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Full text of "Jacobs family : as descended from "John Jacobs of Perkiomen" to the ninth generation in America"

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Iir'i III ril'flll'firiU.E'.yP'-IC LIBRARY 

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U. 8. NAVY (UtTlREO' 



Jacobs Family, 


John Jacobs of Perkiomen" 









as descended from 


"John Jacobs of Perkiomen." 

It is unfortunate that our ancestor's name as given above is all that is 
known of the founder of this family in America ; where he came from and 
his family are not known with any certainty. Undefined legend gives Wales 
as the home of the emigrant, and states that there were two brothers, John 
and Richard, who came to the banks of the Schuylkill ; whether this was 
the first or second John it seems impossible to determine. Of Richard 
nothing certain is known, one of that name was married in Wilmington, 
in 1726, to Barbara Woolrush, and a John Jacobs, among others, signed 
the certificate ; it has also been stated that a Richard had two children, 
Anthony, " a weaver to trade," and Kitty, who married a Cadwallader and 
had daughters who married, one an Iredell, another an Allibone. The 
only evidence of the first generation is the wedding certificate, whose 
present location is unknown, of John Jacobs (2nd) and Mary Hayes, in 
which he is described as " Son of John Jacobs of Perkiomen." 

The compiler wishes to return his thanks to the many members of the 
family as well as others, who have given him assistance, without which 
the work could not have been accomplished, and it is gratifying to state 
that with one or two exceptions aid was cheerfully given ; in many cases 
with offers of further help and with good wishes. 

It has been sought to make this genealogy as free from errors as 
possible, but it is not thought to be either full or correct ; therefore any 
additions or corrections will be kindly and thankfully received. If this 
publication should awake enough interest, and the compiler receive infor- 
mation about members of past generations to warrant it, there is proposed 
to be issued a larger work with more extended notices of those whose deeds 
should not be allowed to lie hidden in forgotten papers, or be lost in memo- 
ries now passing away. 


The scheme used in the following pages is to give to each generation 
a Roman numeral, to each family an Arabic numeral, and to each person 
a letter, so that each member is known by a combination of the three 
characters: e. g. Brinton Jacobs is child "i," of family "2," of genera- 
tion "V": and further, his children are found by referring to the family 
given at his right ; while his parents' famil}- is found by referring to that 
generation and family number found after their names at the head of the 
paragraph, (IV i.) Dates following names before and after the hyphen, 
are those of birth and death respectively ; that following "m" is the date 
of marriage. Where a person married more than once, it is shown by 
" i) " and " 2) " being prefixed to the husbands' or wives' names, children 
of such marriages being shown in the same way. The surname of a family 
is that next above in large type. Died single is shown by " d. s."; and 
having no children by "n. c"; child or children by "ch." Twins are 
shown by a brace containing the names. Numbers have not been assigned 
to families in the eighth and ninth generations on account of their incom- 

The compiler regrets that further information in regard to family V 7 
and descendants was withheld from him ; he is not at all sure that that 
given is reliable ; vacant numbers in the sixth and seventh generations 
are left for this branch. 


308 Walnut Street, 
October 10, iSg^. Phii,adei.phia. 



Jacobs Family. 








•John Jacobs of Perkiomen. ^fyl^^t^-Ayf-^^ 


'¥ / 



/^ *y /.« 

^ a. John 

^^ a Johiiv 
^^b -Richard ^ 

c -Israel '"' 
d -Joseph " 
e -Benjamin 
f -Elizabeth' 
g -Hannah ■ 
h-Mary i^ 
i -Isaac -' 
j -Jesse 

Ch. of- John JACOBS of Perkiomen. 
^»-^^7^ •■ — "^ 

ca. 1688-1773 m 1721 Mary •Hayes'ifrtt // 1699- III i 


Ch. of -John JACOBS and -Mary Hayes. 


• EHzabeth Havard 

I ) -Hannah Samils 

2) -Phebe Eves (nee Brinton) 
•Sarah Massey 



1731- ^ 

1732-1805 m i76i-Col. Caleb Parry 1734-1776 

1735-1799 m 1772 -David Rittenhouse 

1738- -John Goheen 

1741-1815 m 1766 -Hannah Trimble 1743- 1834 

IV 2 

n. c. 
IV 3 

d. s. 
d. s. 
IV 4 
n. c. 

IV 5 
d. s. 


IV I Ch. of John JACOBS and -Elizabeth Havard. Ill i a. 
a Benjamin -1807 -Elizabeth Potts 1766- 

b - Hannah 

c -John 1 757- 1 846 

d. Sarah 

•Mary Brinton 
•Thomas Downino- 


V I 
d. s. 

V 2 

IV 2 i) Ch. of Richard JACOBS and Hannah Samils. Ill i b. 

a -Cyrus -Margaret Old V4 

b -Samils (Samuel) m i78S'Sarah Templen V5 

c -Richard ca. 1765-1824 • Lydia Gibbons 1767-1848 V6 

d -Hannah -Nathaniel R. Gibson V 7 

e -Elizabeth ■ Wilson V 8 


IV 3 Ch. of Israel JACOBS and Sarah Massey, 
a -Thomas -Lydia Pennell 

bjohn 'Amelia Cox 

c Phebe 'Moses Hobsoii 

III I c. 



IV 4 Ch. of Elizabeth Jacobs and Caleb PARRY. Ill i f. 

a -Rowland -1796 -Esther Carter n. c. 

b John Jacobs -1835 m 1804 -Margaret Palmer . -1847 ^ ^^ 

c -Esther 1764-1815 m 1790-Guilliam Aertsen 1759-1806" V 12 

d -Hannah -1827 -Thomas McEuen V 13 

e-Mary .James Musgrave V 14 

IV 5 Ch. of Isaac JACOBS and Hannah Trimble. Ill i i. 

Mary 1768- 18 18 d. s. 

Anne 1 769-1 771 d, s. 

Phebe 1771-1849 d. s. 

William i773-i795 d. s. 

Hannah 1775-1833 m i798'David Thomas 1756-1859 V 15 

Elizabeth 1777-1843 m 1805-George Mechem 1778-1838 V 16 

Sarah 1780-18 15 d. s. 

Isaac 1782-1862 m i8io-Susanna lyightfoot 1786-1873 V 17 

John 1784-1785 d. s. 

Joseph 1786-1842 . d. s. 

k. Rachel 1788-1796 d. s. 

V I 

a ■ Samuel 

a -Phebe B. 
b 'Elizabeth 
c -Sarah 

d-Thos. Hill B. 
f -George 


Ch. of- Benjamin JACOBS andElizabeth Potts. 
■ Mary Miller 
• Catharine Sheetz 

IV I a. 

Ch.'of John JACOBS and Mary Brinton. IV i c. 

1 786- 1 849 

-Dr. Joshua Kersey 
• Thomas Sinnickson 

•Jane Bowen 

h. Joseph Brinton 1798-1861 -Anne Bowen 

i .Brinton 1801-1873 m i829-Mary Ann Siter 

V 3 Ch. of Sarah Jacobs and Thomas DOWNING 

a -John I. -Mary Perot 

b -Elizabeth 
c "Hannah 
d- Sarah Havard -Jacob Lindley 

VI 2 

VI 3 
VI 4 

d. s. 


VI 5 

. d. s. 

d. s. 

d. s. 


VI 6 

1 805- 1 884 

VI 7 

. IV I d. 


d. s. 

d. s. 

VI 9 




IV 2 i) a. 

of Cyrus JACOBS and Margaret Old 

a 'James JuuclT 1784-181^ m 1806 -Margaret Bull el ^i»y/8 '"^'^ VI 10 

b<Richard ijUi\ 1785-1^8 m 181 1 -Belinda Bentley 

c-Margaret ^ q 1787^*'.^ 

d-Ann /lUni-zr i7S9V%^St m i8o8TRev. L,evi Bull 

e.Julianna si^>JL^ 1 791- 17 

fjohn yu^»ri793 

e. Elizabeth 

h. George LdLtOj 1797-179' 
i • Caroline J^'/^'i 798- iSr 
j • Cyrus /He /tf, 1 799-J^ 
k- William r>UtWL/.rf 80 1-182 

1 -Eliza M. £^»<!n8o2^^^^m i82r.Molton Rogers 

m.Coleman R.<^^8o4^^^;3^m 1828 'Mary Franks 

n. Samuel O.M(4y/l, 1807- 1836 -Clara Sydney Boyd 


d. s. 
VI 12 

d. s. 

d. s. 

d. s. 

d. s. 

d. s. 

d. s. 

d. s. 
VI 13 
VI 14 
VI 15 

V 5 Ch. ot Sarails JACOBS and Sarah Templen. IV 2 i) b. 

a Eliza Ewing 


•Jacob M. Haldeman 

VI 16 




d. s. 

c -Richard T. 


•Sarah Hanna 

VI 17 

d.Mar)' Ann 


• Thomas Gilfillan Henderson 

VI 18 

e George W. 


d. s. 

f • Cyrus W. 


•Mary Wallace 

n. c. 

g- Samuel D. 


• Mary A. Davies 

VI 19 



2 i) c. 



b -Susanna 


•Jesse Pyle 

c -Margaretta 

I 793- I 839 

d -Elizabeth 


•Enos Thatcher 

e -Jean Howel 


f -Cyrus 

1 798- 1 869 

g. Sidney 

1 799- 1847 m 


-George Bridenhart Allen 



i -Camilla 

1 802- 1 87 1 

•John Embree 

j • -Mary Ann 

1 803- 1 888 

•Jonathan C. Baldwin 

k -Richard S. 

1 804- 1 805 

1 -Eydia 

1 805- 1 806 

m -Hannah 

1 806- 1 823 

n- Samuel 

1 807-1 892 m 


I ). Rachel Jackson 1 8 10- 1 841 



2). Sarah Taylor 181 1- 

• Richard 


• Amanda Miller (nee Phillips) 

d. s. 

n. c. 

d. s. 
VI 20 

d. s. 

d. s. 
VI 21 

d. s. 
VI 22 
VI 23 

d. s. 

d. s. 

d. s. 
VI 24 

VI 25 


V 7 Ch. of Hannah Jacobs and N. R. GIBSON. IV 2 i) d. 

' Cyrus 

•Mary Ann 










i) Rowland 

2) Bay 



V 8 Ch. of Elizabeth Jacobs and 

WILSON. IV 2 i) e. 

d. s. 

V 9' Ch. of Thomas JACOBS and Lydia Pennell. 

a'Thotnas -Sarah Fussell 

b • Hannah 

IV 3 a. 

•William Robinson 

V 10 
a -Israel 
b -John 
c -Sarah 
d -Elizabeth 
e -Benjamin 
f -Charles 

Ch. of John J-ACOBS and Amelia Cox. IV 3 b. 

Wm. Morris Davis 
Sarah M. Mcllhenny 

V II Ch. of John J. PARRY and Margaret Palmer. IV 4 b. 

a -Rowland 
b -Sophia 
c -Elizabeth 
e .Sophia 
f -Thomas P. 

