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A N T I Q_U A R y. 

Vol. the Fourth, 
In two Parts. 

TheFirft Part publifh'd from the 
Original, the Second from Mr. 
Burton's Tranfcript, in the BOD 
LEIAK Library. 

By Thomas Hearne M. A. 

With an APPENDIX, 

And an Account of fome Antiquities 
found in TORK-SHIRE. 

The Second Edition. 


Printed at the T h e a t e r for James Fletcher ^ Bookfeller 
in the Tnrl\ and Jofeph Pote, Bookfeller at Eaton. 


Leyland's fuppofed Ghoft. 

Oat of 

Ra. Brooke s 7)ifcoverjr of Err ours &c. 

AM I deceavM? or doth not Leylaufs Ghoft, 
Complayne of Wrong fuftayned after Death j 
As VirgiPs Pe/uiere accus'd his Hoft 
The fbracian King for cruel Breach of Fayth, 
And Treafijrs gayn'd, by ftoppinge of his Breath ? 
Ah greedie Gardiam that t'injoye his Goods, 
Didft plundge thy Princelie Ward into the Floods. 
Am I deceav*d ? or doth not Leyland's Spirit 
Complaine with Ghoftes of Emtfi/b Notaries; 
Whom Telidarus Virgl robd of Merit, 
Bereft of Name, and fackt of Hiftories, 
While (Wretch) he raviflit Englijb Libraries ? 
Ah wicked Booke-theefe whofoevcr did it : 
Should one burne all, to get one fingle Credit ? 
Am I deceav'd ? or doth not Ley Id* J* s Spirit 
Make Hue and Crye for fome Booke-Treafure Steltb, 
Rifling his Workes, and razing Name and Merit, 
Whereby are (mothered a Prince-given Wealthy 
A learned Wryter's Travayle, Witts and Health ? 
AH thefe he fpent to doe his Cuntrie pleafure : 
Ob fave his Name, theWorld may know his Treafure ! 
I am deceav'd, for Leyland's Ghoft doth reft 
From Plaints and Cryes with Soules of Blefled Men. 
But Heaven and Humane Lawes cannot difgeft 
That fuch rare Fruids of his laborioufe Penn 
Came to be drown'd in fuch a thankles Denn. ' 

And therefore Heaven and all Humanitie doth fue, 
That Ley/and dead, may have his Titles due. 

N. B. Mr. Camden ought not to be reckoned amongft the 
Plagiaries that are renewed upon in thefe Verfa. 




WITH refpeSt to this Fourth Volume of Mr. Ice- 
land's Itinerary it mufi be obfertfd that it confifii 
of two Parts $ thefirft Part whereof being wanting 
m Mr. Burton's Tranfcript I have publiftfdfrom 
the Original without any other Help or Affiftance. Thejecond 
Part/* exftant in Mr. Burton's Copy ; but the Original is nei- 
ther ;»^Bodlejan nor in any other Library that I can 
hear of. Nor do I find that Sir William Dugdale, who fre- 
quently motes this Part in his Antiquities of Warwick-mire, 
andffard neither Cofts nor Pains to procure the moft authen- 
tick Evidences /ir Confirmation of his feveral Difcourfes, 
ever faw the Original. On the contrary I plainly perceive by 
his References that he made ufe of Mr. Burton's Copy ; and 
9 tis that I have been forced whouy to defend upon 9 which I 
have followed with the fame Exa&nefs as if H had been an 
Original. I mufi however here ingenuoufly confefs that if Mr* 
Stowe's Tranfcript (which I have jufi received by the Favour 
oftbofe two Excellent Gentlemen whom I have formerly men- 
tion* «) had come to my Hands before this Volume was printed 
affi I could, in good meafure, have fupplfd the Lacunae and 
other Defects that wiU be found in it, especially fuch as were 
occafwn'd by fome of the Leaves being torn out. I mufi now be 
forc'd to referve thefe Improvements/^ my Review, where I 
JhaU withall add fuch as I can make by the Help of this Tran^ 
fcript to the other three Volumes that are already publi/k 9 d ; 
but as to thofe Parts which are yet unprinted, I will make it 
my Bufinefs to note the Variations and infert the Supplements 
in their proper Places. 

In my Preface to the Firfi Volume fi I have made mention of 
a thin Folio Tranfcript in the B o d l e j a n Library of fome 
of Mr. Leland's Works from the Original in the Hands of Sir 
Henry St. George. Divers of the Particulars contain d in it 

« Mr. Davies and Mr. Prescot. See the Preface 
to Vol. H. *Pag.XIV. 

* * Mr. 



Mr. Leland collected from the Writings of Mr. John Rofs, or 
Roufe, the Warwick Antiquary, when he was furveying that 
Town and the Places adjacent* This Manufcript I have thought 
jit to fubjoyn by way of Appendix to this Fourth Volume in 
which the Town of Warwick is difcours'd of Amongfi other 
momentous Paflages /* this Appendix is a Chapter * about 
WlLLtAM of WiCKHAM ; at the Beginning of which Mr. 
Leland informs us that fome fuppos y d William of Wick- 
ham was a Baftard. He mentions it as a Suppofition of 
fome People ; not as a thing which he believed hiwfelf And 
yet a certain Author fi puts it down for Truth ; and quotes 
Leland and Hollinfhedyar his Vouchers. According to Le- 
land the great Antiauary, (Jays y this Writer) he was Baftard- 
Son to one Perrot, Town^Clerke of W'tckham in Hamp-fhire. 
Hoi, paz. 527. One would think from hence that both Leland 
*nd HoTlinlhed had i& exprefs Terms ajftrted that Wil- 
liam of Wickham was a Baftard, whereas they are fo far 
from this that Leland (peaks of it only as a Suppofition of 
fome Men , for which perhaps there was very tittle or no 
Ground, and Hollinfhed exactly follows him in what he fays. 
If fo notorious a Mifreprefentation (not to fay FaM&OLtion) 
be difcover*d in fomething more than a Line of this Author s 
Writings, whatjhall we think of the reft of them ? efpeciaUy 
if we consider that it appears from them that the Writer is a 
Man of Time-ferving, Trimming, Republican Principles, 
fuch as are again fi the DoBrine of the Church of England, and 
fuch as all good Antiquaries utterly abhor and deteft ? For, as 
the Reverend Dr. White Kennett rightly obferves *, (and I 
*a>\jh this Author, whoever he be •, would take care to imprint 
it in his Memory) this Juftice muft be done to Antiquities 
* and the Churcn of England : None have been perfeft Ma- 

ilers of the one, but what have been true Sons and Servants 
of the other. 

« Pag. 1*0. fi Of the Notes to the Life of Henry IV. 
printed in the late three Folio Volumes call'd A complete Hi- 
fiory <?/England. y Pag. 291. f Life of Mr. Somner pag.14. 
* Perhaps fome Light for difcovery of him may be received 
from a Note (written by an Honourable Perfon, eminent for 
Probity and Integrity) that is put at the Beginning of one of 
the Volumes of the faid complete Hiflory in the Library of St, 
Johns-College Qxon. 



To this Fourth Volume I have prefixed a Letter written by 
the ingenious Mr. Thoresby to my Honour' d and Learned 
Friend Dr. Hans Sloane, concerning fome Antiquities 
found in York-fhire ; to which I have added fome Remarks of 
my own upon the fame Occafion. 

Bodlejan Library 
June 14th, mdccxi, L » r 

A Letter 


A Letter from 

M r . Ralph Thoresby 


To D r . Hans Sloane 
Concerning fome Antkujities 

Found in 



TH E kind Reception you was pleas'd to afford 
an Account of the Brafs Inftruments lately 
found in Torfyhire, encourages me to give 
you the trouble of this Defcription of what I efteem 
a much greater Curiofity, which was fince prefented 
to me by Stephen Tempejl ofBrougbton in Craven Efq;, 
whofe Servants fome years ago, as they were digging 
for Stone in one of his Horfe Paddocks, found a Ro- 
ntdn Urn 10. Inches Diameter, and about 6. or 7. 
deep, with the Mouth down upon the Lime-Stone- 
Rock. In this were a Brafs Lance, with a Hone to 
/harpen it upon, and a Sccuris lapidea, or Mallet's 
(lead, of potifhed Marble, the molt curious and in- 

An Account of fom Antiquities vis 

tire of any I ever beheld, and fome Fragments of 
Bones, molt turned to duft, but thofe that remain'd 
were bored thro' the end with the fame little Inftru- 
ment with which the Whet -Stone and Lance are 
alio bored. In the next Field was found what is call'd 
an Iron Knife, half a yard long, fuppos'd to have been 
us'd in the Roman Sacrifices. The Place was marked 
with a great Boulder of a Pyramidal Form, that ap- 
pear'd about an Inch above Ground, and in the Year 
1700. a Brafs Fibula was found upon another Lime- 
Stone-Rock. All which argue how converfant the £0- 
rnans were even in the more rugged parts of thefe 
Northern Countries, The above mentioned Inftru- 
ments of Brafs were the happy occafion of an elabo- 
rate Diflertation of the ingenious Mr. Hcarnc> which 
has already had two Editions, ( as I am told ) one at 
London in the Philofophical Tranfaftions N°. 322, 
and the other at Oxford in his Edition of Leland's 
Itinerary. I wifti this may procure the like from 
him, or fome Perfon ofCuriofity, who can have ac- 
cefs to Publick Librarys and Mujea, where many Ad- 
vantages may be had, which my private Station in 
thefe remote Parts prevents the Notice of, and which 
are abfolutely neceflary to a juft Diflertation upon a 
Matter of fo very great Antiquity, and which I am 
therefore very unfit to difcourfe of; only Reafon 
tells us, that before the Ufe of Metalls was found out, 
the Aborigines in each Country would make ufe of 
Stones, Flints, Shells, Bones, &c. form'd in the beft 
manner they could to the various Ufes they defign'd 
them ; and 'tis ufual for fuch Inftruments or Utenfils 
gratefully to retain, even in different Languages, the 
Memory of the firft Matter they were made of, as 
Cochleare, a Spoon, (tho' of Metall ) becaufc Cockle- 
SheUs were firft us'd to that purpofe. So Candle-Jlicl^ / 
or Staff ( for it is canbel-jrtaep in the Saxon Monu- 
ments;) fo likewife Hooks (Amos iv. 2.) in the Ori- 
ginal is Thorns, with which they ufed to peirce Firti, 


fin Found in York-lhire. 

before they had the skill of applying Iron to that 
Ufe : and, to give but one Inftance more, the Sharp 
Knives {Jofb. V. 2.) us'd in Circumcifion are by our 
Saxon Anceftors (who received their very Names from 
the Weapon call'd Sex or Se ax, cutter, gladius ) ftil'd 
j-taenene yex, (Mr. Thu/aites's Sax. Heft. ) which in 
the Original is Knives of Flint, which is more agree- 
able both to thofe Parts of the World, where there 
was but little Iron, and to that Operation wherein 
the Jewifh Do&ors fay that fharp, Flints or Stones 
" were us'd. So as to the Matter in hand, the Ancient 
Britains, with whom Iron was Co rare that C&far tells 
us they made Money of it, made their Arrow Heads 
of Flint , of which I have two fomewhat different, 
but both pretty near the Form of that reprefented by 
Dr. Plot, ( Staff. Tab. xxxiii. 1. ) in which Place we 
have alio the Figure both of a Stone Ax and one of 
Brafs. Sir William Dugdale alfo in his Antiquities of 
Warwick/hire ( pag. 778. ) reprefents another Flint 
ground like the Edge of a Pole-Ax. Yet none of the 
three near fb curious as this before us. It is of fpeckled 
Marble polifhed, fix Inches in Length, three \ broad, 
and feven in Circumference, even in the Middle, 
where what is wanting in the Breadth is made up in 
the Thicknefs, and is very artificially done. For I 
take it to be a Roman Improvement of the Britifh 
Work. It is wrought to an Edge at each End, ( tho* 
one of them is blunted with ufe ) and a doping at the 
fides in the Form here too rudely expreffed, ( for I 
have none to affift me ) whereof one reprefents the 
full Side of it, the other the Edge, that the Eye for 
the Manubrium to pafs thro' may be better difcern'd. 
Amongft all the Instruments us'd in the Roman Sacri- 
fices, either upon ancient Marbles, Medalls, or in 
Books that have fall'n in my way, it is the likeft to 
one in Du Cboul (the fame celebrated Author that Ro- 
finus in his Antiquities calls GuL Brajftcanum, .becaufe 
Ghoul in French fignifys Brajfica or Qolewort) de U 


An Account of fome Antiquities ix 

KeltgUn des ancietts Romains, ( which is annexed to his 
Cajlrametation, Edit. £7011-1581.) p. 311. under the 
Title of Maillet des quels frappojent la Vittime , only 
whereas in that the Securis is barely (truck thro* the 
Handle, this has the greater Advantage of being made 
fo ftrohg as to admit of an Eye of near an Inch and 
\ Diameter for the Capulus or Manubrium to pafc 
thro*. Thus, you fee, it appears to have been one of 
the Mallets wherewith their Popa flew the Sacrifices. 
I purpofely ufe the word Pop* as the more general 
Title of the Officiating Prieft, becaufe it may feem 
too particular in a matter difos'd (b many Centurys 
ago, to apply it to the Arvales, a particular Order of 
Priefts inttituted by Romulus who went in Proceflion 
with Songs and Prayers for the increafe of their Corn, 
offering Sacrifices,**^, tho* l">4to apt to think that 
the Cuftom *oot ooly obtain'd , - but continu'd very 
long in thei5e|^ifheifn Parts, where the. Word con- 
tinues to thM^ffe# day 7 tho* now apply'd to a dif- 
ferent Solemrutjfcfrom the Feafts upon the Sacrifices, 
being transferred to thpfe at Funerals, which are in 
many Parts of the^(SSdntry accompany'd thro* the 
Fields with Sipg^^'ahiF the Treats upon thofe oc- 
cafions are, t#3i|l^(lay call'd Arvills, wJiich I confefs 
furpaffes my £kili to deduce, fr^n any pther Language 
or Cuftom. And I could inftance in other Ethnick 
Cuftoms yet retain'd with fome Variations, but that 
it is foreign: to the fobje&of this Letter, to proceed 
in which, the Lanc^jis of the Figure and Bignefs here 
inclos'd, but by it's Tendency to a Point it feems to 
have been three Inches in Length, tho' fcarce one in 
the broadeft Part. That- it is^made of Brafs will be 
no furprize to thofe who confider that moft of the 
Inftruments us'd in Sacrifices were made of that Metall 
where they could obtain it. 'Tis . (harp enough to 
Shave a Sabin Prieft; The Cos Olearia is a tlewifli- 
grey Hctoe, only | of an Inch in Thicknels, tho' three 
long, and near one broad in all Parts. For what 
Vol. 4.* b ufe 

Found in York-flnre. 

ufc the Inftrumcnts of Bone were intended I cannot 
divine. For tho' the greateft part was reduced to 
Arties, 'twas not by the force of Fire, but the eflfed of 
Time, and the Ends of all fuch as remained were bored 
thro'. This fent me is not an Inch long, but { broad, 
and not j in Thicknefs. It feems to have taper'd like 
a Bodkin. But I am tedious. 

CotUgif IU»i Joan n is Baptist* 4pu^lOxxytix*nM**/ufer4- 


Some Remarks 
Occafion'd by the foregoing Letter, 

& i.TT THATmy Hfe*fy B-/W has ob- M Ff(W , CMU u»r 

\/\/ feiVd upon this OCCaflOn is *ȣ*- and gudSttmn. The 
Y™ niout, curiam t and learned, and what ^inttquitiu he di(- 
I do not queftion, will be well re- courl " °. f at jp™*? e 
ceiv'd by all unfrejudic'd Ferfons t^t : « ftudious -yJJSi "£ 
of our Br/f/A& \Antiqutttes. It might however per- mer iy accounted for. 
haps have met with a much better Entertainment The Um is Dsnijb. 
if he had left out that CharaSer which he has been 
pleas'd to give of me, which is to be attributed rather to 
nis Candour and good Nature than to any thing of Merit I 
either can, or indeed ought to pretend to. But tho' he has 
been fo happy as to note fo many ufeful Particulars, yet I 
muft beg leave to diffent from him about the Antiquity of 
the Urn and thefe Inftruments which are the Subjed of his 
Letter. For I believe they are much more modern than the 
Brafs Inftruments that occafion'd my Difcourfe in the Firft 
Volume. I do not take thefe to be Roman but Danfh An- 
tiquities, and owing to them at fuch time as they had fettled 
themfelves in thefe Parts. 'Tis well known that the Danes 
us'd Urns as well as the Romans in their Funeral Exfequies. 
Wormlus and other Dani/b Antiquaries have difcours d at 
large about them ; and hence 'tis that in fome of their Mo- 
numents the Figures of Urns appear, as well as in many of 
thofe that are acknowledge to be really Roman. But the 
Difficulty is how to diftinguifli one from the other where 
there are no Coyns, Infcriftions ? or other Notes of that kind 
to affift us. That happens to be the Cafe at prefent. The 
beft Light therefore in this Inquiry is the Pofture of the Um 
which Mr. Tboresby mentions, namely the Mouth turn'd 
downwards. This Poftion I take to have been us'd pecu- 
liarly by the Danes, tho* I do not deny but that 'tis roflible 
that even Urns which are purely Roman may be found plac'd 
in the like Situation. But then the Proofs that they are Ro- 
man muft be taken from Coyns, and Infcriftions difcover'd 
with them ; and I think Rompn Urns are feldom found with*- 
out fuch Proofs. 

b z §,a As 

Xfl An Account offome Antiquities 

And fo is the Snnt §• *• As l take the Vrn to be #*»'#, <"o I do 

»**P»». The /?»»*»/ the Sto*f Weapon^ which Mr. Thoresby calls a y*- 

us'd no unrumenrs of ^r/V lapidea, and thinks it to be one of thofe made 

^/f^ fli Thf jw ufe of by . the Perfons imploy'd in flaying the Ro- 

delighted much Tn man Sacrifices. For my part I cannot tee what rea- 

Stonet. Their Mom*, fon there was why the Romans fhould make ufe of 

ments frequently in Stone Inftruments upon that Occafion. Was it be- 

Formofafr#/}. The ca ufe Brafs and Iron was fcarce amongft thena ? 

2w •&*** 35 This > l fu jpp° fe > wil1 be Htfd the m °ft P iaufible 

to be pot in the Hand reafon. But we never hear of fo prodigious a 

of the Sttfw of Tbor. fcarcity of either Metal amongft them .as that there 

The Sun* lUUts re fhould not be a fufficient Quantity to be made ufe 

ittiofotCHJlom. of upoQ ftll Sa€fei0cca ^ Th ey delimited in 

Brafs Inftruments above others, as Mr. Tboresby has very 
well Qbferv'd ; and there is no doubt but that fo Religious a 
People would even in the greateft fcarcity fpare no Charges 
to procure Weapons of that fort of Metal which they thought 
was moft pleafing to their fcods. Now as the Romans made 
life of Brafs above other Metals upon account of the extra- 
ordinary Virtues fuppos'd to be inherent in it, fo likewife 
'tis probable that the I>*»tt and other lVforflkr» People made 
ufe of Flints and other Stones partly for the fame reafon, 
tho* the chief reafon was becaufe Brafs and Iron were not 
fo common amongft them. The vaft Stones chey eredted 
about their Monuments fliew that they did in fome meafure 
adore them, juft as the Druids did the taUeft Oaks. The 
greater and more honourable the Perfon was to whom the 
Monument was ere&ed, fo much larger the Stones gene- 
rally were that furrounded him. And very often the Stones 
were made in Form of a Crofs, or at leaft Crojfes were cut 
in them ; which kind of Monuments is generally taken to 
have been Cbriftian, whereas they may as well have been 
put up before the Cbriftian Religion was eftablifli'd in thefe 
Farts. For Wormiu* hath very well obfervM*, that the Fi- 
gure of a Mallet (inftead of a P Scepter) us*d to be put in 
the Hand of the Statues of their Famous God thor 9 and 'tis 
to this MaUet that he refers y the Original of many of thefe 
Crojfes. Such a Crofs perhaps was a Token amongft them 
of Sovereign Rower ^ and they judged that even the Infign of 

l Hi I ' LL * ii ■ 1 i ) 

* Mon. Dan. pag. 13. & Juft as the Romans oftentimes 
put a Spear in the right Hand of Jupiter inftead of a Scepter,, 
of which we have Infiances in Coyns. Vide Nardini Romans 
vet. apud Grav. The/. Ant* Rom* Vol. IV. eoi. 1231. y Mon % 
Dan. pag. 93. 


Found m York-Hike, xiit 

it in their Si Mines w&gat in (fame degree difcover the Sincerity 
of their Worjhip , and derive upon and imitle tbem to the 
Favour and Protefiioo of fo great and powerful a GW as 
they concciv'd Tbor to be. But tho* there are Monuments 
with fuch Croffes that were fet up before Chrifiianity was 
eftabMb'd , yet I take thofe found in the Ifle of Men (of 
which I had an Account communicated to me lately by the 
Right Reverend and Learned Dr. Wilfon, the prefent Biftiop 
of that Diocefs) to have been cbriftian, and to have been fet 
up in Memory of feme Perfons of confidcrable Authority 
there. However notwithftanding they are Ckriftian , yec 
their being in the Form of Croffes may have fome reference 
to the Cuttora of making the Mallet of Tbor in fuch a Figure. 
But I need not infifi: any longer upon this. Tis fiifficient if 
it be allow'd that the MaUet was the Infirutnent they common- 
ly made ufe of to betoken his Power and Authority. 

§. 3. That being allow'd. we may conje&ure Mr.7W«^/ Mafcr 
that the Stone Mallet we are ipeaking of was a Da- a UtUt«yjnBnmt*t. 
nijh Military Weapon and that the like Weapons 2£!S2?M» 
were frequently us'd by the Souldiors in their Wars. p^^, C 9d amongft 
Wormius gives « us an Account of a Flint Spear the Dana. T\*D**ifi> 
found witn divers Urns % which however he fays &•»* t lUUts properly 
was not agreed upon whether it were natural or ^%{^*"tSE 
artificial. I take it to have been artificial , and T9S yf s \ f wrought wid* 
'twill £erve as an Inftance to fhew that the Danes tw U^s. 
wrought Flints into the Shapes of Weapons, and 
afterwards carry'd them with them in their Wars. As they 
thought there was fomething extraordinary in Stones of all 
Kinds, fo they believ'd that Flints had this Virtue in a more 
eminent degree, and where Flints were common they made f 
ufe of them, otherwife they us'd fuch Stones as were moft 
eafily and readily procur'd. They 'had receiv'd fuch Notions 
from their Ancefiors, who had imbib'd the Principles of the 
Eaftern Heathens, and could not forget the Stories told of 
Jupiter with reference to the Original of Thunder and Light- 
ning. What could be more proper for them than Weapons 
of Flint, which at once refembra the Infign of Tho/s Power, 
and contained (at leaft in their Opinion ) fuch a peculiar 
Virtue as would protefl: them in fome meafure like Jupiter's 
Thunder-Bolts f The fame Virtues were thought to be, tho* 
in a lower degree, in other Stones. 'Tis certain the Hea- 
thens were fo Cuperfiitious as to afcribe fuch Virtues to their 
Weapons, and 'tis as certain withal that almoft as Arrange Su- 

* Hon, Dan. pag. 47. 


XIV An Account of feme Antiquities 

ferftitions prevaiTd afterwards. So that I fee no reafbn whjr 
we may not believe the fame of the Cbriftian Danes in Bri- 
tain. Tbor was fuppos'd to be a God of much greater Power 
than the reft, and therefore he was moft efteem'd. and the 
Honours paid him were more confiderable than tnofe paid 
to any befides. His Dominion was believ'd to be unrverfal^ 
and the other Gods were lookM upon as fubjed to him. 
Nothing of moment was undertaken or tranfa&ed without 
Addreffes and Supplications firft made to him. And 'twas 
reckon'd a very great Honour to have Inflruments made in 
fuch a Form as put them in mind of him; This is what was 
generally pra&is'd whilft the Danes continu'd Heathen. When 
tney were converted, they had other Opinions ; yet not fo 
different but that they believ'd there was much Virtue in 
Weapons made in the fame Form of thofe us'd by their An- 
ceftors ; and therefore they carried Flint and other Stone 
Mallets with them in their Wars, with which they did much 
Execution. Thev had two Edges % ( as Mr. Tboresbfs has ) 
and tho' we call them Mallets, by way of Allufion to the 
Mallet of Tbor, yet the common Name was Battle Axes. 
^. §.4. Not only the Battle- Ax ( for fo I £hall 

her? dU^V^Tre nOW Cal1 iC ) but the ° ther -***'#*'*" here men - 

*\loDs*$jb.ThcyCcem tion'd by Mr. Tboresby are Danifb. He has difco- 

to have been all M#7#- ver*d the true ufe of the Hone; and the Lance 

tsry uupnt , except feems to me to have been Military as well as the-*4x. 

to^of^i^lt The Da ?^ ™a P ons W .2? PartJy * rafi > ***$ 
narily made ofc of. Iton^ and partly Flint. The Lance was generally 
made of Brafs amongft them, if they could pro- 
cure that Mtal with eafe. I thought at firft that the Iron 
Knife might have been one of the Roman fecefpita, but I have 
fince alter'd my Sentiments, and I take it to have been one 
of the Knives made ufe of upon ordinary Occafions, and I 
think it belong'd to the fame Perfon that was the Foffeffor of 
the other Inflruments here difcours'd of. 'Tis probable I 
could give a much more fatisfa&ory Account of all thefe An- 
tiquities ^ if I had had a fight of them, particularly of the Bone 
Inflruments ^ the Ufe of which Mr. Thoresby does not pre- 
tend to deicribe. I am alfo as much at a lots in that Point ; 
tho* I am apt to think that they are nothing but the Heads 
of Arrows, fuch as are often us'd by the Indians. 

§. ?. Thus have I given my opinion about the 

Cnftomary with the p eo p/ e to whom the Urn and the Inflruments found 

££&*l£r witt; it bclong'd and have withall offer'd feme 

Conjectures about the Ufe and Occafwn of them. It 

may be farther obferv'd that 'twas a common Cuftom with the 

Danes to bury with the bodies much gf the Treafure that 


Found in York-fliire. xv. 

<wa* tefcbjr the Defuntt. This was likewife cuftomaf y with 
the Remans and other People. Hence that great Variety of 
Coyns found in Urns. This was pra&is'd by the Danes not 
only at fuch time as they us'd Urn-Burial, but even after- 
wards. Wormius gives very confiderable Infiances, and a* 
jnongft the reft he tells • us of an Iron Knife found in one 
Um, Mutual Infiruments, Brafs or Coffer Daggers fi , and 
Other Military Weapons y in others. Tumults fuis ( fays he I ) 
non filum cadavera out cineres inferebant veteres [Dani,] fed 
arma, baft as, twos, aurum, or gent urn, aliaque defun&ischarif- 
fina uHpfa*. "Twas believ'd amongft them that fuch Trea- 
fures would be for their Advantage in a future State, and ac- 
cordingly the more honourable or wealthy the Perfons de- 
ceas'd were, fo much the richer the Treafures were that were 
buried with them. 

§. 6 . From hence 'tis eafy to gather that the Per- 
fin to whom the Urn and the Infiruments that have ThcP«f»» to whom 
occafion'd thefe Remarks belonged was one of infe- J* Um ""J the ,/»- 
riorjuality. The Mallet 'or Battle-Ax is an Lfgn %£? Jft}^ 
of his being a Soul diet of one of the lower Orders, Quality. Aninfcriptin 
and 'twas one of the moft confiderable Parts of his in ^/^illu&ratei 
Goods, which was therefore pitch'd upon with the 
otfcer Weapons to accompany him to the next World. We 
may note upon this Occajton that the Roman Souldiers of in- 
ferior Degree had fometimes the Figures of Mallets put up- 
on their Monuments, of which befides other Inflames we 
have one in Apian s Inscriptions, ( a Book of very great 
Rarity and Curiofity ) pag. cccclxxix. on the Monument of 
M. Petronlus, a Sotddier of the xivth. Legion, flyl'd there 
g E for g e m, U.gemina, tho' fome have badly writ- 
ten it Germanic a. But the MaUets us'd by the Roman 
Souldiers ( and which were therefore plac'd fometimes on 
their Monuments ) were not carry'd about with them as JW/- 
litary Infiruments for Execution, but on purpofe to drive 
the Celtes or Chijfels into the Stones, of which I have dif- 
cours'd at the End of the Firft Volume. Nor did the other 
Infiruments found with this Danijb Ax exceed it in value, 
which is another Argument of the meannefs of the Perforis 
Quality. 'Tis moreover likely that if he had been of Jupe- 
rior Degree fome Infcriptions would have been found with 
him, at leaft fome evident Tokens of his Dignity ; the Danes 
as well as the Romans being careful about fuch DiftinBions. 

m Mon. Dan, p. 48, 49k £ Ibid. p. 48. y Uid. f Pag. 4?. 


XVI An Accent of fame Antiftntiet &c. 

And thcf the lnfcrrfttm i have referred to in Apia* be tt> 
one of an inferior Order, and (a perhaps this wiH not be 
looked upon as an Argument to diftiogutfh the Order or 
Rank of any Perfi&a, yet it muft be underftood that wbea 
Infcriptions or Monuments were put up to the Memory of 
Perfons of the /tvsr c/*/i they had peculiar leave for it from 
the Emperors or the Lawful Qjfoers that a&ed in their Room, 
and that this Privilege was granted upon 1 account of feme 
extraordinary Virtue or fome Hervkal Achievement for which 
he might claim a particular mark of Btmmtr and Rcffetit. 
But when there were no Monument* or Infrripthns-, fhc 
Perfons were generally if not always of hrfer&r Nofey 
and 'twas obi'etv'd amongft the: Daw*/ as well a» Romans 
and other P«^/*. So that 'tis at leaft probable that 0he tter- 
fon buried in the Place where thefe Antiquities we have* been 
fpeaking of were found was one of the meaner Souldeers, 
fach a one as had not defcrv'd any extraordinary Badge or 
jyifiinSfion either upon Account of his Birth, or Atebieve- 
rnents in Martial Undertakings. 



• THE 


O F 


The A N T I QJJ A R Y, 

Vol. IV. *Part the Firft. 

|0* The Number of Folios anfwering the Original 
is put in the Margin. 

HENRT LACET^ Erie of Lincolne^ had emong pol. tl 
many other Lordfhipes Grantcefter by Gtante- 
bridge wher he fet up one of his Kinnefmen, as 
far as I can conjed, a Baftard of his, and en- 
dowid him with Landes partely there and partely 
yn other Places ; and commaundid that this Lacey fo fet up 
in Grantecefter y mould and his fucceffors ever to name theyr 
Sunnes andHeyres by the name of Henry: The which Thinges 
hath beene religiouQy obfervid hyther to. f And this was the 
Original Beginning of the Houfe of the Laceys of Grante- 

.* No Title in the Orig. fi The firft part of this Vol. is Mint- 
ing in Mr. BurtonV Tranjcript. y Sic plane in Cod* MS. I And 
this was the originaU Beginnynge of the Howfe of the Laceys of 
Grantecefter in Grantebrige-fhire, as I lernyd of hym that 
now ys Hyre of thefe Lands. This Henry tj enheritaunce 

o/Henry Lacey that was Ear le of Lincolne Land. 


Vol. 4. A cefter 


eefler on i Grant ebridge of hym 

tha Henry the VI. E. . . 

ne onto the 

yn Grantebrige ceftre* 

This Henry by 

Wyvel of the Northe, that was the aun- 

cientcft of that Name, had his principal Houfe at Slingesby 
jta Yorkfbire. And this Wyvelle was a Man of fair Lander. 
Slyngesiy about a v. Miles from Malton yn RieJale in the way 
from Malton to Newborow, that is diltant xu. Miles from 

The Houfe of Slyngesiy and the Landes of this WyveUe be 
devolvid to the Lord Haftinges by Heires General, 

* That WyveUe th^t now is duelling at Burton Parva by 
Maf ...... in JGchemontfhire cummith ...... er 

Brother of the lyngesby. ^ 

. . . . . ih' Burton Parvam by an " 

gencrale of .... of the . 

of the North. 

. ..... Pygot aboute Henry the • . • , . 

was a Man of faire was of a nother 

Jrong . Pygotes and * . . . 

Fol. i defcendid to Heyres Generales. 

The Houfe caullid Clifton, like a Pile or Caftelet, diftant 
aboute a Mile and an half from Litle-Burtouy was the Lorde 
Scrotes of Ma/bam. 

This Lorde Scrapes Landes in Continuaunce devolvid to ?. 
Doughters of one of them. W herof one of them was maryed 

to Stranguife of Harlefey, a nother to Danby, the 3. to Strel- 

m That Wyvell that now is dvellynge at Burton Parva by 
Mafham in Richemontfhire, cummytbe of a yonger Brotbar of 
tbi Wyvelle «/Slyngesby. He bath Burton Parva by an Heyre 
Generate of one of the Pygotes of the Nntb*. Sergeant Pygot 
aboute Henrye tbe . . . Dayes was a Man of faire Lands, and 
Has of a notbar yonger Brotbar of tbe Pigotes, and bis Landes, 
as I remember, be alfo defcendid to Heyre Generates. Tbe Howji 
tawlyd Clifton &c. St. 

l Grantebridgt Jhirt a*I lernyd of Hym that now yt heyre of thefc Lands, 
Hrnry the n. emonse other things save onto the College that He made in 
Crantcbrige his LonUhtp of Cramceftre. This Henry by enherkaonce . . . 
•f Henry tacey that wis Earlc of Lincolne Lands. Si. 


ley Com. Nott. Of this thirde defcendid 2. Doughtters. wher- 
of one was maryed to Bingham, the other to Wyveile that 
now liveth and hath Clifton by her. 


Dns Rogerus Golaffre Miles Dns de Cercedene tempore GohBit de 

Sannis Regis. Hie genuh Rogerum, qui fuit Miles tempore Cerceden. 
enrici 3. & Edwardi i»". Uterque humatus int>omo Capitu- 
lari de Bruera in Comit. OxofT. 

Dns Joannes Miles, fihus 
Rogeri funioris, genua ex 
Alicia Colworp uxore fua 

Thomam Armigerum 9 & \ /"^ \ \^/ V/ | ^ Gul«. 
Rogerum, ac Gul. Joannes ^ 

obiit a<>. D. 1197. Hon. Jun. 
& Regni Edwardi frimt 15. 
Sefulius fuit in Ecclefia de 
Bruera. Thomas Armiger ex 
Joanna ejus uxore genuit Jo- 
annem, qui Miles fuit. Obiit 
Thomas « anno . . Edwardi 
3. Rogerus Thomae frater 
non habuit liber os. Thomas 
fefultus eft in Bruera. Joan- 

nes Miles, Thomas ///w, ex V/^_/ / ^ Sabefc. 

Elifabethjf//* & herede Jo- 
annis Fyffeld Armigers DnT 
de Fyffede in Comit. fiarkfhir. 

genuit Thomam Armigerum fofitum in refta linea, & Guliel- 
mum, ac Julianam fliam in Ckartapofitos addextram, Joannerti 
Armigerum, & & Nicolaum ..... pofitos in leva chart & 
• • • • . ♦ . r non reliq. 

Januar. an7 eft 

in Eccl. de Fyffede. Elifabeth ejus uxor obiit anteeum i«.Feb*. Fol. 3. 
ao .D. 1360. & Edwardi 36. Sepulta e(l in Eccl. Parochiali 
de Fyffede. 

Thomas Armiger firft weddid Margaret Foxley, Doughter 
to Thomas Foxley ^ andSyfter to Syr John Foxley, Knight, of 
Barkjhir, caulha Margaret Parker, "Lady of Radeley befide 

* anno 6. Edwardi 3, &c« St. fi & Nicolaum mi lit em, 
fofitos in lava chart a. Joannes miles obiit 3. Januar. anno dom. 
1363. & Edwardi 3. 39. Sepultus eft in eccU de Fyffede. 


j&m£dt* % 


Abingdon* and had by her Iflue only John Golaffre that laft 

died, and no mo. * And the fayde Thomas at 

Radeley befide Abingdon of Aug. the Yer of 

our Lord 1378 Richardii. and was buried in 

of the Blak Frercs in Oxford. Margaret his 

wife dyed Anno D. 1 . . . . was buried 

• ••••••• 

Thomas Golaffre Armiger had John a Squier, that firft was 
weddid fi the Lady Brun 7 Mother to Syr Mor ice Brum, Knight, 
Steward of yHoufold with my Lord of Glocefter. After John 
Golaffre weddid the Lady Ingelfeld, and after the t Pole, wife 
to Sir Gualter Toole, and had no Iflue of his fayde 3. wifes. 
He dyed at Fifede the xxiii. of February ao. D. 144L et ao. 
Henrlci 6. and ys buried in the Chirch of Fifede in Barkfbire. 

William Golaffre Sauier, fun to Syr John Golaffre and Eli- 
zabeth , Heir of Fifede, and a yongger Brother to Thomas Go- 
lafre Squier, weddid Alice Bisfhop, Doughter and Heyr to 
John Bisjhof of Abingdon. Both they dyed without Iflue. 
WiUlam was buried yn the Gray Freres in Oxford. Alice was 
buried in • her Paroche Chirch. 
Fol. 4* Juliane Golaffre, fifter to this Wtllia~ was maried to Ro- 
bert of Wigktham in Barkjhir, £ had Richard and divers other 

Robert dyed a*. D. 14.06. Juliane dyed a*. D. 1408, Both 
were buried in the Chirch of Witham. 

Richardus de Wightham weddid Alifon Daundefey, Doughter 
of Walter « Daundefey Gentilman of Oxfordefhir : and by her 
had Ifllie a Doughter caullid Agnes, maryed to WiUiamBrown- 
ing by John Golaffre Efquier. the wich John toke Agnes his 
Cofyn in the fecund Degre for his right Heire, 

Marie, Elizabeth, Eleanore, Catarine, jdargaret, Feliee, 
Agnes, right fitters to * Richardus de Wightham. 

John Golasfre Efquier ? 3 Sun to S r John Golaffre Knight and 
Elizabeth, Heir of Fifede, had Iflue John after Knight, 

* And the fayde Thomas dyed at Radeley befide Abingdon 
the xxvi. 0/Auguft the fere of our e Lorde 1378. anno 2. Ri- 
chardi a. and was buried in the^uier of the Blake Freres in Ox- 
iford. Margaret his Wyfe dyed anno Dom. 1396. and was bu- 
ried with hir Husband Thomas. St. fi Adde to. y Adde the. 
s Adde Lady. • hir Paroche Churche at Abyngdon St f 
£ Adde and. 

1 Daundefey in the margin. » Richard Wightham St. 3 San to John. 


m This John Knight maried . . . . Doughter and Heir 
of Tho 

Then maried this Syr John Go/afire Ifabel Lady Mijfende 9 
dwelling zlMijfenden and ^ueinton in Bukkenghamfoir, Dough- 
ter to Svr Bernard BrocasTbut he had no Ifliie by her. 

But ne had in his wife IfabeFs tyme lffue by a Leman, 
caullid Johenet Pulham, Alice, after Priores of Burnham by 
Windefor, and John > after Knight. 

John Golafre, Knight, Father to John the Baftard, dyed at 
Queinton an°. D. 1379- and was buried in the Gray Freres at 

jfabel his wife was byried after at Mljfenden Priory. 

Syr John Golaffre Baftard weddid Dame Philip Lady F/Vz- 
gua/tcr. He died at Walingford a°. Dt~. 1396. & 20°. Reg. 
Richards a*, and was biryed ny Richard the z. tumb fi at JVejl- 

.... after maryed the • . Foh 

Duke of Tori that was killid at the 

Batel of Agingcourt in Fraunce. 

This Dame Phi/if dying yn Henry the <J. Dayes was bu- 

Bed at Wefiminfier nere her Husband Syr John Golaffre the 
aftard and Lord of Langeley. 

Brouninges Wife afore rehercid after the Deth of Broun* 
ing was maried to a Younger Brother of the Homes, the 
which though be had no Ifliie that livid by hym, yet he pro- 
curid of hir to his ufe the Maner of Circaden in Oxford/hire^ 
and the principal Houfe with it of the Go/affires. 

This Home after marying had lffue Father to Home the 

y The Familie of the Home rofe by a riche Marchaunt 
Stapele of that name about Kent w . . . teftarrient cam 
to a xxth. .... poundes, as I have harde f . . Heyres 

* This John Knight maried Amice, Doughtar and Heir to 
Thomas of Langeley Lorde of Langeley . But Jbefiortly dyed 
without Jjjue by hym. Then this Ser John Golafre mariedihbA 
Lady Myffende, &c. St. fi at Weftminfter. This Philipe 
after maryed the Duke of Yorke that was iyllyd&cc. St. y The 
Familie of the Home rofe by a riche Marchaunt Stapeler of that 
Name about Kent, whos Teflament cam to a xx. thowfand 
Founds, as I have horde fay. The Heyres Lands of hym be 
~9arkelyd ? but a fece remaynithe to the chefe Framelingham of 
buthfolte, whofe mother was Heir General 1 to this Home. 
Gualter de la Rivers was thefirfi of that name that had Landes 
in Yorkeihire. St, 




Landcs of • . I 

Quaker de la Rivers was the firft of that name that had 

Landes yn Torkejhir. « 3. 

Mowbray Erie of Northtrmbreland gave Water the Lord- 

ihip of Bransby, wher the chief Houfe 

Bransby j Miles from Sb/ref- of the Ryvers yet is, and a nother 

*«//^and4.MilesfromNhp- Lordftiip by it that yet remaynith to 

borow yn thcHigh way almoft the Ryvers. 

betwixt booth. This Lande was gyyen firfte to Gual- 

ter but for terme ofnis Life. 
Nicolas , Sunne and Heir to Walter , had this Lande gyven 
to hym and to his Heires. 

The Rjvers yn tyme paft had the Lordfhip of Hooke in 
Uncolnjhtr that is 160. Poundes by the Yere. 

The Ryvers had alfo HelperJy by York, but I think that 
thefc a. Lordfhip cam to them by mariage of Heires General* 
Fol.f. Wyttiam Delapole Duke of Soutbefolk had to his Wife 
fi . . . . Doughtter and Heir to Chaucer, Lord of * Ewelm, 
Duuin£tonjHoke-Nf)rthon and other Land. ThisWsUiam with 
Chaucer's Doughtcr his Wife was Founder of the Hofpital of 

This WiUyam was a very great Man with Henry the vi. 
and had gathcrid by autorite great fum of Treafoure for bym. 
of the which apon a Tyme he tooke a certein part withowt 
Liccns to a teete at his own Pleafure, andfetting owta 
certein Navie of his ownmynde was after encounterid with 
other Shippes and taken, behedid, and the Bodie of hym laidt 
on the fliore about Dovor fide. 

This William's Wife is honorably buried in the Hofpitalc 
of Ewe/me. 

Pole of Darbi/hire } befide the Partition of the Landes of 
Chaundoys that be hatn with Bridges of Gtoceftrefhir, hath par- 
tition of Muttons a Knight fumtyme of Leircefterjbir with one 
fjfftrgo Vincent, the which dwellith at Fekkeclon, the Hedde Houie 
Vinc«w. of the Muttons. 

Syns I hard that Harington of Rutheland had parte of the 
Muttons Landes. 

There was a Vicount of in Normandie caul- 
lid Bertine or Berthram Eintoefel that cam into Englande, 
and was much of the Faftion of King Henry the vi. and flayn 
at one of the fiatelles of S. A/bane, and buried yn the Pa- 

« Sic. fi Adde Alice. Vide Vol. II. fol. 6. 

i Ewelmelm. 



roche Chirch of S. Attane under the Place of the le&ern in 
the Quier, wher is a Memorial of Hym. 

« 1 here yet remaynith yn Leic.Jhire a mcne Gentilman of 
the Name of Eintwefil. 

There was a Doughter of this ..... Eintwefil caullid 

Lucy > • . • yn Northampton/hir 

• • . defcendith. 

N.B. JohnDarcy Baron that dwellid at the Lordfhip of* .^J, 
Snafe toward Trente in Uncolnfhir betwixt Torkefey and Gaines- Unc JF 
torow had to Wife Marye the Widow of Counte & Faulty 
Doughter to Edwardex. alias Cairarven* and Sifter to Ed- 
war de the 3. and by her he had a Sun caullid John. . And hq 

had with her Lordfliip in Darbyjkir. 

This Sun John Darcey maried Ellfahetb Doughter and Heir 
cq the Lord Menel. Darcy the Sunne by this Mariage wa<$ 
muche avancid. 

This John the Sunne had by Elizabeth y John and Philippe 
Men Childern. John died without Iffu. 

Philip had a. Doughters, wherof the one was maried to I r$rW 
Stranways, the other to Conyers. 

The Lorde Mend was principal Lorde of al Cliveland^ and 
al the Gentilmen yn it for the moft part did hold there 
Landes of the Menel Fee. And the Lorde Menel held of the 
Archebifliop of « Canterbyri. Wherapon at this prefente tyme 
the Archebifliop hath a. Lordfliipes of fuch Landes as were 
the Menelles by North during the Nonage of the Lord Conyers 
that now is. 

Whorleton in Cleveland was the principal Houfe of the Lord ******* 
Menelle which fyns cam to Mr. Strangways in Partition. Cafte,# 

The Lord Menel was alfo Lord of Tarn Lorfhip in Clive- 
land^ Semar and Midleton Lordfliipes in Cliveland, and Grenho 
in the Egge of Blahnore. Menel was alfo Lord of other 
a LordeflSpes in Cleveland. 

* There yet remaynithe in Northamptonfliire a mene Gentil- 
man of the Name of Eintwefil. 

1 Tbire was a Dowghtar of this Counte Eintwefil cattily d Lucy, 
efwhomMafiar Brudene/* Northamptonfliire defcendith. St. , %r 

£ A manu Burtoni. y John and Philippe.'] In the Orig. 
three points are put under John both here and in the follow- 
ing line. ? A manu Burtoni. 

N. B. The a. following Fol. which Mr. Hearn in a note at the bottom of 
his $ th. page ot this Vol. tells us, it feems, are here wanting, were primed bf 
him in his eighth Vol. (p. if. 1. f.) and in his Review, (p. 177. 1. 33.) but they 
are ridw here inferted in their proper Places, as appears from Mr. Stow's 
Tranlcript. r Cantewarbyri. a Lordfliipes. 

• v Menel 


Menel was Lord of al Chiveot in NertbumbreUmd and r> 
thcr ii. Lordihippcs there. Matter StramgmaJJe and Canyen 
after devidid the Landes betwene them of the Lord FaUesh 
iritis to whom Skelton Caftelle in Cl'tveUmd longgid, the 
which ys now in Corners poffeflion by Partition. 

My Lorde Dakers of Giilefland told me that the Caftelle of 
m amk.f. Nawarde bclongid fumtyme onto the Vaulx ; and that it 
tumnu? cam by Hcircs Generale yn to the Hande* of the Dakers 
afore or ever the Landes of the Barony of Greifioke fclle 
onto them. He told me alfo that there is Vet in thofe Quar- 
ters a mcanc GentUman caullid Vaulx of the Houfe of Vaulx 
of Nawarde. 

Sins I lcmid of Mr. Bowes that Cofpatrik the chief Lorde 
of IVeJImerland^ Cum he I and and Northumhreland lay at Nk- 
ward Caftelle fumtyme as a Place of his owne. But he think- 
itli that the Vaulx were Reedifiers of it, N. B. 
<Uw*y, '1 he Familie of the Chaveneis of Leyceflerjhire cam, as I 
have lernid, out of the Quarters of Potters in Fraunce^ wher 
there be yec (icntilmen of the fame Name. The nrft of 
them, as it is liiidc, cam out of that Parte with the BlaJc 
Prince Sunne ro Edwarde the ?. after the Batelle of Posters, 
and had 1 .andes given him in Leirceftrejhire. The Name or 
Chaveneis Lea (is yet rcmainith not very far from SeverCi- 
Jlelle. The Ycrle of Ru the I and hath them now. 

Chaveney that was great with the Blak Prince had 4. Sunnes 
that were of Richard the fecunde Partie, of the which 3. 
dyed in the Quarcllcs betwixt Richard the 2. and Henry 0b& 
4. wherapon old Chaveney gave parte of his Landes to 
Ooxton Abbay and to Newlow : and Jening Chaveney fu- 

fcrviving his Father had fumme parte. This Man was 
Jruundfathcr to Chaveney now living. The Land is almoft 
al tfonc. 
fol. 1 n. This Familie tokc name of a Paroche in Nortbumbre land, 
Belinge- wher hath bcene Gentilmcn of that Name. 
lum. of | arcr t j mc t h crc hath beene Menne of Eftimation of 

this Name in the Town fclf of Kendale. wherof one is now 
in the Courtc a Pcnfionar to the Kinge. 
lionet. The Auncicnt Houfe, as far as I can lerne, that the Sonnet 
hath poflcflid is Choldretoun^ a Mile and a half from Axdaver 
in Hampton/hire: wher yet remainith a fair Maner Place 
buildid for the mofte Dart of Flint. 

The Vine by Bajingjtoke was alfo of the Auncicnt Landes 
of the Sannes, but it was given owt in Mariage to one of the 
m A manu Burtoni. 

N. B. Page 4-r of the three foregoing Fol. vacat. as you may fee in Mr. 
Hcara'i eighth Vol. (p. 16". 1. 3.) 



BrokeJJes : and fo remainid oritil the late Lorde Sandys afore 
he was made Baron recoverid it into his poffeffion 5 at the 
which tyme ther was no very great or fumptuus Madcr 
Place, and was onely conteinid within the Mote. Butshe after 
fo tranflatid and augmentid yt, and befide buildid a fair Bafe 
Court, that at thys time it is one of the Principale Houfes in 
goodly Building bf all Hamptdnjbire. The great Encrefing of 
the Landesof this Syr William Sannes ^ after Lord, cam by his 
Wife Nepos ex ftatre to Syr Reynaid Bray. This Bray going 
to Biakebeth Feeld left Sannes tanauam Heredem : and Bray 
after this Feeld purchafid a thoufand Markes of Lande by the Fob it* 
Yere more then he had afore ; and after died leving no other 
Wille then that that he made at the tyme of Blake-Hetb 
Feld. Wherapon great Controverfie rofe 9 Sannes claiming the 
Landes by the Teftament, and young Bray Nepos exfratte to 
Syr Reynaid Bray. This Controverfie was after ended by the 
King and his Counfel^ that rtiade a certen partition of Syr 
Reynaid Brafs Landes betwixt them. 

The Lorde Sannes that lately died made an Exchaunge 
With the King, and gave Cbelfey by Wefiminflre for Motesfont 
Priory in Hampton/hire^ wher he began to tranflate the old 
Building of the Priory- and to make a fair Maner Place, but 
the work is left onperredte. 

The Lorde Sannes now beyng hath to Wife the Erie of 
Rutbelan lifter : and hath 4. Sunnes and 6. Doughtters yet 
living by hen 

I law at Mr. Tories in a Rolle of Petygre 12. bf the Jfcfor- Umxtaatl 
timers fette owte in Roundelettes, wherof the firft wzsHugb 
that cam yn, as it was written there, with the Conquerour 
King William. 

The fecund was Roger founder, as it was there writen 5 of 
Wigmore Abbay in the Marches of Wales. 

The 3. wis Radulpbe that weddid Gladufe Diy ? Doughter 
to LLeweline Prince of Wales. 

The fyxt Was Roget the firft Erie of March e^ that had to 
Wife the Doughter of GeneviUe. 


The laft was Edmunde 

The Bowes were Gentilmen in the fiisfiioprlke of Dirban* Fol. 1*. 
long afore Henry the j* tyme* *and had the chief Land and Bwn, 
Houfe of theyr Name that they have there, yet one of this JJjJJjJJ 1 ' * 

m All tbat follows about the Bowes is croftd out ; tmt % I tbmk 9 
not 6y Mr.Letendhimfelf. 

•Vol. 4. B Houfc 


nallid Sy* G*l. Bnut 

Houfe was Chaumbrelayne with the Duke ofBedeforde, Bro* 
ther to Henry the ?• ana Uncle to the 6. and Prote&or and 
Governour in Fraunce 9 by whos Favor Bowes ^ caullid in 
French e Mounfehr de Arches , being i in Fraunce with hym a 
xvij. Yeres, waxid richc, and comming home augmentid hit 
Lande and Fame. Bowes of the Kinges Counfel at Torke is a 
Younger Brother of the chief Houfe of the Bowes. And 
Bowes that was in France was great Grauntfather to this 
Bowes of the Counfellc. And he is alfo Uncle to the bell 
of the Bowes that now is. 

Syr William Bowes that was in Fraunce with the Duke of 

Bedeford did builde ifundamentis the Manor Place of Stret- 

Urn in the Bisfhoprik of Dirham 9 not far from Bamardes 


The chief Houfe and the aunciente of the Name is in the 

Bislhoprike at * . ." 

feoa. Ros y that dwellith at Ingma/thorpe in * Yorkejbir a 2. Miles 
a this fide Wetberby^ cummith of a Yonsger Brother in De- 
fcentes tyme paft of the Houfe of the Lord Res. Wetherby 
longgid yn tymes pafte alfo to the Houfe of this Ros r and 
divene other theraboute. 
Fol. n. Ther was a Lorde in tiertefordejbire xriullid the Lorde How. 
The Lord ^ n( j j^ g \j anor place by the Name of How yet there partely 

remainith about the Quarter of S. Albanes. 
Boleioe. Syr f Geofrey BoleynMvLt of London y as t hard* maried one 
of tneDoughtters and Hey res of the Lord How. 

Geffrey had WtUiam^ and he maried 

t This Syr Geffrey was one of the a. Doughters and Heires, 

Mair of London an, D. 1457* and Seintliger the other, of Boteler Erie 

Syr Geffrey got togither of Ormund *nd Lorde Rocbeforde. 
about an 800. Markes of William had Thomas lately Erie of 
Lande. Wileflme. 

Syr Geffrey buildid a fair But the Lordcfliip of How in Hertey 

Houfe of Brikeat .... fordejbir longgid a late to Richard Farm- 

yn Nortbfolke. er> Marchaunte of London^ before the 

Syr Geffrey died a great Forefaide taken of hym for Mefprifion. 

Kick Man. Cofley had a bother Doughter and 

Syr Geffrey was bofoe at Heir o? the Lfcrd Howe. 
Thomege towsLrdWa/Jmgktm, Caro had a nother, of whom Syr N7- 
aLordefhip of the oldLandes cobs Csrow, Matter of the Horfes, cam. 
of thfcSe or Norwicb^nd ther The 4. was maried to * Deveni/b \ 

m jimankKvftctoi. 
I yn, a Yorkfliir. 



So that emong thefe 4. was a $%o/T. he yet fum Husbandmen of 
Landes by Yere devidid. . . that 

Mr. Gage, Controller of the Kinges Howfe, hath the Sub- . 
fiance of the Landes of the SmhS clere that was the chiefeft 
of that Name yn Devon/hire by the Heire Generate. 

* One told me that much ot the Lande that Mr. Gage fi hath 
Landes of the S. Clares in Rente. 

There is yet in Devon/hire one of the Sainft Cleres, a Man 
of meately fair Landes, that defcendith of a Yongger Brother 
of the Principal Houfe of S. Clere of Devonshire. 

There hath beene of the Dalaunfons in Lincolnjbir that *«J. «4- 
hath beene Menne of very fair Landes many Yeres fyns : E^*™^ 
But of laters dayes they wer not of any great Landes : notDdifunj*J 
palling a C. IT. or a C. Markes. 

I askid Do&or Dalaunfun, Brother to the Heire of that 
Name that now is, but he could telle me litle of that Name 
or of the Gumming up of it in Lmcelwfhir- 

Mr. Sbeffeld toldme that Dalaunfon of Uncolnjhir hath aVerc#/Li»- 

partoftheLandesofHv#yof2J»<*/^*>, that t co!n{hu«. 

of the Houfe of the Erles of % de. 

Thefe Thinges folowingl gatjierid out of an old Rolle 
of Matter Streitlej of Notinghamjhir. 

Robertus Stretley pater, & Robertus ejus filius vixeruntstreytle *» 
frimis annu RegnJ Edwardi frimu UmStntUy. 

Stretley bahuit terra* in Stretley, Chilwelle «$• Adingburgh. 

Hawifia uxor Roberti Stretley. 

Ermegarda uxor Roberti Stretley. 

Guliehnus Vavafor Vkeeomes Regis Henrici 3. in Noting- 
hamihire & 1 Darbyfliire, laccuflosCaf \ . . . 0* Notingham. 

m One told me that Maflar Gage bath miche of Clares Lands 
in Kent. St. £ $ic. y of Lmcolnefhire, that earn out of 
the Howfe of the Erles of Oxford. Thes Thintes &c. Sc. * ac 
euftos eaftrum [1. caflrt] de Notyngham. Hareftan. CaftelU 
Bolefover in Skvdall 4. miUkbus fajfuum i Chcfterfelde. Ro- 
bertus jS7#*x Gul: Vavafor. Eluabethe ac Annora &c. in St. 
Since the printing off the Original I find that thefe Words 
in the Margin Hareftan. Bolefover Caftett. &c. (which Mr. 
Stove could not tell how to place right) ought to ftand thus, 
Hareftan, Bolefover, caflella in Skaraale 4. miUibus fajfuum 
i Chefterfeld. 


8 * Harftan* 


Htreftnu Harftane ac • er . 

