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770 Broadway. 




Dlered aecoriUiig to Act of Congreea, in the year 1973, by 

le Office ot the Litearifln of CODgrCBB, at WHehington, D. C. 



In order to render the Dictionary more portable and convenient 
in size, flie Autlior lias thought it best to abridge tlie larger work 
and bring it out in its present form. In so doing, he has omitted 
the Chinese and Japanese characters, the synonyms, and the ex- 
amples showing the use of the words, excepting such as contained 
a peculiar idiom, and which could not be included in a definition. 

All the native Japanese words, with the exception of those which 
were rarely used or obsolete, have been retained ; as, also, all the 
words derived from the Ch h h use. 

In most cases, the arra g' m f h P d words, espe- 

cially of the verbs and Ch d 1 b altered ; and, 

instead of making each n dpdt dhy have been 
arranged under the first m mb f 1 ] i smay be seen 

in the case of Abura, Fund, or Rai. 

The Second, or English and Japanese, Part, has not been 
abridged or altered from the original, except in the correction 
of such typographical errors as were met with. 

In order that the Dictionary may be more easily understood, it 
may be well to explain that, in the Japanese and English Part, the 
root of the verb only is printed in small capitals, that which follows 



in italics, separated by a dash, are the adjective form, and the preter- 
ite tense, as, ABAKi,-kit,-i'ta, should be read Abakt, abaku, abaita ; 
AGE,-ru,-ia, should be read, Ag^e, ageru, ageta, and Mi,-ru,-ia, 
should be read. Mi, miru, mita. Also, in the case of the adjec- 
tives, when printed OMOi,'H,-^ii,-^ki, it should be read, Omoi, 
omoki. omoku, omoski, the first and second being the attributive, 
the third the adverbial, and the fourth the predicative forms of the 

The hyphen is used always to connect the different members of 
a compound word. 

J. C. H. 



a has the sound of a in father, arm. 

e has the sound of ^7 in tkey, prey. 

i has the sound of (' in machine, pique, or like the sound of e in 

has the sound of in no, so. The horizontal mark over and 
%, indicates merely that the sound of o and a is prolong-ed. 

W has the long sound of u in rule, tune, or 00 in moon, excepting 
in the syllables tsu, dzu, and su, when it has a close sound, 
resembling, as near as possible, the sound of u pronounced 
with the vocal organs fisted in the position they are in just 
after pronouncing- the letter s. 

ai has the sound of ai in aisle, or like eye. 

au has the sound of ow in cos!, how. 

ch is pronounced like ch in cheek, cheap, 

sh is pronounced like sk in shall, ship, shop. 

/ hasaclose resernblance to the soundof the English/, but differs 
from it, in that the lower lip does not touch the upper teeth ; 
the sound is made by blowing fu softly through the iips 
nearly closed, resembling the sound of wh in who: fu is an 
aspirate, and might, for the sake of uniformity, be written hu. 

g in the Yedo dialect, has the soft sound of ng ; but in Kiyoto, 
Nagasaki, and the Southern provinces it has the hard sound 
oi g ya go. gain. 

r in ra, re, ro, ru, has the sound of the English r ; but in ri it is 
pronounced more like d ; but this is not invariable, as many 
natives give it the common r sound. 

se in Kiyoto, Nagasaki, and the Southern Provinces, is pronounced 
sAe, and ze like je. 
The final n, when at the end of a word, has always the sound 

of tig ; as, moil = tnong, san >= sang, nin = ning ; but in the 

body of a word, when followed by a syllable beginning with b, in 

or p, it is pronounced like m, as, ban-min =■ bamnzitig ; mon-ban, 



" moinbang ; sMn-Pai — skim-pai. Before the other ci 
it has the sound of « ; as, an-nai, ban-dai, han-jb. 

The sounds of the other consonants, viz., b, d, h, j, k, m, n, p, 
s, t, iB,y and z, do not differ from their common English sounds. 



stands for adjective. 


adve b 


Buddh St 


" c^uaatn e form of the verb. 


" coll quial 


" Lonjunt,tion. 


" future or dubitative form of the 


" enclamation or interjeciion. 


" future tense. 

" imperative mood. 


" intransitive verb. 

neg. " negatne form of the verb, 

pass. " passu e 

pot. " pntent ^] 

post-pos, " post poiit on. 

p.p. " perfect participle, " present participle. 

pret. " preterite or past tense. 

pro. " pronoun. 

/. II, " transilive verb. 

id. " the same. 

^ " equal to, 

— in the First Part of the Dictionary, stands for the repetition of 

the Japanese word ; in the Second Part, for tlie repetition of 

the English word. 



to be f^vulnd, majde public. 
AiUi«i,-iit,-ita, t.v. To break or dig 

ifiing ebe ; to txpose or divulge ; as, a 

Ababa, s. The wde of the ghMt. 

Abara-ya, s.^'a dilapidated honae, a 

Tiboo needle used foi 

ABi,-rK,-(a, t.v. To bathe by pouring 

Abiko, ;i. Alcindofli^anl. 
ABtsH,-™,-(B, i.n. To pour water ovei 

be tearful! ' 
A EtJNAI,-«,-*a ,-!*;, 

siimi, an oti-press. Ai 
oil-jar. Aiura-liufi^an 
bura-yify ao oil-atore^ an 

a lamp^up. 

oily on Ih'e surface, lo be 

il"elle"' A- 


BVBAMl/n. lie fol'^' «" 

y On taste), 
atly patt of 


d plant. 

BUR^-KONorn- A tuffia 

, disorderly 

sum%u-ffa, t.v. To bold or place 
near a fire in order lo »arm, dry, roast 
oituasl. Aiuri-ka-«>aiasu, xo 6>y at 

death, burn at the stake. 
BURiKO, f>. Agridinn. 
CHI, adv. There, that place. 


fling or fbolish tsLk. 
Adafuda, adv. Capricious, wttimucal, 
changtabie, uniteaay- 

ADA^"MO,''i>"." JuStt^tcBely, exactly. 
ADAl,m<a.-ku^a. i. V. Td be idle, in. 

d.>leiil,lbDd of pleasure. 
Ada-h^ f). Lovely, cbarmmg, voluptu- 

Ada-na, n. A fictitiuiis Dsme, nick- 

Ada-ni^ ad-u. Uselessly, Taiuly, un- 

^D'y^ai/LVf-ki,-ku,-xki, a. Ignorant, 

AiMUKAiu,-™,-/«, I. V. 'fo 'receive, to 
be intrusted witb^to bave consigned or 

of, to partake or panidpatc in, to be 

Adzukb,-™,.(b, i. e. To gommit to the 
cate of another^ to entfusl, to give in 

OAKI,-(B,-«rf, .-. 

feet, to gallop. 

e when 


back ; to s\mss 


lGAHH,rf-B,-Ja, t. V. To e 


« glorify to W 

U»NAII,-^«,-to, / 

^. T 

nake satisfactioo 

for, to 


i.CAfi.-ru.-tta, 1. 

take V 


i'o'^Mn," "xi be 



■way by govemmenl ; to be done or 
finished. Agarl^, a plufonn, a taieed 

Udder, steps, stairs. Agari-denji^ con- 
fiscated land. Agari-ffuski, the cn- 

ri-ya^^ gaol. Agari^'aiAiAi, conns- 

l t^iriolinish. '" ™" " 
■,E,-ri.,-la,l.v._ To fry. 

AG&CHr, q. Weaning a cbi 

Agk-maki, «. The two round tufts of 
bair left over the temples in shaviag a 

Cong boy's bead : a boy of the age of 
m Ihree lo leu years ; a kind of l>ow- 

Age-hociiii,vu™,-*o, i, V. To eievale 


Ago, or Agota, b. The chin, lower 

AcuMi,-nHi,.H*i, I. p. Tired, wearied, 
to have one's patience exhausted, 
glutted. • ' ■ ■ 

Agitra, «. Silting with the legs classed 


sHa.~ki.Jiu, a. Fooiish, 

li, (ilsu%u!k°J{}, n. Love. aiTeetion. 
-m™,io love,as a parent or friend. 
\i. ». lodlgo, (he Polygonum Tine- 

ifl,"^' Interval of time or s ce - ' 


Fellow pupils, schoo 

Ai-MURi", ». Prinredwith blue figures, 

» w. A feUe key, a fellow key to 

. Ccnainly, poMtive- 

:." Two persons under cue um- 

bn*M\<w, playmaw, comrade ; a coun- 
Al-KOTOBA, «. A signal (by words OI 
Ar-KTcHi,' """a rflort "Sl^ord wllhout a 
111 filed in the edge ofa 

ly, by all m 

board to join it »ith anothi 

'. Opposite eaeh other, 

!ndly Inter- 
ling, pretty. 


sweet, \ieautirul. 
iiKd,*. A blue color for painting. 
ftls*I3U, B. Salutation, alknowledg 

ii^u.a. Kind, civil, coui- 
.cuuBurpulite in manner. _ 

AiTAGAi-Hi, edv. Mutually, together, 

Ai-yUf.kifiit,a. Wish to meet, would 

AiTAE,a^. Face to face, oppo^te to each 
other : between themselves, without the 
presence ot Lotetveniion of another. 

, The daughter-in Jaw's s 

Xliotas.n. Blue-dyed. 
Ajl,«. Taste Bavor. 
AjlEtNAI,~ti\-*ii, a. Unp 

AjlNAi,-*!, a. Without * 

AjisjU°'«" ^eHydtana 
AjiwAi,™. Taste, flavor. 
AjIWAI^-6,-S/a, /, I/. Tc 

hollow places ( 

Akagavbru.h. Ispeciesoffroghaving 

a beautifully striped skin. 
Akage, ». Red hair. 


Akacihk, b. Chap 

^KAjiMtTA, a. Dirty, soiled bjr tht 

grca» of the bodv- 
4KAKU, flrf». Rtd. — iwu, to makf 



ttd all <"Hi»» 'lie skf al buiis«. 

dyeing^; Mudder. or RubiB-cord9t3. 

cleanK dt reiaove dirt from vh« body 

Akaragao, ft, A Ted face. 
AlfATtAHI,-IT(v«-Wd, J. ». To hecome 

red, to reddea, to blush, to be ripe. 
Aeara-saha-ni, aifo. Wihoul conceal- 

meDt or demise, explicitly, p]^n!y, 

AKAiat,-i-ii.-ia,faa.otA*i. Tobedis- 
Akah.'x. The light, a light. 

nighl ID doing anylhiDg. 

AKE.n. Theopeni 
HI o'clock in l! 
i-'^c.tht moiam, 
the next month. 

break. (as tiled 

, to have ei!ough ; to he tijcil 

pletely satiated, to be tired of aoy- 

Akimono, h. Metchandiae. goods. 
AKiKAi,-a«^to, /. o. To trade, to 

Akindo, b. a merchuiC, trader, tndea- 

Akifpot, d. Easily tired, soon satisfied, 

Ak^aka. a. Clear, plain, intelligible; 

'""" " ' Clearl'y, distinctly, 

'. To dear, to make 

plainly, evidently, ii 

» clear, free o 


[■eve the mind of doubt or suspense 

'^S2-' "'"■""■' ■"-■"'• 

Akieamb, n. Ease or relief of nipd from 

dueling rainlwa'ter fioni the trough. 

doubt, perplexity ot anxiety ; resigna- 

lion, satia&ctioD. 

Amado, a. A rain-door, the outside 


AKiTAHi^Hv-Jn, i. p. To be satisfied, to 

AMaKA.SA, n. A lain-hat, or an umbrella. 

have enou^.coT. tented. 

Ahacoi, «. ' Prayers and sacrifices offered 

^d^'^longingforniQrl"""'* ' "'" 

Amacu, n. Articles used to protect from 

AKKH-BI-IOHAl.E,-rB,-(fl, (. f. To be 

imaged, surprised, astonished, thunder- 

AMni^i, a. Sweet, pleasant to the taste, 

Akkbeakah, mif. In a vacant, empty 

savory ; not enough salt ; looae, not 

manner ; having nothing to occupy 
one'. «(f *ith, Rstlessly. " 
AKiti,B. Evil spirits, a demon. 

Amajiwo.k. Slightly salted. 

AMA>isiBUKt,^«,.,(3. .-. 7.. To have the 

AKHfl, «. Vile, Bcnrrilons,- or blacfcguatj 

Aku, n. Lye ; also the liouor obtained by 
slacking Ume, or steeping anything in 



r^^n, H uau iiuuL. — Tfi^A, abad 
— 40, a bad physiognomy. — ta 

AkUDOI,-^!, a, Quickly producing sat 
delicate, refined, or proper; florid. 

of a dead 
ling of 

tiHi^a. Thedawt ... 

1, the neitt day. — tsiii,&t folloi 

in, the sky ; used only 1 
Clearing o<f of r^n. 

ing the image otE 
sary of ha birth. 

^iiru,-la,i.i'. To relish, de- 






"nd '^lyj" ^^ '"^ """■■ " ^ 

r«.-tt„, i. V. To exceed, to b 

or greater than, to be beyoudo 



Brfi.'. Veri, exceedingly, more 

, B. The Stale or degree of sweet- 


J^u.?a cb^lJ "^ ^ '''"^ ■ '° ^'""* 

drink made of fenncnlcd rke. 

Ame^j?!' a kind of jeUj made of wl 
Ahk"'. The aky, heavens. ^«<rtH 

AHil"ilia,«. ■Rainf'vve^iW.' ™"' 

■ iie't-wo;k ; 10 weaW or binii logethei 

AUT-Hnii, ». A fisherman. 
Ami-jibab, s. a shin made of net-work, 
wom in hoi weather to protect the gar- 

e""— 'ew /w^lio'sh^poo. 

lHW°(i^*K iMv")."'^ Whether well 
or not, welfare. Jealtti. - aw «, to 

e after the health. 

heaoa and Buear<iised for baking in cak< 
Am, (aunji), K. Ojmiion, Ihoiight, e 
pecUtioD; alsathi table, bar or bench 

: or placing an idol 

place to another for religious pvrposes ; 
ANG™™"i».''^Hav'ins lh= mouth open 

Am^"^ *o'ider"wElr.^ ^' 
Am-n™,«. Onewhoaclslheparlofan 
older brother, a friend; sworn hro- 

ANiKiio. An older brother. 

make hapm.;'lo be ha^Jy, to be in 
\i>}i,-/rrx or rfBK™,-iiFn, V. ». To think 


Au-lifKU^^'HaSieH, ease. 

munltr or assas3in"tk>n, killing by™- 

Aw-SAisu, (sAiraSfru). — sum, to 

judge, exaninc or try a crimipal. 
An-shin, {yaxuki~tok0f>), n. A mind 

Ao, ». Light gteen, or sLy blue, used 

AoDZUKE, s. Green plums pickled i 

aay~e.v. io lOOK upwaras 
5 look upwntds al Ihe sky. 

/^oi,>..£i, d. light ^rcen or blue; pale; 
green, unripe ; unmalure, Ine.peri- 

*oi,«." The holly-hock. 

iOMi!^".-"™™'. ^."To'lK^inegreeii. 

ioHua^JS^^l/B, .■. V. To inm the face 
upwards. AomxiU «eru, to lie on the 

^ori.'r.' The Saijs of a saddle ; the fan 

Kali.-rV.^ta°i™^^fSi. as anything 

t of a Tallin) 

or degree of green- 

Af^iaai,-kifi»,-ihi, a. Pale, sickly, 

AoSUj'l, B. The blue veins of the lem- 

Aot"' n. The green paddy-lields ; a 
dead-head, one who enters theatres and 

black hoFEe 

RA-ARA, adv. Coarsely^ roughly, brie^ 

1u>.ARAS14n,-^j-.tB, a. Coarse, rough, 
tude, harshj Tiolent, batBterDii&, fierce, 
vehement, ferocious, tempestuous. 


^^^^^_ /.?."'¥;■ i 

ArI-eata, adv. For lh< most 

ABAKKNAir-Mpik, a. Rough in 

Arakibaki, n. ' BrealiinE up new 
preparing for cultivation. 

eoarie, braimy"™k biiily. 

Akamashi. adv. For the mosi 

the m^n, mostly^ generally. 

"thhiss as WQO^chat- 

BAKE, B. Snow falling ii 

ARA60I.-^,^a, t. It. 


ing or aiKument, 



-."i:;;. '■„.'; I 

Lratambt£, odri, Fspecially, p 

""w7refonn™™o™ie° ""^^"^ °^"' 
IFATK, «. Fresh troops, a fresh hand. 

iFAWA.BI, fliiB. Openly, publicly. 

lRAWABS,«-»,-*fl, ;; o. To be seen, to 
appear, to be manifest, tiuble ; to be 
known, lo be discovereil, revealed. 


4rh, jtrs. Thai. 

lae, unp. of^n'. Be it, whether. Ka- 

\iLS,~rv,-ta, I. n. To be roi^b, haish.^Hi,«. Wasle, uncultivated land. 
iKGTA, n. Waste or uncultilvaled lies 
fields ; wild meadow land. 

iR^ai-u, o«fl,'r. V. To be, to bavel 
lmA™"',-B««, i. P. To happen to be 
tsi-AKH, «. LastinEall ni^hl. 

l^'''H^El'^b'i"^a*T r "That which 
one has™.' more than one needs, all 

Vhi-awasv"'.-'''. '■ "- To make to do. 


Abi-dake, n. All th«i 

AtuGATAi,-*!, a. DiiBcqlt or hard to 
do ; rare and sccdlcntj excitiDB leel- 
ioEs of admiration, praise and thank- 

AUGATAOjUii.-ril^Al, I. s. To be crate- 
fui, or thaDkTul: food of eipreesing 

ARtCATASA, H. The State or denee of 
gratitude, also things to he ifianiiAit 
for, ravors. blesHogs, bencraction^ 

Abi-ca, 'it Tht place wlwte anylhi 

ARr-EACIBI, <r. At] there are. 





Just as it is; truly 

Ari-«ho, b. The plac 

■, the 

ABiTSUEi,-*B,-rto, ,-. I., To be seltted In 
a plaix of service, to find a situation, to 
he married, (of a daughter.) 

all the circumstances, the Gicts. 
AsiiASHi. 1. Do>e-tailed, u joinery, or 

A>iC.?^t! or dS^ of ^n'. same, sa <4>idn. 

Will he, 1 think it will, 1 think it is or 
there !s. 
Arm, adj. farm of Ari. To be, to have; 

Ahu-me1-tJ, «. A kind of confectionary. 
AfiuiwA./rfln. Or, either, some, others; 

Arvji. h. Lord, master, landlord, Dwn~ 

A9A;"ji. M^Jning. before lo o'clock 

Asa. Shallow, (used only in coin pounds.) 
ASA-ASASHII,-*;^-t=., a. Shallow, not 

dishonorable. ' °'™'' "^ "'" '^' 
AsA-BOEAKB, H. Morning twilight, day- 

sLight or superLicial 

. The refuse bark of heuip. 

. The 

Ua-han, X. Breakfast. 

i^allo*,™''"' -^"*'""™'"''"™"« 
ISA-HADAKi, 1. Before daybreak. 
lsAUAGHii..i/.-tu. a. Shallow-brained, 

»lly. foolish ; base, vile ; paltry, mean ; 

LsA-MESHi, n. The morning rice, break, 
kSA-NE, Sleeping late in (he momlDg. 

search tol food, as a fowl 


lASA tt. The ^allowness. 


protect the other f 

; of the foot. Uiw—.lht 

— , (hat part of a :^hip thu is beDEacb 
the lurfacegf the water. 

AsHll Evil. yi^6i-asU.'g<,ad and evil. 

time oith the feet 

"a ^w *nii"". ih'e li 
II, n. A foothold, point 


IRI. s. A foa'lho 

d. a place to 


^W"' FmVtdliier! 

SHIGA8B,' n. Slocks for 

«nfinins the 

feet of 


Uhu ~fe>*»,.j*/, a. Bad 

wicked, eva 


,«. The ankle. 


Ol, B. A clog, 


« in going. 

. ;.. l^ear the f 


BDBB,_». _A clog 


A.V Sanda^'which cover only 


^Die of the foot 


,«. The line, 

order of the 

B, K. Crippled i 

'the legs, or 

stranger like a hrother. Kifakx ow 

ASHi-yoWA, H. Weak in the legs, slow 

pleasure, sport, fiolic ; playj or reen 

AsSARi-To, adv. Sim^e, plain, neat» 

AssHl!^™,^r°"i'.' Tocruahbenealh, 
to fall on and erush. Assirarav, to 

Asu,'^D. To'^no™'' —%> aia, to. 
Ata^«. H»™?°injnrJ,^'tt, misehief, 

Atafuta, ad^. A ereat deal, plenty. 


lo loKi to be regrtlted ; highLy-piized, 
AuRASHii^i.-^B, a. New, ficsb. not 

ATABi,rfT.',-i/,i, i. B, To hit, slrLke 

ceed, as by chance ; Id happed, hit 
upon, fid! upon by chance ; id agree 
wilh, cDDform 10^ yoreia &a AJia ne 
niiAi Hi tUara, Eutape li«s on Ihe wcM 
ofAda. HilsBi: kini—,a> o«a>i I. 

Ire Ss I'urned oufa iiKCMS. V^^ 

Atays, «. A gift. 7>B M— , thegifi of 

10 apply one Iliing In another, to pul ; 
to direct towards, as an object \ Jo ap- 
portion, allot ; toEuesS'. Kononaka ni 

^TB,n. A blook, or anything placed tot 

pad for protection against a blow or &1C- 

dew'; anything to loo'k to, replv or de- 
pend on, semnty, pledge. — IIIJ."!, 

on. — i-B hBdsuTtru.t'aax on wVich 

^TECAj.-atf,-AE/^AE, t> V, To apply, place ; 

lotted; allowance, allotment. Atigai- 
Atehaub,-?™™ /. ™\o'^pnr^e. 

hit, or cut. 
Vtekosubi, B. A hint, rebnlie, or cen- 

vSeI."' An ob-cct aim 

4tb^^a,"b. The name^irf'the person to 

\T'^OKONfli,-aH,-o«B, /. V. To appor- 
tion, allot, grant. 

VTE-isuKH,-rii,-if«, I. !>. To allude to, 
hint at, refer to indireclly, to inMnuatc. 

anylhinB; a tracV, trace, print, trail, 

m'nlea afteTaucceeS'.'or follows. With 
n/. A,yj, oriaro, behind, alter, aftep- 

midi^ iihc nigim, to flee without 

c«d'molhet'?nestate,orbiijiness. 1'b- 


raise up the ruins of a family. — wa 

ttand behJDd another, —vi ft•ti^^^aB,t 
monlh. — ni Aa-nariita inlii, that 

Ato-civome, ». The cereirlony of puri- 
fying a house after a death in the fam- 

Ato-haka, fl. After-pains, (met.) afler- 

AfltKATA, H. Marh, trace. roW t™ 
(DK^r — !»<. I)«*i, when a bird has 
Sown it Invu no trace. 

Ato-mawakt, «. Gains rouod or tumibg 
backiPatds, (as a wheS) ; to eet behind- 
band. — ft^ suru, to turn b^kwaide, 

Ato-saki, h. That which is before am 
behind; the past, and the fulurej an 

and conlinues the family-name and es- 

TSU.' Hot; 'thick, (used 'only in tom. 

.^.^uii, K. A kind of thick, coant 

.■^"i,». Thick, and warm cloth- 

.TCui,-*C-*i.,-t*!, a. Hot. Vu pi —, th< 

A-miK*!, «. iledialion, inlerYenlion,n. 
A^'H^I-mw™'^ m^iator, negotL 

itnpcitinent, sharaelees, bold, auda- 

TSUKAWA-DIUK*, H. Thitli-skin ncd fact, 

Atsue^'a. dh'^aa mo'rt^u8. 
■.TSUMARl,-™,-«B, I. B. To be assem. 

gisgaieTt'o eoilM^' convert" laih^T 
T/ena wt — , to gather flowers. 
.TSUR*YH,-™ -(a, (. V, To order any- 

Atsusa, n. The degree of heat, tempe- 

by the heat. 
Atsusa, b. Thickness, /tanf if" «a ~ 

AiTA, pcet. of ^r, and of AH. 

Attara, CODt. oiAitiaraba, if (here ie, 

Ihae'ism^'iiotwaii^briiiJJt.' '' 

AwA, ». Millet. 

AwA, n. Froth, foam, bubbles, — w 

/uhu, lo froth ai the moulh. — n. 

taUu, it bubbles, it foams. 
AWABt, n. The HaUotis luhercuLata, or 

AWA-CAEA,' n. The shells, or bran of 

A»Ait],-«K,-i«(, a. Having a deli<:ate 
flavor, or Dice taste, tasteless as water. 

vAMMi,-'"".-"''''.'-''- Topity, cor^^ 
passionate, to show mercy. Wxn m> 

KABEUi, n. Pity, compassion, mercy. 
"ABH-NA.a. Eicituig pity or compas. 

ifsi..^rHj<i, /. !■. To join logether 

u mTdicln" i°t".^te' do''^kt"Sft" or 


^w\te>"»,-(.; i. p. To be .Mil 
lilted. AuirieJ, alarmed. 

iwAvAKA, a. Delicate or mild : 
or flavor. 

AvA, «. Silk d: 

loped over the fingers 
ilnv r„t'i cradle. 

I of any kini 

wroughl in cloth for 

dan^r, lo be limid, to be f^rfu], sue* 

fooid.wbiob 19 done by working B frame 
fromwbigh string go V ■" '■' " 

• 'ia.-nt,-i/a, t. V. To play Itie 
:3 of a puppol, lo pUy severaf balls 



Dtk the s 


■^u,-fla, (."»." To resemble, 

mistake,' error, biundeV, or &ult ; 

Xllte "unintlnit^allV'lo injS^w - . 
Ajiamattl araiantura ni kaiakani 

je tKb:kward lo 

A-ikMAB\,^H,'lta, I. V. To miss, mis- 
lake, err; to oSend ^ainat; to ac- 
knowledge a Guill, or mistake, to apolo. 
(pie. «.a<m»—, miss the way. Bu- 
ret m>—,ta apologize for a i^deoeEs. 

AVAME, «. ■ The sweet flag. Calamus 

AYflSHi,-™,-(,», (. B. To let out, cause 

loflowout. C*i«,B— ,loletblood, to 


JlZAVAlLft-nrt. «. l^CdC. UClgllLi gl^^y, I 

AzAYAKA-Nj, adv. cieatiy, dlsiincily, , 


AzE, «. The mound, or dyke Ibst sepa- : 

. The iUings of a re 
B. Frilled grass^lott 

toTu^ to occupy a place take up ro'm 
YekiSa, a good place Kassem-ba. a 
field d[ bUtle. 
Ba, h. a numeral used in counting 
bundjea, fowls, or birds. Maki sam 

BA-AT,.fl. Place, cucuDutance, case, 
ground, Aeld. 

Bachi, n. Punishment infiicled by bea- 
■ven. .«K-(<f<ia(a™,IobesniiHeilof 

Bachi-mbKj b. The place on a gaitai 

used in washing hoises. 
BADni,». A horse's hoofi or Ihe horny 

b!^ii.';. ^°MraSfanke.. 

Ba-cu, ». Arlides necessary in using a 

Bac"ya,^°^ bamess-maker ; a sad- 

Mnu^le. «fl*fl»B;«,asinurel"- ^a- 
han-meno, smuagled soods. 
BAHAiiE,-r«,.Ja. Vv. To be public, be- 

ing. Bai W« tura, lo Iel\ fottunesC 

lAi-KEH-j'o"').. jE iiVilen coniracr, ar- 
ticle of implement, a deed of sale. 
lAi-MASHl. Doubled in quanlity. 

man, amawh-mak^r """' "" ^ 

Bakage,-?-!!,-!',., i.-a. To be foolish, 

silly, nonsensical. 
BAKARASHii,-.i>,-«ii, a. Foolish, like a 

Bakaiii,Wp, Only; about, in number, 
quantity, degree or time. Hiiori ba- 


be bewitched, deluded, ^sciaaled, 

BAiusHt.-ia.-r^, t. V. To cheat, de- 
lude, to bewitch, befool, hoax. 

Bakb,-™,-/.., i. H. To be traDsforra.d, 
mvcamorpbosed, changed into auother 
form, used generally o? the fox, or cat. 

Bake, k. Transformatioo, deceprion, 

R\KH-MONO, -. Ak apparition, apecire, 
•» »>inelhine into which a fox or bad- 
ger has Ican^rmed ItieJf in order to 

Bakenjo, (ama luo miru toksroi n. 

Baku"'b'i°u^, «'■ Aganihler, 
Bakuchi-yado, «. A gambling hoi 

Bakutai, a. The greatest qua 

BAHg-VKKi, s. 'Gambli 

to gamble. 
BaMDi, x. The da; on 

watch, o 

. , . __ ..ock, checker-tal 
Bak.«, Evenine, night. Kb 

V.™"'hiH -, li 
to-morrow night. 
Bah, (tMnT^Hj (al«i pronounced nan.) 
Ten thousand, all. San-min, every 
body, all people. Ban ««», all 

night. Mifi - 

liiu.or diiefof 

= eu,rd,or'watch. 


of wood struck 

n Id going their 

larm in fires. 

Ban-ya, n, ' A watch hous?^" ' 
Baffai, X. The punishment inflicted on 

him drink a large quantity of sake, 
Bara, «. A amall iron cash. 

sl^'htspnnlSSDf rain, "' *" '^ * 

BararlJo kiru. to cut in t»o. Bara- 
ri-te oku^ to place separately. 

alxirtive or unsuccessful, to bring to 

BJ^^L',!°a"™.'°To fall to [aeces, lo 
be scattered, to be abortive, to fail ; be 

ABKN, «. Thel 

hicle drawn by a horse. I^fihi-dachi 


Basho. a. The banan 
the baik of the plan: 

BAESH1.H. <™^*. 

f' A&»ho^? 

vtm, the nre 
Ide the » 

Beh-JetsST' To discrimiDt 
BeSSatsu, ». The Chine. 

ischarge. Dai-bempeiy con- 

slipalion of bowels. Shi-itmpH, te- 
Jen, o. The peials of a flower, divi!ioni 

ing, ^o m w duK JbSs." - ™ rt hit„. 
SENPOKU.n. A bubo. 
3bhi, b. Rouge. The saffron tJaol. 

(k^h"<*^«b°m klm'i.) H. Another 

;, adv^ Especially, par^oiiW' 

npletely, entirely. 

,- „,*»,-/«,/. p. To be sticky, 

adhesive, gtwinous. to stick. 
iejo-BKto, ad7>. Sticky, adhesive, glu- 

leptional. pattkulai. — ai, pariioularly. 


BjnBU-j6. Differtnt, spec 
Bettaku, li^ia Ha i>r.) A serrate or 
house separate froia the piiDripal Gun- 
Bbttah-to, adv. Sticking; ^t to, ap- 

way. Co-*<n, a future opportunity. 
Kn-6i«, 3. rortunate opportunity. 
EiNGij «. Opportunitv. convenient way 

BlHRfiJl, «. The1>elel.nut.' 

forthehai"' " ""' "' °™ 

BiSA, w. A handbill, placard, or notice 

BlBA.BiBAj adv. With a waving, iluMer- 

thing of which one i< ashamed to speak. 

vA-ucHi, n. A player on the lute. 

iakv'bo.b. White wan. 

ifxUfl,,«. Pewter. 

fo, H. A tack, a small Daif with a targe 

li-BV. n. A raiding screen. ~ isii, 
pair of screens. -%<.>«, one screen: 
r«-cHiu. While sick, during sickness. 

^1,1 .6k*I™ , to dislributf equal's^. 

'fi-NlB,' B. A sick person, a patient. 
'D-SHM, «. Sickly, an mvaia. 

with a pole. Sakl-ii, the fere- 

'icked, atrociously wicked. 

<. The headman of chair 
wchidzuki), n. The full 
Violent, »nd rebellious 

up boun djuy post? . 
Bi-CUMl, n. Chair-1 


B4-HAN, a. A 


eal, forgery 

a seal. 

B6^ b"' Viol«K, cruel. 


DUt filai, sh 




ay or Iho Di 



letter coL 





o. Tofed>!,tot.= sl, 


to alighi color; I 


csy, lo 

bemmt eh 

BoKU~Ri, (/'/a), <■ A kind of M-ooden 

BoKUSHl,-jK ,-'=.'■ »; To Mli fbrlunes, lo 

BoKU-ZEi, », Baniboo^dB used by for- 

Bou^BORi, n, A candle or lamp-shade 

made at paper. 
BoM-BU, «afl& ™ *iVo), H. A man, hu- 

BoH, H. TiieFsutof Lanieros, 
BoH-DEN, *. Afntivdcelebratedtopro- 
BoN-no, K. The sacred language of the 

BoN-ii,»^ 'The 8^'5'wtiKei. character 
used V 111" Buddhists, Sanscrit letMrs. 

Bf~a*TS. K. Li 

ime made hy burning shells. 
, iiiiv. The sound of 


vedding, and by Ehe wonini su funer 

i-isu-arf!-. LiIliebylitl]4,3]oii^ 


KM, «. A pedlar of quack medl- 


who, to attract buyers, Cihibils 


m in the use of the club. 

R^KU Ruined, failed, &lien or 



ndv. Dull, dim, obscure, -itupid, 


I, S/" In''^'U7q"i'eT"' silent 

er.or like anything soft and wet 



«. A child, baby. 



\o"t^v' _ Gtumbi^ng, ^njplaining, or 
16-IBK, adv. Stupified. thmdcrsttuck, 
fG, H.""Hoc'™er lised ibr drinking. 


icii onc-tbhd. Hi- 

icii, one bundndlb put. Ii- 
-, one inch and s half Sanji 

kiDd : head or subdivision, sectioo. 
Bu. A syllable of negation. No, i 

v!^-^^(rZ'iti'n. "lX^«"o"n moc 

h^oSl'y. "'""'"^ *''■ "' 

BU-.U5A. H. Ill-trea(inent. uncivil, 

Bii-ASHiRAi-NA, a. Rude, uooouncous 

undvil in IreatmeDt of othen. 
Bn-BARi,-™,-((B, i. y. To display, 

Bu-Bi, n. Military preparations. 
Bu-BI^, «. Small reduolioD in price. 

light. Bachi-lKimu, to drive 

down by beatine, beat to piec< 
chi-k&rpsH, to beat lo death. 

as a thief. Bacii- 
aDvihiDg standloi 
light, box. Bac. 
and tdll anything 

Euoa. «. Grapes, —dzura. 

Bu-GBH. Rich, wealthy. Bv-gensha, 

exchange or trade. 

office." * ' "' ""*■'"' 

Bu-GU, n. Military arms and accoutre- 

).l, (*a»d 

) Witbou 

support, DDurish. 
i\M.sAtaysri go. n 

oims are kept. 
Bu-KIRIVB. flomely, ugly, not band- 

Bu.m-va. Of no ability, talent or in- 
genuity, not clever, awkward, unskilful, Buddhi!ts,be1ieversin Budd- 

BvKBlifiotKtr •» KflBiua,) 1. Utensils 

BuKKiiyjBft, B.*''Ab!upi, short, terse, curt 

BvKsr/S,^. 'Tb™^SM«i''l^Cks of the 

BuKUYE, u. The i 


abiLil]!. O^a-ixit, th 


tenlive, fg^etful. 

portion, ™=u"s"m;K,'sl«ion'in life. 

Ihe height, ot distance. 
BuM-KEN-VEDZu, ft. The chart of s sur- 

ofa pole across Ihe Moulder. 

uid scatter, as a family bot 
ankruplcy, bankruptcy- 

Ki.aifB. Dangling, hangine loosely, 

idier^alMfer.^'' " ' ' ^' ""' 
Tsu.:i,-A«,-iiB, I. 7.. To be idle, to 

Bi', ™' Rude' Im^^teiTiJgar. de- 
gfl°f§low.°'™*"" -"-■'""■' 

■i'^'°maooi"'''Jl '*1™e°i'""Sfe'"!r 

■e not been to Yokohii 

(i\ «. Plates or tinned icooi tio- 

iiZnf"(ie'a%l'™d s^iesidask. 
t-Ho. Impolite, rude, ill-nan- 

uiLU, M. Bad workmanship, badly 
de, unskilful. 

Ji,'(*o«urB^J«. Belonging to the 
itarv class; a soMiei, cavalier. 
IflN-riH, H. Iniidelily, unbelief, not 
'out, irreligioiis. 

ansuKK, a. Rude, impolite, vulgar. 
<6. Spiritless, idle, lazy, luarTng, 


Bulsa-iacii, punisliinent ^aflicted br 
Buddha. ^ufin-<i'B»,, the alUr on 


ktpt, aid 

»hr;ic r 










UTSU, (Wff 

p).». Ath 

ng. B^m 


aU things 

e Ihing. 

Thf i.o1m 








Public K 

i^ict rendered b 




i fo 

wirf, bo!. 



on "jouMej^ "cia^n"! Ma^pot" 
Chu-hUkaku, a tea-ladle. Cha^ki^ a 
feather brush, used in tweepinr up lea 
when giindiuf it ia a mill. CkaSony a 
tea-lniy- Cha-'iukuro^ a small hemp- 
en bw, used fbr holding the tea in boil- 
ing it. Cka-dai, a wooden stand for a 

kee^g tea and rea-utensils. Ckt-da- 

Ine tea. Cka-dsuie^ a food made by 
mixing boiled rice ia lea. Cka-gara, 
tea ground.>i. CAa-guma. a pot lor 
boiling lea. Cia-guwasii, fiuit, or 
sweetmeats eaten with tea; Cia^/ifi, 
a vessel fbr beating ■— ' i--j?-— 

iri\apan ^r linng 

preparii^ powdered 

ciZiin, a Ka^cTwd 

ta caddy. Cin- 

oom. Cka^rta-yu^ a 

jar. Cha-liumi,. 
tea leaves from ll 
tea-mill, for pulvet 


mg to "shore, riding" ^^m'u- 
atnvalofaship. CAaiit-isu. amis 
port. Cliaku-jfi, pulling on clotl 

Ckaku-iia, tahiDg a 


Ciu-MAUE, B. X kmd of uofiici; 

straight^ nsht^ periecily. complet 
:hah'. n. Fslher, ued only by the 1 

Chi, (tex.) A IhousaDd. — /wv, athou. 

Chi, i" "tL e»^, "^ace or reeion of 
CDunlry, the hlaak space at the b>al o( 

hieed, to run with blood. Cil-danUl, 
smeared «ilh blood. Cki-l>ur«i, the 
shiverioE of lying-in nvmeo, the cold 
stage of milL-fever. - e- "''"', ■' 




thi6fru^ to milk^ 

srep. ^ne ga — , the bone 'a. out of 

CHlCmE-CHICIKE, aJv. 5ci 

Via, IDcn. 
Caiain,-ru,-tta, t. v. To i 

Chtgiri, n. An alliance, r> 

— «« limfbB, to' make an 
01110™^!!,-/;^, I. p. To I 
anoe, have fella»^«p with, 

ChmiiVs, n. The estate 

narlfil b^me^sS"'- «,J^ to 
make small. 
;hi-ji, r. The ehief magisltate or gov- 

:HijiKaiinBi,-r»,-(in, i.-B. To shrink, 

;HijiMAiti,-™P*B, i. p. To shrink, ton- 

■™~^"-'-S,V°"™'i''' " " " " "" 

l[,tesseii in I 

ite,'»rinkl4 10 shon 

ed, sbruok, corrugated, shortened. 
CmjiHi.B. Akinfofcorrugateddolh. 
CMi;tBEr^,-/fl, y. p. To be curled, 

fnzzled, corrugated, wrinkled. CAi/i- 


CmZ^Sa,-^!^" NeV,' not 6r; 
lunilisr, cuy, alike, absuc. Ctiiaiu 

ChikTi, H, An °Bth.' 
CmKAt.-au.-allaJ.v. TolakesDoalh, 

swi'd^;, btfo're loM."' ' "" ^' "■ ' 
CHlEAKU^(oJo/e),>i. Aelmg, sensation, 

CuiKARA.'n! Slnnglh, ibilily, prnoer. 

1 a buideDwhUe resting. 
A buckle. 

ChieuiA'UOCHi, k. Persons who exhibit 

their slnnglh by linking heavy weights. 

CHiKA.voiUr-n'.-Wa, i. V. To approach, 

Chjsu,b. a lie, falsehood. 
CmKU^A,«. A bamboo hors 

6a no iome, a pUy-felbw. 
Chi-kubi, v. The njpjiles. 

^KUDASI, (gftetm,) n, 

"Eplifbamljoo.' ™ 

:hiku-ichi, a,/!.. Minuti 

. The forks of a 

Chimmari. HoT^. Abrid^d. condensed, 

Chih-hochi, 1. 'Carrjing goods or btn^ 
dens of any kind by the job. 

Cmiupi, B. biiedotangepeel. 

Chihfo, n. The male member. 

Chin, n. A smafi pet dog. 

CHiH, ft. Hire, iare, wages. Tana-ckiit, 
house rent. Fuaa-cSin, boat hits, or 
freight. Ttma~chiH, price of labor. 
Da-chin, fan for tranaporting on liorse 
back. i/n-cArn, Alight, tare. 

CHl.-iAMI, n. Connec&n, relation, aUi- 

Ckin-dzuki, ,'. Cleaning rice by the job 
CH;K''-Ktz'ni',' s. Aniispaaraodio medi- 

CHiN-KiN-BORi, B. Carved aadgiltwork, 

^fcBi,*^' Diiiinesa, rush of 
,d to the bead, headache ; circula- 

; twinkling, dazilins. 
e with a quick jerk. La 
^. A glimpse, a short 


Chi-bi, n. GB^raphy^ 

be •jfiposed.' dbsipated. 
Chiri, «. Din, rubbish, litter, dusi. 

m(lrave,y oroiim™t by inlaying wi 

Chk-JI^^"' a kind of coarse pap 
made of the rubbish of a pape 

Chi-sha, •!. Lettuce. 
Chi-sbio, «. Blood. 
Chi-shiru, ». Milk. 

Cm-Boku, it^rn iolg vm sAiraj, n. Con- 

Clv-T/>i,\l^Jsidr!iJ Slow, dSay, pro- 

CHm, (n^a.) Middle, centre ; 
whits'^ "J-a"^ «rsu^o'" 1 

Cmu>", «.'■ Hemiplegia. . . 
Chju-gi, n. Fidelity, paLnottfim, toy: 

'^n«i"di,'*« " " 


Id an order 

_n. A p^ane, imed by carpen- 

Keport, "coimnunicuion, 
=r staleoient of ^cls, (to a su- 

n. Fidelity, loyalty, patriot- 

to. During, or while eneaged 
anytbing, only having half 
I, half-through. — Je yamt- 

r before 

• fully 

;BiwARi.-r«,-(/s, J. w. To Birt, coquet j 
^ to banter and jest with e^h otber. 

;i"f ^"'"S'street, a division of a street, 
a measuM of length, - ft) A«<, - 360 
feet ; also a land measure of j.tuo /ii^. 

loseof medicine, apowder. ffs- 
1 cAi, three doses of medicine. 
^ register, aocounl-booL, led)fer. 



tvcning. Miyi,~ta^iaom«a 

ChS, ». ~i butterfty. 

ChS, h. Numeral ibr sedan chair! 

lax, — three sedan chaini. 
ChA, The even number. — &a 

and odd numbers. 
CuOf (aaguj.) Long, chief, pi 

incteaifc' ai~iiri, a long si 
C«^^», long life, C*d-i/ai, a loi 
C<J-*i», eternal. CW-*aIia,loi 
unehaved. CAl-lan, long or 
C*o-^«iK,aIongday. Cki-nat 
Bon. Cii-ya, along nlghl. 
ChB, ««.). Hearing. — m™, i 
— ff0, Che auditory canal. — s 


H. Balandng or compi 

books, to au<fll accounts 
a. The view, prDipecl. 



«. A doc, point, speck. 

HOBO. «dv. Dotted, tl 


"»' 'a tin Teller ''^i" 




SMU.-*/,-*., fl.' Talk 






asconnl-boots or rtgi 


B. Ihmgs suitable or 



abride!"'" '"™'^" 


arff. Just, =i;aclly. — 



,M. Water used for was 



Ba, H. Aprivy,wata-c 

ba™, «. The basin 




"■A prescription, or a 



^dS^dnes. "■ " 

Cho-belh. Paper-mon 

Cho-ho. Convenient, us 

'ij. serviceable. 

men., instant, 

little while.' °' ' '^ 

ChS-ja, H. A rich man, 


cumslances. —iomin 


C«6JI, «. Qovea. 

CHOjir^,-ia, i. p. To 

grow long or 

krge. grow up, to inc 



Choji. — iK^B, to fotb 

d, piohibit, in- 

CH6jl-AWAEK,-rK,..*a, I. 

V. To plan or 

Cb^j™ !.!''^he'highHi 

point, the sum- 

Cjjokjcura, odTf . JusI, mcrdy, fbramo- 
CHe-Ki, H. (med.) The symptoms of dls- 

ChokO-CHOKO, adv. Frequently, often. 
Chokoiai. Pedantic, affected, having 

CwOKu!" H?" a"s^1 ^'^r drinking 

Choku, (fadaikii). Right, just, upright, 

ori'eroby the TVwSi. Choku-guwax- 
ied. CA<iiu-j\ imperial o^ers, oi 

^on or gtan°t."«o*«i*rrmpe!iS^ 
bassador. C«o«>.-I;ia, Mikado's letter, 
ChokH-to^ (he answer or reply of the 


Da, coll. conliacted bvaDi arti,\l is. 
iVav-r£i, what is it ? Artwadare-da^ 
wboistliati Sa^i da,\t ti so, " 

Dabi. BuminE thE bodiu of the dead, 
crematiDD. Dabi'Sha. Itie place where 

Dacui. a suffix dEiivc'd from Taint. 

Da-chin, n. Fart for tniD&pDrtatioD on 
Da-cuA, o. The ositich. 

avpportiDec umethine: el^c, a pcdesial. 
Chadai. a cup-stand. Skoku-dM. s. 

DAI,(iro),«. W dynasty, rti^.gene- 

>AL The ordinal prelii. — icii, the 
>Aj, (fftxV). Lai^e, great, big ; used in 

hlg'andUlde". ^"^ * np ■ — J , 
)ai-ba, h. a foit. — aw SiJiBiu, ta 

consducl a fott. Odaiia, id. 
>AI.BBN. fi. Faces, cicremeDt. —!uru, 

lo go to siooL 
>ai-beb-k45HI, ». Charge d' Affaires. 
>A1-Buii, arff . Very much, lo a large 

)a™iS,'«.' Ttr^^niestines. 

»AilD6,'(4r-0, n.' Hi^W^' main-road. 

>AI-iizu, n.' "a lai^e whiti bean. Soja 
book in which the sales are entered, 

)Ai-ai, n. The stump, or stem on which 


)Ai-GO,if. Thename.ottiileofabook. 
>Ai.GO. The ranks of an army. 

>AI-HITSU,«. A secretary, amanaenals. 
>A[-jlBI, «. The brtccb or bult of 1 


sound in bcdy ; fixed, &i 
D»wG*5,K. A kind of 

Dai-koeu-bashiiu, 1. The Uiko piLL: 

Dai-kon, a. A kind of large radiah- 

a shiJy-buiMerr'^™ 

DAi-«BWiHi,^*"A pronoun. 
DAHiivct, H. , TbE name of a feudal o 

L^^'ri^e™ '"*"""' "^ "'" '"-^ 

Oai-UOEU, h. The name, or tide of 

■— >:: aiso, Ihe liile of the prayer t 

Dafnashi, aJv. Spoiled, dirty. 
Dai-6, 1. Rhubarb. 

rhe palace of Ihe Mik 
. M^ey Eiven in ei 

The higheM official of 

riAi-TA«, (*r™ ™ >iBfJ a. Gr 
Dat-^za, n. The base or pedestal o 

Da-taku, a. Infirm, or weak in body, 

Da-ja-kuwan, s. The highest depan- 

Dakh, b. Much, quantity, /far* — , so 

a net, with ivhich Ihe ball i ca zh 
Dake6, n. Prolapsus anL 
Dako.k. a spittoon, ipic-box. 
Daku. - «.^», to assent consent, to 

B, m. or oaie^ .^^ ^^^^ 

. ■K cut ol' and d 

)AM-P6, n. The parishioiien c 

)an, n. A step, a raised platfon 
rank step ; a section ol a bool 
or piay fn a theatre ; thing . 
subject. £utsu-H^n, an altat. 

tAN-biRA, V. A broadsword. 

gradually, by degrees ; greai 
>AH-DARA, fl. Striped crosswise 



DA"Si,-rr;-ifl/i\"^,°Vc: speak, talk, say. 

DA5«t H. A sauce or flavoring for 

Dan-jiki,b. Religious fasting. 

Danjim, 11. An OTnameiiied car » fsli- 



Dashi, n. Pretext, pretence, excuse. — 

that support a ^dhisi temple. 


DASHi.-jB,Ja, t. V. To put out, lake 

Dan-ki, «. Warm weeiha, the heat, 

out, drive out, bring out, lead out, to 


DANrfii, {Aamiiii-ai,) it. Consultation. 

Dashi-ai, n. Paying out together, in- 

Dam-kotsu, n. Ftaciiire ofa hone. 

DASHt.IBE, R. Expenditures and receipts ; 

the taking out and putting in. 

rAsm-BUItE-NT,Brfz'.'^ Suddenly, by sur- 

Da-no. cinj. Used iti enumeratiiig seve- 

^^ise,^abrup.^y,at_unaware^J'^ . ^ 

Dan-rin, n. A Buddhist monastcty. 

Dan.wa, H. Conversation, talking, speak. 

D.lM-VAKu, H. Ammunition, powder and 

Dasso, n. Gangrene mortificatiOD spba^ 

DaL^!'«. Fl^ht, escape, desertion. - 

i.r«, to desert. 

Datai, ». Aborrion. — i«f«, to cause 


gay appearance, finery, -«„*», a fop. 
— »B,gav, gaudy., showy. Skin-yita, 
dull, a show of sinceniy. Diitt..iba, 

Dara-dara, adv. In a slow, sluggish 

DAIlAKE,-rM,-/fl, I, 71. To be languid, 
dull, sluggish, drooinng, indisposed to 

one fond of wearing finery, a fop. 

Datera, (-dt i-nigara,}l see Tatf 

Uakake. Used only in composition with 
nouns, - ooverea with, filled with, 

Daitd, (kaiana loo RtifxJ n. Not wear- 

ing a sword, without a sword. 

smeared with. Cii-darait, covtT,:d 

DATSii-l,{*wffmai«.»«^jB. Stripping 
off the robes of a pnesl. and turning 

with hlood. yama-daraii. mounlaj- 

Daraku, («^ir«). - «r.. to fall, to fall 

Davem. «, Oval, dliptical in shape. 

away, to apostatize, to fail or hecome 

insolveni. Onratu-a, an apostate 

priest. ^ 

time, and sometime answering to the 

suij. ■i^y^^-^y^^'i^^^l-'^"'^-. 

Buddhist SBCted boots and written in 

.he Sanscrit character. 

TH.,-rU:../a, i. V. To go out, issue forth, 

proceed from; to anse, appear. Uchi 
iara dltiyaiu, 10 go out of the house. 

ly, irregularly. 

Da'sashinai,-/«, a. aovenly, loose, dis. 

ordered, carriess. 


DABE,-ru.-ta, t. V. To fall in price. 

DB-AI,-aK,-a«aj ;. b. To meet while 

DARK,/rfl«. Who. -«<«™,otZ'ars- 

dtum, anybody, everybody, whoever. 


— 1KB ikilla MOM m» Ml nobody 
knawsit,ar,Idc>il't know anybody. — 
k«,ak{yi iita. somebody 'has come 

Debana, b. The period of greatest per- 

fection, the height. 

DEBAiu,.ra,.»d {. V. To leave home 

Dar6, codi. of di and aro the dub. and 

and attend to business or duty at some 

fut. of a™. Xav sotna ni ycntiyB 

fixed place. Ban-!/ia pit diiaru. to 

tsTU darS. why are you so diffident ? 
DARDl,*i,-*ii,-i*i, B. languid, sluKi?h, 

dull. hW. lifeless. weHk ^dTSdisI 

office away from home, a police atallon. 



. Ashopinanolhcri 
Scraps of dalh lift af 

db^le, quuTCl^ auit ; 


service ^ doinc duly in the pkcc of i>£ 
vhoB^ time hM tspired. 
DGEvrvr^ii, /. ;'. To do, make, to rn 
duce ; to finish accomplish ; can, ab1< 
ih£ini-&i d^^iKH-^s.can you do i 

[, fi. The »Drk, production 

badly made. 

-fl«a, 1-. K, To 

A sui6ce thai has 
>en, full of hilis : 

= ofe<il thehole,. 
or hy which any th 


fC-""-" '"""'"■ 

iked L 

A low vulgar fellow, a hully^ 
A liind of^od made of taw 

Dem.bun, (/™/ok« *rt«.) To know 
hy hearsay, to heat from others, a re- 

Dbmeu-ya-!IN, h. a tuslie, a clownish 

D™H1SE,' «, 'S'bmch stole. 
De-uidzu, n. An inundalion. 

'li^l'tw'llH-Z ka "sAiraxu, I don't 

which took the fowl. Ssrr dtrno ira 
da, 1 won't even for that. KbAk ia 

A fiirmer, huabai 


:)Eti-Ji,fi. Rice-fidd, a farm, pUni 

hiBtoryf chroDicle- 
DEH-m, «. Elecliicity. 

Dhk-bai, (Awiarw^rta™), TranimiKed, 
handed <1dwd, inherited. 

DEN-fiETSU, iisutaye-banashi), n.^ A 

Dek-shin-ki, n. The leleEraph. 
Den-SUi h. Rice tax paid by mrmeTS. 

Deko, (a vulgar coll. imp. of ZJca.) Get 

Dsshi-irI, (bi«-«b<.,) «. ■EnierLng 

DiS4, B, The appearance of going oul, 
loot jUie going oul. KaM ga 

DB-sOBOii-^r*". f- »■ To come out ful- 

T&<i%'^^V°i''^v"T^ intermpt 10 

Speaking al random, say. 
To tnead, (aJ 

Detchi,--- '- 



ceed the pruper degree. Aki-do.Boix. 
Ni-dc, twice. San-da, thrice. Maids 
often. Ika-di, hour ol^en? i>g iilg, 
frequently. — tm sukirsas, to lose 

trunk, —wtna.middlepartofaah 
between the lore and miiien masts. 

riaMn' doctrine, prin'eipieru-uih.'^" " 
Dfl, (a*a«iii»)i.. Copper. 
D6, (on^Ji), Alike, (he swne, toge(h< 




-«.>a,_of the 





clan. — 

he aam 


d. - 

, I'odging 

her. - 

a, of 

me rank, 


. -^ 



ame w 

y. alike. 


inner, for 



in what 



<e floor of whick 

>OBU-DOBU, adv. The sound made by a 
liqnid flawing ftoin a hottle, or of a 
small thing fflling into water. 

the groinids have not 

, Shivering, tremblint 
' ' t anfsilly persoi 

D6-BUTSU, {usv*" hi™. 

that have life and motioi 


Do-CHiu-K], n^ A road-book, guidr- 

DODAI,' «. The foundatioa si[I of a 

house, IheraundaiioD. 
Da-DAN, A word UMd ID save repcttlion, 

DoDoiisu, ft. A kind of populaisong. 
f>6-GAKU, V. Moral philosophy. 
DO-CAHE, H. A snappLng-lunlt. 
D5-GANB. o. The metal band around 1 

DOGi, R. A eoiset, or shoo jacket worn 

ineide of the other clothes. 
D6-QU, M. Tools, implements, utensils, 

Da-eusuBl, ■. Gunpowder. 
re-GusuKHKE, n. . A powder-flask. 
Do-QU-VA, B. A shop where second-hand 

DS-HAB, n. Copper-plate fur printing, 

Do-HIVQ, R. Ba^ filled with earth. 

with eartk-bags whecc wmllers pcr- 

Do-IH. Shampooing. 

Doji, n. A stupid affair. 

Do-ii. n. A little boy. (med.) the pupil 

Do-jfl, »- A lamprey (?) 
Sd-ka, 1^2: of beseecbins, wishine, 
doubt. —Bta»itmi-mes&i-matu,fie: 

D*ito. M. A copper boiler. 

DOKO, adz: mere. — He Mto da, 
'here is he from ? — ^i yiiu, where 
re you going } Ucki a™ -;- rfa, where 

JQ^tt. ^/ws — flr(Ma^I^ii"ihesun 

DoKU,'™"" ¥oi^n.''°™7^B™: to be 

Dsku-Ja, B venomous snake.' Dekti- 
giyo, poisonous fish. Daku . musAi, 

IvS-^'avoiding'i'iuiy food. —mi,laii~ 

DokD. Alone, by one's self, angle, soli- 
tary. — fd#0, studying by one's self, 

DoKUDAM^T^be Ho«iu')Tiiaford™Ia'. 
DoKU-DATH, a. Abstaining from hurtful 

food, regulating tbe diet. — w; iiiru. 

to diet. 
DoKU-DoxusHii, a. Poisonous, hurtful, 

DoKU^KWti, aJ!-. The sound of water 
flowing from 9 bottle, guigling. 

DOKU-Biu,(Ai/wifl'ac*i.) Standing alont 
..^^^. ...... 


DO-HA, x. 


help me. 

D6-MAKt, 1. A long wallet for carrying 
moneytiedarountf tbe body. 

DoMBUBi, «. A porcelain bowl. 
DOH-BUTSU, a. S blockhead, a dunce. 

wa?; move to one side. £hte, gel out 

Do-MiN,B. A farmer belonpng to any 

of the way. 
D6KE, H. A buffl'oon, jester, clown. 
Doia,-tB-/a, i. v. To gel out of tbe 

DOMO. Aplu>alend[ng,usedinspeaking 

of inferiors, or of many, where the 

Dj«i%° Pal^lllion of heart. 

Oana-dame^ the women, Muiume. 

dome, tbe girls. Ofajic-damo, 

Dotci-BOKI, aOv. Beating of the heart, 

DoMO. Subjunctive suffii to verbs, 


though, although, bul. Mirsdmia >«i- 

DoKKESMi, x. An antidote to poison. 


J may). 

DoHORi.fl. ScutleRr, scaminner. 
DOK.lmiuf). Dull, blunt, stupid. Dm 
», J duQ knife, ^gii-na *{ta,i stupid 

ti^ec^liddnsa to s^ioa^ar inSeaoK, 
as ft-ii> ^a», Mr. Kiu. 
DiMljUi:, H. An earthen pot. 

A large kind of tortoise. 

HUJsrv, smeared with mud. — tiiii/iii, 

DOROB6, B. A thief, robber. 
DoRO-DOEO, ^B. Rumbling sound, as 
of disCunt thunder, or cannon, of per^ 

I>6-Rui,>i. ^e kind, same class or sort, 

for glaiing paper. — mo Aiiu, to gla» 

hurried manner. — /o iur«. 
DOSAKUSA, adzr. Confusion, tumult, tur^ 


et Saturn. 

the body of a dead person, is sa 

Di-au, {iatara'ii ifttda^ K. A verb. 
rhMMI. Constantly, mthoul ceasing or 
interval. V^mi-tt&sAi, constantly read- 

aji taiara^ n. Of the same 
10 the Buddliist priesthood. 

hnapsaek, satchel, cattridge-boi. 

black. ' 

ORB, jtrw. Which, —ea H, which is 
the 6esl ? — JM mn^tole they are 

whiJh iparatcs rice-fields, a dyke, em- 


both alike. ~ dttm jnn-cskii, either 

DoTEKA. B. A long wadded coat worn in 

willdo. — 4in/ff,or— <fati,howmuchi 

JoBE. Exclamation of wonder, surprise. 

DoTTO, ^. Sudden burst of noisefrom 

36-El,(mK*r,) «. Reason, right ptinci. 

ouT^ughing. ■ ' "^ " • 

pie, truth, ptinciples. doctrine ; cause or 
Eeaifln. a natuiaf rule or laiv. T^-chi 

DS-WA, <m^t*^M*nHflJ*/0 «■ Rel«i- 


Do-WASUKE, n. Suddenly forgctline, i 
able 10 mall wtaal or,e knows well. 

Doy»-DoyA, arfi/. The sound uf Ihe fi 
of Dian^petsonB waJking. 

I>^VOKU-NA^ d. Greedy^ covetooa, a.\ 

Ai^a?Br<,Vl™.^'Tend me, 

Dl" ». ^■'hthead, 

S^"l^- a lavo'Sblc^OMorlunily. — b^ 
■4», to draw a plan. - ni n<TB, lo 




««.«. Tobewelfio 

Cool. w« all over. 

Di,.ii..>K, a. Bold.fc 



UKURO,™. Thebae 


g pries!,. 


lUDA, arfe. Pieces. - 


«. A rosary. 

CAMA, H. A plant ea 

The Coil lacrynia. 

Hii,-^|-,-;(iK, a. Bold 


lUed Job's 
I, fearless, 
iKH, a good 

Diui, H. Manow. pith of wood. 
Dim, a. ThepistilsSfaflower. 

veil, at much a-s passible. 

btok.""" "'"""S*- '^""""^ 
Diui-i, (*tf*HB m^kate). _Al one' 

used only as ao auiiliaiv word, — W 
Ibrce or by jDeans of Kane-dsuku dt 

:)zuNjii[JN, fliiw. 


II pie 


ar into»n 




awkward; to be 


:)zUFruKi', 1^. k 

11 over, e 


Midiu iti ochili 



One after a 

a line^continuo 

sly; sing] 

)jUBl,-™,-//a, I. n 

slip down, i^su 

o slip 

'!l^_.^K"r" i""" 



D!ui{ui,-iti,.j*/, ff. Cheating, kna 
olhers, slow, lazy, idle. Dzuruiu i 

Dzu-SHi. •>. A smsit sbrji 

idols are kept. 
Dzu-s4,». itn eruption on 
Dzu--reu, fl^s. Thenumbei 


■a yoiy take one leecu^ul three 
a day. 

IT, H. A pawn in the game ofchesa. 
JfS"°jlLS orfood,made of wheat- 

yo(o, Osaka, and Tot. 

FO, a. An enveCpe, seal, or encloaure 
ofalMlet. /**«, one enclosure, 

Fu, (*«»), ». The Hind; manner, de- 
portment, cuslama. Ta^-ZVi, a typhoon. 

Fu-BAED, fl. A lacquered boiL used fbi 

catryinEE letters. 
Fu-BATSU. /ajxtaxai*)- Unalterable, un- 

FuBDraAiu,-rii,-*fti, i. r. Ti> be pitiful, 
Eu.*o, {chieAi, iaha). n. Father and 





the officer 








ard, tieket, label. Ki 


[u.b-, labeled, 
Fu-ij*K, (lajicilta). Unincemipted, con- 

ilajtalta). Unint 

^ the *ai«ijB or the imperial 



aneei the rice rations of govem- 
t officials for money. 


n. A pencil, pen. Fudi-arai, 
p for washing pens in. Fudi-iaii>, 

X for keeping pens in. pHde-ilxH- 

eipert or skiirul in usinE the pen. 


8 I 

«n m^ker. Fud^ii^U, a box for 



KI. Badly made, a poor crop. 

, {.onaJitartMu). Unlike, difier- 


Ki, «. Toi^graphjr. 

Ki,.*«.-rfa, /. ^. To deceive, trick, 


FO-GAB, ».■ Catarrhtil ophlhalm 

dijorderly conduM.'™'*'^' "" 
Fu-civd-jo, n. Wickedness, ab; 

35 FUK 

Flr-i6. ' Unclean, filthy, dirty, foil], de- 

fi;.jO.' Help, aid, assistance. — Ju™, 

to help. 
Fu-Jir«, (skilagawadiu). Unfavorable, 

Vv-^'MiaradiuJ. Kot right, should 

FuKAi,-*/f~*«,-»4i, J. Deep, profound. 
Fukai ta oioi ka, is it ^p or shal. 
low? Fakrita. — sum, to deepen. 
— narUy Co bo deep. Ye ga fukaku 

Fu-KAKU, H. Cms. injuiy, defeat. 

" "~ ™:.L...j forethon^hl or 

:a). Maimed, de- 

Fui-3ia. To procUim. publish, promul- 

F^; n. "a bel'lDSs.''"™'" 

FO-taIb! Acoli"'™"^ 

Fti-ji, (/D*/-«arnrf,B). Out of season, 
out of the resular order of lime, insu- 
lar, fortnitoS, — " • ' -- 



Sd-eit^r — ■"' '^"'' """"• ■"" 

FB-KEi, (iakiii,J ». Landscape, scen- 

Fuji.-. Wis<«i» ehitiensis. 

letter, to prohibit, forbid, Fsji-hom!- 

no biielle. still, quiel: plain, coarse. 
FuKHW.-rii,.la. i.ji. To be addicted to. 

rH^ro enclose and seal up someUiing 

Fij'B,^°Mir ». * The Vil«ian» villosa, 

Hilerian. ^ 

FuKESo, n. A kind of sitolline musi- 

Ft>~JiN. (nasake US nai). Unkind, in- 


FuKH-TA, «. Marshy, swampy land. 

f^^'."a''™" " ^^- 

Fu-KBTSU. Diny. unclean, foul, im- 

Fu-iiTsu. {matols HO nai). False, oa- 

true, insincere, hypocritical, unkind, jn- 

Vaia.-ku,'ita. t. v. To blow. F^ki- 
agsra, to blow up, to cause to ascend 
by blowing. Fuki-chirasu , to scatter 

Fu-JiTSU,' (kali} naku). In a short time. 

in a few days. 

1^ blowing. Fuki-dam. (0 blow out. 


alhi: agaiB. Fuki-iisu, Sa 
atingUish by bloH-ing, >>« 
blow ioto ; blawn in by the 

□ by Che wind- FiiJii-4a~ 

Fuki-^amu. to cease blo«^DCf. 
FuKi^ii,-«d, *. ». To roof; ED QQver 
widi a roof. Fuii-iayiru. to le-TDor. 

1, M. Noi in eooiTfipirits, out of 

^v'n.' A to w^nai&in. 

. Unlucky. 

Fu-kO. Unfilia], disobedient to parents. 
Fu-Ko, (shirastrsj. A public nolice. 

Fu-KU, (seytrvj. Assistan., adjutant, 
dee. FuiH-^&-£vit, adjatant-Eeon-al. 

FUKU, rAar^J. The belly, abdomen. 
Di /hiu iu HySdai, chtldicn of the 


FlTKU. ProBperily, luck, good fortune, 

FUKUJISO. (Jiara xa itaixij a. Co 

wealth. - «o i-mi, the god of »ea]tb. 

pain in the abdomen. 

FO-KiiWA. To be changed, altered 

FuttU, h! Clothing ; the nunieral for 

Fu-KUWAl,/*Blw..^»*fl™rf!«J. U 

^/-^i,*«,clothes. ,■ 

FUKU. The numeral for pictures, maps. 

displeased, lo be on bad terms. 

■ehend, .0 contain. 

de, (0 ab«.r 


To inn 

■ru.-!^. ,: V 

To be inflated, 


ed, s-oUen, 

puffed up, to ex- 

D be angry. 


, (kart-tat 

J. Anger. - «. 



ack, pouch. .ffBiB- 



:he«on,b. c3->- 

. Faithful, constant 
"»: ] Adju"a^""'" 


rt( kgs, to str 


To .pr«>d out 
P. Toitraddle, 

to sttut, 10 wa) 

». Intetligepce, 

F0^,»: FUv 

"'be « 

«i^j"'- - 

FaHii-kadakarti, lo straddle or siaod 
with the legs stretched apart, Fumi- 

lake a nobe with the feet in valluDg ; 
> level by tresdiogon. Fumi-HiiirH, 

'umi-thatu, to tread upoa, (of <oiiie~ 

ling frooi a he^hl. ADHz^aaCH, to 
irow over by alepping on, as nnytbiog 
anding. A>»i-Wow<m, to halt. 

Fun. (if.) n. Tint powder. Kim-fun, 
gold-doBt, powdered gold. Gim-fiaa, 
powdered silver, M^m-^/in, wheat- 
Sour. Ti^fu*, powdered iron. 

Fun, X. Dung, fJBcea. 

H. «. Boilini 

FUHA-BASHl, «• A bridge of boats, a 
pontoon ^dge, . 

FuKA-EATA, H, The gunwale of a boat, 

K,n. Adockforkeeg 

FUHA-KATA, fl. Saik 

IROSHi.'n. Lauli^in^ 


Ftrapo, or FUNDON, K. The weights of I 
Fundosh",'». "^'e clolh worn aroun< 

FvHiKu. B. Gangrene, mortiiicatioii. 
Fu-HiH.ja. Un^nd. inhuman, cruel, 
wichuul natural aSeclion. ' 

Fu-KfN-$&, fl, A bad phyaiognomy, 
FtF-NIVO-HO, <W w »B/a*a naradeu). 

morat, tfepraved, dissotule. 

dam. liol to one'! mind, diiSKiteable, 

. A wafer, Eealing-wax, gun 








FUIA9URO. JD. A flask, boltle. 
PusAr-TSBKIfJeufila, i. v. To be shaky, 

¥uw^u,-ia, t. V. To toac^, hil, atri'fce 
■gainst in pasElne; to Erase, brush 
agjUDSt ^ to publish, maLe known^ pro- 
of. KimiiJlkari'ni°^rrta,to^^T 
the master's anget. Jikd ni fanra, 
to be affuted by the climale. Vaitai 

to oifend, CO 

hurt the fe 





^,-tl, i. V 

Tuned D 


proper or s 

raieht !be 



to be 

of one's mind 



^a, /. V. 


ty. make k 




/. ».. 1 



abioad, to tell publicly. 
■uBi.-^a.-CCa, i.B. To lall as ram, snow, 
hail, frost. F^ri.^ havina the ap- 
pearance of rain. I'uH-ttiiazuku, to 

F™!'-™I-«a,i?^"'To brandS'h, wave, 
flourish, to shake, to turn away. Fari- 
hanaisx, to shake ofi', shake loose. 
Fvri-karax, to shake off, as dust. Fa- 
ri-iakin', to sprinkle. Fari-ta^e- 

tmylhing round." Fur!-iini,'m part 

J^'r^a'^~iiw,° to brandish about! 
Fari-tBifiuyVttMrB round towards, to 



F0K1.UB1,». A peddler, on. Who hawks 

FvikClfgUfida, t.v. To shut, close; 

good, al»m. , , . , . 

to stop up, block up obstruct ; to pli^ 

Ptrm.wAKE-GAHi, X. Long hair hanging 

up, 10 dam op ; to be m low spirits, 

down the back.' _ 

ken opInioA. 

Fu-SAi, Without talent, no abilify, stu- 

FUM^OKA, ». A cloudy sky Ihat lookj 



FuSiVSAKUHA, K. The verbena. 

FuHO, H. A balh-tub ; a box for drying 
lacquered ware in, an oven, a small 

ruaASE,.»-a ,-*■!, To cause lo lie down, to 
put to sleep. 

culiary furnaci. MuiAi-iur^, a va- 



Fu-iio, Never growing old, always young. 

Fuse, m. Alms given to priests. — ow 
sunt, to give Jms. Fus€-mstsH, alms. 

FuHO-FUKi, ». A kind of food made of 

keep'olr, shut out, fend off, to reast, to 

boiled ndishes. 

FuBOSHiKi, ». A cToih used for wtap- 

repel, oppose. Ftisegi-tatatau, lo 
figlit off, to fight and oppose. 
FusEGO, «. Alarge Imskel. 

fS,^«,-/^, I "■ To be old and 

Fu-SEi, V Indolent, slothful, la^, inao 

F0^,«. A balloon. 

FUBE-Mm,«. Ahem, to lay and sew a 

FuKoi.,.. OLdclolhes. 

Fuau-ciie,.. Old rag. 

FUKJI, e,'Ulla, i. V. To shake ; lo sift. 

^X'e''^s'lt™ w'i'uJbo«om''uI'" "^ 

to liemble, Shiver, shudder; to ei«T- 

FusE-iKi,B. An ambuscade. 

dse power ot influence over olheis. 

Fuski,.j»,-(b, i. V. To lie down, re- 

F«rui-waktrK, 10 separate by sifting 

cline; to b'end down to stoop, to lie 

or shaking. . 
FuEUI, n. A sieve. 

in ambush ; prostraied. Fusht-mars- 
iu, to &1I and nil over. Fuaki-agaiHii, 

FuKUi, ». A uembUng, tremor, jhaking, 

to fall down and wo«hip. 


Fu.«Hi,(«rfl-*a,)... Fatfier and child. 
Fu-SHi, Never d)dng, immortcd. 

andent',' stale, decayed by'time. «i^ 

Fii.^t, «. GJl-nuts. 

ruiu^ll«,ii^h^uie6\i. J^rwtu 

FD-SHi, B. Teacher. 

»r». 10 mali;e look old and E^ed. 

FU-SHl, ». A joint, knot; notes, or 

FURU-KAHE, B. Old metal. 

Fu-SHi-AWASE. Untoriunate, misfortone, 

condncl, a feast, entertainment^ ^ 

bad luck, calamity. 
FUSHI-UO, B. A chamber, the lair of a 

'^^''^'t^'fe^T'''"' " ™*^^' 

FuBi;KHltA5HII,-*/..~4K, B. Old, anti- 

quated, ancient, obsolete. 

FuRUSA, ». The oldness, antiquity. 

the nails through the joints. 

FiTRIi-SATO, B. Native place, place of 

Fu-SHi^i, Strange, wonderful, surpris- 

one's birth. 

ing, marvellous, miraculous, supematu- 

kind. '->■=, a second-hand clothing 


FuKBw\sHl,iu.-la, i. V. To cause to 

shake or tremble. 

Fu-SHln, 'Doubtful, suspicious,' strange. 

F-^tK Budding, constructingrrlpaiiv 
ing. — jKrB.toconslnKt, tobuUd. 

bunches of grapes. Buds kilo /wa. 

Fu8*GABi,rt-j(,-j«ii, i. V. To be shut, 

FushS, - «™, to rest satisfied with, to 

closed ;'obstructeA, blocked np; to be 
filled up or occupied ; to be gloomy, in 

make do, lo be content with, to put up 

with, to hear patiently. 
Fu-shO, (trgundeu.l Unpleasant, diu- 

low spirits. 


gKHble -, unwell, mi 

. Fisko- 
8, <»;VsBr)~'Slapid, sLily, ^notaol, 

Fu-«]OJcif, jB. Loss of appetite, 
FuSDKA, H. Chinese hybiflciiB. 
FusoKU, ((ara— ' ti.c.:— . — 
enough, bisde 

nadequale, waniine> di^on 

Fu-soxoi, a. Uneveo, not equal, not 
uniform; not fiill, not complete in 

Yu&oaa.-^,-ta,t.v. To smoke, to ei- 
pose to smote, to fumigate. 

Tils<IBOtat-ru,^a, I. v. To be smoiied, 

dirty by smoke, smoky. 
FusujI, B. Unjust, improper. 

wall paper, a^o a bed quilt ; bnn. 

ruTl:«. As^'bf"'"" 

FuTA.Two. ^bta-Mra^B, foiked. Futa' 
■ ■■ ■ ■ «,/a,nai-i, herma. 

leh^led, false. J^ 


do perfectly, completely or 

Suddenly, unexpeclediy, by 
:iden tally, casually. 
Buddblst pagoda. Fuea xAi, 

for sitting on. 
■uTOBi,rf-«,-«a, 2. B. To be lai^e, fat, 

'uToRi, n. A thick kind of coarse silk 

■otosa%. The largeness, the a«. 
■uTsu, -.. Fianoe. - ^, the French 
bnguage^^ communication po in.o^ 
■™'^^^,^a. ^!mim>per, stupid, silly, 
■u^reu^o; B.^lnconvenient, incommod. 
■u™-K"Th?^o'nd"day o^t'he month ; 

-e™*.-, benti!, the loinslas old p 

generally recrived. ' 

pie with age. 

TvrE.-1-a^la, 1, V, To be offended 

FuTTo, '(waii-aj-Bi-B). — sum, to foam 

^^'toCmifftd. ''' " '"'"' '"' 

Fu-WA, ijrawaragaJzu). On had terms 

Fo-TKGIWA. Badly made, coarsely 
ished, nnilcilled, bungling. 

unfriendly, disffiteeing, no concord. 

FuwA-FuwIVr ln^eh._,air,,buoy- 

FO-TBl, n. Manner, department. 

Fu'^wa"^",?' S^c^iSon ora"d^ body 

a light and £diy man- 


ipcEad, augmcDtln number oi bulk: 1 
enla^i, BiveU. 

. Thei 



Fu-Ye'wrf^»'*i»wnBi,)fl. Unprofitable, ^ 
Fu-VEH, o. No affinity 

A l:md of ai 

Not warned, noin 

d, of DO 



I of the genitive case, * of-. 

Iti've vi^as, Amc ga /xra, it raios. 
fa.)ai a coBjiinotive panicle, - but. 

you ml^^ut itw"'i^d ^'EwtaiV 

theaubjen of ^traiiaid v™^br»™e M 
n«. Hanaskit^ kikit^i, I want to 
hear irhal is laidT 

iACHi, (from kmhi to prevail). An aflix. 
Eivingthe word towhich it i> joioed 

ence: as,°™uw«?-^^X°f«''lhVmo>t 

r£fXi, a road cut ^ong a pr 

Cake. Coll. affix. — while, when. Ka^ 

■.I. adv. Tired, fatigued, enhau: 

Tablets with painted ligut« 


laiS". Ophihil- 
Jk. CounMrfeh, 

which apiKaia In Ihe^l and disappears 

Gaw-gi, n. Zie-iag. 

Gangozhi, b. a spook, ghost, hobgoblin. 

tow'lh'e^e""'' '"■ "" 
Gab-ko, (*aia*u jm). Bigoted, slujMd, 

Gah-riki, h. Strength of eye, sharpness 

G^-Shoki;, (iaoHOiWjB. Tht com- 
plerion, or color of the face, the coun- 

Gah-ihn.W bs ma^^. Before the eyes, 

Gahzenai,-M-(«^,<i. Without judgment, 
without understandiiia, ignorant. 

GujjafrK.-tfa, i. p. To be convinced 
and aoLoowledge one's self in the 
b^^lftll^n, humWed. "^™""' ' 

Gaffi, ifsBii iiii n. Month and day; 


'like the kling of liles, or o 

jatrka, a suffix to vct^, same 

Ifankmi fatc^a, while looltinE 
flowers. yHAiyoCi^B, while ff 

5RZBN, fliA". Suddenly. 

^e. A syllable suffixed to adjeel 

if cold, or a cold appearance. 


lower seal. — AinAaisnox in quality. 
GEBI,-rflr^a, {. n. To be low, vuigar, 

to Eire ordecs. 
GEji-am. 1. A l:ind of in 
^inil^ of Miriapoda. 

, Tbe menses. 
. Monthly wages. 

geoD. — I'^fw, surgical inslr 
3BM-BUKII. Th= ceremony oi 
off the forelock, and changing 

of \ l°v^t, 'thei °beco^ V 

Gb»a. I hesT that, ii it » that. S3 da 
rena, 1 heat it" is so. jina kita Vcdo 
i-.M kaycrlmiwkitatna, 1 hear that 
he hu Tetumed fR>m Vedo. 

Gbjce. k. Clover, erefbn. 

Gh-hi, or esBlMO, arfw. Indeed, truly. 

Geb.jO, {fo*ii:4iO. Strict, severe, r^r- 

down on delivery of goods, cash. 
Shnkoisu, B. The knuckles, fist. 

Ge-sen, {iyaMi). Vulgar, low, nu 
Gi[SHiJ-».rB,-/B, (faku), f. V. To 

months. Geftu-ya, a moonlight niKhl. 
>E-ZAi, n. Pureative medicine. 
}|. Right, just, proper; faithful, 1A- 

business, — .^j'A'. IcAi gj ni mooyfia- 
^zu,Biaaenoob]ectbn. Mi^i*/^gi\t\ie 

;iS_i^u"(ii^wott-/Brf(J H. A forged 


IH, [atlafaiii t/l). Bei 
DtsBythiog 10 inquire 
AKIJ,«. Sl«tpk.ed, 

GiN-niuKU, (utau), I. I 
Gi[i-OA,«. The milk) 

ihE.jusMhat whicli is 

n. The crawQ o 
, oifc. BHghE, fliii 
. Debate, discus 


*■ A left-handed 






A kind of CQ 





D, (»ia™.-). « 



(ftiorO, «. 


Id Adw backwards, -"jwra^ <o oppose, 
lo be advene, — Giynkv-fa, a con. 

eiy. Giraku-!S, conies^on ot rusli 
at blood 10 ihe bead, diziiness, 

Givo, (sow), n. Fish. Tai-tiyc,i,\^c 

1 epithet applied to Ihe Mik: 

the five elements. Giyi-i, I'he white 
of sheavenljibsdy in its oitiit, Ihe or- 

GiYS-jolsHO, n. A b'iography, memoir 
GivS-KETSu, - rerK, to congeal, coi«i 

GivoKKfi,, n. A lapidary, one who cu 

GivorfAN, Very many, amazingly great. 
GivO-SEi, H. Condition, state, aspect of 

Glv6-5ra,H. Conduct, actions, doings. 

Givfr-TAI, n. ConEelation, solidification ; 

a tnmor, or harTsweUiog. — nri.,Io 

, Breaking off friendly lela- 


Go I 


t&fit,, alao by dyei 

._„ ... ja-grj, fifteen. 

fifly. Go in, five parts, half an 

"-'-- -cAi, one-fifth. Cd-bih, 

Gn-taii, five limes. Co 

ifthmanth, Catagiisu, 

-ijtS^P,. Slrong, 
hrave, ijimpid. — 

lion used hy the Su 
GS (kari). H. A COUP 

Go {imlaia), H. A 31 

, or".^i°J." »^k',"w boU wfth 

ia,'^r"MndMt of'S^n' m this life 

..°J!w'^^Igood deeds, 'ski, 

. done in a previoiu stale of 

lii^i>. guiltless, having 

^fto l»''I'^^ishm«it of de^ 

ail </^i*0, »- Gall-nitts. 

(nares On a checlE«-boai-d. 
su, n. A hair's breBdlh. - 

■f"Tliedoclt (vegetable). 

BuddhiH sacced boolu is 




„ ^.eL 

Go-p, B. Obstinate, headsirons, 

G^O, B^^slriy. — icA.-.fiflj-one. 
G0.mi,H. The five Buddhist comra 

Gd-kaku. h. Even, undecided <as a 


^KU-DD, H. A dissolute, profl^ate per 

yaKU-1, ». Tte importanC or essentia 
principle, chief po in r, ^si« uth. 

^Kir-RAKU? n. '"xhe pliiM ^ hJKhes 

his supetiora t asycDphanL lale-bearer. 

Go-HHNld^rM;iO- YourliDaor's per- 

piisskiD ; excused, exempted, pardoued 

by a supeiior. — Aitoasarg^ excuse 

rhe EleagnuE. 

. Liircr^irC, nibbish. — 

^Hj,!'. Akindaffoodm 

'^{ksfeba). n. A word. Icki i 

GoN-ja (miai/ agcm). To tell or 

. Tbe word of cc 

GnRO-istKi, n. An idle vaEabood, or 

GoEOTBUKi,-*B,-rtB, ;. I.. To lead an 

idle, vagabond life, loalins ; to make a 

rumUine DDi^e. 
Co^is-mliB. inter. Comeon, in bau- 

G5-SEi,Wt-. Mighty, great, inportaut, 

Go-SEiA, n. Impetiarpsidon, aainesCy. 
Go-^Hl (aio-koia&a)^ t. A post-posiEioD, 

□futed, mixed, jum. 


A hodpe-podec, medley of 
nds of Ibod boiled (ogetliec. 

bled, confused, mixed to^rether. 
}OTO-:oTo TO, orfD. The^oundofw 

dowinE from a battle, Eureling. 
;otoki.-*»,^4i, a. Ufce to, as, s 

Go-TTORI, adii. Sudden. 

Go^VA, The night from twelve to three 

Go-VAt:u, B. Gun-powder. — fwa, a 

G^" " "a mat" Chinese matting, 
GozAH-NARl, inigrj, ITeed in bartering 

GO-2A-HO-HA, 'n. Tiie room in which a 

Guiarimasx, \ have, there 'a. Gtiari- 

"■«mW,' I thb]lt°3iere''iB, o" I thmW 
Gois, ■. A blind vwman, who goes 


Gu. a. PooIUh. slumd, (used olien as an 
bumble word for one's self). Cu-na 
hito, a dunce. Gusm. my (stupid) 
wi(e, GB-iaA-., my,(slupid)M.n. _G«- 
flft, my (stupid) opinion. Gu-ai^ diy 
^tupLdJ mind. — ^h, stupid. — mai^ 

>nir«). To fiock 

e. or unsettled. Fuyu ga — 
he boat locks. 

,0[GUEAKASHI,-J»,-/<I,(.I'. To 

deJKiud, swindle ; to/ajl in one's 

GuBEf^n.^a, .-. K, To be vacillating. 

Gu. A complete set, or suit of atensils. 

to be fickle minded. _. 

Gu-kO, h. Ridicule, detision. jeering. 

dolhes. .- rsrT.'co furnish, make 

teaaing, making sport, 
Guiiu, ». Accomplice or confederate in 

eomplete, arrange ; to have. 
GuAi, B. The Slate, conditioa ; the lit, 

Gvaam. aJu. Around, about, in a cir- 

which «e iMljusted to one another, aa: 

KoHB kiii-daski M guai go. yoi, this 

holioii pl^e. 

Gu-CH "^'n on5ense™oJiihness,^ silli- 

GUEHI, 'w,' The hai. kirushi, yoai 
hair, Og^shi agnKmhS, fet me do up 

said of persons d«d drunk. 

your hair. 

GusoKU, K, A coal of mail, complete 
armor! C»«.,4« l«r«, to he comtSete, 

gaining, grumbling. - /n, ta grnm- 

Gui^iBUKi.-.tBj-''''- '• "■ To loiter, to 
diily-dally, to be slow and dilatory. 

GuTA-cuTA--ro, arfc. In a flabby, limber 

Iboifeh and idle complaining; dilly- 

GwAHi-TO, adv. In a flabby, limber 

d»Uying,loiterit«, lazily. 
GuOiiJEI,-rB,-«B, t. V, To tease, tp vex. 

GuTATSiiKi,-i»,-''a, r. V. To be lim- 

Gui)lu-TsuKi,-*ii,-!ia, 1. V. To grumble, 

Gmo adn In a flash in an instant 


GuwAilaus,' (fi^ka V *;*ov"-«0'«. 


Publicity, notoriety, reputation. — ga 

■marui, not good to have others know 


GuK,(/*«a,)». Anatmy,w8t,mni.ary, 

GuwAi-itoin._, «. A foreign country. - 

— ckiu. in the army. Ta-gon, a large 

«my. ->a,milWta=tres. -<;«-, 

GuwAJ-HU-SH*. B. Department of foreign 


of iiT ^?B°^am^ -■'*"'«, a^^ 

GuwAi-va, H. Local or eiternal treat- 

of war. — r?;, ao army order. — iW, 

ment of disease. 

a military officer. — si^, a book on 

GtiWA-K6,B. A picture winter. 
GuwAN, fiugaO n. Desire, request. 

beginning, heretofore. 
juwan-ei, h. Principal and interes 


; GDiOiX" j! 

Ha, ». A rskiwllh iron teeth. 

Ha, r. Sect, denominaliDn, party. 

Ha, n. A tooth ; the Eutting edge of a 
knife, sword ; the l^th of a saw, co^ 
of a »heel. — ^ H*«, to Kt the teeth 
on ed^e. Mayg-6a, inciaora. Ki-bx^ 

Vsio-i^, breadth. 

h in froot 


« be^bicfcwatd. 




Habaki,». Qolh 



oppose re- 

HABAKl, ». Akn 

Habattai. Filled 

Ml. too 1 

,^e fbr th 

uth ituSed 


SDread. to 


to "hbrevLwr to elide, abridgefcut" «' 
Habukarfrit. pass. 
HA-Btnti. ». "Hie Ssppins of »iogs; 

Hachi a. Eight. HacM-ja, eigbly. 

ya-^chi, eighteeo. 
Hach!. Used in the phrase, ff-tki m 

engagement broken. JJaciiao, 
Hachi, rt. A bowl, pot, baain. A 
M — , the ikull. Hi-iacki, a bi 

.aodkenhief tied 

the bead, a t 


ji, ». ' The 



B. f h 









the akin. 

t the 




(. B 

To be op 

„ to 

h ap^t, a 

«. The 




.itaoi,-ru,-itB. i. V. To 
ed to ihe waist. 

~ ^-back. 
The pad b 


saddle, ala 
the ski 

Hadaye, h. The bare skin, the snr&ce, 
Hade. (&y, Bne. ssaiy, shawy. Hade- 
HlDlCK.^The Cioton'^eeds.°^'— w 


. Suta^adwf no m0n\ 
ihauld Ik dune. ' 

"^no!ir«™"f^"bi^'? lo n 

dADiuHi.x. Spriie. bound. lea 
sction, impulK, jcik, bounce. 

H:1DZ<IHA, B. A halter, a 

or deviate £rom ; w 1^1, dol to succeed, 
HAiHuaHi,.,ni.-/a, /, p. To undo, to take 
eutoftlie place in vhich it fits.ta un- 
eaten, unlu. disconnect : to avoid; to 
miss, to dispense with, depart from oi 

H^Fufn.*' A sable ofa house. 
H*GAt, n. The »ings of s bird. 

VlAGfMis-mUj-luia, i. V. To be ashamed, 

dimdeat, baekward. shy. 
HAGANK,n. Steel, 
KAGARE,-rii,-(a, pass, of Haes. To be 

stripped of ctoihes, oi bark. 
HAGABHI,-IH,-.(a ■ - "• ■■ " " 

deaude. make bald. 
Hasasuui, r. The dirt which collects 

on the teeth. 
Hagatahb, a. Hardening the teeth. 
HAGAYiJiv-ftyJu.-i*!-, B. Itching of the 

teeth, SEltin^ the teeth oo edge ; the 

of any kind, and desire to help the 
weaker party ; the desire to try one's 
hand at what others are doing \ itching 

Hage-atama, B. A bald-head. 

HACKMASHI.-IB.-fa, *. f. To dr 

incite, stimulate, quicken, rouse 
Hagbmi,^*"-m:o^.'i.° "t'o bl'l 


shin. A.iii 

ain bar 


e, to slri 




ii\-^iO■r\\B, n. Hard lo the teeth, hard 

to chew. 
Haguchi-coye, n. A compost made of 

night-soil, loam, and straw. 

Hacuma, n. A white bear, a white tas- 
sel filed on the head of a ;pesr. 

To be stripped 


Hagusa, h. Tu-h. wcedt. 

Ha-guso, >>. The di» or lartar whic 

collKts on the leelh. 
Haha, b. Mother, tfahd-iuti, like 

fflolhn. thcpul of a mother. 
Ha-hon, n. An impetfecl book, a bra 

Kai! Yes. 

Hai, a. Ashes. IiAi-iai, [imc. 
Hai, n. The lungs, ^ai' ns e^. th 
luDgs. /fai lu imiAi, inflammatioi 

Hai. "^^e DUmeral for full, a whie cur 
fMai. once full. A'/ Am, twice fufl 
Sam-iai, three tltnes full. 

Hai, (o^tHM.) To how reverently, t' 

Hai, %./«!.) — ik™. To sbandor 
give up, throw aside, leave off pu 
away, abohsh^ abrogate, disaoouJ, re 
pudiate. —gaiu, to leave off ttudy. 

Hai, (^aJnra-u.) -^uth.^id be defeat 

Hai, OwaicrK.-i — «,™, to match 

gethcV, to (fisitibute. — iM»' distribu 
tion. ^ai-tf.dlotmEDt, to apportion 
Hai~Biii, dispepung mediciaes. Hoi 

upT !/ai-iiwiu, ^p^mio." tSi 


HaI-chS, X. A safe to protect food fror 

Hai.datb,h. Amot for the thighs. 
HAI-C2IIMI, R. Black paint made of po» 

Hai-foki, b. a' section of hamhoo use 

HAMvA'toOain.) — laru, torespcci 

fully receive. 
Hai-ea, s. The body of troops, or 

S^n''of''aaother ;™"mmm8^d,^ sul 
iuSaiu. to'do with great iabor, i 

self.) — iiaskill paalmasu, I would 

A'i-KU>vl™(toeti^«mW^.)' — 

HAtEl,«T,,-C/B, f. p 

— ""■"jj"> homw. ?/fl;iAn^**/a; 

defeated., H. Pu 

Haji, »■ Sham 

HAJIiCABI,-r«,-*iB, /. P. To be burst or 

split open, spread open. 
HAJiiCBgrBr-<«, /. p. To burst or spUl 

Hajiki,'.^,-ivJI^'.''e.' *4o JCTkf to snap, 

or ''bound? "tbIj"™ — ," to' fil1[^'°uJ 

h1]S-c^b°*"' The hammer of a gun- 
lock ; a spring. 
Hajimaki, M. Thebeginnbg.eommence- 

HAj?HA'Hi'-f«%i'B, i. H. To be hsgun, 

commenced originated. 
Hajimb,h. The 1>eg^^nning, the first of 

HAJlME,-™-iB, 1. I/. To begin, 10 com- 


quickly, lobe eitpcdiiious. Hakit-ga- 

m. To hMien, q'uicken', to forward, 

H!LS?iEi,-™°-o«a, i.'^^'to b= quick, 
make speed, prompt, active. Haiiiils- 

Ha-kai limashiJne ^ve yaburr^. Bte^.- 

iog the CDinmaiidmenlsof Buddba. 
Haka-jwush!, B. A lombstone. 
Hakaha,h. Theioosettowseitwomby 

Samxrai. H^am no —, tbt Iodm bark 

around a stem of wheat, 
Hakahagi.b. The ceremony of puttjag 

on the iaiama for the firat lime, at 


g the tc 

Hakama-ji, •>. The doth of which ,tfa- 
Haka-uori, •!. the Iteeper of a ceme- 
Hakabai^/,-*b,-j*/, a. lysil, ii_eeting, 
mean, trivl^, ffahanaktt nara, to 

HakabADIU, adv. UneipectedLy, aud- 

steelyaid.' — w^n^, the we^bt rf 
a steelyard. — ko laa, the beam of a 
ate^yard. — no a. the cord by which 
scales are aiiapeoded. -^ ae mc, the 
mavks oo B steelyard. 
HA«Ani,-™,-;/a, f. V. To we«h. to 

kon : to'plot, Contri« ; to consult ; to 
dec«ve, take m, cheat, impose on. Tsu- 

HAKABl-ccm), «. A plan, iheme, 'ard- 
fice, device, Btiati^(«n. 

the lop of anylbing measured, to make 

H^llo"MUaH^ "*TMterpmar.°' 
HAKAio-yA,«. A maker of scales. 

made of bristles, t 
: To be sold 

eether, to collect by 
HakkA, H. Peppenni 
Hakkan, B. Tiiesil> 
Hakkab. — j«™, 

- Mi, diaphoretic r 
Hakkisi, xSt'. Clei 

Hak^.' ^_o:ns,*'Man 

g girl who ii.iwefully kept a1 


Haeoeoko, X. The Achilles or mitfoil. 
Haku (ihrmi). While ; clean, shining. 

HaKU, h. Foill leaf, Kimfatu, z 
leaf. Gimpaku, silver foil. £uc 

Haicu^6, ». The swan. 
Haicu-chB, b. a white poreelain bol 
Haeu^gaku (hlmku naxo^xj, ». 

-SH6,<['. Cataiacl 

of the 







ed w^h hooks and cbiiiis 


curious IhiDgs ; a 



(KO, n. A fcrnd 



n. A 




The sea beach, a 

H. The^ea^gU 

«,». A clam. 

Hamahasht, «^ A cranherty- 
"OfMXnif-tru.-tU.i.v. To be pnt, fitted, 
or entered inlo^ anything; lo he fallen 

yuii ni iamatla^tht ring is on the mi- 

'eaLhK^hoarii, ofap-bDard. 

cated, oc involved in tronble by otheta. 
Hami) h. That pact of the bit which en. 
Hf.Hi^u,-,tda. t. B. To eai, iwallow. 
Hah'-mIS'i,'^;^^™""' To project, or 

Ha-uono, n. Edged tools, cutting in- 

and black hai"'^ , a m.i: uce o 
Hah-pi, ». A kind of coal with short 

Hah-pon, n. A printed book. 
Hah-pueu, n. Half way up a mountain. 


