uxUy was Rrantatf I 
an annulment of her mnrriace to Oe- | 
ear Kmhart. afer heartnc b»fr>r* utive I 
J"hn Pchmook In rii'ision 1 oX Grecut ; 
{county Circuit court. | 


i> \o 

iir9 the Ghost 
OrDead* Father] 

; Thre<' brolhfr. »nd ii«l«ri ol 
; aprtnffiekl wer« h»unt«d t«Uy by 
th. mtddenU* po-JbUlty tlut an 
rrror by onf o( them m«y h«v^ Pr'- 
venird « reunion with thfir fMher 
.mli«lnB.ln« h. unofflcUHy *^« 
reported dend M P«n(l«Ro O.ha 
dunn» ihe Sp«nUh-Americ»n w.r. 
Hope of the three th«t thev may 
yet «^ their (aihcr .R«ln wa* Un- 
ned Into llle U«t nlnhi by the vuMt 
of a my»ieriou5 Mmnger at the 
home of Edward Pullar. 1372 We.t 
. Florida street, a wn of the mUalWl 
'■ man. The visitor, a man of J6 or w 
yrarii. asked but few questions, ob- 
iftlned an Inrorrecl reply and then 
left, obviously arrallv dlw«pp<ilntpd 
-Looking ETeiTWl»«»*'* 
i He refUBCd to expUJo hU mliwlon. 
but -old Mr. Pu»M he had bwn 
l.w>k.n« rrerr<«-hfre for you I« 
was when he a*ked where P«J^» 
father. Andrew Pullar. was borr.. 
- and was informed wronRly Jhal hU 
b-.ilhpiArr r»ft.'^ m CAHMda. thai- he 
. l^t InUrest. HU father only a dim 
memory to him. Mr. PulUr rem«n- 
1 l^red only iJ»t'-*»»-a»oUMr ■"«» 
I ^ni In Canada and auppoaed that 
his father wa* boro there, too. In 
fact the laUier -x»m< — from near 
Beth. Scotland. 

-.( f' 

.'A.-.^r:. •*!. 

.c t>tc:. 

■ sttU alive. Her last word from him j 
csmr In a letter po-ited at a hos-| 
jnlal III Saiiiiavo. .iiut '..-i ;; 111'- u:.<\\ 
, said he was scnduiB money lo h< i 
l'.by;«nother aokUer.-The money nev- 
I er came, and Mr« Pullar heard 
I npihluB more of her hurt>*nd« fate, 
• rxcrpilnK a newspaper clippuiK f-ent , 
to hrr hv her hroihrr. which .^alf^ 
Ml . f'uii.ii \v ;».'. L.I .ii. 
. ' Memories Kept AlUe | 

The family «** nvlng at the time 
of the Spanish-American war In 
Mobile Ala .VI^.^ Octobock rrmrm- 
brrs that several years after her 
fafhrr'.s roporicd d»ath. while she 

sUU was a small child, a strange 
roan stopped her on the street as 

.■^he was runninx an errand for her. 

mother, talked to her kindly lor 
.■^rveinl :iiiniitos nnd told her he wa< 
smnt awa-. He promised !<i b::;:.: 
her a doll when I come bacK. oi.: 
that was the last she ever heard of 
hint. Several .".range incidents have 
kept alive the family's doubt that 
Pullar Is dead. ■ 

Another daughter of the man. 
Mrs. Florence CnRland. lives at At- 
lanta. Ga. 

I^tlar'a own father, wm allowed to 

li»ve before the amazing poaaibOi- 
tlf^ in his visit dawned upon the 
Springfield man Today he and a 
brother and sL-rter. John Pullar. who 
lives on the Nichols »ueei r-xid 

vi'- '-' •*-' ■ — ■•"'' *•'' ' 

Ofiob-xk. 1313 West Florida s;reet. 
wished desperately that they micht 
!M!r last nichrs %-iMtor aeain but 
aAwrenily laced a stone wall In 
t£lr search for hire. 
I May Invwlre Eatat* _:_ .._ 

V tx WTTfVe<T cerfain that the 
stlanger R vuat either concerned. 
n#n of thetr rainers fate or a poa- 
slfle estate left to him In Scotland 
rMri. Octobock -was Informed a few 
.' veara- aao that a-wnlthy mrmhrr. 
•.' of ih» Pullar family conneci«d with i 
a dye works at Beth. Scotland, had 

. ! died 

Mrs. OctobtKki mother, who ri.'-i'. 

'T'mor* than ten years ajto. never 

gave iip hope that her husband was 

SOUK «. CA»TE« ... I 

Funeral .ervlcfi. wer* hetd at Moan* 
PleaMUt efturch thl^ •iwioooo lor John 
K carter M. wh» dim •*tar<Uy .at 

iurV.vfd by hi. «.t.. Mr. >«'»".f^"" 

rf flfv mmir MO ■ »n'1 hv f' ' ,in"-»-tS[l-^^ 

' hilTritr. OKI. -Mrs. >»»ir»»ort. »»^ 

] henit ot WtlUrd- 

Thi H"m.n H l.ohm'»'r ti...i»» ^«>'"• . 

. . , .....,r r' •.r<rp»'T>pn'« 

I r«n.rTl ..rvVceTio. Mr, »"|lf Me<^«;;; 

inn. <"T «f SJl west C'""*.' ".'T**- sT-, 

; merer lun.r.l »>'>""•• '•'it;,^' "JJ^Ui- j 

ninton U itirrJ^fd bv two •"«*- *«»«" I 
l^d Virt«t. .n<l by thre. brcher. and 
'■ en* llstri. 


HARi^Y J. >Arr 
Th» bod* ef HttWy J. 8«pt>. 54. vf ItM ( 

North Lyon tifno*. who iHfd S«»irft«T 
nifht, w*i Ukrn to AstlUod. Mo . IMlay | 

< Ii.irjf of J 'A K' ' f '' 


' PunfTtI «*rTtc»« fnr Wllttam C Soittb. I 

I*. «ho dl'd AaturrtiT nigli« at hu homr ! 

Ill JIM Cl>lc»fO »lt«ft, w»r» hf!4 IhU I 

ln»»r1n»nl In OT»»n I awn f«mei#ry ~-t«i 


... .. U. N. ANULRKON 

(^^J^n^atvatnnce* for H m. Ai 
I tMMM^r «priBtflf Id man vb* 4i*« 
•I Ms ^em• at Ttt Oftmar «tr»«(. 
h»W IhU •(t«n)o«p at SiariM'a mertuaf 
Mr. Andrrion i^ »iirrhr»d bv hM «U 
,Mr^ Ann* Anrt'Tjnii one son S>U T 
! Andcraon. editor and macairr of tnr Si 

. LM»M--T4m«*i aivd -■•- ^» »« h t*f i — *U»»-j 

Otorlul* Andrrton Af Waihinvton, D. O. | 

I T* body «f >f(*. C«n* O, CM. 91^ 1 

, Wtdow of WiIrT O Cok. liirmcr o» ol f 
•he KMn<a« CltT TlTne* »fU b« brouiht.J; 

" TT>-S p rir . »f>etd-«»x -tt».<**V Tli-j r i<l «» » M « r . ■■ 
nfw»n ■( 4 o riofk In M»;'Ie Pmtk rtmftm. > 
■ ri'«rdl:i| n »i>-d fffer-ed (>» lh» Alma 
I.ohmevrr funrral h"m» to<1«i\ Mr« ro« , 
«11»d a' tht liomf of Jif r daiitf.'et. Mia* : 
rf«rv t)» J rr>\ III New Ynrk Cil» An- ■ 

V..,. ,.„e un.,,.. •.,.. n... .J rn::;r.,rr.:,rr'n r'.iv..PKr^*..-'nf) i 

Ui;e> O Cn^. .St •■en f :'.' roriT n[ 

mniinl Vern<vn Mieet aiirt .Market a\eniie ■ 
• ncii lie trMdetlj ui SpiH\cl.'ld lie »«< 

W.^l.TTK I. < RFN^HAW 

M.»i'er I. • ;'rli*» "t ■ '•"»>"■ "? * 
I'l.'ii.iiif I' r''*'"*' .s.'i ir ;; ■ M ;>r;i:v .1 ^ 1 

I;<e,1 iMie iiiil:l 'Rhfi? S" -.e^r" txo. <1»ed t 
frirlm »t hl« h^iiie in I'lutud'i f'lneral. 
•rtticea mtjt lOj b* held ;i\ CMcaao •<»- i 

Jtinrlaiad aiuh .tti 

anil B U MeKI 

han*T in the ^kt ri'X National bank I 
■ hoiif «n rr))r« atfl In M97 and IMH h* > 

— ,.,• •■ . v; 1 A. ^- »■■•-.. I T.'e' »•. ' 

l.rlfl ■ I'vlei... <n- • M.i..e, . ,,., 

Mv'mjt. 'iiin»r»M\. Inking » ltf\ fo'ir** 
, At on« lioia ht vaa candldata tof Orc«i>« 
, munty pronerntlnt aKorner Hu f«ther 

then *fn' inir' ?be «hnV».«|» htr't^t" 
I M>iiii\««a h*r« aitd tha tea •»« iwioMtad 
i wltb Ibal eonc'ern L«ttr Mr Crea\:i«« 
' went to Chliaco and •»% In ih# Irgal d«- 

parlmant ol iha flania ft railroad Ha 

retired aVmi yt veai* are and had r«ad» 

t-:- home in Ihe take MirhTtan fHf >lnre 
. thai lime Mrr Vrrnanav tint man* I 

rrlrrdt h»r» 8# hat t»w alrtera in \- 

Siir.ict'elr* \Ut To*epn If>\e «-(■ >fri 

1. r rr.itiiirr. a:iu one bijIJier P W 

rren«h»« ; I 

' 1 ' -- 1 ■ I I ■ . ■ i, _« i 1 

Page 1: Marriage license: Jewell V. Bagley, 25, and Edith Patterson, Z-S, both of 

Edward M. Wilhoit died.** 

J. H. Meehan died.** 
Page 2: David F. Eggers died.** 

CO. Burendied.** 

Walter L. Crenshaw died.** 

Mrs. Emma C. Cox died.** 
Page 3: Thomas Winfrey died.** 

W.P.Parker died.** 

Lawson Windsor died.** 
Page 4: Miss Claudia Pemberton and Mr. Lester Floyd Scott were married.** 


riin«ril »<r»lcea for J. H Me*h»n. 
83. prominent St. L.ouU bu<lne«8 man ' 
unrt father of Mr». Louu Repa of • 
Sprirsr.elrt. »ho (!!•'• = --'•r «■ »•:» 
home In St. Louis, will be conducted 
at St. Loula this afternoon Mr and! 
Mr» Repo were at hii »>ed»:<;e when 
he died i 

Mr Me«h«n retired from 
buaineaa about eight \etn ajo after- 
•pending the greater part of hi» Ufa' 
i« a a»ock buyer in 6t Lo'.ia for 
parktDC eompanlen throughout th* . 
rountrr j 

Ha l» Mirrlved hr Ma wif» and four, 
daucbtera Mrs. R«pa. Mra. Harold 
Oarriaon. Kaneas Cltr. Miaa MaT Mee- 
han of 'he nom* addiew and Mr» , 
' CacU Zuomemtao 91 Kaat 61. Louiik 


^4M6 W^J(USM 4|^s 

Tb» bMf of Thomaa Wlnfnr. ««. ' 
drt*« tor a SU Loula tnmafar com- 

puy. «M MM a spftavrMd BapuM 

*wpttal Swidar til(ht from Injunaa 
•wn*!** ae»eral houra earllar whan 
hU bMvllr loMied tniek ovarturttMl 
^fftillllMwtt auiM «w( tt abdnf. 
(MLIf «. •. htckway M. «m aant 
•• 81. L^ia laai nttht ftwn th* W. 
L. Btamr mortiiarr 

Wlamy'a truck tureed orar whan 
ha droT* latOk a ditch in order to 
•told hUMnc a touring ear dnren 
l^^>> MdOnw, wtio !!?«• fla um 
WMt omatoa aUMt read. 

AfUr vtvwtnt the body and in- 
faallgatlng th« caae. Or. Murray c. , 
■neaa, Oraaoe munty coroner, de- I 
«**•< **•* * lormal Inqueat would be I 


«llll>« . l . 


Final Rites for City's 
I Benefactor Will Be\ 

Held at 2:30 n clocks 

This Altcrnoon 

I XJONE nt th« hundrpdf) of frlrndu 

llrM mllllontlre nil oprrtror nf 
Sprlnfflrld. who dird (uddrnly ■( 
hu homf. SOS WflUr «»»nu». furly ' 
yf«i#rd«y mornuic. nr*d mi^« « 
«nrd nr the (inal rlt«« In trihutr 'o 
him Ihu aftrrnonn ■■■ ihr rr«ul> '( 
arrditemenu mmplri'd by ihrAlmi 
' LAhraeycr runeral hnme late ynter- ' 

Bccauaf nf hl< mitrrm frw Mr. , 
• Wllholt. B. D. I*VT. pri>«ld»nt of . 
»h# Pl^rr* Pft.roi^im rompinv. 
MCmO to Mnd on* of hi* finn'a { 
lar?» »mpllfTln« ln«t»ll«flon« h'r» 
'. foi udf at thf rfrfmoniM in ih' 
I Alma \jnhmryn funrral home x J 
o'clock this afwrnoon whrn »hc 
I R«»erfnd A. J. McClune. p«iiioT of 
r»l»ary PrrKhytfrliin rhiirrh. w;ll 
preorh th» »i»r»ir» Harrv Brutm) 
will dinK. Intermrnt will l>» In 
Mapl' P«rlt r^m't'rv 

4_ « 


'♦ ' ♦, 

A truck carryinf th« amplifier* 

' Uft St. LouU at 7 o'clock laat nlfht. | 

After arrlTtl of the equipment here 

; thU momlnt It will be act -up out- 

,*i4a the luoeraibom* for the bene- 

I lit of thOM who are unable to find 

' |;l»c»* Intlda the bulldint i 

' Men who worked for Mr. Wllholt 

before Ui* recent aalr of hl« oil- 

properllee to the Phlllipe Petrnletim 

rompunv will he ariive pallbearer* 

They are Pred Palnt-r. who worked 

m rean for Mr. Wllholt; Charle* 

{Connett. with W jfn: Leatertume. 

. Claud* lUnka and AItU Taylor, wi>h 

; IS TMra arreic* each: and Ben 

\ Thompaon. wlfh 10 yearn. All are 

Rprinideld men. wlili Hie eirrjiMm 

o' Mr Bnnke who ltre« In .Inplln 

I Honorary pallbenrrr* are Arch Mr- 

ilAMMr. T, T. Ombsmer. Walter Tlll- 
I nan. Al Bek*rt. Ouy Erana and 
I Heorr Schncldn. 


♦ ♦ 

Mr. Wllholt WB* atrlcken atxtut 1 30 
o'clock Monday morning with the Ill- 
new which reaultert nomewhat more 
luiin An ho\ir Intr* lw--\th «■• 
i c«ua*d by atoppag* of the artery 
' througb til* h**rt muKle. With him 
when he died were hi* wi('. hu 
wile. hl» daURhter iLci ■./>i:.rl^» Mr 
end Mr». Walter C0Me\. and Dri 
Marr Athvrton and B. O Lemmon. 

Tb* fatal lllneaa came without 
waminf. although Mr. WlUieit had 
bacn «\ib)*ct to indltettlon in recent 
««*ka. Ha had taken hU wife to 
ebureta Stuiday raomlag and called 
for h«r aftarward. Re retired early 
' Sunday night after Meeplng much of 
thf afternoon. 


Mi«a Edna WiLhoit. another d>uch- 
t*r. VB* i» Kentucky ruitlng her 
a)otk«^ brottMr and hla wife. Dr. 
asd Mn. r. D. Crigler, when her 
<atltar «l*d. AU three wUl arrlre her* 
tbla morning. 

la addition to bla wife and two 
daughtan. Mr. Wllholt la aurvlred by 
a grsoddaugbMr. Jean Cosaey. and by 
4a'o aliCan In Kentvtcky. 

The building of the Wllholt for- 
ttm* eonatltuta* an American biixi- 
aeia romanc* of the hlgbeai type. 
Tb* b«Udcr accompllahed hla fi- 
nancial aurcaaa only after many year* 
«( tba bardaet kind of bard work. 

Bora en • lana near Covington. 
Ky, ta 1M4. Mr. Wllholt apeni hi* 
e»rly Itf* there, going went to Wich- 
ita. Kaa, vrbaa be waa ao yeara old 
vttk tW e»«»nw« There hla firat Job 
wraa drlTlnc a pair of mule* hitched 
to a gimaii *t«r* delWery wagon. 
While the town waa booming he pur- 
okMad aooi* land, giving pergonal 
*»«•* tot It. 

Thm etaaft earn* and hi* land wa* 
weith IltU* but tha young man did 
aar kind ml work b* could get until 
tba Bota* wrra paid off. The property 
M> bard earned wa* atlll hi* when he 

Jhttim be entered the o:l bustnew 
TSr tb* first time in IBM a* a tank i 
wracoa drltrvr lor th* Standard Oil ' 
company. Mr. Wllhoit returned to 
Kantbcky loof cnotigb to marry the . 
cblldbood awe«tb*art mho lived on | 
a tann adjoining that of hi* father . 
Tb her be later gave a large me**- . 
ur* of credit for helping him build . 
tb* (re*t««t independent oil busl- 
re** in the OzariLs. 

Wr/WUbolt. after 10 year* with the i 
Standard company, took hi* capital j 
of UOO and opened bl* first station' 
at JepUn la IBM. Progresa wa* alow 
at tba beginning and competition 
waa kaen. Tbe btialnea* waa chiefly 
In karoaene at fOat but later ga*o- 1 
line tamo into tua aa a cooking fuel.{ 

♦_ ^! 


♦ ♦ 

Tb* arcond station In what wa* 
to b*com* th* Urge JVllholt chain 
w-as opened In Springfield In ieo3 . 
and two years later the Wllholt family 
morad her*. A third station wa* 
epeaad In St. Joseph In IMT and ' 
otbcra soon afterward in Atchi»on, | 
Kan. and Nevada. EzpRn>lon then, 
waa rapid until the bualneas covered 
TirtuallT all of western MIesourt *nd 
atteb of raitem ir«ii»as 

Writer Coasar. tlr. Wllholt^ sonln- 
taw, became associated with hira IB 
years ago. A year later Mr. Wllholt 
nad* htm Bprlngflcld manager and 
plaai)*! to B>OT* bis family to Kanaaa ; 
Cltj. T1i*T aold tbeir bom* en St.! 
LouU street and »ent to the l«reer 
city, being greeted there hy a aleet 

W acaH ilH g dissatisfied with ihrir 
BOW Moroiiadtnc* a abort time later, ' 
Mr. and Mrs. WlTbelt came bark to 
SprtagfMd aad built tba hous* on 
WdMr aeaatM la wblcb they since 
huf 1t**d. 

Sal* of his north Missouri proper- 
tlca. tScJuding 30 bulk ■tstions snd : 
M awtrte* atatMBa. to tb* Pbiuip* Pe- 

trolruai company or Bnrflnvillr. 
OkU, w«a announced on M«y ;.'n. 
1928. In Ttbrutry o'. •'.:.• ••n-. !-.f 
aoU the remclnder of hit fiiioii* in 
iH>utkw«it«ni UlMOurl and tonthratl- 
frn Kanaan TTila jroiip :r.r\\ii\r<: ?n 
tulk dutnbuUn; piano *r<: 46 4rr- 
Tie« atatlont. Tbe K. U Wi;hoit r»- 
finrrlM at Jeplln. howfvfr. ttrr r». 

Bo«a kfUr the last aal*. Mr Wilholt 
•pBto «IUi (ntltutf* of hia amploTM. 
"ttudtt tt our cuceaaa," ha declared' 
*1M« tmn du« to our loyal employaa 
■at ali* M Um woBdarful aupport wa 
&•«• had ftam tha eoorumlox public. 

•■Wk «•• •fwythlnc to tha JovaJ 

•■iplen* •oO t>>* '»"' ■■ '°^' P"i>' 

Ml VlMlf baT» wpportM ua thraucb- 

0^)£|| tiMra Jl M»y e»M who aheuM 

ffat^MMldto tte pnbUe It U tha 



Former Editor of Menace al 

Aurora Will Be Buried 

In South 

i "»«B«mr H-rrle*! foe W. P. "Bllir 
»ii1w>T, B«: widely %nown «ntl- 
Cathollc Irrturer and former editor 
of "The Hew Menace" at Aurora. Mo.. 
who waa ahot to death In hla office 
at Jacltimnvllle. Fla . I»«e Saturday. 
wilt ba held at S oVIocIt Wednead^y 
aftamoon In JaeluonTtlle. It waa 
learned her* yeatarday. Interment will 
ba In a cemetery there. 

?r»qiie»» Thiirxinv 
A rorooer'a Inqueat In the fatal 
aheotlnR will ba held Thuraday and 
the eirrult court iirand Jury will 
open an InTaatlcatlen of tha eaaa 
next week. It waa announced. 

Jamee Parker, a aon. who now la 
•rrrrtnry nnd trra.^iirrr nf Tlic N.w 
Mrnarr. I» In .Tacknonvlll^ to attend 
the funeral aervlcea. Three other 
•en*. Tom. Oarvln and Karl, live at 
ithe family home la Jacksonville and 
another aoa. John. -Uvea In Kl Paao, 
iTeiaa. Mr. Parka? U aurvlved alao 
I by hla wife. Mra. Jeanle W. Parker. 
AZ;u « uMi^a*'*^^'' • '**'» Jt;rt(iie Juiiiiauu, 
alao of Jackaonvllla. 

Wife Me« Rhaetlnc 
Pai'.tar waa abot to death in tha 
p u ae n ea of hla wUa and daughter, 
by W. n. Jaekaon. 44. Jackaonvllle 
city employe, who waa Jailed Imme- 
dlaUly after tha ahoeting. Lata ra< 
porta declare tb* k(fling oerurrad 
after an argument era* *Hvlal 

DAVm r. EOGfeRK 

Dkvid r. Kcr«r*i '**, Oi'd ytctcrday 

morning at 4:»0 o'clock al the home of a 

•en. wfUU -K. Bffteri. 1030 North National 

aranue. Betldaa the aen at whoie boma 

ha died, ha la aurvived by hi* wife. thre« 

other »ons. Elmer T. Eggerx and Roy E. 

Fggfru of SprmRJi'M einl Marion C. Eg- 

gfr» of nnhaiiv, Mo : one rtftughter. Mrs. 

Ida McColUiDi of Springfield, one brother, 

U Efgara of SteaUvilla. Mo.; eight grand* 

children and four great-grandchildren. 

I Mr Eggeri' home wan on Bprlngfleld rural 

1 route 8. near WUIard. Funeral aervlces 

I will be held thla afternoon at 3 o'clock 

I In the Herman H Lohmeycr funrral home, 

I with interment In Oreenlawn cemetery. 

I <•. O. BI'RJR.N 

j f^inerai s'-rviccf for C 6. Buren. 7o. 

prominent resident of Verona for more 

, than .SO veati. were Held Sunday at the 

' home there. He wan a brother of Adolph 

. Buren who died at his home here about 

aU vears ago Mr. Buren h^^ many 

'ni-TKl* til Hnnnifirld Mr •• «•lr^i^'f1 h'' 

•na ataur. Aira. ^. K. Srlckaon of Vatcna, 
tad atvtral bimm veA atpbtwt. PrltBtfa 
•ntf r«UtlTta (ram •prlocflsld who %y 
landed tha funeral ara as foliowi: Mr. 
and Mrs. 3. W. Adklna and family:- Mr. 
and Mrs. %.■ A. Sullivan and family : Mr. 
ano Mri. J E. Brlnell; Mr» John Oustaf- 
ton. Mils Prrda Olson and Mist Laura 
Buren. » Diace. 


Waller t. Crenshaw. 74. member 


firomlnent pioneer SpnngliaM family who 
ivad taera until about 30 jraara ago, died 
I Pridajr at hla home In Ontcago and fu- 
' neral tarvleea were held there yevterdaT. 
! He was the aon n( L. A. D. Creoshaw. Ha 
held degreca from Notre Dame unlverdty 
and tha Unlveraltv of MIssnarl. At one 
time ha was a candldata for proaacutlng 
aitoraey of Oreeoa county HU father 
went Into tha wb«lM«le hardware boal- 
neas hera and Um mm «m aeaoelatcd with 
him. Later Mr. Orenaha* waot to ChJea- 

So t« JotD Uio l«f&l departmeni of the 
anta Pa r<nre«d. R* rettrtd about 30 
veara afo. Sunrlrer* Uvlnc In Sprlnffield 
inrtude two ulsters. Mr* Jofeph I,ove and 
Miv I V friilchrr. iinn one hrotner n 
W. Crenshaw. 

Claudia Pimberton 
Weds Mr. Scott 

Mlaa Claudia Pcmberton and Mr. 
Vf%'.t; Floyd Scott were married 
September 14 at Porayth. Mo. The 
bride la the daughter of Mr. and Mre. 
W. R. Pemberton of Richland. MO. 
Mr. Soott la the aon of Mr. and Mra. 
John Soott of thl« rity 

Thry arc now at home at 638 
Weat Walnut street, but will ro to 
Kanaaa City, aoon to make thelf 

' MBS. r.MM,\ r. ccx 

I Tha th>dy of Mrs Emma C. Coz, •!. 
I widow of Wiley O. Oox. former owner of 
I the Kansas City Times, will be brought to 
ttpringfleld for burial in Maple Pare ceme- 
' tery at 4 o'clock next Thursday after- 
noon. Tbe Alma Lohmeyer funeral home 
wMl bava cbarf a of the (ervices here. Mra. 
Cox died at tne homo of her daughter. 
MUa Marr 0«J. Cos In New York Ottjr. A 
number of years afo the Cox family re- 
sided at the corner of Market avenue and 
Mount Vernon dt Mr Cox was associated 
with tbe old Ftrat National bank about 
40 ytata ago In lit? and UM be owned 
the Kanaaa City Timea. Later he held a 
federal pealtlon. 



LIOKINO. Mo.. B«pt. .10— Funeral 
fcrvlcM for Lawaon Windsor. 74. 
prominent Teiaa county farmer, who 
dird ("rlday at hi* home a mile loiitb- 
••at of Licklag. vera held bar* Sun- 
day afternoon. Burial wai mad* In 
LIrkInK cemetery. 

Mr. Windaor. who vaa a member of 
tk plonaar Tcsaa county family, la 
•ttrvitad by hia widow, and two 
daufhtera. Mra. L. L. Atklnaon ot Oil 
Hill, Kan.: and Mra. C. W. Roy of 
HeaatoB, Me. Min. Roy U the wifa of 
tlM T«ua county traaaur«r. 

Page 1: E. M. Wilhoit died.**" C^«^, v-*^ f^feJ.UiA.3 

Page 8: W. P. Parker died.** [This is a long article mostly about the paper he edited. 
Page 16: David F. Eggers died.** 

Thomas Winfrey died.** 

C. O. Buren died.** 

Birth reported.** 

vUWctty employe, **» arrested una i 
pisoad in Jal! Immrdlately after th*" | 
•nooitng t5«turdav, cliarged ♦u;. lli«" , 
murtlar. Jackfcon l» nllened to ha\e | 
taken ofJenne at rcftrencen Parke- 
had made to him »» "r fmall petty , 
t>cMt" in the iMiie ot lii» p.-oer. 11 '•I 
Blue Shirt, Willi h 1. a Hpprtirrtl 
caritav lu ll>e ilii> . 



To Hold ^vice in Jackson- 
ville for Slain 'Menace' Ed- 
itor; Reveal Published 
Article Wnich Led lo His 

^UMtal a^ittce* ior W . I'. Bui> 
>Tuik«r. M. MtU-Cmtholle Iwturer and 

lonnetr ctUtor ol "The Naw Menace" 
.•i Aam*. «1U b* btld at S o'clock 

tPMMidvr •tX*raooa m Jackaonvllle. 

>^« . «b«r« he «a« shot to 1) 

<.rt>iL atttUM in hIa ofnce Saturday 
*< Afternoon, rouveralng with bU wl/e 

To Hold liiqur^l 

Puker «m bo buned in Jackaoo- 

Till*. A coroner's Inquest will be 

ktuaday »nd the circuit court 

' KU Dp ea Ml Ui T wUc »Mo n 


Jamea Parker of Aurrtra. a uju. viiio 
U BOtr aecrctary anrt ireaiurcT of ' 
11W1I«* IMOCM, la la Ja^aoofUle 

to attend tV' fur.»r.,l Tlirw cthf 

-■■MI^'StaB. OMTlo Mid Kairl, Uve at 
MBM to J*ek«»Tlll«, and another 
»00 ItfM III El Pr*o. Texas A dnugh- 
t^t.i^ft, J«»nle Piarker Jobitaoii. kur- 
»I**», ynth tbo.wUe snd fife aons. 

t*'. H. "ff-"rAv- ,Tf.-V»r»- Inr»«-ir- 

DAVID F. r.c:(i»:Rs 

' 'Toneral »ervlee« for liavid K ttUff*. "■ 
«ltu ilixl Muiiiiav iiiuiiiint wir lirlu llil'< j 
• lUruoon al tbe Hrirosn II tohiotrer I 
tuf,rt*\ l.'.n.f f<.lli.»«-rt •;• !;.-frp -• r !■• ' 
lifttiilxkit «fiii«tri>. Ml kukris dirtt all 
Ibe borne ot a mti, Wilii« a CKtm. al I 
l»JO Norllr Nalluiial aveiite. llr •• -lir- I 
I Tlvrd !» Ilia atle aixi lliire alhrri *uii>. i 
I a> fullow^ Elmer K F.Km f< nnd Kv'x f 

ruin ij: .S|i' .1 ui.' .ii. ":..i M, ..!•'. I t, I 

yri,,,.( II. rl.«;u M.. A ll." .,51.:'; Ml.' I 

Ilia MiColiiiiii. 1k>'^ in hptiiiidK-l'l xiti hi 

liiothrr. I. Kieirn !lvp» in .Hir-lrx illr. M« ' 

'. balil (iitiiOi hilclreii aiid luur K:>>i-kf aitil 1 

i tfUMrC4 . alaf.Mm«f. Mr. Kueia boair 

|i4|0».*i^f«rU-f«tt«7^ IMr WlllBrd. ■. ] 

! __ ,. ^ IHOM.^S MINFRLY j 

I The »>od.r of Thoma« Winfrer. ?l. «ho 
> died of injiiriri receitrri «hrii >ii, iirieht ' 
Iriirk oiermrnert '«'«f nf ' .S-- u r! eVi ' 
H'ind»T nliritiooii. »a» •«rnl to Uii h^rrt ,: 
Bl I.OIIH Mn:ii1a\ :'.:i;';l '.i: (;,i ,rii, •,•• 
lrr» atirl hunal ilirre llr i. tiirtr. r<l lii 
hU BTle and hii fatlirr and Troiiier 

CO. ntRTN 
Fvneral servleea for O. O Buren » 

M year- »rr» ht-lrt ?!,„••• ■• • ., i •^. 

there Mi B.uen i», a hi ,.,•», r.^ 

i ^^'e" Bu"n. alio ji:,^ ,„ sprm.fiekl 
I abrtu^ tU veara a|0 A M-ter, Mr. V E ' 

, tfickJioii of Wfona. and !>e«erit neiihe», 

^ Ii«m aprlnfttettt wnc aUeiidrd Um. funeral 
. mere a* follov,- Mr and Mr* *J vT VJ ' 

1 kin.v Mr and .^lr« r A M.,!;,-,. xP- , .; 

m" f-.H ",V"""' *♦" •'"'"' Ou«»afwm I 



Mr sti'l Mr' Or.ii. H rvWlJt. M«» 
D'lilun kvritue. mauouoc*. tlM MlUk 
Of twin boy», BI<lon Vaifm Mid JBMflti 
W»rtTn, on -Brpi^niber S. kt 

Page 1: E. M. Wilhoit died. [This is a long article but it gives few facts.] 

Page 1: Ronald McClinton was appointed administrator of the estate of his mother Mrs. 
Nellie McClinton who died September 29. He and his brother Victor are the heirs. 

Page 2: A son John Glennon Phillips was bom September 27 to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert 
Phillips of 1333 North Campbell avenue. 
Page 3: Gail Glinn was killed.** 
Page 4: Mrs. Ida E. Hargis died.** 
Mrs. Eliza A. Fowler died.** 
Mrs. Emma C. Cox died.** 

"The first authentic map" of Springfield in 21 years is nearing completion. It is 
6x7 feet in size. This is a long article. 


Mra. loa fc. »t*((i«. »^, 

MS*. V.MMA r. rnx v 

, mlrtni* ft( Wil^y O Cox, lormrr K»n»»* 

. Cltr nt*tptp*r Duhlt^hrr. will K» h»M | 

1 Thur.d^v •dern'^nn »\ 4 nrlork •( ih» J 

il trK^r in Mt»pl^ PurW fpmfi'rt Mr^ C^x 

Ml»« .M»ri r>rJ C0\ In N-» Yp'S fir- 
T»>» Cot ftmllf l!»nl In flprinfft^ld tboul 
airo III •,noi*i I )S T*ir\ (fO. *hfn Mr Cox ••< avt' 

btr* •! « «-cte«k Uil« HMrninf white )•!•»•', rritird n*RT<mffjn».'"|-'"»^<«»«»**" ' 

rttUftittr. Mrt. Out W«rd. •f Lot*n. If. 
, M., la h«r lermcr homr at rordlind, M*^ 

Mr« W»r<1 •»» «lth her mi>lh#r «hfn ih* 

dlrd Mm H»rti> bfrtmr III Uir TiiPt- 

(:.i. A;...;l..i .Ui.;.liifr. M;,, Tr r . P;.;- 

Mn« of lont n. •rh Cut •I'd i«o «or;« 

Ka> o( t'rr>no. Cnl.. and Clm«r n( L<m 

I AnaalM, alM lurvlw. Thr bedr «lll b* 

• takm overland lo Tordland todtr br ihf 

I Alma Lbhmrrf r (unrral homa tor lnirr> 

! ream and burial. ^ 

tba banlliit bu»ln»«». 

tturh. Ttl , »h»r» (h>» altandlT thJ""-»l ol Mt\ IHn'i » tnoiiier, .Mr, tli'» 

.A. Fovtfr. Mr*. ^o»lfr u iiurv|\nl hy 

f6^44M«l»,tQl.j: WtOlAta Z. Bn«. arulJtu ! 
lMar» n«Tl« MlrtdlatnwTi. HI Mrt Mil'la 
l.»«i«. Wainninniind. N. Mrx . and Mr« 
• H»r\fy. 6h» aluo hid 10 Branrtrhildrm. 
p* tt*«( vrandchlMftii and thrr* ttrai. ? 
,tr»»» trandalUMren. 

:Wi^3t PLAINS YOUTH ••.^ 

WSST PI.AIH8. Oet. J— 0*U OUXM. 
tS-ytar-old aob of Mr. and Mra. Jamta 
M. Olinn. formerly of WMt Plalna. 
bot now of Kanaaa City, watm body 
18 being brought to Wr»i Plair.n to- 
day for burlaJ. «i^ from m. fr«ctw« 
of the amill auaUJned la«t Saturday 
mornlne. whfn he wm« stnick In tUe 
head »Uh h Rolf club b% K.:«sr-: 
Plank, n y*»r« old. a caddy at the 
Swop* Park golf courae. where 
younR Ollnn alfo »».•» cudrivlng. 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 2: A daughter Martha Jean Price was bom September 26 to Mr. and Mrs. C. L. 
Price, 833 West Chase street. 

Page 6: Mrs. Emma C. Cox died.** 
Joe Peltz died.** 
Richard W. Northrup died.** 


MRS. EMMA C. COX , _ _^ 

widow of Wiley O. Oox. ""net publtoht* 

thU afUrnoon at the gniv# »" Wle 
Park c«met«7. Ur«. Oox dl*d "pn**^ Jj 
' the home of her daughter *«IM Mwy 
DeJ Cox of Wew York City. The Oox 
family lived here about 35 yeari afo. 

Th. bod* Of -'oe Pelta, a fjrmer Bprlng- 
ft^ldlan who died a '«* «»»y» *f» "».^°« 

bf»ch C«l . will arrive here Friday alter- 
noon for burial in Maple Park eenietery 
Saturday afternoon at J:JO o clock« under 

iha direction cf J. W. K'.lntner. 


Richard W. Northrup. n. died abertly 
after midnight thu morning at his home 
a» a40t North Howard avena*. Ha la 
■unrifed by his widow; a aoa, O. S. 
NAHSirup. of OhIeaKo: • brethtr. W. M. 
Rortlmip. ot Stoutland; atlater. lbs. J.S 
Smith, of Stoutland: and four /Eraad* 
children. Puneral arrangements lira In* 
complete. Burial will be In OrttnUwQ 
\ind*r direction J. W. Kllngner tuncriu 


uAMMuam ucsxsn 

WalUr U. CunplMU. ST. mnd OlM^ 

H.. WIfht, a». boUi of eprlngfteyi; 

•nd^Alnut P. Owia. 90, and Ifaito 

i Me«M. 17. betlk e< BattlalMd. Mft 

, i lie ;»;i«-i ccupit T*; T!*rH*^ «• 
thr '•n,:r»hovii»» by th« Rerrrvnd R 
L*cy Porl-er, yMterdsy aiterDC 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 

W.H. Beard died.** 
Page 2: Joe Peltz died.** 

Richard W. Northrup died.** 

Mrs. Emma C. Cox died.** 

John Carter died.** 

Mrs. O. F. Snow died.** 

Miss Cora Gurley died.** 
Page 5: There is a photo of and article about Fred H. Phillips and his father Eugene W. 
Phillips but it is mostly about their insurance business. 

Page 8: There is an article about Wiley O. Cox and J. H. Boxley.** 

There is an article about Walter Crenshaw.** 
Page 10: Elmer Howden was killed.** 

iOE rrLTZ 

I Xh* body of Jo« Pelts/ » former Sprmi • 
I field mmn who died In l.on( Beech. OaT.. 


irrivr l^i SprliiRMrld Friday eftrr- 

nooa_Xor Xua*c») Selurday aftemoon at 
Tl0o'clo«ti at the Kllngner chapel. The 
Oate c( Tempi* lodee. A F. and A. U^ 
will ronduri it^ burial ritual at tn* grave 
in Maple ('ark tenirtrry. 


Richard W. Northrup. 73. died early this 
tnorutng at the home at 3409 Norttt How- 
ard aTcnue. He Ik turvired by hit widow: 
a nou. O £ Northrup, of Chicago, a 
brother. W. U. Northrup. of Stoutland. 
and by four grandchildren. Funeral ar- 
rangemente are In charge of J. W. Kllng- 


Ki:::froI i-rM'-ri (nr .Mri Ern:r\^ C««. 
.-i!. wU.i 4j.f,l ;:i ,N.-w \ or K L'u>'" «!!! ^^ 
voi;duci»d_«t {t\c graie at .Maplr Park 
cenetery Tliuxadav afteriion at '« o clock 
In charge of the Alma Lohmeyer funeral 
home. Mr<. Cot is vireleed ky • daugh- 
t> r, Mitli »lioni .ttir lixrd in New York; a 
«on In SI Joseph; and another son in 
I Kansas City. 



Fuiirral <.<rvuM for John Caiiec. •■. 

' Ilouie 3. Willarrt. aere held on Balurday 

I niieraooii at Ml Pleasant Bapiisl church 

A number of Springfield people atunded 

.MRS O. r. SNOW 
Mrs O f Snow. 1«. wile of th* Rever- 

KtSr« * iteow. pioneer ehrtatUB i^wjf- 
Und tbre* great-graodemiareB mum w^ 

' Otark cemrt«'rv. | 


1 Funeral servicer j£L. Mill riiri .^"'''^ 

Nt Ji.n d r ^ ;r-nrr>i?;?rniny. wiu be hew | 

i^nlou «>e,.ur. viher. »i'V^'»'L* ^^^ 

rJSdS^.u'teV'.^f^r'a^. ''"^'in-nei? 
1 Ourlev of 8t Louis: 8 H of ap :.'"^'«'g.; 

aaMi<«W^ t. i^ '*»«i iafn''*i '-'"* "'* * ^"^ 

Mrs Wjlfv O. Cos T^a« thr dnucM- 
ter ot J. H. Boxlty. one of thr 
pionrers of Greene county, vho 
owned » 'rina maniUm «n lh« Mel- 
ville road. vkJiicJi «liU »UJid». He 
w«» prominent before the ClvU w»r 
und owned slaxr^ He left a larKf 
C.Male. Wilrj O. Cox became quite 
pronUnrnl in Kansas City, not onir 
»ft llir owner o( the Kall.v.^^ Cit\ 
Times but u » banker. Alter lf»v- j 
Ins Springfield he locBtrd In Kan- ' 

,, CM •,■■'' ••-.••rr- ••- '■•>- • 

Ciiy SUte bank. He wm loyal to i 
his Irtcnds throuRh thick and thin 
and he ww. close to Harxey W 
S.ilmoM. wlui .ivkucd an Imi-oiMii' 
bank at CUnlon. Si^lmon was once 
treasurer ol the .*iatc and a man j 
nf ^trrltnc rharnrter Mr MM-'rrl 
the bank almoat entirely to his 
sonlnlaw. Tom Casey*. Salmon dis- j 
rovoiTrt the bnnk hid brromr .Minl;.\ , 
and he apiir.Tlrd to Cox tor n'.rt 
(•..\ .!.i';ht-f! •h'- vr''";!i ■' ' 
,(.,;.. hut 111' lii-url inr.cnnr in: 
jiiiJ;;!!!! Ill and he iii.ide Salii:<.n n 
lnr«;e loan. The loan did not >-avc ' 
Uir Clmion bank ami it lail'-d , 
There was a terrible uproar and 

was decided to vine and dine them. 

r.-iprclnlly wine, at thr Mrtrjpolit.m. 
which was Just comnleted. At the 
banquet a congreMman wtis Intro- 
duced to Boxley.who said he was 
from Rhode Island. .-Why," said 
Boxley. I can spit across your 

Mnnyri i n Oiw 

Identify Victim 
* Of Freight; Car 

* Crfuhat Monett 

Harvey Salnion. his broilirr. Or. 
p,;„.r,r nv.d Cn-^'- -^TT nr-"--! 
The Salmon-s were released but C.Tscy 
was tried, ronvictrfi and forcrd to 
«o,;e ^ trrm in the i^viTiitiir-. 
While he was in prison a case 
involving the Clinton bank »a«. 
lucd m SpniiKdeld. Ca.^ev wa> 
wanted as a witness and w«« broiighi 
here. He went on the atand and 
told his story. He looked a picture 

tO« «««I«lr. Ht WM COlOTlOM. 

•tarankeo. hU eyes set and he re- 
sembled a corpee. It waa suppo.^ 
he would die in prison. But he did 
not and when he was released went 
to California, locatlne at Hiintlnc- 

tnn Vi^\'< a «.ih'iih "' 1-"' An'jrlr 
He IS today in Uie real rstaic busi- • 
new and U prosperous. The crash 
ot the Salmon bank carried do«n 
the Cox bank and broke Wiley Cox. 
However, no one .but Cox lost any- 
•'.-.■.i-.t Hf I'lici riollni toi (Uiiiai .Tii'l 
lett an honored name. His body is 
burled here. While in Kansas City 
he look an active inlerr.M in public 
allalis and was a member of the 
dty council In the days when Bar- 
rrv Con-BPtn was a r""''"! po•^'- 
An old lime citizen remarked: ' U. 
Boxley. brother of Mrs. Cox. was an 
original character ol <~arly ri '^ C: 
day a congressional delegation with 
representatives from a dozen, sUtes 
on a lour stopped In Springfield. It | 

MONrrr. .Oct. l.— one or the two 

xtytti killed h»r« B«pt»mt>»r J In • 
ear of pipe on the PrUeo railroad ho j 
brrn IriM.llflKl »« Kinier Ho»rir.i 

\V,)t<l to lt,U ••Jfr.t hx' )"•' '"•"' "■ 

,elved by Ralph 8t«w»rl. upecUl of- 
fleer for the Friaeo. 1 

Til* IcUiilKlriXlon *"» """'* , 
through finger prInU taken when | 
the two tXKllea wer» round In lh# car. j 
rruihed bT the heaey pipe that had j 
«hlfl«-d In »«ltrhlng Mr. Rte*«rt 
! v'u able to Ret clear finder prini* of i 
She d»ik haired roan, but Ihe blond, 
wea in auch condition that clear] 
print* roiild not be made. 

The fitmer print, were forwurded • 
to the bureau of lnve»llK«»lon of the 
!,.ep»riment of Ju.tlce at Wa-^hlnRlcn 
ri f In • '^'f"'" from T F H.^.x" 
' -iirerlor (it Hie bureau, he »».cl 'M^l 

,in li»il if^ ilixl ■ ■•' ' 

pfiM* »'>e ili"»e of Flmer H..»rt'n 
..„ ,,. .r—'e-i in *b.-r<r-- 
Wn.h . November II. l^-;. on a 
rhurge of xaRranry. end In 8»llna» ' 
rullf. June 37. I9M. on a almllar , 
rb»rfre I 

Howden and hia companion were , 
bummlnR a ride oo » Frlaco frewhi 
train from the eaal and were hIdlnR , 
If a car loaded with hei«\-T pip* 
When the car balng awltched In the j 
Uarrt here the t Ipe .hlfted from op. 
, end lo the oilier «j\d cni»bed '.he 
two men. who were dead when found. \ 
presumably within half an hour after 
{ the tragedv. 

Fvety eflort wm nmrte to tilemlfv 
I ih« two. At tha tune. It w.« thought : 
I the blond m«n might ha»e been from \ 
'Bprlnafleld. alnce he wore OTerallK 
'«tih « Rpnnrfiel'l firm • ti»n-.e ■■>•' 
lb« label. 

Aa the depertmant of Ju»ilce e»l- ' 
daiillr had no raconl of Howden $ , 
i home oe r»latlT«. It la Improbable ' 
■ that hla family r«n be renrhed. 

marriaV.f. LICF.NSF.S I 

Waller M. Campbell. 21. and | 

Gladys H Wlcht. 2.^. both of Spring- ' 

field. ' 

Robert A. Cooper. 36. and Nina 

M. Pltt#. 23. both of Chli-aco. 


I • ' • 

4 W«it«r Crensliaw or Chicago u 
1 tnoiher old time Sprin(;fi«Idun 
I «ho has Ju-:t died. He h«d resided 
i in Chicat;o for man;. >rars and had 
{-not been ^lere for abtxit 4* yeArm. 
I He waa tnanled in Cblcmfo loot fo 
j and for a decade had been in poor 
I hcaltli. nrver leann« hia home. Ue 
. majt in his active days connrctrtl 
«tth the Irpal drjiartmrnt ol the j 
i Santa Fe railroad, having been ap* j 
ixilntrd bv his old frlrnd. Ertnard ; 
1' rxii-.iid. vice prcMdent o( ii»e • 
rnmiwnv. T» l« «a'r1 tb^' i^r. a'*- "' 
■ ■. i\i itii.<. Liii.^iiavk iiiaae invent- I 
inrni.'< whirh nnvd him ■ fortune. ' 
Wlien a youoR man Crensha* «aa .j 
nominated by the dtmocratji for < 
liroMcuting attorney of Grrrne ' 
, county. The count) «a!i overKhelm- 
: Ingty republican and he «u de- 
ffBtcd b>- Col P H Boyd Col. 
Do>d «a.s an active rfp«iblican and 
hrlri !;;^ ;'\ ••-•r H' l". ; i ,^- 
' "■•' "»»•• ^\;;'ii Lir.KjIn aas 
i'lfMd'iU n'>\d w.Ts H iiirmoer of , 
Congress and thought Lincoln was ' 
to-- r.-v.v r,,. ;i,e a(n,:n. He made a 
speech on the square In which he 
denounced the aoH polity of tin^ 
coin which •robaed nMnUnmt an^' 
' re)«ulted In thq defeat t of 'Bo^'W 
reelection. He did not become actlTe 
in polltica again until he ran against 
Crcrishaw for pro.MtuiinK aiLorney. 
. ■ • • • 

Wajter Creoaltaw «as tb« aon of 

L. A. b. Crenshaw, a Oreene county 
pioneer, a banty man of tlie TVm. 
He was an early day booat«r and 
might have given praaent day town 
boomera pointers .on how to make a 
to«n. He did not have much to 
work on with the Springfield of the 
Ume. It was a dinky Uttle settle- 
I ment of frame buildings and D. C. 
I''-''fl'' Unci a Trs](\ri\cr « h'rr -y 
M' ii.>(i(iliini) hoici now .Mand.v U 
took a man of vision to see a hotel 
of thr pretention.* of the Metro- 
pollun on that nt« but L. A. D. 
Crrn.^hau ha6 it arrt by organizing 
« l.-»-Bl ro;r|<ar- rrrrira the hotel 
^hKh Mill .Mauls a.s « good tavern 
The Colonial was built In much the 
.«ame manner. Not only that but 
Crenshaw was a leadc In the move- 
mert to build a railroad from 
Sprinqfield to Memrf^M ■>-'• -^ v ■- 
^<»* Cr.v u one looks at some of 
the towns around here of 4000 or 

5000 people he mny have some Idea 
of the presimiptior. or Crenshaw 
and othcr.s. But mere were gUnts 
In those days and aftCT year* of- 
atruggle and disappointments the 
road «-,.^ brr.'.:;ht through He was 
a Xarnier on a large scale anS 
founded the Creniha* Hardware 
company on South street and 
erected for Its hoi|* the building 
now occupied by the Keet-Roontrve 
Drj- Goods company. The rtr^ 

i wa.» bmiElTt later by the Rogers it 

I Baldwm company'. 

jN.H. Beard of Galena Sue- 
> oumbt to Iniury Inflicted 

by Attacker 

Jlr«>al r>».^o». » t" Thr »»•<»• 

r.At.rNA Mo. Ort 3 -W H 

Beard. 5i. died here at noon today 

a* th« result of a knife wound ju.<t 

**i'Tw XJh* heart. lnf]icted by Virgil 

ntrr. 4S. in the rear ol a Moie 

•re Monday momina. i 

T* Change I'harxr 
A prrlimlnarv henrlncfor Painter.' 

• ho •»».« arr^MeO .MondAy and, 
charred «1th felonious a.sMiuIt with 
intent tn kill. m«.« .•.^' for todnv. but 
will be po»rpone<l nhile the charge 
will be chanced ;o on' of fir« de- 
cree miirriT 

Pawner, a larmrr V.vm^ near 
Elsie. Mo., halted Beard at a gen-| 
eral atore here Monday and after' 
'earl'.r.c him to the back of the 
building and telline him to "stop 
lalkinc aho;t rr"» '■ »'*ark»<1 htm 
wilh a kr.ile Since Brard and h:* 
wife .separated recently, he and 
Painret had been regarded a.« bitter 
enemies. Mrs. Beard has been Itv- 
tnc on a f^Tn near Pato'-ers since, 
her separation. 

(iive* Nialrmrnt 

After the fight between the two 
men. Beard vas Uken to the home 
of Mr.v Jennie Eutsler. arrxxv the 

"rrrt from ;he rourt ^o■,v. « here 
'ir nirri 1,-iriav Prrvecutm* Attorney 

• ' n Norman took a .Matemer' from 
the In.lured man Monday. Sheriff 
F. P KtUKhi arretted Painter a 
short tim» after tb» knif;nc inri- 


Page 1: Marriage license: Robert A. Cooper, 26, and Nina M. Pitts, 23, both of 

Page?: Joe Peltz died.** 

Richard W. Northrup died.** 
Mrs. Cora Guriey died.** 
Davis infant died.** 
Page 8: W. H. Beard died.** 

Thomas R. Johnson died.** 


Farmer Expires of Knife 

Wognd Inflicted by 

Virgil Painter 

Cpri lal Ihxpali h to 1 h* \rti<>. 

OALBNA. Mo.. Oct. 3.— Preliminary 

hrnrliiK on chBrj;'' of first drprrc mur- 
der in connection ^nU ihr <lraih of 
W. H. Benrd. 84. whr> diM here to- 
day, probably will b« held Friday for 
Vlrgll Painter. 45 

Beard died today na a rrKiilt of a 
!.:i!ff wruiid Ju«t b''lnu thr )ir:irf In- 
flicted by Painter Monday. A charge 
of felonious assault with Intent to 
kill had been filed against Painter, 
but It will be replaced by a chnrRC 
of first degree murder. J. B. Nor- 
man. Stone county pro.M^cuttng at- 
torney, said this evening. 

.siarlnt 0\rr Tnik 

rmntrr. a fnrmrr llvlnR nrnr Elsie. 
Mo., hsliert Besrd at a Renrrnl *torr 
here Monday and after leadlnR him 
to the rear of the bulldlnp and tell- 
Inff lilm In stop tnlkhiR nbo\it him. 
nttaikrd luni willi i\ kiiKo Ilir tuci 
men became enemies following the 
separation of Beard and his wife. Mrs 
Beard lives on a farm near that of 

1 • . -•- . I ,. ,• 

Painter was arrested following the 
trouble by Sheriff F. 6. Knight. 
Prosecutor Norman took a statement 
from the injured mi\n Monday 
Painter may be tried at the October 
term of the Stone county court 

"liHiw l>6»«fe» to TU K( 

LBBANON. U^ Oct. S<— ThomM R. 
Johnaon, M. prominent Luledt ootin 
tljuTr**'* <laaltr. (Usd at tb« bomt 
'olTlilt dMiflittt, Un. Bom Flateher, 
hars tbttay. Ra wtf bora Mid nared 
uid tfat the wbole of hU life In 
Laeled* eouaty. 

.Ills death WM du« to Infection of 
• eut on bla ler wblob ho luitalnod 
•bout tbrM montbs ego. Ho opont 
Mvoral wooks In a Sprlncflold boopltal 
where he received treatment. 

He owned and managed a farm on 
Cobb's creek, IS mtlea eoutheast of 
Lebanon. He was a member of the 
Freewill Baptist church. 

He Is survived by his widow, a 
•on. Elmer Johnson, of, Lebanon; and 
six daughters, Mrs. Charles Heard, 
of Oregon. Mrs. Vtank Shadel, of 
Drew, Mo.. Mrs. KVerett Webb, of 
Oakland. Mo.. Mrs. Leonard O'DeU. 
of Oakland, Mo.. Mrs. Boss Fletcher 
of Lebanon. 4md Miss Thelma John- 
son of the home address. Funeral 
aervlces will be held at the Anttoch 
church at Oakland Friday afternoon. 
Burial will be In Oakland cemetery. 


Robert A. Cooper. 26. and Nina M. 
Pitls. 33, both of Chicago. The couple 
wrre msrrlrri at the Oreene county 
rourthoune by the Reverend Franlr 



•r tprtnf • 
leb. 0»T.. 

... T|it 0*u of th» 
Mkd A. M.. «1U oeo* 


F^otral Mrrim for MUn Cor« Onrley, 
M, vho diod ytatrrdor mornlnf. will »« 
teoM at S:M •'•lock thU afuroooo ftt 717 
Btn(«B «v«aa0, wboro iho ditd. Burial 

wlU Uk» PiMo »»^*««J»« 0£"/«^. ?!»•; 
ttry. !• nllM aenhtMt of itorlaffltld. in 
rharfv of /. W. Kllnfner. Throo brothors 
■nd en* altUr lurvlv* ma fnllowR: A. P. 
Oartoy of Si. LouU; S H. of SprlnifieM: 
AoA W. T. of Battltflold: and Mrs. W. C. 
Vmn of BprlncfltM. 


Tb« tofant dauahUr of Mr. and Mr». 

Albart O. DavU. nt Naw avenuf. died at 

t 30 oTiock l8«l nifht In the hom« of the 

W. NO»rM«rr _^,. ^ partnm. followlna a brl^f llln»-»v Fii- 

W. WWthmp. W, dUa ••'«? n,,^ aarTlcaa wlli b« held in Lh» home 

^ fti Ol« pomt •» ■«2I •» »• o-oloek Ihla morntnr Interment 

i«0. M« •• •"'"V^/ wUI b« In at. klarjr'a ccatetary under dl- 
O. «. Norlhruo. of GUI- ,^tk>n of tha Horman H. Lohmtyar fu- 

k« ttnr fftndeWMOTn. 
bmbU for Ton«T*l ianrtoM whleb 
viflbi Mid «u»dar tha direction of J. w. 
SSJtrTMO iSoomplato ptodint tht tr- 


Page 1: Marriage license: Harold M. Lutz, 24, and Miss Betty B. Dav.dson, 26, both of 

''"tgt 10: Son bom October 2 to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rothermehof North Boulevard. 





Mr. and Mr*. Ftayk Rolhcrmfr. 
W W til B uul ey a rd.-Rmtte Ir^nnmince 
tfeo birth of a aon. Wcdneaday. OC' 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 3: Richard Northrup died.** 
Joe Peltz died.** 
Thomas Bann died.** 
Frank LeDuc died.** 
Page 4: John F. Burks was killed.** 




foaoaaw dOtf. 

win be held 
••Btoek at Waot 
UTOd la 
tbPieo oC JOMpb 
tovn. SaalMla 
and two cdUldxan. 
rtvt to Bocwwrillo 
mffl f itn - ^tsanl 
uuD d u eto d ty tho 
T piifm- Arrangamanta 
dliaetlaa of tba 
Htklnff cooptBy* 

Cor.JbM r. Bmkiik 

by t itratt OAT Is 


ty nMimtnK at 11 

ctattrota. foiu 

Iff. Burka 

B» IM 

Buits of that 

by his wua 

body wUl ar> 

rly Bnnday 

John T. 

undar tho 

Ula tJnder- 


^idUBD novnavr ^ ^ 

rimaral arrancananu for Mlaftard 
IMthntp. tl. ara taoenpMo pandtof tha 
•rrtval of hla aoa. O. & NortlirM) of 
Obteato. Mr. Korthrvp diad at Mi noma 
at MM Howard aranoa. lata Tbwraday. 
■• la atao torvlvad by hla wtfa and aoa 
bfOtbar. W. M. Northmp. who Uvea in 
Btewtland. Punaral aarvieai will b« held 
••dor tba dlraetton mt i, W. Bliatnar. 

joc nci.TX 
Puaaral aervteai far Jo* Palta, who died 
in Lnnj B»«ch. Ctl . »ill be ^•1(1 •►«« 
■ rumoon In the Maple Park eemeurr. 
J. W Kilncotr will t>* in cbarga of ar- 
ranciimta, Tha Oata af the Tempi* 
lodta. A. r. and A. M.. win eondnet burial 
rttaa at tha grave. 



Thofn«« Bann. ft. m rMMani of Mprinf- 
ri'ld tm tiM pMt 15 y»ar». <II#<| vMWr- 
tf«T •( NfvMla. Uo. followtni t Mncrr- 
•nt lllncM run^ral n^rvlr** will !>• h»M 
•t o'clock Sundar afwrnoon in ih» 
Ktln>n«r run«rat chapel, with tha R^- 
»r«n«J William H Manaflrld. pailnr nf th* 
■t. Paul Mattoodlit ebureb. ofrieiatlnt In- 
Urmtnl will h* In Mapl« Park cwnt- 


lUioUl C I. I'/. 24 snrl Br-fT B. 
j D«Ttdaon. 36. both of Springfield; 
j Warr^Ti A Str^er .23. and E«ther 
j Ruth MAr>hKll. 20. both of Spripf;- 
field, "nd F. W. I>rury. 28, of Spring- 
field, and Helen Mitchell. 21. of Wln- 
chcfter. III. 

rrink I,«r)ur. .M. former r»«ident o' 
SSm^* If'^L./'**' I»»'"<l«r nlih» at bl.| 

nJ^St!.!. ^"V" »•'"««• •'• !• be held 
?;m/,,ll ""nl'J ■« the Delaware KrMre 

rifirt y, hlo mother. Mr< Janr I^r>ur ."<! ' 

■outh avenue H» aUn I. , K, .- 
n«h»r hroth»r ./ohn l.#i)>,r of rm^r.-i^ 
and • "" rr.M ri Paul Acton, of N^w j»r,»... 

Page 1: Danny Daniels, ringleader of the murderous mutiny in the Colorado state 
penuentiao^, who committed suicide there Friday, once lived in southwest Missouri where he 
committed many cnmes. vvncic ue 

Page 8: Thomas Bann died.** 
Richard Northrup died.** 
Joe Peltz died.** 
John F. Burks died.** 
Mrs. Elizabeth Champieux died.** 
Birth reported.** 
Page 10: Miss Madge Mildred Wood and Mr. Harold Baldwin Meador were married.** 

a M > i f'<a» Tbaota* Bans. Tt. 

»»»» died rria«T at Nfv»(li. Mi> . 
after • IltitarlM Itloau, vlll b* hrld Iti 
mtocMfa ciMpel at a:M •clock RuitdaT. 
•»ni4i>r.tHi kt the Rnccend William II 
Ma aaff e W . VMtor of St. PaoV* MrthodKt 
r^tIrth. JnUfBcnt will tak« t>i*cr In M><- 
pt« Pa«t titwrntrrj. Mr. Rann «ai a r'>i- 
d'M of •oTla«lt»M for ii jran. 

. BKsiAftV KOBTHKt-r 

^n»»*i ••r»lr.»« fTT nirhard N')flbrvi< 
'.». «if !♦•• Howard a'.»nii». i ho ft.-rl 
T>«<er»4a». ••!? tx h»td at I'll) nri,.,k 
"•jndar affrn/v^n »i Inr ?«>• Amu' • 
Pa;»»t«« ^h'irr>, Buna) ■•III h» !•' fir»»i>- 
■»-'r. t'rr.'-'r- 1:1 >; «rr' ' '. .'• \V Kl.i'ai'i 

ror fKt.T/ 

.•r» r»'" '•■ • r ■! r'A'i\ II. I "t c n»«.l 

FarJi C»m»i»r«. follo«in» IhptkI «»ri|fr 
b«M tr Kllnrr.'r » fliapfl ai ; ^n n r'mk , 
T-»» of Temple lil»iw>nir ledta ron- i 
-*'- lal at th» tr'nv^. t 

JOHN r. ni UK- 

funeral h*t\tzef lor JpI.m k. T;iir<«. 4.1 1 

*ho %raa killed by a airevi rar in Tn- 

mcna, Calif., Mondar. »'il h* ti^ld S'ln- 

dae mornlRf at It o'clock at Writ rmipr 

• ^■•rrh. four mll'a ^aal of Ro(rrrvil!r Mr 
Burka It Ui* ion of Joaeph A. Buriu of 
that town. H* it avrtclved br hli vifr and 

• wo children. Puneral aervlf^ win b* 
cowd BeU d br <ha Rerrrend John P KI1- 
Ilan Arranifnirpt^ are 'inilfr the dir'r- 
tion ol the lloRrrawli'' I'l 'iTlai.n.g ■ timi. 

Mra. Bllsabeih Champirux. 4R. vt 1M0 
ffntth Sherman arrnii* wlfr of J A Cham- 
pieos. dl»d r»r\\ ll\i^ niornlnn at hft 
haia lollowtnt a brirl lllnr*;. HUm U 
• 'jTTjTcd by h'r hi!'l,.,i..i l-.- 'hil.'. 1«w. 
rrnoo of Ohleaco and Clia:V« nt Rprlnf- 
flrld. and two flauchiT.v. \ti'.».-» Marram 
and Rtbel M tin }''•• •■:r;i<v Punrral 
««rr1<-rn w^Il ^« T"'.'' ■ ? »t t orlcx-k 

H itial «»4i *•- 1- ■-'. .l>\r» < crni'ny 
Mode* dltecllnn ol lut llrrmaii Loiuntyer 
fmoeal twoie. 


Hr. enrt Mr^. C I Prire of RM 

^4Wt fhe/t^ ■"rpet ,trf 'he pHren's of 
» «liygh«er^ MArtbji Jea&. kOTIi 

'Afr55 lyooJ Weds 

Thr nrrltunc of Minn Xtnrtsr Mildn'/I 
Wood, rtanche^r ot Mr and Mr« Wil- 
liam r Worwl of ihia Dty. to Mr 
Hiirnl'l M.^Mvin Mrr<rtnr «rr ''f M'« 
Mrry K. ,\!rndor ol "nirr. Trx»!« «•■>« 

.Mr »i:rt Mi>. Thoma« Al«'nn ol Df- 
troll. Mirh T*ir Pf frrsirj Mr f'Hf 
fi .'r>hi;«or o; rity »h» •hi' o(f;- 
• l:i' iTi; i>i.!"«'rr 

.Ml" \1ii«I--»II A!»*oii ■»!< n-A.n "! 
honor and .Mr. Braaon Mrador. broihfr 
■>t ih«« brldeitroom.- waa beat man. j 
11-.r V'<i|.v.; c'lpy ■»!!! ma"«<? 'tr-.-r ' 
hnniK In Detroit. i 


6prjr)qf ield fatheraod son partnerships 

Amonc th« Ulhtrt lod "oim nt 

8prln(fl*l<i *ne »tt » lot of tujos ■ 

j oiCBt out or tuulnru r^aoriation krr 

' Ranr •««1 J«ck C*K>p»r. Ttity n >t 

onljr •■• intrrr»t«l lu tiir **mr bu>l- 

iins. but •!•<> find pipwur* In the i 

<*in« rrcrratlond actlvltln 

Tti* fkthrr u prMldtiit uf tu>!i 

'ta tmiMirw ' «r 'llM Mm* 

Tb^ ronrerti h«» hml ml In- 

' rirtn 

' Om^ btntbt • plumbing 
lalMip oa SJiutb aTtnu* in tbt 400 
I Mock. 

An«r ft tlm* Uw; mo»«tf-U»»bu«l' 

am to Sotilb aMitu* Mid Walnut 

. •tiert. Laicr Ilia cuuiriii <>■• nior- 

|*d to But WaUr ttfMt wbtn It an* 

Irrrd (lir KhiOrMilr biitliiFni In lUOA 

land In IIU tiM praatnt bulldlni at 

J97 Baat Wat«r itrrat waa trrcttd. 

Mirr) <•.-,. ;.rr Ih.i.iM 111* lir^lhiTi 

, iiricrwl in tha btuliicM *i tlit lima { 

ihr <oiirrrii rr.irtrtt the wholr>>l« 

■ tr'.a. 

Jack ClK>v>" "xrf* up" in ilir Ixul. ' 

[ (MM and trom tlj* tuna tia waa a ! 

JMEaU bar knaw axactlr «bat bla | 

fi>tiir« larrrr uan ft> hr. •••■ tiii-ii 

' ' • •> •» >-:i:. \»,| II,, .., , , 

•• ■■ ..!« I..UM. IM, ll|I..|Uli„|,l 1.1. 

a.:—! .UjikJ ywtr. .ihI it-hllr tif ,„ 

in Uuwouri unUariU), from »i,icb 'la ' 
waa Krartuainl. hr took rommrrrlal ' 
i.iifM. «l,uh would l.flp uini III iiui 
I rti oaon a - ath^Durhiy t»a acbool dat* : 
Mb •pnncftoM UM aoo apent hla 1 
•para tima in Um oODcarn and In nia j 
I unlTcraltr Oaya h« «raa Ihara dunng 
, »acallon«. Thua ha waa wall prapar- i 
ad to taka up full work whan ha waa 
jSraduatad m l»3| and enUrad thr ' 

(•nw tOCKhar aud haia > krrn m. 
ji'Tinaot of the aame tlllIlK^ T;,, v 
both wara pmmlii>-nt inrmbrrk c.f 
in» ohl 8I■nll^•(l.•l.| f.iw.iry . riih him 
nttu pla> « Uw.lhrr Tllrv hN . 
'"" "''•'■» I'."' IM •..!... I., -l.l „. ,,. 


Jack Ooopar la a manibar of tha 
•alatl9n club bar* and la » lleatiaad 
Wot, Hla fathar fraqiirnOr haa (ona 
up in Um alrplana wblcb tha aoD 

Tlirrr I. a tl.inl Coopar which aomt 
•lay p.oOal)ly »iil be a. mctnbn- of 
ltb« am. Jajok OeepM-a tvo-yaar. 
old Mti. Kerry, Jr„ u too youni to 
aiprfoa any opinion upon hu future 
taraar, but he baa (iren ealdmoe of 
• tondneaa tor aMn<i«ii«in „,m, ^^^g 
UlBer and (randfathar. 

The News and Leader for Sunday, October 6, 1929, 

IS missing. 



Page 2: Columbus G.Noblett died.** 

Lee R. Womniack died.** 

Louis Charles Cavally died.** 

Matteo Sartori died.** 

Claude H. Campbell died.** 

Mrs. Elizabeth Champieux died.** 

Frank LeDuc died.** 

Mrs. Sarah S. Stokes died.** 
Page 10: Mrs. Harriet Fellows died.** 

Albert H. Parish died.** 

UaajiLu 'K.suM^ 

aV» Hold Last Rites 
For Pioneer Woman 
Tuesday Afternoon 

Tvamnl Mi-rlcM lor Mrs. Hftrrlet 
^rilB«i. W. widow of th« Ut« )tor- 
pm W. rmemn. ona at the touadtts 
•«f lb* Bpctngftld WMon eompany. 
%dw 41ad ta • etty boapiuj SatunlBT 
Mght. vUl b* bald »t a JO oy^lock 
m X t m ecu «« th« Aim* U>h- 
IBMnt hon*. with Um B«t> 
A. 4. MAOnmc- P*ator ot VX- 
uhftmtiMn church. otflcUit- 
IBC. lM«nn«at wlQ bt In Mapi* Park 

flC tb* oldMt iBcmbcn of C«K 
Wy •bttreh st tb* time of ta«r deatb. 
tot. PAvwB CUB* to BprlD(fl«ld In 
ttl9, flho la aurTlTtd by lbre« aoaa 
MbA fltaM daocbtMiu M fSUowa: WIU 
fad IMbwt VMlows of raaadena, Cal.: 
PanIB Frtlowa «r Bprlncflrld: Ml*a 
Bairlat Fallows nnd 
Majraa. aU of BprlBffMd. 
Bar Iroabaad. «bo diad a^wmti yrara 
B0t •• tha famUy bona. Ml 8t. 
ajtHtm flttMt. waa oao of tba lead- 
tav koalnoaa man of tba elty for manr 
Ha ajad s broibcr. Col. Homer 
nOowa, war* Inatrumental In 
tb* nra« tal agr a ph aad nU- 
t» ftMagficId. 


Albart H. Parlab. U. casbl*r of the 
•rtgMoa bank ot Brlfbton. Mo. who 
diad at hU bom« there 1t«t Rnturdsy 
Blfht, wu burled in the EuiUawn 
— lalaiy bere yeaterday afternoon. 
Miaaral aarvleaa wars beld at the 
Brlchtoa yeatvrda; 
With tho Bvrarcnd Bdwln 
twator 9t tba Wood« 
naali^Wrtazi abai'iifa' 
IC% Partah I* auTTHad bn 
ha* brothara paA • MatarJ 
• aumtiir ot ^ praatncDt { 
Bty faaillr. 

waa tiader dlractlon Rtitcbl- 
•■■•BlDa fuaaral ttoooe of Bollrar. 


' OotaBtbOfl O. Roblatt, tt. died »i S:4S 
e'eloek ]p«it«r««f afttrnooa In hla boma •} 
tn wart Watatar atraet. Ha it iurrlTad 
br Ma. -vUa, ot»a ton. Boy Koblattj«nd 
two cranddahlldroii. ruwral Htriem 
Witt bo bald ot 11 o'clock TaaMlaT mon- 
IBC In tba J. W. Kllnfnar (nneral ehapal, 
followed by burial In Robberaon Pralrta 

]>« R. Woromack. 49, died a»sS o'clock 
laat nlfbt at hia bome. 2000 NoTtb DongUa 
avenue, foUowlna an extended Ulnesa. Ha 
U aunrlved by hia wife; ona daogbtar^Mra. 
Irma 8tona, and one ion. ray 8. wom- 
maek. both of Bprlntfleld: two trotbara, 
A. L. Wommack o( Oklahoma abd Loola 
Wemmack of California: utd two lUtv*. 
Mra. 8. A. Btratton of Oklahoma and Un, 
L. M. Trantham of Brighton. Mo. Funeral 
arrancemenu are Incompleta but Intar- 
mant will ba under diraetton of tba J. W. 
Kllngner Undertaking corapanj. 


Loula Cbarlea Catrally. M. died at bia 
bome, 639 North Campbell avenue, at • 
o'clock yesterdaT morning. Be la aur- 
vlved by hU wife; two daughters, Mra. 
Sam Warner of LaCygne, Kan., and lUaa 
Ruby Cavally of the home: one son. Loola 
O. Cavally, Jr.. of Colorado; and ona at»- 
tar. Mrs. MInnIa O. Prey ot Port Scott, 
Kan. The body probably will be sent to 
Port Scott today from the W. U Stama 
mortuary. ____». 


MattM Sartort. M..«n •wlfdAy^rWJ- 

Sartori ot tbo »»om«,»ddr«ia, «*««»• 
aon. J. A. Barton ot Xadepondimbo, ,Kan. 
KmaralliiTleJrwin bo bald al « ofolock 
this afternoon In tha Kllngner funeral 
obapel. Interment wlU ba In Mapla Park 


Puneral services lor Claude H. Campbell. 
49, «bo dlad early B^turday at bU home. 
Ml Bouth Grant avenue, will ba bald In 
tba Abna Lohmeyer funeral home at 3:30 
o'dook tbia afternoon, followed by burial 
ta Mapla Park eametery. 


FunerBl serMcis for Krank LeDuc. »1. 

who died at Btrong, Ark . Thursday, will 

be held at the Alma Lohmeyer funeral 

home at 3 30 o'clock this afternoon. In- 

I terment wlU be In OreenUwn cemetery. 



Funeral aervlces for Mra. EUxabetb 
Champleus. 48. of 1510 North Sherman 
•venue, who died early Saturday at her 
home, will be lield at 9 o'clock thU morn- 
ing In tha Sacrad Htart CatboUe churtih. 
Burial will ba In St. Mary'a cemetery un« 
dar dlraetlon of tb« Harnuui H. Lobmcjrer 
funeral home. 


ronaral acnleat for Un. Sanh 8. 
•tokaa, It. «be dMd t httJbmM on Sost 
SohwMtaar ^road Battirda* aftcmoott fol- 
lowlnf a brlaf Ulneaa, wlU bo bold at a:M 
o'elock tbU afUmoop tn tbo AdronUM 
ehtireh at tbt corner of North Main av*> 
nue and Lynn atreet. Interment win be 
In Eait Lawn cemetery under direction of 
W. X<. Starne. 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: The Carter family held a reunion.** 
Page 10: Mrs. Harriet Fellows died.** 

Columbus C. Noblette died.** 

Louis Charles Cavally died.** 

Lee R. Wommack died.** 

Mattao Sartori died.** 

Albert H. Parish died.** 

Archie Hine died.** 

■ i 


Ouy Edwin Nmscb Bnee. 49, apd 

\»f.rrprr» Annr Nlsj^t- 46, both /Ot 
I St. Louis. « 'j 

i Raymond B^ty. 21. RosncvOte. 
I and Alma Ktnnard. 31. SpcteC- 
I field. . . 

j John Lydon. 34. San Bprlitfs. «d4 
I My rtle Meedham. 37. epriaEflri4. 


A reunion of the dwcendunU of j 
Amon and Hayea Carter, who M«?ttl«l ■ 
la tha Ozarka ahorlly after the War j 
of BcceMlon, wan held Sunrlny nt City 
Park, two mltca weat of Uarlonvlilr, 
Mo. A baiket dinner waa provided, 
and the day waa devoted to general I 
aoclablllty. The annual "Carter re- j 
union** win be held at Oortbage. Mo.. | 
next year. It waa decided. Thooe • 

preaent were: ) 

Mr. and Mn. S. J( C«rH"t. Mr. amt | 
Mrs A. J. Murray. Mr »ii<1 Mr« W. 6 
C«r«rr. Mr. and Mr*. tinin-U Curtrr »r'1 ■ 
/•uilly. Mr. hikI Mr- J. H 0«rii Mr «n<1 
Mr* Arthur B. Finch. Mr aiirt Mi» C . 
L Knox. Mr. and Mr» K«Jph Owen, Mr. 
•nd Mra. Forrett D«M»Uf, Mr. an'l Mr.'^. j 
Lloyd Cartff. .Mr. »t:d Mtn. Lnrv DeM.:> \ 
and family. Mr» V. r. Lyonv Mi'** 
rrancea Lyotu. Mitj Eiftfi Lyoni. Mtnn | 
M*ud« Prfilf). M'." Vr>* Plifk!"'*--. Mi" 
Corrloa Owtn. Mua Cori:el;a owen. MiM» ' 
Loll Carter, and Carl I>Mm«». all rf ' 
Sprloffield. Mo , and Mr and Mm .Vror. p I 
Carter, Ur. and Un. Amot Turner and | 
faratlr, Mr. and Mrs Ronald Campbell 
and famllr and Mrs. Bary A. Turner all , 
ot Pelrce Cltr. Ml.inojr;. and Mtv. .\my 
Wine of Car'.Kace, M;«»our! 

Aa long a« they lived. H>iyer Carter 

llTod on a farm north of Spr'nRfifcld. | 

and Amoa Carter oo s Uaai near 

Pvljcoa Cttr. 1^ 

Mlt-i. IIARHIir Mii.ow 

\^i^ a* ot i39 St.- Loiil.'* *ltr»t. ^*»«»'«' 
^ra..'*'. rrllolV on. of «»'• /"«"^yu» ^ 
beld .'i a JO ^clocl Tu^aay aiuruo^al 
ltoKAJa»a lA.hiiiey«f 'tuneraLt>«»»««-l«H2J 

o%pU«l »>er«;- J"",. ,V i.'iMi'"M lollow* 

and Mrs. Helen "•'X'Ts %irt rellowe 

;"" ..I., ot ti,r ..M.M '"'•"'•••: *** "" 

Calvary fic»b>tn»»" v»ui>.U !'«'«' I 

« t»n Mnt> < 

' c*t>l*i>i>i<i>t 

NOHI.l.TI g, 

ColiiiiiUii* tj- '^"""^'"^* . /,« w«.i Web-^1 
n<.r«l Mn;cr> •ill be -Kl '^ '^„„„„^, • 

|,„..l„\ lll.TI.II.II III HlO J >> •> 

c».»i..i. tono^vrj U.V uucimeut in KobbM- 
«wu I'lHUia teinc u«'y; 

« *VAI.I.Y 

,si_ iiini at 

.»»( — f»~'— «rnt — IrtnTTj 

^. .,!•. K;.M. ('•! I'.t.rrn: .-riMrri und hltflaJ 1 


! • I.HK K. WOM.MAiK 

t« •..rvifM fur \.rr h ,W'^""«";;f- 

., -J .\„fi!. li.,iit!i<'*-. ».rf lifl« I 

,ti,.> :..!.. II..-. „ -I »»«_''.>^A'i*i.":'- !'fr*-i; -; 

H :l.r-T,n.•llr-^lr-p>.^^^T^Tt• r#>».'i'«y »•»;v . ; .». N\ KlM.^i.ri. Mr Ui.ii.m»r>« 
" >riV.- .1 •..!' 1 '>* H Wi.i.i.ii.nh <.•! ?<i.r1liM- 

Ivf.^i.i ..,.,1 n' liMiithi-r, Mr*. iKim Btuit«. . 
l,;..lh. I V A 1. W«»l«i- 
okliiDiiiiiit. nix) r>'<iU 

1 ;ii I 'J. lifi'i I III . ninl 
A Ml at' '"I. A fl<> li* '^ 
■,!. 1, M li ■^ I' ■•'>"' ■ 

..r H;. 

) » i» 


, % Mt 

} lUUtlj.liy Ml hi- li>'ai> 41 ►^'ll NoItU Ml»- 

1 anlitl nvriiiio Mllri »_ Jvl'K .iilUtS* Ux_.l*-i. 

• Ttrrmrn WV'iiitM'n'uii. J. A Burtorl. ol In- I 
■ il. J.. 1..1. ..I '. Ki>ii . «ihI i» <li»>i|!)>lpr. N»ttt». ' 
1 at lioiiH'. Kuiicral M?r\»r.»» *•!« I»»ld lhi» 
' nflrr-.TKiit •< J o'clnrk Bl \.*^f> J W. Kllni' 
■| tirr n.Kiiri. tfi\lo«rU by ti>lcini«Qt ,1a M* 

\^Xm Vwi\ 



I lltMt Hrjdiriiljrr 

ANrinc iiiNK 


• •^ iur All ■ I! ..■ '.M v.! •■ 

•i'l III » iiatv itMuUfti til ( 

.f'> •>.!' >i W. ', will h>' hrUI at J titlo.-* ' 
t lu««4iiiy ulH'iii ion lit lliH J. VV. Klii4i(iirf r 
1 «lt«ti«t' it«rr«, (uiiimVUi »>» luurmtiu "in> 
J'UTfii r B«ii'rrii.r«>-ry. -1 I(« ii aurvlvvii by'i 

n» (.Hi,..', i> II,!.. ^ af t- Jii • (,>lu\i, •rirt • 

f>y Ju-, «ii*ii.(iii...|i( 1. M(<u»iirtnit j. iiiv,. ; 

.,". Lf Ml,, :,.. fii :,' ^ I 


I<>l|\ I /I M M n I M w 
-•«r. ill. I.- lit liHf l-ll.lHt li;l Jilllll VJtf' , 

*«i#l |'«i(miin.-(»,~<«»riy •fUlrr in U»u rf*l 

1-1)1. Ml »',.>/ji(»ii »««i '»li»- fnMirr of 17 1 
: ciiiiiltM.. it .i( aIiuiii Nurt.M liim. il« al.Mi . 

I .s ,.l.|.ia l,v JJ gTMllUI.II lIMl HMO tWOf 

t«i»«| tiraiidrtiit<irrn. Il» «aK biirii In C>or« | 

i' .-, •■.I'll 'V. <;>-iitirlii, Kiln iMi V It. 18M j 
, il» • 4ii.r 111 M1V.-..M111 !ii tHiU. >rullii|| in 
|SNt«*.lo'i cuuiitv III" wa* a •n.'Utb«>r of iha 
i I',r..,.v4.ri 1,. u rlpiirh n''ti>r<> r.iliilii|( lo 
) Mi><f»iri Mr I'ltltnnii .Ihnl <>> AlabaiiiA 
'V»,'. «t-fir« "n-'fr 111" iiiarrlril flnrah K 

(il,l,..i Ml ril'.ll-lll l» Mll»lvr.1 lj\ llii- 

trnllottliiK Kont' nntl rtniiglitcrx. Jamr* II.. 
Kun , i.iriirti. W , I'rirrr 

7Xuiung. AMtur Spflm** . Kbivi 

In, Horten»e Yo>iniC, Wni»r(H?^M^Lrt-* 

f 1*ri^r,\ N- iMnnIa: Mr» firs*!* Krilv. 

I*<nrc« C'»ty; Mr^ Cary, Cui>nln«h»m.'N«»-| 
»fir\Jn MU<i Krtlth Putm»n. Nfwtoula- and' 
Vi^-. Pufli'l pinniaii Pruinrislii rikii. 

Page 1: Kate Smith died at Joplin. For many years she begged on the streets but at her 
death was found to have a great deal of money hidden about the shack where she lived. 
Page 7: Mrs. Maria F. Turk died.** 

Mrs. Harriet Fellows died.** 

Columbus G. Noblett died.** 

Louis Charles Cavally died.** 

Archie Hinedied.** 

Mrs. Zella Boeger died.** 
Page 12: Card of thanks.** 


Mm Mmia K. lurk, 7«. died at « 30 
n riork night In thii home of a 
iIiiiiRlilrr, Mrs. E T. I.lnd.«'y, 7M TaM 
IMirisim hirrrt Bho l* mirvitpd bv th» nn» 
iiiiiiKlilir. our »r>n. H. r Turk of Hprlng- 
llrlil nii» •im#r. Mm. Mlnni* rilloil, on' 
ilmiKlilrniilA*. Mrn. F, E Turk. (i»ii 
armirlrtaiichlm aiifl lhrf« (randnons. Fii- 
I iirml airaiiKrmrnl* h«»» not brrn rom- 
plrtm but Inlrrment will bn In Mt. View 
rrmcirrv at Polk. Uo . under direction of 
ih«i Alma l.olimr7er funeral home. 


' I.olll^ Chiirle.i c;i«»«IIv, S4. rlird Bunday , 

II ••riiliiK a( Ills home it MS North C»mp- ; 

lull mi line /lie bodv will be »ent frflm . 

Mie Simiie mdrliiarv Wrdnf-rtsy for burial' 
■ 111 a l-ort 8..)tl cemetery He III nijrvlved 

h» hit »ife. two »on« and one daughter. , 

Funeral for Uii. UarrUt Tfl- 
loaii, «8. of Mfl BU Louii atreet. will b« 
held al 3 10 o'eloek Tnaaday aft«TDO«n at 
the Alma Lohmeyat funeral horaa. tol- ' 
lowed bT tnlermant In Mapla r»rk ceraa- ' 
tery. She la aurvlvad by thraa daofiuara 
ana threa Mna. ■>>• w*a mm of Utc oMaat 
membera of tha Calvary Preabytrrlan 
church. I 

roi.i Mnr.% o. noblett 

Funeral nervlces for Columbua O. Nob- 
■rt(. an. ot 537 Weat Webiter atreet. will 
he held ii II oclock this morning at the 
.1. \v Klingiier chapel, followed by burial 

n l(^hhpr^on Prairie cemelerv 


I :i.rii>l irr.iie* Iur .^Il.Me Hine. 14. 
V ' '1 'li"! m n iiii\al hn»- "i: tn Wtihliig- 
\>... I"- I. fir; »• : ^■(.^^k '''■> al'T- 
■ „r 11 :n • •<• .' W KliiRH'-i f')n'r«i ! -<T-e. 
:„l r »fr1 h'. .iiirrinnl In Oreenlawn cr-.r- 
tr*\' He 1; lurvived by hit father and 

MH.>< 7.»I.I.A BOFtilB 

Mrs 7,rll» Boeger. .SB. died al a o rIork 
Inst niKlit al her hmne 'two mllea north- 
e»!t ol Btratlotd. Bh* It au^»l»e<l bjr her 
hu'band. E L. Boeger. two daughtert. 
Miss Clara Boeger of the home and Mr* 
J Wommack of Hprlnitfleld. her father 
I'-i-d Kri>-.e nj W;sr(>i.»u, fne brother*^ 
and lhr»e sisters funeral arrangementi 
. are M,-nin|i\e' •• b':t Interm'i' m'.l! he In 
•;,!.:.• P:'-'-..:. f ;netrry Lndrr C::ectlon 
of J W. Kl'.ngner. 


Page 3: Some 1 7 street names were abolished as such streets were in reality 
continuation of other longer streets. These included UUmann street, Sycamore street, Fulbright 
avenue, and others. All are listed. 

Page 16: Mrs. Maria F. Turk died.** 
Mrs. Zella Boeger died.** ■ 
Louis Charles Cavally died.** 
Jesse Box died.** 
Card of thanks.** 
Page 18: Dorothy Hood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lafayette A. Abbet, and Mr. Carl J. 
Wales are engaged to marry.** [Is she Miss Abbet or Miss Hood?] 

Miss Helen Marler and Mr.Frank W. Mills were married.** 



Th* chingen »rf a« followt: 

HolUnd •vrnuf. fhtngwl to Btniwtt MWt. 

King »ttrft. from JttI?J'?On lO CAinnMll 
**vfr>«e. chancfcTto Bunnell- »trefl. 

rh<«fniit sirrrt ^otith of Orwnfl itre^l, 
fTom M«in a^fnue lo Campbell avrnur. 
, chunted to Lorfn «lreft 


muk. maaia r. rrRK 
. Mn. ll«f !• P. Turk. "1«,^-<H^ -U9n»mf4 

miicca ^<> u»,^: -..--.. *v»nlnf ml th* hoiihe of a dauichter. Mn. | 

For^^t otrert from Fori arennf to Kan- B T. Llndjiey. of 764 i:»«t H«rrt.»on street. , 

--- •-• B<>Kldcj« the dfcUBlucr. Bhe u survived by . 

'•Tort. H- C. Turk, of Sprtngfteld; • »U- i 

ter. Mrs: Wnule Elliott, of Port Wortto. i 

Texas; and a dauRhterlnUw. ' Mr*. K. S. I 

«» ■,.!- Turk, who llv^s \n Californt« Fir*" irnr.'l- j 

.. . i j ii jiMj ^w T^ j dau^ntfr* and three grandMnn also Mir- t 

■-'»•—-,(.. Interment. wtJl be tn Motjnt View f 

. ni''t»rr nt P>llr. Mn Tt-^ A!— .^ I,ol-tnrv- ' 
• r luncral horr.e is :n charge cl iirraiigi- 

rrali.' Mtrci Iiin> CAialra "7""' 
p»rk Kfin.r fh^nrrrf lo r«niri»I f rer • 

rrn«r»J n^enuf from Flwood *}r^*\j** 
Hoiman »tte^|. chanted to Ma rket a ve 

f Cit.lpa-rnnnir. from l'»»M"»««^ *"f*L? 
w#.f ivenOe. from Rlwood ttr»«l^1«r 
Holmnn Mr»'fl. chanted to Marlon •venue 

Vi«»let atriiii' fiom Ornnrt Mreet to OaK j 
ttrrci rhdicd to Wf«<fr «\enur 

K-i!l.tir:M n^niii^ .' ^(^llrne 'iT'^f to 

Wr-: a\ri ne. Jr'^nn T»Im«f1ue mrert ^outh 
4«f. fe^t rhaneed lo Franklin trenu* 


Mm 7.eiia BoeRcr. 58. dtcd Monday nithl i 
at her home, two milei northes^t of 8»raf- ' 
ford. Bh»? li« ^urvJvrd by lier husband. E. • 
L ll"'err: •vio rltnizhlTs. MUs Clara Boe- 

i«f> fe^t rhaneen lo rranaiin aTrnur. ; ■ i- ii"'-mi . •»■? r::»u2ni'T'.. .^iib's *_iara »o?- 

•V!iiirl» 'ifrf frnm l>«'laware avenue ♦<til5»'r. at home, and Mrs. O. J. Wommacfc. of 

r.:'--ion<> rond rj-nn"'*! tr. Lombard .itreet^r.''!'nrcr!'!'': h.r f.itii- r. K-.'^J Kov.r. -Ah.,: 
5..,^,„„,^ .j.,»» fr""^ tx-I^mnre i>v#n»ie , liveR >n Wi^coii-ln. and fiv»> brothers and! 

»^" n>nnnnf> road, rhanaed to Brower.; . »f]r«'* «»«<«'". Tnierment mill b*" in Mount ' 

.,,.,,, ' I PUgah crmrtery j. w. KUngocr U In r 

C<>iiiitt\ ri.ih 1«)ir from Nui otml •',.,utr | charae of arransemmts ' » 

road, rhanefd to Portland 

>»•■««. -ya H*a«ati|^viaiiiii-^. 

Funrral 'TMrci wiJl bf h^lri at 2 o'clock i 
Friday afternoon A Mount Pt*|ab. | 

l.Ol 15 CH.\Rl.tS CAVAI.I.T 

'"":";•/,, • Taneral «*rvicea for LooU Charlea 
MeDaDHie) l -o^t^iiy. $4. vho died MuiNlaT at hU bome, 

f2» North rumoh^ll ft.*":!'.!^ will l>« held 

In Fort Scott. Kan.. Wedn^Mlay afternoon 

2.30 i- ii:. S«"i\ii>> will \tr at tr.f 

H^?f| .f.»»t, f'^ni n''1w war» arenue eaat ! 

>(/-„,;m.i« kH'-'''. Ur^m i)ri»»arr avenu* 
*»»t to th» end. chanted to 

' Orrcnn •••n.i». from Campbell •*;""»., 

tn Klrrhrnueh av»nne L'nox place. »"""'! ^ _ 

v«ti^!i«il »vrmi- tn Pfla-vare •'''"»•»•"";" i home of hlx nl'ter. Mr« M'.nnl*- C Frey. 
er<,-"i'7or rn«<1 frn-n P»>lii«are av^n'ip I ^^^ ^o^,. ,.j ^riPK for vk ariJcrt lo Fori Roov i , 
eaut to ihr ciM UmUs. «" Jl" »^;^.,1« "**"* »i by the W. L. fitarne Vndertaklnit com- | 
ahin^ road east to lh€ city UmtU. ^^..^^"^ 
Tluriy rtuvK alirr the piuisage 01 the 

orrtmanre the rlty clerk It directed to 



If cf»il» (I H«p^ 

" ~ 'card or'tHAinut 

I •uh Ui thank lilcnA* kod iMtchbors, 
Ra*. Nt(f e( Orar* M«thedl(t rhorrb hnd 
at. Ptul rhurch chnlr'fnr thfir kind *«• 
prrttion of irmjMilhr (Jurini jny rwrnt b»» 
rtavrmenl in the Iota. o( mr fathrr 

>MLMA BAim. 


the W. _. 
pany. Mr CdvaMv Is •«vir\ir»"t , 

two dauuhtfis. Mr.s. Sam Warner, Lowry j 
City: Mlaa Ruby Lorraine Cavally of Ih^ 
home addreaa. and one ton. Loula C. j 
Ca' allv, Jr.. cf Colornrto Co'.o. , 

! .u^-;i Hti.v 

■ JfK«r Hot :19 a.^d l:i a Spr'.r.cfl'ld ho.'- 
p".(! .:.:,u\8. Mr Is s'lrv'.vfd by 

hi.« wifi". nv.r rtK'iRhtrr. two ^oni and b!^ 
nnihrr .Tiir". T.-^hrr. Mr. and Mrs Joii:) 
I Box of Hnlli»trr Ilr also ht» a itlstf 
' Mrs. J. C. Louis of Ferfi«^on. Mo . arifi 
J two brothers. Samuel of Ohio. ArK.. ar."!' 
' Wl!ll«m of Crari' T''<- hoflv ■»:''. ^ir TV..-. 
• 0-. rr'..Tt.(! 1.1 N!r..;or. .\1.).. by W. L. Siari.r 
Underuklhc rmpar.y. probably Wednesday 
mornlnv. for biin.Al thrrr. 

Vow Are Read 

An Informal marrusa cw« B»«»«»T i 

vm* fnUn\n\TKt Orxottrr S. •»•■ I 

I MIM Helen Marler. d»M«bi»r of M-. i 

and Mr». N«ih Warier. loa» We« , 

3ro»t »trret. became the tortile of Mr. : 

.Frank W. Mills. »on of Mr. and Un. ^ 

.Aiic\i«t F. MiIU. •(!• Weiit norM^ 

•■•.rrri. at Wrhh Tim M" T>* TWirt 
rmiple are to make Ibeir hone in 

To Be Married 

Mr and Mr*. LafarettP A. Abbr*. 
j 570 Weat Calhoun atreel. have an- 
nmincert the enrseem^nt "♦ ?h»'r 
daughter. Dorothy Hood, to Mr. 
Oirl J. Wales of St. J-weph M-^ The 
«-e*(dln» wtll »>e rel'tjratetf in r.-.» 
late (all and the rnuple «ia mitke 
tbtu home in St. Joa«pb. ', 

Page 1: Marriage license: James William O'Brien, Jr., 32, of Springfield and Verba 
Street, 24, of Hartville. 

Page 2: Mrs. Florence Witherspoon Jones died.** 
Mrs. Maria F. Turk died.** 
Mrs. Zella Boeger died.** 
Louis Charles Cavally died.** 
Jesse Box died.** 
Page 4: Miss Dorothy Hood Abbet and Mr. Carl J. Wales are engaged to marry.** [Is 
Abbet her last name or is it Hood?] 


. wmnmtrooN jonck 
WltHf rtpeon Jobm, it, 
oof Btik Dorlh o( tlia 
avaane rsad at trM o'clock 
•Itar a looc llliwu. She l« 
•V Deputr Shtiiir Lre Wlthor- 
BUIf J«c» Jonrt. •nothrr I 
aaa kr tt* Mlrv* Hrirn (od Mil- i 
Wniwr«p«oa rrd Mt> Marv Cimp- I 
Aaattalcra <lir lo:io*iiiii broihrn 
alatait atao Fui-.i%e, Joftrpb and! 
IKeaiatl Matki and Mr< Jairrs Drtat. 
Mra. Marr Carirr. Mr> Pirah Wither- ' 
apaoa. Mra. Ida tMrmrr. Mr*. Martha 
Btoopa. and Mm Kair Stdlman. all r( 
•prlnctlald. runcral arrtlrra a.ii tr hrld 
a( l;M aCelock Thumdar attrrnovn at 
Um »•• Woodland HHthIa Pr»»bTt»rl«n , 
Cbarch. tetlo'cd br Inirrmfni in Orrrn i 
**•« e^matery. In chat(« of J. w. I 


Man. rt.Ltn Koziitm. 

ftneral MfTlcct lor Mrt. Z*lla Banrr. 
M, «b* died at lirr home nrar Btratford 
Maodar oictit. «:1l bf hrld at Moui.-. 
MaBab rndar afifrnoon at } o'clock. 
tmmw»t kr tatetment thrr* in charar 
of J. W. Vninrncr Mr» Borter U mjt- 
VtWd kr h«r kiukljat^d. ft. L Bu<irr, afid 
laaMaaMata, Mia* Clara at home and 
'iSmCk J. W«BBack o( Bprliiidtld. 

LOOn CHABI.r.K r«\\I.LV . 

aar^Icr* for Lo„-- C^.arl't 
w, M, vbo died fiund^; ai hi> lion r 

i Warth Campbell a^mur »1ll be 

_ _ at T*Tl Scolt Ktr.'tt «■ 7 '" ' ■•■''■ 
tllto 1 afla i BOon. fit ■• aurvivtd br t.> 
-yttt. T^l *** *"' '"^ '*" dau(ht«r> 

a«rt«ar]r had charge ol ar- 


al aeTTirm tor Mrv Maria P. Turi 

'•. »ha died Monday evenina at the home ' 
of a dauchter. Mr« E T. Lindner he.-e. | 
wlU ba hp:d ih;? irrtn'i.f a^ :! n , >. ;c 
attha Alma Lo(.ii.r>»: lunnal l.< n.r. fol- 
lawad kr Intermani in ilie Mount Vim I 
• gy ti r; . Bear Polk. Mo A aon, H C i 
Turk of Spr;r^:.-.a. «.: j >.ur\l\eii i 

n««c SOX 

•f J»t»* Boi it. *rio dlrr' 

ra Tiwadaf mornint. 

•1* KlacT. Me. near Holl later 

,4 Ctaraara nertiiafT (or f<irrr>; 

Bal iBK l fi u t Ha la aurrlved M 

L nr« aona. o«»a dau«*-t'- "r-* 

r and (athtr. Mr end Mr^ 

of Holllitrr. Mri J r t-».- 

of ^iiuauti. Wo ^ and Pfcir.u-' 

_^gtik^.^Ark,. aod laium Box o( 

I. Wo ^ and 

tpd iiJlmii 

Mr. and Mra. Lafayette A Abbtt , 
et M Waat Calhottn aireei, have an- 
B0Unead Uia engmgement of their . 
daoshtar. Dorotlir Hood, to Mr. Carl i 
J. WbIm of St. Joaepb. Mo. The wed- ' 
tfiac to to taka place In tb« late (aU. j 
Tba jwag eoupte will make tb<!tr j 
borne In St. Joaeph 


Page 1: Puree Allen was killed.** 

Page 2: The will of E. M. Wilhoit was filed for probate.** 

Miss Essie Ray died.** 
Page 12: There is an item about the A. M. Lapham house.** 
Page 14: Births reported.** 

Mrs. Florence Witherspoon Jones died.** 

Mrs. Zella Boeger died.** 

Mrs. Maria F. Turk died.** 

Jesse Box died.** 

Louis Charles Cavally died.** 
Page 16: Miss Helen Cox and Mr. Graham Lary will be married.** 

Miss Margaret Parks and Mr. Samuel Houston Paul will be married tonight.** 


mm^ ^TFR 

Into which nre often tossed things well worth vvliilc 

I tiiiiviui; iiiuiiV (jlil -xiid hl«.t')r'.c rt">l- 
) dences in Springfield. The large 
J-blrd-cagt-honse-at-Eltn^BnaTCim^ ^1*,F .•'i-"^; 
vjr'^.ii'b iiKH tv'f'n wrwVrd to make 

ago by A. M. Lapham. the man who 
' drove the po.-.n spike «hpn the 

IBCiaiourl Padftc completed Its line 
into Springfield. Tie house was 

■ full or Riiiu'rrbrcad arclulrcuire. the 
' v~ Io*"l times belli, crpcclally lUie, 
j'Thcy were n' .^ for Uie spacldus 
I home erected by^Col. II. F. Ftllowi 

I and 1 id for '♦nO jrnrs If It Is 

j lOMiilWfWgllpliii^ 

' long. Whenr"C8tonel F-"-^»s was 
er»^" ■'.»;■! hi* •'"^*' ••■"rridn he had 
In .mind another story. He even 
bought the material but rhin"rrt 
his mind and left off ore* story. He 
■sold the Mirpltis ■ .;iloi lal nm! Mr. 

l-tapham bought the^*.»wiow Irames. 
Tlie old Lrfphnm rcsldctKC Ls gone 
but. there are plenty of old land- 

of losli^ one's way for want of 
"th*m.' ' Ih-obftbly : -'-e long Klm- 
brcMgb avcmir hi v.... corner will 
l>c -Aldi-nrd n hlnrV. ti 'hr pf-rth. a 
«^tWn9>ia«pred by the block in que.s- 

Hon and nDtX>SCd bV ' ~ OHP. 

• • • U U j 

l.'llA.Nttd M. rOlit-K «( Kc 


r«fcae: -I '•ffl- ta*** G 
(MDty h» twa week* lor OtkUnd. 
Cal^ wliere 1 wUl rwide with mj 
•MV m^nt reached Si r«»n> •* I 
Me »na nnil K Is Unw? to rrtUr. | 
I riinr U» <.rt*nr rou->ty I' V*" ' 
,c.. Irora VlrjiniA *nH half brrn 

mCAmH^-A. <*■■■».. 


•cUt* here ever 


Unte. I h*»« 
aad -f«cet*Mc» 

fr«n la trvai •» "T «»™ •'•^ 

to Ihl* ^vatBeM: I •enfd »1ll> 
Oea. Bobfrt E. Le* In «*« Clf" 

'•''war mad wa* at Appomatmi and 
Htia^>ou^ »ppl« l«et. I «• Om. 
■y (toie* dorins tbc M-lse 

__^__ bat that »a» •»•» 

il« ta «■ w>«™ ♦* u-reattxrd we 
had an anay ti tidy ».•••• »•** 
prrr. wr hrtd oor tmund tar 
a l<.r,K limr jrain»l Cranio nW.- 
«K»ti lTi»n 


K Bequeathed to 

Widow; Two Codicils 
Are Added 

Th« «III of K. M. Wlllidlt. liVi! i,,r 
probat« today in tha olfion of i>n>t>ut« 
Mdfee John Fatman, brqueatlird bu 
•OUn aatata to hJa a1Ir. Drlln Wilhnti 
tfinlng b* llfetlm*. to be divmrd 
a qually between t hy «iau?Mrrii. Mr«. 
kdwiaa CoMay. and^'XIiis ~^dna WU- 
iMJlt, upon the ileath of their mother. 
»i» •. Uoinc To Her, Too | 

Tha hfntie nt ©03 South Wrllrr ' 

Wllholt. Tlu) will wfm jnadp May 0. ' 
IVli aod tuo • ociklU. vriK n:l(1i'(! i.ti" 
en Job* 90. 1938. and the other no i 
Jillr 30. 1R30. I 

Tha codicil tnanc liv Ki2(> ri,,,nr'(i 
Of olauaa of .th a will to Ineluda the j 
bonth W a Mar a v a ni ia hame irntei i rt | 
et tha bouJ« at 71S St. IaxiIk, whrrr ; 
the Wilhoitt re«lded In 1912 The J 
flr«t COdldt also provlde«l » bequest j 
or*tlS.300 to MlM Ednn Wllnolt upon | 
ttif death ' : r.'v :..•:.•-. .• :■:>?' 
monay wblcU he l-.iu; niriMa;. ;■'.....' ! 
to tba other dHUtrhtcr, Mrit. I-.dwliut ' 

OUeo OH Mi.-ire« | 

' Tha MCond codlcU bequeath* SOO i 
•baxM of common rtrx-k In th«> Phil- | 
Itpa PBtroteoED company to Mim LUim 

Tha win orlRlnally provided lliat 
ti.e oil 1,V4*.:;':-. •• • ■ • '' ■> '-.'rh Mr 
.'WUhoU bad nlrrad; mm.-i htf'.-f t..-. 
dMMka vu to ba conducted aloug 
tbe Una ba hLmaaU had foIlow<-d dur- 
ing tba lifetime of the executrix un- 
laaa the dauelitem ,tnd Mr.n. wilhoit 
BbOtlld decide it adviuir'lr to sril. 


^Ktok Woyfl Hodge* of Bin- , 

'l^iiodbil« 1h« birth of « «on. , 

Ociobrr. 7, in "i' "^jt. :.-?:<■:'' nap'i«r 

apa4 mijtla^ hospital. 

Ma. 8. E. Annatrong. of 
lamdraUig Uf the Sprtcg- 

Helen Cox to Wed '■ 

THIS «lll I'f A nr, Krii.l i,t iiii|iiial Hf(^'lt> (or |li» .l.-lin ( ovn Tli>- 
Wt II,;- .,,.,1 "I'lc "■ JiTlriwI (h» PiiMl r«- V « « 'Hflinr ' hirh •> "I ^'' 
•ii|i>riT»<«''1 In fclnnitiKi thin •xoiilng. KiMtv th».v nil! h» In S*. i 
Jy»ill# lo.mfM'l Mi^ I'^.MInK of Mr r„t\ .l.-.r MU. Hr-'»n 'oi. tn 
r.r»hi»m t.»»r« o? S'-, t< i < port. I.s. Tli» mamsKr • iH !'• «ol»ninl7'"I 
lit l^» hom» of 111* hrjiU"'Pf. i»r,d r.t^\r Inllmxl* frfn-l* »im1 
foUlHf* Till !•" I'i'-'ni. I ll' vn'inc mnplo » ill iiiaU» IlK-ir li'ini>- ^n 
Shr^vop'T'- ^f ti>ir"- vo'i r«>m»nibrr llflcii — «h» »«» nn» nf 'ho 
ino"» popular il-'liorii >1iirltiir ih* ^nmm'-r. I 

>-■ <• ,',.-Jv. v. •-■ •■ ^. 


Through UnderbcwiK 

Yt ir^ *-t f* 


DespcratrKand i !o - 
Struggle B^fpre Stwt 
Fired, He 

Rwhttng unii 

Puret SMn, iSk, vat'' ttet' 4MI 

«oand«l tauily by Dtptitjr Sbattt 

rred Ifeini^ «8» •! a«tea».>to^ 

sbortlT b«ta« Boott tMtey.-^' "' '^ 
Wtth a baOH-la Iris 

died U atnotovkfWW 

whidi ooeomd si tlw «dl(»ft.<ttai* 

JusM rtwr bottoraa --- •• 

wtMn Netsoo bad 

an«r aUec«dly c*tclitiic lUm,»tdli 

lb« liquor In tala rnwnirtnii 
Tint' officer told After tte f«Ul 
: Rhootlnc that he ftred at Allan ooljr 
I aft*r a rt^sp^raie hand-to-hand 
j •miB6l« *1th him. In «'hlch h« 
I wamfd the man he would be fofo* 

frt lo kill him and received the r»- 

frty UMi "Mr'a either you or me." 

ocn — > » ■ ti wT f . 

Nelcon. who Uvea at Bsar. Ma, 
had been aldlnc the aherttf tt 
lena during tiM piiijul 
cult court ttertu. 9l 
the viorqlac b* xwtiM^ 
.and rwnaln^ ttnfc^%' 

ChaMd Into -Jm«l^ 

AUen. tiie otflew «**^'*^ ^ 
U>wanl the Jwnee rl»«r fc^iJtt* 

and ptunBed Into a den« frowtH of 
weedJ. The olUcer loDowed to*^ 

the -junjle.- ;f«n^«2*V, "S 

cauRht Wm. All«» «atoBim«d aa^ 

MATied with the oflVar M»u». 

Then, according to Nelaon. he wd- 

denlr broke away, ahoot^d M 

wa«.t gouw back to town. «nd 

attempted to run. The offlCCT aaU 

hf eaught him. fomtht with him. 

and thev rt^lled tocrther on t*^. 

1 itround. AUen w»» on topi wM\ 

Nrl.v>n> arm llEhlly around h^ 

hfad. Nflson reached with hi» Ire« 

urn. he »ald. lor hla r«»olwr. paU- 

, ed 11 free and pcDdded Allai In tk* 

body with i ' '' ' 

idUMt. Wiitii the man iilvi>ttl t.i 
ceaa« his Btru^Klr?; Ii<- iind one 
shot, and Alien uenl limp. 
On Frdrral Parolr 

OWlcera at Oal'-na said Al!eii hail 
served a term In ihe Maic iM-iu'tii- , 
tiary for liquor iJOMession und w;i^ ■ 
free under a fciitral paro'.r :il i!> 
time of the BhootlnK. He Is sur- | 
vivwl by !i ': ■'•: '•;:' V.';'.'.;r-' 
Denham. niMl .i lirj", I'.'r. J .f:i'. v. :ai 
live In GalPna. nuti aiiOlhi; hv:'!.- 
er. Pearl Alien •'■i') .■•i ■ •!■ 
southern i>art ol tj'.oiie c<;..ii;.. 

It waa the second kiilint; in Ga- ; 
leoa within tvo weeks. W. H. Beard. ) 
fanner, waa knifed fatally at G.i | 
Imm Septemer 30, by VlrgU Paini- 
«r. another farmer, who now Is In \ 
Jail awaiting trial. ■ 


at 690 

hcf home 

* Mi'^s r<Mr n..\T 

rijlr J.t«v, 16. died ai 

Nurili l^aitklin avenuff .t)U»-inor( 

'in? ufr: n !■ riT llll"*' She !< Itvrvirt4\ 

Eva r.;.;;-!"^'.' ^ri<} '' "Y vrnrifiix 
Mauttte UVI!« .'n- . U.r,-^ -. 


th* llennan K.. Lohmryer 

te'T UrAT NlXii 





' ■ ■ ■_ 

Miss Parks, 
^ Houston Paul, 
r Are to Wed 

A WSOUDfO af tninvA to » som- 

j b*r of PprlntfltldlBOl wiU •»» 

jeaifbratMl at 1:S0 e'eloek toDlfht m 
I Columbia. Mo, »b«n Mi»» Minr*'*'* 
!p»rmi. ifK'^hifr 'of Mr •nA Un. 

'of Mr Kiimii'I Houston P»"l of »*«•• 
fil%. Ill' oi"rr;»<» •. o» • "i-i o' 
r»«a •«- iht hem* of ih* brld^'« 
t>«rrnu by th* nrveirnd Mr. Ch«rl« 
n»or»» rm. rwnr o» ChrlM ' Epl«- 
, r,f.»l ,...-^fc. -* ♦•-■» r"\ On'v 
mrnilwi* '■I thi f'ni;^ '..^ » >» !'»- 

i;iii.t'' ;i.'i.'..* • . ■' ► ■I*''" 

will witnrM lh» ceremony. 

MUa Park* wUl b* ■tten<1r<l by Mta 
Miiry Er«-.« of Coltunh'* «s m«l<l of 

; honor. Hrr brldramald; will b« Mrs. 
nrnri r^irt." »ri(l Mr« All-n rtr*^. 

.Mr. P»<il »UI li«»r Mr. All'n Rnmr «» 
IMwt man •nd Mr. Ch»rl« HoliiDd 

' (inrt Mr D«-i>n P»rk» »III >>» i:roon«- 

I,Utl« Mary SinforH. tilrrr of Mr. 
Pii'il ».ll h» 'h' fl'>»'r r:-I 

tiii; ;:..:■»;« ;::irr« i! r.-.» . . _■ 
I'lii.plf «.'i'> »:.. ■». ■!.»»• til' .•■:-- 

ili«onj.«r«;Mr. mnd Mr« Grady San- j 
ford. Mr. and Mr*. John Cni. Mr« ' 
OII\e Bartlett. Mr«. Oltr.ii O. Flnk- 
blPT Mt John W:nn. Mr Kdnsrl 

.S!:, :: ■. .M-' f'- - c. •( •' M: 

,11.1 .M - hv, . ; ,.■ - ... . \; 

Charl'a JKiUmiil 

Memt>fni of tb* bridal |>arn motor- . 
'd tn r'.KimbIa \<^i'rdav Mr. I 
r»iil una Uf.ii'i.f. |i.» ;.• ■•r ; 

:**ni at a dinn»r party eix^n l»-' 
nichi at th» C>liimhii« <"o::-*rv t .';•> 
Tlir |>..nv ■»!<» f"'ii "• Mr ar.t Mra 
I>.an Paf»< »n>. M.« Mhi» fcvfci;». Mi. 

j euMiU ai U* dinner. ^. •- - .tMri 

ln.upl* *m l»ave for • bonryroooti^ 
■trip In 8i.' to>il«. Waahlnetrm, O. C^* 

, . ,. ., •'V't ^ •* 

II (.k' 'M'lr ll->ni» 111 •;' '.''iii 
. ;i iilln'i.i* ;r. ' * ' "' 

Both yf>iiiiB p'^'plr "rr ^'U kno*n 
( ttr mhrr« Ihf brldr^rrwm la a popi:- . 