J # 2*^ Robertus fi 1 : Vavafor. 

t sk/dile Elifabeth ac Annora filU & kereJes Roberti Vavafor tem- 
+ mM. fore Edwardi frimi. 

fAiwtm k Joannes Blakeburne, & Joannes Harington, ac Matilde 
2jjft«- ejus uxor, Confanguinea Roberti Stretle, fills Roberti, litiga- 
fc,d# bant cum Roberto jllio fro terris in Stretle, Chilwelle & 

Sdem litigatant cum Hawifia i. uxore Roberti Stretley (ut 

ego col&go) fatris, fro terris in * Oxto . . Holebek & Tri- 

+ Stretley Sampfon f Stretley Miles ejufdem familise longo fofi tm- 
tic fcripum for09 

m Fol if The Father of John Heydun began to gette fum Land, ao(i 
Htydunc* inhabited at Baconthorf, wher be likelihod the Bacons yn 
tymes paft had been Men of fum Reputation. 

John apperteinid al to the Law, and ©urchafid Landes. and 
began the Front or the Gate-Houfe of the New Maner Place 
of Bacontborfe : and dyed wirhoute farther Building there, 

Henry, Sunne to John, paffid not of the Gaines of the 
Law, or to any great Getting by Service, but al for profite 
at Home. And yet he did great Feates. 

Fyrft he performid with an exceding Coft the hole Houfe 
wherof John began only the Fronte. 

He purchafid 200. Markes of Land yn yerely Rent/ 

Wherof an Hunderith If. by Yere is at Wtkam by Lew- 
Jbam in Surrey, toward Croydon, wher he buildid a right fair 
Manor Place, and a fair Chirche. 

He left xl. //"". Land by Yere to eche of his 2, Yoflgger 

John Heydun Knight now lyving fun to Henry. 

Al thefe 3. wer Men of fair Age : and al their Landes 
cam by Purchace. 
Towne£ The Graundfather of Townefende now lyving was ameai^e 
•*k ManofSubftance, 

The Father of Townefende now living got about a Hun* 
derith Pound pf Land by the Yere with much traveling yn 
the Law. 

Townfende now beyng firft by enclining to the Law, an£ 

* Oxton St. 

I Scardilc 4. millibus. 



good Husbandrie at home, hath encreafid his Lande to the 
bum of a nother Hunderith //. 

And this Townefbend now lyving by Manage of a Dough- 
ter, Heir Generale to Hanfarde of LincolnJbir> hath aboute *W"*£ f 
300. Markes byfide of Landes and Yereley 1 Rentes. unnm&r* 

He hath had fair Iffue by this Woman, fo that his Sunne 
and Heire (haul be a Man of a loo'h. Markes pf Land by 
the Yere. 

Yet cam not al the Landes pf the Han/hardes to Tbwnef- 
tnde. For there be yet left of the Name. 

The Eldeft Houfe of the Gravities is within a a. Miles of 
Banbyri at Drayton, the which Village is in Oxfordjhir. Gravilfc. 

Sum hold opinion that the Gravities cam originally in at 
the Conqueft. 

The firft notable Encrefe of the Landes of Gravitle of 
Draiton tarn by one Lewis Gravitle, that maried Margaret 
the Daughter and Heire of a * Noble caullid Sy x Giles Ar dene. 
The Wife of the which Syr Giles was namid Philip, and ihe 
likewife was a Woman borne to faire Landes. So that the 
Poffeffions of Giles and Philip defcendid onto Levys GraviUe 3 
whos fair Tumbe is yet fene in the Paroche Chirch of 

The Sunne of Levys had to wife the Doughter and Heire 
of one Corbette. 

And his Sunne had the Doughter and Heire of one Pofotez. 

And Court Rolles remayne yet at Draiton that the Gra- 
vities fi Landes ons by Yere 3300. Markes. 

And Gravities had K**f-Caitel and Bevbufcb-Parke and 
other Landes in Southfax by Defcentes of theire Name : the 
which afore longid to the Breofes ; and fins after much fute 
and compofition they cam to the Hawardes Dukes o( Nor- 

Ther was one of the Gravities of Draito* after that they 
cam to the Great Landes that much ufid the Se and dyed in 
y/arfare* This Gravitle left one Somerton* a meane Gentil- 
man pf Draiton in Oxfordejbire, a peace of whos Houfe as in 
* gate yet rerqainith, to whom he left his Land in Feoment 
withowt declaration of Wylle to any ufe. Wherapon So- 
mertqn fold much of it, and fum converted to his owne ; 

* Noble man St. fi Lands ons by Tere were 3300. Marks St. 
<Adde had. 

s Rem*. 



Heires, the name of whom a late remained. And thus began 
the Land to decay. 

And theGraunt-Father of the Heue of GraviMe ol Drayton 
jet lyving ibid modi. 
M.17. GramMas of Drajtam daime to be Heyres to the Lord 

GraviU* now lyving Heir of Droit** is a Man of a 400. 
Markes of Land by the Yere. 
Ne»G»- The Yongger Brcxbcr of the Heir of Droit** now lyving 
"0c. bath % good peace of die Lorde Brakes Land by an Heir 

Ther hath beene divers other of theGr#wfcr as yongger 
Brethera of the Houfe of Droit** that hath purchacid fair 
Landes, and otherwife cum to Landes by Manage of Heires 
Though a great Peace of the Landes of Giles Aritn cam to 
Ltmys GravMe, yet is ther one Ante* at this tyme in Wor- 
wikefhir that is a Man of a ;eo. Markes of Land by Yere. 

This Pohetet afore « rehercid cam thus cute of the Houfe 
of Potwtx. of ABon in Gloeefterflrir. Roberto Point x. had i. 
Sunnes, Nicolas and Thorn* . 

Thomas had Landes given onto hym an honeft Portion by 
Robert his Father. 

Thomas had a Sunne caullid Robert e^ and this Robert lefte 
Heire, or Heires general maried to one of xhc GraviBet of 
Draft on. 

Part of this Landes given owt is fins partely by Purchafc, 
partely by Exchaunge, returnid to the Pot*t% oi ABon. 
****?!?* One MeneUe, a Gentilman of Reputation in Darbjjbire 9 
party*. Q wner Q c i^ n ^ e lej betwixt Rocefter and Darby- and of 
AfcbetoH on Trent in Darbifhir^ that is within leffe then %* 
Miles of 2>4M*g*mu-Caftelle yn herrteftrejhir^ and alfo of 
Newhaul not far from B*f*w* apon 2V«tf, left 5. Doughters, 
whereof one part, that is to fay Langeley- cam by Defcent of 
one of the lifters, fi Doughters to Menette, onto Mr 

m See Fol. 16. fi Doughters to Men elk, onto Mafier Baffet 
0/ Derbyshire. 

N. A 


N. B. 

^Ajfsheton cam by a nother to one Hante. 

Newhaul cam to the lot of Dedike in Partion : and fo« timk* 
evrey one of them had a ioo. Markes by Yere and a Manor -d**./." 

The Baron of Hilton in the Bisihoprik of Dnrejme maried 
the Hey re £ » of Clarevalx by 2>/e : but fhe hath bene long cUrtvtU, 
maried and hath no * Children. 

. The Lord Dacres of the South is caullid Fines by propre Finn. Lord 
Name ; and fo is caullid the Lord Glinton. There was alto-p*"". 
in Henry the v. and the vi. tyme one of the Lorde SayesVp**- Lfll * 
caullid Fynez. iSk* 

The laft of the Lorde Sayes being in Renowme was twife s*j U 
taken Prifoner, wherby he was much punifhid by the Purfe. 
Wherapon he was fain to lay moft part of his Land to Mor- 
gare and folde clerely part of it. So that fins the Name of 
the Barony of Say is extinftid, but the Heire Males of the 
Lord Say in Defcent yet remainith caullid by the Name 
of Fines. 

Richard Farmer's Doughter hath maried the Heires of thefe 
Fine*., a Man of fair Landes booth yn Oxfordshire and 
Soutbamftonjbire. But his moft Landes cam by Defcentes 
onto hym by the Heir Generate of one Wikam, maried into vs^m* nf 
fhis Houfe of the Frnez. ****** 

Wikam was Owner of the Lordefhip and fair Maner Place 
of Br ought on in Oxford/hire about a Mile from Bantyri* 

y JobnThrokmerton was the firft fettemp of his Name to F°l-»9- 
any worfhip in Tborkmertun Village, the which was at that T ^ k " 
tyn*e nother of his Inheritaunce nor rurchace, but as a thing "* ttlu 
taken of the Sete ofWiccepre in Farme, bycaufe he bare die 
Name of the Lordeihip and Village. 

This John was Under-Treaforer of Englande about the 
tyme of Henry the v. and lyith biried at the Paroche of 
Flatbjri a Lordfhip of his a 6. Miles from Eovtjbam in 
* \Worc*fier\{hire. wher be other of his Name and Linage 
buried in the fame Chirch. 

« Amanu Burtoni. ft L. if the Clarevalx. y John Yhrok- 
jnerton was the firft Setter nf of his Name to any worjbife &c. 
St. ? jib alia manu. 

H. B. The leaf which Mr. Heame in his Edition (Vol. 4. p. 11.) fays h here 
wincing, was printed by him hi his Review (p. 179. 1. if.) and in his 8th. 
Vol (p. 14. 1. &&. ) one is now inferted in it's proper place as appears from Mr. 
$ cowc s Tranicrlpc. 1 of Ac Clarevalr, a. Cnildetn. _ 



This John had a Sunne and Heire caullid Thomas; / 

Thomas had a Sun and Heire caullid John. 

John had Roberte. 

Robert had Syr George Thorkmeftum 

George had a Sun and Heir caullid Sr. Robert) and he hath 

The Throkmertons Landes be augrrientid by Mariage with 
the Heires of Sftney and Olney. 

The firfte fetting up of tne Houfe of the Nedams of Che* 

fir/bhr cam btit a i. Defcentes from the Heir of the Nedami 

now lyving, and being a Knighte by one Nedam a Juge yn 

the Law. 

"H"*** 1 * i One Ecmundetoun^ aGentilman of auncientName, maried 

g?£~\ one of the Heires Generates of the i Lord Davelles. Wherby 

MIU he and his Heires yet have a Manor Place of his yn the 

Majfe a part of Torkjbir at Fokerby in the Paroch of Ethelhtg* 

fiotey wher an Arme caftith owte of Ure. 

This Fokerby is aboute half a Mile from Ethelingflete. 

Etbelingflet is the beft Toun of al Majfe Land, and yet it 
ys but an Uplandeifch Town. 

There be buried, as I harde, one or a. of the DaveUes yn 
the Paroch Chirch of EthelingfieU 
Spayoe* Ecmundetown hath * befide T . . . * . of the Staines 4 
«tapletun. And of one of the Stafletons. 

Ecmundejlon Landes cum now to an 1404 /T. Landes by 
1 fi Eth ...«•<#••• beyond . . . . 

N. B. 

Turwith now being yn the Courte a late a haunchman hath 
maried the Heir Generale of the Eldeft Houfe of theOx#»- 
bridges of Soutbfax, by whom he ftiaul have 140. /*• * Landes 
by Yere. 

This yonge Turwhit is Sun and Heir to olde Turwbites 
Sunne or Lincoln/hire. 

Matter Efifax of Barb/hire cummith oute of the Houfe of 
Eftfaxis long fins Knighttes y of .Fame 3 of Efifax. The 

* befyde lands of the Spaines. St. fi Ethelingflcte vi« myhs 
beyond Buterwike. St. y L. of Fame yn EMzx. 

1 Lorde. N. B. Mr.Hearne has printed thefe it. Fol.. which he tellf uf 
are here wanting ( fee hit Note at the bottom of tho rtth. page of hit 4th. 
Vol.) both in his Review* (p. 179. I.41.) and in hii tth. Vol. (p. 10. L t.) 
but they are now inferted here in their proper placet, at appcara fromMf. 
Stowc. a Lande. 3 in Eftfax. 



Landes of Efifax of Efifax were difoarkclid, and the Gloria 
of that Familie was almoft extindHd. 

One William Efifax that died a 60. Yeres ago was a poli- 
tike Felaw, and in favor of the King, and was Under Tre- 
forer of the Exchekcr, the which Office Mr. Wefton a late 
had. This Efifax purchacid Landes aboute London, and is 
by ried in an file or the Chirch of the late Priory of S. Bar- 
ptolemes in Smithef eld in London. 

This WiUtam Efifax Sun and Heir maried the Doughter B^timf of 
and Heire diBabtborpt of Warwikejhtr, and by her had *»»«W* 
Hunderith Markes by Yere of Landes. S^fc 

Efifax now lyving, Sun to the Doughter of Babtborp, toke of B^timp 
to Wife the Doughter and fole Heire of Rogers of Barkejbir % of T$riyfl,tr. 
and by her he had 300* Markes of Landes by the Yere in 
Barkefbsr and theraboute. 

Rogers of Barkjblr cam owt of the Houfe of Rogers of 
Dorfet/bir, and 3. of them dwelt by Defcent in Barkjbsre. 

The Landes of the » Montefortes of Rithenontflm hath beene 
devidid to Heires generate, and fo decayed. Of late one of 
the Montefortes dyed, and left x. Doughters that hath yn 
Devifion a 140. lu Landes by Yere. 

This Monteforte lay much at Hecfortb in RkbemontJbfre,*H*rf»d 
wher as Cutbebert Tunftale Bisfhop of London was borne, r "*dT»" 
bafe Sunne to Tunfial, fi as I hard, by one of the Contort 

Gsrdeltngton maried one of the Doughters of Monteforte 
and his Sunne now dwellith in Hscfortb. 

One of the Corners maried the other Doughter ofMontefort. 

As for as I could gather of Yong Walgreve of the Courte 
the eldeft Houfe of the Walgreves cummith owt of the 
Towne of Northampton or ther aboute, and ther yet remayn- 
ith in hlortbamtonfbsre a Man of Landes of that Name. 

One of the Walrreves defending of this Houfe hath a Ma- 
nor Place in South/olke at Smanlbridge not far from Sudhjri. 

* A manu tiurtoni. £ as I bard J Both Harrtfon * and 
Wood f from Harrtfon, make Leland himfelf to be of opi- 
nion that Tunftale was a Baftard, whereas Leland only fays 
chat he had heard fo. 

• In his WJUtmU Dtfcrift. •/ *W lfidni $fBrhdi*4, I. 1, c. 14. f *Athni 
0**». Vol L coL 97. 

1 Montcfertc •£ RkbemoQtflitr in d» Miffin. 

Vol. 4. C Old 


Old Syr WtVtem JfQtfgfheve^ Graund&ther to Waigreve of the 
Courte, cummith ot this Houfe, but his Landfes moft ly in 
the Wefte Contery. For ther he hath iuHoufes ; Pynne a 3. 
Miles from Bxcefi^ and Sfltoto* tboute Bridg<-Wat*r. This 
Spaxttn Wa$ One Jftfeft i^wrf was loRggiag to dm C^wwy. 
This Cheymey had Hrjfex Lahdes by an Heire Generate. C**- 
mqr * d ved leving too Dotightere^ itftoerof the ofte was ttiaried 
to Watgreve. The auncient Lafcd and Maner Place of thfc 
Sbtfeldei of Xtihohne waft ty the %/>/<? Streat in Lmc*k#>ir 
^ ^ at a Place caullid HemmefweJk> and from them they cam to 

i iSr**^ Butterwtk in Axholme. 

" % The Lx#d -Clfntm that rfow ly vith had a noble Man to his 

create Gtaunttattoer that ^as Erie of U*mmtoHe* And he 
feeywg and Sun fclfo takfcn Prisoner yn ¥r*ume was putte to 
fo great Rawnfum that ther the Glory and Landes of that 
Familie fore decayed. 

Ij.hnDU- The Vicotfnt Duddtlq now being ft of the Summs that 

& created m arted the Htm* Geftfeiral of the mdekys. 

luu 1 ™ He curartdth by his Mother Swfe of the T+fa>t .Lord or 

M^* Vicoufcte Lifie. 

*. I/43-" The Vicount Lijle now teyug detivitfo hymfelf from the 
Erie Smmiy fctodthe Lord* 7**ysr. 

Dyktfy as far as can be xronjedk^ cummith by Liaefel 
Defceftt oWt of the Towfee of Drt^, a Village y* Umcaln- 
4 ./Wr* ? wher as yet the rteir of the eldeft tJoufe of the Z)«b- 
^nr tttth % X. A. Land by the Yfere. 

As far as I can lerte tsbe fckfeft Place that the.ititafye* of 
&HcohfJbir had fa Lrirafittflvr* ™** «* **A«* not far firdm 

&t PalmeftnJky feM 1%*^ tee feeft of that Stfck tumid 

EwrarJ) «* I«etafembre, was QajfMf'tvfUMh betwixt He*$ 

and Eitomrd^ aftd the Landfes of hfin was attaiatid* hue & 


y Thid" fr/fefytad ty Heire geaevfcl at by his Wife, as 

St$kf in I remembre, a Manor and a Place at it caullid Stokeby Lm- 

X*M**d. dtngton the Bisftibp of TJncoths PlfcCfc in Rurkelanffiire, the 
Hduch afore kmggid to <me<Ckrke. 

Sukg Dd*~ Stok* Datp&enfy as I bard fay, is -not inRtdbetdnd*, but 4a 

t**v'm Horthanpmjhir. 

*j!i^ One of the D'ikeby, Sunn'e to tfykeby atfcairitid, was of the 

* A manu Burtbni. fi Amanu Burtoni. * A Thte. 



Bande of the Duke of Clawtnce^ Brother to King EJvarJe 

• ••••• 

At the camming yn of Henry th$ 7, vi. Brethem al of the 
Dste&y q( Wton and Stoke earn to King Henry the via. at 
Bfifmrtb Feld, aitf toke his Part : wherof ^ wer welle 

And one of this 5. had attaintid Landers given hyra in 
Lehcefirefihe tQ the Value erf a huaderith Markes by the 
Yere, aqd after was Knight Marefchal of the Kingea Maref- 
challery, but after for Efcape of cert on Prifoaers he left his 
Office paying much of the Forfe&, wherby he was compellid 
to felle his Stokke of the; $taple in Ca lm$ wher he oceupiect : 
And then King Henry the vii. offerid hym a great Office in 
the Marches otCaJays for Mony, the « which he forfaki4 HQt . 
withpute fiimme Indignation of the Ktog, *tfid Vaufx the 
riehe Knight after had it. 

This pikeby had *lfo a Peace of the Bettors Landes, ancj 
bought befides a part of 2. of the fame Lordihip that he was 
* Parteaer yn of the * Bikebys. 

Eche of thefe 2. Houfes hath now almoft equale Landes 
a 3qo« Markes by the Yere. 

WOhm Pole Duke of Southfolk maried the Countes of He- "M*"* * §u 
n&ude fecretely, and gotte a Doughtter by her that was after £2tfift 
maried to Syr WiWam Barentinfy Graundfather now being. 3 
but Chamber Doughter apd Heir was after ♦ folemnly maried chsucer. 
to WH&am Duke of Southfolk^ by whom he had very fair 
Landes, and fhe provid Barevfinos Wife Doughter to the 
Cpqntes of Henault to be but a B*ftarde. 

Barentine for making a Riot on Duke J*7//Wg Wife loft 
% 100. //. Lande by the Yere. 

Olde Fortefcue Doughter in Henry the vii. tymes maried 
the Sunne and Heire of Stoner. 

And after , as I hard , old Fortefcue Sunne maried the 
Poughter and HeirQ oiStonther. 

Fortefiue that late was behedid had by Stoners heire Gene-* 
jaul 2. Ppugh^i-s : wherof one was maried to the Lord 

V I J I I I! 1 I ■ 1 II I'M ll I HI . .J ! .. I ' I ' ' I I I 

# Parteneryn of the Dikebys. Eche &c. ] I think that it 
(hould be read thus : Parteneryn.. Eche oftkefe luHoufes of 
the Dykebys hath now &c. 

» " ■ 11 iii ) 1 j, wer—p-m^n***—*/* 

1 wich, % Dykebys. j Bareotiftt IB tfce margin between Southfolk and 
Chaucer. 4. folemny. 

C 2 Wentforth 


Wentfortb now ly ring ? the other to Fitt^Gerald that was 
hanggid : but now booth Partes be cum to thcLordlPentfortb. 

J'nTIr 1 " 1 * e Bisiho P of Wince fier hath a Ferme Place agayne S. 

jE^r™ Dlonlfe yn Hamftonjblr on the farther Side of the Haven 
r caullid Bitbeme. At this Bitheme remayne yet Tokens and 
Ruincs of a Caftelle. 

SmK*£- Sir Arture Heftsn told me that the Subftance of the Landes 

tIiZt" t * xac ** e ** at k ^ on 6g ic ^ t0 t ' ie SwiUingtons that fum tyme 

Tirksff. were Menne of 20oo.Markes of Landes by the yere or more. 

The chief Houfe of the SwiUingtons was at SuiUington yn 

Torkjbire a 4. Miles from PontefraB Caftelle toward tne 

Quarters of the Ry ver of Ante. 

This SwiUlngton ys yet in Syr Arture 

' Sh kJt r ™ h * un ? d Such Landes as Syr Arture Hoptop 
5£U27 Tge DafCJ hathbythefe/ffi^ynSouthabSute 

umejoam. the Q^ arters of ^tbthnm be Q f the 

Tenure of Rickemont Feode. 
Syr Arture told me that the Lorde Marquife hath a good 
Peace of Land that was SwiUingtons. 

Syr Arture toJd me that he ys the fyxte or the eight of 
the Hoftons that hath * enheritid SwiUingtons Landys. 

Ankerwike Nunnery a y lite above Stones on the Tmmife 
Bank on Midlefax Side, 
/ M#r/#7 £*>/* Morley a Nunry fumwhat above Jffndefore Bridge on 
i*™-" the Tames Side in Buktnghamjbire. 

Timte- One of the College of Plefcy yn E/?/ix told me that he 

p*unt nuiM hath hard of Men of Knowfege that the Toun and Place 

eiefy. w k er t jj C c a ft c n e now ftandith was of auncient tyme caullid 

Tumblefloun^ and that the jiew Name is writen thus, Cafiel 

de Placeto. 

It longgid to the MandeviUes : but whither they had it 
ftraite after the Conqueft or no I cannot know for a fiirety, 
Ther was a great Man caullid de Placet es that maried the 
Heire General of the Erie of Warwik. 

Thomas Erie of Bnktngham Sunne to Edward the 3. was 
of this Caftelle: and b • . . the Col- 
lege there. 

•• A manu Burtoni. fi A mam Burtoni. y L. litle# 
t A manu Burtoni. 

1 Handes. > enherited* 


• This Thomas maried Elencr Doughter . and one of the 
Heires General of Humfre de Bohun Erie of Hereford, and had 
by her a Doughter caullid Anne. 
. Elenor is buried in S» Edmundes Chapelle at We/lminfter. 

Stafford Erl of Staford maried Anne Doughtter and Heir 
to Thomas and Elenor. 

■ Syns one Humfrede Duke of Bokingham was buried with., 
bis Wife and 3. of his Sunnes at Plafcey, wher of one, as I 
hard, was Erie of Wilfkir. 

The Gray Freres College in the North-Weft fide of the foL jt. 
Toune of Prefton in Acmundrenes was fette in the foile of a 
Gentilman caullid Pre/tun, dwelling yn the Town felf of 
Prefton, and a Brother or Sunne of his confirmid the firft 
Graunt of the fite of the Houfe, and one of thefe 2. was af- 
ter a £reat Man of Poffeffions, and Vicount of m Gurmafton, 
as I hard fay, in Ireland. 

Diverfe of the Preftons were buried yn this Houfe. 

But the Original and great Builder of this Houfe was Ed- 
tnunde Erie of Lancaftre , Sunne to Henry the thyrde. 

Syr Robert Ho land, that accufid Thomas Erie of Lancaftre 
of » Treafun, was a great Benefa&or to this Houfe, and tner 
was buried. 

This Holand, as I hard, was Founder of the Priory of Ho- 
land, a Place of* Blake Munkes by Latham in Lancaftrejhir. 

Tner lay in the Gray Freres at Preftun divers of the Shir- 
kurnt and Daltuns Gentilmen, 

Therwas aHous of .... Freres iZWaringtun. 

Ther was a Houfe of Blak Freres at Dancafter. 

The Toun of Preftun longith to the Dukedum of Lancaflre. Fol. %$. 

Ribcbeftre is a vij. 3 Miles above Prefton on the farther Ripe 
X>f Ribyfzs Preftun is, 

Ribcheftre is now a poore thing, it hath beene an Auncient 
Towne. Great fquarid Stones, Voultes, and antique Coynes 
be founde ther : and ther is a Place wher that the People 
fable that the Jues had a Temple. 

Whauttey Abbay a 4. Miles above Ribeceftre on the fame 

Sawley Abbay a . . . Miles above that, but it ftondith 
fifa titer tori. 

There is no Bridge on Rible betwixt Preftun and the Se. 

« A manu Burtoni. 

1 Trefiin, 3. blak. 3 Milis. 



It Souith and ebbith in Rityl rooft communely more then 

half way up betuixt frtfinn and Ritcejhe 9 and at Ragis of 

Spring Tydes farther, 

I redd? in a Book of Mafter Gartens that one of the So- 

* merfetes did mary with a Doughtcr of the Hfifondet* Ed- 

munde Duke of SomerfeU 

Mr. MtUes of Hampton told me that be old Sayinges the 
Toun of Hamfton fumtymes ftoode aboqte #W-Af0fe*, at 
the Mouth of Wincbejhe Ryver, not far from Nmhamft*** 

And he faid alfo that the old Toun was hrent by the 
Pineffes of the Sfaniardes. 
Doylley. The Oiles ofQxford/hir wpre of fome caiiUid {hortly Dotty 
for de Oilleio. 

w. 40. Oute of a Rolle of the aide Erie* of Shrohkttyu 

. Rogerue de Belefmo^ Erie of ShroUerbyri and Founder of 

' C the Abbay of Sbrottesbyri 7 was buried in our Lady Chapelle 
% * of Shrobbeshyri Abbay. 

There were 3. Sunnes of this Roger** de Bo/efmo buried yn 

the Chapitre Houfe of the Abbay of 8hrobh*sbyri\ wfcerof 

one was caullid Hughe de Belejme. 

Toachec. The propre Name of the Lord Audeley now beyng ys in 

olde Bookes written Thvcbet; and not Tmtcber. 

• I faw in a Bpoke of Mafter Gartber*s of the NoviMss that 

JMIrlrb William Neville, Sunne to '* Da Rabj and Jano the Bafe 

o(Kjnt. E) OU ghter of John a Gaunt e, was » Erie of Kent. But look* 

more for the treuth of this. 
UngeviUc The Eldeft Houfe or Manor Place of the LangeviBe? yet 
remaynith at Litle-BiUinge, about a J. Miles Eft from North- 
ampton : and ther ly divers of them buried. 

Syns of later tymes half the Barony of Rocke in Watts cam 
by mariage to them : and thcrby alfo Landes in other *Pa«es. 
The LangevlUes of later tymes hath tyen and buildid fairly 
at Wbherftun in Bukinghamjbire 4 nere stony-Stratford". 

LangeviUe an 102, Ye res old made his Landes from his 
Heires general to His Baftard Sunne Artare. The Yonger 
Baftard is now IJeir. 

The Erie of Shrobbesbyri^ of whom ASneat SjMnt Bisfhop 
of Rome doth make right famofe mention, was flaya in 

* See Vbhl. fol. 90. fi A mam Burtoni. 

1 Erl. % Partes 1Mb. 

Frannce x 


Fra*wce> and his Eldeft $unne, *by his fecond Wife H 9 that 
Was Lord JLjfo with hym. 

Thea was the ^Eldeft " Sunne of the Erie y Elder" Brother 
to the Larde Ujle made Erie, and after was flayne or behed- 
did M Nortbampton-Feclde. 

This Erie had divtrfe Suimes and Dooghters. 

Emong whom Join was the eldeft, and was Erie, bey ng 
1 {Odd firnple Mann*, land died at (^ventre nvnfme fifth 
itime Axnenu 

This John had etnong hh Brtthern one caolfid <K/fcr* 
Talbot % after a Knight of Fame, the which buried the Erie 
his Grandfathers Bones brought out of frounce at Whkechirtbe 
in a fair Chapelle, wher he is alfo buried hymfdf. 

The Erie John left* George his Heir and Erie after Hym. 
Geatge left Frounces now Erfe. 

Owte of the Petygre of theYaleiotes Batons. Fd. 4t. 

PftWSrp Ttihbot was a Man of fait Landes in Hmford/hir and 
Glvtejterfldr ^nd was buried at *Verdi»gfeld, wter he had a 
fait Lordtoro. 

Gilbert Talbot his Sunne made the Priory of Wormijkj^ and 
ther was buried, and tfyvm after of his Line. 

Hedmgton via WUtjbire. 

ReXnpm of aundent tyme w» a Prebende longging to 
tS/mefey an Abbay of Nunaes in Hamtfbire. 

Hedmgton Prebend was an Httndeiith Mariccs by tie 
Yere and more. 

Heding$onJBi$thop of 0&dkjfcr ? was borne at dusi&fagfrff. 

Rtfta**** the Bisfhop beyttg cbeefe Rolat of England wil 
King Bawmnk the ?. and JSritanfcf the did war 711 Frounce. 

Hedmgton buildid a fair New Chirch at Hedmgton, and 
there made a College with a Deane and xn. Mkiifters, 
Wfeerof parte were Prebendaries. 

Hedmgton cauffid the Prebendeof £2^ig*0* { tol»e xemovid 
from the Title of Rumefey, and to be impropriated to his 

« >* )»**» Burtotti. **$* '*V vom&ed by Mr. Burton. 
Before 'twas Secund. y So Mr. B. bath cerro&ed*. Before 
'twas Yoagger. * tylhribkur* fine ffatio. legend, forfan^ 
xhe Black Prince did &c. 

^QMrifogMJiAtfaraRigfei, a 4&Wfli&8t 1 sunn tartooi. 



Hedington procurid befide a loo.Markes of Land es by Yertf 
to his College. 

And this was doone about the Time that King Edward 
wan Calays. 
F0I41. Prince Edward cutiM the Blak Prime had a great favor 
to the Bones-Homes beyond the Se. Wherapon cumming 
home he * hartely Bisihop Hedington to chaunge the Minifters 
of his College into Bones-Homes. Hedington at his Defier 
entreatid his Collegians to take that Ordre. And fo they 
did al faving the Deane. 

Hedington fent for ii. of the Bones-Homes of Ajfcberuge to 
rule the other xii. of his College, 

The Elder of the ii. that cam from Ajfcberuge was caullid 
John Aileskyri, and he was the firft Refitor at Hedington. 

Hedington gave greare Subftance of Mony and Plate onto 
his College. 

One Btubyri, a Prebendary of Sarestyri and Executor of 
the Wille ot Hedington, cauffid a great Benefice of the 1 Pa- 
troneage of Sceaftesiyri Mcmfkcry to be impropriate toHr- 

Blubyri, as I. hard, was buried at Hedington. 

Syr Richard Penley a Knight gave the Lordfhip of Udefle 
vaBarkJhire a a. Miles from Wantage, a Market Toune. This 
Penley lay long at Hedington, and ther died and was biried. 

Roufe a Knight gave to Hedington his fair Lordfhip of 
Bamton, aboute half a Mile from Hedington. 
vffteUf R° u f e Y s buried at Hedington. 

BrSxZd J?** WiUouMy that cam out of Lincoln/hire and maried an 
Bf-ks of Heire general * of the Lord Broke, and after was Lord Brooke 
(bat Name, hymfelf, lyith buried at Hedington, and was a Benefa&or to 
tO* that Houfe. 

As I remembre, theSunne of this 3 Lorde Broke was Stew- 
ard of King Henry the vii. Houfe ; and his Sunne was the 
thirde Lorde Brooke of that 
N. B. 


And he had a Sunne by his firfte Wife, and that Sunne had 
ii. Doughters maried to Daltery and GraviUe. 

He had by a nother Wife Sunnes and Doughters. 

m be hartely befougbt St. Adde deGred, out muidfmile. 

1 Patronage, i of the Lorde. 3 Lord. S. 5. Mr. Hearne has printed 
thif leaf alio, which he tells us is here wanting, (fee Vol. 4. p. if.) in his 
Review (p. 183. 1.i4.)tnd in his 8th. Vol (p. i|. I,.**.) but it if now jnfened 
in it's proper place, as appears from Mr. Scowe's Copy. 



The Sunnes toward yong Men died of theSwetingSy kenes. 
The Lord Mounjoye now lyving ma- 

ried one of the Doughters ; Toilette * Charles Lord Mounjoye 
Sun and Heire to the Lord * S. John who died 1544. 36. H. 8." 
maried the other. fi * William Fawlet created 

Mr. Hopton of Blitheburg Lord S. John of Baftng 5. 
yEJFtx.ff." told me that there appere at March 30. H. 8. 153s." 

a litle Village caullid Win- 
beftun about half a Mile above BlitheBurg on the fame Side 
of the Ripe that Blitheburg is on certen Dikes and Tokins 
wher fum great notable Place, and fiim devine that ther 
was fum great Place of the KingeS of the Eafte Angles , and 
that ther about was the olde Abbay that Bcde fpekith of in 

Sum fay that the Caftelle and Abbay that Bcde fpekith of 
was on the farther Side of Blithe, wher a Creke cummith yn 
a Mile from Dunewiche, and about a Mile and a half from 
Bliiheburge at a Place caullid .... hille wher yet ap- 
pere Dichis and Hilles. wherofone is notable : and this is 
more likely to be the Place that Bede fpekith of. 

Mr. Sheffeld told me that afore the Old Erie of Oxford Fol. 44. 
tym?. that cam yn with King Henry the vii. the Caftelle of 
Hengham was yn much Ruine, fo that al the Building that 
now ys there was yn a maner of this old Erles Building, ex- 
cept the Gate-Houfe and the great Dungeon Toure. 

Mr. Sheffelde tolde me that a litle betide Colne Priorie ya 
Eflfax, wher the Erles of Oxford ufid to be buried, was a 
Manor Place of theirs, the Dikes and the Plotte wherof yet' 
remayne, and bcrith the Name of the Haulle Place. 

* Syns the Ruine of this Manor Place the Erles hath buildid 
hard by the Priory. 

Borow Caftelle ftandith aboute the Quarters of Laiflofte 
yn Southfolk. Great Ruines of the Waulles of this Caftelle^ 
yet appere. 

* Purefeyzn alyance of Jeoffrey Father of H. the 2d. came 
with hym into England, took parte with his wife Dame 

* A manu Burtoni. fi A manu Burtoni. y A manu Bur- 
toni. I Purefey an alyance &c] This Paragraph is wanting 
in St. This following Paragraph is written in a different Hand, 
from the reft. Perhaps *twas aided by one of the Purefoys, who 
were great admirers of Mr. Leland. 

VOL 4. D Maude 


Maude the Emprefs againft K. Steven, dwelt firft in Tycketl 
Caftell in Torkfhyre, after fetled befide Lutterworth in JLeyrce- 
fterjhyre in Pafture Grondes. called after his Name, maried 
one of the Daughters and Heires of Waure of Waver or Over, 
and the Heyr of Shircforde in Warwick/hire >: after maried 
Ayotes Heir in Buckingham/byre. Thomas a yonger Sonne in 
Edwarde the Thirdes tyme maried WheUosbortmgjhe Daughter 
and one of his Heyrs. and one other maried Norburies 
Daughter and Heyer with Bingham's Heyr, who was Heyr 
to StreUey of Lin by, and he to Charnelx and Hunt. A yonger 
of that yonger maried Brettz Heir who was Palmers- and 
an other yonger in that Difcent maried one ofHarawikes 
Heyers. who wz&Heyr of Flaunders, Foundny, Lynley, Afh* 
broc maBugg". 
Fol.4/. Ponsbyri is but an uplandifch Tounlet, and is 4. Miles to- 
ward the South Weft from Shrrwsbyri. There rifith a Brooke 
out of an Hille therby caullid * PonJSthe a litle above the 
Towne, and thens renning goith into Severn aboute half a 
Mile above Shrewsbyri Toun. 

Ponsbyri } s u ^ tTa Sabrinam, as Shrewsbyri is : fi but it of of 
Ssverne Rife* 3. Miles by .... . 

In the Chirch of Ponsbyri is aDeane and 3. Prebendaries. 
Cole, Subdene of the Kinges Chapel, late Dene of Ponsbyri, 
did much Cofte ther of the Manfion Houfe. Ther be a. 
other fair Houfes of the Prebendaries. 

The Lorde Powys is Patrone ther. 

On the South fide of the Chirche Yarde appere greate 
Tokens and Stones faullen downe of a great Manor Place 
or Caftelle : and therby yet remaynith the Name of theCa- 
ftelle Paviment. 

A Quarter of a Mile or more of from Ponsbyrl Chirch is 
a Wood caullid Hokflow-Forsfi longging to the Lordfhip of 

In the midle way betwixt the Chirch of Ponsbyri and this 
Wood appere certen Ruines of a Caftel or File y apon 
longging al r o to the Lord Powys. From this Hille a Man 
may lee to Shrousbyri and other Partes there aboute. 

The Wood andForefte ofHokftow hath Dere f and • his 
large , and one way cummith almoft to Caourfe Caftelle 
longging now to the Lorde Stafford. 

« Ponjlitbe.'y So alfo in St. But two points are put under 
the Letter h in the Orig. fi but it is ofofBcc. St. y Sic. 
t and is large St. • F. tis. 



The Chauntor of S. Davides tolde me that one i Martinus 
de Turribus a Norman wan the Countrey of Kemmeys in Wales , 
about the Tyme of King William Conqueror ; and that this 
Mart'mus foundid the Abbay of S. Dogmael in Kernels, and 
that he lyith buried in the Quier there. 

There hath bene at ... . i&edwine in WbiUJhtre a Caftelle 
or Forteres, the Ruines and Plot wherof is yet feen^ and 
theTowne there is privileged inParlamentfor aBurgesTowa. 

There is yn the Countery of Denbigh in Wales a Chapelle F0I.4& 
by a Paroch Chirch in a Place caullid corruptely Nanclin for 
'Nantglin by jf/rrat-brooke, where as divers Sain&es were of - 
auncient Tyme buried. 

The Toune of Strateford is apon Avon Ryver in ripa ulter. 
as Men cum from London to it, and ftondich jufte * 3 vii. 
above Eovejham^ and then z. Miles to Warwik apon Avon. 

The Bridge ther of late tyme was very fmaulle and ille, 
and at hygh Waters very harde to pafie by. Wherapon in 
tyme of mynde one Cloptun, a great rich Marchant, and 
Mayr of London, as I remember, borne about Strateforde, 
having never Wife nor Childern convertid a great Peace of 
his Subftance in good Workes in Stratford, firft making a 
fumptuus new Bridge and large of Stone, wher in the midle 
; be a vi. great Arches for the maine Streame of Avon, and at 
eche Ende certenfmaul Arches to bere the Caufey, and fo to 
pafle commodiufly at fuch tymes as the Ryver rifith. 

The fame clopton made in the midle of the Towne a right 
fair and large Chapelle, enduing it with 50. IT. Lande, as I 
hard fay, by the ycre, wher as v. preftes doth fyng. And to 
this Chapel longgith a folemne Fraternite. And at fuch 
tyme as needeth the Gcodes of this Fraternite helpith the 
commune Charges of the Towne in tyme of neceflite. 

The Fair that longith to Stratford is a thing of a very great 
Concourfe of People for a 2. or 3. Dayes. 

Here marke that Tewkesbyrt, Per/ore, Eovefljam, 

Stratford and Warwik ftande al on the farther Ripe of Avon 

There is one Clopton a Man of fair Landes that dwellith 
by Strateforde apon Avon, and of lik^lihod much fet up by 
Clopton Mair of London. 

* Adde Miles. 

1 Martinus de Tumbus in the Margin, x Qedwine Caftelle in the Margin. 
3 vii my lei St. 

D a George 



F0L4.7. George Terras told me that the Men of Dunewich defiring 
Socour for their Town againe Rages of the Se, adfirme that 
a great Peace of a Forcite fumtyme therby ys devourid up, 
and tumid to the ufe of the Se. 

The Towne of New-Wmdelefore was ereftid fins that King 
Edwarde the 3. reedefied the Caftelle there. 
Stretbyri. Egtdius Bisfliop of Saresbyrl was a great Helper to perform- 
ing of the Cathedral Chirch there. 

This EgidhfSy as fum fay, buildid the fair Stone Bridge 
caullid Harnham at Saresbyrf, and fo was the High-Way 
Weft ward made that way, and Wilton way lefte to the Ruind 
of that Towne. 

I harde fay alfo that this Egldhs made the College of the 
Scholars of Vaulx in Saresbyrl. 

Waiterus deLaVitte^ Bisfliop of Saresbyrl , ere&id the Col- 
lege of S. Edmunde in Saresbyri. 

Nico/aus de S, Qulntlno was firft Provoft of S. Edmundes y 
and lyith buried there. 

There is an Hofpital in Saresbyrl nere the College of the 
Scholars deVaulx^nd is, as I remembre. dedicate tob.Nico/as. 

Mr. Balthafar told me that he found about the Cliffes of 
the Heremitage of Dovar Serpentes turnid into Stone ; and 
rounde Stones of a good Biggenes aboute the Shore parte cf 
theDcune of Dovar^the which broken fhoid to have had much 
metalle.but broking and byding theFier they came toAflches. 
Fol. 4*. Bolfover is a fair Lordmip of the Kinges in Scardale a ±. 
Miles from Cheflerfeld: wher as yet remainith a great Build- 
ing of an olde Caftelle. 

There is a praty Townclet by Bolfover Caftelle bering the 
fame now. 

Mr. Ferrars told me that one of the * Tames did make the 
fair Chirch of Fairford a litle above S. John's Bridge on Ife. 

There was an Houfe of a few Nunnes by Crept/gate withy n 
the Waulle of London. 

Then came one Elfing^ a Marchaunt of London^ and got 
this Houfe of the King, and fett Chanons Regular ther, erect- 
ing an Hofpitale alfo and enduing k with Landes : And fyns 
.the Houfe bare the Name of Elf ng Hofpitale. 

Tbinges t(>at&* I had of Mr. Haulle o/* Huntingdon. 


The Erie Ferrars was a Lord y and about Eyntsbyrl by S. 

* S?e Fbl.lL fol. 2i. & I hadl L. I hard, y and owner about St. 

» - - - - 1 - 

1 I hard. 



. The beft and fureft knowen limes that can be fette in the 
Fennes in the upper part of Huntendunejbire is the Nene 

The Delfhe us much asftandith in Hundrede 

is yn the Shir of Huntingdune^ and a litle part of it on 
Norman-Cros Hundrede yn the lame Shire. 

And it is totally to fpeke of * is " in Huntenduvjhir : and 
if ther be any part of the Delphe over the Nene longging to 
Thorney^ it is no great Thinge. 

Sfaldmk and Bukden geven cut of the Fee of * St. Ethel- 
drede to the Bisfhop of Lincoln for the Jurifdi&ion of the Bis- 
fhop of Ely in CamMdgeJhir. 

Rotberam Bisfhop of Lincoln buildid the new brike Towr - 
at Bukden. He clene tranflatid the Haul, and did much cbfU 
there befide. 

Engayne had fumtyme Br ought on ^ the Barony in Hunt en- 
dunejhir^ of the Abbate of Ramefey. 

Al the hole Shir of Huntendune hath beene, as it is faide, 
Forreft Ground : but it is ful long fins it was deforeftid. 

Huntingdimeflnr in old times was much more Woddy then 
it is now : and the Dere refortid to the Fennes : and part of 
the Redde of this Foreft of la:er times kept 7W»c/Fennys. 

Lunetote tranflatid the Chanons from the Place wher now Fd.49. 
S. Maries Chirch is in Huntingdune to the Place withowt the 
Toun wher it alate ftoode. 

One of the Smons SainEte Liz made Ffaltre Abbay. 

There is a limes at Pa$vorth Agnes betwixt Huntendune 
and Cambridge Shires, 

Mai ry told me that ther was a late a Collegiate Chirch at 
C VerPtok almoft in the midle way betwixt Foderingey and 
Undale, but dimming from Foderingey onto Undale it itand- 
ith a litle owt of the way on the right Hand. In this Col- 
lege was a M r . a 3. Preftes and a 3. Clerkes. The Perfonage 
of Cotterjiok was appropriate to it, and praty Landes befide. 

One Giffard was, as I hard, the firft Founder of it. One 
Nores clayming to be Founder even of late hath gotten away 
the Landes that longgid to it. So that now remainith only 
the Benefice to it. 

Mr. ShefefeUe told me that the very name of Sir George 
Carow in the Wefte Cuntcry, andofhis*Famile, ys Monte- 

* Redundat. 

1 S. Ethcldrcde. a familie. 

gomerik ; 


fomerik : and that Carow is a Name of Honor taken apon the 
frame of a Barony fo caullid. 
Mr. Carow affirmid the fame. 

Stoone Caftelle in Kent z 3. Miles 2 this fide Grevefinde 
halfe a Mile from the Shore of Grenehith on the Tamife. 

This Houfe longid a late to Champion an Aldreman. 
Fol. $ o. Syr John Cutte, Knight and * Undre-Treaforer of England, 
bought of one Savelle, a Man of fair Landes in Torkfhir then 
beyng ynTroble, the Lordfliip of Godhur fie, with the Ruines 
of a Caftelle that ftandith aboute a i. Miles from the Bank 
of Medwege Ryver, and a i. Milys from Maidefione. 

This Lordfliip at that tyme was partely a Ground much 
overgrouen with Thornes and Busflies, and was but xx» 
Markes by the Yere. Now it is clenfid, and the value much 
enhaunfia. And much goodly wood is yet aboute it. 

Old Cutte maried the Dougnter and Heyre of one Roodes 
aboute Torkfhir, and had by ner a 3. Hunderith Markes of 
Landes by the yere. 

Old Cutte buildid Horeham-H&ule * as " very fumptuus 
Houfe in Eftjax by Thaxfiede, and there is a goodly Pond 
or Lake by it and faire Parkes there about. 

Cutte buildid at Childerley in Camfoidgfhir. 

Cutte buildid at fi Sahhiry Parke" by 8. Albaits. 

Yong Cutte, Sun and Heire to olde Cutte, maried one 

and by her by the procuremente of 

my Lady y Lucy 

Langtand Bislhop of Lincoln told me that * Waynflete Bis* 
fliop of Wincheflre was borne at Waynflete yn Lincoln/hire. 

Wainflete was Scholar at Wmcheftre- felow of the New* 
College of Oxford, and after Schole-Mafter at Wincheflre. 

Wainflete was very great with Henry the vi. wherby he was 
in great Dedignation with Edward the 4 

Wainflete made a good Part of Eiton-CoUege begon to be 
buildid by Henry the vi. but left very onperfect and rauly. 

* Lege a. & A manu Burtoni. y Sic, fine punclo, in MS* 

' ) ■ !•■■ II 1 ill ■ l ' ' 

1 Under-Xreaforec z Waynflet i» the Margin, 



WainfleU buildid jMagdalene-Cbllege in Oxford. 
Wainflet buildid a'Fre-Sdiole at Wamflete. 
Waynflet fled for fere of King Ed. into fecrete Corners- 
but at the laft he was reftorid to his Goodes and the Kinges 
Favor. * 

i Wentlugh * in Monmouth'*. 

WentUug is devidid from Ventifa by Efte with the Ryver of Fol « *»• 
Wiske, by South with the Severn Se, by Weft with the Ryver 
of Remny to the very Hedde of it : and toward the North 
Northe Eft lye the Hillesof'High Wenceland. Ked of the •< 

The lenght of Weritttngb is from the fi Severn Se to the 
Lordfliip of Meridlth, that is to fay from South to Noithct 
About a xx. Mile. 

Where it is moft brodeft from Eft to Weft it is not countid 
by Eftimation above 8. Miles, and in diverfe places Idle. 

The foile by South toward Severn is fumwhat low and 
fiille of Dikes to drene it. Ther is lightly great plenty of 
Benes. y and in divers it berith al other maner of Corne. 

Ana this low ground is from the Caufev or High- Way 
that goit from Newport to Pont Remny by South to the Se- 
ven* Se. The North fide of the fame High-Way is ftille 
higher and higher to the Northe. 

There is very litle Wood yn this low Part of *WenteUughe^ 

except at Parke Vehan 3. Miles out of Newport, thorough the Park? **- 
which the High- Way lyith to Cairdif. **». Lide 

I This Park hath nother Dere nor Pale now it is the' Pa,k * 
Kinges by the Lordfliip of Newport and at Tredegar, wher 
Mr. WiUiam Morgan, a Man of 300. Markes of Laudes by 
Yerehath a very faire Place of Stone. It is a Mile and a 
half from Nevporte South Weft on the • hither fide of Ebouitb 

Caftelle Behan is a litle without the South fide of this Park, 
and is in Ruine. It longid to the Duke of Bukkingham. 

Such Part of JVenttugb a* lyith up toward Cairleon is well 
paftured and woddi. 

11 A manu Burtoni. fi Severn Se to the Ked of the Lord/hip 
St. y and in divers it] Poft divers : zdd€P /aces. i> Sic plane 
comtipifur htec §. r Efte fupra tin. 

1 Wemllugh. a Wemllagha 



Such Part as lyith from Font Remny 

Fonte Remny is a z. Miles along on the Eft Ripe of Remny to Bed- 

fromtheSever#Se. Ther is a wes Paroche vi. Miles of by Land ys 

VUlagebyitcaullidRtfjwwyin much woddy, and in fum Places by- 

Eng/ifcb, in JValfch Tredelerch. t wixt, as firft in LLanuihengle Paroche, 

. and then in Maghen Paroche joining to 
Fol./x. it is metely good Corne. 
, Thens on Remny Ripe a Mile upper is a fair Valley caul- 

lid Diffrin Rifca^ going a 3. or 4. Mile upward on the Water, 
plentiful of Wodae as it were a Foreft Ground, myngelid 
with Feldes, but having litle Corne. 
**■""■ • A nc * f rom c ^ e Hedde of this Valley it is upward on Remny 
Theodon. a Miles to Eggiins Ttder uab HoheU, by rughe Hilles and 
wildeValeis and plenty of Wood. The Hedde of Remney 
River is a 3. or 4. Miles above this yn the Hilles of High 
Thens cumme many Springes , and taking one Botom 

the Brooke is caullid 

Kayacb* and thens going into Drffrin Rifca it is augmentid 
with Rifca a Brooke cumming yntb it oute of a raroche 
caullid Eggiins Ilan 9 and then doth it al bere the Name of 

in pUmortsnfhir 
Rifca. Eggiins Ilan is yn Singbenitb 1 a 4. Miles of from Dif- 
frm Rifca. And cumming to Bedwes Paroche it is caullid 
Remny- and by the fame Name into the Severne Se. 

In tne midle Ground bytwixt Remny and Ebouitb Ryver 
on the North fide of the High way to Font Remny the 
Ground for the moft parte is Hilly, better for Catelle then 
Corne . And there is a very High Hille caullid Tumbarlum. 

flat North 

The Ryver of Ebouitb rifith yn a Montayne of High Wen- 
celande, and ftrait cummith into a Valley caullid DijfrmSerovy. 

Ebow'ith goith into Wisk a Mile- and a half beneth Newport ', 
and half a Mile from the Haven Mouth of Wiske. 

There is a Bridge of Tymbre over Ebow'ith caullid Font- 
Bejfaleg a z. Miles above the Confluence of Ebow'ith and 
Wtsk : and over this Bridg lyith the High- Way from Newport 
to Cairtapbe. This Bridge is fcant 2. Miles from Newport* 
Fol. ;j. Newport is but a. Miles from Cairleon. From Neuport to 
the Place wher Ebow'ith goith yn to Wifch Haven a good 
Mile and a halfe. And then more then half a Mile to the 
Haven Mouth, 

114,. mile. 



. The Bridges olCaWUon and Newport be booth of Wood. • 
From the Haven Mouth of Wijcb to the Mouth of Rtmny^ 

wher no Haven is or dimming yn meete for Shippes, avi. 

Miles. On this fhore is no very notable Thing. The Bankes 

of it be clyvid inough to defend the Se for * rangging into the 

Low Ground of Wenteland. 
Newport is a bigge Towne^ wherof thatparte where the 

Paroche Chirch is ftondith on a Hille. The Chirch is S* 

Guntle Olave in Englifib. 

* 1 hCX !\ a SS % S T\ G u% hy the Ther was aHoufe of Reli- 
Bridge at the Efte Ende of the Toun, a . b he K b h a h 

nother y n the midle of the Town as m %£"* y mmu , 

the High ftrete to paffe thorough, and D B * 

the g> at the Weft End of the Tbune : and hard without it 

is the Paroche Chirch. ThefaireftoftheToun«isalj8inone 

yn one Streate. The Toun is yn riiine. 

The Caftelle is on the Efte fide of the Toun above the 


Gentilmen in Wenllugh. 

Morgan the chifefte of Landes hath a very fair Place at 
Tiredeger, and a nother in the Toun of Newporte. 

There is a nother of the Morgans a Man of meane Landes 
dwelling y Newport. 

There is a nother of the Morgans dwelling by Remny at 
Maghen^ having a fair Houfe. He had bene a Man or fair 
Landes, if his Father had not devidid it pariely to other of 
his Sunnes. 

John Morgan at Lampeder Paroch in Low-Wenttugh. 

Roger KemmetS) a Man of a XL. Markes of Landes by Yere, 
dwellith in Newporte Toune* 

Henry Kernels dwellith at Muifglafe 3* Miles from Newport CamjM > 
by Wefte, a Man of meene ..... ..Virtfii. 

Davy Kemtneys a Man of 40. It. Lande dwellith a Mile 
above Pont Remny. 

Thomas Lewys dwellith utMairin a a. Miles from J SeyernSe. Fol. jv 

4 G/dmdrganJhire. 
Glade is in the Walfch s a Cuntery or a Land. 
And this Province or Cuntery isx)ften caullid Morganhog. 

» 1 i ,1 . t 1 1 1 ' 11 1 a ' 1 * i f 

' * is as in one Strete St. $ Sic. y at Newporte St. Sic, 

! raging. & thefiridg. 3 Severn SyUu . 4 Glaa^ofganfliir. f Counter/; 

.V0I.4. ' E I take 

I ttfcfe Mto&*% W> hfcVfe thfe Nartafc of MoK, that&tofay 
At «fc, dttto the ihdlfc Wherbf it lyith. 

5 lie Kefiknithts of Ghtto&rga* ly thus, 
ftft* is the Match* fern the Eft fide of it. 
?>emline a litle Broke is the March Of the Weft Pltit of ft* 
hfe Wa*ffre 8e boandith it from the Mouth of Rmnyio 
iftfe Mdufch of CfeHslim 

The Rootes of the Blake Moantein ftiatehith it by Ndrthfc* 
„ From ¥o*t Remny to the Fbfde df Omtik BtoOkfc a Mile, 
fixym^wtf^isto theiiereft wayaij.Miles. Thfts. iMile 
M.ff. to* Car J$f. to S.tiifrlasVtiltet ±. Mites. T60nt>lr}ire±. 
Miles. To JM»y Bridge, Wher is a Rtft Village * Mites. 
To fori l^rtrftA Oh vjgor a Mile, fo Mtfrgd* Afcbay 4. 
Mifc*. 'To B«'*a* Fery, caallid in Walfibt Vdnijkuel^ *tar 
be a 7 . or 4. Houfes afcfl a Chapel df Ea& on the hiAe* Side 
Mtim* RVVer^ *. M**e8- The Itejeffts at the Flnde in 
more then naif a Qgarter of a Mile over. Then to the Poti 
of Cremlin Broke i/Miles. 

To go thprough the midle of the Cotmteiy as from Eft to 
Weft a 23. Miles. From the Ripe of Diffrin Rifia to Tmsk 
RiVcr, and thefp over VxmtErliesk, a great * Bridge of tNtai- 
bre, 3, Miles. To Rotbeney Veban Water -and over «Sndge 
of Wood 3. Miles. To Pvtrifi Village, wher the Pilgrimage 

th Dieh 

1*aa> a Mile. To&9utkbQl*»tb+ great RokkyHille tf.Miks. 
To Glin Corrug a Paroch Chirch 3. Miles. To Ator Ptrgom. 
a Wild Bfcoofce y>Mites. This Efrokhalf * Mile lower reonlth 
into the E-ft fide of Whey. * This titoy is -beere a Kejwth 

to . This way toe many Hilles . . 

....... abdut the Ryvers fydes : trot few Vil- 
lages or Come except in a few ? imauUe ValeVs. 
.The McMntainea have fhm redde Dere f foddes ptafty, 
Ojcen, and Shepe. 

Thw Way-lyieh ty-Eftiihtik>n *fmdlfc £*t*o*he $*w*Se 
a 16. Miles by South : and from the midle of this way agayn 
by North a 10. Miles. 

tMfi' (I «m ■lftifli'urfliht 

m TUt Tawy is her* * Kefimth ** Gkmovgftn. XUswj 
ho many Hills. Woods good Plentye about tie Rivers Jydes : St. 
# S3fc* 

ittoiiL *%*% *'«***• 


- To go from Eft to Weft yn the higbeft P^rt of 6/#»^»- 
Jbir toward the I^oot$* of the Bi& MoQt^yne is a xvi. Mtte# 
pf wildGroijn4 almoft ^U. fromT the Keftnnifk ya jfcjf*. 
/#*/, that is at K t a^drain x a.MUes. From 
CVf^tl* it 1 4£r&r* to * £l*<;e fia^d Kaedra(ne. Thf Egge of 

long whit Thornes. 

HJrwcn Vrgan : Wher$ is, as \x\ the tfr$4* f^tl«tfto#/»Lorde 

* frmtym? ofAhrgap. 