"bi;c^*tJb^lon^"'?' "e"!"'"' ^ 
Hah Olt.°a fenc'e" helBe7or°enclDs'ute), a 


Hah. Half. /cAi ri Aan, a mile and a 
hair. Han^michi, half a mile. S^tx. 
ya, half the nighl. HartsM Mnsii, 
half dead and alive. — mai, half a 
sheet. — men, half the &ce. /fan- 
tutu, half eeoked, half ript. J/aK^/i, 

■;if a'^ei-%?p^°d*^?iirae. "//»«- 
'/n, half >he money. .&a>^A, halfa 
ayaworl; _. . . . 

H«NA, ihijimi,) «. Th 

e first, bejpn 

hI:;.':?-,. Thenose^n,^ 

us nf the nose 


-^Hfi, ch 

.he nose. Varna ^-, 


Hana, b. a flower, bios; 

.om, the plun, 

Nana w nfala, a beautiful shape. 
Haha, «. A present of money, otoches, 





Haba-abashi, n. Forcing the dr iin- 


leotly through the nose, snorting. 


Hanabamashii,-*!;.^», a. Beautiful, 


bandume, glorious, splendid, admii- 

Hanabi, ». tireworia. 

Habaeiiia,«. Thepeulsofaflower. 
HANACHi,-J!ii(,-//a. /. V. To let EO. set 

HAmsASE,-j->i,-/B. T 

let or 

free, liberate. 

other speal. 

Hakamuba,™. Tip of the nose. 

HANASHl,-J«,-<fl, i;. P. 


Hana-caui n. Paper for wipine oi 
blowine the nose, nose-paptr. Hatta. 
gami^ukum, the wallet in which 
paper tbr wiping Ihe nose is carried. 

Haha-gawa, n. The part of the bridli 
which crosses the nose, the nose-strap 

Hana-gb, n. The hair In the nostrils. 

Hanahapa, adv. Very, extremely, en- 

HAFiAi]ADASHiT,-^',-j£if, ^, Extreme, ut' 

HAWA-tKB,' ',■ A 6<,^""^'~ 
Hana-iki,«. Nose-breathing. 

Haha-ji, n. Bleeding at the noie. 

mostly used iii the foim 
The hard muc 

Hana-muo. •!. The furrow in the upper 

lip under the nose. 
Hana-uob1,s. Thefceepet of afiowet- 

Hana-uuke, b. A present to a bride, to 

on^who ifas ™™ed'to*i?s'hoine.'" 
Hana-muko, n. A bride-groom. 
Hana-o, h. The thong, or strap by 

charee, let fly. Te*M tm — , to fire a 
gun. llfi Jtanaiadaa mini, tn look 
without taking olT the i^es. 

spe'ak.'t^k, lell. 'Haha%rllii Aamai, 
go ana tell your mother. 
lANASHi. B. A saying, talk, story, a 
tale. Otasliii han^i, a funny story. 
Uso-ianaihi, a lie, a fiction. OtssM- 


lo be ia full bloom. 
Handa,b. Tin (in block), 
Man-dai, n. A dining-table. 

INE.-m.-Al./.t'. To prance. Id flounce, 

>ff ihe head. jVf nw — , to throw goods 
>verboaKj. Hani^gat-u, to spring, 
eap, or bound up. Mari m — , Ihe 
>»11 bounces. A'an<^<i«o-ii, to splasb, 

Su^S'wleapTactriKnd" !&"^,to make rebound. Haw-ma- 

m™S. ?/^^ffS«.''to"lt«>w out, 

. ^*p 


Hane.i ..... 

HAK£-ogKi,». A quill. 

Hanb-tsuchi, ». Clay. 

IlAME-TsuiiuBif. «. A well-bucket a« 

HAM-GKj™"-''DeSuct'ing the half, \ 

H^'^ETSU,R. Half a month, hairin< 

or semiciTcu[ai in shape. 
Han-ci.k. a block fill piiutiuK. — 

Hanqi-va, n. A btock-cutter. 

treachery. — nfn^ a traitor. 

tetident, a m^i^ttate. The chief, 
maeislrale is called, Dai-haaji. The 
inferior officers ate, Chiu-kan-ji. and 

und™th™'ame»'ornatuHrotJ«" an 
emblem, a riddle. 
Han-jo. Proaperons, thriving, Bouriih- 

Ham-ju. Recavcd from the head of a 
a^ M^mintment to office)' ""^'"'^' " 
Han-juku, (hhwo»i><.) Half cooked, 

Han-kan. Treacherv, perfidy, treason. 
Han-ka-tsC. Only half acquainted with, 

Han-kiu, «. 'Akindoflclter-paper. 
Hau-kiu, n. A small bow. 
Han-ko, h. a block used in printing. — 
y«, a block-cutter, printer, prinlinj 

H^-kuwa, Prosperous thriving, bust- 

Han^kuwaM, ■. Executive ofScer in a 

Has-nib, 1. Hjf a day's' work ; a pimp, 

Hah-hoki. B. TheAlnnsJaponiea. 
Hah-sas, b. An abortion, miscarriage. 

Han^hIv"; h. Th°e c^p^td in cutting 

imall hell 

., full 

Toolh forcepi, a person 


HAO!,i,^u,Ma, f. V. To put ovtr luosel 
Happa." Eight times eiglit ; sijny-four. 

drive away, dispel ; to swell. 

Hara-suji-ha, a. Laughable, ridi 

HAPPi. Eight sidei, all about. Ski-hi 

HABA-B^rA,^. TheFowcls/int^ 

htfPl, on all sides. 

BASii,-n»,-/n, i. H. To be cleared 

HappISi, h. Armor for covering the 

forehead, a fronllel. 
Hara, •!. A moor, pniiie, a wild iincul- 

s:^i"'- ^"^^-■"'" 

HAM!».1^he' belly, abdomen: ""d, 

HARE-ru,-ia /. B. Swollen, /far 

Hakh, B. A swelling /far! ga 

m xai, pusillaDimous. Harano Hi, 

hJS^"e"S!^ a clolh worn over the 
chest and belly ; armor [br covering (he 

HARflrfAWABi, «. Different mother bi 

ffllhe'r. — Hfl i,yMai, iialf- 

Iare-baiib,'. Clear, bright, open. 

Fine grand, Ulustrious, 
™™, to buret, eiplod*. 


bright ; cleied, open. - l«,ki. cleai 

HABA-^kiMOEi, B. Pregnancy, gestation. 


Hah.,«. a needle; pin ;th«m. ~,m 

Haha-gohashi, n. Promoting digeslioii. 
Hara-guko. — M, ill-iempere^ cross- 
grained, churiish, surly. 
Hasa-haha-to, adv. The sound of 

ton/iu, to eiHggerale minify. — Btf 
we, the eye of a needle. — no saki. 

Kkbi. «. Ct^tal, gfasB?"^ m a roo . 

™I'h"^;l^° ^e'app?Li^1f''M^ 

HAni,-™,-/<B t. V. To paste over, nail 
over, spread over. JIa ™. — , clap. 

dropping.or of eryiug, 

HABAi,-,B,-rWa, (. p. To clear away, 

board. ^(Bw»™D-,io8lapthehead, 

drive away, enpel, (o nay, /Canidwii 

(Rg.) to take a certain percenlaae from 
file w^es of those whom one haa aided 

— , 10 settle an accouni. Harai-4am, 

(o drive out, expel. Harai-Zamu, to 

sweep into las a pan). 

HAHi,.ri.,.JIa, t, V. To' suelch, spread. 

HAHAt.B. Sin too prayers. — nwyoma. 

open, to extend, to display, eshilnt; to 
boast, (i.i/.) To beswolfen, distended. 

Haka-itahi, «. Colic, belly-ache. 

Mise m>— , to display the wares of a 

^ot'^h^i^e"raoth«!''" " """' ^" 

ffaj-i.aB, to rivJ, to vie nith eS other, 

Haka-kudabi, h, a dian-hiEa, bowel- 

emulate. HaH-4mu, to jut out, pro- 


trude, swell out, stretch out. Hari- 

k„m«. .0 stretch; Hari->ai^u, to tear- 

HABAH.\SE,-ri(,-i'3. To cause to conceive. 

by stretching, or expanding. Hari- 

rajuru, to tear by stretching. 

^iixKm,-mu.-nda,{.i!. To be pregnant. 

to conceive, to be with child. HmraiA 

Hahw^da; n. A placard, liaiidbill. 

Hara-obi, X. A belly-iand. 

its inquiry, a placard. 


HAH-JUB.n. The edge o 


and spearing. 





The spring. 



rrom afar. 


«. A saddle-girth, 



< gallop opposite to, to run to 
Has^Haiu, lo nde, gsllop, or 

Hashi, jr. A bridge. I— mm 

a bridge, Ifi^H'^ah- 

Hashi, B.'"The bSl "ra bud! 

HaSHI, b. The edge, mai^n, brink, ude, 

%.n"— Siemd'S al^e^."?/BiLC 

IjIsh^iTamJ, h.' I^i filbert tree. - no 

;uHE, «. The foot of a bridge, 
ce where a bridge joins on to tT.e 

A3H5-iTA,«. Floor of a bridge. 

AsmKA,«. The bcatd of wheat. 

twee/the teeth. ' 

A5HiKA,n. Themeaalea. 

Hasau,,... Scissors. 

Hasahi,-bik,-ȣi, /. V. To take, place. 

ASHiEE,-rB.-/d,/.s. To unload, or lake 

or hold between two other IhinK. H^ 
sAi di M-m^ ^ -, to lake £h with 

^'"'w unload ^lids. 

chop-sticks, //ffaitvu^il-^siieam 

HAEHiKoif~Si,-*K,-r*/, a. Shrewd, wise. 

HasXmi-bako, #. A black ho* fiied to 

each end of a pole, and carried over tbe 

shoulder, used only by persona of rank i 

HashI-mosi, n. The guard of a bridge. 

a bridge-keeper. 
Ha-shio, B. The tartar that collects about 

HASAH1-ISB,-ni,-;iI, i, V, To lake up with 


Hashwa, n. A post, pillar, column ; the 
numeral for gi>3s. _ Haikira kaixshi. 

Hasaui-ucsi, H. An attack on each Bank 

at the sane time. — Wium. 

Hase,--b-A.,*. P. To ride fast, to cause 

HASHiRASHi.-iu.-ta. To make to run or 
sail. MiJ=« ^ ^S>i ,1 ~, <o makB 

to nin; to hasten, urmon. Umavio—, 

to gallop or run a horee. HiwaHuina- 

the water flow off to one side.' 

ine together, to ran together. Half 

HAS8IBl,-rK--(/a, i'. V, To run, to move 

fa«,t^ flee flow, to sail akt. ff«. 

tiip,^, to ride and m^to ride p»t 

to cause to ride Wk, to send back in 
haste. Han-kitum, to come feat on 

Mri-^e^ru, to run up. HaMrM,^ 

yem, to run back. Hashiri'idtru, to 
run out. Haskiri-koyerit^ to run acroaa. 

HasAiri-kud('ru. to run down. Hashi- 

borse-back, to come in haate. Hast- 

«B*fl«,to^«ntome=t. H<^kiri-Mu, 

to run. Hashirifm^, lo run near. 

^ri?.' ^{™F'^*^iiiouSr*''^l^P 




ji, n. Bleeding jiiles. 



,K. A fraetion, fragment 



^tn, insuffit^l."' " 


Hash IT 

-MB, or Hashita, h. a 



NAi^*/,-t».-**i, a. Low 


StsHvtAa/taiu,-i*,-ta. To cause 




anything, byehatgingmore than h coal. 

HAS&r.H,B. The tuck ottb-nei 


in Che ildrta by gilding Ihem 



or iB;»feclh;buTal forth, sen 

manifcBt. to SiapUy, appear, to 


nve rise 10, develop; 10 llaah 

ut. Tiv 


Wh^S'rtriMng, d^p"iSiig?^ 


iDg any violent e«ttion. - 

Haeu.». Thelotu. plant. - 

Hata, >. ' A field, (of upland) 


,^1^, a 


Hata, «. A loom. JC{««-iat 

a, a ailt- 

loam. Hata-mtnto, a weavirre 

Hata,«. The side, near by. /d 

^(. to the aide of the weU. 


kita, by»andeis. 

HaTACHI. Twenty years old. 

lATAGO, B. Slopping to rest and Binch 
wbUe traveling; the fare i:harged foe 

Ke, B. A field, vegetable-gardeD. 
■-batakt. a potalo-fieTd. Nana is- 

Ki%a^Jfl, i, t?" To beat with s 

'^C^%'l<., i.^"''^" hinder, to 
te a loud noise. 


the iiKharge gf guns. If^Uu. one 

HAisij'T^Sra^,* the beginning. Hatiu- 

dari, the first crowing ofa cocl( on the 
new year. HaHa-gvH, Halsaskimi, 
HtUiK-yaki, the Gnt ice, frost or snow 

The first fruits offered 10 

Hattari,*.' An artifice or triclc°ulSi to 

larjiod, A'fl^ar 

make a suspected person confess the 

truth. — iw hnktrs. 

HASasA, s. Qmckn 


lion. Go-kalle, it is contracv to law. 

Ha-uchiwa, b. a fealher-tan. 

Ha-uta, n. A kind of vulgar ?ong. 


c^X''?>'™-. " =""™P" 

Haya.-. a small river fish. 

Hava, «dv. Alr««ly; will, . neg. no 

longer. Jma am haya xoganru mi- 


cape. ^a>o<«i!,*i;»a/M,behasal- 





AVA-BAVA.TO, adv. Quickly, soon, 

™?;,K,VAKU , Anevress st 

Havaie, n, A tem 


Hava-oayout, b. Quick mode of com- 

Hava-uchi, b. An 

municjtion, early opportunity. 
Hava-fube, n. A fast boat, a clipper 

Hav°^uso. A>lipo 

HA¥A-GANa',»! A^aiwni'b^'l, fire-bell. 

HAyAi,-i',^/, a. ' ^'t, quick .wilt, 
early, soon. Ki ga kAJiai, of quick 
perception. Mimiea — , quick to bear. 
Jlayaia ™rK to do quickly. 

wheel. ' 
HAyAMABiyJ-a,-/a, ;. w. To be quick, or 
fast : to be hasty, rash, precipitate. 

HB*«™?i', iBed;c1n«^wEiS"hsswn In- 
HAVAME,-r=<,-/3, /. ». To hasten, quick- 

popular, ^hionable, to be in g 
favor; ardei^t, impetuous, eager, 

l-kotoSa^ a p 


Asa-bsyg, splendor of ifae sky al alin- 
riM. K«-*B«, thesplwdorofih.Kt- 

HaZB, R. The name of 

Hme, " 'R^urste'd 
HE,fi. A fate. - ™ 

Hechiha, !^ Thesn9l<eEourd. 

ftitiidiy!^' "' '*'*" ° ■ '"™'' "° 
HEriATABI,-™v-W«i '- ?- To be Mparal- 

Hte from, part ^m ; to interpose, [diice 
between : separated by- hvotcJ- lys 
m hedaMt laii ni am, be bas left 
home on a journey. Hednte gekerff, 

Hbdo, «.' Erucution^TfoJd"*— ™ 
HiDOHODO. — isru. 10 be conrused, I>e- 

tMa. pan. to clip ofT, to dock : to pilfer, 
abstract, to lake by stealth a little ftom 

lEGASHT,-™,Ja, CauBt. of A'^^K, 10 tc 

off. split off. 
rlEGI,». Astripofwood J 

Hhi, 1°' Thr™t^papM sanded"';! a 

Hei' n. A soldier, an army. - i«a, a 
.var eliatiot. - Shi. a Bofdier. - m- 

Hb'-an,')!. Peai;e, Icanquihty, freedooi 

quell, subdue, to tranquiiize, to oniet. 
Hei-jitsu. Common, usual, orjinarj 

HKI-uoisu, n. Presents of congistula- 


KU, n, ^pei Hxai to the end of 
It and plaeed before lb. ffiimj. 

jKuLRi,rf»,J/a,' i. I.. To pros- 
one's stii, CO bow bunibly to the 

Hl"-1?u,n,' RatoStlon'^hMUh, cured. 
Hbi-iei. 'common, usual, oidinary, cul- 

ly, peculiarhBbit, way or eceenincity. 
HfKi-GfvoEU, H. A kind of precious 

stone ofgrscn color: jade. 
Hbki-rbei, ■- Flashing, elitterine. 
Heki-veei. — ™™,to sbrink back in 

Heko^hbko, aiA-. Pliant, limber, ileid- 


St, hollow. ' ' ■ ' 
HBKOMl,-«>,,-«,ffl, ■■. T.. Tobe indenl- 

lo'Sei'down, »v'e in, as one d^ 

strange alTaii, acciienl. Mi',-«. 
T^i^ai. aipeai.or dreadful ei 
calaiirophe. — sii, sn uni 

[SK.Vfl*/,) Numeral for times, 
once. Jt^Atin. twice Sam-ien 

!d from the beds of st^nant r 


HeI™,"! A'answH^reply. *^ 
Hhn-j/, XkaZ/tta^ti-.) n. An 

m™ur« or wet^ht, a falling 'short. — 

Hen-ki^ku. -j«™,'to paybagk,re- 

H:SL-'^"'-i«^.,to repay,pay back, 

HEN-liFTSV. Booted, dogm^itic, Ibrmal 

stiff in manner, —nahiio. 

BEN-ictiwA, -. Change, alteration, .ran*. 

HH-KEeiIM,-™,-(*a, '. "■ To travel 

formation, vanation, vicissitude, meta- 

morpbOMs, — saru, to change, vary. 


HsN-Nfl.H. Camphor. 

Heh-pa, (4o<»>»-f,) B. ParciaUty, fa- 

ll au-PAI. ' Reluming the wlne-Elass. 

Heh-phb-to adv. In a lluitenne man- 
ner, wavering. Hala — naiiiu, the 

H^-BEll- ».r., » «'"rn a compU- 

6% flutters in the wind. 

HbUm... a remote country, retired, n,- 

Hkn-SA(. To return, repay, restore, give 



HeU-PO, «. Answer, reply ; requital, re- 

Hen-shi, (tata-foiQ <•. A short rime 

venge, vengeance. 

Hhh-poh-to, adv. In a waving, flutttr- 

Hkn-shin, h. Change of mind or pnr- 

ingmanner. Hata hcmpe" to kazt «i 


h£'4hin. ~ nru. 10 retum, send 

Heu-puuij, n. A bat. 


HbH. n. Part, region, place, locality, 

Men-shO. Obstinacy, bigotry, stubborn. 

siiie. ii:™»-i.«, this ^de, ndghbof- 

Hen?i4-£"""u&, virtue, taste, good 
quality, always followed by mn nai 



Kui-ttrasi. to lessen hy ealing. Ts 
kai-fierasTC, to lessen by usine. 
Heei, h. a bQtder, binding, edging. 

"'£'="""0! I b!l Ti 


biealc by preBsSne down, as across the 
knee. Hakl-itakim, to silence, to 

Heshi-ouchi, n. Shutting the niDiith. 
keeping silent. — shiti kitio MiKji 

Hkso, B. A ball of thread. 

Heso, «. The navel. — fu a, the navel 


, tbe 


iAtt, the fruit. 

umse.biiniding, awkward. Sail 
da, die work h badly done. 


tKeeun. — «i> tVi, the setting oAhe 

Hi, n'''The°lon^tudinal groove in i 

Hi, •!. The spleen. Ifi «•> i!d,i6. 

Hi, a. VemiUon color. Hi-Jtremtn. 

Hi, {id^i^'H. Ice. li-Bi-ii, Ihin ke. 

Hi; (affl^si.,) J 
I«t3,,bad, wi 

victed of wit 

Hi, {kvra&eru). Comparisf 

dry, to etb,' 8s' the tide. /fi-*ata,'the 
the diy beach,^dnti. 

sun. patti'cnlariy dried fish. 
Ii,-«,^a, t,v._ To winnow or, dean 

csuching it in a basket. Jtfi de komg 


,"'. AsEy-lark. 
u, H. Thei ■ ■ 

e tbe Diaich is held ii 

WiiLiag-Jr'^ciia.pptd' aacked.' 

of porcelain made to look as if t ' 

Hl-Bt-BI, arfe. Daily, every day. 
BlslKASE,-ni.-la, canst, of I/iiii 


HlBO.orHlMO,B. Cord, braid, 

ciaMd by, statvauon. H)bi>sJi;- 

H[-BU, X. Iptinsl by Ihc day. 

Hi-BUKUEB, R. The bliscer from a 
Hl-BUH. UnbecomiDg one's statioi 
proper, unjust, unreasonable, d 

Hl-BURuirih Daily sbake of tbe a| 

b^'tt Tn Pith" *' 

Hi-uAUS, a. Will of tbe wisp, ignis 

fatuus, a ball of lire. 
HiDABi, H. The left. — ko fi, tbe left 

HiDASi-NAWA, 8. A Kipe made by twist- 
ing to the left. 

Yia>AKl^.-ki,-ku.sAi. a. Hungry. Hi- 
daruku «a!, not hungry. 

HlDAKUGAIU,-rB,-il'B, I. ». Toteelhun. 

H^'busa, n. The degree or state of 

art,%r instiucSo" whicETne 'ha.'Tb^eQ 

HiD"Rl,B.'"'Adm^ft. -X*!,'/^ 
m-Dil^ki HI aradtx). Cruel, out- 

Hi-DiGU, n. Tools for striking fire, as 
HTDOi!-*/,3B,-iiA'.a'Hard, violent, lit- 

aslant, awrsF, askew. 



depraved, villous. 

H.Fo, ,, A kind of Q 

by doe- 


tired from business. 


The 5 

kin, text- 


Daily paymcR 
A mJElakc, ei 

in t^kins- 
HiGAHBANA, n. The OtnilWorium. 
HicA-HE, n. SedngincoireciTy.anenor 

of sight. 
HiG«Mi,-mi.,-Hrf«, /. f. To bs ben., 

craoLed, warped ^ perveise, prejudieed, 

HlGAN-ZAKURA, B. A kind of 

chErry tr«. 
Hl-CAIu. The kind of day, a; 

I of, vilify, find fault with, 
rhesideof Iheabdgman. 

^,"w"fSk e^S'of, slander, 

flwO, to feel partialily. 
HiiMAGO. K. Great-^ireat-grandaDn. 
HUEU, B. The moth of a silkworm. 
Hin. The dbows. - m mugrU m 

iura to saru, lo make a fdllow of ll 

same day. 


tache. ^J^I«, whiskers. Shita-hlg!. 

HiTi-TSUBO, ». A hook and Staple hinge. 

a ball and socket joint. 

taking a low place ; depreciating one a 
self. Higt laeirx, to be over modest 

inanimate. U-ji hi-jS, animate and 

HtGi."^ ^^, to vUify, bacfebiie, speak 

Hi-ja-f.i. «. A post aseil for showing the 

hour by its shadow. 

Hi-ji.Ts™,«. Secret an or skill. 

able, improper. 

HlticE, n. Sunlight, suoshine ; shade. 

Hi-GiE., i; A lt«d lime, a sec lime. 

fence, IS compelled to live in privacy. 

hIcoT'"-"™' long antTsieoder slip of 

bamboo, used in making baskets, 
H1-G6. Innocent, ggilifiss, not havidg 

HiKAK,™. Marasmus. 

done anything in a previo in state of ex- 

HlK»EABi,-^H,-/a, 1, I.. Dried and shriv- 

istence 10 brir^ down recribntioD in this 

eled by Ihe sun. 

"^^Iffii"' '^° """" " ''^""' 

Hi-ioB*. Common, usual, for yeats past. 

HrKAitH,-™,-(«, *p«s. of ^f*., to be led. 

hJ:?™.'*.. The property of enduring 

to be treated with pariialinr, favored. 

or nsisting iire. — ^ j-bi, incombus- 

tible, fire-proof. — ga tuarui, easily 

HiKARi. «. tight, lustre, radiance, re- 
fblgence, brishlness, gloss, brilliancy, 
glitter ; (met,), influence, power, virtue. 

Hm'Jto^ni.' ^!'. Daily, every day. 

HiicABi,-™,-«ii, i. !'. To shine, to glit- 

Hi-GUHASHi,' n. A kind of Cicada. 

ter, sparkle, glisten, glossy, brighl, u. 


tins. Hlkii. 

angther pass. 
HiEAVE. n. Entry, nole, minulc, or 

Hike, «. Reriring, wiihdrawine. — iiw 
/r>nu, lobe defeated, orwithdiaw from 

Hf^^^M^, i. i;. To withdiaw, retire, 
leave off, to cheapen. Nid^niea A:6t- 

HtKB-MOMO, ■>. Ailicles sold by a pawn- 

Ht-KBN.tti™*/ jw/tt.). To open and 

TOA (a letter). 
HtKEi>AEUHi,-<u,-(a. Tocausetoshme; 

Hl-KESHl,.i>. 'Afireextingulshet; afirc- 
HucB-SUG^i^^a,"^. j/^Reiired, wiih- 

dn^, lead, tow ; to Tetire, wiihdrai 
fronij retreat \ to alrctch, prolODg, en 
tend, spread : Id deduct, eubtract : t 
quote, cite ; to look for a word in 

grind ; to liay on a attinned instnimeni 

ptomiied in an alTair ; to be profitable : 
to consult K^ether. Tg ««, kiitiaiie 
aruku, to walE hand-in-hand. Hikia^ 
•nOKa, a proRlable article of ^e. Hi~ 

ecurity, pledge. 

compare together, to collect. Vsrsi 
w kiJti-awaii, the joints of armor 

B the pla<:e ' 



*SMi,-ri.,-ifl, («oH. /•rffana- 
B. To pnJl apart ; to pull off. 

stretch, to malco laught, m 

HlKl-HATAKE^KfJo, (doU, kipfataki^ 

t. v._ To puJl open or apart, s! the 
Hua-HATAKI,-*ll'^-(«, (toll, hif^lakii 

head, conduct, to bring. 
HiETi,~«(',:iarc4i. lji'i/,ssaaeaskikui. 

HiKi-iRO} ff. The appcaiance of rerrcat- 

-WJ/.t. T'othJowover 

Hlltl-ltAVB^*lB,^B, I. V. ' 

within the t 


from one h 

HiKi-KtiDAici,-*H,J(fl, (. V. To bteiA, 

or grind to necca. 
Hna-KDHi,-«*,-«,;a. (coll. JUiiumi,) 

.na-KoMi^-mtt.~iiiia, (i 
I.e. To be clasped to 

HiKi-HE, «. A Hnd of cDojucaiioo by 
means of a bow aod attow, for the 

HlK!-MI,-r«,-(a, i. p.^To'tlrrppive, 

HiKi-udDOSHi,.^Kf-/a, /. B. To lead, 

HiKi-Hoeij-^i^-iVB, /. f. To Iwial off, 

HiKi-uoNo, H. Articles turned [a a lathe ; 

of, to pull oppoute to. 
HiKi.»usHiBT..>-K,-/fl, i. K. To pluck off, 

Hi'KiSaustJBi',-^%rfa,/?^i'."?''o draw and 

HiKI-MUEUBI, x. Abow-koot. 
KllCI^ARASHI,-III,-/a, i. B, To twang, 

orplsy, asoDsguitar; to level, maCe 

Huci^oBASH[,-i>i,-<a, <. c. To pull and 

lengthen, to stretch. 
iiiia-soBS,-ra,-ta.t.!>. To lengthen by 

HSS-^Ks'^^fl, >. P. To pull to one 
side, or out of the way, to pull from 

H(ia™^OBi,"'The"ha"nceof an ac- 

couot, the remainder. 
Hiit!.NUKi,-*>.,-rta, /. K. To pull up by 

the roots, to extract, eradicate ; to pick 

HiKH»,^ A debt, obligation, or lia- 

HiaJicoSHi.-su^, i.%. To pull and 
make ID Bl^id up, to raise up. 

to pull or drag down from a high place. 

p'Si^^'^l'oKiLl'o reiSoveconfe^ 
lionay from the table after an enter- 
tainment; to subtract- 

(. I.. To pull'aod''lear!° 
HiKi-SAt5AHi,-m,-iyo, i. H. To be pulled 

down, to be abated, bumbled- 
HiKi-SAtiEf^ii.-fti, (coll. AiiaufiJ i. ». 

To fall in mice. 
Hlin-SAKij.*B-iVa, (, F. To tear, rood. 
HiKi-SHiiiAKi,-™,-ifiB, (coll. hiichiiar!). 

To tie, bind, as a criminal. 
HiKi-smiJOKi,-rB,-(ia, C.z/. To draw, as 

Hiltl-5H!I1AI,.HIK,«.(1.I i". B. To be long, 
protracted, delayed, hngenng, slow. 


HlEl-SHIWO, «. ibb-tide. 
Haa-aoYEf4Vr4a, f. v. To drai 

HlKMAWASIB.-TKPa, (. B. To pull M 

HiEiTE,>i. Xbiob.flcatch in a sc'rei 

ba^k. " ' ° ="-38 money 
HtKi^isuranKi.-^K^i/a, i. n. To cor 

ODtEac^«d, drawn to^thct, 

kne«, popliteal space. 

\^^YE,^P"fi»iM-t^t^^,,) t. 

writing. //rtW^*!', a copyiit. 
HlKEOIUSHI,-» ,-/<>,_/. !>. T%pull<K 

HlKKOm,-^-^n, l-"f'. To draw ba 

HiKO, ». The uvula. 
HiKO^ n. Grtat-Krandson. 
HiKOBAVE, n. Tbe spiouts wbich shoot 
up fiotn the stump of a ttee, or after 

HHm'-Bosm, "" The name of two sBis 
HjkuiIU^.-i^"-**/, .1. Low, not high. 

iKl-uau, «, A mill-atone.' 

ilenij'to take a low place before others. 

iKi-wAKE.-ra.Jn.M-. To pull apart; 
separate, as two men fighting ; lo 

orslarl. asinsleep. 

iKi-WARi,-™,-i/B. *. n. Toiawin turo. 

HiKUSA, n. Tbe lowneas, sbortneaa, the 

liKi-WAiu, B. A kind of coaisely ground 

the bight. 

barley. " ^ 

HiMA, n. An inttfval or space between 

lK.-WATASlll,^-<,-i=, /. f. To pass 

over, hand over, defiwr up. 
IlKi.VABUKl,-nB,-i/n, 1. V. To pull and 

tbines, a crack; apare or unoecupied 

lime, leisure ; time, opportunity ; breach 
of friendship, discord: -fBBa^have 

no time. — ^a iataru, lakes lime. 

Jfima «» A.*W, a man out of employ- 
mem. //r,«a ws rfaiM, lo dismiss, fas 

i-mvo. 'Craven. hearth, cowardly, 

weak-hsarted, timid. 

a servant). - 1™ W, to ask for dismSs- 

iiKi-YOaE--»T»,Jfl, /. f. To pull or lead 
near; to draw near, afproach. 

aion. — w siAim„, to grudge the 

time. — uu i^iasi, to watch lor an 



HJiuASHi-m, adv. Daily i 


Pohigala Janomei. 

HiMEHOsu. <T^. The whole day. 
HiHE^^NOBi, H. A paste or search madi 

HruE-yvei, n'. The Lilium Callosum. 
Hi-HiTKU. ■. A secret, mystery. — tkj 

iu, lo tell a secret. 
Hiuo, ■>. A coid, braid, dbhon. 

il« the fire, dot qmckly consumed. 

Hl'Jd^s, ft. Daily TisitiUE the templps, 
-a.-\Kojn,-ii,-tHM'. a. Hungry, ffi- 

HiN, (wmf 

nily. /JjsJ" 
Ifix-in, poor 

lit, quality. 


g bird. Hitia-diu 

HmJa^^' D^fng the day, in daj 

Hi-NAHi. adB, Daily, every day, day after 

mS^, »"*S^ing evil of, censure, 

&ult-flnding. -r- sarH. Id censure, 
Hl-HASHI,)r. Money borrowed to'- — 

Hinnta^mai, stinking Ttom ex] 

HlNATA-BOKKO. Basking in Ihe 

HlNAyE,-r«,-/a,/. P. Tobe_wiUedl 

HmtirA!t^T;o'^m^hfor''a m«'c"^: 

HmB^ii,-ta. i. n. To be old, 


luSi^^-rii°^ZT'"i- To twist, or 
roll in the Angers,, to turn, to screw. 

twirl in the fingers, to play with, or 

HiNBHl-BUMI, n. A note feslened by 
being twisted or folded instead ofbcing 


red ball on a "white ground, rtpresenl- 

H!I!^m?^SiiliA,». A fire tower, »atch, 


HIHAHE, «. The 30le fish. 

Hf^^OT^-. Japan. Afir<-plMe. - 

HiBAME.-r«.-|F|Fa, *. I.. To make flat. 


HiBAueKASHiv-iu ,-/<!, /, n. To wave, 
brandish, flourish. flash^lUten. _ 

lale, to Baah, glisten, gUtter. 
HiKAUI, ». Flat in sliape, flattiih. — 

cooked food. 

HiNosm, B. A smoolhing iron. 

Hi-K'D-ixi, n. One of tbc len calendar 

h!-'S"Ve,«. OncofthBlensiBa,. 

Hi-wo-zo, «. The spleen. 

HiN-sEKi; -«™,, expel, or 

urgently, ptessingly. —wf*, to ear- 

nestly iiiplore. 

Hl-OD05HI,K, Armor, the plates of which 
are bound togelhcr by red Ihread. 

HiEA-osHi-Ni, fl^i.. Violently, forcibly. 

HlEAM-TO, ad!'. In a quiet, nimble 

J-^J, tf. A fan made of the tff n^jtr". 

i-oGi, B. The Ilia Chinenwa. 

"™1fke a fllih. ' " " " 

KlBATTAl,.™*/.-*..,-**--, a. Flat. /fi- 

l^A^BHw.^'/. ™ ^dodge, to 
jvoid by > sadden movement to escape 
by ataning aside. 

rattaku aarK. 10 become flat. 

HlKA-UCHl-NO-HIMO, H. Flat.braid. 

HiRi<.n. The fins of a fish. S-blrt,liie 

HIPPAKU,*. DeMieutioi.,wanl,«Brgity. 

aiss-v<im,-ru^t->. t. ^. To beckon by 
waving tte wide sleeve. S^ifaAirc- 

mode of writing or forming chaiaclers. 

Hip-pu. K. A low. vulcar pcreon. 
HlKA, H. tlac, level, plain; common 1 

,n,fece,thel4fota'bSok. 'T^mAir^', 

wifhThe"['Ke"Mliie™h,to pr^sti^ 

(he palm of the hand. Hira-samura!, 

one^s self, fiwa ni iin-JiisAUe ai- 

-whole, univiisal. Hira^Uu, a com- 

HiRBl. Impolite, ill-mannered, rude. 

Ht-BETSU. Mean, base, vulgar, low. 

HlH,-™vJ(a, /. V. To eject from Ihe 

anus. ^> U>-, to bre^ wind. &i. 

HlRA-BAHl. B. A lancet. 

/lana BL tamxBi VHi kiri-tsaktrs. 

H,BAn*,«. A flat-boat. 

HiEA-aiBA-IO, aa'w. With a broad, wavy, 

witllout prindple. 

HiRi-HiBi.'arfD.'^ With a smar^ng or 

HinA-GAHA, «. A flat pot for cooking, a 

burning pain. — ^ ftttmu-, to smart. 


H«*G1, ™. The Ile< « holly. 

HiaiAnziT, n. A kind of food made of 

U/« fried in oil. 

used to represent the ij Japanese aylla- 

H,Hi-T5tJKi,-*K,-rt»,/. 7.. To smart, to 

ni^iLSrru.-ta, i.v. . To be open, un- 

Umo?'"' A fathom of about five feel 

M«neia — , to be re ieved of doom. 

RigjMI,-kxi-ita,t.r.aiLv. To open, 

to unclose, UHStJ, uncover, unfold. 

English; the dUtance between the 

Umi w/utasa wa iiu kira latiu. 

spread out ; lo be^n, lo eiplain, to re- 

v^,tocle^ftoQiobs<ruc<^n. Vaf«- 

™ -■ " '^'™ ^^ ■^^*' ™ --• "> 

hiraili Aaiiiru. the ship gives the 

cock a wide berth. 

HiBo, a. Wide, broad, spadous. e.ten. 

HlBAKl, ■ The opening, beginning. 

sive. — *», a wide place. — iuta. a 




ad put iDj^iheCf to gaih«r into a ^i- 
ioKASi,-r-v,-iia, J. V. Spread nbraai 
Lade known widely, publiahed, adve 

lOHl, «. A kree, spacioua plage. 
t04H[Ki, «. The female apaRiaenu 
r a noble's house ; the harem. Garlic. 

iu.s. A leech Jilood-sucker. 
tu,R. Ndod, d^'llme, yi7u jfm, 
nv and night. //iVu w aasatsu, ^ 
'clogt in the day. Hiru-ne, sleepinj 

/.•r«-al>?i-,'"'o'docirM.*" "'' ""' 
(UrfiAO, H. The Ipon.d=a rilfcaglis. 
<uGAYH,-r»,-(a, ;. o. To turn over and 
ver.asa leaf or flag blown by the wind 

1 ge. klrugayJti ttki Hi ja«a. 
tu-GAVKSHiv^K.-i'a, I. e. To turn over 
hangero™d,shiflahoui. Ka*H-n.*. 
:v —, to break a piomise. 

:m*V, incom^able.™"^"*"" 
lUMAKi, H. The iroQ ring around tb< 

au-M»f ^'*'"rhe middle of the day, 

HisAGi,-*ii.-iiSii, (. ». To 
sel< in the streets, to ped< 
ISAGO, n. A calabash, gc 

.isnSH'ii%iV*™r'A' lonf 

J/liatHiiu o m nl Xaka 
not seen you for a long ti 
HlSAMll, B. A penlhouae, 

HiEHi, x. Diamond-shaped. 
HlSHl-BlSHI-TO, a4v. Scvei 

HlSmGl,-iTi^a, i. w. To crush, mash, lo 
Hl-3Hlfflm>, H. WotTc done by the day. 


V. hr 


To mate an 
spicily, sever 



of slamming 


^^^i St 

A k 


f food mad 











Jl^,,,. -"■ 


HistiEA, a. 



ate, bidden 

. . . ittiy. 

softly, stealthily. 
HisoME,-™,-iB, / w. To hide, conceal : 

^.'^."to's^ak b,°a £w v^ice,'';o whT 

Hl501neKI,-*K,-/fti, ft B. To tell secretly, 

, li^k ; 1 

outh of ai 


HissHA, #, A wriler, scHbe, tccrelary. 
UOSHI, (hanaradnn skim). Mu^t die, 

^hl WLIh deapuation. 
HissoKi;. To be confined to one's hoiue 

HissoRi-TO, adv. Quietly, still, siienliy. 

HiSEii, <E. A Icingfislier. 

HiTA, n, A tiling for scaring birds froin 

HiTABUKU-Ni. adv. Eameilly, impoitu- 

Utm-hita, adv. The Eonnd of inter 

KplashiDg. — to acki-nffrUf to ride 

apLasliiag throuEh the water. 
HiTAI, H. The forebead. Iiila.i~eami, 

the forelock. 
Hf-T4jci, ft. A fiicman, sroMcr. 
HiTAMONO, adv. Earnestly, intently, 

HiTAB, (Aanaiiimi nagiku.) Sonow, 

HiTAW,.™,-**^, i. V. To be dipped or 
Immened in a fluid, to be soaked, steep- 

SiT/^^Jai i. V. To dip mto a 

teo, "macMIel^/^iii ni~^°^' °""^ 
HiTASUB»-Ni, adir. Earuestly, with the 

HiTA-TO, adv. Closely, lightly; the 
sound made by striking one^ard thing 
against another. — isuku, to put 
ctoBe against, to stick tightly- 
matt, to be full grown. — . hi kakara^ 
e^'eiy IhMly, every one. — ha^u^ the 

HrmTaf OneTM?^^?^^*!""™". one 
time. Hitn loiki, a. year. Hiii tsiki, 
B mouth. Hita tfii, an hour. Hilo- 

HiTO-EAMBRB, B. Avoided or didiked by 

place of people. 
HlTO-BASMlHA, H. Burying a man alive 
on laying the fbundation of a cutis, (an 

HrT&lBrTo''plu" ' Men, people, every 

•d of people. - 
^ phoaphore^cenr ball 

which ris» from the > 

bom one,I>lace to another, supposed to 

Hi-^d'o?e%'! 'A'^go-ltw™, media. 

.. (/'"•/'«,) «■ . Kind or qnali- 

iosHi, ». Manslaughter, uiur- 
ro, H. Talking about others. 
t!«'' A pe^n^dcad, somebody 

le.'U-t, strenit^h or care ; earnestly, at- 

TO-HAMi. Like men generally, like 
.ther people, or the common run of 

Toi!Asm\,-ii,-iu a. Looking or act. 

HiTOfil. ' Ctar™oS7^on6'''^ingle, by 
one'sself. ^^wi'ifc >«««. togoalone. 
"-■'— ■ onlyson, //T/ori- 
1 single peison, without relatives. 



Hitoh!^""!' An only?hLld"*' 
HlTOBI-GOTO, n. TatliiDg cd ode'i lelf 

HiTint-ui. Alone, ulitimr, single, with- 
■■ l«d Of reiatioBa. 



1 light a 


HlTOSHnv^f,-«tA,«fAf\ a^ Same, 
oQc, alike, ennie time, ti^ether, 
iKo-s, Uke minded. 

^no-lo-VKBi, n. Character, dispositic 
Htnjrsci, (irfi^ a. Odc, single, san 
good thin^. 

HiTOVE-Ni, aiAi. Eamesll)', whciiiy, e 

Hitovocibt; ™. A k^"of jnpe, or flui 
Hr^a. A Runk, box, a chest I 

tttki, io'dock, p. u.,'(a ol'^apanese!) 
Hilnffi-ian, the s.w. 

HlTSUJl-EO, a. The rice thai sprouts up 
after Ihe fint cmp is cut. 

Hnsu-J6, (tfluarnrfiuiarffljiinrji.) Cer- 
tain, sure, fixed, settled, decided, deter- 

Hms«eAMAH,-r«,.Jo, /. f. To seize, lay 

hold of, to grasp. 
H1T5U-IKN. Xka«^>^diu Miarui ttd^. 

Ceitflinly, aece^arily, positively. 


ruments fbt strikii^ fir 

el for atnkingfii«. 

•1. Dried 


». The 

bark of Ih 

e AT/ tree 


HiiBadiiiati, s roof 


-™,l(a, I 

'sun"'^ ' 

d cradted 


s'"^ tbt 

ay; daily 


A buildi 


the bod- 

e dead AH 

Cool, cold. fli>a-« 



cold sweat. Hint- 

me cold w 


.B, Tno 


s self by] 




a plural prefix " all. 


ft7-Aij'*. two bags. Hito 

HiySgU'ya, a paper-hanger. 
HlYo-GU, B. Weapons of war. 

HivA-jd-suu. Membi 


Hivo-RAN, «. The disiurbance 1 
ble^^ing ; force, impulse, e 

■amlsm, to heal Bme, Aihi-Uyiski, 
diummini; with the foot. Tt-tiyislti, 

HI, by^he'^i^e of the fall, or in X^taO. 
of faning. - nuMe. out of time. 

letate and de- 

struck together by watchmen as a dg- 

HiVQ-sa, «. Anhiilow. 
Hivu-TAN, n. A gourd, calabash. 

Htvdtto, orfp. Supposing that, perad- 
veuture. — ihirtlara dd nasaru. if 
he should know, what ahculd you do i 

HCA, n. ^'he knee. — nn ui-o.the 

den and une»- 

— nwiuiHK, lo sit lailor-fiishiOQ. — 


Hi-ZAKABi, «. Noon,— the hottest period 

fabuloos bird, 
d to be joined 

nelin a child's. 

Hi^AMAniuici,-*»,-,VB, ,-. f. To kneel. 
Hi-zflKA, H. The pan of a gun-lock, the 


H1-IA9HI « 

S^"_^Bh., th^s^u-,^«ys.^^ 

iigiou5 subjects, sermon. - suru, to 

HUEN,.! A 


H.-a.. PrLva 

^Tw*ll« fuTled. '''^" "" " '"'' ' ^^ 

B.ktep in 

1 daughler kept with gnal 

HoDASABE,-j-u,-(a. pass, gf Hadas/ii. 


/a, I. f. Warped, bent by 


hadasartie derarttnaftn. 

Ho,.. Asa. 

. — at^I', (he lower pait of 

HoDASH!,-iB,-/B, (. ,.. To shackle, IQ 

Ho,-., The 

ear, "^'■^^'l^f^F^,!,^^^ 

of^. '" 

H6,«. Thfi 

heek. .ff<!-Jo«r, the cheek- 

Ho-DATEja. Mode.way manner; rules. 


HoDO, s. Quanlity, of apace or time: 

H6,». Rule 

J"!:,:"J^' j?!"^*-.:?!!- 

qualuy, kind, statibn in fife ; as Hnce, 

then; you. ^irU-kd.x'Rt.yihiit. Ckii- 

jfffio Ht to&u, jumped Ihe distance of 

ifiis yori h ajiiHit . 
Ho-ATB, H. The visor of a hebnet. 
H6-SAI. A friend, coDi^nion, comrade. 
li&.BAm,-r>i.-tla, I. V. To fill the mouth, 

to ciam into the ntoulb. 
Ho-fiASHiRA, M. A mast. 

toon, planar «r|»edient used to converf 
people to BuddhisED, or to lead a virtu- 

BfrflBTA.'n. Tb= cheeks. 


H6-DM.' Al 


Aubleorldlctaen knUe. 
'. will, ftcconiing to one's p]« 
>iil restraint, at liberty. Hi 

Dors kaitt, bow 


le has passed. Hodtt' 

Eive up. Oii i 

■», i, !/. Tount 
'Jta.l.v. Toi 
onfer. impart; 



butcher^ ^ughtcr. 
HS-CA, n. Cnntiibalions for nligiou 

HS-GAKU, B. IHrcelioii, poinl of Ihi 
compass, quarler^ bearing, localil jr. !)•>■ 

HOGAMI, «. F^ of Ibc Blooiach, cpleas 

Hogab!^, a. Bright, clear. Tiuki gi 

— , tbe inaoti is brubl. 
Ho-CE, ». Htai. 
HoGBTA, ». The yaiJ or spar to »bict 

Ha^», B. The niune (pvsn by ihe Dudd 

K6-GUWAI {AB BO Auks). Contrary to 

— so « bW™^.^'io' ^ a" ™ tbf- 

Hft;HAi^C/!ftW ™o Kija). Firing or 

HiHEr^^l^".1;, or soldiers drawn 

from the fanners and common people. 
Ha^iiGE, B. Whiskers. 
H6-H6, adv. In a creei^iig, skulking 

Ho}l^^ f. v. To die {used only 

of tbe Miiado). 
tiyi,.m,-ta, t. h. To roast, parch, or 

HS-]i'-Gui, B. Posts set lip to mark the 

HoJUSHI, B. Driej flesh. 
"^Mst"* * """""^ 

H6-J6, or HOja-YE (fkert 

HO-jirrsu, B. Musket e: 

Ho-juisti. n- Matrical at 

HoKA. a. Different, anoth. 

^e^t^^ outside, e<Umal^^.^B».*^^ 

t away, fling away. 
i,-r»,Ja, 1. P. Piaj 

fioKKtvoK" «°"'^hTS^nh pole. 
OBI, adv. Tired, biigued. 
u, B. Akindofverseconmtingof 
^nteen syllables. 
, B. A halberd. Huho-iaM, the 


HOKO-HOKO, adv. 

iiuefi. or duly of a 
Wdrni, comforlable. 
dust ; a very small 

^OKO»oa\,^H.-tl^^i. v^tSv^A open; 

HmiOBOM^ B. "^ rip''Di''iplnmg™' a 

HoKu \kiia), 'North. ffBiK-fH, north 

Ho-KucHl. «. Tinder, 
HoEi)so,fi. A mole, fnckle. 
H(nc[rao¥HMi,.»n[.-i&iij i, b. To smile. 


UoMBA, a. The oiii 

H™J^"',-"a,''z:^'*To be like fire, 

praisiag. to praise exoeedingly. 

HaMiva, ■. The name eiven lo a de- 
ceased petson by the BuddhiEts. 

HoMMA. ^rue, thith. 



peociU, POSH, sticks, masls, etc. flim- 
HgJan, fixed ptke. Narkira ifft»t, 
one mast. Fude «i heitf two pencils. 

loN-CH™ '«'. ' olle"B' native country, Ja. 

loN^^H^Hi. ». The key-note. 

the sticks of a &n._ 

HoN^^'i^K. Sh^^Sc"?^ in 

the hones. 
HoNE..Gu»fi. >>. The knitting together 

of the bones, the bony frame, —mta. 

Ho-NBM (yulakaaa /Mil). A fruitful 

Honh'J^i, " Futl'of ^^(aTiUh). 

Hoii-aosuimit<,«i,iuni). Nativecoun- 
Hp7-i,,>>. Desire, mind, intention, oh- 
H{^NiB""'-^''?;''"*"ii°' appointed or 

HoN-Jl, H. The original or first temple, 
from which others TiTve branched off. 

HoN-jiN, s. The headquatlenr of an en- 
campment ; the hotel where a Daimiyo 
stopped in traveling. 

HoH-KB (instsm iyr), b. The home- 

HoN-Ni\ adv. Truly, indeed, realty. 



Hdno-bono, sdv. Dimly, duskily, ab- 

HoHooUBE, H. The evHiine twili^ln. 
UoNOKA-Ni, adif. Dimly, indi&tindlly, 
obscurely, sligiitjy. lainlly. 

touch slightly upon. 

HON-K^lJmMeyvrf). Originally, from 

HoKBli''t^D «D L^rna), «. The real 

HMi-SH6._ «. Or 
HoN-'s6, (iaskir, 

HOH.VA, 1. Abookalore. 
HON-¥Alcu,B. Transladun. — JK™,to 
Etanslatc, to interpret^ lender into an- 

HOM-iBN, »rThe principal tahle at an 

HA-Fi, n. bteaking wind. 
Koi>f6, {teta w /ii,> H. The DOTt 
HOBA, 1. A cave, cavetn. 

Ha-xai, ». , The 

graved, sculpliired, dug oi 

DEE,.™,Ji>, .-. B, ■ To doi 
bom age, to be old snd ch 
11 B<ircru. 

ly in love, with, to be f^sdnaled, ena- 

He-SEH,' «. The pho;nix chariot— the 

name at ihe Mikado's chariot. 
H6bens«, n. A kind of spinach. 
Kom^«i-tla. I. V. To ili^, excavate, to 

riMrata, to dig open. Hurl-kaheru, 
to begin to dig. to be in the act of dig- 

^jiyffu, to dig up ^ain anything bulled. 

or spade- Hori^nukn. to dig through. 
HoBl.-m.-iifl. /, V. To throw, Bing, 

HoBi.'s. A canal.' 

HOBI-AGE, n. Carved in relief, em- 

n. A kind of hood stuffed with 
i.-i«.-f^. i. B. Destroyed, over- 



HoaoKL., „. The salarj. or pay of 3U 

made of Kemp. 

H6EOKU, n. An eanhen dish, used in 

Hoso-DONO, ». A corridor, or gallery 

leading from one building to anoBier. 
Hosoi,-S,-*B,-j«(, a. Fine, slender. 

H6-RI)H. «. A debate or dE»^»ion on 

reliaioua sobjecls. 

narrow.delicate, thin, small. — iayt, 
a sbrill «.iee. - _r»M, fine and 

HOBORI-TO, ^. The manner of tears 

coarse.. g«-.^<. be dejected, 


or low in spirits. fl'os.iB »arB, to be- 
come slenSer. Ji^otu «-™, to make 


HoRovSi. Half drudk, panLaUy intoii- 

Hc^^KU, n. Rule, law. 

"s-j^nii^n'r deiicaT:. "^.^^r^ 

HOBUTOGAKU. Portugal. 


Hoso^HB, H. Eye! Bl^btly open, a nar- 

H<^SAKtj, «. A fine crop, >n abundant 


HosfrHUBO. «. Fine muslin, or grass- 

toanoffi^l ' ■ "*" 

HcysoKU-rut-liS, i. v. To become small, 

H6-5EK-KDWA, «. Th« Balsam, or Lady's 

tbin, slender, delicate. Skflmji ifa 


ki-ii m — , the appetite daily became 

Hfi-SHa, ». Borar. 

■'«■ . . 

Ha-SHA, B. Alms, eharitr. 

H^Hi. x. A borne, BuddbisI priest. 

nt^^r',' «.'' Thri?i^nS.™"^' 

Uos>»,V Astar;awhitespeffconthe 

HOBSA, K. (med.) The parojysra of dis- 

cornea 1 the centre of a targe., a spot. 

HosatfOi,-!^, t. V. T<t dty, daiccale. 

KossHi-mrut^a, i.p. Towish, desire, 

/r,-f-.todn.lnthe™n. \ 
SosHI, -ni,-la, i. v. To appoint to an 

want, long after, to be covetous. 
'awaa.-ki.-ku^hi, a. Wanting, desir- 

Journey on foot. 
Hossu, n. A brush of long white hair 

often carried by Buddhist priests. 

ing, wishing for. ^or, ja *Mi« *B, 

H5SUGE, o. The cords by which the cap 

do you want this > Na„i ™ ho^hiku 
nai, I don't want snyihine. 
HosHi-i. H. Rice boiled and dried. 

ii secured to the bead. 

HoTA, B. The slocks. 

HoTAH, n. A lire covered with ashes to 

Hosuii-MAMA. In one's own way, as 

keep It from goine out. 

6-TAi, n. ASandwe for a wound. 

HmH^^^A kind of dried iish. ■ 

OTABuki'V ThTl^hlofthefire-fly. 

HosHiKi,'«. Established rule, mage. 

<ltAVSfVU,-ta. i. V. To play, sport, to 

HosHi'ldLSEf »!"' Selling in the open air, 

hSth-hote, adr. Large, corpulenl, big- 

H&-SHO,«. Aklndofhnepaper. 


Ho*6, B. The small-poi. -a^.™r«, 

HOTSPPAKA, B. The belly. 

to have tbe small.p™, UytJiia. in- 

HnTEBi,-r»,-(B. /. I-. TobehDt,bu™- 

Hoso, or Hoio, n. The navel. ~ bg o. 

navel-string. - «« kamu. to bite the 

HoTKfil, .. Heal,bllrning.asmaningor 

nave),— to repent deeply, feel regret. 

H^^;;^X.e. dissolute,, abandoned 

Htrao,™' Fine, slender, narrow, thin. 

Hois-matu, delicate eye-brows. Hpsg- 
miirii, a narrow path. Hass-nagai , 
loni and Blender, efim. /?Mfl-B!, a fine 

Ho^To, »'. Lights nlaced before idols, the 

T^o soften by steeping in water. 


aDf IhiDg afur Ihe Are 

by beating a door. rappEng. 

HOIOKE, ,.. The general name for ihe 

the body, or keep off disease. 

HoyH,-™,-/B, I. V. To bark, to bellow. 

> dead hod;-, .he sout of the dead. - 

roar, the cry of any animal. 
Ho-VE, n. The clerical dress, or clothes 

m, »), an fdol. - n« mii—ichi, the 

H6^e', b. "xhe^a^'^birth j {Jacenta 

gods. -(I.t«n-amakerofidDls. 
HoTOKEN<«A, H. Clover. 

HovE-DiuBA, i™*iiB=0 »■ The face of 

HoTOBDO, Btfti. lo danger, almost, 
weU.nffih, nearly ] greatly, very much. 

one drymg or belloiving. 
Ho-VBICI, {irpnai masu). — stm, to 
repair a defect, to complete, to strength- 

Kaw w — , near the river. 

HoroHi,-jT.,-j(o, I. P. To be hot, bum- 

HO-VEH, Ishikatu marti). Square and 

round. Midt,u mt ^ no ui^wa 

Hi skilagai, water lakes the shape 


Ho-v6, (lamockiyasiiitaa). Preserving 

health, «rength»uing the body. - «S 

tion or interjection. — jKr«, to utter 

iflr„, to attend to onV> health. 

HftvO. n. A friend, companion. 
HpzAKT,-*»,-i'(a, I. V. To say, to speak. 

Racsun^Ufita, I. v. To liay, ravel. 

HoiBU-HBISu, B. The springing up of 


HoTBUHB.-m.-'a, (. v. Frayed. rMeed, 

rubbed, worn, as doth. 
Hon-AH B. The beginning, coromenco- 

Ho-iAi, (oginai kfHiri), n. Tonic 


nient, Intniductign of a book. 

MoiEai,-'fl.-J?l'a, i. e. To dig or play in 

HoTTO. adv. The sound ot Eiehing or 
drawing a long breath. - iifAA, 

the earth, as children. 

HoTrt-NiK, n. Originator, iirat mover 

H6wa,». TScph«ni». 

iloio, n. A wedge or pin used for fasten- 

i,K. .r»Sd* hog!' one of the la signs. r,7*^ff«BriV. Different, strange, unus- 

la. N. n! W. ' I, (kvrai). n. Rank, disnily, ' Ma 1 mu 

1,». The stomach, / the stom- ianion. without rank or office. Ichi i, 

ach. />E<i/ii, the stomach, t bb jikt, ' the first or h^est rank, 

the cardiac orifice. / sa .(it-Ai, the py- l,/ii!iii), a. Dignity, majesty, power. 


-/a,i.v. Tobe,tod»e 

Alio n» misag/ru, to be arrosaDt and 


what be says ot does. 

IB1KI,«. Suoridg. -»«*«*<, to sno«. 

IcHiGO, B, A ruspberry, strawlwoy. 

IfliHi,-™,-i/o,(. p. To parboil to Bcajd, 
at vegetables ; to roast s%htly in ashes ; 

to tease, vex. IMri-korosu, to torment 

lcm-jiKU,i. The fig tree.' 

to death. 

]CHi-jiKuSHi,-iu,-c«i, ». Distbpt, di 

iBtrao, H. Oval. — hhj-i, an oval form. 

dent, nianfest ; to\= piti^f ' 
IcKiKp, X, A witeh, a fortune-teller o 

«te, have a watt. 

lBO^-o,-^«B, /. =•. To suppurate, to mat- 

IchI-mei.b'' Thewbole life. ~ „£ i^ 

IcHr-Mi. On* ingredient, one party. 

conadn- «range or dubious, to Elispecl. 

IcHl-MOTBU, (ii/Biiu Hfl mono). On 


thine, something, .-tf- -, nothing. 

IbiUiashihv pmS, to I«l dubious aboul, 

of eanh on which a post is ereete. 

to wonder at. 

marking the miles on a road. 



BVKURO, B. TheslOQiaob. 

iKai^»,-ilii, i. V. To emit smoke. 

I-DAKB-TAKA-Kl, flrfi.. Drawing one 

BUM. Cruel, unfeeline, uunurdful. - 

selfuptohisfullheight. — nuilt nt- 

lDAKi,-*B,-iCa, i. n. To embrace, 1 

hold in the arms; lo hold or feel in th 

gloomy, ' 

JCMATSUKr(.*ii',-«a, /. V. To flin, a 
^ witn the girls. 
(Ail^iu). One; lirsl, prime, whole. 


■ eieh 

onL ev 

y putlculu 

one by 



/«.', the 





order, an 

Xemen. in 

which t 










Unit, the best. 

of a rM, = about' 33 cenK ; the tenth 

IcHi-DAi-Ki, n. A bio'graphy memoir. 
ICHIDO-GAWASHJ-Hl, ad^. Alternately, 

IcHi-o"f Wp.' ?nwlly,"alwgeiher. feii. 
—' ■'■- ■' wholly gr 


— ', accoutred, equipped, 

b^'a well. ^S^ia. neat the 
:]l, Yicinity of [be well. Ida.gaioa, 
vell-crib. /d!^^a/r, deaningawell. 
'o-Aan\ a well dieeer, 
— , (ilia so »,zcSt), n. The sdience 

RO, n. A d»elUDg-pUce, re»- 

\ia,u<:m.(_doki>).adv. Where, whal place, 

ATA, adv. WhcK, what place, oi 
_o, 'ot Iloueu, adv. Where, what 

ed, drawn up,' or with the hody con- 
tracted. SaMui tara id^ukumalli 

DZuWuH-zo. E»c1am. howt why? 
muhs"; *Wr«i^ii''^i^'a';itt:ii 

Idxare tna, everywhere, every ddb, any 
one. Idture dtmt joi, any way will 
do. Idiuri ni wff, u> every place. 
/dtt^rt nitc no, in any friace whatever, 

with timhers laid across each other. 


iJcro^lJed!' //aw'^— , uTben'dt 
'l,-mK,-nde, i. v. Crocked, bent ; 

a dog ; to' cktemaul. fgan,i-au\ 

K, n. A mould for casting, malilce. 
this, herealker. inferioi. Samurai igt 
n. A well-crib. 

[gitusu, m. EnjrlaDd, — no, English. 
^r;iTANA].-^',-^,-r^/,iA. Sleepy, drowsy. 

Igitanakute ngbokertt. 

■GivO, (iaivatia kai^icht). Strange, uo- 

■GO. After this, hereaJker, henceforth. 
<^uaii, s. Hare-lip, 
lAi, R. A woodeo tablet, on which the 
posthumous name and lime of death of 
a person is recorded, ancesttal tablet. 

the bow and miss the tatgel. 

«. Good, well, Mht. fine, prelgs 


about : some faiUl to find. ~ gn naf. 

ll-ICAYe,-ru,-/a, 1. V. To change or take 

no fault ro find. 

Il-CHIGAI,-<III,-d'Ii, I. V. To mistake m 

teliine, to ay or tell iacorrectly. 

Il-CHIRASHI,-.-,-*a. t. V. To spread 

li-KK3Hi,Ja-/o, f. V. -to cunttadict, 


il-DASHl,-rii,-/«, i. B. To begin id speak, 

Iiii7Al"^i=,_/.p. To tell, inform 

to utter, to speak out or say, 10 pro- 

Il.KiWAMe,-»-B,-iM, i. V. To settle^ de- 

sttuct, direct or enpUin anything in or- 

cide, determine: to Mihaust a subject. 

ll-FUIlAsm.-ia.-ia, t. V. To piibliah, 

li^£ME,-r.,J^i.%™ To confute, con- 

mnteknJw, di™lj-e. 

Il-HJSH.-™,-/«, (. p. To defeat in an ar- 

Eument, lo vanquish, refute. 

li-KuiiASHi,-H(,-ifl, t. V. To spend the 

ll-TUSEa],-gii.-itia, f. b. To gainsay, 
eonttsdict. to opiio«, deny ; to defend. 
Ii-OAi-NAKi,-*ii,-ji/, a. Not worth 

whole day in talking about anything. 
I.-KUROMEj^«,-/.. Jo blackJbyjak- 


woils" "'"'' ™ °' °' ™"" '' 
ll.*.ADOW,-frto, /. B. To be confused. 

Il"usA, B.' A matter,' subject ot topic 

of taik, an oeeasion for talk; excuse, 

another to err in speaking. 

Ii-MAGiRASHl.-jH.-iTa, 1. ». To speak 

ll-HADZUSKl,-J",-<n, i. p. To ausi ot 

^1 to speak oi, fail to guess. 

lo blind, mystify by talking, to mis- 

Ii-HAKB,-i-B,-Ai, i. V. To be deteated or 

to wander away from the subject. 

ll-HAHI,-™,-/fti, /. ». To asseverate, as- 

Ii-MA«-ASHi,-i«,-ifl,i. i;. To talk clever- 

ly, to handle a SLbject skilfully, to ex- 

Il-HlB"*KIf-*"f''a. '■ <■■ To vindicate 


exculpate, to clear bom the chaige of 

Il-NADAME,->-B,-iB, (. !•. To SOOth, COm- 

fault or crime. 

fort. pacify, console. 

Il-HODOKi,-i-,-C*3, (. p. To unravel. 

Ii-NAMUitE,-™r^fl, /. V. To bettoth, 

lolve, eiplain, intermet, analyie. 
iMBE.-rnv^, (. c. To propose, offer. 

affiance, to contract in marriage. 

Il-HAKUKB. «. Betrothal, espousal. 

put in an offer or bid. 

Il.HARAl,-a,-«B, 1. V. To be accustomed 


,0 sayi'ng to ri. in the habit of saying. 

to learn to talk. 

Ji'Kixi.-ni.^a, 1. -D. To impute, chsree 

li-KA5Hi,-Bj,^a, *, V. To make appew 

with, 10 blame, accuse with ; to begin 

so by talkioE; to represent, show, or 

makebytalfcTng. Usv«^m^io/on,\~ 

'^Sta aaothei! " "^ ' " "^^ ' 

li.niKui,-Aii-t«f^ki\ -. Hard or dilE- 

cover ovM hV tilkine, to palliate, lo 


deny the knowledge of. 

Ii-NOBE,-™^o, /. p. To postpone, de- 

Ii-KAMB.-^-s^^a. I. B. To dislike to lell. 

to find it hard to say. 

Il-KnSUUB.-rB.-ia, /. li. To obscure by 

ing oU Id evade, shun or escape by say- 


I.^*T°''^ wijormannerofspeakin^; 

Ii-NUKB,-™,-;a, i. V. To slip out of, gel 

someihingto say. -^a aa, impoJi- 

Ii-OKi,-iB,-/n, t. V. To leave word. 

Ii-katake,-™,-/b, t V. To confirm, 

Ku'i^iiku ii-oiii kay,ta.. 

T^Si "i^K^'fl; T„ exchan o 

impute, to lay 10 the charge ofaootber. 

Ii-PANASH[, K. Saying and going away 


wilhonl wailing fij[ a reply. - 
.«ASAKl,-*K,-«fl, t. P. _ To sa 

laythip^ by Calking. 

It-S0Bmi,-nf,-(i, I. p. Nai abie to speak 

or give ulteraocE to. 
Ii-SOKOHAir*(,-fltfB, '. "■ To do haim 

li-soiiE,-™,-Ja^ 17. _To begin to talk, 

II^NJi,-»-u^B, /. p. To mistake in sav- 

Itsvotf-m^-fay i. v. To say too much^ 
or more than ia proper ; to speek rude- 
ly, violently or abusively^ 

ll-ittTB^nif^a,/. e. To -say and go 

It^AOSjafOly^at t^ f. To overcoDie, 
vanquub tw defeat in an argHmenr. 

jr make plain. 


with the lep widely separated, to walk 
IjiKE,^"-ia"^t!°*To shrink, mntraei, 
\im-i!,,-ra,-la^l. V. To bully, hector, to 



lKAaASB,-rK,-ia, caust. of Ikari. To 

writiiig iDa£ by a dying prason sod 

Ikaiieru,o. Angry. — gattskaku,3mpY 

lKABE,.ru,.Ja, polen. of /*B. To go, oan 

I-j6,B^. A'£i.^*brf-"r=.°J?!^B,™ 


InS^I, n. '^nlTnchor'!' '^natsumt^tVe 

fluke of an anchor. 

I-JU1SI7, B. The msdical arl, pniclice of 

IlCAKl,-r«,-»«», ,-. ^. To be angry. 


Ilt«il,-n(,-ar(a, I. V. To he put into the 

I-KA, adv. Below, below this, fcom this 

wato a^d kept alive, as a flower. 

on, hcDcefbnh, after this. CHa i-ia 

lKARi,«. Anger. 

ne memi, person! below the middle 

iKASAMA, adv. How, in what way ; but 

li^'"' The cuttle-fish. 

Ikabaium, 110^9. How much? how 

great } -ray great. 

KAD*,fl. Ataftoftimbn. 

to go, let go, to send. Ikosete kida- 

KADEKA, 'adv. How, why. 

iKl^m^u^afi. B. To restore to life. 

EADIUCHI, n. Thunder. 

i£AG*,«A.. How. why. what; doubt, 
hesilalion. — liai^, what shall 1 do ; 


Kan ma itagv ifc wsa™, how is Ihia? 

Bi^mn no fidai t™ ikaga. how is 

lKATSUaAH:^i,-£i,-*i>.'l. Rough, harah. 

rowbai. ' ' " ' 

bious, uncertain. Amari ikag^kii 

Ika-vo,W!.. How, in what way. —dt 


•HoyoroMi, any how will do. 

Ika-hodo, How much. — ma nai, have 

Ike, n. A pond, artifici^ lake. 

lKB,-fK,-ifa, *. V. To keep alive, lo be 

Ibai, b. Great, big, enormous, much. 

— itio ant, have a treat many. — 

■», a great lie. 
Iiwr,.-. .Rank, grade. - w j«b««, 

IlCE,'rK,>ta, 1. V. To bury, to plant, to 
set in the ground, u a post. Garni ■wo 

to rise in rank. 

itucki HI—, to bury htter in the 

l-KAKX,-rK,-la. 1. -a. To tenair pots. 


tettles, or any kind of eastings. 

lKB,-i-li.-;a. Potent, of rtB, can go. 

IKAKE-VA, «. A tuikcr, a repairer of 

utenuU made of oast metal. 

pa'^bTe'f ' 

IlUMBSHU,-«i,~tB, a. Having a stem, 

Ike-baka. h. A flower kept alive by put- 

severe, ot fierce appearance. 

ling in the water. 

Ika-moho-gui, n. One who dares eat 

lEEDORr,.n.,-<ira, t.!'. To take alive. 

lake prisoner. 

how, what. — ta !-uru, wliat shall I 

IliE-FUiAKE,-rB,-(a,;.t.. Toplayrough- 

ly or rudely, to romp. 
Iee-caki, n. A live hedge. 

Mn, t/t«"/wh?rfc"se^" "" "^ 

IKANABU, n. What kind, what manner. 

K^^uoni, «. A ,n o oo u, 

iKABAKHBA. For the reason .hat, for, 

I-KEN, n. Counsel, advice; opinKin, 

iKANi.Wv. Of interrosalion.or doubt: 

how, what - «», what shall I do/ 

Ikemai, (fat. ntf. of rtu, to go.) Can- 

Ikani ihiit im. ysi. any way will do. 


well, grtally. — nan/ilt erimamix 


no longer fit to use. 

know 11 very well. 


Sacrifices of thinzs th; 

'^*tf ™ 

ICBSU, H' A pond or buket i[ 
fish ue kept aJive. 
a, «. The breath. — Tm. n 

nt,slr1ish, ^blee 

iKi.-^.i'fl. /. P. ^o be aJive, to live. 
IkiUont, living. !faga Hi, long life. 

go. Ml lis U, you tiad belter go. 'llli 
tBt/iJhir\gu andbime. li/e mita, to 

icAr, n. RespiratiOD, breatbin?. 
ititi kikfut-Hnsan, ia me listen 

'vB, ™ The'staff carried by ghdr. 

Ended, out of breath, 
.ji, H. Pas»QD,iiritati 

breath, to breathe hard, or pant^ as 

list living, during life. 

, «. Power, force mgiDenlum, 

close, sulliy ; to be m.t'^Iy.or spoiled. 



a «S: 

er, braggart 


in^time, t 

me of 


«. , Llfe-Uke resem 



. The 

a"* Wh 

tday? A 

hat day 

of iKe mo 

load, (for 

no ha. 


qw ,-iura 



, particular 


«. Attic 

« made of 



aife. Wholly quite, exceedingly; 

iiiJain^iow7\aov anything about 

dubitativefbrmof/:^). I think, or 

'. I thought of going, but had no 

., fd-s. Very, exceedingly, -mji-i.,-, 
^vctybad. ^-^''™*f^^'^'^^eoo^d^ .^ 

■koh,\koIo^u' urami).' Malice, re- 

.™H^i,'itt™7''.'^^ To dliot and 
kill with an anov. 

ol'ten? ■—/«*/, how often? Jiu iode 

tuaAKU.InaniA^' How'much, how 

^vb7,'„. plg-i^Xrt'nCTkX'^ ■ 

'^l'!"f;tTii^iiX''Dtvoii of spirit, or 
or will of a dying peiioo. 



Ieuha, adv. How much, how ma 
Nidan mi —, whai is Ihe price i . 

iKUTSV, adv. How many? Omaye i 

I-KtlWAT4, M. The CESophaeus. 
I-EUWAN, ady. Sioce then, ever sii 

1-1CUWAH, fr. tUnk and oHice. 

1-Kuwo, n. Majesly, glory, power. 

Iha, 01^;'. Now, the pre&eot ; modern, 
bencef^t, afte?^Ihi5 —*>*»«, now, 

fma m, now, pteseollj — hitori, the 

iHMM^Hii.^i.'^ut 'fl""*bi8a(^eabk, 
di^uslii«, unpleasant, unlucliif. 

IhaJara ad^"^t:!^yi at last, no* after 
»> long a lime — .<v-;(ulvai jriiVf mo 
tfio^diai, It 13 now too late lo con- 

ImsHIOATA, adl, Just now, a mon 
lUAWA The end D7life, the dm, 

ON, ». Adultery. 

ImiIbuku, "" 'T^e'^cirther»otn"dii'ting 

Iu7.u(»lot«. Things which one avoids 

or abstains from. 
iKI-NA, n. The name which a person 

I-Mi™r"°AnTth«f or Aiilicat name'; 

1h-mon,«. The vulva. 

of long edible root 








a. The 

loth wo 

n around Ih 



by casting in 



o, B. Am 

les made 


n. Akin 

d of wate 


{md of t"youiiEer sis 

";„'■ ^^ 


oils or lewd 




J. ag^jT'shade, rte^Sf 

, ».' A kinlof"m'£'kerel. 

.KiGoys*' A kiiil oF'ms'ect thai infeau 


Ina-huea,«. Sucks of ricc-stnw. 
iHANAKI^^^tu, I. B. To nagh. 

I-BARE,-™ ,-(■». '■ "- To bt used M a 
place, become femUiar or accuBlomed 

IiiAiiHr-'™,I(a. ;. s. To he gont, leave. 
Inari,<i. ThegodorHee. 

Incbn*" A^ind of white bean. 
IN-CIN. Polite, courteous, civil, kii 

^ret or CDDcealed b 

, One's deeds and their 

Of hidden affair, a sec«i, myslc™^ 
Is^viiadt^). The numbet otanylhinf 
IN-Jur"™ ™ ra, to procraslinale, delaj 
ln.™St h'''_A Biamped tictel shown as 

In-ki'vo, n. LiviDE in retirement or se 

elusion, retired bom husiness. 
IN-Eira, n. Mcmbrum virile. 

In^nbn, n. Affinity or relatioo in a pre 

life. Jfieehi-'gatg^ haEardous, 
erous, periious to tife. Inocki-gei^ 

e?,lopiaythego^tokill.' '' *" 

Carnal pleasures, s, 

-TAKU. n. The dwelling of a 
living in retirement. 

■ii! N^^of /rK,notiD.y«B:i: 

Icii, eight o'clock at night. — m> ka. 
fUGO, n. A swelling of the lymphatic 

^vX «. '"The I^C«lf™°' 
.tivia-ku,-iia, i. T, To shool an arrow 

iB-vsl^'rhi maFe"and female, or active 
,d passive principles of nature, ac- 
.jrding to Chinese philosophy. 

,'^'Ch°oloii5. , 


IPP i 

•PAN, ads'. Whole, univenial, Keneral. 
SiicH —. the whole vmrld. 
.pENGOSHi-Ni, arfi-. Altcmalcly. 

by one's self; independEnl of'Dthcn. 

iBA, x. The netile, a pnckle. Satand 

w ^, the spines of a Ash. 
' iiixiaf4iai-ia, I. rr. To initale, fret, or 

MBiSHii ,-*/,-*«., a. Iiritable, peev. 

ish. paasionate, impBtienL, 

UCA,». AuledreoT. 

^MUSHi B. Akindofcateipill^cov. 

?rod with £har^ hairs. 

3r Gonlcntbn about an atleeed miatake, 
litigation. — «» IB, to dispute, dis- 

s-KAi. Neg. of fru. — wma, useless 

-«,-/«. Pot. of /™, 

ones fimfly % marrying the daughter. 

Atiyfru^ to t^c out and put in. ta 
change the gonienta of anylhinj. Ire. 

. Artifieid tooth. 

in the skin with ink. 

written propoul, ahallot,avotc 

I-RBi. DiSerent &ooi the nsu; 

jumbTed. /rr-K^i/i'rK'mixed, b^dedl 
raineled together, intermingled. Jr/- 
tnidarit^ to be confused, taixed, juni- 
bled together, 

lH|"™''DaV'» ^tk." ^('j^!' to do 
by day", work ..,___.,_ 

[RI-Hl, n. The setting sun. 
[RIKA, n. The amount put 
ployed in any work, the < 


IHO, (coU. imp. of In,). IIo?! av ysnde 

irCf read_your book. 
Ikd, ft. White clDlha worn by women al 

or semblance, tone, vanetf- Irt si gv 
Mkiki arUf tbere are five kinds of color, 
(yii: white, black, red, yellow, green,) 

the compleidon. Tcti'mt maiiinxi 
K^W, Ihe enemy showed iigaa of giv- 
ing way. N>U no t™a-i™ im /™- 
iaa, to imilale the voice of another. 
RO, n. Love, lewdneu, venery ; a mis- 
be in n™i^i a/i™' "' """'' 

or maliire, to put on a ripe col 
TO, «. Aleve intrigue, a love al 

or leWneas. 
I-no-HA, n. The first three syllables of 

die Japanese syllabary. 
'-— '.-dla, I. v._ To handle, meddle 

lOKO, n. Dandruff, the scales of a fiah 

wueKASHii,-.ii,-«u, a. Having a lascivi. 

(OHeKi',^',-iM. I. E. To have the ap 
peacance of iireulution or givint 

HONE, n. Elder brother or sister. 

KO-TSUVA, n. The gloss, lustre, bright- 

HOZATO,™ ^e^^a^wre in^a town in 

-HUl'.V^Iothins, "tiirins apparel. 
RUKA, B. The porpoise. 

[SUHAJIKI.-*", "■ Not needful, of no 

.NT, adii. Particularly, minutely, ci 

^'uASHISA, n. The bravery, gallantry, 

remoTswate; o'r plead^^t^Tt"^' e^-posi "l 
laI!Ja,-rB,-/n, i. 71. To sodthe, appease. 


l3AUi,-Mia,-«^", i. K. . To be bold, c 

isAn'-Ait a torch used iq filing ai night. 

leari'tuiir, a Hahing-boal. 
ISASAKA, a. Small, Uc.le, traing. — hm 
^ M<, nol the Jeaal by do means. 



slons. ' Jihi'iasii, a stoi 
a ElDce i^l. Ish^uaii, 
iblet, or monument beRring i 

built of alone. /M/-i^biki, stone^oal. 
is^i^dsuriy B. lithograph, a print fR>m 
Btoqe. Iski-d%ityr^ a stoDC pedcsta], a 

dssmt, killing and burying nnder a 

Iski-mocki, a kind of'dsh'sJdto^ve 
H Etonc in its head. IsAi-usu, a stone ' 

IsHi-isHi, K. Aduiopliag. 
IsHiKi. ». The buttocks. 
iBHiKi^B, a. Good, wdi. Nanjiishi- 

I-SHO, n. Medical bcok». 

I-SHft, a. Clothes, wearing apparel. 

I-SHOKU, II. Qolhes and iood. 

I-sA. Appears to be, looks Be if there is. 

"b^i^usde. ^° ^'^' ^"^ " 
Isoa^i-ida, i. v. To hasten, to hurry, 

gome X^^^ii^^ltllie j«™, w do in 

nhaolutet^, peremptorily. 

IssHiH, aV. Alone,' 

I55HO-U1, adv. Together, 


Isg. «, A'fc1idol'"h^'hlS wood, of 

Jta-dawtj w«tIier-baaFd^ clapboaid- 
Ita-iaski, a btidec of a singit pLank. 

board raofovcr a door otwindo*. jia- 
iuii, a boud or shinde roof. 1/a.da. 

a Tenoe, boajd encloaiire. Itnrtami, 

rADAKl^ *. The lop of the head ; I 
PADE. «.' A wound. 
rADZucAWASmi,~((,-*B, a. Troul 
Bome. laboriona, hard, afHictive. 
i'AD2uiii.«. Kcknus, afflklion. 
MWUR*, a. Idle, ™q, iiseleaa, 

«leaLy. vaiply. 

To auffer pain, 


JdLy, unprofilably. 

rat in focm, 

ru^i,^lii, a. Painful, sore ; TCiy, «- 

■AiKE7'a';""YoMs:. prtlty. darling, 


;A~iTASHiir~»/,^.u,-a.-». Painful, dis- 

TAKU,^. ^nfuMevere. . - i»i(, it 

I-iAiuj,^ A dwdling-hotU.' 
'TA>iASBi1v-^',-;iii,-e,~id. Distcessing, 

sad. painful, moanifu]. 

rAHASHi«a,rtTi,ja, (. p. To »filict, 

■AMI, B. Pain, hurt, injury ; grief, sad- 
AMi-iRi,-r»,-«a, /.I.. To feel pained 

«i,-Ta,-/B, /. I..' Toiio. liasAllia' 
ga »t/, there is no help for it. 

rn, adk Snperiitively, very, ex- 
idingly. — yornriii^ eKCecdingty 

B. Frm 

P-CHl' aiiv. i 
best. — jw(. 


silk. ' Kiai^ilo', silk thread. Mi-«e«' 
its, colion thread. Asa-il«, linen 
thread, ffi-ito, raw sjlk. 
ro, adv. Superlatively, exceedingly, 

roDO, p-dv. More, more and more. 

vhole of one's time of si 


no 91 iwA 

lTOKEHAl,-*v*'a, a. Youthful, young, 

also, five days. ' 

Itoko, n. Acouain. 7<o*imi™«, mar- 

I-T3UKI,-*B,-«B, t. V. To be stuck fast. 

fixed, settled in a place; to be quiet. 

iTOKOdi, B. A kind of Ibod made of red 

dignified, strict." 

I^tiV^B. M^«^., dignity, power, 

Ito-kubi, k. a nel. 

pati^- M businei : t™e ; liberty from 


Itsu-mo a^. Usual, common, custom- 

leaving the preaenee of anyone), I will 


ging that one may be allowed to take 
Kisneave : taking leave. — svfun.. 

ItSU-TO-BAKU, or, iTSU-TO-Nft, adn. 

Gradually, imperceptibly. — y«ku 

to take leave. 

Itsv-totbmo, flrfo. Always; or never, 

Iio-KAKi,». Aspoolforwindingtbread 

will n^^h™^' ■ ~ '""'"■'^■". 

Ito-he, B. Tlie strings of a kite. 

Itsutsu. Five. 

Itsuwari,-™,.jm, ;, H. To deceive, lie. 

lTONAU,,.««,^rffl, i. V. To do, make. 

mislead, cheat, beguile, delude, dis- 

build, perform. 


Itonami, b. Bnslnejs-occupalion. 
I-TosHi,-«,-/a /. ■.. To shoot an arrow 

Itsuwabi, b. A lie, deception. — wt 

f«. to till a lie. 

through anything. 
\tlsva\,-ki.-ku, a. Very dear, daHIng, 

iTSIizavA, adi:. Some time before. 

Ittai, n. One person, one individual 
(*A.> usually, commonly. - ni Ml, 
sxn^ai nan. 

J/Hs w Bdj.fl* iw iiiiiitu omo, to pity 

Itoshmo' »°"'a bSoved child. 

Itto^h. Th*w'ho(e?"5X»— . 

lT65HtHi,-«-,-*/o, /. p. To pity, com- 

I«, ;. Way, manner. ^«-/», in that 

way. Ki^u in this way. iW-/», in 

Ito-buji, n.' A thread, the lino of 


lu" To"^3r.''" See /".' '" " ^^' 

Ito-take. a. Stringed uid wind inslm- 

Itl-HITSU, B. A secretary, amanuensis. 

menta of music. 

ItovO, H. The undulatory appearance of 

the atmosphere in a hot day. 

Ito^kuea, b. a kind of cheiry tree 
with long hanging branches. 

lu-vo. Wayofspeaking; Ihalwhichhe 

said. AiU> hiU no - Bf wn kaydd. 

ITOIOKCB. TheraisededgeontWebot- 


Iisu, cont. of ItiHt!-,. five. ftiB iair. 

IwA, n. The weight used for sinking a 

Itsu, adv. What time, when; usual, 

IWADzu, n. A dumb person. 
\vt.\,-au,-alU t.v. To congratulate, to 

oiur^«: later than usual. - ^,, 

celebrat'e; fe'licitate, com^iment; to 

when. — ja«B,when. — iara, since 

when, how long. //j« nd.^f, to what 

lime, how long. 

celebration : a feast, festive occasion. 

Itsu-deho, adf. Alwaw, continually, 

GaBvrti" >"— ■ Iv>ai-ii, a holi- 


mskil, any' time will do. 
ItSU-ka, adv. Some time not known ; 

IWA.i,B. A well dug in a rock. 

IwAKU. Same as /», to say. KiM » 

-, Confucius said. ' 

IwAN. fui. of rt, ,B. Ur,,hU.-haia 

or other. 



flrfo. Much mote, 

bow much 

RMks, a cliff, reef. 


^.,j. A kmd of 

hard cake 

"■"Reason, cause, 

istoty, Or- 


ion. -™.«. 

IwAHB,-™,-<o, pass, or pot 

of fi. ;«, 

To be Hid or can 


n of. to be called. 

■K^B, causl. of li. To make ot 


£E,«. A kind of mu 

hmom Iha. 

on rocks. 




I«0, _fu 

. of li'. Would say,* 

houeht of 



Sulphur, brioisBoe 

also pro- 

Me, ». A fish's eye, 


KI, n. An angler, lia 


dis^recabte, ofienaive, odious. — . 
rACHiRO, adv. Discnminating, man 

(a, /, V. To disUko have 
in. One DU top of another. 

fAGi, n. A fceliBB of dislike, avenion. 

rARASEIlT, -ti,-iu, n. i)isagreeable, un- 

, I-ow in tank, has. 

IvE.BATO, *. A house piBCOB. 
IvE-DB, 1. Kunning away from home. 

IvB-D!UTO%!'' Present to one's house- 
hold on reluming from a journey. 

Ive-CABA, B. The kind of &mily, fam- 
ily line or rank. 
|yE-K«NE,-«(,-ia, (. p. Bard to heal, 

"i', n. *S^le 'o^^ouse, row of 
IH1, H. Owner of a house, land.- 

I-va, «,' Ma'nnero?silti!^. 

, .... .^^ ,. ^_ T„ „J^J g„ 

Still more, more and 

Ivo-lvo, ik/z'. Still more, mor 

more, gradually. 
IzA. Exclam. of incitine, eocoi 

jmpany another; to be allured, 
d, enticed. 

t.-tla"i^vl To shove, shufBe, 


JA, n. A hagc make ; the %ure of a 

JA lyBiiisAiiiia). Evil, bad. wickEd, de- 
praved vile, corrupt, errooeoua. ya. 
i/o, evil way, tomipi doctrine!. yaW, 
wigked religious rites. ra-cAi, sub- 
tlety, cunning. 70-11, adultery. Ja- 
*irn, gruel, bard.hearted. Ja-kintu, 
wicked and depraved. ys~!ii«, a de- 
praved mind. Ji-i^iJ, vicious and vii^ 
luons. yaiAB, a wicked sect. Ji^-i, 
wicked reelings. 

Ja. Acoil. panicle (a cont. of* ariif) 

knowledge or experience. — na mona. 
JAEUH-Easu,n. The still end, death. — 

J*KURO, ■' Pon.eeranat;._ 

3«u*, H. Obstruction, hindrance, im- 

Einderjiipede.^ ""'''' " "^ ' 
J*,NBB, =. irtiMiima ^Aw). Evil 

Jabko, h.'' Pock marks. 

JAB*-/AKA, na'r. Sporting, wanton, lewd, 

jAn»li^°«,-/n!°^'u«. oi'j^^u. Yo 

make lo play, romp or sport. Ngko me — . 

jAEA-isuici,-<hi,-iV<i^ I. T/. To be {Jay- 

jARB,-rj.,-/ii,V. r. To play, frolic, IpoH, 

jARlTn! Gnviirsin^ll pebbles. 

Jatta. neg. pret. coll. suff. of Nagasaki 
dialect, — nandl ; as, Voifinanajaila, 
— ymtimaa^iimla, have not lead. 

XI, «. A Chinese character, a word, let- 
Ji, (/ira) n. A Buddkist temple, ^i'.^, 
Jl, «. A road, way, journey. AfiH^\ 

J[, {Isuckij 1. The around, earth ; placi 
region; leiture. material; the gioun 




as Sa-/,. iiai-ji 
Jl, n, llie bridge o> 

of a harp pass. 
Jl-Al, Imid^uiara ainiru). Self love, 

h^ith.'°-wT'"™°" "pp'"*'""' 

Ja-ai, n. Teituie, material. Tam-mo- 
Tl-BAB,<H.II. for?B*B«), «._ A shirt, 
jl-sra,"; Dr^ll^^4'so'Srhair, - 

often 'sic'k, s conHftutTonal'compliaDt." 

i-Boso. inc in e. ure.^ J^%T™tl, 

e it myself. 

,«. the time; I 

:ia>i:ti' Isuyoha, the cold is s< 


JiDABDA, H. Sumping with II 
J^S.KU,a,"'siov^,* careless 

one's self. O jigi 

which : 

Ji-ao.mivl Alter this, hencefbnh, bere- 
Ji-Gft. " One's works or deeds, yi-gfji- 

Jl-GOKU, », Hell, place of punbhmenl 
of the Buddhist. -».«*,?«, to go to 

Jl^uCHt, n. A pun, playing on words. 

J]-GUWA, {midxukara yeeaJBn), Drawn, 

or sketched by one's self, —noyedau. 

J.H. ,. Pity eompas«on,n«rcyihene. 

I, self-possessed , com- 
Jl-ji, tfiiki-Jffii), adv. £vcty hour, 
Ji-ji, (fcftJ iWf). adv. Eveiy affair, 

jljlHUSAI.-A^"!^ Dirty, filthy. 
Ji-jiTsu,». ThetnithofthcinaHet,the 

Ji-jiTsu, (W*/ ki). B. 'An hour, or day. 

Ji^a." De'dining or e»cu«nK one's self 
uinjt^h politeness or modesty. -^ se- 

Idimediatoly, directly. 


i,«. The rectum. 

N. Receired directly fi 

ledge or experience of anything. Kubi 

, ,-or JiKKURi, «dp. Maturely, 

fully, thoroughly, wholly, perfectly. — 


' ^".Ss^oVrte iiii """^ '" ^ 

j!"-BiioHI, >i.''A"kfnl'of°c-Ul wilhoul 

JmBAsa.V Akindorsea^weed. 

by divine power^ a prodigy, a strange 
event, WDndcrfut phenomenon. 

tluDg improper for a man to do, 

ground, land, ^ID, plantation, 
Ji-MBTSU, 1. Self-Tuin, self-dutruction. 

JiMi. Plain, not oinanenled, not gay, 

simple, unaffected, frank, 
Ji-MicHT, s. An easy gait, easy, gentle. 

■!in.{AiiBgara;)«, The kind, quality 

. J«ij?nT'the" X oT'an 
, the rear. jV^io, the 

JIN-CHOKB, n. The Daphne Odora, 
Jmkn-bȴE. Growing of itself, wild, 

JiN-jo, n. Homaniey and sympathy, 
toi5dnolliave"t5em.k.loyo*.^ *^°" 

Ii^T^.'^AfoiS^ood.'' '" ' 
Jih-kS, [iiU no iucki,) n. The popula- 


JiK-soKU. Quick, fasl, [n haste. 
JlN-aui, H. The aemen. 
JlN^Al.J*,^w*a™rffl). Human bpdy, 

T.™xE,,. ^iLt^"-"""" """'■ 
Jl-NUSHl. H. A landlord, the owner ot 

proprietor of land. 
JiB-VA, H. An eocarapmenl, mLLilary 

Ji"" KU, «. Medidnc! used lo strengih- 

Jippu, H, "-frae or unlrue, ttue ot not. 

Jippu, s. Real father. 

Ji-Rju, <•<&. HeneefoKh, after this. 

w ski-iaktTU^ to lar a mine, 

^'SS^SrS ann"^d'' '^'" 
JiRE, '(iT''ltS"huiiior, 'irrilltion," crojs- 

■''fr^"i^i*'''htd h^J^'Sf i^""" 

beginning lo hoil, orof anything heavy 
JiRi-jiRi, adv. By degrees, gradually, 

Ji-MEi, i^idiukar^ f» eiikartt). One's 

Ji-SAN, {mid^»kar, 

cide, blling one's self. 
Ji-SHi, (foil- «> .>;d/,) b. The isaim- 
cies of the times, the spirit oT the 

Ji-SHA, n. An attends 

Ji-SHIB, >>!.. One's self, self. — A ,So. 

Ji-SHiN-BAH, B. A watch supported by 

Jl-SHO, ». !a. piece or plot of ground, a 
place, loi&Jily. location. 

the soil. —«./«■. 
Jtsshi, «. True or teal child, own 
Jisshc' Sound in mind, of tight m 

. . ... „.._ faith. .SSiHa. 
W*i— attflila, was sound in mind at 
the hour of death. 

I-SO, B. Complaining to the govern- 
ment one s self without tbe ioterveo- 
Eion of another. — sar-u. 
i-TA. Self and othet!. Hatarahi kotif. 



g, refusing, encusin^ 

l^TO, flrft. Trickling, dribbling 

'(Hiiaia*a™ ><»«). Get o 
by one;B self wilhoul the hel| 

. The sun, day. 
the multiplicand or dividend ii 


nianenE resLdepE, or fixed roa|'lac«by 
'teodtt'k'eompKI i^rtbuKEng. — 

JlT^UBASmi,-*,™"!^; HavLnE Ihe aem- 

J,™,'b. a mace carried b, 
JmET^Honest, upright, uncere. - «a 
JlTTO, adv. Fixedly, tirmly, steadily^ 

Jl-vnEU, n. Mediciae »hieh one is in 

sunt, to prcBcHbe for ooc'a sdF. 
Jl-vo. Beside one's self, other, not one's 

*Uf-iflii, other peo^e. 

IZAi-KAGi, H. A hoolc. used for taanc- 
raW^or lowered tl' suit"^Ihe*'™cct^ 

-^; 1^;; 

IUhe, and inferior. Gtiu 
■ Jov*. 'ery beat, auper- 

. n. Riding, that which 

, H, Sport, play, jest, joke, fun. 

[S-DAH. n. A raised floor in temples or 

houses ; upper row, or grade. 
1-BO, dvoii imi). The clean mun- 

try, holy laud, or paradise of the Bud- 


the greet, the upper ctaee of people. 
J6-E16. FixEd rules, stlfiulated articles of 

aie"'hniire"ne."™' ■ *""' 
JO-Jl, (lasukrni ketata}, u. An euple- 
tLve woid, or word used for the sake of 
- -jhony. 

rdiuru.-ta I. p. To ride: mrt. to 
Lilone'sseirofsDDpportunity. Hen 

JS-JiTsu, (sadantarcra A/!} Fhttd day, 

JO-JU. Completed, linL^ed, dooe, per- 
'-— d. ^BflTa - «™, not yet «ni- 

^" castle, suburt.! " ^ '° 

CJ, •>. The ealablished rule, fixed 

1. A rush of blood lo the head. 

jb-HlvO, l^adainatta 'inacki.) n. The 
fixed penod^T dura^n of life. 

EH, B. A basket »Lth a handle uae 

iiKur Disembarking, landing from 

T. — «™', to distil. — sui, di 
..lied water. — tuw^H, a still, alen 

HiKi,«. ^tablished rule, or 
alomaiily, always. 
UltO, H. A amoDlhing plane, 
used for the finest kind of wo 

iu.coTetamness; Cu-cAi', foolishness; 
ya-ix, adulIOT ; Hiai, lying : Sign, 
scoffing; AkMa, mining; SijiiMeUa^ 

abundant, [^enty ; enough. — ni 

Jv-^.f^i^'Z' ™i^ti.)' The doci 

gal affeetinD, kindness of the elder 
JO-pKtita?"waik,^bl^'un"t f"' 

Bu^dliist t. 

rL-ii-K», B. A 

shape of the cha 

JD-jb, i^asant gusa/Uy) aciv. 


