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Full text of "The Itinerary of John Leland the Antiquary ...: In Nine Volumes"

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O F 




Vol. the Ninth, 

Compleating the whole Work. 

By Thomas Hearne M.A. 

The Secon'd Edition. 



Printed at the Th&ater for James Fletcher^ Bookfeller 
in the Turlj and Jofefh Pote^ Bookfeller at Etun. 


Mr. William Burton's 
Commentary on ^tontnufs Itine- 
rary thro' Britain^ Lond. mdclviii. 
fol Pag. 1 8. 

Our famous Antiquary John Leland moft ju- 
dicioufly places Gejforiacum at Bologncy or Bo- 
nonia^ which the Dutch call Benneni And him 
doth Camden follow. 

Ibid. p. 238. 
then I muft not diilemble, that fbme 

great Antiquaries^ as John Leland^ Humphry 
Lhoidj and fuch as follow them^ do feek for 
Camulodunum in Cohhejier. 




Ilaook vpon it as one of the great Hafftnejfes of my Lsfe^ 
that £y fubltjhing and frejerving this Work of Mr. Le- 
land^j Itinerary, (the laji Volume whereof now appears 
in the World) I have been able not only to do Honour 
to the learned Author^ but alfo to Jljew my Gratitude to that 
moft ancient and moft famous University, to which I 
am fo much indebted for my Education, and to do fome Ser» 
vice to the common good of Learning. 

My own natural Inclination to the Study of Antiquities, 
and a Principle of doing Good, were the only Motives that 
fiurr^d and carrfd me on to an undertaking, in which I was 
to meet with abundance of Difficulties, occapon^d not Co much 
by the Drudgery of the Work {for that was a kind (^/Pleafure 
to me) as by the hfarrownefs of my Circumftances. But tho^ 
this Meannefs of Fortune might have been a juft Excufe for 
my aiming at Secular Advantage, yet I can fay with a good 
Confcience, (and^ I hope^ 'twill not be interpreted either at 
an Infiance of Vanity, or as a Breach of Modefty to mention 
it ) that I have not proposed to my fetf any Intereft in this 
Work^ nor ex^eBed the leaft Reward yf(7OT any onewhatfoever* 
I efteem it a fuflScient Recompencc that my honeft Endea- 
vours have been fo kindly received by feveral wirtuouSj good,* 
and learned Men^ and I fhaU retire to my Grave with the 
more Comfort that my Labours {in the Opinion of thefe im- 

eirtial Judges) will be beneficial and ufeful to all Lovers of 
ritifli Antiquities both in this and the following Ages. It 
muft however be here ingenuoufly confejfed that had it not 
been for the Contributions of the Subfcribers, the Work would 
have infallibly mifcarrfd^ and I muft have been obligd to 
depft'y and therefore 'tis my humble "Requeft that whatever 
Honour fhaU arifefrom the fetting out of this Work may be prin- 
cipally and chiefly afcrib d to thofe moft Excellent and Wor- 
thy Ferfons^ whofe Names upon that Account I have taken 
Care to tranfmit to Pofterity. 

This ninth Volume contains (i.) Mr. Leland'y Genethliacon 
Eaduerdi Principis Cambriae, with the Explication (^/difficult 
Words annex d. (i.) Ws Cygnea Cantio, and Commentary 
upon it. Both thefe Pieces {which ought to be looked upon as 
Part of the Itinerary) were grown Jo very fcarce^ that the 

a 2 former 



fwrmer vs^d to be fold for ten^ and the latter (tio^ printed 
twice) hath been Jold in AuBions for fourty^ JhlUlngs. (5,) 
Nicolas Fizherbert's Defcriptton of the Vnvcrfty of Ox- 
FORD. In this little Piece are fome Remarks^ that I have 
not met with elfewhere^ and 'twas become fo very rare^ that 
I do not remember to have feen above two or three Copies of 
it in my Life^ altho' I have made diligent fcarch after it* 
N.B. (4.) AReviewofthe wholeWork^conftJiing of yzrioxxs Read- 
ings, Correftions, Supplements and Annotations, Tl^e va- 
rious Readings are taken chiefly from Mr. StoweV Copy^ and 
another Copy^ {containing the firft and fecond^ and Part of the 
third^ Volume^ that was lent me by the learned Roger 
G^LE E/^;. The Supplements alfo^ fome of which are ex- 
t ly almofi the fame with fome of the other Remarks that are 
already publifh'd {the Author, or at leaft the Tranfcriber, 
having been guilty cf Repetition ) were extraBed from Mr. 
StoweV Copy^ and fhould have been fublifhed in their proper 
Places had that Copy come time enough to my hands. The 
Corredions are partly owing to my own Objervation^ and 
partly to the Information of others. I could have added 
many bepdes^ only I was unwilling to mention any but what I 
knew to be well grounded. The Annotations illufirate divers 
Antiquities that belong to this JVork^ and are a Specimen only 
of a great Variety of ethers that I could have inferted from my 
Colledions had I thought it convenient. (5'.) The famous 
Mr. Thomas Allen'/ Notes upon Bale de Script. Brit. They are 
quoted by Mr. Wood *, and I have added them on purpofe to 
fill up a vacant Page or two^ and to fhew how defrous I am 
that the leaft Fragment offo great a Man fhould be preferv^d. 

BoDLEjAN Library 

Nov. 7th'. MDCCXII. 

m Athen. Oxon. Vol. I. col. 493. 

N. B. The Supplement J, which Mr. Hcarne has reprinted from LcIandV O- 
rigtnal in his firft Part of the 8th Volume, are in this Edition put in their 
proper Places with the various Readings from Mr. Siow'/ Copy, Corredions, 
and Annotations. 

The words that thcfe two following Notes re- 
fer to are in the next page. 

n Genethliacon'J Unicam hujus carminis Editio- 
nem habemus. Annum quo prodiit in hac noltra retinuimus. 
fi Ni!7u vero abfolutus^ & editus'] JEditus per diphthongum 
redius fcribi ait Lclandus. male. Vide Volfii Etymologicon. 






Duels Coriniae, & Comitis Palatini: 

Libellus ante aliquot annos inchoatas, 
' . 0Nunc vero abfblutas, & editus: 

nAntiquario zAu6lore. 



Tar dim in lucem cbariffime proJeo JeStor: 
Cauffa fmt domini hnguida muf$ met. 

2)a facilis veniamjufta rat tone petenti^ 
Et tihi deeedet cmditione nihil. 

Exeo nunc muUo SmatioTy at^ue Britannis 
Trimus ego antijuum reddere euro decus. 




Fe/l4 corondt^e fmt Ltc mfigm^pkm^e 
Trincipis Eiuerdi^ Jhmo numine cmjus 
Spknacr, bm^^ iiiulij mamcHy hmJeffue manchunt^ 
jDum nivei JiquiJo gMJebmii fimninc Cygni^ 
IdQcM Jmmpic hrtis WMjcentm Slia culiis. 


A L L O Q^U I T U R. 

Aifum candidiw Trinceps nive, laBe^ Ifguftro^ 

Imperiique tut Utafubibo jagum. 
Taciferam Jextra quodes geflabis olivam^ 

Tileolojlabo conjpicienda tuo> 
Impkat optato Zepbyrus mea carbafa vento 

Sole fub ardenti tadia nulla feres. 
InclytaJihuYus te forte ad beUa vocabit, 

/ft galeae cono fiabo fuperba tu^e. 
Unica mbilium puerorum gloria Trinceps 

F'ivai : perpetuum tu mihi numen eris. 





t^egi Anglui BrancU, & Hibemu ; 

Fldei defenfbri ac Anglicanas Hibernicasque Ecclefis 
proxime k Chrifto fupremo capitis 

JoANKNES Leiandus Ahtiquarius 
hxt dedicat. 

SCripsimvs Eduerdi natalem principis ortum,* 
Pignore quo fentic fe terque quaterque beatam 
Inlula clara opibus rebufque britannia geitis. 
Eft liber exiguus, tamen illuftriffima tradat, 
5 Inque tuas Henrice manus. Rex maxime regum, 
Sollicitis aiAbit votis precioufque venire, 
Annue dive tuo vati. Sic fradus adoret 
Te bello Scottus dominum, regemque falutet. 

Principis Eduerdi natalem carmine lucem, 
10 Eximiasque nota: pompas, quibus Anglia tota 
Enituit faufti votivo fideris ortu, 
Noftra quidem mire geftit celebrare Camoena. 
Quos Superos in vota vocem ? Mihi Cbriftus Apollo. 
Fons Helicon facer eft divini fpiritus oris. 
If Parnafliis nitidi radiantia lumina coeli. 

Qiiamvis eloquii ad phaleras accedat amoenus 
Nympharum chorus, & pidse figmenta poefis : 
His ego perfretus fidfenti pedore vaftum 
Ingrediar pelagus dicendi, & profpera nadus 
lo Tempora, committam Zephyris mea vela fecundis. 
Mcefta palatinas facies obduxerat aedes 
Tempore proh ! nimium lohgo : nee parvus in aula 
Luferat Aeneas, flabili qui fceptra parentis 



Alta manu gereret, folioque federet avito. 
If Hanc Deus. aetherea miferatus ab arce Britannos, 
Omnem triftitiam abfterfit, laetoque Hymenaeo 
Spem bonus egregil certain promifit Jiili. 

Vergit in occafum foecunda Severia tellus, 
lUicSemarius, vir bello ftrenuus. amplam 

30 Incoluit villam, quas nomine di&a Lupinum. 
Huic erat infigni de conjuge nata Joanna 
Filia, virg-nei gemma iatemerata pudoris, 
Quam fibi perpetuo dilediam foedere junxit 
Inclytus Henncus, magnorum gloria Regum, 

35 Et gravidum optato complevit pignore ventrem. 

Luna coronatum decies complcverat orbem, 
liiuxitque dies Eduerdi prsevia facris. 
Quo regnante jugum Danorum reppulit Anglus^ 
Quum regina graveis uteri perpefla dolores 

40 Clamaret, *'fer opem miferae mihiChrifte precanti. 
** Obfecro me ferva, pariturae parce benigne.*' 
Prodiit in iucem formofus pufio, moefta 
Exhiiaratunis multorum corda virorum. 
Miflus ad excelfam Trenovantum nuncius urbem 

45 Fidus evangelium patefedt, & omnia circum 
Compita lastitias perfudit ne&are dulci. 
Fit nova continuo rerum faciefque, colorque, 
Infolitufque hominum ferit aurea fidera plaufus- 

Arx antiqua. potens Tamefinac margine ripac 

JO Eft fita, Bellini decus immortale tyranni. 
Aerea terribiles bafilifci hinc moQKra tonabant 
Innumeris vicibus : coUuxit fulmine coelum : 
Fumus & in nubes abiens caligine nirfiis 
Aera conturbat, tctrumque emalat odorcm. 

55 Undique tedra tremunt tonitru, vitreacquc feneftrse 
Infignem tota cladem patiuntur in urbe. 
Sic payor imihiftus Ixtas bene temperat aures. 


Nee mora, Icgati Rutupino littore nareis 
Confcendunt niveum reterentes principis ortum. 
60 Pars MorJnos, Batavofque truceis, Beiga^ue potentei 
Pars & fepofitos longe petit altera Ibcros. 




Montis in aerii praerupto vertice caftrum 

Arviragi ftat, opus non expugnabile bello, 

Prxcipitare virum <}uem de temone Britanno 
tf y Non unquam potuit Romana potentia fortem. 

Doris amara vetus dedic arci nomen, & urbi. 

H«c ubi fenfiflet tauti nova gaudia partus, 

Explicuit celfis vexilla nitenaa muris, 

Purpureafque cruces in findone lenis agebat 
70 Candidula Zephyrus, fortis quoque fignaGeorgi 

Fulmina convomuit hinc, inde trequentia totis 

Turribus, intonuitque minis animofa fecundis. 

Adfonuit pbntus : nautas cecinere celeuma. 


Iccius audito quamprimum murmure portus 
75 Caudam lastitias facile intellexit honeftam. 

Omnis cancellus reparatae fulminat urbis, 

FuGlibus cauto ta&is ferpentibus igne. 

Littora dehinc tonitru percuffa dedere boatum, 

Et tegulae quaflis trabibus cecidere revulfte, 
80 Hoftes in bellum Morini venifle putantes 

Arma parant: veri fed poftquam cognita cauffa, 

Principis exortum tenfis ad fidera palmis 

Gaudentes celebrant, & dulcia carmina fundunt. 

Inter quos reliquis cecinit cordatior ifta : 
8? **Tertiu8, ut numerant, Eduerdus, Martius heros, 

** Hanc bello cepit, dIs fortunantibus, urbem. 

** Auguror, & magnum precor ut fit in omine pondus, 

*'Sextus ut hie Princeps Eduerdi nomine faufto 

**Impcret, & murum fe noftro praebeat hofti. 

90 Eft locus infolito rerum fi)lendore fuperbus, 

Alluiturque vaga Tamefini fluminis unda. 

Nomine ab antiquo jam tempore didus Avona. - 

Hic Rex Henricus taleis Odavius xdes 

Erexit, qualeis toto fol aureus orbe 
9; Non videt : uUa tamen nee erit laus amplior illis 

Principis exortum quam quod videre fereni. 

Semper Avona fuo felix applaudat alumno : 

Sidereas longo fie fervet tempore turres 

Integra, & infigneis attoUat ad acthera criftas . 
100 Regia clara foro celebri, & famofa coronis 
Tergeminifr Regum late caput extulit olim. 

Vol. 9. b Tempore 


Tempore quo, quid Avona fuit nifi ruftica villa 

Imperium dominx vicinx laeta fubire ? 

Nunc vice mutata petit aftra, poloque minatur^ 
105 £t juftas dominx prxfcribit libera leges. 

Hoc tibi deceffit nil Regia nomine quicquam : 

Accrevit potius multum : DicSris arnica 

Principis Eduerdi, frudumque beata patrono 

Accipies tali, maturum ubi teceric xcas. 
no Jamque dies aderat niveo fignanda lapillo. 

Qua facer antiftes puerum de more levarct 

Fonte falutifero, faceretque precantia verba. 

Convenere duces regni, fanaufque fenatus. 

Principi ab Eduerdo funt indita nomina fanAo. 
115 Sufceptum manibus fynceri pignus amoris 

Attollit cafti Maria iilibata pudoris 

Gloria, qux tacita nicet ut vaea Cynthia node. 

Fungitur antiftes Durovernenus eodem 

Munere : & ofBcium bene complet tertius almum 
no Dux Icenorum, bello mecuendus Achilles : 

Nota Caledonios cujus vidloria Scottos 

Contudir^ ac coget domino fervire Britanno. 

Infqnat Eduerdi repetito nomine templum ; 

Et chorus argutus tremulo ferit xthera cantu. 

125 Tum Regina piis vivo de fonte renatum 

Ulnis amplexa eft puerum : dehinc talia fatur ; 
*'Incipe chare puer rifu dignofcere matrem: 

** Afpice me Ixtis oculis dulciffime nate. 

" Crefce puer : mundi te fpeftant maxima quarque* 
130 "Madte puer virtute : decus te credo futurum 

''Regni praccipuum, foes eft & certa, Britanni. 

*'Fac femper ftudeas Chrifto fervire lupremo. 

*'Hinc tibi regnandi ftahilis futnatur origo* 

*' Cetera fortunx committo quieta fecundx. 
1 35 Finierat : parvo libavit & ofcula nato, 

Et crucis impreffit fignum venerabile fronti, 

D^lcia committens nutricis pignora curx. 


Egregie prxftat puero fua munera nutrix. 
Nutrix clara domo, fine felle, venufta, benigna : 
140 Exerit 6c niveo turgentem lad:e papillam. 
llle avidis fugit vitalia munera labris* 
Altrix iaterea facilis cantillat amoenum. 



*'Suge puer : requiefce puer : dalciflime dormi* 
''Service ifta tibi iemper mellite mamilla. 
145' ''Utraque, ne faevi, dabitur tibi candide mamma. 
"Sunt mihi bella tux concefla crepundia dextrae. 
''Dermis dulce puer? gratiffimus mcipis effe. 


Spes erat ampla quidem numerofa prole Joanna 
Henricum ut faceret regem fbecunda parentem. 

lyo Sed Superis aliter vifum eft. Cruciatus acerbus 
Diftorfit vacuum lerali tormine veiitrem. 
Frigora crediderim temere conrradla ftiifle 
In caufla : fuperat vis morbi : Jamque falute 
Defoerata omni, Nymphis haec rettulit almis. 

lyy " Non mihi mors curx eft : perituram, agnofcOjCreavit 
" Omnipotens : moriar. Terram tibi debeo terra. 
" At pius Elyfiis animus fpatiabitur hortis. 
"Deprecor noc unum: maturos filius annos 
"Exigat, & tandem regno det jura paterno. 

160 Dixit. & aeterna claudebat lumina nube. 
Nulla dies preifit graviori clade Britannum. 

Non tamen oflSciis ceflat pia turba Dearum 
Eduerdum innumeris ornare, fuafque vocare 
Delicias. Primx fontis venere forores 

1^5 Caftalii feftis redimitae tempera fertis. 

Symbola candoris Charites venere. Deinde 
Oceanitides. & pulcherrima turma fecuta eft 
Naiadum. Dryaaes turn proceflere vircnti 
Fronde comas paffas cindtx, facilefque Napjesc 

170 Temporibus vernum florem, dextriujue ferentes. 
Clauierunt reliquas & Oreades agmine k>ngo, 
Extenfos humeris arcus, pharetrafque gerentes. 
Omnes quae niveo multam dixere falutem 
Priiicipi Eaduerdo, modulofque dedere canoros. 

175 Sed refonae primas partes fumpfere Camocnac. 


Principis clarum celebremus ortum, 
Cujus adventu numerofa gentis 
Gaudet, ac laudat Superos faventes 
Turba Britannse. 
J 80 Hxc dies conchis niveis notanda, 
Hxc dies Ixta decoranda fronde, 
Difpulit qux tot miferis tenebras 
Sole redudo. 

b % Principi 


Principi binas dabimus corollas 
l8f Cognicx nobis hedene fecjuaces, 
Laurus & noftro Ciario dicata 

Nota coronis* 
Litteras Princeps amec, 6r triumphos. 
Candidas dodis faveat poetis. 
190 Viftor cxtrafto gladio lupcrbum 

Cx>mprimat hoftem* 
Inclycum fa&is Edoerdus almus 
Exprimat patrcm, pietate matrcm, 
£c Tenis vivac generofus ille 
io< Neftoris annos. 

Trcs slBimus numero corona felix 
Nudocorpore, fimplices, benignx, 
Paflfis vertice candiao canillis, 
Innexx manibus maniis decenteis, 
aco Et doda: choreas Icveis rotare. 
Hue pcrvcnimas elegantis ortum 
Eduerdi nitida norare gemma, 
Nato dicere Principi falutem 
Lxto carmine plurimam paratx. 
aof Salve lux patrix tux ferena 

Princeps candidior nive, & liguftris. 
In cujus facie fedec venuftas. 
Fortunatus eris. tuumque nomen 
Excclfi penetrabit aftra coeli. 

110 Clauditur Occano fpatiofa Britannia vafto, 
N08 cujus natx bella caterva fumus. 
Ille abTens fenior thalamis cxfultat in udis, 

Et nos prxfcntes gaudia vera tenent. 
Attulimus conchas Princeps pulcherrime rerum 
%lj Muncra mox digitis apta futura tuis. 
Hac nos lucidula trajecimus inclyte clafle. 

Adflavit Zephyrus, qui palinurus erat. 
Plurimus, ignarus nc fis, latet unio conchis. 
Pondere quifque fuo, quifque nitore valet. 
%%o Ex illis niveo collo murenula fiet 

Bella tuo, capiti five corona tuo. 
Dive puer famx ftudeas Edoerde perenni. 
Marte foris clarus, fis quoque pace doml. 

m Marte forts <larus^ fis &c.] Non nemo forte ita melius 
difttngui cenfuerit, viz. Marte firis clarus pSy quojue pace 



Si forte intulerit bellum tibi nauticus hoftis, 
ty Naumachia noftro munerc vi(3:or eris. 
Vive puer longum : felicibus urere vends. 
In placida portiis ftat tua puppis aqua« 

Incolimus tacito labentia flumina curfu. 
Sed quum nos Tamefis, nympharum gloria prima, 
}o Admonuiffet rite tui nataJis, ab altis 
Continuo ripis gremio defluximus uno 
Hue alacres oixines, redimitae tempora fronde 
Populea, & cannas folito de more ferentes 
Dextris. Quae pia nunc perfimdimus accipe vota 
$5' Princeps. le merito virtus commendet alumnum 
Alma luum mundo. Melior fortuna regendi 
Det tibi fuccefliis, longas quoque gaudia vitse. 

Fama per immenfas Regnorum concita fylvas, 
Atrebatum^ & Catyeuchlanorum. 
\o Nuncia lastitiae noftras pervenit acl aures. 
£t docuit nova lamina coelo 
Principis exortu mode defcendifTe nitenti, 

Nubila quae procul omnia peilant. 
Nos igitur querna decoratae tempora fronde 
4.5 Attulimus fragrantia mella 

Dulcia corticibus tibi nunc munufcula plenis. 

Aurea jam funt reddita nobis 
Secula : jam trepidis (ylvis timor exfulat ater. 
Jam cafiiias habitare virenteis, 
jro Et juvat ilicibus manfuras ponere fedes. 
Nos igitur tenet u^ica cura 
Ut tibi longaeyi phoenids fecla precemur^ 
Et tibi maxima quaeque precemur. 
De niveis inter contentio nata Britannos 
')^ Purpureifque rofis. 

Dux niveae partes Urovicenfis agebat 

Mente manuque valens. 
Purpurei floris Mediolanenfis honorem 
Praetulit ufque fui. 
fo Gefta per undanteis civili fanguine campos 
Non potuere quidem 
Laefas bella rofas firma conjungere pace, 

Temperiemve dare. 
At nos quae coiimus late florentia regna^ 
U Sollicitaque manu 



Colligimus vernas gemmas utriufque rofcti^ 

Poflumusj idque probe, 
Omnem judicio litem decernere vero. 

Scd locus ilia minus 
%jo Poftulat. Ecce tibi calatho redolentia pleno 

Munera grata damus: 
Intado candore rolas, minioque fuperbas. 

Muaeribufque tuis 
Lilia jungemus coelo demifTa fereno 
^^^ Officiofa cohors. 

Imperils adolefce tuis : adolefce triumphis 

Inclyte. laurus adeft. 

O R E A D E S. 

Q^a fpedat boream martia Cambria, , 

Nos Alpes Venetas faxa minantia 
ago Coelo verticibus non minus arduis, ^ 

Quam quis Italix clauditur exitus, ^ 

Felices colimus : noftraque gloria 

Apros fulminel roboris obvios 

Vcnabli rigida cufpide fternere. 
aSjT Laus nobis etiam reftat & altera 

EmilTa volucreis figere anindine 

Cervos, & canibus vincere capreas. 

Hie nos folivagas per loca devia 

Compellans Zepbyrus ncfcio quis cder 
apo Sylvis infonuic nuncius omnibus. 

"Vos nymphse, colitis qUaemga taotttium, 

*'Natalem faciles Principis inciyti 

^'Eduerdi mentis toUite honoribus, 

''Et veftro domino fundite cartnina/* 
.-apf Nos h«c praeftitimus peftote candido, 

Et mox contmuis fueta laboribus 

Cervorum exuviis corpora cinximus. 

Arcus, ac pharetras, tela niteiltia, 

Et noftris humeris nota refiiittpfimut^ 
300 Ingreffxque itiner venimus ad tuij 

Oreo fole, patris celfa palatia : 

Quae Quum nunc avidis cernere, commodum, & 

Collultrare oculis perjuver, accipc 

Princeps accipe certiffima virginum 
305 Quid promifla ferant, votaque Candida. 

Supremus Venetas Juppiter antea 

Rupes transferet a ledibus infitis, 

Et fylvis fera non ulla vagabitur, 
--Natalis tuus hie cordibus cxcidat 

310 Quar 


^lo Quam noflris: vel opem non tibi conferanc 
Geitamus pharetris quas modo fpicula. 
Fortunate puer crefce potentius. 
Tithoni videas profpera fecula. 


Senferat officium montanas Cambria nymphas 
5 If Clara quidem feciffc fuum, faftumque probavit. 

Nee mora fidereo coelo caput intulit altum, 

Signaque Ixtitias prse fe manifefta ferebat 

Omnia, qua: tapti pofcebat principis ortus. 

Vina, faces, epul«, concentus, ierta, chgrex 
320 In triviis ftrepitu t'ervebant undique magno. 

Quid, quod $c argnti fuderunt carmiqa oardi ? 

Inter quos fenior, numero deledlus ab oinni, 

Cpgnicione valens rerum, modulifque, lyraque, 

Egregiei refona cantabat talia voce : 
3^y Imperio cedet vel tota Britannia prima 

'* Quanta eft dive tuo princeps Eduerde potcnti. 

^^ £it tamen ampta tqas prxf<^ripto Cambria jure 

^^ Grata iuventuti fedes, quam fanguine mqltp 

^^ Eduerdus, fuQs Veneris, cognomine Longus 
330 '^ Partam filiolp, nota cui nomen ab urbe 

*' Arvonna, teqero commifit pace rege^dam. 

*' Tu nunc five placet titulos retinere priorum ; 

^' Npbile five juv^t defiimere nomen honoris, 

^^iiAaglia quam tritHtet, tribuetve Britannia rc^a, 
Jjy ^' Sis bonus, & felix Cambris: Te principe namque 

^^ Multa fibi augurio piomittunt commode certo. 

'^ Annis 6 u:inam pauUo m-4turior efies 1 

^^ ^fe tuis pr^efens oci^lis tua caftra videres 

*' Turribus alt^ fuis, ^ firnio ^ robore tuta. 
340 ^^ Urbes prasterea mult^s, fora mulra videres, 

" Quae tc mirift^e cu|>iunt jEduerde videre, 
' Atque tuum.tacito venerari pec^ore fiumen. 
' £t ne forte premant ingrata filentia rerum 

'^ Tantarum moles : ne vel ditio tua poftbac 
345 " Qu^nt^ fit y ignorent, quem non njeminifle juvabic, 

^' Expediiam paucis antiqui nominis urbes 

«i AuglsA^am triiuetA Forfan, Anglia quem Prlbuet. fi ro^ 
tore tuta.'] Diftin£ki6 poft tuta deeft in Ed. prima, y ignorent^ 
fuem mn meminife juvahit^ Sic in Ed. prima. Sed vel aliter 
diftingucndum eft, viz. ignovent {quem non meminijfe juvakt ?) 
virl pro ignwent legendum eft ignoret. 


(C i 



** Qujis habet in campis latiffima Cambria vaftis. 
** i:'rincipi6 vaiidas turres Nova Venta Silurum 
" Erigit, ataue Vagas fradlam tenet ardua ripam. 

350 *' Perplacec Ifca fitu, oua uon auguftior iftis 
^' Unquam partibus ulla fuit, neque notior ulla 
^'Romanis, ut qux nomcn Legionis haberet. 
"Julius, Amphioalus cives hinc, martyr & Aron. 
*' Dignum laude Novum caftellum. Fulgct amoeno 

?f 5 '* Quje Tava ftrufia loco eft omni digniffima Taude. 
*' Hie plus ille pater Germanus epifcopus acdem 
*^ Gallus homo Chrifto ftatuit, propriamque dicavic; 
** Non ignota manet Ponti fua fiima Vaino : 
*' Et fuus eft Nido titulus : fuus Abretaoque, 

3(0 " Nunc quod ab xquoreis didum Suinefia porcis 
'^ Saxonica, fed voce nova. Nee flinditus omnis 
^^ Concidit urbis honos. cui dat Catguilia nomen. 
" Prxdicat hxc xtas Maridunum. Cognita libris 
^' Ula (]^uidem veterum, nee dum caput occulit umbris. 

3^y *' Redius elucet pifcoii margine Tevi : 
^' Cujus & in ripis Driflani culmina fur^nt 
^^ Caftri, Dinevorumque ubi fedes principis olim 
^^ Regia Demetici, fceptro radiante Britanno* 
'* Defpicit exefas rupes vicina Sabrinae 

370 ** Tinbecha. & recipit fida ftatione carinas. 
** Alluit unaofo piortus Milverdicus «ftu 
'' Moenia Septimii patriam Penbrocica regis, 
^^ Dugladiamq; forum quod Roffia tora frequentat* 
^ *' Tcrminat occiduas extrema Menevia partes 

37 J ** Qupndam metropolis, dum Cambria floruit alta, 
*• Ciilabrinorum. Boream Neveria verfus 
'' Littore confpicua eft. Nee longius oftia diftant 
" Tiv«i, quo gens Ceretica confiuit omnis* 
** Infuper apparet vetus urbs in faucibus ipfis 

380 ^^ Fluminis OftuthL cujus fibi nomen adoptat. 
^^Interius pauUo mnt magni fana Paterni. 
" Porrigitur vafto fluvii trans oftia Devi 
** Tradu terra potens haftis Mervinia longis. 
^^ Eft ubi caftrum ingens Arlecba crepidine laxi. 

385: *' Adjacet huic regio, qu« Monnam Ipcdat, ab ilia 
** Trsyedu exiguo divila, Armonnia vulgo 
** Di(fta, quod & debet vicinx nomen amicae. 
*' Hie prope littus habet faftigia celfa Cragetum, 
*' Atque habet illuftreis titulos urbs clara Segonti 

390 *' Fluminis, etfi nunc Arvonna k plebe vocetur, 
" Nee procul ^ celebri trajedu ad littora Monnae 
l^ fianchorus eximii Danielis nota cathedra. 



** Nominis inde fui Conovius influit aeftus 

• '' Turrigeros muros, navefque inducit onuftas. 

395 ^' Denique bella fuas arces, atque oppida monftrac 
** Angulia, infignem pugnis, partifque.trophxis 
'' Rudlanam, cxfa Trefontem virgine clarum, 
'' Et pofitum Silicis Devano lictore caftrum. 
'' Hadenus ingentem pelagi defcripfimus oram^ 

400 ^* Nunc quoque dicemus quas urbcs Cambria tollit 
** Montibus in mediis. Gevenna fuperbit, & inter 
*' Rupes concurfu fluvioram tuta duorum eft. 
*' Quanta Brecheniaci moles, ubi lucidus amnis 
^' Perfluit Hondenus, rapidaque « immergitur Ifca ? 

405 " Quid Lodovicorum reteram Bo^elthia fedes 
" Teda palatinas ? Coryleti gloria major, 
*' Qua Vaga praecipiti vada fcrupea gurgite torquet : 
*' Major & urbis honos, aua fe Maiieveta jaftat : 
*' Eft honor at longe Ferulegx maximus urbis : 

410 *' Quamvis junda Vagas Mona turres exferat altas, 
*' Et caftella fui juris tria fronde coronet. 
*' Qiiantulacunque manet Treboccae fama, liquentem 
** Incolit ilia finum Themidis, Mellenius ortum 
*' Dat cui mons fluvio numerofo vertice furgens : 

415 *' Et manet Andrcx laus rede cognita Fani. 
'' Luda tamen Claris titulis praccellit utrique 
*' Arce valens firma, celfi quoque robore muri. 
^' lUic Corvus ubi Themidis petit impiger undas 
'' A auo vallis habet nomen (Jorvina celebre. 

410 '' Valle nitet rigua caftrum domus alta Coluni, 
** Fluminis antiquo rapidi cognomine gaudens, 
*' Accola frondiferi nemoris quo confluit Oncus. 
*' In precio quondam magno Ledcuria ftabat, 
'' Quamvis nunc aliud nomen det epifcopus illi. 

417 '' Nee fuit inferior Balduini laurea, cujus 
'' Reftituit lapfam Gomericus nobilis urbem. 
'* Oppida funt curvas prope ripas ifta Sabrinac, 
'* At magnis aliis non dum torrentibus audae, 
*' Trelinum, dehinc Trenovium. Sed longius inde 

430 *' Lanificag diftat nutrix Ofualdia turbae. 
•' Fertilis oftentat Ixto Mailoria vultu 
*' Commoda quanta fuis, quibus Uritlefia fedes, 
*' Conferat, & tufo qua: ferro fabricet arma. 
*' Divitiafque fuas depraedicat oreHuthenus 

ii immergitur Ifca ?] Antea plena diftindio poft ifca po- 
Vol. 9. c "i«Mag- 


435 '^ uMagno, turn quod babet caftrum memorabile laudat 
*' Fortia commemorans Graiorum fafta fuorum. 
*' Inftat nominibus multis praedarior una 
*' Denbiga^ qiiam vallo, murifque Laceius heros 
** Cinxit pmnatis, opcrique decentius arccm 

440 *' Addidit, ac Roflbs docuit juga ferre fiibaaos. 
*' Sed quid ego in rebus tarn parvis demoror iftis ? 
*' Quin iuvat excdfas urbes numcrarc Sabrinae, 
^' QH? donunum de more fuum certantibus ulnis 
" Excipcrcnc, lauta & venienti munera fcrrcnt. 

445 " Edita Penguerni late foftigia fplendent^ 
*^ Imperio cuius fubjefta Poifia quondam 
" Terra, altrix & bellatorum mater equorum. 
*' Urbs fata lunato haec vcluti mediamnis in orbe 
^^ Colle tumet modico, duplici quoque ponte fuperbit, 

450 ^^ Accipiens patria fibi lingua nomen ab alnis. 

** Eft quoque Morvanae Burgas vener4inda vctuftas, 
'^ Damca quam manus Sc cepit, murifque recinxic : 
*' Sed repravit opus mox Aethelflcda virago, 
*^ Praefidiumque mx Robertus contulit urbi 

455 ^^ Bellefmus, loogo poft temporis intervallo* 
*^ Ddicium rerum Bellus locus undique floret 
** Fronde coronatus Virianx tempora fylvx. 
^* Pontificum fedes multos femofa per annos 
^' S^dula pertenui fervet Branjgonia tela. 

460 *^ Ampla fbro^ & partis fpoliis prxclara Theoci 
Curia* Sabrinx qua fe committit Avona, 
^^/sFiUget, nobihum, facrifque recondit in antris 
^' Multorum cineres, quondam inclyta corpora hello, 
^^ Occupat illuftris depreflam Claudia vallem. 

4^5 ** Aft alias inter tantum caput exferit urbes, 

'^ Qujis Dobunorum gens incolit, atque frequentat, 
*' Qujtntum deix& folent inter vepreta cupreui. 
*' Aipicit ilia (ux divortia lata Swrinx, 
*' U^aque contingens oblongo brachia ponte.** 

470 Hxc fenior : geminis refbnabat plaufabus xther, 
Camoriaque emiht taleis de pe&ore voces : 
•' Chara Deo foboles, noftrx foes altera Trojas, 
«« Vive diu, yotifque lubens affiieice tuorum/* 

Magno^ turn quod &c.] Melius, ni fallor, iic diftingui- 
tur : Magno, turn quod hatet taftrum memorabiU laudatj, Fartia 
Ace. 'is Fulget^ noiilium^ Sic etiam diftinguitur in Ed, pri- 
mat Tolli tamen poteft comma poft noUlium. 


cc • 



Frada Segontinse gentis prot>e littora floret 
47; Infula Romanis Mona non incognita bellis. 

Quondam t^rra ferax nemorum^ iiunc indiga fylv«, 

Sed Venetis tantum cereali munere prasftans. 

Mater ut k vulgo Cattibrorum jUre vocetur. 

Hue quoque pervenit generofi nuncius ortum 
480 Principis infinuans, pompamque induxit ovantem. 

Ergo alacris populus losto fua gaudia Tultii, 

Voce, manu, cithara, choreis teftatur abunde. 

Abrefraum Vencti notiffima regia quondam, 

Ataue vetuftatis Rofferia laude tumefcens^ 
48 f Dehinc Trecaftellum, urbs Bellas tunc dida marifcus 

Qoym nova conftrueret praefignis liioehia vicftor 

Eduerdus Lon^s. celfamque attoUeret arccm, 

Concinuere pia cledud:a haec carmina voce : 

** Ilia dies meritp nobis recolenda fereni 

490 '• Principis Eduerdi quae nunlen protulit almum. 

**Nunc intemperies, tempeffatefque recedunt 
• Turbato nuper ccelo : micat aureus axe 
' Phoebus, & obfcuram difpellit lampade nodem, 
' Parte rererfuram nulla, ctum jufta fupremi 
495 ** In(:olumem terris fervabit cura Tonantis 

^'Eduerdum noftri generis fine labe puellum/* 
Finierat : dedit hinc applaufiim PenmSaa magnum, 

Hinc Promont6rii facri dedit ardua rupes 

Ingeot^is fotiitus : repetebaht omnia valles. 


yoo Afpicit occafum montana Corinia folis. 

Lata quid^m regio, Tamarx qua fluminis unda 
Defluit k borea, & volucri contendit ad auftrum 
Curfu : continue tradlu fed longior ilia 
Tendit in anguftum felix provincia conum, 

505 Donee acuta Forum Jovis hinc attingat, & illinc 
Cornigeri refluos asftus deguftet Alauni. 
Turn vero iiitidum late diSiifa per orbem 
Crefcit, fitque novas fubtto peninfula terrse, 
Qo^ promontoriis pelago imminet alta duobtts. 

510 Oonculit hoc fe fama valens pernicibus k\is^ 
Lxtitiaeque dedit clariffima figna profiifie 
Principis exortum grato quum fpargeret ore. « 
Profiliere fuis fbrtiffima turba fodinis 
Indigenas, audita fama, partimque caminis 

51; Ignivomis. Rediit fecurus ab sequore nauta, 

c 2 Mer- 


' Mercatorque fori petiit loca celfa frequcntis^ 

Ac fibi coaftituit pompas ex ordine quifque* 

Cingitur ingenti plebis de more corona 
Area gramineo pulchre vellita virore. 

510 In medio bini committunc nuda paleftrx 
Corpora, & exercent multo fudore lacertos. 
Succedunt feffis alii. Pars robore perftat 
Firmo invifta. Premit terram « pars altera tergo. 
Tollitur applaufus: coeli petit atria clamor. 

yi^r Viftor ovat : mentem fubit indignatio vifti. 
Praemia quifque capit palmx decreta fuperbjc. 

Depofcunt lufta vidi contendere curlii. 
Fraxinus erigitur fupremo meta labori. 
Ucraque pars dextris certat contingere metam. 

530 Credas poffe fiiga volucreis praevertere cenros. 
Hie facicm vidis fortuna oftendit amicam, 
Librat & acquali palmas vidoria lance. 
Terrigcnae demum fccerunt talia charo 
Pro duce vota fuo. " Vivas Edoerde precamur 

535: " Longsevus terris, fuperes & fada parentum 
*'Egregie felix quantumvis clara tuorum." 

In portu vario lufit natura Falcnfi 
SeceQu, tribuens ignotis cladibus amplum 
rtofpitium, quoties rapido furit Aeolus auftro. 

5:40 Hic fua di poiitis nautse ccrtamina cymbis 
Conftituere : dedit leges navarchus avitas, 
Et bibula metas haftilia fixit arena. 
Ucraque dehinc operi fe pars accingit honefto. 
Aurea turn cecinit proretx fiftula magni 

545 Clafficum^ & infonuit portus finus omnis amoeni. 
Illi remigio contendunt fortius ado. 
Perque vices prior eft nunc haec, nunc ilia phafelus. 
Una quidem reliquas longe praecedere vifa eft. 
Quae ducis Eduerdi vidricia figna ferebat. 

550 Fiitula proretae fonitum dedit aurea rurfus. 
Perftrepuic remis abiegnis altius unda 
Concita, refpondent talique celeumate nautae : 
*' Floreat Eduerdus dux nofter, prima Corinae 
'* Gloria qui gentis, qui lux, qui cura, decufque.** 

555 Turn mercatorum numerofa caterva per urbes 
Senas, quas gremio fcecunda Corinia nutrit, 
Infolitum nitidis pompis decrevit honorem. 

m fMTS altera tergo. Tottitur applaufus : [Sic interpunxi. 
Antea omittebatur diftindio poft tergo. 



Dunevetum fano Scephani fublimior una, 
Defpiciens reliquas (axofo vertice rupis, 
60 Accepit mcrita partes cum laude fupremas. 

Succeflit Bofucnna frequens locus. Indc fecuta eft 
Lefceretum, & ftannu (ignando Lofuitieiium 
Nota domus. Pariter comitem fe praebuit illis 
Trerua. Poftremo refonabat Alaunia plaufii. 
6^ Una fuit focics, oratio civibus una 

Omnibus, h«c valde grato referentibus ore : 

*' Dux Edoerde falus, patrix & fpes maxima noftrse, 
*' Vive dlu, vitamque tuam fors optima rerum 
*' Profperet, ac fortem quum tre maturior aetas 
70 " Reddiderit juvenem noftris afluefce benigne 
*' Votis. Turn mifere dominum cumcmus amantes 
'' Cernere praefentem^ vivafgue auaire loquentis 
** Voces. lila dies felices unica reddet. 
^^ Accipe quae dabimus dux illuftriflime dona. 
7S " Rupibus h!c vaftis nidos genus omne volucrum 
** Ponit. Qupt varii pifces, lautique palato 
*' Aequore vicino ludunt ? Vis quanta recurvis 
*'Pendetinarboribuspomorum? Armenta, gregelque 
'' Vix numerare licet. Sed nunc majora loquemur. 
fo '* Diffluit h noftris ftanni fornacibus ingens 
*' Copia, littoribufque cavis eft vena reperta 
** Aeris, & argenti, ac, gnaris fi credimus, auri. 
^^ Lucida funt nobis m preciofa munera conchas. 
" Inventufque adamas late fua fidera fpargit. 
►J '' Si mage laurigeri capieris amore triumphi, 
'* Quem tibi caeruleum vidis dabit hoftibus aequor; 
*^ Navibus ex noftris erit inftrufiiffima claffis, 
'' EfHciet quae te vidbrem invidla potentem. 
*' Haec tua funt plane dux praeclarnlime cun<fla, 
o '^ Et majora quidem. Tantum meminiffe rogamus, 
" Ut, quum maturis fueris jam fortior annis, 
*' Vilere digneris fejvorum tedta tuorum. 
" Praeftitit auxilium rex Aethelftanus abunde 
" Eximium nobis. Tantundeni praeftitit ille 
jr '^ Splendidus Henrici frater Ricnardus, ovantem 
*' Qiiem fibi delegit Romana potently regem. 
** Quod fupereft unum hoc fperamus rite futurum 
*' uTpatris excelfam virtutem Edoerde fequaris. 
*' Praebuit ille tibi rarae fpeftacula famae. 
? " Teftis adeft locuples Fendinas, teftis & alter 

M frechfa] Forfan, freciofe* 



** Fanum Mauditi, loca munitiilima^ caftris 
*' Qux modo conftrudis aditu prohibere Falenfi 
^' Piraras, fceleratum hominum genus atque cruentui! 
*' Fulmineo pdffunt tonitru, faxoque minantc.*' 
^o; Civica concicuic his didis turma virorum. 

D E V A NI A. 

Hifpida qua tellus Merviaia refpicit curum 
£ft locus anciquo Penlinum noniine didtus. 
Hie lacus iliimeis in valle Tegeius alta 
Lace expandit aquas, & vaftum conficit Orbem 

6io Excipiens ^remio lacices, qui fonte perenni 
Vicinis recidunt de montibus, atque fonoris 
lilecebris captas demulcent fuaviter aures* 
lUud habet certe lacus admirabile di^ : 
Quantumvis magna pluvia non seftuat ; atqui, 

6is Aere turbato, n ventus murmura tollat, 
Excrefcit fubico rapidis violentior undis, 
Et tumido fuperat contemptas fiumine ripas. 
Deva lacu Celebris fiuvius prorumpit ab ifto^ 
Alveolumque terens Guainia prseterit anra 

6zo Gurgitis k dextra ; turn Jalica parte finiftra 

Conlita. dehinc tanquam limes diffiadit utramque 
Mailoram, celeri curfu lambitque Leonis 
Caftrum. poftremo rapidis torrentibus audus 
Pergit ad anciquam, cui nomen dedicat, urbem, 

6%^ Unde quidem legio Romanis dida Duana. 
A fluvio proprium nomen Devania fumpfic 
Tota patens vafte regio vicina, fuumque 
Fefta palatinis titulis ittollit honorem. 
Nuncius hue properp curfii pervenit amicus^ 

(J JO Principis Eduerdi referens exordia faufta, 
Sidera quo xiato coelefti clarius orbe 
Fulferunr, animique hominum confurgere, pulfis ^ 
Triftitiae tenebris, coeperunt lunjine yiyo. 
Senferat oblatum tefnpus pulcherrima I^eva^ 

(Sgy Qup domini celebrare fui contenderet ortum, 
Lastitiaeque daret laxas eflFrenis hebeftas. 
Aurea profkierent mihi nunc fi vocibus ora 
Centum grandifonis : & apes jam dulce labellis 
Mel fua dona meis inferrent : denique lymphas 
/ ^40 Ebiberem (i Forte fecras Heliconis amoeni^ 

Vix equidem pofl'em plenis expromere verbis 
Gaudia auanta fui comitis pertuderit ortu 
Deva palatini. De multis pauca referre 
Sed luoet. Arx magnae quos muros colligit urbis 


45: Edidit hprrifonos mifto cum fulmine bombos^ 

Ft paribus vicibus refonabant gurgite naves, 

Templa petunt cundlii, fuave & fumantibus aris, 

Sanda (acerdoces fiiderunt verba Tonanti. 

Purpurei patres tunc convenere, fenatus 
50 Egregius, populoque epulas, Sc vina miniftrant. 

Turba deinde frequens campo fe immifit aprico, 

Ducere virginibus fuit unica cura choreas. 

At juvenes partim curfu, partimque paleftra 

Fortiter exercent nervos. Pars maxima pofcit 
55r Prsemia decerni pennatis jufta fagittis. 

Annuit huic merito praetor, totu^ue fenatus. 
Eft locus eximie bellus cognomine Roda 

Valle fitus, fiuvii tranfverfo amite ripas, 

Urbis & atUBgit muros: fed lon^or exftans 
60 Terqiiiaat hinc pontem Devanuni, terminat illmc 

Navigio celebrem portam cuneatus Aquenfem. 

Hie alacri cura metas erexerat alt^ 

Cefpite de vivo juvcnum paullo ante maniplus, 

Longa quater centum pamis quas linea duxit, 
6^ In medio ftabat formatus imamne truncus 

Humana, volucri fignum fpe^abile telo. 

Sbrte dilas plebs eft parrels divifii per aequas. 

Utraque fpera refovet vincendi pcdore certam* 

Praetor at urbanus numerum prsefcribit utrique, 
70 Candida quoparto vidloria cederet uni. 

Ordiae difpoUto taxum lunavit in orbcna 

Quif(jue fuam : dubiis refonat vii^oria pcnnis : 

Cetpitis £c tumuhim ferit bsec pars : nunc ferit iHa 

Cuipide ferrat^. Coelum clamoribus omne . 
7^ Infonat» Infiftunt operi, taxofque recurvunt. 

Fecit arnica pares numero vi<^oria partes. 

Unio j^m taiitiim fiipremas meta coronse 

Defit : in ardenti repetunt <;ereamina mente. 

Et jam folus erat qui non contraxerat arcum 
)8o Unus, fed reliquis k>nge praeftantior umis. 

Ule qiiidem tenfas calamum fbrtiflimus ulmo 

Inferuit, nervumoue ipfam deduxit ad aurem 

TaKa prarfatus. " Feriet fie noftra fagitta 

*' Hoft^s dive tuos Princeps Edoarde feroceis.*' 
'8; Dixero^. Excuflum penetravit nubila tdum, 

Atque cadens faciem depidi vulnere trunci 

Fortius impreflb violavit. Rifit ab alto 

Concutiens niveas alacris vidoria plumas. 

y^rs dedit applaufum viitrix, & cetera, plcbis 
»90 Turba per immenfum campum rclonabac acutis 



cc ^ 
cc - 


Vocibus. Extemplo prsetor viftoribus sequus 
Obtulit argenco puro radiantia tela, * 
Et fapiens coram fie fecit verba fenatu : 
** N atalem lucem comitis primordia noftri 

695 " Nos decuit, patres, pompa celebrare decora, 
" Laeticiajque nov» cumulos fuperaddere magnos. 
• Fecimus id tenuis potuit quod noftra facultas. 
; Nee dubium quin fi tribuiffet jufta poteftas 
' Maxima, non animus nobis, non cura fuiflet 

700 '' Abfens. Perftemus quo ccepimus ordine pulchro 
*' Vota deo fummo facientes, conferat annos 
" Ut noftro multos Edoerde, cujus amore 
*' Jam conflagramus. Fortunatiflima cives 
'' Tempora nos fpedant. Tantum pr«fentia divi 

705: '* Principis alma deeft. Spes eft mihi certa futurum 
*' Lucifer Eduerdus Devana ut (blendeat urbe, 
*^ Et reparct vicina minantia caftra ruinam, 
^' Aethelfleda, potens Alfred! filia regis, 
*' Reftituit Devas folidas fua robora turres^ 

710 '* Danica quas rabies bello perfregerat acn* 
" Nobilis ule comes Leofricus plurima noftris 
'' Contulit. Hugo Lupus decus admirabile gentis 
*' Praefidiumque fuit Devanae. Fama loquetur 
*' Inclyta perpetuo Ranulphi faSa, beavit 

71? *' lUe quibus gentemque luam noftrofque priores. 
'' Profuit & nobis Eduerdi gratia Longi. 
** Talis erit certe Princeps Edoerdus. & urbem 
*' Afpiciet laetis oculis banc, omnia nife 
*' Elargiturus, quae commoda fenferit efle." 

7ZO Haec Praetor. Plaufit feniorum Candida turba. 
Concio tum dimiCTa, patrefque recedere juffi. 
Audiit infolitos ftrepitus uuiralia pompae : 
Terra quidem prima facie mediocriter ampla. 
Aft inclufa jacens hinc Deva, hinc flumine Muro, 

715; Donee in anguftum redigatur acumine conum, 
Infula qua refluas undas Hilcuria guftat. 
Parva licet numero gentis regiuncula, Devae 
Non tamen ingenti plaufu cedebat amico. 
Tranfiit ad calidas propere vaga Fama Salinas 

730 Multa voluptatis referens (peftacula verae. 
Ergo animi rediere novi « m praecordia Vicis* 
Convenere viri, pueri, innuptaeque puellae. 

* In fracordta Vicis*'] Nulla interpundio poft Vivis in Ed, 



Ducebantque levels triviis de more choreas. 
Fiftula dat modulos, ftrepkum dant tympana mollem, 
73 5r Pes tremulus fervat numerofque decentius omneis. 
Pars rocat impigro fudantia corpora motu. 
Inque va^as agili faltu pars emicat auras. 
Pars manibus dant iigna fuis, nutuque loquuntur. 
Unus erat reliquis forma prxftantior. Ule 
740 Cum pedibus. rum voce valens bene longa draragus 
Agmina duceoat, cecinitque fuaviter ifta : 
"Prima Palatinse Devas celeberrime Princeps 
'* Gloria, natalem juvat exornare virenti 
'^ Fronde tuum, promptifque animis agnofcere quanta 
74; ^^ Commoda contulerit : tum quanta & conferat olim* 
" Vive diu formofe puer, nova cura deorum. 
** Vive, tuifque fave longum charifSme Vicis.** 
Dixit, & arguto chorus adfonat ore canenri. 
Explicuit dehinc Fama fuas perniciter alas, 
750 Altaque fiilminei petiit Jo vis atria viftrix, 
Circuiens liquidi (patiofa volumina coeli. 
Tum quoque defpexit terram fublimis, ocellos 
Sidereos figens Bifduni in mcenia caftri. 
Qui locus excelfo confurgit vertice rupis, 
7^j^ V^de licet, velut h fpecula, quofcunque jacentcis 
Circum monticulos, vallefque videre feraceis. 
Hue fe prsscipitem celeri dedit ilia volatu, 
Atque tenens arcis faftigia fiimma fuperbas 
Concuffit pennas alacri fervore ftrepenteis, 
7(Jo Oraoue deinde fono tali facunda refolvit : 
** Aflyrio rediens vidor Ranulphus ab orbe 
" Hoc pofuit caftrum terrorem gentibus olim 
** Vicinis, patriaeque fuse memorabile vallum. 
** Nunc ucet indignas patiatur frada ruinas, 
j6^ ** Tempus erit quando rurfus caput cxferet altum, 
** Vatibus antiams fit fias mihi credere vati, 
*' Forfan & Eauerdus precium feret omne laboris.*' 
Finierat, ventum pafEs concepit ab alls, 
' £t celfi petiit radiantia climata coeli. 


770 Hadenus exortum celebravit noftra Thalia 

Principis Eduerdi dedudo carmine fauftum. 

Nunc Henrice decus cundorum nobile regum 

Acci{)e parva tui vatis munufcula vultu, 

Triftia multorum quo plane corda ferenas. 
775 Serius in lucem prodit mens ifte libeiJus. 

Deprecor banc culpam : tamea accuratius exit. 
Vol. 9. d Mulu 


Multa vetuftatis venerandx nomina monftrans^ 
Cognita qux paucis tenebris latuere profiindis. 
Vive pater patrisc rex inviaiffime. Vivat 
780 Afcaniufque tuus Phoenicis filius albas. 


Qu)fqui8 Eaduerdum Romano exprefTeric ore, 
Cuftodem fidei dixerit effe facrse. 

Hoc ego crediderim puero feliciter orto 
A Superis nomen coelitus efle datum. 
78 5* Eft pater antiquac fidei defenfor amicus : 
Degener & nullo tempore natus erit. 




Et interpretatio 


^tue paffim in Hbello levari occurrunt. 

ABrefraum, Britannice Aberfrau, iFraofluvioin 
cujus oftiis olim fuit palatium, & quidem celebre, 
Principis Vcnetorum. Et acquis ignoret vim nomi- 
nis, Aber lingua Britanpica u^niticat iofa oftla, & 
cafum fluminis in mare : ut Aberavon, id eft, oftia Avona^ j 
Aberdevy, oftia Devii. Eft ctiam & Aber locus, ubi coeunt 
fluvii : ut Aber Hondeney, ubi Hondenus fe in Ifcam exone- 
rat ; Abergevenney, ubi Gevenna defluit in Ifcam. Apud Du- 
rotriges, gentem Britanniae occiduam, eft portus fama notif- 
fimus^ antiquo tempore «Abrefaumdidus, An^iceFrome- 
muthe, ubi confluentia Frai & Terenti flumirium. Hac 
«tate Fola nomen loco eft, \l vafta aquarum planitie. 

Abretaum, Britannice Abertau, id eft, oftia Tai flu- 
minis. AngliceSuincfey,iporcismarinis: nunc Suanfey, fed 

Alaunus, fluvius ad boream ifthmi Coriniani. 

ALAUNiAoppidum, Britannice Hellas, alias Heilftoune, 
k flu. ejufdem nominis vicino, ut ego conjicip, fie diSum. 
Adiacet portus vulgo Heilforde nuncupatus. 

Angulxa, Britannice Tegengle, id eft, bellus angulus. 
Saxonice Flinrefliire. 

Atrebates, Anglice Bareoklhire menne : quorum me- 
minit Antoninus. Hos Ptolemasus Attrebatios appellat. 

Arvona, olim Britannice dida Cairfegent, k Se^onto 
flumine: Latine vero Segontium, ut ex Antonino liquet. 
Significat autem ad verbumArvon fuperMonam: adjacet enim 
Monas infulae. Idiotifmus eft Bricannicse lingux ut fyllaba 
prascedens M primam fequentis in V mutet,-'ut Llanuiengl^ 

n Akrrf4itm] V.AbfifrMum. 

a i ' pro- 


pro fano Michaelis, Llanuaire^ id eft, Fanam Marix. Quan- 

3uam in Armore fallic : qux didio fonat fuper mare, unoe & 
Lrmorica regio, quas nunc Britannia concinentis, it Britannia 
indubie He di&a infula^ commigrance eo cum Maximo ty- 
ranno Britannorum multitudine. Hie merito in jus voCan- 
dus eflec Polydorus^aliter^fed panim re&e, de commigratione' 
fenciens. Nolo tamen venerando feni otium ample<2enti ne< 
gotium exhibere. 
AvoNDUNUM, Anglice Hamtoncourte. 


Balduinum, Britannice Treualduine, id eft, oppidum 
Balduini. Nunc autem Gallice McMitej^omerik appeliatiir, id 
eft, mons Gomericus, k Rogero Gomenco comite Alenconio, 
& duce medii ordinis Normannorum in bello, quo vide 
Anglos Gulielmus poftea rex. Hie Gomericus iiberalitate 
Gulielmi regis fadhis eft comes Salapiar, & Aruntinx vallis. 
Robertus vero Gomerici filius, cui nomen a Bele{hio, vir 
bello ftrenuiflimus Sudofaxones ejufdem Gulielmi done in 
ditionem fufcepit. 

Banchorus, vulgo Bangor, nota pontifiqum apud Se- 

Sontios fedes. Nomen autem loco inditumi Ban, 8c Choro* 
Ian Britannice fignificat locum editum,confpicuum,defigna- 
tum, & fiima celebrem. Chorus notions fignificationis vo-' 
cabulum eft, quam ut interprete indigeat. At non hie locos 
eft, cujus mentionem fecit Beda Girovicenfis fecundo capite 
ftcundj libri Anglofaxonicai hiftoriae, ubi monachonim duo 
jnillia & centum fuiffe commemorat. Erat autem, ne curiofi 
dubitent, in ripa Devae fluminis. Nunc tota concidit, & lo- 
cus aratrum patirur. At non una concidit & loci fama. Sunt 
qui fcribant Felagium, in quern fcripfit D. Auguftinus, hic 
aliquamd;u ftuduifTe. De quo Profper Aquitanicus : 

Aut hunc fru^e fua ajuores favere Britanni, 
Crediderim & hujus loci mcolam fiiiflfe Gildam Britannicac 
fcriptorem hiftoriac. Satis conftat ex fecundo capite fecundi 
libri Bedap de Anglpfaxonum hiftoria Dionotum virum cum 
eruditiflimum turn fandliffimum huic coUegio praefiiifle : at- 
que adeo, ut ego colligo, fynodo ab Auguftino Anglorum 
Apoftolo congregatae interfuifle. 

Bardus, Britannice Barthe. Sunt qui bardum ftupiduQi 
jnterpretentur. At Gallis, tefte Nonio, is bardus fuit qui vi^ 
rorum illuftrium fada (^anebat* Quo nomine & vates fuo$ 
Cambri vel hodie lingua appellant Bntannica. Lucanus 

Vos fuoque^ qui fortes animas belloque per cm ft as 

Ztaudihnt in fongum vates demittitis avum^ 

Flurima fecuri fi$difiis carmina hafdi. 
Bardorum meminit & Strabo geographus lib, 4, Bjgi«« 


CJ Bellini Caftrum^ nunc turns Londinends. Eft etiam 

m finulus vicinus Bellini nomine didus, navibus accommodus. 

Q Hic^quoniam incaftri mentionem incidimus, operas precium 

X eft ftudiofum antiquitatis admonere, fuifte alterum Londini 

« caftrum ad occidencem in ripa Tamefina, de quoStephanides 

B icriptor elegans in libello, quern edidir de fitu 6c ritibus ur- 

± bis Londinenfis, mentionem facit. Ruinampatiebaiurma- 

gnam tempore Guliclmi primi regis Anglisc : quo regnantc 

Ignis late per urbic regiones graflatus eft. & partem Paulinae 

bafilicse orientalem invafir, toedavit, & a fiindamentis con- 

<hi(Iit.« Nee multo poft beneficio regis chorus Paulinus po- 

^ teftatem impetravit ut vim maximan) faxorum k caftri rumis 

^ in fuos transferret ufus. Lon^o poft temporis intervallo, 

^ Bradouardinus,Cantiorum archiepiicopus^feaaDominicanus, 

p collegium fuis in ipfa caftri area magni£ice aedificans, quod 

^ reliquum erat murorum fuftulit. Sic caftri memoria omnis^ 

I niii quod urbis regio^tut infula, quas Fluentanae portae adjacet, 

. Caftellanavocetur, periit. Sedquomerapuitoratio? 

BoGVELTHUM, Britaooice Bogwelth. De hoc loco Nen- 
nius, rerum Britannicarum fcriptor, paucula quasdam refert. 
; Brangonia, Britannice Cairurangon, Anglice Wire- 
\ ceftre. Quidam banc efte putant urbem, quam Antoninus Bra- 
voniumvocat: quidam autem Viroconium, quibus ego cjuo* 
dammodo fubicnbo. Nop defunt qui Brugam Bravonium, 
& Wrekenceftre, urbem omnino dirutam tertio k Salapia in 
. ripa Sabrinas lapide, Viroconium appellent. Vigornia non eft 
somen admodum novum. Jofephus Anglus poeta elegantif- 
fimus hujus urbis meminit in prxfatione opens de bello Tro- 
jano, quodtranftuUt^ro^i^C^iiMfexDaretePhrygio, & Bald- 
uino Cantiorum archiepiicopo, qui Ty ri obiit, dcdicavit. Hie 
liber in Germania nuper,fedi depravatiCfime, impreflus eft, ad- 
dito Corneiii Nepons Romani titulo. Floruit tempore Ri- 
chardi regis An^iae, cui, ob admirabileni in bellis gerendis 
fortitudinem^ Cor leonis nomen inditum. 

Brecheniacum oppidum fama celeberrimum, ^uod k 

Brechano quodam reguio, ut referunt annales Cambricorum 

fcriptorum,appellationem cepit. Antiquitus lingua Britannica 

'. dicebatur Aberhondeny ab tiondeno, amne prasterlabente & 

ibidem fe cum Ifca flumine commifcente. 

Britannia prima, ut ego conjeduram facio, ea fuit, 

Juae nunc Anglia. Britannia vero fecunda quae modo Scotia. 
)e bac divifione fciibit Sextus Rufus : fcrioit & Vibius Se- 
i^ ueften Hinc eft quod Britannias numero multitudinis quod 
.atinos auftores legimus. 

Bruga, alias Biirgus, & Bcrga, Anglice Brugenorth. At 
pnde Nonhe k recentioribus fit addicum non iatis con/lat. 



Cbnftat autem nemorofum faltum, cui nomen Morpbe, urbi 
ftdjacere. Hujus urbis, later alios audores multos, is memi- 
nit. qui paralipomena, opus terfum & fpedabile^ annahbus 
Afleni Menevenfis Scribx^ & prxceptoris Alfredi regit Vifi- 
faxonum adfuebat. Hie eft ille AfTerius. quo adjuvance, rex 
nunquam fatis laudatus Alfredus Ifiacas (cholas, quas nunc k 
vado Ifidis pro -Oufeforde, Anglice, fed corrupte, Oxforde 
appellant, inftituir. £t ne quis de nomine dubitet antiquitai^ 
etiam nunc manet in Oufeney, id eft, IGdis infula, fuburbio 
celebri. Non enim Tameiis urbcm prxcerlabitur, fed Ifii. 
Tama vero & Ifis longe inferius ad pontem coeunt Durift- 
num, unoque deinde afveo Calevam Atrebatum, id eft, Wa- 
lengaforde, petunt. 

Bosuenna, celeberrimum hac memoria tocius Corinias 
emporium. Recentiori nomine nunc Bodmine apjpellatur. 
Locus quidem illuftris eft,cum monumentoPetroci Britanni, 
. viri fanditatis opinione olim clariffimi; turn maxima donar 
tionibus Aechelftani Anglofaxonum monarchy, qui vel uni- 
verfam Coriniorum provinciam in fuam viftor telicUfimus 
redegitpoteftatem. Adelftow,id eft, Aedelftani locus, oppi- 
dum pilcatoribus cognitiffimum, quod vulgo Padeftow vo- 
catur, argumento & quidem manifefto eft viAorix. 

C I 

Caledonia, fylva Romanis fcriptoribus cognitiiCma. \ 
Unde & Britanni & Scotti, ejufdcm incolx, Caledonii didi. \ 
Martialis poeta \ih.6. epigrammaton fie fcribit ad QX)vidium: \ 

§uinte CaUdonios Ovidi vtfure Britannos. 
Lucanus libro fexto : 

jiut vaga quum Thetis Rutufinaque littora fervent ^ 
llMda Caledonios fdlllt turiata Britanms. 

Statins libro quinto fylvarum : 

^luanta Caledonios attottet gloria eamfos. 

Silius libro tertio belli Punici de Vefpafiano loquens : 

Inque CaUdonios primus trahet agmina lucos, 

Audoritate veterum fcriptorum conftat, duas olim inJBritan- 
nia - - - . . ^ . . 



fcribit in fua hiftoria. Porrigebatur autem ab ea parte Cantii, 

qux nunc \ fylvis Waldia appellatur, ufque ad Danmonios, 

•I l^ro Ouf€forde'\ Vide Not. ad pag. 31. Cygn. Cant. 



tefte zn&ott cumyeteri, turn doAoquidemillo, qui fiiomm 
temporam res geftas hiftorix AiTerii Menevenfis annexuit. 

Cambria momma regio eft, quo Britannorum reliquids, 
Sazonum fugientes tyrannidem, commigravere. Hanc bar* 
btra gens patrio vocabulo Wallon appelfabat. German! vero 

Giregrinot omiies 6c Gallos mazime Wallos nominabant. 
nde ortum ut Cambria Wallia, & Cambri gens Bricannica 
Galii, live Walli, dicerencur. Sy ivefter Giraldus Menevenfis, 
ciqus fie mentio in decretis Rom. Poncificum, homo, ut ilia 
ferebant tempora (vixit enim annis abhinc pene quadringen- 
tis) nidde, terfe, Sc eleganter erudicus,non diffimilia de Wal* 
lis, & primus quidem, quod ego fciam, noftrorum omnium in 
litiello cui Titulus Topographia Cambrias fcripfit. Tancum 
abeft ut Polydorus, aliis multis nomintbus orbi commenda- 
tus, h«c primum luci reftituerit, 

Catguilia, BritanniceCatguili; at nunc corrupte Kid- 
wellejr. Nomen loco inditum k catco & cubiii. Mauritius 
Londmenfis, vir magpae porentise tempore Henrici fecundi 
Anglorum regis, oppidum muro cinxit, arcemque pofuit. 

Catteuchlani, de ^uibus Ptolemxus, Chilternicos 
fflontes, Sc partem provincias maximam cui nunc Heortibr* 
dia nomen, inhabitabant. Civitas vero illorum primaria erat^ 
tcfte Ptolemsto, Verolamium, ex cujus minis accrevit Fa- 
num Albani. 

Ceretica regio, nunc Cardiganihire, cujus eft fi'e- 
qaens in libris Svlveftri Giraldi mentio. 

CoLUNUsfluvius, Britannice Coiunne, vuljgo Clunne. 
ttnde dc caftro nomen inditum, quod & fubin<te Colunwi 
Cambrortun lingua appellatur. Incrementa cepit ab Alanis 
viris ittea regione longe potentiifimis. 

CoNOVius fluvius: Conewy. Hinc Conovium urbs in 
Itinerario Antonini. Eaduerdus Longus rex Anglorum, de- 
bellatis Veneris, hanc urbem muro quadrati lapidis pulcher- 
runo dnadt arcemque reftrauravit. 

CoRYLETUM, Britannice Trekclthle, Anglice Hay. H!c 
eniuntur Romanorum numifinata, qua? urbis antiquitatem 
fiidle indicant. 

Corinia k Corino duce, ut tradunt Britannicac fcripto- 
m hiftorioe, dida eft. Sunt qui hanc regionem Comubiam 
ippellent, ut Aflerius, & alii. Sunt & qui Cornugalliam ap- 
fCUcnt^utGulielmus k Maildulphi curia, hiftoriographus im- 
primis liluftris, 6c alii, quibus Polydorus fubfcribit. Tilbirius 
Anglua in hiftoria fua hanc regionem Cornubriam, quafi fit 
cornu Britanniac, vocat. Ego vero, fi libere mihi liceret di- 
cerc id, quod fentio, pronunciarcm potius Cornewalle per- 



fonare Coriniorutn Galliam, five Corinienfes Wallas. De 
Wallb paullo fuperius diximus. 

Claudia, Bricannice Cairglo, Aa^ice Gloceftre. Haec 
urbs, uc apparet cxhiftoriaNennii BntannL non defiimpfic 
fibi nomen a Claudio imperatore Roman, (ed ab aliauo re-^ 
cenciore Claudio. Ptolemauis Qaudix oon meminic. Corinii 
civitatis refte meminic : quam & caput Dobunonim fiiilTe 
depraMiicat. Hinc conjedura, & quiaem vehemeos eft, non 
effloruifTe Claudiam pnmis Romanorum in Britanniam veni- 
entium, fed poftremis annis. Antoninus Glanoventae me- 
minit. At non poflum affirmare banc earn olim fulfle, qu« 
roodo Claudia. 

Cragetum, Britannice Craigeth, k crago, id eft, fax- 
ofa rupe in qua fita eft. 


DEMETiE, gens auftralem Cambrix partem incolens. 
Unde Demetia, & Demeticus. Ptolemxut Demetanim me- 

Deva fluvius, vulgo Dewe, & De: k quo Deva cintaa, 

?ux Britannice Cairlleon ar dour Dew vocatur. Anglice vero 
xgaceftre : nunc detruncato vocabulo Ceftre. 

Devani a, regio k Deva flu. ouse modo Ceftrefiure. 

Devanum. lictus ubi Deva seftum patitur. 

DoBUNi olim earn poffidebant re^onem, quam nunc 
Claudianam vocant, id eft, Gloceftreflure. Eorum vero pri- 
ma ci vitas fuit Corinium^ k Corino fluvio vicino fie ajppellata. 
Britannice dida eft Cair Keri, vel redius Cori. Saxonice 
autem Chumceftre : deinde&Cirencefter: at nunc, ablau 
media vocabuli parte, Ciceftre. Hie ingens vis numifinatum 
imaginibus CasfarumJege Britannisimpofita,fignatorumiire- 
periuntur. Faucis aohinc annis ibidem erucx inter mcenio- 
rum rudera tabulae Ro. Uteris infcriptae. 

Doris, qux & Durus. Hunc portum nomine Dubris ap- 
pellat Antoninus : vulgo Dover appellatur. 

DuRovERNUM, Ptolcmaeo & Antonino civitas cogni- 
ta. Beda banc vocat Doroberniam. A Saxonibus Cantewar- 
byri, id eft, Cantiorum curia, dida eft. 

DuNEVETUM, Britannice Duneveth, urbs prima to- 
tius Corinias in editifitmo monte fita. Recentiores banc ap- 
pellaverunt Lanihiphandune,id eft,fanum Stephani in monte. 
Ab hac civicate oriundi Duneveti, quorum familia etiam 
nunc apud Icenos, five Volcas boreales, clariifima eft. Hinc 

m reperlunturJ] referitur malint alii. 



Thomas equcs plane incomparabilis, & alter Ajax, qui nau- 
inachia ingenti omnium Anglorum dolore periit. riinc pro- 
diit & Henricus eques nobiliflimus, idemque literacorum 
fautor maxlmus. Nomen autem familix antiquum k vulgo 
decruncatur. pro Dunevetis enim Nevetos appellant. 

DuGLADiA, Britannice Aberduegleuy, icleft, oftiaduo^ 
rum gladiorum. Eft enim ib'i confluentia duorum amnium, 
quibus Gkdius nomen inditum, Sylvefter Giraldus in operc • 
cui titulus Odeporicon Cambriae nanc urbcm recenti voca- 
bulo Haverford appellat^ corrupte, nifi ego male judico, pro^ 
Aberforth, quod fonat oftia vadi. noftra astas locum nomme 
Herefordse occidentis defignat. 

Fanum Andreae in ripa Themidis, Britannice Llanan- 
dre, vulgo Prefteine, 

Fanum Mauditi, Britannice Sainde Maws. 

Fanum Paterni, Britannice Llanbaternevaur, id eft, fa- 
num Paterni magni. . 

Falensis portus, vulgo Falemuthe haven. 

FerulegAj vulgo k Saxonibus Ferlege di<9:a. Nunc 
autem Britannice Heneforth, id eft, vetus vadum. Anglice 
Hereforde. Caradocia, quae Anglice Kenceftre vocatur, in 
magno fuit precio ante conditam Ferulegam. Diftat autem 
kFerulega plus minus tribus pafTuum millibus. 

Forum Jovis, Britannice Merkiu, oppidum in littorc 
fitum, qua itur in infulam Michaeliniam. 

Gevenita^ Britannice Abergevenny, fic dida k fluvip 
^jufdem appellationis, qui eo loco in Ifcam defluit, 

GuAiNiA, Britannice Guaine* Dividitur in fuperiorem 
& inferiorem. Nunc autem Anglice vocatur Chirke, & 

GuiRALiA, vulgo Wirehale. 


Hugo Lupus, comes Devanus, five Caftrenfis, bene- 
ficio Gulielmi Nortomanni, qui Anglos debellavit. Cujus 
filius ac heres Richardus naufragio periit una cum Guli^ 
dmo Henrici primi regis Anglioe filio* 


Iccius Portus, nunc Calice, Crediderim Geflbriacum 
Bononiam hac dici aetate. 

To EN I, quantum ego ex Antonino coUigere po(Sim, 
Vol. 9. c ^am 


cam incolebant regionem, quam nunc Volcae aquiIonaret| 
qui Anglice Northcfolkmen vocantur. Barbaris BiiCanniam 
vi occupantibus Icenorum nomen exftindum eft, & Oftro- 
Anglorum fiuna ibidem in immenfum excrevit, quibus & 
Reguli a Redoualdo prxfuerunt. At ubi regii nominis digkii- 
tas apud banc emarcuiffet gentem, viftores Dacici generis 
Comites eidem defignati lunt. Poftremo regnante GuU* 
elmo primo Nortomanno Bigotius ex Britannia continentis 
Volcas in ditionem accepit mam. Venta urbs olim Icenb* 
rum prima, quse nunc Saxonico vocabulo Northewiche di- 
citur. Retinet vel hodie {>riftinum decus. Eft &c in fluvio 
prseterlabente nominis antiqui, quamvis leve quidem iUudj 
veftigium. Praedicat hxc aucem fuum Thomam Houar- 
dum Scottomaftigem, Prxdicabit & Henricum Remo- 
rum comitem ejus filium juvenem eiegantis litetatune {uane 

IscA, Britannice Cairlleon ar wiske. Dida eft etiam I 
Lacinis Ifcdegia. Ifca fiuvius rapidiftimus, cujus in Nigro 
monte eft ortus, urbcm aliuit. Eft & Ifca, tefte PtolemaeOi 
civitas Dumnoniorum. Britannice diciturCairuske, Anglice, 
fedcorrupte, Exceftre. 

LaceivS) comes Lindifianus, five LindocoUinus, bene* 
ficio Eaduerdi Longi regis Anglise. Lindis fluWus, k quo 
tirbs celeberrima, per quam defluit,nomen antiquitus accepit, 
Sc adhuc retinet. Ab eodem etiam Sumine provmcia, Aoiguct 
Lincolneihire dida, appellationem habet. 

Ledcuria, Anglice Ledbyri, prope Treefcop. 

LsoFRicus, Comes Merdorum, Anr cum ditimmits, turn 
piiffimus, & D. Eaduerdo ejus nominis ante adventum Nor- 
tomannorum in Angiiam tertio longe chariifinuis* 

Leokis caftrum, Anglice, ut ego arbitror, Hoke. 

LuDA, vulgo Ludelave, 6c Luoio. Magna equidem ce«» 
pit haec urbs incrementa k Piperellis, & Mortimariis. 

LupiNUM, Anglice Wolpnehaule. 


MAissvETiE olim incolebant orientalem Cambrise fi. 
itiitem ad (iniftram oua Vaga defiuit ripam. A quibus ea tirbs 
Britannice Maifeveth dida eft^ quas nunc Radenor. Nomcn 
vero gentis k pratis Iseta fertilitate luxuriantibus crediderim 
cxortum efle. A tempore Offe, regis Merciorum longe po- 
tentiflimi. cui lis & hmulatas erat, ut apparet ex Epiftolis 
Flacci Albini Eboracenfis, cum Carolo magno, cepit luctt- 
leata incrementa Hereforda, orbs clariifima Ethclberti regis 



crientalium Anglorum, ac martyris monumento^ & gentis 
prima fedes merito habita eft. Ego aliquando legi apud Ma- 
rianiun ScQttum, & Rogerum Hovedenum hiftoriographos, 
at^ue adeo alios rerum Saxonicamm fcriptores, Maifevetas 
aliter Mafcgetas, & Magefetas, fed nomiae indigne mea qui« 
dem fententia luzato, vocatos. 

Maridunum, Britannice Cairmardiae. Hie natus fuit 
Ambrolius, unde Maridunenfis didus, vir in matbefi vel 
ad miraculum ufque eruditus. Vulgus Bricannorum ex Ma- 
ridine, mutata A litera in E, &DinL, fecere Merline, 8c 
doqum prophetiae remere ei impofuerunt. Arbitror hujus 
arte corontrium illud opus ingencium Saxorum, tropbxum 
fane fpedabile in cam[)0 Severiano, non procul ab Ambri>- 
(la oppido, &ma celebri,^eredutn fuifTe. Nam quod quidam 
fcribic eo tranfvedas flufle moles illas ex Hibernia vanicas 
eft, & quidem meriiSma. Legi e^o aliquando. (i rede me- 
mini, inTopographia Hiberniac, libello SylveltriGiraldi, fi- 
mile trophasum in Chillarao, Hibernias monce, tempore Hen- 
rici fecundi regis Anglorum exftitiffe. 

Mailoria, regio in finibus Cambrix Devac flu. vicina. 
£r hxc quidem dividitur in Cambrianam, quas nunc Brome- 
felde, & Saxonicam. 

Mediolanum, Anglice Lanecaftre, ^ Lano flumine 
practercurrente. Ab hoc quoque flumine Lanefdale, id eft, 
Lani vallis nomen obtinmr. Banc urbem attribuit Ptole- 
naaeus Ordovicibus. Sunt q|^ui conjeduram faciant Mancefter 
earn effe urbem, q^uam Ptolemaeus Mediolanum vocat. Col- 
limant redius qui ex Antonino colligunt Mancinium earn 
efle urbem, quam noftra xtas vocat Mancefter, claram vide- 
licet Hlrci & Iridis confluentia. 

Mellenius mons, vulgo Melennith, Celebris eft cum 
agris pafcuis, tum foetura bellatorum equorum. 

Menevia, Britannice Hene menew, id eft, vetus rubus. 
nunc appellatur Fanum Davidis. 

Mervinia, regio ad boreaJe littus Cambriac fita, par- 
timque tendens verfus auftrum. Nomen vero accepit kMer- 
vino trium fiiiorum Rotherici Magni Cambriae monarchac 
primogenito. Veneti ceffere in partem Mervino. Poifia in 
ditionem Anaranti ejus fratris devenit. Cadelius tertio ge- 
nitus Demetas regebat. 

MoNA, Britannice Terre Mone. Haec ab Anglis vi oc- 
cupata,Anglefejr dici coepit, id eft, Anglorum infula. Polydo- 
rus Vergilius, vir cum magna ledione, tum judicio in rebus 
multis plane ungulari, aliter fentit, contendirque miris modis 
ex Mevania Monam fiacere. Si nomen, quod vel adhuc reti- 
net : Si urbs, quae h regione fita eft, unde & nomen Arvooae 

e a pro 


pro Armone habet : Si trajeftus breviffimus quidem ille, cu* 
JUS & Romani fcripcores meminerunt : Si Penmona promon- 
torium, qux didio caput Monag fignificat : Si arborum in- 
gentes trunci, ac radices fabulo obtedae, qux late per Mo- 
nx littora eruuntur : Si abietes mirx longitudinis in uligino- 
fis campis paflim fub terra invenrx non fatis probant earn 
olim Monam fuiffe. qux nunc Anglefey vocatur, nihil am- 
plius in prxfentia aicam, nifi quod decimo quarto apud Ta- 
citurn libro hxc legerim : " Excifique luci fxvis fuperftitioni- 
*' bus facri." Ego vero & merito aflurgo Polydoro, Prxftitit 
in hiftoria, qux potuit optima. Si meliora potuiilet, facile 
quidem voluiffet. Qup nomine & pofteritas multum ei dc- 
bebit. Sed ut conniveam in meridie, & indulgeam mani- 
feftis erroribus, qui frequentiufcule erudito occurrunt Ic- 
fiori, five ille per ignorantiam, five, ut candidius interprc- 
tor, per incunam peccaverit, mihi nee commodum, ncc 
xquum videtur. Quando amor erga patriam meus^ & Ve- 
ritas ne faciam prbEibent, & quidem fevere. Mihi pro- 
fedo fi effet cum eo familiaritas ulla (ingerere nie nee pof- 
fum fed neaue volo) libere ilium, at opportune, interim nee 
minus canaide, & modefte admonerem, ut fexcentas ejuf. 
modi maculas in hiftoria, quam edidir, elueret. Nee dubito 
quin ille, quo eft candore, qua prudentia, quo iudido, hi* 
bens faceret. 

MoNOVAGA, Brirannice Mongowy, Anglice Mone- 
muthe. Hanc fie circumloquor. Juncta Vagx Mona, £ con- 

MoRiNi, gens Gallica, quorum urbs Tervana. Eft & 
Caletum urbs Morinorum. Gratius poeta, de quo Ovidius 
mentionem facit, hxc fcnbit in libro de venatione : 

^ll^d freta p Morlnim d'hio refluentta ponto 
Veneris^ atque ipfos liheat penetrare Britannos} 

MuRus, fluvius & xftuarium, vulgo Merfey. Hie di- 
vidit Laniam k Devania. Oritur autem in ipfis Eboraeenfis 
provincix limitibus. 


Unde & Comites Scrigulienfes, k Comite de Ogy Gallo ori- 
ginem ducenres, quorum Richardus, vir cum ftemmate Clara- 
norum illuftriffimus, tum bello undecunque clariffimus, Hi- 
berniam primus Nortomannorum omnium, qui in An^liam 
commigraverunt, petiit, vidlorque rediens, accepta prius in 
uxorem Eva, Deronitii Lagenix reguli filia, ingentem ape- 
ruit Henrico fecundo Anglorum regi infulx potiundx fene- 
ftram. Recentiores hanc urbem appellaverunt Chepeftow^ 


DicT. ANTiiipAit: xxxvir 

\ id eft, forenfem locum- Ego autem Novam appello Ventam 
3 ad differentiam veteris, quae plus minus quatuor pafliium mil- 
: Iibus diftabat, qua redta ad urbem Legionum itur. Haec erat, 
ut conjeftura ducor, Venta Silurum, de quibus fuo loco di- 
I cemus. Nunc tota concidit, & feges eft ubi Troja fuit. 
Veftigia foflae & valli adhuc manifefta, Exftant etiam & inter 
mceniorum rudera aliquot turriculae, fed femirutae. Ptolc- 
mxus Bullaeum civitatem Silurum prsedicat. An ea fit Stri- 
gulia nefcio. Conjedura eft urbem captam, direpram, incen- 
lam denique fuifle ; quo tempore Heraldus, Cantiorum Co- 
mes, vir bello ftrenuiffimus, jubente Eaduerdo rege Saxonici 
ftemmatis tertio, Silurum late terras deyaftabat, trophxaque 
Latinis infcripta Uteris paffim per Cambriam erigebat, quo- 
rum & Sylvelter Giraldus in Cambrix defcriptione memmit. 
Neveria, Britannice Abernever : fie autem dida, quod 
in oftiis Neverx fluminis fita fit. Nortomanni vidores op- 
pidum Novum portum appellaverunt, quorum dux, fi bene 
memini, Martinus quidam Turonenfis fuit. 

Nidus, Britannice Nethe, k fluvio ejufdem nominis fie 
didus. Grannovillanus ex progenie Nortomannica bene- 
ficio Haymonis Comicis Claudiani, qui Juftinum Morganiae 
regulum debellavit, fedem fibi, fuifque pofiiit. Erat enim e 
numero duodecim nobilium, quos Haymo Pares vocabat, & 
fubpraefeftos genti k fe deviftx magnanimiis conftituebat* 

Novum Caftellum, Britannice Caftelle newith, Anglice 
Newburge, & Newporte. 


Oncus fluvius, vulgo Onke diftus, per radices faltus 
CoJunenfis magno labitur murmure, & paullo fuperius,quam 
eft fitus Colunenfis caftri, in Colunum fluvium fe exonerat. 

OsTUTHUs flu. k quo nomen fumpfit urbs in oftiis e- 
jufdem pofita. Britannice appellaturAberoftuth. HicRidial, 
iinus de tribus fluviis, qui e Limonio monte famofiffimo de- 
fcendunt, in Oftutum le exonerat, unaque Oceanum fuum 

OsWALDiA, Britannice Croix Ofualde, id eft, cruxOf- 
ualdi. Nomen autem urbi inditum ab Ofualdo viro Chri- 
ftiano,&Northumbrorum rege,kPenda, paganiffimoMerci- 
orum tyranno, non procul ab eo loco cruenta pugna inter- 
fedto : cujus & Beda Girovicenfis capite oftavo libri tertii 
hiftorix Anglofaxonum mentionem facir. Potentia Alano- 
rum, quibus favebant primi Nortomannici generis in Anglia 
reges, magna huic incrementa dedit. Aruntina vallis jam 
poffidet Alanos, fed prima fortunx munera debent Ofualdiae, 
quam vel adhuc fub ditione tencnt. 


xncvm STL LAB us 

Penlxkum, Brittnnice Penllinae, Ladae Caput lacui< 
Unde vicina ute regio Penliaia, noca Mervinix centuria, 

F£NNOVERNUM, Britannice Pengueme, Latine, inter*' 
prete Sylveftro Giraldo Menevenfi, Caput Alneti. A quo 
nomine non abludit Salapia recentioris memohx vocabulum. 
Andi banc urbem Shrobbesbyri, diaione nee inepta nee 
muitum k priori diffidenti, vocanc. 

Penmona, Britannice Penmone, Latine caput, vcl pro- 
tnontorium Monx. Haec pars tenui seftuario dividitur ab 
infula, quam dodi Sirioliam k Siriolo heremita vocant. licet 
kvulgo An^lorum Preftebolme, id eft, presbyteronun mfula, 
eadem nominecur. 

Pons Vianus, Britannice Ponte vaine, Latine Pons ; 
faxeus, Anglice, fed cornipce, Cowbrids. Kon enim figni- ! 
ficat Pontevaine Pontem vaccinum, fed taxeum, Maine lax- 
um vel lapis eft. Mutatur antem M in V idiocifmo lingux 


Ranulphus Comes Devanus, five Caftrenfis, Pala- 
tini titulo, turn edam ditione Lindocollina,&HunteAduneofi 
infignis. Hie acerrimo contra Saracenos bello fe pra&clarif- 
lime geffit. Caftra infuper munitiffima in fua Devania ¥el 
ab ipus erexit fundamentis. 

Regiodunum, Anglice Cuningefdune, vulgo edam 

Regni olim habitabant ubi nunc Sudorheii, pardmque 
Sudofaxones. Regnorum meminit Ptolemaeus. 

RoBERTUs de Belefmo, filius Rogeri Gomerici, Comes 
Arundnae vallis, auas vulgo Arundale, Salapiae^ & Sudofiixo- 
num merito ab Henrico ejus appellarionis pnmo rege An* 
g|ix multatus, quod armis malam cauflam, lacfa domini fui 
maieftate, detendiffer. 

KossERi a, Britannice Henerofler, id eft, vetus Rofleria, 
ubi olim palatium Principis Venetorum. 

Rossii^ Anglice Denbighlande menne. RoiEa vero ip& 

RuTHENi, menne of Ruthine lande, ubi& Ruthenum 
emporium. Declinante Cambrorum imperio, & omni Ve- 
netorum dignitate fublata, Rutheni pervenere in poteft$- 
tem Graiorum, qui noftro feculo beneficio Eaduerdi Flanta- 
geniftas regis Anglix Comites Cantii defignati funt. Prima 
autem Graiorum gloria enu;uit in Codenoro caftello Duro- 



ventanas provincisc. Eft enim Duroventa, five Dorventio, 
urbs Celebris k fluvio ejufdem nofninis praeterlabeute fie dida. 
Angli vulgo banc vocant Darby, fluvium vero Darwente 
macftta tantum una Bricannici nominit iitera. Hinc etiam 
oriundus Henricus Graius Durotrigum Limitaneus, vir cum 
fbrtunis amplis fplendidifiimus, turn prsBterta boaarum lite- 
nrum amator longe candidiffimus. 

RoTUPiKUM littus maxime ilia ora maris, quas adjacet 
Rutupino portui, ubi nunc Sabulovicum, vulgo Sandwike. 
Alias apud Romanos fcriptores fi^nificat totum lictus Can* 
tianum, defumpta k loci excellentia appellatione. Lucanus 

■ IRnttiflnaque littora fervent. 

Jttvenalis fatyra quinta : 

— — ' '■ RutMflnove edttd frnth 

OJtna calkitt ffim$ defrmdere mwfu. 
Rutupitmini meminit Pcolemseus, & rccentior eo Anto« 
nitiiis. Urbs hsec antiquitus fica in Thanato infiila: fed 
nunc, quia Durus fluvius alveum mutavit, infula excludicur. 
SiCt (uit loco utcunque edito, & confeda pene tota ex coftis 
lateribus nuyufculis quidem illis. Exftanc adhuc ingentesmoe- 
niorutn ruinae, & Romanonim numifinata pafiim ab aracris 
erauQtur. Conftat auAoiitate Goccelini Bertiniani, Rutupi* 
mimfiiifle reeiamD. Aethelberti regis Cantii, quo tempore 
appUcuit fancbus Auguftinus An^lofaxonum apoftohu. Di* 
mc autem k Sabulovico plus minus mille paffibus. Ruina 
nrbis Rutupinse initium, atque adeo incrementa, dedit Sabu* 
loTko* Hsec urbs ab Anglis, tefte Beda cap. i. libri primi 
hiftorisD ioaty dida eft Reptacefter, nnnc autem Richeborow. 

Salikjb, An^ice, TheWiches, videlicet Nantovicum^ 
Norcovicum, & Dirtovicum, in quibus locis fal purifllmus 

Sacrum promontorium, Anglice Haligheued, Britan- 
mce Caiildby, \ Cbibio viro (anditatis nomine chtro loci 
incolft. Hoc promontorium \ Mooa tenuiffimo feparatum 
eft eftoario, unde & breviffimus fie commodiffimas Venetis 
inHibemiam trajedus. 

Segontinum littuS) quod nunc Arvonicum. 

Sif.icx8 caftrum, vulgo Flinte caft:elle. 

SxtVRSS, ut ego ex Antomni Itinerario colligo, earn 
tctpooem tmiabitaDanty quas nunc Weacelande appellatur. 
Stmt v(A ^ent Silores ad aquilonem habitafie. Ego veto 
nihil in hac parte pronuncio. lUud interim dicam non mi- 
f»s Ubere quam vere, nunquam fcripfifie aliquem, cujus mlhi 



craflfior vifa eft ignorantia in eruenda Britannicarum rerum 

Scottos non transferat ? £c erac tamen ille mediocricer eru- 

ditus, fed fide longe alia^ tancum ani(ni adfedius erga pa- 
triam valent, quam ego in hiftoriarum fcriptore facue ad- 
mitterem. Sed ad Silures redeo, quorum vultus coloratos 
fuifle ferunt. * Id enim commune & aliis Britannias gentibus. 
Martialis in Xeniis : 

. Barbara df piSis vem tafcauda Brhanms. 
Ptolemxus Sylurcs per y fcribit, & Buliaeum urbcm genti 

S E V E R I A, Anglice Wilugfliire, contrafte Wilefliirc. 
DifStz eft autem Severia ab urbe cjufdem regionis principc, 
quae & nomen accepit k Severo imperatore, & Anglice 5e* 
vercsbvri olim appellabatur, nunc vero Saresbyri. Latine 
ad veroum Severi curia. Hanc urbem fuac rcftituit anriqui-, 
tati Joannes Severianus Anglus beneficio Henrici fecund!' 
Anglorum regis epifcopus Carnotenfis in opere undecunque 
elegantiffimo, cui titulus Polycracicon. Concidic pene tota 
ad (blum ufaue antiqua Severia. Nova non procul ii)de 
fita .eft loco numili ad confluentiam Avonse & Vilugi fiu^ 
minum. Commi^rationis k veteri urbe loco quidem excelfo 
[>o(ita ad vallem irriguam aciuse penuria in caufla fuit.: par- 
tim etiam & caftellanorum in clericos iniquitas. Utque ve- 
tus urbs floruit fub Ofmundo Durotrigum cornice, & poflea 
epifcopo Severiano, ac deinde liberalitate Rogerii ejufidem 
fedis epifcopi, ac Henrici primi regis Angliae k thefauris :;fic 
nova Richardi Pouerii epifcopi cum induftria, tum impenfis, 
regnantibus Richardo primo, & Joanne Angliae regibus, ca- 

f>ut attollere coepit. Sunt qui urbem Cxfaris Burgum appcl- 
enc : fed pnefero Severiam judicium. 

Tava urbs, Britannice Cairtaphe, vulgo Cairdif. Tavi 
fluvius praeterlabitur : unde & nomen loco apte inditum. » 

Tegaus lacus, Britannice Llinne Tegey, Anglice Pim- 
blemere. ' ^ 

Themis fluvius, vulgo Theme, &Themde. 

Theoci curia, Anglice Theokesbyri. Qujdam putant 
emporium k Theodofio nomen accepifTe. Gulielmus i, M«l- 
dulphi curia k ^»nt(§tj Graeco vocabulo, quia ibi templum 
Deiparx facrum, nomen derivatum putat : cujus ego tamea 
fencentias non facile accedo. 



TtVAx oftia^ Britaonice Abertyve k Tiveo fiumine. 
Nunc didtur Cairdigan. 

Trebocca, Britannice Trebuclo, oppidum k capris de« 
somixuaanu AogliceKnightetoun. 

Trecastellum, Britannice Trecaftelle* Nunc autem 
Gallice Beaumariske. 

TREX.INUM, Britannice Trellinne, Angltce Walchepole. 
Oroido nomen eft k lacu vicino. 