Lqrdftip of Mfcbav in the Parcel of A&^wfcipg Lordfhip. 
*4hf4*ycr % % grp*f ityce mid Bredtti of 4 la j*£«fc is^um good 
Horfis, 8. Miles ; ?1 by high EJilles : Gpro? • 
and a Mile from Hirwen Vrgan is the This Rigois is in G//# • # . 
Fore fcof LLuid Otite welle wooddid in • . *<y . . Lordfhip . •, 
til* Lordfhip of Mifki*. From flinaen, having a,q Jffn out of them, 
tftgtf* onto a Jt/gwV Lordfhip 4. Miles. 

Tq Tftraje Genlpf, *Lordefhip 'x^C^mar^eJbhr^ 4.J4iles. Fal/tf. 
This Genie? a litle Ryver is the Kefinnith betwixt Cwmarfa Gcn l« flu « 
«d Glamrgait/bhj and goith ynto !&»*, fis J har<J, 4 3. or 

^Mile a this fide Swanjey in the Eft Ripe. Ifttad jL*or{l- 
p is a x. Miles from Swanfej by North Eft by the 8 la ^ 

Commotes in Glaworgaq/bir. 

Kihporth lyith from the Mouthe of Remny up to an Hille 
in the fame Commote caullid Keven £ On a 6. Miles from the 
Mouth of Remny. This Hille goith as a Waulle over-thwart 
betwiy the Rivers of Thane and Remny. 

A x. Miles from this Hille by South, and a %. Mil^s from 
Catrdsf, be vefiigia of a Pile or Maner Place decayed at JBfc- 
/Am Newitb in the Parpch of Landaf. 

In the South fide of this Hille was born Richard WiUiem 
alias Crunmelle yn the Paroche of Z.JL*» Ife*. 

It'Cairdif be not a Commote in it felf, it femith to be ia 

Kitwrtb goith by the Shore from the Mouth of Remny to 
the Mputhe of Taue a a. Miles and more. Splot a Maner 
Place longging to Baudrem, lyith from the Mouth of Remny 
on the Shore, and is taken as Land holden of the Bisfhop of 
• Landaf, and refortith to the Bisfliopes Court. So it is in the 
Commote of Kibwth, but not of the Court of it. 

« MorUeri] L. Mwteys. fi SU, 

■ ■ ■■ ■ r . . ■ ■ ■ m .!»-* 

I Merltys. 

E % Kitvorth 


Kibworth cummith from the mouth cf Taue up ftil by the 
. Eft Ripe of it a good half Mile above CairdiK and there 
Landaf Commote taketh the Eft Ripe, and fo kepith on ftil 
tQ above Landapb Bridge, and then Kibworth taketh the Eft 
Ripe of Taue agayn, ana fo goith up to the Hille of Keven 
Qn and tbej- is tpe Kefnith of Kibworth. 

In Kibworth a plain foile, faving Keven O*, is good Rye, 

• Barly, and Otes, but litlc Whete, The befte Wood in Kib- 

wortb is in Keven On as it were a Foreft Grounde. and Cairdif 

is partely fervid thens with Wood. Ther be Medowes My 

Rejnny and Taue Ry vers in this Commote, 

Gentilmen in Kibworth. 

John Quin Lewys half a Mile above Remny Bridg a man 
of mene Landes. 

$obn WiUyam a mene man a Quarter of a Mile above 
Cairdif on Taue. 
Pol, $y. Singhenith of fum is devidid into Iskaibacb , and Rube- 

Iskaibae. begennith on the Weft fide of Remny by Keven 
On, and goith up a 6. « Miles by North Eft by Diffrin Rifia 
onto Kaibac. m And on the Eft fide of Taue from Keven On 
to . . . ■ 

In Iskaibae is Cafr Filly Caftelle fette emonge Marifches, 
wher be minus Waulles of a wonderful Thiknes, and Toure 
kept up for Prifoners as to the chife Holde of Singhenith. 
It is 3. Miles North Eft from Landaf and x. Miles from 
the Eft Ripe of Taue. 

Ther is within half a Mile of CatrfiOy by Eft a fair Place 
caullid Vanne > wher Mr. Edward Lewys dwellith. Other 
Gentilmen or any Fame be not yn al Smghenet, faving Dor 
vid Richarde dwelling at Ksltble Gare in Hubkaibac , and 
Mathew ap Rife Veban in Kelthle Gare Paroch alfo. 

CafteUe Gogh ftondith on a high Rok of a redde Stone or 
Soile a a. Miles from Landaf upper on Taue: a Quarter of 
• Mile from the Eft Ripe of Taue^ 

m And on the Efte fyie of Taue from Keven On t9 Oaftell 
Gpgh fondinge on a higbe Roke of a redd Stone or Style x. 
mytes.from Landaf upper on Taue a Quartar of a mile from 
the Efte Ripe of Taue. St. 



• Cmftto Gougb al yn Ruinc no bigge thing but high. It 
longith to the King and ftandith by Keven On. 

Huhkaihac ftreechith up on taue by the Eft Ripe from 
Kaihach to Morllays Caftelle, and 2.Miles upward by North 
North Eft to Kaedrayne, wher the Ke- 

fnnitb is betv/ixt Hsgb-JVenceland, Brei- Kaedrayne the hegge Of 
nocjhir and Huhkatkach parte of Sing- Thome. 

More/ays Caftelle ftandith in a good Valley for Corn 
and Graite'. and is on the . . .'* Ripe of Morelais Brooke. 

This Caftelle is in Ruine and longith to the King. 

Morions Riveret cummith by North Eft out of Brekenoc- 
Jbir Hilfes toward Htgh-Wenceland, and fo to Morolays Ca- e 

ftelle, and about a Myle lower in a Paroche caullid Martyr MinyxTy- 
it goith into the Eft Ripe of Taue. dofl - 

The Commote of £*»</*/ beginnith FoLjt. 

at the Weft fide of the Mouth of Taue, The Bislhop's Land in this 
and fo rennith up by the Marfchy Commot is caullid Ter efiof* 
Shore on Severn to the mouthe of Ley 

River, of mm y n Engllfch caullid Ele. The Mouthes of thefe By Somh* 
a. Ryvers be about a Mile a fiindre. 

This Commore goith up apon the Wefte fliore of Taue By Eft. 
a Quartre of a Mile above Landaf Bridge to a place caullid 

Diche • • 

Clautbe Cunftable. And this is a ii. Miles from the Mouth of 
Taue, and lumwhat more. 

Aeayne the Bridge of Landaf this Commot goith over Taue 9 
and kephh about a Mile of lenght on the Eft Ripe. 

And a this fide Taue ther is a peace on Severn caullid 
Sflot, as mention is made in Kibwortb Hundreds. 

This Commote goith up on the Efte fide of Ley, firft to a 
Stone Bridge caullid Pont Lecbwltb a Mile of: then to Pont 
Lay, a Stone caullid yn Engllfch Ele Bridg, a Mile. Here 
it goith over Ele aboute a Mile on the Weft Ripe of wher 
Cairo Parpch is. 

It goit from Lay Bridg by the Efte Ripe to Ttlthecolt, a By weft, 
praty Village about half a Mile. Half a Mile above this on TUthe cm*. 
Lay Eft Ripe is S. Pagan's Paroche, and that is in the Com-T°»]iy j* 
mote of Eft Thawan. ' thcWood ' 

This Commot at the North is fcant a. Miles over from By North. 
Clautb Conftable to S. Pagan's, and ther as in the midle it 
fumwhtt touchith apon Mis kin Commote. 

In thisCommote is onely the Caftelle of Landaf beyng the 
Bislhop's Palace. 

There is fum meatly good Qorn Ground in fum Places of 
thisCommote : ajidvery gooclFrute forOrchardes itTtlcoytb. 



There is very litlo Wood yn this Commote. Wood i* 
brought hither aut of Mt$kj*. 

Gentilmcn in L**J*f Commot. 

My let Matbev. A litle from L*»W Caftelle tytuHe* hf 
South, it is like a Pile and wcllc buiWid- 

There is a nother mene Gentilmaa of the M*tbn>s ia 
Caire Paroche over Lay at Sweldon. 

Fol |> Afoto CtmmoU, or G/** AMfc 

•y Bft. This Commote by Eft as it lyith rcnnith up t long by the 

Weft fide of Tkue fey ver ontylle it cum to the Piece whcr 

JC#**» Ryveret cummith yn to The* by 

• Keuon Ryver goith into the Weft Ripe. This meating of X**m 

T**s above Psrbe Smith. with &»# is about a 10. Mile above 

CUutbCunftMe, The Grounds Uw 
Ripe this way is very wooddy. 
There is an Hille caullid Keven 1 Glsjfh beyond Kmm half 

* There is a nother Hille a ?. Miles above this toward Mnb- 
uocfhtr caullid Tenor, and ther is a /iwx alfo by Eft North 

% weft. This Commot lyeth by Weft from Pomteritb Same Cau- 
M #flf!tr tM%tsA r^tyA fnr ftf» that is fyve Miles from the Mouth 

about Lay fide. J>y, to a Place caullid MebeyJJ, wher 

Mehcydd Ryver cumming out of the Lordefhip of Gff* 

Rodeney goith into I**y by the Eft Ripe. It is about a 4. 
Mile from Tontritb Smth. And then Mstbn kcpith the hither, 
chat is the Eft, Ripe oiM:cbUd about a Mile, and ther cum* 
mith a litle Broke ynto Mecbydd by the Eft Ripe caullid 
Pedware. Then it folouith the Eft Ripe of Pedware about 
a Mile and a half to a place caullid Retbgougb, wher is a 
Brooke caullid Cleitugb , that a Mile lower rennith into 
Rodenty by the Weft Side or Ripe of it. And Medettey half 
a Mile lower rennith into Taue. And then up by Hilles and 
over Redeuey Water ro Kevem Gum&il a %. Miles, and tbens a 
7. Miles to the Hilles of Brekenok. 

1 Ghfe. 



Thft Commot «p in the Land lyith by flat Nor* tflon By North, 
s Brekenotjbite from iVMr, ctotife over M from Eft to Weft to &/ ^ # 

* 3*hc Bclv of 

Bolgoid. Al this way bis Hilles and Woode*. the wood. 

This Commot lyith by South from Clauth Conftable to By south. 
Vontritk Same as x crofle over from Eft to Weft a 4. Miles by 
gMd Com tad Woodde* And al Metkjn the nertr it lyith «C4 
to tbfe South thtfrut duller it is. 

* ImtrXbrt Caftelle, teftggifig to the King as principal **•*• 
Ho*fe<rfJM»tf*, l^thhatfaMfciWHnthc^Ripe^ 
and half* Mite beneth the Phwx^wber $ JttFdtatf tooofce cum- *». 
mitkititofij*. TheCaftdte ftond- .p. w ^^ ^d^ ' K « 

ysinRuine. ithtth berae 'a Mr £ft£^^ 

emtt'td 4 Gigvrwn. Attdftt AisCiftelte is the Prifon forM;- 0fem» .• 
to and G/fc Jtofocy. J 1 * 8 re * 

T%ere is a plaice *. Mites ffiE>mLLMmJ^ by Sooth Eft w# 
anfiid Ortf ItyMtr **i tlhe Top of *fe Hifle, wher ifiam 
Tokens of Buil&nges yeit remayne. 

*Hifer hath beene fum roacient Place at 6*Afo CtowJfe 4 
Mile by Southe from Lantrlfent. 

Gewttlmen m Miskin. 

<tam Matbmo a Man of maty Lands dwelling at Jta&r 
half a Mile 4bc*e £/#«** ttouflvbk by »«#. 

George Matbew hath a Park with Dere newly made 2. 
Miles above RaJer by North Weft. 

JobnM&ktn at S.NJf/ea Mile from Tetitrkb Smithy Efte. 

Jtefafc MatbtTo at Caftette Menueb in Pmth-augb Paroch.CafteHtmi 
*. Mifes South from ZJLmtoif**, and within a Quarter of Moi,ac!l0 - 
ftMHttifCV^C^fo. ^- xam. 

JM*riw» €/**» at Kmtrttmint in itoe tttroch of S. jfer/w^^^ - 
XL. Mark, ""k^ 

tawfi *p Ltmelen a mime man of Land <* at Rethlauar, 
i. e. Xagdns Paroch, XX, 7T. Land. 

* ^ Rethlauar /* S. FaganV Parocbe &c. St. Lqg. <i* 
Rfethkuar, *\ *. 8. Fagan's Pxrocb, &c. 

s Brtfivocfliire. a cfofr. $ MibchioU ^ligurao in the Margin. 


'/2 ■ 


Carnage, aBaftard of old Gamage of • » Corte, a man of mene 
Landes in Lanuair a Mile from Font R'rthfarn by Eft. 

Matter B*^/ of Pencolt a man of XL. /f. Land hard by the 
New Park of George Mat hew. 

Glin Rotktney. 

Tlje Vale of Rotbeney hath is limite by North on tte Reotes 

oftheBlakMontayne. By Eftit lyith ai * in Jdisitin* ByWeft 

it yoinith in fum j>lace to the Eft Ripe of Lay ; and it goirh 

up farther by Weft on the Eft Ripe of Otor River from Men- 

fUM: nltb Kelthle baedd to Boulgbe Clautbe v. Miles a fundre, and 

lirlyFeeld. 4. Miles above in the Hilles is Breknokjhir. By South it lyith 

a Mile and a half on the fide of the Ry ver of fi Mebckdd, and 

then it touchith half a Mile on Pedwarre Brooke. 

FoL tfi. Bothc Rodeney Vauf and Rodeney Vehan fpring in the Lord* 


Rodeney within a i. Miles together* 

Rodeney Vaur rifith by North Weft in a greate High Rok f 
caullid Drijjiog. right 

Rodeney Veban rifith a Mile above Cafietle Nofe by North" 
Weft alio : but nerer toward Misky* Lordfliip $0 that 
Rodeney Vaur Hed and Strem lyith more Weft up into Wales* 

CafteUe Nofe is but a high atony Creg in ;hc Top of an 

The Vale of Glin Rodeney by South is meatly good for 
Barle and Otes but litle Whete. There is plenty of Wood. 
It hath but one hole Paroch caullid Yfirate, and a peace of 
LantriJJent Paroche, and a pece of LLan Wonni Paroche. 

Efte Thawan Commote. 

The South Eft Thawan by South liyth on the Severn Shore. From 

March, the Mouth of Lay* wher Penarth Pointe ftandith on the Weft 

fide of it, to the Mouthe of Thawan Ry ver an eight Miles :■ 

agayne the whiche Mouth is the next Paffage to Minbeved it^ 

Somerfetjhlre. This Trajeftus is over Severn xvi. Miles. 

Penarth is an Hille or Foreland into the Severn Se. 

A Mile and a Half above it is Settle* y a praty Havenet or 

Socour for Shippes. And here rennitn Scyttey a praty Brooke 

into the Se. and ther is a Village caullid ScyUey, fcant half a 

* Corte'] L. Coiie, quo modo infra fol. 71. fi Mebckdd] 
L. Mebcedd, vel, ut fupra f. 59. Mebcydd feu Mecbidd. 

t Coite. % on Mithin. < 



Mile from this Haven Muth : and the Brook rennith thoroug 
the midle of it. The Hedde of this is Weft North Wefte 
from ScyUey Village yn Weuiio Paroch in a Welle waullid 
aboute on the North fide of Wenuo Chirche, that is a %. 
Miles above ScyUeyViWzgc. » On this Brok [n b.] ftandith firft 
Wenno Caftelle a Quarter of a Mile by Weft from the Hedde « <**"■"• 
of it. Al the Buildinges of £ this * Wenuo ftonding on a litle **** • 
Hille is downe faving one Toure and Broken Waules. It 
longgid to the Maleinfantes* wherof in remembraunce was 
one that was firft husband to Mr. Herebertes Mother of 
Swanfey. The King hath it now, and Dr. Came farmith it 
of the King. 

The Caitelle ofGrenefion is 3. Quarters of a Mile lower 
on SctUey Broke, and it ftondith on the Side of an Hille a 
Stone cafte from the Eft Ripe of ScyUey. It is al in ruine 
faving one High Tower. The Lord 3 Herbert is Owner of it. 

The Caftel of DinasPoys is almoft a Mile lower, and ftond- 
ith on a litle Hille within a Stone cafte of the Broke on the 
Weft Side. This Caftelle is al in Ruine, and longith to 
the King. ScyUey Village is fcant a Mile lower. So that the 
Courfe of the hole Water is a 3. Miles from the Hedde to 
the Se. 

•There is good Come and Medow on booth Sides of Scyl- 

it cum 
ley Brooke, and good Wood of boothe Sidles to Dhtas Toys. 
Lower to the Se is none on it. 

From ScyUey Mouthe to Aberbarrey, wher cummith a litle 
Rylle of frefch Water to the Severn, is aboute a Mile. 

The Hedde of this Rylle is fcant a Mile of by North Eft 
in a plavn Ground. 

On tnis Bekke ftondith the Caftelle of Barrey aboute a 
Quarter of a Mile beyond the Weft Ri]>e of it. This Caftelle 
ftondith on a litle Hil, and moft of it is in Ruine. Matter 
$. John of Bedfordjhir is lorde of it. Maurice S. John Uncle 
to "Syr John S. John wis Owner of it. 

Right againe this Brooke Mouth lyith Barrey Ifle. The 
paffage into it at ful Se is a fiite Shot over, as much as the 
Tamsje is above the Bridge. At low Water ther is a broken 

* A mam Burtoni. £ Leg. this Wenno CafieUe ftonding &c, 

. 1 §m this Brtkf a mano Burtoni in Margin?. N. B. The following Lines 
between Brok and over, in the firft Line of the neit Page, were printed by 
Mr. Hearne in his 8th. Vol. (p. 9. 1. 7.) bat thefe are alib here inferred in their 
f super places, as appears from Mr. Stowe. And Fol. 13d. of his Eighth Vol. 
as part of the 6uL Fol of this Vol. 2 Wenno Caftelle ftonding. a Herbet. 

. .yol.4. ■-■-•- F Caufey 


Caufey to go over, or els « over the (halow Scfemdet 6f 
Fo!. fi. Barrey Brooke on th£ Sandes. 

The Ifle is about a Mile in Cumpace, and hath Stery good 
Corne, Graffe and futa Wood. The Fcrme of it worth a 
x. //'. a Yere. 

There ys no Dwelling in the tfle ? but ther is in the midle 
of it a fair litle Chapel of S. Barrok, wher much Pilgrimage 
"was ufid. 
G4##rD.of Of late tyme G*ffer Duke of Bedford, halfc Brother to 
Bedfirddicd King Henry the fixt, being Lord o^GlafmrgavJbire. tint Lahd*$ 
* f " f'li of theitf«fcwA**w, for lacke of due Iflue, came oy Efcheate 
u? 7 ' m * untohimasLordoftheCuntrey. Nowe they be the Kinges. 

Haifa Mile and more beyonde Aber Barrey is the Mduth 
of Come Kydy. This Broke rifithe flat North a Mile and aft 
*alf from the Place wher it goith y ritO the Sever n Se* Thtfre 
is no notable Building oh this Rylle. The foile of boothe 
Tide Of the Ril in this Valley hath good Corn, Grtiflfe and 

From Klddey Mouth, Wher iio Enteraunce is for Shipper, 
*to the Mouthe of ThdwXn a 3. Mites by very principal good 
'Corn Ground. At the mouth of Wravan Shifpe-lettes taay 
cum ynto the Haven mouth. 
The March* The Weft Maithe gOith up by Ihntah fide on tte Eft 
by weft. Ripe almoft to Cowbridge, and that is a a. Miles of. and this 
•Ground is low aboute the &i£e fide, and fill of Mfe&rtris &d 
Pafture Grounde : and in fum Places half a Mile of forth tbie 
Ripe is fumme Wodddfc. 

Haifa Mile irom the fliouth of Thank* there <3nmto*&ii 
(by the Eft Ripe Of* ia Brooke Caullid Kenfan. 

The Caftelle of Uonmone ftandith on a litle HiMfe Ih P&- 
"mark Paroche, a Quarter of a Mile by Eft frofti the mouth 
x>f Kenfan. 

This Caftelle yet ftohdith and longith to *$&?*** Si^dhi. 

This Kenfan hath 2. Hfcddes > whefof The North Eft b 
caullid Nantbrane^ the Hedde tvhferof is in the $&ro& tf 
Z,LueftZ,fthdn. . < . 

This ftedde $s a. jMiles from the Confluence and ttrore. 
There te good Pkftuf e and Come *botft it. 

The other Hedde rifith at Bottom Village. GaJ : Trejtm*, 

Foi. 63. 3 N^h £ft more upward inWWes by Weft, a $. MB*fiom 

the Confluence. Firft it cummith by CameUued ii. Miles 

douneward to Mr. Rage/andes Houfe on the Eft fide of it. 

Thfen thttrou^h LLancaYouZn Village ^ Quarter of a Mle. 

. 1 horn >*v<r the $*U*h fa ** th^KH^H % <MttU <S»ttoi; %*fer1*M. 
Jdm. 3 by Nonh Eft.. 



Tbeg 1 Qujftev of $ Mile fp tjie Careens wfeef the hole 
fireame is caullid Kenfan. On both fides pf ^ Arme i| 


To ^fg(§ oy^rfrQin Lsmarouan tp the MX P*r* pf 5F*w« 

ThcCqifimorofJPj(ll^w»cumrniA up by Eft from thr TheE* 

Mouth of Lay on the Weft Ripe of Lay firft to Cogau Villi March - 
ftlmoft a Mile of, \vher is a fair Maner Place on the Ripe 
fid* IpRgging $P Mr. Hirekift of Sy&tfiy. and then to Po**e 
Leewitb of Stone fcant a Mile. Then tp Fon$lay, alias JE/*- 
ifr#£ > of Stone , wher l#*daf Commot cummith for a 
fpjtcq pyer I*j on bpoth fides pf the Bridge, Ttyen cumr 
IX|itl> ip *gaine pn £4? Weft Ripe Eft Thawan Commote at 
* St, $4gans, wher be not paft 2. qr 3. Houfes of thp Village 
$a that fide, bur they ftande beyond the §mne Bridge on the 
Eft fide of Lay, and there is the Paroche, and the Caftel of 
S. Fagan ftanding in the midje of tfye ViUf ge, and within a 
Stone Cafte of the River. 

And here marke that Eft Thawan yn this ^lace occupiyth «^j 
a 7. long Mile by Eft North Eft on this Ripe to a Place caul- 
lith Pont Rithfarn in Mtskin. 

The Caftelle of S. Fagan ftandith on 
a litle Hille : and a part of it yet ftand- The Paroch Chirch of S. 
ith. It was about a (Jo. Yere ago in F*£**isnowofourL$dy:but 
{he £fondes of one Davy Mather?: zfii tber is yet by the Village a 
# {bgn it cam by Heires Geperal fo di- Cb*pelteofS.F#&**fumtime 
yerfe Copartioners. Bay*on of the Fpr the .Parpch Chinch; 
f eft of 9m hutb a part of it. 

Thens to LLanfeder on the ftme Eft Ripe of hay %• 
Mi^s, Ther i.6 a poore Village and a Bridge of Stone a 
Qflfctter of a Mile of by Weft, and a Caftelle on plaia 
Ground on the Water fide almoft al in Riiine. Boteltr and - , . 
Qf«l* Matkw be Lordes pf the Village.. Fo1 * 6 + 

. U&k who i# Owner pf tfte Caftelle. -. fc «\5j 

Jf§p$ Rithfarn is about % Mile upward from Lampder 

Npw to cum flgayn to the Weft Ripe of L*y ov«r S. zy- 
-ttrfr Bridge, S- Gwg* a Village lyitfe $. Quarters of a 
Mtte upwarde on tbe Ripe, and there is a.CaJfceJiebaxd by 
the Ripe on the Weft North Weft fide of the Village. This 
Caftelle ftondith on plaine Ground, It longgid to tfte * Male- 
l8%nfef, wh$rqjf^yasplyvev^^ The 

« J-. Male-infantes, vel Mde-infaunt es \ & fie infra fol. 76 . 
' Fa Caftelle 


Apoo the Eft Ripe of Wtwmy in Tvbrtwum a Mile above 

the mouth of it lyithWfcwyPnoiy. and a tttfc above on the 

tame Ripe is Cmutttm y and a Utle upward is Milter Quit 

tine«i the H »gb-Way, and above this Jfdilttr 

JWter Owe?, is • theHiri. ° 9er » c L * b4 of b** Cdes of WW 

W? t£ta : i2g?Sd » caullid J^ir,. So that ,1 the We/ 

Cornton *^P C of *^»"y from ^e Mouth to the 

Hcdde is in 7>r Coite^ andapeceof the 
Wefte Ripe of it above Cometom is in Weft* Thaw** alrnoft 

by a 3. Miles upper. »and . , . . 

Ther ly by flat Northe from Pemiont a i. Paroches. £**- 
devodug and LLanghmir* vi. Miles of longgipg to Terirew 
mime. But 2Vr ctf ** lyith by twixt it and TtrErenwne. 
F0K67. Wefi Thswim cummith m agayne at the Weft fide of the 
1*/ TbMM» moul h ^ Ofc^w, and fo goith from the mouth of it a 4*M^es 
Sh^r*" 1 on the Weft Ripe above Pennetont^ and there metith with 
Tvysrttb, Ttrytrhb. The Ground betwixt hath Graflfe, metly Cora 
the Eries and litle Wood . Saving that a Mile from above Qgot mouthe 
UwUfc the Sandes of the Se fore hurtith the Ground. 
* Up T M * r Mmr *F Mdltr J a f air Manor place of Stone, ftandith on this 
i£ p^T Weft Ripe a mile above Ow mouth. 
** * At Pemtomt almoft a. 3 MUcs upper ther is a Village, wheref 
that Part that ftondith on the Wefte Qde of the Bridg is eaui- 
lid C*Jlell* Ntwith % and is in Weft Itmwam ; and that Part gf 
it that is on the Eft fide of the fyidge is caullid Hentt«fieU^ 
m*fi J!**** w d is y n Tertremnime. 

*n Stvtm F rom t he mouth of Ogor to Newton Notes on the South 
0itm Ihore ia a 4. Miles. This is a prety Village on the Eft Ripe 
of Tidag ; and there is a Station or Haven for Shippes. The 
Ground betwixt hath meatly good Gorge and urefle, but 
litle Wood. The ftiore is CiaFy. 
, . . dtigz litle Brook rifith out of a Welle at l*L**ti- 
• . . a u. Miles by }torth from Afar***. 

From Nmton to Kemfike Ryver a vi. Miles. Of tbefe vj. 
Miles t' be bygh CUffes on the (bore : the other low fhofc 
and fandy Grounde, For the Rages of &wr»$e caftith ther 
up much Sand. 
I hand one fay that, thi* Renfk water h caullid QoUWoif. 
Ther is a Manor Place caullid Sker * x. Miles Jfcom the 
{bore wher dwellitb one Ri*k**i L<*gh*r a Genrilman. 

m ts 

the Higb-waj} L. is in the High-way. 

t m Ae Highway feetwfec OMfcridg. % tod d*f If wkhem my Market 
lor a Lacuna. 5/. 3 Mile upper there. 



There is good Come ted Gwflfe but Wtle Wed fey %. or 
4. Mites from tfewtm toward Kenfk <oti the fliore. Krnfike 
is a fmaul Broke, and cummith by Eftitoation not paft a 3. 
Wiles of Ottt of tie Moires there about. 

There is a litle Village on the Eft *de of Kw/jf, *nd a 
Caftel, booth in Ruine and almoft Ihokid atid devourid with 
t&e Sa^dds that the $rar* Se ther cri&ch tip. 

Kenfk was in the Clares tyme a Borow Toun. It ftandith 
* litle within the mouth of Ktnfii w*t*r» 

£feg** Abbey and Village ftandith ft %. Miles of by 
North Efte. 

FwfaKenjiktoAberAwn* 2. M&es by low Shore, parte FoI.fir 
morifch and fandy with the Rages of Severn. 

Ther is metly good Wood about Abet Avon. 

There *s a poore Village on ttee Weft Ripe of Awn about 
n. Mites from *e mouth of .<4t;#». >pl m . „- r 

<$*^te%ib<m it be fea«* andfewor. ^W 8 at the »«* of this 
This Vafkge Ij^h ia thereat High- "* 1 **- 
Way thoroug * Glamorpmjbire. 

Avon feyver<aim«tf *. Armes ? wfeetofttait thttlyiANorth 
Eft is caullid ^<w» ^»Jj. and tnat that lyith North Weft is 
K3u*lttd Jtv&n Wbim. They me«e togfther at 3L*wrib*?igJe 
-»bouta a. Miles *bove *Aber*»jm Village. 

From the -moutfi <£ Avon to ifce Hfctathof NffARyrer 
%ftfc6tfte*ii.Mife««!rf^half, alfcySaw fooreihokidwith 
Severn Sandes and fiim morifch Groundes. 

Theifcite Ttouft-wd Ctt&elie ot'titob ftondith a 4. miles 
fiWk Afc moa&MtfNeth, and the Toun und Caftelle ftond- 
ith on the Eft Ripe of Netb. 

Jtadttft the Weft'itipt & Mtle kuwer then the Town of 
N#b wafc the Atfcay of Nrtb** 

Oh mother fide of N*f** from the mouth thus far is any 
very good foile. Good Pafture there is in fum Places ami 
Wob2<le fcbotft Netb. Ther be Colles half a mile above the 
Tcfcft*e 'of Nethe hi a More, and again a title beneth the 
Toun almoft « in Rip ...... 

r T*ere<a!p*mith4ipShi^ onto the Toun of 

Netb from the Severn. Ikfees cum tttthe ve*y Bridge of Tym* 
bre that is fumwhat lower on the water then the Town. 

m in rifa St. without any marks for a lacuna. 

1 Glamorganflur. a Abenvon. 


At the very mouth otNetbe on the Eft fide of it is a litle 
Village of 3. or 4. Houfes caullid Brttanne Fery to pafle to 
Swanjey ana Fenbrokejbire. 

One Lyfan a Gentilman of auncient ftok ? but now of 
mene Landes * about XL. IT. by the Yere, cfwellith in the 
Toune of Netbe. 

The Lyfirns fay. That theire Familie was there in Fame 
afore the Conqueit of the Normans. 

From the Mouth of Netb to the Mouth of Crlmline Bek is 
aboute a a. Miles by low fandy fhore, no Villages betwixt 
or good Grounde. 
1 Hkher to -f his Crlmline Brooke is the limes betwixt Wefi Tbawam 
%£Z? and Gme/s Lande. 
M.? 9 \ **>' £*»>'"' rf Weft Thawan by Eft. 

From the mouth of Thawan Ry ver up half a mile by the 
Weft Ripe ftandith a Pile or Manor Place caullid Gilefioun 
and Village of the fame Name : but it fi diftant from the 
very Ripe a Quarter of a Mile by Weft. One Giles, a Gen- 
tilman of an auncient Houfe yet haying a Hundreth Markes 
of Lande by the Yere, is Lorde of it. 

Avery Utle more upward is a ftone Bridg caullid Pent- 

There is a Quarter of a Mile above this Bridg a Manor 
Place hard on the Ripe caullid Norcbete. Mr. StradeVtng fum- 
time lvith in it : and it is of his Enheritaunce. 

And a Quarter of a Mile above Norcbet is a litle from the 

a Manor Place 

Ripe Caftelton on a Hille afcending from the Ripe. And 
a late it longgid to one Hugh Adam a man of mene Landes, 
whos Doughter is now Heir of it. 

Haifa mile above CafteBetom is Trefiemig, alias Flemingejton, 
and fhortely Flemflon. And Fleming is Lorde of it. This 
Fleming is taken as one by Defcent of the i^Peeresof 

From Trefiemtng to Fontgigman a Stone Bridge half a mile. 
• audax, From Fontgigman to Font He a Bridg of ftone 3. Quarters 
t>»nthe % of a mile. 

Thens half a mile to LLandoube, wher is a Village and a 
Caftelle much in Ruine on an Hille. 

* L. about a XL. /*. & Aide is. 

1 Hitbsrf in one Word". • - - •' 



Syr Edwarde Came bought this Lordftup of the Erie of 
Wicefter that now is. 

Againe this Village is a Bridge of ftone caullid Pont Lan- 
douhe. Sum fay that Douhe cam with Fagan and Divian from 
Rome into Britain. 

FromLandoube to LanlitbanVillzge half a mile, and heere 
is a ftone Bridge. Mofte of the Village is on the Weft Ripe, 
The other Parte and the Caftel is on the Eft Ripe. 

This Caftel loneging to the King is yec parti/ ftanding, 

Ripe felf, and more by Weft from the Ripe is very good 
Come and Grefle. 

As much of Cowbridge as is ehclofid with the waull ftcradith Fol. 70. 
on the Eft Ripe and the Bridge of fton there. 

The great Suburbe of Coubridge is c is pontem. 

The wauile of Cowbridge is a 3. Quarters of a jpile aboute. 

There be 3. Gates in the wauile, the Eft, the Weft and 
Porte Meline by South. Pom Mo- 

There is a Chirch in the Town. . But the faying is, That Icndinira. 
JLanlithan is the Hed Paroch Chirch to Ccwbridge. 

The Town felf of Cowbridge ftandith in a Valle. 

P*»tf/WCaftelle and Village is almoft a mile by Weft North 
Weft from Cowbridge. This Caftelle yet ftondith and long- 
ith to DtrbeviBe. 

There were a while ago a. Efrethern of the TurbevMlcs 7 
wherof the Elder left a Doughter and Heyr ; the youngger 
left a Simne. The Doughter was maried to Loughor. Atter 
great ftrife the 2. TurbeviUes Childern partid the Landes. 

A litl'e above Cowbridg on the Eite Ripe cumniich yn 

Gentilmen dwelling in Wefte Thawan bytwixt 
Thawan and Alein. 

James Thomas dwelling at Lanviengle a Mile flat North 
from Laniltute. 


The Heir of the Games at a place caullid the Affihe : and 
there is a Park of falow Deere. 

. Edmunde » Vanne dwellith in Laniltut. and he hath a Houfe 
at Marcrojfe almoft a Mile by Weft from Laniltute. 

Jamtt ' 

. TnrbeviUe whos Father was a Baftard dwellith in Laniltute. 

1 Vanne in the Margin. 
Vol. 4. G Edward 


Edward Stradeliug yongger Brother to the Heir dwellith 
in Laniltute. He maried the Doughter and Heir of a Younger 
Brother of the Ragelandes. 

John Tkowof in Laniltute- 

Syr Edward Came at Landougbe. 

Thomas Ragelande of a Yongger Brother of the Ragelandes 
at LLesbroimtb. 
FaL7!. There ly 2. Lordfhipes by North in Glamorganjbir from 
the Wefte Ripe of Lay River to the Eft Ripe of NetbRyvcr. 

Wherof the firft is Terftnarde, to the which Ritbin Lordfliip 
i is a membre lying on the Weft fide of it. 

InTerfinard is meately plenty of Corn and plenty of Wood 
and good Pafture, as in a Ground that is fet emonge High 

The Caftelle of Taleuan i£ in this Lordfliip, ftonding on a 
Level Grounde. It is clerely in Ruine, and is diftant x. 
miles North Eft from Covbridge, and a mile and a half from 
Thawan River, and almoft z. Miles from Lay. 

This Caftelle and Lordfhip is the Kinges. and there was a 
Park by North from the Caftelle. There is no Village hard 
joyning to this Caftelle. 

The fecunde Lordfliip lying by North is Tercoite, and this 
joinith onto the Weft North Weft fide of Terjharde. This 
Lordfhip. is not fully fo bigge as Terftuard. 
. The bouth part of Zercoste is plentiful of Corn as in the 
Paroch felf of CoYte. 

And Efte South Efte it hath good Wodde, as in the Parke 
felf of CoYte and Coide Mufter. 

The Weft Part of it hath metely good Corne and Pafture. 

TheNorthParte isfumwhatHilly and thereby leffefrutefiil. 

The Caftel of CoYte ftandith on a playn Grounde a mile 
by North Eft from Fenbont a good Market Toun ftanding 
on Ogor. 

Coxte Caftelle is alfo half a Mile from the Weft Ripe of 
Wennj, and a Mile from the Eft Ripe of Ogor. 

This Caftelle is maintainid, and fum fay that it longgid 
ons to Payne caullid for his Ruffeling there Diat/e. Now 
Gamtge is Lorde of it, and it is his principal Houfe. 
Fol. 71. The 3. Lordfliip is Teryarltbe , and is mqntanius and 
lefle fruteful then the other 2. Lordfhippes. It hath in" di- 
verfe Places good Paftures. 

And plentie of Wood in Diffrin. 

LLeueny. This Valley is a 3 . Miles by North from Morgan. 

1 .ts at a, 



Z^eueny River rifith in the Paroche oCGlin Corrug, and ren- 
ting a i. Miles receivith Corrug Broke, that from the Hed 
cummith as far of: and thens LLeueny rennith a 7. Miles 
lower into Otor by the Weft Ripe at a Place caullid Lan- 
fanfride a. Miles above Pennebonte. 

Morgan is the beft Village of Teryar/tb : and in it was an 
Abbay of White Monkes. 

tl$ cit 

There is a Broke in Teryarltbe cawllid Fredott a this fide 
Avon : and goich thorough Laxginwid Paroche. 

The Town felf of Cairtaphe as the principale of al Gla- 
morganjbire is well waullid, and is by Eftimation a Mile in 
Cumpace. In thewaulle be ?. Gates. Fir ft Port ttongey, in 
Englifib the Ship Gate, flat South. Then Forte 1 X>w*, in 
Englifcb theWaterGate,bySoutheWefte. **ThcPortMskm 
by North Weft, fo caullid bycaufe it ledith the way into 
the Lordfhip of Mis kin. Then Porte Singhenitb flat North, 
fo caullid bycaufe that menne paffe by it into Singhenitb. 
Then Porte Crokerton flat Eft, fo caullid of the Suburbe that 
joynith hard to it. 

The Caftelle is in the North Weft fide of the Towa 
Waulle, and is a great Thing and a ftrong, but now in 
fiim Ruine. 

Ther be z. Gates to entre the Caftelle. wherof the big- 
geft is caullid Sherehaul Gate, the other is caullid the Ef- 
cbeker Gate. 

There is by ShirhaulGate a great large Tour caullid White F0I.7J. 
Tour : wherin is now the Kinges Armary. 
1 The Dungeon Towr is lar^e and fair. 

The Caftelle toward theToiin by Eft and South is plaine, 
but it is dikid by Northe, and by Weft it is defendid by 
Tafbe River. 

There be certein Places in the Caftelle liraitid to every 
one of the 13. Peres cr Knigbtes that cam with Haymo Erie 
of Giocefter in King William Conquerors Dayes and wan Gla* 
morgane Cuntery. And eche of thefc be bound to the 
Caftelle Garde. 

* Leg. Then Port Mishit. 
i Dour. & tit a 'ort. 

G x Thar 


Ther be 2. Paroche Chirchis in the Towne, wherof the 
principale lying fumwhat by Eft is one, the other of our Lady 
is by bouthe on the Water fide. 

^ There is a Chapelie befide in Shoe-Maker fireat of S. P^- 
r/*f , and a nother hard within Mesk'tn Gate fide. 

Ther was a late a goodly Manfion in the Town caullid 
Place Newith. 

The biggeft Suburbe of the Town is caullid Crokerton y and 
ther was a Houfe of Gray Freres. 

There is a nother Suburbe but lefle without PortUongy. 

The Blake Freres Houfe was withowte Meskin Gate : and 
by fide this is litle Building there. 
MUmSt Bridgges notable on Remny River. 

Birche Birdie 

Grove. Font Bedires of Tymbre. Font LLan Edern of Timbre 

PrenBeii* 4. Miles lower, and Font Remny of Wood 3. Miles lower, 

a Tre of Thens a Mile and a half to the Severn. 
fin en. 

Bridges that be notable of on Taphe River. 

Font Rbebesk of Wood. Font Newith of Wood 3. Miles 
lower. Font Landafe of Wood 4. Miles lower. Font Cairdife 
of Wood a Mile lower. 

The Water of Taphe cummith fo dounfrom woddy Hilles, 
and often bringgith down fuch Logges and Trees, chat the 
Cuntery wer not able to make up the Bridges if they were 
ftone they fliould be fo often broken. 

Bridges on Rodeney Vaur. 

One of Wood a Quarter of a Mile Weft from Penrife. 
Font Kemtxer a 2. Miles lower, and a litle beneth is the 

Bridges on Rodeney Vehan. 

There be alfo a. fmaul ' Bridges on Rodeney Vehan^ wherof 
the firft is againe Penrife 2. Quarters of a Mile of, the other 
is a litle above the Confluence right againe. the Bridg on 
Rodeney Far. 

Ther is a Bridge of Wood on the hole Rodeney caullid 
Punt Newith 2. Miles beneth the Confluence : and a Quarter 
from the Place wher it rennith into Tap he. 

Notable Bridgges on Lay River. 

of Wood 

Font Evifelthlan of Wood. Fonte Rethe Tevan a Mile and 

1 Bridges of Wood 00. 

a half 


of Wood 
a half lower. Ponte Velin Vaur a I. Mile lower. Duvelakrdm a 
Broke cummith into Lay by the Eft Ripe a Quarter of a Miiie. 
Mile above Tonte Velm Vaur. This Brooke rifith a 4. Miles j*™ 1 * 
of by Eft North Efte. And apon this Brooke is a Wood ' 


Bridge caullid Pont Retbe Ledan. Pont Seyfan of Wood a. ****** 
Miles lower. Pont Gloun of Wood about a Mile lower. brodc * 
Pont Retbe Ga'tavelay. a very litle beneth this Bridge is the 
Confluence with Lay River. 

Bridges on Ale in. 

Pont Aletn of Stone, and 2. Miles lower is Severn. Pont 
Rifclidog of Wood a Mile lower then Pon£ Velin on Lay. 
Ponte Rethfaran of Wood a Mile and a <tf\ lower* Pont 
JLanpeder of 3. Arches of Stone a Mile lower. PontS. George 
of Wood a Mile and a Quarter lower. Pont S. Pagan a 
Stone Bridge of 3. Arches a Mile lower. Pont Lay of z. 
Arches of Stone, Angl. Ele Bridge, a Mile and a haltlower. 
Pont Lecwith of a. Arches of Stone, a Mile and a Quarter 
lower. Thens a Mile to Severn. 

Bridges notable on Thaw an. 

Ponte Vain y alias Cowbridge, of Stone. Ponte Lanlitban of Fo!.7j. 
Stone a Quarter of a Mile lower. P<w*f Landoughe of Stone 
3. Quarters of a Mile lower. Ponte Melinebe of Stone half 
a Mae lower. Pont Kigman of Stone a Mile tower. Pont Ne- 
with of Stone a Mile lower and a half. And half a Mile lower 
is Severn. 

Bridges on Kenfan Broke. 

Ponte Kenfan of a . Arches of Stone. Ponte Britoun of one 
Arch of Stone half a Mile lower. 

Kenfan rifith flat Efte and goith into Tbawan per Ripam 
Oriental, by South South Weft a litle from Aber Tbawan. 
Bridges on Wenny. 

W*nny Bridge of Stone. 

Wenny rennith by the Eft Ripe into Ogor half a Mile a- 
bove Ogor Caftelle. 

Bridges on Ogor. 

Ponte Lavfanfraide of Timbre. 

« Pennebont of 4. Arches of Stone . . . Miles Iowef . 

* Pennebont of 4. Arches of Stone a mile lower. Pont 
Newiche of Stone a mile and a halfe lower, and a myle and a 
balfe to Severne St. 



Pont Newitb of Stone a Mile and a . . . lower, and 
a Mile and a half to Severn. 

Garow 9 and LLeutny Broke*. 

On thefe be no very notable Bridges. Garow rifith bf 
North in a place c&ulud Blaine Goto*, and renning about 
a 6. Miles cummith into Ogor by the Weft Ripe a. Miles 
abore Lanfanfraide Bridge. 

Leneny rifith by North Wefte in Glim Cormg Paroche, and 
goith into Over by the Wefte Ripe a Quarter of a Mile *- 
bove Lanfanfraid Bridge. 

Bridges on Avon. 

PonteRetbenenne^ the Forde of the Waine, of Timbre apon 
Avon Vaut about a Mile above the Confluence of bothe 
the Avons. 

Pont hufroon of Wood about a Mile beneth the Con- 

Bridges on Neth. 

Ponte CafteUe Neth* of Tymbre. 

There is a Bridge of Timbre an 8. Miles above Nethe 
Town at Rigos. 
fl*7*- Jufisne Lord of Glamorganjbir had great Troble of The*- 
dore Prince of Wales. 

Juftine defined help of one hum a Walfih man Borderer 
onto Hym, promising to hym his Doughtter with greate 

Inon got help of Haymo Erie of Gloeeftre, and had n. or 
13. Knightes of his, and bette the Prince of Wales. 

Juftine kept no promife with Inon. 

Wherefore Inon and the xn. Knightes drave Juftine away 
and occupied his Landes. 

Inon had al the Wklfcberie for his Parte, as up into the 
Mountaines by North in Glamorgan/hire- as Glim Rotbeney, 
Mskm Sighenith^ Glin Netb^ and other Partes toward the 
Blake Montaines. The Landes of the xi 1 . Knightes were in 

the beft Part of GlamorganJbir y * as toward th and 

this Landes went to Hei .... onde .... hunts Part in 
the Wklfcberie was devidid by Heires into Peces, and fo 
fone fparkelid. 

Loundersj Stradling^ and Fleming be countid, as 3. of the 
xn. Knightes. 

JLounders part came to the Dukedum of Lane after. 

* as toward the 5», and this L>arJs went to Heires nnde- 
vidyd. St. 



Fleminges Part cam to the * Male Infantes. 

And of late tyme Go/far Duke ofBeJeford, being Lord of 
Glamorgan/bite^ the Landes of the Male Infantes, for Lak of 
due Iffue, cam by Exchete onto hym as Lorde ot the Coun- 
tery. Now they be the Kinges. 

* Male Infantes] Vide fupra in Not. ad fol. 64. 

The End of the Firft Part of the Fourth Volume 
of Mr, Leland's Itinerary. 





O F 


The A N T I Q^U A R Y, 

Vol. IV. Part the Second 

The Number of Folio's anfwering Mr. Burton's Tranfcript 
(from which I publifh this 11^. Parr, the Original being 
wanting) is placd in the Margin, a fignifies the firft page 
of the Folio, b the fecond. 

THE Spyre of * Soutbton (Kinge's Sutton Com. M.tfe.W 
Northampton) is a feyre Peice of Worke. St. 
Rumoalde was borne in this Parcch. There 
was a late a Chappell dedicated to him. {land- 
ing about a Mile from Sutton in the Medes, 
defaced and taken downe. 

T*he lyeth one WefiaU in a Tombe in a Chappell on the 
a South Syde of the Body of the Church. « He was a rich 
Man, and new reaedified the Church of Sutton. 

From Sutton to Banbury is 3. Miles, all by Champaine 
barren of Wood. Scant a Mile beneath Sutton I pafled 
fi I pafled" by a Stone Bridge of one Arch over the River 
of Cbarwell. 

41 Inftead of He was a rich Man, and new re-edified the 
Church of Sutton, in Mr. Stowe's Copy we have, he new ruffii 
theChurche o/Southetoune. £ Redundant. 

1 fowchetowne Churchc St. 2 Southe Syd pf die Churchc St. 

Vol. 4. H The 


The molt part of the whole Towne of Banbury ftandeth 
in a Valley, and is enclofed by North and Eaft with lowe 
Groundes, partly Medowes, partly Marifhes, by South and 
South-Weft: the Ground fomewhat hilly in refpe&of the 
Site of the Towne. 

The fayreft Street of the Towne lyeth by Weft and Eaft 
downe to the River of CbarweH. In the Weft Part of this 
Street is a large Area invironed with meetly good Buildinges, 
bavinge a goodly Croffe with many Degrees « above it. In 
this Area is kept every Tburfday a very celebrate Markett. 
There runneth through this Area a Purle of frefh Water. 

There is another fayre Street from South to North ; and 
at each End of this Street is a Stone-Gate. There be alfo in 
the Towne other Gates befides thefe. Yet is there neither 
any certaine Token or Likelyhood, that ever the Towne was 
diched or walled. 

There is a Caftle on the North Syde of this Area having 
a. Wardes, and each Warde a Diche. In the utter is a ter- 
rible Prifon for Convift Men. 

In the North Part of the inner Ward is a fayre I is a fayre" 
Peice of new Buildinge of Stone. 

I cannot fee or learne that there was ever any Caftle or 
Fortreffe at Banbury afore the Conqueft. Alexander Bifli. of 
Uncolne inH.i. dayes builded this Caftle. 

There is but one Paroch Church in Banbury y dedicated 
to our Lady. It is a large thinge ? efpecially in the Breadth, 
1 fa we but one notable Tombe in the Church, and that is 
Blacke Marble ; wherein William Cope, Coferer to K. H. 7. 
is buried. 
Fol. 1*3. a In the Church-Yard be Houfes for Chauntery Preiftes. 

The Perfonage of Banbury is a Prebend of Lincolne. There 
is a Vicar endowed. There is a Chappel of the Trinity in, 
the midle of the Towne. There is a Bridge of 4. Arches 
very fayre of Stone at the Eaft End of the Towne where 
Cherwell runneth. This Bridge parted Qxford-Jbire from 

Oxfora-Jbire goeth a ?. Miles further by North then Ban~ 
bury Towne* The Bifti. of Lincolne is Lord of Banbury , and 
the whole Hundred of Banbury hath beene of long tyme 
given out by Kinges in Fee-Farme to the Bifhops o£ Lincoln*. 
The Bifh. hath 180/. of this Lordfhippe. 


m above //.] about it St* fi Redundant. 



Cherwell River rifeth out of a Well, or a litle Poole, in « The Head 
Cherwelton Village (Cam. Nortbampt.) about 7. Miles above of «**■•* 
Banbury by North North-Eaft, and boyleth fo faft out from 
the Head that ftraight it maketh a Streamelett. 

From Banbury to Coventry 20. Miles. 

From Banbury to Northampton 14. Miles. 

From Banbury to Southan a Market-Towne 10. Miles ; 
and to Coventry thence 10. Miles. 

From Banbury to Daventrye 10. Miles. 

From Banbury to Oxford 20. Miles. 

From Banbury to Warwick 14. Miles. 

Rockfteine a Priory of Canons 2. Miles from Banbury. ■ 
Mr. P*/>f hath it. 

Mr. Cope hath an ould Mannour Place, called Herdwike, a 
Mile by North from Banbury* There was Herdwik of Herdwik. 

He hath another at HanweB* a 2. Miles from Banbury by 
North- Weft, and is in Oxford/hire. This is a very pleafant 
and gallant Houfe. 

I roade from Banbury to Warwik 12. Miles by Cbampaine 
Groundes, fruitfull of Come and Grafle, barren of Wood, 
and 2. Miles by fome enclofed and woody Groundes. 

About halfe a Mile ere I entred into Warwik I paffed over 
a Stone Bridge of one Arch, and there runneth a praty 
Brookett towardes Avon River. 

The Towne of JVarwicke hath beene right ftrongljr ditched 
and walled, havinge the Compafle of a good Mile within the 
Wall. The Dike is moft manifeftly perceived from the Ca- 
ttle to the Weft-Gate, and there is the great Creft of Earth 
that the Wall ftood on. Part of the Walks neere the Gates 
areyet feene. 

The Eaft and the Weft-Gate yet remaine. The North- 
Gate is downe. The Strength of the Bridge by the Cattle 
ftood for the South-Gate. 

The magnificent and ftronge Cattle of Warwike being atp i, i*j,fc. 
the Weft-South-Weft Ende of the Towne, hard by the right 
Ripe of Avon, is fett upon an 1 hugeRocke of Stone, and 
hath 3. goodly Towres in the Eaft Front of it. There is a 
fayre Towre on the North fyde of it, and in this part of the 
Caftle K. Rich. 3. pulled downe apeice of the Wall, and 
beganne and half finiflied a mighty Towre, or Strength, for 

The Headde and Courfe */Charwelle Ryver St. 

1 highe Rokke St. 

H> to 


to (hoote out Gunnes. This peice as he left it foe it re- 
maineth unfinifhed. The Dungeon now in ruine ftandeth 
• ftandeth" in the Weft-North- Weft part of the Caftle. 
There is alfoe a Towre Weft-North-Weft, and through it 
is a Pofterne-Gate fi of Iron "• 

All the principall Lodginges of the Caftle with an Hall 
and Chappell lye on the South Syde of the Caftle, and the 
King doth much Coft in makinge Foundations in the Rockes 
to fufteine that Syde of the Caftle. For great peices fell out 
of the y Rocke tnat fufteined it. 

There was fince the Conqueft a Collegiate Church in 
Warwike Caftle. 

The Towne of Warwike ftandeth on a maine Rocky Hill, 
ryfinge from Eaft to Weft. 

The Beauty and Glory of the Towne is in a. Streets, 
whereof the one is called the High-Street^ and goeth from 
the Eaft Gate to the Weft, havinge a right goodly Crofle in 
the middle of it ; the other crofleth the midle of it, makinge. 
a f^tadrivium^ and goeth from North to South. 

Within the Precmft of the Towne is but one Paroche 
Church, dedicated to St. Marye, ftanding in the midle of the 
Towne. This Church is fayre and large. Rogerus de BeUa- 
mont did tranflate the Colledge in the Caftle to this Churchy 
endowinge it with fayre Pofleflions. 

Tho. de BeUo-Campo E. of Warwike^ Grand Father to Rich. 
E> of Warwike^ Leife-Tenant to King Hen. 6. in Fraunce, 
commanded by Teftament, (as I heard {ay ) that his Executors 
fhould f rexdifie, of the new Chancell or Eaft part of St. 
/Maries Church $ and foe they did ; and he is buried there 
with his Wife. 

Earle Richard of Warwike^ Lieutenant of France^ devifed 
a. right fayre, large, and fumptuous Chappell on the South 
fyde of the Qu}re. This ftately Peice of Worke was after 
made by the Executors of his Teftament, and there he is in- 
tombed right Princely, and portrayed with an Image of Cop- 
fol. i5+-a.P er and guilt, hooped over with Staves of Copper, • ao 
guilt like a ..... . 

Noblemen Buried in the Body of our Lady Church in Warwike, 

John 7un(taB Kt. familiar to one of the late Earles of 

* Redundat, fi The words of Iron are exftant in St. 
Sic in Apogr. Burt. Sed of Iron delevit manus faullo recentior. 
y Rokkes St. f re ed'tfie of new the ChaunceU &C. St. Deefi 
mliquid. i and gilt lyke a Chariot. St> L, and* 

/ WlUim 


William « BarkefweU Deane of Warwik, one of the Execu- 
tors of the Teftament of E. Richard that fawe the Bilding 
of our Lady Chappell and the new Buildinge of the Colledge 
Houfe begun by E. Richard finifhed. 

Johannes Rous, Cafetlanus Cantuaria de Guy-cliffe, yt't in- 
fer porticum auftralem & librariarum conjlruxit, & libris or- 
navjt. Obiit 14. Jan. 1491. This Reus was well learned in 
thofe dayes/*J»foA&*/?,and wasa great Hiftonographer, borne 
( as it is fuppofed ) of the Houfe of the Roufes of Ragley 
by Aulcefter. 

In the South Ifle. 

. . . . . Tower armiger. 

There be buried 3. of the Hugfordes, Heires of Edmunf- 
cote about halfe a Mile above Warlike on Avon. And . • 
• . . yBeaufo to whom part of Hugfbrdes Lands defcended. 

In the Crojfe-ljle betwixt the Body of the Church 
and the fluire. 

Tbo. de BeUo-Campo in a goodly Tombe of Marble. He 
was Father to E. Rich. Lieutenant of France. 

Giiil. Peto dnuT de Chefterton & ejus uxor. 

Alefier Deane of Warwike lyeth in the fame Plade, at the 
Weft End of our Ladv, wher E. Rich, firft lay buried. This 
A/eftertrzn&tted, into our Lady Chappell. 

Mr. Ha ly, a well learned Man that lately dyed. 

Hafeley Deane of Warwike, fometime Schoole-Maifter to 
King Henerj the Seaventh. 

2» the Quire. 
Tho. de Belio Campo and his Wife. He was Grand-Fa. to 
E. Richard. 

Katherine, eldeft Daughter to the fayd Earle Thomas, is 
buried under a flatt Marble Stone, at the Head of her Fa- 
ther's Tombe. 

In our Lady Chappell. 

Rich* E. of Warwike with this Epitaph, who dyed 30. Apr. 
1439. 17. H. 6. 

Fraje devoutly for the Soule ( whome God ajfeile ) of one cf 
the moji wor/hipfill Knightes in his Hayes, of Manhood, and 
Cunninge, Richard Beauchampe /*ff E*r/* */ Warwike, Lord 
Defpenfer of Abergeveny, and many other great LordJhippes, ?0 ^ l6 ^ 
TPhoJe body here refietb under this Tombe, in a full fayre Volt 

* BarkefweU'] Barefw:tt St. & L. librariam. y Beaufort 



of Stone fett m a tare Roche ; the which viftted with long &tk- 
neffi in the Caftle of Rohan therein deteafed full Chriftianlje 
30. Apr. 14)9. he being at that tyme Lieutenant of France, 
and Dutehy of Normandy, by Efficient Authority e of our Se- 
verance K. Hen. 6. The which Body by great Deliberation and 
worfhiffull Conduct by Sea and by Land, vat brought to War* 
Wike 4. O&ober, in the fayd Teare, and was layed with fo- 
lenme Exequies in a fayre Cheft made of Stone in the Weft 
doore of this Chaff ell, according to his laft Will and Teftament, 
therein to reft 3 till this Chaff eU by hmdevifed in his Life tyme 
were made ; all the which Chaff eU founded on the Rode, and 
all the Members thereof his Executors did fully make, and ap- 
pareled by the Authority of his fayd laft Will and Teftament : 
m and thereafter by the fayd Authority of his fayd laft Will 
and Teftament", and thereafter by the fayd Authority they did 
tranflate Wbrjhiffully the fayd Body into the Vault above fayd. 
Honoured be God therefore. 