JO.JUB. Genlle.'mild, araEablc. 
Jo-JUTSU, ». The an of wresdiDg, or of 
throwing olhers by ale^hl. 

JuiCKOK, Ripe friendship, cordial ipli 
perienced, skilful, versed ■□, perfect ir 


To^Sui,™ A souSd'<rrdMirsl^ ■ 
Jq-HMj, ImKki-aiilsMrii). Full, abound- 

Juju-BAH, Tt^pilar order, regular succes- 
siOD or turn, &ccoTdiD|: to the Dumber. 

JU^Hna, n. Ufe, Nagui -, long life. 
JuMHAWABi, n. Regular order or iuc- 

JO-iiON-si, n. The cliaiactir for ten, 
' shape of a cros.. - »i iir«, (o cut 

JUM-PITSU, ff. Money paid for writing 

fer martyrdom for the truth. 
JuN. Regular or proper order, proper 
Buttession. -nj>u*i<, logo one after 

-oufldjOt above fivtm place to place. 

Mi,B. TheLimnanthemum Pella- 
■ lofrmasler. 

iiilhittOjfrom the firsi. 

Ju^BftlfVi "'■ irtra-].' To send w gaol 
Jd-sab,b. Thirteen. 


J0-HOKir,a. SlMccn. 

io-SHi,'^' Fourteen. ' ° °'"^' 


°,ul«"™ ™sw™ ^Ta 



Ihe'^crro^deTof / 



hon>e fiimiiure. ffB-*a, the 

df ■ house. A'd^'f. 






Ka. An 


tionmaAtf), ^««*= 


d it! OMBTflWay 


*fl, are you goidg to Yedo ? 

nsalive it eipressei a 

ve. yti A/it ja Hai *a 


an he » ! A panicle e;if,™«hH,i>r. iJa« 

*,% *a 

jnyw, see If the master has 

Ante /MTHia !hiri- 


"." A hare toasted "brown. 


a—, id. 

-™,-«B, (. I-. To love 


fond of 
Kaba. a 

kind of dourertog cherry 




ful of. 


uard, preserve. 



. Thfs much, so much 




d a^i'^d^'or^^a^b. " 


e. Fire n 

Mould, n 

a. Mouldy a 
mildewed. , 

tABUKI, H. A horisodlal piec, 
her over agate, a lintel, ^^ai, 

contact with others, or with someiEidg 


KABliS^m.-rMi-Ma, !. 71. To be spread 

Kado-de, Leaving home, celling out on 

t«led, screened. 

K*™"™ » Fntrance or door of a 

KAtvse.-ra.^a, ciust. of Kaiuri. To 


Kadi>-kadoshii,-^,-^k, a. Full of an. 

gles and rough points ; crabbed, rough, 

Kabuta', h. a stump. 

Kabuto,». a helmet. 

Kadouo, e™?'. Although, however. 

t^ACm, «. On foot, walking. — di yn- 


Kado-mukai, It. Meetin? a Euest at the 

gate (o welcome him in. 


KadO-nahi. Each house in order, house 

by house, from door to door. 

ni~, to conquer seLf, deny one's 

Kado-tsuke, h. a person •vho goes 
about from house to house beting, or 


Kachi, n. A victory, advantage, supe- 

playing on the guitar. 

KADOv.-«tASHi,-i»,.!«,/.ty. Tottdnap, 
Kabowakash!, b. a kidnapper. 

Kachi-doki, n. The shout of victory or 

Kaku, „. Tl.e number. -«««»«. 


,' A journej. 


ol, or go- 

nt-rf- Th 
ting together 



eT-. Lose 

l,d V 

nn, victory 

E, B. Visiting 


emple> on 

e death of a person, to light the 

ai ambler.. 

pattern. JCagnmi-deyl sbining door, 

clean and brighl door. Kagami-ita, a 
clean, bnght board. 

Kagaki-hochi, «. A cake of rice-bread. 

-. Aoylhlog tranmitted in a 

large and raund|ifceaminor. . 

rom one generation to anolber. 

with long sdtc'hes, to lace together by 

Kadn^iM, a flint. — ^aiAiii, 

sewing, to darn, cross-stitch. 


The outdde entrance, or door 

hol'di'ng""totche5!' A'a^iUi^'terch- 

rilslen, glitle^sratltle. shine, gleam, to 


. Dried in Ihe shade. 

Kage-hihata, n. Shade and sunlight ; 
mff, double-faced, hypocritical, du- 

Kaceha, X. A boy used by eodoiniBtap 
Ka-OBK, (Bt^Aiiari hfraiAHari;, n. 

iSiing away the proportion of^e in- 

^'"'B»™ri^^ K^K^lhe ieu' "tr 

'Sjaaat-ra.-ita, i. v. To be over^ 
shadowed, obscured, shaded. 

Kagi, B. A key. 
Kagi,«. a hook. 
Y.usifpir4da^ t. V. To sn 

ameiline. kari-tiarcru.t. 
perceive by the auieli. 

ra "^^'mu o™, t" e'do 

EirtiM™' "' '™^"" 

KAOiiu,-j-«,-(ifl, I. V. To 
ended, inunded, coniinec 

mJ.'/Mc/ii i'agiri taia. 
till death. 
Kagibi ». The Umk, end 
tent, boundary. /Ctt^s fta 

calling of a family. 
Kagi-zaki, n. Torn oo a nail, lom or 
ripped bycalchingon anything;,^ as of 

Kaco. h, Aeedaq chair, orhaahet made 

of the gods. Kami no — de taruAa- 

Kacoji, a, A character or word wriwen 

io outline. 
KaGO-ICaki, H. Chair-bearers. 
Ka-goto, ». A preieit, excuse. 
KaGOVA, k. a place where iasn ire 

kept for hire. 
KaGUSa, «, A theatrical eshibition in 

Ka-u1. Good or bad, good I 

CAit"/««*™°n. "^he p 

menti. A'a/Trd'^i«™, to ptacliceU 

Kaf-is, guarding the 

Kai-g-w-iiyi-il. a 
sea.' S^i-JS, on Ihe I 




or produce from thc-producer or mapu- 

bale out,' to emply out with s dipper. 
iUi-DABUi,-*i,-*#,a. Torpid, dull, dead, 

madehy'joinine la^e wooden shidds 

KAI-K6,(«infl<BHwArratB). T 

Kaidb, h. a tind of maple. 

a country to foreign intercoots 
Ka,.KOH, .»,»,-»rfa, /. V. To 
with a dipper or bucket, to dip 

KAl-CAKAfii, B. 'Buying on credit. 

KAi-ltOMi,-»..,-arffl, t. V. To 

Kaigake, n. The gross w«^hi. includ- 

and lay ra goods. 

ing the box or wrappings in which an 

lUl-KOH [,-«», -sflTa, ^ ^. To h 

Kai-gaaa, 4. Empiv shells of clants or 

Kai-ku, n. The seal. 

other sh'ell-fish. 

Kai-KUBE, BflTp. Wholly, alloge 

Kai-ceh. Altering the natne of the year 


KAl-KUWA,(*miAlfe *fl!Bara>, 

Kai-geh, (me 1I1B hirakii). Opening the 


i3^,'whenth«"go(fii supposed toHke 

become civ lifed. 
K„.HAK,.«. A thick wadded 

Kaihahi, b. Looking through 


KAi-HAHi',-^a,-/a, (. w. To look 
ihrougb a crack. 

KAtcuKi,-,.,-;/^;.!/. To haul in hand 

Kai-mei, (Hanw*a.V«™). Chan 

KAT-HAHABIv4-)kf-//«, '. 

Km-han. To cut on blocks, lo pi 

by cutting on blocks. 
Kai-h6, (faifke idaka), Nuran 

Kai-ki, b. a 'kind of glos! 
KAlKlJlM^i. s. A kind of thin sil 


part unboi^t; U 
KAi-Nusui| vtp The 

a Budd. temple, Ihe foundet of s ten 

>De, whoUy, 

■o buy up 
ia to nise 


"■ 5™ cir 






u. —suri Chi 
or going fiom 





i,-*.-,-tB,^. Wi 




«3/, do no. wish 

10 b 





veloE«ng wastt 




Bum, «. Thew 



match hold of, to catc 



UKURAI,-*Jia, /. 

clothK .0 t^k 


Ers as a bird. 


(. s 


A QhanK^of 

moval from office, ind coufisc 

Kli^Aj.^m.Sfl'^mi). Finish< 
eluded, settled. ~ Ha legata, a 

Kaji, «. A rudder, the helm. 
taru, to j4teer, 0>aff~Jta;t\ helo 
Biarboard. Tari-kaiia, beta 
poK side. 

Kaj<, It. A smith, blacksmith. 

ttiogTaitl. "' " ^''^' °' ' ™^ 

Kajiya, B. A 
KA]fl,H. An 
KAK.A, B. Moiner. u^ 
Kakadzu eA[,-a u ,-a^/i 


lUKAEE^a,-/d, pa 
KA):AE:r,-rif,-^/a, i. 

Nam hoda iiciari-masAi/a, . bow 

it is sellinawel. SJtisntu 11'—. to bs 
at bis wort, ffiio no kafhi m —. to 
be a subject of talk. TSri-kakatIt, 
happeninir to pass- Skixikakaiftoru. 
tobedyiDg.aboultodie. KM-haia. 
ru, about to cut. or ready to cut. li' 
kakaru, about to speak. Keyega At^ 



KAKAai-BTTO, H. A dependenl, a hangra 
on. one who depends on anotber fc 

Kauabi-hakb, n. Expcnsis (hat txcet 

the profits. 
KAXAta.'!. Lite Ihia, this kini 

Ihing sid briore. Kukir'u «i, ihiai 

K^'meIJI.'S?.' To make, or lei ai 

</»««, "iM me wriie. 
Kaka-soso, ndv. Hesitating, undecidt 

Kakato, fl. The heel. 

KAKAWAEIi-I-Mr"''. ;■ 

hold in th< 

KAKAYa,H. Animfnl. 
K*KH,-r«,-m, /. p. Ton 
KAKE..r»,-<«, I. o. To 1 

lU^^,^^B,i.v. To he 
broken, defective, misi 

KAM'.1-t',-("', /*». To h 
to book on : lo Uy ove 


lo BO a-pleasuring 
:AKBWni!In,-™"«™'^s. 't. 

;AKE-Al,-«a,.,lrtB, .-. O. To £ 

bed, oi 

, Ddiciency in wdglie. 
■t. A ling and staple for 

Kak'b^H:S^«.°' a bridEe 
tain gorEe, or along the a 


Kake-nb, r. Asking I 

KikEE-ocHi,». RuDningawaybysIcaUh, 
Kakb^eoku, '«. SpecSkling in trade, 

Kaki,_h. The persiinmon. — w*/,a 

sh^ls.' — ^t.iimeinadeotsbelLs. 

KxKI, «. A fence, hedge, 

KAa-tu,-ta, t. V. To writE, to sketch, 
lo draw, (u scribble. 

tJtxi,-iu.-iaj t, V. To scratch, id rake, 
to bind stnpe of anything toother in 
lOM, to aplicej to conlract or gatgh, 
asdUeaee. ;¥^y»v—, to fed ashamed. 


a mtst^e or' 
Kaki.dashi, n. 


^^o mil t<«e- 

gethtr, stir and mil 


TT^T'To mil. 

nfuse, derange. 

Kaki-hobashi,-ih i-l 

,/.... To omit in 

writing, tbr^t to w] 


T't.v. ToKBlch 

and .ear off, strip o 


ahame, dishonot. 


\v. To write and 

T again. 


, (. V. To scrape 


a guitar. 

. !/. To learn (o 

write, to tecome used to writina. 

Kakine, =. A fence 


KAKi.HiKui,-4r.-*B,.j4i. Bad for writ- 

ing, hard w write w 

th, hard or difficult 


, *. V. To climb 

KAKl-NOKB,-njy-/fl , 

. V. To pnsh CD 

pass through, as a 

KAEl-NOSE.-rs .-fa. 

B.. To record, to 

wrile or note down 


.'tTTo make writ- 

ten extracts ^on a 


Kaki-oki, «. A wil! 

or a writing left by 

a peraon going away or dying. 
Kakj-OSE,.™ ,.<a, 1. s. To finlab writ- 


(.7<. Tocntofffy 


KAKIrfHlBUSBI.-JH.-ta, f. V. To wri 

note down, Kcord, make a locmi 

KAKI-SHITATAHEirfTi^a, *. B. To 1 

Kaio-go, n. A li^t-browQ color. 

KAJCi-TOja,>.ru,-r^, t 

B, n. The flrsl 
, Dropayofthi 

'K.KKOi.-o^a.i.^. ToEocloi 
toshuCm,tosuiTound; to < 
der to preserve, as fruits { i 

Kakoi* n. An inclosun;. feni 

sum^'sot >huS?nraMeVe, blodtiie, 
lUKOISUKE,-^=.-(a,(. D. To mike as a 

KAKOnuKE, ». Ptelen, pretence, ei- 

KAKu'lamM-iw). Each, every, all, va- 
rious. ;rfl*.~ta*B, each or eveiy coun- 
try • aU the treaty powers. K^kkl^o- 
*», all the offices or dep^tdienia of 

or exercise. Kaku.!i,ta£i, one, every 
one.' Katka, each atlicle or thing. 
Kaku-fi, tach place, each piece of 
eround. Kaku-ian, each or all the 

Kaku,». a riBe target. 

Kakii, n. Rank; grade, degree of ele- 

k! lS?n°'' Corner, angle, a horn, square, 
S1i-kaku[ square, or ftur cornered. 

Kaku, h. X hlow with hoth heels given 

ta a horse while riding. 
Kaku, o. This, thus, so. - ■» Idri, 

Kakubei-jishi, ». Young boys who 


II ftoin place 10 place, wearing a 
■ like a lion's head, and pracfemg 
;Kaull5 and other tricks for 8 living. 



, even- olber 


KutUBMl, K, 

Kaku-suin, n. Estian^d, diBtaDt, ci 

Kakute, ad-B. Then, afler this, and 

KAKy-VAKir, adv. Bright, shining, glit- 
KA°MA",^ii. An artifice or trick used to 

Kamachi, n. The frame of a door, 01 
Kahado,!. a furnace, kitchen, range, 
VikMa.^«,-atta,l.v. To meddle with. 







i with, tal^n 

e intent 
up with. 

ind therfr- 





Kam-ban, n. A coat worn 


Kah-su<,». Asitm-boaid 


Kambatsu. X, A druugln, waol of rain. 
Kam-ben. Coneideistion, IbotiEht, re- 

rx, 10 coDsider, IhinV over, reB«r,de- 
liberale on, to weigh io the mind; 
lo patdon. — HaranK, unpardonable. 
KAM-B1V6. Nursing, or aitending on Ihe 

Kah-bO (*fl« iw Ai*a). To calch cold. 
Kah-butsu {iu/iM niK isssgu), «. The 
ceremony of »uhing the idol o( Bud- 

Kah'^'tsu^"'!' Veg*.ahles dried for 

KAHun. The hair ot the head. 

KAMI^-wjtr"''''. '■ "■ To bite chew, 
gnaw. Kandt fukuMcru, Io chew the 
food and feed it to Ihe youne. Kamt- 
lur, lo bite each other, to fiflbt, as doge. 
KamJ-Um, to bite off, to cut off wuh 
the teeth. Kami-ktHatit^ to tnasiicate, 
to chev fine. Kami-iudats, to break, 

tightly. Kaml-li. 
Bf Willi the teelh. 

KaiHl-^nitH, to bile, lay hold 
for holdinf 

. Above and below 

Kah!-5iiki-ba, b. a paper mill, pap< 

Kami-¥o', b! The age or lime in whit 

ihe^a»^i^ane existed. 
KahI-IUI, h. a barber, hair-dre>s*t. 


A kind of black cap worr 

Kamo, n. Awil^duck. 

Kamoi, «. The upper beam in the 
groove of which a door or Kreen alidea, 
a liotel : Ihe lower is called SAiiii. 

Kamoji.b. False hair »om by women. 

KamOJI, h. Mother, only used by women 

KaHDSU1,-'V i'ta 


. Jvy^v^n, Ihe pe- 

period of severe cold- 
C^, n. China. /fB-.#a, Ihe 
language. tCun-Ji^ Chinese ch 

charactere used by the Confuci 


K/lH, m. Quick of peicepcion, clevt 
qulcL-wltted. — &w tsukeruy ti 
quick to p«ceiv=j guess, orauspec. 

Kan« n, AdmjTaliDD. approbatian, 

plied only lo saig. — vrtt tsJtker' 
warm Aflj^^ by setting the bottle in 

Kama. ' Exclan. used at the end 
sentence, - to the interjection sigi 

Kama, tt. (CQQI. of iari and «a na 
The 46 characters of the Japanese 
labary so called frooi their having 

A metal image of Bud- 



jpe; ton 

lakine up CO 

e, Ihinge 


adv. FoHtively, certainly, 
^tolerably, middliogly well. 



Kana5hii.-*A-*»,™"^, iamen table, 
sorrowrni, afflictive, mournful. 

\ sadness, grief. 


. Tber< 

« place. -*. 

Kanj\tsuhp6, B. A deaf person. 
K,ANA«AKU. The peg, of ^anii. Not 

no't,'™'possi^._d'isabTed.' Te ga lana- 

K^lvYE, «.* A"hm'l™ed' kettle. 
KANAVf,-rB,^fl, pass. oT/fonni-. To be 

K^DOK0,*H.''' The finger-board of a goi- 

Kahh. «. Metal, ore, mquey, 
Kasb. n. A bell. 

Kai-e, », The ^tuff used by Japanese 
women for staining ihe ttetfi blacU. 


^ Di^uit" 

SuKu"'-.. By"^e influx 
; sak« of money. HiU -. 

ICahe-kashi, n. 

IUNGA¥H,-rB|-(a, f.B. To 111 [nk 01 
Kakcaye, s. Thought, oonHdV 

approve of; to regard with approba- 

Kanji, H. The cold. —gaUxyoi. 

Kahjiki, «. Snow-shoes. 

Kan-jin. 11. A villain, traitor, a depnv- 

KAN-jrH, ». The iaipartsnl, ussnlial, or 

Kan-"o',''h. "^ privy. 

./d. Previously, before. 

culadon '; a bill , the amoun 1 —iur 

to count up, to reeton, nnmher. 

A secret or previous 

make up an account. F^-ia>i/i, car 


an account book. 


Kah-kei. n. Nefarious plan, or schem 

n. A money-lender, a 

KA«.KT^^r^he cold. - ™. i*i».^ 

,. Circnialion of money. 

to 5u#er from the cold. 


Kah-ki, «. The discharge of a servai 

rot some offence, disgrace. 

Kan-ku. Hard and bitter cticuinitano 

fsan^i,-ku, a. Having 

ce oU 'rich' mV like 1 

tion. ^ _^^ , |^„ ' 

. A tight-stigle. 

dai, Ihe wooden part of a plane. 

PrevTously, before, be- 

iarfSB, shaving!. 


. Ajarforholdingiooth- 

Kan-Uabe, k. a pot for wariBi 

KojiNAGi, n. A dancer in a Ktmra. 

Kas-nan. n. Trouble, advetsjty, calam 

A carpenter's square. 

ty, affliction. 

■t>2,l.^. Tolootatasn, 

''cSft^artful'!'''' '"'"""^' '™'=''™"" 

regard as an example for 


Kan-n,n, (korayiMnohu), n. Patienc 


Kan^o,k! AkindoffragTM 


K«ra ido. a dry well.' Karo. naki. 

ciying without .ears. Karadijijid, an 

KanIso,™. Asyphililicchancr 

Kara, aifo. A strong Bsseveraiion. — 

Kan-shoku, «. Sensitiveness, 


Kaka. n. An empty shell. KKrins—. 
|Va*(^-«.™, empty shell; (%) a life- 


Kan-tab. ». Over and ga! 


^mi «/-fih™QSMff 'i*en ^fl lol 

dn wiih 

Un"ien"»!' 'a Wnd"S^'foc.d 

KAKVfi, B, 



ike, h 


H. Theornam 





Kah-iA. K, Uduorieeroo 


to pu< out of c 

abash. »'a™«,««-eii 
looking as if i. was one- 


The color o 



ii of /fomi'. To 

Iike''a monkey, said^D^nhab'it rive 
Kappa-to.oS'./. Tbe sound of fallii 

The shape or proportion: 
.p^. Kara^nko, an i 

Kara, iditi.^^. and arfn. From, since, 

Kasa-ava^iT' A"undof silK'tuff. 
KABABi,-rt.,-iFfl, 1. B. To be dry, arid, 

K^A-BiTsu, n. A leather trunk. 
Kahada. n. The body. 
Y^tJt\-r,WK,adv- In sreat danger, hardly, 
with difficulty, barSy. 

in taste ; severe, baish, hard, cr 
ARAKAl.-^.-i^a, (. K. Tq leas 

AKA-KAHi, It. Wall-paiwr. 
ARA-.fAHB.». Bionze. 

,^RA-KABA-TO, flrfl.. The SO, 
laughter, of rattling. 

of a viue. in cloth, pictures, carved 
metal or wood. 
KAHAuARi.-rH,-«o, .-. V. To he twined 

10 s,e» and bind, as a*thief. ' 

KAaAMETE, n. Tbe back gate of a cat- 
KAitAUi,-«ii,.<id!;r, /. T-. To coil, twine, 

coiled, or twined togelher. Karami- 


Karasa', ». 



ncy. shai 


, Jb, (. f 


withH, H> 

dry, as B 

, «. A muswrd pot 


■d plant. 




; is 


B, j^iTi. That tb 

I, that 

, . . •. V. %\ , ..... 

watejThoiseTh'iB'^KhevoiK^' " 
Kahb-ba, h. Withered ur dried leaves. 




Kabt.-™. ornVi 

of ffar(. Those i 

temporary bridge. 

hARoiiTE^ SITE'. With mucn aimcuity, 

hardly, barely. 
KABOMji,«ifea™,-ia, /. o. To make light 

little vafue,'dis^ardTslizht.^' ""^ " 
KABOSHlME,-rM^/a, (. ». To make light 

Kabucarushii. Same' as Kn.yi>garshtii. 
KABU^iA-viivE-Ni, sdv. Therelbrt, on 


KARU-HADiUMi. Careless, heedlffis, 
K./>liVi,-ii,-iu.-iAi\'a. Ughijuoih 

. Fluenl in talkin! 

Kabu-wasa, II. Acrobatic reals, — lAi, 

Kasa.h. Abiaad-rimmedhai.QT^hade 
for the head ;lhl ring around Ihc moon 

Kasa, a. An iruplion on the skin, no» 
mo&lly used of syphilis. — vio Aaku^ic 

Kasa, a. The wooden lid of a cup, or 
Kaba,«, Aheap, pile, bulk, or quantity 
K^eC"'. '"^te hull of some kind of 

KASAMfTA, a. The scab formed over an 

Kasadaka. Bulky, occupying a large 
space, making a large pile. 

KASAKAia,-™,-«fl, I. V. To he piled up, 
heaped Dp oy laying one op another. 

on'lheolh«.° """^ 
Kasans-GASanb, ad!'. Over and ovt 
repeatedly, many times, often, aga 

KiSlI^^'B" Thew"'"''"' ^' 
KA£E,-rB,-iAi, i.o. To be lent, rentet 
Kase, it. Shackles, fellers. Tt-iai 

roops, rdnfotcemeilt, joimns an arm 
- mrx, to nnite forces, to join > 

Kashi, «. The oak. —mniAan acorn. 
Kashi.b. River bank; a market jilace. 
Kashi. a word used at theend 01 aeen-^ 
tence of eibortaiion^ entreaty or re- 

Kash !]-«',-(?' '■ ^- To soik in water 

. River bank. 
tu,-iU, t. V. To 
late care at. to ni 

KASHIiCAMASHii,-*i,-iB, a. Loud and 

Kash^kata, m.'"^' «Set° CTedilorr" 
KASHiKir*",-''''. '. ". To cook ric*. 
Kash!ko, adi,. There, yonder, that 


Kasuh!. >. Haie, nisi 

dim, c'Cu'd^, dull'.' 
Kasumo, B. Fr«kl«c 

IDUched™ igh Ily in 'pa 

by Uie paring o 
K*5DBi, n. Money laken as pensntage, 

KM^I^'l'^'Tiie sEoufde" — 7M wot™, 

Kasiuba, ■. The head ; .he chief, the 

what he does is bad. J/iji-^ tat«\ 

KastHKA, n. A spades of oak. — ni 

tsu kala, the artillery. KbsM — 

si,:;.?as'i,S|. ■"•"'•""' 

KaSHiwAoa, H. Clapping ihe hands to- 

Ihe past Kata-gata, plur. per- 

form, figure, shape, copy, model 
Rata, «. One ot a pair, single-used 
mostly in compound words. 

gelber when praying. 

Eashiwa-mdchi, 1. A kind of rice 

food boiled io .he leaves of Ihe JC^ii- 

Kata,-,. a pledge, pawn. 

Ka-shoku,«. Family business, occupa. 

Kata-agk, B.'^Tuck'i^i the sleeve at the 

Ka-so^ «. file form, or position of a 

house, in resptcl of its being lucky or 

Kata-ate,'h!" Ashonfdcrpad. 

Kata-bami, n. Sheep's sorrel ; Rumcx 

abatde. Kaiiijnia, the place where 

a battle is fought. 

Kata-bnki, s. FavoritiMd, partlaUty, 

Kassui, n. Dry, deficient in water, of a 
river,' paddy-SJid. 

preferring one over another. 


Kl™i^'™"°'''A'ie;i°fh"i^ kind"? snm. 

Kasu-dzuke, 1. Pickled in sail lees. 

Kasuqai, X. An iron clamp. 
KasUGB, n. An iron pey horse. 

Kata-di^ashi, r. a roof, formed only 

ofoneslope, a shed. 

Katachi, n. Figure, form ; shape, Eike- 

ipittle, saliva, used in the 

10 place a dauj^fhter in the house of s 
Katakuk!,-*".,-""; I. V. Put away. 

tied off. ' ■ • ' 

KATAi>zUHi,.wB,-nrfa, .-. o. To UcUnt 

KATAC«lJRl,T«!S^a, I. w. Lop-sided. 

Kata-oata. While, at the same lime, 

both : moreover, besides. 
KArAGH,-rB,Ja, i. v. To lay, or carr» 


in ttac shouldcra. 
KATAGlRl,rf-«,-to, .._ I.. To be austere 

to be ov«r ngid ; lo be bigoted or un 

duly inclined to any person OT tiling. 
Rata-curuma, n. Kiding upon th. 

shoulders of another. 
Kata-haka. Used in ihe phrase. — «fli 

sad, iMLiable, regrelAil, ot — itakuffrrri 

KAT.I-1K1, B. Gasping fnr breath, out of 

Ka"a"naka, n. Remote country, fat 

Ka?aS^, o" KatappB. One of a pair, 

Kata-ji, ^. Hard ground, hard or solid 

KATAjiKPNA'i,-*;,-*a,-i;ii,fl. Thanltfui, 

Kata-k^a, %.' A hind of Japanese wril- 

KAriKABT.-m.l^^a, I. V. To be hard, 

Kata-kata. One of a pair, one side. 
Kata-kawa, (.. OneaMe. 
Kataki, b. Enemy, advereary. foe. 
Kataki-vchi, h. Slaying an enemy in 

KataKU, adTi. Hard, rigid, solid, com- 

hardened, solidined, coagulated, co 
fixed, obstinalety bent on. bigoted- 

oned. unprincipled. 

Kata-me, h. One eye. single eye. 
Kataui, a. A basket. 
Rataui. n. A memento or present made 
lo a friend on taking a journey, or dy- 

Kata-hi, ». One sidf^of the body, lilt 

of the body. 
Kata-mi, b. Shoulders and body, (fig.) 

of oi 

■Hfar, toappearaba^hed.sheepi^h. - 
One" *ay.''of Hlhi 


'. To be inclined 

Lataka. B. A sword, knife. Ko-gatatia, 
a small knife, penknife. — rm A*t, the 
edge of a sword. — w BiaiM, the back 
of a sword. — b? mi, the blade of a 

uncover one shoulder. 
lATA-oCHi, B. In ■- 
partiality, bias. 

of anything thathas two ; halfthe&ce, 
:a-S.-ova,"^h.' One parent, the other 



K*T)jH'-MONO?«™An1mM'ytor! p« 

=r. swindler, kna.e, sharper. 
Kata-sagabi, n. Tbe slope of one side 

of a hill; hanging down oa one 

KATAiHiMa,-rM,-ifl,cainl.of^fli4/. To 
make or cause another lo conquer. 

To be carried on .he shoulder; lo be 

niadcaf^wUr, hoaied. 
KATSUGASE.rfu.-Jfl, caust. o! JCatsasu, 

To make or let cairy on the shoulder, 

tQ put OD the shoulder of another. 
KATSUGl,-j-«,-iVi«,/. I.. To carry on the 

shoulder, to shoulder ; to befool, hoai; 

to be superstitious. 
Katsuoi, n. A hawker or pedler of 

Kaisugi, n. A bonnet or veil woro by 

Katbu-mei,' <»j.s jinQ n. Death from 

Katsuo, n. TheBonito. 
Katsuosushi, n. The flesh of the Bonlio 

way, besides, aecording to otheis. 


KataZwask, ». Divided into halves. - 

dzuii, hslf4iioon. 
Katavb, n. Side. 

KAisuyH,-j-K,-(B, I. V. To be hungry, 
to starve, to suffer for want of food or 
water. Kal^yl-Jini^ starved to death. 

KATAVo[u,-ra,-«B, t. V. To go to one 

Hde. to kolme or lean .0 one side, to 

Kattai,-. TheleptMy. 

he biased, partia], prejudiced. 

EatavuKI. h. The measure of a coat 

way or manner. yUaii HI — shidai. 

from the central seam on Ihe back to 

the end of the sleeve. 

KATfE,«. A kitchen. ~-fKc-i,-,titeh. 

Katchiu, (yow/ kaiile^ «. Helmet 

and eo^ of mall, armor, panoply. 

Kate, a. Ptovirion, fooJ. 

KArreuvu,' «. Property, fun^, means ; 

KATE,-rB,-<B,pot.inoodofff*:*,-. Can 

— ga ma™!, ioconvenienl. 

KawaI b' Skint'ped!' rind, hart ; leather. 

party, second, abettor, cunlcderate. 

hide, furs. . 

including the family name, basmess. 

Kawa-BAOBI, h. Leather or fur coal. 

Katsu, n. A mallei, or pestle for pound- 
ior lice in a laree wooden mortar. 

Kathj,-. Thirst. 


KATSu,a</s. Moreover, besides, further- 

Kawa-BA, n, A leather-dresser. 

more, aeain. Aa/IB edarpki ialtu 

Kawa-bukuro, b. A leather bag. 

Kaw^p";"™, h. "ileather or fur cap. 


piompt and decided in action, siraiht. 
forward, ftank, shrewd. 

Kawa-pune, n. A 

Kawa-oari,'.. Fishing in a river. 

Kawa-gishi, n. The steep bank of a 

KAisUGAEB,-t-ii,-/a, pass, of Kafsagii. 



Kawa-guchi, ». The mouth of i river. 
Rawa-cutsu, x. LealhetshoM. 
Kawa.hagi, ». A peraon who makes 

found on their pcTEODs. 
KAWAI,-ti, -*«,-!*/, a. Lovable, darling, 

pi^j. '""''' ""' ' ™"' ' 

¥iA«Aia>.!n,-ru,-aiia, t. v. To love, to 

feet kindly towards. 
Kawairashii ,-«''.-:(«, a. Dariing, lovely, 

KawaisS, a. " Th^t whigb eicitu pity or 
kind feelines ; Umcntabie, cruel. 

Kawa-kabuei, b. Phimosis. 

Kawa-kami, b. Up the river, npper 
put of the river. 

KAWAiCASHi,-iii,Ja, /. o. To diy, to 

K™AK^». Thirst?' 
KAWAKi,-4ar^Va, i. v. To be dry, arid. 

K^aIia-vane, «. A die roof. 

KAviAm,-™,-*a, i. B. To he . „. , 
eiichansed. tubstituied ; put in the 
place of another; altered, transformed 

Kawari. «. A substitute, in the pli 
KAWAXu-CAnrARU, adv. By turns, alt 

Kawase, ». The rapids ot a river, a 

Kawashm™. ' A king-fisher, 
Kawashi -™,-/n, (. o. To ejtchanee, to 

KAwT^iH"o,'i!™own the river, the 

lower pan of the river. 
Kawa-shiiu, x. The lower part or moutb 

Kawaya, ». A piivy, back-house. 
Kawa-vabagi, h. Rivet-willow. 

Kawavui -ij,-*»,.j*i, a. Beloved, dear, 

Kava, ''. A '^'d of rush, much used in 

Kava. n. ^lusquito net. 
Kava, comp. ol Ka. and Ya, a rarticle 

Kavbei, n. The barb of a hook 01 a 
To return, i 

Kaveri ,-?»,-//»',/. v'. To' be hatched— 

K«kr™"hi, h. Return to loyalty or 

fidelity and lumlnE informer. 
KAVERl-GAKB-NI.nJi'. On returnmg, OQ 



egard, mLnd^ care for. Ka- 
B, n. Visiting a Kinple to 

by the 

KAYsm-iFCHt, K. Th< killing 

KAYHmi, ». A frog. 

KAvasHi.-jK.Ja, /.p. To return, to sent 

Kaveshi^b.-jVi, i. I/. To hatch ems. 
one syllable 1^ ivncope from'ths licsi 

] fro, to pass a&Dg or through ; 
A pags-book ; pasain^ to and 

'terchauge, redprocate. 
KAVUGABl.-mJ-lfj'a, i. V. To ha^e the 

Tif.\ilir*i,-Uu,-ikl, a. Itching, an ilehy 
Kaza, n. Smstl. 

KazaIana, X. Air-boU, vent. 

KAZ^SB,-^,l|f=,eam' o'f' 
cause another to be adoi 

K:™™m.rf»,-«=, I. V. 1 
embellish, adom, deck, ■ 
eloas, palliate, or varnish ■ 

SlzAM,lrH,-m. i. y. T 

Kazahi-shi, n. Ajcivellet. 



, J™ 

hait : to hold so as to screen off the &ui 
or tn ahade. to bold the arm or han< 
before the ^e so as to u-atd off a blow 
Kaza-shimo, h. Leeward, in the direo 
lion to which the wind blows. 

Ihin'g to k'Mp off the w™"' " "'"*' 
Vi>as,n. The wind. 
Kaze-jibusui r. a Bag fbr showing thi 

Kazb-suita, H. Leeward. 

Ka-zd. Increasing or adding to thr 
Ka-zoku,\>i. Family, all the member 

na"'». Tbec--"'-' 

. To fight cocks. 
V. To be rough 
i cloih or paper ; 


Kebuha, a. Strange, odd, suspicious. 
Ko^-BURl, K. Appearance, behavifrur, 

Khchj-mivaku (ciii-Jf), «■ Lineage, 

Ke-chirashi'.-iu.-Ai, i. r. To kick and 

scalier about. 
Kedai. Negligent, idle law, cateless, 

K.a-DAiULii-ii\-*u^i/.a. High-spirited, 

noble, high-nUDaed, digiiiHed. 
Kedaudho, k. Ad animal, qoadruped. 

Kedashi, n»^. Itis probable, is likely, 

KED6 (miM „i kiki-irir^-). To . 
K^o"-ru,-tla, "t. V. "f ^^ct 
Km2uki"^ The color of tbe hair. 

Ke-gi, n' Common clothes, every 

Kegiwa, n. The edge or border of 

EEGDBOuo.n. Fur coat, fur dolhes. 
KE.-9USAi.-fc-,-Aa, o. Smdling of bi 

Kei, ». A^nd of gong, used in I 

dhisi leniples. 
Ke[,0. Landscape, view.scenery. 
Kbi-ab, «. An ^ency or inteiligi 

CBT-striau, 4. Preuiium, reward, or pTiEe 
won by competition ; presents made to 

Cei-dzu, M, Genealogical table; ftmily 

Cei-fu,'«, Step-father! 

"ikin, ^liation"^'' "■ ""^^"^ 

MA«,"apiani'ofsoldre^'''" ''" ~ 
arted, perfidious. 

dauble-£iced, in 

trade. Fu-iiiii, to have a dull, thrift. 

EiKO-BA, B. Aplacefordiillingi 
ercUIng, a fencing school, school- 

.Ei-KOTSU. Light, trilling, careles 


tivAKii. ». A plan, device, schen 
AKU, n. A plan, device, slra 

va'.H. Miyako. 'The caplial. 
um.n. Cassia buds. 

or'valut "' '"^ ' '"^ '" '*"" 
Hi', (i/fraia,-) n. Brethren, oil 

KW.VBI. '— J^rio build, CQDSt 

Kki-y6,«. Form, fifHirc, appe 
f^fVf f H, to Epeak (iguTatively oi 

KeiXi, h!' Fiseij" ot'fit'^Iidal m 

KiJ'f^, "^ ^'^ffere^rd^^Actioi 
Kejihami, ». A louae tbat info 

KE-KAlCB,-™,-/a, /. p. To ki 

splash about with (be feet. 

Kbkki. The heat, spirits, glow, -veht- 
menco, or aidor of youth. 

Kbked. Fine, splendid, excellent, beau- 
tiful, grand, delidous, deligblfol. 

Kbkku, coaj. Oa the conliaiy, ralber. 

le, porcelain, or wood. 
4. disease ehanetemed 

K^" ion or^cuti™ ([,-^^^,^^^*j-j^^,^ 
KE-Hlya, (iar'i na aa,) h. A nickname, 
Keu-mi, iaratame mirui n. Inspeo 

^P^tJ-isHi, i.."'Tbe liotlnia'DlIida. 
EH-Ptr, .. ^.general name Tor silk and 
collon cloth. 

E-MUSHi, jt. A kind of hairy calerpLl' 
EMUTA].-.^/,-^v,-fA/. d. Smoky, dbit- 

Ken. ». The fist : 

. To speak lightly 


K^DAi, «.' A book i«I, or Stand. 
Kbn-dom. qoae, slingj, miserly, eovet- 

Ke-hen, (.i^kuro Hi lii^iivu). — luru. 

Lentaka. Arrogant, overbearing. 
l^£Ji-T$uial. Scolding, reminaDd, rat- 

to be concerned or aniious about, have 

peuses, ~ m™, economical, saving, 

KEH..G^^n'! A petition or memotial ad- 

KaN-YAKU, B. A previous agreement. 

KSN-CI, ". Opinion or views upon some 
subject iu dispute or under debate. - 

Ke«.vs, «: Using anythhtg for two pur- 

poses or between two persons, using 

anything in addition 10 something else. 

Kek-giu, ,. ■ Tbe herdboy,- the name 

of a star in Aquila near the milky 

KEN-IHB,Wt. Manifestry, clearly, evi. 


Ken-ioku, b. Members of one's family, 

KEN^a, (iatai-iaiatu.) Strong, firm, 
secure', We, >veU.Jortif4d^ strict, rigid 

severe, correct ; firm iu pAnciple. 
Kek-i. ». Power, authonV, dinity. 
KENji,~fe=™,.Ja. To present, ofiir or 

Ka-OKi. >. Hair-doth. 

KHOSAKH,-i-B,-(a, 1. V. To he thrown 

gi-e'to. superior. 

ci^cellence of something else, to be 

Khm-jc -™rB, to present to a iupe- 

KSppaku-na, a. Clean.' fi^e from defile- 

K™-iuTsu,". the''artoffencing,'Svorf 

open-hearted, frank. 

"'s-;5.-;,^r">""- -"'"• 

Ke?pah. Sealed with blood, - r«r«, 

Khh-nab, k. a sword wound, oi caiam- 

K^R^B." A critke;. 

Kehai, h. The vassal of a noble, ser. 

Ken-kohi. n. A scalding, abuse, a set- 

Eo''fa«i;"''^s;^^""'- ~ "^ *"""' 

Keraku. Happy, joyful, light-hearted. 

Kennob, «. Danger, haiard ; lunid, 


Keri, KE6U. An anitdiary verb whose 

Keh-huh, n. Disiness, vertiEO. — ih- 

r«,toi;ecomedi!sy. * 

Kensh.,-. An inspoclor, or officer sent 

KBn!,-ru,./M, <. V. To kick, to strike 

Kany matter. 

KESA,«fl'iv. This morning. 

KEM-a»TEtt. (t„,- jifratem). — jk™, 

Kksa ,. A scarf worn by Bnddhis. 

priests across the shoulder. 

Kbn-ehi, (*fl*BM WHiVu), «. Coro- 

KtsAN. ,.. A paper-weight. 

Keshaku-bara, b. The elder son of a 

or who inspects and certifies to a 

family, but bom of a concubine, who 

cannot inherit the estate if there is a 

son born ofthe true wife. 


Keshi,-iu,-(o, I. V. To extingiush, et 

Khn-so, a. Steep, precipitous. 

Ken-som. HumblcT lo humbly evcu^e 

te^^M^'r^J; unburst dndem 

humbl^"""" *''''■ -■'""'•'°'"' 

K;en.«I!,«, Number of houses, or Dum- 

Keshi-kake,-™,-(b, i. B. 

ber of *« in length. 

Keb-tai, (iB« IJiitemum). Discharg- 

KESHiKAHANu.a. Improper, ejitraordin- 


KksH6-no-mono, ». A bpiDg— gener 
ly s Vfoman or gtild— inio »TinTi s < 
or badger Uanaforias itisll in order 

Ke£sai, fl. Abttaininir fiom 
in devDticnial puHlication. 

ia an'uKmbly, abHnt Irac 

Ke^ho. - lum, to coDfiscale, oc sei: 
the property of a peraoo for crime con 

Kmta,^: The cross-beams of 1 roof . 

KETA,fl, Square. 

KETABfi, H. The yards of a sail. 

Ketai, ™. — ^ m.-"!.;, unlucky,, ui 

KE-TAOSHi,.JH^fl, *. p. To kick ove 
to kick down anythinestandiDg. 

KH-rATs,-™r*"i '- P- To kick up. 

KsTCHAKOf — sunti (D decidc, to 6: 
settles delerniine, (arfn.) poaiiively. 

KfcTC.BASHi,ji.f*i, (. t. To cause I 
fly up by kiokiD| 

the names of the 

^ng the feathers 

w/"'aJ'^«t lo^Se "careff^d* inind. 

omen^orphenonieiiQii. — Aw\a[ranee, 
wonderful. JCi-Auwai tta, qanEirous, 
audacious Ki-iai, wonderful ahili- 

-iikJ^'^"^ Ki-k, 


retunuDa to Mivako. Ki^ro, the road 

Kiam,^i.^ku.->ki, «. Sharp, strong, or 
harsh to the taste. 

Wk^AT-jan loioo bacli return. 

Ki-laku, rtluraiiig lo one's house! 
Ki.l(aHoii),a. Noble, honorable. JCi- 


nin, an hoAOj^blo per^oD^ a man of 

Ki-BUN, «. The spirits, feelings, aiate 

rani. Ki-se^, ooble^d ignoble, high 

Ki-nlw. a. ^ihe shape, trim, or figure 

pecifi)))."' "^ct, Ki-Am. Md 'Kiko, 

of a tree. 

Ki-aUEUSHI, H. Old and worn out cloth- 

saisu, your leircr. JCi-^Atf^ your house, 


^-BUSM,-kl,-ku,ski. a. Solicitous, ann- 

Ki. A measure used in measuring the 

height of horses, a hand of about five 

Kl'-SS?" Idle, indolent, laay. 
Ki-BUTSU. «. A vessel, ulensil, furniture, 

this horse is a little more than e«bt 


hands high. 

KicHi, a. Lucky, fortunate. 

insane, mad. — »b *iVd, actaiy mad| 

K[, in™, i!ta,i. 1'. To come. ^TokB, 

Ki-CHiu, (iDii no BcAi}. During the 
period of mourning. 

pot come. ^mp. a;«, <^om^. Neg. 

K.CH6,B. A curtain. 

{iow'^X%'mi ^l ^bJ'mTsm" 

KicH6HBN,«. A moulding or an orna- 

mental border; exact, accurate, pre- 

Ki-DACH[, n. A wooden kmg sword. 


Ki-QEN, \siirus1.?fiu(ay,), n^ R^ris, 

history, chronicles. 

Ki, 1. Hiecoiy, record, chronicle. Jfi- 

KiDo, H. The orhii of a heavenly body. 

kc^f, the K^tory of 'japan. -™™, 

KiDOBAN,B. A clown or buffoon. 

10 record-chtonicle, take a note of. 
Ki-Ai, ». The spirits, feelings. — ga 

^h.i, to feel J^d.^ 

KiBA, «. A tusk, the canine teeth. 

Ki-DOBi. B. Pleasing lo the taste, styl- 

Ki-SACHi, a. A lai^e lnoodeo howl. 

ish, neat in fkshion. 

KiDoiurfTi,-(Is, 1. V, To act so as lo 

please, to be attractive. 

KiBiBASHi, B. Dispelling the vapors or 

Kl-DWHl. Always wearing .he same 


one's self to. 
be liberal. 

:1-1HUJ. Selfish, 'aelf-wiiled, one's own 
pleasure or oonvenienoe. 
'^i^tVEAL, n. Cnncem, solicitude, care, 

UazvKA.VASHU.-ii.-Itu, a. Anxious, 
concerned, fearful, solicitous, careful, 

■'t^t^k^,-i'ta,I.Tr. To build with 
stones or earth, as a wall, fort, orcasile. 
lIdzukicaui, n. A kind of unglaieJ 



Kaavioti-ti, -in,- 

KMher or authority. 
KiCA,n. Tasting of wood, woody tiste. 
Kl-GANE, «, Car=, anxiety, or solicitude 

ty please olhetL 
Ki-GAKOi,-ii,-Aii, o. Light-heaned, 

iliri^lly,'ch«rful, vivacious. 
Ki-CAVE, H. Changing the clothes, a 

change of clcthinf, 
Ki^rfjBN, K. Feeling, siririts, lempw, — 

per. Ge — ronaku, farewell, may you 
be in sood health,— in pardng. Gti — 
yoroihii ksy how do you do? are you 

KtlciKU, B™ The yellow cryaanthemum. 
KiGOHi, «. A hind of padded garment 

worn in winter under armor. 
Kl-ou, ». Wooden-ware. 
Ki-cusHi, n. A wooden comb. 
KiGusuBi-ra, «. A drug store, apothe- 

cary shop. 
Ki-GUWAH,, (.iiurri tifgnu\ ». Prayer, 

KlG^A,"""!* seller of wooden-ware. 
KiH»DA,B. Theinnerbsiliofthei/«fl- 

ii, mai as oskum. 
Ki.HEi.TAi, ». A troop of Civalty, 
Ki-i. {aiuxta tut ei^itHrsAi). Your 

Kl-]t, B. The nature or quality of 

Ki.jB-M's.a, Resolute, firm, deieri) 
of ereat fortitude. 

Ri-KAN. \i-yi nim«i). Hungerandcold. 
KlEAN, «. Example for imitation. 
KiKAEH,-n.,./o, past and pot, of 

Ki.KAYB,-ri(,-<fl, «. p. To change the 

fine or gay clothing. 

Ki-KENTo, «. Heaven, paradise. 

Kt.^KE'iSU, X, Vital spims and blood. 

KiKT,~t»,-ffl, (. P.,ot/. f. To hear, lis- 
ten ; to inqmr^lo^rce[ve,lo gra^, or 

KiKi, %^ ^The ^effect, efficacy ,'iiS'uaice, 
KiKi-.\iB,-«i,-(a'/. o. Tpguessbyhear- 
KiK>AWASE,^,-^a,i?ir'¥o inquire and 

KlKI.AVAMABt,.ru,.j;fl, r. t/. To make a 
mistake in heariug, not to hear cot- 

KiKi-cmc/J.-ia.-aax.i.i: To hear in- 

Knii-DASHi,-iii,-la, /. s. To find out by 

KiKw:Ara,'B.*°2''memorandum, or note 

of what one hears. 
KiKirfiiKU, H. Learning got hy hearing, 

KiS!m^ushi,.5^o, (. H. To miss the 
hearing, to lad to hear. 

distinctly, to incidentally catch a few 
KiK™RH°-ra-(a, f, V. To consent to, al- 

little knowledge of 

KtbfiHB. K. Virtue, strength, efficacy. 

CtKi.Niicui,-H(r,-£H,-r4j, d. Di'sagreeabh 


of anyltiing, to I 
ler anything hy be( 

leclly. lo mistake. 

K^^^rri^-tii i- «. To hear and 

clu no notice of, ot not to miod. 
KlKl-TADaSHl,-™,-;?, /. »- To hear and 

EiKrrAtllira^.^M, /. i/. To be (bnd 

of hearine, to be inquisitive, 
Ki!a-TAGAYE,^™^fl, i. B. To bear in- 

kS™at^-?b%i,'/!"b.'to inquiri about 
all the pardculaA, heat BDd determine 
the truth, to bear and lind out. 

KiKi-TODOKBrTJi,-/"! '■ »■ To permit. 

K.MH,>.. The tenure. 

about, ST hear anylhine fully. 

KlME,-r«,./fl, (. », To fix. 

KiKi-isuTAVit,-™,:/^. To hear ftom 
Kl-Kiu, ». Danger, perd, haiani. — Ba, 

lish, set, determine, lo ma 

KiHE.-m.-Ai, *. V. To repti 


. ™o^w7«'?!u«,''Kpro«h. 

KlKl-WAKH,-™, <a, 1. V. To liear and 

KiMi,«. Lord, master. 

Kmi, «. The state Jt on 

feelines. — ninra*" fa 
to saifin a boat— feetine al 

KtHiilrt;-. Ludy ot uoluclty. 3fmt 

si^- ^ 

ni—via I3iamiiti-galashi. 

KiMi, ». The yoke of an t! 

ie Chrysanthemum. 

xtt miH the opportunity. 

■KUWAN, n. _ The tracfiea, windpipe. 

miH thi 


Ki-hakJra, «. A wooden pillow. 
Ki-MAHA. ^Selfish, lelf'inlled, one's own 

Kl-KOB, a. Energy, or vigor - 

I admirable, remarkabh 

onderfui, strange. 


Ki-k'on,)i. Thenorth-^ut.— froiiiwhid 

KWOHO,* "xiie ions''Mbe woraby'lte 

Kcw^MK^i. GoldS'esf, 
KiH-PEi<i«H,7f»An3.a. Gold-leaf, 

gilt paper buDg in Sinloo Itmples 

repnaent Ihft Kartsi. 
KiH-PEH, s. Mdgliborhood. vicinity. 
KiH-PUN,-. GolSpoKder. 
KiHUiBmCAsmi^',-*», a. Hard 

KiuuEiM,i^'f^ii, ii Disagreeable, offi 

Km, «. Gold, —ifekia 
of goTd. — 40, golden 

d of food made 
peril, jeopardj', di 

KlH-D»H, n. Prohibition, interdiot. — 
KlN-D&I, Tt. A kind of^rpamf ; gold 

KlM-sa (cMkaki jiiA<), «■ !4eighboring 
^m-^iiilfhikaki lmni\n. Nelghbot- 
KirfjiCHi, B°'^?hedar?t "he month on 

iiN-jo ifhihfkf Ukcra), n. Ne^hbor- 

ClM.KAN, x. The fcumkwal. Citrus Ja- 
ii»-KEi, a. Tht golden pheasant. 

V.i-so-KO»oa.-ru.-ita, i. V. Confined, 

close, unventilued. 
Ki-NO-ME, n, Tht bud of a tree ; used 

specUlly of the bud; of the !amhi. 

KiB-R*i, ooV. Of late.rocenrty.' 
KlH-RAH, K. A kind of gold brocade. 
KlN-RI, n. The forbidden ground.-^tbe 

palace of the Mikado. ^i«ri-saaia, 

the Mikado. 


K1H-SH6, •>. Inflammg 

sparkUnE, brillLanl. 
iTKAKU. EMC,fr«f 

TOf a^rr. Gtittenngly, spark* 

the person who supplies Ih* t 
TH-SHir, H. Leaiins off Ihe u 

I, s. Tulc, mica, Ihe scum that 

i-CAHi, fl. A kind of paper. 

auKi,-*M,-''ai '■- "■ Cliitoing, 

shining, sparkling, brilliar - 

biddiD to leave the house, <»>nllDed to 

KrH.SOH Ifkiiaki «■). A 'neighboHng 1 

KiKsu, " "m^m, specie, coin. 
KiiMUN:t.EO, B. A kind of wall papet 

spotted with cold. 
KiH-TAUA-ii. Testicles. 
KiN-TEi.s. The Mikado's palace. 
KiN-n.H, s. A kind of csn&ciic 

made of beans and sugar. 
KiNU, •!. Silk goods. 

silk! M'^tMos, la"crns%lcr 
KiNu-cmjiHi, s. A kind of silk stuff. 

5. of A-iroi. To 

>e disliked, or ehnaned by others 
le abhorred, abominated. 

.topped, spent, irayed, parted ; 

edge of a leaf, taw, file, etc. 
cd^dTook"' ""'"«' 

Ki-OKO, n. Kematf, rem^ 

Clearly, distinctly, 

vide : affixed to the roots of verbs sig- 
nifies thai the action expressed by the 
vetb is finished, or ended. Ke»o Son 
tffo yomi-kiUa, 1 have finished reading 
rhii book. li-iiru, to finish saying. 
iHi.Ai,j^K,-i«», I.I/. To fight togeth- 

IKVAKE, n. A mist, fine rain, jdzdmg 

KiRA, ». Gorgeous, 


Killins lad 

clear off Sy c'ul 



Idll by cutting, 
'the place Wh- 
soiDet^g hi 

. Themouchofavrauji 

Iflled" ' 

Ktsakagi. '. ■ 
KiSE,-rH,-in, *. 



j Kl-M, ». Prayer, suppLicaiion. 
intense^ barsh^ bardy, «IouI-heai 
Kt'Tsuicb, »m Anything which cheei 

bond, a 
iwellfor'a short' 


Kj-3HUK0^in, b. a lodger, boardei 

Kisoi,~3t^la, i. V. To emulate, compete 

strive, to excel, contend for mastery. 
Ki-soKU,«. Ar«le,U«. 
KifBAKi, B. The point ofa sword. 
KissHic^, B. A feic day, lueky diy. 
K155H1B1 TO, adn. Tightly, limely. 
Klass, B. The eipresaion of the variou 

■A, B. Nonh. 
■Ai,-i/,-iB,' a. 

North-east viod. 

Wish or desire to 
or put oo. Kilain 

KirrAB. fl. A fcle day, holiday. 

KllTE, B, A passport, a pass, a ticket, a 

Krrro, adv^ Surely, certainly, positively- 
mthout^l; attentively, fixedly. 

danger. Xi—iil, quiek mesacnser, 
express. Kiv-iiiii. a sudden and dan- 
east"' ^is-i A " Midk en d'ea™ ^ib-b, 
a sudden rain. Kiu-yd^ ui^nt busU 

Kiu', ^atenetsx^ a. 

quality of anything by use. 
KiTAl-GASB, B. Tempered or i 


riiical time, the lime of 

mthy; mean, ba!< 

To be dirt 

Old, a 


It^Jear., an oli 
" preMdent. Klu-^iii 

«^i,ta°f«,-ita,i.T: To come. Kila- 
nt fsiAi, the coming year, next year. 

E.iTAYB,-ru^/a, t. i: To harden or 
temper by poundiug, as iron ; to scold, 

KlTCHIBi, arfn.' Exactly, evenly, neatly, 

KiTCHo^iyti tilrasf). Aluckysig 

^%JniB"m old"hDiSe. «?™?:fai'^M 


Kiu-BAKU, ikprHBri-katt). Distressed, 

Ticki-givm. point of sianin 

B. -g^ 

K™!";,' V»*X"-''" A kirn 

of hatit 

KlUMKU-TO, a. Alnn-hjuse, 

used in dyeinE yellow. 

K.HI.J1.-.. Waiting^ or servbe at UMe; 

K.WADACHI,-(J-,i/», i. V. T 

be ivell 

defined or distinct as lo the 

Kll^jlVu*5^.I«i-^'\)T'"ba7 oT^U 

border ; lo be distinel, scpara 

e, or dif- 


^r«f.aa\,-ki,-ta, a. Critical 


Klu-JUTSU, s. Archery. 

Kiu-EAH. 1. Apatrat, 

Kiu-KETSU, n. The places fot applying 

how (he 

line ofianction or dematkatioi 

the moiB. 

Kiu-EE^u. The n[ne holes of the hody 

KlWAMAKl,.™>a, Tt.. To h 


-the eyes. eui. nostrils, raouth. urin- 

ished. ended ; come to the las 

Kiu-KiN, (s/dj>(irH ianii «. Wages, hire. 

KlWAKB.-^M.-ia, i. V. To defi 

e, deler- 

Km-S^ir,-. Spina! verteb«. 

Kiu-Kuosu, H. Contracted, narrow, le- 

u> the' ui- 

stninl, dislresa, trouhle, confined. 

my thing 

Ki-'«, n. thang^, flucluatioDi ; fortu- 



adv. Urgently, preasingly 



asdly, rapidly, steeply. 


{f«r»^6\. Native vill 




^ a child from .he family 




ne, 10 disfiaachise. 









KU (i*. ^^>'^^^^%^ ^"'"'B 

:n. Quick, hasty, urgent 


,11 tea-pot. 

e ;narl< made with ! 

, n. Melancholy, gloom, lo> 
I. Mar^n, btink, edge^ verge, 

KivAHAM, It. Legging?. 

custoiner. , h/i,iu-l,un''Ca.<: same as a 

forfdiawing worn. '^Kirakl^ai, the 
coming of victors orguesu. Ktyaku- 
sert. a passenger ship, packet ship. 

lIVARA. Aloes-wood, or Aeatloeham. 
avARi, ». The suns of persons uniting 
their strength to do any thing, as ia 

-.ivJnK.' ^n't«'l, delicate. 

KivATSu. Vhat fellow, that rascal. 
KivBj-i^,-ta, I. V. To melt away, 10 be 
exlinquished. quenched, put out, e& 

KivE, (shitagaaS — «>™, 'to humbly 

&x'^x^\^'stM).n. j'o'^gl^ness, 

Y^i'^Zt «ar»).. Great, large, vast, 

particularly. Kiiio-dki, eiceedingly 


Krvo^^BBarfJinrDdicleiicy. wants, 
wcpknesB, upguardcd pIacal Kiy^ 
^>; a disease of debility. Kite-dan, 
n' falsehood, fiction, stor;, Kiyo-^n, 
a lie, falsehood, ^rf^^^M^, ivrak,%e- 
ble, KiyS'jUsu, faU« or true. Kiyg- 

tfutku, a lalse show, dissiinalatiDa, 

Y.\ii,,adv. To-day. 

Kivs. Unlucky, bad, evil. KiyS-ji,™- 
locky atfair. Kiyl-nin. an unlucky 
year. Kiyesafts, bad crop. 

KiY6,«. Canonical, or sacred books, es- 
pecially of the Bu>idh»ts \ the Chinese 

KivA, n. ' Sport, diveision, amusement, 
K.1V6, \jianS). Xgreement. union, con- 

■'■^•>Ki,n. Bwther,bretl 

mfMrin'-^U^. Clew 
:e frob. deUement. - 
ime clenn. Kiyoku svr 

Kivo-Jy*, (ptkijii , 

, to dwell, redde 

Ki, K. Mental denuigemen 

■mvo-Seb, arfn. Vearbefoi 
Kfi, {ttna KocA{\. adv. 
h, aC^er ihis, hereafter. 

cu, n. Thai which is c 

Kiyoku^it, a drcus. Kiyoiu-ji, a 
slreiigch or dcicterity, K^sJtU'4iori, 
.JVOKU, B. The utmost point, (he ei- 



Ihe policsmen of ihe fore^ 
"" 'rfp. Looki 

..Mlltily. p«ri_. 

KtVOBOEl-KU-VAK, -d^. Sitting si 

and slone. 
KlvOROBI-ro, a^w, Staringly, ga; 

KtYOSA,«.' ThcdeB«Eor5tateofd. 
KivHAKuf™ s'lticmre of the urcth 


KiYO-BH0,^'iii7i>V "■ Dwelling place, 
place of reside — 

il, cleittyman, missionarj 
' ■" • ' Dwel 

of padded SI 

Ki^i, n. The liisl beeinning, shool- 

Kmemu, {ikiga tomaru:;, n. Slopp!«e 
of Ihe bteath, binlness, chakiiig ; ss- 

Ko, Sr\ child, Ihe young of anything. 

Lo. n. Flour, line powder. Magi-mi. 

times. KMef, ancieot sage, Ke-tun, 

ancient thing. K»-batsu-Aa^ an anti- 

go, an ancient word, ancient ianguage. 
Ko-taiu, an old house, former re«- 
dence. ^o-^?, ancient lOairs. Ko-fii, 

. A watch of the night, ofw 
The hack al anylhing ; used a1 

Kd, «. The back of anylhing; used also 
Lo des^nate the first in quaHty orotder. 

7-BKB— ,hiiiofthehand. 
K6. n. Metallic ores, minerals. Ki-za«, 
mine of ore, minei^ region. Ki-/u, 

"»-*»<»-kj*b', mineisJoCT- °""°" *' 
K&, X. Filial piety, obedience ta pmnts. 

A~M, disobedient. 
Ko, n. Actions of merit, worth, or, ex- 

talenl, s^ililv, virtue. Si skitlM na- 

Ks, 'li!° Incense, °fra^nt° or aromatic 
substances, perfume. Ki-eu. utensils 
used in burning incense. 

Ko, nd^. So, thus, this manner. KS 

kL™. »."'tL slop^o°l^cltnation of a 

KO.BAKAUA, ». A kind of ttowser!., the 
lower part of which is galhered ami 
i!ed io ihe leg. 


K&BB, H. The head. 
Komm-TBUiUr^B ,-ita 

to Bdh«K, La hudeD 

tbiDg, 39 gum. 

self with anothH 1 to fa> 
KoBi.-i-Bri^i. p. Tob( 

K6-DAN. H, bisoonrse, le:ture. — JJ.r», 

K6-BTii,Wi««/»o (uiv«-.,)«. A good 

K?DATH,''H.'"iJ^n? a'^^eld of a tree. 

KoBOCHI,-/ni,-l'(u. t. v. Td break, de- 


Ko-DAT^ir, I. Verbal message. — mrB, 

K4-BON, «. A Itay for putliBg perfume 

to send a message. ^ 

Kot>AWAiii,-,„ ....Hb, .-. V. To binder. 

nicked'^br^Le,; od the edge. 

kL'S'^'.' 'rihaV pkV, lo-e and obedi- 

KoBORE,-r«,-/o, ,-. ^. To S[rili, to rnQ, overflow; to ihed, iT .;« ; lo 

K6-n0, ^, ^Touse or temple for preach- 

ing, ot discoursing in. a church, a lec- 

iDg out to be formnaie, of what at firEi 

Ko'JI^KO.T' An orphan. 

good fortune. 

««•». children. . 

KOBOSM.-tl.-'a, t. V. To st^ll, shed, to 

KODOMORASHIl.^I-,-*!., a. like a child, 

make [UO ov^, to pour out ; to com- 

plain, to gnunble. 

K(^EiuRii. To die, used only of a person 

cence. lump. 

KOBUCHI, n. A snare or trap for catch- 
ing birds, or »d^I aoimals. 

^of^heh^ghesl^rank^^^^^^ ^^J^ 

sc'^k^' of the tm^l \wo^ a^a for 

k"bukuko,V ThewoTnh. 

Ko-EUN, n The pan or place of a child ; 

an aimrentice. protKe: a peison be- 
longing to a Uborer^ guild, the chief 
of whfch is called Ox^ua, o. Oja- 

KoDziiKAi' 1. Cash or money spent in 
Ko-ozv,iE,JZla.'rv. To a'3'd any. 

thing smsll. light, or of no account. Id 
afnllload. ' 

ofrain.' ■ 

Ko-d;uke, s. a trifle added to a fnll 

Ko-BUSHl, «. The fist, a knot iu wood, 

ajnece of dried fish. 

KoD^iu'Kl,-KB,.jirffl,i. p. Toinleup, to 
store away; to bebigote* narrow- 

Kfl-Bu-3H6, ». Board of Public Works. 

''kfll^rf**""""" """"'' *''""fi'"'= 

incline to one side, partial. 


KoDZURi, «._ The chani 

'" Thermal! biancht' 

: fbi. to be lrauble<i 

~t«, ... MivinE tt= 
buml, chsmcT aid 

EoQASHi, «. S^ai of food aiadi of 

parched meal. 
Ko-GATAHA, «. A mall knife, pockel- 

K™L%H,-in. 1-. 17. To be chaned, lo 
bum, lo scorch, loiuted ; Ed be mdamed, 
or bum with passion. 

Ka^E, (takai iiiiO). High^ or low, 

Ks-OHKi, («»M Bii»}. — iBj-K.loaltack, 

Koci,-eii,-/<fti, '. "■ To pull up by lh> 

mua, n. The court, the governi 
EoGi. <(. The national asssmblv, 

£^h", cal^AfiVt and jYirfai 
the prtadent i* called Ci'chS: i 
members are called Ciiaant; 1 
place in ohich the council assembles u 
called Kf^sks, or Kigi-in. 

KnoiNOKO, x. Aihucdecock. 

Ko-GiRB, n. A small piece of cloth, = 

KoGiEI,-nl,-«o, (. I'. To chaffer, hag- 

Kf>-GUSURI, H. Medicinal powder, pow- 

V,on.\n,ijiaki miyttiaxY <i. Burnt alum. 
KoHAN, n. Sulphate of line. 

panese hour, ~ half an hour English. 

mo"h of"** JapaneKT™- 
KoHAie. ■. A daSD. or lockel. 


Small ii 

K0-HotiE,B. TheNupharJaponica. 
Km,™. The name of^i river fish. 

broth eriy love. 


infly DT foudlv of^ to long fot. 

thoi^t Df'with \< 

rondly of ' 
Kaisilis.1, n 
felt for an' 

KoiTBir, o. You blackguard! yi 
Kfl-iu, rf(«. >™. This, ihis kir 

Kot-WADZUBAI.-s.-JfU, .^. I/. To t 

that begs fot food, a beg- 

t, (he child is longue-Ucd. 

Ko-jO-HAU, H. A lunch laksn 

K6-ju.n'>;. ObeSent and amjat 
KojOto, ri. The husband's 

B. Scaler of a fish or seipeni. 

,«. Mo»! 

-rM,-/fl, /. f. To fall over, fall 

^.'n. A deed of the sale ot pur- 

^."(mW™.!..-), ». One who looks 

[B-J6, -. A deed of sale. 
U-BUK1. x. A loof with shingles 

rsu-MMiOBiTSul aiiz'. Falling and 

through a f^ame set ■ 

KoKKA, (iui,! iyt), B. Countfy. - m 
tarns «i inacM w> mUru, to die fa< 

KOKEEi, n. Comical or humorous talk 




This place. 


Brft. Nin 

h day 


a. Nine, 









E.». Thato 



sti, calculate 


(»rt, encour^ 


SE, «. Vof 






"oia. Sad an 

. sCoomy; lontly, di 



TE, «. T™ 

«, disp. 

denly recollect or think of, to strike 

KoKOR(bKUBAKl, x. Vigilance, watchful- 
K0KOBO;WAD01| H. Perplexity, bewilder- 

■m, ady. 


. To try, p 

, uninlentioDal. ' 

IS, ». Heart, disposition, tem- 

KOKOBO-WARiri, . *i, - *B, a. Feeling 

K^o°«»:v«u*^,^^r°°°E^y,\ol' dif- 
ficult; iniimale, friendly; easy, free 

an ^uniliar ; lonesome 

Feeling the 1 
iih wbich on 
me, forlorn, ti 


tty. KoiLiei the 
country, also the id 

KoKifftrfi." Thick 01 

come thick. See /fo 


idd wrenc. 

KokO, I. Empty space, Ihe air. 
K<>-i:UBi, «. A alighl inclinitioa of th< 

Kosu-BO (iuHl HO itAa). H. The Em- 

peroi'e molher, Ihc QueeD-niDlhcr. 
KoKU-Diulce, B. Marking the time on a 

XOKU-GEH (iati < 

K"iiuwATSuf*CiinninE, knavish. 
KOHA, ». A top; chKsmen, a pawn 
a cole : a small roam ; tllc bridge of 

KouAPOBl, B. A small bird. 
KOMAUIUK/,!, o. A young Eervant girl 
Kqma-coma-to, a. Mmutdj, parlic. 

KoHA-iNU, B. The stone imaee of a dc 

before Sinloo temples. 
KOHAKA-HA, o. Fine, small, minut 

Kom(Sa-ni, flito. Minutely, particularly, 

Pride, haughtiness, arro 
ft Tb. ,„,., ., : 
,-tK,-iia, I. o. To beckoi 
-tu.-ita, i. -a. To fold thi 
™,-Ifl, eaust. ot ^0 

KoK-BU, n. K kind of edible sea-weed. 

KoHE, ■. Cleaned rice. —i«,h>. rice 
Hour. yrsm^foVra, a ri«-boK, /fpms- 

*a™i\°? rice"^vt "kome-dsw^^ 
wi)'X ^t K wMvif^A tfS^A/^'*"" 
K"HEI%fl<f™a^C"°"H'gb''"ame, fa- 

KaMEHD6, n.' Troublesome, meddling. 
KoME-OKi,-tB,-;/a,(.r/. To place in, to 
kSTer" t' ""' A%oMnemiJe ; a con- 
crowd into ; mostly affiiedlo the roots 
of verbs, with the meaning of, — into, in. 
Nagg-kumu, to Lhrow into. Kortti-ast^ 
crowded together. Kovti^rtt^ to enter 

elebtated or illus- 



To ordtr, lei, or cause olheis to be 

gle,tocoiW. ■' 

confined or ihul up. 

KoKE,rf*,.Ja (. V. To knead, lo 
or mil together. 

KoHOEi,.™,Jfl, I. V. To be shut up, 

confined, immured: included, con- 

Ka-»EN (b«:4/ «» (M*0, -r. Future 

tained, comprised ; to be clcse »nd un- 

KoN-OBN, #. Beginning, origin. 

ICo-uORi, n. A vounE female nuise. 

mericfian'ot a celestial' gTobe. 

Ka«oB,,<.. Aba,. 

KoH-Gi, H. Marriage contract, m 

KoHOSo, n. A person of the Samurai 

mony. ^ 

other crime, who takes refuge in a tern- 

KSl::r;xV,T^bVf(i;^'of the dead. 

which guard the gates of Buddhist 


KoM-PAH, flrfff. This time, bow, at the 

Ko«-Ga-SH«, ». Emery. 

KOHPBiTfi. X. A kind of candy. 

KoN-GO'Tsuye, ». A staff with m 

KoM-PON, B. The ongin, beeinnine; the 

"^i.'"' ° *'' '""' ^ 

KoH-i (Msfpn. Ht *oto«). Friend 

Ko«UGi, n. Wheat. - b» *>, wheat 

amiiy ; intimate, fkmiliar, friendly 

I. Thecalfofthel 

KoN. Numeral 

ON (tin). 


lite. Kan^tiyi, this mom 


KoH-jiKi ikemnc no im). C 
Ko«-,o,«. Prussian blue. 
K0K~j6, 1. Natural disposil 

K™^"' Wa"Ii^""^r,'°ii 

KoNNA. Thian 


Kit-HO-MONO. B. Radishes jncklid i 






X dye-hou 

^B), No 


, drii-li 
s., dyer 

KOPPI.H. A playing card, a domino. 
Koppo, (4™iTimi-),». Thcbonyframe 

of the body. 
^ber.\,adv. Corea. 

Reproof, punishmen 

/fordjT, CM bear. K»>-artrartHK,w>- 

not be borne or endured. 
;osB,/™. This; here. 
^OREEA.>>i'. Thew.Buchas-tbis. 

^S',-r»,-J'ia,i. !■- Tomnkemloabale, 


. Cleai 


!d by Boine Msc occurrence : K 
J^^lobTpu^hSL' ™™™ "" 
ie"'lo be wholly git'en up to 
to be engrossed in, absorbed 


of parched bear 

section of Dnmboc 
KS-Bivi, H. Cover 


B. _ Boiled rii 

aIni"or public land. 

Corq/b. Time.period of time. /in. 

ioRn.H. A eyimdrical .wooden roller 
t^RO."'»""'A"'«n™' fo°r '"uming in. 

ColoBASITI,-!*,-^, i. p. To cause to fall 
do*o, to tumble down^io roll. 

CoHOBi,~fi.,-»a'B, i. V. To fill down, to 
tumble down, to fall and roll over. 

losocjABi,-r^//a, 1. z'. To roll about, 


. Doublful, un 

KoiOK>TO, adv. In 1 rolLIdg no 

Eaiia5Hi,-»i,-Aj, I. V. To kill, ^ay, 

KoRmsuKij-^^s, {. B. Td roll a 
KasA, ». The thickness, coDsisKn 
K6^l, (kmAi nff linma), n. A si 

Kosni-Ki, imTii. Mioulely, patticularlv. 
Ka^AKu,((ajrB7"*''™.*>"-»)- Cutti™. 

Bi/w. Fond of lil 

Ko-SBA, «. A blind person. 

or skiifu] person, 
Ko-sHAEU-NA, a. Hwins a smaltcring 
of knowledge, pedanric. 


Kfr«[a,«. Confucius 

llle swo^.*™ KssM-ia^, nrl£l« ^^ 
suspcndnl from Ihi belt, sucii as llie 

KoSHt^ARi, ». Wall paper, spread on a 
wall some (wo (at high from the Roor, 
lo protect the cioihes rrom the piaster. 

KosHi-BOBE, fl, 'Theo!sactum. 



f the //a 


«. Pu«i 

bride into a 








the time pnst 






teaming food 

the hips and thighs from rain, worn by 

KOSHI-HOTI), B. Amaid-serv-anl.acham. 

KoSHI-BUKH, B. One weak in the loins, 

aid"/so*Ji«."* ' ~ "" '' ' ''°"' 
KosHj-jBE, a. Poel^ defective in mel- 

form, ^^ion, prepare, make ready, 


K<««6, -: A 'boy ^v=n. who waits 

KoraJiTA, ». Ap 

upon a noble, or the h»d piiot of a 

Buddhist temple : s page. 

KOTE-KOTE, flrfK. 

KWHO, (*«o(,-^/o'^A written con- 

good dad. 

Ko-Tfi. Dignified 

K6-T6. Thelaryn 

O^^ lWft«(,<0 

K<i-SH6,{ala(*«,)». AcatpenKr. 

K^;» AflSS-'"; 

K^flHOKU, (/™ B« ianoniB,) Lewd, 
lecherous, iawivinus. 

K6-S0, >h Anaction, Bf soitvlaw.eom- 
pUdnt or appeal nade^to an olSciaL. 

Ko30UvutfUiv~iu,->c^i, a. Having the 

sensalion nrijckting, itchy. 
KosODE, H. Thsw^ed silk coat usu- 

allyworn by Samurai or people. o(th( 


^irdly, close, miserly, avaricious, 
Koeua,-rv,-tta, t. v. To rub, to tu 
bicdon to Boylhine. JCaiun-iinHi 
to rub into. ^wr7-0>f«H, to rub ou 

KS-TAl! Alternation, to do by lorns. - 
*»ni. to do by turns, alternate. 

\. promise^ the pledge 
^S. Word Ibr word, 

, A strolline fbrtune-tel 

KOTO-QOTO-HI, Brfo. Everylhm( 
KoTOweoTOSHii,-*!, . *», a. 


Koro-KAWABl,-rK-//«, /.I.. To be dif- 

KOWADAKA, ». A loud voice. 


lo hem in preparing to speak. 

KoTO-KiRK.-j-HrJa, C V. To end, con- 

KowAOAHi..rii.-1/n, 1. V, To be timid. 

dude, finish, to die. 

EoTO-EOHAVAEA-Ni, m^?. Mioulety, par- 

KowA-co»A,aB't-. Feuful, afraid, dtead- 



KoTONAHi,-«i, i. p. To bo diffetmt, un- 
like, unusual, sLrange. 

KowAi,-*i,-*B,-t*i, a. Fearful,- afraid ; 

KoTO-Ni, aJv. Espedaliy, particulsrly. 

iBW.not J^raid. ^ 

KowAi,-*i,-*B,-r*i, fl. Stiff, hard, rigid. 


beyond measure. 

KowAiRO, B. The tone of voice. — aw 

KoTO-osoi. Slow of speech, summer- 

Isuiau, to imitate the voices of differ. 


K0W.10, n. ^e side, or'under the arm. 

KoTO-SAHA-Mj, oAi. Particulariy. in an 

Nagi-aala mi — ni kaiayrra.boM- 

especial manner. 

inTihe spear under hit arm. 

KoTO-SHi, n. Harp or lyre maker. 

KowAMESHi, fl. A kind of food made of 

Ko-TOSHl, «. This year. 

KoTO-SHiGEKi -;(«, a. Busy, hurried or 

KoivANH, K. The tone of voice. 

over-run with bgsmeas, ihronged. 

KawARAUBE, •>. A little child. 

KowABK,.™,-/a, I-. V. To be broken. 

S.awAKi^u,-tta, t.n. To be hard, be- 

KoitwTAMr™- To answer the purpose. 

KoTsu, s. Bone 1 a knack, tact or dex- 
terity in doing. Ktiftv~enrtt^ tiie bonj 

KoTSujiui, H. A be^ar. 

KoVA, (I. A small bouse, hut, pen. 
Ko-YAKAMASH II ,-«!,-:««, a. Noisy, mak. 
ing a disturbance, fauit-finding, cap- 

K^VAKU, n. A medical plaster, oint- 

KovAsm,_ n. 'Manure. K/yasii-isuS^, 

:ove,-r,>^a, i. f. To irow fet, plump, 
or Qeshy ; Co be fertile, rich, ^\>duc- 
live. Kgyg-/utffru, to grow ^t and 


K^JA, n. A 
high plalfoi 

i^u, a. Having a shal- 


■vani boy. 

lidy, optnly, above- 
Suddhiil priesi, a 
V. To asEcmblc. 

onc-ninlh. Kubli-ku-rin, Dinely-Dbe 


Ku, «. Trouhlf 

haid w 

KC, B.' Empty apaM, the air, thi sky ; 
vscart, tboi^htIe», idle, aimLesa. K«- 
*S->a*a.:Aiiii, vacantly and idly. KH- 
cki. vaqant land. KO-chia, empty 
space, Che air. KH-kiye^ empty, void. 

KuBARI,.ni,-f/s, I. V. To dialnbuie, to 
dal out, divide. Koksra ws — , id 
Bve earefiil altmlion to many things. 

KuBi.BiKi, B. Trying Ibestcengih of the 

Krmiti, B. A yoke. 
K I ai-icTai,-rB ,-(/«, ;. 
bead, to behead, de 

iuBi-KiBi-BA, n. The place whcie crim- 

iuElRB-JINI, n. Suicide by hanging. 
iuBIRi,-rB,-(/a,/.E. To choke, stranKle. 

:UBOMI,-mjlj-B^a, I. w To'l 

■^iF'^il*1iHd£^ " 



make a atip of the tongue. Tokkwi 
H;*«cA,™«r-.toco3.abotile. - 
».■ ™t*flJS, to talk at random. - d. 
»ra, to sell by the quantity, ^weka- 

KucHl,'-»Wf*<. '- "■ To decay, to rot, 

sesEod by the spirit of ope dead, and 

utter his mind ; to rave like a madman, 

to tell from one to another. 
tuCHialEU, H. The lips. 
:ucHiBUVH,B. Whistling. — icw/b*k, 

to whistle. 


suHy manner lo a superior. 
KUCHI-CUCHI-BI flrfB. Many d[fferent 

K^«usuRi,"n. " Powdet utcd only for 

Kvcui-HATSj-r»^a, t. V. Completely 

KuCHl-IRE, K. An inteli^enle-office, 

KuCHI-KI, It. A decayed i™, rotten 

. Clevr 

KucHI-BflNE, n. Repeating what an. 
other »ys. mimicking ano^er's way of 
talkii^g^ mockiqir^ 

■aouth ; nesr'tlie door. 
Kucw-NAGUSAHi, o. Talking fo.r amuse- 

KucHirfiAuiDZUBi.ti. Licking the moulh, 

KuchinSi^o^ xfe CapO«smine, Gar 

-SAaAsa,-kif-ia,a. Given 'to low 
vulgar laBguage, babbling;. 
-SAOASHii -^n, a. Plausible, 

Kin^Hl-GOSOGI, H. Ceansin 

KtH^CHiSLiGt, H, A living, li' 

Unf^iVis, a. ^ Noisy, ot 

rSie ^indle^ot a sptnw^ 

, Day-break, the time of 

fii,z.v. Bnken into iHecefl, 


(a, t, !■. To break to 

io do with great care and 

!i,-*i,^K, n. Troobls- 

\m.rn'^la,t.v. Toi 

J/dram>—, 10 puree. 
KuD^UKt-cususi, n. Cathai-dc media: 

Kudo, "^ A ki^hen range, fiimace. 


Kunmfu, H, Mmt, good works, virtu-. 

Kuniu^."' Rubbish, waste and useless 
scraps, worthless artEcLes, Oga-kvdzu^ 

KuiHU-ORH,-r».-(a, i. V. To be.wom 

vat wilTctying. 'oi-*«^i*'^KT'in" 
KvrauKE.-^^, /. V. To bteat and 

KuDzusHi.-^Hi-to!, t. V. To break down, 

KuGA, fl. limd, as di 


oaculing Ihe head of a na 
....... Nail Htiractgrs, pingers 

[, B. Marks of pUDCtualion. 

K.TJCUDEU. n. A puppet show, 

back with age or disease ; to stoop, 
he huDiphacked. 
KuGUKORi,-™,^l'fl; i. V. To he in 

passunderorlhrough,tu worm through, 

K.vcum.'n. ABiDalllowdoorinaaale. 
KuGUGE, n. Humpbacked. 
KUCVTSITME, n. Waiting girls at an inn, 

a harlot. 
KU.,^-™^'''. '■ -- To regret, feel 

sorry for, deplore, repent of. Ayarna~ 

Kui- M, A pile, slake, poae. 

Kui, kO, kOta. t. v'^o eat, to bile j 
used in com. coU. often in the sense of 
receive, get, catch ; as, Kt^oto too kn- 

K^tkii-H, to Va^^^'"k^i-Mia.-n, 
to dinch the teeth. Kui-thimera, Eo 
crush, or hold fast id the teeth. Kal- 

mouth. ^Kui-lomirv, to oppose, hold 
in check, (o stop. Kui-tt,Aa. K, tdte, 
10 seiie with the leeth. Kni-lsumcru, 
straitened for food, to clinch the teelh. 
Kul-aa*eru, to dlsDera by chevring, 

Ktri-CHiGAl,-BB,-ffa, {. V. To cross, to 

ET^co^ia^, to be thwarted' in ODe's 

Kui-MONO, «. Food, eatables, provi- 

are arranged on New Years' day. 
KujAKU, n. A peacock. 
Kuj! {s^aitgols)., n. An action at law, 

Kijjj^n. Th^'lot." ^^ turu, to draw 
Kl!-JI, rt. A diagram, used as a charm 
KO]^^t,Ja, ). V. To sacrifice, to offer 

Kuii-SA, B. A courc-Toom, s bar. 
Ruji-DORi, n. Drawiug lots. 

Kuu^;^,-ia, X t, "¥S be broken, 
crushed - to be weakened, impaired or 


A clolli measure, _,__ 

ncha English, 
s. To pick, boi 

KuKE,-™,-<n, t. f. To MW fkt edges of 
two pieces logelher, so tbat the thread 
cannot be seen. 

Ku-KHTSU, «. Oral inslmction. 

KC-Ki. X. The atmosphere, air. 

KUKi^AK:^, a. Ciesr, bifghi, fKih aod 

untarnished in color. 
KuKEIItl oiAr. Qear, bright, &ir, or 

Kuic>[ii6 Good, fit, excellent, eminent, 

distmgnished, iiluEmous, 
Ki KUME,-ru,~/ii, '. V. To reed, to put 

into the mouth of another— aa a bini in 

KUKU_M?-««PSJ^ /. 5. To hold in 

KiKUNAKi R.' Theduckiniof ihen. 

KuKUEi .™,-«B, (. f. To bind, tie. 
A uii «w, to hang b; the neck. 

KuKuRI, x Bound, limit, proper re- 
slramt Kukn-hakama, a kind ol 
crowsen, full and lied, at the knee. 

4 large kind of bee. 
., 't. V. To edge with 

JHI-GASHIRA, n. The heiid of a 


\ ne!I of boies, one iitl 
f another, for hold 


or club. 
KuHO. n. A cloud. - ra dira, i 

K^Moi. H. The clouds, aky ; .he 
duelling in the clouds — the Mikad 

Ku-MOTSU, «. Things offered to id 

such as rice, fruits, cakes. 
KUB, {Mm!). Lord, master, prince ; : 

a respectful title, -Mister. K^ii— 


Ku-HAN, H. Pflin, trouble, hardship, aC- 

Oiaioa, tribuluion. 
KuK-DOKU, (»MHX). To reid by Irans- 

K^Vzviu, /.""-to give "the Japanese 

jitry. Xuni-taioi. irmaiiay of a 


iaaiire anything with somechjng else. 
AI,-*i^a,-an^ a. Darli. ArBra- 

KuRfl-KURA, adv. Diizy, giddy, having 
a senulion of whirling m the head! 
KUKA-MAGIBB, «. Bewildered, o urine to 
LOd notable 10 dis- 


KE, H, Money paid [or the 

KUKA-ISUBO, R. ^he s. 

tuRE,". The setting, eod, close. Hi 

M— ."endo^fThe'yeM. *'™' " ' 
i.vsil,-ru.-la. 1. V. To give. «i-fe *Brt, 

mile okuriAnmt set it. Haiiashili 

0:^iir;, tell it (o me. 
^uiTE-mjRB, itt/v. Over and over, a;^a 

nnd again, repeatedly. 
iuHE-K*TA, n. The evening, sunset. 
CUEENAI, ». Knk, or eearlet color. 

KuRI-AGH,-™-lfB,f.i'. To finish reeling; 
to Ince nhout, to withdraw or retreat, 

to make it fit. (fig.) to lake time from 

Kuri-i>ash'..j»,-(b, t. V. To wheel and 
march oul, to march out u> long files. 




aj«versed turn, unreded. 
it« a bDoli. 

ined ^Its sf 

drcuLar wheels. 
Cocion thai has been 

rice fields: amoundsfcailb.Iheriiliie 

gf a AM. 
KuRO. Black,— uwd only in Qomp.wotdi 
Ku.h6, ». Trouble, difficulty, care, coq. 

KURO-MADAKA, 1. Spoiled with blMlt, 

KuROKAsm,-i«,-(a,*. I.. To blacken. 
KuEO-HATSu, a. Black pine, the Pinus 



Ud. recti ded, mad, disorder. 

"iL" ™"'*^iSn'i " 

KuEUUi, ft. Awair 
KuRuu, R. A flail. 
KuHUHi.iIO, adv. 1 

ing, di^uU ; causi 
■ety ; toUsome. A' 
become painful. 

'"ucS!'E^';r"ii!h^'ift(^"'™' ^_ 


Kus^M,, -. A ..mkbg ,^ell, .ff=„.Lv= 

Kl'^-^k^o.^,. Thel«g= 


Ku^Ihochi,. «. A .tind of ric*J.rtad 

KuBSHl,-;»rB,-(B. To yidd, 

submit, to 

made by mixing boiled ^v^Hiir^iwilU the 

KusA-MUBA, ». A graiay plac, jjass- 

Ku5UBS,-r»,-(a, (. v. To eb 

oke, 10 fu- 



Ku3AitAKASHi,-.n.-Ai. Td cau» to pu- 

KuS"aoiu,-jT., I. B. To b 

Irify, to corrode, lo make lo sloi^h, to 


KusuGURi,-™,-«a, (- o- To 

k""^'':Sh.,», Causdc,«ohsra.ic,or 

KfSUGUTTAl ,-*!,-*«, a. Tick 


KusAR(,-rK.-«B, I. V. To putrily, ro 

madeof riii£s interlaced, 
Klbasa, b. The Btiok, putridity, t 

in impostor, deceiver, hypo- 

fiiMd, disordered. 

which lish or Ihiit i 

Ku-SHtN, 1. Hard labo, 
KirsHlRO, H. Abtacelel 
KuBQ,™. Feces, dung,. 

Kusum ' n. Medicine, drug; giinpow- 

body, an^bh, agoay, d[&t 


KuisuBOGWa.-i'M,'. p. To be loose, 

The rrinofabri. 







« HI » 

oi;Vndt(iervmg,'unworthy!" " "" " 
KuWADATS.-ru,-/B, ;.n. to plot, to de- 
vise, to Kheme ; to plaB, contrive, con- 

KuwADATS, V. A plot, plan, device, 

KuwA-DEN, *. A metoD-palch. 
KuwA-vuKU, H. Fortune and piisfoitune, 

so Ihal there may be neithei too much' 
KuwA-GOf, (i^//r3a «w fv^wa), Lao- 



K, (4a»>«B. 

«i«vi. «. 

ihan half, Che greate 

part, the 


, H. Selrib 

tion the 

e-s deeds. 




ng, as- 





j;kwards ; 








a 1 







— iJZ 







e tin 


A ^mal 



hi bosom. 




travel, or gs round the different 
vmc« of the empire. 

KuWAi'.NiN, «!* B«ng «itb chUd, I 

jr eallei] 

™,. («., 

KliWAl-SHO, (,a/s«mari «*«■«), a. A 
place for assembling to tranaacl public 

KuSill^H^!' \"liL'«,ari' .""af^J^K ■. 
The heaJ man of an assembly, meet- 

KuwAi-TAi, H. Pregnant, with child. 

ing officer oV an assembly.™ °' '"™' ' 

velihood. wayorexpe. 
siting a living. 
■^). n. The previona 
: ; the past ; the paisf 


ttmpleii. coiMinin^^ "adlM oTlhoa^ 

lo^bc sail'amlnsed "c^fng^^lT Th" 
day of the month on whjch thcr died ; 
also a iamily record of the □ ' 

, n. The strokes of a ehan 


'the aboliuoi 
miyos and i 


ilsf'^hTti^ '' 

ai;also the office where 

ofiiciaj s^doTT- 
duty, office. 

CU1.A[1,B. Am£ 

:e where gov 
sacted. ^xn 

Lk. Kawan-r, 

-SEl, ia™"' ««.ar«T,. Tr 
lalion or chance gf snimai form 

-SEKI, (l»Sl HI :(:a</'<irH), 

ngfiA to sronc, petn^tion. 

we^ht. Jkiuioan-mm.onelbt. 

' KuwA-TO. , Beyond ont 

A bar 01 bolt, for fas- 



KtiwA-njKtr.'a. NobSiiy, grand«s,'aris. 

Kui^a|^i, (Airvtu Sinarti). Gmt, ei. 

Kuwd-dd', «. TtaE ecliptic. 
Kuwo^BN, n. Talking tuEely, boast- 

u,'b. Wdea, the plal:E of the 

scled ty the 

lll^i>i'ii, a. Pioduc 

its of the dead, or 

ile flowers. 
Anxiously brooding 

Maa. EKClam. i 

•A eitactly upward. Ma-Jtigir^ 

powered by to. 



Mabushi.,-*/,-^. ". Da^^ling, over-; by coo Blrong a Lighl. 

Mabuta, ». The upper eyelid. 

MM:m^u,-lla.t. n. To wait, to stay, 

to expect, look for. »^«Af-««,towil 

Mw&i-atas«, to wait the whole nisht. 

to wait untiL morning. Jlfacl,i_-av«^- 

watch for. l^aM-i<,H^^, to ^t 

cil-*iti-as«, lo wait the whole day, or 

^aclTi-wJi^i.l'w' get"ready in en^ 

Wait. .M^a..*Wi,.4»-:/, to lie id wait 

expect. Ufacii-^araiiru'to waitann- 

iou>ly hi, or in londinesa ; to long for 

the gomhlg. 

MACH..At^-. A waiting house, public- 

houses k which person, wait for, or 
M.ICHI-BUSE, n. Lying in wait, or in 

long delayed, seeming lonf; defetted, 

waSing impatiently. 

Mackioaj,-ib,.*M, /. T.. To mistake, to 

miss, to en-, to te different, to be at 

fault, to blunder. 

Mackicai, >E. Histake,error, bull, blun- 

der, miis. 

where public ims'iness is transscled. 

UACHiaAVB,-rif,-/ii. t. V. To mistake, 

Machi-machi. o. Many and different. 

M^m,'"^™- ™n>ica. 

Ma-CHITTO, flrfi.. Jii31aliltle,butaUt- 

Madu katai, yet early, too early. 

Madaki, (-Wrfa aktiarui n. Early, 

Madaba, a. Spatted, dappled, marked 

KK-a»fm™U.-k«.^hla. Tardy, slow, 

dilatory, taking, time, tedious. 


lo wancfei from the right way, lo err, ID 
be deluded, milled, b^uiled, bewilder- 

Madoka, n. Round, circular. 
Ma-di)R[, h. The arranEemenl of 

in a house, plan of a bouse. 
Madorot,-*/,-*i(,-i*i, a. Slow, tardy, 

procrastinaring, dilatory, tedious 
MADOKt.Hi,-nx, I. V. To doze, to ( 

«Xva^M,JuJi% ■:,. To lead astny, 

way ; to delude, beguile, mislead, de- 




TTE, i,d-u. FT^rs 

, in' the first 




,-i*/, a 

Poor, desti: 

The de 

i^f fid 





e. to b 


Maoai' h 




^', im 


A kind 

f oiled paper. 

her, stamped 





lets, et 

of bamboo. 


GASHII.-*,-,-**. a. Unfortu- 



Magao, i 



ance, a 

&ce, a foil 




To be bent, 



rally crooked. 

mSgab™'. Tb^nd, CO 


Macaei-kado, ». The bend or corner 

MAGiJ}(E,-r«,-|Fa, i. f. Perplexed, he- 

of a road. 

or bewildered. 

MaoawasH(-™.-<o, /. D. To imitate, 

MA01.EE-ATAK1, ,. Hit at random, hit 

make like. 

Magiird, n. The 6oiiitD. 

MACAYE.-m.-ifB, t. V. To make in imi- 

ladon, to iunlerfeil, simulate. 


Maqe, b. The Japanese que. 

Ma-guso, tt. Horse-dung. 

Mao=>-,-(=, a /^To beod, to crook ; 
to rfo t^uctanlly, to do though averse 

Mahi" t^UiirtruX''"— suru, to be 

or loath to do it. 

numb, paralyied, devoid of fceling or 

Mack-mono, n. Round boxes, such as 

{nll-boics, made by beoding »aod. 

Ma-hiku.b. Noon, midday. 

Mauo, H. A sail squared 10 the wind. 

aveiseot loath «i do. 

Mft-H*,H. SoKctj-, magic arte, coiuura- 
lion — la-iai, a conjurer, sorcerer, 


Macieaka3H(,-ij( yjfl, /. p. To cause to 

to obscure, hide, to congeal, mystify. 

MvJilKAKAEHili-*/,-*", a- Imitating, 


KAamct-ru,-r-, i. v. To be indiscern- 
ible, c^undis^guishable, because of 

efs'°f to be confounded"wilhrhlendMl 

ceaied, or di|^iscd with other things so 

take, error, o&cunty. 

Maoo, f. Grandson, grandchild. — mn- 

sarVf^ Eianddauchtcr. 
Magq. «. One »h^ leads or attends on 

mI-^korS™', True, dneere, without 

MAKM!lAOO,'"B<ir'"Mo™g about in a 
■ confuBed or perplered manner. 

shape of a child's hand, used to scratch 
the back with. 
MA<10TSgl£If.*K,rf'*a, I. !:. To move 

Ma-gcchi, B. Tbefrontdimenslonsofa 


™; n A dan 





E, B. An 


used for 


ing grain in 




I,-,. A dpi 





a tic 

et attached 


. having 






^ , The 


er ba, 

It of lh= 

ki n 

*/ , used as 


m for 


-. TheRo 

ZE,B. A»h 




M/,jiiC:ii^*i,-*»,-i*', ».. Close by, n< 

pei], enchant 
MAjiRA't, H. Friendship, fellowship, in. 

be IricDdly with ; mixed, mingled toge- 
Maji«>11i, b. Inlimaoy friendship. 