Trbnovantum, Britannice Trenovante, Latine op* 
mdum novum, vel^ at quidam n^n inepte interpretatur, 
Troja nova. Qt^ autem Tre oppidum fignificet Britannica 
£iunia tarn notum eft^ ut comproc^tione prorfus nulla egeac. 
Pofllet hSc alimiis objicere Trenovantum oppidum Novan<» 
mm efle, ut Novantes fit nomen gentis. Non admodum in 
hac parte laboro i prior tamen iaterpretatio magis arridet, 
at gens vidna ao oppido, non opfudum k gente nomen 
frnq^erit. Utcun^e fit, nifi librariorum in cau(& error^ 
pamm red:e mutavit Ptolemaeus Trenovantes inTrinoantes. 
Ac idterira vcnia danda Grxce icribenti fi barbara nomina 
loxaca refeiat, dnm proportioni & terminationibus (iue lin- 
me ftudet. Nolo mc mihi fraudi, aut calumnix efle. quod 
Ualfredmn Monemutenfem ii^erpretem Britannicas hiftoriaB, 
Qt ilia tukrunt tempora, n<Mi omnino ineruditum, fequar* 
btcrpres ooa fcrtpfit hiftoriam. Q}m autem (cripfeiit. plane 
iacerttffimum. DixerisilkmmtUtisTcatere errorious. Fateor. 
6c illttd habcc eciam cum Romana commune. Tam clan 
pofteris crane Romani, quam fcriptorum vel eloquentia, vel 
affedui COS facere voluit. Anxie quidem excuffi, non modo 

E' ns omneiSy vetum etiam verficulos Britannicx hiftoriac, 
vique univerfi operis vel medullam ipfam. Gulielmus 
■» Brillendumeiuis canooicus collegii Novoburgenfis 
umd BruEantes, qui nunc Eboracenfes, Galfredum in prxfa- 
tioiie hiftoriae, qoam fcripfit de Nortomannis Anglix regi- 
IxuL rellicat, mordet, denique lancinat. Ego vero ut Gal- 
fredumBoaoinmnoapprobQ,itanequeimprobo. Unumhoc 
interim dicam, & quidem audadler multa per Galfredum 
tBtcrpretem in Britannka elucere hiftoria, quantum ad anti- 
mitacem pertinet, quae pauUo eruditiorem Gulielmo Farvo^ 
ftiffiragio Polydori quantumvis fuccenturiato, pofcant. Ec 
eiar caasen ille^ ne quern jufta dcfraudem gloria, vir fiia xtate 
ftmm temponbus recentioribus ^eftarum non ignarus, fed 
inollo in fcriptuntrum interpretatione, ut ex ejus facile ap- 
paret libris, felicior. Quin ad Trenovantum redeo. Ego 
Qondum fatis video quia obftet, quo minus prommctem 
Treaovantum olim eam fuilTe urbem, quam & Londinum 
Britanni recentiori vocabulo appellabant. Ut auccm pr«- 
VoL 9. f clar» 


clarag urbes fua commutenc nomina non eft infrequens. 
Londinii meminlt Cornelius Tacitus libro hiftorise fuas de- 
cimo quarto.* Meminlt & Ptolemseus eo paullo recencior; 
fecutus forfitan Fabium Pidorem in Britanniae defcriptione, 
aut alium quempiam Latini nominis cofmographum. Qiian- 
quam nifi ego omnino male Judico, luxatum eft Londini vo- 
cabulum apud Ptolemseum fuo loco. Non enim Cantiorum 
urbs fiiit. Tamefis ingens seftus Cantios a Trenovantibus in- 
dubie dirimebat. Barbaris etlam Bricanniam vi occupantibus 
Londinum Mediofaxonum, & Oftrofaxonum. non aucem 
Cantiorum erat. Et licet Oftrofaxonum regulus eflet quo- 
dammodo cum aliis Tubregulis Aethelberti Magni regis 
Cantiorum beneficiarius, non tamen erat Londinum inter 
Canriorum civitates connumeratum. Reftituenda igitur iirbs 
prrsclarifllma Londinum, natale folum meum, fuis Treno- 
vantibus; fie fibi, & vero conftabit Ptolemseus, cujus hac 
funt verba : •• Et magis ad exortum juxta asftum Jamefam 
"Trinoantes, quorum civitas Camuciolanum/* Ha<5^enu8 
Ptolemseus. Eft autem Camudolanum ea civitas, quae k Sax- 
onibus Coluncefter appellata eft, nunc autem Colceftre. 
Ego vero arbitror k Coluno fluvio prxterlabente nomen 
uroi impofitum fuifte : nifi quis fentiat earn k Colonia^ cujus 
forfitan titulo enituit, appellationem accepifte. Abuirdum 
erit pofthac quserere ubi locorum fuerint Trenovantes in 
Britannia, tam rede cognito Tamefino aeftuario. Polydonis 
Ver^lius, vir alioqui dodiffimus, Trenovantum temere ad- 
fcribit urbi, quam noftra xtas Northehamton, ad differentiam 
Southehamton, corrupte pro Northeavondune, appellat. 
Ducitur hoc argumento, auod vulgus banc urbem contraAe 
appellet Tranton, ut ille fibi vult, pro Trenovante. Northe- 
avondune longe quidem diftat k Tamefino littore, juxta c}uod, 
vel Ptolemaeo tefte, fuerunt Trenovantes. Nil mihi cum 
vulgo. Antoninus Banaventi meminit : quo nomine credide- 
rim antiquitus Northavondune appellatam fiiifle. Nomen 
i^utem k Ban^ & Avon coaluit. Ban, ut alias docui, fignificat 
locum confpicuum, « & de fama excellentem. Avon fluvius 
eft, qui per urbem labitur fpedabilis ibidem duorum bra- 
chiorum ad pontem Thomafiim confluentia. Pro Avon Ro- 
mani dicebant Aven. Barbaries Saxonum, fublata penitus 
prima litera, & V fijcunda facile in N verfa, ex Avene fecit 
Nene, quam vel hodie appellationem retinet. Nomen flu. 
antiquum etiam nunc remanet in Avonae valli oppido cele« 

m & fama exceffemem Icgi debet, ut monuit audor ad fi- 
nemopcris. * * 


bri, quae Anglice Oundale, corrupte pro Avondale. Hscc ego 
curiofe in gratiam Trenovanti mcL^ 


Vaga fluvius, Britannice Gouwy, Angl. Wy. 

Veneti func qui incolunt borealem Cambnas partem i, 
Devio flumine ad Conovii «ftutTi. Vulgus fcriptorum Vene- 
dotas appellat, & regionem Venedotiam. 

VKNETiE Alpes, Britannice Craigeiriry, La tine Montcs 
niviferi, Anglice Snowdune. Joannes Severianus, fcriptor 
fuae aetatis longe eloquentiffimus, incolas horum montium vo- 
cabulo appofite Latino Nivicollinos vocat. 

Vtriana fylva, Anglice Wyre forefte. 

Urithlesia, Anglice Writelefliam, contrade Wrex- 

Urovicum urbs longe celeberrima fcriptoribus cum 
Latinis, turn Graecis, ficmea opinione dida, quod in Uri 
fluminis finu, qui nunc vulgo Ufa dicitur, fita fit. Urbi au- 
tem Anglice Urewike nomen eft : nunc autem contradto 
vocabulo Yorke. Eft locus, fi rede memini, non procul ab 
faac urbe qui vel hodie hoc nomen retinet, eluxata tantum 
una litera, videlicet Urfewike pro Urefwike. Apparet ex 
antiquis donationum tabulis Saxonice fcriptis hanc urbem 
aliquandoappellatamfuiffeEvorwike; quoci verbum felicius, 
quantum ad-primas didionis partes pertinet, Latinum no- 
men refert. bunt qui fufpicentur, nee temere illud, flumen, 
?aod urbem alluit, Ifurum olim didum fuilTe, ab Ifide 6c 
Jro fuperius confluentibus. Ifc fluvius k Saxonibus Oufe 
didus. Argumento funt Oufeforde, id eft, Ifidis vadum, 
Oufeburne, id eft, Ifidis aqua. Si base conjedura valet, ut 
ccrte plurimum valere videtur, Ifurovicum aptum, elegans, 
rotundum etiam urbi nomen erit. Ifurii meminit Pcolemacus, 
meminit & Antoninus. Uterque autem earn Brigantibus at- 
tribuit. Concidit Kurium. Locus autem ubi fuit, nunc Aide- 
burge, id eft, antiquum oppidum appellatur. Non procul 
inde vicus eft Borowbridee didus, illuftris quidem tribus 
Romanorum trophxis inftar pyramidum non procul inde 
eredis, ad occidentem vix Vetelingianae, <jua Lugubaliam 
reda itur. Diftat autem ab Eboraco plus mmus decern paP- 
fuum millibus occidentem verfus. Fuit olim Eboracum re- 
-gia fedes Brigantum,quamvis Hedor Bocthius rerum Scotti- 
carum fcriptor dormitans Gallovidiam illis, fi diis placet, at* 
tribuat, quae ad Novantas, ut ex Ptolemaeo manifefte colli- 

fere licet, pertinebat. Non cecidit Eboraci gloria, toties k 
idis. Scottis, Saxonibus. & Danis impetiti, donee furore 
Gulieimi primi regis Anglije, ob intertedam ibidem nobi-» 

f % lium 


littmNortomtnm>ram cuftodiam, tota conflagraret^Sc defcrta 

Eenitus aliquamdiu jaceret. Gulielmus k Maildulphi curia 
anc tain infis:Qis urSis cladem, ruinamque ia prologo libri 
tertii, quern de viris pontificum Anglia: fcripfit, milere de- 
plorac. Hadenus in gratiam ftudioforum antiquicatis Bri- 
tannicac. Afpirent illi coeptis tarn boneftis quidem meis, & 
pi^am lud, decori, andquitatL denique & glorix fux, five 
quis locorum (itum, feu potius fada memorabilia coenofcere 
ciipiat, Deo Opt. Max. inftitutum fortunante, propediem re- 

Alfud Hijmenm TF^^km^ in cmmiterk TmtUn^j sd 
aueum firfwttm. i ^43. 



N, B. The word that this Note refers to is in 
the next page. 

m KTKNEION ASMA] Duac hanc noftrara Editiones prsecef- 
ferunt. Prima prodiit (audlore ipfo tunc vivente) Londini 
If45r. 4to. Annum in prima pagina retinuimus. Typogra- 
phus autem fiiit Reynerus Wolhus, Hoc ex forma typorum 
colligo. Accrue inde etiam conftat Nasnias in mortem Viati 
ex ejufdem itidem prelo prodiifle. Secunda Editio eft in 
8vo. prodiitque Londini i6^i. cypis & expeniis Jdiannis 
Streater. Qui&am autem Editionem banc pofteriorem cu- 
raverit id plane mihi eft incertum. Seldenum tamen Mag- 
num ftiiflc cpnjecerim. Nee aliter fentit amicus nrceftan- 
tfffimu8& peremditus Thomas Kawlin'sonus e Medio 
Templo* At vir quidim do<3tus, in Ibriptoribus noftris ver- 
fatiilimus, me dooiit fe credeta Editionem haricce deberi 
V. cl. Joanni Lamphirio, poft-CAROLUM Udum. in An* 
gliam reducem HiftoricesPraledori Cam jeniaho. Utram- 
que Editionem (nam rariffima funt exempkria) mecum be* 
nigne con^municavit juyenis optimus, bonarumque litera- 
rum amanti(fimu8,.RiCHARDUS Rawxinsonus", Thou^ 
frater j cui & alia multa me debere gratus agnofcQ. 







f) - -nil ■ II a" 




|t^^. -^-^^^t^ 


Ml -:3L^ 





LO N D I N I. 

M. D XLV. 



Afpke qud, fvwfi. Tdmefifiis fettm in tmdis 
Ifidca vemens Cjgnus. ffeci§fus dh fifhe : ' 
C/tque ducem pUcide feqmtur chwuf Mnius ovantem. 
Itte fuas refim9xelehdUi csermm fipas, 
Nomen & ffemUi Rips felkker AinfUm 
Oncenm fitUim font fiqur dtbit^ Utus. 
Ptdbeat 4nen$4f 4Utditoi^m^ns sMrii. 
Rjira qmdem Cjigum res (ifi nMre cinieMni^ 
Concinulfe tamiit doStitmii tmba viretaii" ' 
Pudkat, & melkA nets punSum tmrnc tulip. 





Regi jinglia^ Franciay ^ Hiberniie% 

Fidei defenfori, ac Anglicaode, & Hibernicas Ecclefias 
proxime ^ Chrifto fupremo capitis 

JoANNBS Lblandus Londincnfis 
Felicicacem opcac perpetaam. 

TANTA eft tui nominis cum celebritas, 
turn gloria cum majeftate conjunda. Rex 
illuftriflime, ut me fcribentem magnicudi* 
nequadam fua facile deterreant. Ac rurfus 
quum mecum cogito qua te natura totum folers facili- 
tate, humanitate, beoevolentia, candore, denique in« 
genuitate beavlc : non pofTum certe calamo temperare^ 
quo minus animum, acque adeo ojfHcium erga te meum 
luculento aliquo contefter exemplo. Accipe igitur quid 
muneris in praefentia apporcem. Adolefcens, tocus plane 
confiagrabam Camoenarum amore: qui ardor eo me 
tandem impulic, ut treis Epigrammaton libellos fcribe- 
rem diligentia quidem magna, at interim an pari* elo- 
qoentia, felicitate, & gratia nefcio. Primo Grxcum 
addidi citulum, videlicet E>iuy^tiMepxir. Secundo vero La- 
tinum Sales nomen inditum: Tertius & Grxce infcri- 
ptus EmMUr. Nee (ic contentus Mufas demeruifTe, ag- 
greflns fum, magnis quidem aufis, Eadueardi Principis, 
filii tui incomparabilis, natalem diem percelebrare. Qui 
libellus, quamvls gratias, veneres, & lepores antiquitatis 
majeftatem inimicabilem quidem illam exprimenteis k 
mea tenuitate accipere non potuit, futurum tamen fpe- 
rat (de tuo tanta exiftimatio eft Afcanio, quem prs- 
dicat, quem fufpicit, quem denique colit) ut fi non in« 
gentem laudem, at interim fufFragia qualiacunque & vi- 
Vol. p. ' A tam 


ram k dofta facile impecret pofteritate. Decreveram, 
hoc libello edito^ manum de tabula coUere^ & Mofas 
eruditae juventuti relinquere. Nam me alio jam olim vo- 
caverac liova cara hiftorlae, atqae adeo antiqaitatis Bri^ 
tannics ftudium, quam videbam quorundam non modo 
negligentia, Sf focordia^ verum etiam ingratifadine 
prefTam, & tenebris plus quam Cimmeriis obvolutam. 
Senferac Calliope, Mufarum prima, fi non deiertorem, 
Taltem ceflfatorem efTe me: monuitque, ut, fi jam plane 
apud me conftituifTem (everiora amplefti ftudia, cygne- 
um aliquid decedens canerem, Mnufque fymmifta con- 
fecrarem. Non potui cerce tam asqaa petenti operam 
perncgare meam. At interim foUicite quasrenti mihi 
unde potiflimum cantionis exordium defumerem: TaoH 
cfis, fluviorum omniam, qui Britanniam allnnnt tuam, 
facile princeps, mihi in mentem venit. Hujus ego ali- 
quando, vel ab ipfis fontibus, ripas, (inus, anfradas, di- 
vortia, masandros, denique & mediamnes infulas omneis 
curiofiffime colluftravi, 8c me(nori» commendavf. 
Tamefim nemo ignorat cygnorum & altorem, & cul- 
torem eife maximum, eo praecipue loco, qno infiilas 
prope Ifidis vadum, urbem bonarum literarum cogni- 
Clone vel ad aethera notam, mediis compleditnr ulnis. 
Ego yero quum nuper ^ te hue miflfus eflem non fine 
honorifico munere ad Cygnos, ita delibutas film loci 
tum amoenitate, turn grada, ut merito gaudeam me jam 
tandem nadum efTe occaiionem opportunam, ana Cy- 
gnos, & Tamefim pro dignitate celebrem, admirer, fu- 
fi>iciam : cujus tu etiam in ripis 8c fauftiffimo natus es 
hdere, & altus. Cygnum igitur ab Ifidis vado ad Gre- 
novicum, palatium illud excelfum cuum, fecundo navi- 
gantem flumine, mulcaque ex penetralibus antiqaitatis 
db Tamefi referentem ; ac poftremo res geftas toas ca- 
nentem ; ea fronce accipe, qua minutUfima tus majeftaci 
exhibentes ferenas. Utque penitius intelligas, qaae il- 
Inftriflims notae icriptores fufFragia Cygneac cantioni 
olim contulerinr, accurate perfcribam quid de ea tnm 
Graeci, tum Lacini fcriptores pronunciayerint. Princi- 
pio VergtliuS;, Latinorum poecarum decus maximam^ 
de Cygno fie fcribit decimo Aeneidos libro. . Nam- 

Ndmqke ferunt lu£tu Cygnum Fhai'tontis amMti 
F(fpule4S inter frondes, umbramque firorum, 
Dum canity & tnotjia Mnfa fclatur anrnem 
Canentem molli plnma iuxijfe feneHamy 
Linquentem terras^ & fidera voce fequentem. 

Ondius libro Mecarnorphofeos fecundo eadem canity 

elegantiffime expreflfa Cygni figura. 

^^m vox eft tenudtd yiro, Cdnaque capiUos 
DifmuUnt flnmdj ctdimqae apeffore tonge 
PorrigittiT, digitofque ligat jfindmn tuhenteis. 
Fenna latus veUtt^ tenet os fi$$e d'ctmine raftr&nlf. 

Eodem eciam libro Cygneas cantionis meminit* 
Et quA MdMds cileirdbant Cdrmine tipds 
Flumined voluvres medio nduere Cdjfiro. 

SilBtn rurfus decimo quarto ejufdem opens libro hxc 

de feanente Pici regis conjuge refert. 
lUic cum tdcbrymis ipfos tnoduldtd dolores 
Vtrhd fono tenia mctrens fundebdt, ut olim 
Cdftmudjdm moriens canit exfeqaidlia O/gnus. 

Accedunt hue & verficuli ex epiftolis Hero'idum. 
^5 M fdtd vocdnt, udis dbjeHus in a undis 
JUvdddMddndriconcinit albusolor. 

£t alibi. 

■ Velttti, cdnentid dur^ 
Trdj'eBus cdnni tempt d^ cdntat olor. 

Denique & quarto de Trlftibus fie feribit. 
ZHq»e jdcens ripd deflere Cajftrius ales 
Dicitmr are fuam d^ciente necetn. 

Lueretius etiam libro quarto talia de Cygnis Tub mor- 
tem eantantibus infert. 

Vdllibus & Cygni nece detorti ex Heliconis 
Qmm liquidam toUunt It^iAri voce queretdm. 

Martialis quoque poeta hoc dlfticho Cygn^um cancuih 

in Xeniis eollaudat. 

Dtdcid defeitd moduldtur cdrmnd lingua 
Cdntator Cjgnus fmeris ipfe fui. 

Alexander Neehamius Anglus his verbis Cygneum 

m Vndli] Herbis babent alias Ovidii Ediciohes. 8c reftitis. 

A z mag- 

P R A F A T I O 

tsagnifice melos exprimit in libro de laade fapientia; 

Ludenti fimilU paullifper fubUvat alas: 

Cedentes tumido peclcre fuUat aquas. 

Atropos ilia tuls jufis obtemperat ultro^ 

Extremutn quum jam cernat adejfe diem. 
Dulce melos refonat^ demulcet numina cantu. 

MelUfluo notas ore f^lutat aquas. 
Bxfequias cantu redimtt conteti^tof honoris, 
Etgaudet praco funeris ejfe Jui. 
Gaudejt prajentis fe linquere tadia vita, 
Et Utus leti fata quieta fuhit. 
Jamque valefaciens Lachefi ccelum phi bufium 
EUgit, & volpcres fpemere fata monet. 
Cauflam vcro buju$ tarn melici concentas banc efle phi* 
lofophi adfirmanc^ fpiritus videlicet per collum proce* 
rum, & anguftum erumpere laboranceis. Pythagoras ea 
fuit opinione, ut crederet Cygnoram animas immor- 
taleis efTe, atque adeo hinc in funere lastari, ac conci- 
nere. 3ed neque Cygni canunt, nifi flante zephyro 
yento, geni^li auidem illo, G qaicquam Aeliani Graeci 
jadicio tribuenaum* Sunt qui & Cygnos facros fuifle 
ApoUini adfirment. Unde 8^ Alexander Nechamias fie 

^^md, quod Apolllnis eft volucris prafaga futurif 
Et latuit Cygno Juppiter ipfe fuo> 
Nee defunt qui eofdem alumnos Veneris fuiiTe dicant : 
inter quos & iloratios lyricus, ut liquido ex hoc ap^ 
paret verficulo. 

Et Paphum junflis vifit oloribus. 
Subfcribit & huic Statius Ubro Sylvarum tertio. 

Et molleis agitat Venus aurea Cjgnos. 

Neque enim hie ab inftituto alienum erit meo, fi 
aperte fignificavero Cygneam cantilenam in proverbio 
non modo Grsecis, verutn etiam Latinis fcriptoribus fu- 
ifTe^ ut apparet in prasclariffimo Proverbiorum Erafmi 
ppere : quo loco Achenasum, Chryfippi in hac parte 
imitatorem, Aelianum^ atque alios telles in medium pro* 
ducitt Coqveoire autem illud adgrmant fenlbus melliu 



tanqaam poftrema canentibus. Habent enim fenes ma- 
Curam qaandam rerum memorabilium longo ufii partam 
cognicionem, Quas circulum abfolvat, & operis egregie 
inceptiy ac feliciter confummati dedudam quandam 
harmoniam terfis inftiilec auribas. Tale quiddam vide- 
tur Cicero, Latinae gloria eloquentiae, tertio de Oratore 
libro^de L.Craffoloquens, his verbis innuere: "Ilia tan- 
'^ quam Cygnea fuit divini hominis vox» & oracio, « quum 
** quad fpedantes poft ejus interimm veniebamus in cu- 
*^ riam, ut veftigium illud ipfam, in quo ille poftremum 
^^ infticiflet, contaeremur.^ Hieronymus denique, facras 
interpres fcripturas^ ait^ (enes nefcio quid Cygneum ca- 
nere, perinde ac G diceret numeris quidpiam abfolutum 
omnibus. Haftenus de Cygnea cantione. Addidi pras- 
terea, tanquam ad coronidem, ^uorundam antiquorum 
nominum & catalogum, & interpretationem, ut hinc 
Britannicas antiquitacis cognicio i mulcis tpties anxie 

Suaefita, at non inventa tamen, nunc quail reperta vi- 
eatur. Tancum in prasfentia guftum erudito ledori 
majoris operis quocidie accrefcentis ezhibui, quem fi 
fenfero lautis placuifTe palatis, tarn fufe, & accurate 
Icribam, ut aliquando & gratus, & utilis patriae, adfit 
modo candidus cenfor, vldear. Tu Princeps, omnium 
quos fbl videt humanifHme, atque idem eruditiffime, 
cape lasta manu base tui qualiacunque munufcula a- 
lumni, fi non eloquentis, certe tibi tarn bene, quam 

gni optime cupientis. Sic Scottos genus foedifragum, & 
lallos antiquos cui longe nobililHmi generis, una ac 
imperii bodes, ut vidor ftrenue incepifti, concutias, 
profternas, tandemque fortunatiifimus debelles. Vale 
prasfidium, & dulce decus Britannia?. 

Londini tertio Calendarum Jul. 


Vive pater patrU Rex illu/bripme regum ; 
Afiamm toto flitreat erbe tum^ 

^m quaft ffeSatrtes &c.] §l^m quafi exJfeaanteT^ pofi 
ejmt hteritum venMamits in cuffam^c. in aliis Qceronis Edd. 






Tifge precor zephjris, Princeps, dare veU fecundis. 
Hh pater Oceanus, Neptmttis pefeU. & iffe 
Nereidttmque eb^us. FtSoria lata trinn^hes 
Promttit fimmos, precium immntaU laberls. 
MaSe atiifM VtSer felix : bac Itur ad aftra. 



CYGNUS me genuic pater, liguftris 
Ipfis candidior, colunt April! 
Albas quum Venerem iuam volucre3 ; 
Ec fpirat Z^ephyrus, novuumque pi&os 
J Ver fundic vario colore fipres. 
Cygnus me peperit, nive & coloftro 
Mater candidior: lococitatus 
Ifis quo patitur vadum fonorum. 
Hic^ inter medios venultus amnes, 
10 Et aivortia curva brachiorum, 

Dum lente vagor, & famem repello, 
Depaftis teneris lubenter herbis. 
Nee non pifciculis, cibo fuavi : 
Cafu nefao quo cupido magna 
ly Invafit mihi pedus otiofum, 
£t multis monuit modis benigtia, 
Rlpas Ifidis ut virentioreis 
lutentis oculis, noyaque cura 
Colluftrarem avide, quoufque falfas 
20 Undas imbiberent maris refiifi, 

H«c dum foUicita voluto meate, 
Evincor ftudio migratioi^s. 
Ergo ut magnifice expeditionem 
Omarem, i numefp quidcpi meorum 
%^ Biflenos comites, chqtpnii fuperbum, 
SeUgo^ rellauofciue concione 
Omneis hac habita pater benignus 
Committo fidei Ifidls probata. 
Cygni nofter amor, decufque noftrum, 
30 Qui nte Ifidis infulas amoenas 
Felices colitis, geaufque noftrum 
Augetis numero u^decunque claro, 
Laetis accipite aur^bus meam nunc 
Cauflam, confilioaue promovete. 
35 Qupdam numine qucor ut fecundo 
Qurfu fluminis infimas caduci 



' Ripas IfidiSy & fitms Hquenteis 
Invifam, Strepicum dedit fononim 
C^gaorutn niveus chorus canenc&m, 
40 Conciiflis alacri vigore pennis. 
Applaufus placuit mihi canorus. 

randum nine gurgice colluens profundo 
Roftrum, talibus alloquor cohortem. 
Noftrum hoc imperium, iafulas beacas^ 
4S Et nidos etiam celebrioreis, 
Qups ambit falicis corona glaucas^ 
A prasdonibus impm quidem illis 
Vos defendite fortitcr : venuftas 
Nee permittite conjuges ab ullis 
50 Adv^ais fluvio premi maricis. 

Omnes his monitis ftadm adfbnabant 
Aptantes capici meo coronam. 
Baccatam nitidis & hinc & iliinc 
Gemmis, ac niveum aurex catenae 
5:7 Collum mulciplici orbe circinantes : 
Poftremoque vale vale canentes. 

Tanti lumine praenicens decoris 
BifTenas medius teror volucres 
Inter flumineas eo, citatae 
(o Q^ me curfus aquae vocat perennis. 
Sic dum continuo fluore labor 
Abbandunica teda derelinquens 
CifTae cognita Saxonum tyranno : 
Mox cerno Hydropolim facram, Birino 
dy Quondam praefule, confluentiamque 
Tamae ac Ifidis : infuper vctufti 
Caftri culmina lapfa Sinnoduni. 

Tum pauUo interiils mihi obtulit fe 
Urbs dariffima Temper Atxebitum 
70 Gaudens nomine priftino Calevae. 
£t Chaufe^ locus facer, fiurentes 
Quam Dani miferis mo<us premebant. 
Hmc, lapfu rapidi cito fiuenti 
Delatus, video oppidum, quod olim 
7y Pontes, fi memini fatis, vocatum 
Alfridi cecinit trophasa magni, 
Quk Cunetio fertur inquietus : 
Sunningum quoque, prasfulum cathedram^ 
Henlegam & veterem, forum popello 
So Vicino bene cognitum, frequenique. 
Hurftelega ferax deinde fylvac 
Apparet, Mediamnis atque pulcher. 



Felix pertinet ilia ad Atrebates: 
Hasc ipe&zt Catichlanicos colonos. 
Sy Ad dextram ulterius nitct ferena 
Buftelli domus, incl]^tum fcpulchrum 
Montis nobilibus viris acuti. 

Poft haec remigio fcror fiiperbo 
Ad ripas ubi vicus eft Alaunus. 
90 Et tandem penetro impetu volucri 
Pontem Vindeleforicum, duarum 
Qai vel limina gentium coarftat. 
Hie alas cohibens meas, ocellos 
Verto in fideream quietus arccm. 
95* Miratufque loci fitum nitentem, 

Et turres validas, facrumque templum^ 
Dulce exaudio coelicumque melos : 
Clari ^uale quidem canunt olores 
Undis m mediis vagi Cayftri. 
100 Tunc ripam citus ambiens finiftram 
Molem confpicio alteram, fcholamque 
Scxti Principis elegantiorem, 
Nomen cui veteres dedere Aquaedon. 
Alas explico rurfus, & labore 
loy Grato pervenio ad locum celebrem 
Cervi antiouitus infulam vocatum : 
Erchenualaus ubi plus facerdos 
Templum perpetuo Deo facravit. 
Et mox^ denuvio volans aquarum, 
no Anchoreticum egofinumbenigne, >. 

Stenum & nomine viculum faluto : * 

Contendens volucri deinde curfu 
Altx ad confpicuas domos Avonse. 
Non hie purpurei nitent galeri^ 
iiy Ut quondam foliti, cruces, columnatque j 
At ftant gemmiferae, & nitent coronx, 
Eduardumque fuum colunt alumnum, 
Gencis delieium unicum Britannas. 
•Cujus dextera Seottieos tumultus 
xxo Compefcet, manibufi^ue dura vinda 
Gallorum injiciet. Sed ad receptum 
Munus confero me. Hoccine eft Celebris 
Fama; Regiodunum, honore fummo 
QjKxl treis regibus obtulit coronas ? 
ixy Ripas tam vindeis juvat videre. 

Et jam (iimma procul fuperbienris 
Shenae culmina fplendide corufcant, 
Quas rex feptimius ferenus aedes 
Vol. 9. B Montem 


Montem nomine divitem vocavit 
I JO A quadam regiuncula Brigantum. 
Heres cujus erat domo paterna* 

Decuruis Tamefis celer profundi 
Jam me ducit, & impigre ad finiftram 
Ripam, fiilget ubi velut corona 
i;7 Seaes xchereus Sion decora. 

Qupd templum pofuic Deo fupremo 
Quintus Nlaximus ille, Galliarum 
Geaces qui domuit manu potent!. 
Brentae fluminis hinc vadum notando 
140 Binas confpicio infulas olonim 
Nidis officium fuum exhibenteis. 
Cygni, qui mediis aquis frequentC5, 
Admiraner, & decus, mcamque 
Pompam^ ac toUere criftulas Kcomanteis. 
14? Prudens ipfe tamen, fatifque certe 
Securus, Zephyro meo favente, 
Ducor navigio fecundiori 
Ad Chevam hofpitio pi« Marise 
Gallorum Domin« celcbriorem. 
ifo Dehinc & Mortuus eft lacus fuperba 
Villai effigies, domufque nota: 
Cygnorum infula promicat benigna 
Noftri quae generis fovet volucres. 
Puttennega etiam nitens amoenum, 
i^f Prseter quas alacri feror vigorc 

Procurfum accelerans. Domus volucrum 
Tum frontem exerit, ante multa fecla 
Danis cognita villa t>ellico£is, 
Qu^m dum fufpicio lubens micantem 
160 Amplis nobilium aedibus virorum, 
Attentum me alio vocat recurvi 
Batterfega finus polita cultrix. 
£t Chellega, locus ferens coronam, 
Henrico veniente Rege, primam. 
i^y Ad dcxtram placido alveo, phafelo 
Tanquam, devehor intuens aperte 
Lomithin titulo palatii alto 
Dorvemenfis epifcopi nitentem. 
Ad laevam locus eft fcaturiente 
170 Circumfeptus aqua, cui priores 

Thornegam proprium dedere nomen. 
Hie reges ftatuere praepotentes 

m ComahtehJ] Sic in prima Edit, cum punfto. Scd co- 
naff f is i^ fecunda, fine diftinftione. malq, Se- 


Sedem magnificam fibi, fuif^ue^ 

Quae nunc, temporis cvolutione, 
175: Splendoris decus omne comparavit. 

Hearicus tamen omnium unus inftar 

Odavus precium tulic laboris, 

Romanis folio fuo galeris 

Excuflls, fpatiis palatiicjue 
1 80 Audis mirifica expolitione. 

Quid magnas reteram ccdium nitelas 

Mulcaruni, radiant fuo emicanti 

QujB nunc lumine, clivus adjacet qui 

Ripas excelfibr, afpicitque lymphas 
185 Nymphae caeruleas fibi taventis? 

Aedes turrigcrae hinc micant, & inde, 

Quas Antonius.Ule Beccus, urbis 

Dunolmenfis honos, decu(que ftruxit. 

Dignas plumiferis quidem coronis 
190 Eduardi modo Principis fereni. 
Turn Sabaudia lucet alta fedes 

Olim nobilibus viris dicata : 

At nunc pauperibus domus facrata. 

Regis Septimii labore fanfto. 
ipy Sed nee laude fua carent venuftag 

Aedes, Balnea quels dedere nomen. 
Hinc templi veteris nlina fenfim 

Frontem attoUere coepit excitata. 

Splendent mirifice 8t luperba ttStz 
xoo Quels fons nomina Brigidae facravir. 

Jam pervenimus alta Trenovanti 

Cela ad moenia, quk per occidentem 

Amnis nomine Fludbus intumefcit, 

Olim cujus in oftio, minaci 
%o^ Arx apparuit undecunque fronte. 

niius periit decus fed omne, 

Bainardi & pepcrit novos honores 

Caftellum radians nitore multo. 
Miranti fimilis feror per undas, 
aio Fanum fufpicioque dedicatum 

Paulo, pyramidemque percelebrem, 

Tangit vertice quae fuprema caelum. 
Mox & nobilium domos virprum 

In ripa facile adnoto virenti. 
ai^r Tum demum memini foille quendam 

Cymi munere maximo beatum 

Cultorem illius : at virum impotentem 

Tandem mors raputC mami cruenta • 

B » At- 


Atque base dum meditor vagus per amnem, 
aio Germanofcjue pio faluto nutu, 

Merces follicite fuas paranceis. 

Ad pontem veoio arcubus valentem 

Surgentcmque novemdecim, domorum 

Qups fafti^ia comprimunc fuprema. 
1%^ Sunt &c qui referant notae probatx 

Scripcores, tabulatum opus fiiifle 

Richardi imperio Leonis. Ignis 

At poftquam violaOet iiiud ; ecce 

Joannes ditione fratris au&us, 
ago Largo 6c munere civium bononun, 

E Taxis folidis opus refecit, 

Dignum laude quidem fua perenni. 
Hie me non patitur manere gurges 

M a^o murmure defluens ab alto. 
3t3y QaJ"^ trcum penctrabo. Sudoverca 

Multis nominibus valeto clara, 

Tu Cvgnum peperifti Sc elegantem, 

Qu|l ftant lucida teda, Branodunus 

Reginas Marrx potens maritus 
240 Struxit quas ftudio nitoris amplo. 

Tu Ventae hofpitio foves alumnos^ 

Giffardi veteris tui patrooi, 

Rupinique Petri memor patroni. 

Tu Felix colis infulam celebrem 
145' Bermundi nivea benignitate, 

Notam & Pontificum domum tuorum. 
Bellini vocor ad finum, frequentem 

Nautis, Turrigcramque regis alti 

Sedem, armaria Martis ampla magni. 
aye Arx haec terminat urbis onentem 

Verfus moenia, calculoque gaudet 

Magni roboris, hoftibus timorem 

Ingentem objiciens, trucemque mortem. 

Tot ferpentibus asneis in omnem 
ayy Sortem ad fulmina fatva comparatis* 
Sed nunc protinus urbe derelida, 

Dextra nauticus eft iinus petendus 

Infignis ftatione puppium, turn 

Viilis, eximio labore cultis. 
o^o En fpirat Zephyri faventis aura : 

£c me nunc Ruber ille cli^us alcas 

Ad ripas vocat illici fufurro. 
Eft plane paradifus ifta villa 

Struffturae nitidae fereos coronam, 



i6^; APeftanifquerofasfuavioreis 

Profert, ac eenus otnne Uliorum. 

Htc fons; hic nemus eft factum Camoenis. 

C>gnorum htc numerus plus canent&m. 

Hic vel perpetuo juvat manere. 
L70 Sed me Lamodotnus cupic videre. 

Fiet : nam cupio videre tc Ultra* 

Hoc fentire quidem videtur unda : 

Sic me fiumine promovet fecundo. 

Fumus naribus uftuians oberrat. 
ij$ Creta hic affiduo domatur igne, 

Albo & tota nicet colore ripa. 

Ventis vela dabo, (inufque curvi 

Leni perfequar ambitum natatu. 

Donee contigero Vadum profundum. 
:So ClafTem jam videor mini videre. 

Galli, fi fapitis^ fugam parate. 

Accedam propius, triremiumque 

Intentus numerum adnotabo juftum. 
Prima & maxima nomen imperantis 
.8y Henrici retinet. Secunda vcro 

£t navis Catarina bella fertur. 

Nomen tertia prasdicat Marias, 

Inter quae reliquas nitet puellas, 

Digna Semidedm toris viraigo. 
,90 Gaudet quarta quidem Petrus vocari. 

2uinta infignia jaditat Leonis. 
ace eft prima rofa* Hacc & eft Hirundo : 

Haec eft Palmifera : & Phafelus ilia : 

H«c Pinus volucris : nova haec Trircmis 
9y Cui praefedus erat meus Viatus, 

Cultor Nereidum, volat celebns : 

Cultor Pieridum Celebris illc, 

Noftri & Martia feculi voluptas. 

Quid plures memorem ? Juvat receflum, 
00 Et navalia pervidere vafta. 

Gunteri mea filius nitela. 

Qui tot naumachiis Getas feroceis 

£c Gallos domuit ^enus fuperbum, 

Vicinas habitat benignus asdes. 
05 Intrarem, nifi me fuprema curfus 

Meta hinc ad Viridem finum vocaret« 
Alas carbafa Candidas parata 

Expando. Fluvius favere perftat, 

Et ventum Zephyrus meus miniftrat. 

m / ■ ■ ■p 1 ■■ I II I i I 

?ifi4nifyui\ Sc in utraque Ed. Ecce 

tS CYGl^fiA CANTrOv 

310 Ecce ut jam niteat locus petitus, 
Tanquam fidereas domus cathedrae ! 
Qux faftigia pida ! duce feneftrae ! 
Qu^ turres vel ad aftra fe cfferentes ! 
Quae porro viridaria, tc pcrenncs 

5iy Pontes! Flora finrnn occupat venufta 
Fundens delicias liitentis horti. 

Rerum commoduft aeftimator ille, 
Ripx qui variis modis amceoae 
Nomea contulit eleganter aptum ^ 

310 Aethelredus erat, Britanniarum 

Princeps : Danicus hunc frecjuentcr hofBs 
Contorfit miferis modis, coegitque 
Urbis praefidio fibi cavere. 
Danorum incerei truces caterv« 

3^5* Dorvemum fpoUant, trahuntque fasvi 
Elphaegum acl loca -nota Grenovici 
Sacrum pontificett, necique ibidem 
Tradunt, ah ! capiti fecuri adada. 
Longo temporis inde perfluente 

330 CurfiK nobilidm decus virorum 
Humfridus ditione Claudiana 
Audus, magnificas beatus aedea 
Hie pnmum pofuit^ PlaCetitiamquo 
Illuftri titulo vocavit apte 

33 y Lingux candidus Utriuique cenlbf. 
Sed quum Curia fiiftuiiflet ilium 
Poli fraude, dolifque Sadovolcae 
Feftas depofuit rcliaa criftas, 
Elugens Domini fiii ruinam, 

340 Horti tunc periere Adonidllque, 
Qups infi^nia tanquarti amoeniora 
Fatali omine pinxerat fcneftris : 
Nimirum fragilei» (ciens honores, 
Et rerum inftabiieis vices novarum : 

3 \^ Tam clari meminit viri togata 
Rede Gallia; tum chorus luavis 
Cy^norum Kidis ad vadum incoIeotAm, 
Cui magnum numerum dedit bonorum 
Librorum, ftatuitque fandiori 

350 Divinus ftudio fchol« theatrum; 
Noftro quale quidem videtuf efle 
Magnum tempore, forfaili & futuro. 
Quid, quod munere Verolamienfes 
Non ceflant merito fuum patronum 

35:5 Ipfo reddere {ole dariorem? 
Eduardus coluitdeinde Qu^rtus^ 


Aedes, funera poft cruenta Scxti, 
Tandem & Septixmus pocitus arce 

Regal, refticuic locum decori, 
t)do Auxlt^ue egregle dpmum venuilo 

Fronds lumine, fplendidUque pinnis, 

Cognati memor lnclyci|>opiquc. 
Qu^m regi bene cefleric fecunda 

Stru(btura, indlcac & poteos alumnus 
3^5 Odavus paths aunulator altus : 

Quo non magnificentius pot^nt&m 

Quifquam exsedificavit, aut deinceps, 

Ni fallor, fociet, Loquatur ipfe 

Per me nunc Viridis finus^ fuufque 
370 Exaudos titulos, fuos honores 

Amplos, culmiqa pr^dicetque cel(a. 
Concentus liquide canorus aures 

Percellit mihi. FaUor ? an receflU 

Ifto perfonat ? Illud eft receptum 
375: Cygnos hic habitare concinenteia, 

Qiii famam Domini fui, decufquQ 

Summum lucida transferunt ad aftra. 
Vos ergo cornices profe&ioni$ 

Seledus numerus mea?, videtis 
380 Partes efTe mea$, labore plena 

Confedo, unde quidem profe^his hue fum, 

Ut laudes alacri fono celebreni 

Henrici patriae patris Bricama^. ^ 

Nolo lollicitos meja eflc caufa 
385: Vos, quod carmina cocvinam fuprema. 

Cerce non moriar, petam fed aftra 

Coelites habiturus inter ipfos 

Sedem confbicuo polp auqaatem : 

Phoebus noiter ubi coJtufc^^ almus. 
390 Vidiftis thalamos, lj|au£}ue curves 

Cognati Ifidis : Itionis lu^us 

Nee vos poeniteat. Juvabit olim 

Ha!C forfan meminiffe. Cantilenam 

Quin nunc aggredior faveote Phoebo, 
395: Mufarumque novem choro #1 annuente. 
Felix ilia dies notanda gemmis 

Plane ter niveis, fuavibuique 

Sertis, lumina quse fereoa primum 

Henrico tulit inclyto puello. 
400 Felices genuere qui parentes 

« annttente.2 Sic in Ed. prima. Sed eft interrogaodi nota 
fO&afmuenteinEd.{QCVUkiz. Ta- 


Talem fidere filium fecundo. 

Felix quo Viridis finufque alumno. 
Ridebant clementa iole tali 

Orto, lumina qui referret orbi, 
40f Fortunaca fiiic rocundioreis 

Qtias Qutricula prxbuit mamillas. 

Fonunati edam, & quater beati 

Illi qui cornices fiiere parvo. 
Ac quum jam teneros adultus annos 
410 Viciffet. velut Hcfpcras minora 

Inter fiaera cocus enitebat. 

Ilium vir, mulier, puer, fenexquc, 

Omaes denique pra^care magno 

Certe numine maximis volente 
41; Natum rebus. & hoc probavit ufque 

Fortunas facifis rota eminentis. 
Solus fratribus omnibus fuperftes 

Regni praecipuum decus ferebat, 

Una divitia(que vel Midxas^ 
410 Quas congeuerat ufibus fiituris 

Cura, & jufta quidem parentis ilia. 
Quis novit meritis modis referre 

Pompam confpicuam novae coronae. 

Ibat qui mediam nitens per urbem r 
4^f Quis nunc munificentiam profufam 

Illius: validos quis aut lacertos 

Ex^lta fatis exprimac camoena? 
Natos nam tenui loco beavic 

Multos, & Morlnorum ab urbe viAor 
430 Infignis rediens tulit coronam 

Ex lauro, precium laboris altum. 

Remorum Comes indytus cruento 

Bello perdomuit genus malignum 

Scottos. Rex Jacobus impetuque 
43 jr nio concidit. ac feverioreis 

Poenas perfidiae tulit tyrannus. 
O facbum bene ! Vicit Anglus abfens* 

Patris gloria, filiique virtus 

Houerti virideis ferent coronas : 
440 Et viftoria laeta permanebic 

Henrici domitons improborum. 

Tornaco interea potitus Anglus 

Fundamcnta novi profunda caftri 

Vi&or mox pofiiit perenne vallum. 
44J Non eft nobilium chorus virorum 

A me praetereundus, ille CarFum 
Quo Quintum hofpitio fovebac amplo : 


Qv^L ftanc mocaia celfa Duroverni. 
Congrefliis Celebris celebriorem 
450 Pauuo poft peperit. Corona fulgens 
Francorum Angligeniiniaue confluebat 
Guifneffum inter, & Araeam virenti 
In valle, Aurea quae deinde didla eft 
A rerum infolito nitore quodam. 
45^ Hie re^es nivea benignitate 
Conjunfti fpecimen deaerc tale 
PompiSj quale quidem k gravi ruina 
Romani imperii extulere nulli. 
Admirabilis aedium venuftas, 
4^0 Quat erexerat eleganter illic 

Henricus, fubitum intulit ftuporem 
Raptis Galli oculis amoenitate. 

Quintus Carolus Idium petebat 
Portum, Casfareo nitens honore. 
4(5 Hinc fit continuo apparatus alter. 
Anelus fplendidus erigi theatrum 
JuflSt, nomen & inclytum loco ex re 
Miracli domus inditum eft decenter. 
Poft annos aliquot revifit ipfe 
470 Caefar flavicomos potens Britannos, 
Londinique celebnoris urbis, 
Henrico duce, mania alta vidit. 

Nunc fi prasterea canendo vellem 
Accuratius explicare fidae 
475 Quje pugnae umulachra equeftris acer 
Ollentaverit is domi forilque, 
Longo carmine vix referre poiTem. 
At poflum interea docere veras 
Fidarum comites itiifTe pugnas. 
4S0 Ter Galium impetiit fererus hoftem 
Henricus gladio, & quidem cruento, 
Virtutifque fuae tulit coronam 
Viftor tot fpoliis onuftus amplis. 
Tum fortuna noverca coepit effe 
485: Gallo, Caefareifque « eum triumphis 
Captum tradidit illico molefta. 
Anglus candidus illius ruinx, 
Quamvis hoftis erat, mifertus egit 
Capti Caefare cum potente cauffiim. 
490 lUa redditus a&ione Gallus 

« eum triumphis'] Sic in Ed. prima non cum triumthU. ut in 
Ed. fecunda. 
Vol. 9. C Regno 


Remo eft; Nam potent mcrcri iniqite 
Poft hxc tarn bene de merenti amico? 

Anglos follicito obfides parenti 
Gallo filiolot ftndens laborc 
495 Grato reddere : Caroio remific 
Ami non leve pondus erogad. 
Hinc reges ftabilem fidem dedere, 
£t junxere manus utrinque dextras 
Cindi nobilium vkOm catervis : 
SCO Urbes qu^ Moif m ccbmt ftiperbas. 
Andus tarn pladdx quietis aaftor 
Gauoet munere nacis hmovaco. 
Qu(>fcunque artihces fiyvens poUtos: 
Hac lege ut lacerof paiatibrain 
505 Muros reftituant labore jofto, 
Conftrantque fuum noris nkorenu 
Hinc crevit Viridis finfls corona, 
Hundefdenaque pc f v emifl t fedes. 
Hinc bellus locus extnlitfereme 
jTio Frontis lurnina, Biigkfae & iacer fons, 
Aedes magnifico deoore^fbt. 

Hinc Thornega vetns&os honoivs 
Auxit, fplendida Piinctpum cadiiedia. 
Shelfefega eciam domos rentdena 
51 jT Si^s ventivolis^ & albictnte 
Cnfta. Sideris inflar eft Avoin, 
Ottelandaque verticem aha toUit, 
£c nulli titulo domos fecundai, 
Coelo quas caput inferit corofco. 
^%o Sic res publica pramitens quiete 
SuccejGTum ftudiis dedit politis, 
Queis florentibus, exult y^enuim 
Lex Evangelica, & fuo Tigori 
Sacro numine reftituta plene 
5:1; Incrementa tulit, bonolqoe fmStus^ 
Hue admoverat 8c manum valentem 
Prudentiflimus omnium ftiere, 
Vel qui funt modo Prindpom, labore 
Henncus facilL utilique plane. 
^10 Orta hinc quasftio magna de fuprema 
Romani quoque dignitate. Sandus 
lUam Prasfulibus fenatus effe 
Communem afleruit, paremque condfcis. 
Tunc ecclefia coepit Anglicana 
53; Romanas nihili xftimare merces: 
MBj^ Et Rex ma^animus jugum rejecit 
^■yiJon portabile publico luorum Coi 


Confenfu : unde quidem petica longum 
Libercas rediit fuum ad tneatrum 
5:40 Romanifque vale beata dixit. 

Fraudes, feditio, doli^ caviUaB 
Bella horrentia Principi tntoaabant. 
Princeps confUio valens fecundo 
Fraudes, diffidium, dolos, cavillas 
54? Evicit. Deus hoc volcbat ipfe. 

Prudens continue per alta paffim 
Arces littora confici juhebat. 
Pendinas tenet afperi cacumen 
Celfum montis, & intonat frequenter, 
yyo Mauditi quoque fubfidet rotundum 
Caflrum. & fulminat impetu furenti 
Portus oftia quk patent Falenfis. 

Turn Portunia conuninatur bofti 
Audax arce nova, crcpaatibu{que * 
yy^r Tormentis : brevis unde tranfitus per 
Scapham ad littora fra(9:a Durotrigum ; 
Quo nee longius eft loco arx timenda, 
Saxa ingencia provolent quod inde, 
Piratas quae abigant procul fceleftos. 
5^0 Couas fulmineas dux corufcant ; 
Haec cafum colit, ilia folif ortum, 
Vedam qui Neoportu$ intrat altam. 
Fauces Hurfta premit minax Avonx. 
Vinchelfega fuos finus tuetur, 
^6s Qu|l Limenus aquas agit profufas* 
Doris littore prominet bicorni 
Gallis tormina comminans fuperbis. 
Jadat Dela novas Celebris arces : 
Notus Csefareis locus tropbaeis. 
5:70 Caftrum Regius edituni recepit 
Burgus fiilmina dira, 6c infulanos 
Tutos fervat ab impetix vel omni* 
Sed nee Greva fuo caret rotunda 
Moles praefidio : frequens viator 
5:77 Urbem qua volucri petit ccloce. 
Floret Regioduni honos venufti^ 
Caftellique novam fui figuram 
Lastis fufpicit adfolens ocellis, 
Et pontem celebrat novum, furenteis 
580 Hulli nil reflui timens procellas. 
Sic gens Martia liberc Deiri 
Vicinum repetunt forumque agrqmque. 
Luguballia ciyitas Novantum 

C % Incrc- 


Incrementa quidem ter ampla cepit ; 
fSy Et majora tulit Tuefis alta. 

Cel^ infuper Iccius recepit 

Fortus robora firmiora turres. 

Guinefliis radiat, novaque fb{&, 

Vallo & dngitur undecunque forti. 
590 Oram littoris antea recenfi. 

At nunc interiora concmam, & qux 

Henricus fabricis tulit politis. 

Struzit fplendida teda Duroverni. 

Hinc & Durobrevi vcnuftiorem 
595 Sedem conftituit fibi, fuifque. 

Uiiri quoque regiam virenti 

In ripa pofuit decenter amplam. 
Porro Fanum Facobi opus renidcns 

Erexit placidac fhidens quieti. 
600 Et nuper pofuit nova elegantts 

Fuodamenta domus amceniori 

Derenti in fluvii vado liquentis, 

Sedes pontificum novas (acrorum, 

Dodas inftituit pius fcholafque. 
tfoy Hinc fe Deva putat beatiorem, 

AttoUitque caput venufta Venta, 

Quam lymphis gelidis Avona lambit* 

Hinc & Claudia civitas Celebris 

Excelfum caput cxerir, nitetque. 
610 Hinc & Petropolis micat ferena. 

Quid, (juod Granta novem dicata Mufis 

Henrici pietate literati 

Terfis pr«nitet erudita Unguis ? 

Et Chascos celebrat fuos auimnos, 
6is Dodam Candida Smithiofque turbam. 

Ponetum fophiae feveriorcm 

Cultorem infuper approbate fovetque 

HeuedduQum etiam, cui fupremam 

Dat phrafis Ciceroniana laudem, 
6io Carrum, Chriftopborum, Afchamumque cantat. 
Poftremo Ifiacis fuum nitorem 

Omnem reddidit infulis benignus, 

Cvgnorum appofuitque concinentiim 

Miutis nominibus chorum celebrem : 
day Noftrae gloria crevit unde ftirpis 

Felix IficTis hoc vadum patrono. 

Sunt teftes fidei fatis probatx 

Sheprevus decus ucriufque linguae. 

Hocnerus nitor artium bonarum. 
6io Ck>lus Casfarei fori venuftas. Chi 


Cheadfegus refonx fcholae columna. 

Vifidunus apex facrx cathedrae, 

Hebraei ramus chori Bruernus. 

Caius rhetor, & elegans poeta. 
6%^ Petrus cofmographus ferax oliva. 

Facundus Curio Minervx alumnus, 

Harpesfeldius Atticxque linguas 

Interpres facilis, difertus, aptus. 

Cultor prxterea facrss loquelas 
640 Hardingus numerum politus auget. 

Dumque hxc magnifice pararet ille : 

Fradtos undique poeiiitudo Ibcros 

Sylveftreis domuit, (uave legis 

Ferre & perdocuit jugum Britannx. 
^4T Qs? vidoria comparanda magois. 

Scottus fenferat emincntioris 

Fortunx patruo favere fortem. 

Gallus fenferat, atque.pertimebat 

Quprfum crefceret illius triumphus. 
6^0 Ambo conveniunt, manufque tradunt 

Conjun^ folitas : prior fed ipfe 

Scottus Martia tela promovebat. 
Incerta alea Martis ilia fe^jiper. 

Scottorum incaluit cruore fufo 
6^S I^<^^ fluminis alveus vadofus. 

Capta & nobilium virflm corona, 

Infelixque lacobus, ingruenti 

Ex moerore animi. ftatim peribat. 
Gallus vulnere laucius Tyranni 
660 Infeftif&ma cjuxque cogitare. 

Anglus bellipotens tumultuantis 

Viwor conteret omne robur hoftis. 

Poftremo repetet fuique juris 

Ccelo lllia mifla de fereno. 
66^ Scotti perfidix graves tulerunt 

Pcenas. Litha jacet redada prorfus 

In moeftos cineres, miriaxque claflis 

Prxda eft fa&a quidem. Prdinde caftrum 

Cui nomen celebre inditum k puellis 
6jo Ter fcrro violenter, atque flamma 

Concuflum patitor meras ruinas. 

£c dades fimilis ferocienteis 

Adfiixit Mortnos. Superba fadi 

Teftis vifta Bononia impotenter 
^75 Qujc nunc fata vocat, Decs & aftra 

Veicrudelia, forte diminura 

Galli, cujus erac columna nuper. Syr- 




EXIMIE fuum certe pr^Jlitit officium Cygnus^ eantonm 
decus immortalej .Heirrtci oBavi Regis incomfarMk 
cum majeftatej turn glarta tarn accurate caUaudata : ^ m 
parte ^ vos of fortune admonety ut ejus nom modo fiSts 
in fr'mis memorabilia^ verum etiam animi ad iffs nfirtutts f§- 
ftigid confcendentis magnitudinem fimili diligentia^ laA&re^ ftu- 
dio fofieritati exfedite, alacriterfue unammes commendetis : cu- 
jus nee vos unquam of era tarn utiliter^ fflendide, musgrnfice 
collocataf feenitdnt. Juvabit fotius ifia cura^ & Prmcefs w- 
JhiSy turn elofuentia^ turn ingeniij verts tefiimomis accenfm 
incrementa fua virtutis merito affrobats amfliora^ duce hm$ 
Genio^ feliciter cumulabit : tandemque ^ vos omfGffimarum 
fplenaore fortunarum iUufhabit. Sic fietas^ fie virtus^ fie cojh 
Jcientia reSii monent^ jubent^ imferant. At vos imtertm^ qui-- 
bus hac bonis avibus fortuna arriferit^ infinite i Frincife ter 
oftimo liber alitatis coUata ajfidue meminijfe decet^ fuam nois 
alio iUe nomine frudentijfimus exhibuit^ mfi ut exemfh vobk^ 
e^ ^uidem luculentiffimo frafens ejfet : quo reSe eubmomiti fi» 
milt a enafcenti liter at orum foboli benigne^ fron^te^ frmfe 
conferatis : alioqui ejas in vos beneficia omnia^ moM cum oteo 
^ Of era funditus feriiffe. Mememote frofejpoms^ cut imtiati 
ejlis^ certej fifrudentia adfit^ ^ amor reSL Unge bomofiijfflma^ 
Cavete i JoraibuSj tanquam a ScyUa^ ir dharjfde* jfefuales 
inpgni artium cognitione^ confilio fano^ ac juMcso Jan30 fremO' 
vete. Ahfit luxuiy J^udiorum bonorum insmicus lonfe feffimns. 
jihfit aurea mediocritas quietis alumna fufficienda ttta. JMajfh 
rum in dandis conjervandifque fortunis eruditorum mediocribm 
confuetudinem nunquam ftane fatis laudatam modis ommbue 
honefiis integre confervate : ne vim interim raftores hferant^ 
exjuiCita^ elimata^ confummata eruditionis efintomftores ini" 

Sint Mecoenates, non deerunt^ Flacce, Marcmes. 
At^ fublatis framiisj ingenia alioqut feliciffima frifjeut flame. 
uStrenue igitur venienti occurrite morbo. Sic Princes muBo 
unquam emorituram temfore in doBos munificentiam felices 
imitabimini^ ^ veftram quoque gloriam^ inftitutum tarn unde^ 
cunque fanBum Deo. Oft. Max. fromovente^ ferfetuam eon* 
fiituetis. Vivite^ ^ valete. 

a Strenue igitur venienti occurrite. morboJ] Deeft hacc fen- 

tentia in £d. fecunda. 



I N ■ 

Cygneam Cantionem 

Indices Britantiicas Antiquitatis 


Ad Sacrolknftas Antiquitatis 

Puteriere decern J4tn ftcuU hnga, Britanns 

Antiquum gentU dektuitque decus. 
Jndolui, fateor, fttntffe JUentia untumt 

Vt premerent patrU Jmu fafla met. 
Admonuit Genius ctcle deltiffus ab alto 

Ne paterer tenebras folis habere heum, 
NubUa difcuffi cifidus, lucemque reduxi, 

Sedibm inque fuis Jidera data nitent. 
Vos antiquarum (olitU qui lumna rerum 

Flaudite, & au^ori dicite, vive, vale. 

Vol, 9. D AO 




CON^UERITUR Studhfirum chorus multa m meis 
fuheffTlihls nufer edkis^ qu^ mfnuationem^ exflua- 
ilonemj demque c^ luctm tkjhderent. Sed interim sdeo 
me h£C ^ualijcunque non offendit querela^ ut emm^ can- 
darem^ ^ quiaem eximium^ adolefceiftum magnis faffibus ad 
veneranda antiquitatis gratam^ exoftaudam^ vtilem etiam 
€ogniipneln ',^df^^d€lr$ium fkdte hferfr^er: fM forte nee 
gravahor inftituti rationem omnem ffnei^ non modo verbis^ fed 
& fide quotfue longe ^ftimm 4efidtlffhmim orln faeere. Credo 
dutem tarn jtufidum ejfe neminem^ aut k communi fenfu itto ali^ 
enum^ ut inventis jam Jrugthus depderatiffimis^ etiamnum 
glan^bui velit amflius vejci. Edidid certe^ infiruSlijfimm in- 
finita veterum fcriptorum non Latinorum modo^ verum etiam 
OrJeOffutl^ kSioke nomenelaturat urKmnj otfidonnm^ ^cmim^ 
ymul ^ cajtr'othmj ut mittam fluyios^ Jy^'^^fil^^y minteffue^ 
Britannia no fir a^ fi tttmSmttit^jffimi^j eerte interim carruptsf^ 
pn^as eJfe. ^uare cogor^ velim nolim^ antiquam cum eloquen* 
fiam^ turn gioriam dim traditam a nu^orihm virie flane j»- 
iomfaraiilihsj defuetudine ^uadam^ ac Saxonica imrborie late 
invalefcente^ teneMs miferrtme^ oiduSam decorij amflitudim^ 
luci refiftuerf. Hk forptan vide^or quiiufdMm fii§/is^ argu- 
tulis^ hvidkHs matfAfiee inPerek fMeeri. Defr eto r "banc cuU 
fam^ p tamen culpa affettanda efi. ^ At Isceat interim tmhi^ 
quod aquifpmum petOy cum bona gratia facile oMnere : nempe 
fi me^ per commentaries in Cjgneam editos cantifmem^ ernditi 
diligen^em^ indufirium^ expeditum perfenferint^ ut M imuriis 
calumnididriim fdltetn tviinunis pm. fi Nee noceatvati mala Itn^ 
gua future. Opetam deninf^e mibi ex hue cuthra defnrno lu- 
Center omnem. '^fi berha in liBtas jilhptauil^ Jifefes excre- 
verity mas etje mefhrit upknt cmiidtts ^el $tlthe$fm effero^ 
confecroque^ leSeres bumani0mi. Vakte. 

^ \ias\ Conplio quodam ^centia mixto imitidlEmzs 
dixi^ participio Us nominis formam converfo^ inquit Lelandus 
ad calcem optifculi. TJade in Ed. fecimda texrus fie per- 
peram mutator : Britannijc nofirse^ confilio quodam Iscentia 
mixta mutatiffimaSy cerfe interim &c. fi Nee noeeat'] Ne npceat 
Ed. fecunda. 



<tE L E N C H U S 

Auftorum quorum teftimonia in praer 
fenti citantur opere. 


Pcolemasus geogr. 


Diodoras Siculus. 

Scrabo Geogr. 

Cornelius Tacitus^ 


Vibiu$ Sequeften 

Sexcas Bjiiiis. 

PompQnias Mela. 








]£^oJlp^ j§icecrafi$. 
6iiiitltnat Gcmmeticeafis. 
Ponticus Virunnlns. 

> Samuel. 

Flaccus Albinus. 
f Felix. 

^ Osbernus Durovernenfis. 

Simeon Dunolmenfis. 
Ealredus Rhiasvallenfis. 
Gallofridus Monemuthes" 

Henricus Venantodunen- 

Claims % Maild^Ip^i 

Stephanides Ikivmttmcm^ 

nClulielmus Ramefegamsf. 

m Elenchus AuSorum] Elenchus ifte omittitur in Ed, fe- 
cunda. <8 Abbo Floriacenfis.] de vita Edmundi Martyris. 
y Samuel.! Annotat. in Britann. hiftoriam Nennii. > Vili- 
baldus.] Scripfit vitam epifc. Moguntinenfis Angli. • Fe- 
lix] de vita Guthlaci. ? Osbernus Durovernenus.] dc vita 
Elphcgt, n Guliclmus Ramcfcganus,] de vita Gutnlaci- 



Elenchus Aa£l:orum &c. 

Petras Candidus. 
Paalus Emilias. 
Lilius Gregorius. 
Meatus Rhenanus. 
Alexander Nechamius. 
Matthias Parifius. 
Thomas Spottaeus. 
Gervafius Durovernenfis. 
Joannes Hagaftaldenfis. 
Gulielmus Thorn^us. 
Joannes Fiberius. 
tf Hugo Albus. 
Macchasus Florilegus. 
Ranulpbus Higedenus. 
Thomas Vicanus. 
Galielmus Pachendunus. 
Thomas Rodoburnus. 
Henricus Bradefliauus. 
Joannes Frumencarius. 
Joannes Roffus Verouica- 


Aluredus Fibroleganus. 

iofephus Ifcanus. 
oannes Annsvillanus. 
ylvefter Giraldus. 
Rogerias Hovedenus. 

Chronica /SDeiorom. 
Chronica Fani Eadmundi. 
Chronica Duri Cantiani. 
Chronica Danolmenfia, 
Chronica Ifiaci vadi* 
Chronica Richomoncaoa« 
Chronica Vents Beiga* 

Chronica Fani Albania 
Chronica Grantana. 
Chronica Barnoaellen(it« 
Chronica Fani Neoti. 
Chronica Severiana. 
Chronica Fani Fredifuai* 

Chronica Claudiana. 

K Hugo Albus.] de rebus Petroburgenfibus. 

Ad calcem Elenchi banc babemus notam de viis quatuor 
antiquis: nSatUnsavcet. JDdbrv^Odeft of]Deftminitfr,9ttoitti^ 
IDtinftabU to Cavni^an to adaleiaf.— iFofTe. Cotneffe bt tytlmu 
^omevfet, Cobentri^^ Heioarft to jUtocoiti. -* ^tmttmentL 
Bt 5Dabit0 to Bon^ ^mvtotu — IB^nelUe ftf eetc • Wmui 

tius Detrorum. 





Cygneam Cantionem. 

ABBANDUNUM. Saxonice Abbandune^ 
vulgo Abbingdofi. Antiijuiori tamen nomine 
Seufliam dlcebatun Loco ingens turn fama, turn 
gloria accrevit i. condito ibidem monachorum 
cocnobio, audore Cifla patre Inx Vififaxonum 
rege, quod Doftea Danica violentia,imperante Ealfrido rege^ 
concidic. dUQt qui pnedicenc prima tanci opens fundamenta 
ja&a fuiHe in Bachelegana fylva, alias Bagley , duobus pafliium 
millibus rupra SeuDiam, ut Ifis defluit nuvius, eremitamque 

Juendam Ciflse cognitum, pauperem eo loco vitam duxiae. 
ama refert & aliud cocnobium ad Ochidem. five Oncum 
fluvium JFanum videlicet Helenas, virginibus {acrum, eodera 
concidifle tempore. Conftat ex fecundo libro Gulielmi k 
Maildulphi curia de pontificibus Anglorum, Eadredum £al- 
fridi nepotem regem Vififaxonum Aobandunum inftaurafTe : 
quo tempore erat domus regia, five caftellum^ in Andrefega 
Rivanum nomine propter ripam Ifidis, non longe k mona- 
flerio, tanquam in mediamm loco : cujus & adhuc paucula 
exftant veffigia. Temporis procurfu Eadgarus rex potentif- 
fimus magnince ccenobium auxit confilio Echeluuoldi, quern 
ibidem Praefeilum coluit, & paullo poft epifcopum Ventae Si- 
menorum defignavit. At poliquam Gulielmus Nortomannus 
imperio Angliac potitus fuiflet^monachi nova cura deduxerunt 
jnaiorem partem fluminis Ifidis k veteri alveo in ipfiim mo 
nafterium. Oppidum deinde fenfim accrevit, & celebrita- 
tem hoc uno peperit nomine. Via publica k Demetia Cam- 
brorum, & gente Qaudiana Londinum verfus, erat per Cale- 
vam Atrebatum, quae nunc Walengaforde. Abbanduneufes 
ijdx rei ftudentes, fiavente Henrico C^nto rege, duplici ponte 
qnadrap lapidis l£dem violento & profundo gurgite ibi dela- 
bentem pervium fecerunt. Hinc viatores commoditate il- 
Icdi, rpliaa Caleva^ per Abbandunum reda Londinum pe- 
tebant. Sic crevit m juftam magnitudinem fori & oppidi 

A L F R I"- 


Alfridus, qui & Ealfredus, & Aluredus. Erat hie qu)- 
tuor filiorum Etneluuolpbi regis ViGfaxonum Qata minimqL 
unAus tamen Romae. vivente patre, in regem : at non apud 
fuos regia prius itinaus eft dignitate, qium mors treis tr|- 
tres natu majoreis fuftuliiret. Debellavit Danes, Sc unicui 
liii feculi Maecenas fuit. « Academia ^d Ifidis vadum, quz 
nunc urbs fi corrupte Oxfordepro Oufeforde diciturjejus bcne- 
volencia & pietate inftituta. Hujus viri nunquam fatis lau- 
dati res geftas fcripfit AfTerius Menevenfis, poftea epifcopui 
Qarofontanus, vel, uc notiori utar vocabulo, Shireburnenfis, 
cujus ego hiftoriam plurimi merito facio, quod Alfrido regi 
prxceptor ali^uando fuerit, & ejus fadorum oculatus plane 
teftis. Henricus Huntendunenus hunc regem k forticudine 
illuftri carmine coUaudat. 

Alaunus, Anglice Southeailington. Noftra setasj vicum 
nominat recentiori vocabulo Maioenbeved k capice virginis 
fuperftitione nuper ibidem celebri. 

Anachoreticus finus, Anglice Ankerwike, nuper 
coenobiolum Vir^nibus facrunnplus minus quingenus paffi- 
bus fupra Stenum in finiftra,ut Tamefinus amnis deflliit^ ripa« 
Hoc templum Deo Opt. Max. pofuere Gulielmus & Richar- 
dus ^ Monte Fichetio. 

Antonius Beccus. Hie fiiit epifcopus Daoolmenfif. 
regnante Eadueardo ejus appellationis ab adtrentu Gulidnii 
Magni in Angliam primo. Eledus eft in Patriarcham Hiero- 
folymitanum. Anno D. 130;. Splendidus erat fupra quaA 
decebat epifcopum. Conftnixit caftrum Achelandas y^ptiC- 
fuum milnbus a Dunolmo in ripa Vinduglefli fluvioli. Eite- 
fliamum etiam vicinum Grenovico, ac Somaridunum caftel- 
lum Lindianx provincix xdificiis illuftria reddidit. Deni- 
que & palatium Londini erexit, quod nunc Eadueardi Prin- 
cipis eft. Tandem ex fplendore nimio & poteotia conflavit 
fibi apud nobilitatem ingentem invidiam, quam vivens nun- 
quam exftinguere potuit. Sed de Antonio fiifius in opere, 
cui titulus de pontificibus Britannicis, dicemus. Nam illo- 

m Academia ad Ipdis vadum^ £ regione horum verborum 
in exemplari Editionis prima: Ra wlinsoniano banc no- 
tam rcripfit quifpiam : SlareUe tl^ fj^rfte flWIlOev ^CfX^OH^ 

Sed Aluredumfrimumfundatarem male vocat. Adeo ut Au- 
ditor notx forfan fuerit Cantabrigienfis. fi Qorrufte Oseforie 
fro Oufeforde dkitur'] Hanc Lelandi aliorumque eum fequen- 
tiiim opinionem refutavi in notis ad Antonini Iter Bntan- 
niarum, pag. 134. Vol. III. Lelandi Itin. y 4. pajfuum] 7/ 
fajfuum Ed. fecunda. . I 

* rum 


ram res geftas fflagna cura exquifivi, & majori propediem 
in oraiaem redigam. 

Athebates olim dicebantur qui ripam Tamcfis meri- 
^aiaam tccolcbant i ponte Fani Joamiis ad Vindeleforam. 
Saxonies viftores dederunt regioni nomcn Berroc-fliirc k Ber- 
roc Svln^ ubi buxtis abimdantiffime na£cebatar, fi fides Af&- 
rib adtilbenda, tnjiw tec funt vcrbA in ipfo Annalium fuo- 
ttnn exordio, ubi rcpetit genus Ealfridi regis in Vanatinga, 
vico ejufdem provinci^, nati. ** Anno D. 84.9. Natus eft Eai- 
^^fridus-Aiagulfaxondixi rex in villa regia quae diciturWanating 
•* in illo pago qui nontinatur B«rroc-fhire, Si Berroc Sy Iva, ubi 
** buxus abundSmtiiEme nafcimr/'Huftenus Afferius. Non me 
Utet quofdam efie qui prasdicent provincial nomen fuiile in- 
ditufi^ % nuda qnercu, ad quam provinciales convenire fole- 
bant. Atrehatum nipminrt Ptolemxus^ & eo recentior An- 
toninus. Visit fctiinj temporibus, fi recte mcmihi, Conftan- 
tiniMa^; tanttttn^beftut Antoninus imperator Itinerarium 
fcripfenr, quod vulgo circumfertur. 

AWJEDON^ AngKce Eidune, vulgo Eitoune, vicus flu* 
%irinc Tamefino tantum k Vindelefora disjundus. Alluitur 
nutem Femamenfi amniculo, qui pauUo iitferius fe in Tame- 
£m exonerar. Splendor loci omnis in fchola publica, quam 
wexit Henricos Sextus Vindcleforae alumnus^ rex longe pi- 
^ntior. quam imperio fbrtunatior, & VenfluCTus Simenonim 
epHbcims cumumiffime auxit. Ex hoc alveario commigrant 
wes C5rantamGtrviorum, ubi Regiorum alumnorum notif- 
-fimJifocictas. SextusAqiiacdunenfesprxdiisdomavit. At bona 
-sedffidonim pars laccr^it, nt ego aliquando k fide di^is di- 
^did, & opera, & itnpenfisGulielmi Venfluai epifcopi Ventae 
Simenorum. ravebat is impenfius operi ab Henrico incepto. 
Sed Eadueardus in regno lucceflbr parum aequus erat illius 
& amicis, & faftis. Hoc Aquxdon, hoc Granta fentit, fen- 
txecqoe femper. 

AvoKA. Hampton <!;oufte. Avondunum propius nomen 
expriniit. Hoc nomen etiam eft urbi celebri apud Simenos, 
'qtnim vulgus Hampton corrupte pro Avondune vocat. Sed 
nos breyitati ftudemus. Eft cnim Avon frequens fluviis no- 
men apud Britannos. 

Avon A etiam, qui & Avon, Celebris fluvius eft, aui Bla- 
danum uAem antiquam. alias Maildulphi curiam k Maildul- 
bhesbyri Saxonico vocabulo fie diftam, pene in infulam re- 
aigjt : ac deinde Copenhamum, Bradenfordam, & Balnea al- 
luens, Ventam Belgarum, quae nunc Brighteftow, penetrat : 
paulloqueinferius in Sabrihas seftum defluit. 

AvoNA fluvius. qui vulgo, at corrupte pro Avcne, Neene 
dicitttf, 4t«na uotiflxmus eft. Oritur ex duobusfontibus, quo- 




rum brachia ad Avonam mediterraneam urbem k fluvio 1K>^ 
miaatam coeunt. Deinde & toci regioni nomen k flumiae 
•8Avonia,aiiani vulgus corrupteNorthamptonlhireproNorth- 
avoadunelhireappellac. Turn vero Avoaasvallem, emporium 
non igQobile. aliuit, quod noftra xtas pro Avbndale comij^e 
vocat Oundale. Poftremo Pecroburgum attingens paullo in- 
ferius paludibus Girviorum immergitur, junAuique Ifidi, jam 
Granta audo, Linum nobile emporium petit, 8c paucis ab eo 
loco pafTuum millibus Oceanum ingreditur. 

Avon A fluvius numero tertius oritur in Vilugiana pro« 
vincia^ alias Wilefhire. non procul k Semarii Lupino^ villa 
fplendida. Fluit per Ambrofiam, & Severiam, ac tandem 
una cum Duro fluvio,^ quo Duria provincia^vulffoDorfetihir 
di£ba, & gens Durotriges nomen accepere, ad interanmain, 
qux vulgo Twinhamburne dicitur, in mare properat. 

A VON A, quartus ejus appellationis fluvius^ per Avonam 
labitur olim oppidum & caftrum nobiliffimorum Bigotiorum 
Comitum Icenorum, qui nunc Nordovolcx & Sudovolcae 
dicuntur. Nomen autem oppidi pro Avoney corrupce nunc 
vocatur Bongey. Inde Belloclivum, & Fanum Ofwaldi, noa 
incelebria loca, aliuit, & tandem humili folo late ftagneicens 
fallis Garieni aquis fe immifcet. 

AvoNA demque fluvius qui & numero ^uintus ceteris 
fama non cedit. Oritur Navesbiac circa liinites Avonix 
mediterraneas. Verovicum urbem cum antiauam turn nobi- 
lem aliuit : ChineglifH etiam caftrum, quod nunc Killing- 
worth, & Stratofordam : poftremo Eovcfum. Perfbram, ac 
Theoci curiam, ubi Sabrinse conjugio fe nobilitat. Sunt & 
alii paiSm fluvioli in Britannia Avonx nomine. At fiifSciat 
in prxfentia quinque maxime memorabilium meminifle. 


Balnea, numero multitudinis, urbs non modq antiqua^ 
verum etiam Celebris Romanorum monumentis multif, «li- 
quido in muris comparer, qua itur kporta meridional! ad bo- 
realem. Hahc Britanni lua lingua Cair Badune appellabant, 
k balneis; quanquam minus proprie, quum balnea induftriain- 
calefcant. Urbs igitur k Ptolemxo eiffjui Graeco redlius vo* 
cabulo appellatur. Tbermx etenim natura calent. Antoninus 
banc urbem nomine A(}uarum folis recenfet^ Beda primo 
capite primi libri hiftorix Anglicanx de his balneis, focutus 
Bafilii Magni audoricatem omilia 4. in opere fex dienuD, 

M Avonid] Avona Ed. fecunda. male. /3 Liquiio in mh^ 
ris comparetjf] Sic plane in utraque Ed. Nonnulli forfan 
malint, ut liquido in muris comfaret. aut quid iimile. 

' quod 


quod Gracce E&««^f«y, non inepte difTerit, nifi quod vocabulo 
balneorum parum appofite eo fit ufiis loco. Neque ego certe 
hoc nomine tybem appellafTem, nifi admonitus, ut quam mi- 
nimum ab anticjuo difcederem vocabulo. Gildas Britannicx 
fcriptor hiftoriae banc urbem montem Badonicum vocat: 
quanquam mons redundat. A Baduno rede formatur Badu- 
nicus. Lapfus aucem ab V in O facilis. Dunus five Dunum 
fignificatione maxime propria montem defignat. Et quoniam 
antiquitus fortitudinis ergo in montibus, utpote locis natura 
munitis, &pene inacceffis oppidaexffruebant: autquiaop- 
pidi effigies confiirgens altis tetftis, turribufque, longe inru- 
cntibus montis inftar eft, vifum eft vocabulorum formatori- 
bus oppida pleraque duni terminare nomine. Hie mons eft 
Badonicus, qui ulque adeo male Urbinatem, virum alioqui 
dodum, torut, ut ilium impulerit vel ad Blacomoram Brlgan- 
tum rem ignotam ^uxfitum proficifci. Gallofridus Monova- 
ganus, Britannicae mterpres hiftoriaB,figmenta fecutus, Bladu- 
do regi necromantico Thermarum inventum tribuit.Utinam 
incidiffet Gallofridus in hiftoriam probata fidei. Neque h«c 
dico uc fidem omnem Britannicx auferam hiftoriae, quum 
multa veriffima illic legantur ; fedait le<ftores majori cum ju- 
dicio legant. Gulielmus k Maildulphi curia fcnptor Galio- 
frido longe illuftrior oratione, plerumque etiam & fide, prac- 
dicat libro de pontificibus fecundo^ creditum ab antiquis Ju- 
liam Cxfarem fiiifle Thermarum mventorem. Ut credide- 
lint, certe ego non credo. Tantum falutabat ille k limine 
Britanniam. Nee ultra Atrebates, quantum ego intelligo, 
progreffus eft. Sunt & alibi Thermae in Britannia, ne hoc 
interim' ftudiofiis lector ignoret, qua late patet Dorventania, 
quas k vulgo Darbyftiire dicitur. Locus, ubi fcatent, Bucofte- 
num nomen habent. Eft ibi faccUum Annas matri dediea- 
tum, appendix paroecix Bacheuellenfis. Haftenus de Tber- 

Bainardi Castellum. Leg! ego ali<juando hoc ca- 
ftellum in ditione infignis familice fiiifle, cui filius Gualteri 
co^omen, penes quam manfit ufque ad tempora Robert! 
filii Gualten, quo deficiente k Joanne Anglorum Rege ad 
Francos, juflu Angli everfiim eft. Saevitum & eodem modo 
in reliquam Robeiti filii Gualteri bereditatem. At an id tern- 

E)ris caftnmi, quod antiquitus Londini ad Fludum amnicii* 
m fitum erat, tefte Stephanide feriptore, ftierit caftrum 
Bainardi didum, non pofium certo pronunciare. Eaduear* 
dus 4. rex Angl. caftrum refecit, quod nunc Bainardi nomeo 

Baterseca, Villa non admodum magni nominis. Lau*^ 

rentius Bouthaeus archiepifcopus Ifurovicanus, vulgo Ebora- 

yol. $. £ cenfisy 


ccnfis, hie pradiolum dato precio Nicolao Stenokgo fibi 
comparaverat, ut in feceffum fe cdnferret, quoties velLon- 
dini, vel palatiL quod ibi habebat plane magnificum, fatietas 
cum caperet. Unde & villae fama, fplcndorqfle, accrefcere 
coepit. Noraen autem loco inditum, ut ego conjicio, ex 

Bellinus Gnus, Angl. Bellinefgate, i. Bellino Britanno-* 
rum rege, ut produnt fcriptores, & fama rcfert, puhl. nomen 
' accepit,& adhuc retinet. Tradunt etiam'n & caftrum porticu- 
lo vicinum ad orientem, Bellini nomen antiquitushabuifle. 

BfiLLUs locus, asdes vel in primis illuftres apud Saxones 
orientales, qux non multis ab hmc annis Novx aula^ nomine 
fi;audebant, pofsidente eas Botelero Ormundiae Comite : de- 
mde & Thoma Bononio ejus ex filia ncpotc, & herede Vfc 
higias Comite. Sed quum illuftrifsimus Henricus odavus, per* 
mutatione cum Bononio fafla, aedes fibi comparaflct, ccepe* 
runt in immenfum cxcrefcere ingentibus Principis impenfis, 
novumque juxta ac elegans nomen Belli loci adnimere. 

Bermundx Insula, Anglice Bermundefege, locus hu- 
milis ac paluflris. Hie Alwmus vir nobiliffimus, teftc Jo» 
anne Fiberio Vifimonafterienfi annalium fcriptore, & Mat* 
thjro,quiFlores hiftoriarum coUegit^monaftcnumconllruxit, 
quod parcim donationibus Gulielmi Magui, & Gul. Rufi, re* 
^um Angliae, partim etiaix) Vajerani, in juftam excrevit ma* 
^tudinem. Erant autem ante conditum monafterium tm- 
pliffimx aedes in Bermundi infula, ouas ego certe puto fuifle 
Alwini, & in novae fabricae ufus ceffifle. 

BiRiN us. Miflus hie fuit ab Honorio pont. Ro. tan- 

Suam apoftolus ad Anglos. Pervenit ad Vififaxon^ & bene* 
cio Kinegilfi re^, c^uem una cum D, Ofualdo TrtnfiUm* 
norum rege baptizavit, ac dono accepi^ Hydropolim, •May 
Durocaftriim, oppidum Romanis non mcognitum, fitum au- 
tem in ipfa Tamae ripa, in fedem epifcopatus flu. Dc hac 
donatione fcribit Beda quinto cap.tertii libr. AngUae hiftoriaB. 
Ada hxc circiter annum ^ Chriilo nato ^3^ . oucceflefiiiiti& 
epifcopatu viri fama clarifHmi, donee Remigius Nortonuui- 
nus fedem Lindum transferrer. 

Branodunus. Nomen illuftris familiae apud Iceiio^, 
qui nunc Volcx. Ad verbum e Britannico Latine intcrpre*^ 
tatur Corvinus mons. Brane etenim Britannice cojrvum^ 
Dune, vero montem fignificat. Non multum abludit ab hac 

m & cajlrum forticulo vlclnutn.'] Non intelligo quodnam 
fit, nifi turrim ipfam velit. 



compofitipne ^ aliud nomen Bricannis celebte, videlicet 
Brennodunus, id^eft regius mons. 

Brsnta, fluvius. Oritur in fylva Henodunenfi, tribus a 
fiarneto vico pafliium miilibus. Defluit per radices Aroi mon* 
tis ad Vilodunicos agros, tandem fe exonerans in Tameiim 
pauUo inferius Bf entae vado, vico Danof um ftiga celebri. 

BRiGANTESi gens Hyperborea. quorum meminit Cor- 
nelius Tacitus, fcriptor elegans, 8c rerum Britannicarum, 
nempe k Julio Agncola focero edoftus fuo, non ignarus. 
Meminit & eprundem Ptolemasus, adfirmans banc gentem 
& occidentale, & orientale littus inhabitaffe. Connumerat 
ctiam Epiacum, Vinnonium, Caturaaoniujnn, Calatum, Ifu- 
rium, Rigodunum, Olicanam, & Eboracum Brigantum civi- 
tates. Ubi autem fit Epiacum nondum perdidici. Cf(!dide- 
rim Vinnonium eam ftiilTe urbem, quae nunc Bincefter prope 
Vedram fita, non procul ab Achelanda, villa ruftica elt, via 
lapide trans flumen ftrata infignis, & famofa fiftilibus tubulis, 
teflellatis pavimentis, & numifmatibus Roma!}is frequenter 
erutis. Calatum vero, ut ego judico, eafuir, quseab Anto- 
nino & Beda Calcaria dicebatur, Saxonice Helecafter. Nifi 
quis putet Tadecaftrum vicum celeberrimum vicinum eam 
raiffe. Rigodunum eam diftam arbitror, quae nunc Ripo- 
dunum, Qcnxc quoque antiquitatem oftentat fuam. De Oli- 
cana quidam id pronunciar, quod ep;o non omnino affirmo, 
nempe eam cfle, quae modo Sacra fylva alias Haligfex dicitur. 
Eam igltur incolebant regionem, quam nunc Eboracenfes. 
Abfurdum profcdlo erit pofthac Brigantes cum He<ftore Boc- 
thio Scotto in Gallovidia quxrere. Antoninus etiam men- 
tionem facit Brigantum, quo loco de Ifuria antiqua urbe fcri- 
bit. Porro Juvenalis fatyra decima quarta hoc verficulo Bri- 
' gantes gentem, ut ego opiiior, Hifpanicdm, nominat. 
Dime Mdurorum attegUs^ cafieUa Brigantum. 
Neque defunt qui fufpicentur Birigantes, gentem Britanniae 
aquilonarem, k Brigantibus Hifpaniae nomen & orirfncfm 
traxifle. Sed ego nihil in re nondum fubtiliter excuSa af- 
Britannia numero plurali di£tae ad diftin&ionem 

{jrimac, & fecundac, quarum Sextus Rufus, qui de provinciis 
icripfit, meminit. Eft autem prima, quae citra ifthmum, qu« 
vero ultra fecunda, nunc Scotia dida : de quibus & Beatii9 
Rhenanus Seleftadienfis in opere de rebus Germanicis it- 
luftrem facit mentionem. SylvefterGiraldus Menevenfis, ho- 
mo antiquitatis Britannicae ftudiofus, Vibium Sequeftrem, ut 
ego arbitror, fedulo imitatus,deBritanniae divifione ita fcribiq 
libello Diftinftionum fecundo : ubi de adventu Fugatii 8c 
Damiani apoftolorum ab Eleutherio Romano epifcopo in 

£ a Bri- 


.Britannktntniflbrum meminit. ^'Britannia provincias habec 
*' numcro quinque. Britanniam primarn, Bncanniam fecun- 
**dani, Flaviam, Maximiam, Valentiam. Prima didla eft 
^'pars occidentalis infulas, .quia primum in ilia Britones, 
** Bruto & Corineo Ducibus, applicuerunt, eaque primo a 
**Corineo & fuis & occupata eft, & habitata. Britannia 
^'fecunda Cantia, quia fecundo k Bruto, Sc fuis inhabitata 
**fuit. Tertia Flavia, hoc eft flava, quae dicitur & Mercia, 
^'quafi mercibus abundans, caput cuius eft Londonium. 
**Quarta Maximia, id eft Eboracia, ab imperatore Mazi- 
**mo fie difta. Quinta Valentia ab imperatore Valente fie 
**dia;a, Albania fcilicet, quae nunc Scotia." HadenusGi- 
raldus, cujus nomen in Decretis Romanorum pontificum 
celebre. £rat ille quidem fiio eruditus fisculo : attamen tan- 
tum abeft ut banc ejus de Britannia in partes divifii inter- 
pretationem in folidum admictam, ut aperte aufim pronun- 
ciare ilium fiibinde in interpretatione impendio ballucina* 
tum fiiifle. Ineptum. plane quod de prima, & fecunda fcri- 
bit Britannia. Et ejukiem farinae eft, quod infert de tertia 
Britannix provincia. Flaviorum familiam longe nobiliffimamy 
k qua & Conftantinus Magnus originem cmxit, ulnis am- 
pleftor. At flavam repudio, unk cum Mercia, quae ^ Merds 
Germanica gente, vei limit anea,non k merdbus nomen ac- 
cepit. Illud quod de Bruti in Britanniam adventu adfert, 
quamvis, temporum iniquitate fublatis antiquiffimorum icri- 
ptorum monumentis, nee illuftrium Graccorum, aut Latino- 
rum juftis, quod ego fciam, teftimoniis confirmetur, in oDti- 
mam plane accipio partem, ingratiffimus alioaui, fi inftru&is 
fatis domefticorum fcriptorum non levi auctoritate, pere- 
grina & exotica foris anxie difquirerem. Interea igitur magni 
merito facio monumenta ingeniorum, & antiquac cqgniti* 
onis, quae priores noftri non vani, ut Polydorus cenfbr certe 
moleftiffimus imperio quodam fuo praedicat, grate, candide, 
opportune etiam pofteritati religione jufta dufti confecrave- 
re, Gildae fragmentum quod circumfertur non .meminit 
Bruti. Quid tum? Hoccine fatis eft ut eludant,'aut per- 
negent Brutum in Albionem cum fuis tranfmigrafle? Col- 
leftio, ita me Dialcdica amet, frigidiffima. Nennius Bri- 
tannus fcriptor non contemnendus afiirmat Brutum nomen 
Britannix mdidifle, quanquam & Britonis etiam meminit. 
Gallofridus Monaemutheniis Britannicae fidem fecutus hifto- 
ri« idem vel conftantiflime adfirmat. Conftat teftimonio 
Ariftotelis in libello de mundo. atque adeo aliorum Grac- 
corum, Britanniam principio Oibionem & Albionem fuifle 
diStzm. Nee deeft audor luculentus, qui fcribat nomen in- 
fute inditum ab Albione gigante Neptuni filio, cujus &Pom- 



^t jpcnius Mela meminit* Gigontes autem Olbionem incoluiflie 
^ veriflimum eft. Poeta qui epicomen Britannicae hiftoriae e* 
- didic, fie de gigantibus Albionicis fcriblc. 

Terra feraxj ^ amtma fitu dum namen habebat^ 
Albion indigeuM flena gtgante fuit. 
Joannes Annaevilknus libro Architrenli, fi rede computo, 
fexto base reeicac de gigantibus. 

Hos a^'ldum belli Corineus robur Avtmo 
. TracifHes mtfit^ cubitis ter quatuor altum 
Gogmagog Herculed fulfendit in derea lu6ld^ 
Antaumque fuo fcofulo detrupt in aquor. 
Vidi ego pafum, quum totam perluftrarem Britanniam, oQk 
gigantea. Ter etiam noftro feculo Londini inventa ejuunodi 
ofia inter fodiendum. Jugulus eolumnas appendet m Fane 
Laurentii ad Praetorium. Grus inventum me puero in arena- 
riis prope erucem Charinianam. Denique & eranium am- 
pliflimum erutum eft Vifimonafterii, quum jacerentur feni , 
fundamenta, in quo Henrici Septimi oua conquiefcunt, ma- 
nifefto fiint indicio. Vidi etiam ofla gigantea Dori Cantio- 
rum, Sturoduni Durotrigum, Londini quoque. in coemete- 
rio Paulino. Inventa & Gallovini ofta ingentia, vel, ut ego 
re£bius arbitror, gigantis alieujus, una eum fepulchro in Rof-^ 
(ia provineiola Demetarum, tefte Gulielmo Maildunenfi li- 
bro de Regibus Anglieis tertio. Denique annis ab hine pau- 
cis fepulehrum gigantis in Cornubia erutum. Quin omiflis 

figantibus ad Brutum Britannicas gentis parentem redeo. 
pitomographus Britannicae hiftoriae, base quae fequuntur de 
Bruto eanit. 

Dicitur i BruU fortlta Britannia nomen^ 

Dicitur & Bruti Brhto fuijfe genus. 
Pars Cortnea datur Corineo. n De Duce nomen 
Patriaj defue viro gens Corinenps habet. 
Jofephus Ifeanus, poetarum fuo feeulo delicium & facile 
princeps, in Antiocheide fie eanit. 
■ His Brutus J avito 
Sanguine Trojanus^ fatriis egrejfus ab ersSy 
Toft cafus varios confedit finibus^ arbem 
Fatalem naBus^ debeUatfrque gigantum^ 
Et terra viBor nomen aedit. 
Joannes Annasvillanus, poeta, ut illaferebant tempora, eerte 

« Do Duce nomen Patriae deque &e.] Ita diftinxi. Sed 
in prima £d. pun&um, in fecunda colon poft nomen poni- 
tur. Quin & m utraque comma poft f atria omittitur. 



emgias, his verficulis Britanniam k Bruto nomen tcCepiA 
chriOime oftendit. 

Hac eaJem Brute regnante Britannta nemen 

Traxit in hoc tempus. 
Al<*xander Nechamius, cujus in dodis artibus cognitio non 
modo l^ritannis fuis, verum etiam Gallis, & ItaliSp atque adeo 
orbi univerfo, incredibili cum admiratione ita mnocuir, m 
miraculum ingenii diceretur, his verbis in libro de (apientia 
divina magniface Bruto a(fiirgit. 

Dehinc Bmti teBuf fft JiiSa BriUnnia mdjor. 
Nam minor Armarieos gaudet hahere fnus. 
£t alibi. 

§gos Bruti cUudit infuh elaufa mari. 
His, aliirque mulcis edoai Britanni teftimoniis fane luctdeo- 
tis, jure quodam optimo Bnitum tanquam fiii generis indubi- 
catum parentem mordicus retinent, & praecipue CambrL 
Gloriantur illi quidem fe k Trojauis originem accepifle. 
Qua parte non folum iidei unius Gallofridi Monxmuthenfit, 
verum etiam Nennii, qui trecentis amplius ante eum annii 
floruit, innituntur : tantum abcft ut jufte hoc inrentum Gal- 
lofrido interpreti Britannicae hiftorise objiciat vel Gulielmos 
Parvus NovoburgeniGs, vel Polydorus Urbinas. Bene habet 
interim quod Ponticus Virunnius cauflam Gallofridi deten- 
dcndam uifceperit^ aut redius Gildse, cuius v^rficulos Gallo- 
fridus primo Britannicae hiftoriae libro vel ignoto, velingrtte 
fuppreflb^audoris nomine, recitat. A Gallofrido autem ver- 
fus non fuiffe compofitos vel hinc conftat. Referunc cnim 
aurea fluentes vena antiquitatis inimitabilem quandam com 
cloquentiam, turn majeftatem, qualem Gallofridus, pocta fuo 
tempore minime malus, ut licjuido apparet ex prophetico 
Merlini Sylveftris libello ab eo m carmen redafto, cum ad- 
miratione facilius potuit fufpicere, quam felicius exprimere. 
Quare operac precium erit carmen hie fubjicere, ut nomen 
Bruti eximium difFufis orbi radiis plenius eluceat. Confecrap- 
tum autem carmen eft, votis multis, Dianas venatrici. Nam 
Britannia illis nemorofa temporibus fuit, ferarumque altrix. 
Diva potens nemorum, terror fyheftrihs apris^ 

Cui licet anfraEitts ire per aihereds^ 
Iftfernafque domos^ terrejhia jura refolve: 

Et die quas terras nos hahttare velis. 
Die certam fedem^ qua te venerahor in avum^ 
^lua tibi virgtneis templa dicaho choris. 
Agnofco hic numen eloquentix. quod & fufpicio, venerorque 
religione permotus quadam. Sequitur faventis Dianx ref- 

g^nfum elegans, rotundum, propitium. Crediderim plane 
eam heroicum quiddam in Bruto penitius deprehendifle^ 



lod beoeficio magno poftericati, ^ aeterniuti commenda* 
(Hmuai relinqueret* Sic enim magnifica refpondet, 
BntUj fui $€cafum folisy trims Gallica regna 
InfuU m Oceano efi unique cUutfa mart. 

Nuvc difirta quidofi^ ^enti^ts opts tuts. 

Hanc fete^ n^mqut SiU Jedes mt ills ferettttis : 
HiH fiet tsstis altsra Troja tuts. 