1 806- 1 890 






18 1 7-1 840 

John D. Sword 
•Erasmus C. Pratt 































'V 12 Ch. of Esther Parry and Guilliam AERTSEN. IV 4 c. 
a 'William 1792-1793 

b'Son not named 1793- 1793 
c -Elizabeth Parry 1794-1795 
d -Nancy 
e • Robert Beard 

d. s. 

d. s. 
1795-1877 d. s. 

1796-1869 ni 1822 -Elizabeth Ann Henry -1862 VI 39 
1798-1872 m 1818-EdwardQ. Keasby, M. D.-1847 VI 40 
1 800- 1 822 d. s. 

1801-1878 m i824-Elizabeth Brady -1867 VI 41 

1 803- 1 803 (or Elizabeth) d.s. 

87 VI 42 

f .Mary Parry 

g. William 

h-John Parry 

i .Columbia 

j James Musgrave 1805- m 1834' Harriet Romeyn Smith 


IV 4 d. 

a . Charles 

•Mary Ashurst 

VI 43 

b 'Thomas, 


D. -Annie Middleton Izard 

VI 44 

c Mary 

•William M. Boyce 

VI 45 

d -Elizabeth 

■ Smith 

n. c. 

e -Emily 


n. c. 



of Mary Parry and James MUSGRAVE. 


4 6. 

a John 

d. s. 

b 'James 

• Cornelia Sanderson 

n. c. 


m 1 822 -Eleanor Britton 

VI 46 

d -Hester 

•Alfred Wright 

VI 47 

e -Anna 

• William J. Barclay 

VI 48 



of Hannah Jacobs and David THOMAS. 


5 e. 

a- William 



d. s. 


1 800- 1 889 m 1 839- George Spencer 


n. c. 

c -Isaac J. 


d. s. 

d -Abel 

1 804- 1 846 m 1 835- Patience Thorn 



VI 49 

e -Edward 


d. s. 

f John J. 

1 8 10- m 1 838 -Mary S. Howland 

VI 50 

g -Joseph 

1811-1891 (M. D., A. M., E.L. 


d. s. 

V 16 Ch. of Elizabeth Jacobs and George MECHEM. IV 5 f. 
a. Hannah J. 1806- 1850 m 1830 -John Halsted 18 10- VI 51 

b John (Meachem) 1807- m i849-Caroline A.Eord (nee Hubbard)VI 52 

c -Isaac J. 1810- m 1838-1) Eydia M. Avery -1854 n. c. 

m 1855.2) Celestia Russell VI 53 

d -Mary 1812-1814 d. s. 

e Ann 1814-1844 Orlo N. Mnnger n. c. 

f -Elizabeth 181 7- m 1838 John Knowles VI 54 

g-Mary 1819-1856 m i836-David Halsted VI 55 

h- Stanley 1823- m 185 2 -Eunice H. Bryant VI 56 

V 17 Ch. of Isaac JACOBS and Susanna Eightfoot. IV 5 h. 

a. Rachel 1811-1823 

b -Thomas E. 1812-1S79 m 1849 -Thy rza Peirce 

c -William 1814- 

d-Sarah 1817-1894 

eTsaac i8ig- m i844«Elizabetli Thayer 

f • Benjamin E. 1821-1847 

g. Hannah M. 1823-1842 

h-Mary ~ 1825-1842 

i Joseph 1 827- 1 846 

j -Anna T. 1831-1879 


d. s. 

VI 57 

d. s. 
d. s! 
1 824- 1 89 1 VI 58 
d. s. 
d. s. 
d. s. 
d. s. 
d. s. 



VI I Ch. of Samuel JACOBS and Mary Miller. V i a. 

a -Mary d. s. 

b- George 

VI 2 Ch. of John JACOBS and Catharine Sheetz. V i b. 

a .Caroline -Ames Gleason VII i 

b ^Elizabeth "Joseph Snyder VII 2 

c-Ann -vSamuel Lapp VII 3 

VI 3 Ch. of Phebe B. Jacobs and Joshua KERSEY. V 2 a. 

a -Mary Jacobs 180S-1889 m 1831' Jesse Brooke Jones VII 4 

b -Samuel 1810- 

c -Elizabeth 18 12- 

d- Hannah 1814- 

e -Susan S. 1816- 

f -John Jacobs 1 8 1 8- 

VI 4 Ch. of Elizabeth Jacobs and Thomas SINNICKSON. V 2 b. 
ajohn Jacobs 1811-1889 (M. D.) d. s. 

b- Margaret Johnson 1814- -Thomas Jones Yorke VII 9 

cCharles 1815-1876 m 1841 -Caroline Elizabeth Perry VII 10 

d-Andrew 1817- m 1859 -Louise Earl Booth VII 11 

VI 5 Ch. of Thomas Hill Brinton JACOBS and Jane Bowen. V 2 d. 

•Hannah R. Pierce 

VII 5 

d. s. 

VII 6 

•Rowland Jones 

•Ivins Rambo 

VII 7 

.1) Sarah Walker - — . 

VII 8 

•2) Mary Kirby 

n. c. 

a -Charles 1820- 1864 

d. s. 

b -George W. 1822-1886 m i864-Mary R. Sharpies 1833- 

VII 12 

c -John 1 824- 1 860 

d. s. 

d -Caroline 1826-1893 m iS47-John Price Wetherill 

VII 13 

e -Anna 1830-1889 

d. s. 

f -Mary 1833-1S33 

d. s. 

VI 6 Ch. of Joseph Brinton JACOBS and Anne Bowen. V 2 


a -Mary B. 1825- m 1857-Reuben Bond Valentine 

VII 14 

b-Jane Bowen -1866 .Wm. Coleman Henderson 


VII 47 

c -Francis -Jane Johnson 

VII 15 

d. Emily -George Valentine 

VII 16 

e -Richard Brinton • -i860 

d. .s. 

VI 7 Ch. of Brinton JACOBS and Mary Ann Siter. V 2 


a-l<:iiza Parke 1831-1888 m i85o.Richard Wistar Davids 

1825-1863 VII 17 
h-Anne 1833-1837 d. s. 

c -Harriet M. C. 1S36- 

d -Henry Harrison 1840-1S86 d. s. 


VI 8 Ch. of John I. DOWNING and Mary Perot. V 3 a. 
a. Mary .John Lardner VII 18 

VI 9 Ch. of Sarah Havard Downing and Jacob LINDLEY. V 3 d. 
a .Thomas Downing m 1854. Mary Gibbs Wilson VII 19 

b. Jacob 1816-1862 -i) Catharine Sharpless 

EUicott VII 20 
• 2) Sarah EUicott 
c -Hannah 
d- Sarah 

n. c. 
d. s. 
d. s. 

VI 10 Ch. of James JACOBS and Margaret Bull. V 4 a. 

a-CyrusHamilton(Rev.) -i)- Anna Maria Stevens n. c. 

.2) -Mackall VII 21 

^.Thomas B^Ut • -i) Mary Creigh VII 22 

. ^ .2) Mary Elliott " " 
^ITimter ' ^^^^ ^"^ Johnson 

llT-Ann (4a4iC- -Rev. Thomas Creigh VII 23 

VI II ^ Ch. of Richard JACOBS and Belinda Bentley. V 4 b. 

a • Hanson Bentley 1812- -Catharine Jenkins VII 24 

b- Cyrus Hemphill 1814- .Rebecca Davis ■ VII 25 
' c Caroline Eliza 1816-1892 m 1S35 -Isaac Hazlehurst 

1809-1891 VII 26 

d. Richards. 1817-1822 d. s. 

VI 12 Ch. of Ann Jacobs and Levi BUIvL. V 4 d. 

a^Margaretta i8o9"i838 m i827-Rev. John B. Clemson VII 27 

b. Thomas Kempis 1810-1893 m 1839. i) Sarah Smith Shower VII 28 

m 1859-2) Julia H. Henderson 

c -Caroline B. 1811-1885 m i837-Hamilton Alricks VII 29 

d.Anne Hunter 1813-1847 m 1838.R. S. Potts VII 30 

e-Cvrus Jacobs i8[5-i875 in 1845 'Mary Ann McClure VII 31 

f .James Hunter 1817- m i848.Mary A. Sheaff VII 32 

g-Levi George 1819-1842 m 1842. Rachel Davies n. c. 

h. William Meade 1820-1883 m i846.Sarah R. Thomas VII 33 

i -Eliza Jacobs 1821-1844 d- ''^• 

j -Coleman Jacobs 1823-1857 m i849.Anna F. Davies VII 34 

k-Lydia Louisa 1825-1844 ^^- ^■ 

1 .Clara Mary 1827-1857 m 1849 .William A. Smith VII 35 

m.Martha S. 1829-1829 d. s. 

n- Henry Heber 1833-1879 "i i867-Enuna Henderson VII 36 

o -Samuel Octavius 1834- m i87^.Etta Nichols VII 37 

VI I ^ Ch. of Eliza M. Jacobs and Molton ROGERS. V 4 1. 

d. s. 



VI 14 Ch. of Coleman R. JACOBS and Mary Franks. V 4 m. 
a. Samuel Franks 1829-1868 . I^ucy G. Owen -1884 VII 38 

b- Matilda -1832 d. s. 

VI 15 Ch. of Samuel O. JACOBS and Clara Sydney Boyd. V 4 n. 
a. William Boyd 1827- m 1879- Abby Bolton -1885 n. c. 

b- Cyrus Washington 1830- 1849 d. s. 

c -Kliza Rogers 1832- m i857'Henry C. Potter (Rt. Rev. )VII 39 

d- Edward Coleman 1834-1879 m i86r -Catherine E. Moore VII 40 

VI 16 Ch. of Eliza E. Jacobs and Jacob M. HALDEMAN. V 5 a. 
a -Sarah J. i)- Walsh n. c. 

2) -William M. Haly n. c. 

b-John -Maria Stehley VII 41 

c -Jacob Samils -Caroline Hummel VII 42 

d-Mary E. -Robert J. Ross VII 43 

e -Susan Frances -Mortimer O'Connor, M. D. VII 44 

f -Richard J. -Margaret Cameron VII 45 

•Caroline d. s. 

•Elizabeth - d. s. 

'Ann d. s. 

VI 17 Ch. of Richard T. JACOBS and Sarah Hanna. V 5 c. 
a -Samuel 

b -Eliza Haldeman i) Cornyn VII 46 

• 2) John J. Clyde n. c. 

c George W. d. s. 

VI 18 Ch. of Mary Ann Jacobs and T. G. HENDERSON. V 5 d. 
a -Mary S. d. s. 

b>Wm. Coleman -i) Emma Phelps VII 47 

•2) Jane B. Jacobs (VI 6 b) " " 
c -Samuel J. 
d- Annie 

e -Thomas d. s. 

f .James 

VI 19 Ch. of Samuel D 
a- Rachel D. 
b "Edward H. 
c « George W. 
d -Thomas H. 
e -Horace B. 
f -J. Howard 
g. Annie H. 
h-F:iiza H. 
i -Sarah H. 
j -MaeS. 

30BS and Mary A. Davies. 