Mai«cb, H. EyMhade. 

Makanai.-oii.^M,/.!'. To furnish pro- 
viaiDDS, provide iood. lo hoard, to pur- 
vey, to Ornish wilh lodgings, or accom- 

M..,— . ', Board, enlerlainmenl, 
— kaia, the person 


quer,^t, vanquish. 
MAK*ii..-»,J<., ■=«».. of tr^il. To 
cause anolker to sow, or sprinkle, (o 

easily alfecled by, suscep^le oV. 
Mahe-iro.^ The appearaoQe of d, 

de for beinE defe^ 
done by olHers. 

aInuL, lo snrinlde about, to squander. 
MAKi,-i.,-iVa, i, V. To wind around, 

curl. ^fl*i«iiH^,iorellup. M-iii- 

r^"ff?^il*OH^1o roll'T^nd one 
Ihinc within another. Maki-tiuicru. 

i the hair 

secured to the handle with thres 

Maki-cami, n. Paper used for letters, 

Mam-gahk"^ "Hunting W surrounding 

Maki-jiklt, ». The round stickon which 
MaKl-UONo, 1, Pictures thai are kept 

MAKl-WAHl,a. An ane used fijr splitting 

Ha.kive, n. Gold lacquered, —ski. a 

person who paints gold lacquer. 
Maki-zove, 1. Implicaled, or involved 

olhe™" - ni "k, to be'invo"^." 
Maekai, «. Deep red. 
Makkaku. True, or pefectly square. 
Makko. Directly over the head. 
Makeuha. Very dark, pitch daik. 
Makkuko. Deep black. 
Makouo, n. A kind of rush, used in 

M^cmf^'Tmth. ™ 

Makoto-ni, <«^». Truly, really, indeed, 

Makotohash^u,^,-!*, a. Truth-like, 
having the appearance of truth, spe. 
clous, plausible. 


Mamori, *. Gu 
leclioQ, defcDC: 
amulcl. Mam 

dAMA HAMA, fl Slepmolher, foslct-mo- 

iTamI t.0 n ^lep-child. 

A\» J1EN {iffcAj a/H,i*ieiki). Every- 

tf "«"«!% ° A ihopliftei, IhLcf, jnlfsKT. 

thousand busings. 
Mamuki. DilEnLy opposite. 
Mauitsht, n, The name of a poisonous 

Man. 'Ten iheusand, a mvriad; all. 

Mamiob « Theeyebro». 

i.-ru.-li', I. V. To c 
k* do or answer ihep 



j6,R. Aroundcakernaileofwheal 
XX, ft, Arrogan«, pride, hai^hii- 

[am, n'. A ball, fcol-ball. Te-vtaH, 

Hah-nek-^ahi, 1. 
M^o^M-AU. adv. 

el.even, hoiiiomal. 
Vfull or abundant cro 

rrogaoce, pride, haugJ 

Y&KfUta.x. .A guest, visitor 
Maru, n. A circle ; the name Riven to 
the diffei^i divisions irf a cai^tle ; > c>- 

m:iru-bai:hi. «. A >dnd of bee. 
. Maru-bon, h. a round tray. 

Maru-de, ad-B. Wholly, entirely, alto- 

>AKA,x. Statk naked. 

HI. n. Going without the{',^i^u,-shi, a. Round, drcutar, 

round. AfamiK jw™, becime round. 
. Masu-ki, n. _ A round loe. Marukl- 

Man-vgtsu. Full of joy, perfect happi* 

Man^, h. Whole assembly. 

Man-iai lyxraizu no Utki), n. Ten 

SA, M. The degree of roundness. 
UA, dtf:*. liircctly, straightway, IT 


Z^ I 

,KU. Fully or complelel, 8M 

. The'flaifromwhichgras;c]g 

Dwc'i!'' StarVTaked.'' * '"' 
ul.a^i'. Earnestly, importunate 

It. The membrum viiile. 

HAi,-*/,-*a,-i-i/, «. Imptoi 
ng, unbecoming., 

"jiisi, almost,' about, exactly. 

MA5Aiti,-r»,-tfB, r. 7.. Toeicel,surpi 
outdo ; to 1» superiot, mote eucelle 
better ; to increase, become greater. 

MASASHii,-fi',-*K, «. True, teal, certa 

-TSUCHT, ». _ Soil "that hai'not ; 


MflSBCAKi, n. A We made of bamboo 

placed uprighi. 
Ma-shaku. b. Propordod, measure. 
MASHi,-j:a,-(a. A respectful colloquial 

Mashi,-™,-<» /. f. To increase, 10 aug- 
ment! to add to, make greater. 

iHod only o^ the Mikado and jVami. ' 


Ho* miicl 


Massaki, dift'. The veiy first, the fbre- 
Massao, n. Deep blue, livLd. 

M!^"',.r,n,..»,, arf„. Rjdlni. f„rr„,«1v. 



a, Slra 

ed, di- 

usS atrte'^Mgles of wi 

Masui, n. Anodyne, 


Mata-okk, «. A seoopd seenrity or 

ov«","fuf>h'emore,1fkeVis^ ''' """^ 

Matoba.'h. A^^foriarzet.shootine. 
Mat™, «. Akindofens^umadeofpa- 

MATO™nBE,-™-/a. To be twined around. 

encircled, as by a vine. 

MAetiKACAMI.n. Ala^emErcor. 

lllii-rav!ja,-ni.-tta,i.v. Twined around. 

Masu-kaei. n. A stick used ID lerding 

wound around, encitcied. coiled around. 

Matsu, n. Pine. - «« ki, a pine tree. 

Masu-masu, iT^lr. More and more, still 

Masume, n. Measure. 

Matsv-bai, h. rutnre ages, Uiest gen- 


mI^O^^K-ko, «. Akindofpomamn. 

used for the hair. 

ta-mafa, again and aiain! repeatedly. 
Mata, b. The crotiE of the legs, a 

Matsusb, 1. Eye-lash. Saka-miilsusi, 

crotch, Ibrk. 

MAISU.S0, n. The end oi life, the tims 

MATABuii,-. A hook used at fires, or to 

catch thieves with. 

Mata-dokari, n. Next neighbor but one. 

MaSu"?,°b.' "a br^crKniple, a temple 

Mata-CaI, b. Buying second-handed. 
Mata-cam, n. Borrowing at second- 

which is an offshoot from a knxji, ot 
main temple. , 


Matsukasa, ». A pine-but. 

Matagaiu,-i-b,-«b, A !■. To sit, or stand 

as clothes ; to clothe. 

MATauBi,.™,.Ji,i,/. B. To oi&r sacri. 

Matagk,-™,-!^, i. !/. To step over or 

fices^ to woisliip, to celebrate rel^ui 


Matsuki.b. a religious feslival, or Mle- 

Mave-dare, ». An apron. 

Mave-cami. 1. The forelock of hair. 

Mave-cari,-, Drawing money before it 

is fully due. 

Bovern, to administer public affairs. 

Mave-kado, B. Formeror previous thing. 

s«bj«t. yield •" »''''"'"'|f'..y . 

Mavk-kth, n. Advauce-mone^, earnest- 

Hattadahaea. ». The centre. 

MATTA,,-*,>t-^*/. a. Whole, com- 

riele, entire, perfect; sound; gende. 

Multtiks ™™, 10 complete, make per- 


fect — K«B, a sound horse. 

Mavs-oici, n. Anything said as an intro- 

MA>ut3iIHUEE, 1. Face directly down- 

duction, prelude, or prefece to the main 


fece to the earth. 

Maye-ushiro. Before and after, before 

MAWAiii,-fB,-«a, I. H. To go round, to 

and behind, front and rear. 

lura round, to revolve, circulate, loiaie. 

spin round, whirl. 

MAyoi;.J,.Jia. ;. V. % hi bewildeiid. 

Mawah.-.. a turn, revolution iclrcum. 

fcrenee j a period of seven days, in lak- 
■■^medlcinV ^,«.-, the clothing. 

Hawasi-awasb, n. Luck, fortune. 

Mawaw-bah.b. a watch, in which each 

Ma-yoke, n. Anything that will keep 

M°WAH-^,,lV""i;,-tK, a. Round 

off evil Spirits. 

about, drcuitouj, not direct, prolii. 

lengthy, tedious, dilatory, .low. 

Mawam-DSRo «. A lantern »ith a re. 

Maydku, n. Midnight. 

MAYoWASH.,-B.,Ja, (. ,.. To delude, 

Mawari-guwai, «. A meeting, or party 

mislead, beguile, to lead astray, to 

which meets at different '^ac« ih 

mIvT""- ThJ'eyebrows. .Hfy„^i, 

y.-d!umi, ink used for blacking the 

MA*AOtl,^,-i'B./..p To turn, to turn 

eye-bm«s. Ma,«-ga!kira, the end 
of the eye-brows near the rose. j)/btk. 
ec, the hairs of the eyebrows. lUayu- 

ronnd, lo wheel, whirl, spin, to circn- 

MAWASHIv-iB..fii, (caust. of Mai). To 

haki, a brnsh used in powdering the 

make dance. Sam vis —, to make a 

face. Ma^H-lhiri. the outer end of 

the eyebrow. 

Mavumi,' -. The Evonymus' thunbei- 

Mawatashi, 1. The cross snips on 

»?>°i'- ,. - , ^. „:. „:.„i. 

MAvii'A^;-iB,.Ji, (, V. To cheat, de- 

Mavakashi, n. ' One who obtains money 
bv cheating, or trickery ; a knave, jug- 
gfer, cheat, swindler. 

Mave, h. Before, f^ont, former, pre- 

MavhIm,',.' Day beforel'prt'^^ day ' 
Mave-biro-ni, flrfr.. Befcrehaod, pre- 

To mix, mingle, 

MazeIk'ay'esh^J^"^, /, V. To speak 

ironically, id confuse or bewilder. 
Me, <. The eye;Yi»on. - no tama, 

m' The itSd'of a saw, grater, or 

y.) The^oml" o'r "wL^'whtr^two 
things, as paper or boards, are united. 
{,.) The meshes of a net ; the space 




ous epithets; 


rds. JHr-ntii. 

en^^of, o. iolerview with, a superior 
"iFio^ «n^;^"-''^n uiar^fiSn""" 

Mtdiiirsihiiu Hai, not strange. ' 

MECfl,^. A female deer, a doe. 
MHOAKE,«-a,-tfl, 1. z>. To sinele ont, lo 

keep the eye on, to mark, notice. 
Me-gami, B. A female divinity, a god- 


MEGE,--.,Jn, .-, o. To be broken, 
crushed, to be deeply affected by. 

neas, (o pity and aid, lo do good lo, 
besto* bfisMnp. 

king, flickering, 
t. Shatp^ighled, 

Mh-bun-myd, k. Judging of the weigj 

, A kind of bamboo. 



ulaled, joyful, bap^, fortunate- O ms- 
detS ffBBariiKizsK, 1 wish you joy, 1 
congialulale you. Htditaku nai iitf. 

MEGUWASH,-rilv-(a,i. s. Tc 

give a ugnal by winking. 

.houghiful, SUntivi. -, 
Mei. h. Name ; famous, eel 

iflH, a famous pr 

ilebrated maker. 

'fnd stake. ''""'' 


<he name Df Ilie article. 
Mhi-HAKU, a. Clear, plain. Evident ; 
juEl, bodest, opin, frank, Tau, candid; 

b^ho'nesUn Seryi^ng"'' ' 
V^^zai^ijJ!,^?.".' To command. 


ir-KAN, (aiiVflAflMfK *fl™mi\) n. 
The clear oiiiror, — jusi biSance, just 

Mnl.UBl, ilV™. Each one separately, 
each by himself, each and alL, every 

MEiRi.-rar'M, i. o. To be given up to 

Me?-^."-^, SnSteiy, particularly. 
Mbi-shi, {Ha-iotsia;t fl. A noun, or 

Ubi-shu, (cAi'IviMnsMOiH. The per- 
son Kt up as chief, leader, or head of a 

Mju^^r^lntoxical*?, drnnk, 

^erpleiitV, quandary, annoj^nge. 

MfJiHuSHi, a, Asign.mark.HBHal, bea- 
Ue-kaiw, n. SharpnesE of sight or ner- 

iesxi, a. Plated with go1< 
rarx, to plate with gold. 

Mekuease, n. "f^inki! 
M^ue!, =,°^Arivet. 

Mekup.i, n. A kind af game played with 

M?KiiBi,-r=<,-((n. ;. s. To peel off, strip 

off, tear off, to uncBver. 
MEKum-PTOA, «. Playing cards, 

headed, dli^y, vettiginous, eiddy, 
MH-ifuso, «. Gummy discharge from 

to lose ^e, to be humiliated, m 

particularly ; carefully. 
MEUoiiui, R. Chlotoform. 
Me-hoto, s. Near the ejn 


Mas, l>oo), «. The tee, surface. Mi 

hamsn &«. Kai-mtH, the surface 'of 
the oceaa. yi-min, tlie £>ce of the 

"dan, talking 'fece tolaceT^'w^fH-^w, 
the features or form of the face. 







KKO, » 



nove &om office^. 

Me-so-ko-zab, 1. Reckoning by count- 

with, as seiVants or attendants 

ing on the fingers ; menial arithmetic. 

a child suckled by a vet^UTSe. 
Mhk-kui, h. Food made of wheat flour. 

tale or salary taken away. 

Mhshii,™. a blind person. 

MEN-aBN,». A cotton rug. 

MiSHi-ja, B, A written sum 

Mbh-tsO,'». a HDoden box carried by 

Meshi-kakavb, J-KJ-/B, I. V. To 

beta's- fcr keejring food in. 

to glfiee, to take into service. 

MHN-y4,«. A. beep. 


Kamiskimo, ot clothuof cetei 

which one has seen. 



Mbbhi-taki, ». A cook. 

Me-oto, (AA,) «- Husband and wife. 

MefpA. Unreasonable, absurd, exoibi- 

perado. Men'fiikai^ out] 

ME3ATEB,-ru,-^a. pass, of MeskL 


p. To take 

I-AGa,-rB,-/o,(. H. 
e possession of, se 

mon togedier. 

To take away. 
iM, to le-y, to 


. Male and remaJs ; 

Mcte, (» 

. , "^heorbilof 
MetsubA, h. Diatiniclion, r 

Mc-TSUBDEB-DAl"' «- A . 

dust of which 

dust at which is poisonous lo the e^e^ 

Mb-tsukh, h. a pabtic censor, or spy. 
Ms-TSiFKi, 1. The eipceision of the 

\ heedlessly, 

less, thangbtless, TBiidoHi. 
METTA-Ni,iu/ih Carelessly, 

of seldoni, infrequent, rarely- — ttai^ 
□ot oftea^ seldom- — konaij seldam 

Me-vahi, b. Sore eye. disease of the 

Mt^VANI, "■ A gummy or mucous dis. 

charge from the eyes. 
Ukvasu-uako, «. A box placed before 

(he gale of a court-house inlo which 

IvfEEAHASHi, u. AwakcDinf from steep. 

— toiei, an alarm clock. 
MBZAiiASmi^i.-^tu. a. AwakiuE the 

Me!0, «. The cvc of a needle. 
Ml, n. A shallow basket used for ■ 

M™l'^Fruit, seed, nm ; anythinj 

Ml, K. The body,; 

Ml- Three.' 
noisTns^kingioi'n"f«io^. j/iJS^, 

m'i? «™Tlie snake, one of the tw^ve 
calendar signs. ■ Jai hi taii, ion o'elod: 
AM. Mi MS tsttii. the fourth month. 

Ml. A term of honor or respect prefixed 
lo words rtlatiog to the A», or Mi- 

Mi- A pre^. meaning deep, great; as, 

""" "Tftieod^ 
one of the same mind or party. 
Mi,-i-H,-ta. t. V. To see, look at, per- 
ceive, 10 feel ; wiUi other Twhs has the 

"""' r 5rf"^'"/'*"rf '°^'°'' ""^"^ 
see'whatitislikc. Miyaia •as mim, 
10 feel the pulse, /fift miie me ncra- 
rtnai, he tried to sleep hut could not- 

Mi-AGAEi, n. ' — sura, to be irritated, 

Mi-AK(,%.,-r:/a, i.^. fol^tired of 

looking at, to loathe the sight of. 
Ml-ATE, n. £itample, rule, copy- 
Mi-AWASE.-«.rJ-t, t. P.. To look out 

Mi-AWASHii,-in,-(a, /- v. To join to- 

H^.^AVAMACHl^Jlf-Ha, (. f. To mis- 

Mi-BAVe, B. Growing wild, as a plant, 

or growing from the seed. 
Mi-siiKi, x. Selfishness, self I'lve- 
Mi-BUN, n. Race, social, position ; con- 

Mi-BURi', n. taniige, deportment, man. 
ners, action or motion of the body, 

Mi-BUKi,.-rur^«ii, (. v. To imitate, as. 


MiCHi, B. A toad, way (fig.), 'He right 

jti. n raad-hoob or joumal of on 
iravels. ^/c4i->tmM«nglh afaroi 

i/Iicm.-tiu>Ti 01 ru,-ta,f. v. To be full. 

fill ap or occupy the whale eiient, <o 

be comirfeK. 
MicHT-BAT^ ». The s[de of a toad. 
MicHt-DZURB, H. Fellbw traveler, coio. 

Ml-CHIGAYE,«T»,Jaw. p. To see and 


li.Hi, a, Ehb and Hon' of Che tide. 
U-KAKE, n. The wailng and wan- 
t of the moon. 

(I.XICHI, adv. While in the v,sy, or 
the raid. 
IlSHIKl^~ta, a. Full, filled. 

MiDOHO. Smeared over with : aa, CAi- 
«;-<foffl, smeared with blood. Au-«ii-. 
doro, covered with sweat. 

MlMU-ABUBA, a. TGe oil made troiil 

made of malt. 
MiDZU-ASAGI. n. A light blue color. 
MiDzu-BAHA, a. MocQus discharge from 

Mipjli-BABE, «. A wale^ swelling, diop- 

IDIU-BITKURO, n. The air bladder of 

for holding water ™'ivs'*^=r or a 

cord containing charts, plans, the qnal- 
iiy. ownership and rate of taxes, oV all 

lie wsys. 

Micni-WATARi,-rB,-«a. Filling every 

Place, spreading ov«.. 

Midju-dbppS, a. A squirt, synoge, 
MlDZU-DOKEI, n. A clepsydra. 
MrD!u-DOBr, a. A water fowl. 

MiDANUKi, ». The name of an animal. 

MiDADA-NA, n. Acting disorderly, or 

contrary to prepriely, order or rule; 

MiiMUOAKi, ». ApYcltetfence. 

MlMU-GlWA, a. Edgeoflhewater. 

Mimv-aa, K. Cleansing .he body with 

dered, thrown into confusion, eidted 

to tumult, agitated. 

MiDiuriiDSA, a. Grass, ot weeds grawing 

disorder, confusion, tumult. 

in the water. 

Mn)AHiMHi,-™,-tfB, r, .J. To enter in 

M[^j«™ASHi,a.^ Fruity 

ted color,' made of'p^a. Ana ustittor 

MiDAH-Ki, adv. DiiKirierly, aibiltarilv. 

from a channel for irrigation, by open- 

MiD,«M.,-i-r.-/a, i. V. To derange, throw 

ing an embankment. ' ' ' •- 

into disorder, to disturb the legulat 

MiDzu-iMO, I. Chicken-pox. 
Mtora-WB, a. A vessel for holding wa- 

order, to break down, confuse, to de- 

M^I?hJ^"^«, (. V. To find by look. 

Mm^-™o,». A light bine color. 

ing fcr, to discover, descry. 

MiDzu-jAKU, n. A rod. or line for mca- 

Mi-bate, n. Appearance calculated to 

ihow, display, looks. 



^», (. ^. To watfr animals 
rtaich each recklessly incrimi 


re for defend 


under vster 


bded look. 

MmiU-MDB!, > 

a plumb-lint 

: MTi'-S 

righlea ; to refine, punfy, ms^t i 

le body, as ia fcncins. 

BARA,H. ThekincTotqualiCFof 

m — either physieally or sociaM}'. 

self-indulgence, sellishne 

lipi, «. Right; aforesaii 
right side. " '' "^ ' 

kzfuktttfid, a farm-laborei 
O'ASU. Smoolh, shiniDg, 
I,— like the Sur&oe of watt. . 
TE, n. The supply of mter. 

E, «. One of the ten cbI( 

handsome, pn 
. Ugly, offend 



Mill I 

57 MIM 

Ml-EIREKCJ. Cannot be wholly seen, too 

much for the eye to see at once, l/mt 

Mi-H,Bi,-™,-/M. i, I.. To look onlaod 

en hirokaie t»t Hi «tikire<!a. the 

«ra,oh what b passins, to state. 
Mi-HABi, *. A look-out, or alatiOD- 

ocean ii so wide It cannot be all seen at 

M.-KiBi,-«<,-(if=, /. V. To settle in one's 

lay open, or disclose Bomettinj con- 

M^Sw^^^t"^™;. "-To decide 

M^RE,.^H,-^, i. V. To chaim, benilch, 

MlKXA. The third day of the month, 

Mi-lBi, n. The bearins of fruii. the qual- 

three days. 

ity of the (ruk, the crop. . 


MiKKuwAi {hisskam etsumaru). A le- 

MiTii(Ai,-ii,.tB,.i*r, a. Short, not 

^cret meeting. ^ | h Id 


"IBS""'- '■ '■ ''• •'■•■"■■ 

communication with IhTgods and the 

MijiKASA. H. The ihorlaHS, the length. 

tdeface aad head,-in the manner of 

MiKO, H. A ptin« ot son of the Mikado. 

Hi-tt miin, a princess. 

Mi-KO, Thr« strands. - »&, thread 

MuITh'";. Cruelty, abusive treatment. 
UijiMAKU, «. Looking after or minding 

m"-ko,'™ 'Triplets. 


Ml-J.K,». Fine dust, smallest iBHiole, a 

as taken in by the eye. 


MyiKOK-r-*". /. ". To shrink back in 
far. to draw back, to flinch, lo start in 

Mi-KOMi,-«».-',^,(.V To see into or 

perceive clearly, to reckon upoii,esti- 

Mi-juKU. Not yet ripe ; imperfect in 

learning, or skill ; green, incrpeneneed. 
Ml-EADO, a. The Emperor. 

"•SS'tfJ^rlS'l" :t;l^l: 


Mi-icAGiH,.«,-#„, /. «. No longer able 

to endure the s^ht of, no loogerwilling 

Mi-«osH.,-™,-/a, t. V. To look over any. 

to see. 10 discard. 

Ml-XAXS,-ru,-ta.l.v. To lay eyes on, 


MwHKB-n.loSHl, H. Anything different 
from what it appears, false or deceptive 

MiKO-YOSE, H. Inquiring of a witch or 

Ml-"uB"^'tl^!:*^r"'"¥o despise. 

Mi-EATA,.>>. A friend;' one of the same 

army.^de, or party, our side. 

Mi-KtiDAW-HAN, , A.bill ofdivorce- 

Hi-KAWAaHi/<iu,-J<i, t. V, To eicfaann 
MT-KAYE,-r*,-(a, J. t. To look back. 

ment,-so called from its being always 

Ml-KUBASHI.-iK.-iB, I. p. To look dom. ; 
to despise, look down 00, contemn. 

look behind ! to change the object of' 

Mi-KUDiu, H. Knbhish floating in «a- 

Mi-KAVBaHi,-ji(,-«B, *. f. To regard 

agun with &»or something which one 

Mi.Euji, ». Divining slicks, used in tem- 

bad rejected or disliked. 

ples to learn the mind of the X^i. 

MuKUSA, 1. Sea-weed ; any grass grow- 

tween the eyebrows. 

M1KI.B. .?Bl<ofl^eredtotheA-B«,-. 

MiKl. «. The trunk of a tree. 

Ihing for another, 10 confound different 

Mi-i:iKi, B. Seeing and hearing. 


KlMU-raXf-atta, i. 

\ of sympaihy lo one 

Mi-HEi, ymada aktdsu\ n. Before the 
dawn of day. 

Dd of owl. 



uiu^i, ^'^Id^n from the common 

people ; milkia. 
Mi-HUET^ n. Looking towards. — mo 

tedsu^ would not even look towards 

MiN, (fami), n. The people. Min~lm, 
the houses of the common people. 
Miasci, people, a deraocraiie goverrt- 

MlNA, «. A kind of river-shell, like the 

MlNA,flrfp. All, everything, the whole. 

Miia-niina.M. everyone, the whole. 

jIfiM-sama. allofyou. 
MiNADZUKi, x. The siith month. 
Ml-HAGASHI, <i. Letting anythins pass 

MiNAOiiii.lru, 1-. V. To rise'and swell, a> 

MlNrGlwA,°«.'"^'aler'3 edee. 
MiNA-GOROBHi, 1. Putring all lo death, 

M?MAK"u'»!"'Tiio headwaters, foun- 

MiuAKiiCHi,'ii."Ti;e''o^nings made for 
water lo flow out of, as in tie banks of 
rice-fields or ponds. 

MiHAHi, n. The south. 

MiKAMOTO, », The fQuntain.-head, the 

Miiii*wr""'Tphe dress, doihing, de 

MiriATO, a. Harhor, port, or matt. 
Mtnawa, a. The foam of water. 

Mi-NIKI.-l,r*'i,-(B,-**|-, a. Ugly, homely, 

MiHO, >^. A rain-coat made of hemp. 
Mi-NOGASHi,-in.-ia,(. o. To see but let 
pass ; to overlook, to take no notice of. 
Mi-HOKOBi.-rx.-n'a, I. 71. Remaining 

MiNORf,''«."^l'he*b^'mng of fruit, the 
Mi^Ni-K°%in?B,'/.?r'"'fo s^'tfi^ngb 

Its, fore 

MiHuaA,H. Paper hung up in a ^i>i 
Mio. •:. A channel iu shallow, wi 


M)-OMO,K. Pregnant, wiih clffld. high 

Mi^TOSHliJu,^.., i. V. To look down 
from a bnght. 



HAi, (kiUrmttu). liol yet come, the 
lure, ihe future state, future tense. 
j.sarri.-l-', pass. oSMi. lo be seen. 

Mt-BEM, iimada nr 
ured, matured, h 


Mi-BiH-SHU, a. A kind of sweel wine. 
MtBU, 1. A kind of edible sea-weed. 
MiRUCHA, ». A yclloxHsh-green color. 
MlIUGAI, n. A large kind of clam. 
MiEACo, H. A fish^hawk. 
Mft-&Ar, a. Minute, narticidar, — k 


show to 

Ihersasan example or warn- 




K,-rtB, /. V. To know by 
Ki.-i^.-ita. i. V. To retire. 

UlSH!,. n 

^FaiseSfto'm the seed —as a 

Mi-BDEtA, 1. The sky. 




e looking 




persat a*(> 

wash their 





Mi-t6Bia^a,-la.t.v. To lonk thtoiig 
•0 <« thnugh the future, foi^ce, ai 

ank, ^ndleslick, a 

discover, to find out, lo walch. dc 
Mt-tbuke ji. Theeaieofacasilei. 
a guard H stationed, a watch. 

Mi-TsuiiraAi,l*,^/a,/. t. Try and 

MrRlSwl^AT"- TEcTdeewonhi: 

pyrifera; a three pronged fork, 
Mi-TSUHB^rtf ,-^, t. p. To fix the 

Mi-ucHi, «. Kindred, relations. 
Ml-IIGOKI, x. Movement of the bod 
Ml-UKE, R. Buying or redeeming a 

Mi-«AKE ,-«,-(«, /. P. .To discriminate, 

to discern, dislingiush hetwcon. 
Mi-WASUBE.,^!.,-;,!, i. V. _ To forget hav- 

Mi-viATABair^u,-ttt,t.v. To look across, 

MivA,«. A Sintoo temple; the dwelling; 

of llie JlfiiaJ^ : the title of the chit 

I^fncKj. Jfi no miya. the' wcontTion* 

TabivTka A. Genteel, refined, polile, 

''-vabJhi', -°^i"a, t. V. To see and lay 
pen as something hidden ; to explain, 

MyAaB,>. A present made 'by one re- 

VAKO-DOTI, «. A wSiSl.''" "^ 

VAKU, n. A blood-vessel, the pulse. 

VA-Mom,!!. ThekeeperofaiWya. 

Mi-vA!U,rfj.,-//a, /. 7.. To let see, pei- 

MivE-suiti,-i«.-i7B, I. V. T. 

Ihwugh, transparent. 
Mt¥o, a. Admirable, excelleni 

rive, deputy, prosy. 
liv6^A,B. Tte Zingiber mio( 
lIvfi.<^A, H. The providence oi 


p.. Name; liUe, miptlladon. 

MiVD-js.n. ThVpiw™ Venus, 
Mi¥ft.Jo,H. ProvMenlial aid. 

<chi,Wk. T»Ddaysa(- 
Name, lilte, dedgna- 

sain, lame and a^ic 
Mivfi-m, 1. The hide 




f sVin, 

A -eight 



M^yuka, moui 




™ of do 



Mocni-AGB,-r<(,-/fl, (, P. To hold up, lo 

lift up ; to piaise, lo commead. 
MacHt.AG(iut^i»ii,-s.f<i, t. V. To b« 

MocHj-ASOBi, V. A toy, play-tbioE. 

MocHi-AWASE.-rM.-/fl, (. D. To happen 

MOCHI-BA, s. The place one's duty »- 
quirei him to keep at hold, station, 

MOCHI^OUE, n. A glulmous kind of 

rice, of which rice bread is made. 
MoCHl-HAKOBt,-il(,->ia'a, (. !/. To con- 

Moch'ii,.u or •ra.-iii, i. v. To use, em- 

^"'i'nhJrif^'an hT 

mg wbKh one 

MOC Hr-KlTAlU,-J«,-I'iO , 

v'. To carrr 

and come, 10 bring- 

MncHi-K05m,-ru^B, i. 

. To last over, 

to keep over, a= from 

MOCHi-KUCHl,-. Aplace 
intend, keep, or defen 

d ; a post, sla- 


1. ^. To ran 

Ihrough with one's pro 



/. I.. To let 

rotor decay by fongk 









doing sU 





,-*», «. 


Kioo tg. 







n. The 




MOGI,-ra,-ji/H *. ». To pluck off.pull 

off, pick off. 
M0GiiiS,a. Cruel, inhuman. 
MoGiiii,-™^io, (. V. To break or pluck 

off, as a leaf, fruil, eic. 
Ho-GO, n. IniniQraL. wild, incoherent 

language; a ral&ehcod. 
MocusA, n. The leaves of s species of 

Artimeda used as a uioia. 
VLoaKiK.^dv. Soon, in a little while, 

presently, alre^y, with a prel. verb ; 

with a nee. — no longer, no more. 
Moji,B. Acharactcr.woid.aletter. 
Mojl, H. A kind of thio, light stuff, cot. 

Mo3i^m%. The orchid. 

body, or woridng the hands or feef in 

M6.JIH, n. Ahlinduian. 

form,' frame. 

M0KKB-NC-S*1WA1, ». ' 



Wo*M^,B"wooden horse. k.>tu-iu'' 
tm, a wooden image of Buddha. Ma. 
Au-riy/>, a wooden fish which prlc&ts 
»rike in praying. Maiii-Jiii, eating 
the ihiil or trees only, at certain 
Buddhist priests. Meia-ae, the vdns, 
or grain of wood. Mokusd, a wooden 

UoEUDiu. n. Rubbish floating in wb 

MoKUCE, n. The Althea. 

MoKU-EEN,' H." The purple magnolia. 

UoKO^Ku'.n^Ka inde., list, table of 
contents, bill, catalogve. 

speculate, to devise, scheme. ' 

Mdeoromi, ». i^an, device, stratagem, 

MoKU-SEi, «. The Osmauthus fH^rans. 


MoiiEN. ». Cotton cJoth. 
MoMl,-Riu,-iid!a, (. V. To tab and nil 
beln>«n the hands, to shacipoo. knead ; 

bleone'sHlfabDUIanylhinc^ MtHii^ 

gether, a£ wrestlers. JfuBti^aasu^ to 

W hattT ^boi"!.! diUgenee." Vo»i- 
fefniH, --' ■- - -- '■—- 

g by^ 

:. ifi-mi. 

to soften by lubbinj;; or working in' the 
lout, »'. A kind of I 

, Seedric 

0-H.K., ». Trowse 


o-iRO, H. Peacb-colo 


lich have the 

house or incisure; sect, school. jVb*- 
MONAKA, s.' ,^1;e°niidd™mid'5?of; s 

KOKO, ». Badge, goat of ams, 

t for catching lish. 

al» for catch 

ng small animals. 



«,i.v. To tun. 



^UACHI, «. Th 

e lintel and sill of 


'«. Character 

letter, word. 


e, pupil, follower. 


;». The sen 






^»«, to'makellghi 

61,-*;,-*H, fl. 

Distaut, Ecldom 

seldom vUitinK 



o«0. Plural 

of J/=«^, things. 

wTf.. Through oi 


MoNO-GURUWASHi,-*;,-i«, a. UVt a 

MoNO.sirsAHAiji,-*i,-*K, n. Feeling tim- 

crazy or mad person, frenzied, frantic. 

id, easily frightened, feeling dread or 


Mono^jCHi, «. Binding one's self by 
an oath to abstain fcom certain kinds 

MoNO-u, s. Language, style or way of 

ipeaking; talkine, address': adi<p.Ue. 

of food, or certain things to which one 

HoNO-iHi,'>.. AtScinence from ^tain 

is addicted. ^ 

Mono-TACHi, H. AkniteusedinoutlinB 

MONo-iRi, B. Expense, outlay. 


MoNO-iwAi, «. Felicitation, a eelebra- 

MoHO-TOCAMB, H, Given to scolding or 

lionof^ome happy event, -kb™™, 


MoHO-KAKi, H. Sectetaty, derk, wri- 

Ut,so-mf-kl,-ku,-lki. a. Laiy, indolent, 

HoNO-Kui. n. Eating, feeding. 


MONO-UAKABI, H. Learning, gaining In. 

MONO-WAEURB, ,. Forgetful. 

nractioB. ' 

MoN-SAi, n. Lilersry ability, literary 

MuNO-HAHE, H. Gesture, geiticutatton. 

MaHO-MAYE, H, The few days before 

Moti-SHA,«. A kind of silk gauze. 

I. or quartet, when 
re to he settled. 

worship, pdgrimage. 

MONO-NOKB, ff. The I 

. The menu 

A pantry, sic 


dv. The chief or most un. 
part, aiosiLy, chiefly, princi- 

RAI-NAEI, H. AS^tcd to tears I 
tTsai.-!uZaj''a,st. of Mori. T 
'erJook.V mafce°koow^X'ii?^ 


MOKI-SODATE,^K,.CU, I. H. To nurse 
and bring up, is x child ; to act as 

&liine bath together. — ciiiara, ex- 
erting in unison. — ;to>li,batbehoul<9- 
en. Moro-ti, both bands. Mt^o- 
ashi, botb feet or boih lees.. Mero- 
irU, all men. Mm-«-ka, two-edged, 

Mera-kiBa, both kneee. 

MORDHT. n. Tbe ginunds lell in makin; 
soy, UKd as an article of food. 

wbich the uce-grouads are not separ 

MoHO-HOHO, a. 'Ih, every. 

MoROTOHivNi. adv. All togetber, to 

MosAHiKr«-' Acting as a guide, a guidt 

hood, fiction, fable. "^ '^*'°^' 
Virsswad-B. If penidvenlu!e, supposin. 

Ihu, in ease that, it may be, whelhec. 
MOSHI. Eiciam. lued in addressing o 


"— «.-''»,'■ "-. To speak, say, tell 

IIKU0A, do^. If, ^opposing I 

MoBSO, n. The day's rations ol 
mon »ildier in cooked rice, - 
quart of uncooked rice. 

MOSL'SO, R. The skin of a robe. 

a little n 

I.. To Uft up, ra 
MoTAitASHi,-*B,.Ja, /. V. To lake 
Mm^E.rfB.t/aT".' P- To lean on, r 
MorAsa,-''''.-'iIi '■ "•, To lean or r 

:ii,-(a, .*. V. To he more 
le to carry ; to be beyond 
Id be tired of keeping 


issed or encumbered with something 
bieh one owns. 

itettain ImS'ly oV with dvility, to re- 

To, ». The' or^n, bejinning. the 

rsl, source, founlain-head, cause; 

nnnally, iormeily ; house, home; 

, in addressing another. — jvrf, 

MoToDB, H. Capital in trade, principal. 
MoTODOKi, «. The cue ot tuft of of hair, 

as is worn by the Japanese. 
MoTO-IKUKi,-*B,..V-., i. V. To make as 

a basis or foundation, to found. 

HoTO-HH.-r«,-CB. i. V. To search for, 
ID seek, to aik for, inquire after, >0 get. 


MoiOBAKnSHi^K.^n.causl. of motm-u. 
MoTOE!,-r»H''''' '■ "■ To oppose, 10 

MOTO-v^r^' The cord with which the 

cue ia lied. 
Vicnai {.monti) ^. Thing. Ban msltn, 

MoTSURB?™,.^^, f. », To be enisled ; 

barrasaed. ' ' ' 

MiyisuYAKU. >. Mytdi. 
MoTTAi, ■. Aff«utioD of imponsnce 

iK^rm, 1« 

MOTTB, >r.>. iirith, by, by means of; 
because of: used also to inlensify Ihe 
word to which it is added.. 

mS?S^ko^, B''"\jiusual,''exmS"r. 
dinary, beyond what was pieviDIKly 

Mim-MO, ^'."TcMonable jusi, right. 

ships together ; to be associated as 
toEedier. 3fiyai'»avjSi a rope for 
MpvBi-Ki, ado. Together, in common, 
MovA-HoyA,a&. Melancholy, gloomy, 


up. lioyt <*<ti(" wblaie'ui 

bum up in a flame, to bli 
__.,j<*<ti(, loblaKup,to bu 
May 'J«*», to lake, or Caleb fire. 

Movk-k'ui.' H. /fire-hrai.d. a'c 

thing to burn. 
MOVB-SASHI, «. Afireb/and, 
Mov9, «. The figures dyed, embroi 

or woven in cloth ; condition, slate, 

Iovoh'C «^ Viiiniiy, neighborhood, - 
[<11&Sm.-!u,-Ja, I. V. To make, pre- 

lovosHi. V. Making ready, preparation, 

[a-z^, «. Wicfeed, impure, or disorderly 
thoughts ; lascivious desires- — wo 

Jumbled together, topsy-turvy, 

whip- — no hifno. the eotd on the 

MucHi-DiuvTAVE, H. A switcb, rod. 
Mii-oiiu {yitmi no xcAf). In a dream, 

absent-minded, dreamy, YiMonaiy ; ia»- 

M'vCHMCHt.XuJ^ta, i" »°'^To whip, to 
fli«, (0 lash. 

MuDA,n. Useless, vain, withootadvan- 
tage or profiL Muda n£, uselessly, 
vainly, nnprofilably. Muda-^uiye^ 
waste, useless expense. Muda^aukai^ 
useless EamEnditure. Muda-^ttiy^ an 
unprolitable consiuner, a drone. Mv- 


MuDZ(.'-GAii,i. Itchii%,lickliiig,lingluig. 
MuD!UiCAHi,-ri(-//o, i. V. To be hard lo 

patient, peevish, cross. 

u,-lii.'ktii^hi^ a. DiiGcult, 

Muijzu-»ui>zu-, adv. In an idle, lazy man- 
net, without object ; tickling, itehing. 

MUDZU-TO, adv. Mud%it-t& kuniu, to 
seize each other suddenly and violently, 

Mt-GA (iiiatakmhi naski). Unselfisb, 

impartial . 
Mu-GAKU, Ji. Ignorant, unlearned, illit- 

Nolhing low^ very lowest, most vul' 
gar ; in a heedless, careless manner. 
MuGi, H. Barley, wheal. Omugl., bai^ 


'. V. To stand 
M face, to froDL, 

H, {tultia nashi). Slltn 


HuGUBI. n. DivinE Udder lh< water; 

the name of a sm^l wild duck, a diver. 

Mu-HEFj. («ariW>RU«0. Illimitable, En- 

Id^,' jla^XI^O.'' V?ii'^; r: 


Md-^IN, k. Unstaiiiped, unsealed. 
Mb-ji, a. Plain, unfigured, as el. 
•Uu-JiHi, (a™^«.f-™*0- ^ 

jnty, compaBBion, or love^ 
MiMiN, (fiuiirH tols a^kij, 

Uusrible ; a kind of lottery. 

MuxA-HUKA, adB. Sick at the stomach, 

to fed nausea, to loathe. 
MuKWHE. .»._ Ancient times, former 

oC ancient 'times, talking about old 
times. Miikashi-ialag!,M-bl.bxuBtA, 
simple, honest. 
MiiiuWAKi, H. The first anniieisaiy of 

I. !■. To skin, lo peel, to 

Mu-jnsu,(mafo/BBBi*i1. Untrue, false, 

fl«'liil^£^'ng''away'°lMthr°™™ ' 
Mlt-J6, [Bye naski). Nothing bieher, 

MtJK*-tA;«.°Thefront,''ormS^r' teeth. 
MUKABAEI.H. A leather shield worn OD 
the from of the Ihigh in hunting. 

In mere 
Mult!! '" xS^inction, 


Mu-Kiu, Ot™ 
MbEO, •>. So 

Pute. unalloyed. Muiu-j 
A kind of tree, the leaves 

. The I 


e. take > 

MlFKUI. fl. Recompense, requital, retri 

bation, compeasalion. 
MuKu-i«u,H. A shaggy dog. 
MiiKUUEKi,.~in, t. V. TocrawlasaivDcn 

afa caterpillar. 

siVDllen, puffbl up, to be dropsic^. 
HuKu-M --'- "—'■ — '-'■- ■'- 

MuHA-FUPA, K. A writing filed to ths 
ridEe-poleofahou«- telling when and 
by whom the houae was buSt. 

MuM*-OAWAHA, B. The dJes laid over 

Mub'a"gi,b. Thei^dge-poleofaroof. 
MuKAGUBA, ™. The breast of a coat, 

hteaat-plate. ' ■ 

MuHA-5aKi,n. Thej^t of the stomach. 
MUHA-SAWAGI. », Perturbation, agila. 

[ion, or commotion ofmlnd. 

MuMA^l^,' ^"!lae'l™n™'. 
McNA-ZAN-yo, n. Meutal calculation, 

MUNE, «. The breast, front of the chest, 

pit of the stocnach \ the breast as the 

meaning; the design^ object, intention, 

MtiNE, ».* The ridge of a roof. 

MuBE », The back of a sword, knife, 

up of the frame of a house. 
MuHE-Kuso, B. The feelings, spirits, 

Mu-NBN,'«. Regret, sorrow, disappoint- 

Mu-N6,'». Without ability or skill, un- 

MuKUBE^,-i'i, ,-. ^. Peeled, skinned. 

skilfld, bungling. 

flayed, bare. 

MufiA, n. A small district of country. 

MuKUBi,-™,-fto, /. s. To strip off, take 

■he subdivision of a Kiri, ot county, a 

MuituTBUKE,-^/>.,-t*/, a. Hai.y and 

Mora, ». auslered. or in spoB ; not 

coarse, low, vulgar and dirty. 

Mu-HEl. (aa tiaihi). Nameless, with- 

HusA-iiACttl, H. ' Standing in dusters. 

MuRADO, n. The kidneys. 

MuEA-CABaSU, H. A flock of CIOWS. 

Mu-»i,(rtjl-H«/ <«*/). Without- taste, 

Mul.AGARl,-r«,-l'a. i. ^. To flock to- 

tasteless, insipid, dull, flat, wanting in 

gether, to be clustered or grouped to. 

pleasing qualfties. 

eethet, to herd, to he uneven or irregu- 

Mu-KOB, «. Without crest or c-at of 



V. To flock, hoi, 
'u,-tla,i.v. To flock 

■i HMhi). Without r 

^Sg ?egMablU ' Iff "i*™' ?c^ 

^KU. Wiihout wages, salaiy, or 

rot, («M^™r(S*/). Devoid of 

EUi,'«i-a/^Mii-r^''^i'hou> an 
ual^ or the like ; without compar- 

aire inordinalely. to be greedy of; to 

tiii&f.i^i,-iii,-sii, a. Din?, liltl 

MirSAi'iiB^T,-^-*»,"!"^.' "rilrty a 

MuSA-EifSA. adzi'. Confussd, topsy-cur 

jwrplHied, diatracted, veied. 
MUEA-MUSA, adv. Confused, pctplejli 

confused m. 

Mu^m,-^u,-nJa' i. o. Ti 

MUSEJ-BA1,«. UnjUBtpuni 

Mu-SHA, «. A soldier. 

t^inT™d'n.e, a"l klt^'Si 
MusHt,-iu,'/a,t.v. To cook 

Mu-SHi, (7Dn(fliaj*i «.aAij° 
Ml'smi-atsui, X. Damp and 

Mi;siii-BA,«. A decayed or car 

a worm-eaten leaf. 
MusilI-BAMt, 1. Worm-ealen 
ML'SHi-BoSHi, ■, Drying so a 

arms, as, in children ; th 
ecede child-binh. — . 

K used by 
k and k>in/. 
> pluck, ot 


ML'-S6,i. Dove-tailed or InMrlaKd. - 
mjtAura, 3 kiqd of cajnp-pillow. - 
frtiido, a wiodow made with movcabl 

MrsQii' SiKly yeais old. 
Mu-soKVi. Wilhout inlmsl,— ofmonej 
MusuBi.-iu.-ida, /. n. To lie, to knot 
to produce, rotm, make. Mtuiii-tia 

gether, knoned, langled ; perplesed, 

MusuKO, <•' A son. boy.' 

Mu5UHE,i>. DBiiBl>ter,Girl,mtss,youDg 

Mu-TAi. Wrong, improper, unjusf. 

Mu-TH, K, Emply-handed, ivithout cap- 
ital ; unskilled, or hand out in playing 

— dl JM klU no nchi yi iki-nilm/. 

Mu-tepfA. Reeardleas of anybody ot 

anything, wh, reckltis, caieleu. 
Mu.TOKU-SHiK. Not to consent, not al- 

Mu.TOSE. (r«l(j> «<i). Six yean. 
MiPTSu. Six. — ,61*1, Bii o'llock. Karr- 

Aic-mulsi, li» in ths morning. 

MvTsuK., ». The first month. 
MinsuKi, B. A diaper votn by ia- 

MuTSUHAV*K ",' a^^Hrrmin ious ."^litndly, 

MuTTO, adv. To flash up, flare up, a$ 

Mu^YAKij, Sifa-^BitO- Useless, on- 
profitable, unserviceable. 


no affin 




ry. U 





ut irrs- 



m.y.t, ( 



ot guilty 




With on 




dv. Cn 


A, «.^ Leaves of various plan; 
used for food ; ^ens. 

Wa.ate. n. The name of the person lo 

whom a letter is addressed. 
Nabb, ™ A pot, kettle, - «, (urn, 

the handle of a pot. N-iit-ii-ia,^ pot- 


motion ; to follow^ ohcy or comply 

jeer, tfexj to torture; make a ibol oC 
to play cricks on, make aport with : to 
handle, touch. Jfaiuri-iiru, to kill 

pease} paci^, quiet, ti 

NAB,LSS.-vUf4a, i. V. To slope gently 
down, incite downwards ; to be seized 

KiiedV^s 'panic and'flief^''' 

Nadb, n. Abrcom. 

NAPE,-rM,-Ia, I. V. To sttote, lo nih 
genllr with the hand, to smooth ; to 
console, pacify, quiet. Nade-a^u^lo 
stroke or ruS upward or against the 
grain. Nsde-^suktru,, to comb, rub, 

Nadeshiko, X. A pink. 

Hade-isuke, n. The hair worn un- 
shaven and falling or combed back. 

HbIK). And so on, el cetera, or such 

Nam, «,/». Why, for what reason. 

I, x. The head. 

MACA-AMB, M. A lOOK rain. 

^E^-rafinJ. V. To lengthen, pro. 
i!fl,-™,-^o, (. ». To view, behold, 

NAGA-NpBi,'». The le^th°o which any- 


ether, 'shik^ 



aa« mime 


-ipple fr. 
'to c 



flow- to 


by the cur 


NAGASAKE,-ra,-/a,_ pass, al l^agaski^ to 
be floated, ot dnSed by a current ; to 
be transported, or ejtiled. 

or drift : to H 


proliY, lengthy, 

a. Oblong. - no kala, oblong 

',K. A block of bouses, a long 
bouses under one roof; bar- 

, n. Cbango of : 

It the naoie. 

le of at 

pitch, losa.hiu-l. Mi ■uiD— .lotas 

self into tbe water, to comoiit > 

to uirow out. i^a^-lrtru^ to Ihroi- 
ioto. ^a£e-iearit, to tbiow iotc 
J^agt-kerit, to throw across, or ovci 

heiKht. Nagtsuteru, to cast away 
to Tel alone. Nage-tsukmi, to throi 
luainst, to fiiiig down. Na-gi-uUic, I 

tad, mouTDfuf, jBtiable. 
TiAmtKi,-/nif-'ta,t.Ti. 1 

wii°SiA'a™eep. ^o* 

Nai,-*/,-Au,-i4i. a. Noi, is not, have 
noK deX .S*.>a-Bfl.-, don't Vnow. 
Wdiara-M;, don't underataod. SS lie 
wa^is not so. Nai lara KaiaU 

c^use not to be, toTatro^ to 1^*' 
Nai, n. Eattbquate. 
Nai-bein, n. Secret, privaU, not public 

Nai-butoo, ■. "Aliouwho^'god, 
Xae-fdjcu, tt. AdialDistering medicines 

intenial^, internal treatment. 
KAiaASHiKO-Hi, luTc. Treatbs as of do 

coDsequoDce, making; luht of, disre- 

NAj-GtiwATj OfeAi ti3ta\. Intern^ and eit- 
temal, within and without, private and 

Xai-t, ■'. PriTite omniooTtiengi], or in- 



H. As 

b. -m; 






AI-K6, B. Eecedio 

AI^AI.Wf. Sec 
puhlicly or openly 

elly, privately, 



«-BAN, s 
SI-SHI, (I» 





roil, civil 








CANDZtTKU, aili>^ Especially, parlicu- 
rlr, sbnve sll Ihc otEers. 

le middle, half. 

of Nakx. To 


Naka-vubi. X. The middle-finger. 
NaK-Washi, «. An oroamenl ivom in 

the hair by women. 
Nak*-ioba, k. Mid-heaven. 
NAKi,-*B,, I, 7.. To cry, 10 weep, to 

bawl, squall • uKd also for the loud 

g=ihM!°°^flS-^tia,"lo'i^"tSw mi 
CIV, Naki-karastty to swell the eye- 
liaa or free with crying. . Naki-jrtoda-^ 


Naha-mukashi. n. Middle ages. 
Naka-haka, d-tj. Beyond expe 

w ny an'd' loDg^ta loved"one 
Crying face, tearful 
Coin pla'm ins, whining. 

1. the • 

lice of one 
a middle- 


fid"! "nU™S-^^J, ""I "or" unSiid 

JVBBtfl^ai lawclamB. 

NAUA.rEi.B. Hal&drunk, fuddled. 

IMAHAHi.a. Iinpetfecllydiicd, hair dried. 

Namba,». Akiddufwoodtn boots wo 
.by farmers in working in deep t 

Nakadiu, k, a cat-<ieh. 

fields ; raaizt 

diMMBof IheatLn. 5*/™ —, albino. 

Nama-gatek, b. Havine a smaitering 

Nam-bi*v6. a dangerous or ineurab 

only, eomprehendinj imptrfeclly, ooly 


NAM.iiA(nBH>^<V&). How much P Ho 


N"^.^^fl, i. „. To lick, to taste, 

Namedzuri,->-h. i. B, To lick the moul 

Nama-ousai -iiV*!.,-!^!, a. Fruh and 
diWenble in smtll, smEll of law llesb, 
oT^ raw fish. 

as an aoimal af^or eatinc;. 

Nauakh,-™,-/b, i, !/. To be indolent 

idle, laiy. slothful. 
NAUA-Xt, ». Unseasoped or green wood 
Nahaeo, h. a kind of tile-wo.k. mad< 

of iquarc tiles with the joints filled and 

Nahaeo, ». The' eea-slug— Bcche it 
Nam^'kuba, n. Abadteoiperedbiade, a 

who affects the philo&op--.,-,, j_ 

vain, conceited or affected person. 
Nama-haka, aJii. Imperfecily, partially, 
not thorough or fully ; beyond e>peci- 

Nsill-NAMA. Raw, green, ineiperienced, 

Nama.hivb; I. Half-boiled, haltcooked. 

Mamabi, n. Lead, 

Nahaei, x. Dialect, manner of speak. 

g or kind of 
"oily,"unelioi^ ; bVao^ 

:d skin. 

daily, day by day. KaJa — , from house 
Namiba, ,'. Tear!. 

NAMlDA-GUHI,-»I«,»rfB I. r. Eyes fill- 

Nami-suh "¥o ae° ai naueht. to desios*. 
make light of. to treat with disrespect. 
Nami-yokb h. a breakwater. 
Nam-hon, ». A, caviling or difKcull 


Nan (ketai). Hard, difficuLl ; hatd^jp, 

Nana, cone, of N 

or other. ' 

ANi-TO-io. Eiclam. in [equesiing, bf- 

ABJI^».^(a. 1. V. To object 10, lo 

AN-jO. «. Affliciion, hardsbip, miKiy. 

AN-Kivaifii, >. Tbe»uIbpole. 
AN-KO, o. The same ofodd and even. 
AN-KON, 1. Membruni viijle. 
AN-EOTSU, B. Carlilage. 
AN-NAN, adv. AliuoH, searly, about 

□nal. JVai»H><-M 

a h3id, unjust 0. 

p.. A butler's rt 


. H.irdship, afflict 

Nahi-deho, jtfBS. Anything whalen 

— ycrakii, anything wiii do. 
Xjuji-gashe, fron. A certain person^ 

Nani-cokoro-naku, ad'!'. Not think. 
NirwlGOToT W!iy^'i!^'at°^aSon;"IiS;at 
NANtSuHH. 'Any_md'««V'bing. —U 

' NAS-5EN, a. Shipwreck. — jbi-b, to be 

^-tKS^o'^^'n. The Nandma do- 

ANUKA.B. The seventh day of the 

AN™iii,'»"°Thelcad-nian,chist mag- 
istrate of a village, or of a nard of a city. 
:ah-zah, r. a difficult parturition. 
\Kiiia.adv. Why, wherefore. 
■<>.o.adv. Slill, ^et. more. Nao-«tala, 

^'^""'AaJ^m^te, s"till moK, more- 
over. JVaff-itav, more and more, still 

AOV^Y^'J-"*'' "■ Stra^bt, not 

A<iKM-i.-^in-(ta, i. V. To be atraighl, 

da, codidl. 

Ia-or£, h, Diserace, jntiuny, reproach. 
lAOBI,-ra,-/M, 'f.. To be cureil, lieal- 


»h«»: * 

NjuHAKl, «. Indifferent, remiss, alight- 

to be accustomed to. " ^ ' 

'HAai.-^u.-lla. i. v. To be. ixcome. 

nol HDtthy of noaee or lonsttieraiion. 

NAiu,-r«,-Ci'B, r, P. To emit a sound, to 

NACiiaRi,-™,,J(fl, t. B. To pass by, ne- 

glect, smiC lo do : 10 disregard, sliEhl, 
Haka,«. TtienameDraspcciesoraak. 

buzz. ' Xari-agam, to souod upward! 

mnA,a,?t.. It I'fli»7^j'«*B-»fl™,if 

yolTse to Yedo. 

Nabam,-^!'. If there be, if, if possible. 

iif.Ki.-r«^la, i. B. To form fruit, t^ 

Na«abe,-™,-<3, t. V. To place m order, 

grow, or appear as fruit ; to beget, pro- 

j^ige .I a row, to match or rank 

lii^%. Lepiosy. 

N.',«ABl,-5.,-.^B, i.l'. To be b a row, 

Naki, h. Form, figure, shape, manoer. 

to be arranged in order, matched. 

Nababi. w. The order, airangemtnc, 

tow. rank, aeries,. 

NAHI-AGAfil,-fH,-Wfl, /. f. To grow up ; 

Nababi-ni, cob/ Together with, and, 

to lise suddenly in rank or fortune 


from a low grade. Nari-agari s&ia 

Nabaoe, adv. Not being, without it is. 

sis, suddenly acquired pioperty. 

unless, excepting. Kor-l — kakx ni liia 

Nahaibu-hono, k. a good Ibr nothing 

Nabi-gatai,-*,-,-*.-!*/, a. Diificult to 

be, to become, to do ;' hard to obtain. 

NflBi-HATa.rf-K rffl, 1. V. To end, fioish. 

AHASHI,-JK,-<o. Caost, of NarL To 
cause to produce, make to bear. 
ATiASHi,-.»,-/o. Canst, of JVari. To 

NA«ASBI,-JBfjB, i. 

ir wiih i to familii 
RASHi. x. Train! 

NARAWABSy-f<(,-/», caust. b( Narai 
cause to learn, order to be taught. 

BtNarai. To 

NABi-itAw«(i^a..(M, i. v. To chane 
ioto, traosform; to be instead of, f 
take the pisce of. 

Nabikeo, b. Form, shape, style. 

Naki-kudaei,-™,.^*,!, 1. I-, To becomi 
low, to descend from a high to a loi 
station in Ufe, to kdl to a low estate. 

NariubA, n. A leper. 

Mari.mono, h. Miisicai instruments. 

Nari-mohd, «. Fruit. 

Nari-tacmi,'«. Bringing up, education 

Nabi-wai, «. Employment, occupation 

bu^ness ; calUog. 
Nabi.vuki, n. State, condition. caK o 

^'SVa course of"conduct or trail 



, pi'J. 





■penMly). Todo, 

to make 


r«^B, C. f;. 




U.-I1.I.V. To do. 


. A p«r. 





.TSUGO, ». A kind of »l 
□aks a cocoon twice a ye 
.■auBAsmauti.-rufila, i 
DAging after, to tbiok a^e 
omethiL^abseDtfto be he 

.TSOKASBU,-*!,^, o, T 

ibsent and thougiil of v>it 

frienSsliip of. 
Natboki, Jh,-i/«, i. p. 

Na-ute. Cdsbratsd, fa 

Nawa-babi. ». Laying ou 

Nawa-hashioo, >(. A rope 
Nawa-xobi, n. SlKIching 


NAVAMn9Hi,7iK,-Jo, /. f. To afflict, lo 

NAyAM'smil%-,-iK,-«,-is. ». Afflictive, 
NAtA^'a^:^"' r'S." ■ To i« dit-. 

Navakai, a. Tile c 


l,'ot»ft'; to" 

fflicl, distr 

B, to 



"S^C'di"' '^ 

te Jeak, 





1AKA.NA. Delicate in (b 



°Hnie as A'arftf 

- -hd .nc 




B>.) Why, where- 


for what reason 


«. A riddle, en 


NAZcmnvErfx.-iB, <. » 

^ To make 



■atively, to com' 

»re, liken*; 

to il- 

. i. v. To sleep ; tc 


^ Rise, o[ advanc< 

mli'3ive'!™°JSialB"i«J^', tT^mXe 
sticky. 1/tiaJku mm, to become sticky. 




;KBA-Tsuc«l?«r"sf^k)' earth, clay. 

wi1d»<»]' wtien' silddenly roused from 
lep ; to walk in sleep. 
UKA, «. Akindofgart 


(. 7.. To lick, to 

lill of a building oi 

which the upright tii 

Nedah, B. Price, value, cost. 
NEDABi,-™,-«fl, (. V. To dem 

portuoately, to tease by askibg 
Ne-ddsu. s. 'Attic1« ustd in e 

Bs, beddini; and night-clothes. 

gamiiiita, tScaire or prij" that. Wiga- 

Nb-cwbki, «. Changing one 
in sleep. — mi iui-h, to lur 
Megi, «. Onion. 

HEana^-m.-iia, l.v. To cheapen, t 

heat down the price. 
Ne-goto, n. Talking in sleep. — m 

(E-GUHUSHIl .*1..*K 

unable to ^eep. 

NeUAH, n. ' Nirvana 

ippinsss ol'the Buddhists 

NEjr, s. A screw. 

Neji,,-™,-i'o, <, i;. To screw, to twist 

H. A 'rat. JfeJti,m/~i>v, 

:fcji-au, to wrestle to^ethii. A'< 

rats-hane, p™™ for killing 

akfric. to open by twisting or tcrewit 
throw a person down by a twistine'm 

yidt^mi-Bu^Al. lieusttum or 
Nideuwl-naki, the squeak- 
a rat, the noise made wifh the 

e callinif a dog. Nidsumi. 

separate by twiaiing, twisl apa 

wrench off.' Jfv'i-iJh,, to twbt. 

i,-ii,-iu,-iAi, a. Strongly or 
Dted, good at bottom, of good 

wring off N^i^,:m«, to screw, 

the face a-ray. ^m/i-^ru, to Veak off 
by twisting. Nr^iskib^ru, to press 



tbe price. 
Nek-bitibu. 91. PiafiDg by rEpealing the 

N^B,-^i.X7". "" To iM^'fierccIy at, 
to glare at. Kepu-mavntsu^ to look 
around glare about. JVtine- 
ft-kiru, to look ficreely u, to glare at. 

Nh-m Th ears of one sloping. 


Inipptd inti 


n's tEt"™": A 




f=. N 


age, ye 


ywriy pay™ 

No« Y 

^'' JV 


To'f SlTyi™.'" 


end of 

mboro years. 

Nen-g$t epoch, n: 

«. A cbronolog!!: 
Friendly, kind, ci 

IS for a 

■■ of yt 


Neh-k<, r. The year ol 
the death ol a lelative. 
NeHUB, «. An infant child. 
NE-NaB!,>>. Stretching one's Kir in bed 

Nen^kj" (MlflM °iiiara). The Mwer 
of the will, resolution, fixedness of pur- 

Nen-sha, ff. A careful, tlioughuu], pn>- 

Neo. r. 


f,r, fie in wait for, to 





NK5A3E,rf-B.Ja, I. p. To make or tet i 

to sleep, lo cause lo lie down, 
NE-SHIDZUllAHJ,--rB,-Jlf«._ .■. V. To un 

Ne^^ubiGOTO, •!. Flattery, or currying 

favor by tr^udns; oth^tB, 
N!TAMASHIl,-^i>*<., a. Thalofwhict 

one is envious or jealous ; enviable. 

NmHi™7jealollsy, envy. 
Netbu,b. Fev- 

r febrUe dis 


NCS!kuM,!^':5"".' " "^^°foi« by 

KavA, n. A chamber, bed-roooi. 
MHY*SHi^K,-ia, (. p. To work or stir 

- peacefully, or Irenquilly. 
NE-yAsui.-i,-,-iK, a. Cheai 

NE-z*HE;-r«,-(a, i.'n. T 

NezATOi,.^*rv-i«, rt. Ea^ly waking 
Neieei, it^AEinl of^'celery;. 

3 package or i>ale of aoods 
luggage ; a bordeo, load ; cai 


Ni,/Mi-y>Di. In, inio, lo.'on, at^))y, of. 

"<!|!f A't .he 

i,-^/,-i{ii, a. Suitable, becom 


sjKi,-4«,-*a, 1. p. To be >dcky, 

, ■™'d^J*j< nicki, how many 

dava? Icki — . one day. Nichi-esn, 
a filed or set day. a limited number of 

'i-DZUKi/ia, fl. Making up into bales or 
[^i^Aut-sAi, a. Birtcr ^ hard, 

agree^le, painfQ, severe, distasteful.'.'iia. I. ^. To feel billerly, 
be proTDked.ot angry. 
ABi, n. The brine formed by the 

■ flee away. Ni/^-hakureru, to tui 

id hide. 

.EBAl,-.t/,-*», a, Unljfce^nol 

in the hand, to clutch, clinch^ to ^ipe. 
^i^fW-jA/nrrH. to squeeze tjght in the 

B.'^he foldr'lhe'pTaM' 

and hustling, thronged ar 

reSf ^l;e s^J«mBs"of di^ peujle by 
\\GPKKsau,-ki-ia,a. Bustling, (hionged 

Ni-GOB, n. Contradictinif, or denying 
what one has said or promised pievioui- 

re ' ''^S''' w^at OMl^Mfd""^' *''"'' 
NiGOM,-™,*/', °\'i.."to be muddy, 

lurbid, not deal, impure. 
Niaom, X. Torbid, not clear, impure. 
NiaoRi-z.MCB, >. Akindofinfetior»<(< 

in which the grounds have not been 

strained off! 
KlGOSHl,.j«,.Ja, caoal. of mgoru. To 

make turbid, lo muddy. 
Hi-cuRA, R. A pack-saddle. 

Ni-KAN, »! (lit. two^balves.,) Hesilatine 

Ni-jiKi, x. Two meals a day. 
NijiMi,-MB,-«*i, 1. V. To spr 
run, as a blot of thin ink.or sit. 
NlJIBA5E,-«,.Al^ caust. aiNiJir, 

Ni-jO, a. Twenty. — ichi, twenty. 

Ni-jo'. Twice, over again, double, second 
time. -TaM,adSiib!erDo£ 

NiKAun. Tbesecondstoryofahouse. 

Ni-KATA, H. A coot 

NiKSWA, n. Glue. N!k<i'a,a-d^hi, 
gluing togclber. Ni/eava-nai^^ a 

K™^'^'* Pirn les on the face acne 


i/, n. Daily nv 

iitly,ch«rlully. '- 
tealh, lo'kill'by'p 

' Etufl^ m'adt of kegH!^ saturated wiiB 
ink, used far aeaUng, or aWmping. 
UshI HO -, beef. Bula TO — , pork. 

(™"fles'h-color. iVrts-jV^.lfesh-eflie'r, 

a person as to Oah. 

NiKtmiuKU, ». Nulmei. 

KiKUCB-NA, «. Ugly, Hateful, disagree- 
able 10 Che sighl, affendve. 

J^isaiy-Ai^kaf-shi. a, flateful, odious, 
decestable, abooiuiable ; affixed to the 

y^Mi-Hliti' hard ^%ad. VWi-b/- 
tal, iMBicult or dis^jreeable lo hear. 

disliked, dae'sted, odious. 

like, detet, abominate. 
NiKUMi, n. Haired, dislike. 

odious, ahominaliLe, 'dcliislable, vil- 

NlKUnasHIIr*', -*».-*. «■ Abominable, 

hateful, or odwuE. 
NiKU-HU,).. A fleshy tumor, a wen. 
NiKO-slWfA, a. Having a hateful, vil- 

lanous, or detestable appearaoce. 
Nmi/'-TEi, K. A hateful or disguBtini; 

NiM-BEisiT, a. Registered aa a dtizen, 
Te^try of otizenship, census, citizen- 
ship, population. Mk — , without 
ciiiEena^ip. Nimbefsu-ths, the book 
in which the names of citizens are 

nI^h'en, U/™B^A^,i n. Man's face, 

X, The 'kemef of a' peaoh-stoue, 
,.. ob-stone, etc. 
'Sitiu.-aa.-llit. I. V. To carry with a 

AwTss,-™,-"'. canat. otNima. To 
luse, order, ut let another carry aload. 
Di^ n. The honey-suckle, the Loni- 

'-ia^lAiu'«» kad':H) n. Thenum- 



n The^t 


itf «/i^v',) 

n. T 

e heart, 


or affections '« 

ty, kindness. 



Fighting in s 




pointing to offfc 


Ece or 








tonea by examTn 






R. The owne 

of go 

ods, lug- 




oU^-Mi, i. f. To ei 

odor, lo 





II, frag. 

Nloy°s\,%.'^2°t^d fre!h 'in oJor, 


NlVPOS <*/■ « «i./fl), «. Japan. -Jin, 

N.T;-aa, n. A penile. 

Nlu-irACKl, B. A mortar for pulverizing 

KiKAMi.-MM.-niia, t. V. To look fiercely 

Kiu-jAKu"'Weak, feeble, frail, or deli- 

cate in gonstEluiion, — nsHita. 


Niuica, «. OlibauuTi. 

raiHi-tiuitra, to look fiercely al, to 
elate at. f/irantij^suiasni, to look at 

NiuKl-HiSK, H. A small refectory, or 

Niu-w!f~ Amiable, gentle, miid, meek. 

Nm-", n. "cancer of .he breast. 

el.e» the cud, to ruininate « sn ox. 

NlWA, B. A flower garden, a yard, a 

Nt-3amaski,-™.-*o, (.p. Tosetasdeto 

court-yard, compound. 

Vissf.ra,.ta, 1. V. To make like, to [mi- 

wS^i, suddenly,' unoi'i^edly. 
Mhvaka, I. A bu&on, clown. 

tale, 10 pountnfeit, .to forge, &Mfy. 

tici,%i, feipied madncBS, c^nterfeil- 

NiwATADiuHi, -. A puddle ot water. 

NiwATATAKr, «. Thewagtml. 

cd mtaolty. Mic^Moxo, acouncerfeil, 

NiwATOKO, s. The Sambocus ebuloida. 

NiwATDRi.n. The domestic fowl, chicken. 

nIIhI;*'. The'^eof ashellof the 

NTVAKB,-rB,-io, L s. To be-delicate. 

NlSMiKi, H. brocade. 

efleminale, womanish in manners ot 

NlSHiKi-G-tl, «, A specie! of cowry. 
NlBHWE, H. A kiod of food, made hy 

bline, similar.' ' 

mis.-ru.-ia, i. V. Boiled, cooked by 

boiling. Nl^e-k«y,>'., to bod up 

Ni-SH«>. Halfanichibu, pronounced 

ficrcell. Ni,i-hairtr«, to boil oyer. 

J^J'^'^f'-^h.. .. ^..^ ...... 

jHOKU. n. Eclipse of the sun. 
Asi,-r>.. I. V. To be like, res 

-CHiu, n. Middle of the day 

E, psst-posif- Wiih, by, at cai 

Siu, B-T A c^k. or rather the'appear 
ance of a crack in porcelain, or ivoty. 
Niu-BA., «. The rainy season in the liftl 

Ni"6-HAcm. *. Cymbals used in Bud- 

NiYimi-NivSlo-TO, adv. Undulfltine, 
Hdng and falling as the oulltaes of 

lHo,^i-fM. Of. 

No, H 
/Isu H 

Breadth, < 
, Mlk, e 


e shaft of a 

of which a 

breadths of . 
No. «, The 

farming, apicuilure. /i/l-^/l. a I 


liire. m-ka. a farmhouse, the pta- 
samry. Ni-min, fermsra. Ni-taku, 

N6, »."'lkill,'^ifity, cleT=rnEBs', gtinius, 

of meiidnts^'jV* Hash', without >^, 

or poi&onoua, the uaefnl or hurtful pn>^ 
pert[es of mtdicinca. No-eaki. an ad- 
^rtiaeuieni of ths virtues ot a medicine. 
Ni-kiUa, a clever penman. Nll-sai, 


kind of opemtv 
lonsistingof music and dl 
tifsha^ operatic performe 

No, ». The brain. — eai-koii 
skull. Ni-s/'iniii. the nervt 
ceeding from the brain. — W 
ease of brain. JJaj-iJ, the cei 
SM-bS, the <:ercbcl1um, 

No-BAKAUA, H. A kind of 1. 
Salheted and lied at the knee. 

No-B <• Aprainefire 

Nob r la -a To stretch c 

eneT" me "l^Ii "a^'ra U 
up onei self as if to look 

leng hen ne and shorten ng 
Nob b. One ho geH n o h 


ing, rise and fall, up and dowa 

Noiori-lsZ'rKirii, to ascend'tD the h^h 

NoBORi, n, Fl:^ raised at i^'^tivala, hav- 
ing ihe name of the god inscribed on 

OB0SBr^<i,-/a, ;. f. To he Hghi-head- 
ed, to have a feeling of fulness in tlie 
head, to he difzy; In be giddy^ wild, 
enthualastlc, ur faiuiical in ofnnioos or 

o-BiiOO,™. i kind of wild grape. Villa 

lieids, a vagabond, beggar. 

bajii^t, h^hwayman. 

""-"' - ind firefi. After in time, the 

u=*.. — BOW.iieneitworld. Smo- 

HucJii after that. Kexs-jiac&i, after 

this, hereafter, ^xhi-ai, by and hjr. 

:, afberwards. 

little.' 'Nacki- 

.._ _.__ . id. N,xhi-li,>Hs, 

by and by, after a little whii 
Aala, by and by, after - '-"' 

NoCHl, H. Descendant, 

bright and cheerful. 
NoiKiyAKA, «. Same as ^.^O;! 
NODZUCHI, B. The name of a 

No-wui, «. The brain. 




ihe mo 

r, canip- 

° 10 uk 

awiy, lo 



Viih ch 


. Tgb 




v« of a 


-«,-, at 

— R 

*», ths 


Not left, 

L'n over, 






to spare, 



OM "a 



and fall. 



rt i'Brr 

To drinl. 

• dr[ak 

swallow : CO Mt- 




«. "l-ho Ihroat. 

n. Clear and pleasant weather. 

NONorTEKi,-*a,rf-ia, f. P. To be noised 

■SososHmi,-ru. -fta, I. V. To revile, Co 

peak loudly, angrily, or 


A bald head, a smoolh, 

;?PERI,a^i'. Even, or smooth in OUC- 
!piiKi, n. Flight, withdrawal, escape. 

MoBA^ ■. Fleasunng, ^uiEmenCs, id- 
ling. -*awa/,fondofplea»ure. 
NoRA-KURA. Wandt^g idly about, loaf- 

N(^K, ^a^)^miXirF^!' bncon'- 
sdous, comatose, or delirious from 
sickneES or a blow on cbe head. 

lo«i, n. Paste made uf flour, starch, 
pa^e-brush. Nuri^irt, a vessel for 

NoRi, s. Measurement, dimensioni:. 
£/c*i-nw/, the inside dunenslons. Sf 

IoRi!^B,-«a,'/" V. °To°ridl'''o''r'be car- 
ried on anything ; Co be placed or to 
lie on aaytiiing, Nort-kakara^ Co be- 

. N^.iaxtru, to noe ov 
any^ching.^ Nwi-kajcra 

I CO another. JVo") 

panv of per- 


NoTAMAIf^Jl, .. p. To 

only iiKd of high per 

Ihe st[«» or fields. 
N0TAE1,-J-B^ifl, ;. B. 




an ed, or fkacinated hy 

n. A Woo 

:o walloiv, -wrigg:Ie. 

Wlthoul [ 

To nake. a 


OKU, n. MaD-servMt, a slave. 
KSit.-r„,-la, causl. of Nugu. To 
p DfT the dalhes of another, to make 

NuGE,'-rK,-i-<,V. o. To be stripped off; 

oai,-^ul-ida, I. V. To take off, as 

bare, denude. ^ttgi-kuMeru, to take 

, JVugi-ju/, 


Lglhen by sowing. Nui-lsukeru. 

Nut, «. EidbroidEr] 


iwD out, exltscled. («. f.) To pa» 
slip away stEalthilf , m airak am of. 

passage-way threugk i\m oTunJe 

NuKE-HAtRi, K. Stealbe away fi» 
home and visiting; the Mijia of Seiisi 
ie i/ai/in in tlie Province of Ac, spol 

VVKE-Mono!^^^' Stolen goods, esp :cia 
NuiiE-Ni,'«, Smuggled ^ods, slo' 

NllKE-NUKE,n^!.. ( 

nely, steak h- 


or writing. 

oi a 

,«, The naked blade of as 



B.-dtmru,~ta, i. P. To 



nenl above othera. 


[JKI, a^. Extractii^ bete 
from a book or wtiring. 


um, 1. Taking out atidpu 
racing and msetting. 
CKi, «. Drawing and str 





tJSc'^' H. A btirf summai 

lel of a book or wriling, an 





Lppery. smooth, 
Po be slippery. 

NuMEEIKMtl, H. Whi 

NukokS: n, "pa JiEd^in wr doth( 


cloM, or shut up with, to Jar- 

Jap>oes6 Balls. 
Nl,BUi,-*/,^«.j*;, ,.. Hlke»anii 

Numiui,-Hn.,-flflra, i. p. To be 

Nunu-Bumi-To, adv. Slippery, sn 

out by 

sieS.'"' '"""'""'' """"" ' 
I^iJSUMi, n. Then, stealing, lobbery. 
NUTA.H. A kind of sauce. 
NUTA, K. Plaster or mud mined wild 

O, ». The tail. O nmaii, lip of Ih. 
tail. O-ltttltn, the hag for a horse'i 

O, n.' The Hring; thnng, or cord with 
whieh auy- part of the dress isCutened, 

'oj^f, s male bird. ' 
O. An honorable pte6x in addressing, oi 
in speakinEreflpectfuUvof another: a« 
0-iami-An, in speaki'ng to, or of' Ih< 
wife of another. O-Ukamn.^tian- 

O. A diminntlve prelii, a-*Hn.r,aUul( 
boat. O-gHrniH^. a liltle vagon. O- 
£iuhi, a Qttle comb. 

O. Going, used » a numeral, in co 
ing times of seeing, hearing or dc 

alBmal^^t '"" '" ^"^""^ ' 
a.B. Aking,chiefruler. 
O, a. Great, large,-only used a: 

amplifying prefix, ^-afnr, a h< 

g^, hurricane. o-art^nv'vAaatv 

0-ABi, «, Eldest brother. 
O-ANE, B. Eld eiit sister. 
O.UAHi, R. A thistle. 


e ded, 



nde 01 India, a 



V. To tall. 



'^11 off" dcci^e'- 


to Slril 

to \iM. 



«u. previous 



ftoni proiperiry inio pov 



It ^'"'(J^Af 


>, u'b( 

entrappS. OM-kaii^ 



^.S'sfrfke. ''liv 

Ld piie up one 

« Icsv 

to faU 


ioWB,to sink, c 






tied, t, 





LfTH.Co losebrdeUi- 



fight of soldiers. 


». Th 


!allei>leaf. _ 

OcHI-uusHA. R. A runaway, or on es- 

caped soldier, deserter. 
OCHt-l^lfKl. n. Calmness, composnie, 

OcHi-fdo! n. "oI^SoHm fl^ or es- 
caped from war. a runaway. 
Odamaki, s. A spool of yam. 
0-DAB,.: Jaundice. 
Oi>K-T^.ru.-ta. I. V. To stir, up, insti. 


0^,'b. Unpru..4l«',"k^vi8lij <Ji»- 

funny, droil, ID joks, 
fecelious or hi 

OaoKB, tt. DroLLcry , fun, wi 

Oiwui, II.' The settliKES, 
which senles at the bctiom 
dregs, sedimenl, lees. 
ODom,-MU,-«da, i. v. To a 
- ■ 'liquiri 


,-^. o. Suctlid) 

together the metal 

To make 
land, to lei 

To %e^y or 
plates of a 

bg ills plates of aimot togelher 
Odiu-od!v-to, adv. With fear 


0-1'd!'^' Haughly, 
ou, proud, Losoleo 


, prod- 

oJ&so.,. Moth 


OGAM^'uiii,^. \ downward blow » 
O^ARA, B.'"'Th"'si!c^^ol^'h5inp, ai 

<%Gi, s. 'The profound, or moat difScult 

0^il%™-^"la' u'^!'"-il malL^'up^ 
defieietoyorloss, to cepair, to [eslore, 
lonLenil, lomakesosd. 

^'""Ioq'' o '^j'''*'i^/'°«>"nB "Si 

Im™', ^LleneUI^""'' ""'' "° ' ""*" 
Ogon, B, Gold. 
O-GON, 1. Scui)-^p, a species of scuteU 

OiiOEi,-rB,-/i'a, i.E/. To be stubborn or 

obsliiiate, as a hone ; to balk. 
Oaoa\-ru,-tta,l.r'. Given to exlrava- 

OcoRi, B. . Eitravai^ice, luxury, or 

Ohaguro, '«. The \>lack aiuff used b 
blacken the teeth. 

Oh IV H, 11. A padded coat. 
Or, n. Nephew. 


annoying or liutlfuU 'o/-AaaAirasa, 

para.' Oi-iuiiasu, to drive dowa. 01- 
ma^Bi-u, to drive witb violeDce, to pur- 
sue futiouslv, or hotly. Ol-imawaru, 
to puHue ill about, to follow arountl. 
Ol-mawasH, to drive tound gr about. 

not iil'ow"ui^b"or''iKi1l "in a pl^e! 

Oi, n. SoQiething given to boot. IcAi- 

Gi.-ki,-.ka,-!Ai, a. Many, numerous. 
Oi-ATSUMH,-™,-i(a, (. V, To drive to- 

Ol^llR*! — m, kim, to commil suicide 

Oi-BOKHv-TH.-Ai, /. v._ To become cb'ild- 

crepit. Oi-bore-me, a dotard. 

tiqe,otjoi]ied tothesub.verii). (£nie. 

ilivei I 

skitisidiys, be good, — to a c) 
OiBO, M. The bucfock, posteriors 

fool-'J^."' "* wayman, 

Oi^AKH n. The cords by>vbi 


Oi-oi, mdv. Gradually, by degrees. 
ol^^GEM>«,-i'^/. V. To grow up 
Oisvaii-ki^n a. Pleasant to the taste. 

OlTB^^t-pwit, ^always preceded by rti), 

in regard to. Kono tckero ni — , jn 


OjiKB, n. Fat, ,di 

OjiMB, n. A slide . 

O-iirau^ ^"Past daj 
Oka, H. A bill. 
Oka, s. Laud, the b 

Okad^u, « 


ig place 

Kindness, help, influence, 
0-KAN, «. The^ili, the cold stage of 


OKA 2 

32 OKU 

OKASH...-*/,-i^, a. . Laughable, ludi- 
crous, funny, odd, smgulat. 

O-KATA, ads. For the most part, mostly, 

%-:^\ tft.xr^''oTia, 

Okhnai,-*V,-*(i,-j*i, h. Courageous, 
Oksra, b. The Atraclylodes lancea. 

Oketsu.k. Badblood. 

OKI, B. The wide sea. or far off at sea. 

Oki,«. Coals of fire, live coals. 

Oin.-*M,-iM, /. B. To place, 10 put, to 
lay down i to set, to fix, settle'; to let 
U^let di^., B Uve r^to^ le^^^st, to 

O^Kw iVUj-^a, •■ "■ To risi up 
frnm a recumbent position, to awake, 

OKl-AGAKl/.I-a,-J*H, 1. V. To rise up from 

Oki-agafi-kobobhi, b. a .toy which 

always turns head up. 
OKi-Ai,-»i.,-a«a, 1.^ B. Tobe mutually 

Cm-mRusW"™"o'rd*and spoiled from 
being kept too loog^^^.^ ^^^^^ .^ 

OKl-FtJSHl. ,». Awake or asleep, lymg 
O^P£r,"l"^ -A kind of movable 

ol\t'y^"k-i,^hi. a. Large, big, great. 

Oiitu ™r», to make laige. 
Oki-uiace, b. A present made on leav- 

■"8- Id man 
Oki-ka, a. Large, big. great. 

OKt-Ni. adi. Greatly. Xh. 
OKiNOKi.-™.-ftB, i. V. To pawn, to 
borrow money by pawning or pledging 

OKisA,«.!^he bigness, size, -^rf™^ 

iiirai, how Urge la It 1 
OlcrrK, ». Law, enactment, decree, 51a- 

Oki-tsukb, B. Fiiture, anything belong- 

Oei-zar'i. n. Leaving and going away, 
desertion of one's &mily, fSrsaQng. 

Okkaa, b. Mother. OMaasan. 

Ok-icai, X. Promotion to rank above the 
one next in order, by skipping over. 

0<c.&\nf.i,-kiriu,ihi, a. Afraid, fearful. 
CM^!^yru^ia"i. b.^'To fall" o^faU in 

OkkO, «.' Diflicul't'^ious. —xisura, 

Oko, b. a pole for carrying burdens. 
Oko;^. V^, conceiKd, foolish, «lly, 

ridiculous, absurd. 
OKoaAMASHii,-t|-..*a. Ridiculous, ab- 

do, to eneeute, to practice, to observe. 

cited, provoked angry. 
Okobi, b. The rise. origm, cause; anger, 

OKOSHl.-ni,-i'a, i. V. To eicile. rouse 

OKOSfa,-iu.-ra, t. v. To send. 
Oko3hi,«. Akindofconfeclionerymade 

of parched rice and sugar. 
OKOTAHi-j-a.Jla ;.p. To be negligent, 

Okotabi,™. Segligence, laziness, remiss- 

IbousiS^^or a liundred million. 

Oku. — ik™. to be afraid, cowardly. 

backward, ashamed. 
Oku-ba, n. The back teeth, molars. 
Oeubi, b. Belching, eructation. — va 

Okubi.'b. The'gore sewed into the front 

0KUB.i?T°C^^e' timidity 
Oitu-BUiit,Ui,-*a,-i*i,'a. Far' back, 

deep, profound, obscure. 
Oku-cXi^,b. Tte writing at the end of 

Oku-^S° « "wife"'" 

Oku-gi, i.' The most important, mnst 


O polite. Mill ^uri, !« me see. 
Ttm^ akun, give me a timtt. 
Okube, h. Behmd, mferiorilnckward- 

Bnne late i 
't!t7' To ser 

haUoo. Omekisak, 

Okusj-jB, >!. A memorandum, or list of 


iutiel«.«i.t along with tte articles ; an 


officer. Onrn-ni, a beaw burden or 

Okugi-MDNI), n. A present. 

Omo,». The face, the surface. 

OD his departure, or going out to meat 

o—fcJ^CS.— "> " 

8;^^,-^„* g^glfe face, the 

Okuhi-tecata. k. a passport ot docu- 
ment certiryiog to one's birth and ciii- 

OMaDACHi,-i^ii,-;/d, /. P. To be chief m 

OKT^im. «. Wife. 

amongst officials. 

Oku-soko-nai,-*;,-*b,». Open, ftank, 

OuoDAKA, n. A kind of mtei^plant. 

without =oncealmenl or dis^uiss i in-,;. A severe wound. -™ J, 

0£uT£,».' Late rice. 

Ouo-DOCHi, s. Personsof thesamEmind. 

OiiuvuKASiiii.-*,-,^«. a. Prolound or 

Oku-yuki, n. The depth or dimenwon 

OHOiiAi,«. A bridle. 

Ouc-GAWAEi, ». Alteration ot change in 

from fion. to rear. 
0«AHAN,^™. You. 

Ihelace,— asbyace. 
OMo.HAVUi,.*,-,-iB,a. BashfiU, diffident, 

Omaka^.,, b. Magnanimous, generous. 



Osioif *i -iK,-i*i, a. Heavy, weighty, 

Omake-ni, adv. Moreover, besides. 

severe, uoportanl, eminent. 

OiuuMA, n. Boiled rice. 

Oaoi,'!ii,~eta, 1. V, To think, suppose, 

OuAsK0.«. The vulva. 

Omaru,b. a wooden utensil used as a 

about, Icngafter; to desire, wish; to care 

waier-closet by children. 

OhAVE, i*™. You. — J^fl, id. — IflH, 

about, 10 mind ; to love, 10 feel, OmS- 

hean-s content. 

Ow-OEH, (ksyt KD /n^rfl, H. Contracting 

Ouoi, «". Tboi^ht, eipeclation, care, 


aniLsty. — ™ Ao*b, unHipected, or 
diircicDcrcom what WHS expec«J. — n? 

Oi™^°,Uh,-b«"''?. p.' To Kgwd each 
olher wilh ifiection, to Ihink of each 

OiroT-AMAKvai.,-««d, I. V. Unable to 
retrain one's feeLingE of love, aneer, oi 

OMOi-ATliii,-f »,-//o, ?. P. 1? he struck 
with the thoi^ht, to come suddeol; 

in what one thinks of'anythiog, to mia- 

Ohoi-sa, ». The heaullful feathen on 
the hack ofceriaiawUd fcwLs.aa Che 
duck, pheasant, etc. 

Ouoi-BiTO, a. One muob thousht of. one 
loved, <tr cared for. 

lind, to 

ta think 

Ouoi-GAEE-K*I ,-*/,-*«, a. Unexpected, 
unthoujhi-of. unlooked-for, incidental, 

Omoi-co, s. a much-thought-of child, 

abeloved child. 
Ohoi-goto, h. Care, anaely, trouble. 
Ohoi-cusa, n. A loved plant; subject, 

OHOi-KAHAVBr-rur^, '(. V. ' To thiu^ 
of and he prepared far, to anticipate. 

OMOi-KiBi.-ru-tta, ^c. Toceasethink- 
ing about, to make up one's mind, to 

the opinion, to be under the impreuiou, 

Ohoi!k^™,-i's,Vp!° T?aniicipate, 
to fancy, or be aniious about iometliing 
that may happen in the future. 

0Mai-i>iEGURA3H[^u,-^n, t. c. To re- 

Ouoi-MiDAHE,-™,-/», /. V. To think 
and be perplexed, confu^d, distracted 

befoTehand and be prepared for, to de- 

tioq, opinion, theory. 

row, itgret, care, or 
event has passed. 

thing on the mind, 

or to one's *heart's t 

0M01-siDAMS,-™,-(n i. o. . ^ 

one's mind, to resolve, or determine 

Omoi-sage,.^,-/,!, /. V. To think meanly 

oSoMOH^^',™""": To bepn lo 
love, or think about for the first tTme. 

Ouoi-suGOSHi,-iH,../fl. (. s. la think 
too much about, to love loo much. 


'. To make I 

ing about, banish or 

dismiss from one's 






to suddenly tbmk about. 


lailding, or com- 



■^. To think of. 

nd. to be attached 


1 to plan, devise. 


y, fendful device, 

upon, to think upon constantly, to be 
absorbed, wrapped up in. 

concerned a!»"t. ' " ' *"* """ 
iMOi.wABi.«-«,-!fl. /. p. Tolhink sadly 
of or with compunction. 

To ibiget, 


n the 


adv. — iiif Dpe^ty^ pub- 

™u"^»!X ,;. "!' To 

i-oxosm, H. Liftins up the head 


■i, n. The ground pine, Licopo- 

sVeo, «. The glace inleaded or 

AKU,' H. The IhougbtB, mind, 

-l^E;-^,JS,™™ii8t. of Om,n. To 
e, OT ioduce another to chink. 
ASHnf-*i,~bi, a. That which is to 
3 mind, desirahle; Ihou^tful, or 

Omo-ni, adv. Generallr, principally, for 
value,'pn«™«^ate^ w r 

OMiw)Mo'sHU,3?,"ii, 3.°'Grs 
dignified, consequenlial^inip 

Oao^T^^S™'^. "to m'l 

OuoHi,'». ll.e wdghl of a weighing < 

OuoB[rr»,-«a, ,-. V, To he grave, 

wdghly, aerioua, impoHanl, of conse- 

"""'^' bright, for p 

for the most p 
On,b. Favor, 

with, del^hted wi 


iHi, H. A long-tailed in 
!,-*',-*«, 'a. Having an 

^Bell>^' abdomen, 

i!^ " "T?e'k4ree''o'f hTal, lem 


Obore, fir. fro. I you, myself, hiin- 

Omi, Wai-*D»), ». AraJish. 

conquer one's self. Onori ga, my. 

your, toy own, your own, one's own. 

and instrumental music accompanied 

Oaare-ra, plur. we, you. Oatrc-mc, 

Ou-GAVtsm, H." Repayment of a fcind- 


Oh-hyo, (uTajHi no iainashii), n. A 

malicious spirit. 

Obi,». Ad=vil,d™on,fi=nd,thespiri< 

On..$es, X. A hotEprins. 

of one dead, a gtoal ; also an epithet 
for a powerful or a bad man. _ Kekore 

6voi^'iund'n^rbe"°efact!on!.'" "™' 

ON-i«,a. Amiable, gentle, meek, mild. 

t^foKeoZ'sUltia act"b?"a fienr"' 

On-toeu, b. Kindness, goodness, grate, 

Oni-aiami, », A kind of thistle, Cardi- 

Ohi-bi, s. IgDis-fatuuB, jack with a lan- 

O-osHiKi.-tn, B. Manly, bold, brave. 

Oki-gokeo, 1. A kind of play amongst 

0-0-To.arf&. Gloomy, melancholy, do. 

children sjmilar to "prisoner's base," 
the base is called tf&, the player is 

here and there, some places : eveniu. 

Oni-mushi, X, A species of homed bee- 

ally, in process of time. "^ 


0-RAl, iyuiiii), «■ Passing to and fro. 


going and coming: coming, communica- 
tion, a road ; lilfe of a book. 

:^rf ,115"'/. '.'".' „^>".?^,f 

lua mtofuiiu ma nciC" 
Ob-jaku, h, a hot Btone dipped in wa. 
ter and applied to a painfuf part. 

Onha, a. era. A female, woman. — i 
^, a girl, female child. — is&a^ a f 
male physician. — kiyS4ai, sistei 
Onna-gami^ a female divinity, goi 

represents the part ofafems 


OiiAS&,-rufla, canst, of OH. To cams 
lobeordwiJl, letdwell. 

Or"-™,**', "''".■*^r^fcen,-nsed of a 
Slick, or anything long ; to be folded. 

Orb, d. A broken piece or fr:wment of 
anything long, .^ufi' «o — , a piece of 

Obi, s. Time, occasion, opportunity. 

OMi-n.^B, /. n. To break any.hing 
long and slender, as a stick ; to fold, to 
bend, to double. .HoBrw.— to break 
a bone, (fig.) lo toil, or labor industri- 

Jhi", 'Jiru, aritl^" n!^ To^descend 
^e. Or'i-nabari, <legcending 'and 


o iUbsid^ a1 

a a height^ to pul down on the 
•av —, to produce ahorrion. Ot- 

SElling by ths quantily; 

Ori-hiub, •!. The weaver, the name 

the star Veda, near the milLv way. 
ORi-J<otl, H. A folding book. 
Oni-iTTE. adu. Earnestly, urgently, u 

Osi^"", t^' A fclded paper or doc 

z: To break ai 

.repilate, lo 
iidiie, settle, 

™^lay , 1 

1^M,-Xi,^l\ a. "/onng, 'yonrliflil. 
IL-OSA. ndv. Much, gnat deal; wil 

-'fa?^ell,''^od-by'!'' "*' ^ P^ '" 

suppott or hold down : to 
strain, to kiiep down, kee| 

Che rights of ac 

ih on the 1 

OKi-Yoi,~i:i,-fa, a. Good time, fori 

Obochi, ». A la^ snake. 
Oruka, d. Foolish, silly, simple. 

OsAiE.n. Therearcolmnnof i 
OsB,-ra.-ia, I. V. Used only [n 

efiiontery, brasi, inipaden* 


OSHI-AKK^H,-/,., *. V. To 

or hold open. 

OsHI-ATE.-rH.-ft), M'. Tpi 

OSHI-BUCHI, n. Small Etri 
fastened DguDst the ed; 

orfoimoiit. ' ' ■ ■ 
05Hi-T>osii ».* TakiDg by viol< 

bcr. ' 
sparing, nifcgarSy, gnidgi 


idVthLng highly vi 
ru, to be deplored, r* 


peraous ilghtiog ; to 


u.-ia. I. B 

tee and n 




V. Topr«> 



".V To push 




another .0 ta 






|-thil!g ha 



ibly agai 

St,' as a rope. 

: thought of 




Oehi-nugi,-^h,;Y<A(. To strip off, ti 

OsHiBOi, fl. The white lead power a 

OsniR^^A, iT The sfitabilis j Jap 
OsHisA, «. The unwillinipiess to lose 


I E aSi. By force, by violei 

[brce tbrouglL. 

FrefidnE the purchase of 

id break, to attack and break. 
Oaii-VAiu,-nii-^/a, t. V. To push out 

of the my, M send with a pusli. 
0!HiYEf™,Ja, <, V. To teach, instruct, 

force near'^, to aitu'k or forabfy ^ 

OshS, n. A Buddhist priest. 