Hie dtfrole Sua reges mtfcentur^ & iffis 
Totius t%rr^ fukditus orbis ertt. 
Qnticus Virunoius pronunciat Gildam pocftam Britannicum 
erficulorum ^uos recitavi fuifle fcriptorem^ ejufque operis 
leminit, cui illuftris titulus Cambreis. Hocc illc de Cam- 
reide lo^ueas. De qua eciam libro <iuinto epigrammaton 
rildas Bntaaous poeta fie canic infigois. 

fitcwtda totietts cecim titi carmine Camins. 
ilius Gregorius Gyraldus Ferrarieofis, dulce decus omnis an- 
quitatis oon Latiase modo. verum ettamGrsscae^ ita in quin- 
► de poecarum hiftoria diaiogo de Gilda Bricanno loquitur* 
Gildam eciam mesnioi me legeie Britannicum poetam^ his, 
ttC puto^ longe antiquiorem, cujus mm mihi degiacum car- 
men mua facilieate confcriptiua vifum fmr^ nee ideo afper- 
nabile : quern poftea etiam cicatom reperi m pervetere Bri- 
tannicamftoria/' Hadeous Lilius. Adducor certe ut ere- 
im alcerum buoc fuKIe k Gilda hiftooriographo. Fhrafia, di- 
io, elegantiaque carnunis majorapromttm, quam fperan- 
tquidem^ monaehotambarbtroieculonato. Quju-eGil- 
un poetam ab biftoriographo alterum. judido quodam per- 
afus ceno, non cemere eooftituo. Liceat nunc Britannis 
im bona ycma originem k Trqjanis, & Bruto fua repece- 
u Fecerunc idem Sl Icali, & Galli, multasquae alix gentes^ 
orta tnfintea ilia Trci^ani nomiots iiledi. Qu^es firicanni 
icio fuerinc non temere definio^ DodifSmorum efto judi- 
nm. Sdo intedm Jofephum in opere^ cui dculus Antio- 
uua, haec magna cum laude cednifle. 

t^fieritst J>uciius toMtisj tot diver ahimstis, 

7bt fkcunda viris^ fnmennt qui viritus arien$^ 

Et fsma vettres. Hmc GnafiMtSinus^ adefttts 

Jbfiftrium^ Romam temtit^ BizsaOiM ausdt. 

fifatf Setf^nmm duS&r caftiva Brennius ttrie 

Ronntkas demuit flammis inBricHus arses i 

Himi ^ SciSimfatuSy pars mem otfiura tumultits 

CiwBsj lAegnum fehis qui molejoiuta 

Qlfedit^ melicTque fittit fraCafare tmurus. 
Ton dcfimc jSc alii meiioria none fctipcores, quorum opera. 



& diligentia antiqua Britaanorum virtus elucet. Jofephus] 
cujus carmen elimacum prxpofui, unus multonim, brevitatis 
cau{ra,inftar erit. Hoc cerce con flat ,cultoresBricaniiise eo jam 
glorix pervenifTe, ut cum gente quavis alia omni virtutum 

fenere facile coateadant^ hoftefquejugo premant. Tantum 
oc defuit palms antiquiffimorum Britamiorum, €{Uod ante 
Romanorum in infulam adventum operi manuario, & mi- 
liciae ftudueriat potius, quam Uteris, quibus fiamam pofteritati 
prorogarent. Artium Sc bonarum iiterarum cognicio eo 
tempore certe omnis peaes folos Dniides fuit, quibus & 
Gracca lingua tantum nbn familiaris. Strabo geographus 11- 
bro quarto Bardos, 8c Vates adjecit, base referens. ^^ Bardi 
^^quidem laudationibus, rebufque poeticis ftudent. Vaces ail- 
^^tem facrificiorum naturaliumq; cauffarum curse dediti.'* 
Conjedura ducor eo tempore vulgus Britannorum inerudi- 
tifltmum fuifTe, ac prorfus non potuifle lingux fux voces ca- 
lamo depingere. Quo etiam morbo & plerxque alise gentes 
omnes barbaras laborabant. Caroli Magni temporibus coe- 
perunt barbaras gentes aliquot fuas linguas voculis chartas 

Singere. Rudiores Hungan ne adhuc quidem apte [fiio i- 
iomate fcribunt. Casfar meminit numiunatum Britannico- 
nim, 8c annulorum^ quibus in permutatione utebantur. At 
ego, qui excuflerim omneis Britannias anjgulos, & tantum 
antiquarum rerum viderim, ne unum quictem, quod (ciam, 
Britannice infcriptum inveni: guum tamen Romanorum nu- 
mifhiatum pailim per agros Bntannicos erutorum pene my- 
riades viderim. Cauffa autem cur Britannorum numifmata 
nulla appareant, haec eft. Cautum fuit edifto Ro. impe- 
raterum fevero, ne quis in Britannia nummis uteretur nifi 
fignatis imaginibus Caefarum, id quod 8c ex Gildas fapientis 
hiftoriola liquido conftat. £t quamdiu imperium Britan- 
niae in provmciam redadx Denes Romanos ftabat, tamdiu 
necefle erat Britannis, magiitratum gerere cupientibus. La- 
tine loqui, etiam (i non pure pute. Unde & provindalis 
linguae ortum apud Britannos, ut arbitror, nomen. Vulgus 
tamen magna cum difScultate, 8c id quidem corrupte^ dLf- 
cebat. Tabulas donationum omneis, 8c rationes akcujus 
moment! Latine fcribebant. Haefit tamen in lingua^ in fi- 
bris, in animo apud vul^s fermo Britannicus. Quj (unc pe- 
ritiores lingux Britannicae, qua nunc Cambri Britannorum 
reliquix utuntur, facile fentiunt infinitam vim Latinonim vo- 
cabulorum confuetudine Romanorum in colloquium vulgo 
familiare irrepfifle. Cetera vocabula Cambrici idioniatis par- 
tim Hebraica, partim Graeca. partim barbara funt. Sed latius 
in prxfentiaexlpatiatus fumdum foUicite hoc ago, ucBritan- 
ni fplendore fui Bruti^ k quo una cum patria nma fiiper x- 



f thera nota nomen accepere, illuftrati, Trojani meminerint 
► generis, fadiftjue parentem vidutis aflidue exprimant. For- 
L. Stan hie quifpiam dixerit me belle munus perornaffe meum j 
: iubeffe tamen, quae diverfum fuadeant^ & Brutum non ml* 
nus quam Britanniam ab eo #1 denominatum negligant, con« 
tcmpnant, rejiciant denique. Qua parte, ut veritatem k ca- 
lumniatorum impetu praetenfo clypeo fortiter protegam, aper- 
- t e fignificabo quibus armentur t elis.Nennius confirmator mag- 
nus Bruti^ne varietatem fcribentium de origine Britannica auc 
confulto praeteriifle, aut non cognoviffe videretur, Britonis 
cujufdam, 6111 Hificionis, alias Iliconis, qui fuit Alius Alani 
de genere Japheti, mentionem facit, fie:nificans fe legifle 
^ ^ud quendam hiftoriographum ab hoc Britones nomen ac* 
cepiffe : quam tamen opinionem recitavit potius, quam con- 
firmavit, praelata merito Bruti gloria. Suht & aliquot prae- 
terea obfcurae famae fcriptores, qui leviter Britonis, & Bri- 
tonum nomen attigerunt. Scriptoribus antiguis Grsecis B^r- 
TmU percognitum nomen : Britannia Latinis : at Britonum 
utrifque inrrequens. Aufonius Burdegalenfis falfiufcule lu- 
dit in Sylvium Britonem. Profedo crediderim eo tempore 
Britonum nomen exortum, quo Romana eloquentia & glo- 
ria una cum Britannia ad inclinationem vergebant. Sunt 
qui putent Britones gentem fuifTe continentis Gallias ad lit- 
tus Armoricanum (inter quos & Volaterranus Polydori in- 
ftru&or) & olim in Britanniam commigrafle. Sed ea o- 
pinio k nuda profiliens conjedlura iudicip dodorum explofa 
. eft. Agathias Qrascus libro fecunJo de bello Gotthico fcri- 
bit Britones Hunnicam efle gentem. Nil igitur antiquitus 
Britonibus cum Armoricano littore commune. Cornelius 
Tacitus haec refert in vita Agricolae. ''In univerfum agfti- 
**manti, Gallos vicinum folum occupaffe, credibile eft. Eo- 
*'rum facra deprehendas fuperftitionum perfuafione. Sermo 
•'baud multum diverfus,^' Haec ille. At Taciti illud cre- 
dibile, rem tanquam veram, quum fit vox incerta, non pro- 
nunciat, Nuda plane conjedhira eft. Nam & fuperius 
fcripferat, parum compertum efle. Quantum autem aa facra 
pertinet, crediderim potius cum dodkis fcriptoribus, & maxi- 
me Cxiare (quem Britannicarum rerum cognitio aliquando 
occupatiffimum jufta detinuit cura) Gallos k Britannia, quam 
contra^ fuorum rituum perfua!fionem accepiffe : id quod vel 
facile nine liquet, quod Galli ad Druides Britannias incolas 
de more miffitabant qujefitum de vera rituum cum interpre- 
tatione, tum cognitione. Denique quantum ad idioma per- 

il D^nommatum'] Demmliiatam Ed. fecunda. 
ypl. 9. F tinet:. 


tinet, fum pene ejufHem cum Tadto kntthtMt. Noiic tnihl 
negocium, aec illtld quidem leve, erit cuiii illis, qui conten- 
duQt Brititinos oliiti gentem vigam, fylveftrem, incondi- 
tamque Biiffe. 8c k brutis moribUs nomen d^futnpfifle, inter 
quos & Hienchus primus eft, ut liquet ex his verfibus de- 
himptis i teitio ejul operis libro. quod de vita D. Gerthalii 
epifcopi Alcifiod^retifis carmibe nttdic6 fcripfit, 8c Cirdo 
Magiio dedicavit. 

it Infiffa aa vaft^ t err Arum flurfrnM difffm 

Atferi^s feme noHten conducttfi &riifj 

B£&d veferuHt vocHatd tLfitimma^ Irifih 

Bartara quod firlaf genf ulfr6 morihs Ofmns. 
Vx bUc eriam h^^reii fuic Ifidorus Hifpaletifis epifeopos, «t 
appiret libro nonb Etymblogicon. Hbiilifti ego judicium non 
ex auAoritate fcnptorum probatiffiihorlith enatum, aut tt 
rivis fontibus haultum. qum potitis ii licuhin temere deriva- 
tum^difcutio longe reoius, quam admitto. Colligo utrumoue 
in barbarum pkne incidKTe feculum, quo bonae titfcs omni^, 
nttia cum eloquentia 8t genuina ilia antiqUitatis cognitiolie, 
fri|;6banc. Ut concedam Britinnos ali^uando rades^ \^gos, 
8c ibcompofitum genus fubSTe; an ideo ratione decpta ftatim 
bruti dicMdi ? Minime. Tales initio fiiere gentes pldri^mfe 
omnes, ne Grsecos qUidem, Italofve etdpio, oui tameh Mftet 
fbcietate, civilitite. -^quitate con|Un€Uffimi muftribto n^Ob, 

Juemadmodum 8c Britanni, glonam ful nominis vel longif- 
mam fecerunt, pofteritatique ntcnlorabili exrimplo, tiirttotis 
titulo fuerutit. EiiOta, amicus nofter ille cimdidus^ inter Gnsb- 
cOi verfatus, contewdit beneficio cmufdam vetttftiffimi ^i^em- 
plaris, opportana ufus conjeaura, Britanniam antiqcdtus \ ire- 
rum afBuentii Prytahiam Graece, nomine k rfe aptilS^'6 de- 
fumpto, diftam wifle. Haec memini legere mt in VUSi Sc- 
queftris libro de regionibus ac proVinciis. ^^Galabrilt qa« 
*' primims ab antiqUts Prytania. ob immen&m afB ri t teiafe to- 
*'tiu8 delidi, arqueubertatis. H^c ille. Induffiriitai Eto- 
ta? coiiaudo. Cupiebat ille hac cOritedura BritanniJfe Jik^ 
nam appellatione 8c elegantly 8c fignificanti extendere, BPec 
interim tamen conjedturas ullas tanquim terta pronifttdU^ 
ftatim recipio, ne forte videar judicib valentibus pa^ie 1ft- 
gratus, neglecto, aut contempto Bruto incoirigariibifi, '/l^ 
ab antiquis, noftratibus maxime receptiffirho. Poftreiho ille 
certe corrigendus, 8c opportune, error eft, quo qdidim ttk^ 

m Injula nivajlo] In pro nl male habet Ed. fecunda. fi Ac 
ah anUqufs^"] Sic in Ed, prima. Comma poft antiquis omifit 
Ed. fecunda. 



buti, &c tem^rim^ potius, quapii j^dicio ullo falcem cierto 
freti. deprxdicsLJfit Bmt^no^ ey AfHigriciiLpo littore prinwm 
in Albipoem commigraffep novumque Brit^ni?s ^omen in-> 
{ulx indidilTe. 3e4& vir citra contrpyer(iaqi QHinem dodus, 
ac Qoo perinde ia penetralibys Qpc^iinicsi^ antiquitatiis yer- 
fatws, fcribit hoc modo, prime papitf primi Ubri Apglicsc ti- 
ftor^as. '^la prjmi$ autem ix^a Brftp^cs ro}ufn, k quibas 
^' nomen accepir, jiacolas h^it, q^i die tra^u Ar<PPnc^i)o, 
^'ut fertur, T^rinwmm ^dveAi, j^ijftrakis fibi parte? iMJua 
'^vcndicaycmi^t.. Hip perti mhil pronunciar, UPfi^m di- 
cit, uc fertur. Qup loco, ^ fid^tii ^ ledloribus fibi da^i yo* 
luiflet, aperte auSorw ppmep, cuji^ opiniojii fi^bfcripfit, 
produxi0et, m 8c Qc ppndus, fid^qiqiie di^is foli4^n) ^d- 
jicerec. Polydorus ramen, y^r alipqui tuiQ elega^^, ti^m 
do&us, ex hoc Bed^ loco errorem aaufit, hauicunique in 
fibris confervat* Tam di^ile eft ded^fcere^ qux femel 
male aliquis didicerit. Quid interim fiet de judicio Csefa- 
ris ? lile quinto co^^nentariorum libro Britannos medicer- 
;raneos Ahti^^i^tu a{)pellat, m tanquam in ipfa eadem genicos, 

auod antiquoris originis elTent, quam ut generis fui pripior^ 
^ ia cognofcerent. Diodorus Siculus libro i8 quarto biblio- 
^hec« Sise haec refert. *' Britanniam incolere tradunt Abori- 
'* genes/' Liquet communi fcriptorum fuffragio ii^cognitum 
fuiITe Britannias nomen orse Armoricanx, ante Maximi^ aui 
Britannis infularibus prasfuit, tyrannidem. Britanni mdu- 
bie Armpricx k fe devidas nomen impofuere novum, quod 
vel adbuc retinet. Commi^rationis autem Britannorum ii;i 
Armoricam cum Maximo Gildas in fua hiftorida, ^ Beda 
in libro de ratione temporum, titulo Thepdofii, luculentam 
faciunt mentionem. Ut concedam Brutum 6c Britannos a«* 
liquando folviiTe k littore Armoricano Albionem perituros : 
gui ftatim hoc admiflb conftabit Britannos colonos fuKTe tra* 
Q:\xs Armoricanip Nihil minus. Nam aliter ipfa Gild$i$ 
verba pronu^are videntur. *' Exin Britannia omni arma^ 
^^ to milite, militaribus copiis, redoribus licet jmmanibus^ 
^^ingenti juventute fpoliata^auas comitata veftigiafupradidti 
**tyrannidomumnulquamrecliit/' HadenusGudas. Si^go 
domum non redierunt, quern |locum, aut quas poffidebaut 
fedes? Certe non alias quam Armoricanas, quibus vidores 

gatriae fuse nobile dedere nomen, Armoricanorum Sc glori$, 
: appellatione fenfim cadentd, ac tandem pereunte. Nen* 

«i Tanquam in ipfa eadem genites^ Sic Lelandus ipfe cor- 
rcxit in Erratis, Antea, tmtquam tn iffa terra genttos^ quo 
modo & in £d. fecuoda. ^ §ufrt&] KntQgLfexU* male. 

F 2 niua 

nius Britannus de hac ouoque tranfmigratione in fua oppor- 
tune fcribit hiftoria. Quin & ifta fafius, luculentius, atque 
adeo certius,additis ad cumulumConftantini Magni triumpnis 
maximis, dq)ingit Gulielmus k Maildulphi curia in prima de 
regibus tabula his lineamentis. ''Conttantinus, ut aiunt, vir 
•* magnie civilitatis,Conftantinum.exHelena ftabulariafufce- 
**ptum, egregiae fpei juvenem, reliquit heredem, qui ab ex- 
**ercitu imperator falutatus, expeditione infuperiores partes 
**indi<9:a5 magnam manum Bntannorum militum abduxit, 
**per quorum induftriam, triumphis ad vota fluentibus, bre- 
**virerum potitus, emeritos, &laboribus fun<9:os, inqua- 
**dam parte Gallise ad occidentem fuper littus Oceani col- 
**locavit. ubi hodieque pofteri eorum manentes in immane 
**coaluere, moribus linguaque nonnihil k noftris Britonibus 
**deg;encres/' Et ibidem paullo inferius: *'Succedentibus 
•'annis in eadem inlula Maximus, homo imperio aptus, fi 
*'non contra fidem ad tyrannidem anhelaflet, quafi ab ex- 
**ercitu impulfus, purpuram induit, ftarimque in Galliam 
"tranfitum parans, ex provincia omnem pene militem abra- 
*'fit. Conftantinus etiam quidam non multo poft ibidem 
*'fpe nominis imperator alledlus, quicquid refiduum erat mi- 
*'litaris roboris isxhaufit. Sed alter k Theodofio, alter ab 
**Honorio interfedli, rebus humanis ludibrio ftiere. Copia- 
**rum, quae illos fecutx ad bellum fuerant, pars occifa, pars 
*' poft fugam ad fuperiores Brirannos conceflit.*' Haec Maii- 
dunenfis fufius reliquis fcriptoribus narravit, exorfus a Con- 
ftantio patre, & Conftantino filio Imperatoribus. Quid, quod 
& addidit ad Maximi tyrannidem, praeter communem mo- 
rem noftrorum fcriptorum, Conftantini alterius imperii in- 
vaforis facinus fuppliciumque ? De hac quoque tranfmigra- 
tione, & non\ine Armoricae in Britanniam continentis mu* 
tato, Henricus Venantodunenfis in fua accurate fcribit hifto- 
ria. Ct interim mittam Aluredi Fibrolegani, Gervafiii Duro- 
vernenfis, Joannis Anglici, Ranulphi Higedeni Caftrenfis il- 
luftriilima de eadem tranfmigratione teftimonia. Haec, quae 
audloritate virorum illuftrium confirmatus adduxi, fi non (atis 
comprobant Armoricam Britanniae continentis nomen k Bri- 
tannorum infularium commigratione accepifle, & Britannos 
continentis nullam unquam appellationem indidifle noftrae 
Britanniae, difquirant per me importuni calumniatores craf- 
fiores umbras, quibus gloriam truftra conentur Britannici 
fplendoris obfufcare. Ego interea loci ftrenue cauflam meae 
patriae defendam, & famam ejufdem modis quibus poffim- 
omnibus promovebo, augebo, ornabo. 

BusTELLi Domus, Angl. Buftelefham. Erat aliquando 
fedesTemplariprum^quorum exiftimatione decrefcente Mons 



acutus k Severia comes collegium Canonicorum Auguftinia- 
norum ibidem inftituit. Ab eo tempore Buftelli domus con» 
fecratum eft principibus viris Montis acuti. 

Caleva, nobilifSma Temper Atrebatum civitas, de oua 
& Gneci, & Latini fcriptores mentionem fecerunt. PtoJe- 
m«us hxc fcribit, '' Atrebatii, & eorum civitas N«a«#i;«." Sic 
enim Calevam, ut mihi videtur, invertit Grxcus codex. 
« Sunt qui adfirment hanc urbem earn efTe, qux nunc Ifidis 
vadi nomine cenfetur. Sunt & alii qui Calevam dicant earn 
fuiffe urbem, quam in folitudinem redadam vulgus hodie Sil- 
ceftre vocat, quod a Pontibus, alias Rheadingo, plus minus 
feptem pafliium millibus diftat, & tribus k Bafingo. Sunt 
porro qui Guldacfordx Calevam quae rant. Sed has conjeftu- 
ras non magni facio. Puto certe Silceftre earn antiquitus fu- 
iffe urbem, guam Henricus Huntendunenfis libr. quano hi- 
ftorix fuae dicit k Britannis antiquitus Cair Segent fuiffe ap- 
pellatam. Sita autem eft in ipfo limine Avoniae littoralis 
non in ripa Tamefina, ut habet Huntendunenfis, ni fit cor- 
ruptum exemplar, Erat & urbs altera Segontium nomine, 
quam Cairarvon noftra aetas vulgo appelJat, quod e regionc 
Monae, quae nunc Anglefega dicitur, fita fit. Mea plane opi- 
nio Temper fuit, arque adeo nunc eft, Calevam eam fuufle 
urbem, qux nunc Walengaforde dicitur. Facilis lapfus erac 
mutare V geminatum in G, & rurfus G in C. N autem 
litera quum invertitur fit V. Ita exWalena orta eft corrupta 
Caleva. Quanquam & Antoninus Gallena: meminit. Facies, 
fitus, antiquitas, fpatium, magnificentia denique arguunc 
Walengaford olim urbem ftiiffe clariffimi nominis. De vallo, 
foffa profunda, & arce pene inexpugnabili. nihil dicam. 
Dani, devida hac urbe, cuftodiam, & praehdium arci ma- 
gnum impofiierunt. Bona pars murorum urbis Danicis pro- 
cellis cecidit, nee ab eo tempore inftaurata. Ab adventu 

« Sunt qui adfirment banc urbem, eam ejfe^ qu^s nunc Ijidts 
vadi nomine cenfetur.'] In his eft Nicolai^s Fierbertus in De- 
fcriptione Academiae Oxonienfis, vir pereruditus, fed Pon- 
tificius. Prodiit hie libellus (in 8vo) Romae, apud Gugliel- 
mum Facciottum, A.D. i(^oa. fuperiorum permiffu. Multa 
notatu digna, & quae non alibi legi, continet. Sed rarif- 
limus eft. Denuo itaque edendum curavi. LecStorem ta- 
men monitum efle velim, me ilia omnia improbare qux in 
gratiam Pontificiorum fcripferic audor, exemplarque quo 
ufus luerim ab amico fingulari Richardo Rawlinsono 
nae accepiffe. Nor- 


Nortomannonim Brientius urbem & caftrum poflidebat, p 
quem Gulielmus k Maildulphi curk ia tertio Novellas bifto- ^ 
ri« libro Limitaneum, id eft Marchionem^Walengafordjc ap- i 
pellat. Comes etiam Devanus, five Caftrenfis, eandem, nifi 
me fallit memoria, fub dicionc tenuir. Matildis, filia Henrici 

S)rimi, ab Ifidis vado dam fugiens Stephanum tyraunum hie 
e occuluit. Comites Corimac urbem & caftrum poflide<> 
bant. Inter quos effloruit Richardus fempcr Auguftus rex 
Romanorum, filius autem Joannis regis Angl. & frater Hen- 
rici tertii, cujus opera caftrum infigniter repara^m eft, uc 
refert Matthaeus Parifius. Fuit Walengaforde oppidum per- 
celebre vel ipfo Eadueardi tertii imperio : cjuo tempore in- 
gens peftis per duodecim urbis parcecias immifericorditer 
graflfata eft, & tantum non defolatam reddidit. Cupiebat 
veterem Richardus fecundus loco reftituere dignitatem, datis 
diplomatibus, & veftigalibus diminutis. Votum tam none- 
ftum fuos non habuic liicceflus. Ab illo decrevit quotidic 
urbis gloria, &, aconftrudione pontis Abbandunici&Duro- 
caftrenfis^ viatoribus ab antiqua lemita decliaantibus, tantum 
non concidit. 

-Castrum puellanim, vulgo Eidenburge, regia Scotto- 
rum fedes, de quo multa Hedtor Boethius in fua refert hi- 
ftoria. Haec urbs aliquoties ab Anglis vim pafla eft, & nu^ 
per igne foede deflorata, viftore Anglo- tota pene concidit. 

Ce rvi Insula, Anglice Ceortefege, vulgo Cherfcy. 
in ipfis pene Regnorum finibus fita eft. Ego aliauando legi 
Erchenualdum filium fuifle Offe regis Oftroangtorum, na- 
tumque Stallenvorti apud Lindifios. Sororem habuit Ethel- 
burgam virginem puciiciflimam. Fuic hie epifcopus Londi-» 
nenfis, & duo erexit coenobia, de quibus Beda in cccleiia- 
ftica hiftoria mentionem facie. Fritheuoldus, tefte Mariano 
Scotto, & Gulielmo k Maildulphi curia, fubregulus beneficio 
Wolpheri Regis Merciorum jSErchenualdi adjutor fuit in con- 
ftrudtione Ceortefe^ani coenobii. Ethelbiirga virgo Bere- 
chingi virginibus velatis prjcfuit. 

Chausega, vulgo Cheaufey. Erat hic antiquitus nobile 
monafterium, fed concidit ea calamitate, qua Dani totam 
late Atrebatum provinciam devaftabant. Inftaurata tamen 

n Caftrum fueUarum^ vulgo Eldenhurge^ &C."] FaUltur egre^ 
gte Iacla7ulus, Edenhurge nomen hahct a flumine Eden frofe 
oppidum currente. at capHhrn Edenhurgt caftrum puellarum no- 
minatur quia ibi regis filia: fervari debent^ Sic in nota MS, 
ad Oram exemplaris Rawlins oniani Ed. fecund*. 
/8 Erchenualdil Malim, Erchenualdo. 



poftea pan aliqua phftinx dignitatis Cbeaufeganas, habuit- 
que^ ut ^go colligo, Canonicos, quos praebendarios appel- 
lant. Tabulse donationum in Rheadingenfi monafterio Ko-. 
gcri Decani Cheaufegani mentionem faciunt. lUud liquido . 
conftat Henricum Beiloclericum Andiae regem prsediis Fa- 
ni LeofiiS) id eft) Leonminfter, & Cheaufegac novum mo- 
nafterium fuum^quod magnifictntiffime Rheadingi erexerat^ 
dotaffe) mifertum, ut referunt, negle&ce in illis locis religio- 
ns. A quo tempore ferviebat Cheaufega Rheadingo. Nunc 
villttla eft non alio certe clara nomine, quam quod Domino 
frudus uberes reddat. 

Crsva. vulgo kew* Villa el*gam. Aedes autem noa 
multis ab nine annis conftrude tempore Henrici feptimi ^ 
<|UOdam poenuarii, ut ego audivi, prsefedo. 

Claudia^ Britannice Cairglo, Angl. Glocefter. Clau- 
dius nom^n celebraritGuL k Maildulphi curia quum dedicarec 
illuftre opui Uftorice fux de Angl. regibus Roberto Clau- 
dianO) notho Henrid nrimi, at prcecipue in libro de Pontifi- 
cibus Anglids tertio. Nennius Britannus Claudix meminit : 
fed affirmat ab alio quam Claudio Csefare urbem nomen ac- 
cepiflfe. Annales Brrtannorum referunt olim fedem hie fu« 
kfe epi£:opklem, antiftitemque habuiile Eldadum. Adoma«> 
▼erunt banc urbem daris ^ifidis reges multi. Prsecipue 
Ofricus fiibfcgulus. Comes Claudianx provindflc, & rcgibua 
Merdorum fenguine conjunftus, maxime Etheldredo, cui & 
familiaris, ut ex Chronicis Claudiani monafterii liquido ap^ 
paret. Fuit hie Ofricus poftea Rex Tranlhabrinorum. Sed 
Dttfuca tcmpeftas coenObium Ofrici foede tra<ftavit, virginrf* 
^e Deo facras fagavit. Sunt qui fcribawt hoc fadum fla- 

Saute bello civili inter Egbertum Regem Vififaxonum, & 
«frcios. Succeffere in virginum locum Canonici. Tandem 
espolfis illiS) indufti per Canumm regem^ confultore Wol- 
kenb epifcopo Vigomienfi) monachi. Sed de Claudia fu- 
femlirais de Civili hiftoria, five de Antiquitate Britannica, 

Cis^A) inter Saxones nobilis, pater Inx regis Vififaxo* 
num, 8c ereftor Abbandunenfis coernobii. 

CoXT A, dux arces munitiffimac, k loco in quo fitaeiunt fie 
diAse. Una orientis, altera occidentis titulo elucet. Stant 
autem in ipfis Neoporriis faucibus, qui aditus in Vedtam in- 
iulam. Eit in hoc aeftu caftrum antiauum k Britannis Cair- 
bro d^&atn. Cair enim Britannice caftrum, aut urbem muris 
cindram^ Bro autem asftum marisjfignificat; unde & Penbro, 
id eft, cs5>ut fltftuarii, urbs notimma Demerarum, quae nunc 
Penbroc. Sylvefter GiraWus in Itinerario fuo Penbro inter- 
pretatvir caput maritimum. Hujus caftri jus omne ab adventu 



Nortomannorum erat penes Rigidios, fie enim interpretof 
Redde Gallicum nomen, & Rcddeur eft rigjditas* Aptius eft 

})roprium nomen in ius guam in us terminare, alioqui dixif- 
em Rigidus. Inter Rigidios, quos vulgus fcripcorum Red- 
uerios, & Riparios corrupte appellat, RichardusHenricia. 
confobrinus connumeratur. At alter prasnomine Balduinus 
in primis illuftris ftiit, quern Veftx comitem ftufTe teftantur 
multi rerum Anglicarum fcriptores. Hunc ego e0e puto 
Balduinum de Betona,{ic forfitan i natali folo di&um,Comi* 
tem Vedae, qui beneficio Richardi Regis in uxorem duxit 
filiam & heredem Gulielmi Gomitis Albemarlx, ac Hol- 
deirneflix : quo titulo multum ei accefliflet ad dignitatis cu- 
mulum, fi prolem de ea fiifcepiffet. Duxerat ante Balduinus 
Vedanus in uxorem Joannam filiam, & heredem Gulielmi 
Vernonii Comitis Devoniae : quo conjugio au<3:us eft altero 
Comicis honore. Mortuo Balduino, ejus uxor, filia Gulielmi 
Groffi Comitis Albemarlae, fecundo nupfit Magnovillano, 
rulgo Mandeville. Tertio etiam nupfit Gul. de Fortibus, 
qui Skippoduni caftellum, k Gul. Groflb focero fiio magnifice 
inceptum, magnificentius abfolvebat. Ditio Albemarbe, 
Vedtae, & Devoniae, ad hos Forties pervenit, & hones uter- 
que in Ifabella Fortia cefTavit. Rex Eadueardus, fi re^e me- 
mini, tertius precibus & precio ita per interpretes cum Ifa- 
bella egit, ut haec vivens jus omne fuum de Veda infula 
illi perpetuo remitteret. Hoc pado Veda pervenit in pof- 
fefEonem Principis. 

Curia, Saxonice Byri. Sic enim vocant brevitatis ftu- 
dio. Alias appellatur lingua vernacula Saind Eadmundesbyri, 
id eft, Fani Eadmundi curia. Habebat hoc oppidum anti- 

Suius nomen. Dicebatur enim Latine Bedericia, Saxonice 
ederichefworth. At poftauam reliquiae Eadmundi regis 
Oftroanglorum a Danis interfedi Aquilaeduni, vulgo Hoxton, 
fed corrupte pro Eglefdune, 33. annis quieviffent, tranflatas 
funt Bedericiam confenfu Oftroanglorum, tanquam' ad locum 
celebriorem. Fama refert nomen Eadmundi multis ibi in- 
claruiffe miraculis. Anno autem D. 9x5'. & fecundo Ethel- 
ftani regis collegium facerdotum Bedericiae inftitutum eft, 
facrum videlicet Eadmundo, Nee longo poft tempore Ca- 
nonic! Praebendarii ibidem inftituti, ac oppidum Eadmundi 
titulo nominatum. At Canutus Danus, Anglorum imperio 

Eotitus, confilio Ailwini epifcopi Ulmetenfis, alias Helme- 
am, Canonicos expulitj ac monachos fubftituit. Devenerat 
an^e hicc tempora bedericia oppidum in ufum Canooicorum 
liberalitate Eadmundi regis patris Eadeari. Poft adventum 
Gulielmi Nortomanni in Angliam, Hervaeus asdituus. Fani 
Eadmundi oppidum muro cinxit, unde & ftatim magmfi- 



centiora urbi sedificia addita. Quid ego h!c pluribus coUaudo 
Curiam verbis ? Unum hoc tantum addam, folem non videre 
urbem fitu elegantiorem : (iic molli delicata pendet in clivo, 
& rivulus ad orientem defluit,) aut ccenobium illuftrius, fire 
quis dotationem, feu amplitudinem^ aut magnificentiam in- 
comparabilem xquis rationibus expendat. Diceres plane 
ccenobium urbem effe : tot nortse, partim etiam aereae, tot 
turres, & templum, quo nullum magnificentius, cui & alia 
tria egregio opere nitentia, uno & eodem ccemeterio fita, 
fubferviunt. Amniculus, de quo fuperius, mediis monafterii 
ieptis illabitur, duplici ponte arcuati operis pervius. 

Del A, Saxonice, ut ego arbitror. Dale. Locus eft in lit- 
tore Cantiano inter Dorin & Rurupinum, urbes Romanis 
cognitifSmas, ubi folum humile, &: fubfidens defcendentibus 
e navibus facilem in infulam aditum prasbet. Fama publica 
eft, in promontorio Cantiano Julium Cacfarem i, portus Du- 
rertfis aditu prohibitum, hic in terram loco opportune de- 
fcendiffe una cum copiis fuis, 6c caftra in fpatiofa ilia pla- 
nitie, cui nunc |nomen Barendunia, pofuifle. Neque hi9 
diflimilia referunt Chronica quas ego aliquando legi de rebus 
Dori geftls. 

Deiri, gens notiffima rerum Saxonicarum fcriptoribus, 
quorum leviter meminit Samuel homo Britannus, Beda au** 
tern fufe 14. cap. a. libri Anglicas hiftorias, & alibi. Incole- 
bant latam regionem ab Abri flu* ripis ad ripas Tyflae. Ber- 
nicii vero ( de quibus & Beda etiam cap. prascedenti fcribit ) 
fedes habuerunt k Tyfla ad Tuefim flu. & ultra. Utraque 
gens principio imperii Saxonum in Britannia fuum Regem 
retinuit. At temporum intervallo utrumque regnum in unum 
coaluit. Deiros crediderim k ferarum Sylvis, ubi vitam duce- 
bant, appellatos. ev^Gra^cum eft, feraLatmum, unde Sax- 
ones damas & cervos Deire patrio appellabant vocabulo, 
hac tamen fcribendi lege, ut Gnecum in D vertcrent, 
transfixa prima literas parte virguli, ouam & Thorn fua no- 
minabant lingua, quod virgula fpinulx exhiberet fpeciem. 
Beda fylvx Deirorum libro quinto hiftoriqc fuae capit. a. his 
verbis meminit: *' Berthunus abbas monafterii, quod vocatur 
** Derewald. id eft, Deirorum fylva.*' Haftenus Beda. Hic lo- 
cus hodie celeberrimus eft, & a fibris aquaticis illis Fibrilega 
Latina compofitione appellari poteft, quanquam indodum 
vulgus oppidum Beverley vocat, clarum videlicet Joannis 
oliin archiepifcopi Ifurovicani,five EboracenfiSjConfuetudine, 
{*ea clarius Ethelftani regis de Scottis triumphis, ac liberali- 
tate, quam vel hodie deprsedicant. Iliud non eft filentio 
..Vol. 9. G tjr«- 


Seftas fcri{)fit. hujus meminir, itfed Bonnam, ni codex men- 
ofiis, fubinde appellavit. Doris originem traxic ab «^ 
Grseco vocabulo. Bricanni etenim, detruncata ypfilon litera, 
aquam fua lingua Dor, fubinde & Doure, audris duabus lice- 
rulis, vocabanc. Neque aliud quicquam eft Dover, fi R fuo 
loco reponas. At an fluviolus, qui urbem allambit, Dori, 
£ve Duri, nomen antiquitus recinueric, non temere affirmo. 
niud affirmare pofliim, bonam partem urbium Cantii k 
Dour Britannico vocabulo nomenclaturam accepifTe. Sunt 
argumento, & quidem manifefto, Durobrevum, quod nunc 
Hrofecefter, Durovernum, vulgo Cantewarebyri, id eft,Can- 
riorum curia, & Doris urbs, quae modo Dover dicitur. Tra* 
dunt annates Dorenfis coenobii Arviragum Britannorum Re* 
gem arcem pene inexpugnabilem prope urbem in montis 
crepidine poiuifle. De hoc rege fie fcribit Juvenalis poeta 
iatyra quinta, dum Neroni foede adulatur. 

Regem aliquem CMphs^ aut de temone Britanno 

Excldet An)Wa%us. — ~~— . — 
Erat tunc temporis Dori portus navibus percommodus in- 
ftar lunss, cornibus in orbem pene concretis. Sed tempus 
edax rerum, /9 procellae, venti, denique fluftuum refluorum 
violentia, ita utrinque veteris portus cornua concufTerunt^ ut 
ablatis illis apertum littus vel urbis moenia attingat. Hinc 
fit ut ingens calculorum vis aiftus impulfu aggeratur. Incre^ 
dibile quidem didlu, quantum thefauri exhauferit Henricus 
Oftavus Rex potentiflimus, dum ftudet ftationem, & por* 
tum commcdum clafli fuae hie conftituere. Si quis vero 
nunc contenderet portum hic olim non fuiffe, Antonini 
Itinerarium non contemnendum illi objicerem. Iliic enim 
portus Dubris, nomine tamen corrupto, meminit. Nee in- 
terim Rutupinum, aut Limenicum, portum filentio obfcura- 
vit. Unde colligohos tantum treis portus apud Cantios an- 
tiquitus fuifle celebreis. Referunt y & iidem annales Lu- 
cium, regem Britannorum Chriftianum, ecclefiam Servatori 
fuo in Durenfi caftro confecraflTe, Eadbaldus Cantiorum 
Princeps, Ethelberti Ma^ni filius, confilio Laurentii archie- 
pifcopi Durovernenfis, Canonicorum in eodem caftro. col- 
legium inftituit, quo» poftea Vitredus Rex Cantiorum alio 

m Sed Bonnam^ Bonnae mentio apud Am. Marcellinum 
in initio libri xviii. Sed an Codices MSS, varient mihi 
non conftat. ^ Frecetta^ venti^'] Sic etiam diftinguitur in 
Ed. fecunda. & rede, ut opinor. Sed in prima Edit, com- 
ma poft venti omittitur. y Et iidem] Sic ex Ed. fecunda. 
Sed in Ed, prima idem. 



tranftulit, videlicet in vicinam urbem, Fano Mardni mag^ 
nifico opere in eos ufus exftrudo, quod vel hodie defok- 
turn inugnem prae fe fert, vel fbro medio, anticjuitacem. 
Sed manum de tabula. Aubi de his rebus fiifius dicemus. 

DoROBREvuM, alias Durobrevum (cujus mentio eft fe-> 
mel atque iterum apud Antoninum) urbs fita eft in ripa 
Vag» fluminis, qui modo Medewege dicitur, media pene 
via, qua itur k Londino Dorovernum. Saxones banc poftea 
h, Hrof, viro quodam primario, & urbis Domino, Hrotcefter 
appellabant. Hujus quoc^ue appellationis Beda cap. 3. libri 2. 
hiftorias Anglicae meminit. Nomen etiam Hrofi adhuc 
vivit in qua<&m Cantiorum familia. Paulinus epifccpus Du- 
robrevenfis fuit, & fecundus, fi refte computo, Ithamarus^ 
cujus cum literas, dim vitam collaudat Beda 13. cap. j. libri 
hiftorix fuse. Multas base pertulit urbs calamitates, & belli, 
& incendii. Ethelredus Rex Anglix, infenfus Cantiis, urbem 
variis adflixit modis, & Canonicos Fani Andreas Aigavir, 
. qui tamen poftea fuo Juri reftituri funt. Gundulpbus Cado- 
menfis. epilcopus Ro^nfis, Canonicos expulit, ac monachos 
. monachus induxit, ut apparet ex Eadmeri hiftoria. Lugebat 
lonigo tempore Rofa, ponte aut rupto, aut non contedo. 
Robertus CoUinus^ (fn vulgo Knolles. Galiomaftix ille, mi* 
feratus urbis « folitudinem, magnis auus violencillimum Vagas 
fluminis gurgitem vicit, jadis novi pontis fundamentis. 

Dorovernum, alias Durovernum^ Ptolemaco Darve- 
num, emporium totiusCantiiiilius, teire Caefare, humanif- 
fimi emporium longe frequentiffimum, & Romanorum ali- 
quando m Britanniam venientium palatium, k Duro flu. vi- 
cino, qui nunc Sturus dicitur, quantum colligere poflum, no- 
men accepit^ fervavitque inter eruditos. Sjflvefter Gyraldus 
Menevenfis haec refert i. Diftindionum libro. " Dorobernia 
*^ kDour Britannico vocabulo, auod aquam fignificat,quoniam 
*^ aquis abundat.'^ Hadenus ilie. Sed vulgus poftea urbem 
Cantewarbyri, id eft, Cantiorum curiam, appellavit. Britanni 
Romanique hie templum pofuerunt Chrifto Servatori factum, 
cujus gloria, Saxonibus paganis late Cantium occupantibus, 
defloruit; & poftea, Ethelberto Rege ad Chriftum, Augu- 
ftino Romano concionante, converfo, refloruit. Calamitates 
non paucas beUo Regulorum Angliae inteftino pafta eft hxc 
civitas. At ea longe maxima fuit, quum Dani, regnante £• 
thelredo Principe infortunatiilimo, urbe capta, omnia vi, 
caede, flammis confimderent. Osbernus Praecentor Durover- 

M Solstt/£nm] Ita ex Ed. fccunda, non folicitudinem^ utin 
Ed, prima. 


nenfis in elegantifllmo libello de vita Ealf^egi trchieoiTco^ 
Camiorum, hums nefandae cladis abunde meminic. Hove- 
denus eciam hiftoriographus hanc tragcediam tain aperte ft 
lucide ob oculos leaoris ponit, ut hinc cuivis pio ficile li- 
chrimas excutiat. LanfrancusLigur beneficio Guiielmi Mag- 
ni archiepifcopus urbem Cantiorum, & Fanum Senratom 
utcunque reftituit. At interim pars magna moenidm diruU 
jacebat. Simon Sudoeurianus archiepifcopus, homo plus, it 
impie k feditiofis fecuri percufTus, maximis lumptibus mo»- 
nia,qu8C partim occidentem^partim boream fpe&ant, refedt. 
Cetera hujus urbis cum monumenta, turn fafta illuftria ab 
eius alumnis fcriptoribus (ideliflimis, videlicet Eadmero, & 
Gervafio, monachis Fani Servatoris, ac Thoma Spottco, 
& GulielmoThornaeo, Fani Auguftiniammonachis^fiintijua- 

DuNOLMENSis k Dunolmo urbe non obTcura de^ci- 
tur. Nomen autem loco antiquitus inditum foifle patol 
Dune, 8c Holme. Conftat enim Dune Britannice mpdtem 
fignificare. Holme vero eminentis loci, interdum 8c fylvofi, 
Sc aquis circumfepti verticem, aut eminentiam exptimit. 
Exemplo flint Holmehurfte, id eft. locus editus fylvam ferens; 
Axholme fuperioris Lindias in&la: Scepeholrae, 8c «iFla<- 
tholme infulae Abrini maris. Urbs nsec i)ene tota fiuvio cln- 
Aa eft, quem Ptolemasus, primi nominis geographus, Ve- 
dram appellat. At aetate noftra Verus diOus, oiim etiam 
8c Wirus^ 8c Murus, nifi antiqua Bedae exempltria corrq- 
pta. Veri flu. ab drigine curfum, 8c ipfis fontibus, accurate 

Eerfcribere praefentis non eft inftituti. Tantum fignificabo 
icornem eue originem, ex Burna, 8c Skello amniculis, nee 
Veri nomen eflecognitum antequam cornua uno cpnfluant al- 
veo : id autem fit plus minus 20. paiTuum miilibus occidebtem 
verfiis ab Achelandia, quo orientem fi verfus defiuit. infig- 
nis ibidem Vindugleffi, alias Vandeles, confluentia. Deia^e 
Dunolmum urbem 4. pafluum millibus diftantem recepci$ 
aliquot amnibus allambit, peninfulamque fecit. Poflremo 
decurrens fpatio plus minus 8. milliarium, mare petit eo lo- 
co, cui Veri-oftium nomen. Hic fiiit monafterium Petri 
quod toties k Beda laudari meruit, una cum Ceolfrido ab- 
bate, viro incomparabiii. Origo Dunolmenfis urbis 8c e- 
pifcopatus non tarn antiqua eft, quam vulgus eruditonim 
exiftimat. Operx precium igitur erit dignitatem epiftopa- 

u Flatholmi] Elatholme Ed. fecunda. /9 verfus defluit] Sic 
diftinxi. Mox poft defluh in Ed. prima comma habemus; 
in Ed. fecunda colon. 



dis ab ovo repetere, & hue reSa, fed brevi orarione per- 
re : id quod commodiffime faciam beneficio hiftorias, ab 
rto au&ore de rebus Dunolmenfium tancacura & fide 
tas. ut una ilia merito quidem dici poffit, thefaurus in* 

Traniabrinas antiquitatis : tanta, tarn varia^ tamque 
ndica in ea rerum memorabilium cognitip. Exemplar 

commi^ravit k Dunia in Cantium. Creididerim certe 
im opens partem k Simeone Dunolmenfi Prsecentore, 
(uo ieculo elegancer erudito, fiiifie fcriptam. Hujus 
aliquando hiftoriam ab hac diverfam de rebus ^ejtis 
[orum legi, quam & inchoavit commode k morte Beda;, 
xingens Oluitria fada & Anglorum &c Danorum, fpatio 
xingentorum & viginti novem annorum, ac auatuor 
Bum: cui & alii viginti quinque anni appenaebant, 
^re Joanne Haguftaldenfi. Hk mihi non placet Ro- 

8 Hovedenus, vir alioqui laudandus^ qui fcnnia Simeo- 
fiippreflb ejus nomine, ftrenue compilavit, & aliena pro 

gloriae avidulus, fuppofiiit. Sedes epifcopalis North- 
U)jrum, principib conitituta eft ab Ofoaldo rege Chri- 
il^mo in quadam infula Lindisfarna nomine, qux ab 
I Tuefis. ubi nunc Abrevicuni^ urbs bello clarifSma^ 
minus oeio pafluum millibus diftat, & asftu recedente 
bus acUtur* Lindis fluviolus ex Glini valle. fi redte me- 
, ortum habens hue properat per Hagreclunum caftel- 

& fabulo, abfente ssftu, fupernatans, e regione infu- 
cm nomen dat, Oceanum fpetit. Noa hk celabo ftu-» 
im ledorem, me aliquando deprehendifle ex veteri co* 
bijbUotbeaas Ventse Simenorum, banc infulam k Bri- 
18 bus Medecaiite fuille didam, cujus nominis & Gil* 
t«ftem drat, alterum, ut videcur, ab illo, ^ui publico 
unfcrtur* XMti & Poaticus Virunnius, qui epitomen 
tnaicte hi&onas ex Gallofrido Monssmutenfi didcerpiit, 
ac verfiQulos ex ^ildx Cambreide, cui & Lilius Gy* 
18. fiiUTciibit* Noftra aetas locum diverfo ap^ellat vo- 
loy fPBipe iacram infulam, AngUce Halig £ilande, k 
iiii^ ian&iffimorum virorum ibi quiefcentium. Aidanus 

9 Scottus primus fuit hujus loci antiftes. Quis facile 
Bfot. quantum praediorum donatione Principum huic 

•ccreverit ? Ingruentibus longo poft tempore Danis 
'if| & oram pelagi orientalem immifericorditer deva- 
ibu8^ non potuic Sacra infula impias manus effiigere. 
lACa iidtur, foiitudinem patiebatur ingentem, de qua 
cus Albinas^ aui & Alcuinus, Eboracenfis, vir iUis tem* 
bus longe eruditiflimus, utpote praeceptor Caroli magni, 
t4deffli« Rlllflonim inftaufator, in libtcr epiftolarum 
im femel atque iterum, praecipue vero ad Higebaldum, 



fcribit. Hac clade coadli facrse infulas miniftri, una cum Ein | 
dulpho epifcopo, fedem, quas jam 141. annis inviolata flo- 
ruerat, tandem reliquere, anno i. Chrifto nato 87^. Tom 
vero vel totum feptennium cum reliquiis Cutheberti, Lindif- 
fairnenfis epifcopi longe fandidimi, mcertis diicurrebant fe- 
dihus : tandemque Cragum Brigantum, ubi tunc Ceinporis 
Uionafteriolum erat. pervenerunt. Eft vicus fama notimnms 
feptem pafTuum millibus diftans ^ Monachopoli, alias Novo 
caftello, & quinque i, Dunolmo, cui nomen it Cono fluvio 
prasterlabente, & moz in Verum defluente, inditum eft. 
daxoues hanc fua lingua vocabant Coneceftre, de qua da- 
riffima mentio turn apud Simeonem, tum etiam Hovedemun, 
fcriptores rerum geftarum illuftreis. At vulgus, detrunctto 
nunc vocabulo, vico Caftri nomen impofuerunt. Hunc lo- 
cum Eardulphus fedem (ibi, fuifque conftituit. Ecce niriiis 
ingruunt Dani, quum Conocaftrenfes intervallum quietis 
nadti, nihil minus exfpedlarent. Fit fiiga altera, fecumque 
deferunt chara D.Cutheberti pig;nora Ripodunum ufque^ Sed, 
pace poft quatuor menfes reddita, Alduinus epifcopus cogi- 
tabat Conocaftrum una cum fuis repetere. « Inter eundum 
oraculo admohitus corpus Cutheberti Dunolmum perduxit. 
Hie locus, & quidem opportunus, efh oridnem Dunolmi al* 
tins repetere. Fiet : fed chronicon Dunolmenfe pro me lo- 
quetur, quod fidem le£tori, potius quam eloquentiam, pro- 
mittit. Quanquam & utrumque. '^ Dunelmum locum quidem 
*' natura mumtum, fed non facile habitabilem, invemt Ald- 
*' uinus epifcopus. Nam denfiffima undique fylva tonim occu* 
*' paverat. Tantum in medio planities erat non grandis,'quam 
*^ arando & feminando excolere confueverant : ubi epifcopus 
*' Alduinus non parvam poftea ecclefiam erexit, ficut in fc- 
** quentibus patebir. Pracfatus igitur antiftes, totius populi 
^'auxiliOj&UtrediComitisNortnabrini adjutorio^totam cx- 
*' ftirpansfylvam fuccidit, ipfum locum brevi habitabilem fc- 
** cit. Denique ^ flu. Coqueda ufque ad TeyiSun univerfa 
*' populi multitudo tam ad opus, quam ad conftruAdam po- 
** ftea ecclefiam prompto animo acceffit, & donee pernce- 
*' retur, devota infiftere non ceffavit." Hare Chronicon Du- 
nolmenfe, & plura, quae ftudio brevitatis omitto* • ConfH- 
tuta hie fedes epifcopalis, qux etiamnum floret. Caftellom 
quoque i Gulieimo notho Anglorum Rege Dunelmi pofi- 
tum, ut incurfionum vim epifcopus repelleret. Crcvit tem- 
plum, immenfum quantum. Crevit & urbs^ jamque Du* 
noftallo floret epifcopo viro undecunque eraditiffimo. 

m Inter eunduni] Sic emendavi. Antea, inter etaubm. 



DuROTRiGES, gensnota, ut ex Ptolemaso liquet. JvJo- 
men autem non multum recedit k vernacula appellatione, 

2ua vel hodie utuntur Angli, videlicet Dorfetftiire menne. 
> autem in prima didioms iyllaba mutatur, purgatse auris 
judicio, in V, ut moUiiis & aptitis fonct, id quod invenio 
vetuftiflSmorum exemplarium indicio in Doroverno, & Do- 
robrevo, de quibus fuperius memini, faftum. Doro videtur 
quiddam hiulcum, & pene ftridulum perfonare. Sed omitto 
haec levia. Durotrigcs k Duro flu. non incelebri nomen ac- 
ceperunt. Ipfa ^uoque regio quam incolunt Duria difta ab 
eodem flu. Aflenus Menevenfis in fuis annalibus haec refert : 
" Et inpago, qui dicitur Britannice Durngueir, Saxonice au- 
*' tem Dornleta.'* Haec obiter. Nunc Duri flu. originem & 
curfum breviter explicabo. Oritur Sturoduni e fex fontibus 
boream verfus, quorum tres confpicui funt in roborario Stu- 
rodunenfu fepto videlicet ferarum amoeno. Reliqui tres e- 
bullire viaentur, non admodum diftantes ^ prioribus, extra 
feptum tamen. Hi fontes infignia nunc funt nobilis Sturo- 
duni. lUud interim notandum, quod Saxones plerumque 
mutabant Dour Britannicum in Stour. Id quod tum in hoc 
fluvii nomine, tum etiam in eo, qui Durovernum Cantio« 
mm alluit, faftum : quo loco fi a plebe rogaveris, quod flu- 
vio nomen fit, Stour, non Dour, refpondebunt. Durus, ^ 
Sturoduno vico curfum decem paffuum millibus accelerans, 
Regium pontem penetrat. Hmc, fefquimilliari fuperato, 
Sturodunum oppidum, cognomento Monafterii infigne, af- 
picit. Inferius aliquanto Aquaevadenfem pontem, quivulgo 
feiford, alluit. Turn properat Blancofordam , ubi empo- 
rium. Deinde & Vindugladiam , nobile oppidum, alias 
Twinebume, attingens: nine pontem Julianum, hincAlau- 
nicum, infigne ii. arcubus, gurgitc rapido concutit. Sexto 
iilterius lapide, Iverianum pontem perforat. Poftremo^ con- 
feSto duorum milliariorum curfu, Interamnam, alias Fanum 
Chrifli, irfigat, ubi Avonse flu. jundtus, Oceanum liiuni 

EaLphegus archiepifcopus Durovernenfis, nobiliffima 
natus ex familia. Juvenis vitam agebat monafticam Deiro- 
fylvse, alias Deirhurfte : quod coenobium in ipfo Sabrinae mar- 

fine fitum erat, non, longe a Theoci curia, vulgo Theokef- 
. yri. Deinde & Baduni, ac Ventse Simenorum epifcopi ti- 
tulo jam infignis. Poftremo Durovemi in archiepifcopum 
confecratus elt. Ealphegi vitam fcripfit Osbernus monachus 
Durovernenfis, vir luo tempore eloquentia valens incredi- 
bill. Ealphegi etiam meminit Gulielmus a Maildulphi curia 
in opera de vitis epifcoporum. Hovedenus refert Ealphe- 
Vol. 9. H SJ^^ 


gum in cxpugnatione Duroverni i, Danis anno D. loii.' 
caprum fuille, & pauUo poft, quia precium non dederat, ab 
eimem crudelifEme trucidatum fuiffe. Inter quos Trum- 
hiius, unus reliquis crudelior, fccuricula mortiferum vulnus 
ejus capiti inflixic. Funus Londinum ad Fanum Pauli delatum 
eft: deinde Durovernum. 

Erchenualdus, epifcoporum Londinenfium. ab ad- 
ventu D. Auguftini ad Saxones, numero quartus, filius erar, 
ut ego didici k fcriptore non ignobili, OfiRe regis Oftroan- 
glorum, oui nunc Volcae. Etymon nominis, ut ego con- 
jeauram tacio. ab herinaceo & fylva concrevit. Herina- 
ceus Anglice Erchin, walde vero fylvam fignificat. Wdde, 
una tantum mutata literula^ planities nemoris indi^ eft: 
unde & Voldia, campus fpatiouffimus Claudianae provinciae, 
qui ovium caulis «celeberrima, di<3;a eft. De Erchenualdo 
plura inCervi infula fcripfimus. 

Ethelredus, rex Anglise, filius clariffimi Eadgari, & 
Ealfrithae. Hie in baptifmate fbntem ventris profluvio fa- 
davit, tefte GuL ^ Maildulphi curia libro de vita Dunftani 
Cant, archiepifcopi fecundo. Unde divinabant multi, fiitu- 
i*uftl ilium vecordem, fordidum, & parum reipub. utiJem. 
Nee vana fuit divinatio. Ejus etenim focordia regnum An- 
glorum nobiliflimum in Dani poteftatem pervemt : quan- 
qtiam Eadueardus ejus filius illud, poft imperium aliquot 
Danbrum, recepit. Scripfere quidem multi de retnis ab £- 
thelredo male geftis. Nemo tamen eam Ipartem tarn fiife 
traftavit, quam Hovedenus. 


Falensis Port us, vulgo Falemuthe. Nomen fiun- 
pfiffe videtur k Fala flu. Nam in ejufmodi vocabulis plerum- 
que in lingua Saxonica^ fluminis nomen praecedit, ut Werc- 
mouth (ideft, Veri oftia) Tynnemouth, Waymouth, Coker- 
mouth. Ego tamen aliquando audivi quendam contenden-* 
tem nomen loco ex multis oftiis fuifle mditum. Utcunque 
fit ! conftat fecundum hunc eSe k primo totius Bricannix 
portum. Cambri lubenter primas partes fuo Alaunico. por- 
tui. qui nunc Milverfordicus dicitur. tribuunt. CoUui&avi 
Falemem. Bone Deus, quantum ibi ndiffimae ftationis, quan- 
tum receffuum, quantum divortiorum, quantum comuum ! 
Rurfus, quam quieta, quam fecura funt illic omnia ! Non po- 
terat facile lufilie natura major! in portu commoditate, Adi- 
tus in portum expertis & amicis facilis, inimicis plane dif- 

n Celeberrlma] Malim, cekicrrimus. 



ficillimus. Sic premunt geiiiina caftella portfls fauces & oftia. 
Inter utrumque flat ingens & alta rapes, Cragus nomine, 
6c ardua medlis in flualbus minatur holti. Si Cragus caftel- 
lum verdcc p6rtarer,terrorem,& quidem magnum, in portus 
oftiis navigatltibiis incuteret. At interim incautis infefta fatis, 
dum csccis rapibus naufragium iflfert. Pennorinum frequena 
emporium, in monte fitum intra portum ^ duobus aut amplius 
ab ipfis oftiis pafluum millibus, mercatoribus, & nautis Isetum 
exhibet hdfpitium. 

Fluctus amcficulus eft, oriturque in campis ad boream 
Londino tirbi Vicinis. Unde nomen inditum domui, qu« 
cuftodia noxiorum, & platei vicinac, juxta ac portae, qiia 
Itur ad Fatlum Pauli : tantuni abeft, ut a Luddo rege, quern 
hiftoria Britannica depraedicat 'porta nomen fumpferit. Non 
igitur Luddindm ^'ortam k t-ucfdio, fed k Fludu, five Fluento, 
Fludtuenfem, aqt Fluentanani, appellabimus. 

FoNS HRiGiDiE k Fano Brigidas vicino nomen de- 
fumpfit. Loci, me puero, fama exigua fuit. Crevit primum 
hofpitio Volvefeii, qui in flagrantiffima apud Principem gra- 
tia erat. Tum coepit Henricus oftavus, Regtim nirela, dirutis 
plebeiac notx acdibus, magnificentrflime ibidem aedificare, ac 
Caefarem novi palatii hofpitio accipere. 

Germani, gens bellicofa, & reram commutatione uni- 
verfo orbi nota. Societas mercatorum Germanicorum, quae 
modo ad Pantheon enitet, tempore imperii Eadueardi vin- 
deleforani prima illuftris nota: incrementa tulit. Fama eft, 
Theutones, & Germanos cum gratos,*tum utiles admodum 
fuifle Eadueardo,quumbello Galium hoftem antiquum profli- 

faret, & ledum portum vi caperet. Princeps, memor bene* 
cii tam opportune collati,veaigal, quod pendere folebant, 
minuebat. Et deinde focietatem immunitate quadam, & li- 
bertate donavit, quam illi vel hodie retinent. 

GkANTA, Britannice Cairgrante, Saxonice Granteceftre, 
& vocabulo recentiori Grantebrycge, corrupte autem, Inu- 
tati" G in C, & ablata R litera, Cantebrige j & rurfus mutata 
N in M, & fublata T,Cambrige. Nennius, Britannicae fcri- 
ptor hiftoriae, Grantae meminit in catalogo urbium Britanni- 
carum. Idem fecit Henricus Vcnanto<mnenfis, alias Hun- 
tendunenfis^ in fuo de urbibus elencho : ut interim omit-, 
tam Aluredi Fibrolegani non contemnendum in hac parte 
teftimonium. Bedas 17. capite 4. libri hiftoriae Anglolaxo- 
num (quo loco de Sexburga, Etheldridae forore^ olim regina 
Caiitiorum, at tune Praefide Anguillariani, five Eligenfis^ mb- 
nafterii, loquitur) talia coramcmorat : " Juffitque quofaam h 

H z •'fra- 


**fratribus quaerere lapidem, de quo locellum in hoc hcttt 
*'poflcnt. Qui, afcenfa navi (ipfa enim Elig regio uadique a- 
**quis ac paludibus eft circumdata, neque lapides majores ha- 
** bet) venerunt ad civitatulam quandam defolatam, non pro- 
.**cul inde fitam, qux lingua Angiorum Grantecefter voca- 
**tur, & mox invenerunt ju3Cta muros civitatis locellum de 
*'marmore albo pulcherrime faftum. operculo quoque fimi- 
*'lis lapidis aptiffime tecftum." Haaepus Bedas. Felix, an- 
tiquae Icripcor memoriae, in libro de vita D. Guthelaci Cm- 
landeniSs anachoretx, quern Ealfwaldo regi orientalium An- 
giorum k Reodualdo oftavo, ab UflFa decimo, confecravit, 
' Grontaehis verbis mentionem facit : ''Eft in mediterraneo- 
*'rum Angiorum Britannias partibus immenfas magnitudinis 
*'palus, Guag i Grontae flummis ripis incipiens, baud procul 
*'acaftello, quod dicunt nomine Grontae, nunc careftis, 
*'interdum nigris fufci vaporis laticibus, necnon infularum 
*' nemoribus intervenientious, & ftexuofis riparum anfradi- 
*'bus, ab auftro in aquilonem mari tenus longiffimo tradu 
"protenditur." Hafc Felix. Abbo Floriacenhs in vita Ead- 
mundi martyris non diffimilia in defcriptione regionis Gir- 
viorum narrat. Gulielmus Ramefeganus, monachus Cru- 
landenfis, poeta tam barbaro leculo clarus, de Gronta fie 
fcribit in vita D. Guthelaci, 

Efi apud Angllgenas h Granta flumtne longo 
OrBe per anfraBtts flagnofos^ ^ fluvtahis 
Clrcumfufa palus^ orient alifque fropinqua 
Littorlhus pelagi : fefe dtftendtt ab aujiro 
In longum verfus aquilonem ^ ^gurgite tetro 
Morhojos pifces v^getans^ & arundine denfa 
Verborum firepituSy quaji quondam verba^ Jufurrans. 
Ex his facile liquet nomen accepiffe Grantanam urbem k 
Granta flumine : cujus fi quis originem & curfum coeno- 
fcere cupit, quae fequuntur attente perlegat. Fontes habet e 
lacu Neoportuenfi, qui Neoportui oppidulo Oftrofaxonum, 
unde nomen accepit, adjacet. Contedo inde duorum mil- 
liarium curfu, relida longiufcule ad dexteram Vallidcna em- 
porio celebri, viculum. & coenobium ejufdem nominis, olim 
iepulchrum Magnovillanorum, & Bohunorum Comitum 
Oftrofaxonum, praeterlabitur. Hinc ad quartum lapidem, 
Hichelendunum, nuper virginibus facrum, alluit. Tum vcro, 
confefto aliquot miliium pafluum defluxu, Baberenfem dex- 
trorfiim in fe recipit amnem, ac non longo poft intervallo 

« Gurgite tetro'] Semicolo diftinguitur poft tetro in Ed. fe- 
cunda, fecus atque in Ed, prima. 



finiftrorfum Barcndunenfem. Mox vicinus antiquae GrantSB, 
Burnam fluviolum defcendentem k ruinis caftri fui nominis, 
olim fcdis Picotiorum Vicariorum Grantanias Comitum, Qc 
Piperellonim, ulnis fuis ampleditur. Ab antiqua Granta, 
jam villa ruftica, ad Grantaaum pontem, oppidum nundina- 
inm frequentia, & academise celebritate cogniciffimum, per- 
git. Poilremo Caftrodunum villam fama claram alluit gur- 
gite naviculifero, ac mox recepto Duro, alias Sturo, amni- 
culo, ad cujus pontem nundinae totius Britannias celeber- 
rimas, Ifidem quindecim pafTuum millibus, ut funt aquarum 
ma^andri, diftancem petit. Percognito jam Grantae miminis 
curfu, non erit erudito injucundum ledori cognofcere etiam, 
quae fata veteris, & incremcnta novx Grantae fticrint : ut- 
que academia, quas ibi longe florentiflima eft, exordium 
lumpferit. Subferviam igitur, fed compendio. ftudioforum 
votis. Granta, antiqua qiudem ilia, concuffa bellis Saxonicis, 
& civibus vel fugatis, vel interfe&is, indies magis magifque 
ad ruinam inclinabat : id quod vel ex decimo leptimo cap, 
libri quarti hiftorias Bedas apparet, nv^ defolatam fuo fuiife 
tempore fcribit. Nova autem quae nunc Grantanus pons 
dicitur Saxones conditores habuit. At cujus hoc fa&um re- 
gis imperio, ex hiftoria, quod ego fciam, nulla liquido con- 
ftat. Conftat autem Sigebertum, regem orientalium Anglo- 
rum, cujus ditionis & tunc Granta fuit, ac Felicem Bu^un- 
dionem, epifcopum Dunovicanum, novae urbi favifle. Con- 
fenfus etiam fcriptorum illis attribuit gloriam gymnafii ibi- 
dem, aufpice Chrifto, inftituti. Nam antea cautum fuerat 
Gregoriano edido, ne Angli gymnafia celebrarent propter 
Arrianam, & Pelagianam naerefim, ac quofdam Britanno- 
rum errores. Habebant tamen in monafteriis celebrioribus 
fcholas. Theodorus & Adrianus docebantpuroverni Can- 
tiorum : Maildulphus Bladuni, quod oppidum nunc Maildul- 
phi curia, Angl. MaildulphesbyrL & ibidem Aldelmus^ vir 
regii generis, Kpraelegebant. Bofillus, Oftophorus, ac alii in 
Sinuphario ftudium bonarum promovebant arrium. Flaccus 
Albinus, qui & Alcuinus, Ifurovicibonasprofitebatur literas. 
Acca idem pracftitit Haguftalduni. Beda vero Girovici, & 
in Vedrae flu. oftiis, ut alios omittam multos. Beda i^. cap. 
X. libri Anglofaxonicae hiftorix Sigebertum Regem ab eru- 
ditione ita coUaudat : ''Sigebert vir per omnia Chriftianiffi- 
** mus, ac dodiffimus, qui, vivente adnuc fratre, quum exfula- 
**ret in Gallia^ fidei facramentis imbutus eft." Idem etiam 
17. cap. tertii libri ejufdem hiftorias haec refert: "Mox ea. 

» Fralegeiant] fralegebat Ed. fccunda. 

** quae 

'^gux inGalliis bene difpofita vidit, imitari cupiens, inftituit 
^'(cholam, in qua pueri erudirentur, juvante epifcopo f c- 
*'lice, quern de Cantia acceperat, ci(que pedagogos, ac mi- 
**giftros; juxtamorem Cantuariorum, prxbentc.'* Exhdc 
Bedas Ibco «coiligunt fcriptores, Grantanam academiam 
originem Sigebcrti, cuius nos vitam fcripfimus^ & Felids 
pietate fumpfiflc. Illua plane conftat, Grantaniam univer- 
fam fuiCTe dicionis rcgum orientalium Anglorum. Exflat 
Grantx Girviorum in archivis hiftoriola incerci aud:om, 
&: fidei longe incertioris. Hinc apparet Gurguntium, ncfcio 

?uem, regem Britannorum dcdifle Cantebro Hifpano, qui 
Lthenis ftuduerar, oficntalem BritanniJE partem, eumqoe 
|>oftea urbeih fuper Cance flu. conftruxiiTe, ac .acadehuan] 
ibidem inftituide, qux k Grantano Cornice ejus Alio nomen 
fumpfit. Addocet nxc eadem Anaximandrum, & Aoaxa- 

Jforam Grsccos, Grantam veniflc ftudioram gratia. Centum 
unt ibi praeterea ejufdem farinae fabula. Profedldiiibil le- 
gi unquam vanius, fed neque ftultius, aut ftupidius. MiiSts 
ergo facio has antiquitatis delicias. Ut nihil unquam cer- 
• tius de origine Grantanse fchoix legerim, quam quod ex 
Beda, & afiis de Sigeberto rege colligunr : Ita crediderim 
ab ejus prima infticutione incrementa /8coepifle. Qiiapro- 
pter quum annis ab hinc feptem Grantam ftudiorum mc<>- 
rum parentem revififfcm, non in^atus alumnus, hoc epi- 
grammate urbem antiquitati, & glorix (nx reftitui. 
Olm Granta fuH tttt/iis terh tnclyta multis^ 

Vicino i fluvit mmine nomen habens. 
Saxones banc Belli deturbavsre froceUts ; 

Sed nova pro veteri non procul tnde fka effl^ 
fiuam Felix monachus^ Siglerti jujfa fecutus^ 

Artibus ittuflrem reddidit^ at^e fchoUs. 
Ihec e%p^ ferjuirens gentis monumenta Britanna^ 
Afferui in laudem Granta diCerta tuam, 
Dani, uc et Mariano, & Hovecleno liquet, ducibus Goth- 
runo^ Ofcentino, & Anuendio, Grantam, quum jam in hyber- 
nis ibi fuiflent, devaftabant, anno quarto imperii Ealfrkii 
rcg^s Vififaxonum. Cladem at recuperavit illam. Ortum eft 
civile bellum, & Henricus rertius rex Anglise Anguillariam 
infulam obfefliirus, quam Henricus Haftengius una cum fuis 
vi, ut refcrt Thomas Vicanius, occupavcrat, Grantam cum 

« Colliguntjcriptores^'] Scd male id coUigunt, ut monui in 
notis ad iElfredi M. vitam, ubi & Academiam Grantanam 
longe recentiorem efle quam voluit Lelandus e Petro Blef- 
fenfi dociii. |5 Cmpijfe'l Cepijfe Ed, fecunda. 



cxercitu venit, ut chronica teftantur Barnouellenfia. Fit in- 
fultus. Infulani Henricianos repeliunt. Rex ipfe incerea 
muniebat Grancam fofla, & portis : & muro jam turn, fi per 
tempus iicuiflet, cinxiffet, GilbertusClaranus, abfente Rege, 
Londinum occupat. Turn, reliifla Granta^ novae rex pro- 
fpexit calamitati. Infulani, hoc percognito,Grantam veniunt, 
quam nufcre fpoliatam incendunt. Quo ctiam tempore di- 
plomata antiquiilima academiae conflagrabant. Quin Grantas 
gloriam accuratius, in opufculo, quod de academiis Britan- 
nicis fum propediem editurus, collaudabo. 

Greva^ vulgo Grevefende, Latine Praetorius limes.' 
Greve etenirn Saxonice prxtorem fignificat. Unde Porte- ^"^ 
greve, praefedus portus. Burgegreve, prxtor, vel praefedtus 

Cjulielmus GifFardus, epifcopus Ventae Simenorum^ 
qui nunc Avonii, paiatium, ut ego accepi, in ripa Tamefis 
meridiana condidit, ac Canonicis Marianis vicinis fuis pa- 
tronus impendib bonus favebat. Hie Thonoduni Murotri- 
gum, alias Taunton, Canonicorum collegium inftituit. De- 
nique^ quum infignis pietatis officium focietati^ qux Guaver- 
legae coaluerat;, praeftitiflet. obiir, & ibidem lepultus eft. 

GuiNEsiA,, quas muitis annis Comitis titulo floruit^' 
provincial Morinorum pars non minima, Apglum, ab impe- 
rio Eadueardi tertii, Dominum agnovit. Unoe autem nomen 
traxerit, quamvis certo adfirmare non audeam, adducor ta- 
mqn conje&ura, vocabulum Guidonis infulam Latine fonare. 
Mcenia urbis ante multos annos diruta, fed caftrum in ufus 
bqllicos integrum permanfit: cujus & Henricus odavus 
robur mirifice nuper auxit, & oppidum vallo foC&que 

GuNTERi filius, Anglice Gunterfunne, contradfce Sun- 
faOJPLe. Juvenis cum Turcicis piratis pugnavit, & vicit. Ac- 
tace maturus cum Gallis naumachia conflixit, 6c fpoliis poti- 
tusy trophaea in navium coronis vi&or poiiiit. 


Henlkga, Henelege, alias Henley, oppidum 8c forum 
cekbre I&icorum. Nomen Latine verfum, antiouus locus 
cfta Ferunt olim ^pontem arcuati operis eo fuiffc loco, ubi 
nunc ligneus, cujus fundamenta, decrefceme fluminis gur- 
gite, in acftate etiamnum videntur. Henlega Molendinarios 
patronos. 6c dominos olim agnovit : deinde & Hungrefor* 
do8 : nolxra autem memoria Haftengios Comites Venanto- 

HULLus flu. vulgo HuUe. Aeftum Humbri refluentis 
violentia patitur. Ex tribus oritur fontibus, quorum qui 



maximus non longe k Drifelda, pago fexdecim mUIibus pat 
fuum a Rcgioduno diftante, ebullit. Eft equidem parva Dri- 
felda veteri clara monumento Ealfridi, literatiffimi regb 
Northabrinorum, egregie k Beda laudati. Secundus Oftro- 
burnae oritur. Tertius Emmefuelx erumpit. Coeunc autcm 
tria brachia ad Drifeldam, & uno alveo feruntur. Tunc 
HuUus prata Fibrolegae vicma irrigat. Fibrolegani fluminis 
conHnoditatem fentientes, olim, fadla foffa, partim ad fe de- 
duxerunt. Uade naviculas Regiodunum jam ducunt, & re- 
ducuat. Hullus i, praBdido loco feftinatione quadam Re- 
giodunum petit, & paullo int'erius in Abrinum scftum prae- 
ceps devolvitur. Hie ad coronidem aliquid fubjiciam. Hi- 
ftoria Britanoica, quae vulgo circumfertur, Humbri flumi- 
nis memioit. Et tama ex hiftoria nata docet, nomen flu. 
inditum k nefcio quo Humbro rege, de quo vates quidam 
hos verficulos fcripfit. 

Dum fifgiff obftat el flumen^ fuhmergitur iUic^ 
Deque Juo tribuit nomine nomen afua* 
Beda etiam, & chorus omnis Saxonicorum fcriptorum Hdm- 
bri nomen familiare habent. Sed ubi interim oritur Hum- 
ber ? Conftat Humbrum eum cffe aeftum, quo Ifurus flu. cu- 
jus nomen ex Ifide & Uro coalefcit, pleno delabitur alveo: 
quo etiam Dunus & Terentus confluunt. Humbri plane 
fiditium nomen eft. Sed nee flumen aliquod in ea regione 
hujufmodi nominis, ut neque alibi, quod ego fciam, in Bri- 
tannia. Eft tamen in poftrema fyllaba corrupti nominis, vi- 
delicet ber, quod conjedluram non feciat levem, Aber Bri- 
tannicum in Humber degenerafle. Ptolemxus ubi rccenfet 
nomina fluviorum Britanniae, qui fe in mare orientale exo- 
nerant, Abi flu. meminit. Crediderim certe Abri, non Abi, 
in antiquis Ptolemxi exemplaribus fcriptum : quanquam fa- 
cllis ille quidem lapfus homini extero^ & Grxco pere^rinae 
linguae prorfus ignaro. Saxones flummum oftia vulgan hoc 
vocabulo fcilicet Muthe, quod Latine os fignificat, denota- 
bant. Eskemouth, Teignemouth, Derentemouth manifefto 
funt exemplo. Britanni etiam oftia fluminum proprio defig- 
nabant nomine : in hoc tamen k compofitione Saxonum lege 
quadam fua difcrepantes, quod oftiorum appellationem flu- 
viorum nominibus prxponant. Hoc abunde liquet in Aber- 
daron, ^in Aber- Avon, in Aber-Tive, atque id genus a- 
liis multis. Eft autem id proprie Aber Britannis, quod 
Muthe Saxonibus, quod oftia numero multitudinis Latmis, 
quod ^fusf^ denique Graecis. Cogor igitur, judicio quodam, 

« In j^er^Avon^'] Haec verba omifit Ed. fecunda. 



Ulnis compledi mediis Aber Bricannicum refte cognitum, 
receptumque alibi, & Humbrum perpetuo repudiare. Ex- 
cutiant rem cxquifite cniditi. & tandem dubio procul in- 
tellexerint Aber, genuinum oftiis fluviorum nomcn^ in Hum- 
ber degeneraffe. Hoc idem etiam, ut ingenue id dicam, 

2uod fentio, fa6tum puto in Sabrina fiumine, cui creduk 
>ambricorum fcriptorum fimplicicas ab Habrina puella ibi- 
dem demerfa nomen indidir, ut ex his liquet verubus. 

In fluvmm fraetfitatur Ahren. 

Nomen Abren fluvh de virgine : nomen eidem^ 

Nomine corrufto^ deinde Sahina datttr. 
Ego neminem hie cogo ut me« fubfcribat fententiae. Hoc 
interim, votis multis k candidis expetiverim, ut, repertis fru- 
gibus, non ampiius glandium amore teneantur. 

HuNDESDENA, vulgo Huttfden, aedes inter Catyeuch- 
lanos, qui nunc Hertofordenfes, fplendidiffimsc. Eft autem 
nomen a lingua derivatum Saxonica. Hunde, L*tinc vena- 
ticus canis. Dene, vallis. Locus erat ditionis, fi fatis me- 
mini, Bohunorum, & Bemeriorum : deinde etiam & Hau- 
vertorum. Turris in ipfo aedium aditu fane fpeftabilis. 
Thomas Hauvertus dux Icenorum ejtls altitudinem fufpedam 
habens, ne ruinam pateretur, faftigionim graviffima pondera 
detraxit. Turris vero humilior fafta etiamnum decus fuum 
retiriet. Poftremo Henricus oftavus Rex Angl. unicum hu- 
jus feculi in architeftura lumen, fada cum Iceno permuta- 
tione, veterem ftruduram expolivit, & novam, opus unde- 
cunque confpicuum, addidit, 

HuRSTA ^ fylva nomen accepit, nee aliunde fe jaftat, 
quam \ minaci caftello. Ante autem quam illud caput ex- 
tuliffet, impune veniebant piratae in portum Avonenfem, & 
finus in eo omneis impune excutiebant. Perventum eft 

Saucis hinc annis ab hofte vel ad ipfa urbis Avonduni, (i 
lis {rfacet, moenia. Is navem ex controverfia onerariam 
magnam cjuidem, & preciofis mercibus refertam, abduxit, 
invitis civibus. 

Non tulit banc lahem magni mens Trlnetpis alta: 
§lutn Hurjlam ftatuH vindicis ipfe loco. 
Hie, quoniam in Avonduni mentionem incidimus, lubet 
candidum leftorem erroris admonere, qui frequentiufeule 
occurrit in quorundam hiftoriis, qui res geftas Britannix 
fcripferunt. Confirmant enim, at nimium temere, portum^ 
qui Avondunum profpicit, Hammonis olim vocatum fiiiflc 
nomine, Tum praeterea, ne defit errori veri fpecies aliqua, 
dueem nefcio quem Hammonem fomniant eo loco pugna- 
viffe, portuique appellationem dedifTe. Portum Hammonia 
hie prorfus repudio, at Avonis facile admitto : admiflurus e- 

Voi, 9. 1 \:vw5^> 


tiam, ut Portus Ammonis apte figaificet Sabulovicum, vul- 
- go Sandewiche. 

HuRSTELEGA, Saxooicc Hurftclcge, vulgoii Hur- 
ley. Recentiores vercerunt lege, quod locum Latine fimi- 
ficar, in le, & ley. Sonat autem Hurftelege Latine fylve- 
ftrem locum. Erat ditionis Vifimonafterienfis, unde vcaie- 
banc monachi tanquam ad coloniam, acque hoc auidem fa- 
&um ab adventu Nortomannorum. Nam ante Hurftelege 
leve nomen erat. 

HuNFRiDus filius Henrici Quarti, frater Henrici 
Qujnti, patruus Henrici Sexti regum Angliae, Dux Qtudist, 
Comes Penbroci, & Cubicularius praeterea Angliac fupre- 
mus, excoluit turn juvenis. tum etiam fenex virtutem, ut 
quimaxime. Hinc clarus aomi militixque, & boms omni- 
bus gratifEmus. Amavit prater cetera politas literas, quibus 
etiam impendib invigilavit. Vidi ego libellum de rebus a- 
ftronomicis ab eo non infeliciter fcriptum. Comparaverat 
eiiam iibi ingentem plane veterum librorum thefaurum. 
Maecenas ille ^uidem do&orum omnium, quos lUis temoo* 
ribus vef Anglia, vel Gallia, vel Italia protulit. Teftes funt 
libri, quos Joannes Frumentarius abba FaniAlbani, &Cap- 
grevus Auguflinianus, ut alios Anglos omittam, ei dedica- 
verunt. Teftes prasterea exemplaria antiquiffima quidem 
ilia, numero 119. quae academiae ad Ifidis vadum fitas, in- 
choata ibidem longe pulcherrimi operis bibliotheca, libera- 
liter contulit. Id partim praeftitit beneficio bibliochecx Al- 
banas, partim amicorum oper^ libros ad eum ex Gallia & 
Italia ulque miflitantium. De baltheo aureo, gemmis exor- 
nato, quod academias dedit, non vacat in praslentia pluribus 
agere. Favebat Aretino Italo, idque impenfc, illius cum elo- 
quentiam, tum judicium aqerrimum merito magni faciens. 
Quo nomine per epiftolas pollicitus eft Aretinus fc confe- 
craturum illi libros Ethicorum Ariftotelis philofophorum 
Principis, quos tum Latinos fecerat: id quod, quandoqui- 
dem promiferar, re candide praeftitir. Poftea captus ipje ma- 
joris prasdae, emittendos curavit Pont. Ro. nonune. retnis 
Candidus, vir nefcio eloquentia, an eruditione fuperior, non 
tulit Claudiano illuftri viro fucum ab Aretino homuncione 
fachim efle. Arrepto igitur calamo Aretinum non folum in- 

fratitudinis, verum etiam perfidias quoque arguit. Et ne 
lunfridus, de literatis tam bene meritus, inelonus efle vide- 
retur, tranftulit in Latium Politiae Platonicae libros, ac^ addica 
luculenta prxfacione, opus undecunque teriinn, degans. 

m Hurley] Hmjlley Ed. fccunda* 



fplendidam, Huafrido fuo dedicavit. Plura de hoc tam claro 
Duce dicemus libro tertio de viris illuftribus. Hoc enim 
ODus mag^aa diligentia, cura, & labore congeflimus, acque 
aoeo jam in comos quatuor digeflimus, «ne Britannix noftrse, 
fama tot eruditorum, & elegantium fcriptorum dcperirct, 
Qiiptus enim quilque eft hac noftra setate, vel inter erudi'* 
tos, oui rede norit quos literarum flores Britannise hortut 
protulerit ? Certe ut ingratitudinis notam multi in hac partq 
eluant,nunquam profeftodefidiae maculam abftergent. fiun- 
fridus Curias Eadmundi in publico conventu 1^. anno regoi 
Henrici fexti miferrime interfe&us erat eo loco, quo Xeno- 
dochium Servatori factum eft. Polus, Dux Sudovolcaraoj, 
homo invidiofiflimus, atque idem fordidiffimus, camificig 
partes agebat. Is autem adbaerebat lateri Henrici Sexti regis 
pii, at non perinde rerum humanarum expcrientis, & GaliQ 
ravens, a quo forfitan pecunia corruptus erat, ita cum Prin- 
cipe egit, ut impetraret ab eo Andegaulam Gallo rcftituen- 
dam permutationis nomine, tanquam x^'^'tM M zttAmm. 
Et quo minus haec permutatio procederet, folus Hunfridus 
obftitit, miferatus tum fimplicitatem nepotis, turn pub. com- 
modum. Sudovolcus hoc videns, fretufique nobilitate, popu* 
laribus fuis, & fide fervorum (erat enim in umbilico dicionis 
fuae) infidiis cruorem innocentis, patrix hoftis fundendum 
curavit. Legi aliquando Hunfridum confidto crimine ma- 
jeftatis imminutae apprehenfum fuiffe k Bellomontano Co- 
mite VicariOp ac Equitum And. PraefedJo, conjundto Duce 
Boccano, imquo fafti tefte. Hinc fama refert eum mcerore 
periifle in Xenodochio Servatori facro. Refert base eadem 
fufiFocatum fuiffe eum vi culcitram plumeam involventium, 
Ab eo tempore fenfim decrevit Anglorum felicitas. Deus 
ipfe tanti fceleris tandem ultor erat. Peffima interiit peffi- 
mus Polus morte, detruncato in littore Dorenfi capite. Poll 
genus omne concidit. Hunfridi fama, eruditio, fides, gloria 
etiam florent, perpctuoque florebunt. 

Hydropolis, vulgoDorceftre, urbsad Tamamflu.fita: 
dim quidem Romanis nota, ut liquido, non modo ex mo- 
numentis terra erutis, verum etiam ex numifmatibus, appa- 
ret. Hic fi quis me roget cur urbi Grxcum nomen attri- 
buam, huic ego refpondebo, non potuifle nomen aut aptius, 
aut fignificantius, facile inveniri, quod decorum vocabuli 
axi plenum explicaret. Hydor Grxcum belle exprimit illud 
contradum Dor Britannicum. Ceftre, five Caftre, i La- 
tina defcendit origine. Attamen Saxones non hoc vocabu- 

n Ne Britannia mfira^ Sic in utraque Ed. 

I 2 lum 


lum locis tantum caftris munitis, venim etiatn & civitati^ 
bus, quanquam alcerum hoc minus proprium, actribuebant. 
Cerce, quantum ego ex idiomate Britannorum deprehendo, 
OOQ habent vocabulum, quo fignificanter urbem appellent, 
Aliqui dicunt Dinas civitatem fignificare : at rationem no- 
mims nullam reddunt. Alii dicunc Cair urbem efle, quum £ic 
interim & caftrorum, & locorum omnium faxorum robore 
drcumfeprorum conimunis appellatio, defcendens, ut ego 
arbitror, ab Hebraeo fonte. Alcaire urbs fama apud iEgy*- 
pcios notKBma eft. Saxones dicunt fe habere fuum Stede, 
five State. At ego hoc nomen locis freauenter non admo- 
dum celebribus inditum fcio, ut in Polftede, Newftede, 
Hamftede: at civicatibus noftris vel raro, vel nunquam. 
n«Aif Graccum eft, idem refert, quod civitas. Nihil igitur 

C^riculi fi Grffca Gnecis cohaereant, Certe re&ius hoc quam 
ttina Grxcis mlfcere, id quod manifefte in Dorcefter ap- 
paret. quo luperius (cripfimus, liberalitate Cune* 
gjilfi regis Vififaxonum, Dorcefter, tunc opibus & juftis fpa- 
ttis civitatem florentem,in fedem epifcopalem accepit. Lon« 
go poft tempore, regnante Gulielmo Magno, Remigius e-* 
pifcopus fedem Lindum tranftulit. Alexander vero Lindia^ 
nus, videns Durocaftri defolata efle omnia, collegium Ca« 
nonicorum Auguftinianprum ibi infticuit, 


Iberj, gens fama celeberrima, fie didi ablbero flu. qui 
apud Cantabros oritur : unde & Iberia, quae nunc Hifpania. 
Ex Iberis ingens turba commigravit in infulam quandam 
occidentis, cui nomen poftea dedit. Noftra aetas non Ibe- 
riam vocat, fpd Hiberniam vocabulo aliquanto recentiori. 
Poetae mentionem faciunt & Juvernae, & lernae, quae verba, 
Ut ego interpretor. Hiberniam, de qua nunc traao, deno- 
tant. Sylvefter Giraldus, vir fuo feculo inter literates non 
parvi precii, fcripfit Topographiam totius Hiberniae, quam, 
comes Joannis, poftea regis Angliae, & vidit, & peragravit. 
Ille quidem diftinaione operis tertia docet Heberum, nifi 
corrupte fcriptum fit pro Hibero, & Hermionem fratres in* 
fulje imperium inter fe divififlfe. Addit praeterea borealem 
partem cefliffe Hebero^ auftralem vero Hermioni. 

Itius Portus, alias Iccius, & Icius, de quo Cae(ar in 
Coipmentariis, nunc Calice. De portu ut non dubito, ita 
facile non pofliim adduci ut credam hunc efle locum, quem 
Latini auftores Geflbriacum appellant. Beatus Rhenanus li- 
quido probat ex antiquifEma charta militari,Geflbriacum earn 
^e urbemj^ quae nunc Bononia dicitur. Unde breviflimus eft 
in Sriunmam trajedias ^ id quod periti rei nauticae af6r-» 



mant. Quiinquam nuper accepi, i. Dori ad portum Icium 
brevii&muni eue tranficum, qucxl tamen non temere affirmo. 
Legi aliquando Anglutn quendam tempore Henrici fecundi 
delatum in Itium portum locum curiofe coUuftrafie, rece* 
denremque dixifle, futurum aliquando, uc illinc flagellum 
cnafcerctur, quod vel perpetuum Gallos urgeret. Paulus Ae- 
tnilius, unicum eloquentiae Romanse noftro feculo decus, cu* 
jus floribus, quantum ad res Gallicas pertinet, Polydorus hi* 
ftoriam adornavit fuam^ fcribit fepcimo hiftorix Gallicae li- 
bro, Philippum Bononia; Comitem Itium muniviiTe. £ad» 
ueardus k Gulielmo Magno ejus appellationis tertius longa 
obfidione urbem expugnavit, expugnatam auxit, audam de 
integro munivit, & munitam confervavic. At Henricus 
0£tavus, unus inftar multorum, tantum munitionis, tantum 
fplendidas ftruduras, tantum apparatus militarisurbi contulity 
ut jgloriam Regum omnium, qui illic dominati funt, fupera- 
vent, & multis quidem nominibus. 