.John Plank 

VII 48 
d. s. 
d. s. 

m 1865. Maria J. Morrison 


d. s. 

-Hannah E. Cresswt 


VII 50 

-William C. Morris 

VII 51 
d. s. 
d. s. 

.William C. Moore 

VII 52 


VI 20 Ch. of Elizabeth Jacobs and Enos THATCHER. V 6 d 
a Richard Jacobs 
b • Maro^aretta E. 

•Harriet H. Eldridge 

VI 21 Ch. of Sidney Jacobs and George B. ALLEN. V 6 g. 

a Richard Jacobs 

b- Sarah Bridenhart 

c -Joshua Gibbons 


e • Rebecca Jacobs 

f -George B. 

1828- m 1 854 'Mary Button 


1832- ■ (M. D.) 



1840- m 1 869 -Deborah L. Smedley 



d. s. 


d. s. 
d. s. 



VI 22 Ch. of Camilla Jacobs and John EMBREE 
a -Martha 1832-1833 

b-Phebe 1833- 1865 

c-Lydia J. 1835-1840 

d. Joshua G. 1839- 

e- Sarah 1840- 1887 

VI 23 Ch. of Mary Ann Jacobs ai 
a -J. Erskin 
b- Hannah 
c -Caleb 
d .Deborah 
e 'Caroline 
f -Lydia J. 
g- Richard A. 
h James Hanover 
i -Charity 
j -Rebecca 
k -Jonathan C. 
1 .Henry C. 
m-Mary A. 

VI 24 I) Ch. of Samuel JACOBS and Rachel Jackson. V 6 n i). 

a-MaryP. 1832- -William Brown n. c. 

b -Lydia G. 1834- .William Bell VII 62 

c .Richard 1838- d. s. 

VI 24 2) Ch. of Samuel JACOBS and Sarah Taylor. V 6 n 2). 
a -Anna Rachel 1846- 

b -Richard T. 1848- 

VI 25 Ch. of Richard JACOBS and Amanda Miller. V 6 o. 
a -Lydia Philips -Andrew H. Turner VII 63 

b- Mary La Jeune ^- S- 

c - Samuel 
d -William Richard -Rachel Ann Moore n. c. 

d. s. 

d. s. 

d. s. 

Sarah Gyger 

VII 56 
d. s. 

nathan C. BALDWIN. 


Mary Hoopes 


d. s. 

Sarah Lewis 

VII 58 

John Cope 


d. s. 

d. s. 

d. s. 

. Thomas P. Conard 

VII 60 

Celia H. Huey 

VII 61 

d. s. 

•James E. Champlain 


VI 2>7> Ch. of Thomas JACOBS and Sarah Fussell. V 9 a. 

a. Rebecca -Joshua Brown VII 71 

b-CharlesP. . m 1842 -Esther Annie Fussell VII 72 

c Xydia -Orson Murray n. c. 

VI 34 Ch. of Hannah Jacobs and William ROBINSON. V 9 b. 
a -Hannah Jacobs -Peter Streeper n. c. 

VI 35 Ch. of Elizabeth Jaco])s and Wm. Morris DAVIS. V 10 d. 
a -Emily -George Tyson n. c. 

b -Isaac R. 
c • Helen 
d -Harry -Frances Wright VII 73 

VI 36 Ch. of Benjamin JACOBS and Sarah Mcllhenny. V 10 e. 
a -John -Alice Crankshaw VII 74 

b-Anna Amelia 

VI 37 Ch. of Mary Parry and John D. SWORD. V 11 d. 

a -Eleanor Walsh -Chester Nye Farr VII 75 

b James Brade .Matilda Wagner Shuster VII 76 

c. Sophia Parry .William Allen Means VII 77 

d -John 

VI 38 Ch. of Sophia Parry and Erasmus C. PRATT. V 11 e. 
a- Mary -18S4 -Frederic Pim n. c. 

b* Rowland P. d. s. 

VI 39 Ch. of Robert B. AERTSEN and Elizabeth A. Henry. V 12 e. 
a-Guilliam 1825- d. s. 

b -Mary Henry 1830-1871 -Rev. Joseph S. Mayers n. c. 

VI 40 Ch. of Mary P. Aertsen and Edward Q. KEASBY. V 12 f. 
a -Elizabeth Aertsen 1819-1820 
b -Helen Artemisia 1822- 
c -Anthony Q. 1824- m i848-i)Elizabeth Miller 

m 1 854 -2) Edwina Mifler 
d -Annie A. 1826- m 1855 -Wheeler H. Peckham 

e -Edward 1827- m 1 848-1) Anna Grifiiths 

m 1863-2) Eouisa Pothier 
f -Mary Aertsen 1832-183S 

g. Maria Eouise 1837- 1837 

VI 41 Ch. of John Parry AERTSEN and Elizabeth Brady. V 12 h. 
a- Ann Francis Louisa 1827- d. s. 

b-Mary Esther 1828- 

c 'Ann Francis 1830- m i86o- Arthur Wells VII 80 

d- Elizabeth Brady 1833- 














VI 42 Ch. of James M. AERTSEN and Harriet R. Smith. V 12 j. 

a. Mary Ami Smith 1837- m i874-Henry B. Mackintosh n. c. 

b -Esther Parry 1839- 

c -Alice Frazer 1842- 

d -Harriet Smith 1844- ni iSys-Persifor F. S. Slaymaker n. c. 

e -Robert 1847- 1850 ^- ^• 

f -Edith Romeyn 1849- m iSyi.Dr.Wilham Danach -i88iVn 81 

g -Margaretta Correy 1852- m 1873. Francis Rawle VH 82 

h-GuiUiam 1855- -Edith Price VH 83 

d. s. 

d. s. 
d. s. 

d. s. 

VI 43 Ch. of Charles McEUEN and Mary Ashurst. V 13 a 


W 44 Ch. of Thomas McEUEN and Annie M. Izard. V 13 b. 
a -Malcolm 
b -Charles 

VI 45 Ch. of Mary McEuen and William M. BOYCE. V 13 c. 

a .Emily 

b- Edward -Nina Wood VII 84 

c -William 

d -Elizabeth -Oliver A. Jndson, M. D. VII 85 

VI 46 Ch. of William MUSGRAVE and Eleanor Britton. V 14 c. 
a, Mary 1823-1879 ^- S- 

b -William Britton 1827- m 1856 -Anna M. Fosdick VII 86 

c -Anna Catherine 1830- m r854-Daniel B. Cooke -1886 VII 87 

d -Gertrude Meredith 1836- m 1865 -Abraham Suy dam n. c. 

e -Charles Wurts 1845- m 1888- Mary Agnes Britton VII 88 

VI 47 Ch. of Hester Mnsgrave and Alfred WRIGHT. V 14 d. 

a -James -1834 ^- ^• 

b- William Chippendale -Jeannette Budington VII 89 

VI 48 Ch. of Anna Musgrave and William J. BARCLAY. V 14 e. 
a -Charles James -Anna T. Tobey VII 90 

b -Anna Mary -William H. Parks n. c. 

VI 49 Ch. of Abel THOMAS and Patience Thorn. V 15 d. 
a .Hannah 1837- m 1859- Franklin Gerothman AllenVII 91 

b-Edward 1838-1890 m 1867 -Helen E- Bristol VII 92 

c- Elizabeth 1 840-1 841 d. s. 



VI 50 Ch. of John J. THOMAS and Mary S. Howland. V 15 f. 

a -Catharine 

b -Louisa 

c -Henry 

d -William Howland 

e -Caroline 

f - Emily 

1839-1841 d. s. 

1841- m 1872 -Albert Franklin I^yle 1840- VH 93 

1843-1S49 d. s. 

1847-1851 d. s. 

g-Klizabeth Howland 1856- 

VI 51 Ch. of Hannah J. Mechem and John HAl.STED. V 16 

a. Ellen M. 



i860 -William Hotchkiss, M. D 


VII 94 

b -Elizabeth 


•George Churchill 1834- 

VII 95 

c 'Naomi 

d. s. 

d "Mary Jane 



•i) Schuyler Fiske 

- 2) Henry Watson, M. D. 


VII 96 
n. c. 

e Jonathan 


• MarietteE. Reynolds 1841 

-VII 97 

f -Ann M. 



1862 -I ) Edward Freeman 

VII 98 

m 1872-2) Samuel Kohler 
g-Susan D. 1847-1873 d. s. 

VI 52 Ch. of John MEACHEM and Caroline A. Lord. V 16 b. 

a unnamed 

d. s. 

b. Clara Elizabeth 

d. s. 

VI 53 2) Ch. of Isaac J. MECHEM and Celestia Russell. 

V i6c2.) 

a ♦ Florence 


b -Floyd Russel 


-Jessie P. Collier 

VII 99 

c • George 


• Clara B. Messer 

VII 100 

d- Charles Gibbs 


'SaraS. Campbell 

VII loi 

e. William 


VI 54 Ch. of Elizabeth Mechem and John KNOWLES. V 16 f. 
a -George M. 1839- m 1867- Caroline Way VII 102 

b-Ann M. 1842- m i866-Sylvanus McClellan 1837- VII 103 

VI 55 Ch. of Mary Mechem and David HALSTED. V 16 g. 

a . Charlotte Pearl 


m i863'George T. Fairchild VII 104 

b -Milton Arnold 


m 1870-Elizabeth Hockenhull 

VII 105 

c -Adella 



d. s. 

d -Stanley Mechem 


• i) Sarah A. Bruce 

n. c. 

e -George Mechem 


d. s. 

f -Edward Monroe 


m 1871-1) Adele A. Upton 

VII 106 

. 2) Cammie Tompson 

n. c. 

g -Henry Powell 


•Jennie M. Northrup 

VII 107 

h- Byron David 


•Susan E. Howe 

VII 108 


VI 56 Ch. of Stanley MECHEM and Eunice H. Bryant. V 16 h. 

a -Evangeline 

1854- ni i878'Samuel Bachtel Mnishall VII 109 

b- George B. 

i860- -Linda Wade VII no 

VI 57- Ch. 

of Thomas L. JACOBS and Thyrza Peirce. V 17 b. 

a. Sara C. 

1850- m 1875- Mahlon E. Packer VII in 

b -Rachel 


c -Joseph 

1856- m 1 885 -Emma Packer VII 112 

d 'Edward 

i860- m i88o-Emma Denney VII 113 

VI 58 Ch 

. of Isaac JACOBS and Elizabeth Thayer. V 17 e. 

a -Mary L. 

1845-1855 d. s. 

b -Matilda 


c -Arthur 

1850-1855 d. s. 

d -IvUcy 


a Joseph 
c John 

d" Catherine 
e -Mary 


Ch. of Caroline Jacobs and Ames GLEASON. VI 2 a. 
•Anna Peirce 

. i) Caroline Eewis 

• 2) Amanda Baker 

• Morris Patterson 

• Leonard Rickart 

d. s. 