Thinges excerfted out of the Eaft Glajfe Window 
of our Lady Chaff el. 

Elizabeth Daughter and Heire to Tho. L. Berkeley and Lille, 
firft Wife to Rich. Beau champ E. of Warwick e. The fayd 
Richard and Elizabeth had 3. Daughters, Margarett married 
to John E. of Shrewsbury^ Eleonor married to Edmund Beau- 
fort Earl of Somerfet, Elizabeth maried to George Nevile L. 
Latimer. Earle Richard had his fecond Wife Jfabel Lady 
Sfenfer of Glamorgan and Morgannok. 

Henery Duke of Warwicke, Sonne and Heire to Earle Itf- 
chard and IfabeU, married Cicely Da, to Rich. NeviB Earle 
of Sdlesbury. 

Anne, Daughter of Rich. Beauchamfe E. of Warwike and 
IfabeU, was married to Richard Nevill, Sonne and Heire to 
Rich. Nevill fecond Earle of Salesburye. 

There lyeth buried (as fomefaye) in the Weft End of 
our Lady Chappell one of the Nevilts L. Latimer flayne at 
Edgcote-Feild by Banbury (as fome fuppofe ;) but there is nei- 
ther Tombe nor Scripture feene. This was Sir Hen. Nevill, 
Fol. 16 s. a. Sonne and Heire to Geor. Nevill Lord Latimer. But he was 
' never Lord • for he dyed before his Father. This Henery 
Neville was Grand-Father to the Lord Latimer now livinge. 

The ould Manfion-Place of the Colled ge and Deanry of 
St. Maries in Warwike ftood there where now the Eaft South 

Delenda. Videfis Dugdalii Antiquit. Warw. p. 328. 



JEaft p*rt of the Cemetery is. The New Colledge Lodging, 
hard without the Weft Ende of the Cemitery, was bufldea 
by the Executors of the Teftament of Rich. Earle of Warwike. 
Moft of the Prebende* Houfesbe at the Weft Ende of our 
Ladies Church in the Street. There bee in the Colledge a 
Deane and f. Prebendaries. 

There is over the Eaft-Gate a fayre Chappell of St. Peter. 
There is over the Weft-Gate a goodly Cbappell of St. James. 

Qa the North Syde of St. James is a pretty Colledge, hav- 
inge a 4. Preiftes that finge in St. James Caappell, and they 
fcelonge to a Fraternity of our Lady, and St. Getrge. Some 
thinke that thisFraternitye begunne about E.Richard f sD*ye$ 9 
and that he was the Benefadour to it. 

The Burgefes of Warmth he Rulers of this. 

The Suburbe without the Eaft-Gate is called Smith? s 
1 Streete. (the Sometimes dwelled in it.) In this Sub- 
urbe was a Colledge dedicate to St, John and anHofpitall in it. 

There is a Suburbe in the South Eaft Syde of the Towne 
wherein is a Paroch Church of St. Nicholas appropriate to St. 
Mary Colledge in Warwike. 

The Suburbe lying South beyon the Bridge is called the 
Bridge Ende. 

There is aChappell ofSt.Jolm in the Bridge EndeSuburbe, 
that belonged to the Prior of St. Jehus in London. The 
Landes of this came to the Commandery of BatteJbaM by 

The Suburbe without the Weft-Gate is called the Weft- 
End. It is a very large Street. There was a Colledge of 
Blade Freres in the North Part of this Suburbe. It was a 
large Houfe, and the Betelers L. Sudley, and the Mountforts 
were Founders of it, /as I heard faye.) But hitherto I have 
not read of any notable Adt in Foundation made fince the 
Conqueft in Warwike, but by the Earles of Warwike. 

There is a Suburbe in the North-Syde of Warwike, and 
therein is the Chappel of St. Michae'U, where fomtimes was 
a Colledge, havinge a Maifter et Confratres : butnowe it is P _, . . 
taken as a Free-Chappell. TheKinee giveth it. The Build- l6f b ' 
inges of the Houfe are fore decayed. 

There is a right goodly Chappell of St. Mary Magdalene 
upon Avon River, rtpa dextra, leant a Mile above Warwike* 
This place of fome is called Gihclife, of fome Guy-diffe ; 
and ould Fame remaineth with the People there, that Guido 
JE. of Warwike in K. Athelfton's Dayes had a great Devotion 

i Streete. Z hard ther that the Jues fome tyrae dwell/d in it, St. 



to this Place, and made an Oratory there. Some adde unto 
it, that after he had done great Victories in outward Parts, 
and had beene foe long abient, that he was thought to have 
beene dead, he came and livid in this place like an Here- 
mite, unknowen to his Wife Felice* untill at the Article of 
his Death he ftiewed what he was. men (hewe a Cave there 
in a Rocke hard on Avon Ripe, where thejr fay that he ufed 
to fleepe. Men alfoe yet fhewe fayre Springes in a fayre 
Meadowe thereby, where they faye E. Guido was wont to 
drinke. This Place had before the time otRick. E. of War- 
like onely a fmall Chappell and a Cottage wherein an Here- 
mite dwelt. 

Earle Rich, bearinge a great Devotion to the place made 
there a goodly new Chappell, dedicate to St. Mary Magda- 
lene^ and founded a. Chauntery Preifts there to ferve God. 
He fett up there an Image of E. Guido Gyant like, and en- 
clofed the Sylver Welles in the Meadowe with pure white 
flicke Stones like Marble* and there fett up a praty Houfe 
open like a Cage covered, onely to keepe Comers thither 
from the Raine. He alfo made there a pretty Houfe of 
Stone for the Chauntery Preifts by the Chappell. The Landes 
that he gave to it lye about the Houfe. It is a Houfe of 
Pleafure, a Place meet For the Mufes. There is Sylence, a 
praty Wood, antra in vivo faxo 9 the River rouling over the 
Stones with a praty Noyfe, nemufculum ibidem opacum 9 f antes 
liquidi & * jemnei, prata jtorida, antra mufcofa rivi levis & 
ger faxa fi dijcurfus, necnon folitudo it fuies 7 multis amicifjinta. 
There be 3. Parkes neere to Warwtke by North ; the neereft 
is Mfedgnok. There is another almoft joyning to it called . 
Grove. The third is called Hafeley. 
Fol. 166. a. There is a Priory of Nunnes called WroxhaU^ about 3. 
Miles by North from Warmke. 

The Course of Avon and the Bridges notable on it. 

Then to Edmondefcote Bridge. 

Then about halfe a Mile lower to the goodly Stone Bridge 
of n. Arches by Warwike. 
Then to Bereford Bridge of 8. fayre Arches a a. Miles. 
And an halfe Mile lower it leaveth Fulhoke Parke and 

* F. gemmei. /* F. decurfus. y F. mufis. 



Caftlet on the right Ripe. A Mile and an halfe lower it 
leaveth Charlecote Mr. Lucies Mannour Place on the left Ripe. 

And at the Back-fyde of Mr. Lucies Houfe cometh in by 
the left Ripe aBroket rifing 3. Miles of from South Eaft. 

Thence to Stratford-Bridge a 3. Miles, * There be 14. 
great Arches in the Bridge. 

Thence to Bitford Bridge of Stone, of late amended with 
part of the Stone of Aulcefter Priory, a 5. Miles. 

There is a praty Through Fare ztSawford. A Mile lower 
cometh Arrow and Aulne Rivers both in one Bottome into 

A 4. Miles lower then Bitford is a narrowe Stone Bridge 
for Footmen at Uffenham over Avon. 

A Mile lower is Eovejham Bridge of 8. goodly large Arches. 

Three Miles lower & at Fladbury Bridge cometh in by the 
right Ripe into Avon Pildour Brooke. 

And a litle above this Confluence is of late a praty Bridge 
made over Pildour. 

Avon a a. Miles lower runneth under Pcrpoore Bridge. 

I learned at War-Bike that the moft part of the Shire of 
Warwike^ that lyeth as Avon River defcendeth on the right 
Hand or Ripe of it, is in Arden^ (for foe y is ancient Name of 
that Part of the Shire j ) and the Ground in Arden is much 
enclofed, plentifiillof Grafle, but not of Corne. 

The other Part of Warwike-fhire that lyeth on the left 
Hand or Ripe of Avon River, much to the South, is for the 
moft part Champion, fomewhat barren of Wocd, but plenti-FoI. 166. b; 
full of Corne. 

I roade from Warwike to Bereford Bridge of 8. Arches a 1. 
Miles of Warwike. Here I fawe halfe a Mile lower upon 
Avon on the right Ripe a fayre Parke called Fulbroke. In 
this Parke was a praty Caftle made of Stone ^ and . , , c Caftle. 
Bricke, and, as one tould mee, a Duke of Bereford x ulbro *e ^p at k c- 
laye in it. There is a litle Lodge or Peice of Building in 
this Parke called Bargeiney^ made, as I conjedhire, byfome 
Lord, or Lady Bargeiney. This Cattle of t Fulroke was an Eye- 
fore to the Earles that lay in Warwik-Czftle, and was caufe of 
Diipleafure betweene each Lord. Sir Tf^lHamCompon^Kccper 
of Fulbroke Parke and Caftle, feing it goe to mine helped it 

* There be 14. great Arches in the Bridge ,] There be 14. great* 
Archis in the Bridge^ and ^.Jmallar Arches St. P at Fleodan-' 
birig , alias Flatbyri , cummithe Sc. y is the auncient St. 
I avid Brike. An Erie of Bedford had. leyne there. St. 
i Fulroke] Fulbroke St. Sic. 

Vol. 4. 1 forward, 


forward, takinge Part of it (as fome fayc) for the Buildingc 
of his Houfe at Compton by Brayles in Warwicke-fkire, and 
gave or permitted others to take peices of it downe. 

From Bereford Bridge to Telesford a Mile. Here was a 
Priory of Maturities , otherwife called Ordinis San£t<e Trim- 
tatis. It was an Houfe of very fmall Poffeflions. (And they 
faye about them) the Lucies were Founders of this Priory ; 
and divers of them laye there. 

From Telesford to Cbarlcote a Mile. Here Mr. Lucy hath 
an ancient Mannour Place, on the left Ripe of Avon. 

There cometh in hard at the very Mannour Place of the 
Lucies a litle Brooke on the left Ripe into Avon. This 
Brooke cometh from WeUesboume, a Mile of. From Charle* 
cote to Stratford a 3. Miles by Champaine, good Corne and 

About a Mile from Cbarlecote I roade over a Foard where 
paffed downe a Brooke towardes Avon, but a leffe Water 
then WeUesbourne. 
Strttffd The Towne of Stratford ftandeth upon a plaine Ground 
Bp«u*w». on t h e r ight Hand or Ripe of Avon, as the Water defcend- 
eth. The Bifhop of Worcefter is Lord of Stratford. It hath 
x. or 3. very large Streetes, befides backe Lanes. One of the 
principall streets leadeth from Eaft to Weft, another from 
South to North. There is once a yeare a great Fay re on 
Holy-Rood Daye 14. of Sept. The Towne is reafonable well 
Pol. 1*7. a. builded of Tymbre. The Paroch Church is a fayre large 
Peice of Worke, and ftandeth at the South Ende of the 
Towne. Some conje£kure that where the Paroch Church is 
nowe was the Monaftery called Stratford, given in Augmen- 
tation of Bvejham in St. Edwin B. of Worcefter' s tyme, but 
the Certainty of this is not knowen. 

The Church of Stratford now ftandinge, as it is fuppofed, 
was renewed in Buildinge by John de Stratford Archbifhop 
of Canterbury in the Begining of the Raigne of K. E. 3. wboe 
was borne at Stratforde, whereof hee tooke his Name. He 
made this of a fimple Paroch Church a Collegiate Church, 
augmentinge it with fome Landes. 

There be belonginge to theColledge aGuardian,4.Preifts, 
3. Clerkes, 4. Chorifters ; and there Manfion Place is an 
ancient peice of Worke of Square-Stone hard by the Cemi- 
tarye. The Church is dedicated to the Trinitye. The Quire 
of the Church was of late tyme reedified by one Tto. BatfbaU 
D. of Divinitye and Guardian of the Colledge there. He 
dyed 1491, and lyeth in the North-fyde of the Presbitery 
in a fayre Tombe, 



There is a right goodly Chappell in a fay re Street to- 
wardes the South Ende of the Towne dedicated to the Tri- 
nitye. This Chappell was newly i reedified by one Hugh Cle- 
ft on, * Major of London. This Hugh Clofton builded alfo by 
rhe North fyde of this Chappell a praty Houfe of Bricke 
and Tymbre, wherin he lived in his latter dayes and dyed. 

There is a Gramtner-Schoole on the South fyde of- this 
Chappell, of the Foundation of one £ Jolefe Mr. of Arts, 
borne in Stratford, whereabout he had fome Patrimony j 
and that he gave to this Schoole. 

There is alfoe an Almes-Houfe of 10. poore Folkes at the 
South fyde of the Chappell of the Trinitye maintained by a 
Fraternity of the Holy Croffe. 

Hugh Clofton aforeiayd made alfoe the great and fumptu- 
ous Bridge upon Avon at the Eaft Ende of the Towne, which 
hath 14. great Arches of Stone y and a long Caufey made of 
Stone, lowe walled on each fyde, at the Weft Ende of the 

Afor the tyme of Hugh Clofton there was but a poore Fol. 1*7. b. 
Bridge of Tymber, and no Caufey to come to it ; whereby 
many poore Folkes and other refufed to come to Stratford, 
when Avon was up, or comminge thither ftood in jeopardye 
of Lyfe. 

I Hugh Clofton was a Gent, borne at Clofton Village, where 
yet one of that Name (whofe Houfe he much advanced ) 
dwelleth, halfe a Mile of Strattferd by North. This Hkgb 
Clofton was never wedded. 

Grevill, an ancient Gent, dwelleth at Milcote, fcant a Milfe 
lower then Stratford towards Avon rifa deictfa. 

* Major of Lbndon.") After thfcfe words Mr. Stowe hath 
added in his Copy : About the body of this Chafle wto curioujfy 
fayntsd the Daunce of Deathe commonly catted The Dauhce of 
Powles, becawfe the fame teas Jbmetyme there faynted abowf* 
the Cloyjlers on the North-Weft Syd of fowls Churche, fulled 
downe by the Duke of Somarfet, tempore E. 6. fi Jouf St. 
y and a longe Cawfey made of Stone* and now waullyd, St. 
* Hugh Clofton'] Mr. Stove nath added this Note in thfe 
Marg. of his Copy : Cloptons of Suffolke, theyr Armes (as 
Jaythe Mafier Cole ) was an Eagle ffred on a Tunne , for 

t reedified in Mind of Man by St. 

Ia Mri 


Mr. TruffeU, an ancient Gentleman, dwelleth at BiUeJley 
3. Miles trom Stratford. Litle Wood neer in fight about 

From Stratford to Warwtke 7. Miles. 

From Streiford to Bitford a Through-Faire on the Ripe 
of Avon ?. Miles. 

From Stratford to Evejham 10. Miles. 

From Stratford to Aulcefter 5. Miles. 

From Stra'ford to Heneley ?. Miles. 

I roade from Stratford by champaine Ground, fruitfull of 
Conic and Grade, a 5. Miles co a Forde and a fmall Wood 
Bridge, where I paffed oveiAalne- Brooke, that came dewne 
* and I marked from the North. Thence 1. Miles by Cham- 
paine Ground to Coughton by a Wood-Bridge over Arrowe 

Mr. Throgmorton hath a fayre Mannour Place moated at 

The Paroche Church of Coughton is very fayre, exceed- 
ingly well 1 glafed, partly by Sir George Throgmorton, partly 
by his Father. There is a goodly Tombe in the Body of the 
Church, made by Sir George his Father that dyed in Peregri- 
nation going to Hterufalem. 

From Coughton to Aulcefter a. Miles by enclofed Ground. 
I marked the Countrie about Coughton and Aulcefter to be 
meetly well woodded. Part of the Forreft of Fecienham in 
Wore eft er-fljire is within a 3. Miles of Coughton. 
Fol. 1 61. a. Ahkurch^ the Bilhop of Worcefters fayre Mannour Place, 
is a 6. Miles from Coughton. 

Aulcefter is a praty MarkettTowne in Warwlke-fhire. The ' 
Market is on the Tewefday. The Towne hath beene a great 
thing. Some faye fi there hath beene g.Paroch Churches in it. 

Some faye that the Priory of Aulcefter, now a litle with- 
out the Towne by Eaft North-Eaft, was in the midle of the 
Towne. Many Tokens of Buildinges and Bones of Men be 
found in places .without the Towne, especially in Blacke- 
Feild. The people there fpeake much of one S. Chadde Bi- 
lhop of Lichfesld, and of Injuries there dene unto him. 

The Priory was of ancient ty me a great Monftery, fince 
impropriate to Evcjham* The Beauchampes were Lordes of 

m and I marked'] as I markid St. Sic. fi there bathe bene 
1 3. Paroche Churches in it St. 

x glafyd and adornyd St. 



the Towne, and had a Houfe by Aulcefier Priory called 
Beauebampes-Hall. It came fince by Marriage to the L. 
Brooke , and no we by Marriage in Fouke GrevilFs Handes, 
whoe now buildeth at Beaucbampe's-Uzlly and taketh Stones 
from Aulcefier Priory, the which he hath alfo. 

The Perfonage of Aulcefier is impropriate to Aulcefier 

Aulcefier^ as it is nowe, ftandeth on the Ripe of Arrowe 
Water. Yet feinge that it beareth the Name of Aulne, it is 
an evident Token that the ould Towne ftood moft by Aulne. 

About the Eft End of Aulcefier is the Confluence of Aulne 
and Arrcwe. Aulne runneth by Henley a Markett Towne 
j. Miles above this Confluence, and hath divers Wooden 
bridges over it. 

Arrowe ( as I heard one faye ) cometh from the Black 
Hilles that « be a 7. or 8. Miles and more above Couzhton, 
and foe cometh throug divers Wood Bridges to Aulcefier, 
and there at the Eaft Ende of the Towne is a Bridge on Ar- 
row. The FundacorT is of Stone planked over. 

Arrcwe halfe a Mile beneath Aulcefier leaveth a Mannour- 
Place of Mr. Conweyes called Arrowe, and two Miles and an 
halfe lower at Sawford goeth into Avon by the right Ripe 
of Avon. 

Mr. Browne a K>. hath a fayre Mannour Place about a 
Mile or more by South South Weft out of Aulcefier. The Fo!. 168. b. 
Nonnery of Cookefeild ftood about a Mile by South-Weft 
out of Aulcefier. Forte/cue, Groome-Porter of the Court, 
hath it nowe. 

Worcefier-Jhire is fome way within a Mile of Aulcefier. 
•C Henley<$. ^ 

From Aulcefier to< T^Zl ' > Miles. 

•C Henley^. 
* 1 a +~J Worcefier lc. 

C * Evrjham 

• EvrJbA 

I roade from Aulcefier towardes Eovjbam a 1. Miles by 
woody and inclofed Ground, and then a Mile by Ground 
leffe enclofed, but havinge more Corne then Wooa. Thence 
a 4. Miles by cleane Champion. Some Woodc about Eove- 
Jbam on the right ripe of Avon. 

The Towne of Eovejham is meetly large and well builded 
with Tymbre. The Market-Sted is fayre and large. There 
be divers praty Streets in the Towne. The Market is very 
celebrate. In the Towne is noe Hofpitall or other famous 
Foundation but the late Abbey. 

1 be 8. myles and more St, 2 Evcfham 7 loose St. 



This Abbey was of the Foundation ofKenredus Kinge of 
the Mercbefj and Erminus B. of Worcefier. 

There was noe Towene at Eovejbam before the Founda- 
tion of the Abbey . 

The place where the Towne now ftandeth was of the ould 
Saxons called Hetbboime. The xdifices of the Abbey have 
beene made by many men in continuance. 

Clement Ucbfeild the laft Abbot of Evjbam fave one did 
very much Coft in buildinge of the Abbey, and other Places 
longing to it. He builded much about tne Quire in adorn- 
inge ic. He made a right fumptuoufe and high fquare 
Towre of Stone in the Cemitery of Eovejbam. Tnis Tower 
had a great Bell in it, and a goodly Clocke, and was as a 
Gate-Houfe to one Peice of the Abbey. This Abbot buUd- 
ed at his Mannour at Uffenbam, about a Mile above Eve- 
Jbam upon Avon rifa dextra. There be within the Precindt 
of the Abbey of Eovejbam 2. Parifh Churches, whither the 
Fd. 169. *. p e0 pi e of the Towne refort ^ but the whole profit, favinge 
the Vicarage of one Church, was appropriate to the Abbey. 
*l*fcwy« . There was of ould tyme an Abbey 1 at Fleodan Bridge in 
Worcefter-Jbhre , ftandinge a 3. Miles lower then Eove- 
jbam upon Avon rifa dextra. This Abbey in B. Eg- 
wine's tyme was appropriate to Eovejbam. It is commonly 
called Fladbury. The Perfonage of it now is 80/. by theYeare. 

There was a Farme or Mannour Place a 6. Miles from 
Eovejbam called Amber I ey^ where the laft Abbot of Eove* 
Jbam now lyeth. 

r Bales 6. -\ 

\ Wincbcombe 7. / 
from Eovejbam to < Per/bore y . . ^ Miles. 
y Tewkesbury 9. \ 
C Worcejter 11. J 

From Eovejbam I pafled a 6. or 1. Miles all by Champion 
Ground in the Vale of Eovejbam^ beinge all or moft part in 
Worce(ter-jhire x to Stanwey-Vilhge y ftandinge in the Rootes 
of the Hills of Cotfwould. 

The Vale of Eovejbam is as it were for fuch an Angle the 

Horreumoi Worcefier-Jhirejt is foe plentifull of Corne. It lyeth 

GUuc. ss. f rom * the Ripe of Avon to the Rootes of Cotfwould-Hiilcs. 

There is in Stanwey(Com. Glouc.) a fayre Mannour Place 
and Lordlhip, at the Eaft Ende of the Churche, of late be- 
longing * to the Abbots of Tewkesbury, where he fometimes 
laye. Mr. Tracy hath it now in Farme. 

« to the Abbay of Tweukesbyri, where be St. 
x at Fleofontyrig St, 2 the left ripe St. 



There cometh downe from Eaft-South-Eaft a Broket that 
after goeth to Todington ftreame. 

From Stanwey a Mile to * » Didbroie. and a Mile beyond 
is Hilly. There cometh downe a Purle of Water from the 
South fyd of Hales Abbey and goeth toward Todington Water, 

From Hales to Winchelfcombe a Mile and an halfe by fayr 
plentifull Hilles. TheTowne of Winchelefcombe (Com. Glouc.) 
ftandeth from a litle Valley by Eaft, and foe foftly rifeth in 
length of one principall Street into the Well. The Towne 
of certaine, as it appeareth in divers Places, and efpecially 
by South towardes SwiWey-Caftle, was walled ; and the Le- 
gend, or Life, of St. Kenelme doth teftifie the fame. 

There was a Fortreffe or Cattle right againft the South 
fyde of St. Peter's. The Parifh Church of Winchecombe^ 
called of latter dayes ( as appeareth by Writinges in Winche- 
combe Abbey) Ivy-Cattle^ now a place where a few poore 
Houfes bee and Gardeins. I thinke that the ould Buildinges 
of it fallinge into ruine, and Ivy growinge in the Walles oi 
it, caufed it to be called by the Name of Ivy-Cattle. 

The laft Prior of Winchelefcombe tould mee that he h hathFoI.i6$.bfc 
heard that there was a Fort or Cattle about the Eaft-tforth- 
Eaft Part of thcTowne of Winchelefcombe. 

Kenelphus^ Kinge of the Menkes^ had * a Pallace in this 
Towne, and firft builded a famous Abbey in it, and dedi- 
cated it with a glorious Solemnity. This Abbey was at 2. 
fundry tymes detaced with Fyer and reedifyed. 

Rich, de Kiddermitter, the laft Abbot favinge one, did great 
Coft of the Church, and enclofed the Abbey towardes the 
Towne with a maine Stone-Wall ex quadrato Saxo. 

There laye buried in the Eaft part of the Church of the 
Monaftery of Winchetombe^ Kenelphus and Kenelmus, the Fa- 
ther and sonne, both Kinges of Merches. There laye in St. 
Nicholas Chappell at the Eaft Ende of the High Aulter on 
Hen. Boteler, that covered the Body of the Church of the 
Monaftery with Lead. This Boteler was of the Houfe of the 
Botelers of Sudeley. There laye other of the Botelers of 
Sudeley in the Church of the Monaftery. There was of an- 
cient tyme a Church of St. Nicholas in the Eaft part of the 
Towne, decayed many Yeares fince. 

« Dydbroke, and a mile beyond is Hayles. St. 

1 Dydbroke and • Quarter of a Mile beyond is Hayles. St. a a Place 
m St. 



In K. Hen . 5. tyme, the Paroch Chyrch of the Towne was 

kept in the Body of the Church of the Monaftery. But in 

w n . de K. H. 6. tyme one William Wtnchecombe, Abbot of Wmckelef- 

winche- combe, beganne with the Confent of the Towne a Paroch 

combc " Church at the Weft Ende of the Abbey, where of ould tyme 

had beene and then was a litle Chappell of St. Pancrace. 

Abbot William made the Eaft Ende of the Church. The 
Parifhoners had gathered a 200/. and began the Body of the 
Church : but that Summe being not able to performe foe 
coftly a Worke Rafe Boteler Lord Sudeley helped them and 
finiihed the Worke. 

I marked in the South Ifle of the Quire, firft the Image of 
Tbo. Boteler Lord Sudeley. Then were there Images of thefe 
his Sonnes followinge, John- William, Thomas and Rafe , and 
an Image ( as I take it ) of Elizabeth Wife to Rafe L. Sudeley. 
There was alfoe in the Giraffe Windowes in the North Ifle 
of the Quire Images of 4. Gentlewomen, wherof one was 
* name Alicia, Da. to tho. Boteler L. Sudeley. 

The Parifh « Church is dedicated to St. Peter. 

There was once an Hofpitall in the Towne, but now the 
Name onely of Spittle remaineth. 

The Brooke that cometh downe by the South Part of the 
Fol 17J. a. Towne is commonly called Efteburne. It rifeth about 3. 
Miles above the Towne by Weft, and foe runneth byJEaft to 
the very Bottome of the Towne of Wtnchecombe. Then it 
turneth fomewhat North to Todington, not 2. Miles of, and 
it gpeth to the River of Avon. 

The Caftle of Sudeley is about halfe a Mile from Wtnche- 

.... Boteler L. Sudeley made this Caftle k funda- 
mentis, and when it was made it had the Price of all the 
Buildinges in thofe Dayes. I read but of one L. Sudeley of 
the Botehrs, and is Name was Thomas, as it appeareth in 
the Glafle Windowes at Wtnchecombe in St. Peters Church. 
Therefore I take it that it was this Thomas that made the 
Caftle. Yet did Mr. Tracy tell mee, that Rafe Boteler 
builded the Caftle ; but he fhewed noe Authoritye, why. 
Indeed Thomas had a Sonne called Rafe fett as yongeft in 
order in the Glafle Windowes in St. Peter's Church. 

« L. named. 

1 Churche lately buyldid of S.Vctu St. 



*The L. Sudeley that builded the Caftle was a famous Man 
of Warre in K. H. ?. and K. H. 6. Daves, and was an Ad- 
mirall ( as I have heard ) on Sea ; whereupon it was fup- 
pofed, and fpoken, that it was partly builded ex ffoliis Gdl- 
iorum • and fome ipeake of a Towre in it called Potmate's 
Towre, that it fliould be made of a Ranfome of his. 

One thinge was to be noted in this Caftle. that part of the 
Windowes of it were glafed with Berall. There had beenfc 
a Manour Place at Sudeley before the Building of the Caftle, 
and the plott is yet feene in Sudeley Parke where it ftoode. 

K. J5. 4. bore noe good Will to the L. Sudeley, «s a Man 
fufpe&ed to be in heart K. H. 6. his Man ; whereupon by 
Complaints he was attached, and going up to London he 
looked from the Hill to Sudeley, and fayd, Sudeley Cafile, 
thou art a Traytor not 7. After ne made an honeft Decla- 
ration, and fould his Caftle of Sudeley to K. E. 4. 

Afterward K. H. 7. gave this Caftle to his Uncle Jafoer 
D. of Bedford, or permitted him to have the ufe of it. NoW 
it goeth to ruine. more pittye. The Trades of Todington 
were fett up by Landes given them by the Bote/ers. 

There runneth a praty Lake out of Sudeley Parke downe 
by the Caftle, and runneth into Ejfeburne Brooke^ at the 
South fyde of Winchcombe. 

If Tewkesbury 7. "} 
Worcejler 14. 
, Per/bore 9. { 
From Winchelefcombe to < Ctrencefieri^. > Miles* 
I Gloucester ' 11. j 
J Eovejham 7. | 
^ Soutbam 3. ) 
by goodCorne, Pafture, and Wood « but ibmewhat tlilly Fd. 170. h. 
& Soutbam there dwell Sr. John Hodlefton^ and hath builded 
a pretty Mannour Place. He bought the Land of one Good* 

To Chiltenham, a longe Towne y havinge a Market. It 
belonged to the Abbey of Tewkesburle, now to the Kinge. 
There is a Brooke on the South fyde of the Towne. 

* but fomevbat billy. Here dvretlitbe Ser John Hudelftin, 
&c. St. & Sic* y bavynge a Market \ a 4. or 5. miles* 1$ 
longii St* 

1 7 or 8 Miles Su 

Vol. 4. K From 


, "FromCbiltenham to Ghucejier 6- Miles all by loweGroundes, 
Corne, Pafture and Meadowe. All the Quarter is thereabout 
From Winchcombe to Eovejbam and to TewKsburte, and all the 
Waye from Ckiltenbam to Ghucejier y and thence to Tcjpkes- 
bury, and partly from Ghucejier on Severne Ripes to Newen- 
ham much lowe Groundes, fubjed to all fuddaine Rifinge 
of Severne. Soe that after Raine it is very foule to travafle 
in. I paCTed over 2. or 3. fmall Lakes betwixt Cheltenham 
and Gioucejler, and they refort to Severne. 

The Towne of Ghucejier is antient, well builded of Tym- 
bre, and large, and ftrongly defended with Walles, where it 
is not well fortified with the deepeStreame of Severne Water. 
Ih the Wall be 4. Gates by Eait, Weft, North and South. 
and foe beare the Names ; but that the Eaft-Gate is called 

The antient Caftle ftandeth South on the Towne by &- 
verne left Ripe, whither Picardes and fmall Shippes come in 
almoft by the Caftle. I lerned there that the ould Key on 
Severne ftood hard by St. Ofoaldes } and for ftrife betwixt the 
Towne and St. Oj-waldes Houfe it was thence remooved. 
When the Key was by St. Ofipaldes, there was divers pretty 
Streetes that now be cleane decayed, as St. Bride's Street^ 
and Sylver Girdle Street. The truth is that thofe Streets 
ftood not moft holefomely, and were fubjedt to the raginge 
Floodes of Severne. therefore Men defired more to inhabit 
in the higher Places of the Towne. The Beauty of the Towne 
lyeth in 2. Croffing Streets, as the Gates of the Towne lye ; 
and at the place ofthe Midle meetinge, or Quarters of thefe 
Streets, is an Aquaedudfc * incallated. 

There be Suburbes without the Eaft. North, and South 
Gates. The Bridge onely with the Cautey lyeth at the Weft 
Gate. The Bridge that is on the cheife Arme of Severn*, 
that runneth hard by the Towne, is of 7. great Arches of 
Stofie. There is another a litle more Weft of it, that hath 
an Arch or z, and ferveth at a tyme for a Ditch or Dreane 
PoL 171. a. of the 'Meade's. A litle way farther there is another Bridge, 
hard Without the Weft Gate, and this Bridge hath 5. great 
Arches. From this Bridge there goeth a great Caufey of 
Stone, forced up through the lowe Meadowes of Severne by 
the length of a Quarter of a Myle. In this Cawfey be di- 
vers double arched Bridges, to dreane the Meadowes at 
Eloodes. At theEride Of this Caufey is a Bridge of i. Arches 
not yet finifhed. 

* incallated'] hcafteHid St. 



Bell a Merchant of Gloucester* now livinge confideringe 
fi to a Common- Wealth Bridges and Cawieys be. and to 
the Towne of Qloucefier hath geven x. lu Land by tne Yeare 
to the Maintenance of them. 

y There are i i. Parifh Churches in Gloucefler Towne. In 
the Suburbes is Ewines. I cannot furely tell whether this be 
one of the eleyen. 

The Grey Fryers Colledge flood within the Towne not 
farre from the South Gate. This place is now turned to a 
Brew-Houfe. One of the L. Berkeleys was Founder of it. 

The Blacke Fryers Colledge ftoode within the Towne not 
farre from the Cattle Garth. K. Hen. g. and Stephen Onus Sttphan* 
de HarneJhuU Miles were Founders thereof about 1x39. This Dnus de 
Houfe is made by one Bell a Drapering Houfe. «"»«/&»«. 

The White Fryers Colledge ftoode in the Suburbe without 
the North-Gate. There is in the fame North Suburbe fome- 
what more by North an Hofpitall for poore Folkes endowed 
with Landes dedicate to St. Margaret. The Towrieihip 
hath the order of this. 

There is another poore Hofpitall of St. MaryMagdden 
fomewhat more by North then St.Margarettes. I The Priory 
of Lanthony was taken as a Founder there, and was wont to 
rnaintaine it. with certaine Charity of Bread. 

There is an Hofpitall of St. Bartholomew a litle within the 
Weft-Gate. This HQfpitall had once aMaifter and fi.poore 
£den, and now it hath aMaifter and 31. poore Men ana Wo- 
men. The B. of Worcefler doth give this Hofpitall. Somefaye 
it was of the Kinges Foundation. One Paneefoot, that was liv- 
inge in the Mind of ould Men, is buried in the Chappell of 
this Hofgitall. Whitmafier a • Suffragavenow Ruler of thifr 
Houfe raifed this Hofpitall that afore was very fubjeft to the 
riling ofSeverne, and builded a fayre Lodgjogefor himfelfe 
ip the Hofpitall. 

Thinges excerpted out of certaine Writings in the Wall of the North Fol. 17Kb. 
Vie of the Body of the CathedraU Qhvrch of Qlouqefter. 
Ojric firft under King and Lord pf this Country e, and the 
Kinge of Northumberland* with the. Licence QfJZtbeldred K. 
of March , firft founded tnis Monaftery an. dpT <J8i. Qfric 
by the Councell of BofeU, firft Bifhop of Worcefier, put ia 
Nunnes, and maketh: his Sifter Kinemge frbbene there, 

m now livinge &c. *f Gloucefter defimt St. A Sic. y Ther 
be a x. Paroche Churches &c. St. but prefently after he hath 
xi. and in his Copy 'tis read S. Ewines. J The Prior of 
Lanthony St. » Sic, 

K x « The 


i The Noble Women Kineburge, Eilburge, and Eva Queenes 
of March onely Abbafles for the tyme of the Nunnes ? the 
which « was 84. fi and 4.Yeares. The Nunnes * were bamfhed 
and driven awaye by Warres betwixt K. Egbart and the K. 
of Marches. 

Bamulfh K. of Marches bringeth in Seculer Canons and 
Clerkes givinge Pofleffions and Liberties to them. 

Kinge Canute for ill livinge expelleth the Seculer Clerkes, 
and by the Councell of Wolftan B. of Worcefter bringeth in 

EldredB. of Worce fier tranflated to Torke taketh a great 

5 art of the Landes of Gloucefier Abbey to reawjifie the Min- 
:er of Torke. 

A Nobleman called % Wolfhine for 7-Preifts killed had Pen- 
nance to find perpetually 7. Monkes in Gloucefier. 

Thomas Archb. of Torke reftored the Landes to Gloucefier 
. the which Mlredus Archbp. of Torke wrongfully did withould, 

WiUiam the Conquer our gave the Abbey of Gloucefier de- 
cayed to Serlo his Chaplaine. Serlo Monachus S&*. Michaelis 
in Normannia. 

K. William the Conauerour an his Sonnes gave Pofleffions 
and Liberties to the Abbey of Gloucefier. 

Sancla Arilda Virgin, martyred at Kington by Thomebury, 
tranflated to this Monaftary had done many Miracles. 

Roger Lacy E. of Hereford, Roger L. Berkeley, Hugh de 
Portu, Helias Giffard, Jo. Maungeant Canon of Hereford^ 
were Monkes in Gloucefier. 

The Quire and South-Ifle of G/0*a?/?*r-Church were made 
by Oblations done at the Tombe by "K. E. a. 

The Names of Noblemen buried in the Monafiery of Gloucefier, 

Fpl. 171. su Ofric, Founder of Gloucefier- Abbey, firft laye in St. Petro- 
neJTs Chappell, thence remooved into our- Lady Chappell, 
and thence remooved of late dayes. and layd under a ftiyre 
tombe of Stone on the North fyde of the High aulter. at the 
Foote of the Tombe is this written in a Wall : 

y Ofirus Rex primus fundator hujus Monaflerii. 6%ii 
Rob*. Curthoife, fonne to K. WiUiam the Conauerour, lyeth 

» ■ ' - ' i ' '■ ■ y 

was 84. Teres St. ft Sic* y Sic. 

i * i i 1 1 . 1 1 ■ 1 ■ 

1 Thre noble St, % were ravyfliid and St. 3 Wolphire Lekne St. 



in the midle of the Presbitery. There is on his Tombe aa 
Image of Wood paynced, made longe fince his Death. 

K. E. of Caernarvan (or K. E. 2. ) lyeth under a fayre. 
Tombe in an Arch at the Head of K. Ofric Tombe. 

Serlo, Abbot of Gloucester x lyeth under a fayfe Marble 
Tombe, on the South fyde of the Presbitery. There was of 
late taken up a Crofle wrapped in a Bulles Hide under aa 
Arch at the Head of the Tombe of Edw. of Caernarvan^ 
where Malverne^ alias Farker- late Abbot of Gloucester made 
a Chappell to be buried in. A Monke tould mee that it was 
the Corps of a Lady Counteffe of Pembroke. 

Abbott Horton lyeth under a flatt Stone in the North Part 
of the Tranfept ot the Church. 

Abbot * Froucefter lyeth in a Chappell at the South Weft 
Part of the Quire. 

GamagezKx. of Wales ? and his Wife, lye in a Chappell in 
the North Eaft part of the Body of the Cnurch. 

Thefe Infcriptions be written on the Walles of the 
Chapter-Houfe in the Cloyfter of Gloucejter. 

Hie jacet » Rogerus Comes de Hereford. 

Hie jacet Ricus Strongbowe film Gilberti Comttts de Pem- 

Hie jacet Gual terus de Lacy. 

Hie jacet Philippus de Foye miles. ^ 

Hie jacet Bernardus de Novo Mercatu. . 

Hie jacet Paganus de Cadurcis. 

Hie jacet Adam de Cadurcis. 

Hie jacet Robertus Curtois. 

Thefe notable thinges following I learned fHanley 

of an ould Man, made lately a Monke of I Farley 

GlouceRer. Abbotts of J Horton 

Seflo reaedified Gloucefier Abbey. Abbot Glouc. \ Scbroke 
Hanley and Farley made our Lady Chappell, r j Froncefter 

at the Eaft End of the Church. Abbot Horton \~Mor»e»t 

made the North Part of the Crofle Ifle. The South Part of Foi. 172, b; 
the Crofle Ifle and much of the Presbitery Vault was made 
by Oblations at the Tombe of K. E. 2. 

Below 9 tis Written Froncefter. But here 'tis plainly Frou- 
cefter, or ( as Mr. Anth. k Wood has put it in the Margin ) 
Frouceftre. See Dr. Tanner's Notitia Monaft. pag. 68. 

? Roger Lacey Comes Su 



Abbot Sekroke made a great Part of the exceedinge fayre 
and fquareTowre in the.Middeft of the Church. This Towre 
is a Pharos to all Partes about from the Hilles. 

Abbot * Froncefter made the Cloyfter a right goodly and 
fumptuous Peice of Wofke. 

Abbot Moment newly ere&ed the very Weft Ende of the 
Church, and 2. Arches of the Body of the Church* one on 
each fyae, mindinge if he had lived to have made the whole 
Body of the Church of like Worke. He alfoe made the 
ftately and coftly Porch on the South fyd of the Body of 
the Church. 

One Osberne Celerer of Gloucefter made of late a fayre new 
Tower or Gate-Houfe at the South Weft Part of the Abbey 

Thefe fayre Villes or Mannour Places belonge to the 
Abbot of Gloucefter. 

Prinkenefe on an Hill, where is a fayre Parke g. Miles 
from Gloucefter by Eaft. 

fi Dineyard a goodly Houfe on an Hillet at the Cawfey End 
at Gloucefter by Weft. 

Hertlehuty 4. Miles by North-Weft from Gloucefter. 

y Froncefter, whore fometimes was a Coiledge of Preben- 
daries, fupprefled and given to Gloucefter Abbey diftant 
from Gloucefter 8. Miles, and ftandeth a Mile beyond Stand- 
ley Priory. The King hath it nowe. It is an xoo. m. by 

Bromefeild, where fometimes was a litle Coiledge, fince 
impropriate to the Abbey of Gloucefter y a 2,. Mues from 

The Priory of St; OfwaU ftood North North Weft from 

. Gloucefter Abbey upon Sevtrne Ripe. Etbelrtdus E.ol Marches 

M _ zndEtbelfleda his .Noble Wife, Daughter to. Edv. the firft, 

.7* 'ifors the Gonqseft, founded . origioally this Hoofc, infti* 

tuting Prebendaries in it, and thither trapflated from Bard- 

ney the Body of St. Ofipald .K. oi Northumberland, and there 

richly entombed it. 

It chanced that foone after the Conqneft a Bifh. of tin- 
cplne. great with the King, required other/Jurifdi&ion or 
JLandes in Ltndefey belonging to the Seate of Tor ke. For the 
King^ntreated the Archbifhop,. being at that time alfo B. of 

* Vide fiauUo fuperw. -fi Vineyard /» marg. y Sic. 



iVortefter. Whereupon the B. of Torke * defiringe the Kinge 
to have the Colledge of St. Ofwald impropriate to the Seat of 
Torke , and foe he had. Whereupon he pra&ifced with the 
Prebendaries fi of a new Foundation, and that they fhould 
be Chanons Regular. Some were content, fome would not : 
but the B. brought hispurpofe to paffe by Power, and there 
inftituted a Houfe of Chanons Reguler, impropriatinge Be- 
nefices unto them and giving them Coyletts of Land, r$- 
ferving the goodly Landes to the Church of Torke ^ that at 
this tyme be yet poffeffed of it. 

The Houfe of Lantony^ a famous Priory of late of Canons Im**? 
Regular, ftoode on the left Ripe of Seveme 9 a litle beneath Prior y« 
Gloucefter. One Mslo E. of Hereford was Founder of this 1" 

Houfe, and it firft was but a Cell to Llanhandeney in Breck- 
nock/hire. This Priory hadgoodly Landes, whereof a no- 
table part was in Ireland. There longid to this Priory many 
fayre Mannour Places. 

Newarke a pretty Houfe of Stone hard by Lantbony ; 
Quadefley a 3 .Miles of ; y Bokmorth 4 Barenden in Cottejwould • 
jilverton by Severme a 3. Miles from « Chefftowe. 

The River ofSeverne breaketh into a. Armes in the Mea- 
dowes a litle above Gloucefter^ whereof the principall Arme 
ftriketh hard by Gloucefter Totfne Syde, tie other goeth 
through a great Bridge at the Weft fcnde of the Caufey ac 
Glouc. and a litle beneath Lantbony Priory they meet toge- 
ther. This Ifle or Mediamnis betwixt thefe %. Armes is all 
i very goodly Meadow e Ground, and that about * Lantony, 
for Cheefe tnere made is in great Price. 

There is noe Bridge on Severne bencathGloucefter. Nei- 
ther is there any Bridge on Severne z\>oveGlouceJter y 'till the 
Townelettof Upton a n. or 12. Miles from Gloucefter ^ whi- 
ther at high Tydes Severne Sea doth flowe. 

There be fewe notable Buildinges on Severne betwixt GAw-FoI. 173. K 
cefter and Auft CHffe 9 where the Ferry is over Severne into 
tne Forreft of Dene. 

Newnham, an uplandifh Townelett in the Forreft of Dene 

m F. defired. fi Sic. y Bokworth'] Leg. Brokwortb. 
t Aliter diftinguitur in St. viz. very goodly Medow Ground 1 
and that about Lantony for Cbefe there made is in. price. 1 Sic 

t Chcpftow. all chci bclongyd to Lamoney St, 



on the right Ripe of Severne, is an 8. Miles beneath G/oucepri 
There at a fall Sea Severne is halfe a Mile of Breadth. 

A x. Miles lower Severne is at a full Sea a x. Miles and 
an halfe over, and at Auft Cliff e x. good Miles over. 

Berkeley an 18. Miles from Gloucefter fomewhac diftant 
from the Severne Shore. 

Thornbury a xx. Miles from Gloucefter , and a 4. Miles above 
Auft not very farre from Severne Shore. There cometh a 
Creeke up by the Marijhes from Severne to Ibornebury. 
C Tewkesbury 7. ^ 

IWorcefter xo. | 
Cirencefter it. I 

From Gloucefter to < J^ST** ' > Miles. 

I sxewem o. 1 

I Roffe ix. I 

I Briftowe 30. | 

L Hereford xo. -I 

As foone as I paffed over the Arme of Severne at the 
Weft End of Gloucefter I entred into the Forreft of Dene, 
the which thence do wneward alonge Severne unto the Mouth 
of Wye River, ( where it goeth into Severne ) and on the 
other part againe from Monmouth to the Poynt of Wye is de- 
vided from Wales by the left Ripe of Wye River. 

The Soyle of the Forreft or Dene for the moil part is 
more fruitfull of Wood and Graffe then of Corne^ and»yet 
there is good Corne fufficient for the Inhabitants or it. The 
Ground is fruitfull of Iron Mines, and divers Forges be 
there to make Iron. 

Flaxley Abbey of White Monies ftood in Dene Forreft a 

5. or 6. Miles from Gloucefter. 

Mr. Bamham dwelleth at Weftbury in the Forreft of Dene 

6. Miles from Gloucefter. 

The Caftle ^Hereford. 
The Dungeon of the Caftle is high and very ftronge, 
havinge in the utter Wall or Warde 10. T owers forma femi- 
circulari, and one great Towre in the inner Ward. 

There was a great Bridge of Stone Arches, and a Drawe 

Bridge in the Midle of it, to enter into the Caftle. It ftood 

on the North Weft Syde of it. It is now cleane downe. 

fioL 174. a. There is a fayre Chappell of fi St. Cutbbert, y in the Eaft 

Part whereof is made of ere circular's. There were fometimes 

* Monemuth z6. St. fi St. Cuthebert, the Efte Parte 
whereof St. y &V. 

Prebendes j 

L E L AN D 5 S I f t N E R A R V. 81 

Pi-ebendes ; but one of the Lacyes tranflated them thence 
into St. Peter 9 s in Hereford Towne ? and that Coll edge was 
« there tranflated into the Eaft Suburbe of Hereford^ and a 
Priory of Monkes ere&ed there.and made a Cell toGlovcefter. 

There is a fayre and plentitull Springe of Water in the 
Caftle, and that and the peice of the Brooke comminge out 
of the Ditch did drive a Mille within the Caftle. 

Some thinke that Heraldus began this Caftle, after that 
he had conquered the Rebellion of the Welfhmcn in Kinge 
Edward the Confejfour's tyme. 

Some thinke that the Lacies E. of Hereford were the great 
Makers of it, and the Bohuns E. of Hereford. It hath beene 
decayed fince the Bohunes tyme. 

The Caftle of Hereford ftandeth on the left Ripe of Wye 
River, and a litle beneath the Bridge, and is ftrongly ditched 
ubl non defenditur flumine. 

The Walles of it be high and ftronge, and full of great 
Towres, but now the wholl Caftle tendeth towardes ruine. 
It hath beene one of the fayreft, largeft and ftrongeft Ca- 
ftles in England. It hath a. Wardes, and each of them en- 
vironed with Water. There came an Arme of a Brooke 
that runneth through a great Peice of the Towne Dike by 
an Arch made in the Towne Wall into the Caftle Dike, 
and foe compaffinge halfe the Caftle went into Wye ; foe that 
with the principal! Arme of this Brooke, and with the Arme 
of it goinge through the Caftle Dike, and with the maine 
Streame of Wye River, the whole Caftle was environed ; but 
now the Arme of the Brooke cometh not through the Caftle, 
yet might it foone be returned thither. 

The fecond Warde where the Dungeon is was alfo en- 
vironed with Water. For a peice of the Water that came 
through the Ditch was turned that waye. 

. The Towne of Hereford ftandeth fomewhat lowe on every 
fyde. £ There be Hifles on the Eaft and South, on the Ripe 
of Wye Ryvell, well wooded, and not farre diftant from 

The Name of Hereford Towne of fome in Welfh is called 
y Heurford of an ould Ford by the Caftle, by the which many 
pafled over, or ever the great Bridge on Wye at Hereford 
was made. 

« there tranflated'] thens tranflated St. fi There be Hills by 
Eft and Southe on the right Rype of Wy River 9 &c. St. 
y Heurford'] Heneford St. 

Vol. 4. / L Some 


M. 174. b. Some calle Hereford in Weffb l Tref*»tb % i ffgis quorum ch 
pia in agro Wo crefcebat. The Towne it iclfe is in compaffe 
within the Walles a good Mile. 

There be in the Walles of Hereford 6. Gates : Wye Gate ; 
Frere Gate ftandeth Weft, foe called of the Grey Fryers Hcmfe 
ftandinge without j Inne Gate ftandinge towardes Weft 
North Weft ; Wigmarfh Gate flat North ; ( Wigmarcb is a 
Marfli Ground a litle without the Suburbe : ) Bijbops Street 
Gate North Eaft ; St. Andrews Gate by Eaft, ioe called of St. 
Andrewes Parifti in the Suburbes without this Gate. 

There is a litle Brooke that cometh a y. Miles by Weft 
from Hereford, and foe circuith the Ditches of Hertford: 
Towne Walles, ubi non defenditur *vaga 9 and goeth downe 
leavinge the Caftle on the right Hand, and there drieving 
a. Miles for Corne goeth into Wye a flyte Shoote beneath 
Wye Bridge and hard beneath the Caftle. 

The walles and Gates of Hereford be right Well main- 
tained by the Burgeffes of the Towne. The common Voice 
is that the Towne was fcant fortified with Walles it fiich 
tyme as Griffin Prince of Wales deftroyed the Towne and 
lulled the Bifhop Leofgarye and his Clerke6 by the Affiftance 
and Confent of Algarus Sonne to JLeofric E. of Menkes. 

One Richard Philips Merchant of Hereford, buihed of late . 
Dayes in cemtterio S"». Marix infra CUufirum St*. Marias m 
Septo ec cleft* de Hereford, tegitur faxo quadrato fifer a/tare 
Prioratus de Acronburye. 

The Caftle of Hereford ftandeth on the South Syde of the 
Towne hard upon Wye beneath Hereford Bridge. It was a 
great Thinge. 

There be 4. Paroch Churches within the Walles, Sc.Peier 9 
St. Nicholas- Alhallowes, and St. John's. 

The Catnedrall Church ftandeth in the South part erf the 
Towne as in the higheft Ground of it neere unto the Caftle. 

Robert Lor engo B. of Hertford beganne a new Church there, 
and Biih. Keinelme did much unto it. 

Milfridus Regulus and Gfoenburga his Wife firft Founder* 
of the Cathedrall ChurchTxhere is a Suburbe without Wye- 
Gate , and therein is a Chappell of our Lady of Aiingtre frufe 
f ureas, another St*. iEgidii. 
roi. 17/. a. The Bridge over Wye hath great Arches of Stone. 

« vagd\ fcribte Vaga cum majori V>. 

x Trefmich St. 



There be but few Houfes without Freyers Gate. 

The Colledge of Grey Fryers was founded by Sir WiUiam 
Pembruge. The Bifhop of Hereford gave them tome Landes. 

There is a Church of St. Martin in Wye-Gate Suburbe be- 
neath the Bridge. 

There lye buried in the Grey Fryers fome of the Chaundois 
and Cortrwaties. Owen Meredith, alias TUder, buried in the 
Grey Freyers in nav't Ecclefia in faceUo fine uttafefulchri memoria. 

There is a Suburbe without bme Gate, and in it is a Chap- 
pell pf St. Gyles firft founded for Lazers, now converted to 
the ufe of other poore Folke. The Burgefles be Patrons of it. 

There is a Suburbe without theNorth-Gate HhsWrgmarch- 
Gate. This is the feyreft Suburbe of the Towne. « In this 
Suburbe was the Blacke Fryers, firft of Daniel/ a K*. ( forfan 
Deinvile) and then of K. E. 3. /S finifliinge. 

In this Church lay WiUiam Beauchamfe Lord Abergeveny. 
There alfo lay *JohnL.Hafiinges y E. of P«*£r0**,afterwardes 
t was" tranflated to the Grey Fryers in London, for which 
the Blacke Fryers of Hereford t hat an 100. /. There lye alfo 
Sr. Rich. Delabere, Sr. Roger Chaundois and his Wife, Sr. M- 
cholas Clare, Sr. John Burley, Sr. John Eillesford, Mabilia 
Roufe^ £ Sr. Tho.Reha, Hen. Ouldcajfle, Alex. Bache epus Ca- 
ftrenfis cjr ConfejforR. E. 3. buried in the Quire. He dyed 
in Hereford IC E. 3. being at the Dedication of the Blacke 
Fryers Church with the Prince and 3. Archbifliops. 

There was an Hofpitall of Sc. John, fometimes an Houfe 
of Templares. now it is an Almefhoufe with a Chappell. 
At the Northe Ende of this Suburbe is a Brooke called Small 
Purfe, comming of a Meadow called Brpad-Medowe thereby. 
It runneth by Blacke Fryers, and drivinge Milles goeth 
under Jnne Bridge of one Stone n Stone " Arch and foe in- 
to Wye. 

There is a praty Suburbe without Bj/hops-Gate-Street. 
There was a Priory of St. Guthlake a Cell to Gloucefter. 
This Priory was afore in St. Peter's Church in Hereford, 

« In this Suburbe was the Blake Friers firft foundyd by Dein- 
ville a Knight, and fintfked by Edward the third. St. fi Sic. 
y Erie <?/Penbroke, tyUhe was removyd to the Grey Friers in 
London St. I Vhcula ift a forfan delenda. % hat] Potius had. 
£ Sir Tho. Reha ] Ser Thomas Vehan St. * Redundat. 

1 William Lord Htftingei St. 

L 1 trancelated 


trancelated « thence to without the B. Gate Suburbe fi by 
Hugh Lacy of St. Guthlake. y Prior flaine at the Aulter, 
and after in continuance tranfelated to the Chapter of St. 

Betun B. of Hereford gave them fitum novi loci. 
FoL !7/. b. There was a Tombe of one Bernard guarre, a Provoft of 
St. Peter's in Hereford before the Ere&inge. 

There is a Suburbe without St. Andrewe's Gate. There 
is a Parifli Church of St. Andrew in the Midle of the Street. 
There is an Hofpitall of St. Giles, where once were Fryers 

* Gtifey and then Templers. King Rich, gave this ChappeU 
to the Towne, and then it was made an Hofpitall. 

There is an Hill called Comfort Caftle, where fome Ruines 
yett appeare, about a Mile North of from Leominfler. 

From Hereford to Leominfler 8. Miles, * and foe 8. Miles 
more to Lualowe. 

r Hay n. ^ 

From Here- j * Brecknok %±. C\A'\ 

ford to ) 3 Dare Abbey South South Weft 6. > mMS - 
£ Worcejier 10. j 

From Hereford to Worme-Bridge 6. Miles. Thence to 
Ailflon-Bridge x. Miles. Thence to Lincot-Wood 3. Miles. 
Thence to Abergeveney 5. Miles. 

From Hereford to Monmouth 12. Miles; to Chef flow 6. 
Miles ; to Beechley on Severne right Ripe a. Miles ; to -A/? 
CM* over the Ferrey i. Miles ; to Brigktflow ia. Miles. 

From Hereford to I>* 14. Miles, and thence to Gloucefier 
8. Miles and more. • 

From Hereford to Bromyard, a Market Towne in Hereford- 
Jhire, iz. Miles, • dextra rip a Frowefiuvii. 

From Hereford to Wiggemore 14. Miles $ 8. Miles to Leo- 
minfler and ?. to Wigmore Towne. The Abbey of Wigmore 
is a Mile beyond Wigmore Towne. 

From Hereford to W^/ey 7. Miles by Weft North Weft. 

« Sic. fi by Hugh Lacey. There was a Tombe of one Benard 
Quarre, a Provoft or Ruler of S. Peters in Herford afore the 
ereBynge of S. GuthlakV Priory, (layne at the Altar, and after 
in continuaunce tranjlatyd to the Chapiter of S. Guthlake. There 
is a Suburbe without Seint Andrews &c. St. y Sic. I s Sic. 

