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Full text of "Jack and Jill and old Dame Gill"

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With the Dog and the Pig-, 
All dancing 1 a Jig*. 

Readitwho will,. 
Tke/TLlaxLg-ntkeir fill. 

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TCht Itoe 

Collection 01 
Children's Books 



Readitwiio will, 
TlLey '11 lang-li their fill 

J. Aldis , N? ,9 ave*nen&M** 

27 3farcA iffo 6- 


Went xip the hill, 
To fetch a pail of water, 

Jack fell down, 

Andbroke his crown, 
And Jill came tumbling* after. 

Then np JACK got, 

And home did trot, 
As faflas he could caper; 

DAME GILL didthejoh, 

To plafler his not. 
With Vinegar andforownpaper. 

Then JILL came in, 

And_fb.e did grin, 
To fee JACK'S papex plafler, 

Hermothei? pixtlier, 

A fools cap on, 
POT laughing' atJack'sdifafteT. 

This made JILL pou.t, 

And fb e ran out , 
And JACK did qiiickly follow, 

TlievTode dog' Ball, 

Jill got a fall, 
Hovr Jack didlaxig*!! andh-ollow 

The DA ME came out, 

To know all about, 
Jill f aid Jack made her tumble, 

Says Jack 111 tell, 

Yoiihow fbe fell, 
Then j ndg-e if flie needgTumbleJ 

DAME GILL did grin, 

As flie went in, 
And Jill was plagucTby Jack^O! 

Will Goat came by 

Andmade Jack cry, 
Andknock'dMia onMsl>ack,Oi 

NowJILL didlaxtg-li, 
And JACK did cry, 

Blithis tears didfo on abate, 
Then Jill did fay, 
That they fhoiildplay, 

Atfea-faw a crofs the gate. 

They fea-faw'dliig*li, 

They f e a- f aw 'd low, 
At length tkey ID ofh. did tumble, 

Wetothare down, 

We Tp oth muft own , 
Let neither ofns 

Then the next thing*, 
They made a fwing-, 

But JILL etup abig cry, 
For the fwing gave way, 
In the midft of the play, 

An d threw her into the Pig'fty e . 

Th.e SOW come t>y, 

Says Jact 111 try, 
If I cant ride this prancer, 

He gave aJTunp, 

On olcLfcfw^s rump, 
Butflieledhimadroll dance Sir. 

S OWran an dfqual'd, 
While JAG X Jietawl'd, 

And JILL joixi'dixitlie choir, 
Dog 1 Ball beirLg" near, 
Bit fo^rby tlie ear, 

And threw Jack in tlie mire. 

Tlio' JACK was not hurt, 
H was all over dirt, 

I wihyoTLliadbiitf*eeTi him, 
AiLdhow JILL did jump, 
Withliimto tlie pirmp, 

Andpump 'd onliim to cleanhim. 

Hearing tke xont, 
DAME GILL came out, 
With ahorfe-whip from the door, 
Site on J act, 
Andpoor Jill's ID act, 
TJntill they 1) oth. did r o ax, 

BALL held fows ear, 
Andboth in rear, 
Ran againft old DAME andhither, 
That flie did mn, 
Over fow and. Ball, 

Jack and Jill did twiter . 

And now all three, 

Went in to fee, 
To pnt the place to right all 

Which done they flip, 

Then drink a cup , 


To iDny them all Soots, 
You may see Ixow tliey axe p 

BT tHefiniles in. their looks . 

oii are 
ThisTDOokfuJl of ^PicturesfhallbejoTii: reward 

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