VII 2 Ch. of Elizabeth Jacobs and Joseph SNYDER. VI 2 b. 
a -Caroline 
b- Wesley 
c 'William 
d -Joseph 
e -Mary 
f .Hannah 
h -Stephen 
i 'Benjamin 

■ VII 3 
a • Christian 
c- Sarah 

Ch. of Ann Jacobs and Samuel LAPP. 
• Ella Cornog 

VI 2 c. 

d. s. 
d. s. 
d. s. 


VII 4 Ch. of Mary J. Kersey and Jesse Brooke JONES. VI 3 a. 

a • William K. 1833-1 874 m 1854 -Margaret Donaldson VIII 

b-EdwinA. 1834- m 1855 -Mary Lebo VIII 

c -Rowland 1 836-1 862 m 1856 -Kate Tippen VIII 

d-IvinsR. 1839- m 1865 'Julie A. Browne VIII 

e. Mary Helen 1844-1848 d. s. 

VII 5 Ch. of Samuel KERSEY and Hannah R. Pierce. VI 3 b. 
a- George Washington 1834-1894 'Susanna Moro Russell 1844- VIII 

b-johnj. -Emma Riggs VIII 

VII 6 Ch. of Hannah Kersey and Rowland JONES. VI 3 d. 

a. Margaret -Erasmus Rehrer VIII 

b. Emily -Edmund Ivins VIII 

c- Annie • George W. Bo wen VIII 

d -Charles Henry -Mary Anna Scribner VIII 

e -Cleaver R. d. s. 

f -Samuel Roberts -Mary Whitlen VIII 

VII 7 Ch. of Susan S. Kersey and Ivins RAMBO. VI 3 e. 

a- Mary Emily -Charles Henderson VIII 

VII 8 i) Ch. of John J. KERSEY and Sarah Walker. VI 3 f i). 
a- Emma 'Clayton Hagy VIII 

VII 9 Ch. of Margaret J. Sinnickson and T. Jones YORKE. VI 4 b. 
a -Mary Adelaide 1839- m 1861 -De Witt Clinton Clement VIII 

b -Elizabeth Sinnickson 1841- 
c -Thomas Jones 1843- 

d- Margaret Johnson 1845- m 1868 Joseph Benson Parker M. D. 

U. S. N. VIII 

e -Caroline Perry 1849- m 187 1 -William Frederic Allen VIII 

VII ID Ch. of Charles SINNICKSON and Caroline E. Perry. VI 4 c. 
a -Charles Perry 1844- m i869-Emma Rosengarten VIII 

b -Thomas 1847- m 1875 -Frances Forman Sinnickson VIII 

VII II Ch. of Andrew SINNICKSON and Louise E. Booth. VI 4 d. 
a -Elizabeth Jacobs 1861-18S6 d. s. 

b -Louise Booth 1867- m 1893- Norman Grey 

c-Andrew 1868- 1868 d. s. 


d. s. 


• Francis Driiig Wetherill 



• Frances Piersoll Lahens 



d. s. 
d. s. 


d. s. 


VII 12 Ch. of George W. JACOBS and Mary R. vSharples. VI 5 b. 
a-Thos. Hill Brinton 1865- 
b -George W. 1867- 

c -Mar}' Downing 1872-1874 d. s. 

d -Elizabeth Ashbridge 1876- 

e-John 1 877- 1 887 d. s. 

f -Jane Bowen 1879- 

VII 13 Ch. of Caroline Jacobs and John Price WETHERILL. V/fe d. 
a -Thomas 
b -Caroline 
- c -Albert Lawrence 
d >Charles Jacobs 
e -John Price 
f 'Anna Jacobs 

VII 14 Ch. of Mary B. Jacobs and Reuben B. VALENTINE. VI 6 a. 

a -Mary d. s. 

b- Emily • d. s. 
c 'Anna Jacobs 1861- 

d Julia Bond d. s. 
e -Caroline Marty n 1866- 

VII 15 Ch. of Francis JACOBS and Jane Johnson. VI 6 c. 

a. Carroll B. 
b- Florence B. 
c • Francis 

VII 16 Ch. of Emily Jacobs and George VALENTINE. VI 6 d. 
a -Jane Henderson 1866- 

b-Mary Downing 
c Sarah Wight 
d Emily Jacobs 

VII 17 Ch. of Eliza P. Jacobs and Richard W. DAVIDS. VI 7 a. 
a -Richard Wistar 1861- m 1892-Marian Milnor Morris 1864- 

VII. 18 Ch. of Mary Downing and John LARDNER. VI 8 a. 
a -John d. s. 

b. Perot . -Ellen N. Dickson 

(nee Megargee) n. c. 

VII 19 Ch. of T. D. LINDLEY and Mary G. Wilson. VI 9 a i). 
a .William Henry 1855- m 188 1- Emma Rambler 

b-Katherine EUicott 1858- m 188 r. John Hunter Wills VIII 

c- Sarah 1862- 


VII 20 Ch. of Jacob LINDLEY and Catharine S. EHicott. VI 9 b i). 
a-Mary EUicott 1849- 1853 d. s. 

b .Thomas Ellicott 1851- ni 1879 -Ida Frances Lockwood VIII 

c -Sarah Havard 1852-1852 d. s. 

d-Havard 1853- m i883.Ena Phillips VIII 

e -Jacob 1856- m i882-Fanny Tyson 

VII 21 2) Ch. of Cyrus H. JACOBS and Mackall. VI 10 a 2). 

a- d. s. 

b- , d. s. 

VII 22 i) Ch. of Thomas B. JACOBS and Mary Creigh. VI 10 b i). 
a 'James ta-rU^ d. s. 

bjohn t^iuJi' ^- ^• 

VII 22 2) Ch. of Thomas B. JACOBS and Mary Elliott. VI 10 b 2). 
a -Jesse Elliott -Margaret D wight Bell »r-e. 

b« Cyrus Hamilton d. s. 

c .Thomas BmZC ^- ^• 

d -William Vaughn 
e^ Fanny M. 

f . Mary D. 

g. Elizabeth R. 

VII 23 Ch. of Ann Jacobs and Thomas CREIGH. VI 10 d. 

a.jamesj. (Rev.) -Emma Bar^erL'^>>'e/3r7£ VIII 

b -John * d. s. 

VII 24 Ch. of H. B. JACOBS and Catharine Jenkins. VI 11 a. 
a -Robert Jenkins 
b .Catherine 

c • Adele Eidorie -1870 d. s. 

d • Charles SheafF m 1885-Sadie A. Brown VIII 
e -Anna H. 
f • Mary Belinda 
g.John H. 

VII 25 Ch. of Cyrus H. JACOBS and Rebecca Davis. VI 11 b. 

a -Caroline Hazlehurst 1836- 1844 d. s. 

b -Edward Davies 1838-1839 d. s. 

c .Belinda Bentley 1840-1844 d. s. 

d- Fanny 1846- 

e-Eliza Bruner 1848- m 1869 -William Neilson Williams VIII 

f -Rachel Bull 1850- 

g -Richard 1852- 1853 d. s. 

h- Caroline H. 1855- 

a. s 
d. s 
d. s 
d. s 

d. s 
d. s 
d. s 


VII 26 Ch. of Caroline E. Jacobs and Isaac HAZLE HURST. VI 1 1 c 

a • Molton Rogers 1836-1837 

b ■ Samuel Bentley 1838- 1853 

c • Caroline Jacobs 1 842- 1 843 

d -Elizabeth Markoe 1844- 1846 

e- Henry 1846- 

f- William 1 848-1 861 

g. Mary Jacobs 185 2- 1854 

Ir Alice 1854- 1855 

i • George Aspinvvall 1856- 

VII 27 Ch. of Margaretta Bull and John B. CLEMSON. VI 12 a. 
a. Levi Bull 1829-1831 d. s. 

b -Elizabeth 1830- m i854-Fisher Hazard VIII 

•c "Ann Bull 1832- m 1 859.1) George E. Washington VIII 

^2) Roberts n. c. 

d -Thomas Green 1833-1888 m 1867. Sarah F. Ogden VIII 

e ■ Mary Martha Sherwood 
f. Cyrus 1 837- 1 838 d. s. 

VII 28 i) Ch. of Thomas K. BUEE and Sarah S. Shower. VI 12 b i). 

a • Margaretta Clemson 1839-1844 d. s. 

b "Emma Eouisa 1841-1880 d. s. 

c -Charlotte McClellan 1843- 1844 d. s. 

d -Eliza Jacobs 1845-1886 d. s. 

e -Sarah Smith 1847-1851 d. s. 

f -Levi 1850-1851 • d. s. 

g -Edward Showers 1852- 1852 d. s. 

VII 28 2) Ch. of T. K. BULL and Julia H. Henderson. VI 12 b 2.) 

a-infantson 1860-1860 d. s. 
b -Caroline Jacobs 1863- 

c "Annie Hunter 1865-1880 d. s, 

VII 29 Ch. of Caroline B. Bull and Hamilton ALRICKS. VI 12 c. 
a -Ann Bull 1 838-1 888 m 1864 -Benjamin L. Forster VIII 

b- Martha 1840- 1866 d. s. 

c -Caroline Jacobs 1842- 1843 d. s. 

d-Levi Bull 1843- m 1872 i)-Anna Henderson VIII 

m 1892 2).Emilie Shevelle Fisher 
e- Eliza Jane 1846- 1849 d. s. 

VII 30 Ch. of Anne Hunter Bull and R. S. POTTS. VI 12 d. 
a -Howard S. 


VII 31 Ch. of Cyrus J. BULL and Mary Ann McClure. VI 12 e. 
a- Levi George 1846- 

b -Joseph McClure 1848- 

c -Florence 1853- m 1884 -Horace Augustus Willits 

d -Edward Coleman 1857- 

VII 32 Ch. of James H. BULL and Mary A. Sheaff. VI 12 f. 

a • Elizabeth Sheaff 1850-1853 d. s. 

b-James Henry 1852- m iSyS'Katharine W. Tillman VIII 

c • Van Wyck Sheaff 1 854- 

d-Goold Hoyt 1856- m 1885 -Margaret A. McComb VIII 

e -Anne Jacobs 1857- 

f -Reginald Heber i860- 1863 d. s. 

VII 33 Ch. of William M. BULL and Sarah R. Thomas. VI 12 h. 
a .Richard T. d. s. 

b -William L. 

c -Sarah T. 4 Rev. Langdon C. Stewardson n. c. 


VII 34 Ch. of Coleman J. BULL and Anna F. Davies. VI 12 j. 
a unnamed d. s. 

b -Llewellyn Parry d. s. 

c -Edward Davies d. s. 

d "Anna Valeria 1855- m 1877- Warren O. Spencer VIII 

e- Louise ca. 1857- 

VII 35 Ch. of Clara M. Bull and William A. SMITH. VI 12 1. 
a .Robert Hobart 1848- m i873-Dinah Watson Dunn VIII 

b-Levi Bull 1850- 1855 d. s. 

c- Clara Hunter 1852- 'Rev. Langdon C. Stewardson 

d- Mary Potts 1855-1856 d. s. 

VII 36 Ch. of Henry Heber BULL and Emma Henderson. VI 12 n. 
a-Octavius IS6^i- 

b-HeberLevi 1871-1891 d. s. 