IscA flu. vulgo Eske. Oritur in Scotia, delabiturque in 
ceftum Soluathianum, alias Sulwath. Vaduni, ad quod nuper 

fugnatum eft inter Anglos & Scottos, Sandifica appellatur. 
erpetuo meminerint Scotti fanguinis fui eo loco efiuii, &; 
turbse nobilium virorum captae, 

I s I s flu. Britannice Ife. daxonice Oufe. Tres funt in me- 
diterranea Anglias parte nujus appellationis c'eleberrimi flu. 
quorum qui primus Ifidis vadfum, vulgo Oxforde, fed corrupte 

Ero Oufeforde : alter vero Boccinum, nobiie oppidum, alias 
uckenham, cui nomen k damis mafculis inditum, allult: 
tertius, conjugio Uri nobilis, Ifurovicum, quod & Eboracum, 
alluit. Sunt & alii in Britannia fiuvioli ejufdem nominis, 
quos brevitatis ftudio in praefentia omitto, contentus tan- 
tum proedidlorum originem compendio quodam repetere. 
Ifis, fluviorum rex, oritur in Cotefuoldia, fpaciofa admodum 
Claudianae gentis planitie, plus minus mille paflibus ab op- 
pidulo, cui nomen Tetocuria, alias Tetbyri, nee longius ^ 
jFofFana via, ut inter alios multos teftatur Maildunenfis qui- 
dam monachus^ qui Eulogium hiftoriarum fcripfit. Scio ali- 
ter fentire & fcribere Polydorum, virum multis nominibus 
clariifimum. Nam originem flu. attribuit parti limitaneae:, 
qua Cotefuoldia Vincelocomum pene attingit. At nihil mi- 
nus^ quam nominis loci meminit. Novi Pennocum agrum 
Hailelianac ditionis, amniculique fontem vicinum. Sed ortus 
Ifidis eo plane non eft loco. Gaudcbant Hailcfienfes fuum 
agrum nobilem Ifidis origine reddere. Ego quidem ingen- 
tem numerum fcriptorum tradantium res Britannicas dili- 
genter excufii. Inventus tandem unus, aut alter, obfcurae notas 
fcriptor, qui Polydoro in bac parte fubfcribcret. Utinam 


Polydonis tarn oculatus fuiffet teftis in rebui- Britannidij 
quam interim eft terfus, nitidus, clegans. N« ille turn ex^ 
gifTet opus immorcalicace plane digiiiuimum : modo & eadea 
opera cognitionem utriufque linguae, videlicet Britannia 
& Saxonicx, tanquam ad coronidem adjecifTet. At ille in- 
terim laudandus plurimum, ^ui domi (edens, &c numeroTo 
veterum au&orum de rebus in Britannia gems (cribentiiiffl 
praefidio deftitutus, prxftitit in tanta anguftia, quanta potuk 
alius quifquam maxima. Haec e^o dc Poljrdoro modefteia- 
tis, ut arbitror, & candide retufi, quem mterim aperte de 
me male loqui & fentire certo fcio, id quod fufque deque 
fero. Nee enim quicquam eft cur Italum cenforem antiqui- 
tatis, glorix, majeftatis Britannicae iniquiffimum metutm. 
Dies tandem lumen tenebris afFeret, & Veritas erefta fuo 
praenitebit faftigio, etiamfi Urbinas vel ad ravim ufque r^ 
clamitet. Sed ad Ifidis curfum redeo. Hie flu. paucis i fbn- 
tibus progirefTus miliaribus, Coui Berchelegani amnem in fe 
recipit. Sic audtus, curfum •« con tinuat,acCorinum fluviolum, 
antiqua fama clarum, a quo Corinium urbs Dobunorum pri* 
ma, alias Churnecefter, corrupte Cirencefter, corruptius G- 
ceftre, dicta eft. Tum pleno petit alveo Crecoladam, non in- 
fignem olim, ut vulgus indoaum fomniat, Grxcanicis fcho* 
lis. Inferius paullo allambit Aquaedunum, vulgo Aeiton, ca- 
ftdlum nobilidimi Stipiticii, alias Zouche. Deinde etiam & 
LWhenladam, ac continuo Joannitiam pontem, locum inter 
prata humilem, & aquarum copia $ preflam interfccat. Hinc 
Rodecotanum pontem, avicularum nidum notiffimum, peuc- 
trat, Novuumque pontem, ac Infulam, alias Egnefliam, & 
EineQiam, ab Ealmero Coriniorum Principe olim illuftratam. 
Poftremo divortium patitur, ac in cornua divifus, hac Botc- 
legam, & Hinchefegam, trajedrucelebres, petit; iliac Dei- 
locum, alias Godeftow. rurUis in brachia fradus, qux paullo 
inferius, fada infula, coeunt, ambit, & fui nominis infulas, 
ac urbem literarum cognitione fuper aethera notam, invifit. 
Credas data opera fie in infulis lufi(re Ifidem, ut loci cum 
amoenitate, tum celebritate urbis captus, curfum, alioqui ra- 
pidum, fpedandi gratia, remorarctur. Confluxus autem bra- 
chiorum cemitur loco paluftri non longe admodum ab Ifidis 
vado diflito. Quod reliquum eft defluxus, Cygnus, me tacente, 
Ifiacus quaereotibus, ut eft totus candidus. acfacilis, abunde 
ac lucide oftendit. Nunc alterius Ifidis aecurfum brjcvi ora- 
tione perftringam. Oritur prope Stenum, ubi olim villa Mu- 

tt Contmuat^ ac Corhfum &c.] Vel ad reponend. vel vox 
aliqua deeft, fi Frejfam] Sic in utraque Ed. Malim freffim. 



rolegi, deinde Braii, & Sanna:! ; ac defiuic Brachilegam.quon« 
dam nobile Avooias piediterranese oppidum, quod Latine 
Filicetum fonat. Hinc praspete lapfu Boccinum, vulgo Buck* 
enham, unde Sc regio vicina Boccmia, pervenit. Nee con* 
tentus nomen alicujus fluminis conjugio mucare, Stracc^for* 
dam Stenicam, Neoportum Paganellicum, ac Budefordam 
antiquum fama emporium petit, ac omnem citus Provinciam 
ab CO didlam penetrat, quoufque perventum fit ad Ernul- 

fhi curiam, alias Einesbyri^forum non iQfrequeas,quod nunc 
anum Neoti appellatur, fitum vero in ipfo limine Venan-^ 
todunias, alias Huntendunefliire. Deinde jam profundus & 
vagus Gumicaftrum antiqua nobile fama, & monumentis in-> 
fi^e Romanorum ^ Venantodunum etiam, it qua urbe late 
circumjacens regio nomen accepit, ac Slepam, quae & Fa- 
num Ivonis Perlae, allambit : hinc dextrum latus Anguilla* 
rianas infulas, « alias Elig, auAus Granta flumine : hinc fi- 
niftrum Avona tumidus recepto implicat. Tum vero in cor^ 
nua dividiur, Fennicolas perluftrans. Denique cornibus fere 
omnibus ad unum nirfus alveum recurrentibus, Linum, ce- 
lebre emporium mercatorum, terra marique advenientium, 
perpetuo beat officio, ac tandem Oceano ie committir. Re- 
ftat tertii Ifidis curfus ab ipfis fontibus ad oftia deducendus. 
Qujire operas precium erit primum Uri flu. finuofos maean- 
dros defcribere, ut poftea nomine, & alveo junfti, utcrque 
fuis eniteat coloribus. Urus extima parte Richomontaniac 
provinciolx Brigantum Ckrcidentem verfus oritur. Nomen 
autem loco^ ut quidam praedicant, Mufcomaria ; ut autcm 
alii volunt, Coterinus mons, quorum opinidni ego quoque 
curcedo. IDefluit per ignobileis pontes Bainum, & Aifcara- 
num, ac aliquanto inferius Ventolacenfem pcntem arcubus 
infignem alluit^ deviuibue ftatim Mediolamum, olim caftel* 
lumRadulf^i filiiRanuiphiyrelinquen8,Urivallem, locum (id 
nominis vicinum, petit, pontemgueChildegramcni'em. Hinc 
per Maffamenfem pontem, Tanteldam, olim Marmioniorum 
caftcUum, & Nortobrigum, impetu ouodam delabitur,Ripo- 
dunum in Schelli ripa utum rauco falutans murmure. Turn 
vero Vicanum pontem pauUo inferius fitum penetrat, ac Ifu- 
rium, pradato Ifidis nomine, venit. PtolemacuSj ubi de Bri- 
gantum urbibus loquitur, inter alias Ifurii meminit. Anto- 
ninus etiam Ifuriam Brigantum celebrat in Itinerario fuo. 
Concidit autem eo tempore, quo Danica vis totam fere An^ 
^liam ferro & flamma devaftabat. Nunc fcges eft & villa 
ruftica ubi Ifurium fuit. Rudera murorum & numifmata 

m alias Elig.'] Elig anguilla non eft, fed falix. Eaque in- 
Xiila didta eft quafi falicibus confita, Roma- 


Romaaorum hie frequenciufcule ab aratris eruuntun Noma 
loco nunc Aldeburge, quod vems oppidum figoificat* Font 
Burgenfis adTudeladum amnem (Celebris conmdhi^quo, tefte 
Gulielmo Pachenduno illuftri fcriptore, captus c& Thomas 
Comes Mediolaaenfis) ab Aldeburgo noa longe diftat^ In 
campis huic admodum vicinis exftant quatuor Ff ramides ez 
foliclo faxo^ Romaaorum, iiuc ()uidam indicant^ trophxa, 
Scant aucem ad Ixvam vix Vetelingianse. five, ut alibi lego^ 
Eathelingianx, uc nomea k nobilitate fi uimsLat, verfiis ood« 
dentem, qua itur k Burgeafi ponte Luguballiam. Hie unum 
eft, quod me implicat zrOto nodo. Nam funt ex indigenis 
qui prorfus affirment Ifidem, ali^uanto inferius Burgcnfi pon- 
te, Urum in fe recipere. quod mihi quidem non fit verifimilei 
ouum antiquitus Ifurium, ut manifefte ex vocabulo colligere 
licet, utriufque fluminis nomen prxferat. Minora vero fla- 
mina maiorum nomina fubinde concipere, non tam in Ifiiro, 
quam inTamefi liquet. At k defluxu flu. per Burgenfem [xm- 
tem longiffimo jam tempore Uri nomen, dum plebs brevitati 
ftudet, omniuo fublatum periit, & Ifis, prima aidionia eom- 
pofitx pars, Integra manfit : ita tamen ut pro Ife, vulgo Oufe 
appelletur. At fi quis penitius excufierit etymon hujus no- 
minis Yorewike, quod contrafte Yorke. intelligec quidem 
illud nomen ab Ifurewik, retenta prima litera, abje^a veto 
fecunda, & tertia in O mutata, fumpfifle. Neque ego tamen 
interim Eboracum tollo, cujus jam frequens apua veteres 
mentio. Suo per me quifque utatur judicio, ita ut Sc mihi 
meum relinquant liberum. Unum hoc conftat, Graecos & 
Latinos peregrinas lingux voces, dum fuas linguae decoro & 
compofitioni ftudent, prodigiofe corrupifle. Quia nunc 
quod reliquum eft curfus Ifidis expediam. A Burgenfi ponte 
defluit Monachodunum, ubi in fe recipit Nidum flu. Hinc 
properat Eboracum, reginam Britannix aquilonaris urbem, 
ubi orientem verfus Foffam amnem Calaterii nemoris alum- 
num placido accipit alveo. Tum vero naviger, & Guerfa 
flu. dextrorfum audus, Cauodam, nobile archiepifcopi Ebo- 
racenfis caftellum. alluit. Denique Urofullo, cafl:elIo nuper 
Perciorum tum elegantiflimo, tum fplendidiflSmo, finiftra 
longiufcule relifto. Doruenta fluvio fuperbus comite, ad 
Abrum, alias Humbrum, notum illi, Duno prxterea, & Tc- 
rento fluminibus celeberrimis hofpitium petit : undc via ad 
Oceanum refta. 
IsiDis iNSULiE, Anglice Oufenege, fie Oufeney. Hi 

M Ut quidam indicant^ Malim, ut quidam judicant. fi *- 
mant"] Sumat in Ed. prima, male. 



mediamnes loci pene inglorii ante adventam Roberti Oilii 
Kortomanni, cujus ditionis tota Ifiacorum provincia, bene- 
fido Gulielmi Magni, fuit. lUe autem eo, tanquam in fece& 
film amceniflimum, ^caftello fuo vicino frequentiufcule tranf^ 
ibac Erat autem Roberto frater Nigellus nomine, de quo 
famz npn admodum multa refert. At ejus filius Robertus, ne- 
pos & neres Roberti primi, q[ui fine liberis obiit^ vir rnaxi* 
mi precii erat^ cujus uxor Editha Forna. femina incompara- 
bilis, |fidis iniulas magni merito fecit. Conti^it aliquanao, ut 
Picarum chorus arborem infidens Editham, in inmlis fpati- 
ante^, confono quafi ftrepitu falutaret : quod quum frequen- 
ter, $c uni illi, fecifTet. augurio tada, Radulphum Canonicum 
Fani Fredifuida; conlulit. Ule ma^um in augurio pondua 
inefTe refpondet, ac heroinam foUicite rogat, ut templum ibi- 
dem Servatori confecraret. Ilia hoc idem k marito petit. & 
impetrat* Hinc fundamenta coenobii jaAa, auod tanaem 
crevit in immenfum. Thomas Vicanius in annalibus fuis hoc 
fadumafErmat anno D. 1119. Sic fama, fie gloria, fie ho- 
nos infulis partus. Multa debent igitur Oiliis infulse Ifiacse. 
IsiACUs, pofieffivum ab Ifide aptiflime derivatum. quo 
nomine non meleganter appellabit aliquis accolam propter 
Ifidis vadum habitantem. Defuit jam longo tempore aptum, 
elegans,& Latinum genti vocabulum. Fas igitur fitmihi,per 
candorem & gratiam eruditorum, eam k bonis Uteris optime 
audientem, Ifiacos. nomine in hac parte novo, at interim apto 
&*fignificanti, poiteritati commendare. 

IsiDis Vadum, Saxonice Oufeforde, & Oufenford, ncor- 
rupte Oxforde. Hie forfitan obgannient icioli, omnis anti- 
quitatis & politac literature ignari, me corruptorem efle vc- 
teris linguae Saxonicae, quam illi interim qualis fuerit igno- 
rant prorfus. Per me vel ad ravim ufque oblatrent, canum 
Aupidam imitantes rabiem, c^ui Lunam nitide elucentem, & 
niml tale curantem, affidua infedantur vociferatione. Non 
cquidem fcribo hujufinodi tenebrionibus, contentus interim 
puicis, atcandidis, eruditis, deniquejudicio valentibuspla* 
cuifle. De Ifidis vadiorigine, multi multa prxdicant: inter 
quae hiftoria circumfertur affirmans banc urbem olim ab amce- 
nitate fitus Bellofitum diftam fuifie. Joannes Rofliis Verovi- 
canus, accola Guidonici clivi, hinc edodus, hoc idem affirmat. 
Gives, urbem fuam quam illuftrifSmam reddere cupientes, 
Vordgerium Britannum, conditorem nefcio, an inftaurato- 
rem, urbis depraedicant. At qua id faciant audoritate, lucu- 
lentam non reddunt rationem. Hiftoria rerum memorabi- 

• C^mtPte Oxfcrde] Vide fijpra in not. ad p. 31. 
yd 9, K Uum,' 


limn.qutmacademialfiaca religiofe fervat, aperte pronunciat 
fcholas fama antiquitus in&gneis ^ Grascolada (aux rc&iuM 
Crecokda) Lechelada, M&c Lathelada fuifle Belloutum tranf* 
latas. At quo tempore, quo au&ore. aua caufla id fa^m fit, 
filentium plane ingens. Secutus eft & RofTus Verovicatius, 
Vir majoris longe diligentiac quam judicii, hanc qualemcun- 
que de fcholarum tranflatione opinionem. Crecoladenfes 
accolx ripx Ifiacse confervaat nefcio quos verficulos obfcaros 
in Fano Sampfonis, hancoriginemalTerenteis: quorum^ nifi 
me fallit memoria, hie primus eft. 

Fo^quam FaHaf bumi frriens froflravit Afhenas. 
Reliqui vero exciderunt mihi, (edf difpendio pane nuUo. 
Ifiacac academias hiftoria prorfus nullam facit de Ealfrido 
mentionem. Sunt tamen alii fcriptores, & fidei approbatse, 
qui inftitutionem fcholarum Ifiacarum manifefteilli afcribant. 
yidctur hoc etiam Aflerius Menevenfis, tede rupprcdb Ifi- 
dis vadi nomine, fignificafle. Sed is nee Graecoladas, nee 
Lecheladse, nee Letheladae, vocabulorum mereSaxonicorum, 
ut neque tranfinigrationis, meminit, ne per umbram quidem. 
Qujn ipfa verba auftoris apponam, ubi de educationc filio- 
rum Ealfridi regis Vififaxonum loquitur: ^^Eathelueardos 
^^ omnibus junior, ludis literariis divino confilio^ &admira- 
*^ bill Regis pruaentia, cum omnibus pene tonus reeionis 
^'nobilibusinfiantibus, ac etiam multis ignobilibiis, fubdili- 
^^ genti magiftrorum cura traditus eft. in qua fchola utriuf- 
^^que linguas libri^ Latinx fcilicet ac Sazomcae, affidue Ic]^- 
*' bantur. Scriptioni quoque vacabanr, ita ut anteqtiam nu- 
** manis artibus vires haberent, venatoriae fcilicet, 8c ceteris 
'^artibus qux nobilibus conveniunt^ in liberalibua artiEHil 
" ftudiofi, & ingeniofi viderentur." Et alibijUbi de divifione 
fbrtunarum Ealfridi adt, hxc fcribit: '*Tertiam partem 
^^fcholx, c}uam ex mulcis proprix fux gentis nobilibus pue* 
**risj & ignobilibusj ftudiouffime congregaverat^ dfedit/' 
Rodus Verovicanus m libello de Academiis affirmat prin^ 
cipi6 tantum fuifte treis fcholas in Ifidis vado. quartim prima 
grammaticis, fecunda philofophis, tertia theologiii confe- 
crata eft. Haraldus Levipes, Danus^ Anglix rex, ii&ftus tana 
civibus, tum eruditis Ifidis vadum mcolentibus. quad Duios 
nobiles, fugienteis ad Fani Fredifuidx pyramidexn, confillo 
Eadrici proditoris fceieftiffimi occidiiTent, armacum militeiA 
to mifit, qui urbem ftrenue diriperer, & collegia bonis arti- 

a Et Lathelada)] Pofterior pars Parenthefis non poft Lm"^ 
thelada^ fed mox poft LecheUda male collocatur in Ed. 



bus dedicata confringeret, fcholafticis bine illioc metu fu** 
gientibus. Chronica Fani Fredifwidas referunt Ifidis vaduoi, 
regaante jE;^thelredo, infignem accepifTe cladem. Robertuj 
Poieflius, v^r ad bonas literas natus^ fludiorum in Ifidis vado 
refufcitavic,poft cladcm acceptam^alacritatem,temporeHea- 
rici BeUoclerici regis Angliae. Hinc Polenius Romanam ur- 
bem petiir, ubi & Cancellarii disnitate fun£tus eft. Noa 
poffum Uquido pronunciare an Ifidis vadum muro fuerit 
cinftum ante imperium Gulielmi nothi, regis An^as. Ulud 
conftat Robertum Oilium, ejus appellationis prinjum, ca- 
ftrum, quod plini fortiflimum fuit. in ripis Ifidis vel kftinda- 
meutis conftruxiffe, anno k Ch rift onato 107 J. tefte 'j*bQ;na 
Vicanio fidei optin^ae fcriptore. No? ifta, 4um ^ntiquitatl 
ftudeojus, in gratiam Ifidis vadi, memoriae facrofanft^e con- 
fecravimus. Exjhibebimus autem de his fufiora & lucidior^ 
in libro de ori^ne & incremento bonarum in Britannia li« 
terarum, n & in libro de Academiis. 

LiMENt75 flu. Britannice Limene. Refert hoc nomea 
originemGr^cam, quod jpleno defiuens alveo pprtumeQciat. 
Ett enimportus, littus, unus maris, Grascis iifd». JEadbertus 
rex Canciorum Limeni meminic in quadam donatione faAa 
anno D. 741. Chronica Fani Neoti de Limeno fie loquunt;ur. 
*' Limenus fiuvius currit de fylva magna, quae vocatur Andre* 
'^defwalde. Habet autem ea in lon^itudine ab oriente in 
** occidentem milliaria iio. & eo amphus, in latitudine autem 

**triginta." Grains in opere, cui titulus Scalechronicon, An- 
^dredefwaldae meminit, oc Sigeberti regis Vififaxonum ab upi- 
lione ibidem interfedi. Henricus Venantodunenfis quarto 
libro hiftoriae de regibus Aaglorum haec refert^ ubi de Uanis, 
fretujs audloritate Mariani, agit : '*Poftca recliit in Angliam 
^* ille magnus exercitus cum omnibus rebus fuis ad portum Li- 
'^mene cum %jo. navibus, qui portus eit in orientali parte 
'^C^tipe, juxta ma^um nemus Andredeflejge, quod centum 
** & viginti milliaria in loneitudine, trigiqta 10 Iiatitudine con- 
** tinet. Egrefli vero conftruxerunt caftrum apu^ Apletre." 
H^£);<tnus venantodunenfis. Saxonibus id Aplette etr, quod 
Latjinis nialus, nota arbor. £t quoniam in n^entionem An- 
dre4ef>!irald^9 cujusapudMarianumclaraeftmemoria, ioci- 
dicpus, luoet hlc obiter fignificare Hearicum Venantodu- 
iienfem Aadredefcaftri, urbis, ut ait, olim celebeff imas, at ab 

M Etjn Uh9\ Sic lego cum Ed. fecunda. A omiitit Ed. 
^"""' K» E.II. 



Ealla primo rege Sudofaxonum funditus everfe, noa fine h(> 
noris prasfiatione magna, primo hiftoriac fuas libro, meminiffe* 
Nomen Limcni noftris prorfus incognitum temporibus. 
C Conftat tamen eum fiiifle fluvium, quern hodie Rothenim 
vocant. Oritur autem in Argafio monte, non procul ab 
Aquxdunenfi faltu, alias Waterdon, loco Sudofaxonibus no 
tiffimo. Unde labitur vicinum in campum, cui nomen in- 
dit, videlicet Rotherfelde. Hinc Vicanum, alias Hiching- 
ham, petit, ac Robertinum pontem. De hoc vico recentiores 
c|uidam fcribunt, de nomine nil dubitantes. At mea con- 
jedura eft, Rotheri pontem in Roberti pontem degenerafle. 
A ponte Kotherino redla decurrit Bodiamum, dim Dalen- 
rigii, poftea Leuchenoriorum caftellum. Deinde Novio- 
dunum pagum, & Oxinegam, ubi trajedhis, alluit. Poftremo 
Apletream vafto defertur gurgite, ac mox aperto man fe 

L I M o D o M us, vulgo Limehoufe, cui nomen ^ re in- 

Lo MI THIS, id eft, fiaus luteus, five Lamithis, vulgo 
Lamehithe, notiilimus Tamefinas ripx locus; de quo nihil 
antiquius legi, quam quod Canutus Fonis rex Anglix bic 
inter convivia & pocula, ut refert Henricus Venantodu- 
nenfis, libro fexto hiftorix fua:, diem obiverit fupremum. In 
confeuo eft, archiepifcopos k tempore adventus Nortoman- 
norum in Angliam hie ledem habuifTe. Balduinus & Hu- 
bertus,archiepifcopi,nobileFamim Lamithi erexerunt,decre- 
verantque Praebendarios, ut vocant, ibidem ftatuere. Duro- 
vernenies monachi hoc aegre ferentes cum Ro. j)ont. de Fano 
diruend© egerunt. Poftremo, monachis vi<9:oribu«, niinam 
locus paffus eft, & quidem magnam. Palatium archiepifco- 
porum jam ad lenium devergerat, Ecce prxfto eft Joannes 
Moridunus, &. abfterfo fenio omni, florem ac juventutem 
renovato & au(^o operi magnifice reddit. Hic ego Juvenis, 
ftudio eloquencix & bonarum literarum totus conflagrahs, 
Thomam Houertum,Principis Icenorum filium, Latine loqui 
induftria, qua potui maxima, perdocui. 

LuGUBALLiA, Britannicc Cairluel, corrupte Cairlile. 
H«c urbs ad Vetelingianam viam fita eft, alluiturque k bo- 
rea Aquaeduno, & k meridie Calodeva fluminibus non ignotx 
famac, quorum confluentia fpedabilis pauUo inferius urbe. 
At unde urbi nomen inditum k nullo hadenus difcere po- 
tui. Conjeduram interim meam non gravabor publicam 
ftcere. Sufpicor fluvium, qui nunc Aquaedon. alias fidon, 
olim didum fuifTe Logum, five Lugum. Baliia k valle. V 
litera in B facile mutata, originem fumpfit. Sunt & qui icri- 
bant vallia, non baliia. Familiare quidem eft indigeois A* 



!t quilonaribus valles praepofito fluminis nomine appellare, ut 
2 Glindale, Weredale^ Tivedale, Alandale, Rhidalc. Sic enim 
D Luguballia Lugivalhs erit. Nifi quis reaius appellationem 
s ortam putet k Lough patrio vocabulo, quod lacum, aut fta- 
i gnum ugnificat. Abundat enim aquis Luguballise fitus. Pto<^ 
lemaeus Luguballiae corrupto nomine Lucopibiae meminic, 
videturaue earn genti Novantum attribuere. Meminit etiam 
! hujus urbis Antoninus in fuo Itinerario. Quo tempore Beda 
floruit, in precio haec urbs quidem fuit : nam & ejus men- 
tionem ay. cap. libri 4. hiftoriae fuae facit. In libello quo- 
que, quem de Cutheberti vita carmine^ & profa fcripfit. ho- 
norifice de Luguballia hxc prxdicat: *'Ecfridus rex adLu- 
**guballiam civitatem, quae ^ populo Anglorum corrupte 
**Luel vocatur, venit ut alloqueretur reginam, quae ibidem 
*'in monafterio fu« fororis eventum belli exfpeAare difpo- 
*'fuit. Poftera autem die deducentibus eum civibus prodiit, 
*'ut videret mccniacivitatis. fontemque in ea miro ^uodam 
** Romanorum opere exftructum." Haec ille. Concidit autem 
Luguballia calamitate Danici belli, & deferta moerebat totos 
ducentos, & eo amplius, annos. Aluredus Fibrole^anus hi« 
Aoriographus, fuo feculo clarus, fcribit banc urbem inftaura* 
tam fuifle fexto anno imperii Gulielmi Rufi, regis Angliae. 
Prxdicat hoc idem Hovedenus. Adjicit Venantodunus, 
Gulielmum Rufiim regem colonos ab auftro hue mififle. 
Nee defunt qui fcribant Flandros quofdam diluvio fuis fedi- 
bus pulfos, ab Anglo, tanquam colonos, hue miflbs. qui & 
poftea, ne quid cum Scottis commune haberent, Penbrocum 
tranflati funt ut Roflbs rebelleis perdomarent : id quod fece- 
runt, tefte Sylveftro Giraldo. 


Mauditi Caftrum, vulgo Sainfte Mawes. Erat autem 
Mauditus ex Hibemia ortus, &, ut ferunt, epifcopus. Vixit 

{>arce, ac duriter, fanAitatis nomine clams, non ionge i, Fa- 
enfi portu, ubi nunc villa pifcatoria, & fanum illius nomini 
confecratum. Incolx oftentant in coemiterio fano adjacenti 
cathedram ex folido faxo, qua frequenter fedebat, fontemque 
fuperftitione celebreni* Forma caftri in ipfis portus faucibus 
pene orbicularis eft, & fitu fubfidet, ut ferpentes aerei cer- 
tius irrumpenteis feriant hoftes. Trefrius, qui ftrufturae ca- 
ftri prasfuit, vir ad bonas artes, £c humanitatem natus, tum 
prxterea amicus, & fummus quidem mens, i me flagitavit, 
ut late quadratis laxis, infignia Henrici oCt^vi nuhquam fatis 
laudati, & Eadueardi Principis incomparabilis, ferentibus, 
paucos opportune verGculos afiSgerem, quibus alte infeulptis 
pofteritai nobile tanti Regis opus meritis extolleret praeco- 



ttUs. Fed quod voluit. Tali autem amico qukquam pene^ 
gare plane religiofuiflet. Acdpe, duidide leftor, anfcripdo- 
Mun notas. Prima fie habec. Hemicus oS. Rex jfyg/U, ¥ra^ 
pW, & HHitms imnSiffimus^ me fofuit fr^fJium rei fuhliu^ 
iemrem befiiims. 

Secuada iofcriptio. 
Simfer bemos^ Hewrke^ tuus^ UuieffUi ftumetunt. 

Jmfifie Hinrlci naves fuhmttlte vela. 

Gaudeat Eiuardo Ditce nunc Cemubla felix. 

Exprims$ Edusrdus ftma^faSif^ue parentem. 
Hxc nos, in Henrid O^avi Regis lacomparabilis glorij^B, 
asternicati con&craviaiug. 

Mediamnis, vulgo Medeiiienbam, monaAerioIum Ber* 
nardinorum, quod Iiiburnam Bedanfordanam, alias Oufe- 
buroe, pareotem agnoicebar. 

MoNS Acutus, vul^o Montegu, nomeo lod apud Gallos 
Celebris : unde &c nobuifllma ejufdem appelUt^onis apud Ao- 
^os familia originem duxit. Ridiardu^ Burdegalenfis Rex 
An^lias gloriam Montis acuti, aiipqui claracn, dariorem red- 
di£r, Severiani Comitis titulo adjedo, anno ejus impc- 
rii II. 

MoNs dives, Gallice Richemont, uri^s famae confpicux, 
4 QUa & regioni, quam podidet, nomen. Brigantes ohm hic 
feaes habuere, utpote cultores totius Ifuriic, vulgo Yorkc- 
ihire, cujus & base pars fuit, ut plurimum montana, at in- 
terim qua valles fubfident foecunda utcunoue^ Auvii(que ir- 
rigua, videlicet Uro, Suala, &Couero. Gulielmus nothus 
rex Angliae, dum Eboracum civitatem ejus imperio non au- 
dientem obfidet, Alanum nepotem fuum Comitem Brican- 
mx continentis, « Matilde regina exorante, hujufmodi illu- 
ftravit donatione: ''Ego Gufielmu^, cognomine Baftardus, 
*'rex Angliac, do, & concedo tibi nepotinieo Alano, Britanr 
*'niaeComiti, & heredibus tuis in perpetuum omneis villas, 
** & terras, qux nuper fuerunt Comitis Ead wini in Eborafhi- 
**ra, cum feodis mJitum, & aliis libertatibus, & confuetvidi- 
**nibus, ita libere, & honorifice, ficut idem Eadwinus ea te- 
**nuit. Data in obfidione coram civitate Ebor^ci.** Capta^ 
fpoliata, & incenfa urbe Brigantum domina, ac ^eote in po- 
teftatem Gulielmi redada, Alanus, vir ma^imi^ammi, ftudens 
provinciam acceptam folide fibi confervare, caftnun, juxta 

m Matildel Malildd Ed. fecuoda. 



Gillittgham.villam fuam, fortiffimum exftruxit, qao fe ma* 
niret contra impems non modo Anglorum forcunis fpoliato* 
rum, renim etiam infulms Danorum^ Operi autem abfoluto 
Richemohtis nomea quodam confilio inokum eft, vel k loci 
magnificentia, vel k caftro Britadnias continentis aliquo ejuf- 
dem appellationis. Rodolphus Dicetenfis in hiftofia fua me- 
minic Richemontis, caftelii Armories regionis. Ego quum^ 
annis ab hinc aliquot, avidia hoc caftrum oculis coUuftra- 
rem, videremque ambitum urbis intra moenia ipfa exiguum 
effe, coepi cogitare urbem fenfim crcviffe in extima caftri 
area, quod tamen non refero tanquam cognitum. Nunc uc 
fplendor Sr gloria Comitum Ricnomontanorum fufius eni-* 
teant, operas precium duco eorum ab origine ftirpem repe« 
tere, 6c ferie quadam ad fecula recentiora oerducere. £udo 
Comes Britannia: continentis^ Gallofridi fiJius, tres genuit fi<- 
lios, Alanum Rufiim, alias Fregaunr, Alanum Nigrum, flc 
Stephanum, qui iingulatim, eo mortuo,. Britannias prsefue* 
ruut. & Richomontanise. Uterque Alanus fine liberis periic. 
Stepnanus vero filium Alanum nomine genuit. Hie auteni 
Conanum hetedem reliquit, cui nupfit Margareta Gulielmi 
Seottorum ire^is (ilia^ peperitque ei (Jonftantiam, pofteacon* 
jugio Gallofrido filti JHenrici fecundi regis Aii^h felicem. 
Genuit Gallo&idus Arturium, quem Joannes rex Angl. ejus 
patruus ob mctum, ne Angli« regnum jure fuo peteret, in- 
lidiis, ut quidam feribunt, interfieiendum euravit. Conftantia 
feeundo nupfit euidam Rodolpho, k quo adulterii erimine 
infamis divonio muld:ata eft. Hine tertio nupfit Guidoni 
Tearcho, & ex eo peperit Adeliciam, quae Petrum Maloelc* 
ricum inconjUgem aecepit. 6c ei pepent Joannem. Joannes 
ffiius Joanhis Goitiet Kicnomontaniae aecepit in uxorem 
Bcatricem, filiam Henrici tertii regis Angli«, quas maritum 
Arturio, Petro, 8c Joanne parentem fecit. At Joannes pater 
ultimus erat Richomontaniae Comes ex ftirpe Alaniea, cujua 
fi quem juvat antiouitatem ^ quae Eudonis imperio praeceiSt, 
cognofeere, legat Uulielmum Geometicenfem, rerumNor- 
tomannicarum illuftratorem. Recentiores Richomontaniae 
Gomites omitto buevicacis ftudio, hac lege tamen, ut illoa 
in memotiam redigam in opere quod de nobilitate ]3ritan<- 
nica, diis vitam mihi fortunahtibus, in Procerum gratiam 
ptoptditm fcripturus fum, 6c editurus. Interea BLichomon- 
tamse yaledicam. 

MoniMi, gMs AGallicx Bdgicas, auonim urbs celeber* 
rimt Terrana erat, quam ego potius Treventam nomina- 



rcm k Tre, quod oppidum vcteri Gallorum lingua fignifiait; 
& guin, quod alburn^ illuftre, & fplendidum fonat. Merino- 
rum meminic Caefar m commentariis fuis. Meminit eorun- 
dem Gracius poeta in libro de venatione, de quo Ovidius, 
Aftaque venafai Gratius arma daret. 
MoRTUUs Lacus, vulgo Morcelake, villa longo quidem 
tempore archiepifcoporum Durovernenfium, at nunc Kegis, 
permutatione fundi fadta, villa eximie fplendida. 


Naut I cus (inus, Saxonice Reatherhith, locus olim 
nautis tantum hofpitium prasbens. At nunc, quia urbi vici* 
nus eft, cQ^pic nitidis fuperbire villis, & fordes nauticas 
quafi contemnere. Sunt qui afHrment Henricum ejus appel- 
lationis quartum Anglorum regem hic delituifle, ut medico- 
rum opera in lepra, qua foede afperfus fuerat, curanda ute- 

Neoportus, five Novus portus, Anglice NcMrportc, 
ftatio carinis fatis fida, ubi etiam & commodus in Vedam 
infulam aditus. In Neoporcu emporium eft, & unicum totius 
Vedae, quod & eodem cenfetur nomine. Attamen, ut ego 
aliquando accepi, Medena oppido antiquum nomen erat* 

NovANTEs, de quibus Ftolemaeus, oram littoris Bri- 
tannici occidentalem accolebant, ea parte, qua nunc Lugo- 
vallia Scottomaftix ilia floret, & Candida cafa, quss nunc 
Fanum Niniani, Gallovinorum fedes primaria, caput attoUic 
Non poflum hic certe fatis admirari, quid fibi voluerit He- 
dor Boethius, Scotticae fcriptor hiftoriae, quumCalloviniam 
fedem Brigantum fuiffe, contra communem turn Graecorum, 
tumLatinorum omnium confenfum,af&rmet« Ejufdem farinas 
& illud Hedoris eft, quo loco Dobunos, de quibus Ptole- 
maeus mentionem facit, eam fuifle gentem fcribit, quam 
noftra aetas vulgo Darbefliiremenne appellat. Notum eltCo- 
rinium eam fuiSe urbem, quam Saxones Churneceftre voca- 
bant, & noftra setas corrupte Cirenceftre, & Ciceftre. Sedcs 
etiam Dobunorum primaria ibi olim fuit, ubi nunc pars 
Claudianas, ad Coteuoldianum campum, provincial. Sunt 
& ali* ejufdem notae in Hedore maculae, quas vulgus ledo- 
rum tanquam ftellulas iifufcipit. 

NuLLi-SEcuNDA, novum ab excellentia operis nomen 
inditum loco, vernacula lingua Nonefuche dido. Hfc magm« 
ficentiffimus Henricus Odavus tam eleganteis, tarn venuftas, 
cam denique Iplendidas erexit asdes, ut quocunque prudens 

fli Sufcipii] Sic in Ed. prima, Sed in Ed. (mxvAi fttffidt. 



florid^ archice&urse xftimator oculos converterit fiios, has 
dixerit inter ceteras quafcunque facile palmam ferre. Quanta 
illic Romance antiquitatis asmulatio ? Quantum fpecioTx pi- 
durac? quantum auri? quantum denique omnis generis or- 
namentorum ? Diceres ccelum effe ftellis interpolatum. Flo- 
reat «temum Princeps, qui nuUis parcit impenfis, quo minus 
artificum ingenia, miracula rerum, mentes atque oculos ho- 
minum fua quadam majeftate rapiemia, exhibeant. 


PendinaSj id eftj caput montis, locus adjacens Falenfis 
portus oftiis occidentem verfuSg. ubi nunc ftat caftrum in loco 
edito, non longe ab xdibus Cheligrevi, viri humanifEmi, 
qui & ejufdem rrsefeftus eft, Cujus operis gloria, quanta 
quanta eft, Henrici Odavi Regis propria eft, 

Petropolis, nunc Pcterburch, at nomine antiquiori 
Medefliamftet Saxonice dicebatur : cujus & loci Beda 6. cap. 
4. libri {{IX hiftorise meminit. Erat autem in primitiva Mer* 
ciorum ecclefia in honore plane maximo. C5peras precium 
ergo originem monafterii, olim undecunque clariflimi. vel ab 
ovo repetere. CJua parte non gravabor Hugonem Album, 
rcrum Petroburgi geftarum luculentum plane fcriptorcm, in 
fufcepti operis evocare partem. Fidem ille ledori faciet. 
Ego vero quod ille fufe fcripfit in comoendiolum redigam. 
Avona, five Avena, fluvius, qui vulgo Nene pro Avene, fub- 
lata A capitali litera, & V fcquenti in N verfa, Petrobur- 
gum alluit, in cujus alvei medio vorago quasdam incognitas 

Srofunditatis. Quo etiam & loco fons ebuUit, cui nomen 
ledefwelle. Quum vero Saxones in ripa fonti vicina aedes 
pofuiflent, veteri nomini novum, videlicet Hamfted, conjun- 
£tum eft, atque ita coaluit Medefwellehamftede, quod nomen 
longo poftea fervavit tempore, detruncata tantum brevitatis 
ftumo fefquipedalis vocabuli iyllaba media, ita ut pro Me- 
defwellehamftede pronunciarent Medefhamftede. Ham vero 
domum, Stat, five ftetp civitatem Latine fignificat. CoUucet 
autem inipfis pene Girviorum paludibus. Girviorum memi- 
nit Beda. Paludes incolebant. Nomen Girviorum noftro 
obfcurum feculo. Dicuntur hac aerate Fennicolae. Appella- 
tionem accepere Girvii it Gyr Saxenico vocabulo, quod La- 
tine paludofum, & alte uluculentum locum fi^tiificat. Hade- 
nus de loci nomine. Nunc reliqua ftridlim cRcemus* Penda 
rex Merciorum, five Mediterraneorum Anglorum, reliquit 

M Luculentum] Leg. htulentum^ ut & ipfe Lelandus mo- 
puit ad calcem libelli. 
yol. J. L treis 

trcis filios, Peadsun, Wolpherum, & Ethelredum, quoruii 
finguli eo morcuo regao Merciorum prasfuerunt, id quod coq* 
firmat Gocceliaus fiertioianus in vita Milburgae virgiok 
Wolpherus deteftatus impietatem, qua nondum ChrifiiaiHiis 
Wolphadum, & Rufinum filios fuos Chrifto ^ Ceadda iiuti- 
atos, confilio Verbodi i medio fuflulit, mouafterii fusidih 
.menca aoiplil&mi Medefiiamftedx jfcit. quod Deo Optimo 
Max. & Petro confecravit, unde retriourgus nomen loco 
poftea iriditum, ac Saxulphum religiofis prxfidem ibidem 
ftatuit. At imperfeao obiic opere. Ethelredus ejus frater 
una cum fororibus fuis Chineburga, & Chinefwitha incepto 
operi manam fiipremam addidere. Longo poft temporis m- 
tervallo Dani, gens piratica^k boreali littore toto miiere f^ 
liato in Mediterraneas Anglix partes perRradati (Unt, ac in- 
ter infinita alia crudelitatis exempla Medefhamftateme mo- 
oafterium totius Britannix facile primum funditus everterunt. 
Hxc rerum humanarum eft vicilEtudo. Aufim prooimciare, 
exoeptis tantumjudxis^hominum onmiumfecibtt8,xmiiquam 
ufpiam terrarum fuiiTe gentem unam^ qux majorem alteri 
calamitatem imulerit,quamDani Anglis. Qades ilia miferoc 
flagcUabat fpatio ducentorum & pene quinqqaf^nta aimo- 
rum, quam quartam Britannix plagam fiiifTe ftribit Hovedc- 
nu$ m libro Annalium, ita ut iiprxcefTerit Romana,^i£tica) 
& Saxoniqa. Eadgarus tamen, monarcha Anglorum, utcun- 

S« immunis erat k Danicis irruptionibus. Quo tempore 
belwoldus Pbilomonachus, eniicopus Ventx Sunenorum^ 
cum Principe Cab ita egit, ut ille, miferatus loci dqfolatio- 
isiem, erat enim turn temporis ftabulum pecoris, novi mo- 
oafterii fimdamenta ingentia ibidem poneret. Aldulnhus 
etiam. Eadgari Archigrammateus, luculentiffima operi dona 
contulir, dnStus jufta pcenitudine quod filius, quern uaioim 
habebat, ab eo & uxore, Ibmno & vino gravatis, iuj6R>catua 
fuiflet. Fadus hie poftea Aldulphus primus aU)a Petrobur* 
genfis coenpbii inftaurati, & tandem arcbiepifcopualfttrovi- 
canus. Deindc Eadgarus xdificato novo oppiao diploma 
emporii contulic* Qu)d multis? Eo divitiarumL fp]«ndarid» 
famx, ma^ificentix, deniquQ glorix accrevit Pctropolis, ut 
Cbryiopohs k multis appellareiw, quod nomen Stf ooior 
fonat Gildenburch. ViceratjamGulielmus Nortomannus^ 6c 
imDerio Anglix potstus eft. Ecce ChrvropolisL tot cOQC^ftit 
miutonim annorum fpatio opibus, prxda fuit Heremrdo All* 
g^lO) ac Danis Anguillariam infulam, alias Elig^ vi d^fcttden- 
tibus, & Gulielmo regi obaudientibus. Jufto mihi hoc fa- 

?r£cej[mi] Alii forfan malint, frattfftfwii 



tftum videtur Dei judicio. Nam monachorum faltem bono- 
rum IpuVis ftiferant, cantos in elieemofynam thefauros k pits 
erogatos non (brdide Gbi confervare, verum larga mamt 
oppomme) 6c in loco pauperibus diftribuere^ Meminerint 
iglmr ecclefiaftici^ vel perpetirb, iifordium, hoc exempk) ad* 
moniti* Turoldus Nortomannus,beneficio Ouiieimi Vi&oris, 
cujtis&fiepos^ utqutdamfcribit, erat, abba turn Petropoli- 
tanu^, facinons Hereuardini admoaitus, Stenofotda urbe re* 
ItAa, ad fuos armato milite, ut fortem decuic abbatem. cin- 
QxLt rediit. Turn vero partim difpendio rerum monafterif , 
& oppidi incenfi, partim etiam Auguillariatiorum vicinitate, 
VQlneratQ^i, uc pikiis idu6, (ipuic ^ ac caftello Cm nominis, 
Oailicc Montttroid dido, ftreutie eredo, ftRurae profpcxit 
clftdi. Hucufque ut plurimum ex hiftoria Hugonis Albi. 
Henricus Odavus rex potcntiflimus fplendorem novum Pe- 
croburgo, jam dignitate epilcopi illuftrato, conculit. 

Pbtrus Rupinus, Gallice de la Roche diftus. Hie fuk 
Ventre urbi$ Simenorum epifcopus tempore Hcnrici tertii 
regis Anglifle, homo tam invidiofus, quam qui imouam maxi- 
me fuit. Hie erexit Londini in fuburoio, cui Suaoverca no- 
men, X^enodocbium. Porro in Avonia meridiana inftituit d- 
teram Xenodochium, eo loco, quo ftat oppidum in oftiis 
Portus magni, cujus Ptolemseus meminit. Inftituit etiam 
duo coenobia, unum Tichefeldae, alterum Letelegse, qu«' 
Tulgo Neteley. 

Placenti A, Gallice Pleafaunce. Nomen palatio, ab 
Hunfrido duce Claudiano inftaurato, k loci amocnitate indi- 
tum, quod modo periit. refufcitata veteris Grenovici memo- 
ria. Has xdes Hunfrido mortuo qoluit Eadueardus eius ap» 
pellationis ab imperio Nortomannorum auartus. Cygnus 
de hac Placentia magnifice perfonat in mellita fiia cantione. 

Pontes, numeroplurali, oppidutfi, ut ego conjefturam 
facio, quod Saxones Readige, & Reading, fic enim in vetu- 
iliffimis exemplaribus fcriptum invenio, fua lingua voca^ 
femt. Antoninus Pontium meminit. Quanquam milfiario- 
mm numerus, qui in Itinerario elucet, Jt pontibus Londinum 
non convenit Readingo. At ego experientia didici corruptos 
jam cSS^ in Antonino numeros, 8c Alaunodunum vicum, qtit 
nunc Maidenheved, 6e Uxinum pontem, ac Cohmum, Saxo* 
niceColunbroke, corrupte Colebroke, recentioris memoriaft 
efle, quam 4it Pontium referant antiquitatem. Et eo loco 
cantum nominat urbes, ac Celebris notse oppida; cujufmodi 

«f Sordium^'] Sic ex Ed, fecunda, non fordidum ut in Ed. 



nifi Radingum rcda via nullum I Cunetione. alias Marled 
byri, Londinum. Reading nomen, meo quiaem judicio, I 
copia !& confiuxu aquarum apud Saxones coepit. Et hujus 
nominis pagus eft ad Limeni, alias,Rotheri, fluminis ripajn, 
qui Cantios k Sudofaxonibus ex parte difterminat. Fluyius 
vero Readingum interfecans Romanis Cunetio, Saxonibus 
Kenet dicitur. Oritur autem in Vilugiana provincia ad ra- 
dicem tumuli terras, in ufus bellicos olim egeftse, cuinomen 
Selburgus. Hinc profluens, Cunetionem, celebre fui no- 
minis oppidum, Hungrefordam, Spinas, alias Neocuriam, 
ac Readingum alluit, ac mox in Tamefim delabitur. H«c 
confluentia aliquid facit ad nominis etymon. Idem pracftat 
& Cunetio, (jui antequam oppidum penetret, in cornua pro- 
pter Beram viUam fplendidam fe difHndit, ac majori alveo 
per pontem qui Readingi eft ad meridiem defluit; minori 
vero, quem facrum amnem vocant, borealem oppidi partem 
alluit, ac mox coeuntibus cornibus fit unus aiveus. Hue 
ctiam accedit, quod & ilia duo brachia rurfus divortiis qui- 
bufdam vel in medio ludunt oppido, ac infulas plane amce- 
nas eflSciunt. Poftremo neque noc alienum k nominis figni- 
ficatione. Saxones rivum Rhe communi appellatiohe vo- 
V cant, & fubinde fcribunt Hrie. Hinc Rhegate, id eft:, rivi 
curfus; Overrhe, ultra rivum; Rheford, rivi vadum; Rhidune, 
oppidum prope rivum ^ Suderhe, ad meridiem rivi : unde & 
provincix nomen, quae auftrali Tamefis ripae adjacet. Rea- 
dingi primus, quod ego fciam, Afferius Menevenfis illuftrem 
in Annalibus uiis mentioneni facir, ac fui collaudat Ealfiidi 
regis Vififaxonum virtutem, aui Danos aperto marte eo in 
caftellum fugavit. Hujus caftelli nee rudera, nee aliqua certa 
hodie exftant indicia. At plateas Caftellanae nomen in me- 
moria quo itur via publica ab hoc oppido ad Spinas occi- ' 
dentem verf^is. Conftat ex hiftoria Roberti Beccenfis Hen- 
ricianos peffum dedifle caftellum, quod Scephanus tyrannus 
Readingi firmaverat. Ealfritha, fecunda regis Edgari uxor, 

Eoenitudine dudla, quod privignum Eadueardum regem ad- 
uc impuberem occidendum infidiis curaviffet, mbnafterium 
virginibus facrum Readingi inftituit, eo, ut fertur, loco, quo 
nunc Fanum Marice in precio eft. Henricus ejus appelia- 
tionis primlis coenobium monachorum ad orientem pofuit 
locum fepulturae fuae, cui contulit virginum praedia, ac lati- 
fundia turn coUegii Chaufegani, turn monafterii Leonis. 
PoNTiFiCEs, magiftratus, nomen k re fumens, videlicet 

f)ontibus vel conftruendis, vel reficiendis: cujus generis 
unt praefedii duo Londinenfi ponci, habentque in Sudover- 
cano fuburbio domum ampliffimam, utpote armamentarium 
rerum ad tantum opus pertinentium. Rodolphus k Diceto 



in fua refert hiftoria Petram de Colechirche facrificulum je- 
ciiTe prima fundamenta novi pontis. Sed erant ilia levia. 
Quare regiis & civicis accrevit poftea opibus. Hie, candidi 
leSores, obftrepit molcfta fciolorum turba, cujus & unus ob- 
fcurior reliquis, homo notions loquentiae, quam eloquentiae, 
& fM^M^'Atfcmf, me fcede in enumeracione arcuum Londi-^ 
nenfis pontis erravilTe alTerit. Incuriam in aua parte meam 
cenfor fcilicet acutus, idemoue rarus, convellit, lancinat, la- 
cerat etiam pro imperio, fi aiis placet, fuo. Cui ego tantum 
in praefentia, alias opportunius ejus intolerabilem male judi- ' 
cando arrogantiam preffurus, & conculcaturus, refpondeo: 
pluris valet oculatiis teftis unus, quam auriti decem. Civis 
Londinenfis fum,nec me patriae pcenitet meae. Speroque ali- 
quando futurum, ut nee illam mi qualifcunque poeniteat a- 
lumni. Edico, tibi male conciliate Geta, 

NuUi nota magss domus efi fua^ quam mthl certe 
Omnia Londini mfunt monumenta met. 
Fac periculum in eruenda penitiori ilia antiquae urbis noftras 
celebritate. Do6tior hoc nomine^ nifi te difcere fuppudeat, 
forfitan evaferis me audlore. Quin pontis cauflam perago r 
Cataradse in ponte Londinenfi viginti, qua fe ab auftro in 
boream extendit. At arcus ex folido faxo incurvati tantum 
novemdecim confpiciuntur. Tabulatam illam, & planam 

{ Montis figuram ex afleribus compadam, & machinis tradi- 
ibus, fi ufus poftulet, fublevanaam, ne aditus hofti pateat, 
arcum nee noffum, nee volo, fed neque per rationem debeo, 
certe appellare. Sperabas tu quidem magnum de me in hac 
re triumphum. At ego k te conceptam Ipem omnem illam 
his verbis facile tibi praeripiOr 

Sis licet Antaus^ Polyphemus^ maximtts Atlas j 
JLaurigeros noli de me fierare triumphos. 
I nunc Geta, 6c inter compotores tuos viginti arcus Londi- 
nenfis pontis vidor depraeaica. 

PoLus^ illuftris familiae nomen, cujus ego talem fiiifle 
originem a fide digniflimis didici. Michael Polus, humili loco 
natus, mercaturae operam dedit Regioduni, in ipfis HuUi flu- 
minis ripis fiti, ubi nobile emporium. Navigavit autem fre- 
quenter ad orientales urbes Germanorum, tantaque dexteri- 
tate, fucceffii, felicitate quoque rationes omneis fuas fubdu- 
cebat, ut brevi divitias ingenteis fibi compararet. Hinc 
fama inclarefcere cccpit, & Richardo fecundo Anglorum 
Regi non modo cognitus, verum etiam familiaris, & charus, 

«f Sunt monumenta met] Dolendum fane eft Audoris Col- 
ledanea de Londino periifle. 



atque adeo \ confiliis cflfe. Uffenfordiorum Sudovolcias Cch 
mitum gloria, deficients herede mafculo, inclinationem pa- 
tiebatur. Richardus, IhKletis Polo quam gratiffimus ede, ilium 
taftralibus praefecit Volets, anno resni fui none, Sc inter 
fiuniliantfiinos habuit. Polus ufoi perienferat fe in flagrandf- 
fima efle fapud Piindpem gratia, ftrcnue rem auxit. & in- 
dicia nobilitatis non pauca pras (e tulit. Inter quae illud vel 
palnurium obtinuit, quod nulbim non lapidem moverit, uc 
Regiodunum fuum quam daridSmum hmcu Conftat op- 
pidum, iliius cum opera, turn impenfis, au£tum infignium nu- 
mero apdium. Nam tempore Eaducardi regis ab adventu 
Nortomannorum 'm Angliam tertii Regiodunum oppidum 
pifcatorium erat, folios Mulli pr«tcrlabenris, ut ego arbitror, 
tunc nomine gaudcns. Poli «des itiftar palatii adhuc elucenc 
Regioduni, una cum muris oppidi latericiis. qua Fanum Ma- 
riae occidentem fpeftat. Pra&terea duas alias conipicui de- 
coris aedes in oppidiumbiiico, Sc uteitits ad Hulli npam po- 
fiiit* Nee fie contentus egit cum civibus ut oppidum muro 
cingerent : id quod hStam eft. Locus, ubi Uteres in muri 
ufus codi, Tegularius adhuc dicitur. Poftremo k rege Ri- 
chardo in avium gratiam iibertctis diplomata exofcmanda 
imjpetravit. Hadenus fortuna propkiam fe parentem Polo 
exhibuit. Jam Richardi imperium, Sc majeftas, civili turbata 
feditione, fenfim decrefcere coepit, unde & Polus novus ho- 
mo, idemque invidiofus, una ctiam decrevit. Princeps, vo- 
lens nolens, coadbis eft nobilium inftigatione publicum totius 
regni conventum ad certum diem dedgnare. Hoc confcflii 
Verus, Comes Ifiacorum, & Polus Sudo voicarum, publico de- 
creco, tanquam corruptores Principis, exfulabant. Uterque 
Lutetiam Parifiorum petiit. Richardus magno illojum tene- 
batur defiderio. Polus mutatam fortem aegerrime ferens, 
obiit Lutetiae. Verus opes eo k Polo adduK^as invafit : atque 
haec Poli finis. Filii ejus meliora tempera nafti patris here- 
ditatem acceperunt : & non longo poft tempore heres ex 
affe, Ducis infignem fibi comparavit ticulum. Tandem Ead- 
mundus, imminutx majeftatis Henricianic reus, fe, ac noW- 
lem una familiam funditus perdidit. Qujn & hacc tragoedia 
paullo ante k Lindiorum Comite ejus fratre natu majori bello 
mterfedo, aut Terento fubmerfo, ortaeft, patre nefdentc, 
& crucem filiis imprecante. 

PoRTUNiA Insula, vulgo Portelande, fita eft ad me- 
ridiem littoris Durorrigum non procul k Vagx flu. oftiis, 
unde tenuidividicur xftuariolo. QuaOceano alluitur in mon- 

m TertJas'] Tcrtlam in Ed. prima, male. 


tes coofurgic, at medicuUio pkma eft, ferax etiam frugis^ 
graminis, tc pecoris, at arhorum prodiw iudiga. Hanc aefti- 
matot circuita feptem mUhaiia cpoficere. At fi qiiis lineam 
per ipiaa iofiilae radices^ quas maie aUuk^ cireuniducerec, de- 
cern xxdUiaria computarec. Plamties iafmae ut plturinuun faz<> 
ofa. Littprahorrentekrupesofteiuiant* Coojun&a? tantuoi 
unoinrula:vicosedea,ubidcecclefia: reliquss lpar£r. Ohm 
^fcationi prxter cetera accobe ftadehant^ nunc nero aracro. 
Fucjisiy quia fe iacolae exercent, plurimum vatenr, ferumtque 
hoftem forticer. Henrkua Qaavus impeofis maximis ca* 
ftrum hie pofuit monumentuw nobile, & juftum infulae prae- 
fidium. Plura de Portunia dicemus in libro de infulis Britan* 
aias adyacentibus. 

Profundum Vabum, Angl. Depeford, tantum villa 
pifcatonun paucis ak hinc annis. Henrkus Odavus, Prioci* 
pum decua omakm, Navale confervandis ft; refici^idb na* 
vibus hk tnflittii^ armameajtariumque joxta pofuit, ac nu^ 
per fplenciidaa etiam aDde» Gfeoovicanii famiuas excelfo e«. 
rexit laftigia 

PuTENEaA, locua non alio^ quod ego fciam, nomine 
memorabilis, quam qood asxoenas ad ripam ^des oftentet, 


Regioditnum Tamcfinum, fie didum, quod ad Tame- 
fvnx flu. ripam fitum fit. Fama praedicat vetus oppidum col- 
locatum iuiffe pauHo inferius eo, quod nunc cernitur, Sie- 
nam verfus, loco humili, & excrefcentibus aquis obpoxio, 
afquc bine ad^o alio tranj^tum fliifie. Ethelftanus,, ^adwi- 
Qus, qui & Eadwius, ac E^elredus reges, hie imperii fiu 
corona rediraiti fuat, teftibus Henrico Venantodunenfi^ & 
Rogero Hovedet^. Accept olim hoc medio faAum fuiOS^ 
fbro, ereSo alte tabuhto opere, quo late k numerofa plebe 
irtdercntun quod tameo tancjuam rcfte cognitum non amrmo, 

Reox vs B VROU s, SaxQxuce Cuningburg^ corrupte Quia- 
borow. Caftrum hoc fitum eft in littore,^ qua Ovinia, alias 
Shq)«ga, infiila Taj»efini dt Vagani flu. oftia afpicit. In- 
ftauratorem Eadueardum Vindeleioranunx agnofcit, & Guli* 
etmuiQ Perottum Vicanum, poftea Sira^iorum epifcopum,, 

£r«feAum operis celebrat. Denique & Henricum odavum 
rmiora jam nadus robora extoUit. 
Regiodunum Hullinum, k flu. prae,terlabente ad dif- 
ferentiam alterius fie didum. Seculia ab bine aliquot elapfis 

ercatoriom tantum fuit oppidutum, & appendebat parcecise 
afiUegame, uiide trajedus in Lindiam luperiorem. Incre- 
meota urbis pauUo ante in vita Poli Sudovolcas oftendimus. 
Turn prseterea Hulli flu. originem, & curfum depinxi- 




mus adeo ut in praefentia eadem repetere »fupeivacaneum: 
Ruber Clivus, vulgo ReddecliflFe, /sGulielmus, Guidonij 
filius, hujus loci alumnus, novam viculo addidit lucem, con- 
ftrudis auabus elcgantis not« xdibus. Idem fcholam gram- 
maticam infigni quadam mm liberalitate turn pietate, ac Ho- 
fpitium pauperum rcccptaculum, ibidem inftituit,' deftinato 
vel perpetuum in tarn fandtos ufus prxdio. 

Regnorum meminit Ptolemasus, qui, ut ego conjefiu- 
ram facio, Tamefini flu. auftrales ut plurimum ripas, & in- 
teriora excolebant. Nunc region! nomen Sudorheia* 


Sabaudia, aedes magnificae, appellationemkPetroSab- 
audo, Leonoras reginx, conjugis Henrici tertii, avunculo ac- 
ceperunt. Henricus tercius rex hunc Richomontanix titulo 
inhgnivit, & caftella nobilium aliquot ei fervanda tradidit, 
quas quum aliquamdiu fervaffet, declinans Anglican nobilitatis 
invidiam, regi reftituit. Joannes Gandavenfis Dux Medio- 
lanenfis longo poft tempore Sabaudi aedes incoluit, ia cujus 
yconflagrabant odium orta Cahtiorum feditione. 

ScHELFEGA, vulgo Chelfey. Nomen autem villae in- 
ditum k dorfo excreSentis arenas in alveo fluminis. Moms 
accola illuftris villae famam auxit. At poftquam pertinax efle 
ccepit, & decretis publicis fidem abrogare, famam villac par- 
tarn labefia<Stavit. Sed poftea nova loco acceffit gloria. Hen- 
ricus Odavus, regum fplendor unicus, confpicuas aedes ibi- 
dem nuper poiiiit. 

Shenum. vulgo Sheene. Unde autem nomen inditum, 
fi non k fpiendore, non poffum fatis conje£tura confequi, 
Angliae reges tacdio urbis adfedli frcquentiufcule hue concef- 
fere tanquam ad feceffum longe amoeniffimum^ Certum eft 
Eadueardum tercium hunc locum coluifle, ibidemque obiiiTe: 
£undem coluit & Richardus fecundus, ejus nepos. Contigit 
autem anno D. 1 397. ut Anna Regina, Ricbardi fecundi uxor 
longe chariflima, aiem Sheni obiret fupremum. lUe vero 
tanta perturbatus clade loco temere mala omnia imprecatus 
eft. Nee fie contentus, vim etiam, fi diis placet, acdibus in- 
tulit. Henricus Quintus, defolationem loci undeeunque a- 
moeni non ferens, fplendorem illis fuum reddidit. Po&emp 

M Sufervacaneuvt] Supervacaneum fit Ed. feeunda. fi Gu- 
lielmus, Guidonis ji//W,] Potius Gilbert i filius. Nomenr enim 
ci Gihfon. Gulielmus vero nomen ei non erat, fed Nlcolaits. 
y Conflairabant odium] Sic ex Ed, fecunda. Antea, confla^ 



Henricus Septimus, Regum omnium fui temporis cum ditif- 
fimus, turn prudentiflimus, bonitace foli, venuftate fitus^ 
fiuminis commoditate, & vicinitate urbis illedus, talc ibi 
opus i, fundamcntis erexit, quale priores aon viderunt : 
quale etiam & hujus feculi delicix in immenfum auSaB- 
collaudant. Princeps vero, magnificentia operis mirifice de- 
legatus, Richemontis nomine novam regiam appellavit, 
quo di^itatis titulo ante acceptum regni imperium clariffi- 

SiNNODUNUM, Mons cditus in ipfo vallis limite, cul 
nomen ab Albo equo, fltum eft. Diftat enim ^ Caleva plus 
minus mille & quingentis paffibus^ & foffa cingitur pro- 
funda. Referunt Atrebates ftiiffe illic. Britannico imperio 
florente, caftrum ingens, & memorabile totius provincix 
opus. Cecidiffe vero illud affirmant eo tempore, quo Da- 
nica rabies totam late provinciam devaftabat. In prsefentia 
ne leviffima quidem ullius ftru&urse exftant ibi veftigia. Co- 
loni numifmata Romanorum aratris hic iaepe eruunt. Mani- 
feftum quidem hoc (ignum loci hominum frequentia olim 
Celebris. Sunt tamen aui putent Danos hic caftrametatos 
fuifTe, orbicularique valio tutelx caufla locum cinxifle. 

S I o N ^ Sione monte fpeciofiffimum coelum defignante 
appellationem accepit. Locus ille quidem, ubi nunc Sion, 
famx tantum plebeias erat antequam Henrici Quinti regis 
invidiffimi liberalitatem fenfiflet. Brigidianae virgmes, cho- 
rus, ut tunc temporis videbatur, pius, collegium nambiebat* 
Princeps ratus pofiturum fe opus pofteritati Tpedlabile, colle-r 
gium magnis inftituit fumptibus. Jam debeIlaveratGaIlos,£c 
coenobiola in Anglia non pauca erant, ciuss tanquam appen- 
dicia, Gallorum coenobia, unde & derivata funt, capita fua 
^ agnofcebant. Senferat Princejjs in illis fraudem, dolumque 
' fubefle, maleque de ejus fentire contra Gallos triumphis. 
Quare confilio quodam fupprcffis illis, praediorum quae pof- 
{idebant partem Brigidianis, partem literatorum coUegiiscon* 

SuDO VOLGA, DuxauftraUumVolcarum. Nomen abex- 
cellentia fumptum, ut Anglus pro rege Anglorum* Folke 
autem Saxomce id fignificat, quod vulgus & plebs pro- 
mifcua Latine. 

SuNNiNGUM imminet Tamefinae tipae, dextrorfiim 
paullo inferius Readingo. Fuit olim pontificum fedes, & 
cathedra. Novem hic numero pontifices fiiiffe, Severianae 
ecclefix hiftoria aperte docet. Eorum primus erat Ethel- 

n Amtietat] Malim, amiiebant. 
Vol. 9. M ftiwu^ 


ftanus. PoftremusveroHermaiinus. Hie beaeficio Eadue&r£ 
regis filii Ethdredi Shireburnenfem nadus epircopatum, u* 
cnimque conjunxic, ac unicam fedem Sbireburnae confticuit. 


Tama fluvius oritur Bulbumse in radicibus Catyeuchla- 
nicorum montium. qui locus aliq^uoc paffiium millibus I 
Pennolega, villa fpiendida Rodolphi Veronegi Equitis clarif- 
fimi, & amici noftri, diffitus eft. Defluit per Trengofordam 
villain rufticam, per vallem Eilecurianam, & Crenoduncn- 
fem pontem^ vicmum Tamae cmporio, cui nomen indit, 
Deinde Veteleganum pontem, & Durocaftrum petit, ac mox 

i>enetrato ponte Ifidem ulnis compleditur, fuumque nomen 
uperbus prxfert. Hinc fluvii conjundi curfum deducentes 
uno Tamefis nomine coalefcunt. 

Templum, locus militibus Hierofolymitanis olim con- 
fecratus. Hie multi nobiles viri fepulti, inter quos nobilif- 
fimus fiiit ille Gulielmus fenior Folemarchus Anglisc, & 
Penbrochiae Comes, cujus hoc epitapbium in Thomae Rode- 
bumi hiftoria etiamnum exftat. 

Sttm^ quern Satumum JiU fenjit Hiiernia^ Sdlem 

Anglia^ Mercurittm Normannta^ Gattta Mortem. 

Thorneoa, Saxonice Thornege, & Thomey. Latine 

fpinarum infula, nunc Weftminftre. Locus erat horridus, & 

incultus. Sunt qui adfcribant templum, Thomegac D. Petro 

cuidam ditiffimo ejufdem urbis mercatori. Ego hccc ali- 

Sebertum, rei 

quando legi Thornegac in penfili tabula, Seberti 
orientalium Anglorum, filium Sleddse, & Riculse, filise Etfiel- 

berti Magni,conftruxifle monafterium Petri inThomegaaimo 
k Chrifto nato fo4. Cui 6c fubfcribit Ealredus abba Khiz- 
vellenfis in libro, iquem de vita Eadueardi regis filU Ethel- 
redi infortunati edidit. 
Trenovantum, Troja nova, Gallofrido. Sunt qui op- 

Eidum Novantum interpretentur. lUud interim ne ad um- 
ram aliquam veri accedit, quod Polydorus tamen affirmat. 
ut Trenovantum fit oppidum Britannix mediterraneae, quod 
vulgus contradlo nunc vocabulo Tranton appdlat. Conftat. 
PtoIemaBO auaore,Trenovantcs gentemftiifle maritimam aa 
orientem, ubi nunc Mediofaxones, & Oftrofaxones, inter 
quos fuere dux illuftres tantum urbes, quarum prima rcccn- 
tiori feculo^omanis in Britannia imperantibus, Londintum 
\ Cornelio Tacito diftum eft, fecunaa vero Camudolanum, 
qu« reftius Colunodunum \ Coluno flu. poftea Coluncefter, 
vulgo & corrupte Colchefter. Erit mihi igitur Londinum 
veteri appellatione Trenovantum, id eft, urbs, vel oppidum 
Novantum, donee enidiciffimi, & io Britaomca anhquitace 



k ^xercitatiiEmi^ maturo judicio certiora referant. Quod au- 

t tern Ptolemseus Londinum Cantii annumerat urbibus, auc 

i parum rede illud k Cofmographis didicit, aut urbs fcripto« 

rum iocuria fuo luxata loco. Conftat enim his, qui vel ^nv» 

mislabhs leviter Bricaimix defcriptionem attigerunt. Tame* 

fim perpetuo Cantios k Novantibus difparafie. Quid Lon* 

dino cum Cantiorum urbibus ? Uc concedam Londinum 

flium nomen tel k principio retinuiiTe : an non igitur eric 

Trenovantum, id eft, oppidum Novantum gentis antiquif* 

limse, inter quos & (itum eft? Nihil plane obftac^ quum 

in confefTo fie Londinum inter Novantes, non Cancios, fu- 

iflc, Cognitum eft Novantes eas incoluifle regiones , 

ubi nunc Mediofaxones, & Oftrofaxones. De hac diximus 

aliquanto fufius in Syllabo didionum antiquarum, quern ad- 

junximus libello de natali Eadueardi Principis. Hie me 

nunc etiam juvat non invenuftos verfus cujufdam poer«, 

aui epitomen Britannicse hiftoriae fcripfir, in medium pro- 
ucere : 

• Atmula 'Droja 

Mmniius^ k 7)roja nomine nomen habet. 
Nomen ei Itova Tiroja datur^ fcffl ^ Tnnovanium^ 

Utfote corrufto nomine^ nomen habeU 
Hac efi iUa folis^ tut ires tria dona miniftrant ; 

Bacchus^ AfoUo^ Ceres^ focula^ carmen^ ador. 
JLee efi iUa folisj quam Jf^no^ Mnerva^ Diana^ 

Merclius^ arcey jeriSj dltat^ ddomaty alit, 

TxJESis, Civitas antiquiffima rede Ptolemaco de no- 
mine cognita. Mane noftra xtas Berwike, corrunte mea qui- 
dem fententiapro Aberwike, vocat, quod vocaoulum fonac 
oftia finus, veifiuminis, Beda la. cap^ i. libr. Anglofaxo- 
nicse hiftorias, ubi de orientali finu ifthmL qui Scottos ab 
Anglis dividit, loquitur, Tuedi meminit. Fuit olim Tuefis, 
acque adeo hinc maritima onmis ora ad Fertham, ubi nunc 
Fanum Joannis, urbs Celebris, qazm & muris cinxit rex Ead« 
ueardus Lon2|us, Scottomaftix ille, in Anglorum ditione ui- 

Sie ad Ecfridi regis Berniciorum occafum. Scoctus poftea 
brevicum invafit^ longoque retinuit tempore, Eadueardus 
Longus, rex Anghac. & Scottoram debellator^ urbem recu- 
peravit, & Angus follicice confervandamtradidit. 


VectAj five Vefiis, Britannice Giieid, vel Guith, An- 
glice Wigpte, Infula cum Latinis, tum Grsecis, fcripcoribus 
cognita. In primis autem Ptolemaso, Plinio, & Antonino. 
Samuel, Beulani difcipulus, qui annotationes in Nennii Bri* 

M % tanni 


tanni hiftoriam fcripfit, haec^ dum VcStx intcrpretationcm 
fignificanter excutir, refert : " Quam Britoncs inmlam Guekl, 
** vel Guith, vocabant, quod nomcn Latine divorrium did po- 
"teft." Forma infula&ovofimillima. Longa quidem eft vi- 
ginci pafTuum millia. Lata vero decern. Utrumque infuls 
promontorium, five extentio, ufque adeo ifthmi figuram exhi- 
bet, ut peainfulam faciat. Cfommodus in Vedam trajedus a 
Portu magno ad Retham, intervallum feptum ftiillianiitn eft. 
At ab Hurftano caftello, quod oftiis Avonsc fluminis. & as- 
ftuario adjacet, ad Sharpenoram, fpacium plus minus duorum 
milliariorum interjacet. Rupes habet littus horrenteis'. Terra 
frugum fertiliflima, nee fylvas indiga. Amniculis aliquot 
commode alluitur. Neoportus, alias Medena, unicum in- 
fulse emporium. Villae praeterea plus minus 24. in i^uibus 
ut plurimum non vicatim, fed fparfim, habitatur, Cairbro, 
nobile olim Rigidiorum, qui Gallice Readvers di<ai, ca- 
ftrum, in ipfo pene infula; umbilico fitum eft. Vefpafianus, 

5ui poftea imperator Ro. banc primus infulam Romanis ve- 
ligalem fecit. At quid in Vecla egerit pene incertum. 
Di^criit nobis pars ilia hiftorise Cornelii Taciti in qua fcri- 
pfit de adventu Vefpafiani in Britanniam. Quae fi nunc cx- 
ftaret, VeStx anciquitas, atque adeo Britannia ipfa longe cla« 
rius eluceret. Suetonius Tranquillus in Vefpauano hac fcri- 
bit : ** Infulam Veftem Britannix in deditionem redegit." 
Henricus Huntendunenfis fecundo fiia: hiftorix libro docet 
quo pado Cerditius, primus Vififaxonum rex, comitatus Kin- 
ricio filio fiio bello devidos Britannos Veda expulcrit : ut- 
que poft quartum vidoriac annum eandem dono dederit 
Stufx & Witgaro fuis nepotibus. Quo in loco mihi qui- 
dem videtur Aflerii audoritatem fequi, qui eadem fignifican- 
ter in Osburgae reginae Vififaxonum, & matris Ealfndi regis, 
genealogia exprimir. Servierat jam diu Idolis Veda, imperio 
regulorum Saxonici generis audfiens, conculcata vi barbaro- 
rum Chriftiana religione,quum Cedualla Britannus Arualdum 
regulum, filiofgue ejufdem duos, vidor e medio toUeret, & 
fiio infulam adjiceret imperio. Hinc Veda Chriftianifmum 
recepit, praedicante evangelium Hildila, eo ab Wilfrido epif- 
copo Ceolefgano, quod nomen Latine vitulorum marino- 
rum infulam fonac, miffo, una cum Beorwino Wilfridi epif- 
copi nepote. Partem vero infulx dedit Princeps Wilfndo, 
quem impenfe diligebar. Hqsc Beda i^r- cap. quarti libri 
hiftoriac Anglofaxonum. De Vedia fufius dicemus in libro 
de infulis Britanniae adjacentibus. 

Venta Belgarum Britannice, ut nunc loquuntur, Cair 
Oder nante badon. Unde licet conjedturam tacere nomen 
iwbi rccentipribus feculis Oderam fuifle. Additum vero eft 



mnte Badon, perinde ac fi diceres, in valle Badunenfi. Nam 
Balnea urbs Celebris memorias hinc diftant decern millibus 
paffuum. Nante proprie fignificat vallem in qua fluvius la- 
bitur. Ego igitur dicerem nante Avon k flumine, potius, 
quam Badon : id quod lucidius, & fignificantius efTet. Odera' 
nomen flu. cujus & appellationis aliquot & hodie in Bri- 
tannia ac Germania eflc dignofcuntur. At Avonam flu. qui 
banc urbem alluit, nomine Oderac aliquando didum fuifle 
legi plane nunquam. Eft conjedlura ex uno Antonini loco 
Avonae etiam nomen urbi inditum fiiifle. Sed valeant con- 
jedurae. Ptolemaeum in prxfentia fequar. Ille vero fie fcri- 
bit : '*Dobunis fubjacent Belgas, & urbes Ifchalis, Aquae ca- 
•' lidae, Venta.'* Ex hoc loco utcunque anparet Ventam eam 
dim fuifle urbem, quam Saxones Brightftowe poftea appel- 
labanr. Sonat enim Latine illuftrem locum, quae vox non 
multum i Venta abludit. Guine, five Guenne, Britannice id 
fignificat, quod album, quod pulchrum, quod confpicuum 
Latine. Erant &c alias tres praeclariflimae civitates famae in 
Britannia hoc cognomento celebres. Quarum una Venta 
Sylurum, quae nunc Cairguent, ut ex Antonino coiligo, erat. 
Haec tota concidit. Rudera apparent in Demeria, qua itur 
i Strigulia, alias Chepftow, ad civitatem Ifcanoe legionis. Et 
quoniam in Striguliae mentionem incidi, lubet Nechamii de 
hac urbe diftichon non invenuftum ex ejus de Sapientia di- 
vina libro defumptum promere. 

Intrat & auget aquas Sahrtm flumink Ofca 
ProrCefs. tefiis erit Julia firata mihh 

Annotaverat haec quidam in margine codicis; ** Strata Julia, 
*' cujus pontem conftruxic Julius, quod vulgo Strigolium di- 
**citur.'' Sic ille. Mihi tamen vix placet annotatio. Non me 
fiigit Plinium alio Sylures ftatuifle loco, videlicet ad Canter- 
renum Scotiae promontorium, unde breviflimus in Hiber- 
niam trajedtus. Secunda eft Venta Simenorum, qux modo 
Winceftre, quam & aliqui BriftoUix urbi afcribunt. Tertia 
Venta Icenorum nomine gaudebat, quam hodie appellant 
Northewicke, cujus nominis amiquitas etiamnum apparec 
in flu. urbem alluente, quem vulgus Wennefunne vocat. 
Venta Belgarum initio urbs ampla non fuit. Au<9:a eft k 
Saxonibus. Poftremo. ponte fadlo. Ruber clivus ad finiftram 
Avonae ripam urbi adaitus, & muro feptus forti, quo tempore 
Gulielmus Comes Claudianae praefuit provinciae, & maxime 
Ventae fuae. 

Verolamium, five Verulamium, Saxonice Werlam- 
ceftre, & Watelingceftre, ut fcribit Henricus Venantodu- 
nenfis i. hiftoriae fuae libro, ubi de quatuor viis publicis tra-* 


Sat. Lcgi aliquando urbem Ji vicino flu. Vcrlume noi 
men primitus accepiffe. Et Verlume fecerunt recentiorei 
Vere, dccurtata altera vocabuli parte. Et mox Verus flu. 
fublata E litera, & M prxfixa, fit Murus, quae appellatio vcl 
hodie exftat, habetaue palatium fui nomims, opus plane re* 
gium^ ^"§1* More didum. Vilibaldus Anglus, <]ui Bom£idi 
Angli epikropi Moguntinenfis vitam feptin^entis ab bine & 
eo amplius annis fcripfit. Muri flu. memimt. Admiror in« 
terim quid fibi velit Gildas Britannus, qui, ni(i codex men* 
dofus, pro Muro Tamcfim in fua hiflroriola, ubi de Vero- 
lamio loquitur, fuppofuit. Hinc facile crediderim recenti* 
ores imbibifTe errorem. cjui vel adhuc multos poffidet, vide- 
licet Tamefim olim alluiffe Verolamium, quod certc abfur*» 
dius eft, quam ut confutatione prorfus ulla flr convincendum- 
Conftat antiquitus ingentem fuifle lacum propter rooenia 
Verolamii, qui Oflfe regi Merciorum potentiflSmo vedigal 
pendebat. Fluvii vero in illis Catyeuchlanorum finibus cele- 
bres nuUi praeter Verlumum^lias Murum, Lugiam, quiCervi 
vadum « nobile oppidum, & Durum, k quo Duri vadum, vulgo 
Stourford,nominaturvicus nonincelebris. Cornelius Tacitus 
ha^c de Verulamio libro 14. hiftoriae fux refcrt: **Eadem 
•* clades municipi© Verulamio fuit.'* Unde & Britannice,teftc 
Nennio in catalogo urbium,Cair municip dida eft.Ptolemams 
ctiam banc urbem celebrat, attribuitque Catyeuchlanorum 

Senti. Porro & Antoninus eandem depraedicat. Alexander 
lechamius in libro de fapientia divina encomiaftico car- 
mine Verolamium percelebrat. Stetit urbs fama clariffima 
ufque ad Saxonum adventum, & aliquanto poft, ut apparet 
ex Anonymo, qui fadra Albani hiftorisc eleganter commen« 
davit. At toties Saxonicis concuffa bellis tandem fubito ca- 
put demittere coepit, ufque adeo, uc paullo poft fpeluncala- 
tronum viam Vetelinganam obfidentium efle cceperit : quo 
tempore OflFa, Merciorum rex, potentia inter Saxones fum- 
mus, Fanum nobile D. Albano in Holmehurfte, loco extra 
muros Verolamii, ejus martyrio facro, pofuit. Turn fi&c urbis 
acdificia, & muri minantia ruinam, parcim fubverfa funt in 
ufus novi templi, & coenobii. Ucque officinx ccenobii in- 
dies augebantur, fie decrevit Verolamium. Oppidulum quo- 
que inceptum ad Fanum Albani mulcum latiiEmorum late- 
rum, ex quibus veteris urbis xdificia tota pene conftabant, 
detraxit. Dehinc & Wolfinus fextus abba Fani Albani in- 
finitam vim laterum & faxorum eo abduxit, ut novum op- 

ti Nobile oppidum] Vox deeft, ni fallor, viz, aVnit^ vel quid 
fimile. ^ Et urbis] Urbis ^ Ed. prima. 



Eidum Fani Albani augeret. Refert Mattha&us Parifius ia li« 
ro de anciquitate Fani Albani quo padto Ealfricus abba fe- 
ptimus^ & £alredus ejus fucceflor, & Eadmerus nonus Ve- 
rolamii ruinas ad fe traduxerint in ufus novi cempli ibidem 
poneadi : quod opus i, Paulo Cadomenii poftea abfolutum 
eft, adjuvante Lanfranco, uc refert Eadmerus, Cantiorum 
arcoiepifcopo. Haec curiim ex penetralibua antiquicatis de- 

ViNCHELSEGA^ oppidum in iplis oftiis portus Limeni 
licum* Fuit antiquior ea, guae nunc exftat, Wincbelfega, loco 
quidem humili uca. & violentis fludibus oceani miruna in 
modum obnoxia. Hinc fadum ut quum accolae nee fumpti* 
bus ullis, nee ingenio, calamitatem, qux i, mari oppido im* 
minebat, repellere commode pofient, cogicarenc tandem 
de commigratione. Editus erat locus non rong;o admodum 
interyjallo diftans ab oppido* £t is cuniculos aluic, domino 
fuo Tregofio non contemnendum frudum referens* In hunc 
ficcolse veteris oppidi omnes, oculos & mentes conjecerunt* 
Confilio Eadueardi Longi, qui tunc Anglis imperabat, fitum 
futurse urbis dato precio coemunt, quem Chronicon Fani Al- 
bani tarn belle depinxic, ut prx oculis pofuifTe videatur. 
Fit magnus artificum concurTus. Prasficitur operi Joannes 
Chirchebius epifcopus Anguiilarianus Regi k tnefauris* 
Transferunt eo ex veteri oppido quxcunque ufus pofiularet. 
Temporis fucceffii, id eft, annis fez, vel feptem, excrevit no« 
vum m immenfiim oppidum. Additi dehinc muri, & ponas. 
Rex ipfe invifit locum, 6c operam laudat : dumque altiorem 
urbis partem foris equo infidens colluftraret, caballus crepi- 
taculo vencimolae territus regem concutit. Ille calcaribds 
uTus equum exafperat, unde per crepidinem una cum equo 
in vallem cecidit, defperantibus de ejus vita famulis. At ilie 
fiiperum gratia incolumis inventus. Hoc ego fcriptum nuper 
legi in Cnronicis incerti audoris, quae i, Fano Albani ad 
Tmnenfe monafterium delata funt. Placuit nova urbs Aiis 
conditoribus. Vetus oppidum pauUo poft omnino defola*- 
turn, ac reli&um ludibno itirentis mans. Ab illo tempore 
Vinchelfega,antequam fuae oridnis vicefimum plene numera* 
ret annum^ duplicem pafTa eft calamitatem, lemel Francos- 
rum imiptione^terumque Hifpanorum k Pharolega invaden* 
tium impetu. 

ViNDELfisoRA, oppidum antiquum, nobile, manifi« 
cum, & fitu denique tam amoenum, ut cum alio quocunque 
jure Optimo de palma contendat, ouam & mihi vel in ipfo 
caftri vertice, quo fol fplendidius plane nihil afpicit, decen- 
tiffime geftare videtur. Vetus illud oppidum, ne quis igno- 
ret, aliquanto remotius ftabat ^ caftro, quam novum. Sed 



nee ejus nomen adhuc periit. Illud certe mihi mirumvJ- 
decur, quod, quum non paucis ab hinc feculis tanquam rcgia 
Saxonum fedes re ipfa in magno fteterit precio, cumau- 
- cupii, turn venationis titulo, tarn rara de eo fiat meatio apud 
veteres hiftorix fcriptores. Didici k luculento qaodam teftc 
Eadueardum regem^ Ethelredi infortunati filium, Vindele- 
foranum caftrum celebraffe. Ab eo tempore gloria loci pcr- 
petuo floruit. Nee quifquam hiac regum fiiit cujus non ar- 
riferit oeulis. Longum profefto effet hie connumerare res 
ibi geftas. Eadueardus ejus nominis ab imperio Nortoman- 
norum in Britannia tertius, quern Gulielmus Pachendunus 
hiftoriographus ^ loco natali Vindeleforanum appellat, novo 
fplendorem oppido addidir, idemque ita caftn gloriam vel 
ad ipfa majeftacis faftigia extulit, ut omnibus facile ingenti 
admirationi effet. Jam vidor jugum Gallorum & Scotto- 
rum duris cervicibus impofuerat, & annus a Chriflo nato 
1364. defluxit. Ecce Princeps potentiffimus. atque idem par- 
tis fooliis ditiffimus, animo ardebat, ut, edito opere aliquo 
illultri, magno, memorabili, denique fe fuumque nomen 
pofteritati, velclariffimumfaeeret. Senferatfitum caftriVin- 
deleforani, cujus alumnus erat, tam amoenum, quam quod 
mixime. Sed tempus, edax reruns fplendorem, juxta ac ro- 
bur operis incredibile quantum vitiaverat. Edi<£J:o igitur con- 
vocat ingentem artificum numerum. Turres ac muros ve- 
tuftate fatifcenteis dirui jubet, &, amplioribus circinatis fpa- 
tiis. alta novi operis nindamenca jacienda curat, quibus 
poitea faftigia, omni majeftatis genere elucentia^fuere liipcr- 
impofita. Erat Gulielmus Perottus, nobilis «»Oaoualli alum- 
nus, k Vicano oppidulo Avoniae auftralis originem ducens. 
vir rerum experientiffimus in flagranti tunc temporis apud 
Eadueardum gratia, cui cura, & tanti operis moles commifEu 
Tandem eurriculo paucorum annorum caftrum regium fum- 
ptibus infinitis fupremam artificum manum accipit. Erat in 
caftro vetus templum religione facrum, & Divae Marise. ut 
memini, dedicatum. Hie inflituerat Henricus Bellocleri- 
cus, rex Angliar. quinque presbyteros qui rem divinam cura- 
rent. Pietatem boni Principis optimus Princeps laudavit, fe- 
cumque cogitare ccepit, quo titulo illuftre opus illuftrius red* 
deret. Inito mature confilio ftatuit novi operis templum fa- 
crum D. Mariae & Georgio martyri. Prsefidem quoque ibi- 
dem, ac duodecim Canonicos ex ea fefta, quos Prxbendarios 
vocant, inftituit : utque coUegii fui fplendor novo, & nitido, 
dignitatis calculo latius eluceret, nobiliffimam confcripfit 

« Odoualll'] Odwalli Ed. fecunda. 



focictatem Equitum, auream Perifceliden finiftra tibia feren- 
tium, cui hie verficulus Galilee infcriptus erat : Homfoit qui 
malj fenfe. Jam agebatur annus imperii Eadueardini 25. 
quum chorus viginti & fex Equitum Ferifceliden ferentium 
bonis avibus & laeto omine defignaretur. Rex demiffis 
chlamjrdibus ex tenui & molli panno colores nunc rofcos- 
nunc violaceos, purpureos utrofque pr«fcripfit. Interior pars 
chlamydis regise obduda « findone alba, fed byffina. Reliqui 
Equites facrac veftis interioreis finus pelliculis niveis, quas 
vulgo Armineos vocant, belle exornant. Prxfidis chlamys 
numerofa & collucente perifcelide ornatiffima principib ex- 
ftitit. Reliauorum. ut quifque titulo dignitatis enituit. ita & 
in talari velte praelcriptum perifcelidum numerum religiofe 
obfervabat. CucuUus etiam una cum prominula appendice 
olim egregio & capitis & colli ornamento cultui Equitum 
(uperadditus. Acceffit ad fplendoris coronidem Perifcelis 
aurea gemmis adamantinis, veluti quibufdam ftellulis, inter- 
polata, quod & Regium fuit. Ceteri autem tibiam Isevam 
aurea tantum Perifcelide cingebant. Humerus Perifcelidum 
in vefte longa non comparet : unica'nunc infignis eft, Co* 
lor in vefte unus Violaceus reftat. Hujus fodalitii gloria ab 
eo tempore in immenfum ufque adeo excrevit, ut regeg & 
Csefares Perifcelidis famam decufque ambitiofe expetlverint* 
Qujerenci mihi faepiufcule de Perifcelidis originc, relata funt 
incerta multa, ufque adeo, ut nondum apud me conftituerim 
quid potiffimum admittam. Longe praeAat filentio originem 
rei parum mihi conftantis prseterire, quam incerta pro certitf 
pronunciare, Profedo verifimile eft praeclarum fuifle ali- 
^uod facinus, quod nobiliffimse focietati primordia tarn au- 
gufta pepererit. Sunt qui Perifcelidem interpretentur tefle- 
ram belli defignare, Cindurse fpecies ea eft. Cindi milites 
fua obibant munia. At quanta interim difcin£torum infamia? 
Exaudloratiilli quidem erant. Sunt rurfus aui dicant Eaduear- 
dum figno Perifcelidis in fortem dato hoftem vicifle. Sunt 
porro qui ex Perifcelidis circulo orbem virtutum apprime 
neceffarium Principibus viris coUigant. Eadueardus Quartus 
Plantagenifta vidor collegium Perifcelidis mirum in modum 
fovebatj ficpraediis, adaudlo miniftrorum numero, donabat. 
Nequc hoc merito finem benevolentise impofuit. Ad occi- 
dentem templi ab Eadueardo tertio conftrudi novum & ille 
erexit priori longe magnificentius : fed imperfedo opere 
obiit. Keginaldus Braius Eques magni nominis tedo & fa- 
ftigiis novi templi, ut ego accepi, manum adhibuit. Qupties 

m Sindoni[ Ita emendavi. Antea, fmdona. 
Vol. 9. N autem 


autem avidis hoc templum colluftro oculis, toties mihi vi* 
deor abfolutum elegancis ftruAurac opnus videre. Stabat ad- 
hue vetus temi^lum ab Eadueardo tenio pofitum : fed quum 
Henricus Septimus rex fui feculi Phoenix unicus memoria 
mortis tadus, locum fepulcuras fuae aptum quaereret, diruto 
Eadueardino templo veteri illo, novum k fundamentis loco 
eodem conftruxit, quod & hodie vacat. Mutaverat enim de 
fepulchro fentcntiam, ac alterum, miraculum orbis univerfij 
Vifimonafterii inchoavit. Illud non eft filcntio praetereun- 
dum, quod idem adjunxerit occidentali parti arese fuperioris, 
ubi maxime caftrum nitet, novum & elegans quadratiffimo- 
nim faxorum opus. Sed neque ejus filius Henricus Odravus 
flosregum, quotquot Britannia unciuamvidit, minus deVin- 
delefora eft commeritus. Primis etenim remi fui annis 
pprtam maximam, qua ingreflus in primam caftri aream, i, 
mndamentis quadrato exftruxit faxo. Sed quo me rapuit ora- 
Cio ? Qujim xg;re divellor ^ Vindelefora aurea auidem ilia. 

ViRiDis Sinus, Saxonice Grenewiche. Erat hie locus 
tntiquitus ftatione navium Celebris potius quam ullo illu- 
ftrium asdium titulo. Nonnullam fibi olim peperit famam 
ex caftris, quae Dani in fupercilio vicini montis po{uere. 
Hujus rei geftae clara apud Henricum Venantodunenfem in 
Suenone his verbis mentio eft : ''Turchillus vero fimiliter 
** juffit dari viftum^ & cenfum exercitui, qui erat in Grcne- 
*• wike/' Poffem hic multa, & ea clariffima, in medium de lod 
celcbritate adferre. At in praefentia haec fuflFecerint : quando- 
quidem Cypus accurate alias Regiam, quam fublimem ha- 
bet. fuis coloribus omnibus depinxerit. 

VoLucRUM DoMUSj Saxouicc Fulenham, vulgo Ful- 
ham* Aflerius Menevenfis fcribit Danorum turmas hac ripa 
in bybernis fuifTe. Fuit haec villa multis ab hinc annis, atque 
adco nunc eft, hofpitio Londinenfis epifcopi notiffima. 





JAM prdfttti quod fum pollicitus, & commeniarli qud* 
lefcmque mei in Cjgneam Cantionem prodcunt, vpufca* 
lum ex penetralibtis recondiu & facrofanSs antiqmt4>^ 
tis rellghfe erutum, & diligentia, cur a, fide^ quanta 
fQtui plane maxima in lucidum ardinem redaSum. Qufi 
parte fi quid de meVwre not a fedulus exbibui, quod oculos eru* 
ditoTum fplendore aliquo affecerit, & affeEtos aliquamdiu ille^ 
cebrisy non magnis quidem UUs, fed hanefiis detinuerit ^ aitt 
fi quid mediocris eloquentia prefluxit, quod purgatas demulfe^ 
fit awreSj id quod a me aliquando fakum vix fane eredide-^ 
rim ; denique fi in toto qiicquam opere oftendi quod eandid^ 
leSori arriferit, id ego omne lubens non oflentationiy fed bonk 
ingeniis Mtfifque dedico: & bac me perfuafione imbuo, /if- 
turum nunquamy ut feleSus literatorum chorus expeditam in 
me alacritatem, autfiudium boneftum erg a doSas artes ornnek 
defiderety etiamfi eloquentiay & eximia rerum cognitione in^ 
terim deftituar. a Fropertius inter felices connumeratus pog-r 
tasy quo animos juvemm magna & ardua tentantium excita* 
rety confirmaretque, fie cecmit : 

Rebus & in magnis iB& voluifle fat eft, 
Hanc ego voluntatem non modo ampleSor & exofculoTy verttm 
etiam accepone novay eaque luculenta exornare ftudeoy mqui 
quam olim dilexerimy nunc modis plane omnibus deamem. ^id 
quod & voluntas tarn opportuna caufiamftrenue defendit meanS 
Cenfores oblatrant iniquijftmi me provinciam viribus longe ma-^ 
jorem meis fubiijfoy Cjgneamque cantionem pradicant fapenu^ 

u Tropertius] Ita in fine operis Lelandus correxit, Antea 
Catullus. Ed, fecunda non mutat. fi & voluijfejat ^.] Ita 
etiam emendavit Audor ipfe, Antea, eji voluijefatts. Nee 
aliter in Ed. fecunda. 

N 2 ffter$ 

102 Peroratio ad Candidos Ledores*^ 

mero a doSiffimis cum Latlnts, turn Grdeis collaudatam, fed 
a paucis tentatam, idque tenuiter, ft quis rei turn magnitudi' 
nenty turn gloriam (tquu lance expendat. Agnofco quam an- 
gufia fit fupellex nofira. Materiam fateor jure quodam fuo 
Vergilianam in carmine non modogratiam, fed & majefiatem 
quoque pofcere. Nee me fane latet hoc argumentum & fon- 
tes Ovidianos illos ah illimi mgine pure defluentes vehementer 
itiam atque etiam cptare. Ego qui utrumque viderim, & 
fer liter as dterna viventem fama, & eloquii incredibili fua- 
vitate perfufum, eorum gloria facile ajfurrexi, utpote cultor 
fupplexy rehius quamfelix imitator. Salutatis de more illis^ 
^d Phaleucum me ftatim contuli. Prafto quidem erant hinc 
Catullus i hinc Pontanusy clariffima inter fuifecuU poetas lu- 
mina, quibus ego me pro tempore totum follicite commendavi, 
ac pijlremo rapt us qua nefcio plane cupiditate collaudandi turn 
fntia Henrici OSavi Regis incomparabilis nunquam emoritu- 
ra faSa, turn virtutes pranitentes, Ognum PhaUucinis ca-- 
neniem moduUs in medium protuUy 6r commentarioSy ita ut 
ht prafatione fum polUcitus, addidi, hoc confiUo ne defirauda- 
rem patriam, de me tam bene femper merentem, cognitione 
yera antiquitatis Britannic a^ & gloria fuorum majorum, quo- 
rum resgefiafi in fatis memores & elegantes fcriptores fell* 
titer incidijfent, na tum projufta claritate velut Hefperi inter 
minora eluxiffent lumina. Favete, candtdi leHores^ tam Utis 
& honefiU aufpiciis. Sic ego diligentiam vobis integre promit^ 
to meam, & vejlram per libros editos ftngularem benevolen- 
tiam, bumanitatem, amorem denique pofteritati, fi non utili- 
ter^ certe interim alacriter, ereiius commendabo. Valete ho- 
narum artium cultores felicijftmi. 




^C AD E M I A E 

Ad perilluftrem & ReverendifT. D. 


D A T A R I U M. 


ANglU terra ferax, t'tbi pdx fecur* qutetem^ 
MultiplUem luxum merx opulent a dedit, 
Tu nimto nee firtSx gelu, nee fjdere fervens, 

Cletnenti ctelo, temperieque places, 
Quum pareret natura parens, var'toque favore 
^Dmderet dotes omnibus ma locis : 
Sepofuit potior a tibi, matremque profejfa, 

Infula fis felix, plenaque pacts, aity 
Qmcquii amat hxm, quicquid defiderat ufus^ 

Ex tefroveniet, aut aliunde tibi. 



Vol. I. col. 3 If. 

Nicholas Fitzherbert, fecond Son of yoh 
Fitzherierty fecond Son of Sir ^nth- Fitzherlrert^ Knight (the 
great Lawyc^r) Son of Ralfh Fhzherhrt of Narlurj in Deryh 
Jh'tre^ Efq;, was a Student oi Exeter Coll. and exhibited to by 
Sir Will. Petrej about i^6i» but what continuan^^ he made 
there, I know not. Sure 'tis, that his bare name ftands in 
the Regifter called Matrhula^ under the title of CoU. Exen, 
in 1^71. and 71. he being then the Senior Under-graduat of 
that College. About that time he left his native Country. 
Parents and Patrimony for Religion fake, and went -beyond 
the Seas as a voluntary Exile. At iirft he fetled at Bonoma in 
^alfj purpofely to obtain the knowledge of the Civil Law, 
and was living there in 1580. Not long after he went to 
Ji^mej took up his ftation there, and in the year 1^87. 
began to live m the Court of H^D. AUn the Cardinal of 
England (whofe perfon and vertues he much adored) and 
continued with him till the time of his death, being then ac- 
counted eminent for his knowledge in both the Laws, and for 
humane literature. His Works are, 

OxonieTffis in Anglia Academic defcripio. Rom. l(Joi. in 
3. fli. and a half, in odt. 

