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[Keprinted from the New-England Historical and Genealogical Register, Jan., 1905.] 




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1. Captain John^ Gorham, married Desire Howland, in 1643. (See 
Register, ante, vol. 52, page 358.) 

2. Jamks"^ Gorham (John^), born in Marslifield, Apr. 28, 1650, married 
Ilainiali lluckins, Feb. 24, 1673-4. He died in 1707. She died Feb. 13, 
1727. (See Kegister, ante, vol. 52, page 358.) 

3. Jabez'' Gorham (James,- John^) was born in Barnstable, Mar. 6, 
1690-1. The Gorham notes in Otis's " Barnstable Families " state that he 
married, Nov. 15, 174'J, Mary liiirbank of Plymoutli ; but the Fairlield, Conn., 
records show that he was dead previous to Mar. 5, 173i), ten years before 
he was saiil to have married INIary r>urbank. " lie owned land in Fairlield 
in 1721 " (IMiss Louise Tracy's Gorham notes). In 1727, he sold laud to 
Sliubael Gorham of Barnstable, and in 1728, sold land to his brotlier Sylvanus 
(Fairlield and Stamford, Gonn., Records). " Jabez Gorliam renewed tlie 
coveuaut with his toife MuUy, Feb. 8, 1733." (Green's Farms, Fairfield, 
Records.) Sylvanus^ Gorham, brother of Jabez,^ died in Stamford, Conn., 
before Sept. 1, 1747, leaving no wife or children. In the settlement of 
his estate is the following item : '' To the legal representatives of Jabez 
Gorliam, deceased, .£l32/19/i»." " David Gorham, son of Jabez Gorham 
late of Fairlield, chose ,losei)h (;!orham,of Fairlic-ld, Conn., to be his guardian, 
]\larch 5, 1739." (Book 6, Fairlield Records.) The foregoing record shows 
that .hd)ez* Gorham was dead in 1739. The marriage records of his nncle 
Jabez- (John^) and of his cousin Jabez* (Jabez'), as well as that of Jabez^ 
(Joseph,^ Jabez'-^) who was boin ]Mar. 22, 1718, have previously appeared 
in the Re(;ister. Having elimiualed all of the early Gorhams bearing 
the name Jabez, excepting this Jabez* who was sou of James,^ the writer 
will show that it was his son Jabez'' who married INIary Burbank. The 
writer is indebted to INIr. Henry S. Gorham* of lirooklyn, N. Y., and to 
]\Iiss Louise Tracy of New Haven, Conn., for their assistance in gathering 
notes of the family in Connecticut and Nova Scotia. Their notes with his 
own collection do not hud place for the following three brothers nnless they 
were the sons of Jabez* (James-). 

Children : 

4. i. James,* m. Miriam Hull, Apr., 1744. 

5. il. J.vBEZ, b. 172G; ni. Mary Burbank, Nov. 15, 1750. 
G. iii. David, m. Abigail Jackson, July 11. 1751. 

* The writer is under obligation to Mr. Gorham for the use of the Liverpool " Diary," 
subsequently mentioned. 


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4. James* Gorha^i {Jahez^ James;- John'^) married Miriam Hull, in Fair- 

field, Conn., Apr., 1744, and died in Fairiield, Oct. G, 174'J. The 
will of his widow, INIiriam, dated June 13, 1770, mentions only son 
Jabez^ and dauy^hter Mary. 

Children, fi'um Green's Farms baptismal records : 
i. Mary.* 

ii. jAliKZ. 

iii. Maky. 

5. Jauez'' Goriiam (Jahez,^ James,- John^), according to the inscription 

u])on his monument, was born in 1726, and died in 1806, aged 80. 
There is in the original book of records of Barnstable, Mass., " the 
intention of marriage of Jabez Gorham, of Barnstable, and Mary 
Burbank, of Plymouth, September, 1750." The Plymouth records 
show that they were married Nov. 15, 1750. " Old Times in Liver- 
pool, Nova Scotia," by Robert 11. IMcLeod, published in Acadiensis, 
Vol. iv. No. 2, gives on page 122 tlie following inscription from the 
Congregational cemetery in Liverpool : '' Sacred to the memory of 
Jabez Gorham, who departed tliis life Dec. the 13th, 180G, in the 
80th year of his age." " -Mr. Gorham was one of the tirst settlers, 
coming from Plymouth, IMass., with his wife and four cliihlren, to 
whom seven more were added in Liverpool, where the family was 
among the best." lie went from Plymouth to Liverpool in 1760-1. 
It is stated in Acadiensis that the township of Liverpool was granted 
in 1759 to settlers from Plymouth, Chatham, Eastham, Kingston, 
Sandwich, and adjacent localities, and all of the names of the gran- 
tees are printed, among them the name of Jabez^ Gorham. "On one 
of his town lots he built a home, a quaint low-roofed structure witli 
a tiny porch over the front door and a room on either side, a very 
small house for so large a family, but considered quite pretentious 
in those days. It has been recL-ntly taken down, and now a few old 
apple trees and some shrubbery are all that remain of the Gorham 
homestead in Liverpool." A diary written by the great-granddaugh- 
ter* of Jabez^ and Mary (Burbank) Gorham contains important re- 
cords of his children. She says: "From the Town Records and 
from the recollections of my mother, the only living grandchild of 
Jabez^ Gorham, I have gathered the few facts that I send to you." 
This diary contains the following interesting item : '* In 1771, nu- 
merous entries in the Town Records are of lands bought and sold by 
Jabez Gorham, which became tlie business centre of the town of 
Liverpool. On the various deeds recorded is the signature of his 
wife Mary." Among im[)ortant records recently sent to the writer 
by Robert R. McLeod, Esq., of Brooktield, (.Queen's Co., Nova Scotia, 
is the following inscription from the Congregational Church ceme- 
tery in Liverpool, N. S. : " In memory of Mrs. Mary, wife of Jabez 
GoVham, who departed this life Seiitember 11 th 181 1, aged 81 years." 
According to Davis's " Landmarks of Plymouth," i)age 48, " she was 
the daughter of Timothy Burbank and his wife jMercy Kempton. She 
was born in 1730." Mr. jMcLeod's list of tlie children of Jabez'' and 
INIary (Burbank), copied from the Liverpool records, agrees exactly 
with the list copied from the '• diary " previously mentioned. 