'■r m*-M S'T f' *!' :■ .il:7< .' »'• M***- ' 
Pfk- li... ..• ■ i! 1 I I .. -■., *^«i>^ 

kL^peciM, uul wbo would worry wiiii i 

all tills tlf!.T':7 T! <v :irf t,, r-". 
I but pari of Uie wundt.iul o/.urK | 
f aulumlV landscape— one of nature's I 

: "^ - t 

piKmcnt.s UM-d In tJ>e royal color* ol I 

"TtJUit Bald. Jttit three mDeaaoutliJ 
j we«t of Iteir. Is woitli travilir.i: fur 
I to see at this wa^rp —mt any »c«- 

BOti. It Is a rrtnarkable rock ^ur- 
'■ den; a veritable flower lovers 

pnrndl'c. In all tlils rcrloii thrrr Is 


•' «».<! tiaa a t.n^t of frl»rrta Both .aT- 

quetitcd. yet. ea.»lly 

. lilktr or aiitonsobllc. 

uhfiU nilles south ol iivlltt' 

'^S. 65. takr thr neltjhbo^ood road 

ihat tynu to the right between the 

white house and the barn at foot of 

blK hill. Immrdlatciv you come into 

beautiful Mrcncry. A ilicp ravine lu 

your right, a wooded ri«'!:r.'ain on 

your left, a far visla o'. prn-n trdar 

brakes and dktant rldites before 

you. Asters, dracon-lr^id. and 

golden- rod jnan-haling the floucr 

pageant that ."irirffKl- ■ rvrry rWU'. 

Unexpc.-tedly you cmcrne Into aii 

open windswept region . iiiil.'.;' .mv 

place you have seen elsewhere. A 

serlea of rock-paved hllLs from 

which the once overljliig subcar- 

bonilirous ."-tnita h;>s hem rr'.K!rd 

The ro;id winds over a natural p-.ivc- 

niriil Slid dr<>p<; fr tr-. Ifdvr "n ',r''.:--- 

— preliy rouKh but v.e\l wo;!li ilic 

rrducn; .speed rrqmrrd. While you 

may neroti.ire an .mt exrii to the 

Mi) of liidun N'.iii.i'. t'..«.i; -vi-^! cvi.- 

template a sweeping view of rare 

beauty (roin where the uoijic^ red 

man once burned .siRual fires and 

condiiclod .s;;;enin rites. It Is best to 

park the old bus and. as the native 

s.iv. ■ ttil:e \(nir foot -.n liiii'.tl " 


: Kambrr of PI B«a Phi tororttr atidi 
I of Oantma I>»lt« tlii. national a«l- '■ 
. \'it:aIiiK '.:.■• .\!. P.. '. ;•• » 

iLcmber ol s.;:i.» .^i;>i.» I;-'. 

la a t a w t Hy — amt- 

(fKit. there IS -SI' iiiiKl; :o ^<e. l:;e\ 


■ fy na - 

SiOT l' 

' fr»t*rnliy. 

LOtlB Clf.%BL£jl rAV.%IXT - 

Thr VmIv nf Lout* Charl«a CavaUp. M, 

«»-i rif.' «i !•'*»•• «a« **rt fr-"" ■*a'n''» 
nicriiiarv in Jotl Siolt. Kar.. t;i.< i...i:ii- 
'.I'B fn- Jvrrral •'•■•r»« anit btir.a! ?h»rr 
.•* J ■'> I . " ■». :i.' «::"i;."^: ii' .^ ■ ^! • 

"" The body of Jnae Box. 3*. «b» 4fed 

TOesday ' In a hotpital here. *aa sent to 
Mincy. Mo. near Holllster. Tuesday night 
for funeral servlre.v and burial there. He 

;. ^.T''.'*''^ •'•- !.'' '■!• t*.\.i '' t.s n'rl 

!.::'• driiik:.;': ..i.-i ti. hu tamer and t' 
I niiitlii.r. Mr bi.C :<i:.- Jotin Box oT Holtt.^- 
' ter Pfarnea martvary had eharg* of 
' rancementa her*. 



MB^. rtOBtNcr wiTiiKRsrooN jovrn 

runeral Mrvlcet for Mr^ riorfnc* 

WUlnmpaoa ^Dn«r. 49, vliaAM .TiMMtay 

night St htr hom^ • mllr north of thr 

r-M .,.■, (Tn t !• . • i" rfTr" u III »"-*Vlli' 

(i« I "TP orlorit Tr<Tjr«flii» «rt#r'wwn •» »n» 
N-ev. Wi.ocl.r.d Mrlir.'. ^''■'"/''•JII: 


clHueh. Mr». Von«s 

>jr»»»r<l bt l»o 

Too 'A •-.•:S"OIi «-.'1 ?^'"^- •'■•'■■^ -""' 

lud ilr. Mar, C.mpbcU. .il »' 8piu«. 

fl"l<? TTO br«th»T^ •rrt •!« 5i»t»« •» 

ur»,ve. .. MIlow* J««ph ^d ^.7*! 

.MRS. 7.t.U.\ niiHiTR 

Rlmlfiird. will be lnW at Wour'. ri^f»J^ 

a. ,W, Kll otn* ;. to*»jf^g»t,j'< 

r&."B'»r(*r f« survivrd br h'f'haiSiStfT* 
K. 1.. Borftr, atid by two tfaacht ' 

A n TtTHl 


,lfr,,, Mr*. E. *r. Un<frt>, ^*^t^ ?»««: 
QuttMnv' Mil o'«iocl( -M* tft« 

m*nt la Mount VIrw cmieUrr «t«*r . 

I Mo A »"ii n c T'.irk of Sprmcfi^ld. 
I also > ii vixcs. 

liimifr. Mjk Nor!i .sn-'i. ..i H—--*-- 
Okln iinrl Mr K-.--^ •••■.■•..;. ' ^\ 

nif T-.t< 

Page 2: Mrs. Florence Witherspoon Jones died.** 

Mrs. Zella Boeger died.** 
Page 4: Miss Margaret Parks and Mr. Samuel Houston Paul were married.** 
Page 6: Puree Allen was killed.** 


Coroner's Inquest Continued! 
Until Today: Shootmq Fol- 
. lowed an Attempt to Arrest 

QOWOtftmM'* inquest mu> tha fatal 
#HM|(M( rarr* Allan. S5.j««r> 

y^^ atl^EML at Qalnia abertty ba^ 
tav w(» continued 
en tha invaatlfaUoo 
Uat nlfht. 
rn at tha hrarint ^aa- 
Itrd THr. .rr rrport* 
ahootln; .'.i:'.o»r,-l an at- 
tlie otturr lo arrrst Allen 
Por KUe«ad po ai a aa lon of nqiior. 

BeTvrml wllne»»r» leMlfled that 
■tey fsw Defwty Nelaon try to atop 
lAUen Mid that the latter ran toward 
jtha Jiunea rlvrr lK>»toms and pIunRed 
into tha waeda. and that tha officer 
folkrwad. Several niinutea later tha 
lirport of • Run »a^ heard and the 
kleputy appeared, atatlnp that he had 
killed Allen In a deaperaie hand-to- 
hand «Beountar. 

T ruiMs sri.r-nr.rr.>«E 

♦ « 

r>e«p:;* tJie t»ft that the officer 
|( ha ahot Allen In aelf-drftiisr. 
Khere waa aocnn ill feeling exprrvrd 
Xalnat him. It waa recalled that he 

^a a parUelpant In a cutting battle i 
0ear !'';">r '^r^ ym*^ «ro n:r1 tViT 
|kt a recer.'. C-»lie piinic he t,],ni ki 

tman whom lie ««i> trying lo iirreoi 
r violation of llqvior lava. 
Nflson. l'^o I'vfii r.ritr ri»rv. Mn 
knd bern helping the *hri',fl durinR 
Bie pre«<nt term of circuit rovirt 
{wblch la In wwlon at Oalenn. Diir- 
Ine tha tr.nrnlr.g Ncl">n fn.d hf 
^tlre4 men going and rotning from 
^ ham near tha railroad track* at 
Oalena. Ha' lrN-«atlg«ted and found 
to half t>lnt of llntior. he aalrt. 




Ha hid and waltad for a«TeraI 
minutes. Allen appenred Bnd took 
tbe Uinior. tha deputy aald. When 
Malaoa atartcd to arrest Allen, the 
latter fled to the river bottom and 
hid In ihf ■wrcriR 

The officer trailed him and finally 
lOund lum. Nelson told the coroner's 
Jury that, Allen came out of the 
waada and offered to submli to arreal 
•ad r> to )atl. But thu man started 
to run again and tbe officer caught 
talm and ■^ fierce struggle enstjed. 
tha officer statad. 
.tii allher you or me." 
top of tha oftloar. who 
hia (un out of his 
piOd AUaB In Um sfSa. 
Inan r«ft>aad to aurrendar. 
^^m, tha huUet hitting 

_ *>Ba. 

JW action win bo taken against 
|Mna tmloM tha coroner's jury 
Ibaold hold the officer tfrlmlnally re- 
tponalble. J. B- Norman. Stone 
^unty proeecutor. aald last night. 


Margaret Parks 
Houston Paul 

I Vows Read 

, I 

A MOST liitfrf»tlng wedding of the I 
I»ll Mason to pl«ce »l Columbl* 
lut eTrtng when MU» Margaret 
Parka, daughWr of Mr. and Mra. 
OeofRa D. Parka of that eltf. waa 
married to Mr. Samuel Houaton Paul 
of Bprtngfleld. The ceremony waa 
performed at the home of the brlde'a 
parenta by the Reverend Mr. Charlea 
Oeorge Fox. rector of the Chrirt 
Kplnrnpnl rhurrh of thli city. Only 
memt>era of the family and a few In- 
mate frienda of the young couple 
were present 

UlM Mary Evana of Columbia was 
m*ld of honor and the brtdeamalda 
»er» Mra. Dean Parks and Mrs. Allen 

I oM. Mr. Allen Boa* was best man 
od Mr. Charles Holland and Mr. 
Jean Parks «er^ proomsmen little 
Mary Banford. niece of the groom. ! 

I was flower girl. 
.Friends of the young couple from 
Bprtngfleld who atended the wedding 

'were Mr. ond Mrs. Grady Banford. 

JMr. and Mrs. John Cox. Mrs. Ollre 

iBartlett. Mrs. Glenn O. FInkblner. 
Mr. John Winn, Mr. Edward Bhelp- 
man. Mrs. Charles G. Rose. Mr. and 
Mra. FWderlck RIcketU and Mr. 
Charles Holland. Members of the 
bridal pariv motored to Columbia 
Tuesday with Mr. Paul and Reverend 
rat to attend a dinner party given 
Tiiewlav erenlne at the Columbia 

i-oiin'rv riMli 'Hie p«r'r « .i^ 

I hy Mr. B1.<1 Mrs. Ufiiu l'Hik>, a:.d .\1.»» 

|M»ry FvRns. 

After the wedding the young cou- 
ple left for a honeymoon trip to Bt. 
Louis, Washington. D. C. and other 
eastern citlee. They will make their 
home In the Qranada apartments In 
this city. 

Mr. and Mis. Paul are both well 
known h«r» vltera Mr. Patil U a pop- 
ular member of the younfer aet. Both 
attended the University of Missouri 
where Mrs. Paul wras a member of PI 
BeU Phi soronty. Mr. Paul U a mem- 
ber of BIgma Alpha Epellon and Delta 
Sigma frntemltles. 



^uneral services for Mr^. Florence 
V.'.; :,ri apuun juiicn. 49, aho died Tuesday 
evening at her home on the Grant street 
road, will b>- held this aficrnoon at ihe 
New Woodland Height* Presbyterian 
church Mr.^. Jone.s is survived by two 
son-t and three daughters. Tad brothers 
and six ^l^ters also ^urvlve. J. W. Kliog- is III charge of the services. 

.'MR.'i. 7ELLA BOEGFR! N»-r.ic<% for Mrs Zell Boenger, 

Ml ."r. tiiert Montfkv at her home near 

. tirariord. «ill be held Friday afternoon 

I • .M"'iiil r:M!ah at 2 o clock Burial will 

; iM.f t'l!>c. Ri Mount PlRgah under the 

inirfrtiDii <,t J W KliiiRner Mrs. Boeger 
IS Mjr.ivrd by jier Uusband end »»o 


Page 2: Godred Oesch died.** 

John I. Brashear died.** 

Mrs. Zella Boeger died.** 

Mrs. Pauline Hughes VanValkenburg died.** 
Page 4: Mrs. Allie Gates Maze died.** 

Rev. J. M. Thomas died.** 

Underhiil infant died.** 
Page 12: Miss Bernice Wolfe of Belleville, III., and Mr. Ernest J. Ebbings were married. 
Mr. Ebbings is the brother of Mrs. W. H. Washburn of 755 South Main avenue. 
Page 13: Miss Alma Fielden and Mr. John E. Rich are engaged to marry.** 

.MM' MI.U 
I Mr* A>: r a(.,'.tk M 
JvrMI arterel Oa)» k^I 
the roniiinrtKinrd of 
^otoUa at t » t iiiu 
In • boepltal here 
••/r.f, C*isfl-» ^f ».• 
1»»<1, Kan . t.-, 
WUe. of Fair 
rrtera *1U 
Wtday o-.ori;!r/ » ; ji 
bw UiMrmvut lo '.I.'* a 
W. KUafner U In ch» 

IMM, Ka> 

Oimiin wi 
aunt MTt 

•mIX' - lodky 

« b torTtTcd b two 

I nitnn P, of Oood- 

tlM teufliur, Mra. 

rouu 4. W- 

MX Hnrelock 

chapel, lolloped 

fiMTUitt oemeiarr. J< 



-Tto« «*?arend J. M. Thomaa. 79, died 
Igfe* wMDHday %t, tola home on riu^ route 
iLSMir^btlibc&Mar •eltaoL Be u aurvi?* 
^ lir fcifWU*. als Mu moA two daagb> 
ttn. tmi !• grandchlldr^. Death waa 
■atfooo. csatrd hr apoplexy, ati examltia- 
M ai fc f 0> i Mwrrae — O, ett J ii f . " OTftnt 
eoantr oorencr. revealed. Funeral arrange- 
■iMiU an la chargi- of J. W. KUbguer. 


l«-da)-old eon <.f Mr. and Mr.« 

UodertilU of Zlkland. rouu 3. «iil 

Friday at Pleasant View ceoie- 

r BIkiand. The child died Wrdnes- 




Wear WiUerne** 

?J ««« w -^ ,f^,- 

w. >.M>na UoiuUT aturnoon. o*** 
,^ in «»»• WlWtrn*- '« 

•*'• ^^"^ «. iBAH and c«jn* 

SUrntown. OWo. A* • 7^ | 

^•-TS)1 to^SJ^n county. *:..« 

brother. •"•*„ /°"' * 31 grandchU- 
0«>rK«U)wn. Ohio. •nd^ji^B^»;;;^_^__ 

■^sfirossrfc^i" th. o«~« lu. 

form I.ltb. rt. ^""«^t'JI^ M? 
KS«. otliitoB. Mo, «« thef 

Is to Marry 
John E. Rich\ 

•*■ r!.Wtn. d»u«l»Mr of Ut. and 
un. H. Dougl- FUid.n. 7i» ««rt 

cuu .» tb. h««n. 01 U». 

;UU ^t who ,•«! th. D.W. to tb. 
r-to«th.pwtr. ,^,^ 

A onlqu. fWlttU. wniwu 

gJet, to th. party w« th. pr««nt- 
?^ 01 Xortun. filing '•'•" ^J^' 
K^MU. •n..y con.ut,d of tmy roiu 
l^ c.r<l.o.rd «.d with co^.<«J^ 

, Ut, 


i*n. mI 


on BUIM lUe^t '".V^Vir^e* .Sd bT two 
of J. W. KimRner. 

Ion. Wh«. op«.<l th.y »«r '°^ 
w~M>d U«)eoot*to.d • l«kj dim.. 
» rtm. o» otbw .ymboL , 

Th* r«ti*tod« <a tb» rr«lii« wm« 

.pj!rp^!^«'M«'««- At^c|o.^ 

ik. «»me th. hlfh «or. »»«J~_J2; 
;^,^n r«.lTe<1 th. coi-oUtlon ^ft 
and Ml" *"»• ^"'*'' '***"•*' • 
"^•nlT'.nd whlt« color *;herae wm 
ob«,rY.<l in th. <l.cor.Uoo. •n««P- 
polntnwnu M>d .too i n th. «««w^ 
•nanta Which W«» — ^*° Oa-IM 

- UUW iUTEnniH thrhtjiff- 

l^'inJo.. «it«t»li».d hr th. twoj 
I ho«t*M*« »er»: i 

I ennor Br1d-.n • **^"'*»„I^rt^7 I 

Funeral .r;»lce» (or Mrs^ 2:«»» ?^«* ; 
atr.fford. win ba h«>d .t Uount ru«»n 

t--i«TV n'tfr. "n r' ? <" -« . .i'-.---'^ ■ 
• in take Dliic*' in the cemetery lher« in 
S.rte of J W. KllnKner. Th. hatband. 
tVi flor°;r .nd two rt,xueht>r. .urvlre. 


iXT'pIulS; Huih.. V« V»Ik#nbttrt. 
21 dtid nlnht .t htr horn, fn 

Tul.a folic* Ing a »hort Illness P'*^*^ 
7n Sprlnffle d she had attended hl«h 

fore her marrlaf « »nd moTe to jm^ 
Uven Tears airo She «' «"';*'*'^.*^^ ^u 
husband, rorrli Van Valkenburg and Ht- 
tU ton. JMklt. of TuU»; her ?•"")•• Jl^ 
and Mra. J. W. Hufhe»: on« jUUr. Mri. 
Mtx Mlllert t'o ^rot^er^ R<«. Hughej. and 
Sxia HOfhM. an of BptlnBfUld. Puneral 
tervlcM wUl bo held Friday aiurnoon at 

Page 1: William Arthur, 55, a farmer in Texas county, was killed October 1 by 
liehtnine. He lived south of Houston. .... .■ ,„^ 

The killing of Puree Allen in Stone county ,s being investigated. 
Page 4: Miss Edna Taylor and Mr. Alfred Heytman were married. 


Page 8: Cyrus Crane died.** 

Mrs. AUie Gates Maze died.** 

J. M. Thomas died.** 

Munhollon infant died.** 

Underbill infant died.** 

John I. Brashears died.** 

Mrs. Pauline Hughes Van Valkenburg died.** 

Mrs. Jolin H. Nixon died.** 
Page 16: Marriage licenses issued.** 

M \KI(I \t.t. I.NSf.H ^ 

William H Sw-lft. 22. nnd Lorrtm 

I Krinchfl. 22. both of SprlnKfleld, and 

I Earl D. A Anderfron. 18, and Virginia 

Marcella Bnlfa. 17. both of Sprlne- 

Miss Edna Taylor 
Weds Mr, Heytmau 

Iflia Sdn* T^TloT of Springfield 
■ad Mr. Alfred Hrytnian of St. LoiUa 
'w«r» married yeat«rday art«moon mX 
t o'clock at tiie 8t. Johu'a i^placoptU 
church. The Rererend Lnria Robert 
AnachutK. rector of St. John a church 
read tha marriac mju^. 

Mr and Mrs. HeyiDmn left Unme- 
dlataly after the rrrfmnnr for St 
Loula whera tbay alU make thelr 
futara b *wna . 


crmus ORANs 

Puneral iirrvlcri for Cyrut Crane. t3. 
rriirtd larmrr wlio dlrd ThurKl»v morn- 
tD( at bU heaia at Walnut Orove, will 
b« hrld at th« rrnldrnrr ihrr« at 3 o clock 
tni( aflsrnoon, (ollowrd by lotfrrr'nii in 
th» Wheeler eemeisrr. Mr. Ci.- li 
iurvltrd by three lont and thrre c»'fh- 
ten B« follovi: Hrrirhrl of Aldrtrh Mo : 
R (I of Pomona. Cut aod C. R. of 
Long Daarh: Mra. Nctlie PlenAaut o( 
Pomona: and Mri. Anni" OrlKham and 
Mra Nrllle Tolbart of Rvrrlon. During 
(he Chil »ar ha waa ■ mrmber of Com- 
pany C. 164th Indian in[»nlry. Forty 
reari ago ha raotad to I>ada county and 
look up farming. Th* Brim funeral hem* 
or Walnut Orova haa charge of funeral 

Mri. AIMS Oatcf Male, it, who waa In- 

liirpd alien aha fell from ths running- 
board of her daughtrr'a automobile at | 
Fmr Oio'ei »everal riavi ago. died In aj 
...HI /It-re lliuiMin) r'.rr;.!rg "^h^ :» I 
niii\ivrd be two aona. Charlea M. and 
Olrnii P Oaten of Oobdland. Kan., and 
the daughter. Mri Oladya WKa of route 
4. Pair drove. Funeral lervlcea wUl b« 
held at Jlaod rhapfl »f 11 oTlofk thid 
morning, followed by interment In the 
.-»m»i»rv iher» J w Kllngner la In 


Fiin^ral aervl^»^ for the Reverend J 
M TlioniBB. 79. who died Wadneaday ' 
afternoon at h|g home on rural route i. i 
near StraMord. will be held Saturday i 
aftirnoon ml 2 o'clock at th» J. W. Kling- I 
ner chapel, followed by Interment In Kait 
LawD cemetery. He I* survived by hH 
wire, alx son* and two daughtars. and 
lA grandchildren Death wa* saaaed bv 
apcrl'«>'. an eiaminatton by Pr Murrsv 
C Stone. Oreen* county coroner, ihowed 

The infant aon of Mr. and Mra. Wilaon 
Munhollon of 117 North Robt>er*on avenue. 
who died Thiir.^day afternoon In a hos- 
pital hirr, will be burled today at 10 
o clock III Haielwood cemetery. Btarne » 
mortuary 1* charge of arrangements. 


The 16-da»-old aon of Mr. and Mr* 

M.-rrniiii I'tiiterhm. who died Wedne.^day , 
nikhl. «ill hf- biirlfrt bi. PleuMMil View 
.-. .iiri.iv ltll^ atlrriinoii Thr parfltl 
1,M- ..I. iMiul ti.Mt- 2. KU.lai'd •' W. 
KliiiKiin l.s 111 rliarKO of urranReiiients. 

John I Hraaheara, 47, dind early ThMrf- 
I rtnv iii'irnliiR piI llie homr of his nner. 

Mit. fiJ»iiril Hiacr. on Ernst Dlaiii' street 
I road He Is survived by Mra. Orsce, a 

Hire- Mlna Lola Orace. and two nephew*. 

(•.11 ill. I enii Mnrlon J. Oriirr. bclh of 
! Kmii •.:!•. CUV Funeral servicer will be 

h. Ill 111 nir CiiBce reildenrr thi>. aflfr- 
' muMi III ■.; .10 o clock, followd t'V int'r- 
' 11.. lit 111 fiirvlev cemolery. J W Kllng- 

:w r IS ;ii thBrKO of arrangpnientv 


Mr-. roiiliMo Hughes Van Valkpriburg, 
,',o u.n!« irMirtl In n;':!-!! I;p1(1 and at- 

,....• ,.,.: '.-•• • .■•.■£■. '-f- ''>.l 


m In-: l;'.:iie ir. 

. '^i. . » 1." . . • 

I She 1.^ siirMved bv h. i husband. F.-rr;» 
\..Ti V«IkiiihiirK nnd small «ori Jnckl*. I 



Mr «!rl Mr« J. W 
\fr>- <'•» Vl'.rr nri\ 

.. 1. , I . I . U ..1.1 I ~ •• ■" •• ' • '' 

,1 .>^i.i -.liL ii. :.i K'ltiiHl ■ ■• ; • ^ '-^ .. f 
! •Ill I ririiiv alleriinoii in Till-'* 


Mm John H Nixon, of 801 Bonth Weller 
'n..nin-. widoM. of Dr John H NiTon. »ho 
I ciirrt here Bboul se\en yenrs Rio. di'rt at 
I ihp .''princfleld BaptKt hospital about 1> 
1, ; ':!»• •■•r>M rnneral a-'snc": ■'■•"« 
i;i ri ■.piplr'.- . hill ptob.i;... • .. ne held 
, ai llii homo .'^.iti.rday al'.M -r 

Page 11: J. M. Thomas died.** 
Cyrus Crane died.** 
Munhollon infant died.** 
Underhill infant died.** 
Mrs. Allie Gates Maze died.** 
Dorsey R. Smith died.** 


Page 24: Son bom October 2 to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Hopkins of Chicago. Mrs. 
Hopkins was formerly Miss Loretta Seifert of Springfield. 

Page 27: Miss Joan Bean of Ash Grove and Mr. Lee Prater, son of the Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 
Clarence Prater of Willard, are engaged to marry. The marriage will be on October 25 in 

Page 28: The will of Mrs. Harriet N. Fellows was filed for probate.** 

MRS. FELLOWS ESTATE \ ^ 1^ I. '::!;^;":ji S"m;:^Si *iiv[ 

TO BE HELD m TRUST li^rSn'^f ••ti'-rT^l! frtu'^ain'^.f?^^^ 

WW*f l« 8t. uwiu.irfft. who «n»<i] J V KIiiVi"«:r. 7h«T*»»ld died Wr<U»e»-i 

S«turd»y. Ik to he hrld iii triin inr i ..i|»y' ijIfM. '. ^^^^•>'■' ff- > ".: -^vV-^J 

flvo yrnrn nr\H. iUrn dIvlrtM *rni«|Iy f -- ■_ — 7-? 

nniniic t«o !tnti« nr.rl I'urr rlnnrhtrr>; ' «(■.« ALLR CmTBS MAZB * ' 

niM'i*! Krvicrs »«Jre li«ld St BM* 

fl'i 'inline I" n will /ilrrl fnr prnhair 

lorl.ny III llir offirr of PrnlnitP Jiir!cp 

'"joltn H Fiiliinan ; 

' Cal . unrt Norn* I. Frilowx of Pprlnc- 1 

1 flrlrt, »rrr iinnirrt rxrr\itnr* rf llir ' 

■alll nr.d 'lri:<i:i c."5 o( liir r^i.Tr. » larpc ■ 

I portton of which is tmrt<>r«teod to be I 

' 'i.-'i''!'-5 !!i "r S':^- .:■ --f '■;(' \V.- :-pv. 

. ■ i::,'.i . ■. . Ill wl..-:i .M;- l..:.'W^ r.,.-- 

ijucd W.1-. oi'.€ 1)1 Uir ;ii\lliilris 111 JHK,J. 

In nddltlon 1<> tlif t»«» .»om<, the 1 

• other lecatprs of the tr\ created 

I by the will are the dnuehtri. Mr«. 

rlTctfll. XI*y(, and Mlfwex Susie ftnil 

' H«hiet FeIIo»n. A third fon. Robert 

I M. Fellows. 1.1 ber)tie»thrd the aum 

of H hy th" w.i;i. «ii;rh na« mnrte 

I October .11. 1»35. 

I Wllneiweii U> Ihe will were Perry 
T. A;;pn eiKl Cnrl I). M..i;.n. Thr 
valMC of Ihr r-mir uni v.ot r.s; nia'rtl 

m^^t^i it 1: oc!c'lt'tM« moriiinc for 

Sri. AUl» 0«u« MuC M. wbm ••• In- »e»»r*l dfcv* n^wh*o ih* Bllrht^d her OBiikHiT ••> car at f«ir Oro^f- I 
BurlAl look pl«c* m th« B«mt1II« e«nj«- I 
t«Tl m ch«r»o or J. W. *yin««T". Mra. , 
Mii dUd In « ho«pU«l Aw Thor«d»y. 
8b« U BurTired by <«o »oni and 0D« 
dtnfftitvr. I 



Oo/MT n. aintth. «. of Tub*. Okla . 
fortnorlr of Bprlnffleh*. dtod Thnradajr 
evening •! 4 o'rlo. k in Tula* »Iler * brief , 
Jllnta*. II* «iM at on«; tiroa • student tn . 
th« With sriieoJ here. iHo U aorrlred by | 
thrco hroft:rr' VIrc'! B Pmlf^. m? N"Tf*i 
Moulevard. l^tn; C . Of Okl*!.P!i:a CUr. 
and J. W.. ol 8«u AQlooio. Texa*. atid ■ 
one .<(UteT. Mra T.e«ra Chauncer of 1 
8pt:::|rflel(1 Funeral arranit' are !n- 

CiMOptot*. i I 

Ctmvn CBANK 

runeral Mrvlcea for Cyni« Cr«n«. 



wh„. utitll J5 >e«r« a«o, farmed In Oade 
fouitlv. were held at hU te»i dence at WIJ 
♦iht I'nv- tf.f. .Tf*»"f.oon. fOMPMi By ii^l 
lerUnt in ';...!er '•^^'T^iVj} 

V died Thtir*- 

van burled th.a morninj ai » ViM died ' 

4 .., .. SI. u: • : 1 . ■. i-;i.:..i > »;.>.>il-»" 

»nt In thi«rpe ot hurinl » 

Page 2: Mrs. Mary Simmons died.** 

Mrs. John H. Nixon died.** 

Dorsey R. Smith died.** 

Rev. J. M. Thomas died.** 

Cyrus Crane died.** 

Munhollon infant died.** 

Underbill infant died.** 

Mrs. Allie Gates Maze died.** 

Rev. J. B.Ellis died.** 
Page 4: Miss Kate Cantrell and Mr. Willard Savage were married.** 
Page 12: Card of thanks.** 


Mrs. Mary Simmons, i Pioneer Minister 

Springfield Pioneer, 
Dies at Home Here 

Un M*n' Slmrr.on^. 80. plone«r 
iMldent of SpiinirlleKl. «J1«1 »t her 
borne at 1041 TeiM« avenue *t 10 30 
o'clock l««t nUhi. , 

Mm Slrrir.'.i.' r:.:if '.'j SiTinctWld | 
With her parent* when she w»* aU 1 
j^„ «f »g« and had »v«l bere erer 
aUm. 8h* h*d reaelded ai her borne 
en TCxaa aTenue for 35 years. 

Sb» *• aum^ed by four aona. Wal- 
tar Wmum. Harry and Clifford, all 
of 'sprtncfleld; two daughwra. Mra. 
jam Aaatnan. 2201 South Holland 
and Mra John Wulf, of Loe 
^ C*l.; » brother, Allen WU- 
-..— ^ nntt* •. Springfield; 14 grand- 
dUMnn and « greatgrandchildren. 

nmcral aerrtcea wiU be held at the 
Btarna mortuary Monday afternoon 
M 340 o'cUx*. Burtal wUl be made 
IB-Ittttonal ewneterr 

Vows Arc Read 

The in.rr.a«e of Ml» '<*''^""^;;' 
to Mr. WlJUrd Batage hw been an 

°uMCCd. The ^oas were read .n 
Carthage September 21 and wa« Kc.,t 
Bfcret tint II this »rek 

Mr. and Mrs. SavHze ^ill i.>«kp^ 
lh"r homt »t 829 eoutH Wchv r 
a\Lnue. . 

Of Ozarks Region 
Dies at Age of 81 

The Rcvrrnul J B Ellis. 81. for 50 
vearR R minister In the Southwest of the MclhodLst Episcopal 
church South, died at 9;15 la^t night . 
at liifl home at 1015 Market avenue. ' 
after a lingering rinens. 

Tlie Reverend Ellis, who was at one 
tUuA ijrcfciuciit of MoriUvllle college 
at MorrlBYllle. and for four years pre- 
siding elder of the Springfield district 
hnd boon supernnnimted for the part 
ten yeivrs. He was born at Cooper- 
town. Tonn . tn IMS nnd rame to 
; SprmRflcld to live In 1902. 
1 He is survived by three daughters, 
i M1S.S MHUd EllLs. at the home nddre*s: 
I Mrs. R L. Pyle. of Odum. Texaa. and 
' Mrs r W Tiirks. 1012 South Market: 
i four bons. J. A. Ellis. Venice. Cal.. C. 
' A. Ell'.-. 1017 M;irk(t -.^^ f^v.WQ. T. H. ■ 
, Ein.s. 1017 South Campbell avenue. I 
; and W. P. Ellis. 1021 South Market 
I avenue. 

I Funeral arrangements have not 
! be'^n conip>'.r(l. bu' -.I'-ry v. ill bo in 
; charuf of Undertlikiiig 

i ^ - 


runer.l'*"v.ce??jr Mr.. Jo^.n H. NUon 

^i-^iTld'^l**? ro?.'oc.^rM»afli'rron\^ 

H-r.^VTn-='^C «I^":^n S^erVrf^ 
S"rerllon of the Alma }^^^\^''l^rCjCt 
homr Mr. Ninon dlfd In a hospital late 

Thuraday night, 
ning in Tulaa aft er a bri ef llinew. 


Lii»n cemeler.v. 


'^""h'e'l'd "."'Vbe '?e^.dVn« m 'w.lnui 

r.Vr;';;^ c'l?ar rof^h^"^V.m"f?n%raf home. 



Tl.f InlHiu «oi> of Mr. and Mrs Wilson 
M^nholon of 717 North Ro^berson ase- 
nue »a» burled ye.terday nior"'"« .'^/° 
"clock in Ha.elwood cemetery under the, 
dirfcuon of Slarne s mortuary. 


ihe 16-day-old sou of Mr. and Mrs. 

IM.u-hi-.i VI. xs ..u,r--ry u.u'.cr v.f c.i.v-| 
1 tiou ol J W. KUI1K1UM-. I 



Of Lm J. Wagnir, euf 
»» ...J ftthpr who departed 
, jrcar ago today. October It. 

. Httabasd *• ml.M ynu )ti«t a< mti'h 
today a. In th» hour vmi *»nt ««•>. 
Wiih .company we are iinrly. m ereada 
«• arc. blua. Our h earLi tra aUaya 
•chlng. husband dear, for you. 

Sadtr niaaed by wife. Maud E. Wagntr, 
ehllaren, B\-elyn and Hubert. 


Page 4: Mrs. Frank Venow died.** 

M. B. Thomas died.** 

Mrs. Mary Siinmons died.** 

J. B.Ellis died.** 

DorseyR. Smith died.** 

Mrs. N. A. Milliken died.** 
Page 8: Ada Rook divorced W. V. Rook. They have a small child Darwin Lee Rook. 

Card of thanks.** 
Page 10: Miss Kate Cantrell and Mr. Willard Savage were married.** 
Page 12: Rev. John B. Ellis died.** 





IttlT^i Mcm.xtn» ;f«!>f«* •J,Ji»'t£?% 

- ■,. . . • \- .- -^ r»-.- •' J^-' «• 

rrr*; •:!»:»<•--«. i» 

IM«»M ** 

noK^TV It "Mirn 

> rr«hi»i *•^^»* B«rH«l rhurrb. wil* Wv» 
V INfcWW Bfflr1»«Wt 
MA or r«B3v IP ,if»» %■>.— •— 't • i' L« 

h««4 in Uk» wviu,n 



♦ r Ml* 

Sr5ttm'',i^i«»-^ OH. 

una Sr» M«« mv 

■ TbMMUr 

- K'fui-kv PMt>«ral Atrmiicr 

.» -*c^— » »^» irf.«»1" 

c{ r-.»««*t«f frvj. a.>.k:.; ii:»_.:»<-i« ol I". » 

\ \ MItllKfV 
€*:'■'• » t»'t >;'. 'ort»t f<»r f.w 
»^» (Vi*n p( Mr M aikfn • bc«U\#T • 



> ^ -*? - at m4i tmm •i#n«< trxAms nlf^t , 

• ll^ .>»^ r»'«''» »'.\<»> ^^• ••• •* y»*«* 
■ ,. ,f» a < *-tA V »^ '•»'» »«#r «ti»*» r*- 

»>^.: I •" ■♦: A»»i» •■'1|H« lif.r.f trt ^^ 
TMti fowT tor* ftn« \«« aA»i«l»Ur» tATi- 

•«4 iiifif-ii » ; «J ftp ii-4'..»'i't Mf» J«>' '' 
ItefiMtwM tP^ Mr* #»hi» ^••^^•L'^ 

ru"»t»! t»»«"v« %»>'. f*' l>rM »' 

.1!. -.4 




if'iinti m Mh4 

■mS^vC... or tcsMOniuM 

Tn lovlns nirniorv ci t r^ .1 W»c.irr n-ir 
this ll(« on* yt*t aiu loU.y. October W. 

Uu*»*Dd •• WIM you l<i*t " mu. h 
-|»d«y •! in «»•• hour mu went «»«y. 
wTlh company »e •'« i"'"'!- '" «•?*"• 

•ching. hu»b»nd de«r. for vou 

i SadW ml*.«ed by -ire Ma-.d E Wasner. 
tcbUdrui. Svflrn >nd Hubrrt. 

Announcement b»» *>•«» »«** f« 
I f he m-rrUce of Miss K.te C»titT»Il t« 

Mr. WilUrrt 5-»x«;e '«!v.cri took pli-" 
;,n 0«rthi»8e September 31 TtA hM 
Ihrrti kept >..:ei -..nt.: t:-.' pre^n- 
' lime. 
I Mr. *nd Mrs. S«v«Ke will m»ke in^»r 

borne »t 823 SouUi Wearer avenue. 



Mansfield to Have Charge of, 

Services at St. Paul 
Church Here; Had Long 
Record as Minister m 
Ozarks Region 

jShn bIbiu. "I. w«l» »* »»»W """^^ 

«|i.Tnnoti •! S »0 nVlnrk •« lh» 81 
pmil Mf<ho<ll«t Kpi«-op«l ^ rhurrh, 
Bouih. Th« |l«»«r«od WlHUm M. 
Mi>n*f**KI. p«uw vt 0»» chtifth. -will 
linff rhiir»» «» th» funrr»l ttmrru 
II* «ili b» ••»ui«« bT »oui»i«rn *«»th- 
cMlliil mir.iMrr* of tli» Sprinitirlrt m»- 
irirt. who aluo will Brt M p«lll«««»«T» 
Halt l>Mi« K#*-<>»4 

• liortft EillB, who »«»r M ynn ••• 
a mtiilotor in iho iunithw»«t rooUr- 
»nre of th« . MMhodut Cpiaeofwl 

' . hurrh. Poiiili f.lrrt ml IS p m. FtI- 

onv »! »i.« >.■■<"» •t'^:.' Mxrkrt urtiMf 

i afirr a liiig»r;nj lllnM*. Doctor Ellu 

I van a former pre»ld»nt of tha ol«t 

M..tii«»:;i» ini\rz» at Morri«*iII» anrt 

• ..r (f.i.r xri.r* «•« |»rf«l<1ii>t 'M" of 
ilir .Hprin^fi'lrt elt'trwi Tf^r 10 rrmr* 
< I- • H'^ >•■<■« ■•'. •".» «•:!>/•:« in •"»1 ll«i 

• •', III. .•..-'I '• • '• !'•* ' '•"•" " 

I>^(<u ISi^ •••» «»<•« «» n«"»>»i •■on 
. ,„ ^ ..,^-,r-rr rT-ir:.'- • T< iSIH 

ll, 11 JXI--I Kl ■•.'••'.III ■■» hi« llf. 

I ,. , . f, »•.-. r- r » :••!•-. I h» lairt 

. rmljr lilr n-rpl liial I'-* li"'"* »aa 
' mi h'liiiMI' on». rot prr«»<1 lor nf<-*«- 

'.ii'»-« M' 'lid »i* ....^•^»-. «r:i1 t«o 

\ I »■ ll.-l l> •• • 

Ml tii«i •' li"«>" f:« • wiri^ %^trtl^ ;n 

,>i •'r^.^^n^r^ •■■ .!•■•■ •• 'i.-ol •■ ^• 



» ' ..>^' i iitlt ' ff|Slir i ! ' ^* ' .t ff^V!R?l 

••Th«'* ffsrf'il %tir h>»ilir ■ oiif~l>*-'' 

• ill ii'>^ •> ho<i: prit lit :it-* t ai«a}« 

• Kr an«l "*»* not ahlr to a^nd ni'.' but 
t lHli>i<l anrt pin! »nrt h» rtnullr r««^ 

VsiH" Vtt po«ir. Ml' f inriimrabir r*- ■ 

'^rvlimoua llfr datca from tpt— fc^f 

"is. 1M7. 1 waa appoint*^ cl*aa lM«»r 

aaon after I joiiMd th« cburch and 

. «aa UMna*d to preach la r«bnMn> 

'datnc4 «lM«M by >ii»p. M a wia M 
OalatO*. Tynn., In U»f aprlng «ir ITS 

T*-*"* I h»«1 I'phoirl frrvr 
:<'■:. rr > I «a« flevn bMM 
I ii^ni MiT<- I •rii' '.^ Tmr flroir 


Mftiiii;t«k Mtitr *n4 t u^Jl'iBi 

•-rni* 1^! »i-riiin| nnr n« "he •<inim»- 
■ •I :H7r ii. J.;i« : rr-irti'O to leri- 

. nraaa* aiMI inam«d Miaa K T. Mat* 
(tirwa. daughUf ot Atvaaadav Mat« 
tbMa of tte* 7>nBta f Maftr*M*. 

: and r«lurnrd to Miaaoun i« Auin»t. 

J, Veptcq^ber o(.icmU|Hm nu I JoIm« 
tbr nauihwcMt ItMMAun rtmt Hn wi m •* 
I ha it. K. rhurch. 8o<ith7 at MUml. 
Mo. aiirl null v:\<. •/. NX. 'ho iir'"'!!' 


^riil !•■ \|<ir«l'>illlr 
%\ f i.*-.i.\ tfji.jilT.rf! It*' 
(all aa in<uilr trariirr in Morrwvillr 
rollrf* I aaa ««nt to Uonumu at* 
linn. I i»r\r<t tht» rharc* b«it ofj* 
yMtr. Kivinc place ta an el« a»« 

• \ 

npolrtn»M'Br"t«» ManhflrM 

. which . J acrrcd two year*. ;'«tntag t 

■ »-ifh lirn» ^P'M la )■«'» M-»r^hflrl»1 
• aa aimnat d»afroT«t by a cyclone. ^ 

A*''.'!' loo p»cip|» m'T* k"T»»1 Xh' 
(.■•ll f.f IRIWi I •>rriT .en' ?o .«Sprir>jf I'll 

»7Irr<iit. whirlTt arr»*d on* T»a^ Tif J » 

.nr. «• fh«-ii'r»r Mo 

■acpirmb»'f. IHHJ. I ••« »'i" *" 

» hirh 

M9 1'waa aMit aa 

Mir SprincJI'l'l «1l«»rfc», 
»rrvr<l lhr»* )rar» 

••Thf Hummer ol ISM I waa »i««rt«d 
pffaldrnt of MOTTlarin^ rolH»» for «n« 
year It^lore Ihia )r^i r«|.irril I «a% 

jU||r«H!ttad Jor tkraa 

i^«apU»tliMa-e< tbla ta 

At aapt- , 

iiil'i.n «if til'.' I'rtti of f|t> v^«r» al> 
Ihotilili rr<|nr<tirf| hy (he hiiard of - 
4 lit a I Of* to rnn<liii<e In aiH h relation 
I «;ri i:iirf1 lo rio .n 

Nr\ I 1*1 I ff-t».iii«iit 

'■ at ««tia. T 


•'■a artii in Labanon durtnri. wht « I 
i4id a bard yaar a ««th itadat (raat 
I IwwIlIT arfllrtlona Tbat waa a hare* 

d;"';ri n> us-ri l»i tHTiT I •■* neni 

to RpiinRfl^ld duirtet. hut nwln« Ht 
^ fonpUcationa ta tba cabtaat «a«k mt ^ 

lh« rontrr^nr^ b»M bv BMw y OmimI- ' 

Irr. «•• rliat>ce<1 at the eiiil nf the 
tirat rear to Maoabo dlairtct. wtUala I 

• •!•. "^ i»0 year* remoTinf from Mnr- 

ftWt Oq||iCM9KllWttMlak tecata« at , 
< Nabaho^ Ue < 

.\» I l<»iW back o> er lhe«e tear* 

. Jtuy a. IMm. that* at* attay tlilB«a i 


I to Tegftl 

rurth»rnM»t«. I rfUr* ttot ' 

.rn.t thi.'- rtirniit »in rn»«I •» l»^» ' 
j M>in» meMure «>l |ood »cc tt Mpll»h«« ; 
' »Uk1 h«« b»<n rx>d to ii». fW«ti M» ^ 

riRht rWldrwn. wwr bOT* •■* • •**' 

„..^)hrr1^f rirU. "H of -hf"" •'» "* 

Dr Klin !• •urTl'-^n ►>» ihr'» <1«iii:ti 

Page 2A: Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lines celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary.** 

J. C. Davis died.** 
Page 13A: John B. EiUs died.** 
Dorsey R. Smith died.** 
Two couples were married.** 
Page IB: John Fulton, Jr., was killed.** 

Page 2B: James H. Bell died October 4 in Bowers Mill and was buried in Pleasant 
Grove cemetery. 

Frank Davis, a pensioned Frisco engineer, and Mrs. Carrie Blood were married 
Wednesday in Monett. 

A plaque was placed on the grave of William Lumbley, a Revolutionary war 
soldier, by the DAR. His grave was found in a corn field eight miles east of Miller in 
Lawrence county. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Parrigan of Peirce City celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary 
on October 6. 

Son bom October 7 to Mr. and Mrs. Thadford Majors of Monett. 
Page 4B: There is an article about Jerry Fenton and the postoffice. 
Page 6B: Miss Lois Vivian Winkleblack and Mr. Roy Bradford Vinson are engaged to 


Page 7B; Miss Sybil Reed and Mr. Ruedy Etiger are engaged to marry.** 

Page IC: There are photos of Springfield's leading radio dealers and their stores. 

Page 3C: There is a photo and an article about L. E. Lines. 





JdUN B. tLLlS 

rillR «l. formff pr*BlJent of MorrisMne 
ro '.%» ...d former prMldlny tW.r o, the 
MflMrilit EpWcopBl Church. SO""!- *'" 
be held at J'JO o'clock thU afwrnoon ui 
Ix /iuli aiutch. lollowed by interment 

p"llbl.«rer» will M nilnUleri of Ihf 

• liurrh. Mill i.mclote and J W Klliigner 
»]|1 hnv« ch»rgf of •rr»ngfmrnlF^ 

Mr EUIK. »or 50 yea" • miniflfr «n the 
.IKlrlci l» iurvlvrd by lour sons, and 

r A m>El>'ltl 1 ti EH... 6rri:.j- 
,rld. W. P felli. Sprlnilleld: Ml« M.J.^- 
rilla SDrinalleld; Mr». C. W P»'»«- ■ 
SnIihgK'and Mr.. R. L Pvle. Odun, ._ 


Funeral tervlcFA lor Dorrf» R Bmlin. 

"•fl who difd TmivcUv »t Tu.-:i, 0.-..». '"i 

,hr hfld M 2 30 o clock SundBV ail<-no.jn , 

at the PTthlan avenue Baptist ehttteli, 

Vllh the Rev.rend L V. 8«.airv olnrl*.^ 

' ir.i Thf Alma Lohmryer lunrral hone 

I nrlll have charge of the Interment. | 

J. C. DATtS 

Th« boij of J. O. D«*U, wtio died r»- 
rrntlr at the home of a son In BlUtow, 

'•>\''-'. . V f.s r»pr.::r.1 to i;...^ .,ci« at nld- 
nlght Saturday night and (unaral tcr- 
vlces were planned at 3 o'clock Sandaj 
afternoon at the Bt. Luke Uethodl.'<t Eplt- 
(upal cliurrh I'l iniics rorl',»('t of Marsh- 
i.'.u. .Mr. UmH IS Mir»..iu ov »ile. 
six soni. i^ench Davia of 1623 Bhrrman 
avenue. Alfred E Dnvls of HarrUon. ArV.: 
rhurlffi r. nnvH of 0»tilTt;d. Cat : t'l;-. 
I)av:s of Bllliiigo. M< nt : .\!jr' in M DaMs 
of nrlstow. Okia . and CIvde Davis of j 
Brlftnw. and one danalUer. Mr* Fl'a Mar- 
lin of Con«av Several'-.iirtrf n B!,r 
great grandchildren B;^'J mu .\e 


Two Springfield couplet were mar- ' 
ried last night by R. H. Trevathan. | 
I JURtlce of the peace, at hto home. 411 1 
South Market avenue. They were ' 
Earl Cobb and Marie Richardson and i 
C. H. OrUftn uid Baaal* MIebMls. ) 


Married For 62 Years, 
Say 'Nobody's, Happier' 

Springfield Couple Has Named Two Kansas Towns, Home- 1 
steaded Three Tracts of Land and Resided for i 

35 Years in Springlicld 

>ff>ma tlxty-wooad •rddlni miiiI- 

■*• •——•■••, rrlcbriited lut yertk. U 

le Ur. and Mrs. John T. Unr<. 9040 
Llndrll arpnur, mertlf anothtr mile- 
•toB* la k iMppr Journey whioh will 
eentioa* *Mntu 4MUt do tu part.** 

Murlfd on October a. 18«7. th« 
roiipto brcan an •vtntttil life to«rth- 
rr. vlilrh bee Includrd tbe eettimg 

I md namlnf of two Kenau towni. 
homrvlrKdlDK of three tract* of Iknd, 
•nd It jreari of reeldence here In 

' Bprlnnneld. 

I "We vent (hroURh the flint mill." 
Mr. i.lne*, who !■ M. declared jftn- 

^ day. "We-** betn poor and we've 
rtood hardiihliM at different times 

, rturlnR thees 63 yearn, but weve been 

a* bappy aa any two folka roiild be " 

' ♦ — ♦ 

•vomiKv iitrrii ir 

grstolattooa and tna atmoapber* of 
eetcbratloa which accompanied the 
•aalvacMry ycaterday. the old couple 
fM*IM>nU>er aadly. that there la 
only en« of their weddlni fueata itill 
llvlag. U. B. rierson. of La Fontaine. 
Ind., wtio la Mra. IJiiee' brodier. 

"And there waa a large family 
group there, too." Mrs. Lloes pointed 
out. "We were married at Uncle Ben I 
l.liim'—hr wee e pr^nrhrr^aiiil thrn 
bad a big dinner at ray alster'a." 


♦ ♦ 

' The neit day the aedtlln^ party, a« 
I waa tbe ruatnm In that time, aaarm- 
I bled for an "Infalr," ahlrh waa a 

Mrs. Uoea' amlle bora him out, and 
aba nunntirad, 'Tiobody happlar.' 

llialr own bappy cxpcrleno* in mat- 
rtmony has aeemtngly set tham Irra- 
eoeably agalnat divorce. On their 
goMan weddiBC •nalveraary. some 
friend laughingly remarked that "It 
would be funny. If after 80 yeara of It. 
Tou »oiild fall out and get a dl- 

I "Weni fall out many timee," Mr. 
Mnee replied." but well never get a 
divorce." Tbejr bcii. lonaldcr luai 

"*»•'»• kaan through the flint mill, 
bwl we've been happv all Iheae jreara," 
JaliB T. Unaa. U, 2041 Undell avenue. 
tmMnt •m kla aisty-aaoeaa wad- 
dlBC MUUvetaar; 

la tha midst et the taleptaonad eon- 


Mrs. John T. Unes. 82, above. ha4 
aeen "no end" of happlnna, hardahip 
and adtenlurr. daring the 62-Tear 
ronrae of her married life. 

dinner at the brldrgroom's raotber's 
house. They had both been brought 
up In La Fontliine. and lived there 
i for a short time before going out In- 
i to unsettled pislns of Kansas as plo-. 

Mr. I liirs. and IiIh lirollirr. I E 
l.lnra, m-1(I(*<I it hnuill toMn In the 
soulhcu^lrrn part of the atnlr. and ' 
nnntrd |( T.a Fontrtlnr for llii-lr linnw 

I ■•ri.!: ll> i;. I.,.;. , ., I ... . ... ,.„,-, 

grown nnlll now ,: htm a pnptilatlon 
of nearly 600. Mr. end Mrs.,Llnea. I 
atlll a very yming rnnple. went on Into I 
weMrrn Kiiiiam^. nnrt e^lhlillabrd the 
amall tii\An of Wiihii».h. end t^rltl'-rl up 
a number of plrcea of land. Tliry 
came In Sprlncflelrt from roiin- 
I)'. Karis'iK 

During^ the past IB year*. Mr. Lines 
has not />een able to do ectlre work. 
but fa^'30 years, ha managed collec- ' 
"MMA for hU brother at the L. E. . 
Unaa Muslo oompany. ' 

Vivian Winkleblack 
To Wed Mr. Vinson 

Ui. *ad Un. Q*otf» A. Winkl»- 
bUck, S30 EMt liOCuat ■trrrt. havr 
•BBOunoed tiM tniaftin^Bt o< their 
d*UBt)t«r. MtH LoU VlTl»B WlnkU- 
bteek. to Mr. Roy Brmdtord Vliii«>n. 
wm of "Un. lAur* Vinton, of Uonctt. 
Ii& Tbelr nurrlac* ceremony vlll 
bo •otomnlsatf Novorabor 10. 

.U J.V.N ^\('H. /vet «4 

To Br Married 

Mr Biiff Mr« Chorlen RTrt. 120.S 

Ih^ |.ncacrment. of th^lr d««uK»urr. 
Sybil, to Mr. Ruedy Eticr of thi. 

I The wrrtdlnK will tv Cflrbratrl 
nomc time In Novrmhrr und the 
TounK rouple will m»ke 'hnr home 

of the de«d youtli, «•• wtUi talm 
. at Uie time the pm exploded. TUI« 

int o( Um accident carlr ta*t nlcbt. 

Campbell aald that he and young 

ruiion were itandlng In aa opea 
! f Uld near Um farm taouM vten • 

•mall bird foddenljr took to tto air 

from a clump of dead weeds 
I nearby. 

I CampbeU lald that be 
lUrd but mined. Yi 
tailed to falm andtcM 

would try Wa eWB 




Victim Alto Atttndod Camp- 
bell School Here; FtthorOn* 
Time Nominoo for Proafding 

IJoljn rulton. Jt^ 72, mm at » 
prominent Orcene county tannv 
I and a former atudent at flenter 
i^lch acbool. died at ie:4S tffelock 
^Batorday . lominc aa the NnB off 
arddfntally mundlna hlaoeU 
shoiily bclo.e r.n.'.e niii.llrg o«ar 
;the rulto nfarm. la mllea aoatb- 
eaat of SprtncfleM. 
Res Campbell ai>>ycar-old eooia 


Automatic Shotoun Jerkt 
;From His Hands in Unin- 
tended Shot, Drops to 
Ground and Stioots Again 


^, ♦ 

iA» ruium ralaed hla fun. w*^ 
lie «-faufe repeater. Ot^taffl 
Sid the «un flred end -Ud«d-ort 
^poeltlon. n»« tn«g«r. Otoitea 
•aid. muJt hare Januned aa tlie gna 
iihoi a lecond lime. Jumptof oat tt 
hi* eoualna band. Wben the fim 
hit the ground It fired a third ahot 
laeodlng • dliehane o< bo dt mo t 
• into rulloni rl«ht lun:. OampbeO 
said that he wa« standing aeoe M 
feet away from Fulton when he re- 
ceived the wound. _ 
I Seeing that a large atrip of Oeab 
wei bhiwn fron bla oouatnia right 
ildr. Campbell took him Into Ida 
iarma and ruataed to the Xata 
thouae. The wound wie UecAng 
I rapidly. CampbeU old. 

A phytldan tram Omrk waa hn- 
medlately a i i mm nned bat be sntfed 
loo 1«(^. The boy had died a few 
mlniitf* before. Dr. WUllam WUla 
of .SprlnRflrld was also called tn 
the caie at tbe time the Oiarfc ptay> 
•Idan waa aummoned but Ida ar» 
rival waa too late alao. 



' Both youns Pulton and Ma fatber 
»rf »c;i known In SprtnjfieM. The 

' elder Fulton was at one time e 
nominee for prealdlng Judge <tf thia 

' district und a candidate for iherlff 
Hi sno'hcr 

John F-j:ton. Jr . attended 
Campbell .■school when his family re- 
sided on Wr^i K.n street several 

' yeart axo. He later attended Senior 
HiKh school. 

The youth Is survived by hla 
mother and father and one brother 
and four sister* as follows; Lloyd 
Pulton of Rogermlle. Mo.. Hra. 
Karl Wheeler, of Oklahoma City: 
Mrv Roy Mallonee of Springfield: 
Mrs. Clarence Eedah! of Schofletd. 
Wn . anri M:.v r.\^'. Cowa.n cf 

Funeral arranrements are Incom- 
plete but services wi:i probably be 
held under the direction of an 
Ozark. Mo. underalcer 


Page 5: Mrs. Beulah P. Bohrer died.** 
Page 12: John Fulton, Jr., died.** 

Berton F. Stone died.** 

Mrs. Mary Simmons died.** 

Mrs. Ketchum died.** 

Mrs. Gertrude Jason died.** 

Oliver Sewell died.** 


jomi iruLTOjVfB. ^ 

n. who wM uulJjf •hoi •«»« buntJo* 

on hii fatb«r'i Urm tbrt jnllM we»i. of 

Roterfville Saturday mornlnft. will b« held 

(Ml afternoon at i ocloct at the family 

rfnidfncf. loHowfd by Interment In the 

i Fulton cemetery. Youna ,^ulton »•• • 

' former Mudent of Bprlnffleld Senior Hl»h 

; Khool when his parenU llred on Weijt 

Elm street He also attended the Campbell 

Bchool. He la furvlyed'by hit father and 

' mother, tne brother. Lloyd, of Ro«er«- 

▼Ule end four ulsters, as follows: Mrs. 

i Karl Wheeler of Oklahoma City. Mrs. Roy 

Msllonee of BprlnRfleld. Mrs. Clarence 

FscldlU o( Scfinlirld. Wis. ft;-.d Mrs Psul 

CoikRi) ol SprliiRlifld An Orsrk \inder- 

tskfr ht^ rhsrjre of funersi srrange- 


Funeral 'erTlees for Mrs. Mary Simmons 

»<>. "ho rtlrrt Frldsv nlghl at hrr homr 

• t 1041 TrxM* svrnne. wtll be held at 

Starne s mortuary thl^ afternoon at SrSO 

o'rtock. followed bv Interment In National 

remetery Mrs, SImmon.i Is survived by 

■four sons and two daughters, as follows: 

' Walter. WIUIan«. Harrr and. Clifford and 

■ Mrs .lohn And^rnon. si) of SprlnBffeld. 

Mt.ri Mr» John W>ilf or l.o< Ans'lfn. Csl 

; Former Springfield 
I Woman Dies at Home 
In West Plains, Mo. 

WK8T PLAINS. Mo. Oct. J3.— Mr« 
Rriilah P. Bohrfr. 61. wife of EflvHrd 
('. Bohrer. promlnrnl W^m. Pining 
btmlnfM msn. dl^d al hrr hnmr here 
rnrlv S»liirrtiiy nlchl followliiK a llDg- 

Mr'. H<iiiirr i% •• <.>iiiiii ; 

?pi Insdrld. Mo. Shr formerly »■»« 

ronnerl^rt with Ihr Hfrr Dry Ooot1« 
.'iiiiM:.'. •!•'-'<• fntrr \\\^ ninmrrl 

Dr. Chiirlp* Woodv. «ho In now rirnd. 
' Sht> 1« Rurvlvrd by hrr hii.sbdnd. 

'■r-- ninthiT Mr« .1 F Pnrirr. of Wo<tl 

ri.ciis. I '.vo .M«lrr ».. Ml* Vrrnni; .i.tir.- 

soii.. of Ocotioniovkiir. Wi.< . And Mrs 

Capitols I/Tddlrlc. of Knnsnn City; 
I fonr atrpaona. Dr. E Clauda Bohrer. 

Charlr.^ R Bohrrr. E. Bov«i« Bohrer. 
, and Albert N. Bohrrr. all of Wr.^l 

PInlna: and two st-epdaiiEhtpra. Mrs. 
I Allan VanWormer. of lnbern»ff. Tla.. 

nnd Mrs Sam Winklrblark. of Tampa. 


Funeral serv ires will be held a. the 

Urst Presbyterian church here at 10 
. o'clock Tuesday morning, wlih the 

Reverend Homer T. Fort, pastor of the 
I Plrat Methodist church here, olftcl- 

atlng. Burial will be. made ln!oal( 

Ijiwii cenielrry. 

Berton F. Stone. iS. former SprlnRdrld 
re.iident. died Ssturdav night in Oklahoma 
City, according to word received here. 
The body is expected to arrive here Tue.<- 
flsv fvenlna for ftmersl servicer Wednes- 
dsv sfternoon st 2 30 o clock In the J W 
Kllngner chapel Interment will ta'.te 
place 111 MP.:fl«oo<1 ceii'etery Mr Stone M 
survived by his wtte end daughter. MH- 
tired. snd bv four brothers and two sls- 
ter.^. ss follows John, of Little Rock. 
Ark • R D.. of Los Angeles, Cal : O. C. 
of Oklahoma CItv. «nd T E. of Kansas 
CItv. Mo.: Mrs. W. 8. Hoke of Kansas 
Cttv. and Mrs. N. C Butcher of Mil 
North MI<:»otir1 sveniie. Sprlnafleld 

MR^. nrrcnrM nir.s 

Frsnl: .1 Ketchum. 436 We.M Pme «trrel. 
vice president and sut>erlntendent of the 
Prescoll Laundry company, recefcd word 
last nUht thst hts mother had died In 
l.o< Aneeles. Csl st S IS orlork ve.^ter- 
nsv sfternoon She forme-lv resided In 
Snr ir-.if lelfl ri;:ien' -■•,•, — .•■. irv- • arr '.:•, 


Other Sewell. R7. who had lived In 
Orerne county si! his life, died at his 
Itonie lhre» mtten rsst of Walnut Orore 
.'^'l^rl(^^ H^ I.-- .<.urvived by his wife. 
Mi-. \ .itifialia Pewpll. one son, .1. W. 
Sewell of Walnut Otove. and by fiva 
brothers srKl two ulsters, a* follows- M F. 
of Jericho Sprlng.'s. Mo . John F. of Cole- 
man. Texas; A. M. of Abilene. Texas; 
P W of El Dorado. Texss and W R. of 
Pa.<adena. Cal.: Mrs. L. J. Neff of Ald- 
rlch. Mo and \fr» M .* t^lsvpole of 

\\oi Orr.' » F'*;y"rs! ••r'!r^8 »'.!'. he 

held this afternoon at 3 o'clock at Luck. 
Mo . followed by Interment In HIckorv 
Orove cemetery. Brim's funeral home 
has charge of arrancements. 

Mis« nFRTRinr jason 

Ml*.' Gertrude *a«on. 22. formerly of 
.^prtnafield died at Spring Valley. N. Y.. 
■Saturday, friends here were Informed yes- 
terday. She formeriT lived with her par- 

,„t, ^ - V«'r «ver-:e *-rrr Her 'allier 
«s< cleiK wiiCer C. C. Higgin.^. former .lup- 
erlntendent of motive power for the Frisco 
:sllrosd P.u.'lal probably sill be made at 
Spring Valley. 




Page 1: Marriage licenses isssued.** rr^ i u u 

The will of Mrs. Jessamine J. Nixon was filed. She was the widow of Dr. John H. 
Nixon and donated $100,000 to Burge hospital in his memory. The will also mentions her 
cousin Mrs Allie N. Torrence of Fort Wayne, Ind., another cousin Mrs. Emily R. Hottman ot 
Fort Wayne, John Nixon Brooks of Trenton, N. J., who is a cousin of Dr. Nixon, John Dixon 
DeRoulet of Chicago, a nephew of Dr. Nixon, and Francis B. Sale of Montgomery, A^., her 
brother, and Francis B. Sale of Montgomery, Ala., another brother. Mrs. Nixon died October 
10. [This is a long article.] 

Page 12: A daughter Betty Lou Turner was born October 1 1 to Mr. and Mrs. George 

Turner, Jr., 2228 National avenue. 
BertonF. Stone died.** 
John Fulton, Jr., died.** 
Mrs. Mary Simmons died.** 
Oliver Sewell died.** 
Mrs. M. S. Ketchum died.** 
Miss Gertrude Jason died.** 
Mrs. Beulah P. Bohrer died.** 
Page 15: Miss Grace Eaton and Mr. Cecil May were married.** 

run*ral .rrvlcf. for »«»«» /^ ®*S{i!i 
4S. former Springlleia m^ who dW 

(ollow*d by ln»««™"i» '»J2ST*T?«SS«I 
trtr T*>« body wlH •rrttr* in wprwc- 

t'tui TuMd.rVvfmn, Mr. Ston. U .«ir. 

vW«I by hi. wife .nd <»«uihler MUrtred. 

•nd by four brothrr, and two .l»l»r». .» 

followi: John of Utile Rock, Af.^ n P 

of la. An,«l«. CJ : O C. ?» 05:»'-V 

City T K. of K.n»«ii City. >*o: Mr^ W. 

B Hoke of K«n«M Ctly. Mo; and Mr.. K. 

C. Butc^her of 14 It North MUvwrl .Tenue. 

JOHN n « TON. Jr 

of B«nlor hmh f »^V,VBm »tf»*» «• 

„,.o had -li;'>f ^,;'?,;,,r." =r.. ^rothrr 
H* U ««"'I*<*^L«J» mnd th« foUowin* 

m«nis »ere »u can.- >" "- ^ 

Of.nXE »BWKLi.'_ ^ „ "'^' 

mfWMWcn St Luck. MO.. fUaw*^ tiT ^ 

i^r^ in Hickory Qrove c«nel«^-^te^ 

Vand.ll* 8«*ell and ona iion X W^»e*jtt 

S:^!^* M?? John r of CoUman. Tr.aa: 
A M 0( A'>i:«li#. Tfxa.v T W. of El 
Dorado Te«a<: .nd w R of P«i»ad»n« s f 
J> 1 M r». T .. J . ' ."11 Ul AIUI.UI. .Ull *! ' * • 
v.:% M A r:.^- ;<>:<■ 'f ••v,.. ;• '•■■;•• 

!lr! .IN '■■■• 'f:*' i":-'« ''"^ I i>rw f-- ■ •• 

j iieral armrgciueiitv 

MRS. M. 5. KETCm M 

1 Mrs M S KftrJium. molhfr Of Frwr.s , 
I 1 , • ■ : .. ' i ; . f ^ . >'. c : . ; * .- ■- ' - . ' • " . 

• tf!iHVnt'oT"n;f Prr.cort L.undrT ccj-r-^''."- i 

I dl«d Sunday mornln» in ^^V, *»«^ ^^ 
accordtnp to irord '••«»»'««„ •*r*T;, „^ 

1 »a$ awrat K year* of a»*> and had hj'd 

I In Borlngft^W until '»^ >".•'" •«t., ^"^ 

Carina here about " yit'n-SS?^**^- 
S^nd Mr. Elhel Mni;r b^h •'»;«! 

wftx MA«V tilMMONS 

»^r^"7Frld?v n"ht*'"'h- h«r«el 1 VaUey. 
•^ "'^'n WAt.TnVrmortua'rr. fo"o.ed 
by mtrrmenl »" '''„ " Vd bv lour "ons 

„,.„ ,v,o ';";";-";V •••..:"ota ..,d Mr> 
W.lliuti:. »'*••:; •*,,i o, Hprlnitfuid. and 
•r.%ohrwurro.'i:o.°V.«^'.e.. Cal. 

I Aogato*. ward I. e^gactcd today abot 
.^MMliStd. «le<l Saturday. .• » ;gg^ -gte 

' fof inotlTf po''"" 

! ' It. Haw 

■ka-^tdrBMrly U»a* wlUi hat i— -, -^ 

SS^yrS? her*. Her father ^*»jj^ , 

of inotlTf power for the Frl-ro ranwaT 


_ BKOLAff {p. BOI 

ik Bculah P. Bohrcj'. il. ^ 
Bobrcr, Wwt PWWi _^ 

ibw rwld«nt of flprlagfteM.. 

Saturdar n>«I»t "t her ho«# rollewtac « 
l«a«r.tUiMM. Whca'^ M SprttcftaM.' lAa. I 
Sohrtr w»» eouneeted wuh ^Ihe H«fLi 
irtarii Mid ituc ab* nsrrltd lt»rJ''«hMiiii 
Wooay. now drad. She It turTtTed by nrr | 
buabaod, Edward C. Bobrer. by her . 
nothtr. Ura. J. P. Porter of West PUina; i 
two alateri. Mr*. Vernon Jackson ot t 
Ocono m owo tf . VH» and Mra. Capttote led- { 

rftry nf F:«V»»< '~'" F^'" •>.-,-. •• fj I 
two »tep<3«UKlil'-r> ■l>o j'.irMvr a» Iaii'»»». , 
Dr. E Cla'Jde Bohrrr. Ch«rlf7 R Bohr»r. : 
B. Boyte Bohrrr. and Albert N >Bohr^r. 1 
all of West Plafni: Mr^ AKan Tir-.VorTrrr • 
ot tnbernerr. na . HUd Mts. Bam Winkle- * 
bark of Tampa. FU 

Funeral services will be held at the 
Preabytaiian church at Waat Plalrta at \n 
o'clock 7^e«day momlni. wltb the Rev- 
rreiid Homrr T. Fort, pastor of live Flr«t 
MethodUl church there, offlclatlnir. Burlat I 
Kill take ularr lii Oak I,»«'i <"^T»terv ■ 

*^^^ HiAltRtAOB lACKH9tM 

E«il Cobb. 22. and MIm Marie 
Htohiir^aon. 31. both of Sprlagfteld. 
' lUri Allah Boyta. 23. and Ulaa 
Vadb R. Buaaard, 17. both of 

C. H. Orlfrin. 24. and MIm Beule 
Ulehacla. 34, both of Bprtngfltfld. 

Owynne Klillnssworth. 31. Wal- 
nut Orove. and MIM Mona Raitalna. 
31. WlllanL , 

Paul Price Hoiuton, 23. and M>aa 

I^Rnlr Flint: Tnrnrr 17 r>oth of 


Thntnaa Braaheam. 30. and Miss i 
Winnie Tucker. 30. both of BUllnca. \ 
Mo. I 

V.I I 

! 722fl NaiJonal HV^nue. annnvnT thr 


birth of • daughter. Bcttj X^u, Ptt- 
^•7. October II. 

Miss Eaton Weds 

Mis« Grace E*"^ti ''■^••■zh'tr '-: Mr 

and Mr» B. Prank E*u>n. 610 Kaat 

; iorfu Rtreef. and Mr Cecil May of 

, Uadfvtllf. Mo. «f.-« lUAn.ed Satur- 

' dar nleht in Jop'.tr. 

Mr and Mr>>. M«T »'■'•; make their 
, home in D«devU> where he la ath- 
I lr«ic director In iric whpol ::ier«. 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 4: Miss Grace Eaton and Mr. Cecil May were married.** 

Page 5: G. M. Patterson was named to administer the estate of Letha A. Patterson. The 
heirs are Mr. Patterson, the husband, and two sons. 
Page 12: Berton F. Stone died.** 
Mrs. Nettie Renfro died.** 


Htrry And*raon. ^rt. of C«««vnie. ' 
■ nrt Naomi Lenthermnn. 17. of Spring- i 
fl^Id; ThoiTiAs BrBAhera. 30. of Bill- 
inn. And Wlnnl« Tucker, ao. of Blll- 
liiRa; Charlen F. Stiit/man. 51. of 
Sprlnjrfleld, and Lena A. Fl.sher, 47. 
of Houston: Jap DeOaae. 53. and 
Belle Randolph, 27. of Springfield; 
Paul Price Houston. 22. and Llnzle I 
F,. Turner. 17. bth of Sprlnfleld: 
Gwynne Kllllngsworth. 21. of Walnut 
Grove, and Monta Ragalns. 21. of 
Wlllard: Carl Caff. 22. and Maiie 
RIchardaon. 21. both of Springfield; 
Cecil Allen Boyta, 22. and Verda R. 
BiNsard. 17. both of Springfield: and 
C. H. Griffin. 24. and Beaale Michael^ 
24. both of Springfield. 


Funeral aervlcea for Berton F. Stone. 
45. former Sprlncfield builneia man. who 
died Saturday night in Oklahoma City, 
a 111 be held at 3:30 o'clock v. fifneaday 
afternoon In the J. W. KUnifuar funfral 
rhapel. Burial will b* held in Haaelwood 
cemetery. He la aurvlved by hl» wife, one 
daughter. Mildred, and lour brother* and 
t»o Killers. Service* at the grave alll 
be conducted by Oale of Tcuiple iodge. 
A. F A A. U. 

Mri. Nettie Renfro. M. died at 13 35 
o clock ve^lerday afternoon at her home 
'III rural route II. She la aurvlved by 
ihree flutert. Mm. Nora Carlock. Mrs 
FniMia Gibson and Mri. Haliic Win. all 
"f Kan»a< Cr' v and two brother.". Robert 
MrCih^e and Aaron Triplet!, both of 
firefnlield Funeral arrangement.* are In- 
fotnplete pending the arrival of relatives 
^■:( interment will b« in charge of the 
Campbell Undertaking company. 



Miss Grace Eaton 
Weds Mr. May 

Aa tnforaua we(Ulinr oenmony 
took place 8«t\ird«y ev»nln(t tt Jop- 
iln. whan Ulm Grace Eaton. dauRh- 
Ur or Mr. and Un. B. Frank Eaton. 
610 laat Loren atrMt. and Mr. Ocll 
May of Dadevllle. Mo^ were married. 

Mr. and Mn. May are to make their 
future home Ih Dadevllle. where Mr. 
May ta director ot athletlci In the 


Page?: Mrs. Nettie Renfio died.** 

Page 11: Divorces granted.** 

Page 16: Berton F. Stone died.** 

Page 19: Miss Bonnie Hougii and Mr. F. S. Grishaver were married.** 


Kuur cllWMir« uitr ?.rBiitr<l by Cir- 
cuit Judge Johu Schmook In Divi- 
sion on Monrtay morninR. 

HoMk HrWn PnvU wwi givrn thi! 
cu.tody ot a*or r.h.ld. Mury Lrc. u. 
j,rr iHiltlon tor divorce from E1m«r 
f. Hftvla. 

MJlloii ncctor Damftie U k» »^v» 
'.hi «Mi.(:y of l>«r dimehter Ch»r- 
Irnc. HKtUirr uiih a divorce from 
I hnrli'n Miuirtip. 

•,:!,.;... \i. •••■.'■ Ci '"-""v y^"- «iven 
, • ,• ,.: ir.i-lv •>! f-M\ Huii'iin «nd 
..,,,«nl I 10 a r.'-f.'h ?<^r M- n'M>- 
|,' rl in h'-r ault la'nltinl. Uoiialtl 

Kugene Cn>l'"v^»y- 

Cimxj M. Jobne wm grwttt** • 
uvoroe from JolM»i« Jo»»»" *»» •*• 

two trmntea the rtMetui-nt n nivorrx 
,11 the BM'.f. "f riw,* rn)W atfaln^t 
RubT ■. Crow. Mra. Cnow «M atoo 
.ilo«i><l rtut/vly of her child and tlS 

• nionih Un till ^M^>il it. 



nrnrnyi r. ^To^it 

ruiomi «ervir^^ fr>t B»rlo»» F. Stene. 
<^ mho died KiiliirdaT dl »i>» hOTi» In; 
Oklahorra CHr w^U h» '"W ^'^ the J . 
\v Kliii«prr rliapel lirr^ Wr(1ne«d«T af- 
i^rvnon •» 7 10 o rlrtf-k followed hv 11- 

: ... ;;. .■ Mr. 

I I Sir>n» It •nr*Hed ftv hu wife and dej^ii- 
1 ' 'rr Mildred and b«- four hrofher* an*! * W9 

! TruXPer^TfUf* or-T^mi^p i<»«i»r^^ ^^^S*1 

I A M »!•'. ond-ict H.irlal rifex at tn# I 


f Mr*. Nettle Kenlro. ft4. di'd MondST 
afternoon at her home on rural route 11. | 
UHt U aurvived bv two brnthen. nohert ' 
McOhre And Aaron Trlplett, both of I 
«-if»^»nfieId and three uMiero. Mre Noral ' 
Carluck, Mr*. Emma Ulbaon. and Mm. | 
Haiti" Will all o( Kaniaa City. Funeral i 
arraiifemeirtH are In charge of the Camp- I 
bell UiideilildnK company ! 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomaa M. HouRb. 
1905 North National avenue, have an- 
nrniric^d the mnrrlnce of their daugh- 
ter. JHoniur. \o Mr. i'. S.C.r:i;..s'.rr. 
son of Mrs. Helen Miller. 755 W*»t 
Walnut atrect. The marriage vow* 
were read at Oeark. October 11 by 
the Reverend Mr. W T. Holbert. Mr. 
and Mrs. OrUhaver will make their 
home at 75.'5 Went Walnut street. 

Page 1: Marriage license: Clarence F. Hinkle, 25, of Buffalo, Kansas, and Beulali 
Randell, 21, of Stockton, Mo. 

Page 14: Reuben T. Thomson died.** 
Berton F. Stone died.** 
Albert B. Trenary died.** 



Alvin Trenary, 67, Was 32nd 

Degree Mason and Promi- 

uo.a tnurcnman 

' one of the mo«t prominent and active 

' members of the Brotherhood of Loco- 

' motive EnRlneer*. He htd been a 

mpmbrr of IhP Si. Paul MethndlHt 

I EpUcopal church. South, for 25 years 

and waa a 32nd degree Ma«>on. He 

came to Springfield about 44 yeai-s 



AlvIn B. TrpnBry. 67. vet^^nn loco- 
motive engineer for the Frisco rall- 
roAd, died at 3:30 o'clock yeaterday 
afternoon at his home, 1022 Weat 
Walnut street. 

Funeral aervlcen will be held at 8 
o'clock Thursday afternoon In the 
Alma Lohmeyer funeral home, with 
the Reverend Corona H. Brtg^s 
preaching the sermon. Services •! 
the grave In Hazelwood cemetery w'.ll 
be In rhBTRe of United lodge No. 6. 
; A. F. and A. M. 

WIdAW. Daughter* Hnrvlve 
I Mr. Trenary l« survived by his 
i wife. Mrs. Lutle Trenary; two daugh- ', 

tern. Mrs. Elsie Schmook and Mrs. 
I R. T. Peak, both of Springfield: and 
I on« brother, Charles Trenary cf 

I Kansas City. 

I Krlwo Kmploye 40 Years 

I He hnri i^rrvrrt nn sn rnclnrer for 
llir Fil.MO (or AO y«'Br(» prior lo his 

retirement about a year ago and was 

^"•■■•T. Tlionaon. 72, veteran Spring- 
fMMttmw MM abatTMtor. dJed %t 6 5o 
^ONOt JTMUrdajr •rternoon In his home 
«•» But Oraad atrect. following a brief ni- 
n«s*. Hs is survived bv t>i% uifp sw^ 

^'■^ y^* TliOnifcoU. OL.C cliu^l.lri. .Mi.N Huy 

BurcMs; • brother, Quincy A Il.oni.%oii > 
M4an crandson. WiUlam T. Burgees' 
WUatnl MTAiiffwncnU are Incomplete al- 

i^^2ft •?T?5J* ^ *^ *»«'0 •" the First ! 
B«pUi« ^areb. of which he aa-t a mmi- 
htr for rr.u.i) :.f«i. .m, n, on. .son i.lvo 
wa a m m — ibT «f tlie Modrrn Woodmen of > 
AiMrtn and the Uni\«r.Mly club 'Uie I 
body U la ClMrre of thr Herm.n H I.oh- ' 
Sflf '■"fS^' home. Mr. TJ.oniioa had ! 
Mm • rtsldent of Sprlogflcid for the ' 
paat 4B ytara. 


V^aaral servJre. r<.r .'!,rlc.'; F. Sto .^ i: 
. 4Ua Saturdar at hi^ home u, n.'t, 
»8t£J«jr, •"i be held litis afternoon ir. i 
f>jff' Kllncacr funeral ebopel, followed ' 
Intvnaert la Rarelvoofi cemeterv Mr 
"^ i» s««»lved bv h»« «irr one dauKhter 
•jad by fttur daugljie.-i 

Oau of Te 

4' !!■ vfli iMtftfct 

f«»ur dauglJte.'i ano i»o 

Terr pie ydre. A F i. nd 

(Ct fur.erl rues at thf , 


Page 10: There is an article about White City park. 
Page 12: Lillian Fowler sues to divorce Gilbert F. Fowler. They were married in June 

Alvin Trenary died.** 
Reuben Y. Thomson died.** 


Atnv TBKN.tar I 

e«n»r»I Mr*!'** f-.r Alvin Tr»r»ry. Ct. 
•.■n«t»r. f :.«<& ;o^<>mou»» «tnir.f*r, »ho 
dlrd Ti<u)a)r arurnooa at bia bo^M, lOOI ! 
Wr>l Wii'i i' ••'.»• »•;! \^ h»:d »•. l' 
ucluc< ItiUTKiiij (Ucriiu^n at tti' Aiasa j 
Lahoicyar fva^al home. fallo««d hf !•- 1 
trrmrnt m HmrrlTrxMl r»m«t»ry. Tt,« aw- [ 
rreni Carona R HrSm «lll ofOflat* an4 ' 
VoittC UiOf* No i. A. r and A.J|.^«Uli 

cotidvct kanal riits.' Mr. Trenarr la I 

•urtlird br lii* i>i!r. Mt(. Lutte Trrr.»r>. i 
(%• tfMciiMTi. Hrs. JOals aoiwfc aa« j 
Mr* R T. P»ak «r SprtngneWi and at 
brvihar. Charlaa Traaan. af yaaaai ntir I 
Prior !• bii rctimMM a. TSar ac«. Mr I 
Trenary had aerre^ 0»e rrl«eo for 40 
jr'»r» II' «•« »rM-.» in It ♦ Broth»rhccil ' 
of !>.■'.»;.'■;.• E.-iir.»rr» H» ► n'l »>»»i. 
for M 
•on H» r»m» to PsrIrafTeM 44 r*>r* 

■rt-nCX T. TWOMSO!* 

lUa^n Y T'.ninM>n. 7 J, atlorr&cy antf 
I alMirartor. tf.ed T'lndaT aflernooa al hi?" 
I hsine t» «j; Ea*l Uran-l »tr'»l lillo-*- ' 
line a-hri»f t!;r.»M. He U «urvi«e<l b» hu 
»lf». «r» M»;;:» Tbo'.K^nn • "la'itM*- 
Vlrs ri ■, H.'^..'-. « r.: .v.*^ ^, ■ ' - ■ 
' Tttomaoo. aa« oo* crsa ~ 

Bvrctaa. rmersl atrvtM. 

the nrrt B«D:i«t thureS. of «KUI) fM ■wai 
many *e«r«. He »a» ulm 
tr.» Modem Woodzea or 



A*«rlM ■•4 Um UalawMty aMS. ■> teal 
grad to aprtnaftetd o Win. t5i BraMl 
H. Lohmeytr tanam ba^ la |» aMta*! 
of arrantemetst* Servtcwi »m t« haW at 

10 JO •/'''■■« ":..ui-d»T r.r. :,. r.t j- •., 
rharth. lailoaad fcy UiUrmeni ;o II*i»:- 
*«»< w» * w y Dr LratftM Hale. p*,. 
lor of the F»r»» Baptlit thnrch. •■m olfi- 

Dri ot at. Paula MalMOlat citfsrcial 
I* yMra aad waa a nt is ai ail ^ Ufc-f 

H» rame to ^5rlr«f?el<f 44 year* arn 


Diiii in Hospital 

dtt aiit>t u tb« rMta> of injurlM 
«nd shock gufftrpd when « r«U he 
WM unloaUlng ai Muulleld }Mt«nl*7 
.4ttfrnoon (tU on him. 

Both of Mr. Harbeaton'* leg* were 
crushed u Uie heavy nil rolled down 
upon him from k flat ear. Ha waa 
braught to SprlpgfUld Baptlat bea- 
plUl Tueaday aTaning at 7:80 o'clock 
on Frlacp Ualo Na 104. 

Mr*. Anna Harbeaton. Um wife, and 

four 6oii>> All>crt. Ben. Jr«» ind 

1 Theilo, aurvlve. 

I Th* bod^ vaa prepared for tourlal 
at the Uermsn H. Lohmeyer funeral 
home here and sent to Brandartlle to- 

'day for funeral aarflow sa^ batali 
there Wedneoday. ' 


. .v.> c.iiuf«.« Sim mm' 

I !'.l'."tr> fov >r ►ri«'r»t ?;»r ht;«- ' 

! band. Oilbett r. fowlmt, 
I «M marrMd In June of thl 

Irowitr ruu> 2a. ^'i to provide for ala 
wUa and haa "acted miUan aad atofr* 

I the peMtlon nV.i^m 


Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 3: Aivin B. Trenary died.** 
Page 8: Elias Lafayette Baichtal died.** 
James B. Easley died.** 

Ruben Y. Tomson died.** [Both funeral home and cemetery spell the name 

Page 14: William Harbiston died.** 
James F. Hoyt died.** 




raw L«f«r«tto BOehtai. M. dto« •% t 
o'oloek but atftat la liU taomd st fM Wctt 
Paetfte alrott HH U rarrtvad by his wUe. 
Mra VlrtlnU Balehtal. one aon. R. Z. 
nalchtal of Plcher. Okla.' ona daughter. 
tilt. Plfia Roblnaon of Springfield, and 
■U (tandoblldrao. runciml •rruigvaianu 
hara not bttn e«mplet«tf Irat aro in 
rharge of the Kllagnar Undertaking com* 


Jamea B. Eaalay. 14. died about • 
o'clock latt night folknrlnc a Uncaring Ul- 
nett at hl.i home, gS7 Hamlltoo street. 
Kiinrr«l nervlce* will be held at 3:M 
n'cloclr Friday afternoon in the Kllngner 
funeral chapel, with the Reverend Oscar 
tee Black, castor Of the First Presbyterian 
rhurch. officiating. Burial wlU be In 
Oreenlawn cemetery. Mr. Easley was a 
member of the Plrst Presbyterian church 
for many rears. Ua Is sunrlvcd by his 
wife. Mrs. Mary L. Easley: ons son. WU« 
llsm R. Easier of Hynes, OaL: one daugh- 
ter. Mrs. E. B. MeAUlster of Springfield: 
and one granddaughter, Misa Eugenia 

Funeral strvlcM for Ruben T. Thorn- 
son. 13. attorney and abstractor, who died 
Tuetday afternoon at bis home at 4»3 

^y,^ ?'*^* •»"•*• *«U »>• »»*•<• at 10:J0 
©clock this moming at the Plrst Baptist 
church, followed by burial la Haslewood 
cemetery under direction of Herman H. 
Lohmeyer. He U sanived by hU wife, one 
brother and one grandson. Dr. Le%i8 M. 

"f. •• ?.!•**"■ »' ">• '•"'» BaptUt church, 
wiu oiflcistr. 

Bbarman Cllne. 31. and Rnchel 
rddlnga. m. both of Ro(tersvil!e: and 
Dr. Lucas O. Tuttle. over 31. of 
RodiMfar. K. T.. and Mr*. Etta win 
Hums BiRps. orer 31. of Sprlnnfleld. 

Funeral Services ' 
For Frisco Veteran 
To Be Held Today 

Funeral serrlren for Alvln B. Tre- ■ 

nary. 67, veteran Frluro loromotlve ' 

ePRlnecr, who died Tiirwiay «t h!« 

I home, 1033 West WsMuu street, mill j 

be roncliictod at 3 orlork Ihls sftrr- i 

. noon In the Alma Lohmeyer funersi ] 

^ home by the Revercnrl Corona H. | 
Brlcc". assisted hy the Reverend ' 
WlUlsm H. Msn<>flr'rl Ceremonies 
conducted by United lo<1ce. No. 5. I 
A F. and A M. at the rrnve In ' 
Hr/<'1»oo<1 rrnirlrry b!<^i v.'A he ;ii 
rhflrge of the nrvrrrnd BriEgn ss 
worshipful master. 

Active pallbearers were snnounrcr! 
last night as Alonro W Emery. 

I Oeorge Slater. W. R. Keller, John 

' Bowler. John Moran and F. C. Lark. 
Honorary pallbearers sre R. Wes 
Lloyd, O. B. Rlsser. Emrst Calender. ^ 
Dr. E. C. Hsnklna. J. J. AnRersbau^h 
and N. H. Hudson. ' 

I Mr. Trenar.T had been a mrmber 
of the 8t Psiil Mrthod:i' ch ■.rc^ 

, for the past 34 yenrs snd wa» a 
thirty. second degree Msscr. He har: 
lived In Bprlnpfleld 44 ^esr«, ret.r- 
Ing only a yt»r sc" from arti^e jc:- 

(vica with the rriAco. j 




James F. Hoyt, 16 Years Old, 
Dies While on Hunting Ex- 
pedition; Third Fatality In 
Recent Days 

TAMES r. HOYT. ie-ye*r-ol<t Taney 
" county hiRh Khool •tudent. *•• 
nrrldentally killed by hl« own gun 
while on « htintlnR expedition «t ' 
the mouth o( Bull creek. ne«r Rorkk- ; 
way Beach. UU Tuesday afternoon. I 
YoiinR Hoyt U tha third youth toj 
riK<ire In and the aecend to meet ; 
death In hiintlnR Iragedleii In Jihe 
OMftej NtloB <tirtnt tb« p»rt If^ 
daya. " - 


^ ^* 

The youth, accompanied by a 
jounger brother. Norman. 14 year* of 
•Re. were hunting ducka on Bull 
rrrek. After •pfiirtlng »ome time In 
hiding on the crtek bank waiting 
for their game, the youtha started 
home In a amall row boat. 
The younger brother got Into the 

rbORl Knd look chnrjte of the o«r*. 

I while Jamea pushed the boat oft the , 

I hunk with the atock of hU la-gauge ' 
aholRun. The trigger of the weapon 
apparently was jarred forward, caui- 
Ing the gun to dUcharge and atrlke 
the boy in the heart. Ha died In- 

After Invemigailng the accident 

(lie rniKiirr (\ri\<\ril no jii'i':"* ">' 
iip< rs.'vary. The youth «b« the son 
of Mr. and Mrn. D R. Hoyt. of Rocka- 
way Beach. Mr. Hoyt Is employed at 

the Miller and 8on« »tore there. 

♦ ♦ 


♦ ♦ 

Funeral servlrea will be lield at the 

ChrUtlan church at Branson at 2 
o'clock this afternoon. Burial will be 
ntade In Branson cemetery under di- 
rection Wheltzel runeral borne. 

John Pulton, Jr.. 23. aon of a 
prominent Oreene cotirjty farmer, died 
Saturday as a result of wounda re- 
ceived while hunting near the F^iltoii 
farm. 15 milea soiilhesKt of Spring- 
I field. The third youth to b« wounded , 

In hunting srrldents In pa»e five data 
waa Cheater Hart, IS-year-old Pipkin 
High school student here. He was 
wounded Saturday while crawling 
through a fence with his gun. which 
was accidentally discharged. 

Hold Funeral Today ! 
At Brandsville, Mo., 
For Accident Victim i 

Puncral aervlcea for William Har- 

hUfon. ftS. of Bradsvllle, Mo., who 

idled at St. John'a hoapttal here Tueo- 

'day nicht from Injuries stiffered 

, TvirixlBV nlirriUMiii while «i>ikliii: on 

.a rail Isylns cang of tlie Frluro rsll- 

road. mill be held si 3^0 orlock thm 

nMrrnnr.!) st the home In Binnd<vllle ' 

The ciiii; w;lh wlilih Hniblvnn 
was workliiK Just south uf Msnsflrld 
hart rompletrd Isylnit a rarlosd of , 
new rail snrt wbs loading the old 
pir<r.^ of metal on a flat car. Har- I 
I biston, who waa on the end of the 
\"nH loader" car. waa knocked to the 
'ground when several rails fell. Both | 
his legs were broken and he Is ' 
•houghl to hH iffered Internal In- 


The Injured man was brought to 

I Springfield on Prlaco passenger train 

No. J04. accompanied by I5octor 

. Fuson of Cedar Gap. but d'.ed In the 

Frisco division of St. John's hospital 

,soon after arriving. 

Stirvivsng Mr. Harblston are his 
I wife. Mrs. Anna Harblston. and four 
.son. Albert. Ben. Jeff, and C. Har- 
blton. all of Brandsvilte. 

Page 1: Marriage license: Merlin L. Ridgeway, 27, of Port Marion, Pa., and Genevieve 
Stubblefield, 18, of Springfield. 

Mrs. Matthew Dye died of bums.** 
Page 8: James F. Hoyt was killed.** 

Page 12: There is an article about Dr. John H. Nixon and the Baldwin theater.** 
Page 18: Alvin B. Trenary died.** 

James B. Easley died.** 

Elias Lafayette Baichtal died.** 

Reuben Y. Thomson died.** 

William Harbeston died.** 

Mrs. Georgia E. Yates died.** 

Danforth infant died.** 



into which arc oftt'ii tosaotl things well worth while- 

nr. Mtu^ H. Mtxon. wtiow widow 
died recently and lelt a Urje •um of 

'^S?9m^£i^ inton; Who wk. 

for many years prealdent of Linden - 
wood ooUege at St. Cliarle*. an in- 
many from SiwInRJleld. ITcsldenl 
Nixon was a brotlirr-ln-Uw of 

lie ill-, y.:- i'p.'i'l. line n: 111. i'lonrrr 

biivinrss mm of tJie cliy. one of tin- 
i;uU srttlrrs who did biB Ullliis- .1 
:. Miiall to'vn. John Ho*urd Nixon 
rdrtod here for a aliori tlinr before 
Up bcrnnif prr^lilrnl of LliiiloiiworKi 
Ur »ti^ from n wrnlthy fnnillv In Nrw 
Jrr«ry and miscd o n & i d rmhl'- 
n"MifV for M;r instlliitlon In '.!:• 
east Dr. John H. Nixon, son. soon 
^tK.,]|M. tUitca Uw pnicllw olj 

^edlctn* here, erected a lh^^e-sto^•' 
bulldtnR on St. Louln street adjoin - 

«1BK . tba BaUvIn tbwttr > bulldln«. ^, 

JMtK buUdlngt were «her« the Mr- ; 

jJbtalM bulMlBt DOW lUnda. BoUi i 
were destroyed by « Bre*t fire anl ; 
Dr. Nlsm Mid th« lot and locates ] 
elsewhere. The Nlson bulldlnn ron j 
(allied two ftore rooms on the first '• 
floor, one of which wa.<i occtipled by 
C'lmrlrs Ranvinr, lie had a reotnu- 
rant and candy store and van Jast 
beRlnnInt to do • rood bvwlnes?. | 
When he dlnrovered tin- hutai 

i llrr 111- l)rr:iin<- fn llilrnl "M lirlpliiir 
I.,. ;•• u'll'.ir . llril lir I<ili!<il iilMiiif , 
Iii5 f)».n rsiabllshiiirnl iwid «(•■< , 

■'ioihewhit nirprtned whenlie notlcM"' 

ttir^aMiM ■MiMtii'^'^ tola property. 
What wat worse he earrlrd no If- 
•urance and lost out completely 
With no money hut lots of de- 
termination he opened in a little 
tranAst terou .the atrret and waa 
loon oa his tect again. 

OeOTfe H. Olendorf had the lea-." 
on the Baldwin and the nre threw 

h'lii of hu'lnrM? 'Hi'- owiirrs of 
lii^ i'<l ttniiouliced liial a nrw bullU- 
Ine would be erected and plans were 
piiblUhed for a miKnlflcent theater. 
In ilir lir* Mr Olendotl* ilrsk went 
down In the crath. It contained 
rr-/n»f»'ts f'.r msnv aftrsrllnn^ Tlir 
flrMU »ii» tmi'ivrt snd tlir <\efk 
ii"/,ffrd v/lih thr ctmlrncth »Rfe 
kf.-l vrimd As the n^w theater could 
«/.it.» »«i ri'i tt^riii with Mr fllrndnrf 
!• tx.l"-'! sn (ti'r'iBli hr »n>i mit In 
'!.► ".I'l U'i< If »ijflrtitil> ninilf puh 
:1. I. 1-h\ li»- lind f!>'Kn1 W.III1 Join 

1^1. ■im y.iif(r(,v 'hr Ljilxlrr^ the- 
••>f wfMjId be erer'ed When this 
<«».«* r,iit If ws« decide not In )iilld 
■'.' ..;.! nalduin Mir 
hr '111' I'.-Aii \l\1^ not rfriHv (or t^n 
I, It.' ■ ;»i.-..i iiii:ilrrs John Lanilrrs. 
Ill d'ciloK no the rnntrsrt with Mr 
fj!'iidorf, wnntrd a rloine whlrh 
would prohibit the brtnfilnit In to 
l(i>- hiillilini; Inlnrlratinc liqiio's 
hut thU was a rr.s|x>nMblllly Mr. 
Olendorf did not want to take snd 
It was tint In^l.slPd o^ Wh^i' V- 
Nixon returned to Sprliie(ick) nrh 
hlf wife a tew yeara ago bla health 
seemed to t>4 completely shattered. 
Tba abanca tD eltmata did aat Imb»»' 





ne was a 








A iioi>- ftoui C'oUimbu relirs 10 
the undo of C. C. King In this way: 

Wllh the siinoimrpmenf by thi* 
Uiilvpitity uf Mi.>'S0uri Alumiu as»o- 
(liillon of llic >r;ir s nirniiii.'i .«. iii-d- 
iilrd III variOL::. iwrLs of the United 
.'^tsler. kas come the usual ponder- 
liiR by Kradiiatrs as to »hrrr old 
rla.v,niatr.s a.'e .ind linw tl'.r\ l-.n%r 
I;irr<l Tii r<l-.- l.nur.rr 'hr <\uf^- 
':■>!■ !■. i-as.l. ill. •■..•:• 1 : r Irx ;'. 
any of the members o' hi* cla:;^ of 
IIU renMOn. Ha la Ttmnaa Bentoa 
King, oldest living graduate of the 

- Klnt. the con<of Auattn A. 'King, 
who waa governor otMlMourl Irom 
IMS to ISU. Waa bora In Richmond. 
Mo.. AprU 13. 1S38. graduated at the 
university July 4. 1858. and prac- 
llred law at LItjerty. Mo. until IWil. 
wtirii the wnr hrokr <;;■> tnll hr.^i- 
nrss. Then he entered the office of 
^r( rrtary of stn''- ulii;. '..< i>- 

nialned until the war »»i over Bc- 
romlne dissatisfied with the legal 

|i, nil • .,.■■1. M rn'f'-d 'hr minl'trv 
III llip MftvHli t Ki'i^cur'il cliurch. 
South. :>iiil krr\fd lour yearh. Dls- 
n'tri'MTii,' «tih si-itni' of thr doctrin*".-; 
of thai church, lie withdrew with 
thr utino'.t pooil «,111 and f'-'^Mt r* 'o 
nil concerned, and \inlu-d with the 
rh\irrli drsrrlbed In nrvilTtloii Z'l 
li' wl.Kli !i'- li.T^ rrinT.Tifri !<i c'.tIp 

II'- ir.ii-.iil to If-x.!- ;:i \i<~.i ny.r'. 
1-..1 . r' ;i!i'l ll-.'ir <-;:..•,■. .-.i-.c '.:...: 
vrars spent In San Diego. Ciil He 
Is now a counselor for home buyers 
In Slephenvllle. Erath county. Texas 



] .^ . 

Young \ Greenfield Wife 1$ 
Fatally Injured as She 

Starts Blaze 

'mate' hears screams' 

; Rushes! Too Late to Rescue 
Her and Is Himself Bad- 
ly Injured 

Mrs. Manh'w Dyr ;n. birnfd 
this morning when »he attempted 
, lo .Mart rt iiK" »«h n cun o( Kru.- 
.»«-nr in hrv Immf «< South GrffH- 
• field, dird «i 2 ncliKk. ihln afier- 
nooii In * Sprlncflrld hORptUl. 
HaalMnd AUo Bnrnetf 
MiK. Dyr «as prrpwrlnR to eturt 
a lire to cooW bre»lil«i8l v. hen ttie 
Bcrldent occurred. She aroee be- 
lore her huxbnnd »nd he heard her 
Kcreams ss the can of keroMne ex- 

Mr. D.VB rushed to his wile and 
otlrniptrrt to smothrr the bla«>. 
UilinK 111 ihnl br mr- hrr burning 
rlolhlng trom her 
yn* hvn» bhnaelf 

I alao 

p o'clock thl« momfnt 

wa, coMclmtt for • f«* »»«" "J^ 

,he -ccldrnt. Her h"»*>*n<^ »;" J^ 
burn* on hl» handa but wU^ be aWe 
to return to hrt home thU after- 

Mrv DJf l' ■•":*^'<^''^ *"^ ^" ""*' 
■ ...J v.. ^n- rhiirt a »on about 

oiir >ei\r old. Her husband i« em- 
ploywl br the CarUui«« aUaf com- 
pany. Her parents altt Kf 1b 
aoulh Onwnfteld. Thej «« Mr. and 
Mrs. R. V. Belcher. 

The botly of Mn. Dye was retnot- 
ed to the Khnitner Underi*WnR 
company and win be taken late to- 
day to South Greenfield. Funeral 
services probab'.y vlU be held there 

Taneycomo Youth 
la Dead by Charge \ 
From Own Shotgun 

r^-,-..:. -;> ^'O' -1 X'il'l '^v 

j U> ' 

ig^^J^JS^ank walM'W '•* ■•""' 

^^Sot^^^taat. THa younf« >*«"»•» 

_,-to^ tM boat tram iM b.n» -lUi , 
^^T^oeT of hU J3-CU^« .botKun j, 

u. lJcbM,f ".<! ••' " '••* V. '°1 
« taMt Ha WW "»!*» In-tanUy. 
lft« ln»«^!?«i»o»- a eoroner-i in-. 

„ ,^trVr found um t a tM - a . ■"»• 

i^j,.i^lifV« at Uta CtuMdaa 
^^^j^Bioo at a «vioe» tbJa 

iP^ Ma-Mutot mada tn iba 

MMMterrat Vranaon . 

jo^m^w diad aatafdiV •• «* *•"'* 
'^' «omlda awrtaiaad whHa bunting 

Md^toMMr-fliM. M-TW«»d JwHf 
DiSD -»»>» ,|fcu,«TawHD« ttopoufh a 

)>«>r hn.»baB«l wkra j 

-nkBkMmra tar~tb«luaaT«l of Aina B. 
TTanary this afternoon w»r« AJonro W. 
Kmery. Oeerce «later. W. R. Keller. John 
Bowlar. John Meran and F. O. Lark. 
Monoranr pallbaarers wera R. We» Lloyd, 
O. M. JtU^r. Knaat Calendar. Dr. K. o. 
Hanklo*. J. J. Anrcrtbauch. and N. H. 
HiidMin. Scrrteet were held at the Alma 
Lobmeyar funeral home, conduried by llie 
nrirrrnd cotonn U Brljc. »!«»Htrd by 
the Reverend WllHwn H. Mansfield, pan- 
tor of St. Paul's - Methodiat church, to 
which Mr. Tranary had balnnted for 3& 
years. Rurlal riles at Maielwond reme- 
ierv. were aUo In charge ot the Hrvrrend 
Mr! Brina aa worahlpful maattr of United 
Lodft. No. ». A. F. and A. M. Mr. Tranary. 
who.waa IT, wai a FiUco entlneer for 
it yeara. 

i"! ih^' hnmi* ,^'d :*'''ln?«l«^ afternoon , 
at the home. JJjn North Tarlor aremie ' 

n^";"^.:;'rr:.r7n' 'or:e'„^;i''„";'-;,eV. : 
rnrcUr.-^"'"- «" Kh„.„er"L-^rdi;;;aT. 


tn tb« 3. w, KUncPvr eh*p«l, fo««w»<l 
by iniermrnt In Ore^n L«wn *♦"»«»•''; 
•n»« R«vrr«n4 Omx 1^ BUck. P**^*' «' 
th« rtrit ^e*rt»rUn church, cfwhtfh 
Mr. BMlvr «•» • n>«mb«r for in»ny y»»"> 
»('l rr'"(1» Mr. r.i^lfT ix »"''*'^''<\J^^,,1''' 
• lU. Mr*. M«iy EaM«y: one •""...^'"'•'T 

Mr.. K. X MrAUUrr of f.n""«'"J^^ur,. 
on* ir«nd<l»uiht«r, MU« Bu«enl* McAUU- 

E1U« U.I«yflU. B*lch».I. •S. dlr^ Wfd- 

t P.rlflf Ptff't Mr H ^iirvlv»-<t hr ""^ •".'■ 
■ M,. VrKli-.!* MMrl.t^l: or,- «on H /■ 

• B«iehtal ot P\chtt. o»i« ; /nd • ^•"«'""- 
Mr* rtUf Robln.on of llpr)nfn»l«1 BU 
tr.odfh.ldrrn iil'O Mirw»r ,'^"^""V"'- 
r«nt»in»niii »rt In ch«rg« of J. W Kling- 
nff 8»rvl*M will b» hHd .t Ihf r^« - 
<1fnr<» ■! J oclo^k Bun<l»y «fi»rnoon. fol- 
lomfrt by inifiiiifnt In Ot»fnl»»n rfme- 

.-^:.i V'' tnLUAM aAMIUTON ' "t 

*''9mtm'a.V^SntSiriw wmitm H«rb#iU»n. 
M. ot Braa«avlU«. M«., who died Tue»diy 
■Wttu f ,< fcMm«>,;iwrt «fm h* 3" 
craabH WmmU tallresd ralU h« wm 

.ioadln, .. M.n,f..1d ^J** '"r"^' 
ilU. ^Blt-mooii. U* U «"2];«J-J'-2i 

n#r»l bomt h»d «h»rto of brrbattBtBM 



Mft. Ofor«U I. y«tf». ♦V *t ^mr 

Y«tt«. died thi. mornln* •».,^'' ,,'^"r: 

jjftS K»IIelt »venuf Mr» Y«tf» l« ""J- 

vivfrt Kw Ihrf^ «m»1l ' ;.. ' ' 

• nrt on» d.uthlrr. .nd br «♦? '.^ "•'»,• "If- 

I HndKon ot Bprlnitflrld knd Tom '<"'•-""'• 
Detroit, .na thr*. .inert. Ur». Bjul«h 
•alsm*n. of New jfTt*r. »nd »«l««*« 
DorothT inrt A1lr» H«id«on "f Bprlnffleld 
runrr»l irm ncrm'nl • •" incomr'''"- bill 
•re In chtrge o( Kllncncr Un^iMktiU 
company. ,^ 

Ri:rnr.N v. thomsos 

riinml jrrvirrn lor Heuben Y. Thoni- 
,„„ -- ,fr-«t< •••.'M-rv «tu1 ■h^lt»rlor. ' 

».,.. .-'.n H. — ■• ■ "' *9- >•" <i'»'" 

.lr«rl Tur>d«v. W'le held »l ll'« r>"l 
B«pti»t ehiirch •! l" «> oflork lhl» morn- 
ing rollowrrt bv Intrrment In M«relwoo<l 
rrmr\rr\. He Ik ndrvlvfd by hH> wife, one 
ion. and fr»ndion. and » brother. 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page?: James B. Easley died.** 

Elias Lafayette Baichtal died.** 

Geraldine Cromer died.** 

Mrs. Georgia E. Yates died.** 
Page 14: Memorial notice.** 



1 runernl ffrvlren for Jome.i B. E««ley. 
I who died at his hoDic. 837 Hamilton street 
I Wertii'sdnv iilKht. will be hrld at 2:30 
orliii k Ihis Bftirnrvoii III Ihr .1. W KlInR- 

... ' 1 . I, 1 <«rii l.v l.urlnl In 

C>reeiila\kii ceinciriy. 


Funeral aervtcea for Elian LaFayelte 
Baichtal. (18. who died Wednesday night 
■ t hlR home. 604 Weal Pacific street, will 
be held In the family residence at 3 
o'clock Sunday afternoon. Interment will 
be III Greenlaan cemetery tinder direction 
of the J. W Kllngner Undertaking com- 

r.rR\i,niNr cromfr 

Funeral services for Oeraldlne Cromer. 
Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles 
Cromer, 1915 North eWller. will be held 
at 1 o'clock this afternoon In the Kling- 
ner funeral chapel. Interment will b« In 
Bellvlew cemetery, alx mllaa north ot 
Springfield. The child died at the boBM 
of thf» parents late yesterday aftaruoon. 
I Baaldet the parenU, abe U funrlyod by 
three brothers and two slaters. 


H ctnf a_U»t 

In memory o( B. W. Yirbfrry. There 

mllhin the illenl ar«»» lle» my heart where 

vnu nr* l*id.- Wind* that blow to lently 

by »eem to weep, mourn and algh. All my 

I pl^nmreii now are tone, life to me la one 

I v.t«i MiriB iiiiriK iriMt rtnr of vour Inve for 

:, ; ...r .-r -a,-: ■.^! •■» MU-'C \h1' 

loi\e\ VM «iirh * ihrill Rarirleni me and 
ninkrii me ill. Everylhing »r rn)o»rd «o 
well erle\e« me no* more th»n tongue 
run tell Our Heaven on earth »e call 
our home, from which we arvtt cared to 
rnam. now M »o aad. bleak and drear 
line* you left me. oh. my Dear. I am 
walling morn and night, longing for one 
precious alfht Oh. your gentle Toica (•. 
dear that I alwaya love to hear, and yet 
I know that can never ht until wa meet 
In et«rnlty. Thus the dayi paaa and I bid 
ihrm adieu for I know I am one day 
nearer you. 

Sadly missed by wife and daogbtrr. 
Mr*. B. W Yarberry and Edith Yarfcerry. 


Dtle Harrlnitton. 23. of Republic 
end rrancea Inman, 21. of Sprlni;- 
flcld: and Merlin L. Rldgeway. 37. nf 
Point Marlon. Pa., and Ornevleve L. 


Fatal for Mrs. M. Dye 

Tb* body oTura. »UUiy»m Dr», M, 
Who dl*d In • 8prlngn«M hoapltal 
yMtOTtlay aftfrnoon from liuma ■ut- 
tered yeetenlay morninf when she at- 
tempted to start a He with keoeene. 
wtU b* turn to tiM bam* In South 
OrMHtMA ttato memlatliyUMKUac- 
ner VndertaklBg company. Funeral 
MTaaceaMBts ara Incomptate but 
MmoM probably vtu b» held at the 
Imqm ttdt tftCCOOOB* 

TSrUddent eeeuriM »t the Dye 
home when Ure. Dye wee preparing 
to start a fire In the kitchen ttove to 
cook breakfast. Her husband, who 
still was In l>*d. heard Mrs. Dye's 
acreaina as the kfri---nr mu rinlrxlrd 
■ad ima to her assistance. 

rsllInK lo smother the names sur- 
loundlng his vUr. Mr. Dye tore her 
rtftthlPt ftwn her, reeelTlng eerere 
mime on hie hands. The house also 
naught fire but the bisre was quickly 


Mrs. U>e mid rcr husband srr:'i ■■ 
liere about B o'clock this morning in 
an ambulance of the Fuqua Under- ' 
taking companT and every effort was 
tnade to save the woman's life. I 

SurvlTing Mrs. Dye. besides her 
husband, are her parents. Mr. and 
Mrs. R. V, Belcher of South Green- 
field, and one email eon. Mr. Dye U 
•mptoyed by the Carthage Stone com- 


Funeral services for Mrj. Georgia K. 
Yates, wife of R. W. Yates, vho died 
ve.-sterday morning at her home, 3303 
Kellett avenue. nTll be held at 3 o'clock 
Sunday afteriroon In the Klingner funeral 
chnprl Burial uill be In Oreenlawn cem- 
rterv. Mrs. Yafe.'? Is nurvhed bv her hus- 
band: three smaM rhlldrm. two sons and 
one dauchter; fi\e broth«T.«. Fred and 
John Hudson of Snrlniifleld. Tom Hudson 
of Drirolt: .'!»mes H'ldson of Kansas CItr. 
Mo. and rh;irlfs Keeton pf Oklahoma 
Cllv; and three -Ivters. Mrs Beul.ih Salz- 
man of New .l<»rsry nnrt "tt««e« Dorothy 
and Alice Hudson of Springfield. 


Page 8: Mrs. Matthew Dye died.** 

Mrs. Georgia E. Yates died.** 

Geraldine Cromer died.** 

Elias Lafayette Baiclital died.** 

Mrs. Matthew Dye died.** 
Page 24: Memorial notice.** 


It ccnis a l«ii«._ . 

" "in MiMOKlAM 

In meinorv ot B. W Yarbrrrv There 
vllliln llie sileiil crs»t lies ni> lirsrl «li<-rr 
\ou sre IsUl. llial bt«m "o smi' 
Oy srriii lo «re|> iitiiiiiii siirt 'lKl> -^'1 "" 
pleasures now srr «oiie, lile l<> ii>e n our 
\sd \oiiv Blid.« llml «:i"« of »i'i'' '"*"■ •"[ 
me i.iilv ir.Mke me sjd mmi «ef M-i-ir l.i-''- 
« . \ •-•■ .1^ . I I It M . : 1 1 . . • •• 

W . V 

}sene Blast 

.411 i>)iik:>.< 

j well f rie\ i*** mi»- 
, rsii tril Our l(r 

I our home, from winch wr i.e»rt fmrd lo 
roam, now n *o sad. bleak and dtesr 
since you lell me. oh. nijr Or,t 1 am 
w.HIn, n.orr. snd ni.t... lont.n. lor o„, 

I drsi thai I 8l»<«»» li"' '" '•'""■ *'"' ; 
rCno. .hi. .-.n n,«<r be „m.,I - mee^ 

.„ elernllv. T....« !•■' •^''- ' i^"":' "i ' d,, 
ll.em adie.i for 1 i.'o* I «m o..e a») 

I 1 

iiesrer jo'i 

HadU inl--'<l I"' 
Mr» B W Ysilirirv 

, ...eial serrlres for Mrs MsHlirw 
I'M-. 30. who dlad of burns sustained 
at b«r jMBMs^ South Greenfield yea- 
tmlir.^vnt^lM htM m the Flrat 
U«pllsl cUurch llicre Uil>> »ri<ri. !••••: 

„„ ,r ...... .- , ,-"««• »*»««• UwJartaltlng company 

sad bleak and drear | I of Bouth OreanfleUl thia mbmlng rc- 
" " • -- ntored fhe body from the KlIiiKner 

Undertaking company wher*- It ws. 
taken yaatardar following the death i 
of Mrs Dv' In a Wprlnefleld hospllsl. • 

*!•* ri\r wn* fttwnit'lti/ .•• ....'..• 

s fire esrlv yesieidnv nviriili:.: nt h'T 
ho.roa'Wb«n the kercmeiie laii in her , 
handa exploded. Her husband rush- ' 
ed to her and tore her burnUiK rloih- 
11^ from her. auffertnp severe burns . 
himself. Mi». Dje was rushed to the ' 

affenratda. ^ Her htitband atao »«j 

broUBht to the hospital and burnr 
on hia handa were treated. 