De afttiquitate ^ continuatione Catholica Religionis in Ajh 
glsa. Rom. 1608. in od. 

Fft^e Cardinalis Alani Epitome. He alfo tranflated from 
the Italian into the Latin tongue, Joh. Cafa Galatetts ds mo- 
riiuf. Rom. is'py. He was drowned in a journey taken 
16 1%, from Rome in fixteen hundred and twelve, but where, or in 
what Church, buried, I know not, nor what his employment 
was after the death of the faid Cardinal, nothwithftanding I 
have fent more than once to the Englijh Coll. at Rome for 
f efolution, but have received no anfwer. 



Pcrilloftri & Reyerendiff. D. 




' s. 

QVAM vellem equidem (Bernardtne Ampltffime) ut 
qualem tu in me humanitatem, in populares meos 
charitatem, in egenos omnes, notes & alienos, be-- 
^ nevolentiA fingularis fignificationem libenter files o- 
fiendere 3 a tale ego in te officii debiti, obfervantia fumma, 
gratique animi mei teftimonium fipoffem exhibere. Ept hoc 
fane cum tUA beneficentid debitum, turn ad animi mei confo- 
lationem apprime accommodatum. Veruntamen, quum earn 
tibi facultatem Dei prapotentis bonitas, Pontificis optimt be-- 
nignkas, & virtus tua inprimis probata & cognita concilia-' 
vity ut mult a multis, & bene velle, & bene facere valeas : 
mihi vero & proprii cafus, & communis temporis calamitas 
fotefiatem omnem bene merendi abftulit ; quid tandem eft re* 
Uquumf folent debitor es inopes, at non improbi, aftriSam 
fuamfidem, quam prafenti nequeunt pecunia, aut verfura, 

m Tale] Ita calamo cmendatur in exemplari noftro im- 
prefTo inter Codices Laudinos. Talem in aliis exeni{)lari- 
bus. fi FoJJem exhibereJ] Interrogandi, vcl potius admiran- 
di, notam mallem. 



dut vendttlone, aut alia aliqud via liber are, & ego, a ftn* 
tuna bonis egentiffimus, nonne hoc folo, qui mihi fupereji^ 
ingenii induftriaque me a cujufquemedi fruSu tibi, ue P^P^ 
Jatisfaciami Iniquus certe in te, & in me ejfem, ni id Ja- 
cerem : quandoquidem partus ifte, qualifcunque demum a nu 
editusj it a tibi debetur, ut fine injuria alteti offerri necfoffit^ 
nee debeat. Nam nifi fape & ferio de Anglid rebus acadt- 
tmifque exquirendo, tu mihi animum ad bmc conatum adii- 
diffeSy hercle vix unquam in tanta met ingenii fierilitate fi- 
tus ifte exftitifiet. Qui quidem, quando nunc te nan folm 
auSorem agnofcit Juum, fed etiam fautorem defenforemqtu 
fofcity & veneratuTi non eum, uti ffero, tua bumanitas r^ 
jiciet fe offerentem, quern bcnevole adeo cupideque perqwfii' 
rit non adhuc exfiftentem. Qmn imo licet parvulum Vdlde & 
bumilem ita ampleHetur, fovebity tuebitur ; nt mftrorum «- 
terque, iUe videlicet de tanto auSoire, ego veto de tali patrm 
immortaHter, & perpetuo, gaudeamus. Vale. 




f^CATi E M I AE 


BRITANNIA eft infula omnium, quas anticjui ^^^^^^i^ ^^ 
noverant, celeberrima & maxima, p^tet enim in cir- J^ i^^n* 
cuitu ad mille odingenta & amplius millia paiTuum. kitw. 
Oceano undique circumfufo ab Europse contincnte 
non longo intervallo fecernitur. Formam quodam- 
modo triquetram intiientibus objicit : nam in oblongse fcu- 
tulae, (ut cum Tacito dicamus ;) vel in ocrese forte re&ius, (fi 
univerfas infulas fitum piduramque incueamur ^) quafi fimili- 
tudinem exienSjin tresjlicet difpares^angulos definere vidctur. 
Horumunus, qui adGaiiiam^ & orientem vergit folem, in 
Cantio finem habet. Alter, refpiciens occidcntem, extrema 
Cornuualliae regione tcrminatur. Tertius, ad feptentrioncm 
fpe&ans, ufi^ue ad ultimos Scotias fines extenditur. Atque 
faic quidem angulus latior, & produdior, quique fummds po- 
teft ocrea non male affimilan, fuperiori parte fua regnum 
Scoticum (hinc ad Orientem oceanumque Germanicum flu- 
mine Tueda, illinc ad occidentem & Hiberniam verfus, 
Efca & Kerfop fluminibus, in medio vero afperis montibus 
divifum,) conftituit. Alii duo anguli fimul cum reliqua in- 
fula, velut in tibiam pedemque craflGorem porrefti, major 
fere duplo, multoque feracior mfulse pars, ad Anglise regnum 
pertinent. Nam Anglise nomen ab Egbrico Anglofaxone, ^». 8«2. 
poftquam majorem infulse partem fuse poteftati lubjeciffet, 
Britannia accepit. Mare genere ottini pifcium abuiidat; quod- 
cjue undique portuofum ac navigationi mercaturifque facien* 
dis aptum, ideo fit, jut Angli re nautica maxime deleftentur, 
& excellant. Solum ipfum multis olim in locis vineis abun- 
dabat ; nunc vite, nifi umbrae & deleftationis gratia, (raro 
enim neglefta maturefcit) penitus caret ; oiea itidem & fi- 
milibus, quae funt regionibus calidis & magis tranquillis pro- 
pria. Sed cuprum, ferrum^ carbonem foffilem, pomum, fru- 
ges, lanam^ plumbum feu nigrum illud, feu album, quod ftan- 
num abpellatur, large miniftrat. Alit praeterea armentorum. 
Vol. 5. O & 


& rcHqui pccoris grcgcs copiofiffimos. practer mulam, lu- 
pum, biibalum. Coeli, etfi vends imbribufque obnoxti, nulh 
tamen gravitas eft. Fulmina, ac terras motus rari. Aer quam 
in Gallia temperatior, remiflione turn frigoris, mm caloris. 
Hordeo decoao pro potu gens utitur^ (Birram five Cerevifiam 
vocanc :) vino tantum ditiores ; eoque ex Germania, Gallia, 
Hifpania, Greta copiofe importato. Lade, cafep, carne po- 
pulariter viditant. carnem enim cujufcunque generis nee fa- 
pore gratiore^ nee majori copia ufpiam fere reperies. Habi- 
tatur Anglia trequentillime, coliturque paffim urbibus, pagis, 
villis pulcherrimis ; earn inprimis ob cauflam, quod Prin- 
cipes ipfT, & genere infignes viri partim veteri conflietudine, 
partim vitas turn otiofas mga, turn liberx deledlatione capti, 
domicilia fiia non intra civitatum fepta, fed fparfim in amoe- 
niffimis quibuique locis coUocant : in quibus belle asdificatis 
non minus laxe & commode, quam magnifice habitant. £t- 
enim hofpitales ipfi, atque in cultu, viauque fumpcuofi; ut 
bumanitate, fie etiam comitatus vi&ufque fplendore inter 
fe contendunt, quod prxcipuam in hoc fux domus fitmi- 
liasque gloriam repofitam arbitren^ur : quapropter & fa/nu- 
lorum, quos fuftentant, fatis mamus eft, pro cujufvis condi- 
tioner numerus ; & fin^orum oomus quum pateant femper, 
& omnibus, in hofpitii jure notum ab ignoto^ veteri infti- 
tuto, non diftinguunt. venationibus autem quia fiunmopere 
capiuntur^ ideo non tantum canes omnis generis venaticos 
quamplurimos alunt : fed etiam plura habent Ang^ ibli & 
publica, & privata leptis inclufa cervorum, damarum, le- 

C>rumque vivaria, quam per reliquam Europam alii omnes. 
ibertas autem vivendi etiamfi ea m Anglia fit, ut in publica, 
& quotidiana virx confuetudinc non multo lioerius viri in- 
ter le, quam cum mulieribus verfentur, tamen aut ca eft li- 
beras confuetudinis vis, aut tantus in plerifque ionatus vel 
famas pudor, vel pudicitias amor, ut feminas notitiam ante 
nuptias habere in turpUfimis reputetur. Ipfa vero gens uni- 
verfe eft corporis habitudine ad formam ac dignitatem fatis 
apta & decora ; animo excelfo fie alacri ; peAore aperto 
fidoque, ingenio fane vehementi, & in quam ^rtem feie 
dat conftanti ac peracri. Atque ut mente eft in Daim reli- 
giofa. in homines fideli, natura denique libera, humana, at- 
que (fi quis redle & commode traftet) etiam perfacili, ita 
impatiens eft injurias^ nefciaque vim, aut fervitutem pati. 
In vtta quare fie Tacitus, qui multis ante nos feculis base ipfii ani^ 
^grivolA. madverterit, '* Britanni injunfta imperii munera impi^e o- 
*'beunt, fi injuria^ abfint. has aegre tolerant, jam domiti ut 
*'pareant, nondumucferviant.'* 




Dividicur omnino Anglia- in quinquaginta unum comitft- Ctmiutm 
tus, five Pfovincias. quorum medium locum tanquam um- fc^«"» ;»• 
biiicum obtinet comicacus Oxonienfis, ejufque caput Oxonia 
civicas, quas percelebri illi, totique Chriftiano orbi nociffimac 
Academiae nomen indidit : de qua nunc mihi deliberatum 
eft ac conftitucum, pauca aliqua hoc locp, uc multonim defi- 
deriis fatisfaciam, in medium adducere. 

Sunt cnim in Anglia praecipui nominis Academiac duae, ^Mademis 
Oxonia fie Cantabrigia. Has inter ut locorum non magna, in^Aniiu 
fie monim ftudiorumque eft parva diftantia. Quamvis enim <^- 
l»iorum multitudine, fitus locique natura cum jucunda ad 
afpe(^um, mm ad vitam falutari ; tamen fcbolafticorum nu* 
mcro, 8c cxercitationibus, vidus veftitufgue ratione, mode 
denique difccndi docendique tam prope videtur ad Oxoniam 
Cantabrisia accedere, ut quam pauca obftent, quo minus 
hasc contcrri inter fe ufquequaque poffint ; tam multa fa- 
ciuQt, praeclara in utraque fie fingularia, ut cum aliis, quas 
nunc uipiam fiint, Academiis comparatae, vel fuperiores o- 
mnibus, vel nuUi certe inferiores reperiantur. Quid enim? 
Originem qussris ? amiquiffimaB funt. Famam 8c fpTendorem 
nominis? nobiliflSmae funt. difciplinam? praeftantiffima eft. 
Frudlus ? tanti tamque uberes funt, femperque fuerunt ; ut^ 
auiim dicere, nee plures, nee mads memorabiles viros ex uila 
alia Academia aliquando prodiiSe. Ac ne quis forte hoc \ 
me temere 8c inconfultius didum exiftimet ; Oxonienfis A- 
cademiae formam, ac ftuuiorum modum primum ponam ob 
oculos : deinde praecipuos quofdam ejus magiftratus fumma- 
tim comprehenaam : tertio loco ex innumerabilibus pene, 

Sui ingenii. dodlrinx zelique laude in ea floruerunt, paucos 
liquot, fed notiflimos, in medio fiftam : ut illi, aui base per* 
angufte licet, propalam tamen collocata intuebuntur; ipfi 
plane videant atque cognofeant, orationem meam veritati, 
quam vanitati e({e conjundiiorem. Verum haec pauca prius 
referre de harum Acaaemiarum origine fie antiquitate, non 
crit forte omnibus ingratum. 

Sunt qui tradiderunt ortum nafcentis Academiae Oxoni-B*i*//^.;-r, 
enfis ad proximum poft eviftamTrojam feculum, 8c ad Mem- f- *• ^a*^ 
pricium nefcio quem regem, fie auftorem pofle referri : Can- J!* ^^*"- . 
tabrigiam autem k Cantabro rege fiiiffe fundatam : qui annis J^^^^ '* 
ante Chriftum natum cccLxxv. ex Hifpania expulfiis, 8c hu- ^ngiu\ 
mani<Iime in Britannia aeceptus, illam, in clarum ac perpe^ 
tuum grati animi nominifque fui monumentum, convocatis 
ex Graecia literarum profcflbribus, Mufis ipfis confecravit. 
Quae quidem fententia etfi vix credibilis quibufdam videatur, 
noltri tamen non eft earn aut rcfellere, aut confirmare. Atr 

O % que 

sAm. 1175. 

no D E S C R I P T I O 

que utcunque ea quidem fe habeat, hoc fane, ouod adjaa- 
gunt, eft valde probabile; infequentes aetates aftlidlas fllaj, 
oc graviffimis&concinentibusRomanorum, Danorum,Saxo- 
numque bellis perturbatiffimas, ita rem omnem literariam, 
pads tantum otiique comicem, in Britannia evertifle, ut ex 
Academiis etiam iftis vel omnino, vel maxima ex parte ean- 
dem fideturbaverit. Ac licet ilia quidem denuo, in Cancabri- 

S'a vero fub Sigesberto anno Domini 620. in Oxonia poftea 
b Alfredo anno 88^. regibus, nonnihil recreata, & diverfis 
conftruftis collegiis fuerit reftituta ; neutra tamen harum A- 
cademiarum ante imperii Normannici tempora fpleadorem 
fuum recuperare, & vera, tuta, tranquillaque pace rrui potuit. 
Ab eo autem tempore in iis tantopere revivifcerc licerarum 
ftudia coeperunt ; tantufque ex omni parte ad eas Temper, 
tanguam ad virtutis & dodrinac celeberrima emporia, con- 
curfus fadhis eft, ut tempore Edouardi primi muod Uteris 
confimatum rcliquit Armachanus) triginta millia ftudiofo- 
rum Oxonix cenlerentur. Quapropter ut explorati quid & 
certi de iftarum Academiarum origine ftatuere valde eft dif- 
ficile ; ita omni caret dubitatione, & ortu eas efle longe an- 
tiquiflimas, & gloria florentiflimas etiam exftitifle. Ctenim 

fjraviffimo Caewfis teftimonio teftatum habemus^ multo ante 
ua tempora prseclaram Druidum difciplinam in Britannia re- 
pertam, in Gallias fuifife tranflatam. Habemus etiam com- 
muni hiftoricoriim voce confirmatum, Carolum Magnum, 
quo tempore AcademiasParifienfem Papienfemque conftitu- 
erir, Anglis praucipue aiidoribus doftoribufque fuifle ufum. 
Prseterea exftare dicitur Honorii Primi Pontificis refcriptum, 
datum Ronix anno (^24. quo fe Uteris operam Canttbrigias 
dedifTc fateatur, aegreque ferre, quod tunc j1 Paganis vexa- 
tur : hocque Honorii refcriptum Sergium Primum, & Euge- 
niumQuartum iterum comprobaffe.Deniquehabet Alexander 
Necham, in Ub. 1. de Natura rerum, haec verba ; ** Juxta va- 
''ticinium Merlini viguit ad vada bourn (id eft^ Oxoniam) 
'^ fapientia fuo tempore ad Hibernian partes tranutura." Pro 
coronide ergo fint ilia, fi quae in Ubro Procuratorum Oxoni- 


%An, 790. 

vixit ah, 

m DeturBaverU,'] Forte, deturhaverint, )• §lua in litro Pro-» 
turatorum'] Eadem etiam exftant ad initium veteris liM 
(quem aliquoties confului) dherfirum privtlegtorum^ fiatuto^ 
rum^ ^ rerum Tnemorahtllum alma: Univerjitatis Oxan» Codex 
ifte ad Cancellarium Academiac quondam pertinebat; fed 
in manus tandem devenit eximii philofophi & antiquarii 
fummi Thomas AUeni ex Aula Glouceftriae, qui eum cum 
flJiis magni pretU Ubris bibUothecae Bodlejanae (in cujus Ar« 



enfis hiftoriae initio habentur;"Conteftantibus plerifque chro- 
** nicis, multa loca per orbis climata variis temporibus varia- 

chivis nunc adfervatur) dono dedit. Ex hoc itaquc Codice 
totam hiftoriolam (qux ad Academics antiquitatem fpedtat) 
adducam. Fateor quidem earn jam olim edidifle alios ; fed 
(quod dolendum) longe minorem curam atque fidem in ea 
exfcribenda adhibuerunt, quam res tanta poftulavit. Sic er- 
go fe habet : 

**Conteftantibus plerifque cronicis multa loca per orbi$ 
** climata variis temporibus variarum fcienciarum ftudiis flo- 
*' ruifle leguntur. Omnium autem inter Latinos nunc extan- 
**cium ftudiorumUniverfitasOxonixfundacione prior,*qua- 
•' dam fcienciarum pluralitate generalior, in veritatis catho- 
*'lic« profeffione farmior, ac privilegiorum multiplicitate 
*'prxftantior invenitur. Prio^itatem fuse fundacionis infi- 
**nuant hiftorias Britannicx perantiquas. Fertur enim inter 
*' bellicofos quondam Trojanos^ qui cum duce fuo Bruto in- 
*'fulam tunc Albion, poftmoaum Britanniam, ac demum 
•'diftam Angliam f triumphare occuparunt, quofdam philo- 
'*foj)hos adveiltantes locum habitacionis fibi J congruse in ip- 
**fa infnla elegiffe, cui & nometo, videlicet Graekehde, hii- 
**dem philofophi, qui Graeci fuerant, ufque in prscfentem 
****diem quafi fui veftigium reliquerunt. A quo quidem lo- 
** CO non longe municipium Oxon . nofcitur efle fitum, quod 
** propter ampnium, ftpretorum & nemorum adjacencjum 
**amoenitatem J J Belle fitim olim antiquitas, poftmodum 
** Oxonium, k qiiodam vado vicino (ic dictam, populus Sa- 
**xonicus nominavit, & ad locum ftudii prseelegit. Scien- 
**ciarum quippe exuberancior pluralitas ibidem evidencius 
*'eo cernitur, quo in aliis ftudiis uni pluribufve fcienciis fie 
"infiftiti^r, ut tamen aut plures aut faltem earum aliqua vi- 
**deatur excludi. Oxoniae vero fingulx fie docentur, ut 
*'fciencia quae illic refpuitur nullatenus licita cenfeatur. 
"♦Catholicae quidem veritatis ffcinccritas ita in doftrinis 
*'divina favente gracia eft ibidem hue ufque fervata, ut hae- 
*'refis illic aliquociens Jpululantis memoria non exiftat^quam 

* Primum (crihchztUT fcienciarum quaJam fcienciarum &cc. 
fed fub priore fcienciarum punda pofuit eadem manus. 
t Lege, triumphaliter. % Congrua primum fcribebatur. 
*♦ Inprimis fcriptum erat vitam diem ^ fed vitam punda 
fub fe habet, delendum efle indicantia. ff Lege, fratO'- 
rum. JJ L. BeSe fitum^ vel (una voce) BeBefttum feu BeBo- 
fitftm. ♦ Sic. t Sif* X ^'^' 



**rum rcientiirum ftudiis floruifle le^ntur : omnibm ttmca 
** inter Latinos exftantibus ftudiis UmverfitasOxonienfisfiifr 
**datione prior, quadam fcientiarum pluralitatc gencndior, 
*'in veritatis catholicae profeffione firmior, & privilcgioran 
** multiplicitate praeftantior invenitur." 

Urbs autem Oxonia, Aaglorum hiftoricorum teftimonio 
Callena, ac Bellifita, ob (itus amoenicatem, antiquitus deno- 
minata, in meditullio fere Anglias, quadragefimo fepcimo li 
Londino lapide, introrfus pofita eft ; eo folo, cceloquCy ut. 
fi acceiHonis undique facilitatem r[)edes^ commodiffimtm; u 
Baturam loci, amoeniflimam; daeris bonitatem,faluberriinim 
dicas. Nam in sequabili & piano explicaca loco^ nifi quod 
ab una parte leviter parumque defcendat, (ilvolis combus 
hinc inae cingitur, neque his longo intervallo disjundis. 
Radices enim horum extremas atque ipfam urbetn inter- 
fluunt fluvii duo, Cheruellus ab ortu, ab occafu Ids. atque hie 
quidem, poftquam aquarum fiiarum divortiis plures, ealbue 
amoenas infulas effecerit, cum Cheruello ftatim Tub ipfii urbe, 
qua meridiem fpedat, in unum confiuit : iicque confociatii 
aquis non multa emeticur milliaria, ante quam Tamam fla« 
men obviam babens^ cum eac^ue nomen perinde atque aquas 
communicans, Tamifim efiiciat amnem ; vix alteH Europe 
fiumini fecundum. Reliquis vero urbis partibus, ex parte 
orientem,fed maxime aquiloncm fpedlantibus,planicie8 cam* 
peftres objiciuntur, ea jucunditate ubertateque^ ut abunde& 

**in fui ortu non occiderent catholicorum doAorum fblicr- 
**cia, & prfcfidencium vigil cura. Hanc infuper Univerfi- 
*'tatemp Romanorum pontificum ac * Dy cce fanorum pri- 
*' vilegiis multiinodis adornatam, fie celfitudo rcgia fubUma- 
**vit, ut fcolafticorum dicioni eciam loci municipes obnd- 
**xii multipliciter videantur* Licet autem f difficiicm mn- 
" ris tranfitum ac fitum iufulx J famac & noticiam hujus ftu* 
**dii fit quiburdamdiftantibus**regionibus minus nora^ non 
'' minori tamen nofcitur prxrogativa gauderc. Ne igitur 
*'tam antiqui, tani generalis, tarn ft cat hoi ice, cam priv5- 
'^legiati ftudii ftatuta, privilcgia. libertatcSj & confuetudi- 
''nes ignorentur, decet & expcait ea modofque Jfearurn, 
^'(juibus fcolafticorum vita conftringitiir, diligenter fid fidc- 
**liter regiftrari. In primis eft fiquidem&c. 

. * Lege Dicecefanorum. f Forte, oh difiaUm, J F- f^m^ 
^noticta, ♦* Primum fcribebatur reltgionl^us. Scrl fub // 
duo puncta pofuit eadem, ut videtur, mahus ft L. tath&- 



facile omnia iubminiftrent, quae vel ad exercitationem cor* 
poris, ufumque ncceflarium, vel ad honeftam animorum vo- 
luptaiem relaxationemque pertiaeant. Nam & aer falubris, 
& folum fertile-, & pifcofi fluvii, & colles filvis faltibufque 
fcpti, denique planicies pratis, arvis, pafcuifque exculta, to- 
tam banc regionem ita exornant, bonifque omnibus cumu- 
lant, ut non tantum frugibus, came, piuabufque, abundet, 
fed eciam ceterorum omnium animantium, qux ad cibum 
apta, aucupio ac venatione capi folent, copiam fuppedi*^ 
tet^ & abundanciam« 

Habet Oxonia fuas immunitates, & privilegia antiqua & Frrv//^ 
ampliffimak multorum Anglise Regum mdulgentia profeda, 
& lummorum Pontificum audloricate corroborata. m Habet 
icholas publicas multas ac varias, loco quidem conrniodif-^^i't^ 
fimo, & k reUquis aedificiis muro & lata via unica diftindas 

m Haietfeholoi putUcM &c.] Dirutis tandem hifce fcholis 
(quas regnante Maria exftrucbas, faltem inftauratas fuifle, 
ex Univeriiutis Annalibus liquet) novas, longe ampliores 
& fplendidiores, multorum Benefadorum liberalitate ad- 
juta xdificandas curavit Academia. Sed ut quales fuerinc 
veteres illx fcholx ledrori. antiquitatis ftudioio, clarius in- 
notefcat, earum fbrmam nibjiciam h Codice MS. in biblio- 
theca Bodlejana qui infcribitur, Dtalogus in adventum JLegtna 
fireniffimM Domhut EUfsietha grutulatorius^ inter eandem jRf- 
ghnam & Domtnum RoUrtum Dudl^eum Comitem Lecefiria ^ 
0%9ni€nfh Ataiemis CanceUarium^ audore Thoma Neio, He- 
hraicx ungux Profeffore Oxon. 



ac fecluras* Habet auguftiffimum theologian deftinatum gj- 

maalium, k bono illo Humfredo Gloceftriae Duce conftru- 

^h^u »Z ^^^ ^* magnificentia elegantiaque, ut opus vcre regium, 

*!S'^ • tantaque Academia digniffimum merito cenfeacur. Etenini 

' — 

Decern numero erant iftse fcholx antiquas, feptem nempe 
Arcibus liberalibus, tres Philofophias dicatas. Quibus omoi* 
bus infcripciones aliquot prsefixas fuere, quas (nam omSk 
fuat in xdificiis recentioribus) ex Pauii Hentzneri, JC- Iti- 
nerario Germanias, Gallias, Anglix, & Icalias deicribere 
* vilum eft, una cum aliis quas de hac Acadetnise ibidem 
retulit : 

"OxoNiuM, vulgo Oxenford, (Athenac Anglicse nobi- 
'* liflimae, literarum & fapientiae clariflima officina, unde re- 
''ligio, humanitas, & doftrina in omnes regni partes ubcr- 
^'riine diftribuuntur,) oppidum egregium & nitidum eft, five 
''privatorumaedificiorum elegantiam,five publicoram digni- 
*' tatem, five fitus falubritatem & amcenitatem fpe<3:es. Pla- 
^^nitiem enim ita obvallant nemorofi coUes, uc hinc pefti- 
"lenti Auftro, illinc tempeftuofo Zephyro exclufo, tantum 
**ferenantem Eurum & Aquilonem corruptionis vindlcem 
^Sdmitcanti unde ab hoc utu Bellofitum quondam didum 
*'fuifle produnt nonnuUi. AUuunt hoc appidum duo fluvii 
'* Cherwel, & Ifis, vulgo Oufe. Qui licet m unum alevum 
''aquas confocient, Ifis tamcn folidus & concitatior in Au- 
'' ftrum fertur, & nomcn retinet, donee fluvium Tamam, 
*' quern diu quxfierat, inveniat, & ad vicum WaUengdorff 
'•in fe recipiat; unde poftea fluviorum Britanniconim re- 
"gnator compofito vocabulo Thamefis appellatur, de quo 
"non immerito dicere liceat, eum & ferere Britanniam & 
"rigare, quod de Euphrate in Oriente dixerunt veteres. 
aUisU sA^ 'M3eterum collegia in hac celebri Univerfitate hasc font: 
cadimieA " Henrfco III. Anglorum rege adhuc regnante Gualterus 
Oxtnii. «< Merton, epifcopus RofFenfis, collegium quod in agro Sur- 
" rienfi pofiierat anno Chrifti 1174. ^xonium tranftulit, lo- 
*' cupletavit, & Mertonenfe collegium dixit ; ftatimque Gu-j 
*'lielmus, archidiaconus Dunelmcnfis, opus illud Alfredi, 
*'quod Univerfitatis nunc vocant collegium, novis operlbus 
"reftauravit. Edwardo L Angliae rege regnante, Joannes 



" Belliolus, rex Scorise, vel, ut alii volunt, ejus parentes 

"Belliolenfe collegium funciarunt. Sub Edwardo II. An- 

rege Gualterus Stapletonus, epifcopus ] 

ife collegium, aulamque Cervinam, 6 

* V. Pag. 109. Ed. North, idzp. 8vo. 

" hunc 


sedificium eft peramplum, e faxo quadrato totum, diligenti 
fymmecria magnoque artificio elaboratum intra & extrinfe- 

** hunc imitatus, collegium Regium, yulgo Orial, & aulam S. y. 
•' Maria: pofuir. Poliea Philippa regina, Edwardi III. An- 6. 
*'gliae regis uxor, collegium Reginae, five Reginale, ut vo- 
*' cant ; 6c Simon Iflep, archiepifcopus Cahtuarienfis, Can- g 
*'tuarienfe collegium exftruxit ; Gulielmus Wiccamus, e- 
'' pifcopus Wintonienfis, collegium magnificum, quod No- 
*' vum dicitur, excitavit ; collegium Mariae Magdalenae Gu- ^ 
^'lielmus Wainflettus, epifcopus Wintonienfis, erexit, quod 
*' opere eximiiim, fitu percommodum, & ambulacris admo- 
*' dum amoenum eft. Eodemque tempore Humtredus, dux 
'^Gloceftrise, bonarum literarum admirator maximus, fcho- n 
*'lam Theologicam magnifice exftruxir, & in ejus fuperiori 
*' parte Bibliothecam inftituir, centumque viginti novem 
*'lele<9:iffimis libris, quos magnis impenns ex Italia compa- 
*'ravit, exornavit: fed hos quorundam privata avaritia pub- 
**" lico ufui jampridem invidit. Collegium Lincolnienfe ; col- 12, 13.' 
*''legium Omnium Animarumj collegium D. Bernhardi ; 14. 15* 
** collegium iEnei Nafi k Gulielmo Smith epifcopo Lin- 
** colnienfi, regnante Henrico VII. Anglorum rege, condi- 
*^ tum, & ab Alexandre Nowello, Sancii Pauli Londini dc- 
' cano, proventibus audtum. Supra portam bujus collegii 
^* iEneus Nafus eft affixus. Collegium Corporis Chrifti i ij; 
^'Richardo Fox, epifcopo Wintonienfi, aedificatum, fub cu- 
*' jus eflBgie in Sacello collegii hi leguntur verficuli : 

** Clarus Wintonia ^raful cognomsne Foxus^ 
*' ahti f^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ noh'tle firuxtt opus^ 

Tails eratformd^ talis dum vtxit ami&Uj 
"^ttalem ^eSantl pifta tahella refert. 

*' Collegium Chrifti Thomas Wolfasus, (Cardinalis Ebora- ly 
**cenfis) ubi Fridefwidae monafterium erat, omnium amplif- 
•'fimum & elegantiffimum inchoavit, quod Henricus VlII. 
"Angliaerex, adjunfto Cantuarienfi collegio, magnis red- 
"ditibiis ditavit, & iEdem Chrifti dixit • potentiSimufquc 
**item Princeps pecunii h fuo aerario deprompti ad oppidi 
^'dignitatem epiicopum, & ad Academias ornamentum pub- 
•*licos Profeffores inftituit. Collegium Jefu, ab Hugone jg^- 
**Prifo Legum Dodore exaedificatum. Maria etiam Regina 
*'publicas Icholas belle a fimdamcntis aedificavit his additis^^w^i^i^ 
" infcriptionibus : ^/iv* ox#. 

* menjes. 

Vol. 9. . P ?»Sep- 


cus, in altitudinem infignem, fed planam, exiens : circum, 
circa turribus, pinnis, varioque paffim eredo lapideo opcre 

"Septem Artes liberalest 

*'i. Grammatfca-^ JJteras difce. 

*'i. Dtale&ica-^ Jmfofiurasfuge. 

*'3. 'Rhetorical Terfiadet mores. 

*'4. Arithmetical^ Numeris omnia conft ant. 

^^^. Muficai Ne tihi dijjideas. 

^^6* Geometria^ Cura qua domi funt. 

*' 7. Afironomia ; Altiora te ne quafierism 

**Sequuntur virtutcs fcholafticse. 

*' I. Patientia ; Patientia vincit ferendo. 
*^x. Humiiitas ^ Modejiia amicabilis* 
' 3. Fortitudo ^ Fort is eft qui omnem fortunam Jevtncit. 
^4* Sfes'y Sfe vivimus omnes^ fed §mnis fducia 

fine Deo vana eft. 
** f . Cautio ; Cautus vincit omnia, 

*' Hadenus de Collegiis & Aulis, qu« eleganti ftrudura, 
^^opimis reddicibus, & inftrudis bibliothecis itafiorent^ uc 
*^ reliquas orbis Chriftiani Academias fuperent omnes. Nunc 
^'de perfonis Academicis ibi viventibus pauca fubjicieiida. 
r#>4 /jki/tf- "Studiofi vitam fere Monafticam degunt. Sicut cnim in 
firimm «'Monafteriis olim monachi nullis aliis rebus erant intcnti 
^nitsa. xt ^ occupati, quam ut ftacis horis precibus ad D^um fiifil 
*'reliquum tempus bonis artibus & ftudiis honeftis impendc- 
*'rentj ita & hos fecere oportet. Dividuntur porro in trc5 
*' Menfas. Ad primam, quae fociorum Menfa dicitur^ ad- 
"mittuntur Comites, Barones, Nobiles, Dodores & Ma- 
*' giftri, fed horum pauciffimi. lauciufque quam reliaui tra* 
*' aantur. Secunda Menfa eft Magiftrorum, Baccalaiireo* 
** rum, Nobilium quoque & Civium honoratiorum. Terria 
*' Plebeiorum, & inferioris conditionis horoinum. Dum 
*' reliaui prandent vel coenant (quod fit in ccenaculo fati$ 
** amplo, ubi omnes fimul congregantur) quidam ex ftudio^^ 
^^ (is in Sacris Bibliis le^c, quas pulpico in centre fere coe*> 
*'naculi coUocato funt impofita. Atque hoc leOuras onus 
** fubire folent ftudiofi omnes vicibus alternis. GratUs, fum- 
*^ pro prandio, vel coena abfoluta, adlis, auilibet in fuum 
** mufeum vel cubiculum fe confert, aut in hortos adjun&os 
^'exfpatiatur, quos ad omnia collegia habent amosmffimos. 
''Veftitus cum Jefuitarum ferme congruit, £teiiim toris 
*^func induti longis ad calos ufque demiffis^ aliquaadop3« 



.pyramidato inftrudum & ornatum. Inferior ejus pars theo- 
logicis praeleaionibus, publicifque exercitationibus literariis 
affignatur ; locus vero fuperior bibliothecx publicas erat con- 
ftitutus, multique in ea conditi praeclari, nee vulgares libri, 
quos in uno(|uoque literarum linguarumque genere ex Italia, 
aliifque locis pcrquifitos. Dux ille optimus magnis impenfis 
coacervaverar. pulcherrimum certe non folum fundatoris 
gloriae monumentum, fed aeternum Academiae ornamentum 
mturum, nifi haereticorum quorundam mirifica improbitas 
ad extremum illius bibliothecse exitium cum intolerabili in- 
juria exarfiflet. Nam quum impietatis illi, atque in fcripturis 
depravandis falfitatis fuae probe fibi confcii, nihil metuebant |^^^. . ^ 
ac deteftabantur magis, quam publicas ejufmodi bibliothecas, vJrimiitfic 
in quibus veterum omnium Patrum antiquiflima ilia & in- anti^uitatis 
corrupta volumina fideliter ac religiofe confervantur, utpote '»*ww. 
quae ab hominibus confuli pervolutarique nequeanr, quin 
mendaciorum fuorum fraudes, & novae doftrinx portenta 
graviffimis certifEmifbue teftimoniis manifefto convincant : 
non prius lane in Angiiam, hancque Academiam invaferunt, 
quam fui furoris atque infaniae impetum in nobilem iilam 
bibliothccam intulerunt, §c, nonnullis ejus libris furreptis & 
compilatis, reliquos omnes uno incendio, & quafi communi 
elatos funere concremarunt. 

Percenfentur Oxoniae Collegia fexdecim ftrufturae fpecic 0%#4 id^ 
magnifica, foliditate aeterna. Nam qui primi eorum jecerunt 
fundamenta, non in eo folum laborarunt, ut muros lapideos, 

auos vetuftas conficit, fuis collegiis excitarent, fed majori 
:udio prxcaverunt, ut quibus locum effe in iis voluerunt, 
his neceffaria omnia ad viftum, cultum, ftudiorumque ra- 
tionem eflent parata. fie enim habebant perfuafum, quando 
haec omnia fiippeterent, nunquam defiituros, qui fuorum col- 
legiorum dignitatem tuerentur, & difciplinam inftitutaque 
fervarent. CoUegiorum nomina hxe funt : 

Primum autem (ut ab eorum, qux exftant, antiquiffimo ecUeglum 
inchoemus) eft illud quod appellant Univerutatis ; ab Al- ^wv«/m. * 


**libu8 fiiflFultis. Pileos gerunt quadrangulares. Dodores 
*^vero, Magiftri, &illi, qui Praeceptorum aut ProfeflTorum 
*^munere funguntur, peculiaribus utuntur togis, utkreliquis 
**dignofcantur. Ad bibliothecam in unoquoque collegio qui- 
**libet ftudiofus proveftioris xtatis habet clavem. Conijpi- 
^^ciuntur in angulo quodam oppidi rudera arcis fiitis amplse, 
**fcd pcnitus airutae. In coena fiiimus excepti, Mufica ex- 
''cellentiffima, variis & diverfis ex inftrumentis concin- 

P % frcdo 


fredo Rege (quem literas Oxonia exfulantes, longo inter- 
vallo in patriam reduxiffe diximus) inftitutum,- ficSGuliel- 
mo Dunelmcnfi Archidiacono perfeauman. Chrifti nati 89?. 

BdiuUnfe, Deindc Baliolenfe ; cujus auftor Joannes Baliolus rex 
Scotiae an. 127?. 

i/ierunenfe. Mertoncnfe, k Mertone epifcopo RoflFenfi exftrudlum an. 

Ex»niiHfe. Exonicnfe, quod, k Stapledono, epifcopo Exonienfi, fub 

anno Chrifti 1312. Mufis deftinatum, poftea auxit Gulielmus 

Piter eques, Confiliique regii fecrecarius, beneficia ab eo- 

dem k prima accepta adolefcentia grata memoria profequens, 
drUitnfi^ Oriolenfe, quod Adamum Brunum, Edouardo regi 2. ab 

eleemofynis, aedificatorem anno 1323. & Alanum Cardina* 

lem alumnum habuir. 
^«wM. Collegium Reginx Philippa regina uxor Edouardi tertii 

exaedificavit dotavitque anno 1340. 
N»vum. Wichamus epifcopus Wintonienfis Collegium Novum 

quod dicitur, monumentum infigne ad fui nominis memo- 

riam fempiternam, condidit an. 137^. 
Unctlni" Lincolnienfe per Richardum Flemming epifcopum Lin- 
*''^' colnienfem k fundamentis excitatum eft an. 1430. 

Unimdrum Chicheleius, archiepifcopus Cantuarienfis, Onmium Ani- 
omnium. marum memorix collegium fundavit coniecravitque an. 
i I437« 

S. liUrU Sanftae Mariae Magdalenac collegium, opere magnificum, 
Ua^dAi, g^ ad vitae ftudiorumque commoditatem aptiilimum, Guliel- 

mum Wainfletum, Wintonienfem epifcopum, patronum ve- 

neratur anno HTP* 
t/£nei Nap. Gulielmus Smith, Lincolnienfis epifcopus, collegium 

unum, quo^ Aenei Nafi : Richardus etiam Foxius, epifco- 
Cerporis pus Wintonicufis, alcerum, quod Corporis Chrifti nomine 
Chrifti, infignivit, fundarunt, optimaque difciplina inftitutifque for- 

marunt. Illud quidem an. 15"! 5'. hoc vero an. 1^16. 
^f" «Wolfeus Cardinalis Aedem Chrifti, ampliffimum fane 

« Wolfeus Cardmalts JEdem Chrijli &c. inchoavit] Qujn & 
ipfe Wolfeus orimum pofuit lapidem, ut e Regiftro Carol! 
Boothe penes Joannem epifcopum Elienfem liquet; ubi haec 
habentur : 

*'Hic textus infculpitur in prima petra jafti fundamenti 
**collegii Cardinalis Oxon. 

'' Reverendiffimus in Chrifto Pater ac Dominus, Dominus 
^* Thomas Wulcy, miferatione Divina, titulo Sandae Casci* 
^'lix facrofandx Romanae ecclefiae Presbyter Cardinalis, 
*'f;boracenfis Archiepifcopus, Anglias Primas, & Apofto- 


omniumque auguftiffimum collegium, inchoavit an. i^^Sf' 
quod poitea Henricus rex Odtavus magnis redditibus auxit 
locupletavitque anno 1^47. 

Thomas Popus, & Thomas Witus, equeftris ordinis viri, 
ille Dunelmenfe, hie D. Bernardi olim Collegia, at cetatis ac 
temporis vitio deformata ruinifque opprefla, noftra mcmo- 
ria aedificiis inftaurarunt, proventibufque amplificarunt : at- . 

que ut illud Sandiffimx Trinitatis, fie hoe Beati Joannis ^ 7"]^'^"'" 
Baptiftx nominibus diftinxerunt illuftraruntque an. i$^6. Bl^tifis. 

Illud omnium noviffimum colleeium eft, cui Hugo Pri-a,/-^. 
cius, J. U. Doftor, *dum fenex aomodum an. Chrifti 157a. 
prima illius jecit fundamenta, Jefus Salvatoris nomen, ut 
bonis fane aufpiciis, fie cafu quodam non infaceto impofuit. 
Nrfhi ut primum murorum frontem ad ipfius portae altitu- 
dinem excitaffet, curavit iapide, qui portae imminebat, hos 
verfus incidi : 

Struxit Hugo Tr ictus tibl data Falatia Jefu^ 
Ut doBor Legum peffora doBa daret. 
Qups quum vir quidam non illepidi ingenii tranfiens forte - 

perlegiffet, atque Pricii illius exadam jam xtatem, fimul & 
operis, vix dum inchoati, magnitudinem animo expendiffet, 
aliud ftatim tale diftichon illi. difticho oppoiuit ; quo pr«- 
-properam fenis in titulo praefigendo feftinationemfeftive fatis 
redarguebat : 

Nondum ftruxit Hugo^ vlx fundamenta locavH : 
Det Deus ut poffis dicere^Jiruxit Hugo, 

Unumquodque igitur horum Collegiorum bibliothecis in- 
ftrudtum^veftigalibufquemunitum certum ftudentium numc- 
rum alit honorifice; eumque adeo copiofum, ut tria aut 
amplius millia confidant. 

Hos in tres ordines fchola ilia diftinguit, Magiftros, Bac-oriiw/ trt 
calaureos, Difcipulos. Ordines iftos contundi inter fe pia*if«^*»ri«w. 
culi inftar habetur. Unde fir, ut neque Magiftri temere bac- 
calaureis admifceantur, neque Baccalaurei ad Difcipulos fc 

'4icae fedis Legatus, Epifcopus Dunelmenfis, exemptique 
*' MonafteriiSan<2:i Albani perpetuus Commendatarius,Can- 
*' cellarius Angliae, & didlx fedis Apoftolicae ad vitam fuam 
*'etiam de latere Legatus, banc petram pofuit in Honorem 
**San<3:x & Individual Trinitatis glorioliffimaeque Virginis 
** Mariae Sandae Fridefwydae, & omnium Sandorum vicefi* 
*'nio die Martii anno Domini milleffimo quingentefimo vi- 

fi Dum fenex &c.] Rede, non cum fenex^ ut quifpiam 
fcripfit in exemplari Rawlinsoniano, 


dinuttsiit ; nniko mimis Dificiixili onmiuin infimi 
fiiperioribus adasqiure. His aucem folis ne Orilcgio «;Didca 
ezire, nifi adiciro fodo, permittitur. Atqnc hioc naSam 
cum honim ordioum inter fe hirmonia qiwrriini doq iqn- 
cunda, mm omnium er^a Prxfedos reyerenda fiitwrna- V^ 
nmi non tanrum gradus, fed eciam veftitus hos leccnnt 
Nam u: omnes pileo quadrato unintur, & ilia, pacis odiqoe 
vefte, toga laxiori aut plana^ auc crifpulis in finum coniraai*, 
lie togas illas diftindae pertonanim condidoocs pccDliahdi- 
ftinguunc noca, qua non folum in fcholis, Sc difptirariooiboi, 
(^ax proprium bbi veftium genus pro ^dus cujulbiie »> 
tione jpoftulanr, fed alibi extra oftium Imiencpie coUegii ii 
teraofcantur. Quin etiam horum Collegiomm leges & is- 
ftituta qui redle noverir, ac non modo ordinem in his &- 
ciplinamque, fed etiam fhidentium modeftiam, tacitumiti- 
tem, obedienriam, fummamque ad omnia praeclara ftudiaa- 
nimorum contentionem alacritatemque diligendus peq)en- 
derit : ita horum omnium rationem probabit, ut noa poceiic 

trspmi, non faudare illius viri dodifllmi fententiam, quL. tota eo- 
rum ratione perfpeAa & cognita, adeo motus eft admurt- 
tione & amorc, ut pra^clarum hoc judicii (iii teftimonium 
Uteris confignatum reliquerit ; ^' Oxonienfis Academise colle* 
'^gia propius ad religioibrum monachorumque optime ordi* 
^^nata coeiiobia, quam ad juvenum & adolefeentalorum in 
*'unas aedes congregatorum conventus accedere.** 

U«2« #tf#, Sexdecim Collegus iftis adduntur & alia oAo, Aulas com- 
muoiter nominant, divitum nobiliumque plerumque filiis, 
qui propriis vivunt fumptibus, affignata : quamvis oc reliqua 
etiam Collegia ipfa, extra eos, quos nutriunt, alumnos, reci- 
pcre poflunt & folent magno numero adolefcentes nobiles, 
& qui volunt infumere quod in proprios fumptus eft opus ; 
fed ea lege, ut fuorum alumnorum praefidio periculoque vi- 
vant. Et funt iftae, Aula Alba, Cerviaa, tt Alborenfis, Brod- 
gates. Item Sandorum Marias, (cui praeerat olim Card. Ala- 

m AlBorenfis^ Forte Albonenps, vel Alhanenfs. Vulgo e- 
nim vocatur 3llboti£]^aU> vel SHbatul^alL Nee ablurde. 
Nomen etenim duxit \ Roberto de Sando Albano, cive 
Oxonicnfi regnante Joanne. Me tamen non fugit in aliis 
etiam antiquitatis infimx monumentis Aulam Alhorenfemy 
vel AWutnenfem^ five potius Ealdifurnenfem appellari. SUnifll 
vel <EalMttnt idem valet quod d)tt HSvoob live ^etus fans. 
Adeo ut Aula (fi ifta fcriptura fidem aliquam mereatur) it 
fonte quodam antiquo & pauUo infignioris nota hie loci fca- 
turientc nomen fuum traxerit. 



■K nus) Edmundi, Magdalenas, denique Gloceftrenfis, quse quon- 

^ ! 4lam fuerat Monachorum fandi Benedidi Collegium. Aulx 

:3 autem has fingulas k fingulis fere Collegiis pendent, & ad 

=c earum exempTum fe plane comparant : in eo folum diili* 

2 miles, quod has, quam ilia, legibus difciplinx laxioribus pauUo 
= liberioribufque teneantur, Iftud vero commune omnibus^ 

c ^uod, qua intermifl'a aedificia, praealto muro cinfta, portas 
ir iuas una eademque hora claudant Temper & aperiant. Nam 

3 hyeme vefperi hora k meridie odava, asftate nona, figno ante 
K maximae campanac (ut ab omnibus longe lateque audiri pof- 
t fit) pulfu edito, occluduntur ; nee ante horam poft mediam 
s nodem quintam referanrur. hoc interjefto intervallo, fi quis 
t fcholafticorum extra fui CoUegii limen k Procuratore depre- 

hendatur, vix ullam excufationem adeo legitimam poterit 
c afferre, quae eum ex carcere eximat, & Procuratoris mani- 
L bus liberet. 

^ Ad Academiam non accedunt, nifi qui in gymnafiis fcho- 
: lifque publicis, per omnes Angliac provinclas, immo oppida 
fcrme, diffeminatis (inter quas habentur infigniores Winto- 
nienfis, Etonenfis, Dunelmenfis, Londinenfis) grammatical 
poeticae, Latinaeque lingux praecepta imbiberint. Admiffi Jeir#f«/4i»- 
vcro & in Difcipulorum claflem adfcripti hoc modo cxer- •»*' *A* 
ceri folent. Confurgitur generatim in Collegiis omnibus^**^''"''" 
primo diluculo, id eft, hora k media node quinta. mox con« 
gregati in a:de facra ftatum tempus precationi dant, primam 
potiffimamque diei partem Deo confecrantes : deinde reli- 
quos diei labores in rem iiterariam ferio infumunt. Nam 

filter Regios & publicos omnis fcientias, Graecas etiam & 
lebraicas linguae profeflbres^ unumquodque Collegium fuo$ 
habet privatos Dodores, qui Ariftotelis methodum veftigi- 
aque perfcquentes, partim Logicam ceterafque Philofophiae 
partes exaae interpretantur, partim eloquentiae redteque di- 
cendi praeceptis tradendis, oratoriam loquendi vim & oma* 
menta adhibent & abfolvunt. Copulanc namque cum {ci« 
cntia eloqucntiam, ut quemadmodum eloquentiae fioribus fci- 
entiae frudhis praeponderant ; fie indiferta rationis barbaries 
oratiotds elegantia perpoliatur. Fuit enim illud prudens ma- 
jorum inftitutum, ut quas artes natura, ratio, ufiifque com* 
munis conjunxerant, eas ipfi tradratione non disiungerent, 
fed in utraque pariter juventutem exercerent : ut hoc modo, 
quum via iuis Temper adeflet, qua dode, prudenter, acute 
cogitarent, tum ratio illis nunquam deeffet, (quandocunque 
fuum animum ad dicendum fcribendumve applicuiflent ) 
qua excogitata fapienter proferre, ornateque 6c copiofe elo^ 
qpi poflent* 
Hoc modo biennium continuum intra privatos coUegio. 


iix D E S C R 1 P T I O 

rum parictes excrcitati adolefcenteSj turn pritnum exeunt in 
arcnam & pulverem, poftquam in Academix fpaciis fuarum 
virium fafto femcl periculo ad publica certamina admittun- 
CeBeraics. tuf, & Gcneralium Sophiftarum nomine cenfentur. 

Deindc vero quum nuic biennio aliud quoque biennium 

acceffbrit ; iidemaue perpetuo eifdcm dicendi difpucandique 

exercitacionibus aomi forifque, cum fuis & alienis aflue- 

fadi, omnibus non vulgare fpecimen ingenii doArinseque 

fux dederint; Baccalaurei artium (confenfii de more pri- 

BaecaUwrti, mum a Magiflris fui collegii, deinde k reliquis alionim pri- 

Hos Batu' vatim & fuppliciter, praeeunte Bidello, petito & obtento, 

£lX/* rt' Gratiam fchola ilia vocat) communi & honorifico omnium, 

w, iwri^ad id unum in locum congregatorum, tcftimonio renunci- 

GsUie», Bd' antur. 

tAUd. Horura eft, ftatis vicibus per fequentis quadragefimx cur- 

fum qusftiones Logicas ac Philofophicas ponere, eafque ia 
fcholis publicis contra auofcunqiie oppugnatores, nullo auxi- 
liante, i fuperiori loco defenderc. Terribile hoc quidem thca- 
trum eft refpondenti. Stat enim unus contra univcrfos, no- 
^ vus contra veteranos, difcipulus contra magiftros : qui tamen, 
nifi ita fe gerat, ut fama fua non hxreat ad metas, non fibi 
modo, fed & coUegio, unde eft, turpem inurit notam. cujus 
rei tanta folet haberi ratio, ut in quibufdam colle^is ftatuto 
firmatum reperiatur, eum, qui relpondendo pubhce coUegii 
fui audloritatem nomenque minuerit, confeftim coUegio rfTc 
cxpellendum. quod eft fummi inter eos fijpplicii genus. 

Triennium in Baccalaureatu qui fteterit laudabiliter. ac 
confueta certamina per interpofita intervalla obierit feliater, 
(incumbit enim illi privatim fxpius declamare, ac, roode- 
rante Migiftro, thefes ex univeria Philofophia defumptas bis 
fingulis hebdomadis vel tueri, vel impugnare : publice vero 
volumen aliquod Ariftotelis breviter & curfim explanare ; 
in Qupdlibet, fic dicunt. difputationibus femel & iterum fui 
periculum facere : tanaem m circulis Auguftinianis, quos 
nominant, aliquot horarum difputationes pomeridianas aa D. 
Marix iterum & tcrtio habere) in hujus exitu, folemni 
Adu, cjuo nihil habet terrarum orbis in eo generc aut'ritu 
folemnius, aut ad fpeciem pulchrius, Magiftri artium Laurea, 
doitrinxque infignibus decoratur. :, .. . 

c^miiid ^" Comitiis enim (fic ad imitationem Romanam vocant) 

Magiftri, & Doftores anniverfario ritu, ipfis Idibus Julij^ 
fabricato ad hoc in D. Marix theatro magnifico & maxima, 
creari folent. Hujus fpedaculi celebritas tanta eft, utadia 
quotannis vifendum ex omnibus regni partibus eo confluant 
fummi, medij, irifimi extra numerum. Per biduum autem 
cclebratur, habenturquc in eo orationes plurimx oroatu'ora. 



toriOj & omni orationis florc cxpolitae : concertationes va- 
riae multiplici cruditione fcicntiaque rcfcrtae. Quicquid eft 
enim in Pnilofophis, Medicis, Jurifconfultis, Theologis ner- 
vorum & eloquentix, hlc totum efFertur acque expanditur. 
adeo ut rite fuoque momento ponderans, turn adlionis hu- 
jufce dignitatem, turn conventus frcquentiam : praeterea va- 
rietatem exercitationum; fubtilitatem dodlrinsB, lingua&que 
clegantiam ; poftremo eorum, in quos laureola confcrtur, 
meritum ac numerum, non invite forte fatebitur, vere tan- 
tam efTe hujufce adionis dignitatem, ut vix quidquam in 
hoc genere iplendidius cffe poflit, aut magnificentius. Emit- 
tit autem quotannis in lucem hxc alma ftudiorum mater 

Slus minus centum feptuaginta artium Baccalaureos, Magi« 
;ros centum, Dodores theologix quindecim, parem itidem 
JurifprudentisB, ac Medicinos numerum. viros plerolque 
omnes non eo tantum honore dignos, quo augentur ^ fed ad 
quos difHcillima quaeque in rep. munera tuto deferantur. Sic 
enim hsec Academia mos cudit & effingit ; fie eorum ingenia 
acuit & excitat ; fie, quod in animo latitat nervorum ac 
roboris, elicit & perficit ; ut. qui non eft plumbeus, aut plane 
ftipes, hunc non minus umbrx & fcholas aptum, quam foli 
& foro habilem dignumque prasftet probetque. Neque hoc 
Angliae regibus obfcurum unquam fuit, qui ex his Tem- 
per eligere, pro fua prudenpa, confiievere, non folum pa- 
ftores, (juos ecclefiis prasficerent ; leg^toique. quos ad ex- 
teros pnncipes de rebus maximis mitterent : ^d etiam con- 
filiarios, quos adfcifcerent fibi, & magiftratus, quos ad reip* 
admoverent gubemacula. 

Attigimus Academias fitum^ antiquitatem, collegia, ftudia : 
nunc praecipuos ejufdem magiftratus percurramus. 

Magiftratus publici, quique totius gubcrnationis pondusn^^^ftu 
fuftinent, multi funt ac varii. Horum primus Cc fummus eftoxMunpi. 
Procancellarius; Oxonienfes nomen Commiflarii ci indide-p^^^,,^^. 
runt. Nam Cancellarius ipfe vel ex Regio Senatu, cjui au-/4riii#. ' 
Aoritate apud omnes, vel ex prascipua nobilitate, qui gratia 
valet apud Prindpem, folet afliimi ; ut eo nomine honorem, 
privilegia, magiltatem Academiae tueri facilius ac protegere 
valeat. Procancellarius igitur praefens Temper ex his do<9:o- 
ribus eligitur qui CoUegiis prasAint; atque omnium colitur 
obfervantia fingulari. Is enim civitati legem dicit. habetque 
poteftatem animadvertendi in omnes non folum fcnolafticos, 
fed etiam cives ; quorum Praetor^ qui Anglice Maior dicitur, 
quotannis ipfo fux creationis die (non enim ultra annum 
magiftratus ejus durat) ad eum accedens, fidem fuam Aca- 
demiae, veteri inftituto, aftringit jurejurando ; fefeque ac fuos 
in Procancellarii poteftate futuros fpondet. Vifitat ergo Pro- 

Vol* 9^ Q^ c^T^'^'Ow*. 

xa4 D E S C R I P T I O 

Cftncellarius (quoties ratio reip. id exigit) die noAuque non 
modo ftudioforum cubicula, fed civium domos ; & pari jure 
in cundos delinquentes animadvertir. Congregacicmes^Coa- 
vocadonefque cogit^ in iifque praefidet. denique in lummi 
honoris imperiique infigne fex Bidellos habet cpnftitutos, 

aui ejus mandata exfequantur, ipfumque in publicum pro- 
uencem aperto capite antecedant, fuafque clavas fiafcefve 
Prteurs- Huic proxioie accedunc Procuratores Academix duo: qui 
ttra. ex eorum numero, qui Migiftrorum gradum adepti funt, 
ad hoc munus afliunpu, parem omnioo locum, & individuam 
obtinenc i)oteftatem. Hi Academicos in officio, oppidanos 
in obfequio continent, die prxvident^ ne quid contra jus 
fafque fiat : node obeunt plateas, & cmdi milite petulan- 
tiam tenent intra xdes, & lineam. Errones & pellices iu- 
ftris extrahunt, fuppliciis vexant, ex urbe emittunt. Ad 
hos fpedat accedentes ad Academiam Principes viros, quof- 
CtrnmauUt. que nobilitas dignitafque commendat, te&o convivioque 
accipere publico Tumptu ac nomine : etiam in Principis Aula 
Academia: negotia tradare. unde fenatoribus ceteriique di- 
gnitate prasftantibus viris noti illi Temper & gratiofi^ nifi 
nullius cerebri fint, certiffimum jaciunt fiituri honons Tui 
Orattr. Sequitur flos populi delibatus, Academix Orator. Ejus eft, 

ordiae fuorum coronas (imilitudine quafi circumvallati, ad- 
ventus legatorum illuftriumque perfonarum publica oratione 
gratulari: literarum, quae totiusAcademiac nomine darire- 
cipique folent, curam habere praecipuam. 
MAjiflri Aaduntur his fcholarum Magiftri, qui difputationibus pu- 
fchtumm. blicis in fcholis moderantur, rixifque modum adhibent; de^ 
nique ne quid auc fiat turbulenter, aut dicatur procacius, cu*^ 
rant diligenter. 
curici ftri. Hos coufequuHtur alii duo, quibus Clericis fori nomina 
impofuerunt ; alter k Procancellario, alter k Procuratoribus 
huic muneri praspoficus. Iftorum ocuhis viris feminifque 
nundinariis formidabilis eft. rerum enim omnium, quse pon- 
dere ac menfura veneunt, rationem pofcunt ; videntque ne 
quid Academia, in bis prasfertim, quae ad viaum pertinent, 
uve in officinis, five in foro, capiat decrimenti. horum of- 
^ficium, quemadmodum & Procuratorum anno terminamr ; 
aliorum vero, ut perpetua officia non funt, ita neque certo 
termino circumfcribuntur. 
Bideaifeu Reftant (ut faftidio parcens taceam reliquos) Bidelli, five 
iuvdriifix, Lifiores fex, quorum tres aureas, alii tres argentcas ferunt 
clavas. Omnes quidem ratione officii in Nobuiuni ordinem 
fingulari Regum Angliae beneficio afcripti, illi tamen his di^ 



gnitate priores. Horum munus eft Baccalaureos Magiftrof- 
que creandos educere, creates reducere ; c^uoties cogenda 
Univerfitas voce per Collegia ante pronunciare : denique ut 
exeuntem Procancellarium omnes: fie deplores (ingulos ec-* 
clefiam, fchoiafve adeuntes, fingulos anteire. 

Curiae dux funt. minor, quae Congregatio dicituf* In Cms di$4» 
earn mane omnes juniores, id eft, illius anni Magiftri, cam- ^^™^^,/,, 
pafise puliu congre^antur. hi namque, eo quod Regendi onus 
lilo anno (ibi praecipue incumbit, Magiftrorum Regentium 
Homen invenerunt. In ifta Congregatione^ prater leviora 
quaedam negotia de purgandis urbis plateis & fimilia (de 
Quibus negledis mulaam fuo irbitrio Regentes indicunt) 
ee conferendis honoribus prsemiifque fcholafticis potiffime 
tradatur. neque enim hacc leviter, & in quofcunque peten- 
tes conjiciuntur. nam etiamfi qu*s omnibus i comiietudine 
fcholx requifitis exercitationibus ftierit perfundlus, legiti- 
mumque fuorum ftudiorum tempus adimpleverir, nifi tamen 
nonnullorum Magiftrorum futtragaciones habeat, quorum 
alii fe fcire, alii fe credere religiofe affirment, eum effe di- 
gnum in quem laureola fcholas merito conferatur^ fciat fe 
fruftra petendo contendere, & operam famamque (imul pro- 

Altera Curia eft major, eique nomen Convocatio. Etenim ctnvHtttu^ 
in banc conveniunt Acaaemiae Dodiores & Manftri omnes, 
moniti campanas fono, fed prasnunciantibus Bidellis, qui in 
Collegiorum atriis Convocationem denunciant, his ipfis ver- 
bis ter repetitis, ** Ad Convocationem omnes Doftores, Ma- 
**giftri Regentes & non Regentes, jpoft pulfationem parvae * 

** campanae, hora &c. per fidem. per hdem/' In hoc conventu 
Procuratores in annos fingulos iolemniffima caerimonia, mul-» 
ti{que ambagibus eliguntur : offilcia, dona, facerdotia difpen- 
fantur : legationes," nterae audiuntur : poftremo omnia ma- 
joris momenti negotia, Procancellario praefente ac prasfi- 
dente, tranfiguntur. 

Supereft intueamur, fi quos viros Anglicae Academisc mun- k^/,„ o«#- 
do produxerint, hi tales tantique fuerint, ut noftram, quammV*//. 
initio pofuimus, affertionem tueantur. certius quippe nullum 
eft agri optimi argumentum, quam frugum ex eo nafcen- 
tium ubertas & praeftantia. £x hac igitur fchola. poftquam 
« Chriftum calere & profiteri cceperat (ut, veteribus prseter- 
miffis feculis, propiora tantum nobis attingamus) clarifSma 
& infinita Chnftianae philofophias lumina longa, eaque con- 
tinuata ferie prodierunt. quas omnia in hunc locum conge** 

u Chriftum calere] An Cbrijlnm hleref 

Qj, rere 


rere ut immenfi laboris, multique taedii eflet ; fie pauctih 

ex eis delibare, turn non inutilis, turn mihi, ad dido fidem 

faciendam, neceflarii pene laboris efie videtur. Itaque quum 

Umus Auguftinus monachus Romas inftrudus, Roma mifliis^ £• 

*^ Vangeliuni Chrifti in inculto & dereJido Andix folo, ido- 

fa/. lorum veftigiis iterum conculcatis, ante miUe annos infe- 

viflet; crebri adeo & abundantes in eo ftatim fiint nati 

?rxclariffimorum ingenionim fru&us, ut quam altas radices 
Ihrifti femen in eo fparfum egiffet, repentc teftatum orbi 
terrarum apparuerit. Vix enim ab Auguftini in Angliam ap- 
pulfu exierant quinquaginta anni, quum plurimi Anrii ficfe, 
zelo, dodrina pleni, baud fatis libi putarint efle, Cnriftum 
profiteri, nifi eundem etiam alios verbo, fcripto, laAo doce- 
rent. Dum igitur alii fe domi ad docendum fcribendum- 
que conferunt, alii ad Germanos^ Gothos^ Suevos, Danos 
ea caufTa fe transferunt, ut Chrifti nomen m illas gentes in- 
ferentes, vel eas, felici confilio, ad Chriftum ampledendum 
propellerent, vel ab eis iplimct infigni martyrio pro Chrifto 

«f#w Angli fuerunt Bertuinus & Willebrordus: quorum illc 

''f* Belgis, hie cum duodecim fociis, Chrifti veftigiis inliftens, 
Chnfti fidem Gallis annunciavit. 

9. Anglus fuit Bonifacius, Moguntinus apud Germanos ar- 
chiepifcopus, qui poft pracclaram in praccficationc Evangelii 
navatam operam, & centum Germanorum millia ad fidem 
converfa, (ut plane teftatur Gregorius Papa iii. in epift* qux 
incipit, Doftor gentium,) k Frifonibus, dum in eorum (alu-^ 
tern converfionemque incumberct, cum fociis quinquaginta 
tribus interemptus eft. 

3. Willebaldus & Burchardus Angli, regixque ftirpis juvenes 
fuere. Ifte Herbipolenfi, illc Eyftenfi in Germania Eccleliis, 
poft multos fidei cauffa exantlatos labores, k Bonifacio pras- 
pofiti, multa egregia virtutum, doftrina, piorumque mdo- 
rum exempla Dopulis fuis reliquerunt. 

Anglus fanaus Herbertus, qui Scotos k fchifmatc revo- 

Anglus Sygfredus Eboracenfis archiepifcopus, qui amplii^ 
fima ilia fedc, foloque patrio reliftis, ut Goth is, Suecis^Da- 
nis Chfiftianae fidei facramenta miniftraret, eorum Apofto- 
lus vocari merucrit. 

Hi cum multis aliis in fide propaganda laborarunt : alii 
non minorem operam in ejufdem fidei myfteriis enunciandis 
illuftrandifque pofuerunt. 

fit. Nicolaus de Lyra totum corpus biblicum, vetus novumque 
teftamentum, commentariis cfilucidavit.' 
Adamanni & Ben^dii^i Abb^tum leguntur pr«ter alia, 



iUius de locis fandis, hujus de regularum concordia trada- 
tiones non contemuendae. 

Ceolphedus vel ea re clarus inprimis eft, quod fuse difci-^^'i'.^f- 
plin« alumnum Bedam ilium reliquerit ; cujus doftrinaB fan* ]^*?„ *' 
cftitatiique pracftantiam tantopere veneratus eft Chriftianus ' '^^' 
orbis, uc uni illL dum adhuc viveret, Venerabilis agnomen 
omnium confenfus detulerit. 

Fratres habuit Beda Strabonem & Haymonem viros doftif- w^»»* "» 
fimos, quorum alter plurimas homilias eleganti fermone yj* ^**** 
compofuit, alter Genefim pulchre commentatus eft. 

Alcuinus, Beda: difcipulus, Caroli Magni praeceptor fuit, 
tanraeque apud eundem audoritatis,ut, eoaliilque ({uibufdam 
Ang;lis impulforibus, Academias Pariuenfem rapienfemque 
inftituerit. Hie bonarum omnium, ac prascipue divinarum 
artium, antiftes multa poft fe opera praeclare confcripta re- 
liquit. *»• "•^ 

Stefanus Anglicus, gymnafii Parifienfis quondam redor ac 
decus, perfedus fuit philofophus, atque in theologia ita 
verfatus, ut, eo primum docente & viam praemonfoante, 
facrarum literarum fententia ab recondito illo &c myftico fen- 
fu ad popularem rationem, morefque bominum confirman* 

Haymo, infignis theologus, Alexandri Quarti julTu Roma* 
num Breviarium correzit, & in formam meTiorem reduxit. 

Alexander Halenfis^ S. Bonaventurae magifter, fcholaftico ***^ 
more primus theologiam tiradidit ; eam docendi viam ape* 
riens, c^uam, k Scoto & D. Thoma poftea tricam, dodimmi 
quique m fcnolis limt amolezati. vir tanta innocentia & erur 
ditione. ut k fuse acratis nominibus vicae fons, & Dodor ir- 
refragaoilis appellari meruerit. 

Rooertus epifcopus Lincolnienfis, vir Latinac Graecaeque 1131'. 
lin^as peritimmus, theologorum philofophorumoue fui tem* 
poris antefignanus, foris Ipedabilis, domi prasftantior, in 
Pontificio munere obeundo induftrius & experientiffimus. 

Richardus de Media Villa divinis humamfque literis ap* 1x90. 
prime excultus; Pontificii juris fdentillimus; in paucis nu* 

Gualterus Delleus, k Bonifacio Papa faspe legatus, & Jo^ 
annes Jacephalus Concionatores celebres fummique cheo- 
logi funt habiti. 

Celebre nomen Baconum eft : m quorum Joannes theolo* 
gorum {\xx setatis fiacile princeps, viginti fepcem libris tefta* 
mentum novum illuftravic : alter, ejus frater, Rogerus in 
philofophia machematicifque nemini ceffir. 

SSfnm J4fdm9f] Pro Jomnes legend. Rotepfps. 



Waldenfis, vir abundanti dodrina : Morenus plurimo ith 
& fcientia : nonnulli ctiam alii contra HuflStas & Wiclcfiras, 
illius feculi hxreliarchas, fcripferunt egregie. 

Occham, Scocus, fedarum Principes : Gallenfis, arbor 
vitx nuncupatus : Sertorius, alias Fontenerius, Cardinalis, & 
Ravennae rrasful : Salisburienfis Adriani Quarti k, fecrecis: 
Bartholomeus, qui fcripfit de proprietatibus rerum : Calcu- 
lator: Gilbertus Monachus: Joannes de Sacro bofco: Ver- 
fovius : Burleus : Hoicottus : Joannes Canonicus : omnes 
fcriptores infignes, Anglicarum Academiarum, Ozonixque 
inprimis, cives & alumni fiicrunt. 
^Mirf^fr ^^^ fiicerc non pofliini, quin vos Oxonienfes Cantabrigi- 
emtc*. gjjfgfqyg Academicos appeliem ; veftram fcientiam obtefter, 
contefter confcientias. Num quif^uam boruin, quos recen- 
fui, viros celeberrimos planeque divinos, de hac, quam yos 
^^^ . nunc fequimini, feda aliquando fomniaverit ? nonne ad 
uthliiH.* unum omnes illam ipfam religionem fidemque Romananiy 
quam traditam ab Auguftino acceperant, tancfuam pniriflimam 
virginem pari ftudio k procorum impndentium injuriis pro- 
hibuerint, intaAamque confervarint; atque alias omnes im- 
pu^iarint, rcfpuerint, deteftati tint? £t vos talibus ineeniis, 
talium in re tanta virorum repudiate confenfu^ negleaa do- 
drina, fpreto exemplo, ad quonindam tenebncoforum & o- 
piniofiffimorum infomnia potius, quam a ratione aliciua pro- 
fc<aa judicia, tanquam ad fcopulum aliquem adhserebitis ? JEx- 
pergifcimini aliquando, mentifque veftrx cogitationes ad veri 
contemplationem excitate. Intuemini veftrorum collegio- 
rum fiindamenta, conftitutiones, difciplinam : num aliud fo- 
nant, aliud fapiunt, aliud loquuntur, quam pietatem prifcam, 
mores antiques, Romanam ndem ? Ponite ante oculos, quof- 
cunque antecedentia ilia quindecim prope fecula cum bo- 
nore & laude vivos perinde ac mortuos celebrarunt ; omnes 
Apoftolicx fidei, Petrique cathedrae addidos reperietis. 
rm veritatk. Confiderate cum animis veftris, quanta fit catbolicx veri- 
tatis poteftasj quae tot feculis, tanta tyrannoruin potentia, 
tanta infurgentium haercfum infolentia neque opprimi un- 
quam, neque fupprimi potuit : immo ita femper caput ex- 
tulit, ut eminuerit; ita vegeta ac vivida, (jhrifto confir- 
mante^ permanfit, ut innumerabiles, eofque omnium loco- 
rum ac temporum praeftantifTimos viros, fuos amatores, de- 
fenfores, adftipulatores afliduos acerrimofque invenerit; ne- 
que folum antiques iftos, quos veftrarum Academiarum Ac- 
res & robora percurrimus, fed pofterieres, & hujus feculi 
infinites quamplurimes etiam adelefcentulos, qui hujus veri* 
tatis zelo pleni, patriis cemmoditatibus veftrifque relidis A- 
cadcmiis, in ilia perquirenda alienas terras funt peregrinati; 



inventam autem fie amplexati fuat, iic fecuti, ut, dum ei 
obfequendo Chrifto ac Petro ferviant^ nulla incommoda pt^ 
riculaque defugiant ; dum, earn profitendo, patrias proline 
fuorumque animulis, neque mortem metuanr, neque vitas 
fuas curam habere videantur. Hanc igitur veritatis lucem 
cam efEcacem, tarn illuftrem, vos, in rebus aliis tarn lyii- 
ceos, noQ videre, nonaufim certe dicere: videre autem, & 
in eadem tamen ignoratione tenebrifque verfari, incertum 
miferandum dicam magis, an erubefcendum efTe. Legiflis P»i«m»m 
interdum Polemonem Athenienfem, omnibus deliciis dedi- -^'*«w/r. 
cum adolefcentem, quum e convivio rediens domum, un- 
guentis oblitus, fertis redimitus, vino onuftus, Xenocratis Vaier. itur. 
forte domum intraviffet, eumque de modeftia tunc tempc- •'#>. 7. 
rantiaque differentem audiviiler, adeo illius oratione fuifTe 
icommotum, ut pudentem finem fuae impudentiae in illo ipfb 
veiligio inipofuerit : atque corona abjeda, repreflaque petu- 
lantia, ad frugem bonum converfus. ex perdito profuloque 
nepote maximus evaferit virtutis cultor atque magifter. Ex 
vos non k naturae Tola, fed Gratias etiam lege informati ^ nee 
in ganeis, fed in fcholis educati; neque unum tantum ma- 
giftrum, led domefticos multos tum veteres, tum recenti- 
ores,Xenocrate majores meliorefque audientes, qui fuae fidei 
dodrinaeque firmitatem non modo verbis & profeffione, fed 
vicx £c mortis exemplo clariflimo corroborarunt ; veftras 
aures talium virorum coeleftibus vocibus daufas elTe patie- 
mini ? atque Lutherum neicio quem, aut Calvinum^, horum- 
que iimiles, omnes fere omnibus k fe invicem diflldentes, 
toti Chriftianas antiquitati ; fuafque in fidei caufla & falutis 
ioStzs novas, voluptarias, coenum merum redolentes. majo- 
mm religioni facrofan&ar, feverx, femperque catholicas, id 
eft, terram ccelo, luci tenebras, puriffimis caftilfimifque ani- 
.mabus omnium Icelerum colluvione inauinatiflimas antepo- 
netis ? Non poteft profedo (nifi me vaide fallo) in plerilque 
veftrum vel ea imprudentia eQe, ut hujus rei magmtudinem 
non animadvertatis, vel ea inconfiderantia, ut tantum ve- 
ftrum periculum plane negligatis. Sed quo vos longius pro- 
cella hiec patrias, turbo ac tempeftas temporis, k reda reli- 
gionis femita abreptos in periculofiilima erratione conftitu- 
erit y eo vos impenfius acriufque exoptetis, ut pari vobis ac 
Polemoni gloriae podit cedere, Refipuifle aliquando, tefta- 
tumque omnibus hicere, non in nequitia habitaffe veftros a- 
nimos, fed ita peregrinatos effe, ut vofmet tam diuturnae pe- 
regrinationis quam maxime pceniteat. Qu<xl quidem reftae 
fanaeque mentis defiderium ut in vobis augeatur Sc explea- 
tur, quemadmodum k Chrifto Jefu, totius boni verique au- 
Aore atque datore^ peto precorque : ita & eundem precatus 


lin uT:^;^ irsrinarcue mni rvim, ur has nobiliiEmis A* 
■-ifcU\-r..-.s, a vmi in: liu -.^ncDrs ;ac=ntcs, ad lucem ifpi 
■.iT..:a-. ir.i^^f.^ *s-'^^, Ji rinihnz rictons ac rcligiotiii 
UJ^ ".•/;>: :i.'j'i :.v.vic-?r . i^nicccz Oimicuc ccclcfi2* cd 
^-— ..L -u-iri-s /j^z iacruneati igcgnizr^ Jcr-iin mulca feculi 
tw:^:..t::T:e TiirriiruiT , --"rrrrmTt-Hi rc^iiiniar: ne quantum 
•:i.Ti.'.ji. ir.T;:.-*'.ri .:: -_i .cii *ccLir-ii colcnoa^ cdc- 
■•r.k::^:-i, -.rnriiii in-iT iirji icuc :;cl:ic3 comparavcriar, 
-i.-.r/.T: ".v. ii:.:c .:r:icjr:— .r ic =a=i*^ 1:3 eadcm, fed fru* 

:.*■:. v.- "i-u.*:* .isM »^rr.-r. ^e ^:'0 eLir.i=, Iong;TUS hzc 
:.iu: -v" -. •-.:.•. im zrz.nsfr:s^ ?rr:m:=i igimr cclam, quaai 

i. •.-...: ...*/-. " Jztjtl::: :z — lisa vil p'olixa onnooe cxfequi 
-.: \- ;.- Ti-rV-T. lA'::. p^xr^ i:rs c;±as, aliorTfjuequicD. 
.^* • -. ■> -.l.:.„:Lk :i:.r-::: 3::xt7az^_ rr:ginta oobUes fcri- 
;.-■■::». i;: .1 r.:^. cckzur^r S* R-E. Card, ex D* Dominia 
i::: •. k. r--*-.:?* criiaimori: qu5 faniiiiac fociiis Scraphimis 
"k i -;-■-:■.. N!:3 j£ csmc ndaor fticrtr AugaiHniaaoruni, Cu- 
r '..'&.:/'■• jr.\ ac Irancifcanorumnumcnis, & fama. Quid 
1 r.'cfTJMir.'r , & noirri temporis Fifccros, Moros, Pdoi, 
A L.:j';*., fir;:'tcj.)Cifc, CampiaDos, rcliqnos vcllem oomintrf? 
CiC'. mr Cilccrci , nee finem uDum oratio reperiret* Eiboc 
urio rciic ua omnia cognofci pofTuat. unicum Oxonix col- 
icfriuT] N (j\ruin, novif&mis his quadra^nta aunls^ ex iuofiin 
injrinta ducji viros prxftamiffimos cmiCdOfe- qui fing^nl 
lificcriJn publicc, vcl opcre przclaro comcribcndo fidon 
lirarn caihi»iicamaue doftrinam vcrbo perinde/arquc ifktt^ 
vtiAiiJianoquccxliliorutaufiint. in his Sand cms, " 

l')i>i maiius, Staplironus, Rarftaldus^ Harpcfeldus, 

nrius, Odouenus, Repnaldiis^ &, qiii adhucia rrm 
rnulta (cripli^ anipliufque viginti anoos in jure 
acj'.u Dluco Itipcndia meruir, Ricbardas Wuus. 

I Ixs: iiint qu.c dc Oxoiiicnii, & cdam Cancab«igiei£f ^ 
u>!c> cnim fiiiu, hhque pcrrimilcs) Aadcaiiii, MS^dl 
a^\ .pcTc, aur ipfcinct, cjui adolefcecuttdwxlum Ov 
I'.qiiu liiuqiic lani il^ ci ic lon^c 
tu'.. nc.:uji.:u.i:n protccio piriai 
li^ vi::.\j<. iis\\xc i:i CAi ihiJio ^^^^^^^^^ 

u;cni YCucmdc us ^VM^^^^^^^^F '"^'* 

Ne Pagtna una atque altera vacatet vifum eft fubjicere 
clariffimi A L L E N I antedidi Notas in Baleum 
deScriptoribusBrit. ex exemplar! EdicionhBafileetijGs' 
A^ MOLlx. in Bibl. Bodlejana defcriptas. 

In Part, prior. 

Pag. 97. V. 33. humane 734,] 735. ut in quodam alio ve- 
tufto libro de vita & morte Bed« annotatum vidit T. A. G. 
aetatis fuae ^9. Natus ergo fuit A*'. D. 6']6. P. i6<^. v. 33^. 
Vttmn Elphegi arch. lih. i.J Otnmius in fide Chrtfii m^nmtikm. 
V.167. V. 40. Elfvuardns^ Verum nomen eft Ethelwerdus, 
fuitque ex ftirpe regis Adulphi, prognatus in Mercia; ut ex 
ipfo autograph© patet quem vidit T.A.A<^.D. 1^88. vetu- 
ftifEmis cnaraderibus defcriptum. P. id8. v. ^•fu^ Guithelmo 
l^nfo'] Imo fub Edgaro rege. P. 187. v. a8. Ami^, Glafiomiig^ 
Lib. I.] Domino in Cifrifif vifierlhus multum amfleSendo Henr 
rico f^nton. 0pifiofi9 &c. V. 1^6. v. ^6. In facris tafnsn divh-^ 
narum &c. J Fuit jurifperitus etiam, ut in libro de antiquitate 
Dunelmenfis monafterii patet. Mortem obiit in reditu i 
Roma, 1 5*54. in quodam vico Galliarum fubita infirmitate 
correptus. Ejus oiTa poft aliquot annos ad Dunelmum tranf- 
lata erant, & in coemiterio fratrum condita. P. 197. v. 10. 
Cian/itamn4 &c.] Claruit ifte Laurentius Prior Dunelmenfis 
Ao.D. 1 151. J^. V. 14. £ regione Radulphus E/eemo/rnarim 
in exemplari ifto Bodkjano mendatium fcrjptum eft. P. %i6. 
V. 4* Scftpfif GilifertuSj 5cc.] Gualterus Manap in li. de nugis 
Curialium. Giibertus FoUiotl? JjUndonenJis ePt/copus. vir morum 
^ fap$en$ta thefauris dives ^ clarus^ fitlo limfidijjtmo lucidm^ 
enm nihil aptinc fuo of ere poffit inveniri^ Jam (inquit) /r^ 
9eBus & litrortim wfus tihi evcitatem inducunt. P. 280. v. 3 j. 
in eccUfia Ehoracenfi] Fuit Cancellarius Eboracenfis, ut fcn- 
bit Rob. Grofletefte epifcopus Lincoln, in quadam epiftpla 
fua ad eundem Jo. Blundum. P. 304. v. 4. ut tefiis efi 2>/- 
'uetusJ] Fuit doditor Theologise, Oxonienfls, uti Icribit Mr. 
Tho. Gafcoine. P. 305". v. z6. De ufsL artium^ Lih.i.'] jv 
rfifax hnmanis triflid de caufa. U. v. antepen. Profbetantes] 
L. Fbihfifhantes. P. 30^. Ad fummum f^hhi banc notam 
Jbaiemus : Vitam Roberti Grofletefte defcripfit Ric.Bardinen- 
fis.TheologiaB bacc. monachus, carmine ad Guilielmum Prac- 
fulem Lincoln. A.D. 1^03. &incijpit: Lincolnienps apex Pr^^ 
ful falveto T^lhelme. Sed fiibuloia multa immifcuit, tanto 
viro non fatis congruentia. Ifte Bardinenfis monachus affir- 
mat Lincolnienfem natum fuifle in Stoeya propter Lincoln. 
p. 307. V. 3f . domum quam baMat Oxomi,'] Nunc aula vel 
Vol. 9. R col- 


collegium Gloceftriae oominitur. P. pz. r. 37. d^Stmrfid- 
ffBus.] Cancabrigix. P. 4i(J. v. 10. RicarJus Jbmgerujk^hi 
lib. quodam vetufto de Antiquic. Duoelmenfibiis. Fmier iBu 
fiit JUc. AigeTviU miles. Fuit ettam infirmSmr Edmmrdi tertS* 
FuH frimo caferarim regjs^ iesnde thejaurmrhts ie Ifkriefk^ 
fofiea clericus frlvati jigilU per ^9. awmos : fM0 temfwrt U$ 
aaist fummum font'tficem Johawum. Jtafrvmwtm fkit mi bene- 
ficia ecclejiaftica^ ut potuit exfendere ad valmrem 5*000* mgr- 
carum. FaBus fuit fofiea eflJcapMS Dunelmenps i^^ in fra^ 
fentia rtgts Edwardi^ & regin^^ & EdwarJS regit Scoti^^ %. 
archiefijcoforum^ & %. epifcoforum^ & 7. comitum^ emm nxm- 
hs Juis^ ^ ommum magnatum citra Tremtam. Fait ffiu 
eancettarius Anglic, DiBum erat de eo^ quod bateret f lures B- 
hos ijuam omncs pontifices Anglid:. Ohiit Amielamdi^ i^^^. 
•I4». Afrilis^ cut fucceffit Tho. de Hatfield 1545. euftus frivati 
figiUi domini regis. Ifie fundavit collegium 5. mommcborum ie 
monafierio Dunelm. ct 7* puerorum in artihui ftndemiium Oxo* 
nia juper Caudige^ ^ dedit unicuique monacto loU amfuatimj 
& cuililf t 7. puerorum ^. marcas* Ohiit autem Lomdim Ij8l. 
8^0. Miii^ fepultus tandem Dunelmi in eccleSa jum. .^faret 
tamen ex infirumento publico tub figiUo diBs e^fiofi fitijffe in 
itto loco Oxoni^ monachos fiudentes ante ittud tempms. Verba 
indentati ftatuti funt hdc de Thoma Hatfield. ^^ Fundavit, or- 
**dinavit & dotavit collegium Dunelmenfe in territoriono- 
** ftro extra mures Oxon. fuper Candifli, quod monachi nunc 
*' ftudentes inhabitant,&inhabitabant per antca multis annis." 
H«c vidic The. Alanus in illo antique libro ecclefise Du- 
nelm. ubi omnia ftaruta & ordinationes pro illo coUegio 
continebantur. P. 4.79. v. 91. Henricus Knyghtw^ Fuit ca- 
nonicus Leyceftrenris. lb. v. 41. Leg. de gelHs Anglorum^ 
lib, 5'. Hoc opufculum pott praclaros &c. P. 45X. v. a. Siwton 
Alcock^'] Oxonienps, Pag. 489. V. 8. Leg. THfolitnm di re 
Medica^ Lib, i. Intentio mea in hoc opufculo. Fag. ^i^. v. 
j}i. fub Bertono canceUario^ Guilielmus de Bertonlib. itatu- 
toriim fol. 41. b. P. 51^. v. 15'. ut crederet OxonieTtfem &c.] 
In teftamento amoris Chaucerus difertis verbis dicit fe Lon- 
dini natum. P. 6z^. v. 94. Et opera quadam alia^ &c.] 
Scripfit lib. de regibus Anglise & contra deftrudiones villa- 
rum. Sic incipit: Cum ad celptudinem regiam. Ubi etiam 
multa de Academiis Britannicis tradtantur. Libri intitulatio 
Henrico 7 mo. 

In Part, pofterior. 

P. 49. V. 19. Eufiachius Normanvyle^ Cancellarius Oxon. 
fubEdwardo primo. P. 52. v. 8. Guilhelmus Reade^ Hifto- 
fiam brevem edidit k condito mundo ad fuum tcmpu$. U. 

v. ij. 

V. tj. ipifi&ptfsdcijlrenfij'] A^.D. ijtfS. If. v. 18. Alaeenus 
jinzlicus'y\ Fuit Arabs, non Anglicus, ut ex ipfius libris facile 
colTi^ potent. P. 84. v. 10. Joannes Rohtms^ Floruit tem- 
pore regis Henrid 8. & fuic focius colj. omnium animarum 
Oxon. patria Stafibrdienfis comitatus, fuitque canonicus asdis 
Chrifti & Winforiae. P. 8d. v. 3. Joannes Torke;] Scripfe 
ifte Jo. Eboracenfis hiftoriam auream in 3. aut 4. partes di- 
vifam de geftis Anglorum a® grathc 737. ut in lib. quodam 
pervetufto de vita & geftis venerabilis Bedae annotatum vi- 
dit Tho. Alanus. Tralftare videtur in lib. fuo de Beda illo 
anno domini ; fed eum poftea claruifTe exiftimo circa tempus 
Guil. Malmesb. aut paulo ante, quia Malmesbury ejufdem 
Fere verba recitat circa Bedas laudes & vitam. 

Cotton. Library Vcfpaf. F.IX. jtf. Folio 223. 

A final] fragment of Leiand's Itinerary, written by 
himfelf in two leaves only. 

I remembre that I redde in an olde booke of Ramefey 
that fuch a yere dyed Thomas Brotherton Edward the firfte F0I.404J 
funnc that was litle or nothing profitable to the realme. BroAatim 

Orwelle in Cambridgefliire longith to the Richemonte^jJ^™" 
lands and one towne that there be fum veftigia of fum aun- ^'^^^ 
cient place. 

The Richemont fee is very notable in many parts of Cam- 
bridgefliir. And many be beneficiarii and pay chief rent to 
this tee. 

I perceyuid by a graunt of King Henry the 4. that afore 
the blake freres inhabitid the place in Scuthfolk hard a this 
fide Thetforde bridge wher they laft dwellith, that ons was 
an hbfpital cauUid i^eafun de deu. And in the ende of 
this charter and graunte, mention is made of John County 
of Warwike and Henry duke of Lancaftre graundfather to 
King Henry the 4. by his mother fide. And yn this 
I grauntid Edmunde Gundeuille is efpecially nahiid to be 
prayed for by the freres. 

From Cambridge to Haufton millis 3. mills. Thens viii 
mills to Reifton and 4. mills a this fide Reifton ouer a broke 
and by a mille fide. 

Al this 10. mile ^hampayne with other enclofier and 
barein of wood. 

I sic in MS. 

R 2. Reifton 


Keifton. Reiftoo ftandith in a mene ualley bytwizt to hillis. Aoll 
yet is the toune felf fet as on a > welling grounde. Tk 
market place ftandith in Hertfordihirc. The other pant 
of the toune in Cambridgefhire. 

There touche as I lemid in that toune iurifdiaion o(L 
London Ely and Lincolne diecefe. 

The toune it felf is but of a mene building. 

In the toune is but one chirche the efte part whercf 
feruid a late for the priory of Chanons. 

The wefte ende feruid for a chapel for the toune* 

For afore the late Parlament the toune longg^ to a lot 
3* paroches without e the toune* 

Now al the toune is allottid to one paroche and that ys 
kept in the eft ende of the priory and the Weft ende y$ 
puUid doune. 

The market at Reyfton on the wednefday is merueluilj 
frequentid efpecially with Corne. 

Fol. 410. I haue harde Mr. Garter f[ay th]at the fafcion of 
coronations of Kingis, that were folemnifid at Kingefton 
apon the Tamife afore the conquefte were made apon 
SchafFoldis yn the midle of the market place. 
Ther is Clereualx dwellith at Crofte bridge apon Tefe. Thcfc 
Croft 1^ Clereualx were yn tyme of mynde men of uery fair landes. 
hyk. crol Rofamundis tumbe at Godeftow nunnery was taken up a 
is iiiTorJE-l&te, it is a ftone with this infcription, Tumba Rofamundas, 
ihir. her bones were clofid in lede and with yn that the bones 
were clofid yn leder. When it was openid ther was a uery 
ifwete cameng of it< 

Ther is a croffe hard by Godeftow with this infaip- 

8ui meat hac oret fi^num falutis adoret 
tque fibi detur veniam Rofamunda precetur. 
There was a priory inSoutheverz of theFreres order as I 
fuppofe cauUid Ryflyppe, and was impropriatid to the 
Kinges college yn Cambridge. 

I forlan fwelllngt % Sic in MS. 


t I ] 


To the Eight Volumes 

o Q 

Mr. LELANUS Itinerary. 

The Figures refer to the Fol. Numbers tlaa^d in the Margin,' 
a, figntfies the Firft Faze of the Folio^ b, the Second : and 
"where there is a Cafitat K after the Figures, // refers to the 
Appendix in the Seventh Volume. 

A Bbandune Vol. 7* Part 
jr\ i<l. (^3 b. 64 a, b. ^5 a. 
Abbington v. %. 14, 15:, i(J, 

Abyndon v. 7. pt 1^. 14- 
Abbates-byri v. 3. 49. 
AbbatiQe. See Aberle. 
Aberle, or Abbatifle v» 7. 

p« !*• a?. 
Abbo Mon. y. 8. 8a a^ 
Aber Avon. v. 4* pt ift. (J8. 
Aber Ayron v. y. 13. 
Abreavon v. 4. p« i«. d8. 
Aberbarry v. 4. 6, 61. 
Aberbyry v. 3. 9^. 
Aberdayer v» 4. p« i^. jf. 
Aberdeuy v.y. 78. 
Aberforde v. i. 46, 
Aber Gegyne v. y. 49» 
Abergeveney v. 4. pt ad. 

175 b. 183 a. V. y. d, li. 

v.(f. 88. 
Aberguili v. 5'. 0.3. 
Aber Ogweine v. y. 49. 
Aber Pergom v. 4. p' ift. yy. 
Aber Pouch V. 5r. 49. 
Aber Thawan v. a. 63. 

Vol. 9. 

Aber Uft with v.<'. 7&. 
Abetot V. 8. iiab. 
Abon V. y. 3?. 
Abredaron v. y. 49. 
Abreguilc v. y. 74. 
Abrehedon v. 7. p« i^. 27.' 
Abremarlais v. ?• 73. 
Abrcmeney v. y. 49. 
Abreoftuthe v. 7. p' ift. 30. 
Acca v. 8. 9^ a. 
Acham v. 4. p«i^. 181 b. 
Achard v.(f. 39. 
Acharias v. 8. 67 a. 
Acheland, or Akeland v. i. 

78, 91. ^e^Bifliop Akeland. 
Adam v. y. 91. 
Acmundrenes v. 4* p« iK 38. 
Aeon V. (J. 31. 
Acornbyri v.y. lo. v.8. *j6 b* 

89 b. 
Afton V. 4. pt a< 183 a. 

19a b. v»o.y(J,dz,93. ^.7. 

p' ad. 7a b, 74 b. V. 8. 

dy a% (f 9 a. 
Adton Burnel v. 7. p^ i^. 33. 

v.8. 113 b. 
Adam v. 3. 8(J. v.4. p^ 1^.(^9. 
Adam (frater) v. 8. 48 b. 

t A Adelitane 


Adelftane vKing) v. i. 7f . 
Adcrton v. 5:. 82. 
Adeherus v. 8. 87 b. 
Adelhcrus r. v. 8. 88 b. 
Adelredus r. v. 8. 87 b. 88 b. 
Ahelredus rex v. 8. 8x b. 
Adelicia v. 8. 6y b. 
Adinggreves v. 5. 98. v. 7. 

Adrianus v. 8. 98 b, 

Adulphus V. 8. 87 b. 94 b. 
V. Ethelwdphus. 

Adulphus r. v. 3. 71. 

^cfridus V. 8. 55 a. 

iEdelrede (King) v. x. 38. 

iEgglesfild V, 5". 94. 

iEgidius Ep. Sar. v. 3. (^5,67. 

iEglesburn R. v. 7. p« i* 45. 

iEglefton V. y. n^ 

iEilborpw, or Hilborow, v.8. 
ii^r a. 

iEilwerdus, /fotf iEilwardus, 
Meaw V. o, 8x, 9^. 

iEifchwik V. 3. 84. 

>Eiftonv. 3. 84« 

iElveftun, alias Olveftoun 
V. 3. 84. 

^Iredus Archbp. of Yorke 
V. 4. p^a^. 171 b. 

iEfchwme v. 1. 11. 

yEthelred v. 7. pt i^, 74 a. 
iEthclftanus Rex v. y. 99. v. 

3. 7%. 
^thelwoldus V, 3. ^a. 
Agatha v. 7. pt ift. ao, 
Agathas or Agathes (St.) Ab- 
bay V. 5. iif . V. 8. 54. a. b. 
Agecroft v. ^. 83. 
Agelnoun v. 8. 50 a. 
Agelwinus v. 3. 72. 
Ager V. 6. ^> 
Agerfton v. 7. pt i^. 77. 
Agnes (St.) Ifle V. 3. 6. 
Aidanus v. 8. 51 b. 92 b. 
Ailefliam v. i. 29. 
Ailesbyri or Ailesbirie v# 4, 

)< I ft. 41. V. 8. 79 b. 80 a. 
I a, b. 114 b. 
Alesbury Towne V. 4. pta<f. 1 

191b. 192 a. The Vale of j 

Alesbury 191 b* 
Ailesford V. 6 . 8. 
Ailington V. (f . 11. 
Ailfton-Bridge v. 4« pt ad. 