VII 37 Ch. of S. Octavius BULL and Etta Nichols. VI 12 o. 



VII 38 Ch. of Samuel F. JACOBS and Lucy G. Owen. VI 14 a. 
a. Coleman 1859- 

b> William Owen 1861- 

c . Douglas Hancock 1863- 

VII 39 Ch. of Eliza R. Jacobs and Henrj- C. POTTER. VI 15 c. 
a 'Clara Sidney 1858- 

])• Caroline Tibbets 1862- 

C'Jane Brinsmade 1864- 

d-Mary Boyd 
e -Sarah Lindsay 
f -Alonzo 


m 1 892 -Mason Davidge >J *^ 

m 1886. Winthrop Cowdin ._>C-"* 

m 1 890. Charles H. Russell __ VIII 



VII 40 Ch. of Edward C. JACOBS and Catherine E. Moore. VI 15 d. 

a -Jenny 

b- William Boyd 

c "John Irwin 

d. Preston 

e -Clara Sidney 

f • Harriet 

g. Catharine 

h . Gertrude 

i - Mary Ellen 










VII 41 

a -Eliza H. 
b -John 
c -Jacob 
d -Robert 
e -William 
f -Edward 
g.Mary vStehley 

Ch. of John HAEDEMAN and Maria Stehley. VI i( 
m i877-James I. Chamberlain 



d. s. 

VII 42 Ch. of Jacobs. HAEDEMAN and Caroline Hummel. VI 16 c. 
a -Annie 'John Bigler VIII 

b -Lizzie 

■Edwin Longnecker 


VII 43 Ch. of Mary E. 


and Robert J. ROSS. 

VI 16 . 


a. Eliza Jacobs 

d. s. 

b. Jacob Haldeman 

d. s. 

C.Jacob Haldeman 


d. s. 

d . Mary 

• Marcus \. Reno 


e .Roberta E. 


•J. Wilson Orth 

n. c. 

f • Robert Jacob 


d. s. 

g -Andrew 

-Ella Miller 


VII 44 Ch. of Susan F. Haldeman and Mortimer O'CONNOR. VI 16 e. 
a -Jacob Miller Haldeman 


VII 45 Ch. of R. J. HAI.DEMAN and Margaret Cameron. VI i6 f. 
a -Donald C. 
b -Eliza 
c • Richard 

VII 46 I ) Ch. of Eliza H. Jacobs and CORNYN. VI 17 b i). 
a -Mary -Ginn 

VII 47 i) Ch. of W. Coleman HENDERSON and Emma Phelps. 

VI 18 b i). 
a' George 

VII 47 2) Ch. of W. C. HENDERSON and Jane B. Jacobs. 

VI i8b2) &6 b. 
a • Mary 
b- Richard Jacobs -i) Ann Cross 

•2) Celeste Sheafer 
c -Grant 

VII 48 Ch. of Rachel D. Jacobs and John PLANK. VI 19 a. 
a Samuel Horace 

b. David Frank -Fanny Garton 

c -Mary E. J. 
d -Thomas Howard 
e -Rebecca Heber 
f • Sara Haly 

VII 49 Ch. of Thomas H. JACOBS and Maria J. Morrison. VI 19 d. 

a -Harriet Amelia 1866- -John Sterrett VIII 
b-J. Howard 1868- 

c -Sallie J. 1870- 1870 d. s. 

d -Minnie P. 1872-1875 d. s. 
e. Royal Clifton 1876- 

VII 50 Ch. of J. Howard JACOBS and Hannah E. Cresswell. VI 19 f. 
a 'Caroline H. 

b-SaraH. .PiersonHoff 

c 'Edward Horace 
d 'Howard C. 

VII 51 Ch. of Annie H. Jacobs and William C. MORRIS. VI 19 g. 
a James Lewis 

b- Charles Alfred -Alice B. Johnson VIII 

c ■ Emily Mae 
d • Edward Jacobs 
e William Clews 
f • Gypsey 
g. Rachel Bessie H. 
h .Allen Clifton 


















VII 52 Ch. of Mae S. Jacobs and William C. MOORE. VI 19 j. 
a -Helen Jacobs d. s. 

b. Belle Davies 

d. s. 

c ' Rebecca Mae 

d. s. 

VII 53 Ch. of Richard J, 

. THATCHER and Harriet H. Eldridge. 

VI 20 a. 

a Jesse P. 

•Hettie A. Pratt VIII 

b -Enos E. 

•Lydia Pirn VIII 

c -Susan J. 

■ Morris S. Cope 

d • Margaretta 

• Frank Windle VIII 

VII 54 Ch. of Richard 

J. AELEN and Mary Button. VII 21 a. 

a, Rowland Button 1855- 

m i837:Anna B. Gill VIII 

b. William Charles 1857- 

m 1 883 -Elizabeth Clark Bromley VIII 

c • Richard Jacobs 1860- 

d-Mary Rigeway 1862- 

e "George Rigeway 1863- 

f "Henry Button 1869- 

VII 55 Ch. of George B. ALI.EN and Beborah E. Smedley. VI 21 f. 

a -Mary Smedley 1871- 

b -Lydia Garrett 1S72- 

c •Caroline Rebecca 1874- 

d 'Elizabeth 1876- 

e . Clement Edward 1 880- 

f . Beborah Smedley 1 886- 

VII 56 Ch. of Joshua G. EMBREE and Sarah Gyger. VI 22 d. 
a -Tacie Camilla 1871- 

b-John Gyger 1872- 

c -May Fannie 1879-1880 d. s. 

VII 57 Ch. of J. Erskin BALBWIN and Mary Hoopes. VI 23 a. 
a •William 
b. Richard J. 
c -Hannah H. 
d .Phoebe J. 
e -John E. 
f -Henry C. 

VII 58 Ch. of Caleb BALBWIN and Sarah Lewis. VI 23 c. 
a John 
b -Lewis 

VII 59 Ch. of Caroline Baldwin and John COPE. VI 23 e. 

a, Lucy -William Shelmire. 

•Amy Holloway 

Sarah Temple 


'George Hoffman 


• Bayard Conard 


•Mary Valentine 


•Anna Bvers 



VII 60 Ch. of Rebecca Baldwin atid Thomas P. CONARD. VI 23 j. 
a. Caroline B. 
b.C. Wilfred 

c . Ralph W. 

VII 61 Ch. of Jonathan C. BALDWIN and Celia H. Huey. VI 23 k. 
a .Frank 
b -David C. 
c 'Howard W. 

VII 62 Ch. of lyydia G. Jacobs and William BHlvL. VI 24 i) b. 
a -Mary .Wright VIII 

b-Athalia | 

c -Anna \ d. s. 

d -Florence 
e-Snsan T. 

VII 63 Ch. of Lydia P. Jacobs and Andrew H. TURNER. VI 25 a. 
a -Edith Eeah d. s. 

b • Bessie Amanda 

VII 71 Ch. of Rebecca Jacobs and Joshua BROWN. VI 33 a. 

a -Anna Mary J. d. s. 

b ^arah Emma 'A. A. Anderson, D. D. S. VIII 
c -Emily Ann 

d -Valeria Sumner ■ Frank A. Lister VIII 

e -William T. J. -Mary J. Richardson VIII 

VII 72 Ch. of Charles P. JACOBS and Esther A. Fussell. VI 33 b. 
a-Elmira d. s. 

b-Cassius C. • Sarah Vernon 

VII 73 Ch. of Harry DAVIS and Frances Wright. VI 35 d. 
a • William Morris 
b James 
c . Harry 

d . Francis 

e. Elizabeth 

VII 74 Ch. of John JACOBS and Alice Crankshaw. VI 36 a. 
a- Alice 

VII 75 Ch. of Eleanor W. Sword and Chester N. FARR. VI 37 a. 
a • Chester N. 1869- 

b- John Sword 1871 -1874 d. s. 

c .Mary Parry 1873- 

d -Sophy Sword 1876- 

e ^William Clarence 1881- 


VII 76 Ch. of James B. SWORD and Matilda W. Shuster. VI 37 b. 
a •Rowland Parry 1870- 

b -William Shuster 1871- 
c -Mary Sophia 1872- 

d James Brade 1876- 

VII 77 Ch. of Sophia P. Sword and William A. MEANS. VI 37 c. 
a 'Martha 1879- 

b-Mary McGregor 1885- 

VII 78 I) Ch. of A. Q. KEASBY and Elizabeth Miller. VI40C i). 
a 'Edward Qninton -Eliza D. Darcy 

b -George Macculloch -Annie L. Lewis VIII 

c Elizabeth M. ca. 1852-1862 d. s. 

VII 78 2) Ch. of A. Q. KEASBY and Edwiua Miller. VI 40 c 2). 
a .Henry Miller • Charlotte Lewis VIII 

b -Rowland Parry • Minerva Wright VIII 

c -Frances Hitchcock 
d -Louisa Edwina 

e -Lindley Miller .Cornelia G. Simrall VIII 

f -Frederick Winston 

VII 79 i) Ch. of Edward KEASBY and Anna Griffiths. VI 40 e i). 
a .Edward d. s. 

b .Henry G. 'Anna Christy 

c -Mary P. -Frank A. Hardy 

d "Robert Aertsen -Susan B. Munday 

VII 79 2) Ch. of Edward KEASBY and Louisa Pothier. VI 40 e 2). 
a. William P. -Alice Maud Hubbard 

VII 80 Ch. of Ann Francis Aertsen and Arthur WELLS. VI 41 c. 
a-Guilliam A. m i888«Margaret C. Murphy 

VII 81 Ch. of Edith R. Aertsen and William DARRACH. VI 42 f. 
a -James M. A. 
b -William 

c • Harriet Aertsen d. s. 

d -Margaretta Monro d. s. 