Mra. Ojra ta aumred by har htu< 
band, one ch:ld. and her psrmts 
Mr and Mrs. B. V. Belcher of S«in: 

■ i.d l.<:''i> 


sfas MtTTMrw iivr 

Tha bedy of Mrs Mstihes m^. :■. »t -> 
4l*< in s hn«;iisl here Tbarxlsr sfiernonn 

Kthf leiall of hur:i« »h» r•'e|^•rt e«r:i.r 
the day when ih« aiteopieil m li(h>. 
a fire %'.ih liefAiere »** taken ♦« »M 
Pra hoaie In aouiii oreeniielii tnii m^.-c - 
BM fa* taneral aerrlras and burial there. 
J W. Kimener bad ehsre* «l srranire- 
lr*rfp ^rr• Mrt f're )\ »-jr-.->*ri hv h't 
h'.;\h»-'1 ani '**-.# rfrali rin ard h^ t^r 

grsnts. Mr snd M" R V B<-lr>.»r '.f 
Bt£ Or»»nneld. Mr. r>v« i, emplo)*<l 
the Cartiwce Btoo* eonpaay. 


MBa. Cr.O«GlA E. TATt» 
r»I»«f«l y"«^ Y«U«. wbodl»4TbuM- 

„r Mr. V.U. U .ir..>rd n V" r.u.- 
i»ri .■^. .. .^.,^,__ j„^ ^n, ,nd 

rtMr^t: J»inri Mudion ol 


nlinM J»air« Mudion ol IUn»«« C rr: 
S^^&arlM KMton M CHttoh«m» CHt; 

j^^T^iViiSuL^^ D^T^Inr ...<» a;.c. Hud- 
(on af •prtnelltliL 

ccRAtDivE moMra 

«i MrrtcM lor 0«TtW:n« rr«m«r. 
tafMM^d'Mnt*' B' >C' •"< *"'*■ Cbtrlm 
Ub Henh WtU« •<«ou*. »»r« 
•fMroMii ts «h* J. W. KHococr 

R»li.l»w i.fX»'»ry. ■■' mil" r.r:--. ■•• 
^liMlliltl TM dUM dMd at the Mm* : 
ef nw iwr'nO Th«T.<ir •fUTWoon. "nir** ; 

cuAii lAfiTrm ■•inrrAL 

tl »»T»ir»« for Dim I4if«»ri»» 
ilal •« ■••>'> "S'"! w«fl 'i-i- •"■' 
■ (t V4 w»ti P»"(if : 

Ml Ortm L«w* «■ ■ ■ 1| 

«terfl« •< 1. w. KiucBM. f 

Page 3: Mrs. Matthew Dye died.** 



ruiMra) •*r*1e« tor Mr«. M•tlh»^. 
, DT«. aO. «»»« ^l*" «»* »»"'"• MwUlnr.! 
•t bflt h«m# «n South Orwndf wi 

' BaptKt fhnrrh th^r- rrlrl«y »f"f 
I noon. 

IMr« U>» »•* •"••HH'>"'; '" * ' 
a fire «*rlT Thur«l.v moTi.ii.K .' 
hfr horn* whfn th.> Hrf-M-nr r«rx m 

^ru«b«4 to iwr and tow »Mi 
'■ riotlitng awtf. «u«Ute MH»w* ^ 
^hlmMlf. Tb* revB^ "TI^ 
» ho«piUl her* • <*w b01W» 

iVMdM th. huiib«nd. ««?^"*f^ 
.,v«. with Mr.. ^ JJS! 
,n«l inoih#.r. Mr. mnA Mr.. B. V. B«leli- 
cr ol South Or»*nfleM 

Th« riiq.i. UndfTt.kliH <»«^» 

^ru.« The J. W. KIlngnoT torn- 
|>«nv prrp-«rw1 th*. JxxlT h«" '** 

Page 3: There is an article about the Rev. M. F. Cowden but it gives few biographical 


Page 4: The probate court docket for November is published.** 

Page 6: There is an article about the coming of electricity to Springfield.** 

Page 8: Mrs. Georgia E. Yates died.** 

Elias Lafayette Baichtal died.** 
Page 10: Miss Mary Lois Fleming and Mr. Grin A. O'Neal were married.** 

Miss Beatrice Laker and Mr. Joseph Dieterman were married. * * 
Page 12: Births reported.** 

I RmTHg_ |'' [ DEATHS~| 

——"—■"■ — ~ --- wa>a nKORCIlA t. TATKS _ 

' Mr unrt Mrv EIll*. Hnrrlv^n. M« 
1 DoJltimn »venu». unnouncf the hirih 
of . dmichUr. HeUn KKthrrin*'. Oc- 

: to»»*r n 

• Mr. »in«1 Mr* O H. Pruk". 1.^3" Wft 
Lvnii ••'tf^U ntino>ii.<r> ih^ birth nf 
)«'f^. Bobby H«r»b«l, October U. 


\Mis8 Fleming Wed8 \ 

orMr..ndMr.. wmU9»H.r«mmR. 
' o' IK St. LouU «lre*t. .nd Mr. Ortn 
A. O N«l of Fort Smith. Ark- w*re , 

„„rrlert Orlob,.r l^ «t K.n«.. C.'J 
I Mr. .nrt Mr.. O N>«1 " ■' "»»"« "^«'•^ 
I Mtur« bom* m Fort Smith 


r„„,r.r..r7c« .or M;;„Oeor.,.^^;J 

;:;«,*"» 'in-""..-- ■"«""" •■ 




^]nt.t«l?ji^iJ»in^ weU while. 



rBCQU^^llttaV vtck" U being ob- 
' '»d vm th« eoutitry. Klee- 
trio U^ «M Unt toou«bt to 
8prt^tU*M by a clrcui m It wu to 
moat iovnt.' Yb* UfhtB vara played 
up AS the Jcaturr of thf "how Thr 1 
. flli^ «trai« to brtnc tiM creai la* I 
ivntieoi here thomd en rrounds ! 
bounded by West -Walnut, South • 
Campbell, Market and Elm. It Was 
declared that the U<hU made nixht 
aa bright a« day and there was 
great curiosity, although not a.^ 
nvirli o^" m tho l«rce rlMes whrrn 
Iha iiKliUs v^cie uiigiiiuiij Aliovkii 
b<fa'i«e somi» of our much trsvelfd 
citl/eiis hnd sern Uie Uplii^ In ^; 
' Louis and knew they were mnrvel- 
t ous and iUlcily an •dYerthwrttrTtW^ 
i^.M» had been broken here. A m n . 
, pie of the show advertlnlnit of the 
j lime na this w^-: ^ ••- 

I^^M Wnartal Veelirlc UghU « 
i Tl»e Orrat Invmtlvr Triumph of 
^ th« Age! 
i- , The Great Eye of the Pub lic 

■-i>?rar — 

. lUmtOned by ElccincHi ! 
Resplendent I Refulgent! RedoU 
1 enti 

I No other thow ha* il! The Ortat 
j London la the only ahow that can ^ 
I afford Itt Procured at an expendl- , 
. lure of $15,000! Kislilrrti plrctrlc ' 
' light chandellrrs, yielcJlnir a volume 
■ of light equal to 35.000 gas Jets. 
All wlrntlsls care In wonder at It! 
A.: iihf.noi.;,-: <. .i; » i.i -.i. .UJi ■ ril ^' 

All Hip woilrt Is mi\;oii'. 10 wit- 
ness III 
• An Age Prollfir with Wonclrr»l A 
I l\if»nlfoI(1 tnvrnlinn! Tlie Bni".!] 
I £lfclric Li»(lit! It i;;.,iii.;i« a O;;- 

tanre of Two Mllf«! 
j Deniie. Dark. Drrarj' Night Made 

The clrcna came with a iHulnble 
^^^-fllH^.*n » lights. The arca^ 
titfrrfrt «nd nr" «"<! '"'"'* ^ ^^Inrt- 



10 put In a plant and applied to the 
city council for a franchise. It was 
a thort franchise of only about 300 
words and gave him and his suc- 
cessors the right to run a light plant 
in the city. Thrrc was no limit, on 
the di;ratlnn o: thn frniirM^p an'! 

11 L"4 cGiiiidcrca poipc iiiai. iiic miu- 
pany now operates under the Hrf- 
feman franchise. It wa» not iirccs- 
sary then for th« proiitr to \ni« on 
■ franchise as now. After the fran- 
chise was grsnfed th* fitv ronnnl 
made a contract with the electric 
light cnnumm Xoi ' ittcftt ll£htlng 

,%nd UghU were put In. The city 
'at th» time wm ustoig gas Ughte tuf- 
der » contract with the gas com- 
pany. The gas company brought 
■ult ftcalnst the dtr to prerrat the 
w'-f of electrlctty for street lighting, 
hokUof the ga* company had 
exeliulve contract for street Ucht- 
Ing. Ilie case was hotly contet;«d 
In ilie circuit court before Judge W. 
O. Hubbard. J. P. McCammon belrtg 
city attorney. The gas company 
was given the decision and the f'.rv- 
trie Ilchts. which had been InsUllrd. 
«cie t:.t o.'!. I;. is !i..iii'- Mi lir.'- 
frman furious and he evrn made a 
:i''V. s|):ilirr »!;ai r: .-;, J. -'.^r !! ;bharrt 
who Ignored It. In a short time a 

Ht- i 


ing light In fla-shes as our 

street lights did. Whiln the 

dDiMed U UMor vera. «tMtly as ad- 
vertised. They did not make It as 
bright aa day. It was several years 
after tho drcus before the dty had 
electric lights on a commercial 
baM";. Frank R Heffernnn rtrnried 

fompromlse~wss nisde and the elec- 
tric lights came t>ack. The two com- 
panies were later consolidated. 

S* ' '!• • • • 

.^The original clecUlo light building 
on Boon\1Ilr avenue has been wrlt- 

\ ten about often and still stands. 
When first . operated a stipsm of 
llaht flared out from the biilldinc 
llial wa!( Bteii lor a mile. 'I he nlfl 
arc light was flrnt used and It sput- 
tered and flashed much like the cir- 
cus light in the beginning. The arc 

I Ught gave way to the modern 
1 I method atwut a quarter of a cen- 
tury SCO. T)!e flf.t inrsnde^ren! 

' llKhl.'f were on circuits and a flat 
rste cliarced. the price dependm; 
on whether one wh* on the rsrly or 

|%ite^ elA:iiTt.'!i^ Ligiu.s couM uet M>r>|; 


ilant (Hitabllshetf to fompt^ 
y for lighting It was only [ 
tbat the .eleetrle Mlhray 
tbetltibUnc amMf^ 

> all wer« h»ppy tintU the autolnoMI* 
'.'aune atong •ad/t'ut th* itreetean. 
on the bum. i \ 

isALaker Weds ^^ 

took pUra thlA mornlnt at o'eWlc 
St th« Saemt U«(n cdureh wh«i\ 
MiM Bmtrli« Ukari MU(ht«r'or Mr. 
•bd Mn. fton lAkw. 1344 North 

Rohberaon •vrnur, became the btlrte 

of Mr. Joaeph Dlet<'nnan. aon of Mr. 

anrt Mr*. Jokeph W Di'termnn. pn 

■ Norlti Campbell ii\riiur The ilriKie 

[tint ceremony w«i. read hy tha Rev* 

The bride wore • eharmliMt InforW* 
al ifown of monet blue and carried • 
KlirH)' ooii<|uri o( pliiK roaa buda ard 

KannenberR. ihemira 6f hmiWf^mS' 
«r iotarmaj tneMSal, hun*m»f. tWB , 
and carried a bouquet of pink roae 
' biid«. Mr. 'Irnnard IVnneher acted 
; aa hem mnn. Tl»e church *aa i«ac- 

I White dahlia* and potted ferna ano 

' nther plant* A'l h»»lrrta of ru» 
: (loaerii u-err ptaled at either aide ol 

, rri-irdiiii; ii.r rr innntiv, Mr. Wil- 
liam J oiMf "O PromiM> Me." »r- 
ifitii;>.i; .<■•! ■ ' ■■.' 'i:i'.,t\ h-. M:>" 
.\ lljinf (>-i-!r..- "^<• • • ri iii'.i ;. 
, Mm MarKuerltp Varley »KnK "All Kor 
Yntl " hv HfrTrftm Prown. al«o ec- 
r<>n!|>.i:.;t i! (Ml ' i\f <>>fiM\ b> M-»* 
Mar\ nmin. 
1 Abrmt nrr h'li-.drrrl tntliratr 
frlr;icls nf tlir vcMlic rn-tp'.t and 
' mrml>er« of thplr (atnlllea were m 
I attendance at the church dunn( the 
irrrnionv Ffjlowiiij the lervlre 
i about forty (rienda and membere of 
j the t«o (amlllea were entertained 
' «lth an Informal medding breakfaait 
!«•. 111." iioiiir I'f i.'ir ii ;:i - j-i-'r.rx. 
OiH-of-towii ciir^T" at the brekkfaat 
mere. Mr. E<1wiird Wheeler o< Kan* 
M)* Cil). uitelt of !'■• br:(lo. and Mma 
Aebliecca Rlnchardt of rayetUvlUv 

Deeket el eaaaa In vbleh aatUemanU are 
due troiM (leentara, admtnlatratori. auard- 
Uiu and cutatoti at the Comloi Kovtm- 
ber t«nn oC the Probata Court of Orccrta 
OetiBti, Ulaeenrl. nMuaaneinfl^ea tha a«- 
end Haadiy. the Uth day of llOTenkaiv 

Ali dUtloni are relurnabla on the flrit 
day of Cf.e term. MONDAY. FIRST DAY, 

^•ov^■^tMFlt inu ip^p 

.So i,riilriiirni' docliilrd 

Aachmaon. Aafunt H. dectaned. C. D. 
Rrrarlr. admlnutrator, l>t ««ml-ar\nua] 
t«(tlemtnt. _ _ . 

Ad«mi>. MihaU. In»»ne. M T. Prater. 
' gnnrdinii and riimtor. .Mli miniiil ntlllf- 
mf-fM ' , 

- Aruitnlrout, Aia and DelorU. iiiinori, 
Delia Armantroul Freeman, lutrdlan aiul ! 
' enrtitr'x; Mtli aninitl n^ul^meiil i 

i Buriilr. Hobrrl II rtecca^rd, Jr»el Klor- . 
' fti.-» IluriDr. Tixfriuru: IM »fnil-»iinii«l : 

ttlilrii.i III 
1 llovrrniif. II C drcfBufd. Wll* O Bf»- 
ttaac «dioi>ilfir«trlx: Wnsl Seltltmeni 
Rrakr. Ilulh M dteeaeed. D. R. Brake. 
I administrator. Final SettlriiieiM. I 

nii<-l(i>'-r. pHllir H f1rc»a<.Prt I.r-»|vf B.- 
SlmillDf 111. r\<iiiiinislr»Ui». Ciual 8«Hle- 
I mrul. ' 


I Brittaln. John William, minor. Jamai < 
I Prrk. auurdlan and curator, lit aanual , 

. >.»!f I«-»iIPtll 

Hrixcv. .In>«plilnr- mirt AUa M iniiiot». 

?M n r.riM-.' t:U4-.i<!ia:i n;:c! curat r. I'.li 
I annual nrltlc/ineiil. 

' nryan, Lorrne Ethrl. minor. Jamat A. , 
I Ntlnii, £K-publlr (uardlan and curator; . 

3rd annual aettlpnirm 
' Ho^kv. Ilnnirr. i:'Minr. Manyir M'>rMr. 
I Bti.irdinti BiLii cuiAlllx, ^l.d **i .•><U.e- 

Bancroft. Dorottiy. Wllma. Dons L.r« and 
Andrew Ororije. mlnon, Robert V riur^f. 
.nttrdlan «th « • ■ 

inent. i 


BalllDRrr. Roincr J. m!ii"r. \U' Lucille : 
Weaver, aaardlan and curairix. Pih annual . 
aettlement. _. ., 

and Mabel Wtlliama. (uarrilans and eura- 

Enetutor; Ut »«ml-aiiniial «(tlrmrnt 
1 Culler. t»eori!s W. ilftra>rd. caiolinf E. 
; CMll^r. eircutrlx: .l»t leml-annual aettla- 

C.ilnii Ctmrlc' Il'nrv. dfirn"i1. "'•f '• 
Hall. I'ubllc adniinislrator. l»l »eml-an- 
::ual aetUament. _ ^ ■ . » 

Chapman. John T. doeeated. * «• 
Moonajharo, admlnlalrator; lit aeml-an- 
Dual aetllamant. ._»/., 

Cooxrr Will W drreaied. Eva E. Cooxrr. ^ 
axtcutrlx: Final Bettlement. ^ ^ „ _.. , 

Codnian. Mary F. deceaaed. C. F. COII- 
man, admlnlntrator; Final aattlement. 

Chanty. Millard F. decea»«d Eva A. . 
Chanev. admtnUtratrU; Final aettlement. I 

Cox. Albert. drr«n>>-d. T, Pnnl Hydr, ad- 
mlnutralor; Final Bfltlrincnl , 

rimloii W P liisan*. Hariirt Clayton, 
r n.ioiiii and cuiatrlx. Ivt >rml-annual 

rni.lM-ll. Fluuh'-lli. I 'or.a Can- 
irrll. Kuurdlaii and curatrix. «lli annual 
aettlement. _ „ ,, ™ t 

Davla. Ed decea«*d. Oro O. Hall. Fub- 
tic Admlnlatralor; l»t atml-annual aettle- 

I>inii A W drrrnrcd. P n navi«, ad- 

nv.i.i-v Kiiif «;tli llir »lli annrxrrt. ".H 

' aeml-nnnual aettlemrnl. \ 

Davla. Mra. N. J. deceaaed. Uaac A. 

Davla. admlolitrator: lal arml-anoual let- 

tlrm'r.t. .... 

U'liili. M»r\ J dremA'd. Jan.rx A Nrlnix, 
I Ex-Pubiic administrator, Pinal Bflll»mfni 
' n-whurxi. Ablesll Eli?.Bbri?i. In.xane. 

Wm'^I'Ti Mnr, '.'■': .•.■ril.^Ki nTirl rurntnr 
, li! nnmm! •.clilimf i.t 

Dlnaeldtln Edward B. Joi.rphiiir F. . and 
Dorothea M.. minora. Ida A. DlncaMeln 
Andreiva. guardian and curatrix; Jnd an- 
nual xeltlrmrnt 

Danlorlh Joxrt'b Inxanr .tarn" A 
Nrliii.. Kx ; it>;ii <ii«rj.«ii *"1 curator 
7nd annual 

Damernn. Jamea. minor. Raymond D. 
Wrlrh. Rimrdun and curator 3iid annual 

Druasa. Margarrt Marie, minor, Emily 
M Rarnrtt. guardian and curatrix: 3rd 
annual attlcment. 

ISTH. !»!». 

Dr»huri<i. Mary Aanea. minor 


Drvrioii. Hnrrv I. . Insanr. \V 


I annual 

A Lln- 


Eddlnx". Luther and Bfutah. minors. 
Win. L. McCurdv. Ex-Public Guardian and 
Curator: llth annual aettlement. 

Fn^t^r. J^K** J f^r , rirpfaxrd. ftarah F 
ft::"'. ExTUTrit t^t .*-r;iii-nn;-.;ial -<ritlf- 

Krick. Enrl B Ii ni.r. .lini'x A Nrlnix. 
Ex-Pubilr Kuardlan and curator. 4tli an- 
nual aettlement. 

Oray. Mary A. deceaied. Jamea W. 
O'Brien, admlnniraior. Ml semi-annual 

f.i-i-or I. M dcflsfi! Mai\ r C'bxon 
I \' •• .:■ -s . r ' 

Oaddard. Snmupl 11 rtrcasfJ Jamrx It 
Ooddard, adniin»tratut Finul Brtilrinciii. 

noflfifv Virginia n<i>e. minor. Thomaa 


■;.• O W Oonri. 
l.'t)i Hitnual ftrltlr- 

I Oodlrty, VUilnlk Roic, minor. ThomM 
U Oldton. Ourttor: 2nd annuil Mttlc- 

r.HiuI Mil III' K : 
iiunrdlan and curaior 

OauU, OlMide. Inaan*. Inn Oilbrilth, 
KU«rdl»n and curttrU: 10th minual irt- 

i«rif, i93<i 

Hftrw (> M rircpRrt-'l, S' '•n llnrrt.^. «il- 
minmtiiili IX, IM -en:! niiiiiiiil trlllcineut 

Hannah. Frank, drceaxrd. Edward W. 
Hannah, cxrcutor; 1st semi-annual lettle- 

Hanf^ell. Lucv T dfi.»a>.fd. C C Han- 
•Fll. admtnUtrator: lit leml-annaal tettle- 

lloilon. Elo:«r M <1»c'»«fd Hurry O. 
Horlon. admlnlnttator . 1st 5rml-annual 
if : '. .n.-ci.t 

Harrli, Oforge W. dfCfa.-^fd. John \V. 
Tillman, adminliitrator: Pinal Saltlemrnl. 

HfadVf. Port'r r dfrra«fd. R. B Head- 
}fr rvr'i'(tr Pi'nl P*^ ' t l^rr ' lit 

Hen^ori, Lait.Hii fc-Ufc.t'iir, r.i.uor. J v^ 
Hnse riiralor; 1s1 nnminl «»ttl»mfnl 

II. .■..'.< I. 1. .. rt i • . ..:. I,. ..: ^r V. 

Hb\»Vm I'-uBrd.-u; a;.w ».ira;tir, ;■( aM-U."*! 
sritlrmf lit 

Hfnrirlclti. Cliarif* CUmfnts. dtcraaed. 
Jran Mark* l|ou)ttoii. admlntstrairlv ;rlth 
thf will annexed de bonis non. Final S»t- 
f jement. 

Humphreys. Fdwin and May MllJer. 
minora. T K Humphrfys. Curator. »th 
annual »ettl»menl 

KTTH 1929 

KoKan, Marr. Insane. Mike Nlbler. 

nartflu Md earatM: IB*M womI ••t* 

Jftekfon. Ybacntor; lit semi-annual art- 

Joboa, R. T. dMS«ft*«d. W. T, Oocita. 
•dralnlalrator: Final SMtumMt. 

. JetaMoo. MM. !»■•««. DaM Bl 
fuardlut aiM enrater; Mb aooi 

Kibllnier. J. T. deceased. Marj Jane 
Klbiiiicar, •xaculrix; lat Mml-aaiuial ••*• 

KMtar. Ara. dceeaid, Ben Chaalaln. exe- 
cutor; lat ««ml-aoniial MitlemanL 

K: »u.'. Walter r A»rtf.ri. Waller H 
Hendaraon, adiDlaiattat«r; lit aanl-aiiDuai 

Klme. Barbara C. d«M«aad. w. H. KIme. 
admlnlitrator: Pinal Betllem'ut. 

tcindrlck, Klltabeth. minor. C M Kln- 
drlrk. suaidlan and curator, Ilth annual 

I9TH. 19}* 

King. Ruth O Minor. Chas C. King. 
aiiardlan and curator, lit annual aettlc- 

Lccper. Ploaale J. dac*«t«d. CharUa U 
Leeper. lat a«ml-annual aettltmanu 

Lamb. Ben W. de«aat*d, J O. Oorrtoe. 
admlnlitrator: lit acml>aiuMtaJ a«>Ua»e n >. 

Lat:. an, Willie M daceord. C P Rln«- 
enberc. admlnltlralar: lat awnl-a&ouaj 

Leeper, Cbarlei Cnarjr, dacaaaad. Cbarlt« 
L. Leeper, admlnliiratar; Itt acnl-anooa] 


Land, ioj, ramor. Brran Land, nardlaa 
and curator; lit annua) aellUmml 

I rti ^ T'w'* r* rr!rT J■•.r-^ '.v t... , ^ 
(uardiao and curaior, Pinal S*ttl«aa«nt. 

MrKecna. Prank J. Inaana: Kelt)* P 
Bo«l»r. fuardlan and ruratrtt Utft an- 
nual Mttlemanl. 

Mooneyhvn. W. H. dee«aa«d. P W Bar- 
ret! • dminialrator: lit »eml-«nnj»: tfi. 
i;r.,.< ..1 

«".V".".- B'/obard J. dectaaad. Artbar 
a. Uartln. admlninrater; lat ««ial-anBaal 
Melton. O. T dacaaacd. Uarr Uaitoo. 

artminiiitratrix. Final BatUtmmt. i 

I Mi:fhell. Ed«»rd U dectaaad nia 
Muchell. adininittratrix PiT>al (»•■.•> — .-■ 

!!Sa''**E.*''- NDTH DAT. ~ 
MTH. \nt. 

Ultchall-Helaatloa Urt Sleek Oonmla* 
- M. Mil 




Marka. Haraaa D. dac a aa e d. An»s D. 
Uarka. aJiacttirU d«. beata nam. FlnAl ■•*• 

Lovall add Uain Aakarry kawik 

tor^: trd annual aattlamanl 
Norman. Mary U. daotaaaj. lAtcy S. 

**'JS*1.'.'*™'°'**™'^«; '»«»^ aatUawant. 

Niebolaoo. L^rmaa. miMr. Kadira A, 
Ifl«hel«on. nardlM ud trnttm; Mh •». 

I nnal aattlamtDt. 

I Nelson. Jamaa Dr»w and Kathrrn Jana, 
minora, Maod* O ' - ' 

ruialrli. )ih annual aattleiufDi 
MfiRE ■ I 

Ulivar, Mabit Lorena, aiiaer. Zona Cap- 

eninf, vuardlao and avratrti: iDd aamal 

; aetlleraenL — <•« 

ONeal, Oeorja Ehno. minor, Zetta 

I O Neai, vxiardlaii and catatrtx; Hb aooaal 

>ettlrnif III 

r. !>.. rioh.r. r kPd KIranor M minora 
Martha .M uiMr. luaraian atxl curairii 
' 7th annual aetUamtnt. 

OD»>. Mane Jai.e and Alexander O 
mmor*. Clementina Zailvatar anardlan 
•"^., ,"■"'•»'" '"'h annuaf letllaiDtM. 

aiJ. IBM '^' '^^*'"^" ^^^'- ^•<3*'K«"« 

; Pleiffei. Baa. d»eMa*< r I, •aicar 

adminuiralor: ut aamt-aaaaal istlknM' 

Tf I tliment •"•'*"• "* ••»'-»»»S 

n.elps. Willi,.. milMn. rhma<m Bra*. 

velL vuardlaa aaa ««r»uU: Mb lanaat 

_^Pallau, Sarah Praacea, dactrf- <-.„rt, 

R«m.a. eaetuior. ui •.•i-aanaal aatuj: 

nebarison. P o dcnaaaad 
erson. •ilmlnlitratna lat 

^;' 3 . i.i. Chailea. dceeaaed. Laaadac v«« 

fi:;r;;nt*''""^'^'"- »•« —issSi \:t. 



ni.,MT Mar»»,a «nn de^^ ,^„ 

Richtrr. Hena. dattaal^LSIIr 
"MUlrla. Pinal H^TwnT ^^ 
I Rller Uaala. InaaiM. Jaaaa A. .^mtrnm, 

Ron. Paulina, mlDor. KUa ll««a Ma*. 

fifM guirdlan and curairli Jth annual 

Rook. Kenneth, minor. W J Cribba «,,d curaior. 2nd inn-.n; .f'.' 

K«a«ei. Chtitar Oaea aod Laona liaa 
minora, j. w. Raavaa. fvardlaaiuM cmiL. 

tor; »th anntial aaitlaineiat. 
. etalllaia Amasda. decaaaad. W. R St*n- 
n»a, admlnmratar; tat tnal-aaBttalaaT 

aJ^SJ;".''.!^. ..*"""" ^ decaaaad, nor«M» 
Sprohi Ttttaoi, •xtcauii: Ut aaml-annaal 
aattlamanl. — u»4 

■lubUafiakl. Earnaat Walter. dacMaad 
Nanrr M. StabbltriaM. admlnUUauia* 
lit aeml-annual aaitlamant. •••*■»»». 

Small, Lura A. «ecaaaed, Ifalaoa H aaalL 

e^rcuior. Ut ttmiaanual iettlement 

Strong. Minda A daceaied. Our « I 

; strong, executor, lat aaml-annaal settle- ' 

Smith RobI W J deeeawl Mettle t 
.Sii.iih. eiMutrn. Ill; taiiie- 

I Sa.vers. Au«uitui B de«eaaed J 8 See. 

I'"d,r'„^r„'"v'- 'V »fmi-»nmial 
I Slroup Nora E decaaaed. Oao. Q Hall 

P-iMir idmmi.tralor. Ht «ml-annjal let-' . 

l.CmrTlt. I 

I '^'.'V-.^'" f ''♦':«»*«d. .' E. S.ia* ad- 
I «RD )°M • ^^'''^•'TH DAT. MOVSMMOt I 

?iock5.lir Allen derea,ed. Jama, A 
N'.mN. Ex-publlc adniinuirator: »«il 

Sri,»,rrenhBch F.t'I dfcea^ed j j 
I"."- ''"-• ■■ I.I .. .-r;„mf ■ 

br.MriM Itinrnai dfc*ase<] Jamet ^ 
Ne-m.. Ex-publlc admluutrator: »uh Iha 
i't'llern't"^ "• '•'^ ^- ^ — ^' 

■ Smith. Oaciia. mlDor, U 1^ Qr«nt, j 
tuar<1Un aiur curator: and anonal asttW- ) 

m»iit ■ 

p>ii>' r\t\:rt r in<an«. Harry D Dwr«» 
iui.r-lnn Kr.a c>;ritor: llh annual «ttl«- ; 

Sanlord. WlUiatn B. dMea»«d. Oradv Hol- 
land Sanford and Frank M McDatld. 
ExKutori; Jrd Mml-anoual aattlMntnt. 

TlUman. Jotin L^4«c*«a*<l. Lav* L TUK 
man, rwcutrU; m Mod-Aaaaml m(Uc> 
ment. _ 

Teokrr. ChailfJ W. dff»a»td. BYttl* 
T , . ..:.,: 1" ,;:■■ "" ■"-<•■ •- •^.; 
l<i («»m;-anDuaJ ijitlrment. 

-» ^^- l<^»it«* ■nr' ^ — "" " --•- vff-v 

E. wtbB. guaidian and curabot. llUi an- 
nual rrttl«Tn*Dl. 

Uhri«. rranlt. dc«r«*ad. rrank Dtirl(. 
ciecutot: Ul aaml-aiuiaal *aiU«ni«nl. 

Van Waim. rni. dx*a < td. Pr«d Tan 
Wacr.. ndirlnMltator «l1h tb* arUI ao- 
■••x-' T'lul etMi»m»-i 

rtlr.'on. VKr> L Cf »«•»<:«« H. 
Oidfoii. (lacmtor. _Floa£ BcUlajBtSS 
MONO At. tHIRTRirra 6ir. NO' 
BBR 1»TH. 1*U. 

Workman. Jobn H. d«c«Mod. J. A. Mr- 
dan, anentor: Final SalUaaont. 

wr?lT. -T rt d'Oi'nl ira D. Dish 
xecutor:' rtnal Battlcratnt. 

WllUama, Jaa«phlji*. tfaenwad. Krm WO- 
! II... admlnlttiatru wUto UM win »>• 


ncxrd; Vloal Stitlrmtnt. 

WMt, W. ■. daa«*ao4. Uisto Wotl. A«- 
mlnlltratrlx: Itl iirnl-aDroal aoMlaiBOttt. 

WriKht. Ilollln n -I'l-T Hnlti. K 

\Vr:K!it. xuardlaii and cuiaior. luin annual 

Wllllama. JErnoat ByroB. laawaa, Blcla 
William*. (oaHbAA aad mtnUr. Mb i»> 
nuti K«tM«mrnt 

WasDrr, Lortn*. mLoor, Dcaala Oantcl, 
iruardlan and curator; lllb anmMl Mttl*- 

Walm). Jom«f m^nor. T C Hamlin. 
Corator: Srd annual MUltmant. 

Woodlc. rr*dtrlek X- Inaan*. C«rTt« ^. 
Nealr. (uardlao and curatrU; TUl tJUHMI 

Wharloq. Oaorfa W. daeaaaod. Sdltta T. 
Wharton, admlnutratrix; Kth annaal aol- 
llfmfnt _ 

Young. IVnall D daeaaaad. Jaaala Karnan 
Youiif. admlntatratrU; Itl aaml-annaal 

Youn*. WUUan. daaoMad. T. W. aarrvtt. 
tiacutcr: Irt t«Bl-«iuiaU aonlraMtM. 


Sci: CUtk of Pi«tat* Oewt. 

Praam Oo gnty. 1^ 

Page IC: The family of Mrs. D. B. Savage held a reunion.** 
Page 2C: Son born October 7 to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Pruitt of Peirce City. 

Miss Hattie Hilker and Raymond Miller were married Wednesday at Mount 


Arthur R. Murray and Miss Rebeka I ladley of Purdy were manied July 10. 
Son born October 14 to Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Hinshaw of Miller. 
Mrs. E. P. Bridewell of Monett went to California where her brotherinlaw died. 
Miss Mary Moret and Capt. Lawrence Adams, both of Monett, were married 
August 17 at Camp Pike, Ark. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Eugenia Moret. 

Page 3C: There is a long article about Levi Morrill who was "Uncle Ike" in the book 
Shepherd of the Hills. 

Page 3D: Miss Dorothy Veazey and Dr. Robert R. Means were married.** 

Miss Esther Carlyne LeBolt and Mr. Newton Marshall Rountree are engaged to 


Miss Lorene Krauth and Mr. James Hart are engaged to marry.** 

Page lA: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 3A: James Taylor Jacobson died.** 

Vows Read 

Annouiiccmeut haa brta rfctfved 
hera ot the marriage of Mlaa Dorolb; 
VcMajr. daughter ot Mr.- and Mr* 
Joht\ Veany. 1XT> Htmllton avtnu*. 
Bt, Louta. to Dr. Robert R. Ha*na. . 

Dr. MMini «'■« fonaerlr a atudent 
ot Dnirjr co<l«g* «hrre he waa * mem- 
bar ot the Sigma Nu fraurnKy. He 
la a graduate of I>rury'and of Waoh- 
lnf;l<in iiiihrr*r\ 

Thf wcdfllni; rrrrmonv ««" rtuxi In 

Ihr nt .lohlix h.p«ropnl rhlirrh «n(1 
>. ;t, r..(' .^,." ^ [((rplion 81 Ihf 

..■.I... ... ..... „,,J Mrs. Vrarlry. 

ri)f hiidfr wore a RO*n of Ivory 

s.t:iii iii.Mii i,..:, .1 loiu' N'.fi'.^ ui'h 

1 ,! • I,! !• ■■ , ■ 

hwripiiiK llir fli.i.i in ihc b:irk. She 
wore her molhern KeddliiR veil, uhlrli 
was arrniiKrd «lih a cAp ol roso poini 
adorned In orange blovwms. She car- 
rlrd llllea of the vallry. 

Dr. Claude Zwart «aa man for 
Dr Mean.4. Dr. Leee Harrison. Dr 
WRllRre Oreen. Dr. Marvin Nuppirr 
nnd Dr. John Patiemon aere groomi- 

FollDvliiK ilifir honrvmoon Dr ann 
Mr*. Menni will mnke their home In 
8t. U>uls. 

Miss I.ori'uc Krauth | 

To Be Married | 

Mra AUh8 Robrrt-t. «I7 Enat P«rlflc , 
fttropf hn« Rnnoimrrrt 'M' ''"**5I." i 
ment of her rtatiBhter. l>orr,.r Kr-.i'h. 

rtw-Mh 4«inw Hart of Chlc«BO. III.. 

'^n of MP. «nd Mf.. T w. H»rt of 
WMt HiRb •twt ro«d. . ,Th«. Dj«- 
ri.R« cemnony will tiili« pU^ 
November 2B "t the home o' th* 
brides parent*. They ""^ -" -•"'- 
iheir luiiiie iit»;r.p 





.Vamr.' I.t\lnr .Im nu'.on. I,u o-riiniir h* ■'^Irt 
>in of tlr. and Mca. X. L 4acnbson, died 
Pi.irdnv exfnioB at aboiil <fl .o'clo<;k. .Fu- 
11-rKl Mmrra will be jtl the Qatent.i' 
ii'iiitr nil rotiie 6. about three mU^-n north 
nt Sprincti' III. at J o'clock tbli jkftemoon. , 
nmijii i\iil br at Republic The baby la ' 
MMVlvrii ..\, brvldf, h'-r parent*, a «ltler. 
Il'"len. :' ititd « bri.tti'r Irnii^td nnr \rhr 
• ilfl 'I fif I htfiiip IiiiiriHl linm'- \\ in 
( lie I ite •<( iir i iitiKeni- i.t ■ 


, _-,-; 

lira. IVIla LeBolt. K(H Enat Elm •trrrt. him it 
of hfr <1a^ht«r. Esther Curlyne. lo Mr. Nr»i 
<Mr. aad Ml«. Aivini U. Rouatrce. A08 Souib 

Rouniif*. »on of 

I^RS. D. B. SAVAGE. 87. year old. 
, WM "at home" to hrr chlldrfn. 
Crtndchlldrpn, and (rrfai-Krandchll- 
dren— 55 In all— all day Saturday In 
her nnall cottage on the farm of 
her dauehter, Mr.i ChariM Webb, on 
the BatUefield road. 

Ura. Charles Thompson, of Bar- 
boursville. W. Va., made the Ions 
trip to be present at her grand- 
mother's birthday celebration. Mrs. 
R. U HUdt, the eldest daughter, ar- 
jiitA from St. Louis, accompanied 
by Mr. and Mr». John Church. Mrs. 
Walter Henderson and two children. 
of Warsaw. Mo., were also expected 
U> srrlve. 

I j^TlUM. with the larse group of 
' relatives here in SprinRfteld, were. 
I gucxts at the crlrbrstlon. 
I Mrs SavBsr has lived :n Spr:n;- 
I field since lt70. watching the town 
grow from the time there were only 
two houses on the north side and 
only one-story building on the 
square. She arrived In a covered 
wagon, after coming on the train 
from Highland. 111., to Lebanon. i 
Her chUdren who stUl Uve here In I 
Springfield are Lee Savape. Mrs. W. ' 
8. Dryden. Mrs. Spencer Rhode.« 
Mrs. Charles Webb, and Mrs. R. S. I 


Tor the past few years she has . 
Uved alone In a small home near 
that of her daiichter keeping her 
owngarden, raising chickens, even i 
preaenring fruit In great quanUtle*. | 
She Is well known for her fine I 
f^m* of humor, and her nrriit vitnl- 
Uy. and was quite enthusiastic about 

iUM celebration of her birthday. 

Hnn tolat to make aU the coffee." 

f abe declared. 


Oran Haskell Wood. J3. and Ml.v. 
Helen Pauline Sellers. 17. both of 

Henry Blakey, 65. colored, and 
nuBsle Epperson. 33. colored, both of 

Rollva H. Joni'.s. ;7. SpririKdrld. 
iind Miss Ira Alberta Johnson. 31. 

Osniel R. Duncan. IB. Bots D'Arc. 
Slid Miss Ethel Patton. Ash Grove. 


Oran Haskell Wood. 33. and Miss 

Helen Pauline Sellers. 17. both of 

Charlie Loveatl. 37. and Miss Anna 
.S< nibrouKh. 21. both of Springfield 

Henry Blakey. 61. and Gu.vie Ep- 
prr.<;on. 33. both of Springfield. 

Page 5: Delores Willis died.** 
R. F. Reeves died.** 


— . I 

T>»:i.nRf'>< n:fit.i<i 

riiiieml vrr\lrr« fr.r nrlrre« Wlllln tn 
f^'^l dauehler of Mr and Mrs Walter I 
yi'll. P3fi North r«r,n>'rl| avenue who ' 
died Salurdar mornlnB at the fsirlly home ' 
were held at |h# renlderere at 3:30 o'clock 
jrerterdav afternoon ' Burial wax In >„,| 
i.awn remetery ur>der dtrrrtton of W L 
Starne. " 

B \. R»rvrs 

Frtenri^ hj-ii- IrHrii'd MMful.nv r>f the 
death of R. F Hrr\rs. toriiifr Sprmn- 
fleldian. earlv yesterday morning at his 
home, 4354 Hartford street In St. Lnuia 
Puneral arrangement* had not been com- 
plete hii» It Is prnt>at)le mat servires will 
b« held In St. Louis anrt the hodr brought 
her* for burial Mr. Reeves lived msnv 
vears in Springfield prior to his removal 
to 8t Louis some X^ yesrs ago. He m 
surrived br his wife, two cJxters. Mrs 
*'oral MiJIer antl Mr*. Fannie rrawfnrd «f 
the tiorrslne apartments here and • 
hrother T. r Peeves of n»nver. C"lo 


Page 1 : The stock market collapsed. 

Page 7: There is a photo of and an article about James M. Quinn and his son John M. 
Quinn and the Quinn-Barry coffee company. [It is mostly about the coffee company.] 
Page 14: Robert F. Reeves died.** 
Page 17: Miss Alma Fielden and IVIr. John Rich were married.** 


Becomes Bride 
Of John Rich 

AitxhT pnttr inlwrnU mMTtof* 
corduoiiy look pUte jutfrrtnj 
meralnf At B 0*0)0011 vhtn Mt^a Aim* 
rtoldtn, d*u«)n»r ot Ui. and W*. 
How* D. ritldtn, 718 EMt P»f» 
• Uffi. ^'^•"^^le the bride of Mi". John 
Rich, eon ot Mr. ""« Mr». Jowph 
Blch of tbU city. Tin •InilB flof w- 
»n\onT •»■" '■""^ •' **^* iK""* "' ***• 
bride'i p«rrm^ by !!■'• nrvrrend Mr. 
Lloyd C. SBiidfiTor.. 111 Uie prescnci- 
of Bbout twenlytlve lntlm»'.e frisnd* 
of th» young couple and tiieJr fam- 

The bride wore • lovely drew of 
Jrory crrpe Romnlne. prlncee* rtyle. 
and carried a eliower bouquet of pink 
ro.«r liiul«. nnd hnhy bre»th. Mlia 
Kreflu KIrlfltii. H^t' ■ "' "■•'' ^irif""- 
«'•• oiald t)l honor. « >»ore i.ii lii- 
(orinal Irock of fleah Uffetn. Mr. B. 
H. Birh. brother of the brldegrocni. 

urt^il .ii» hr«r innM. 

Tlie roine wer«» profnaely decorat- 
ed Willi lilt flowrm 111 I«rirp art b.ia- 
kem. and nil lnipro»l»cd alUr lo the 
llvliu room was haaked wllh tfcaJl 

pii.i nfifl vellnw rtrlilU* and fem«. 
freirrtiiiii Hie ceremony. Mi-^e liiri\rn>r 
Brlf1«ieli f*ii|t. "Al Dawnlnsr." by 
Cadmen. accompanHxl on the piano 
h)- Mi» Mar'lu .Irftberp. Irair.irt'.T.'- 
IT foUowIng the eetemony, Mra. 

Jrrtivri; played "HuraoiTake." by I 
Drorak. I 

After the fereraony an Informal I 
lhrre-coiir»e breakfnat waa errfvd to | 
nidi)l)ir» ()| II, c (Hnilly and a fe« ] 
liiilmate filejida. Mr. nnd Mra. Bl«b 
left for • abort honeymoon trip, aiiid 
• 111 be at home to thrlr friends aft- 
er November 1 at 714 East i»^gt• 



I Konr.RT r. prr.vr* 

|:,.>>ril y He'vev. (I». ffirill'rlT nl 

S.T Infield. fl'Tl Riiiid.Tv afternoon at hl^ 
Mr-ne In RI Ixiula alter a ihort lllnes* 
He «aa Ihe brother of Mr«. Nora Millet 
and Mr* Tannte Crawford anil t he uncle 

Ihf p»»( (»w rf»ri. Mr. Reerea hat Men 
' JIWIM|I>»«» > •amfcOT of taftntMM. 
■monf vhlfh »•• lh« H*Mn» i«Ml IW 
Wtllff M««M. rrw M ili*l «»• WMin 
the i^weirv btjaintu In SI. unn, Wwfg 
r.e 'mo>e<i from Bpflttiflfld. •BBtTTf 
\rais e^" m*- *i..ti.n.. ■....• ■ - ■■in 

i< well known amonf «h« pionetr eiil- 
Mot ol SprlngJield. Ht »*• iiMOcUted ■ 
in lh« 8u»i»r and Bryui irr«e«rjr •««/«' 

on Brton*ilt» *»*nut for • llm«. Mr. 

,-rr .. -,.,.:..■,: r,y r.'* -•-"•^" xtf^^ 
Mary Rfe»f», ol Bl. U>ul8, one brotlirr. I 
O. RMvr*. af D«nv«r, Colo.. Mid Um 
8i>rlntU«M rtUtlvaa. FMjiatal etrrloea 
wTlI b* held at St. LmiU todaj. and tbt 
body wlU b« ahlpped here Weditwdar 
morning to th« Ataa Lohn»«rtr FMneral 
home, lor btirJat In the Maple P«rk 

■+— » . . ?; 

Page 1 : Miss Julia C. Chinn died.** 
Page 2: Charles B. McAfee died.** 

Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Clairbom celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary." 
Page 6: The estate of Mrs. Sarah R. Owen is in probate.** 
Page 7: Robert F. Reeves died.** 

Henry Nations died.** 
Page 12: Card of thanks.** 

Charles. B. ^^UHAtSSimm 
Dies of Pneumonia 
I n Hospita ligere 

Charfea B. McAfee, 60. pitmlneBt 
Springfield cItII engineer and ret- 
eran of the SpanUh- A merlcan war. 
died In a lioq>ltal tun at 13:U 
o'clock tbU morning foa««ln( • btlcC 
Uliuaa of pnenxnonla. 

He 1» eurvlved by four brotbere. 
Emaat O. MeAfa* and Jeba B. Me- 
Afet of Springfield. J. J. UeAlM oC 
Joplln and Aert McAfee of Fort 
Worth, Teiah. 

Mr. McAfee wa« a member of the 
old Company M. whldi waa mw- 
tered Into aerrleo bare within aboot 
30 houTB after orders waw racdrad. 
Tba unit waa comm a n ded by hla 
brotbar. Captain Jobn B. BfoAfM. 

Puneral arranccment* arc Infooi* 
plete pending word from tbe protltar 
in Fort Wortb but acnrloe* wm b« 
beia tn tbe atane mortn a r y fal- 
lowed l>y interment ^ Mapla Faik 


^S . ■' ' - _ - 

ABdtvw J. Porter. SS. and Laura 8 
Mead. 4» both of Sprlncfleirt: L 
Muren. 64 and A BruKse Mann. 41 
both o< St. Louia: and Tbomaa K 
JMitMbMi. ST. and Fmna Lorsna Mc- 
I*, both of Sprlncfleld. ' 



l a ct-t m a itH* ' __ 

WB wish' TO THA'NX our many frlrn3i 
for the help, words of sympathy and ih* 
many beautiful floral offerings during th» 
IIInenK and death of our dear Wife and 
Mother. We \\anl In esumillv thank iha 
io(I;e^, churrhe*. LoriiM I'rairie Echml, 
nev. w. B. Cote and the Klinger Uncer« 
taking Compan.v. 





.52. HERE I Hillir 


Miss Julia Chinn Found on 
Floor of Small Apartment; 
With Every Jet in Gas Cook ' 
Stove Open 

Tl'ITH rvrrv Jf in il £»* rook »»ovf 

• Id* open, th^ bortv of Miu Jull« 

C Chlnn. S2. wnii found on Ih^ noor 

of hrr iiin*ll aparunent at 033 Wfit 

Wnlniit **Tftt Jiisil after • oYlock 

la«i niKhl. App«rcntl7 ahe had been 

a«Ated In ■ cbair before • amall Ubic 

and had tlujnprd to th« floor wb«n 

overcome by the gaa. She waa fully 


' The body wa< found by Mrs. Lee 

' Mar^h. who with her huaband. or« 

cvipy another apartment on the aec> 

onrt finnr o f the larf hnii«^> 


Chlnn had been In falling health fnr 
several motitha and Mr*. Marah waa 

: preparloir to take In a tny of food 
for her dinner How lenq the woman 
had been dead could not be deter- 

. mined but it waa thought not for 
many minutea. 

Deapondency over her continued ill 
: health wa* thought to have been the 
: woman'* motive In taklni her own 

H R. Avbrey. juiitlce of the peace. 
*ho acted aa coroner In the absence 
of Dr. Murray C. Stone from the city 
on a bonlncM trip, declare*! the 
one of «iilrirte and decided that an 
inqiieat mould not he neceaaary. 

Ml^o Chlnn had lived at the ^am* 
addreaa for aeveral yeara. much of 
which time ahe waa in poor health. 

8b« t* eunriTed by two brotbere and 

two aiitcra. J B Chlnn. W. r. Chtnn 

and Mn. W. B. rnlaom. all of Sprins- 

' field, and Mr«. May Hibbard of CtaN 


Puneral arrangrmenta had not been 
. completed laat night but the body 
I waa being prepared for burtal by the 
i J. W. Kllnsner Underuklnc company 

)ec^fon of Greene 
'n'County Court Which Upheld 
Will of Mrs. Sarah R. Owen 
In July J 926 

iir%EOISlQlf e(' Vf QrMtM eeuBty 
*^ elroult e«ur» !n July, leae. up- 
hoUlDg the win of Mra. Sarah R. 
Owta. Hhm «l«« DMetnber 04. IMS. 
vw rartalDM with «1m tlUof today 
bt A auMtels INB^ tte Ulaaourl ra* 
it a rta t u> appeal 
(i«a Cb*JndciB«qfc bat*. 

A waa filed by 
8. Bryan. uMA 
<xeeutera of tba 
>t», to obtftlo « Court Interpreta* 
tten of the wlH.- A trust w«a created 
ting of Itpproxl- 

and mor* than SO loU In the 
_ elty In the vielnlty 

Jarratt Junior hlRh school. 



;• Wilt were made 
ito tor the «tll. 
and In the raae of their death be- 
fon the end of 30 year*, tha dura- 
■Maftrcr-YthtOruat, •uoeeaaora wera 
iOilMiippolBtadabf th« eourt. At tha 
mtL.9t.%b9 tmat period, the eat§t« 
la'te to* divided among Ura. Owen'a 
"bodHy- helra. 


Land InTolved In the wtU Included 
much that had been orwned by John 
P. Campbell, one of the founder* of 
Bpnngfleld in 1B30. Un. Sarah . R. 
Owen waa a daughter of John P. 
Campbell. Heir* of the eatate. be- 
side* the three executor*, are John 
T. MeCammon Jr., Rinbeth' R. Me- 
CammoQ Bather, Owen MeCammon. 

fjOTwy'^miF''" ^'' *'"' WlUlam 
MeOammea,^ne latter five being the 
"helra" of Mra. MeCammon, aa de- 
cided by the court. 

I tOuy D. Klrby, inag* of' the circuit 
V5)M at that time, gare the orlirtnal 
decUlon in 1038. 



tOzarks Couple 
^^Wfed 66 Yeats 

T IBAWoif. Mo. Oot SI.— Mr. kiid 
^£jUa. D. A. Olaliboro, ptonefr imI- 
Bi^fir'PulMkl eetmtj^oalabntcd 
't^lrttMy*«lxth wMldIng ahnlvonnr 
M thtlr turn. ' bora* near Ciockw 
r««t«rd*T. Port7-one tttcndcd the 


AaniDf thOM pnaent wen their 
thiM Kma. Oualejr OUlrbom and Dr. 
■. O. Olmlrttora. bMh ot Deeatww 
Till*, and W. I. OUIbom ot Orockeh 
a dauf liter. Mn. Bd Hamilton •( near 
Orookar, and eieren Krandcbfldren 
and atTan greatgrande)iUdr«n. 

Ur> Clalbom, wbo U 90 yean.ot 
as*, aerred In the OlrU war en tba 
•Ida o< tbe union, and loet an am 
In tba tMttla U Vtduburg. Ha and 
hlir<wU« haT»-tlT«(l<oatIw same^faiBi 
for tbe laat es yeara. Ha la a good 
atock farmer and la atlll acUra pfijr* 
alcallf, aa arldenped by tbe tact tbat 
ba often goca .borMback rtdlnf. 
Un. Olalbom, wbo la 83 yeara ^oid, 
•till doea ber own b«uaework. 



The bodv of Robert P. Reeves. 6S. • 
former reildaot ot Sprloxfield. who died 
Sunday afterooon at hia boiiiC In 8t. 
Loola. will b« cent bert Wedneaday for 
burial In Maple Park cemetery under the 
direction of the Alma Lonmeyer funeral 
heme. Mr. Reevei. who left Springfield 
nearly 25 yeara aco. haa been succeuful 
witb a numbtr of Inventloiu. among 
which waa italnlesa ateel (or knife blades. 
Ha attended achool here and was well 
known to a number of -• — -•' •,^t<>o- 
bere. He Is aurTlved by nis wuc. one 
brother, ta-o aisterg and a nepbrw. 


Henry Nations. 19. died at hU home at 

1830 North Campbell avenue about 4 

o'clocit ycjierday A.'iernoou. He is »ur- 

I vivrd by liu widow and Six daughters. 

J5^^ Vl!I?'*'5 ^''i*'-?*".-. ''■nces^rrleb- 
^fxt, U**. Beeky Nortb. Mrs. Etta Bratad 

•ft* HV^ ^*.?*"/^ ""!.**" Bertha BdMn! 
all\ of iprlniflelrt. KunepA) aarrlces will 
he) held at ll o'clock Wednerdt* raom- 
m«l at Macks Creek under dlrectloD J. 
W. iKIlniner funeral bomt. 


Page 11: Miss Julia C. Cliinn was found dead.** 

Page 16: A son John Frederick Erke was born October 17 to Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Erke, 
1001 East Harrison street. 
Card of thanks.** 
Page 20: Henry Nations died.** 
Robert F. Reeves died.** 
Alvin Ball, Jr., died.** 
Charles B. McAfee died.** 


n < mr > 




Tb* body ot UlM JuU* O. CbtBB. 
•a. wbtoh wee I0ui»4>oo Ibe Hoc* ** 
h»r uniftJl •p«rtm«nt at t»» V»r0% 
Walnut .tre«t Just »tt»r 8 o'clock Iwt 
iil(bt wtth trtri J«t Id » g»» cook- 
.tn*« wl<l« open, wlU b« Miit thta »ft- 
•n>«aa to Canton. Mo, lor borul. 
•eeerdlnc to th« J. W. """«»•»";»! 
MrtaiRg eompMJT. trhwe tmnw 
prcparmtlona w»r» m»A. 

rrirnd DUco-»»" ""^T 

Th« body wm found by M" 1^* 
lUnh. wbo wtth h«r htubwid oc- 
tuplM Miotbw ftfamt on tbe 
wcond nooc of tbe houM. Ml- Ohinn 
•Pimf«BUy b««i •••t»t in * 
ch«lr b«foT» • onM t«bJ» «n<l bm 
ittunnd to tbe floor wh«n o»«foooi« 
^fiS» ttwMs- "o* >e ae *• ka* 
l^aea Seed emU4 »«* be e«tf»t— a. 

dneeed wben Mrs. M»f»b entered 
yttb a t«aj» ot ibod ine bet dinner— 

UlM Cbinn b«d been In in beeltb 
for .rrfrnl monltu »n<l H wm 
thou«ht dMpondency o»er thU w»» 
tb« womsn* raotl»» In t«Wnf ber 
own lite. H. R. Awbrej. Ju»t^c« of 
tbe peeee. wbo ected ■• earoo tr «n 
tbe ebeenee of Or. Murrey Stone trtm 
th^ elty. deeUrwl tbe »« to be eal- 
ctde »na drcldwl en tnqu««t would 
b« unnrcfMiry 

Healtb Bed ree »eMB 

Mlei Cblnn bed U»ed et tbe eeme 
eOdree* for MTerml yeeie end bed 
bMO In l« b«»Jtb meet tt the* ttoe. 
8he U mirrlTed by two brotbere end 
two eleten. W. O^^^^iJlS' ***" 

OeM. end !*»• M*? ""*** *" 

dJJSed «t tbe C^gg*^ th mtb etj 

j i f)t > mr ' ' " 'I ' ' ' ' " 



\V K U ISM I() IIIANK (Mir tii»nv »ri*i.<1« 
111 Ihr hflp. «ntd% ul >\iii|i»ih> tnd Inr 
mnr hfaulllut lloral tttlrriiic* (iiiring lh» 
i:!iir\« and «1rAfli of our ri*«r Wif^ ■nil 
XInttifc. W> «»n» to '•p»<-i»llv ihattk. il\» 
lortjr" rhiifrh»t. Lo<ij>l PrUrlr Rrhool. 
li" \V .9 lo'.r aiicl llir Kliinf-r ri>«1»r- 
liiWing t'ofiipiiiM 

i;. IIUEC'.KIt 

fl ARA HOKOt.n 

Ml:" O J W»>MMAriC 


' TMOcrftt tttrXett tor Aivtn BaH. Jr. }- i 
gtanUw oM aon of Mr (nd Mr> Alvm ' 
BalJ, liOi Wfnt Calho'iTi .'rrrl «ill h' ' 
held Wado'Ml'r aftfrroon />t I p. m . *t i 
tlw W«ai 814* Bapiui r'liirch. on l.a- : 
FtWW^*** StrM'. north nf Nlrhol« itrrrt. 
Barlkl V4U b« tn Hopedair i>inrl<-rr, nrar 
Om^ft T*»« Infant 1i survived br hia 
' tlva brultid* and lao *>4- 



Chart** B. McAf»<, 40, of 804 Rnii:ti 
"^ DollllOD ai'OUf. cl'.li mglnf'r and Sixi.- 

223 iah-Ani«rlfan war »eter«i: rticl n. a !• 
■^7 mtml »» HJ* OClocA l'"" .iiornlin iil!-r 
l> 7^ .w^p* Itlnaaa at DfiMHnonla. He Ix our- 


flMa«aay MomloK •! 11 e-flock at 
Mack'a CT*«k, with tnlerm-nl thri* In 
i^t'r* ol J. W K'ir:tp<-r M' N«nnii« « 
aarrfvad hy hi* wifa and lU dautli(ri». an i 
ioU««a: Mra. Jaonka tariii. Mm. rcani<'i<| 
f i l ti X Ui . Mra. Bai^T Kotth. Mri. Cii« t 
•ratao. Mra. UtMl Vance and Mri. Brr- 
mU •! ■vrliiflttld. I 

MMi •* l'^'* OCIOCA I'll" :iivrnm( »\:-r 
a" tlimt IQoraa of po«i>menla. He Ix our- 
7t»»d br ^our brother*. rrnr»t C Mr*f»» . 
ami John R MrAIr, of AptinKirM i j 
MrAfa* of Joplin end B^n Mi A(" cf ' 
rcrt Worth. Yr'«" .'•'' ,'^' *'" '" *' 
mmWr C( Companr M. mhich «■«• mi-- 
Urrd Into a^vlci" h»r» J« hour, after ot-. 
4«ra »rra received when 'ar »•« deTl«r-.1 
ta ia*«. Hi* fcrotbef. Captain John R 1 
MCi^^ ••« «n ewnnumd runeral wrv. ; 
leeVwJU b« held at «tarneK mortnarr. 

wrjt ^ * 

•' KOMIBT r. BgK«'K« 
rt B Wrt 7. Re«re«. aS, former Sprlnnftrld 

•••>l «ho (11»<1 Pii'f<i.< «t >■!« >inme In ft. 
Louu. •Ill or buiiru iu Xlaiuf i.iiK irii.i 

tanr mtn Wadnaaday mornlDi about 1.30 
■*rl«l«7' lasmadlataljr iip<Mi arrival of the 
body la 8prln|(let«1 The Alma I.ohniey'r 
fan«raj home l> in rhatiie of arrancr- I 
mania. Mr. fteevc* left Sprlncll'ld aboui i 
2t jpa*Ti as«. He had b'en *ucceiislul «tih | 
• natBbrr *f invention!, amonc them 
atilnlew aieel f«r itnire hude« - H» j»- • 
I^Bdaid achool tnt a.ic «>> «r!! kno«n 
'!• mMBf of tha pioneer tamlllet. Ml* 
wUf, 99* brwUMr. two aUt'ta. and a 

Page 1: Marriage license: Walter Thompson, 24, and Alean Blair, 23, both of 

Page 2: Mrs. Kate Page died.** 

Page 3: Delia Basham, a minor, sues to divorce George Basham. They were married 
November 8, 1928. She sues through a next friend Myrtle Hern. 
Page 4: Mrs. Malinda Bowman died.** 
Page 6: Mrs. Carrie M. Hayes died.** 

Noah H.Scott died.** 

Miss Julia C. Chinn died.** 

Harry Nations died.** 

Robert F. Reeves died.** 

AlvinBall, Jr., died.** 

Charles B. McAfee died.** 

Mrs. Isaac Cook died.** 


U^^Sr taom* 


^ ^ wiU b« In 

gtWBtown cmttwry under direction of J. 

la mrvtvcd by 
fM. DM dtuth- 


Moah H. 8c«tt, 74. who lived on rural 
nmu !• mbont !• mlln northeaat of 

,mm, ]>ta*ral aRaacoBcoU arc lBcom> 

MMt-tek Um bodif UMUif prepared for 

■UMl Wr tha ninffiiar Undertaking com- 

paay. Ur. 0eett la anrrlvcd bv aii rrand- 

dUMrta and flra ercat^KTandchlldren. 

lost svuA o. catss 

OtMlWjDlUrO. Chlnn. 19. who 

dtad tat* Mondar la b«r apart- 

•trtat. «ae for- 

I ta Canton, Mo. 

aanrlOM prabaMy wlU be eon- 

ia Iba Obclsuaa eborch thert thu 

aba to sanrlved by two 

W. O. Ohinn. 

W. S. FWaom. all 

aibbard of 

IfkUooa. tt. 

_, >ine at I WO 

„»yw~. «««»«.- wUl M'bcld «•«- 

;. ■oralm St It o'clock «t Macka 

vtth InUraieifl there Id cliBrfc of 

BllaciMr. Mr. Mallona U survtvetf 

«tt« and tour dmuftatcra. 

.itobert F. a*«T«fc «. who 

Jddrttomt'Jtt^BtTLouO. «>n 

Mapl* Park etmcMrj here 

1*7 nornint at • M o'clock. Ttie > 
AliTia I«hmrvfr funeral homf ;s In c)i«iKt 
«( th« arraDgrmenti. HI* wl(r. onr 
kroUMT. two sUtcra and • Bcpbcv aurvlvc. 

MnrlCM for AMn BaU. Jr.. S* 

, d MB of Mr. aiMl Mrs. Alvln 

Ball of IMS Waal Calhoua airrcl. will be 

0IA« BoptUt church. 'Burial wlU b« held 
111 Hopo&te ccnMry DMr 0«ark undar di- | 
Tcctloa of tb« Aim* LohRifT'r funeral i 
boow. Tko portnu, flfc brothers and i»o 
•lattra mrrlvt. 

CHABUCt B. M'Am .... , 

PuBcral awTlcca for Charles B. McAfee. 
M. of M5 South OeUlaoo atreei. «ho died 
la a hospital here after a abort lUnesa of 
pneumoaU. win probably b« held Thurs- 
day afternoon at 1:J« o'clock In the 
Starna mortuarr. with th« Revarend Mr. 
OolcBaa offleUlUic. Mr- McAfeo wa« a 
flpaaiah-AiaancaB war TotAraa and a dni 
.•aKlocM. JBo la«nnjTad bj four brothara. 
b^iP^il^o^aDd Joba'lt. McAfa* oj 
•prlnrntld. J. J. McAfoo of Joplln and 
B'ft \aeAt— of l^>rl Worth, Ta«. BurUl 
«. . taka pUca lo Mapla Park ceaetary. 


iHPlffa aI Od!wS%r Walnat Jro;*: 
a hfothar. Claada Oowan,^.of J^^^"- 
OkU ; two aoaa. Paal and! •»»* "L.tfl 
h«MjMklrm: ana thrrt *»o«i«S!l 'tS^ 
k«ir525. and, Jan^ •J-o_S» »« t^mt 

mrntim crnciaiinB. nulls' »"i r~_l — ^^-« i 
Or#»nli m n rewalery at W»»«»«rt Orwve J 
«tcfr difKUOB of Brim >*J»«ral noma. 

Widow, of Former 
Justice of Peace 
Dies at Home Here 

Un. Kate Page. 61. widow of 
Charles W. Page. Justice of the peace 
who tuocumbcil to a sudden Illness 
September 4, last, died at 8 o'clock 
lust niRht In hrr home al 2143 North 
National avenue. 

In rxw health for many months. 
Mr». Thko liiitl berii fullliik; htea<llly 
Since her husband's death. She Is 
survived by a ion. T. W. Page of 
Springfield, and one daughter. Mrs. 
A. O. Payne of St. Louis. 

Funeral arrangements have not 
been completed but burUl will be m 
Oreenlawn cemetery under the direc- 
tion of the J. W. Kllngner Under- 
taking company, j 

Mrs. Bowman, Pioneer 
Of WalnutGrove,Mo., 
Expires in Oklahoma 

gpttial Oiapolek to Th* Vauia. 

WALNXrr OROVB. Mo.. Oot. 3S.— 
Mrs. MallndK Bowman. B7, pioneer 
resident of the Walnut Orove Tlct- 
nlty, died at the home of her daugh> 
ter. Mn. J. W. Parker, at Landellttt, 
Okla., yesterday. 

The body wUl be sent hero for 
burial. Funeral services will be held 
al the Turkey Creek Baptist chxirch 
at 11 o'clock Friday morfilng. Burial 
{ will be In Turkey Creek cemetery 
under direction of Brlmm Fimeral 

Mrs. Bowman Is survived by' a son. 
Ellis Bowman; and six. daughtera. 
Mrs. J. W. Parker of LandeUett. 
Okla.; Mrs. J. K. OlCelly of Aurora, 
Mo.: Mrs. L. E. Looney of X>urant, 
Okla.; Mrs. J. L. Claypool. Tulsa. 
Okla.: Mrs. J. O. WUllama of Wadlow. 
Mo.; and Mrs. C. E. Smith of Walnut 


M »— «»<i M a a « w \3 

~ ' BiE8oi^ni6IKtil 6p RCsirtbT 

la lestPV retard for onr brother, J. M. 
Thamaa; who passed away October 9. 1R9. 
iasr Sunday school offers tha loOow- 


whereas. Brothar ThomMi, a faithful 
teacher In our Sunday school, a friend and 
nelahbor, has answered the Maatei'a aall 
and entered Into the raat prepared for tha 
people of God. Uavlni la chnrah, Sunday 
school and commonlty a vacant place, be 

Resolved, that we offer to the aorrow- 
Ing fanlly 9ur sincere sympathy. That 
we share in their crlef. but we also re- 

ioiea with them In the Ch......... > Luue oX 
ife eternal. He ha« feucht a good ilcht: 
he haa finished his course; he has kepi 
the faith, and has foae to reeelva the re- 
ward for faithful serrlce. Be It farther 
Resohrad. that a copy of these resolu- 
tions ba sent to the beresTed famllr. The 
News and Leader and that a copy be 
placed In our Sunday school record. 

___^ Eb eneaer . Mo. 

>VK WISH Td THANK our many friends 
for the help, words of sympathy and the 
many beautlnU floral offerlncs during the 
Ulnass and desth of our dear Wife and 
Mother. Wa want to especlaUy thank tha 
lodges, Aorehes, lioctut Pralria School. 
Rev. W. S. Cole and the Kllncer Under- 
taUng CoinpaDy. 




Page 5: There is a photo of five generations.** 

Page 6: There is a photo of and an article about R. A. QUis, his three sons, all of whom 
are in business together. 

Page 14: A son Joseph McAdoo Hilfrecht was bom October 17 to Mr. and Mrs R E 
Hilfrecht of 433 West Scott street. 
Mrs. Kate Page died.** 
Robert F. Reeves died.** 
Charles B. McAfee died.** 
Mrs. Carrie M. Hayes died.** 
Alvin Ball, Jr., died.** 
Williford Bernie Holt died.** 
Miss Julia C. Chinn died.** 
Mrs. Isaac Cook died.** 
Noah H. Scott died.** 
Cards of thanks.** 


I, '*')•'•'■ *lfc»rTf<iiifrii«. i.ninnrri..M<l •nn nr Mr anil Mn C. E SqiilrM ll't Hoalh \Mlt»., 


uch •(«■ 

AJ^tjt^, l-KVOnthiHnId win o( Mr. anil Hn. C. K. SquirMb 1231 KouUi National aT«nu«, 
K tharmMl (Mt^ifHi don't hare— ■ great rr«it rrandmoUifr— «bi| th« dtatiorMnn of b«- ' 
tnir Iha latwi nipmb«r n( a ranillr with fivu crniTutlons livinf;. Tb« aroup sbowa abore ulN the 

i"l(irv. Krnm Wtl In rlrht. Ihry nrr- \lr«. i; \V. Colllnx. «•''. l.o» W'ojsl*, - Mo.; Mr. «'. K. Hqiiir. ., .i. 
• Ith bU aon; Mr:i. V. A. MrIii. 8.1. W illuw Siirlni;^. imrl lira. A. I). SiiulrM. ii. uf 94: KInibruugb aie- 
an*. Mri. l.lKht has In addition lo (he membcra of hrr famllr dhown btr«. 40 (randrblldren and !• I 
n**t traa4rhlldran« „■ ' 

CUAKLX8 ». Mr.xrzr. 

Punrral Mfvirea for ChurJea B. kJc- 
Alt. M. who died Monday night In « 
honpltal here wIM br hrld kt 8t*ruf • 
mortuary TUuradav kdrriioun a I 3 30 
o'ckxk Mr McAlc* waa » eirll cngl- 
OMt ftnd a 8p«nUb-Ain«rlran war vrUran. 
H« U survived by four brother*. Includ- 
ln< X. C. McAfee and John R. McAfee of 
0prln«fteld. Burial «m Uke place In 
Maple Park ccmrtery. 


Mlt.'< (ARRir .%! HAyE<i 
Mri. Carrie M Hayra :>i, aied at hrr . 
h<}uif Bi 632 Went Commercial atrert ' 
"f •'•liay afiTtKMin aflrr a khoi I lllnrn.'* 
Hfi» It Bur\l«cd by her liutbiu.u. J. .!,.■.. .\ 
Hayrt. on« daughirr. Mrs. Jc*aie King oi ' 
.Sryniour. Mo . and right grandrhlldrrn I 
"nr'il »ill '«V:f jilarf in (Jrrrn I,a*ti 
crwKftv fttllo»inR Itineral ncrMcea at tJ.r , 
J W Klli.irnir cttaix-l at 2 orlotK Thiim- 
ilay aU^iiiiK-ii 

Tt>« OlUa ^aact*t. pnwilnrnt In kiinlnmra afmin nr nprlncrirKt. U nhnwn 
(•H* *»• fIctM* li af/B. A. Ollhi <MT«nd from rt(ht) and hl» ihre* »on» 
(fcft U richi) riftcher, Jlirrrd and Lawrrnrr. — r.arfrr am// rkxt*. 

ft. :*}.'<»*» >■ • «»Ui«» who liaa aojor tha auna aporta aod ftefM- 
l^^fll^^.fj^^J^a^ -^alt^l.,. ^ K.Vt.. Uona. Ttaay all ara mambara of tba 

Ai^' OUa te • tethar wbo ijaa 
ilMr^li il i fa iat >MH«m of baVof 
(•(•d la btulncaa witb thnt 


Mr. UIU\ \.jK. bull III ilM' II. aI 
aa«al« bualDaaa la eprln|tl«ld mora 
lh«a.40 JMia and hta aona ara fol- 
tovInC vanad phaaaa of tha aamr 
«i>rk. Ha rint waa aaaeolat#d with 
his brothrrn. A. W mid rtinrlrn T 
Ollli, in a rriU cutaie. Iiuumnrr mwl 
lo«ii ron\p«iiv ratiihllahril hk A. W 
cm* mifl coiiiiMn) jirnr Ihr pifvi.ii 

Cummrrclal rlub and of 8t. John'a 
Episcopal church. Ail nrrpt Law- 
rrnro aro i.irnitxTii of the Mnnonlr | 

Ju«t now Mr. Olll* U much liitrr- i 
calad In tb* prosreaa being made by i 
tha ro\ir-ii(or]r BO-room hotfl which j 
K baint ereeted on Commercial alreet 

l)V thr Ortciir CoiiniT BlillrtliiE nnd ' 
Ixiatk.iiwnelallnn. The aa^odatloii iin1 . 
th' n. A. OlIU and company rml '>' iilliie Kill h.vf <|niirlrrR m: 
altr of hi* atrica on Ommrrclal | the (Iral floor of that bulldlnij when i 
»tr»e». It la complated. The hotel ti to be I 

After hl> imn |<rnM«T« rtlrd Mr lcnn«n «.» the r.rern lnvern und «lll ' 
jOllo look Ilie biiMiieM o\rr mid ;l • be moorrn In cvrij p»rli(-i:liir llir 
lbrf»me n A Olli» and roinpanr . new offlree of the two romp«nif« 
'Ml» fPli Fi". lirr hrrrmr ••nnridlril ' ♦ llh whirh Mr Ollu H ■•onrlntrd 

»ltli ihr iiiirrrii tfirr lif hnd rf- 
turned from aervlea overaeaa duriiiR 
tha Woild wa». Alfred flnlahed Mla- 
aourl unlnralty and In 1031 alao ba^ 
came Intereated In tha bualneM 

will liHie l«o nf ihe 'nrRfat firrpro' : 
vmill* m the rily. TTie«e ni'l be 13 
by 34 feel. 

Mr. Ollla haj aeen a marrrlouit de- ! 
Telepmant In the real eetata b\w|. 

Mr. OUta. ar, alao to praatdant of j naaa in flprlnfflald. Ha bellav«a hla '■ 


tie o«rne «,.nir Buiidin, a»*k«,na bar* efraatn wtorfr 1o enter m | 

"'"",•'""■'■'■"■' ■" '■ ■■■■ •■•■■ ■•■'■■r »hlrh I. nn^elv t„ the 

S**?)'""^''- ^•' b-ioKr<per lor thai . Kre.t luiiue he forrste. tor il, s i m 
UMUIutton. He baa attended Dniry ' Tb* demand for propcrtr here U u^- I 

^^J!^\^^^"^'^- ^. JP""'»«- "• "I-- "'"' ««>•" that, ne ! 
.i™.... .1?^ f """" ^»''* Pf«<lcf» that It will continue to' 

flmUar intereen mi.i tM'cfi. Thry i improve. 


It etnt* « Nm "W 

nr«nT.TrTfofW Of nrKp^tf^SPM 

la loving retard for our ten * ~ 
Thomti. wno pacMd away Oetbov 
Kben^'iT Buncfay achool offertiS 
tof re«alut)ona: ^ 

vrh«r«M, Brother ThonML 
Uacbrr In our Sunday •choolTa 
ntlthbor. baa anawarad th* ' 
and enlared Into tha reat tti 
paopla of Ood. Itavlng lo dnm 
Mhool and eommooitjr a timm[3 

RMolvtd tliat wa offer (a 
lot family our sincere ayim 
we share In their trief, W 
foica with tbera In toe OhrtaL 
Ufe eternal. He haa (ouiht a 
he has flnlahed hla eonrae* ha 
tl)*" /sltti. and han none to 'rt^ 
ward Tor faithful sfivlcv b« 
• Reaolved. Uiat a copy of i 
lion« be rent to the berearpd 
Newt and Lradrr and thet 
placad lu our Sunday school l, 

WS'wiail TO THANK our' BiWi 
for iti^ litlp. »ord« of ^Vlnpat||| 
rt.miy bi'hini.'ul riornl offtritmi 
lilnrka end drntM uf o'lr ir^ 
Mother. Wa want to especli 
lodfM. churrhea. Locust 
Rev W. 8 Cola and tha 



Mra. Km\* ract. Il, widov of Oliarlas 
W. Paai( Justica of iha peaca, vbe dl«i 
ouddtiiTy Septamber 4. died at • o'etoek 
Tuesday oltnt at her hone, tlM MorUl 
Natlooal avenue She la survivad bf B 
son, T. W. Pats of I5p(ii>ali*>^. '^"•(^ ^^^ 
daughter. Mra. A. O. Payna o( St. Leula 
Burial will take place In Oraen Lavs 
cemetery in charge of J. W. Kllntner. after 
funeral servlres at tha Kast Avanua Baptlat ( 
tliuicii al 3 ju rridsy siiernoon. ) 



TJir body of Horcrt t tlrfwy. 

6R. ^ l>o 

died 0uDday ni Inn ttomr in 81 Loui.\. 
arrived In Springfield this morning for 
burial lo Maple Tafk cemcierv today. 
Punaral services were held la bL Lioula. 
Tha Ahna Lohmayar funeral bona had 
chaige of arranfrments here. 


f MOKliKIl 


Miia. o J. wo 


Punaral aarvleas tot AJvln Ball, Jr-i f • 
menuTs-old aon o« Mr. aod Mra Alrln 
S?U of IMS Weat Oalhoun .treat. w*re 

^Id this afternoon at the Wast Blda Bap. 
tut church, with Interment lu "opedaie ^ 
rcireirrv ii'sr Ofurk In charge of the 
Alms l-olmif>ri (iii.rrsi Jioir.r T i'< 

psrintn. five brothrra. and two »l:.irfN 
MUfvlve. I 

waiiroBO bbbmib ■<?«;» ,^ i_ 

WllUford Bernle Holt. ^'"*'>'\V*^l!l ??? 
of Mr and Mr* Wlllard n Holt of 55J 
waJt Plna atreet. died this roorntng. 
H^rtjce. ^rre* hnl/ at fltarne's mortuary 
il.U afternoon, lollowrcl by Interment in 
EaM Ls«n ceniPlerv 


%r '^ 

Tuikn. m/iAc cook 

thrrf i»ill«h fttst of Willi. lii «l-('vp Tii' s- 
f!pv aftfit rxxiii btir |« •.iirvivrd hy hrr 
hri>t):uiil MOrl \irr«"iit'. Ml nnd Mr^ 
A Co»«ii 111 Walnut Clrovr; bv t\*o ton*'. 
Piul jutI BUmi. lit hotn^. and three 
riniv* •►r^. u-Mm. Mnrv June and Jennie. 
■i;; i.t l.i.iTif A bfU.' r (liiiiclp ('r)«aii. 

uf rurcrll, Okta., also aurvlcr^. FuncraJ 
• •'• irr>( urrr held at 1 ortork thia tfter- 
iiooii ill lite LuiK ciiukIi. vl.Ui l!. IVvrr- 
end J 8 KUUn«s«orth ofttctnUng. 
litirlal took place In Oreen Lawn e«int> 
icnr At Walnut Orova In chargt ot Ui< 
Brtm funeral home. 

a, »S. I 

MiKH J1XIA r. cnmn 

' Th« body of Ml** Julia C. Chlnn, 
«'ha «•■ found dead Monday night to bar : 9J3 \Vr»l Walnut ilreet. wai 
sr,^l to cnnloti Mo . Tue^dBV afternoon J 

.„. ;..... si' '-'• ' ■' ■ "•'' f'»"'lRl 1 »o . 

brotlirra and two mtets mjhiv*. ihcuk'. 
tn* J B. and W. C CUlnn and Mri. W,i 
K. KoUom t>l 2^1nRfl<-ld / , 

' I NOAH H. HCOTT ^ , 

I ' Noah H. floott. 74. who lived !• mfle* I 

! .-■M of Hprli't./lrlU oi. niroJ rout"" 

!•". died in a homillMl here Tuesftny after 

I I a iori< llli»e»i« He Is survived hy six grnnd- 

1 children »nd flv« greAt-grandehlldrcn. . 
I Funeral arrangements are In charge of 
J W. Kllngner. | 

Page 3: Mrs. Kate Page died.** 

Charles B. McAfee died.** 

Mrs. Carrie M. Hayes died.** 

Noah H.Scott died.** 

WilHford Bernie Holt died.** 

John Henry Johnson died.** 
Page 8: R. T. Thompson of Joplin was shot and killed October 23. 

runtral .erTlcei for Mri. Kate ^•««- «;• 
widow of »h late Jud«« Ch«rlet W Pa«e 

who died Bepumbar 4 »»". ^^rriT ?t J 
the Xaat Arenue Baptist church at i 
o'clock rrlday afternoon. followea oy 
burial In Oreenlawn cemetery under oi- 
ractlon ot J. W. K>ln«n". M". /'«' 
died at ■ o'clock Tuesdar nlfht at her 
home, no North N.tlon.l trfnue _Bhe 
Is »urTl»ed by one son snd one (l«u«nier 

riinertl iervlre* for Chsrlen B McAfee. 
JO. who died in a hosplta! h;re Mondar 
nlirht. will be held thtu afternoon at 
a SO o'clock In the SUme mortuary. Burial 
win take place In Maple Park cemetery. 
He Is iurelved by four brothers. 


Punernl services for Mm. Carrie »r 
Hayes »7 who died at her home at *77 
Weat Commercial iireel Tuesday a.irr 
a ahort Illness, will be held al 2, » e'o*" 
ihla afternoon In the J. W Kltngner 
funeral home, followed by Interment In 
Oreenlawn eemeterr. She U iurvlved by 
bcr husband and eight grandcbUdren. 


Punral servlcea- for Noah Scott. 14. who 
died In a hospiUl here Tuesday following 
a lone lUness. will be held at 3 o'clock 
Friday afternoon in the Kllngner funeral 
chapel followed by Interment In Bast 
t.awn cemetery. Mr. Scott had lived ten 
miles north of Springfield on rural 
route 10. 

wnxcroRo bebnik bolt 

Wllllford Bernie Holt, two-months-old 
daughter of Ur. and Urs. William Bert 
Holt. S33 West Pine street, died early yes- 
terday morninc at the home of tne par- 
nls. Funeral services will be br\A at 
10 o'clock this morning In the Stame 
mortuary followed by burial In Bast Lawn 


John Henry Johnnon. 63. died at J o'clork 

ysterday afternoon In hli home at S.SB 

, St." Louis street, followlns a imeerinf 

I Illness. He la survired bv his wife and 

I two sens. Paul Johnson of rordlsnd and 

Robert Johnson of Detroit. Mich. Funeral 

arrangerAenta ar^ incomplete but in'^r- 

ment win be taflhe Fordland remeterv 

under direction fif tb« HermAa K. Loh- 

* Btyst tiuutai l^^n^ 


Page 12: Noah H. Scott died.** 
Mrs. Kate Page died.** 
Williford Bernie Holt died.** 
Ellis D. Munger died.** 
A son Harold Lee Powe, Jr., was bom October 3 to Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Powe, 696 

West Turner street. 



";?>, «nd five Br..l-Br...ichl.dtfa. 

,,,(1 n .tauKhtei. Mm. A O P»>0- oi 


ru„,rrii'*-"rv.". for,<. n.n,-» 

Jhl. mornln*. loDo.ed OT Ultmwirt I* 

Eait L8»n wmft^T 

KI.LI.S n. Ml'NGER , 

The body ol KlIU D Mung.^. 'J^ •^ 

pteTfd by the :ogtr. .ind B.ldwin torn- 
nnrx tor 15 Te-.r< Prior to »h«t h» w-.» 

li«';v. II'- »-'- o>^-'. ■■' "<'.■■-'■" ^. •'. 

Page 1: Marriage license: Elmer Gill, 21, of Dewitt, Texas, and Leona Vaughan, 17, of 

Page 6: Theodore Thorson died.** 

Ellis D. Munger died.** 

J. E. England died.** 

Frank Gates died.** 

Noah H.Scott died.** 

Mrs. Kate Page died.** 

William D. Murray died.** 



Tta«odore Thorton, 81, merchant of 
Stralford and • retldtnt of OrMne eountr 
for tht pait 4S yearft, dlod »i 13 o'clock 
TcaUrday at 8t. Joba'a hospital her* fol- 
lowlDC a brief lUncia. Mr. Thor*on was 
born In Holmstcd, e«ed«n, and cam* lo 
Amsrtc* In 1869. Ha watkad from Lebanon 
to Bprlnxtleld In the daya when the rail- 
way from Bt. Louis ran only aa for as 
Lebanon. He had been a member 
M years, bclnf one of the oldest members 
of the lodge. SurrlTlns relatlres Include 
Mrs. Thorson, two aorts. Anders T. Thor- 
son of Fort Bmlih. Ark . and wmiam P. 
Thorson of 81. LouU, and two dauchlers, 
Mrs. Anna Mcfiweeney of St. Louis and 
Mrs. Kster Pierce of Sprlnffteld. Puneral 
services wlU be conducted at t:IO o'clock 
Sunday afternoon at the Herman Lohmerer 
funeral home, with Dr C. H. BrIgRs offl- 
claiing Burial will be at Maple Park 
cemetery, with members of the Matonlc 
order in charge at the grave. 


Puneral services for Illii D Munger. 
70, who died suddeoly Wadoesday wnile 
at work in the office of the Rogers and 
Baldwin Hardware company, where be 
was employed aa auditor, will be held 
at 4 o clock this afiernoon in the Alma 
Lotuneyer funeral home. The body will 
be senv tonight to Pasadena, CaL nnal 
semcea will be held in the Church of 
riowers at Forest Lawn park. Olendale, 
CaL Mr Munger is survived by two daugh- 
ters. Mrs. D. R. Godkin of Minneapolis, 
Minn., and Mrs. J. H. Mchl of Los An- 
geles. He bad been employed by the 
Roffera *nd Baldwin compsny for IS 
years. Before that he was auditor for the 
Harry Cooper Supply company. He was 
bora In ^^'lMonBln and came to MUsourt 
about SO years ago. 


J. E. Xnglaod. 70. died at 7 o'elook last 
nlctat in hu home at 3701 East avenue, 
foutfwlnc a lingering illness. He is lur- 
vlTwd by bis vue: two sons. Ira England 
of Sprinfffleld and Will England of Colo- 
rado: and two daughters, Mrs. W. B. 
Bairman and Miss Maude 'England of the 
hom* address. Funeral arrangements are 
Inromplete but In'.erment will he in 

t>rT .'.;<■> :i <->■■•■'. c't rt)rf( lion ol 

I the J. W. KLi.,..' : ^ . ^.eriaklQg company. 


Frank Cates. '.i. who lived about thr«^ 
miles east of the citv on the Division 
street road, died yesterday morning in a 
hospital here foilowing a brief illness 
He Is earvlved by a nirre, Mrs. Mary 
Orant of Alton, TIL Funeral serrices 
probably wlU bo held this afternoon In 
the Herman H. Lohmeyer funeral heme, 
(oUowod by bttrlal In Baxelwood cemetery. 


FoT>#ra1 e»r»1ces for Nosh H Brott f* 
who Lived 10 mljes northeast of 8;>nng- 
fleld en rural route 10. will be h^ld st 
8 o'clock thia afternoon in the J W. 
Kllngoar ftineraJ chapel, followed by tn- 
tenn«nt lo East Lawn cemetery. He Is 
•ortrlirad be six Rrandohildren and five 

Taatni aerneea for Uri. Kate Fage. 
■L ■Idov at Cbad« Xhk taouu bmm 

joatlco here, win bo bald at Eaai Aveaao 
Baptist church tbU afternoon at t o'clock 
under the diraetton of J. W. Kllncner. 
Interment Will follow ta Oreenlawn cem- 
etery. Mra. Pa«« U Mtrtrtd hy ao* wo 



Official of Springfield Seed 
Company Victim of 


• T - r J 

William D. Mumy. as, vice pr«iJ- 
dfnt or the Bpringfleld SeM com- 
pany, died at 4 o'clock yesterday 
afternoon, about half an hour after 
he waa stricken by a sudden attack 
of apoplexy at his home, 895 East 
Walnut street. 

Mr. Murray had just dressed In bU 
hunting clothes and was all ready to 
go on a duck hunt with his brother. 
Elton Murray, who lives In the sam« 
neighborhood. The two men were In 
the back yard of the former's home 
preparing to go to an autMnoblle 
loaded with guns and other hunting 

equipment - ., ^. , 

Dr. Bruce Lemmon was svunmoned 
to the home Immediately after Mr. 
Murray was stricken but effort* to 
save his life proved futUe. 
Founded by Fattan- 

Besides being ytee president of the 
Springfield Seed company, which was 
founded by hie father, Mr. Murray 
was manager of the retail department 
until nve yeaiv •«» wlien he retired 
from aotlye'. buslncM. Be ilso was 
prominent In titia^ actlv^tfea and 
demooratlo pOUtloal dlrolea I. In ihla 
part of the eUte. . 

List of BorrlTors 
Mr. Murray Is survived by his wife; 
two daughters, Mrs. Helen Bradley 
and Mrs. Margaret Nichols, both of 
Bpringfleld: three brothers. Elton 
Murray of Springfield. Harry Murray 
of Rich Hill. Mo.: and Ben Murray of 
Traverse City. Mich.: two ststera, Mrs. 
LouU Pipkin and Mrs. K. T.Tancey 
Of Springfield, and six grandchildren. 
Funeral arrangemenU are Incom- 
plete pending the arrival of relatives 
but services will be held In the Her- 
man H. Lohmeyer funeral home fol- 
lowed by Interment In Maple Park 

Page 14: William D. Murray died.** 
Theodore Thorson died.** 
Ellis D. Munger died.** 
J. E. England died.** 
Frank Gates died.** 
Henry R. Ditto died.** 
Ellen Bernice White died.** 

- wuiwm ». 'Mtl»>t>. SiTvtc* !»••»•<♦"* 
M'Uic aptin-.JJrtl Seti toinp»ny. <ll«l •< 

se!M4t.M!r •irlettn by apo-i 

Utfimr. until n»e jr»«r« aeo. Mr. Mar-i 
»•»••« in»o««»r •« »tll •« vlcr pt*;. - : 
>Slnt of tStVU romp.i.y. of «hleh l.L ; 

aaurL He t» »urv»»ed by t\\» •"'•'" 

•ta. iiui 

,1 .........i 

... 'J---.: 


it»e > m. 

At ifte Hfrmin H. .. ,. , 

iU- B«rul wUI b« in M«P" I 

»1 S', 

. 1 codorf ThoKon 

.' "ff rr :fif r ■ ,. 

Tit. •« «n^ 1. .mti L«hm«Ter /(infiii 
MiDf. rniiiuftr; i,f the Revcrfnd t»r C 

irJfcPwf ^-^•"»*» M«*onle lodge, or, 

Vr ThOfwn U (Ur\lvrd b» lil.« *if, t«(, 
»oiv, Aiidrri T. iliotMin of Port Smiili. I 
Art . and Wlltlaa P. Thormn of 8t Loul^ 
and two dauihtrr^. Mi». Aiiiik McS«rrmv I 
"f Hi I.ou(» and Mr, F.vltirr Filer ol ; 

fc(.MIl|(ll.lO. Ml. ■ii..,..^,. .« 

lielmtted. Svaden, coming to Amen, a j 
in IMS. WbMt the railway from m ' 
l«MU termiOBled at Lebanon. Mr; Thor- , 
•on valked the remainder of IMS. way t.i ' 
Sprlnrflrld. Mr Tlior>on »ii^ W' ,„ , -I 
dent of the Bank ol S.-. altord. »n(t iiiilil 
V7* '•■,'• •«"» opfr*tor of the Ihomou 
Mfrctntlle romns--- ihrr* oik- of th» 

ai.sncru^j^.ri m itiU aectlon. 


riiK n. Mt-Nr.rn 

W«*» «M fttdtftft^ W*<loewiaT. will b« 
B»W V .* • *^^* •^'* •""noon >t the 
AJaal^runnrar (UMrtI »»«irr. •ftrr which 
"WW MOT •«» b* Mtit to PaMdfoa. Cal 
F1B«I tmltf win hr h»-ld In thr Chiirrh 

Sl^""* J»« _•» FoMil L«wn p«rlc. Olrn- 
•••• p*t Oi>« daufhtcr. Mrt. D. R. Ood- 
Ktn •! MJanctpolls. in hrrr ind will iir- 
CMMWny «»• ••«» U> CaUfornla. wbfre 
»n« wrtll b« m»t ij thf other dtufhltr 
Mr!. J. n MfhI. 

. ^ J. e. ENGLAND ( 

-S-** ■»»<^«»tf. 10. died Ml 7 ••flrtck 
TB«f»d«J wtmtnt •! hu hom*. J701 C»«t 
• T»Btt#. •rtrr ■ Irtnt lllnrst. He It »ur»lvpd I 
h> hU »l(e, t*o 5^Il^, Ire Kncland ol 
»prln|IUld and Will tnsland of Cnlorndn ' 
•ad «M tfaiwhwrt, Ut*. W. B. rairman I 

f«ry. J. w: tninr Mr U in chart* of 

funeral arrantemeiiK. 

IRWK tAI»>» 

Funeral service* lor Prank C»te». H 

* llO In^rt \Utri- :y.ilr, rj!.! ■>l •'.» iitv I'tl 

Hernuin H Lo!imi>fr lur.rral lniiii» tin- 
aluroooii al 3.20 u clock. lolluned by ii<- 
term^fil In Mnirlwood len^-lrlerv Mr 

Grant o( Ailo.-i. Ill 


u--.t: I- ; ,.• .... r : I,: • u-i F .. -i vr. . 
panlrl klirel. ditd at noon tuiltt In » 
nU p ttM h«M «(ur a ahori Illness lie, 
A^ «UH t»« < ky hta wife and three brolhem ' 
.niMral ari«affinent* ar* m chareo or ; 
Vk« lf*n««ii M. ■ U*>Mi«r*r Punaral home^: 

n I rv ni rvirr Hinrr 

Tha h'-OV ri( 111':, Hill..!" V.M<- ',1 
Old tfauKhter ol Mr. *nd Mr« W.lf..-i- 
Wiitle et 111" Wr-i Klf.rlda »Tirr! uiw 
k« arM to Mammoth Spring, A:k . Riim- 
dir mnrnlnir lor fineral iierrices and 
b'lital therr 1 !u- ttiJ rtn'l frl.iav null 
In • hospital here 8ti.rnes oiottuary i" 
in ehurge nf srr«iiTemT.i.« 

Page 2: William D. Murray died.** 

Theodore Thorson died.** 

J. E. England died.** 

Henry R. Ditto died.** 

Ellen Bemice White died.** 
Page 4: Miss Irma McMaster and Mr. George Northington were married.** 
Page 15: Card of thanks.** 

Miss Irma McMaster 
Weds Mr, Northington 

An Informal mfirrlRK»> ceremony 
wa« soleimitzed lant TuMdJtjr st the 
Chrlatlan church at St. LouIa. when 
Ml«->; Trma McMRRtPf. tlaughter of Mr 
Riid Mrs. Walter W. McMaaler. 838 
West Scott street, became the bride 
of Mr. George Nothlngton of Naiih- 
vUle. Tenn. Immediately after the 
ceremony the young couple left for a 
.short trip, &nd will be at hom« In 
roiumbii'. O., after November the 


roneral sMTleea foe WUUaa D. Mar- 
rar, ••. vice piaaldcht et the 8prUi(flcltf 
Seed compaoy, wlO be held at tXf Ber» 
iiM>n H. LohiiMTer fancral borne Bmiday 
atteraoon at i:%% o'clock, foUowed by 
btirlal la Uaiile Park eemeterr. Ur. Mar- 
ray -died Tbnrsday afternoon at his boae 
Thuriday aft«rooon after be vaa »od- 
dcDly lirlcken by apoplexy a* he wae 
•tArtlOf on a dack bunt vttb bla brother. 
Slton B. Murray. Until five years aco, 
Mr. Murray waa rice prealdect and gen- 
•ral manafar of the aaed cempany. of 
which hia father waa tonnder. He la 
aurvlTed by hU wife, two danfhtera, Mra. 
Helen Bradley, and Mia. Margaret NichoU. 
both of Springfield: three brothers, El- 
ton B. Murray, of Sprlaffleld; Ben Mnr- 
ray of Trarerae City. Mich.; and Harry 
Murray of Rich HUl, Mo.; two ataten, 
Mri. LewU Pipkin and Mra. K. 7. Taa- 
cey. both of Springfield. 


Funeral aervlcet for Theodore TUoraoB- 
ai. Strafford banker and mcrcbant. win 
be held Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock at 
the Herman H. Lohmeyer funeral bom* 
with the Reverend Dr. C H. Rrlgss olfl- 
clatlng. Burial wUI follow In Maitlt Par* 
cemetery with tha Gate if tha Temple 
lodge rituals. Mr. Thoriton waa born in 
Holmsted. Sweden. He came u> America 
In 1860. Ha ban been a resident of Greene 
countv more than 45 year.s. Mr. Thoiron 
was vice president of the Bank of Straf- 
ford and until five years ago operator 
of the Thorson Mercantile company la 
Strafford. He la survived by bis wife, tvo 
•on* and two daughtera. 


TMneral services for J. K. BoglaDd. W, 
who died Thursday nighl In bla home. 
2701 East avenue. foUowlna a . llnK^'jog 
II ness, will be held at S^elock Sunday 
afternion In tha J. W. KUngneTfuneral 
"speK Burial wlU be In Oreenlawn 


Puneral lerYlcea for Henry B. Ditto. JO, 
who died at noon yesterday In bla Dome, 
1108 East McDanlel street, after •*»"»« 

ilIlleM. will be held at t o'clock this af- 
ternoon in the Herman H. Lohmeyer fu- 
neral home. Burial win l>e In Brick 
Church cemeUry, eight mllea oorlheaat 
of Bprlngfleld. 


The body of EUen Bernlce WhIU, one- 
year-old dauKhter of Mr. and Mra. Wil- 
liam White. 1310 West Florida «reet, wUl 
be sent to Mammoth Sprlag, Ark.. tbU 
morning ifor funeral services and barlaL 
The child died Friday nlghi In a hos- 
pital here. ArrangemenU have l)een in 
charge of W. L. Starne. 



l> «wito • H w 

W0 «Ub to thank our inctif friends tft 
their klndneu and help durlnc the tlA- 
ncM and death of our dear husband and 
father: aUo for the lovely flowers and 
especially th« Oliprman employe* and 
Rev. AUen Ueada, the alnccra and the 
Kllntncr UDdartakiiur tJo. 


Page 1: Marriage license: Russell B. Ellis, 21, and Wanda Beck, 19, both of 

Page 2: The probate court docket for November is published.^* 
Page 6: There is an article about Charles McAfee.** 

Page 8: Miss Gladys Taylor of 516 Chicago street and Robert A. Garrett of Stockton 
were married Thursday at Bolivar. 
J. E. England died.** 
Henry R. Ditto died.** 

Son bom to Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Towe of 696 West Turner street. 
Page 9: Card of thanks.** 

W no»U 8M»P» On^bpV »>«ln« ^»°^ 
» tar !»»»» »»• I«n hm wd loct^ 

• UU. «hitfp te»tartd man. not tn- 

clliiPd to be sociable. He had three 
,Oni. 1.wi;l:.::. Solon nnrt V-' ■■ '■ 
Om ol the boys graduated al We&i 
Ptolnt and was sent to Florida by 
the arniy. He soon died ot yeUow 
fever The other two boys went to 
MontAna with their father. This 
was just as the war »as sUrtlng. 
Orr niti f-^r a'.-niD-^t Govr.-- 
nor rhr:p.s and aUo agaln.-;t Governor 
rinl) I:rk.nn. H- «..' r.-vrr r'..,r,| 
to olfici- ihiit 1 can recall. He :«- 
mrtrd on :v fan" i"'-' ■' ' '_''■■* 
ol Hl>:i;.B:if''' ""■"'■ ^'"' ^'"■"•'- ^''■•" 
non roart. >Ir married a .MM^r cl 

J. K. »:Ncr..%NO • 

runvral a»t\U>w» «or J. K. KnfUna. W. 
Who died Thursdar n«»tu In hU hwiu*. 2.11 
X««t atriiur. ioiUi^.iia a !|»>ferln» lliifN-. 
«»1 br rnndurl*^ Bt a or»«>rk Hnnilav «»t- 
troooA in lh» J. W. KUnmir. rm.. 1..I 
•baptl. wlUi burul to Orevntown cooieiery. 

HEKST R. DITTO _,, ,, 

runtra) acnlova for Henrir 1»- "Uto. M. 
vtao «l^ rt%dB9 Booa ai hU born*, lioi 
■4M Mff**"**' ctrNt. •!(*" * tfltt lUn«M, 

mrnamk ta «M HarniM LetiaDvyor ttoMt^ 
hooM. Burtal vlll b* in th« Brlek ebwrtb 
•OTBHsry. clfbl mltas nortbrwii of Sprlng- 


>|'-.'(-A \ .' ' ■ • •• • "> ■ ' ■ ■ 

}t eeala ■ thu 

W* wUh to thank our manr trltnda tor 

«h»lr kliidiiris iiul (i»lp <1urlti( tho •!<•»- 
ff.*ftft aud il'Aiti o' our d^iir ^.ll^llkn(1 and 
laUKi. aUo lor <hr ln>tlr Howrra and 
••paelkllf t^t Obrrman amployra and 
K»f. Allan Maadi, ih* alsaara and tbt 
Kllocaar VndarUklni Oo> 




MR. Atiotak. ID. nudHcrra. 



TTl Mr«. 11 I. T"^-^ • «"^ w<^\ 

^SStmlSStlhtSStSStiMS^Mt ^ 

. 0«rrtt| of 

Thunday at 

«. W. Arm- 


-.Cluule» ». UcAtct <!ip<l Uje otiier , 
dny Kid u r.nnw '.vji!(!i hnr lonit 
been a>^', ;..'« (! m.i;;i J^di :f.:.I.''.(!N 
hlstorr <lii4j)prarx. Cliailex H. Me- 
Afe*. thp father, dirrt sevcrnl years 
SCO. Tlie son WM in lnv»ltd>U bto 

tnlMn«m to anr RTMt fxitnt Jndf I 
D. B. McAfet wax » robust nun of . 
great force of thar»<:lcr. |>o*iHve • 
convlcMotiJ' and alvrayn fpsrlpw. 
j Wlien Jiidjc of ihc triinlnal court. , 
I hff never hrfltatrd to drnoiinco 
rrtmr In l;lrh ii!;irfs nnd ri^vrr 
ininni' d <•: i.....u' .. *•;'. .:.i.iv :i 
! mnn 1iV<> tlmr vrxrtl bnt oti' t^rnv 
He wa."* II li.:'Jti -(ililifr ;u Ihr Civil 
war, fouw'it ""'•'' * ^-''V^. *a^ nn- 
OompromlxinR to the end biit was 
through at the end. Ho wnv ii.-^mI 
aod charliabie lo a fullen tw and 
at the rlow? of (he ^ar became a 
democrat when aeU dictated i 
a different coume. He wma a mem- t 
ber of 'lip r'iiu".liif.o;in! « rv. f'l'.lnii 
Oi' lET:: :i!'i! Im 'pi-d t^> •'•:•<• 'he pri-i- I 
ptit tfnt** ron<;tItMHon Tlie clow of i 
the w •.' :'';;".n f • • :;. ^'r«• hi 
Sprtnrflcld v,hfn \\'\U\ Bill wa^ 
ciitllnc (;';":■ :i;nl i. ucm •■•,1^; jwo- 
ple rlBhl nnrt left. This dirt not (to 

^f'! ■.••.'!; "'" .-^•.•r■n ;•!"! vhrp 

;^Knkr^BUi ttwt doim DbV<» ifatrm 

the pnblks square Captain McAfee 

prosecuted BUI w^lth (treat vUtor. 
But Tult was of the .•wuUi and Ihat^ 
was not popular licrc then and, 
mweo v er. h^ was armed when killed | 

I and ."!c!f drfniFr v^t; ninrte thr \%- j 
sue. Bill waji rii-sclmrtced at the 

I prelltnlnnry and th.-.t wns fhe la-^t 

ol tl;<' r:-'f 

• • • 

Capluhi M.;Alic ■.•.;. u i o ii n d 
Sprlnjrfleld fhr some lime before he 
knew Hill nrr-l tlii' \n\ u> hh in- 
cident. One day Cnplaln NfcAfce 
Was placing billiards and Bill 
walked up to the table and put one 
of the Ivorj' balls Inlo his iKKkft. 
j This rn'itfl Ih'' c,-'i>!,i|ii \n b.-\-vl o-it 
Bill and order hlin to replnce the 
ball at once. Bill did so and left 
the room. 8o)ncon»i asked the cap- 
tain tf he knew the man he had 
0)4^ wttlfunA he aald he did nAt. 
"^eii told U waa Wild BUI ' the 
captain expres.'^ed surprise and said 
ill- »». loiiv iiM.i '.',,■• •....'.'rr nr 1"'* 
was not lookiiiK f«r trouble. He 
avoided Bill for a day or so but 
would have ijone to the bat If 
I niU wtlH defended at the pre- 
i liiiiinni^ exami'.ialiiiti by Gov. Jolm 
! 8. Pl'.cli)S but he had not yet 



ffi- of ehler 
executive. McAleo and Plielps 
"formed • jwrtnerRhlp In a law flrm 

with 1. U. yx-.i: y> ;■ u.'^ a n-.ember. 
l-.M ■•• • . .^.' '.>.■■. ... :n !■: M.i ■.-'■•■, 
Mc.\l' " Si P:. <:,.•■/< a JViV.rr I;; 

thl5 fcrflon. When Phehw was 
elected novcnuir in 1876 Massey 
wa.s nmrte reeretai'v (o ti»e cnvemor 

irtdeb h9 tuid uittU xb» towito* 

completed hU lerin. Tl.en Mn. ey 
returned to Biulncfield and the 
Ilr.'u bc'.nii.e Ma.v.fy A \Ii \:<'e. 

Page 1: A son James Russell Brown was bom October 24 to Mr. and Mrs. Francis 
Brown, 635 South Broadway. 

Phillip Wells and Jack Wells were burned to death.** 
Page llA: Norma Dean Bird died.** 

Fred Strang sentenced to penitentiary. 

A son James Eugene Breese was born October 23 to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Breese, 
1131 North Fremont avenue. 

Page 12A: William D. Murray died.** 

Theodore Thorson died.** 

William Sherman Rollston died.** 

Mrs. M. L. McElmurry died.** 
Page IB: Marriage licenses issued.** 

The divorce of George B. Hasler from Maude E. Hasler was set aside.** 
Page 2B: Mrs. Amanda Finke of Bolivar died last Monday and was buried in Indiana. 

Johnny Eubanks and Gertrude McClure of near Aurora were married October 18 
in Detroit, Michigan. The bride is a sister of Burris McClure. 
Page IIB: Card of thanks.** 


Firemen FindGrim Evidence 
Of Boys' Desperate Effort 
To Escape Leaping Flames 

One Lad Found Huddled In Closet, Other At Foot of Charred 

Stairs; Parents, Downtown, Beckoned by Spectacle of 

The Blaze From Afar 

'TWO SprinjrfipH xchool boyn ucro burtird to death \MSt 
nijjht In a fire which rarcd throuRh their home at 1947, 
North Doujrlnn avoniio nnH trnpprfl thrm in th'^ir spcond- 
Rtory bcflroom. 

The victim.'', whoso boHir« wor'' b'irnrd brvnnd recojrnt- 
tion, worp Phillip, 11. anfl Jack, 7. nonn of Mr. and Mr». 
Kenneth E. Weils, who moved to Sprintrfieid a montli ago 
from Adamfl, III. 

The boys were anlcep in their up^taim bedroom when 
their parrntu and a friend. Harold Railrv. irft the house a 
few minute."* after 9 o'cloclc for a hurried trip to the busi- 
ness district. Half an hour later, as they drove north on 
Boonville avenue, the parents noticed a flame in the sky to 
the north. It was the funeral pyre of their children. The 
r«nted home was a charred hulk when the parents arrived, 
and Phillip and Jack were dead. 


nremen ent«r(4 the houM and 
found the tMdln toon alter tbeir 

' first futlla atand tgalsst the Hit e.. 

I Hti hands thrown tip u U ta iMrM 
hu fuc tram the Oaniea vhiai 
•wept over him. Jick waa found at 
the foot o(' the ttalrway. 

Apparently the boy had bcca 
rouiied by imoke and tire, takes tba 
only avenue of cacape and pliiii<«d 
Into tht heart of the blaaa. His 
brether't body waa la a eteet np« 
atalrt. wher* tear had drtvan him. 
, The Un apparently atarted ta ti» 
lutetaca. wh«(« a larte raoct lad« 
been Mt bumlat wtteii tka p ar tats 

I by Mra. 8. O. Crow, U61 

«»^nii» • n»Tf <i»vr neighbor w!:o 
turned In the alarm. 

,« « 


The father of the boys U aa em> 
ploye or the Harrlaon Endaeerl&f 

' company, as Is Bailey, who fuutu e il 
with the WelU sltKe they eame to 

' Sprtn^fifld. They had been a« 
mork upon a state highway project 
near the city. 
Bhaklnt and crying but fightlnc 

' crtmly to control his emotkms and 
comfor' hm .'ivster'.cal wife. Wells 
told Dr. Murray Btone. Orecna 
county coroner, what be knew of tha 
facts precedinc the fire and lu 


(earful tragedy. 

A slender, well-dressed man wtth 
a sensitive face, he told of aeelnc 
the bojrs asleep tocetber a Btmnent 

' before he and his wife tarrjed off 
'he house jchts after • 
o clock and went wttb BaUey ta tb« 

I Batley had broucht boma a pair 
of bedroom slippers as a blrtbday 
(tifi to Mrs. Wells earUer in tba 
evening, and they were folng to 

; the bu8li>e8s district to obtain a dif- 
ferent sue. They found the rter*' 
closed, and rtarted btek. home after 
window shipping" for a few min- 
utes. Mr. Wells believes they wer», 
not s»sy from home much more 

+.-. ♦ 

*. ♦ 

Mr. W"';' »:•''. .-■.' «■•■* '-"- 
roundrd by a few stunned fnenda 
who tn'd pathetically to comfort 
them, talked w Doctar Stone aa 
hour St the borne of thetr neichbor. 
Mr? Crow. The coroner broke to 
•hrm a? seruiy as possible, tho 
jrlm newt of whet he had founi. 
when nre Chief W. R. Price sum- 
moned hUn and ht (li'.crcl :li' 
ruins of the hotiip. 

"My Ood." moaned the young | 
father, "little Jack almcM fouRht j 
his way outi Oh-U w had one i 
of them Ifft. oii'y "i,<- Hi'. 
Blanche, there s npthum lilt i;i.* -' 

Blsnche Wells, his wife, her farf ' 
red and swollen with weepine. 
rocked aimlessly as she cried -sofih ' 
In a chair across the table from , 
him. "niere was nothing the cor- ' 
oner could say to help them, noth- ; 

Int! miyone could sbv. rhi'ip 
Jack »rrc their on'.y cluMrcn 
Their pictures, the toys and boyish 
trinkets vhlch ml?ht have made 
their memory more bright and 
clear, perished In the hon'o with 

All of the home s liirni ^ w'O 
destroyed by the fire. Mrs. Jo^c- 
I phlne Chance, who owre the hou-^e 
and lives nearby, said her lo^s ^oM 
b« protected partially by ins..r:-:-.ce. 
m their flnt hysterical grief the 
parenU Insisted upon going to the 
iW L. Starne funeral ^ -rr." »•»■' 
I the bodies were taken, and ^ ;<■■* -rt; 
•hem. but Doctor Sm:.- -.v--; ■■ . 
them not to torture themfclve-; »-n 
such a memory of their children 
and they will not see the charred 
remains. ' 

Mr. Wells said that "Rosle. a 
negro maid who had been emp^.^rd 
at the home and »lio I1..1I ^-i'' ~'^"•• 
lover the children tp some extent 
' had been lir for several dnv5 and 
jhad not come to the home since 
I Wednesday. 
I It had not been unu.-ua! for the 

,.* ii«i—i 


BreO INFANT ,^ . . 
Kormft Dean Bird. 17 month* old d^ugh- 

rWner«I •rrannements w*r« 'made by th* 
I Thlem* undertaking company. > 


10 etnta m Mn>. 

We wish to «)it>r'ss our sincere thanks 
to our oelBhbora and friends for their ■ 
kindness and ayropathy during the !<irK- > 
iir%» and death of our beloved hii'hand 
and father; also lor the Urauliful fiornl 
Offerings. We wish especially to thank. 
the Modern Woodmen, Kllngner Funeral 
Hp'^e. Reyarend U. A. Wood and Or. W. I. 


y^ I„ft .,1^.. 



j Although testimony was given that 
I he had remarried, the divorce de- 
I tree of George B. Ha.sler from 
Maude E. Ha.^lcr, granted Septem- 
ber 23, was set aside Saturday by 
■ Circuit Judge Warren L. While. 
I Mrs. Hasler charged that she had 
been led In believe the divnrrr ae- 
I tlon was wllhdra»Ti. and therefore 
^ failed to ronteft it. She said that 
Hauler returned home af'er li" f.yd 
the peliuon. and she Ihnuchl the 
1' action had t)een dlsmLved. The de- 
. cree was granted by default. Mr.< 
Hasler te<itlfled that her hu.'vband 
.niariled another woman ci.'- *>r*. 

after the divorce wm granted. 

Evidence was also presented that 
there had been a reconcilia tion bcj ^ 
{4t:wecn-H«iler and bla wife between | 
the time the petition for divorce 
waa filed and the decree was 
granted, J|udge White then aus- j 
Ulned the motion to «et the decree J 

Hasler was Lvued a marriage 
license on 8epteml)er 28. to marrv , 
Jessie Graham of this city. How- 
' ever, this marriage was automatical- 
ly annulled when the duorce cecree 
waa act adde today. 



mneral aervlcea for William D. Mu^ajr. 
ta. vic« president of "the Sprtntlleld Seeja 

rompanv will be held at 3 3« o'clock this 

^i.rr„onr\ n; the >|erman II I-f'l.rr - .u- 
neral home followed by burial in Maple 
Park cemetery. 