175: b. 
Ailton V. I. (J. 
Ailwardus. FtJe ^ilwerdus. 
Ailwinus v. 3. 72. 
Ainsbyri V. i. i. 
Ainftev. I. 48. 
Aire R. V. 1 . 46. 
Aire-Mouth v. i. 61. 
Aires (Johanna de ) v. 4. pt 

ad. 184 b. 
Alton V. I. (f4, 70. 
Akeland. See Acheland. & 

V. 7. pt ift. 63, (^4. 
Alaine v. z. 77. - 
Alane v. 3. i,x. v. 8. 84b. 
Alanus niger filiiis Stephani 

V. 8. 67 Zy b. 
Alanus, didhis Rufis vel 

Fregaunt v. 8. 67 a. 
AlawneR. v. 2. 74. Bridges 

on it Md. & 7^. 
Alein v. 3. 2. the Bridge 9(f. 
Alein R. v. 4. pt iC (ff. 

Bridges on it 74. 
Alen R. v. y. 35, jtf, 7(f, 78. 
Alarde v. o. 59, 
Albanac v. 8. 70 b. 
Albanus (S.) v. 8. 9J ft* 
Albemarle v. i. tfy, fo. . 
Albeney v- 1. iia. v*^ 29,(^3^ 
Albeneio (Gul. it) v. 7* pt n^ 

20. V. 8. 70 b. 71 a. 
Albine (S.) v. 3. 3. 
Albertbyri v. 5. 80. 
Albredus B. ctf Wirccfttt 

V. 8. 75 b. 
Albrighton v. f . 30, 
Albruchv. f. 114. 



Album Monafterium by Al- 
bertbyri v. 7# p* i^. 33. 

Alceftre v. 7. pt ift. %6. 

Alchar v. 6. 7. 

Alchirch v. 4. p« 2^. id8 a. 
18^ a. V.8. 113 a* 

Alchfridus v.i, ^6 b. 

Alcock V. I. ^^. V. 8. Ill b, 

Aldeborow v. i. ^. 

Aldeburge v. i. 101. v. 8. 

Aldelmus v. 1. z6. v. 8. #3 a, 

Aldermanton V. (f . 59, 

Alderfley v. 7* p«ad. 71 b. 

Aid] aver v. i. 44* 

Aldrede v. 8. 75: a, b. 

Aldredus Archiep. jEbor. v. f. 

Aldredus Mon. v. 8. 80 a. 
Aldulphus V. 8. 8x b. 88 b. 
Aldunus ep.Dunelm v. 8. 5:1 b. 
Alefter or Aleftre v. 4, pt xd. 

1(^4 a. V.8. 73 a. 
Aleth V. f . 57, y8, yp, 6%. 
Alexander v. i. 32. 
Alexander B. of Lichfield 

V. 4. pt xd. 188 a. 
Alexander Bp* of Lincoln 

V. %. lo, V. 4. pt xd. i6a b. 

191 b. y* 8. 04 a. 
Alfarus v. x. 35. 
Alfbrd V, 7. pt ift yo. 
Alfrede (King) v.x. x7. v.3. 

72. V. 7. pt i<*. 7(f a. 80 b. 

V. 8, 78 b. 88 b. 
Alfredug tertius Merc, rex 

V. 8. 70 b. 
Alfrida v. 8. 87 b. 
Alftrida v. 8. 87 b. 
Alfweddus v. 8. 88 b. 
Alfwodus V. 8. 88 b. 
Alfwoldus V. 8. 87 b. 
Algar (S.) V. 7. 78 a. 
Algarus v. x. 45. v. 4. pt xd. 

174 b, v.d, 8a. 
Algemoune v. i. %%• 

Algiva V. 6. 81, 8x: 
Alington v. 2. X9. v. 6. 37. 
Aikmundus V. 8. 96 a* 
Allen V. 7. pt ift, 3d. 
Aller V. 2. di. V. 3. 29. 
Almarus comes v. 8. 96 a. 
Almaricus V. d. 81. 
Alne V.7. pt ift. 79. 
Alney. See Olney. 
Alnewike v. 7, pt ift, 7^ , 7^. 
Alpham. See Apfliam.. 
Alredus abbas v. 8. 93 a. 
Alricus V. 8. 98 a. 
Alresford R. v. 3. 73. 
Alfcote V. 2. 6i. V. 3. 93. 
Altofte V. 6. 30. 
Altoun V. 3. 73^ 
Alveley v. d. 80. 
Alvericus v. 8. 89 a. 
Alverftone v. 7, pt 2d. 74 b. 
Alverton v. 4. pt ad. 173 a. 

V. 8, 53 a. 
Alurede v. 3. 92. v. 8. 81 b. 
Alwara v. 3. 72. 
Alwine v. i. 96. v. 8. yd a. 
Amandes (St.) v. 2. 24. 
Amberley v. 4. pt 2d. 169 a. 
Ambre K. v. 7. pt ift. 45:. 
Ambresbyri. 5*^^ Ambrosbyri. 
Ambrosbyri, &r Ambresbyri 

V. 3. do, Sy. 
Amerfham. Sei Hagmonde- 

(ham, . 
Amney v. 2, 23. 
Amphibalus v. 8* 93 a. 
Ananias epiic. Auiph. v. 8. 

98 a. 
Ancafter v. i. 30, 31. 
Ancrewike v. 2. i. 
Anderfey v. 7. pt xd. d4 a. 
Anderton v. 5. 83. 
Andertonford V. y, 83. 
Andever v, 3. 69. 
Andres (St.) v.2. do. v.3. 87. 
Andredefwalde v. 7, 134 A. 
Andrews v. 7. pt i^. 30. 

A 2 Angle 


Angle V. 5'. a8. 

Anglefton v. 8. ^^. 

Anker R. v. 4. pt 2<*. 190 a. 

V. y, pt ift. a(J. 
Ankerwike v. i. 123. v. 4- 

pt ift. 19. V. 3. 71. 
Ankefter v. 7. ot ift. 48. 
Ankctil, or AuKetil v. 6. yx, 

AnnaEnni fil. v.8. 87 b. 88 b. 
Anne's (St.) Hille v.7. 118 A. 
Anfelme v. 6. 3. v. 8. 93 b. 
Antehille v. i. 119, lao. 
Antioche v. 6. 5:3. 
Antouies (S.) v. 3. 9, 13. 
Antonini Itinerarium v. 7. 

128, 131, 133 A. 
Antonini chronicon de Ra- 

dulpho Maideftan v.8. 78 b. 
Apledorcomb v. 3. 72. 
Appleby v. 7. p« i^. 61. v. 8. 

54 b. 
Appledour v. 6. 11. v. 7. 

134 140, 142 A. 
Appledre v. 3. 92. 
Appleton V.I. 73. 
Apfham, d?r Alpham v.^. 35'. 
Aqua Blancha (Petr. de) v. 8. 

78 a. b. 
Aqua ^abaudia (Petr. de) v.8. 

Archedecon V. 3. 3,31. v. (f. 

ArdurusRex v. 3, 8^. 
Arden v. 4. pt i^. 166^. v. 6. 

20. V, 8. 74 b. 
Ardenev. 4. pt ift. 16, 17. 
Ardenerameur. See Ardeue- 

Ardeuerameur, or Ardenera- 
meur V. 3. 6^ 12. 
Ardenes. ^J^e Hardenefle. 
Ardingworth V. I. 13. 
Ardudwy v. 5'. 42. 
Arcley v.^. 80. 
Areftaldus v. 3. <J4. 

Arforde v. f. la. 

Arilda (S^a.) v.4* p« x^* 171 K 

V, 8. 75r. 
Arkengarth Dale v. 5'. ii(f. 
Arle v,(f. 20. 
Arme, or Armine R. v. j. 

25, 30. 
Armine v. i. 29. 
Armeftrong v. i. 17. 
Arnecote v. 7. pt i^. 7. 
Arow R. v. ii. pt a<J. i(J8 a.' 

177 a. i8(J D. v. y. 3j io, 

V. 7. pt I ft. 24. 
Artey. SeeYQ.r. 
Arthur (Prince) v. 4. pt z^. 

183 b. 
Arturius Princeps v. 8. 113 a# 
Arthurus Comes v. 8. 67 &• 
ArtureK. v.7. 117 A. 
Artures Hille v. 5:. 69 j 72. 
Arundale v. 2* 73, 77. v. 3. 

2, /^, 14,17- 
Arundel v. 6. 3, la, 18, 53, 

5*4, 87. 88, 100. 
Arandell (Lord) v. i. 109. 

V. 7. pt ift. 28, 29. v.8. 

87 a. 108 a. 
Arundelia v. 3. 38. 
Arundovalius v. y. 39. 
Arwennak v. 3. 10. 
Afc V. 8. ^6 b. 
Afche V. 3. 20, 21, 22. 
Aske V. 6. 17. 
Afcheburn v. 7. pt ift. 44. 
Afcheby v. 6. 6<f» 
Aflcheby v. i. 7. Aflcheby 

De la Zouche v. i. 20, 22, 

114, 115-. 
Afchefeldc v. (f. 16. 
Afchgogh. 5'etfAfchue. 
Afcheley v. 3. ^tTj I^j 97* 

v. 7. pt ift. 2(J 43. pt id. 
67 h. 

Afcnenald v. i. 43. 
Afchendune v. %. xyJ v. 7, 
pt 2d. 64. b. 


I N D 


5ton. See Steeple. 

eton Botcrel v.8. 89 b, 

^ Caftell V. 6. 6^. 

perius v. 8. 108 b. 

eruge v. i. lai. 

nencon v. 3. 28. 

10, (»r Afchgogh v.3. (J8. 

ecue V.7. pt ift. 5^a. 

eforde, five Asflieford 

). a^ 10, II. 

ford. See Aflcheforde 

7. 13 A. 

J V. 7. i%\ A. 

Kiftoricus v. 8. 88 a. 

Ion V. I. 113. 

ey V. I. ax. 

by V. 7. pt I ft. ^a. 

ardus Badonienfis v. i. 

bertus v. 8. 87 b. 

iney v. 2. j<J. 

Iftan. 5^^ Ethelftan. 

.ftanus V. 3. 72. 

fton (K.) V. 4. ptid, 

. b* 

rftone v. 7. p« ift. a(J, 

Iwaldus V. 8. 87 b. 

V.I. 6,77. 

ter V. I. 32. 

lie V.2. 43. 

2 V. 5-. 71. 

er V. (J. 5. 

ley V. 2. 59, (Jo. v. 3. 

V. 4. p« ift. 40. V. d>. 

tfy, 87, 88. 99. V. 8. 
t>. 79 b. 8<Jb. 
ley (Lord) v. 7. pti^. 

32, 3<J^ 40. 
»enus (S.) V. 8. 03 b. 
ftine Freres, when the 
der began in England 

U p' 2,d. 71 b. 

til. ^ffAnketil. 

;fter v. 4. pc ad. 1(^7 b. 

\ a. 185 a. 

EX. y 

AuIneR. v. 4. ptid. i(>7b. 

Aundernefle v. 5'. 84. 
Auftors (S.) or Auftelles v.3. 

14. V. 7. 122 A. 
Aveling v. 2. 25'. 
Avon Aber v. 5^. 4.9. 
Avon Ederne, fwe Girath 

V. f. 49. 
AvonR. The courfe of it, 

and Bridges upon it. v. i. 

3. V.2. 2?, 31. V. 3.^,96* 

v. 4. pt ift. 685 75". p« id, 

166 a. V. 7. pt ift. 24, x(f. 
Aymote R. v. 8. 69 b. 
Ayote V. 4. pt ift. 44. 
Ayron v. 5. 13. 
Ax R. v. 3. 42, 43. 
Axey V. i. 41. 
Axholm V. I. 40. 
Ax-Knolle v. 3. 42, 45." 
Axminftre v. 3. 42, 43. 
Axmouth v. 3. 4a, 43. 


Babington v. i. 3^. 
Babthorpe v. i. 104. v. 4.' 

pt ift. 19. v.8 68 b. 
Bachelar v. 2. 16, 
Bache v. 4. pt 2d. 175" a. 
Bachefeld v. 7. pt ift. 27. 
Bacon v. 4. pt ift. ly, 
Badby v. i. 11. 
Badbyri v.3. ^4. 
Badeiefmere v. i. 108. v.3. 

38. V.6. 5',4>-. 
Badmanton v. 6, 76. 
Bager \.6. 79. 
Baggett V. 7. pt ift. 16. 
Bagginton v. 7. pt ift, 26. 
Bagle V. J^. 77 a. 
Bagley-Wood v. 2. 14. 
Baienet v. (3. 32. 
Bailie v. 4. pt 2d. 189 b. 
Bainham v. 4. pt2d. 173 b. 


Baynom. SetJnon. 

BaVnon v. 4. p« ift. 6^. See 

Bainton v. 6. 39^ 94- v. 7. 

p« %^. 67 a. 
Baynton v. i. 19. 
Bayton v. i. ay, 
Bakewdlc v 7. p« i^. 44. 
fialdewiniis v 8, 8x b* 
Baldwin v.4. p^i^. 191 b. 
Balev. 5r. 44. 
Ballioll V. 1. 93. V.8. 5^3 b. 
Ballhall v. 4. pc ^^. 167 a. 
Balthafar v. 4, pt i*. 47. 
Bampton v. 3. 94. v. 8. 69 h. 
Banborowv,8. 113 b, 
Banborowgh y.j. pt ift. 7^, 

Banbury v. 4. pt a^. 167, b. 

1^3 a. 191 a. 19a a. 
Banbyri v. 7. pt i^. 9, 13. 
Bangor v.^ 35,47. 
Banwelle 7.3, 89, v, 7. pt x<i. 

Barbar v. 7. pt id, 6^ h. (f 5 a. 
Bardolphe v. r. 28. 
Bardeney v,;. pt ift. yi. 
Barchamdouiit v. 6- 4. 
Barenden v. 4. p« ad. ly^ a. 
Barentine v. a. 8. v. 4. pt ift. 

19. V. 6. 40. V. 7. pt ad. 

({3 a. V. 8. 114 a, b. 
Barenton v. 8. 8a a. 
Bareeine v. 4. pt ad. 166 b, 
Barham ( Hamelinus de ) v. 

5'. la, 
Barkhamdowne V. (5. 4. 
Barkhamftcdc v. i. iii, laa. 
Barkeley^/vf Berkeley, v. (J. 

30, 47, 48, 49, TO, T I, T<^, 

08, 75", 7^, 77, 100. V.7, pt 

ad. (^pb. 71a, J^fBerkley. 
Berkley v. ^ 3a, 88. v. 4. 

pt ad. 1(^4 b, 171 b. 173 b, 

V. 7. ptad. 7a b. 75 a, b. 

V.8. 73b. 75: a. c^Barkley. 

Barkley v, S. 76 z2 
Barke{wcll v. i. pt ad, i^ 
Barnard Caftelie v. i. 93, 

V. 7. pt ift. 64* 
Barneby v. !• 49. 
Barnefs 36, 37. 
Barneffe v. 6. 74. 
Barneflale v. ^. 91. 
Barnewellv. I. g. v. 7. p' 

Barningam v. ^. riy. 
Barnulph v. 4, pt ad. 17 
Baroby v. i. a7. 
Barok, or Berwike v.g. 5:^; 
Baron, §r Barow, Gur 

V.7. ptad. 6i a. 7<b. 
Barow v. 6. 93. 
Barptolomcus monachus ' 

93 b- 
Barre v. 6. 48. 
Barrey, Barrey Brooke n 

pt ift. (Ji,6a. 
Barret v. 3. 16. 
Barrok (S.) v. 4. pt ift. 6 
Barricius v. 3. 4. 
Barfwelle v. 8. 73 a. 
Barton v. 6, ao, 
Basford v. a. ^tf. 
Bafinge Werke v. 8. 76 1 
Baflet V. 3, 5:. V.4. pt ift. 

ptid, 189 a. 190 a. V. 

71. V.7. ptift. 7,8,9. 
Baffet's Croffe v. 4. pt 

189 a. 
Baffingburnv.i. 13. v»6,i 
Bathv.a. 34, 3T,3/»37, i 

30,(^7. V.7. ptad. 74a. 
Bath (Earl of) V. 3. 94- 
Bathan, or Bothora v. 3. 5 
Batilda v. 8. ^1 ^» 
Batinv.8. &ob. 
Battlefeild vr-V^'^*'* 

Baudrem V. ^:A-t^ '^^' 
Bawdey v.i^ '^^yl\ ^ 

Bawrrev. I. ^^*\,^''^ 
Bayllic v. a. '^^^V-^ 

I N D 

ird V. 6. 5:4. 
orth V, !• If. 
lete V. 7. ijf A. 
ibaump, or de Bello 
npo V. I. i6y 109, 116, 
, ii8. V. 3. d^jtfy, V.4. 
4. idjb. 1^4 a, b. 168 
175: a. 184 a. 187 a. 
'• T3. 7i» 78> 88, 90, 
• V. 8. 71 a, b. 75 a, b. 
L. 77 a. 79 b. 63 D. 84 b. 

llo campo. See Beau- 

lamp II, (f 7. 
lamp V. 7. p'l**. (Jgb. 

ley V.4. p«2/«l. i8ja,b. 


Drt v.a. ao. v. 4. p* i*'. 

a, b. fed in priori loco 

ufo male fcribitur y.6. 

V.8. 73 b. 

►. V.8. 73 a. 

>rt V.I- 92. 

lev. 4. pticl. 179a. 

lont ^Bellemonce v.i. 

a8, 31. 

lamont v.4«pti<l 1(^3 b« 

Qonte V. ©• 71 • V. 8. 

. 74 a. 109 D. no a. 


leis (Rich* de) v. 8. 


oir V. I. 109. 
(Ant. de) v. 8. 51b. 


(katonj de ) V. y. 106. 

m V.8. 73 a. 
ton V. 7. pt ift. 4a. 
worth Watery. I. 54. 
V. 5r. iif. 

r.4. ptift4i. v.7.ptift, 
^8. V.8. 51 b. 87 b. 9a b. 
rd V. i; !i7, 94, ii(S, 

E X 

117. v.x. ^7,^8. V.3. 93, 

94. T. f . 98. V.7. pt ift. I, 

3* V.8. 71 a,b. 73 b. 
. and Caftelles there v. 7. 

pe I ft. I, 3. 
Bedelinfton t. 6. €j. 
Bedemiiter v. 7. pt 2d. 70 b. 
Bedenham v. 3. 80. 
Bedewinus v. 8. So a. 
Bedwine v. 4. pt ift. 4^. v.7. 

pt 2d. 55 b. 
Bedlow V. 2. ^8. r. 3. 93. 
Bedwes v. 4. pt i*. yi, fi. 
Beechley v. 4, p* 20. 175 b. 
Bees (St.) v. 7* p'lft. 68, 71* 
Beke 69 a. 
Beket v. 2. 40. 49. v. 3; 24. 

V. 6. 3. 34, 62. V. 8. 79 a* 
Beket's Bridge v. 3. 69. 
Beketbyri v.7. pt2d. 72 a. 
Bekharwick v. i. 12. 
Bekiogton v. 2. 41. v. 3. 87, 

88, 89. V. 7. pt 2^. ^3 a. 
Belcaire. ^^^ Bellirica. 
Belefmo (Robert de) v. 4. 

pt2d. 182 a,b. v. <;. 82. 
Belefmo (Rogerus de) v. 4. 

pt I ft, 40. 
Belingeham v. 4. pt i^. lo* 

v. 7. pt I ft. 74. 
Belknape v. 8. 74 b. 
Bellar v. 5. 93. 
Bellars v.4. ptift. 19. y.(;. 6<, 
Bellazis v. 6. 24. v.7. p«ift. 

Belle V. 8. ^6^. 
Belleanow. See Lymehll. 
Bellegre v. i. 22. 
Bellegreve v. i. 22. 
Belletnorp v.i. 41. 
Belle voire v. i. 114. 
Bellewodde v. i. 42. 
Bellirica, alias 'Rt\cz\ie^ and 
Court-up-Strete V.7.142A. 
Belumeis ( v. 8. 8o. 

Bemiftre v. 3. 4^ • 
Benifeld v.i. I3,i4. V'6.6i» 
Benignus (S.) v. 8. 93. 
Beoruredus y. 8. 94 a, 
Bercefter, or Bifceter v. 4. 

pt ad. 191 a. 
Bifceter v. 4. pt ^^, 191 a. 
Berdwith v. 8. 5:0 b. 
Bere v. 3. ai, i6> 
Bereford (D. of) v.4. pt id. 

166 b. 
Berford v. 5;. 98. v. 8. 74 a, 
Berforde Bridge v. g. 74 b. 
Bereword v. 3. 41. 
Bergevenny v. i, 9a, v. 8, 

84 b. 
Bernam v. 3. (J4. 
Berlinch v. 3. 89. 
Bermigham v.4. pi i^. i8tf b. 
Bernacus v. 8, 93 b. 
Bernardus de Novo Mercatu 

V. 4, pt a<J. 1 72 a. 
Bernes v. i. 120. 
Bernguid v. a. 38. 
Bernieres v. 6. 73, 
Bernorex V.8. 88 b. 
Bernulf (K.) v. 8. 7^ a. 
Berftaple v. 2. 6^, 66. v. 3. 

92^, 93- 
Bercnramus v. 8. 52 b. 
Berton v. i. 57. 
Berwike v. 7. pt i^. 75", 77. 

See Barok. 
Berwik on the Hil v. i, (J4. 
BeskewGod v. i. no. 
Berhkellarth v. ^. 47. 
Betiftre v. 6' 100. 
Betun B. of Hereford v. 4. 

pt 2d. 175: a. v. 8. 78 a. 

86 a. 89 a, b. 
Bevcr v. i. 113, 114, ii^r. 

V. 8. 81 b. 
Beverley v. I. 50, ^i^ 52, 5:7. 

V.7. pt ift. 5'4. 
Beverftane v. 6. 100. 
Beverftone Caftelle v. 6, y6. 


Beville. ^^^BoyilleJ' 

Bewdele v. 7. pt i^. a3,lj. 
Bewdefert v. 7. p^ i^. j8. 
Bewleyv. 3. 78. 
Bewmanerv.i.xo. v.8.i09b. 

Bewpray v. 5. 3. 
Bewvale v. o. 108 a. 
Beynton v. 6. yg. 
Bichefeld v. 7. pt i*. 38. 
Biconel v. 3. 80. 
Bifeld V. I. a. 
Bigelfwade v. 7. pt i*. i. 
Bigenelle v. x. 9^. 
Bikenelle v. 3. 89. 
Bigote v. I. 61 J 6^ tff, 94. 

v. 6, 43* V. 8. 8z a. 
Bigram v. i. z. 
BilldevoiB v. 8. 84 b. 
Billevois v. 7. pt i*. 33. 
Billesby v. 7. pt i-ft. ^2. 
Binchefter v. i. 79. 
Bingham v.3. (Jy. v. 4. pt ift, 

Bii^eine v. 4. pt ad, ipi b. 
Birine (St.) v. 2. 10. ¥.3.62. 

v. 8* 93 b; 
Birkenheved v.^. ly, 
Birling v. 6. 71. 
Bifett v. 4. ptad. 182 b. v. 8. 

171 a. 
Bifliam v. 2. y. 
Bifliop v.4. pt ift. 3. 
Bisfliop Akeland v.i. 78,79. 
Bifliops Caftle v. 4. pt %^. 

180 a. V. 7. pt ift, 32,33. 
BisiliopsDale v. y. 114, iid. 
BifhopsHaule v. 6. di, 
Bisfhops Thorpe v. 5. 91. 
Bifliops Toune v. 5. a, 3, 

10, 72. 
BifTe R. V. 7. pt 2^. 67 b. 
Bifton V. 7. pt Ift. 40, 43. 
Bitford v.4. pt2<i. 167b. 
Bitham v. i. 26. 
Bithern v.4. pt i*. 19. 
Bitnefdea v. 6. 48. 


I N D 

Biton V. 7. pt ^^. 67 b, 

Bitton. SeeBytten. 

Black water v. 4. pt a*^. 187 b. 

Blage V.6. 71. 

Blain LLeueni v. y. (J9. 

BJakden v. 3. ^(J. 

Blake v. i. ^4. v. 8. ^8 b. 

Blakeburne v, 4. pt ift. 14, 

V, 8. ^8 b. 
Blake-Bridge v. 3. 73. 
Blakele v. 7. pt ift. 57. 
Blakemore v. 6. ^a, loi. 

V.7. pt 2*^. 67 a. 
BUkeney v. i. 109. 
Blakeihaul v. 6. 15-. 
Blake thorne Bridge v. 7. 

pt ift. 7. 
Blak-Hed v. 3. 14. 
Bhkcn Hedde v. y. ^4. 
Blake Montayne v. 5. 6j. . 
Blaket v. i. 15. 
BlakRok v. 5. 31. 
Blaachelind v. 7, pt jft. 78. 
Blandeford v. 6, 101. 
Blare rSc.) v. 4. pt xd. 187 a, 
Blafe (St.) V. 3. 14, ly. 
Blefels V. 7. pt 2^. 62 b« (>4 b. 
Bleffeles Legh z^. 62 b, 
Blieburg v. 8. 81 a. 
Blith V. I. loy, lo^, V. 3, 

^3. V. 4. pt ift. 42. pt 2^. 

189 a. V. 5:. 92, 94. V. 7, 

pt ift. 2(^, 37. 
Blitheburg v. 4. pt ift. 42. 
Blorehethe v. 7. pt ift, 32. 
Blore Park v. 7. pt i^. 38. 
Bloughan v. 3. 16. 
Blubyri v. 4. pt i&. 42. 
Bluerh v. 6. 54. 
Blundus v,6. 75. 
Blunt Ld. Monjoy v. 3. 8. 

V. 7, pt ad, 72 a. 
Bobbing v. 6. 28. 
Bodennek v. 3. 18, 19. v. 7. 

la? A. 

Vol- 9. 

E X» 

Bodington v. 6. 78. 
Bodman v. 7. 117 A. 
Bodmyn v. a. 75-, 76^ 77. 

V. 3. 1,1^,19,94. 
Bodrugam v. 3. 14. 
Bodulian v. 3. 20. 
Bohun V. 3. 32. V. 4. pt I*. 

19. pc2d. 174 a. y.6. 48« 
^v.8. 84b. gya. 
Bo neon v 8. 52 a. 
Bokinghain v. i. 89. 

Bokinghamfliire Rivers there 
V.7. ptift. ^. 

Bokworth v. 4. pt 2d. 173 a. 
Boleyue v. i. 22. v. 4. pt ift. 
i3« p^2«l- 192 a. V.6. 6i. 
Bolgoid V. 4. pt ift. 59. 
Bolnes v. 7. pt ift. 69, 
Bolney v.6. 18. 
Bolftoa V. 4. pt ift. 6%. 
Bolton V. I. 9(J, 109. V. y: 

114. V. 7. P^ift. 57, 77- 
V. 8. 54 a. 66 a, b. 

BolynR. v. 5:. 82. 

Bonde v. 4. pt 2d, 190 b# 

Boneclea v. 8. 82 a. 

Bonehome v. a. 29, 30. v. 4, 

pUft. 42. V.7. pt2d. 78 b, 

Boneville v. 2. 52. v. 3. i8, 
42,91. v.6. 5'3»^4' V.7. 
pf 2d. 6i a. V. 8. 109 a. 

Bonher v. 8. 77 b. 79 b. 

Bonifacius ep. v. 8. 94 a, 

Bonifacius (5.) v. 3. 35. 

Boprolpftoune v.7. pt ift. 49; 

Bordeflcy v. 8. 76 b. 

Bordlord v, 7. pt %d. 6^ b. 

Borones v. 5. 30. 

Borow V I. 3(J. V. 7. pt ift. 
^2, (f r, 7(i. pt 2d. (^3 a. 

Boro^Y-B^id^e v. i. di, 100, 


Borow Caftle v. 4. pt ift, 4^. 
Borow Hilles v. y . 93, 
Borow Village v. y. 93. 
Borow (Ld.) v. y. 102. 

t B Borowgh 



Borowgh ▼. 3* 4J. 
Bofa V. i. f d. 
Bdsbcrle v. 8. 87. 
Bofcaftel v. !• 72. 
Bofeham v. 6. H* 
Bofel V. 4. pt a<i, 171 b. V. 8, 

^ 7T a. 

BofgroYe V. 6. 32. 
Boflinny v. a. 73. 
Boflbn V. I. 27. 
Boflue V. I. id. 
Bofluenny v. 3. 9;. 
Boftok V. 7. p« ift. 43, 
Bdftod V. !• 109. v.d. 59, 

do. V. 7. pt 1ft. 48, 204 A. 

V. 8. no a. 
Borear v. 8. 84 b. 
Poteler v. 4. pt ift. 13, d4, 

dd. pc ad. id^ a. id9 b. 

170 a. V. f. 84. V. d. 7d. 

V. 8. 74 b. 
Bdthe V.8. 77 b. 
Bothom. Set Bathan. 
Botley. 5'^^BudIey. 
Botrbaux V. 1. 3d. v.i. 33, 

58, 72. V. 3. d3, 84, 9ii 

5}-. V. d. 77. V. 7. 7d a. 
Botulphus V. 8. 94 b. 
Bovet V.I. 98. 
Boucher v. i. 18, 89, tao. 

V. d. 3, 92. 
Bouline v. 7. pt ift. 5:3. 
Bouline Haul v. 7. p« ift. y j. 
Boullch {or Bouth) Glauch 

V. 4. pt ift. 55'. 
Boun V. I. 2. V. d. 70. 
Bourne R. v. i. 28, 31, 9d. 

V. 7. pt I ft. 47. V. 8. d8 b. 
Boutti V.I. 80. v.d. 82. V.7. 

pt ift. 42. V. 8. 5-3 b, 79 b. 

Boutheby v. i. 27. 
Bovilly, alias Beville V.2. 77 

V. 3. 2. 
Bovy Thracy v. 8. 74 b. 
Bowbridge V. 3. 20^ 28. 

Bowe Cflftel v. 7- {>' 1** j%. 
Bowes V. 1. $14. r* 4. pt i^. 

d^ I2. v.6i 114. V.84 dyb* 
Bowelle v. d« f 3* 
Bowmer v*5r- lif^ 
Boxley v. 8. 97 b. 
Boxtl^el V. d. 78. 
BdyertOh v. d. 30* 
Boys v.d. 12. 
Bradefeld v. f . 94. 
Bradeford y. 2. 30, J3. 48^ 

V.3. 47,90. V.7.ptift. tj* 

pt 2d. d7 b. 74 t. 79 b. 
Bradeforde BHdge v. d. 54. 
Bradelega V. d. 47* 
Bradeley. SeeM^den» 
Bradley v. 7. pi i*^ yd. 
Braden v. 2. 23. 
Bradenftoke v. %. %y. t. Ii 

112 b. 
Bradling;ton v. I. yy. 
Bradfliaw v. 7. p« ift# >d. 
Bradftone v. 7. P**^. 71 h» 
Bradwar dine Caftel v. f . ie^ 
Brainton v. y. ffd. 
B'rakeiey v. 7. pt i^. 9, to^ 

II, 12. V. 8. not. 
Brakenbyri v. 1. 7y, ^3. 
Brathbridge v.d. 9. 
Braunbridge v. d* 9. 
Braihmifgrove v. 7. pt i^i i}* 
Bramfcrot'te V. 7. pt ift. 3f. 
BraHdesburh v. 3* dj. 
Brandon v. 7. jpt 2d. ^ j b* 
Brakie R. v. y. 73. 
Branneaford v. 8. in b. 
Bransby v. 4. pt jft. y, 
Branfpeth v. i. 80^.90* 
Brafebridfft v. 7. pt il. 37. 
Brafe-nofe-Coliege v. |i jp* 

2d. d3 b. 
Bravo V.8. 8y a. 
Braundeley V. 7% pt ift. a^, 
Braundon v. 7» pt ift. ij^ 
Bray v. i. 117. v. a. 1, to* 
v. 4. pt ift. 10, II. y. 7. 

I Jf 1? E 3{. 


Braybfplfe v. i, 13, 
Brayforde v. ?.. l?f, 
Br^yies yvj. p'i». |J. 
Brayujfe y. <. 70. 
gregca rS.5 V. 3. rf. 
BreclqipV V. 4, pt i«.. 175 b. 

y/y- (J7,i<J8*7^, 73- v,7, 

p« i^, fL7. 

freckn^l^ llA>r4$ pf ) y^. 7^.. 
r^c^na^iicbfeire y, f., ^^7^. 

Priories tW^ y- 7- f' '^* 

^7. Qaftl.e.s;&V. aft^ftlr 

Vjer? /^^r. 
Bredebridge v. 7. i^qA? 
Pr^cjpn V. ^. j8p, 95. 
Breerle v. f. pin 
Bregwinus (§.^ y..?.. ^4.1?. 
Bremisf;el^ y.6^ 78. 
Bremifcjb.a^ v. 7, pt j^. i4^ 
Bremifciie ]R. y. 7, pt ji. 7,9. 
Brendane (§.) y.?. 7^ b. 
B*e^k V. 5. 70. 
BrenQiAe y- 4^ p' i-^. fid- 
Brent V. !• 117. 
Preatford v. a. i. 
Brentingham v. 3. 3^, qfi. 
Brent Merche v. 7.. pt ift. 1.9, 
Breofa (Gul. de) v. 8. 98 ft. 
Breofe v. 4, p« i^. 16. 
Brercton v. y* 8*^ y. 7. p* 

ift. 41,43. 
Breton v. 7. pt jjft. 4a, 43. 

V. 8. 87 b. 
Bf €^:ejV94de v^^ 7. pt a^. 33. 
dcBrefa v,8. 78 a. 
Brethanus y.:8. 85 b. 
Brettz V. 4. pt i*. 44. 
Breuf^ y..i. 11.6. y.6. 4$. 
*"fey»tw V. 3. 85:. 
Irian, wBrieii y, 3, 29, }o. 

V. 7, pt ift. 66. V. 8. 84 g. 

t^iflyice »¥•<?• 06;. 
ridricus 82. v.8. 88 a. 
Bridges y.a. %^. v. 4. ptf^^ 
tf. y. (• ^4. y*fi*^,7^« 


77. V. 8. 70 Ji* 
Bridgijipnb V.4, pta4, 180 f, 

181 b. liz a, b. lis 9^ 

v,|ft. ga. 
Bridgwater ^. jl, 5:1, 57, J^i 

Bi'idlipgtp^ y. I. j^g. 
Briclport v. 3. 44,65. v. 7. 

Briente v. (?• 13, 
THricfUm v..d. JOG. 

gri^u y. 8« T^ ^. 
righam v. 5-. 103. 
BrightftQW V. 4. pt %§. J75 b. 
Brightricus r.ex y.j6. 8f. 
Bria>tw^}d Acohbiflxop of 

Cfint. V. J. 137 A. V. 8» 

98 ^ 
Bright wina v. 8. 9^ a. 
BrigneJ Parke y. <;. ii.f. 
Briket Haule v. d. ^^. 
Brinkbor^e y . 7. pt jfi. yy. 
BriukeJo V. 7. pt i.ft. 2^. 
Brinftan (St.) v. 3. 34, 70.* 

Colledions out of his Life 

BnfcQt. ^^ Bruibw. 

BriftoJl V. i>. 49,835,97. 

Briftow V. a. 31,<I. 
173 b. v.,^. ^4. v.d. 74, 
V.7. pt a«J. <J:8 a, b. 69 a, b. 
70 a, b. 71 a, b. v^8. 7(2. 

Britanne Fery v. 4, pt jft. yy, 

Britannia. (Job jinoe^ de) v. 8. 

^7 a. 
Brithung v. 7. pt !*• 54. 
Bi?thunus (S.) y. 8. 95 a. 
Piithunu? Abbas BeyerL Y»f . 

Briwe R. v. !• 4^. v. 3. €7. 

gijiwccunib v. 3. :87> 
rlwebaoi V.2.. 4T. 
Bi3iwet;unv.a.44,4y. v.j.^y.' 
Brixham y. 3. 31. 
Brocas v.4.ptiift, 4. 

B X Brodegate 

» I N D 

Brodegate v. i. 19, 
Brok V.I. 19. v.(J. 53. 
Brok Water v. ^. 84. 
Broker v. 7, 137 A. 
Brokes v. 4. pt i^. 10. 
Brokesby V.I. 17,23.^y. 
Bromeham v. 2. 29. v. 7. p^ 

2d. 67 a. 
Bromeigrove v.4. p'2*'. i8y a. 

Bromfeld v.i. 64.. v.4. p'2*'. 

172 b. 179 b. 180 a. v. y« 

Bromflete v. i. 77. 

Brommore v. 3. 72. 

Brompton v. 4. p« 2d. 179 b. 

Bromyard v. 4. pt 2^. 175^ b. 

Bronflite (Leulinus de) v. 8. 
98 a. 

Brooke (Ld.) v. 3. 5, 8, 21, 
25. V. 4. pt ift. 17, 42. p« 
2^. id8 a. V.6. 13, 20. 

Brooke Haulev.7. p^z^.67Z. 

Brotherton v. i. loy, v. d. 

Brougham v. 8 70 a. 
Broughton v.4. p' i^. 17, 48. 
pt2d. 191b. V. 5. 34. v. (J. 

Broune v. i. 6. v.4. pt2a. 

i(J8 a. v.(J. 29. V.7. pt 2d. 

76 a. 
Broune R. v. i. 81, 82. 
Brounfcombc v. 3. 11, 32. 
Browning v. 3. 45*, 4<J. v. 4. 

ptift. 4, 5:. V. 6, 53» 
Bruning v. 6. 5'4. 
Broynelles Caftel v.y. (^9,72. 
Brudenel v. i. 13, 15, 84, 

85*, 89. V. 4. pt ^d, i^^ b. 

v. 8. no a. 
Bruer v. 2. ^8, ^9. v. 3. 30, 
^JJ-j 38,«ir,9i- v.(f. 14. 
Bruern Abbey v.7. pt2d. (J3b. 
Bruecon v. 8. 78 a. 
Bruge. See Pott. 

E X. 

Brud V. 4. p^ x*. 3.' 
Brunfton v.i. 70. v. 3. 4?* 
Brunkefey v. 3. <3. 
Brufa (iEgid. de) v. 8. 86 b. 
Brufcow , Burfcough , er 

Brifcot Priory v.7. p« 1^.5^. 
Brufev. 1.71. v. 8. 53 b. 
Brutte v. 6. 5'2. v. 8. 84b. 
Bruton v. 8. 84 b. 8(f b. . 
Bubwith V.2. 40. V.3. 87,88. 
Buckingham v.4. pt 2d; 192a. 

V. ^. 100. V. 7. 9. 
Buckingham (D. of) v. 4. pt 

ift. 5:1. p«2d. 15^2 b. v.8. 

Buckmgham (Thomas E. of) 

V. 4. pt I ft. 19. 
Buckingham (HumfredeD. 

of) V. 4. pt ift. 19. 
The Buddel v. 3. 43. 
Budeford v. 3. 92, 93. 
Budelegh v. 3. 41. 
Budley or Botley v. 3. 78, 79. 
Budocus (S.) V. -3. 10. 
Budoke v. 3. 21. 
Buelch v.4. pt 2d, 175" b. v. y. 

70. V. 6. 70. 
BufFe V. 6. ^2. 
Bukden v. 4. pt ift. 48. 
Bukfaft V. 8. 76 b. 
Bukholt V. 3. (^9. 
Bukhurft v. (J. 21. 
Bukland v. 3. 21. 
Bulbek V. 6. 43. 
Buldwas v.4. pt2d. 181 b. 

v.8. 76 h. 
Bulers V. 8. 77 a. 
Buley V. 5*. 97. 
Bulkie V. 7. pt ift. 43. 
Bullingbrok v. i- 8f. v.* 7. 

pt iff. 14, yo. 
Bulmer v. i. 91. 
Bumberi v. y. 81. v» 7. p« i*. 

Burcefter v. 7. pt ift. 7. 
fiurelle v.7. p« i*. 33; 


I N D 

Burge V. I. 4?. 

Burge on the Sandes v. 7. 

ptift. 68, 6^. 
Burgeftede v. 7. pt ift. ao. 
Burgh V. I. 89. V. 4. pt 2<J. 

176 b. V.6, 34, v.8*49b. 
Burgh Caftel v. 7. p« ift. 6x. 
Burgham v. 7. p« ift. di, (J3. 
Burghardus v. 8. 94 a. 
Burgo (Hubertus de) v. 3. 64, 

V.d. 84. V. 7. I4.0 Ar 

Burgo (William dc) v. (J. 4?. 

Burien v. 3. 5. 

Burley v. i. 20. v. 4. p« a<*. 

Burne. 5^^ Bourne. 
Burneham v. i. 41. v. 2. 2. 
Burnell v. 3. 88. v. 8. 84 b. 

113 b^. 
Burfcough. 5'^fBeufcow. 
Burton v.i. 32. v. 3, 46, 72. 

V. 4. pt 2^. 192 a. V. 5:. 91. 

V. 7. pc 2<J' 71 b. V.8. 115 a. 
Burton Lazar v, 7. 93. 
Burton upon Trent v. 4. pt 
. 2d. 189 a. V.7. pt ift. 3(J. 
Burwafche v. 6. 87, 88. v. 8. 

49 a. 
Bur wold V. 3. 89. 
Buryens (S.) v. 7. 119 A. 
Busfcen v. 6, x6, 
Bufle V.I. 29, 107. v.d. jg, 

62. V. 8. no a. 
Butler V. 8. 79 b. 100 a. 
Butterwik v. 4. pt i«. i9,. 
Buttington Bridge v. 4. pt2^. 

181 b. 
Butevilayne v. 6. 48. 
Butville V. 5". 94. 
Buxeto (Joannes de) v. 6. 75. 
BygncUe v. 7. pt ift, 8. 
Byklem v. y. 81. 
Byndon v. 3. 47. 
Byri V. 3. jr. 
Byri, or Irewel Water v. 7.' 

pt ift. 57. 

E X. 

Byri Pomerey v. 5. 27. 
Byri ( v. 8. yib. 

y? a. 
Byri Towne v. 7. pt tft. ^7^. 
Byrket v. ^. 54. 
Byslhop's Caftle v. 8. 87 a. , 
Bysfliop's Dale v. 8. 65^ b. ./ 
Byth V. fr 8y. 
Bytham v. 5:. 8^. 
Bythern v. 3. 78. 
Bytten, five Bitton y, 3. 32, 

3?. 89. 


Cadamus v. 8. ^6 a, 
Cadbyri v. 2. ^6. 
Cadnant v. y. 49. 
Cadocus V. 8. Sya. 
Cadorpe v. i. 31. 
Caducanus v. 8. 84 b. 
Cadurcis (Adam de) v. ±. p« 

2^. 172 a. V. 8. y6 a, o. 
Cadurcis (Paganus de) v. 4. 

pt^d, 171 a, 
Cadwarius v. 8. ici b. 
Cadweli. See Kidwely. 
Caine v. 8. 8y b. 
Caines v. 6, 5-3. 77. 
Cainefham v. 0. 84. v. 7. pt 

2d. 71 a. 73 a. j6 a. 
Caiholme. See Cainham. 
Cainham, or Caiholme v. 4. 

[)t2d. 180 a. 
Cair Clews v. 7. pt ift. 24. 
Cair Dicol v. 7. pt ift. a8. 
Cair FilleCaftcIIe v.4. pt ift. 

Cair Grene v. 3. 21. Cair 

Renin , altos Gonyn & 

Cairarvon v. ^. 47. 

Cairarvonlhire , Hundreds 

or Commotes in it v. %, 

41. Market Townes and 

Houfes of Religion there 


14 I N D 

i7. TfaePw)dua8ofit4JB. 
.innes an^Caftellfis there 

Ctirboias C^ftel v. 5. z8. 
Cairdigan v. f. ix, 15, 78. 

V.7. pt I*. ?o. 
Cairdiganfhire. The Nature 

of the Pafturei there v. f . 

78. Abbayes and Priori^es- 

ink V.7. p*it. 51. 
Cairdine v. ^. 4. 
Caire v. 4. pt ift. 5S. 
Cairguent v. y. 7, 
Cairleon v. 4. p^ i^* 5:3. 

V. c. 6. 
Cairluelle v. ^. (fi. v. 7. pt 

Cairlues v. 7. pt r«. 15', X9. 
Cairmarden v. 8. C07 a. 
CairmardiQe v. f. ia,ta,ig, 

^2.4, 74- ^. ^^ , 

Cairmardineimre. Markettes 

aodCaftelles in it y. k, vl. 
Abbais, Prioriee ana Ris- 
vers in it. 23. 

Cair Satiog, Cairfaint or 
Segent v. y. 41. 

Cairtaphe v. 4. pp i^. 73. 

Cairuske v. .5". 6. 

Calder R. v. i. 44, 4(f. y. 5. 

Caldher v. 7. pU^. 7*1. 

Caldfliore. An Account of 
the Shore from Caldfhore 
to Chriftes Chirch Twin- 
ham V. ?. 78. 

Cftldey Ifland v, 5'. .12.. 

.Cale R. V. 7. pt ad. 79 a. 

Calecoyth v. 5. y. 

Calveley v. 5. 81. v. 7. p^ i^. 


Camallate v. a. 4^^, 47. 

Cambridge, The Houfe oF 
.Frerers Preachers there by 
whom founded v.iJ. 44^ 

Cantcbrigia v. i. loy. 

E X, 

Camden v. y. t- F. 7* pt !*• 


Camel v. a. 4j. 

Camelfbrd V. 7* 1x7 A. 
Camiiford v. 3. of. 
Camera (Gul. de; y. ^. f i. 
Campcrnulphiis, alimOimr 

bernxm v. 3, 5, 14, if, if. 
Camfey y. i. 94. 
CamwcHe v. 6. 55. 
Candiich y. i. 41, 4^. 
Caodos (ILobertus ide) y./f. 

Chaundpis y.4. prx4. 1751. 

176^ a. y. (f. (fo. 
Chaundoys v.4. p« i*. 7. vX 

.^4. y. 8. 70 a. f4ft. 89b. 
Ca^lcant y*&« ii. 
Canington v. a. y^. 
Cank Wood y. 6. %%» 
Ca^ jForefte y. 7. pt i«. jL 
Ca^eWood. ^^r^Canok. 
Canok, cr Canke Wood, 

Fore^ y* 4* p< x^. 1&9 a.' 
Can^l y.4. Btft<l. 189 A* 
Cantelupe y.o. ix. yj8* 49 a. 

77 a, b. 78 a, b. 79 ji. 84a» 

8^ a. 87 b. 108 a. 
Cantilupo <S. Thomas df^ 

y.3. 37. y..y. 9. 
Canterdewy y. y. a. 
Captewarbyri y..<f. i, x, t, 

^4,y, <^, 7»8^9,io, "• 
Cantorbyri v. 7. 13*, jjf^ 

144 A. 
Cantua^r. Archiepi£copi y.i. 

98 a. 
Cantia ( y.f. Sf* 
Canute v. 4. pt x^*. iji b* 

190 b. 
Canutus r. y. 8. yjA. 7y4^ 

8x b. 
Canwike y.j[. ^g, 
Caourfe y. 4. pt xft, 4y. 
Ca,pelande y.o. xx. 
Capel y. 7. pt x^. 7|(f b.. 


I N D 

ella (Rich* de) y*8. 77 b. 
ell^ 77- 
:)d r.7. p«a<*, 7da# 
pcJl r. 7* p* i<»* «8 b* 


:)tUe Land v. ;. 14. 
lepho ( Gail, de ) v« 8. 


V. 1. 19. V. 6. 93* 

c (S.) V.J. iS« 

.docus V. 8. pf ft* 

.ncaeus V. 8. 9^ a. 

latokei ( St. ) v. 1. 7^. 

5. 8. 

Iihham r. ?. 14^ ifu 17« 

Mite V* 7. f« i<*. 79 a. 


titOD) ^Cfefidoti SHdge 

4. p«ad. 191 b. 

sbrok V. ^. 7a« 

ifwall ¥• tf . 74» V. 7. p* 


w V.?. 29^ !o^3J^1Jj 

. V. y. 74. tJ. y.«* 


> v.(f. 71. 

)w v.i. 71. V.5. 5. V. 4. 

ift. 13,49. V.8. to8 ft4 

lam V.7. ptift. 80. 

ehaiai V. 3^ l. 

1 V. I. 3. 

ibray r, 3. j^. 

le V.4. ptift, (Jij 7D» 

fcUucd V. 4. t>^ I*. 63. 

tetua^/vf Uranenin rA. 

, (f3. 

ibati^ves v. 3. 7. 

dovie, n/iiitfGirnfey v.a. 

7^ V.5. 1,9?- 
rblcon V. 5. ly* 
iffew V. 3. 6. 
[t€f% Stt Qimiovje* 
A V. 5. «7* 

>etiter V. 5. <i> V* 8. 
I b. tiia* 
e 1^.811 50 b. 

E X* 

Cftrt^ V. 3. 16* 
Cartemaile v. ^. 8^* 
Chartmail v. i. 94I 
Carter v. 4. p« i<*. 184 b* 
Caryl v* 3* 93. 
Caftel V. <* io<f. 
Caft«l Cairdia V. 3. 3. 
CaftcUe-Cify v. 1. 4^. 
Caftel . . • « . diftas v. 3. i» 
CafteUe-^Endioas V.i. 77. 
Cafteldour v. 3. 18. 
Caftelle-Farley v. 1. 31. tti 

Caiftelleford v. i« 4(f. Ca<» 

ftell«fbrd-Bridge liy. 
Caftelle-Gogh v,4.p«i^. ^7. 
Caftd Cough or Gough v.y. 

8bi v^ 6. X4^ ^o* 
Caftelle Menach v. 4. pt ift* 

Caftelle-Milk v. i. It 8. 
Caftelle-Mofilers y./^^t&. 

CaftdUNewiCh V.4. p«ift. 

Caftellff Noft v.4. p« l*. (fi. 
Caftel Jarke v. 7. pt I*. 3. 
Caftelton v. 4. pt ift. (^9. 
Caftell Yollo V. r- ?<f. 
Qifti-e V. 7. p' ift. to. 
Caftro (Richard de) v.8. <! b. 
CatariftecfSpiiin v. 1. b. 
Catatinft Princes Dowager 

V.I. 31. 
Catarifte (Princefs) v. 3. ai. 
Catarine (S.) v. 3. ly, 
Catfeld V.5. Sy. 
Cathburge (S.) v. 3. y^. 
Cathweh. ^^p^Kidwely* 
Cattely v. i. 19. 
Catton V. 7. pK III, 66. 
Catto^ Park v. i. 49* 
Cave 1. 1. 11. 
Cav<^ V. 3. 3. 
Cauelle v. 3. 6: 
GfssM^ V.7. pMft. 19. 


16 I N D 

Cauldftrcame v. 7. p^ i^. 80. 
Caullous V. ^. 9* 
Caulftoke v. 3. ii. 
Caundel v. 7. p« x<J. 79 b. 
Caurfe Caftel v. 7. pt ift. 3a. 
Caurfland v. ^. x. 
CaufebyLefys v.i. 41. 
Caufham. ^f f Caufeiham. 
Cawdewelle v. i. 117. v. f. 

114. V. 8. 71 b. 
Cawood V. 5. 91. 
Cayl V. 3. 5", 17. 
Cedda v. 8. 56 b. 9^ a, b. 
Cedwalla r. v. 8. 97 b. 
Celling. ^f^Tille. 
Cementarius (Rob.) v.3. 6^. 
Cenor, vf/Kenor v. 3. y. 
Ccolwulphus v.<J. 7^. 
Cerceden v. 7. p^ zi, 63 a. 
Cerne v. 6. ^±. 
Cefliin V. 3. oy. 
Ceterington v. !• (fy. 
Chadworthe v. 8. 49 a. 
Chagha v. 3. 16. 
Chaicedonie v. 3. 45'- 
Chalkbourne v. 3. ^6. 
Chambarlayne v. 8. fo a. 
Chaumbreiein v. 1. 8. 
Chambernon. See Camper- 

Chambernoun v. a. ^6* 
Chamoion v. 4. pt i*. 49. 
Chanfy v. 6. 47. 
Chanfey v. 7. pt i^. 71 b. 
Chare v. 3. 44. 
Charebroke v. 3. 44. 
Charlcotc v. 4. pt 2<*. 166 b. 
Charleton v. 4. pt zd. 181 a. 
Charley Foreft v. i. xo. 
Charmouth v. 3. 44. 
Charnelx v. 7. pt ift. 44. 
Chartely v. 7. pt ift. 40. 
Charwell R. Bridgs on it 

V. 8. 114 a. 
ChcrwcUR. v.4. p^ xd. Kfs a. 

E X. 

ChacerR. r.6. 30J 
Chateley More v.7. p« i*. yt 
Chavcney v. 4. pc i«. tf. 
Chauburne v. d. 7^. ▼•7-? 

x<l. (ff b. 
Chaucer v. a. 6. v. 4. p^A 

^, 19. V. 7. pt x«. 6J hi 

V. 8. 1145. 
Chaumbre v. a. 6%* y* 3. j]< 
Chaumburne v. ^. od. 
Chaumon v. x. 73. 
Chaundelar v. 3. 64- 
Chawort v.7. pti*. 17. 
Chaworth v. y. 93. 
Chedder v. 3. 88. v. d. 77. 

V. 7. p« xd. 7(f t. 
Cheilow V. 5. 9. 
Chelford Bridge v. 4. p« 1'. 

191 a. 
Cheltnam v. 5. x. 
Cheney v. 3. ^3. v.4. p« A 

Cheneys v. i. ixx. 
Cheyney v. 7. 144 A. 
Cheyni v.(f. 13. 
Cheyny v. x. xi. 
Cheorcefey v. i. 1x3. 
Chepingnorton v. 7. pt li 

6'i b. 
Chipingnorton v. y. x. v.7. 

p« ift. 13. 
Cnepftow V. 4. p«x^. i7yb. 

v. f . jr, IX. 
Chcrwelton v.4. p' x4 1^31. 
Chefter v. 1. 83. v.4. p*i< 

181 b. i8xa. 
Chefter, Erles of v. ۥ 43. 
Chefterfhire, theoccafionof 

the manifolde Poolys and 

Lakes there v. 7. pi ift. %h 

The Salt Pitts there xi, xi. 

Market Townes and Ca- 

ftelles in it 40. and Riven 
-41. Abbies and Priories 

there itid. Forefts, Chaqrs 

and Parkes there 4X. No« 

I N D 

table Places of Gentilmen 
in this County ih^ The 
FrutefullnefTe of the Soilc 

Chefter Barre v. ?. ^4. 
Chefterton v. 8. 74 b. 
Chcfton V. 6. 57. 
Cheftre v. 7. p« ift. 40* 
Cheftrefeld v. 7. pt |ft. 44. 
Cheverel v. <J. 53. 
Chew V. 3. 89. 
Chicheley v. <?• 3. 
Chichefter v. 3. 3a. 
Chiddour v. 6. loi, 
Chidioke v. 6. 53, 54. v. 7. 

pt 2d. yp b. 
Chidwik v* 3. 44. 
Chikfand i. i, iitf. v. 8. 

71 b. 
Childerley v. 4. pe ift. 50. 
Childerley of Devonfhire 

V. 3. If. 
Chilham v. 6. 10. 
Chilhatn Caftle v. 7. 132, 

144 A. 
Chillenden v. 6. 3. 
Cbillendene, al. Chiflefdene 

V. <J. 3. 
Chillingham v. 7. pt ift, 77. 
Chikeham v. 8. 75 b. 
Chiltenham v. 4. pt ad. 170 b. 
Chilterne Hilles v. i. iii. 

V. 7. pt ift. V- 
Chinok v. 3. 8(f. 
Chipchace v, 5;. loi. v. 7. 

pt Ift. 7r- 
Chippenham v. a. 28. 
Chippefton. ^^f Clypefton. 
Chirbyri v. 7. pt ift. 28, 29, 

Chirklande v. 5. 35-, 3^. 
Chifcwel 7. 7, pt 2d. 63 b. 
Chifilhampton, ^ Chimtun 

V. 2. 10, 17. 

Chifiltun. ^e Chi(ilbampton. 


Chiflefdene. J'^^Chillendene. 
Chivet Hills v; 7. pt ift. 81. 
Choke, or Chokk v. 7* pt ad. 

(f 5 b. 6% b. 
Cholmeley v. i. 70. v. j. 8t. 

v.7.*ptift. 43. 
Chorle v.7.ptift. ^8. 
Chorle Crofleton v. 5^. 83. 
Chorleton v. i. 34. v.c. 31. 

V. 6. 16. V. 7. ptift. 35r. 

V. 8. 77 *• 78 b. 79 a. 

Chriftal Abbay v. 7^ pt ift. 

Chriftes - Chirch Twmhara 

V. 3. (fo, 79. 9(f. V. 6. 100. 

Chronicle, a French one 

Churne R. v. y. ^4. v. 7. p« 

Ift. 37. 
Churneceftre. .^#f Cireceftre. 
Chute V. 7. pt 2d. 7(f a. 
Chuton v. 2. 40. 
Chykfand v. 7. pt ift. i. 
Ciceftre v. f. 2. 
Cir^eftre, ^r Churneceftre 

V. 7. tfy. 
Cirencefter v.4. pt ad. 170 a. 

173 b. V. 8. 75 b. 
Cirenceftre v. 2. 24, 25. 
Cinho V. 7. ptift. 13. 
CifTa (K.) V. 2. 14, ly. v. 7. 

pt 2d. 67 b. 
Ciaph V. 8. 82 b. 
Claraunce (D. of) v- 6. 4^, 

92, 96. 
Clardue v. y. 7^. 
Clare v. 4. pt ift. 61. pt 2d. 

175 a. 184 b. v.o. 22, 54, 

79,84,85,96. v.T.^%i. 

75 b. V. 8. 82 a. 83 a. 

112 b. 
Clare Caftel v. 5. 22. 
Claregenet v. 1. 100. 
Clarelle v. i. 39* 
Clarence v. x. 88. v.y. 100. 
t C Clarcvali 




Qarevalx V.4. peift. 17. 
Claribtldus v. 8. 100 b. 
Clarington v. 3. 6g. 
Claro(Osbercus de)v.8. 88 b. 
Clarus (S.) v. 8. 9^ b. 
Qarwen v. 5. 76. 
Clavertun v. 3. 89. 
Claufon V. y. 92. 
Clauthe Cunftable v. 4. pe 

ift. Tp. 
Claxton V. i. 91. 
Qearfby, ^#^Purcfey.\ 
Clebiry v. 7. p« ift. 14. v. 8. 

89 b. 
Cledaugh v. 4. pt ift. 5*9. 
Clee Hilles v. 4. pt 2<'« 180 a. 

V. 7. p« I*. 34. V. 8. 89 b. 
Cleobury v. 4. p'a*'. 181 b. 
Clereho v. ^. 71. 
Cleres (S.) v. ^. i%. v. (J. 64. 
Clerk V. %• 8, 40, 44. v. 3. 

Clesby v. 6. 12. 
Clif-Ohapelle vi.ii dr. 
Clifdon, w Clifton yo, 

Clifton V. %• yo. V. 3. 91. 

v. ±. pt ift. 2. V. 7. pt id. 

79 D. 80 a. 

Clifton, ^fff Clifdon. 

Cliffe v.i. ay. 

Clifford v,i. 45r, (^4, 77. v.(f. 
28, 70,77. V.7. ptift. i^, 
V.8. 53 b. 85: a. Ill b. 

Clintancus (S.) v. 8. jy b. 

Clinte V. 8. 108 b. 

Clift Bridg v. 3. 30. 

Clive (Galfridusde) V.8. 77 b. 

Clyve V. 8. i6 a. 

Clobham v. 3. 17. 

Clopton V. 4. pt 2d. 167 a, b. 

Cloptun V.4. pt ift. 4(J. 

Clothmoyne v. y. 80. 

Cloveile V. 3. 93. 

CluedogR. V. y.ifa. 

Quid R. V. y. 6z.i. 

Cluidefbrd v. f • j. 

Clun V. f • 3* 

Qune v. 7* pt i*. a8, 19." 

Clunnok Vaur v. y. 13,49. 

Clyncon v. tf. 7. 

Qynton (Ld.) v. 4. pt ift. i;. 

V. 6. 7. V. 7. 141 A. 
Clypcfton , «r Chippcftoa 

V. 1. 100, no. 
Coales, feveral ThiBgs about 

them V. 8. 66 b. 
Cobham v. i. 38. t. 6. 61. 

V. 8. Ill b. 
Coddebek v. i. 7^. 
Code y. 3. i8. 
Coderington v. 7. pt ad. 711, 
Codington ▼. 6» tf y. 
Codnor Caftcl v. 6. 6t. 
Codnore v. 7. pt ift. ^. 
Cogan PiUc v. 4. pt 1^03. 
Cogarth y. y. yo. 
Coitc V. 4. pt ift. 71. 
Cok V. I. 4JJ, 47. 
Cokeham, or Cukeham r. 3. 

Coker v. 3. 91. 
Cokermuth v. 7. pt ift. 66^ 

70, 71, 72. 

Cokerfand v. y. 84. 
Coket, or Coquet R. r. 7. 

^P/ift, 74378,79- 
Cokkis V. 4. pt 2d. 179 a. 

Colbroke. ^S'f ^ Kilriogton. 
Colebrooke v.4. ptad. 191b. 
Cold iEfchtun v. 3. 84. 
Cold norton v. 7. ptad, ^3 b. 
Cole V. 3. 41. 
Colecefter v. y. loi. 
Coleham y. 2. i. 
Colelhil V. (J. 13. 
Colifhul v.4.ptad.i89 1. tpo t. ' 
Colewine v. 7. pt i*. 27. 
Coley R. v. 3. 41- 
CoUe R. V. 7. pt ift. %6. 
Colhow V. 4* pt ift. 6^0 
Colington v. 3. 44. 


CoUnwoodde v* y. ipx^ 
Coliwcfton V, I. ai, iic. 
Colne Priorie v. 4. pt i&^ 44. 

V 6^ 42. 
Colne R, v. a. i. v«4. p'a^. 

19a b. 
Colney v. 6, 58. 
Columbariis (Fhilippus dc) 

V. a. 6k. 
de ColuniDariis v. ;. 91. 
Columbes ( Sr. ) v. a. 77. 

V. 3. a. 
Colwel V. 8. 87 a. 
Colworp v.4.jpeift, a. 
Colyder, J« Cortyder. 
Coly Wefton v.(f. 31, 
Comban v. a, tfj. 
Combe v,a* (Ji., 9(f. 
ComberJand (E. of) v. 7. 

Come V. 3. 31. V, 8. tfy b. 
Comehcre v. 5', 13. 
Come Kydy v. 4. pt ift, tfa. 
Cometon v*<J. 80. 
Comctoun v. 7. pt i^, ^3 b. 
Comcuftwith v. f. 79. 
Comfort Caftle v. 4. pt i^. 

178 a. 
Commods. A Lift of feveral 

Welch Commods v. y, itf, 

17, 18. 
Comote Mayne Hundrede 

V. y. 41, 
Comothiider v. y. 70. v. 7. 

pt xft, xj, 
Comptoa v.^. 17. v.4. p^id. 

1^6 b. V. 6. 6^. V. 6. 74 b. 

Conan y. j. 4. 
'^onanus nlii 

Conanus falius Alani v* 8. 

Conarus comes deRichem^oo 

V. 8. %6 b. 
Cone R. v. 7. p« i*. 78. 
Coneham v. 6. (Jy. 
Coueftable v. i. 71. 
Conftable v. 8. 109 b« 

E X. 

Congleton v. y. 8a. v. 7. pe 

I ft. 40. 
Coniers v.i. 3,(f4,7^,77, 100. 

V. 4. pt ift. 6^ 19. V. y. 

114, iiy. V.8. y4. 
Conisbye v, 4* pt a**. i7(J a. 
Conftance Wife to Jonn of 

Gaunt V.I, 17. 
Conftantia v. 8. 6^ b. 
Cohwey v» 4. pt %^. 16% a* 

V. y. 13,47^48,49. 
Conwey. v. Conxey. 
Conxey, vel fotius Conwey- 

V. 8. 108 a. 
Cony V. I. ai. 
Conye v. 4. pt a^. 18a b. 
Convhed v. y, 8y. 
CookefeiJd V.A. pt ad. 1^8 b. 
Cope v,4, ptai i(fab* 1^3 t. 
Copland v, 8. yob. 
Copledike v. 7. pt ift. ya. 
Copley V. 4. pt ift. 13. 
Copfton v< 3. ax, ay, a9. 
Coauet Ifle v. 6. 67. 
Corbet v. y. 30, 81. v. 7. 

ptift. 3a. 
Corbetes v 3. la. 
Corbett v.4. pta^l. 180 b. 
Corbette v. 3. 13. v. 4. pt 

ift. 16, 
Corboile v. 8. 80 b. 
Corbridg v-^ioi. v.7.ptift.5tf. 
Corbution (Lord) v. 0. 74. 
Corby v. i, 17, 
Coreton-More v. i. 77. 
Corington v 3. 19. 
Corlccombe v. 5. 84. 
Corne Brooke v. y. 8a. 
Corne R, v. 4. pt a<l. 180 A. 
Cornetoun v. 4. pt jft. 66. 
Cornewaile v. i. 3^, lai. 

v,8. 40 b< 
CornewaJe , The Myddel 

Part of it V. 7. 117 A. The 

North part iiid. 
Comwale y/j. pt ift. 34. v.8. 
C a 107 b. 



ConivaLe r. 4^ p^^< (7^ a. 

C omc»<A±i T. 5. -1- 
Canw ^-1^ no a. 
OxDDc ^^ Aiase de la ) t. ?. 

Cor?eSBi TjcL' t. 6. 74- 

C u e gdCia 
CortcR. T 


R. T. 7. pe I*. 54. 
Car£oQ t. 3. S4. 
CortcncyT.^.piA if. r.l. 

Caoitexf T. 6. a, 95, 94. 

T. S. -9 a- 
Courtiiici r. 5. 17, 24, ay, 

Courtney t. 7. p« i«. ?. 
Gcvtfaici ▼ 7. pr ift. ^^. 
Conrdcr, /w Ctxjdci^ vtl 

Colfder v. 3. 19- 
Corvciiile ▼. -r. p^ i*. 54. 
Coryn t. g. j6 b. 
Coicuinbc T. a. 42^ v.j. 87. 
Colham V. a. 29. 
Cofington V. ^. 41. 
Cofpamk v. 4. p^ i*. 6. 
Coitey R. v. i. 6^ 
Coringhim v. i. ^2, yj. 
Cotmore v. 5*. 48. 
Cotcerftok v. 4. p« ift, 49. 
Cotton V. ?. ^i. 
Cotyder. 5:fe Corryder. 
Covcnrrc v. 7. pt ift. z6. 
Coventry v. 4. p« a^*. 163 a. 

190 a, b. 
CoverR v. i. ^6. v. 5. 115. 

▼•8. ^8b. 
Coverdale v. ^. 116. 
Covcrham v.i. 94. y. <. iir. 

V. 8. 6ib. ^ 

Coucy (Ld.) V. 6. 4^. 
Coughton V.4, pt2<«. 1^7 b. 

Coukefey v. 6. 19. 
Counde v.4. pta**. 181 b, 
pQunton V. 3. 84t 

I K D E X. 

CaoBCre t. y. p^ i4. ^^ 
Conte T. a. i3« 
Caw T.C. 70 a. 
C cn r b e ike l e ▼• x. af • 
Covbeikky t. S. 70 a. 
Cowberle t. x. a.3< 
Covbcrlcy y. If. 77- 
Covfaffidg^ ▼• 4^ P* i^« f ft 

Covdrey R« t^. tf • )x. 
Cove K. ▼. f . a.^. 
Cowcn V. f. 74. 
Cowley V. 5. 38. 
Cowiine v. ). 3, 4. 
Cowit-up-Screte. JSrt Bdli- 

Coxfbrd r.6. 6j» 
Crabho v.k* 5:4* 
Crage Caftri v. f. 91. 
Cregp Caftelle v. 4. p< i*. 

Crag John r. y. 7<f. 
Cragnanllin v. 5. jf^ 
CregnauIIin ▼• 7. pt it. ji. 
Crambek v. i. 6z^ 
Cranage v. 7. p« j*. 43. 
Cranboum v. 3. 5*^. 
Cranbroke v. 6. ii- ▼• 7. 

139 A. 
Crane v. 3. 60. 
Crane Bridge v. j. j^. 
Cranelmore v. a. ^!u 
Cranetun. SeeC^metaxi* 
Cranmere v. i. iia, 
Crauley v. 7. p^ai tf^^a. 
Creal or Creautle t. tf. tf, 7- 
Credine v. 5*. 5'0. 
Cregeeryri v. ^^ 47. 
Creeehouel ▼• 5'. ^9. 
Crek V. !• 74. 
Crekelade v. 2. a*. 
Cremline v.4« p« i4. ^^ yy, 

Crendon. 5ff Carenton. 
Crepelgate v. 4. p« i*. 48* 
Crethin v. y, 41. 


1 N D E X. 


dcure v. 6. f. 
:he V. »• fa. 
le V. 3. 39. 
leton V. 3. ^8, 39.' 
:ith V. f . 48, 5:0. 
ft V. 4, pt 2^, 178 b. 
Ftes V. 7. ptx*'. ({3 b. 
xofwaldc. ^iP^Ofweftre. 
kehorn v. 2. 55. 
Dkeshorn v. 3. 4^. 
tnpton V. tf. (f^:. 
mwell V. t. 25, 31. 
tnwelle v. 6. 60. 
mwelle. See William, 
leburne v. 6. 8i. 
Die V. !• 40. 
GTe (S.) V. 3. 73. 
fton V. 7. p« ift. yg. 
w V. (f. 41. 

Kton V.I. I If. V. 4. p« 
. 6. V. f . 93. V.8. 107 b. 
i^lande v. 7. p« ift. 49. 
lington V.4. pt 2^. 181 b. 
den Beke v. 7. 123 A. 
lo Haven v. (f. 22. 
eham. 5*^^ Cokebam. 
eney v. i. lotf. 
lamforde v.7. pt i^. <;4 b, 
leham v. 7. p« 2^. <{4 a. 
vyn V. 7. pt ift. 71. 
ibrelandL tne Length and 
eadth ot it v.7. pt ift. 71. 
arket Townes in it iiiJ. 
)bays or Priories there 

tbremere v. f . 8i. 
»borow V. I. 39. 
eborow v. 7. pt tft. 19. 
niers v: y. 114. 
mil V. 8. 81 a. 
:enn v. 8. 83 a. 
hoefe (Rob.) v. 2. 5:3. 
4. pt2d. 172 a. 
us v. 8. 7tf b, 
-Malet V. 2. jtf. 
nee V. 6. 54. 

Cuthbert v. i. 83. 
Cuthbertus v. 6. 3, 34. v. 8. 

f X b. 68 a. 85 a. 94 b» 

98 a. 
Cutte V. 4. pt I ft. 50. V. 6. 

Cyret (S.) v. 3. i8. 

Dabregecourt v. 3. ^4. 
Dacers, Dacres, Dalcers, or 

Dacors v. r. 73. v. 4. pt 

ift. 6y 17. V.6. 17. v.7. 

pt ift. 17 dp, 72, 75, j6. 

V. 8. 6s b. 
Dadington V. 7. Pfi*. 13. 
Dalaunfon or Dalilbun 

DalaunTunne, aBas Dalifunne 

v.4. pt ift. 14. 
Daliloun. <^ff Dalaunfon* 
Dalifun v. 7. pt ift. 52. 
Dalifunne. ^f f Dalaunfunne*, 
Dalawel v. 7. pt ift. 75-, 
Dalbeny v. 2. 62. 
Dalberby v. 8. 49 b. 
Dale, ^rDele v. 6. 4. 
Dales about the Borders 

of Weftmerlandfliire and 

Lancaftrefliire v. 7. pt lAi 

Daltery v. 4. pt ift. ^2. 
Daltun V. 4. pt ift. 38. 
Damaire v. 7. pt i*. 8. 
Damercm v. 3. 86. 
Danby v. 4. pt ift. 2. v. 8. 

68 b. 
Dancafter v. 1. 35, 37, 38, 

39, lO^ 
Dane. ^^Daven. ^'f^Downe. 
Daners v. 2. 33. 
Daniel v. 7. pt ift. 42, 43. 

V. 8. 77 a. 
Daniell v. 7. pt %^» 66 a. 
Oaniell (/JwjfiwDeinvile) v.4. 

I N D E. X. 

ptu* i7f a. 
DaRaby v.7. pti*. if. 
Darby, ^ Derby v.i. 17, 9^, 

II?, 121. V.I. I. V. 7. pt 

i41. 7, 9, n.++i5^?7. 
Darbyfhire, or Derbyfliire, 

Market Towncs there T.7. 

£t ift. 44. Caftelles iUd, 
Livers 45'. 
Darcy v.i. 3^, 51. v.4. p^i*. 

6 J 19. ▼. 6. 1754^- V. 8. 

113 b. 
Dare Abbey v.4. p« a<J. 1 7$ b. 
Darell v. 7. pt a<*. tf f b. 
Darelle v,d. 7?. 
Daiington , or Darlington 

V. I. 78. V. y. p<ift. 6^. 

a Priorie not farre from it 

Darlington. 5r^ Darington. 
D^Ttc fve Derte R. v.3. x8. 

Bridges on it MJ. 
Dartington v. 3. %J* 
Dartyngton , or Dortington 

V.7. p« ift. i^r. 
Darwent, or Dargwent R. 

V.I. 49, 60. v.r. 83. V. 7. 

pt ift. 45r, 581 7o>- 78. 

Bridges upon it v. i. 49. 
Davel or Davelle v. 4. pt ift. 

19. V. 5. loi, 103, lod. 

v. 6. 67. jy. 7. pt Ift. 7x. 

; R. 
ift. 41. 

Daven, or Dane K. v. 7. p« 

Davenport v.7. pt ift. 42, 43. 
Daventrye v. 4. pt xd. 103 a. 

191 a. 
Davers v. a. 10. v. 3. 6, 84. 
Daves v. 3. 84. 
David ep. v. 8. 85 a. 
David King of Scots v. i. 

112. V.8. 50 b. 
David-Land (S.) v. ^. 29. 
Daundefey v. 4. pt i^. 4. 
Dawbeney v. i. 108. v. 6. 

14. V. 7» p' '2*^* 7^ a. 

Dawney v. 3. jo. 7?.' 
Dawterey v. 6* 17, ao, jt. 
Dly (fi. 
De R. V. 5. jy, 3^,. 
Deale v* 7. 127 A. 
Decumane. 5^r Decutu 
Decun ^S.) aliat DecuOitne 

v. 2. 61. 

Dedike v.4. p'l^. 17. 
Deinville. See Dani^. 
Deirhurftc V. tf . 78,79,81. 
Deorhurft v. y. 2. ' 
Delabere v.4. ptx^* ij^L 

V. 6, 48- 
De la bont v. 3. x7, 
Delaland v.^. 6i. 
Delalinde v. (f, ^ x, 53. 
Delamar v. 6. ^9. 
De la marc v. 7. pt x<*. 73 h. 
Delamare Foreft v. 7. pt |C; 

Delapole v. 4. pt i*. tf. 
De la Rivers v. 7. p«x< 741. 

7tf 1. 
De k Sale, aUmlixmlt v. 7, 

pt id. 74 a. 
Delawar v 6* 32, 
Delaware v. 7. p« x^l. 73 a. 

V. 8. 84 a. 
Delawtle v. 3. ^7. 
Dele. See Hue, 
Delpbe v.4. pt i*. 48. 
Delve V. I. 41 • 
Delves v. 6. 93. v. 7. p« i*. 

Denbaude v.^. tx. 
Denbigh v. y. 57, f 8, 5r9> fof 

Denbigbe-Land v. %• 57. 

Dene v. i. ii, iiy . v.' x. ^* 

"lene Forrcft v. 4^. pt »«« 
173 b. 

Denham v. 4. pt ift. 17. 

Denhall v. 4. pf ad. igg a. 

Denton v. 4. ptx<i. 179^ a; 

1 88 a. v.i. dx. ., . ,..• 


I N D 

wale r. f . 54. 
edale v. i. jJt« 
•eford V* a. 69. v. 3. 93. 
ing T. 7. p« ift. 47. 
bey v^4.p<i^* 189 a. 
aam v. 7. p« a<t. 71 a. 


inge V. tf. 3%. 
[ten. ^ffDirtey. 
ingcon V. 8. 53 b, 
:^ire 0r Devemcfie R. 
I. 81. 

te. SeeThrte» 
:more v. 3. x8. 
tmouth V*3. 28, 29. V.8. 

twiche V. f. 81. 

a R. V, 7. p« I*. 41. 

ereux v. 4. pea<*. 175" b. 

6. <4. V. 8. 8d b. 
crnefle. ^^^Dcmcffc. 
lencrcfe Abbay v. 7. p« 
k. 40. 
7s Landy ^/4» FeUdianc 

5* 28. 

mionCommoce V. )r* 44« 
jn$ V.6. 6^ 
broke T.4. p«i*. 169 a. 
HnDor v. 8. 8a b. 
rin Dule v. 8. 83 b. 
nn Rifca v. 4. p« i^. 52, 

nn Tewe v, f . 23. 

by V. !• 23. 

spy V.4. p«ift. 19. 

es V, 6. 17, 185 32. 

aa V. 3* 8. 

as v.7..p»ift. 27. 

as Brane v. y* 3^, f 3. 

as Caftel v. f • 69, 72. 

as Emeiis v. <• 48. 

as Poys Caftel r. 4. pc !&• 


digel. J)r# TintageL 

duy V. J. 77* 

cs V.I, 27. 

EX. %^ 

Diueuer Caftel v. 5:. 22. 
Dineyard, five Vineyard v. 4. 

p«2d. 171 b. 
Duiham v. 3. 7. 
Dinothes (S.) v. 4. p« i^, tff. 
Diodoms Siculus y. 7. 1 32 A. 
Dionife (S.) v. 3. 78. v. 7. 

j)«2^. 72 a. 74 a, D. 
Dionyfius v. 2. 27. 
Dirbam #r Durefme v. i. 58, 

T^7^ 78| 79, *;, «*, 83, 9*- 

in it V. 7. p« I*, (f 3. Ca- 
ftelks 64. AbUes & Prio- 
ries Md. The Limites of 
this County 6s» 

Dirtey, vel Deriren v.4. pt 
%^. it6h. 

Dirarte. ^feThifarte. 

Diffiirt Caftel v. 6. 24. 

Difiiey v. i. 29. 

Difpeofer v. 6. i6^ 88, 90. 

Dodde V.5'. 3c. 

Doden v« 7. pc i^ 5*9. 

Dodington v.(f. 75'. v. 7. pt 
2<i. 72 a. 

Dodo dux V. 6. 81, 9^* 

Dogdyke Fery v. 7. pt 1*. ^i. 

Dogget V. 2. 49* V. 3. 90. 

Dogmael (S.) v. f.' 12. 

Doflly V. 4. p« I*. 39. 

Doyley v. 4* p' 2^. 192 b. 

Dolbery. ^If^uolbyo. 

Dolbyn, or rdtber Dolbery 
V. 7,p«2c*. (J8a. 

Dolebateme v. 5. 48. 

Dolewythelan v.f. 48. 

Dolgethle v. 5. 43. 

Dolveron v. 7. pt ift. 28. 

Dorcaceftrenfium Epifcopo- 
rum nomina v. 8. 48 a. 

Dorchefter v. 2. 10, 11,25'. 
V.3, 47, 48. V.7. p«ift. 14. 

Dormer v. x. io« 

Dorotheus V. i. 34* 
^8. 100 D. 

Dorfec v* 8. 109 1 


M ^ N D 

Dorfete v. i. ai. v. x. ji# 
Porfece (Marquife erf) v. ?. 

Dorftone v. 8. 84 a* 
Dortington. ^ffDartyngton. 
Dofmer jr, cr Douneuet poole 

V. 7. 118 A. 
Dovar v. 4. p« l*. 39. if.. 7. 

1x8, i;i, 140 A. 
Dove R. V. 7.p«ift. 37. 
Dover 4, 11. 
Dovora. ( Ifabella de ) v,t. 

98 a. 
Douhe V. 4i pt i*. (J9. 
Doultingcote v. 3. 87. ^^^ 

Doune v. 3. 30. 
Douneamney v. a. 13. 
Douneuet. &^Dofniery# 
Dounreuen v. 4. pt ift. 66. 
Dour V. 5r. 10. v. 8. j6 b. 

83 b. 84 a, b. 
Dourfley v. 7. ptx^. 73 a. 
Dpwleffe R, V. J. pt ift. 14, 
Downe v. 5. 81. 
Downe, ^//W Dane (Sir John) 

V. 7. pe I ft. 4X. 
Dowr, 4/. Stour R. v. 8. 

io8 a. 
Draicote v. x. a8. 
Draiton ^ Draycon v. i, 6. 

V. X. 10, II. V. 4. pt xd. 

181 b. V.7. p^ ift. 3x. 
Draynesbricige v. 3. 17. 
Drew Barentyne v. 8. 114a. 
Drifelege v. 6. 75. 
DriOan Caftel v. 8. 107 a. 
Dryflan Caftel v. 5. 74. 
Dryflin v. $. xx. 
Driffiog v.A. ptift. 61. 
Drokensford. ^e^Drokisford. 
Drokisford, or Drokensford 

v. 3. 89. 
Droping-welle v. i. 103. 
Drue V. 7. pt %d^ ^6 a. 
Drumbuygh v. 7. p« ift. dj. 

Dubricius ep. LandaTl v«t; 

8c a4 
Dudden v. ^. 85^4 
Duddelegh r.<f. 47; 
Dudeley, Duddilej, Dudi^- 

or Dudley v- 4. p< i^. 194 

p«x<*. 190 a. V. tf. i(f. V.7. 

pt jft. x(f, a8, a9, 30, ji, 

Dudley Caftle v. 4. pt sA 

i8<f D. V.7. ptift. 36. 
Dudeman v. J* i^. • 
Dueglevi v. y. »8. 
Dueguelth v. ^ . 49. 
Durfeld V. 7. pt I*. 44* 
DuggeU R. V. y. 83. v.y. 

pt ift. ^6. 
Duleffe v.y. 57^ f8, 7a. v. J. 

83 b. 
Dulcingcoute , or Duidng- 

cote Bride v. x. 41, 44. 
Dun V. 7. ptift. 31. 
Duneholm v. 7. pt i^ 6^. 
Ehinelmen. epifcoporum &• 

pulcbra in camtulo v. 8. 

^ib. EpifcopiDunelmen- 

fes ii tempore LudoVid 

Bellemont ^3 a. 
Duneftaple y. i. 120. y. 6^ 

Dunftable y. 4. pt x<^. 191 1. 
Dunftaple y. 7. pt ift. i. 
Dunevct, ^Knevet v. 6. (Jj. 
Duneuet. ^f^Launftoiu 
Dunewich v. 4. pt ift. 47. 
Dunham v. 8. 108 a. 
Dunkefwelle y.x. 59. 
Dunmere y. x. 7(5'. v. 3. i, 

Dunnmgtbn y. i. 24, 27. 
Dunnintoun y. a, 6. 
Dunokes Welle (S.) v. y. (Ji* 
Dunftane v. 6. 3. 
Dunftaneborow^ v.j, pt ift. 

Dunfter y. x, 6ij 6%- 


I N D 

Dunton v.a.^o. 
Dunwen(S.J v. 5-. 19. 
Dutton v;7. 4)«ift. 4?. 
Durefm^ v, 8. 51 b. See 

Durford v. 3. 7a. 
Duvekis R. v. 4. pt ift. 74.. 
Dyddenham v. 3. 84. 
Dymok v. 5. 94. 
Dymmok v. 7. p« !*• ^2. 
Dynemore v. 4. pt x^. 176 b. 
Dynllayen v.y. 41. 

Eadburgfl (S.) v. 8. ^6 a* 
Eadfridus Epif. Lindisf. v. ^. 

Eanfleda V.8. 85 b. 

Eanfridus v» 8. 96 a. 

Eanfwide (S.) v. 7. 141 A. 
V. 8. 95 b. 

Eanus v. 7. pt 2d. (Jj b. 

Eata(S.)v.8. 68 a. 

Eaton V. 4. pc ad. 178 a. 

Ebba(S.) V.8. 96 z. 

£bbingford,0r£sford v.2.73. 

Eboith R. 24. 

Ebouith R. V. 4. p« i*. 52. 

Ebor. fedes v. 8. 53 a. Ebor. 
archiepilcoporum aliorum- 
Gue aliquot in ecclefia ca- 
tnedrah fepultorum nomi- 
na 56 a. Ex libr. de archi- 
epilcopis Ebor. ecclef. uf- 
que ad mortem Thurftini 

Ebrardus v. 6. ^6. 
Ebroinus v. 8. 98 b. 
Ecbright fKing) v. i. 74. 
Eccha V. 8. 80 a. 
Ecdelhaiil v. 7. pt ift. 36, 

^ ^7. 38. 

Ecfndus rex v. tf • 34. 
Ecgredus ep. v. 8. 52 b, 
Ecmundetoun v. 4. p> i^. 19. 
yoL 9* 

EX. »f 

Edbalde, funoeof Ethelberc 

V. 7. 117 A. ■• 
Edbaldus r. v. 8. 95 b. ■ 98 b* 
Edbrithus v. 8. 97 a.. 
Edburge v. 8. 75 a, 79 b. 

80 a. 96 a. ^ . 
Edenewelle v. %*'j%> 
Edgar (King) v. 2. 15-, 38, 

39. V.4. p« 2<*. 184a. V.J. 

a. V. 7. pt2d. 64 a. V.8. 
82 b. 114 a. 

Edindone v. 6. ^t. 
Edithav.8. .7^b. 80 a. 8xa; 
Edmonds Cote Bridge v. 8* 

74 b. 
Edmund. See Kent. 
Edmund of Langley v. u ^ 81. 
Edmund (St.) v. 1.28. 
Edmund, Earl of Richmond 

V. 6. 27. 
Edmunde, Earl of Comwaul 

V. 2. 12, 13, 77. V. 3. 1. 
Edmunde, Earl of Lancafter 

and Leyrcefter v, 6. 70. 
Edmundesv.6. 32. 
Edmundus ep.Dunelm. v. 8. 

Edmundus Irenfide v. 3. 8f . 
Edmundus martyr v. 8. 82 a, 

b. 96 a. 

Edmundus rex v.8. 87 b. 95 h. 
Edmundus Senior v. 3. 8f. 

V. 7. pt ad. j6. a. 
Edredus ep. Dunelm* v. 8r 

f X b. 
Edredus r. v. 3. 72. 
Edwatd V. 8. 95 b. 
Edward (St.) v. 2. 3. 
Edward I. v. x. 87, lof. 

v.3.27,72., 34. 

V. 7. pt xft. 69. V. 8. ^3 b. 
Edward II. v. i. 87. v. 3. 

37. V. 4 ft ift, iS. pt 2«. 

172 a. 
Edward III. y. i. 8(, 88. 
t D V. X. 


V. 1. 7, 8, !!• V. J. 19* 

V.8. 8a b. 
Edward IV* v* i. 4^ itf, 44, 

ixx, 114) it9, ixo. V. 3. 

29. v»5*<(i. v.({. 17* His 

mother v. i. ^« 
Edward VL v. |. 4(f. 
Edward the BlacK Prince 
. v.a* i;. V. 6» 9* 
Edward the Confeflbr v. 2. 

24. V. 9. 98. V. 8. 99 a. 

Extract out of his Grant 

to the Cathedral Church 

of Ezcefter v. 9. 95^. 
Edward D. of Buck. v. 6. ^u 

V. 7.pti<J. 7jrft. 
Edward D* of Yorke v. 1. 5'. 

V. 7. p« ift. 18. 
Edward the Mirtir vj. 0^24. 

Edward Son of.K. Alfred 

y. 9* 72. V. 8. 78 b. 
Edwards v. t. 97. 
Edwinus t. 8. 80 b. 88 b. 
Edwinus Comes v. 8. 67 a. 
Edwinus rex t.S. ytf b. 99 a. 
Edwoldos V.8. 9<fa. 
EgbertusArchiep.Ebor. v. 3. 

EgbertUs rex ?.9.72. v.8. 75 b. 
Egelwinus v. 8. 82 b. 
Egeonrex v.8. 87 h. 
Egermont v. 7. p^ ift. 72. 
-Egremont v.8. 66 b. 
Egerton y.7. pt ift. 42, 49. 
Eggecombe v. 3. 14, 22^ 27. 
Egge Wood V4. pt 2d. 1 80 a. 
Egglins Ilan v. 4. pi ift. 5^2. 
EgjglinsNewith v.4. pt ift.ytf. 
Egidius Bp. of Saresbyri v. 4. 

p« 10. 47. 
Eglefton v. I. 94. 
Egluis Epiftil V. f . 49. 
Egmundus v. 8. 88 a. 
Egwinus B. of Worccfter 

v.4. ptzd. i58b. 

Egwinus moa. r. 8* 99 a. 

Eilburge v. 4. pc lA. 171 b. 
Eillesford v. 4. pt 2,^. 175 a* 
Einerdale Foreft v. 7. p^i*. 

detSnerio v. a. 17. 
Eiutwefel v. 4. pt i*. 6. 
Eiron, $r Eyton Caftel v. 2. 

29. v. f. 98. V. 7. p«A 

Elton-College t.2.2. v.4. 

ptift. ^•o. 
Eton Coll. V. I. 12. 
Eycton College v. 9. %6. 
Evton V. 5. 57. 
Ela, Countels of Warwick, 

V. 2. 19, 20. 

Eldred v.4. pt><*. 171b. 
Elebridg v. 4. pt ift. ^8, 6y 
Elcnor (Queen) v. f. 99. 

flianor (Q- ) v. 8. 49 a. 
leutherius Arel. ep. v. 8. 
98 a. 
EUerus v» y. 2. 
Elfleda v.8. 96; a. 
Eling. ^IreHeling. 
Eliotte V. y. 28. 
Elis V.I. 29. 
Elizabeth's (S.) College v. 9. 

Ella r. v. 8. 9tf a. 
EUerton v. y. ny. 
Ellesburrowe ¥.4. pt 14.192 a. 

Ellefinere v. f. 38I 
Ellys ap. Richard v. y. 94* 
Elmelin. See View CsJtdi 
Elmes V. I. <f. 
Elnig V. 8. 107 b. 
Elphege v. 9. 72. v. 6. 9; 
Elting v.4. pt ift. 48. 
Elftanus rex v. 8. ^9 a. 
Elfwaldus rex Nordmmhr. 

V.7. pt2<*. 6tz. 

Eltefle V. I. I. 
Elteiley v. 8. 107 b. 
Elvet v.8. f9«« 


I N D 

Elvet Bridge v. i. 91. 
Eluel, ^Eluelde v. 7. p' i^. 

Elwina v. 8. 96 a. 

El wine V.7. 4. 7. 

Elys uab ^fc>ricne v. ^ . 4^ • 

Embleton v. 7. pt i^. 77. 

Emingtpn v.4. p« i^. 177 a* 

Emley Bridge v. 4. pt a<l. 

191 b. 
Emma regioa v. 3. 71. v. 8* 

95 b. 
Engayne v. i. tiy. v.4. p' l^ 

Engleby v. 8. 66 b. 
Englifli Maylor v. ^. 39. 
Englyfhe v. 8. 70 a. 
EngylwoodForefk v.j.fn^. 

Enifenthle v- j. 47. 
Eoveiham v. 4. pt ift. ^^ 

V. 7. pt ift, ag. V. 8. 75" b. 
Erchenreld. ^^Hercbixifeld. 
Erifi V. a. 3. 
Erkenwaldus (SO v. 8. 96 th 

tkjt Erles Hill v. 7. pt ift, 8* 
Ermenberga, v. 8. 100 a. 
Ermfius V. 8. 89 a. 

Eith(S.)y. 3«^- 
Efcuedamour v. 6* ai* 
Esford. ^ff Ebbiogford. 
Eske V. 7. p« it. J9, tfy. . 
Eskennioge v.f. a;* 
Eipec y.o* a8« 
E(peke V. I. 107, ii8« 
Bm (St.) v.a. 74. V.J. x, 

Eflebume. ^'^r Eftcbume. 
Eflelega v. (J. 48. 
Eflex V.7, pti,4. tffa. 
Eft B^fe Y. }* 8a. 
Eftbreot; v. 3. $6. 
EftbrentQd v.j. tC* 
EfteburQc^ if PTebome y. 4! 
pt 2^. 170 a* 

E X; 

ffteKent 4. 
ftewoode v. 7. pt a<*. 7 j a. 

Eftfelde v. i. 39. 
Eftgate V. 1. 79. 
Eftlech Y. Ik XI • 
Eft Low V. 3. 7. 
Eftmayne v. 3. 79. 
Efton V. 3. 73. 
Eftoteville y. I. lOf. 
EftfjMc V. 4. pt it, 19. V. 8. 

Eft Tanfeld v. i. ico. 
Eft Thawao' V. -f pt it. j8^ 

EtelCajlelY.7- ptit. 77. 
Ethelb^dus v. 8. 94 a. 
Ethelbertus y. 8. 88 b. 
EthelbertuSy/'i;^ Etisieldredas 

V. 8. 97 b»* 
Ethelbertus m. v. 8. 87 b. 

88 a, b. 89 a. 
Ethelbertus r. v, 8. 98 a. 
Ethelbright (S.) v. f . 9. 
Ethelburga y. 8. 97 a. 
Etheldreda v. 8. 87 b. 
Ethcldrede (King) v. 3. jf. 


Ethelrede (K.) v. 8. 7f a. 
Etheldredus, v, Ethelbertas. 
Ethelfleda v.4. pt %d. 1 7% b. . 
Ethelfridus r. v. 8. 9^ a. 
Ethelingflet v.4. pt <t. ly^ ; 
Ethelmod v.^. 38. ; 
Ethelmuadus v.4. pi a4. i7R«; 

V. 8. 94 a. 
Ethelredus v. 4. pt %4.ij% b. 

Ethelftao, <t Atbelfltn (Kim) 

v. a. d^, 7y. Y. }. 5r, 93. 

v. 6. 70. Y.8f f3a. 9jt* 
Ethelthled^ v.a. pt %4. ilo.b. 
Ethelwaldus V.8. yxb* Sib* 

9y a. 
Ethelwolde, M" EthelwoldttS 

v.a. I5,itf. Y»d. jy. V.7.. 

%t I N:D E X. 

p<a<l. ^4^^ V.8. 94b. 9^ a. 
07 a. v/VeMoUo. 

Ethcl>yolphc (King) v. i. 48. 

Ethclwolphus, five Adulphus 
r. V. 8* 97 b. 

Eva v.4.pta<*. 171b. v. 8. 

Evan V. 4. p' z^. ^79 b. 

Everard v. a. 6z. 

Everchirch v.i. 44. 

Evcrchriche v. 3. 87, 89. 

Evcrn R. v. 7. p« i«. 34. 

Evers v. i. ax, 

Eversby v. o. z8. 

Everfliot v. 3. 4?. 

Evcftiam v. 4* pt a< j6j b. 
1^8 b. 170 a. 185: a. 

Euclides v.a. 18. 

Eueri v. f . 73. 

Eugenius ponr. R. v.8. 89 b. 