VII 82 Ch. of Margaretta C. Aertsen and Francis RAWLE. VI 42 g. 
a -James A. 

b-Persifor Frazer d. s. 

c • Russell Davenport d. s. 

d- Harry Romeyn 


VII 83 Ch. of Guilliam AERTSEN and Edith Price. VI 42 h. 
aGuilliam 1882- 

b Elizabeth Romeyn 

VII 84 Ch. of Edward BOYCE and Nina Wood. VI 45 b. 
a -William 

VII 85 Ch. of Elizabeth Boyce and Oliver A. JUDSON. VI 45 d. 
a .Oliver Boyce 
b -William Francis 
c • Mary 

VII 86 Ch. of Wm. B. MUvSGRAVEand Anna M. Fo.sdick. VI 46 b. 
a -William Sylvester 

VII 87 Ch. of Anna C. Musgrave and Daniel B. COOKE. VI 46 c. 
a -William Mu.sgrave 1854- 

b -Eleanor Gertrude 1858- m 1889 -Charles Hickox 

c -Frederics. 1863- - Mabel Ruth VIII 

VTI 88 Ch. of Charles W. MU.SGRAVE and Mary A. Britton. VI 46 e. 
a • Reginald Parry 1891- 

VII 89 Ch. of Wm. Chippendale WRIGHT and 

. Jeannette Budington. VI 47 b. 
a -Marian 
b -William 

VII 90 Ch. of Charles J. BARCLxAY and Anna T. Tobey. VI 48 a. 
at Edith 

VII 91 Ch. of Hannah Thomas and Franklin G. ALEEN. VI 49 a. 
a -Edward Franklin m 1882- Emma Houldsworth VIII 

b John Henry m 1888-Jennie Zelle Jones VIII 

c-Mary Cornley m 1890 -Frederic Padmore \"III 

d'Anna Thomas m 1892 -William Mains \"III 

e .Emma Chloe 1869- 

f- George 1871- 

g- Esther Elizabeth 1874- 
h- Louisa Thomas 1876- 
i -William Thomas 1879- 

VII 92 Ch. of Edward THOMAS and Helen E. Bristol. VI 49 b. 
a -Helen Bristol 1868- m 1892- George Beutilspacker 

b -Albert Gorham 1876- 


VII 93 Ch. of Louisa Thomas and Albert F. LYLE. VI 50 b. 
a. George Henry 1873-1875 '^- ^• 

b -William Thomas 1875- 
c -Herbert Cecil 1877- 

d Henry Albert 1880- 

e Rose Marian 1886- 

VII 94 Ch. of Helen M. Halsted and William HOTCHKISS. VI 51 a. 
a. Carrie Ella 1882-1885 d- S- 

VII 95 Ch. of Elizabeth Halsted and George CHURCHILL. VI 51 b. 
a -William 1858- 

b-Harrie 1863- 

VII 96 Ch. of Mary J. Halsted and Schuyler FISKE. VI 51 d i). 
a. Mary i860- m 1884. Elmer E. Paine | ^ ^.. 

b-Eva Madge 1885- \ a 

c -Clifford Emmet 1887- ( ^■ 

d- Gladys lone 1890- ^ 

VII 97 Ch. of Jonathan HALSTED and Mariette^(Runnels; VI 51 e. 
a.Zoe 1 867- 1 888 m 1884. George N. Babcock 

b-Daniel 1870- m 1892- Sarah Lucile Chapman 

c- Stanley M. 1880- 

VII 98 Ch. of Ann M. Halstead and Edward FREEMAN. VI 51^1)- 
a-DewittC. 1863- m 1887. Minnie Colvin 

VII 99 Ch. of Floyd R. MECHEM and Jessie P. Collier. VI 53 2) b. 
a -John Collier 
b- Phillip Russel 

VII 100 Ch. of George MECHEM and Clara B. Messer. VI 53 2 ) c. 
a. Isaac Leland 

VII loi Ch. of C. G. MECHEM and Sara S. Campbell. VI 53 2) d. 
a. Florence Alvira 

VII 102 Ch. of George M. KNOWLES and Caroline Way. VI 54 a. 

a. Stanley J. 

b.Lily -Bliss Parker 

c Claude 

VII 103 Ch. of Ann M. Knowles and S. McCLELLAN. VI 54 b. 


VII 104 Ch. of Charlotte P. Halsted and G. T. FAIRCHIIvD. VI 55 a. 
a -Mary Agnes -Charles H. Kirsliner VIII 

b -Edward Milton 

c Paul Halsted • Georgia E. Perkins VIII 

d -David Grandison 
e Anna Delia -Francis H. White 

VII 105 Ch. of M. A. HALSTED and Elizabeth Hockenhull. VI 55 b. 
a-Mary 1871-1872 

b -Tilla 
c -Robert 
d -Charlotte 
e -Jennie 

VII 106 Ch. of E. M. HALSTED and Adele A. Upton. VI 55 f i). 
a- Helen 
b- Belle 

VII 107 Ch. of H. P. HAESTEAD and Jennie M. Northrup. VI 55 g. 
a -Paul D. 

VII 108 Ch. of B. D. HAESTEAD and Susan E. Howe. VI 55 h. 
a. Claire 
b -Edwin Howe 

VII 109 Ch. of Evangeline Mechem and S. B. MINSHAEE. VI 56 a. 
a -Ruby 1879- 

b -Pearl 1881-1882 d. s. 

c -George Bachtel 1892- 

d -Frank Bryant 1893- 

VII no Ch. of George B. MECHEM and Einda Wade. VI 56 b. 

VII III Ch. of Sara C. Jacobs and Mahlon E PACKER. VI 57 a. 
a -Linton 1876- 

b-Hugh 1881-1881 d. s. 

C.Harold 1882- 

d-Paul 1886- 

e-Eeah 1892- 


VII 112 Ch. of Joseph JACOBS and Emma Packer. VI 57 c 
a -Margaret Louise 1SS6- 
b -Helen Winifred 1889- 

VII 113 Ch. of Edward JACOBS and Emma Denney. VI 57 d. 

d. s. 

a -Dorance 


b -Charles Arden 



c -Leland 


d -Jessie Ednah 


e James Ralph 


f -Isabel 


g -Verne Eamont 




•VIII Ch. of William K. JONES and Margaret Donaldson. VII 4 a. 
a -Mary Francis 

Vril Ch. of Edwin A. JONES and Mary I,ebo. VII 4 b. 

a -Rowland 

VIII Ch. of Rowland JONES and Kate Tippen. VII 4 c. 

a -Eizzie 

VIII Ch. of Ivins R. JONES and Julie A. Browne. VII 4 d. 
a -Mary Jacobs ni iSSg-Joseph Richardson IX 

VIII Ch. of Geo. W. KERSEY and Susanna M. Russell. VII 5 a. 

a -George Russell 


•Beda May Thalmen 


b- Samuel Jacobs 


•Eatitia Dougherty 

c-Mary Phcebe 


d. s. 

d- Clara Emma 


e -John Jacobs 


d. s. 

f -Susan Rambo 


d. s. 





VIII Ch. of John J. KERSEY and Emma Riggs. VII 5 b. 
a -Hannah -David Griffith 

b 'Esther 
c -Florence 

VIII Ch. of Margaret Jones and Erasmus REHRER. VII 6 a. 
a -Anna Mary -Walter Nixon IX 

b- Clara Dock 

VIII Ch. of Emily Jones and Edmund IVINS. VII 6 b. 

a -Henry Kersey -Rosa Jewel IX 

b -Mary Eouisa -Robert Wright IX 

VIII Ch. of Annie Jones and George W. BO WEN. VII 6 c. 

a Rowland Jones -Attie Mimes 

b -William Kersey 

VIII Ch. of Charles H. JONES and Mary Anna Scribner. VII 6 d. 
a- Charles Henry • Emma Wilkins IX 

b- Rowland Jones 
c -Sheldon Scribner 
d -Hannah Kersey 
e -Webster 
f John Scribner 


VIII Ch. of Samuel R. JONES and Mary Whitlen. VII 6 f. 
a -Margaret Klizabeth d. s. 

b -Gertrude 
c .Hellen 

VIII Ch. of Mary K. Rambo and Charles HENDERSON. VII 7 a. 
a -Jennie 1861- m 1887 -Reese P. Davis IX 

VIII Ch. of Emma Kersey and Clayton HAGY. VII 8 a. 

a. John Kersey m j894'Florence Ramsey Gilbert 

b- Clayton 

VIII Ch. of Mary A. Yorke and DeW. Clinton CLEMENT. VII 9 a. 
a-ElizaHufty 1862- m -Charles Heath Bannard IX 

VIII Ch. of Margaret J. Yorke and Joseph B. PARKER. VII 9 d. 
a -Mary Shearer 1872- 

b 'Eleanor Yorke 1878- 

VIII Ch. of Caroline P. Yorke and Wm. F. ALLEN. VII 9 e. 
a -Yorke 1873- 

b -Frederic Warner 1874- 
c -Eugene Yorke 1878- 

d -John Sinnickson 1881- 

VIII Ch. of C. P. SINNICKSON and Emma Rosengarten. VII 10 a. 
a -Caroline Perry 1870- 

b- Elizabeth R. 1871- 

c -Charles 1872- 

d ■ George Rosengarten 1 874- 

e-DeWitt Clinton d. s. 

f Fanny Rosengarten 1885- 

VIII Ch. ofT. SINNICKSON and Frances F. Sinnickson. VII 10 b. 
a. Alice Margaret 1878- 

VIII Ch. of Caroline Wetherill and F. D. WETHERILL. VII 13 b. 
a 'Brinton 1871- 

b -Isabella Macomb 1872- 
c John Lawrence 1874- 

d -Caroline Bowen 1876- 

VIII Ch. of Albert L. WETHERILL and Frances P. Laheus. VII 13 c. 
a- Maria Lawrence 


VIII Ch. of Katherine E. Lindley and J. Hunter WILLS. VII 19 b. 
a. William Mintzer 1882- 

VIII Ch. of Thomas E. LINDLEY and Ida F. Lockwood. VII 20 b. 
a -Elizabeth Downing 1885- 

VIII Ch. of Havard LINDLEY and Ella Phillips. VII 20 d. 
a -John Marshall 1889- 

VIII Ch. of James J. CREIGH and Emma Barker. VII 23 a. 

a -Mary Dunbar 

VIII Ch. of Charles S. JACOBS and Sadie A. Brown. VII 24 d. 
a -Hanson Bentley 1886- 

VIII Ch. of Eliza B. Jacobs and Wm. N. WILLIAMS. VII 25 e. 
a -Elizabeth Jacobs m i89i-John P. Suter IX 

VIII Ch. of EHzabeth Clemson and Fisher HAZARD. VII 27 b. 

a -Mary FuUerton 1855- m i88o-John R. Leisenring IX 

b -John Clemson 1856- m 1883' Mary Alice Breinig IX 

c -Elizabeth Fisher 1858-1887 m i879-Charles F. Graff IX 

d-Erskine 1 860-1 861 d. s. 

e -Erskine 1862- 

f -Ethel 1863- 

VIII i) Ch. of Ann B. Clemson and G. L.WASHINGTON.VII 27 c i). 

a -Margaretta 1860- 

b -Louisa Clemson 1863- 1864 d. s. 

c -John Clemson 1865-1887 d. s. 

d. Martha 1867- 

e . Annie Harewood 1869- 

f -Elizabeth Fisher 1871- 

VIII Ch. of Thomas G. CLEMSON and Sarah F. Ogden. VII 27 d. 
a • Gertrude Gouverneur 1868- m 1S92. Lewis Lawrence Smith IX 

b -Ludlow Ogden 1870- 1888 d. s. 

c - Margarita Helen 1874- 

VIII Ch. of Ann B. Alricks and Benjamin L- FORSTER. VII 29 a. 
a ■ Caroline Alricks 1865- m 1891 -William R. Duncan IX 

b'John Douglas 1866- 

VIII I) Ch. of Levi B. ALRICKS and Anna Henderson. VII 29 d i). 
a • John Hamilton 1873- 



VIII Ch. of James H. BULI^ and Katharine W. Tillman. VII 32 b. 

a . James Armitage 1878- 

b ■ Henry T.i0i.r«/^*<^ 1880- ^r^>.-,^ ^j'-^-f^^^i^^^^^^'^^*^'^*''^^'^'"?*'^ 
c -Martha X^M^j-**^ /J^^- d. s. 

d • Elizabeth -^-^'^^ '*** d. s. 

e-Wilffri-d <9»^<^ /*-/" ^ ^ , ^ ^=^=^ 

f .Margery ^h^^T^ ' '^^^^^ .^,^.c.^.^^..>K^^..^. ^... ,.zZ. 