♦Mrs. Letitia (Baxter) Williams, daughter of Mrs. ElizaG (Gorliam) Baxter of 
Liverpool, N. S., now liviiij,' agjed about 92 years, the widow of James Baxter and 
daughter of John* Gorham (10). Mrs. Williams got her information from her mother 
and the Liverpool, N. S., rceords. 

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Children : 

1. Jamks,* b. in Plymoutli (Plymouth records), July 23, 1751; cl. in 

ii. Jauhz, b. in Plymouth (Plymouth records), Sept. 13, 1753; d. in 

iii. Maky, b. in Plymoutli (" Diary "), July 23, 1755; m. Dunlap, 

and had nine children, four sous and Ave daughters, mauy of whose 

descendants live at Sable lUver and other parts of Shclburue Co., 

Nova Scotia. 

7. iv. Jabkz, b. May U, 175G-7. T'oU^^ 

V. Hannah, b. Feb. 14, 1758-9 ; m. Coops ; lived in Milton, Nova 

Scotia; had a large family. 

8. vi. James, b. Sept. 7, 1701. 

vii. Lucy, b. in Liverpool, N. S., Sept. 2, 1762; m. in 1782, James Mor- 
ton ; lived at Milton, Queen's Co., N. S. ; had five children : James, 
Jabcz, Sylvainiti, Litoj, and Mtliiula, The family of Sylvanus are 
numbered among the prominent business men of Milton. 

viii. Mekcy, b. Oct. 4, 1704; m. Dennis Freeman; lived at Milton, N. S., 
where their numerous descendants may be found. 

ix. Lydia (twin), b. July 5, 17G7. 

X. PuiNCE (twin), b. Jidy 5, 17G7; m. Jan. 7, 1796, Rebecca, dau. of 
John and Hannah MuUins ; a son Thomas Freeman*^ was b. at 
Liverpool, Oct. 20, 17UG ; they moved to the United States, where 
other sons were born. 

9. xi. Isaac, b. July 13, 17(!9. 

10. xii. John, b. Sept. 29, 1771. ^^^ 

6. D.A-VU)* GoRTiAM {Jabez,^ James,^ Johti^), of Fairfield, Conn., chose 

Joseph Gorham, of Fairfield, to be his guardian, Mar. 5, 1739. He 
bought land in Rochester, JNIass., of Jonathan Lewis, Mar. 18, 1744. 
He married in Plymouth, July 11, 1751, Abigail, daughter of Na- 
thaniel and Rebecca (Poor) Jackson of Plymouth. His name is on 
the public records of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, in 1761-2. 
Children, from the Old County Records of Liverj)ool* : 

i. Mary,* b. at Plymouth, Jan. 20, 1752. 

ii. PKNELOi'ii, b. at Plymouth, July 10, 1757. 

iii. AuiGAii,, h. at Liverpool, July 11, 17G0. 

11. iv. Daviu, b. at Liveri)ool, Aug. 17, 1763. The Hist, of Norway, Me., 

is in error in stating tiiat he was born in Halifax, N. S., on the 
same date that his l)irth is recorded in Liverpool.* 

7. Jadez'^ Gouiiam {Jahez,'^ Jahez^ Jamesj~ John}) was born in Plymouth 

Co., IMass., May 14, 175G or 7. The family note in the "diary " 
says 1757, but the inscription upon his monument in the South 
Middleboro' Cemetery, near tlie Methodist meeting-house, is as fol- 
lows : "Jabez Gorham, died Dec. 2, 1830, age 74." He went to 
Liverpool, Nova Scotia, with his parents, in 17G0-1, but returned 
and was a Revolutionary soldier from Plymoutli. He bought land 
of Elisha Ruggles, in Rocliester, Mass., Aug. 28, 1798. He married 
first, in Rochester, Nov. 2G, 1788, Abigail Tobey, who died Nov. 28, 
1808; married second, published July 27, 1811, Thankful Vaughn 
of Middleboro', who died June 7, 1817; and married third, Mrs. 
Ddsire Hewitt. His widow is mentioned in the settlement of his es- 
tate, Nov. 13, 1832. 