Eure V.I. 77. 

Euftachius v. 8. 97 b. 

Ewelm V. x. 5-, tf, 7. v. 4. 
pt I ft. 6. 

Ewias V. 8. 84 a, b. 

Ewias Caftle v. 4. pt i<i, 
176 a, 

Ewis, or Ewrs^ Harold v.8. 
83 b. 84. a, b. 

Ewrs. ^'effEwis. 

Ex R. V. 2. 6^. V, 3. 34. 
Bridges on it iitJ. 

Exccfter, or Exceftrc v. i. 
8(f, 87, 109, 119. V. a. 64.^ 
67. V. 3. 3a, 33, 34. Bp. 
there 3^. Monuments m 
the CathcdralChurch there 
31. Books in the Library 
of Exceftre 35. See Edf- 
wardConf. Exceftre(Duke 
oiF) 17. Exccfter ( Mar- 
quifc of) 3f, and v. 7. pt 
fft. 67. 

Exfbrd V. %% 64. 

JBxminftre v. 3. 3f* 

Exmouthe v. 3. 31. 

Fagan (S.) v. 4. p« l*. tfj. 

Faufax v. 6. 14* 

Fairford v.i. ax,i3,xf. v^* 

pt ift. 48. v-iT. »• 
Fala R. v. 3. ix, 13. 
Falconarius v. 3. 64^ 
Falconbridge v. i. 9%, 
Falemouth v. (f . tf 5;. 
Falemuth v. 7. lai A. 
Fanhope v. !• 119, no. 
Fareham v. 3. 80. 
Farington^xf . v«y.8j. 
Faritius v. 7. pt i<*. 64. a. 
Farley v.a. 33 • ^IfeCaftcllc. 

V. 3. 84. V. 4. pt ad. 171 1. 

v. 6, 9,?8. V.J. 7^b. 
Farmar v. i. la. 
Farmer v.4. pt i*. 13^ 17* 
Fame v. 5'. lotf . v. o. (f7# 

V. 7. pt ift. 78. 
Farneham v. 3. 73. 
Ferncham v.8. « b. y3b. 
Fafeley v. 4. pt %i. 190 a. 

Faverfliam v. 7. 144 A. 
Feverfham v. 6. 10. 
Fauleffe v. 1. 11.. 
Fawey, jSvf Fowcy v. 3. li, 

ir»i<>>i7j '^^ V. 7. pti*. 

a I., pt a^'. ixa a* 
Fowey. SeeFr^ej. 
Fowey R. v. tf. 74. 
Fayrewell v. 4. pt a< 189 a. 
Feckenham v. 4. pt xd. 167 b. 
Fekenham Forcft v* 7; pt i*. 

Feelde v. 7. pt 1^ 19. 
Felde v. i. ^. 
Felding v. 6. 93. 
Felgilcfos V. 6. 3T- 
Felice, Wifie of Guido E. of 
Warwike v.4. ptad. itfc b. 
Felix Burgund. V. 8. 98 b» 
Felton 54. v. 7. pti*. 


L^ I N D 

Fenne CaftcU v. a. 41. 
Feawik v. 7. p^ i^. 78. 
Fcrcher v. 8. ^6 b. 
Feribay v,i.58. 
Fernhii. ^^e Fernlegc. 
Fernlegc, or Fernhii v. y. 9. 
Ferrars v. i. 19. v. 4. pt jft. 
47, 48. V. 7. p« I ft. 36, AO. 
Ferrares v. 6. 61, ^6^ 87, 88. 
V.7. pK^ift. 36. V. 8. 109 b. 
. Ferrers v. 4. p^ %^. 189 b. 
Ferres (Lord) v. 5:. a8. 
Fery-Bridge v. i. lo^r. 
Ferrys upon Lindis R. v. i. 

Feverlege v. 5. 10. 
Fiacrius (S.) v. 8. 97 a. 
Fifelde. See FyflfcW. 
Fifflude V. (f. 51. 
Filolle y.6. 5' 5. 
Fimbarrus (S.) v. 5. if. 
Fimford Bridge v. 4. pt x<J. 

191 a. 
Finanus ep. v. 8. 97 a. 
Finche v. tf. 59. v.7. 140 A. 
Fines v. 4. p' ift. 17. v. 7. 

140 A. 
Fines Ld. Dacres v. 4. pt ift. 

Finiox V. 6. tf, 7. . 
Finkel v. tf. x6. 
Finkelo v. 7. pt ift. ^4. 
Finkeflial v. 8. 51 a. 
Finflied v. i. 45. 
Fifcharde v. ^ . a9« 
Fifcharton v. 3. do, 9(J. 
Fifcheburnc v. 6. 33. 
Fisfhar v. 6* a8. 
Fitcon V. a. 2. v. y . loi. 

V. 7. pt ift. 41. 
Fitzalane v. 8. 113 a. 
Rtz-Gcrald v. 4. pt ift. 19. 
Fitzgualtar v. i. icy. v. 4. 

ptift. 4. V.8. 66* 
Fitzwaltcr (Lord) 4J. 

V. 7. pt ift. x8. 

E X; 19 

Fitxguarinc v. tf. 74. v. S* 

108 a. 
Fitz Harding v. 6. ^6. 
Fitz Haymo v. 6. 9^, 97. 
Fitxhugh V.I. ICO. v.y. 114, 

11^. v.d. 5:3. V. 8. dyb. 
Fitzjames v. a. 4^,50. v. (J* 

5:(f, <fi. V.8. 113 b. 
Fitzneele v. tf. 72. 
Fitz NicoUe, ^Nicolas v.3. 

4($« V. 6, ^6. 
Firz Payne v. 2. 48. v. 3* 

90. V. 6. 52, 5:4. V. 7. p« 

ift. <^(f, ^7. 
Fitz Peter v. (J. 70. 
Fitzrandolp v. i. ^6. v. 8. 

54 b. 56 a. ^7 a. 
Fitzwarine v. d. 74. v. 7. p< 

2d. (^ca. 68 b. 
Fitzwilliams v. i. 39. v. 2. 

i^8. v.3. 14. V. 0. 73. v.7* 

ptift. y2. V. 8. 49 a. 
Fivebridge v. 7. pt 2<J. 80 b* 
Fizalan v. 6. 63. 
Fladbury v. 4. pt 2<*. 169 a. 
Flamborow v. i. 5:7, 68. 
Flaxley v. 8. 76 b. 
Flaxley Abbey v. 4. pt a^. 

173 b. 
Fleming v.3. 40. ^f#Mohun. 

V. 4. pt ift. 76. V. y. <i. 

V.6. 18. V. 8. 49a. 113a, 
Flemingefton, or Flemfton 

V. 4* pt I ft. 69. 
Flemfton. 5ff Flemingefton. 
Flete v.7. pt ift. 5<J. 
Flore V. tf. 93. 
Florein (S.) v. y. 77. 
Flour V. I. II, 103, 104. 
Foderingey v. i. 4, 31, iitf. 
Fogge v. tf. 2. 
Foxerbv v. 4. pt ift. 19. 
FokingTOm v. i. 28. 
Folcardus Monachus v.y. 90. 
Foliot V. 6. 45r. V. 8. 78 a, b* 

79 a. ^6 a. 87 a. 



Folkeftane , 9r Fulchcftane 7,11. V. 7. 1^1,141 A. 
Fonmone v. 4. pc i^ 6%. 
Fontaine v. ?• 1. 
Fontaines Abbay V. 5. 11^. 
Foord Caftle v.7. pt \K 77. 
Force v. 3. 4, 5. 
Fordc V. J. 4a. V. 6. xo. 
Fordebridig v. 7. pn*. 37. 
Fordeham v. 8. 5jb. 
Fordehampton v. 6. 94. 
Fording v. j. 47, tfo, 9^. 
Fordingbridge v. j. 71. 
Fordwic V. 7. 144 A. 
Forefts. ^^e Leicefterihire. 
Fome V. 1. 18. V, J, I J. 
Fors in Wendeflay Dale v. 8. 

tf? a. 
Forten v. 5. 80. 
Fortefcue v. 3. 3, atf. v. 4. 

p* I*. 19. p« i<J. i(f8 b. 

V. (f. 94. V. 7. pt xd. tfi a. 
Fortibus ( Ifabella de ) v. 3. 

Fofi way v. y. 65:. 

Foffe Way v. a. z^, xtf. 
Fofle Dike v. i. 31, 34, 3f . 
Fofle Nunnery v. i, 35;. 
Fofter v.d. 40, 41. 
Fovington v. 3. tfi . 
Foulcbure v. i, 38. 
Fowlar, ^ Fowler v. 1. 8, 9. 

V. 8. 5*0 a. 
Fowlccifte V. 7. pe ift. 43. 
Fox V. I. 8i. V. 3. 71, 87. 

V. 8. 7(f a. 77 b. 
Foxley v. 4. pt ift. 3. 
Foyc V. 4, pt ad. xfi. a. 
Francis v. 4. pt ad. 181 a. 
Frank v. %, 114. 
Frauncys v. 7. pt ift. 8. 
Framelingham v. ^. 36, 41. 
Fraw, Of Frome R. v. 3. 47. 

The Courfe of it ML Set 

FrcdWald v. 4. pti<J. 195 a. 

Fredewaldos rez ▼• S. 79 b. 
Fredoll v. 4. p^ xft. 7%. 
Fremingtun v. ». 67. v. }. 

Fremunde (St.) v. 6. 7%. 
Fremimdui v. g. 97 1. 
Frefh fore Bridge y. 7. pti< 

Freftao v. i. 109* 
Frevile v.4.ptx<i. 189 b. 
Fri&keney ▼• 7. xo4 A. 
Friftckv. V 93. 
Frifton V. 8. not. 
Fricbe v. a. 48. 
Frithcfwiglia v. 3. 72, 
Frodingham-Bfid» v. i. if. 
FrogenbaU, or Frogenolie 

v.(f. ay. / 

Frogenolle. 5>f Frogeohale. 
From Water v. 6. 14. 
Frome v.x. 3x, 3|. ▼. j. 8£. 

&# Fraw. 
Frome Celwod v» 7. pt x4. 

73 *> •>• 
Fromefelwood v. 7^ P^ »**• 

78 a. 
Frome Toun v. 3. 47. 
Fromey v. 5:. 10. 
Fromont v. 3. 85:, 8tf. 
Froncefter v. 8. 76 b. 
Froncefter. See Froucefter. 
Frouceftcr . five Froncefter 

V.4. ptad. 17X a,b. 
Froffart v. (f. ^o. 
Froft V. I., f ^. 
Frofterley v. i. 79. 
Fulbriehtus v. 5. %. 
Fulbroke v. 8* 74 b. 
Fulbroke Caftle and Parke 

V. 4. pt xd. 1^6 b, 
Fulburne y, I. ^^• 
Fulcbeftane. f f # Polkeftaoe.' 
Fulco V. 8. 81 b. 
Fulfirte V. 7, p«ift. ly. 
Fulford V. 3, 2. 
Fulgeham v. 6, 71. 


^ I 

I N D 

^ Fumes v. 7, p« I*. 69. 

^ Furnis Abbay ▼. y. Zk. 

^ Atmivd, FUrnivftll^y Fume- 

. val V. I. io6» y. 5. 9!* 

* V. 8. 73 b. 
: .FyflFeld " 
V. 4. 

Fyflfede ^ 

^ j Fyrreland t. 6. 6^. 

. 73 b. 

d^ Fyffede^ #r Fifede 

e. 5#»FyflfeM. 

Gadington v. t. i^« 

Gage V.4. p^ift. fj. 
. Gaflogeoti v. s* 4U 
j^. GaiefSiae y. 8. 80 a. 

Gainesbbroug^ v. i. ;(?. 
^ Gaynesborow yr,j% pc it. yi. 

Gaineisfbrd v. %• 3f^ 9;. 

•Gair^ Bridge ▼♦<• ^, i5. 

Garebridee. ^feGaireBridge. 

Gaius V.8. 8oa« 

Galfi^us y. 8. 4y b. 

Galfridtts ep. Duaelm. y. i. 
yx b. '^ 

Galfridttft ep. H^refiMd y. 9. 

vjallor y. a. 47. y. 5. po. 
Galtbe Ctorde V. 4. pt x^. 

Gilcret y» x. 74. 
Galweth y. 8. y4 a. 
Carnage y. 4* p< tft. (So. 71. 

pt i3, 171 a. V. 8. yy b. 
Gatnages 48. 
GamboQ. dlcvGanxm* 
GamoQ, #r GamboQ y» a, 

4fr Gandayo y, ^. if;. 
Garan fl. v. y« 9. 
Gantw y. 7. {^ xit ((4. 
Garltiide y. 7. pcad. 78 a. 
Cariikie, oSm Pengaiuke y» 

3. 4. 
Garftane y. y. 84* 
Garthkiiiy ▼• y. 74. 

E X. St 

Gartonenfis (GuiL) y. i. 

Gafcoyne y. 1. 47, 80. v. »• 

3y. v«y. 103, 1x4. V.8. 

ya a. 
Gafpar 0.ofBedefbrd y.4. 

p« I*, tfa, 7tf. 
Gateacre v. y. }!• 
Gavefton y. y. log* 
Gau V. 6. yi* 
Gaufridus y. 8. 81 b. 
Gaundeles R. y. i. 78, 
Gaunfton v* a. 30. 
Gauate v. i. 84, 8«f, 87., 

xoo. y. 8. (7 b. 
Gaunte (John a) y* 4. pt i&: 

40* y. 8. 49 a. 
Gawot V. 7. p« i<*. 6^ b." 

70 a. 
Gedency y. 7. pt i*. yi< 
Gelling, ^/w CJilling, Creke 

y. 3. .9. 
Genevifle y. 4. pt ift. ix» pc 

%^. i8ta« 
Genles R. y, 4. pt ift. ytf, 
George Henton y. i. yy. 
George (S.) y.4. ptxft. 64. 
Gerarde y. 7. pt ift, ytf, 
Gerarduf arch. £bor. y. 8« 

Gerardus ep. Heref. y. 8. 

77 b. 
Germaines (S.) y. 3. 19, to. 

V. 7. 113 A. 
Germoke (S.) y* 3. 4« 
Geron's (S.) y* 3. 13. 
Geryalx v. !• 96. v. 6. 04. 
Gervalx Abbay y. y. iiy, 
GervafiusCantuar. y.8.97b. 

98 a. 
Gervafius's Life of King 

Steph, 6f. 
Gervafius monach. y«8. 96 b. 
Getelhed v.i. 83. y.7.ptxfti 

Gibbes y* %. 39. 


|i I N D 

Gibcliffe. See Guydiife v. 8. 

73 ^* 
Giboa V. 4. p« i*. 6o> 

Gibchorp v. i, 41. 

OiSard v. i. yi. v. 4. p' ift. 

49. pc %d, 179 b. 180 a. 

V. 6. 74. V. 7. pt I ft. 8, 35. 

V. 8. 75r a. . 
Giffart v. 8. in a, b. 
Gigies V. 8. I IX a. 
Giguran v. 4. pt ift» 60* 
Gilbert v. a. 4?, 47. v. 3. 

87. V. 8. 77 a. 79 a. 
Gilberte v. 6. 51, 76. 
Gilbert E. of Penbroke v. 8. 

7^ a. 
Gilbert(Mount.) SeeWxekm. 
Gilbertus comes Gloc. & 

Hercf. V. (f. 76. 
Gilbertus Univerfale v. 8. 

97 a. 
Giles V. 4. pt ift. 09. 
GiJeftoun v.. 4. p^x^. 69. 
Gillesborow V. i. 11. 
Giiling. See Gelling. 
Gillinge v. 8 67 a. 
Gillingham v. 6> ^i. 
Gilys (Sf.) V. 1. 68. 
Gindene v. i. loo. 
Ginokes (S.I v. 2. 17. 
Ciraldus abbas Croneburne 

V. 6. 81. 
Giraldus arch* Menev. v. 8. 

Giraldus Cambrenfis v.y.67, 

70. V. 8. 8^ b. 84 b. 87 b. 
Girach. cVe^ Avoo Edernc. 
Girdeliogton v. 4. p« i^. 19. 
Girt V. y 93. 
Gifeland v. i. 4^. 
Gisfart V. 8. 56 a. 
Giflebertus Heref. ep. v. 8. 

88 b. 
Glade v. 4. p^ i^. 5:4. 
Gladufa v. 8. 85: a. 
Gladufe Duy v. 4. p< i^. 11. 

E X. 

Giainoxpin(hire V. 4. p< ii| 
^7. The Kefinnithes of i 
tiiJ. Commotes there 56. 

Glanvill v. 8* loi a. 

Glasbroke R. v. 7. pt ift. y6. 

Glafcoit V. 5:. ^6^ 

Glafcumbe v. {:. 3. 

Glafenich v.^. iz. 

Glefhith v. 3. ti. 

Glendour v. 4. p« x^. t8i a. 

Gleffe Rode v. 7. p« i*. 31. 

Gleffenbyri v.%. 4x, 43. v.7. 
pt ift. 19. p«»< j6z. 78 fu 
79 b. 80 b, 

Glaftenbury Church v:.3. gf. 
Monuments there 85^, 16* 

GleftonCaftell v. 8. 109 a. 

Glin y.6. 38. 

Glin Corrug v. 4. p« i*. y j. 

Glin Rotheney v. 4. p^ li. 
6oj 61. 

Glinboch v. f . 69. 

Glindale v. 7. pt i*. 81. 

.Glindour (Owen) v.y. 3, ij, 

35r. *9>7^- "^'7^?^^^^ »?• 

of fome of his Aoceftors 

Ghnog V. 4. pt ift. 60. 
Glinton v.4. pt ift. 17. 
Glocefter, w'Gloucefterv.4. 

pt a<*. 170 b. 171 a. 171 a. 

I7T b. 180 a. iSfa. v. 8. 

75: a, b. 7(f a. 83 a. 
Gloceltre v. y. *, <f4, looi 

Several things about the 

Honour and Earldom of 

Gloceftre in the account 

of Tewkesbyri v. d. 8x. 

& feqq. 
Gloceftrefliire. Market 

Townes, Caftelles and 

Rivers in it v. ^. 64. 
Glovernia v. 3. 37. 
Gluvias (S.) V. 3. II. 
Glyne R. v. 7. p« i*. 70. 



I N D 

Kjlynne v. ^. 3, 8. 
<5naresburg, ^Knaresburgh 

V. I. io2j 10?. 
Onavcrflak v. 3. 5. 
Godefcalcus v. 8. 88 b. 
-Godemefton v. 6, 52. 
Codhurfte v. 4. puft, 50. 
Godiva v. 8. 79 a. 
Godolcanv.^. ^54,55^57,8. 
Godrike v. ^. ai. 
Godryve v. 7. 118 A. 
Godwald ( Sr. ) v. 4. p^ 1^. 
184 b. 

Godwidus V. 8. 80 b, 

Godwinus v. 8. 98 b. 

Gogurne v. 5. 77. 

GoKer, wKakerR. v.5. 84. 

Golafer v. 7. p« 2<J. dj b. 

GolaflFre v.4.ptift. 2, 3,4,^. 

Go] af re-Bridge v.2. 44. v. 3. 

Goldclif V. y. 6. 

Groldciive V. <f. 83. 

Goldclvve Prioryc v.8. 70 a. 

Goldeunithe v. i. ^1. 

Goldeftone v- tf . j. 

Goldewelle v. 6. 3. 

Goldoun. See Wuluedon. 

Golflete V.I. 5:7. 

Good V. J. II, 32. 

Goodelak (S.) v. 8. na. 

Goodman y. 4. p« 2< 170 b. 
V. 8. 7y b. 

Gorge V. 7. p^id. j6^. 

Goring v. 6. 17, 18, 32. 

Gosford Bridge v. 4. p* 2**. 
loi a. 

Gofoort V. 3. 80. 

Goftewik v. 1. 118, 119. 

Gough V. ^. 48. 

Goumey v. 5. 91. 

Gower v.i, 73. v. tf, ly, tfi, 

Grace of Dew v. y. 12. 
Gracedoin, of Trody ▼. 4^ 

?«2ci. i7(Jb. 

?ol. jr. 


E X. J3 

Grafton Parke v. 4. pt 2<'. 

Graie v.$. 11, 38, ({5, (^8. 
Gray v. 1. 19, 119, 120. v.3. 

22, V, y. 47, IC2. V. 7. p« 

2<^. 61 a» d8 a. 
Gray (Lord) v. 7. p^ i^* 35- 
Grey v. 7. p« ift. 44, 77. 

V.8. 5;6b. 107 b. 109 a, b. 
Graineville. See Grenefeld. 
Graneville. See Grenefeld, 
Granevilie v. 2. 77. 
Graiftun, er Greiftun v. 3, 

Granborow v. 3. I2» 
Grandifoa v. 3. 32, 33, 3^, 

37, 38. V. 8. 8<fb. 
Grandifonus (Jo. ^ v.3. 3^. 

Ex ejus Legenaa Sando- 

rum /&W. 
Granteham v.i. 29, 32. v.j^ 

pt ift. 48. 
Gravener v. 4. pt 2d. 187 h, 
Gravillc, or Greville v. ^ 

p« ift. i(f, 17, 42. pt 2^. 

i6y b. 16^ a. v. 6. 19, 20. 
Greville. ^e^Graville. 
Graunpond v. 3. 12. 
Graunibn v. 8» 84 a, b, 
Grayftok v.i, 73. v. 8. tfy b. 
Grayftok Caftel v. 7. p« ift. 

Greatham v. 8. 5:2 a. 
Gref Met v. 3. 13. v. 7. 


Gregorius jun. cp. Rom. 

V. 3. 3(f. 
Gregorius Nazianzenus v. 3. 

Gregorius pont. Rom. v. 8. 

Gregorius 11. pont Ro. v. 8. 

Id b. 
Gregorius 12. pont»Ro. v. 8. 

loi b. 
Greiftun. 5ee Graiftun. 

f E Grene 



Grcne v. i. 6. v. 6. 6i. 
Grcnefcld, Graineville, yJvf 

Granevillc v. ?. a, Jj 6. 
Grcnchaugh v, ^. 84. 
GrcDcs Korrhoo v. i. <f. 
Grenefton Caftcllc v. 4. p« 

Grentoa v.y. 113, ny. 
. Gresby v. 8. 108 a. 
Gresfbrde v. 5. 84. 
Grefmoot Oftel v. y. 9. 
Greflehim v 6. 14. 
Greffe Holme v. 5:. 27. 
Grefton v.^.xi. v.7. ^iKz6. 
Gretcy, w-Gritey v. i. 95. 
GreteyR. v. 5, ii^ 
Griffin Prince of Wales v.4. 

ptici. 174 b. 
Griffithe v. 4- p' a^. i6i b. 

V. 5. 37, 4^ 44, 48, 50- 
V.6. 69. V. 7. p^ 2d. 68 b. 

Grifith ap. Robert v. 5-. 48. 
Grifith fil.Rhefi v. 8. 113 a. 
Grigge v. 1. yy- 
Grimbertus v. »• 87 d. 
Grime v. 6. 6^' 
Grimesby v.7. p^ ift.yc iiiA« 
Grimclihorpe v. i. ^6. 
Griphine v* i. 13. 
Griphinus rex v. 8. 8y a. 
Grilei fratrcs v 8 76 b. 
Gricey. See Gretey. 
Groby v. i. i9» 
Grofevenour v. 5. 30. 
Groflemounr, five Groffen- 

mouth v.4. p'a**. i?^ ^• 
Groffcnmoutli. See Groffe- 

Grofted v. 8. 49 a,' 
Groyftane(Robertus de) v. 8. 

Gruelle Thorp v. i. 96. 
Guaine v. 5. 3(J. 
Gualterus Decanus Sarum. 

V. ?. 64- 

Gualwin v. ^. i8« 
Guarine v.7. pt i^. 53. 
Guente y.6» 80. 
Guenwynmyrtheth v. y. 49. 
*/f Gueres v. 8. 8a a. 
Guernek v. x. 77. 
Guerro v 8, 87 b. 88 b. 
Gueyn fl. v. 5. xq. 
Guido, Earl of Warwik r.j. 

72. V. 4. p« xd, 16^ b. I 
Guido Tearchus v. 8. ^7 b. ' 
Guidote v. 3. 77. 
Guily R. V. y. 75. 
Guin Lewys v. 4. p« i«. 50. 
Guiruay v. 5:. 49. 
Guife V. 3. 89. 
Guitherik v. ^. 73. 
Guithin v. y. 13. 
Guithumbre v. y. 33. 
Guldeforde v. 5. 73. 
Gulielmus archiep. Ebor. 

V. 3. 3y. v. 8. 100 b. 
Gulielmus Ballrard v 5. 99. 
Gulielmus cog. loogus v. 8. 

83 a. 
Gulielmus comes Gloc. v. 8. 

83 a. 
Gulielmus Conq. v. 6. 8x. 

V. 8. y3 a. 67 a. 
Gulielmus x. ep. Dunelm. 

V. 8. yi b. 
Gulielmus ep. Norwic. v. 8. 

8x a. 
Gulielmus filius Nigclli v. 8. 

81 b. 
Gulielmus, JfofKctellus, dc- 

ricus S. Johannis Beverlac. 

v. V. 99. 
Gulielmus Prior Lantonenfis 

V. 8. 89 a. 
Gulielmus Ruius v. 6. 8i. 

V. 8. yx b. 
Gullant V. 7. ixx A. 
Gundeleus (S.) v. 8. 8ya. 
Gundulphus v. 8. 100 a. 
Gunthorp v-J. 89. 




Guortheren v. f. 49. 
-^ Gurmafton v. 4.ptift. 38. 

Gurney v. 1. ^^. v. 7. pta<*. 
^ d8 a. <f8 b. 76 a. 78 a. See 
■- Baron. 
_ Giiruay v. 6. i?. 
* Gutheardus v. 8. 5'^ a. 

Guy-difFe, ^///i/ Gib-cliflFe 
^' V. 4. ptad. 1(^4 a. 1^5 b. 
f Guyney v. 8. 49. 


Hacham v. 3. t^i. 
Hackluir, /vf Hckluit v. 4. 

ptid. 178 a, b. 
Haddon v. (?• 5:1. 5?. 
Hadrianus Caftellenfis v. 8. 
_77 b. 79 b. 
Haget V. I. 48. 
Haffhrnon v. y. 80. v. 7. p« 

iS. 3j. V. 8. 113 a. 
Hagmonde{ham , alias Ho- 

merfham ySve Amerfliam 

V. 4. pt id. J 92 b. 
Haguftaidenfis ecclefias epif- 

coporum nomina v. 7. pt 

a<J. 61 a, b. Haguftaldenus 

prioratus 61 a. 
Haia (Walt, de) v. 8. 81 b. 
Haileftoun, if/i>Hellas v.3.8. 
Hailford v. 3. 9. 
Halamfliire v. 5. 94. 
Haldenus v. 7. pt ad. ^i a. 
Haleden v. y. 94. 
Hales V. 4. pt a<t. i6g a. 
Hales Oweu V4. pt xd. i8i b. 

V. 8. 108 a. 
Haly V.4. ptad. 164 a. 
Halydene v. 7. pt ift. 73. 
Haly Eyland v. 7. p' i«. 78. 
Haly Eylandfhire v. 7. pt i^. 

Hamdcn v. a. ff. 
Hamdene v. 6. 40, 67. 
Hamelehooke 7.3. 77. 
Hamfelrife v. 3. 71, 78, 79. 

Hameriham v. 6* 38. 
Hamley v,6. 80. 
Hamptel v. 7. pti*. i, 3. 
Hampton v. %. 6j. v. 3. 71, 

74, 7T, 7^5 77, 84- v. 4. 

p' ift. 39. V. 7. ptad. (f8 b. 

Hampton-Court v. i. 121, 

113. V. 4. pt id. ij6 b. 

V.7. p* ift. a(J. 
Hampton (Little) v. 6. 31. 
Hamftede v. (J. 13. 
Hanby v. i. 5-^. 
Handeley v. (f. 93. 
Handford v. 7. pt i^. 4a. 
Hanging Langfordc v.3. (Jo. 
Hanham v. 7. pt id. (^7 b. 
Hanlev, {forjantimley) v.4. 

pt ad. 172 a. V. d. 80. 
Hanmere v. <^. 33, 34, 35:. 
Hanaey v. 7. ptid. 5^ a. 
Hanfard v. 7. pt ift. 51. 
Hanfarde v.4. ptift. 15'. 
Hanflap v. i. 12. 
Hanflaye v. 6. 6^. 
H^nfun V. i. 5:5'. 
Haraldus r. v. 8. 99 b. 
Harbume, or Hurbertoua 

V. 3. a6, a8. 
Hardeknuie v.8.. ya b. 8a b. 
Hardinge v. 7. pt id. 71 a. 
Hardingus v. 3. (f^. 
Hardwike v. 4. pt ift. 44. 
Harebaldus v.8. 99b. 
Harecourt v. (J. 74. 
Hareftan v. 4. pt i*. 14, 
Harford y. ^* a8. 
Harington v. i. 114. v. i. 

5-1. v. 4. pt ift. dj 14. V.6. 

30, 37, 66. V. 7. pt i&. 5a. 

V. 8. 109 a. 
Haringworth v. i. 14, 1^. 
Harkeley-Bridg v. a. 43, 
Harlancne v. 5. 4a. 
Harlefton v. i. 31. 
Harley v. 4. pta<*. 181 b, 
Harmau, a/ias Veifey, B. of 
Ex Ex^ 

i6 I N D 

Exccftcr V. 4. p« i**. 187 

a, b. 
HanncrPole v. 7. p« i*. 54. 
Haroeham v. ^. <^o, 9(^. 
HamefhuU v.4« p< a<i. 171a. 
Harold Nunnery v. 7. pt 

I ft. 3. 
Haroldus v.8. 82 b. 84 a, b. 
Harpeden v. d. 41. 
Harper v.7. pt ift. 43. 
Harptre v. 7. p« z^. 68 b. 
Harte v. 6. 11. 
Hartebyriby v. 8. j6 a. 
Harrelake-Bridge v. a. 4X« 
Hartsbery v. 7. pt ift. 24. 
Harwood v. i. 48. 
Hafelber^e v. a. 5^. 
Hafelbyn v, a. 29, 
Hdfeldene v. 6. 47. 
Hafeley v. 2. 7, 8, 17. v,4, 

pt 2d. 164 a. 191b. V. 8. 

73 a, 114 b. 
Hafelhaw v. 3. 88. 
HaCUe v. i. yj. 
Hafilrig V. I. If, 24. V, y. 


Haftings v.i. i5',a2,7o,ii4, 
ii>. V. 2. 47,72. V. 3. 17. 
V. 4. pt ift. I. ptxd. 175 a, 
V. 5. 99. V. 6. 23, 48, 77, 
87. V. 7. ptift. 17,18, 50. 
pt ad. i'2. a. 7^ a. 

Hatfeld v. d. 44. v. 8. 51 b. 

Hatton V. 7. pt ift. 4^. 

Hatyra v. 8. 89 a. 

Haver v.8. 81 a. 

Haverford v. 5. 28. 

Haverington v. 8. 66 b. 

Haughton v. ^. 31. 

the Haul v. 3. 18. 

Haul v. 6. 37. v. 7. pt ift. 

Haule Caftle v. 7. pt ift. 23. 

Hauley. ^^^Hanley. 

Ha^ley v. 8. 74 a, b. 75- b. 

E X. 

Haulcy's Haul v. 3. 28. 
Haulle V. i. 29. ▼• a. ]a 

V. 4. pt ift. 48. 
Hawle. ^e^DelaSale. 
Hawley v. 2, 29. 
Haultewefell v. /• pt ift. 74 
Haulfton. See Howton. 
Haulton v. 7. pt ift. 40. 
Hawarde \.\» pt ift. id. v.<, 

Hawbercon v.<f. la. 

Hay V. 4. pto^, lyy b. 

The Hay v. y. 7a. 

lAtf VII. Hayes v.7. p« it. 37, 

Hayder v. i. 29. 

Hayford v. i. ii. 

Hayle fl. v. 3. 4, y. 

Hayles v.7, pt !«. 13. 

Hayles Abbaye v. y. a. 

Hayling v. 3. 70. 

Hay mo, Erie of Glocefte^ 

v.4.pci^ 7?, 7^- 
Haynton v. 7. pt ift. yi. 
Hayton v. r. 49. 
Hciduir. ^^e Hackluit. 
Heathfeld v.i. 39, 40. 
Hecforth v. 4. ptift. 19. 
Hedda v. 3. 62. 
Hcddon v. i. <f8. 
Hedington v. 4. pt ift. 41^ 

42. v.7. pt2d. 67 b. 
Hedle V. 7. pt lA. 7I, 
Hegannow v. 5. 48* 
Hegannoye Caftel v. f . yo, 
Hemes v. 3. 32. 
Heiwood,*r Heyford, Bridge 

v. 4. pcad, 191 b. 
Heldercar v. 7. pt ift. 77. 
Hel Ketelles v. 6. 24. 
Helegh v. i. 48. 
Helena (Johannes de S. ) 

v.7. pt^d, tfy a. 
Helenes (St.) Chapellc v.i, 

Helenesford v.i. 48. 
Heling, five Eling v. 3-' lo. 

I N D 

Helke v. 8^ ^oa. 
Heljast See Haileftoun, 
Hellindon v. 4. p« i^. 191 b. 
Hell-Gillc V.8. 66%. 
Helmelege V. 7. pt ift. 14. 
Hely v.i. 45. v.y. p£ i^. ^(J. 
Hemely v. 7. i3(J A. 
Hemingburge v. i. 58. 
HemiokCallel v. d, 14. 
Hemmefwclle v.4. p« i^. 19, 
Hempftede v. 6. 58. 
Henbyri v. 7. pt !». 4^, 
Henege v.i. gtf . v.7. pt i*. 5"!. 
Henley v. a. 25'. v. 4, p« 2<*. 

1(^7 b. i58a, b. v.7. pti^. 

5, 26. pt 2<l. 62, a. 
Hene Dinas v. 5', 40. 
Hene Wy v. 5. 70. 
Henecaftelle v. 4. ptjft. ({7. 
Hengham v.4. pt i*. 44. 
Henricus v. 8« 85: a. 
Henricus dux de Warwik 

V.5. 83. 
Henricus ep. Wint. v. 8. 

97 b. 100 a. 
Henricus Heremira v.8. 8ya, 
Henricus pont. Rom. v. 8. 

Henry D. of Lancafter v. i. 

H[enry Earl of Lancafter 

V. I. 17. 
Henry I. v. i. (J8. v. a. 3, 

18, 24, 25, 38, 53. v. 4. 

pt2<J. 177 b. v.(J. 72. v.8. 

113 b. 
Henry II. v. 6, 25, 34* v. 8. 

81 b. 
Henry III. v. %. Sy. v. 7. 

140 A. V. 8. j6 a. 
Henry IV. v. i. 8y, 8<$, 91. 

V. 6. 7. 
Henry V. v,i. 5', 86. v.6. 34. 
Henry VI. v. i. 12,20,85:, 

8((, 114, Z19, 120. V.2. 8, 

9. v«4.pcift. I. V, f. 74. 

E X. 

v. 6. 83. 
Henry VII. v.i. 84. v. 2. 4, 

7,9, iy,do. V.3. 14, ay, 

29, 81. V. 4. pt ift. 19. p' 

2d. 188 a. V. y. 81. V. (f- 

27, 51. V. 8. 73 a. 
Henry VIII. v.2. 9, ddt v.3. 

Henry {Ihamas) v. 3, 88. 
Henton v. 2. 34. v. 6* la- 

See George. 
Hepworth v. i. 41. 
Heraldus v. 4. pt2<J. 174 a< 
Herberth. See Narbarthe. 
Herbertus v. 8. 93 a. 
Herbotelle v. y. 101. 
Herchinfeld, or Erchenfeld 

v. y. 9. 
Herdwik v. 4. pt 2^. 16% a. 
Herebert v. 4. pt ift. 61, (^3, 

^4. v. y. y, 6^. V. d. 30, 


Herebertus comes v. 3. 35*. 

Hereford v. 4, pt 2^. 173 b. 
174 a, b. 17^ a, b. i8y a. 
v. y. 9, dd. A Priory there 

Hereford v. 8. 7(J b. 77 a,b. 
78 a, b. 79 a, D. 84 a. 86 a. 
Nomina epiicoporum He- 
reford %6 b. Falatia epif- 
copi Hereford 87 a. No- 
mina monafter. Herefor- 
den. Dioec. 90 a. Limites 
Dioec. Heref, stid. 

Herefordfhire. Abbays there 
v. y. 10. An account of 
feveral Particulars relating 
to the Defcription of this 
County V. 7. 149 A. 

Hereman v. 6. 15. 

Herefwida v.8. 88. 

H^reuard v. 6> 48. 

Hering v. 6. 5^3. 

Herlwipus v. 8. 93 b. 

Hcroi^ V.I. ly. V. 2. 9. v.(f. 



jS I N D 

tf, lo.tfi. V.7. 137, 144 A, 
Herperby v. i. 7f. 
Hercey v. a. (f8. v. 3. 93. 
Herthil v. i. 49. 
Herrilpole v. 7. pt i^. tfj. 

V. 8. 5:3 b. 
Hertland v. i. d8, 73. v. 3. 


Hertlebury v. 4. pt id. 171 b. 

Hethorpe v. a. 34. 
Hexgreve v. 5. 93. 
Hexham v. 7. p^ i*. 75", 77. 
Heydun v. 4. i)* i^. 15'. 
Heyford. ^^f Heiwood. 
Heyle R. v. 3. 7. 
Heyles v. 3. 7. 
Heylfton v. 7. iioA. 
Heywood v. 4. p^a^. 188 a. 

189 a. 
Hiatte v. 6. 77. 
Hichin v. 2. 78, 79. 
Hichin Stok v. 3. 73- 
Higdeti V, I, 47. 
Higdenbrooke v. 7. pt i*. (?• 
Highbridgc v. 3. 91. 
Higheham v. ^. 28. 
Higheham-Fcrrars v. i. x, 

7, 116. 
Hyham Ferres v. y. 94. 
Higbeworch v. 2. 21. 
Hirarie (S.) v, 3. y. 
HiUriu5 Epifc. v. 3. tfi. 
Hilborow. See iEilborow. 
Hilda (S.) V. 8. 8^ a. 88 b. 
Hildelicha v. 8. 97 a. 
Hill V.4, pt 2^. 181 b. 
HUlCaftle v,8. 84 a. 
Hille V. 5. 2^. V.4. p« ift. 19. 
Hillebyri v. y. 54. 
Hillyngdoii V. 8. 112 a. 
Hilton V. 3- 30. V. 4. pc ift. 

17. V, 8. ^oz. 
Hmchingbroke v. i. i. 
Hinderskelle v. i. (^3, 73. 
Hiaionich [rwrf Hivionich] 

¥• 5. 41. 

E X. 

Hinkclejr v. i; a^ 

Hinkefcy Fery v. 7. p^ ti 

6% a. 
Hinxcy v. 2. xr. 
Hinmar v. 8« %"% a* 
HirkR. v. ^ 83. 
Hirwen Urgan v. 4. p« i*. 

Hithe !!• V. 7. 141 A. 
Hocnorton v. 7. p« x<*. ^3 b. 
Hodeney R. v. y. ^7. v, 7. 

pt ift. 27. 
Hodfak V. i. 106^ 
Hodlefton v. 4. p^a^. 170 h» 
Hodnec v. 4. pt %^. iSi b. 
Hoele V. 7. 5(f. 
Hogan V. 5'. 2(f. 
Hoke Park v. 3. 45". 
Hooke-Parke v. (f. 13. 
Hokftow Foreft v. 4. p« i^. 

Hoiand v. 4. p« i*. 38. v. 6* 

34. V.7. jptift. II. 1^,47. 

Market Townes there 49. 
Hoiand Priory v.y. p« i^-yy. 
Holland v. i. 29* 
Holbeche v, 5. 39. 
Holcot (Robernis) v. 3. 6i. 
Holcrofre v. y. 83* 
Holcum V. 2. II. 
Holder nes v. i. 69* 
Holgate V.7. p«ift. 33, 
Holman v. 2. (fy. 
Holm annus v. 3. 91. 
Holme V. 3. 47, ^x. 
Holme Caftel v. 6. 96. 
Holme Cultrayne v. 7. p< i*» 

Tie Holt V. 5. 34, ^3. 
Homerfliam. ^ee Hagmoa- 

Hompton v. 8* 84 b. 
Honddye v. ^. 70. 
Honington v. 3. ^6. 
Honiton v. 3. 39, 40.' 
Honorius v. i. ^6 b* 8; a. 
100 a* 


100 a. 
Hope, alias Quene Hope 

V.5. 38. 
Hopton V. 4. pt ift. 19, 41. 
Hopton Corbet v. 7. pe !*• 

Hopwais V.4. pt Id. 189 a. 
Horeham Haule v. 4. pu^. 

Horefey v. 6, 21, ^-a, 54. 

V. 7. p« 2<J. 79 b. 
Horfey v. 2. 50. v. 3. 91. 

V. 7. pt2<'. 80 a. 
Horefton v. 7. p« i^. 44. 
Horcs-Toun v. 2. dj. 
Horeftan v. 3. 94. 
Horethorn v. 2. 50. 
Horman v. 7. p«2<*. ^3 b. 
Home v. 4. pK I*. 5. v. tf« 

18. V. 7. p«2d. 63 b. 
Horneby v. y. 114. v- 8. 

5:4 b. ^6 a. 
Home Caftelle 66. v.7. 

pt I ft. yo. 
Horner y* 7. pt 2<'. 78 z* 
Hornefey v. i. 57, <J8. 
Horfeley v. 7. p« i^. ly. 
Horcon v.2* 30. 31, 71. v.3. 

56. V.4. p«2a. 172a. V.7. 

pC2J. 72 a. v. 8. 75 b. 
Horwoodde v. (f. 7^. 
Holier v. 4. pt2<*. 179 a. 
HofpitaJs &c. infeveral Parts 

ofEngland v. 7. 145 A. 
Hoveden. Jff Houghdeo, 
Hoveden-{hire. See Hough- 

Houby ifr- 
Houghdea, cr Hovedcn v. i. 

Houghdcn-ftiire, tfr Hove- 
" den-fhirc v* t. 57. 
How V. I. 2. V. 4. pt ift. 13- 
'Howard v. 6. 46^ ^6. 
Howwike V. 7. pt i*. 7^. 
Hubba V.8. 80 a. 94 b. 97 a. 

Hubcrtus V. 3. (fy- 
Hubcrtus arch. Cant. v. 8. 

97 b. 
Hubley v. 7. pt 2<*. 7^ a. 
Hudde (Robyn) v. 5". 91. 
Hudde's (Robin) Bay v. i. 

57, 6i. 
Hudelftaa v, 8. 75 b. 
Hugford, See Hungford, 
Hugforde v. 4, pt iK t6^ a. 
Hughe Bp. of Bath v. 2. 40. 
Hughcgurvay v^y. 41* ^ 
Hugo V. 8, 85- a. 
Hugo comes Ceftr. v»8< 93 b. 
Hugo dux V. (J. 81. 
Hugo ep. Line. v. 8. 78 a. 
Hugo (h.) V, 8. 49 a. 
Huhekaihach v. 4. pt ift. 57. 
Hul V.6. 1 01. 
Hulle V. 1. 68, 69, 70. 
Humframville v. 5. 102, io(f. 
Humfrevill v. 8. 52 a. 
Humfrede v. (J. 13. 
Humfridus Dux Gloceftriae 

V. y. 100. V. tf. 28. 
Hundefgacc v. i. 47. 
Hundtrflane v. i. 123. 
Hundcflawe v. 2, I. 
Hungarforde v.7. fiz^.6^b. 
Hungrefordj ^r Hungreforde 

V. I. 17. V. 2. 23, 30, 32, 

33» 47, 7i- V. 3. 63, 64, 

84. y.6. 5:3,77. v.7. pc 

2d. 76 a. 
Hungate v.(f. 17. 
Hungford, cr Hugford v. i. 

73 a. 
Hunt, ^rHunte v. 4. ptift. 

17, 44; 

Huincndua v. 2. 2. 
Huntendune (Lord) v. 3. 95*. 
Huntendunftiir v. i. 6. v.4. 

pt ift. 48. The limes of 

it iM. & 49. 
Huntingdon v. ^. 3, 92. 
Huntingdon (Earl of) v.i.arr 



40 I N D 

Huntingdune v. 4. p^ i^. 49. 
Huntingfeldc v. 6. ^9* 
Hurbertoun. See Harburne. 
Hurley v. a. 5". v. 7. p« i<*. 

Hurfley v. ?. 74. 
Hurfte V. 3. 78, 79. 
Hufce V. 3. 84. 
HufeR. V. I. 118. 
Hufe, or Hufcy (Lord) v. 7. 

pt I ft. 48, 49* 
Hufey V. 1. 16, 30. v. 7. p« 

ad. 7a a. 
Hufec V. a, 33. 
Huten V. i. 77. 
Huttun V. 7. p« 1*. 78.^ 
Huthome v. i. f i* 
Huttoft V. 3. 77. 
Hyghhed Caftel v. 7. p« i^. 


la V. 31 7. 

Jafper D. of Bedford v. 4. pt 

ad. 170 a. 
Icanno v. i. 33. 
Idille V. I, 40. 
les (S.) V. 7. 7, 8. 
Ikeford Bridge v. 7. pt i*. 7. 
Ikelington Priory v. (f. 43. 
Ilcbefter v. 6. 54. 
Dcheftre v. 2. 50, yi^ 
Ilminftre v. a. ^ri* 
Inegelramys v. i. 94. 
Ingelfeld v. 4. pt i*. 3. 
Ingresby v. i. aa. 
Ingreyne v. 7. 130 A. 
Inguare V.8. 80 a. 94 b. 97 a. 
Inifcaw V. 3. 6» 
Inifchawe v. 7. 118 A. 
Inis Mirach v. 5. 50. 
Inifpir v. y. 26. 
Inifpriuen v. 7. izo A. 
Inis Sidwale v. y. 50. 
Inkepenne v. 3. 70. 

E X. 

Innocentlus 3.Ro. pent. yX 

101 a. 
Inon V. 4. pt I ft. 7<f. 
Inon, Baynon, or Baynam 

v. 6. 17, 
Joanna comiciiTa Gloc< v. 8. 

98 a. 

Joannes rex v. y. ii A. 
ohannesrex v.8. 97b. 113a. 
John (King) v. 1. 104. v. j. 
a7, a9. v. 6. 84^ 9?, 9^j 
98. V. 7. pt IK. la. 

Jocelinus Ep. Sar. v. 3. 6^. 
ocelinus Ep. Well. v. 7. 89. 
Johannes Romanus arcniep. 

Ebor. V. 8. 56 a. 
Johannes (S.) archiep. Ebor. 
v.8. 5(fb. 

iohel of Totenes v. g. j^. 
ohn Bp. of Exeter v. 3. 32. 
ohn Earl of Somerfet v. 3. 
jy. John Duke of Somer- 
fet iiid. 
John of Gaunt v. 3. $'4. 
ohn of St. Helens v. 7. pt 

ift. 14. 
John ot London v. a. 77. 

V. 3. I. 
John Prior of Norbury v. 4. 

ptxd. 190 b. 
John of Tours, Bp. of Bath 

V. a. 38^ 39, 41. 
John Treafurer of the Cathe- 
dral Church of Exeter v, 3. 

?% 33- 
John^s (St.) Bridge r. x. 11. 

V. 3. ai. 
John uab Madok uab Poel 

V.J. 48. 
John Wen uab Meridith v.?* 

Jolepe V. 4. pt ad. igy a. 
Jorvalis monafterium v. 8. 

67 a. 
Joyuns Card Caftle v. 8. 

107 a. 


I N D 

nd V. 7. ptift. jif. 

:efter v. y. 99. 

lam {lege Irham) v. i. 

d V, I. 109. 
1 R. v.y. 83. 
1. See Byri. 
•vay V. 5. 41. 
Jroke V. 5. 97. 
or Ufe, R. V. 7. pt ift. 

'^' < 
;p V. I. 6. 

pe V. 6. ^. 

► V. 4. p^id. 191 a. 

V. a. a^. V. y. (J4. v. 7. 

ift. 4. 

ihac V. 4. ptjft. 5'7. 
ton V. 3. ?!• 
L V. 4 pt ift. 5:5. 
de V. 4. pt ift. 5(J. 
a Brigancum v. i. loa* 

y.%. 50, 51, 57. V.?. 91. 

7. pt ad. 80 a. 

R. V. if. I?. Bridges on 

ton V. 3. 91. 

Bridge v. 3. 9^. 
gho (Prioratus de) v. 3. 
I. • ^ 

V. 5. 25. 

•Caftle V.4. ptad. 1(^9 a. 
Chirch v. 3. 69. 
rs V. 2. 44. 
tte (S.) V. 3. 18. 
ine Bridge v. 3. ^. 
LIS Medices v. 8. iii a. 
, 4f//W Juftini (S.) V. 7. 
18 A. 

e (S.) Creke v. 3. 12. 
ine Lord of Glamorgan- 
lire V. 4. pt Ift. j6. 
inianus Martyr v.8. 85 a. 
eny v. 3. 91. 
erney v. i. 5'!. 
?lege V. 6. 48. 
us V. 8. i^ a, 
^oL 9. 

E X. 


Kaedrain v. 4^ pt i*. ?y, 57. 
Kaine Place v. 3. ii. 
Kair Kinnen (Jaftell v. 8. 

107 a. 
Katerik, JPi;^ Ketcrik v. y. 

113, 116. 
Kayach v. 4* pt i^. 51. 
Keina (S.) v.8. 8yb. 
Keinelme Bp. of Hereford 

V. 4. ptid. 174 b. 
Kellefthorp, or Skclfthorp 

V. 7. pt ift, yi. 
Kelfton V. 7. pt a**. 67 b. 
Kemmeis v. 4. pt ift. 53. 
Kemmer v. y. 42. 
Kempe v. <f. a, 3. 
Kehchefter v. 5. 66. 
Kendale v. 3. 3, 18. v. f . 

Kendale, or Kirby Kendale 

V. 7. pt ift. (Ji. 
Kenelme v. 8. 108 b. 
Kenelmus v. 4. pt zd, itfp b; 
Kenelphus v. 4. pt id. 1619 b. 
Kenulphus v. 6. 80. 
Kene Water v. id. 177 

a, b. 
Kenelworthe y.6. 73. 
Kenerel v. 3. j. 
Kenerine, vel Keverine. See 

Kenet R. v. a. 4. v. 7. pt ad. 

66 a. 
Kenfik v. 8. 83 a. 
KenfikeR. v.4. Dt ift. 67. 
Keninghaule v. 6. 64. 
Kenlet v. 7. pt ift. a8. 
Kenmore v. 7. pt ift. 6i. 
Kenne v. 7. ptad. 76 a. 
Kennenn R. v,5'. 13. 
Kenon v. 4.ptift. 59. 
Kenor. See Cenor. 
Kenredus K. of the Merchcs 

v.4. ptad. i(J8b. 
^ *^ t F Kenfan 


I NT D E X* 

Kenfan Broke ^. 4. p^ i^^ 61. 

Bridges on it y^> 
Kenftiani v. 7. p« ift. 33. 
Kent (Colleges there W.(f. i. 
I^ept (^mund £. bt) v. 4. 

pt ad. ij6 b. 

Kiley v. 7. pt ift. 71. 
Kiligrew v. 3. 3, 6, 10. 
Killarby v. f. 114. 
Killingworth v. 4. pt i*'. 

191 a. V. 7. pt iP. a(J. 
Kilmington Bridge v. j. 4^. 

Kent, ti^e JExcellencie^ of if Kilpek v. 5, 9, v. 8. 83 b. 

v. 7. 135 A 

85- a. 87 a. 

Kent (the faire Maf^^ of) Kilringtop, aliof Colebrol^e 

V. 7. pt ift. 19. 
Kent R. v. 7. pt ift. 5:9, (Ji. 

Kenton v. 3. 3J. 
Kefljuyn, ^ Yrhf 


h^ndwr v. jr* 

5. 6%. 

V.6. 4£. 
Kimoltoun v. i. i, 
Kineburge v. 4, p'ad. 171b. 

V. 8. 75 a. 
Kinegilms v. 8. 94 a, 
Ki^ems^rch. ^^e iCiii^niarth. 
Kinemarth^ or KioemaTch 

Kmewaldus v. 3. 72. 

Kereg thety^us^n^ y. 

Ken R. v.^, 8f. 

Kefjr V. 7. ptift. 29. 

Kenkennen v. 5. az. 

Keften , ^Jarket Townei King v. a. 39, v. '3. 87,88. 

Kingesbridg v. 3. 30. 

Kingefland y.4. pt ad. 177 a. 
178 a. 

Kinge's Sutton v. 4. pt i**. 
162 b. 

Kingefthorpe v. !• 12. 

Kingefton v. 2. 55'. v. 3. ff, 
V. 6* 47. 

Kingeftoa-Haul v. 3. ^4. 

Kingefton apon Hulle v. i. 

5^> 13, r<^- 

there y- 7* P^ ??• 47 
Kefwike v. 7. pt'ift. 71. 
Ketd^of • Fidf Gulielmus. 
Ketenk. ^^« l^ater:|k. 
Keteripg y.i. 12. v. y. 94* 
Ketton V.6. 30. 
Keyen GlaJTe v. 4. pt ift. 59, 
iCeven Gumgil v. 4. pt ift. 

Keven On v.4, pt xft. ytf, 57. 
Keventles v. 6, 70. 

Keverines (S.) v. 3. 9. ^^if Kingefton apon Tamifc v. i. 

Keuen De v. y. 35. 
Keuenlle§ y. 7. pt itt. 27. 
Keueryn (S.) v. 7. 120 A 
Kexby v. i. 49 

Kinges Were v. 3. 30. 
Kingefwood v, 6. 47 j6. 
Kinggett Southton v.», 88 a. 
Kinsbyri y. 7. pt i&. 37. 

Kib worth v. 4. pt ift. ftf. Kirkby v. 7. pt ift. 61. 

Gentilmen there Md. 
Kiddermifter ¥,4. pt24. 1^9 

b. 18.2 b. V, 7. pti-ft. 23. 
Kidlington v. 2. 20.' 
Kidowei\ jft. 29. 
Kidwely, Gachweli, of Ca4- 

wcli V. 5. 12, 24. 
Kight (Bimop v. 7. pt ift. 71. 
Kikellus v. 8. 52 b. 

Kirkby Kendale. ^e^ Ken- 

Kirkby Nialefart v. i. 9(f^ 

Kirkby Wisk v. i. 75. 

Kirkeby v. 6. 58. 

Kyrkeby v.<. 84, 03. 

KirkeOfwaldCaftel ^ 
jft. 72. 

Kirkham v.^. 6^63^ lojj logj, 

V.7. pt 

I N D 

Kirron v. 5. 59. v. 6. 60. 
Ki/Iingtott V. ?. 9^. 
Kitfon V. 5.- 85. V. 7. p« I*. 

Kitfun r. (f. ^4. 
Kiwartun v. 3, d. 
Knap V. 3. 89!. 
Knappey vj 6» 7j6, 
Knaresburgh. See Gnares- 

Knevec V46. 37. 5!^ Dune- 
Knife R. v, 5:, x8. 
Knighft V. X. 41. t.j. 87. 

V. 5'. 33« ^. 7i 14* A. 
Knightelc Poles v. 1. 11. 
Knighdey V.6. 4^. 
Kni^ton V. 4. pti<J. 179 b. 

180 a. V. y. 3. 
Knightton, ^ Trebudo y. 7. 

pt ift. 17. 
Knoille v. (J. 5'a. 
Knoking Caftel v. 7. p« i*. 

Knolles v. i. 43. y.6* 74. 

V. 7. pt ift. 43. pt a4. (fxa. 
Knollelley v. 7. pt i*. jtf. 
Knottesforde v. 7. p* i4. 40. 
Koker. ^^^ Goker. 
Kydy. See Come. 
Kylligriil v. 3- 8. 
Kylwarbye v. 8. 78 1. 
Kyme v.i. 34. v.7. p«rft. 48. 
Kyhgg SoUchtown y.j.j^i^. 


Kyngs Wood Foreft y* 7. 
pt%d. (jga. 71 b. 

La. ^^f Lan; 
La Ville (Waltems de) y. 4. 
pc ift. 47. 

Lacelles. See Lafcelles. 
Lacey, Lacy, ^rLacye y.i. 
^4j 34s 4?- V. 3. jx, 37. 

E X. 

V. 4. p' I*. I* p* x^. 71 b. 

172 a. 174 a. y. 5:. ^9. 

v.7. p«ift. ly. V. 8. 7^ a. 

77 a. 79 b. 89 a. 109 b. 
Lacharne, er Talc Laiigbamc 

V. ^. 21. 
Lacock V.2. 29. 
Laden. 51?^ Loden. 
Lady. Oar L^ in the Park 

V. 3. 19. 
Laine v. 3. i. 
Lakeh y. f . 31. 
Lambertus v. 8. icd b. 
Lamburne, LambouVne, «f 

Lanbume v. 7. pt 2<J. 6^ b. 

80 a. 
Lamelin v. 3. 18.- 
Lamle v. 7. p^ i^. 77. 
LcDAporte v. 2. 53. 
Lan, vel La, Moran Creke 

v. 3. 12. 
Lanamdeueri Caftel v.5'.22. 
Lanante v. 3. 7. 
Lancaller, wLancaftre v;i. 

85'j 119. V. 5'. 8j. V. 7. pt 

ift. 61, 6%. 
Lancafter CD. of) v. 6. 47. 
Lancaftre (Erie of) v. 4. p* 

ift. 38. 
Lancafterfhire. See Dales, 

& V. 7. pt iff, ^(f. 
Landaf v. 4. pt ift. ^(f, 58. 
Landevodug v. 4. pt i^. fc, 
Landewi breui v.7. pt ift. 31. 
Lanercoft v. 7. pt ift. 71. 
Laofrance Arcnbilhop of 

Cant. v. 7, 141 A. 
Lanfrancus v* 8. 94 b. 96 a, 
Langdale v. i. 49. 
Langdon y.'3. 3. 
Langdune v. 7. 1-27 A. 
Langeley v. i. 91, 935 '^'» 

v.(f. 88,99. V. 8..51 b. 
Lanfeete v. 8. 53 b. 
Langer v. y. ^3^ 
Langecofte v. 6^ 34. 

F 2 Laogecou 


4+ I N D 

L^ngetOQ v.a. 49. 
LftDghtoon v.<(. }. 
Langton v.3. 8j. v. 4, p« x<*. 
1S7 b. 1S8 b. V. 5. 83. 

Langton (Biihop) v. 7. p« i*. 

Langtoun v. i. 01 • 
Langeville v. 4. pt i^. 40. 

v.^r. i8. 
Laogfeld v. i. lo. 
Langfclde Dale v. 7. p« i*. 

Langford. ^ff Longeforde. 
Langforde v.^r- 83. 
Langland v. 4. pt ift. yo. 
Lanricy v. 7. pt i^. tf g b. 
Lanheron v. 3. i. 
Lanhodeny v. 7. pt ift. 27. 
Lankiby. See Trcrgreg. 
Lanlithan 7.4. pt ift. 69, 
Lanneden v. y. 70. 
Lannhadein v. 5:. %i, 
LanRayhayder v. 5. 57. 
Lanftoun v. i, (fp, 70, 71. 
Launfton v. 3. 19, 11, 94. 
Launfton, orLaftephan, or 

Duncuct V. 7. 124 A. 
Lanfluphandun v. 3. 94. 
Lanteglife v. 3. 18. 
Lanternham v. 5'. 6. 
Lanthony Priory v. 4. pt ifl. 

171 a. 173 a. 
Lantian v. 3. 16. 
Lancriflent v. 4. pt ift. 60. 
Lantwardine v.4. pti<J. 179 b. 
Lanyhome v. 3. 11. 
Lan Vair v. 5'* j. 
Lafcclles, or Lacelles v. i. 
, IhT)^ V. 5:. ii(J. 
Lafcy V. 3. 5'4. 
Latham v. 6. 37. v. 7. pt ift, 

Latimer v. i. (J4, 91, 117. 
v.4. pti<i. l%6^. y.6. y?. 
V.8. 54b. 71b. 73a. iiaa. 

E X. 

Lannde r. f . 99, 94. 

Laundon v. 7. p^ i*. ^. 

Ltunford v. 7. p^ i*. 50. 

Laurence V. 7. ]a7A. 

Laurence (St.) v. a. 77. v. jl 

Lay R. v.4^ p« i*. ^4. No- 
table Brid^ 00 ic 74. 

Layton v. i. Ji6m 

Le, AT Lee v. g. 24. v.4. pt 
2<l. i7f b. ¥• y. ?!• v.T- 

Le Forcft v. i. m. 
Lean Minfter v* o. (^9. 
Lecheford. See Lacheford. 
Lechelade v* x. ax. 
Ledbyri v. 8. 87 a. 
Ledewik Broke ▼•7. p^A 

Ledis V.7* p«itt. 5:4. 

Leedes v. 6. ^. 

Legeolium v. i. 42. 

Leghe v. i. 29. 

Leicefter v.4. ptz<i. 191 a. 

Leircefter. See Leyrcefter. 

Leigh V. 4. pt 2<*. rpi b. 

Leighton v. i. 5. v. 5. 30. 

Lekenfeld v. i. 49, 50. 

Lekne v. 8. j^ a. 

Leland, ^r Lelande v. 5:. 8j. 
A Note about the time of 
his writing feme Part of 
his Itinerary v.7. pt ift. ^9. 

Lelanddiire v. 5. 83. Market 
Townes there v. 7. pt ift. 

Leyland v.7. pt ift. yif. v. 8. 

70 b. 
Leman v. 3. 29. 
Leme R. v.4. ptid, j^i a. 

v.7. pt ift, xtf. 
Lemmg v. y* "T* 
Lemington v. (^. 5^3. 
Limington v. a. yo, ya. v.3. 

Lemfter. ^^f Leominfter. 

I N D 

[hall, or Leonfiiall v. 4. 
ad. 175 b. 
:alle v. 8. 107 b. 
:hall V. 4. p«i<J. 176 b. 

7 a. 

ihaul V. a. 8. 
•garye V. 4. jptxd. 174 b. 
Tic V. 3. ^6* 37. 
rick £. of Merches v. 4. 
id. 174 b. 190 b. 
-ftanus , five Leoftanus 
8. 8ib. 

ninfter, w^Lemfter v.4. 
id, 175 b. 177 a, b. 

8 a. 

imynftre v. y. 10. 

lards (St.) v. i. n, iii. 

ifhall. See Lenlhall. 

rerina regina v. 8. 87 b. 

vin V.J. 71. 

;en v. 3. 17. 

QC V. 3. 17. 

es Abbay v. 6. i±, 

jwich V. 7. pt ift. 43. 

• Letcwich, 

ange v. 7. pt i^. 7, 8, 


lege, or Letelegh v. 3. 


lis V. 3. 6. 

ae Poole. See Levine 

;n y^7. pt ift. 5:9- 


ae Prisklo, aUas Levine 
ole V. 3. II. 
:enor 93. 
ton V. d. loi. 
ins V. <f. 71. 
inus (S.) V. 3. 37. 
/s v.4.ptift. 5r4,^r7• 
^urne V. y. Sy. V. 8. 

cefter v. i. ly, itf, 113. 
7. pc I*. 41. 
ceftre v. y. 8i. 
cefterfliire, Forefts and 

E X. 

Parks in it v. i." ii. 
Liate y.6. 5:3. 
Libot Wood v. 4. p« !«*• 

180 a. 

Lichet V. 3. yi, 97. 
Lichfeild v. 4. p«id. 187 U 

188 a, b. 189 a. 191 a. 

y. 7. p« ift. 3^. 
Lichfeild (Clement) v. 4. pt 

id. id8 b. 
Liddon Bridge v. 7. pt i<*. 

79 a. 
Lideforde Bridge v. i. 45. 
Lidford V. 3. 94. 
Lides (St.j Ifle v. 3. 6. 
Lidiate Mofle v. y. 83. 
Lidwik v. 4. pt id. 179 b. 
Lidyard v. 3. 89. 
Ligan v. 6. 10. 
Lightfotc V.3. 85*. 
Lightfler v. 3. 77. v. (f. 17. 
Lilford v. I. (5. 
Lillefdon v. 3. 89. 
LillefhuU. See Lincel. 
LilleihuU Priory v. 4. pt id. 

181 a. 
Lilleworth v. 3. yi, 53. 
Lime V. 3- 43. 
Limene fl. v. 7. 134 A, 
Limftre v. i. 3. 
Linacre v. 6* y. 

Lincel, or Lillefliull v. 7. pt 

ift. 33, 
Linche v. 6. 18. 
Lincoln v.i. n, 33, 34. v.i. 

7. v.7. pt ift, 48. 


Lincoln (Bp. of)' v. i. ay. 
Lincoln, epifcoporum no- 

mina a conaueitu v. 8. 48 

a, b. Sepultures at Lin- 

colne 4^ a, b. 
LincolnOure , Rivers and 

Brokes there v. 7. pt ift. 

yi. An account of fome 

Farts of this County ao3, 

104 A. 


4tf I N D 

Liacoc-Wood v. 4. p« i^. 

I7J b. 
Lifidbroke v.4.p«i^. 17^2. 

177 b. 
LindeTev v.7.p^ift. 51- 
LindisR. v. i. 31. 
Line R. v. i. iio^ iii, if}* 
Liner v* 3. ao,af» 
Linetoa v. i. 110. 
Lingefeld v. 6. 6%. 
Linne v. i. 109* 
Linne duy v. y. 77. 
Linnygorres v. y. 77. 
Linfcy v. 8. no a. 
Lirmouthe v. 6. 93. 
Lifcard v. j. 19. 
Lifle V.;. 88. v.4. p< i^. 40. 

p« ^d. 189 a. 190 a. v. 6. 

50,5:1,77- v.7.|>tift. ly, 

77. p'ld. 7xb. 76 a. 
Litdtone v. 8. 113 a. 
Lithe V. 7. pt lA. 69, 
Litlcbyri v. 7. pt i*. yi. 

204 A. 
Littlcborough v. i. 35*. 
Liverpoolc, 5^? Lyrpoole, 
LLan Aelhairen v. 5:. 49. 
LLatiameuri v. 5. 7?. 
LLanandrc. See Preftcine. 
LLanarmon v. ^. 35. 
LLancaroiian v. 4. p' i^- (f^. 
LLanClere v. 5. 13. 
LLandewy breui v. y. jSj 

LLaodilavar v. 5. a?. 
LLandouh*; v. 4, p; rft. 6>9. 
LLan dynnan v. 5:. 80. 
LLanegwliifte v. ^. 35, 5^3, 
LLancinis v. 5. 5:7. 
1. .niicithJc V. ^. 24. 
LLan cngan Brcmng v. 5-. 

LLanfeth v. ?. 74. 
LLangincoire v.4. pf i^. 66. 
LLangors v. 5*. 6^. 
LLangoclan v. 5. 5^. 

E X. 

LLang:vrifc T. f. 78- 
LLinifiliS V. 7- p' A If 
LLinindelas v. ^. p«l*.ii 
LLaa limit v.4.p»A ^^ 
LLaniiiuel v. 4. p« i*. 55- 
LLan Kirik v- 5. 80. 
LLanlligao v, 7. p» i*. if 
LLannuatfueban v. f . 4p. 
LLanpcdcr v. 4. p« i^ <|i 

V. 5r. 70. 
LLan Rean v. f. 09. 
LLanrutlyt v. y. 79. 
LLinfantridc t. f. 79^ 
LLanfannaa v. 5'. 6%» 
LLanftufan v. 5. 2a^x;,i7 
LLintarnani v 5. ix^ 
LLanthonddye Priory T.f 

LLanvair Vadeleti v. c. fj- 
LLaniiais V, 4. pe i*. 6<. 
LLaouihenglc v. 4, p« I*, f i. 
LLanunda v, f* 19, 
LLan Ydlos v, ^. 80. 
Lie Cireig Coftlc v.9. Jo6h. 
LLcchwcddiHa v. y. 411. 
LLcDc V. If. 41, 49. 
LLesbroinuith v. 4. pi ift. 

LLergucnllean v. ^. 5*9. 
IXcs^yii Dyiiorwek v.5'.4i. 
LLeueny v.4. p^ift. ji. v.f. 

4?i ^7, ^3, ({9, 70. 
LLcuenny R, v.7. pt i«. 17. 
LLctioB broke v. 5-. 49, 
LLinn Creg^ choydon y. y. 

LLinn Gorlati v. ^. 77. 
LLinn Groa v. f. ^7. 
LLinngytion v. 5:.- 77. 
LLinniaet* v. ^. 77. 
LLinnllanabeder v. f. 77. 
LLinnyrythe v. 5*. 77. 
LLinpeder v. 5:. 75-. 
LLinridde v. y. jf. 
LLin Seuatham V. y. 69. 
LLin Tcggie v. y. 44. 


I N D 

n thedwarcbeo v. 5. 44. 

n Tyne v. 7. pt ift. 30. 

^Tyyev.y. 7(^,77. 

fl Veryddon Vaur v. y. 


n Veryddon Vehan y. y- 

a Wipge V. y. 77. 
t^y(:regnant v. f . 77. 
oynigin Velen v. y. 77. 
[I Yricjdg V. y. 77. 
line Prince of Wales 
4. ptad. 170 b, 
elin Prince pf Wales 

elen v. 4. pt ift. fo. 

dd V. y. 41. 

ydarth V. y. 1^8. 

ed y. f . 95. 

id Coite Foreft y, 4, pt 

lor R. y, 5. 24, ^y. 

en V. 2. 2. 

sn. cr Laden Brqke v. 7. 

20. 72 b. 

er V. 8. 69 b, 

Icyn V. 6 2$, 

lely V. |. 8g, Y. S, 51 b. 

^Qley Caftel y, 7, pt ift. 

leley (Lord) v- 5- la^. 

don V, 2. 25-. V. 3. 73. 

doQ gridge y. 7. p« 1^, 


don, a rude Sketch of it 

7- 130 A. 
g V. 2. 28, 30. 
g Foreft V.4. p« 2<i. x$oa. 
7. p« 2t^. 67 a. 
geforde , or Langford 
2. I. 

geU^d Y. 8. 4S b. 
g^fpe V. 3. 6^, <^. 
,ongo Campo v. d. 4?. 
gh Taw^ V. y. 70. 

E X. 
Loos. ThVll. Lms. AVhcc 

fo called v. y. 82. 
Loow V, >• 123 A. 
Lo Ppole V. 3. 8. 
Loreine v. 8. 8da. 
Lorcing v. 8. 77 b. 
Loring V. 6. 721 
Lorengo (Rob.) Bp. of Here- 
ford V. 4* pt2d. 174 b. 
Lofteph^q. See Launfton. 
Loftwitbiel, cr Loft Wy- 

thyel V. 3. i6y 19. v. 7. 

122 A. 
Lotharingus v. 8. 78 b. 
Lovain y. 8, yo a, 
Lqvebone v. 2. 74. v. 3. py. 
Lovel V. 3. 88. v. 6. 14, 47. 

V.7. pt ift. 9, 12,33. P*3L<1. 

^3 a, b. V. 8. 69 a. 109 b. 
Lovetoft. See Lovetote, 
Lovetote, or Lovetoft v. i. 

106. V. 5. 92. 
Louches y. 2. lo. 
Loughes v. 7. pt|ft. 8r. 
Loudres v. y. 12. 
Loughor V. 4. pc i/|. ^7, 70. 
Lounder v. 4. pt ift. 66. 
Loundes y. 4. pt i*. y6. 
Loures y. 3. 17. 
Loufe y. 6. 9. 
Loutho V. 7. pt i§, fo. 
Low V, 3, i8j 19. 
Low Creeke v. 3. 18. 
LowR. V. 7. ptill. 79. 
Lowde Water v. (J. 38. 
Lucas y. 7. pt 2^. 67 a* 
Lucy y. 4. pt ift, 50. pt x^. 

166 a, b. V. (f. 14. y. 7. pc 

ift. 66. V. 8. 50 b. 6^ a. 

^<J h.^ 74 b. 
Luddington v* i. 2f» y. 7* 

pt ift. 52* 
Ludebroke v. 7. p^r*. fi. 
LudevrauUes* Sse Ludewin.' 
Ludewin, alias Ludevaulles 

V. 3. 5. 



48 I N D 

Ludlo V. ^. 10. V. 7. pt ift. 

Ludlowe V. 4. p^ X". i7ir >>• 

178 b. 179 a, b. 180 a» 

Lucn Caftel v. 7. p* ift. 7v 
Lug R. Bridges on it v. 4. 

ptid. i7(Ja. 177 b. 
Lugge v.y. 3, 10. 
Luggerlhaull v. 7. pf !*• ix. 
Lughborow v. i. 10. 
Lugubalia v. 6. 34. What it 

(ignifies V. 7. p« i*. 70. 
Lulio ep, V. 8. 94 a. 
Lumeley (Lord) v. (J. 6%. 
Lundey v. 3. 93. v. ^. 75'. 
Lune Bridge v. 5. 85:* 
Lune R. v. 7, pt i*. (^r. 
Lunetoce v. 4. p< ift. 49. 
Luton V. 7. pt ift. I. 
Lutterell v* 2. 60, (^i, 63. 
Lutterworth v. i. xi. 
Luye R. v. d. 57. 
Lydde v. 7. 141 A. 
Lyfeld v. f. 92. 
Lyme, «//#f Belleanow v. 6. 

Lyme v. 7. 131 A. 
Lymme Hille, or Lyme v.7. 

141 A. 
Lyndiferne v. 8. ja b. 
Lynebrooke v. y. 10. 
Lynne v. 8. iii b, 
Lyrpole, wLiverpoole v.7. 

pt.ift. y(J. 
Lyfan v. 4. pt i^. (J8. 


Mabilia v. 2. 71. v. 3. 94. 
Mac William v. 8. 107 b. 
Maderfey v. i. 3d. 
Madocus V. ^. 39. 
Madok ( Cadwachelan ap. ) 

V. 5. 13. 
Magafon v. 6. 78. 

E X. 

Maeatesfetde, sL Magnns- 

fclde V. tf. y6» 
Magdalene Coll. Oxon. ^.4. 

p« ift. yo. V. 7. pt ift. II, 

12. ptx^J. (Jab. 
Magmiore v. 8. i6h. 
Maghen v. ±, pc ift. <i. 
Magiorius fS.) v. 8. 87 b. 
Magngota Filde v. 7. p< x^^. 

72 a. 
Magnusfelde. See Mantes- 

Mahenclif v. y. 78. 
Mahenthle v. 7. pc i^. 28. 
Maiden Bradely v. 4. pc i^. 

i8j a. 
Maiden Caftel v. 5^. 116. See 

Mayden Caftel. 
Maidenhed v.2.2. Sire May' 

Maidefton v. 6. 8, o. v. 7. 

116 J 1^6 A. ▼. 8i 79 a. 

Maidulphus v. 2. %6» 
Maiew v. 8. 70 b. i6 a. 
Mailgo Guinea v. 5. 50. 
Mainewering v.;. 30. 
Maaoring ¥.7. p* ift. gf, 43. 
Mainopir v. j. 2(J, 75. 
Maifcar Foreft v. y. 72. 
Makeney v. 2. 13. 
Makerel v. 6. gA» 
Maknant v. y. 70. 
Malcolinus rex Scottorum 1 

occif. 6c fepulc. v. 7. pc id. | 

<Ji a. 
Malein&Qtes v. 4. pt ift. 61 j 

Malery v. x. pc ift. 49. 
Malet, or Mallet v. 6. 30. 

V. 8. 81 b. 
Malmesbery (Gul.) v.8. 78 b. 
Malmesbyri v. 2. 2(J, 27, i8, 

d(f. V. 3. 93. V. 7. pt 2**. 

72 a. 
Malorie v. 8. 6i a, b. 


I N D 

; Malton V. I. 3i» tf?, ^4. 

V* 8. 50. 
h Male Walbere, or Matabrune 
-;. V. 5. I?. 

Malvern v. 7. pt ift. ay. 
t Malverne Hilles v. 4, pt a^. 
F 184 b. 

I Malverne, alias Yzrktx v. 4, 
r pt i<l. 171 a. V. 8. 75: b. 

Malvernia (Alduinus de) v.8. 
fl 89 a. 

Manchefter v. $. 82, 83. 
f Mancheftre v. 7. pt i^. 57. 
If Manclerk v. 8. dfb. 
.. Mandeville v. i. 2. v. 4. p^ 
ift. 19. V, d. 42, 84. v. 8* 
81 a. 

Maners v. i. 109. 
\ Maney v. 6. 23. 

Mangeant v.8. 7ya. 

Manifold, or Manifolfe, R. 
^ V. 7. pt I*. 4^. 
,. Manley v. 8. 61 a. 

Mannefton, ^rManfton v. 6. 

Manfton. ^f^ Mannefton. 

Mantelles v. i. 11. 

Mantravers v. 3. 4/^. 

Mapherald v. 8. 84. 

Maples Rode v. 3. 12. 

Mappenor v.8. 78 a. 

Marburge* See Marburre. 

Marburre, jhe Marburge v. 
4. ptad. 175* b. 

Marcelle v. 6. 52. 

Marcellinus (Ammianus) v.7. 
131 A. 

Marche v. I. 103. 

Marchinton y,6. 74, 

Mardeng v. y. 66. 

Mare 47. 

Marefcal v. 3. 32. v.(f. 70. 

Margaret Countefs of Rich- 
mond V. (f. 27. 31. 

Margaret ( Q^) Wife of 
Hen. VI, V. 7, pt x^, 32. 

E X* 

Margaret, Mother to K. 

Henry VII. v. i. 25, 31* 

V. 3. yy. 
Margareta Gul. regis Scotias 

filia V. 8. 6y h. 
Margareta regina ' Scoti« 

v.8. 93 a. 
Margaretes (S.) v. 7. 127 A. 
Margate v. 7. 137 A. 
Marhafdeythyon v. 7. 119 A. 
Marianus v. 8. 78 b. 
Marianus Scotus v. 6. 60. 
Mariburne v. 4. pt ad, 1^2 b.' 
Marig v. 8. ^6 b. 
Marik v. y. 115:. 
Marifco (Richardus de) v. 8. 


Markenfeld v. 8. 67 b. 6i b. 
Markefm v. 3. y. 
Markine v. 3. 5. 
Marlaw v. 2. y. 
Marlebyri v. 6. 75-. v. 7. pt 

2d. 66 a. 
Marleis v. y. 73, 74. 
Marmaduke v. i. 97. 
Marmion v. i. 99, 100. v.4. 

pt2d. 189 b. ^ 

Marmion ( Ld. ) v. y. ii4i 

Marnelle v. 7. pt 2d. 80 b. 
Marney v. 3. yi. v.d. 55. 
Marreys v. y. 28. 
Marfchintoun {a/. Marftoun) 

v. (f . 74. 
Marflial, or Marlhall v. 6. 

85'. v.8. 77a. 
Marske v. y. iiy. 
Marftoun. .J^^ Marfchintoun, 
Marteres v. i. a8. 
Martin, or Martine v, 3. 24. 

v.4. pt2d i7(Ja. 177b. 

V.6. Id. 
Martin Bridge v, 4. pt 2d.' 

191 a. 
Martine Caftel v. y. 28. 
Martines (StO Iflc v. 3. 6. 
t Cj Martine 




Martine Mcare v. 7. p> i^. 

Martiae Poole v. f. x. 
Martine's Priory (S. ) v. 5', 

Manon* v. i. ^y. 
Martyr Maur v. 4. pt i*. ^7. 
Martyr Tyduil, or TeduU 

V. 4. pt I*. 57. 
Marwood v. i. 93. 
Mary (St.) Ifle v. 3. 6. 
Marye (the Lady) v. 4. p< x'. 

18^ b. 
Maicnal v. 8. 79 a. 
Mafchefeld v. 7, pt i^. 73 a. 
Maiham v. 8. ^6 a. 
MafTeham v. i. 9(^. 
Maffey v. 7. pt ift. 43. 
Maflingberde v. 7. p« i*. ja. 
MafliDgham ( Richenis ae ) 

V. d. 3(f. 
Matabrune. See Male Wal- 

Mathew v. 4. p« i*. 58, (fo, 

(^3, 64. 
Matilde v. 2. ii. 
Matilde Emperefs v. (f. 40. 
Matilde, Queene of England 

V. 3. 74. 
Matildis v. 6. 82, 9(f» 
Matildis imp. v.8. 81 b. Ejus 

epitaphium 533. 
Matildis u^or GuU Conq. 

v.8. 67 a. 
Matravel Caftel v. 5. 13. 
Matraverfe v.d. 13, 
Matthern v. <. ^. 
Mauditus, w/Maws (S.) v.3. 

13, 46. 
Maugerius Nothus v. 8. 

iix a. 
MauUey v.i. 6^. 
Maungeant v. 4. p« 2^. 1 71 b. 
Maunlefelde, or Maunsfeld 

V, I. lod, no. V. 5. 97. 

V. 7. p« ift. 44. 

Maurdine v. 8. SS a^ 
Maurefine v. 4. ptx<L 184 b. 1 
Maurice v*($. fS. | 

Mauritius ep. Lond. y« 8. 

80 b. 97 a. 
Mawbam v. 6. )ra. 
Mawbanks v. 7. p« a^. 79 b. 
Mawdelyne v.x. 40. 
Mawnoun (S.) v. |. 9. 
Maws. 5^^^ Mauditus. 
Maxeye v. 7. m ift, 47. 
Mazwel Foreft v. 7, p* A 

Maxwel (Lord) v. 7. p« A 

Maxwelle v, 7. jpt ift. 40, 
Mayden Caftell v. 8* 70 a. 

See Maiden Caftel. 
Maydeneftan v. 8« 78X b« 
Maydenhed v. 8. 43 a. M 

Maydeftone y.6. %. 
Mayew v. 8. 77 b. ' 
Meaufe v. i. ^x. 
Medford, or Melford v.^l 

Medmenham v. a. y. 
Meele R. v. 4. pt a< 180 b« 
Mehcydd ¥.4. p«ift. 59, 
Meilcnbourn v. i. i. 
Melburne v.i. 14. 
Milbume v. 5. 91. v.j. pc 

2d. 80 a. 
Melcombe v. 64 54. 
Melennith v. y. 70. v. 7. p« 

I ft. 27. 
Melford. See Medford. 
Melianus v. 8. 85 b. 
Melicenta v. 8. 8d a* 
Mails, or Melles v. y. pt24* 

78 a. 
Melorus (S.) v. 8. 8f b. 
Melfaube v. 8. 59 b. 
Melton V. f . 93. 
Melum v.i* 8da. 
Melun V. 8* 78 a» 


I N D 

^ Mendepe r. 7. p« i< (J8 a. 
' Mendip-Hillcs v. i. 34. 
Menehencth, ^r Minehcneth 

V. 3, 18, 10. 
Menel, or Menelle v. 4. p^ 

ift. d, 17. 
Mephatn v. tf. 3. 
Merach Mirchion v. f . 6x1 
Merby v. 5. 81. 
Merden v. j, 74. 
Meridcn v. 4. pt »<l. 190 a. 
Mere r. 2. 4f. v. 3. 8(f. 

y. 7. pt ift. 42, 
Meredith, ^//W Tudcr v. 41 

pf 2<'. 175' a. 
Meridith (Gafpar ap.) 

Meridith (Owen ap. ) 

Meretufl v. 5. 91. 
Mertun v. 2. dy. 
Merton Collet, Extrafts 

out of two Chartes there 

V. 7. p« ift. 59. 
Mergate v. i. no. 
Merionithfliire, Hundredes 

there v. 5'. 42. 
Merfcow v. ^. 84. 
Meifey v. y« 82. v. 7. pt ift. 

Merwaldus v. 4 pt 2< 177 b. 

178 a. 
Merwenna v. 8. 9d a. 
M^tbardc ▼. 5^. 94. 
Metcalf V. y. 114. 
Metecalf V. d. 2d. 
Mecccalfe v. 8. d9 ai 
Meteham 7. i. fS. 
Mewls V. ^ 4, f. 
Michael v. 2. 77. 
Michael (Sc) v. 3* 2, 4, ?• 
Michaers Monc ( S. ) v. 7. 

Michelboro v. a, Ji»77. 
Middkwich v. 5:. 82. 
Midle Caftel v. 7. pt i^. yi. 

E X. ff 

Midleham v. i. 90, 9d. v. f. 

113. V. 8. 54 b. dda. 
Midleton v. i. 92. v. 7. p» 

ift. 9, ^6. 
Midleton Parke v. 4. p« nA. 

190 a. 
Mihels (Sainft) v. 5'. 84. 
Milatun v. 3. 3^ 4, f . 
Milbrok v. 3. 21. 
Mylbroke v. 7. 123 A. 
Milbyri v. 3. 45, ^xf, 47. 

V. d. 13, 54. 
Mildreda v. 8. 9d. 
Mile^dus v. 8* 88 a. 
Milfridus v. 4. pt 2^. 174 b. 
Milham (Simon de) v. 0. 3d. 
Milles V. 4* pt I ft. 39. 
Milling V. 8. 79 b. 
Milium V. 7. pt ift, 5:9, 
Milo conftabularius v.8. 89 a. 
Milo E. of Hereford v. 4. 

pt 2d. 173 a. 
Milor V. 3. II. 
Milter Ower v. 4. p« ift. 66. 
Milton V. d. f, V. 7. 1 3d A. 
Miltoun V.2. 10, 45. V. 3. 

Milwood V. i« 41. 
Minchin Hampton v. d. 78. 
Minheneth. ^*f Meneheneth. 
Minheved v. 2. d3. 
Minos Gentylmen fo called 

V. 5. 9. 
Mifchen, &r Misken v. 4. pt 
, i^-J55T9,6o. 
Mifleldcn v. 7. pt i*. 50. 
Miffende v. 4. p^ i*. 4. 
Miflefiden (Great) 7.4. pt 2< 

192a. MifTeden (Little) 

192 b. 
Mitford- Water v. 2. 34. 
Miton V. I. 74. 
Mitten v. 7. pt i^. 29. 
Mitton V. 4. pt 2d. 1S3 b.. 

V. y. 30. 
Modbury v. 3. 25, 2d. 

G 2 Mogun 


Mogtin V. 3. 9. 

Mohun v.^. 7,18,19,39,40. 

Mohun's Otercy jdl/as Ocerey 

Fleming v. g, 9. 
Moilecdon v. y. 49. 
Moilerig Parke v. ^. 58. 
Moions V. a. 45:, 6z. 
Molbray, See Mowbray. 
Molens v. g. 84. 
Molcfdale v. 5. 37, 
Molines v. 7. p« !<*• (fi a. 
Molineux v. 7.ptift. ^(J. 
Molyne v. 6. 28. 
Molynes v. a. ij, 31* 33. 
Mollo, ySx^e Ethelwolaus v.8. 

97 b. 
Moltun, or Multun v. 3. 94, 
Mone V. y. 13. 
Mone R. v. 4. pei<J. iy6z. 
Money R. v. y. 9. 
Monemuth v. 5:. 8, 9^ 10, 11. 
Monmouth v. 4. p^ia. 173 b. 

17^ b. 176 b. 
Monhaute v. 6, 6^. 
Moningcon v. 3. 85-, 8<f. 
Monjoy, See Blunr. 
Montjoy v. 6- lo, j6. 
Mounjoye v. 4. pc ift. 42. 
Monk V. 2. 68. 
Monke v. 3. 93. 
Monkbridge v. 7. pt ift. 34. 
Monke Kyrkby v. 7. pt ift. 

Monkcton- Farley v. 2. 29, 

Monteacute v. !• 3, 104. 

V. 6, 100. 
ifc Monte acuto v. 3. <fy. 
Monte acuto (Gu/. de) v. 3. 

Mounteacute v.8. 5*4 b. 

Mountecute (Lord) v. 7. pt 

ift. 18. 
Monteforte, Mountefort^^ 

Mountfort V. i. 16. v. 4. 

pt ift^ 19. pt 2^, 165: a. 

V. 8. fi a. 74b.* 

Mountford v. 7. pt i*. 38^ 

Montegle v. 6* 27. 

Montcglc (Lord) v.y. 91. 
V. 7. ptift. di. 

Montfichet v. 7. pt ift. 20. 

Montegomerik, or Monte- 
gomery v. 3. 40. v. 4. pt 
ift. 49. V. 5"* 3« V. 6. 74. 

Mont^omerike , Montgo- 
men, Montgomerye, or 
Mountgomcry v. 4. pt2<*, 

181 b. V. 7. pt ift. 28, 29, 

3*1 3?> 3^» 
Mountgomerikfliire v. 7. pt 

I ft. 28, 29. Caftles there 

Montegue v. a. 52, 5:3. 
Monteville v. 7. 204 A. 
Monthermer v. 3. 37. 
TA^Moode V. 5. 48. 
Moore v. 7. pt ift. (Si. 
Moore {chapel of the) r. 7, 

pt I ft. 70. 
More V.3. 8y. v. 6. 53. 
7i<?More \\6. 32. 
Moran (S.) v. 3. I2« 
Morda v. 5. 40. 
Mordant v. i. 6. v. 7, pt ift, 

Morden v. 3. 10. 
Mordiford Bridge v.4. pt 2^ 

176 a. 
More Hall v.4. ptai 187b. 
Morel V. 3. 18. 
Moreley v. 6. 87. 
Moreton v. 6. 3. v.8. iiib. 
Moretone v. 2. 52. 
Morfe Forreft v, 4. pt %^ 

182 a, b. 

Morfeild v.4. pt2d. 182a. 
Morgan v. 4. pt jft. 5-1, 53, 

r4> ^7, 72.. V. 5". 12, 13. 

v»6, 24. 30. V. 8. 83 a. 
Morgan Abbey v. 4. pt ift, 


I N D 

_ V." 4. pt I ft. 5'4. 
iaysCaftelle v. 4. ptift. 

lays Kiveret v. 4. p« i^; 

le V. 5'. 8^. 

leham v. g. ai. 

lewodde v.7. p^id. 75 a. 

ley V. ^. io(J. 

ley (Little) v, 4. p« ift. 

leys V, ^. 4.^ 

pet , or Morpeth v. 7. 

ift. 75", 76. 

taine (Ld.) v. 6. ^, 

tevall V. I. If. 

tyvalle v. 3. (f?. 

tnam v. 5. 115:. 

timer v. i. 89, 90, iii. 

j.. ptift. II. ptzd. 178 b. 

1 b. 18^ b. V. f. 10. 

d. 4Q, 70, 80. T.8. 78 a. 

timer (Lord) v. 7. p« i*. 

timers Clebyri v. 7. p^ 

. 54. 

ton V. f . 30. V. o. 39. 

7. irr, 139 A. 

ton Corbet v. y. 8i, 

7. pt ift. 5a» 
cuo marl (Rogerus dc) 

3. 38- 

wel V. 3. 11. 

went V.4. ptad. 171 a,b. 

8. 75 b. 

vrillc V. 7. p« ift. ^9. 
jrave v. 8. 6^ b, 
ssfont V. 3* 71. 
jsfonte V. a. 59, 

greve v. i. ^4, (fj. 
Ibray , Mowbray , 9t 
ulbray Vt i, ai, 7^ , 9(J, 
9. V. 4. pt i». y. V. f« 
, ^^. y. (f. 30, 45, ^6. 
7. p^ift. iy» V.8. yob. 

E x; ?j 

Mounbowcher v, 5', loa. 
Mounderlinge v.(^. 14. 
Moungewelle v. a. 13. 
Mounlun v. i. 42. 
Mountborow v. 3. 4a. 
Mountefort. See Monteforte* 
Mountegle v. 8. 109 a. 
Mounteton v. i. 58. 
Mounteville v. 6* 5*9. 
Mount ferrant v. i. 6\^6%. 
Mount penfun v. 6. 14. 
Moufehole , of Mowfeholc 

V. 3. y. V. 7. 119 A. 
Mouthey v. y. 44. 
Mowbray. See Moulbray. 
Moyne v.i. 3. w.6. 48. 
Mulbray. ^e^ Moulbray. 
Mulgrave v. i. jco, 
Mullho V. 6. 38. 
Multon V. I. 47. V. 8. 49 b. 

66 b. See Moltun. 
Multon Parke v. i. 12. 
Muncius V.8. 75* a. 
Mundingden v. 8. 50 b. 
Munnemonketon v. %. iiy. 
Munnith du v. 5. 73. 
Munnithe gader v. y. 71, 
Murdach v. 7. p^ lA. 6% a. 
Murdak v. 8. ^6 a. 
Mutton V.I. i(f. V. 4. ptift. 

Mydforde v.7. pt ift. 7^. 
Myendu v. 3. y. 
Myer v. z, 48. v. 3. 90, 91. 
Mylles V. 3. 77. 
Mylthrudis, five Mildritha 

V. 8. 97 b. 
Mynchinbocland v.i. ytf,y9. 
Myning v. 8. 77 b. 
Mynfliul V. 7. vt ift. 43. 
Mynfter Lovell v. 7. pt i^, 

62 a. 
Myue V, 3. 21. ' 

MyteR. V.I. 113. 




N y. 8. yi bi fj b. 109 l 

Nevill's Crofle, praetiuffliHH 

V. 8. 50 b. ■ ' 

Newark ftpon Trent r.f»«. 

97- I i 

Newarkc v. 4. pt ^d. lyjtl * 
Newborow v. g. yi. r. f,l' 

91. yi^, 93. 

I*. ly. 
Newbridge v. 3. 17, 94. ?.}{ 

pt id. 6a b. 
Newburge r. (5. 5' 3 
Newcaftel v*4f. 61.. 
Newcaftelle v. y* 103, i 
New Caftel, slUi E 

V.J. ai« 
New CaiUe v. 7. p« ift, 7^ 

7y. V. 8. 51 a. 
New Caftle undar Line 7.7. 

p«i*. ^(f. 
Newe Miniler Abbojr v. 7. 

pc ift 75, 78. 
Newclle v. 3- 90. 
Newenham v. r. u^ urf. 

V. J. 43. V. 8. 76 a. 
Newham v. 3. 11, 14. 
Newnam v. 5-. 93. 
Newnham v. 4. pt id. 17J b. 
Neweot v. 4.. p'od. 173 b. 
New-Foreft v. 6. 100. 
Ncwgal v. J. ^9. 
Isiewnagge v. y. 92. 
Newhaul v. 4. p^ i^. 17. 
Newlin v. 3. 5. v. 7. 119 A. 
Newport v. 4. p« ift. 53. p« 

zd. i8y b. i8(Ja., y. y. 6j 

30,79. v.7.ptift, 3*, 3T. 
Newporte v. 6", 74. v. 8. 

107 b. 
Newport-Filincl, ^Panelle 

V. I. x8. V. 6. 6x^ 
Newftede v. i. 109, no. 

V, 6. ^9* 
Newton v. i. ^9. v. a. itf, 

68. V. 3, <)0, 93. V. tf. 77. 

V.7. ptift. 28, 37, rtf,5r8, 

Nadder v. 3. <^i. 
Nandin, vtif§iim'Ntnt^ia 

r.^. pc ift. 46. 
Nantbrane ▼• 4. pc ift. 6x. 
Nant Coawey v. y. 4a. 
Nant^Un. &rNaiiclin. 
Nantluys v. 5. 76. 
Nantwich v. 5. 8x« v. 7. pt 

ift. 40. 
Nappe V. 5. 114. 
Narbarthe, tfrHerberth v. 5. 