VIII Ch. of Goold H. BULL and Margaret A. Macomb. VII 32 d. 
a -David Macomb 1886- 

b -Margaret A. 1886- d. s. 

c -Dorothy Sheaff 1889- 

l;1!ii^ "'"■ 11733^8 

VIII Ch. of Anna Valeria Bull and W. O. SPENCER. VII 34 d. 
a 'Harry R. 1878- 

VIII Ch. of Robert H. SMITH and Dinah W. Dunn. VII 35 a. 
a. Robert Wm. Hobart 1876- 

VIII Ch. of Jane B. Potter and Charles H. RUSSELL- VII 39 c. 
a .Charles H. 

b. Harry Potter 1893- 

VIII Ch. ofE. H. Haldeman and J. I. CHAMBERLAIN. VII 41 a. 
a -Maria H. 1879- 

VIII Ch. of Annie Haldeman and John BIGLER. VII 42 a. 
a -Samuel Haldeman 
b- Caroline 

VIII Ch. of Lizzie Haldeman and Edwin LONGNECKER. VII 42 b. 
a -Maud 1879- 

b -Jacob M. Haldeman 1882- 
c 'Caroline Rosina 1883- 

d -Edwin 1888- 

VIII Ch. of Mary Ross and Marcus A. RENO. VII 43 d. 

a • Ross • Itty Kinney 

VIII Ch. of Andrew ROSS and Ella Miller. VII 43 g. 

a -Mary E. ^Valentine Hummel IX 

b -Robert -Wilder. 

VIII 2) Ch. of R. J. HENDERSON and Ann Cross. VII 47 2) b i). 
a -Mary B. J. 


VIII Ch. of David F. PLANK and Fanny Garton. VII 48 b. 
a Rachel D. 
b "Thomas Howard 
c -Caroline Garton 

VIII Ch. of Harriet A. Jacobs and John STERRETT. VII 49 a. 
a. Myrtle E. 

VIII Ch. of Charles A. MORRIS and Alice B. Johnson. VII 51 1). 
a. Charles Alfred - d. s. 

b • Howard Johnson 

VIII Ch. of Jesse P. THATCHER and Hettie A. Pratt. VII 53 a. 
a. Mary E. 
b-J. Helen M. 

Vin Ch. of Enos E. THATCHER and Eydia Pirn. VII 53 b. 
a -Richard P. 
b "Charles Rowland 
c -Emily P. 
e Arthurs, 
f Marian 

VIII Ch. of Susan J. Thatcher and Morris S. COPE. VII 53 c. 
b -Charles 
c .Morris 
d 'Samuel 
e 'Alfred 

VIII Ch. of Margaretta Thatcher and Frank WINDEE. VII 53 d. 
a. Susanna d. s. 

VIII Ch. of Rowland D. AEEEN and Anna B. Gill. VII 54 a. 
a^ Clara Gill 1881- 

VIII Ch. of Wm. C. ALEENand Elizabeth C. Bromley. VII 54 b. 
a • Grace Bromley 1885- 

b -James Bromley 1887-1888 d. s. 

c -Richard 1889-1890 d, s. 

d-Ruth 1 89 1 -1893 d. s. 


VIII Ch. of Richard J. BALDWIN and Sarah Temple. VII 57 b. 
a .Mary 
b 'Thomas 
c -Helen 
d-J. Erskin 
e • Florence 
f -Richard Iv. 

VIII Ch. of Hannah H. Baldwin and George HOFFMAN. VII 57 c. 
a 'Sarah 
b-Mary A. B. 
c -Iva Bell 
d- Vernon 

VIII Ch. of Phoebe J. Baldwin and Bayard CONARD. VII 57 d. 
a. Caroline L. 
b. Laura B. 
c -Frank W. 

VIII Ch. of John F. BALDWIN and Mary Valentine. VII 57 e. 
a • Anna 

VIII Ch. of Henry C. BALDWIN and Amia Byers. VII 57 f. 
a . George 
b- Howard 

VIII Ch. of Mary Bell and WRIGHT. VII 62 a. 

a -Harold i8gi- 

VIII Ch. of Sarah E. Brown and A. A. ANDERSON. VII 71 b. 
a . Herman 

VIII Ch. of Valeria S. Brown and Frank A. LISTER. VII 71 d. 
a -Anna 
b • Frank 
c ' Ralph 
d- Helen 

VIII Ch. of Wm. T. J. BROWN and Mary J. Richardson. VII 71 e. 
a -Pearl R. d. s. 

b • Roscoe J . 

VIII Ch. of George M. KEASBY and Annie L. Lewis. VII 78 i) b. 
a -Elizabeth M. 


VIII Ch. of Henry M. KEASBY and Charlotte Uwis. VII 78 2) a. 
a -Edwina Louisa 
b -Dorothy M. 
c .Marjorie 

VIII Ch. of Rowland P. KEASBY and Minerva Wright. VII 78 2) b. 
a -Dorothea M. 

VIII Ch. of Lindley M. KEASBY and Cornelia G. Simrall. VII 78 2) e. 
a. Cornelia Simrall 

VIII Ch. of Frederic S. COOKE and Mabel Ruth. VII 87 c. 
a • Frederic 

VIII Ch. of Edward F. ALLEN and-Emma Houldsworth. VII 91 a. 
a -Franklin Henry 18S3- 

b -Lillian 1887- 

c - Frederic Edward 1890- 

VIII Ch. of John H. ALLEN and Jennie Z. Jones. VII 91 b. 
a -Arthur Jones 1891- 

VIII Ch. of Mary C. Allen and Frederic PADMORE. VII 91 c. 
a -Anna Elizabeth 1892- 

VIII Ch. of Anna T. Allen and William MAINS. VII 91 d. 
a 'George Henry 1893- 

VIII Ch. of Mary A. Fairchild and Chas. H. KIRSHNER. VII 104 a. 
a- Robert F. 1889- 

VIII Ch. of Paul H. FAIRCHILD and Georgia E. Perkins. VII 104 c. 
a- Ruth 1893- 



IX Ch. of Mary J. Jones and Joseph RICHARDSON. (VII 4 d) a. 
a -Julie Louise 1890- 

b -Katharine Van Sautvoord 1892- 

IX Ch. of George R. KERSEY and B. M. Thalmen. (VII 5 a) a. 

IX Ch. of Anna M. Rehrer and Walter NIXON. (VII 6 a) a. 
a 'Mary Margaret 
b- Robert Rehrer 

IX Ch. of Henry K. IVINS and Rosa Jewel. (VII 6 b) a. 
a . Edmund 


IX Ch. of Mary L. Ivins and Robert WRIGHT. (VII 6 b) b. 
a • Edmund 
c .Robert 
d -Emily 
e -Hellen 

IX Ch. of Charles H. JONES and Emma Wilkins. (VII 6 d) a. 

IX Ch. of Jennie Henderson and Reese P. DAVIS. (VII 7 aj a. 
a • John Kerse}^ 1891- 

IX. Ch. of Eliza H. Clement and C. H. BANNARD. (VII 9 a) a. 
a ■ Charles Heath 1 891 - 

b .Margaret Yorke 1893- 

IX Ch. of Elizabeth J. Williams and John P. SUTER. (VII 25 e) a. 
a -Fanny Jacobs 

IX Ch. of Mary F. Hazard and J. R. EEISENRING. (VII 27 b) a. 
a -Fisher Hazard 1881- 

b -Alexander 1884- 

c -Helen Douglas 1889- 

d- Elizabeth Hazard 1891- 

IX Ch. of John C. HAZARD and Mary A. Breinig. (VII 27 b) b. 
a-Eouisa Breinig 1885- 

b • Floride Clemson i 8q i - 

IX Ch. of Elizabeth F. Hazard and C. F. GRAFF. (VII 27 b) c. 
a -Charles Frederick 1882- 

b- Elizabeth Hazard 1884- 

IX Ch. of Gertrude G. Clemson and E- L- SMITH. (VII 27 d) a. 
a.L. Gouverneur 1893- 

IX Ch. of Caroline A. Forster and Wm. R. DUNCAN. ( VH 29 a) a. 
a -Margery Alricks 

IX Ch. of Mary E. Ross and Valentine HUMMEE. (VII 43 g) a. 
a -Ross 

b -Valentine Eorne 
c "Haly d. s. 

Supplement to tlie Geiiea!oL;y 
Jacobs Family 

"John J:;:obs ^>t Perldonien." 

T!ie nii!,!!c;iti..u of t!ie aSovc ■^<--n.:.i!.>uy has sli.nvii ma r.y errors -.iiu' 
111', re iJt;!iv.,ii,iiN, iiKiiiy ._!! l'u_- !''riiit.r ilntr tt) il-currcol. irCui iiuniiji; 
'!";;.■ C'jTii; :;^! u'^;iv^', tlial '^n-.V.-,: ii.;c;c->t 'us ii-.t '•ccn sliOWM hy t';cr 
icHirii ol iii'.r..- ui!'irir,:iUi.n siic:i as w a-^ askc ' :or im int.- i'..tro-ii.ic'.io!i Vj 
tlic- p:iiiM.!ilct ; al' corni^iMda rtr. c-ivf.l K. Ui'S ''ate iiavc Wrci; eiu^ioihcii in 
'.'i'--. bii!':>Vnn.-!ii, ai!.! ;l :s cxorctL-t' thai a''a'!'.'.oi!;.' ml ■nva'.Kii; will 'i<; 
:Mi'i';-,lit-ii 111 l!ii-,iiii:M in tl.c ri-,l'_;!c T'laii';-- a^c cxV-vaicd to ill tlu^^c 
w!];. hnv'.- ina.!.- Ihc i.ub'ication m* tht:-.c i.aKc-> n<-.:.sili'e. 

The C'lMMiVr is soriy I'la'. -.irjuScrs .v-rrc "•>•. uiv.'^! !(j :>.Illili•J^ in the 
<.-i).',htIi aiul iniith .<^-i'<-='i*-'^'":-. -'''•■' s'i;ji.'c:,!:s th.-t .^iich '■■'.- iiv-w iii=.;itcil, i 
to 71 mclii-^nc lo' tlic rornier, ana' i to 15 ■'ir'-: .;.c Tor tl<A- , horea't-.r 

am! ad'litional laitiitics will he dc-iij^iiatcil \>y -Jit iicxt *o11l)\\;iij^ ii!nnhcr>. 

Ill the ' colniiiMS of llic bcvcnlh ami rii;iilli i;'.:ncra*.:oii •., and to c!iai;>;tr 
th«r i>ar<.-ii'!i.-li.:,d rcfcrt- ncc-, ^n ll'tt'. i^cnr-rntion to ^'IIi. foIi'MVci! hy 
tlie hmii'y nninhcr n-„_-d as >n;4'^r^'.t.d. aiiove. 