• in dextra ripa Frome fiuvii St. 

1 tnd fo by the right Way vn Miles more to LudeW St. 7. Brecnock 
*4 Milei Hay being almofte in the raydle Way St. 3 Dowr Abey St. 



It is a Markett Towne in HereforJ-Jbire, where is a goodly 
Caftle, but fomewhat in Decaye. It was the cheife Lord- 
fhippe of the Devereux. 

The Caftle of Left/ball, of fome written Leonfljall, is a 
a. Miles from Webley. It belonged alfo to Devereux, and 
there is a Parke. 

The very ould Lordes of LenJhaU were the * Mar burr es. 
This Caftle came to Devereux by the Heir Generall of 

There is noe Bridge on Wye from Hereford to Buelth. Up- 
ward there is a Bridge newly repayred of Tymbre. Buelth 
is a . . . . Miles above the Hay on Wye rtpadextra. There Fol. \j6. 
is a Wood Bridge by Rojfe. There is noe Bridge beneath 
Hereford on Wye, untillalitle above the Confluence of Wye 
and Mone River. 

There is a Lordfhip and Mannour Place called Ewias 

Caftle, where Tregoz dwelled, on the Ripe of 

Wye a Miles beneath Hereford. It hath beene a 

notable Thinge. 

There is a Bridge of Wood to paffe from Monemouth to 
the Foreft of Dene. There is noe Bridge on Wtye beneath 
Monmouth to the very Mouth of Wye. There was one of 
Tymbre at Chepftowe. 

The Confluence of Lugge and Wye is a litle beneath Jfcfor- 
difotd Bridge of Stone on Lug. Mordiford Bridge is a j» 
Miles from Hereford. Lug cometh within a Mile of Hereford. 

There be beneath Leominfterthefe Bridges ot Stone on Lug: 

. . ^ a Quarter of a Mile beneath 

Leominfier. The fecond is Forde Bridge of 3. Arches, a 2. 
Miles lower. The third is at Hampton, fometimes a Man- 
nour of the Barons of Burford, now of Conlsbye, a Mile 
lower then Ford Bridge. Hampton ftandeth ripa finijira. 
The fourth is at Wtfefion Village a 3. Miles lower. The 
fifth is Lugge Bridge of Stone. The fixt is Lug-Warden, 
where (ripa Jinijira) Ch a undo is had a Mannour Place, fome- 
times belonging to Bruges, now fould to Warme-Combe. 
The feventh is Mordtford, the biggeft of all the Refidewe. 

Bridges on Lug above Leon-Minfter. 

A Bridge of Stone over Lug in the Part of Leon- 

mtnfterTovrne. A Bridge of Stone a a. Miles upper called 
Ktngejland-Bridgt. A Bridge of Scone by Undbroke a four 
Miles upper. 

j Mtfbires ft, 



Wf»«nr «^ The Priory of Niranes at Undiroke is a Quarter of a Mile 
tfMttit. or more from the left Ripe of Ijrgg*. 

There is a a. Miles upward a Stone Bridge over Lugge at 

Prefteine j which Towne of Prefiehe m endowed of late 

Yeares with Priviledges and a Markett by the Intercef&oo of 
MUk.HsrtimKcb. Martin B. of St. David, and before Chauncellour of 
wmk^T z ^ c Menkes , Embaffadour into Sfasne and other ftrange 
f ^ * Countries. 

The River of Mom rifeth in a place called Forefibene fi a- 

bout xo. Miles Weft from Monmouth. 
The Caftle of Skenfrith ftandeth j. Miles above Monmouth 
Prf. 17& k Towne on Mont River on the very Ripe of it fecundm* 

decwrfum fluvii, and in times paft by all likelyhood the River 

did goe abcuc the Caftle Dike. , Much of the y utter Wood 

of this Caftle yet ftandeth. The fite of it fomewhat lowe. 
^ t There is a Stone Bridge over Mone a litle above the Caftle. 

**J Hubert de Burgh E. of Kent was Lord of Sken frith- and the 
*2d* Noble Edmund E. of Kent had it. 

m*/UkjL of The Caftle of Gr0^w**»*ftandeth a 3. Miles above Sken- 
***. frith , on the right Hand of Mone, fecundum decurfum fiuvii, 

halfe a Mile from the Ripe. It ftandeth ft rongly I on a Rocke 

of Hill drye ditched, and a • Villagae of the fame Name by it. 

Moft part of the Caftle Walles yet ftand. 
The third Caftle of the Lordflup of £ Ttrty or 3. Townes is 

called Wbite-Cafile, three Miles flat South from Groffemouut. 

This Caftle ftandeth on an Hill, and is drye motid. It is 

made almoft of great Slate Stone, and is the greateft of the 

TheCountrye is champion about it, and noe great Woodes 

at hand but the Forreft of » Grojfenmouth by North. Good 

Corne and Pafture about this and the other two. 
The Towne it felfe of Monmouth, by the Confluence of 

Mone and Wye, * is on the £ left Ripe of Mone, and there is a 

Bridge of Stone at the Towne over Mone. 
m'.mL Kt' ° ne 7 ohu of Monmouth a K>. was Lord of Monmouth, and 

Founder of * Gracedoin Abbey or Trody rifa d extra a. Miles 

from Monmouth by Weft North Weft. 

« Addenda f. was. fl about %o. miles ] about x. miles St. 
y utter Wood'] uter Warde St. I on a rokky HiU dry dyehiJ, 
and a Village S". • Sic. £ Tirtre St. « is on the lyfte Ripe 
St. 3- Sic. F. legi debet left. 

x Groftemonc St. 2 Gracedew St. 



From Hereford to Djnemore Hill by eaclofed Ground, Hot 
very Hilly, plentifull of all good Come and Failure and 
iftectly well wooded a 4. Miles* 

About a Mile on this fyde Dinemore Hill I came to a litle 
Village called WiUsngton^ and there I pafled over a Bridge of 
three Arches of Stone. The Brooke that runneth under this 
Bridge is commonly called Wormeley Water. It rifeth a 4. 
or j. Miles of to the Weft, and loe cometh to Wotmeitf 
Village, and thence to WtHingtom, and halfe a Quarter of a 
a Mile beneath W&npon it goeth into Lvg by the right 
Ripe of it. 

The Hill it felfe of Dinemore is very fteepc, high, well 
wooded, and ifpecula to fee all the Countrye about. 

There ftandeth a litle by Weft of the very Toppe « Dime* 
mere Hill, on the left Hand as I roade ? a Commandry with 
a fayre Place that belonged to the Order of the Knights of 
&t.Jfobn of Hiemfalem in London. 

froto Dinemore Hill paflinge a Mile further I faw Hampton- Hamptoo, 
Comrt a goodly Mannour Place on the left Ripe o(L*gge 9 
and there is a Stone Bridge over Lug. 

This Place was fumptuoafly eroded by one Sr. ZjenthaB^ Kt. 
that thus rofe by Service. He was Yeoman of the Robes to M. 177. a* 
K. Hen. 4. and being a gallant Ffellowe* either a Daug. or 
very neere Kinfwoman of the Kinges fell in love with him, 
and in continuance was wedded unto him. Whereupon af- 
ter he fell into Eftimation> and had given to him iooo. /. 
Laodes by the Yeare for Maintenance of him and his Wife, 
and their Heires, among which Landes he had Lndlowe for 
oae Part. 

This LentkaB was Vidqrious at the Battaile of Agin-Ooutt, 
and tboke many Prifoners^here, by which P*ey he beganne 
the New Building of Hampton-Court^ and brought from an 
Hill a Springe of Water, and made a litle Poole 1 within the 
Toppe of his Houfe. This LentkaU had a Sonne by his 
Wife ; but he after a few Yeares dyed. Then left he of to 
build any more at Hampton* and foone after his Wife dyed. 
Then after he married the Daughter of the L. Grey ofCeanor. 

From Hampton to LeominJIer 3. Miles by fome enclofed 
Ground and good Corne, but noe great Wood at Hand. 
Halfe a Mile on this fyde Leominfteri paffed over k Bridge 

• Adde of. 
t with it in &. 



of 3. Arches of Stone, under the which Arrow runneth, and 
the Bridge beareth the Name of it. 

Arrowe cometh through Petnbrute Towne havinge a good 
Markett, and there is a Bridge of Stone over it. Then it run- 
neth a x. Miles and halfe to « » Emington Mille, a ereat Lord- 
fhipp and belonginge to Leominfier Priory, ana there is a 
Bridge over Arrowe of Stone. 

Thence about halfe a Mile lower to Arow Bridge, and 
about a Qujurter of a Mile lower into Lug, by the right Ripe. 

The Ground about Arow beneath Ivinpon is lowe, and 
there be many fayre Meadowes that be overflowed, and the 
Grade of them faved fcant once in fixe Yeares. 

The Towne of Leominfier, alias Lemfter, ftandeth fome- 
what lowe,and all theGroundvery neere about it farre lower. 

In the Weft Ende of the Towne there be three Stone 
Bridges. The firft over Penfilfy, a Streame that runneth a 
y. Miles of out of a More by Weft South Weft, and running 
a 3. Miles taketh with him a litle Brooket that rifeth not 
much above the Church of Kingefiand, and thence runneth 
under the aforefayd Bridge in Leominfier, and fo goeth 
through the very Houfe of the Priory, and thence not farre 
of into Lvgge by the right Ripe. 

The fecond over Kene Water, that after a fmall Courfe 
PoL 177. b. beneath the Bridge goeth into Lug. This Ken is an Arme 
of Lug, and breaicetn out of it at a Were a Quarter of a Mile 
above Lugge- Bridge in Leominfier, /Bfrom tEe greateft part 
of Lug is driven by a Damme or w ere to ferve the Kinges 
Milles a litle lower then the Dammes. 

The third is called Lvg-Bridge, and, as I remember, it is 
the greateft of the 3, and hath moft Arches. 

There be 3. notable Stone Bridges on Lug betwixt Lem- 
fier and Prefieine called in Weljb Lan Andrew. 

The i. is called Kingefiand-Bridge, becaufe it is by Kiugef- 
land Village, and this is a a. Miles above Lemfier. 

The fecond is called Linfroke-Bndgz ( as I take it ) of 
fome Confluence of a litle Brooke called Line, or fome Vil- 
lage bearinge the Name of Linbroke. 

The late Priory of Nunnes at Ldntroke ftood not farre 
from this Bridge rifa lava. This Bridge is a 3. Miles above 
Kingefiand Bridge. The 3d. is at Prefieine. 

* Emington] Jnington St. fi Sic. 

1 Ivington Village and Lordlhipc 1 lace longing to Leominftre St. 



Vreifteine was but a Weljh Village about K. E* ±. time untill 
Rich. Martin 9 B. of St. David and Chauncellour of the 
Marches, got Priviledge for it, and made it a Markett 
Towne, that now is very celebrate for Corne. 

The. Towne of Leominfier is meetly large and hath good 
Buildinges of Tymbre. The Antiquity of the Towne is moft 
famous oy a Monaftery of Nunnes, that Merwaldm King of 
the Marches built there, and endowed it with all the Landes 
thereabout faving onely the Lordfhip now called Kingefland* 
-And it is fuppoied of Clerkes that the ould Name of the 
Towne tooke Beginning of the Nunnes, and was called in 
Weljh i Lfan-lbeny, id eft, locus vei fanum Monialium, and not 
of a Lyon that is written to have appeared to K. Merwald^ 
upon which Vifion he beganne ( as it is fayd) to build this 
Nunnery. Other Kinges of the Menkes immediately fol* 
lowinge Kinge Merewald were Benefadtours unto it. 

Some faye that the Nunnery was after in the Danes Warres 
deftroyed, and that after a Colledge of Prebendaries fett 

The Certainty is knowen that the Abbey of Shaftesbury 
had Rule at Lemfter, and poffefled much Landes there, and 
fent part of the Reliques of St. Edward the Martyr to be 
adored there. 

, King Hen. i. annexed the Landes of Lemffer * to this 
Abbey of Reading- and there was a Cell of Monies inftituted 
at Lemfier by the Abbots of Redinge . 

There is but one Paroch Church in Leominfier ; but it is Fol. tyt «.' 
Ujrge, fomewhat darke, and of ancient Buildinge : infomuch 
that it is a great likelyhood, that it is the Church that was 
fomwhat afore the Conqueft. The Church of the Priory 
was hard joyned to the Eaft End of the Parifti Church, and 
was but a fmall thinge. Some faye, that the Monkes of the 
Priory fayd that they had the Sculls of the Head of Mere* 
va Id and Ethelmund Kinges of Merche. Mr. & Hckluit tould 
me that the Body of Kinge Merewald was found in a Wall 
in the ould Church of Wenlok. 

The Towne of Lemfier by reafon of their principall Wool 
ufe great Draping of Cloth, and thereby it flourifhed. 

Since of latter dayes it chanced that tne Cittyes of Here*' 
ford and Worcefier complained of the Frequency of People 

* Sic. Lege his. fi Sic* 

i Llacllieny 5$, 

Vol. 4. M that 


tbar came to Lemfter, in prejudice of both their Marfcetts in 
the Shyre Townes, and alio in hindringe their Drapinge. 
Whereupon the Satturdaj Markett was « remoove from Lem- 
fter, and a Markett on Friday was newly affigned unto it. 
Since that tyme the Towne of Lemfter hath decayed. The 
common Fame of the People about Lemfter is, that King 
Merwald, and fome of his SuccefTors, had a Caftle or Pallace 
on an Hill Syde by the Towne of Loommftor halfe a Mile 
of by Eaft. Thfe Place is now called Comfort-Caftle, where 
now be fome Tokens of Ditches where Buildinges have 

The People of Leominfter and thereabouts come once a 
Yeare to this Place to fport and plave. 
Kh»z'fl**d There was a Caftle at Khfefland a *• Miles Weft North 
caftle. Weft from Leominfter, the Ditches whereof and part of the 
Keepe be yet feene by the Weft Part ofKingfUmd Church. 

ConftantFame fayth that KingeJtf#fw*Afometimeslaye 
at this Place. Since of later tymes it longid to the E. of 
Marche, now to the Kinge. 
•• ' From Lemfter to Eaton a Mile by Weft North Weft. 

One WiUiamHackluit that was with K. H. ?. at the Battaile 
of Ann-Court fett up a Houfe at this Village, and purchafed 
Lanae to it. He had one St. George, a Noble-Man of 
Prance, to his Piifoner. fi Uckluit now living is the third in 
F0I.17S. b. Defcent of the Houfe of Eaton. The cheife and ancienteft 
of the Hackluits have beene Gentlemen in tymes out of 
< : Memory, and they tooke their Names of the Forreft of 

Chid in Radnor-Jbire, and they had a Caftle and Habitation 
not farre from Radnor. There were }. Kts. of thefe Hack- 
hits about the time of K. E. 3. whereof one was named 
Edmond. It chanced in K. E. j. tyme that one of the Hack- 
hits tooke part with Ltioline, Prince of WaUes, againft K. 
E. 3. Whereupon his Landes were attainted and devolved 
to the King or to Mortimer Lord of Radnor ', and never 
were reftored. 

There was at that tyme one of the Hackluits that fled into 
the Mountaines of WaUos, and lived as a banifhed Mam but 
he after was pardoned, and havinge a Knight that tendered 
him, becaufe he was his Godfonne or Kinefman, and had 
noe Iflue, he y made his Heire, and thofe Landes yet rc- 
maine to the Eldeft Houfe of the Hackluits. 
" From Eaton f rode a Mile and an halfe towards Ludlow, 
and there I fawe a Mile of on the right Hand the Mannouf 

* r.mevid St. fi Haichit SU Sic. y AdJe him. 



Place of Cornwall that defcendeth of a Yonger Houfe of the 
CornwaUes Barons of Burford. 

I fawe on the left « Hand Croft , the Mannour of the Crofts 
fett on the Browe of an Hill, * fomewhat declininge, ditched 
and walled Caftle like. 

Thence I rode a 4. Miles by goodly Corne Ground, partly 
cnclofed and having prati Wood, to Ricbardes Caftle. 

Ricbardes Caftle ftandeth on the Toppe of a very rocky 
Hill, well woodid. and at the Weft End of the Paroch 
« Church there the Keepe, the Walles, and the Towres of it 
ftand but goinge to mine. There is a poore Houfe of Tym* 
bre in the Caftle Garth for a Farmer. It longeth now to the 
Kinge. It longid of late to the Lord Vaulx, then to Pope. 
There is a Parke impaled and well wooded, but noe Deere 
in it. From Richards Caftle to Ludlow %. Miles. 

The Bridge of Teme at Ludlow e divideth with the Stream* 
downe alonge Hereford/bire from fi Sborpfhire. 

The Towne of Ludlow being in Shropjhire on the left 
Ripe of Teme River is fett upon an Hill ; foe that a Man £ 
coming to it y any wave I confeend. It is well walled, and 
by Eftimation it is a Myle in Compafle. 

There be in the Wall j. Gates. Broad-Gate y and that 
leadeth to Broad-Street, the fayreft Part of the Towne. O Id- 
Gate is alfoe towards Teme % as Broad-Gate is, but not foe Fol. 179. a. 
neere. 3 Galford-Gate, Come-Gate towardes the left Ripe of 
Corne River, Mile-Gate. The C*ftle hemmeth in a Part of 
the Towne and ftandeth on a ftronge Rockc well diched 
betwixt Come-Gate and Mile-Gate. 

There is but one Paroch Church in the Towne. but that 
is very fayre, and large, and richly adorned, ana taken for 
the fayreft in all thote Quarters. It ftandetK even in the 
Middeft of the Towne, and is in the higheft Ground of it. 
This Church hath beene much advanced t>y a Brother-Hood 
therein founded in the Name of St. John the Evangelift. 
The Originall thereof was ( as the people fay there ) in the 
tyme of K. Edw. the Confejfor ; and it is conftantly affirmed 
there that the Pilgrims, that brought the Ringe from beyond 
the Sea as a Token from St. John the Evangelift to K. Ed- 
ward, were the Inhabitants ot Ludlowe. 

* Cburche there. TbeKepe &c. St. & L.SbrefJbire. y any 
way mufl confeend St. I Sic. 

1 Hand a Mile of Croft St. a fomewhat rokky dyefcid St. 3 Calfride 
Gate St. . 

Mi This 


This Fraternity hath a Guardian chofen yearly amonge the 
Burgeffes, and to this Colledge belonge uowe a tenne Preifts, 
partly found by Endowment of Landes, partly by Gather- 
inge the Devotion of People thereabout. And thefe Preifts 
have afayre Houfe at the Weft End of the Paroch Church 
Yard ; and by it is anHofpitall or Almefhoufe of a 30. poore 
Folkes for the moft part, and fometimes more, maintained 
partly by the Fraternity, and partly by Mony given for Otitis 
of Men buried there in the Ctiurcn. 

There was a very rich Merchant in Ludlowe not longe fince 
called Hojier, buried in the Paroch Church, whoe founded 
a Cantuarye in a part of the aforefayd Colledge, endowinge 
it with 10. or ix. /. Land by the Yeare. « This Scipende is 
now given to a Schoole-Maifter. 

The Towne-Wall enclofeth the North Syde of the Cemi- 
tery of the Parifli Church. 

I noted thefe Graves of Men of Fame in the Church of 

* Beangie 9 fometimes Coferer to K.E. 4. He giveth aLegg 
in his Armes. 

CokkUy a Gent. Servitour to Prince Arthur. 

Do&or Denton, Maifter of St. John's in Ludlowe. 

. . . . . Suliard, Juftice in the Marches of Wales. 

Hoper, a Merchant. 

There be 2. Caftles for Conduit Water in the Towne, 
ferved both from one Springe or Head. 

There were a. fayre Colledges of Friers in Ludlowe. 

The White Grey-Fryers was a feyre and coftly thinge, and 

ftood without Come-Gate by North, almoft at the Ende of 

Fol 17$. b.that Suburbe. One .... Lvdlowe a Kt. Lord of 

tffofe-Caftle or Pyle towards Bi/bpV-Caftle, was originall 

Founder of it. 

Vernon by an Heire Generall is nowe Owner ofStoke, and 
of late was taken as Founder of this Houfe. 

The Augufiine Fryers ftood without Galford-Gate. 

I fawe Suburbes without all the Gates of Ludl&a>e y faving 
that I was not at Mille-Gate* 

The Suburtfe over Heme Bridge by South is called Ludford, 
fi and it is a litle Paroch Church. 

* Beaugie] Beaufie St. fi and in it is'a litle Faroche Cburcbe 


I Brodiarhod whiche was gy vcn toward a Scqle Maflajv S$. 



There is on the North Syde of the Bridge in ripa fmiflrM 
Teme^ a Church of St. John ftandinge without Broad-Gate, 
fometime a Colledge with a Deane and Fellowes of one 
Jordan s Foundation. There be 3. fayre Arches in this 
Bridge over Teme, and a praty Chappell upon it of St. Cf- 
t her me. It is about 100. Yeares fince this Stone Bridge was 
ereded. Men paffed afore by a Ford a litle beneath the 

There is a fayre Stone-Bridge over Temde at Lantwardine, 
a Village about ?. Miles above Ludlowe. Brompton Pyle or 
Caftle a a. Miles from Lantwarden, and ?. Miles above 
Ltntwarden is Knighton, a pretty Towne on Temde. 

There is a Stone Bridge of a. Arches on Temde at Tembury 
a Markett Towne in Herefordshire. Tho. Evan tould mee 
fince that Tembury for a furety is in Worcefter-Jhire, even in 
the uttermoft part of it. It is a 4. Miles lower then Ludlowe 
rip a dextra. 

The Baron of Bur] ? orde*s cheife Houfe is a litle above 
Tembury rif a finiftra in Shropshire. Lidwik Brooke cometh 
into Teme about Tembury ripafiniftra. 

The River of Oney rifeth towardes the Quarters of Bf/bop's- 
Caftle at 1 Shelley a 15% Miles from the place where it goeth 
into Temde a litle beneath Bromfeild. 

There was a Priory or Cell of Monkes at Bromfeild long- 
ing to Gloucefter Abbey. There were fometimes Prebenda- 
ries. Giffara gave it to Gloucefter- Abbey. 

This Houfe ftood betwixt Oney and Teme . Temde runneth 
ncareft to the Houfe it felfe. It ftandeth on the left Ripe of 
it. Oney runneth by * the Banke Syde of the Orchard by the 
Houfe, touchinge it with his right Ripe, and a litle beneath 
the Houfe is the Confluence of Oney and 3 Temde. 

There is a praty Stone-Bridge over Oney a litle above 
Bromfeild. There is alfoe a Bridge of Stone over Oney at 
Wbifter a. Miles above Bromfeild ; and above this Mr. Vernon Fol. 180. a. 
hath a Place not farre from Oney. 

4 There is a likely Houfe tnat the Caftle of Bromfeild 
fometimes belonging to Gifard, and by jr force raifed, ftood 
where now is aFarme Houfe motted at Bromfeild belonginge 
to the Earle of Oxford. 

Cainbam Caftle, of fome called Caikolm?, now downe, 
ftood .... Miles from Ludlowe. 

Clee Hilles ftand 3. Miles Eaft North Eaft from Ludlowe. 

I Shelbe St. % the hake Syde St. % Temde. And thu i* a a Miles 
above Ladclawe St. 4. ther ii liklyhod that the Caftle St. $ force raftd 



IfWbrcefler xo. ^ 

Bridgenortb if. I 
Prefeine y. } 

From Lndlowe to < Knighton 10. > Miles. 

I Bi/fofs-CtOle 20. j 
I Shrewsbury xo. I 
\Gloucefier ?o. J 
Paffinge out of Ludlowe by Cone-Gate I came ftraight to 
Cone-Bridge of 5 . fay re Arches of Stone. This Or*<? River 
goeth from this Bridge ftraight downe by the Cattle of Lud- 
lowe y and a litle beneath it goeth into TemJe by the lefc Ripe. 
Here I marked that Temd cometh by Weft North Weft out 
of Walks • and Cone cometh through Cornedale in Strop- 
Jbire by Eaft North Eaft. 

From Cone-Bridge at Ludlowe I rode 6. Miles partly by 
meetly good Ground for Corne, partly by Ground mixt 
with Wood untill I came to a poore Village called Streford f 
where was a litle Brooke that about halfe a Mile lower run- 
neth into Oney River ripafintftra. 

I left the Egge and the Long Forreft %. great « Woodes 
havinge Rodes on the right Hand coming to Great-Stretton. 
* Thus I rode a 43. Miles by well wooded Ground toStretton^ 
a pretty uplandilh Townelett, where by the Church one 
Brooke a Lawyer hath a pretty Houfe, and here runneth a 
Brooke, the lame ( as one tould me ) that goeth by Stretford. 
This Townelett is the cheifeft Building that is in Stretton 
Dale, which is enclofed with great Hilles, well wooded in 
fome Places. It is in length but a 3. Miles, and in it be j. 

Litle C This Stretton Dale longeth to 

Great < Stretton. th Earle of Aruudell. 
Quid C 
From Stretton to Uiot Wood a through Fare 3. Miles, by 
F©1. x8o. b. Hilly and Woody Ground. 

Tnence a Mile or more I lefc a Parke of Mr. Corbet fs 
hard on the left Hand, and after I paflfed a 4. Mile by playne 
Grounde, bearinge fome Corne, and then a t. Miles by 
better Soyle or Corne to SJbrobbesbury. About halfe a Mile 
efe I came to Schrobbesbury I paffed by a Ford over 1 Meele 
* River, and there was a longe narrowe Bridge of Tymbre 

over Mele 7 bearinge the Name of the Brooke : And a Myle 
above Mele Bridge there is another Tymbre Bridge over Mele 

t Woods haviftg Row, Sf. 1 Them I code a 3 Mriet St. 3 Mele Broke 



railed Dagge-Bridge. There is a Stone Bridge of 3. Arches 
over Mele as I entred into Shrosbery hard by the Abbey, and 
hard beneath the Bridge is the Confluence of Mele and 

And here by this Bridge breaketh out an Arme of the S*> 
<verne 9 that at dead lowe Waters in Sommer fcant fleeteth 
over the Strand. There is a Bridge of 8. Arches over this 
Arme, and after that it paffeth through this Bridge it ftraight 
meeteth againe with the great Streame. 

There be.i. great maine Bridges of Stone on the wholl 
River of Severne at Shrewesbury. The greateft, fayreft and 
higheft upon the Streame is the Weffh Bridge having 6 . great * 

Arches of Stone, foe called becaufe it is the Way out of the 
Towne into Wattes. This Bridge ftandeth on the Weft Syde 
of theTowhe, and hath at the one End of it a great Gate 
to enter by into the Towne, and at the other End towardes 
Wales a mighty ftronge Towre to prohibit Enimies to enter 
into the Bridge. 

The fecond Bridge is lower on Severne at the .... 
Part of the Towne, and this hath 4. great Arches befides 
the Drawe-Bridge. 

The Towne of Shrewsbury ftandeth on a Rocky Hill of 
Stone of a fad redde * Earth, and Severne foe girdeth in all 

the Towne that favinge a litl^Peice by .it 

were an Ifle. It is commonly called now in Weljh Moytbike. 
Writers in Weljh & called Penguerne, id eft, caput Alneti. 

Schrobbesbury is the very Englijb Word truly written, not 
much diflbnant from Penguerne % and Salopia in Latin goeth 
farre from the Weljh Name. 

The Towne is ftrongly walled and defended with Water, 
the which is to be counted in a manner for the Towne Ditch, 

There be in the y Towne . . . Gates. Fol. 181. t* 

The Caftle hath beene a ftronge thinge. It is nowe much 
in mine. It ftandeth in t the . . . Part of the Towne. The 
Towne is more then a Mile within the Wall in Compaffe. 

There be 4. Parifli Churches within the Towne. The 
Principall is St. Cbadde. There is aDeane and 10. Preben- 
daries in a Collegiate Church of the Patronage of the B. of 

There is an Hofpitall of St. Chadde. The Society of the^ 
Mercers of Shrewsbury maintaine the Hofpitall. 

* Earthy'] Grith^ St. fi caullit St. F. call it. v Towne 
j. Gaiit St. * the North Parte St. 



The fecond is St. Marie' V, a Collegiate Church with a 
Deane and 9. poore Prebendes. The Kinge is Patron. One 
^ . Degory Walter a Merchant of Shrewsbury in bominum memcria 
' made an Hofpitall at the Weft End of St. Marye's Church. 

The Parifli Church of St. Alkemund was impropriate to 
UUeJbuU Priory. 

The Parilh Church of St. Julian hard by St. Alkemund im- 
propriate to Battlefeild «Chappell • . . Mile out okSbrcwf- 
biry North. 

The Grey Fryers of Sbrowesbury of the Char let on s Founda- 
/ tion, and there laye the Lady Cbarleton^ whome they tooke 
as their Foundrefse. And this Houfe ftoode upon Severne 
Banke a litle above the Bridge of j. Arches. 

One D. Francis a Frere ot late Dayes reedified almoft a 
great Part of this Fryers Houfe. The Houfe of the Blacke 
Fryers was of the Lady Geneviles Foundation, and this flood 
a litle without the Wall upon Severne Syde, at the End of 
MarweU Street. 

The Augufiine Fryers were of the Foundation of the Staf- 
fordes. It flood a litle beneath Wetfb Bridge. Many Gentle- 
men killed at Battlefeild were 1 buried here, and at the B/*afe 

Owen Glendour promifed Hen. Percy to have joyned with 
him » at that Battaile. 

Battlefeild Chappell is a Mile out of Shrewsbury by North. 
K. H. 4. founded this litle Colledge, and endowed it. A 

Gentleman called who was Owner of the 

Ground whereon it was builded ? fi hat the Patronage thereof 
geven to him and his Heires. 

There is a fayre Stone Bridge on Severne 4. Miles above 
Shrewesbury called Monford Bridge, of late- renewed. Sbra- 
warden Caftle is in rifa lava of Severne 2. Miles above 
M. iffi b. Mountford Bridge, and a Mile above this Caftle is Buttington 
Bridge over Severne. There is alfoe a Bridge over Severne at 

There is a fayre Stone longe Bridge <?n Severne to pafle 
over toward Roxcejler at Acham 3 Village. 

The Deftru&ion of Roxcefter by all likelyhood was the 

* Chafle a mile St. £ hat. ] Potius bad. 

x buryed in this Churche of Make friers St. & at Battayl fclde St. 
4 Village. Roxceftar is a Mile and half lower on Severne than Acham rip! 
Gniftii. St. 



Gaufe of the Ereftion of Shreusbury. For Roxcefter was i 
goodly walled Towne untill it was deftroyed by the Danes > 

The River of Terne cometh into Severne^ almoft in the 
Midde waye betwixt Acham and Roxcefiet. 

There is of late a new « Bridge made on Terne by a Men* 
chant of L ondon called Ron/and HiB, a little above the Con- < 
fluence of Terne and Severne* 

• Crullfogton Bridge of Stone and Tymbre y. Miles above 

•_ difeif Bridge of Tymbre 3. Miles higher, and Stoke a 
pretty Townelett r/£* fniftra, and ^ Hi?e/»^ a To wnelett . • 
• r . . . . . . Sf*** about a Mile jfcxfr* f if a Terns. 

The Wreken. HHU of fome called Mount Gilbert* The 
Rootes of this Hill Handing by the « laft Ripe of Severne be ^ 
not paft a Mile from fi Worcefter. The Wrek'm is the higheft 
Ground of all the Country thereabout, and ftandeth as a 
Fbaros, barren of Wood. There is on the Toppe of this 
Hill a delicate plainc Ground bearing fine good GrafTe, and 
in this plaine is a fayre Fountaine* 

/At Drayton z Market Towne a 2. Miles ♦ ... is a fmali 
Bridge. r Chejler 30. 

Ofwefire iz. 
iWroxcefter 4* 
From Schnwsbury to ^ Wenlok 8. > Miles* 

y Whitchurch — 
Mountgomery — 
Bridgenorth 16 • 
There is a Stone Bridge over Severne at Bu /divas i where 
the Abbey of White Monies was rifadextra. Els there waal 
none betwixt Acham and Bridgenorth. 

Iho. Cleobury^ fometimes Abbot of Doure, tould mee that 
there was one of the antient B. of Lichfeild, that was in Off* 
K. of Merches tyme, that lived an Hermite Life at Buldewas, 
after fuch tyme as the Pall of the Archb. of Lichfei/d was* 
taken from Lichfei/d and reftored againe to Canterbury. 
From Shrewsbury to Counde a poore Village f a 14. Miles 

' « /*/? JR/>f] /<?/** Xjp* St. fi Worcefter] Roxcefter St. rede* 
Y after Whitchurch adde ij, and in the next line xtf* after 
Mountgomery* out of Sto»e. ? * 14. AS/**] a 4* Mils St* 

I Bridge of Scone made over Terne by Ser Rowland Hill a Marchaunt of 
London St. ,% Hudelec a Townlct about. a Mile a dexurtripa Temiv St. 
I Roxceftar 14 Milei comedy cawlyd 3 Miles' ft. 

Vol. 4. N 


by meetly -good Came Ground and Graffe. but noe great 
Wood in fight. There runneth downe a pretty Brooke from 
South called £&/, paffinge through the fmall Village, and a 
litle lower goeth into Seveme. n There is a narrowe Wood 
Bridge over Bie at fiCeund, to Harley Village a i. Miles. 
Fal. 1 S*. a. Thence to Wenlok a * Market* Towne, where was an Ab- 
bey, a a. Miles by rough Ground, paffing oVer an high 
Rocky Hill called Wenlok Edge. Wenlok Towne is invi- 
ronea with Hilles. 

There mnneth by Weft from the Hilles of Weulock a litle 
\ Broket, and paflfetn through the Midle of the Towne. 

I have heard this Water called Bbe. It goeth into Seveme^ 
that is about x. Miles tip* dextra from Severn* . From Wenlok 
to MorfeiU Village a 6. Miles by feme Come, Pafture an<T 
Wood Ground. I fawe a litle Priory or Cell called MorfetUe 
on the right Hand as I entred into this Village. 

From Jtorftild to Bridgenortb two Miles. The Towne 
of Bridgenortb ftandeth upon an eminent Ground on the 
right Ripe of Severne, ut aqua defluit. It hath been ftrongly 
Walled, but the Walles of it be all in mine, y There be . . . 
Gates in the Walles. 

There is a DJke for the Walles^ favinge where Seveme 
runneth Nature hath made a terrible Dike, Seveme running 
in a decpe Valley betwixt 1. fteepe Hilles. 

The Name ouBridgenorti is.Jait,of late tymes ufurped. 
It is called in all ancient Recordes Bridge. Some thwke 
that this Terme fhould come of a Forreft called * Morfe^ 
thereby right againft the Towne tmms Sabtmam. The Towne 
is (cant a Mile in Compafle. 

The Caftle ftandeth on the South Part of the Towne, and 
is fortified by Eaft with the profound Valley indeed of a 
Ditch. The Walles of it be of a great Height. There werfc 
i. or ^ftfohge Wardes in the Caftle, that nowe goe totally 
to mine* I count the Caftle to be more in Compafle then 
the third part of the Towne. 

There is one mighty Gate by North in it, now flopped 
up, and a litle Pofterne made of Force therby through the 

« Here it 4 n*re*> Bridge of Timbre di Coufcd ovar Rhe 
Brooke. &om Ccunde to Harley ViBag * %. milts St* fi Sic. 
y There be 4. Gatet in the Waulls St. 

1 Mtffett Tswne, eaviroatiid ytbh pilb, ttt Shrotttihitc ft. % Morthe 



Wall to enter into the Caftle. The Caftle Qround, mi 
efpecially the Bafe Court, hath now many dwellinge Houfes 
of Tymbre in it newly ere&ed. 

There is but one Faroch Church in the Towne, a very 
fayre one and dedicated to St. Leonard. 
, There is one very fayre Street goinge from North to 
South, and on each fyde this Street the Houfes be gallered ; 
foe that Men may pafle drye by them if it raine, according 
to fdme Streets in Cbefier Cittye. 

The Towne ftoodby Cloathing, and that now decayed 
the Towne forely decayeth therewith. 

There is a Colledge Church of St. Mary Magdalene of a 
Deane and 6 . Prebendaries within the Caftle. The Church 
it felfe is no we a rude thinge. It was firft made by Robert 
deBehfmo for a Chappell onely for the Caftle. and « endowed 
it with Landes ; and afore that this Chappell was eftablifhed Fol. tfe. h. 
in the Caftle there was a like Foundation made at Quateford 
of a Chappell of St. Mary Magdalene by Robert deBelefmo 
E. of Scbrolbesbury at the Defyre of his Wife, that made a 
Vow thereof ia a Tempeft of the Sea. 

This Quatford is by North Eaft from Brfdgenortb on Se- 
verne y whereas yett appeare great Tokens of a Pyle or 
Mannour Place longing that tyme to Robert de Belefmo. 

There be in the Bridge or Bridgenorth ftanding Eaft in 
refpeft of the Towne 8. great Arches, and a Chappell of 
St. Sytbe upon it. 

\ There is a pretty Street of meane Buildinge tranffowfem, 
and this is called the Lowe Towne* In it is a Chappell or 
St. John. 

\ . Straight upon this JLowe Towne, and Eaft upon Bridge* 
itortb, is a Ground Hilly and well wooded^ called Morfe. It 
was aForreft or Chace havingeDeere ; but now irhath none. 

In this Forreft or Wood (as feme conftantly affirme) King 
jitbelftonfs Brother leadi n a Rockefor a tyme an Hercmite> 
Life. The Place is yet feene and called The Hermitage. 

The Glory of the Walls of Bridgenorth and the Strength 
of the Caftle there have decayed fince fuch tyme as one of 
the Mortimers in a Rebellion kept it bjrforce. 

From Bridgenorth to KiddermJn/hr moft by? enclofed 
Ground, fomwhat hilly and daly, teavinge Severn* on the 
right hand, I rode a i a. Miles* Some wild Ground' by the 
Wiye, and in fome Places good Come and Graffe, and to* 
wardes each Ripe of Severne, after I paffed the midle Way, 

a Adde he % 

Nj ' ' great 

too LELANiys itinerary: 

great Plenty of Wood, whereof much cometh * downe to *e* 
werne to ferve the Partes about Gloucefter. Entringe ioto 
the Towne of Kidderminfter^ a Markett Towne in Wore eft er^ 
Jbhre^ I pafled over by a Fanburge, and foe over a Bridge of 
%. or 3. Arches upon Stover River. The Head of this Ri-» 
ver is about the Pooles of the late Priory of Hales Owen a 
tf . Miles of ? 

The fayre and cheife Part of Kidderminfter is on the left 
Ripe of Stawre ftandinge on an Hilly reice of Grounds 
There is a pretty Crofle environed with 6. Pillars about and 
Arches of Stone with, the 7^ Pyllar in the Middle tobeare 
up the Fornix. It is in the Markett Place. 

The Church is very fayre, and one . . • . Conye a Knight 
t an richly buried there in the Quire. This Towne ftandeth 
moft by Cioathinge. In ty mes paft this Towne longid td the 
Bifetts, antient Gentlemen. After it came to the 3. Heires 
foL it;, i. General] of Bifett, whereof one beinge a Laxer builded an 
Hofpitall y it Maiden Bradeley in Wiltjhire to a Priory of Char 
nons. She gave her Part here in pios ufut 9 and the Perfon* 
age of Kidderminfter was impropriate to Maiden Bradeley. 
The other a. Partes came to the Lord Abergaveney^ and m 
that Family it yet remaineth. ? 

Stoure River about 4. Miles beneath Kidderminfter goeth 
into Severne Ripafiniftra at Rock ft on. This Place as the Wa- 
ter turneth it is a 9. Miles beneath Beaudly. 

From Kidderminfter to Beaudly 2. Miles by a fayre Downe, 
but fomewhat barren, as the yeyne is thereabout on every 
fyde of Beaudley for a litle Compaffe. 

I entred into Beaudley, in ScbropJhire y as fome faye, by a 
j»o6dly fayre Bridge over Severn* of . . . great Arches of 
Stone, being even then in new Reparation. 

This Bridge is onelv on Severne betwixt $eaudley and 
Woreefter Bridge. To tnis Bridge refort many flatt long Vef- 
fels to carry up and downe all manner of Merchandize to 
Beaudley and above Beaudley. The Eaft Part of the Bridge 
at Beaudley and the left Ripe of Severne be in Worcefter- 
Jhire ; but many faye and hould, that the Weft End or the 
Bridge and the right Ripe of Severne within the Town of 
Beaudly be in Schropjbire, and Wyre Forreft in Scbropfbire 
goinge to the Parke of TetenhaH. The Towne felfe of 
Beaudley is fett on the Syde of an Hill, foe ^omely, a Man 
cannot wifli ZQ fee a fP wn e better. It rifeth from Severn* 

* downe by Severne St. fi Sic, y at May den Bradeley 
p$ Wilfliir^, ftns tranfiatyd to a Priori ofCbanonq St, 

; - Banke 


Banke by Eaft upon the Hill by Weft ; foe that a Man Hand- 
ing on the HUl trans pontem by Eaft may difcerne almoft 
45very Houfe in the Towne, and at the Rifiog of the Sunne 
from Eaft the wholl Towne glittereth (being all of newe 
Building) as it were of Gould. 

There be but a. Streets memorable in the Towne. One 
from North to South, all alonee Severne Banke. The fe- 
cond is the Markett Place, a fayre large thinge and well 
builded. The third runneth from North to South on the 
Hill Syde, as the firft doth in the Valley of Severne. 

In tne Towne is but a Chappcll of Eafe, and that is of 
Tymber in the Heart of the Towne. 

The Parifh Church ftandeth a Mile lower at * Ripley in 
dextra RipaSakrina- as Beaudley doeth. Mr. Afton hath a 
goodly Mannour Place at Ripley^ ut aqua defluit ripa dextra. 
By the Diftance of the Paroch Church I gather that Beaud- 
ley is but a very new Towne, and that of ould tyme there 
was but fome podre Hamlett, and that upon the Building 
of a Bridge there upon Severne, and Refort of People unto Fol. 1S3.*. 
it, and Commodity of the pleafant Site, Men began to in- 
habit there, and becaufe that the plott of it feemed fayre to 
the Lookers it tooke a French Name Beaudley quafiBeuus lo- 
tus. I fi aske a Merchant there of the Antientneffe of the 
Towne, and he anfwred mee that it was but a new Towne, 
adding that they had Liberties granted by K. Edw. 

There is a fayre Mannour Place by Weft of the Towne 
ftandinge in a goodly Parke well wooded, on the very 
Knappe of an Hill that the Towne ftandeth on. This Place 
is called Tikenhill. Whether there were an antient Houfe in 
tymes paft or noe I am not affured j but this that now is 
there is fomewhat new, and, as I heard, was in a mannour 
totally ere&ed by K. H. y. tor Prince Arthur. It was re- 
payred for the Lady Marye.. Since I heard that Rich. E. of 
fdarche and D. of Torie builded thpre. It was Mortimer's E. 
of Marches Land. 

; . There was a Priyiledge of San&uary geven to this Towne 
that now i is abrogated. 

From Beaudley to Mitton Village aboijt a 4. Miles by 
woody Ground, and fome Corne in Enclosures. Here doth 
ftoure River breake into %. or 3. Armeletts, and f(?rveth 

# Ripley only in St. Ribbesfard in marg. fi L. asked. 

1 is rerakyd and abrogityd St, 



MUles, and a litle beneath Mhfm th* wholl Stteaitte Of 
Stoure goeth into Severn atHockJfn. 

Parting i. Miles beyond Mtton by enctofed Ground. 
Woody and Sandy, but fomewhat barren of Corne, I left 
the Caftle ofHertlebury about halfe a Mile on the left Hand. 
This Caftle belongeth to the B. of » IPhrceJhr bjr the Aftes 
of divers Bifhaps. 

Thers is a P&rke and Deere, a Warren for Conyes, and 
fay re Pooles $ but the Soyle about the Caftle is barren. From 
this Place I rode a f. Miles by enelofed Ground, having 
meetly good Grafle and Corne, and Plenty of Wood, 'till 
I came to a Stone Bridge, under the which runneth a 
Brooke corflinge from the Wiebe where the Sault is made, 
and foe a litle lower to a Village called So/op, whereof at 
the Bridge the Brooke is called Sa/op Brooke, and thence 
goeth downe to Ombretey a goodly Lordfhip of a 180. /. by 
tne Yeare, lately longinge to the Abbey of Evejbam, and 
* thence to Severne. 
foliSf, i. From Salop Brooke to Wbrtefiet *. Miles by enelofed 
Ground and fruitfull. Soe that! reckon Wereefterto b$ 14. 
Miles from Beaudlcj- though counted but 12. Miles. 

The Towne dtWorcefier^ called in Weljh Caer Argo y 
ftandeth on the left Ripe of Severne upon a Ground forfl- 
what condefcending from the River, « It is reafonablv well 
wodded and well maintained* Iti the Wall be 6. Gates i 
the Bridge-Gate on Severne* having a goodly fquare Towre 
over it ; a Pofterne-Gate oy t St. Clem Church hard by the 
North Syde of the Bridge over Severne ; the Fore Gate a 
fayre Peice of Worke ftanding by North j SuMury-Gutt 
ftanding Eaft in the Wave from Wcrcefitr to London $ St. 
Martin' s-Gztei Tr/Wfy-Gate, this is but a Pofterne. 

The Caftle (food hard on the South Part of theCathedrall 
Church almoft on Severne. It Is now clieane downe, and 
halfe the Bafe Court or Area of it is now within the Wall 
pf the Clofe of the Cathedrall Church. 

The Dungeon Hille of the Cfcftle is a great Thingej at 
this tyme overgrowen with Brufli Wood. 

* It is reasonably well wavtyd- and the Waule is maynteynid* 
IntnefVaUeSt. - ... 

l Worcefter and is well bui]dyd by the a£b of dyverfe Byihoppes. St. 
% thens (one into Severn ripa Gniftra St. 3 S. Clements St. 


L E L A N WG I T I N E R A RY< «*] 

. This Caftle fell to mine foone after the Concjueft, and 
halfe the Ground of it was given to the augmenting of the 
Clofe of the Priorye. 

There be divers fayre Streetes in the Towne well builded 
with Tymbre j bat the fayreft and moil celebrate Street of 
the Towne is from the Bifhop's Pallace-Gate to the Fore- 
Gate along by North. There be %. Places in Worcefier 
where the M&rketts be commonly kept. The one is a little 
within St.Afar*fe's~Gate,the other is a li tie within Fore-Gate. 

The Cathedrall Church ftandeth in the South Syde of the 
Towne. There be 8. Parith Churches in the Towne, where- 
of St. Hellen is counted the moft ancient^ and it was a Pre- 
bend before K. EJg*/s Dayes to the Cathedrall Church of 
Wbrcefter. and * Bloxham in Worcefter-Jhire was Mother. 

And 1 have heard that all the Churches in Worcefier, afore 
that K. Big*r fett up Monkes in the Cath. Church, were but 
Chappells to the Cathedrall Church aforefayd. 

*Tne BUch Fryers Houfe of the Foundation of Be*u- 
champes of Ptmik Itood in the North Part of the Towne hard 
by the Wall within it, and this Ground is the higheft Plott 
in the Towne, and hath a &vre Profpett. 

There is a ray W Suburbe beyond the Bridge on Severne, 
and the Inhabitantes thereof much refort to St. Clementes FoL 114. b. 
Church as f intern. 

The Bridge is a Royal Peice of Worke, high and ftronge, 
and hath 6. great Arches of Stone. There is a longe fayre 
Suburbe by North Without the Fore-Gate, and at the North - 
Eaft Part and very End of it is an antient and fayre large 
Qhappell of St. OfwUd i which firft was ere&ed for Monkes 
then infe&ed, or ftiould after be infe&ed with Lcprofie. 
After it was changed to an Hofpitall, and there was a M ai- 
der, Fellowes and poore Folkes, but of latter tymes it was 
turned to a Free Ghappell, and beareth the Name of St. 
Ofwald^ as a Thinge dedicated of ould tyme to him ; and 
here were wont Corfes to be buried in tyme of Peftilence, 
as in a publicke Cemitory for Worcefier. 

.This Chappell yet ftandeth, and a fayre Manfion Houfe 
by it, much repayred of late tyme by one Parker- Chan- 
cellour to the B. of Worcefier; but the Lands be alienated 
and taken awaye. 

There was a Place of Nuunes at the very North Syde of 
the Cemitery of St. OfoalJ. It was called * While fian, now 

1 Blophara in Worceftarihire wai anothar is I have hard St. 1 Whitefhan 



fupprefled. the Church cleane rafed downe, m and a Fatffie 
Place of the Refidew of the Buildinges. 

There is a favre Suburbe without Sudbury Gate, £ and it 
was an Hofpitall called St. Wolfian. Some called it a Com- 
manderye, where was a M r . Preiftes, and Poore Men. fome 
faye that it was originally of the Foundation of the Queene. 

One Carter a Marchant of TPbrcefter^ gave of late tymes 
Landes unto it. and thereby renewed tne ould Foundation, 
y and in this f Almes wer divers Merchant Men of Warcefiet 
fallen in decaye and • alfo releived. Maureftne hath fuppref- 
fed this Hou(e ? and now a Clothier dwelleth in it. There 
is in this Suburbe a Chappell of St. God-maid. What this St. 
Godwald was I could not certainely learne. Some fayd he 
was a Bilhop. 

There is a Suburbe without St. Martin's Gate, and here- 
aboutes in a lowe Marifh Ground was a Place of Grey Freres 
of the Foundation of the Earles of Warwike. 
- There is a Chappell of St. Urfula a litle by South without 
the Cattle Garth. 

The Wealth of the Towne of Worcefiet ftandeth moft by 
Drapering, and noe Towne of England^ at this prefent tyme, 
maketh fo many Cloathes yearly, as this Towne doth. 

I marked at Wbrcefler, that the high Creftes of Malverue 
Hilles be to the Sight neare to Worcefier ; but it is 6. Miles 
to great Malveme Friory which ftandeth at the Roote of 
thofe Hilles. 

Malveme Hilles lye a great Waye in length from South 
to North. The North-Eaft be the higheft. One Gilbert de 
Clare E. of Gloucefter- and i Johanna de Aires , Da. to K. U. i. 
his Wife ? caufeda Fofle to be made iri the Creftes ofMat- 
verne Hilles in the £ Prejudice of the Limits and Liberties of 
the B. of Hereford and Worcefier. 
. 9 « Tome River cometh into Severne Rifa dextra at Pawik 

F0L l * s - •' Milles 9" a. Miles beneath Worcefier. 

* and a Verme Place made of the Refydwe of the Buildings 
St. /S and in it was an Hofpitall cauUyd S. W ulftanes. Sum 
caullyd it the Commendary, where &c. St. y and of this 
Almofe were St. I Sic. • for alfo read Age as 'tis in Stove. 
£ Sic. « Tome'] Temde St. 3- a. miles'] a mile St, 

t Joiane of Acres St. 




From IPorctper to M 




— J, Milesi 


Bewdley la. 

1 Qloucefter 19. 

Eovejham 10 


Bromefgrove 12. 

Aulcefter 12. 

Winchecombe 18, 

*Bridgenorth 24. 
From Worcefier I rode to the #7a& by enclofed Grounds 
havinge meetly good Come, fufEcient Wood, and good 
Pafture, about a 6. Miles. 

The Jffa& ftandeth fomewhat in a Valley or lowe Ground 
betwixt 2. finall Hilles on the left Ripe of a pretty River 
that notfarre beneath the Wyche is called Salop Brooke. 

The Beauty of the Towne in a manner ftandeth of one 
Street. Yett there be many Lanes befides. There is a meanc 
Church in the cheife Street, and there is once a Weeke a. 
meetly celebrate Market. The Towne it felfe is fomewhat 
foule and dirtye (when any Raine falleth ) with much Car- 
riage through the Streets, being * over ill paved or not 

The great Advancement of the Towne is by making Sault; 
and yet though the Commodityes thereof be Angular great, 
yet the Burgeffes are poore for the moft part : becaufe Gen* 
tlemen have for the moft part the great Gayne of it, and the 
Burgeffes the Labour. I fa we on an Hillet hard by the 
Towne of the Wich^ a litle before I entred it, a Paroche 
Church. I fawe alfo another Church on an Hillet a litle 
beyond the Towne dextra ripafluvti beyond the Bridge of 
Wood, and a little above the principall Sault Springe. 

There be at this prefent tyme 3. Sault Springes in the 
Towne of Wiche^ whereof the principall is within a Butt 
Shoote of the ri^ht Ripe of the River that there cometh 
downe ; and this Springe is double as profitable in yeldinge 
Sault Liquour as both the other be. Some faye that this 
; Springe did fayle in the tvme of Rich, de la Wich B. of Chi- 
chefter, and that after by iris Interceffion it was reftored to 

Rich. d§ u 
Wicb dyed % 

37* H. 3. 

« Sit. 

1 Gloceftar 19 Miles. 12 to Tewkesbyri and 7 to ClocefUr St. 
a Bridgenortbc 14 Mile*, 21 to Kidderraifter, %ad it fo Bridgnorth St. 

Vol*/ O the 


the Profit of the ould Courfe. Such is the Superftition of 
the People. In token whereof, or for the Honour that the 
W* theme* and Saulcers bare unto this Richard their Countries 
Man, they ufed of late tymes on his Daye to hange about 
this Sault Springe or Well once a Yeere with Tapeftrie, and 
to have Drinking Games and Revels at it. There be a great 
Number of Sault Coates or Furnaces about this Well, where- 
in the Sault Water is decodfc and brought to the Perfe&ion 
of pure white Sault. 

The other a. Sault Springes be on the left Ripe of the 

River, lower a pretty Wave then the other great Spring 

aiid at the very Townes End ; and at thefe Springes be alfoe 

N. it/, fc. divers Fornaces to make Sault ; but the Prohtt and Plenty of 

thefe a. Springes be nothing comparable to the great Spring. 

I asked a Saulter how many Furnaces they had in all the 
3. Springes, and he numbred them to an 1 8. Score, that is 
360, faying that every one of them payed yearly to the 
Kinee 6k gd. 

The truth is that of ould they had liberties given them for 

J 00. Fornaces, or moe ; and thereupon they give a Fee 
'arme or Ve&igall of an 100./. yearely. The Ve&igall is 
As it was ; but the Number of Furnaces is now encreafcd 
to 400. 

There was of late Search made for another Sault Springe 
it the Wyche 9 by the meanes of one Mr. Newport^ a Gentle- 
man dwellinge in the Wythe ; and the Place where it was 
appeared, and the Wood and Tymber that had beene fett a- 
bout it for houldinge up the Earth for fallinge in It. But this 
Pitte was not occupyed fince, whether it were for Lacke of 
Plenty of the Sault Springe, or for Lettinge the Profitt of 
the other 3. 

Men thinke that if the Wood and Sale of Sault would ferve 
• that" they might digge and find more Sault Springes about 
the Wythe. I heard of late Yeares that a Sault Springe was 
found in another Quarter of Worcefler-Sbhe ; but the Wycbe* 
men have fuch Privuedges that they alone in thefe Quarters 
{hall make Sault. 

The Wychmen ufe the Commodity of their Sault Springes 
in drawinge and decoding the Water of them onely by 6. 
Monthes in the Yeare, viz. from MJfomer to Cbrifimas, as I 
gues, to maintaine fi their Price of their Sault, or for favinge 
wood, the which I hould to be the principall reafon. 
For making of Sault is a great and notable Deftru&ion of 

9 Red*n4*t. /• their Irks] the Pritt St. 

■ ■ • - Wood, 


Wood, and hath beene, and flial be hereafter, except Men 
ufe much Coppices of yonge Wood. 

The Lacke of Wood is now perceived in Places neare the 
Wyche. For whereas in Places neere about they ufed to buy 
and take their Wood, the wonted Places are nowe fore de- 
cayed in Wood. They be forced to feeke Wood as ferre as 
Worcefter, and all the Partes about Bromefgrove, Aulcburcb 
and Aulceftcr. • 

I asked a Saulter howe much Wood he fuppofed yearly 
to be fpent at the Fournaces, and he anfwered that by Efti- 
mation there was fpent 6000. Loades yearly. It is yonge 
Pole Wood eafy to te cloven. 

The People that be about the Fornaces be very ill co* 
loured. The juft Rate of every Fornace is to make 4. Loadeg 
of Saul t Yearly ; and to every Loade'gbeth . . . .Quarters. 
If the Fournace-Men make more then foure Loades in one 
Fornace it is (as it is fayd) their owne Avayle. rol. \96. a. 

Going out of the Townes End I fawe a rayre new Tym- 
bre Houfe, longinge to Mr. Newport, on the right Hand : 
and on the left Hand I fawe a Bridge of 4. Arches of Stone 
over the Brooke that runneth by the Wycb, and at the hither 
Ende of this Bridge was a fayre new Chappell of Tymbre. 

I rode from the Wyche to Bromefgrove a 4. Miles by en- 
clofed Ground, havinge fbme good Corne, meetly wooded, 
and well paftured ; and in this waye I palled over 1 x. or 2. 
Bridges over the Water that cometh from the Wyche : and, 
as farre as I could gather, either Bromefgrove Water goeth 
a litle beneath Bromifgrove into the Wych Water, or els it is 
the very fame Brooke that goeth to the Wyche. (foe it is.) 

The Towne of Bromefgrove is all in a manner of one 
Street, very lpnge, (landing in a plaine Ground. There is 
once a Weeke a meetly good Markett. The Towne ftand- 
eth fomethinge by Clothinge. The Heart of the Towne is 
meetly well paved. 