Natter t. 3. 20. 
NauntoQ v. 6. ly. 
Naward v. 7. p« i*. 72. 
Nebley v. tf. 77. 
Necham v. 2, 25. r. 6. 54. 

T. 8. II J a. 
Nedam v. 4. p« i*. 19. v. 7. 

30. V. 7. p» I*. 43. 
Neede Wodde Foreft v. 7. 

p«ift. 38. 
Nene R. v. 4. pf i*. 48. 
Neotes (St.) v. i. i, 118. 
3*tfNefleCfekev.3, 30,31. 
Nefton V. y . 54. 
Neth V. 5'. 12. V. 8. j6h. 
Neth R. V. 4. pt ift. 68. 

Bridges on it 75*. 
Netherby v. 7. pt i*. 69. 
Netherbiry v. 3. 47. 
Netlecumbe v. 2. 61. 
Nevile V. j. 92. v. 8. 54 b. 

fda. 73 b. 
Nevill V. 4. pt ift. 40. V. 8. 

no a. 
Nevill E. ofWarwike v. 4. 

pt2d. 187 a. 
Nevill Ld^ Latimer v. 4. p^ 

2d. 164 b. 167 a. 
Neville V. i. 23,43,7^,74> 

80, 87, 90, 91, 92, 94»9<^j 

100, 108. V. 3. 37. v. 6. 
28, 46, 90, 91, 92, 100. 

I N D 

79. p« lA. 66 b. 6i a, b. 

76^ a. 78 a. 
Newton CaftcU v. 7. p« a<>. 

79 b. 
Newton Notes v.+. p« i*. 67. 
Newtoun Busfhel v. 3. 19. 
Ncwtoun Sainft Lo v. 7. p« 

2d. 7(J a. 
Ncwwark v. 3. 71. 
Nicolas V. ». If I V. 5. a8. 
Nicolas Ifle (S.) v-7. 118, 

111 A. 
Nicolas (S.) Village v. 4. p^ 

I ft. 54. 
Nicol Foreft v. 7. p« !*• 70. 
Nicoline v. 3. 77. 
Nicolle V, 3. 6. 
Nid V. 8. 68 a. 
Nidde R. v. i. 104* 
Nigell y.6. 48. 
Nilcenor v. 3. f . 
Nifeham v. i. 78. 
Nokton Parke Priory v. 7. 
• p« ift. yx, 
Noleres. See Noteres. 
Norburie v. 4. pt ift. 44. 
Norchete v. 4. p( ift. 69. 
Nordwood. S00 Norwode. 
Nores v. 4. p« ift. 49. 
Norres v. y. 5:4. y.6.^. 
Norys v.7. p^i^. yd. 
Norfolk V. y. 100. V. 6. f ©• 

^ff Nortbtolk. 
Norham v. 7. pt i^. 77, 80. 

V. 8. f3a. 
North V.4. p« I ft. 19. 
Northtlvcrton v. i. 7y, 76, 

Northampton v. i. 7. v. 4. 

pt 2^. 1^3 a. V. 6. 66 • V* 7* 

ptift. 13. 
Northburn v. 7. 117 A. 
North-Cadbyri v. a. 45, 
Northcave v. !• 57. 
Northcury v. a. ^6. 
Northewike v. 8. iiia. 

Northfolk; «r Northfoike 

V.I. i8, 119. y.^.6l. See 

Northfoike (D. of) v, i. 31. 

V.7. pcift. 33. V. 8. 1 10 a. 
Northlache v. j. 2. 
Northlech v. 2* »i. 
North-Pedrcton v. 2. y(f. 
Northon Difeney v. i. 29, 
Northftok v. 3. 84. 
Northton v.7.p« ift. 27. v.8. 

5:2 a. 
Northton (Philippcs) v. 7.' 

ptid. 78 a. 
Northtton Priory v.7. pr jft. 

Northtoun (Midfomer) v. 7. 

pt 2d. 78 a. 
Northumberland v. i. ^9, 

90. v.7. pt ift. 73. Caftles 

there 75-, 78. little Wood 

there 81. HowfesofRe- 

lygion there 77. 
Northumberland v.i, fo, 90. 

The Names of the Kings 

there v. 7. pe 2d. 60 a, b. 

The Earls of Northumber- 
land (fob. 
Northumbreland (Erie of) 

V. 7. pt ift. 17, 66. His 

Caftelles and Manors ti, 
Northwich, or Norwiche 

V. 5. 81, 82. V. 6. 6j. 

V. 7. pt ift. 40. 
Norton v. 8. 6i b. 
Norton Regis v. 4. pt 2d. 

186 b. 
Norwode v« 3. 37, 8tf. 
Nofeley v. i. i^. 
Noteres, ^r Noleres v.i. 92» 
Notingham, or Notyngham 

V. I. no, iif, 112. V, y* 

93, 97. v.8. 70a. 
de Novo Mercato v, 8. j6 a. 
Novo Mercatu (Barnardus 

dc) V. f. d8. 


5<f I N D 

Novum ciftnim v. i. 109. . 
Novum caftrum conditum 

V. 7. pt2<i. 61 a. 
Numieiron v. i. ai. 
Nunne-Eiton v. a, 13. 
Nunne Eton v. 7. pt jft. x6. 
Nunney Delamere v. 7. p« 

xd. 73 b. 78 b. 
Nunny v. i. 34. 


OchR. v.i. 16* 

Ockenulle v. a. 16. 

Odda v. 5*. 2. 

Oddo dux v,^. 81, 9^. 

Odel v. 7. pc ift« 3. 

Odo v. I. 98. 

Odo Remenfis v. 8. 89 b. 

Oen V. <;. 48. 

Ofia (K.) v. 2. 38. V. 6. 80. 

V. 8. 87 b. 88 a, b. 93 a. 

^6 a. 97 a. 99 a. 
Offa's Dike v. ^r- 3, 9. 
Ogle v. 8. 50 b. 
Ogor Caftelle v,4. pt ift. 66. 
Ogor R. V. 4. pt ift. 75. 

Bridges on it Hid. 
Ogweyne v. f. ^o. 
J^Oilly. See de Oileio, 
1/^ OUeio, five rf'Oilly, v. 2. 

Okam y,6. 30. 
Okeburn v. 3. 72. 
Okington v. 6. 100. 
Oldford v. 7. pt ift. 43. 
Oldham v. 3. 27, 32, 3^, 
Oldleche v. (f. do. 
Olney v. 4. ptjft. 19. v.7. 

pt ift. I, 4. 
Olney, or Alney v, y, 2. 
Olpenne v. (f. 48. 
Ombreley v. 4. ptid. 183 b. 
Ombridge v.7, pt ift. 33, 

Onefloo V. f. 30. 

E X. 
Oney R. vJ 4. p^ x^. 179 

V. 7. pt I*. 34. 
Oney, or Somergilley R. t 

Orbe V. i. io8« 
Orchard v. a. 60, 61. 
Orefworth v. 7. p^ i^. 4f 
Oringgam v. f . 93. 
Orleaunce v. x. 33. , 

Orlecon v. 8- 77 a, b- ^%i 

79 a. 
Ormekirk v. 7- pt ift. 56. 
Ormond v. 7. pt ad. 79 b. 
Ormonde v. 6. ^3. 
Ormund(Ld. of) y.^.^iK 

192 a. 
Orwike v. 7. p« ift. 57. 
Osberne v. 4- p^ad. 172 b. 
Osbume v. 8. 75 b. 
Osbertus dominus de Tod- 

denham & Wolfton v. t. 

Ofeney v. 2. 18, 19. 
Ofith (St.) V. 4. pt ad. 1921, 
Ofitha (S.) V. 8. 79 b. Sot. 

81 a, b. 82 a. 
Ofmund Erie of Dorcheftrc, 

and afterwards Bp. of Sa- 

resbyri v. ?. ^^. 
Ofmunde (S.) v. 3. 6^. 
Ofmundus £p. Sar. v.d* 34* 
Ofmundus v. 8. 83 a. 
Ofpring V. 7. 144 A. 
Ofric {King) v*2. 38. v. 4. 

pt2d. 171 b. 172 a. v. 8. 

Oftmghaungre v. 6. 7. 
Oftrepole v. 3. 80. 
Ofwaid (St.) V.4. pt 2d, 173 a, 
Ofwald (Priory of St.) v.4. 

pt 2d. 172 b. 

Ofwaldes (St.) v. i. 44. 
Ofwaldus V. y* a, 91. v. 8, 

95 a. ^6 a. 
Ofweftre y. 4. pt xd, j8i b. 

V. 7. pt ift. 33, 


I N D 

Ofweftre, or Croixofw'alcic 

y.5. 38,39,40. 
Olwi V. 8. 96 a. 
Ofwin V. 8. 8i b. 
Ofwin (S.) V. f. loi. 
Ofwinus rex v. 6. 34. v. 8* 

85 b. 
Ofwius V. 8. 5(fb. 
Ofwius rex v. 8. 8y b. 
Ofwy V. 8. 97 a. 
Ofwy K. of Northumberland 

V. 4. pt id. 188 b. 
Otely V. 1.48. V. f. 31. 
Oter V. 3. 41, 73. 
Oterburne v. 3. 73, 74. 
Octerbume v. 7. p' ift. 7^ . 

Oterey v. 3. 35, 39, 41. See 

Otermouth v. 3. 41. 

Oterton v. 3. 41. 

Ottemor v. 4. pt lA^ 191 a. 

Otterdene v. 6. 5. 

Over V. (f. 100. 

Overlhal v. i. 51. 

Ovingeham v. 5. \q6. 

Ouldcaftle v. 4. pt2<l. 175' a. 

Oundale v. i. 3. 

Ourecon v. 5*. 33. 

Owborne v. 7. pt ift. i, 6. 

Owen V. 8. 83 a. 

Owinus V. 8. 9^ b. 

Owfe Water v. 8. 6^ a. 

Owfen V. ^. 94. 

Oxenbridge v. (f. 59. 

Oxeney v. 7. 140. 14a A. 

Oxfora, ^Oxtbrde v. 2. 17. 
V. 3. (J7, V. 4. pt i<i. i(J3 a. 
191 b. V. 7. p« ift. 8, I 

pt id. (J3 b. *7i b. V, 8. 

74 b. 78 b. 113 b. 114 a. 
Oxford. The Houfes of 

Freres Preachers there by 

whom founded v. 6. 44. 

Earls of Oxford 41, 71. 
OxorR. V. 4. ptift. 66. 
Oxcon V. 3. ^,7, 16. 

Vol. 9. 

Oxtun V. I. 41; 

Padeftow V. i. 74, 7^. v. 3. 

Paddiitow v. 7. 118 A. 
Paganus fil. Joan. v. 8. 89 a. 
Page V. I. III. 
Pagham v. 8. ma. 
Paine, or Paynes Caftel v. 7. 

pf 111. 17, 67. 
Painter v. 3. 11. 
Pakare v. 6. 83. 
Pakington v. 7. pt ift. id. 
Palmer v. 6. 19, io» 
Palmers v. 4. pt ift. 44. 
Palmefunday feld v. 4. pt ift. 

Pal ton V. 1. 40. 
Pancefoot v. 4. pt id. 171 a. 
Pandonia f S. ) v. 8. 107 b. 
Panton Belc v. 7. pt ift. yi. 
Par V. I. 10, 86. v* 5^. 17,' 

114, 11^. V. 7. ptift, 6\. 
Parre v, 6. 68. v. 7. pt jft. 

18. V. 8. 109 b. 
Parke v. 1. 71. 
Parke Bahan v. 4. pt ift. 51.' 
Parker v.. 4. pt ift. 3. pt ad. 

1 84 b. See Mai verne. 
Paffelew v. 6. 48. 
Paternus (S.) v. 8. 85- b. 
Patefliul, or Patefhull v. i. 

117. V. 3. 37. V. 5. 99. 

V. 8. 71 b. 
Patrike (S.) v. 3. 40. 
Patrington v. i. 57, tf8. 
Paulette v. 6. 11, lo, 39. 
Pawlet Lord St. John v. 4. 

ptift. 41, ^e^FowUet. 
Paulinus v. 8. ^6 b. 
Paunch Croffe. See Pontus 

Payne v. 4. p« i^. 71. v. 6. 

^^' tH Payncl, 



I hP D 

Payne], Paynell, ^Paynelle 

V. I. 27, 28, 29. V. 7« 

204 A. V. 8. no a. 
Paynes v. y. 3. 
Paynes Caftel. See Paine 

Pebidiauc. See Dewys Land 

V. f . 81; 
Pecfordton v. 5'. 81. 
Pecham v. tf. i, 3. 
Pcche V. (f. ^4. 
Peder v.i. yd. 
Pederton ^7. 
Pedertun v. 2. 5^. 
Pedreton v. 3. 8f . 
Peito V. 8. 73 a. 74 b. 
Pelene v. 3. i8« 
Pembridge v. 8. i6b. 
Pembro v. 3.- 7. 
Pembroke (Erles of) 

Pembnige v. 4. p«2d. 17? a< 

177 a. 
Pen V, 3. 9. 
Pen R. V. 7. p^ ift. 37. 
Penar v. 4. p« ift. ^9, (^i. 
Penare Point v. 3. 13. 
Penarth v. 3. 14, 15, 
Penbere v. y. 61. 
Penbont v. 4. pt xft. tftf, 71, 
Penbre v. y . 24. 
Penbroke v. i. 84, 8(J. 

V. (f. 




Pencair v. 3. 4. 
Pcnchirche v. ^. 22. 
Pencombe v. 3. y. 
Pencra^an v. 5". 75'. 
Penda X* of Merches r. 4, 

pc 2<i. 188 b. 
Penda rex v. 8. 79 b* 88 b. 
Pendewi v. y. 29. 
Pendiluen v. 4. p' ift. 64. 
Pendinant v. 3. lOi 
Pendinas v. 3. 7, 8, ir, 13, Petite v. 3. 3, 6. 

Pendragon v. 8. 6^h. 

E X. 

Penfillv V. 4. pt2<^. 177 a; 
Penfuus V. 3, 10. 
Penhil v. 8. k6z» 
PenkelthCj^rFenkelchle v.y.' 

(J9, 72. v.7.p«ift. 27. 
Penknek v. 3. 17. 
Penle v. 3. 21. 
Penley v.i. 121. v. 4. p«ift, 

Penlimnmon v. %• 80. 
Penlline v. 4. pt i*. 70. 
Penrine v. 3. lo, 11. v.y. 

Penrife v. 4. p« i^. yy. 
Penfandes v. 3. y. 
Penfants v. 7. 119 A. 
Pensforde v. 7. p« a<*. 7(f a. 
Penfey v, 7. p^ 2<'. 6(f d. 
Penteney v. i. 109, 
Penthline Commote v.y. 44. 
Pentowen ¥13. 14, 30. 
Penwardine v. y. 84* 
Peny v. i. 18. 
Percy V. 1 . 40, yo, y(f, ^9, 

^4, (Jtf, 8(f, 88, I04, V. 3. 

(Jy. V. y. 102. V.6. 3, 17, 

3a, 4f» y?, T4; 88. v. 7. 

pt ift. tf(f. V. 8. 50 a, b. 

(^y a» 
Pereth, ^rPerith v. 7. pt i*. 

71, 72. A Caftle witnin a 

Myle of it (^3. 
Perham v. (J. y2. 
Peritorre v. 3. 31. 
Perot V. y. 28. 
Perfebridg v. i. 03. 
Perfhbre, wPerfore v*4« pc 

I ft. 4(J. pt%d, 1^9 a. 1 7c a, 

i8y a. V. y« 2. v. 7. pt ift. 

23. V. 8. 7y b. 
Perskilly v. y. 28. 
Peryn v. 7. 121 A. 
Peterborow v. i. 4. 

Peto V. 4. pt tA. 1^4 a. 
Petrocus v, 8. 8y b. 


I N D 

-' Petronilla, Countefi of Ley r- 
celler v. i. i(J. 
Petworth v.d. ^z. v.y.p'ift. 
c 66. 
^ Pety Pole v. s^ 82. 

Peverel, or Peverelle v. 2, 
3 J, 77- V.3. 1, 2, 84. v.^. 
5^ v,7. pt2d, (Jxa. 
Philepotte v. 3. 7?. 
i Philippa Regina v. 3. 7(^. 

• Philippe King of Caftelle 

y. ?. 2^, 30. 
Philippes V, (^, 31. 
Philippes - Nortntoun , &r 

• Philipps Northctowne v.2. 
34. V. 7. pt2d. 74 a. 

Philippus ep. Dunelra. v. 8. 

Philips V. 4. p« a*'. 174 b. 
Picot V. 8. 6i a. 
Pids Wall V.7. pt ift. tfp, 72. 
Pidcl Trent v. 6. (Jo. 
Pigot V. 8. 71 b. ^^ePygot, 
Pilkenton v. 7. p« i*. 57. 
Pilkington 57. 
Pille, ^rPilleRole v.^. izl 
Pilleldon v. ^. 48. 
Pilftoo, Pulifton, ^Pyllefton 

V. 5. 54. 
Pilton V, 3. 8(J- 
Pincke Welle v. 5^. 2. 
Pinkenes v, 8- 76 a. 
Pippewelle v. i. 14. 
Pipwel V. ^. 94. 
Piranes (S.) alias Kenerine, 

vel Keverine v. 3, 8, j* 

See Keverine. 
Place V. 5'. 116. 
Place amed we v* ^. 59, 
Placctc V. 2, 20. 
//ePlaceto V, 4. p« ift. 19. 
Planca v.d. 48. 
Plantaginct v.^. 44, 
Plafchey Caftelle v. 6. (J5'. 
Plefcy. See Tumbleftoun. 
Plimtoun v. 2, 66, 71. 

E X. f9 

Plokenet v. 8. 85 a.^ 
Plouhe Paroche Wriothe- 

grig V. ^. 37. 
Plumber v. 6. 52, 53. 
PJunton V. I. 104, 
Plym V. 3. 21, 231 y 

Plymmouth, orPly mouth v. 3. 

19, 22. V.7. 117 A. 
Plympton v. 3. 13, 22, 23, 


Poel, or Pole v. 2. 47, 58. 

V. ^, 50. See Pole. 
Pointz, ^rPontz v. 4. ptjft. 

16 J 17. V. 6. 54, yd, do. 

^ff Poynts. 
Pokelington v. 1. 49, yo. 
Pokefhaulle v. 6. 28. 
Pole V. 3. 52, 53, 91. V.J. 

pt ift. 19. V. 7. p« ift. 36, 

43.jpt2d. d3b. V.8. y4a,b. 

Pole (dela) v.i. 5^3, 54, yr, 

yd, 5:7, V. 2. dj 7. 5'f^ 

7*^ Poles V. 3. 31. 
Politiane v. 6. y. 
Pollard V. 3. 97. v. 6. 15. 
Pollele Bay v. y. 50. 
Polftun V. 3. 94. 
Polto V, 8. 79 b. 
Polton V. 8. 77 a. 
Pomery v. d. 61. 
Ponsbyri v. 4. p' ift. 45. v. (J. 

Ponflithe v. 4. pt ift. 45'. 
Pont V. 7. pc ift. 79» 
Pont Beffaleg v.4. p' i^. yi. 
Pont Erliesk v. 4. pt i*. yy . 
Pont Gigman v.4. pt ift. ^9* 
Pont He V. 4. pt i*. ^9. 
Pont Lay v. 4. pt ift« yS, 6r, 
Pont Landouhc v. 4. pt i*. 

Pont Lechwith v. 4« pt i^. 

y8, ^3. 
Pont Newith v. 4. pt i*. 

So I N D 

Pont Remny v. 4. pt !». 5-1, 

Pont Rithfarn v. 4. p^ i^. 59, 

Ponteacus v. 8. ^^ a. 
Pontefrafl, ^Pontfrad v.i, 
42, 4<^. V. 5*. 91. 

PontiUara v. 3. 71. 
Pontperlus Bridg v. 

1. 44, 


Pontus Crofle, W Paunch 

Croffe V. 2. 18. 
Pontz. See Fointz. 
Poole V.4. ptift. 3, tf. V. 8. 

70 a. 
Poole Penreth v. 3. 10. 
Pope V, 4. p' 2^. 1 78 b. 
Popham V.6. 40, 53. 
Porbek v. 3. 52. 
Porlogh Bay v. 2. (fg. 
Port V. 6, 74. V. 8. -JO a. 
Port Maure v. 5'. 28, 29, 
Portchefter v. 3. 80. 
Porte Clays v. 5:. 29, 
Porte Meline v. 4, pt ift. 70. 
Porter v. i. 29. v. (>. 31. 

V. 7. ptjft. ^2. V, 8. 8(^a. 
Portes ( the V. ) v. 7. 127, 

133 A. 
Portesbridg v. 3. 82. 
Porteskewin v, 5^. 5'. 
Portefmouth v.3. 80, 8r, 82. 
Portffenin v, 3. 95^. 
Portnamal v. 5. 69. 
Porthguin v. 2. 74. 
ForthifTek v. 2. 74. 
Portiffek v. 3. 9^. 
Porthruan v. 7. 122 A. 
Portingale v. i. 26. 
Portington v. i. 58. 
Portland v. 3. 49, 50, 5' r. 
Portu (Hugh de) v. 4. pc 2«'. 

171b. V. 8. 75 a. 
Pott, five Bruge v. 8. 84 b. 
PorcoA V. 7. pt ift. I. 

E X. 

Potuarry v. y. s^* 
Pouger V. I. 9. 
Poulet V. 2. 5ry« V. 3. 8. 
Poulmorlande v. ^. 18. 
Poulpere, #r Poulpirrhe v.ji 

Poul Pier v, 7. 1x3 A* 
Poulpirrhe, 5'^^ Poulpcrc 
Poulruan v. 3. i8. 
Poultney v, 4. p« a<*. 190b. 
Poul Wheverel v. 3. 9 
Poulwitheral v. ?• 10. 
Pounce volt v, 8. ytfa. 
Poure V. a, 49. v. 3. tfi, 87* 
Powderham v. |. jy. 
Power V.4. pta3. 1^48. v.8. 

73 a. 
Powefland v. 7. pt ill. 19, 
Powis (Lord) v. (f. x(f. v. 7. 

ptift. 28, 29, 35r. 
Powys V. 4. pt I ft. 45', 
Powllet (Lord St. John v. 7. 

pt 2^. 73 b. See Pawlct. 
Poyninges (Lord) v. 7. p«i*. 

Poynings v. <f. 7, ^(J. 
Poyntef v. i. i(J. 
Poynton v. 7. pt i*. 40, 
Poynts V. 7. pt 2<i. 72 b. &^ 

Poys V. I. ^2. 
Pray (de la) v. i. 4, 9. 
Prefcot ( Mr. ) of Chefter 

V. 7, pt ift. ^6. 
Preftcod v. 7. pt ift, y(f« 
Preftebyri v.d. 79. v.8. 87 b, 
Preftein v. 5. 3. 
Prefteine v. 4. pt2<'. I7<fa. 

177 b. 180 a. 
Prefteine, ^rLLanandre v. 7. 

pt itt. 27. 
Preftland v. 7, pt ift. 43. 
Prefton v. 5. 84. v. 7. pt i^. 

y(), 68. 
Preftun v. 4. pt ift. 38, 39. 
Preftwike v. 5:. 8a. 


I N D 

Prideftux v. 3. 2? . 
Prinkeneffe v.4. p«2*^. ijab. 
Prisdlon v. 3. 84. 
Protafius V. 3. 7(f. 
Prudho V. 7, pK i^. ^4. 
Pfaltre v. 4. pi i^. 49. 
PtolemsBUs v. 7, 131, 131, 

133, J3<JA. 
Pucklechirch v.7. pt i". 76 a. 
Pudfey V. ^. 114. 
Pulforde v. 3. 93. 
Pulham V. 4. p« i^. 4. 
Pulifton. ^f^Pilfton. 
Pulkle churche v. 7. p^ a^. 

Pultun V. !• a3, 
Puntoun V. 3. otf. 
Purefey, Pureroy, ^rClear- 

foy V.I. 24, 39. V.4. p'ift. 

44. pe id. 189 a. V, 6. do. 
Pufcandel v. 3. 90. 
Pufcandelle v. 2. 5a 
Puteacus v. 8. yi a, b. 
Pyddildour. See Trent. 
Pye V. 2. 29. 

Pygot V.4. ptift. I. 5'fePigot. 
Pykeringv. 1.^4,70,71,72. 
Pylketon v. 5*. 83. 
Pyllefton. ^^^Pilfton. 
Pyperde v. 2. 7, 8. 
Pylton V. 3. 93. 

Quadefley v. 4, pc ^^. 173 a. 
Quantok-Hedde v. 2. 60. 
Quappelode v. j. pt ift. 49. 
Quarre v, 4. ptid, 17^ b. 
Quarrere v. 3. 72, 
Quateford v. 4. pt 2d. 182 b. 
Qijatermains v. a. 8,9. 
Qwatcrmayne v. 8. s'oa. 
Quathering v. 7. pii^. 52. 
Quenburga v.4. pt2d. 174 b. 
Querendoa v.4. p«2d. 191 b. 

E X. 6t 

Querendune v. 8. 1.14 b. 
Querne Hope v. 5^. 38.. 
Quinborow V. (^. 22, r. 7. 

130 A. 
QuinborowCaftcU v.7. p^ ift- 

Quinci, or Quincy v. 6. 44. 

V. 8. 109b. 
Quindred v. 8. 108 b. 
Qmntine (S.) v. 8. 5*4 b. 
Quintino (Gul. de S.) v. S. 

Quintino (Nicolaus de S.) 

v. 4. pt I ft. 47. 
Quivil V. 3. 31. 


Raby v. i. 91, 92. 

Raculfe v. 6. 10. 

Radclif, or Radeclife v. i; 

22, loy. V. 3. 89. V. 5. 82, 

84, 93- V.6. ^6, 6^. 
Radegundis (S.) v. 7. 128 A. 
Radeley v. 7. pt 2d. (J4 b. 
Radenor, ^r Radnor v. y. 3. 

v. 7. ptift. 27. 
Radenorfliire v. 7. pt ift. 27. 
Radulph V.2. 19. 
Radulphus Cant. v. 8. looa. 
Radulphus decanus Heref, 

V. 8. 89 a. 
Radulphus fil. Ranulphi v. 8. 

Rafe of Pevemarfch v. 6. ly. 
Rafe Erie of StaflFord v. 6. 

Ragelande, or Ragland v. 4. 

ptift. 63,70. v.y.d. 

Rainesford v. 6. 16, 
Raifun v. 7. pt ift. yo. 
Rale (Gul. de) v. 6. 36. 
Rambaldus v. 2. 24. 
Ramehed v. 3. 21. 
Ramesbery v.7. p« 2d. tfy b. 



Ramefey v. y. 17. v. 7. p^id. 

Ramefgate v. 7. 138 A. 
RamefTuQ v.x. i, 48, 49* 
Ramfunne v. 3. 90. 
Raiidol V. 7. pt i'^ 76 > 
Randol (Erie of Chefter) 

V. 7. puft. 40. 
Ranulph Erie of Chefter v.7; 

pt ift. 40. 
Ranulphus v. 8. 67 b. 
Ranulphus capellanus v, 8. 

8; a. 
Ranulphus ep. Dunelm* v.8. 

Ratesbiirghj «fRichborov.7. 

1^8 A. 
Rather Owy v. 5^. 76. 
Ratte Ifland v. 3. 6. v, 7. 

118 A. 
Ravensburg v. i. 5' 7, (^8. 
Ravenfwath, or Ravenfwathe 

V, T. 95. V. f, 1 14, 

Raunton v.i. 35. 

Rayder v. f . 14. v. 7. pt ift. 

Rayne v. (^. la, 
Reading v. i. 3, 4, 20, 5'^. 
Reculver v. 7. 131, 137 A. 
Redde Bank v. 5. f 4. 
Redde Caftel v.7. ptjft. 32. 
Reddeues v.d. 64. 
Reddon v, 3, ai. 
Rede v. 6. 78. v. 7. pt ift. 7. 
RedeR, v.7. pf i^. 74. 
Redmille v. d. 32. 
Redruthe v. 7; .117 A. 
Reducrs, or Reduerfe v. 3. 

24. v. 6. 100. 
Ree R. v. 7. pt ift. 34. 
Reginalde v. 2. 37, 
Reginaldus Cancellarius v.2. 

Reginaldus Molendinarius 

V. I. 34. 
Reha v. 4. p«2^. 17^^ a. 

Reinelmus v. 8. 8(f a. 

Religiofae domus in Cantia 
v. 8. 90 b. in Southfax i^» 
inSouthreia9i a. inSouth- 
amptonfhire Hid. in Bark- 
fhire i^id. inWiltfhirc MJ. 
in Dorfetfhire i^id. in Sii- 
merfetftier 91 b. in De- 
vonfhir Md. in Comwalle 
/^. in Eft-fax Md, in Mi- 
dlefex ii. in Southfblke 
/^/W. in Northfolke Hid, 
in Grantebrigefliire 92 a. 
in Lincolnibire $M. in 
Leirceftrefliire iUd. in 
Northamtunfliire H. in 
Hertfordfliire/AW. in Bed- 
fordfhire iUd. in Bukyng- 
hamlhire 92 b. in Oxford- 
fhire i^id. in Wireceftre- 
fliire iM* inHerefbrdfliire 
i^id, in Warwikelhire 9^ b. 
in Staffbrdfliire Md. in 
Dorfetfhire i^id. in Yorke- 
fliire i^id, in Richemont- 
ihire ik in epifcopatu Du- 
nelm. iSid. in lineis regn. 
Scot. iM, in provinc.Lan- 
dav, iS'd. in Banchoren. 
Dioec. iSfd, in epifc. S. 
Afaphe i^id, 

Rembaldus Presbyter v. 5'. (ff . 

Remeney R. v. 5-. 9. 

Remny R. v.4. pt ift. ^rx, ^4. 
Notable Bridges on it 74. 

Remigius v.2. 10. v.8. 49 b, 
83 a. 

Rencumbe v. 2. 25*. 

Repingdun y,6. ^4., 

Repington v.8. 49a. 

Refe V. 3. 33. 

Reskimer v. 3. 3, 9, 10. 

Reftingcr v. 3. 14. 

Reftormcl v, 3. 17. 

Reftormel Caftel v.7. 122 A. 

Reftronget v. 3. 11. 


)rd V. 
m, or 


udelaa v. ;• 

ugh V. 4. pt ift. ^9. 

See Ryver. 
V, 3. 4. 

iusy five Reynclmus, 
ercn V. 8. 77 b. 
Pord V. 7. p^ x**- d? b. 
rooke v. 4. pt a^. 

ard. SeeKiplej* 
Ire v,4, ptift. 39. 
. V. 7. pt ift. 5r8, 59. 

• 4. pt I ft. 39. V, ^, 

ID. of Yorke v. i. y. 
1 £. of Marche and 

• Yorke v. 4. p'ad. 

K. of the Romans 
16^ 19. 

^ K. of the Romaines 
irle of ComewauUe 
la, 13. ^fSentia. 
(King) V. 4. ptad. 

v. 6. 3, 

I. V. I. 66, y. a. 

II. V. I. 5'9. 

III. V.I. 16, 47,^8, 
a. V. 3. i^ a9, 5-3, 
4. p«aa. 163 b. V. 5. 
^8. 74 a. 

(Sir) of York v. i. 

e V. 4* p« ift. f7. 
e*sCaftle v. 4. p^a^, 

us Epifc. Dunelm. 

us ep* Hercf. v. 8. 

us r. V. 8. loi a. 
us (S.) V.8. 8irb. 
i caftellum v.8. 90 a. 


Richeboro. ^^f Ratesburgh. 
Richcburge v. 7. 131 A. 
Richemanfwortn v. i. laa. 

V.6. 38. 
Richemont v.i. 84, 95. v. a.' 

66. V. 5. 113. v.8. 5'4b. 
Richemont (Countes of) v.7. 

ptift. 47. 
Richemont (Earls of) v, 8. 

67 b. 76 b. 
Ricnemontfliire v.i. 94,100. 

v.8. dyb. 66b. 
Richemontfliirc, Rivers of 

Name in it v. 5'. 115'. The 

Nature of the Country 

Richemounte v. 7. pt a*** 

78 a. 
Richmont andSumertun v.3t 

Ricote V. a. 7, 8, 9. v. 8. 

f o a. 
Rider v. i. 17. 
Ridefdale v. 7. pt ift. 74. 
Ridle Hawlle v.7. p« i&. 43; 
Ridle Parke v. ^. 81. 
Rie V. I. (J4. 
Rievalli v. i. 108. 
Rievalx v. i. 107, 109. 
Rigate Ryver, 54, 
Rigois V. 4. pt ift. ^$. 
Ringefle v. 7. ia7 A. 
Ringwodde v. 3. do, q6. 
Ripley, or Ribbesfard v. 4.' 

ptad. 183 a. 
Ripon V. I. 9(f, 97, 98, 99. 

V. 8. 68 a. Sepulchra no- 

biliuminEccleuade Ripoa 
. 67 b. 68 a. 
Rippelingham v. i. ^y. 
Rifca V. 4. pt ift. 5a. 
ap. Rife Vehan v. 4. pt ift. 


Rifingho v.7i ptift. 3. 
Rifmgho-Caftel v.i. ii8. 
Rithia v. 4. pt ift. 71. 



f6 I N 

Saltboufe v. f • ^4* 
Saltwood V. 7. i?x A. 
Salvach, «» Salvcradh v. y. 

Salvage v. i. 97. v.(f. 14, 

18. V. 8. $6 b. 
Salwainc v« i. ^4. 
Samme v. z. i. 
Sampfon (S.) v. 8. Sy b. 
Sanddiford v. f. 82. 
Sandeford v. 8. 6^ b. 
Saneforde. ^e^ Stanford. 

D E X. 

Saulters Bridge v. 4. p^a**. 

189 b. 
. Sawkille v. 8. 6^ b. 

Sawlcy, ^ Wawlcy v. 4. p^ 

ift. 39. V. 7. pt ift, y5r. 
Saxton V. i. 47. v. 6, 17. 
Saye v.4.ptift, 17, 
Scalby V. i» ^y. 
Scalmey (Great) v. f , %6. 
Scalmey (Lytle) Md. 
Scamel v. 3. 6^. 
Scarburge v. i. 49, ^j. 

Sanford, ^r Sanforde v. ^. Scardeburg v. i. <$6, ^7, ^8, 
81. V. 6. 44* V. 7, pt ift. Scargate, ^Scorgate v.y. z. 

Sanford Pcverel v, tf. ii. ' 
Sandon v. x. 44. v. 7. pti^. 

Sandhil v.i. i;. 
Sandwich, ^rSandwiche v.;. 

fj., II. V.7. 116^, 

Sanheho v. f • 54. 
Sinnes v. ^ 33. v. 3. 84. 

^•4. p' ift. 10, II. 
Sante v. a. ly. 
Sanson, i^r Stanton v. i. 49. 
Sapcote V. I. f • 
Saresby v. i. fi. 
Saresbyri v. i. 6, 92. v. 3. 

n>r8, T9,^o,di,(Ji, 63, 

64L, 05r, ^0, ^7, 68. V.4. pf 

I ft. 47. See Salysbiric. 
Saresbyri (Earl of) v. 3. 16. 

^#^ dalesbury (E. of )• 
Sarik (St.) v. 2. 3. 
Sarisbiria v. 8. 83 a. 
Savage v. 6. 8o. v* 7* pt i^. 

Savancug v. 7. pt ift. 76 a, 
Savelj or Savelle v. 4. p* ift« 
50, v.(J.ii. V.7. pcift.17. 
Saverton v. 2. 3a. 
Savok V. f . 84. 
Sauemake v. 7. pt ad. gg b« 
Saultecumbe v. 3. a9, 30* 

Schefington v. i« a4. 
SchiJlefton v. 3. a3. 
Schoukhold y.f. %6. 
Schrobbesbury. See Shrob- 

Scilley v. 4. pt ift. 61. 
Scylley v. 3. 6^ 38. 
Scylley Ifks v.t. 118 A. 
Scorgate. See Scargate. 
Scotte, alise Rotheram v» f ♦ 

91. y.6. 61, 66. 
Scocus (Johannes) v. a. a7. 
Scroby v. i. 37. 
Scrope v. I. 95", 96. v. a. 61. 

V.4. pt ift. 2. V. y. 93, 114, 

iiy. y.6, %6^7%ji6. v.8. 

54 a, b. ytf a. 6^ a, b, 6(f b. 

67 a. 
Scylteceftre v. 7. pt a^. ii a, 
Sebroke v. 4. pt a<*. 17a b. 

Vk 8. 75 b. 
Segeba v. 8. S3 a* 
Segent R. v. f . 49, yo. 
Seggemore v. 2. 42. 
Segrave v. a. ii, aj, 

30, 76. 
Semtleger,orSeintliger v.4. 

pt ift. 13. v. <J. y. 
Seleboume v. 3. 7a. 
Scleby, ^r Selleby v. r. 40, 

<tf. v. 7. pt ift. (fo. 
Seledriada. #rSelearida v.8. 


I N D 

87 b. 
Sellinger v. i. 109, v, tf. 5^. 
Selwod, tfrScIwood v.3. 85, 

8<^. v.y. pt %^. 1% a^ b. 
Semar v. i, 66. v. 6. 9^. 

V.7. p« i**. ^7 3. V.8. 107 b. 
Sempringfaam v. i. x8. 
Sentia, Wife to Richard 

KingofRomains v.x. 24* 
Scperwell v. 6* 4, 
Scrgeauiic v. d» 4^$*. 
Sergeaur v. 6, 46. 
Serlo V. 2* 24. V. ^« ((4* v.4. 

p«a<l. 171 b, 171 a. V. 8. 

Setofi V. J. 185 41, 42. V. 8. 

Seven, or Severne R. v. i. 

6j^. v,4, ptxd. 173 b. V. 7. 

ptift. 24,34- 
Seokefham v. 2. 14. 
Sexbaldus v. 8. 95 a. 
Shaftesbury v.4. p«2<*. 177 b. 

V. 7. pt 2^. 80 bt 
Sbakerly v. 5:. 30. 
Shakefton v. 3. 60. 
Sharford Bridge v. 4. p« 2<I. 

i8« b. 
Sharpfaam v. 3. %6. 
Sbefefeld V. I. ",42. v.4i 

ptift. 14,1^,44,49. V.5, 

94. V. 6. ^. 
Shcttbrde v. 7* pti*. i. 
Shenfton v, 4. pt2<*. 187 b. 
Shepetoa Corbet v. 7» p' i^. 

Shepton v. i* 49. v. 2. 42. 
Sbepey v*7. 136 A, 
Shepward v* 7. p^ 2<J. 71 b. 
Shiffenol v. f. p^ i*. i<. 
Shiningfeld v. 8. 79 a. 
Shirburn, w Shirbume v. !• 
66, v. 2. I, 8, 47, 48, 50. 

^•?* 4?} 9^' ^•4' P* i^» 38* 

V. 5. 91. V. 7. p«2<i, 79 b, 
Shirburn R. v. (f. 13. 

E X* 

Shirforde v. 4. pt id. 44. 

I. 73. 
Shirifwottes - Caftelle v. i. 


Shirhuten v. i. 73. 

Shirley v.i. 17,23. v.(f. 32, 
Shirwood v. i. no. 
Shoington Bridgs v. 7. p^ I*- 

Shottewik, cr Shottewike v. 
5". 5r4- V. 7. pt I ft. 40. 

Shrawarden Caftle v.4. p^iA. 
181 a. 

Shrawardine v. 7. pt ifl. 32, 

Shrewsbery , Shrewsbury , 
Shrewisbiry, or Shrobbef- 
byry v. 7. pt i*. i^, 3»» 
33. v. 8, 73 b. ^^fShrob- 

Shrewsbury , or Shrewsbyri 
(Earl of) v.4. pt2d. 1(^4 b. 
V. f. 92, 

Shrobbesbury, Scrobbesbury, 
<7r Shrewsbury v. 4, pt2d. 
\6% a, b. 181 a. Seo 

Shrobbesbyri (Battle of) v.i* 

Shropfliire, Market Townes 
and Caftelles there v. 7. 
pt I ft. 32. Abbays ana 
Friories there 33. Rivers 
34* The Site and Com- 
modities of the Soile ibid. 
The Limites of the Shire 

Shukborow v» 7. p« vK 38* 

Shydon v. d. 32. 

Sibertefwalde^ or Scperwelle 
v.d. 4. 

Sidling, «r Silling v. 3. 47* 

Sidmouth v. 3. 42. 

Siganus v. 8. 80 b« 

Siherus rex v. 8. 80 a. 

Silchefter v. 6^ 5^4. 

Sillily. Boo Sidling. 

Simon Bp. of Saresoyri v. %m 
I X T7* 



57, 6i. 
Simonsbach v.x. 64. v.^. 91. 
Simonsburne v. 7. pt i^. 74. 
Singhencth v.4. p^ ift, 52,57. 
Sinodune v. x. 13, 14* v. 5. 

Sitmgbum v. 7. 144 A. 
Sifeton v. 7. p« a**. 74 b. 
Siuara v. 8« ^6 a. 
Skargil v. i. 4^, 47. 
Skefington v. i. 15. 
jSkegneiTc v. 7, 104 A. 
SkelR. V. 5. 115. 
Skelfthorp v. 7. pt ift. 51. 
Skenfrith v. 4. pt x^. 176 a. 
Skcr v.4. pt I ft, 67, 
Skerford v. i. i^, 
Skerlaw v. i. 58, 78. 
Skirlaw v. 8. 51 b. 52 a. 

53 b. 54 a. 
Skeuernok v. 5. 49, 
Skip V. 8. 77 b. 
Skipfcy V. I. 69. 
Skrivcn v. 5. 31. 
Slane v. 3. 9X,.93. 
Slaptoun V. 3. 3c. 
Slebyche v. 5. x8. 
Sletord, <7r Sleforde v.i. 29, 

30. V. 7. p« ift. 48. 
Slyngesby v. 4. pt ift. i. 
Smitn , ^ Smithe v. i. X3. 

V. 4. pt xd. 188 a. V. 5. 

Smithe Broklet v. 5.' 93. 
Smithon v. i. 77. 
Snafe v. i. 35. 
Snape v. 5. 114, 
Sodbiri (Litle) v. 5. 65. 
Sodbyri v. 3, 26, v, 7. pt ^^, 
7xa,b. 73 a. 75 b. 131 A. 
Sudbyri v. 7. 144 A. 
Sokburne v. i. 6^ jj. 
Somebourn v. 3. 72. 
Somer v. 6. ^3. 
Somerey v. 4. pc ift. 19. 
Somerfct, wSomerfete v. u 

84, 8(f, 87. V. 6. 30, 93, 
v.8» 73 b. 
Somerfete ( Duke of ) v. 4. 

p' ift. 39. 
Somerfete (E. of) v. (J. 3, 
Somerfetemire v. a. 64. 
Somcrton v. 4. p' ift. 16. 
Sopham v. 6. 61. 
SoreR. v. 1. 18, xo. 
Souch, or Soucbe v. i. 13, 

14, 15. V.5. 94. V.6.IJP 

6x, 6i. V.7. ptift. 5. V.8. 

^6 b. 107 b. 1 08 a. Sii 

Soudeftok v. 3. 84. 
Soutball V. 4. p« xa. 19X b. 
Southam v.4. p'x< 170 a, b. 

191 a. V. 7,ptift, xo. V.8. 

75 b. 
7%^ Southammes v. 3. 31. 
Southampton v. 3. 74. De- 

fcription of the Haven 

there sM. 
Southan v. 4. pt x*'. 162 a. 
South-Cadbyri v. 1. 40, 50. 
Southcote v. 3. 4^. 
South-Croke v. 5. 49. 
Southetoune, or Southtoun 

V. 4. pt id. i6x b. ii6 b. 

V. 7. pt id. j6 a. 78 a. See 

Southfolk. See Suflfolk. 
Southfolke (D. of) v.d. 13. 
South-Pederton v, x. 56. 
5outh-Walis, Abbais and 

Prioris there v. 5. ix. 
South wike v. 3. 8x. 
Sow R. v. 7. p« ift. x5, 37. 
Sowey V, x. 4X. 
Sowthwel V. 5. 03. 
Spaine v.4. p« i«. iQ. 
Spaldwik v. 4. pt i". 48. 
Sparfliold v. 6. 39. 
Speke v.x. 51, s^. v. 3. 3X. 
Spencer, Spenfar, or Spenfer 

v. I. 87, 109. V. 3. 38. 

I N D 

V, a; pti<J. lK4b. 187 a. 

V. 6. yoj 99. V. 7. pt a<J. 

^3 b. V, 8. 6^ a. 73 b. 

114 b. 
Spilesby v. 7. p« i*. yo. 
Spiney v, 4. p« ift. 19. 
Splot V. 4. pt ift. 5r<f» t8. 
SpoSbrd^ ^rSpoford v. 7. p« 

87 b. 

;/uiruru^ or ouuiuru v 

ift. 60. V. »• 77 a. 


Sposfbrd V. 1. 104. 

Spurftow V. 7. pt I ft. 43. 

St. George v. 4. p« i<l. 178 a. 

Stafford, StaflForde, ^r Sta- 
ford V. 1. (J. V. 3. 32j 8(f, 
87. V. 4. p« ift. 19, 45. 
pcad. ii6a. 189 a. V. ^« 
13,18,46,53. v.7.peift. 

Stafford (Lord) v.7. pt ift.18. 

there v. 7. pt ift. 3(J. Ca- 
ftelles iiia. Rivers 37. 
Abbaies and Prioris tM. 
Foreftes , Parkes , and 
Chafis 38. The Site of 
the Shire, and Commo- 
dites of the Soile 39. 

Stainbyri v. 8. 77 a. 

Stalbridge v. 7. pt 2d, go b. 

Stanbury v. 8. 79 b. i6 b. 

Standeley, or Standley v. ^r. 
3(f, 81. y.6. 37. v.7.ptift. 
8, 12, 42, 43. V. 8. 109 a. 

Stane v. 2. df. 

Stanes v. 2. i. 

Stanethrop, or Stanthorp 
V. I. 81, 92, 93. 

Stanewich v. 5. 116. 

Stanford, orSanefordc v. j. 
115. V. 6. 29, 30. V. 7. 
pt ift. 47, 48. 

Stanhope v.i. 79. v. 8. 52 b. 

Stanthorp. See Stanethrop. 

Stanton, Stantune, ^r Staun- 
ton V.I. 1$'. V. 3. 84. V. f. 

E X. 

85:. See Santon. 
Stanwey v. 4. pt 2d. 1693. 

V. 6. 9A. 
Staplefora, or Stapleforde 

V. 3. (Jo. V. 7. pt id. 79 a. 
Stapleton, ^Stapletun v.i. 

48. V. 3. 32, 37. V. 4. pt 

ift. 19. V. 7. pt ift. i^r. 
Starkei v. 7. pt ift. a2, 43. 
Staunford v. 7. p^ i". 20, 21* 
Stawel v. 3. 85. 
Stawford v. 2. 66. v. 3- 93- 
Stephan, or Stephane Frior 

V. 2. 71. V. 3. 94. 
Stephanas (S.) on the Hil 

V. 3. 94. 
Stephan, «r Stephen (King) 

V. I. 33, V. 6. 28. V. 8. 

81 b. 97 b. 100 a. 
Stephanus comes v. ^. 67 a. 
Steward v. 6. 72. 
Steple Asflieton v. 7. pt 2d, 

67 a. 
Steple Caftle. See Stepton. 
Stepton, or Steple Caftle 

o X: ^- ^• 

Stilington V. 3. 87, 88. 

Stinan's Chapel (S.) v. 5. 29. 

Stire v. 8. 5*2 b. 

Stitenham v. 6. 15:. 

Stofforde Bridge v. tf. 54. 

Stoke V. 2. 2, V3i 54* v. 3. 

(J9, 91. V. 4. pt2d. 181 b.' 

V. 7. pt 2d. 6r b. 72 a. 
Stokcury, or Stoke Courqr 

V. 3. 89. 
Stoke Caftle v.4. pt 2d. 179 b. 

V. 6. 13. 
Stoke-Dawbeney v.i. irr. 

v. 4. pt ift. 19. V. 7. p^ ift. 

Stoke Flemming, ^rFleminge 

V. 3. 19. V. 8. 113 a. 
Stoke Gregory v. 2. ^6. 
Stoke Gurcy v. 2. (J3. 
Stoken Teigne v. 3. 31. 






Stokefay v. 7. pt i*. 3^ 
Stoketon v. 7. pt i*. 04. 
Scokton V. I. 6%. 
Stonard v. 7. 116 A. 
Stone V. 7. pt ift. 3^, 
Stone Houfc v. ^. ir. 
Stone Priory v. 7. pt i^. ^tf, 

Stoner v. i, 11. v. 4. p« i*. 
19. V. 7. pt lA. 6% a. 

Stoone V. 4. p« i^. Ap. 
Stoppord V. 7. pt A 
Stoitord V. (?• oi. 

Scormefter, Stourminftcr, ^ 

6, V. <. IX, ij* 

Strateford , or Stratefordc 

V. 4. ptift. 4(f. v.(f- 3. 
Stratford apon Avon v. 4. 

p^xd. i5db. i6j a. t68b. 
Stratford (John de) v. 4. pf 

2<*, 167 a. 
Stratforde Langethom v. 8. 

76 b. 
Strateflur, or Strateflure v.^r. 

'?> 7^,7^1 78- V.7. ptift. 

Strate Marcelle Abbey v. 7. 

p* ift. 29. 

Stowrminfter v.3. 96. v.7. Stratton on the Scieate ▼. i. 
p' 2d. 79 a, b. 35'. 

Storthwaith, or Storthwayt Straunge v.i. 117^ v.S. 71b. 

Straw Qak) arStrawe (Jakke) 3. v.7. 144 A. 

V. 2. 40. V. 3 
Stothart v. i. 102 

Stoughton V. I. I. 

Stour, Stoure, orStowreR* 
V. a. 45r. v. 3. 2^, 54, 9** 
V. 4. pt 2d. 183 a. V. 7. 
p 2d. 78 b. V. 8. 74 b. 

Streford ,. or Scretrord v. 4. 

pcxd. iHo 2« 
Streiley v. 4. p« r*. 2, 44. 
Stretey v« 7. pt i^. 37. 

, _ _ ,^ Strctford. ^^ Streford. 

Bridges on it v. 3. f 4, 96. Scretton v. 4. p^ 2d. 180 a. 

StrettonsDale v.7. pt ift. ^4. 

V, Dowr, 
Stourton, or Srowrton v. 6, Strettoun v. 2. 72 

53} 5*4- V. 7. pt2d. 78 b. Strettun v. 3. 9jr. 

79 a, b. V.8. 109 b. 
Stow in the Wolde v. ^. 2 

v. 7. pt2d. 63 b. 
Stowe R. V. 4. pt 2d. 191 a. 
Scowey v. 2. ^9. 
Stradel v. 8. 76 b* 
Stradcling v. 4. p« ift. (Jf, 69, Scronget v. 3. ii 

StradfordeAbbay v.7. p«ift. 

Straford v. i. a. 
Scranbowe, Strangbow, cr Stumpe v. x. 27» x8'. 

Strongbowe v. 4. pf 2d. Sturley. ^^^Streytle. 

172 a. V. 6. 23. V. 8. 75" b. Sturmeftre Newron v.3. i6. 

Streytle, airas Sturley v. 4. 

pt ift. 14. 

StriKcland v. i. 2. 
Strogil V. 6. 23. 

Strowde v. 3. ?. 
Studelcy (Lord) v. ^. 76. 
Studley Abbey v. (J. 74* 
Studlege Priory v.7. p« i*. 9. 

75 a. 
.Stranguaife, Strangwaife, cr 

Sturfelcy, «rScurton v. 7. p< 

Strangways v. i. 76. v.3, Sturton. See Smrfeley. 
42, 45, 47. V. 4. pt i<^. 2, Sturton (Lord) v.7. p^ i*. 3<^* 



Smterilla (Robertusde) v. 5:. 

Saadale. See Sudedole. 

SualeR. Abbayes and Prio- 
ries on it V. y. 115. 

Sualedaie , or Suadale v. %. 

ir^, ii6« 
Sudcfey v, 4. p' z<^. 170 t. 

v. 8. 74 b. 7f b. 
Sudeley Caftell v. 8. 109 a. 

Sufiblk v^ i« 54. 

SuSolk (Duke of) v.i. 31. 

V. 8. 114 b. 
Sugar V. 3* 88* 
Sugwfts w.i. 87 a. 
SuUard v. 4. pc oA. 179 a. 
Suliet v.^. 95:. 
$ulmo V. 6. 28, K±y ^2, ^4* 
Sumertun. See Richmont. 
Sunderland Bridge v. i. 91. 
Sunning v. 2. 2, ^,5. 
Surrey (E. of) y.6. 4^. 
Suteley v. r. 109, 
Suthebyry v. d. j. 
Sutton V, I. 31. V. 3. 22. 

r.5'. di, 91. V.7. pt i^. 38, 

52. V. 8. 49 a. 
Sutton Chafe v. 7. pt \K 38. 
Sutton Colefeild v. 4. pc 2<l. 

87 a. b. Lodges inSutton- 

Chate 187 a. See Southton. 
Suttoun V.7, pt 2«1. ^4 a. See 

Swaculf V. 8. 5'2 b. 
Swadale v. 8. 66 a. 
Swale R. v.i. 9^. y.i.66^. 
Swalo V. 7. pt 2^. 71 a. 
Swanfcy ¥,3. 8y. v,4, p« i*. 

Swanus v, 8. ^6 a. 
Swillington v. 4. p« ift, 19. 
Swine v. 8. 52 a, 
Swineforde v. 8; 49 a. 
Swinesford v. 1. 93. 
Swinus V. 8. 82 b. 
Swithclinus v. 8. 95? a. 

Swynbumc v. 7. pt i*. 78. 
Swynfelde , Swinfeld , cr 

Swinesfeld v. 8. 77 a, b. 

78 a. 8da. 
Sydenham v. 2. (fo, 61. 
Syriek Newton v. 3. 38. 

Tadcafter v. i. 47. 

Talbot V.I. 106. V. 4. P'ift. 
19, 40, 41. pt 2d. i8(^ a« 
V. 5. 30, 81, 92. V. 6\ 5-, 

78. V. 7. pt !«. 15, 16, 17, 

18, 2(f, 35. I2(> A. V. 8. 

Talbrooke v. y . 2. 
Tale V. 3. 59. 
Tale Laugharne. See La- 

Taleponte v. 5'. 43. 
Taleuan v. 4. pt ift. 71; 
Talgarth v. ^r. 6% 72. 
Talley v. 5. 13, 23. v. 7. p^ 

ift. 31. 
Talmeneth v. 3. 4^ 
Taluarran Caftel r. f . 80. 
TamarR. v.*. ^9. v. 3. 20, 

21, 94. Bridges on it v. 2. 

6^. V.3. 94. 
Tame v, 2. 9, 22, 2f . v. 4, 

pt ift. 48. V. 5, a, 102. 

V. (J. 18, 53. V.7. ptiA. 7, 

8, ?7- 
Tame Abbey 7.4. pt 2<l.i9i a. 

Tame Market 191b. 192 a* 

Tame River 189 a. 192 a. 
Tamcrtun v. 2. (^9. v. 3. 94, 
Tamewortb, or Tamworth 

V. 4. pt lA. 189 a, b. 190 a. 

v. 7. ptift. 2(f, 3tf, 37. 
Tancreville v. 6. ji* 
Tanfeld. 5^* Weft. SeeEA. 
Tanfelde v. 5*. 114, iif. 
Taphe R. notable Bridge^ 

on it V. 4. pt I ft. 74. 
Tarente v. 6. ^4. 



^^ I N D 

Toringtoa v. j. 93. 
Tarne R. v. y. 91. 
Tarfet v* y, lox. 
Tatcham y.6. 66. 
Taterihaul v. 6. 6%. v. 7. p' 

Tateihall v. 8. 5:4 b. ^7 a. 
Tave V. ?• zi. 
Taveftoke v.i.tfp. v.^.ii. 
Tau, Taue, or Taw R. v.i. 

67. V. 5. 9x. V. 4. pt ift. 

5f . V. y. ij, 
Taulaughiar ¥.7. p' i^. 6^. 
Taunton v. 3. 8j. 
Tawntoun. 5^^ Thonetoun. 
Tauftok y. j. 9a. 
Tautun v. %. 91. 
Tawtoa v.x. ^^7. 
Tawy V.4. ptift. <f. 
Tayloois v. 7, pt i". f^. 
Taylor y. f . 10. 
Teda v. 3. 4. 
Tcddefle-chafc v.7. p« i*, 37. 
Teguin arTaue v.jr^ iz, ij* 
Teignemouth v. 3. 19, 31. 
Telesford, ^r Telesforde v.4. 

pt i<J. i6(f b, V. 8. 74 b. 
Temde. See Teme. 
Teme. of Temde R. v. 4. 

ptaa. 178 b. V. f. 3. V. 6. 

80. V. T. p« ift. 34. 
Temple Bruem v. i. 31. 
Tenterden v. 7. 139, I4x A. 
Terbrennine v. 4. p« i^. (fy, 

Tcrcoite v, 4. pt i^. 71. 
Tereudacus (S.) v. 5. 5. 
Termone v. 5. 50. 
TerneR. v.4. pt i^. 181 b. 

v-7. ptift. 33,34. 
Terre Mone v. 7. pt ift. ai. 
Terrig R. v. y. 37. 
Terfllire v. 4. pt ift. 66. 
Terftuard v.4. pt ift. 70, 71* 
Tertarith v. y. 70. 
Terumber v. 2. 31* 

E X. 

Teryarith v. 4. p« i^. 67^ ju 
Tcfe R. V. I. 57, 93. V. 5- 

1 16. v.7. pt I*. 6y- Bridges 

on it v. I. 77. 
Tefton Bridg v. 6. 9. 
Tetbyri, or Tettebyri v. a. 

as. v.d. 47,48. 
Tetbyri Caftellc v. 6. %o. \ 
Tetenhaul v. 7. pt i*. jiJ. j 
Tewe R. v. 8. 107 a. ' 

Tewi R. v. y. xj, a^, 73. 
Tewkcsbyri, •r Tewkesbury 

v.4. pt iK i£. pt xd. i({9 a. 

170 a. 173 b. v. 6. 81, 8x, 

83, 84,8?, 86, 87, 88, 89, 


07, 98- V. 7. pt xd. 71 a. 

Manor Places belonging 

to the Abbate of Tewkef 

byri v. 6. 94. 
Teyne R. v. 3. 19. Bridges 

on it ibid. 
Thanet v, 7* 131, 137 A. 
Thaw'an R. v. 4. pt i*. (Ji, 

6%. Notable Bridges on it 

74. SeelL^. SeeWe&c. 
Thzys V. 4. pt ift. 19. 
Thefreancus v. 8. 87 a. 
Thelewaul, <>rThelwall v.7. 

pt ift. 56. 
ThenisR. v. 7. ptift. 78. 
Theobald, ^rTheobalde v.i. 

94. V. 0. 4. 
Theobaldus arch. Cant. v.8. 

81 b. 8i a. 
Theocus Heremita v. 6- 81. 
Theodore v. a. 38. v. 6. ia. 
Theodorus arch. Cant. v. 6. 

34. V. 8. 95" a. 
Theodredus v.8. 8xb. 
Theoldus v. i. y. 
Thimbleby v. i. x8, 29. 
Thirgille v. 6. 6%. 
Thirland v. 8. 70 a, 
Thilarte, i^r Difarte, Caftelle 

V. J. jtf. 


I N D 

Thomas v.a. 30. v, 4. p^ i^. 

70. v,8. 40 a. 
Thomas ap. jonys v. y. 7?. 
Thomas ep. Wellenfis v.^. 

Thomas Archb. of Yorkc 

V. 4. p« 2<<. 171 b. V. 8. 

t;6 2L. 7f b. 
Thomas (Sir Rhefe ap.) v.^r. 

I3,ia,i5r,a8 7j,74,75. 
Thonak v. i. 3^. 
ThoneR. v. a, ^6. 
Thonetoun, a/fot Tawntoun 

V. !• ^6, 
Thong, or Thonge v. 6. 4, 

^. V.7. 144 A. 
Thorcsby v. 8. ^6 a. 
Thornbury, Thornbyri, 

Thorneberye, or Thorae- 

byry v. 4. p« i^. 173 b. 

y,6. <)i. V, 7. pt z^. 75 a. 

V. 8. 76 a. 
Thome v.a. 4, v. 6. 11, 13. 
Thornes v. 5, jo, 
Thorney Curcoife v. i. 19. 
ThornhuU v.^. 52, 101. v.7. 

pt id. 79 a, b. 
Thornton. See Thorton. 
Thornton Bridge v.i. 72, 7^. 
Thorpe v. i. d, 49, 116. 

v.o. 76. V. 7. i2tf A. V. 8. 

6i b. 
ThopeWatervile Cattle v.(J. 

Thorton,,^ Thornton v. f. 

103. V. 6, 6%. 
Thrapefton v. i. ^. 
Throghmerton y.6. 94. 
Throgmorton v. 4. p' 2**. 

167 b. ii6 a. V. 7. p^ i<J. 

73 a. 
Throkmerton v.4. p^ ift. 19. 
Through -Bridge v. 2. 30, 

Thrum D^nus v, 8. 99 b. 
Thruftingtpp v. 5. 54. 
Vol, 9. 

E x; 

Thurgoton v. y. 93. 
Thurne v. i. lo. 
Thurftanus arch. £bor» v. 8* 

100 a. 
Thwaites , Thwaytcs , or 

Twaytes v.i. 76. v. 6. 14. 
Thwarton v. 8, ^9 b. 
Thybleby ( Dr.) v. 7. pt ift. 

Tichefeld v. 3. 70. 
Tider uab Hohele v. 4. pt 

ift. 52. 
Tidug V. 4. pt ift, 67. 
Tier Stuart v. 4. pt i^. ^4. 
TikenhiJl v.4, pt 2*'. 183 b; 
Tikil V. f. 97. 
Tikkille v. i. 9. 
Tille, alioi Celling v. 6. y. 
Tilleredus v. 8. 5-3 a. 
Tillefly V.6, 15. 
Tilney v. 6. 3^, 37, ^^. v.7. 

204 A. 
Tilthecoit v. 4. pt iK y8« 
Tilton V. 4. pt lit. 15. 
Tinbigh v.y. 75. 
Tinby v. 5:. 2(f. 
Tine R. v. 7. pt ift. tfy. 
Tinemouth, or Tynmouth 

y.7.ptift, 75,78. 
Twmgham inceni. v.7. pt 

2<J. 61 a. 
Tintagel,.Jfcf iJindigel v.x. 

73. y. 3. 95. V. 7. 117, 

118 A. 
Tinterne v. 5. 5, 8, i;t. 
Tipetote v.iS. i(f. v. 8. 54 b. 

^5 a. 
Tifoun v. 8. fo a. 
Tifton Bridge v. 6. 9. 
Titenhul v. 2. 5'2. 
Toaton, ^Towton v.i,, 47. 
Todenham v. 5. 23. 
TpkftafFe v.7. ptift. ^6. 
Tbllerton 7. i. 74, 
Tome River v.4. pt2d. 184b. 
Tonmer v.7. pt 2<*. 80 a. 

t K Toorne 




Toorne Wo#d v. i. jp. 

Topeclif V. I. 7^. 

Tof egc. five Tureg« R. v.i. 

67, (J8, (fp. Bridges o^ if 

^9. ' 
Torey v. 3. 13. 
Torre v, 3. Jj^ 
Torrebay v. 3. 30, 
Torre Briaa v. 7. d« i^i ^7. 
Toringcon v. a. 6^. 
Torkefey v. t. 3^. 
Tormerton v. 7. p« o^. 73 $f 

74 a. 
Torteworrh v. 7. p^ %< 73 ff 
Toteaes v. a* tfj. v. 3. s^tf, 

Totenhaul r.f. pMft. ^tf, 
•rocemeio ( Reb. dc ) y. ^, 

70 b^ 71 a. 
Toterneius v. i. 114. 
Tothcty V.f. p«iA 5ri. 
Touchet V.4. pt ift. AC. 
Toiieteftar v. 7.p» i*. 13. . 
Towccfter v. i. Hv 
Tounbridge v. d. 9. 
Toure v. 5'. 44. 
Towc V, 5. 79. 
^owen V* 5- 4^. 
Towkeyf v, 7. p« a**. dJi b. 
Townelcnde v* 4, pt i^. i^. 
TowqIcs v. 5. 91^ 
Towren Feld v* (S, 17. 
Towton. See Tofttop. 
Tracy, or Tracye v* a. dj^ 

V. 3. 9*. V, 4. p«2^. idj^ ^1 

170 a. V- ?• 74 b. 
Tnhtm^urc v. 5. 10. 
Traiford v. f . ii. 
Traily v. !• 107. 
Trebuclo. See Knighton. 
Treoarelte v. 3. (^. 
Tre Cafte4 v. 5. 9, 71, 73, 
Tredclerch v.*4.'ptift. ji,, 
Trederth, See Trethcrdc. 
Tsedewi. ♦r Trcdewy v. a; 

7!- Y-V 9?. 

Trcdine V. 3. 7. v^ f . 19. 
Treegelly v. 5, 19, ao. 
Trefleming y,4, p« i«, ii. 
Trefnant v, 8* 86 a. 
Trefufis v. 3. 10. 
Tregaron v. ^. yy, 77. 
Tregoney , Tr^gony , vel 

Trpgny v, 3. 12,.- v. 7, 

izt A. 
Trcgor v. 3. 37. 
Tregofe v.d. 58. 
Tregoz v. 4. p« x^. 17^ !• 

V. 8. 84 a. 

Tregyon v. 3. 1%^ 13. 
Treheddy v. 3. j". 
Trelaun v. 3. 18*. 

Trelauny v. 3, 18, 19, »o. 
Trcliilc V 1, 74; Vr3, j^j, 
TremaJD v. 3. 9. 
Trcmercoun v. j. ao, 
Trcmcton v. 7i i%^ A. 
Trenewith v. ?• 4.' 
Trent, ^ Pydrdadour R. v.|^ 

III, 113. V. J, 71, v.7f 

ptift. 37,47- 
Trcntam v. 7. 30- 
Trergreg, ^Laukiby v.j. 6% 
Trerife v. 3. 1, 
Tresbur v. 7. pt iff. lo. 
Trefcaw v. 3. 6. 
Trefliam v. 6. 38, 93, 
Treffeharji v. 7. 94. 
Trefimon v. 4. p* ift. &• 
Trefinny v. 3. 2. 
Trefitian Bridge v. 3. ir. 
Tresk v. i. 77. 
Trefvaunt v. 8. 77 a. 
Jrerhcrdc, vel Tredttrtli Vt 

3. 9. 
Trethyne Caftel v. 7. iijjA. 
Trccour v, 7 ^9. 
Trevagnion v. 3. x, I4« 
Trevenny v. i. 73. 
Treuenny v. 3. 97. 
Treveth v. 3. 91. 
Trivcth v, 1. 78. 



Trevor v. 5. 37. 
Trdtieuto T. ^. .49J 
Treugarth v.-f. 18. 
Treurewe v. 5, 48. 
Tredry v*}. 15*, 16^ if* 
Trcwrjr v.-^, 4*. 
Treuchey v. 3. 17.- 
Trewardrdck y. 3* 9. v. 7. 
, i^A. 

Trewijcletoek v* y/ S. 
Trctrintfd V. 5^ 7. 
Trillck V. ». 77 a. ^8' & 

79 ».' i6z. 
Trddy. ^^# Otflceddiri^ 
Trogy V. 5. <;,6. 
Tfoncefter ?/. 8. 75" b. 
Troutbck v. 5?. 30. 

TrLjewSk j or Turwk v. y. 

Tram V. 3. II. 
Ti^ur^ V. y, izi A. 
Tramber v. 8. 85 b. 
Truffell V. 4. pt ad. 1^7 h. 

V. (^. 4(J, 
Tuder v. &. 7(S b. ^^# Mer^J 

Tue v.7.ptx< d3b. 
Tuefnauat v. 8. 79 a. 
Tuine v. 7. ia8 A. 
Tumbarkrn v.4. p^i^^ fl, 
Tumbleftoudi aL Plefcy V.4. 

p^ift. 19. 
Tunge v.»7. pt^ift. j^. 
Ttfnftaly Tunftal^, Timftaffl^ 


or Tunftalle v. i. 



V. 3, xj. V. 4. p« iff. 19. 
p« 2<l. 1(^4 a.* V. 0. (Ji. V. 8. 

Tupholmo Priory v.7. p^A 

Turbeville v.'4. ptift, 70. 
Turbur v. 8. 70 b. 
Turege R. v.^^^ 3. 93* Ar# 

Torege. . . 

Turgefe v. tf. if ,^4* 

Tureotus v. 8- 51 b. 
Turkilltid com. v. 8. 82 d«' 
Turner v. 7< p^ i*. p. 
Turribus (Martkius ae) v.-4rf 

pt ift. 4^. 
Ttirvile v. <i iJ^. 
Turwic. See Truewhit, 
Turwijch^ or Turwitbe v. 4. 

ptift. 19. V.7. pt|ft. f:^ 
Tuflbg LLuelia crab Gei« 

verde Trufiden v. .5. 48., 
Tutbiri CafteJ Ytj. pt ift. ^(^i 
jFutburi v. 7* p' i^. 3^. 
T.wede v. 7. {^i*. 80. 
Twekesbyrie v. 8'. 75 b. 
Twexberye v. 8. 76 a. 
Twichet V. 6. x^. 
Twiford V. 3. 4(Jj 73. v. 6. 

. 9y34- 

Twiford Bridge y. ^. 9. 
Twirto.H, SeeTvnvcn^t^t 
Twiflebridge v^. ptift. 8oi 
Twivcrton, or Tv/irtort v*3^ 

Tyvertun v, 2. tf4i. 
Twyne v. d. 11. 
Tylle R. v. 7. pt jft. 79. 
Tynbot V. 7. p« rft. .a7- 
Tyne R, v. 7. pt ift. 30, 3^, 
^74, 78. 
Tyncdale, v.- 7. pt i«. 74^ 

Great Robbingthere 80. 
Tynmouth. Seeiitypvaou^h. 
Tyntem Abbay y. 6* a3l. 
TyrcUe v*d. lOQi 
Tyue V. ^. 79, 
TyWartrakh^ Vk 3., ^4^ 


Vacftrius y. &. 99 b.- 
Valence^ 70. 
Valetorce v. 3. 201 
^^ Valle Torc^v. 3. %^ 
Vallc Royal v. y, gai .,. 

K a ' VaJloniis 


Valloniis (Pctrus de ) v. 8. Veteri ponte (Robertus de) 

71 a. 
Vanne v. 4. pt ift. 57, 70. 
Vanpage v. 60 %o. 
Vavafor v. 4. p« ift. 14. 
Vauldey v. i. z6. 

V. 8. 54 b. 
UfFenham v. 4. p« 2<*. itfS b. 
UflFord V. (f. 45. 
Viate V.I. 3* 
The Vies v. 7. pt %d. 66 h. 

Vaulx, or Vaulz v. i. i^, ViJlarcs, or Villars v. i. aj 
108. V. 3. 12. V. 4. p^ift, ^_.v-(J* 6*^. 

9, 19. p« a< 178 b. V. tf- 
08, 93* v« 8. 90 a. 

Vaus V. 8. 71 a.^ 

Veel V. 6. 47, yo. 

Veer v. 7. 138 A. 

Vere V. 4. p« i*, 14. v. 5*. 

70. V. 8. 78 a. 79 a, b. 

81 a. 82 b. %6^. ij'z. 

Ville. ^^^LaVille. 
Vincent, or Vincente v. I. 

24, j6. V. 4. pt ift. 6. 
Vineyard. See Dineyard. 
The Vinyarde v. 8- j6 a. 
Vinton v. 7. pt 2<^. ^3 a. 
Virgil (Polyclore) v. 3. 89. 
Vitrocus V. 6. 44* 

A large Account of the Viviane v.2i y6. v. 3* i, 3. 
Family v. (f. 42, 43, 44, Ultikellus v. 8. 94 b. 

4ir, 4^- 
Vehan v. 4. pt i^. 66. v. f . 

10, 69. V. 6» 6^. 
Veifey: See Harman. 
Vefcj v.T. 3i,tf4. V.8. 5^ a; 
Veyiy v. 2. 67. v. 3. 22. 
Venables v. 7. pt ift. 4?. 
Venceland, ^r Venteland v.^-. 

r, ^, 9. 

Vendraith Vaur v.8. lotf a,b. 
Vendreth Vaur v. 5'. 24, 27. 
Vendraith Vehan v. 8. 106 

a, b. 
Vendreth Vehan v. r. ^4■i^S' 
Venetia, Rokkes fo called 
• V. f. 8. 

Veniron Bridge v. 3, 39. 
Veiifela v. y, 113. See 

Venteland. 5(fe Venceland. 
Verdoune v. i. 21. 
Verney v. i. 8. v. 7. pt i^. 

Vernon v. 4. pt 2*'. 179 b. 

180 a. 74. 
Vernoun v. i. 29. v. y. 31. 

v.^. 74. 
Vernun v. 7. p^i*. 33. 

Ulnerhampton, or Wulncr- 

hampton v. 7. pt ift. 76. 
Ulnerhampton. See Wulver- 

Undale v. i. il6. v. 6. 66. 

V. 7. ptift. 4. 
Undergod v. 7. pt |ft. 32. 
Undrewoode v. 2. 22. 
Uitframville v. 8. 71 a. 
Uphavon v. 7. pt 2^. 66 b. 
Uphil V. 3. 48, 91. 
Upledon v.8. 87 a. 
Upoter V. 3. 39, 
Uppingham v. i. 2^. 
Upiaule V. 8. ^6 a. 
Upton V. 4. pt.2<'. 173b. 

V. 5. 100. V. 6. 80. 
Urbanus V. p. Ro. v. S. 

loi b. . 
Ure R. V, y. iiy. v.8. tff b. 

6(J a. 
Ureby, or Rofeby v. i. ^u 
Uredale v. y. 116. 
Ure Vaulx v. 8. 66 z. 
Urman v. 6. 93. 
Ufe. See Ife., 
Uske V. 5. 12. 
Uskelle V. I. 47. 




Uftratc V. f • (fi. 
Uftwith V. f. 7(f, 79. 
Uttok Ccftrc V. 7. p« I*. 

Uxbridge v. a, i. v. 4. pt2<*. 

i^a b. 


Wadacomes v. ^. a, 
Wadcbridge v. ». 74. v. 3. 

Wadelc v. y. 3. 

Wadham v.<^. 40. v.7. p« x<*. 

72 a. 74 a. 
Wake V. i. a8. v. 6. 4^. 

V. 7. p« ift. 47. 
Wakefeld v. 1 . 44, 45^, 46. 

V. 7. p« ift. c J. V. 8. 69 a. 

Ill b. 1X2 b. 
Walch Maylor v. 5*. 54. 
Walche v. y. (J5. v.7. pt 1^. 

71 a. 
Waldavus v. 3. 71. 
Walden v. 6. ya. 
Waldeophus v. 8. ya b. 
Walerane v. 8. Sy a. 
Walericus (Reginaldus de S.) 

V.6. 47. 
Walerico (Tho. de S. ) v. 6. 

Walerie v. 8. j6 b. 
Waleries (St.) v. 2. 17, 18. 
Wales (Kings and Princes 

of) V. 1. 84. 
Waleys v. (J. 5:2. 
Walefey v. ^. yy, 
Walgreve v. 4. p«ift. 19. 
Walingford v. 2. 12, 13, v. j. 

Walkenis ep. Dunelm. v. 8. 

5'! b. ^2 b. 
Walkington v. i. ^7. 
Wallengforde v. 7. pt 2d. 

Walyngforde v» 7. p< ift. I4» 

Walleford v. 3. 97.' 
Wallefliaul v. 7. pt i^. 39. 
Waliia DeWallenfibus rebus 

perplura ex chronico in- 

certi auAoris v. 8. loi b. 

102 a, b. 103 a,b. 104 a, 

b. loy a, b. to6 a. 
Wallin^on v. 7. pt jft. 78. 
Walloun V. 6. 27. 
Wathelington v. &. 8. 
Walmer v. 7. 127 A. 
Walrond v. 3. 6L 
Walfche v. 6. 76. 
Walfche Poole v. y. 3, 80. 

v.7. p«i*. 28. 
Walter v. 4< pt i^, 181 a. 
Walterus ep. Dunelm. v. 8« 

ri b. 5-3 a. 
Walterus ep. Heref. v. 8. 

77 b. 
Waltham v. 3. 83. v. 6. 57. 
Walton y* 7. p« i^. ytf. 
Walworth v. 6. %6, 
Wanetinge v. 7. pt 2<*. (Jy a. 
Wansbege v. 7. pt ift. 79. 
Warde v. jr. 103. 
Warden v. 7. pt ift. 1. 
Wardon v. i. 109. 
Wardon-Abbay v.i. 118. 
Wardona ( v. i. * 

Ware v. 3. ya. 
Wareham v. 3* 52. v. tf. 3. 
Waren v. 8. 81 b. 
Warimunde v. 6. 48. 
Warine v. (J. 44. v. 7. ptift. 

Warine E. of Surrey v. i. 

44 45^. 
Wanngton v.7. pt ift. jtf. 
Warlewift v. a. 76. 
Warner v.7. 130 A. 
Warnerius hLGummari v«8. 

Warfop V. I. 10^4 
Warton v. f . 8f . 


yt I N D 

Wartre v*f. ?^,'T0>. 
Warwick, Wapwik^ ^ War* 
wikc V. I. II* V. a* W* 

a,b. i;tf4a. i^«5b.=r67b. 

, i8pa.. toia. V. 4* 50,91. 
V.7. p« I** itf. v*8» 7? a, b. 

. 74 «.. 7^ a. Several thitigi 
about the Earlf oP Wa^* 
wick ia thtf Accoadt 61 
Theokesbyri y.6. ii^ ti 

Warwick (HcDiy Dr of ) ▼.4. 

arwik (comrt d«) v. 8. 

Wafw4»{liirc Vr8. 74 b^ 
Warwikefhire ,. Market 
Towa©^ ther€ v. 7* |3«^t*4 
%6. Caftelles s^. The 
. length of theCcumtf ikidi 
Warwift t^a. 71. -v. 3. 13* 
Wafch, <^ Wafch© Rv n t^ 

ri^.. V. (J. 30W 
Wacd«y r. (^. 93. 
Watelingftrece r. 7. p i^^ 

Watheling-Sireite V. t^ \i^ 
90, 3f,- 42^ 46, 475 xo]rj 
10^, 11^, lldy l24^ 

Watlyngeftrete, the Way on 
it from Borow Bridge cor 
Cariil V. ». ^9 b^ 

Water Hed "^^ 3. 30; 

Watertoii v, i. 44^ 

Warervilltf v.i, 6. 

Watforde v. 6. 38. 

Watreffwrt v. 7. pn^^ ^7- 

Watton V. 8. 50 a.. 

Waverlegh v. 3.. 7*. . 

Waulley v. i. ic^^r 

Wawlley v.'j^ p^ift. -yy^ 

Waafiyng^F^»h4 v.i. 97; . 

Waulwine v. 5:. 71. 

Waure v. 4^ pt iift^ • 44^ 

Way^ or Wild, R* v.*?. i|tf^ «' 

E X- 

Waymouth v. 3. 48,51, jji 

Waynflet, <r Wayiifletc v*4< 

pt ift. 50. V. d. do. v. 7. 

p^ift. 50, ao4A. 
Ways V. 2. II. 
Webley v. 4. p^i^. 175^ b. 
Weddesbyri v. 7. pt ift. 39, 
Wedenok v. 8. 74 b. 
Wedon r. 1. 11 • 
Weford Brooke v. 4. p« i<*. 

189 a. 
Weke V. 8. 49 a. 
Weiandy pt Wehnde, R. 

V. I. 15. V. 6. 30. V. 8. 

<9 ^ ( Bridges on n by* 

nethe Rokioghpam Bridge) 

WcHi^(borow v. r. 7. 

Welington v. <. 47. v. 7. pt 
ift. fi.. 

We>leby.T. 7. p« i*. fx* 

Welleden v. i. 13. 

Welles v.-t. 40y 41. v. 5f. 
88. V. 7. pt id. 78^3* Mo* 
numeitts t&ere v.3.'88,89f« 
Palaces bf the Bps of 
Welies^ V. 3. 89. 

Welftreme v. 7. pt ift. 7. 

Weffbra v. 5^. 34. 

Wencedale v. 8. 6^ b. 

Wenceland v. 4. pt i^.^iy 

Wdndorver ^4* pt %^, 191 a. 

Wencf6ke^ Wenlock^ Wen- 
lok, or WetMUdok v. 4. pt 
ad, i8ib. iSi^a. Vr6. 6^, 
93. V. 7^ p«i*. 33w V. 8. 
89 A 

W€fnn« apl Roberte v. f. 

Wcflrniifgc*,' ^. d.^ ^. 
Wenno Caftelle- v. 4. p« r^. 

di. . . 
Wcnrty v:^^^iz* 
Wenny R. v. 4. pt i^^. 6(J. 
.\Brid|(*s crnit f^, 75^- 


I N D I X. 

Wenny. Priory t. 4. pi i». 

WbafeUiv v.g. ^6^ 
Wenfla v. y. 114, Sei Vcn- 

Weaflia R, Vk 6. 6^^ 
Wentbrid v. i. 40. . 
WenteBl. v.i. ^, 
Wmtferdi (Ld.) v. 4. i^ i*. 

Wentltifffa v« 4* p ift. yi. 

Gi^tilnieii there f q, 
Wtfntworthe v. 8. <r 11. 
Weniio v. 4. p« ift. (f^. 
W^bi^rga reg. v. 8. 9S a. 
Werckwortli v. y. 106. 
Woricwortbe y. 7. pi 1*. ff. 
Werdalo v, i. 79. 
Weredale v. S. 52, %. 
Were v. ^. ^o. . 
Were R. v. «. f i a, 
Weremouth v. 1. 8^ Y. y- 

icrke V. j.pi^. 77, So. 
Werkenfop v. 1. loi. 
Wcr^iftcr V. 7. p^a*. 67 tk. 
Weflaw V. I. 9(J. 
Weft V. 7. pt jH. 51. 
Weft-ajl Y.4 pi a*, rfuh. 
Weftbutter Wike y. i. ^i. 
W^ftbyri V. 7. ptail 117 L 
W^ftcockcr V. a. 50* 
Wefte Bere v^ 3. 8i. 
WefteKente v. 6. 4% 
Wefte Kirkehy v. f « 94. 
Wefte Thawaa t. 4. p* x^. 

5 1. Ocnnlmen tAoro 70. 
Weftgate v. |. 79. 
Weft Low vi. 3. 18. 
Weftmerland v. |.. f% 8o^ 

*^» 90s 9^« (Erie of ) v. *. 

17. . T& firaes of it v. 7^. 

pK l<^. 6u J>eDales« Gc«r 

ttemt n of Nanedliier •8. 

(J9 b. 
We4p% 011 Wefta» v^zw %. 

v.a. 8« V. 3.84,«d. v. 4. 

W^ t^ 19* v.<. fa, 5:3, 
cft^TAnfeld Y. I. 90, 100. 
WeftWycal v.}-8if. 
Wctlwrtfy V. f . 104, 
Wetherhaul v. 7. pt i<J, 71^ 
Weyrile y. ^, 51. 
Whartoa Y^7»IHift. if. 
Whtteley Bridge ¥• 7. pc i«. 
. 7* 

Whaulley v, 4. pt 2^. 39. 
Whellc$borowghc V. 4. pt 

ift. 44. 
Whetehilk y. 6. 18. 
Whisk R. V. f. 9. 
Whitburnc Y. 8. 87 •. 
Whitby , tff WbitiDby v. ». 

t7» dSt Y. 8. f o a. 
Whit-<hircke, WhitdiordL 

or Whitccbirch Y.4. pe %/. 

181 b. v.f. 33, 8t. r.y. 

P* i*^ja» 34- 
White-Caftel, ^r Caftle v.4, 

p^24.i7tfb. v.ft.ju 
White-ChapeU v. 7. pe i0, 

:??• ' 

Whij« Lakiogtoa v. *. f y, 
Whitelefey y. d. }. 
Wbitjeacy v.6. w. >• 7.. pi^ 

^<J» 6^ a*. 
Whiielh^te HyU y. 7. p^ »d. 

Wbiteftauh y. 4. tOi, 
Whitewelle v..i. (i^i 
WbiiewQqd v. x^ 4^. 
Whiting V. 3. 8tf. 
WWtingtga y,3^ £« y. f . 40^ 

V.7. pt ift^ jx.. v..8-t 8l9t^ 
Whitknd V, f ^ 74.. A Tahfc 

told by the AbW of tbajc 

Place 79. 
Wlvbuaatftor y.4. pt xi^xji %. 
Whitfton v.d* 74^ 
Wbitwik Y..I* %o. . 
Whorleton v. 4. pt i<l. <JL 
Wiat V. 4. W*. . . 




1 N D E X. 

Wiburga v. 8. 80 a. 

Wiceftcrihirc , Market 
Townes there v. 7. p« i*. 
23. Caftles xj, 14. Ri- 
vers 14. Forefts and Chafes 

Wiceftre v. 7. pt i*. aj. 
Wichamton v, ?. 63. 
.Wiche V. 4. p« a< i8g b, 
iSya^b. 18^ a. V.7. p^ift. 

Wiche (Rich, de la) v. 4. 

WpE i«i. 18^ a. 
ichingham v. tf. 9 j. v. 7. 

ptift. (Jj. 
Wichwood V. 7, pt i<J. (f 3 a. 
Wiclif V. y. 114. 
Wicombe. ^^ e Wikeham. 
Wigan V. 7. pt ift. y(f. 
Wigefton V. I. i(y, 17. 
Wighte (Ifle of) v. 3, 79. 

The new Caftelles there 

Wightham v. 4. p« i^. 4, 
Wighton V. I. 49. 
Wigmore v. 4. p« ad. 175^ b. 

V. f. 10. vtj. pt ift. 32. 

V. 8. 78 a. 80 b. 
Wigom, epifcoporum no- 

mina v. 8. nob. iiia,b. 

Alia de Wigornia v. 8. 

Ill b* iixa, b. 113 a. 
Wikam v. 4. pt ift. 17. v. 7. 

WM ift. y, 6. 
ike V. 3. 9. V. 7. pi2< 

79 b. 
Wike Water v.7. pt a«. 73 a. 
Wikes 77. 
Wiks v.7. ot ad, (Jp b. 72 ajb. 
Wilberfora v. i, 40. 
Wilburga v. 8. 79 6. 
Wilcote. 5^^ Wivelcote. 
Wile. See Way. 
Wile R. v. 3. (Jo, tfi; 5ff 

Wilebek v. i, 106. 

Wilesforde v. i; 31.' 
Wileton v. i. 70- 
Wilfridus ( S. ) v. 8. f (f bw 

d8a. 97 b. 
Wilgis V. 8. 86 a. 
Wilhelmus comes Warcn 

V. 6. 3^ . 
Wilington v. a. (Jo. 
Willineton v. x. ii8* v. 4. 

Wpt iJ. iy6 b. 
illebardus v. 8. 94 a. 
Willebrord (St.) v. 5. 31. 
Padages out of his Life 

Willebrordus v. 3. 35r. • v. 8. 

68 a. 86 a. 94 a. 
William Conqueror v. 1.43. 

V. a. 17. v. 4. pt ad» 171 0. 

v. 8. 7^ a, b. 
William, alias Crumwelle 

V. 4. pt ift. 56. 
William Erie of Gloceft^r 

V. 7. pt ad. 71 a. 
William of Malmesbyri v.7. 

Wpt ad. 80 b. 
illiam (Sir) of Turington 

V. 3. 93. 
Williams v. a. 19. 
Willyam v. 4. ptift. ^6. 
Willyams v. a. 9. 
Willoughby v. i. 04. v. 4. 

pt ift. 4a. pt ad. 189 a. 

190 a. V. 7. pt I ft. fo, 52, 

ao4 A. 
Willoughby Ld. Broke v. 6. 

13, 14,76. 
Wilow (S.) V. 3. 18. 
Wilugh V.2. 4ir. 
Wilton , cr Wiltoun v. 3. 

58,61, 96. V. 6. 52. 
Wimbifche v. 7. pt ift. ya. 
Winbertus v. 8. 94 a. 
Winburn v. 3. 54, S'T, 97. 
. The Courfe of Winburn 

River ^^^ 56. 
Winchcomoe v. 4. pt od. 
169 a, b. 

I N D 

1^9 a, b. 170 a. i8ya. 
Wiochelcombe , five Win- 

chclefcombe v. 8. 75 b% 

108 b. Ill b. 
Winchelefey v. 6. 3, ^8. 
Wincbeftre v. 3. 6% 70, 71, 

72, 7(J, 83. 
Windelefore v. i. laj. v. a. 

2, tf, 7. 
Windelefore (New) v. 4. p^ 

ift. 47. 
Wyndefore (Lord) v. 6. j6. 
Wingefeld v. <J. 4^. 
Wingfeld v. i. 2. 
Winteld'v, 5', 94, 
Wingfton V. 4, pta<J. 187 a, 
Winnall Bridge v. 4. pt x^. 

191 a. 
Winkele v. 6. tfo. 
Winnington v. 7^ pt ift. 43. 
Winnoc (S.) v. 3. 17, 34. 

A Paflage out of his Lire 

Winnows v. 3. 17. 

Winter v. 8. 108 a. 

Winterborne v. 3. (fo, ^4. 

Winconia v. 8. 83 a. Ex li- 
bello Donationum Win- 
ton, eccl. V. ^. 72, 

Winwaldus (S.) v. 7. p^ ift. 

Winwike v# 7, p« i** ^f. 
Wire Foreft v, 7. p« i*. xy. 
Wirkfoppe ^. y. 9a, 97. 
Wifcumbe v. i. 7,%. v. 3, 

Wisk V. f. 70, II f. 
Witham v.5. 59. V. 7« P* l^t 

78 b. 
Witham (Northc) v. 6. 6%. 
Withcock V.I, 21. . 
Witherington v. 7. p« i*. 

Withredus rex v. 8. 98 a. 
Witftaple V. 7. 144 A. 
Wivelcotev ^Wilcocc r.6. 
Vol, 9, 

E X. 

Wivclefcumbe v. 3. (9. 
Wobume v. (f. 44. 
Wochenduna (GuiU de) y.9. 

Wodale v. 3. 8a. 
Wodd V. 8. naa. 
Woddeford v. 3. 47, ^q^ 

Woddesford Viif. 13. 
Wold V. I. 49. 
Wolle V. 3. 47. 
Wolman v. 2. 41. 
Wolphine v. 4. ptx^. 171 h. 
Wolrige v. 5. 31. 
Wolfee, Wolfey, i>rWoulfey 

V. 2. 12. V. 3. 87. V. 4« 

WP'2d. 189 a. Xf. 
olftan, er Wolftane v. 4. 

p' 2d. 171 b. V. 8. 7^ a. 
Wolftanus ep. Wigorn. v. 6. 

Wolfton V. 6. 23. 
Wolverhamton v. 4. pt %^^ 

189 a. 
Wolvefcroft, ^rWolvefcrofte 

V. I. ao. V. 8. 109 b. 
Womans Bridge v. 4. p« a<*. 

Wood (Anthony a) v. 6. 74, 
Wood Mylle v. 3. 7?, 78. 
Worcefter v. 4. p« x^, i6i b. 

169 ar 170 a. 173 b. 175 b. 

180 a. 184 a, b. V. 8. 75 b^ 

Placis belongynge to the 

Bp. of Worceftar 112 a. 

and to the Prior ijab. 
Workington v. ji p« i*. tf8« 
Worlonge v. i, 107. 
Worme r. 8. 83 b. %o6 b, 
Worme Bridge V. 4. p« sd, 

17? b. 
Worme Brooke v. 5^. 10. 
Wormefley v. ^r- 10. 
Worthc V. 3. 4. 
Worthy V- 3. 73. 

t L WortU 



to I N D 

Worth Forcft v. 6. 54. 
Wonhcmbrc, ^r Guothunt- 

bre V. f . 3g. 
Wotton r. I. 04» v. 0. 37. 

V.7. ptift. JT- P^4^.7*b. 
Wotton Undcr-Egge v. 6. 

Woulphcr (King) v. 7. p« 

xft. 3$. 
Woul&igbam v. 8. fa a. 
Wulfin^am v. x. 7^. v. 7* 

W;>« ift. 63. 
rangton Cote v. i. 40. 
Wrek. See Wreter. 
Wreken Hill, alias Mount 
Gilbert v. 4. p' %^. 181 b. 
Wrekeihale v«7. p( i<>. 7^ a. 
WrefehU, Wrcfliil, ^Wrefil 
Caftel V. If 49, ^. V. d. 

14. V. 7. p* ift. tf(K 
Wreter, or Wrek v. 8. (f9 a. 
Wrexham, w r^ f AerWrighte- 

Icfliam V. 5. 34. 
Wriothefley v. 3. 79. 
Wrokefhal v. 6. 47. 
Wrougton v. 6. 94. 
Wroxcefter v.4. p'i<*. 181 b. 
Wulfbardus v. 3. 3^. 
Wulfinus V. 8. 80 b. 
Wulfrik V. 1. 55* 
Wulfrun's Hampton. See 

Wuinerhampton. ^^eUlner- 

Wulverhampton, Wulfrun's 

Hampton, cr Ulnerhamp- 

ton V. 7. pt ift. 3(J. 
^Wulpherus rex v. 8. ^6 b. 

85 b. 95 a, b. 
Wulfe V. ir 5:1. 
Wuluedon, alias Goldoun 

V. 3. 12. 
Wuluiva V, 8. 79 a. 
Wyat V. 8. 107 b. 
Wy, er Wye R. v. y. 9, 10. 

v,(f. 1, 10,20, %u V, 7. 


E X; 

Wpt xft. 27, 4?; 
yke V. 7. p' 2<*, 76 a. 
Wykchampton v. ,3. 64 

V. 3. (fg, (J4, 6y- 
Wyllyam (Sr. ) of Torring- 

ton V. 2. 6i. 
Wyllyam uab William v. 5'. 

Wymbifchc v. 8. 49 a. 
Wyndeham v. 2. 60, 6i» 
Wynderufch v. tf. 21. 
Wynermerewath v. y. p' i^» 

Wyngham v. tf. i. 
Wyrale v. 5. 54. 
Wyre v. y. 84. 
Wyrkenton v. 7, p« i*. 71. 
Wyfe V. tf. 21. 
Wytham v. 7. pt i<J. 78 b. 
Wytte. SeeWyle. 
Wyvel V. 4. pt !*• I. 
Wyver R. v. ?• 82. v, 7. p« 

Wyville v. 3; 18, 19, lUg, 

.Yale V, y. 31.' 

Yalling v. ($• 9. 

Yalme v, 3* 94J 

Yar, ^ Artey, R. v. 3. 43. 

YaroR. v.y. 83. 

Yaulme v. 3. 24, 30. 

Yevers v. i. 64. 

Yogge V, 3. 22. 

Yong v.y. ji. 

Yorevalx Abbay v. y. iiy, 

York, or Yorke v. i. 49, 60, 

61, (f2, 74, 88, 90. V. 2. 

(J2, V. y. 91. 
Yorke (D. of) vi 7. pt i^t. 

Yoton V. y, loi, 
Yrhendwr. See Kenuyn,