F,n eral "^r V r" for William Sherman 
mr to , MV-vrar-old .son of Mr. and Mrs^ 

' " > , n? the 07flrks nfflrlating The 
, :;:iur d^ed 'wcdn^av Of ";-•»- .ton- 

; three •'rot'^"«-""*^;,\;/o'f 8. Lo"'» •"* 

1 -; grrd';.;:^n^^.'Mr. °:nd"-^;r Sherman 
CantrcH, Capps. Ark. 


MR-*. .M. I.. MctLMlRRY 

M L. McElmurry of Leslie. Ark 

wl'fo of'ihe ritv ice plant manager, died 
Tuesday at her "horn" She Is survived bv 

j iirr husband, and four sons. 
; irrv.res were held at the 
' churc'.i. 





August A. Mehl was appolnud 
Saturday as admlnLstrator ot the 
estate of Ellis D. Munger who died , 
October 23. The e.sUle w ;..= <• .mat- ■ 
ed at $7000 personal property and 
$9000 real estate. The are 
Charlotte M. Godkin, Minneapolis; 
and Lucy M. Mehl, Los Angeles. 



Thomas W. McNeec*. fi2. A^h 
Grove, and Emm* C. Thorp. 51. 

Homer A. auil»m, JI, A*h Grov*. 
•nd Hazel Hawkins, 21. Axh Grove. ■ 

William H. Malthew!!. 50. Sprt.-.R- 
flrld. and Rrt;a Bak^r. 50. .==?:..■»• 

Calvin Gl^n Murray, 2.1. Spring - 
firld. and Lorene Mable tJln. 22 

James McClaIn Chalmrr'?. 36. and 
Marcella AValterhouse, 30. both of 

Rus.^11 B. ElIU. 21. and Wanda 
Beck. 18. both nl Sprine^rld. 

Arley C. McCoy. 39. and C;«ta 
Laney, 34, boib o< SpniisXi*id. 


Frrd Slrnnr. iin nil promotrr nf 
Fort Worth, 'I'cx , and writ known 
to many SpriiiKlield people, has 
been Wntpiiced to three yeaira tn 
Leavenworth penitentiary after be- 
hiK found Riillly of mall fraud by a 
federal court Jury at Fort Worth. 

RIs sentence was on the first 
ciiuiit of the Indiclinrnt against 
hlin. In addition to a five-year sus- 
pended sentence which tha Judge 
mrted him on the other four counts. 

He was charged with usbtg the 
malls fraudulently In representing 
to prospective Investors oil develop- 
ments In Oklahoma. 

Page 2: James A. Shields died.** 
Apps infant died.** 
Phillip Wells and Jack Wells died.** 

Investigation Shows That Over- 
heated Kitchen Stove 
Caused Fire Which^ Took 
Lives of Children 

CHARRED beyond recognition by 
the fire whleh took thdr Uth 
and ^troycd their borne Saturday 
nlgbt, the bodies of Phillip and Jack 
Walla, TT and 7 yeara old reapeetlTaly. 
win be aent late tonight from the 
Stama. mortuary to Maquon. UL, for 

The grief stricken paxenu, Ur. and 
Ura. Kenneth E. Wella, who came to 
Springfield only a month ago fron 
Adama^ lU, yesterday were prepar- 
ing to accompany the tKKlles of their 
only children who perished when 
trapped by flames in the house at 
IMT North Douglas avenue. 

♦ ' ♦ 


Mo inqueat will ba held In the two 
deatha. Dr. Murray a Stane. Oicom 
county coroner, decided yeeterday af- 
ter he and FUe Chief W. B. Price 
had completed an investigation of 
the blaz*. ' ~ 

'"Hiera la no doubt but that the 
flra atarted from an overheated klt- 

ehen atore." Chief Pxloa ««id yeater- 
day. "XlM atoT* waa located ii«ar tlw 
bArer board waU and th* tOan^ap' 
parently started there. I learned to- 
day .that there waa ira.plaater in the 
entire hous*— only buUdlng board, 
which buma rapidly once it catchea 

Urs. S. a. Crow. 1B61 North Dong- 
las avenue, the next door nelghlKir 
who discovered the fire and turned 
In the alarm, yeaterday said that the 
(lames had gained much headway 
when abe first aawi them and that 
the heat had blown .out the rear «1jq- 
dowa of the home. 

Mrs. Josephine B. Chance, owner of 
the house, had made her home there 
prior to renting it to the Wells fam- 
ily several weeks ago. Mr. Wella Is 
an employe of the Harrison Engineer- 
ing company. 


The two boys were left asleep In 
an upstalra bedroom at>out 9 o'clock 
Satxirday night when the p^renu ai^d 
Harold Bailey, who roomed with 
them, made a hurried trip to the 
bualneaa district to exchange a pair 
o( b e dr o o m altppen for a different 
alaa. WhcM thay iwtniBad tbcy 
found thelr'^ona nearty de stiu ye d . 
Tite bodlea of the ehlldraa had been 
taken to tbe mortuary after fircmsn 
ramoTcd them from the bunding. 

The yotmger boy waa fiouBd at the 
foot of the stairway where he erl- 
dently had plunged toto the heart of 
the blaze In his run toward safety. 
HU brother's body was fotmd in an 
upstairs closet where he had taken 




Jamu A. Sblaldi. 74, dltd «t hit home, 
3051 K«U«tt avenu*. «t noon yesterday 
followlnc an eilended lllnei*. H«t Is itur- 
vlvffl bv hid wifr «nd two "ons. Carl niid 
i^wiA oiiiriat oi ttpiinglleld. The body 
«tU be taken oyarland tbU morntnc to 
HartTllle. Mo., by the J. W. KUngner 
Undertaking company. 


The tafant daoKbtor ot Ut. and Mre. 
X^ealoa A»p» dliiScftt ttSO o'ctook laet 
tdght bi a hMpttal her* aincr a brief 
illnaaa. y>uitral ■•rvteas will be held at 
10 o'clock Uiia raerntnf In the Starne 
mortuary folttwad by Interment In Ktat 
Lawn oemeterif. 

Page 1: Mrs. Ottie Herndon divorced J. R. Herndon. They have seven minor children. 
Page 3: The will of Theodore Thorson was filed for probate.** 
' Page 10: There is an article about G. A. Ramsey.** 
Page 12: James A. Shields died.** 
William D. Murray died.** 
Apps infant died.** 
Aline Choate died.** 
Frank S. Wood died.** 
Page 14: Miss Marcella Walterhouse and Mr. James McClain Chalmers were 

Page 16: Mrs. Albert ladzinski was killed in an automobile crash.** 
Philip and Jack Wells died in a fire.** 

tr,\ «:•■ 

mCTllVfe' BODIES '^f 


• irtia bodlee of PhtUp and Jack Weil..| , .^ j^ph,n< B Ch„nr. o«nrr . 
^btimed »eT«Ad reeognUJon by the jj,.,^^ ^,^ "red *||t. prior tc 
|lir» which de«t.-oyed iheir home .nl ' rrnTIn l! to the WrllOnnii:> Mt 

.^.» I.. ,11 ;i>i. ;'i.,;iii.;.. . ..•»!.;. v. .:. ^l^'r..» t< nn ^r-;- -■<.. of the Hnrr-.'o; 
j be aent at ia:M «'ciock lonlBhi|!\)Stnrrrinz coaipany. 
•Vm Th.-8iafh» W.ort-»err «o^t.hf1ri> »^^'^ ' 7>fr if-rrrVn-f- - i-v 

irrmfr home In llllnrix for burini. 


• Preperetlbne were being ma«e »•*"] 
I terday by the parenu. Mr, aaA M«.l 
; Kennrth K. W»il». »»>" came lo 

f^iftwSHrt' onir'a J»Bth M« ttt** 

.AdaiBa. lU. lo accompany the bodlee 
\-vt weir only ehlldren. who were trap- 
ped In the hoiKf »i 1047 Dovigtn* avr- ^ 
j nue when It wan levoured br flamea • 

Pi- Miiiri'\ '■ H'"Mi- f".rr"-ii» ■niinn 
i.'l >'l«'r. HffUir'l \' ••Tr-T-il.1v Ili.A nO lll-i 

qiirM m-fMilrt br Ji'lrt 'n ilif two, 
f»i--»«h«. i«I'«r '-f iiM Fit Clwrt W. ft 
rt:i<- hMCI r"uipl»-'"l •'•> Huff tijislioi'. 
Ill »h» litP. 

ChU'f Ptirf" •.■•ir! Mirrr *!i% nr> «1oiihr 
hMi thnt the flr» »a» csM«rd br an 
o' *•: V.r". * • ' I ; • !.' ;■ ■ ' ' ' ' » ^ r b,^r ' r 
w; :. Iir rlso i-'>:ni«r! ot,-, ti;.'''. thrii 
wa« no plRKt«r in the entire houae. 
%r jlibrr T ' • f i. •«-«Trr_T 

Mm 8. c; Crci« ^fxt rtoor ncijihbo. 
n-ho rtl«fovere<l me (ire and turned in 
(he alarm. »xi<l inc Ilamr;i had gainrt 
much hedrtwur •vh'-n «hf f".r«t f11.«ro\ 
erert Ihe !lre anc 'r..ii Mir .-ir:>l n. : 
. '- hrr)ken out the rear «lndoi«a of the 

— /,<a4<rr Mtatf Phol: 
Tlie.-ve piclures ahow how Phillip 
iand Jack WeUa. It and 7-ytttr-oI4 
' eons of Mr and Mre. Kenneth X.- 
iWcUa. IMI North HmirtH '^V«Wtt 

' ning tn the Ttre thai dw^^dtSel? 

iioui*. I'l'i-ti i'icliirf •hown rfur 

pictur* ihowa (wo plaj-maitaa <tt tl»« 
! Tlctlma pointing out Juat where their " 

little frlrnrt* »rrr alrcpinc on a 
niallrr>j whrti thr firr broke out. 
They are John Dumam. 1881 
BoonvlUf avenue, and Wilbur Oard- 

r.r-T IPII N"<r"' nAM;;l:\t nvrniie. 


Qull« ail intrrrsiiiig siory to ilir 
Sprlnsfieldians of a Jater dty comM 
om of Oklahomn Cily. Il concerns 
the sons of the late U. A. R&iiiscy. 
Walter R. and W. E. Ramsey, presi- 
dent and vice president, respocllvc- 
ly. Biid piUKlp.iI .slr>tklioldiis nf 
U«nui€y Petroleum corporation, lia\c 
just made the fourth oil sale for 
more than a million dollars. Since 
December. 1928, they have completed 
four bl( deals totalloB about 10 mil- 
lion dollars. 

The Ramscys have spent the last 
IS vrars In oil. eiilerlne the bii.«;|- I 
ness from banking In Ardmore and 
OslneaTllle. Texas. They made |ood 
as banktrs. 

The RaniMTn prelff {o play an 
area brfure llic fir&l ilfikc l^ made. 
They have (ollbWed "this rule and 
lind II pruliuiljlc lij scU out early 
or while the pool 4s-t>clng developed 

Mld-Kan«a5 ' OU and Uas com- 
pany, siibsldjaf-y. of Olilo Oil com- 
pany. h.i3 gLvcii . llwni . more than 
five million dollars In cash and 
promises to give Uiem three nillllun 
dollars In oil to be produced from 
lands It hat) bought of the brothers. 

The Mid-Kansas bought a 291- 
acre lease from them early In the 
year, and the Fortson lease. In the 
wc*t half of the northeast quarter 
of section i;i-Il-3»-. north of the 
dl.scovery I6n acres m the Okla- 
homa City field has already proven 
that the Mid-Kansas made a good 
buy. It cost around two million 

rtollai - 

The R«nl.•^y^ ha\e not qi.n, bill 

Still have 30,000 arreK of leasee In 

the Uklahoiiia City area, and W. R. 

Ramsey forecasts the opening of new 

oU pools In the future on the Ram- 

■ey acreate. 

• • • 

W. R. RaiiiMy was In Springfield 
about two mmths ago and called 
on many of his old time friends. He 
said ba was dolnv very wail in Okla- 
hooDa and ' was Intcraatad la aoBo^ 
legal control of oil In order to con- 
serve It and to steady the price. 
6. A. R»m8e>."falher of the two 
iQung mtb. vM fbr y«u« a b\mt-( 
ness man on Commercial street but 
dM not nuikt • iMte fottune. The 
boys " were given fatherly rare, a 
good eduoation but had to make 
their way In bualncaa which ttoey 
hay* men tban doiM. Q.A.Ramwy 
was abotrt a quarter of a century 
ago secretary of the Springfield 
club, which has Mnce pa^«ed nut ol 

While here this sutmmer young 
Mr. Ramsey told of meeting Henry 
L. Doherty In San rrancUco. Ml- 

I Doherty was In a hotel and ex- : 
eluded visitors on the doctors ' 
orders only recently having be^ii ' 

: relea.sed Irom a hoopital. I'lic i 
(Inrtoi pidlr.strd ulirn Mr Itiiliiti'> 

I was admitted. Mr. IUini.<iry .^aid 
Uuiitny was gieatly uilcresicU in , 

I the Ozarks and Sprtngfield and I 

■ ii.'-krd many gur.sllon.'; nboiil iIilv 

• • • ■ ' 



Mn. Albert Udnn'ki. «ho hn^ 
kptat many Kummem near Lton 
OrMk. lAo.. ta her miumrr home. 

In Ktn^as C.u h>»da\. artoidinc to 
word recei\ei.i u;. her friends here 
Mn. I«d<liv>)cl and hn huNband 
'ttvaed tlM MUwmukee LKluates^rn 
comp any of Kan^a^ C-tv. Tliey had 

iqBirimrvmrnfiP camdeo] 

btUlt their j 

IwoM rnhd. tpent mnch time.' 

•T. Tomj 

BpUftn. U plant torctaum of the' 

^Mtt City DMry to«rc. * ! 

Mrs. laddnskl «aa tn Bprtngfleld; 

aWut three week* ago with Mr». ' 

J^al Vchltnc oX Kaivm» Ctt.v. who 

county, and with Mrs. Oeorge 
Brovn. 18->rnr-old girl who was 
> ton fim vuit to a cttj . 



Mn. Katy Tboraon !• named ei» 

.ectitrlk of the esUte of Theodore 

Tlior^n. Strafford ni^rchsnt and tice 

'pi.M.lrn't of the Bonk of Btrofford in 

lUg vUl «»»«d today in j^ttau court ■ 

here. ■■• ..' "! 

Th» e«tat» Inrl'idea bank »»ock and | 
other securUiea val'ied ai •i.' hikj 

(the tamlly home at atiaffotd. AU 
property, both real and perjwnal, la 
Iffi to' the widow during her life- 
ume, afur which eiOOO \rV> be paid 
to W. P. Thorson, stepson, and t he 
iwnaiader dlrtded eqiuUy httwen^ A. 
T Th'>r~)n. «on. onrt M" Anno M'- 

irtaurhtere. * 


MMRS A. SUIB^B . ., ^ 
af jamn A. «hWd*. 1«.*Vlw 

.4i«4^A^ JU» bom* »l aMl K«itoU »V( 
■t noon eanday. »»■ Uken to H«rt»«Ue. 
Mo., tht» moruing lor fun«r»l MnrlcM 
»nd burial. Mr. Shields Is lurvlvrd by Ml 
wlfr and two sons, Ctiil and L««is Shields 

j nf Hpriiicflrld. J. W. Kllogner has cbMgt 
of tunetal arrangtmenU. 


' Pkllbfarrrii f'or ll;r funeral ol WllllaiD 
T> Miirr.iv Sifi.dnv af!ir;i(vo;i at llif ll< i 
itinn If lohmrjT IiiiifrMl ••/inc. »'r« 

, Clarence Conluii. CUnrlrs Mc(irrRor. Wil- 
liam Bcbalfniuel. Ben McDonald. Al 

'Gottfried and Al Roumrrr W>ninn 

MoKn banc. iirromliBii:""?! bi tl'' pluno h> 

I inenn 8tainba«li. The R ev, wauani H. 

iManiWaW anlT^br." C.~ H Brkaga oHi- 
ciaud. and burial took place la itopM 
Park catnetarr. Mr. Morray. wn« «m 
vtc* prMldaot of tbo BprlngtMA 0tm 
eotnpany. In atirrlrrd by hlo wife and 
i«o da'ufburt. lAtt. Marguentc MIctiola 
and Mra. Helan Bradlay. aD4 br • 
brother, Elton B. Murray of Sprlnaflcld. 
Harry Murray, a brotber. »ttM4M tlW 
tWMral (nm ttlo^ HUL |€».. Mt Mmv*-« 
third brotnar, wat unaitle to tOme from 
bu homa at Travacaa OUy; UUH. 


Funeral services lor Aline Clioate, 3*'' 

I vrar-old dau«hlf r n| Mr nod Mri. W. B 

! Cl-.imle. »2« (1nrIl"lo hvriiue. who died 

Sunday muriiiiiii. «rrt held IhlanMrolOg 

al II o'eteck In thair homa. Bawi ar»a 

al Iba Brtek Church cemetery itorthvaat 

of SprtofftaM. undar iha OtraMtoa •! ttao 

Thiena UodarUUng compaay. 

Frank 8. Wood. SI. died todav al bU 
homa one mlla wrat of Strafford. Ha ts 

survived by hu wife and three »on» and 
•'•.T^^ d.Tug!.'.< . 1. *il of oitaltorQ liify 
are Oren. Frank, and Ralph Wood and 
Mm. Mnry Brown, and Eva aiid Marr 
Wuud. runernl arraii|{rinents are in charge 
, o( J. W. XlhigDer. 

'tage Announce 

An informal home roarrlaee ce 

arn ixrairr 

Punaral aarrioaa arara t>«ld al BUtfMTs 
rtaadty at 10 e'olacJt tbia moraine fOr 
an. (nfant daughtar of Mr. and Mra. Laatai 
Appa, who died Suiulay avatdnc to a haa> 
pttal here. tntcnn«nt foUovad ta ^ 
Lawn cemetery. 

when M!"-* >fnr'-'"!!:'. V.'.ilrrrhojsc 
l^fliter of Mr. and Mra. Scott B. 
WalterhouM, 607 £a«t Elm atreet. b«>. 
cjun« the bride of Mr. James Mc« 
Claln ChalmiPra. eon of Mr. James H. 

<^hn.'mrr«, lP.=Sf> Nor;!', tjr.iii'. nitliuc. 

The alDRle ring ceremony waa rea<) 
by' the Reverend Mr. Ed-.vln W. Arm- 
atrong In the preaenoe of only a few 
intimate friends and relatlvea of the 
young couple. 

Mr. and Mra. Cbalmera will make 
their future home here at 608 East 


Page 1: Floyd Clarkson died.** 

Page 2: The will of Theodore Thorson was filed for probate.** 
Page 14: James A. Green died.** 

Frank B. Wood died.** 

Aline Choate died.** 

Phillip and Jack Wells died.** 



I Jamea A Oreen. 35. an electrician for 

tha Springfield Oaa and Electric compi>nv. 
I died nhorllv after « o'rlocic !a nlcht 

at hix home. 989 Pacific Mrrri. fol- 
, lom-ing an lllneaa of about a month. He 
I la survived bv his wife, hia parent*. Mr 
• and Mr.« Ben O'een of PoBer.'x ille. two 

I .M.Mera and one brother. Funeral arrange- 
1 menta are Incomplete but the body la Iw- ' 
'i Ing prepared for burial hy the J. W. 
; Kllngner Undertaking company. j Avn jack wei.i.s 

The bodle* of Phillip and Jack 
who w#re burned to death Saturday 
when the home of their P«r^n'; 
and Mra. Kenneth E Weiu. at J04J 
no'llla« avep'ie »«' rte^frnyed hv 
were nent al 12 ^t"^ o ^lock laiit night 
the Starne moriuarv to their former 
in nilnoU for burial. The parenti 
eompanlfd the hodie. ^ 










Funeral •rrvlces for Frank 8 Wood., 
58. who died yeaterday at hU home one , 
mile ae!.t of Strafford, will be held at 
3 oclork thin afternoon In the Danforth 
rhurrh eishi miles e»«t of Springfield 
Burial alll be in Danforth cemetery un- ■ 
der direction of the J W Kllngner Un- 
dertaklnit ronipanv Mr Wood is sur- 
M\ed hv hl« »ife and three sons and three 
'If.^ift-Tj Oil "f Ptrsiflor'l. B« !o;io«« 
Orrn Frank and Ralph Wood and Mri . 
Mary Broan and Eva and Mary Wood. I 


Funeral icrvices for Aline Choate. two- ] 
year-old daughter of Mr. and Mra. w. B 
ChOate. 926 Garfield avenue, who dlefl 
Sundbv nicrr.i..R. *rre held vcierdav 
morning at the home Interment a-aa in 
Brirk Church cemeterv. northwest oi 
Bprlnffleld. under direction of the Thiem- 
Undertaking compan\. 




ton, whfre he wii§ Riven emrrKenry 
treatment by Dr. yi. R. Riley. He 
then wu brouRhtrrto SprlDRfleld In 
K Biirker iind Wheeler limbulance. 

FilTo l)li\«.l( IHIM (ilcl ^^^rvtll;n^ 

poMlble to lilt Mr. Clarkson in hit , 
(iRht (or life, but feared from the ' 
flFRt that hia Injurlea were too severe ' 
to allow him more than a very " 
alender cbanca of aurviying. 


ll.tS FIVF. CiilLDREN 

j Fracture of Skull Received in 
Crash at Emmet, Mo., Re- 
sults Fatally for Floyd 

A aeTere fracture of the akiitl auf- 
"• (ered at B:50 o clock yenterday 
momin(( at Emmet. Mo. when a 
Priaco loral train. No. 143. and tb« 
milk truck h« vaa drlrlng collided, 
caused th« death of Floyd Clarkaoo. 
40. Lawrenrebiint dairyman, at 7:S5 
o'clock laat nieht in St. John'a taoa- 
pltal. Thr entire top of hi* Itead 
cniahed. Mr. Clarkaon had been un> 
ronsrinua fine* the grade cTtMalag 
I A light ram waa falllns at the 
'time of the accident. arcordInK to 
I a report recfived at the general 
office biilldinc here h» Claud* P 
King. aaaUtant in the cerrr^i man- 
after, and It waa thought probable 
that Mr. Clarkson'* Tialen waa ob- 
acured by the moisture on his wlnd- 

Tha body waa taken In charge bv ' 
the Barker and Wheeler Undertaking | 
company of Everton. ' but funeral : 
arrangementa h«rt not been completed ' 
laat nlsht. Mr. Clarkson Is survived 
by hla wif* and live children. 

Clarkson was said to have been 
drlvlns to Springfield with milk thn: 
■hered fromi farmera in' 
the reelon where the accident occur- ; 
red. Trainmen said ihey had seen 
tha truck approaching but thought it 
had atopped at the grade croaslng. 




the bulk of the e«ut« of Theodore 
Thoraon. Strafford merchant and vice 
president of the Bank of Strafford, 
who died recently, waa bequeathed to 
hU widow, Mra. Katy Thoraon. 

Til* eatata Indudea bank atocft and 
otbir MOtiriUes Tklued at •lO.OOO and 
tat famUy home at Strafford. AU 
,pro^ty, Ineludloc real and peraonal, 
ni left to the widow during her life 
time, after which $1000 la to be paid 
to W. P. Thoraon. atepson. and the 
to be dlTlded equally 
son. Mrs. EMher 
Thoraon was named 

The tr\ick he ««« dr!-lne wa« 
thrown from the pa;b of :.-ie train. | 
«hlrh »ss hrsrirri esst The trsin 
crew picked up the injured man and 
took bim back aeveral milea to Ever- . 

Page 3: Mrs. Laura Davis died.** 
Page 12: James A. Green died.** 

FranitS. Wood died.** 

Mrs. Antoinette Peck died.** 
Page 16: James Bums died.** 


lAMIS t. f.RH.V 

Funeral .%ervicea /or James A tincn. Z'^. 
an et<«trieian for the Sprlnalield Hat and j 
Electric company, who died Monday e. e- 
nlng at t«M hnnie. 9*9 Ea>( Pacific 'Ir-'r. 
win t>« held Wadneaday afternoon at 3 30 
at lh»> Ifotilevard Baptist church The 
Reierriitl N. tl. Rrl^low «lll pri si ii llir 
aerTlcr. He la survWen t»y hla wile, hla 
paienu. Mr. and Mra. Ben Urean, of Rog- 
•vtftUe, twA ataters and »iia brother. Ar- 
rangements are In the charge of Klingnrr 
UtMieruklnf eompaHy, «ad burial wilt tK 
IB OratnlAwb eeaMtery.- . 


, Mrs Antoinette Peck. <0, wife of Prof i 
Einmett Peck ul Iht TloUa dcpai lmr nt at 
Soathweat — 64«t* Teachers coUege. died 
this morning at 3:30 o'clock li> her home 
at M71 Fs>t rim f.trert fnllnitlnr « n'lfri 
lllntik ««.* of »li<irl rtiiralinii. ar^d iitf. - 
lege Oamea Mad aciut id the Chrl.sliaii i 
SeleBCe chureb. Professor and Mrs. Peck j 
teve VMd In Springfield for a llttia over | 
• ywr, eetntng here from Chicago. Her j 
iJDtiaese w— -of ehort d ura ti on, a n d p l i y i 
nciana diagnosed the cause of her death I 
aa pneumonia and heart trouble Funeral : 
aervleea will be held Wednesday mornlns i 
•t 1«:M at the Alma Lehmeyer funeral | 
chapel, and the body will he "hipped to 
Kansas City. She Is surrlved by her { 
l^sband and one brother, fiaxtfr Bast 
V^ro pi Btrniogbam. AU. 1 



W—Ttr" «¥fniir 

tt II in -ihl»- 

&«r^»Mr JtOt 0«inpb«U Undrrukmf < 
rSmMav U In charf*. H» «• •urvi»«l by 
tw« <UL>tKbt<r(. Mr*. M*l>rl Kiovti ft 
C«r»«««r>n«l Uri. M. D«m» of Nev»<U: 
t«e alcMrL ><»■ Marxu«rit« TMm«« Nnd 

SrvdMra. AlkMt RMd of Lamar. Mo.. 
■n^^Bkr Bvnn at Um bMn« ailalrnt^. antf 
trrtm trmiMletiUdran. Tb« tiinrral «rr- 
.|fr» rin ^• ««<!'' t'" *u«t>l<** o: Tr-Jth 
l<x1i» 1«». 1«r A. r. and A. M. 

'>^iltt^*'t*wi?rOa^to/^.t of •! 




__ ))fliVv.. 

•v«lMM, dM SlUHlAy •viQUBf at Ute 
BprintAaM elinfe. Pai 

Inir company. 

infe. Paii«r*l ■mnftmaftU 
W. tool burlAl wia_ba imtf«r 


Kunrral M-rvlrfs for Ktiirik P Wnoi! 
M, wb« dtad Monday al hi* home one 
«nfl« trwit «t •tratfortf. war* h«ld thU 
aftarnoon al I o'clock at Danforth church, 
attht mllM taal of Sprlntflrld. Intrr- 
rncnt took place In the Danlorth crmr- 
iary Ui charaa of J. W. Klliignrr. Mr. 
Weiod li larVlvad by hi* aifr. ard three 
aoiu and three daughters. 


Dairvnian Expires 
Of Hurts Suffered 
In Crossing Crash 

' Fniicrnl Hri HnK<'>ti'^ii**« liri\r nnl 
b««u cotuplctcd lor riojrtl Olarkaoa, | 
40, Lawranoatntra <t»l<yii>an who dUd I 
at St. John« hoapltal at 7:35 o'ohwk | 

' Im.-i iiUlii ''f " tun mn iv( iiir •Lull 
: Ktiirercd M 8 oO o'l luck >fi<(rrdB) 
! momlni; when k, Prtm.-.^ lor«I tmln. I 

[htt mLi ShMlvNI. 6tarkaeM itadTawf 

(Iiiroiifl'iiM "inre Ihr rolll«loii. 

Th« J. W. MorrU UndrrUiking roni- 
p«tar of MUlar, Ma, haa ebana of th« 
bedjr and It ia thoufht Utat burial 
aart l caa will be conducted tomorrow 
anamoon at Jobn'< Obapel Juat aoutb 
of At>h Orove. 

^■40taMtMtt to a raport Mootvaa at 
4ta taBtnJ ofaoa ot tba Friaeo tiara 
by tJlatule P. King, asalatant to tba 

i:<-nrr«l nmiiBKir, i\ lipht r«ln «b« 
lt\\\ue n< lite iirnr of Hir «< rlrtr; I 

. ITBMtninl i ti a kin 
rain on hla wtndahleld. 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 

James Lester drowned.** 

A daughter Joan Sosamon Swarthout was born October 26 to Mr. and Mrs. H. M. 
Swarthout of 575 East Walnut street. 

Page 2: Mrs. Antoinette Pecic died.** 

James A. Green died.** 

Richard M. James died.** 
Page?: William E. Hartley died.** 

James Burns died.** 

Mrs. Laura Davis died.** 



Fiinrrnl spr^l-^s for Mr' Ar'o!nft*» 

l'«'rk. 40, wile ol I'lol. tmmelt Perk of 

(he Molln department of Bouthwett State 

Teachers colhge. will be held Wednesday 

I mornlnK at 10:30 o'clock at the Alma 

Lohmeyer funeral home and the body will 

I be sent to Kansas City. Mr«. Peck and 

i her husband hare lived In Sprincfleld a 

MlOf morf thnn a rrnr. coming hrrp 

from Chlcapo. Her death, which occurred 

at 3:30 o'clocic Tuesday morning, was 

thouKht to have been the result of pncu> 

raonia and heart trouble. She la sur- 

\l\Trt by her hu.^band and one brother. 

Baxter Eastburn of BIrmlnfthara. Ala. 


Funeral servicea for James A. Ore#n. 
25. an electrician for the Oas and EI»rtrlr 
romoany, who died Monday evcn;nK ai 
his home. 9M East Pacific street, will be . 
held this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the j 
Boulevard Baptist church. He is ;ur- ! 
vivpd bv h\n wife. y\is parents. Mr and ' 
Mrs. Ben Oreen. of RoKcrsvllle, two sistera 
and one brother. Burial will be held In 
Oreenlawn cemetery under direction of 
J. W. Khngner. 


Richard M. James. 83. of Colorado 
Springs. Colo., died at 7:30 o'clock last j 
niRht In a Springfield hoyp'.fal ' 
a three months illness from h'^art dl.»- 
ease. He was an uncle to Or. Joseph D. I 
James of this citv The bodv ;« beir.e 
;--';:.;-fd t;: ^iraV iy :..: ::: .:i.; - 
irndertaking conipany arid w:'.l be .«er; 
today to Darlington. Mo., for funeral ' 
services and burial. Mr. James la sur- 
vived by one buither. Albert James, and 
one sister. Mrs. Catherine Rou,<;e. both of 
Darlington, and aeveral nepbewa ard 


Punaral senlcea tbr Un. UurA^ 

Oaf It, as, who died 8aadar at th« 

o'clock Tlitindajr tnartoon la tba 
CtmpteU'fanaral'cliaflU, th« B«v- 
nmaU. 8./8mltli off^tta*. Bttrial 

will b« In LlDcoUi Memorial cematery 





l^pBC Ourks reston tamlalieil more 
7 than lU pToportlon«t« ihtre of 
World war heroes, according to * re- 
iport iMUtd . on the congressional 
Tttidito of honor-awarded lor bravery 

L«ad.couxK«ou« deed!. 

'^=*^^-^' — - oo the basU of-lta 

the ratio of It* population »<> f •* «« I 
the entire United Et.tea. had more 
than li» »h«re o( heroes. 
1 o" the 80 award* of the congr.*- 
' .-^.i medal of honor. 63 were made 
; To HvinTSe o^;. and M to tho«i who 
> «rSlr uvea to their countn; W 
iST Utter, one u «»• .Ualnown 
There are. therefQT*- oply 

Efforts to Revive James Les- 
ter Unsuccessful; Pair En- 
route to Cotton Fields in 


m nr»ine» '^n 

Of the medal of honor men were born 

in Mlaaourt. thrf^e of them m the 

Onrka region. .»..rH»rt 

; The Otarklani who were awarded 

medala were: ^_ 

Private Charlen D. Barger. Company 
U SSitb Infantry., 80th Dlvlalon. 
bom In Mount Vernon. 

Corp. Harold 1.. Turner. Company 
F. 143d Infantry. 89th Division, born 
In Aurora. 

Srrct M W»lc1o Hutl^r. CompKny 
r. i;.<.;l. IiiUir.r;.. Pn'.h I)iM«ion. 
\M^r'' '.r. nnlnnr 

Tlie Other MlMtouriana to whom 
medal* were given were: 

Private John L. Barkley. Company 
K. 4th Infantry. 8d Dlviaion. bom in 

Sergt. Michael B. Ellla. Company 
C. 28th Infantry, S9th Division, bom 
In St. LouiF. 

i Sergt. Arthur J. Forreat. Company 
; n rt.S4'h Irfan'rj-. Wh Division 
born in St. Louu. 
Private Jeaee N. Punk. Company 
j L. 354th Infantry. Mth Dlviaion. bom 
j In Mew Hampton. 

I Capuin Alexander Skinner. 188th 
I Infantry, 35th Division, bom la St. 
I ■ : 

I^OKlng control of hU BUtomob'.l? at 
a terry landlnR on White river near | 
Newport In the Ark«n«ss Ozark* yes- 
terday cost the life of Jamea Lester. , 
.5fl, who w(u« drowned uhen the 
mnrhlne plunged Into the water. The , 
man had been In the river 7"^ min'itp* 
when he snd the automobile were 
ptilled out together snd efforts to re- 
vive him were futile. • 

Mr I,ei:ti»r. who«e home »«» st Vsn- 
drrroon. Tnlk covin'v. srr-^mpanled 
by F F. Lsmlvrt. seed 54. arrived at ' 
the Newport Jrriy at noon. drlv.riK 
an old Ford sedan. They were on j 
their way to Psrseotild to pick cotton, i 

When the ferry landed on the east j 



side of the river, two cars ahead 
the Lester machine stalled on 
.■^teep. slippery embankment and stop- 
prd Mr LrFter brought his car to a 
Mop Bboui 30 feel from the boat, and , 
I Mr. Lnmbrrt not o<it to punh. Mr. Les- : 
irr loM ronirol of the car snd it 
bi.<krrt BKsinst the upper rallin? of 
ihf foal and tnrncd over Into the 

. i\ tT. 

IM.UKH K l> t ^f.l* 

A bum rq\il|>|>''i; v. uli 

Ml.^'ourl VsUey Bridce 


loprrstrd by the 
■ nurt If"" ro;iipnnv 
vriir iiiHl .ni..rr<;-(l ir. ..;•.;; ' -^f- '"■^' 
l<-.<;trr still ws« In th^ 
n»« hroujhf tn the 


I to ihe 

'rnr A pulmotor 

, s.rnr niul several minutes »rre -pn.: 

' puMinm.: ox\crn ■■■■•^ -he ;■,;:■.;< 

Th» h.^dv 1' SI « Nrwport nnrirr- 
inkinc pnrlor. pcnrtln? srtvire from 

' rclsti\e« 

lRml>rrt «nlri I r<Tr hsd b'"'-. nisr- 
rled but .sepnrated from hl« w.!e four 

— - One 

Don Oarrlaon. 31, Mabel Copeland. „ • ^ .w, uy,. m Texas on« 

'V..^:JL''' «PL'!!»":l'!= ••?«* ^-P!' ! ' ^^rir^n'^Se'^nsv^'llnnTbert ..:H 

Otradovee, at. and Lena Wtlaon, both 
of Bolivar. 


on Is 

There w»s not 

inc to iclcnllfy rrlatnc except s 
hetier from a woman at Fort Worth, i 

Texas lnmbrrt sftld she l.s a fr-.crrt 
[of Lester, and will be able to tell 
'abotit his famllv connections 
' Lambert s.iirt tr«tFr hsd '..^fd '■" 

Polk rountv ^versl years tr.d ««• « 
, tenant farmer there. 

JtmM Bum*, ea. died •! hU bom*. 
MS North We»T« •tenue, at • tO 
©clock yMUrday morning. run««> 
»iT«nB«nenu hura not b#«n com- 
pleted but th« Campbell Undertaking 
company U In ehante. He U ttinrlTed 
bT two danghter.. Mr.. Mabel Brown 
of Carthage and Mr.. M. DarU of . 

NrvnrtR-. two .!.•»" M-. M,-r....... 

Thoma. and Mr.. Allre lUrd of the 
home addrerm: two brotnera. Albert 
need of Lamar, and Jake Bum* at 
Ihe home addreaa. and ae.en grand- 
ehlldren. Funeral eerrlcee wiU b* 

uadMStb* aatplo^ ot T*aUi lod«, 
NO. 151, A. r and A. M. 



^nOLWAOKEB. WIS, Oct. 39— <AP) , 
—William E. Hartley. 17. department 
superintendent of tbe Milwaukee 
Ohemleat company, formerly of 
Oerthocr. Mo., wait found deed to 
1 bU garage. 

The door« of the garage were 
found tied shut. He had started the 
motor ot his ear and • laid down 
beneath It. T^im messsges. ooe to lito 
parent.. Mr. Ind Urs. W. L. Hartley. 
C.rthnge. and one. s will, were found 

The will left SMOO In stocks to bis 
rC| «!■'••' niothrrlnlaw. Mrs. W. I.. 
Pe4ciiti-<. M'laaukre. No motive for 
xt.e siikK'.o \% known. [ 

Page 1: Marriage license: Efton Wilhite, 25, of Springfield and Miss Ruby Edwards, 
16, ofMarshfield. 

Page 3: The Burkhead estate was divided.** 
Page 8: Mrs. Antoinette Peck died.** 
Richard M. James died.** 
James A. Green died.** 

A IrnL^enelosei-h Poschel was bom October 26 to Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Poschel, 
1833 South Jefferson avenue. 

Page 14: Mrs. Laura Davis died.** 

rNED ji 


folk county, vas -drowned yesterday I 
^eai'Ji* lost Aontiol of lit* sutocno- ' 
Jpi^m St a fen^ landltig on WDlte rtver 
>ei^ Newport In tba-ArttsBSM Ossrks. 

Tbe mjichlns plunged Into the wiit«r 
t rnrt Tie Tnirt ywm tn^rtie rtrrr a* nrtn- 

vtPA »-hrn he and tbe autosnoblls 

were ptUled out together. Efforts to 

rerlrs htm xvsre fuUls. 
Mr. L«ster, sceompanlsd by T. T. 

Ijimbert, M. mrrlTefi at «1m Kekport 

ferry Bt noon, driving an old Pbrd 
'. srrian. When the ferry Unded on the 
it-j;i »lde of the rlvtr two car. ahead 
ioC tbo Uwtsr^ntscbins suUMl on. Um 

rsUMMnriicBk %»*(» i«d nf ^^ -- 

ii..iiuiiig p'.atrorm of ti^e f 
Lester brooRbt bis oar to » s«o^ 
3d feet from tbs boat and Mr. taa^ 
bert got out to pti.<ih. Mf. Ijsster tost 

r.rvrol of tlir (ar nnrt ;t h«rlc»<1 <1o»ti 
• ' .■,riif. tv.r.-i'i-jh tlir ryU- 
: ■■■ • ii'l Uirrrf! i»< rr :i '<> •: - r.-r. 

MR**. t..^« R* PA VIS 

diert St her home si 610 Bunion 

bf Uciri TlnirMlnv .•••••rro -i 
„. • u.l.rk lit Mir (-diiM'tx-ll funrral home. 

(„:;owfU h> in i,iiH-..:ii Ml' !'■ rrnirtrrv Thr Reverend M. » 
1 .Smith *1M offlrlatr 

2S. who 

llVfliUf. *lll 


WBiL iNTAirr ^ 

AUso J. WeU, X-yesr-oM eon or Mr. 

snd Mrs. Kdwsr^ Well. 1310 Cast Wslnut. 

who moved (o Springfield recently from 

Joplln. died tbii momlnc st 10:30 follow- 
I IPC a short innet. of t»reu!nonls. The 
1 cliild U iurTlved by hU oattntt and one 
' older brother. Edward. Jr. Kuneral ar- 
, rangrmprits are Incomplet* but lh«y win 
; bf In the charge of Hetmau Lohmeyer 

funeral botne. 



I Partition auli of T. L. Dom si;ainat ' 

' heirs of the Burkhead euate. aeekini ! 

I asle of M acres of land aix mlleM | 
w«iith«-r<i of Fitrlnadeld nrar Bf«t»le- I 
field, was Kmiitrd by Judue John ' 

ia4HBiBak la division on* of circuit 
' o'jri todny and the aherUt ordere^t : 

' 'n r»r«v-eed wUh the aate of the prop- , 

S:.* T»s» h*"-!!"!)' (oil'iwliic Ihr 
draih oC Mr.s \\-\t\ Hiirk iirirj r><».». 
r>n» of thf five hrir« of thr proper'.. 
lo<ir year* ago. Plalnilff* In the ami. I 
I alone with T. I,. Doea. hiirband of ! 

V'... f^...v^r^,* f>r>*\ urT.* JlT rti:l- 

rtren. WiHinni. l.ijr>. C'laiirK'. Anmi 
! Hsrechel and Bonnie Dona, and Jeaa-.e j 

Lrr and ri«v C nillarrt. ' 

J ' rvf»nd»nt» III the adioii »fr» ^ 
j Clars and Marlon Philllpe. Lrr. Kallle. 
{ Grant, and Oltle Bnrkhmd. Hattle and 
' i"wpb Moor» M\ril» Woo*1». Marv F. 

Hamp'on and Herbert, l.iilher. Kva, 

Orover snd Jeaaie Bnrkheatt 



_ >««. ANTiowrmi rtcM. 

Ffck who «HM parlir TuMdiy momlna 
»tr« bald ttt, ih« Aim* funera 

wm be i»k'n to Ksn«a« City Ipr cretnii' 
Uoir Mr» Prrk U »urvlved b/ hfr huj- 
b*Dd. Prof. Kmmell Peck. he«^ of the 
rlolln dvpartfneat at BUl« Ttaihtri eoj- 
M|f>. Tliay h»d Ur«d in 8prlu«aci4l about 
» y»«r. cominc hem " frftm <3Kle««o. A 
brouter Baxter Eaatburo. of %miin«ham. 
AU.. Ako (unrtraa. "^ 


The body of Richard M. Jamei. K. of 
Oolorado Sprlofa, Coto.. who died m a ho«- 
jMUI b«r« Tueaday aTrnlnc follovinc a 
thre«-inontbi' fUneaa. wUl '_ •-•- - • ' 
Darlington. Mo , lor fuoeral services ond 
burUL Mr. Jama* waa an uncle of Or 
Joaeph D. James of Bprlntfled A brother 
Albert Jamtj. and a •Utfr, Mri Cath. rlr.e 
Rouae. both of Darllftf ton. aUo survive, to- 
telher with aeveral other naphawa and 
nieces. J. W Klln»ner haa charfe of ar- 


'"n"*! fwnc.a /or Jainta A. Oraen «. 
rw;pM ■iMtrlelaA who dl«l M«day"; 

tit. !k'* •J'«"°»on 't the BoulFTar<j Bap. 
ii" «*A'fi- '<»>i;*«I by Interment fn 
gf*«n L«wn ttntftf m cb*na of j w 

f, and two atatera aurrlve. 


Page 1: Marriage license: Efton Wiihite, 25, and Ruby Edwards, 16, both of 

A son Rodney Julian Slawson was bom yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Slawson, 
408 East Walnut street. 

W. Y. McLemore died.** 
Page 7: Mrs. Marie Pieffer died.** [Funeral home says Pheiffer; telephone book says 
Peiffer; tombstone says Peiffer] 

Page 8: Juanitia Mikkelsen died.** 
Allan J. Weil died.** 
Dennis Heacock died.** 

Evcrton Plort^r. . *^ 
• Merchant, Sasker, 


jcvxRtpir. Mbi. Oe^ n^w. T. ] 
tcnort. 77. rie^ .pcHtdcsft of 

bcra Mfty* tonQpl^ SaQMl^f SB t^ 
Uck ot pamlyaia. 

Mr. McLaoaon. viko «u bora «a&' 
reared tn Dad* eooBtr. «4> •ettr* ta 
etvle %m^ ttkmxt cOUa. H» ' 
iMMfA AM id tt* vMIGifV 
Of tl^ Metl«aaf tte 
•■ H* Is M|iwl(M by (M 
McHmof «r *«»»»« pv 
COM an4 Boy ' Mtt j i W i BW i, baUk «e 
ETMtop: Bad Oi^iMLcraera of Lo« 
AagdM: and tltow dAucfitm. Mtil 
0««ay Alkn. of Cmton; kis. romrt 
CunptvU. of OktAtMos; ahd Mok 
Or«ttA SJAvUiu. «f SV Loula. Mn. 
UctoBort' dlejl about seven 

ruscnl Amagcmenta ua 
pl«t«. but probably wi!t be bald tea 
Vxnorrow-. Burial wiu ba inada ta 
Stnklnte Creek cemetery near tab* 
Tisder dtrcctloo Barker and Wtaetier 
ftmeral home.. 


hVw^SSSV-- ^°- •I!**' •' • o'clock vester- i 

pay erentrf in • Bpnnefielrt ho^pit.i <«'. ! 

»l*lSf-- lingering Tlie bodv ».,i 
&SS^-5i^«l»-**.'",i^' KJJngner Undtr- 
fT^Lf^"!:"' .1? NIangua. The child 

**"5"tr' ^^1 ■"•> Mrs CharW ferrier 
auid Ur, aad Mrs. C. r. M.,;..c;fcn 


^rtneral aervireg for Allan J Wril nn»-- 
?5ff*2J5L**5.*.' *"• ""'l Mr*. Edward Wri'. 
??!• S'*i Walnut street, who moved here 
rceently from Joplln. win be held at 10.30 

2lS***'*..'*L*>™"*F •' «^' tamlly home. 
Tho «lilld died at 10:30 o clock yesterday 
momlnt. foUovIng a nhort lUne.ia of pneu- 
moola. The child It survived bv the pnr- 
raU and one older brother. Edward Jr 
BortaX wlU be m the JewUh cemetery 
under areetlon of the Herman H. Loh- 
mejrer t^acral home. 


, praiU Heaeock. 9l, died at his home. 
816 Botlth* arenne. at n «5 ocioclt la.t 
mtat, H» »Aa a reteran of the civil 
war, iuvllur wrrtd with tha esth Ohio I 
♦Olantjer Infantry. Mr. Hescock had 
made his home Ip Springfield for 30 veare I 

^^^^aitSfr'^T'.'- j^^'-coc^"^? 

^^ringtlcld and Jamea U. Heacock of 

^i.***?*!* •^ **»•• brothers. Lewis Bea- 

S'lj5L*'^5f.°<*» O»»lo. Nathan Heacock 

5fiinS?®Su5***' V •** .Cortla Heacock of 

AQteBet. Ohio, runeral arrangements are 

ivtete but fnterment viu b» In Ha- 

(Wnetei^ tinder direction of the 

Idiuneyer funeral homa 

Springrfield Woman 
Pioneer Succumbs 
. After Short Illness 

Mrs. Marie Plelfer. 86. pioneer 
renldent of Springfield, dlfd »t the 
home of her daughter. Mrs. Alfred 
Schmidt. Springfield, rotjte 5. yes- 
terday afternoon following » thort 

Mr.«. r.pffT cRme ♦" SPT-'.neflfld 

I '^n the flr»t pawenger train which 
ran Into Springfield from St. Lotila. 
She U ttirvlTed by two •ons. XHve 
Pleffer and John Pleffer. both of 
Springfield; two daughter*. Mrs. 
Schmidt and Mra. Frank Helblg, also 
of Springfield: and a brother, Mike 
Hoffeld. of Springfield. 

Funeral arrangements are Incom- 
plete. Burial will be under direction 
of Herman H. lohmeyer funeral 


Page 2: W. Y. McLemore died.** 

Dennis Heacocic died.** 

Juanitia Milckelsen died.** 

Allan J. Weil died.** 

A. F. Andrews died.** 

Lewis Renfro died.** 

Mrs. Marie Peiffer died.** 

J. M. Die! died.** 
Page 6: C. V. Cunningham died.** 

W. T. Mi fi w BU . r\tt-pi*iU*tii *t tht 
•t Cmtan •a4 plonMr m«rch*nt 
«t D»*» 9mMf. t*t at hla bam* la Krcr- 
loa UU raMardar faUovlnc aa attack of 
paxalrua. Mr. McL«moc* bad barn 111 tor 
•»^»r«l ••(kt. Mr. McLamore wa« born 
la Da4a caaoti and b«i*i> li^::^'.:^.; f 
4n taa^a atara M a»»»tao aaao aftar U»« 
tavTi waa UM aut Jixt faUowIng tha 
baUdlaa nt tba rallrotd threufh I>«<lt 
aawiny. U Uy >ta traa In Iba har4v«rr 

fMf mt SaavtrtM aSMlliMrd aa« vaa 
aMtva la «iTl« attain af tha eoauiuDitr. 
aa kaAiaaa r«Ur«4 tnm aatiT* vark lor 
wraral r**n. Mr. MeL«ner« U mtrrirr^ 

bj tout loni. riMl.' Mrl.»lTi.l» of Bllllrrt" 
Moot.; Ctartoc* Vlcl^mort. uiutatu 
caabar o( Iht Bank of Ercrton Rar Mr- 
liawi amt Omit UtJjtaof at Brtrton; 
aa4 thraa 4a«cbtara. Mrs. 0**«T Allan. 
afSrarteai Mra. rarrvat CaspWU of Ok- 
labaaia aB4 Mra. Oratta Hankliu at KU 
L«al«. Mr*. MelitmoTa died about aarao 
r*ari *(o. Punaral Mr*lcr( vlll b« bald 
at BT«rK>n with burial In tha Blnklng 
Cratk eaa>atai7 near tbcra. 

D«nnli Htacork. «l. died at hli bamt, 
Jl« Aouth ivenu*. 'Ardn»i<!tT n:fH n'lr- 
tfi« tha CItU «•! he Mrrad with ibr «iih 
Ohio Tolqntxr lnf«ntr» Ha bad llrad In 
Sptinitield JO »r»l- 3jiu;i.< «-» •;.' 
wllf. Mi*. MarUva J. Hiacock. I'u iulv 
Cbttur T. Htaco<k o{ Bprlnflltld and 
JaoiM M. Maaeock af CalUeniU: and tbraa 
brotbara. Lawli Baacock of ClaTfUnd. 
OhM: Matbaa Haaaock af Praatan. Ohio: 
and Curtli Htaoeck of Alllane*. Ohio. 
Intarmfnt wlU ba In tha Katlnnal trinr- 
tary in cbargt ot tht Alma Lohmtjcr >u- 
oaral bomt. 


JuanlUa Mlkkalaan. l-yaar-eld daofhtar 
at Mr. and Mra. Hcrahel Mikkalata ct 
Ktanfva, Mo . dlad Wadoaadar rrtninir in 
• haapltal hara aftaf • lenf U!n»iv Br- 
ddaa llM paraata. a hrothar Jame* and 
a flatar Jaalaa. nrrtTa, witb tha iraod- 

KraoU. Mr. and Mra. Obarlaa farrlrr »nd 
'. ao^ Mra. O. r. Mlkkalran. Tha bod* 
wUl ba takan t» Nlanaua bjr tha J. W. 
nofnar and aonpaay far tanar*! aanlea 
•M kufkat 


Fmara] aaTfleaa for ADaa J. Wall, oaa- 
raar-old »on of Mr. and Mri Fdward 
WaU vbaJQWfattp aaorad hara from Jop- 
ba, vara Md UUa ■a ralm at Usr raal- 
2ma at in* Kaat Walanl tUaat. la- 
tannant fallowad In Iba Jtwiah nmtiarr 
Id cbaraa of tha Harraan U Lobaitrtr 
tvnaral bama. Tba paraaU and aa alda* 
brethar, Edward. Jr.. rarrirt. 

A. r. ANSBZWa 
A. T. Andrawa. M. wba waa tor jftt. 

maaa«ar af tba Blaca Product campanr 
on canpball itraat. dlad Wadnaadajr In hia 
heina at Kaaaaa Cltj, wbara ha had b«rn 
tranafarrad. A abort ntnao of pnaumonia | 
•aa tha caoaa at bU daatb. Mr. Ajulrawa 
wma avrrlTad by hU vita, Mra. AUca An- 
drew!, and ear daufhtrr. Mra. Irma Me- | 
Dar.ifl both of Kaniai Clljr f 'jnrtil . 
•tri icri wiU t* Uf'tiS here 

I.IWU azTTFrno 

Lawit Ranfro. a Clill war T»t»ran. who 
had llrrd hIa antjra U(* In Dada ecunlr, 
aitd waa kaown tram ona and ot It to 
tha otbar. dlad thia mornlnf at 10 10 
o'clock ta hU hOBa at Kvarton. afttr a 
llnaarlBC lltnaaa Ra waa born In Dada 
eoantr In 1»41. ona of a tamllr of !• chll- 
draa. two of whom ara vrt litina. Jor 
Ranfro. »l Sirath Orarnnald. aad Sb»lbj 
Raefra. •! Waaa. Ta«aa. Wliati Jort a 
To'ilh h» )oln»d tht Confadorata ariBT. 
and law a itcat Oral of action durinc t^« 
war Hf rriurnad to Mlaaourl and brrama 
I Inlrrrai^d in a n'i'.;b»r vt crjari.r m ... » 
' lie »a« i Mi»'"" 1"'* • Tiprrb^- • t^' P'.*- 
brlarlan cburcb. Hr haa livrd .ii lirrtun 
far atfltot *aara. Ha la aurrlrad by hli 
vtfa MriL MaUta Ranfrv, of **artaa. and 
two iona. Porrat. of Joplln and I>aaIU. of 
Dairolt Mich Tha Puqua Punfral homr 
»t aauth OrMnflald U In charga of ar- 
rancvmtntl. tb* fttnaral wH ba hrld at 
nraanfiaM. bat tha dalr haa not brtn d»- 

cldad pending tlia artlral sf > -•" Irom 
Oalrolt. Tha Rararand W. R. Huaaall of 
BvMrton. aad tha ftararaad O. T. Oarr ot 
Oraanftad. both eld frlrndi of Mr. Raa- 
tta't. wlU ba in cbarga af iba acrvicat. 


C. V, Cunningham, 
Long Time Rmndent 

Here, Dies ut 67 

* tMtlM brafc«K» » « »■ "» — »>•** **^ ; 
thu monilMr *♦ >>ta *«»«•. •>• "•^j 

WtlDUt .tr**!. Mr. Ciinnlnsh.m f"r- 
nwrlr •»• <»•»" «^ V" MKIdl* Wwt 

In «MK <-Hv s* V'"" "' ***' "^^ 
In pnor hwHh •'"'• *«i.T. I»2/. "hen 
b* w»» In •" •"tomobll* »rcl<l»ri. 

Mr Ciliiiilntlixin »»• •">'" '" "'■ 
Vrpool KDnlaiMS. ,M« raovrd lo ll.ll- 
f«x. Horm B<-oU«. •! th« •«» nf T. At 
th« •!•<><•*>>• «•"• "* '*"'" *■'" 
whrra b« hM •mre tnwle hi» home. 
H* lold hU lnur«it in Ml* MW<15t 
WMt MUlUKrr comp«nr •boat «x 
yMxa afo and vwK up tb* UzUli 

bntHTM* fc iM*" — . ^ ^, 

Mr. ciiiuilo(t>un 1* msr^tnA vf bm 

irlf«. on* d«>l«ht»r. Marr C»tb«rlDe 

c.ji>miutiAin. > Mutftnt »t Drury ccl- 

'■ «■ r'untllntham, 

UUl Loan ^«n» »t H«nnlbal, IK^. and 
B. D. CuBaOnchaBb BiMlaftldil a 
broihar. Fertlnand 0«mBli»««>»«i»' a«X 
a aM«r. MW. /. O. Ab4««««. *»«» »' 
Nora Scotia. ' ^ ... . 

ntMnl awrtim «!»;*• >^ "' 

Mr cunnlnjham WitrVmMmam- m- 
^ranjamanuar* tn eli>y «< t«» Ata« I 


Tiimer BUafrreli. 37. ownfr of a 
Ki-uriat florr r\r. tiiUea eaat of 
OtwnflPld. dlfd »l « « oVIcx-W this 
■nomine In 8*- Ji>hn'« lni"^plinl a.' 
th* mult of Injurlea iuffrrrd Mon- 
day afirmoon ahen he *«» crimhed 
belwffn two autoniobllrs on a huli- 

AllhuuKli sulldiiin iio'.i"' '■■ 
•Fvrrkl TitAl omnt, th« Injured man 
foi«hi runtlr tor 111* and It was 
not until la«t nlsht at 10 o'clock 
that ha lapMd lnu> unneonnclous- 
nnw. ' 

rollowlnB drath thU mornlnB. fhf 
body wan Ukrn to Orfcnllcld by an 
nnrirrlakrr thrrr. 

lou. MABOi mrfn 

• Mr*. Maiia TtXttn. m. plotwar Sprloc- 
flitd woman, died *f»dnfKl«7 •lit/ooon 

• I th« bom* of her daochter, Mri Albert 
Bchnltt. rural rente %. afier a abort IQ- 
HMi. She U aunlTed br two mdi. D T. 
and John Pelffer, both ol 8prlr.«:ield. 
two dauataUri, Mr* AIMrt Srhmttt and | 
Mri. r TTHelblf ifta o( SprlnefleVl: and 

I a brother. MIrhatI Horfelt of Sprlcfftcld ; 
She li alio turTind br II rj«n<lch:ldten 

I and M neat trandchlldieD. >unrral acre- 

I leea wlM be held rrldar anemoon at J »• 
o'clock at St. Jeaeph't Catholic cQorch. 

I Seeil alteat and Campbell aeeaoa. aad If- 
terment wtjl b* In St Mary'a eeaaetrrr 
under th» tflr'f.'on of H»r— ar I! Lo'i- 
n;^ ti M:« !'.'r>- va i -r ■"■■:*-f- Z* 
IM) in Cjrrxn M«<nci. Ljirxbcri. c^cr.e 
t« th« I7ntted Statea la IM7 and to Sprlet- 
rield on the first paasencer train Into tbe 
^..i .; ,-. ji . .. : ■ •; :<' ;»«J 

1. M. SIKL 

J U Dtf!. lor.inlaw of Fr»-<d!nt Jndfe 
J. W, Tlin>ia of the Oreene eouele coart, 
died .lUddeclT in a boapital at Faeette- 
Tllle. Ark. Wedneadar nl(h!. •- or^lnf 
to -word recelvm frt rrdiv Mr Uiel. 
Tho «a« !tV .t a i#Ari of ajf. «** tt.f* 
manae'r ;■•• ih» Amerlren Dl»^"ifectar.t 
Cijrrpar;) > ' Sft'.»..» He f i ^i- ».rt .-ad 
font to ra\f *-:<»o:> in a tu^ir.ff trip 
when he waj Xr.cker be a;>«:r'.dtcltil 
and operated on about 11 dart afd Tbe 
Otcla fired In SprlOf Held a year foQowrinc 
thair marrlace re* rears af« Tbey bad 
I no children Judae artd Mii TIspla went 
to raretterllU Tucadar and win afec«»- 
canr the bodv back to Sp i lm f le M . 

• • • 1,14 

By WlllUm n. Jahnaaei 

HOLLISTTR— FYast has iiipixd 
the valleya. but. not the hllU. Gob- 
Irrs Knob li mill a rlol of blcn.<«iii. 
A remrlrr>. ovrrgroaii with blur- 
► Uin Kra\.\ hikI purple a.sLrrs. rniiiii'. 
this ancient landmark, wlirrrln arc 
gathered the forefather! of • coun- 
try-ilde From among the tombs of 
men and women who. diirinc a cen- 
tury, have fanhloned Taney coiinlv* 
lilxlory. our may gnrr oiiln a lovely 
rural lnnd»rn|>r. Ctxiii creek vallry 

.111(1 the (millriis :Slill|l lltiUl^ Ul llli- 

eaut beyond KlrbyvlUe form a 
colorful horizon. To the » h 
rolling larniland exiendx to Turkey 
trcck and tlir IiIrIi ra:igr\ liiat form 
• the matcrshcd divldlnR that dralii- 
anc from 1 nnf crrcl: .A ir'-tlul .•jif:'. 
wherein pioneers iiioy »Uinibcr. 

Anionir the various 1 m p 1 5 imc 
■''^'' •'■■• ai- ;...,! .;, ,.,.,.1 ;,..„ 
money puri'lia.scd. one iniall homr- 
Miadc sinb ui -ird m\ liilriot. 11 
wa.s made of cniKni (hr invriii- 
Iiin Biul nrinn.i-:.,,, ,, i,, .|,io:.nJ m, 
colored gravel prest Into Its sur- 
face— imall pebblc.i selected aiili 
evident panu and ol lariou.i hues - 
blue, green, red. yellow and shades 
thereof, banded, laminated and 
ri:ul'.!((.l .\anic. iJaif and scroll!, 
were worked out with crude art and 
no doubt, by lovuig hands. Sur- 
rounded by many sutely and expen- 
sive moniimnnK rht'; vmn't .n..,.., 
naled marker Is surprisingly oui- 


Page 1: There is an article about Mrs. E. B. Trail, who was bom near Springfield 75 

years ago. 

H. M. Graham committed suicide.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 8: Turner Shaffeels was killed.** 

Page 14: Mrs. Mary F. Jacobs sues to divorce Harry M. Jacobs. They were married 
April 11, 1929, in Lawrence county. 

Charles V. Cunningham died.** 
Mrs. Marie Peiffer died.** 
Dennis Heacock died.** 
J. M. Dieldied.** 
James Bums died.** 




with • «>ul'** ««^* »■ -J, 
r. d'«<« •«'«~* .n hour M«i 

her or hlmtlf- ^^ 




Calls Wtfe^ to Him WW* 
Handling Pistol and She It 
Shot Irf Foot, Apparently by 



I Husband U Found Dead oil 
I Bed When Friende Entei^ 

Home After Tragedy, Iqf 

Barry County 


M-e«U«r« rtTOlTtr 

cbirtFd. H. K. Or«bun. 

Ex«ur; Mo, iMUunat . 

tut Dl(bi tum«4 ttM cun ea 

tnd eomraltttd (uleld*. 
Ortbua t« » vriiyhrctGt'. , 

Utyo and Dr. OruttClruMd 

Dr. Uaro. of tb* tuy 

ki Ha eb tj rtf . Ulaa. 
Tb* mffctfr took ^- 

Orkbua bom* >t BmU^ 

o'clock Iwt nigbt. Ormbaa. 

Ijrlnc oa • b««, e«U«4 hi* i , 

«M worktac la tb* Utelwa. to 

I to him. Aa tfM lUrtM ta « 
Mat bMM« blm, Um (ua. w1U<tl i^^ 
parmtlr b« bad bMtt hOTVtWnfc ttU 
dantaujr want ett. Tb* MOM matmt^ 
tb* vfloan's rllbl toolk - ■ >y1[ 

T ■ SOMI #Mi('BOllM V .i/L'Tfi 


. rrlei»la ' 
howerer. that Orabam 
■o*ta conumplaiini 

nanewJ r«v»r»»» r«*n"i "" 

waa in poor bealUx. i^ 

pair hu gun. Tha 'n*~^ 
I S;„,Bd t« It. It waa >»«^ 

Mfa. Orabam waa aboil* » T^" 

h«r huab^da Junior. Tb«T »^*~2 
mamad about thrra jaaxiL 'WJ 

rigbt and ther. bad bera no indk»- 
tlen of faaiHT txoubto. 

Un. Ormham bald bar baab»a< 
bl.m.l«« tor ,ne •'«'\T^':;f J^T!!! 
her fool. 8h» ""l •"• '^."*? S!! 
the gun when .be took a a««t on »b» 

%,» .<.<u.ll I III uUlllllU" M »■ 
Te.ilgatlon today and probablj will 
bold an mqu*»t. _ .^ 

orabam w.. . veteran of the WorW 
war and waa a member of tha Am«t- 
can Legion. 

•bd ^h* liUv.n* en— wlrt ) 

IMika e^4bf b <ny «a»- 
jMuln/ tttiattS'^uMl/'' 


Funerml •enrices icx Jamee Bums. 
83, who died at hla reatdence. 64S 
North Weaver avcDue, Tueaday morn- 
ing at 8:30 o'clock, will be held Sun- 
day afternoon at Reedy Cbapal. A. 
M. X. church, under the auaploes of 
Truth lodge, A. T. tt A. M. 

The Reverend 8. M- Bllaon will be 
the officiating mlnUter, aaslated by 
the Reverend. J. 8. Oorsey. ' Burial 
vlll be held In South Bazelwood 
cemetery under the direction of the 
Campbell undertaking company. 



FOMfil Mrvlee* for Obartoa V. Oaaalagfw 
hui, a. opcraMr of » UxUI* broker- 
•n buflQeu ben. wbo died jrc«^d|i7 
oMUatlia hu boTBt. (» Wert welaat 
itrNt. vlO be held at 3:10 o-eloek Sud- 
(Vtjr ■(temoea la the St. Paul Metbodlrt 
ehureh. tfooth, of whleto be was • nem- 
ber. Intemenl will be tn eharn of tfae 
Alma Lohoierer funeral borne, lir. Cun- 
tdngbam fomicrt* ' waa owner oi the 
lildale Weet MllUDery compeay bera aad 
had Urcd In the dtr 94 year*. Ha bad 
been In poor health elnee Uay. ItSt. 
wh«n he waa Injurrd In en automobile 
accident. He it eurvived by hie wif«. eD« 
daairbtcr. Mary Catherine Cunnlncbam. a 
atudent at Dmry coUecc; two aona. V. B. 
Ounnlnfham. vice prestoeot o{ tb« dtl- 
fcnt Induitrlal L<o*n bank at Hannibal. 
Mo., and R. D. Cunnlngbam. Springfield: 
a brother. IVrdlnand Onnnlncham. and a 
Meur, Mrf. J. C. Anderion, both of Nora 
Scotia. Mr. Cunnlnchan wee bom In 
UverpdoU &i|land. bat moved t* HaU- 
fas. Nora Scotia, at the ace of eeren. 


Fjneral .%crvlcrii (or Mrs. Merle Peiffer. 
M. pioneer resident of Oreene countv. 
will be held thie efumooa at 3:M o'clock 
at St. Joaeph'a Catholic church, followrd 
by interment lu St. Mary'i cemetery 
under the direction of Herman H. Lob- 
meyrr. Mr*. PeKfer died yesterday mem- 
Int at the home of her dan(hter, Mr*. 
P. L. Helbit, tt rural route 5, a* the 
mutt of a abort lUneea. She was bom 
In Oreven Machrr. Luxembure. on October 
34, 114]. She came to th« Unllrd State* 
In 18t7 and to Sprlneflcld from SL LouU 
on the firet railroad train between the 
two cttlea. M*y 10. ll«9. Another dauch- 
ter, Mr*. Albert Schmitt. end a brother. 
Michael Eoffelt of SprlDKfleld. also snr« 


Puneral aervlees for Dennle Heacock. 
01. who died at hie heme at Sl« South 
tifmi'. Wcdnesdav night, will be held 
at thn Alraa Lphmeyer funeral home 
Stturdsv afternoon at 3 SO n'ciock. feU 
loved by Interment In the National cem- 
etery. Dtirlne the Civil war he served 
with the «Sth Ohio \olunt«er Infantry. He 
lived In Sprlnffleld 30 years. He la sur- 
vived by hi* wife, two sons. Chester 
Heacock of Sprlncfleld and Jarae* Heacock 
nt rsllfornia Two brothers also survive 

J. M. nnv I 

T \r r>!»1 ■'» •«V«m»nteer of tSe I 
Amcnrin Duln(rri:n» rompanv pf Seda.'.a 
1 Mo . died at Pavetteviiie. Ark . early i 
I verterday followlne a brief lllneM. He wa* I 
. a !>onlnlaw of Judre J. W Tinpln. Mrs ' 
' DIel havlne formerlv been Mls.« Harel 
Tlppln of Sprlnsfle'd Besides Mrs. DIel. • 
Jud^e and Mr* Tlppin and another 
(laughter. Ml«< Marssret Tlpoin «-fre at i 
the bedside when Mr DIel dl»d Fvineral ; 
service.'* probably will be held Sunday 
afternoon tn the Herman H Lohmeyer 
fiinerel home, followed bv Interment In 
Oreenlswn remeterv. I 


Hubert Tanter Mason. 33. aad 

Meulab Peail Stokea. 30. botb of 

Sprlncfleld: Cbarlea W. Bamaey. 40. 

and Psulloa Boehme. over 31. both 

of ralr Drove Tli* Utter coople 

I *as marncd at the Or*«n* coonty 

I eourtbous* by Judge Sam A. Bced 

i Tcatcrday. 


Injuries stiffered Monday afternoon 
when he waa crushed between two 
automobiles on a highway near Ava 
yesterday raomlng proved fatal to 
Turner ShaffeeU, 87, owner of a gen<- 
eral etore, six milea east of Green- 
field. He died at B.4S o'clock In St. 
John** hospital. 

Although suffering from grievloua 
Internal injuries, the Injtixed man 
made a brave flgbt for hla life and 
II was not until 10 o'clock Wedne.<;day 
night that he became unconscious. 
The body was taken to Greenfield 
for funeral services and burial by an 
undertakrr of that city. 

Pagel: Dennis Heacock died.** 

Page 16: There is a photo of and an article about W. A. Reed and his son W. E Reed of 
the Reed Drug company.** 

Page 17: John Gehrs died.** 

Page 24: A daughter Dorothy Mae Stoops was bom October 27 to Mr and Mrs I E 
Stoops, 1521 West Lynn street. ' ' ' ' 

Charles Y. Cunningham died.** 
Dennis Heacock died.** 
J. M. Dieldied.** 
Mrs. Marie Peiffer died.** 
A. M. Latham died.** 
Smith infant died.** 
Louis Maxine Stele died.** 


W. A, Bf* •dl W. E. «»»<• 

irriH* Uthw tot won who lorm th» 

• ^ p.rtB«r.hlp th.t !■ W. A. B-rd 

., i' «on DTTir fomr«fi'' •' "i' '■'^'' 

D»r of B.nton .»f nu» .nd Coinn.rr- 

eUl tn»t h«" h»<« • promlMOl p«rt 

IS mrnktnr tti» htitwT <* 8prinfn«ia. 

W A R»«<1 h" *>^" '" biwIneM 

„ ,he «m» .1<« SI I"" ^" •;■""" 

I m>n lA OprlOf field h«» «>«" «" ""• * 

n«« »> on« plK" IhKl long. Hl» 

i bu*UM« bulldlm WM m. flnit brick 

l.true.ur« rrec,«l on C"^-""^'"' 

IMnaW A «M butn la U<TD for 4 

!<jni» .tef. by Dr. «. T. Ilo»)b«t»<m. 

promlMnt plotter physicun ot 

afirtBCtUtd. Th« •iniciur- Utwo 

j l ljtgj i iii l i 1111 ' •^*^> li*Min«nt ; 

_« tn>« «* bulldtof th«t WM cut- 
(tajuUBC "t »*• tlin» It WM •T»et«<»- 

tl wu from the corner on which 
thU bulldloK lUndi th»t North 
eprtn«XI«ld grew. Th. old Of*rk ho- , 
•uU • <JlitlnriUh»d l>ort«Iry In iu| 
dKV. »U)od »cr(>» the »trwt on n-"- 
iion »T«»ue. TTit old p«»««n»fr »t»- 
Itlon ol the Atl»nlle .nd P»c-itle r»il- 
ro.,rt ih^ tlrKt built imo "hi" r'lr ! 
»«s back ot tlir <i;uK »i""' '•>':''■""; 
j Vt<«nB aC S«*«»l •»«"" I 

' Mr Rc*d "tn* **» SpHnpf leld by ^ 

Mo . to WW* »n » druf tlore. Whllr 
miikLnc th» return trtp home on » 
1 TUtt b« ttoPI»d ownlght In Bprlng- 
llkeld He eUred In ll.e Oi«rV hotel 
ImmJ U»« neil moTiilnR be chineed to 
1 to oy*t U» «i« BobbMeon dru« itore 
■crow th» **T. 'eU Into converm- 
tlon with Doctor Bobbetwn »nd wne 
.mplored. Boon the firm b*< th» 
iBobbarwo MM IWwl Dru« eompanj 
LsMf J. H. B«rT»tt, Mr. Itoed'e broth- 
InUw. became • pertner In the bu«l- 
'nree •nd It WM lUed and Barrett 
Dru» comp«ny. In tiny. 1901. Mr 
llrrrt . for.. W. E. Hrrd. hnitlil Mr 
Barrett'e ahar* ot the buelueea antt 
.tiife then It ha« bean known aa the 
.■ .^ VrrC nrrt P'^n rnn-.pmiy. 
•,\ A Kvol "'mil 'I'l ""'I"* " 

. , .l.rllNl ot II.'- SprllufH-l'l M ll. >: 

bonrd. In tribut* to tUle aerrlee Ui« 
I nrrd Junior Hl»h echool. one of the 

nrwrr I'UIMMKK of till- rliv ikIuhjI 
MM. Ill tm« liK-11 imliiril tut liMii Mr. 
I Herd wee a nirmbrr of lh» »cli<>.>l 
IboMd a» the time the Mnd »-a» pur- 
I ehaaad for the Sprtnufleld Senior 
1 lliKh |i.|io.)l W y ttrr't nn,» R llirnl- 
! hrr of th» turn trr'f.ninn rim' to 
I rnter the nrw hlph irhi-M hullrtlii* 
i III Juiiuiir). IH!)4. llr nTHll^ uiiw 
tliat the unit of the buildluq then 
I «/%« «inly cnp-tblril of the prrwnt i 
'.-.•Ai'r.l >.|in.-liirr. \rf llie ^IUl:■■Il!< 

. ro'iii then iliry tonlil |..>wiil)lv u:.e | 
' Tl.' V linil f..iliirrlv !<-• 11 hotlTtt nn 
the third (liHir of Hip OiilrHl echool 
bulldliiK tvhl<li i-»riipled the prrvnt I 

.I'r i.f ilir fr'.i fflre hiill.lliii; 

ll.illi \i lui- 111 Ml il'« 
I ' W. K. Feed attended tbe Hrnlor 
' Hltli achool and then «ent to th« 8t. 
i>j\il. CollW <•! rfc=r=».-.r7,- Xs-ft** 
hrri, «.mV.!iii- in hie father'* druj 
»;c.rr tl'.i..uslii>m lil« »> lio"i '!•>» 1"" 
and when ha waa traduated from tha 
St. Loul" roUe\-e he relitmed to tr*» 
up full tlin* »oik 111 the »tort. Like 
hia Jalhar. Mr. Reed. Jr.. hM taken 
nil acH'e Inlrrent lu the growth Ol 

Tha father and aon ara b»th mam* 
bara ot t^a Ootnm«r«lal elbb. tba 
Chamber of Commerce, tba OaU «< 
»hp Temple MiM-onlR lodRr and tha 
Cam^b«U^anua MathoUUl cbuicb. 

Vet^rcui Foreman 
OfFriBco's Shops 

John Ofhra, 6B. foreman at thr 
nortbstde Frlaoo . abop*. dietl thU 
morning tt 6:10 o'clock In the FrLico 
hosplUI at St. LouU. following a 
short lllnFaa. 

H« had Ured In SpHngfleld for { 
many years Riirt had hern employed , 
by t'lr FrKro f\nrr infl4. Ilr wm ft 
niniihrr of thr niiislrlmi.s' cir- 
I Ranlaailon etr«r- formrd here, and 
• pl8Te<1 m lh» flmt band. He wiui a 
I member of the 8t. Joa^-ph'a CsthoUc 
rhiirrh •nrl of the Knicht* of rnliim- 
bu* lodge. 

Mr. Oehra Is aur\l»ed hy his wife. 
Ut«. Oomalla 0«br«. 9t2 Horth Orutt 
aTeniie: hln mother. Mni. H. R. Oehnt. 
and two alatara. lllaa Maria Oahrs arvd 

flatd. and hj two brothara. Charica of | 

nebrM*. • • ^ .. ,. i.; ,••.'•:... ■ • 1 

»w°«iMiMittL-jMa«aMi> tB apHtirtiaid I 

Wounding Wife, 
MaA Kills Self 
In Exeter Home 

"mcETER. Mo.. Nov. 1— H. M. Or«- 
ham, 43. n rr.>;tnnrant operator. 
killed himself In hU home here l*»t 
night aUer he haa »ccldentjaly shot 

his wife m llic rUh*. fool. 

It was believed he had seriously 
woiiiidcd Mrs. GrRhani. He was a 
iirphrw of Dr.'.rs Mnyo and 
of Doctor aiahiini. «ii as.'-'K-iBle oJ 
j Dpctor Mayor, of the Mayo Brothera 
cUnlc at Rochester. Minn. 

chare* ot ttie Alma Uihmeyer luner 

•fine Cut.t.incham. a •«"^ent «t mury 
Ornlle.e a briL her and MMer F-rd 
liaiiil C ii.i.. 'Wl »■■' aiu. .Mis. J. »- ■ 
•en. both of No^a Bcoiia. 


Dennis Heacock 
Dies at 91 Here 


■ ■Vs.^ > '^VBVNtR ItK ACOCK -'' i. 

• 1. «IM> Uird ai liu iiuiitc ° Ml M< »«>iii:> 
AtfOc* \^*dn*»day nlghl, will b« )kU 
SaiuiUai •ftfiiioou ai 1" SO ocWk /t Ihf 
Alma U>hm«3r*r funcr«I hunif. followed by 
liilrriurnt in thr Nt<ton») rrmelrry. Mr. 
KMMoek It •ur\-tr«d by iiu wif* •nit Iwu 
■«>nt. Chuter of Sprlnffleld •nd Jam^s of 
C«ntornta. Uurliitf Uio Civil wm Iir 
•ervrd »Uh lUe •4lh OMo tolunlrrr in- 

J. M. niKi. 

runrrkl %fT\urt i»r J M Ulrl. M. !>«tr' 

maUBirr lor Ihr Aiiirrli«n L>iMiife« lain 

' Conpany of t^dalU.'vhP di^d at Pav»llr> 

MtekAttu WIU br ntlil Sui.i!h\ nlt-r- 

noM'tV th* Hrrira- M i..i„,.,rr,fi«l 
lioin* hrr#. Jollowrii In iiu iiM'iii n 
OfMA Uwn c«9MUry. lU «« •urvUrd by 
hU wift. viM WBt MUi Htwl TIppln. 
AMhur of rrMHUBf Jud<* J. W. Tlppin 
UPlM ar«#M conatr rourt. j 

runrr.; «•.•• r, for Mr. M--' ' ' ' "T, 
r« 1M... O.rJ Wr.l.irMl.v i«l«l'' »7' "'■'•^ 

thit afternoon •! 3 i6 at «i. •'•'•♦l*'^,* 
Catholic churc».. follow»d br inifnnfnl in 
St. *4»rT • ftntitty in f h*rt« of »>» 
Hrrtnan H. lx)lim«y«r funeral Jj""" _■"' 

Hflblf of rural roula ». t"^. **",,^J?r»* 

PrVn'u. and a l.roUi'f. MlcJiarl lloffrtt 

Funfral nervicec lor Dennta H«i- 
roclc. Bl. who died at his homa ftl6 
South avrnue Thursday morning 
Will be lic.d Saturday afternoon ; 
at 2 30 p. m. at the Alnia Lohmeyer 
Funeral home. The Reverend O. 
, Bryant Drake of the nr«t Confre- 
i Rational church wUl be In chnree 
of the .«er\lccx. Burial •*iil be In 
the National cemel«ry, 
i Mr. Hracofk and his wile rcle- 
1 brated their slxty-fourUi wedding 
anntven^ry 1m^ Jm)» X. -TBrn m»* 
I torn tn V»h<mlnc aeonty, Ohio, Au- 
IfiMib^V. It8«. Mkv^lMreiita md 
' eomr tn that <:tale from Tcnnsyl- 

_ _>• nit 

^__miM^i «»•»♦ «« •^■* ^/M' rinlral I 
e<»rn^r ■ «f V» rtcn avrniie and C«nirai 

airMt. 'Ha Ian Urrt about i<i 1ttt% Mf. 
VtTV " wVV,( li:i ra.» r«w Mreel •«! 
III.. n<«P. >\imi«l ►MM.'. mY,: *w- u 
LaUiaca'a aM h»mt. i>rr«mr, JU M« i» 
iCirvmd brhia wire and loar chllditu. 

Biuta) lor iiir w.l»ui "wn of Ut. ai.«i 

V, ,,' li)0»\ al "••• M»( »aw » < "" 

rl«xr t«»l vl t»i»ring»"i«« In ••>«'•' "• "^ 

W kiminar ti.e dnW died Thiu'd^v 

lillili! a! Jiolii* 

i.orii MWiM. sTiir 

Loult UaHnr Hirte -^-vmr-olrt d.iimliUr 
of Mr and Wr« I"""' "«»''■ '•" «»""" 
slrrrt.' «HrO ll<:> i'.«'i ni't al 7 i» Ml t'l ' 
Jimnr Kunrtal •rt»ii«-. viiU be lii-Id ft.- 
rt,^ in-'tnint al U o r!...k In Ui» hniur 
Bi.rt •!' •"•<t« *•'• •"■ • "iM .0 I.I Mm;!"" 
r.-r tifKl T'e Tl.rvr '.iiirtal i:«m' :^ 
\n r».i.f.» i;.' rl-ilrt i' Mlivl\e<1 hv t.r, 


J of Beloit. Ohio. 

I Mr. and Mra. Heacock came to 

Missouri in 1867 and lived tn Dade 

count}' until 1908 when they came 

t« sprtofflaUL JHa wm • vatena 

of th« Olvtt wwr, tmtiat aoratf in 

the 65th Ohio volunUtr infantry- 

I He la aurvlTcd by^hla wifa and two 

i sons. Cheater Heacock of Sprlng- 

• field and Jamei M. Heacock of Lea 

Angeles. Cal. 


Page 1: Marriage license: Clifford Jennings, 21, and Erma Grace Plympton, 17, both of 
Ava, Mo. 

Page 6: Charles V. Cunningham died.** 
Dennis Heacock died.** 
J. M. Diel died.** 




rnARLF.R V. crrsNixcnAM 

Punfral fTvXer* for Chirlfn V. Cunnlnr- 
^nm. tPxtHe brokfr. •ho dl^d •niur<(1«v 
■ fivrnoon at hU homr iit Bis Wi-xi Wal- 
nut Mrefi. will b» held Bundwv •fternoon 
•t 3->0 o'clock at 81. raul* Mrihodivt 
rhurrh. of wh»ch he *•■« • inem»>rr B«tI«I 
' Irt Hiielwoftd crmUfrr will h* hrld under 
■ ihf dlfMilon of ih* Aim* l.ohin»y»r 
' funfrtl homf Hf l» «urvlv*>rt-by ht« w\f»: 
• wo iinnd. Victor of HannJhtl. Mo . «nt« 
Robert of thf home •ddr*»». Onf d«"Bh- 
f»r. Citlirrtnf. »l«o survive*. A brother. 
Ferdlnund Cunnlntrh^m »nrt Mr« .' C. 
Andrrxon. live in Novl« BcoiU 



r\iner«) nervlcen (or Dennis We»cotk. 
91. mho died Rt hU home at 51« South 
« venue Wedneiidav niabt. will be held 
this tfternoon m 5 jn o'clock at 'he Alma 
Lohmeyer funerel home. followed by 
, inierrrent in NaMnnnl reni''ler^' Mr 
' Henrork Is «ur< i' '(I h» V.« «lfe und t«o 
' »on« Chester of Kprlnffield und J«me« of 
! Cullforntn. He mm a Cn il ««r veteran 

J. M. DIEI. 

. F'l-neral .«erMre« for J M Di»l. SB »ale.«- 

I munaser for the Americnn Diainfectaiit 
, company In Bedalla. who died at Fayetle- 
' vile. Ark . will be held Sunday after- 
noon at 'he Herman Lohmever f<iner*l 
home. (oltowed bv burial In Oreenlawn 
remeter* He Is 'ur' Ived by his wife, vho 
was Mis* M»»el Tipnin. d«ilthter of 
F»Te.|dine .»Mdje .1 W T'ppin of the 
fir'ene rmiM'v rmirl 

Page 4: The probate court docket for November is published. 
Page 12: J. M. Diel died.** 

Charles V. Cunningham died.** 

John Gehrs died.** 

Shepherd died.** 

L. Stanley Roark died.** 

A son George William German was bom October 27 to Mr. and Mrs. T. F. German 
of Kansas City. Mrs. Gemian was formerly Miss Isabelle Stroup of Springfield. 


.1. .M. nir.i. 

FttliaraJ srrrlreii tor J M. r»ifl. y*. (or. 
merly of Bprlntd'IH who rti»<1 itMrtrnlv 
^»•"'ne^»•»T m n«•.rM.•^ .il^. Ark •ill hr 
I • ', r.u •■ f » . .;•■:■•. f. I .! ! \ ,.-,,,. , • 
•he Herman M l.ohmerfi tiinrfat nome. 
''\"r-ir^ ny iiM'tnifi.i \i\ •■;r"a !T»n 
cm^lerr Tb» »»'r'»nrt f)-**,- Lr" n>rs 
of «ha tirtt Frrtbjrterltn rhurch will otfi- 1 

r<m>r raliSfirfl :<•.'! Sc W r .turll 

Wim«B HOgC. 1. C Fisher, Lerll J«pn»on, 
r»r r Tl Mev»r «n«1 C D V»n DrW 
Vr Van D'.i.e !• >rf\ r,r -i.t. *,;,■■.. ,-\ 

.liliir.!" I J1-; tr^.^^»•^ '■■ ;''(ii::». cf »!•.. h 
WrI waa »atea manater. Ur. OleTk wift I 

•••• Mt*a Haaei Tippin. Oaiithler o( Pie- 
aHlut Julte J W. TIppIn of the Orerne I 

^2m^ e«urt, al^ d Mr.. Tippin. I 

rH.%Rl.r.a V. I I.NMM.IIAM 

fir.r:.-; ■•; i. • . '• r r^»^;<•^ V fn:.. 
r{rr*^"»n* i» '.r. ** • r| I :• t'?* ■, < !,-^ t ■• •■ 
• t %\\ W»-l \\»:iiiii ►l:^r(. <»ili w ii-i'i 
F'jnilav •t'^riu-"!; •• 3 30 o rlork at Si 
rxil's M'tii'wll'l rh"irri'. .^oiiiri f.i;;<,« rrl ■ 
by tnt«rn-rri; m H»/fl»(>o<t cemn^rv in 
•^•TV« •( the Alma l,ohinevrr (iiiiprsl 
^•'^•rp Tbe «-"r ar*! T u »' •'■;i^ mirl nn^ 
Caiigh'er »•-.-...•.• 

vnrmrito istant 

An Irfunl ('^■in'-f- "' Mr »■ .' M: 
Mark U S^epArt.l f>l r'ii«i cj'' 
BpHMflllll 4IMI Friday nmbt in a hot- 
pital nere. Burial will b» h»M Isle To<1»t 
fa charga of the J. W. K::!)!".^ fi.'T'f 


JOHN iitHII.H 1 

k*A ' «f Jeha a«br«. »a. rrUco ■■ 

lHAvit iilw-^l«« ftldar In th« I 

d baaiHUI Hi St. UkaU. arrived In ! 

'fT'nTfl'lil TrMsT ni«ht for funeral »er- 
i » ■tru a"<l burial in rtiprsc '•! tie jl>-M!.;iii 

1 M l*hmeyeT funeral home Pur\J\-j 
■»n« •»♦ the wife. Mrs. Coriiflla O^hrs. ' 
■ Webr. F'ini r»l feriir'" wIM b' '>el<l »1 
1 7 nrlorr JSu'idev *flriiM-oi. •> ."■■■. J»'r:>!. • 

i c»;*ici:r '!•■. ■.! ml ic'i...: .-.r. !.■ .M r- 

%S%ry% rfj.f'f:- rx .r.> ; f . ■ ■ >• ■: i.« M i «• 
HMia|,^«)>a B*wia|[. fre4 hrni.srn (.r'H^.- 
mMitck«t^/«tBb_B. flntth. aa^ Joha 

C. BrvvR. 

• • • U & 

pMMrrr mrro er onttii ■! 

rr<ii «lll. ;-'^' lolrr^.l lh» 
■44^7 •( lh« ihondrrful nuirr^* of 
'.• • -^A w r ITitmvpT In OhU- 
hnma In Ihr oil hunlnrft*. 1 w«a 

ta Ar«ii»i wlwB Ihc t«« koM 
■i<< n. A. Il«in>er w*r« I" ka*l- - 
nrw Ihrrp and am not varprlsrd 
■ I th( lOCtCT* of ll>« jnong mrn. 
TIM (M w« «alle< WUl «u > 
nataral ■permUtar wha waa nal 
BfrBll ta vrntar* aal. H« (at 
InU tha w(M raUInf (■■»• •••* 
hat landrd an h»lh t^rl. I am f<i- 
Inr aat t« Oklahnma In a fr« 
dara and inaf a»« lh« b«r» axaln." 


Ttf. antf htr*. W H. Nleh«lka of Brith- : 

^-. Jf*/^**! 0««r Morrivillr, , 

Mv . ■>•<( n«* inkor frlptic!* in SprlntftPld ' 
^<lS.MrriM« b* hi> »iic, kho «•> Mi-s, 
fffeiil^ mdWUt M BrtrhtMi, sod Ivo broth- t 
m. Cn)*rkt U.. af Wtiiuitr. c«l.. acHi 
Ounond. ef B^rlncririd. 


Page 14A: John Gehrs died,** 

Charles V. Cunningham died.** 
Joe M. Diel died.** 
Mrs. Mary Rebecca Malicoat died.** 
Eli Smith died.** 
J. H.Bradford died.** 
F. M. Young died.** 
Page IB: Marriage licenses issued.** 

There is a photo of and an article about C. E. Whitlock, 82. 
Daughter bom November 1 to Mr. and Mrs. Iva Yates of 609 South Missouri 

f>,j^ 1(1, -There is a photo of and an article about Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Watson.** 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Means of Monett went to Peirce City for the funeral of 
Mrs. Means' grandfather Heruy Shoemaker. 

Son bom October 28 to Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Box of Peirce City. 




Funeral iervlffs for John O^hri. 88 
rrlnco jliop forfmin of 932 "' Orant 

avenue, will be held at 2 o< . af- 

lofi^^Ji f ' .*V •'"•eph" Catholic ehureh. 
rollowed br Interment In St. Mary'a ceme- 
tery In charce of the Herman H. Loh- 

wf^'^jT""'' *'°'"*- PHlbearers will be 
Mike Nlbler. John Bowler. Fred Franken 

7^''*«°'i*'""*=''«'^- Joaeph B. Smilh. and 
John C. Brown. Mr. Oehri la aurvived 
by hia wife and hla mother, two brothers 
and two lUlers. 


I Funeral aer^lcea for Charles V. Cunnlnt- 
■ ^'.T* «'."» ^e« Walnut street will be 
, held at 330 oclock thii afternoon »• st 
' r.*"..*,',^_*','"!*"** ehureh. South, folloard 

h«™" ."/ I!" '*''"• Lohmeyer ' I'une ral 
nome. Mr. CunnlnRham. who wdk » tex- 
I lile broker. Is nurvived by hla wife two 
•on». and one daughter. 

Funeral aervlcei for Mr». Mary Rebecca 
Malicoat. 81. ot Turner Station, who died 
Saturday In a hoapital here, will be held 
thU morning at 10 oclock at the home 
of her aon. Hftrry Malicoat. iOo North 
Fremont avenue. Interment will take 
place In Dodion cemetery, lo mllei aouth- 
eaat of 8prln(fleld. In cbarge of the Mma 
Lohmeyer funeral home. Two other M>n«. 
John J. and Henry Malicoat. also aur- 

i. M. DIEL 

Funeral aervice. for Poe M. DIel. for- 

m'rly of Sprlncfl'lrt h'lt 'm^- n' ^, 
; dalia. will be ; . ,. ,-• -- ' ,. 

'n.l'?f''K'* **" Hr.n.H,. „ Lortmever fu- 
neral homr In charje of the Reverend 
^r^K^l ^""^ «" '*"' FirM PreVbVt,"^ 
Ian church. Interment *,|i „he place'n 

: ^ W E'''j:?k 'JJ""">\, P«"0'Ter, w n 
Sprinefje.rt. «r^ c n \>->. -. .f%, 

■ »We. Mr.. H.rel Tipnm Die"; Vouit'v 
Judge and Mr,. J. w. Tlppln fatheV?-, w 

. ana Mary Ellen Tippin and J. W. Tippin. 

Kl I .s.MITH 

Ell Smith. i>». died at hi, home at 1106 • 
North Newton avenue at 5.JS o 'lock Sat- 
urday afternoon. He la aurvived by hU ■ 
wife, four M>n,. John. Rnbe-I. 8h»Ibv and ' 
1-oulv and a d«uKhirr. Fav. A f)rot.i»r J 
W. Smith of Strafford, and two mster. 
Mm. J. H. Blakev of Strafford and Mrs' 
Rep* Jenntncs of Flano also survive. Fu- 
neral service* will be held Monday after- 
noon at 3:30 oclock at Starnr , mortu- 
ary, followed by Interment In Hazelwood 


J H. Bradford. 79. latlirr of Mrs N 
E. UoodnlKht of 2ij West Sun.^hlne drive, 
died at S o'clock Saturday afiernoon In 
Commerre. Okia . arcordinir to word re- 
ceived here last night. He Is survived by 
another daughter. Mrs J C. Mavfield of 
Douthat, Okla., and by five sons as fol- 
lows: Adrian A. Bradford of Bolivar 
Mo : Earl of Ventara. Calif : Herbert h' 
of Commerce. Okla.; Renrv F. of Kansa; 
City, and James R. of cprdin. Okla. Fu- 
neral xrrvices and burial will be held 
Monday mornlnc at 10 o'clock at Slaele 



OKAI* Omrks pton«en 'AI« W. P. 
•*^**Uncle Perry" W»t«on and hU wife. 
Mr*. M&rgaret A. Watson, and they 
bsT* dUp«lled the belief of many 
tourlsta tbat the typical Ozmrker does 
not keep In touch with what 1b Rolng 
oa ouuldc bu own luunecUate neign- 

Mr. and Mra. Watson were married 
July 10. J864. have made their home 
In Pulaski county since 1B74. They 
live on a farm near Hazlegreen. well 
known resort on the Gasconade river. 
Prom their door they can see the dally 
parade of traffic along U. e. highway 
88 and a motorist in trouble may de- 
pend upon them to help him any 
wa* poMtble. 

Although at an age when most per- 

sons seek easy ohalra and comers by 
the fire. They follow closely the siyne 
things tbat Interest younger men and 
woomen. Dally papen keep them 
Informed on the doings of the day. 

Uncle Perry served four years, two 
months and two aays with the union 
army In the CIvU war. and In 23 twt- 
ties, was wounded twice. He was 
with General Sherman on his march 
to the sea and agrees fully with his 
former commander's muchc quoted 
remark about war. 

9even of the aged couple's eleven 
children still are living, four uear 
the parents, and the othen scatter- 
ed over the countrv other ««e»-en- 

38 great-grandchildren. 


r. M. vol NO 

Friend* In Springfield yesterday learned 
of (he death at 4:3o o clock yesterday 
morntne of F. M. Younf. 7, for manv 
yean proorletor of the YounR hotel at 
Mannfirld He had been In lit health for 
tome t'Tie Funeral serMre.t will be con- 
d'jcird M'.ndiiv afternoon ai Man^f'.eld. 

' Ohamp O. DonKlas. 35, and K\sa 
Myrtls I. Oooper, 10, both oi 
rfiiipfiigfift<y- / • 

' Elmer E. Boyd. 43/BrookUne. and 
J^Ja-fJOjibaed JMend/.gS, Springfield. 
■Vli2ttalto6bt)ln^ 33.^ Lebanon, and 
Velma Wall^. IS, Spring- 
led aMibe Greene county 
by|lha Reverend H. A. 

Page 2: Henry Kern of Newton county died November 2 in the state prison. 
Page 8: Miss Ruby Pasley of Ava went to Rasco, Mo., where her aunt died. 
Page 9: Card of thanks.** 
Page 10: Nancy T. Hendrix died.** 

Mrs. SaUie Richardson died.** 

W.J. Hinds died.** 

Eli Smith died.** 

J. H.Bradford died.** 



Mri. Nancy T. Hendrix. about 76, died 
at her home t\i miles southweat of Bola 
D'Arc yesterday. She was a pioneer resi- 
dent of Oreene county and an aunt of 
Sheriff Marcell Hendrix. She Is survlred 
by two sons. WlUlam and Robert }'■ 'r\x. 
of Bols D'Arc; and threo daugbteti. xn. 
Bally Cunnlnngham. Mrs. Ella UlUs. and 
Mrs. Bessie Sweeney, all of Bola D'Arc. 
Funeral services will be held at the 
Prespect church st 3 o'clock today;. 


TV .T Hindi", formerlv of the I.lbertr 
lit ijjhbor lioud, trji ir.lhs lioru.cist of 
SprtnRfleld. died at Tulxa. Okla . Satur- 
dHV iiIkIU The body will arrive here 
this afternoon. h\ineral services and 
burUI will be held In the Clear Creek 
(Tiiiftfry Hi U o dork Tuf«r;»y rr-rr.:r.ff 
Mr Hinds Is survived by his wife and 
Jl\e ^(JI.^.. Jul,:. 'I v>kl»hcma. Jsmes of 
Fair Ornxf. aud Wssli, Herschel and Roy. 
I all of luisa. 


Mrs. Bailie nirhardson. 87. died sud- 
denly at » 30 o clock yesterday morning 
nt the hom^ of her slsUr, Mrs. F. W. 
Rollerman, .^nJ South Market arenue Dr. 
Murray C. Stone, county coroner, found 
upon investlRatlon tbat a rupture of the 
heart wsU was the cause of death and 
decided that an Inquest would be unnec- 
essary. The body was prepared for burial 
at the Alma Lohmeyer funeral home and 
will be sent thM morning to HunUngton. 
Ind. Be.^ldes Mrs. Rollerman. she Is 
survived by three sons. Harrison of 
Mlchlenn. John of Hunllneton and James 
of Fort Wsyne, Ind ; a sister. Mrs Lera 
Kuhn of Udall. Kan.: and two brothers. 
Frank Owen of Belle Plalne, Kan , and 
Tom Owen ol Wichita. 


FunersI •ervices and burial for J H 

, Bradford. 79 father ol Mrs N. E Oood- 

f.iRht. 22S Weft Sunshine drive, will be 

. r rid hi '.0 oi-'u'ck ih:s morning at P'.si:>. 

1 Mo Mr Bradford dle<1 Saturday after- 

aoon a( bU horns In Commsroe, OU^ 




FuneraJ BenrlcM for Ell Smith. M. who 
alfd «t hig home. 1106 North Newton »Te- 
nue Saturday afternoon, wUl b« held at 
3:30 oelock thU afternoon In tha W L 



It wmt» o lint. 


We «Ub to tii«nk our many friends and 

nalgnbort lor the klndocik and •ympaUir 

ahown ut during tha drath and butial ol 

our beloved mothi-r. Mri. Marir Priii.r 

AUo lor Uio beautiful floral ollerlnii^ and 

eapeclaliy tha city street Dei.i mn.lovM 

MK. ANO MltS. U. F. J-tlH-tU. 




Page 1: E. E. Chandler sues to divorce Ola M. Chandler. They were married in August 

Marriage license: Dale C. Chegwidden, 25, of Chicago, 111., and Miss Inna 
Robertson, 25, of Springfield. 

Page 2: Births reported.** 

Page 12: Mrs. Nancy T. Hendrix died.** 

Mrs. Sallie Richardson died.** 

W.J. Hinds died.** 

Eli Smith died.** 

J. H. Bradford died.** 

Card of thanks.** 
Page 14: Miss Irnia Robertsn, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. James A. Robertson, and Mr. 
Dale Chegwidden of Chicago are to be married this afternoon.** 

Irma Robertson, 
Mr, Chegwidden, 
To Be Married 

a/ri8S IRMA ROBERTSON, daugh- , 
ler of nr. and Mr». James A 

/. 1 '<rt*t. atirt ' 

.Mr. Pair Chrcnlrtdrn r»f rh". -ncn. iion 
of Mr. and Mrs. Thomaa K. Chrctld- , 

rtri; of T\ll^ft. vtrrr *r> S/« ...,-- ,..* **M* 

afternoon at 4 o'clork al it>f 8t John's | 
I Epi-v-opHl rhiirrh. «I'li thr Rrx/rrnd 
Mr. Lfwta R. Arschuir oftirlitlni;. { 

The rhiirth has bmi «!tr.i'-!ivi':y 
decorated lor th« occassion mith • 
profii'lon of ferna and r!inr«ar.the- 

i^^Slia brid* eboM tor her cdsltuna a| 
"Wtti* colored tweed •naembl* wtthl 
brown aoleil hat and hiown aupdr ! 
pump*. ' The maid of honor. • Mrs. | 
John T. Cox. eheae a brown eiiMinbie | 
^Wltli matehlnt aeoaa«>ri«a. !■' 
' Mr. CTiecwtdden aaked Mr) Oharlaa 
nodman to"a(»end nim aa V'tmanl 
and Mr. U>ula Mrj-er and Mr. Jobn 

I to piB] 

NeriD'a "Venetian ljo\e 6oor" pre 
eaadlBf tha earamenr and Mra.'dlaU| 
Adams waa lo sine "Ona J' Alone."! 

Menilxr.' of ihe parlT were 

Of the i/Jhenxren weddinc music and 
Mr. Btamhach was to play "Llebea- : 
traiim" while the rowa wera belnR j 
exrhanced. MenrteUmhn^ "Vreddlnc ■ 
Marek" waa to be plareditor tbbi 
re<-<>«»ioTiaI. J 

Mr (■' »-^ -r^^r- c .,,-,.... V, „,.^ 

Mrs Thomas r. Chrgaidden of •Ilils*. 
and hu alat^. Mrt. tesrl* C Oorar! 

aprt Mr CorcT of Tid»a. arrlrotl tm. ' 
ler<l«T to b^ prewnt at the weddinc 
AhoMt 30n reln'l'-es ap»1 fner.fl.<v 
wera Inrited to be prtaent at the ' 

ruiieral »<rvKrs wnr nci^ "■ •• ' _ 
chlreh Ihia •f«*raoo» for Mia. Nancy T\ 
Heodrtx. It. "ho mad at J>«r h«>me >^ 
«ISr»«thwaat ol Bola tTMc Buni^r- 

BhlTla aurWved «»y «'K.."^AT^^"*tSi *SJ 
Kobarl Hendru of Bola ITAre, and! oy 
ihr*r dauiihtara. Mra. BaUy Cunntniham. 
lira niaMilU and Mr».Tleaala Sweanay 
•IM 5 Bola DArr. Mr.. HandrU wa. 
a pioneer rrr'denl of Oraana county and 
int of f""riff Marrell HendrU. 




F. Cos wera to be uahara. 
Mr, Olen Btambaeh waa Ito 'play 

The body t>l Mrs Bailie HUhardMin. Vt. 

who died auddrnly Bonday niornlin al Iha 

hoie ol har Matir. Mra. r. W. RoUerinaii 

of M9 South Markrt. ivtaiM. «m atut 

lo.Uv to Munllnfion. Irtd . lor funoni 

aarrtcaa and burial Ot.Jl^^tity «-' »ij»;r. 

nr»^ne rouniy eoronar, wamlotd tha body 

.!.j found thai the sudden dealh nad 

I been cauied by a rupture oC the ''earl 

'a.>!t Mr>. Rlrhnrdaon l» aurvivad OT 

I tliir«- Miii>. JUttlvm ol Mifliluati. Joliri 

• t.f lluntixaton, Ind . and Jam«' ol Koil 

M\»>i.c iKd Another aisUr. Mrs I*r» 

I Kuhn of Udall. Kan., and two brolDara. 

' Kranli Owen of Belle rtalna. Kan . and 

Tr. , ri»rn of WIchiia. Kan. al»o »ur»l»e. 

tV. J. IIIMtS 

l-'tiiirriil *rrvu«« and hurliil litr W J 
Miiida, furinerly of tha Liberiv n«iirtit>or- 
hf»od. lO'mlle^ northeast ol flprluflieid. 
■* ", tif V'ld a' II II riork Tuesda* morii- 
■•!« .. fl.-*r Crreh iiiuMli «ii<l rrmelefv , 
Mr ti:r^r*> ilird SHiiirrtat n!2M al luls.i. i 
0».M "Iiie body aill arrire fiere this at»- • 
. -I..W..' Mr Minds Is »ur»iv»d by fite I 
■ji'ir. John of Okiiiliiinia. Jsin«> o» Fai' | 
uto«e WB«h. Heraaltel and Roy all 
"I r>iUa, ai.d b> a tSaUghtft. M'.^r rioin*} 


Ml ^MI^H ^ 

t'f'i? »»m'ir«1»v f»»n1nf at hU now*, iw 


•»i«\' I 

■Noilr N»'»t^-i. ..■■■.:■..■: *r<- ^H'1 
*(l*rt"ion •• Binrne* wioriuary. »«>llo»»u 
> .. •: <rrr«f><i In Hui't^oOJl crfnft»T» 

I J. n BRAnroiiD 

.t tt BmHlntC. ;o. *l..> dif^ B«iiir»1«>' 
_...,»... . M fo't.fiirrr^. okia . w»« burled 
' '.t.t. i.iiniliii »•» Sl.««l». Mo llr »•► I'" 

,if'>rt ■ '• Mr- N r oo.>dntrhi oC :w 



I \f> rantn « !•■*._ 


iiflBlibi r. tiir Mi» kinrtiiri--. unU »rinp«ir.y 
' .howM uj duMiit !»»• U»«»h "ntf borul ol ».rl.. <■! n r'. T Mr» Mnri» Vrittrr 

^. ,. » .. . I,. , ,■• il fl..tiil flfriini;' n> il 

. C«H«U*1I/ li.- «.iO .'lilt? I LUkJl J^iL,'.' -■»• 

Mil. ANU MRJI. u. r. purrEK. 

I Ml' '^Ni» Mim K T. unnf*. 

.1 , ••••I, »Mivrri «! MMfiT 


I Mr. und Mm O. R. W'Slte. of rural 
route No. 3. unnuor.rr the birth of n 
iiniirlitcr O-triirr 3 In 3pr:r.;fl<f;rl 
I UaptUt hospital. 

I Mr. and Mr». F. K. VanNoy. of Hart- 
I vllle. announce tha birth of i\ r-a-ieVi- 
, t*r in thf Sprlr.gfifM Df.i.:..--. ..,*r.- 
tal October 2. 


Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: There was an article about J. W. Morrill who has worked for the Frisco for fifty 

Page 4: Miss Irma Robertson and Mr. Dale Chegwidden were married.** 
Page 13: Card of thanks.** 
Page 14: W. J. Hinds died.** 

Irma Robertson, 
Mr. Chegwidden 
Are Married 

A PRETTY Church wedding waa 
eelfbrated jeiterday altemooo »t 
4 o'clock at St. John-a KpUcopal 
churcb when Mlaa Irma Rabertaon, 
<1««i(thl«T of Dr and Mr». James A. 
Roberuon. 78« EasI Elm street, be- 
came the bride of Mr. Dale Cheg- 
widden. son of Mr. and Mra. THomaa 
r Cherwidden of Tulsa. Okla. The 
church was decorated with a profu- 
islon of ferns, palms and yellow 
'rhrysanlhrraums Yellow cM.hedral 
I randies burned »t either side of the 

The mRfTlsge vo»» were r«»d by 
tbe R«v. Dr. Lewis R. Anschtitz. The 
single ring ceremony was used. 

Preceding the ceremony Olen Stam- 
»orh plsTCd sn rresn soio. Netln-s 
••Venetian Love Bonft." which waa fol- 
lowed by a vocal solo by Mrs. CleU 
I Adams mbo sang •One Alone." accom- 
panied by Mr. Siambach. Tba bride 
approached the altar on tha arm o« 
..r, r.t:..r »:.> -••^vr ^er m m. — ee 
They were preceded down the ai^le 
by Mn.. John F. Coi. maid of honor 
.Both the bride and Mrs. Cox earned 
'prayer books They were met at the 
fcltsr bv the bridegroom and fcls be<t 
n.nn Mr C^.nrle» Rodman Mr Lou« 
Meyer snd Mr. John T. Cox wer* 

Mr. Stiunbach plsyed tbe • 
Chorus- from •Loiiengrln- iWsiret. 

for the pri>cr«.ilonal and Mendela- i 

■ .(.im's WoiUiiiif Mnr.h" for the re- 
cessional. He played •Llebwiraum- ^ 
while the vows were exchanged. i 

ITie br:(le wore an attractive en- . 
tremble ot mine colored tweed with a, 
three-qiiorler length coat. Her hst i 
WBS bmwii Kolifl and s! e wore brown 
..iirde piimp^. Mm. Cox wore a brown 
ensemble with matching accessories. , 
Mr-i. Robertson was attrsctlve In a ' 
hliuk .-iilln pown wUh lace collr\r ar.d 
,. minil lilarlt veUet hat. Mr.' C:.'.:- 
mudeii wore s dark green sa.;. :r.- » 
\v,th a small black hat. 

Out-of-towTi giiests here for t^.e 
! weddirg Included the brldeirocni s 
I parents and his sister. Mr^ Uwls C 

Corey and Mr. Corey of Tulsa. 
' ' Iii^.-nediftTly after the rfremor.v 
I Mr. and Mrs. Cbe^w.dden Itf. '■-: 
Chicago where they wUl make ttelr 
, futur* home. Mr. Chegwidden for- 
' merly lived In Springfield, but has 
' bfpn in Chlrsso the n.-u't t«;^ v.^srs. 
I The bride is well knowi. In Srjrir.e- 
fleld where she has a host ot friend« . 
j She Is a graduate of Qflndale St de 
' Chantel academy and of Drury col- 
lege, where she was a member of the 
PI Beta Phi sorority. She has b.'en 
honored «lth numerous pr*-r.ur::.V. 
p.irtle* since the ar.:- .'ur..! :•.■.€■.■• of 
I her engagement In the early fail. 

About 200 guesu wltr.e.«^«ed the 


Dale C CheifwMdfn. 2.S of Chlciteo. 

anrt Irma Roberl.«fin. 3S. of Sprlng- 

flelrt. and JMi»« F. Oeorse. 25. and 

Viol* I.. CoalJH. 31. both of Spring- 

, field. 



10 e«nt* a H na. 

W* wUh to thank our many (rlendj, «■• 
peolaUy Bwlft and Co., for their klndncM 
and aympaUiy during the lUness and 
death of onr beloved son, BllUe. Alao lor 
the bMatifol floral offerings 



Page 1: Raymond Ward was killed.** 

Page 5: Mildred Padgett of Mountain Grove, Mo., divorced Bissell Padgett in Wright 
county. Her maiden name was Thompson. 
Page 12: Card of thanks.** 

2— CARDS OF THANiki, ih MtmOhit^m 



> Ai,^ . tt THANKS 
Wr « ijih to thank onr many frirndit. m. 
prclally avin and Co, (or Ihrlr ktndnr^t 
and iiympaily durinf . thr llliie>!> and 
riratli of onr bflo^fd n'>*n, MllUr AI*i .'t 
Ihr bri'il ifiil fliirti i.llriii,^* 



Weapon He Had Made Him-' 

self Fatally injures Coun- 

Vy School Lad 


Walking Back Into Home, 
Sits Down for Moment • 
and Then Expires 

A' lK>m«-made gun. rxplodini ax 
the barrel (rit and itruck a Toek. '■ 
; killed Rarmond Ward 
I home thrc« mlli 


13. at hu 

Pp! tjJtT'.rld »; T ;,; V ■.;.:.< n',.'rn- 
ln(. The bullet eitlcre<l h:s abdo- 

aa4 ooQtlmad upwd, peB#> [ 

tntlnc alinoat aiaeUy tluoiMM |ka 

■—*•'-* *^ •-'•:" r.Ti-r— - - 

H ■'iniirwiirlaiii iiiiiuu >■ 

M»o» «••» lilmsr 

The keir 


«*• th» aon of Mr. 

and II 

itoa >« «urvl\-«d by tour hrolhera. HrJ 
fattwxrrt the Oninrf Vtinr aefMy.) f 

A» he stepped fjoin the porcl. I he 
Jar eaua«d the barrel to break loow I 
from the atork. It fell and hit a 

I ;>jct. .-i.-ii t.'.r cW. fa.\;. .:.;;-,-; . ..::; 

; mer w^» Jarred Into action. I 

I I 

, Walkii nark Into Hnuve 

j I"hc boy« mother, watchjnc. (■« 
the boy fall to the ground. He im- { 

' medi«-f ly sni up. however, and: 
»alkcc; in:o thr lioii.»«. He aat Icwr I 

[in a ciialr and aald. -Mama, I be- 
'.■■r\r u,is ::r. hnr'«;;:rri ' y.--- • ■ " 

"il ihc lamily believed that she ho\ 

I had crrn hit on the rebound .i|i.1 

j wa* only MlRhtly powder bunied. 