Oso, R. The bodily di»>tders caused by 

Osoi,-fiii,-^a, f. V. To attack, assault. 
030l,-^~,-^r''^'i ^ l^e, slow, tardy^ 
Oboi-ba,b. Thewisdc 


thai, I doubt u 

la.-^iin, i.'i.. To f 
be all aftaid,— spoken 

e aira!^, frighteo. 
ivj'^SHilf-fcty-ku^ki^a, Fearful, &n£ht- 
fu]^ dreadful, awful, terrible. 





ness, si 



I. I.. T 



to be 

lie nighli 

^hy e 

il sp 

""' "' 



i-i. T 


ught, to 

Osso, «. A petit 


int made 

diately to 

a high , 



g throi^h 


The ma 

e of^bird 


Ota;,-.. Amee 

ng, con 



A tad'p 



o, pretending 






. ^hKki 

g thek 

of eh 



— d!U- 



of a 


Otogai, n'. The chin. 


Otokiw!!, n. Manly, spirited, bold. 

ile, fooliab, silly. 

Otoshi, n. A trap for catching birds. 
Otoshi-ana, K. ApilMl. 
OnisHi-iiANASHi, «. A story in which ; 
pun. quibble or play upon words is iu 

Otoshi-ijaki;, n. The baaiardehild of i 









To throw 




«. Ereth 

udnig older 




B, father 

a. Strang 

d, IV 

usual, sin- 

guJai. ' 

(l^ii «» 

. P.s^ng 

, living. - 


. Soupm 




after T 

, By and 


ntly, =oon. 

Ottb, ». 

Th; pur-oU 

Otto, n. 




or seiiein 


Oirs^KB^^^.^B'y'a^ byl^foon^P"^ 
O-UHA, x, A stallion. 
OwnRH,-j-i',-'3,V»'- ot-pol. ofO;. To 
OwARIv-™,-ia, pass, or pol. off)/. To 

Oivari15",-j^>b'T°i..' To *end, fmish, 
complete, terminate ; to die.. 







<>»A^ X 


0¥AiiAti°,K. The'chirf.Tead.'the I 


t, Ibc f«ma]c char: 

i^D^-HWMj-B, CO swim aoroaa. 
r 0-Y6-M, miv. Generallj', mostly, for Ihe 

rally, mostly, in general, about. 
0-yu«, <,. -fie tffumb. 

. And, togethr 

, re- , OiO' 
> n/ cii 

>f C^rcii, To Okii 

Pachi-paj ,„, ^d^. Sharp cocIiinE no^e, 

or smarting manne., - 

as the tas.e 


e sound of 

Panvs, «. A species of Asclepias, or 

screen, slamming a do 

r.bangina- ^ 


Pi(oi-tJ, Trf!.. Hoppi 

B like a fr. 

Pappu, ». A poultice. 

bird, elc, ^kippiug.'^'^ 
Plvo-TO, arfii, ITie whiz 

PflnA-PAKA-TO, nrfi'. Tbe Bound, or man- 

ner of taio, hail, or tears falling in big 

Pabari-to, arfiT. Tn a scattered, dis- 


nt, thoughlle 

persed, or sprinkled manosr. 

sound of trac 

Pata-pata, a<ep. The sound at repeated 


POKU-POKU^ aiTo. Lifc 

the sound 

striking pieces of wood 

Pox-poN7flrf!.. The son 

nd of successi 

Patchihi, arfff. The sharp, suddeo sound 

reports, as of guns. 

of anything cracltingBnappine, split- 
lin?, as of spllttiBE a bamboo, bursune 

Poppo-TO, ade. Hoi, 

heated appe 


Pattaih, Bdv. The sound made hy any 
thing falling, slapping, slamming. 

PERfl.penA, adti. Quickly, fist. 


plural sulfiit. '"^ar^f-ro! w 

".s. Tofiniali 

palace. Kai-sMviatsu, the next mooth. 
AW~*arH, the oexl spring. Rai-fitsH, 
the neit iiy. Bai-ti^aku, tht • 

Rai, (kamiKari), «. Thuoder. KaS- 
din, thunder and lightning. Rai-jin, 
the god of thunder. R,,i-ja, an anfmal 

liBhtning rod. Rai-gtki^ a stroke of 



pliatll, to servilely imitate a 
Raiiah.s. Bacon, pork, had 
RflKflNSHO, B. The Thyopsi 

Raku-ba, (KWflJwW 

o*nir«,) R. 


RAKU-a>Ki, n. Writing or s> 

RAKurf;AN, ». A kind ofconfe 

made of nce-flour and sugar. 
Eaku-maku, (ochi-bi^rtruA a. 



RaKU-JI, (rfiu™ mq/i), H, 



Raku-raku-to. adf. Easilr, pl 
comfortably, free from care an 

RaKU-SATSU, DWa TBO d/oib) 


ping a 





A kind of porcdaiD 

ct in a violent and disordei 

The open ornamental o-o 
creens"hich form the par 
sen Ih; rooms ofahous.;. 

(m/d^re iami), «. Wslit 

<. A bad hand, or iloven 


Kan-da, o. Laiy.idle. 

RaN-GIVAKU, (»I»*flK,) M. Reb< 

Raw-GUI, B. Pons and Jlakes dr 

sanity, menial derangicnenl. 
Ran-shA, 1. Ovipsinu^ produced Ir 

11AN-S4, K. The ovaries. 
RSN-TS, n. A kind of ov 
overagrave. — j^.ace 
Rao, b. a bamboo pipe-sl 
Rappa, «. A Irumpei, bug 
Rappakuwan. «. The^li 
RA-SE-irA, n. Flannel. 

Rasha, h. Woolen cloih. 

■"."Hits' ■ ■-"" 

IST^^Onn^r^lal iSte i 

disordocd, confused, wiihout otdcr or 

R^^u™!" A kind of candle, havme a 

carrvLur ii: (be hand. 
Ebi,«. ^ollleneas, decorum, eliquette; 
ttuuiks, salutation ; a thank offering, or 
present in acknowJcdgment of a tavor. 

outTf^SiMVfulnei', to ^ank,''to'^''a 

l«U? o?i^^ink!. ''V«.V,''p^prie^f eti- 
quette. Rei-fiikK, dress of ceremotiy. 
kli-hin. a fee, or money paid for a fi- 
TOr received. RtMha. thanks. Sei- 

Eei. Th» ward is used as a cljiher, o 
ai, San an rci haehi-jS, — 3080. 

Rhi-kivaku, (Aiyataiit). Strolling about 

■Rsi-^nnAlada-hiui n. The common 

RhT-nek; (iyj»"j),''™!'^Year]y custom. 

Rei-baku, (acki-iunr-u.-j n. Bankrupt- 
cy, insolvency, reduced 10 poverty. 
Gbi-siti, n, A spedet of bard mushroom. 

pert!dning to'ihe' a'linanac''o°r caJendai 
Seii-sil,A history, cbroniole, annab 

RsKi-RBKi. Fas^ngorcon(inuiIlgthrollg 

.EMMA, (lurl utigitM. n. To < 

of'bcf d's^JT'^^wC^ Mmpar 


Rsn-cho, several mornings in 


adocuinent. j7bi^'iV(k. sever 


lers, or awriting subscribed by 

names. Rtii,4UH, several year 

cession. Jf™-i.--, involved a 


une, im- 

plic™oS. X™', ™he uubn 

things by growing together, 

branches of a tree. Rinssku, 

or continuous, without inte, 

Ren-msi,\a,mtA or banded 
by an oai. Ss»^i>i, a list 
Ri«-»iiyi-gaii,a catalogue. 
EH-CHAKU, H. Inordinate at 



lOKLT, t. Honest, upright, eiact, 
t\ ^^Si'Htifa). n. The Lo. 


bars before vindou's. 
tkilau ta/aiv), h. Ld* 

Ri, «. 


.The natural la»a, Ihe 

Principle, 1». 



of doing 




justice or 



The prollUbLe mix 

=. adv^n- 

•iarai. Strengib, po 


/;;*MSr, 8 strone man, aw 

estlH. ■ 

«■. streng^, ot am 



J, bully Jf/*,'«/-a» 

feacbo*«> strength 





«, to s;ru., swasser, bu ly or bout 



«, VLgor, power, »r. 

^StH, aa- 


Acuieness of mind, s 


TE, ™. Making a sho 

w ot one's 


H. Sagacity, cleveroes. 



g the ap- 


Tlie land as opposed to water 



Ejku^osI^' '-fhe"si"^dM of the uni- 

quihbfe, sophistry. — wo ^'m, to quib.- 
hie, or cavil. Rikutsu-tka^ a caviler. 


neighboring house or family. 
KlN-K[,>i. JealDOEy. -iwjuru, [Qfeei 
jeatoiis. _ 

RTN-SHmU, « 

^QHl 8""^^^^ 

:i5 RIY 

Eii!-^;o,'«. V small wheel on "ihe 'ipin- 
dli of » spinning-wheel, over which Ihe 

Rii;.<;q.9ha, k, a walei-whee], wodud 
by treading and used for irneatiDg, 

Riu-IN, •!. Pyrosis, "ater^br^. 

Riu-]6, (yaaagr no mUa), B. The cat- 
kins ofthe mllow. 

Riu-Kiu, n. The Lc* Chew islands. 

Riu-Ko («=^r,^..t«) ». Prevsiline. 
populflT, or fashionable waj-; sryle, 
tasnion. — turn, to prevaiL to be 

Rlu-KOTSU, (talsu no ksnt), n. Drae- 

K[U-No. *. Refined camphor. 
Riu-RAKu, a. Reduced From honor or 
wealth to puverty and misery, baak- 

^^w.'o^spWinl^fli^hll^" " ■ 
Riu-TAi, ifoiisniari ItdolUri). Deteo- 

Riu, (BflfarA n 

head, die place on the top of a large 
bell by whiqh it is suspended, 
Riu-GAW-BiKU, ». The lungyen,— a Chi- 

supposed to govern iherain. 

comnxoaate one wi^ anyrhing ; to 
give temporarily as a canvenienoei to 

'-IV-iAV, a. Abortion, miscarriage. 
JVAKU, ft. AhHdgment, ahbreviation. 
en, to slight, ID omit. Sij'atu-iKn, 

— ■ .*!1^'" 

>mary forms, 
acter, Rijiakashi^i, an abridgment 
tl-VEEi, ». Profit, gain, advantage. 

paiate as husbanded wife''tO divoree^ 

bus. or siity momme ; two, both. — 

aicki, one or two days. — at&i, botji 


feet. — ' Mimi\ tolh ears. Siye- 

both eyes.' Jitf^M, both rfdes, h. 
peraons. Riyo-men^ two facea, bi 
surfeces. R^yi tetsu. Two veisLons 
reports of the same thine. HijiS-sh 

Riyi-U, both" haiHtT^iira-i*, two 

to ^h, hunt, jfu'^-.rff, a fiKhine-b< 
Riv«, n. StuS; or material for mak 

material for clothes. RiyS-/u —, 

RiVD, n. The doiniaioa, temtoty o[ 
tate helon^g to a lord, or ruler ; 

Rivi, B. Ability, talent, capacity. 

Ri-ro, B. Utility, usefuJiie^s. 

Rivo, a. Good, eicelleat, skiirul. Rijii- 

Eician. Riyi-iks, ajipod general, iii- 

esiaie belonging ID a king, a lord, or 
raonasteiy ; lunadiction. 

tate belonalng to a lord or temple. 
Rivd-GAKB, «. Two black boxes made 

lite, rude, ill-mannered, rough. — na- 

Rivo-Jl, H. A consul. Pain — , vice- 

Riv^i, >•- Treatment of div^se, medi. 

eease, to ptesciibe for the'^h. 
BiYOJCAKU, ifaii-atff). B. A traveller. 

fil.vol!^».""l>es^"'oi gain, a'va 
• oovetousnesa, lo-e of money. 
RiYOEU-aAN, B. Sulphate of iron. 

Riya-'me, R. T^enoglitof ^ythingsB- 
Sj'LBl!-raJlla'fJ!'^Ta cook. 

^. ™''^Pf'.'/'™ 

RiYo-SHO, M. The : 

Ro, «. A kind of gauze 

}, (micif). A toad, j( 
ney. Ro-y^^ travelling 

Ro, (fiiio ya.\, n. A gaol. JW-*aw, a 
gaoler. RSsAa. imprisonment. R^ 

gMj. R^-ffo6u, a gaol. 

.a, {^i), n. Old age, old, aged. Fit-^S^ 
notfrowinsold. jVd-jA^, oldandyouog. 
" Ri-jaia, old 

itETOwinEOld. Vi^ 
L^, '(M^XrB^^,"™." Toil, labor, trou- 


BioHOt damufcd or unsaleable gooosp 


< baskcc for cou- 

EU. ■>. Theloqual. 

ia-iaa, the siilh. A*a- 


a DOM of. Ai-ra^x, an s 

RoEU, fi. The ssJary. pay, 
ROK<i; a. Even, l.veV'"- 


nil of, make 
ipendix Co a 

aighl, good, 

'r^'iMyaii n. A kind cf jea- 

u, a. The ux domeElic ani- 
: the fowl, dog, cow, goat, 

ie Buddhist faadea, 

the souls of the dead are seiit,<di. : 

jigata, Gaku, CAiiu-iie, SAxra. 

RoKU-Wra,». .An inked line, used in 

RoKt'jo.'i. HartshoTn, 

lathe. : 

II worked by : 

ROKU-EOKU, arfo. Well, 
EoKU-EOKU, o«;j/. Trillin gly, idly, —ta 
lAi^ j.» iM 0*1.™, colLve a uaeleaa 

in which the 
lengthen 10 an en 

RoEU-yDKU.n. The six desires or lu; 
Ri-Kb. To be childish from age, 1 

Rfi-HEM, {uftarB *oj*;j H. Old nge. 

Ro"-Ga°«! The Confueian analects. 
Rf-siH, B. A M-.-™.- who, for some 
offence, has been dismissed from ht. 

dispute, RBHOrdsUt reg^iess, qoc 


R^i^K"' lLS'^l^''°S»ed'"ngo™til. 

Roppu, iTThe sTx v^KHaJ ^ 'lungs 
heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, and 

RoPPUKg. Sin doses of medicine, ^n- 

RoRETSuin. Pronunciation. 

Ro-SGKI, 1. Marble. 

RO-SBH, n. A boat with a saloon built 

on it, for pleasure excursions. 
Ro-SHiTSU, H. Nocturnal emissions. 
R«-SHa, B. Consumpaoo, phthisis. 
VH>-aoKU,n. Acandb. — fojf, a candle- 

Ro-TAi', n. A platform built on the roof 


R6-VKN, inoroxhi^ 

RoyA,'".' Aki 

"- YEN, {Korashi,) K. A signal rocket. 
lEKt. Brutal and vioTeni, savage, 
,:ruel ! mingled in confusi-- 

Rir-rir. — j«™, to sp 



^ e sort .f 

Rvm.n. The enieri^ld. 

RVRI, ». The variegated kinafishet. 

R parape 

al «Jp^ 

e aped on« 
S -/ , several 


Rusi!, (tedoBiari tnamiiru^ n. Keeping 

* Sni R 

*" „ tlnfdiyi 

watch, or taking care of a boose during 
the absence of Qie master; ahseat, not 

» S 

ral years. 

at borne. Rmu-ian. keeping watch 

\S '"'■^ 

e other. 


UD ed with 

R 'w Th 

hrymal duct. 

o[*the?am'il/in bis'^Kter'aSiMne™ 


soul. ' 

R *" ? 

be flesh, 

Ru-TsO. ». Passing or dirculaling from 

Sa, (*iai.r;j «. Tbe left. i;n ™ H the manner following. 
S*,nrfi-. So, thns. — «n™<^s«, ii 

Saba, •>. Mackerel. 


ia*», salt 


Saba, «. A fr^odulen 


by telling 


f a small portion 


ating. - 

™i«^. to make the 


Sa-dakari, arfo. Sn 

h, so, 


be sold 

off; to be 

e qnic 

k dlscern- 


of good 

, market; 





SABAiti,-.iB,-j-/B, i. r;. 

nnra^el,l^se lo» 

lofT; I 


examine and d^dide 




^?SS&i?i ■'• "•— ' ""*• 

ABOSH[r^,-iB, i. ■a 

To dry 

^BOTSH,„. Thept 

cki peer 

Slain. Sadaktt-vi^ certainly, sure 
istinctiy, plainly. 

mined, decided, settled, lued, ccria 

decide, lilt, settle, cooclude, to conlii 
10 resolve. 
Sadahg, r. That which is fined sett! 
or agreed on; theconclusion.decisic 

Sadahete. ftoTf. In all nobabiljty. p 
haps, likely, doubtless. 

S^lxi.ia.-ru^^i. p^'to recede fr 


Saga {yoski. ashf). Men 

irstat^h' »nl(i'^. 


Skce-O, h. ¥he cord arouDd the award 

Sf.cisHimi-M«.-Tda.l.v. To look down 


ma. '' 



11. Deeds, works. 


■,u,-it^^.^l. v^ 









as Ilia 



-Asai,». Gropi 
vith the feet. 






lake out, CO « 
ea the thioH it 



SaQUIU-Ki1CI,-£ii fSa, 




to come again. Sai-xai, again and 
again, repeatedly, Saisan, two ot 

Sa[ {.titki), n. _ The weaC. neslem. Sai- 

ero ™,'ao"''™11ow se^' Sai^, 

Sm, h. Fish, v^etablei, or anything 

i"', »; A dice!"^^ ™. the markE on 

a'a/^Ji/Jisiom, inieliigence'^Sai"*^-; 

Sai. «. Encampment, a ElDckaded camp. 

Sai-bam. —jtf»-*,toadJndge, adjudicate, 
decide on the case ofabriiamal, to judge. 

Saiban-sho, «. A coun-houM ; govern- 
ment office. 

S*i-BASMi, K. The chopslicki used for 
helping fieb or vegetables. 

Sm-chiv inanaia), H. The vety middle, 
the lime when anything is at its height, 

SAl™4r («" i^flV*" Thekat. — icAr, 


iWomcfdHiih. ' " , 

.nied by the gco- 

Sai-jjtsu imaixuriii), b. The day on 
wbicLi a teicival is cd<brated« the day 

,e and de- 

i«, fabric, wa«. — 
jTG. to (kbHcate. K. 
t. Gi—xniAu, sil\ 
di^H.glaas-wart. ^a-zama^ 
made by one's self,- home 

Sai-ui. k. a kind sf coars: hemp clolh. 
SwMiTSU-Nl (iBjxaka n!) adv. Particu- 

lirlv, minutely, caiefully. 
SAISAHl.-MU.-JKil, .-. D. To torture. 
Sai-nan (»iiza«u2), «, Calamity, mi& 

foTtuae, evil. 
Sai.hd, ». Talent, ability and slull. 

I-4H1KI (fViia'orK), «. Color, eo! 
l-SHO (fC*i'*»ii kajjiiie), ad-n. The 

pt«H or ui^e on the perform 
SAiTa,B, Burning the bamhoi 

and buyer, a broker. 

U.^Bi-$ASH1. «. One nho catches bird! 

bird-lime for catehinE birds. 

the head downuiard. 

saki, a s 

tion of the cliild in parturition. 
iAKA-GOHO, n. The mat which i 


mcnt produced by dnoking wine. 
Saks^uke. K. Aliang-nflii: 
Saka-haku-mjdzu, X. ^atecwhirUng in 

a circle, aa eddy in a currsDt. 
Saka-matsugb, ■. Entropium or invei^ 

9ion of the eyelatfaes. 
Saka-hh, s. A^nst ibe grain of wood. 

placed around a fonilicalioo to lieep ol^ 

Cajoumey.and^pviq™!!!™ "n°m- 

Sakamuke, «.' A hane-oail. 

Sakak, 1. A Slate of prMperily, full 

Saka-mami,b. Adve. 
Saka-meji, n. The 

SAKMia^-ru^-ta, post, or pot, of SaAi, 

S Ri « The bloom, prime, lime of 
hghes vig r. acme, height, culminating 
P h heat of animals. 

Salasam dv. Upside down, head- 
f m q a contrary direction, topsy- 

bloom o fling money wrapped in 

Cilumoy, di:[ra 

Sak.v-te, 1. Money for 

Saka-ubjo, K. The tai or duty levied 

,e"nS'an'li"ac 'u«re of 

iflif .s8old,asrog-shop. 

Japanese head. ' ' "*" '' 

after a debs 
by drink. 

prospn^ bioom, 'Tan,i-iaiaya^",tl b 

JAHAVE, B. °™ul!"'fioom, illustrious o 
erily, welfare 



S\K\-yosB.-^,-ta, t. V. To drive back 

vLl'hirslrone^i^^' "''"''" ""■' '" 
Sake,™. An into-icaiing liquor brewed 
Sake, n. A salmon. 

""foi'd Y;'ide,'t'o'"Bhout, to'^araor^o- 
ciferaCe, Halloo, scream, to bawl. 

Sak&dzuei, h. "ontfaaioUait. a lover 
Sa"kh!^Smi?«°'^A drunkard awine-bib- 
SaK!,'s. Thefronl, foremost pari of anv, 
thing, the Urst, Ihe van ; before ; the 
future; theother party, or person. 
Saki, n. Thepoint, or end of anything. 

SAitii-,*ji.-;/B, rj.. To open or bloom,— 
m a iloi'er : to blossom, to Bower. 

Sf.ia.-Jtu.-ils, I. B. To tear, to rip, rend 
asunder, to rend open to split oft 

hIm?''" K^ hllvfn "a tadnal'risT "" 
S^Zili^i%. ClXmg^heway"rdbre 

a high official. 
SAia-BASHisi,-rii,-tii, i. ». To run befbrg 


I ahead sf olhers. 

ivith the sam. 
:nt in advanci 

importaQee, 'to Ge the^t of befo 

mi«I "fine'erep." ^»'l™';^"an abun- 
" ridge made in p[Q0ghing or 

Ihe onler of Ihe ] 

by the hoe. 

Saku, s, a stockade, a fence 

of h«h 


Saku-ban,«. Last night. 

S^KU-aivo, H. A fsigned aickne 

S»ko-bS,b. ThEfiSt andfiCle 

n'lh day 

of the month, wbioh ate oh»rved a^ 


SiKU-1, ». Aflction,concat,in 


or fancy of an author. 

Slxm,-^i^-t->,-<hl.a. Easily broken or 

torn, bAttJe, aot tough ; or 
prompt, ready, 
Saku-ii, b. The work of buil 


ing, re- 

dent of 


iAKO-JlTsu, x. Yesterday. 


lAKUiuoTsu, K. Anything Erown by 

Sakifra, «.' A chHTy-lree,— the Prunua 

_^ used for Ihe hair, 

*thingfora°nothcr. - ii^H, to confcund, 

SA^UKAsa; n. The oame of a Bower. 

plan, device. 
Saku-rivA, If. The wages of workmen. 


Author, writer of a book, 



3UI. —tn- 




m, B. Af\astaa. 

C.n. LasJe 

«. Form, 


er, fcshion, o 


Sah*, w. ' A reapectf 

appended to 

amcs of ptrs 



■^^A loop-h 

]e in' the wall of a 



B. To that a 

■tent, BO 


Saiushi,-jh,-'ii. i, c. To viake ap from 

hot. ' ■ ' ■ ■ 
S/iKATAaa;-m,-ia. t. v. To obBtiuct, 
hmder, iiopede. to interrupt. 

SamSisu"™ ' Aa "eaS/fen!/ "3^' edible 

Sauba, R. Anridwife. 

Sahbashi, X. A fJank laid from a boat 

^Uwhich'^STfaDd.^^""" '"'^"" 

SAM-s'iYft,''"" ' T h^°lh«e'!o cii™ ble'diU 

Sau-bejisu, r. A product, productioQi or 

Sahk^ a.™ ""^k, 8bafk-sMn7' 
%KKt.^rM,-ta, Lv. To awake; to be- 
come ^m, sober, to become cool. 
Baui. — san, to revile, to abuse, lo 

Saui^,'«. a guitar or bai>jo of three 
Samha^ii^o. U-!i^mmai ni, with the 

plaininf of the cold, to feel chilly, 

%t.»M\,-^'i,-ku,-shL a. Cold, chll 
(spoken only of the weather, or of on= > 
^e mes , <uuB a nan, to 

Sa>i(;bai, k. a general name for all per. 
sons privilegefto wear two swords. 

Sahuba, s'. fhe state or degree of cild- 

SA9hit!aHn,-^A-^x, a. Lonely, solitary, 

qmec, desolate, dull. 
San, (m<™),_a, -■■— -— 

the third 

.... times three _. 

amatsx, the third month. Sa 
cil, one third. Sa«i ia:i, tl 
IT number three. Saia-iai,t'hl 
ull. — &u nu two thirds. Saii-^ 
. trianete. Saa-Kait, the third 
ittn-s^ai, three times as much. 
4, R. Parturition, birth, ptoduc 

>roduce. Sanr^u^ a 


San,». Reckoningo 

the abacus, ciph- 
rithmetic, mathe- 

enn^, calculating ; 

to.calculate, rec- 

ithmetii. &,«^h^ 

San, (*c»MrH,)— sBj- 

sing praise to;, al?o 


frame which sup. 

ports a panel ; the 3 

ck or cleat under 

San, (y™-.,) H. Am 

untdn hill S^n~ 

untaini S^^-ckS, 


mountain peak. Sa 

-ji, on the moim- 

tain. San-kai, Ian 




ttedicinal pawner. Dajyitan 

5ahm:! «. The MlWom dutin 
SanTvh,'* ^EariyriM sprouts. 

115, n>af , iDEIhod, plan 

HadEsj Ihe river Styx. 
Sans, r. The seeds of fruit, meloaS, 

Confession, Bcknowlei^- 

lAN-so, n. Oiygen gas. 
' laie the ten of trails Id correcl a writ- 
;a'"-t5, ». Calculation, compulation, ac 
Ta&chillas, a kind of 
A powdered laediciae- 

NiASH "»f ''xBecS.lagus cuneata. 
o^n. A pole; also used in gounlin 

laa. one load ofbureau. ' 

"a.'h. ^A v\au. saucer, diS. mic 

S*K-jtM' (yamaiWa,) ». A (abulous be- 

once oKupied by a building. 

S/Lllilri'Ur"''st' "■ To seiie or take hy 

SAM-ja, «. The three great duties of a 

enceto her hustand; when a widow, 

SA',!;^i»^?S: (. V. To dredge, to 
deepen or cieao out by dredging or 

estate.) — ■BnicJi. 

Sas-jO. Thirty. — jas, thirty-three. 

San-kei, (midiiiru). Going to a. temple 

Sa-eai-wen, k. Year after neit. 

Saka-n.-lri, «dv. Of course, needlesj, 

Saea-ni, aJ-n. Agaiu, anew, quite. 

SA-NOHi,arfe.. So much, such. 

wholly; with a neg. not in the least. 

San-ki, h. The space just helow the 

enrirely, totally. - nmM, there is nol 

head of the fibula, a good place for ap- 

a particle. . 

SASfH^V^The seed-capsule of the 

SABAKE,-™,Ja, fast, or foi. of Sart. 
To be divorced, separated, or aban- 

white jimine, used for dying yellow. 



SaEa-SAKA, ad!>. Entirely, wholly, posi- 
tively. absoluLcly, quite. 
Saba-saba-to, adv. Uke the aoudd, or 

bics be^n"ie hrnds"; widTasl^p^ne, 

public view, to bleach, to sun. 
Sasashi.o. WhiteDrbleachedmiulin. 
SABAWAHByr",-*", /i"i. of Sarai. To 

he seiied or taken. 

deepen by scooiring or dredging, as a 
well ot the channel of sstteam. SsTii- 

taye-^Htu, to scrape into, to fiTI in by 
scr^^ting or dredging. 

SARH,-rB.-/a, i. V. To be left, forsaken, 

Sask,-™.W, i. V. To be eipoaed or 
bleached in the sua. Sart-!ieii, a. skua 
left blcBcbins on the ground. 

Babeba, adv. So then, therefore, It be- 

Sa'redquoTc^/ But, boneyer, although 

Sabigebai ,-*/,-*». a. Not appearing as 

Sari-p, n. A bill of divorcement, 
Sabi-nacaea, f^V- Vet. however, but, 
still, nevertheless. 

Sa-^™u,'«. Services, asMsiance.eiier- 

Saku"'". a montey, ape. - «i> lokl, 
lour o'clock p. H. — *g kafa, the 

SABU,(eoinp.of5fl,ando™.)a. Aeeis 

since, befo: 


monkey at 

Monkey coat.— a y, 

<B,a. Monke}i's stool. 

Sabu-subhri, b. The monkey slipper,— 

Sasa- «. A kind of small bamboo grass. 
Sasagahi. b. a small kind of land 

live.'few", fine, ttifline. trivial,' 
jASAUB-GOTO, a. Talking in a whisper 

iASAMEKi,-^«|-i/n, /. ». To talk in a 

low voice, to whimper. 
iASABA, ». A small brash made of split 

Sasavaka, d. Small, little, Sne 

SASjLyAKirtHfit>i,t.v. To whisi 

SASAVE,-rji,-/», t. V. To obslrucl 
der, impede, to stop, check, pr 
restrain, intercept; to uphold, si 


SAS 1 To make or IcE anoiher dn, to 
cail^, to give, to induce, bring. 
SASEMoausA.i. The Artemisia oi mug- 

Sa-sen. Degraded and baaished from 
the QDiirt ot capital. — jj.™. 

Saski, n. A foot measure. Nagazsshi, 
a doth meatnre. 

Sashi, b. The string used for stringing 

Sashi,'>e. a stick of bamboo shaved off 

Sashi, i./a general name for a vessel 
which It holds. "jlf?Xi'"— , "a water 

^ t"P°- ' ... 

Saehi,iu,-M, i. V. To stick, inerce, 
stab, thrusl, prick ; Id sting' to point, 


SASui-Ai,-at>,-^/<i, I. y. To be pre- 
Sashi-ai, >. Something that acts as a 

each otber itiroi^b, as with a sword ; 

Sashi-dashi^s.-A, /. V. To' hand up, 

to ofl^, la tender. 
SASm-na, adi.. Spoken of twg persons 

doing anything together; as, — take 

Sikia-DB.-ru.-t'', i. ^. To put one's 
self forward, to be forward, bold, or 

S:^HI™ MU CH*,' "f "n l'a"^upting o th ers 

by puttino; in a word. 
Sashid!i;,h._ Command, order, inslruc- 

usuRi, n. Medicine for dropping 

' fall (as oV the tide). _ Kaiji Jw -, de- 
mone^^previoiBly adranc^ « rmived. 

SASHidtAKABi,-T»-rta,i. r. To be near 
to, ou the eve al, approaching to. 

sm-°KO^"«. '"i' quilted coat. 

the stomach, to be convnlsi^. 
'j^m-KOKOiaif^it^-tAi t. V. To stab 

Sashi-hi, a. Raw lish cut in thin slices, 

S.ishiImobo, b. Cahinet-^ware, ioineiy. 
SAs"i-"oNC>5"lil, ..^A iSiinet-ni"er, 


5ASHt-TiiUKAr',.fli.,-a«a, i. V. To be face 

to face. 
SASHi-MUKS,-i-i.,-ia,/. p. To send. 


SA5Bl-NiNAi,~iM,^(a, /. D. To cairyo 

SjKHI-kuki, X, A kind of long trowsa 

WDTD by Dsblcs. 
SASHi-0!<Ii~ia,-Aaj '. jr. Td let be,^ li 

SAiai-OKnEit-'^^ta,i.v. 'Tosedd. 

iDg, difficulty or violence. 

SiSHlTAKU, a. Special, parlicular, iin- 

SashitHj ativ. Particularly, e&pecially, 

bid, to intercept, obstruct. 
SA5ui-TDSHi,-iW,-^, i. V. To ^eiee 
through, transfix, to run through. 

dered, interrupt^, embarrasaed, ob- 
Si^Hl-WATASHI, n. Thedistanoe across, 

Sashi-zove, X. Tb 

SA-3H0. -«.-■«,. 




S.'L-siA'^ LilH', 



Sasoku, Bi^H. Qu 

k, ready. 

r pr 


SitsBai,siira^a,i. V. To (eel, conjec- 
Sassoku^ ativ. Quick, hastily, speedily, 

Sasu, fl. A pole sharp at the euds used 
by &nuen in carrying sheaves of grain. 

Sasuca, a. A pocket knire. 

Sasuga, o,^o. While it was so, such be- 
ing the case, »>. thcrefote. — ni sAi- 

appear Dot to knovr. Sasugit-itOya. — 

a THicb-fbfk used by policemen. 
SA3u-»om, «. A tool carjlen- 

SA5URAI,-a^/a, i. o. To degrade in 
transported for crime. 


Sa-ten, «. A tea-house. 

Ssio, ». A village.adisuletofcultivat- 

lATO-aiBAKi, n. The first visit of a bride 

a bride toller' home. 
lATO-co, ■.. A child sent away from 

Iato-gokoro, x, Home-sickaeia. — 

Sato-kata, ». The *ife's family or r 

SATfi-KiBi, n. The surghuoi, or sugar can 


Satobi, n. lDlelli£[eace^ petcepcion, dit- 

Satsu-batsu. Killing and cuttuig ; tight' 

Satsuki,™.' the fifth monlh. 

SattO, Hrfo. Suddenly, quickly, with a 
SAm V'°C° nVure reprimand repr^f 

Saw * h^'a vaUeT^IiTen mom.ain>. 

Sawaivb, adv. Ncvenaeless, slill, oot- 

Sawara, n. The Thujopsis Dolsbrata. 
Sf.vAia^ii^lla, I. c To be hmdEred. 

Sa'vaei^h. Hindrance, impediment, ob- 

meddle, lo^loiK^; handle. '^'" 
Sawabi, X. The menses. 
Sawa-sawa-to, nS^. Clear, pure ; 

sound of aowiDg or ripping water. 

alip from the scabbard. 

, only. 

To be cold, chilly ; 

lo Wave's clea^, cold ap 

Sayeda, n. The end of abmeli, twig. 

chirp as a flock o^ birds ; to chatter, to 

SAVBGiRi,-rB,-*W, t. V. To fill up, block- 
up, obstruct. Lutercep^ to hinder, pre- 

Sa-ven, II. A veseiable garden. 

Sai/erm^^'be hinder ed.'obairucted. 
SAVE-WATAE[,-rB,-i:io,/. p. To be clsir 

SAVE-ZAyEsiii[,-^i',-^if, a. Strong, hale, 

SAYO-FUKB,-ru, /. V. 'late in the n^I. 
,yo-NAJCA, n. Midnight. 

Savu.k. Hot 



Sazo, Bd-u. How much, veiy, indeed. 

Sass urtsk/kofd, how happy he must 

Se, b. a Etreain of water, channel, n- 

pids,aswifti:nrTent; ashoal. 

liiirty i!ii6s: — i,oaD'!q, ieetf stiu. 


" d^"i £r& iS^^tf 

Sebi. h. a pulley. 
Sebiku, n. A dwstf. 
Sebdne, n. Thcback-bt 
Se-bumi. h. Wading In 
try its depth \ trying sn 

fpirila nf tbose vh 

Ss-Givn (hedohosht okoHitu)^ R. Al 

SaGUKi,-m.-tfd, i. s. To ooze, Co drop 
Sei liij,diKru)^_ ~ sum, u prohibit, 
ie£-Ao, pnihibiCDry la 

Su (rt/rs), 
d«tb and 


^ fiw bT 

ei ari 





iEi iKBia «A«v), H. Cause, reas 



),. Str 




». Full gm 



be fall erown 



. PuSlud 

sin or Ibul. 






',^cAS). «. 



Tim=l,t, the B 

Shigim, fl^B. To the utmost of on( 

ability, the inoM that one can do. 
Sbigiki,-™^'^. '. ". To dam (as 

E1-H6 (iasAim^i ia/a), t,. Thewayof 
malting anything, the composition, re- 

Sm!Ss, »™ T^= west. 

in which anything ia I 
'" 'kSe°"gowm-j 

), H. A full grown 
ctive principle, the 


Shths. (/««:-iO, » Life. 
Sai-KU, ». Official employment, gov- 
erDmenl busiocss. 

metaphysics. — gixku, id, 
Sei-biki. x. Strcagth, pawei, force. 
Skj-kivaku, Toaffridfic, loleasen.dim. 

inish. curtail. 
SK^RiyoKt;, n. StrtngLh, or vigor of mind, 
Sai-Sivi-ZAi, H. A medicine uaed in the 

IKalmeat of fever, a febrifuge. 
Sai-Bo, n. A vessel for cooking irith 

Sei-b?i, n, A fortress constructed with 

Sei-sai, ads, Al the most, at the h^h- 
Sei-satsu, «. The boards on which tht 

Sei-shitsu (a., urmkl), «. Green lac- 

Sai-SHo'^^jW^O, ". A dean writing, 
?,si-3viliyei^ldai),n. Pureorclear 

Sbi-vakd {iusuri 

one's might, 
ivru, to make, 

t hm, n. People, 

■•^.ofSeki. Tohun 

A cough. — ga dtru, to 

g, night ; the tenth pare 

ofk^ Jfw. «i/, thijj'night. ( 

water fiy a tank of earth, to dam 
back, restiaiA. Seki-JeaygSH^ ti 

-UARAi, n. Cicanne the Ihioat. 

i-CHiEU, «. The pink. 

:da, n. Sandals that have iron heels 

-DAJ. V. A Stone for standing any- 


\ kind Qf food made nf 

Reddening of Ihe bee 

Se^i-iuh. b. '^ton?in the^ladder, urin- 
ary calculus. 

Shjh^hin, ;t Tnie, sincere, or pure 

SEKpHiiau (im. mur,). ■. A roclcy 

Seki-sho, h. a barrier, pass, —jiatari, 
pasiDB a bSLETier witliout a passport- 
Stki^sho-fuda^ a passport for |KtiSjns a 

Bekku. 1, Cerlsin holidays ; as Ihe ;tb 
day of tbe ist moDtli ; the ud day of 
the 3rd mouth ; sih day of the 5th 
moDth ; 7th day afthe Ttb inontb 1 and 
91b day of the gth month. 

^RMM^-ki^-ku^ki, a- Narro*. con- 

olnru. WillDOtdcwmnotbe.' 
iBMAKl,-^.,-«*B, {. B. To close Up With, 

Sed^io"™^! used, p^ecSteJ.'^''"' 
isH-BAN. Go-lmri —, many thanks for 

SsKi-SHd, a. A kind of flag. Acorns 
Seki-shoku (B*af i>o|, B. Tied color. 

press': to attaek, assault, beside, 

Smi^ArK,-r<.,^^,I.t.. T<.hnrry,hasten, 

Semb, b. An attack, assaulE, 3 charge. 


Skue, k. Torture, punishment, tor- 

Seki-t«, «. A lOPihst^ne, monument 

ment; an attack, assault, charge. 

Seme, a. A clasp 01 band, as for a fan, 

Shk'^^ume, -«.,J«, 1. V. To urge and 

SEHQ-AGUMT,-'ff«)-Rr^1, ^. ET. To he tired. 

or disgusted with attacking, beseiginif 

or torturing. 

SEME-Arf^«!^B,i.!-. To attack each 

"sloae'id'o!. """^ "°^^ " ""*"'* 

5BKE-DASHT,-ra,-«iE, 1. V. To afflict and 

Seki-ioio, k. The singing and dancing 
. of beggars, at Ae end offlieysr, from 

house 10 hoiBc, for money, ^ 
Sekkachi,*. Impetuous, fiaaiy, dnvmg. 

SEiiiB-FfSE,-'K,-(ii, (. B. To attack and 

Seokai. 1I. A kind of*ooden paddle or 

reduce or bring into subjecdon. 

Seus-gi, R. A wedge. 

SkKKaku, nrff. Willi especial pains. 

SaitBai.-gM,-!da,i.-^. To quarrel, wran- 

gle, dispute. 

my trouble hasTJeen for nothing. 
SsKicAM. — saru, to punish, chastise. 

Sbh^uchi, n. The point of attack, > 

S&MSr-HXTAsa.-ru,-ita, t. ri. To treat 

cruelly, oppress, harass, vat, perse- 

Seme-i11i.-™,-H». i. V. To attack and 

Sekiti, (VmAi OS ia'f), «. The end of 

Sekkivo (iiViM/oiK). — ™ru,loeit- 
plain the sacred books, lo preach, lec- 

S.-;^..«.,:,.... TolV 


Sbhhbh,». TbE 

Sbmmok, (nu/ffai 

Sp«[al or patti 

•;.,.dy,,y, «"'"''■""« 
Se-uushi, B. Knmpbacki ahumpbacked 

Ita'rDtsli a bote to fiisten aoylhing, a 
boll, a cork or stopper of a boille. 
Sew. (»i*.). Previous, former, tecent, 
befote, last, first, late. Snt-dai, the 

fom«or ji^vlo^'me,' before, '^w" 
/IVn., a former or previous day. Stt 
iatu, a former rule or law. Sen-ke, 
seeing or perceiving anythine befori 
band, foteiight, Sen-ko%ti, aW mil 

Sv o?pro[ni4!'*5i.'U/, so™e%a'i 
evil done before, former wickedoi 

Stn-getix, the month beiore. Sen- 

son. Sen-daSii. a guide. Voreiunr 
Sen-dalig. before, previously, lateiy. 
Sin-jin, the vao or front rank of an 

SKi,°«! Profit, advantage, use. — «fl 

Sew, te«i'). "'. Small copper coin. 
Sen, h. a sort af im^inaiy beings, lyho 

chjef thing. Sen-do, moat jmponant, 

Sen-icki, tbe most important, chief, 
principal. Jiw-^, tbe chief business. 
San, n. A d^wing-luiiie, used by 

SEN^She'fut. form of lA 
i.^^, oftbecoil.) Hat 
I do? Sen tala naaii 
done, no resource, no !...„ 

Sekaka, b. The back. — itni, the 

of, it, the upsbooi 

I, «. The name of a ma- 
enme mr cleaning rice, a windmill. 
Sen-curj-ni, adv. According to priority 

Sen.i. (^ti yeko). The small fibres 
which cross each other in the texture or 
webofsilkor,doth_; the lines of hili- 

— , tbe web of silk. — HO ml^ii^ 

SEKji,4fta»-a.-(a, t. v. To 'boil, to make 
a aecoctioQ. Ser^'-dasu, to eHCiact by 
boiling, to boil out. Sisil-gara. the 
graunds or lefuse left afker boiling or 


Skh-nin, ■. Genii, tairy. 

Shij-s6,b. a battle. — jm™, to fighl, 
to eogage LEI battle. 

bath, watbing the feet, 
Sehsu, n. A Ian that opens and shuts. 
Sek-SUI, a. An ardlicia] pond. 
Sbn-t*ku, n. Washii.g.-uBfid only of 

Se'n-tk.'^J The ^^n who comes fi'isl. 

eN^.H. A public b«h-h 
lobacco tine for smoking 

for* culling 

EN-YS, ». Many^l 
a flower with maoj 

BH-£AIt-Ka, «. Th 

olio. ^ 

or Bales of 
d as a medi- 

EN-jp, ». ABces 

or, for 

iither, pro. 

nounced SAfi, 0, 

£FP4, iio^i yitbun. 
fute, to disprove. 
EPPA, n, A melsl 



. coll. pro. 



pressed, ui- 
plflinmg «;- 

Sekare,-™,-^!. pass, or pol. of S!ii, 
suru. To suffer or be the object of 
something done by another. IVsta- 

1 have been hindered by him. 

Ssa\-r'u,-la, I. v'_ To hasten, hurrv, ta 

auction. Seri-ageru, to raise up, as by 
a windlass; loTiid up. Siri-^u, ij 

shalThe hrst ; 10 bid asain^l each other. 
Kitivpji £a atie sM/eai y^ri kiio ga 
uriatU arru^ as there i& a fire, people 

thing thtough a hole, Sir'i-latcru, 
to hurry crhaslen the departure ol 

™'i>iaia^ — ii*('-.^",Tu'gtionl<(! 
Sew-ai, a. Contending together for 

Seei-akibdo, ». A peddler. 
SBBIKiW.h. Peddling. 
Se-sai. Shrewd in business, cleverDeu, 
knowledge of the world. 

Seseraki.%. Shallow or shoat'^atet. 

SHSSHAWAHAIv^B.-otfB.i. K. To laugh 

with a suppressed lau^, lo chuckle. 

SessHA^^i. frit. I,- used only by 

M a p'me or deflJe. °' angerons p aie, 
SbsshO, iiicTH sra iarojaj s. Taking 


life, fcLLllng anylhing. — *ai, the com- 
SESSHfi, B. Regent ot acung empetot. 

A f- To oppress, maltteai, 
Se-tai. h. HouKkeeping. household 

^I^unly ki«hen°toniture!^— ^HO 

S&"am,T' ^uf 5^th or stature. 


Seisu, b. Virtue, tide 
fidetity, patriotism, o 

days, of wbich there are Iwenty-foui in 

of the old year. Sftsa-tawari, ihe 
change of the season, of solai lermi. 
Setsu, <*bjkuA;,) H. Saying, teaching, 

Sktsu-cai, n. Murder, assassination. -- 

i^iru, kill, slay, to murder. 
Sbtsu-gi, h. Virtue, fidelity, constancy. 

gotten it for a moment. ' 
SETSvKhi,~ir^u,-^ii, a. Painful, dis- 

Shtta, n. Sandals armed with iron 
heels, same iiSiiiOa. 

others, a fiiend, helper, ps 

'^™^^™ra■a(;kno^^eJ^™t for" k?n d 

'atiiring. active, fua^y.fideely. ' '"^' 

hustliag, fussy, fidgety, distracted with 

iEi^™A?^!i?^B, a. Busy, huiTied, 
or distracted wlibhuaneas, fussy, bust- 

pound words), terson. man. ' Gatu- 
B healing man, or physician. 

Shamelessly, brazen- 

An impudent fellow, 
^BKAI, B. This worla. 

shameless ] 

talk n 

ter, babble. 

SHABUBi,-^i,-Ho, ;.w. Toiuck. 
Shachi, )!. A capstan or windlass. 

■^■- ■ KO, a. The name of a fish, the 

.1 like a fish on the end of the 

roofs of 
club, cli 

3f temples. 




Sha.«««. ■ 



book, a 

h<!ok »ri< 

en »ith a 



of a wheel 


The son 
and founder 

s, and died 




A salmon. 

A Sin too 

H. Golddui 

of gold 


Ihrou^ it. 

(iari/a A 

«). Bot 


ad^. Stiff, 

hard, —loia 


Shako, i 

The SquiL 




lenet^ as Ihe English r»ol>. 
;haku, b. a woo£n llthlet formerly ca 

tied bf nobles when In the presence c 

[he Enipenc. 
Ih.^ku,«. ThetitleofaBuddhislprlu 

haps Hysteria. — tm -^iaja, to become 
made by muring copper and gold. 

Shaku-to, k. a staff, Ihe top of which is 
armed with metal rings, carried by beg- 

ShakkmiI^b,-^/^, i. V. To he 

SHAKU-NAGBr^.'^The Rhodode™d"i^ 

the wine.' 
Shakuki, a. Hiccough, —ga tsa. 

ler, same as Sa- 
. A hired home. 

BiidihUt priest, a novice. 
{AMI-SEN. Same ai ^a>«/ies. 

Shamo, •.,'_ A large kind of fo 

water \ to be elegant, rcAned, stylish. 
BHA-RBk, fl. Acknontedgment of a lar 

Sha-rin, n. The rim of a wheel, a fel- 

Shari-shau-to. oif!>. The sound made 
by cruahing anything hard and brittle, 

of""^ylh'ing, a fecSm'ile. ^ ' ' '"'^ "" 
Sha-shin, n. A likeness, a photograph. 


sHi^mu'it^'*" Voui impXnl SJef used 

ii tsuieru, Co strike an« in the f^. 
Sai,(wtsi,),a. Four. 7»^*C fourteen. 
Skl-iii ichi, QDE-fburth. — ian. No. 
four, the foiutb. — Aia m.. ihefounh 
one. —f/yd^tfbur hundred, — mi^H, 

Shi, (Ufa), a. Chinese poeti;, an ode, 

Shi, h. Dealh, thedead. — ixrv, to 
die. SAi-ieW, sepatated by death. 
Si/-^/iB, a dead person. SAi'-eo, time 
of death; after dedlh. 

SHi'n. The' name of a plant— the Oxalis 

S»i.iu,oriHru,iiila,l.v. To do, to 
he, to make ; used as a verbaiiiinB: aSLt, 
or substantive vetb lo words derived 
from the Chinese, /li-if'-a, to love. 
Haisxru, lo worship. 

SHi-AGA«i,.^»,J(a, /. V. To he done, 
finished, completed. 

Shi-agh,-™,-;b, I. T,. To do up, lo fin- 
ish doing, get through. Shi^ags iii 

Shi-ai, a. A single combat with wooden 

Sai'/Lif-au-alta, I. v. To do mutually, 

SHI-AKi^,-iVa, I.?'. To ti» of doing 

anything, disgusted with doing. 
Shi-ah, (liangaft), n. Thought, condd- 

Shi-asattb, adv. Twd days after to- 

_ Sn",'iu^k^^"'' " """" '" ^^ ' 
fdice .... 


hedge or fence made of brushwoc 
lealri^ peiibrm 

Shi^^^^hib ™flrft'.'°^ft'en, ^requeni! 

sMifc of "hei 

,/. !■. To 
, B. Narct 

A kind of tough, reddish 

hark of a tree. 
;.-«n."."?^TS be com 

Shibu^b'o, Wir"^S^y and reluctfflit- 
— i*:*i«™,to™B.ent relucantlvt 

entiu^'— *ai>Bft, the seventh one. 
iHiCHi, n, A pawn, pledge, or deposit 

pawned. Shichi-molsa, articles placed 


iiDA]««^ Order^ Arrangement ; reason 
account, A>D^deTalion ; in proportioi 
tOf according to, bs soon as. Dtkiskt 

Shjpai-ni, adv> Gradually, by degrees, 

disordered, confused, slovenly^ 

bend downw^B, as tbe branch of a 

.Jn, (. V. To begin 

SHi-Do-EaN, n. Money paid fbt saying 

SHJUOKO-MQl>OKa-7flJ, adv. Id a COufuS- 

Saidobo-ni, In a conrused, disocdetly 

Skidzu, (6™*'0- Mean; low, poor, hum. 

SH[MiiKA,a. Quiet, still, tranouil, peace- 
ful ; fm from eompiotion, disturbance 

SHJitzumr, ft. A drop. — «w tArasu^ 
to let tbe drops £ill, to dr<v. 

pacified, subsided. 

' softly, slowly. ' ' "' ^' " ■ 
iHiDzuvAKA-ni, adii. Quietly, gently, 

iHi^,''». Papet'Soth'-Solliraadeby 

iH"cfl™ft'. ^"corpse.'deadbo^" "' ' ' 
JHi-GAEU, n. ContriviDg, devising, plan- 

t the bank from the 
■hi. a. Difficult or 

^J1IGIUf6, H. A how wrapped around 

iHiasm^u f4a,' i. o. To be thick, 
dense, clo^ together, as leaves, or 

lo be dose, o'r tb^ck and* matted 1^ 


iHiCB~sntas, adii. Often, frequently. 

\ ' To cut and 


in Ihe tenth month, 

^affiiitsl control, jurisdiction. — j»ni, 

tile house. 
Sm-HAMBUN, x. One founh, a qouter. 

SMAS-hafps, on every nde, in every 
Sm^, »!"■ The w»y, manner of doing, 

SHUftT,-la, t. v. To'compeL, force, oon- 

^"HJ™''F?0,Und of bri^ Sv^ ~ 
SiiuZira'-^.t.!: To bsckbite, vilify, 

SHlt, n. Holding rank or nBice without 

Shu, s.™The^iY* oli^.' S/Ur^Z-ti, id. 
(iHiilcivAEu, n. The murder of one's 

SiIii™?o")i!^'caiuniny, slander, false 

SHl-lRS-MO-'dO, M. Articles or Eoods laid 

in or purchased by the quantity. 
Smi-TASB, H. A kind of driea mush- 

ifli VoKy-three". "'' "' ^' "° 

Shika, «. Di^race, cause of shame. 
Shiua, adn. So, thus, [n this manner. 

ov™™SS?*^J^,' bLide",'mo'riSv^ 

as not equal to 

inferior lo' 


Well, «actly, fully. 


(. V. To be^n 10 do. 

ifotk conintenced and 

left partV done 

HJ-KAKB, n. Ma 

■ other BBiments. 


Hl-KAKU, «. Fo 
HIKAKU, *to. S 

^^us^ suo^livray. 

Jw, f.V. Tobefcl- 

To get a scolding. 
iHlKABK,-™,-i«. Pass, or poI. ofSA/ta. 
To be nessed under anything, or over- 
laid, ai by B stone, ot run over by a 

if so, ihen 


SaiKASHi, ran/ Bui still, however, yet 

lord, which is returned when the t^anl 

Sh?k™, '"^^he name of a tree. 

shi-Karara, but, however, yet, never- 


Smici-MOKO,™. Anything used for spread- 

Shika-shika, arfn. So Hud so, and so on, 

ing, as a carpet, rug, table-cloth, or 

used in the plice of sopielhing omitted. 

mat, a spread. 

SlliKASHITE, ad-B. Then, afterward, in 

Smui-BBi. «. A law, rule, custom, usage. 

Ihat esse. 

Sm-KiR.,™. A partition, a dividing line; 

Sm-KATA, B. Way or melhod of doing ; 

of giods placed to hb credit in a wholes 


sale house, paying part of the money 
down, for which he receives an equal 

portion of the goods, and taking up the 

ceived from llie sale of the pcevious lot. 
Sm-Kau,-'-u,-aa, t. f. To divide or cut 

SuiKATSUBEHASHii.-iB, a. Consequcn- 

off. b^ a partition, fence, or line; to di- 

SHi-KA¥E,-»-a,-/a, *. V. To do or make 

over again, to mend. 

Shike, n. A long lain, or continued 

Shiki-sahs, ». Law, rule, custom, usage. 

atormv and wet weather : a scarcity of 
fish m the market. Siiki Mxpri, a 

Shi-si-ss, ». Clothes given to a ser- 

Shikeito, x. The silk reeled from the 

Shiki-8h1j ■. Tinted or watered paper 

outtide ofa cocoon, and of an inferior 


SHi-KirABi,-rii,-i/a, I. V. To be prac- 

Shi;«eteu-yai;u, ». Styptia, or medi- 

ticed, or observed Irom ancient tunes. 

Smikitari, r. a custom, usage. 


ShikToVj), II. Color, leiwlness. Go 

MkU the live colors ; vii., green, red. 

white, black, and yelU)w. 


ShikI, h. Law, rule, cnstom, usage, cere- 

Shikkai {iotoreotsia). adv. All, every- 


Shikkasi, a.i^. Strong, stauuch ; firmly. 

Shi-ki, «. hfililary Bpiril. 
Si«itT,^,JifB.*.P. fo spread, .0 pave; 

tightly ; many, much. . 
Shikke, B, Moist or damp air, humidity. 

dampness, moisture. 

to ims over, overlay. 

Shikkei.u. Disrespectful, uncivil, impo- 


ShikkUJ, «. Awhite plaster or cement 
made by muing lime in the water in 
wfcich «ori has been boiled. — iar«. 

used for sprsding over a door. 

Shiki-gawa, k. a fur-skin used for 

Shikeuri-to, ttdv. Exactly. Accurately, 

nicely, snugly. 

Shiki-gawara, n. Tiles or bricks used 

Shikkuwa,™. a fire, conflagration. 

for paving. 

Shiko, n. The name of a small sea-fish. 

SH1BT-H6, «. Law, rule, custom, usage. 

beam in which a screen or door slides. 

SHi-KOMi,-^«,-n'«^ /. V. To make and 

Shikwshi, n. Flat paving-etones, a 

(L tTe%^ In'sWe of a learpencif, or a 

Shiki-jitsu, n. A day set apart tor any 

purpose t>y custom or usage, holiday. 

lay in aquantlty of goods; to teach, to 
educate, to break to. 

SKllil-KIB, n. A deposit of money as 
securily, made by a tenant to the land- 

Slli-KOHi,B. Buying, or Uying in goods; 


helmd, whkk pmUxa th: neck. 
SKi.JCOaHi,-iu.-iB, ^ f. Tobealanothe 

r be turned out of office i 

Shimai.-ub^^ii, /. V. Tobedoi 

SHiKABi.-ra.-Wo, !■. w. To be tight, 
tense, creased toeether, close, compact, 

'ondfucV^lo be e^t ™ °K "1.reU° 

SHi-MASHi,-sit,'ia, t. V. To do, to make. 
jV<<«/ 11U Ainiasa, what aci yau do- 

Shi-matsu <BfO/p iB^ifl, H. The oriRiQ 

"/judicious i^r^nf"^ ai^™,'ll,'^be 
economical, careful. 

Shih-baiSU, n. Paniahment inflicted by 

Shiu-ben. Divine, miraculous or super- 
natural phenomenon. 

severe, fd bear patieutly, to holdout. 

Shikuei. adTc. Neaay.evenfy.smoothly; 

Shi-kuse, B. PropeuMlytodo^habitof 

Shim-boku, n. A aacred tree. 

doing, way of acdug or apeaklnfi, kab. 

Shiku-shtku, adv. In B low voice, in a 

slight degree. — it «aiu, to ery in a 
low voice. 

Shim-i,un Uiarashiku *i*»), >. News. 
— !M Wef», to tell the news. 

Shi-kuwan. Filling a public oHice. — 

Sbiha,>. AnSland. 

for a'fan or umbrella. 

Shima, «. The striped^fig|^ 'h b™di 

SHij<E,B, Tbenameofasnmllhird. 

of bam1»D, pine, and plum, logether 

SHnm.-ru,-l-, 1. v. To tighten, to preM, 

squeoi^e ; to f^ten, to make Arm, com- 

old man and vvonian, are arranged and 

r.!' °fJi'^.;.,^™™'^;JJr™,( ": 

shut, close ; to fium up^ add togetbe. , 
to take or gel po^eraiou of. Hiki- 

m, to hug tiehdy. JfigirMkimtrH, 
to squeeze defatly in the hand. Kui- 

■HiMEj], V. A kind of mushroom. 
IHIHE-KAIAEI, n. The decoration 
slrAw-rope, ^ne, bamboo, chan 

the beginning of the new year. 


Shi-BBS (jWik im emale), ». Tha Ibu 

SH-,'ii::i:r;'*h. .«.,.,. h.., 

bdore ^i>>i. or before hoils<s OD Ihi 

SHlHKKl.-'T.^lfa,;. f. Tob^wel.damp 
molat or soaked ; lo be txlinxuiahed, E* 

Shihkri,*. DarapneavmoBture. 
SHiHESHt,-»,-Ia, I. V. Td wet, moisten 

known, lo declare, inform, to publial 
show forth, indicalCj to instruct, at 
monisb, teach, ynjaiiiaa atiySnict 
Hti ante wa — , a red sky in the evenin 






still night. 



• "■ To pr= 


ii^ta, t 

pierce, penetra 

abMp, pierting nain ; to stal 
discolor, . Shimi-tomu, to e 
conode, penetrate into, as an 

Shihi-timi-to, fli/i.. In a penelraling, or 

SaiSIly'^°°%Tf'am:\''. The four 
classes of people; sii., the nobility, 

sting7, penurious ; to be la^ and slov- 
enly, indolent, or djrty. 

iio,^B. "■^iM'rost. Shimif^iuiira, 
e small icy 'columns observed in fi-o- 

.cn, wet gtound. Skima-garey wiih-. 

ired by the frosl, frosty, «intry. Ski- 

^%. The name of a small 

a. A sticlr or rod. Gt*<-a>l- 

— HI kashaku simri,, to be 

floffnd with the raolcr^s rod. 
.....*, _^KE, ». impedes of SpltKa. 

UKi. «. The eleventh month. 

,KB, ». Frost-bite. 

o'a noble, used only ^''a tem^rary 

._..,.! new edict. 
iHiMPUKU. Reliance, confidence, that 
in which one confides. — no bantu, a 
conlideiitial clerk. — Jor-u, torely 01 


loD religi 


jf tht E 

S^in-jin^ £he spirit or 
•ii-<-ii. vigor qE body, 
•rti^ ihc sou], spint. 

sn. Si, 

eaasy. Siin-r... .^._ 

S/kio'riii, dmae fowa. Siin-taiK, 
di™e comaniDicadou, inspiration. 
SAin-iniii, divine virtiies, or allribulea. 

Sms',1etarasiii?S^^^i*. —rHw.atv 
wine. — «■«, tlie Dew yeBT. — laia, 

8hin, (femO, a. The' retainer, vassal, 

SiSS°(ltf*^X^'Th'irhiarti Ihewiclt 
of a candle; the vati of n tiee; the 
small paper cane vhkh lupports the 


indstrenph. Skln- 

t-tti, the°bottom 'S' 
uie neatt. ^Miti-tiii^ care^ -trouble, 

Shih, hHaiata\ a. Real, geniune, true. 

- ni. iodeed, really, truly. 
^um,(,maki!taotiidciiri).n. Truth, l^th, 

^cerit)F, fidelity ; word, tidio^, com- 

I suffix 10 verbs. — upoo.wl 
moment of. Vutiskina 

used in ^ le^ht-of-hand triclca. SkinO' 

ed, curved, said of anything long and 

Shina-jtka, adv. Many or various Ibings, 
different articles or kinds. 

quality of anythinB. ' . 

Sui-NASHi, n. Treatmeot, hehavio 

of acliog or doing. 
SHi-BflivsBE,-rH,-(», eaust. of i 

To cause to bend, to make crook 
Shinayaka, a. Sok and fleiible, 

Shin-dai, a. Piopeity, poiKiisions, es- 

"i J- '■:^^™j;i^*rhak"iie"'^ 

ihought, < 
:o thmk. 


. Skins 


.1, ( motels ilsuwi-ri),,,. Trui 
in, to ascettun whethei anylbui! 

mNrfuwAf, (-.iBiDrB Hfl knia.) a 
Rcgiet, sorrow. 


le death 

fulnsss, to fail Lo die. SUni-tay, 
cut off by death, to die out. Sh. 
■aakareru, to be separated by dea 
Skiai-jiajnai^ X moj-tal or deadly di^ 

Sm^Bm'n'. A tfead'peBon 

S ™-JII, |'K»./B«aA ». ApearL 
Shin-jitibii, H, Agupunciure. 

Shik^i, «. A nerve. ' 
Shin-ki, faraia). New. 
Shin-eiku, «. The nanie of a flowering 

Shib-kim.-. Snuffers. 
Shih-ki-kS, n. A mirage. 
Sam-KO, H; A kind of confectionary 

Shth-kA, n. Faith' helieT, Imat, conli- 
dcDCe. - luru, to believe, qredit, 
trust, confide in. 

SHiti-KU. fiurS), n. Toil, labor, hard- 
ship, pain, difficulty, troutle. 

Smfi-'NO-ia,'«.''"The ™cin called the 

Shlno-dake, ff. A small kind of bam- 

Shinobi,-3u,-<></i. /. f. To conceal, hide, 
or keep ftom sif^ht, to disguise ; to hear 

^"'iroi di.s,?Js"p",ioS!'"'-'^xw; 

SuiNOBi-GAYBSHi, R. Sharp Sticks fixed 

SBlNQli^ ». The raised line along the 

SMI-NokOSlIl^a.J,i, t. B. To leave over 

the doing of snythiog to another time, 

SHINilN,''t/"*^' ""'0 ». Deep or 

SHiti-SGTSii, X. Kindness, ftiendlineas, 

benevoleiige. - «i. kindly. 
Shin-setsu, {ataraskii kanaski.) News. 

Shih-shA, Ijnf HO Kpf,> *. Property, 

Shik-shqku, {ine taSera,) Sleep and 

laj^dity. — na, exceeding quii^ or 
SHiH.irii, H, The body. ^ 

the Japanese. 

O Lately or newly 



neclSDnt'on'balh sides' 
Skio, n. Salt ] Ihe waler of Ihe B 

ShiB,"". '^anib'om. '"""^ 
SmoUlKI,-.. ^l«l,orpLi:U6daal 
3, B. A salt-water balb. 
, ■. Mfslakc, omission, i 

""-E n Stts or cotds atiach, 
f sid« of" Kiddle for securini 
D2UKE, H. Pickled, or salted f 
u-UAMA, ». Tbc salt beach « 
tit is made. 

o-HAYUi,-4/,-4»,-j*i, 11. Salt in I 

tio-HI, n. The beach over vhiel 
tide ebbs and flews. 
... SA, s. A kind of food made by 

Baltino: Gsb. 
SHio-KAKAi.-ifMs.-fiA "■ Over-sailed, 

ci-DA. X. The place where crim 

Shiorj, a. A book-mark made of a thin 

SBI-dSE,-rM,-ra, t. V. To finish, com- 

I^ete, to do, petforiD, accompliBb. 
ShiO' SHTO-TO, adu. In a sad. dispiriteii 

manner, drooping, languishing. 
Shio-su.b. Muriatic acid. 
Suio-TAi(E,-'K,-ia, I. V. To be dirty 

and greasy. 

Shippaka], n. The rear-guard of an 

SH™Bi. B. A piece of broken 

Shippo, k. The tail of an animal, 
fish, etc. 

tA. White. —uciirB, to dissemble, 
pretend or feign ignorance. 
iABAKiiKE,-r«,-/a, i. f. To appear 

-cm, B. riuor-alhuE, whites. 
FU, B. Sober, not inloucated 
er the uifluence of drink. 
CA, B. Gray hair. 

■'■-^KABE,'!;. Whileplaster. 

Ici, fl. Vliite^wooi ;°^phui^ on- 
.KU, n. Blood-lettuig, venesection. 

's, B. i'he BletSa Hyacin'thina. 
.-NAMi, .. White waves-wi 

^^"i',Jn™aust. of Siiru. 

lAsu, B. The place spread with white 
nd or pebbles before a noble's door : 
» the place where criminals are 
aced to be judged ; the bar. 

n know, to eet the knowing of. SAi- 
iE-Ho™,*B. A^fooU dunce,°a cunning 
ii, H. The bottock, posterioB. — 


wshash>»-u,to tuok up the skirts of 

Shibom], a. The white part ; a tinge of 

the long coat. 

SHiFi,-rB,-(ra, /. n. To know, to under- 

stand. SAiri-iitBamira, to know per- 

SHiRO-HOKn- -. Goods, merchandise, any 

fectly or to Che utmosi. 


or standi-g ready to go baek. - «« A- 
■ recede or go Sack. 

Shibo-nawadiu,,. Vitiligo. 

ShJBOSA, h. The degree of white- 

SniRi-aAi, B. AcTuppCT. 

Shiroto, «. Onewho does not properly 

Smibi-gobi, n. Moving or walking back- 
™ds, rec ing, o uig ac as in 

of, an outsider, an inexperienced per- 

Shibi-me, as, SAirimt ni mira, to loot 

SHiReTORASHii,-A/,-*=, «. Having the of the gorner of the eye. 

look or manner of an unskilful, Bung- 

10 look down on. _ , , 

ling, or uninitiated person. 

Shiro-zake, n. A itind uf diink made of 

Shi-fiys^ ^iA,«rfB hilo HO tamasAiiJ, n. 

Shiru, >. Juice ; the ilnid part of any 

Sm Hvo'"^"' Ttoi?.r°^nsideration 

Shihube. n' Acquaintance, a guide, a 

Sm-iava"°'aMM*aMi ho riyOmn}, «. 

ShIkU^D,"'. iaJl^lm^e^gr red beans 

One's ^ estate grterritgif. 

and si^ar, eaten with rice-cake. 

SiliH[iaA«E,-n(,-/a, pass, of SAims&i. 

slavishly imitate another. 

Written, recorded, marked. 

SHntl-va, ». Behhld. — ni faint, to 

stand behind. 

to enter in a book, to record, to note, to 

Shiri-zava, n, A sheath made of bear 

or tiger skin worn around the end of the 
scabbard of the long swoid. 

SKtsusHi, n. A mark or sign by which 


SHiBizoKSr^B.-ia, *. e. Tg cause to 

retire, retreat or leave ; to drive back. 

SHiiun»:T,-^,-fVa, I. i. To retreat, re- 

Skisai^I. adv. Minutely, particularly, 


Shisairash!!, a. Having a cgnsequential, 

SmiiO,(,B. Price, money giyen 

Shi-saku, k. Making verses, or poetry. 

Shieo. a coll. imp. gf Sunt, — iiyo, do 

— jBra, to write poetry. 
Siii-SASHi.-ts,-iii, i. H. To leave a thing 

it, be it, whether, tfan ni shire to- 

partly don.; to'laya«de. 

maild-iu> ista da, it is a cruel thing, be 

Shi-seki-vki, «. An amethyst. 


Shi-sek,b. A variegated paper used fgr 

Smm-ATO,,. The mhis or vestiges of 

writing vetsesgn. . 

an aneicAt castle. 

Shiseri^b, I. p. Tgdie. 

SHiBoi,-*;,-4B,-iAi, a. White : ^tta. 

sioner, heiald. 

whiten. Siiroiu ha™, to becon.e 

Shishi, R. Align. 

Shtshi, «. Awildhgg. 

Shiro-kave' n. Barte^, exchange. 

Shi-shi. (liJ*™), ». Urine ; used gnly 

Shibo-eo, <. An albino. 

to children. -««™rB. 

Sbircj-hk. «. Thewhiteof theeye, the 

Shishtbishio, n. Salted mince-meat. 


SHiROHi,-inti,-it(£i, I. ji, Tg become 



the Saikaffui 

rfurmcd by 
... ., .. flesh on the ham 

Shi-soku, n. ioa, used in 
spectfuilv of the son gt 
sAiMku, your sob. 

Shi-soku, tj^i-- -"' - 
a quadruped, 

to do fbr the drjt tioii 
Shi-sob, JL " 

0, I. Four-foot 
;r-^«'^,t=. To begin to 

Shita, «. The tongue. — too mai$i, 
or — iw/H.^, lobe siruek with fear or 

Sanii{>hima), ^i-fosie. Below, be- 

~4o, a. Wish 
BJ, don't wist 


:hitaku,». ""Outfit, 

iHiTAHi, B. aap-boardina, weather- 

boardinK. .- — nw utsu, to clap-boaKl. 
^H[TA-MoisuE&, n. Ad impediment !n 


MEDZviii,i. Liclting the chops, 
limal after eadng. 
I, n. The wust-cloth won 
srouna the loins. 
iHiTARi-GAU, H, The 6ce of one who 

>HiTA3Hii,-*;,-l«,-iAi, 1. _ Friendly, 

tatki/m 'sura, to hi friendly. " 

iHiTASHiMi,-w», .Krffl, ;. I., To be 
friendly, amicable, ot harmonious.. 

'"mony,' concord. """_ ' '*'" '™"^' "" 

iHlTATAM..i-B,ia,' i, K. To drip, ta 

iKiTA-TARADiU, B.'^tongne-ried, iisjBng, 
or unpediment in the speech. 

IHITA-T^n, A subordinate, in Eubjection 


for, desired, yearned after, 
Shita-ve, a. Thefirsi diaughCDf a)HLk 

Shitb, *^ or SAi. luru. Seine, doing 1 
and, iSen, moreover. Xa„iw>-iru, 
what are yau doing! Hils ma ahili 
fsmioiasiiimt, lo cause joy lo others. 

Shfr, >i. The piiodpal charsetei ia a 

To be 


I. Cl< 

>ss, waste, or finkia^ of 

^r^i^^," b^^T or 

Is others. 

iktes, fblds, rumples ; a 

the throat, he m- 

. To be hoarse, 
loarse or harsh 

^ paisimonious, miserly, niegaHlly. 

di^ereot way, to disdnzu]^, to divide. 
?HJWAKUCHA. RuinpLed, wrinkled, di^ 

hlwiaa,-mu,-KdT]\i^ To^ wrinli- 
_ led, rumpled, 

'li^Lra. '.' "' ""'' '"^ 

by a weuhl, as a pole, board. 
IHIWASU. ■. The iwell^tb month. 

I purgative El 

u'elty or tyranny. 

«ove backwards, lo back. Uma m. — , 

lackwards, to fafl back. 

i its'own accoi5'° notmSly.' of oourtel 

0, ifiiiiii, ta*x), B. A book, writing. 


used in 

ko-ain, the people. 5'^tf-*^, ' tbo 
.imios. ja».*!V diseases. 
. The tut. or dub. of Shi, ™™. 
'ani to — , what shall I do J 


Sh6.«. a measure, tilherdi^Qr liquid, 

Sho-ji, (mo(B. toiora), a. Property, 

UtUe more tMn one 'in. one ■ pt. an^ a 

possesion, that whieli one owns. — 

half gill imperial meastite. 
ShS, ffAi^B^. . Smal^ little in dze; a 

ered with thin paper. Ciya«ian — , 

a glass windeu'. 

m"nth''of ^"d"?^'. ^^ria" ui' ™d 


To produce, heget, htiog forth, bear ; 

Sh6. —turu. to caJl, name, designate. 

Sh»-ai,s. Nature, qualilK._ 
alao any business or ocQupation, — 

Sh5-jiki. Honest, simple-hearted'; &ank. 

SHt;-r- ""-f^^n^^g'-fton. (Uh or 

rara, to trade, traffic. 

flesh, when attending to religious du- 

ShS-batsu, a. Reward and punishment. 

ties or on days of monminE. 
Shc-jO. n. A letur, cplsJe, dispatch, 

Sh6^e«., ;.. Urine. - o^ «.«,, to 

Sho-n, ■". Praise, applause, commenda- 

SB*-ja, {J!agiysi\. Qean, free iiom de- 

ShO-chi, n 


sent to, a 

Shd-cui, n 



; business, matter. - 

;, direct. Jeal with. 


1. Alcohol, or distill 

d spu- 

Invitation. — jk«< 




Sh«-i^, n. 

A starch made of 


%»t^k, B. 

WwS^V.O,«. me 


n of life, life-Ung. /« 



n. Alargetindofi 


n. The hist month. 


SmO-gi, h. 

SH6-ai, X. 

Sttf-G. «. 

A w^en mallei « 

ed for 



0*OHB» tokora\ H. i 


ShO-goh, B. A geneS, sommanderJn- 
Sho-1, (riiiu toksfd)^ n. The deed, do- 

giK>-jA)fu, \skamiil!u)^ ». A book. 

to one's self. 

— Ji ial. to "hm wilh^L^y, lo^ p^y 

Shokkaku, ». A dependant, one who 
depends on another for support, 

Sho'ku, X. ' Trade, mechanical employ- 
Shoku,' lA»i-a«).' E^ung, taking food, 

SHOia^Va'n^i/iiif), «. A light, lamp. 
EHOKU-Bft, ... The place where a wotk- 

ShokU-bun, n. OnVa duty, hrangh or 



<BOH-TO, arfp. Uttle.ainallinqiian- 

Iho-hi, x. ThE irue Dr exact weight, the 

>HO-K6, (oDEsuii), B.' That which one 
desires or hopes for ; also — " encore," 
when used to^ine back a s^isAa. 

Sho-hiuIseei, «. 
Shq-ko, H. Crui 

Siia-Ro, n. A bell-tower. 
5Hft-ll6, n. Indisposition, sickness. 
ShS-hui, Utcr>. l^i^ij, K. Things 
have animal life, aninial kingdom. 
Bho-SA, n. Conduct, actions, deeds 

. Moving the hand! 

SH6-5H1N, Juoisri lUSU 

m»\ ». Promo- 

ranlJoroiBce. - 

SHO-SHtTSU, <>lli(< BTI 

•™). Consumed. 

or burnt up. 

Sho-sko, «. A wnlmg 
thing, or as evidence 


cate I'aiB-ya.adeedofcontiac.. 

SHfi-SHfl, ad!-. A litt 

Sh^^'v, n. Word, 

ti^dinga, me^e, 

ShG^UI. lyase atoroyeru). — ' surtt, to 

become emanated, o 

Sna*i:i,«. Urine. 

Sho-tai, tt. Holding 

properly, keeping 

, to be a house- 


Louse. - Mgu, 

SH8-TA1, {«S&Pftl «a . 

traiiii^ K, Trufl 

l.o.scter, natural 

bi dy. Sskt Bi- 


Sho-tatsu. — mru. 

nence m, be proiieien 

tot adept in. 

;,s, constantly, in- 

Sho-te, {L/iisj,) B. 
nine, commencemM 



Sh?.-va,™, Theheadmanofavilkge. 

Sho-vaku, ». A »:creui7, cJei^, wii- 

te practice, study, cultivate, to do. 

Shu-qiyo-ia, n, A religionist, devotee 

acquaintance. ftitniorSclpa. 


Shu-go, {mamam). — jam, to Buard, 

ShO-vsh-ui, n. Andfcllrile mEdicinca, 

Sho-¥6, CmKiiV™ ;fl*m-K), h. Anything 

SHU-GOKU-sm,W. A^ler, iberifl. 

wfcich one UKS. Vifiyr «» ^tai^g'i 

- da, thi( is > thing which I nse. 

purport or subject ofamatteri themu. 

Sh8-v5,». Urine. -j«™, tourinaw. 

five ' 

ShoyO, «. Soy, a kind of sauce made of 
fermented wheal and beans. 

^SSt-tSSSSoT, fn-: 

SHfr-ZA. Ikami jbJ b. The upper or 
highest seat m a room, or aBsemlly. 


SH6^,(«tftif.4a(i«A0,K. Alikines, 

Shu-jib, (.nushl, aruj;\ „. Lord, mas- 


Shq^ku, », Dress, garh, clothti, uni- 

SaC-jnBU, B. _ The whole day, from 

form, livery, trappmg, adorning. 
SHo-zoM, (dwJ toAoro J M. The' though ta, 

Shu, s. VermillioD, cinoabai, red ink. 

— di *fl*B. to write with red ink. 
Shu, (.nutki), n. I.ord, maBier. - to 

'-"'!^ ">»''= i' 'h= prime object. 

pie," alt meo.'™F«i«j.iK^'fi," the offil 

Cera. Hiyaiasla-sli^ the tarmeis. 

ShO, (*bb/), h. _ A state, province. CW- 

Shu-bj, (Aa/imeffjejiri), adv. or n. From 

favourably, or fonunatefy. 
Shu-biki, h. Drawiug a red Une along 

■e drinking of ar- 

u-Dzuui, fl. Red ink. 

™hly of peisons foi 

iHU-j™'"(m«-^rtDj «. AU the living, 
5nr.jii, (tittfl gum}. Many kinds, vs- 
Bhu-ki, {suit BO ki,) a. The taste, or 
SiiLr..KiKU. ijnari vio keru^ n. Flaying 
inv-Kls' iti^u^i,) n. A handkerchief. 
jhuh-kaku. _»a*a wo idiuru). E^Ka- 
irraie, or'order '""" ' """" """ 

Shukke, {fye ■aia idiiiru 
to one'a official du 

J B. FoisaMng 
eWorld, to enc« 
1 B B™=e, or 

SH-rV.-. Theb 
conflasration or iire. 

eakmg out of a 

Kd«at"1lot'Sorinn'""'' ° ' '' 
.HUKU, (y»a»). ConCTatulstion, felicita. 
lion, celebration. SkiuiuB'aiii—suru, 

re, for which reliibutiona 


s fired in hcnor of 

Shuku-sui, n. Diudkenncss conlmued 
lor several days. 


™! ». 

ShO-heh. H. TtaevholevEU. 

Shu-nd, l^nuru.) K. 6alheriDg, col. 

Icc^ne: revenue, rec»pls, coUeclioDS. 

Ska-iill^lil. a book in which the saiai 

ShO-eeh. Ascringent, 

lt>*crl belfry. 

>Hus-SEKi,(M«>iJ'fl'r™). Coins to I 
iH^!BEK,''(i^«Be).'°^e satling or di 
iH^m.^H^' 'i'twndaiice on offici, 

iHU-T6, [itye'^iSsa^ a. Vacdne^ dis«a», 

iH&S, h! ^ather-in-lkw. 
iHO-TO-MH a. Mothep-in-law. 
JHUT-TSU, (miBofti nw fllTB). Leaving 

port, o]qiortatioD^ 
•■MPTSv-osHAttrawLrirnY _The appear- 

iHHTSu-NS, (</ar*;/re,) H. Eipendilures 
and receipts, payuig out and talcing in 

de : to lini^h. 
■if.. Thewbol. 

Ss-lmtsH, Biiyiliiiii 


inferior ^ea. Si-Jutu, CD^se clothes. 

So, {siBio,) n. Ancestor, progenitor. 
Waga sf, my ancestor- St-^Jy^^ an- 
cestral temple, Se-de^ amndtaother. 

So, B, The strings used as a warp for 

Si, ^iSl/^^ n. A Buddhist priest, a 
b*b', let it he as a is. "° ■ ■-" " 

Sft.faiiWiO"- The whole. —(0*0, the 

^n™™nn™'hi.d~ "^a^H 
collage. S&-ir"i^ft, grass ai 

SB, (o/oaauri. 

PhyuOEnomy ; looks, a 
:eliKooa, piohahility; 

'a^«p% lh:ng"t.hirh fs'lftelj 

looks like rain. ^1/0 xf — w 

SoBA, n. The itecp side of a mountaiD, 

a preciiHce, cliC 
SOBA, n. Buckwheat. — xa ia, buck. 

wheat meal. Kise&a, pore buckwheat. 

SdAa^k'y a specu 
Gtoclcs, a stock-job 

5ladt,''M Hret^ outr^V^mi wa— ,"» 
prick up the ears, ..4^4/ uw— ,tostand 

S«-B«j. The same quantity added, or re- 

ioB4-i, H. Siting apart, or away from 
others in an offended 01 sulky manner. 

jbiea', h. The bS". ""*'"■■ 

morning, early .n the morning. 
kiDA. «. Branches of trees or brush- 
wood UAed for lighting lires- 

a?ent, deputy, substitute orrepresenta- 
live of a body or number of persons ; a 

sSTfS!iai^iatari),1,. Talking togelb- 


Sons, B. The sIceiE of a garment. Si^ 
de-^aki, a &horI fence adjoining a 
house. Siiiii~gitii, a small ceoser used 
hy carrying tn the sleeve. Sodg-Mjirtt~ 
s/ii, the bac^E or coal of aims vrorn so 

hole of a sleeve, the caff. ' 
SoDE-KAEURA, n. A jdllow made of Che 

with his I 


another, inherited. — ntyaka-ii. 
SoDESM.-Ai.-iku.a. Different from what 
il should be : not true, insincere, lalse. 
— iKuno, coualerleit article. 

. Thei 

Sit-ai, n. Disturbanc< 

of p: 

OKU, n. Reciting Che names of the 

town, or village, selected l^m the con 
moD people. 
S«Dzu, K. The effigy of a man, used 1 
scare animals or^irds from a grstc 

S^EKi, f(. Suddoi difficulty, pres^ng 
shapes, discordant^ disagreeing, dis.- 

stake ; to' slice off, In 'chip off. Siki- 
So-GO, {.kui-ikigaU) — s<tru. to cross, 

50-HAT3U, K. The 
;6-h6; (^yS-hi^l, 'n. 

es, both 

So-1 («fBiifo*oro>,H. Distant, Btranee, 
cold, or unfriendly in feeUug ; treating 

serve or neglect, inLimate, friendly. 

So-T, {ai-iagO)^ ft. Difference, discrepan- 
cy, misiake, etfoi. failure. — Kaiu, 
without ^1. 

S61,-S,-^la, I. V. To be at the side of, 
near Co, along with \ added, joined. 

ti nisa-wadzu, to lose one's 
Sleeping together. 

such thine. 
Soj], n. Cleaning, putting to ru-hts, put- 
ting in order by sweeping or dusting, 

part, commonly, all, universally. 
So.Ja, (ultaj-e gaii), n. A wnllen K- 

SO-kEN, i,17,i,^atBt. rtrone, robust 
hale, healthy. 

ioK-KON, oX'., Now,'al once, this rao- 

EKUBl.Wv. AlljusI as tbey at 


SoKo.aJv. That place, Iher 
SoKO, H. The bottom, ihe 
ofanylhing. — ivff idtaki 

t, A bribe, or present mai 
: favor of aoother. - BW 

^''Free'fiooi siokuKs, mi 

n. Suddeo death, dyin^ 
u, uAj. Quietly, softly, j 

Secret, concealed o 
. . The de^ or late 

SoKir-ZAj adv. Ob the spot, immcdiate- 
SoM*RI,-«lrJ'<B, I. V. Dyed, colored. 

l?rti^*<.Mi. 10 nUsufce in hea 
Dgkisakoiiau, to spoil anythioi 

ic oie, a'bucket without a boliom 

apokeo only tk Ihe tide. 
SoKO-soKO-jii. arfw. Inahasly, hut 
or half-finished manner. 

Soko-touk;, k. SdcUng lo the bol 

feet or i^. Tnii-iasoku, a ps 

breadih, in m'easuriag the length r 

atron'. KatBi iWSk, one reai 

Soitiii,-S,-fl/ii, (. P. To bind se 

things mlo a bundle or sheaf, to 

SoKun, n. Paste made of boiled ric 

aisunt^ 10 behave disrespectfully to 
iOME,-™,-6i, t. T. To dye, to stain. 

. SoME-iRO," The . 

a different color, to re-dye. 
of' dyeing. ^ ^ chouse 

KB, n. Figured, eitbec by the 

'^-^™i. o'.' To'beS^'i' 

or ' represeli a^vt ' of ^aboiyl'of 
ot peisons. 

'■ Thl^ripTgateoren- 


Nvw, things being 
, ». A teacher ivho 

SoB.s! °D«Mn§^i, posterily. 
5oK. ». A numeral in counting tubs, bar- 
rels, casks, etc. 5a*e li-jjMi, one bairel 

Son iiFo«B*/). Honorable, 

ablelaihec. ^m-M noble and ignoble 
Son-U mii^ay. ,&.»^, honoiary nnm< 
ot lille. 
Sonata, fmn. That side, you,— spokec 


iwed with, to be fully Tumished, 
0^ »( be^fo^^ 

SoNEMi,.ii«^Wa,". pT^o'mvy, to be 
iesdous of. 

S^NM,' "(Mifl^™ Si, B. The 
a irfain'iff ' """' * '""''' ""°° ' 








/ o™), . 


to hallow, /tami 




SoBo| »ft.. or /™, Thai, those ; his, 

afterwards. — vcHi, during that time, 
in the mean time. — fl'r, besides thai, 
in addition to that, moreover, still more, 

for that n^n.^S^OK. — icS™,^^! 
sides that, moreover. — mi, he, him. 
self, itself. Son,<-is, that side, that 
country, that person, or thing; von. 
Son^-Komi^ formerly, anciently. SofV- 

5oK-R!v6, R. ^ The expenses or hiie, price 

^nitSJe! ilt^snl '"" °""' °'' 

gant in speaking, or acting. 
SORA. M. The sky, the heavens; the 

■ham, pretended ; dighty. — dg yotnu^ 
to r«lte_from memoty. Sora-icioke. 

laughter. -^ ite, feigned sleep. — jiei^ 

tending not to hear. — ^aww?, feigned 
sickneas. — isuntdS, feigned dealness. 
— usa/uiii, whittling in affected ieno- 
ranee. -jM, pretending to be fiad. 
&jr^mahi, feigning defeat. So^o-i*!, 

So^™T"'«t T "^sehood, a lie. a llc- 

or cur«. to crook, arch, bend back. 
5oRASHi,-iK,-(fl,/.i.. To cause to glance 
or fly off; to turn off ; to ofl^end. 

SORA--i3uKAi,««,-art-. I.e. To feieo, 


ira, attcT thai, til 

from iVe light nay.'dcfleclei. 
S0SB,->-u,-e^,i.r'. t-obeshaTtd. 
SoHSGASHi. . A Mrmin pereon, medwhe 

So-kHN, B. Drill, exerciae, Iraining, m; 

Sa-iu, n. The pores of the skin. 
SoBi,-.rK,-/o, (. ». To shave. Jfis^w 
SOHI,-™.-"". '■- ■'■ To b=nd baclTwan 
or outwards, to wrap, to curve, to les 
towards. Si^/f arH^Tf, lo^vaikbeodii 

SoBi,M. Skates; also.asled.orsleigh, 

SORI-HASHI, B. Ad arched bridge. 

SoRi-KAYE,-fT.,-ifd, t. V. To bead back- 
wards, to warp. 

Soxi-Ks, n. The refuse haic ihet has 

So-KiYAKU, a. Careles.negleetfiil, treat- 

or disrespect. — xisuru, to treat with 
neglect, to slight, to do carelessly, or 

Sfi-MVO, H. Eldest son. 

So-siu, n. The line of desceut by a 

number, to lie complete, Neg. Saro- 

S5-BOB, ». A dispute, contention, quarl 

rel, altercation. 
SoBOHi-TO, adv. Slowly, sofilv, getitly. 

gently. ' " "■ °^^' '° ^' 

SoKOVB,-r^.-ia,t.v._ To equal i«. make 

to furnish or 511 

S0-9HIKI, X, The dssues of which Che 

body- is coDi posed. 
S6-$Hrici, n. Funeral rites, obsequies. 

So^Ho- — sura, to make a complaint to 

Hasty, imneln- 

TeB' ^™"-'^. 

S4-SOTSU, aufe. Suddenly, uneupecte 

Sa^Al^HA, n. < 
SoTCHiu, s. Falling down dead, a i 

daml'ofday. — oJ.>«. " '""'" 
SoTETSU.Ji. The aaeo-palm. 

S6-T6,a. Suitable, 

Sa-TiA/utaliit no katana), n. Two 

S5-T0, adv. Softly, gently. — s&Ui 
. The ditch around a ca<- 


The outi 

JTO-GUEUMA, 1. A naddle-whei 
fu/iii!in, a paddle-wheel sleamt 
)T0«o,». The outside. 



SoTsuii, nrfD. Hast.!)', abruplly and 
rudely ; liehlly, wilhoul proper respect 

SoTTO, aJv. Quietly, gently, softly, se- 
cretly, stealthily. 

SowA-aowA sHLTfi, odv. Reslless, un- 

SowA-TSUKi.-^.-rto, 1. P, To be resl- 
SovEt-ni^a, f. V. To annex, to add, 

fireater or principal, :o 

SovEji, ». Suckli 

So-YaK.Ctniu at&i). Distant, wilbout 

SovoOi,-reu,-ida. i. a. To ^ake or flul^ 

Sovo-50¥o-TO, adv. Softly, eenlly- 
SoiAN, «. to hold oBiie, aniT draw 

Mn«ur"! — ■«-k"?iYb,' an "o^i^ 

ii^ to or [nhentin^ a 

SoiOBQ. irnioleDtiona 
wittingly, without di 

ilJBAKURl-NUKB.-™,-Ja, 1. iv. To sltp 
away, as m eel or anything slipP"?" _ 
'"iri'th^''»doe or'"refrS'hm"nB. — di 

,a. Should or ought to 
tooth to the feel, glued. 

'0 the chief comniani 
lu-ru^/a,i.v. To : 

EnoDly,iQ general. 
SuBua, K, Drawing an empty bow, I. c. 

wilhoul an snow. 
SuRiTSU, n. The hearth-stone, or stone 

placed for the hottom ofa fire-place. 

toecther or close, as the mouth' of a 
bag! to pucker. 
Sui?«T,-««,-,ia, /. o. To be contract. 

Su^boeiVb;-;;-., /. o. To smoke, emit 

SuSi,%B,-/ia, /. I'. To contract. Ka- 
ta ga — to stoop the shoulders, to feel 


split bamboDX Di r«ds. 
Bu-DATE, n. The frame of a building. 

finished, alrtady ; witfilhe tut.' tensej 
if split bamboo' 

Su-DORI, I. Passing by without ealU 
SuDiu, «. A kind of bell, such as 
hung upon pack-horsea ; or a go 
such as is suspended before Mi^ai 

Suoiu'.n. Asiliallkindoflamboo. 

Su-muEE, B. Anything inckled in v 


SuonjRi, II. The Lahrai Japonicus 

SuiKUME.'n. A ipaiTOw. 
Sai>zauif.«.«.-^jS^,: r. To cool, t 


fresh one's belf in hot weather. 

SinM['HI-DAI, n. A bench set before 

» ggil o^Blf!"™'"^' 

SUDIUMUSHI, ». The name of an in 

Ihal angs like the .inkling of a SI 


ink-stone and penciTs'an kept. " 

SuD7USHii,-*i'^M, a. Cool, lefiflshini 

SucttUYAEA, a. ^Mgh"' clear, not ha: 

SuGAiTO.'w. Ran 
" -.1,1. A ma 

.e them,— as wKen liie li^hrSToo 

SuoAO, B. The 1 
or imrouged. 

SuGAEA. Osed only as an affii,- during, 
whilst. Michisigara, whilst in the 
way. rom^jB^rajduring the night. 

SuGAnK,-n.,Ja,/._». To waste ot wear 

u upon, to rely on, depend ou. 

the whole iigure may be seen. 

A kind of rush used rot mak- 

UGENA!,-4ip*i., a. Destitute of a£ 

SVGI. a. The cedar, or Chiiptamitia Ja- 
Su^i-HARA, H. The name of a kind of 

luGOI,-ii,-*H,-I*C, B. Inspiring fear. 

'^sm^^°-Sa, I. V. To pass by, ti 
ted or do anything in emess, ii 

skulkina'manner. " * ""™' *" "'^' 
;uGui^*,,-*«,-i*/, a. Straight, not 

%uc\!-fa\iid^. Directly, immediately, at 


. To dra» . 
imedktely, at 

SuiHIv-^B, /. f. To EUcL i L„ ..V ; ™ ~.- 
Kib; lodiBwiUiracI. SiiAaiu irtta 
we mytdcmo ishi wa suwadsit. Sui- 
afr™,t06UElnp. Ja/-,:*™., to luclt 
out. .;»-*'"«>, to suck in». imbibe, 
inhalci absorb- Sui^oru^ to draw out 
L.. .....:Qg_ .^af-^fiu^, to &ticL ^t Ijy 

Sin-Hi, (oftmy*™ J «, Daaying, deolio- 
ing, uulinf . &diDg, impairea. — turut 
to laii, decline, dctctiorate. 


. Cup^for 

flct uptight at short intervals, 
^ed with OM. 

Sat-am, (midm •» Bi*i^ H,'" l^'o'biif- 

lalo, or water-ox. 
Suj-ni. ^farfl, to wash aD;_pii]verulent 

Stw-KADitnu, ». Tie hooey-suckle, 

Sui^uwA%. "AwnKraelonr"""" 
Sul-Mivasu, ■. The reins of _water 
un^er groun s Ud m igging 

Siri-HON, s. A waler-gaM, 1 loclt, flood- 

Sui-HONO, B. Soup, 
Sui-NAN, H. Calamity or loss occa^oned 
by water, as ao iouodaLion, shipwreck. 

. A water battery, or fbn built 


Sui-SHo, n. Crystal, quarts. 
Sui-SHU,(>Hi.iriii9u/c,)ii. A sailor, water- 

SUI-so, «. Hydrogen. 

Sui-SON, {H/idiu !i! saiavaa,) n. Loss, or 


Suji, n. Leprosy. — aru hiU^ a 

Suji^Al' «. Reason, right, business. 

jVbh m — what ritchl? 
Suji-OAKi, «. An oniiine sketch or 

orS^e a n'ea^"cu"; °-^c&i, Xofc 

neTri^tl/d gM Tiuit! "' 



Suji-MUKAi, B. Obi iqutly opposite. 
SujiKi-MojiKi, aa'i'. Zigzag, —araiu. 

SuKASHi.^K,-*!!, i.'v. To make open. 

dense, cloeCj or crowded ; to place 
apart, to (hin qut, to open ; to look 
t^nu^ look along ihe suitsce of 

wheedle, to persuade by soft worda, lo 
soothe: to trick, to dodge away, to 
give one the slip, to cheat. 

SvKBi-ra^a, i. B. To help, assist, aid, 
leni a fiand. S^iili it,Jus.irt. help 
me. Sut^i^jt keeper,^ assistant. 