I came by a Parke about a Mile ere I came to Bromefgrove . 
on the left Hand. It is called Grafton. It longid before 
Bofwortb Feild to the Stajfordes> noble Knightes, Since by 
Attainder it came to the Kinge. and was geven by K. ft 7. 
to Sr. Gilbert Talbot^ and in that Name it yet remaineth. In 
this Parke is a fayre Mannour Place, and one Talbot at this 
prefent dwelleth in it. 

Looke as I came into Bromefgrove over a Brooke that 
faffed downe pn the right Hand ; foe as I went almofl: out 

s * or % cymes 1 



of the Ende of the Towne, I paffed againe over the fame * 
Brooke, whereas the Streame went downe on the left Hand, 
and then J rode halfe a Myle farther, and there I fawe a- 
g*ine that Brooke and another Rille goinge with it, and foe 

}>aflmge over it I left the Brooke totally on -the left Hand, 
be went by Hilles, Valleys and Woodes a 3. or 4. Miles 
to Akhurch a pretty uplandifh Towne whereof the B. of 
Wo\ % ?fter is Lord. 

j£ church is a pretty Through-fare, and in the Bottome of 
it is a Brooke, on the right Ripe whereof the Towne ftand- 
eth ; the Head whereof cometh a ?. Miles by Weft, and foe 
paffeth by Akhurch. It reforteth foone after into Arrowe 
downe to Coughton Sr. George Throgmorto* *s Houfe. 

The B. of Woreefter. hath a fayre Mannour Place a little 

by North-Eaft without the To # wne, ftandinge on an Hill 

trans fluviolum rip a lava* This Place is made all of Tym- 

bre, and feemeth to be noe Peice of ould Worke. It was 

B. Utimer lately in Decay, and B. Latimer repayred it. There is a 

made Bi- Parke, and the Country about Akhurch is well * wooded. 

«X°ic?r The ^°y le about lt is vei Y f fowle# 

4 7 \h. 8.' Rfdinge about halfe a Mile from Alchurch towardes Nor- 
•Fol.186b.f0* I paffed over Arrowe that cometh out of the Blacke 

Hilles about a 4, Miles by North-Weft. 
Norton Norton is a pretty uplandifh » Towne in Worcefter-Jhire, 

Regii, and there be fayre Houfes in it of Staplers, that ufe to buy 
Wooll. There is a fayre Church ana a goodly Pyramis of 
Stone over the Bell Frames. There runneth a litle Brooke 
at the Weft Ende of the Towne. 

Good Plenty of Wood and Pafture and meetly good Come 
betwixt Alchurch^ and Norton, and likewife betwixt Norton 
and Bermingham Towne that be diftant other y. Miles. 

I c^ine through a pretty Street or ever I entred into Ber- 
mingham Towne. This Street, as I remember, is called 
Dirtey ot Dirtey. In it dwell Smithes and Cutlers, and there is a 
Vttitin. Brooke that divideth this Street from 3 Bermigham y and is an 
Hamlett or Member belonginge to the Parifh therebye. 

There is at the End ot Dirtey a propper Chappell and 
Manfion Houfe of Tymber, hard on the Ripe as the Brooke 

m at the Weft Ende] at the Eft End St. 

' ? fowle afttar wett Wcthar. St. a, Towne in Warwikefhirc St. 3 Bre- 
miihafn, Dyitey is but an Hamlet or Mcmbre longynge to • • . parocfeo 
the*by *nd 11 dene feperatfd fromBrc mif cha m jwoche &, 



runneth downe, and as I went through the Ford by the 
Bridge, the Water ranne downe on the right Hand, and a 
fewe Miles lower goeth into Tame ripa dextra. 

This Brooke above D/V/<y breaketh in 2. Armes that a litte 
beneath the Bridge clofe againe. This Brooke rifeth,as fome 
faye, 4. or 5. Miles above Bermigham towardes Black 1 Hilles. 

The Beauty of Bermigham- a good Markett Towne in 
the extreame partes of Warwike-Jhire, is one Street going up 
alonge almoft from the left Ripe of the Brooke up a meane 
Hill by the length of a Quarter of a Mile. I faw but one 
Paroch Church in the Towne. There be many Smithes in 
the Towne that ufe to make Knives and all raannour of cut- 
tinge Tooles, and many Loriners that make Bittes, and a 
great many Naylors. 2>oe that a great part of the Towne 
is maintained by Smithes whoe have theire »Iron and Sea- 
Cole out of Stajford-Jbire. 

A Mile beyond Bermingham I paffed dver Sbarford-Bridgc 
of 4, Arches of Stone, Tame River goeth under this Bridge, 
and 2W/*y-Caftle is on this River 6. Miles above Sharford- 

Fayre Meadowes about Sbarford-Bridge on Tame. 

From Sbarford-Bridgc to Southton, alias Sutton, a 4. Miles 
by fandy Ground, better wooded then fertile of wheate. 
For the common Corne there is fome Rye^ Barley, and Fol. 187. a. 
Oates. Foure Lodges in Sutton Chafe, Colefeild, Berwood, 
' * Zinderige and Hill-Wood. The foyle is 3 fandy for Cony es. 

Sutton Colefeild ftanding upon Colefeild Heath was be- 
longing to the Spenjers before it came to the Beauchampes. 
This Towne was in Eftimation in the E. of Warwikes 
tyme, and had a Markett priviledged, as the Inhabitantcs 
there faye. The Earles of Warwike had a meane Mannour 
Place there, a Parke and a Chafe. Some faye that Rich. Beau- 
thampe Earle of Warwike in K.ff. f . tyme fi made $.or 4. good- 
ly Pooles there with great and coftly Heades of Stone. 

Five Pooles were there, viz. Mille Poole, Crojfe Poole 9 
Windle Poole, Keepers Poole, Bracebridge Poole, all in the 
Parke. One of them is there yett leene, but y agine the 

* Zinderige"] Linderige St. P made v« goodly Pooles there 
St- y agine] agayne St. Sic. 

1 Hilles in Worceflerfhire St. i Yren out of Staflbrdfliire and Warwike- 
fbire and See Coalc out of StafTordQiire St f 3 Sandy and dry and good for 
Cpayes St, 



Weft Ende of the Paroch Church of « Sutton, the Head of 
this Poole ferveth for a Wave into the Towne. It is a 
ftronge Wall of Stone, and there is an Arch in it through 
which a Broket cometh forth of the Poole, and driveth 

ft Mille, and thence reforteth to 

The other Pooles be now made drye Ground by Pollicy, 
« and there is now good M eadowe Ground. There was a 
Lodge or meane Mannour Place at Sutton on an Hill by 
,Weft from the Paroch Church, 

In Earle Ricbarde's tyme there was a Free-Chappell of St. 
t Blare of ?. Markes a Yeare in the Mannour Place, HeviU 
E. of Warmike made ( as fome fay ) a pretty Haul of Tym- 
ber there. 

After that the Earldome of Warwike was attainted and 
came to the Kinge, the Towne of Sutton ftandinge in a 
barren Soyle fell dayly to Decaye, and the Markett was 
cleane forfaken. 

Wingfton by Authority of his Office fould the Tymbre of 
the Mannour Place, and had part of it himfelfe. The Hall 
felfe was after fett up at Boadgate, the Marques of Dorfetfs 
Houfe by Leicefter, and there yet ftandeth. 

John Harman y alias Veifey^ B. of Excefter borne in this 
Towne much lamenting the Decay of it got a new Privi- 
ledge of K. H. 8, for reftoringe the Market there, and be- 
ganne to repayre and build new Houfes there, ana further- 
more obteyned Licence to deforreft the Chafe there; where- 
upon he builded divers pretty Houfes of Stone in the For- 
reft, and placed y his poore Kinfmen in them, i ground con- 
veniently unto them Houfes, for the which the Tennants 
pay the Kinge a meane Rent. And befides this the place 
whereas the E. of Warwikes ould Lodge or Mannour Place * 
7 was, is now converted to the ufe of a Farmers Houfe^ and 
• called in it dwelleth one of the Bifhop's Kinefmen. The Bifliop 
UtreHaUy hath alfo inftituted there a Grammer-Schoole and endowed 
f°V h 5 it with Land, 

j£S ot The Bifhop hath alfoe there builded a pretty * Pyle of 
Crsvener Bricke, where he fometimes lyeth. This Pyle ftandeih in 
16*8. a Grove about halfe a Mile from Sutton Church by North. 

B. tUrmtn 

dyed istf. — 

3. Ma. ae 

M#r*/&JJ « A full flop after Sutton in St. fi Blare] Blaje St, y his 
fitcingupon^0 f £ Kynfemen in them, aUottynge Ground conveniently unto the 

1 and wh re they were it now good St» 



Good Fruit Trees fet there by the Bifliop growe with fome 
Difficultie. He built alfoe the North and South Part or 
Ifles of the Church and the Steeple, and erected a neat 
Monument for himfelfe in the Wall of the North Ifle. 

Thus is Sutton by B. Rarman fett in good ftate and dayly 

From Sutton to JJcbfetld a ?. Miles by Ground reafonable 
well wooded and paftured, but not very apt to beare very 

food Corne, as a Ground full of Heath and Feme in many 

The right way is to Shenjlon Village * g. Miles of, where 
is a Parke of the Kinges a 7. Miles about well deered. 
* Thence a. Miles j uft to JJcbfetld. 

There is in the Waye betwixt Sutton and Lichfetld a 

Brooke called Black-water^ that cometh Miles by 

North, and after reforteth into Tame River rifa ftniftra ut 
Tama defluit. 

The Towne of Lichfetld for all the Subftance of it ftand- 
eth upon a lowe and equal Ground, onely the Clofe and 
Cathedrall Church, with a long Street, that lyeth North on 
the Bridge of the Towne is fomewhat upon high Grounde* 
There is noe Token that ever the Towne was walled. 

A Ditch was made in Part of the Towne by B. ^Langton* 

There hath beene a Caftle of ancient tyme in the South 
Ende of the Towne, but noe Part of it ft andeth. The Plottc 
with the Dikes is ieene, and is yet called The Caftle Fetid i 
but in my Conjecture the more likely Place where it fliould 
of very antient time have ftood is the very Clofe of the 
Pallace. That Ground is fomewhat Caftell like. 

In the maine Towne that is a fayre large thinge there be 
*. Paroche Churches : St. Maries, a right beautitull peice of 
Worke in the very Markett place ; St. Michael in the South 
Eaft End of the Towne ; Stowe-Church in the Eaft End of 
the Towne, where is St. Chadde's Well, a Springe of pure 
Water, where isfeene a Stone in the Bottome of it, on the 
which fome faye St. Chadde was wont naked to ftand on in 
the Water, and praye. At this Stone Chad had his Oratory p P i. t sa # * 
in the tyme of Wulfher Kinge of the Menkes. 

At this tyme was all the Country about Lichfetld as a 
Forreft or Wildernes. 

m Thens 3. miles St* 

« ftMitct St. a Langton Byfl^ope of Lichefild St. 



There is a Guild or Society at this Church of St. Mary 
in the Market Stead. This was begunne in K. E. 3. tyme 
and fince much advanced by one Hey»o*d t Deane of Ucb- 
feild, in the remembrance of Men. There be ?. Preifts 
belonginge to this Brotherhood, and they ferve in St. 
Maries Church. 

There was an Houfe of St. Johns in Lachfeild at the very 
South End of the Towne, where was a Maifter and Fellowes 
as Religious Men ; but I could not learne whoe was the 
firft Founder of it. 

B. Smith in K. H. 7. dayes, and laft Bifhop of l*ncolne y 
beganne a new Foundation at this Place fettinge up a Mr. 
there with z. Preiftes, and io. poore Men in an Holpitall. 

He fett there alfoe a Schoole-Mr. to teach Grammer that 
hath io. /. by the yeare, and an Undcr-Schoole-Mr. that 
hath ?. /. by the Yeare. 

King H. 7. was a great Benefa&our to this new Founda- 
tion, and gave to it an ould Hofpitall called DenhaB in 
Wfrbatt in cbejbire^ with the Landes and Impropriation of 
JB*rto»-Church in WirhaU. 

There was an Houfe of Grey Fryers in Ucbefeild on the 
South- Weft Part of the Towne. 

Alexander B. of Licbfeild gave firft certaine Free Burgages 
in the Towne for to fett this Houfe on and was firft Found* 
cr of it. 

There cometh a Condudl of Water out of an Hill brought 
in Lead to the Towne. and hath 1. Caftles in the Towne, 
one in the Eaft Wall of this Fryers Clofe on the Street Syde, 
another about the Markett Place. 

And out of the fame Hill cometh another into the Clofe 
havinge a Caftle there, from the which Water is conveyed 
to the Prebendaries Houfes, to the Vicarage Houfes, and 
the Chorifters. 

There was of ould tyme a fayre ould Croffe environed 
with Shoppes in the Market Place. Deane Denton environed 
this Croffe of late with 8. fayre Arches of Stone^ making 
a round Vault over them forpoore Folke to fit dne. This 
O&aPlus was made with the Expence of a 160. /• 

The North Part of Licbfeild is divided from the South by 
3. Pooles or Lakes, whereof both the a. firft lye by Weft, 
and nothinge foe great as the third that lycth by Eaft. There 
be divers Springes in thefePcoles ; but the principall Springe 
Pol. 188. b. is a Brooke that entreth into them, and teedetn them. It 
cometh from Pye about a Mile and an halfe from Licbfeild. 

The firft Wcfterne Poole is divided from the fecond by 
a great mxine longe Caufey walled of each Syde with Stone : 



and in this Caufey be Arches of Stone for the Water toifliie 
into the fecond Poole : and this Caufey ferveth to come 
out of the South Part of the Towne into the North. This 
Caufey was laft made with great Expences by Walter Xe 
Langton B. of Lichfes I d. 

There is alfoe a fayre Stone Caufey, and an Iflue for the 
Water, betwixt the fecond and the tnird Poole leading out 
of the Towne hard to the South Gate of the Clofe 0? the 
Cathedrall Church, and on the Eaft fyd is a Mille. 

This Cawfey or Bridge is litle more then a Quarter fo 
longe as the firft : and whoe laft made this I am not fure ; 
but I conje&ure that it was B. Langton's Deed. 

The third Poole that lyeth by Eaft is a very fayre thinge, • 
and plentifull of Fifli, and goeth in length by Eftimation . 
halfe a Mile ere-ever the wholl Water be drawen * into a 
Bottome, that 3. Miles after a litle lower goeth into Trent 
by the right Ripe about that Quarter where Mr, * Griffith's 
Houfe called Wichnor ftandeth. 

This Place of Mr. Griffith's is builded lowe, and is fore 
fubjedt to the Rifitiges of Trent . There was of ould tyrrfe 
a Mannour Place there builded in an higher Soyle ; but that 
is cleane decayed. 

The Cathedrall Church of Lichfeild was firft dedicated to 
the Honour of St. Mary and St. Peter, and a Bifhoprick there 
erefted by Ofipy K. of Northumierlana^nd alfo of the Marches 9 
after he had flaine Penda K. of Merches a Pagane. After the 
Death of Ofipy K. Penda 9 s Sonnes fallinge to tjie Fayth were 
Setters forth of the fame Church, and Favourers to Cedde. 
This Church of farre later tymes was renovated and dedi- 
cated to St. Chadde and St. Mary. The whole Clofe of the 
Cathedrall Church was newly dyked and walled by B. Lang* 
ton , and he made one Gate of a Majefty, and great Strength; 
at the Weft Part of the Clofe, and another but leffer Gate 
at the South-Eaft Part of the Clofe. He made alfoe the Bi* 
fliop's Pallace at the Eaft End of the Clofe, befides many 
other noble A£tes» 

The Prebendaries Houfes in the Clofe builded by divers 
Men be very fayre. The Chorifters have a goodly Houfe f \ ,$* ,, 
lately builded by B. Blithe. 

FayreweU a fmall Priory of Nunnes fupprefled by Tho. 

* into a narow Botom St* 

■ 1' 1 

■ ■ ' 11—— mtmmm i i * * ." J~ ' . '.I* * 

i Griphins St. 

.:Vei. 4.' p mify 


Wolfef B. of Torie, and given to Llchfeild in Recommence of 
a Pcnfion that fhould have beene given out of his Colledge 
at Oxford to Licbfeild Church, was impropriate to the Cho- 
ri&ers of Licbfeild. 

The Library at the Weft End of the Cath. Church was 
ere&ed by Tko. Heywood^ Deane of Licbfeild. 

The Glory of the Cath. Church is in the Worke at the 
t WeftEnd of theChurch, that is exceeding coftly and fayre. 

There be 3. Piramides of Stone in this Churcn, 2. in the 
Weft End, and one in the midle. 

That part of the Towne that tyeth by North the great 
Caufey or Bridge is but one fayre Street in length, and it was 
fome times for fome Prebendes Houfes, and the Colledge of 
the Vicars. 

C Stafford 12. p 

From Licbfeild to < Wolverbamton— > Miles. 
C Derbey 16. 3 
r *Tamwortb y. ^ 

From Licbfeild to < Warwik ao. > Miles. 

C Burton Gxper « Went 6. 3 

The Foreft of Canoi 9 or Canke Wood^ is as the Front of 
it ; yet ftandeth within 4. Miles of Ucbfeild\ and thence 
ftretcheth within a Mile of Stafford, There be in this For- 
reft many Springes, and Heades of Brookes. Whereas of 
antient tyme all tne Quarters of the Country zboixtLscbefei/d 
were Forreft, and wild Ground, and naturally fomewhat 
barren, now the Ground about it by Tyme, and Culture, 
waxeth meetly good, and the Woodes be foe cut downe that 
noe Token is that ever any were there. Whereupon in ho- 
minum memoria Wood is waxen 3 deare. 

The right waye from Coventrye to Licbfeild is by Baffifs 
Crojfe ?. Miles, where is noe Buildinge. Thence to Colijhul 
7. Miles. 

The Priory oiCanoll a Cell of one Monke was about halfe 
a Mile from Baffet's Crop. The Baffets were Founders 
of it, fince the Liftes. There is a Brooke a Mile from the 
Crofie towards Licbfeild called Weford in the High- Waye. 

* for Trent 6. Mr. Stow* hath Trent a 8. 

t North Weft St. % Tamworth a f Miles and then* to Nonne Eyton 
9 Miles in ftrayt Way St. 3 dearc ia rcfpedc of the old price at LichcfiJd 



The L. Ufle^ and Sr. Hen. WtUoughby fought at Weford 
Bridge, and WiUoughbye was fore wounded. Purefoy was be- 
fore flaine there by WtUoughby in the Quarrell of K. E. 4. 
and K. H. 6. From Lichfeild to * Hofwais Village by Sandy 
Ground, in many Places Heathy , havinge fome ^feod, 
Pafture and Come, a 4. Miles. At the End of this Vnfcge 
going out of it I paired over a Stone Bridge « of Arches bear- 
mge the Name of the Village under the which Tame runneth. 
Thence a Mile by Corne Ground on the left Hand, and 
Meadowes on the right Hand to Tamworth Towne. The 
River of Tame maketh 2. Mediamnes betwixt Tamworth 
Towne and * Hofwais Bridge. The Confluence of the lower F °!* «**• * 
is a litle above iHopwais Bridge. For there the wholl Streame 
goeth together. 

Saulters Bridge on Tame River is a 4 4.. or y. Miles lower. 

$ I count the Confluence of Tame ana Trent Rivers to be a 
10. Miles beneath Tamworth * Towne* I marked that Tame 
comeih downe to Tamworth felfe by South- Weft ; but the 
Head lyeth from Tamworth Weft-North-Weft. 

The Towne of Tamworth havinge a celebrate Market is 
of antient memory, and after the Danes had rafed and de- 
faced it, fi Ethelthleda, Lady of the Merches^ and Sifter to 
K. Edw. Senior , repay red it. The Towne in refpedt of the 
Bottome where Tame and Ancre runne is fett on the Declive 
of a fmall Hill, and the principall Street and Building of it 
lye by Weft and Eaft. 

The North Part and Syde of the principall Street is in 
V Staffbrd-Jhire ? and on this Syde is the'Parifh Church of 
Tamworth. The South Syde and Part of this Street lying to- 
wardes the right Ripe of Anker is in t Warwik-jhire, and the 
7 Caftle alfoe which ftandeth at the very Poynt of the Con- 
fluence of Anker and Tame. I fawe but 3. notable Thinges 
in the Towne ; the Paroch Church, the Caftle, and the 
Bridge. The Collegiate Church havinge aDeane and 6. Pre- 
bendaries, and every one of thefe hath his Subftitute there j 

— -' ■ 1 ■' 1 ■ ■ ■ ' ■■ — ■ > ■ ■ ■■■■> 

« of Arches] of i<J. Arches St. fi Ethelthleda'] Athelfled 
St. y Warwike-Jhire for Staffordjhire St. * Staffbrdjhire for 
Warwik-Jhire St. 

t Hopper Village St. 2 Hopper Village St. ? Hopper Village St. 
4 4 Miles lower St. f Some countc St, 6 Towne. Tame goithe into 
Trent ripa dextra a 3 Miles or more bynethe Maftar Griph ins Howie betwixt 
Burghcon and Repton, even a Mile above Reptont I marked $$. 7 CrtUt 
ftandeth on this parte ac the very ppinte St. 

? % * but 


but I could not learne of whofe Eredion the Collcdge was. 
Some thinke it was a Colledgc befor the Conqueft, others 
that it was of the Foundation * of Marmion^ and that Opinion 
is mpre likely to be true. Marmlons without doubt £ were 
twucceffe Lordes of the Caftle. The King at this prefent 
iffaken as Patron of the Colledge. There be divers fayre 
Tombes of Noblemen and Women y in the Eaft Part of the 
Church of * th Freviles. of Baldwinus de Frevile L. of the 
Caftle. There lveth alfoe the Grand-Father and Grand- 
Mother, and Fatner and Mother of Ferrers, nowe Owner of 
Tamwortb Caftle. There is a Guild of St. George in Tarn- 
worthy and to it belonged 7. /. Land per an. and of late one 
Johne Bailte gave other 7. /. Land unto it, and therewith is 
now eredted a Grammer-Schoole* 

The Caftle of Tamwortb ftandeth on a meetly high Ground 
at the South Part of the Towne, hard upon the Ripe of An- 
ker at the Mouth of it. The Bafe Court and great Ward of 
the Caftle is cleane decayed, and the • Wall fallen downe, 
and therein be now but Houfes of Office of noe notable 
Buildinge. The Dungeon Hill yet ftandeth, and a great 
round Tower of Stone, wherein Mr. Ferrers dwelleth, and 
now repaireth it. The Marmions, Frevils and Ferrers have 
beene Lordes of it fince the Conqueft. Of the z* Bridges 
that be at Tamwortb the fayrer is Bowehridge , though it 
ftande on Anker a lefle River then Tame, and it is as it were 
Z towardes the North End of the Towne in the waye to Folef- 
worth and Nuneaton. The other Bridge is called St. Mary 
Fol. *$<>• ^Bridge, havinge 12. great Arches, and leadeth to Coventrye. 
It ftandeth on Tame hard beneath the Confluence, and a 
litle beneath the Caftle, and as it lhould feeme by a great 
ftone upon the Bridge, bearinge the Armes of Bajjfet, to be 
built by the Lord Baffet of Drayton. 

The River of Anker cometh by Eaft from the extreame 
Parts of Lefter-Jhire. There be 3. Fayres yearely in the 
Towne, whereof the Towne hath 2. and the Colledge one. 
The Towne of Tamwortb is all builded of Tymber. 

* From Tameworth to Fafeley Village about a Mile, and 

« of the Marmions St. fl wer in Succeffion Lords St. y in 
the Efie Parte of this Collegtat Churche- where of one is of the 
Frevills, and his Chriften Name, asJomefay } was Baldumus, 
and he was Lorde 0/Tameworthe Cattle St. I Sic. • Waulls 
St. C toward the ,Eft Northe Efie End St. n From Tame- 
* worthe to Crudworth Village about 3. miles, and comminge 
frtbof I lefte a Farke on the lyfte Hand St. 



cominge hither I left a Parke on the left Hand. The Soyle 
is fandy better for Wood and Pafture then Corne. Then I 
pafled over * Fafeley Bridge of 16. Arches of Stone over Tame . 
About a Mile & beyond Fafeley I pafled by Midi et on Parke, 
whereas Sr. John WiUoughby ^ Sonne and Heire to Sr. Hen. 
WiUoughby ( an ould Knight of the Sepulchre ) hath a fityre 
Mannour * Place, 

Sr. John WiUoughby married one of the Sifters and Heires 
of the laft L. Lijle 9 and had noe IfTue. Dudley married the 
other. The cheife Houfe of this WiUoughby, and the eldeft 
of all the WiUoughbtes y is at I WiUoughby Towne in Notting- 

Sr. Edw. WiUoughbie, Brother and Heir to Sr. John y hath a 
Sonne that (hall enjoye both Edw. and John's Land, and hath 
married the L. Marq. Dorferfs Sifter. A 2. Miles farther I 

5afled over a Bridge of 6. Arches of Stone whereas . . . 
Liver pafleth • by Cominge from Eaft, and going into 
Bermingham Water by Weft, Bermingham Water goeth into 
Tame a Mile above x Cudworth Bridge, and a Mile or more 
after I came to ColiJhuU Bridge of . . . Arches of Stone 
over Cole River that runneth downe by the . . . Hand, 

*tnd after goeth into 

Coli/huUTowne a pretty Through-Fare, lying by North 
and South upon an Hill, hath but one longe Street, and a 
Paroche Church, at the South End of it. It is countea almoft 
the middle Waye betwix Tamworth and Coventrie* 

Thence to Merideria. Village 4. Miles by enclofed Ground, 
having fome Come, Wood and Pafture. And at the End of 
this Village ranne downe a Broket on the left Hand, and 
thereby was a Parke, Thence I pafled 3. Miles by like 
Ground, and there I rode over a Brooke , and a Mile fur- 
ther I pafled over the fame Brooke againe, at the Weft End 
of Coventry Towne, where the Brooke ran downe on the 
left hand, and after cometh through a Bridge of a. Arches 
within the Towne felfe of Coventry e y and there the Streame 
runneth on the left Hand, and foe going into the Meadowes 

« Fafeley Br:'dge~] Crudworth Bridge St. /8 beyond Fafeley] 
beyonde Crudworthe St. y is at Willowgtowne by Notyngham 
St. £ Forfan fcribitur in marg. ab ead. manu. % Sic cum 
majufcula C &jine difiinclione fofl by. 

1 Place of his pwnc inheritance St. % Crudworthe St, 



the Abbey of Coventry e curneth agiiae to the left Hand to a 
Bridge « a Mile lower. 

The Towne of Coventry e by Weft is fett on a lowe 
Ground ; but by Eaft it fomewhat fi condefcendeth. The 
Towne was begunne to be walled about the tyme of K. E. 
a. The Gates in the Walles be thus named, viz. Bijbotfs- 
Gate, Gosforde-Gate, Gray-Fryers-Gate, Utle-Parke-Street- 
Gate ? Sfon-Street-Gate, Cooke-Street-Gate. 
t*ol 190. fa. Tnere be many fayre Towers in the Walles. The Gritt 
and Colour of the Stone is of a darkifh deepe redde, as it 
vrereferrugineus color ; and foe is all the Gritt of the Coun- 
trie thereabout. The Stone was taken out of the Dikes by 
the Walles : which Ditch goeth about moft Part of the 
Towne Wall. It is but late agoe fince the Walles were 

The Priviledge and Dignity of a Major was given to it 
but 180. Yeares agoe. There be many Fayre Streetes, well 
builded with Tymber ; but the Street that goeth up from 
Weft to Eaft South Eaft is the moft principall of all. 

There were 3. ftately Churches in the Heart and Midle of 
the Towne, and all in one Cemitery. The Abbey-Church, 
where King Canute the Dane made an Houfe of Nunnes. 
Leofric, E. of Menkes • turned it in K. Edw. the Confeffours 
Daves to an Houfe or Monkes, and adorned it with Gould 
and Sylver incredibly. It is now fuppreffed. 

S:. Mchaell a Parifli Church, an exceeding goodly and 
ample Peice of « Worke. 

There is aCharnellChaopell in the fame Cemitery. There 
is a Church or Colledge of St. John Baptijt in the Towne, and 
there was a Maifter and Brethren profeffed and an Hofpitall. 
. The Church yet ftandeth, and a Preift fingeth in it. Hales 
with the cluobe Foot hath gotten an intereft y in this 

There is alfoe a Collegiate Church at Batlahe hard within 
the Weft-Gate, alias Bablak-Gate dedicated to St. John. It 
taketh the Name by likelyhood from a Conduct by it. It is 
of the Foundation of the Burgefles, and there is a great Pri* 

. # a mile lover in the way to London. St. fi confcendith St, 
V in this Colledge, and none {but the Devell) can get hym out, 

1 Worke. 9 « the 3 a right fayre pece of Wirk« alfo. There 

fee no no parody Chirchej in the towne, There is a # , 



viledge, Guild or Fraternity. In this Colledge is nowe a * 
Maifter m an 8. Minifters, and lately 12. Minifters. 

One Bonde, a rich Merchant of Coventry e- annexed to 
Bablake of late Dayes an Hofpitall well builded for 10. poore 
Folkes,Men and Women to keepe them. There is a Preacher 
of Bondes Foundation* havinge 10. Poundes by the * Yeare. 

The White Fryers founded by St. John Poultney 4. tymes 
Major of London, an. Jo. i*4i« 17. E. 3. 

The Grey Fryers founded by 

The Carthuftans without the Towne. where a Queene was 
Foundreffe, but by other by Fryer John of Norbury a Carthu- 
pan Prior. There be divers fayre Suburbes without the 
w alles. The Kinge hath a Pallace there now fomewhat in 
mine. There was a Parliament and a Mint of Coynage in 
Coventrye. The Bifhop hath an ould Pallace there. 

The Towne rofe by makinge Cloth and Cappes, which 
now decaying the Glory of the Citty alfo decay eth. 
C fiUchfeild %o. ^ 

From Coventrye to < Leicefier 14. > Miles. F0I191.1; 

C South am 10. j 

C KiUingworth 4O 

From Coventrye to < and to Warmke other 4. > Miles. 
C Daventry 14. J 

The Brooke that runneth from Coventrye Townes End by 
Weft runneth a Mile lower then Coventrye in the High- 
Waye to London under a Stone Bridge or 3. Arches ; and 
there as I rode the Streame goinge downe on the right 
Hand, that Brooke goeth a litle lower into Sowe a River. 

WinbaU Bridge on Sowe of ?• Arches of Stone is about 
halfe a Mile from the aforefaid Bridge of 3. Arches, and 
lyeth in the High-Waye from Coventry to London. 

And a Mile and an halfe farther towardes London I pafled 
over Fimford Bridge on Avon of 8. Arches of Stone. This 
Bridge is 6. Miles or more above Warwike as Avon cometh 

Chelford Bridge of Stone on Avon is but 3. Miles lower, 
in the Paflage from KiUingworth. Yet KiUingworth felfe 
ftandeth towardes a Mile from the right Ripe of Avon. 

* and i. Mini/tars. Here bathe tene of late 12. Mini fats 
St. Sic. fi Liciefild 12. miles St. 

1 Yeare. There were % yen fayre Howfya of Frier* in Covtntrie. The 
Creye St. t River, ripa dtwra bynethe Wynnell Bridge St. 



King H. g. did of late Yeares great Coft in Repayre of the 
Cattle of KJUsngworth. Amongft thefe Reparations the pretty 
Banketing Houfe of Tymbre, that flood thereby in the 
Meerc, and bore the Name ot'fleafant 9 was taken downe, 
and part of it is fet up in the Bafe Court of KiBingportb- 

I rode from Fimford Bridge to Martin Bridge of 3. Arches 
of Stone, and well caufied with Stone at both Endes. This 
Bridge is 3. Miles beyond « Tmford Bridge. Leme River 
cometh from Eaft, and pafTeth under this Bridge, and goeth 
into Avon by Well: about a Mile above Warlike* Warwike 
is 6. Miles beneath this Bridge. 

There is a Village as I rode trans fontem on the South 
Syde called Morton. From thence to Soutbam 4. Miles. 
There was almoft noe Wood in the Wave on any Syde 
from Winhall Bridge to Soutbam ; yet good Come and Fa- 
ilure in Champion. 

Soutbam is a meane Market Towne of one Street, flanding 
fomewhat clyminge on the fyde of a {mail balkening Ground. 
It longid with other fmall Lordfhipes thereabout to the Pri- 
ory ox Coventry e 9 "fince of late to the K. by Suppreffion, and 
now to Knigbtley by Exchange. 

There is a litle Broket by South of Soutbam running downe 
on the right Hand, as I roade over a litle Bridge on it in the 
Way to Banbury. From Soutbam to Banbury 10. Miles all 
by Champaine, noe Wood, but exceedinge good Pafture 
and Corne. 

From Banbury to a finall Through-Fare Towne • . . 
. . . a 3. or 4. Miles by Champaine Grounde. Thence 
by like Groundes a 7. Miles to Bereeper; but ere I came 
to Bifceter by a 2. Miles I came by 2. fayre Woodes on the 
Hill Sides, and pafled in a Glade or Bottome betwixt 

Thence to IJIep an 8. Mile leaving Ottemor on the right 
Hand, that if the Waters had not beene up had beene the 
next waye. In this Ottemar was the firft Foundation of 
Tame Abbey. 

Iflep a pretty Through-Fare on the left Ripe of CherweU- 

River. Hard by it is a fayre Bridge over Cherv>ell y well arched 

F©1. 191. b. with Stone ; and a Mile and halfe above it is Gw/W-Bridge- 

over Cherwell, and a 2. Miles above Gosford is JSw/^-Bridge. 

A 2. Miles above Emley is fi Heiwood-Bridge on CberweU. 

« Fmforde Bridge St. Sic. /3 Heyford in marg. a ma** 
Antonii i Wood. 



From IJUf to Oxford 3. Miles to goe by the Meadowes 
on cherwelli but to goe on the left Hand towardes th* 
Woody Hill is 4. Miles. 

From Oxford to Hafeley 4. Miles. From Hafeley to Tame 
Market 4. Miles. About Alexander B. of Lincolne's ty me the 
Towne of Tame beinge the Kinges was given for annuall 
Rent in FeeFarme to the Bifhop of Lincoln and his Sue- 

This B. Alexander builded at a Parke therby of his an 
Abbey of White Monkes, nowe called Tame, not becaufe it Tam* ib> 
ftoode on Tame River, but not very farre from Tame Towne. **/• 

I paffed a litle North North Weft from Tame Church over 
nCarenton Bridge of 4. Scone Arches upon Tame, and thence 
by fome Hilly and after great Pafture Groundes, fruitfull of 
Beanes a 10. Miles to guerendon in the Vale of Ales bury, 
where Mr. Anthony Leigh dwelleth. 

guerendon (omztimes the Spenfers Land, and thereby run* 
neth a Brooke under a Stone Bridge, refortinge to Tame Ri- 
ver. The Bridge is betwixt 1. Houfes of his. 
. Thence a ^. Miles by great Champaine, fruitfull for Pa* 
fture and Beanes /S ztBirdfieine in the Vale of Alesbury, where 
Mr. Leigh hath a goodly Houfe with Orchardes and a Parke. 
This Birdfiaine is almolt in the Midle of the Vale of Alesbury* 

From Birdfieine to Alesbury a fayre Markett Towne, all by 
Champaine, a 3. Miles of this Towne. All the Champaine 
thereabout is called the Vale of Alesburye. 

This Vale goeth one Waye to the Forreft beyond Tame 
Markett. It goeth otherwayes to Buckingham, to Stony e 
Stratford, to Newport PaineB^ and alonge from Alesbury by 
the Rootes of Chilterne Hilles almoft to Dun fi able. 

Or ever I paffed into Alesbury I rode over a litle Bridge 
of Stone called Woman 9 s Bridge, under the which paffeda 
Brooke downe on the right Hand as I rode ; and from this 
Bridge to the Towne is a Stone Cawfey. This is, as farre a$ 
I can gather, Tame Water. 

The Towne felfe of Alesbury ftandeth on an Hill in re* 
foe& of all the Ground thereabout, a 3. Miles flatt North 
from Chiltetne Hilles. The Towne is meetly well builded 
with Tymbre, and in it is a celebrate Market. It ftandeth 
in the High- W ay e from Banbury y to London, and Buckingham 
to London., There is domus trvica in the Middle of the Mar- 
kett Place, a late reedifyed by ... . Baldwin cheife 
■ " 1 ■ 

* Crendon Bridge St. Crendon q . in marg. h manu Antonil' 
JtWood. - /S at Birdfieine] to Birdefieine St. y to London, 
and in the bitbe way from Bukingham to London Sc. 
,.Voi.4. 0^ Juftice 


lattice of the Common-Pleas ; but the Kinge gare the 
Tymber of ir. The Gaole fot B*ckingbam-Jkir* is in this 

There is but one Paroch Charch ftanding Weft North 
PoL 10*. a. Weft in k ; but that is one of the moft ancienteft in alt 
thole Quarters, as it appearetk by the Life of St. Oftb. 
ggerendem a Mile and an halfe from Alttbury^ alfb Burten 
an3 Alesbury in Cbtlterne 7. Miles of by South with divers 
other Hamlects were in Alesbury Pari ft. 

It is fayd that a B. of Untvlne defired by a Pope to give 
the Pcrfonage of Alesbury to a Stranger, a Kinfinan or his^ 
found the meanes to make it a Prebende, and to impropriate 
h to Untolne Church. At the which ty me alfoe the Perfon- 
age of Tame was impropriate and made a Prebende in U»- 
caine. Soe that the Cures of both the Churches with a right 
bare Livinge be reject unco the Vicars. St. Ofitb y Daughter 
to Fredwala, was borne m§herendon in AlisburyVtrochj and 
brought up with an Aunt ofners at * BUesburrewt in Cbtlterne 
Hilles a 3. Miles from Alesbury by South, whereof the E. of 
Salisbury were late Lordes, and now the Kinge by Atteinture. 

St. Qjttbe*s Body was tranflated for a while for reare of Danes 
from Chick, alias St. Ofith, to Alesbury. There was, as fome 
f&yej a Nunnery, or other Houfe of Religion, whereas the 
Ferfonage is now. and Record yet remaineth that this Houfe 
fliouJd be of the Matarines 9 alias/hrfr*; Ordinis St*>Trtnitatit 9 
of like Se<a to the Fryers of TtkhiU m&Hundeflam 10* Milea 
from London. 

There was an Houfe of Grey-Freret in the Towne: to-* 
wardes the South, founded about the tyme of K. R. x. The 
Lord ofOrmund was in tyme of Man's Minde counted cheifc 
L. of Alesbury , fince Boleine by Partition of Land* 

There runneth a pretty Brooke, almoft at the very End 
of the Towne, by South under a Wooden Bridge. It run- 
neth downe from Eaft by Weft into * Tame. I take the Head 
of it to be towardes Wendover a Through-Fare 3 3. Miles of m 

Tame River felfe, as I there learned, rifethintheEafterne 
Partes of all the Cbtlterne Hilles toward Danjtable 9 and the 
Head of it is about 7. Miles from Stone-Bridge on Tame be- 
twixt Alesbury and Querendon. 

From Alesbury to 

r Dunflable 8.} 
J Tame Market 8. V Miles. 
C, Buckingham 10. 5 

1 Aillcsborow St. % Tame, by the Itfte ripe of it about a Mile bynedte 
Aillesbyri, fome what lower then Stone Bridge on Tame St> a * Milea of 

the. Spuf he St . * 



VtomAlesturyto { *££*. £"} MAes. 

Wendover a pretty Through-Fayre Towne, havinge <i. 
Streets well buflded with Tymbre. There U a Caufey made 
almoft through to paffe betwixt Aleshurj and it, els the way 
in wett tyme as in a lowe ftiffe Claye were taedious and ill 
to paffe. 

The Townelett felfe of Wendover ftandeth partly upOb 
the North-Eaft Cliffes of Chilteme Hilles. The Refidfewe 
and North Weft Part ftandeth in the Rootes of the Hilles. 
Looke as the Countrye of the Vale of Aleshry for the moft 
part is cleane barren of Wood, and is chanvpainfc; foe is 
all the Chilteme well wooded, and full of Encfofures. 

From Wendover to Great Miffhnden in Chilteme a 5. Mile*. Miflenden 
It is a praty Through-Fare, but no Markett Towne. There Magna. 
is a pretty Chappefl of Bricke in the South Part of it, and a FoL 191. b. 
litle by South without the Towne was a Priory of Black Cati- 
nons. It ftandeth on the very Bottom* of an Hill* and hath 
goodly Ground about divers pretty Hilles well Wooded td- 
-wardes the Eaft and South. It was founded by ... . Jhyltj. 

A Mile and halfe lower further towardes London is a Street 
called Little Mijfenden. Miflenden 

Hagmondejham, alias * Homer/bam* a rirfit pretty Market Parva - 
Towne on Vrjdaj of one Street well built with Tymber, Amcrlham - 
ftanding irj Buckinghamshire and Chilterne, %. Miles and an «* # L j^ 
halfe from Litle Mijfenden. Th6 D. of Buckingham Wa$ cheife ibc created 
Lord of it, fince the Kinge, jnow the L. RvJfeU by Gift, whoe in 8 - 3°» 
dwdleth ztCheineis 3. Miles of by Eaft. '• «• •• 

The Paroch Church ftandeth by North Eaft toward the 
Middle of the Towne, and in a ChappplJ .on tjhe North Syde 
of it lyeth buried Edmund BrudeneU, Father to Sr. Robert 
BrudeneU, late cheife Juftice of the Common-Pleas, and 
Drew BrudeneO y elder Brother to the fayd Sr. Robert, and 
Helen his Wife, Da. to Brou^hton 9 whoe 3 dwelt at a Mannour 
of his of 40. /. per annum. There cometh a Brooke almoft 
from Mijfenden, and paffe th hard by « Haptsr/bam leavinge it 
almoft by full South on the right Ripe, and after running 
downe by the Valleis of Chilteme Hillea towardes Colne 

« Hamerjbam] Hagmondejham St. 

x Banbury 19 or %o Miles St. 1 Hamerfham St, 3 dwelt there at a 
Manor St, 

Qjt From 


From Hagmondejbam to Uxbridge 9. Miles by goodly en- 
clofed Groundes, of a Gravelly Soyle, havinge Woodes, 
Meadowes, Paftures, and Come. The whole Towue lyeth 
from the Weft, rifinge a litle to South Eaft. In it is but one 
longe Street ; but that for Tymber is well builded. There 
is a celebrate Markett once a Weeke^ and a great Fayre on 
the Feaft Day of St. Michaett. There is a ChappeJl of Eafe 
in the Towne. The Paroch Church is almoft a Mile out of 
the Towne, in the very High-Way e to London, called Great 
HeOindon. which is a Token that Uxbridge felfe is noe very 
ould Towne. 

There be 2, Wooden Bridges at the Weft Ende of the 
Towne ? and under the more Weft goeth the great Arme of 
Co/ne Riven The lefler Arme goeth under the other Bridge, 
and each of them ferve there a great Mille. 

The * Divare of Colne Streame is fcant a Mile above 17*- 
tridge, and thefe 2. Armes meet not at all againe. For the 
bigger goeth through the goodly Meadowes ftraight to Cole- 
brook* 3. Miles lower, and foe to Tam'tfe. The other goeth 

to 2. Milles at , and they be a Mile and 

halfe Eaft from Colebrooke in the Waye to London, and thence 
- that Arme goeth to the Tamife. I 

I came over a Bridge of 6. Arches a Mile and more on 
this Syde Southall, The Water that goeth through it either 
runneth through Hundejlawe Heath, or els to Brentford. 

From Uxbridge to Southall a Village about 6 . Miles. Thence 
toA&on a pretty Throug-Fare a 4. Miles. Thence to Mari- 
hurne-Brooke and Parke a 4. Miles. This Brooke runneth 
by the Parke-Wall of St. James fi to London a . . . Miles. 

* Divare'] Divorce St. £ to Londop 2. miles St, 

The Epd of the Second Part of the Fourth Volume 
of Mr. L E L an d's Itinerary, 





O F 

M r . LE LANDs Itinerary. 

Out of a thin Folio MS. 
In Bibl. Bodl. NE. F. n. 18, 

1x6 Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

Cod. MS. in Bibl. M..NE. F. i r. 1 8. 

Taken out of a Manufcript Copy of Leyland's own 
Hand writing in the Hands of Sir Henry St. George 
Clarenceaux King at Armes, procured by Rob. Plot 
LL. D. Vniv. Coll. Oxon. A. D. 1682. 

The Number of Pdges anfwering the Bodlejan Tranfcrlft 
is placed in the Margin. 

Ex libro incerti autoris fed Monachi de Vita S. Neoti. 

NE O T U S Evis, ut fertur, Britanniae, quae nunc 
Anglia, partibus onus. _ 

Parentes Neoti de genere Regu Oriental. An- 

Neotus Monachus h&us in Glaftyngey. 

Occidentalium Partes gentis Anglorum Britannicorum. 

Natio enim ilia a Romanis Cornugallia vocabulata, per- 
luftrare difpofuit, locique mox penetralia deferti intenora 

A. S. autem PetrociMonafterio hsec diftat Eremus decern 
fere millibus. Tra&o vero ab ipfo beato Neoro nomine 
Neoteftoke a Loci incolis eft appellatus. Qui locus ucmo- 
rofis undique vaUatur arboribus, perfpicuUqueemanat flumi- 
nibus, maris quoque fuperftat amnitate cqjpguus. hicVitam 
duxit anachoreticam Neotus. 

Poftea in eodem loco coepit edificare cenobium, quod 
celeri attentione eft ad ungue perdu&um. 

Aluredus Rex familiari&er ufus eft Neoto, plurimu ejus 
tribuens confiliis. 

Aluredus Rex a Neoto admonitus Scolas Anglorum Romce 

Venerabile Corpus Neoti in fua tumulatum eft Ecclefia. 

Corpus Neoti poft feptem annos tranflatum a monimento 
ad borealeinfux Ecclefise partem, 
g-g Anno Dom. 878 Gutrun tyrannus cum innumerabili Pa- 
' ganorum exerfitu Britannix Anglice infulam undique invafit. 

Eft Locus in ultimis BritanniseAnglorum partibus ad oc- 
cidentem fitus, cui nomen Lingua Saxonum Ethelingaige, 
ouod apud nos fonat Clitonum infula, immenfis falis palu- 
aibus circum circa feptus, quantula in medio planitie reten- 
tus. Ibi ex infperato Rex Aluredus exul intercidit folus, 

N. B. The following Extraft Qf the Life of St, Neot U fiipplied from Stow'i 

■ - Poftea 

Of ,Mr. Ltlawfs Itinerary* 117 

Poftclldvenuatibus fuis Munitiooia arcemibidc pancis 
perfecit diebus. 

Nox erat, & curat mordaces pe&ora Regis 

Vallabant, poterat nee Somnum noffe quietis. 

Ecce Neotus adeft, Domini mifcrantes Alumnus 

Coram quo Verbis primum fie fatur amicis. & eft ibidem 
prosa Oratione : & Tequitur, 

Tis mernot advenio {blamen ferre Laborum. & paulo 

Macuta demum rofeo furgente Cubili, 

Rex pariter furgit, grates & ftrenuus egit, 

Vi&ori fummo Prxcui&orique Neoto. 

Aluredus Exercitum congrcgavit in loco qui lapis cogno- Egbifc. 
minatur Ecgbrithi. ftane - 

Deinde propter Loci campeftrim amomitatem promovit seaimwlde 
caftra juxta filvain Sealyndt (Sealvod) ™°* &h 

Deinde brduo tranladto, quendain aptuxn adirerfariis 
montem Ethandune nomine cum omni exercitu 6x0 antici- 

Hie * fint vetus Exemplar Croikndenfis Monafter : muti- 
lum, quare quod reliquum erat de rebus Neoticis defidera* 

H« quae fecuntur de tranflatione rdiquiarum S. Neoti 
in Croiland, & quandam pagella de ea tranflatione fcripta 

Ex libro Roberti Trims Salapesbirix de Vita $. Wenefredar *»g. li 
Virpms ad Guarinum Priorem Vigormse. 

Theuitb vir potens filius Eluith dedit Benoo viro fan&ifT. 
locum in quo ecclefiam conftruerct : ScWenefredam filiam 
fuam unicam in Religione inftituendam ei tradidit. 

Dedit etiam Benoo villam liberam & quietam ab omni ex- 
aftione: &praedium in quo ecclefiam fabricaret, &habi- 
tacula fervis Dei inibi manfuris conftrueret. 

JuvenisCaradocvs, filius Alam Regis, infiammatus amore q 

Wenefreda venit ad xdes Theuitb. 

Virgo placide refpondens Caradoco thalamum petit reditu- 
ram fe promittens. 

At ilia hac arte amatorem elufit fugiens verfus Bennoi ec- 

Caradocus fugientem comprehendit,ac impudieos amplexus 
pernegantem, caput ejus gladio amputat. 

Caput virginis prseciium k clivo ad ecclefiae limen delabitur. 

Caput Wenefreda appofitum corpori precibusZfc»ww/adh«- 
fit, vitseque virgo reftituta eft. 

- - ■ ■ - - ' • ' - ■ 


n$ Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

Poftea albedo qusedam tenuiflima in modura fili colllim 
^ ambiebat, & locum fe&ionis obducebat. 

Locus vero ubi fanguis illius fufus eft primitus jStai vaUii 

Poftquam autem caput virgjinis abfcifum terram teript,' 
fons ibi aqux falientis emanavit, qui de nomine pueUag vo- 
cabulum fort it us eft. 

Nam illorum lingua Fonnan Wenefreda appellant. 

Lapides afpergine fanguinis infe&i tarn in fontis /caturi- 
.^ gine quam in margine riparum amnis defluencis adhuc ibi 


Mufcus vero qui lapidibus adhxret thus redolet. 

Wenefreda a Benoo facro habitu velata. Wenefreda velata 
manfit per fepcennium in ecclcfia a S. Bennoo conftruflta, ac 
chorum facrarum virginum fibi commendavit* 

Lapis nomine S.Bennoi appellatus prope fontemWenefreda. 

Bennous relidia IVenefreda aliam WalUa regionem litto- 
ralem petit. 

Wenefreda cafulam lintheo involutam fonti fuo commen- 
Monafteri- dat ; quod munus hinc in mare delapfum ad littus ubi Ben- 
um Bamti. nous habitabat perlatum eft, quod a fonte Wenefreda diftat 
50". millibus pafluum. Ab noc munere, quod Wenefreda 
fuo inftru&ori iingulis annisCalend.JWin/ tranimifit, Bennous 
cognomen accepit Cafulifecb, id eft, Cafulaficea. 
Pag. i. Wenefreda reli&o Monafterio fuo Deiferum petit, 7. milli- 
bus pafliium hinc diftantem. 

Wenefreda confilio Deiferi Henthlaut petit ubi habitabat 
S. Saturnus* 

Verba Saturni ad Wenefredam. 

Eft locus quidam^ Witheriacus nuncupates, multorum San- 
Borum pignoribus refertus, & t ro Morum veneranda conver- 
fatione adeo elefius, at que ab omnt populo in magna reverentia 
habitus, hunc locum te invifere pracipit Deus. 

Ibi eft quidam abbas mult arum vhrtuium nomine Elerius. ad 
hunc te deftinare divino fum admonitus oraculo. 

Ibi funt Deo dicata virgines in profeffione vita fanBmew- 
alis ccelibatum obfervantes. 

S. Thsonia Abbatifla Guitheriacenfis, cui Wenefredam Elerius 
concrcdidit, obiit & ab Elerio ibidem fepulta eft. 

Cura Guitheriacenjium virginum commiffa ab Elerio Wene- 
fred*. Obiit S. Wenefreda Guithertaci 4. Non. Novembr. S6- 
pulta eft k S. Elerio juxta S. Theoniam. 

In eodem (juoque coemiterio multi quidem & magnorum 
meritorum viri requiefcunt, fed praeclariores &majons famas 
fcruntur Chebius & Sevanus : quorum prior ad caput ejus tu- 


Of Mr. LelatuTs Itinerary 11$ 

mulatus eft y alter vero in eodem ordine quo ipfa jacet 

Qui utrique mag. virtu tumviri apud indigenas memorantuf • 

Extant adhuc in eadem provincia nonnullae in eorum me* 
jnoriam bafilicae. 

Elerius in bafilica fui nominis fepultus eft, ac ufque in 
hunc diem multis miraculis chorufcare non deftitit. 

Tempore GuU primi Regis AngU Rogerus comes, vir illu- 
ftris, in urbe Salifesbiria ccenobium xdificare coepit. 

Wenefreda dormienti Radulpbo Subpriori Salopesbkia ap- 

Septem monachi epifcopum Bangorenfem & principem 
NorthwaM* orant & exorant ut Ulis liceat reliquias Wene- 
freda Salopesbtriam transferre. 

Erat hoc tempore, viz* circa initia Regis Stepbani Here- 
tertus Abbas Salopesbyrienfs. Godefridus Abbas Salopesbjrienfs 
ante tempora Uerebettu 

Quidam ex inhabitantibus deGuithcri more patrio ex crudis 
animalium pellibus calceos fibi conficiens. 

Reliquiae S. Wenefreda Salopesbyriam perdu&se, ad dies ali* 

ia cxftu urbis 

quot in ecclefia San&i JEgidii extra urbem pofitse funt. 

Ex Prafathne Felicis in Vitam S. Guthlaci ad Aelfuual- P^g. 3. 
dum Orient. Angl. Regem. 

Abbas Wilfridus & Cyjfa Presbyter. Lelandivs. Ab iftis, 
quibus Gutklacus fuit notiflimus, ejus vitam prxdidicit Felix* 
E I'tbro Felicis de Vita Guthlaci. 

Penuualdus de egregia Mertiorum ftirpe, cujus nianfio in 
mediterraneorum Anglorum partibus fuit, pater Gudlaci. 

Penuualdi progenies per nobiliff. illuftrium regum nomina 
antiqua ab origine Teles digefto ordine cucurrit. « * Tettbaj 
uxor Penuualdi & mater Gudlati* 

Ex appellatione illius tribus, quam dicunt Gudlacinga, pro- 
prietatis vccabulum velut ex ccelefti confilio Gudlacus per- 
cepit, quod ex qualitatis compofitione afftquentibus meritis 
conveniebat. Nam, ut illius gentis gnari perhibent, hoc no* 
men ex %. integris conftare videtur : hoc eft, Gud & Lac, J^Jffi" 
quod Ro. fermonis nitore perfonat belli munus ; quia ille cum n i£care vi- 
vitiis bellando seternfc beatitudinis munera cufii triumphali dctnrhnm 
infula perhennis vitfc percepiffet. '*<*« vd 

» wgn 9 

* Sic. 

x Tethe Sr. 

Vol, 4. * R Gudlacm 

I go Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

GudUcus juvenis egregius bellator. 
Nam cum 14. setatis fuae annum peregiffet, reli&is omni- 
bus fuis, Monafterium Rtpadum ufque pervenit, in quo my- 
fticam tonfuram accepit fub AbbatifTa nomine Eljfrida: ac 
deinde accepto clericali habitu &c. 

Eft in mediterraneorum^g/wtfw BrlttannU partibus im- 
menfx magnitudinis acerrima palus, quae a Grontx fluminc 
ripis incipiens haud procul a caftello, quod dicunt nomine 
Gronte, nunc ftagnis, nunc fladfcris, [#. e. mcifuris J interdum 
nigris fufis vaporis laticibus. nee non * crebris infularum 
nemoribus intervenientibus,& flexuofis fi rivigarum anfra&i- 
bus. ab auftro in aquilonem mari tenus longiff. tra&u pro- 

Ipfe autem Tatuinus incola imperils viri Dei annuens. ar- 
repta pifcatoria fcaphula, per invia luftra in tetrx paludis 
margine, Chrifto viatore, ad praedittam infulam, quae lingua 
Amgforum Crulande vocatur, pervenit; quae antea propter 
Demotions eremi folitudinem mculta & ignota manebat. 

Pervenit zuttmGudlaeus ad hanc infulam inhabitandam die 
quo S.Barpto/omjd feftivitas venerari debet. 

Erat itaque in praefeta infula tumulus agreftibus glebis coa- 

cervatus, quern olim avari folitudinis trequentatores y erg6 

lucri illic adquirendi defodientes fcindebant, in cujus latere 

ftg.4. velut cifterna ineffe videbatur, in qua vir beatae memorix 

Gudlacut defuper impofito tugurio habirare coepir. 

Contigit itaque in diebus Conredi, regis Merckfrum y cum 
Brttones mfefti noftes Saxoniei generis, belHs, praedis, publi- 
cifque Jvaftationibufque-^ag/. gentem deturbarent, &c. 
lllufio d»- Verba loquentis vulgi Britanicaque agmina tc&is fuis fuc- 
2J°"!J?/^ cedere agnofcit. Nam ille aliorum temporum voluminibus 
$m. Wie! ^ nter *U° S exulabat,quoad ufque eorum 1 ftrimulentas loquela* 
Cudidcus " intelligere valuit. 
linguam Beccelinus clericus famulus Gudlaci. 
BrttA»n. ut- Beccelinus a diabolo inftigatus ut Gudlacum interficeret.* 
ttlHgetet?" Erat fub eodem tempore quidam exul de inclita Merely 
•ZtLk*i- *** prole, vocabulo *Ethelbaldus, qui quodam die,ut afTolc- 
dm poftea bat, mirum Dei vifitare volens, comite f Wilfrid* prxfeto* 
re* iforfc- a depta rate, ufque ad praedi&am infulam pervenit, 
fHic eft HuSredus iuvenis inclitae quidem, ut ferunt, fobolis de 
wttfridm Orient. Angl terminis occupatus ab immundo fpiritu. 
Abbtf , de Egga, Ethelbaldt exulis comes, a Daemone correptus. Hedd* 
quo Felix in epifcopus veoit ad Gudlacum. 
Fraefelione. r 


# Crebis MS. fi Sic. v GwA&fufr* tin* 1 PefierUr que 
redundat. 1 Sic. 

• Vwgfridus, 

Of Mr, Iceland's Itinerary. ijf 

• U*igfrtJ*s, librarius Hedda epifcopi, arrogabat fibi judi- 
cium dc vita Guthlacu 

Gudlacus presbyter ab Hedda epifcopo fit&us & inunftus. 
Hedda epifcopus confecrat oratorium Gudlaci in Croulanda. 