I He Mt two or three minutes h<?;or» 
hi- I rrlrd over slumplnc rio« -i ni. 
n-.r nr-r. of the chair. He «aj im- 
mrt'iaifly placed on the bed. but bv 
the t.-re his clothes were removrj lo 
.■ev»al the bullet hole !n his N<^v 

he «aR dead. 
P\4neral services, to be in eh- .;' 

of .' W. K'Incner. are Incomplr;.- 

Page 1: Marriage license: Jessie F. George, 25, and Viola L. Coats, 21, both of 

Page 2: Paul C. Hilbert divorced Estella Hilbert. They were married August 5, 1929. 
Page 6: Raymond Ward was killed.** 


Youth Killed When Home-Made 

Weapon Is Accidentally 


I Fnnrrnl »ifrvlrr» for Rnymond 

, Wnrrl. 11. who riln*. mrlv yemrrrt^v 

' morninc • f»w mlnut^R aftfr hf> m«s 

' nrrlrtrntnllv (>hnt by k (tun whirh Mr 

I hurt mtRfmblfrt from pnrxn. will be 

hrld Rt a oYlfwk thin nftprnoon In 

•Vr ,' W KlIIiL-nrr funrrnl rhnpcl 

Bnrlnl will Iv In Orf^nlnwn rrniflfry 

Nnir noiilr KB 

Tlir yotnli wns Hir m>ii of Mr. »iul 

Mm K. O. WbuI. «Ii<i live on a furiii 

(lirrr iiiilr» luirllirHst of ^prliiKfl'liI 

! oil • road ulilili IrnU* o(f (rom lilK>i- 

'«.iv fi« lie iK mirvi\r«l by four 

bn>lli«-r!». He HtlendfU (lie OrHOd 

Vli'W srhiMiI. I 

y •>■•■),■ i.iit r-VMii^.v inornlni; to 
look 111 .viiiiir rHiiUll IrHps he hud htt 
ion ibe fRmi. ih^ boy took his gnn. I 
An li^ F<r|iprd from Ibe porch the I 
hurrrl brokr \nnsr from thr mork «nd ' 
M av rti'i !iMi Cfl wh^n II dtriirk ihc 


I. nil r>:ii kllrnl. 
Mr(> WricI kRW hrr Ron (all '" :hf , 

around hii' wr.« rPRR.iiirrrt whrn hp 

immrditlFly Rot up and wRlkrd Into 
'lh' hoTi"* Pl'tinc down In • rhRlr. | 

he Raid. ' MBinnia. 1 brllfve thlR cun 

I At the moment other memberR of 

the iBiiillN did not think hln> bRdly 
[ iiurt but in tuo or three mInuleR he 
j Ritimped down over the aim u( the 
'cbalr. He wa» removed to a bed but 

>uoD died. 


Page 2: Raymond Ward died.** 
Mrs. B.A.Stone died.** 
Lewis E. Hill died.** 
J. W. Fowler died.** 

I (deatMs 




■«l«mi9?leTd. «rr 
•'elork ai the J.' 
loved b\ Inlrrm 
The lad d" 

i. it* 


I* altameea at S '• 
I«lnfn*r ehapel fnl- 
1 Oreenlawn vrn • 

' h'» SiAn.r Tu' '". . 

tMrta X. nin. 7t. dl«4 at hU home. 14)« i 
Ifoeth Pobb^r-on a^rnur, at rnon tfvdny 
H» IR «'i:'">-1 hv iv.> •^'.tr. Mrs U«ui.\ 

UiU. and t^.t loi:o«.nc biothfti and ai*- 
«a»t MvlB. at T»»9*. FU..^ ant 9n»k, 
•t Mtater. OMio; a n't Mt«« Cadle Kill of 
ptaTtlaod, Ohio. Kr. Hill «aa torn ta 
faa a aa w r. Mteh. rnn^ral arraacaanits 
mx* In cbargc of j. T>' Kiiugatr. 

J. w. rowtXB 

J. W. rwtor. lOM Bioad »:re*t. died thli 
?lM«Wn at ttt* heme ol hl< (tiarhter, Mr<. 
-AlMiriMtBM. Hallta. Okla. Th« Mf | 
r^Wn IfT*** net» tometlme Thur»daT. rm* \ 
' natal arranKfrturlj are incomFl'lt. . 

ha hUniaU had as&cnfulra was accidentii:iv 
<liwhnrgail. BesldCi tbn rarentii, four 
krottWTR. »ho attend thr Ornnrt v»-^ 
acboot, luiktve. 

ant. a. *. rromi J 

rviwrat ReiTleeR for Mrs B A Btene of , 
Otart r«r» hr'.d 1 je»d»y iJletnoon in ; 
l,nidaa Mtnetary with th« Rr?»rend J. R | 
BUom of Sptlnffl'lrt ronductlni the terT- 
leai She It iurriTfd by her huiib»nd. her 
notitar. Uri. Vlntt 8l John, one »Ml»r. . 
Mtt. BU Vatifhn. of Kaniat City and a I 
brother. WlUum Jnliniuu. ol K»n»a» City , 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: Jesse E. Vaughan died.** 

Johns. Hively died.** 

Mrs. Mary McMickle died.** 

Cecil E. Newkirk died.** 

J. W. Fowler died.** 

Lewis E. Hill died.** 

R. Doc Smith died.** 


Walter Henderson, 26. nnd Jaunila [ 
S-xpairnRln. 16. oolh of Springfield I 
Tho couple uas married at the 
coiirthou."ie .vr.>;terday aftrniooii b\ 
the Reverend E. Lacy Potter. 

H. n. SMTTff 

riir»'nl «ervlre« f«r R. Doe ffTllh. M 
who died MotK'Rr aftetiioon at »>'»,;»";' 
et Ava Mo . wilt he h-ld »t the Te»"1enre 
ther« FrMR» Rt 17 oTI'vk roon "' '« 
•urvlved bT hli wife. Mr» •♦•ry 8--lth 
bT a dRuehter, MrR. Kale M<I1« of Mon- 
tRna. and two »on«. F^ed o' Ttil'» and 
rhRTle. of IdRho Mr. S-ilth hid ll»ed at 
Av» 12 rears. He wai a veteran 
I of the Civil war. 



JftM S. Vaufban, 4«. of mit North Krt> 

I Iflt ivrnuc, died at 2 oVlock rrXTdaf i 
morning In the Barnrs hospital In St. I 
Louli after ao extended lllneu. He ti aur- 
vlved b7 hit w1(« and en* aon, Ultchtil 
Vauihtn. Funeral arraofements are In- 
complete but iDtermrnt will be under 
diracUon of tho KUngner UnderUUng 


John 8 HIvely. gp. of 92« West Elm 
• treet, died yesterday morning In a 
Sprlncflrld hospital following a lingering 
lllnesi. Funeral scrTicei will be held at 
3:30 o'clock this afternoon In the Alma 
Lohmeyer funeral home followed bT burial 
In Hatelwood cemetery. Mr. mrt\y ta 
sunrlred by hia wife. Mr«. Emma HUely, 
two ilitert and three brothers. 


Mrs Mary McMlckle. 3«. died yesterday 
morning at lier home. ISOl East Lombard 
street, afur a long lUness. Funeral ar- 
rangements ar« Incomplete, but Interment 
will be In charge of the Herman H. Loh- 
mejer funeral homt at the Linn Creek, 
Mo., cemetery. Mr*. McMlekle U inrrlTCd 
by her husband. John McHlrkla. w. nfwrirr 

Cecil E. Newklrk, S-yea^^ld son of Mr 
and Mrs. I/cnl L. Newklrk. did to the 
home of the parents last nigh* at CrM 
o'clock after an extended Illness. Besides 
the rarent.^. he |s survived bv one slater. 
Irmslesn. and one brother. Emett Naw- 
klrk. Funeral arrangements are Incom- 
plete but burial will be In Ea.*t Lawn 
Cfmetfry under direction of the Kllngner 
Undertaking company. 

J. W. rOWT.ER 

The body of J W. Fowler of IOCS North 
Broadway avmiie vho iln^ rf^t»rdar i 
morning at Hollls Okia . while visltlni : 
his dsuRhter. Mr*. Clara Hoffman, wll' j 
arrl»e In Snrlntfleld todar Hu H sarrlTJrt 
by two sons. Roy Fowler of Snrlngfleld 
snd Earl Fowler of West Vlrrlnla: one 
stenion. Albert OI»ln of 8nrln«fl»l'1. and 
• wo dauehte-^. M-». Bert fl-own of Bnrlna- 
f<»M an-l Mrs Minnie Dlron of Mlan>l [ 
Okla. Funeral arraneements h»re not 
h»fn completed but Interment will b« In 
<-harage of the Alma Lohmeyer funeral 

? rwt« r fin r. 

T<--.!< F II:" "; '• ' ' ■- -• c--^f «.•-• 
hospital ye'tTdsT M' RIH wes horn In I 
fanslna. Mlrh . a^d uter H'ed In C«n- 
nes'if an>< Palnnrllle Ohio. He l« ■mrrlTel ' 
hr his wife, two h-other*. anit «ne ••♦ter ! 
Fune'sl service* will h» held at the Kllng-- 
P»' 'ine'al ^h*"**! f*<l« •ftefooi St 3 ' 
"•'lock. Burial will be In Oreenlawn ceme- 

Page 12: There is an item about Robert L. Doling.** 
Page 14: J. W. Fowler died.** 

Jesse E. Vaughan died.** 

Mrs. Mary McMickle died.** 

Cecil E. Newkirk died.** 

John S. Hiveiy died.** 

Lewis E. Hill died.** 

R.D.Smith died.** 

T. F. Barton died.** 





■ J. W. rOIVLCB ■ ' """"■ -'VN 
Ttr body oi J W Powler e( I0«.\ Nortn 
Broadsar Avrnue. who died whilr viaKmc 
hi* dniirhter. Mts Clara M»»frm;ir. T,f fioj. 
Its. OkU., will Dtrlva In Hprlneri«kl »t & 
n rlof k this ofterr.nun Iiiriera' arranre- 
nienis are |n rh.irse of t'le Al>n« .Lu^• 
r n.r fuiifml liume. Mr. Fowler is aur- 
..wu l,v f*o >nnr. ){nv of .«prlnKTleld 
and Earl of Wrst Virg.n-.a: by • »tep«oii. 
Albert Olviii of Sjirinnlield. and by imo 
other daughters. Mra. Bert Brown nf 
Springfield and Mrs. .M'.ni.le Ulxon of 
Miami. Okla 

JLSKi: i;. VAI <.M.\N J 

1 func-al tr r a UK •.;c: •.:•.*'- tT .1- <<.e E ' 

I Vi.iiKJ.hi.. 4.:. ul .i'i:n Nditn Kriiru .-iVrr: 

KHngmr. TtHi wift Md ont iSn. 
I Vgughmn. aurvtve. 

The body o( Mti. Marv McMicUi-. 34 

J«d WMBwtfay Sit— olii HI jim 1 

at 1.^01 Past Lombard street, was taken 

ovtrlaiid lo Llim Creek. Mu.. lutlajr aimI 

tuMral a^rvlcM antf burial wtU ba ImM" 

IbVf at a o'etocll. I»idajr attcrnodo. 

n«rauui U. LotaMMr naeral 

ehmtfrn or ffi m iii i ftU . ten. 

srirtlved by her hnsbanrt. John McMickle. 


Of ell C N««:klr1t. t-rrar-old ton of Vr. 
and Mr«. L«vi Newklrk of n» Kaat Di- 
vision street, died at home at t» Wedoa*- 

i'<i\ I'T :r.» r. f'.T t> lorit i!li'.e.«« A brother. 
Ernear. and a .m i.-r. li i -i.;. ., ... u:--. ••.! - 
vlte. »lth 111" r«r. Its Kur. »■••«; srrar.k-e- 
rtiri:ts are ir. rV-.i.r .■' .j ',% K'.in^nrr 
Durial «1U take place In East Lawn 
cemetery. v <:. 

wtts n. iinmT 

^^IJ ^ g j gy jS^ ^'gi i 

runer.i geryires fw R. D «mIt^ M. of 

tha ciTli ».e I**' Bittlth. m r*t«rao of 
ine ciTii war. Ig survtve^ k« |,j, »4f« -^J 
two tons and a dat„hl7r ^ * "* 

H I Blrelr. and Ibraa broUMti and tvo slater* 

^ --^- "^>^-- '- i,ii-i^i,i--- ■ ■■ - ^■.-.-- 


runeral Mrvie«s Tor L«»ls E HllU 71. 
were held thU •tteroaon at tte J. W. 
Kllngner cbap^. tollowvd br int#rm«Bt ti» 

Oreeiilamn r»iri»»<rv Mr Mill Ls aur- 
M>rd by ll!^ \»iu. i«o broiliers and 

k,i.l|ur^MlwLlli««ld|aw «t|alHM»' . 
j Idt ttonr •boot HobMt U Donag. | 
I former Sprlntlitld man, who Is well 

' kilo-.. II in il.f. >1'.> b. ilK .• I'lOllUT 

ol & & DoUxm. Who run* a large 
orebwd la OhHMUn omiritjr luar ! 
MarlonvUlk Tbe World Myi: . ' 

Frf«li fli:?. Ii; Oi'i'iMr !<. t!ii' 
culeiit Iruit tlilcli Itobcil L. UoIuik. 
ure snd plant expert ta provtdlnR | 
for tiU f rlpnrts and nrlRhbon. 

I)i)!lii;; s li»: irrr. mio ol Ihr time 
Mid to ht in Tul>a. Iin.s tucii bnn - 
UiR fruit Kinc* AtiRuxt and \s nbo\it ' 
liiitr Mil. ill Ml III if;ii.ill\ oii- 
t.ii;ir<l iii.N |ilill-.l lt\ MlsMs.M|i|>l .iii>l 

after careliil attention hns de- ■ 
Mlopril the tref to It* prMPnt ^tnlf 
ol i)iu(iucllvity. 

At presfnt there are more th«n ' 
am ii(s on tbe uee. Tb« fl« tree. \ 
which Uutvea In tropical climate, is 
a rare thing In thi^ state. 

LhjIuiK. uIio t> iiuu »llli (lir Miil- 
contlneut PetrolGuni corporation, 
has made trers an.1 (lowers b lirr- 
Itme hobby. Fur Mnrrnl yrni'. Iir 
•Aai n.,i:..!i;'r ol lJi;lliin puil: a'. 
Springfield, Mo., rccenily ftiughl by 
that city for S8S.00O and con\ tried 
into a public work. Several publlia- 
Uona have osentloDcd Doling u an 
Mtthortty on nower life. 

T r H\RT«>N 

T. F. Barton. 65. died thl» ■»*2L'? 
at thf home of hl« »on, n HherTftan Bar- 
tan ol lural route No. S, WUl ard. .t^aly Sl 
ing •■ UBgarlng Uln««a. «• »• ■«•*••? "y 
hii MiteTtoHT wnvL. W^ B arton. TT^. 

n«M, BBd D. «nf*iii«B. *•• ■^milff***' 

field, and D Bhernfan. two dauirhl«rt. Utt. 
Inta Murphy »od Mta. OU«y» ■"5t'"fl!S- 
•t I o'clock Bandar ■(teriMMtt •» »» B«rr 
man H Lohmeyer fun«ral homt. tnd tMiUl 
will M to UApl* P»rt LflMlWJi.-. ' ^■'•^'^-«^^'i 

Page 16: J. W. Fowler died.** 

James Taylor Knner died.** [James T. Kenner-see November 9] 
R.D.Smith died.** 
T.F.Barton died.** 
Cecil E. Newkirk died.** 
Jesse F. Vaugiin died.** 


J. w. rowi.rR 

runfrnl •'•rMrr« for J. W KnKter. *S. 
o( inn-. Nnrih Broint»»y. who rtiert Wfd- 
t]ff.6»v mornlnK (t the heme of hM dauih- 
i>r. Mr< Clam Hoffmitn. at Holll*. Ok\n . 

..Ml h# VirlH Rf .» Irt « '.•ncV t^'. « ^....-T* -w- .^ 

III th» liriii Baptikt rliurch. Hie R»»ri'nd 
lf«l» M Half. p»«inr. otflrtatinc In- 
I'rmenl will b» In Maple Park cinrterT 
under itirectlon of Ihe Alma Lohmryer 
funeral home Mr. Powter 1^ aiirrlvert hr 
l-ls mfr Mr*. Pririlla Fowler: hi.* (ath»r. 
O W. Fowler of Seiialla. two 5on5. Rov 
Fowirr of Sprindleld. and Earl Fowler of ' 
Slilnn«ton. W Va ■ one dsii?hter. Mr* 
Hoftmaii three broltirrs. Will Fowler of 
Kan«(< Clly. Ed Fowler of Sedalia and 
llarriiiun Fowler of Syracuie. Mo fl\e 
-i.tii> Ml'. Naiifv Griillirii of S»i.irii»e. 
Mr- Ueriie Mui k of Sednlia. Mr« Uoria 
Wllliaiii^ of Syracuse. Mra. Dtilly Moon 
111 f'ortiinn. Mo. and Mr* Frtna Hat- 
tielrt of Mrdaliii our *tep«jn. Albert Oib- ' 
bolls of Sprinefirld and twif «tei)dau«hter». 
Mr^ Pril Itruuii ot Hnriiiirfirld and Mrs 
U. 1. ^i.\ui. ol .Mlauii. una. 


Jamcf Taylor Knner. t». died early ye»- , 
I'rday mornlni a( Ihe Pythian home here 
tellowlnt an extended lllneaa. He »a »nr- ■ 
' \lved by one brother who live* In Kan- 
rut City. Funeral nervlee* will be held at 
? 30 p'clnck eunda» afternoon In the i 
■. PTthlan home Burial will be in llaiel- j 
. wood cemetery unde dlrrrtlon of W. U 

•I n s^tiTii 
' Funeral a»r«ice* for R U. Umlth. M. of 
, Ava., Mn.. will be held at hi* hem* early ^ 
•ndatr Mr Smith, a veteran of the Clrtl 

^nr. i« «iir\lT(l by hi.* «lfe. two sons and 
' one al'ter. 

i T. r. BABTO.N ' 

Funeral aerrice* far T. F. Barton. »5. j 

who died yeaterday morninc at the home , 
^ of hi* aon. D. Sherman Barton, of raral I 
: route No. 3. WUlard. will be held Banday 
' afternoon at t o'clock at the Herman ' 

H Iflhnnever funeral home followed by 
' interment In Maple Park cemetery. He Is . 

^urvtvrd by hi* wife, four sons and two • 


rrriL r.. .newkirk 

' Funeral »ervice« lor Cecil E. Newkirk 
I t-vear.«M son of Mr. and Mrs. Levi New* , 

kitk' of (20 East Division street will be I 
lipid ai 2 o clock Saturdav afternoon at the 

I Setenlh Baptist church, 'followed by burial ■ 
In East Lawn reiretery, under the dlree- | 
tlon of J W Ktlntnrr The vouth died 
*t li.* Iiqnie \\i-on^*dBv f^ninc at €39 
o clock One brother. Ernest, aud stater. 

' Irmi^lean, surylve with the parents. 

\ 3r.%%K E. VAt'GHN ' 

Funeral service* for Je«»« E Vauchn. 
<«. {Of }Oia Nnrtti Kellelt a-enue. who 
dir>1 Wednesdav In a 81. tymis hnsnilsl. 

n«tifi in the Ess' A^enue Bapii>i rhurrh. 
1 followed hy Hnrial In Oreen Lawn rrm- 
* elegr upder direction of J. W. KUngner. I 


Page 8: J. W. Fowler died.** 

James T. Kenner died.** 

T. F.Barton died.** 

Cecil E. Newiciric died.** 

Jesse E. Vaughan died.** 

Birth reported.** 
Page 10: John B. Smelser thinks he is an heir to a British estate.** 

tongx the j, large cop« 
eenu of Springfield '"^ In" which a 
son are associated In '■ 
ttw I^ a'linea Muale j 

I /shop In cojinrcilon uiih it. 'iii..i 
/shop includes the sheet music and 
j sfrtnjrrd InRtrumrnt drparlmriU.«i. 

'i ill" r"!.".''— 11 )'n» .-•'•■• ;i ffoMi it < 

which at that time con.>sl«tod 
piiiKipiiily ot plAiio saJes. his ton I 

L. i,. LiiK-.i. ji:t -■!'!'>::•. nr-"1 b'^ <ah 

|lferton linos, vice-president, have 
born b!i;.lnc<« a.-wociatr.s for nbout 

^29 years. . 
l^. E. Lines orisinat^d" the busl- 

'Mfftft 'agency to a large j 
npdnl house >eUlnc pianos, n- ' 

nc^s. rtrvc:opinR It from nn ncmry i dios, phonographs and all other mod- 

cm types of instruments. The com- \ 
pany was incorporated In 1D13 as j 

llali^ilihlil ^*^h *" '''"'^ **"*''" ™'"P«ny. »1th ' 
-_...".T. !.*»:•._ t Mr. Lines. Sr..Mhe president and his ! 

ifor scwlt^B nir\r!'.!nrs nii'J iritr-r ol<l- 
■faslilonefr organs into a miwlral . 
tconcrrn' iIoihk l)u.s;ii''-- t;iri.-:t:l-.'> i" 

lomjr^jrJn ,1874. He rontlnued his' 

IJWjkvWUh sucvr.vs in Bentonville. ! '"'' "''" *'" i'> • 

^flK^^lPMteka Sprlnirs. Aric. and '" ^^ early work the rom- 

rrirto ritv Mm Urn rainr to "'"*' Morion Liiirs ..[vni rmmler- ^ 

i E\cu in lits'l)!.:. luvo : ,\n:% Mor- '^^^'fee hc>ined the TrR^indi 
lion Llne."» took nn Jntrre.Ht in ll>e . '^^Woues to hold member*h^ |n .' 
[btwlness which hL-i father was build- ' ^;i,o'Tf""l2atlon. " L" E. ijnes n at 
Um up. Ho worked in the store ' »^»^r of the Odd FVllows lodge. 

-.—--— »rrrttf tor / w rnwtrr, »«. f 
•f .IW Worth Brodtit. tho aird (t hn • 
«*«thUr'» hon-» ■( ||,|i;.. okl» mm 
^MlhU anrrnooB n'Xha Tttn a<pim 
[•■'•■/ •Bodartwl ky |M K»vrrrnd Lmt • 

^LO^tarjrt tnr.rtm] i.a-nr. Mr fuvVr w 
- >i.)rt^%» bit »if». M:« rrMti.:. Fo^frr; ' 
■ kit UU»r. a W r«<»)»r «l !i(d«lis- 
••r tt^apdasftcM »ni Barl 
Mk. .W* «• r • -aaoahtcr. Mr*. 
_ _ .bm »nut BoBii. ou». Th»»« 
*l »aj»» »y!^» a W ri m i n i > u > m i u i » 
r'S' "■_**■ •»■ «•«»«» cii»i u ef a*. 
I aa^a; RuttaMl vt ayrMnw. Mo.; ten. 
I Jtj--T r.»V*»B flf BTrtrow; Mm Brttir 
I Uazc at 8»d»IU: Mr*. l>eeta WUl.uaa •( 

I fnaew: Mv iMir M«oa at I'onww. 

' V»- •ft^ Vm lMn« RttfloM of Prditii 
Arb«ll Oiliir.t ff S;i.niti».i1 ■> • tirpuin 

•d4 Mrt. Beit Bron «( B|7nni(u\d and 
. |l»«<. O.^T. DIM* al Mia«t. Okte.. m* 

. T. ». BABTOW 

JSESJ-SSn*!* tor T. p. Birum. » , 

'Oa b«Mt{ 

JfrS^.'i"^ •>»•. t«l»«wM br In- 

. wen, M. WKwaiKK I 

Ftotfjl Mr*1e« f*r Own It-yrtr-old 

•■». «* Wt a*a !■»,. un »««kirk m m < 

"■'•'»•■•« *»••• W» ta h«U a«tar4«r 
^mt^ at J c-rViek at tht RvmilA 

Hapllct church oa Herlh ViContl tv»nu» ' 
Tnt*riB«nl win taka pHr* in rtit l.awn I 
fmrfrry (n rhirg* «t 4. w. K;iii»n»r. 

- i«a»« » .. vayoBAw , 

»•" ••lurday aftn^noan it J aVloelt tt 
th» Ba«t A*vnqa Raptttt churrb. folbivcd 

► • ;*«crii.-' .. i,'^e-\ I «wn tfr.^tr.T '•! 
rti«-«» «f J W Kl^ngiiT. 

T. «E^«Tta« 

' ftuaial acmcft fn Jamn Tay\er Krn- , 

a«r. as. via* dltd Ttrartdar at thr Prthun ! 

I taaaa htt* vtU W twM Bandar an«rno<in ' 

I at tba bava. taUe«*d by tntiriatel In 1 

M a »t % w >a tiMi u n ta ehara* el atarna't I 

mortaary. A bralitn mha Iit»i In Ktn- 

I '^» c;tf iut»-.» M 


Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Wommaclt of , 
J013 JDtnbeth street announce the 
Urtli of a aon. Loois Edwin, on ' 
Vox. 7. 



iii.Amonsi Claimants 
^^"" to Great Estate 

j-.^n n .vi.-v.*r vi; \\'- -■ w .:i < i 

»>lr*rt. fo o-ir f.t 2r.H ll»-|! .»! I- •" 'll'- 
Vn.-fO SI -f --'I I.: ■■■•"« t r tM 
tsooonooo Jfrniiic^ r»t«if. nhir,! 
hit befn h»m In rlian- rll'-ry .<.mt.•^ 
Bl Sn«UDil Unce the de»lh ol Wil- 
- ■- - ^ , fttiioik county, in 



Mr. .Bmclirr jtstrrdiiy T»rfU»<J « 
^aailC^HM i»«ni-T Alton L. Jordan 

of Horfnl*. VII. fhl'f KrtvlTr fnr 
ABttlcan eJ»lm«n\«. lh»v •»til«n»nt 
■«m-M-Wi» KUiKtlm* within the 
WM^ aU -MBbtli*. Attornvy Dunnn 

Lm. •n* l*on«r«« Moy. ni'inhfr. of 

JUm BritUli B«r •lU'OclDtloii. are *«- ' 
llvtlnK In th« ran*. ' 

In Mew of tUr fitK^'-fi Uw ^K],t•ll 
rlrrlareii thnt nn htpsr n( ttiii.- \^:il 
b«r ncKl-of-kln to p«ninii«l rki«>r 
UniM* ajiaBinMUy bcqueathrd. ti>r 
•at*!*; witleh eonaUta of monry. 
pt/vtol unrl bonrlB will }*^ rti\U!'-<; 
WDOBg cUtawoti who oil pcuve ic- 

Mr. SiTi'l'er'n rliilin l« tiixptl on Hii' 
f4<-t thftl hiH ^rbitc!iu(j; i.'-r. C'luin* v 
JennlDga. of Ul*)r^on loiii.iy. Vitki- 
alB, traced her line back to Humphrey 
Jenntnfia nf Warwick. EtiRUiid. who 
filed In 169n ai.rt «lio »«s m i'Iph:- 
KreaWfrmndlathtr of tbe William | 
Jennlnfa wboae eviate la In qiii-Mlon : 
iMtV*^'*f *i>* '■'^ *>»(' JenninK* 
w»> ft baclielor and an only <hllil ' 
4tBM muat b« traced lo his amrtiurs 

Page 1: Marriage license: Roy R. Vinson, 29, and Lois Vivian Winklebaclc, 23, both of 

A son James Allen McDonald was bom November 5 to Mr. and Mrs. B. C. 
McDonald of Camden, Ark. Mrs. McDonald was formerly Miss Irene Comwell of Springfield. 
Mrs. M. L. Colman died.** 
Page 2: James T. Kenner died.** 
T.F.Barton died.** 
Cecil E. Newkirk died.** 
Jesse E. Vaughn died.** 
Mrs. Mary E. Dunham died.** 
Mrs. Elizabeth Coffland died.** 
Page 7: The Rev. Walter Ross died.** 
Page 15: Card of thanks.** 


AURORA. Mo.. Nov. 8. — ISlM. 

M. L Colman. tbout 70 ye*r» of 

aRp. pionrcr riaidcnt aiul prominent 

cttUeiu«( Aurora, died this motn- 

InB at the home of her dau«ht«r. 

Mrs. Ossie Davis. She Is survived 

by a son. Lewis Colman, of Aurora, 

and two daughters. Mrs. Davis of 

Aurora, and Mrs. Leona Plau. of 

, Monett. Funeral services will be 

■- held at the First CongiegatlonAl 

; church at 2:30 o'clock Sunday al- 



'ti^'.„r .Massif 

1 H&ielwood cemet.ry under ,^ «/\>on ^'^^ 
U Siarne. A brother who U.e« m Kansas 


Funeral wrvjcei. tor T. K. Barton. 5S. 
who died Thortday morning at the home 
of bl« »on, D. Sherman Barton, rural route 
ma. Wl lard, win be held Sunday atter- 
nwn at the Herman H. Lohmcyer funeral 
home, followed by int'""'"^ ^'" ,"fP T 
Park cemetery lie is *"'"Ji6.dt»^?rfn« 
sons and two daughters antfTne^tHdow, 

' rrrii. r. NFtvKinK 

i h'unrral .»r\.t<> lor Ci i .1 K Npv.k:rK 
! I3-resr-old son of Mr. and Mr.v Levi New- 

k'.rV of 929 East Division Mrrrt. will oe 
.held this a!t«Tii.i3ii at ? o clock at 'he 
I Brventh Baptist church. lollowed by intev- 

-rr' :n ^^^^ Lawn cemeieo' m charge i. 

J. W. KUngiier. 

Jl Sjit E. WIGHN 

Funeral fer\ice» tut Jrsse E. VauRhn. ■.»>_ , 
I of roi» North Kellett avenue, will be held. 

.It 2 30 fi I IfM K this afternoon at the Fast ^ 
; Avenue Bapf-jt church, followed by rutial | 
, in Ote»ir;i»n cemetery In charge of J. W i 

Kl'.rgnor • | 


Mr? Marv E Duiiham. 83. f.ied at 3< 
o'clock last i-.ieht folio .iiii; a lln(?erinj{ 
llhif?" at her home. RIO West State «trr<<t. 
Funeral services vci;: ce icid at 2 3U 
o'clock Rundav allprr.jon at the Alma 
Lohmrver funeral *icn-.r *un biifial in 
Maplf I'ark rf.c'.iw y ■ IV. >-- 
•urvi'.fd b' tl r'e >' r.-. D D. Iiriha.n. 
Rockawar Beach, Charl:*' M. 'Juiiham. 
rofffwin". Kar... and Bert '"i-jnliam. 
SliriTiBfi'id- f '-ir dsuirhrT- . Mr-i l^oss 
Brown. Los A:icelr«. Mr^. r,rcr^> Souh- 
gate. KanisaR Citv. Miss .lo.-" 
of the home addre-s. and Mrs Jem^* 
Moore, Los Angeles- >:i,1 uy a Jis'.cr, Mrs 
L. P North. SprlniMeld. 




Nprrial THffin'rh In Thr fC'ru* 

STOCKTON. Mo.. Nov. 8.— The 
Reverend WalUr Ross. 65, former 
Cedar county resident, died sud- 
denly, at his home In Creswell, Ore., 
yesterday, friends here were noti- 
fied today. 

Mr. Ross, who was an ordained 
Methodist minister, was a former 
. bchool teacher, having taught in the 
schools here and at Hmnansvllle. Ha 
also preached at churches in Cedar. 
Polk and Dade counties. About 14 I 
years ago he moved to the west. He 
was • member of the Stockton 
Masonlo lodge. 

Ha Is survived by hLs wife and 
two daughters- Funeral services 
and btDlal win be held at CreswelL ' 

■■Mri»EllzabethlCoItland*^0. died at 9:65 

w. F. Horkfader Of St. > 


Mur-* rofnund of tWm.! 

r «... *- ». .^ - 

. _ sons. 

ov<, . „.-. , ,,,, M". r irn r)avtr <f 

I Kan*Bt City «r«i on» Droi.ner. A>xandrr 

iTtopmpiion of Denver. jFunerkl wrvlce* 

sbly will be held st 2 30 o'clock Bun- 

'^22'' J" '.**? ^- ^ SUrne mootu- 

DWed by Interment in Bazelwood' 

r--.- .'..■'■' 1^ . 

t ^*****~*~ *-*»*• *T'"Vtr i -rurLn-aji.j"fc- i n_n. i uc I* W 


. I« enU » H%m. 

In wTtnt rtmembranc* of 

Etolph E. 

LyoDvvbo imuMl >w*j on* 7«ai ace t»- 

OOua frlrndi (hit nev ar* walUnc. 
In Iha cloadlrx mlmi ef day. 
Who are rilllni mr •;> luiiow 
What* Uiclr ntpA h:<. tfS ihr way 
Thar ha*a laid atlo« thru armor. ' 
And Uiclr earthly couru la rvn- 
Thar hair* k»i>t tha faith with paUrncc 
And (ha eroan of life la won. 

Thay hara laid aalda thrlr armor. 
For the roba et apollru white; 
And with Jr>ua thar ara walklnc 
Whara the rl»er tparklri brighi. 
Wa hare Ubored h«ra fofelher. 
We h«»» I.borr'l tMr hv ridr 
Juit a llllla while before ma 
ThY hara croited the rqJIInc tide. 

N« «!• kneva how b«-a nincd by wife 
and children. 

Page 4: The probate court docket for November is published. 
Page 8: Mrs. Mary E. Dunham died.** 

Mrs. Elizabeth Coffland died.** 

T. F. Barton died.** 

James Taylor Kenner died.** 

George Langdon died.** 

Harvey J. Hunter died.** 

J. S. Losey died.** 
Page 9: Card of thanks.** 

Page 10: Miss Sybil Reed and Mr. Ruedy Utiger will be married this evening. The 
bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reed, 1205 North Broadway. 

lUyaa OAIUSON: "Old t^« dtl-" 
w^^Sw^Wrt to W«f the 
'dtatJ> of John W. Shutt. «hlcH oc- 
■/«fUtt*d. m Prj-or Creek. OW«ho»n«. 
^few-day* ago. Mr. Sh'jitt had 
relative."! here and came buck to 
■ Sfstngfleld once In awhile. IUk lost 
ilfttt'BwHb over a year ago and was 
UrtplwB for some time before hU 

UfrtUl. il«' ^"-^ I'v-.... ..'.l *> 

-molher lived with him la Okla- 
homa. HU father. Dr. Shutt. was 
one of the early physldant of 
'Sprtngfleld and is remembered by 

'Xttti oWer residents. I recfU him 
pe.'feciiy. Hp «s^ t^"^ !r'-h«'.« nhrv» 
six feet in hrlrht. wore a uiic h«t 
(tnrt ^TtT.rrt H can' H' h.iri » "a:-- 
pract :rc . s 

a • • ■ ) 

&Mla« 8ybU 

i^. ^"*' *"' *" '"•Tied 

^ais •yenlDg at 6:30 o'clock to Mr' 

**»dy OUger. Th» remnoA^ wtll be 
wad at i^ bona of th« bride's p«r-f 

enu."Wr. and iir». t ii-ric* iu«a, i.i&S ' 
I North proAdmay avenue 


7 -rsuns OF rvaNv^ in MVMnaitiM 

)« rt»tM 4 rtitc 

, •_ .'Tin MCuuKUU>ti^ vtai pa«a«d avay «m ymn aco io^ 

day Hov»mb»f I, 19«. -•" w 

'Mhar frltndt tliat now air »»,iii.b 
In %h» cloudlcaa realm, ot day. 
Who ar* calllni na to fnllow 
Whara thalr alapa hara led the way 
Th«r ha*« Uld ailda thalr armor.' 
ADd Ibtir aarlhly couraa la run- 
TiMy iiara k«pi iht faith with patiaitM 
And llM crovo ef Ht« l* won. 

Iliey have laid aside thrlr •rnier. 
1 >•! Uir rol.r 1,1 s, ,llri.« Mi;li- 
And tillh JniM 11, ry are walkinf 
Where the r;\er aparklaa brifhi. 
Wa ha?* laborad hara tofrlhar. 
We hara labored aid* by tlda. 
Jurt a IKUa while bcfora me 
They ha<a croa/ird the rolling tide. 

No ona knn«a how ha'i mUw4 by trtft 
Slid cinidren 

^_„„r»I MfTke* fOrHrt. Mary T. TS'in- 
fc^'tt.'^Wvft itl«<l rrMcr nnh» at hrr 

tMBt3^* ^*'^ ti^^t* •ttfcl. Kill tw hrld 

M- lnUrm»nl In Mspl» Psrk rrirr'-rv 
Mf U torvlved br thtt* ton*. D. O. Uun- ' 
%•» M- 1to»k«wa|r B««ch. Mo.. CharlvK M. 
<*.' Coff'Tvlll*. K«n , end B'll nf Si)i;iv i 
h«M: aMI by four dMifhUr«, Mn. Koax 
Pjifirvl. li M l * B »«lM, OaHL; mm. Oeoric 
MM6S«ll»(^ KaaaM Ottyt Mini JihI* Dun 
Mm tt hofrt* aiut Mrt. J«mr« Moorr. 
I.M AnMlei, Cktir. A (Intrr, Mt>. L. P. 
Notih of Bprlncttdd, aUo tiirvlvM. 

^. ■ Mws. xuxiunm ooptland 

*?. who rtirtl »»rly TTTl ■ iiioiiii<.|; m luv 
h«lB» »t 191 Wot Elm (ITMl. «lll be hrld 

iMMkUy •(Urnoon at 3 e'elotk at tht rtrtt 
eptrttttftlUt -charch at i34> North hob- 
b«raon «*tnut. Burial will take place in 
BMt Lawn ccmatvry la chare* ol th* 
lAtaa* Lohmcyvr raoerat bom*. Mr. Laiu- 
' 4»n va* tern In Nrw Y«rk itate. Ht* rniit 

har\-i;y j. hpwth 

I Harvey J llunc. r. «9 difd (n a ^o^pll»l , 
4 larrc tills Bioniiii* lullu»lu| > l>iic< ill- I 
4MM*. H* U survived by IVo braibe*. H. C 
'SiSUt Of at. LoiiU aud & O. Buaut ol 
4bMlMtfM«. Prtvau IftMtat aetvka* «hi 
J^eotldOCUd at a o'clortc Sunday alter- 

"KTMioa na4 at tNa aovth cttr lliniiK. Rhe 
r« aurrlTed b? two aons. Clar^nre nf m 
l»uU aod RolaiiO of luiso ckI I>\ '.<i> 
dancbtara Mrt. W. P. Horkrader of t>t. I 
l/iul« ana Ml«« Mvrv Jmir Cofllaiiil (it ' 
■ tiiiitr. Fu.t« . ui -.! . 

day atteriMon at J W utioik ui simn- - 
mortuary, folloarad by ttitfrmriii In lln/il- 
Bvod c«iDcltry. 


K'ineral <m ;rr\ U-t T K Bar'.' M ' 

<<lU b* held Bitiid.iy al'.n :ii.u;i at 1 ir -. .. k 
at tba Herman Lohmeyer luiivciil lioitx- j 
fnllovad by Interment In Matct HmIc crmr- 
I»iv He l.« xirvivrd Ijv In.: •l.l,^ m,: 
lag dau(titc(* and tiV liK t>.:c. 


H' Pawl MeMiorti't 'h;rrh offirlallnt 
JMrlai *>U be 111 li«iri-^o'>d crmtttry. 

' r «, t<Mar. (f*. diMi t>«x 2P<'i^*'"jl i^ > 
e'ctork at ^l> bnme. AM net Ifadtaan 
■trMt. H* <a aurvlMd br r.i< *t>«. ona 
<lBU»M»r Mm '^-la 

„» •,■•7 K' 

r'-'V-r' two aon^. 
^f■••■>'lr! avenue 

r n I "''• af 
f I ""• 

«n<1 Virc I (^-'^ •-■ 

,„.er. M-. »*'•"■ ^'^ ,. ,■ 

Mjptf f«ur bro!ber«. <> ' ^ ' 

T^'^f r,. htrr n:-|. r I 

r,:2rM"r""r<hV n-r,u, -U. b* haw 
St Or««al*«n f«ir.'-er- lir.cer tba diwe- 


Paneral aervlcet fot Jamrn Tavtnr K^i> 
9tf. M. WlU ba b«td Sunday »lirni.-.i, 
at 9rW •'eteek al the Pylhlan liome. (ol- | 
lowed by Internieni in lli'ilvond err- ' ■ I 
• erv In rhirf» of Kturnr » rinrdiifv Mr. 
Kenner liad li\rii ai <•:!■ :,v.r!i. i^ j •. . 
eominc here from Kaixaa Citv. »h»ie ur- 
wax a memb"' of Slnlun Iid7» No lii ; 
Knlchta of Pylhla,«. Mr »«.< »rin» i:r:,. 
bar of th* lod^e decrrr tram, and brn .->■ 
^ Ms ^nnv aptMBranra vaa known to ht* I 
lilendf a* 'Kid" Kenner He «>.< • im.. 
ffUimr'-hr trad*. T*o aona and broUier ' 

' Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Marion Kates was killed.** 
Page 2 A: George Langdon died.** 
James Taylor Kenner died.** 
Mrs. Mary E. Dunham died.** 
Harvey J. Hunter died.** 
J. S. Losey died.** 
Mrs. Martha A. Roberts died.** 
Mrs. Elizabeth Coffland died.** 
T. F. Barton died.** 

There is an item about Mrs. Fannie Swayne who attended Lincoln's funeral.** 
Page IC: There are seven sets of twins in highschool: 
Adeline and Catherine Renshaw, aged 16 
Margaret and Martha Bruner, aged 1 5 
Neva and Eva Justice, aged 1 7 
Marie and Marian Frickett, aged 1 8 
Elmer and Edna Sloan, aged 1 7 
Neva and Nova Holmes, aged 16 
Donald and Dorothy Boyt, aged 1 7 
Page 2C: The Ellis family held a reunion at Mountain Grove. There were 53 members 
in attendance including Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ellis and three sons and Mr. Ellis' father W. E. Ellis 

Page 6C: A monument was erected in Grant Beach park on which are inscribed the 
names of the 65 Springfield men who died in the World war. The article lists them. 

Mrm. Swayne 


Tbe blttory oT Uw 'fonfathen of 
ISx*. numle Swayne, 874 South ave- 
nue, has been pronounced as among 
tbe moat InteretUng erer ffled with 
the American Daughters of the Rev- 
olnUoii. Mn^ Swayne recently re- 
ceived A letter from thiit organiza- 
ttonsli national office enthusiastic- 
ally oommenting upon the data that 
has been compiled about her fam- 

Mrs. Swayne will be »0 years of 
age In March. She is the grand- 

daughter of a Revolutionary soldier. 
John Hutt, who built the first brick 
house in Chllllcothe. Mo. Her moth- 
er. Mrs. Kate Hutt Robinson, Is 
buried in Kansas City and was hon- 
ored by the Daughters of the Amer- 
ican- Revolution who dedicated a 
memorial at her grave because she 
was a daughter of a Revolutionary 

Mrs. Swayne has lived In Spring- 
field since 1890 and la one of the 
oldest members of the Grace Meth- 
odist church. 

IfflOPft '''sl^'no Weapon, to Father ipg 

TaHMTT)>o1fdh Child's Head; Fails 
To Regain Consciousness 

A' SMALL ralibrr rifir piflcrd In srrn a rabbit, hr «ald. and *hf next 
I the unsteady hands of a 10- 1" *»«» •«»• «" *"<* M^™* *"| 

lye*rH>ld farm boy yesterday after- Mf*°«*" ' j'?**.~uV* w*T**^ V 

■ tinv hiilirt hole In hir head Juyt 

noon rrfiiilird in the lat^il . ,. , ,. 

, above the left eye. 

j shooting of the Utin 3-year-oId i Edward screamed for help, and 
brother, Marlon Kates, son of Mr. • his parents came, bundled the boy 
and Mrs. Marvin Kates, whose farm Into their car and drove as fast as 

I home b three miles from Bolivar. ' they could to the office of Dr. D 
Marion was shot through the E- Hammonirce at Boiivar. Dr. 
head by a .23 calibre bullet when ' Wilbur Smith was summoned from ■ 
he ran after h\x older brother, Ert- .SprlnsflrH and he performed a' 
ward, who was taking the rlflc to h jrricd operation to remove the. 
his father in a> field near their,' bullet from Marlon's brain. He ' 
home. Just how the tragedy hap- found the leaden pellet had ranged 
pened. no one knows, because there downward and gone nearly through^ 
were no eye witnesses and the boy ll^g ^^y-^ fifj^fi j 

who acddenUlly shot his brother' The lad died at 9;30 Saturday 

• was so shocked and frightened that niRht without having regained con- • 
lie could not remember dearly what sciousness. The ope^tlon waa per- 1 
occurred. One minute he was Uk- formed at Doctw Hammontrees 
Ing the gun to his father, who had I office. i 

■ -■■ " ' ''"'' I 

gggMrjr R«b»»u. ,. ,^ „ her home tt 

>&2'Li?!l.°i^.. ''""•'"• <" Crane Vu- 
llgnae^hWM. »»h Intemeat in Pan>e 

KUZABcm corruuvD 
. trrkm tor Mrs. Disabetb 0©ff- 

1, ■•. of the -'''fTfon ivenue ro«»1 

W JmM thu afterDoon at r.tO o'clock 

,__JI««»ira afMrtaarir.- followed hr Inter- 

['#MII| ia Hatelwood <-»m»tery. Two •oni' 

.daitahtrrs aurTivr. 


T r. BAKTOM ^ 

ttrrir** for T. F. Bart«D. «» 
■M •♦»»» at'einoon tl I o'clock ei 
IW •* Vo^'->ry'T ».oire. follower' 
\f/9 tBtermetit tn Maple Park reinel«r\ 
|aniipMir*a4 four aoni aod i«o daufh 

Miss Sybil Reed : 
Becomes Bride 
Of Mr. Utiger 

rpHE murruge otMlM Sybil lUra!^ 
*- d»u«iht*r of Mr. tnd Mm. ChtrXr* 
Refd, 1205 North Broadway nvrniir. 
10 Mr. Rrudy Utiger. •on of Mr. «nrt 
Mr«. D«nl*l B. Utm«r of Shermnn.- 
Texno. «ni« noU-mnlred Kt the home 
of the brlc1r-» pnrentii st « 30 oTlork 
li.«t evpninp. The room w«^ d'"'^" 
rt.ted with art baskeU of pink and , 
whlt« chrysanihemuma and the vows 
were rend l>efore an improvised \ 
altnr of pink niid white flowrrs and 
I ferns. I 

' The Reverend H. A. Wood of Camp- 
' boil Street MclliiKlMl church was 
itlic offlcliiltng minister. Miss Geneva, 
I Wood pinyed l^onhenitrlena "Wed- 
uliig Murcli" BH t'le bridal party en- 
tered the room and played softly 
ihroughotil the ceremony. Miss Dor- 
othy Miller wax maid of honor 
and Mm. Cileii While »a« bet man. ^ 

T1>r hrlile woip a !<• mi-.: Itr; 

l.mrine l)liir rrtpe enprnible and rar- 
rlrd a brides honqiirf of prT-li 

r II. r ,r'<-n(! nr M - '■: ' " 

Willi- a hraullliil drr.^-s of de l.-.nn . 
blue irrpr and rnrri'd hr ;'''■•> 
iosr«. Alter the rpremony a weddiiiK 
dinner »a<: .vrved to rrU'lves and 
.nilmnle friends of the >oiini; couple 
Immediately •f'*''" •he dinner tli'; 
voiint? .onple left for'a short trip to 
Texas and will be at home here after 
two meeka. 

Miss Reed H a Kraduate of Senior 
Illph .s< hool liTr She was a member 
Of the drum corps and the O. L. S. 




- 8ftty-nve name* »re enKr«Ved 
tht ainument at which th« «ervlce! 
vUl b* given nX Grant Bf*ch p«rK- 
Ji name, ol Bprlnglleld boy. «ncl 
^n ♦ho m»d« the supreme Mu-rtflcp 
The last l!>''< »"'"i* 

h;>\e hceii init 


•iSii by the BulneM and Profes- { 
trSr women-, club, the K.wanl., 

KnlghU of Colurobu*. 

Rotan- cltib. HHd Li.Uer 

"in Men»oi;y ot the Men 

Died In Service 

lor the Cati.M.- 



Bprlngfleld »ho 
the World War 

-.Th« name* or 
W. A. Andtrao* 
t. Atkins 

r. BalUnter 

Boekhorst, Jr. 



M. BrowB 

C. Bulriek 


R ConkUn 
,. J. Dake 

m?-*. Day 

A Braydrn 

Lionw ; 

',' ^ 

theae men are: 
O. McPhersoCi 





!o. Oafner 


tU-B. Crafta« 

t. w. HalnllB* 
llir.'U. HanaaB 

W. E. Hay ward 

W. Hoyle 

E. r. Irby 

R, W. Jay 

J. W. Jewen 
M. 1- Jone* 
4>i< B. /KermKK 

R t.«Tnbb 

I l.tle 

C. H. Martin 
H N. Martin 
C. D. Mayera 

C. R Muei: 
T. T. Nee 
A. O'Brien 
J. H Palmer 
M F Pa'iernon 

D. P^ealt 
C. Pvle« 

•p. E. Hirhard«oB 
.J. A. RobmnoD 
j^..<-»^iL.8at;er«nn, Jr 
J Hr,'\rr 
fiiiMf Her 
A hrot ; 
F. .S .I'ldan 
t S.,..;bb 


, w.' 







; .:i.:i.0ns 
V i..'.er. Jr. 


J w.Mby 
Charley Brock 
Paul 8 KlMlnt'^ivorth 
C. T. Fli)dla\ 


Gerhard Dahlman. 29. Billing*, 
and Miss Paula ZtU 73. Spring- , 
field. . 

Ray R. Vinson. 29. and Mlsa Ix>l« 
Vlvlail Wlnkleblack. 23. both of 
Sprlngfteld. - "= * ' 

Reudy A. Utiger. 21. and Miss Sy- ^ 
bll Vllette Reld. 19. twth of Sprtng- 
' field. 

I Ernest Lattemcr. 25. Sprlnirfleld. 
' and Miss Nina Samuel. 18. Gallo- 

I way. 

Knox Wllaon. 29. FayetUville. 

' Ark., and Miss Lewellen. ; 
Battlefield. Mo., married at the 
Greene cotii.ty by the 

I Reverend A. J. McClung. pastor of 

iifciiiiMi ifii. 


, _-,;--- aetTieet lor Oc«rf« Lanfdon. W. 

'•f WfWeai Plni street, will be held Mon- 
day afternoon at the Fir.M SplntuahM 
Ctaueh. foUoved by interment In East 
Lawn^rv in ehsrse ot the Alms 

l/^>-rT>rT»- - • • -. . . , ;: t 

•vmnd bi tua vUa. 



ruB^ra! "■:■ ..r- for .' ■ri\lor Ken- 
Btr. to. a 111 be held at 2 )0 o clock this 
•narueua at the Pythian home, folloved ' 
br imarmcRt m Harrl«ood cemetery in 
cfaarg* 9t Starne'a monuarr. Two tens ' 
'•At • brotbar tomre. | 

Calvary Presbyterian church. 


ral a«rTie«s for Mrs Marv E Dan- 

haa. n, of eiO west state street, srill 
ba add this afternoon at } 30 o'clock 
at the Alir.s L'.!. : f:.rr Jv:r.»'al home, lol- 
levad by burial in Maple Park cemetery ' 
Thrc« sons and four daufhters and a I 



II«B%I.1' J. nt-NTEB 

I •»••.-.- 'or Hirvpy J. Hunt»r. 
died >n a hoip:tal here Sttarday 
«lll h» t»!<l th!i •ftfrnoon it 
• I t!i» H»rm»n H. Lohrnfyft 
trlUi tiM R«v«rciid VMHiUii 
="lt«B«f1»M '>f f"' Paul" M'thodl"! 
Cburch. South. ottic.*Uti«. interment «IU 
ff >■ iMjrT in Hazrivood eemeterr. Mr. 
y«* a r »a »tir»1vr»l br two brother*. H. C 
Haaler of 81. Louit. and H. D. Hunter of 


J. 8. LOSCT 

aprvtcfi Jr J 8 LoMT. M 

( •! ••• Kart Madi^nr ert. mho dUd 8at- 

g*"*'fL.'P2'?*V- *'" ^«'<1 ""» afurnoon 
'!*> &cUtek at t^^e Oraee M r church 
ehanrc of *hr S'.amc'f mortuarf . Inter- 
j ntcnt win take '.lare In Orrrn Lawn temt- 
I tmry. Mr Loarjr Ia survived bjr hli wife- 
two aerM. C W Loser of •,T3 North Ml«- < 
,;^««1 •2?^«»« •«><1 Virell Losey of Bern- I 
t^Io. oUa r one daut:>»»er. Mri beta , 
• Vrrl*klna- four brother*, n \v and C H 
l«aay of Cutbtnc. OkU - P. D. LoKev of • 
■brarapo rt la and J W Lo«eT of Little | 
Pork A-|r »f • •. •■•"■' \f:. n,i!, m,,, 
ul Unions J^i. Ml' 

Page 1: Archie Freeman was killed.** 
Page 2: George Langdon died.** 

Mrs. Martha A. Roberts died.** ..«„„«i -ith th« 

He WM »ble to converM wun «• 
other thr«» K» iome «rt«nt but th«- 
KTCsUr part of Uio tlmo b» ipent 
preytngr. they «1d. R««trlcted In 
movement themaelvei. they could 
do nothing to aid him. The iMt 
wordi Jje wM heard to Mf wen, 
•Well. I'm dying, boys." 



CLOW death by atrangulatlon waa 
the fate of Archie Freeman. 21, 
non of Mr. and Mrs. Danlet Ttte- 
man who live 10 mUea aogthneet of 
WIHow Springs, early Sonday 
morning after the Ford roadcter In 
wtaldi he and three other yoattaa 

were riding overturned iotd m thtM . 
it ditch, pljinlng the qvAtM 

The tragedy occurred fonr<ltf . 
eMt;.ef Willow Springs «& lilgli- 
way 60 aa the boya ware «a 
their way to a dance at Button 
Valley. The oth<r thrc« wetv^lMir- 
Cllnton. who miffered a.brakm 
•houlder. Fred CoUlna and~a youth 

ttaaied TumtoulL 

4 -♦ 

nusoNKM SIX Boraf. ■■ i 

0C- tb# °oeeiqMBt4 
ofiUl 6 o'elode . . 

A part of the ear wia litaff ca 
the neck and face of yeanr Ftm- 
man In euch a way that b* was 
ab!e to breathe only with the great- 
est effort. Re lived for aSout two 
hours after the automobile eraabed. 
bito the ditch, his comrianlons esti- 

Tumbull. who owned the car and 
was driving, said he loat control 
after he. had been blinded by the 
llshts of a westward bound n»- 
phln^ HI* own vehicle careened on 
I the newly graveUed road, then 
crashed Into the ditch at the l eft 
side of the highway and ovettomed. 
None of the occupants, packed 
closely together, had a chance to 
jucp clear. 

The death car came to rest with 
its llghU still burning and shlnlnc 

directly across -the highway. Tha 
survivors said they heard 10 or 15 
machines pass during the night. 
Had any of thr flr.'t motorists p».<s- 
Inc stopped and given aid. Free- 
man's life might have been saved- 

The body of Freeman was taken 
, In an ambulance to the T. R. Bums 
Undertaking company parlors at 
Willow Springs, where it was ih*- 
pared for burlaL Funeral arrauge- 
ments last night were Incomi^^ . 

Medical attention was given Clin- 
ton at the olflce of Dr. J. C. B. 
Davis In WlDow Springs. OaUhu 
and Tumbull were found virtually 
unhurt after their harrowing ex- 

All four of the youths U>f d In the 
same nelghtxurbosd southwest of 
Wll'— Springs. 




Funeral Mrvices for Ororce Langdon. 83. 
of 797 West Sim street, will be held at 3 
o'clock UiU afternoon In the Flrxt Spirlt- 

uml!i»t church Biirinl will h^ In Kn^llnwn 
ccmfiTT under direction of thp AlniR Loh- 
mf.Vfr lunrral home. Mr. Langdon, who 
died Saturday, U survived by bis wife. 

Funeral ■enrlces for Mrs. Martha A. 
Roberts. 79. widow of Peter W. Roberts, 
who died at her home. 813 Klrkapoo avr- 
nne Saturday afternoon, will t>e lield at 
2 o'clock this afternoon In the Alma Loh- 
nieyer funeral home. Burial will be In 
Payne cemetery. 12 mlle.i south of the 
c)»y Mrs Robert ^ l5 .Mirvlved by a Ron. 
J. J. SoberlA of Springlield; a (laugt,..t:i. 
Mrn L. D Ronrl: of Tfnne^^ee nnrt • 
brother, John A. Williams ot Crane. Mo. 


Page 1 : A marker listing the 65 men who died in the World War was erected in Grant 
Beach park. 

W.V. Rook was killed.** 

Page 4: Archie Freeman was killed.** 

Page 10: William B. Willson died.** [Willison] 

Page 12: Two marriages announced.** 

Miss Lois Vivian Winkleblack and Mr. Roy Radford Vinson were married.** 
Miss Pauline Ziegler and Mr. Gerhard Dahlmann were married.** 

Page 14: Edward Flewellen died.** 

ll tl.n n^rmlw.r of .h. 7.m, T,u .Mrh* »"r«r!.». Mr. HMI.nrt 1. 

Tm.,, ". ^: l-.'^- -un... .r;,. .■...:. -Mr. ..ui .Mr*. .r* .11 

l^home «t T&8 Kn'it Wwlnut strrn, . ,.j — " "j 

. •■w^, rteweWen. 47. died fttadty nitht 
at 11 d'eleoti ai hl» rttidanee. 7U Norfch 
xUlMffMa. runerat arTannawne are tff. 
Travieie *«» •!" ^ undar the <1»r»rfl«n 

of uir CMmph*"!! Cnrtrrlwliinc roirpnin 
Eurfha loda* «o. S» A. f. and A. M- w»U 
off Jlatf. n» »< Mirrtvfrt by hl« wlfr Mrs^ . 
Mmv n^^fllen. ti tho home artdreM. "nd , 
br hl» Ulhff. Tolb«ri riawrilen, o(vy«o-. 

■Church Wedding 

An InlormM ni»m»je '^"^•*f!!|' 

htr« Fv." v;\'f\ 

V rrn Mi'« 

♦— -— et Mr. 0«rlunl n 

Wll.l l\M B. Mil l-<»N ._ , 

•!•,. h.HU .r WlUlKiii H \Vi!.-..M •> »•■•• 


rumbw- "f rrUttTf* m«1 ttira0a of 

, ihr young eoup>. ____ 

I Immwltltrely folI««rlne \*t* ""^ 

' r,.„v Mr. n'l Mr* P»alrr-i:-i Irf f'-f 

•;. « V..;; (•••■. ••h<"* •V.rv i.r» '9 

,all for Europe DermbT 12. Aftrr 

lh» trip nbrowl tb» jwint ©nupU will 

'i.f.irn 'o tr.nV* thr'.r V:-:Tf ^'■Tn» -Tl 

|l<Ullnr>- ' 

I -i— ■ 


W. V. Rook, Former Conway 

Minitter^veillystsry : 

in Death - 


Residents of Vicinity Tell of 
Strange Conduct Before*' 


Hu bcMl pterotdhv 
let. W. V. Rook. 
llelMrt-LN Tto < 
n»ld and (orra^ly « mlnlwir •! 
Ooowajr. Mo« «»■ ttuta «m4 ■* U 
o^oloek una noraUw taVH4h • 
rrXneo tiiIIwkt tmtlv near MichvMy 
11. b^twr^n r»lr Plajr and OiA* 
nrtaD <n Totk conutr. 

Pnik oountr otndtU wen buqr 
I thit afternoon att^rrpttnc to ua- : 
laniilr thr myKtery of )it« <l«aUi. and ' 
' Cornnrr R B. Huicheton o( BoUrar 
I iMmctf convtnccd Ui»l murdw u>4 ' 
' not milctd* vui prova tho 
I T\\f body *ti (Sincovered by 
I Harmon, lamer of tba Bel«bbor« 
hood, who »a« drtTtn* by on Hl(br 
l«*y u. Bottead Iloakra aten«Ha« 
1 Btftf coupe be»4e tha road and tliaB 
laaV-ttM tonn o( Um imk «a«»> 

■tonng aipur^o tha «iitt" 

' *t*i Ratnlto. wtMA to w« «« 

tMMty and went u> '"— *hb»i. (aund 


tatalned. Tlirra < 
Jon Mr. Rook's bands, 
libella arera In Um nm^htr. »'*>— ftl* 
.onix one i 

mnn> head ihtna-ed no powder kuna> '' 
ilDdioatlng le Mr. Hutftwann. ttmi 
Icoroner. UmI to AM sol fin ««» 1 
ibuUel hlmMlf. 

wera fouii4 V in mean, wMeh 
jtaemad to ratala Uia MiasnrlliBkte 

had been killed and robbed bf 


j Wcaarstnnla 

I A decorative kiwb on Ito atwihi g 
wheel of Rook's car «■«« found brok- 
en, wtth btai of M mttarad «ct Um 

tnnor of the coupe. Indlratlng thera 
mnv havr bren a itninl In th car. 

, The body WM IdaaUftad taaUy iT 

|papers (ouad amoor ttn 

tondncsL Ho waa waO tiwara In Ito 
'nrichborhood. havtac bMn sasUotMd 

al HuniaarrtUa as a Mifar for tto 
Uto tDmptaf tar asaa iH w uo n m ' 
' tnreirtlnttnc ft»e theory 

Rook may nave otrn uura 
'iraatpa. M^. 


tM said, lata today or tarty tasnor- 

Hir. Raok la aaM «» to 
by a sen wh« Is tnplora^ tn a 
Bprlfflala drug start. 



I Ronk wts nnUeM parted aJotM 
beude Uie hj(tia-a; iast niciiu act- 
I'inr etranceiy and roumMiac aboitf 
Ja "daad" surter motor. 

Claud Manuell. a farmrr vlto ll««s 
1 not far awsy. uiked wltu ijinv 
' brought some hot eoffre to him aad 
'»enl tn a call to the C A. Oallfaa 
C'mer »t ralr Dsr Oi«::\ar fame. 
tnnueht Rook »«.« in:cx:catf<i. and 
want bark tfif^frnar.' 

Wamaa Bean Sbals 

Mrs. ual CaoiiMI. fam wmmu 

,»to.a tona tt amaa tto h^hwar 

near the soeno of tto stootlK. 

labQui • •'Mook ir»^wiili^ » it-rt 

't%o shota and ttoa a«v mmnl msa 





Caught' Beneath Wreckaqe. 
Youth Lives for Two Hours 
. jefore Death 

AtOOB Vtmaaa, at. nt oCMr. 
ud Mn. iDuW FrMmaB. «ti0 !>««• 
10 mllca Muthwtrt of WlUov 
Sprteft. wuOeai today m Um le- 

sult of belnfi slowly »tjangled e*ro 
SumUy monilnc •• tta* Ikjad pin- 
ned beneath «n orertumcd auto- 

Thrf* cpmpanlcn? were ;-.r:p>ii 
to aid Fie^inan u tbcr tbemMhrc* 
were held pileun e i e bt tiM ear. 
"Dub" Clinton susUlned a broken 
■boulder, and rnd OoIHni and a 

- ' ^ aU reetdenta 

of the samr vicinity, were bruised. 
Drlax. Talk to rika de 
Tba accident uw-uii e d between 
11:30 and 1 o'eloek Batardar nlfht. 
but wa« not discovered until day- 
Ucht. Sunday momlnc. Freeman 
had talked to his companions, ihey 
said, for about two hours after the 
trash, until he lapsed Into uncon- 
sctouenwa with the wonK "Well. 
rm dylnc. boys." 

Tumbull, who owned the ear and 
was drlrlnt. said that he was 
bliiulrti by l!.f l.KliVs ..: .>;• «','• 
pronclilng »ulomoblle i«s li«- <!riive 
eaat on the hl«hway about four 
otllM east of WUlow Sprints. HI* 
own ear tkldded in the looee gravel 
and then crashed Into the ditch on 
tha left side of tho road and orer- 

SfTfrml ran Pi»s 
The TumbuU car rerted with Usi 
UchU etui burning andbeadadj 
acroae the road. The auivlioca lald | 
they heard leTeral automobUea paa* i 
during Uie nlghL U the earlier drlr- 
ers had stopped. It 1» beUeA-eU ih-f 
could h«vc saved Freeman s lifi- 

.^ piiii (if lln licaLh car. a Furc! 
roadster, rested on the face and 
neck of Freeman, so be could 
biratho u!ily alth great dirt;c-'..;;.v 
Were on Way to Dane* 

Tlie four were on their wmv ;o h 
dance at Hutton Valley »hf;. 
accident occurred. Clinton vas 
treated for his Injuries Sunday 
morning by Dr. J. C. B. Dati!> at 
Willow Sprlntr* CoIIlP' «-;! r>a\:.- 
were (oand unhurt. 

iiM r. B. Bona Omih* 
eotnpaoy at WIDov fl^prtnga hi 
charge of funeral arrangements for 


A pieity rhurch «»rtflinf » a» »it- 
neMTd y*««er<lfT morning a g oYloe* 

.t th«< Rf.bNrr-r.-. Arenu* Hup'!"'. 

ehuf«h when jiiss Lots Vimn Winklo- 
blark.beeam* the bride of Ui. Boy 
nudfnrd Vln»nn. 1 ne miae u il-e^ 
r1ii.:rhirr of Mr .r-f M'^ 0<">rr' riO tK l/^.f tit". 

The ehurtib was beautifully doeo- | 
rated with ferns snd yellow' and ' 
whit* rhrT«»n'hrmi!m« •ri'l »«.« 
li«hie«1 br ranrtlea The brlrte en'er- 
ed tna rnurch on tna arm of her 
father who ga»e bee in marriage. 8bo 
was attended by Un. Omar H. Sim- 
mons, maw of iiooor, llttla Myradal 
Vinson and Charles Kmmet Vlnsoa. 
niece snd nephew of the brtdectoom. ' 
mtt4 ring be^n. Mr. Omar H. SUn- 
mons attended Mr. Vlnaon aa lieet 
n.nn T)i» t"''*™; ra-'v llT'^'•'>■>'■^<-^ 
ir.e M.trtr to ir.r .« ..i.:.* ••: '-..• i. !.'...•. 

cbotua from Lohengnn. The Rever- 
end Mr. Oeorge O. Van Hoy rewl thoj 
double Hng ceremony. 

Um' Oeonte O. Vsn Knr ssng "I 
Love You Truly." preteding the cere- | 
ninnv She »«" •c-mmP'tiiert hv Mr* 
Pn.t' n'nv'*^'\. •»•■'• »'*-' p*'*.''* ■■'■ 
»rrt.i!n(E iiiM*.'- .^l.»« r'<i.i:r.e Bryu:'.' 
played "Ai Osvnin: ' •oftly on the ' 
violin durine the ceremonT Men- ■ 
rteliu«ohn'« we<1«1lne marrh *•» played • 
for iho rere««lon«0. 

Thr hrlrte w^rf * f"-!:* h'."e tr«n«- 
p.i:«tir \r:rr' «;V. ■■>■'■- tt- ■: ' ' 
ii»« Ri.rt r»rr.«v". »»:'.i« -r* •o«/'« 
Mr* Simmnna more black chiffon and 

Mr. Kenneth B IdMif. Mr. Hixn»r 
T Brown, and Mr. VIrctI Hartley were 


Page 4: Miss Mary Dalrymple and Mr. Fred Hutchison were married.** 
Page 12: W. V. Rook died.** 

Mrs. Jane Rice died.** 

William B.Willison died.** 


Investigation Reveals His Own , 
Thumb Print on Revolver 
found by Body; Inquest I 
Planned Today I 

Claser investigation of thr drath 
Of W. V. Rook. U. buyer or the 
Hobart-Lee Tie company of Spring- 
field, wha«« body wax found between 
Fair Play and Duniiegan yesterday 
with his head pierced by a pistol 
bullet, last night led officers to be- 
lieved he had kUled hlnuelf. 

First investigations had caused 
Polk county officers to believe that 
Rook, who formerly was a minister 
at C:k>nway. Mo., had been murdered'. 
Tht^body watf^found yesterday 
mornlnir *" beneath! a Prlaco railway 
trestle near Hlgti]g|j^l3. 

Although the mm Is yet aome- 
what of a mystefy. Coroner 8. B. 
Muteheson of B<dt^r said last night 
that new clues pointed to suicide. 



♦ ♦ 

Among the new ^lues which Indi- 
cated self-destruction Is the dis- 
covery of the dead man's right 
thumb print on the 38-callbre revol- 
ver which wa.'< found near his body. 
In the Klin wrrr two empty shells. 
Examination of Rook's head showed 
that his hair was singed, thus indi- 
cating that the shot which killed 
him was discharged close to his 

The lliunib print \va.<; fom-.d by H 
D. Linker, Springfield private detec- 

However, It was difficult for offi- 
cers to explain how the revolver re- 
ceived iU blood sUlns while there 
was no blood on Rook's hands. 
A statement of Mn. Ada Rook, of 

, Sprincficld. the man's divorced wife. 

I also led officers to believe be had 
been contemplating suicide for sev- 

I eral days. She said that when she 

• saw him last, about 10 days ago, he 
told her "you may never see me 
again." Among papers in his pos- 
session was found a will made early 

last month. 



I Friends and relatives were unable j 

' ta give any reason why Rook should ' 

I take his own life, officers said. : 

Belief that Rook had been muT> ! 

dered arose from statement of Mn. 

Matt Campbell, farm woman whose 
j home Is across tha highway near 

the scene of the shooting, that she 
I had heard two .shots about 9 o'clock 
I yesterday morning and then saw 

several men mo\ ing away to the 


Failure of bloodhounds summoned 
from Springfield to pick up the trail 
of the men. however, caused offi- 
cers fo believe that the suicide the- 
ory was more probable than mur- 

Coroner Hutcheson will hftld 
coroners inquest this afternoon. 
Plans were being made by relatives 
to hold funeral services for Rook 
In Springfield probably Wednesday. 

Mr. Rook was well known in the 
Polk county neighborhood. He had 
been stetloned at Humansvllle for' 
several months as a buyer for the: 
tie company. | 



h/Laysita J^eyer, 



A WXDOtNO Of liit«TMt to mem- 
- bm ccniw younfur crowd «m 
tlwt,otJI>M.MayetU B^«r..<Uucbter 
dC :>C&taii4 ! lCra> rranfc jb«y«n to Mr. 
ObUl* Hetluii^ aon efl Vr. Cbutafe' 
HoUaad, which wm •nnouncrd jrcs- 
tMday., ^ ^ , , |. ^ _ 

f TIM .wvddinc.waa ,«9lipBlat<|, Wftf-^ 
ncsday •▼enlor. October SO. at th* 
home or the Reverend Paul Talbot. 
HiM Uuy Daliyiopla :^aa maid of 
honor and Mr. rred Hinchlnaon was 
best roan. Mr. and Mra. Holland are 
at home (or tha preacn^ at 758 East 
Walnut itreet. ^ 

Beth Mr. and Mra. SloUand are 
popular members of Die younger 
crowd here. Mta. Bella^li la a mem- 
ber o( the Alpha Tau WhX and the 
ZeU t;*,^ Alp^ aonrltA. Mr. Hoi- 
laad Is a memWr of th^wlta Sigma 
fraumlty.' • ' 




" w , *""• ■'*'*" «»CE 

Mrs Janr Rice, »l. difd at 10 o'clock 

yetterdar morning In her home on rural 

route 2. out of Rogersvillp. followlnr • 

pcMracted lllneu. She l» survived by one 

^on. L W. Rice. o( the home addretii. 

Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock 

^ilus altenioon In the J^dson cemetery 

• near Roxersville. followed by Interment 

I under direction of the Alma Lotimeyer 

I fune ritl .home. . Mrs. Rice •. husband was 

I killed in action durlnf ,fhe Clyli ,«ar. 


I Tha body of Wtlllam n -Willsen. 79. 

i »hrt died here Baturdar afferr->on. w;ll 
►>• v»n' ihM motninp in Kn>-hkonoiic. Mr. 

' tnr burial under dtrectinn of W L. 6<arn' 
Hr WtlUon l5 «iirvMfrt bv one non, Joseph 

1 O. \^lll»on. and two iraodsooa. 

Mr. Hutchison, 



Its. ciyuuxs H. DAumiPtK. 

lOU Mt Walnut strMt. baa an- 
BouoMd tba Bianrtaca «f b«r daocb* 
tcr, Mary, to Ut. TnA KutchUoa, md 
of Mra Oamdaa B. RutehlMa. UOO 
South namoat avanaa. Hia aoarrlac* 
waa pcffomad Kortmbar 1 and was 
kapt °*er«C'«titn yMtarday. 

Tba TOW* vera rtad at tba bocM o( 
th« RcTcreiMl Ux. Paul Talbot. Mr. 
and Mrs. Huteblsoo wera attandcd 
by Mr. and Mrs. Collie Holland. 


Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 

W. V. Rook committed suicide.** 
Page 2: Mrs. Jane Rice died.** 

William B.Wiliison died.** 

Charles Chappell died.** 

Son bom November 1 1 in Springfield to Mr. and Mrs. Hardie King of Clever. 
Page 5: There is an article about T. H. B. Dunnegan of Bolivar.** 
Page 6: There is a photo of and an article about Tom Watkins, Sr., and Tom Watkins, 
Jr., both of the Citizens Bank. 

'■ <» l > ' t" ' '■jfet» »- V 

Tounder of Bolivar Bank 
Still Hard Worker at 88 

: Oldest Active President in; 
State Gets to Work at 8:30 

^ Every Morning and Keeps 
Busy at Office Work Un- 


ilrk tav^lk* LHtHtr 

R, No. lar-I 

BOLIVAR, No. ^^Probably the 
oldest active bank prealdcnt In the 
stste. T. H B. utinneRnn. colorful 
.iiul picMiii Mjiif Civil wni \rtrraii. i.\ 
, iLsing mill) the clili'krn.t In hU 
elehty-elRhlh year. arrlvlnR at work 
:.,. <; '0 ... ;i.i ii,o.t.;!ik. ;i:.f1 '.^Mik-' 
:: f ■:i:;:! ^ r\rry nflrrno^n fiMnn'-- 
isaii U prrsldcnt of the Polk county 
bank. here.. 

Not only 1.^ he still the active 
prestdenl of his bank, but Dunne- 
Ran. with two other men. founded 
the bank In 1872. and .Mnrr 1R16 he i 
has been actively in control of the 
larRrst banking Institution In Polk 
. county. 

.«er»fd In Border Troop 

AlUiouRh hi" pniciils .m-J.x. ih 

B. PnnneRan 

' Polk county In 1833, Mr. Dunncpxn 

w«s bom In Lawrnicc coiiniy on 

I April 1, 1842. where hU family had 

' inovrd /or n Uni<>. Tlirv rrtiiriicfl 

ho Bolivar before the Civil war, how- 

f^^vrr. and when the conflict brtran. 

nunnrKnn enlisted In tlir FIkIiHi 

^ MUmurl ca\-alry. which did active 

border dtilv ihroiitfhniit the war. 

■ We (.pen! mnsl of our lime In 

j-norttaem Arkanaw and the Indian 

I laiTlUiry, althouirh we eveiv went aa 

'ft' >.nirfh H": !he ^rxn< horiirr 'ov- 

tiul liiiirs i:. dur j>.i.':>u: <jI imxi 

t InrtUuu.' " . Mid Dimncgan, as he 

, recalled the old dnyx. 

Hnrn Oat Fint Parthem 
' "Whrn the war was over. I re- 
I'lrnrrl lo Bolivar, and wriil ;ii bi;M- 
j nets wltb mj uncle. runiiiiiK a Km- 
Vrnl iitore hrrr " h"" riMiliii.f'l "I 
ronlractrd malaria wIim- I w .s ;n 
itbe Arkanaai awanips, the only %rn- 
' ouB IIIncM T have ever had and al- 
UiouiitV'i~tfafliiKht I waA- cAtnR to 
die. I soon became well when i re-.J 
tamed- hen jt9 the high ftttltud*.;;. 
In 187J;,J, A, Tolfrce and J, BH 
KiIm'v fiiiiir t'l r.'Olvnr from the' 
least aiul wilh Duuik r,rpriiil7r-l ' 
llir Tolfree-Duiinrcan coinparr. »he ' 
prcdeccMnr ol the P'llk county ^ 
bank. Dunnecnn l>oiiqhl ihem both^ 
.out III IK76, Biul lia- .iiKi. Ixf n ar- 
I tive prealdent of the bank. The bank , 
I waa incorporated in 1891. and j 
Piinnrcan's r.»'n1r nn« InroriwirairtJ 

II I nl ... II' .■ . . 

farms m Polk county and coiiMdtr- 
" ab!r proprrtv in Roll'-a' 

Oire< Park to Bnlirar 

T. H. B^'ii 
_ ^ J«bn. are ioteresled In the 
nit Tim.' while htf Httinift w. our ' 
Q Mr \Uu\el Is cMhier. 
• The old'T l)>".i.i.ppan i"- X'.i Mciii 

:tVtk county, ann w ptwtid tnilt he ' 
li^'f*- *"- 'I'eal* teeth, and that^ 

3f "^ffij:* 

Behind Roadside 
Shooting Mystery 


j Ml&s Bethel Luclle Woodley. a4, both 
I Of Atoka. Okla. ; ' - 

Walter P. Croxler. 36. Sprinsfleld. 
»nd M\si Harel M. WalL-;. 23. DmIIm. 
i Texa.s. 

^^Ur. tad icn. Bardie Kinr or 
01«T«r •saoiinM th« birth of a aou. 
Jamea Hardly, at th« Sprlngfleld Bap« 
tteft hoepttal JfOTtmber 11. 


Worry orer a bonie divided by rtl-, 
v<orM after 90 yean of comparativ*! 

i trMiqtiUlty today was beltevrd by, 

, Polk county Inve.^tlRators to have . 
rauMd W. V. Rook. hh. buyer for the I 
Hf^harf-L/T Ti»- rnnipTiv "f .'■-'rvinc- 
fielri. to end hl.^ life yesterrl.Tv ninni- 

, inir under a Frl.^co railway bridge 
beiwrrn Fair Pinv and DunneMn. 

I Thought at fir»t i« present a mur- 

I der myster>', the deatJi of Rook ap- 
peared today. In the llphlpf a thor- 

loush tnve5tls«Untv to be a case of 
aulrldf. S. B. lluichc;on. coroner ati 
Bolivar, learned that Rock made a| 
vili Bt Humansvllle ou October 18; 
thif hr and his wife were divorced 
r'errnllr and that he told hl« wifej 
•y\v.\r \•i.^i;lt•lK her here a few davs' 
npo thnf f'hr probably would nevtr , 
ce hini aiive asain. Mr. Hutcheson ; 

jitald h" wR.'« Mtlsfled that Rook! 

conduct a .scheduled coronet s ui- 
j quest. ' 

Provides for Children 
Rook, a former minister at Con- 
tra y. Mo. left a will providing for 
rare of three younR children. 
Eugene. Wlmer and Dawrln. and | 
B.^klntc thai Mr. and Mrs. Lee! 
Larffent. wUh whom he had rornned i 
a* Humn:'!." •.•.'.> Ur- appoin"''d r'lar- 
{l:.T;i:- nf Hie rhi'.cirrn. H;s e»u;e 
should be tiseri the ^\\\ said rn rare 
for and educate the children tintU, 
the youngest becomes 18 j-ears of 
liBiaybeiaM to inir-j 
« home for them. X^Tnen the _ 
tl If 7C«rt old. Um wUIi 
tw divided! 

- ' I 
_. MaHemd • eoolrwiU | 

dated September 11 thi.» year, br- 
tvccn Hook and Mr*. Ada Rook, who 
TcoenUy ohumed a divorce from: 
hua. It provided for payment of. 
$30 • month to her lo support Daw- 

rui Book. . w , • 

RH k-ad plercd bv a pistol btil- 
let, flMk** body was found late ye«.- ^ 
undCT a PrUco 

;u F?i;i r:.i:.. ide Hich- 
Hto cmr. to which he had , 

Corouer Hiiichc»oii _ 
"h. Llnk^. private detective ; 
rf SpMr-Ji'Irt. ("Mfifl no^< ^ f'.nc r- 
prujti up<Mi a r«-vol\er found near 
•tt» body. The coroner was unable | 



to rxplain. hc^r^Tr. bo* bloodftains , 
lAl^iMMtf updB th« run but not upon i 
i|J|adead man* bands. 

Un. Mu\ Campbell. Urro j 
•Ho Vitt* near tiw scene, 
■he saw sereral men! 

jmUtuJi!'*^ '•** '^ ^**^ """^ *'^' i 
^HM^IlMtir yeaterday morning.) 

bJoodhoundj" brouBht from BpnnR- 
SieU were uoabdc to pick up a trail. 
l^ntUt nttbBt ^bmelUbeA the 
ntirder theory. 

Fun«»l arrtnjrments h»ve not 
been completed, but «er\lce« prob- 

_^ and burial «r!Il be under 
_^ ^ HutehcMD and Blue. 



In th« business snd ^ 
rIvJe sffslrs of Sprlnpflcld srf thr 
two Tom WstWns. 

T. :;. U'sUUns. 8r. is c*shlrr of the 

Cltlsens bsnk nnd bis "on. T. W. 

Watlilns^ known »s Tom. Jr.. f^ ss- 

, <t?;l,int r*Khirr of thr hnnk ThfV 

IlttKxr bii-:i B-.".. l.i'> ' '..i>*:'r 111 
business since dirrcll.» af ter^^he 
world war when Uic son returned i 
liomr ;<ftrr two ycnr.' of arfinlit-T.^' 
I ."lervlre. 

Mr.-Watkl:- :•- ! '■ •••' ■•' 
Pprlnsftrlfl .'.< ■•..: • w ...; - ;..' 
first 12 jrai.s he waj r.;c:iiccJ li> 
the KrocfO' basUirs.*-. Wlicn the 
riM?»>i\": hank »n«. orr.inir'"' in 1'"'? 

I.I b-iiili:r 


, Uinird lo .Spniiniirii; h'- •.•■•:;.••■.- V^'^ 
.<riir.« in the l.'nloit!i>i::i! b.ii.i:. . 
, He left hts work tlirrc to rr.'T the 

nrnty. siid ilirii rMuincd y> tlic 
I po.sUlon Willi his fnthcr. 

Mr. Wiitfcsii:. Sr . !•<-•<«■. n!i :((•••«• 

n'r I "^ ' iM nil t n .' •• ■♦.i' ''• 

•;ri\rfl "-.i?! ;r:ir-. nil tii" ^'!•' "'^ '■ ;' ' ! 

I>m:i| .1 ■■: rii'ic.l' ■ ■■ I : ■■' ) X .. :: 

ir, n nirnilMT. Thr'i- ol tri'vi; ;, '.r.'. 

tir wn- pfsiHrii' ;i!i-| I"" ■ .- ir '.".•■ 
, wss vice prcsidrnl. Hi."; business, ex- 
I perience has been valuable vo the ' 

board in the yarious projects, parti- ; 
Icularly Ujc bon^ Issues, that h.".- r 
, come before It. Ha also Is a member i 

of fhr Rnt.Trv r)::h. 

I 'yr !;ii.':.r .-i; : ■ ■■ ■ ■ •■ ■••'•. ■ ' 
f)f !!.<• Comiiirrcial f'.\.b .m.c n: 
ChaiiilxT of CoiiiniriT.e. J)i< v l)»'-i 
.si-i". r on niiii-.«TOi!- r'lr •:■•.:! l> .s ;•:■■- 
'ivjinted by \nrloii^ r'.v:c omnt''-'- 
•.■•r . '.. '..I'!.-:- ;.:,.-. --^ 

Sr . p;irl:riM:i'-;y lik'-' {>■■.•■■ 
ority on fi.'^hine in the Ozark... 


' IfeU. UMt BIOB* 
ransral sanrteM (or Mrs, Jan* Met. 
n. vtM Mwl Mwidar at bw mm at li«fl- 

erartUa. r««U l. ««r* bald tbl* aturooen 
it»-th» P u i > i* B — laataiy awr th«r«. toi- 

ot iba A)B<a 

lov»d by lataraNnt la ^ 
Lahmtyar taatral boMs. 

■on. U W. 

Rica, ef Iba boas addma. w">eM. Mri. 
BWa^afbaad was- ktiUtf ta. acttea dur- 
ia> <b» <ma war . . 


Tba bady •( WUUaoi ». WllUaoD. Tt. 

«a« aent to Kaabkaoanc. >*••. tbla mara- 

a t fw aa aiawta'a ^rt aar y fw-faoeral 

'iJrTicas and burial On* sob. Josaph D. 

' tlon, and has held that office since 

1 then. 

I Mr. Wntkln.». Jr. becninp Intrrr.M- 
I ed In bnnkltiK ihroiich his Intcrrst 
(In his fathar'a work. He wcnl'i 
' thr .•^priiitfl'^I'l ;.-li-x>?- p;v} 
.attended the Wrstcri: Mi.'imry 
«rhool near Rf. T.011I5. Aftor he ir- 


ChariM Ch«pp«ll. Jr.. IS-monlh-old ion 1 
a t Ur a n i l fir- ft*"'" nfc.^ .ii of route 
• 8prlD«(l«M. diad at ia:]a a'elock leday 
t\ 8t John* henpltal loUo*ln« a brief 

UtiifM H« H twn h ed ffi- addition to the 
parvBU by iwa bortbcrs. John an^l. M«r- 
Krt. and a suur. Mlldrad runeral wr- 
vlcr<< win b« fondu ftad at 1 o clock Wed- 

aaiday aflwaooa at «»• W*™" **|US^ 
maaral hama, with bnrlal t% Waa»«f 
eamatary aaar Oaark. _^__ 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 3: W. V. Rook died.** 
Page 10: Mrs. George H. Olendorf died.** 

Charles Chappeli, Jr., died.** 

William McKenna died.** 



OBOBOB H. otzuvonr 
H. OleiMlorl. 72, moibcr of 
idorf, prominent Sprlncdetd 
dt«d luddenJr mt her 

ftld Uit m(Uy nipht, ap- 
ytrotiT lit ftwwU licK.ii). iv> siKiiU me 
«rtpMr nt bar riorld* bomc. She cam* to 
•KlMfMd M t)«« tn 190S. The body wlU 
BnOTto •prtncn^M (ot burial under the 
lli««||Mt of ibt Alma Lohnieyer funeral 


'k Titottml •«r%lc«t lor CUarlu Chapptrll, 

i|r. U-«BBn«b'<}a MO of Mr. snd if ri. 

abbartM Obapp«ll of ftout« • Borlncficld. 
-h- i.:i _; :: ;, ...„.« Tattitf ftiur- 
•i • tmrilfil bare foUowtat » brief 
— \ k« lMi4 thia Afternoon at 
M^lb» BtniiAn H^ Lobmeyar 
«ttb barlal m Wearer 
Two brother* and 
til* povBta. 


»». « realdcnt of St. 

•fUmooo in • !»•• 

g 4 protracted tUnesa. 

t to Sfe '-Umla for 

>i<iK»en> la aurriTed 

or St. 

oKvoniL la m 


r A. Orozlfr, M. of Spriiut- 
id Mlu Haed M. WiUls. 23 , 
Texu: and Benjamin T 
36, aod Bias Bethel LudSe i 

I\UMr«l aarrlcaa for W.. V. Book. 

ta,'biir«r for tha Hobart-LN TIa 
MniMBr 'Of SprlBgttoid. «be to 
thought to have ended hi* Ufa undar 
^|)i}aco raUway bridga batwaen'rair 
Play and Dunnrg^n Meoday nomlng 
becauM of »orry over a recent dtrorca 
Obtained by bla «!(*. probably win 
be beld In Spnosfteld witbtn tba 
iMkf^aeraeU daya. It waa anaoimccd 

^ Tbo. dcatb'of Book, at flrat. ap- 
parently a murder mystery, vaa'de- 
naltely eatabllahed yesterday by 8. 
B. UutcbeaoQ of BoUrar. Polk county 
coroner. »m a case of suicide. 

He learned thm Rook made a will 
at HumansTille October 18; that he 
and his wife were divorced not loog 
ago and that he told her here a few 
daya ago that ahe probably would 
nsTer ae* hln^ alive again. 

Be U aurriTed by (Ue aona. Alrla. 
Itaaat. MUea.. Wayne and Oarwla^. 
all of 1830 Boonvllle sTenue. and two 
daughters, Mrs. Opal Edwards and 
Mrs. Nora Mixon of Phoenix. Arts. 

The win left by Rook, who waa a 
former mUilster of Oonway. Mo. pro- 
Tided for tb« ear* of three yotmr 
children, Eugene. Wayne and Darwtn 
Lee. and asked that Mr. and Mra. tea 
Larient. with whom be had rootned 
at RtmiansvUle. be appointed gtiar- 
dians. When the youngest Is 18 yeara 
old. the will reads, the estate ahall 
be divided among ••all my helra." 

Page 1: Lee Patterson committed suicide.** 
Page 3: George Beai died.** 
Page 8: Charles Chappeli, Jr., died.** 

William McKenna died.** 

Mrs. George H. Olendorf died.** 

Mrs. Annie Dunn died.** 
Page 12: There is an item about the Fulbright family.** 

Page 18: The estate of E. M. Wilhoit is in probate. His heirs are his widow and two 
daughters Miss Edna Wilhoit and Mrs. Walter Cossey. 



FttDcrat acrvires for Charles CtMptwV. 
n of Mf. aatf 1 

taneral Boaaa. foOBvad tgr 
BMM Is WMvar iiaiiUij saar Oaai 

child <!'ed In a h?«7'»at here T u eaJ a e aft- 
ernoon Two brothers and a sister sur- 
rtee with tbe parent*. 



i ^neraJ aervtres for iln. Oeorgo H. 
I Olandorf. 13. motL^r c( George U. Oleo- 
4orf. Bprtncfield adrerttainc aaaa. wUl 
be held bere Friday arternoen at tSO 
o'clock, but t « place had not been de- 
cldad today. Tba Atana Loba«y«r fanar*! 
boo* will baee charge of Interment In 
Mapte Park eemetary. lira Oteaderf diod 
r-iddealT Tueaday la 8t. Aogmatlne. Fla . 
where eh* had gone to apecd the winter. 
When stie left Sp.'.r.f .'leliJ i»i'. tr.dty -..»"■: 
abe waa apparently la good bealth. 
Oeorge P. Olendorf waa an only aon Wia 
fatber dle4 aereral years ago. Tba Ole:. ■ - 
MartM came to Sprtngflctd la IMS. | 


FoUovtnr Doctor Btona^t 



nuiac In & teat 4a|Mnta tmn ' 
to jtar* • fihinrlal comeback. Le« 

, Patt«rao9. M. operator of an ett ■!«. 

I tWn and ^ tormei vice (MeMtMuk ui ^i 
the Houk Lumbar oompaay. took 

!hls own life by <lrtnkln« poltoa at 

jhls home, MT South avcnua, about 
S o'clock this momlnr. 

Alter viewing the body. Dr. Mur- 
ray Btone. county coroner, pro- . 
nounced the cem a suicide and an* ' 
nouncad that no tnquaat wUl te - 

At th« lamlly homo thU moni&ig'. 
Mra. Patlanon told how ah* iuA 
been awakened about S o^doek whaa 
her hufband left bla bedroom. 
walked down the hall -an^ Into tlM 


•oDMti %hieti I'tSSrSS^'SSSSml 
to becauaa I thought b« «u Mt-, 
ting up to WiOd a fliv. 

•I «Uyed In bed several mlaut«a 
longer, never dreaming that such a 
thing would ever happen." the tald.. 
Ab.5ut IS minutes liter. Mr«. Pat- 
terson tried to open the door ot h«r 
hu.iband's room but found It 

Darlnr CaJIrd t«o Late 

After trying for several minutes 
•" "prn th^ door. Mrs. Patterson 
'■ailed nelchbors The door waa 
hrr'^rn r^r. and Mrs. Pstt-rson 

t At ftnf tt'ina MMt^l'ttnilB'J, 
Patterson wu n6t (M4 and one di 

' dead at leaxt an boor btfora b* ar- 
Oonoludlns an inwaHiatlnn, OPV*' 

! oner Btona said that Mr. PattM«aa 
had tflmi hia own Uff by Ortf^fB^ 

near the b«d. Mr. PattaraonX OnC 
^n and cheat vera badlf MmS 
Iff Hia p ii l auli tbat bad baMijBOMtf 

tifa^oB. BCn. rattsM'tvlBvl tte 

upbikm that -h» «■* Mnbm' 

[{Bvparad ta eaaaH mlelda bccawtf 

I the bottle of polaoa #aa not a pait 

of the family medical cnppty.'* Sba 

had never seen the |Krtna nor Vb» 

I bottle untU thl« nMrolat.. aha da* 

dared. ^ 

Un. Fattaraoa aaM tbat 
tor bar 

me other 
tten tbat "be waa taiUnc to make 

Af tar leaTinc tba Houk firm early 
tell not, Mr. ratttraon ereotad a 
serrlee station on Booth Jefferson 
avenue near East Kim street. He 
had Uuttalled aeveral new automo- 

aerrtcas and b«n»d to "make 

back the money ba had toat In oth- 
er de*Ili«a.* hk wtfa deidared. 

Mr. ratteraon waa • cripple, bar- 
tnc been bandteanped an }ili Uto bf 
physical toiftrmttlee. 

.•3Cy tavband aevac^dld ten aa 
taaBh about tali bortneea and It waa 
not nta thla nomine wban X bad 
a talk with hla tewytr that X knew 
ho had done some of the things that 

voukl not appnre. 

Onee Aaeteanr Bcr* 

Ur. rattenoo. ahe aald. 
eotarfUI bnalnea career. Bereral 
timea he made inveetmenta that 
left btm "flat broke" but he would 
gtace a comeback tftat would repay 
l^tOL Mra. Pattereon sakL 

■wM w|« a|r. patteraon baa bean 
ZS^n^ and au I « -y J« 
thS I believe be killed blmseU be- 
mmtot m»ey tioublea." >to..Pat- 

Mr. Patterson was a native 
gprinffleldlan. Ha waa »«"««»>" 
^Tthe I. O. O. r. and held the of- 
flee of city ux *»^^'';°' *^[" 
tanns. Bit teat term expired about 
jj yeara ago, 

Bealdea the wUa, Mr. Patterson U 
furvlved by hU mother. MrrBUta 
Pattereon. of 688 South Freeraont 
street, and three 8l«t«a and one 
tHtitber aa foUowa: Mlaa Mary D. 
Pattaraan.of eM South Premoot 

Un. Maggie Oeorge, 65» 

«oatti premoot: Mra. O. a TarM*- 
un saat Harrlaon street, and Allen 
Patterson of 787 West I3m atreet 
Ooa daughter. Margaret, also aa- 
vlvM. The daughUr U » years old. 
Funeral services wilt be held at 
a 30 ocJock -Oiursday afternoon at 
the W V. Stame funeral chape!. 

Ilollowed by burial In Haielwood | 

1 cemetrry 



Oroixr P'-i; of T.I . ^< !>'. 
tor more (han 30 year* visited rcg- . 
;«U»rl]r in Sprlnitftcid u a npnaenl- 
Ifctlve of a Chlc«RO hat company, died 
tuddrnly about 4:30 o'clock^ Tun- 
day nftrrnoon wbilf staying- at the 
M'lrofwlitnn hotel on his way to 
Ca'iilnnua lo spend the winter, 
t Mr. Bral arrived In Siirlngfleld 
Monday niKht and planned to con- 
timi« on hi« way Tupsday afier vis- 
ItlnR his friends, Henry Sohneider 
and O. O. and Alien Rose, to whom 
he twed to srll reniilRrly b^fi)r<- hi:. 
rcilrrmcni about five yrurN Hgo. 

F4»ily Tuesday niornlnK. Mr. Br:il 
tomplainod of a limit allnck and 
rn • ! '>v A \V' 'rir^'Mil'; T nt<r in 
llir day Mr. BchI It'll his riHiiii. but 
rtHirnid Btx»ui 4 oclotk. whi-n h«' 
tsikrd to the riiHtnr bv telrphone. 

\\; .•,!;;<• (I ., '.. ■ I.' ; .'ir Mm.;'! 

lo .set Mr. H<h1 ..Lx.ii 4 30 otlink 
he found the man rtrnti 

In.- h.Hh 'v:iN p;.'i.';'d for bii':;i! 
b;. !i.- Hfiii;.i:. II I ' li:::-; r- ruiirr:i: 
li'iKi' It «i.' '"' ■■'""' ■" nivnn. V! 
for funeral services and burial. Mr 
Bf-a! Is survived bv a married 
daughter In Dixon and a brolh« r in 
Rock Island. His' wife died 18 
months «ro Ho reprr.'sentrd Oim- 
brll and Sons of ehiiapo when ho 
made Springfield .several years ago 


y o« Wintaai WUHaa — , 

St. Louta. who dtod tn • bMpHal 
TuMday aftefDoeo. «ns seat to St. 
for Puanl mrr\ee* aad k«rtaL ■• ta 
murtn* tar • taaU-tarotbar. ~ 
of St. I<eaU. 

,Vj|(¥tt«p» ])k,,jrillM(bt. wbo liaa 

hmBLiiuammir tutor m^^tni ^»n 

at hto rDona at the Reamea hotel. 
U recovrnng and It U hop«d will 
soon be all rlRht a^aln. Mr. FuN 
briKtu li.»» b<en M:(irs.'«fiil iis ii 
resiauiout man and Is Mill In the 

iprtiM ol lU*. ' Ba i» the iBraiidson 
^^Ul^Ultia .MMihI. trlto came 
" w* tnu TnmuaM a century tigo 
•aA vtth jBtaa V. QMBpten founded 
tbm tMf td Bprtncneld. Ttie Ful- 
brtCht faniUy U. one of the lati;.' 
famine.^ u( the Cuiks aiul is IiiuiKl 
acattarcd tbraucbout tbs acciion. 
An Pulbrlchta an aald to be kin. 

They nro frrr,-:<-f.-;v ^.ul•;^ 1;-. '::i 
Gouuuuntty lu whicli ilicy riaicit uod 
are substantial and InfUirntliil 


y«oeral acmces tor Mn. 0«ors« ■. 

01»nd>.^rf. T?, rr.c.'.f^r cf Ororje H. OltB- 
dorf. SpnoaCfid awvrr-.:<:r.< inaa, vlU 
b* hrld brr(> Fr.ity •::p:noen at 9 SO 
o'cJofk. but ' • place S»d net b*«n de- 
rided today. The Alma Lotunrrvr funeral 
hotne wti: bave tharfv of Inirrmvnt In 
Maple Park eeonetery. Mn. Oieoderf dtad 
♦-.dder.Ir Tu»»da» in St Aurn»tl".e. FU . 


f»t>r: d-ed 
d2r;> case 

T -t'r' 

^ ^ ■ . ~4. .... ... 


"ie C'l 


ttrt Annie Dunn. a. di«d thia mon- 
ln« at ib« hofB« of h*r dancbur. Mrs. 
WiU:«m ffnivithrrman. 441', Ea-st Cornc.-r- 
ftal itrret Mrs. Dur.n m lurtitrd bv tmo 
■ens. K LMnn and L. S. Dunn, both c( 
St. Louis, and by foar dau<bi«ra b*aid«« 
Mrs. Bmotherniaa, who art Mra. J. C. B 
Daris of WiUow Sprinfa. Mo. Mm Ida' 
Rerdrr of Dayton. O . Mr«* X. A. Raypolda j 
or Mampa. Tdabo. and Mrv A A. Krrby ' 
ef Ktn>.,«v Of. rur»r-<: *r-r\-ffi %■'.' •- • 
:a l^.f K.;u» ct^ai-r. «w '.-i c» Ft dair 
moriur.ic. and bartsl mt:i l>e to Haselvool, 
rrr.'-.rrr Lr..ltr tha d-rrc. .-s ef .,' W ' 
Kl.rMir-r j 

Page 3: Mrs. Annie Dunn died.** 

Mrs. George H. Olendorf died.** 

William McKenna died.** 

George Beal died.** 
Page 12: Lee Patterson committed suicide.** 

MR* c.ronr.r. n. oi,rM>oiir 

runrral krrvirrn for Mm. Urot(r H 
Olendorf. 73. moihrr nf Orone P. Olcn- 
derf. Bprlngflrtd «<1v#ri|iin» man. Till be 

helrt Frlflnv nflrrnoon »' I 10 n clock In 
tbe Alma t.ohnirvrr Iiinrral home. In- 
♦ermen'. will be In Munle Park runeterjr. 
Mrs Olrnrtpfl rtl'd Mirlrl^nW Tur»da» in 
0t. AuRiisllne, Fla . whTe (he had gone 
to spend tbe winter flhe had been ap- 
parently tn rood health when she left 
Sprtiiaflrlfl !a<t Frirta-- r.:rH O'nrg' F 
Olendorf i< an only »on Th^ Olf nrtorf.^ . 
came lo nnrincfleH In 1913 and hl» father i 
dird .several \rar» agn j 


r.r.OKC.K RFAT. 

The body of Oeorge Bral. M. veteran 
salesman for a Chtra^o hat company, who 
died mddrnh- Tiic^dav aff-moon In a 
hotel here, a 111. be serf to hia home at 
Dixon, in. lo(lav bv th^ Herman • H. 
Lohmcyrr funeral Im-r'- for f inrral nrrv- 
Ices and burial. Kr i^ survived by a 
daughter In Dixon and a brother In Rock 
iKland. Ill Mr Real had made regular 
vlntts to 8prinBfl»'ld over a period of SO 
yrarx. He arrlvi .n "Sr^rr^^rld Monday 
night on his way to California to spend 
the winter and had stopped off to Tisit his 
friends. C. O and Allen Rose and Henry 

Lee Patterson Drinks Poison 
Following Business Re- 
verses Here 

sprvtcrs and hopod to make back 

money lost in other dealings, his 
wife said. 

Native Sprincfieldian 

Mr. Patterson, a native Spring- 
! f icldlan. was a member of the 

I. 6. O. f . and held the office of 

city tax assessor for three terms. 
He is survived by his wife, a 

daughter. Margaret, who is 9 years 
j of age; his mother. Mrs. Eliza Pat- 
i tcrson. of 658 South Fremont ave- 
,nuc; three sisters. Miss Mary D. 
I Patterson, of 658 South Fremont 

nvrniic: Mrs. Maggie ucorgc. <tLu 
I South Fremont avenue; and Mrs. 
lo. O. Turner. 1331 East Harrison 

street: and a brother. Allen Patter- 
json. of 767 West Elm street. 
' Funeral services will be held at 

2:30 oclocic Tuesday afternoon at 
, the W. L. Starne funeral chapel. 

follewed by burial in Hazelwood 
' cemetery. I 

Finnncil difficulties and his fail- 
ure to stage' a business comeback 
led Lee Patterson, 46. operator of an 
oil station and a former vice presi- 
dent of the Houk Lumber company, 
to tnke his. own life by drinking 
poiron at his home, B47 South ave- 
nue, about 5 o'clock yesterday morn- 

• Invrsligntlon by Dr. Murray C. 
Stone, coroner, caused that official 
to pronounce the death suicide. No 
inquest will be held. 

Body on Floor 

Mr. Patterson was found on the 
floor of his bedroom, near his bed. 
by his wife and several neighbors 
who were called in when Mrs. Pat- 
terson found her husband's door 
locked. The poison container was 
fp\ind on the floor nearby and Mr. 
Patterson's lips, chin and chest were 
badly burned by the poison which 
had been spilled over them. 

Mrs. Patterson said .she could give 
no reason for her husband's desire 
to end his life other than "he was 
failing to make a comeback in 

After leaving the Hauk firm last 
June. Mr. Patterson erected a serv- 
ice station on South Jefferson ave- 
nue near East Elm street. He .had 
installed several new automobile 


Page 16: Lee A. Patterson died.** 

Mrs. George H. Olendorf died.** 
William McKenna died.** 
George Beal died.** 
John Tenner died.** 
Mrs. Annie Dunn died.** 
Newton Asbury Goss died.** 
Mrs. B. H. Lamp died.** 


runrral sfulrr* for Mr» Annie Dunn. 
n, who di«<l jrcDterdtT mornini at iht 
hom* or titr -^ d«uiht«r. Mri. wliUam 
Smothrrmon. 44m Kmi Cnmmfrrltl ttrfet. 
wlU l>« hrW In th« Rlingner chapel at 
to ©"clock Pridar momlnit. Intermmt 
wUI be^ln Hazelwood, retnetery. Mri Dunn 
It Durvlvrd bv tvo unnii. E Dunn and U 
a Dunn of fli I^iilt. tnd hT four diuith- 
-Mr* baaldrt Mm. Bmlthrrmnn. who are 
Mra. J. O. B. Davu of Willow Bprlnga. 
Mo.: Mm. Tda Hffder of Dayfnn. Ohio: 
Mr*. E. A. Reynold* of Mampa. Idaho, and 
Mra. A. A. Krrby of Kan.tai Cty. 


Funrfdl .«ervlres for William MeKenna. 
SS. of St Lout^. who died In a hd*pltal 
here Tue^^y afternonn, probably will be 
held today In charse of the Herman 
H Lohmevrr funrritl home followed bT 
Interment In St Mary s cemetery, he l« 
Rurvlved by a haU-brothcr. John Meehan 
of St. Loul5. 


Page 18: Miss Esther LeBolt and Mr. Newton Rountree are engaged to marry. 

Miss Benita Durfee and Mr. Dade Rayfield are engaged to marry.** 
Page 19: Miss Rosalind Fabro and Mr. William Leo Lehar are engaged to marry.** 

\ Betrothal Announced^ 

! Mr, nn.1 ^f^.v W!!lsm M. Fdbffi. 

j831 We« Calhoun «tre«t. htr* an- 
nounred ih« en^tgemfnt of th^ 
daughter. RoMlind. to Mr. Wtliiim 
Leo L«har. aon of Mr. and Mim. Ru> 

, dolph J. L«h*r. »M Nortto Ow at w. 

.«• mRTTiajr* win \M MteHntM 

Nr.' ■.Mih.r 2\. »' St J(>.-rM r^crch tl 
I 8 orlock. 

I The younc coupla wUl nuka tb«lr 

!iomr here. 

uaac txaynaLa 
To Be Married t 
jTo Mi55 Durfee 

|-V|n AND MRS. BFN Dl'rrKP: of 

,'*'*• 10l« Onklnnrt n^»":-.n-, \Vi'-yi;»n!* 

LmfDl o( tlirir riiiu^htrr. Hruita, *o 
9Ut. Oad0 luyflald of Wlrhita. Mr.l 
I luyfleld Is %h* son of Mrs. Oroncc i 
I RiTfleld. of thU city. The tnarrlHre 1 

I date ha^ bean set for ■JfOTemter 38J 
lttNBkitMBM>Wr> TIM TO«« vlU Ml 
exchanged !n the rhnnci of th»» t(i.\ 
■intm BplMopal «huren with thai 
Wererend Mr. Otla X. Oray. offlrlat-' 

^nMas Dtirf s« )rr«(lu**«(f fmm Men-' 

ticfllo •SemlnarT at Or<lfr»'T. III. In 
1038 and waa voted ths moot popular , 
Itlrl In school by the ntutfent hody. I 

: Hhf iRfrr «?trnrtrrt 'he T'ilvrr«itv nf 
j U.' .1.' I ;,; r; \\;if n t: f n.iTr i-l ;i.r 
Alpha Tail Picma somri'T. ' 

Mr nnvflrlt; r--^-. t^... ...... 

I Mr.- 1- wrhnol •..•fi ;■•,<■ nc-i.-rj 
, t-u->Mt!,-*<«.l Ti.i.nrr> t ■ ..■ :.r ..r.r. Jii 

^ls now on 'be friJtorinl r.nU of tn* 
IVietaltft Beacon. • 

• ^_ I 

launt pniasa •! lu* im<bs st Mft Omkii 

mietaiMi in llaaaiWMd cataMwvV Mbi£1J 
! »»r. •( th. I o o. r. u, *hiA WrSTl 

• '..,,,1 i.,,i r»i«i»« f.f •),> .^rr'rr Mr ' 
1 H«ltrf>oii M >ur>lrM bt I... .iff «i>d a 
. "n.ll d«ti,|,t,r. Mariarrt: br hli aMther. ? 
Mt» Hij» ratiprwn one hrothrr Allrn ' 
■no thrrr uMirrt. Mlai Marj P*it«ra«n 
• nil Mi> Ma*(ir nrar(« and Mri. O o'"^ 
' iarbri. dj of Mprinidrld 

MRS. 4i».OI(lil. H UI.I.NUnKF 
' Fun«Tai *rrvl«r* lor Mr lir-^rfr M 
Oltndorl. 1], MMItCf Ol U«crt« P. Ot«o- { 
dorr. BprlntiltM advfrllilaA man. vlU k* 
b«bl •! tt>* Alai* Lahaitycr laaaral hum* 
rri«ar aniiaasw ♦> l;W •'«!•**. laOavad { 

kr inuriMsat la Maola Park cdaetaty. Mri. : 

Olrndarf dirtf w«M*nlr Tn*^a* la Bt I 

Au(uat|ii(. H«.. ml>»r' ••>* '. »<i t i-.» m • 

upend lb* alater. Ucurga r. Oleoduil u 

an eal7 aaa. | 

. .WlUUiui M-KENNA 

Jl wtmttm far WtlHam UrlCmn*. j 

^. af M. Louli. vhA dl*d In ■ btupud |, 
h»rt Tu'»<1«T afttrnoon, w»r« hrM •• '.t 1 
i 4«M«a)i « CalhoU- cnvrcb hrr» lhl« morn- j 
nil •( 10 octofli. tallavMt hy laitraMnt 
in at. Marr-f ««ai«»»Ty In chart* af the •' 
H*mnan H. LatiBMrer taaeral haai«. Mr V 
MrKrnna U itirrlTrd bT a halt-brnthrr 
jAhii Mr'han of 8! to'ilt. 

Tha Mr a« Oaarge B«aL ««, af tmw^ 

T««aar aftnvasa. mmt agnt t« Ma ham* 
WMn»w»ay rr'nlng for funrr.l wr^lt^ 
and burial. Tba Herman H - - "^ 


- - — ■- '- ••^ •••■■iiBii n. I aifam 
IrfunerafliaVnii^ rhari;*' ««f iTr«i{f- 
lEmatit/ >w»^*Wr^1»*atTi^»nr»fi'rt W « 

Lfedaiithlrr. Mr«. V W H<»»« <.f Iii»rn lil ; 
H^ h'oibrr,. Mikre«i» H»«| o( rtr^H I.«h-'1. 


Jahn Trnnrr at tu Lr>uM. *% yvar* tii,- 

^>«f •( ^ ?o -hik rroriiir.j .;. ' '">•'. >•"'- 
piKI fflilowina a IhOTt ',!llirM 
nr'n vmitnf In lh» hr — • ol Mr <n i .Mr*, 
w H w«fht»l. »» aouih w»li»r •••nua. 
H* i> <ui\lvr<l br tit* «ir* and b) cna 
aaugbitr. Uua KaUtcjlnr, (• St LaxM. 

-!*• My Is la ahuM af UM 
•Mfat faaaral haiiiS aai ail 
St. Laau thU aliaraoon 

aill ba aent ta 

ANittK otnni 

tar lira. ~ 

F» — «l 

»t»a#l7»rtl ••Uatina'lSrj. W. KlWiitief 

'rh«p'l fTl>1«r Hii'rnli-i »t !« c.-lcd, f' ;- 
Jovrd bT lii«»im«nl in Hax'lwood reaw- 
;^efr T»o »on» and tl»a dmitHUrn »ur»|v»: 
% iMiin •Ml! J. n Il'inn of A' l»>i."« Mr« 
,1 (.: II ;|■..:^ ■■: ." 1> « S;.-.'i;. Ml "J 
Ida Bf»«l'i ol OnTlnn. fJ;!'". Mr' E A. 
ll'v^nlll^ of Mampa. Idaho Mra. A. A. 
Knbs of Kai.i*. CHJ. a: O M f^rr. ••^•r- 

I : NKWTON~Aa«|iKT OOa* __ 

y Maaton Aabarr Oa<» S». *l»d irti aiaea. 

In» at hi- fyvnf in tn-r ri-.i-* 'pTli^a-.rf 
a •! k:H .i'.ttr-^ "•• w ».t>'"' '•■ "i* 
«ldo«. one loo. titan o( Pair Ora*r. aoa 
,ona dauthl'r. Mr^ J r C«« xf a-iffaln 
Kunrral an ai:|Vni«nti are iiirftni:>t^t» Kul 
hnnal •t'l h* rn tfi* Pfra^n'-* • rzn 
rrmf'IT -iraf fmr lirn-f 'iLr-^f •■■♦ 1"-" 
rertloa ol J. M. KUngner l.'ndertaa:nc 

Ma* a. II I %MP 

Tti* h<i.;- • V. « H H lanip <^' f- 

ter el. iha late Allen 0taikiill aCRauia 

Ma. IS waa ahtapad tadae traia THrwn, 

,Arla. ta th* Klmtaer Ufxtertaklnf ram- 

aaay hare, and «tU vrtva Saiaraae. 

Bsnal am ba hi QrtMlava '«ineten>. bai 

I faatral arranitea>enM are tnramftfeta 

|, - - ■ — 


Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 4: Miss Rosalind Fabro nd Mr. William Leo Lehar are engaged to marry.** 
Page 16: Two Civil war soldiers were re-interred in the National cemetery.** 

Mrs. George H. Olendorf died.** 

Mrs. B.H. Lamp died.** 

Mrs. Annie Dunn died.** 

Sc0JnfU Fdod'^ 

Cause of Death 
' For Two Youths 

A FINAL examination of Um 
viKci* ol Dclmcr and Elmfr 
Rfppy. 3-yMir-old twin sons of 
Mr. 401(1 lira. Eucen* Reppy. who 
(tted suddenly . NoremlMr 3 whll» 
▼MUnt In tb^TOmrkJ at Cuba, l^ 
dhdosed that thdr death* irfr* 
caused by bacterial food poUonlng. 
Vm paKleuIur foo4 «w not d«* 

- Dr. R. B- B. Oradwchl. paUi- 
oloflst who eonduetad tha aeeond 
axamtnatloA. rt^Narted totth* Mfo- 
ner that tin rlacara oofitafned no 
traces of polton except thoae ln> 
dicatlve of unfit food. A brotber 
and a ttoter of the Twins also b0- 
i rame ill, but recovered. 

UrB^ntove Bodies { 
Of Civil War Vets 

ASH GROVE. Mo., Nov U — At 

meeting of the Paul 8. 1 
K*>d8i No. 307 of the! 