"s^QnT, hel ™r"dd!'" " ' ° P ■ "" "^ 
SUKEBEi. LeiiFd, la»iviDus, wanton. — 

S17-KEH, (taiia Him), Metely looking at 
rated, as oi Ihin^ joinedT dense or 

SuKi,~^,-iVa. t.'v. To comV urith a fine 
SuKi,-li;,Jto' l^fT To'like.'to be fcnd 


—:yiiK!uri w »flma,to take medi- 

SuK"-1iAYESHr,"«,^^, I. !■, To work old 

Sf ™«^iS?S 'sukikayaM. 
SUKI-KIRAI, H. like and dislike. Mma 
"' — 41""'''. people have their likes 

time, chance, opportunity, leisure. 
SuKi-Mj, B. Peeping, or looking through 

Sv-^! ». Money only. ~dliau,0> 

huy nith money. 
SuKi-NA, a. That which one likes or 

SukIsm" »™A"pei^riktired t^Sie art 
S^ic "■oi,'i°?^™-5",T™ To [Sss through, 

copy by placing the paper over the 

SutcOEuBU, adv. Conacletal^le, a good 

Sui^',^oS«.B''uttle, feii. Sako- 
shi male,wali a little. — xodiV^.a 
little while. 

SuKovAEA.a. Strong,hale,hearty,wel!, 
robust, healthy. 

—^,"0 save a mi£''a life. Suiai-/am^ 

Sasm',-u,-%f™i. To scoop, to dip, or 
lade out. to take up*with a dipper, 

sJkSi^'kI! ■'.'°A dSor hand net. 
Sui!UMB,-ru,-/B, i. E. To contract, con. 

tatndn, curb ;' to teaKTvei. fCala wa 

up, contracted. Clamped ; to shrink. 
SueuuD, H, Rice-buns; peal, or tutf 

StJ^UHO-HtZi, «.' A grub-worm. 

SoKUNAi.-*/,-*K,J*i, a. A liltle, few, 
small in qilantily or number. J'«i>«'» 
t« bo™, to become few. SiiuHaix 


D reside, dweU, 


'■™Sigh[m'inco°lh'ew8IH! "*"" "" 
leme ; la gleaDK, jmnlr, ' Sai«a^ 

Qcemed, lake i 

lamdf. . 

m/ wn lumaskiii kiku, to listen al- 

diJL'lTu. "iv^'samei^ium. 

SuMaBU, a. Pure, dear. —«.*rf!B, wa- 
rn that has been settled. 

Stl-HEN^ «. The naked ^&ce,—unpTD. 

,dBe: a &» free fcoin the inSuence of 
Suuii-KKr^iAi'. 1. D. To io. CDd.'fiDish, 

Lhin^ for which one reproaches hint- 
Slfhi, ». QiarCDal. — y^^i^ a charcoal 

h charcoal 
he color of 


Suui-HAWA, s. Tbemkei 

. Quick, iasl.swifi.s 

, Akindorplum. 
cusA. B. The' violet. 

filtered through 

, Ashallo 



r dust. Ml 

cquer or paper. 

A sandy pi 

ce. adest 

jrfor the front of the 

SuN.'KO. H. A small degree of oi 


Va/^a, '^ 

. The sound of drai 

SOMRi-To. aav. In an 

J Hitbont olHUncdons. sleek 


.gUhly. ~4!«* 

ft., to do any. 



"ir, sleekly, 

elihly. wirhduc obainicei 


T'SuH. Can 

. print. 




-(«,.-.«. Tober 




.ha^ by con 

act with the 



ne by Inction 

has become 


ia,-afta, I. V. To lub against 

. 'Friction. 

ASHi, a. Keen 

Amp cun- 


tl/ul from con 

act wLtt tbe 

ub, to file, to 


chafe. Suri-c 

hiinu, to rub 

rub off the skin, bark, laconer, or out- 
side of snvlhinE. SiiriJiirii, to cut 
off anythine by nibbing, to tile off, to 
cut by chafhiB. i'Ki-i^^D»,to[nhin. 
Suri-kudakit, to pulverize by tubbing. 

skin. Suri-naitra, to rub. or squeeze 

off,a&ade. Sa'i-tmbuZ.toireakoi 
crush by rubbing, to efface by nibbing. 
Sitri'tsukeruy to apply anything by 

Sua'J7 A pickpocket^ pilferer, thief. 

E, H. The Onyi 

SuBAMASHi'.,-;^-.-*!r' a. "Fearful,' fright- 

vaW,- BW i!^;j!:i.iid nut miUi'the 

StSAHl,-)Kji,-«rfB, (■. D. ' To spoil, lay 
waste, ruin, to destroy. Taisskimi 

of (bod made of rii 


. To be fooled mth 


SuTARi,-fi(,-/ir, i. f. To be left, left 

other, or 10 excite a quarter^ 

SuvB,-rs,J<.. /, V. To p[;,^c, l=y, set, 

SuTAW, B. A renin«nt, wasM, Ihal which 

fix, to settle, to apply ; to cooipose. 

is r^ccted or useless. 

SaTe,-^u,-ia, t. H. To throui away, (o 

MJKC, discard, to leave, abandon, for- 
salie, IQ lit be, lei Jode, to deMO. 

ultimate branch; a descendant; the 

AAa msiutflezen =« loru. to forsake 

evil and cling to that vhich is 


has deteriorated. Kosn —, in future oir 

StTTE-BtTCi... ». A pension, or dally ra- 

after .his. 

tion of rice Kiveo by government to 

SiivE.-ra-/.-i, I. p. To be spoiled, unfit 
toeat. J^otiB«i»sga.sayila. 

SUTE-PLOA^ ". A public notice of .He 

or inferior classes of people. 

Simciti-m, "«?... Exceedingly, ve^.. - 

SuriiirONO, m. Porcelain, crockery-ware. 

SuvE-NAEi, H. Fruits that ate the last to 

5y)l,^s™«rrBM''«S. "rJit, an- 
other family, no_ connection. Ta-ioiu, 

heajmg of others, publicity. Ta-riii, 

style OT system of another. Ta-tho, 
another place. 
Ta, Wi,) a. Many, much, Ta-iin, 
many years. Ta-bcn. much talking. 
Ta-ii3^, often sick, sickly. 7-a-i«d, 

busy. Ta-ratu, lustful, sensual. 
Ta. /«. Who. Ta ga umi ni. for 
whose Salter Ta ga tsuiHa, whose 

in which 

Tabako-ihh, X. A tobaceo-poudi. 

■Alil,«. Stockings, BQcta. -im.*6 


Iravcls. Taii-^itaAu, preparations foi 

inii^ how often 7 Taii-taii, man> 

T*M?n.^he°pu^ m^°e in draang lli( 
haic DD the hack of the head. 

Ta-b'uJI; 0/1SdV"^«). 'The Jiearins of 

TACHi,J»a^(fl, I. p. To stand up, lo be 

tiaelesB, good for nothing. Ye ai tatsu, 
useful- Ki ea — , to be flngty. Hara 

Iiactine ihe altenliou. Mikka talte 
maltt ktti. como agatn after three days. 
KimKriga~,\liiaakes. Hottriga 
— , it is duMy. Saiii jn — , the 

Tachi,"!!, Afongsword. 

Tachi, a pluTal BUlBx : as, Om^'^flachi, 
you. AWflMio-i'flc^J, children. 

Tacmibaba, n. ' The general nan'- '~ 

•a cni-GATAi,-*i*,-4i. ,-ski. 
Motion yd m^alacAi, 
'Aum-ciEi n. Standing I 

i-T. Standing or sitting. - 



Rl.-f !(f^F,ia, i 

f. To' 

go back. 




abstained ft 



Rl,-™^B, I 

B. To 


and fotward, 



.1.. To 





B. Cutting 



-_ ^_ To rise 



=-. Tos 



«. Selling by 

slices, a> 


eloR. fi' 

1, etc. 



-iu,i.z,. T 

ott one's self. 


«ing, to mee 


hie lo- 


DA, ud^ 

Only men 

ly, just, 





teceive grat 



e, or only one 


— BO- 


T*DAKKO, adv. By barli 
Taha-nska, «. Th. Mn 

is or wiih- 

Tadarb-ke, K. Blear-eved. 

TaeasbI, emj. Used io introdiidng 

M™no«''to°>ometh^8™ alts' 'KISm ; 

TADASHn^i,-~^ii. ri. Straight, correct, 

right, just, upright, honest. 
Tadashisa, K. Sirreclncss, Kctitude. 
TADAV01,-^r^(a, i. V. To Boil or drift 

ahout, la be adrift, id be becalmed. 
Tadayowash1,-™,-(o, C1.U31. of TadayH. 

To cause to flou or drift about. 
Tadb, n. A species of Polygonum, the 

1lS>e.-ru,-ia't. V, To foment, to stupe. 
^«iMO»— , to chfli the bottom of a 
iimk with fire. 

Tadoh, f>. A ball made of charco^ and 
sea-weed lot huniing in braiiers. 

Tadom ,-ru.-tia, I. V. To walk by feel- 
ing or groping the way., Vamijiwt-, 

Tado-tado-to, adv. Walking in a grop- 

TADO-TADOSHU.-ii',-^, a. Going aloug 

tS^u,"'." A 


sttap of a bri- 

eaoh other. 
Tadiunb, >. Inquiry, sii 

hand, to c; 
Tafit, H. C 

■i^M^u, < 
differ, disagree ; 
accord with ; to 

iSng each other. 

^ fiDin, mistake 
Altemstely mis 

7 ToboU.' Tag: 
a handle. 

'agui, (n»-) B. Kind. sort. Tagsixa- 

■agu'iu^™™''.^»."to hauT'in a topo 
hand aver hand. Tainiri-dasii, to pay 

" -, to pa? 


Mi-lai, wish to see. Ki/ii-taS^viisi to 
hear. Kai-lai, wuil to buy. Yukl. 

Ta" ^ih{'a? &eatf largefchief, illus- 

house. ^/^W.giMl talents. 'j^-ii^ 

ty. 7Si/-«Bi, a neat name, famous. 
tai-mo. great desires, ambitious. Tai- 

rAI-DDKU, ». Congenital syphi 


ifioon, hum- 


miublt'^I am much ^li^e/" '^ 
Tai-go, «. A Qompany or corps of an 

T^'ku-SB1,b. The planet Verua. 
Tai-hah, B. Man than half, Ihegrealer 

Tamie""". Peace, or freedom from 

Tm-hbi-Kai, h. The Pacific Ocean. 

ourS^r ■; a {^ai or^emble "vMt" 

TA^IJIa, (o*nM. The moat patt, gener- 
ally ; perhaps, tiTobabty. 

T^-L^'The principal meaning, the sub- 
stance, in the maiiT chiefly. 
Tai-^1, (nSiV/u'&nxmmi). —niru,u 

diie, dettro^. Atuma ru/t — , to expel 

Tai-k™"!^-™™, to judge of a mat- 
ter at law, by having tlie plaintiff and 
defendant cotiftunc each other. 

Tai-ki, h. The atmosphere, air. 

Tai-KI¥0, (sHirisi-ii kj-k). - sun,, to 

The first principle or 


m ot all tl 

in China 


Tai-kutsu, n. Ennui ;^ tired, disguste 
or wearied with anything tedious, or fo 

Tu-Si?, "."'^^nob^.ihe'li',"'' 
Tai-mai.o. Much, a great deal. ~n 

[■ai-rivaku, adv. For the moat part, 
generally, about, more or less, probahly- 
rAl-Bird, 1. Masnanimous, generous. 

w liiriieitru). —s 
le title of the highesl 

Tai^hu, le^aii). n. Drinking much 
wine, a great drinker. 

(£e,^«wm from'an Msembly. "" 

TAi-sS,'-r. Great many, great deal, 

fui^t, veiy deep. — iiiita ii^e, a 
Tai-soku, ». a' long breath. — iurB, 
Tii-sa?».^ The average number. 

ally, En the main ; about, nearly, on an 

how it is done. — hiyaka nin gurai, 
abont one hundred persona. 
Tat-t* Ma/o»a «w tf*i>^). Weaiuig a 


rt, or v> become weak from sud- 
piiie. >bock, orfrighc. , 

A faleoD, hawk. — m, tit. 
h t with a &Jcon. 

uS'lhc*^™'^ a fcrm '^e 
m- lehi nen no Mt&ke-^ka^ 
t of one year's earulngs. 
• , the amomil which land is 
roducius and for which ills 

paid 10 Ihe landlord by the 

ads. High, U 

ait with a loud V 
os..adv. Used in 

orablc, Ki et lakai, haughty, 
To.t^-naHa, has become hieh. . .^^ 
6h saru, to make huh, beighten. 

Taka-j6,b. A&leoner. 

Tacahakive, «■ Embossed gilt lacquer. 

TAKnHE^»,-(a, /. s. To make high, 

Takami, n! Ahiohplflce. 
TaI^"!^' a kindol'g^e^'^' 
Takaba.'s.'"lhynKt" a^yl'hing 

, High, loud, — no inyet 

Vfl, /. B. To assemble or 
crowd, lo swarm together. 

Takase, B. A river boat. 
TAKASB,-jw,^n, caust. of Taiu. To 
cause or let a lire be kindled. 

for\o!di^gfrnit. *"" ™ *'" ^ 

Taka-wabai, H. A loud laugh. 

Take, i. Bamboo. — lo fuski, the 
joints of bamboo. — so ko. bamboo 
spioutx. — »o ^aur", the sheath of 
young bamboo. «— laski, bamboo 
chop-slicks. — Ejff, a bamboo pole. 
— /lu^c, a bamboo cane. 

Take, •!. Mushroom. 

Take B. The length the measure, the 
beighl or depth. Mi w — , the height 
of tlie body, the stature. Midsu no - 

■^1^S,«T~h high mountain. 
TAKE,-™,-Ca, i. I.. To be highjwell ad- 

, Hunting for musi 



H Firtwood- 


Taki-TSUBO. H. The deep huUow place 

recldosly, sWully, ingeoiously, adt 
TAEUMi,-iiii(,-iirfa, (. P. Todevise.plan, 

TAKUmln.' Skill, clevfme^.BiIrgitaess, 
duteniyi inECDuky^ Kctobti wo -^ nz 

TAKuMA«i,-;HHi^iKtj, (. V. To deiise, 

Takurb ,-«.-/«, I. p. To be rumpled, 
wrinkled, kinbcd, comigaled. Kavia 

rAKUwANDSUKB, «. Kadishes pickled in 
to tiiy up, to keep on hand, ro hoard. 

ble ; tJie masler or owner. Tifji no 

— ; the eyeball. «■»«.*/ —, a knot 
lied on a Btiing. Ki w -, a wooden 
ball, tfi'jw— , ahallof fire. J/i/sxs 
— , a man's soul. Ta7Ha~gayi vjo suru^ 
to chanffe ownership. 
Dama^^ki, h. The ^cket-fence amtmd 

rAMAGB,-rK,^n, 1. n. To be surprised, 
w^te'o "an i^^~ ^ "milrti^'irolk 

rAHAJcouE, B. The load of a gun, a 


rAMAKA, a. Economical, saving, frugal, 
notwaateful. — «,■ ji»r«, to be ecouo. 

from an honorabls peraon. Ji.oci£ ma 
suia'iBacil kami «a mi — xari. 

rAMA'NT, adv. Seldom, iarely,ocoa^n- 

To haul in hand over hand, as a rope, 

mulale ; to endure, bear, suffer. Mtdia 

to snatch; to .n.l««le,d=^ud. 

ga huhomi ni -. the water stands iu 

AKUHi-EOHi,-m«,-»Ai-, t. V. To haul 

hollow places. Samutnte iamaradcx. 

into hand over hand ; eoiboule. 

Tamasaka,h. Seldom, lat'e, oecadonal. 

scheme, pUn. Mahsn'WS—. 

Tamashij, B.^'The soul, s^rit, ghost , 

dant, enough. 

elation from a Kami, mads throi^h 

TAMAWAMf^K.^ifB, 1. 1. To give, spot™ 


TAM 2 

69 TAN 

only of most honorable persoDE ; also, 

Tamubo,b. a flocking or assembling to- 

Taka-VA, b. a tomb/sepo'chre. 

troops; barracks. — luru, to collect 

Tambi, a.A'. Ev«y lime, whenever. 

ifBm — m. every time he comes. 

Tan, n. Mucous, phlegm, expsctotatiou. 

sputa. — ga rf^-B, to expectorate. 
Tan-Si^i-i^iufi, expectorant medi- 

r^'n. Red oride oflead. 

meiiiia-, to, or reliuion. Oya ea inds- 

Tab,«. Apieeeof cloth,.hehalf of a 

^o no 'la^ «i kuTi ^uru, lh% parent 

A,i,\ - ne feet in length. Mo«.in 

toilafbrhischildreii. Thhii ni Hera- 

iilan, one [aece of long cloth. 

«B, good for oothiDstUMlesi.. 
Tt.VLK,-nn-la^l.v. T o collect, to put 

^ Bubo, — ".o'loo^.TeetTr about't-« 

together Id one place anything scattered 

of an acre. 7-a«^(«. a land regis. 

Tan.'x. ThegaH-bladdet. Tanno/u.ii. 
Tah, {Kiiiikaii. Short. Tan-Jifsu, a 
short day. Ta—i.^i, little talents. 

TA«K;.rK,^a, (. p. To straighten, make 

level, ai'a B"n. '■T'ff'l =« t-mitf'uri 

ran-«. a short sword. Ta«-ya, a 

TAHi.-iia,H. Alonsl.teath,ag»sp. - 

gods are placed. 

nw iiB*j(. 


^?ES^"5S3L,^^ K"L' 

near the Milky Way, worshipped on 
the 7th day oi the Till month. 
TANAn(K[,.y«,.j-M, I. n. To be spread 
abroad in the air, as clouds, fog.liaie, 

douht.qu8ndaty. Ib^s""" U tami- 

TAMESB[rf»,-fit,/. P. To tiy, prove, ex- 

TAKA^mNi*. House rem. 

Tawebhi, h. a case, eiample, precedent, 

Tana-date,™. Ejection of a tenant. 


Tam-uono, b. Cloth, or piece-goods. 
TAUocHIr^jii,-^^'!, I. V, To keep, guard. 

to another. 

Takaco, ». The name of small fresh 

protect, preserve, to walch over and de. 
&nd from evil, : to sustain, suppoil ; to 

water lish. 

tait, endure; to have, possess, own, 
hold. /ivKii ™> — , to preserve Ufe. 

the hMd.""' "■ 

Tana-kata, «. A clerk, shop-boy. 

Tamochi. h. Enduring, keeping, or last- 

Tana.ko.«. Peisons living in 'rented 

ing long. 

Tauotd, «. The pocket in the sleeve. 

Tana-Mono, k- The persons belonging 

Tamoto-otoehi, 1. A small purse or 

to a shop, clerks. 


Taha-oeoshi. ». Taking an account of 

ing another about hTs feults ; or speak- 

devofd of strong desires ir lusts. 

ing of the Suits to others. 

Tampan, «. Sulphate of copper. 
Tam-pei, i. A sliort sword. — iiu ni. 

Taka-nitshi, h. The owner of a shop, a 

in igreat hurry, with [ntense activity. 

Take, ». A seed ; descendant, race ; the 

TampO. A soft pad affined 10 ihe pomt of 

occasjon, cause, or origin from which 

any thing springs; yessi, or ferment. 

- m. o«^ji A«™ fB cA/ga«, the same 

TAMUKE-r«,-(a, *. P. To place as an of- 
fering hefore an idol, or al a grave. 

father but different mother. 

Ta-nemi:hi, «. A field-rat. 

Tam„k^,«. An offering made to idols or 

Tanit-gahi, «. The paper on which the 


Taks-Gawahi, u. Having a diffcrcnl 

xSiiirroir "'"'""■ 

faiher, but Ihe same moiter. — w ii- 

yddai, n=i)-hn>theB. 

T/LH-svKV.UagarAi jnitiunin-ii). — lurii, 

Tan-guwak. - la^B, .0 eompLaio in 

to search for, look into, inquire after. 

lean, lo plead, 10 supplicate eameslly. 

Ta(csah, h. Carbonic acid. 

T^i,™ ' A valley. Tanl-guchl. Ihe 

gencc. — sAitr koskiraytrM, lo maks 

stream ranning rhrough a valley, rivu- 

Itl. T>».!-micki. a path amongst the 

Trtl^BKiTfl^^™), n. Morning and 

T«N.-AI, «. In the valley. 

TAN-suKf,' -^A moist cough, or a cough 

TAN1SHI.H. A snail. . 

Tam-JAKU, b. Paper cut inlo long and 

Tan-shin, (aiaii ioicre), n. A pure or 

naitow strips used Sot writing poe- 

TAriji,-<&KrK,-iB, (so^s), t. V. To 

Tah.^"'s." Carbon. 

ilg'hVio lame.,t, moun.. Vt ™- -, to 

kmeoton account of the times. 

TahJI.-^",-*?, (*«»}. t. o. To play 

Tam.soku,«. a fuse, or match of a fire- 

Tan-soku-shi, {naii-ii-ittoSa), n. An 

Tab-jo, (BBflf*), ■- Binh, nativity. — 

jb™, tobear.beltet. 

Tassc, h. A chest of drawers, boteao. 

Takjo-bi, B. Birthday. 

TABiO,-! Bile. 

ly, suddenly. 

Tab-kt, (mijii^l kf>, n. Quick, leni- 

^,CK-TO,adv' Much, many. 

Tabuki, -. Abadcct, 

Tan-zaku, n. A kind of thk:k paper used 

Ta.™s" °- Vb™, to hs satiated, filled. 

satisfied, lo have enough, as with see- 

TAORE,-rB,-*B, i. H. To fill over, lo fall 

ing, hearins or eating, Icht ntchi sAi- 

down,— of anything erect ot standing: 


TAK-Jia. B. The gall bladder. 

Tanohi'-w.-"'?'', '■ *■ To call, ask, 10 

TAOBi,-™,-(/B,i. TT. To bce^ off, pluck 

off with the hand. iis>,ewo-,ta 

qnest solieii; lo trust to, depend on. 
confide n, rdy on. Jika mo — , lo cali 

pluck a flower. 

lAOBHifSHr^e, 1. V. To throw down 

in a doctor. 'a,ii«r««,ol.i-u,nd>,,». 

anything slandins, 10 imisirate, to 
throw over; to ifefraud. Kiri-laoiu, 

Taosarem, to be thrown down, to be 

lying on oo^atTHiBth. 

depended on. ' 

Taovaka, o. GiacefiJ, genteel. — na 

TANO>imiTii,'-i/,-««, a. Reliable, to be 

ing ground to eiqject aid, ot help from, 
TAmSHII.-*/,-*)-, a. Pleasant, (^eiighl- 

pen full'of ink, iai in large siie, — ni 

Takoshimi,-^.,-'^^, /. n. To lake 

Tappubi, „dv. Much, a great deal, 
considerable, good deal. (S skatti — 

pleasure 5n, to be happy in, to delight 
in. rejoice in, to enjoy, to anticipate 

aru, Iherc is a Utile over five feet. 

TAliA,». Cod-fish. 

with pleasure. Sxye icw — , to loolt fbt- 

Taba, n. The name of a thorny tree. 

ward to a happy future. _ 
Tanoshimi, k. Pleasure, happiness, de- 

Takaeiu, orTflBANU, neg. of Tari. Not 

enough, msufficienl, waning, deficient ; 


Tanoshisa, H. Happiness, delight, pleas- 

T^-lSnlikllai no-u). - wa, Ihor- 


Tabai, ». A wash-basin, a ^mall tub for 

washing ihe fale and hands Ln. 
TARAi,-o,-^i'fl, /. P. To be enouffh, suP. 

Takabi-to, adv. The manner of any- 
thine haneing down, or sound of dropa 
falling. h,<i£a!hU<iv«, — tag^H. 

TAiiASHi,-iB,-iB, /. o. To drop.Tit fiil[, 

downTasTta^l? jf-nUVa" n» — , tf 
let Uars fall. Taraiki-kema. to drop, 
ot let a liquid fall or run into anything. 
Tarashi ('f^i*), H. A drop. Mldtakila 

Taravo, «. The Holly, llei Latifolia. 
Tarh, ti-n. Who. Ta>-c me ka mo, 
everybody. Tan ka thlraii, mom, 

Takh,-™',-(«, i. ^. To drop, or run 
down,as a liquid : to hang down, as 

'^t.'AX&i^^^ Kib'e Sw'— ?"to"hang 
down the head. Ti wo —, lo let the 

w^f tqlshuVin', o"KKen%[th'hang- 
!. TbcKdimc 



ter., Mi-tari k/ki-tar 

Tasu, ». A barrel, casL. 
Tabuht, f>. An icicle. 
Takui..^;.-*",-!*!, a. Slack, Ian, no 

t™v^"it. Tlie'^tTaibirs of a roof, r 

to make up the full nuuihet or quanti- 
ty, to fill up. Tiga»ii ISO iaii-tasi,, 
to fiUnp an nnfin^hed letter. 7>"*-/- 
loiM, to fill out by slicing. Sii ni •■«- 
ii. lasH no li, ^i addeiTto four make 

positive, assured, safcn sccun, rtiiabte. 
Tashika-ni, adii. Certainly, aranredly, 

Tdeacienc™ — w (S^M.'lo'takc ^t^ 
Tfsniw,-mu,-mia, t. B. To be very 
fond of, delight in. have pleasure in; 

Tashjj™.^;?^", a?"* Not more than 

To be persecuted, aRUcted, distressed, 

Ta^™b,». Evening, tvrilight. 

Ta-SOKU, n. That which serves to fill 
or make up a deficiency, or to make % 

Tassha, b. Vigorous, well, healthy, ro- 
bust, strong, sound 10 body or mind. 

TlrssiM^sl^adll. Vigorously, in astrong. 

:AauKAia,-r«,-ifi'a, i, B. To he saved, 

Imtchi g^ tasukatta^xiV&v'tasMtA. 
Tmuhi^t-anii, cannot be saved. 
7AsuitB,-r«,-<a, ;. H. To save, deliver, 

Wari ■<«> iaIsuteJam'ari, sale me. 
Taiuki-au, to aid, help or assist each 

helped by another ; can be saved. 


Taiaiareru, to' be bcaKa, pounded. 

hard floor m^c by poi 

ibid clotbes. Hsk 
Mi.'i. A floor mac. 

Tatara, n. A targe bellows used in 
foundries and worked by treadrng. — 



<:*a wa — , I. 
hold a fair 

- _kel. SAichiuiiK—, 


miiiu, waleHuslTrawn. '!?/-/«/' " 

foe cbair-beacers or borses. 
Tate-dashi, n. An apartioenl or build- 

toady made for Bait Tutegu^ya^ tSe 
shop in which the ^wve artioles are 

t&ti-kisyett dashitt 


madt ready for 
,r plume on a 
principal ehaiac 

-ecions, laluabic, atesmcd 
. Hcnorablensu, eminence 

> b; drunk and stupid. 
_ _.... Adunce,fool. 

daily, lo be »]]y, foolish, 
ibsurditj " 

TAi-roBAEaiMiu-*/,.^", a. 

Tawamk,-™,-/b, i. V. To bend, to 

Tatb-tsuke, s. The ciacl: of a door or 

window^»kereJhe s^^es me=..^^^ 

sag. f^i gi smoiuii l^ ga Itwan^a, 
TAWAMUiiE,.f»,-M,;. B, To pley, sport. 

TATE-yoKO, n, Ijnigtb and breadlh, or 

joke7<l^ly, ' ""''' ""^' "^ " ""• 

Tawaha, n. A bag made of straw, for 

holding grain, etc. , 

Ibat, altbougb.even if. —ihiit^ima 

Tawarb-he, «. A prostitute. 

Mu-JB BA ^K, will not coDfess 

Tawayaka. Bending, flexible. 


TATOVE.-ra.-ia,;. H. Tooompare.lllten, 

naie. J-^MBJW— .tocutofflhepos- 

for Ibe purpose of iliustratiou, to eluci- 
date, illustrate. 

terily. Tayaaadsu, without ceasmg. 

Ni tm. — , lo eradicate. 

Tatsvi-ianatki, an iUusimion, a para- 

TAVASul,-*;,-*«,-si/,B. Easy, not difc 


Tatoveba, n^w. For instance, by way of 

TAYE,-r»,-(a, (. T.. To come lo an end, 

illuilalion, for eiample. 

cease, disconlinue, to lail. to be citinct, 
exhausted, cut off. Cki-s!,Ji ga — , 

Tatsu, H. Adn«on: oneof ihetwelve 

bocaiy signs. -«*=*-.. eight o'eloofc 

fomily Une is extinct To/tflT!., un- 

A.M. — n^Ao, E. S. E. 

ending, unceasing unfoiling, everlast- 
ing, petpelual. Tajii-haleru, to be 

7;^^*-f«. to ii^xo extinsui^ life. 

Tirau-JIN, H. An espert, adepl. 
Tatsuki, H.' Something for the hand to 

lay hold of, a hold, support, expedient, 

TahSitmI, n. — noM, South-east. — «ff 

enough to lake one's life. 

(B*i,from eight lo ten a.m. 

TAVE,-»-u,-fci, i. V, To bear, endure, 
suffer, support, sustain : lo hold out 
Taft-galai, hard 10 bear. O'mari 

poetry, an eitract from some boo■^ or a 

made — , to hold out lo the end. Tayt' 

ble, insupportable. 

TA™;™li.«n.*«.7-=.i», Only,nier^ 
ly. :-Ao« -*.**, only so mucV. 

Taye-dave-ni, ad-„. HaHlly, barely. 

Tatth, adv. Urgently, impottunalely, 


(-SKlHOBl,-*B,.™/a, (. V. To 

l^'SS.''™'"'"' " " "'"'""''■ •" "- I xi^^-/,; -((a, /. „. To loot to 
liaioifltictki, a. Exidted, honoisble, 1 aid, or help ; lo lean upon for sup] 


look fbc^elp. 
TAyoWAi,-jT-,-,tB,-M;, a. Weak, feeble. 

a pe^n, s cooi]Biiy, or division of aa 

the back of the hand. — iw mji. the 
lines on the palm. Midauita—.iisIB- 

tain. irt BD — , flams of a Are. ik*/- 
fc,tli.™n,or from division of an army. 
.KfliW*, the buyer. —neMiUkitr,,i 
skilful person, a good hand. — loo *ii- 
i*iVt*i,rf-.«i",Iendusahand. — ™ 
ifdiu, to take hold, to help tn do. — 

™«,'to wound. — ^ laUu, ekilfiil, 
for the hands, more than one is able to 

„. .„ ,faj 

TH-ATj^',a'. The^'feel.orstateDf any 
tfainjE as perceived by the touch ; any- 

ha"l. ""—Mdmitti loiii nescru, seii 
ing whatever was within teacli he aunt 

T^ATS, 7,. Treatment or mBnagemonl 
thing? needed ; conven.enci^ means 

-ilSijl,-*i,-*fl,-i*r, a. Li&cial, gen- 

1 anything for 

hand to show the way, a guide ; an in. 

Ta-mRol.-ii.-ia.-sAi, a. Wide, exten- 
sive, widely tilended. TebinkH aki- 

Te-bivoshi, »,' Beadng or keeping time 

wiJhthe'finSrs.' -3!^. """'"^ 

Te-bo, b. a person who has lost his 

Tb-diukaui, b. Sei! 


,>. Hand! full of biu[nu 

Te-dzuue, a. ExtFemicv, extccmi 

last dcjuand £>r payment, 
Te-iuumori, n. MEasvring wich t 

TE-GAsi,";. Ama^ac^haAdcuff. 

durable, rale, secure. 
Tb-cine, x. a pBtlE, orsmall poundei 
Tb-cire, h. Cut oO; broken ofl; dis 

It by the oidEH of 

Te-gume, b. TaJduB out of the haod by 
force, oi against the will of another. 

from anotbet by force.' 
Te-ooro, n. Suited to the size or 


,'a. Rough, rude, V 

oleot, or 


K. Folding the arras 
Iiick. —m!suru,v 



n. .Adjusting one's b 



else" *- 

1. AklndoflishinE 




-j/,-*»,<4f, «. Se' 

ere, vio- 

pie, pa 



Cei, Fidelity or obedience of a wife to 
her husband. Tji'-^'iliu, vuluous, tme, 
faUbful. Ta/-^i!, a virtuous woman, 

Cei, n. A root supported by pillara, a 

Cei, b. Fora, appearance, looks, fajdi- 

™'5lS»'of t'he^'ul!!!^" '"°"' '^ 
rEiEA-icADZUBA, n. The Malonetia 

Te-ire, h. Repairing, mending. ~- wo 

timily, a hu^T 

-erely. . 
I, dyspepsia. - 


Lre iddigea^o. 


Te-jika.«. Near al hand, within reach 
— «B toio™, a place near at hand. 

Te-jima, b. Molions or geslures of th 
hand, movement of IheTiands in danc 

ga ka&arw^ to require much labor. 

Te.kaei')i'. a Eood penman. 

Teki. x. An enemy, foe; ussdonlyof 

resiit, contend with. Ttii-cki, the 
enemy's country, a hostile connliy. 
Ta-KiaBaa,-iif%u, a. Seveie, rigarous, 

Trki-hakT," ■iw.'' ™oon, quickly"'^ /o 
Teki-i. (kakero makasc). According to 

Te-kih, n. Earnest money, advance 

int; ap^cedenttoeitatli 
jtai,-««iv««b, i. -u. To 


■oper) fitting, appnipriare, 
^s"'i!Sle to one's m'^i, ° 

ble medi- 

Eiu, f. A giidiron. 




usbT*. Habit, orstyle ofpenman- 
p ; also, a habit of pilfctine. 
t, tit sa ima^ n. The ^me spent 
votk or doing anything. — nw ir*. 

ART, n. A small ball, hand-ball. — 
Uu^iu, toitrifeeaball. 
m-BABA,-,, HoyaCarnosa. 

IIlSam,".'"'The work w be done on 
occasion. i'AJ^STuadiiBi.— , tho 

*VE, /ro. I, Qn sneaking huir 
n^sself)^M you, fin spring ( 

:aceofatbers. femayi-galit^aai:'i 
m, q. Scales for weighing, a bal- 

irtying burdens across the shoul- 
uisu, It. Anything ];iawu6d at a 



pawvbraker'e shop, a pledge. ■ 

Tem'ma, n. A^deilf demon" '^ 
Temma,h. a small boat used ft 

Teuma™. " The A°ay o f'pack-ho 

Te-mukai, «. Opposition, resistance. 
Tkn, (amf), «. The sky, the heavens ; 

X'n"ofami?ien.''' " '''^'' 

'eIsami, b. ^nd otTSr^'^doIng" or 
■t.N»RAi, ». Leatning to write, pen- 

ed to the u^ of anvihing, to ^ m Ihl 
habit of nsipg, used to. 

Tende, ^d'!'. From the first, from the 

Tbkoen'"**"- Each one: every one, 

Ten-dS, b. The heavenly leniple, para- 

TEhi^,>W>, ™ mfrfO, H. ThelavK 

TEN-Da, (.kHtmgayiri taoni) Turning 

Ten-cai, n. The horlion, the utmost 

verge of the heavens. 
Tbn-gai, «. A canopy or dome of wood 

funerals,'"'''* ™" ""V " "' 
TEN-tiAB-Kivo, B. A minor which mag- 

7A formed from an" 
S of some of its kl- 

7eh'.4o, n. Playing »[tfa any(hii« id 

and unlnquented {daces, [eiHeseoted 
in piginres with a long nose, wings, and 
twodawson each fool anJ hand; an 

^E-Ni-«o-HA, n. The particies used by 
the Japanese to show the relations of 
words to each other ; the rules of gram- 

Ten-kaha, adv. ifrom the first, froc 


TEN-BAN-SH6, tt. The Aram TryphU- 

TBN-HBN,a. Natural, produced or effect- 
ed Ijy nature, of itBeff, fipootaneous. 

Tex-saH, <i. The natuisl term of life as 
fixed by heaven. 

M^id'hy'the^BuddhBIs as^eauiiful 
femalet, enjoying perpetual youtil, 
clothed in feather robes, with ivines, 
skilled in muMC and singing, and dw^l. 

Te-Ai, n. A Icind of mitten covetins tha 
arm and hack cf the hand. 

Tuj-Ko, B. The Emperor. 

home, nit by a regular manufacturer. 

Teij-non, h. Blesbingj, benefactions, or 

TE-OWASE,-™,-*a, t._7i. To wound, to 

favor conftrred by heaven. 

Teppatsu, b. An iron howrcarried by 

coHecdon of rare Ihings for show. 

begging priests. 

Ten-sai, h. a calamity caused by the 

TEtPSKI. n. An iron wall. Ikasant 

greal poivers of nature ; ts by an earth- 

- nari t„ i^id^ms yaiurezaru ioU 

Tfn-shi\ -. Tl^e son of heaven vi,., 
the Miksda, or the Emperor of Japan. 

Teppeb, b. The top, summit, highest 

^P°'"'- . 

Ten-Shi, «. The metastasis of disease. 

Tepp6, h. A gun, cannon, or fire-arms 

Ten-shu, n. A lower of several aiories 

of any kind ; the furnace of a bath. 



TEN-3au-Klv6, s. The religion of the 
Lord of Heaven, Roman Catholic re- 

T£Ppe-KAJi,H. 1 gun-smith 

Tsppuu, B. Iron firings, powdered iron. 


Ten-sui-oke,«. Amn-tub. 

Teea, B. A Buddhist temple, or monas- 

Tkn-taku. — iBra, to change n resi- 

tery. Oi«-aM«fliaBuddh^tpr,est. 

Teba-iei, », Enlermg school. — m> 

Ten-tbki, b. The rain drops from the 

Tesakova, B. A school-liouse. 

Tbn-t6, h. The ruling power of nature, 
the Deity, heaven ;El,e sun. . 


Tes-W-boshi, B. Inlheopenair; wilh- 

TBEASHI-AWASE,-rii,-lfl, i. V. To com- 

'^thk™^AVs"uffed i^th" sMw" -dl- 

pare together, ID examine anything by 

Tb-kugui, h. a handkerchief, a towel, 

Tera-tera, adv. Shiny, glossy, oily in 

Te^uedU*/, J., a. Slow, dull, inae- 

fraud. -n>»^,tD 

shine, give light! 

Tenya, coll., X. A shop where boiled 


™f the fingers: 

Teb-VASU. -™™, to be changed from 

one official position id another. 

or agent. 

Te-obovb, tt. A mark, or anything used 

Te-saku, n. Produced 


self, home product, d 

T&Se'i,?!. Madehyon 



TEriENJl,"- BoUineone'sticehimaelf, 

Ta-SBAKU. Pouring wine into a cop foi 

one's sell; helmng one's self to wine. 
Tk^himijshi, «, A kind of soft aione 

used in building. 
Te-suiimasa, x. A small plate. 
Te-smoku, B. Ahandlamp. 
Ts-aiLu. The lines on the palm of the 

Tes-SHA, ft. Iron filings. 
Tksshi,-™™^b («nS. To nenetiate, 

Teb^, or"! he fluld'Tcadroflron and 
eall-outs, used by women for blacking 

Tm^e^nIshi-go, «'."'a elild'^wilhout 

father, viz., Btaastard. 
Tetbra, It. A shirt without sleeves woi 

next the skin. 
TsTsu, ft. Itoo. Ti/tu-iin, an irooeriD 

■Jan of lab[jr, hands 


Te-wsza, >,. Work, aoVihiDB done by 

TE-YOKi',ft. AhanduTeTiii^hBt. "' 
Te-vowai,-*/,-*«,-i*.-, b. Weak, not 

TG-7At-EU, ft. Any small or ingeoiam 

To,^ an/. And, thaL ; fram ; if, when, 
A we (d iiacAi, htavln'aJid lanh!^Sfi 


words ; as, Hakkei.ts, peppeimini can- 
dy. 5AiS?!i-«. ginger candy, Arihti- 

'6, — and ihai kind of tkines, or things 
of thai class, et ctetera, al^o a plui^il 
■-'-— K<i«ii sumi /udt tiwtt 


:■ ="> 

ban ™help!^ a™"si in d'ding. 

- ™'^ cib^in "ir aTtde las'^* 

bvisu'dai,.. Ahe!per,usia%ntatany 

half an'^perial bushel. 

work. ' 

T%'. ft. A ctubT'^rfy, band, junto, fac- 

tion, league. -™mBi«^B, toband. 

by.]awE, or rules, or mode of procedure. 

To, H. Party, company. IVaga to xl 

#/ kcrt ws araw, when yon wash the 

To, B. Thb, now, present. Ti toku. 

cloih» wash this too. 

tjiis country. Ti iin. thU year. Ti 

E-TEUKK, ft. Money paid io advance to 

cAr, this place. —j'a.iM, in office. — 

lonfion a bargain, earnest-money. — 

nin, the said person, the principal 

kiv, bargain money. 
'etsu-va, i. Passing the night without 

parly. To-ian, on dnty, on walch. 

ai'present. ' Tds/i, the' present age! 
y»-2°,forthetiniebeing, temporally. 


"The' Item otv«elal 

spnng, lo move rapidly. Tpbi-agayHi lo 

or jump past each othern to be far apart 
or veiy different. TM-ianarerti, <o fly 
apati, to flyaway; 10 Jump suddtnly 

to fly or jump Into, to enter suddenly. 
Taii-kaiaTU, to fn upon, lo rush 

^k.' '^,ltflKu,ioflyinto,jimpor 
ipring into. TM-ieyH-Ut lo fly across, 

Toii-neku, to fiee, jump, or sminj 

height. TiSl-saru, to fly away, to flee 
away! Teii-laitu, to ttart and fly, or 
flee avay. TBii-lsuku, to spring upon 
and Kiie, or bite. TeH-iiiatiirii, ;o 
TOBi-CHi, K. Terntoiy isolated and lyine 

ToBf-Sfc"ir'™'S^«'t»-biIl, afire-hook, 

Cot hauling timber. 
ToBl-HI, B. Sparks or flakes of fire flying 

ToBi-Knu. Superfine, eitra good. 
ToBl-tosm, Ji. The game of leap-frog. 

^m ertcdne the fram« ofTolB«.°^ 
TOBiRfl, ■. Theleaf of adoor. 
Tou-uwo, n. A flying fish. 

Kl^^u.-ila.i.'u. To burn, 
... .laie,— asoil.alamporca 
T0B0SHl,-tM,../a, i. n. To causi 

so,n. The leaf of a door. 

^Sho^s. Th"p1ae"" into 
outsi<Je doors slide, and ai 
ing the day. 
T6-BUH. Same weight, length, q 

(E, «. Ceasing fo 

'T.' China. 

, n. End, final, i! 

a gilure. /v>a- 


inert. Tsdn^ri Ha*», without slop- 

ToGi, ». An atlendanl, a nurse to a ack 

page or delay. Omeka biVwh mono 
t^hiriUUucki u «a™, the heavy. 

to^ntertaio'"he sick 'by Si" con versa. 

Toai,-gii,-ida, (. V. To mb, to make 

eloe, sl^natioo. 

smooth, io polish, to whel, to sharpen ; 

T0DOMMi,-rB,^(a, i. V. To stop, to 

take out by rubbms, as a flaw or nick. 

ToDOHK,-r»,-l'ii, t.'-a. To slop, to ar- 

rest morion, lo detain, stay, check. 
Tidamerixreru, lo he stopped, or ii- 

TooiiiB,-i-K,j3, I. V. To cease for a 

while^ to Slop at uitervals, to be inler- 

ToDOME, n. Stop, pause, suspension, 

bustne^ it is id sharpen swords. 


To-Givo. — tai-H, to go, orviat.spoken 

only of nobles. 

las ^ • 

To-GUCHi, H. A door, entrance. 

TOCURA,;. A chicken coop, or roast 

ToouRO, n. A eoi!, as of a snake. A'am. 

Toi»BDiUEHi,.*.(,-rfl, caust. of Todm>- 

iu. To cause to resound or teverbet- 

Tmuruha,". i small wheel on which 

doors or sashes are rolled, a caster. 

TOrfUwa, t/aj'a hobit), a. The''win- 

TO-FU,x. A^LnJofftodmadeofbeans, 

Toguwa, n. A kind of grabbing hoe. 


ToHT™'rfl*a'^''Ji4™°4' to l™ ™e'» 

Td-fO, Ifii^ki *<Ms), *. An east wind. 
TogaI 1. A crime, offence, fault, — jm 

a stand,\ewildered, puzzled. Tohimo 

iitajH, to commii a crime. Tsga-nin., 

a erimbal, offender. 

Kai.a. Outrageous, enceeJing reason 

TaQfMSri'Ufta, f. ii. To find fault 

or decency, eitravagant. 

Tot,-. A cjpe for conducting water. 
Toi,~t.WA/,-AK, a. Quick, last, early, 
soon, long 1«0. 

reprehend, rebuke, to scold ; to irritae, 

ToGAKb. H. Censure, reproof, blame. 

1o\,-i,-4ta, i. f. To inquire, to ask. to 

quesdon. Tei'Ji.iitiiiers, lo make m- 


quity about. Toi-tsmmri, to ques- 
tion closely, inquire strictly, to cross- 

ToGABAKASHif-«i,-/a, caust. of Tcpinc 

To make into a sharp potnE, to point. 

sharpen, pucker lo a point. Kaj'e em 

Toi, «. A question, inquiry. 
T!«.-il,^uriki,-i, a. Far, dislanl ; not 

sharp voice. 

famdiar, strange. 

TOGARASBi, B. Cayeon* Or red pepper. 

To.Kl,B.' AloSgbreath,augh. -wo 
&.*«, to sigh,ara» a long iTreath. 

ToG*Rl,-fK,-(Al, I. p. To be pomled, 

sharp, peaked. Saii so lagatea M, d 

ToisHi,™. A whetstone, hone. 

sharp pointed pole. Tsgari-ffifi, ^ 

To-iTA, n. A sliding door made of 

Tog" »" A bigrj^unlain pass ; a cli- 

TmVA,'"«. A wholesale commercial 

mai, acme, summit height. 

fil, realize, achieve, succeed In, to eP- 

ToivA-BA, K. The'place in a post-sia- 

iect, to perform, to make mod, lo ob- 


ToiJB,». Alhorn.splinler. 

T6ji.». Abrewerof.,a*:r. 

TroGB,^r'''.'j?> To be rubbed ™oo.!,. 

To-JI, n. The winter solstice. 

Ta-ji. n. Hoi springs. 


(saen. Teii-kantor, 
one's adf in. 

a Ehread^ to bind u q 

TojiKiMi, n. The g. 
ioor slides/ 

TqJIHE, o. The binding or knot Ihal 
fiilens the thread wiih which a book is 
l»und, the bstenins of a door, concLu- 

T"?^',(ta™fw*rto),Jt A Chinaman. 

Toii-SHiBo, B. TTiar part of the page at 
die back of a book left blank fbi bind- 

Tfi-SL\,ii. TheMnthday;alao, ten days. 

Bnother, some how or other, by all 

Tn-IUHASU, ft. ThelnagijiE. 
ToKA3Hi.-^,-/a, (. o, fo diswlve, to 

melted,' untied, ' uniavcled, .loo»d| 
cleared off, explained, ended. 

ToitE-Ai,-BB,-o«o, i. V. To be lecon- 
laled to each other, or restored again to 
fnendship, to be Diutirally free from re- 
straint or backwardness. 

ToKEi. ». A »aicb, clock. 

TmIB^-R^NA, ni tL pjsion flower. 

To-^^u,'(c*i™l2*B°:?' ^miihS or 
spitting of blood, HcnoptisiB. 

ToKI.». Hour, lime, snason i any perind 
of lime ', the tinea ^ a favorable time or 

^Bi&fr,whti™l™ij — «?ri.™o 

■ya, /. !-. To melt, dissolve j 
lI.''tX''ai^ Itpel'dis^pawi 

n. The Ibis. 

ToKiaBD.XrJ'ia, I. ^ ^o be at Oio 
most floorisUng, or prosperous period. 

ToKi-HORi, «. One who strikes the 
hours on a bell. 

ToKiK, n. A kind of cap worn by a Ka- 

Tml-^ARANU.Ji. Out of season. 
ToKi-ND-EE. n. The noiious infliiencei 

peculiar to the season. 
ToKl-KO-KOVE, B. A loud shout,a3 that 
ToKiwA-ci', b" "a? ^cTsreen?™. "'"*'' 
ToKKO, n. A brass mace held by Bndd. 

^:a^Km^l^mx^■Z7I^"f'■r,. To seiie and 

TOKKom.TO, flufn. Attentively, careful- 
ly, well. - miru, to look at closely. 

Toko, ». A bed, bedstead : a ho^bed ; 
the bottom piece of a plough. Toia- 
<f£>«^. a bed-sore, f oioa — , (he bed 

To-Ko, (contracted from T»-*flii.), This 

, Ipeca, 

. That part of a Jap; 


nng or bJockin 

. A kind of je% mads of 

Toko-vahi.'h. Perpetual darknes! 

. Equi.«iini, or scoi; 

, Prolitoo Ihcsalc of go 

.^ZSiT: .._ 

ToKU-TO. ajln. AlleDtiveLy, cuEfiii 

■nmutciy, mil. —mira. 
ToKU-TOVU, adv. Quickly, 
To-KUMiAi. «. Alfli^cicy. 

ToKU-\6. GDuf.THvice^le, ^eful.p 

liuble, advanlaEeous. 
ToHA, B. A mat used fot tovains < 

cargo IQ junks, or for roofing- 

3Cantinu£; 10 lishl, a 
■oa; ID be detained. A 
A9^ anything which ha 

T6haEu;h, a large kind of fowl. 
ToMASHi,-n(,.jfa, >. V. To enric 

make wealthy. 
T6-MAV.-A6H1-N1, aO!'. Indirectly, 

A fish-hawk, m-yu 
■PA,'«. A kind of o 

St. hinder, to hold, lo check, to detain, 
) harbor. C*/IM—, to stop the flow 
fblood, j;>i«>/0nffr,(o look fixedly 

ToME-CHa,'H.' A memoranduni-b»k. 
To«E-Do, B. A slop, end. cessation a 

TonEBi,-n,', i. B. Xo be rich' we'Slhy, 

ToME-yAHA,«. Hills or forests reserved 

TQHi,.ffi»,-^rfn, ,-. B. To be rich,' opu. 

ptosperify : a kind of lottery. 
Td-ui, •!. Ascout, alookDut. 
T6-HI, B. A nmdmill for cleaning 

Towi-KoMi. Looking here and there. — 

ToHi-m, aiiv. Quickly,'hTstily, siuldeo- 
T6^1V0, ■. Alight. — ^Bi,alighl- 

To«MA,' a. Stupid, silly, dull, foolisb. 

— na yalsii . a blockhead, an ass. 
TOMO, i. A triend, companion. 
ToMO. n. The Btetn of a boat, or ship. 

Tome-disn^, a rope or hawser frem the 

stern ofaship. 

iM™,ioBo'aton"w'lh'.""™^ ~'"° 
TOHO, n, A leather shield worn around 

To-MO, csnj. Though, even if, whether, 
even. Saru t™* dinai ismo keksrs 

roHO-BITO, n. Attendants, follow 

roMO-DACHI. ». A &iend. compsnioi 
roMO-DOHO NI, Brfo. Tugether, altc 


ToKO-GAEA, «. A collective noun de- 

ToN-SHl, {li'wallani shi«aru), n. A 

tSTt VjolMd"; \\hi^ wo^TjcZ 

ToH-TO, adv. Entirely, quite, wholly, at 

dsmo mago no —, children and women. 

all. — sAirimatin, Lnow nothing at 

Touo-HAWABi, B. The atiendanls 

ToN-»oicu, H. Covetousness, avarice. 

» go 5^ng with, to attend, to ISIS; 

ToRA, n. A tiger; one of the n dans. 

— ns in.ii, the first month. — w 

^5y£^"^thTr?."' " '""'""^ 

Tr^KAt. U'<"-i titaru.) —ik™, to ar- 

rive, oome, ^1^ /!*oiu ^ israi 

give light,' see Vo&W. 

TetioBOKOsm, s. Maize, or Indian com. 

TOMOSHI -™ -A,, (. o. f o light, spolten 

on^ of a light, lamp, or candle ; see 

Tamoihi-ahittf^ Lamp-oil. 

ToM05Hiifii>*a, s« TadcsAii. 

TOMURAMAKl,-(jl.-rta, /, V. To 

aa a snake. 

TJ-nan, n. Calamity or loss from rob- 

bers. — niau. 

TOKAEERU, a. Neighboring, adi 



ToKiiSi,-ru,~tla, i. V. To adjoin 

eontignoua (o, to lie«r be neit t 

ng! a 

ToMABU, n. A squash. 

ToHAVB,-ni,-(a, (. w. To say. to 

to qall or name. Xemi^t^ 'WO 

dolt, ass; 

ToBDA, frit, of TM. Has flown 


word i^mnch used in theYedo 


TflrfiiM, H. A peach kernel. 

To-Niu, (cifcj,- TOD /lakiij. Th 

up milk, as iDfants. . 

ToB-jAKU. To be solicitous about 

ToNO, n. A seigneurial residen 

palace ; a lord, srignior. Taso- 


T0-NOKi,-*i.,.iia, L V. To remo 

ve far 

from, to keep at a distance from 

■smji aw ISxBiii miVu. 

ToMOKO, ». The fine powder of a 

fld hi, west. 

QRI, n. Manner, way, mode: kind, 

soil.hlcej numeral lor a suit of clothes. 

irough&rc ; 

restle. Tssii kw — , to get 


old. Kuji wff — , to • 
rf^rf**!-™— , to coi 

S?th='hat! "Kadiu" 

please, humor, ^yi BW -, to BdmiB- 

ToBl-ACE.-fB.Ja.r, H. To take un. take 
and lift up. lake away, receive and hand 

TOBi-Bi5Hioi,-«i ,-'■'■■. f. ^' To abase, 

humble, bnng down; to crush, or de- 

up. to confisdale, sequester. Nixgu wc 
—, to take and pay m taxes, (as an io- 

ToRi-AaE-BABA, B. A iiiid<iife. 

each otho; to mind, concern one'. 
Klf aboHt, or lake notice of, to answer 
for. ^ Te «w tarlatte araii, to walk 

Tosi-UODAI, H. Taking without restraint 

ToHi-i, x. A portal, or a structure of 
stone or wood.'somelhing like theUran. 

TOBi-iBi,-n.,-ifM, i. V. To get into lli 

It many things together. 

. To lake 1 

anything in 'the place of another, to 

dry, different. - 

T0H1-HADA,H. Tl 

produfled by cold 
thing slip from tt 

i.°°1danageiiient, direi 


irocally, as a treaty, or agreemenl 

ToHi-Ki, a. ftop^iling trees by layeis, 

Tom-KiHarm^a, To decide, set- 
tle, fix, determine. TiiH-ifmari naii. 

To °i-^Bi,-i-«?-«" /^.™Td "ke all, to 

has plucked off all the flowers. 


and put in, to take into. 
Toiu-Kosiii,-™^«fl, (. t. To aniicipate 
the doine oTlLoj (hiDg, 10 do before the 
fined time. Tarl'keski-gHri, anidely 
or trouble about the future. 




lo disn. 










J-. To 8 

-onipaH, en 





lie mo 

*kward, cfumsv 


«. NiBhtbU 






. !■. To 









Toiii-MODOSHi,.ja,Ja, (. P. To take 
■— ■■ retake, reclaim, recapture. 

i-NAOSADZu, adv. Nothing more 

or join together. ydyah„ 

Itealing and r 


Toiii-oia,-*i-.-/if-<, (. ». To take and 

put away; to iuter, bury, 
ToBirtKONAi,-ni.,-nrta, To adminiaiet, 

TOBT-SAEAKI -*«,-/!-■, f. I-. To judge, Co 

TOKi-SATA, n. Cuirent report. 
corefuinesE iQ managing; oider« discij^ 

who controls and manages^ a poLice- 


usher; m 

ORI-ISUKl..tK..«;fl, /. V. To take, 
caleh, or sei^e hold of; to bewitch or 
take posaesaion of, as a fox ; <0 charm, 
ftacina.e. , Twi-lsuhareru. to be be- 
oni-ISUKT, n. Taking hold to do any- 

Ibe Srst in a row of houM^.' "" '" 


TORI-TA. «. A shop where fowls or birds 

TJ^M^Aif^ ctoskng e^mtS^d 

loBl.v^st.'TUY^ta, t, a. To take and 

tothenewj-ear; the last day the lunar 
year. Toshi-Ka-ini, yearly, each year. 

give, to remve and send. 

ToH.-iABi, ». Give and take, receivine 

year by year. Teshi-^aka, young in 

ToBivH, B. Wqtih or useful quality. — 

years, youthful. Teaki-viasure, aa 

^tetUrnnent made » the close of the 

me Kai Hitn.i worihless person. 
To-RIvS, ». Chief or presiding offiger. 

oWilift.™ '"'"'' '" " I™» 

TosHiBAVB, B. Age. — ga watai ilia, 
a peison young ui years. 

fori'"yea« of aM.TBOoia™ i" middle 

M rfo< —, the President of the United 

life. Chin^Bsiinia, a middle-aged 

ToKi-yosHj-rur*", '■ v. To brine, fetch. 

To-SHIN, B. The wick of a lamp, or 

T6-K6, h'.' a lantern or slationaiy lamp. 


ToRoi,-ii,-i*/, a. DulE, sluggish, slow 

tHs^vo''' '^"tKP""'^ ^ T"'^ 

of motion, stupid. 

loKOXBt-ni-ta, i. v. To dissolve, to 

^t^to soften, liquify; to be de- 

T0SHiYOBi,-ri-,.«a, /. V. To be old, 

ToBORO, «. A kind of gniel made of 


To^HU-SEKt, n. Tartar emetic. 

Toi^Toii™TO, flrft'. Inaslightotshoti 

Toso.n. Akindofspicedidii. 

short naps. 

TosAKA, ». A cock's comb or crest. 

change, speculating; the act, or effort 

To-SAB, B. Any article for the produc- 

of doing. Uma i«a ^aiiru — «i dsia 

tion or manufacturing of u-liich a place 


To-SEl, (^ imilari,) H. A living, busl- 

Tmhn, T"S(m*'!^"£o''™.^° a ferry, 
boat, a packet-ship. Ttsemia, a 

■CO-SEH-GUSA, «. The grass of which 

matting a made, 
To-SHA, iAail kadasM), (med.) n. 

dons from a road (o let people dirough. 

TosHij ■._ Veari Tcski-dsma, a new- 

Hi Horu, to be of'age.' Tiski-giilii.Hi, 
every year, yearly. Toshi^kata, H£e, 

Td-tei, ». Disciples, followers. 
ToTEHO, adv. Although, even if, not- 
withstanding ; with a neg. : by no 

To-Ti, adv. At leiigih, at last ; in the 

hnisbcd at last. 
TOT6,^B, A band, league, confederacy 

•Sim^^i,.ii,,-,ki'a. Honorable, noble, 
precious, ™luab(e. 

to accord' to be in tune ; to be finishe j| 
to be complete or full, free bom defi- 
ciencies ; to he r^ulated. 










, „d 

. lu 

do, t 















I whLc 

aid up 




or fu 





. The petineiun. 

, Gamboj 

Tfi-YA, a. A lone shot with a bow. 
TOYA, B. A chLcten-coop. 
Tovn.i. MoulduEotbirda. — iwiuru, 
to moult. 

TOvu, n. ' Oiled paper, a tain-coat made 

labor. " ' 

T6-ZAI, (AigasAi litii). East and west ; 
aUo a cslj used befon raising the cur- 

ment of an exhi^iion to still the audi- 

norio be ab(e^o' te?Hls wanls.'™™^ " 
to-XM. {iaia famri.) n. An emetic. 
'IazAXABi,-rti,-tta, i. V. Tobesepualed 

TiaiKE^-A.^a.T"' f o^s^arate'frora, 

BK, (sirtar* itm. Proper, r«ht, 
t which ought to be; natural, or 
ording to the slated course of things, 

TsiiflANA, ». The flower of a kind of 

Tbubssa, a. The wings of a bird. 
TsuBE-KOBK, floTf. Talltiog much and 

long; babbling. gnrrulouE. 
TsuEO, o. A lanTi measure of ux feet 

TsuBoleucHi, '".' The mouth puckered 

M^.^r^MWink" * *" ' '"« '" 
TsuBOHARi,-rB,-«a,/.i;. Tofcepuekered 

up, drawn together, or contracted, like 

the mouth ora jar. 
TsFBOMB.-rBH'a, t. V. To pucker, draw 

together, or contract. XutAimi—.ta 

pucker the mouth. 
Tsveom,-ma^'uia,i.T. To be puckered, 

o" hot ai a liTw™ 
TsuBOHi, n. A flower-bud. 
TsuBONE, a. The female apartments. 
Tsi(BOSHi,H. The.mark,tfirrightpoinl. 

TSUBD, n. Agiain ; the tiHmeral in count- 
ing grains, seeds, pills, or anythit^ 

Tl^uBE,"-r^-"Bj/. V. To he broken ; 
said of things like an egE. babble, the 
eye, sali-bfadder, etcy lo be burst, 
inashed; wom off or effaced, ashy fiic- 

to_be deaf. Koyt ga — , to lose the 

TsuBUSA-Ni, ai^B. Minutely, fully, pop- 
ticularly, ■- -<— :■ •-'■•" 

icularly, in detail, in full. 

byfiiction. Mimi 
rsusuTE, B. Asma] 

. A robber, thief. 


ulations. ' Kens nmwa — ra dt^ 

numeral used in counting let- 
umenls, etc. Ttganii una, 
t. jVi iM, two leneis. 

The guard on the hilt if a 

-i^ubS-to, a.iv. K a grumbling, 

ering way. 

¥AK1 ,-*«,->-«, 1. V. To grumble. 

ISUEAKI, ». Saliva. —«wAo- 
".■ TbaCameliaJaponica. 


, H. Earth, clay, soil,gtound,mDii 


TSL'CHi-iuu:, 1. A sand-slonn, or wind 

Tsucm-KUHE, «. Aolod'of earth. 
TSL-CHI-NINGIve, *. asy dgiires a{ men. 


'Uliveiy, or regularly ; t 

TsuDZUKif^i-fta, 1. 1'. To continue i 
jnCevTupted^ or luibrokcA ; to b« cc 
linued In regular Biicceaaion, to be oc 
nected, related. 

scnHlleT^ to be ohridged, 
LA, Eeonomieal, frugal, ea 

rsuDZUHE-nfr^a, t, v. ^ To diminish, re- 



/.^. To join one th 

lo another by 

jointer hinge, to CO 
to copulate (of dog 
« — , to Ik the arrow 


ur or couDle cooai&ti 

ofiZne ^"^°' "° 

t. V. To bind mto 


.slicks, etc. 


«. To tell, inform, 



n. 'Box» 


Tel'ling tales or infon 

repair, or BUpplv a deficiency ; lo splice, 

to succeed or folloip anottier ; to pour 
inlo, to cement togslher. Tsugi-ama- 

tOEether. Tsugi-iasu, to lenxt^en, to 

.>'H^, togo constantly day and oi^ht. 
TsuGlj It- EnZai;B;in£, lengthening, or r^ 

rsuoi, n'^Thek^i-a^tL^r^m^, adja- 

Tsi'Gi-HO, H. The branch that is 

into a tree, a graft. 
Tsuci-Ki, B. A grafted tree. 
T5UGi-ME,B The.ptace where ti 

are joined, a Joint, seam, CO 

place ; adjoining to, contiguo 

TsucoMOEi, B. The last dayof a month. 

Tsuaum^-mu.-nda. i. w. To shut the 

mouth, to be silent, to stoop down. 



Tsui,d(fo. Ouickly, Boon, proinptIv,BUd- 
deDly. —J,iima!,lyimdoitiOOB. 

Tsui, H. Acoiiple,or iwo oflifcfi ihiogB, 
a pair ; alike, same. Itftuf nt> iait' 

TsuIBAMir""'.-"'^", '■ ". To pick up 

and eat, as ■ bird. 
Tbuide, h. Re(!iilar order, turn ; occa- 

Tsuivs,-™,-ftr, /. If. T( 

for the dead. -- iiw sun,, to perform 

Tsujl", B. Tlie place where IWD streets 
cross, or where a stteet forks. Tm/i- 

Tsuji-dSti. small shed (with an idol in 

of rSad. " Tt^-^rf' kiUed or'mjL 



ru,-ia,i.v. Tohav 



Mss throiieh 

freely arHithout obstructi 


"■. fl"i,«'^"'-« 




B. A prop, brace. 

— * ow'ioa 


'^; ^ ,„^,, ^ ^„ 

nd of earth 

og a road for 


.. The hilt of as 
nife. 7-«*»-i«*i-n 


f a sword hilt, n 

uka-ib>, Ih. 




s long. 





use, baodle 

manage, employ ; to send 

to spend all 

imie. Tsukai-ionam. to make 




of using, or 


-™ jvSrro- 

-astefuLness, ptodigalit^ 


™ °""" Uyhgid, 

wcrusETilnth Si^M 

^ one caD set, ulUchlne. 
TSUKAl»,-™,-*a, I. IV. To be tired, 

(aiiEued^ wearied, ^pe, ofhausnd, 

worn oul. enfeebled, CDnsumed. 
TSUKAHE.rf-B.-ia, pass, or pol. of Tsiti. 

To be tcsbbed. 
TauKJUiH, B. Fal^ue, weaiiness, «- 

TsuKARi,-^(i,-«o, i. !■. To be soaked, 
steeped, Qiaceraled- 

TsUK-ASAI»IlI,-ni,-<<a, 1. P. Togoverd, 
Tsu™-TsiJiu!,'Sr"suddenly, abruptly. 
TsuKAWaSHi.-m.-Ci '- "■ '" s™a, 10 
give, le pay. 

official duties', to obey. H iw. — , 
T5UKArE,.rf7i,-.*i. I. H. 1^ obsmit 

, to plaster. Oihirsi «w — , to p« 
T the fkM. HI «« — , to kindle, i 
t on lire. ChdmeH nl — , to wrii 

0— , 10 fix Ihe'eye on.^ Hari al L 


o*Tat bj' afeia 

"""Mldl^ni-^m put into watei 
loak. Fude vio sumi ni — , to di| 

.E-BANA, q. Artificial nose. 

tipped witii sulphur. 

lal apjJicaiion. 

aiion canted by 
' mad= of sticks 

TsuKE-KAKE, B. OveichargiiiK. I 
fof ihicli ^ylhin "wM bought.* 




TVe, to mark. 








vssion of (ace. ' ^t-tntki, the 


be^ilch7 sHll', as a fox; to infect,' m 
catch, as disease ; for ^e sake of, on 
account of. SMiit £B —, to come to 
one's senses, Uyilii fti — . the shrub 
has taken root. Zit ni —, to teke a 
seat, ifi^ «i tnaie, oo aecount at 
the foregoing tessoni. KaMinllsuki 

:°vm,-*»'rila, t. _ v. To thrust, or 


T^Kl^lUBll ». MoDnligllt. 
TsUltI-ATASl,-ri(,J/n, I, B. To Btrik( 

TsuKi-EAK, H. MQDlhly duly as'guarf oi 

TSUEI-FU, n. Monthly instalnienls, < 

Twl^™sl^Ur4a,'"t. I.. To Blab t 
IhruBtaDJ cause to SA\ wilh Ihe iu 


■aj. push ssundi 

push or pound in wilb aaylhing pointed. 

a swamp ; reclaimed land. 

thine made by moanlighc. 
TSUKI-KAVBSHl.-IB^U, i. r/. To ibrusl 
back, to slab back or in nlurn. 

T3UKi-Koiiosiii,-jB,-(B, (. V. To kill by 
slabbing, or ihnisting with the point of 

iviih the point of ati 

down nnythlTlg piled up^ by ll; 
batterings or puehing. 

rsuE!-MATOi,-*.J/i. I. V. To dcave to, 

adhete lo and (bllov. 
rsuKi-MAWARi, «. Month abom, altei- 

rSUECI-UODOSHI^IB.-^a, /. V. To thmst 

back, to scab hack. 
T3Liiti.jiiONo, K. Anythini which is at- 
tached to, or is an indiipensabte part 

oar ID the boat, a cork, to boicle. 
EUKi-NAMi. Each month, monthly, 

isUKT-BO-MONo" s.' The mciises. 
TEi;Ki-NirKi,-*n,-i-i'a, /. v. To ihriHl 

TsuKl-wi,-),^^, /. ^. To cleave to, be 

i-YABiiRi,-™,;Y(o, (. V. To break 

i^AKU, (!"^"*' MoQlbly coniscj, 

TsuKi-vAMA, x. An arlifidal mountsin, 

or hillock : rock-»ork. 
.^UKi-VATai, «. Hired by the month. 
TsUKi-vo, B. A mooolieht n«ht. 

Wd up'^ks lo i^rient'iroS^^I^Al' 
fall out iiioppotcupcly, to come at an 
unlucky time. 
TSUKKATBO, K. A prop. 

down on the heeis, bend forivard and 
rest the body on the hands ; as when 
on all'f^u". ' "'^'"''' " *''"*' 
'sriKUB6, •>. Aweaoonin theshape of 


thcr ot knead iq ihs hands as a lump 
TSUKUBEN. l^dv. Silting idly SDd larily. 

TsuKUBEf^ir'". '■"■ To'be made, pro- 

Tsuicusi,-ni,-J(B, (. V,' To make; to 
form, Jaehion ; tn produce, cultivate ; 

TsuKUBlrfiOET, n. Keeiring all thai one 
produces,— said ofa&inet whopaysno 

TsuKURi-KAWA, ». Leather. 
TsuKL'Ki-uoNO. •!. Anything t 


T$ui[uiii-TsuifE, R. Made of oi 
separately and afterwards join 

with the finger and Ihudit. 

TSUMA-JIEUEHI, n. A mark made with 
the nail. 

TsuMAMi,-ni»,-«;fl, i. V. To take be- 
tween ike ends of the fingers, to tl^e a 

TatiMAHi, Jl, A pinch of anything; a 

knob, as of a drawee. 
TSUMA-OBT-SASA, n. A hat with the 

rim bent. 
TsuHABAKU, nie, of Tsuinaru, Not 

doeeed, or mied up: in vul. coll. 

stupid, useless, foolish, absurd. — kola 

TsuHAm,-ra^a, I. H. ¥0 bealopped up, 
obstructed, closed, stuffed up, ULLed 
up, choked. Ri ni — , convinced by 

nW^li^-^.-ll'^i.r,. To become short, 

or less in size, to shrink. 
T$UMARI, n. A comer, a place beyond 


Tsi.HAE.,^^:v. After all, in the end, at 

TsuKUHl-VAMAl, IT. A feigned sickness. 

Tsu-K.vsni,-e,-d!a, t. V. To repair, to 

TsuHAVijl, H, A tooth-pick. 

mend ; to remedy, to adjust, or put in 

T5UHASHII,-A,-,~i-<.,:J*;, «. Economical, 

Ts™^,».''Di"af.'"^^S-,'deaf in one 

TsuEUBDi, 1. Eepsir, mending, remeds'. 

'Saiwsi».-^,-ia,'t. ^. To u» up, 10 

Ts™k,«. The nail of the finger or toe j 

"spmii thewholV'tofinfch. eai^'Ki^ 

a hoof, claw, talon. . 

Tsir«H,-n<r'«. t- "■ To pinch ; to 

to Hcve one's patent with the whole 

straiten ; distress. 


TsauB^u-ta,!.!'. To shorten, to make 

TsO-lttmir, n. A bribe, fee or oft 

smaller, 10 abridge, to contract, reduce 
in Mie; to crowd together, 10 restrain. 

secretly made in order 10 gain the 

to defcaud. 

T KUV= - A .-ritii«-lable, desk. 

without ceasing; io checkmate. Au- 

T u« B BAKA a. ' Plain, evident, not 

mi-an. to press each other closely or 

d ubtful ambiguous, dear. >««- 

?—'«.: ffa,"S."rs 

Oa U stairaka naradzu, not fully 

kn » 

into, to crowd in. Tsmne-ytru, to ap- 

proach close to, clow with. 

T D « »,-((», i. B. To hold up 

stofBng, or packing; a block, or wedge. 


'The place of service, or 
-*B,-iAi\ a. Cold, chilly, 

Ts[iMi,-WH,-<iar<i, i. !'. Tp pile, heap up ; 

tG depoBlc. Tsumi-agerUi to jinle up, 
heap up, Tsumi-ktuangrat^ to pile up 

ship, to load and tend back, hurni- 
^i/tu, to pile up anything; lo&ide of 
somechinE else, as cargo !d a ship. 
Titiiitf-oJlu, to pile sway, hoatd up, to 

Tsuui, n. A kind of Diulberry-tree. 



pluck off, a^ 



. To puaiih for 
TsuMOHIrf^^io, i. B. To be piled or 
iiTnumbM.' CAiri fsiim'lu ylmT^ti/ 
1svKoe.lyj^f4la,t.y, To reckon 




TsuHU, n. The spindle of a i 

Tsl'ru^GI, ». Pongee. 
1saKaai,-gu,-ida, I. v. To s 

7A? — , to spin thread, or yarn. 
TsuHuji, n. The whirl of hai 

crown of the head. 

TsuuuRi, «. "The head."""" 
TsO-MA. o. Uberal minded, I 

Tsun","'. Arope°(able?hawsi 

TSL'NAGI, B. Straw, or any other fiBrt 
i„Wt6 with plaster, to malie it stitk to. 

Tsi/KH, a. Usual, comn 

TSUNK-IBUBE, flrfp. Aiwa 

habitually, contmonly. 

more Sent or'oto^^m lalki^""' 
TsijNZAKij*«,-«n, A K. To break or 

TSUK-TO, adv. Not noticing, recognii- 

hoW*up'^yihing ab^'nl to f^^ "'' 
TSUPfAKl, B. A prop. 
TsuiA, x. The cheeks, the face. Tssra- 

one 'cation a-piece; accctding to the 
nuniber of persons. Tiura-dsiift, 

T™™t'B""i^tS^rS'.''file, series. 

T5URANH,-?-u,-(n, t. V. To airange in a 
row, rank, or file ; to place in order. 



ly. atWBCivel^. carefully. 

ig Hitb a hook and II 

' lish with hook a 
catch byarti&cv,' 

or eptice out of the house, to del 
Tscai-DSBO, IL A hanging luD ten 

TSURI-MASHIGO, «. A^pe "adder. 
TsuKi-iro,». A fishiog-W. 

■eceived af- 
irii:= of Iht 

e by which 

TaO-SHo,(i0in Hi».*. theni 

TsiTTA, BT'lv^Cilsus^Thun" «gi 
TstJTA, n. Plaster or mud ciixt 


■SUTAVAL-tr^iu, a. Ignoranl, una. 
quainted : unskilful, unhaady. mei 
pert [ awkward, clumsy ; rude, roust 

i>r badly done 

TsuTsuMASHii,-^i,-itH, a. Thai which 

ins 'shame. T^tiu^i^i^ "dbi^'u 
feS a&haiDed. 

Jim'f ov — , to CDDceal a shame, i^i 
™ — , Id cover a book.. 

[racket, package, or buodle. 
anoverfloiofwaier." ' ' P"^'" 
TBirrausHtH.^B,-Krfa, t. z;. ^ Tojteep 

handing bom ooe to aaother. 

house, as a punishment. TsuisusAiiide 

TsuTB, H. An inlroducer, go-betwetn, 

Bfl^Z-Bf,™, respectfully to say (to a 

or mediator between two parries who 


are straneers to each other. 

TsUTO, H. Early m the motninB:. — Hi 



thl^L.'which"^'!^ caS^" "^ 

TSOTO, H. A preaenl brought from an- 

other place. 

TsuTTO, arfw. In the manner of any. 

Tsu-TO, adi}. In a sudden, ot quick 

thing passing along quidcly. — deru^ 

manner, hastily, ahruplly. — latlc 

dtru, got up hastily and went out. 

TstrwABUKT, B. The Lineularia Kamp- 

T5irTOMAI.i,-™,-«o, i. V. To be served, 


attended to ; don«, discharged, is stt- 

vice, or ofiicial duty. 

Tbuwaiu, n. ' 'ne bodily disorders caused 

TsuTiKiiE,-fK,-ii,i.D. To serve, attend. 

wait on ; to perform official duty i to 

do, as a servant, or official ; to do dili- 

TSD.VA,B. Pas^g the whole n^t. - 

genlly. Vatu lew— , to attend to oae's 

iiyi iK.j'onrf^, to spend the whole night 


TSUFTOHE, ■. Service,^ office, ministry] 

TsinsiP,B. Apipe,luhe;agun. TfJ- 

TsO-Yft, «. ' Current, m common ot gen- 

^ HO — , a gnnJiatrel. — Mdc, liglit 

sleeves. ' -, a cannon. Ko' -, ^ 

beootno sttong or pow^: 

musket. Taa — , a pistol. Kiia — , a 

carbine. Moiogome — , a breach-load- 

er. — loia^, present arms. — t<-ia 

T^insu. A suffix to velb's, - while. 

TsuYOKE,-rM,-rB, 1. V. To make strong. 

Amt ga fari-tsulsu hi s" tirn, while 

it was tainuig the sun shooe. 
TsuTSUGAKAi,*,-(«,-ji,-,a. WeU, free 

from »ckness ; &e, free Irom bar^. or 

T5oyOKi,V«,-«a,/.V' TS^istmig- 

««-™ ha, are you in good health ? 

yoreha Aku ga yo^var^, 
TsuYOSA, B. The degree of power. 



i, brief. — ^«fl*B,lhei! 

! blitig in a 'thaus unlU the principal ; 

fThe firsi syllable 
ocit A.M. — M 

l)aA,B. „~. 

Ubai, «. A-ii 


Use. Rigiilt properi that which ought 

Ubu, a." Natural 

Udu'gpyc, the first 

«e, ample tin- 

unsophisticated yQ 

with the fece to the grouad, 
UcHi^m, fi. Apuni^. 

the fiist clothes worn by an infan 

theV™ *aler to which a^ infant' 
first washed. 

Ububuwa, b. ' The tutelaty god of 

Vca,% lo«de, wilhln, whilst, amon; 

*;*J"wi;e«do yon live? V,m»h 
c&l no — iti jmUntaskS, I shall ( 
within two or three days. Kxrmu- 
Bf inj/iri, come hack before sunset. 
\3<:ai.Jiu^t<i, t. V. To strite, knoel 

off; to! 

. Katati lufl -, 
n nv — , to mull cloth. Midi 


braid. Am 

, fo 


beat up 

To s 




dl, or shoot 









n. AbloiJ: 

on whic 




i.-jH.-Jfl. / 

!■. To 


ll to 

bashful, tij 


y alriking i ro break d< 


UcKi-BiwA, H. A small coutt-yard or 

area enclosed by a hguse. 
UCHi-HOBi, K. Inside-measurement or 

UcHI-Toua.-rar^B, /. v. 

U^-UCHi, Priva'le, or i 

ccrns one's family odIv. 

UcH..UMi,«. An inland 

U-CHiu, R. Alt under : 

world, universe. 
UCHi-wA.n. Afan.suct 
UCHI-WA,*. A family, h 



ig and obUvii^ 

Udatou, «. Fortune, luck, elianq*, or 
proaperiry. flfd — ga aearanu. 

Ude, ». The arm. Udf-t/tnia, force 
orstrength of arm. l/ilf-iuii, Che 

S«ve. Ud^U pS-sh'iQg"'lch other 
by Bliingholdof thearmSjaBatrialof 
Btrengtb. Udf-daie, oat who boaits 

. fond of show 
, To cooh by boiJinf 

or covered with anything ; tilled up ; to 

loadYs'oo'vered' witlf^now. ' ' "~' • 
jDiUME,-™,-(,i,*, B, To bury, to cover 

over, as witb eartb, leaves, or snow : to 

ibe fog covered the'vLS. ■"" "" ' 
Jdiuhi,-jbk,.«*s, /. V. To be buried 

under, covered, filled up. l/t/cuBti-ii, 

a Are covered with aj^hes. 
Jdzura, •!, A quail; the middle gallery 

Ugoki,-*.,-//b, /.s. To move, shah 

10 be altected. aeitaled. excited. 
VQOHB«,.~i^fit7, i. tT To erawl, 

UOOHOCm..^Ja.^a, i. ». To cmmb 
disintegrate, to tecome loose in le 

Uain^u, ». The' name of a small an 

Ltg-bitd, the oriole. 
Ui, a. The first, — lon.afirsl labi 


rhe pari&honcis of a Miya. 

be Eupponed on tbe wuer, lo rise to 
the surmce ; to be buoyant, to be Jivety, 
cbeerfu[. KoiBro ffi — , to bncy, to 
ima^e, or concdve in the mind. 
VKmAit-auyiillii, I. a. To inquire, ask 

noitre. kiyak^ w^"^—. 'lo "feS^the 
puiM. . ^;«o ™. ~, to <eek for an op- 

o5Li™!"'a person who fehes witb coi^ 

UKAHE,-™,-/fl, I. p. Tobeliyely.buov- 

faneiS.'whiniaical, SAiyT''dtgi^oiu 

giddy, volatile, whimsicaJ, fitful, capri 
cious, fanciful, eratic. 
Ukatsu-bi, BrfK, Carelessly, heedless 

Uka-uka, »<<K. Heedlessly, inattentive 
ly>l™setfully, vacantly, idly. —/ojr. 

UKE,-™vJfl ' *? p!^ "rVL't^b^ up 

Thefioal of a net, or fishing. 

Ikt; irhe t'hrtubj'ect''lf ^ B 
:o fend off, to contain, to hold. 

— , 'to''b^wounde'd. !s*°-»di^ 

;. Ki^a-uteni- 

UitE,H. A b 

self for the perfonnanoe of, or ttutb of 
anything; to certily,. to pledge one's 

Uke-dachi, k. The swotd placed in 
guatd, or lo fend off, in fencing. 

iKi,-*«,-(a, t. 
to tbe (- ■ ■ 

To gi 

another; to be tespon- 
ible for, undertake lor. 

B.KOHi,-«*,-*/fl, I, V. To under- 
ike, engage, take m hand, lo take the 

iKl^^5^»'."'Tbe"d^'^Kh belong 
. one's station, or which one has un- 
frtaken to do ; obligations, respaDa!.. 

i-ui. W. Acting on tbe defensive, hi 

rho undei 
>r anothe 

UK&.'oB'iJ'r"w^v ~'"' 


lo engage CO do or _pecidnn. 
VKE[SUK.B-SM.-ii,Ji,, a. NoC CD assent 
or liscen lo. noL to undercafce, to refuse, 

Uks^ur^'i." SelUng L'one receEves from 

UKi,-*B,-iVa, i. %? To fif^ swimoB Che 
Biuface, to' be buoyant, to be vivadoua, 
cheeTfid,1iahl,fidde. Ki na uita hito. 
a fickle person. , Yn » •tki skidnu, the 

id leads a pack-hor: 

forth.' Umi'-'e-Uivaru, to 'p^s"\y 
birth from one thing into another, to 
troDsinigtaCe, as the soul of the dead. 



UKl-GLTSa, a. A pLant that floats upon 
Vkiki, ft. T\x sun Rsh ; Orthraeociscus 

ral, inhoTn, innate, congenical, Co be eu-- 
dowed with, to have nacu^y. Hito 

ga jl« gi rei cA i shin mitiiKa rv-»» its 

sru, men are naturally endowed with 

or cheerful person. 

.he five cardinal virtues. 

Umaiu,->-b,-/(o, i. B. A contraction of 

tJKi-UKi-TO, i(^c. In a buoyant manner. 

station on a' pubfic road whJrc pack- 

UkI-VO, «: This fleeting'wotid. 

Uha-uma-to, adf. Cleverly, adroitly. 

sfcillfoUy, artfully. 

Uha-ya,«. a horse stable. 

Ukke-hoko, n. A foolish or silly pecson. 

Umayaji, «. A public road. 

dunce, fool. ' 

U™, n. Vapors, gloom, melancholy 

dri«l plums. 

— ™o harau, to dispel sloom. 

UHS,«-i",-ia, (. V. (Contract, of tWs*- 

Ukuwatwi, a. Dull, stupid, slow, heed- 

^'i^'ordJr°to'^u"''1i;e^t™''' %f^^ 

Uka, H. Ahorse; one of the twelve 

or strength ; lo dilute. Uint-agtru, to 

signs. — m toki, twelve o'clock M. 

to'^i up and make ev'en, as a hollow - to 

— M hi, the south. 

U»A-Gov^,». Trefoi^orclov«■. 

square or make even one's losses bj his 

Uhe-chi, n. Ground or land made hy 

Che taste, agreeiile.good, mild, savory. 

hlling !n a sivamp or shoal water, rl- 

claimed land. 

Uhk-uovu, n. A wBtec-pipe laid under 

Uha-jieush[, k. a ^as, or banner, used 

Ume".^"""^ Vinegar made of plum 

Uhe-ibukb, H. Kckled plums. 

U^kXta, h. The person who attends 

UMEKi,-i«;-f/B, /. w, To groan, to moan. 


lim.-niu,.nda,l.v. To beat, give bit.h 

U«A,.,^^ The i^p. "f^he Kck^^ .^ ^ 

lo, bring fotih ; lo lay, as a fowl. 
UHi,-«<.,-iirfa, ;. ». To ripen, 10 soften, 

or come to malutity, as fruit ; lo sup- 

«,rae.W?ft" 1' i» «ruok,or as. 


hummmg kite or top; to groan, to 

U«i,-™»,-«fOj i. V. jCo be tited, Of 

moan, to putr. 

weaty of, Aligned. 

UBASAEB,-rB,-Ja, i. D. To have the 

Uuh-iMa.-Hrfa, t. V. To twial sod join 

nighlniare, to have a horrible dream. 

the ttreads of hemp logether in order 

U.BAWA. H. A line used in fishing with 

into^ eofd. 

Un-chin, «. The money or hire paid for 


by horse, coolie, ship, or wagon ; freight 



Uni-DflSHi,-iafJa. (. V. To bring (brih, 

to lay, as an e^: fig. lo save a little, 

— sun,, lo move, to take eiercise. 

Ube n. A ridge or embankmeni arouod 

a field. 

Uhimuki, K. Tht last month of gesla- 

Unekuhe, b^p. Convoluted. ligzag 

UkI'HBCHiha, a. SoDoge. 
Uhi-ji,». a journey by se 
Uui-MATBU, n. Cotal. 

Uhho, n. Talc or mica used in making 
Vnors^arJa,\ V. To be buried, or 
Uho'i^i^h! FosHlwoiIIf' 

Un (innu). A cloud. Vt iM, above 
the clouds, l/n sho bito, the kup. 

DHAI>AliE,-rx,-li>, I, V. To hang (he 

UKADZuia,~ta,-«o, i. v. To" nod llie 
head in assent, or to beckon ivilh a nod. 

U«AOASHi,^«,-(a, /. ». To press, urge, 
to hurty • ID order to make ready. 

iNEKr,-™,-;!.., .-. ». To be wavy, or up 
and down like the ridges of a ploughed 

like Jhe^IJaSB. "°'" "^ * °*°' 

iNi, «, A kind of fiiod made of clam^ 

Un-sai, n. ' A kind of thick cotton cloth, 

used for making the soles of stockings. 

\}M^a, n. Fortune,, Inck, the changes 

Uk;SO Oiafoii o*«™),'j<. Trsnspona- 
UbuTvuL col!, for imsre) fro. ^You; 


n. Halrcdf malice, or e 
': the rcai. hack; tlie on 



H. To have secret 
ilh the enemy, 10 b=- 
aio the hands of Ibe 

Uragiri,<i. Onewhohas 

IRO. •!. The name of the fem 

to fee! dEapteased or offended. 
ltiu.a,-mii.-nda, i. v. To be diipIcBHd 
with, offended ^ ; to feel spite, lll-vrill, 
enmity, dissatls^ctioD, or leseatncnt ; 

gury, fbrttine-tclling- 

UaAHAKAl'B.'''a=ir,'li^'c, MrtM, pl^ 

Urarh,-j-b,-/o, pastorpot. of [fr/. To 

UBASE.-ra,.gFfl. canst of Uri. To cause 

to »ll or let sell. ^ 

UsA-ucHi, 1. Pastmgpapnon thehack 

Ura-w!akai.-*/, a. Still young, not yel 

ID be called old. 
Uravaka, a. Agreeable, pleasant (of 

UluiY^J«i°H H.^;,-*^ , B^^Env jable.' Ura- 

URtvAMivi"",''-~/i,V»7'To desire to 
be like. Of in the place of anythine which 

Urh.Vb™^'-.'- '■"'?;--=-' ^" """' 


be sold. 

sold at Ihat price. 
Ure, 1. The sale. 
Vsst.n. Distress, sorrow, grief, sadness; 

anxiety, trouble. 
VsEi.-il.-eila, i. v. To be distressed, 

sad. 10 sorrow; to be anxious, to IVec 

UsE-KUCHi, n. Sale, demand. 
Uhe-nokori^ n. A remnanl, or aoy- 

UResmotn^^rJI^H, /. E. To feel joyful, 

pleased, delighted, to enjoy. 
UitesHtGE, n. Pleased or de%htcd ap- 

URKmi,^/,-*", fl. Delightful, pleasant, 

Joy, delight, pleasure, 

over after having sold all the rest. Urf- 

anotiier and keepmg the money. Uri. 
harau. to clear off by selling, to aeU 
off. Ur-l-kiromera, to sell Jl ;^»ut, 
to sell eitenuvely : 10 spread about by 
selling. Uri-kiru, to seU all, so that 
none is left, l/ri-kimu. to sell inlo ; 
in selling aoylliing to faU short of ihe 

anything. l/rt-aadaAu^ to sell off. 


Uri-kuchi, ». An outlet for the 

aiylhrng, demand. 

Uiti-Moui. n. A dbh made of cue 


sLEeed and Masoned with vineja 

URiTuf™,'s. The seller. 

Um-SAKi, 1. The buyer, or pei 

ey re- 

ceived in exchange for poda. 

"^ihrn^ 'tJ'^ol'"-'Z'''"ln 

of lain 

at^^leak.' ""* ' ™" " 

Uno,.. A hollow. (/™ »„*,-,» 


l„e. - ™(am«, a hollow l4l 

Umbo. The seals of a fish or s 

U-RON.. Admitting of doubt, d 


VKinina-tu.-la,t.!!. To Ufce o 


thing i^rom amongst others s 

leavlan openiog^r =p«:e; 


UROTAVH,-fB,-*a, (. B. To be CO 


ried ; to be giddy, choughilese, 


UKO-TSuin,-*.,.rtfl, i. p. To be bewi 
ed, bewildered, or perplexed maune 


lercallary m 
1 of a lish. 

wealth, presperity. 
UKUoi,-i,-i/a, i. H. To be n 


JsG-MoNo,.. A lost thin! 

JsHi, n. A cow, OT ; one 

o'clock, a.m!™— so Ad. the vt.ti^r" 
JSHI-KAI, n. A cowherd. 
JsHiNsi,-Bi,.-.a««, (.^ r.. To lose. ,^; 

IsHio,«. Thowaterofthe ocean. 

tbefiin"', the rearTbchbd. ' °^''°'"" 
TsHiKO-ASHi, «. Taking a few steps 

backward, as in hesitation or doubt. 
fSHiBO-DATE, X. A shield, or defence 

for the hack. 
IsHino-DE. H, Having the hands behind 

iheback. ~-«iii/i^ru. 
IsatKO^vnAi.-iii-iu a. Conscious of 

guilt, doing in secret different from 

rsHiRo-KACE. n. Thei'mageoftheback, 


glooiuy. iniJie dulL KliMusni. 
Vsatllsl,-rK,-tta, i. V. To be gloomy, 

dullf depresacd in srariB, mclancliDly. 
TJssuRi-ra, adv. Thialy, not closE tO' 

Mr for puundiDg rise ; also Ihe giBUrd 
Usu, u. Thin. rare, aot dense; not 

,^.-,-i».«. Light red 


B\,». A dim light. 

USUB*. n 

'a thin-bbded VraSe used 



USUBBRI,«. A iDU made by lin 
niulingv;ilhaco>i™rkind, a 


^ii.B .h? 

edges, with cloth. 




Slightly dark. 

U^^oSi>*B,a. L«lit black. 
Usuj,-*i>*.,-jA/, o. Thin tart, not 

UsU-T3KE..-i«,-,ifl,(. o. : 

Usu-usu, adv. Slightly, a ] 

Uta" BiTo" H. T^et^a ballad-maker. 
UTAGAi,.^a,-aiiia, i. K. Todoubl.tobe 

UTrG",T Vo",°st^^bn, Ssl^st. 
UiA^asUTA, R. Cards on which part of 

UTACAWflSHii,.*i,-i«, fl.'Vou^tfS', iio- 


Sad, E 

JrcH*iti,-rB,-/M, i. B. Tothroi 

affectei by, oytrcome by ; ' 

J-TBN, •!. Rainy wealher. 
JiEMA, n. The calyx of s flower 
letraoe, balcony, or gallery wi. 

lioi^-Mi\.h...!&i, a. Unacquaini 
T-ToKu, ». Respectable, honorab 

-atii/i I 

if i/Um 


-, the f 

J. No It 

iged, alien. 
UiSj!'*. Gloom, melancholy^ low ^ 

rafters. ' 



VTS.IlKaS»u,-it,-iu, a. Eeauliful, 
somfi, pretty, elegant, good. 

UlsUKUSHTSA, H. Beauty^ eleganci 


dteramanne. - 


Utsuih, n, Aiiylh 

g sen 

Utsl-ei-ca, h. The o 
anything which h^ 
with a perfume. 

UlSUHGl-KA, a. ChoBl 

' ; to change or fade^ aa 
convey horn one pla:;e 

e by tS«Uon. ™ 

a vertical pipe 

Utsuwo-bune, , 

. To refs or apMid 
CDQiplaint, or bring 

ii-Hi,a^i'. Aliemal 

UTiosHii,-4i,.ia, B. Cloudy, datfe, duJl, 

disagreeable, an^ioying. Uti&ikihu o- 
wOy to fed gLDDmy or dejected. 

aide of a paper; the direction on the 
back of a letter or ouHide of a packet, 

cuticle, scum. CM-cki ns — , 
cream which forms <jd the luc&ce 
IWAKt, a. Unsettled or iiresular 
habits, fickle; levdness, lust. — i 


ing abovt settlii-js. 

UwAM.-rs.-'fa, I. !■. To be planled. 

are planted in the paddy-field. 
UwASA, 11. Talking about anoiher who 

("idk^abouranotlier ani' ■-- ■-' - - ■- 

UWA--^, H. The best 

making, 0! in writing ; . 
UwATSUKi,-*M,-i/B, 1. e. To be fickle, 

lightandflighiy. ■■ 

TJwA-UWA, Brfs. In a fickle, Bighty man 

%ures that have been marred in dyeing 
Uwo, Ji. Fbh. 

, honor, fear ;adoi; 

Svparming 11 
Hi iiBtu^i , 

All thinga 

loia, JapBn. Wa-gff, Japanese lan- 
guage. »'a-*o, Japanese poetry. U^a- 

Wa. a particle -wliidi i» pUieed al 

rie bundles of straw 
Td apolo^K, a? 


\ failom, desolate, 
, Dwelling in che 

B. The figun 

tie, few, slight; small 

Waca.haha, b. Wilfulncsi. 
WacaKABi,^»,-fej, i' P. To ' 
WAGANE,-r»,-(0, /. p. To be 

— BB iaiaiJi. 


Uns. a youDE lord, or son of, a noble. 

Waka-^akari, the vigor of youth. 

yjfMJjzvaf4tu^tx, f.^ p. To divide; lo 

WAKACHi^^nf ' Differenqe, diatinetlon, 
division. —M«H, without discinctian. 


Wakai,-*;. -*»,-!* /, o. Young, youth- 
ful. W^k^ku mirerx, to lo^ young. 

Wakahh, n. A kind of sea-weed. 

VlAKfMKS-\,-iu,-ila, i. s. To have a 
young or vouthful appearance, to look 
youAE, said of elderly perBooa. 

WAKAEE,-rfl,-i'o, pa>!. oflfB*!. To be 
divided, sepaiated, parted, divorced. 

.nch. diiision ; the forks of a roail. 