Egcburcha Abbatiffa, Aldubhl regis filia, mifit ad Gudlacum 
farcophagum plumbeum lintneumque in eo volutum. 

Gudlacus de fucceflbre fuo in eremo rogatus^ refpondifle 
fertur: Mus loci heredem in gentili fopulo fuiffe % nonium ad 
tapttfmatis lavacrum devenij/e^fed tnox futurum fore dice!jbat, 
Qupd fpiritu providential dixiffe eventus futurae rei probavit. 
Nam ipfe Cyfla, qui nunc noftris temporibus fi * fedet viri Del 
Gudlaci pofhdet, y poft annos, ut ipfe narrare f*folem, lava- 
chrum baptifmatis in Britannia percepit. 

Quodata enim tempore cum exul ille, quern fiipra memo- 
ravimus, Etbelbaldus hue illucque perfeauente ilium Ceolrcdo 
rege in diverfis nationibus ja&arecur, alio die deficiente vi- 
rium ipfius valetudine, fuorumque inter dubia pericula, poft- 
quam exinanitae vires defecere, tandem ad colloquium S. 
Gudlaci^ ut folebat, pervenit, &c. ut Gudlacus praecuxerit il- 
ium aliquando regnaturum. 

Beccelinus affidens morienti Gudlaco juflus eft ab hero utp^foror 
ejus fororem Pegam conveniret. . GudtdH. 

Egberchtus Anachorita notus Gudlaco. Fag j. 

Pega venit ad oratorium fratris fui Gudlaci. 

Erat vir quidam paterfamilias in provincia Wifa. mft pro- 

Rex autem Etheltaldus ut beatum confolatorem luum mi- vine*, 
raculis chorufcare comperit, locum fepulturae ejus gaudens 
expetiit, & ea quae beato viro jam reanum adeptus doijftye* 
rat fervientibus ei perhenniter conceffit. Nam quodam tem- 
pore dum idem rex caufa vifitandi patronum fuum antequam 
migrzret Crolandiam adiret, & vir Dei quietam manfionem in, 
*feadem infiila fibi ab eo concedi poftularet, quinque milliaria 
ad orientem, id eft, uique ad fbflam quae Afendic dicitur j tria 
ad occidentem, quinque ad meridiem, & quinque ad aqui- . 
lonem conce&t, 6c ab omni • redditu atque conwetudine &•» 
culari omnibus modis abfolvit, & idem chartam Ggillo fuo 
fignatam inpraefentiaepifcoporum procerumquefuorumeon- 
firmavit. £t quia paluftris humus Cflandi*, ut ipfum aomen Cmi**** 

a Unigfridus] Sic in MS. noftrcu Forte, Wigfrid*s 4 
F. fedem. ypofi annos,'] Annprur r r ' n 

deratur. J F. folet. • Reddit MS. 

i Scdem St. % Solec St. 

& \ intiinat* 

1 3$ Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

iqtiqiat, (Crolandia enim crudam, id eft, cocnofam terram, 
fignificat,) * t lapideam molem fuftinere non poterat, pras- 
facus rex ingentes ex quercu palos innumerse multitudinis 
humo infigi fecit, duramque terrain novem milliariis per a-r 
cjuam de Uppolanda, i. e. fuperiori terra, fcaphis deferri & 
paludibus commifceri ftatuit. Et fie lapideam, quia S. Gud- 
lacus oratorio contemns eft ligneo, baulicam coepit & con- 
fummavit, Deioc|e religiofos viros ibi aggregavit, cceno- 
biqm condidit, prnameqtis & fundis aliifque aivitiis locum 
ditavit, & ad hbnorem Dei & S. Anachoritx, quem vajde 
dilexerat pro diilci confolatione quapi ab eo dum exulabac 
rhultoties perp eperat. 

Verfus Felicis. 
Gurgite multarum Cruland ambitur aquarum 
Pifcibus & rivis quoniam redimitur amoenis. 
/8 Multegenis latum dat pifcibus unda natatum, 
Suppeditat gurges fcenum quoque pabula y pifces. 

Ex VtbeUo incerti Author is de tranjlatione reliauiarum 
S. Gudlaci. 
Gunnllda fandtimonialis cultrix D. Gudlaci. 
Waldenm Abbas Croilandiai rogatus a fiiis ut transfer ret; 
teliquias D. Gudlaci. 

Fadta eft D. Gudlaci tranflatio anno Dm" 1106. anno pri-, 

mo Stephani regis. 

Super lapidem vero decurio quidam "Robert us de Grandi- 

■ neto, mirae gravitatis veteranus, I omni religiofarum araator^ 

• condu&us aurifabrorum & gemmariorum primoribus eli- 

matap amplitudinis artificiofae fculpturas £ repam in fublims 

fufpenfam conftruxit, quam exdnrerforum metallorum ligno? 
rumque gencribus compadfcam, auri argentique Uminis ve^ 
ftitam, cryftallis yariifque gjemmis adornatam ditavit, fipufc 
ufgue in hodiernum humanis vifibus apparet. 
Vim cava. • Villula quoedam, patrio idiomate n Cana nomen fortita, 
fita eft in confinio fluminis Humbrenjis. Anno imperii regisi 

' * Lapidea MS. fi Sic. y Sequuntur praterea y. verfii* 
in antiquo codice in marg. ab al. manu. *\ F. omnium. 
*V An condu&us ? £ Sic, ~pun&is fufocr pojiiis. n Sic % 
Cod.nojiro marg. ut edidimus. 

• xAn condttSm ? ] Leg. an condvtfh ? 
2 Upidearo St. 


Of Mr. LelamPs Itinerary. %l$ 

Qtefhani 1%. decurio quidam mag. audacias miles Reginalds 
de Comubla comitis Gileberti Gandenfis ditioni & honori mi- 
Jitabat, £c in ejus expeditionibus ad tempus tyrocinabatur. 
Cum vero comes ille in tranfmarinis partibus iter agens non 
modicum nummorum cenfum k negotiatoribus mutuatus fu- 
iffet • eudem Rriualdum vadem & obfidem eorum manci- 
patui obligavir, &c. uc Reinaldus ibidem non redemptus 
manferit, & tandem domum rediens captus graviff.phrenitide 
liberatus fit precibus Gudlaci. 

Quidam monachus impulfore Wtfuuino Priore redegic li- Epitome ti* 
bellum Felku de vitaD. Gutblaci in epitomen, cujus exemplar bri FeiicU 
fjiit in eodem codice quo liber FeUcts, ^rfjjr* ^ 

E libro de Abbattbus Croilandenfis « Monafierit & 
rebus at ess geflis. 

Kenulpbus primus Abbas, I quo Kenulfheftane adhuc did* 
tur lapis quern ipfe pro limite contra Defhges pofuit, 

Fatrittus fecundus. 

Sukardus 3. 

Theodorus 4. 

Godricus 5. 
Variis bellorum tempeftatibus^g/.poftmoduni perturbata, 
& \ barbaris fub ducibus Hsnguar, ScHalfdex, ac Guthrun^ 
aliifque fi tyrannibus fupervenientibus & Dacia Noregama, An- 
gligenarum regum, qui naturaliter ^g/tepra£fuerant,.muta-. 
tione fadta, Croildnaenfe monafter. depopulatum eft ficut alia 

{>lurima, ornamenta iua fibi funt fublata, & villas deftru&se, 
aicifque contra Canonicum jus in dominium redadfcae. 
Tempore Edredi regis, nlii Edwards Se»:orh y TurketlttusrwkftiUm 

?uidam clericus Londonienfis fait, qui & pracfato rege ut fibi 6. Abba*.' 
roilandiam donaret expetiit : cui rex quod petierat libenter 
annuit. Erat enim idem clericus de regali progenie cognatus 
y OsJceteli Ebor. metropolitan!, multas habens divitias ma- **&?< 

gnafque poffeffiones, quas omnes parvi pendebat propter 
qeternas manfiones. Croilandiam quippe, ut diximus, non 
pro augendis fundis & rege popofcerat, fed quia religiofos ibi 
viros efle co^noverat. 

Ordinatis itaque prudenter rebus fuis Crotlandta^ mona- 
chus fadtus eft. Et audta ibidem ftudio ejus monachorum 
congregatione. Abbas eorum effedfcus. 

Hie TUrketluuSy ut diximus, vir magnae generofitatis fuit y 
& 60. maneria de patrimonio parentumfuorum poffedit, pro 

* Monafteriis-MJ, fi X*. tyrannis. y £c 9 cumfunSis^ 


t;4 Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

Suorum animabus fex villas, fcilicet Wenlinglmrcb 8c BrfrL 
fyitb&rp, Elmingtonam, Coteham gc Hokintonam Ooilandsm 
ecclefix dedit, 2c teftamentum idem figillo ftrenuiffi regis 
fignatum conhrmavit. 
tgfriau Abbu 7#. Egericus nepos ejus fucceffir. 
Mgmem Abbu u. Succeffit & alter Eg eric us de ejus cognttione. 
OtkrtnUm Abbu ?s. QskeUUus magnae nobilitatis mooachus ejufdcm lod 


LmiMMDOr Porro Leuiua foror m ejus Emolpkes&iri* domina erat. ubi 

Snmif ki tunc temporis corpus S. Neoti Abbatis & Confcfforis jace- 

**•*• bat, fed dignura tanto viro fervitium ibi tunc non fiebat. 

Unde praetata mulier Wttlefeian* acceflit, & fratrem fuum 

Osketellum Abbatem illuc accerfivit, ibique corpus S. Neoti, 

quod reverenter fecum detulerat, monachis quos digniores 

ie credebat tradidit. At illi munus a Deo fibi collatum fi gra- 

tanter fufceperunt, & juxta altare S. Dei Genetricis Maria in 

aquilonali parte honorabiliter collocaverunt. 
GMcntAbins , . Godricus fucceflit. 

MmM*mu Abbas i r . Bricbtinerus fucceflit. Tunc temporis Pegelanda 
ftgeidmdA Monafter. coenobium erat, cui nobilis vir Wulgeatus Abbas 
^v^S' f Y kirkr \u P rxcm - I1Iic etenim S. Vega foror S. Gudlaci diu 
di£?Ti5iita domino militaverat. Quae poftquam venerandus fra- 
I»<r i Petriimx*, 8c tcr e J us defundfcus eft aufteriore labore vicam fuam 
fcxidem 4 cmisnds. pro amore Chrifti examinare conata eft ; unde Ro- 
man* adiit fan&orum Apoftolorum limina yiiiplex pro fe fu- 
ifque requifivit. ibique 6. Idus Januarii vitam finivit. 

Poftquam Bricbtinerus Croilandi* Abbas 7. Idus April. 
obiit, Wlfgeatus PegelandU Abbas Edwardum regem Egelredi 
j^ ^ filium petiic ut greges 2. coenobiorum permitteret adunari,& 
" fub uno Abbate unum conventum efKci. quod ille ftatim 
benigne conceflit. 
pr/ji-riMAbbu ii. Wlfgeatus Abbzs CroitandU. 

wtflfttBus Abbas xj. WifketeUus monachus Burgenjis Crollandi* regi- 
men a beato Edwardo jufTu Leefrici Abbatis fui fuccepit. 

Hie 14. annis Croylandi* praefuit, ecclefiamque novam, 
quia vetus ruinam minabatur, conftruere coepit. Ejus ad hoc 
opus, infpirante Deo ? WaUevus comes Northampton, filius 
9er*ttb* sinardi Due is Northumbr. adjutor fuit, & villam qu« Berne-* 
tba dicitur Deo & S. Gudlaco dedit. Qui non multo poft 
malignitate Normannorum, qui eum ingenti ejus probicate 
metuerunt, injufte cum multorum luau prid. Cal. Ju*. 

m Osketelli Abbas [forfan Abbatis] fupra tin* & Sic 7 cum 
fvinyue pun3is 7 in Cod, mofiruMS* 7 Sic. 


Of Mr. LflanJfs Itinerary. Igj 

IVinton. decollatus eft : & corpus ejus, Juditba uxore ejus 
rogante & GuL rege permittente. ab WlfMell* Abbate CVw- 
landiam delatum. Poll non multum temporis, idem Abbas 
qnf alienigena er^t & Normannus exofus ab xmulis accufa- 
tus eft, & a Lanfranco Archiepifcopo depofitus, & Gleftoni* 
clauftro eft deputatus. 

Deinde Ingulf hus Fontimttenfis monachus Abbar. Croilandid intutfhu 
donoGuL * ■ rege recepir, & 14. annis plurima adverfa £per* Abba 14; 
peffusillam rexic. 

Hie Anglicus natione Hterofolyw. petiit. Rediens monachus 
FomtimelLe &, Gerierto Abbate fa&us. 

Hie Croilandid Abbas fa&us curavit ut WlfkeieUus praede- 
ceffor reftitueretur Burgenfi ecclefise. Sub hoc Abbate pars 
ecclefix cum officinis combufta. 

Fecit corpus Gualdeni comitis transferri de capitulo in 

Goisfredus Aurolianenfe fucceffit A°.D». 1109. juffu regis <?#*/*** 
Henrici. Monachus fuit in coenobio S. Ebrulf. (*!«»* ?•/- 

Novam bafilicam 8c alia bona qyamplura inchoavit. buTt *** 

Waldenus monachus CroilandU lucceffit, & 11. annis pre- r .J Xa 
fuit. Accufatus a fuis depofitus eft ab Alterico legato tem-Abbu l i& 
, * pore Sfiepbani. 

Godefridus Prior monafterii S. AlUm fucceffit & 4. annis <?•&&» 
prxfuit. **■• «7. 

Editor Jus Monachus & Prior Ramtfevfis, &prxfuit ^o.Edtuardm 
annis. Hujus tempore iterum combufta ecclefia cum officinis Abbu 18, 
ia die Nativitatis S. Maria, fed iterum ab eo & fratribus in 
melius reaedificata. 

R^ertus Monachus de Radhges & Prior de y Leonminfird^^^^ 
fucceffit. AbbM «tf 

Hie partes aliquot ecclefiae reaedificavit. 

Henrtats frater GuL de Longo Campo, cancellarii Richards Pig. 9* 
regis & epifcopi Elienk. Hie erat Monachus Eovefbamenfo. ***?«» 
pr*fuitftrenue>4d. J Abbas 2 °- 

Richardus Monachus & • celerarius Bardeney fucceffit. Hie Richard* 

latus ecclefiae verfus aquilonem proftravit & in melius re- Abba * au 


F. regis, fi Sic lego. Perpefla perpe0Us..a» Cod. noflro 
y Sic. t Adde, annis. • Sic y cum 7. pun&is, in MS. 

1 Rcgif St* 


t\S Appendix to the Fourth Voliime 

Novate quod Afewic dicitur ex « natifE producebat marifctfj 
& novate quod dicitur Dunedale incepit. Iafirmariam con- 
ftruxit. Undecim annis praefuit. 
J"""' . Homos do WeUe Monachus Ctoilandiaf fucceffit* Sex annis 
g^^ prsefiiit. 

Ridmi+ut R***lpbut & Mereb monachus CroiUndia? fucceflk. Ad* 
TW*** quifivit mancrium de Gedeney^ ecclefiam de guafpelode in 
proprios ufus & advocationem ecclefix de Efton. 

Impetravit & a Dno" rege Henrico mercata de 
£»Wfc*,vulgofty. §£appelode, de Baton, & Croyland* & Warennam 
V^\JSSL!^ in maneriis fuis de Croylande- Langetoft, Baft on ^ 
mariserapcionerover. Tetford, Burethorp, Bukenbale, HaJtnton^ Dunedik, 
fat villains. *•»//**. guappelade, Holtecb & Afewik. fi Nen & JFc/W 
&i£»» hoc tempore fluvii. 

f^TSfl^S. Frontem ecclefiac occidentalem cum turrellis vi 

««*, &difhtaB«rii* ventorum confrattis reparavit. 

Sato 3. ptC miliibus. Fecit & turrim ecclefiae ultra chorum. 

Fecit capellam S. Martini juxta portam eleemo- 

fynariam. Prxfiiit %6. annis. Obiit 1181. 

Riebardus de Croiland 24. Simon de Luffxf* Henricus de 

Cafewlke %6. Thomas de Bern %j. Joannes de Affcbeij 18. 

Thomas de Overton %$. Riebardus de Ufton 30. Joannes de 

Utlington 31. Joannes VifcbMcbe 31. Riebardus Croyland 33. 

Lambertus Foffedit 34. Edmundus thorp 37. Pbilsppus Eve- 

rerde : GulieYmus Gedjing : Riebardus Berkeney : John WeUn 


EpitapbiumWaldevi eomitis 9 comprehendens fummathnVitam & 
Paffionem, nee non & quondam mir acuta ejufdem comitis y 
editum a Gulielmo Monacbo Croilando. 

Illuftriff. eclebrique memoria ac laude dignus Gualdenus, 

Suondam comes Northampton & Huntendon 7 Srwardi magni- 
ci ducis Nortbumbrorum nlius, vir magnanimus & in armis 
ftrenuus, Deoque nihilominus excitit devotus : Qui duda in 
uxorem nepte Juditba Gul. Baftardi y regis Anglorum y cum 
flag. 10. quorundam magnatum Anglic antrum ^ adverfus eundem re- 
gem, in tranfmarinis partibus tunc agentem, confpirantium, 
S forum praeventus inlidiis compulfioneque coadus, 1 1 con- 
io ac confilio interfuiflet ; ductufque pocnitentia apud Lan- 

* Sic. /* Sic. y Sic lego. Rege MS. I Sic in MS. nofiro. 

a concilio ac confilio Su 


Of Mr. Le land's Itinerary. ijf 

franeum Archiepifcopum Cantuar. puram fiiper haec feciflct 
confcffioncm : ex ejufdem « Archiepifcopi confilio regem in 
Normannia adiens, eique rem ex ordine pandens, ipnus mi* 
fericordix ac beneplacito fe commifit. Rex aucem in An* 
gliam remeans, judicioque curias fuae quofdam praedi&orum 
confpiratorum perpetua incarceratione damnans, quofdam 
oculis erutis vel manibus truncatis debilitans, quofdam k fi- 
nibus fi * Angli<e terras exterminans, Qualdevum comitem, \ 

JudMa uxore fua quod effet proditionis confcius accufatum^ 
apud Wintoniam per annum carcerali mancipavic cuftodias : 
ubi ille commiffa fua defiens, crebroque viris religions ia 
fpiritu humilitatis & in animo contrito confitens, Pfelterium 

?uoque quod in infantia didicerat cottidie pfallens, ad Deum 
)eique cultum tota mente fe convertit. Poftea vero k Nor* 
tnannis^ qui xmuli ejus erant, & praedia honorefque ipfius 
ambiebantjlxfx majeftatis mortifque reus in curia regis judi- 
catus in monte extra civitatem Winton. ij. Cal. Jun. mane 
capitalemiententiam fufcepit. ibiqjue corpus ejus in y foflk 
viliter eft projedhim, & viridi cefpite coopertum. In cujus 
decollatione illud miraculofum ac memoria dignum fertur 
contigiffe : videlicet, quod cum ille fjexis genibus, oculis ac 
manibus in coelum intentusOrationemDominicam incepiffet* 
fed } nimietate fletus ac fingultus vocem ejus interrumpente 

ipfam complcre nequiffet ; poll capitis amputationem, cun- 
ctis qui aderant audientibus, clara & articulata voce eandem 
complevit, dicens, Sed libera nos k malo. Amen. Poft quin- 
decim autem dies, Juditha uxore ejus petente, regeque per- 
mittente, Wtketellus Abbas Croilandia corpus S. comitis ad- 
hue integrum, ac ita cruentatum- ac fi eadem die vir Del 
interemptus effet, Croilandiam deterri fecit, ipfumcjue in ca- 

}>itulo monachorum reverenter fepelivit. Super cujus tumu- 
um, ut quidam ferunt, cum proceffii temporis Juditha^ pee* 
nitentia du&a, pannum fencum obtuliflet, divina virtute. 
velut venti vehementis impulfu, idem pannus longius eft 
projedtus. Cum vero tngulphus Abbas Croilandia corpus S. pag. ir: 
comitis decimo fexto ejus decollationis anno k capitulo in 
ecclefiam faceret transferri, ipfum omnino integrum, ficut in 

* Archiepifcopo MS. fi Sub tribut ultimis Uteris pun&a 
fonuntur in Cod. nojlro MS. y F. foffam. *t &V in Cod. nofiro 
cum aliquot pun fits. 

t Angl. St. 

Vol. 4. S die 

138 Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

die qua fepultum fuerat, caput quoque corpori conjun&um 
repertum eft, filum tantum rubeum habens in collo quafi 

Ero figno decollations. Tranilato autem corpore fan&o, 8c 
onorifice per altare tumulato ob «Sc". merita multa ibidem 

miracula in languidorum curatione divina virtus oftendit. 
Ubi cum ex devotione populus catervatim conflueret, & 
uu»nus quidam monachus nmone Normannus adventantes deriderer, 
monichtt5. nec non a dverfus fanduip probrofa ac detre&atoria verba 
proferret, ac ab Abbate Josfrido fuper hxc correptus, fed 
non corre&us in praviloquio pertinaciter perfeveraret,coram 
eodem Abbate fubita xgritudine in praccordiis percuQus,poft 
paucos dies diem claufit extremum. Sequenti vero nocte, 
cum idem Abbas de his & aliis quae miraculofe acciderant in 
le&o fuo devota mente tra&aret, tandem fomno obrepente 
vidit in vifione Sandfcos Dei Barptolomaum Apoftolum & 
Gudlacum confeflbrem albis facerdotalibus indutos Tecum ad 
fan&i comitis tumulum affiftentes. Apoftolus vero ut fi vide- 
batur caput comitis corpori redintegratum dicebat, Acepba- 
lus non eft. cui S. Gudlacus, qui ad pedes ftabat, refpondir, 
Bdrtfoh- Comes hicfuit. Apoftolus autem inceptum verfum metrice 
*??» ver - perfecit, dicens, At modo rex eft. ' Quam vifionem cum Ab- 
* bas fratribus intimaflet ipfos tam ad impendendam reliquiis 
S. comitis dignam reverentiam, quam aci » perfolvendas de- 
votas laudes. qui y marabilis eft fan&is fuis vehementer ac- 
cendit. Pojft plurimorum vero curricula annorum Henricus 
Abbas Croi/anas* tumbum marmoream fandfci comitis imagine 
fculpta infignitam parari fecit : in qua, fecus gradus maeni 
altaris a finiftra parte in loco decenti & eminenti d[ confti- 
tutam, reliquias S. comitis 16. Cal. Apr. aftante & pfallente 
conventu cum debita tranftulit devotione anno Domini 
1219. * decollatione ejufdem comitis 1x9. 

Epitaphium metrice ejufdem comitis ab eodem Gulielmo editum. 

Hie, Wdldeve comes, tumularis & incineraris, 
Parte tamen meliore tui fuper aftra locaris. 

m Sic, cum quatuor pun&is, fubter pojitis, in Cod. noftro MS* 
in cujus etiam margins Sandi (cum quinque punSis) Jcribitur. 

fi Sic in Cod. noftro MS. F. videbat. y Sic. An ciirabilis ? 
«t F. conftituta. 

x perfolvendas * De devotas laudes, qui mirabilis eft Saudis fais, yche^ 
nenter acccndic. St< 

ff. Dto, 

Of Mr. Lelants Itinerary. 139 

Et merito. Nam cum juvenis in carne fiiifti *ag. 1*. 

Mortuus huic mundo coeleftia regna petifti. 

Cum fieres gemini comitatus clarus honore, 

Clarior extiteras mentis morumque nitore. 

Firma fides, ftabilis fpes, puri fervor amoris 

Te coiluftrarunt interni luce decoris. 

Tu qui praeclarus prxclara ftirpe fiiifti, 

Prseclaris mentis prxciarius enituifti. 

Tu qui Marte potens famofa trophara tulifti, 

Temet vicifti felicius ac domuitti. 

Tu qui dives opum per opes inopes relevafti 

In coelo tibi thefauros hac arte parafK. 

Sed te plus quam Job muliere Satbon mediante 

Tentavit, propria tibi conjuge fata parante. 

Hxc accuiavit. Rex credidit, & tibi mortem 

Intulit, affignans cum damnatis tibi fortem. 

En novus Heredet, mulieris fe fuperari 

S*va fraude finens, te juffit decapitari. 

Rubra crurore tuo quondam Vintonia luxit, 

Exuviis poft freta tuis CroilanJa reluxit. 

Quam felix locus hie thefaurus cui datur ifte. 

Per quern languentes curat tua gratia Cbrifiel 
Clare comes, praechare Deo, Gualdeve beate, 
Wilhelm fint quasfo tui laudes tibi gratx. 

Ex altero libeUo ie vita Gualdevi remits* y k Monacbo, nt vi- 
ietur A Croilanden. fcrifto^fed longe ante tempera Gulieimi, 
qui Gualdevi comitis epitaphium fcripfit. 

Gualdevus 9 amplae profapiaa comes, Alius Smardi ducis 
ffertbawum+r . filii 2te#m, filii Ulfa\ filii Sprat lmgii> filii Urfc 
multam familiaritatemG*/. regis Angluetc ducis Nermanni*, 
qui Angliam adquifiverat, nadus eft. Rex enim praeteritarun* 
offenfarum immemor magis ill! virtuti attribuerat quam per- 
fidiae, quod idem Waldevus in Eter. m x pugnae plurcsNermam- 
norum folus obtruncaverat, unos & unos per portas gradi- 
entes decapitans. Erat quippe nervofus lacertis, thorofus 
pedtore, robuftus & procerus toto corpore, filius, ut di&um 
eft, Siwardi magnificentiffimi ducis, quern diera Danice vo- 
cabulo, id effort em cognominabant. Poftmodum prsedi&us 

m An pugna ? 

i pugni St. 

S % Waldivuf 

140 Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

Judabs fi- Waldevus regi concordatus, Judtika neptis ejus connubio & 

Ua comrdf- magna regis amicitia donatus eft, pro * nobilitate generis, & 

^Zt^rZan polieffionum & proprietatum amplitudinem conceflit ei rex 

fait foror OuU totam terram fuam pacificam, liberam & folutam, eique 

ucerinaa«/.dedit ducendam in uxorem neptem fuam fuetam^ filiamco- 

Nothi regis mitis Lamherti de Lens, fororem nobilis viri Stepbani comitis 

•Pm*" ^ e ^bemare^ cum qua rex ei contulit & conceflit omnes 

~ "*• »*• Ubertates quae funt de honore de Huntendune. In celebra- 

done vero matrimonii & nuptiarum nomine dotis contulit 

comes uxori fuse omnes terras fuas & flumine de Trente in 

auftrum protenfas : l quae * pro" proceflii temporis ex viro 

fuo duas nlias fufcepit, Mat ki Idem videlicet 6c Aliciam. 

Succedente tempore perturbatio max. in Anglia orta eft, 
quae fxva nimis & dampnofa in multis in Anglia fuit. Duo 
cnim potentiffimorum Anglorum comites ? Rogerus Herefor- 
denfis comes, filius Gulielmt, & fororius ejus Radulphus Nor- 
wicen. pariter decreverunr, ut pariter regi rebellarent, & 
principatu AnglU regi Gul. furrepto fibi jus immo tyranni- 
dem affumerent. Prscdidus quippe Rogerus Hereforaen. co- 
mes, filius Gulielmiy Radulpho cognomento * de Jvazr comiti 
Norwicenfi fororem fuam contra praeceptum regis Gul. con- 
jugem dedit, nuptiafque permagnificas cum j>lurima multitu- 
dine optimatum in Grantebrigenfi provincia in villa quae di- 
citur 3 Txinge celebrantes, magnam conjurationem plurimis 
affentientibus contra fi regem fecerunt. Et haec fraudulenter 
molientes, & ad confpirationem fuam multos inftigantes, 
etiam Gualdevum Northamton. & Huntendon. comitem accer- 
funt, & multis eum modis ad confenfum hortantur, &c. ut 
poftea omnem rem poenitudine du&us Gualdevus xlanfranco 
epifcopo Cantuar. aperuerit. 

Sed Hereforden. comiti, ne tranfvadata Sabrlna Radulpho 
comiti ad locum deftinatum cum fiio exercitu occurreret. 
jreftitit y 4- Wlfiang. Wigorn. epifcopus cum magna militari 
manu, & Ailwius Eove/tamenps Abbas cum fuis, afcitis fibi 
in adjutorium Urfone de hello campo vicecomite Wigorn. & 
Waltero de o\s Lajcere cum fuis copiis & cetera multitudine 

* Delenda^ ni fatter. /• Lfipra r. a cfi legem feribi debeat. 
y Legend, nifauor^ Wlftanus. 9 pro us frequenter in Codd% 
MSS. #t I Jupra r fcribitur. 

1 quae proceflb tcmporii St. % de Wstr St. 5 Yxnige St. 4. Wlftaoai 


Of Mr. Lelanfs Itinerary. *# 

At vero Radulpho comiti, prope Cantabrigiam caftrame- Pag. i* 
tanri, Odo Bawcenps epifcopus, frater regis, & Josjridus Con- 
ftantienjis epifcopus, & GuU de Warenrta y & Rtcbardus de 
BenefaeJa, hlius Gileberti comitis « praecipue regis juftitiae, 
congregata magna copia tarn Anglorum quam Normannorum y \ 
ad bellum parati occurrerunt, & contra feditiofos acriter 
dimicat, eoique expugnat. Ipfe vero Radulphus comes inde 
evadens clanculo ad Norwieum confugit, & caftello fuse con- 
jugi militibufque fuis commendato afcenfa navi in minorem 
Britanniam fugit. Quern fugientem omnes adverfarii iljius 
infecuti omnes quos de fuis comprehendere poterant vei 
interemerunt, vel diverfis modis debilitaverunt. Dein prin- 
cipes tarn diu caftellum obfederunt,. quoad pace data comi- 
tiflae cum fuis exire de Anglta liceret. 

Extra urbem Wintoniam dum adhuc populus dormiret, $> Gu*idemu 
du&us eft in montem ubi nunc eccleiia S. JEgidii con- fee™ i per- 
ftrudaeft. cuflus - 

Ex ItbeUo incerti AuthorU de comitlbus Huntendun. 
cjr Northampton. 

Tradunt relationes antiquorum, quod vir quidam nobilis, 
(quern dominus contra folitum ordinem humanae propaginis 
ex quodam albo urfo patre muliere generofa matre y pro- 
creari) Urfus genuit Spratlingum^ Spratlingut Ulfium^ Ulfius 
Beorn, x cogn. Borefun, id eft, Urfi filiutn* Hie Beorn Dacus 
fuit natione, comes egregius & miles illuftris. In fignum au- 
tem illiusdiverfitatis ipeciei ex parte generantium produxe- 
rat ei paternas auriculas f S. Urfi . In aiiis autem fpeciei ma- 
ternae affimilabatur. Hie autem poft multas virtutis ac mi- 
litiae experientiasfilium genuit fortitudinis acmilitiaepaternae 
probum imitatorem. Nomen autem huic Si-war dus, cog. 
Diere 9 i. e. Groffus , qui quafi fupra fe elatus prse gratia pro- 
bitatis ei innatae • naturale folum habuit contemptui, patri 
fuo jure hereditario fuccedere vilipendens. juffitque navem 
iibi tortem & magnam praeparari, & bene muniri in cundtis 
nece£Tariis, tarn in armamentis navis quam in vidualibus & Pag. i$. 
armaturis corpori humano Congruentibus. Quo fafto ean- 
dem ingreffus cum quinquaginta militibus probis & praeele&is 

* Sic. fi Sic in Cod. mfiro hoc loco, non Gualdevus, tit 
alibi, y Forte^ procreavit. * Legend, forfan, fcilicet urfi. 
f Natule perperatn legitur in Cod. nofiro MS. 

I c#gn. Bcrefun St. 


14* Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

fibi aflbciatis mare confcendit, vela<aue ventis applicans tan- 
dem apud Qrkemam portum invenit lalubrem. in infill a ilia 
habitabat draco quidam, qui erat nonfolum in beftiis verum 
eciam in populo ltrages maxima. « t cuique fama ad aures 8- 
wardi rerum gefta deferente, cum eo pugnam inire £atage- 
bar, non operas locans arenariorum more, fed robor corporis 
& anion virtutem in hoc declaraos euro devicit, & ab infula 
fffugavit. reverfirfque navem ingreflus aquam remis foilici- 
cans proceflktemporis NortbumbreUnde applicttk, ibique al- 
terius draconis Jama aid aures ejus convolavit, quern cum 
quarreret, ut eum fimilicer vel eflfiigaret vel interficeret,vklet 
collem quendaoi arduum, Schomtoem fenem in fammkate 
fedentem, ad quem cum fe diveitiflec ut rumores de dido 
dracone inquireret, in colic refideos eum&o proprio nomine 
falutans, fie aUocutus : Siwarde, bene novi mum We cmufm Her 
iftud proficifieris 9 videlicet ut wires cum dracont euperiarss* Sed 
in vanum laboras. eum invenire non poteris ; fed reverttre ad 
focios tuos y & dicam fuid tibi auidere frfatatum *JV, Cum na- 
vem fueris ingreffus, fiatim aura tibi dabitur grata., & pro- 
fpero curfu cum vela ventis appticueris, portum invenies falu- 
berrimum iufiumine quodam cmi nemen Tamifia, quern cum con- 
fcenderis tandem reperies civitatem quondam cut applicant; 
{nomen autem ejus Londonium.) ibiiemque regem iUius regni 
invenies , qui te in firvitio fuo reUnebit^ & Urram fine m*g % 
mora dsfpendso tibi conferet. Simardus autem re/pondit, fe 
non adbibere fidcm ejus fermonibus, & fi fie reverteretmr Jocii 
fui iltud tanquam flgmentum arbitrarmtur. Senex autem fc 
finu fuo guoddam vexillum cxtraxit, 8c ei'tributt, quo faci- 
lius focii ejus ei fidem adfaibereot. Noroen eriam vexillo 
idem impotat fenex JRavenlandeye^ quod interpretatur corvm 
terr<e terror. Qgp aocepto Simardus ad focios fiaos rediens, 
navim ingreffus eft, & juxta fenis vaticinia poft naultas maris 
pag. \6. fiuauantisinuiadati<Miesdemum£w^»wwapplicuit ? uW re- 
gem Edovardum invenit, ad quern fine mora pervenit rumor 
cleadventu Siwardi: ad quem rex nwncios deftinavit, ut ad 
fe veniret, cum eo colloquium yhabituros apud Weftmonafte- 
rium. Shvardus autem annuit reverenter, & cum eo non 

u Forte, cumque fama ad aures Siwardi rerum geftarum 
deferretur, cum eo^r. fi Id*ft<> fato deftinatum eft. Vide 
Du-Frefnii Gloff". med. & infim. Latin, voc. Fatare. y Vel 
habiturus vel habicurum, ut cenj'tdo, tegendum. 

j ciyus ^r. 

Of Mr. "LelanJts Minepmy. 143 

nimio * * habito fermone retirurit euro rex in ferYitio ftio, ct»i 
promifit fe prirnum honorem colkturum, qui in regno fiio 
ad manus ejus deveniret. Quo f ado, a rege Iicentia impe- 
trata, 8'mardus cum fociis fuis verfus lAumtm. pedes rever- 
fus eft. cui fuper pontern quendam, a monafteno non kmge 
diftantem, obviabat comes deH**te*Ju»e, Ttfti nomine, Da- 
cm nacione. Rex autem eundern odio habuit 9 qui duxerat in 
uxorem filiam comitis Godumi, fororem reginae. Di&us vera 
comes adeo fuper ponticulum ilium fe Sward* approximavir, 
quod pclles ejus pedibus fuis lutofis defoedavit. ( Mos urique 
erat nobilibus tunc temporis pellibus uti abfque panoo.) Co- 
jus rei caufa fanguis circa cor ejus accents eum in irant 
vehementem exarfit. Temperabatur autem,nec confeftim ad 
vindi&am properabat, quia dedecus illud ei fuic allatum, cum 
inferens ad verfus Dm fui curiam proficifceretur. Suftinebat 
autem fuper eundem ponticulum cum fociis fuis #* imobilis 
exiftens, quoufque dichis Tofit a curia rediret ; quo redeunte, 
Smardus extrado gladio ei caput amputavit, quod fub pelli- 
bus ejus in manibus geftans ad curiam regreflus eft. £t ro- 
Savit rcgem, ut juxta pollicitationem regiam ei conferret 
ominium & honorem de Huntendun, quam tunc a domino 
vacare afferebat. Rex autem admirans, quia comes ille paulo 
ante ab eo recefferat, credit y fermone ejus quam jocuktionis 
quam veritatis continere. Ad haec Si-mar dus^ ejus interitum 
aflerens, in fignum infallibile rei geffae, ante pedes regis 
caput abfcifliim proiecit. Et rex confeftim juxta promiflum, 
quod inviolabile voluit obfervare, 3 contulic * & honorem de „ 
Huntendune, & eundem inde comitem inveftivit. Comes 
autem Siwardus a curia regreflus invenit focios fuos, qui 
conflidtum inierant cum bominibus interfedi adhuc dimi- 
cantes. Conflidtu autem in adventu ejus excrebrefcente 
• hoier Toftii gladio perierunt, & humati fuerunt in territo- p a g. 17; 

rio auodam prope London. Et in £ 4 memoria rei fie geftas 
conftrudta fuit ibi ecclefia qusedam, quae ecclefia Dacorum 
appellata eft ufaue in hodiernuai diem. Poftea vero a^iquibus 
annorum circulis revoluris, accidit quod Norrenfes guerram 

« Habita MS. fi Sic. y Forte, fermonem ejus plus jocu- 
lationis fac. ? Non defunt forte qui ei malint. % Sic in Cod. 
no fir MS. cum punftis fub oies. Sed baud dubie homines eft 
vera le&io. £ **• memoriam. 

t habito Sk st immobilis St.- $ contulu ei honorem $$, 4 memoriam 


1^4 Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

moverent regi, qui vacillaado hsefitabat quid fibi melius foret 
*ra<fr.urum. Quj tandem animo & conlUio concordi North- 
umb. Cumbreland & WefimerUnd comiti Siwardo contulit, 
eundem comitem inde inveftiendo, qui terram illam unde- 
cunque pacificavit, & contumelias & injurias regi iilatas 
per multa vindicavit ? ut effe&us negotii antiquae Anglorum 
niftorise confonet, fpiritu quad prophetico concinenti : quod 
procidentia d'tvina nafci permltteret ex fpecie rei irrational'ts 
cum ratlonali commixta y fcilicet ex urfo & muliere^ homlnem 
qui vindicaret regem Angliae iUuflrem & gloriofum ab inimicis 
juis. Qupd totum adimpletum fuit in comite Siwardo- vin- 
dicate invafiones & oppreffiones S. regi Edwardo iilatas* 
Proceffu vero temporis multis Siwardi viribus & virtutibus 
expertis, accidie quod rex Scotorum, Duneval nomine, it 
regno fuo fuit eje&us ; qui inftanter rogavit comitem Shpar- 
dum y ut fibi contra malevolos auxilium praeftaret, 3c confi- 
lium. Cujus petitioni comes obtemperans, exercitum con- 
gregavit, in iubfidium regis ufqtte ad Dunde progrediens. 
ubi nunciatum fuit eL quod homines fui de Nortbumbreland 
jam in eum & fuos adeo infurrexerant quod Qsbertum Bulax 
filium fuum interfecerant. Comes autem reverti compulfus, 
ira fervente commotus, bipennL quam in manu geltabat, 
globum quendam fi lapidieum iau validifT. fecuit, veftigiis 
adhuc y * eminentibus,terramque,quam contra regis inimicos 
viribus invaferat & occupaverat, lpfi regi reftituit : ad pro- 
pria remeans inimicos fuos & maleficos gladiis & aliis tor- 
mentorum generibus perimens & trucidans. His autem tem- 
poribus genuit fibi filium comitem illuftrem & generofum 
Waldevum nomine, & poft I multas annorum revolutiones 
quafi fenio decrepitus in civitate Eboraco fluxu ventris in- 
temperato laborans xgrotabat, & vexillum fuum, de quo 
fupra mentio habebatur, Ravenlandeye contulit civibus Ebo- 
racenpbus. tunc fuit reconditum in ecclefia S.Maria % veteris. 
Morbo autem di&i comitis ingravefcente, etfi corporis, non 
Pag. X 8. tamen animi fortitudinis expers, dixit, quod turpe & dedecus 
inaftimabile ejfet, fi fortijf. milium morbo <v ace arum pr*gra~ 
vatus more moreretur vaccino. juffitque fuis circumftantibus, 
ut eum erigerent, & eum lorica fua impenetrabili fuccinge- 
rent, £ & omnibus infigniis militaribus fefe fie ere&um m- 

« Sic. /8 Sic. y I fupra priore e, ac /? imminentibus legi 
deb eat. f Multos MS. • An veteri ? £ Sic* 

i inemineotibus St, 


Of Mr. Letants Itinerary^. 14? 

diierent. Qui fie infignitus, membris ere&is, vultu ad Deixtti 
clevatOj viam univerfae carnis ingreffus eft. 

Cui iucceffit per omnia in poffeffionibus & proprietatibus 
filius fuus comes Waldevus^ qui non interfuit confh&ui, cum 
dux GuU Baftardus Anglos oppreffit & devicit. 

Reliqua de Gualdeuuo comite quote paulo fupra in libeUo 
de ejus vita* 

0ua fequuntur de Juetta, five Juditha, in eodemfunt libeUo 
m quo fuperiord de Siwardo comite. 

Comitiffa autem Jueta^ comitis Waldevi reli&a ? poft de* Jud$th*i 
cefliim domini fui cum duabus filiabus fuis dommationem 
habuit honoris de Huntendune^ qui ei nomine dotis fuerac 
collatus, & ibidem moram faciebant tjuoufque rex earn vo» 
luit tradere fi ttuptui cuidam militi Francigena nomine y 1 Simo* 
nis Sylvane&enh, fcilicet deSeint Liz. V^nerant enim duo mi* 
lites fratres Francigena in fubfidium regis eidem fervituri cum 
quadraginta militibus quos fecum adduxerant. quibus nomen 
Guarnerus le Riche & Simon de Seint Liz ; nomen autem pa- 
tris eorum Ranulphus le Riche. Poft cujus obitum Guarnerus 
primogenitus ejus natale folum repetiit, ut patri in bonis fuc- 
cederet. Simon autem junior remanfit cum rege : cui rex 
contulit villam de Northampton & hundredum de Fackley 9 Handredu* 
quod tunc valebat 40. libras annuas, ut inde in equorum fuo- ^"j? 1 ?'? 
rum ferratura fibi provideret. Quj primo conftruxit caftrum 9lm * 4c W* 
de Northampton & abbatiam S. Andrea. Poftea vero cum per 
tempus non modicum ftetiffet in fervitio regis, cum non e£* 
fet contentus poffeffionibus quas ei rex contlilerat, rogavit 
regem ut fibi poffeffiones ampliaret* & ut in uberiori refjn- 
ceret emolumento : cujus petitionibus rex favens voluit ei 
neptem fuam relidam Waldeuui matrimonialiter affociare. 
Quae inftanter renuit, quia in parte claudicabat. Rex autem 
ob hoc in I * indignatione prorupit, & feryote irse fuccenfus 
contulit dido Simoni totum honorem de Huntendune ficur ad 
manus regias devolutum : & ex tunc fuit di&us idem Simdn 
comes de Northampton , & Huntendune fcilicet, &omnes ter- 
ras & poffeffiones illis pertinentes diu poffedit. Comitifla Pag. t$ 
yero Juetta latitando fugit per marifcum de Ely, & alias 
cum filiabus latebras quaerenao prae timore regis & comitis 
Simoni s. Tandem vero cum di&us Simon adhuc effet folutus, 

* Quae MS. £ Nupturi MS. y F. Simoni. 4 F. indig- 

x Simoni St. % indjgnationem S$i 
Vol. 4. T confiliun^ 


14$ Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

confilium iniit cum amicis & fidelibus fiiis de uxore fibi if* 
focianda. Tra&atu vero fuper hoc habito omnes unanimi 
affenfu confuluerunt, ut primogenitam Waldenui fupradidi 
duceret in uxorem. Timebatur enim in retentia ilia utnwr 
i rex Angli* remaneret Tub poteftate Xormannorum, an ad 
dominium Anglorum reverteretur ? Unde provido delibera- 
tum fuit confino, quod fi Normanni * reges occupatum red*. 
nerent, haberet comitatus prxfatos, tanquam ex collatione 
regia ei conceffos ; fi vero Angli convalefcerent, haberet /al- 
tern honorem de Huntendune ratione uxoris fuse, quae jure 
hereditario patri fuccedere deberet. Confilio quidem fie prae- 
locuto, comes Simon Matbildam primogenitam TPkldeumSbi 
matrimonialiter affociavit, & tunc ex terra ilia quadraginta 
milites hereditarie inveftivit. quorum heredes pro magna 
parte eafdem terras poffident 9 nec eis unquam privati fuerunt* 
etfi circa dominos capitales varise fa&ae fuerunt mutationes. 
Didus autem Simon Aliciam fororem uxoris fuae tradidit in 
uxorem nobili viro Radulfbo de « Tony cum centum libratis 
terrx de honore de Huntendune cum Welcbsmefiow^ Kerce- 
linget & aliis terris & pofTeflionibus. Comes autem Simon 
proceflu temporis ex Mathilda comitiffa prolem procreavit 
Simonem Waldeuvm & Matbildam. Waldeuus poftea fuit Ab- 
bas de Mai /r os. Mathilda tradita quidem fuit nuptui Roterto 
fi 3 filio Ricbardo, ex quo fufcepit prolem Walterum filium Ro- 
terti nomine. Simon autem comes Northampton & Hunten- 
dune poft multos annorum circulos vexillo crucis infignitus 
peregre proficifcens Kerofolym. abiit, & fucceflu profpero 
ad propria remeavit. Iterum autem urbem peregrinalem zelo 
dei accenfus adire anhelans, iter arripuit, propofitoque fru- 
ftratus in itinere ad patres fuos appohtus eft ; apud priora- 
turn de charitate mortuus & ibidem fepultus. Ejus autem 
reli&a cum prole fufcepta & terris & poffeffionibus fuit manu 
regjis Henrici primi, qui ante reginam fibi afTociaverat Ma- 
tbildam fororem Alexandra regis Scotorum & David fratris 
Pag. ao; David autem rogavit regem Henricum 9 ut comitiflam Ma- 
thildam- Simonis reli&am, ei concederet ducendam in uxo- 
rem. Rex autem annuit monitis & petitionibus reginx per* 
du&us, 6c fie habuit poffeffionem comitiflx & comitatus ac 
parvulorum cuftodiam, Non longe vero poft Alexander rex 

# Toneio fupra lin. fi Sic. 

t reg : Angli* Sff % teg: occupatura St. $ filit Richardi St. 


Of Mr. Le land's Itinerary. 147 

tcotorum defun&us eft : cui fucceffit in regnum comes David, 
|ui poftea ex Mathilda regina fua genuit fibi filium nomine 
lenricum. Parvuli ante ex Slmone & Mathilda procreati, qui 
lerant in cuftodia David, addu&i fuerunt in Normanniam^ 
c commiffi cuftodiae Stefhani comitis Albemarle avunculi 
latris eorum, & in tantum Tub ejus tutela educati, * > quod 
imon primogenitus infignia militaria una cum GuL cornice 
jlio comitis Stefhani. unde Henricus rex Anglia & indigna- 
lonem conceperat. Henricus autem filius regis David frater 
kerinus di&i Simonis fecundi cum ad plenam pubertatem 
leveniffet gladio militari accindfcus duxit inuxorem comitif- 
lam Ade fororem GuL comitis Warenme, qui genuit ex ea 
y*Malcolinum, & GuL poftea regem Scotorum, & fratrem eo- 
F rum comitem David & filias aliquot. Morte autem praeven- 
tus patre adbuc fuperftite fuccubuit. Simon autem de Seint 
Liz fecundus multotiens folicitavit regem petitionibus & in- 
terpellationibus,ut ei hereditatemfuam reftitueret,qui tamen 
rege vivente nunquam potuit exaudiri. 

Sed poft regis deceffum caftra Northamton & Huntendun 
©ccupavit, & ea cum terris adjacentibus & pertinentiis toto 
tempore vitas fuse poffedit, & duxit in uxorem TJ'abettam 
comitiffam filiam Robert! comitis LeyceftrU; qui fuit poftea 
Jufticiarius Anglia effedtus, ex qua genuit Simonem de Seint 
Liz tertium, & duas filias, quibus nomen Amicia 8cHav>ife. 
Poft deceffum autem Simonis fecundi, filius ejus, Simon ter- 
tius cum terra fua fuit fub tutela Henrki regis fecundi per 
quinque annos vel amplius. ita quod rex propofuit adire 
Tblofam ut earn expugnaret : quo fecum adduxit Malcolmum 
regem Scotorum & reddidit ei honorem de Huntendun, re- 
tends tamen fibi caftro & burgo Northamton. dum tamen 
comes Simon tertius more pupilli adhuc effet tutelae com- ptg. it; 
jnifliis. Sic autem ingreffus honorem de Huntendun rex Sco- 
torum quamdiu vixerat eum poffedit : adeo quod comiti &- 
fwww fiiper hoc licet multoties requifita femper tamen dene- 
gata fuit juftitia. Defun&o vero rege I Matcolino fucceffit ei 
in folidum GuL frater ejus, cujus etiam temporibus non po- 
tuit di&us Simon gratiam impetrare quoufque rex Henricus 
tertius primogenitus regis Henrici Anglia fecundi, & di&us 
GuL rex Scotorum, & David frater ejus, & comes Leyceflria^ 
& alii nobiles & magnates infurrexerunt in regem Henricum. 

m Sic. fi Indignatione MS. y Sic. i Sic* 

1 quoad St. a Malcolnum St* 


148 Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

Rex autem qui tunc temporis degebat in partibus tranfma* 
rinis fcripfit nobilibus viris Richardo de Lucy, qui tunc erat 

1'ufticiarius Anglia, & comiti GuL & aliis magnatibus fide- 
ibus fuis ut exercitum congregarent AngL & progrederen^ 
tur ad obfidendum & expugnandum caftrum de 1 Hundendon, 
& totum honorem traderent comiti Simons, & obfidionem 
ejus ordinationi committerenr. Quo fadto de judicio curiae 
regias & Baronum regni adjudicatus fuit comiti Simoni totus 
honor de Huntendon tanquam fpedtans ad eum jure heredi- 
tario. Aliis autem, $ui prius ilium occupaverant, abjudicatus 
fuit. & memo, quia guerram fecerunt regi de eodem tene- 
ment©, unde ei homines fui fuer^nt & fideles efle debu- 

His ita per ordinem pera&is, receffit Jufticiarius cum Ba? 
ronibus quam plurimis : comes autem Simon in obfidione & 
exerjpitu qijafi dux remanfit, ibidem moram faciens ufqiie ad 
adventum regis, cui confeftim caftrum tradebatur, (Jomes 
autem Simon terras fuas circumgirans terris & pofleffionibus 
milites fups ditayit, his qui ei lervierant abunaanter ftipen- 
dia refundens. Hominibus autem. qui per Scotos eje£ti foe- 
rant, jijra fua integre reftituit, & he honorem de Huntendon 
tota vita fup, temppre regis Henries fine querela & content 
tione pacifice pofiedir. llli etiam quos ipfe inveftierat, poft 
pbitum fuum, cum etiam terra eflet in manu regis fere per 
annum fibi collata poflcderunt, quoufque rex Henricus hono- 
rem de Huntendon GuL regi Scotorum, qui eufTj continuo con-f 
Pag. ii. tulit David fratri fuo : qui quidem comes abfque vocatione 
& judicio omnes illos ejecit, quos comes Simon ultimus in- 
troduxerat, una cum multis de his, qui per Simonem patrem 
fuum fuerant introdu&i. Per hsec autem quod comes Simon, 
qui militari virtute adeo pne aliis fulgebat, nunquam inter- 

1>ellavitregemperfevel alium de capit. hereditatefua,vide- 
icet Northumh eland, Weftmerland, Cumbr eland, quam pater 
& avus uxoris fuae obtinuerant ; nee poftea rex David, qui 
reli&am fuam duxerat in uxor'em ; nee poft Simon comes 
medius, qui viribus, fapientia, probitate alios praecellebat ; 
nee poftea Malcolmus rex, nee rex GuL frater ejus, nee Simon 
comes ultimus, nee Mathilda • liquidum eft, & juri confer 
num, quod tria ilia ad ordinationem regis & arbitrium fiie* 
j*ant devoluta. 


1 Huntendon St. 

Of Mr. Lelanfs Itinerary, 149 

N. B. 

Ex Prologo Gocelini Monachi Bertiniani in Vitam 
d. Yvonis Epifcopi. 

Quse de vita beati Yvonis referuntur a Venerabili Abbate 
Andrea celebrata nofcuntur. 

Peregre profe&us eft Andreas Abbas Hierofolymam : No*- 
men Yvonis in Graccia clarum. 


Hie ergo gratia hujus patris fan&iff. paulo brevius collegia 
Gocelinus redegit in epitomen librum Andreas de Vita S. 

Ex libro Gocelini de vita S. Yvonis. 

Yvo Epifcopus ex Perfide oriundus. , 

Yvo in Graecia 

Yvo in Roma 

Yvo a Qallia in Britanniam tranfmifit. 

Yvo pervenit ad Huntendune in provintia Merciorum 

Yvo delegit fibi fedem in Slepa Villa, 

Yvonis reliquias plus minus centum Luftris in Slepa deli- 

Rufticus impreflb molitus vomere terram slepa diftat 

Impegit in hoc facrofan&um Sarcophagum. feptem pf. 

Monachus prapofitus Slepenfis villae Ednothum Abbitem £ us m jr e ? 
Inventi Sepulchri admonet, EftE 

Ednothus venit &c ultenorem fpem pertentans fepulchra tenduno 
duoru Socioru Yvonis una cum monimento Patricii cujuf- yv0 f u 
dam invenit, raptofque idem in ecclefia cum ipfo beato tus veftiSis 
Yvone in tempus decentioris tranflationis compofuit. pontificiii 

Ut etiam res magis innotefcat ex claritudine generis Mo- una cu ™ 
nachi Praepofiti Slepenfis villas. » Is erat fan&iff. atque il- ca,,c * de * 
liiftriffimo Ebor. Prxfulae Ofwaldo nobili advunculo, ger- auraI ° 
mano quoque pollens cenobiali & priori equivoco Ofwaldo, 
Ut liber ejus verfjficus teftis eft, erudite tarn devote in Do- 
mino ut abftineret oblato Pontificio. 

Inventio reliquiarum Yvonis decern annis a morte Ethel- 
wini fundatoris Ramefienfis Monafter : fepultus eft Ethel- 
winus in eodem Monafterio quod edificaverat. 

Ex Libello de tranflatione Yvonis & ejus Miraculis, 

Famofiffimus Abbas Germanus Floriacenfis inftitutioni? 


N. B. The following Exrra&s are (applied from Mr. Stow's Tranfcript. 
'Thij and the following Paragraphs axe very faultily transcribed by Stowe. 

* jo Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

qui t praeto Ofwaldo Archiprxfuli diu adhaeferat, quern inde 
clorihffimus Rex Edgarus Monafter S. Kenelmi Martiris 
Winchelcumbx prsefecerat, filius quoque Edgari Succeflbr 
Ethelrediwcenobio Celefige praepoluerat, quod fuggeftione 
Archiepus Sirici paterna pietate conftru&um & dicatum 
Monacnis ordinaverat pro fan&i fris" fui fcilicet Edvardi 
regali martyrio, & pro regin * muro. 

Cum hoc quoque egregio conforte Germano egregius 
Pater Ednothus, Rege & Epifcopis faventibus S. Yvonem 
& reliquos Sandtos Tecum repertos tranftulit in Ramefienfe 

Abbas Ednothus 5 noto omnium fratrum ecclefiam con- 
didit in honorem & memoriam beati Yvonis. in eodem 
fcilicet loco tumba fua atque inventionis. 

Locus Maufolei nunc fcatet fontana aqua. 

Dedicat Ec- S. Yvonis Antiftes Siwardus, vir qui cum fratre Wlfredo 

ro^e m fi Ra "P er a ' ta P e " cu ^ a maris & Nationum gentilium Chrifti 

Canobi/. m ^ es comprobatus fuerat, qui pariter multis perfecutio- 

nibus & opprobrijs inviai gentem petitam lucrati funt 

Salvatori, & tandem gladiatore deficiente in Angliam re- 

yerfi funt. 

Huic Dedicationi intererat cum cetu Nobilium inclyta 
Matrona Ethelfledis, orationibus jejuniis aliifque pietatis 
a&ibus venerabilis. quas etiam Coenobium Enulphesbyriae 
honorific^ condidit, & magnified ditavit. his quoque quae 
fibi memorabilis Heros, egregius Eleemofynator, & devo- 
tus Dei cultor Ethelricus prxtenderat, cecidit. 

Bluntefham villa. 