Ill ..i.'ir to make the v.oi'-i as ,,-.;iii_i?:t- as i-u-sih';.-. changes arc lien- 
iioi^ccd a^hc'.!i-::iv; to a person !>y her (^r Ins generation, laur'x an ' 'eiicT , 
>>r '.<> her luis'o.ind /■"Inish") or his " u'fc", or to a 'amily f)y its t;ei:er';- 
tv>ii am! ii>i!ii'>er : f. ,c. t!ie first a.ldit'oii sl'ous tlni" Israel Jacolis died it! 
T'.'^i 'T"'' '-''■'' \vi:'e died in I7~^r. Names are nut LMVeu tn'-!;.-ss ti5 sh^^w 
errors or ad.dition^. V.'l'.eie niMie lliaii one correction ni -a fannly ;> 
ncCessar\' the (ann'v m!nil)ers art. no! rej'eaied. 

!t is S"vve->ted tha.t correcfoii-, an.' addition-, may he iii.alt- V.y wntini,' 
in the p'.iia -^houn tlie matter l>ere (.Mven, or it mas' lie liet'er to nulica'e 
!:y umieilimiii; tiial the siUMi'.en.eal r^luaild lie oon..-,nited for fartlie; inlor- 
matioii at sii-li iilaie. Addilioi.a". 1;. m. it ■, alt i;;vtn v.ithov.t printinij on 
the reverse -o 'iiat t!i-. y may 'jc i.itt J.nt .n'..' •,),.n'.ed. on '.lie l.h-.nks lo:".o\vin< 
oacii >;enrrati'>i> in t);e jv.iiM.iii'.ct. Additional names 'r; lamd'es a'.ready 
l^'iveii should, be i.a:>ted. ilea- ii:s-,d.e e<'i;cs only of pJi^es so as to Le continu- 
ons with matter a'rcaily .v;'ven. and \tl iiol inter.Vre uit'i succeednik; 


r.r.Nf-Aiiy.y or jin-: 

CORkRCriOiNS AM> A[)Dmu,NS. 

I e In.s., ,7;, J- 1 7^,6 

h Join, ,-s''.-.7V"; s. c i^-ra.-l 175S- <1. 
;io Aiiu'iM Cox 17S1-1SSS e riHl.L- 1762- 

IH I c 17./. w, 

IV 3 a 1755- ni 
d John (7(. i-iS ', 
f Sarnli i7^5-i7'Vs d. s. 

V 6 j 1,1 isr2 liiisN 17,,.. 

V 9 a Thomas IN'Miirih 

V 10 a r^r i-i>;(^>2 b i.Si|-iS(,|. c iSio-iSif.. d 1S17- . 

e 1S20- ll\ 1X57 \\\\,^_ (S-(7- . f 1>!22-|S7^. 

V: o a inish !Xor-iSos. b John .1 « 

VI 10 a l; w,lL- -1.^,;^. b 'i"linnKis r,i,;'i iS 1 2- 1 SSS nt 1 S -5 1 Owiu- -1 

in iK^S 2) .M;ity i). l-ilioit i :-, 1 ^ iS'„, c Jiiiii.s iinuit-i -1S3J. a 

Huiitf^r -iS-/. ni iS^v 
VI II b -iS/.oni rS;;s Rl h'-H .•:i S;in ;h I>.,m.-s iS 15- 1 .^,,i . 
VI 12 I ni |S|7 iKjt iSju o vviu- (l.ninrn.'te n.-.t I":ta 
Vl 23 a John luskme iS2vi'^>^7 >ii iS5< Niiry 'V llooj^cs iS-S- . 

b 1824-18:5. c iSJS-''""^^ «■!'!; I'.mr.Ki A. Lewis not Sunh, J 1827 

e 1829-18^7 111 185V f (Sv l>^.U- I? l-^;-'-l8 !_•. a iS; ;-lS-.-;. 

i i8,-,6- . J Sns.ui r. I ^,-,s 1^44(1. s. it Jon:Uh,iu C. 18.4M in 1:-' 
Cflia H. Hncy i8.|,v(S77; ni 1SS7 2; M.uii.'la MrCoilonv;!. 18.1.V . 
1 Reivecea 184-,- . ni Ilcnrv C. 1 .'- 4 1- i ^58. n Mir-, A 1*^17- . 
VI 33 Vhuni:,s P. JACi-ilS. a Kvi.ecca Fus^cl. ..h,s-,.S7/ n. i.-- 
Josliiia Pierce Hmwii -18.19: ni i8''.9 2) Daiiiei 'i'yson b i.'hirk-s i ,.■ 
1S16- 111 r;42 ICstlier Ann Fiissi-il iSi8- . c l.y.ha IVniwIl i,S2i- 
Orsou -S. Mnrr.-n . 

VI 36 a 1S58. m is^7 wile iS'.i- . b 1866- ni is..^; (Sorauc i},.i 
I-tale 1861- \-fl .1,4. 

VII 13 after WirrFli'.UII.I. Vi s <1 not V 5 <i C wile I'ler-aii not P-oi 
VII 17 a n.l.l VI II 72 at riui ..1 hne 

VII 18 b -18S1 

VII 22 I. a John Creii^h 1 8,vv ' ^ VS b James Cyrns |S(.( iS-,; 

VII 22 2) a i8v)- m 1872. b IS.H i.s^-,. c i-annv Mar>^aiet i s 

d Tiu)nias liu;i i8.(6 i.s^i. e iSs'.- . f Whhi i.n \-.,n. 

1853- 111 181^, Mary \Vhii>,'le V ! 1 I 7;, K iih/ahelh Uivmn'^ 1X56 . 
VII 23 a wife Harher not iiark.r 
Vll 25 Rel>ecea S 1 )avies ih>1 f) ivis. 
VH 30 a -is,)s -1 s 
VII 33 a -i.s.,^ ,1 s. 
Va 35 c m iss, 
VII 37 Ilannaeit.' not i'.tla a I-i.,neis Xi.ho'.s i8'^o- . b j-.mnia I,. 

18S2- . C i'.eatrix Anna 1 .s-<s- i.^'^c; .1 s d Sue Dorothy i.s'-s . 
Vli 53 c a.M VllI 4^ ••'t <-"'l "I' '■•'if. 

VII 54a:"tpi Dntton \'l 21 anoi Vil 21a d a-i'". e Ki.lL;ev.-,i\- n.-t Rii^e- 
VII 57 Hrsknie not Kr^kin ; M.irv {; F{,x.;h-s. a Wiiiiam [. m 

m 18S5. b 18S.V 111 1873 SaU'.h ',Vo;raii 'I'emi'ie i8s2- . C i8si; jn 

George A. HotTm.m d John IC i.h.s'- e i-ii.K.U- J 185S 

VII ri4 CIi ut Anna Amelia Jac./.s aiul H H HAI.H VI 36 h. 
a I-:ii/a!.clh Ja.wh^ i Su^- 

VIII 11 C' Ricliar.; W. DAVIDS aiu! Marian M Morr-.b. VII 17a. 
a I'll I /a Jaco'.s 1.S95- 

VIII 7^ Ch of, WiMia.n V. JAC'MiSan.l Mary Whipple Wl 22 2) t 
a Jc-sr^c I'.lli.jti 1.S92- 

VIII 74 Cli ol I'lli/aVili Ha!duiMaiui(-.cnr^;c H FISHl'R. VII 57 j. 
a Mary Ha'.Uvui r ^y^- 

\'!II 75 Cli m' I'j 
a Mary I-M.ia 

I.. HaliUvm an 

K?-:NI)!G. VII 57 k. 

VIII 7.'^, Cli- of Franklin HALDWIX an. I Mary Divcn. VII 61 b. 
a ()live F'ranccs 1S92- 

!. SanuRl Ncu>I i S.)^- 

VIII 77 Ch ..r Car,bins C. JACQIiS an.l Sarah A Vernon. VII 72 b. 
a Artlmr 1.S74- 

b Cliarics 1875- 

h J Ilani.vcr 
I Mananna 

J l-!l/:ll.crtll 

k lunina L. 

1S0S-I.S66 d. s. 

IV. 7- m i,S.s>jr,c.,r^;c H Fi.-,her l,S5,s- VIII 74 

1.S71- in 1.^92 Jaccil) Kcndig VIII 75 

b FIdwar.! I)avl<.•^ 

c Ma-Karet Ncd^, 

d Anna Kntlcr 

t- William XciN.. 

t knd.,!ph 

•^ Kc!)C0La Anj^n^ 

c Charles S. 
.1 J. llaii.ncr 
e l-:ii/.alK.-lh T 
J Henry Clay 


d. s. 
d. s. 
d. b. 
d. s. 

c Mal)cl 

d Joseph H. 

c Henry ICrskiiie 

i not Sural:. a i>shs 

-iSy Anna Siiiedlcy. 

VII 58 ICnuu., A. I,cvv,s r 

b !.S7>. 
■Vn 59 a ,.ss, 
VII 60 alter C( ).\AKI« \'I ; 

c 1S7.,. . () Hliuv. 
vn 6. a \V;l'.,,n, U. i-oc, 

Divca VIII 7M. c ;), 

e Kchccc.i S.ivcv iS;f,.|S7- 
Vll 7, k.-LcLva!.. MM, I Jos' 

b iHv^- !ni^'. Alli.;,l A. I 

e WillMm 'nnMi.,,-, J.u-o'.s 

vn -II i, ,x;v,^f,.. b c« 
'>^s<'- \-ni 77. 

VII 74 a A!>cCr.>Mk-,haw 
VII 97 !^,.sn.^!sM,,i Rw,u,c's, 

VII .07 .iiul 108 IIAI.STJCI) \uA IIAf.STICA!" 

VIII 15 a Sh^L-rci iU)l SheArer m is.,5 'A'iil:;iii< ^ 
Vlll 35 a is,,t- . 
Vlir 52'i W. 'IVnip'c. a M.u y ('.ritritl, -; 

1.S7S- . f Helen Hrinl.Mi 1SS2- . g l,,],,, j,,,^'.^ 

I'flilh iSSs- . I Richard Lin.llev \^S- - 
VIII 53 (.■...•,,r:;i; A. HOl'FNtAX. a'sarali !•;. 

Ha!:Kvin issi- , c • .s.s 3- . d W-,,:,,,. i„ ,-..;'. 
VIII 54 .,,-e, CoNAK!." VII sycnot,!. 'a , -.s..^ . d Anlu.r 
VIII 5s alt.r \- ,',.nt,„e \ \\ s7 ,1 n.,l c. a Anna K. i.ssv 
VHI 5(3 b ilou.iMl !< rsxft.!.s.,j. 
VIII 5S a C. Iiern>an 1 sr,n- . b F,e,!erit!v l^nAvn i.Vuj- . 

VIII 59 l-ranei-, nnt l.'rank. a Anna Mary t.S7s- . b Ralph 1X76 
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