UMi, «. A bill of divoroemeiit. 

icm, n. A braneh-road. 

iarnKU. I don't understand. 
i^AluSA, n. Vouthfuloess, youthful con- 

/AXAsai.-si-la, caust. of Jfaii. To 

youthful, or youog iu look, or feeiing. 
W/,K.\y\K\, a. Young, or youlhruTin 



Waki, k ThE siJe of Ihe'chst; tbt 
l^ace bdrdcriiiE on, or at the side of 

sAiia, l£c aim-(Sl. lyaH-iatauiii, to 
hold between Ihe arm and the Eide ; to 

fcniivTsmeU ot^iaim^^ll^aki^, 

WAKi^B.-rto.lf" . ^o hoil up, lo gush 
forth, orliubble np, as water in a spnng ; 

JVaki-^ayiru, to boil and sorge round, 

'u^alii-it^ckLalAe or brancbTroadr^ 
Waki-akb, n. A coat with a slit io the 

Wak!-mra° " The ^d/ of 'th?abdo- 

ate, distiDguiah, diKem; to account 
for, to defray CJlpenHS. 

bystander or ftom another's eiand-poin t. 

Waki-tb, adv. Especially, partieularly. 
Waki-waki, adv. Other places or other 

Vae^^^hi, n. The stiort-sword worn 
in ihe bell. 

Wajco, n. A reel ; a frame, as of o pic- 
ture ; a crate, a box or cage for animals. 

Wa-jiuh, b. Rendering Chinese chat- 

Wahbaku.o. Self-willed. Dbstinale. 
WAHeici,-ij(.-i-ira, i. V. To cry out, 

Wam, b. a cup, tlowl. Kage-wau 

Wama,™. A'irap, snare, loop. — w, 

shake with fear. ' ' ' 

pended before M 
Wapfu,.. Ashai 

Wababb, B. A child. 
Wahabi, ». Fern. Warahi-dt, the shape 
of fern sprouts; a scroll. Warabi- 

Wasai. n. Laughter, ridicule. 
Wailh-cusa, s. a cause, subject, or oc- 
casion for laughter, something to laugh 

Wahawa, H. A child, /fern— , a girl. 
WARAWAKASril,-ra,-/a. coll- for luaraiun- 

strv. To make a person laugh, 
WARAWAHH.-ruXo, pass. of»^™i. To 

be laughed at. 
WAj.AWA3a,-ra.-(B, caust. of Warai. To 

Wabi,-™.^°o,*?p. To split, rend asui-- 
der. lo part, divide, (O ccack. Wari- 

proportion, lot, percentage, or rate 

ikSwarl^ v\Mva.<^'a the'intete 
ingpf anything amongst several ; div 

WAMli^u,'^."'A'block containmg a p 



DDthEr ilaok 

>n the I 

Warico, ». A k[Dd of box for holding 

WABiauKi, s. The pieces of broken 
atone used by masons to support and £11 

Wahi-hab!^/ Th^ pan "of a seal on i 
Waki-mave, a. The ihan oi partial 



e fool 


See »**«>. ' ' _ 

wInuBVBE.-™,-/a, i. v. The same as 

WAiiu-DAKtiili. H. A wicked, fraudulent, 

or ticacherous artilice or irii^. 
VJAKai.-ii,-ii,-si!, a. Bad, not good. 

Wahu-kuchi, n. Evil or contemptuous 
speaking, detraction, dirty or ulack- 

\\^BU-Mi)NO,"^''Abadfcllow, a rascal, 

-radish. — areski. 

Amity, fiiendship. hai 

Waeuhe-gachi, B. Inclined to foreet,.! 

wlsuHE-GAO, B. The countenance gf 

[-GirsA, ». The Hemeracallis, or 
■.rfo\.-ki,-kii,-shi, a. Forgetful, 

worid!""'"' " ""8 "> ■ e 

To make, or 'let aioiher 'crosj over^Vo 
live, to go or come, used only of hcn- 

B^TAK™ «'^/a,"/f o."'¥o''^s from »d« 
to side, to cross oyer,-a! a btii^e, river, 

and meet t^ether, 

KATABI-HOHof <S*»/i«),' "f" A"forei^ 

Vatashi, /iv. coll. conlr. of tVataiu- 

ATA^UMt H?*The°l'ow use. 
WA-m>tarf™' I'te sound of 


Wayaku,". J«lin|.™n, play.jokinj 

viZvTwAWA-m.'Jdv'' The confuse 
noise o( many peisons lalking. — m 

Wsn, a. Work, act, deed, art; ganai 

Wazaoki, ». Al^ay-aclor. 

Waza-to, a<^t. Inten I ionaJly, purposely, 

Tmll^'evh, tioubk,""^" " ™' ''' 

I strike a do^. Ifini 

person who does business in the place 
10 which it is affijicd ; used generally as 
asnfEi. A-w««-j.a, a drug-store, also 
idruwisc. Wfljn v", my house. 
Ya, k. "he spoke of a wSeel, JCuru- 

Y^r'E^ht, same as yatiu. 

Ya, (/»•«),«. Night. 

Ya. a partjclfl of interrogation ordouht. 

/iam sin va.what sGall 1 do? <:). 

Used also as a simple eiclamatiqo ot 

Ya-ba,«. Aplaceforpraciisingarehety. 
Ya-ban, ». AniBht-watch. 

YmiI^sha"'!. ^A'cOwin 

Yabu-ka, «. A large kind of mc 
which JnfBts canArakes. 

^l-BVK^!'^^^ letter fi^ed to an 
yI-bij?^''h. Nig^''nfglIt:J?me!' 

yaIShe^™;^;, r" TTEe Brn^t 

frinR^d or violated ; to be divulg 

ruin, injure, dama^f impair. 
Yabcjsak*. Stingy, nisgardly.avai 

Ya-bifsame, H. Shoolingwithab. 

\t^'^. "kous^rent."^ """ 
Ya-uanh, n. The supply of atroi 



DONASHI, (mu-lilliu 

. Home 






D6RI, n. Reluining 


M^-G.,-.. A paraailic plmt. 


Dosoitu,,. A vulgar 

tide appl« 







y paid for 


DOSH1.^.-Jo, /. !■. T 

lod«. to 



wait. Tiuiifa ia^-ain itidiun 

fellows. jVu^mi 

bcd^o'th«,_inattrass,,aiid pillow. 

•cr within tb: V 

.. TbeiDoia. 

AiiMMA, H. One that interferes in 

Ya-jik, B. Ar 
Ym'ki, "■ Tbi 

ra, /. B. To break : 

Yakata, n. X large Luse, a palace, the 

r»Jdenceaf anoble. 
Yakata-bunh, b. a boat, with a roof 

and bandsome libin for pieasiirin J. 
¥AKE,-r«,-/B. /. p. To torn, to Be on 

lire; to bake: roasted; to be tanned, 

sunburnt, tarnished ; to bave the sen- 

offidoiS*' ''™ddLoir"o™r^i° ^ 

Yaks-kusa, w. Mat. 

; anything for otbei! 


H. Baked rioe bread jjeal. 
uDTaia, to be jealous. 

n. Any kind of eaithen- 
ockery, ot tites ; also baked 

d.SSpl'ass'^l.'"— ' 

Yakei, d<A'. Suddenly Sushed, as with 

Yakko." A>=rvanlboy, aslave. 
Yako, H. Afon. 
Yaku, ■>. Jesdousy. 

^■; diejffic'e of'mediane?'°y<i*»-*is, 

Yaku,^«. '^ffice.duty, se™ce, employ- 
meat petfbtmed for the governmeni. 
Ikke« yakx, the public service, or ita 
equivalent in money exacted from each 
house. KS'yakv^ public service. To 

Yaku-b.vo, b. a pesiiience, plague, i 

yIkE^HI,b. Cardamom seed. 
Yaku-dahu, n. Agreement, pron 

Yaku-do«ii, B. The critical years of 
Yaku-hakai, «. Driving away evil 

Yakij-hbk, n. OfScial, pertainbg tc 

Yaku-jo, It, An agreemeni, coven 

Yaku-me,')i. Office, oiEciil duty \ & 

Y»i(u'-"hayb, B. Duty, office, businei 
Yakiihi,». Anything spicy or pun 

YAKU-!j[-TACHi,-faK,-rVB, /. V. To be 
useful, serviceable. Yakuniiaiana, 

Yaku™; m, "xhe'vittues or powers of a 
medicine, medical virtues. 

Yaku-biki, n. The strength or virtue of 
Yaku-bivdI H. The pay or salary of an 
YAKU-Ro^C^Swi^L*) n. A medicinei 

nant, promis^ ba^ain ; de™ of hea 

hrfore bto Wririiio tf^ltfe. " "^ 
^AKUTAi-HASHi. Confused, jumbled Ic 


,-BUKI, H. The Kerria Japonica. 


Ph al c 
Afa]<4h < 

— kfffeiji, Japan- 

■la,i.^: To be sick, «. pain, 

J«r«. .-. B, to Cffl.e, stop, 
rffl iiM*i', without ceasing, in- 

aal.,/.E.. Tol«disB«d,to 
ith. Silvan ow -, to be 

YahikuhO, arfw. Recklessly, indiscrim. 

inalcly. ihoughtltsslj'. 
Yami-uchi. n. KiLiing in the dark. - 

Yahi-yami, adii. Uselessly, for naaghl. 

Yamome, ». A widow ot uddower. 
Yamori. b. One placed in a house lo 

keep it, a walcbman ; also a species of 

lisdid that frequents houses. 
Yaha. n. A weir or basket to lake fisli. 

Y^^J»:\ roorT;-t-,-/3, shingles. 

Yami, B. The pitch or Euin that wudes 
from certain kinds of trees. Mi-ya«i, 

ty,"ii'ekiy" "' """^ '^" '' '°""°'" 
Ya-no-mube, ». Theridseofahouseor 
Yaoka.m. The e^hth day of the month. 

^t. ' ^"^^B, let me i«.''"'i^E 
a blow. Va/tc ^imas&if l™i\\ gi,e' k 




bnuEht from a diiCancc. 

disorder, wLihout puiljng thinn m their 
proper places ; slovenly, careJesa, negli- 

YAEU-soxoiJAi/~iKf-fl«B,(. P. To injure 

YflHlTH, ^^"rhe sender, or giver; the 

female keeper of a biochel. 
VaI!o,>.. aW fellow. 

Yashi, s. a class of 

various tricks of ju^ieiy aLiiaci pet- 

^dlKs.^tc^; a momHeta^ET^'""' ' 
Vashiiu, b. The lot of Bround on which 

(. H. To nourish, 



fr"ee from «o!ibie"frienSy or iSS^te.' 

or free fconi uneasire^ "-"H"". 

siiffeted fo'je without t^lMt. ' '""'' 

YASUMI,-BfB,- - ■ ^* 

:,"*.,., ,„. 

Yasith,, b. Rest, repose, cessation from 

gentle, tender, soft ; easy, not diffi- 


Yasuh[.bi,«. Dayofresi.aholiday. 

ASE.-ri.',-/fl, I. o. ' To be emaciated. 

Yasu-ne,«; Cheap, a^ow price. 

Ihin, wasted in flesh ; to pine ; to be 

Y/tauHJif-dium.-^a, t. V. To make 

poor, sterile, as soil, yaffe-earera, to 

peaceful, happy, or contented; to tran- 

irra, to be emaciated and reduced to a 

^^•c^'wii"''^' "■ ^^'^^' '""' 


ASH-G.iHAH, n. Putting on an appear- 

from tro'nbie, tranquil; gentle, mild, 

so as to congeal them ; attempting id 
do or bear more tha^ one Is al.le. 

YaTjri, «. A file, -di or^u, to re- 

duce by filing. - ™ «^, the teeth of 

ASE-JOTAi, H. Little property or 

Yasiisa', n. Easiness, lacility. cheap- 

a^en!' ». A field battle, a battle on 


Yasu-yasu-to, dofe. EaMly, without 

ASE-imE. H. A poor hand, ineiperl, of 

difficulty, iranijuilly, gently. 


ded from the bell. 


YATSU.fl. Eight. 

YaTOU, 1. A W fellow, raacal. Vatm- 
>?», rascal, villain. 

Yatbu-baka, fiar. Felloits, rascala. 

YA^lrflO, «. The hoLs in the ground 
used in playing the game of piich- 
unny : the disiauci! lo ohicli an arron 
flies 4l^en shol IVom a bow. a bow^ot. 

Aisu-Kucm, u. A child's coat. 

ATSUMB-UMAGi, H. A lamprey, Petto- 

^Ji.iT'thi^.^tuTl^^ fiLi^'^M 

myion fluviatilis. 

?ATSUiiB,-r»,-(ii, I. p. To become Ihin, 

emaciated, or debilitated ; tu be ragged. 

fillhy and poor in appearance. 

doubt. il<i*o sfl^'i'. where? or wbiclii 

. _... Todre!_ ._ 

GetL Ml vfo yaisHshiU sAiao&i ni ytt~ 

able, wteiched. diny and riied, 
Yatto, ado. At length, at last, barely, 

scarcely, hardly. 
Yattoko. B. A amilh-s longa. used in 

handling hot metal. 
Y>-aTi<ia, ». Moving bam one houEe 

to another. 
Y^wAKA,**!.. It is doubtful whether, I 

doubt If, I rather think. KamotU ma 

ircl^y l"rather'tkTiik' ft irilf ao'l 
Yawaba. B. Wrestling. — Hw*a™. 

eaay, composed. Jbie from care. 
Yawaeaka. a. Soft, not hard; gentle, 

Yava, adv. . Considerably, tolerably, 
pretty, rather, at length. — kisashiku, 

Yavenaki,^. Akindofpeaorhean. 

Vavoi, B. The third month. 

Ya-zama, «. A porl-hole. or embrasure 


Ye, «". A piciurc. drawing. _ 

Yp, h. The food of birds or iSshes; a 

Yh, ». Yi-w ii, the Celtis Wildena- 

Ve. (icgart.\ n. Defilement, pollution, 

"r",™be dee"ed, 'Iw^this uncfe™ 
Ve, h, a fold, layer, ply, sheet, or 
ihicknesa. Hits ye, asioele thickness, 
fold.orUyer. Afs >f, double thick.. 

Ya, ^esl-pesil. Noting motion towarti 

YRnAMI.-w» -^■., 

on the crown of the head by nobles, 
also by Jlfo«™-and KaK„,a&i. 
ficBuKuKO, n. The crop, or craw of 

rEBURi.n. An instrument like a scraper 

f EDA, «"' "lira^cl^bou^h, or limb of i 
tree ; a limt or oiiremiiy of the body ; 
a branch of a rivet, at a family, or of a 


YED 3 

16 VEN 

Yei-tai. (nsgai! ya). Long ages, for- 

Yedoiu,-'-j.,-«b, /. H- To paml, to 

Yet-T^ORS,-ru,-ta, !. TI. To fall down 

drawing. ' ' 

Yei-vki, (ka^vi nara), ndv. Forever, 

Yedzit-hiki, «. A maker of diaps, 

Yei-vo', ijakaye kagayakti). Glory, mag- 

charts or plan^of houses -an architect. 

nificence, splendor, pomp, luxury. 
Ybjiki, ». The food of birds, fishes, or 

Vb-fu, «. A sign-board attached to the 

baggage of olScLals, or persona on public 

drawer of pictures- 


YEKl.H-Pcofil, advantage, benefit. — 

Vn-ruDi:, X. A drawing-pencil, or paint- 

bnish. st~ , y^ 

YBaAKi.-iii.-ita,t.v. To draw, delineate, 

of Si^ams, sticks, etc. - m. «.™, 

to div&e. 

Yb-^cao, s. AlauEhing, or BmiliD£ face. 

Ye-gatai -ti,-*>'r^'S', a. Difficult to 
obtain, hard to gel. 

VsKI, B. A pestilence, conlacion, ept- 

Vbgo, B- a dock for repairing ships. 
Yego-hata, a. Bandylegged- 

Yeki-ba, ■. A posl-horse, or horses 

kept at a post-staiion for public use. 
Yem-BEl, H- A pestilence, plague. 

manner, as a goose. — ikitt arukit, XO 

waddle - 

YEGU,,-*/.-*a,.ji,-, a. Bitter and sour 

YeKO, a. Partiality, bias, favoring one 

YEOViu,-.^u,-//a, (- I.. To cut with a 

more than another. -i»*,«.™,lo 

show panialily- 

Yegusa,' h, a lingling sensation in the 

dead'. Yiki-riyi. money paid 10 Bud- 


dhist priests for saying prayers for the 

Ye-hos, b. a drawing-book, or piclnre- 



Yhma, n. The pictures, (espedally of a 

YEi-jtjBMi,.™,-*^, i, B. To be drank 

horse), hung up in Sinioa temples as 

and lying down- 


Yhi-go,». The English language. 

YEMAl,-*,«Wa, I- B. To smile, to laugh. 

YBi-«UEU,,^,-fli«, ,-. „. tS bS raving 

drunk, craied wih drink, to have the 


deliriu^l tremens. 

Ybi-guwa. », Splendor, magnificence. 

YeuSa, coll. for r:r«a. 

Yeuha, or ¥EUHA-i, n. The king of 

Yiajif^<trx,-^a, i. v. To dng- 

\Bsi.~dsi'n,-ta, (a/inmO i. v. To re- 

Ye-«ob%. The wrinkles or folds in the 

flect, as a mirror ; to shme. 

Yei-*ito, inticM tait). Waxing and 
waomg, increase and decrease, ebb and 



Ve-ho«. n. The leaking along the han- 

Tei-kiu, (nafoii kisashi). Long, last- 
ing, enduiing- — HD maJiwari.Xoax 

dle of an umbrella. 

YEM-fBl.a. Reserve or auxiliary troops. 

inlfmacy. ■« . .» 

\mi-tl,,(fa1Uki>n>),n. A distant place. 

Yei-ko, (lakayiru tartru). nourishing 

far, distant. 

and decaying; blooming and wither- 
ing, rise and Tall. 

Yen, H. Adollar- 

Yeh, a- Relation, affinity, connection ; 

Yei-kokd, a. EMland. 

YEi-B«HE,-rB,-/^- «- To recoverfiom 


intoxication, become sober. 

YKi-SHiEK,.rii,-to, , C- I.- To become 

ga araba mata aimaahS^ if fete per- 

Ibolidi or siUy from in.ojiicalioii. 


^E^JA, ». Tht placenta. 

womaD. Yin-dei eniia^B old to 

lifH^abli^^Vtln demand; 
giiods. ' 

iroihcd. affianctd, lo be contracisd in 
Y^^vm^n. Marriage relalion, malri- 

YS-jA%™feefations, connwiions. 

Yhs-jaku,ii, The wagtail. 

YBN.-KIKI, jD. Breaking ofF Ibc conjugal 

YBN-E6, a. A Ipng-armed ap«, baboon. 


tfe irod is 


o be es- 

peciaUy pro^tigus 


delay, lard 

ess. dila- 


low. -« 

», to be lale, slow 


ung dog, a 


ru). Com 

from a 

I place. — 

m chimin 







e. self-re. 

*»!, d^dence ; con- 

house as 

arm mourn 


(Mi WiV*!) 

n. A long road, or 

A%. Aneu 


6,B. Gmipt 


. The; 

larkabie ; ' 


Iece.* pick out. to elect. Yeraaii-iiasa, 
■o iSck out, Klect. Ynv^i-Ur».iA. 

Yerami, B. Choice, selection, election. 

YBKmtTTEK, n. Electridlyj^ ^ 

out, choose, select 


birdfi with a pole a 

""'"tl-zAO, M. / 

with bird-lim 

:eta.i., a class of persons formeriv of 
eij the occupation of leather-drcsaenor 



diSereat, besides. Niiayi 
than twenty ■^ 



bamboo b«cw«ea 
Tnphatic particle \ 

as, Mtys, look. Vi-Hn le va 
fill, j/a sfl/ VB, there is i 

«*flre, 10 spend tbe whole 
y"™.'"!' carbuncle. 

Ya. H. The male principle of nMi 

Chinese phibsophy. 
Y6 <,hai,ami\ n. The principal I 

Y6-B*, n. The place of oi 
SosHi-aa,-atUi, i. v. To 


Illicit intei 


. A nighl watch. 

"ited', lemoned." 

YouwAiti.-rBr^fa, I. v. To • 

YoBi,-^^a!d, I. ^. To call 

to call together, to 'convck 

Yobi-kavfSU. to call back, invire fo re- 
turn. Vobi-kamu, to call in, invite tO 
come in. foi.-«i"*Bj.«-B, to call, or 
send, for, to summon. vdi-Uugx, to 

son loo far off to hear Ihe'firsc one t^t 


OD»BE, n. The saliva, especially that 
flowinr front tbe mouch of a child or 

uoder the chin over ajmor. or tinder the 
chin of infants to catch tbe saliva. 
■|%;DATE,-i--,-*fl, t. V. To furnish with, 



Yo-GiN, fl. European coin, especially Ihi 

VociNAi'.-^'.-^Briii.a. That which musl 
be done, than which ihere is no othei 
waj', neoesKiry, iii(iispen»ib]e, obliga- 
tory» unavojdable, YogiKakit fAm, Ic 

Yo-oo,». Th* prognosis of disease. 
Yo-COMOH, B, Pasjing Ihe nighl in 

Y^OHEV™^rC.'?!°^o be dirtv, fbnl 


Y«-l. Easy, oot dittcull. — Ri, easil 
Yoi,-*;,-*K,-Jii, I. Good, rigbl, »cU 
Yoi,-«,-«o, /, P. To he drimi;, into 

'^iKU {jmskinni soda/grtA 
■mkusa, h!"^"!!"?!' in Iht 

with which the Japan- 

- loclini'batiee. 
i,\. Camion, heed 
X in reRatd to danK 


if pkkpocketa. 

YO-JITOU, (aina'-a hl)._ «. Remaining 
V6-jo^ » ,'T ^IteKh ild(fimale), adopted 
V6-JO {piavaki Dvna\. A vouncr drl. 

Yfl-ja (k? ' 


lie5ib'"Sie'care oTmu's 

Ae, the rules of hi^ene. 
, bealthM, good for one's 

ighih day of the j 

Sa^^FoL™ aAi^i, whether good 

?OKE,-f'fl,-/fl, i. I..' To get out of the 
way of, to avoid, shun, evade, elude ; 
to pass by ; to keep off, fend off, pro- 

foiCB,-ra,-Va, (. o. ' To t^, or leave 


Vo-Ke'i lamaru i'aiari). 'Mo^ than (1 
propctquantity, or than is necessar; 

; cheerful. liveLy. 
from ihe people by 

YoKKA,«. Thefounhdayoflhei 
Y^K^, B. °2oghmeal. 

YOKO-HACHl, ». . 
YOKO-HE, i>. A 

Y^™GA, a.^^ad, »ide, oi 
in breadth than length. 

YoKO-SAHA, arfi.. Crosswise, a 
across. sideWaya. transveraely. 

yos.oTkvB,-ri,,-ta,l.-p. Tq place across, 
athwart. Of horimntally. 

YoK^ujiKAi. Oblique, slanting, dia- 
YoKOIOPpe, adv. Obliquely, slanlingfy. 

YoKu|^™'N'e»'*ii°mn^CillawiiiE. St>- 
no — , the ncTtC day, Vg&ie-chS. fbo 
next momiog, the morning afker. Yo- 
jku-JiJsK, the next da-y. or day after. 

yeJI^^'u-isZii^lhtBa} mon*. the 
month after. 
YOKU. j/raSaia). Wings. Sa^a—,left 

t-OKUBAm.-m.-iifl i. I., to be 

avaricions greedy. 

-SHiNjH. Covetousness, avariciou*- 

Ydku-toku. ' Greedy of ^n, a'variciouE. 
" -VOKU, bbTo. Veil, carefully, at- 

read, legible. ITffKe fiott 'ora yotntrtt 

house of a fausl^d. the marriage of a 

■o^i-»^'x. A kind of greens. 
□uERAS^.-ru.-fi. t. V. To give a 
daughter iu marriage. 
OH ERT,-f «,-*), /. V. To be given in 

Y^JS£',-nda, t. V. To read. y0f«i- 
agtru, to finish reading. Fcw.^*!- 

iecl by reading. Verni-^iitrUy by read- 
ing to hit upon something one wants to 




. Mardordifacult 

-KlxUl,-*i,-*B-^*i, a. Difficult, 01 

Vs, (MflBa nnO "- The name 
■" Fora kik. four quaners of the 
m'\ ^nemisSa Chinenses, or 

adined to think, 

Y6.HUEI, «. ; 

Y5-KA, a. 1 

anythint; on the mind, free ttom caie, 

Vo",^B«- M I^Vy''- AeaJam- 

bylh'ewick^nMa'ofanailCEton "' 

Tqppaka, flrfo. To the full, plsnlifully. 

YoppAiiAi,-BB,-fl/ia, /. p. To be dtunk. 

YoRH.-ra.-^n I.B. To be twisted, kinked, 
rt</sa~, til e thread is twisted. 

yoRi, fost-fosit. Ftom, s sign of the 

Yoi(i,-^B,.W-i, t. V, To twUt. 

YoRi, «. The iwial of a cord or thread, 

Yom'Z^J^t", '>.°'v. To choose, select, 

Yow,. °B",l'«n, I. !/. To approach, draw 


YOFI-HE « The mark, or crease b a 

Yoee.-rn,-ta. t. !,. To bring near, cause 

suing made by iwistingh. 

YoEl-KUKl,-*K,-/(fl, 1. V, To selecl, 

or stop in p'asang ; lo gather, to col- 
lect, assemble ; to bring done together, 
to depend on, trust in, or take refige in. 

choose out. 

Yosi-Num, «. Anything choice, selcci, 

or highly spproved. 

Yasi-atsumira, to gather, i»!ieci. or 

Yof:l-sol.-^,-dla, I. V, To be near ibe 

assemble logelher, lo cooc«itrate. 

Y0BI-stJ,». Hillocks of sand Ihrown to- 

YoGB-BA, n. A prison or house of pr- 

gether by the waves or wind. 
YoRi-TBUffl.-^av-irfa, /. !>. To join to, 
splice or lenglheo by Iwisling the ends 

offences, and kept at bard labor. 

to, aid, help, inspirit, encourage. 
YOSEKI, n. Srsenic. 

Yoiu-w.iKE,-ra,-*«, i. I.. To assort, to 

Yqse-th, 1. The attacking force, storm- 

Y^M?OKU. """sj^ time, Ieisu«. 

Yow-VOBi, adv. Sometimes, occasion- 

Yo5H-T5.rGi,o. Amodeo(gramag,done 


by binding logether two branches of 

YORLiBOi,-o,-Md, i. B. To stagger, to 

different trees that have been slightly 

Y™oizu, H. Ten thousand, a myriad; 

gether, detaching one of them. _ 
Yo-SHA, B. Pardon, patience, indul- 

^^S' lilSor' "■ ^° ""'■ " "" '^ 

fS'i'i-don!*"''"' "^ """""'' ^ 

Yo*'oi; K. ^™i of mail. 

YoKOKOB.i3Hi,-.iUf.ia, causl. of I'mviiriu. 


TS™.;rfS.,.. J.yr.,.s... 

YosHi, ». Subject, matter, affiut, event, 

Y.^' '«^' A rush or reed such as' 

be glad, joyi 111, pleased. 

YoHOKOBl, u. Joy, gladness jleasure. 
¥oao,iEKi,-*«,-,te, ;. I/. o stagger. 

YoSHl, ad,,. Very well, never mind, all 

riRlit, it is enough. 

YoaosHii,-4;,-t.v,-i«, «. That which a 

Y6-Sh1, a. A [osler^bild, an adopted 

good, right, proper ; well. Saia^a 

son or d.iughter. 

want <o buy i,y fish? J/* V«S«, 

Yosiii,^jj^n, t. V. To atop, qiut, to 

that will do. 

YolHlmt,'l,"'A"™t°mSroftuBhes. - 

YoHO-YOBO, atfjt. In a staggering, reel- 

iari, a booth in the street for selling 

ing manner. 

small wares. 

YoHU, ». Night. — M ™m, bed- 

YisHiiiBK. adv. Let it he so that, even 

YoR^'BarH. On" t^ d™nd oU! or look 
to for aid ; a friend, Wper. - --it 

that. —MtaloU!kik^m^.tnai. 

YosuiM! o. Friendship friendly rela- 

tions, intimacy, good will. 

ySru™i"" Those'who are not of, but at- 

tached lo tliose of the, regular com- 

one regrets to have done ; useless. 

YoBHiNA-Ni. Same as Y«r^kik->. ~ b 

pa^ , depe de s, an 

«^; ,«mimaiu, Ibeg your kind as- 

Y^^-^',adv. Very well, or no matter; 

Yo^*-^A, a. Having the appearance 

YoBHi-yi>5Hl. Exclam. of consent, or 

Yose, n.* "a house where pi.hlic enter- 

yKh*;-. Youth, time of childhood. - 



Yoso,(*o*B«o/<.tm.). , 

nuddls 1 ' 


ivilhoul n 

ithet place or family. 



served, cold or unamMraed'in'iMhi- 
anQther, 'ihal whkh doK no°"Mncern 
one'>5elr,somelbiDgrardgn, -ifaiia 
lu/, i tJs not a muter tbat 1 can be in- 

Yosai,-4t-dla. f. o. To pat rice into a 
Yosoji, n, forty years of age. 

So^ at withtbe eycE^f one who'I^tbe 
Yoso-Mi. «. Lpakine'off bomwbat one 

YosiMi,-S'-«B" Tif'to adom, oma- 


mify, to refl 

,-ii,~iu. a. 

Y^-rtf^ A night^S'bcr. "'" "" 
Yo-Ti. if.«„ri m t„m^g^r^). The ren,. 

Yo-TOKU, (MBr^'w ^^">i. Theben- 
YOTSU-ASHI. If. A four-foDled animat, 

:;^ Casta 

ets. — ™ob(ib. 

net for c-.tcbine 

iwnbV the 

"ia'feri"- Wnd of 

sedan ch 

d by the four cor- 

drill with four 



■ a" night, a 

tack. ' 

g la be feeble or 



,». Weak 

in the loins, bent 

in the ba 




feeble, En 


d;blUtaU. tt 



feebleness, weak 



tat^, ^fee 

TiThe weal, fee- 


lon^ wailing, or great difficult, scarce- 
ly, hardly, barely. 



, s. Shutting Lb e fine 
>n Ihs lingers. , 

hT,'h. p"^thI^"Sef 

-^amua.-rni-"".*- ^. 

gianl in liritme. 

YO°fuk".' VealtiiyT rich""' 

YuoAiK, n^^ A Klovo worn by areh«= lo 

by poariDg boiling water over^ to scald, 

atnii^t Hnv or nght direction, to tn- 



1. The 






Yw,-fl.-fl(^, /. V. 

To lis 

to dress 

hair. AamijM 

— , to d 

.he ban 

n. A dec 



N,«. The verba 


or last' 





ioPE I^ 





. ■- 





), ". 



sli by a 
made by 




i-SHO, H. Pedigree, lineale. descent. 
[-isUKErrB.-ifo, i. K, ToTilndfestto, 
D tie somahmg on another. 
-JIN, «. A friend, companion. 

Can gi. J//cii ^B aai iar'a yukar^ 


•HSHf no yuii-tait. 
YvBi,-iii,-ita,t.«. Togo. ynii-a«.lo 
DieeC io Che way^ Vuki^aiaru. to walk 

^iti-^Aieaa, to pa» each other m the 
way. Yt^i-Jiau. to go aod c^ime, to go 
to and bo. Yuki-kajrrit, to ID and 
return. Ysiki-kayiu^ to fto and come 

conimK. rJ*/-4»fwu', Io ^'blat^ 
in Eoing, Txki-litgiTsi, to go too fat, 

«now-llBhc.or light caused by the snow. 

rK.4;.^™, a snow-flake, v'uki-dama, 

a BiiOwball. K'<.i/-./0.ic, the thawing 

of the anow. 
YuKi-BOTOKB, H. An image made of 
YuEi-DOKOiu). ». The place to which one 

YuhSS^am, b. *l"h4 end of a road, or 

of one's journey. 
YUKI-G«E,». Whilegoinj. -H.Via- 

YukkataT^'. The place or direction in 
which any one has gone. 

backward and forward. 

latge .bolts. 
Yuui-NO-EHlTA, «. The name of a flowei 

the Saxifrafia Sarmentosa. 
YuKI-OROSHt, «. A snow-slip, avalanche 
YU-KI-SH4, H. Trial by hot water,—! 

plunge the^Md't^boainKwawl 

todokeinu Ukero wa «i 

fuuE-Hi, ». Dreamins 

;me;;sol'adream " 


«.' Bow-sl 

aped. a 


The m 

oon whe 


m, «. Ab 

Bovp and 


the rules o 


-g^„„; th 


The inside 







«."' Using .he tow 

as a cane 

ii, H. The power of a bow, or the 


VD-HAT^ ■, A ghoBt^ an appaiitSoii^ phaD- 

YuH, K. The lily. 
Yusii-ra^la, t. b. To rock, 10 iDDTe 1. 
and fn, IS swiiiE, lo shake, <o sift b 

up by n^ing oi^Qd J^." f^"-fowM, 

box. Vxri-kuiisusii. to shake down, 
to cause to fall by shalting, aa by an 

bolt, to clean by sifiing. 
YuHI,-^yB,-nVn, i.K. To be pardoned, 

YutuBSf-rM,-ta, t. e. Same as i 
VUKUOiv^r^rfli, i. p. To shake, vil 

YuRt/KAS^ 0^. Negligently, carelessly, 
heedlessly, in a slighlin^or perfunctory 




YuRUHH-KusuH, B. Anodyne inedi 

YliSDMI,-««,-,rfn, ,-. ,;. To be slac 

loose, soft, flabby^ flaccid ; ID be r> 


A hearth ; i 

YD^Ei.s. A planet. 
Yu-SBN, ». The price of a bath. . 
Yu^EN. «. Heatlne by the waterbatb, 
by placiog the vcssd_ conlsduing the 

. The cool of the ■ 

yu3URl,->-B,-/l'a, i. f. To shake any. 
YCTABirKi.-i-BfJ/a, f. ^._ To shake, to 


ruji^tf^' Tc 


fore. Siat 


YO-YO. «. I! 

free h-om labor, want, ot iroi 
Yu.y[jrfnii,-t/.4i-,, «. Ha. 

meat by stranKulatiDTi. 

fore the timbers on which n bridge le 
10 protect fnnt the ice. 

Zauhas, (A°^ oi-rt, «. Having a s. 

Zai-JO. «. Nt 
Zai-kin, (ilH/j- 

:ai-«otsi;, (td:btra muwJ. Precious 

:a™^' DwelUng^ livinB, riding. 
;A[-fE, (iw «2" ara). Living, m the 

world, Cklchi rs — ni toki. 
:Ai-e«o, H. Dwelline [Ja«, p!«e of 

one's birth, native place ; the couotry. 


Za-koku, a. All Id^ds of grain. 
Zakone, b. Sleeping crowded or con- 
fusedly together, wiUinm distinciion of 

I he lank of a bath-hoir^. 


left over oc lemaipingi Uie residue, 
Zauhai. Fond of. or addicted to, devol- 

Zan, n. Slander, calumny, false chareea 
— !ara, lu ^andec. calumniate. Zan 
J^o. a slanderer, calumniator. Zansi 
caluidnious chaises, or complaint 

balance of the 


bmooth to the feel, as sa 

place of meedfto: or assembly. 
Z«-^nsu, B. iSscelUncous sayings or 

.VD, 1. Many or various kinds of 
less, amuliipligity of engaeementi, 
, Coarsely ,_rQiighly, notnice- 

--™M,---'"" "" *'"'" 

ZE,''«."'That which is right, that 
is. Si»H< iHsi w £e ;? >«, to I 
tbat doctrine as tb: right one. 

— vimtini, to offer tbe altemati 
Zegen, ». A person who supplies 

Zt^""' ^ht 'or wrong, so 01 
true or false, (adv.) must. /// i 
tiU tt wc /sra, 10 rciect the fall 
hold to tbat wbich is true. — g. 

Z^^EUil'I^E'. Must, by all nes 
Ze!, «. The fine feathers or dowr 

Za-BVTSV, s. "^"Arexci'etence. a i 

Zbi-chiku, b. The so rods, or 
used by fonune-tellers. 

ZEBmisAftaJt tagaytsu). - *«™, to 

zSi-Bi (%IS/S/M*.ar«ViS'™ufi' ™d 

ZEj."™*"^oLi"leie number of volumes, 
^th^iood. " '^ ™ '" """" 


■works- Zft-e'rty virtuous deeds, 
or charity aod benevolence, i 

Za°'n.' A dminE-taW*. 
Zek {majc). Before, mewiua, fon 
ID the presence of. Zm-thi. a |> 

J. Cea^ng lo eat f« 
. as in sickness. 

r ZbtckX'h. The apex, higfacsi 

El^'(rfrtB),"°™The' congui 

ZeM^.^elip'of thc'tonpie. 

«»,' a ptophecy, predigtion, foielelling. 
RN-DAHA, «. A ctosec ID wbich dioiog. 

Zo, H. Animage. slalue, idol, al 
hui^-^, aTluddhist'idol. M 
a wooden image. Seii-^, a St. 

tables are kept. 


EN-io. before and bebind, before or 

Zo, n. The vjscera., the 

after, front and rear. 

eera; vii„ ihe heart, lungs, s 

EMI, I. 

//B/VTi^thn^^" 'sMkL 

purse. ZcH'sasAi, ihe string on vtbich 

casb ace strnnE. Zcnl-^,<bt mint 

ziltSHA.«. The Creator. 

where copper crans are made. 

Za-CH4. -inru. To become m 

Em-AU],^. The name of a flower. 

8N1.GAME,H. A small kind of tortoise. 

EN-KEM, n. Pngnoui. — suru^ (o 

Ogoriga — , to become more a 

Zi^DAilIT^MisceLlaneous or idle 

EN-KUWAi, «. Recovery from sickness. 

body, the inteslines.' 

Za-<i«i, Inlaid work of gold or s 

cotton cloth, attached to a coflin, and 

Z^E,,. Ivory. 


S!dly SawSlll'°mmtlfu^n^ly;orfrom 

biil£ before. 
Zefi-an ■ Out of pHnl, (he edition is 

enhaust-d —ninaru. 
ZePPEKI h a predpice. 
Zeppi adv (Coll. for Zihi). Must, 

Ze, n. An elephant. 

gao't, uneducated, unpolished \ laity, 

— hf, vulearly, commonly. Zfiku^^un, 
the vulgar style of writing. Zoku-ha- 
/ji^,a vulgar peTsoD.ooe uneducated, or 
unrelinedr Zska-dsn, vulgar l^k, or 
conversing iulbeiulgai' dialect. Zokx. 



!clii-%i,iu, lb 

rebel. Zak>^ii _ 

Swrof'abandof'tobberl Zak^^xn 
a )drjiie ship. Zeku-gujfj ao army ol 
Tsbben, rebel aiDiy. Zaku-ch», thi 
thief of a band of robbers. 
ZoKET-HKrit n. A sup^emcAtary treatise 

ZcutiiluiSMii^i'-*B, a. Common, vuV 
far« unreDDed, inelegaot, or unleamet 

ZOEU^OKU.dcAr. — f^r^i to £tart, ahud. 

ZoKM^n. Id liS', slill Uybig. Oiirf/ 

ZoN-jo, B. In life, Vf 
Zusia, »'*&ST™ 
ZoN-NKB, K. ThooghtB, mind, ojonion. 

e, the Ih< 




<t difficuU, 
ila, ea=i!y 

r. to finish 










A, or Ah, a. Hitotau. ichi, i 

^ni >ii ^iM Ukkun suu 
Abacus, ». Sorob™. 
Abaddon, a. Aku^ia no m 
Abaft, adv. Ato ni, luhiro 

nonD, hai6 na mono, 

AlATe, /. V. Heinsu. gtBizara, men- 

AM^M^T^b'endlumloio, yuniku 
Abatis, «. Sakann^i.' 

iOH, H. Mijikaku sum koto, 
y o. Ku™ wo yudiuru, ku- 


. Hara, fuk 
a. Hajan 

Eumeru, kadowokasu. 

I. v. T«3udaa. buemasu. 
OR, X. Tetsudai, haiemasu h 
J4CE, «. Malsulu 
Kitau, nili 

^BiDH, i. V. Sumu, oTU, jO-kiyo suru, 
yadoru. '- &y a toairact^ yaku-j6 wo 

Vbilitv, h^ Kiiiyfi, rai, chikaia, no, ta.< 
kumi, k6, dorijro, rlyS. tVilhsul—, 

^sjKCTtv, o^f. lyashLku. 

iBLB, a. Deltirp, Toku, yeru, rik6 na, 
vuki.lodDku.yuki-walaTU. Tiitmran- 
• ng hinciudid in the p^t./arnt t/ihi 
virb : at. Bill it IK, miyeru:_oWf la 

%% aJSI'dtkino, yc<liu.™!vtf/ o'iJi'/D 

lELV, !S."'Yok" 'jodip'"ni' shite, yufci- 
iDNECATiOH, n. SuterakDto,aradzu Id 


suru. — fl/ic^, mu-sh 


Abrade, ;.!.. S.iri-muku, suri-ynburu. 

AiiNOHMAL, a. Tsurei 

aki, tsune »=- 

Abbtdgb. J. V. a'eumeru, chijimeni, ri- 
yaku sum, myikaku sura, haliukii. 

AuoARDj/ri/. Fune n 


AbodbTh. Sumai, jO-k 

yo, !«-riu, iye, 


AEROAD.ftft'. m<'itoi..To,«alk-,^ 


unds, otia, ju- 

KUv^koZy^^C'^" '"'""'"' 

11, yaideni, hai- 

Abrocate, t. V. Hid-shi sun, bai suru, 

ABoLmw, «. Hiiijhi 

hai sutu koto, 

AERS)?,"a.'"Kt;^hS!'ni«ki no. 

yameru ioio. 

AnRUFTty, flA-. Nivraka ni, tadMlil ni. 





iku, ki 


t.v. K 



^wi ni 


a. Mo 

« Mo 




Kwtixtyfirtfi. adv. Mawari, fiDntrT. ^// 

tei. — to read the Aook^ hon -wo yomi- 
kaka™. .4*a«iferf«, ahmao to aun., 
shi lu kakaru ; tig kakari. {rgiaiing 

ni yra. How aSeui ikat l^k yett bffr~ 

can ji goio. Togo — ,mawaru, yu-reki 
suru, shi-kaketu. Turn — , mawaau. 
iooi -, mi-mawatu. WaW -, atuki- 

ka ; dteb[Le konna ni oatta ka. 
Above, /r^. and w^. Uye-Di. — aAxn- 
dred mtn. hiyak" yo n'n- — fifly 
ygars^ fio-jQ JO n«i, — M* hrightnf" 
ef the sun, hi no hikari oi auguMi 
Front — , uye kara, kami kara. ' 
™oI .=«-, inip_ no tftri ni. - M, 

a. Migi n( 

DSOLUTB,*. Jfibun Baru, kiwamaium, 
BSOLunoN, ■>. Yunisbl, yfi-meo, . 

\estaim, I. V. Vametu, imu, talBU. - 
from food, shokn acdzu. — frtr 

AiSTBACTT^ Baasui, nuki-ulsushi, nu- 
kiJ^i. Mail an — , bassui shile 

Abstracted,/, a. _ Ki galsukanu,nu3u. 

AnSTRUaE, a. Ukti-j, akiraka nai, wa^ 

kaje^^atai, fukai. 
AnsiTiiD, a. D6ri ni somuku, hisa^lo 

Abundance, n. Takusan, yoppodo, ama. 


Abv$s, H. Sokonakianajigaku. 
AcADBMlCA^a. Gakkeno. 
Academy, h. Gakko. eakuinDnj6. 
Accelerate, t. f. Hayameru, hayaku 

8h6-chi sum, nMloku snru, galen sum 
AeCEiTABLE, a. Ki ui iru, tokoro n 

kanau, vnshii. 
ACCKFTAKCE, ». SbS-ehi, ukelori, uke 

Access, k. Chika-iionikoto, michi. 

"^fe,^?";.™ fc^o"^-^/^";, ""u 

AccBssoBV, B. ToI6 sum hito, sala 
sum hiK, ka>a wo motsu hito. 

Accident, b. Fui no koio, deki-gon 
ayamachi. futo shita koto, Isui shil 
koto. Wi/fiH/— .bujini. Mei'mit 

AcciDEiTAL, n. Fui no, hakaradzu, fut 
shita, fuji na. 

ga'tMaku. ' ' .' - ' . 

wo agcru koto. To elect by — , icbi-d 
ni koye wo i^eto yerabu.^ 

hi — *rf, jiko ni nareta. 
Acclimation, R. likdni naniu koto. 
AccLiviTV, B. K6bfli.aaka. 
Accohuodate,/.h. Teki-tftsuni.kani 

%ora "a. * ' '^ ' 

AccOHHOPATioN, «. Naka-naori, wabo- 

ku, makanau koto. 

ACCOM PAHiHEH-r, ». Tsuki-oiono, soy 

Accompany, /, v. Issho-ni yuku, tsur. 
d.itle yuku. di-da suru, iBukial wo sun 

MB, nfi-3ha. —scholar, haku-galtu- 
sha. —villain, kan-chi naru Tiito, 
hidoi yalsu. 

— , jibun de, onodzukara, fihizea ui, 

LccoBD, /. v. Kanaui Ick[lS sum, «d- 

IccoBDANCE, M. Wag6, kauau Voto, 
ICCORPING TO. SbitagatCe, shidal ni, 
odzuru, oi yotte, tori ni. 

Iccosr, I. i. ' li-kakeiuf ^ °'' _' 

IccouNT s. KkniS,SBiij* aantfi, IVrlt- 
(CB— ,kanj«^i.kaki^sshi. Togi'N 

Bc— ', SJnsradiu! kfttolKbiT Tala — 
of slock, tana-oroshi wo sum. To call 
Is-, gimoii Euru, ii-wake wo nobesa- 
scni. On account qf thii, kooo-yuyc 

To—fKr, yuye wo nob«ii, wake wo 

^emmtnt if — for the debt! sf thf 

I^unSjtt, p!*lt8nj6 kata, tuwai-kei 
Account-book, b. Kanj«-cha, kuwai- 
icco TB » Sh k h ta de- 
icco TB Id tach h ko. 

™'" Kasaaar k 

' fwadiu shite' 
naku, oiachiBB" 


AtcUfiSED, /. a. Nikcmateru, lemb^lsu 

— , wutaiu, koycni. Zp i/t^ -, mala- 

Accusation, «. Uliaye, soah8,m=yasu. 

Ei-koyetu. '/Ifi— , tobi-toyera. ' '/'e 
Ac^o^cr^^^" do'^riku. 

Accuse, i. ■•, Unayeiu, sosha aiiru, u- 

Uukcni, tinmi wo gwaseru. 

Accu8Bi<,s. Uttajre-nin. 

Act, B. Koto,»(aia,abi-i»aia. — a/^on- 

AocusroMHD, 1*. d. Nateru. — ts suing. 

fiiar.ian, maku. /■ Iki — t/doing, 
liiyosbi, totan. —nf itindness,^wi. 

BO-axrera. — la living in a flac'. 

ACT, .-.P. Okooau, ahi-niuktm, - «j* 

—b, hiarine. kikUiueiu. 

(aa/rswiM, yakusoku wo togmi. 

DiJerli, mib^a, katari'lJu. ' ' 

ACEEBiTI, n. Sappasa, kaiasa, ihibuso. 

ACHIBVK, i.D. Togetu, shi-togem, joju 

Action H. Okonai, shogiya,waza, bal^ 
raki. (j^'^f) kasscn, sens6. — utAiDf, 
kuji, dc-iii,(£fi/ii>-e) miburi. 

hamraki kotoba.' 

aSdI^' t^f" 'su''St^sum'""iLdii ni 

Activelv, a.;i>. Isolds, hayaku,ka3eide. 

Activity, n. Kasegu koto, sbussei. 

Acmmr,-. S«pp|<a,SiiQjLi. 

ACTOK, n. Shibai no yakusha. 

ACTHESS, ■- SbLbainoonnayakusha. 

Acknowledge, / 1.. ShSchisuni, akasn. 

Actual, d. Jitsu no, hoDt6no, makolo 

wnee sum, haku-ia sum, wabiru, aya. 

maru. t7- th, 'r^,i/.l of b hlUr. 

ACTUATB,*. p. Ugokasu, ugolcu. Ts tl 

hakuja, hcDtd. ' ' ' ' 

actsalid by thtdisiri a/ gain moke, 
goio ni uEoite iiu. Aciuattdhyfity^ 

AcME,«. Sai(;hm,fciyokudo. 

Ac«e,%.. Nikibi. 

A™BM^.'' K^hkio-Si!'*''""'' 

AcupuNCTUne.H. Sbin-3ut3u,hari.julaii, 

Acquaint, *. e. Shiraseru , Bugeru, Vi- 

AcuTB, a. Sunidoi, toesm, ciko ns, 
kaahlkoi, bayai. — diteast, kiu^^ 

kaseru, TV-i, •ugaaint^^itk, shjiu. 

bjj^^. -^fc«, bosoi ndra. - f^i„. 

AcQUAiNTAMCE, B. Shiru koto, wakeni 

Acutsl",' aSil Suradoku, kibi^liiku, 

AcQiiiESCH, ;.e. Shflchi sum, akitaaie- 

_ Buyoka, hidoka. , , ■ _ 

™, Bhiiaeau, flibu EOru, nattoku sura. 

Adagb, h, Kolowaza, kiD-eeD,kaku-nD. 

AcQuiKB, t. V. Ukem, yau, oiAkeni, 

jin-so, dingai no shiso 

Adakant, s, Kongo-seki. 

Adai-t,/,!-. Kanau,crfiitSsuru,5dzutu, 


Acquisition, «. Yeiu koto, molomcru 

fuyasu, lasu. 

Acquit, A o. Yutusu, mcntUuru, shamen 

Addendum, », Furoku, masbi-gaki. 

Acquittal, s. Shameo, yumsbi. 

Acre, n. ji-lsubo isstn ni-hiyJm-jii no 
koto nan, tamhelsu nite shi tan san 

Addicted, — (k, Eukem, taabimn. 
ADDmoN,«. VosMan. /«-*», b*a 


ni, mats wa, uye ni. 

ACBiD,fl. Kara. 

Address, /. v. li-k^cru, hanasbi ka- 

AcRmiTV,«. Karaaa. 

ketu. — <t Mlir, tegami no uiiMgaki 
wo Euru, tesanii "O lodokcra. 

Acrimonious, a. Karai. nigai. kitusKii. 

ACRIHONY, s. Karasa, nieaaa. 

Addhbss, h. Aie-na, na-aie, yendan, 

Z-,*,i,-rfa«^-,sast;i-watashi. Zi.^^ 

AoEfT,;.' JSd2u,yiK,tokui,tals*Q-jiii. 


IN, «. Hebarf'Buki, nadiuiai. 
NT, B. Zoku sum mono, fuzoku 
BO, Biaki-bilo. 

At>)uciCATB, i.v. S^ban suru, snbaku 
Adjudication, n. Saiban, sabaki, gimini 
Adjusation, b. Chikai, chikawasen 
Abjure, (. o. Chikawastru, ohikai "c 

tsuku'rau : shaku-do wo hakanr. 
Adjustment, >. Osamc. Isukun 

Adhinisikb, *.B. OVonau, segiys suri 

TJON, ff. Kanshio, kaiDpuki 

iDRiFT. ad'!'. Tadavou, naearei 
kDROiT, .1. jadzu oa, kas^ol, 
I^JIm^b. Helsuiai, kobi, 

Ehussd suru. -^ by sbseguiousttgasylit- 

ovANCH, n. Su&iuni, a^an. To ^o in 
— , maye myaku,saKL niyuku, abimpo 
snro, imrf !"■ — , maye-sashi wo suru. 

Draw in — , nu^^uidcu aura, uchi-gari 

sh6ri,kacfii,loku. ^oWis— o/.jodiuru! 
iDVANTAGEDUs, d. Yeki ga aru, dyeki 

iS?^, .i.**K["aVf"S"^"'chaku-tfl. 


fii^ fiire, ihirase, hirome-gaki. 

yeru, ioiafhEmer™ ™ii!^iiru,'kcM« 
sum. {i. 71.} &6dan BurUj 'hiyo-gi stau. 

fo sum, Net — , ilosu bekaruaru, yo- 

ADVocftiB, <. H. Tori-nasu, to. 

Advxncj'. n. Tori-nasu koti 
'nVOCATE^B. To.^-™l-i '""- 

" a koahi-ishi. 

Abbial, a, Kukl no. 

<- ?J^"'. 
"harabM. " 

iian kiuru. 
Afkabilitv, ji. _S«ji, aiso, nengor. 

Affair, a. ' Koto, ji, iraia. G 

aJJS^," /."o''' 'u^ol^uT kanda i , 

furi WD lUtu, niseru, maueru. ro ^ 
affected 6y, kandzuru^ kand^ eutu 

Affection, h. Ai, itsukuuiimi, oasaki 
jftai, yanai, Uyfiki, mochimayv. 

AFF£:CTroKATELV, odi/. Ai sbite, nasak 

m^'«.' Yen,^ ^iai'cr''tliitn 





rf, noboae, giyaku-jS. 





) Osote, odoroki. 




QNT.If.P. Kinifur=m,kini 



wo saseru, bajUaseru. 





Sosogu, fori-kaketu. 

AT, B^D 

Uka, nkamu. 


Kachinile, aruile. 





«ED, a. Migi =0, k 


lir.B. Tallumu. / 

IFTBR,>«>. or nil/. Are ni, nocl 
go. To fellirai —, shiEagau, on. 
— , oi-kakem. — «k, kono q. 


AgaisST,^;*. 'Mufcau.aaka 
somuku. Siriie -,lsuia uk 

Acs, «. Tasbi, yowai, n 
dw,ji-du, lakU Spirit 


isuk'u,' " 

AGOeftNDiiE, /.T>. Okikasuni u s 
. rasem, nobosu. 
Aggrandizement, n. Sska Lik 

Aggbavate, t.n. Omoku 

hadashjku £utu, ^4^£r 

naru, tsunoru, hageahjk am ^ 

Agge" ATi™^' Ol 



Aimless, a. Atcdo nashi, mokutekl 

sera, nanjfisaseiu, samatageru. 
Aghost, mfn. Bikkuri shiK, giydten 

AciLB.'a. Subayai, ^ubastaikoi, te ashi 

Agitate, i-v. Ugotasu, doyoniekasu, 

suru. Agiiattd, ugok'u, doyoDieku ; 

a"So'[I,s. Ugoki, doyomeki, sawagi. 

>G[jN, fl. Fu-h6« kaze-tcpp&. 

uki no'aaa. 

:-T]GHT, H. Kflki no hairanu ya Hi 

ijlle Oku. 

ry, fl. K?;« I^ri no yoi, eawayaka. 




R, .. Wani. 

:;. Wcui-Uukcm. Ueeau, ale- 

Albuoo, «. Me-bo^i, 

Aifuuoi^ <•. Kuwa-shn, uikl 

NT, B. Wari-tsuke. —ofPrsv 



ALEMEie, .;. Rambiki. 


Albbt, a. Sumiyaka na, jo-riultuwan. 


LE, a. Yurustl b=ki, mtnkLyo 

bii alias Sanisuke, Gombei koto wa 



CE, B._ Wari^L, bun. waki- 

Alien, «. Gsikoku-jid. 

AlTEB.o. Gaikoku no, lakoku no. 

kslo, li 

Alienate, f. v. Hoka-ye utsusu, tftza- 

fclU-gaoe, sashi-kin. 

k«u. (/. e;.) Abo-dzukiubi ni nam. 

». Ma!tta,sasi.. 


_. V. Ate-tsukeru, yoBOfete iu, 

Alienation, b. Ulaimi koto loEikara 

, aiaS-^ukashi. McrsM- , 

ga[, lanshia, kicnagurc, kiyoki. 

y>ii« a «»-H. rakuba Buru. ' 
Alike, a, On^i, bitosbii, do-yo. 

AuVE, I*. Ikite otu, Lkiru ; n[Riyaka, iLi 

na. Tt iiip — , ikasu. 
All, a, T8us6,ab[ineie; niBttakii,inina, 

u, h6-ba, dzuppori 

ftLLECE,/.B. li-lateri 
Ullbsiancb, B. Chiu! 

ahitaeau boki koto, 
Allegoby, 11. TalovE. 

dLLBVlATE, (. p. Nad 

ru. kaniku sum. 

*LLEV!flT10W, H. Yawa 

LLURB^ f. ii. Sosonokasu. hika, liil 
dzLiri-komu, tauci-konau, aasou. 
LLURBMaNTE, ft. SasoL, Buji-komi. 

yuki-tod'okaiaru t^iS^naki. " " 
Almond, w. Hadankiya. 

Almost, aih. Sude ni, ma roo naku, 
hoUndo, BundE Hi, bodo-naku, fflau 

Alm&^ n. Sc-piotsu, hodokoBbi, BegLyO, 

no. ttdtt. Hitori do, 

^LOUD, ddjf, Ugoye olte, lakaku, tak^ 

iLBEADV, nX." \XA,v>ith the prit. Una 

of Iki veri: -- ' '-=— 

Alia, haya, mo 

haya, «. 

nia Kill it al- 


u. henka- 

Altbbcation, h. _ Karon, arasoi, kenku- 

icbi nen oki, — ptrssHt, ichi dId okL 
Alternatk, B, Miyadai. 

hitouu-gawari ni, utte^; 

ean. JV«f — , sbikata ga ni 

Although, fpMA TBio[,kemlomo, iye- 
daiQO. tomo. shikashi-nagaia. ZiW 
formed by the !ui. jiert in ditw. 

Altitudk, H. Takaaa. 

ALToaETHHR, adv. Isaho-ni, ichi do ni, 

miyCban, kohan. 

mo, taune ni, shyd, lAsbi-^i, shor-chiu- 

«,- / a« ^*, wa^ushryanS 'i™! 
/am cafiB£-,»atSLkuihi labcteom. / 

kuaki wa miydnicbi Koto ye yubu, 
Ahalcau. h. Kin rui niLdzii-kane wo 

naiete am kane no na. 
AiiALGAHATE, (. P. Maittu. koodiuiu. 

Amass, ™™' T^um™ lakuwayeni, Qme- 

Ahatbub, b. ShiiSto niti sono waza «o 
laDosbEoii ni konoDde sum hito. 

AuumoEK, H. Sokohi, koku-naUhB. 

AuAZB, t. V. Odorokasu, taoiagesasem. 
^Miawrf, odoroku, tamagern, bikkuri. 

Au^'uLrr,™ '^'rok[, givolin, bikkiH 
Ambassador, n. Sbnha, xhiseuu. 
Ambeh,«. Kohaku. 

Amicaalr, a. Shitashii, muuumaiLi, wa- 

oksnau. Sfiai ~. i>-a 
okooau, Ta ra — , yuki-s 
m;, «. Wage, »i«an. 

ri, danyatu, 

nchi, chiu. 

"i.iFw.f.v. Hitokusutu 

6kiku cutu, 


fane fi kalcatte im, or, iLari wo oto- 

^NCHOliAGE, s. Kakari-ha. 
Anchorite, a. Giyoja, moknliki. 
Ancient a. MukashJBS.furuld, inishi- 

o.csni. To. narabi-ni. oyobi 


MDOTE,*. Mediurashii hanashi. 

SBOID, «. Sri-4-ki. 

ri cha- 


QEL, n.'''Tennin,'ien no isyka 


CK.. RLppnku, i^ari. ha. 

OLE,-. Ka<lo,s™i,fcakii:u 
idagu. t.v. Tsiira. 


oucAB%- lSibn"no. 

GUV, a. Ikani, haralalail, 



iMADvkBioN, ». Imashime, 

J>saine, hihan. 

o. chi. 

DshA.chiku-mi. —kingdom. 


mi. — >Brf,niki.. —sfiriU. 



iM*u:uLH,». Mtdemlyenu 



IMATE, (. P. Iki-5aaeni. ikaae 
u*atsi.»«m. hagtmasu, sei 

n., .ei- 


^i/mlfi iidS'u-r'^ ""■ 



^MICT, «'. Uran,i,nLkmni, ik 


Anklb. B. ABhi-kll~bL ^^RC. 



HALS. K. Rckishi, nendaiki. 

,, kiri- 


HexL./.... Yaki no modosa. 

SSARV, n, Iwai-bL —Bfadoalk, 
.TiuH R. Chiu, kaki-i», chio- 

4BN0V, i, w.^aJmrawasu, k 

«. U 










Kaku »D hadiurecu, 

Answerable, «. TsuEunsu beU, kaki- 

ANTHEM, B. kamt wo hai sucii K 

Anthbe, K. Dzui. 

Antic, a. Kokka! na, odoke na 

Odoiie mono, kokUei. 
ANTicifATE, /. V. Mayt-moIM 


suru. Ts thiBk a/ iH -, may«-mo 

Antieoib. n. Doliu-keshi, gtdoku-i 

Akti-fhb^i^, "^ Sho-yen-iai. sl 

Antipathy, H. Kirai, nLkiimi. 
Anti-phlogistic, n. Shi-kin-iaJ, 
Antiqumuan, «. Kojilsu-ka, kobul! 

Ahtiqdatxd, a. Ko-fa na, fimikusiL 
Antjque, a. Mukuhi, foriii, ko, km, 
ABTiQumr, «. Mukaahi, iniahiye, kose 
Antiseptic. >. Shifu-ysku. 
AKtiTHESis, n, HanC^, uiahara. 
Antlbk,x. Shika no tfuna. 

j, D^i'. Akiraka ni, : 
I- Uitaycru, w&ho sui 


a«. so. tasliii. - 

^ ii^j«- iriu. 



L^^N.'^^^Na, » 



reru, isokera. 

kdIgbT'*. 'sSin'o 

-mono. tTH/Hj - 


NDOi,«. FuiokiL teuika, hoi. 

RTAiK. ;. ». Tsuku 

wku euru, ka- 





USE, ,>. Homare, 



,«.' Rio^. -/ 


eAH^,''i Tsu^ 





,kiyS, h^cmi. 

E™' m'' 

DVoto-diukai, ki-diU' 
Kidzukawashii, ki- 



on^ M, K^ye-ka^u maye-dar* 
0PO3, -zA-. TmLk, ch6do. 

TIOK, B. Moshi fcolo «te S«fu 

TOR, «. Saltan nin, giySiii chiu- 

i. Chin. 

. Han-getsu nari. 

,H. Ite. 

,,n. KiuJuHu, shiuuttu. 

cr.H. CWku-m-ka, 



AKiriiuETIciAH, n. ^-jutsu dI ta»h[. 

larii hito. 
AcK, X. Mukaitai kedzui no toki no 

hako bune ; Vudaya do Shin-den ni 

oaaraalle aru kii. ng hako. 
Arm, H. Ude, te, yeda. ~ of thi sea, 
_ iri-umi. C/Wtr Ae — , wakTan shila. 

^KHAMEMT, M. Gunfci buki. 
bmob7 i. ^roi kabulo, k»Kh[u, J!l^. 

IHPIT, B. WakiDOEhita. 

IMS. B. Hel-ki, bu-ld, gun-kh U 

N, t. V. Yobi-dasu, 
Jk,'^ p. Nataberi 

AiiBAv, H. ' Sgnaye, narabe. 

Akrav, 2. V. Sonaynu ; yosoa, she-»ku 

Abeea'r, n. NofcDti kanc, lankin, sha- 

IBRIVE, i, V. Itani, chaku auru, turn, 
tsukn, tDChaku auru, I6rai auru. 

inEooATE,-/. T.. Yedaibiira. 


Aeshnal, H. BukLlakuwa 

Abt. ». Jutsu, s 

Abticle. k. Kajfl, tado ; ja, mono, ihi- 

Aotku?1t'k, To! H™»su. """"*' 
Artifice «. HakariEoto, ledat:, ukumi, 

Aktlbss, a. Mohaku na, ahojiki na. 

As, fffi^. GoIDku, tari, yS, hoda, ni, 

niEcyo. Takt at man^ at you wani, 

tear, BhimbO dekini bodo no atsuaa^ 

'Tvii^, Ye'do^'j-S'" "o^i I^?'?'™"5 
ge as inffn as I aiH done eatin^.vaxaku- 
shi gozeo talw shidai ni yuklmasu. ' He 
kas sot come as yet^ katc wa imoda 

™v; di 

rui ko-Jiukai ni 

da kara) itom 

awodasu. StBf 



anata ga Iflri-ga- 

doni by 

Jibun no h 

Ksuni [okoro wo 

tad as 


B. Noboru, 

,«, Hoboru 



kiLte-miru, lada- 


.p. fefsuni 

B, Hajile 

[u. hadz.ikashi- 

mboku iisb[n 

keru. Ehiniau. Stand 

ISKANT, flrfi..^ Nananie 

LsFEBJTV, V. Araki koto, karoki k 
arasa, karasa, shibusa. 

AspiRB, t. z/.' Nouniu, negau, iliflshb 
Ass, n, Usa^-ULna,_ r^ba^ 

Assailant, ». Stme-te, seme-kakeru 

vEav' r. Bunseki, fuki-wake. (<. ;/.) 
Bunscki tun, fukUwakeiu; taaie^u. 

minkiyo'surn. oaitokuBuru. '(hJ Sb 

.E^SOR, V. Wari-uiikc-kala, 
j^VERATE^i. V. Ik-baru, kotsuj&sbha 


isukeru, meidzuru; kimt,j, bunsan 

isui-ni. — least, semcte. — tki ^ist. 

dashiwmo. rai/^;feflIa/oji,hashi- 

ra wo atfi ni shi.t blichi-kaketu. 

AssiONMENT, B. Bunsan, shmsiia-ka- 

>ri. • 

ATmRST,o. KawakiBru. 

Assist, 1. 1..' Teisudau, lasukeru, juke- 

ru.Kwawo su™, shfi«n suru, yakkai 

ATLAsts^' Cfiild!U^fl°'' "™""* "'■ 

Atmosphtok, «. Tai-kl, kdki. 
ATO«.i.. Irfyin, bunsW: 


Assistant, s. Tetsudai iila, suke te. 

AssuB, K. Saibanjo. 

Atbdcioi;e, a. FiKoi, fucachi na, (iito- 

AssoOATB, (. V. Kumi-awasttu, {,; ».) 

Tsuti-au, diikidzukn, majiwaiu; ku- 

doki na. ^ 

Athopuv, h. Rui-sa, yasHU-koto, kiyo- 

Associate, n. Totnodachi, lomo, bA- 

Attach, t. E, Taukeni. tsucu, musubi- 

Ass^ciATioN, J.,; sha-chiu. 

Kuktra, isunajju, soyetQ. y.v.t Tsu- 

Attache, n. Fuioku no mono. 

kuehi-wakeiTOiutu, . 

Attachubnt, ». Shflshin, shfi-jaku, 


Iking that itfalH Is it In 
dorwubiku sum. 
AssuKANCE, s. Sbfika, ukea 

I, tasbika-ni 

iTTAiNT, /. '^' Cbijoku^'uuiMru! kll 
kin wo Bulceru. 

LTTEMiT. i. e. ' Tamau, yall'e mlrii. — 

mini.' (b.) Tam'eshL ' 

imlhisici.isaMmia. \i.v.) Nt^^ 
iteru, k[_ we uukini, kSiD, lomonau, 

ITTEHIUHT, n. Juaba. k^a nil, kai- 





B. T)sU 

ku aura, bosoku 


hosokij nam. 



B. Sb6k 

0, chlkai. 

Kini, II 

al6, yosoO. (».) 




miyedai nin. 

T, V, P 


biki-yo^ra; iaa- 

c. Ki! 


AvoiBLB, a. Kikoyeru. 

AuDiToit, B. ChSmon nin, kanja no 
Auoiw.b!'' NcJE-kiri. 

GUH,i. p. Uranau, boku si 

AvojD, /. p- ManukarCTu, saketD^ n* 

^vowEOLV, m/p, Katua 

Kagiyo, nariwai, giye. 

hoDta no 


n. K=ni,isei 


ran-nin, Wpt 



<. Ich! ni« d 




Shf^in ga n 




a. _ Tuutem 

_ yempei, 

oy™— .jOBitaranu^yaku ni tatanu, , 

a"^^.d. T6nitalBu,Takuni tatsa; ' 

ai kayeru. {(. v.) JSdiuni. Ts — i 
fftu't K^^, jddzuru- 

hai'iiii auru. Tirsa —, iUMia. Jf»« 
■ — , aigeni^ Te eo — » sani. yuku. /** ^ 
— ,sbiDiau,ks>adiukeni. ATr^ --,yuku 

A\vHiLE, o^. Shibaraku, wkoihi no 

AiiKWflBD.ii. Hefa no, bu-kiyi na.bu- 

saiku na, tsutanu, buckolio. 
, Awl, n. fciri. _ 

AwEV, adv- Ma^tte, yiigande. 


n. Selsuin, l:6ka, cho 

iyaEAru. okuTCTIL ma ga warui, dei 
BAcTy^ Warui, uhiki, aku naru. 
Badger,™. Tanuki. 
Badlv.o.A'. Warukii, ashiku. 
Baffle, /. Vm Murtashiku saseru, 

M AdiukSi. ^ed'nin. 
Bait, h. Ye, ytba, yaa. Te iali . 

BaiS, V. ™ Viiu"°< i". B.) 'Yakeru. 

Bakb", ». Pan-yaki. 

Balakcb, b._ TemiHn, hakari, Biiri-«: 

Balance, t. v. Tsuri-awawro, hei-ki: 

^'t'.) 'Tsuri-l'^aldniii naru. 
BAtCOMV, H. Vengawa. 

Rankaa, obathima, te- 

MakUmomcn, hakuta 
SajLKiku, yamadachi, 13 

ki, se ; kan<Njcashi, kawa 

" Kidzuku. 

, n. Tegata, katva^e-tegaa 

{, H. Kawase no kayo].<:h&. 

Banner, ». Hala, hatajiru^hi. 
Banquet, n. ChU^, furumai, sliuycn, 

kiyo-«. y. J".) Chisfi sum. 
Bantam, H. Chabo. 

Babtung,'».' Hiyo-ko. 


H ska 

I/. Ta.aku. 

1. H6Iai, d 

Kassen, s. 

Bawl, /. o. Nakii, sakebu. 

Z-i. "^ 

H akos I 

ihiniu. Ta bt far, t4i. Ti- bt Urgt, 

,E J 

Bean, n. Mame. Spes. Adzuki, sora- 
iTiame, daid£u, yendC,, iogen, saaage. 

EAR, n.' Kuma. Ai griat —. hagun- 

B '^ Km hi 

B H » E 

ihlnobu. — iatlciily, shimbS auni, 
gaman sum, fcannin suru. — ut, Ca- 
yetu, shinobu. Thi!slaxd6ears^.£., 

RbaiSblk, B. ^Koiaycro. 

Beaud, a. MiK. — D/w^a^nogi. 

EEABER.n. Muuu hilo.mochi-te. f«ai> 


fricf, n= wo kogiiu, nMiru. - ok 
uchi-fiBogw. — txto, iichi-komu, uchi- 
iieiu, o>By<-kofnu. — time, hiyeati 
wo toru. - to itatk, uchi-korosu. 
— Is fiica, uchi-kudnku, buchi-kowa. 
BU. Tht htari htats, sbioiA go ^odO 

Beat, n. TIchi, hjyftshi, moehiJia, cho- 

Bbatifv, '. V. Gokn-raku ni suru. 
Bbatitude,*. Gokii-raku, an-raku. 
Beau, n. Dale-sba,_dme.fcoki. 

eisa, rip 

Bbcaue, iiHf. N'uia, 

Beckon,!, v. Man 

Bud «. Ne-dokoro; sfiin-jo, full 
/«*«;, ntte'iru. Gitj— ncd 

Bee^ m- MitBH-bachi, — Kivt^ milsuba* 

Bbef» t. Giu-nikUf u^hi do niku. — 

Beer, b. Mugi-iske. baku-shu. 
BaBS-WAV, «. Miisi>-T&. 

Beetle, f>. KoipDC luusbi ; kakc-yx 
Befall, /. t. Au, ksTcsru. 

Befool, t. v. Baka ni suru, gurO SQni, 

jfidan sura, aiakeru, chaka&u. 
BefuRB, ^e/t. Maye ni, aaki ni, omote 

ganien. 7"if Myi uiiii '&trt»-« t»i 
TffiW, fime ga oite dI haahini. 

Befbihnd, M'. Seira 

Knnin shite ffia^aMf """ 

BGETf !. V. Umu, sh&dEurv, mOkeru, 

EGiH, 1. V. 'Hajimaru. (1. c.t Haji- 

iEHAVE !■. V. Okonau, nasu, iiasu, sum, 

iEHA^tDR, «. Tacbi-furumai, okonai, 
mimochi. pyfijft, eiyeselii. 

nokosu, okuru. ' ' 

shltiy* suru. 
Believes, ». Shinja. 
Eeu, n. T&ur%aoc, hansbO, furin, rin. 

rashii^ — fiswtrs, aen-eoku. 
Bellow, ,-. v. Hoytra, naku, sakebu. 

Bmtv!"«. ''Hara^tu. Ti Biontkt—^ 

barabid ni nern, bofuku. 
Beh.V'ACHe, ». Fnku-lsu, hanltami. 

BBLOKG, i- V, Zokii sum. brllku. «ov«rD. 
kisuru, fuzoku, HI 


. Obi; haya-o. 


Brmtrbd a Dora daiake doco ma- 

Bkstow. /. H. Sadiukcreu, alayeru, yaru, 

Bencu b Koshi Lake dai shuasu. 

ESTHEW,/. ». Maki-cliirasu. 

BT, «. Kake-kia. 

Bhnd * Magerii, kagameni tan-a- 

tET.n. Kan«wokaketu,kak=«kusum. 

Mi«a™ Icajpimaru, son! cawaniani, ka- 

iBTBL-NOT, H. BLnrOji. 

ETiHES, lU^ Hayaku. 

eroKENt. ;>. Shira&eru, sblmcsu. 

Kbhsath, /reft bhiu ai ototn — Qitii 

Bbtkavbr, 'nTVoKin. soniu.' 

Betrothai, h. YendiakE, ii-nadiuke. 

BEWAcncN « Mtgm, 

BETTEB.a. Nao yoi, motto yoi. —tUaH 

Bbnbf^ctoi! b Megiim n n 

tnr /<Kl long, issfiakn yo no ni«asa. 


'Z^yi'^n^'i^^S^t mZ'Ph^lA"^ 

BeHEPtcBKT a Megumi okDnawarem, 

Mil, kore yoti U)[e wa nashi. — let it 

lamtmnatu van lai-u 

€[«u^''ri«rto™"^ '^•'^'""-°^' 

Better', a^n. M^hi, miuhiro. 

Benefit t a R.ytki suru tame m 

BitTTEB. t. V. Yoku sum, shi-dasu. 

Between. «>7A Aidani, chiuknD.maD- 

naka ni, ma-ai ni, aitagai ni, tagai-ni. 

To tl^m -. hasamu. . L,t ikU be — 

Bene dlent a J D nam na^dkc nam, 

Bi'Niol^''Bt''yo1ir^u kutaiyamUi 

't-ai,!-*^-' "■'■•"-"■" 

BE^ ir-M 3 Nasake nam jihi no lame 

Bewilder, /. p. Miyowaaa, uro-uro ni 

B^iaK^^T, a Jm-ai naru, nasake na, 

saMru. (i. B.) Mayou, uratayent, tohS 

Bewitch !, p. Tori-csutu, mi-ireni. 

Beyobd, /rtfi. Achira ni, amani, masa- 

Bbnii«bed fi f Shibirerli, kog yeni, 

ni. — ixfictalioit, onuii no hoka ni. 

zoniuwai, znnji no hoka. — an^s 

r™c4, lodokanai. -.„H4't ^llil.^ 
ctikara ni .iinaru. — «« aMwr, hofca 

yon masanj or s^^ureni, Togo — , su. 
Bias,"h, "Kaulbiiki" eU°-lit£i. "~ 

Bebba^e * ! Ton. 

Bekkv < Ichigo 

Beseech t ti Koi-iieeau hitasura ni 

BisLE. n. Sei.sha. 

Bicker, i. I/. Isakau, ka«n sura. 

■^^"t c 5»i<]cKinaru scmcm. 

Bm, 1. V. Ii-lsuk=ni, mHdiuru, yobo, 

BeSIDK jtrri Wak. a kalawara ni, 
soba ni hoka ni use ni mataiia — 

maneku,Bern. —good tnomiag, oha- 

yo lo aisatsu siini. — .pwcT *»■<■, say*- 


nedan wo teri-agnn. 

B.D,=. Tsuk=-ntdan. 

tsuketu. Bismiarid wlh Mwrf ch> 

BiDE,(. B. Jdatsu. — tfw'jiijHB.jisetsu 

BiEKMut, a. Ni-ntn-d^ulsu no. 

Bespeak t -a Mayemolle ii-okn 


gokuJS ichi ban yol At - di shiw 

Bia.fl. Otii.dM. — BW//«/i,dai-5hS. 

Oku yofBSii'eokn "(irfB )"Mi>.Qino^ 


EicoTED, a. Ganko nara, htnknlsu na. 


iianCj— , kanjo-gati. —Bfrxciaage, 
—^/are, rate-mono no 'mokuroku, 

_ To flay 

BiLlIlOB,!!. Hiyaku-mannohiyalni-man. 

wood, ki DO kite 

Bin, M. Hako. 

BiNDIHC, H. Heri, to. 
Oku no fiako. 

Ichi dai ki, hito no d: 

9. Fulatsunikiru. 

. S5jo. 

:, s. Si^i^hoku. 

Slabber, b. Sbaberi. 

BI.ACK, a. Kuroi, koku. - and «»i 

aia, uriimu. (h.) Kuro-iFO, knrombA 

To mail — , kuroko sum. 
Blace-boakd, n. Kirro-iia. 
Blackkn, t. V. Kuroku sum. 
Blackguard, n. Waru-kucbi<n> iamo 

nonosiru. — tankage, akkO, akutni 

Blackness, d. Korou. 
'■■-tsSi,«. K^iyn. 

c-SNAKE,r(. Kiu:(>-hebi, kaxasuJiebL 

DEB, 1. BSk6, ihaben-bukun. 

E, •!. Kalian DD -mi, yniba. A^ 

•rajt, kusa ippoD. 

AELB. B. Togamerateru. 


l.ji. Hetsiu^u, kob 
BKT,H. Netben,h=i 
— /^fier, Ehim-kami 

Blkak-eve, «. Tadart-ms. 

Bibb, '«!' yiiL^XXatt^^"' 
Bleed, i. d. Cbi ga deru, sbuk-kc 

(i. 4 Chi ura toro, shiraku wo aur 
Bleeding, «. Cbi u- ^ — ' ' 

ketau. —fromlh' 

, shuk- 

f, kala-me, mekkagbi. Wiadoia 

ranosbimi. raku. 

. Midm-bukure, mame 

un. — ^/oitrr, batsub 


BLO 2 

3 BOL 

Bloat, i. a. Mukumu. fukurEru. 
Block, b. Koppa, kire, sebi ; hang i. — 

^«i<fl:»Ateumaru;rusagu. ' 
Blockade, /. v. Minato wo fuaagu, 
BtocKHGUi, n. Baka. funuke me, moo- 

BLOOD,*ir''ch"i|"k^i thisuji. — wt- 

Blood-sucker, b. Hiru. 

gani, mugoi. 

no, chwnamire no. 
Bloodv-fiux H. Ge-keiau^ cbi-4iudari. 
Bloom, k. Hana. hana-zakaii. — ^ 

B^*V.*=.. "sakuT^ru. 
Bloomimc, a, Sakaru, sakan natu. 

Blot./.b. Sujnideke«5u,yogosu. - 

Ili^irB Siki"™"^™"^'" 
Bloiting-fafek, b. Sunu no sui-lori- 

bS™b. Uchi,taK,ki, Ail0w<^M,sa\- 
kiyo, shukiyo. Tocamitublev,!, tata- 

Blow,!. I.. FufcB,aaku. — b/, haretiu 
fiiki-toru. — b^, fuki-toGaia, fid^nra- 

fuki-komu. — MfflSjt, fuki-MML Tu 
BLOw-GUK, b. Fuki-dzulsu. 

b1:^^^Tb. "^^6?" '"' "''""■ 


BLUK.BOT11.E-FLV, B. Aobai. 

Bluff, b. And, arappoi, kenso na, bu- 
kotsu na. 

Blundeh'b. Machigai, ayamaebi Dchi. 
do, bosahs, (f. X.) Ayamaeii wo 

^Ni'bnk'j a^™,''i,n°ni'au"J.°"'" ""' *'""' 
Bluntlv, arfp. Bukolsuni. 

Blush! ;. p, Sekimen sum, akaramu. 

BoA-coNSTRicTOB, B. Uwabami. 

BOAE, B. O-buta. 

Board,™, la, inakanai, dd. -o/Pnb- 

•neit, Giyabusbo, K=i-b&-ji-mu-kiyo- 

BoAiiD,(.B. lBwDharu,makanau. - 
B i4»t, fune ni noni, non-taru. 

Boarding-house, b. Ki-uhiku.yado. 

BOAKDING^SCHOOL, B. Ki-shlku-g^ko. 

Boasting, b. Jiman. k6man. 

-'^a.Vfl:«-,funa-d^u. -feHi^,funa- 

B^^/.-B. Fuaenihakobu. 
Boatman, b. SundS, kako, 5ui-fu, funa- 

Bob,'b. Furi-sagenoomori. 
B<.B,(.r. -i.*<.4^flrf,atamawofuru. 
BoBseBV, B. SMa sawagi. 
Bobbin, B, Tsuki.tari. 

Body, h. Karada ahin.tai, ua, mono, 
nakama, kuwai-sha. 


—, waki-kobo«ni. 
Boil, A B. Niro, wakasu, seijiru. 
BoiL,B. Han-mono, nebuto. 

Boiling,/. B. NiVetalMoru. —wa/ir. 

BoisTOiousLY, a^!.. Sawagaahiku, liage- 
BOLD, n. Dailah no, yuki no, iaamaahi- 

Bolbness, b. Dtutan, yfiki. 
Boll,.. -o/™«»b, 'vaa-mi. 

Bo'^t"''^"' ToS''u.*(himeru : futu. 
BOLT,,-,B. Kakc-dasu. 


na: sh5iDDR« vakui6-shA. 
BONDHAW,!.. Yafcko. 

kin. ' 

Bonny, a. 

ana, sha-daDa. 

Boom, 4. Kostta, miojiniahi. 
Boor, q, lnaba-mono, zaigo no 

Bosn,jl,jl, Uraareta, lanjB shita. 
BoKKOw, (. V. KatU; liai-ehakn 

BOBBOWEB, n. Kaii-te, ahakuyfi nil 
Bosom, «. Mune. ftiroluiTo, kuwa 
Boss,-d- Mrjri-age: t&dori. 

V. Unusku : 
OK,n. Urusai 

BoiTOHLEBS, a. Soka naki. 

BouGTE, n. Tsu-niya-kuwanki. 

Bouses, i. 'u. HaaEiK, lobu. 

Bound, 1. v. Tobu, haneru. Win-e art 

yeu-fiir-l doko ye vuku ka. 
Bound, ». K^ri ukai: 

BoirNTIFUlJ.¥, ad-a. Mono-. 

Bounty, n. Mfigiilni, hiibi. 
BouqUET, K, Hilu tsugane 

Bow, B. Jigi, - 
Bow.B. Vmni. 
Bo»BL,». BaiB-1 

> skit, he-saM. 

Bovvv, *. p. Tama-koHwashi » 
Bowlder, ». Baniaku.lul^ 
Bow-legged, a. Wani-ashi. 


BOY : 

mail, a. Kodomo-rathii. 

Bracket,*. Uke. 

Brackish, a. Shioke ga aru, shioppa 

Braio, 1. ' Hinio." Te —\ hlino wo u 

Brain, '«. No-dzui, na-miao, no. 
Brake, ». Cbb ; — , yabu. 

BeAH,».' Nuka, rus'uma, hakuns. 

Branch,)!. Ko-yeda, yeda-gawa. 
— , vfida ea deru. — road^ waki 
michi. — 7/bi, wataiT-suji. 

Brand,*. Yaki-baD,yaId.w, moyc-i 

Brave, ^.c. Okasu^shiDogu. 
Bravrrv, jH, Yuki, laamasiiLea- 
Bravo, r. Sui-zDku. 
BRAW^ ». KOroQ, keo-tiiwa, takai. 

Breadth, s., yako-liaba, watari. 
Break, i. f. Rowasu, yabura. isubu^u. 
kudaliu, kiiu, otu, kudzusu, kobolsu, 

Bpeak, u v. Yabuteta. akeru, otoroyeru, 
Jiaka-C^yerli, ^- away, tauna wouitt« 

hiri''knhn^ hJna"".' - TJ^UyJ^), 
ahukkuwa. — Mfw-flS.yniiri-kitu. TAe 
tfajt irtn&s, yo ga aktru. 

Bhkakivaibh, h. Napii-yoke, kawa-yolce. 
Brea^-.r. Muae, chicbi. Jfo^cocfiviii 

-, bAuJQ auru, muDe wo uchi..akeru. 
Bbkast.bonb, x. Muna-ita. 
Brea^t-flatb, ». Muna-ila. 
Breath, H. iti. 

Bhkathing,"«; Koldu. '""^ ""™'- 
Breech, b. Sbiri, dayiri. —laad^. 

Sodachi, kiyb-iku, ihU 

CER, n. Kawara-yaki. 

DK, R. HaDa.muko. 
!. Hashi. —0/n ^ilar, Ji, 

Ni-hon bashiia no fiine. 
a. Kagayaku, sayeru, akiraka 
> Kareru. 

Bum. ». Fuchi. 
Bbimstome, h. Two. 

i. !', Mollc-kimi, tsunH 



Bbocads, 11. Nishiki. 

BHOiLli.'i/. Agtru.yatu. l/.'i'.) Yaker 
Beokbh,>. -.. Kawartla, yaburtia, mi 

[, nakft 

Buckle, ». BMSgane. 
Buckler, «. Tate. 
BUCK-SKW, s. Shikan, 

BiiD.'x. Kinome, tsui 

I'lAV, iuUdzo. _icn>fiira:,'Bu^kiy6. 
Budge, .■. II. Ugoko. 
Buff, B. Ki-iro. 
Buffalo, « - -- -- 

BaoNJE, !•'. Kua-kane. 

Brood, f.o, Daku,inoBo-omoi wos 


su™: kidziiku. 

kuyo-kuyo oma. 

Builder, H. Uaiku. 

Bro™,«. Umar«amoBO. 

Building, ». Tachi-mono, iye. 

Brook, H. Tani-gawa. 

BuLB,fl. N=,iino. £,VF-,ynrinone. 


Bulge, .-.c. Dnu, harama. 

Bulk, n. Kasa, skisa ; omo no h6, kuwa- 

BSOOH-CORN, », MorokoshL 


B<o™i^^'K^, BU)Ti?dashi. 

u T.. «. O-uahi, koloi. 

aoL yhaiirr —. oWto. — in-; 
ane-mulu., unoio-muko. 

ULLETIM, n. ruJloku, fUM. 

OLLIOH, H, Ji-Eanc. 

Beow.B. Mayu, Diamiee, kicai. Ts 


ULLOCK, X. 0-UEhi. 

ULLY,«. Chikara»o>anoi.d=lakaba™ 

Browh, #. Kuri-iro. Tii — , kuri-ir 

b[tt.. {(. B.) liimcrp. 

BUL1-EU!H,». Oama. 

BHO^raa"!. p. Kiisawohaniu. 

Bulwark, n. Daiba, toride, botaE. 

Bruise, B. Uchi-kidzu, uchimi. 

Sbush, «. Hake. 

Bumf. /. v. Utsu, biidhi-Hukau. — 

Brush, «. a. Haku. — »/, aaji wo s 

— againil, fuMtu. — off', harau. 
Brubh-wood, h. Yabu, sStiha. 

Brutal, a. Chikiub6 no yb na, mu 


BuM™i",''n.''"vabo, bukoBu-na mono. 
Bunch,.!. Fuaa. 

PuKDLE, 1. !>. TaiiMKU, csultumu, ku" 

Brutish, a. Chikusha no y* na, m 



Buor. H. Ukeei, uki-jiru5h[, uki. 
Buov, /. p. USaieru. (i. v.) Uliu. 

BtlBEAU, n, Tansu. yaku-sho. 
BuBGUR, «. Osbi-komi. yiyiti 

haSm dorobfi. 
BuBGUKv, «. Ysjiii wo kitte i 

BURLBSQUH, a. OkaAii. 

BuBLV.o. TaknmashEi. 

BUBN, t. V. Hovuu, taku, yaku, koga; 

BUBH, If. Vakedo, kmva-stad. 

BURNIEH,'<. B. Mi^u, togu. 

Busn', I. 'f. HareliU sum. yabure 

in, <^i.kowH-"u. (a.) Hasshi. 

BtlBVlNG-GROUHD.' n. Hak^^hi, hal 

Business. «. Shobai. y6ji. kagiyC, 
sbigolo,koto,alioku,giya. Hin, 

Alfkea'gh it II mme of my hn'i 


Jut, tsnj. Hoka. ni, ga, bakaii, tada, 
kereilomQ,Bhika£hi-nag;9ia|to iyedomo. 

UVER, H. Kiu-te, kai-kaCa. 
uuARD, A. Miaago. 

^PBeV'«// hilori'"d'e. 'a^-rfa^ 
Dichi^rchi ni, hi nami ni. ^dBH U 
Aeiise, iye nami ni. Plit it by itself, 
belsunioku, hanastaiteoku. Him did 

come by t> 

□DO hoD I 

dzukeru. 'to lay iy, noknshile oku. 
Br aid iy, iain ni.nociii-bo_daai. By 

iis<iKD,n. Nukemichi. 
IVSTANDES, n. Wakinitatiubito. 
SvwoKo, B. Kuchi-kuse. 

Cabbage, R. Botan na. habotan. 
Cabin, m. Fune no bcya, waraya. 
Cabinet, h. Heya,, zastiiki. lansn. 

Cable, n. Tsuna. 

CADAVEHOtra." fl.^ Shi-flto no gansh, 
Cagb, h. Kaso, on. 


tukima ni uchi-komu. 
Call,/. I.. Yobu, inaneku, iu, conayeru, 
nadiukcnL — hteit, yobi-kayesu. — 
y^i-, ukubekE, ukEru hadiu. — /nrtk. 

Nariwai, kagiyo, giy6, sho- 

Canktbr, h. Tsubo. Tea — , chi-irt. 
Canker, ». Dcki-mono. 


Calh, i. V. Shidiumcm. en 

CAUdLV, aJir. Sfauiiuka ni, o 

odayaka-DL, heiki de. 
CaLOHEL, n. EardiDEr. 
Caloric, h. tJoki, kuwaki. 



, kisoku, kiyo-hS, ji 
t. — n/ikt Btiddhitit, 

Cakp. ff. lingoya.iin. 
Cahpaicn, H. riei-cbi.Ehuisiilm. 

Can, i. V. Dekiru. CtKiaimtd aise it 
iht /&i. Misod of tin verb twdiitg f> 
yeni:Bi,Cfl»*ri«H,raiyem. Canh, 
iiard, kikoyem. Canmt iui tpt^k 

BLE. 1. Dekiru, kanau. kinyA arn 
_..;—, dtkinu, atawadiu. 
Capactoos, b. Hiroi, 6kii. 
OTATE, *. V. Koto no dikitu yS n 

[TTY, fl. KiriyO, SHI, Hy6, bodo. 

RISOis, n. Atsubusa. . 

.n. MIsaki. 

.LAKiES, n. Sen! no miyak-kuwan. 


Capricp 1 Del. ^koro, uliamu. 
CAimcious, a Adafiida na, awa 

Cakicum b Togarashi. 
CAreTAM A Rokuro ahikchi, man 
Cajtaik, h, Kashira. 
Captiois^i. Ko^iotDWD kcinoma 
tau wo u-casani, eiron-gamashii. 
Caftivath, /. p, Kokoro wo foru- 

Card^. "Nafod:^ tcfutla. '^p'la^h 
karuta, mckuri-fuda. , 

Cakoinal, a. Kanjo, dai-Lchi no 
no. — feiHta. shi-ha. — ptit 

C^Tn. SWmta^'^ore-diuk! 
d^kai, kokoro-gake, anji, yojin. 

jT^jin sum, chiiw, Dos't — , 1 

C ™m, t. B. Katamukum. {/. P. 

Carbeb, h. laS^^ (i. p.) Wa 

Cabies.u. Fukos 



ihikinono. (^.v.) 

«. Baaha, 

kurunia: hakoU : 


. C»»-. 

». Ninaokn 

kaBugu hito. 


"' Ninjin. 


V. Motsu. hakobu, tadiusaye- 

on iks !ho 


«I //u: #«*. ou, 


- in lAi ieU, obi- 

uge;™. Haya-gfl 

- iix, tan- 

a, a. Hori-mcno 

-biyi xA wsdzurat 
, moshikuba. — 

eahi, arisama; 

(. V. N"aEeru, h6ru, 
lag^-komu. — dffTun 

TXulX."' '™'^^^'™ 


Casually, iu^. Hakaiadzui 

C^'uALxy.K, Fuji^oto. 
Cat, ». Ncko. 
Catalogue, h. Mokoroti 

Catapult, H, Ishi-yumi. 
Catakact, B. Taki. — o/ 

kohi, hal:U'naiEh«. 
Catamm. B. Kaw-hitE. 
Ca»astropkk^». Tai-h™. 

r, a. Mondo-sho. 

,B. Y^u%"iaadU. 

V. Makanau. 

AR, n. Shakuton-miishi, 

Cat-fish, M. ijaiiiadzu! 

, to ^use ts gi. KakAscru, Ar 

R,'^ K[^^Si fcthd. '°"'" 


Celebrated, a. Nadakaki, m 

Haka£ho. hakachi, haka- 




«. Tog 


„. '^ogaikeru, idl 





HAUIE. 't. J,. Chiu-shin ni Usit. 


ChaIRHAN, X. Kuwai-chS. 

Challenge, «. c. Vobi-dasu. 
CHAMBEE.B. Heya r,™a ->^, 



':. te.'""' 


CTEP, n. Moji, ii,8hiniahi; hiy(k- 
umaic-tsaki, uchi. —afa^ce, 

D£,». "Nkn;. " 

«. v. . Adiuket 

Bemotsu, bodoboEhi-jQoao, 

MiBG,>. a. Timorilii, omoshiroi. 
r. n. Umi-ycdiD, kakai yediu. 

?, i. V. Ou, kani, ' — ajvafj oi- 

. ijanaau. (n.) Hanasbi. 

I. Nimotsu, kagu. 

'. ^. Kuch[ no mada kikaoai 


CHE ; 

2 CHU 

Cheapeh, t. ». N^ru, maleni. 

Chhaplv, arfi'. Yasuku. 

Chillv, a. ' Skmni hiye^ii, Isumetai, 

Cheat, n. Katari, nayakaihi. 

Chime, i. b. ChCehi ni kanau. 

Cheat, I. v. Aiamuku, damasu, icsuwi- 

Chimerical, «. Moebiii na, kd na. 

ni, laburakisu, mayakasu. 

Check, t, v. Todomeru, tomcni, ima- 
shLmeni, sasaytm, hikayeru, ahirusu. 

China, n. ShmaTlura, mDrokoibi, u- 

gsku, Mdo ; HtoDiono no taem. 

ChIme^"' ^a-jin. ti-jio. 

Checkers, h. do-iihi. 

C^EEK,-. H6.h6\«la. 

CmRp'- J^'^^i^cWn .0 sayediuriL 

Chisel, «. Nonii, tagane. ^'/cnen.*- 

suru, kisabi wo okosa ti^onasii loki 

fe^j-, ^ 

no koye wo ageni, chikara wo Bukeru. 
Cheeh,«. ToELnokDy=,in-!hoku. 

Chloeofobm, 0-_ MenSsui. 
CHL0B03ia,H, Oban,i6biy6. 

CHEESFUL,a, Kieen yoi, kokoto-mocbi 

Chock, /. t. Sen wo kau. 

no yoi. iao-iHi to shila, kokoio-yoi. 
Cheesless, a. UttoshiUigafusagE. 

Chqbk.full, a. Ippai, 

Choice, nTYerabi ; goliuhin. beppin. 

Chekhh. e. V. KokorD ni idaku. kawai- 

Choir, n. On-«aku no nakama. 
Choke, /. v. Tsumeru. shimeru, fusage- 
ni. (!'. p.) Miiseru, laumatu. fusagaiu. 

galle idako. 

6»i«Y,H. Sakuta. 