AJnencau Ixgiuii ii wa.s \uua lo 

i perpetuate the idea orislnated by i 
tbftOt A. It* that of never allowing j 
the body of an ex-soldler of any , 
jwfr to be burled In the poteer s Held \ 
'or a neglected cemetery. i 

j In accordance with IhLs motion on 
I the minutes of the post, the bodies , 
of two Civil var vptrrnns wrrc 
moved lo ihp National crmclcry; 
ilhat of W. O. Cawlflcld from ihr 
Frazirr rrmrlcrv. and of Samurl 
I Howard from thp poiiri s una oi 
the Ash Grove cemrlcr>'. , 

i^XhlSt^was done at government ex- j 


MRS. (iroROE n. iM.r.MniKr 

I Funeral services for Mm. Oeorfte H. 
' Olendorf, 73. mother of George F. Olendorf. 
; Springfield advertlslnR man. will be held 
I at the Alma Lohmryer funeral home «t 
, 7 ^f^ o'clock lhl.% afternoon, followpd hv 

Interment In Maple Park cemeterv. Mrs. 

Olrndnrf dirrt .suddenly In 6t. Augu.'tinr, i 

Fla., last Tuesday. 

MBfl. R. H. I.A.Mr 

Th» bndv of Mr* B H. Lamp, dawcht^r 
of the Istp Allen Slocstlll. of rural routp 
10. wax shipped yei>frrday from Tur.xon. 
Aru . to Klmgner • iindertilclnR ««!ttBbll5li- 
mrni here and will arrive fiafurdav. Burial 
• III b# held In Creenlawn i^mefery but ar- 
rarjemrnls are Inromplfte. 


Funrral .'servlcea for Mrs. Annie Dunn. 82. 
»ho died Wfdneiday morning at the home 
of her daughter, Mrs. William Bmothrr- 
man. 441 S East Commercial streri. uill be 
held in the Kllngner funeral chapel at 10 
' o clock this morning, foPowed by Interment 
in Harelwood cemetery. Two sons and five 
OauKliters survive 

Rosalind Fabro 
To Be Married 

Mr. and. Mrs. William M. Fabro, 
821 West CaHioun street, have an- 
nounced the engagement of their 
daughter. Rosalind, to Mr. Wllll&m 
Leo Lehar. Mr. L^har Is the son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph J. Lehar, 660 
North Grant avenue. 

The marriage will bo celebrated 
November 24 at St. Joseph's Catholic 


nu-'^scll Baker. 22. of Clinton. Mo . 
:and Oma Stockstill. 21, of Bprin^r- 
field; and Er^'ln Ash. 21. and Rutiij 
• Bird, 31, botb of Sprlpglleid. < 


Page 1: Lucian B. Andrus died.** 

Three children burned to death.** 
Page 2: Mrs. B. H. Lamp died.** 

Mrs. George H. Olendorf died.** 

F. H. Crane of Aldrich, Mo., was appointed administrator of the estate of his father 
Cyrus Crane of Walnut Grove who died October 10. 

A daughter Helen Rosemary Welters was bom November 5 to Mr. and Mrs R J 
Welters, 639 State street. 

Page II: Milton Devans was killed.** 

Page 26: Miss Rosaline Fabro and Mr. William Leo Lehar are engaged to marry.** 


I ' 

! Prrp.nrlne to ■ romc 'n tnirn" thS<i 
mornlnc. LiKlun B An<1ru.«. *lth- 

' tn ■ vpek o( SO. formrr (ucccasftil 
nifrchiinl of Hinnlhnl. Mo . fell 
luddrnljr drad <ni Ihr cror.nd« of 

1 th* PythUn Homr. *hf re h# Itrwl. 

; HU dntUi wu due to a heart at- 


' Althi'ich hl« h'sr* h«« h'^-' 
knovn lo be bad (or Mver^l fronts..* 

•r- • Mid 

urotrnd" nil the Mmr iind in f«rt 
, quite tctlt-e. This mornln« he n- 
1 pT«n»«1 * ir»»h to "^n tn »nxTi " ifvl 
)a« be letmrd as meli at <i3uai, he 

*•• pennltted te'rtvt wii' ' He had 
iKMlMd Um bm*. and appean U 

have be«^ waiting for a iilreet car.! 

when h« %a« itrlcken. Nobody aaw | 
I him (alL bill ilia body waa diaoor.' 

•rad l)lnt an th* iraaa under a' 

Mr. Andrua was born In Center- 
vlUa. Ohio. Movcmbar 30, IM*. and 
UnM would hai% tan* lb ymn vM 

p^ti In the grocrry buttneu at 

Jalneii the RntRhtj of Pythian. Ma] 
, «U« died a Utito more than three 
years ago; through builneiui mlnfor- 
tunea he had loat a modest for- 
tune ot about tUJtOO: and «n Aprtl 
M. im. ha came t« the PythUn 
heat here. TIwm whs knav hta 
hen MH«T« Mm to hava. b*«n "a 
sober kind of man." honeat and Id- 
dnatftoua aU hia Ufa. There la aa 
Impreaalen, a omaw ha t vagua. thu 
ha lo^ hia owb aiMjrrortuM tf 
ilrihif «iisHMr maa'a -not*. ' < 
Me h*d remslnei irMve, anrt f>( 

Uti hidttttitJt JEttilK a kntt.' 
[Mng machhie at whhh h# ceoldf 
l^ork. It aeemcd that the habli of. 
work waa strong whh hhn. and h«| 
•a* not eeotent to have nothlnc 
lo do. ^^1 

•He la suiilrad bx ■ d ai^ h ta r ' 
Mla« LoeU Andrua. a teacher at' 
Pkwhutta. OUa, and m aan. Wi|.' 
Warn, who was gradoatod fNm thtl 
Pawhuaka high school tet mrttmJ 
•ad by a atitar who INm im, mCT 
•twita. Mo. 

'^MBfal amacemaiiu ai« iaeem- 1 
P»t« twaitlat word frarn kiiMfolk.' 
and the bodx h in rharre of w L 
•Uraa J 


Third Is Believed Near 
Death in Missouri Tragedy; 
Mother Suffers Critical In- 
juries in Attempting to Res- 
cue Them 


Thr'^ r!i!!f1ren lost Ihelr liven and 
their mother «-a« burned critically [ 
here todsy ahen coll oil. poured on i 
••iTihrr» In • kllchen stove, erpio^-d 
Ivobrrt Sievrnj. 2 years old: Hubert,, 
t. Mid Vtiglnla. T, were buntad fa- 1 
ullr «'hen the btazlnc fluid was' 
thrown on them by the expl<v''7n 
Tbelr mother. Mr«. Oamaal SIvtcd^ I 
U. was burned while taartng the! 
clothing from the ehlldrsn after the ' 
explosion. The children died m a ' 
Kanaaa city hospital, where ther' 
were uken for trestment. 

The tragedy waa the raatilt of ef- ', 
farta of the thiw children to aid' 
their mother tn the wnrk at home 
Mrs. 8te>-ea« was in the bedroom 
cmmic for the l-mentha-oM baby.* 
Lloyd. The children decided to fi« . 
Um fir* In the kitchen stove by' 
pouring cnal oil on the glowing rm- 

A» the mal oil rtriick the embers. • 
• n explosion resulted. fprsyinE the 
thrt«e children with biasing fluid. ' 

Mr*. Stevens, the mother of arr- 
en children, this afternoon wa.i tin- 
swsre th«t l«o of the three chll- 
rfrn .she bad attempted to aave are 



Mlltou Dfvans. 65>ye«rw>ld farm- 
er living near Laytoiivillf, was 
klllwl Wednesday morning by the 
Miuilibouiid passengt-r train on il»e 
White Rivrr division of the Missouri I 
r'.'i:!;t .1 )■' Mil* walkii.L- urr.i^t n 
tiiSIU uii a curve ju^L >jiorlh ol t 
Duffnio. j 

II IS suppoM'd he became fnght- 
• Tifd tvhrii he heard the train com- I 
ItiK ns hr could have saved himself | 
liy watkluK out on the timbers. He ' 
Is 5iir\ ived by hia wife and Mveral ! 
children. ; 


HtU. A. li LAMP 

To Be Married 

JnS» •^ •iMtt^B. H. Ump. daiitht«r 

•r^tafnaM Salvfter tot funeral aervlee* 
•04hlirUI^^«.>« 4l«d 111 Tucson. ArU. 
lBt«raB«f»t «nt tak* pi«e« in Orcro Lawn 
c«m««tr/ lo ch«rt« of j. w. Klir.fner. 

^,■'''5?!^ ••rTl«». for Mri. G'ori* R 
•^TL ■'•*h#r of Ovorcr P. Olcndorf. 
w»r« MM afirrnoon at tha Alma 
Z^nnaftr funeral hott.%. fMiowvd by In- 
««-m«Bt la Mapla Vmrk rarr.eiery The 
««»»r»n4C O ro» pattur o; ChriU rpli- 
ror*! ci%eh orriri«ted Pallbearerii were 
^ **--St^ ^ " nfbscr. Cirl Mark 
^ -^ra?''^'' '■'•'" (aif. l'»Ji 0;;-.<r, , 
BU a. T i iyy, am Bcb MOtoDald. 

Mr and M.-.«. 

>f T■•V>>^ 

S31 W^-at Calhoun atreet. have an- 
nounced the enganement nt thH» 
dauxhter. Roaaline. to Mr. William . 
Lao Lebar. («on of Mr. and Mra. Ran- ' 
dolph J. Lehar of 958 North Ornnt j 
arenue. The marriage la to take i 
place at thr St. .Xweph'a Catholic 
rh^irch November 38. 

- ■ - - I i 

Page 2: Mrs. B. P. Lamp died.** 

^^ f^ ^^ ^ . . I 

iHUbBANU AbKS iiiVOnoL., 

him. Dee H. WrlBhl. yenU-rilay filed 
■ult for divorce from Alice Jana 
Wrigbt. The couple waa married at 
Paragould. Ark.. Angu.t 14. 1014. and 
separaled AURUnl 30. 19TO. 

Wright declarea that hia wife kept 
'rompniiv with nnother man unci that 
on Bfveral occoalona alie rame home 
late at night In an Intoxicated con- 
dition. He alao chargea that ahe 
tl.nHtrnrd !'► ki" l>"m «lUi ^ 38 cali- 
ber revolver. 



Puncral rrrvlccs for Mr.' n P Lair^r. 
daugiUfr of (lie late Allrn Stogxini. «lll 
be held at 10 o'clock Sunday morning in 
the Klingnrr funeral home. Interment 
will be In Oreenlawn cemetery. Mrs. 
Lamp died In Tur«on, Ariz. Tiie body 
wiU arrive here today. 

Page 4: Mrs. B. H. Lamp died.** 

Mrs. Jacob Leuthold died.** 

Mrs. Margaret Lenthouse died.** 

Edward Flewellen died.** 

A daughter Martha Jane Bucianaster was bom Novemberl2 to Mr. and Mrs. C. C. 
Buclanastr, 2 1 59 North Boonvilie avenue. 
Page 8: W. V. Rook died.** 

William Wesley Case died.** 
Page 12: A man was found dead on the highway.** 



■ run-r.l .frvir-s Jor W V R^o'. .*-0 
BoonvMI. .ventif. who *«s lound de*d 
nr.r Dunnrfan. Mo. Novexbri^ 1!. .».l 


■ Will. a... Wr.irv f-«— • - • U !i...... . 

10 •|.!>' ►!•«. » :.).»»i n.« mi.e.- . 
I rtj^Crt or"V»-V T.-V M" ^Vrt Vr» M .k-M.M " 


^IW. B . 1 

tow«d tT Inl'rmrnt H; 

B. n. i.\MP 

lar MK. B. n Lkmp, 
t* Tacwi:, ArU . v.ll 
'nt al 10 r rl.-rlt nt ' 


' Rl' - 

Chlean. Urt l«ir>p " »'-.-< ••••(1 «.. 

»tm and Mm V»'M McVr.r .r «i I Vriir- : 
(V !*(>«• el Sau All' 

• u All' I 


. 4m««> L^tbaM of ni V.'t Mor . 

*M (lr««» dirt ;n ■ ^o•-^|t«l li>re »*rl- 
d«y »l«tlt. = Th« b«<ly »IU b» »»nl troll., 
UM iLhB» ' Lebii>*ycT luorrki Imtr.* (•• 
rrtaefioa. ted . lor tMorthl nt'-u.:!^ atid < 

<MMftmBOAB<T tmTiiot<»r 

M • tae»> 

, id l!*»d In ; 

;li« |»Mt M »f»r« Sl.f ti 

„ ^ iMAand. JM«k L*«n«*. I 

•a< if 0D« bri>U»«f. C-rr-ifV'<lrM-e.' «i.(J 

^= ir Oi«t'. t<j'' o' 

MTVlrt* «nt M 1 

fun^Ttl' t'ome •» ; 

ovnrraMB and biuwi ^ 


I Fuornl MfTicn tor Edvaid rirvrllen. 

I 41. «i|l b« hrld tomorrow ■f'rrnoon at 

r "0 nr'.r^rk (t tll» Wnnhjfuln-i Avf r ir i 

I Fiirrka todie No M. A P. and A M Il.r | 
1 Bfvertnd J. 8 Uorte^r will be I'lf nf- ! 
t liriaunc minltlrr. aaatslMt b? th^ ': -. 
1 erriHIk A. B Blmmunx. B^irl*'. \ ..I it- I 
Mnif Is LUNpIn tttmvHml etmetnj un- 
T (fff lh» direction ot Camrbftl Vndrrtak' j 
I: « r:i-ir»:" 

Th' iK^rty of « m^n abonf ^S vrnr? 

ri!ii, ■'•tl.nrf'. ., .ii..ii> 

.1. .,1.^ ;... .•■••'.■•: :r: vhr 

Irooouat Miller. Uo^ Uxtay* appar*] 

en.lly Ihe vkUni of a "hit and run" '' 

metorUt oo U. 6. highway 69 eartfi 

Prtday ni»ht. ! 

'Hir r.iaii in Ue-Mribttl a> bring- 

'5 fr^t 10 ti;th": tnll with blur or' 
gray ryt->. light luur and moustache. 

' He waa drrv.ed tn blue corduroy 
troi:'«<*r«. a hro«f. nr olirr rfiwkrrrd 
ir.iKkiiian. Ar.d U^'.:: frit hAt. 

i Tw« CraU in PoekeU 

' Th»r^ «A* rtnlv t«r> r^nM ir th«»" 
iv.inv )>oi '.<• r -^ 1-- ' ' ■ . -t-^i • !•■* tr^. 
il.i ci.i! !. .. .,•....■• ::v .•r...t'. liad 


book, rntpty out lor the t»o cenu. 

' the pockrU contalnrd a safetv ramr. 
♦onir p.r.'dirs nitC tlirfad. and >alcly 

I pJns. j 

Intrrnat Injuries wfre blamed frr 

, the niAna dcaUk, about two heonj 

'beXore be was found at 12 30 oclock 
thla morning by Fred Prater. <7. of 
Oklahoma C)tjr,'whe waa enroute U>^ 
8parU, Mo., to vH( an aunt Otlirf ' 
Injuries included a pelvic wound., 
broken flghl arm Jn« above' the ' 
wrut. aiil a gash ^ over the right j 
irntplc. ' '; ' 

\ Higbt ringer 0*M , 

I The piou dlgttetuUhlng «ai1C'«H 
Mdenuriratlon was that the tot*'] 
;fin(!rr on the right hand l.t off at. 
the firsts Joint. i 

Coroner E L. Patton of Aurora ' 
I Invcatlgated the caae this morning, j 
' but found practically no clues 

' !«carch of the dead man's i 

clothes this mornmr r^x^alrrl the 

imtlaU "M. O." sewed to the loM* 

.■pocket of Ala maeUnav coat. aJ 

^ nearly new -pair of g lasam beartnc 


also found In the coat. A 
; sharing bru^h. a bar of soap and a ' 
Oeiii .safety ra7x>r found in one p( 
the coatpcckeU were wrapped In a 
brrnri p*prr hcannK the iabrl • G. 
I B. Daiton Bakery. Rich Hill. Mo." 


Page 2 A: The will of W. B. Sanford is in probate.** 
Page 6A: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Miss Hazel Sweatt and Orval Smart were married.** 
Page IC: J. W. Flood and Mrs. Dee H. Wright eloped.** 
Page 2C: Miss Mary Faukner and Bert Bairidge of Peirce City were married November 

Miss Sophia Dombroski and Pete Beloke were married Tuesday at Monett. 
Page3C: William Wesley Case died.** 

Mrs. B. H. Lamp died.** 

Mrs. Jacob Leuthold died.** 
Page6C: Card of thanks.** 

Page 8B: Mrs. S. M. Hunt has an old spinning wheel.** 
Page 3D: Miss Harriet Eugenia Prescott and Mr. Vincil Westland are engaged to 



'a n««hb«ck"of the SprtnpXlelil ot 
years tpo 15 shown in thp phn'ocraph | 
.01 Mr*. S. M. Hun*.. "•12 EnM M.iil:!-on 
I atreet at her oM rplnnInK whrcl, n ' 
reUc of hfr lamily.' The «hrrl i.s ' 
orer ■ hundred yctra old. rom.n,- / 
frnm Trnnr^trr n'-m 'ir' .^,.^..-. 
mo\CCl ir.lo M;s>-iii.r; .i' :i-:- i' ■' 

I Mrs. Hunt was born in Sprincllrld GB j 

I veiir« aco ivnrt rrnirmlirr-; whrn n 

• KPlnnInK »hr«:l .'?_?^__rj}._ In.p-^r'.Tiit | 

j part of tha tamlljr lurniAhings and 

the operation wa« nn nuirh part a 

woman's duties ns ihr oprninp of 

n i^iii of tomstors r. lofl.Ty The 

wlicfl w.Ts fnnilliiir to lirr nt Fcven 

yrnrf of hrp and for years ►he spun 

the il'.rond for )irr rlothliiK nnrt that 

of MiP family. Howrvpr a mrre 40 

vr-'' ri:<i fTTi-rl Mie fnflnrv mnrtp 

j.ii ;i.i :. ■■ r;i:ri .'-j.i iii.'::i lil :ii liirj^o 

quantltirs and at low prirrs nixl the 

\vl;rrl «;!.<! rllsrnrrtrfl to tlir rrllsr. 

I'l llip ;piiiii;i'e of roltoii Ihr Inrpp 

wheel U nothing but a part of the 
machine that turns, by a cord, the 
spool on which thread Is woven. LonR 
strips of cotton attached to the spool 
are converted Into thread by skillful 
twisting and pulllnp. 

Mrs. Hunt says that if it Is true 
that the modern wife can get by 
with- the oprnlnc of a few cans of 
food (or clinnri, nil the more power 
to her as the hard work the pioneer 
woman had to do Is well gone and 

-■.^ • tmt^ 


Eugenia Prescott 
To Be Married 

Mr. and Mre. Harry T. Pf««cott» 

I'iil Hhcrmaa avcnuau hAV* .Mk^ 
nounced th« cngafMiMnt of tb<lr 
daughter. Harriet Kuf«nta. tO' Mr« 
VlnclI WeatJand. aon of Mr. and UHL 

VIrtor A We^flonrf M27 Irvlnir r'**"'- 
The niarrlaife vo«/« are t« be re*d 
ntwr tJie first of flie vear 



Coroner's Jury Returns Open 
Verdict in Death of 
'Springfield Man 

W. V. Rook. 88. buyer for the 
Hob»rt-l*e Tl» rompmy h»r». who 
mud round ihot to d^»1h \indrr a 
Frl.sro rml»i«y hrlrtpf hrlwcen Dun- 
nrHiin iirid ri>lr PUy iMt Mondtj 
momlnR. "cune to bla death by gun- 
(hot woiindM by p»rty or p«rtle» un- 
known. " » coroner ■ Jury «t Bolivai 
derided Saturday afternoon. 

Tfm (iiilclde theory w«» penerslly 
nrrrpted by officer* who investlRated 
the care. The cusplrlon thai It might 
have been a raae of murder Instead 
of t<rlf-lnfllrted death persisted, how- 
ever, and resulted In the Inquest 
rondueted by Polk County Coroner 
S. B. Huteheaon Knd In the open 
verdict of tba jury. , 

nidn't Dee Men Leare 

ririt to teatify were Mr. and Mrs. 
Matt Campbell, near whose farm 
home on tbe Dunnettan-Falr Play 
■.•mA the dead man was found by 
Fred Harmon, an , employe of the 
Campbells. Contrary- to early reports. 
Mrs.- Campbell testified that she did 
not see a group of men movlnc sway 
from the dead man's abandoned 
automobile about 9 o'clock Monday 
morning, after «he had beard shots 
fired. I 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Larsent of Hu> 
Butnavllle. with whom Rook had ra- 
cmtly made his home, testified they 
knew of no reason for the man to 
commit suicide. He always seemed 
cheerful, they ssld. Mr. Largent 
Mentlfied the bloodstained gun 
found near the body as having 
belon|;ed to Rook. 

. Others who testified were Claude 
Manual and Oi O.-srVannoy. other 
farmers who live near the scene of 
the shooting. Manual aald.he had 
prepared a cup of coffee Sunday 
niRht at Rook's request and had 
taken 1' tn ilie ninii n^ lie workerl 
on his kiHlled automobile In the road 
nearby. E. A. Oolyan. Pair Play ga- 
rape man who hnd been called to 
assist Rook, had found the car aban- 
doned and had returned to Fair Play 
without seeing the owner. 

Hunters .Vnllcrd far 
Rslph Braltbwalt and Bernire 
I Stewart. Bolivar men. passed by the 
scene on a hunting expedition earlv 
Monday morninc Bralthwalt said he 
thought be saw a man working at 
the front of the car and he "might 

v^sve" tern t*^rnen"e In 'lie r-^r W y 
RadcllII. state highway department , 
maintenance man. had seen the car. j 
but nobody in It. 

Members of the coroner's Jury were < 
A. R. McDanlel. J. T. Holberl. rf' R 
Scurlock. J. P. McReynolda, W. B. . 
WeMi %nd Pr*<l Henderabot. 

Ptmeral aenrlcM tor Rook will be 
conducted at 3 o'clock thla afternoon 

In the Robbfrson Avenue Baptist 
church here with the Reverend 
Oeorge O. Van Noy officiating. Inter- 
ment win take PiBce fn Hazelwood 
cemeic:>, ■.: -rr "irr "i^r. rr H..';.-(e- 
son and Blue u: ecu. ;i:. 

Rook is aurrlved by his wife. Mrs. 
Ada Rook of Springfield, and seven 
rhilrirrn. •'^.e "iree'i^cf whjir. 
he had provided for in a w-.ll be 
recently made at Humansrllle. The 
man was a former minister at Con- 
way. Mo. 


ant to eaatfn» tiM «U1 oC Um 
lato W. B. SMifattl. Invohrtaf Um 
dlitribuUoa of MSjOOO In mcetel 
tatttim. bMi&tt a teiai unoiint of 
other property, was fUetf In etnnilt 
court Saturday. " " 

Um aeUoa InvolTMi M ahaiM e( 
,atoek In Um Baaford I<oui and 
ttmhf ownpany, wUA Um alder 
aaaford owned bat vblch ha to al- 
la(ed to hare transferred to his 
MO. Qiadjr U. Sanfotd, not loot 
Mfova hla deatiL 

' btady U. rianford and Tnak U. 
McDaild. executora of the Sanford 
wlU. brottght the action. The de- 
fendants, who were to have re- 
oetred the f oUowlnf amousU from 
(he p i 'oeeed i from the stock, were: 
Mrs. KaU B. Ro«eis, Searcy. Ark.. 
tUfiOOi Un. Minnie W. Shlpp. 
Bprincflcld. t30XXX>: Mrs. Lllllsn Eljr 
Brown. Shrevsport. La.. IISMO: 
rtank L. Banf ord oT Oallf omla, a 
brother. $10,000; Mr*. A. a Daboey 
of Chicago, cousin at\b» lata Mrn 
W. B. Sanford. IS4I00. 

'In the petttloo. Annla Soe Rofera 
Gregory, Bertha Rocers Ftitd and 
R. a Rogers betra of Mrs. Kate 
Rogers, are listed as defendants as 
weU. as EUnbeth Sebrea. widow of 
Oeorge M. Sebree, an attorney, and 
W- D. Tatlow. another attorney, 
both of whom had asslited in dear- 
Ing np the estate. 



Mrs. Hnr^l Crnln ch.irKPS her hus- 
band. Ftank Craln, 1x1111 inlsconrliirt 
' nnci non-*iipnort In n prfltion for dl- 
vono fllrd .SHiiiM!;ty In <iiri;:' ( 
I The roiiple mnrrlrrt In .Sprlncflrld In' 
'October. 1922. nnrt .«rp;untrc1 in Ati- 
JRiist of ihU venr. Mr.-». Crnln seek.s 
;the custody of their 6-year-old child. 

Anna F"r.'ir('r<; 
. H,^/r\ .1. (;■ ..(i-fii ,,,,::i.f, f": .:> .\ 

iOoodson of "•tenersl indizinlties '. in 
'her suit for divorce. Their mnrrled ! 
I life. Which had becun In Greene 
• county in May, 1915. termln;(ted three 
: months ago. 


Nixa Man Running Away With 
Springfield Mother Is Picked , 
Up on Mortgaged Automo- 
bile Charae ' 

,/, V ■ - Ill ^ii*,.;* I 

S(V. PLOdD. Nlxa carpenter, •ndj 
Mrs. Dee H. Wright of.SprlnB- 
neld. who alleffedly left ^rlngdeld 
tocttlier Aatult 90. Ukinir with! 
I them Mr«. WrlKhln 8-ye«r-oW | 
cUuBhter. Oenildlne. were BrrMU-d , 
Suttirdiiv evcnlriB In OVI»homii C1»v. ' 
nccordtna tn word rfCPlvrd hfr^ Inst 
night by ShrrUr Marcell Hendrlx. 

Word of the arrest of the pilr . 
fotlowed by a few hours the flJInd »n 
circuit court 'here of » divorce wiU ■ 
BRBlnut the WriBht woman by her 
! hunband. who I* fmployrd •« Jdnlior 
In a dry Rood* More. > 

A felony warrant for the »rre»t of 
Flood wm« iiwom out. hy hl» wife 
unon sftrr his fl.s;<pprHraiirr Tli^ 
; charae wm •>■•" '- ^--* "^'•- " 
mor^Raerd •iitnm'>l)ilr »:ili turn 
I Mri. Flood m thul tlm^ offrrpd • 
; reward of 125 for hrr hiisbRtid » iip- 
I prehf nMon. 

Wright. In hl5 divorce primon 
fUed 8»turd«v. w«ld that hr and 
Mm. Alice Jane Wnsht were miirr-, 
rted In Paragould. Ark . In AuBu»t 

ilif- nrrr-'t of hi"; wifp nnd F.^nr! He 
Indicated that he miqht po to Okla- 
homa City with Sheriff Hendrtx In' 
' order to brine back the Rirl>: Gernl- 
riiiir. one of three whose custody he 
IS seekinc in the divorce action. The 
, other two children. Wlllard. 8. and 
j Worland. 14, were left at home alone 
early on the mornlnc of Aucust 30 
when Mrs. Wricht climbed into the 
Flood car and disappeared. 

ShTlff Hendrix In'cndcd to !eave 
for Oklahoma early this morninc. 
despite the painful head Injury he 
sustained Saturday morning when 
' a.ssaultcd In the court corridor 
by a prisoner whom he was escort - 
, Ing to the Jail. | 



I LEBANON. Mo.. Nov. 18. — A ] 
I pretty weddlnR ceremony at the ( 
' home of Mr. and Mrs. .TamcA Selby j 

here toiilcht iinllerl MlR.n Hazel 

; Sweatt nnd Orval Smart. i 

j The rMij ceremony wa.< u.^ed. The ■ 

Reverend Roy Bin y lock of the ! 

; Lebanon Christian church officiated. ] 

i Mrs. A. J. Beanlnit played the wedding ; 

i march and durlnR the aervlce she i 

plnyrd "The I^vp Son;?."' MLv Abble 

Selhy wa^ bridesmaid and Vernire 

KiiU:.Tfle hr<,t mnn. 

After the ceremony 16 guest.'? had 
Clipper at the Selhy home. Mr. and 
Mrs. Smart will go to C.ty 
Sunday on a abort wedding trip and 
then reftirn to Lebanon, where both 
.-lie eniplnved In the Rlre-Sflx factory. 
Mr. and Mit.. Frances of Richland 
wpre out-of-town fweMn. Mra. Frances 
l."» n sister of Mr*. Smnrt. 

1914 She spen' monev frerlv. he 
a'.'.rsi".'. krrp;;.; ; . ..i. .:,■..■ I.. ... 

debt. She coaMsntly complained of 
him and «ald thai she did not care 
for him. the information state*. 

On "n» ivcn'^'^r o'"'''-"'1'.nc '" '^'" 
I allegation, after she had been awav 
from home all nmh' ■»t'h a man 
companion. Mrs Wright returned 
In such a condition tha' she had to 
be put to bed. 

Wright alleges that his wife had 
been keeping- company wUh Flood 
for about a year, during part of 
which llme^hey had lived In the 
same neighborhood on East Brower 
street. She once made the siate- 
I ment that she would run off with 
another \v!i?ni .^hc •■'■n-.-.'A br 
i free to leave for someone else when | 
she crew lircd of him. and threaten- , 
led hLs life with a J8 caliber retol- ' 
! ver. the petition concludes. 

At th^ sheriff's office l.TSt niclit. 
Wnsht rrfii.sed to connient upon 


Funeral services for William Wes ey | 
Case, Mr ratlrad music teacher -Who die* . 

Psoirriav mornlnc at hU hom* on rural' 

route 10 Mill he held tod.TV »l 2 o < ."ck 

I at the Schofield chapel, followed bv Inter- 
ment there in charge of J. W Kllngner. 

Two sisters and l«o brothers survive. , 

I .MR.<. R. H. LAMP 

Funeral .-lervlces for Mrs. B H. Lamp, i 
; 1... who died In Tucson. Arls . will be held 
«l in oclock this morning at the J w. ^ 
Kllngner chapM. followed by interment in 
' (irren I. awn cenieierv She Is survived Dv 
her luLiband. nlio lives l.i Cliicngo. ami 
t by thrre brothers nnd five sisters. 

''"". M?it .itrop. i.rrTH<l.o 

The bjdv rf Mr.<>. Jacob LeuBiOld of 07' 
Wrff Mo-ro.' >t.r-;. v.ho ffied Frl;ls«' 
ni-ht. mlU be «etit n PrlrcetOT. Ind.. for 
funeral ;.»r«i'es e-id burial. T»e luish.ii'd 

' Mir\:ve: The Ahra LohmeKr funeral 
iiome had rliarce of a <horl »^«l serv- 

' ice here at 4 30 flaturdav aftetnoon. 



Orvlllr Hosry. 31. nnd Mlsn Blnnche ' 

iK.i^^k^^^'^^fll^P/' ^'[^^■^^'^•^ ?! I Vtnpynrd. 21. both of Strafford. 

Claude Hodicwi.' 41,^ und MIm. M«yf ' 

ITKft, 43. both of Sprlngflrld. 

I Jiick B. Ciimpb*n. 27. Donlphnn. 

Mo.. Riid Ml'^ Vrnncon Cothnm. 23, 

MonllceUo. Ark. 

Elmer Citlton. 21, Sprliigflrld, and j 

MUs Mlldrtd Stnley. High Point, N. | 

C. I 

John C Shnnk. 21. nnd M»«« Evn 

L. Colllnii. 21. both ol SprUiKtlfld. , 

Paul Terrell. 23. Everton. and MIm i 

Cathryne Colll«r. 21, Areola. | 

B. Carroll, 18. and MIm Mnude H. ,' 

HiRhflll. 18. both or Springfield. | 

Hrnrv Brotherton. .IB. and Mlas ] 
Ethel Croiirh. .1.1. both of .«;prln;?- 
' field. , 

Wade Melton. 23. .«;t I ouls. and 
. MIna Effle OrcRK. 2.1. NIxa. Mo. 
I Fred E. Bllyeu. 21. Springfield, and , 
' Mlaa Verna Hammr- "' -^-^'i- 


l> «—<■ • Mmt. 


^* •■ll •• thank our ra«n» frlrniiit and 
r>l»itr«a Tor thnr mnrtn»». nrrt Mmri'hT 
aUo for Ui« br«i,ir.; f..v«i: o-vrmt- <ii.r" 

laa tb* dcolb ol our btlc\ra tiurband 

•M lathvr. 



Page 1: Nathan Roe was killed.** 

Page 10: E. M. Hobbs died November 7 in Phelps [near Miller]. He was a Spanish- 
American war veteran. He is survived by his wife. He was buried in the Goss cemetery. 
Page 12: Sheridan Phillip Foster died.** 
Benjamin Lee Shields died.** 
Henry Rosenthal died.** 

t Sunday NiKht.FUfht 
^ ReRults Iif Murder 
''•'■ Of Ne»ro Youth 

I StrtK-k In tha~rl«ht Ml* of 0)« 

t*r* It rInM rant* by • rharf* of 

abnt (rxflua '•tMMCun. Nathan Ro^. 

34. nrgrn. araa lii*l«iu:.v k::ird at 

' • V) oRlnrk )•■< niiht at ihr home 

,of jiiomi HanJey. nrcm *»»«rj^ 

••It Washtnftnn av^nu* brtr (hiB 

mornina rity pnliri vtrr ••' I ^»n»- 

I int Dal» Rray. v .i^r Hfitn. •» , 

the «:«ver 
^< Tht Haniejr Mman and llebart 
■ Ktrron. «ho hai nia«l» hu hoi"*> in 
; Um saiBf houM wtr* htM kr police ; 
{ aa maitrul wtUieaaN. Rdtth BoiaiL ■' 

%»m\ •»> hmr ■»«'n Rn* » fiance* 
. tmd fertii,at th« placa »vi **\ dm 
' detained. 

Mn»*# nf t.h"'^ ri'i^'t'^'M'"'* :-v r>r 

thrr-» nuin ::fhi oi. t.rf- firc!.*'i- 
j «Unr<>« nf th» kiilirt Th»v uid 
• R«» hr;ri a r'ltrhrr kn;.> r. h.« 
Thand wtrn h.- »•< 'hni i)'.t h»'. 

no* Nlin^ti ar^ rti.»(>'"'ri'<n :o i-'.* 
' anvnne wi'h it 

Tha 8ina:i woman and fl«e :: 

«a< Mtd. had «pW a -on« rt»ra(»T 
j part of the"afteifT«v«rt ?rv*:rlav 

^ in' »B^ haz-ktiird: nf 'Sr.-v 

HAnlry nnmai* hot-;* ^ 




I ' .Sheridan Phillip Foster. M. died at 10 
n rlork vrjfrrdav morning at his hom^, 
twt niilrx norih ot Sprinaflptd He t.* 
Mirxhfd bv /our daughtrr*. Mri>. Eva 

! Mae Oidpon. Mri. Mary Ann Buaaard. 

1 Mm. Lulu Gertrude Pavne and Met. Ella 

, Rtia Mallord: one aoii. Jesale Sheridan 
roater; two brother*. Banucl Fatter and 
tewla Fofier: and neven arandehlMren 

•Funeral aervleet will be held at 3 o'clock 
this afternoon In the Bellevlew church. 

• followed by interment In Bellevlev ceme* 

) lery under direction of the Kllngncr fu- 
neral home. 

Bf\?\MIN I .SHIFina 

Bri-'«iirin I r& Shields. 49. employe of 
'Ik Kri.MO railroad ai Mamhdeld. riled' 

, In a SprlnRfield hoxpltal ai • o'clock la>t 
nliht following a (Itorl illnes* He In oiir- 
^ I cil hi- h^» viilr thrrr «rr.». G'i'ri 
1 rr litibbv Juiif aiifl Virsil Lamrenre onf 
«1»ii«hlrr, plola Belle Shirld.i: his mother. 
Mr* Belle Rhield.t: (our flstera. Mr» 
Margaret Rlre. Mr.* J M Rtdennur. Mm 
D n D»M)i and MM« Marie Shleldn. and 
nne brother. Jark Shields. Funeral ar- 
raniemenln are Incomplete but the hodr i.« 

. being prepared for burial at the Kllngiier 
riinrrai home. 

HfVRV Rt)Sf\TM*l 

H»nri no«^niii»i .Id died earlv i»!<i»r- 
<1»\ at hi.< home, tig West Mount Vernon 
' »treei. following a vear'n IIInFM. He had 
. been a -evIdeQt of Sormgneld (or ih- 
I pi»t IK vetrj Mr Rn.«enthtl and hi- 
(•ihfr.i.laa Louif Kre/dman. were part- 
ner* In omnemhlo of ihe Blue Front 
clothlnc rtore on Sauth Campbell ave- 
nue He la iiiirvlTed onW by hi< parentx- 
Inlaw, miih whom- he made hln home Fu- 
neral Mrvlcea wll» be held at J W o'clock . 
thia afternoon at the Jewish Congreta- 
tion church In the Maitonic temple, with 
Rabbi Repen of Joplln officlattnt In- 
terment will h» In Ihe Jew«h cemeterr 
raHK^arerj »ill he n«'» l.l»bFrM»m A 
Veedelmap J Lnii»n Nath.n Arh*i'mtn 
iJacAb Krtnzberg and C<l-*ard S. t«r«*. | 

Page 4: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 6: There is a photo of and an article about Charles Sansone and his son Bunch 
Sansone who manage the Colonial hotel. 

Page 14: Miss Katherine F. Joslyn and Mr. Robert L. Connor were married.** 
Page 15: Miss Frances Elizabeth Cotham and Mr. Jack P. Campbell were married.** 
Page 16: Henry Rosenthal died.** 
Sheridan Phillip Foster died.** 
Benjamin Lee Shields died.** 
Mrs. Paul Wilson died.** 
Opal May Kimble died.** 

N. T. Hansen died.** [The undertaker's record says Hansen.] 
A daughter Ona Lee McKee was bom October 19 to Mr. and Mrs. C. S. McKee, 
1910 North Newton avenue. 

Miss Joslyn 
^Becomes Bride ^ 

Of Mr. Conner 

A MARRIAOB oflntwwt to » Btt«- 
A ,^r oJ Bptlx>ft\»Ui peopu w«« 
r»*«! in L»b.non y«t*rd.y 
wli»n MIM KoUifMiir t- Jc.«l)ii b«- 
f«me th« bride of Mr. Robrrt L. Con- 
nor The brlrtf !• <h' ridiichtrr of Mr 
C»rl W. Jotlyn of Lebanon «n(l lh« 
brldc-groom U th» aon of Mr*. L«urk 
Conner of Lebanon. 

The eertmony »■»■ crlebr«t»<1 at 
(he home of ilif brldfd fmhrr «llh 
Dr. June< Hudlop officiating. Mra. 
Ilodlnp rl»V"^ WiiKiirrn wrddlnR 
march a* the bride entered the room 
on tl.r »rni ..f liri .S!ic ».>re 
a frotk of wood brown crepe. 

The vowi were eichanged beneath 
a bower of yellow and *hlte chryaan- 
Ihemuma •.' 

Only cloae • relatlvea of the twi 
famlllM were prtmnt. A buffet sup- 
per wa» aerved followinR the mar- 
' riace 

i The >^r'f1• ••'fr'i'-'^ .. <f., ' -• T'-. 
, denwood colleee. at f;h»tle« whera 
'eh* (omplf.ecl a M-rrr;«::H! r.->iir»r 
I Mr. Connor attended Drurr colleua 
' and haa a number of frienrta In 
; Rprlncf.'l'' 

I Mr anrt Mr« (.>.rii.rr ''••I niaKa 
I thtir home In Lebanon. 

Miss Cothom, 
Mr, Campbell 
A re Married 

A PRfrnr iom* ^^wtdlag wm» 
"• re!abrat«l y»«t«r^r •fl*»T»o<m~ 

when Mina rrance* tJl««t>eth Cothani. 

<latight«r or Mr. and Mr». * K. D. 

Cotham of Montlevllo. Ark., and Mr. 

Jack P. Campbell of Donlpban. Mo, 

were married at th« bom* of Mr. and .• 

Mra. J H. Morgan. 603 Baacb atrMt. , 

thU city. 

The ••c/^ rere.T.npv aee read by the 

Reverend Dr Edward L. Pateraor.. 

dlattiet tuperintendcnt ol tb« Metho- 
I diat church. 
I Only the lmm»<:iat« r«IaU*«« ot tba 

brlfle end crr»im -^ere present. 
I Fnliowitif the ceremony a weddJng 
' lunaheon waa acrrad in th« gitll 

room ai Mfi^»:r« Or.tra 
I ^ Tha bride u a grmduata of tha 
' MonHcel'o High achool and atten^ad 
I 8tat« Teachers collese at Conway, 

i Mr. Campbell tt a itraduata of tha 

Dpniphen High achool and tl>a Mla- 

aourl achpnl of minea of tha ctaaa of 

1S34. Ut la a member of tba Kappa 
' Sirma and the Theta Tau anftftaar 

tr.g Irptf rL.'.jf. 
Sinea hla graduaiton ba baa dona 

•uglneeriiiff work In Maxia, Taiaa, 
I Port Pierce. Fla . and Monltc«Ilo 

Ark. He U now aaaoclatad wltb the 
, Cnlted 9tatea enclnaar omc* with 

Reartf|Uartera In Kanstan ftr 

I'v-v- MAiuUiMIB uawMw . j 

Jn«T>h Dlxofi; r, flprlr.2?:'!-'f ryf' 
Miar I.*;^ Hart'lox. :i C.i;^':- 
rUla. Uo. 

Ruanelt Kvtnr 30 and Mla« Mjt- 
giK'iile Uiilaid. 1ft. bx'.ii of Sp:.:..- 

John J O-Brirn M MI!'ca-:Ve» 
Wu, and MtiM Mats^rrt llutM'R'c: 
Rvan 27 8ptifi«f>!i 
, Jem ituran. 30. and MiM Lota 
i Hick*. ^. botb of Avft. Vlo. { 

of W T. Hanaon m, »ho t'.ri; 
Ihioday In »i. Lo'i't »i'i ar--. ■ r .• r 
day it fjirtiti >riwc-i Wedneadav after- i 
■M* •• I •'ciMk. fellovad by interment 
ta Orada Lawn femftetv. Tne Uaie of 
T— P K IMia. A r. and A. M . «UI of- i 
^Ml*. JL W. Kll8ta#r haa ehATf* of ir- I 
Tlu** ton* laffitrr. o««r(r i 
of ■^rHtcflel't. and Oilberl. of 
lad., da^ two daottiirra. Mra . 

•r kmmm aty. tnd MiM I 

•f Si. LottI* I 


Hfary Rotcnihal. U. dird f- m.Inv x m> 
1tMB« ftt nt Wc«t Mount V«rtion «irm. 

• f!#r •. •••'•§ illnvH. riintral »»r»ir»s 
-•r* held thli arttrnnon at th« Jfwiih j 
"»nti»rii'l<»n -hap'' •" \hr M»«''>nlf temple 
vua ilabkt Raprn of Jcplln oKiciailnc. 
Tnt'rncnt took pUc* In ihe ,»»»w(» crvnr- 
t0ty la rturt« *t tht Mrrman H. Lohirf yrr 
IWIWI b »B H - Mr. |l«wnth«l had b«»n a < 
t>«t<wH cf 8»rlacn«td for II vmrt. Mr 
«n4 UmU rrr»<m*n. hU (athrt inlaw, «rr# ! 
MilXti. ta th« rlothlat bustn«a« at tl* > 
flMltli Oamrti^n avnu*. Mr. nn«fn>fi«l m 
»M'^l"^^i only bf ii.* (im riii>iiiU« . »Hiij 
vhon ba Uvcd. Pallbcarfr* Inr th* Tti. I 
n#ral ««ta Dai* l.l*b<>r«irin. a Nfrdlrmnn. : 
I. Lotven, )<i'han Arb«Uinan. Jkcob , 
Xraaibtrc. an<l Kdward 8. Lurle. 

ancBiOAv rHii.Lir kosikr 

niBMrat' Mrtricri (or Bhrndan PMIMp ' 
TptitT. to. »ho <1U<1 Si;r.a»v ki hi« hotii' 
r«Tt ailtea nurlh n( Sprinidrld. «IU ttt 
hrM Ta«a0ar ad^rnonn at 3 n dork at the 
8<U**ta« r^url^. lolloved br Interment ; 
tm 4lw BaUatrtaw ecaietMr tn eharce of I 
i. W. KHntncr. On* «en. JvMie flherldan ! 
f^Mtar. wirrl-rs. «'t•^ -hf folloving daogh- i 
t#r», Mr*. Eva Mar Oidaon. Mra Uarv \ 
Arr B'J.ijl-'* !.'.•• ! iil'i Oerlr-irt* r<vr» 

• rv4 M'» ^::• M»>>viO I *'• n:o'iiri\. 
Bawiial and L«»i« router, alao iiuititc. 

BCNJAMIN l_ Jtniri.D:* 

9«a|aiBlaLM Vblrld*, «». emp'oye o( the 
.MM* callwar at Marahfiald. died in a 
■aaVKU h»ra Sundav nleht aftpr a ii.oi i 
•noeir Me t« iur\::ra b\ 111. «!,', s„- , 
Oaarta. Babbr June and Virei! t.»irrf,'^ 
i**^f^ daitthUr. Olola Belle Blnrl<i» 

.i!^*K"*.**"' "latera, Mn. M,r- ! 
-ii^ -Ji**t mn-i. U. Dl RKfrnour. Mr* ' 

MB«. TAI 1. 
^»»»2g*l aat'ieaa for Mn Paul Wil.nti. 

M Troy. Kan . «ia be held at I n doc u 


Mri. Paul 

nittii In h» 
--^ ' i"" "iT" • • -rV held at 1 n TinrK 

?^**" *g jnaraaoa at KIlDcner't runeral 
— — » w«a*a6 WW laterment in Prn«per* 

^'^I^!l_**!. '"fnerlr Mlax EulaHiink^ 
•tMt*r'vtU« and had worked In Bprioc- 1 
••J* ••••^•l year*. She la turvlvrd hv . 
■•» ■■akIBtf. iDlant twin dauthtem. and ' 
*f»# ftoter. Vrt ri'., x, ^ ^ . ■ ~ 



MrrUri fnr Op«l M, 
*-moi»4h«-»l<l daufht'r of Mi 

l**iia r. KtmbU. e( J:l^ North .Mobt-V.. 
••a aveatte. will be r^fla lutKitt after- I 
MMI at t arelaek at the home of vt end I 

mn. w. ■. X'mble, rrandpirrr.M on fmjip 
«. Burial win lake pUce in Urern Lawn , 

-* .^Tb* «*»»« "i*^ Kxlay at ihe 

i--- - Uw fandpareaia Mm Tre«»ie ' 
liyaa. aaather rr*<ir'r>-n«K,. 

Page 4: Divorce suits filed.** 
Page 5: Louis Sicidmore was killed.** 
Page 7: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 14; Sheridan Phillips Foster died.** 

Benjamin L. Shields died.** 

Mrs. Paul Wilson died.** 

Opal May Kimble died.** 

T. N. Hansen died.** 

PaaaraJ at r » >t e a far Opal May Kimble. 
3-»awtha aM daufhter of Mr. anrf Mr*. 
a)li BaMatyaa avenue, 
Itaraaao at S a'dack at 
'Mt. aad Mra. W. «. Kim 


Piii?"« ^Ll"=:r A' Sheridan ■ 
.«*««*. laUawlak. 1!'"°?" " B«'lv<ew 

2s:«a. nv. dau.n'.„r.;:d r.oi'ixv. 

"»•■•»».- - ■ - _____ 


O^^n.L*"""? '"' "'"J-mln L Shield. 

S!S,*.^' Illneo. wiu be held Wed. I 

^S^SStJ* J^A^.- '«""«'>•' HU wife, one' 
aatfCMer and four *ont *urtiv« i 


hTvw? Stt ^"^Z ?'■•" •* "" home, 
1? V*i^5?f • *»"•»• »««W tht* aflerrwn 
at J oclock at the Kllncner fun.i*l: 
Banal «iu »« baid m Proapect i 
,. flva aillea aouth af Oaark. Mra 

i^i^.'.TiS* '""■♦"' •*«* ■•]« Hank* of 
mcaravlUe and worked in Sprlotfleld She 
U Mnrtvetf by her huaband. infant twin! 
aan^tera and one auier, Mra. Ellu ' 
Hambia of Bprlntfield. 

Jbta. g>aa<lpareDta. on route 4. Burial will 
Baftaalaea la Oraca Lawn eem^terr. Be- 

altfefMie pareota a aiaier, Mildred, aur- 

f.Wfaar"' > .'^ . 

'T. N. HANMCM j 

Tba bod.» of T. N Haoien. 7«. who ; 
4I#4 BaadaT in at L^uIk. witl arrive hrrr 
tndae far fun«r*. iterrice* Wedurtdav *l- 
leraaaa at 2 eriock. followej by Inur- 
BWBI la Oreen lawn eeinaMfjr. under the 
dlre<1lon of J w KliniaVf The Oat* of 
»>ie T^mpi- f'^Oi' A > ml A M. will 

. otttcuie. TBree aona aB|' tap dauihtcxa 

MBTTlKt. . > 



KranFrrePTTCEFraKS — 

Joseph Dixon, 27. of Sprinsflcld , 
and MlM LellB HBddox. 25. of I 
CenternUe, Mo.; John J. O Bricn. '■ 
3R. of MllwHukfe. \yts.. and .\Ii • , 
[ Margaret Robertson' Ryan. 27. of 
I SprlnRflfld; Jess Duren. 30, and 
MLss Lola Hicks, 23, both of Ava: i 
and Russell Evans, 20. and Miss. 
MarRurltc Dlllard, 19. both of 
Springfield. ! 

IPailure To Proxid^Mi^ 

Is Laid To'Husbandfir 

In Two SuitoHere 

ndlun to proTlde for their fami- 
lies was dtarged to two husbands 
in sulU for dlTorce filed In drcull 
ooint yesterday byllwlf wtm. 

Laura B. Dodd asks that 
•ba be given }fital 'wparatloa 
from WlQlam Doddr -^vtio, sbe 
claims, failed and refused to 
worlc to make a llTlng for ber and 
their two minor chlMren. -Sbe aalcs 
the court to give her care and eus- 
tody of the children. The ootq>le 
was married In Arkansas on Octo- 
ber. 20, 1895, and separated In June. 

SlmUiar charges were made by 
Hazel Grain In her suit against 
Frank Grain. She also asks for 
care and custody of their minor 
child. The couple was .married in 
October. 1922, and separated In 
i August, 1929. 

Botti suits will be dodceted for 
the January term t : the circuit 

Another Also Critically InlUrcd 
MiMivAcoident East of West 

' Plains . ,., 

LouK .Skldniorr. 25 of Qiilln. w« 
kUled and Fred V^agsier, 29. a 
neighbor, was critically IJtired When 
an automobllr clrlvrn bj- Brn 
Reerea, 25, of Thomasvllle crashed 
Into a wagoh on highway K3. near 

■ ■ . - — ; — ii J i i i —i — i I II 

QulUn, east of West Platiiii. 8kld« 

cotdtnf t0 Ooroncr Orarer Oreer. 
who imresUcatad the eM«.'8|ldnuc» 
Mjd Wagster had been eooo Jnnltnc, 

and wrre returning » ttieir home. ■' ' 

Page 1: Change of name sought.** 
Page 3: Benjamin L. Shields died.** 

Nels P. Hansen died.** 

Doran L. Snyder died.** 

Opal May Kimble died.** 

Mrs. Paul Wilson died.** 

L. Fremont Boyer died.** 
Page 18: Miss Anne Tucker and Mr. Buford Johnson were married in Philadelphia. She 
formerly lived in Springfield. 



iKiiKcc UliLstT wtts Uie prmcipul 
iipeakrr brrore the RoUuir club at 
ihr ri'Kuliii wrekly luiichiKiii at tlio 
Colonial hotel today. Mr. Olaser, 
who to a naUra of Osecbo-aiovaUa. 
cho«r that country as hb subject 
and gave a brtaf aoeount of tba na- 
tion's history, derelopment and 

"Oaedio-SlOTakla, wfaldi to com- 
post of a groop of fire hattaa. la 
a new iaod'oT promise stoce the 
World war." Mr. OtaMr declared, 
and has taken a new lease on Ufa 

Ooaeh A. W. Brlgga of Stite 
Teachers college Inrlted the elnl 
iiii-n to be his Rurst"! nt Ih' Trsrhers 
coUege foolbaU game Thursday, and 
the Reverend C. O. Font, chalnnan 
of the Red CrtMi roU caU committee, 
urged the club to grealer ffforts in 
tba memlwnhlp drive. 

UT iw^ ^ 


I PeUtlon of Mr. and Mrs. Ross . 

McCloakey and Roes McClo»kfy. 

Jr, of M2 Went Poplar street to . 

change their name to Blanton was ' 

granted by Judgr Warren L.. White; 

in circuit court thi.s inoiinni!. 
I The McClnakey!" stated that since •. 

hp was three years old Ross Mc- 
I Closkey. 8r., has borne the name ' 

of hi' rlrpf.Tthrr. by « hirh hr lia? 
{ Blva.VB l>een. known and In' which i 

he owns propfrly. 
I In order to prcsene the young 

fRlhrr'? rrnl iinmr. lio\vr\r; nif 

cniplr and Ihclr fmall son souphl 

to have the court restore the orig- i 
I Inal name of Blanton to thrm. | 




runrral arrtlcM for Bfnjtinm I. Hhirld*. 
«f. f mplof* of Um rrUco st Mftrabn«M | 
•ho dM Sandajr, will b* ilrM In th* Bap- ! 
t»»t rhurrh th«rf WrdnrB«l«y •ftrrnooa at ' 
, a JO o'riork. lollowtd bv iiitrrnirni in !hr 
I MarshflvM rtmHfty. The wif«>. four tan*. ' 
• till on» d>nii(htfr .••ir<lvr .T W KJ'.i'.t t><-r 
U t4i cnarsf of iimrral arraiiKcniri.l*. , 

Nri> r. HANOI \ 

f'uiural nrr\\tin lor N IV Hai.'i-n. 7«. , 
'«ho (II- <1 S'ifidBv in fl; I.p'j:». « i: hr hrjr". 
WiVdtifxdav arirrnnoo at 2 nrlocK at tb* ' 
J. W. KlIiiRurr rhaprl. follnwrd bv inter- , 
m»nt In Ore*n I.awn c^mrtfrv. The Oaie • 
nf the Tempi" \nt\gr ci tlif Mnvcn'r ortlrr. 
ta «ht(h Mr. Hansen t>etenBefj. «t|| have 
rh»ne of 11,^ ontial titrv Tlirrr jon and 

M»!«. r*ri- wiij«o«» 

mnvral aervlrM f«r Mr*. Paul Wilaoo. 
»«. who dJe«l tan^av niafbt at her b«m« 
in Tr«r. Kan., war* Jteid tbia afteriMioD at 
t n'ckM-k at the J. W. Kltnvnef fihapal. 

Inlia»ert bv iiilrriuriii m rio.jTtt ir;i,r 

trry. riv* mtle* asutla of Oaark.- Mr*.(Wi|. 

•nn *aa fnrinerljr ktiaa Bula Hank* of R<^- 
■ er»Till« and worked In 8prln|(ield. She i« 
; furtlved br h»r huaband and Infant tmin 
( rl»!ia(;lfr». and a flJler. Mrs ri:i< H'lrrM* 

of Bprlngfi'ld. 


WTBT PLAINS. Mn . Nov l»-r«neral ! 
eer»«rei for L. rremont Royer, member i 
of the \\>.»t PU«iri« Telephone rnmpanv. 
• ho died at the home of his brother. J • 
W Boyer. were held Siindav In the All 
5"»inlf" Kplncopal chtlrrli and the bodv was 
foraarded to Kreepnri. Ill . for burial 

Ntr nover. ».ho w«« 7? v»«r« olrf. hart . 
ti'fii a rfl'V.'! of V.r-; r'A.:- f : ■: ' fu i 
14 yearK He hail hern ptoniin'-ni in .\t«- 
*nti:r c!rr!<"« h'lri: a nr-pb't of tf-.r 
Kritn's leni;'!"' «iif 'V.iiirii' •:'■ \ ii;r. « 
member of the Abou Dm Ad:.r": ."^u-r;:!' «• 

T>nR \N t -N^nt K 

r:nutr fiiMTiil ^■■r^.rc^ » i'.l tif I'M f',t 
L)nri»:i U. Si<-,drr, 3-*»nr-oid ^"n -"I Mr 

«nd Urt. tnhU K. Anrder of 711 Delia 
Mreet, who died earlir. today at Iha homa 
vm-m pANMo «t dipliUMrto. BoMdM Um 
'Sr*"*** *•• brothara. Ooamond and Der- 
•Id. Mnnva. with O. C. Snyder and Ut. 
and Mrs. W. C. Montfomery of Buffalo. 
{ l!«ndp«rtnt» j. w. KUncoar to in sbArgo 


Funeral aervicea for Opal May Kunbla. 
> S^moBtha-eld dau(htrr of Mr. aAd Mra. 
i i.«allo KlMbl* .of SIM Kortb RotoOovaoa 

ij •iri;U*, were Iirld tht* •rirrnoon at 3 
•< n clock at iha home of the (randrt*asl»- J< 
irrt. Mr. and Mr* W S Kiinblx. at rural 

, l iflea t he parenii. a »'Mrr. .\| r<:r..d r^It^^f 

I- •"^■•-- ■■■Vi^ j 

Page 9: N. P. Hansen died.** 
DoralL. Snyder died.** 
Benjamin L. Shields died.** 
Mrs. Ada M. Chandler died.** 


Vri. niiT%y> If B>M»ihjiilf. 7?. »lJf of 

H«i:r} l"M:ti« li.^. V (.: «'. .>i. Mn r:i»'1 

I In • hp»rV«! )i'r»- ihli rnnrnint- A fno. 

, rr:fr!fi of r«n«»v. »"jr'Mf!\ rl'h hl< 

(f»ther. fiofa; .«»rvt<-r» 'ill >^t li»ld at 
rorwir ;n rhaiee rt W. K Helman . 
'here T?»» A!:aa ^■»t^meT^r funeral home j 
b »^ f^.>»c» "? ft : T<fi:^(M"i * >. li^ie \1ff- 
I »«cr f. ."s :>•,■.: <•• Ftr I'l^d'l'l « a »lv'#r, . 



»hn^!Tfi •♦■••'"'CM for N. p. Ransra m 

JiilJrmil'.""'"'^'' "'"""I »'o>ne. followed b» 
rona^n-'.'" Orrrnlawn remelery. T^^t' 
•ona and two danghtrrs survive '"'"l 

Prleala fun*; 
««7 for DoreJ 
55, Mr. and 
D«lla street. 
»"• home of 
W.'wia. two . 
•fUntner u in 

JA.v L. svvnrR 

t^rucfs »ill fce held to- 
Hiiydrr. 3-year-old son 

Ennii E. Snyder of 717 

died early Tuesday at 

parciil.v Besides the 

lers ^urvlve. j, |jf. 

:e of arransemeo'ta. 


«o "i^T' 'fr. !r,..^or B' iHt.iln I. e^hip!d.«. ' 
•"• •mpi'iye 01 in,, rit,..., hi :.:.uii.f.,- 

Baptist church ihr ^ today followed b» • 
*if. T"* In Ms:>.;,tWd rcm.trry. The 1 
J vij V! '""'' ""1 •''• dauRhKr survue. 
menu. '^""'"■" "■ "" f'>»»J« ol arrange- j 

1337 M.iS?'^*"' »»enine atwW home. 

»Xts*^toa^"j2: ut^r":i£rvr, 

*^ «ndardlT»etioir7!»iw"''L •"*«»<•£; ' 
borne. MrTchaSrf?' ")• KllnaneRjwxrei 
♦i3sban«r<fcoS^^*;:.J» »»rvi»edW »>" , 

Chabdler S rj"-*^''."*"" ard ?"•*« i 

uawr I 




Page 2: Births reported.** 

iMrs. Ada M. Chandler died.** 
Page 3: The man found dead on the highway may soon be identified.** 
Page 18: Mrs. Margaret Ryan and Mr. John J. O'Brien were married.** 

Miss Fern Carskaddon and Mr. Leo Stafford were married.** 

Clue is Believed 
Discovered to Afon 
Found Dead In Road 

Thr bo<1y of a miin •bout 65 or 
70 years old. found lying by the tide 
of U. B. highway M we«t of the 
Mlllrr cut-off Iwt FrW«y night may 
bf'ihiiCof John Frankiln l^wtrnt*. 
flpanUh-American wmr Teterto, U 
vma believed today. foUowtnc neetpt 
of a eommunlcstlon from a ilitcr 
of Lamrence In Tnlia, Oktak -^ 

Mrs F. A. Welch of 1347 EA»t 
HAckeU •treet. Tu»»», dCKrlbei her 
hrolhrr. whom »he hM not aeen for 
24 years, as being about S feet lOW 
Inchru tntl. with blue eyes, light 
l-tf>'vii linn Biiri iibou' M years old 
One forefinger U mlulng al the f irsi 
Joint, »he »ald. 

• ThU deacriilUon la wry alinltar 
to that given of the unMeBtined 
mun. who Is about 5 feet 10 Inches 
tan. with blue gray eyea. light hair. 
: and «;Ui ihr forriinKcr of Itic right 
had missing al the first joint He 
is bclifvrd lo be about (tS years old. 

Lawrence Country Coroner E. L. 
Pntton of Aurora waa unable to 
find any clue aa. to the man'i Identi- 
ty, excepting for the tnltlaU M. F. 
In the tattered maeklnaw he wore, 
and a piece of bread wrapping pa- 
per with the name of ji Rich Hill 
! I.rik.iv on ;•. I:ir.-.:;r' i:*'.'.r<'. to 
ihio« nn> liKh'. r:i this c'.ue, hc-^ - 

The body Ls being held at the 
MorrU- and Lrlman Undertaking 
,..Th'..lT>T'^- " MiTrr for rv'^.^lb'T 

■ '<(... 


\r>r\ *rw^*'. 


*S» 1 

f • 



Home Wedding 

lust fMMiim: »1 10 t> 
Tttn Caf-'artrton. rta 
Hatlla Carakaddnn. la 

• frrrt, hrrnnir 1»i^ b 
!Vn(!->''l ■ ' I '.;• ■ I'v 
1 i ,r Mi'.:;ir i :;>l' < f r 
hy ihr I!r\n 111(1 l)r. 
or the Colleee atrret 

-.1 tl>A l>nr|.,. nf **.:'• 
Mt . Vi ;; Il-n .'.I •. 

Iir.:i>>r HiKl .Mr. L II 
man. Tha eerrmonv 
prrKrnre of about 13 
anfi rrlntivra of Itie 
Mr n:ul Mi- %■:>:' 

iiShttr of Mrf. , 
la West Walnut 

Mf of *tr. t-'o 

-•n-.onv u«.^ rrmt} 
I'lnnH n. nainea 
BapUal church. | 

r»v mn'r'^n '^r 
Jnitr« WR* br.1 
waa read In the ' 
intimate fnenda 
vo'ing foiiple 
.r': nrr to mr»kr 

Vowsl\ re Read 
Before Friends 

A OBLtOirrrtFl.' ehureh- wedding 
■^ w«» i>olemnl»»d <hl» mnrnln(f at 
6:80 o'clock at tha Bt. AgoM church 
when Mra. Margaret Bjan of thU city 
became tba brida of Mr. Jobn J. 
O'Brien of Milwaukee. Wla.^ The lUv- 
rrrnrl Tathfr rrank MrCardle offl- 

A» the bridal party entered the 
church MUa rranela Bader played 
Mendelaaoho'a wedding march, and 
during the ceremonr Mrs. Howard X 
Bader aang "Bacrament O Divine." 
The bride wore a torely blue velvet 
eniembla and rarrled a (heaf bouquat 
of premier ro«ci and llUea of tha val- 
ley. . Mlaa Jennie Boll waa maid of 
honor and waa attractlTely dreaaed In 
blue rrepa and rarrIM a bouquet of 
iinniirr in*<>». Mr LnTrncr Frtnch 
alirnrtert the groom ^ 

Following tha eeretnony an Inior- 

mal breakfaal wa.« nerved at the home 

ot Ml»» Anne MrCJernnn. «4S Cherry 

atraet. to aiembera ot tba bridal party 

■ and a few Intimate frienda. Tha 

I attrarrively decorated bouqueU 
of 'he »»a.«>o't flower* earrylnf out a 
rolor moiif of p;nk and white. Mra. 

1 MarT Crorrofl of Ouquoln. 111. aunt 

'of '^^e ^r!'1e. »«< en o-i'-rtf .t.-'wr 

•- : •. ..I • I r- . 
■..'ii;'" l-."m» »' 
M;;»-»'ikee. W: 

.-pn F<»r'.r-F;Mh 
■ . »!:er Defem- 

^-Mt\. and Mn. T. B. Hershberger of; 
BIO South Jeffenon avenue are the , 

■pvwpnnvpiiai.' * 

^ JMV. and Mi: r. S. Cooper. 1U4 Eaat 

'Commerctnl atrect, Rnnotmep th'- 
birth of B dnuijlltrr in the .'^rfi'iK'-'':!' 
Baptlat heeplt:<l Kovembrr 10. 

Mra. Ada M. Chandler, 44. dltd Tueadar 
, t*eirtiig ai har home at Sai7 Malion ave- j 

rne Bhe Ic aurvtve't bv h»r tiu»bnml. i 
f.mijr W; 'h-r» "orv, I "i I"..'^ 

Iand Junior nil of 81,i:i"jIi<-|.!. inc ■ 
damhlerv .Mis. W. V llli>iii-. umI M- . . 
riauAa ranccr. alio cf tbu cily. J. W. i 
KUogacr U la etaarga et.funaral arrange- 1 



Page 3: Man found dead in road near Miller.** 
Page 4: Mrs. Margaret Ryan and Mr. John J. O'Brien were married.** 
Page 10: Mrs. Ada M. Chandler died.** 




ehoreli ««Mtng TWtcrday morning at 

IIWIiWUMiiilUln .Hi^t^AfDM xhoicit 

wbvn'Mra. Marfmret Rj-itn of thU city 

.baeuM Um bride ol Un. Jobn J. 

^OVrlan or >III««akc«. Wis. Tba Rst. 

VMhar nrank-MeCartlla nad the aln- 

fia nng earepopy. 

Ida* Tngkotm Bader played Men* 
a<l>iOtiB%.^W<mint much ■• tha bridal 
-pany> aiitarad tb* church «ad Mra. 
Howard & Badcr aang "Sacrament O 
DtTlne'' tfnrlnc the ceremony. The 
bride waa lovely In a blue velvet en- 
■emble and carried • aheef houquet 
of pemct roaea and llllee of the tbI- 
lay. Idas Jaiml* Bell «aa maid of 
hooor and «aa draaaed attraetlTely tn 
blua crape and carried a bouquet of 
pnmlar roaaa. Mr. Lawrence Fredch 
attended the groom. 
K Inmedlately , XoUowlnf the. cere- 
taeuf mn tnfonnal wedding breaUaat 
waa aerved at the home of Mlaa Ann 
MrClernon, 445 Clifrrj' ^trfct. to 
nieiuljcrs of the bridal pcrfy and n 
few intimate frlenda of the young 
eeaple. Oeeoratlana of the breakfaat 
table and dining room consisted of 

||boiKpietaTfl(.Ma8aoal garden flowera. 
carrying out a 6oIor note of pink and 

fwhtta. Uxm. Mary Crocroft of Du> 
qtida. m« aunt of the bride, waa an 

IgutKiC^towa guest. 

■ItMl^aBd^ Ura. OViten wlU make 

'^etr futtn* heme at 980 Porty-flfth 
ria^ after Deccm- 

Bpdy Of Aged Man | 

Found Dead In Road ' 

? May Be Identified: 

.Tbe body of a man about 65 or, 
70 yean old found lyloR by the aide] 
of the pBMiiiciit on U. S liiRhway 
M west of Miller may be rxUbliahed 

«« I hut of John Franklin LnwTence. 
veteran of the EpanUh-Amerlcan 
war, aa the result of a conununlca- 
Uon received yesterday from Mrs. 
P. A. Welch. 1347 East HaskeU 
street, Tul.'^a. 

•Mrt. Welch said Lawrence, her 
brother, had not been .«;een by her 
for 24 years. She described him as 
bein? about S feet lOS Inches Ull. 
mi'h blue eye.^. light brown hair and fi9 years old. She .<;ald one 
' Xoirflnger was ml.v:inK at the first 
loin:. These fflrt.<; faTied to a eon- i 
nldernble extent with the lx>dy | 
whlrh was taken to the MorrU and 
I/Piman funeral home at Miller. 

A rnmp'.r!»' cif-r: .:• .' : <-.' fh' 
body waa sent to Mrs. Wrirh from 
the funeral home but no answer to 
the measace had been received from 
her last night. Pictures of the dead 
man we r e taken yesterday but de- 
velopment had not been completed. 

Tha body w*.'* found by a hitrh ' 
hiker Saturday m^rnme. He 
at once notified the undertakers at 
MtUer. I 




Funrral .^trvlrea for Mri. Ada M 

CI midli r. 44, « ho dird Tjesdaji rvfiilnf ! 
at her home, 3237 Mclioo avrnue, wtU be I 
held at 10 o'clock tr>U mornlDg In the 
J. W. KItniinrr tuurral chapel. Interment | 
will tw III Liberty cemeterjr, U miici 
norihea.'t of Ppringfleld. I 

Page 18: Jerry Hershberger died.** 
Louis Thompson died.** 
Mrs. Jennie Davis Baxter died.** 
Mrs. A. P. Norris died.** 
Phil O'Meara died.** 
Mrs. Nancy E. Newkirk died.** 

A son David Walker Baxter, Jr., was bom November 19 to Mr. and Mrs. David 
Baxter of Battlefield. 


fc JO^;- 


MK^. A. r. M)Ki;i< 

Thf JxHiv of Mt». a p. Rocfu. 73. Whp 

' <^.r^^ M. f! r»«o. T*'»" »■" ■rrlve h»f» 

?• m:di-. Kilt !"' luntr*! »«r^;cf^ Balur- 

I day moraine •! 10 o clock at tto* Atea 

' l.nhmfr»r fiin»T»l home. tntfrmmt wtH 

I inkf pl«c» in H»rfl»oocl c<3;ft»rv. Mr>. 

I Nrrr's livfd in Si VouLs 8h* l» ruT- 

i ^ ivf d bv hfr hujtuind »nd four loa. at 

! follovi' Max P. Norn* of Chtrat*. Huck 

iif ri P»so. Trt : Rry cT'bJTfh. Pa . 

I und Rivmonrt of Wa>h«nito n Tw o u»- 

tft« ItTf In minolp. MM CJora' *, 



Jrrrv |l,i m.-nrr. iiif«iit M.ii of Mr and 
Mr.. T U. ll.iM.bergrr. 810 a"«'J||.-'l""!: 

, , .. •....., ! .. • 1 . 1 :.<<ur M ■■•••1 

i »iu"w' lieirt »n E»iiJ^a«u t»«atei». „,. | 


I ,tr»»t dl«i «h>» mornini •» , • f„'^ ) 

' „ ,. .urvived by a »ilr "'•<» ''L' V^U^fiiSSl 1 

S^f^nr^'ld. Ih, "-M,; ar,..,«.m.nii ; 

I. ,.•••'! • t. :• ■' ' •'■ ■''= ■• • *" ' 

!,nm« HMd burial allJ bf tr.adf in Uit Na- I 
tloital c»i«ni'ry, .pj 

viKx. Jl^M' i'»vi- ivwiiK 1 

TMiirrti »«rvler» Tor M:: Jcnni- Ditul 
H<,x;.r. 47. • :<• or J'.:-- -^ ,P '>j.- „" -' | 
tw. hrld Krida* a« J p. m . al Elaood M. E. , 
,. ...,v, ^,, RtTtrr rtif«1 tt h^r n«nm« on* 
V S .i.i!l.»»v *«. Wtdi.fsdi) •::tr:-.»on| 
»ftfr a .^no»l t'!n»«». Burial »IU b« In I 
rl»»r Crrft frntrxtTV. Stt^lc* »t!l »* J 
r'«-il-;r''rt hr l^f Rr^»r•nrt Y'^unf. •'.'i?;- . 
i< I.-, t.r I».. •. •rriV. W". S'ifv. I 

Page 3: Charles Eugene Hyden died.** 

Mrs. Sarah Blanche Kemen died.** 

N. V. Lewis died.** 
Page 16: Hosie D. Scott died.** 

Louis Thompson died.** 

Mrs. Jennie Davis Baxter died.** 

Mrs. A. P. Norris died.** 

Phil O'Meara died.** 

Mrs. Nancy E. Newkirk died.** 

Itftt O'MKAK.% 

O Ur*ra putucc ttuditf. dlcdtats mora 
Ui« t* bla aportttMl at -4* Wm^Mmmfm- 

• flfr a lonv' lllrr<« He l« lurvlred Vr 

lao trolh'Ts. Charirt of Chicaio and 
' J»me« uf !,(>.« Anc'ln One r^'.rtrr. Mri. 

Kstc O Mr»rii o'. Lu» Aiigf If*, ai^o »ur- 
l«lr»« r»iner«l «rran«»m*nt«. ahlrh are 
: in cl;»r»f of )<rrni<n H Lo^.mfv»r. arc in- 
i complvta. Bortat «Ui «• ImM w S«. 

Mary'a r emt tery. 


Mm N .;.c:. E. N<«kii£, 'i. ot 1W« 
North Retrra av»aa*. tfia« «t bac hacao 

tM< ntcriiinc. She <t turviv«« by htr 
t., .»,,..* I 1^ v-.Tktrt n-\i bv fear norm 
' ".tl t."7re f!«:jh'.r» *> f'^'.!o«5 Jifr»«. ( 









Cliarlfa Euc<na Hvdrn, 1-ypar-old aon 
e( Ur. and Mra. Charlry Hyd«n. died ta 

in n'riock >f«t»rri«v morning nt the fam- 
II'- home. B1^ Nnrili Franklin avenue, 
lolloalnf an 4IInra<t n( pneumonia. Funfral 
*rr\ieea «in ba held Saturday morning 
at 10 o'clock In the W. L. Elarna mor- 
tuary followed by Interment In the Brick 
church cemetery. 

vs- .."-fe ' 

MF"! «*RMi niAvrnr RiRVrv 

Mif Rniali nianriie Kernen. 41. «lfe of 
^■ell Kern'n of Riri/Iord. died al Ihe 
hoine tliert ai 10:10 o'clock latt nlcht 
folloaini a Itnterlnv nine*. Betide* n#r 
husband, nhe in iiur\|ied hv one dau(h- 
l»r. Mm .t. O Pouter of M.%.i Cairo iitreet. 
Bpringfield, and one titter. -Mlta riouie 
Bill, who live* fiorthwett of her*. Mr*. 
Keinen had been a retldent of Oreene 
retinir for M-ye*rt> Funeral servlc** will 
b* htJd *t 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon In 
th« Methodlit chtirch *t 8tr*frord. Ih* 
Rer^rand WaH*r Cot* of SprlnffleM offi* 
ria'inj. Intermtnt will be In the MvN 
lenoi cemetery near fitrafford under dl- 
reciion of W. L. Siarne. 


I Hnnle D. 8r«tt. M, died at 4:10 O'clock 
yeaterday atwrnonn in a nospiiai here 
felloarinc a abort lllnena. HIa heme waa on 
rural route I out of Brighton. Ha la aur- 
vlTCd by hia wife; fiv* daughUra, Mra. r. 
W. Garden, Mra. John T. Oatlay. Mra. J. 
W. Matthewi and Mr*. William Bdred. 
all of Sprlngrield. and MUa Pauline Scott 
of iha home: and fiT* aona, Fred and 
Bllon of Brighton, roUte I, Roy of Wlah- 
art, route I. Clyde of Springfield, and Dec 
nf the nome addreia. Puneral arrange- 
ment have net been completed but Inter- 
ment will b* In Clff.rj* ol tb* KllOfoer 
funeral home. 

l.nillA THOMP.^ON 

Loulii Thompnon, U. M0« St. Leula, died 
early yritlerday morning In hla home fol- 
Iniring a lingering lllneM. He In aurrlred j 
bv a wife, five children, on* brother. F.d i 
TtinmpMn of Sprlnvfleld: and one alater, 
Mrs. Walter Sleeih of Springfield. Funeral 
arrangement* ar* Incomplete but th* aerr- 
li r.^ vIM t>e held In the Herman Lohmeyer 
funeral home and burial will b« In f^a- 
llonal cemetery. 

N. V. hr.Vfin 

N. V. Lewis riled: In a hoapltal here at 
t o'clock yesterday efternonn followinc an 
lllnena of aeveral days. The body I* b»- 
Inc helfl In the W. L. 8t*rn* mortuary 
while effor'* are being made to locate 
tela' re.-; 


Eastbou^ Friscof'Traini 
And.'^utp Crash. To-l 

* ^ gether'' ■ om Crossing \ 
Near Seneca, Mo. 

. QNE man was Instantly kllird and | 
■- his compRPlon fatally Injured 

vwhrn the truck in which they were 
ridlnr was ^^demollshfd by the fast j 

eastbound ^isco pai^^rncer imin. 

No. 4, at a croulnt in Seneca, Mo.. 

at 3:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon.. 

A blinding snow.'^tornri was blamed 

(or the crash. 
I The dead kre R«ese Maxwell and 

Dan Crabtree, both about 3S years; 

old and r<«ldrnt.s o( Commerce, 

Okla. The bodies were taker, to the 

Oklahoma town last night after an . 
•Inquest .at|sen(^a had. been con- 1 
; ducted by 6oroner James .Nutman 
[of Ornnbv. * 

♦ - - ' ' ...,.„ ♦ 

,♦ ± •■ ►; 

' > The verdlB of th« w i tm e t^ Jory r 

placed resp&ipslbtlity for the tragedy. 
! neither on Ac train crew or the Tic- ! 

tims. TestlSony of a considerable I 
' number of •Itne.^'tes was to the ' 

effect that Mhe truck was driven 
I onto the crAsInc without either of 

• he occupans .seeinp the train which 
was bearindidown upon them be- of snoS which filled the air. 

Maxwell «^ dead when his body 
was rempvecHrom the wreckage, his 
<kii1I hnrtiv ^rifshed but wl'h no 


^ " MHn. iRNNIR nAVia BAXTEB ' 

Puntral wrvlcd (or Mri. Jcnnl* DaVIt 
Bkitcr, 41. wife of Jkmct A. Baxter, will 
>• held Frlil»y •fternoon at 3 o'clock la 
h« ciwood Methodlit ehureh. Mn. Basftr 
illMl at her home on U. 8. highway •« 
Wednesday afurnoon felle«ln> • kriaf 
illnms.<lBtarment will k« lo Olear OrMk 
cemetery. Servlcei will be conducted by th* 
Rrrerrnd Younf, eailitcd by the Reverend 
Will Stacy. 

MBS. A. r. NOBKIil 
The body of Ura. A. P. Morris. 73. who 
died In El Paio. Texai. >rrtTrd her* early 
, lodar for funeral aervlcea to be conducted 

, it in o'clocli SaiurdiT mornlnf Jn ihe 

Alma Lnhmcyrr funeral home Interment 

. will be In Harcla-ood crmeterr. Mrs. NorrU 

j lived In 8t. Loula. She U aurTlved by her 

I huiband and four aona. aa foUowa- Mas 

' P. Norrb o( Chicago: Hugh of Kl Paso 

Tfxa.1: Roy of Pittsburgh. Pa.- and 

, Raymond o( Washington. Two alaiere ll*t '■ 

I In Illinois. Mra. Cora A. Norria ot-»J« i 

North Robbrrson a\rnue Is a slstrrlnla*. 

I rnil. O.MEABA 

Fimrr«l •»rtlri-s Jnr Phil OM'tra. ST. 
operator of the O Meara photograph 
I •tiidlo. who died yesterday morning In his 
npRrlmeiit it *^ Elks' srrade following a 
I'lPR lllnrss. tttll be hrld in chnrge of 
the tiermnn l.ohmevrr fun^r«l_ home, but 
errangementi h«*e n'll been completed. 
Interment Is lo be In St. Klary's remelers*. i 
He Is nurvived by iko brothers. Charles i 
of chlcaao and James of Les Angeles, and i 
one sisier, Mrs. Kate .<;0'Meara of Loi 



Mrv r Nemkirli 7S. I^.•4 North 
Rocrrs avenue, died at her home yesier- 
riav morning She Is survived by her hus- 
band, L. B. Nealjjrlt. andby, fput /sona and 
three rtmi-.Mers. "s.« fo!Ii-»»' Jamei. Levi. 
.Ine and Charles and Mrs. Telia ' 
Mrs Edward J Davis, and Mrs. Eada 
Baker. Funeral arrangements are In charge 
of J. W. Kllngner. Burial will be In East 
Lawn cemetery. 


' Henr>' Ro«enth«l. South Campbell 

*trrel rinthler. «ho riled Rninlay at 
^ bin home, 010 Went Moin.t V< iiion 
I atreet, bequeathed all of'"hk prop- 
; erty. real nnfl pTiftnal \n l.otilR ■ 
l^rrerdman. hl» (.niher-ln-law nnd bii^l- 
' nena partner, in hla will filed today 

in prohat* court, 


Page 9: Hosie D. Scott died.** 

Louis Thompson died.** 

Mrs. Sarah Blanche Keman died.** 

Phil O'Meara died.** 

Mrs. A. P. Norris died.** 

Charles Eugene Hyden died,** 
Page 11: Divorce suits filed.** 

Page 26: Kenneth Fenter and Miss Mildred A. Scales, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. 
Scales of Kansas City, Kansas, were married November 9. 

a. rr.l 

It at. I 

; F«ne-sl !«ervie«» for Phil O'Meara^ 
I wh« died Tiiuraday. will b«t bcM at SC 

I Josepir.s CaiheUi: church Saturday morn- 
I log at » o'clock, followed bv iDtcrment In 

I :"^' Vt^v ^ rerne'erv 1i: rliarge of the 
I litrii;,", II I.<>iin<r)T t'li er«J ;.->me. Two 
Sr'.";..:- i:.,. ..jv .".'-r •-•:•.» Mr 
O Meara operated a pholograi.*.!o. 


- torw TnoMniov 

^' Jfm(tJt^W^iu* tot Uuis Tbowpson. » 

MOB 8' Ix>ul» stiee;. » ho i^iVj'sV .."!'.•■ ' 

Thiiraday aivraliic. «U1 bo held at the 
f Uaman R. Lohmeyer fuiMral heme eatur- ! 

day aftcrooon at 5 30 o clock, (ollowed bv 
I int«nD«nt 1» tiM NaUooal ceoieterr. Ur I 

TTiomp^n 1] siirvned br his %'fe n:--; 

fire children and by one' brollier td and 

• atotar. Mrs. Waller Btoctta. aU 9f Bprlaf- j 

t"**" j 

two seek'oivorce - 


Our v(.^ll..!'wlf^ iounht a dlWWt lirr Ihf «l hw mothert •nfl 

.,,., i„; b.. lUM- ii'-r liuMbunn m«ae 
hrr nve «t »»».•« lutlur s. 

Mir(«m L. Miuwrield. who m»r- 
TiMl AmllM wmiam M«n«rieW «n 
Julv J9J8. niv» In lirr prtlllon th«t 
h.. inslntrd M>f conllnue to live with 
)irr nu.tHiT. which RrrnnKcmfnt nhr 
I,. M.l x.iv tiiiM»llsfnrtorv to her. 
AU1..MIKI. I'.- t.Mk.M }:.o "«;••'; 
,.l ,>liiff III n fluiKC furln'slrn. he UhA 

mv.T KUPI-"""' '•'"• '•'■'■• .■:'" 

^p<•lc(^ tlv rr.Jiorallon of her a>«lo«n 
nnmo. Miriam Lon-nc Wymore. 

Ellen O. Wwlmrr inarrlert Imm 
S Wilmrr lit Hnrdln. Mo.. In April. 
I'l.-ii. SMiir llini. 'Iir rh!ir>;r!. hr 
\,-\H filMKi lilt I" li*' >" ""' '"'"" 
«.t hit ItillHT. wild iibuM-H hfr. The 
v.iin? Inrl>.iii'l wonUI ii"f nlNiw his 
vifr tlir If "I 111. <•" II '■• nll<"W'-<l. 
■,., ^ll<• »:•• li'iiiil I" liiid oiliii 
inrtnn of traii-MXirlailon l<> vult her 
Mck father, i«-\er«l mllcR away. 

WoImT rvoM nccimeil hi% wife of 
.•.>• j:i!.!', l»''-^ vlil'-li :.!•• to-ik to tirr 
■:<■'<'ifT. Ill*" HllfRiiiim Ktates. 

'•, ji' II 1.1 I :. iV '•' ■' ' '■■ ' '•■ 

<iiii|{«.s III Hill; h r CJiiiiMmii* \uis- 
>:it«i iiifl o'hrr p-r.v ml b-I'in;*- 
III <s Willi lunv iiiihahiiK l»"" iing«. 


HU81t: U. HCOTT 

leM for Hoato O. Bc«tt, M. 

wtk»*^(UM Tbursdar aftcraoon. vlll b« 
hM mt Cl^ar Creek cbureh at I o'clock 

flnturday nftfrtigon. {ollowrd by liitrrmrnt 

oaateMnr Uwro. J. W* KUagoar M 

ktya of arranfMBmta. Mr. Sotftt't 

waa ai Brlghtoa, niral nMM 1. Ho 

1% Kurriv^d bv Mn wife and n*« xonit and 
I five daughtrr.f .an tolluwi: FteC and rUuit 
j Scott of BrlKlitoii, route 1; Rojr of Wli- ! 
I liart. route I: Clrde of Sprliifflrld. and ! 

I)'f <l iK.n.i . .'.!:• I. W . ('irc1»-n. Mis 
{ Jolin T. Uatley. Mr«. J. W. lKBtU>**r« aiul 

Urn. WilUam Bdrrd 

all of B;>r:n||f;tld. 


Mri Sarali Blniirf.r Krrii.ii. 43. « f" 
of Bca Kernan of Blrafford. will be bur i:i 
in the Multanoa cemetery Saturday rollov- 
[ooaral aenrlcea at 3:30 o'clock in the 
atethodlat rhurel). Mri. Reman 

" at tut ham* Tbnradajr ntght foBow- 
a leiiR Ulnaaa. ..Saaides bar hMbaad.,, 
atw U in r lni d hr a daurHtu, Mf«.~J. C i 
V«a«lM^ii'H«3 Cairo Jitreet. StlTlntfieM. a»l i 

tiv a -isfr. Vi'* Klo>s:>' H.i:: vl.n !M" 
nbr(hve»; of the r:iv. Mr.v Kernan iiad j 
Bred )n Or<^ne county for M year*. W. L. 

t;.,.,., I. .. t'.-r.' iif ?':r'r!il arTit-r'-| 


Sataido , 


fojr 5on« an<ir t«o alitei* aarrj^t. 

r-ineral •er').-e« for Cbarlee 
Hidfii. l-j'ir-o.U tor. o? .V-. »:.1 Vr 
Charlei Hyden of IIS North rraakUo ave- 

noa. vtU k* kaM •» •U»W*^ r "^ 

Saturday BMrolac •* 1* o'ckack. 
br intcraacBt la Um Bnck CkBreii 

Page 2: Mrs. Nancy E. Newkirk died.** 

Hosie D.Scott died.** 

Louis Thompson died.** 

Mrs. Saraii Blanche Kernan died.** 

Phil O'Meara died.** 

Mrs. A. P. Norris died.** 

Charles Eugene Hyden died.** 
Page 3: Oscar L. Highfill died.** 
Page 13: Cards of thanks.** e»— . 


Ofcar U HlibfJll. N. fariner who lived 
en Pair Grove rural route' 3, died In a 
Sprlntfleld hoipltal about 13 o'clock last 
night following a abort lllneas. Funeral 
aerelcei will b« held, at II o'clock Bonday | 
rooming In the Pleaiant Ridge church, 
followed by burial fn ttie tfemetery ihrra 
under direction of the Kllngner funeral | 
home Mr. Highfill Is survlvrtf by hw wife ; 
mill II'""' yon' rLniff' Hirhflll of Bnrtnr- 
lirld micl Lloyd and Ton:.-ny Hisht;il of • 
fair liro\e. 

mn. O-MEAKA 

•omeaa (or Phil O^Meara. «7 ■ 
yraprtator of a phototraph *tu<:io. «tU 
to MM In tbo at. JoMDh Catholic church • 
•t • o^tfeek thla morning. Inlermmt In ' 
m. Mafy*a cemetery will be tn charge , 
ot tbo Herman II. Lohmerer funeral , 
bone. " 

i. P. SOMMin 
.'aarrieaa for Mra. A. T. Norrh. ' 
pf SC LouU wUl be held at 10 o cinrk 
foatniionUnc tn tha Alma I<ehni*yer fu. ' 
karal bona followed by burial In Hazel- 
wood ccKCKry. 


tiijI^HMflL wrrlfTg tot Charlaa Eugene 
BJjidiMMiljr— y^oM aon of Mr. and Mr*. 

Cfiahag Hyden of IIS North Pranklin 
tMnOMw. Win. b« held In the Burn* mor* 
iMBiy'ol'^* oreloek. Intemcnt wUl b« la 

tto Brick Church cemetery. 



imy mernlng. 

I MA 1 i e'elo«k thU altnoeon In 

BkptSat choreh. tntenncnt 

Ukwn etiB*UT7 VBdrr 

the J. W. ninfotr funeral 

■ouB iiu tovn 

tar pmH O. 8mU. M. 

■runtoon. vHI b« h«ld 

' at a o'clock thi* 

la Ot««r Ortck 

•I ttao J. W, 

lotnn THOMryov^^ 

> flOT l^Otttt TbOttpMB, )S. 

•tnct. vbo died Tburtday 
ftt hU homt, ar* to ba con- 
•• a:M e'deck thU attrrnoon In 
th* Hmnaii H. Lohmeyrr funml home 
foUowod ky barlol In tbo National ecme> 
ttry Mr. Themptoo It turvlrrd bjr bi> 
Wl.'«. lire ch'.Mrtn. one trc-.hrr ti 
Tbeapfon, ond a titter. Mr*. Walter 
nMth. an •( 8prlii«fl«Id. 


10 c«p|U o Hni^ 


We wUh to thank our miiii> (ritnda and 

BrinhlMrii (or the kliidiirsi aiid tympathy 

<)urin| Uit ilcliDfas and dealti ol our baby, 

Dortp. - • ■''■'- '- I 


_ ^ I -In D«ll» Bt. 

Wt with to tbank our trienda for the 
kind remenbranc* ol (lowert and otber 
farort In honof ol our dear too and , 
btothfr. MaUion.9 


In the name ot Iliote vliost voices are i 
•llrnt and In bchali ol tt>e Lecionalre^ i 
and their friends who nere unable to 
honor their memory at the (Irsi annu*! 
ceremony rt th4 monunirnt at Grant ' 
Br.'u-)i park Arrfllsllcr liA\ fte''*lsh to 
th;iiik Mttc'iply ihni.e w hu liosrd. tmriietiv 
or romplPicJy. tticlr plftcts of btlMlu^s on 
tlmt day, comiitemoratlvr o( November | 
lllh. I>18, at 11 -o clock, aliea lor (rlend ^ 
and foe alike It became 'All qdiet.on the' 
Wtttero Front •• I 

c.oAr>-PAii,:NCKi?"rnsT. | 

• v '••■ ' 

b,)ui i^t.'ir.. Mo I 

h-Btowcho-Kwiioa. 43. wifo of 
i.«L8tntMr4» win bo b«irt«d in 

^^^ 'tltfs •ttemooB 

, _ fen at >:»• o'eloek ; 

la tbo atrafford MethodUi churcb. w. 
m »iWaiu a to- la csa^go ot fancral ar- ' 

Page 6: There is a full page map of Springfield showing how each area is zoned (i.e., 
one family, apartment, light industrial, etc.) 
Page 10: Oscar L. Highfill died.** 

Mrs. Margaret Anna Behymar died.** [The funeral home also uses the spelling 
Behmoyer but Behymer seems to be the correct spelling.] 
Mrs. Nancy E. Newkirk died.** 
Card of thanks.** 
Page 11: Card of thanks.** 
Page 14: W. H. Allen died.** 
Fred Sickmyre died.** 




_^ _ _ __, , -^ I I Mill*. NAM* ».. KI.WKIRK 

DEATHS -h !«s%''r;»?iJ^*nKisii. ^ 

till* aVirinrM,,, a| the ilfnilr^ «i tl UapMal 

t^hurrh. lAlloaxt br liii iitirpl III ■••! 

Is* II fr'i<'iei\ in eharirr of J W . Kllni* 

I r> 

••■";■ rt;-»%; 

OM \H I. 

1 liuirT; 

I: I' It 


|-Vt**<»'*' It I'l'lll. '•'. ••! t't'rtl 

<-^'«M Uiutr, titrU III • l>«a)iil<il 

I •»#, • a^^p^'wat^aBw^tiBHiwaWi 

l)l(w>» F'litriNl »r, .Mia a,!) In- lirlU aV 
II <» < liM-k numiav initiiitik* In i><» Weiinartl 
i KfU' eh'iriii. loll«»»rd br iiilrriMfHi iUftf.' 
^.j w KlMi«ii«-r-it In ctiafM ol arraii««». • 
nieiio Mr IlittilUI It anivlvfrt by hla wll*' 

, .»! .• •;i-»e -t..!!^ Clj'irte iif Hl«i nflli-lil. ami 
I UlOf,1 aid lliuiiiK* c){ tnii lllii\r. 

I Mll> M«l!i.Mtir \\N\ lllil\M\U 

I Kt. «l.i ,11 > Anil* lt«h«#n,,'r 1'J <*' J 

i.*i«ti wUfwmt. fnllAMlni^ a Wn 

»» lUMl.'U •» I'^t Iiiij'olliil l.l'..> |. 

[mM. tm ■NHiNit^MML •♦tfiaum. I 
'llarrlru Onflin and rhurl*-* Orlrrlft. 

f>lea<ai«« Hnp' Ml*. •>i'1 l«n brnthara • 
' tait .|<ler« Wlllliiiii A Orirflll. HlHtnti 
, Clara, and Atialiiir t)riiriii. ail n( IMeaa- 
IMW* Itopa. riiaaMj Mtymm vtlt IW t UIW 
Tnala nir-ri MrihtwIiHi rhurrh \\Mf al 9 

«ir]n<-1( Riir-lav tltet'tniiii, and b'l'ial »l|t 
t b« In ftrrrnlawn rrniciri.v, uni»t tiM 
, a-i«piir» •if J '.V. lIlii.M <■♦■ ' -'.^ 



IS t r>il| n Mn* 


Wt vuh t* tiiaak aar mu>r fruada 
naithbora lor lb* kiodncaa aatf 
dartaf Uia aKktMaa aa« daaiGiaC 

■ — ' m t. MHnnt'AM 



III «f«i* •> «"• 


IVt *<'^ '" <l<"nl' ""' Irlendi fur the 
_. ., _„|j othar 

*on and 

rr.-n'n* III • lire o( floarr* 
lit lioiiur ot our dear 




Both RMircd and Elderly. 
Both Expire in Yards 
of Homes " 

sudden de»th felted t«» m 

Sprlngflrld mm todty-ln both 
, cwrh. viiluBlly Without '»amlni:. 

n,.H» wrip fniiiii (\r^(\ In the ymrdi 

of their homes. h«vUig been itcUve 
' during llv mornlnjr. They were W. 
Ih. Allen, about 60. of M« South 
i Robtyrson iivenue: «nd Fred 
I Slclcmyre. 63. of 13J4 Marion avenue- 

Both men were retired. Mr. Allen 
, wM^' formerly employed by tl> » 

Sprlntfleld Oa« and Electric eoea- 

I no relatlvea in Sprln^leld. He waA 
Identified today by re.<«ldents at the 
house where he hud roomed for aev- 
eral montha and In front of which 
hl.i body was found. i>etiei^ in hu 

.\lr .Ailrii li;.<1 :!..• (-•,!■. • :; ;<: •>'.r.l 
In' fll' t'.T' niul rV.'r-;/. p^.^rr-p.'xnv 
f'.; xM.'it! i)nin:hv Hr ;:.'\r! rnri-.t- 
:y Urn m poor hr»<ili. lie liad lold 
of havlnc taotht achool for wtcrst 
term* aiwl lad • snail Ubnty «( 
good boolu In hix room 

The body la In ehai«« or Um Alam 
Lohmeyer funcrml home. I*» funerml 
arrancemcnUJuve been nuMle pcnd» 
Ins an attempt to find relaUvea. 
Snn Finds ItAdy 

Mr Rirlcniyre hurt been rauns In 
;-.A ■.;\;,i Hi„i milt-lMic h..' Mraw- 
tvii) ;wuh. }!» Unl.v was found 
hv hr* — r. .T C Slvk-.-.-.rr Thr 

rnrnner wii& nulil:<-ii. anu siit*kURa> 

■ K'lli 

• u «ii 

ihrre vrar.* ago workrd In 


Frisco we8l shops. 

Pu;cif1e by pol.«on was first »u«- 
pected In Ihr cn-r of Mr Allen, hilt 
an autopsy prilormrd under the di- 
rrrtlon of Actlnc Coroner -ll. R 
.\.\brry shnwrd h'.!« rtrn'.> \» b»"- 
rr.Milted from sclerrvw* of the ar- 

No BclBtlTca Ben 

So far as Is known. Mr. Allen hxs 

riucH was held, as the c«u.%e of 
death was obvlcus and there waa no 
susplcloua clrcumatanoea. 
I Mr. Sldcmyra ia larn^ed by hi* 

'daughter. Mr«. F. B. Plfteid. who 
' vrd v.'U yiin< nnf* h" ♦v »rn« 
S C. and r C. Sicitniyre, b.>ih of 

I Sprtngfleld. 

Funeral arrancrmenta are incom- 
plete, but 1» \%. knotrn fhut btirlal 
will be m Oreeiilawn ceaietery un- 

' der the direction of J. W. Kltncner. 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 

A son Elbert Charles Hunt, Jr., was born November 21 to Mr. and Mrs. Elbert C. 

Hunt of 442 Monticello street. 

■ Page 13A: Hugh Claypool died.** 

Mrs. Anna Margaret Behymer died.** 
Will Richardson died.** 
Oscar L.Highfill died.** 
C.C.Johnston died.** 
Ruth Laura Childers died.** 
Fred Sickmyre died.** 
W.H.Allen died.** 
Mrs. Katherine Rebecca Cox died.** 
Mrs. Mary J. Sewell died.** 
Page 2B: Son bom November 16 to Mr. and Mrs. William Buchner of Peirce City. 
Son bom November 20 to Mr. and Mrs. Luther Parrigon of Peirce City. 
T. J. Pumell of Monett and Mrs. Kate Colwell of Sarcoxie were mrried November 

18 at Neosho. 

F. H. Nabb and Mrs. Fannie Gold of Monett were married November 16 at 


Twins, a son and a daughter, were bom November 1 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. 

Summers of Monett. 

Son bom November 21 to Mr. and Mrs. Fred LockmiUer of Monett. 


niTfin ciJivrooL 

Hufh CU^poot, K4, af Walnut OrAv*. 
diad jt*t«riUf at I o cIock >l th« lutn* , 
e( Ms aunt, Mtt- Matt Looo*7 with whom • 
h« had bMH raddint for Ih* pait thr«« t 
rtart. Ht li tur*i«(d by l«o hroihart. ; 
R. T. Clarpool of aprlntritid and J. P. j 
OtaypMl el B«tlra, Tmiml fMavral Mf 
pTtMi win b* h*ld ladajf •I'th* TsrUr 
Crrtk Saptlit churrh with th» K*Tfrrnd 
J. r. Shtrman, paiior of tha Pint ■•ptut 
•hurate tl Walnut Or«T* a* tha offietetini 
MlnUtar. Stirtai win M madt la Turkey 
OrMK Moiaiary under the dtracti«a of the 
BrlMm HiidtriAkina eempaay e( Walnat 

Mkn. «.>).>« MABtiARCI nCHTMCR 

FMnttBl Mfirtc*! fer Mm. Margur*' 
Aon* athrmfr. M, or OIM«, Mo . «h» 
diad In a luxpilal hfre. «lll be hfkl ai 2 

nVlotli thl« •ri»rnonn at th» (111* Blf»»i 
Malhodtat churrh. following by Inltrmrnt 
In Urtrn Laarii cfmrtrrjr In clitrf* of J. i 
W. Kllncnrr Mra Bahjrmrr li •urvlrad by 
h«r hutfiand, Bdill* Bthrmfr, h»r mnth«r 
and at»p-f««h»r, and mnilifr. Mr and Mr« 
CharUi Orlfrin >>f plra^anl Hop*. Mo . 
and l«o brotn«rt and t«u •liirri aa !'>i- 
■•*(; William A. and Hnmrr friar* • .1; 
Adalln* Urifdn. all of PlFa«ant Hope 


Ptif'fral •*f. «»•* ». - '!_ t f, . ,,.|., 
6], or <^" Hoiiiii Clayavrnu*. sill be h»ld 
at IJO o'dock Ihia artrrnoon at tha Alma 
Lehmcrar runrral hnmr. rollovcd by Iniar- 
m«nt In Maple Parit tnn'.trrj Bjrn\inj 
•re the vile. a(ra. Laura Rlehardaoo; a 
eon, Oeraji, et Kanaaa City, and t»« 
daattiten. Mra. Kv* WhIUhaad aod Mr*. 
Uabal OKmaa. both or Bprlniritld. 


Puneral i«r>lc«l ror Oa<ar L. Blghnn. 
M, of rural route J. Pair nroT*. *|ii b* 
ntid thii nternlng at II o'<tock at Plaaa- 
ant RIdga church, rellnwtd by Interment 
In the remttfry th«rt In charge of J. W. 


p. C Jolm^lon. »3, ralhff or Richard' 
O. Johii«ion of 910 CaM Hianford ureet. , 
■pringlleld. died Priday at hl« homr in I 

Mll«« ilirr. W,n. fi.llnvlni • I'-'lf i:''i»«« 
accorcting to smd rrcalvrd liar« Aaturdar I 

Til. H;.t nK»''i.1 ....... (,.. !„,„ »,||i Ilia I 

lallift. !<.( trvrral cla^i .l.fl.jrr 11. » t-Mcr.^ 
mail ^ rtfalti Aii.i'.l.rr «i,ii. Earl J..i,i.mi,i,T 
of MllKaiikrr. alao Kurtlvra, with lh» wifK ' 
Piinvral «»rvirr« am br held Monday 
morning at A|.pl»«on, Wl« . the former 
home or the Johnston*. 

■ ITR I.AI NA, tnil.ltl.RII 

Punrral s«rvirf< for Kiiih Lutta Chll- I 
ders. Infant daugMrr br Mr and Mrt W 
Chlldfra or IMO Moulh Jerferanu a«e- 
-J, will - be held ihia afternoon - ai' < 

J^infrat »fr»lff» for Prrd atckmyrr. «1 
lit Marlon a«riiuf. »ho died audrlrnly 

*rrt. mill br held at 1 3n oVIork Mondar 
Au!^"^:^ /^* •' F-, •tUhkn.r cheoef 
mowed by tntermrnt In Orcrn Lawn 
imat»ry_ Hr U rurvUi-d b» two mnu, 

t^il *"1 *" 9 "''kmyr- bo'h of mnfuwi 

I* f rlieo ihopt. » »»« 

' w. H. 'I 

No Brran«fnirnM hart been mad» ■•••■1 
•da» night for funeral ."^ '«•••'»«« j} 

rfand d»ad In itie terd at «4« Sonthlj 

TT»>hh«'r"in •• 'n'i» ►art-. Balnrda* morn'^, 
ine Mr. AU-n » i> - Llrmlfl'd »>» **w'L 1' 
lialdrnn at the hom» where hae »»»flj 
rSnmed for ..veral wonlha We we* for- | 
mrtU emr^T'd br th» BprlneflrM fia' •"'1 1 
idertrlr romr<eny hut had not worlr"1 for , 
(i|»eri>I month' If h.'d rerrn'Ir h'm In I 
pkor health f»o relallt-e* ha»» »-« been 1, 
lOi-iled. Mr Allen "»'' iinder«tood to 
hive rnrmer^ ln'i-lil "I'onl. hi' »'<t. 
I* nl yii<.«n -lie hod- M b'lii* h'M 
fir a few d*T« •! '*'e Aline tohme-»r r<i- 

ttl home A dt'fn>r ef-the »r!er:'« , 
I the rsire 0» itead «'i oiHrnir r«-. , 
med iinrier »he Bi/"-or:»- of A-'l-- 
nn'r I? I' AnSr»T • ./,.>>rt 

I MM* KATRriervr RFHrrr* rojc I 

I Vr- Kn'-iT'. » p't,.r 1 r^T r? .ii-d al 
"• .10 oVIoflc ..-r^ler**!* 7 .Tf*'f .lo'^n iir ^'r 
home. iflOJ North National after • brief : 
tllkeaa. Puneral aervlres will »»• heM »• j 
«Woek thla ■fternoon e» Wtarne "•o-"i'. 
*i* with burlel In Harelwood ceme'er- . 
Kim |< mtfTlVed b» the hu<hand To-n r ' 
rjk- two •'aiighter., Mr*. Bert Wir-"-'-o 
Wphlte. K*n . and Mf. rvw'^hr ^oi.hS 

"f^'he W»«f ff'-h •tr'»t "lert 'TO 'n-^f, 
Mfin n fox r-f f.'-»-.'. *•-. -,;.,! ^.^....«' 
♦ nj wi'l T riT of vie* iM r.T m-- 
rof »*« a rlon*'- or n'T'~-t'.r^^ f •' 
»r» county, where 'h' had lived all of 
h«| life. 

HR«. M.tllT J. eywri.i, 
Mra Vary .T »<e«»ll en nf -K*'' il 
Ofove died at 3 o '"'o'-k ye'te-*^..*^ if*.r. 
'.oon at her hnm* ffhe !■ •iir-!v.rt ^. *-rr 
'■'Mh'nrf J 'A' H»»»ll 'hr»» •"•>. • -.v 
l»»»ell of A'h Orove. B A p.«. • ,,f 

Orcu't. Cellf ■ M A B«arfll ^f ••• ■ r 

nrn*-^ and l«'0 da'i^h'.rt '^'"-r.a e--.«-| 
•nd Flora Bewell of t*!" b"-'* arlrt---' 
'Mineral fPrvife^ »'•• ».-/.h«hl- h* '"-'.1 
'omnrrow a'l-rnoon a» ! .r'V f***9f\r* "■•'^' 
►.'iriel at Orernla«n r^r^»*^t*- r» w>'".|f 
Orovr 'inder the (••-•^tion of 'h* H»r- 
man ly.hmeve' funeral hornr 


State Teftcben coUegs wu esUb- 
llAhed by an act of the legislature 
AprU 17, lOOS^^The alte. Inoludlnf 
40 acres, was donated by the eltUens 
of Sprlngtield. The first board of 
rritenta Inuuded R. B. McDanlel. 
prrsldnit. M. D. Clark. West Plains; 
Ihiiina.s Riibry. Lrbnnon; J. M. 
Earp. Lamar; A. H. Rogers, Joplln; 
Normnn GIbbs, Mount Vernon and 
H(*ard A. ,Gass. superintendent of 
iooIr. * 

The laciilty Included J. A. Taylor. 

Ictinu president until \V. T. Car- ' 

TrlnKton completed the term of of-j 

[flee in the state superlntendency of j 

echools; C. E. Mnrston. science; Dr. | 

I). T. Kizcr. .science, Misa VaKiuiii 

^igllsb; Mtss Elizabeth Parks, 
thematlcs; and Miss Cora L. ' 
ger, education. 
■cbool was malntatned In the 
normal school building until j 
; 1009, when It was moved to ; 
ew administration building, the 
structure on the present 
m. In 1923 the education j 
was completed and In 1927 
■cienee, building. | 


,p»y rorKhfe. aa. .im M«len MJt-l 
, chrll. 22. bolh "' W.lnut Orove. 
i Ten E. DTMlUf. 24. .nd M«ude 
, Annr Presly. 21. both of Springfield. , 
i m«rrlcd In the county recorder s ol- • 
I Her bv county Judge J. W. Ttppln j 
I >Clnrrnre Porter. 22. nnd Marj- 
I Eli/.ab«-th Weaver. 21. both of Sen- 

' «*"• Mo. 

' F.lbcrl F. Tate. 23. und M«rin« 

I M»y Stockton. 21. both of MonetL 

: i 

Page 1: An unidentified man was killed by a train near Rolla.** 
Page 2: Charley Keithley died.** 

N.V.Lewis died.** 
Page 8: Daughter bom November 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Jess Bowles near Round Grove 

[near Miller]. 

Mrs. Evelyn Humphrey died.** 
Page 10: Myrtle Irene Baker died.** 
Mrs. Mary J. Sewell died.** 
Fred Sickmyre died.** 



. nOLLA. Mo. Nov. 2->. i-iAP' — 
•Mrs. Evelyn Humphrry died. At her 

home here nfler n lone lllne.*;.";. She 

\^ .survived by her hii.sbnnd. B. W. 

Humphrey. Ijer mother. Mn. A. S. 

NJIes of RoUa. Iwo .sl.slerK.j Mrs. R. 

A. Uiimliam. Knst SI. l/>uJ.s, 111. 

and Mr.s. Jninr.s 'liilboerl. ;Barlles- 

ville. Okla.. and a bin! her. Claude A. 

Nil'-: nf riirnlnh Okl:i I 


Nothing in Man's Pockets Ex- 
cept Extra Set of False 


An unidenllfiea man. about 4> 
yeiirs nid. wn.i klllfrt.'lwo miles r*«t; 
of nolla yrMrrd-iv b" FrLvn pa.^- 
Mnrer train No. 3. Hi« neck w« 
broken and his Irfl arm fractured 
In three place*. The body was 
brought to Rolla tnd Coroner -A.' 
M- Llpht win hold an Inquest todav. 
Means til idcnlilyinK llic b<)d> 
were .vani tui his clothing came 
from Chanute. Ktin . and his ha' 
had R Tors'; Uhri Nothlni; »as 
found In hw pocket except an extra 
set of f*tA teeth. ' ' 



Charley Keiih>v, ITvearold : on of Mr. 
and Mr.-s J W A K-ithley of Day, Mo . 
died IQ a hospital here at o clock last 
night, after ui-.dfrcoins an operation. 
Besides the parents, he Is 5ur\lved bv five 
.•-..•:rri. .M;^". Hs:r; Kelthlev, Mii Theo. 
Hotl and Mrs. E. M. Allen, aU -ot Day. 
Mo. and Mrx. Hugh Kelthlejr of Rock- 
aaay Beam. Mo . and Mrs. Stanley KUh- 
ley of A2usa. Calif., and five brother*! 
Burl and Elmer Keithley. of Bluff. Mo., 
Luther of Azusa. Calif., Guy of Day, and 
Tlppon of Walnut Shade. Mo. Funeral 
•trvlcet win b« conducted at ) o'clock 
Tuesday afternoon at Oak Ridge ceme- 
tery on Che'tnut Rld«;e.^ tt.e bady be- 
ing taken oxfrland. Buri.Vl, will t>e un- 
f!<r c;:.-.-cl .011 of \V L s.u.i.e. 

N. V. LtWI.S 

Fimeial servlros U<t 1 V !.*•»,«. who 
d;ed In a Sprlrgf :<•;(! :i.*;j.;di m.-i l.Tjr^- 
day altrr a »hort illner/B. wilt be held at 
8 oTlock Tuesday moruiiig in the Starne 
mortAry. Fffort.'* to /get In touch with 
relatlfl^s ha\e been wf^ovjt aval!. latet- 
mcDtffvill be la Ua^eJaoca cemtterj. 



Myrtle Irene Baker. S-year-old daughter 
ol Mr. and Mr». George W. Baker of 
.sn4 Went Ml Vernon .•street, died Sunday 
at noon at the home of her parenti. lol- 
lewlnt a brief lllncM. She Is aurvlvcd by 
four tmall brolhem and the parenti. Fu- 
neral lervlcea will be held under the 
dlrrrtloii of J W Kllngnrr but arrange- 
mriils are liicoiiiplele. 


I MKS. M\HV J. si:\vi:i.i. I 

llllirl:il .•Tl^Hr^ lui Ml^ Mufv .1 

iir»rll, 6U, vtliu Olnl SHluiilaT uKriliuuii 

I at Iter liume In Walnut druve. will be 

lirld Hi I 30 orlock tliM stternoon In 

' lilt- r \i(k I IIHprl fi.lli.i>^<1 t,\ Inlriiiiriit :ii 
I llir Grrfiilimii crrni-lrt v hI WRJniit tiiovr 
! iiiirlrr dlrfcllon of tin- Ilriiiinii I.<ilimf>rr 
I (iinrrKi liomr. 


Fiinrml srrvlr'« for Frrd Slrkmvre. H. ■ 

\^^i MBiInn n\rr.ij<> n ho <\:f(^ •urtrlTiV 
R;ilMir1.iv all'tnnnii »hil' >i -xr^rk. i;i hi' 
vnrrl. »|II h' hrld m 7 10 n vlork lhl« 
!«(t<Tnoon In il" I W, Vfl:";:'- f'in<T«! 
<-h«pcl Biirl»| Till fi' in Or^'nlown 
fnn»"rj'. I 


Page 2: Myrtle Irene Baker died.** 

Mrs. Mary J. Sewell died.** 

M. V. Lewis died.** 

Fred Sickmyre died.** 

Charles Keithley died.** 

W. T. Pursselley died.** 

Henry W. Williamson died.** 
Page 3: J. S. Hardrick died.** 
Page 5: Daughter bom November 24 to Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Famham of 300 Ildreene 





Uyrtt* lr«it Baker. »-jr««r-«?td daiifb* 
l»r of Mr. «B<I UM. Oror(« B«kM •» 504 
WMt Mount Vtrnon itrMt. dl«d Snodsr 
•t Ui« hem* of th« Mrtau tfttr an IOomi 
ttf <rtalUh«rU. BctUtM U>« pansU. Mar 
••nanbroehrri. OrrilJe. Jaowa. Wayi»« 
j mnd nrL iurvl»«. J. W. KUntoer u In 
! chart* of funcrtJ arranceiBeiiU. 