* Copied by Kobert R. McLeod, Esq., who i-<j arrm:nritw:.^f tlie N. E. Historic Genea- 
logical Society, ^-' vi T S T R r 


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Children : 

i. Jabez,6 b. iu Rochester, Mass., Dec. 31, 1797; tl. Feb. G, 18G2 ; m. 

Alii,'. 27, 1820, at New Bedford, Rebecca Standish, who was b. Aug. 

aO,']801, and d. Jan. 18, 1813. 
ii. Jamks, reuioved to Vergenncs, Vt. 

iii. Mkkcy, m. Bryant. 

iv. Sauaii, m. ShurtlciT. 

V. Mary, m. James Cole. 

8. Jamks^ GouriAM {Jabez,'^ Jabez,^ James,^ Johri^) was born in Plymouth 

Co., Sept. 7, 17G0-1 (family " Diary"). According to the inscrip- 
tion upon his monument in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, he died Aug. 5, 
1841, aged 80. He married, Aug. IT), 1787, Jedidah, daughter of 
Nehemiah Tracy of East Iladdam. Conn., who was born Oct. IG, 
17G2, and died IVfay 10, 1849. They had no chihlreu. On the corner 
of Main and Gorham Street, in Liveri)0ol, his house is still standing. 
On Gorham Street are the Congregational Church, tlie Temperance 
ITall, and the Grammar School, all endowed by him. Within Tem[)er- 
ance Hall are hung fine oil portraits of him and his wife, and in front 
of the Hall they are buried. A College built on his property, and 
to which he was the largest donator, was called Gorham College. It 
was built in 1848, but was destroyed by lire five years later. Miss 
Ida S. Gorham of Englewood, N. J., has a coj)y of his will. 41ig 
writer is indebted to Dr. Dwight Tracy, of New York, for East 
Iladdam, Conn., notes on the family. 

9. Isaao^ Gorham {Jahez^^ Jahez^ Jamesj- Jokn^) was born in Liverpool, 

Nova Scotia, July lo, 17G!), and married Sept. 7, 17'J4, in Liverpool, 
by Rev. John Payzant, Elizabeth, daughter of John and Mary Tongo, 
Children : 

i. RonicHT," b. July 31, 1795; lost at sea. 

ii. Fkici;max, b. 1799; lost at sea. 

iii. RicnAKD, b. 1800 ; d. 18G3 ; Avent to Arichat when he was quite young, 
intending to live there, but iiis plans were changed and he rcinovi'd 
to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and became a prominent niercliant, and 
his sons are well kno^vn business men of tliat city. His son 
John W.,^ b. in 1844, is proprietor of the Jerusalem Wareliouse in 

iv. EnwAiii), b. 1802 ; went away, and supposed to have been lost at sea. 

v. lIioi'SinAn, m. (1) Henry Gardner, by whom she had one dungliter; 
m. (2) Benjamin Davis. 

10. JoiiN^ Gouiiam {Jahe.z,^ ,hihez,^ James," Juliu^), born in Liverpool, Nova 
Scotia, Sept. 29, 1771, married, Sept. 29, 1795, Hannah, daughter 
of Nathaniel and Hannah Freeman. He was a captain in the em- 
jtloy of his brother James. ^ He died iu 182G. 
Children : 

i. NATnANiEL,'' b. Sept. IG, 179G ; lost at sea, one of the crew of the ill- 
fated privateer holbi. 
ii. Jon>f. 
iii. Matilda. 

iv. FKKDKinCK. 

V. Lkwis. 

vi. Eliza," m. in 184G, James Baxter of Aberdeen, Scotland ; now living, 
aged about 92 yrs. 

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11. David^ Gorham {David,^ Jabez^^ James j'^ John^), born in Liverpool, 
Nova Scotia, Aug. 17, 17Go, married in Turner, Me., June IG, 1791, 
Hannah Pratt of Mitldleboru', Mass. He (lied ia Norway, INle., May 
29, 18;34; and she died tli(;re Mar. 27, 1848, aged 8U. He was a 
Revolutionary soldier from Plymouth Co. 
Children : 

i. David,* b. Mar. 3, 1792 ; m. Mary Gorham of Turner, Me. 

ii. Abigail, b. Mar. 3, 171)2 ; ni. Daniel Waterliouse. 

iii. Bknjamin', b. Dec. 3, 171) i ; d. Dec. 3, 1638. 

iv. Timothy, b. Nov. 10, LSOU; d. Aug. o, 1818. 

V. Lavina, b. Apr. 19, 1803; m. Joseph Waterhouse of Poland, Me. 

vi. Li:vi E., b. June 21, 1805 ; in. Mary Hall. 

vii. Hannah, b. June 10, 1807; d. Jan. IG, 1829. 

viii. Solomon, b. Mar. 27, 1811 ; ni. llachel Keed. 

ix. Isaac, b. Nov. 9, 1812. 

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