S. Eaftrsberga opp : 

Reliquiae trium sociorum Yvonis in capfa argentea relata 
ad Slepam & in Ecclefia Yvoni facra tempore Henrici Regis 

Paganus Peverel vendicabat fibi tempore Bernardi Ab- 
batis duas villas Ramefienfis coenob : fed causa accidit. 

Robertus Dapifer Pagani Peverel. Bugghedene villa 
Huntedun Provincial. 

« Notes concerning William of Wickham." 

WiJtiam Perret^ alias Wikam^ becaufe he was born at #7- 
ham in Hamp-Jhire. Some fuppofe that he was a Baftard. 
Perot the Parifh-Clark's Son oiWikam. 

This Title I have added. 

i f. praedi&o, % Sic, 3 Si& 


Of Mr. Lelanfs Itinerary . ifx 

Perot brought up by Mr. Wodale of Wikam, learned Gram- 
mar and to write faire. 

The Conftable of Winchejler-Cz&le, at that time a great 
Ruler in Hamf-Jbire, got Perot of Wodale and made him 
his Clerke. 

Edward the 3 d , coming to Wtnchefter-Cz.&le, liked Perot 
and took him to Service. 

Edward the 3d underftanding that Perot had a mind to be 
Prieft, made him firft Parfon of St. Martin's in London, and 
« the Dean of St. Martin's in London, then Archdeacon of 

Edward the 3d. made him Surveyor of his Buildings, as of 
Windfore, and ggjnbtrge in Kent, and other Buildings. 

Then Edward made him Bearer of the Privie-Seale, Mafter 
of the Wardes, and the Forrefts. 

Wikam was Treafurer for the Revenues of France. 

Then he made him Bifhop of Wtnchefler, Chancellor and 
Treafurer of England,** it very manifeftly appears by Writing. 

The Black Prince fcant favoured Wikam. 

Wikam procured to keep the Prince in Battle out of the Pag. 13. 

John of Gaunt Duke of Lancajler Enemy to Wikam. 

Alice Porters, Concubine to Edward the 3d. caufid Wikam 
to be baniflied, and then he dwelled in Normandy and Pi* 
cardy about 7. years, Edward the 3d. yet living. 

Wikam reftored about the id. Year of Richard the %*. of 
whom he had a Generall Pardon. 

& A Letter from Mr. Leland to Mr. Bane". 

Mr. Bane, 

I am right glad to hear of your manyfold Succefles in all 
Kindes of good Letters. And thoujgh ye fomwhat know Mr. 
Dawes my Friend, the Bringer of this Letter; y^neverthe- 
lefs I fhall right heartily defire you that he for my Sake, a 
Man of your Acquaintance in tymes paft, may be the more 
cpmmended, as I may doe the like Pleafure and Service here 
to my fmall Power. I fhall likewife right heartily require 
of you that ye will helpe Mr. Dawes as ye may commodioufly 
in a thing wherein I have required his Diligence : that is to 
fay in procureing me at Lovaine a toward young Man, about 
the Age of xx. Years, learned in the Latine Tongue and 
yerfifymg : and that befide can in the Greek Tongue Jine 

* F. then* fi I have added this Line. 


Xfx Appendix to the Fourth Voliime 

cortsce natare. Such a one I would intertaine torn bonefis 
conditionibus, modo candidi mores erudition* refponderent, that 
you would wifh a right good Friend of your*s no better. Mr. 
Dawes can tell you the whole Circumftance of my Mind irt 
this Behalfe. Ye fee how boldly I ufe you. I pray you be 
as bold of me. At London the xn. of November, by all your 
own at Commandment Joannes Lelandius. 

pj. ^ Notes concerning certain Karnes and Things in the Hi/lory 
* of Croyland Welingborow in Northampton-lhire. 

Bebi in Leyrceftre. Writborp in Nortbampton-fbire by Staun- 
ford. Elmington by Oundel in Nortbampton-Jbhre. * Cotebam 
about x. Miles from Cambridge. Hokington z< Miles from 

Afewik a Farm about 4. Miles froffi Cropland be Water 
apon We land Water. It was the Abbates Place. Vunefdale 
on the hither fide of Weland about x. Miles diftant above 
Croyland. It is a £ Seny Place for the make. 

jguapelode ix. Miles from Crowland and ?. Miles from 
Afewik*. Afewik is in §uapelode Paroch. guapelode on W^- 
land, and the ftream is Frefh Water there. 

Gedeney 3. or 4. Miles from Quapelode, a prety Tonnelet 
for the Country. It belonged once to 3. Sifters. Croyland 
had one Part, and that Sifter was buried at Croyland. Lord 
Wenford hath another Part. Lord Pollet hath now the 3**. 

Bafton fometime a Market Town about a Mile from Mar* 
ket Deping in Kef en. 

Langetoft joyneth to Bafton. 

Burethorp by Baflon about a. Miles of. Tetford is the Head 
Church to Bafton Market, where is a Chappell. 

Buken Halle by BuUingbrooke. 

Kalington about x. Miles from Louth Market. 

Dunedik Lordfhip joyneth upon the Wafh at Fofdik. 

Holbech which is about a Mile of guapelode. 

Flete once a Market in hominum memoria. It is but a Mile 
from Gedeney, and a Faire on Saint Magdalen* s Day. 

Tbomas Muleton Knight had his Caftle In the Fenne halfe 
a Mile from Quapelode : whereof fome fmale Part yet ftand- 
eth. The Lord Fitzwalter hath it now, and Lord Marquefs 
hath another Part of it. Lord Richard hath for Life the 
Marquefs's Part. 

* En fupra e fcribitur ab ead. mam. fi Sic. Forfan pr$ 



Of Mr. Lelanfs Itinerary* tj} 

Portefand is about * 14. about vii. Miles over. It was 
once arable Ground but low; but now for Lack of Cure 
Fenny and Marisk, and joyneth on Croyland Monaftry by 
Eaft, Weft and North. There is a Parifli of xviii. Score 
Houfeling People. 

Alanus de Cruen Lord of Trifton, and that gafe * without doubt 
"Triflon to Croyland Abby, was burried on the South ^ aidevm «»>«**»«**• 
Sicfe of the High Altar of Croyland. He came in ^ JEfiC 
With William the Conquerour. fide of Btfton water, 

* WathynRodeley Efquire that married the y Duthes mdButtemik and r#/« 
ofSommerfet, was buried in our Lady Chappel on i If ° ^ere belong to 
the South Side of the Church. He was alive, as ^fi e C ^ a fe 
fomefay, in Henry the vii nth . Dayes. He was a f en> andaii rhiawu 

great rich Man. the Bod/ De la Cmnna Land* 

Richard WeUeby Efquire of Henry the vn*l>. lay in a goodlv« pag, 4/4 
Tombe in our Lady Qiappel. He was born, in Multon in Hot- 
land, and was a Man there of great Note and Power in Hol- 
land* Thomas Welbj 

His Brother Child is the Heire. This Thomas was alfo 
buried there. 

Coldingham of old time was a Cell given by a King of 
Scotts to Croyland \ and they received oftentime Rents thence. 
And at the laft Dlrham compounded to give Croyland 8. 
Pounds by Year for it out of their Cell of St. Leonards by 

I A Letter written in behalf of Mr. Leland /f . 

In right hearty manner I commend me on to yow. And 
where as Mafter Leylande at this prasfente tyme cummith to 
Byri to fee what Bookes be lefte yn the Library there, or 
tranflatid thens ynto any other Corner of the late Monaftery, 
I fhaul defier yow upon juft Confideration right redily to 
forder his Caufe. and to permitte hym to have the ufe of 
fuch as may forder hym yn fetting forth fuch Matiers as he 
writith for the King's Majefte. In fo doyiqg ye fhaul bynde 
me to fhow on to yow at al tymes like Gratitude : for if I 
were prefent at this tyme witn yow I wold gladly my felfe 
fulfil his honefte Requefte. Thus fare ye wel tnis IX. of 
Novembre zXBarneweUe. 

Notes out of the Abbey of Saint Edmund's-Bury* 

Anfelmus Abbas fecit capellam S". Andrea. Item fecit pa- 

* Sic. fi Sic, y Sic. ? I have added this Line. 
< Vol. 4. U nri 

*54 Appendix to die Fourth Volume 

rari arte fuforia magnas « naruas occideatales Eccle&t S* 


/*EcclefiaS.jto*fc'aedificavtt,ad quam tranftulk parochiam 
de navi eccle&e S. Edmundi. 
Ay. *& Hi£* ejus nominis a. Abbas S. Edmund?, poftea epifcopus 
Elieufo. Hie fepaltus eft ad pedes S. EtbehreeUe. Simon Ab- 
bas demolita rotunda capdfa Prions, in qua S. Edmundus 
ante y tranflatiooem requjerit, eapelkm beatse Maria k fun- 
damentis in eodem loco fumptibus fais, parentum & ami- 
coram xdificaTit. 

Joannes Norvold Abbas capeHam de ICarnelo in coemi- 
ceno fundavit & dotavir. 

Conftruxit eriam capellam S. Botutfbi. 

Edmundus de BronJifcbabtm fecit unamturrimfbper aquam. 

Richard* primus Abbas fecit tabulam argenteam deauratam 
pro magno altari. Thomas Scales miles. 

Joannes Gosfwd Prior S. Edmunds perquifivit manerium de 
Huntingfeld Haulle in Eftbraden. 

Vicus chirothecarum in f>ppido S. Edmund's* 

Joannes Gosford Prior incepit novum clauftrum juxta ec- 
vlefiam S. Edmunds, & auxilio amkorum perfecit. 

Fecit etiam clauftrum juxta infirmariam. 

Qui. Conqneftor rex A#gl. dedit S. Edmundo maneria de 
Bro* & Rergrave, 8c quareium ad Burgjum S. Petri. 

VuhYT\m\isAbbzsS.Edmundiky\i\t\is in capella infirmariae- 

Stefbanus rex remifit monafter. S. Edmundi cuftodiam 40. 
militum caftelli de Norwico. 

Guartnm filius Geroldi dedit S. Edmund* Sabrit chef-monk. 

Ex UbeUo deExe quits nobilium virorum texAUatumfe- 
fultotum in monafterio S. Edmundi* 

Thomas Beaufort dux Exoni* tarn corpus (uum quam Jtfey*- 
g«r*A0 uxoris fiiae fepeliendum in monafterio S. Edmundi 

Baldewinus dedit conventui pifcationem 2t Stdelefmere u(que 
ad Lakfird* & 20. ftagna juxta monafterium. 

Hie Baldewinus proftrata ecclefia S. Edmundi, ab Aihrino 
wg# * 7 ' epifcopo Eftanglis conftruda, aliam £ ptflcheiiorem & emi- 
nentiorem a fundamentis de novo conftruxit, in * qua cotv 
pus S. Edmundi tranftulit. 

• Sic in Cod. noftro MS. cum quinyue funSisfuiter foftis. 
fi F. ecciefiam. y Tranttatione MS. J Sic. $ Sic in MS \ 
RefoneudkforfoMte* £ Sic. * F. quao*. 


Of Mr. LelamPs Itinerary. Iff 

Samffon Abbas dedit crucem auream. 

Aulam hofpitum in curia, & aulam * placitum, & aulam 
fcholarum, & aulam de Redgrave lapideas xdificavit. 

Aquas-duftum, & aquam per rivulos derivatam, & lavato- 
ria opere mirifico &magnitudine admiranda confummavit. 

Hofpitalc S. Salvatons xdificavit. 

Operimentum fepulchri S. Edmunds renovavit & auro 
gemmifque diftinftum adornavit . 

- Joannes de Gaunt dux Lancaflria: fcptcm feneftras vitreas 
fieri fecit in ecclefia ex parte auftrali. 

Edmundus Bokenham Abbas emit CagehaUe in Mag. Berton 
proioo. marcis. 

Joannes Bohun Abbas* 

GuL Cratfeld Abbas redemit fervitutem 3000. florenorum, 
quae finguli abbates Edmunds in confecratione fua folebant 
dare pontifici Roman*. 

Redemit etiam a Richardo fecundo rege pretium fi uca- 

tionts Abbat. S. Edmundi^ videlicet 40. libr. 

Ruhardus primus dedit Ailfham S. Edmundo^ vivaria de 
Pakenham & Rugham. 

D. GuL Elminham & Elizabeth uxor. * 

Joannes rex Anglia dedit S. Edmundo unum fapphyrum 
virtuofum, & unum rubeum five carbunculum magm valoris, 
& viginti quatuor homines cum terris fuis in Ailtjbam. 

Henricus 3"". dedit monafterio S. .Edmunds' unam cupam 
auream pro corpore Domini, 

Thomas Abbas dedit magnam copiam vaforum argenteorum 
monafterio S. Edmuwdi. 

Joannes Lavenham facrifta fecit & fieri procuravit in ec- 
clefia SiEdmundi infra fpatium 16. annorum campanile no- . 
vum fupra chorum pretio %66. lib. 1 3. y folidis & 4. denariis. 
Fecit fieri & max. campanam pretio centum triginta trium 
librarum, fex folidorum & oflro denariorum. 
. Domina Maria de Pakenham, & D*. Edmundus maritus 
ejus, &* D s . Thomas filius fuus, fid Radulfhus de Hcmenhale 
milites dederunt nobis reverfionem manerii de Pakenham t in* 
ferioris, quod valet 40. libr. per annum. Robertas Hoel miles. 

Thomas Mountcbefi & Joanna uxor ejus. 

* Sic. £ Sic in Cod. nofiro MS. cum ffstio levi fr PunSk 
fub uc. Legend, forte advocationis, y Sic % Lege folidorum 
£c 4, denariorum. J Sic. 

Ij$ Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

Ex colleSionibus Joannis Rowfe de Antiquitate Oxonii 
& AcademU\ 

Et lflwU Oxford primo a conditore Memprhto Caer Memprieai dida, 
tritsmus deinde Belle- faum, forfan a bello monte vicino, poftea R/- 
p2£ ttfcrl "J**«S i. e. v*</*ar £**«», St Caer Voffa 9 a comite quodam qui 
^ u * floruit tempore Arturis. 

Ex libro Univerfitatts Oxon. 
Primo addu&i funt cum Trojanis per Brutum Greed Philo- 
fophL a quibus poftea locus eorum ftudiis deputatus Grece- 
lade dicebatur, ubi primum fuit generate ftudium Britannia. 

Philofophi de Grecelade propter amnium, pratorum & ne- 
morum amoenitatem ftudium fuum tranftulerunt a Grecelade 
ad Belle-fitum tunc vocatum, quern locum poftea Saxones no- 
minabant Oxoniam a quodam vado vicino fie didfcum. 
ZUvU the- Lecbelade fchola fie didta a medicis • 
laor. u*- s. Sampfon archiepifcopus Eboru ', & poftea Dolenps epifco- 
/*w^ito-p US m p arva £r/Y. ftuduit apud Grecelade. Anno D»i. 
fSrtam 1 " dccxxvii. obiit Frf difwlda «mona filia Didanl reguli & Sa- 
% An i iu> frid*. tranfla^ta fuit pridie Idus Februarii anno Dni. 1180. 
chronicon praefente rege Henrico fecundo, Rscbardo archiep. Cantnar* 
de ofntj. ^ mu i t i s aliis epifcopis. 

A . DJ. 8it. fuit grave bel- 
lum inter Egbertum $ & " re- 
gem Weft-Sax. & Ceolwfphum 
regem Merciorum inter Ab'mg* 
ion & Oxford in loco qui 
Cheppenhul dicitur, vi&ore 

ftudium de Greet**. RtxAJfredutfiveAliiredtif, annoD n '.DCCCLXXiii°. 
^nQawm **-£'»» primo Doftores in Grammatica, in Artibus, & in 
S&Tit .^wndem^e Theologia inftituit Ox**;/, principaliter in tribus lo- 
per ^ W** rep*™- cis, quos vocavit <*£*/*; Umverfitath^ in nomine 
tam fait. S. Trinitatis fundatas, quarum una in alto vico ver- 

pag. ap. fus portam orientalem fituata y xxvi. Grammaticos omnibus 
neceflariis fufficienter inftru&os, & hssc Aula parva Univer- 
fitatts difta. Alia aula erat verfus muros boreales conftru&a 
pro xxvr. Diale&icis feu Philofophis. Tenia conftjru&a pro 
Xheologis in alto vico,verfus portam orientalenv Erajxt circa 
fcjpc tempora & alix Aulx a nobilibus, exemplo regis, funr 

* mond]L. monatb* % fi T« $c deleri forfan debet, y Dseft 



Of Mr. Lei anas Itinerary. 157 

ilatae : quo tempore ecclefia S. JEgldii deputata erat eorum 
convocationibus & congregationibus, ficut nunc eft ecclefia 
S. Maria. 

Rex Ahredus o&avam partem proventus fui fcholis &z-u#uunu 
tiofe tribuit. *«?• 

Edwardus Aluredi « filius ftatuit Univerfitatem Cantabrigi*. ^Z***" 

Rex Aluredus inter ceteros genuit Ethelwardum virum li- 4 ^ f * 
teratiffimum & philofophum in academia Oxon. qui fepultus 
eft cum patre in monafterio de Hide. 

Redburn hiftoricus, quern Joannes Rowfe aliquo- Mr- • . „ 

ties citat, fuit monachus Wintonienfts. Rowfe vero kuT'df A«demi£ 
ejus chronicon non citat poft annum Domini ia2$>. f cr ibic fe iocutum fa- 
fed hinc non tamen fatis liquet quo tempore iflecumhocfo#*r>f». 
vixerit Vn< fe k" s i'q uet ^^ 

S. Grmbaldus monachus S. S»*W,. Dr. P^- 'SfiSSZE: 
enftS) per Aluredum vocatus, docuit Oxonu. Idem fecit nicorum, raajorem ft 
& Joannes Scotus per eundem regem vocatus. minorem. 

Anno D ni *. 97*>°. tempore JEgelredi regis coecobium S. 
Fredifwid* monialium Oxon, deftruftum eft per Danos , &Floro 
fie concuffum & confra&um manfit ufcjue ad tempus Rogerin&or. 
epifcopi Sarum^ qui id reparavit, & primum ibi Canonicum 
inftituit Guimundum^ virum per omnia probum. 

Anno Dni. 1015 . multi ex nobilitate Danica confilio E- 
dric't interfe&L pars vero petentes campanile S. Fredifwida 
cum turre ibidem conflagraverunt. 

Haraldus fpoliavit fcholas ab Aluredo inftitutas, uni theo- 
logorum fcholse parcens, quae fchola poftea icerum dotata eft 
& Gulielmo Archidiacono Dunelmenfi. 

Haraldus Levipes Oxoni* coronatus in regem auxilio Leo- Kanutyhw 
fries comids Ceftria Anno D™. 10360. Cefrenpu 

Mire audta Univerfitas tempore Normannorum regum 
ufque ad Joannem regem. 

Oxonia per Danos cremata a°. D». 979°. & iterum imno H ? nftlbmm 
D*». mix©, per Danos incenfa. '"*■ 

Cantabrigia & Northamftona oppid. incenfa per Danos 
anno Dni. MX <\ 

Anno Dni. mcxxxim. Robertus Poleyn refufcitavit ftudium *ag-3°» 
facrum lirerarum Oxonii y quae jam fere abfolverant. Hie Ro- 
bertus poftea fa&us fuit cancellarius Roman* ecclefiae. 

Joannes Veldenet £ librum cui titulus Fafciculus tern for urn. Vddewt. 

# Frater yi/>r* lin % male^ fi Adde fcripfit. 


1 58 Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

|^» chrakoa de Anno D ni . MLui°. aedificatum fuk caftnun Qx«& 

*<#*«, quod wi- i ltafo-fr Q7/7 primo, & ao. D*. mlxxiiii. fiindata 

hoc ibidem mu- eft ecclefia S. Georgii in caftro per eundeni Ito- 

04 Aq.D 1 *. mcxxix*. fundata eft ecclefia Caaonicoram 

Regularium in infiila quae dicitur Ofmey % i Mstert* de Oylejo 
fecuodo, conftabulario regis Hemrici prinu. 

Ex tabeUa Joannis Rpwfe. 

Unherjki CoL Theologi. 

Collegium BsUioU. Artiftx. 

Collegium Regale de Oryel. Theologi & Artiftac. 

Collegium Reginac. Th.&Art. 

Collegium Mertonis. Theol. Art. 8c Legulei duo. 

Collegium ExeftrU. Th. & Art. 

Collegium Lincoln U. Th. & Art. 

Collegium Wintoni$nfe % aliasNovum Collegium.Th.& Leg^ 

Collegium Animarum. Th. Art. & Leg. 

Collegium Magdalen*. Th. & Art. 

Collegium Cantuar. Nigri Monachi. 

Colleg. Dunelmi*. Nigri Monachi. 

Colleg. Gloceftri*. Nigri Monachi. 

Coll. S. Barnardi. Albi Monachi. 

Coll. S. Mar tit. Canonici Regulares. 
ColleffiumL**<£ 3 Coll. Londini. Nigri Monachi tempore meo. 
fiumei Yn. id. > Domus ordinis S. Trinitatis. 


fVarwic Yn. J Quatuor ordines Fratrum. 

In vico Scholafticorum* 

Aula de Brafnps. Art. 

Aula Uwverftatis minor. Art. 

Aula falutis defiderii. idem. 

Salts burl. Art. 

* Aula S. Edmundi. Art. 

Aulavitrca. Art. 

Au\z Stapulea. Art. 

Aula Caftriae. Art. 

# Alia ab Aula Edmundi In parocbia Sti. Petri ad Orien- 
tem, de qua infra , pag. 160. Nomen nempe duxlt ab Ed- 
mundo Riche, Arcbiepifcopo Cantuarienfi , qui ah anno 
CI3CCXIX. ad an. cidccxxvi. ibidem legiffe perbibetur. Vide 
Hi ft. & Antiq. Univ. Oxon, Vol. II. p , 9, 

Of Mr. Lelatots Itinerary. 
In alto vice. 


Tailey Yn. Grammatici. 
Haberdagb Haul. Art. 

* In parochia omnium San&orum". 

Brodegotes. Leg. 
George Howie. Leg. 
Woodcok Howie. Leg, 
Deop Howie. Leg. 
Ofney Hawlle. Leg, 

Juxta Merton College. 

Ing Howie. Grammattici. 
Witby HauUe. 

ParvaAulaUfr verfitatis. Art. 
kvlzBoftaris. Theologi. 
Whyght HauUe. Grammat. 

Auh UrianL Leg. 
Aula S. Joannis. Art. 
Berne Howie. Art. 
Portmtfter Howie. Art. 
Coif el Howie. Art. 
Artfiotle HauUe. Leg. Hyberni. 

Juxtz Oryel College. 

AlbonHawUe. Art. 
Cbymney Howie. Leg. 
Tencbwic Tn. 
Lam Howie. Grammat. 
Andrew Howie. Leg. 

Aula S. Maria. Art. 
Bedil Howie. Art. 
Cutbbert Howie. Gramm. 
Heron. Howie. Leg. Hiternh 

Juxta S. Fredejwidam. 

Aula Gfttf*. Leg. 
Pekwoter Yn. Leg. prius Gram- 
matici fub /9 Leylando. 
Aula S. Edwardi. WaUici. Leg. 

Juxta Ecclefiam S. Aldotl. 

Av\%Angularis. Art. 
Nunne Howie. Leg. & Art, 
NeviFsTn* Leg. 
BekesTn. Legilte; 

Vine Howie. Leg. Htberni, 

e - 

&*/* r Howie. Leg* 

Tolf on Howie. Leg* 
James Howie. Leg. 
MbelHautte. Leg. 

Bui HauUe. Leg. 

Beof Howie. Leg. 
Dunfian Howie. Leg. 

Penferfbing Streate. 

Powle Howie. Leg. 

** 3*i 

« PunBo fub ifits vocibus pofutmut, quia, ni fattor, expungi 
debent. ConjeSura huh favet Cod. nofier MS. in quo in pa- 
rochia omnium «£ au/. 10*0* delentur. & InteUsge de Joanne 
Lelando /ww . fW* HjgjP, # -<*tf/j. PWv. Oxoo. *V. II. 


160 Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

Fifcb Sire*. 
HmkfeyHomUe. Leg. I didtwr NovrnmHoJffrhmjpii 

Bayly Trittak T*. quod nunc I noviter xdificatur. 
Juxta Coll. Lincoln. 

Lawrence Howie. Art. 
Hawk Bowie. Leg. 
Elme Howie. Leg. YnCbey- 

Mildrede Howie. Art. 
Hampton Howie. Art. 
Wbjte Howie. Leg. Yn C%- 


In parochia Sti. Petri ad Ori extern. 
mEdmunde Howie. I Hart Howie. Act. 

Bloke Howie. Art. ' 

In Norgate Street. 

Comnentre Howie. Leg. Hytem. 

& Apud vicariam S. Mori* Magdalen*. Th. Morale. 

Scholaftici Eleemofynarii de Ofmey in Caftro. 

Aula: deftru&ae tempore meo in Cot-ftreate. 
CProCollegio \ fy Bedford Howie. Art. 
C Animaru . J IS. Thomas Howie. Art. 

J Salomon's Howie. Art. 

| Leon Howie. Grammar. 

| St. John's Entre. 

^Hart Howie. Art. 

Aulas ante tempora mea dcftru&se. 

Burnet Tn 9 modo London 

College. j 

Drowgbfs Howie. Art. \ Penchrich Howie. 

Wyloughby Hawle. Art. 

Cat Howie in Cat-ftreet. 
Moyden Howie. 

Regale collegium Leg. 20. 
• Hg. 51. ceteri Art. 

RegiaAula. Leg. & Art. 
Michael Howfe. Theol. & Art. 
Gunwel Howie. Theol.& Art. 


HonyngisTn. Leg. 
* Garret Hoftel. 
Gregory Hoftel. Art. 
S. Margaret's Hoftel. 
S. Auguftines Hoftel. Art. 


m Rette Edmund Hawle, non St. Edmund Hawle, Nomen 
enim traxtt ah Edmundo quodam^ rive Oxonienfi, regnonte 
Henrico III. non autem *£ Edmundo Archie fifcofo CaAtuari- 
enfi, de quofufra fog. 158. Vide Hi ft. & Antiq. Unh. Oxon. 
Vol. U.f. 3Ji* fi &c. y Lege, Berford. 


Of Mr. LelanJPs Itinerary. 


S. Thomas Hoftel. Art. 
S. Barnard's Hoftel. Art. 
S. C/ement's Hoftel. Leg. 
Bur Jon Hoftel. Leg. 
S. Maris Hoftel. 
Trinite Hoftel. Leg. 
Harlifton Place. Art. 
S. John's Hoftel. 
S> Nicolas Hoftel. Leg. 
S. John's. Religiod. 
S.Paule'sTn. Leg. 
Canonici Albi. 

Clare Howie. TheoL & Art 
Trinite Howie. Leg. 
Benet College. Theol. & Art* 
PenhrokeHawle. Theol.&Art* 
Peter Howfe. Theol. & Art. 
Collegium Regina. Theol. & 
. Am 

Goddes How/eh Art. 
Bokingham College. Monachi. 
Quatuor ordines fratrum. 
Collegium Jefu. 
Fifbwic Hoftel. Art. 

David Thefaurarius Landavenfis fcriptor. 
Caftria, alias XJrbs Legionum, olim caput & Metropolis 

Caflria alias etiam di&a Legeceftria. 

Joannes S/^/tfFrancifcanus, cujus hiftoriseJR owfe meminit. Uj* 
hronicon Henrici * Knightoni. i 

Leontius pater Leyrs regis condidit Care LLeo civitatem 

Rowfe fcripfit librum de comitibus Wereuicenftbus. 
Rowfe fcripfit Chronicon quod appellavit Waruic. 
Waruic ci vitas olim, fecundum Brit an. teftimonium, epi- 
fcopum habuit, cuius iedes erat in ecclefaS.JoannisBaPtifta 
in toro civitatis Waruicenfs, quae poftea tranflata fuit ad ec-tJbi none 
clefiam omnium fandorum in caftro. ichoU 

» _ _ ._ . •••• Gramnia> 

Ex libfo Rowfe de Eftjcops Wigormac. ticoram. 

Anno Dai. mcxxiii. tempore Tbeulpbi Wigorni- U3% . 

enfis epifcopi, confenfu vero Roger/ de hello monte Puto id tempom fa. 
comitis Warwic. fadfca eft unio ecclefix omnium ft umonaniomfan&o- 
fandorum in caftro Waruicenfi & S. Maria extra jjr»i^dSfr 
caftrum, ubi adhuc funt canonici feculares. dtdicau fuit oLibu* 

Domus leproforum S. Michae'lis Waruici firadata fanau tempore Hen- 
per Rogerum de hello monte comitem Waruicenfem. "" r 

Rogerus de hello monte induxit canonicos ordinis 
* S. Auguftini in ecclefiam S. Sepulchri, quam Hen* 
ricus de hello monte pater ejus conftruxit at petitio- 
nem Hierofolymitanorum. tixc erat capitalis domus 
hujus ordinis per Angliam & WaUiam. Putantque Almarieum^ 
hujus loci primum Priorem, ad Patriarchalem tedemHierofo- 
lymitanorum fuiffe tranflatum. Erat hoc coenobium in Paro- 

rici I. per R^erum de 
Belm$nd comitemwfcr- 
»ici. VcriGmile eft 
camen antiqtiiorem 
ecclefiam olim in 
caftro faiflc. 

Vol. 4. 

* Knigtonus Af$, 


i6% Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

chia S. Marl*. Tandem canonic*, tempore Ricbardifecun* 
di, expulfifunt. 

Anno D". mclxkxiii . fundata eft domus & foawnis extra 
muros per Gulielmum comitem filium Regeri d§ beQ$ toumte. 

Domus templariorum ex auftrali parte pontis fFarwuenfa 
dedicata in bonorem S. Tbom* Cantuar. 

Juxta orientalem portam JffcwV. olim crat domus Hofjrita- 
lariorum ordinis S. Joannis ; fed jam Templariorum & 
Hofpitalariorum de Warwic. poflciliones devolutte fimt 
Hofpitalafiis de Baf/kak. 
libro De S. Ceadda, Merciorum efifcopo quwto y quifucctjpt 

JPJ fco> • S.Jerumanno. 

"*"*' Cedda datus eft primis annis S. Aidano epifcopo Lixdisfar- 
***/Seducandus, & purioribus Uteris informandus, qui poftea 
melidris vitx defiderio Hybtmiam petiir, ubi plene inftru&us 
rediit in Anglian*, fadhiique Qfwio regi Nortbumbrorum fami- 
liarior ele&us fuit archiepifcopus Ehracenlis, cui tandem of- 
ficio poft triennium cpnceffit, & fe contulit ad monafterium 
Leftingay, quod frater fuus Ceddus in Nortbumbrut partibus 
conftruxerat. Inde fecretum locum Staffordenfs provincial 
petens, aliquandiu ladle cervae paftus eft. Cerva vero vena- 
tion? * agitata, Wblfadum & Rufinum^ Wulfert\ Merciorum re- 
is, filios ad caftra S. Odd* perdukit, k quo baptifcati font, 
lujus poftea epifcopalis fedes fck apud Ucefe/d, ubi etiara 
fepultus fuit, Ucefeld vero nomen fumnfit k martyrum cor- 
poribus, ibi pro Chrifti nomine interfeais, ut habetur apud 
fo««s. o*^/^^»inlibris&tabdisdevitafandoram^^ir#&^W- 
»****. fb*ML Nam anno domini cclxxxvi • Dioclefiams in Oriente 
. ^^ icMaximianus in Occidente fi vaftare ecclefias,affligi intcrfici- 
ig. 34. que ChriftifiHos decimo poft Neronem loco prxceperunt,& hasc 
immanis perfecutio duravit per decern annos, qua tempore 
pafius eft A } banw. Cumque compertum fuiffet \ Maximiano 
quod Amphibalm S.Aibam inftru&or verfus boream receffiffet, 
mifit qui eum perfequerentur, & ipfo k loco mzrtyriiS.Albani 
per 84 or . miliaria inventoprasdicante fubito irruerunt in eos, 
lpfum Amphibalum capiemes, ceteros omnes occiderunt, ca- 
aa vera a vibus 8c beftiis relinquen tes devoranda. A quo everitu 
•feldt locus ubi jacebant norhen traXit Licbefeld y quafi campus cada- 
ic. i/erum. y Gulielmus dePontificibus capitulo Efor. invitabatui; 

m Sic in Cod. MS. nofiro cumfunS'if. /8 An vaftari ? y Hat 
corrufta effe videntvr. >. 



Of Mr. Lelantts Itinerary. \6% 

crcberrime ab Wilfero Merciorum rege, S. Wilfrtdut expulfus 
\ fede Ebor. ad locum Licbfeld vocatum, ut ibi epifcopatum 
vel ccenobium faceret. 
. Stafford antiqua villa eft, de qua Merlinus fcribit : Duo re* 
ges dubium free/turn committent frofter leenam de vado batulu 

In provincia Warwicenp civitas eodem tempore opulemif- 
fima, Anglice Alencefiria di&a, quafi civitas Alani^ nutie Caftrum 
vero corrupte Alcejtria dicitur. Ad hanc urbem S. Cedda ^**»*- 
* veniens, ut pater filios inftru&urus ; fed brevi intellexit fe JJjJjJjfj, 
ad beftias non ad homines venifle, qui non verbis nee mi- prxwlibir 
raculis ad dei cognitionem perduci potuerunt. Inde multis cur, ud5c 
opprobriis vir dei eje&ua^habitatoresmaledixit.Abillocivitas &nomen. 
©Jim nobilis fadia eft exihs. Ccenobium ibi ab antique fitua- 
tum, ob S. Cedda anathema, in alium locum tranflatum eft $ 
& nunc Alceftria modicus vicus eft, cujus conditor erat Ala- 
nni vir Britonum tempore l famofufaue & potena. Haec ha- pannes ad 
bentur fparfim libro 2<fe. & jit. Joannis ad Ewfiachium 66 Erf"**™* 
Rcgibas Merciorum. -£22? 

Richardus primus natus tuit Qxanii in palatlo Regis ubi 
nunc eft ccenobium Carmelitarum. 

. Anno Dni. mccix*. regnante foanne rege, Scholaftici U- 
niverfitatcm Qxonia prorfus reliquerunt ; pars CanteMgiam^ 
pars Radfogum. pars Maidfion petierunt. Caufa fuit, quia 
prsefes oppidi (cholafticum periecutus, qui mulierem inter- 
tccerzt, una cum illo innocentes aliquot comprehendit & M***>f*n- 
fufpendit anno Domini 113a. Pit' if 

Joannes cog. Blundus, vir eminentis fcientiae & Ox*nii-£ggifc 
profeflbr Theologian, ele&us in epifcopum Cantuar. fed Horn* Bmim ee- 
ipfo praefente caflata fuit ejus eleftio, & ele&us S. Edmun- > am &«*- 
out. Studuerat hie Blundus Tarijiis. Ley. Summe hie k mul- J^****' 
pis laudatur, nihil tamen, quod fciam, vidi ab illo fcriptum. n 
Comites etiam ftudiorum habuit Lutctia Fariftotum hos ce- 
lebres viroa Anglos , Alanutn de Becoles , & Nicoldurtt de 

Anno Dni. mccxxxiiii*. magna pars fehojafticorum Oxor 
nienjikm Stamfordiam fe comulerunt ftudendi gratia propter 
difcordias inter fcholafticos & Burgenfes. 

AnnoDn». mccxxxvii°. Otho legatus Rom anus interfefto 
uno de ejus familia Oxonii fogk in turrim ecclefiae de Ofriey 9 
ubi k fcholafticis obfeflus fuit ad no<9:em> 

Anno Dni. mccxlvo. die Purifications S. Maria Judai 
Oxonii \ fcholafticis fpoliati. 

« F. venit. fi Famofque MS* 

X % Anno 



fie»fif m 




dt Wicbid. 

• Ftrsdu!- 


Appendix to the Fourth Volume 
Anno Dai. 1248. Blundus canonicus Eboraeenfis, Rogerus 
Bacon , & Ricardus Fizacre mortui. 

Anno D«. 114.9. orta eft Cantahrigia diffenfio inter Scho- 
lafticos & Burgenfes, ex qua ad rapinas, vulnera &homicidia 
ventuni eft. 

Anno Dai. n^g. Scholaftici Oxon. in fe&as divifi, vexilla 
explicantes, hoftiliter inter fe conflixerunt. 

AnnoD ni . 1I49. obiit Gulielmus de Dunholmo Rotbomagi^ 
rediens \ Romana curia eminentiffime literatus, quondam 
ttiam ele&us Rotbomagenfis, 

Frater Rogerus Bacon in epiftola de laude Arris Mathema-p 
ticae ad Papam Clementem^ Qulielmum Uncolnienfem thefaura- 
rium (f. canceilarium) natione Anglum fupra fydera extollit 
nomine eruditionis. 

Joannes Rowfe fcribit hunc appellatum fuifle 8byr»ood± & 
dedifle Aulas Univerfitatis Theologorum Oxonia ubi ftuduit 
trecentas libras pecuniae ad emenoos agros in ufus fcholafti? 
corum, atque ut aliquo modo repararent ja&uram quam paffi 
font (ubHaraldo rege, qui fpoliatis prorfus reliquis fcholafti- 
cis omnibus magna cum gratia illis nudam domum reliquit. 

Anno Dn». MCCLxiiii. fcholaftici Oxonienfes multa damna 
intulerunt regiis militibus dum obfiderent Northamptonam^ 
unde rex juravit, futurum ut omnes fcholaftici Oxontenfet 

Henricus Knighton produxit hiftoriam ufque ad extreme 
tempora regni Richardi fecundi. 

Rtcardus de Wichia cancel larius S. Edmundi * Abington ar- 
chiepifcopi ft Cantuarienf;s fcholafticus ftiit Oxon. & poftea 
Ciceftrenfis epifcopus, qui poft mortem San&i nomen meruit. 

Hunc in fcholis Oxon, iecutus eft Richardus filius Radulphi % 
Armachanus aliter di&us i fede ilia epifcopali in Hyt>emia x 
nunc canonizatus. 

Richardus de Bury, alias Angravyle di&us, epifc. Dune/rn^ 
fcripfit Philobiblon. 

Anno Dni. 136^0. Simon J/Iepe archiepifcopus Cantuar. 
fundavit collegium Cantuarienfe Oxoni'u 

Ofmundus conftruxit ecclefiam Sarum, & in ea canonicos 

Ofmundus dojuvit eccL Saturn amplis terjris & ecclefiafticU 

Scripta fuit hcec charta & confirmata anno D». 1091. a°. 4. 

* Leg?, AbindonienGs. Nam Abtndoniae ortum habuiffe 
jutant rtonnuUi^ fi £antuarieiifi M$. * Votius Fixadul- 


Of Mr. LelamPs Itinerary. itfj 

Gul. conqueftoris regis Anglia?,&c ejus figillo figillata, fubfcri- 
bentibus regni proceribus. 

Hattenus ex chart a. \ 

Ofmundus ordinavit in ecclefia Sarum quatuor perfonas 
principalcs, decanum 3 prseceptorem, cancellarium & thefau- . 
rarium : ac conftituit 32*. praebendas in eadem ecclefia. 

Deputavit etiam 4. archidiaconos, nee non fubdecanum 
& fuccentorem : quibus omnibus elargitus eft poffeffiones 
4e ipfius dominio quod habuit tempore quo ftetit comes ofmundm* 
Dorfeti*. con ! c4 *>- 

Ofmundus libros fcribere, ligare ac illuminare nonfaftidivit. "'"&"• 

Ofmundus dedic multa ornameiita partim aurea, partim 
argentea ecclefiae Sarum. 

Henrkws 3"». rex Anglsa dedit terras, & fru&us ecclefia* 
fticos, ac libertates multas ecclefia: Sarum. 

Agnes uxor Huberti de Ria & Henricus ejus filius dederunt 
manerium de Hortun tempore Richards Powr epifcopi Sarum. % 

Crocus venator eodem tempore dedit ecclefiae Sarum terras Or** vcm- 
Ebacus tor * 

<\\iQL%A!wardus&c* ..*... olim habebant in burgo Sarum 
& Wilton, monafterium hederofum cum capella deFarlegb. 

Charta regis Henrici 3. de nundinis beati Edmundi Sarum. 

Charta ejufdem Henrici ad pontes transferendos & vias Pag. 37- 

Charta de feria & mercato de Bemijlre. Prebenda de Bed- 
msn/lre cum Ratcltf 

Charta Prioriflse de Bromhale. 

f . . . . manerium de 

Torrington eccl. Sarum. 

Gilbertus de Percy dedit ecclefiam de Cerdejlok ecclefiae 

Eccl. Catne praebenda eccl. Sarum. 

Gul. Talebote, dominus hundredi de Alwarhyri. Capellx 
de Chiriel & Berwik annexae eccl. de Calne. 

Slafe praebenda in parochia de Netherbyri. 

Stratford praebend. in ripa Avon* non longe k veteri urbe 

Decanus Sarum re&or de Sunninge. 

Praebenda de Blebury. 

Heitredesbury ecclefia collegiata & appropriata decanatui 
Sarum : & habet conferre 4. praebendas. 



itf Appendix to the Fourth Vofome 

Longalata prioratus ubi eccK D. Rddtgundi dedkata; Jt+ 
annes Vernon miles primus hujus loci fundator. 
Ex lihro Joamus Rowfe Warwicenfis do eflfcofis Wiccenfibus. 
Cbinejtrita mater, Heorjtanus pater Dunftani. 
Os&emus monacbus Cant hot. (cripfit vicam Dunftmni. 
S. Ofiraldus epifc. Wfgorn. deinde archiep. Ekor. nepos fuit 
Odorn's Hani arcniep. Cantuat. 

Monachi expultis clerkis in m ecclefia Wigom. tempore 
Ofwaldi indu&l. 
Rowfe conje&ura ducitur Ofwaldum natum firiffe Bamefey. 
S. Ofwaldus epifcopus Wigom. confecravit ecclefiam co0- 
nobii Ramofionfs. 

S» JElpkogns tone Wintom. epifc poftea archie*. C****ar. 
tumulavit corpus Alwini comitis Oritntaliunx Anglortm apu4 
Ratmefn\ cujus ccenobii fundator era*.. 

Corpus Haraldi regit *. fcpulcum apud S. Ctemtntm ift 
Suburbio occidental!. 
% Living* ex monacho Tavifhtenft foQm epifcopus Wigom. 

ti^ *». tempore Ommtl cog. fort** TnvejhM* tandem fepukus. 
Venitcvmaliiscomi- Fodir & Thurjlan hufcarli Canuti cogn. /5>r*/x oc- 
tibuj ad huM tumui- c ig ^ prorinciahbus Jf^ar*. quam ob caufam W$- 
?* m ^S^SiSl &**• P oftc * * militibus C<w»n7i/ incenfc & de- 

"Item, comes msjfetm ^--- j-£- *,n. 

t«fi*m % ideft, Hr^ praedftta eft. 

fJumifmm. Qves Wigom. accepta mfula in Safrma nomine 

*#f»ny#. Beruerfey fe defendebat quoad militum ardor refrigcret. 

Leofricus pracful tempore Edwards Confeforh tranftulk 
fedem k Crideoduno Ifcam^ ubi expulfis fan&is virginibus in- 
duxit clericos in ecclefiam S. Pe/W. 

Anno D™. mlxio. Atheifianus epifcopus Herefordionfis it 
fua ecclefia Herefordienfi fepultu* eft, quam ipfe k ftmda- 
mentis conftruxerat. 

Liber in fcaccario regis diflus Domofday, 

Wolftanus reparavic ecclefiam de Wefikiri & monaehos 
cum abbate Coleman** induxit. 

Wolftanus fabricata nova ecclefia diruebat earn v quam S. 
Ofwaldus epifcopus Wigom. conftruxit. 

Aldewmus monachus vitam heremiticam duxit eo loco ubi 
nunc eft ccenobium Malvetm*. 

Robertus natione Lotharlngus epifcopus Herefordonfs ec- 
clefiam fuam ex integro aedificavit^ imicatus formam bafilicae 
s Aauenfis. 

m F. ecclefiam. £ F. defendebant. * Sic. y Qua MS. 
f Aquenfi MS. 

Of Mr. tiUiuPs Itifurary. t6j 

- Hulkl. citttor MdmetUr. fcripfit (fi redte memini) tres li- 
hros de vita S. Welftmd. 

Anno Dn«. mcxi*. coflibuftiim fait te£um batilkx #%ir- 
•iasjfx. — LeflapJ. Apparet ibidem te&um bafilk* id tern- 
pons finite ligneum feu. plumbo veftitum, fed jtm fornix eft 
ex pulcherrimis lapidibus. 

* Vuteentm hiftoricus. —Leyland. Fuit hie monachus Wi~ tUmtim 
gem. Etobiit &•. Dai. wtxvm. 

Anno Da«. MCXLix. Sfepbams rex urbem Wigermenftm ob- 
fedit, cepit^ incendit j fed Walrranm comes de Melentl & 
fi Zieyceftria caftrum defendebat. 

Ex Matthseo Parifienfi. 

Mtnrim a«». portavit coronam Wtgorn. cum pompa maxi- 
ma ao. D ni . 1155. quampoftcaiiefcioquofpiritududus me* 
mor humtnee fortis cruci&ci v imagine coronavit, & ab illo 
corona nunquam ucebatur. 

Anno Dai, mclxxxi. BaUw'mts Abbas Wwtdenfs. 

Balduinus ex Wtgorn. fa&us archiep. Csntutt. tandemque 
in eipeditione contra Saracenos mortuus eft TyW . 

AnnoDaJ. myo. corpus Joannis de Confitntiis epifcopi 
Wigornienfis^ prius decani cathedr. ecclefiae Rothomag. dum 
qpdificaret novam ecdefittn Wigornhnfim elevatum fuit, & Pag . 3> 
adhucprope fummum altare in cifta fervatur. ZtylanJ* Su- 
perior pars bafilicx forftn id temporis au£a &. magnificentior 
fadfca. nam inferior antiquioris ftruftuxK. 

An©. D*i. mccii. tempore Jeemnk regis deflorata fuit ec» 
clefia Wigorn. incendio. 

Ano. Dni. mccxxii. Deminusni coaftruxemnt oratorium 
loco ubi nunc funt f<?hote S, Edwards. Poftea tranflati funt 
extra muros. 

Ano. D^i. Mccxxmi. venerunt Francifcani in Angliam 9 qui 
primum locum fuse religionis Bedefordi* pofuerunt. 

Ano. D*h Mccxxna. mceptum eft novum opus Wigornia. 

Hac qua fequuntur de antijuitate Warwiicenfi inferta funt 
ithro Joannis Rowfe f quern fcripfit de efifiofis Warwicfen-. 

cibus. ' " 

Waroic. civitas fecundum quofdam di&a Caerline mm{c ^ fyn ff Mti 

ex ultima fyllaba nominis Guitbelini iXUGurguntii pat rc IawM *aȣ?JL 

regis Britann. — Lev. In hac parte adducit pro fe fih rrpama & diat 

teltimonium cuiufdam hiftorise quam vidit Eove- &mM*r 9 ouodoput 

1— ,/ exco aeftruaum tuic 

* Sic. fi Sic. y Imaginem itf& f Quae itf& 


itfft Appendix to the Fourth Volume 

quofdam WarmU. di&a etitm fecundum quofdam tftbs 

i Cicr-c^Mjf, U. Legionum. Ley. Hie & allegat pro ie nefcio queia 
p **■"**• fi&itium Gildam & Chronicon Radsng. 

€str cm*- S. Caradocus comes Herforaue condidit antiquam civita* 
**• tern &rnr*r, qui poftca fepultus fuit Aberbodmt in provincia 

tie Brecnoc. 
Warwk. poftea reparata k G**/V confule circa tempora 
Urffc.Brir^wiwfurfuiii Arturii^ unde Warwic. Caer Gvasr. Hunc Gmit 
figniHcats unde for. fecutus eft * Artb. Gal in confulatu Caergnarenji, 

£ iSfctaJT q««» fecuti Hint MrhJins & i«£*r«&tf . 

Domiu roonachorum Warwic. poftremo S axons ce Werewtc. i Pfef^ 

inparcopropciH«r», c . 0***10 Saxonsco rege, ut patet Jibro Mattbai Pari- 

iKXWmporadrftruaa y^ de gcftis Abbatum S. Alhoui. 

£&*£!£ £1 ^*™- reparata per JElfledam, regis ^brrf 
ubi nunc eft eccle- nliam, & Etbelredt fubreguli Meraorum uxorem, 
fia.mmentibuictiam a°. D». 917. & iterum per Damos ante feftuiti Efi* 
none ibidem vetcru phanU^ ducibus Canuto & Edraco proditore, ferro 
ccdefe veftigu*. & flamma confumpta ao. D*. 1016 . ab illo tempore 
ad priftinam nobilitatem reftituta non fuit. 

Ex veteri fed fabnlofo litro sneeris authors* de anti- 
auitate CantabrigienG. 

Cantabttgia tempore Gurguntii Briton* regis \X quodam 
Cantabro Graco conftru&a, qui 6c philofophorum fcholas 
Pag. v>- ibidem inftituit, 6c poftea ab ejus filio Gtantsno au&a. 

Maxhnianus princeps militiae Dioclejums GranteMgiawom 
fcholis & libris igne confumpfit. 

Cantabrigia \\ PsSss & Saxombus devaftata. 

Cantabrigia vaftata ab Angero & UUone. 

CeadwatFa rex inftituit fcholas apud Grekelade. 

Palacium Etbeoalds regis Merciorum circa tempora Mlredi 
epifcopi WarwUorum erat circa loca ubi nunc eft cocnobium 
de Stonley monachorum Qiftert. inter Warwicum gc Coven- 
triam. Caftrum vero de Kenelwortb non erat inceptum poft 
quadringentos ab illo annos. 4 

S. Muredus fepultus apud Berkifwel 7*. ab fi Waremco 

Folulfhus epifcopus S'tdnacenfts in Lsndefia. 
• oisftrm, 'Joannes MenevenGs de mooafterio S. David in Cambria, 
vir eruditiffimus, ab Alfredo rege Oxonians ad profitendas 
bonas literas vocatus. 

« &V, cum punSis, In MS* Lege, ArthgaL fl Sse. * L. 


Of Mn Lelanft Itinerary. 169 

Ex libello Joannis Rowfe de Academlh. 

Gregorlus publicas fcholas Anglls indixit propter Felagia- 
nam herefim & alios Britannorum in fide errores. 

Brenms BriftoUia: conditor. 

Gurguntius Bar-ftrutf, i. e. curta barba. 

Non apparent in pago Grantee firenji veteris urbis vel muri 
vel foflae. , * Granoefier, i. e. magna clvltas. — Ley. Ego fie 
di<5fcam puto k Granta flu. 

Egbertus a. archiep. Ebor. preceptor Alblni & armarium 
omnium difciplinarum. 

Erant olim tempore Britannorum multse Academic, Gr#ce- 
lade^ Stawnford, Cantabrlgla^ Bello-Jitum poft fl Gracelade . . 
'Lechlade, Caerlleon in Cambria, ubi tempore Arturll ducenti 
philofophi erant. 

Sebertus rex Orient. Anglorum inftituit fcholas Grantebrl- 
gi<c inftigante epifcopo Felice. 

Grlmbaldus monachus S. Bertlni ultra mare primus Abbas 
novi ccenobii Wmtonienfis. 

Edwardus Senior filius Alfredl reparavit & auxit fcholas 

Mewlnus hiftoricus, cujus mentio eft apud Joannem Har- 
dlngum hiftoricum, qui Memni authoritate fenbit, Jofephum ^ fcd .. 
fuifle AvaUonia. Londlnl Loegria metropolis erat. Ebor act B r itdnn*mm 
metropolis erat Albania. Sedes etiam epifcopalis in urbeepifcopo- 
Alcluth erat. & in Candida Cafa tempore Mlnlanl. Klnotus mm. 
erat tempore Britannorum epifcopus LLanpatemenfo, qui 
poft Davtdf tranflatus fiiit Menevidm. & I Silchefiria juxta pag.4?; 
Radingum fedes erat S. Mauganl. Gloceftrla fedes erat S. Ley/ , 
Adati ; & Dubrlclus erat epifcopus Caerguerenfis, cuique fedes d« hoc da- 
id temporis ubi nunc ecclefia recentior omnium fan&orum buo - 
in caftro TPar&lcenJi. idem tranflatus ad ecclefiam Landa- 
tyenfem- cujus primus erat epifcopus. demum fa&us fuit ar- 
chiepifcopus civitatis Legionum, cui fucceifit David, qui fe- 
dem tranftulit Meneviam. 

Jutl & VitTi idem funt. 

Caerwrangon, i. e. Wlcefier 9 reparatum per Conftantinum 
t avunculum Arturii. 

Tempore Sewulphi prscfulis, regnante rege Wulphero, epif* 
copatus Merciorum in quinque Dicecefes divifus erat. 4". fedes 
erat in Lindefia cujus cathedra erat in civitate quae Sidnela 
olim dicebatur. 

* L. Grancefter. fi Duo punBa pofi banc vocem ponuntur 
in Cod. % no/tro MS. eo modo quo edldlmus. y Sic. ? Silcheftriam 
MS. • Avunculi MS. 

Vol. 4. Y Tatfridus, 

170 Appendix to the Fourth Volume &c. 

Tatfridus vir eximiae literature, de coenobio Hilda Ab- 
batiflx eleaus in epifcopum JVieeiorum, fed ante confecra- 
tionis munus obiic. 

Ofiopbvrus clericus cocnobii S. Hilda infigniter eruditus 
fa&us epifcopus Wigorn. 

Egwinus « Ofiophorum fecutus eft. Fuit fundator Eovejha- 
menps coenobii, & filius fecundum quofdam Brecani reguli 
Breconix'. Ubi nunc coenobium de Eovefham fuit olim eo 
clefiola, Britannorum reliquiae. Eovcjbam oppidum fie di&um 
a paftore ejufdem nominis. Locus ante dictus Hetbto. 

m Si:. 



Out of Mr. DodfwortUs Coll MSS. 

Vol. 1J4. fbl. itf8. a. 

TH E R haith beene a Caftle att LteJes 9 as Mr. E</n>. 
F*/Vf. conje&ureth. The Place wher itt may be 
thought to ftand is now called The Mill-Hill, wher, 
by conjedure, was the Houfe of Egfrid and Osfrydy Kings 
of Northumberland , who (as Bede faith ) lived at Leodys. 
Note that ther (_*~* are] Clofes adyoining called The Parke 
C/ofes att this day, which may have beene Parkes formerly. 

Out of Mr. QodfwortVs Coll. MSS. 

Vol. if 7. fbl. 114. a. 

Yule att York, out of a Cowcher belonging to the 
Cytty, per Carolum Fairfax ar. 

The Sheriffs of Tork^ by the Cuftome of the Citty, do ufe 
to ride betwixt Michalemas and Midwynter^ that is Toule^ and 
for to make a Proclamation throughout the Citty in Forme 
following : 

O Tes 1 We command of our Leige Lord's Behalf the King of 
England ( that God fave and keefe ) That the Peace of the 
King be well keefed and maynteyned within the Citty , and Sub- 
urbs by night and by day &c. 

Alfo that no common Woman walie in the Streetes without 
a Gray-Hood on her Head 9 and a white Wand in her Hand. &c. 

Alio the Sheriffes of the Citty on St. Thomas Day the Apo- 
ftle before Youle, att tenne of the Bell, fhall come to Ah% 
Hallow Kirke on the Pavement, and ther they fhall heare a 
Maffe of St. Thomas in the Hign Wheare, and offer att the 
MafTe, and when the Mafle is done they fhall make a Pro- 
clamation att the Pillory of the Taule-Girth ( in the Forme 
that followes ) by ther aerjant : 

* Supplevi* 

Yi Wee 


Wee commaund that the Peace of our Lord the King te wet 
beeped and mayntayned by Night and by Day &c» prout folebat 
in Proclamatione praeai&a vice-comitum in eorum eqiii- 

Alfo that no manner of Man make no Congregations nor Af- 
fembhes, prout continetur in cquitatione vice-comitum. 

Alfo that all manner of Whores^ and lteives 9 Dice-Players, 
Carders^ and all other unthrifty Folke be welcome to the Towne- 
whether they come late or early , att the Reverence of the high 
Feaft of Youle, till the twelve Dayes be faffed. 

The Proclamation made in Forme aforefaid, the fewer 
Serjeants (hall goe or ride (whether they will) and one of 
them fhall have a Home of Braffe, of the Toll-Bouth : And 
the other three Serjeants (hall every one of them have a 
Home, and fo go forth to the fower Barres of the Citty, and 
blow the Toule Girth. And the Sheriffes for that day ufe to 

fo together, they, and ther Wives, and ther Officers, att the 
Leverence of the HighFeaft of Tole on ther properCofts &c. 

Out of Mr. DodfwortJSs Coll. MSS. 

Vol. 179. f. 12. a. 

An ancient Manufcript. 
Memorandum^ In the Yere of our Lord m°. ccclxx. that 
for the Bounds of St. Maurice Parifhe [in Torke] was troble 
fore, and they were feene in the Mynfter, that is to fay from 
the Monk-bar Balbing fro the Cawing Towre to the Goyfe- 
Layne, fro the Goyje-Layne to the Kinges Sewer in the 
Payneley Crofts to the Dyke End at the Abbot Mylles to the 
Middeft ofFojfe, downe midft of Foffe to Monkbrsgg, fro the 
Monk Brigg to the Laythorp Towre , from the Laythrof 
Towre to the Monko-barre. thes being the Bownds certenly. 
Wittnes hereof Symon Shereman Kirkmafter the fame tyme, 
dwelling befide the Goyfe-Lane att the fame tyme.