MEA. MAKV J. senKLl. 
Puncrat »*r*lf*» of Mr*. Mary J. ■•»- 
»11. M. who dlrd SaturrtiiT at h*r horn* at 
v.j'.niit Cltc\». »':r '.:■ '.^ ;« tr'Ti.oc-n »r 
1.1:30 tn ih* lAiekj chap«l. {oUow*4 br in- 
! trrmrnt In Uit Orf#nlawn cvoirUrT •! 
1 Walnut Oror>. Th» Hrrman H Lohmtyer 
• lunertl homr had rhar;e of *rranr«n»BU. 


run»r*t $»r*lcfi for U V Lewti. who 
dt*d in a hoaplUI h»r« Thursday afWr a 
ahori 1U=*»». viU bt hfld at Staro* a mor- 
tu«ry Tacitfar mornuis a: 8 o'clock, toi- 
lowf'd by iBtfrtnent lo Uat«lTo«d cnaater^v 
Cffecu t» (K la toach «tlh trlatir** bavr 
b#»ti frultl«u. H» had lt^-»d for abrat fi»c 
: v»n» ;u Ui» ie»r c: ::? >"-^ Ci-nr-' 


runrral a^trirra for Trm Sickmtr*. U. 
■ r»tlr«l m«r«> ahopman wh» di»*f aflddwitr 
, Saturday whil« at work In hii rard «rr» 
I h»ld thi» aftrmoon at J SO eclock at lh» 
: J W. Klintner ctiapt:. r.-;v«Ml S» ;al»r- 
J MtM Jc Orccniava ecBaetcrr- 

Oborlaa lUUkl**. >V i —i oM awa •( Mr. | 
and Mra. J. W. A. KvftbW* af Doy. M*. I 
I 4t*€ tB » KeayWbl bet* avitfAy cratM* i 

afirr undtrtoint an opar atloa . - BiaM** | 
the partnta. h* la aurvired br t'.wr 
brothtra and ff«* iM«r». •• f«U»«a'. Barl 
and Klmcrt Kaitblr; of Bhi(t, Mo ; ^■Jt^rr 
! Of Aiu^a. Cai : C.uv of D»r. Mo . »nd Tlf- 
> ton of Walnut Shad*. Mo.: Miaa Har.«l 
K«ithl»y. Mri Theoder* Holt and Mr» 
X M AU*n. alt of Day. Mo : Mra. Hu(b 
Mrlton of Rockaway Boach. Mo., and Mr» 
Ptunl'T KftiMrT of Atu«». Oal. run#r*l 
I («rvtrr> «ill b» nfld Tu'wiif •Mts"--^ •• 
I 3 o'flAck at Oak Rldr* ccmttrry en Chest 

rldff. vitti lnt«rm«nt m charg* of 


fltarne't mortuary. 




w T. Ftir»*»'.lf V. !( 
ahrrlff. difd SalurOa) 


ner-. --. . .^ 

7ii^.>i.l«v aftrrnoon In TMf 
tiao cburch. 

hi* vif* 

nrral Mrvi«.» »IU b« held at a •''<*» I 

Po;!rar Chrii- 

w. T. rfm»!iru.«T _ , 

rune ral »ernre* ior W. T. "Br*' f^*^}' 

1,T an a forn-.rr .b»r;ff of Pcllt rountr • 
and »lde:v knoan ihrougrrut Po.a ar.v. 
C.Tc-f -—:.-••<•• «►•-> i""* •' *■'" home in 
linli-ar at : .14 o r'.ork .^»f::.i.v after-] 

noon, wr: be condicl«'.: n- J. ^ •■■ ''^ J "*'> ' 
day aneroooo at tbe nr«l ChrUtian i 
ehurfh of Bollear. Burial will be Is tlio I 
,Oreen*T)od eemewry at BollTar Mr 
I Pur»»elleT »l>enl the early part of hU lire | 
1 in Greene icunf r. »her* many relative* 
and friend* »tlll Wre. amm lfc*« • | 
b:o;hfr J W«-l!»'- o' s—^ncfl'ld 
: and a cousin. Tom. who Uvea ea« of thu i 
■ rite Aa a yoone man Mr ParweUey | 
tTio\»d to Po?k rruntv. !!' ;ri for »'*.» at . 

I Briihtton. where he wa» a promtnen: . 

farmer and atockman. tn TMO he ••» 1 
, »>etrd aheriff of Polk county. eerTed towr 
'»»»!« H>A estaViIithKJ MiJf *io1fl» m'Botlvar I 
,, .... ,,„..,..,„ ..» >,•, ^r-r- H-.» «:f' 

! ' nrNBT W. H'lLLl.tMi^OX 

Menr» W. Wlll!*fn*on. 10. pioneer farmer , 

ni \':<.K rfg:.i!!. '.f<i th'a ifir-rr-.'-.g at 10 

. eclock at hi» home. 10 nn'.e* northeajt . 

i of Sprinf field, on Kout* Ko. 1. He wa« 

. born and reared In Oroene rmintr and 

. \erjr »f!l known thrputhoot thli lection. 

He had been an elder tn the Cttmb*r> 

land PrfjbTterlan church it M» Com- 

, fort for many ye*rv P>in»ral »ervTe» 

I wilt bo held kt a o'clock Tveodajr at ML 

Comfort, and bartal In Mt CoOifMt 

cemetery under tb* •direction of KUncrer 

I TTndtrtaktat eomMBT. Ht U aarelvvd by 

I hi* widow. to«r 4a«iht«r«. Mr*. Joha P«t- 

' man and Mra. J*A« Onntor of Itowto 

I Mo. t. Ml«* H*«t«r Wintamaon and Mia* 

IVIrda Wllllamaon, of Snrlnctleld-. en* oon. 
Bobert l^'UUamaon of SprlngtloM. on* 'if- 
t«r. Mr*. Cl«aB*Dtln* Duk* «t Mr Oroy* 



J. 8. Hitrdrlf k. '1, Ait6 •! h«* hooM | 
' ti-nft Cut MeO«»l4;4yH|c^i»* ^^^op^i 
thl« mrtrnlnf. •» tlw 'wMIPSr !•>■«<•« Bf'i 

tctflvcd ■ar-)t« afo whon he fejl frniB I 
a, barn imt ai his betae. He Is sur- i 
^Md tey hu vtfo. m»bMw. Md U>r*o 
Krofher« I'l'I'irtinr tt fl Tfardrleh rrofrr. I 
o( 3311 South imiliiMia a>rniir. j s Hare- 
rle> hbd lived in BprtntnoM about 40 
T»ar«. 'int'I 5" vear« a«o, h» *n<1 % I 

htO-.tlT r.-^:r:h<rr. « :«•:» £• T-. .■.'-» 

Bi UA Earn McDanial atrert. The Cftmp- 

he!l Unrternlrlrc rnmpanr la In rharro | 
if {tjnrial n'TKrerr-rr''. 



Page 1: Marriage licenses issued 

Page 2: Charles Keithley died.** 
Henry W. Williamson died.** 
W. T. Pursselley died.** 
Mrs. Emma Cook died.** 
George Newberry died.** 
Frank R. Minor was killed.** 

Page 5: J. S. Hardrick died.** 

♦ * 

To Hold Las 
Tomorrow For Man 
-^^ K illed by V ehicle 

Tlie body of Trvak R. Minor, BO. 
of 14M WMt Phelps rtreet, 'who 
died In a HarrlsonrUle, Mo.. hO€- 
plUI Sunday afiemoon from In- 
juries suffered when he was struck 
by an Automobile on U. 8. highway 
71 late Baturday nl«ht. arrlred here 
yesterday afternoon. 

Minor was walldnc down the 
highway near Peculiar. Mo.. In 
search of a daughter. Harel Minor, 
who had disappeared from home 
about a week befor*. when he feU 
the Tlctlm of a hit-and-run motor- 
ist. The daughter arrived home at 
about the same time as the fatal 

The father and Edgar Edwards. 
20. the girl's sweetheart, had gone 
to Kansas City In search of her. 
They started down the road after 
receiving a tip that she was "hitch- 

Mr. Minor \z survived by hi?: wife; 
ids parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph 
L. Minor; two daughters. Hazel ahd 
Alma Minor, and six sons, Roscoe, 
Cecil, George, Clyde.- James and 
Clarence of Springfield. Roy of Fair 
Drove and Louis of MUler, Mo. 

Funeral services will be held at 

1 oclocic Wednesday afternoon In 

the Starne mortuary. Interment 

probably will be In a cemetery at 

[ Fair Grove. * 


Ray Forshee, 22. and Helen Mitch- , 
ell. at both of Walnut Grove: \ 
Clarence Porter, 22. and Mar>' i 
Elttabclh Weaver. 21. both of j 
Seneca; and Elbert E. Tate. 33, and] 
Myrtle Mae Siocltion, 2U both of ^ 
Monett. I 

--■■^■i- ■.•S*''«f-S>i'..Ss! 

- ruatrtl servlcts for Charlti' Keithley. 
17. sdft of Mr. and Mrs. J. A, W. Keith- 
ley of Day. Mo., who died In a hospital 
here after an operation. «lll be held this 
afternoon at 3 o'clock at Oak Rldg* ceme- 
tery on Chestnut RldRe with Interment 
In charge of W. L. Starne. Beside* the 
parents, he Is survived by five brothers 
snd five sisters. 


Funeral cervices for Henry W. William- 
son, 7«. pioneer farmer of this region. 
I who died at 10 or lock Monday moriiliiB 
I at hi* home, 10 miles northeast of the 
'; city rn Rniii^ No I, will be held at 2 
; o'clock thin afternoon In the Cumberland 
Presbyterian church at Mount Comfort, 
followed by burial in Mount Comfort ceme- 
I tery under direction of J. W, Kllngner. 
; He U survived by the widow, four daugb- 

1 1 I ^ tf 1 1 u o . 

I \%. 1. i-i:R.SS£LI4|Y 

FFunrral services for W. T. "Bee"* Purs- 

fclley, 60. former .sheriff of Polk county, 
I who dl'd at his home in Bolivar Ssrt- 
, urday afternoon, will be conducted at 3 

n'riock this afternoon In the First Chris- 
' ttan church of Bolivar. Interment will 

be In the Greenwood cemetery there. Mr. 
I Pursselley rpent the early pan of hb 

life In Greene rountv where many rela- 
; lives and friends still live, among them 

a brother. J. W. Pursselley. of Sprlni;- 

field, snd a couKin. Tom. who lives eoLt 

of the citv. 

; . MRH EMMA COOK ^ ^ 

' Mrs. Kmroa Cook. 73. wile of Sara Cook. [ 
died at 7:15 o'clock last night foUowIng i 
a llnnerlnr: at her home on rural | 
route 8. Just southeast of the city. Fu-.i 
neral arrangemenla are not complete but I 
nuermrnl will be in Haielwood cemetery- 
tinder direction of the Alma Lohnieyei^g 
funeral home. Mrs. Cook Is survived bv 
her husband; four daughters. Mrs Mr" 
I Wtbber. Mrs. H. M. Mumford. Mrs 
I W. Burney and Miss Fern Cook: and/two 
sons, Roy "nd Sldney^o8Tr---AW-^ the 
i children live in jjtiifiglleld. Th» •«'« 
! woman hart been a resident of Greene 
county about 36 years. ' 



C;<-oi T Nrubfliv. '.'J. It foiliirr roMtlflil 

of Sprii.HluUI. dird at tli*- hoinf .of hit 
UK J N Newberry «l Nrodr<'h«. KRii . 

i^flllirdi.v nlcht The hodv bni b''-; 
, shipped lo RirhUntJ. Mo. where bunnj.. 
I wilf be made tod.y. M'- Newbern; U aur- 

rived by lour son*. J. N. N«wb«rry ol 
■ Secundo. Col.. Rmlph Newberrjr of Mon- 
1 roe. L... and J. L. Newberry ot WchUnd 
' iind two dmiRhters. Mn«. John Anderson 

of CrorkT. nnd Mrs Oeorce Solomon, or 
I K«n«ts City. Mr. Newberry lived In 
I Rr»rln»fleld until »boiit -fix monin« •go 
, when h« went to K«n8».'<. 

Fiinernl ^erllces lor J. 8 H«rdrlrk. "77. 
of 233 nouth Dolllsoii •\eniie. *eier«n 

i vrorer. who died at hi* home yrnterday 

: morning •» the remilt of Injuries he re- 
relved in • fall from ■ barn loft -at hl.s 

' home, will bf hf>ld at 3 30 o'clock Thursday . 

: afternoon in Ihtt Benton Avenue A. M. E. ' 
ehurrh. Interment' will be In eharje of - 

' the Campbell Underlaklng company He !». 

, nbrvived bv hU wife, one H»ter. and threi 
hrotheri". Inrltidlnc I' O Hardrlrk. Rrocpr 
of 23« Soulh Dolllson axenue He had 
lived In SprlnRfleld about 40 vearn and 
until in veiir* ago he and his hrothri 

I operated a larte grocery store at 220 EaM 

I MrlSaniel xtreet. ; 

Page 1: George Dunnchay, 21, of Rich Hill was killed in an automobile accident. 
Page 4: There is a photo of and an article about Gus Marx and his sons Emanuel Marx 
and Art Marx. All three are together in the clothing business. 
Page 5: J. S. Hardrick died.** 
Page 7: Henry W. Williamson died.** 

Mrs. William H. Swift died.** 

George Newberry died.** 

Frank Minor died.** 

Mrs. Emma Cook died.** 

William E. Phillips died.** 


•«n M atoaaei t»»«em «••"•* "VX!: 
KOtUMMt 1 «H»»!> »»'"<_i »o /".'^i2^ J;j 

Chan* •» %rr*ttttmwf*: ««• 7™£"55l 

i< ,.7r<t«r«l bv ».M «lf' »t>4 oir aw atw 

alll^. Will M*» »' *"'* ' „ 

»..r.»ri.l ^ftirr tur Urs «""'•«" 

«l.r home of her «••«•«''«''• *'''' J^Jt^r 
- • — .| t •clock in U««. B>IM"d 

„r. nt BHUna... .r« Ur».l^ ^fl;«» *»^: , 

I I >r> :•^•>- M" 1-. -i*-' H'<s»'"^- • — 

U: . an<t Mr». L. g. Cr lKni. j 

r.KORr.F. Nr«BimKtr 

., Hpr.n,n.iJ .no d..d 8.-;-.; ;*«, 

i^JTf Ni«l/>hi Mr. John J.r.d.rK.n ot ^ 

«j*n*»a car. ' . . J 

WILLIAM r. nnixw^ 

William r Ptii'iilo.'.. f. "on oi Mr aud 
Ut» CUr«nr» f".ilUJD«. IH« Wo'!"' "?°' 
ton a>c««*. diaJ at bH koaaa tUa aitrw 

r.»c«n«nt. af 'rrT'!.'^«*^ • * b ^ 

VIII ba lant to CHr-*"". M" . r.. :ii 

XJ'JLn'^niSl. are -a*r t"' ^^l'^'""' ^f 
Herman Lobnwrw rnneral bomf. 

1«>i« Wrn Plnli>< tirrrl. «t>o Ci«1 lo Hir- 
nwanllo liotpital Suodar aftertieoa ma 

iti.urlr' r»r».if<1 » ■\»r !■» »«^ itmrk fc» 
•n autocnobilF oii L . tf hifb»«T Yl l*-t 
■Aturday Bl(hl. vin ha iMid Wvtfaesday | 
afurnwii at S o . ..-< «' !^» r>'.ir-*i 't 
Tur r.r<-» 7'-' h vr" »-r.>»i1 •• «t«rvf 
It i>rlu«ry \^*Tfra*' *;»rr:»f*r»:. I.* •^'^** 
u»nt occurii'd «^».". v:-"r » ■ -vt;»!- c 
down Um hlft»waT near P»i.:.«r. Mo ii. 
March of a dauatiler. F»i»l Minor, who 
had diaappearad tr«a lwin« about a *«^ | 
a».>. The daofhter «irt;'.'d honir ■( aboot , 
th« taato Ume aa the UtsI .<cciU-r.( oc- 
eurred. Tha fatlter at»d BOaar Ed«.ard*. 1 

siu Clt* to ward! tor li»r aud hart »tart- | 

that ahe w«a •hltc.'i-hiklnc Mr WMf 
I, »ur»lTed by hi. wife. hi. P*''-;,''. JI^^ 
and Mra. Joaeph L MJnor: l»o J>aoif-i«". 
Ha«I and Alma Minor and »;«ht .oov 
nctcy,. Cecil. Ororre. ClTde J""" •»« 
Clarcno* of Sprln.. Roy of Fair Oro»e 
•nd LMUa of MlUe^Mo- 

Jtnn. ttntA cook 

runeral iiM^Tlcr* for Mr« minia Coolt. 
«; X. diad Mo^arj^nln* •» ' • ''^ 
at Mvanat ai" >WH»i*aii i^ wiw^w 

rrejeT funeral hnwe with tlia 
•IE Dtllir- .' M- " «»" r"""-':'-- '" 
eharta. Burial will !<♦ In HaxUwood ceme-_ 
tary. Bha ha4 Be ad fc «y "^S**,**^ 

hand, earn Cook. '<«' <»"«*'*'"- *j!! 
Uai Webber. Mr» R. M Mumford. Mr* 
O w Wimer. Ml" '>rp Oook^ all of 
Spnimtield. and t«o .on*. Ro» ai.d Sidney i 
coak ol SpTtncfwM. | 


J. K. n4R5airN 

Funeral Mrtirea lur J. n Hardrlrk. 77. 
«l.t> died Munrtae morning at hi* bonia 
•I Hi Aoiiih Oelllasn aetnna. will bt hcM 
• I ; m n tinek Thiir.rtay aflernnnn In 
!>»■ Mrr.inii »\eniir A M f rliurrh, fol- 
lowed bv Interment la chart* of iha 
nampball Underltklnc enmpini'. The 
wffa, tliraa aroinera. ana on* amir a«r< 

I vl«e. Inrludinc V. O. Hardrick of 311 
I Bouin >olli«un xenue. J 8 ilardriCK 
I had ilead In •prlnft' about *» irtara, 
' and unlll Iff yaar* ato he operated ona 
of Ihe iarttit irocar* (terea In tba city 
at IM EMt MAanld at«a«i. nia «»«ita 
totlevH liij«rtaa ha raceivad in a fait 

•bo«l BlB* 

a bant toft at hit 

Page 2: Robert H. McNear died.** 

Mrs. William H. Swift died.** 

Mrs. Emma Cook died.** 

William E. Phillips died.** 

Frank Minor died.** 
Page 7: Miss Alberta Nelson and H. D. Green, Jr., were married.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 


"-• —-I 



B. McHMr. M. di*tf at 4 e'rlerk 
at t^ totaa*. 1 milci touUi el 
fi un <» A kf tola «Ut. icr*. j 

K. uttf RoMM 4jMki MeNttr: thr*« 

tisaxAMTi. Mi«. lUtol L«ckiniUrr, Mrs. W. 

tPl IJNMia MA MM SiUA McMtAr: i«« 

^rMktrt. B4 vf yii»— ■ sn^ Jo« of C*iu 

laraia; es« UMcr. Kra. Leuu* D«vt4M>n, 
jlfyljVn fTHMlcaUttrw i. PMaarU •rrant*- 

faatnl I101M. 


^tl MttiMi f«r ' Mrs. WUltam H , 

■vm. n.'vh« dttd •«rlr ToMdaT mernlni I 
•I U» AOTc of lui dauxhtvr. Mr* L.' E , 
^OiDtin. •! Varvaa. artU b* b»M thli 
•tursaon at 1 o'clock m Um Chrtiiian 
ehorrh kl BiUint*. Mr*. Svin it aurTirvd 
tr t.^.Tta 11": - •■''. ".-<" Cmifhlrr*. 


rarxral »r:Mrek I'jr Mri Emma Cook. 
T1, ciru 3b]t.iii:;iv r-. rning kt 7 oclock 
•t har ho(B« or. Ilouia No. t, «IU ba b«ld 
4t > O ciocic Itali mttar»«on In tb« Alma 

^kMRayrr fuotral home, vilb tba M^rarcnd | 
B. t D;'lirn of Mr. Pi*c*h rhurch In j 
r^•rf• nur:il w:ll b* in Ha>*lwoo<l r«sir- / 
tff fth* hag :;\»tf in thii county for H i 
>*«!• Si.« i* >.i\.M(: ar brr huaband. 
■•« CaoK. ta«r tfaugbtara, Mra. Ma» 
WaMar. Mra. H M Musterd. Mn O W. 
B u r n ay. Mu» Prm Coot. t:i of Rpalr.cfivld. 
ana t»5 »o-j, Toy «.-fi S.dnty Cook of 

I •priaftiaio. 

wnxiAX c mnxirs 

aanrieaa far WtUiam E. Phllllpa, 
f . aaa •< Mr. and Mrt. Claranca PhiUlpa. 
. jMI Jlwth By a i OB aaaaua. «bo tfiad at bla 
teata jraaiarOaT al'Mrcooc »:irr a liniri- 
tac ■teaaab'VtU ba bald at tba tainilr hena 
Ttaaraday aftaraaaa ai :• e ctock. attar 
vtttdltta b»d7 vUt ba aaot to Clinton. 
SSa.. tm kanaL Karaiaa B. botimartr baa 
at Iba aira at i M a al a bara. 


Thf marriage of MLm Albfrta 
Npl.-ion, a well known voiin? busi- 
nps-. woman of West PlBlns. and H. 
; D. "Dick" Green. Jr. proseculinR 
attorney of Howell county, wm an- 
nounced yesterday. TTie ceremony 
took place at the home of the 

U.-! ^/.....^^n., -.. U^r^tU/^r T. .,!.,. 11*. 1» Tf 

I * - ... ^ . . 

I D. Green. The weddin? wa.'^ .<Jmpl' 
I and was attended onl 

relaMviM!. The ceremony 
[hi Judge Greca. 

ly by near 
ly was read I 


JamM A. H»rt,. 21. *n(l Lorrnr 
Kr«iilh. 21. both of Springfield; 
RoKro^ R. Ff It V. 2?). of Jfrlco 

8p;:iiw ■•■•I'^l Zr\n\n .'^'■1! 2^. of Mnr- 
ri.<«vill^. and Rny Alfr^'l Btout. 37, 
of Lockwoort. und Emm* L, Curt«8, 
.10. of Orrenfleld. 




ChRrRlng Ihst mhe had brrn Riilltv 
of vlolntlng the national prohibition 
l.-.«». Alfred K Oodftry yMtrrday 
filrd Milt for divorce Irom U^rllf 

The hiL^band d«clarei In hli pe- 
tition that hl» wife refii.wd and 
f»ll^d to llvf m-lth him In MlMourl, 
but went bade to Blrminghim. Ala , 
where they »-ere married In 1919. 

He also rharitea that the had 
msnufacturfd and dispensed Intoxl- 
rallnR liquor and that ahe had krpt 
company with other men. The 
couple separated Novrml>er I, 1929. 


, ^r«.ce« lor r:*r.t Mliior. fco 

raat Pbalpa atraaL «be died in a 

rtMa liaapltal Bandar frees :r- 
l«:i»t aaffwad ween t-.f was strue* br »''• 
ay.'rrob*:* ac D. B- hic^**! " '^» '"'«'^' 
■ra*l««a. •a ba baid thU art«rr>eon at 
laclaak !■ aha W. U mbrn* mortnarr. 
arttli tka Ravaraad •. P. He^b^rrr affi- 
ftaiiaf Rurial «tn ba la Iba aamHarf at 
Kit drwrik I t 

Page 4: Robert H. McNear died.** 

W. H. Allen died.** 

William E. Phillips died.** 

Mrs. Mary Ellen Short died.** 

Frank Hollenbeck died.** 
Page 8: Dr. E. M. Shepard had the first typewriter in Springfield.** 


Page 14: The body of the man killed by a train at Rolla on Sunday has been identified 
as that of Nick Fontanatti of St. Louis. 
Births reported.** 

1^ PEffTHS^ 

I rrnoon me hi« hoaw •»»«» WMif «■«»«. J^.i i 

mm:- IHItte 
I Thomat W, 

llri W. R 

I lfe»r. Other jurvivon ^r^ .ww •"""•-j, 


PUIii.t till (or the iiaxr thiro years sf 
(tilii 'i«it: Ipna.' iitoii At Ills ha,i-.e Mon< 
4ay »fleri»oon. His brothrr. Arrh T. Hoi- 

i«|il>«-«ilL litM Jit A(MV Kiaiii* X.Krc he n . 
M» w*' tiie 1411 at Dr. ; 

t r... .M:> Mabel •" 
Other jurvlvorf ar» two wwnwra. 

•«»•»ln^•tr^ Frotik 
in M'>nttiuuth,''Ttlr 

1 >i1 Ml- A f) II ,''•!, 'n .-i:, p.nrnlnrtit • 
)lMil#«t< ir.i.M.ia.'.t • •.■•■....- Sivl'if? .Jh*.; 
a iniall b'jv Iff .r.i'.wil »il)i lil> pareiit% 
f'l.r • i;i. ',..•< -^fi- »»«i-ifi(" Mo . «od later t 
t« 2Ji>uuKtlr.lU( «lir!f Utt! (uniUv r'■^l<lc(t 
? r n frw T»«r^ b»lof« moMof to WtllOW 




I .t>-r\ici-> V.r AMtn »»i nfniriifM wlHi 
II. m n'li't !• frJiiinbiK.i Mo. »l>«>re lie 

I formetly Jivfd. Elforis lo l0fai« leU- 
nvr'< or other conncrtlont ««ra frutU«M, i 


^TiLMAM K. raiLLtra 

.Funeral acrvicit tor WlUtam B. PhUUp*. 
9-r'ar-oUI xon or Mr. and Mn. CtoMoeaJ 

fiUiltp!* ul l«00 .Nor'.ti Uvr.ton avenue. kMi ' 
ha held at tha raildepoa a * e'atook 
Thiiradar knernoon. attar whlcb Uw bo4/ l| 

will N> takfii to Clintnn, Mo. for burial, f' 

r>» )\f'tr~.f H f '■)»ri''vT fiiiterat home l» 
IK iiiaiK>; <>' Hltiii.itt Til' I.I-. 

Funeral »*rvte«o lor Mr*. M«ry WOnk 

5hort. «i, of Man^fl»M. wh" fltM Bundav 
in a local hoapttal loliowii.c a . bnet ili- 
ncj*. vfT» h'M at 1 o'rlorii this mfterhoon' 
■.n ih^ Pt^fle rr.-l'r'riii'.t'.g parlor* at 
MfXkfirld an<t intrrntriit «a<< trad* in t^e 
Man.*riel<l fmetery. She »i »ur%lved' bv 
rU dauihter*. Mra. C C. Dotr, gil Bo-Jth 
"rr-T'^av aven'i* Mr« Tred Xtor'.-'n n? 
Hir>. •.!!». fto . HJr^ J H Frr» rf 
Man.irifl'i. Mm ^l'^'.lle Bhr.-on nf Di:io- 
Col . MIsi Aanei Roger Rhort ot Denrvr. 
Col . Mlu Ida a»n*Ta Short of Bprlof- 
rtrld' and tve foni. ntrnn Short of 
'"' "T. W'.-n , anrt Johr. Short ot Haiu> 





' Mr. «nn Mra. Flnley Weat. iao« ; 
. Rogrra avenue. Knnounre the birth of , 
la boy. November as ' 

Mr «ni1 Ntr« D C >*m"li of 771« 
. North Franklin avenue, annotinrr ' 

the blrlh of a itlrl. November 30. 
Mr. and Mra. E. A. Holcomhrlnk of > 

DaUfiK. Texas, •iinnimre the hirth of 
' a daughter, Martha Magruder. No- 
, Tember 33. Mra. Holrombrtnk wan | 

former!/ Mtaa Ruby \Iagruder of this, 

city. i i 


I W. CAEBOLU mana«*x ol 
*^ Uoderwo^ T7pewrii«r com- 
pany: 'i am eaHalB that Dr. «. 
M. Shepard had the lirU hp*- 
writer e»«r broufht ta SprtaffleW. 

II w»% about two fert lone ■"«« 
lamberert away HVe a Ihre^hlnK 
marhlne. Mf Lain Jon« 5«>» •"• 
of the aamr kind anme time Ut«r.- 


•pOl I A. Mo. Nov. 27 -'AP>— The 
I body of a man who was killed by 
I Frliico pa-w^nster train No. 3 h*re 
i about noon Sunday waa Identl- 

' fird laM ii'.cii' n« 'hat of NIrk 

K<inlRl1«MI of SI I."M1^. 


. I 


Thanksgiving Day 
Page 1: Efton Flood was killed.** 
Page 2: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 12: W. H. Allen died.** 

William E. Phillips died.** 

Earl Joyce died.** 

D.E.Cass died.** 



w»<i «ttriictr<1 to It hv Ihr hiirninc 
. h«ttdUght«. Ht climbed down to It ' 
j and turned tha IMchU off. But he | 

I I 


Efton Flood, 28, Victim of 
Crash on Highway 44 Near 
Galena; Son of Former 
Stone County Sheriff 

did not nee the man's body, he »Mld. ' 
He reported the discovery to naraKe ' 

I mechanics whA' #ertt to the wreck ' 
and found. Flood's body. . 

' The fart that the man's l)odv was 

' outside the car and that there was 
blorvd on his hands althnii(;h there 
aerr no wounds on llirin. Ird ckk- 

' tors to believe that he had not been 

' killed InsUntly. 

I Flood la survived by his parents. 

I his wife and two srualt children. He 

I and his wife hnd been .sepnrated for 

I some time, officers said. She re- 

! aides In Galena. 



Machine Plunges , ?5, Feet; 
Man's Body Discovered by 

(-.,-_^ H/l^,-^. -.nlrc r-ill«»rl 

By Patting Motorist: 

I TJTION FliOOD. 28. son of Mack 
I Flood, former Stone county 
I sheriff and treasurer, of near 
Ponce de Leon. Mo., was fatally In- ^ 
Ijured when his automobile went 
' over a 35-foot cliff near Galena 
early yesterday morning. i 

The swunt man. wh» lived with J 
hla father, was returning from a . 
fishing trip on the James rtver 
I when the accident occurred. Hlsj 
badly bruised body. lylnR beside , 
I tiM demoUi^ed c«c was dUcovend 
' at the bottQra.«f »»»• «'"'• "**"* • 
'quarter af a mile eas: of Oatena 
about «;30 oclock yrsterdsy morn- 
ing. -' ^ 


Martin A. BerKnian. Jr.. 99. and 

f*eart M. SherrlU. 24. both of 
rSprtacfleld: Ctwrles 8toc|sUU. 21. 
iaad Iflldrwl BadcDdceti.^lt. both 
(of Springfield: Emll Boepple. 25. 
[ot Covington. Okia and Gladys 
flfftrtt Brown. 23. of Ash Orore: , 

Chester Andermn. 30. of Bolivar. ' 
^and Vca Tummons. 17. of willard. , 

sfd William Snow. ?0. of Sprlnir- ' 

field, and \V:nn:e Ciockeii. 18. (<; 


I liawrenoe Kauffman. :3. of Binok- 
t Une. and Lola Baden Bean. 18. of ' 

p^^.jHiv- riffforfl r Bender. Id. of 

Republic, and Irene Baphv. ip. of 
h^rlngfleld: and Acy Keiinemer. 22. , 
■lilB'^Ctrta Ohaptnan. 31. both of 
'SprlngrieM •• ■ 

Rov S"p(ien'-nn :T. and C'.^':^ 

ILoag. 20. both of Spr;nftfie;d 



■ I 
4. — '*■ 

• After spending the uresler part of 
the niKht (jlRRlnR on James river. 
Flood look three conip»i>l'>'>* »o 

' their homes In Galena, leaving them 
there about 3:30 o'clock Wednesday i 
morning. He then Ls believed to 
have started home. The bluff over 

• which his car crashed Is on high- 
way 44. only a short distance from ' 
the bridge over the James river at 

I" A eorooer% Jury yesterday after- '; 
noon returned a verdict that Flood ' 

(had eome to hla death as a result | 
of drivinc his vthlele over the pre- : 
♦ ^ ♦ 

W. W. AtUCM 

runeral ttrsttn for W. H. Allen •t **• 
, aoii«t« Robbfrsen. wha died tuddenW Urn 

' .<«»mT<t»v m«rnl''t. ••.1! bf hflrt Fr\(l»v 
•inrnins il 10 o rlorn kl >hr Alma boli- 

; mejrer funeral home, followed bv Inter- , 
ment In «h» Mstelwood remeterr. The 
Moonle I«dr» »"l h«'» rt>«rc' "f 'ii» 
•T i<»« Mi AMfn »•» ndili.Al^rt milh 

I thtt Older In Columbia, Mo., where he 

, formerly «»ed. Ktlorls lo locale rfle- ' 
tire» or ather eonnecilon» were frultle.*.«. 

t't*" ' IWIU.IAM 'K'." 

' Funeral .servlees for William E. rh|11lp«. . 
' >-Tear-«ld son of Mr. and Mrs Clsrenre 
' Phillip* er lann Nnrlh Nevinn •tree*, vlll 
t« held this morniot at S o clock at the 
t m eewee. The bodv will be ahlnned to 
Clinton. Mo , for burial. Herman H. Loh- 
meyer baa charga ol tha arrangemenu 



I The wrecked automobile was first 

discovered by Earl CAbtree, farmer, 

I while on hla way to Galena, He 


_, mtS*' f«r rir Jnvf •. «. j 

^^aad airs. J H. D»V«rin«A. fnhtr. 
K^«N««rtatev. -aU «( US South Main 
»T»nut. . • I 

n r. « *s« 

I) r r*.*'. «1. di'd m " jn ocloik list 
ni|l'.t tl Ills hoDir. I<t7 Pcnnsylvsnia | 
•Tvnur, •rtfr an lllnr^it nf two monlh*: , 
H« It iiirvit'd bv four dmiKht'ts, Mr^. ! 
Itrn* Rronkt n( Roitri«Tlllr, Mr*. C H > 
Rffd of TolMlo. Ohio. Mr«. C«rpr Tiirr 
nf rnrdltntf and Ml>« Murfurrlt* C«m of ; 
ihr horn* addrrK. t«o i>eii«, t. K. Ca>« 
of Mar»hfleld and F B C««« of IViiriUtn.. 
and (ivr tutrr>. Mr*. Al HamlKoit of < 
Sprlnitlfld. Mr*. Emma Oalbfth nf ' 

P«r«(1l«» r»' Mr« Morr rir^n "f rtii. 
f ago, Mr*. Bird Jarkion of Pirhfr, Okla., i 
•nd Mrs. t>rda Thnmpitnn fit Wml Plalnr. i 
F'jn^riil arriinc'rr'ii'K «r» :nrnmpl'l» hui 
urmtr* « ill br h'';(1 in ih« Hf rman i 
LMimf y*r f unrrat homr foilovrd by Intrr- j 
invnt In Knrrlwnni^ r»m»r»rv. 


Thanksgiving Day 
Page 3: Efton Flood was killed.** 
Page 8: D. E. Cass died.** 

Earl Joyce died.** 

W.H.Allen died.** 

Quinton F. Fenley died.** 

Mrs. Lucy J. Bledsoe died.** 

Mrs. Cordie Wheeler died.** 
Page 10: Miss Pauline Lomas Morris and Mr. Lehman C. DeMoss are engaged to 
marry.** [Is she Miss Lomas or Miss Morris?] 

Miss Mildred Haldeman and Mr. Harry A. Hooss are engaged to marry.** 

Miss Louise Amos and Mr. Frank L. Sedgwick were married.** 

^Louise /\moSf 

Mr. Sedgwick, \ 
- Are Married\ 

\ WF.r^niNO of |nt»>r.iit to k r;.r- 
t^r nf t^pf.tvfir; ' jw..; > . 

eijiTM thld Tnomln» nt 11 ovinrk ■ 
,w*>_<;^i >t''» T>t;'«» Ar?;<-.« of rnr! 
Juncflf>n . hiv«m* th* brlrt*" of iu 
rnnk L RMRwJrk of thl« rliy 

.horn'* fi t>i« brifJe** p»trntj« !n Cart . 
.Tiiprfjon. I^nllrtfrlnff » (»h«rt hnrr-V' | 

SrfJcvii k will rn.n c to P;>.-:r:r'.fM »^ 

I Mr*. B«flK«>(*k U vrll knnmn In . 

h hfr , unci* In th^ 

^iStffdldeman I 

To Be Married 
To Mr. Hoos:^ 

|rr«|I« »nff«|t*Bfient of MIm Mildred 

)i/v.(;( li..>r. l< 


ibf«n ft i^romlnrnt buAinnw man in 
*'i??ri*t5»a»^ Mhx^ourt for th« pMt tfrj 

VM announced yenlrrdKy mi thr din- 
Btr party flmn by MU* luideman* 
«unU Mn adward M. We»t, in t\tr 
OO South National avrnur. 
Haldemaa U the dauRht^rr of 
Ur. and Mra. Jatnp* D. HnUifmnn. 
rarUb Aputmtnta. and la «rll known 
lra»ttt«fMd.lKlMtav DMtt activa In 

]hc Mx-i»l Jll« of tJir y.>-.iin;rr .*ft. .-=''' 

tea iraduaU or Senior High achool 
and U a mfmb«r of lUa Alplm Tnu 
nu Mfonty. %tr. Koom U th« aon 
of Mra. ■lhc^r^A Ho<>m» and lli»> U"' 
Ur. Bany A. Honm of Haber BprlnRa. 
AxK. Ue :s a Rradiintc of Ihr I'nlvrr- 
alty of Arkanaaa and a mraibftr of the 

P! Krpixv Alphix frnfrtil'v At pr' ■' - 
ert V.e I* il'.^ltUt inHnngrr of ilirj 
AmT.'-ar^ Toh*rrn compaiiv. 

Th» wrddlng «Ul be relfbr.-vtcd In , 
I lb* earl) aprinc- | 


V'^ -. UBM. OOB»IB WMCri.CB 

(lit* aMraiaa t^iii^iai 
•r« lt> rw pt»l« but air !•• 

ByjH»>- O MfeJ Mk ^>«4 \vectii««<)i]r night 
pl^WrMn^WriMT rmii»rlr»iila trtitur 
•f(*r • lone inn*** >t« i% tMxxnnx br 

!•• M.K. U. K. Cat* 0.' Nr>> ! r>-!il nu\ 
AL' Bi Cftw •( PerdlaiKl. •iiti iiv (uui 

H»j*: •nil »««•« 
MA-iitciikf C*M at noinr. f i\r riMrr^ it^o 
"fmt^Ain. •m tollsw*: Mrs. Al HamlUnn et 
WrTin»fl»1»1. Mr« F,mm» Otlhrnh of Pum- 
Maty I'roii f>( Chicnni' 

Oklt.: and • 
tM(M It la I 

rn4»r »tttra0*n at tht H»rrtnn Ini,ni»v.r' 

.ftM W r al bMM^vMJi X>r. I^ M. Hai« oai- 
>MWflK Burlkt V0 b* to Kui«»«o4 era**. ' 


f>ilMraJ •TTlrca for R*rl .lorrr. 4^. 
iMMr •prfBCfltMlAH who dlt^ f>f<»r»inbi>r 
ft •• !«• Aapltm, v*r« held in ih» Call- 
f0nit« rllr wa4fna«<l*r. kfr Jorrt t*fl 

aad Mrs. J. H fWarman nf «1^ no-i<li 
MEyn avnttM w«r« father and mothrnn- 
V^rtfM' MW. W, W. Chlnn »«i a !«i«»»r. 

n. M. All I V 

fw W H. Ail>«i. «h« 
•I (M Rn<a:h Robb*ri>on 

api^y. ■.•ta M MM r»i4»r ; 

r««M. tpii««»<i bj u>t«f I 
(*w«l*r«. Tb* M»> ; 

■■K^ <k;ikto<« r. rr.sijr 

QMtot«n F !••»«•»< Tl. d'ert v»dn»«(1»> 

M^M at > Aftacd in lr.> ii»m» a> rn^i 

J|Mty4 •^^nu*. fol>« r.c • I ntrrlriK it<- 

MBk navval nrTirMi «tll b* hrld at } 

>> ! «* % Frlda* »f«»»n»w«n ai 'h» hom» «f 

dMftB«Hu. M«I«IB r»nl*r. I«V| ra*t FInnria 

W|M> SMd tairlbl viO h* at th* Orr^n- 

SWWtf — »tT> «n4^ th* dirmion nn 

KRwilMi P<«d»rtakint mmpsnv M» ti >'ir. 

• • '4 •» • ■ r» t'f ' M»' m Hr-»>»r« V 

»-- '$-•• « (■ , <■> :s■.^r^^ ri,, n II 

*i»**t—m. Miss f.rar* rrnlrr, mi<* Br»»i» 
•Md Uiia UirtW r*9l#r. at <h« h«ni« ad- 

,'•■'• ••' « ' •>• "I* «>*<)r 
- jy^ f^^ •* »«*iJ»««. «•■. di*d ai lA 
• Mgft «kM MWBla* bt h^T bom* at 1m i 
— ■"*" *f^*^ • B>»or« (!ln»»« r.|^#ral 
■ ra lnr«inpl»i« btit a ill tt* 

»▼ •!»« karlal bill b« In ih» Ma * ' 

*i^^ilLLJi'" ""'■ " •'•"" «•!'•:. rid 
'••••< ^ h«» hMAbaad. H«rUi*l 
'. •■•* ••« L»bn. nn* daMth'er ' 
;-i;r:r-. '«■•*•». W. T . OU^«*|| «c 
n^r»M<I and rli brn'^m r/i will 

"^ T«M. >•* and Mor (illdrarll. 

Man Dies In Fall 


AM*. ranilt Of drtrlns iiUt ^F^vrnt 
a preoipioe. ucordlng (o Uu wardlct 

WedpMdaj momlnf. '> 

Young Flood had been one of • 
piirir which had been slsflnit on 
Jama rlv«r during tha night. About 
3:30 o'clock In fhe morning ha drore 
three companions to their Oalena 
hnmffi. and Is supposed to have 
r.larted on to his father's home near 
Ponce dp I/fDii. 'when hi?; car wmt 
over a 36-foot ctlff on highway 44 
about a quarter-mile eaat of Oa- 

Several hours later Wedncaday 
morning, the burning llghta of the 
wrecked automobile attracted the 
attention of Earl Crabtree. farmT 
"11 fils w«v lo OalTin. Mr cllmtied 
down and turned the lights off, and i 
rrpnrtrrl hl^ rii^rovprv at a garage 

r-nm v<»-!rh mechanics were sent 
out to the car. They found the j 
bruised body of Flood outside the 
car. Crabtree said he had not 

^rrn I;. 

Fioocl had brrn llvinR with hl^ fa- 
tlior. Marie Flood, former Stone, 
county frpn.iurrr and ghrriff. Hp 1^ 
.'•nivlvpd by a wife in Galena, from 
' whom offlcpr.i fald he has been ' 
<-cpaialrd for .vimp lime, and by 
'wn !tmn!l children 
both hi.<; parent.^. 

as well jui by : 

'Announce Betrothal 

Mr. and Mr*. .1 T. Morris of 
' ' .••> i.*\r ni'.iiiivjncpd the m- 

i/imaa. to Mr. Lehman C. DcMoaa. 
jMr* MM Ufa. Morrta and Ulaa Pau- 
Uf»d In Bprlotflaid. 
ba«« a numbar or Mtnda. 


Page 3: Mrs. Lucy J. Bledsoe died.** 

D. E. Cass died.** 

Mrs. Cordie 1. Wheeler died.** 

W. H. Allen died.** 

Quinton F. Fenley died.** 

Page 4: Miss Mildred Haldeman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James D. Haldeman, and 

Mr. Harry A. Hooss, son of Mrs. Theresa Hooss of Heber Springs, 
Ark., are engaged to marry. 

Miss Lorene Krauth and Mr. James A. Hart were married.** 
Miss Louise Amos and Mr. Frank L. Sedgwick were married.** 
Page 12: William E. McKenna died.** 

^^Hss Lorene Krauth \ 

n'rds Mr. Hart I 

- Mra. John E. Robert*. «.vi T*»% , 
T»eine wttt*t. hM •nnounrM «hfl 
n-ik.Tl»V of hfr rt»ti8htrr. lor»n»' 
Kr«uth. 1o Mr, J»m»» A H«rt. »nn 
oC Mr. aiMl Un. Thocnu W. Hart Th» 
mUTUfv' wM •elnnnleMI at th» hoRi» | 
loC tb» brM*^ moUttr at 10 o dock 

Tb* lUvtrtod OMTf* O. v«n Hot* 
«M tka affletettac nlalatOT. Mr*. 
*0«orc* O. Van Noya mat "At Dawn- 
tug." maA wm MeompuUcd on tba 
piano by Mra. Paul Brandon, who alao 
ylagrad bebaBcnn'a «ad«Uic 

William E. McKenna, 69, Em- 
ployed .by. System for 
More tharvSO Years 

WiniAm E. McKenna. 60. veteran 

j passenger conductor tor the Filsco, 

I on the Monett io 8(7 LouU run for 

' 39 yeab. died At hla home, MO North 

j Campbell,, yesterday •(ternoon of 

I pneumonia. He had t>een taken sud- 

'drnlv I!! nf Pt. I^uls Wednesday 

and brriiiiir iiiuoii^rloii^ soon after 

mill lUiiK'td Ins liDiiir lirrc 

On Road 50 Years 

I Mr. McKenna ..had been In the 

. employe of ^the Frisco and the old 

I Kansas City a^d Fort Scott road for 

I a half century and was still in active 

He is survived by his wife, one son, 
Oeorge of Chaffee. Mo.; three 
daughters, Miss Tresa McKenna. Al- 
lentown. Pa.. Mrs. W. B. Short, 
Crane, Mo.. . Miss Alice McKenna, 
Joplln: three brothers, George of 
Springfield, John of Wilberton, 
Okla., and Tom of Tulsa; and four 
sisters. Mrs. J. T. Dwycr. Monett. 
Mrs. Ed O'Dwyer. Monett, Mrs. 
Julia McOrath, Kan-^as City, and 
Mr.<«. Larkln. Detroit, Mich. 
I Funeral arrangements are In- 
complete awaiting the arrival of 
relatives. .The Herman H. Lohmeyer 
funeral home Is la charge. 

tiM roaoL 
«f bhM tut 

•tyie. Ibr maid of honor, Mia* Del- 

jplllA nuMtt, also vort' blur. In a 

d««p«r shad*. Only i i>a u ib* r * of the 

iBUMdlato famUiM and do** friend* 

latttadad tlM wedding. 

liuMwand Mr*. Bart wUl Ic*t* te> 

WKfMfSmaikaio wbm tim w«u 

ic&ke thflr home. 

%edgwick'A mos^MM':^^ 
^owsiArelRcad- ^^- 

'^^Mla* Loul** Amo* of Cart Junctkm 
and Mr. rrank L. Brdgwlrk nf thi* ! 
elty -wn* married ytstarday morning I 
at the home of tb* brlda'a pannto lat 
Carl Junction. Th* Towa were'rMd at | 
11 o'clock. 

rollowlns the ceremony Mr. snd : 
Mr*. Brdgwlrk vent to 8tt Louis fori 
a ahort honeymoon. Ttier will cornel 
to Rprlncfl'lct 'o miike their home. 

The bride l» well known in Corl 
Junction where she has been aaiio- . 
dated with her uncle In tha Cltlz«n* i 
bank. Mr. Sedgwick has b««n wcU I 
kaowa as a furnltur* laaa thraogh* 
out aouttaaast MtaMoun for • number | 
of yean. H* lived In Pleber and 
Baxttr 8prln(a bcfor* eomlag to 
Springfield to make his home. 


■ -^ Mma. vctf J. BUosoB 

Funeral tervleei (or Mra. Ltiey i. Bled* 
joa. «0, who died yeaterday morning at her 
home, 7M Preapeet avenue, following a* 
brief Illness. wiirb«^heid at I o'clock iat- i 

{urday aturnoon In th* Pythian Avtnuc 
Baptlal cburch. Burial will be in Manley i 
effaet«ry. tlirce mlirt south ot Battle field. 4 


D. E, VA%n -, 

runfral wrvice* lor O. E. C«m. ". 

who diMJ W»dn»«d«y nt«ht at hU »»••»>•• 

1647 Penniylv»ni» •*fnue. will be h'll " 

I O'clock lhl» •(Urnoon >n Jhe "e'mjji 

H.K- P»Mor of thf Flr^l n«ptl»i rhiirch. 
otncUtini. mtfrmeni mill b» m ''••'''»°"^ 

•oni. L. «. cmi ol M«rih(l«l<J ■n<J »• »• 
CM of PordUnd: four '••"ih;"*. _** « 
lTfn« Br«>tle« of Hotfr»vlll» Mrt C B. 
Ilrrd r.f Tnlrdn, Ohin. Mr. C.rf'V F«rr Of 

home, mid ll^e .iMers. Mr' ^1 "»m'l «' 
Sprlnnflfld: Mr.. Emm» O.lbrfih of P»r.- 
dUf r«l Mr* M«r» Dron of Chlngo 
M?«' Bird J.rkjon ol Plchrr. Okli. . »nd 
Mr.: Led. Thompson of We.t P'.Mn.. 

ing. funer.l .ervice. •">, ^•, ,,7'S„V»»nt 
oclock 8«turd«y mormna In I he J J""j 

?!:: rrn'jrerr?n'^.r-"l.r'r.U^''« 

W. H. AI.I.KS ,,<■ 

' Fiiheriil -»rr*iii> will b^ *"'''", ^iVi. 
o'riofk tliM iii'iriinur 111 ili' Aliiift '-"/)■■ 
inrvfr fiiiiri«l for W II Allrn. who, 
died .uddftily •I 6«« .Smiiii l;,.i,Ui 1 •..11 a. r 
line liiM B.liiid.v Inlermrnl mill be In t 
Il.ielwood cemetrry Willi the M»»onic , 
ludie In charKe. 



In hl» 


Funer.l xrrvlcr. for QuInlon F. 

71 who rilert Wrrine«d«v nicH 
■ home lO'i? Jloanrrt nvriiue. will he held II 
I 2 orlork lhl< uderiionn "' I li<- hnnir of hi« 
' ,on Mr!- n Frnlrv IRin F««i Horldd 

■.(•f'rt IMrrmnil will be In ( .f'-i-.U ■« r. 
' rrmrlerv under direrllon ol me Klinsner 
: Undertsklnir rnmpiinv He M f'''''.'^ 'j^^^', 

three .on.. Melvln. Herhrrt W »nd .l«me. 

A Md • four d»u«hter.. Mr« IV H 

nnd Ml'* I.Mrlle Fehley. «t the home. 


Page 2: There are only nine widows of soldiers in the War of 1812 still living. 
Page 24: William E. McKenna died.** 

Mrs. Lucy J. Bledsoe died.** 

D.E.Cass died.** 

Mrs. Cordie I. Wheeler died.** 

QuintonF. Fenleydied.** 
Page 26- Miss Jewel Ackerman and Mr. Clarence D. Wheat were married. 
Page 27: Miss Dorothy May Hood and Mr. Carl J. Wales were married.** 

.nnounce tho n».m»80 <>' ""'' 
d.ughwr. MU. J.wel Ackerm.n i« 
Mr, CUrene. D. Whf.t of V.n mi«B. 
Ark. Th« marrURe w.. ealemr..rert 
,hi. morning in the P-"""'*! °' 
Hamlin MemorUl B«ptut ehu«h ot 
10:30 ©•Block. 

The bruk. looked charming tn • 
droM of brown «tlB t-ckedc.^ 

«lth m.tfhtnu .«i«one« ^b* '^^ 
er«nd H. T. Abbott wa« th. ofnct.t- 

only membof. of th. inimodUW 

f„n.ll.r, wer. pn^ent. tn,m«1!.tf T 
after the ceremony the young couple 
Irf for Van B«ren. wh'r- 'hey win 

Church Wedding 


wed-iint rir»mont »M«^"W 


,., M.. n,.i..M,v M.r ""-'■ ti""*-'!'"' 

.1 Mr a... Mr. 1- : ' •. ";/m,*\.,,, 
*ro \ve.i ritih-'i'i .treet. to Mr, can 

J. v^ of Bt •" ->■■' _ 

Tfc« •I'^t^.t^' ««f>f"» •*),'*• 

'.-•\r::; ^:r walla Mti:;.! 





Wflllam r McKer-ia ••. w^ »•» ••{ 
! year. wa« rond'-jrlor on the FriTo pa>*en- 
L.|M1« MOfiqlt to 81. I »i | |l. j J M I 


We.lne.iia* anci be< aMe iin«on»rlou«. Mwn 

,.,, . .... >,,,. ;...l • >-M 1 .■• :i'-'-i' ' - 


MeKeuna of Allrulown. Pa Mri w_^ " 
«h«ri of CraiM.. M« »i'l Ml-* **«*« , 

liuiiriwii o(t..iMrtni. MO - M^*^,)^^***^' 

iiiid toiii •l^terT^i.'^o -iir-. .'>» Memre oi 
I Annn^dald Jelm of Wlitarum. Oiu» .«»" 
Toai of Tulsa Mrx J T'uw'er »t.d Mi« 
Ed O Uvret o( Uuiirll. M>» 

ii-.e^rr f'lijeral hon.e I- In .l4r;t of »r 
r«ii<tii.-iif Ji.i-i..: r... •- « •' «><■ '"'•> 
at I oiUwk l«uiid»» adariinoa ff»« !*•-* 

;i;.M. ■:•••■'■ r •• • -r' > ' ' ■ 

. . ...•• r:i I i.l » ... ue ;.: .--l .M.. . • •••:■•• 

uiy. _ ( 

Fttiwral aervlr^ lor Mra. Imt^ J. 

' «► «»T ("led ThMT'rta* r\ her '--re t» 
■ I'l ;■: --.r- ■ •■ . .1 • ■-■ ■'■ ■ ■ • , 

o rinrk Saturday alt»rnoo!i at the PrtiMMk.} 
plt^t rhurth. Iollo»e<1 bT lnt»T- ■ 

•venue Ba; 

Anient m the Manler remetrrv ihtee mite*^ 

\mt9th of ■aitl«n*M . J w. KltiwM* tH 

in thT»e of arriiiemer.'.'. 


i<r n. K. t'ASS . 

j|, '" ^unrr*! .wrvirn for D E C»" ^1 lif 

I •J'rrnooii kl 1 o tforV ■! ih» Hrrnain II ' j 
. IjoIiw*) er lurrra! hoatr. (oItn«-M k« tn<i^ 
' l»rm»^« to H«»rI«o«>«l r»»r»l»TT Tb» W»i-*'' 

Mtd. roBDiK I. friie«Lr.K 

' Fnacrtl Mrviac* ttir Mr*. 

nmmtn: a. «a« mm 

hMd *t 11 •clock SsmtM? tfi 

'. 'fi r^•lT'^ f-'!'"-<»'1 S- :•••«»•« H »h» 
.frnmf< fii»t». ill «:i»r«f ■ ; J. W. KHMC* 
rrrr Fyr 5nin >ad »u diufhlrrs »vr- 


1 'r .» v- K'int-»r. Tyif* »«?>» ind fn-ir 
'AMehv«i* Miut«.\, 4 

UJ'.K i 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: William E. McKenna died.** 

Mrs. Cordie I. Wheeler died.** 

Mrs. Lucy J. Bledsoe died.** 

Two divorce suits filed.** 
Page 4: Miss Dorothy May Hood and Mr. Carl J. Wales were married.** 
Page 15: Card of thanks.** 



TMn«r»l •crrclc* for W.:ii»m E. Me- 
Kenn. «5 -ho oied Thur.d.r •lurnoon 

viU »* b«ld 8un<UT •fierooon al ' "/'"f* 
m th. ImmacuUt. ConccpUon CathoJie 
church followed br *urt«t In 8t U^ry* 
c.mfterr. Mr McKenn.. aha w«. ror 3^ 



Tract • Pnwo conducior. ••» _ . 

bc<.in* unco!i»aoui »oc.n «licf •">*'"« ■ 
M^ bS« bom. her. Th« wU« ^^l, «>«• , 

, d.ujhieri at follows •ur*|v«. Mrr TJ^ ; 

Shori of Mo . and MlM AUt* He- \ 
Krniia of Joplin. Mo: three b rot her t and 
" tour auicti aUo survive, Herman H. J^"" 

Icrjcil'-* <r..rKcj?Jbe -rrantemcnia. 

MH5. (oKiiii I. \%-nrrir« ' 

Funeral »ervur> tct **'»-. Curdle r 
Whcclrr «5, 'ho died T^riday. ••".■• 
UeW at 1 ovloclt ihi» ffternoott to lb* 
ntanot View cnjrch, followed by tour- 
■ me'nrin ihe rfmnrry there, m* ch^Jf o* | 
: J. W Klir.itnfi. r.xe »oo» and nx dau«n- 
tera turvne. 

I MRS. MTT J. m.EnsOE 

F.-i»i«. »erAi<-e« for Mr*. Lucy J. »»f- 
i ioe *t) who died Tliurtda? at her Bom» 
» at 7W Protpeci avcr.ur. will-he held at 1 
1 o'clock thu afternoon at the Pythian •▼•- 

nue B*p«i»t r^'irrr: fol!o«e<l br .ntennent 
i m tt*» M»nU) fcm-'crv. ir.r'e mile» aonih 

of Battlefield. J. W. KJinfner U in ch»r«e 

of arranfemTtt 



8ult« for dirorce were filed In cir- 
cuit court ▼e.-'tcprlar" afternoon by 
I two wives, one • whom charRcd 
non-support and the other inoom- 

Declartnt that he failed to rap- 
port her and that tw had loat aU 
affection for her. Mn,. May Rich- 
ard* asU that the be fivcn legal 
freedom from Andrew Richards. 
They were married In 1904. 

Mrs. Mary Lou Riley charged that 
her husband. Albert C. Riley, was of 
a jealous disposition, poMcssed an 
uncDTcmable temper and that he 
of tea struck her. Sb« asks care and 
custody of their three minor chil- 
dren. They were married December 
33. 1907, and separated March 1. 

Dorothy May Hood 
Weds Mr. Wales 

An Informal ftivirih urddiiii; look 
plae* yesterday tuorniiiK m u 30 
o'clock at the Bt .lohii'i* Eplst-opal 
ihurch wlie:i Ml-n iXiitiiy M.iy 
Htxxl. di\u.;liter l/ *.'r m d Mr< I :i- 
fayette A. Abbet, 6T0 Went Calhoun 
street, became the brlOe of Mr Carl 
J Wales of St. JuM-(.ti 

TIm alngle ring cerenioiiv •»«.'< rend 
by the Reverend Dr. I>ewls Robert ! 
Anachutr. in the prcbence or the (ol- 
lovlng attendant.^ o: the yoiiitc 
c«iif)4e: Mlas Dorothy nnkenblnder. ' 
Mlaa Eleanor Hood, slater of the 

MWifc wm niiiiM niiiiiiiiin at. 

J^gtaJKaxap. Mr. t«on Wbit*. Mr. 
9iH^twUratt uirMr.'PAid Prepbtt. 
XounMllately following the cere- 
Mr. and Mra. Wale* Urt fpr a 

^■thmf wUl mak* i 
thdr future baa* In St. Jaatpli. 


INTloVlNa MEMORY of Mlldr.d A 


N LOVINQ MEMUtti Di *•""■'""■ ,,... 
BurtouBh* who p»»«*«l •*»> «■»'» »"" 
MO today.' 

Diirlln, 8U0 your wer* .11 •child cou'd b«. 
And Molhtri •ch.o« b«rt wlU loUow 
You through *U •i''""'-^. fi««r« 
ffw"fllT ilreplne ' lh» now«r« 
rSur briiht .plrJt h*. fon. homt. 

■o ttdlr mlwed by Mother. F»U»M and 



Jame* R. 3ock.' 38. of. 81. I/>uls. 
MMl ■ AUetut U. Bruidon. 31, of 
tfprtnffieM: Ira A. IHtfoa. St. and 
»i«t?»«W«WiiWf both of North- 
Ti*w: OMi i/»V»ie.v -7. ur ct. 
JOMph. apd Dorothy KUy Hood, IB, 
of Sprlnffleld: and Clarenre O. 
Whf«t, 23. of Van Biirfii. Ark., arid 
JeweU Ackermai). Jl. of Spiingfleld. 

Page 8: William E. McKenna died.** 

James H. Shivers died.** 

M.V.Lewis died.** ■ 

Paee 10: Miss Benita Durfee and Mr. Dade Rayfield were married. 

Miss Rosalyn Fabro and Mr. William Lehar were married. 

Miss Ruth Helene Williams and Mr. Burn ess G. Strain are enga ged to ir^ 

I Mr ard Mr^ WllJiamM. ^^^-^l 
VT • r ilhoua ^tr--'-' ■ ' ' " ' ' 

>n Of M^^ni^nif "! ^ ^^^'"^ 

W^, N-r.. nr«n> avrru- 

I enrt rather M«"«».,5^W^^] 

'Tr«rl. prinrcM .tvl- Her vrll ^m "f 
nlk net and \»-'- »rrsr.rrfl ■»i'h •^r..- 
;il»n-* and ot«r ' -—r-' ?^' '>•■ 
' rlfd an arm h-.oM.: n! ^-.1^ ^ '^^-' 
Tnr ma:r. o: honor. Mlsa >4ane 
Fabro. wore orchid tw«rrett« and <«t- 
ri^rl r^f:!" Mr Joa*ph Lfh»-. 
brother of ihf groom, aetwl •• »»* i 
' mar 



AV fl"rsrVv#i 
wad cHrbraird m , j 

'Kan*. Thtiraday when Mlaa B«Dtta| 
.Durfce and Mr. p^de Ra>licld were 
♦married In the rtiap*r^ «f«»«t*f 
tpu,cop«l chur.h .1 W o"-''*llL..JU^i 
! Revfrend Mr. Otto K. 0»f . rector ^t 
IM chiuth..*a» the officiant. j 

I The brtde «^ tJie daurhter of Mr.l 
.... Mr* Br:-. Vv.r'.e. of y^^-^!--\, "J. 

n^vficirt of thi!. gt*y- _^ ,,, iimn^f 

i-;.o .l..:ron v>;.h --l-c !.".:.. bort.ce 
-d skin o: circular flounce* Her. 
'.'v .,a« o( fr-,- and -»he wore 
'-.: ,r ki'l Mtpnerd. Her boiiquel *a* 
■; -;■ ;: ;v. ■. r'-'^C'- 
CMienw from SprtnefieM « ' ' j "• 
. rfyrritu- tte« -Kemuaft ««• ,^*r"' 



.r hor.-.r .:i \V;.-.-.;-..» f^::o»-.rc a 
• ^-::fvmoon trip tr, Horkawar 


LneUnw "t^wt. htva anno»Mic«l th« | 


I Mr St;a.n ..The -on of Mr. and Mr.. ' 

S. Brnjamm Strain. "IB Ea*l P»P* 

I The marriage vowa will *>•- e«- 1 
IchanKed dtirlnK the Chrtatmaa hoU- 1 
dava at Ihe home of the brldea par-. 
i enia. . ' 

immediately tu^r V^.,^^m!> 
.V, v-.^,; r^Ttv ••••« entertatned with 
'.> ... r-r-.' t'. •;■' ■'"•'^' » 

""wrind Mr. «ai**W ni.k._tt-lr| 
hoTW in Sprtn gttrtH- ^ 

at* iM«r- 

n..iiM sua wouf war* «J a eblM opttjd be. 
And Xth "•.' •" Tn, h.arl .III follow 

Ka.ati* tlteplns 'naath the ftowera 

R^ Mdiv n.U.*d by Mother. Father^^and 


.1 .rrM. •• ftif .Vl''..i"i f Mr 
:.i ii.. <■* ••! »HI Nulili ('iiiii|'<> II i'%>iiu' 
aill b^ li*ld auiidfV kdrriinoii kl 1 u rlo«k 
•■ I' • l><ini*r<ilitlr rnnri-nlliin Cuttmlie 
• iiutiti tiiltowrd bT iiiltrmfiit iii St. 

> Miiv « rrmrifrT «lth thf Htrman H. Von- 
• .r- • .irinl tii.'i'f 111 flurff Mr Mr- 

! Kvniia «•! tllll In •ril<r» iriMr* «n th« 
V<,'>n tt th* ltin» of hli i1*aih vllh • 

••».■.' I'f run-. ili»n * Imir e«niiirv fp»ti' 
tr iKiiKiixtiMii lli> vi(t, on* kon anil 

t lhr»» dauihirri lurvlvt. bfaldft thre* 

I brnthrrk and four iliiCrrfi. 

Tlir h«<1< of iKni^ii M Rlili»r- «1 »>n 

• •.rt4 111 • lliik|lil«*( it<l<. Am* r(|.l l«t Mt» 

horn* ■! Mnn CtmH frldar nliht (nr (u- j 
t'rril (VM ir'i and burial J W Kllnc•^fr ' 
had tnar^t el atimafwnu htrt Mr. ; 
Fhtvfr» »• "iirvhi-ij br ^^« w|f» an^ f<»iif ' 
p«fii and 0iw> ''■iifliMr. aa (eltn««: Willie 
X#k. Wrder. and Richard, and Mr* Nanev 
4r ■;»«»• , 

M. V. LKWtH 
M. V. I»«i«, 'wh* 'di»d in • hoaDilal 
h«r* latt w»»». »■• kurlH tMlaji in HaMl> 

*M«d f#iT,»i»rr iind^r lh» dlrfrijon «f 
I Biarnf « *moriuarr OfU,» a l<» dltlani • 

Irtteurw is am^ or«v« Mntr^ , r'?T* I 


Page 2A: The charred body of an unidentified man was found near a camp fire at JopHn. 
Page 12A: William E. McKenna died.** 

Mrs. Phoebe Elizabeth Gates died.** 

Walter Bryant died.** 

BufordD. Lock died.** 
Page IB: James Hal Poindexter died.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 6B: Miss Pearl Sherrill and Mr. Martin Bergman were married.** 

Miss Vema Williams and Mr. Clifford Gwynn were married.** 

Miss Helen Clarke and Mr. James M. Wood were married.** 

Miss Ruth Helene Williams and Mr. Bumess G. Strain are engaged to marry.** 
Page 1 IB: Mr. and Mrs. John T. Fender are celebrating their 60th wedding 


Btarty ycu« of taarttal bllaa U the 
bout of Mr. uxl Mn. John T. Fen- 
der of 2250 North Rojrrrs avenue, 
and the Incentive for the annl\er- 
f^ary dinner that U being given in 
their honor todiy by their two sons. 
aeven grandchUdrea and three 
SreatgraindchUdren. - 

Mr. PMKler U S3 yttn oM and 
Mr«. Pender 80. They were mar- 
ried December 5. 1869, Just 60 years 
■fo Til— rtijr AOd the abore pictures 
■bev them aa they are today and 
as they kMked In I8S8 shortly be- 
fore they were mArrled. "We might 
Joit M wen have lieen married M 
years. Instead of M", Mr. Fender 
eaysL '?^« went together for five 
yeus and two or three times I 
thoocht die was cainf to say some- 
thine about mariTlnf , but she never 
did. so finally I had to suggest It 

Mr. and Mrs. Pender came to 
Springfield last March to make 

thrlr home Thry were bi'Hi born 
and reared In the Ozarks and have 
lived almost their entire lives In 
Polk and Greene counties. They 
have made their home for the past 
few years at Marshfleld. Both are 
In good health. Mr. Fender worked 
until last spring when he was fln- 
aUy prevailed upon by his family 
to retire. Their descendants, all of 
whom live In Springfield, are. L. M. 
Fender and J. W. Fender sons; 
grandchildren. Mra. O. W. Brenneke. 
Mrs. J. O.' Spencer. Mrs. E. M. 
Bruner, John Wesley Fender, Don 
Fender. Ella Rea Fender and Mary 
Frances Pender. The grea' grand- 
children are Thomas Lee Brenneke, 
8, Martha Ellen Spencer. 8. and 
Gerald Edward Bruner, 4. 


Miurlos H. Hall. H tod 

fern BotirUnd. 21, both of Iittl« 
Rock, Ark, 

Amos C. Qulnn. 34, tnd 
Vema WlllUmi. 23, both of 
Held. ^ 

Walter Adolph VeMg. 3S. 8t Lovlvi 
and ttlss Nell lUy Oollta^ i|{J 
Springfield, married at tb« 
house by the Reverend R. W. 

Ruth Helene Williams 
To Be Married 

The engagement of MIm Ruth 
Helcoe Williams, dauictater of Mr. and 
Mrs. Jake J. Williams. 710 East DeN 
mar atreet. to^Ur. Burneas O. Strata, 
son of Mr. "and Mrs. A. Benjamin 
Btraln, 71S East Page street, has been 

The wedding tows will be read at 
the home of the bride's parenta dur- 
Inr the Ctarlstmaa holldaya. 


Dies After Leg is Amputated 

TnUnvinc ?hf •mnii'«'ion of his 
right Ipk In * hospital her* Katur- 
dar aftemonn. JaniM Hal Polndfx- 
ter. 17. ElkUnd hKh school student 
died at ».30 o'clock ycstfrday eve- 
ntnc an the result of Injuries he 
suffered In a Thank*«lv»nf dsy 
hunllnc accident. 

A hammerleaa sholcun in the 
hands of J. H. "Red" Davu. Elkland 
truck driver, as h* climbed through 
a fence, wiis blamH f^r Pomdex- 
ter't injury. Tb« hlf b acbool stu- 

dent VRs 5tandinc nbntit 10 feel 
from the pun ■ahrn It was dla- 

Three sWers survive, with Mrs. 
Bertha Pnlndexter. the youth's 
mother. They arc Mrs. B. F. Jonea, 
Kansas City; Mr5. 'Carl Jones. 
ORdon. Ksn.. and Miss Martha Lee 
Polndcxtcr^ «(. home. 

Puneral services will be held Bun- 
day afternoon at 3.30 o'clock at 
Timber Ridse church, near Elkland. 
In charge of MrMahan, Marshfteld 
undertaker. Interment will follow 
In the Timber Ridge cemetenr. 

Miss Verna Williams 
Weds Mr. Gwynn 

An Infornml wcflrtlnK »«» folrmn- 
Irert yexUrdity afternoon at 6 o'clock 
when MI(Ui,Vwn»-Vll'ain», daughter 
of Mr. and Mr*. T. O. Randolph. Col- 
\rfp utr^et ronrt. hecume lh» brM^ of 
Mr riirforrt Oviynn of thl» rPy. 

The iilncle rlns Kervlr* w»» reRrt 
by the llrxfrrnrt Dr. Errelt C. Serh- 
' Irr «t th" hom» of the brldP«r»>om'e 
lirnihrr. .Mi Frrrt Ciw- ■ ti. 1142 TfxnA 
nvrntip. In the pre»enrr of k few In- 
tlmktp (rlrnrln •nrt rfliHlve« of thr 
youriR roiiplr. The bride wore a (town 
of biKrk vrlvrt trimmed In cream 
point lare and carried a ahraf bou- 
qiirt of roap^ and llllea of tha valley. 
Jnunrdlauiy" fnllowInK tlie cere- 
mony Mr. and Mra. Owynn left for 
, TMlaa. Okia , where they are to 
\ apend the week. Later they are to 
' be at home at 1.143 Texaa avenue. 

Miss Pearl Sherrill 

H eds Mr. licrnvian i 

One of the maiiv Thnnk^clviiic W'l- ' 
(lliidK »«» Him iir MIM I'rnrl .Sunn. I. 
datiKhtar of Mr. and Mr.i. Timothy j 
Hli^rrlll. l.'>37 .Smith Kl iDlirnitcli avr- | 
niie, to Mr. Martin Ilrrpmnn of Ihl^ 

The vowa «rre reail at hlah n"nn 
In the Trinity Lutheran church «iih 
the Reverend Mr. Adolph T. Woker 
the oftlclant. The bride enleied on the 
arm of her brother, Mr. Arthur Sher- 
rill. She wa* etUnded by Mra. Ar- 
thur BherrtU aa matron of honor and 
Misa Irene Erke waa maid Of honor. 
Mr. Oeorge Benad attended Mr. Berg- 
man aa l>eat man. 

Followtrfg the ceremony Mr. and 
Mrs. Bergman left for a two-weeks . 
wedding trip afUr which they will \ 
make their home here. j 

Wood-Clark Wedding 
Is Announced 

Word ha« bam raeaived l>7 Mrs. 
Hootar I. walker of IfSl North Jef> 
feraoo avaatia, of tba mairlafa of bar 
naphaw. Mr^ Jamee M. Wood to M lea 

Helen riarVn of M». riemen» MIrh. 
Tha caramony waa read laat Wednea* 
day evening at the Methodiet Episco- 
pal church. 

Mr, Wood formerly lived here and 
araduated from tha Springfield 
Senior Mign achooi. He lat*r attend- 
ed Kooc cellega at QalnaTlUe, HI. Mr. 
and Mra. Wood will make their futura 
home at Pontlar, Mich, after Decem- 

y -3 . < 


rnoeral tarvleas for William K. Me- 
Kenna. sp, reteran Frlace paaaancer . con- 
ductor who lived at MO hforth Campbell 
avenue, will be held Ihls afternoon at 
S o'clock In tba Iramaculata Ooneaption 
Otthollo church, followed by intarment tn 
Ct. Mary's cMnetanr. . Tha Haman B. 
Lohmeycr funeral home Is In chart* of 
arrangements. Mr. MrKenna la survived 
by his wife, one »on ajid three daughters. 





Mr«. Ptio«b« KllMbrlh CaUs. M. o( 1410 
t/T* atr^t. dlM In a hospital hert Sat- 
urday afternoon after a ihort tllnew.-8b« 
U ■urvlvcd b7 b»r husband, O. O. Oatca. 
and b? thrM daughter!. Ur». Bthel Harria 
and MW rr^da Catet of ffprlnffleldl, aotf 
Mra. Lucy McKlnnrjr of Strafford, ru- 
nrr*! Mrvlces wtll be held at BasarlUa 
Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock, feUewad 
by Interment In the BauTilla Mmetery. 
J. W. Kllntner la In charft of arraiiM- 


nryent. who Jivph in CalirnmiB .«.« 
.three brothrr.. ottot and T^S Jr 7^ 


ie;fer''.SravVnu*e*"a^r°^i ^J^^^"" 

^rvlce. W burial JheJ^'' '" *"»•"'; 

Page 2: George W. Sunderwirth, 73, a fantier, died December 1 at his home in Prairie 
City, southeast of Butler. His son W. W. Sunderwirth is prosecuting attorney of Bates county. 
Page 3: Mrs. Mary Ellen Hamby died.** 
Roy Foster Napier died.** 
Mrs. Phoebe Elizabeth Cates died.** 
Fred Loren Gulley died.** 
Page 4: Miss Dorothy O'Bannon and Mr. John Darling were married.** 

annon ? 

A ^^^^"^ rhtrmtnt Aiitrrh vetfilint 

• Otiork •» 'ihf Onict MftlMxlKt' 

^akmk la,»^iral(K-Mn, «b*n IDmI 

'BoeMby 6'atiiiMir.~';iAuiM«r of Mr. I 

••MHiarVlqrtf CBeaaea of BurTkle^l 

ber«iBf1hf brirt* of Mr .John THrlInc ' 

mt Natchra. Mu*. 

The etrsmoDT ««• rv»4_ by lh» 
lUrtrcnd Dr. w R Dmion'io ihf'' 
prwiuw •( k Itri* ntimbfr o( rrtcad* j 
and rtlatirr* of thr rnunii roiiplr.' 
Dm cauKb »M twauuiuiiy decor*t«d 
fvltli iera ana •Imlai. The alur wmI 
lM«Tily bankrd «1th irt bukrta of' 
yellov and «hlt* rhri-unthemuma. I 
Mlu XJrorg.K Wnlkrr of Ihln cliv ' 
pltftd thi prr-nupiUI nnwle »• the 
aumts UfvrablMl in ih« rbuixh. 
"Oarp la My )lr»it. r>»«r.- -Sowi' 
MfMcry o( Lite- and Indian u>vt , 
Can." Mlaa Mary Mnen of Aj>h Oror». • 

IMkTlNAiM' >'SM«u<e~' aii^^-Wittibe 
file" juat bffor* th» kndat pkriT *«• 

)H?* **• .«•"»»«'>• »«»<• Mdon plaiaa 
NMMcna'b wfdatac Baren •• um 
rhrlile •atered the church tad Ttt a 

Wild Row" «»« rrnrifrrd nofilj dut- ' 
lac the ctrenwiy. MtBdalMoMb^ n-j 

iM atln a al vaa . pljiy cd_foUo!pl)|| ,tht 1 
•rmr*. f 

I MUa Vtda Eaihrr bt Lrbanoo. Uo..i 

I «■• maid of honor. Miu Motlt* Trarj ° 
el BuXIalo and Mr>. Ralpb Ciouku ol , 

'■iHBiflilfl ww«~-bnd««BaMa. Tbtj 
brldt'e lIiUc rouKln, Suranoa O'Nral I 
or Ibla city waa noarr (Irl. Mr. Or- ' 
nek McicaU ol Natcbas, MKa., waai 

'beat aian. Mr. Franda Oeddea of : 

Xatfhet, Mlu. and Mr. Arthur DnI- 
ton o( Buffalo «crr t.«hrr>. 

Tba brida antcrvd ih* churrb en 
Ihr arm of hrr fithrr. «ho alao gavr . 
t\rt la mairiAK^. atii.... ii\4t> ^uw iirtl 
la a bridal drra* of old Ivory aailn 
jnada prlnrraa atylc alth long clervra' 
akirk A laoc o«t bridal veU, 


ai ihi aMea. Th« 
•alMwtr , bouquet ol 
.the valley.. Ml« 
Jiaaee. area |«*al« 
ta aa'eaacaibia oi yallow aatia with 
Biatrtilnf acraaaorlra. 

laliamily toUo^lDt the arvddlng 
aa latomal leccpuon. waa 
at the hoaa of the brlda'a pA- 
,«*ta. lalar Mr. end Mta. Darllns lalt 
Ulp aXwr which tbay are 
I Maw Jtt lUab?> 
rOarilac la a (raau* 
r oatlege aaa a Bambcr oX 
k aamttf . Mr. Oar* 


a aaaatber 
I at'tiM veMtac 
, iL Oartlag. Mr. Bobart 
w and Mr. 
ff. an of Natehaa.'MlM.: 
MIH Madg* Ttary. Mr. Hrntrhrl Tracy 
• nd Mlaa Erthrr lYary, all of Bl. 
Louta; Mra. Tbomaa W. Nadtl. Mrs.. 
Bffle I^nae Sberldaa, Mra. Ralph { 
Crooka. Mlaa Ororfla Walkrr. Mlm 
narm Ktta#l f«nf«inn *ri<1 Mr. nnri 
Mra. Tbamaa P. Andrraon of ihU ntT: 
Mr. Jamaa Moora and Mlaa Mary 
I tt Aah Qrora. Me.; Mlaa Loulaa 
I at Walaut Orove. Mo.: Mlaa { 
VeteBMber of liabanoa. and Ur. and 
Mrs. t#na OHulI of thU city.- 



' Mr.«. Msrr Bll«h HiMby. Ill, died •■rly 

vrMrrdty ninrning tnliowinR K long llln#iiM 
ni lirr hnnif. Mil Wf«l Lynn utrrrt t\i- 
I nertl services wilt be held kt 2.30 o clock 
1 W ■ftemoon in th« «. W. Kllnfntr lu* 
I iteral ch*p«l tollowtd' by tnUrmtnl Id 
Hkielvood etmeury. ^Beitdei h«r -llUt^ 
band. A. P. Hamby. itie ii lurvlved by 
Vjht^followlnf reltUven: Mr. and' Mr*. B. 
■HHUiaMUlPlltf Mr* Ed Bristow. Mr and 
r Mri.'*yj*Ar Mlmbv, Mr. and Mrs. K. A. 
Hamby. Mr. and Mri..M. W. Hamby, Mr 
find Mr!> C. B Hambv. Mr. and Mm. J P. 
J««fr!«. Mr. and Mri». C B. Po«f. Mr» 
^<-lr■•rr( Knttrr. Mrr Mllev Sllllafll. 12 
irandrhildrrii Jiid lu itiriil |jri>r.i1c)illrlr'n 


' Fr^d liorrn Oulley. iwo-month-nld «in 
o( Mr and Mrit. Joneph L. Oiillrr. died 
at hli home at 7M We«t Nicholi Rireet at 
, 9 o'riortc Sundav mornlnit foUnvlns a 
. brief illnean. He 1* .iiirvlvcd bv hit par- 
. eni«. a «Hter. Margarri. and two brotbero. . 
, William end Clifton. Funernl ^ervlren *l|l . 
! be held at the heme at 3:911 o'etoek Tue«. ; 
dav aftrrn>>en. niirlal will be in Ea»t 
1 -^ „ ,,„,,,,,,. ,,nrt»r direction W. L. 

.SiHI lir M>i; 


Pov ToMrr Napier, three. year-oH «6n of 
Mi muI Mr» huMrt I. Nnpirr. f1i"l fnl 
!ii»iiiB dn iPne^^ of pn^iiniHniK ve«irrrtRV 
noon K( ihe famllv lionir. IBS4 Nm'h l.vnn 
avenue .Funeral iiervicm »lll be held ai 
J o rlor<; thU nflernoon *l Bevmour un- 
dpr direction of Ihe .1. W. Kllngnrr fii- 
nrcul home. B^.lrt" Hi'" parents. "oe 
child le mirvlvrd hv two hroiher* and ivin 


' MB". niorBF. ri.i7.ABr.Tn rATr.t 

tiii) ■^ric'. fnr Mr' PhTh* Fl'». 

b»il> Ctle«. S.^. of Min I,cr vircfi. » ii'. 

died In a hoepllal here Saturday atter- 

iiooii. aill h» h'ld ai Ban^vllle thin aft^r- 

finon »> 2 o dork Biirinl will b» in (he 

: BassMir cemelerv under direction of ihr 

{ KIngner funeral home. Mr* Catet It tur- 

'tved bv her hunband. C. C. Catck. and 

! by three daughtrm. Mis* Freda Gate* and 

, Mm. Ethel Harrit of Springfield and Mrs 

I Lucy HcKlnney of Strafford. 

Page 4: Mrs. Mary Ellen Hamby died.** 
Roy Foster Napier died.** 
Mrs. Phoebe Elizabeth Gates died.** 
Fred Loren Gulley died.** 
Theodore Rollston died.** 
Page 10: Son bom November 28 to Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Bodanske of Rock Castle 
apartments. Mrs. Bodanske before her marriage was Miss Ella Holt of Kansas City. 



^*j v"A.^- ;*;;*■ i./ ^-v,' ;rc:. 

ioT •«*»» *'*r^»... rf Mr 

tosro «.ivigi 

t ^ -^-«R liw».rT .------ - 


^,M<>ee« t*:-:" 
! »»t, MMlWe*- 

■■»t(-r arid 

a »- 


T«nr«>»ouc »<nA«T©3« 

Y^«a4ara T»l(lJ llail"""*. ^3 


ta tbe t*»»»tT . 

od aktU la to* ran'CT ; 
A hratbar. wubmi . 

JISS^ KT_..t-f .S'Ljr'IIX^JjrSr > 



Church Wedding 

Vfrr lo\rlv *»> IK" PhUrrh »»<!- ( 
«UM «f MIM Boroihy O Biniion 
Jiuihur of Mr. »nd Mw.' ««y* 
O-BMiBon of aun«lo. Mo. K» Mr' 
JcUn PMlIng i of N«trhrn. MIM.. i 
ta«m%«9> •IwrticK.n .1 « "'|e'«l' , •* 
[m* Or«ce M«tbo<1l»t fhnrrh In 8'if- 

lf«ln. >. " » 

The rrrftr.nnt wkr r'r ■. ?.r 'h» Hrv- 

■ f r»nd Dr W B nnHon. in Hif prrv 
»nr» nf K lurcr numbT nl fri»n<1» ^ftl 
i^lml'-r* nf th» Toiinc. '•luP'' Thr 
rhiiirh »in n'Wor.inrly rtfrormtfl 

•with ffrn» unfl «mili»x. unil th^ »|l«r 
«iiii lirnvlly b«n*"1 wi'l' '•'=' 'rt 
l.n'krM nf 'rlln-* nii'l •line rhr)i.Mi- 

• MiM Ororcl* Wilkff "f thl» rltjr 
plnvf'd ihr prr -niipt :»1 iii .«;^ «« Ih' 
c«>ti>ta entcrfrt Ihr rniirri). Drrp in 
Mv Hfuri, Dcur." 'Swfrt M\«t^ry of 
Utt" »nd "ludlin l.ovf Cull ' .M;.« 
Mutt Moor* of A"h firov* plBvrl "B*-- 
ri>«i»r' •ti'l O I'roni;-f .Mr mv' pre- 
rrrtlnn ih» »nlr«nrf of llie hrirtil 

' ptrtr. MUA Moor* alio plajta . 

I^ohengrln « urftrtlng m»rrh »« the 
I bride entered the cbureh »nd "To » 
' Wlirt Ro»e" Koftly durlnc the eere- 

r. ony. Mendelssohn '« rrresslODkl »»x 

• plived followlnn the nervlce. 

M>« Verta En'hrr of«non \'.i 

MHA iTKld of honor Mi«* ?;. >■ 

. Tracy of B(i(fa:n inrt Mr«. Ralph 

. Cinnkii of lhlr« rity uVre bridesmaid' 

A '.\''\r r->i:«in of -iir hn'lr« ' 

•^ Neal of th:.« <■••.. -^a^ f;r«rr ^. . 

' t^^f 'Orrirlt Melf«lf of K«»rhe». Mfa» . ' 

' 1 »M ben IUmH and Mr. ^:nl|r:^ l.r.;- 

l'««i of HfttoiiN. MIM.. Md Mr. Artbur i 
'D*lton.of Buffalo »er» twbeni. j 

I The 'bride itiilered the ehiirrh en | 
I tbe ertn nf h<<r tathrr. «'ho b1»o |«ve I 
: hei III marriaee. be.iullfullr RownMl 

In a bridal drena nf old Ivory aatm I 
I made prince"* ttyle mlth lone fleevea | 

and nill akirl. A lone net bridal veil • 

»■«• h'']fl r'.'yff nboit* the h'-nr! ^'.i. n 
narrnik band nf orange bloasoma. 
itutera at the aide*. Th« , 

ro«ea and llllea of the ralley Mlm I 

lea. ' 

i' matehlnc acceiaor 
■■" Imaie<Uatel/ after the inarrU«e , 
reremony an Informal reception w«» 

held al the home of the hrirt' « pnr- 

rrr^. Ir>.rr In tlip erenini M' nnrt 

Mr» n.irlins Irf fr.r r, ."m't <'t:> »(•/■- 

j Wblrh they mill m«kr their fn'ure 

I home at Naahvllle. Tenn. Mrs. Der- i 

Iln< I* a cracliiate of nriirv roliese 
I and a member of pie SeU T«ii Alpha ; 
«nrorl»v Mr Purllrc al.o -■•rntfed 
nnirv ro:ir.-e ,rrl ;a'rr <"hi- nc^ linl- I 
derail?. He l» a meinljer oj ISie Kappa 
AJpba fraternity 

fj{5l^|fc**;j»v^. ««?«» •» 

^. MN.-iLM. OntlBic. 

nr.bert Darllne. ft-«nrl« Oeddea and 
Orrlek Mrtcalf all of Natrhrz. M:m 

[ ana Waa TitherTVapT. alT ©rir' 
LmiU. Uia. Tbomaa W. Hada:. Mra. 

' Bfne Lamar SherMait, Mra. Balpb 
Crooka. Mlaa 0«»fl« W«U»r.. Ulaa 
Clara Ethel Langatan. Mr. and Wra. 

• Tboma* p. AndenoB and. Mr. and 

' Mra. Lynn O'Neal all of thia elty. Mr . 
Jamea Moore and Mlaa Marry Monre 

\» *^J»«>»»- **», aod.Mlaa Vedai 

iKtther of Lebannh.''lllo. 




Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 2: Fred Loran Gulley died.** 

Page 4: Miss Zella Crenshaw and Mr. Carl Zapa are engaged to marry.** 

Page 12: Paul Howard Anderson sues to divorce Jessie May Anderson. The husband, a 
minor, sues through a next friend Thomas J. Anderson. They were married August 19, 1929, at 
Ozark. He says she has been married and divorced twice before. 


I^iatrkl .aarrloM for ttatf t«r«n 

■trtl .aorrloM for TnA Vvnn Oullay. 


U OuL-, 

be held thIa aflernoon at the reitdcnce at 
1:30 o'clock. foUow*d bf burial In Kaat 
L«vn femetery under the direction of W. 
L. eiariie Kroldea th» parenta, two 

brothrra. Winiam and Clllton. and a ais- 
les. U«ia«.(;, .'.urv'.T ■'"be rhild died 

Zella Crenshaw- 
To Be Married-^- 

Mr anrt Mrs nirk W rrprrhnTr nf 
»jo Moliiiiiii Blrret. hnve annoiliicecl 
tlif eiigagrment «f their daURliter 
Mlaa ZelU Crrnahaw, to Mr. Carl Zaps 
of Oklahoma City. Okla. The mar- 
riage la to Uke place aometlme m 
the near future. 

Mate Kept Secret 
Other .Marriasres, 
Youth Says, Suins: 

Pertaring that ahe had concealed 
froa talm iictU after their marriaee 
UM tact that ahe had been married ' 
aad IdhvMed ' twice before. Paul 
Howard Anderaon yesterday filed 
atiJt for. divorce from Jensie May 

' Tb* htvtiaod. betnc a minor, nies 
throofb Thomac J. Anderson, a next 

P^Bt «lio«Btiargea that the inaUia , 
;«poa mmlaf around and^e^lectlng ' 
' ber beow tfutlea. He further de- 
darea la hla petition that she had 
tnttltd 'fabn great chagrin on ae- 
couBt at ber drinking. The eeuple j 
•" aa married at Owirk. Aiiruaf IB. ' 
;,i»,. and acparavcd N«rember 23. j 


When His Wife 
Fl ays Drin king 

I DECAUU her hiuteiid *1uiil made 

A pMk known ^^Itome brvv'.** 

I while iti't h»d jone to her mother's 

! for • vUll three months ■(ter thev 

were married, and l)ec«us« he told 

h«r •!!• wma^'too <Uunn nice" when 

(he complained of his actions upon 

her return. Mm.. Ida Head Howrll 

. outer allegmUona are that Howell 

"wa« critical of his wlfrs rcflnr- 
I ment and made sport of her when 
I aba ezprevK^l * deelre for a home 

In a neighborhood »here refined 
I and wholesome conditions offered 

aoBMthlng ■ beaMe ■<lnidtet7 and 


I Orrle Gray. surlnR his wife for 
! divorce, today ehurped thst she 
: "has (or , the past several years 
' shown a peculiar fondness for other 
i men." He seeks divorce from Minnie 
Gray and the cuslody of iheir chil- 
•.Owltaw. », and 


Charley Ball, 21. " of"" Baxlrr 
Sprlnira, and Thelm* Hrrrelwin. 19. 
^t Galena; Charles Stone. 39. of 
Cambridge. Mrm.. and Beulah Mae 
Long, 39. of Sprlngflrld: and John' 
Hamm, 47 and Carrie M. Vl«*«k, 
ao. both of St. LouU. The aecond ' 
couple wad miirrird at the Grrmr 
rnwniy roiirl lioiisr b\ .luds'" J W. 
TIppin ycsterdny. 

Page 4: There is a photo of and an article about George W. Young and his three sons 
Earnest J. Young, Joe E. Young, and CHfton J. Young.** 
Page 6: Births reported.** 
Page 7: Thomas L. Lester was iciiled.** 
Page 10: There is an article about Indian mounds.** 
Page 14: Miss Zella Crenshaw and Mr. Carl Zaps are engaged to marry.** 

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Jackson will celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.** 
Miss Dorothy Stella McCrory and Mr. Robert Stanley Bean are engaged to 


Page 15: Miss Althear Hunt and Mr. Thomas W. Nix were married.** 
Page 16: Marriage licenses issued.** 

ifaMAMdated wlUi Uai 

'aanr.' aaeri* W. ^•tDEii'^a 

—tytaitt »(«// rkol*. 

I, hu been la 

Divlac tb|it 

at TarVn* timea In bis compan y 

Ut. Voun* U a* I'- •» »'*5 

early history of tha n«wn)ap«r«na 

prtnUnf butlneas in Bprtnefleld aa 

Is any other person. He was bom to 

this CJiy and wurkod wlim Jll^t a 

boy as printer on the eurly new«- 
, papers here. Mr. \tun« has spent 

his enll.'e life here except three 
; j-ean when he was publUher of a 

lirAT>;ir'''' I" For'rih _ 

. The println« company of which 1 j|4^iil..OUa. 

Mr YoiinK 1» h»«d wns nr^nnlred 33 | 

irars ngo. It »m known aa the . 
1 Oeorge I'oung Printinf company 

„nd wR-s on roonvllle hill The name ^ 

of the co'icirn wns changed three 

. years ago when W. C Stone bought | 

■ nn inlrresl In the b>i>.lneNS. . 

Mr. Young wm a member of the i 

' Chamber of Commerce committee I 

.Ii'i li r." 1 •'• "•• '1 .••'•?' ■■■•■ 
annual inaiiuUclurers rxiK«»lu)» so ^ 

Ism lin isf iiilT in connection wWi 
that, he Is proud of Ihe f»cl that 
for 30 year* be has booated Spvirik- I 
field privlMrt^ with the Mrvan. "Buv 

I Springfield Producls — 3ome M«r- 
I chants and Home Manufacttned 

' Goods '■ 

Mr Voiinc hnv flvf ~ir.s jr.d one 
.iftURlitrr Tlir .vii.5 «hi. are cnn- 
necled with hi-. b'i<-iiiess «r' Clifton 

, J., who Is treasurer and l)ooltkeeper: 
Joe E., torentao of the preu room 
■iM^^amest J., asdstant fareman. 

^Is Mett too. OnrUIe. f onneriy > 

3iMr%U& the pitetfov I 

mt».. whsra ha l« ooemectad With %] 
u aw apap er. Tlie etber soo. Lea T., : 
la In Parsons. Kan, where he is 
1 1 dUtxict mana«er of the Interna- 1 
I tional Harr^ter company. The ' 
daughter ;s Mr- F-" C. Velrs of 



Un F K Kepner of 035 ' 

aooounca tu* ouu. u* 

datigibter In iha Bprlrgflild B«l»- 

lad Mra. lUjhrt: n.ot;> ' 
Waavrr »tr»»t. annount* tlv 
t • 6MMgt\ttT at their homv 
•. Mr. Tborp l» a city flre- 

t atAtlon nun Ler .■• ' 




Into whuh jiro olton tossed thiiiK'« well worth while. 

'The followlnc excerpts are found 
In an early history o( Pulaiki coun- 
ty piihltshH In 1889: 

I U n ui p w q u a mounda all over Uia 
|4j|gDaV«( VulMkl eounty w«r« poat- 
1 ttrt proof of the settlement of that 
I ancient people known «• Moiiiul 

Hiilldrt^ uilluii liiT IxiTilrrf., It roiild 
b» mfely aald that her territory was 
oner f!rii<rlv pr>p\ilii?: Itirrr innimd* 
were very litick. aiul i-lrurly uiiiii- 
elal. and atac indicated great ane, 
r\>u <ni]\ •.!•; 1MJ9. nhrn ril^hn 
ClirlMr.vm Hiul lil.N l.oiill- r;inir. iil- 
thoiiRl) iimsl of thrni ««• now Irvcl- j 

ed bv r hulf crnturv i4 plowliiK I 

... . 

Ttirrc has hrrn nlway.\ roiikldrr- ] 
I Hblr iiw-lrrv uLxiiit llii- Minuiid.s of I 
the Ozarks and tome of them are j 
being pretcrved for future reference 
imf an Invritttator. who hw sivrn ; 
, Uli mattw much thoushl and haa 
due tato many of the mound<i. de* 
Clare* that thef were built by ' 
ffnphrni Knd contain nnthlnir when 
explored They are different from j 
the moundi near 8t. Louis. 
• • • 

The PulaaU county hlatory sayi: 
Amonc the Indiana, who were the 
chief frequenterj of what li now 

Pula«ki CiMitiiv IM tlir anil vv- 

I'tlll llri ., ;■ V . I llllr I f lihll , \M i I III. 
I.K k.i;.,"-, « >,.iK' - .,\. I i :■ . 

through on hunting ex* 

I rurnlons The nrnrcsl \l1lnKr> was 

I on the OHaicr river, wlirri* ■'Unrlr 

Jered" Cl.ruii.<iun tiuiira \miii ui 

g«Te thing* to them. He alao r«* 

memlxrs Having ulicn M*cn Chli-f 
Mimde whose headqiiartent were at 

HpilnRllrld Iht ii:i!> Iki.Ii.i liixi 

through the county paaaed from 
Little Plney. through Wa>-ne8vme« 

;irrvri;t s!|c nu't ilitl r,f Hit rl let t ".n 

UUl paat ilie - old CulUornlA 

KOuae." an old Inn. on to Chief 

Mtmelt't headquarwcra. being what 

afterrardK became the "Old 8f 

I Loula and Sprtnglleld ruad. ' 
' • • • 

;TI)e Klckap4X> Indl&ju canie to 
Qreene county from Peoria. lU., and 
were a friendly and peaceable trlbe^ 
Klfkajxxi nvptiue In nRrned In their 
honor. Mr*. Ruth Oven onoa wrote 
iin MrtU'lr Hbtnit Ihr K!ckapuo« she 
I.I.I u wi.iili .iiiiitiUd i.<ii..-.ultiabli' 
atteotlcn. The old St. Louis road 
has now become 8t Louis street. "I 
r^mcnibfr ■■ snifl the old man. 
"wlirn It WR« P» Louis road frnm 
liolllson 8trr«-t r>>11lsnn N-Ing the 
CMtern Umlit of the cuy. It was 
if'l old enough at the time to know 
ijhy but the rity council Juki before 
lljc civil war would not Issue a 
ni<>on license but the coimty wookL 
T>ir fliv ind two «n toons thfw oiip 

■ I . i ■ l' .l ' .U ' ' ''g- 


.ivunty frtenda bava Ju«i racalvta 
' iMwa of the rwsent tragic d eath g^ ^ 
momaa U hmm, fonaat'Wattwmg 
nwident and •chool teacher CC FMMr ■• 
Vallay. who waa klllaU by uf^ngdi; 
buU on ht» farm near Soimyaa^" 

Wash. ^ .„'i^i' 

Mr. liMier was found d««d aoaut T 
o.-i.M k 111 tiip rvrnitTK. b? nelgbbora 
«li.. wire i-niiril In lo'Iirlp »e»rch r«V 
nun vibrii lir (o.V-A «.^ return to hia 
hoiiif . Me bad purcha»tiU ib« bull 
Biid brought him home that altar* 
noon, and It U believed that tha ani- 
mal chargad bim when Lastar want 
to Irrd hiin. I>f»f»ri> cheat was 
iriivhra uiul .xr jkr.!.;.!') dird aJmort 


^MnniAr.F iirrvsrs 

(liatliv Hf*;; I'l n:iMrr r.|i:ir.i.M 
Ktii.. Blul Mi:.s Tlirlina llnrirlsoi;. 
' 19. Oalen*! Knn. 

. Cii!! ]I.i:kI.s. 18. SpiiiiKlii'M. n>'<l 
I Miss Orabelle Keller. 18, Sparta. Mo. 
CharIeK Stone, 39, Cambridge. 
M.T.< 8iid Mh.^ n<"ilflh Mn" f.ontr 
M, Springfield, married at the courl- 
hoijse by County Judpe J. W. Tip- 

John Bamm. 47, and Miv Carrie 
M. Vla-ssk. 20. b'>th of St. Louis,, 
_ marrird n' 'hr ci .. ;mou.«c by Count ;• 
• Judge J. W. Tippln 


! Mr* r.'irn Cimpbrll Hnd diURhU>r». 

' M^rsiiTiir und cmhrrlnr. will l»«v» 

■ riiN rvriiiiiR to attviid the Boldrii 

I vrddinc ■nnlvtraary of Mr*. Camp- 

I'fll < pnrn l». Mr »r>»1 Mr* W O 

iJackaon of FolrplAjr^M^ 


^^tJtS%i%*U% ». Wtini Of W« 

WMt MncJIton iilre«t unnoiince U|r 
Burrtas* of Uitlr dAughMr. Ml*« A). 
th»»r Hunt, to Mr. Thonifx W Ni« 

■on .•( Ml l.!!!! Ml" J""" "• "^'^ *'' 

•b.16 W»« Mmiiil Vrnion Hrwot 

-;•;,,,,, , »,.■ I. .Ill l>> llm U' • - 

itrrnd Or. O. W. «fooa«M of Aurora. 

I Mo. at hl» lionu" Hovrnibrr 1» ^'f 
..ti.l Mrv cHlli <-r Mai:.. II 
\lllr. No. »rf« tha atlpmliint" 

Mr. and MT«. Nil are at Home »t 
tM Wwrt llmin* Vemon Btr»«t. 


Ml Miul M- l»..>iri> r Kt CinrT nf 
lejO Noitli H'ltihnxiii ii.rii;.r. iMvr 

MUKHino^ th* tngagMowit ot MtU 

f'l.'irhirr. Ml«« OrtrothT flfMU Mo- 

Cl'if, to Ml' .Sni'l^v Unil 

'Oil i.f M: III,.. .\I|v ;. I... I.:, of 

;i..l.S .Mmm. ...11 -•;•>' I: r .'n;*?- 

ri«Kf will takr plire •oinc time the 
tail of till* iiioiuli. 


■■^-■-.^ ,-*,. 

Mr. and Mra." t>Jflc« W. rrrnahtw 

♦ 10 Molmaii •irrcf hmr unnniinrrri 
I iht •ot«c«m«at of ibtu daughur. 
iMla* z^tu Cr«iikhaw." io MK enM 
'r.apa of Oklahoma City. OKIa. Thf 

' aftrr the hniidaya. 

Page 1: S. R. Rader was killed.** 

Marriage license: Carl Hargis, 18, of Springfield and Orabell Keller, 18, of 

Page 2: Mrs. Mattie E. Treon died.** 

Mrs. Nancy Wingo died.** 
Page 4: Miss Dorothy Stella McCrory and Mr. Robert Stanley Bean are engaged to 

Miss Althear Hunt and Mr. Thomas W. Nix were married.** 
Page 6: Moses Jabed died.** 

Page 7: A son Jack Wilson was bom yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Wilson, 463 East 
Elm street. 

Dorothy McCrory 

To IVi'd Mr. Bean > 

Mr. and Mrs. Rotjert C McCrory, 
1820 North Robberson avfniie. have 
announced the engagement of their 
clHiiRhtor. M1.S.S Dorothy Sfolla Mc- 

I'lmj 1.1 Ml. U'lLtil .S".u:.:ty !)'i:'. 
, bun of Mr. and Mrs. Joliii Bean. 1035 

West Madison etrrct. Tlie niarrlnRe 
' J» to toko place some time during 
■ tills month. 

[Miss Althear Hunt 
! Weds Mr. Nix 

' Mr niifl Mm C:hnrlrn K. Hunt. 908 

I MadlHon Btrret. have announced 
the marriage of their daughter. Miss 

I Alihrnr Hunt, fo Mr. Thnmai W. NIx. 

; snn of Mr nnd Mr^. John 11 Nix, 
936 WeM Mount Vernon street, on 
November 15. 

The ceremony wa« 'performed by 
the Reverend Dr. O. W. Woodard of ', 
Aurora, Mo., at hi* home. Mr. and 
Mm OII.1 lockhart of Marlonvllle, 
Mo., were the only attendants. 

Mr. and Mrs. Nix are at home at 
!)30 Wrst Mniinf Vrrnon ."Street. 



Mrs Mattu E. Trron died at 6 oclofk 
last night In ilie homf of hfr son. Oeorgf 
O. Trron. 747 West Turner etreet. Beildea 
Ihr Ron at whosr home she died, she ti 
•urvived by the following •cm and daugh> 
t«ra: Robert W. Treon of Ariaona: Howard 
F. Treon. El Paso. Texaa; Jeaee O. Treon. 
RIcharda. Colo.; Elmer L. Treon. Tumaa. 
Ariz.: Mrs. Stella Mulllnga and Mrs. Effle 
Oaddy. both of Fair Orove, Mo. Funeral 
arrangements are Incomplete but interment 
will be In Union Orove cemeterv. 30 miles 
iinrfh nf MprlnRflf Id. iindrr direction of 
ihe KlInKPrr funeral home. | 


Mrs. Nancv Wlngo, $!>, died at 8 o'clock 
last night at the Mary E. Wilson home. 
She Is survived by two sons. I. W. Wlngo j 
of Fair Orove. primtpal of the Elkland > 
school, and W. W. Wlngo of Jefferson | 
City, and several grandchildren here. 
Funeral arrang^mrnts have not been com-j 
pi.,.^.1 K,.t v,..riTi n-'ll he (n Pteisanl Rldee 
cemetery, three miles noilheast ol >air 


S. Li Rader, Formerly At- 
tached to Springfield '^Of- 
fice,; Suffers Crushed Skull 
In Highway Accident 




Radrr. 40. 


kilird rii ;. 

Of MarshflPld. 
llrni^f liasfKTior. was 
r,; r.iclit :ihcn his mo- ! 
lor car iallpd to make a sharp turn 
on U. 8. hlRhnav fio. 40 nfar Kan- , 
sas City.. Rader wa? alone In the 
car. I-.,-....-, =.,„] 

A farmrr llvlnR nearby heard the ' 
crash and hurried to the overturned 
car.- -Rader was' (trail however, be- 
fore anyone reached him. He suf- 
fered r' fractured skull. Dr. C. E , 
Krlmmlnger. a depulr coroner, said 
last night. The car carried offi- 
cial state license No. 107. 
, ♦ ^ _ + 


; ♦- H ♦ 

i Rader. who wa.s born and reared 

In the Marshfleld territory. !« well 
known In the central' ' Missouri 
dy.arks rcRlon. For many yearti he 
covered a wide territory as a sales- ■ 
man for a Sprlncfleld wholesale 
Rrorery company. 

Since his appointment to the 
stale automobile license bureau by 
Charles U. Becker, secretary of 
slate. Rader has worked In various 
Mctlons of the *«te.' He , was con- ; 
nected with the office here during 
the nish season last »pr|r<g. , » a •. ' 
Radrr •: tnr\ jvrrl hv !'!^ n:!'p, fliT^'i 
daudhter. Orine. l.S. a student in Hie 
Marshfleld hlKh school. He ,1« »; 
I cmi.<iin of I. \V. Radi r. of Marsh- 
I field, collector of Wet>sier county. 
Funeral arraneemeni-^ were In- 
complete last night, but burial will. 
be at Marshfleld. 



Strlekm in a Weat AiUntlc iitreet 
"" fe» «•• dteplaylnc.bU, 
IMS Jabtd. booM-to* j 

ta a W. L. Btame kinbu- ] 
laiM^«hll» «i tiM m*j to * boapltal. j 
dn« to * cerebral > 
according to Dr. 8. P. 
Mo liM|UMt wUl ba bdtt. j 
Br. Mtirray C. Stone, county coroner, 
•aid lut eight. 

Page 2: Marriage license in Lawrence county issued to Lawrence Homecker of 
Indianapolis, Ind., and Frances P. Ogden of Springfield. 
Page 5: Mrs. Mattie E. Treon died.** 
Mrs. Nancy Wingo died.** 
Stephen A. Anthis died.** 
Mrs. Mary Housen died.** 
Samuel Blackburn Woods died.** 
Mrs. Mary E. Snider died.** 
Miss Gertrude B.Billafch died.** [Billasch?] 


Mr», MiUle F Tr»<»n dl"l T<»»«1»t 
r\inlnC at th» lM>«i« af bet len. 0««rt« 
O. TfMQ af 1*^ W««t T«rm| itraat. Olber 
*«inii and dtmht^rt »ha luvvi** ara Rubirl 
>« Tr»«n el Arl>ona, Ha**rd r. al Et 
r«««. T»««». 3**n» r of Hlrh»rd«. Col : 
ri-iiT n. of ^ min. Anr «iii1 Mrs BIrllA 
M'lllineK •nrt Mrt rit\r n«<1(lT. hoth nf 
rtxt Orn<r. Mo. Burial »ill hr In Union 
nrn*« rrmrlerT. 11 mllea nnrlh nf SprlBf" 
tirld. In (hari* oC J. W. Kllninec. 

MB*. NAWtt WIKHO "l 

Mr« N»nr» Winio. IS. di»d Tii»»<1iy i 
niihi at tba Mary B. WiUea haina. IM I 
»«rih Main ••■'nu* Bht 1» aurrlT^d br 
t*e ion*. I. W Winca el Fair Or»i*. 
ptinripal e( lb* Klkland. crhifcl. and W. , 
W Winra e( J'tTeneo niy. and aevaral ' 
frandchilrtren here Ioterii\»nl WTII he . 
in tiM Pteaiant RMf* remrterx, there ' 
m»l»« n«r*hfatt fcf Fair Oro»» J. W 
Kllnrn^r l» In rhant» nf arr»nt»mrni| 

KnUfml (»i •!<■'• » 111 b» li'l'* •' ' «'rl<wl 
Tngrtday ■.'irnioon In tn* Mrthoditi 
thiirrh al Fair Oro?». • 


V I I I Ml N * ^ \ I H I ^ 

f^ifBhrn A. Anini*. T«i. di»<l •• hU homr 
t« MI C«ll»f» •»»nii» nttt in^tr- B* l» 

Mr AnUilt np»r«lf<l > itorrij »lor»'»l 
MI Oolkf* iTtnu*. J. W. Kllnrtar U IB' 

fli»r«» rf fiiiiffil nrfunf^mrnu. 

M» l» iumv^d bv lbr»f »m»r«. Utt. •m- 

ni« Pn'f'r •nil %U' H* n»'il nf Kprlnr- 
<l»l<1. trd Mt« *iiii« ^»ttll•c^n nf Araiilr. 
\v«»li., unl on» brother. Mifi Anthi« of . 
fprlntfl'lrt riin»r«l »r vlre« will b» h>l<l I 

fh«p-l. »-<iA h\iri«l »lfl b» in Or»»nl«** 
t»mft»ry. ' 

•itrnKtg at 4 arrlMk 

KitrnKtg at 4 tfttfttt at W* >••«• •*J? 

Mr. M.rv F Bni-Lr. «« '^".IJ' J' .^ 
orlock io<l»r ki hfr hnmf. Mf** Nnrtn 
Br««4»»T •v#nu.. j8Uo»ini • >•"«"'»« "'• 
n»< llh« I* ««r»lvr<l h» h»r »'«••'•"''■ "^ 
K llnldfr. I»« »ii>wr.. Mri. «•«'• **•" 
•n<1 Mr*. B«lll» UU«n, fl*» ^"f- Jl^i 
K'rmll. n»»». rirl and *•"•''•"', 
RnriMfMd. fimer-l •rf»nt»ni»BU arr in- 

rrmMfrr undfr fh» rtirfrtion «f Klln«nrr 
UndcfUUof ceap tny. 

KIM OMMTivD^n. ■•y^JC" „,. 
Word hi» been ree^red b«r« of »• 
d(t(ti at MIW Q«rtra4« B. BUtalch at^ 

- -■ - ii U»«dT« Bprlntftold «BtQ 



on" »op.- C. ,r Hlofkburn. on« dBughter, 
Mr«. •.' a. Whiu. of lm»#p*nd'ne*, KA«., 
• nd eno brothtr. D. O Bl«r<h im. nf 
Mount V»rnon. Mo. r>in»r»l »»r»Jr»* •t" 

kt »««« md«v •d'-'l.non •( 3 .10 n . l". k 

ti ih* Ahra Uihm»»»r funer »l hom*. P»ll- 1 
Viir*ri will b» Afl n»t*r. Dr. H T. P»««. 

r.- coov .tA|.„ HI' lof. r rr 
■ nd II A P'nr'i I h» R»-.'i<-i'«1 Willl»m , 

MaiufMM and Ih* Rfvtraiid Corona Brut* I 

•III ftftlrMt*. I 

«ii wtoki tto. an* ••• wnploirod "V* •♦ 

thf 8l«>er Druf n)mp«ny. 8h« l»„«"!.- 
\H'd bf h»r p»r»niv Mr. •nd Mrt. W. C. 
H.IIXch. lormfrly ol Bprlnfflfld. but now I 
ot r«lrbar»; «wo »liitrri. Mri. A. A ."w>i» 
o( P.ltbury. oBd Mri WlUlam Pow»U of 
Trprkt Kin ; two brrthfr*. Frfd w n( , 
H'brr, Nfb . tnd O<'ors» H of P«lrbur». 
funfril _3»rviff« will b« »l r«lU CH>. 
M»b . 0» Thuf id«T. 

\|R>. .M\n» HOI tlN 
M>». M»ry Mft'iwn. 93. mM* nt Ch«rleT ■ 
Jl'.iofn rtird •' I •" l"i« mi'fnlng »l h'r 
horn., IM W'ol Hm 'ir^l. »"" • 'J^ , 
i»rlD| UliMM. Bb* U »unl»«d or »»« 
hii«h*nd ind Uiri-* broih»r«. J«me* Oro»»i i 
or Hprioglirld. and Prrd ond John Oio»»> 
run»t»l VrvlfM will bt h«ld M lh» Blarn- 
Mnrtini'- Jin»t nfiTiiocin at 7 1" "nil 
int-rfn«nt »lll b» In tir»riil««n ffmrlerj 

Page 1: Herbert L. Clough sues to divorce Eva I. Clough. They were married November 
1 8, 1 9 1 6, at Port Henry, New York. 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 3: Mrs. Nancy Wingo died.** 

Stephen A. Anthis died.** 

Mrs. Mary Housen died.** 

Samuel Blackburn Woods died.** 

Mrs. Mary E. Snider died.** 
Page 5: Stephen A. Anthis died.** 
Page 13: Card of thanks.** 
Page 14: S. R. Rader died.** 



Punrral ofrvicc* lor Mr*, rfancy Wlnc". 
fl^. who died Tumday alternoon at tttr 
Mary K. WlUon homr. will br hrld at 1 
o'clock this afternoon In the Methodist 
church at Fair Orove. fofllowed by Inter- 
ment In Pleaaant Rldfc cemetery three 
mllfa northeast of there. 8he U survived 
by two toun. 


PuneraJ aervlcea for JBtephen A. Anthis. 
I 70. who died at hla home at 761 ColleKC 

Atrrrt early yritrrrtav will be held Ihi.^ 
AfternooM at 2 orlock al the Klltixnrr 
funeral home, followed by burial In cirern- 
lawn cemetery. He la survived by his 
wiff, thrre ulsters and one brother. 


Fiinrml nrrvlrrs for .Saiiiiirl iilnrkhiirii 
WotxJs. 67, »ho dird early yr.strrday rncirii- 
ln( at hia home at 003 South avenue, 
will be held Friday afternoon al 1 30 
(irlofk at the Alma LiOhmeyrr funernl 
home. He 1.^ .sueilvcl by Ihr uldow. 
one son and one dauKblrr. 


Funeral services for Mrs. Mary E. Sni- 
der. 48. who died at noon ycsicrday in 
iier home, HOB North Broadway ' aveniir 
fnllowlni a llnRerlng Illness, will be held 
I at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon In the 
' Grant Avenue Baptist church. Interment 
{, will be in GrrenlBwn crmkery under di- 
(j rectlon of the Kllngner Undertaking 
, company. Mrs. Snider i% Rurvlved by hrr 
husband. B. E. Snider; two »l.<»ters Mrs 
; Mamie May and Mr^. Hallle Milan iive 
, %ons. Byron. Kermit. Hale, Carl and Wal- 
" lace, all of Springfirld. 




■ ' 

Stephen Anthis, 70, Member 
Ofil. 0. 0. F. Lodge More 
I Than 40 Years 

St^phfn A. AnthiK. 70. died wt hU 
homaj at 761 ColleKC strMt rarly 
yrRtrfday. Mr. AnthL^ operat«l a 
(troccry store at 763 CollcRe slrret 
and had bf>en In Ihp grocery bu»l- 
neK5 In SprlngXleld for the paat 25 
years; He had N^n a member of 
I. O. iO. F. Ifxico for 40 \riKTr. and a- 
member of KnlghtA and Ladir.<; of 
Seco^tjr for 35 years. He was also 
a member of the Central Christian I 
church. J. W; Kllnirner Is In charge ■ 
of funeral arranfcemrnta. I 

, Hei Is survived by three sL^ters. 
I Mrs. I Emma Potter and Mrs. Ida < 
Reed! of Springfield, and Mrs. Anna '■ 
Fergyson of Seattle. Wa.'«h . and one 
brother. Mart Anthts of Springfield. 
Funq-al services will be held this 
j afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Kllng- 
I ner chapel and burial will be in the : 
j Oreenlawn cemetery. R. L. Potter. . 
I C. O^ Potter, Paul C. Potter. 
T>awrence Potter. A. C. Potter. Carl . 
".,;;. r. L A Potter. Stevf* Potter.. 
Cyrus Potter, Ralph Potter. Mix 
Potte^ and B\id all nephews 
of fhf rirreased. will act «.<< pall- 



Services to Be Conducted at 
, Marshfield for S. R. 

Funeral services for 8. R. Rader, 
Of Marshfield, state auto license in- 
spector, who was killed in an auto 
accident on highway No. 40 near 
Kansas City Tuesday evening, will 
be held at the Marshfield M E. 
church at 1:30 o'clock Friday after- 

The boc^ was returned to Marsh- 
field night by two brothers, H, 
M. and Ed Rader of Marshfield. 
ilurlal will be made In the Marsh- 
field cemetery under direction of the 
McMahan funeral home. 
^' Mr." Rader, who was well known 
Ih the central Onrks reclon, la sur* 
Tired by his wife, a daugtater. Orlner 
his stepmother, Mrs. Christine Ra- 
der; a sister, Mrs. Barbara Davla, an 
of Marshfield; and four bro th ers, td 
and H. M. Rader, bflth of Marsh- 
field. J. B. Rader. of Tulsa. Okla., 
and Mike Rader of Nebraska. 



10 MMit a W««. 


'I Herb^rf r. Matthe'STs. Archie. Mo, 
and Wanda J. Rea, 13. of Sprung- 
field; and Fred Butter, 31. of Fair 
Grove, and Ethel Ale.xander, 17 of 

' Strafford. 


W* drilre to lliink our nrlrtlibora and 
(rlrnd* lor the klnclne» thown u< In the 
lime of our bermvrmrnt and (or the 
beiutltui florel o(rerln|e at the luneral 
of nur Invrd nnr. Lucjr 4- Bledtoe. 



Puneral services for Mary E. Hou.^rn. 
63. wife of Cbarles Housen. . who died 
early yesterday morning at her home at | 
908 Katt Elm ttrett. will be held Friday 
afternoon at 3:30 o'clock In the Starne 
mortuary, followed by burial in Green- ' 
lawn cemetery. She is survived by her 
husband and three brothers.' , 

Page 1: Roy Nelson died.** 

Gilbert L. Hail died.** 
Page 2: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 14: Stephen A. Anthis died.** 

Mrs.Mary E. Housen died.** 

Mrs. Mary E. Snider died.** 

Mrs. Nancy Wingo died.** 

Mrs. J. F. Foster died.** 

Samuel Blackburn Woods died.** 


Mrs. Sarah C. Burns died.** 

Mrs. Elmyra Baughman died.** 

Walter Bryant died.** 
Page 15: Card of thanics.** 
Page 16- Miss Katharyn Hickman and Mr. Guy Martin were married.** 

Mr and Mrs William G. Jackson celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. 

^Roy Nelson Dies; 
'as Tomato King 
Of Qzarks Region 


I In 111 Health for ScviirtT 

Years. He Pics of Heart 


Roy Nelion. 4«. of Manliftol4. ooa 
o( ttia moat wtdcly known and ad- 
mlr(^l men In nil th» Omrka. usd 
Uie Jlr^l■ one \a ir.nkf « Ktirrew "f j 
t<nii*to-cannlnk nn » Urg» acsJe, 
died al ihe Biiisf li'iNiiCa; hrrr a*. ' 
11 :n o'riock UiU mornlnc of heart 
disewe. Mr. Netaoo had been in 
iha hoepiui (or about two and • 
half week*, and had be«n tn falUat 
b«^tb lor levcral yemra. 

Ha N'aa on* et Ut» moat pronl- 
nenk ionukto frovcn and eaoaeta lo 
rvitithwpKt MivvMiii. and during the 

rovrr II lanre area wlin hU Indus- 

Hnw He Ktertsd 
Mr. Nelson waa bocq In Bedlord 
County. P«nnavUranli 

mid hurt not miv«rd a'fcndins Pun- 
day Krhool for :iT vr«r« Evrn 
while In the hospital here. he. 
Insljtlrd on cetMne tip and rolnii to. 

pn.'st :\t'o SunM.4*. ni ::..:.;* I' .r.r.s 
:\r ■ irfir of h;' l.'r. wh^r'-vfr he 
miKht br tiavcllnc. he »;««ys .«tf<p- 
prrt r.\rr Siindnv and attcndrd Sun> i 
d«y ."chool, «lirrfvrr he »«.^. , 

tV»* Fulr DMler 

Mr •} ^'. n «r. th*" *a-7*--' ro!*'.',h':- 

•r .;-. 'Iir biilri;pc "f '»■ Mr'i''- 
rti-.l rtiiirrh iit M»r«htirlrt 

T- . -.T.rl ':vT ll ■ « :,-"-s.T in bu.i- ■ 

inr<.> \i,< .a:i:r,\ n ,. .■.« f»ime?vj : 

'and pc.'iTniltv with rt'trfl*'? «Tnwer«>' 
'wlUi whom he had draUna. He Unl 

n)?rpr<l upon t-.iMi 1:;i ..:iim.|.- :i- 
the op«ii.n>; ',t ■•"■ , 1: ■ 

' year proved a good and prodtHble 
one. ho r*ld 'hp prowera pries ac- , 
> ava^ ttoigK these wen- 

Ml Nelvin ne»er «r>pnt muet) 
flmo outatd* bU hnr.u-taiiJ. tht- , 
C)7iik-. hi!!- ni ',..■.■ •, ir- - • rf »>■< 
Iwallli liMs bi «'ii I,i....>. ^'Li-.v.:.!:; . 
: have aent him to CalifoniU and < 

r<-.r!f:.i !vi' • \r- 

}'.•: ttr<: ^:irlc 

U«e. apd fJftlitiP.^ 
ITp wrnt home 

..II'- r-ill Irrin, 

niiMuijiircd (Hal lie |,i.i.. >.t .'.r 

not nit out 9>r an education 



never retuAtW to achooL Inrt—d. 
bo l^an tomato-fannlne on a tana 
of hla father^ near Marahfleld. 
At about the time he caaio home 

from school th^ M«r»hfleld eanninc 

' factory was started. Two or three ; 

1 years later, while K was sUll operat- ; 

1. ir but with a riLtappotntlnK lack of 

.furress. Roy Nelson bouiht an In- 

lere.<t In it. Under his direction. It 

itrmrdiBtrlv brcKn to procrew. «nd 

»il>in a .•■horl timr th"" bl]Slne^< fx- 

. panded and other lactorles were ^ 

' r.«atU«hed. i 

I ArllTP In Msny rields | 

I'l.' mo5l rTT' oprra'ton^ h»v» . 

heen In and nrar Crane. Mo. 1 

thoiich h»' Km V'p* hl« home al ' 

Mar'lUirM ll. 

,iif hi« firmlnnd^ for tom«to grow- | 
Inc. and r.tlabimhinc ii'* tucnurs. 
hr al«o ha5 » iKrc fenersl and! 
rlBin f.iiiii :i'!.".:i.;:; • .' i-. i\<< 
plarr BI'Vi siift I'.a' brrn 

ofrii 1.11 '■; n; . •'.■'■ ■ . •"■ •"' ■""'' 
Ponrr dr Leon bsnk^. 

-J!,Vr •r,i|-, BL N!" N><rT ^ »« 

ni.irtr rrcr;:,- It • ..■- ." ••- C^ ' 
ranninc indil.«lr;r? »hrii r«.«e Irft 
ihr riiuii';'- :.'r.-i'.' '•1 .r b^'h f^:''- 
nriw snd pergonal Bcanda'.. ■ 

Mr. ««» nomblv religious. I 

A:.1;o:. :ii I . ; 

4«t^halt-a>mUltoa dollara. Mr. 

•lOM I'M till V ill 

}{• ,~ >■;:•• ;^.^1 In i,.- v,;:.- ; . l 

. (jliorr; ;;. Isoi:. 7,1.0 m.-- . ;i 

MarRhreld ptrl: Kv h!.< wtVr. Mn« 

|if(r4(lf>-Aic^|^ UuA i» C:..r. 
fh.- s.. .• 1'. :.:r.i. I! 1 :.,i.K JT.'.ii ol 

jjandi >!**» >t>rV.)^ NvUhi. boih ot 
J Crane, and Mrs . Ma ry " Vinarke of 
I riamfitcn. MonldfiTVnd Xfn J. O. 
■ Robwtjson. of San(<. Anna CnUf. 
j No f unrral arrant^gicni.-: I'.'at yt^: 
bo»n mr"Ic. ti'it Ih"- fimrrsl will no* 
1 be belon- S'.;irJii%. 


John D. TlMlPT. 19. and Ml« 

ft WlUUmi^ U^-liotb ot Spline- j 
!Jd, nutnled by th« Revemid 
tUnoMii Hay*. 

^Hefbert UJUHihewu 21. Archie. ^ 

Wo. and MlM Wanda T Pa'. lU 

Bprlnjfleld. married bj- the Rev- 

lerend Morm Tumbpufh. 

■^JTred ButlPr. 31. P*Jr Orore. and 

( MjM Ethel AlexaiMler. 17, Strafford 

j7Jtty^».J3prljMfleld, and 

{?rthr Johmoiy !«, Cross 


l-Anntversary Party I 

T»n wit^dihc i»nnlT»T*irr nf Mr*. 
,C*mpttrll* pdrfnis. Mr. »ni1 Mr» 
wiuii«m r. .i.ukMT.. ii:-.:rh -j.v* hr;-: ^ 
il»»«ii«i*dioqw tn rur~rtiyk.MaK.jr*** | 

I A tiitkrv iliiiiur v »► l>*|v^•<^ *t otir 

'Mf'pllon M .l»rlc»on Putnter who hi 
* »'nlor m ih» t'nlv^r^itr of Mt«» ' 
ftnurl. at C'-olumbin. Th^ dintiij 
room w»« rtrrnmlrrt »-t»h h»«k»:« of 

gift wi»« prris^nled lh» ronplr h\ 'hr 
irnnrtchllilrrn. Thooe rntrrlKlnPd 
wer»: r , 

HIrftm N ^rnttr J Brrnarrt Jftrkten 
, JiDi'iaw JtckMn w. Lm Mef(>D 

Texas County Lifer, 
Twice a Murderer, 
Dies in State Pen 

jLPPUtBuN uiry, Dtc 9— oo- 

bert L. BaU. Ufa tana comria In the 
Mlfsoorl penltentlarr from Ttna 
county, died last night In the (sls- 
on hospital froai tabercnloalL Ran 
entered the prlaoo tn April, mo, at 
the age of 37. 
He «•• conTlcted of kUUng % 

'■•-"■'- '' '^'T*^ rnv-»v f-nr" who'n 
.hr had purchaoed a (atm. U&U 
had buited hla Hctbn and p*-»i»^ 
tobaoeo over the grav*. 

Before th« oonvletion In Ttecaa 
county Ha!! had Krved (cvaral yeara 
of a life term tai the ^ttth atat* 
penitentlarjr at Lanstng for nnirdv, 

I undrr ihe Dame of Eaa L. Bttbr; 
accortlun to prison records. He es' 
raped from the f mm prtaoa u 

*Majr. UU. I 


!■> -»*!» • »«"• ... ' 

i" ■ ""CAW'O'' TMANIt^ 

I. W» 4mU* «• Ibanit •«< M>«^Mfl and 
ft.'->^* lor (h* ktndne** ihevn a* la %mi **.itUul tioral •Iietlna* ai iri* luoctat 
«f o'<f tavtd ^ne, taay J. BtedMt. 

•• ..-•Igae^ 



Funeral iMTtote lor SUohea Aj*f^,- 
70. who rtlfd^WedntadaT at hU homo. Wl 
Cdlleaa a»«nue. wera held thU allernoon 
at I o clock at the J W. KUngn'r ehapol. 
(ollowrd by interment In Oreanlawn 
remrlery. Mr. AntlUs wai a rrocer at 
1W CoUctfo aveniM. ba*ln< been >n tut 
buatocu In aprlacileld »» » T»a«* «• 
«aa a member of the I. O. O. P. lodge for 

LaifiM of Beeorttylor « fMfa.. w MK 
longed to the Central Chrlitlan ehofrll. 
BaaldM the «tfa. a brother. Mart Anthu. 

Anna rerruoa of Saattia. waab^ a^rma. 
Pallbearan oere it nrphevi of Ur. Aotnlt. 
khn art B. U rottar. citi.cominl Mloner; 

C-iJ. PoUef. Past O. »r*<2i,,J**2S2 
MiSr. Oan IVottar. !•> A- Potter, Biava 
pSnSF: c^f^ie>. Ra&t Pott«. Mas 

Potter and Bad Potter. 


runeral <errlcea for Mr». Marr X 
Iloutaii. «J, wile of CharUi Housen of 
BOR Eaat Elm dtreet. will be held rrlday 
• fl«Tnoon «t 3 M o'clock at 8t«rne"» 
mortuary, fullowed bv biirl»l In Oreer.- 
Uwn cemetery. Ur*. HoHaeo died Wedoea- 
day. She It aurrlTod by ber boaband and 
; vhrro brother!. 


riirier»l »er»lre» for Mr^ Mary B. 

Bnidrr. <«. ol U0« Ni.rth Btoad«»v i\r- 

iiur. »ho died WedMe»da». vill be held al 

.1 30 o clock thu aflern^D in the CHai.t 

V'Tur f.api:--! . nurrh ' Intcrin'nl »lll 

p.r in •reeiilaan cemetrrr la charce oT 

' J W. Klmnner. Mr« Snider U »jr«;»ed 

I hT her husband. B K Snider. fl»» aon*. 

■ B)-Ton. Kermlt. IHIe. Carl and Wallace aU 

t.f Springfield; and br l»o iliterii. Mra. 

\:..:n> M»> and Mrn Hallle UlUn. 


Funeral »ef»lee» lor Mri '^!'«';„^?^' 
_>.. ai»^ ^1 (ha uarw ■ Wllaon itome. 

9J, * 

aefTicei lor pan. "?■!>> ^-r^.z - 

ho died at the Mary « *""",K^' 
were held ttu* afternoon •" '»'',°J22Ji 
followed bT Interment In the '"•«aM 
Itldae cemetery norllieaM of there, in 
cKa^ of X w. KUAV^r- 

^fH« y. r. rosTEH ■ 

M" J 1' ^o'ler ol Denver. C^,^. . 
formerlT of M»r^hfleld. di'd Wrdr.e«liiT 
in Deinfr f.illo»:ne a rrltKal oneratK.i' > 
The bodv *\'-\ be brouifbi to Manhtleld 
I for burial, but funeral arranaeinenu are 
' incomplete She \% fi.irrHed by bar blU- 
bai.d. l«o .»■•• ''•-'■ ""^ W'".'^^ 
I«n ,l««'r.i. M:^ Will Shli.p ••: ■^•"'V '.i. • 
.ie» WliUlenburf of Holdco. i 

MlssouM. J 

v\Miri ni \<KBI'«»f WOOD* 

.... , ■?>■■•- •.h'lrn 

1)11.1 b.-'j- 

-I n .-1r> 

th' All'-U 1 n>- 

ffa Wafr^ 
.il»«iii4ii «i,f| vfr« A M •.'■:>■'-• 

I »♦•»#• jiKI murnMi ttftm 'ftiftPto.i 

Ka'haryo Hirlrman ♦*» Mr O-tv Mar- 
ftll tKilh If 't\%t ei'f. 

\Vi li y --I., .n ;»..•."..: - _ •■. 

Moi !■•<«.• I rhiirrri. and the R.-vefend Co-, 
Mn^ii ktlu* ofliclatine Mf >vi>... 

„.-r^r,l «if. li.e Keel -Bountree 1»'T Oo*ia 
. ., - „ nni« o»«oclatin» 

to' LawreoMMCOtinty' whew **'ff,2Jl*£,JJ* 
Mount Vernon for wren year* ^Jwa eom- 
IM to BprtngftakL «•«• -•«l"'iS.»i *i 
wife. Mr*. Ann* ■. Waadfl, •»» aw^ m^ 

Wood*, of Sprmifleld; one dau»h»eT. »fr* 
L. I*. White of fndependenoe. K»2- "°» 
brother. D O Wooda of Mount Verown. 
and one grandihlltf. Elwyn Weldon Wooda. 

8 as 

».'n:o died «hU mi.rianr »t "***«'•*■: 

I M »••#» Ola.' rui^raJ >fr«n<yme i.u » j« 

• , , . ^„.v «ill be "It •- N»«hyll!*. in 
1 Ruivuorn HI' • -""• J"'f>f' " "'■'': 
?i'rl, T»ni: tw. «»"«»»«'•■,"" -ift^N 
■ « • t i:ri Mr* »: Miti-h*!! Of Bp»ll>«-T 

y.'I,M>r. WIS Mr. M.ry P.Uf fwn ; 


'■•— • • -• ' f— M". KiTiTTm Boncb- 

mmn, »hr«» bwlv I' brine 5h!pp«1 h^ro 
I Iroiii Kmi'iin tMy. V»' . »UI br hfltl »l 

tuionuiii tn<i burtal ■nib" in M«pi« I"*** 
t«. Mr*. H-. r. Ktn*. '^ 1 

u »i i: : HK\ w r 
FlMMrol terv>e«» lot W«Jt«r Bntai.i. »nol 
^M at Okttovty, Rortaibvr sou .vUL^Mj; 

hold Rundkjr nftfrnoen ai 2 10 from |li( > 
rii"'«..r Kiitt't ry-.-.Tth HndT Ih* tW- \ 

Kill:, i'. •!•• \\r • I. n.'-'" F'.r.i'«I. 

I>- )li<. rHittrr. >A;Mi<m J Brvaiii. *r- 
i.\-i! • -.-• '-••1 r'!>Vfrrt.i» H(" l« «l-.o 
• ■.iT..'.fd t*. '.Iff broihTj. DUO ana In- 

I Inr nf r>li!.irii.» and Htr\t'r.rl. o( Uklk- 

' homn 

Pagel: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 2: Mrs. J. F. Foster died.** 

Samuel Blackburn Woods died.** 

Mrs. Sarah C. Bums died.** 

Walter Bryant died.** 

Mrs. Elmyra Baughman died.** 

Mrs. Mary Housen died.** 

Joel Rice died.** 

Mrs. Martha E. Treon died.** 

Charles E. Reynolds died.** 

S. R. Raderdied.** 
Page 5: Roy Nelson died.** 

*..^!*-t^■^ - ,1 I ■ 


The funeral of 8. R. Rader, sUte 
auto llcenie Inipector, killed la an 
automobile accident near Kansas 
City Tuesday evenint. will he at- 
tended at Marshfield today by A. 8. 
Zellweter and Perry H. Smith, of 
the Bpringfleld branch office of 
the auto licence bureau. 

Mr. Rader. who was well known 
in the Otarks region, was connect- 
ed with the license office here dur- 
ing the rush season last spring. 

The funeral services will be held 
at the Marshfield M. E. church at 
1:30 o'clock this afternoon. 

■'^* '■ is^r 



r«fMral •crrleef for Jo»l n\et. 14, who 
«M4 St bU bemr. IM7 W«ihln(too kve- 
WN. •art* TMUrtfar vHI b« hrld at S 
•"ctock inU Bturooon Id the Klintncr 
runrral rh«p»; Intfrr-.rnt «IM b» In 
Vtpl» P«rk rtmnrn Mr-r.brrn of thr 

;»ii...) . • .« < ,-' • " •• • ^ ... . 

►♦nt Mr. r.icr »•» • Comm»rci»l »lrfH ] 
norchaoi lot lukii; >tfti» l>ui L«d t>«cii . 
rotlrod (or •om* timt. He It surTlvfd { 
by bU «l(t. Mil Marjr P. Rtcc. 

urns. MA«T1IA t. TBEON 

4 »hort JuD«T»l »*r¥lr» »m b» h»ld In [ 
Ui« KUsMiMr fuixral chapel at 11 JO , 
•'■lack ttita Kturaeen ler Mrs. Martha K i 
TTMO. M. «b* «!•« at bar heraa. 147 | 
mSrrmm (trMt. Uat -niexiay. Tht 
BHJa MCTtoaa will be eor»ductad at 1 
TSTrik la tba MathotfUt eburch at Pair 
ynfjgj »in b« in Uikloa Orort 


'OtlB.^ tor^ 

Kt^ttald. dM Wi«Mo<l«T In 
Dvavcr, foUovint an operation. Tbr b<Mly 

«Ui bo broucui lo MtiAlillfiii !ui but\l. 
b«t fWMTal arranfcmenls ara locoinplete 
Sha U surTlTrd by hrr busbaiid and l«o 

Vto«rml •rrvieaa tor Bamual Blackburn 
W«ed«. wbe died Wcdntaday at hu hcma, 
— awitb •«•«■•. vui IM b«M rndajr 
. at iJ» O'clock at th* Alma 
t«a«nd tMOM. Mr. Weod| caina 
. aid ta INS aad wu coA>a«t«d 
wttb' tba lba«t-Ite«atTM dry coodi firm 
tor aema time, befotc aasoclatint htmielt 
«Ml tlw I«ry-Won (tor*, vbara ba ra- 
for n yaara. Bacauaa of lU bealtb 
to hli farm, four mile* eaat of 

Movnt Vernon, acvat^ rear ago. but rame 
t« Sprtncfleld aarlr lait iprtng. A* a 
boy ne llTed in Wount Vernon with hli 
p*r«nt( for wren r«ar.<> before coming to j 
Springfield He wai born in Alabama. 
Ha U curvMed by hu «l(e, one ion and ' 
oo* daosbur. 

TtM body of Uri. Barah C Burnn. who 
died at her home at 430 Soutli Klmbroufth 
avaauo lata yeaterday roornini. wUl be 
a«a( t* IfMbvlUf, III . Saturday afternoon 
for Ipvlal tbcr*. Sba U turrleed by a 
aoa and two daughlrra and two titter* 
Th* Alma tiOtimrTet funeral home hat 
cteic* af itoa b ody. 


riBOrml ■«r«lc« for Walur Bryant, who 
diod near Oallowar. Nereniber 30 will 
b* ImU Antday ailwDoen at Galloway 
ggpttrt cbarcit onder tbo direction of 
tho Alaia t-eh m eyer frineral homo. Hit 
father, WlDlam J. Bryant, arrlred here 
ycaterday from California. Ue U alto 
■arrtTOd by tbrec brothert. 





Ozarks Region Loses Man! 
Most Instrumental in De-' 
vcloping Great Industry! 
Throughout District i 

WITH the death of Roy NeUon. 
46. of MarsMleld In the Burfe 
hnKpltal here yesterday morning 
following an llinefs of heart disease. 
the canning Industry of this region 
lost the man most Instrumental in 
developing It from a losing propo- 
slttoD Into one of the major Inter- 
ests of Oxarks agriculture. 

Mr. Nelson entered the canning 
business nearly a quarter of a cen- 
tury ago, after he had finished a 
(all term at Drury college here. 
Prom school he returned to hla 
home town of Marshfield and 
bought an Interest In a canning 
factorv that had Just been started. 
« ^ 


> ^ 

Although the factory had been 
operating aereral years vith disap- 
pointing results, consistent pi o gi e M 
beeamo apparent after Mr. Nelson 
took charge of IM affairs. Con- 
tinued expansion has b^cn the 
record of the buslne.w until now 
'the Nelson canneries may be found 
almost any place In the Ozarks. 

Hla success Is credited Inrgely by 
his friends to the fair and generous 
ihanner In which he conducted, ^te, 
bu.«lne.s« and the big-hearted way^ 
he treated the Rrowrrs from whom 
he obtained tomatoes. During cood 
year* for the canneries he would 
not hold to the contract prices 
"(freed to by the growers at the time 

■ •; j. ;.,;.; ::■.;; ' "..M oMon- i hrrri to 

benefit from the high prlcrs slong 
with his interests. 

4 ^ 

♦ - -♦ 

Although Mr. Nelson liari bren In 

falling hrnllh for srvrral vears he 
Jv»d been In Hip hospliaT hrrefor 
.^nly about two and a half weeks. 
He had never spent much time out-- 
side of the Ozsrks. In recent vrars 
he had been .sent by his physlclaris 
to California and Florida, but each 
time ha found It almost Impossible, 
to .stay more than two weeks. ■ - 

His fortune Is estimated at half a 
million dollars. He left no will. 

Mr. Nelson Is survived by his wife. 
Mrs. Lola Gilbert Nelson, also a 
native of Marshfield: his mother. 
Mrs. J. W. Nelson, now of Crane: 
and five sisters. Mrs. B. Prank 
Julian of Marshfield. Mrs. J. L. 
Jenkins and Miss Myrtle Nelson, 
both of Crane. ; Mrs. Mary Vinacke 
of Hamilton. Montana, and Mrs. J. 
O. nobrrt.son of Santa Aha. Calif. 

tor Obarles C. fUyaolds, 
dl«d at 10:90 e'eioek yttUra»y 
•t the home of In* <-au|ht«i. 
Uri. J. n Wtr"n. 4:0 «'..■ K^pwrw-I 
Mrw^ Vtll be held at 1 o'clock thi« alt«r- 
tm tb* Tblcme Iitnetal chapel. Ull 
Vi» avtMM. wlUi tha It«v«r«nd J. R. 
•mcUtlBc. Tba body wlU b« seat 
l« latftaaapeita. lod.. (or burial. Besides 
Mra, UMTtia, Mr. Bajmolds l* sorvlved by 
tw •CiMrSMVbtm, >«•. H. S. Mufttn. 
• ItMlMiarj to Sbaacliai, China, and 
MOk A IL Tlewcra of Sciaoton. Fa. 

" _- " »« »■' CLMTRA BACGBMAJf ^ •^^■ 
_**Ma»aI •errteet for Mrs. Clmyra Bauth- 
fi2^«*M» fea^Ua katac aaat tarn from 
y— ». <iMy? wn W brtd this BomlBt 
■S y. My . ^^"a* Lohmtyr funeral home 
«t tJ Btq mm. fca In Mapla Park cmm 

r. Itleke. 

— Jttry. 
Mrs. A. 

-""^ " ■ tOf. MART ■OOBCN 

Pnneral Mrrlce. for Mr» Vary Housen , 
•J. wife of Charlri nouwn ot »0S Ea>t • 
Ct« street. »:ll b* h»ld thl. aftrrnpon i 
*»/*J > e'cJack at SUrnes mortuary, fol- 
{••M kr b«rla] In Oraenlawn 'c«mtUrr. 
Mm. -Revaea dtad Wednesday. Btaa la mr- 
Mved by htr bu'band and «hr»f brotherf. 


j John D Tlnsley, IB and Vera V. 
Williams. i«. both of Springfield: | 
Herbert L. Matthews. 2i. of Archie.! 
and Winds I Rea, 18. of Sprlne- ' 

] field; Jack Witty. 21. of Bprlngfleld. 

jand Miss Bertha Johnson. • l«. Tit 

iCrOM Rotds. 


Page 8: Mrs. J. N. Hosey celebrated her 80th birthday.** 
Page 14: Roy Nelson died.** 

Page 15: There is a photo of and an article about Richard Liepman and his son Paul C. 

Page 16: Charles E. Reynolds died.** 

Walter Bryant died.** 

Mrs. J. F. Foster died.** 

Mrs. Sarah C. Bums died.** 


Mrs. Elmyra Baughman died.** 
Mrs. Martha E. Treon died.** 
Joel Rice died.** 
Page 28: Mrs. Saraii C. Bums died.** 

Richard IJ»pnian mn d raal C. Uepman 

Pmil C.|> Iiavc !n 
I rhiirse thr oIdf<l rrody-ln-wcar 
! shop for women In Sprlmrfletd. 
j-,^^M**'0 V" founded M yei^n 
'a(ro In the same block on Campbell 
avenue wMrre It stand.^ tiwiny 'Jherr 
hnd been a few othT shop^ ^elllnit 
I nuthlni^ but women .^ ready-to-year 
In SprlnKfleld before ihot time, bit 
llia'se e^llT <«tnres later went oiil 
■ ot e.xi.ilcucr. and 'Jhc .Si\> Is lt.<- 
(ildrst store of fvpr in .''prlnc- 

Mr Mrpin.Tn. Sr . rrr;>:h th.Tt 

I atot h e lUrted I n bua lneas In t he i 
l4)tU« sbop.Oanipbell-street was un<- ; 

paved. The utore was acros.^ the ■ 
I street from the famonx old 'rlty lot ' 

and frequently the alreet waa very j 
' muddy. Mr. Llepman had cotne to ' 

lliU country from Germany at the 
19 ^«^, want to work for I^J 

r.crr una 
if ski.-ts. ' 

flelrf and worked for Jake Ro<h«- 
child at U»c old Bo.slon r.rrr nnd 

tuna con«Uieii imige!> 
blouses and eoatk. ' Drease* -were ' 
little sold. Mr. Lietnnan said. wotU' 
en did not btiy aj much clothtac 
a.<< they do now. and the variety of I 
ready made garment.^ »«s v>mr- 
what limited. | 

As the business grew, the build- ^ 
Intr was enlanted. The concern has ■■ 
remodeled and enlarjird It.' qii.^r- 

%^ four-times, finally movlnn Into, 
the new building at the present Mte. 
Paul I.lepman ha.* been with hK 
.'.i;!irr '.:: the ba<i!neM several rear? 
He »-enT to Kemper Military school 
and also attended Orury coUece. He 

, alwmya planned to enter the bnsSi 
nesa. and took commercUl work In I 
preparation for that career. Re is I 
r.o* l:i rharpe of 'Jr d^wn^tairs 
store of the concern. 

Mr. L:epnian is a mrmt>er of the 
It'irs rl"h and alv) of Mav>nlc 
bodies. Including th« Abou Ben 

'Adbetn temple of ttMrflhrtnCr mmI 

«t tb« SprincXleld Chmiher of Oom' 



." 'n.l'r fa.'/ rttol: [ 

^ttes for Nelson 

Likely to Be Held , 
Monday Afternoon \ 

Funeral ser'.' for Roy Nelson, j 
4«. outsUndbiK ]«» Jer In the derel- i 
opment of the canning Jndastiy et t 
VakjitMtkM tedoQ. «tw :^#e^ -tej 

Bur^e ho!ipltal here Thnrsoay morn- j 
Init or heart rflW«e. probably wUI I 

I <• '■O'M' 

.. •'•■i Wf. 

ArrangeM.'':r.s .'or xl.e .'„:'.>:>' V."' 
i not been completed today. Iiut It 

• nnw dpfemiined that burial would 
j be at MsrshfteW. Mr. Nelson's borne. 

• under direction of the McMahan 
t"nd' ■ '3'r;Te romn.^i-.v The «er\- 

rrnoon. when ihey pn^toably will l>c 
conducted In the Man^hfleld Meth- 
(■>d:'t K,">iii fip.''. >"I' .•'■. 
I Mr. Nelson bad been a ieadinc ^ 
fiRur- In the canning tndtjstry of 
the OTorks for witf • quarter o( a 
century, .ilnce the lUne hg finished 
a fall term at Dnirv college here, 
went home and- bought an li»terr»t 
111 a iic.x- canning faclorr at Marsh- 
f-oJi! M the time of ht"« death 
Nf;>on taniitrirs were" scattered 
\Mde!> over th«- O.arks. »'".>1 ^;2! _ 
.,^,,.. ,. «.i^ < ■' :n'-d :«• '■<■? ■< 

C<.ni;r.i .I'll of :.;.:.>' .'::<■. 
ments will await final w^rd from 
rclaf.M's liMivg: m d:>^'ani cties. 



roneral a«rTlce« for ctmriti E. n»y 
nolds. M, who died ThursUoy ftt the home 
of hit daughter, Mrt J. b Mortin, 420 
Waal Ktnwood itreet. »e«e »>«'<»»' J 
o'clock' tbU afternoon In the Thieme 
funeral chapel. IIH Boor.ville »^fnue. with 

body wlU be i«ul to InOiai.apoU . ind. loi 
buriaL Besides M". Martin. t*o .ol*"" 
daughters survive. Mrv H. K Muffen. a 

i.ilMionarv In PHs:^J:! :>'. CIM: .i. n:'d Mrs 
.1 K flower* ol Hi i.Tiv.iUi. I ». 




Widow of Mexican War Vct- 
I eran, Resident In One-House 
ji^for*^70' Years, Expires at 

Mrs. Sarah C. Burns. 94. who 
died at ihe home of her dwifghtors 

' :iieflft^iJy!^J''i^ .to^ buried Sun- I 
aaj^ 'fifteraoon trom tlie village I 

^ cbAU-qlX;^at yNafiiivUJe, 111., of which' 
«be was the oldest and last char 

the past thr«e years. Mrs. 
I Bums has lived here in Springfield 

• with her dauKhlcrs. Mrs. Laura E. 

. Cicuil ai;,; .M. A'.i.. J. .'vl;,i .1 : 

' 430 Klmbroujh n\rmie. 

t 70 Years in Ooe Home j 

• -But /or 70 years before that, she ^ 

had llvtd In the !<ame home In 

NaahvlUe — the one prepared for her 

as a bride, when sfte was married to 

John C. Bums on January 10, 1855. 

He was a veteran of the Mexican 

war. Tbey cOcbratPcJ tlinr goldrn 

weddlDff Id the house, and had lived i 

there 'together for 55 years when 

Mr/ 'Bums died. Afterward, Mrs. 

Bums stayed on In the same home ' 

trithr her son. WUliam H. Burns, i 

imtii three years ago, j 

I Mrs. Burns was bom In Tcnncs- 
fsee. MAich 24, 1835; and moved with ' 
her family to Illinois In childhood. ; 
She was one of 12 children. Even: 
, before comlngr to Springfield, she | 
was the oldest resident of Nashville, [j 
and had been one of the organizers ' 
of the Methodist Episcopal church,'! 
fiouth, there. The Bums family 
' bad been Identifled Arlth the his- 
tory ef Nashville antf Washington 
county. Illinois, for five genera- 
Uons. ' 

Mrs. Bums is siurlved by her 
two daughters here, and by a son. 
Jamss H. Bums, of Patls, Tenn^ 
by vro sisters. Itn. 8. B. ^oopa of 
Sumner. 111. and Mrsk Maij Pat- 
erson. of Roseburg, Ore., and by 
nine grandchildren and five great- 


Mrs. Sarah Bams 

Ttw nluLtliilh 

J. N. Hesey wa* the ocra.'^io.T of a 
familr dinner and cvictemUan today j 
ai her home iirar BrooKime «hrn 
nearty SO of her rtUU te a andj 
IrtendA. miuiy ol ihem from Spring- ' 
flpld. ■<pCTit the dar with her. J 

Among. pUMc who attended the 
diiinrr n«n SprtDgfldd «et«rtlin»{ 
dat^ieza. Mn. C. H. Andetson. 
Iset^^Summlt arawa; Utl JC. Ii>i 
Bennett. Hi/ Summit, and Mrs. An-! 

North Je^moa airenu^ and'Stm 
Ou(jr Lloyd. !» Vorth JefTenon ' 
avenui\ and tnr.v.A ; .ind one jmnd- 
«>«, Hugh Hosey. »03 Sooth \iVar-, 
rm avenue, and hb familT. * : 

Mrs. Hosey is the midov of J N 
HoKy. vDa VH ^«tfg» or the vavOxii 
court l«era Xoc nan^nua. Ste^ 
making her TMime at preamt wItiT 
hec dangbtcr. Mra^ .Matilda BeetLl 
aod hei»A«ai,l;jnh»t H>wy,_nc>rJ 
Brookllne. but has Ured In OreeDeT 
county for M nan. . 

fVa«raI lervic** ror Walter Bryant, «. 

>6S*w5» BaptUt church In ch.r«. of lh» 
♦ aS» Whm«jer tunctal horn*. BuiUl *m 

The bo<ly of M",^^".7.niiV who died 
430 south K'-"^""'^* W N.ihrine. !».. 

^wrday' •"".1!^ twl .l«tM. .urvlve. The 
e( arTanKtinen"" 

rune'r.I »*rvlcr« for Mr- ^ '""■/» "%"''_ , 
mmo. •w»>o«e-B5dv ««» wrt h»r« from 

£Sta«m tan«T«> h(jm« thin «2»n}n«' '•]- 
tS^W^ tntf rmrr.'. In Maple P»rk cemf- 
Z^ rtne d.nRhirr. Mrt. H. r. Hlekr 


MRS. MART II \ » fR"'"^ ., - r 
mneral tervices for Mro Marllia t 

hlw V ratr Orovf thU .fiernoon .t 3 
.••'*rif*f'l^w.°'hy bur.nt In mlon Oro.e 

i:°w!''Kllng«e;^' c'hLpei' "hVre ' .. n .u 


rubral «er*lt»» for Jo'' '^'if:!,, .i s 
'.,S?w'.hlnaton "v^n^r wy- w"ki . 1 

©•clock thl» 1"""'"'" "'/Vr,i.nt .n Ma- ! 

n« Chapel tollowrd ^y «";:,V"\V-.'"m«?v • 

^> Par',: ■ . he '< ■ 

F. Wee. Bui..-« , 

for burjil. _ — 

Page 10: Roy Nelson died.** 

Mrs. Sarah C. Bums died.** 
Mrs. J. F.Foster died.** 
Walter Bryant died.** 
Mrs. J. F.Foster died.** 
Page 16: Mrs. J. N. Hosey celebrated her 90th birthday.** 

Page 7: A son Allan J. Moore, Jr., was born Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. Allan J. Moore, 
734 South Kickapoo avenue. 



tomatflr Kino of Ozarks Re- 
elftri Wni Be Buried at 


I mum UK taj M«»»oo, «. 

diutry of tba owks. who di.J m 
Borf* ' bMpital tin* Itiuraday »oi- 
lowmg an Ulna" of heart dUeaae. 
wm ba bald at aao-o'clock Monday 
afternoon in the Marahfleld Metho- 
dic KplKopal church, with the Rev- 
ereud R. 8. Kendell. paalor, oIIUihI- 
ing. iBtarmant wUl ha to tha Marah- 
fteld ewneury under dlrwAlon of the 
McMahan Undertaking company. 

Ut. Nelaon waa tha Urjeet con- 
tributor to the fund for building the 
Mantaficld Methodirt church. At hu 
death hii fortune waa aatlmatad at 
jjipm tMU a million dbUaia. built 
^SS&Vpoltcy of fair dtallnfa and 

ganeroua treatment of thoaa with 

whom be did l>u>lneu 



^^r% Thur •d«y%.n "' buried Sunday h- 

i MRS. J. r. F09TE* 

Urt. J r. Porter, formerly of MarKh- 
frld died Wednesday In Denver. Cola 
m.e II M.rvlved hv hrr •'"'»'»"'' ""1,1;,? 
"on% The body win arrive lu Mar.hfleld 

for burial. 


, Tuneral aervlre.^ for Walter BryaTit. <0. 
,lm died near-r.Hllouay Noverr.ber 30 

'^"l'o^'.' .r'fhc" Oa'n^-.'» Bilptrat *th.^ch 
' rn''?h'arge" of^'the" AlmVl-chrn^yer f nerji. 
home ftnrlal will be In "" '7-j;„«^„*5 
tpfv He \s survived by his l«lhet ano 
three brothers. *■ 


90th Anniversary 
Observed By Woman 
Near Brookline, Mo. 

A fhiiilly .r-cuMlon nnd dinner wa* 
liclfl vrslordBV iiPBr RrooKllnc when 
60 relatives gulhered to celebraK 
with Mr*. J. N. Ho«ey. widow or • 
fomior nrrene rounty Judge, her 
iiliietlitli l)irlhcln\ imnlversary. She 
ll\«-s 111 pie-.riil with her daughter. 
Mrs. Matilda Reed, and her aon. John 
Hosey, near Brookline. and haa been 
H rffepne't-rttifTtr resident 56 year*. 

Ainoi.K'li""''' 'r<i:ii Sprlr.i;fleld Who 
attended 'th« cclebralllon were three 
daughter*. Mn, C ILiAnderaon. laeo 

I Sutmnjt «.veiive; Mra. J. N. Bennett,! 
,1122 Summit, and Mrp. Annie Carter.' 
j 12.58 Suninilt: ,t»o KranddBUKiUer* 
, Mn. J'jlin ijtminer. lii;5 North Jeffer- 
i hon avenue, and Mrs. Guy Lloyd. 1229 
I North Jerrerson aventir. and family: 

Hi.d i.iie t'rHn<..soii. Hucli H.isev. o03 1 
1 South Warren aveuue. nad lii*, 

family | 

MKS. J. r. FOSTbR I 

Funeral .sprvkeR for Mr.'5 J. F Poster 

Win be held at 3 o'clock afternoon 
In the Methodist church at Marshfleld 
with the Reverend Joseph Day offlclatlnK* 
Interment wUI be Id She Uarthneld ceme^ 

Page 10: Marion Upham, formerly of Springfield, and Capt. Charles Harrison Brammell 
are engaged to marry. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Upham and he is the son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Brammell. 
Page 12: Harry H. Cox died.** 
Mrs. Ina Hinshaw died.** 
Mrs. Sarah C. Bums died.** 
Mrs. J. F. Foster died.** 
Walter Bryant died.** 


HARmr IL to.x 

Hatry it Cos, IB, ol CM*viii« dicU tiiii 
morntnt m a Sprin^fibld h«sp«t«L Mr. 
Cm UwtlTed bylo*r brotbera. Ite»eoe. 

Hwrtn* ^aeral ttMn^^Ttimt^iSm'^Sta take 

o»«U->d from Uie Ahna VohMtfi, 

M»»a.a<t*rn»uu to Ca^viUa 

Mrs tn* HIiKtiaw. 3«, of L.^'k>iij<- 


l^diatr: m liUt, Mn. U & Mack: tvdl 
bMttun, UMfta Cook and n«raor« oork. i 
both of LmUbttrg; Mo., aao her M'tttta. | 
Mr. and Mrt. J. C. Oook. alao of Louia- | 
burt. Ftnerat arranfrmeDii mhtch are 
under tb* dlr»ciion '•( trie K'mci<ei lu- 
ncrat home, aro tncotnple.r. 

I Mll.> N.%RAH C. HIK.\.N 

I M't. Sarah C. Burtu. )H. wno di«u her* 

I Thurtday. «>U be buried •uMiar aftcrnoaa . 

'at Na«h\ine ill., after faneral lervire* ' 

m 4bo cboroo tbtr* ot wMab alMT «•• tlM- 

dtdeit and tait charier ntfinber 8^* Itad 

b«ed In apnnifiaid Uirce yeara. an* la 

.iurvixrd by her dauihlers, .\fr* L^tira 

E. Scott and Mri May B. MltchcB et 

OO Kimbfoiigti avenue. Tha- Alma Lol»» 

merer lunenl home had ciiarge ol ar- 

rat'faiDtuta'nara. ^ 

.MRX. J. ». »UM».K 

held Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock ai the i 
.Melhoduv^cliucetk-at MarablUkl. ^UUCb^ 
R*verend Joseph IHp^rflaaUnt. ' Tat»r?f 

mem V !ll be in thr M».-!>Iifielil c'.< rter^ 

Funeral rervicea tc>r Walter Bryant. «i». 
will be held Sundav eitemoon at l-3» 
oeiock In the Ualloway Bapuit ehareh. 
rullowcd by interment in the Hopedal* 
cemetery In tharce of the Alma Lohmrrir 
• funeral home. 


The News and Leader for Sunday, December 8, 1929, 

IS missing. 


n i^^fc^' .^^"^'^g^ ""^^"se: J^mes O. Hartley, 38, of Mountain Grove, Mo., and Vera 
Douglas, 25, of Springfield. 

Victor Richesin died.** 

Page 10: Mr. Dewey Hooper and Miss Ruby Thomas of Lebanon were married 


Mr. and Mrs. Cris Effinger went to Indiana for the funeral of Mr. Effinger's 

Page 11: Elmer Madewell, 22, formerly of Monett, was killed December 8 in a mine 
accident at Butte, Montana. He was buried in the Liberty church cemetery at Monett. He was 
the brother of Mrs. John Mulkey of Monett and Leslie Madewell. 
Page 12: Dr. J. S. Tiliery died.** 
Page 6: George A. Klaus died.** 
Alonzo Carlton Long died.** 
Mrs. Ina Hinshaw died.** 
James A. Evans died.** 
Moses Jabez died.** 
John Monaghan died.** 


Had Practiced Medicine in 
«, Springfield for Pa«t 30;= 

Dr. J. 8. Tinery, 65, of 1383 B«nton 
Kveniw practicing phyalclan In 

SprlDsfleld for 80 years, died at tbe 
Sprlnfflebl Baptist bospltal yester- 
day afternoon following a major op- 

Dr. Tlllery was bom and reared at 
Uberty, Mo. After obUlnlng his 
medical training he came to Spring- 
field. UnlU 13 years ago he operated 
4 drug Store on Comtwi^I stteAt 
Since that time be hall been engaged 
solely In practice of his profeiwlon. 

He Is sxirvlved by his widow. 
f, •'-»: a sor "' ;.-! Tlllcri. -.' :.'..<.^ 
home address: two daughters, Mrs. i 
E. J, Norstrom. of Dallas. TCTias, and 
MlM JuanlU Tlllery of the home 
address; and a sister. Mrs. F. E. 
McOlnnls. of 2180 North Broadway 

Funeral services wUl be held at 
the J.' W. Kllngner fvmeral chapel 
probably 2: SO tf clock Tuesday after- 
noon with the Reverend H. A. Wood, 
pastor of the Campbell Street M. E. 
^^urch ofllclalliiii. Burial vmII be h\ 
Oreenlawn cemetery. 

„ ■ I iif 


lames O. Hartley. 38. of Moun- 
iHin Grove, Mo., and Vera Douglaa, 
25. of Springfield. 

Former Engineer 
For Railroad Here 
Dies in Kansas City 

John MonaRhan, 86, a resident oX 
Springfield for luauy years during 
which time he wa.«j an engineer for 
the Frisco railroad, died In Kansas 
City late yesterday following an ex- 
tended illnr.'v. 

Mr. Monaglian served the Frl«co 
on the Bolivar branch before It was 

rxtoTlHpfl Tinrf >Mi"> fri t r>. .....I 

tjirouk'l) cDiilicrtl'm l)rl\n-f-ii Kprtni.. 
ficld and Kan.sus City. He tiien toolt 
charge of a switch engine in the 
sonth yards here and heid this po- 

.'-itliwi iinlil lie rcMgncd some 20 
year ago. 

- Alter leavuig tljc railroad. Mr. 
Monaghan and his wife lived fof* 
"-.onir time on a farm noar Spring- 
field. After Mrs. Monaghan's death, 
the veteran engineer went to Kansas 
City wliere he since lias made his 
home with two daughters. Mrs. Ella 
Lang and Mrs. Nena McOllL 


licoanr A.rKi.Ais 

PunrrnI iCTVlrf.'i for tlforgr A ^>'"\ 
?s who died Bsturrtav sfternoon at tn^ 
hon.e of hi. ..rrlr •' A K^i.t. 3i:(4 Boo,,_ 
Mll« .vfnMe. will b* Irjld at 3 o clock 
this altsrnoon In the Churrli of Latter 
U«T Hsints on Dsif Kireei. Iniermem 
will b* tn Oreenlawn cemetery under ci- 
rertlon of fh« .1 W .KIImrnT imd^rK-k- 
liitf r(,nu)j.i.v llfl U .»urvnf(l ''V. '''~ 

«!(<•. hH (nOirr OorK^ KixnK i""l 'I'"' 
«i«irrf. beMdf* in.', uiuk. 


Victor Richesin, 
Well Known Mere, 
: ."^ Dies In Chicago 

' J. J. Rlchecln, Springflfld insur- 
ance man who resides at 853 East 

Elm street. tclenrBphed friends and 
nfUtives here Uial lu.s sajix. Victor 
RlchMln. died last ntRht In a Chl- 

cuKU iiu:>|iilMi. 1 III' Uocly will be 

brouclit to Springfield Monday 

The youjiger Rlchrsln, who was 
an L':si;.'-ii.ncc ajLi-.l wi'di Ju.iiSquiii- 
tera In Indianapolis. Ind.. i was 
travelln? near Chicago late last 
waek when stricken with acute ap- 
pendldtlc He was rushed to a Chi- 
cago hospital and his father here 
was called to his bedside. 

Fgn«ral Mrvic«* 'lor AI6nro Curllon 

Lons. 7S. Who died Saturday atirrnoon 

• t Tils hora^, 1«1« Movfv strfet, will b* 

held In the Starne Biorlimry at 10 o'clock 
I (Ills rnorninf followed by Intarmrnt In 

thi> Mount rieaiant cemeterv rrkr Wll- 
i lard. He In iur»ived by his wife, five 
,' tona and two dausliter*. as followt:. 
' Charlea. Andr*w. Jamr* and Joseph ot 

fluriii^fUld. William ol Oraliaiii, Mo.. Mrk. 

Llllr Dvl/onc or flprlnffleld. and Mr*. 

Commodort KC^M or;Bols D'Arc. 

mub. iNA*niNSHAW 

Funeral aerviees far Mrs. Ina lllnthaw. 
tt. ot <MOkrill«. MOl^ who died Baturday 
In a hOiplUt here.' will be held at 1 
•'olook titU »ft«niOon in Uta J. W, KUnt- 
•»r tantral jMMii«. Mfl*I wlH b« in 
Or*«inawn craeterr. t Mr*. Hinahaw l« 
MnrtTwd toy Mt'biuNkbd. Barl HloaAaw; 
i dawCMar. Vonn* llaa: • stster. Mrs. L. 
B Marlr- t«T. brothor-.. Gforjra and Clar- 
I enca Cook: and her Barents, itr. and Mra. 
J. C. Cook of LouUbttrg. 

I -1- 


I Jamen A Evana. 57. of near Ava. Mo . 
. died yeaterdajr mominf In • hospital here 
I after a brief lllneKo. t The bodv wan pre- 

•.•irr,\ f.,r huT'nl i,; Or i;ii.i;:iti 
liame and forwarded Sunday afternoon to I 

i Oxford. Kan . where funeral servlres aere ' 

, to hr held lodny 



I Till- htiilv 111 Mose.^ »)al>ey. «0. t\ Uo r^ird 

I last Tuesday of a cerebral hemorrhaRc. 

was eent last nlelit to a nephew. R. B»r- 

»v. at Detroit. The Starne mortuary had 

charge of the body arid rpent nenrlv s I 

. aerk In «e»'Hp<» :';,;'l\f 

|_ , 


Page 1: Dale E. Moberly committed sucide.** 
Page 2: John Monaghan died.** 

Victor Richesin died.** 

George A. Klaus died.** 

Alonzo Colton Long died.** 

Mrs. Ina Hinshaw died.** 

James A. Evans died.** 

Moses Jabers died.** 

Dr. J. S. Tillery died.** 

Oscar E. Schoenwald died.** 
Page 3: Mr. and Mrs. Tom B. Turner celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.** 

Roy Nelson died.** 
Page 10: There is an item about the Bodenhamer farm.** 
Page 14: Mrs. Vera Douglas and Mr. J. O. Hartley were married.** 
Page 16: I. W. Jackson died.** 

.. 'i -. I. W. JACK.SON 

^^ruanral jwrvicva tnjr I. w. Jark«nn. aj. } 
who dvir^n Toprka, ICan.. Sundav'will 
b« h#M TuMdajr afiernonn at Wn^hmctnn ; 

A*^««*.» nft*^*<<* rS"*rll ^tf ' < %ttf-*.*rr' 

hv iiM a If" Seivirr^ a i,l ne ir f h.irie 

«f r;nMp r,«'e lorie" ''% a f •"d a \i 
and of Ihe Bocllrt rhap'rr. ^^, r> r R 
Burial will h*,ln Hafelwfmd reme.tfry 'in- 
j der ihe-dirertlnn ol Herbert V. Smith Fu- 
neral home. 

t«RED BODENHAMER: '1 still 
" reside on the old Bodenhamer 
fann near the city which has been 
In possession of tlie Xanuly 
aUtoe Uiei* w»s •, SprtngfleW. .My 
uncle uied" to own a ^arm .which 
Included about aU of Cherry sireet 
and the famous spring at thfrr>- 
-•nd - K4mbr©»i«h. - now-- mte4- uj* 
Often It la wondered why the old 
time residents did not buy more 
property and hold It but the trouble 
was the old citizens did not have a 
Uw to enter the game as a rule." 





Deserting Family to Wed 

StenograDher. Fatally 

Shoots Himself 


Had Been Wed But Two 

Weeks After Leaving 

Wife. Three Children 

) The pratty yount wUe and three 
I mntU eliUdrai wbo UUktmon thia 
I two vMks SCO were roMwd at Uwir 
; hii.<ib«nd^and f»Uier by the inam«f4 
I of Dale E. MotMriy. S5. promUMttt 
I • wir - made" lawyer and former 
prosecutor of Houfton. Mo., to hU 
[ ^rrnoj;rapliri U. ( nijiT. t> on him 

Haunted by memonea of hi* lint 
•'•ifr who obtained a dlvorot iof 
■ rtPf^rrtlon I href weeks ago, and the 
' children h;; left her. Mobcrly ahot 
nnd mnrtaily wounded hlniself late 
■■'■■•rioas in a uood t»o mile.s south 
r>l Hnu.Mon. 

j Wife and Ex- Wife We«^ 

lJ«st night, aa Moberly breathed 

hi- lasi in the home of Mr. and Mrs. 

K. M. Salyer. parenU of bla brida 

of two weeka, the two women wtio 

I had loved him wept Qoletiy ' te 

; home* only a few yarda apart. Hta 

; .second wife, the girl who had b^n 
t - - 

Sarah Jane Salyer, blue • eyed. 

', brown-haUed. attractive daughter of 

la Houston merchant, i^ho becam* 

1 hla ateoofrapher 

i died, ahe wanted to rounnur a mas- 
raje of forgtyeneaft. But ahe did not 

CO to him. and the fO'ST. said pride 
(<nd ihr pain of hurt* Mill fresh and 
iinliraled held her bark. 

\V':Ili liis !^' uoiri."; Molvrlv or- 

.irird '.ha; !;..- proprrty. of wir.oh he 

'.rU. coividTnbir. .^hould go to his 

three chilcifn— ol! ;irls. one 5. otie 

.1 and oil" 11 mot.ths old. Since their 

-.■'.ifi mic! ;r.'. -.T s-eparaied ;he 

(l.-.lrirni hi>fl brr ii ri tiK home Of 

ih'ir mothers i^arenls. Mr. and 

^^i«i«» Tom R Sh?.ekTeit. west of 

. • . •• . . ;... .Nifo. Mot>- 

'-;!> ivriit baric to higb school at 

Hoii.-ton to tr>' lo, prepare her&eif 

»o 'h*- micht cam a Imng for them. 

Kitl5 Self In Wood* 

nrt'immc toward Houston after 

A rtrivr '.ale Sunday afternoon with 

•hr pfl he niarrfd two weelcs a<ro 

Friday. Mobcrly stopped hi5 car. 

,ftcpped out and obtained hJs 16- 

I Kuage- shotKun. declaring he. wasi 

romc to Vi',1 h'.ri <;c;r NT;^ Moborlv 
i tried valiiiy to take llic muii away 
. from bin:, and he ran into the woo^j 
'.vl'h It ITiere were n ffw feai/iil i 
mm;. '<■.•• I ; .•^l...; i .-s. .c:ul iiiiii iln- 
■ ){irl Jirard r sIkiI hi llic woods.^ 
Ruimtnc to Moborly. she fovmd 
him Iy;nK on tin- Rro'.ind. a bad 
V r.i!.,! ;;) '.:; >><>.-••.. b':r 'till alive 
Alone Ml*- %:• '.r-.'.y <[•.<■:. c ;!'.(■ r.\.< 
mllrt into Houston to sunmion Dr. : 
: E. P.- WJ»nlcpnshlp Dnrtor Herron . 
ii.'.'l :>" ;< :• 1 : ■ ■■..:r': r. :irv! r\ rrnu-rl 
.In. v.- Iau r. V. :. '!-.t::i .v '!.(• :ifw 
sp»ead throuKh the town In the 
' riarkne!u» the clrl was unable to find 
•.?■.• \>',sOi- aI:.-.' In:- h:i-.l).i:vl Inv 

Rnd n;'ire tl'.an' an hour p.os.ed be- 
f'T"' tlT" rl'.iiy.: r!:r\:; w.ts fi'.'.iiT'l Ili> 
..M frl.-'nrt. Fon'^t niin:-.r:i. supir- 
ir.'^'KlfMl of frfioo'?^ nt Havivoiifl- 
, ville. was first lo reach him, and to , 
him he confided that worry over 
:•••.« ciocfstlr tro'iblrs and hi."! rhil- 
<ielf. He asked Dunlvan to see that I 
his properly was left To the children ' 
j Dies In Few Honra 

I Taken to the home of Mr. anM 

dooi s away was (Jm flxU, Mn. M0^. 
erly. the .M ft&^>^^^l|i* 
and married Moboly ft* It er t^ 

Txhen he u-as a rising young lawyer, 
and Who lost btai to 8ar«^ Jane 
after bearing ai^d motbfzlQC their 
Ihree children. She did not aee her 

.''irtner hu-'band .'roni the time be 
"■hoi him'^lf unt.. hi.s death, though 
Ihr town whispered that she wished 
to be ai his side before he died. 
Pcrhsp.'. winnmg him back as he 

Mra. Salyer, pai'ents of hLs second 
wff«» he was semi-conscloin until a 
short time belnre hL'» death al li 
i o'clock last night. 
j_^ At the time of l-Js death. Mob- 
er?v was law- partner of W E. Bar- 
.f }i, ■,•'<<• forv^cr ctrci.l" 
; .d.;r rjcarrd at S::riiief^v::ip, :-.r-\: 
. the Texas-Shannon counU) llnr 
' MoherK" h«(f nerer .ccne to law 
school but learned the jirofe^Mon b' 
'study In prhate law trfflcej*. Fir 
:t«o~ienn» lie served as prosecuting j 
attorney of Texas county, bulldln? , 
lip a rrpii'.iit'ion wliirli uave him d ' 
good practice when he went out ol 


.odice. I 

iUs lUlatlTn llnrr | 

* Separating from his first wife not i 
long ago. it It understood he told i 
her slie nilnht set a divorce for! 
desertion without, a contest t^nd ' 
tl'at hf Rprrrd to p:iviiient nf child I 
^tippoil. II. • iiuiiiKil .Salaiv .'.i:.i 

Salyer a lew days after the decree _' 
was (tranted, ami Ilipv went to St.' 
I.'iiiis oil III. ;r h"',i . i: ■• ii ' 

Mobrrlys brollitr. Joliii, now iv i 
prosecuting allomty of Sliriiinnnj 
county at Miv M^blp I 
Moborly. a <;i</pr. is n iDcmbrr of | 
|he faculty at State Teachers col-1 
lese here; another sWeK' Marylr 
forinrrly uns ,-i '<:irher in Xhr 
6;>riiiKlii-kl MtiouiN. Mrd Tveral 
other brothers are In the west. j 

When Moberly stopped his car to 
kin himself he and his second~«i{e i 
were rrtumlnft .from the home col ! 
Mrs. Larry Cummlngs on Indian, 
creek, iwo and a half miles from! 
Hoii.stor.. ■ _.._^. 4. 

h ..i.< :.i'. ... . ,i:.. ■ ::.• :••■ v-.i- .• • ■ 
been completed. ; 


John MooMhan. M. • re«ld*Dl of 8pnn«- 
flald. 'WU 1M waa aq-«aOBttr for Um 
PrU«o tutUl 30 years afO, died Suoday tn 
f^^rr** Ctty. where hJa two dauinters. 

JCpl^SOa. L«nf and Mra. Nena McOlU. 
rwilli- " -Mr. ' MonafhaA fonscrhr bad . a 

4«a«MMlM-3eUTaf braDcb ot Um mitn 
b*fora It waa ext«n4c4 narth^to nak* a 
chroufh iconnecUon between 8pr:r.«llela 
aDd Xaaaa> City. .TlMn b« took a.swltdk 
in the south yanU h*te Aftar re 


UTlBt 3 y ean aio. M r — uonicniin liTM 
-•tt-a email larni near here until trie drain 
of hla wife, when he moved to Kaiua* 
City. The bodT will be brouckt to 
Sprlocflcid for barlal. ybt Herman H. 
L^meyer Tu-rrra! home will h» in eh»r«f ; 

Kuncra! ' *■:.'. te ..t'.' 7^f.:a- 
morning at 9 oV!oc>. in S! Jo<,*|-h rst^.n'..-- 
rhurch Buna! «.;i ^» :•■. Ma; ie ^^.'4 
cenetery. i 


' Victor- Richittin. son of Mr. and Mrs | 

. .' J RlchPKin of 8S3 Ea<i Elm street rtifd . 
i f*iind«T otcht in a Chic^io nospital \o\- , 
' loWing a snort lllneaa of acuta appendici- \ 

'..s T.if >jung m»n wat tn :r.»urii--« 
' afcnt, «i!h hendquarters in Indianapolis. 

Ind , and was travellhc near Chicago late 
1 la^t week when he was nrlcken "Xwf 

, rather vat in Chicago when his son died 
T.^^ Ixvl* u'.I! b» bruiirht to Spnn<(le>d to- 


Simple but Impressive Ser'v- 

iccs Are Arranpcd a* 


Althoiich plaii.' h ad bcrn Kcp* s" 
' M"mpirM^^rtsSlS!?71fie-7uKSirWT 

■ Rov Nrl.snti 0.1 Mar«hf:«-:rt «l 2 3t'' 
jo'clock tWaTiJietnoon. »a* ;o o- ..... 
.of the IsrpP't and mort ImprewlTe* 
I'serriees "ever "HQa~tliwa. «. JiMe| 
quantities of flower* banked the 
'^fcihodliir—rp ; .co?a. Mr.: i !: j ! . " : '' 
, the service was lo be. and about 
: 150 out-of-town men already had 
• arrhrrt tht< 'morninjr to- attend the 
.»ervicc. Tliey had come from ai". 
over the .Mate, from S». l>>i:is. Kan- 
«u CHy.tatMJ^? IwMpaark a regtoo -^ 
aaaodatcs andlrtaiMU of Mr. V*V- 


>rvrr»l Pl«lnr» \v«l«( 
Tlie frrvirr wa.« ■■■> c ronc1-.;r'rr; 
bv th» Reverrnd R. S Kendel. p^-s-"^ 
tor ot the Methodist chtirch of 
wh'.rh Mr- Nrl!««n w«.« « faithful' 
and generou.* mcnitK-r. Mr. Krntr; 
«■•» to bp a«.'l«»p<t br ih^ Re»erentl ' 
.MAn*r> P.i'trrv^r. -i.i-.'nr "f : nr 
MPIhodi.'i v>u'.fc c\^hli»'.d. bv 
'he Revrrcnd K P Ha'.: < S' 
lioutSi. jk former - pastor ol h:.^ 
'hureh attd other rlrttinc mlnls- 
i»n come to the cii\ .'or the occa^i 


f ( MtM Be.vHp Bloomer, orcanlst at4 

th' (■.:>> r r; ...;r -r--^- ':•■'.■'. ^•."'■ 
fa .v.hio'.male of Mrs? Nelsons. wa». 
•n S/- •'•<■ '•-;•• r.-' .'"■! 1 >Tir«*ifl«'td 
:■!.-;■ -, -.-•••• ^^- ■' ' -•■-'- ■-."••a; 
m .»;." 

I.mplovr* PallKrarrr^ 

' Patfbparpr' tirr«> rn be lonr-tlme 
rmploNT* of Mr Nrlw^n f.zh'- man- 
ac^rs of h;« (•>ii.-..n? fic*'>r.p« ' ari- 

,oii«Iv sHuaiMl •hroiichoiji wtuihwrst 
Mi.'.'^ur! and o'lr'h*'-' .\ <■»• ^.". 

' B'lrlal »a!t »o be in the Marsh- 

' rV r.-'' 

U*-'*f '. ■ .•- ••»»• •..-- t.--><- ,.i---- 
Cl»»«llirrt .^rt« 


Mrs, Douglas Weds 

An' Infermal wedding took P»*«* 
yeturday evenlnc at the h««ne. o* 

Mr. .lolin MrKrf. when Mr». Vrra 
' noiirln' r^f 'fl!' >■•'' hrr»m' 'h' brl-lp 

ol Mr. J. O. Hartlpr "' Mountain 

arov». Mo. 

XhP rrrpinon* »•» prrfonr^fl h» 

iV Reverend Dr. Erret C. I«»chl»r in 
'the prtsencr of the following mcnO* 
'of thf roiiple Mni Opal Kelly. Mr. 
'r \v Wrinm.m anil M" f ' » P'"- 



Dzarks Couple Celebrates 
60th Anniversary at Home i 

Near Marshfield 

In Ihf i>»nit lK>m£ uhtrt thfv JiiA 
"Ml up hoigfKffp l ng" ma bride and 
Cfiir eo vrsrs mfi. Mr anrt Mr» 

^ h- mo:.- •:•,-.,•. ;no kinsjoik .«n«)' 
int'ihhors in cctebrattprr o( ihelr' 
•iv'k'h tirfi-ijnc annlvrr'arv 
. . a-! l.wiFr. L< a WrbiUr r'iuiil> 
^/i^rni on: the: James river/ about 10, 
°ml*«(i">out») 6t Marshltcid Whrn 
• !• ::; Toit; T";rnrr Jock hi' hrlrtr.' 
ri--nf». Jhrr'. 60 years aco. It *»n 
1. a :< 1- -ncrr i > »r;:i: - Hi'' 
>i rlru.' lor the larm h' has fanned' 
CM r alncr. 

TIr. Turr.rr tjt on' oM 
o; rvnny Turnn. who carnr 

.<l\ ^r\f<l m the ConifatnxAitms- 
M . r rrfirr.lnf from "h* »«r Tmn. 
''at r». »»' marr^rrt on Df»rmb«T ?. 
l.-x*; Tlif ffT'-m"!- ■'»"■ I'Tlormrd 
b' ;hc ncvrrrnrt Jam'* P B:»<lew»;i 

llutr C'ahf TrovWril . 
* \ Jtrjl roiiMn. Mrr. Mnry'C P'l- 
.Ai-i. Ol SprmK;i':i. -as' rr.A:r-.rr1 on 


rspr«lally .pr»L'f<l her huyb«ntl'» 

rh* aald. 

T., C-. Ba.«v»pi ol B4)«rrs_vi!ie. a . 
'oinnW aehool ittieber wh© at on*^ 

line courted the Turners eldest, 
'■•> ich'T »r«r1e a remlnlscttt ' Ullf 
r'-frtlllnn. the nrl5'>h <■•■ •'"^ 
r^ "~i)ira TtU' '' ' h e r al l y d« y>i, Th a 
H rmhlrrttX"" toiiirrt '.n (."hofu 
■ nir'i.i.c of Hf» r.-'- ^ T". -^ 

■ ■ nv.ri T».' Or! n .;i:'-'' r:.>.< 
Mi». Ha.r\e Turner ol SprinnJir'.d 
fsr.c .When You and 1 Were Yntincr 
■' •,:;■■ r!r<-'^n-:p;<r>ri h\ Mi^^ Neva 
"A .,',»■; »:'.fl F .1 ;; "^ I'A P.: ! ' 
"r- :'ri«lai:ch'e> r.a>ert • '••'.o on the 
"'.» cabinet o:c4r< 

Kiidtn VoT .\nnixrv\»r^ . 
'^ a rlti'.tx "> 'he rrirhrs»nor. 

a fine rartin a,« an annivrrrary gi:;. 
Ot the jeven rhilrtren . bom to 

■ •■ -1 b'!' tno srrre ♦her'— RobWe. ' 

. ^ «-j«aiiw.j,Vi' «*»*« ; 

place, and M*f^E>jf ^lu^un^ 
-"lUV lr«n» Crane Mn. nmi^ 

• ."orrtr creatcranrtrhltdreri ♦here. m»w*-f 

)}e sIx'aaMC^ ¥^y.^M^««U Mt:)tott«»>> W.I* l «J ||| lila ia » 
>me lo M1.0-, o . -.i> 

Pejcenrtant* of the oflSmat'Oewnje— 

Tvmer i««*w lorm •!»?<• •»'»>"'" 

• hrouthmit this part ft 

<.KOROE A. K.Lj%t*« 

f ;nrr»I »»rMre^ fcr OeorK* A KUtj" 
2'. mr-o «1.»G Satjrdav. »ere ^.f\' •.?-.;» «:t- 
iri.oon at 3 o Clock at the Church ot Lat- 
ter Dav Sa'.nis f.n Dale »tree' lrtern-.»r-.'. 
followed vn CITVenlairn cemetery ir\ 
rt.arge of J. W Klirv^ner He •.« «»ir\!\e>l 
hv ^.:« «i:e. %Ti Ui-.f'.e. J A K»:.l 2\:\ 

Hrn-.v>"» «<»ri!» «t »b.^«e ^'n'Tf '-e (iT-t 


rKe^i^attendlns het coualns anniver 
f r;«-b; .1 ---: < »^- / ' •' f • • ' "■' 
•■••-'•' nz £■:<-•:< • :io'» tr- ■';: Mr» ^ , . . 

KMu..' C.r.. She »U« waa "«, ""^^ J^CaVS^e.t for ^Alonfe Cartton , 
in .haie -hr !'•tlvUl»^_. " T /! , Jji" ,» -ho dlcil 8»Wl<Ul. were held at , 

^.., 't....... .. ••, , (y^„p of i.ho.11 idau|r>ieri. _ 

■ \, ' - \ ,- — JV'»r'-V ihe n;H mMpk— - 
A .-pedal "^eddine cake bnheri b-. 

.•ir r«kr «r,^ I :>e >••<:■ ?;vr»:h 

ert tandlrr. • _ , 

liaod* llh G i** Vatara T 

j^f.l-.^llfrSwcr Jh ' re' *^« a very 


Sippr old per^mr rerhlled Ihe aat- 

Iffactloiw of their lon« llle lORelhcr. 
When they «tre married, be 25 and \ 
aha 23. "wa thotjght we '•ere old _ 
enntwh to Imow art»»t we w«»« d«>- i 
Inc.' Mr. Tximer recalled, and ad- 
ded, -we think ao yet" Mf^ Turner . 

Kur.eral fervicea for Mrv Ina Hinahaw. 
23 of Co«k»ill.. Mo. 'ho died Sat^rday^, 

• were held at 1 o'clock ihia afternoon at , 

■• ,. • -.V r.' r'v-' '-""v / ' 

r;erT-,en" 1:^ cen,r;*ry M: -* I* i.-:--.:ve<; by tier liu'bar.d l*r^ 
, *,mail da^ihter. and by her pareiiu. l»o 

• brothers and a at«ter. ^ 

JAMKa A. EVA.SS ' : 

t he bod y ol Jarhiea.A. KVans. 57. of Ara. • 

*.Mfr. who died fluodty in * »njtf»»*>^^"* 
- by J. W. KUn»D«r^o Oilord 
furei'al aerrleea and burial to 






JkU«raooQ St tl»« J. W. KIlntnT. fu- 
r<T«! ehAprl. liortrtr Tlllf rjr «•« prsrUe- 

■ in<< ph>»lrl»0 In Spr'.rwric^rt 3S vrsrt Tor 

■30 T*kr* h* hud* oKlrr on Cornmvrclat , 
j.;rr'._ r>r»r jl'"' MiTlon Brothfri Droe " 

'• »tof»-"- l^twlof 'liUrry *b* born i»nd. rmr-* 
,■> ,f f T.-».. ^,. A"r> odtntnirie M< ' 
r- ».i;- . '• ■ . 1 ,'■ .■ ; .- .■•;.•• : . . . - ..k.' • 
i'';,ri: "1 .•..' '. ; . ' ■• i.'.r.i'-rl n (:r.;i- 

t HorB r.!l r< ;:,i!.i re ;.•! <;c>'«.L nl..! >lm' tiol 
llli» ^«« <|.>»T'>-ii hl» rniiv ttrr.» to llir , 

j,b» litl v;/lr.«. Ml'. .St'l:a XUiSl?. * ■"^''■• 
flov»1 Tll>r*, »if th^ 1 1 o 111 eV<rd rrnf ; l«o , 
.Uufl lr!s. Mts E .r Nor^lrni.'i. Mf tiRi:T« 
T»« . .ir.d Mi»i JUkDl-.a Tl'l'r.v •"■' " '■ 
' ' rni« arlflfV a-^i-n ^I'.t^r. Mr^" F'ra»:k:- 
• Ir.gtajn ano tiri.i -• i." Lou lil.rr^. both of 
!5;)'lrBf!fUl, niirmi will b»- Jn Oreenlawn i 


Th» body or Motes' Ja.b»rs. ao. who «Jle«l 

■'' 'Srtjv. hns be(>n nent frpm Rtarnr't 
n.'.nuary lo a nrphe*. R. Baiiy, m De- 
troit. Mieh. Thf man't home «a« In! 

T'.rk'T. . 1 of 33«2 Htrton 


' Otcar r Bchoenwald. S<, dx-rt at hi« 
. homf At 244»,NorlIi Nfain avrmie farly 
I thlk morobi*. .aXUr « brlet tUn«<k. Ur. 
; Schofnwklct h«» jltved la Or»«no county 
j for th« past JO year*. H^ w»« formerly 

pinplor^ by the.'Frlcco^artd of late yart 
j haa b««n an uptlDUtrrer on Ea*t Comin«r- 

cl&l atTMt H* «•• a memUfcr of tb« Oat* 
■ of Tnnpl« lortfe. which vtll condnct %l%- 

f'i;.:r Mf. IrrS «' hl.» kTHv». Mr Rcho- 

«nwald Is survived b* Hl« wjdow. liis ; 
^r». ^\u^u^ta ik-JioriiwHul. of i 

, ,,.. »h«*h5^'?"|MlSilUWw| 

fionf. ^mari) R<'hoeriWi^ld. of Chicaifo. *n4 I 
I'aul. of ;!.•• 'i.'ir^ ii;-!"'' • t"n .i'-»r<. 
' MIta Clara Schoer;wald. of 0«-rtniinn. Mu . i 
land Mrf. lltlUe K'uin'r, of »l. Lou:f , 
Iher. IWwarU Schoen^aJd. of I 
The' fumtal i^rtUiaVDUi b* at | 
ihi>»-gvi>»»»»«i);<hmxf w , < t f S cot l'- 
iinil Mf>l:i avrr.ti*. W.'dri'^.'dsv after-' 
rc'iii Ml r- |0 f r:f.,,<, vnth tbe Reverend A I 
Hr'.wi'.'t irrT:;,!ir.t: li.;:-! »'l ho u.i'.'t 
1 Ih* dlrect'.di. of W 1. S'.'iri.'-, nut i . 
. pUta U as T»t undrrlrled. 


Fuiitia. .-.rMcei far Dr. J. S. Tin>rv. 65. 
lyenu?. who died HundAv 

|,<!i» afl».rn<v»B •! till. i. w. K>intn#r fu*j 
- ._- jjortor TiUf ry *•» ptacvic- . 

ijj,, yaaxa iie '-'had* of fU« on CommWWW 
»**»»*s PT*f iha Xlnrton Protheri Dru«'' 
**"•" • i tg^iSl J^'fiT . ^ «* b^f'i "nrt rear-' 


rs.Vk«» b« 

obtalninc hia{ 

■*^=7n #^**«:» ■ vuiMililliB ■■••A 

ilOfMh* CAme to Sprlnsflrld f 

,-«]l«r**f**hV'T)p«rai*d * drori 

i?'V*l«a«?«TCii«l «lr'»et and »lnc**tK«lr1 
haa deniMd his rqttr^ tlm# t« U»*.i 

:<■' r-.' ; ., M-fi^v:,>., n«' '.• M;rl ■•.■»"<' 

."rtUgilMX, Mli K .1. Nrittlrri'i . 
_ Te» . .T:.d .M:>. .luur.l'.a Talf^rv 
i r.orrm addrrj- a>-,^i_n jiMfr. Mr>' 
' fr^yram and hruthfr.'Lou Tlllerv. 

'.-■ V. • \- i : •■ h ■. • . r; 

i be in cuatsi y; H.c, l-.n- : „, -.1 . 

r. f I C »> 

both of I 

Page 1: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Mrs. Myra M. Kraft has her sister's will voided.** 
Page 3: Roy Nelson died.** 

John Monaghan died.** 

Dr. J. S. Tillery died.** 

Victor Richesin died.** 

Wilson Snider died.** 

Mrs. Mary E. Cain died.** 

Oscar E. Schoenwald died.** 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom B. Turner celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.** 
Page 12: Catherine C. Mack sues to divorce Allen F. Mack. THey were married 
February 3, 191 5, in Greene county. They have two children. 

Hazel Hight sues to divorce Harry Hight. They were married December 20, 1927. 
Her maiden name was Hazel Hunter. 


Albert O. Haberman. 35. 


Springfield, and VlrKliiia Youiik. 32. 
uI Co;.'Cjv;"f. Kan: ("PH Arthur 
Klaer, 31, and Delallah Freeman, 16. 
bolb or Bprtntfleld. 




Memories of First Wife Whom 
He Deserted Goad Houston, 
Mo., Attorney to Commit 

pOADEI) by mrmniirs of his first 
wife who obUlned a divorce 
three weekn uro on ch«rBe of deser- 
tion. Dale E. Moberly, 35. prominent 
Houston. Mo., Rtlorney and former 
prosectiUnit ullorney of Trxns 
roiinty. fatally shot hlinwlf «hllr 
(wo mWrt south of Houston Siindnv 
afternoon. ' ' 

Moberly married Sarah J«ne S«1-| 

yer. his stenographer, two weeV 

a(!o. She was wlih him. when, rr- 

! tumlnit to their home at Houston. 

' he slopped the car nnd took hl^ 

1 15-RauRe shotRun and fled Into the 

woods, where he shot him.self. 



Before he died, Moberly ordered 
that his property be divided among 
hit three children— all pltlsi— whom 
he left when he deserted the first 

Forrest Dunlven, auperlntendent 
of Khools at RaymondvlUe, an old 
friend, was one of the first to reach 
Moberly," where he lay In the woods 
with ft wound In his aide. The law- 
yer confided that worry over his 
dbmestle troubles and hLs children 
caused him to shoot himself. 
♦ ♦ 

Waa Student Here 

He died Sunday night at the 
home of Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Salyer. 
parents of his second wife. The sec- 
ond wife, after completInK a course 
Rl a Sprlncfleld bialncss rolleee. be- 
came Moberlys stlnoBraplirr. 

Moberly, who gained ' his legal 
knowledge In private law offices. 
served as prosecuting attorney of I 
Texas county for two terms and 
made a good record. He waa known | 
to many SpringHeld attorneys. Hei 
had practiced In the courts here. I 

He la survived by a brother. John | 
Moberly, pro.seculing attorney of 
Shannon county; Miss Mable Mob- [ 
erly. a member of the faculty of the 
SUte Teachers" college here; an- 
other sister. Mary, who formerly 
Uught In the Springfield schools, 
and several brothers living In the 


The sixtieth wedding anniversary 
of Mr. and Mrs. Tom B. Turner, 
tto hikI MJ ifiirs oici, re.spetti^ely. 
was celebrated Sunday by more 
than 100 relatives and friends at 
i/ic farm home of the aged couple 
111 Webster county on the James 
river, about 10 miles south of 

It wft.s to this fnrm home that 
young Tom Turner took his bride, 
Thpna, Jii-st 60 years smo. Only four 
acres of tlie present large tract had 
been cleared then. 

Mr. Turner Is one of (he six sous 
of Denny Turner, who came to Mis- 
souri from Teimessee In 1638. All 
served In the confederate army. 
Tom WM married on December 9, 
1866. after returning from the war. 
The Reverend James P. Bridewell 
performed the ceremony. 


runeral services for John Monaghan. 
86. veteran Prlaco engineer, who died Sun- 
day In Kansas City, will be held today 
at 3:30 p. m. In St. Joseph's Catholic 
church, followed by interment In Maple 
Park cemetery. Twenty years ago, Mr. 
Monaghan retired from the Prlsco service 
and moved to a small farm near here. Ha 
lived there until. |he death of his wife, 
when he moved to Kansas City. He Is 
survived by tso daUKhlers. Mrs. Ella Lang 

• 11(1 Mrs Nriia McCiill. bo(h of Kansas 
Cliv. Ilrrman II. Lohmcyer wlli liave 
rhiirge ol arrangements. 


Kiinrrai nervlcen for Dr. J 8 Tlllery. «5. 
of 1382 Benton avenue, mho died Sunday 
iifferiioon. will he hrjd ni 2 o"rlork th'. 

• fIrriiM'Mi nl I'lr .1 W Kllngner f«i- 
iirral i Imprl I>oclnr Tlllery was a practlc- 
liiR physician In Springfield 3i years. For 
7» v^ars he had an office on Commercial 
•itrrt o<rr (iif Murton Hrotliers Orug 
fiiiir Diirtor Tlllery was born and read- 
rd at Mhrrlv. Mn After obtaining Ills 
nirdlcal training he rame to Springfield. 
Until 13 years ago he operated a dmg 
store on Commercial street and since that 
time had devoted Mn entire time to the 
practice of Ills profesalon. He la survived 
by his widow. Mr^" Stella Tlllery: a eon. 
Flody Tlllrrv. of the lioiiir addre.v*.; l»o 
(Inu^lilrr^. Mi< f. J. Norstroin. ol l)alla^. 
Tex . and Miss Jusiiita Tlllery of the 
home address: and a sister. Mrs. Prankle 
InRrain and brother. lou Tlllerv. both of 
SprlnKdrld. Burial will be In Orernlawn 
remetery. The Reverend H. A. Wood will 
be In charge of the funeral services. 


Impressive Riteg^vfw 
Held for Nelson 
At Marsh fie Id 

One of the largest and most Im- 
pretalTe funeral lervlcea ever con- 
ducted In MtMbfleld was that held 
ta tba MtttKxUit church there at 
S:W o*ekM* ywterday afternoon for 
Roy Nelson, considered the leading 
canner of the Otarks, who died In 
a hospital here last week following 
an Illness of heart dlspase. 

The rltea were In charge of the 
Reverend R. S. Kendell, pastor of 
the Marshfleld church, of which 
Mr. Nelson was one of the most 
dpvout members. Mr. Kendell was 
assisted by the Reverend Alonzo 
Patlersoii, pastor of the Methodist 
church. South, of Marshfleld., by 
the Reverend A. D Ball of St. 
liOUls. a former pastor of Mr. Nel- 
son's church, and other visiting 

Miss Bessie Bloomer, organist at 
the Grace Methodist church here, 
and a schoolmate of Mrs. Nelson, 
a Marshfleld male quartet furnish- 
ed ipeeUl muale. 

fr^W ins i Action ** 
To Void Will 

Mrs. M.vra M. Kraffl. iio South 
norenca avenue, was successful In 
her suit to have the will of Mm. 
Emma Paul Powell, Belleville oc- 
togenarian, set aside In circuit court 
«t Belleville, m . yeMerrtsv 

The aged wom«n> e.i^tste. whirli 
was valued at $30,000. was be- 
queslhed chiefly to Krlwurd \V 
West, a brother. Mrs. Powell died 
November M. 192R. 

The Springfield woman, a sUler 
of Mrs. Powell, was disinherited. 
She charged In her suit that West, 
her brother, influenced Mm. Powell 
to make him chief beneflclsry 
through causing her 'to forget she 
hsd a sister." 

VICTOR ■irHrniN 

llie body of Vlnor Itlchemn. iuii <>( Mi 
and Mrs, J. J. Rlrhesin of 853 East Elm 
Mrerl. who died Saturday night In a Chl- 
<BR(> Imnpltal ft>llo»ltiK nil llliir.'^.s nf unite 

■ IMX-nctu ids. nrrlvrd tirrr r«rlv lliln inorii- 
liiB mid wak Iskeii lii rliarse by the Alma 

■ .nhmeyer funeral home which will over- 
^ee arranseinent* for burial here. The 
voung man was an insurance agent with 
headquarters In Indlanspolls The father 
was notified of his sons serious Illness 
and reached Clilcngo belore he died. 


Wiloii Eiilder. 6«. Frl5co lelearsph op- 
rrstor at NlrJioU Juiitlioii. died In a 
lotpllal here at 9:30 oclock tonight fol- 
Io«lnc a »liorl lllneiui Mr. Snider had 
been an eu.plove of the Prlsro railroad 
for a quarter of a renlurv He Is sur- 
Mied bv hi.-. »ifr. Mr.v Aluc Siildir t»o 
'm.v n.irt II Ni.lder of SprniRfirld.' and 
Clark L. SnMer of Cartervllle. III.: hia 
molh^. Mr«. rranrls Snider of Hprlns- 
IleJd; and one daughter. Mrs. Arthur R 
■)o6erg of Springfield, rnncral arrange- 
gfP4 IT* '". «*»«rg« of the Alma Loli- 
mtnr fttotrfti home;**' 

„. .. MRS. MAKV E. C.\rs 

Mrs. Mary E. Cain. 69. died at g s\ 
o clock last night u. her home. ISM West 
Walnut street. She is surtlved by her 

ler MUs ElUabril, uf t)it home ad-; four sisters. Mrs Prrd Bauer and 
Mrs. J. K. Harvey of Springfield. Mm. 
Anna Clrankemper of Rlrhrr. Mo siid 
Mr». Hrnry Klrkmryrr of Pelrrr'cilT 
four brolltcrs and one grandchild The 
Hermnn M I.ohmrypr tunrral home Is In 
cliarfc ul tuiirral airaiiKriiirn(.'< 

U.X AR E. .sl||u»..NUAUI 
runeral services for Owar E Solioen- 

ZVSl *•• **"• *"^ "* '"» home. }44» 
Nortli Main avenue, jeslrrday morning 
after a brief lllnens. «||| he held at 
•f** «'cJoek Wednesday afurnnoa In 
the St. John's Evangelical church the 
R'verend A Rrhiill)! offlrlatln? Inter- 
ment will be under direction of W t 
5«*n>e. Mr. Schoenwald is »urvlved by 
nia wife: his mother. Mrs. Augusta 
Bchomwald of Oermann. Mo ; two daugh- 
ters. Misses JuUa and LiUv of the home 
address: t«o sons. Edward of Chicago 
•nd Paul of the home: two sisters. Miss 
Clarw Schoenaald of Oermann and Mrs 
ilaltia Kramer of St. Louu. and a brother. 
■dwBrd Scboenwald of Oermann 

Page 1: Efton Flood died of injuries November 27.** 
Page 2: Wilson Snider died.** 

Victor G. Richesin died.** 

Oscar E. Schoenwald died.** 

Mrs. Mary E. Cain died.** 
Page 14: Miss Virginia Young and Mr/. Albert O. Haberman were married. 

Miss Elsie Hartley and Dr. Bruce E. Ratcliff were married.** 





Stone County Prosecutor 

I Convwiceil 'ttmth's Demise 

Accidental, Although His 

1 Father Holtte to. Theory o! 

I Murder- . ••■ - 

I niimnrn thut fmil i»>«r itiht h»y« 
"(Harvd k part In the druth nr Kfton i 
Plojd, M-yp«»-old' Jamrx river! 
Bul.'f »ho tflfd <vf- InJurlfF, iipp«r- ' 
rnily snffrrrd »hfn hl» cur plimRfd 

. ovrr nn r mbBukmrnl noor Ci«lrn» 
November J7. are trroundlcM. Pro«e- ' 

' r'Ulne Attornrv .1 B Norm«n di»- 

, clarrd at Galena lodav. 

j Since foAn aftrr rifxTd'x 'dr«th. 
Norman t*\<i. the nininrR of .<orar 
myslrrioiix t;>r<r<r m l)i' mrid'-iii 

i which Wiled 'him have persisted. 

'••vet I »».i convlnred at (Ir.'l and' 
am iifiM Ilia' wiri> i> i.fMii.i,; '.■ ihi" 

I Questioned reRardinR reports that 

I IhreatenliiK lrll<T<! were found In 

'^r*>oda clothes after his death. Mr. 


Mr Normnn said hr w«s a distant 

UWohner Stflne county itheHf( •nd, 

trenfiirT. flnd herausr of this reU- 

tton naturally had been very careful 
. in liurstlgatlnK the action which 

killed the. man. He went with a 
I Justice of the peace and t coroner's 
\ jury to the scene of the wreck of 
.Kl<Ki<|s (»r iniiiicdlalrly after tlir 

accident, he jwld. and "yoti could, 
■ follow the tracks of the ear along 
• the highway and nee where It dived . 

off, all so plain that nothing else 
Woyld -b"^' linPI""''''" ^ pBrtlv 

'flrted liquor bottle- waa foupd Inj 

Floods hunting coat, according t« 

«Jie'pro«««»UnK •H«n>ey. i 

Father Sospeet* Morrfer 
•J M Flood. Ffton Floods -father. 
^ffm^^tUUIMtA that ft cheritlcal 
"a'nalvsls of opof* fund on two 
iatonea. picked up near the edge of i 
itb* bluir nhere hia »on died, prov- ^ 
~r<S the apols to be human blood. He 
.hold* to a theory of murder, de-, 
iclarlnp his son. tinwiltlngly. acted 
Taa an undercover agent for a group 
of federal ^jrohlbltlon officers last. 
[June. • - ' 

-Fiitieial service^ !nr W.ixji; ^-n. ■'.•!. fit. 
Frl.^co telegraph operator .it Nll^lol^ Jutn- 
tlon, who died In a hovptia! I pre Mon>!n\ 
nliht following a brief illness, a;!! ur to.-i- ■ 
<)tti!t«<t at 3-30 o'clock Wfdneaday aftrtnooti | 
':. th' M-Tio I.i-h:iir\"r f'l.-^ ho-ne ' 
BurUl will be In .Maple Park c<meter.» i 
For mor* than a quarter of a renttiry • 
Mr Snider i.-il been an employe of •]•'• 
Frlaco railway. He Is »iirvlved hv hi* 
wUa. Un. AHc« Snider; two aoni. Burt H i 
Snider of Sprlnjtfleld and Clark L. Snider | 
of Carterrllle. III., a daughter. M" • 
ArthMr It' 81-iberg of Sprlrrfi'ld- one 
• Inter. Mrs Dora Hun-rr of nfr 
Mo. and Ms motiur. Mr.*. Knuif.^ 
Snidef of Whitewater The Tteverend ' 
Mansfield will dr".-^ •'-». '-.r-n' ..--.-->- 

\KTOR r. KKHrsiv 

Funeral tervhes for VUfr (• li!i-iie>.:i 

•M X»H Bra Rtrctt. who died Saturday j 
Bight In ■ Chlcato* hoapltat. «1U b€.> held | 
lit a o'clock Wedneadar afternoon at the i 

l» aurtlved br hi* wife. Mrs Nola Ttlchesin : 
maafmiM.ton. 4%tk, at lodiauapolla. ind.. 
iniiddltton to hli parenta here. Ma had 
bMA tnplored M atate agent for the Aulo 
Tnaurane* company vlU) office* tn Indian- 


"^-TBn#f*r aarricta Oscar B. SchoenwaM. 
s«. nf J«<9 North Main avenue, will be 
held W'edntadav afternon at 1:30 o'clock 

• at Bt John'a Kvanirelleal church.^ followed 

tiv Interment In Oreen!airr. ceirieterv '.n 
charge of Htarr.e'a mortuary I i »• ».Ir 
mother, two .aona, two daughters, a | 
! brother and two ilitera surtlve ' 

.MR>i. .M.tRV i:. r\fv 

Fiireral i»r\Te« foi Mr' \?,.rv F r^siiV 

riQ. a ho died Mondav rich! ni l-'r l"->ri'- 

' : 4 \\ r-. • \\a!ni; >• • p«-v -v ■ ' ..• -■ 

W'rtne'd.iy inornif.g a: 3 o clc, k <i S; 

, Agnea church, folloaed bv Interment In 6t 

. Marv'j reineterr In charge of the Tlermar , 

w ff' -.- '.•."■.' 1-.^-, »• \1 '' fa"- I. 

I 'lirvived bv her husband. .lohn. t«o .\on«. i 
, William and Albert, and a daushlcr ' 
I Kllzalieth all of Springfield, and -oiie , 

grand^lil.d. Four o-iit.'iers aiui ilic .'oIIdw- 
, inn "isteis aleo survive Mrs Fred Bauer 
; end Mrr J F Hsrber of Ppringfleld. Mrs. I 

IAntia Oraskamper of Rirhey. Mc. aiiU Mis. i 
atarj KIrkiiMKt ol^PtUc* CUr. Ma, 

Miss Young Weds 

I Mr f.nd Mrs. C B Youns ot Cnf- 
»rr i'I<- Kii i-nl-ounT 'h» mnrtlni:''' 
r.f tlir'.r (Iroi^litrr. Vr;iiil.i. '" -^Ir : 

1 Altaart O. Hsberman. son of Mr. ami j 

r*a«~"«irrrtint7ed Ritrurrtay evening I 
iThr r-vrrriul F.rrr" .=>■:.>- pcrlorm- 
! <■»! the r'-irnr.oiu-,"»h;'-*i » »■" ;£"• '•'; 
•the p«r-r,nr>ce r.t the C<T:al fh::<.- 
AJtrr a *hort. '.rip. Mr 
Kk. ><!>«>( at j 
YifTBoiith Clay avenue. . 

Wedding Vows 

An ii'.IonnKl m>r-.-:r v^« •>..f 
ifunday mornlnc :n K>--.>> <~ ■■ M-. 
TwiTpfl^ MIM EI«tP lU::>.v of b«l:r». 
Kan. Ix^aniP thr br!«l» of Dr. Br-a'-» 
■ B. Httcliff of »lil^ ri'T "The r»r»- 
Imony waa' trail »t the ftoa»e of 'he 

H»-.rli:t ■*:.'■ n.r.>.<- : ■■■'■ 




Page 1: Mrs. W. H. Tucker was killed.** 
Page 6: LeConipte infant died.** 

Wilson Snider died.** 

Victor G. Richesin died.** 

Oscar E. Schoenwald died.** 

Mrs. Mary E. Cain died.** 

Dan Withers Martin died.** 





Mrs. W. H. Tucker Dead and! 
Mrs. H. M. Ray, 65, fn SeH- 
ous Condition as Result of 
'Flaming Youth' Episode 


Justice Fixat Bonds at $15«« 
000 Following Hsaring: 
Woman Knocked 30 Fast at 
Purdy Straat Crossing 

QNE wommn u demd aod aoothnr 

U In • crtUcaJ ooodiUoaM • ra« 

«ult of betnK itnick br an kotomo- 

_ Wl* ocpuplfd by two boys and two 

'«lrl companions celebrating • 

■"drinking party .- 

] fUTM. w. H. Tueker, Tl. pfomlaaof 

Purdy wooMin. was kUML and UXB^ 

R. M. luj^as. aiflo BMoibar of • van 

known Purdy family, is not fnfftTtfil 

I to live, attendant* at ■ hospital at 

tuonett where alw was takao said 

♦last night. " " "• * '• 





The two elderly 
left the Pint Baptist ebordl 
day evealnc and 


'tlmiod down tKTsteSt at Its Idgk 
rntr of speed and on out the road 

i toward CaMvlUe for about two mllaa 
where It ran inlo a ditch. PtoUowln* 
tha wreck tha two young . eoaptoa 
'Vert' arreattd by > OottrtaWa 3 Al 
Weeks, who had pursued them. 
♦._ * 

ASK iiMaa B0.VO8 


^__ *■ 

Royal nus. Barry county proae- 

cutor. said that the young people 

were intoxicated and that they liava 

I gince admitted that they bad been 

• drlnklns -rather heavy- during th« 

1 evening. When arraigned belors 

' Jiwllce W. P. carter yesterday 

I their bonds were set at «15.000 each, 

j but as they were unable to maka 

'thfem they were remanded to JalL 

, Prellmlnsry hearing* wlU be held 

' St Purdy Prlday morning. 

I Mrs. Tucker Is a slsterlnlaw of 

I M M. Btrother. Purdy merchant. 

while Mrs. Ray U the mother of 

J*mc« Ray. hardware dealer. 

Prosecutor EUls said both boys 

were under parole by juvenile court 

1 for petty law vloUtlona. Stark, ha 

said, had served a term In the re- 

I fonnatory at Boonnle. Tonng Finn 

l<^ a son of Bra Ptnn. Monett 

(trocer. The Knee girl Is a student 

: of the CassvUe high school. 



of the mala strtsti at Pordr «1W 
tha young peopls^ ear. trtddi^dOi^ 
cers said was speeding, stnitk 
knocking UMb about 10 tcft^j^, 
j^2J^{^oeenpaat8 ^ 


Uurtal acivlc** loc the Itilant daughter 
of Mr. aod Mr*. John W. LccompU Of 
, lOil Wttl. Mount Vernon etre«t, who died 
t Tutiday ' morning In a hoapltal. wlU -l>c 
I held this ^Mternooo at > oeloek In Bt. 
t Mary's celietcry, under the directlon«<o( 
W. L atarne. 

wiiJ«ON sNinr.R 

Kuneral lervicea (or Wll»on Hnlder. §4, 

[ rnwo islrgraph operator at NIchoU Junc- 

I (loh. who died In ■ hospital her* Monday 

I night rellowing a brief illness, will be eon- 

dufied al J JO o rlork thl« afternoon 

In tha Alma L4»hm*yer funeral home. 

Riirial will b* In Maple Park cemetery. 

^or more than a quarter nt a rentiiry 

Mr. Hnlder had been an employe of the 

FrUco rallwav. He I* survived hv hi* 

«lfe, Mr«, Alice Hnlder: two sona. Burt H. 

.Snlrter of 8prln((irld and Clark L. Snider 

of Cartervllle. 111.. a daughter. Mr*. 

Arthur R. 8)ober« of Springfield: one 

»liiter. Mrs. r>ora Hunter of Whitewater. ; 

Mo. and hli. mofher. Mrs. FrancU 

Snider of Whitewater The Reverend 

'^snslitld will deliver tb* farcral sermon.; 


Funaral Mrvleai lor Victor O. Rlontiln, 

nan of Ur. and Mr*. J, J. RIehMin of 

•m Etit Mm ilrMt. who dlod 8«lurd«T | 
nliht In a Chlcoro heiplUl. will be hrld < 

■ I 2 e'riock thl* afterDOon al th« j 
Alma Lohmayer Funtral chapel, and ! 
kurlal wlU b« In Hu«lweo4 oannUry. Ha i 
U lurTlved by hlf wifa. Mr*. Nola RIchcila ' 

■ nd one »on. Jack, at Indianapolis. Ind . 
In addltloa to hli parantu here. He had 
been emplOT*d an ilata agent for the Aula 
Iniiiranct company with offlcea In Indian- 

osoAE r. nfiiorNWAi.n 

runerti aarvlc** Oncar C. Hchoenwald. 

M. of 744* North Mala avenua. will be 

h'ld thl» afternoon at 3:30 e'r1o<-k at 
I 81. .»nhn'» rvangellcal rhiirrh. followed 
I b» inleriufnl In Oreenlawn cemetery In 

rh*r(e of niarne'n mortuary The wife. 
' mother, two aona. two daughter!. • 

brother and iwo lUier* purrlrf. 


I Fiiner»1 tervlren for Mr« Mary K. Cain. | 
' At. who died Monday night *l hrr home, t 
ISM Weil Walnut atreet. will be held 
ihli morning at • o'clock In St. Agnes 
church, followed by lnt«rment In at 
Mary'a eamatcry In charga of the Herman 
H. Lohmcyer funeral horn*. Mrs. Cain ii 
•urrtTed by haf h«lilMU>d. John, two aona, 
Wllljain and Albort, and a daughter, 
Xlliabeth. all of Bprlngflald, and one 
grandchild. Pour brothers and the follow- 
ing alstcra alao turrlTC: Mrs Pred Bauer 
and Mr*. /, K. Htr^ of Bprlngflcld. Mra. 
Anna Ora>kjmf>*r' kif Rlchey. Mo., and Mrs. 
Henry KIrkmtyar of Palrca City. Mo. 


t>Bn Withers Martin, month -old son of 
Mr. and Mrs Charlei Msrtin «3S Hoi- 
Und •venue, died »t 7 n'rlork laiit nithi 
Interment »ill be In r.««i Lawn o#meterT 
Thursday morning under dlreciion of the 
Alma Lnhmever funeral home Betides the I 

I , parents, tha child Is survived hr two j 

brothers, rharles. Jr . tod Edvliu and I 
«Tt lUtm. Xota car MHT ia» * 

Page 5: John Todd died.** 

Mrs. Daisy Adams died.** 
Page 8: Mrs. W. H. Tucker was killed.** 
Dan Withers Martin died.** 
LeCompte infant died.** 
Page 12: There is an article about Dr. Edgar Samuel Thompson, a graduate of Drury 
college. He is both physician and a lawyer. 

Dr. Capl. Edgar Samuel 'Ihoinp- 
son, LL.. D . toii'.uiucs In acquire 
knowIrdgC and is "-v. r\ l;»».>rr a.s 

1 well a& a doctor. The Ch*rl«»ton 

1 News tl)us UU5 U>c nory: 

I -Captain Edgar Thdnipson. com- 
manding officer of U»o naval hospi- 
tal, and medlral officer nt the 
Cluii Ir .Ion iiav; .•..tri! a i < i-'-e ol 
the eleven catididHtes who ^u^■cc^1- 
(ully tirtKM-a ilie si.iic Iward ex- 

t ninllKillon lor hii-ii.M- to ir.i. !..•.!.■ I.ry 

I in South Carolina. «i"\irdin« to in- 
loinuitiiiM rro-.'.n! ;!i ( li.iri<>t..a 

I Jroiii Cohimbia vrsl'iila-. 

, •Captain 'Ki.ii.ii.-i.n. \ lio 1.a» 

],^r\td 111 llic. navy for ns \r»T%. 
^..iiLtd Uv, ill (>\:v: ■ \\ .i ,:iUi».-u" 

I university, while aUaclitd to the 

Lpilta«.v^teiT*<H ^ Wuhlngton.? 

f Captnlii niuinp-oli mined tlie iini- 
\ersiiy in I9:i6, wi ihc aainc unic 
\'-*M''mt^'^Bis^T^mm);moa. •yrU be 

(gan Uic 6ludy o^ law. and lather 
and son were gradunted with the 
deitree of LL. n. In the cla.»s 19C9 

lilb<«; iliMii., «j. , Aiiu ... li'jv* all 

altomey-«l-lHW lu Charleston, was 
admitted to Ihf^ '. f^iitli Curolina 
bar In June. 1929,' shortly after hw 

"While CnpUuii J Thompson docs 
not Intend to enter Ihe active prac- 
tice of Inw. lie thouxlii that since 
he had re<«ivrd a dfuroc In lau he 
should belong to the bar s>f «>nie 


i ! 

state, and chose Koulli Carolina be- ol lU3 pn-sfut us,--iK:iiiiicnl to 
duty at the navy yard here." 

. • • 

Dr. Thompson pr.-.diialrd frnni 
Urury colkgc ui one ol the cariy 
ela.'^.'ses. one of 'he iv.fmbfrs cf tin- 
class iM-iinf bciiaiot Tlionia-s B. Love. 
the man who siwune Texas In'o 
hue lor Hi.o\(r Ui . 1 !..-:v.p^f n <\\:i> 
proi)trty in .'^pnii.jtiild and will re- 

* ; :, ! i L • •; t':> a;. J 

probably pnirtice medicine, ^lie 
doctor wa.s a.ssociated with Doctor 
O^ler. llic crlcbratrd .s.irKooii durinc 
the war. the ver>' prr.<oii wlm 
wnnlni to V.:'.'. ill v.'.d proplr asii^fr- 
1PS.S. 'Doctor 0.-\cT kept active up to 
the time of his death and admif'i-d 
to Doctor Thompson thai he was 
wroiit; In diclaiiri^; |x.iiplc ol AKt 
were iiecc.viarily iiscles.-. !.'■ > ; : 
Thompson nsked' Osier why lip did 
flol correct his former .statement. 
Doctor CMrr sjiid iw in'ciKlit; I., b .t 
he never did. Wlirn Doctor llioiiip- 
."iDii Kradualrd from Drury there 
were but four members of Ihe .sen- 
ior tla?s. .SUico goUiR Into the navy 
he hr..s been in about, every countiy 
In .the world. With Osier In mind 

Doctor T ! :: ; , . ■ ...>•.- 

i*'7 ■,\i • ' :'. '\.r >;..:. I ..'.. t.>k.i:i., na- 
tion foi- a ln\v\er's license, writes; 

■'Us eld (ellows are not so bad 
after all." 


■^rWrSl »rrvlrr» for John TodC M. wtl*' 
f«minbrf t. wtll b* held ThurtdB<r at —"^ 

„, _ rrslrtrnie. Tlie Mr»frfnd K 

' L McAllMrr »ill l)« In rtitrtit ol li.e 

I Krncto Buriil .»lll b» In 8ouui,JI»tfl- 

wood cfII>^^«ty undrr Hit dlrfctloa -ol lh« 

Daur AdBint'ltJO North Wuliinf • | 

(on mriii- rtlrd «t-hrr hnmc e«nf thl» 
morinnu. fini-iiu »i :uii£iii.( nn are p^nc:- 
iiit MUM 111' l'»in|>b'll rnrtrrlKklne rom- 

' ytviw Slif .^ lurM'.^l bv her hUAban)!. 
L»\i A«liim5. ore oon. Willl»it>. ol 81 

'■•Joseph nn-l t!i:re »l't'r«. Mr« Arnle Ct«» '• 

' •«! Mrs fcntlir B-d»tl of the home •d- . 

. drrti -Knd Mr< ClRmire H»<-k!i»T of Tul«» 
• lid two hrnt!'.<-i« i.f Lllll' i:ork'. Ark. 



f'. !- 


Four Are-Held In Default of 
Heavy Bonds After Auto 
Slaying; Confess Drinking 
Homebrew Before Starting 
for Drive 

Four iouiig |H(.>1)1('. two Lxiy.s and 
two girl's, are in thr Barry county 
Jail at Cassville awalllnK prelimi- 
nary hearlnK Friday on a man- 1 
islaughUr charge, after their car i 
atruck two Purdy women Monday] 
night and kUlfd one of them In- 

Mra. H. M. Rhea. M. was "sUght- | 

ly Ijotproved" In a Moiielt hosplta! j 

today, wherr she waa treated for aj 

fractured skull. Mrs. W. H. Tucker,] 

79. WM killed. 

- Car Doeant Stop 

The occupants of the car were 

Eugene Starlcs, 21, and Herman 

PlmC^aoy both of Monett: Flora 

BUck. 17. and Edna Knee. 16, both 

The two womrn tvcir n-rrr rrctss.- 
Uig the fctrcct at Purdv about » 
o'clpcli Monday night after services 
l|| eti»> wap tut ehufch there when 
ffln^town bj th« tutomoblle, driven 
TlMy were thrown a8T«| 


IRQ^^Mt from the- speeding crf, 
wMoi continued through the town 
^IrQWd Cawvllle without stopping. 

The two girls and Starka were 
taken into custody a halt hour a(l- 
«r the woinrn wcrr run down. Tlicy 
' were arrolrd nrnr whrrc tlirir rur 
had run Into a ditch a mtte and a 
half south of Purdy on the high- 
way. Con."»tablc Al Weeks had pur- 
sued the car. A. C. Holman. son of 
Sheriff W. H. Tloltnan. of nnrry 
cotintv. ant' O'^piitv f'.corcr Smith I 
took ihera in chaigc. 

Admit Drinking Beer 

Finn, son of a Monett grocer, was 
avrcslt'd iil llie luime ol lii.s IuiIkt 
at 2 o'clock Tuesday morning. The 
four are being held In default of 
$1.1,000 bond each. A charge of 
inan-slnuRhter !.•; expected to be filed 
by Royal Ellis. Barry county prose- 
cutor. Justice of the Peace W. P. 
Carter- of Purdy will hold the pre- 
liminary hearing Friday morning. • 

The four young people made no 
effort to deny the accusUtlon. Sher- 
iff Holman said today. Tlicy ad- 
mitted Ihry had been drinking 
• lionic br.-w" brforr \hr nccideiit or- 
currcd. SUrks is fcaitl by olliais | 
to have served a term In state prl- | 
son rtbout two years ago for shoot- 
ing Chris Carter, aged man living 
near Cassville. Finn hia also been 
In trouble before. The Knee girt 
IS i« Ca.'^'-ville High school sludrnl. j 
I Mrs. Tucker was a slslrrlnlaw of 
1 H. M. Slrothers: Purdy merchant, j 
and Mrs. Hhea is tiic inoiht-r of 
James Rhea. Purrty hardware dealer. | 




Interment for Dan WItlMra Martin. »*kF 

.•on ol Mr. and Mri. Charles Martin at 
oa.l Holland ntfnue. will b« t.f.d at 10 
oVIoik T^lllr5<1l^v mornin? in Eait Lawn 
cem«!teri ly f»i»ni« of the Ahua Irfjhineyer 
funeral homr The child dl»d Tuasdav 
niKliI Uf.Milf"* tlie p«r*tit». I»3 brother*. 
Cbarlen. Jr.. and Bflwln. and two alatcn. 
Loll and Mary Ann. sorTlTe. 


Burial (erviffs for tlia hifanl daughter 

r..' M; .i:..! '■'■ • ''.'." W I.*Compl» of 
i in.M Mount \eriifn street, who died 
I lutMlnv. wcie hfld at St. Mary's cemetery 
I sit 1 i>'cl(>i-k rU'.^ afternoon In charge of 




Page 1: Col. and Mrs. A. H. Harrison were killed.** 
Page 3: Mrs. George Hakcelebrated her 90th birthday.** 
Page 5: Dan Withers Martin died.** 

Frank Maxwell died.** 
Page 6: Mrs. Daisy Adams died.** 

John Todd died.** 

Mrs. Winnie CroU and Judge Leonard Franklin were married.** 
Page 11: Card of thanks.** 

I ImmedtaUty to Jefferoon City whrn ; 

I Informed by M. R. M«nn, duirlct 

mannRer of the B«ll cmnpsny herr 

Hmrold McN«mef. driver o( the' 
' bu«. wild hf luw the H»rrl.v>n 
machine approaching but paid wani 
•ttenUon -(»-lt aa It waa on the; 
rlCht Ode of tb« concrete hlfhway. 
AS Um bua and th« Mdan were about , 
to p«aa, McName« aald the auto' 
KUddenly swerved and crashed head- ' 
I on Into the bux. He told orflceri It 
' app<«red Col. Hanixon. who waa '■ 
■~4i4vlng. attempted to bring his c«r| 
' bark onto the pavement after the . 

right wheels had left the pavement 
fMcNamee had left PultAn a xhort 
' lime before for Kingdom City, a mile \ 
! north of the crash, where the bus! 
, would have turned on highway 40 
frM*8t Louts. I 

I Four paanangera on the bua were 
bnilaed and ahaken up and Uken 
j to Callaway county hoapiUI here for ; 
emerveney treatment. No name* 
were' obUlned by ho«plUl authorl- 
i Col. HarrJuon- waa an attorney 
practicing at SteelvlUe. when he was 
appointed director of the sute penal 
board by former Oovemor Baker. 
Tha Harrlaona had one child, Mr*. 
Vincent M. Carroll of St. Louis. Mrs. 
Harrl-son Is survived by her mother. < 
Mrs. M. 8. Coppage. «0. and her , 
grandmother. Mrs. Ellrabeth Lan- . 
tern, 91, both of whom were spend- 
ing the winter with ,lhe Harrlsona 
here. '•Their home U In flteelvt