Chess, n. S\iap. — teard, shSEt.bao. 


Chest. «: Mune, hako, 

Chop. ;.V; Kiru, kiiaUu. '— sff, kiti- 

Chestnut,™. Kuri. - jV«, kuri no 

Caop. s.« Kiti, mi-hon. te-hon. 

Chevaueb, b. Kjba. buslii. 

Chop-fallen, ,. Memboku nai. 

Chew, (. v. Kamu. hamu. - M* cud. 

Chopfing-block, 1. Mana-ita. 


Chopping- KH iPE, «. Hocho. 

Chiceek. b, Niwalorl, hiyoko. 

Chord, ». fch'sshL Ts — , chBsbi ga 

Chicken-pox, «. "Mi'dju-imo, iDidio. 

Chorister, k. Ondn-tori. 

Chide, t. v. Togamera, koraau, ima- 

CHiEy, a. " Omo no, chd-Iara, laiseuu 

na. —,<td. shu-i. 

Chief, s. Todoii. kashira. 

Christmas,-. 'Kiridiitono tanjoW. 

6kala,'tabun,t»l«. _ 

Chronicle, n. Bekisbi, ki, kimku, ti- 

ChIl^Ib,'^! Shimr-yake. ' °* '"' 

Ch^n.cle,;..'. Kiroku ni shiruso, ki 

Child,,. Kodomo, shoni. Ta i, -^ith 

Chbonoldgv, n. Nendaiki. 

Chiis-sirth. n. Sbiis9an,EaR,ko woumu 

kolo. ' ' ' 

Chbvsaus, n. Banagi. 

Childhood, ,. Ilokenai loki, osanai to- 

CHRYSANTiKUUM, n. Kiku no hana. 

Chuckle, ;, i.. Sesera-waiau. 

Chum,,. D6-n,a, 

CHiLD^LiiE," a. Kodomo-mhii, shfini- 

Cburch, n. Knwai-d5. kiyo kuwaldO, 
kiyo-kuwai, kirishiian shii-mon. 

Churl, <f. Bn-aisalsu na hilo, bi.-aiso na 

Chiij., n. ' Samuke, okan, furui, samuaa. 

CmjRUSH, B. Bu-ahalsu n=, b«-aL«S ra. 

Chill, I. v. Hiyasu. sainuku sum. korn. 

Chub>j. «, Giu-raku wo koshiiaycra 




Cicada.-. S™L. 

koto, saii-iDlchi. 

Ckatb«,». Kidmooalo. 

Clah,b. Hamaguri. 
Claubeb, i. B. f ojim, yoji-nob 
Clahob, ••. Sa»i«i, &6d6, omeki 

CiCATBBE, i. I.. Kidzu ga naoni. 

CnjEK, A. RiDgo nils kostairayetaru no- 

(/. V.) 


Clamp, n. 'Kasugai, ohikirijime. 

CiNDEK,n. Keahi-dzumi. 

Clandestine, a. lliwka-naru 

Clahpe^inblv, .icfc. Hisokan 


C.mra.»; Sbirushi,tucb^Ki. 


Cipher, (.H. SanySsuru. 

Cla™, H. Kachin-kachin nan. 

OhcliIh. Man. wb: nakama. ro-, 

Clahshah, s. Kuwan-iuku no b 

Clap <. t. Tacaku. —the wing 


Circuit, ». Mawari, garari. 


CiRcuiAii,o. Marm. -/«&>-, Vuwai. 

Clap, M. Hata to utsu, pishari- 


ClafeoaRD. X. Shitan^riLa, T^ 

— ,ihi. 

CiRClILAB, x. Kuw^.ja. 

CiBciiLATB, ;■. p, Mawwu.mtguru. e.w) 

CL'^pX-'l^UcbS^no shi<a. 

Mawasu, megurasu. 

CiRCULATioM, K. Megiiri, mawari, jun- 


Qi^Rl™^; «.^'£&i=inau. 

Clash i. v. Cho-cbo to utsu 


ClBCUHSCKIBK, /. V. Satal ahhe kagini, 

kachi to utsu. 



m^KukuidakuXke^"'" " 

Clasp, n. Ko-haze-gake, abitotQ 
Class, jt. Bu-rui,nii. Thi/ou 

CiRCUMSPBCTiDK, H. Tsuuusliiini, y6- 


affcuf/i, shi-min yotsn no taff 
Class, t. v. Bu-wake wo sum. 


CiEcuiisTiKCB, H. Koto, ansama, shisaj, 

sh^ in^lii- OW-"--) ShinshD, bungen, 
shuidi A<:coTdittgti, — , Icolo ni yo- 

Classical, a. — language, ga-^ 

Classics, H. Kei-sho, k8h.t™,go 


Classificatiok.ii, Cuwakenosu, 


ClRCUUSTAHnALlV, adv. Kuwadlku, 

Classify, (.5. Bu»ake wo sutiL 

shisai Di, Eaimlisv ni. 

Classmate, B. D6-hai, ai-dwhi. 

CiscUHSiANTiATK, i. I.. Kuwaahiku in. 

Clatter, t. k. Kacbi-kachi to u 

CiBCUMVHHT, /. B. Azamuku, damasu, 

katani, taburakasu. 

Ci!l^', ^ Ko, kajo. 

Cmcus, n. Kiyoku-ba. 
CiOTBHN, n. jJidni-lanie. 

ClavkiIh,™. Skkojsu. 

Claw, n. Tbuim. Ts — , tsune d 


ClTAlJE^ X. Sh[ro, homman.. 

Clean, B. Kini-na, kcppaku na, 
isa^yoi, ihSjb, kiyoraka oaru. 


Cn-E /. r.. M.SU, mBbi-dasu ; biku, 


Cleam, Bifti. Sappari, mattaku. 

Cm!H«,«. J(Miin.k[riu-nm. 

Cleab, *. p. Kiyomeni, kirei ni s 

CmziruSHip, B. Junin oi naru kolo, 


Dim-betsu ni hairu kolo. 

Cleablisess, ». Shi>jo na koto, 


ClTV, «. TokBi™i,fil. 

Civil _fl. Kunino; oenjon. na. -war. 



ku^ ' *^ 

Clear, a. Akiraka nam, kiToki, 

QviLiTV, K. AiaO, nengwro na kolo. 

ka, sawayaka, bakkiii to sbiia, 8U 


CmuzAnoM, ■. Kai-kuwa. 

Clear, I, V, Akiraka ni sum, sum. 

Civilize, t. v. Kaikqwa sura. 

aaay, taarau, toii-baniu, tori-r 


OviLLV, (Uft/. Nmgoto ni, winei Hi. 

-*4ewK*,«ki-ba™wos.mi. - 


jisho wo kai-holsi 


c!:^™!'Ka,aS'°"'''' '*"""'■ 

Cleaslv, adv. Akiraka nL 

Clbat, H. SSD. 

momea. WVwil^M — , ladia. 

CLorHa,(.r. Ki«™,'kiru, ^haku .ur 



Clothes,h. Kimono. iruku, isbS. (Car 

Clkit, b. Wari-me, auVi-ma, 

Clothihc, B. Kimono, ^t\^,ishe. 

Clehkkcv, B. Kuwaii-jin, jinrfn. 

Cloud, ,. Knmo. <r. ^.) Kumorn. 

Clbhknt, a. Euwan-jb Darn, jin nam, 

Cloudless, H. Kumo-nashi. 


Cloudv, a. Knmoru. — weatAtr. don-Ic 

CLEPSVDitA, n. Midzu-dokc[, l6kDklI. 

Clove,™. Chiji. 

Clom-n, n. Dokorfnono, chari, niwak 

Clerk, H. Sho-ki,sho-jaku, hEssha, iu- 

kidoban, yabo bukotiu Da iDoan. 

hlKu. J/«-f*a»/'j— , cholsuke. 

Clevek, a. JMiu iia,,nkfi na, taaliikoi. 

Bflhft ™' "' » " °^ " "" "»• 

CLOV,i.I.. Aku. 

hilsu, — at 'ia/iiar, oD-bEn. 
CLEyBBLV.Brfp. J6jlUI.i.kashikQku. 

Club, n. B6, Dakama, renju. — Aipi4£« 

renin wo kiimu. 

"i-i-.-iS—"-'- "-■'»- 

Cluckihg, 1^' KukiHiaki\ 

Click, H. Haiikuato. 

CluhsJ, ». liea, buiiiyo n'a, Bulanai. 

cl^iT' GalS."""*"""'' 

CmsrEB, K. Fusa, muta, mure. — 

CUMATE... Jilrti.ySki. 

CLiuAX,n. Saichiu, mas-saicliin, cakari. 


Cluster, i. p. Muragaru, mureru. 

a^"^'\%. ^■pis^.iriS^ 

Clctch,(.p. Tsukamu, nigini. 

Isuku. hitBuku, nebaci-Daku. 


CfucniuH, n. Giyi«ha._ 

Clipphr,™. Haya-bune. 

Clique,h. Nak'ama. 

CoagulateI I. !>. Kaiamaru, ^ySko sar 

Cloak, «. Tombi-kappa. (i. p.) Ka- 

COAGULUM%. Katamari, g!?cik«>u. 

Coal, n. Bckitan, ishi-dzumi. — o/^r 

CiocK,«. Tokei.. 

Qki. 7-fl - a j/Mwer, jokosm 

geta, bokuri, a^i 

e. ^bidieru\t 
sa-koku sum! 


. Kurabcru, kiyfigo suru. 


NC. B. Torinoke-a 

n. Abura-iausbi. 

B,n. TL^i-ti,. 





1. ODajiki, hit(»h;i. 


B. Shlin., muri ni 



«. lyegaru koB. w 

cmkolo. Duri-oshi. 


DSJidainD, onai-da 



.V. Kanga; 

N Gakuiaon-JQ, gakkS. 
. 'Selutui wo alia kara Ii 
». Tiuki-ataru koio. 

CoMitzANCE, ». Kokoroye 

shiru k 

sabaki, sbi-hai. 

CflGNOUEN. H. MlWl.Hi. 

CoG-«nBBL,«. Hi-juruma 

CoHAurr, I. r. DOktyQ »ur 


CoHEne, /. V. Hit-lsuku 


CnHESiDN, •>■ Mil-t9uki. ku 

Co.L^(.B. Waganen., maku, ton 

c"l,^ Wagan<,maki. 

-hel, u. 


CoiN,(.r. Kuwa-heiiroin 

ComtiDB, /. B. Kanau, 

Miuni, BU. 

CoraciDEKCH, «. Kanau kg 

Cold, a. Samui, kiyitaru. 


loilai.kanjiru.kan; utoi. 


odo\u. --y 

. H^ mud dsa 



, s. Doki^-yakustaa. 

',' UtaukusK^ki™ 
Hdki-boshi, kei-sei 

a. '^ayi^nl. anshin 
Mke-taru, okashii, kokkei 

TsuffO yoi* hcn-n you 

Commence, . 

, B. Tadori. 
H. Tsu-sh6._ 

An'— JikkaL 

. Chiu.kai, c- 
. Chiu-ktusu 



.. hiio. 

Koyeki, akinai, bAyeki, 

Ko ni suiu, Ealmami 
III, fubin ni 

I. 'Tsuki-ai, msjiwari. 
:. Nakama, hitg tokom ni 

, n. Tori-kaye. kawari, tsu- 
1. JQri-Aaymi, isugunaa 

. Kalaneni, kalamaru. 
. Tomodachi.hobai, M™ 

CoMFAHV, n. Nakama, ^a-chiu, kuwai- 
sha, kiimi, renohiu. — 0/ laidifi. het 
lai. Slercan/ile — , ahd-aha. 7a:ti 11 

AV(* — , tsuki-BO, oimiwara. 
^ ".nraliu beki. "- 


narabi nasbii mit-nu, hiru 

hikaku s 



[Compensate, t, v. MukQ, hadxum, k^ 

l.v. Hen-shu auru, sa 
bhce', 's. Kokoro-yoki 

CoHPUiHAHT, a. UlIaye-katB. 
CoMPUfljNT, ■. Naeeki, nakigotn, 

COHFLAiSAHT, a. T«nei na. 

CoHPLETK, (. p. JSja suru, dek 
shi-ageru, logcru, ahi-togcf u, a^ 

m=i^ «. Iwai, shSgi. Te j 
>:»hiku moahiaoro. (/....t 

'."S^cW-"tsuk'u, heiki de iriu 

COHPOUND, /, V. Mas 

»; "kooior'u^ fukumiT'o 

Concave, n. Kubomu, kuboL, nakahiku. 

Conceal,!. 5. Kakusu. 

Concealed, f. a. Kakureni, shinobu, 

:[T, R, Omoi-tsuki, kufQ; jiman, 
bore. Ob! a^- fl/, aki ga deru. 
^tSD, rr. NainagikiDa,unubDreru, 

^VABLE,a. Hakarareru, Doiol-nu- 

jvit,;.!/. Haramu,kii«ai-mntotu, 


CoMCHUiiKG,/™*. Ni isui'le ni oite. 

dan shi'te'sBdamern. 
CoNCEiTT, «. To do in — , soceu suru 

t. Mekake, shs, tekake. 
rcH,». MuMboA, En-yoki 
, Shochi suru, d6i butu, fi 





i.™'i ni sadameru 




». Herikudam, keasan 

mihnn :' 




LI, ahinrui, aldciEara, ahO^l, 

C™fute%. a.^'HSS'sasHu, ii-Eui 

C^GEA^B. .Kaameni. ii.t,.) 1 

C™^UL™B,^^okoro n?kanau, a 
CoHGENITAt. a. Umare nagara no 
sMlUs, caidoltu. —disease, se. 

CosCESTioN B. Chi no ichi bu-bi 


iNiTV, «. Onaji d 


BBSS, «, Cliitalt 



CONGRBOATIDH, K. Shu-kuwal, 

kuw^, atsiuniiru kolo. 
CoHCBSis, ■, Gi4n^ shii-gi-in 

i, tokushin ; [tchi, 

-aau, osbi-hakaru, 

CoNjucATK, t. V. Hatarakasu. 

ComJonctiob, k. (gram,) St 

CoKjuacnvj., «. Keisii-maku. 

COMJUMCTUHE, a. Ori-luahi.ori 
ki, CDkorD. 

; mAshi a^stpi koco. 
Adzuk^, takusu. 



CoNEioNOB, ». Adzukenin. 
Cdhsicnmeht, b. Adiukari □ 

adzuketu koto. 
Consist, /. e. Kanau ; aiu. 7 

CovfiifiTEMCE, R. KalBsa, k&sa. 


... NaguK 

Lv, adv. Hiidete, m 

lelyaku shite kuwada^ 


MncrarctakotD. S»' — ,mnn-Di,shuU, 
isiXTCr, (. p. Chyimeru, ihimcru, 

:r, t. V. Tsukurn, koshirayer 
mOkeru, zdyei eum. 
TnoH. B. KoBhiraTHU koto, 1 

NSTHtiK, /. E. Honyaku sm 

.NSuL. J RiyJ-iL -g™* 
(uji. ^'l«— , fufcu-riyiji. 

Consummate, t^ v, J6-JQ Buru, £hi-to£i>- 

— , lankete oko, tsuketn. Tt Ir in — , 

ni koto : yaku-bivA, yeki^ 
Contagious, a. TJKniu, den-sen surn. 

CoiSTAiK, t. V H^a, iJ^; fukumu, nost- 

Com-AMIHATH, I. p. Kegasu.yoEosii, fo- 

CoNTEWfj, i, p. Tyashimeru. karondzuru. 

taiua nagamem ; kangayeru, kayeri- 

CONTEKPOTAHV, a. Onaji tokl no 
CoNTBMiT, ■. karondiuru kolo, iyaslij- 

CoHTEui>nDLB, 1. lyashilu, hirelsu na. 


diuki no, gir 


isakai ; setUi, lori^. 

n-diuki na. 
H, Anshin, chisoku. 
Giron suru, rondiuni, 










<iu. Tayema-naku, t 

CoNTokT,*.B. Neiiru. 
CoHTOKTBD,/. B. Mcjireni. 

Jtsu, tsuki-ku. 
. ...^kidzu, uchiiDi 
B. Naio. 

s, Uchi 

Contract, h, Yalmaoku, yukujs^ uk< 
j6-yaka. Wtitttn — , jo-jrafcu sho. 
CmiTRACnwLiTY, x. Chijimerareru ki 

CoNTBAKiETy, s. Sakar6»oru koto, 

ui nam koio. 
Cdntrauwish, adv. Ksy^ its. 
CoBTRAKV.fl. Giyakana, hant^ n 

CoHTRARV, 11. Hantai, urahara. On tkt 

i.v. Vori-atsumaru. 

r^ a. Majiwatie oru, Kvk 

Tt.' ^&™asu, danwa >ur 

. Naka-daka, maiui. 


Hci-ka saieiu 
''. YobUiBuni 

CoNVOKB, t. V. Yobi-aiBumeru. 
CoNVOLUTBD, a. Makicaiu. unekura. 

COKVOY, s. Keieo. 
CoKvuLSE, *. p. Tliki-isuli«-ii. 
CoKvtLSiOB, n. Kiyiffl, kd-ren, hiki- 

COO%.' Halo no naki^ye. 

Cook, (, v. Taku, riyflri surn. — iy 
^iVij^^ niru^ taku, noeru, senjiru, yu- 
deru. — 6jr iaiiag sr rsasling, yaku. 
— tyfryins, ajera. — bji irsiltHg nr 

Cook, u. RiyOri-nin. 

Cool, a, Su4ziiBhii,_ taumitai^ hxjrakoi, 
hiyayaka pa, heiki no, ochi-ttuitant, 
Dloma, utoi, habakati naki, yenriyo as^ 

Cool,*. P. Hi^mi,'s™osii?''(<. ™)''Hi. 


Copious, >(. Bakit-iai 

ATE, n. D6-ban, dobaa-dzuii. 

Shira-sak[, Hi^hO, utsuahi ; 
£esbo, sDk6,bQnsho,Tehon,bu, 
. Ulsusu, maOE wo sutu,iiia- 

£, «.' S»-sbi. 

— i«edici<H, ki-tsuke no liusi 

, fjoJtokQ. (hi^ 

COKONEB, «. Kewhi, kantoku. 
'■ jHATiON, B. Sha-chiu, ku« 
)KEAL,a. TainD karada. 

raks ni suiu, hakkjri to siu 


COS^™'.^' Ne^Staki kojild M. 
CosTVHS, n. IfukUi ish&t kiwooo. 
Cottage, a. Koya, iye. 
CoTTOSt Wiia, mSinsn. kiwata. -jfBW 

moor''^^/flri«, rncm^ku.™— w^ 

mek-ko. ^ — f bV, mensen. — J-IB, ki- 

Couch, f.v.' Neni, fusem, kakusu, suku 

CottG-a,*. Seki. 'j/di'i«— ,taii-seki. 
Cough, i. c. ScOci wg suru, seki ga dera 
Council, b. Kuwaigi, ahoii-in. 
CouNSHt, Ji. lkeo,BoiUn, Jampin; riyo 



COUKT^-KABCH, i. V. ' Hiki-k> 
COUHTERPABT. w. jU-kata, wai 
■.». Tsun-au. 
o, Uwaenkivrai 
Uwagaki; id-: 




jht,b'. Nwa,na] 

, JCyaku, yakiijfi, yakim 

JUS, a. Ton^ku sum, musabom, 

3WABO. H. Okubiyonin, 
^wAEDJCEj n. Oku-biy^ 

i na, shlbuloi. 
, hiWku. — /., hibEki. 

Fll-r—, liaB!h: 
. Pachi-pachi ti 


,«. N6:«ai-koIsu. 

1. 'chitEmen'. 

J. Wnku. 

». Kuwu-un no vai:e ana. 

, Vebukura. 


iiW.ii. Shj^tSUu koto. 

t"'d= kau, ki-gXSf' A//«i ". 
le uru, kAZ^a^Tci^r-ef la my 
.I-maye n[ kakE-ireru. 



linyS HI 


B.Aji. ' Fugu ni natu ; sonjira. 
•.. Kiu4!ii-issh6 DO toki, Uwa- 

Kanui sha,l]i-lLiy6 nin, me- 
Kiwado[f kii]-shi-issh6 no. 

Cbop, *. 1 
diru, a: 

1. kame. , 

■u'. "(i. !'.) ''i^l^t^l^™^. 1*^ 




snra^mon »"™-^^ 


BD.a. AshTwo kunde in 



»,». Dadakko. 

i, mine. 


, «. Yokn^ . 


X. Yokn-nioki, tsuji. 


a<fe. Yoko-ni, yokoiama 


», "^'Shijen, hadzn. - 


:. Kanab6, kanateko. 





a MiiBoi nasakeoo 

nal muzaa 

,f>i.ini6 na,>akuj6 n^ 
ku na, kawaiso na. 

i^Ltn na, 


rv, ■? Mugoi-n^t, jak 

■n, funinja. 


.i.v. FuStnileBka 




R,«. Sbirigai, 



oshi-kudaku, as^uru. 


». Uwa-ka»i, kara. 
,». IjEgawui. 


U Hakt, kotu snru 

yobn. - 


akebu wameku, oaiek 

i, sDshiru 








LLUH, i. e. KSru.ka 




Cud, #. l^*«I' M< — . neri-kamu. 
Cudgel, H. B6,tsuye. 
Cua, «. MaK, motodon, tabusa. 
Cuff, i, h. Te d= lalaku. 
Cura.K. Sode-guchi, 

CuLi., t. '.' YerabL-" oru.' 
CuLHiKATK, (. p. T6ge ni iiaru, e 

Cklmibatioh, «. Sakari, iSge, s 

THSHAw'l; "'Sh^n° mono 

IP, 1. V, amtucube wo kakeru^ 

1RABLB, a. Naosarctu, lyasaretu. 

IRB, M. Kutsuwa- ^tf// — , ido-gawa. 
ISD, •!. KaUmattini cbicbi. 

|R£,'A. Riyaji, naam koto. 

TRR, i. V. aaxisu, iyssu, riyCji turn. 

iRiosirr, n, Kikiiagpru koLo, medzi^ 
FREous, a, Medfuraabii, kimiyA Da, 
]RL, i. V. Xejuu, mageru (^. v^ Cbt- 

Pfl>er -', ch'o-h«, sbi-hei. ' Tegivt—, 

montk^ to-getBU, kon-^tsu. 

JRRHNT, n. Nagare, nukO, - — tuaffe^ 

^£Nn.v^ adj,. ^smie oi, heini ni. 
JREV. «. ;>. Kusbl-kediuru, kslzuru. 
- AiW, koWlu, toriJni, 
IKRV^OHB,fl. Dmanokushi. 
JRSS. /. c. Norou, tokobu : komaiase- 
m. (i. P.) Nonoshini.akkoaimi. 
JRSE, ». Noroi, akkS, tatari. 

JXT, d- Mijikaki, 


CusTOMHB, n. TokuL kiyaku. 
CiiSTOM-BousH,B. Unjosho. 

u, yoi(!ogiru. 


akeru^ Isri-hirakUf kiti-saku. 
kir^Lni, fciri-komu, — ea, 
kiri-au. AitHti to — , kiii-kakaru. - 

kiu-kin wo hiku. — and dried, maj 

— ikr ie€tk, ba £a 

YCLOKE, B. Tsi-fa. 


VHBAL, B. NLyohachi. 
YNICAL, a. Eikulsu *u ii-ta 

su-bcki ma t( 

Koie ni au beki. 

a. Kuiu, Iciuai-vami na, akiiaka- 
lu : kakuicru ; a^nd. (i.). Kiira. 

m.^'b^' Kuraku suru,\ummeru, 

ESS,ii. Kura^ami kurasa. 

JC, d. Kawairaahii, airashii, ilA- 


Datb, m." Gappi, igki, korc 
Datb,/, ^. Gbp[m wokaki 
euru, loki WD sadameyi. 

kiyft. /iVii rfoy of iht HteitiK, lauiii 
chi. Last daf s/thi month, misok; 
First dat o/ tki fear, ganjitsii. La: 
dt^ oftHt yettr^ fi-jniaoka, D-tKuinog<tr 
Anotker — , la-jiBu. _ Daf after t, 

day after to^msrrirm, ihi-asalte. Day 
btfore yesterday, oto-toi, issskiijitsu. 
Day by day, mchp-nichi, hi-bi nL 
What day f ikka. Day-time, hiru. 
AU day, iHiMau, Eiiery 
etktr day, jchi-nielli-olli, kakl^ltau. 
third day, mikkl. oil. Day and 

Every thir 
ttigii, chiu . 

Vio^i ,. 

Day't mori, iri- 


Dav-eook, ». De-iri-ch«, dai-fuku-chi 
Davbbbak, n. Yo-akB, skaKuki, uabc 
rake. Before — , asai-madaki, bipiei- 
Dav-labob, h. Hiy6, iri^ihlgolo, iri. 
DAy-uHOESB, s. Hiye-iori. 

'. Mabiuhili 


— /rif.kartlaki. 


a. "Shin^^^^^dii ni kakjuu. 
. TsunbD naru, kikoycnu. kiki- 

iii, segiya suiu. ii.v.) Akinau, 
- ■<!,ilh, lorLUlsukau.'sWhl 

Grsai — , yohod 

. - wood. 


suru hito. 

'U^. Takaka, Lwk,.. 

Shi. ii/Janrf— , !ei-Bhi. 
z/. KJndiuru, klnzei sunt, kc- 

■:: Su^ 



((.!..) Ara- 

E,i. HOloniQ, 

ni tutcni; 


E,«. Shakuy4-i 


m, n. Saka^ 
. s.' brorc 


»^. &,Lnoru koto, shl <.-. V.) 
t. f. itsuwani, a?aniiikii, tia- 



II, ketchaku sum, ketfudsn eui 
>, a. KctsujA naru, meihaku i 

/. IT. Hiki 

&hi-ha]Qj^ koco. 

konai, giyeJO, ^yOgi, giyaseki; gS; 

k"'^. "FukaTotr'noTii'iooi.' — (/» 
EFEN, TV. Fubaku auTU, fukaideru, 

^E3^«.' Fiika3ii"kos». 

ER, H. Shika. 

fACB, /. V. MunElsu sum, londzuni, 

f ALCATiOfJj fr. Adzukaii-kia wo kasu- 

!> FAULTEff, n, Adzukeri-kin wo kasit^ 

■)Vl1i't%- Kstsu,fusegu,miiDa?hiku 
^ uro. Di/iaUdt^to. 

> fhcated,'b.' Sumu. vi. i-.) Daiben 

J FBCr, «. Kidzu, ilami, kake; fusoku, 

taraou tokoro. 
] FECTION, ». Suteru koto, staiKzoku 

> FEcVivE.B. Fu5oku nam, fugu na, 
l^aNDANT.^Hf" UtuyeriVeru b[lo, nke- 

EKENCE, H. Ki-fuku, kci-hiku, t! 

fihimi, shitagau kota^ 

ciBKCV, j.rTi.sokii, taranu koto. 

fin""/";!" Kwameru, sadamerii, ki- 
' }'[NiTE,a. Kiniatteoru. 


, a. Shimo ni sa^ritaru. iya 
. Do.kurfli.hodo.dan.kakij 

kikUtamaye. doka o kikL-kudas 
Dhitv^ fl. Kami, shin. 
Dbjbct, /. B. Ki ga fusagu, u 

Hiyfigi sum, kanga 

hila, kiyasba na ; 
'"oiahii, kekkS n. 

CE, i. V. Shimeni, Ehitom. 
/. s. Tasukeru, siTLu. walasu. 

Ronjile akiraka n 

o^ no bil^m. 

lATE, t. V. Nadzukeru, gO su, 
\K-noti,«. Kb, miySmoku, shushi. 
Katai, ahigcru, shigckL 
Kubomj] h^^mi. 

:)N, »^ Ha no hayeru koLo. 



Mi^Mai, iDokudu^ aokai. 

ETi '. &- S^Ui yuku, dfru. 
BTHEKT, ' n. Shoku-tim, kakari, 

Depend, i, v. Yora, kakiiu, tayoni. 

i. n. Ka-tbD, kuchi-uaki. 

x,f. s. Kenaiu, h[haa su 
tu. C. C-) Yasuku naru, gE 

Irade^ fu-keiki 

Dbpebssion, h. 
V rtiVte, ki 
/rooQ, fu-keiki 

Dbpeive. t. V. 

!T, ». s'una-baia, ?abak'u, sunapi 
Chi; mukuL Aiev! on^ s —,f.uii 

rrER^ V. Ochi-iDu&faa. dass^ni 

iVE ,/. !■. Uku beki, moraa bd 

CATB,/. B. Kiwakasu, hosEU, 

Dhsign, «. Kufa, kuwadate, hinasal 

DaslCNATE. *. w. bhttusu, abLmEa, 1 
Ti: shasiiru,go5uru., 

omeiul -4/i/S(«i^x, tai. 

«„,Vvrf a^ , 


a. — diaase, naora 

T ID n 

I> -ts ru mi 
Okapplt mm t 

>HVI)THE, n. Shu- 

Devoutlv, adv. Uya-uyashiku, shio- 

T>Bw""' Tsuyu, ro. 
DECTaniTv, H. Iftd^u, lakiadii. 
Dexteboits, a. Jodiu Da, cakunii na, le- 

. MDn9W0iukf.tB,ii- 




DlFPESEHCe, ■. ChigaL, shabelsu, kabe- 
DirPBRB.vT.V. Bosu DO, hoka no, ta, 

I>tprose.i.p. Chi,=»u,hLromeni 

y- !^.) 

Chin., hiromuu. 

DiG./.P. Horu, hoji™, u 

gatsu. — 



dasu. — uf, hori-dasu 

hirafcii, abaku. — lA 

rs^gk, h 


ebO su™,'k<iiiaaui jg 

ku =i>i« 


DioESTiBLH, a. Sbo-kuM 

DtGETjow, K. Sho-kuw 

DiGNii'v, I, 9. Aefunciu 



DiGNiTARv, «. Kamiur 

mono, k 


ri™nT,T"Takaki kiirai.kaku. 

DlOR^"°.;%. "Hoka 

utsiiiu, hanaslii no Co 





Dil*tabm,'b. Hiromer 

DiLATK, tn. Hiromera, 


■um. (/.v.) Hiromar 




Dilemma,™. .Tohft ni 

DiLiCBNCK, K. Benkiyft 



iiNunvB, a. Cliiisai 
<l.Y,ad-^. Bonyati, 

ipm,B. Yekubo. 

HBB, »! Yahan. 
, (. !■. Tsukeru, hita 

LOMACV,'l., KokSj 

Jlo, shiKIsiinoBatc 
— PSs, H. HishiJiu, si 
DlBBcT, d. Maxima iii 

me, tBukaaadori, kimo^ri , ii-rauke ; 
ye, hogaku : uwa^ki, na-3Ie. 
iRECTLV,a^t-. Sugn D!,jiki ni; n 

iiRBCTOR, fl. Kimo-Jri, tori-ataiikai-nia, 

URHCTOHy" «. Tokoro-Eaki, 
iiRif, «. Kuwai-kcQ, aikuchi. 

riRTV, d. Ritanai, akadruku, keganni, 
yofcotera, akajimu, biro-na, inusai. 



IS, o. Fi-shimvase no, fuka 


^9. IMus^o. ii-kesu, ^ oi 

DlSTORD, t> 

koto, nak. 

t. ■v. TO wo musubishi mono 


Discount; i 

VH, (, f. ShinkS senu, sdinie- 


iloma wo yam. — frvm e0ce, sb!ku- 

am.i'^&i^""— "S^^akkin ^ 

Discharge, *. Halsu, dcru ksto. — 
from tkt nesgy ao-bana, midzu-bana, 
nana. — from the eyes, me-yani, me- 
kuaa. —^AsnMc can. m[m1-dare. , 

IDsu. (/ais.i Ki ga fuaagn, ki ga 

DlSEUBAKE, t. V. JO-riku ian 
Dl^MBOGUE, /. V. Nagare-ocI 

Disenc^t"(.''e. Mayoiwohi 
DisENCiTUCER, I. ^. ML no ji 



lANCHISB. t. V. 



RGB, 1. 1.. Haiti 



1ACH,». HajL c 

joku _k4 

n, na- 








iSE,*.p. Shinob 



sr.^.f. Kiiawa. 

gusted with, klnu, Dikum 


'i?;^. Kirid. 

NEST.i. Fu-siojiknu-chiu. 
NOE,s. Haji,kakiD,cfaijo1m. (l.v 

. Kaad6 &UIU, hochlki; 

. Tsuka »D abaite kabaD< 
3, a. Hiiki Daahi, kata 

Dislike, f. ». Kirau, kanDmadzu, Euk^ 

DithaUrd, p. f. Hone ga chigau, 1^ 

jasu, hxdzusu. 

, suaoL, wabJsbiL 


,<. f. t' 

H««i^, iiDbashira 
IBUAVBD,;!./. 6s. 
IBUIS. ("^Okur. 





Wtmtu iu, & 


». Ku 

beisu.cbiaai, s; 



Hdiau, haniu, tok 


bjjsatoh'; Bf*Su^i.'6^rakL 

V. Chitas 

kujiko, ki wo 

Due hadE ; arawasu ka». 

B,«. Ikaii.f 

S: > 

V. Narabu, 
konjS, shdne 

narabC tori- 
LL-shiBU, Mi- 

suii-ai, fu-siS-i 


Dis<jurtUFiaD, >.>. K»iia»aim, Ickilo 

ri 10 shka, akiraka nam. mcihaku oa- 

DisQuiKT, i, V, XJeokasu, anii-saseni. 
DiajlIISinoB, n. KtKhaku. 

DisTiNCTioN, n. SkaheHu. kubtlsu, be- 
date, vrakacbi ; na-dakaki, nukinaets.- 

DiffriBCTLv fl.i». Hflkkiri to, akiiaka. 

D1S1.BU8H./.P. KonpiBadiu,klrau.. 



DlSHNGUlSHBD B. HiJdMaru, nukind^ 
taru, na-dafcaki. 

DlSBA-nSFACTIBN, ». Fu-dim-Biku, f«- 

■okn ni oniou kow. 

Di^^y r* kalwturu. 

DiS3BCnon,«. Kaib«. 

DissBHBLE, ^ D. Tabokeru, shirabaku- 

'r^tsukau?"' ' "'"'' *^"' *° """■ ^ 

DlSSHMIBATB, ^ l;. HiMn..rU. 

haibunsuVu'.n^kem. bai'issum. 

D.S.BNSioN,^ So™Ti,katoQ,ara™i,i.a. 

DisTHicr, 0. Tocbi, tokoro, riyfichi, 


D(s™gBT (. J.. Ui8gau,ayashLniu;shLD- 

.MU. silinya Mna. (n.) Utaga!, aya- 

shimi. ' "B , y 

DisTUBE, 1, II. Ueokaso, saivagasu, mi- 

daau; samatagem. 

Dissipate, (. d. Haiau, baiasu, Icku, 

Dissipation, «. Chirasu to«, haraBu, 

Disunite, i. 7.. Wakeru. 

Ditch, a. Dobu.mLM, hori. 

Dissolute, o. H6i9tsu na, dAraku ns. 

Ditto, adv. Onajiku, dozen. 

Duty, H. Ufa. 

Dissolution, b. Tokeru koto, kudiuM- 

DmasTic, a. Ri-™i-zai. 

™ koto, yamera koto, shL. 

DiuENAL,a. HUoani no, mai-Dicbi no. 

Dissolve, t. v. Tokasu, yamcru, hai4h[ 

«.tu. t.,..) Toka,Sy=x«. ■_ 

ln"^f°k Muguro.kugura. 

Diver,-. Muguri. 

cboshi awanu. 

Diverge, (. ,1. Wakai.K dero. 

Dissuade,/, n. Kolo wo senu y6 ni su- 

DIVBBE,B. Iro-iro, 3ania-zama,machi- 

Distance'. 1. TAkisa, sida, soveo. — 
iy !ii/. fun>(|i. mat it lit ~ U 
Yuia f Yedo ye doDO kuiai. To leak 


DisTAHT, a. T5i, yempa nam ; soyin ni 
nam, utoi, hedateni, iSialtaru, tono- 

»ara«as«u, lara&sii : hiki-toni. 

Divest, /. v. Nueu, muku, hagu, torn. 
Divide, /. «. Wakcry, hidatcni, kubaru, 

DtsTAffTBTtn.. It. Madzui,iuiiakuDa;,ki- 

DlSTBMPBR, >. Wadiorai, yam^ biu no 

Divibatiok, w. Uranai, bokuzei. 

Distil, (It;, 'jo-riu suru,*turasu. 

Distillery, «. ShacbLu wo jo-riu suru 


Divine, n. KiyS^hi. 

DIVITIEH, ,. UVaoai-ja, boku-sha. 


' ' ?^"' "" "' 

Mii^r^'nlkm^'kiint^u. Teal ^s 

Wkatskalildoti&shWb) Bowkai 
you will, do iUce mo, idzure ni shite 
mo, I cannol ds il, i<:V,-aa. Any 
body can do it, dare demo dekiru. J?o 

SI, {tiara), Eobo, 
yikaltu 11™, Domku, 
. IsLi, ishi, kusushL If. v.] 

Kanashii, wabishii, 

DOHESTlCATa, i. V. . 


E, /.>. DekUa, sunda, jsjfi 



oi..i. ShioiOBurukito. 

Doom, /. t,. K=i-batsu ni mbrfii- 


'h,ii. Temmd, kii-bnuu, mu 


K,'-. To.mgn: 


B,». Fuk„,dh6. (/.P.) KUE 


,n. Ten,chobQ. 
AGK.B. Oi-bo«ni, rOmO. 

BLB, a. Futaltu, BisSbai, fu 



je-seud. —~a/svd, riyehm'm 




DoU&XPDL, d. Utagawashjl^ ibu 

obouufaantu, fmhin naiu. 
DoUBTLi!a&, d, Chigai-naku, moc] 

Dove-tail, h. ArLzashi, ari, musa. 
DowEK,«. Jisanfciii. 
DowM, a. Shimo, shila. — «e "pm-, 
kawflshimo. Co — , kudanj, oririL J'aji 



DiuGOH, s. Kil>a,ki-hM. 
DkajH, h. Dobu, geaui, DagaatiL 
Drain, t. v. Hakiseni, niH™, stit 

»A«A,». 'Kiyagen,sh:iat 

wo 'mi: 

RAPER.n. Shttsteya. 

iKuiGHT, ■. Hikii 1»1D : aliila-gaki, 



RAB-; f. V. Hiku, kaku, nuku y^aku. 


— ™B!«-,kiimu. — WiW.thiwoIoru, 

Ehiiari we sum. — ix.sukkomu, hiki- 

Driver," « 

shime-kiikeSi. - B/M, chikayoru, 


nuku, nobfuu. — eff^ shirizol 

iRBci (/«T Mr' thif dra-K t 

ald^ lamui kua idnikuioati? o 
Draw-britkb, n. Hanc-basKi. 

Dreary, b. UtiSshii, wabbhii, nion 

u, yosoAu, kaxaru, Isukoru, ki 

(.■. ».) Kiiu, chakuyo su 

u .^riffii, yuti ea fuiii-tsu^ 
Kiri.ch6rcn, keiko. 

-ra."'— rf™i, oi-kudMU.'^ ?n^ 
komu, uchi-koniu. — Ikrou^A, 

-«/aJabwn, cho- 

o. Tatako, buBu. 
Kusuii, yaku.yaku-shu. 



Di-PLicATs a. rmaKii no. 

DruKKBHiss, n. Sake ni yotci kolo. 

DuHABLB, B. ' Mochi ga yoi", oagaku la- 

Dry, o. Kairakitara.hEni. 

DuRATioN, ». A[da, n=n-sfl. 

Dmina.pi-ef. Aida, uchi, ghiii. 
Dusk, 8. l^^kuf^ala, yOkata. 

Dav| / V. Kflli^u,"i;ir™kflreni. 
DUAI-PE1NC1H.B5, n. In-ye, ni-ki. 

Ddck, «. 7-a-K -, ahin.. (F.VW -, 

a^.'iX cLiioniii. 



Dusi^PAM, ■. Gomi-lori, ehiri-lori. 

DuBTY,«.' Hokorino6kl,chiri..d8rako. 

DrcTiLE, a. Hiki-yaaui. 

Dutch, a, Oranda no. 

Due, a. AtatMnave no, hadiu. Tie 
tMoniy U dot, shakkEn wa harau Dichi- 

Dutchman, k. Oranda-jiQ. 

Dutiful, a. Kf-ke na, chiugi na, j[Bu 

gen ga kica. Z*< ship ii due ts-day, 
Eon-nichiwaohakiBeSbi. T.>dnnjir 

Duty, n. Tsulome, yakame, Ii6k5, sho- 

msney it/eri it it dut, uichuen no 

kubun, >ul«ki toloiunja. Oh duty. 

maye ni kaoe wo saisoku eura. Mirri 


DuBi,!.. Hatashai-id, shi-M. 

Dwell, i. b. Sumii, oru, jakiyo aura, iru. 

Dull, h. Nibd, don ; ottashii, toioi, 

Dwelling, PH. Sumai.ju-sho. —heme. 

iye, uchi, taku. 

Dwindle, i'. it. Hera, chiisakii nara, 

Dis,t.v. Sometu. 

6sht no. 


Dying, a. Shinde ora, ahi ni kakalte iru. 

Dumplinq, n. Daogo. oianju! 

Du«, *. P. Saisoku sutu, sellsuku. 

— wBrds, yui.gen. Nevtr — , fu-sbi. 

Dunce, h, Baka, gu-niQ, koke, lawake- 

Dynasty,™. Dai.eho. 

DvsENTBKV, B. RibiyS, akafiara. 

Dung.)!, Fun,kitio, unko, koyaahi. 

DuNCHON, B. KAya, get*. 

ahlgalakf kolo teilai. 
Dyspbiea, h. Ikigire. 

DuPB, 1. V. Damasu, azamuku, eukasu. 

Each. a. Ono-ono, mei-md, mra-men. 

Earnestly, ad-u. Icbt.dzu-n 


goiojii, mai. — oMo-, tagai-ni. Altit 
iy au, ■a.kiH !x^itd to lAi jw/ n/ 



EARNmGS, n. MBkelaru kan 

e, kiuki 

viris ,- at, talaki-au, tf iial each 

EAR-ncK,'R. Mimi-kaU. 

EAGE"'n. Hagende oru, kibiabii. 
Eagle,. Wa^shi. 

Eab-ring, «. Mimi-sane. 
Eakih,,. Chi, (sucBi, Bekai 

Ear^«. Mirni. -^/«».,ho. G,V*-, 

Eahtmenware, n. Setomono 


Early*, drfp. Hayaku, loku. -risixg. 

Earthly, a. Chi, sekaino. 


EAIiTHqUAKE, B. Tishin. 

E«HN, t. V. Mokera. 

Eakth-worm, b. Mimidtu. 

Earnest, H. Hatsuo. — money, Kaaine 
giu, ttkio. 

Ease, «. Anahin.ando, taku, 
raku. anki. 



riVAltD, adv. Higashi nd hd ye. 
tli"nl i.u!i"''ansh^''n'aru,'yasirr3 
,'*. o. Tabeni, turau, liu, ahoku ! 

dama^ yamahiko, hibiki. 

KcDyaku suru, sb 

f 11. KeDyaku, kaariyaku, &h 
sekken. Political — , fcels 

Edg^™U, i.™ii- 

, okitc, sadame. 
Midii ni susuinii kotc 

klyakuft Buru, osmyeru, sbi-komu, shi- 
Education, a, Kiy6ju, Idyokun, shi- 

Effective, a. Kiki ga yoi, Buygki, k*. 
Effectual, d, Sbh-Iocciareru bodoao, 

^FFEhiiNATE, n. OnnaialriLi, niyij^b-u. 

Nagarc-dtru koto. 
,11. Hs]i wo'shira 


. au, hachi. 

. Ja-hachi-ban, jU-hachi- 


. .., Hachi-ju-ban. 

EiOHTv.a. Haehi-jQ. —mii. 

Either, a. Dockira demo, Ldzu 

Ejaculate,!^.?'. Hotsu-^on s 



Nen « 



EUOT,'*. ^r^Sjasi 

<■ Sbimshi, hanjim^ 

uihaku sum, ka^^ 

haku mono. 

Ehigrabt, ,. Kani-gave vrt 

Ean,t.v. Dasu, hauuni, idasu 
Embbagoque, B, Ch6-kel-iai. 
EHOLiTMENr, H. Yaku-ioku, s 

Emotions. K.' ^ichi-j6. 
EupeBOG, H. Tcnshi, mikado, u 
Ehpirb, o. Shihai, matsuti-got 

ka, koku. 
Etipiuqn. Yabu-lsha. 
Ehploy, t. V. Tsukau, mochiyii 

ku^^A ; aa 

y, n. Kara, munaal 


r, /. V. Maha wo tsukau, 
ni-torcru, kokoio wd toraii 


«.hiki.taten.._ . 




». Owari, >hib>ai. Lk ; mak 

Endahcse. I. V. Ayauku sur 
iDE>chx nl kakaru. — ^ropar 

Ehdeavok, ('. c. Tamesu, ; 

inFRAwcHraE?*. H. ■^t^kii iin wo 1 
Sncacs, /. T. Hiki-okeru, uke^u, 3 

iHGAGHD,/, 3. ^w engaged and n 
iMi eo, y6ii site mairaremasm. 2 

Shgacm's^t, «.' Yakusokn, y6ji, sas! 

jin. — iaHguiige^ ye-eo. 
Ebghave, t. n. Horu, Viaunu.lai 

;hkisdL8, i. v. _Taku, okosu. 
^NLAKGE^ j. s. Okiku sum, hiroka 911- 
ru. (i.^.) Futoru okiku nam, hiroku 


owroshii'; &rai;hinfl,smniarina. 
Ebougii.k. or a.iw. Jubun, lam, aku; 
takusan, lanno. JVW— , laabinai. Weil 

Ehhaoe, /, p. Haratataseni, rippuliH aa- 
teni, OcidSraseru, ikaraaeru. To it «>- 
raged, hara ga tatau, rippukn sum, iki- 

ENRAFTUTfED./' >- Hidoku tanoshindc 
ora, hidoku yorolmode oru. 

Enkobb, i. n. Mamu,' kiseru.' 
Enrou., t. V. Chomen ni kakMnru, ka- 

Ensanguikeo,/,/. Chi-mamirera, chi- 

/.>. Moc 

Ebtkh, (. n. Ini, haini, aeera, i«ni 
— schopl, niv^Ku suru, deabi-in wc 
suru. — f » a ^^, kaki-tsukctv, kaki- 
toiDerU' — fiert^ niu-tsQ siiru. — 
(ie>r;rj<*Mrf, ahukke sura. —cn,t>r. 
u/fft, shi-kaketv, hajimfnip 


ashirau ; ga-chisB suru, fUramau ; n^tt 

EiTraETAUiMENT, d. Go-chisft, futuniai 
kiy6-a, UyO, m^iusami. 

koto, nelciiu'. 

sasoii," hiki-irera, 
Ektiee, a. Mattaki, marude, ippan no 

EuTtRELY, adv. Matiaku, sappari, suk. 

hi, shi-kakenikoto, 

Ei4UMERAT£, i. f , Zazoyciu, kanjd su 
iy& luru ; Ehiaai ni noberu, maik: 

H. Tegami, shok 

Equal, a. Onajl, Ichi-rQ ba, hiiofhii, 
torotcc oru, io-yb na, Myodo na ; ta- 

Equai, a. Do-iiai. 

— fetits^ kiyokulfflj Ikh 

. Teau, ydl ; shAloku, dA- 



'. V. Kesa, kak[-keiU, k«kui 

Errand, «. Tsukai, yOji. 

Erratic, b. Buralsuile iru, kolonulM 

Efkoneous, a. Madiigattc Etu. a;amatte 

EsuCTATioK, B. Okobi,Keppu, hedo. 
Erudith,.!, Haku-gaku na, monoshiri 

Erudition, h. Gakmnon, hakugaku, 
ERumoH, n. Deru-ko», hsisuru koto : 

EsmRT"'i(?" KS«r'Biiki-Mi',*keieo. 
Escort, t. v. K«ycj suru, k^o sunt, 

E30PH*GUS, w. Ikuwan. 

EflFECUL, tf. KakiKbetsu Da. betsudan 

ESPIOHAGB, H. _Kansat;ii, metsuke. 
Espouse, *. v, li-Dad£ukeru, yome ni 
Espv, i. ?. Uliagau, mi-tsukeiu, mi-ia- 


. n'akui 

lem, hiiaku. 

l:oyo. — i^/'f^ kaeiti-nMd-juiniyo. 
Eternally, adzf^ Kagin-paku, hale na- 
'"-, tokasliEDayeni^itaa-iDadeinOp 

ar[ ma "iki kdTl^haH naki kolo. 
uKTTa, ft. Kdei, rti-shiki, 
iGv.a, Homcukolo. 
•GiiE,i.v. HoinEm,shQbisiim,iEiS 

nzH, », Kintama wo mukilaru hito, 

EvAPOHAif™';^' SuikinitauI^kl 
EvAStOM.H. Nogarem kolo, nogai 
-.VHB, ).. Kurt-gata, ban, yiibe. 
:vfh; a. Taifiia nan.. - .> 
ch6 DO kadzu, ~ and ^d, ch 

laye, si 

kE. kaii- 

EVBN, flrfl'., 1 

E^^iNG, n. Yube, ban, kuregata, yu- 

SvS^V, Brft.. TaEraka ri, sotoiw. 

ivENT, fi. Koto, hen. 

LvHNTiJAiiv, a^i.._ Tsui-ni, hate ni, 

^w".'" "■ "-'"=«""'' *" -vei- 

ivERI.ASTING?'«. KaSJSiaki, ilsu-made 
mo, tiitlti^a.u. Fn^n —, mu-shi ;ori 

JVEKV, B. Goto ni, mai. — dar. mai 
nichi, nkhi-nichi. hi.golo ni, heiji<;u, 
isune no. — iitdy, dare-demo, dare-JiE- 


Evidence, B. Shako, iikashi. 

EVIDENT, a. AkEraka na, me 

Evil, a. Aim, ashiki, wami, C 
kiyo. — speakins^ akt6- - 
idiki. — rf™^*^!, aku-nen. 

Exact. H. KkhAmen na, shimattuu, 
Exactly, ady. ChWo, siiktiiti lo, kil- 

^tlS^^SW b6 ni iu.o S'o^lsufcete 
iu, kotogoioBhiku Lu. 
ExAiT, /. V. Agameni, homeni, agmi, 

Exjuonr, I. V. Gimmi eoru, sliiraberu, 
aratsmcani, knkoTOmini, toi-tsumeru, 
shi-mon sura. — ™e> i^l/, kayeri- 

ExAMPLB.B. ■Tthon,'mLhon,kibo,giiii- 
y'l, kaneami, rei, tameshi, foriai. For 

VM^adv. HaAahada, shigolcu, 

s. Koj-r— , 



Yoi, K. 



NokOBU. T, 





aiade, notete. 







«. Yokei. amari 








asABLB,^ Tori-kayHarcm. 
». Un3a,™^n,iH. 

t. zf. Hagemaau. okoBU, DdatoD, 
guru, sawuasu. Iaki-uuk«ru. 

1, i, V. Koye wo ageru, e^diu. 

B, ^. p. Kindzuxu, koiowam, 

'. 7.. Shushi wo habu- 

f. p. Togenij 5hi-iogenj 

', 0. Kaflgam] ninaru.gihryO 


5ic«rrf— .keiijutsu. i 
— nK/Aon'O', sbibai 5U 

Tu, Buki-hatcm. (jWi.) Tsutareru, 

Exist, ^. c. Oru. aru, ii 

Eia^™!"!'"c^kolo, ai 
ExFT, ». De^uchi, sani ko 
CxoNORATE. A c. Togs n 

ExrECr, (, P. MatsD. naiDtnn. Aim 
fsrnitd hy tki fut. or dab. taffix 6 «- 

miyoDkhi sbuppan ilaihitnasha. Iijc- 
feci Aim here t&-ytighi^ kon-ban kuni 

OUSLV adv. Bay 

irika^ iri-me, ySdo, kaku*!, 2dyd. 

ki, dku kakaiitBiu. 

B. Jpi^zw na, laBahi-ian 

i,n. Taugunai, aranai. 
3N, ». Tsuku-iki7<l»ki 

;spLjmATioB. «. Toki-atasu kolo, imi, 
wake, ii-wakc. 
:itPLBnvE, a. Jogo, kiyojE. joji. 
Explicit, a. Akiraka nam, hakkiri u 

_:°pi™E™^"" HareKu sum, hanasu. 
Exploit, m. Tenia, kfi, hatsraki, waia. 
ExpLOBB, I. V. Ukl^au, tansaku Euro, 
- ' :un#tu ; saeasu, saguru, shirabertu 


ExpRBSS, K. Haya^bikijakii, bsya, shi- 
ExFRESs, a. Shika-lci shilaru, tashika 
yaku, hiya-bifciyStu. -« itnage^ iki- 
ShflMru kolQ, 

LUhi, koK 

r. Hoctiiku sum ] 
r. Kuu, kaki-kcsi 









ira kangayt 




liKll. hi- 



,«. Ha. 

u kglQ, E 



I, hinob 





Ektihct. d. Kiy«ru, tayeru, taye-hatCTL 
ExnucnoN, a. Ksn koto, kiyini kotc 

!"' ^Srf ni to™ kQtg, OS 

LVAGANCE, H. ^ori, zdtaku, sbaEhi. 
IMELY. d^c. Shigoku, itatte. bana- 


reshigatu, ki- 


. Taloye-banashi, 
. ' Tsukuri-kata, ji- 

muk^u, tai aoru. — aieat, kuri-a^;eru. 

tai nil muki-au. Lasa — , memboku wo 
ushiDAU. StraigAS — , muao, mi^mje 

rau. BiMi Ih. -f'n.r'no'^a^^ 
gan-ien. /xMf— s/lmukiimEdzu ni. 
Ti> •nakc/atti, kankaSdiuca wo suTu. 

FacilHj a. Tt-yssui, tayasui. yasui, 
Facilitath, /. n. \ase\il suru, layas 
Faciuty, h. Shi-yasui kotn, zgsa 


Faction, B. ToW, mubon. 
Factious, a. Giyaku-shin naru. 

Factorv, n. ShIV-tuK 

. Taki«i, yake-hokkui. 


Us! of Muod. chi-mayoi. — keartid, 

uchiki na, okubiya na. 
Faint, 1.^. Yowa1:u nam, klutsu suru, 

lusagani, ki-utsu suni^ki ga tfiku nani. 
FAtMTlKG, >.<»-. Meiuai, ken-nun. 

w,adi,. Yowaku, kasuka ni, usu- 

'AiraFUL,.!. (Mnaru, chiuginojsbojiki 

— soldier^ gMiei- 
■aithless, a. Fn-shmk6 na, fu-shin- 

■aIj."/.^'.' "Ocbinj.^&teru, korobu, aa- 
fokt'ni" —Xkl«d.okar^3loaia3^^ 

iScT. shmioku? wo"lii!aru. — /««, 

imW*, kakawa 

Tk! rainfalls, an 
korabi, tanre, safari, lio- 


lilsii na, niMr. 

ktarlnl, futa^o^ro, ura- 

FjUIH,n. KikgyE,hiyoban,fuliua. 

Fauii-iar, a. Najimu, nateuku, koki 
yasui nenBora nt nire-nartsliii, nan 
— iptrit, om. r«>— .aobaywu. 

FAinuAEm.H. Najmii'. 

■, flrfi., _, fcokoro-ya- 
Kiuiaj no mono, kanai-ju, 

Famish, i. v. Uye-jtni 
Famous, a. ' Nadskai, k 
Fab, «. Uchiwa, ^, % 

Fab, aiio. T6ku, haiuka-ni, hanbiaru 

Farce, a, Odoke-shibai, qhari-ahibai. 
Fare, i. v, Au. To — •aicU, shi-awase 

lumtluouify, ogoru. 
Faes, B. Oiin, dai; shokgji, miEhiii 

shtljaku suru. 
Fascination, n. Shiilaku, kokom no 

ubawEKtaru kolo. 
Fashion, n. Kaiachi, sugala, nari, (uri ; 

hayari, liukA az 



^ASTj a, (^^.aumiy^ana; ka 
wai, tsumaru, — aiietfi^ 3Wai< 

Fatk,b. Ten-iiii.Mni-niMlUn, yakuso. 

''™ur'-. EO-^himbi^fa^, "tai'mT"^^ 
aW c«i*.!^,1'u-«hi. — /afl'f, hon-goku. 
- ..»,< HMiAir, fu-bo, futa-oya, riy^ 
Bhin. — iH /b«n ahuto. 
Fatherless, a. Chichi aashi, tete-4iakL 

Fathom' I.' r. Soturiyfl auni, umi no fu- 

kau WD hakatu. 
Fathomlass, a. Hakaiareau, £oko d^- 

Fatigue, ». Tsukare, kutabite. 
Faticubo, p. f. Tsukaretu, kutabirtra, 
hokkori lo £hita, ^kkati to shita. 

jATrEN,'"^. Koyasu. 

Fattv, a. Abutake no aru. ■ 

Fat[,1T¥, n. Gu naru kolo, orokonaru, 

Faucct.h. Nom^gucbi. 
Faitlt, ity Ayamachi, ochido, ii-bun. 
Ta fijiil — , kOKOlo wo iu, togamtiu. 

tsu na, mfishi-bun naihi. 


Favor, ». On, megiimi, nasaCe, o-kage, 

moshi-masu. To rcciivi B — , sewa ni 
nam. TV io b — , sewa wo sutu. Te 
find — , Id ni in., hiiki ni sartru, ai- 
"ierareni. Tt rigard ^!ik — , kokoro 

Favoritism, n. Kala-liiitu, yeko, hempa, 

IcatH-yori, hliki. 
Fawn, H. ShikinokD. 

tsnislifi sum. 
Fbaltv, ». Chiu^. 
FsAR, n. Osore, Djike, kowagari, 
Feab,/. o. Osoreru, ojikera, kowagard, 

Fea'b^l, a. Osarosbii, kowai, okkanai, 
Fbahles;, a. 0»>re-nai ; futcki na. dsi- 
Fkast, »! Go-chis6,'funiniai, shu-yen; 

Feabp-day, ». Matsutj-bi. 

FUAT, ». Waa, ahi-waia, ki. - ff/ 

ttrengtky kjyoku-mochi, 
Fbathbk,b. Tori no ki. —*>•«(*, he. 

Feces, n. Dai^Hi, kusD, fun, 
FSDERAI,, a. Keiy; ' 
Fee, ». Rii-kin.y 
Feeble, ». Yowai. 
Feebly, aalj'. Yon 
Feed, i. ■v. Tabesi 

fukuiDoru, kukniD 

Tabnu, stioku su 

Oboyeru, kandzuri 

afraid, Icowiarn. Ta ftsl cold, s»- 
mukaru, yp/«;>r, omoiyaru, fubin 

To fill rougk, 

, n. Chika 

Feuci'tatiow, n. SbO^j i» 

sbuku mono. — sfiiar, d6-JfaliU, 

£mur, 4. Dai-tai-koiau. 

^N, n. Numa. 

iNCB, n. Hei, kakoi. Soar^ — , ita 

bH. 5(M(— ,Uhi-bd. 

!NCs, ^ V. k« de kakou; sbi-au 

kenjucsu sum. 

iHCER,!. Kcnjutsu-tsukai, kenkaku. 

Kail \ sAd&, sawagi- 
p. \*aku, m-reru, . 

)M, «. Wakirfgaru km. 


Fhrtilitv/h. Yutaka'naru^olo.*' 


Laaaoku suru. — a iiinv, bi 

Few, h. Sukunai, sho-aho, wadmka, su- — oTay*. su-jiBu. — iaH- 
tire/it au-hiyaku. 


.«. U«uri(SDa.™. 



IN, X. Taukuti-nono 

ri, isu- 


o™X ^'^^fui 




E°'«rKokin. 71.-, 




mr._«.^thiup, Chi 



chiu-setsn, s^d. 


«. T*.hMa, hatike 





FmBEB.O. Ju-EO. 

FlJTB^TH, fl. "iogo-ban. (...) JL,g 

FlBTK.n.' Go-ban. tit.) Go-ban-me. 

•inT,T. Go-ja. 
-IQ,B. Ichijiku. 
'ICHT, I. V. Tataksu. kassen sum, nn- 

FiCHT, 8, Kenkuwa, catakai, [kusa, kas- 

Snwraf — , kiri-ai. shi-ai. ' 
Figurative, a. Kelyo naru, utDyeCaiu, 

Figure, a. Kalacbi, sugaca, Lata, inoy6, 

Figure, *, w. Kaiadoru. kaku, laKyeni, 



». Ko.. 



ru, mruurv. 1 




,B. Kuu 


u ni, Bgeku n!, hate 

Finance, h. Kcieu, abiadai, yudzii. 

— 0u^, mi-dasu, mi-teukeru. — JdnU 

in fatjd^ makanau. — in money, kane 
wo daeu. — »if^f se(/^ jibun makajiai 

Fine, -i. Hosoi^ komaka na, daui, yoi, 



FlN»SSE.s. Tedale hakarieo 

ho sum. 

FlRE-BKAHD, n. HoyC-kui, fllOyC-Sl 
FlR&<»HPAHV, K. Hi-keshl-gumi. 

FjPE-ENGiNE, jv. Rtuloauij midziE-dcp- 

FlEBMAN, 1. Hi-kEShi. 

FiEE-rncB, H. Kolatsu. hidoko. rn. 
FiRE-PBOor, ft. MoyezarUf hi-dzuyoi. 

liMBNT.B. Sira, ame, kuki. 

jLV, aJz>. Kauku,i6bu ni, shiks-ta, 

i/ie — f tendCf faajime kata. 
>RN, a. Chaku-abi, s&nyO, i 

FlSH^ARKBT^ n. Sa]:ana-ichi^ ?akoha. 

na. //'.jiea/ijHi^j^fcokoro'ni iana- 


(/..p.) " Kanau 

u™— (9>"' 


^ cAi/ tS 



M«, biyak 

ji.' ,— (&™#fe;go-pya. 

■s,/. B. Sadat 

era, kima 



fce™ -^«i 



.... _, _. Ochl-tsuku. 

Flaue, J. ^. Moyuru. 
i^t'BH belh Jltt<^s, baBami-uclii ni 


Hiiattaku suru, 

FtATreREI!, H. Nei-Jin, nei-sha. 

, B?" NeuSin',"h^iuaJ, 1 


BllcB, «. ' 


,«. AJi™ 


Ftj^tv, a. Ulcateuil 

LINT, H. Hi-uchi- 

, n. ' Ko,' fcona. \^hi<il — , 1: 

Flow, ». Nagare. 

Floweb.b. Hana. — l«d. isut-jr 

Fluid. #. Riu-d6-bulsa, midia-iDD 
Fluke, n. Ikari no uuQie. 
Fluog-albus, n. Koshike, Isige. s 

Flush, .*.!.. Akaku nara, nobosen 

kimen ^UTTi. 
Flute... Soko-buyc, ulcki. 


Foil, t. v. Munashiku sum, nalm aura, 

Foct, Ji. KdkS-dachi ; haku, kise, 
FoLD.n. Bai, ye; kakoye. Tm>—,ia- 

Fold, I. v. Otu, taiamu. — l&s armi. 

Folk,*. Hilo, oiDna, tami. Old f oiks, 
rdjinshO. Yeaxe folks, ivakaahu. Poor 

J/olhi, bimbo ao mono dome. 

Fcil.Low,«.v. Stailagau. ou, ato ni Uu- 
dzukii, Isuite yuku, Bugu, fukujii suru. 
To — l)u narcantiUbusinta. skinai 
wo (ny6 lo Buni. Te — miik ths sjm, 

FOLLOWKB, H. ToiDO, Jusha, diui-ju, 

FOLLOWIBG, o. ' Taugi ko. — lij^p, aku.. 

FonJ, fT. ItawashigHTU, kawai^ru, ko- 
uomu^ suku, u&bLmu ; shijabin naru ; 

^^fva 4V«d gam; as-, asobi-tagatu, 
foitd of play. Hana-mi-lagaru, /and 
iff looking at fkt.fiawerS' 

Fo^Slaife. iTilliHi-o/, nalauka- 

sb[ku oinou, koishiku omou. 
FOBTANEL,*. Hiyomeki, 
FoaD.H. Tabe-moao.kui-moDo.ahoku- 

ji, ^oku-momu. 
Fool, h. Baka. abo, tawake-laoiio; ko- 

ke, chSeaib6, shiif-mono. To make a 

siini.' To flaj iJu — , dokeru,' luy£- 

FooL, /. s. Eaka ni suru. Biit6 suru, 
chorosuru; damasu. y. p.f Dokeru, 
biyogeru. — aoiaj', itadiura ni Isui- 

FooLERV, ». Ddke-Eolo, biy&gi^olo. 
FoouMBKOV, a. MukflmidiU na, mu- 

FoolIsh"b. "Bakar'aSfii, ahorashLi, oto- 
kanaru, tawai-mo-naki, isumara-naL, 

FooLSHNESs! ■""brol^ na*kolo, baka oa 
koto, lawato.o. 

FuoT,~. Ashi;5haku. -o/-aaoj.«- 
la,\ yaida no fumolD. To gB o« -, 
kachi nite yuku^ J*/ jw — , baiiment, 
sbi-kakcru. JfcarlAc /set, aibi-moto. 

Foot, I. r., Aruku, fiimu. «.!/.) To 
—■ a Mil, kanja wo harau. To — up an 
itccoitnt, kanj6 wo sapy& Burii. 

FooT-EALL, f>. Kemari. 

Foot-hold, m. Aabwakari, aBbi-daman. 
Footing, tt, Asbi-gakari. 


„„ Xn. 

,_. Date^zuki na. 

FoH,>™> K««arini,lameiu-, niyotte, 
nitsuite. JErnr/tfr^w wi«, mesJii go 
nia maye, Modicinejsr ten dafs, 16- 
ka bi« no kusuri. ^ « «><c« as, ni 
yoiie, ni Isuite. 1/ a had not bin /o>- 
the doctor Ishoald Aaii died, isha de 
nakattara lasukarananda- As for nte, 

Fon.teiy^ Ikan to nareba,yuye ni, oa- 

FoRAGE, 1.' Sboku'-molsu, Eboku-riya. 


Foe, B. ~ 

BID, t, 71. Kindzuni, koto 
CB, n. Cbikara, ikioi, si 



de<otHi oahi-kudasu. — tkrtiit£;h^ Dshi- 

FoRCEFS.o. Nuki. TWAi — . hs-Duki. 
FoiM:iflLB,a. Tfluyoi, muri nam. 
FoGciBi-v, ail-a. Mun ni, shiile, oshiie. 
Ford, n. Kacbi-watari. (/. s.) Kachi- 

Foiu>ABM,B. 'Ko-uJc, kote. 
Forecast, (. D. Maye-moKe hakaru. 
Forefather, n. Scnzo. 
FonEFtN&BR. n. Hilo-sasbi-yubi. 
FOHEGOINO,=. Migino,kudanno,iiiay. 

FoMH^^oTa. Hitai, nuka, 
FOBB10N,=. Guwai, - country, zavii- 

koku, ikoku, yoso no kuni, ta-koka. 

—gtwds, tobulsu, —miniittr, Wshi. 

F^E°GN™fSr"™w3i*oku-jin, ijin. 
Foreknow, <, s, Ar^iajime lihLru, maye- 

FoRBHAH,'«. Kaahiia, todori, E6tiya, ki- 

Foremast, n. Maye^basbira. 
FoREMeNTioNBD, a. Mjgi no, kudan no, 

FOREMOCT, a, Idhi-ban saki, saitbo no, 
hada no, massaki, 

FoRE-ORDAlN, t, Ti. Mayc nl sadameru, 

FoR^^urr, H. Mu^enohs. 
Fctibbunnbh, b. Saki-dachi. 

dokaro, sugu-ni, sokuza-ni. 


FoeriETH, a. Ski-ja-ban. fO S 

FoRB-SKiB, «. Inliyo no »ki kiwa. 

ban me. 

FoEBST, ». HafuU.mon. 

Fortification, «. Toride, o-daiba 

FoHESTAL, t. H. — tAr murttt, kai- 

FOETiRi-, 1. V. Kaiameru, kengo ni 

kalsku >^uru. 

FOR^!^il.p. MayEfca™iu,.kanE«Iu, 

Fortitude. ». Gamsn, sh[mba,k 


FOHffTHOUGHT, ». ■ Yojin, taahinami. 

Fortnight, h. JOyofcka, fula maw 

FoRB-TOOTH, n. Maye-ba. 

FOBEVRR, iT^'. Ilsu-made-mo, ban-dai. 

FoKrBES5,B. Sbiro daiba. tonde. 

Fortuitous, a. Pui na, hafcaraza 

Forfeit, n. Batsuijin, kuwariyA. 

Fortunate, a. Sai-wai na.sbiaiva. 

Forfeit, i. ». Nagarem, keasho >eta- 

feo/, b6-han 
Forge,-!. Ksji. ^jiya. 
Forger, ». Bo-han nin, b6-5bn nin. 

Fork, h. Mata.boko. Two^rsnged — , 
fulamata. Three fronged — , miisu- 

^i^Lo'cN, a. Wabisbii, kokoio-amusbii, 

eamusbi, madzushii. 
■'OBM, /. D. Tsuknni, katadoru, kasbira- 

•'ORU, B. Katachi, striata, nan, kala, 
hina-kata, tdabiki^ ko&hi-kake. — ef 

Formal, a- Kat^uruBbii, eanko nR, ba- 

^ORMALiTV, fl. Rei-ei, rdakikE. Witk- 
eut — ,_yenrijo naku,jiGi-nashi, kata- 

^oshatioh, n, Tsukuri-kala, shi-b6. 
■■OIiHeH,fl, Maye-no, sen, ben. 
^ORHERLV, ads. Mukashi, kono-maye 

ni, sakidalK. 
■■ORMIDABLE, fl. OsoroshLi, Isuyoi, 

Fort, h. O-dsiba, beiM, toride, daiba. 
Forth, bA., FyBm Hat day fotlk. ko- 

no-kata, itai. .5'a J^n'.i, uit-nun, sbika. 

sbLka. Ca /srtk, d«tu. Call failk. 


k&, — WfW, giyaku fu. To play - 
Foul, /. v. K^iaio, yogosu. _ 

I. Dod^ishidzuyc, notoi, 


reri. —o/btHi, 
"Rivcili, a. Kowart 

""iroi. =!..!, 

F^UBBT, a. Ha 

ahila, hampa, kire. 

F^GRANT,«. Kab. 

jshii. kaonl, taidba- 

fRiME, ^. B. Klri-kuniu. kufii suru, ku- 

'bance, ».' Futaosu. tuisu. 
fBANK, a. Tampaku na. 

fRABKLY^^i? Tampaku ni, uchi-aktle. 

fRABTicALLV, orfs. KLohigai no y6 ni, 
■EATERNA^». KLvodai-iio, keLlM. 
^ATKRNITY, 17^ N^cama, kumif shacb[u, 

^TERKizE, f'. V, Kiyodaj-DO yA ni m^ 

Fratricide, B. Kij;6da[ wo korosukoto. 

Fbav, a. Kenkuwa. 

'FEB, B. Kokuriu na. hitori-d 

V^-yH: "^J^:^'- °%tj^^l Tan' 

I, Oi-hagi, doToI,, kogoye-jini. i- "■ - Korasu. 

Freight, «. Ni, nimolsu, uuoda mong, 

funa-eliin, uncdin, dachin. — /iHf"- 

Feeight"''- "■ Taumii. 

Fbenzv, 1. Mono-euiui, kichisai- 
Fbeijueht, t. c. Skiba-jtiiba yuku, »une 

Fbequently, aaTff. Sbiba^iba, labi- 


Fbiqate, b. Gunke 
FEicnTHH,a. Oaort 

D,a. Samui,kaii. 

IE, ti. Fusa, yoraku, baraa, 

■En' i. I.. — a^j I'imi, loki 1 

i^^l^ a. Wadzuka na, kami, i> 

"«.' Kawadiii, kaj 

n.prif. Kara, yo 
st'/.'p. Muk'au, 


NTIER,B. KunE no safcai. 
N-n-ET, a. Ms-biiuhi. 
ST,». Shimo. 
ST-BiiB, «. Shimo-xaki. 

EEN.o. Kotta, kogoyeta, 

cripv.i. n. Koyasu, uruosa. 

□AL, B. Kenyaku na. kanriyaku na, 

"autv,!!. KcDTsku, shimatcu. 

IT, «. Mi, kinomi, midiu-kuwashi, 

311^ aH/niit/ul, ho-kiyfl. — year, 
f-ixEss, a- Muda-na, munashjku, yo 

Fuel, n. ' Takixi maki. laki-mona. 
Fugitive, m^_ Kake^chi-nm, ahuppon 

Full. n. ippai, milsuru, atcu, msttaliu, 
iskari. ' ~ 0/ tki mam, bo. Vd tki 






, a. Take, likurage, kiDoko. 

*■;."■ ofiii. 

Ke, kawa. 
H, /. B. Migaku. K^u. 


SLY, W^. H^eshLku, araku, .a- 
*GH,B. m^yt.^^' 

kudo, ankuwa. 
Furnish,/,;/. SoToycru.sonaynu, ata- 

FUTUJ[TU8B, fl. Dogu, kagn, kazai. Old 
-^ shop, furu-dfigu-ya. 
-1^^?° ''™*".'j."j _5l','"' hakutai. 



Fuav, n, Hageahisa 

Ikari, rippuku. 
FlJSH, B. Hi-naiifa, lai 
■r<jsa,t.v. Tokasu. 

Gag, m, Saru-gal6U*a, bai. 
Gain. t. v. Mfikem, kalsu, 

Gain, B. Ri.yeVi, make! rii 
GAiNSAy.i.B.Ii-fuKr- '' '■ 



Gabo,s. Kumi 
;aol, a. lUya, hito-ya, agari-ya, i 

Liuki-biui, ashidori. 

samashii, g6ki- 

.BLADDER,B. Tan-nO. 

EBV, «. Kaka.sajiki. 

, Han 

Gakhek, i. 'Kura,dozft. 
GApr^isir, i. v. Kazaru, yosofi. 

hashiri., agaku. 
"'Bi"dii io UKU, baku- < 


Gas,ii. G 
Gash, H. j 

CfMS.I.'D. Sh6bu-goBv™suru,baki 

Game-cock, ». TS-ken. 
Gahekeepes, «. Maki wo mamoru hi 
Game-laws, K. Kariba no kisoku. 





lu - 









iiV, sh6- 

Gentsbl, a. Teinei na, fdriu db, fu^ 

usi-iki na, miyablyaka na, adeyakf " ~ 
Gbntuh.h. Rind6, riutsn. 
Gbntlb, «. OtonaahiL, onjun nan 

c titftr, katsu, shjri wo uru. 
art. EDinndzuni. ^^ arc jr«] 
•ig on ? koDO setsu ikoga ile gi 

I. Kimpaku, met 

6n2^, »-F.S. ...■' - 

GiBL, n. MnsrnAe, shi'n^, otomt, niyo- 

Ghbmanv, n. Doitsu. 

Germinate, i. v. Kizasu, me ga dem. 

Gestatiok, Jt Mi-gomori, kuwai-oin. 


Gisr,.. Goku-i. 6gi, oku-i. 

Gesticulate, ;. a. Temane wo sum, mi- 

Give, /. f Yani, watasu, alayern, okuru. 

kureni, taodokosu, hatau, yokosu, ea- 

Gesture, n. Temane, mono-mane, mi- 

Get, i. V. Uro, ukeni, molomeni, mo- 

Mace, yoke™. — oiu: t self la, hamaru, 
Voru, — back, kayesu. (uku sura. — 

iJtw, yametu, yosu. — cul, hiromeru. 

klkaseru.daau. yamtiu. — nf.yama. 

— iiirfiiV, katsu, ahori wo yeru. — la- 

ru, VDEU, vodzum, suteru. — ' tfty, rag^ 

kern, shirizoku, oohiru. - Mr, kiku. 



lori-ksyttu. 'mUgi-oi 

kenie sum, tsle-DiiBur 
/«ri,ir), kudasatu. turn 

Gladly, adv. •• • • 

, Ureshii, VL 
r,(.p. Vorol 
B^. YorokL.. 
i.-s. Kagayaki 

raiDeku, kajcayaku. 
GuRlHC, a. Akuaka na, medatlaru. 
Gues, M. Giyaman, biidora, kagaoii. 
Glaze, /. v. GiyamAn wo bjuncru. yal 

Glahbo. K. Kusurl. /V"-— )il™a- 
Glbau, 1. ■<,. Hikari wo so^u, k^yal 

JlISheiI,"'. p. ^h^Kuk^, km 

GusTEN, i. V. lO^yaka, hikam, ktra- 

ULirrEB, I. n. Kirai 

aayaku, hilianr^ 
GLogui^,x. Manii 

yo, kagayakS. hikari, ho- 

h'E. >!. Tcbukun). 

N, I. ». Moyeiu, yaku.hikaTU. 

w-woBH, H. Tsucbi-hocaru. 

luiTlNi S, B. iJebl^"S 

jNAT.'x.'^'uyii!' '"'"' °^ 

Jnaw, /. ». Kamu.ka. Smnd ef gnata- 

ki, f; p. 'Vuku' Ui'u, maim. LH go, h»- 
Datsu, yukviu. — ti&evt, maaaru. — 
agairwi, sakaran, SOdlukiL aside, hl- 
kayeru, yokeni. — across, koycni, wa- 

ni, yuku. — ^. kgyeru, sugiiu. — 
</<WR, kudaru, oriru, »tgaru. ~ fBrlk, 

nau, (b^O sum, issha ni yuku, doban 
BUTU. — ^tf(ift-/y>tf»kayo,^kiki. Tiif 
/&« /ff ^kich «K .1 jm«^ «■ ™m 
yuku-saki, yufcu^-lokoro, yukuy«. ywi/ 

ikauu. Te — for making, yS ni tatanu! 

re yuku 

. , :. Naki 

sbaku, usalsu-nin, hito-dzuti 
k>AD, ^p, Hagemasu, susum; 
•Oix, n. Miloba, mc-ate. 

barekijin. — of weailk. fiiku no Ifomi, 
daikotu-den. — of the kitchen. \ima, 
ordokftjin. -ffj's-*j>,funa-dama, - 
e/'fflBr,gun-jrn. halcSiman. -,-/ rfc«, 
inan-sauia. — of tkefrizry, k5ks^;aniL 


~ a/ liutidir, nS^'m, Drason —. lia- 

Gospel, n. Fuku-it.. 

j[n. - — p/ roads^ sai do kajnh — cf 

.H'fllirr, Eui-jin. —sf ma-rHags, tsuti 

Gossip) n. Oehabcri, kucbitataki, uwa- 

no okinl. - ../ «^, dosQJin. - fl/ 

ftstiUva:, yalcubiy6 gami. 

G^ScE, ,. ManinomL, kuri-ocmL. 
GouoE, t. V. Kujiru, hori-kujiru, yegu. 

GouBD, B. Hiyolan.fukube. 

GoD.ultB,a. Kaminoyana. 

Goceha™,^. Gebk.,taisbok«iiamo. 

GoDOWN, n. Kuia, dazo. 

GovKKB, *. ». Osamern, malBurigolo wo 
sum, ahi-bai ami, ny6 Buru, iLiiwan- 

Going, ». Yuki «i=iri, iku. A,y«,B» 
g"ig; yufci-galte ni. 


Gold, ». Kin, koganc. - ^sain-. halu- 

ya. — otSwikiQ-shoku.kon-Jilu. 
Golden, B. Kia no. 

Gold-bbatbh, n. Haku-va. 

G^v^o^ ».'*'ch;ji, sbibai nin. 

GOLD-DOsrr, «. Kinaha. 

GowH, H. KiiDODO, koromo. 

Gold-fish, H. Km-Riw.. 

Grab, (.p. Hittakuru, tsukajni-toni. 

Grace,*. On, megum^ aWhremi, jibi, 

fubm'.na»ake.on^aku7on-tokii. ' 

Graceful, a. Fiiriu na, iki oa, miysbi- 

Gong, ■, Dora. 

GoNOMiHrEA, «. Rimbiya, rinshltsn. 

ysJ^aleyaka -a, laoyaka, ada na, sbi- 

jtl™^, _\h6lachi. '^ 
Good, a. Yoi, yoroshii, ii, riy6, Zen na- 

G^out, B. Jihi-buka, nasakeJiokai. 

Ghaoatioh, H. Dan-dan ahidai,oi-oi. 

naii. madou. '—_/«■ 'leiAinTj''''™, 

GradK, «. Kurai, kakuBbiki, kaku, ja- 

chiu^e, dan. i, caiiaka nam koio. 
Grade, I. ?. Narasu. tairaka ni Eutu. 

Zfn wo nasu. .-7''«- wM/bj; yS n! 

Grabualiv, adv. Sbidai-ni, dan-dan. 

oi-oi, itsu-to oaka. ^ 

yay?. 'bUashiku.. - dial yohodo; 
diutAun, lappun. — flr ftiflT, ashi- 

Graduate, t. v. Bu wo isukeni, me wo 

isuktru. (i. V.) Dai-«akk6 oo yuru 

yoshi, len-aku, saea, le-hi. 

sbi wo ukeru. 

Good -. Z™, lame, salwai, ytki. - 
anilrvi/.iea aku. ^i^iwd ai, onaji. 

Graft, fl. Taugibo. Uugiki. 
Graft,/.!.. kTwo Bugu. 

koio, hiioshiku. 

Grain, h. Taubn, go-fcoku, mokume. 
One grain /'Vji, — ichi rin ^Lehi m6. 

GooD-BVE. tnterj. SaySnara, ga-ktgen- 

Gham,%. Mame. 

Goodly, a. Yoi. 

GooD-HAN... Andi, shuUd, MhJiu. 
Good hosnino, indrj. Ota^fft. 

Geammaiuam, n. Brnnpo wo shiite irn 

Gbahmatical, a. Eunpo nikanan. 

GEANnEV.-.. Kon,e-ga,a. 

GooDKESa, 1, Yosa. yoroshisa, toku, 

^^nnTkJi?™H^?Vi;,^f ^klf "^"^ 

Gbandchild, «. Mago. 

Goods, ». Ni, nimoisu. thiro- 

Geandbe, n. Eelu-reki no hito, ki-nin. 

modo, shoji. 


Good-tempered, B. Iji no Joi, yasasWi. 
Goose, -. Ifiid -, gan, taA. Taw^ 

Grandfathef, K. Jiji, o-ii-san. Great 

-, gochfl. 

-, hUjiji. Grei(ereif -, bii-jiji. 

Goose-flesh, B. Tori-hada. 

Goobe-seoc, «. Gan-kubi. 

Geakdhother, n. Baba, obaa-san. Great 

Gore.-.. Chi, hagi, niacbL 

— ,M-baba. Great greai —,lia-iisija. 

Gore,/.p, Tsuku. 

Gba^dson,,. Mago.* 

GoHGB, t. V. Hata ippai kurau. 

Gbant, <. r/. Yuruau, ahOchiauTu.kuda- 

aaru. lamao, aad^ukcru . 

nayaka na, kirabiyaka-na. 

Ghafe, «. Buda, ycbi. — ^i«e, budo- 

G0HL1A,«. Hihi. 


iKAT^l.v. KishLru, kishiri-au. {*, p.) 
Sura, oiosa. — Me teeiA, hagistiri. 


E, a. iiisiae na, m^ao ito. 


a, t^elsa na, omoL. 


E, v. HaK»"><a' 

E, /. 9. Hora, kizamu. 


bIclothes, ». ' KivA-kabbln. 


EL, B. Jaii, kuri-ishi, ko-ishi, 


ELV, o^D. Idajime de, m 

EE B. Tagane 

E5T0NK,ii. Setiw, hata-jinish 
EyARD,». Hakachi,hakasha,ra 


iTV.B. Omosa. 

Y, B. kb'utafce nam. 

-, a. Okii, kuwodai, bakut 


, Hiko. 
K,o. HWiji.- 
B, n. Hi-Wa. 

ronyoku Da, ousaboni, yo- 

GuF, K. Tsukajai, n^iti. 
Gum, '' ir, Taukamu, Diglni, 

GsiT, n. liugi oo hiki-tt'ari. 
GKiazLY, a. Hampakuna. 
Gboak, .-. IV. Uoan., umcku. 

Grqpe, ^. V. Saeuru, tadoru- 

Gboss, s. Akudoi, thiuukoi, lyashii, 

bukotBU na,^hin,aku, -^ iaag^uage^ 

akkd, kuwt^ac. 
Gboss, r. Kiiwahan, t»-han, hiyakw- 

shgOahS. — tBerpAi^ kaigake, uvame. ' 

Grotesque, ■». Okashii. 


<iT, n. Kak)LUwash6. 


^'„- ^^ 

"^"^ ■'«'"=■ 








Q, chodiurii, hayasu 

=™, 8U!™«. -(ft. 



ku naril! 

shiKHU. habikora. 


ersirs«ger.\iAatso. — k» 


a«. -/Hi/^.futDr 

. --f 




". ikagaaa' Siuku, igamii. 

J%//— ,»icka, >«j 


. Oilochi, aodachi. 

■. Tauiuiaski. 

p. OBtiiinu,netBniu, 

Gruel, m 


GSUFt, B. 

Gruh, a. 

u, gndo- 


tsubuyaku, koeoto* 


yaku, b 

lau-buEsu iu. 

E, t. V. Ukeau, hitd-ukem, 

GuiLELBSs, a. Meibaku'na, kepi 

ahinjitsu na. 
GULP,(. H. Nomi-fcomu. 
Guilt, «. Tsumi.iai. 
GtiiLTLBSs, a. Mu-5h;tsu, isu 

GuisB, n, Naii, fuii, sugaia- 

Gull,')!. KamDine, chidori. 

GuMHV. a- Ne&Mi. nebai. 
GuB, n. TeppS. 

Gunpowder', B.^'Vensho, dfigus 

, Doku-doku, 
v. Wakl-den 

Harawata, hiyaku-hin 
^l.. Toi, toyu, bi, mini, 
i,». StkkS. 


— i^radlh^ gdbatsu. Falsr 

Haik-pin, «. Kanzashi, bins 
Hairy, A. Kibukai, ke do fi 

Half-hoom, K. H 
Half-fav.b. Han 
Hai.(^fiuce, n. H. 
Half-sister, «.. 

Hal" -waI^^h"" ™ 
chiu-lo, hanto, h^ 
Half-witted, b. 


Hall.b. Do.yash 

Halo.x. Gake. 

Halt,/°». T^doi 
Haltbb,!., T>udi 


-klyo sun 

Hand, «. Te. J(ii*< — , raigi no a 
mete. £<// -, HCdari no m, umj. 
Empe^'kanded^ mute, 5ude. ^4/ jftdna 

sri-^. I^ kand. dehedai, drttuami 
ZmaT a Sand. tedzuHu, le »o kashit 

*, ushito-de. C,>me Id —, uke- 

Hanc, I. 

Handle, t. v. Sawaiu, loii-aiauliau, 
HAHDMAm,' ». koshimsto, gfr-Jo. 

J6dzu, tebayai.'benri no yoi, 



V. Kakeru, tsuru. sagani. — 

lAwK, sagEru, tarcni, 'tarasu, 


»«:*. tukuri-korosu. - »^, 



-.... H<«™ni,ho>hiknDn,o. 


RD, H. Fui-to, omoi-gake nai. 



. Kitsui 

Hare, a. Uuei. 

Habelip, ». S!ilsi>-kQchi, Iguchi. 

Hark, /^. Kjte, Uki nssare. 
Haelequib, «. Dokemoiio. 
Harlot, ». Jem, oyaoia, yiijo, 

Hadh, t. B. Gsi sum, Eokonau, 

Harmful, s. boku na, snkun'au, j 
HARhiLBSS, (T. Daku-n9L, gai^^enu, c 
Harmonious, 1. Nakagayoi, muia 
Harhobiouslv,^^. Mui5uni^iki 

s, 1, Bas:u. — ntaker^ b^u-yi 

LTL,';. B. fliku, ugilni, kaiguru, 
JL,B. Hiki, 

■sst, it isjetmed ^ tit verb ™*Lr, 
.; u, kuca, ka-M banght. iGiia, 
%vt heard. — «■, kira, ch^u smru. 

™>r,U^noiv™' — aili/Trtowo 
nu. — ptin^ itamu. — a hundred 
'yd a tnonth, gekkiu wa hiyaku riyO 

'EN, B, Minato, kakari-ba, funaba. 

Jn^^r'Taka, lobi. 

VKiHC, n. Takagaii, bolernri. 

Ht^7»-''"A^^^^hii, kibbh[i. 

Hazard, 't. ^ ^ake™, fcakawaru. - 

Hartohorn, fi. Kokkaku. 

If/i. inochi^akt wo suru. 

Habv^, '. D. Kara, kiia, kari-komu. 

Hazardous. <i. Kiwadoi. abun^, ayauki. 

Haze, n. t^„t\. ^ 

HAH?Si^00N, «. Monaka no Buki. 

HAjy. a. Kasumu, bonyari to shita. 

Hash,*. Kamaboko. 

kciiio hitD. kono otata. 

Head,^. Atama.ka5hiia,k5be,Bumu- 

Haste, «. Hayai, iK«i. kiu. 

ri, kubi, dzu, nadzuk[ lodori, — 0/ 

Hasten, (. ». Hayameru, satoku ™ru. 

isogaseni, bakadoraaeru, sekilateia. 

dai. sbui. — ef vihtat, bo. — c/ a 

Hasten, i. v. Iscuni, hayaku yaku. 

HAsriLv,^... Kayak.,, >a»t.f;«ni,kiu- 

no gi udda. To mate head agaiset. 


sumiyaka na. 

Six — afexen, ushi lopniki. /* never 
er^lired my head, s6 to cbitto mo omoi- 

Hat. n. Kaburi mono, ycboshi, dzukin, 

b6shi,kasa. ' ^ 

Hhad,/. 1.. Sakiniynku, mukau.hiki- 

ATCH, i. V. Kayesu. (/att.) Kayera. 

ATCHHi, a. Inakogi, hashi. 

Headache, n. Diuua. 

Hbadland, H. MbakI, bana, saki. 

atcmstI ■."'Xeyoll',' nala. 

Hbadloho, adv. Masaakaaama ni, mu- 

Hate,;. K, Nikumu, mamii, kirau.yen- 


Head-han, n. Kashira DO hito,Udori. 

HA■^EFU^ a. Nikui, kirawasbl, nikura- 

Headquarters, n. Konjin. 

H^AniEA,,. Sata-nand. 

ma na, aS, kldzm i.a,'ganko 

iiaru,h<*oni,aliei na, il>i^. 

H^lo-wiND, n. Giyaku fti. mukai-kau. 


Hbadv, a. Wagamama ds, mulEppo 

hSX'-"- NaoaoJLsaru, iyasu. 
Healed, fiea. Hombuku, zenkuwai, 

Health, h. Vipfa. In —^ jabu, eaaaha, 

ru. hoy& wg suru. j^fr tAr sake ^— , 
yei6 no tame sA, ResCered £o — , Soid- 
duIeu shita, zen-kuwaL heiyu. Leaving 
A™m /sr lit satr of -, de-y6i6 sura. 
Cartica ^ —, fu-yfijo. To drink to 

sbuku-h^ wo DOmu. 7i> inquire cifttr 

h [yd ban, 


6uk-ru. nenwoin 

. Kaldw. 

ru, mo'ch'iiru^ k , _™_. 

HBEDL£i&a. ki wo isufcenu, 

Heel. b. KaEato. 
Heft,' a. O^^ 
Height, 0. Takasa, tan, desakt 

H^^iiSs, t, K. Ageni, lakaku »b™, ta 

. S6zaku-i 

Hell, B. Jigoku. Coiit*- is — , dagoka 

Helm, b. Kaii. 

Helmet, Kabuto. 

HblmsuiUi, ». KaJt-'Dii. 

Heli, t. v. Telsuaan, casukera, sukeru, 

to wiju, sake wo tsugu. — to rict, loe- 

ok^^' risho.hojo, j orikt!_"7Hmr "uno 
Helfer, b. Sewa-nin. tasukeru hito, le- 


Hehp, a. Asa. 
Hen, n. Mondori 


Hbbb,«. KiBi 

anJ there, achi.kocli 
ben, kono-U. 

■s.n. Tsuka. 

ippocAMPUs, n. Umi-iina. 

LKE, H. Kiukin, dai, chin, ^onriyfi, 

binsm. Monthly. — .Eekkiu. 

iH, /. V. Yalou, kikayeni; gku. 

.. pro. Kuc no, ano Into no, are 

Hiss, H. Snshi-goife. Tii ~, snshtgoye 
ihs, shoki. 

Hehhit, ■- Inja, intonja. 

HISTORY, n. *Reki-£bl, kirc^ko. 

Hero, ». Gokeisu, yei-vfl, maau™). 

Hit, I, f. Alan, buBu, uKu, futera. — 

■y!o<t,au,de-au,alara — p^, maneru. 

-Hkvsi^, pro. Mid!«kara,jib|ii.nL 

tau, chichiu, nihan suru. 

iTHicR, W:/. Koka yc. kocbi y<. 

ITHEKTO ail-. Ima made, kore mads. 
iwe.n. Whinosn. 

EHTATION, 1. Tamerai, kogi, yOyo. 

OAFP,(.P. Takuwayeru, isnmu. 

OAB-rSOST, „. Shimo. 

OABSB, a. Koye ga kareru, sbiiuagare- 

Ew.if.t. Iru, h'atsuru. 

HoAEV,«. ShiroL -^Mir, shira^ 

KCIWGH,"'. Shakuri."' 

Hoax, (. ». Sukasu, aiamuku, damasu. 

iDDEH a Kakurelaru 

Hobble, /. ;'. Bikko wo hiku, tobo- 

IDK, /: B. Kflkusu, hbomen.. (/. e.) 

Hisomu, kakureni. kakumau. 


Hobby, n.^c. 

hIdeo^', ^oL,^ii,7ii^'^ 

HobdvIhoise, ». Take-iin,.. 

HicGLH, I. I/. Koein"- negiru. 

HoBGOBLlK, H. Tengu, bake-mono, gao- 

High, b. Takai, ukHu. -vrndid. 


kedakaL — a«rf/™.,kl-sen. —oglii„l. 

Ko<.us-HKVs. a. Tedzuma wo Isukau, 


Hon, K. 

Hoi DEN, «. 



'-/B, hikayeni. 

,sasayeru. iav 

— 0/, Csuksdiii, tsiikainayeru, torayctu. 


Mi.'ssetsu w 

u. 7-,. -, (ar a 


hiiu, ukeru. 

—jsrth, k65ha- 

ku >UT 

. - fljf, W. 



Tsukami, wgakari. — 0/ a 


" Anir "' 


n. Matsurib 

, kiujLBu, iwaihi, 



'"" 0^5" 

s« nam koto. 

H^/ IfitJI* 

wo yobukoys,- 


B. Kara, 

kubomu, ucoto, 

™ Mr 

ia^i 0/ «' 

).«*, bonnoku- 


t.v. Kubon, 





Home, ii. Iru-toko 

0, siioiii-dokoro, 


uchi, yado, taku, 


Ti. **«<-/ 

uchi ni iril, 

aishuku. N0i,a 


la-shuBu, tagiyfi, 


nai-ji. -dtfaH- 

s, ». Yado 

-oaki, mu-ihuku 

iisaku. U» 

Home-sick", a, SatDgokoro, kokiyo wo 


.AD, K. Honlie. hon-teku. 

aji-ya na. 

Hook, /. E/. Kagfdekaku. 
Hook, h. Kagi, ori-kugi, lobi^uc 
/■.I? — , Buo-bari. Pot -, ji- 

>CHESTOUT, i.''':K^*no ki 




«. Yadoya, hatagoya. 

1. —Jor ifl/rf, un-auye. House &v 
JB, yado-nami. y^ /«;> — , shotai 

LD, «. Kanai, kazoku. 

>.MAn).«. Geio. 

tentakii, hiki-koshi. 

>-RENT. s. Yachin, tana-chin. 

^-SBAKCH, «. Va-sagaihi. 

., -. Koya. 

I,/.!.. Tobu. 

jfr/z'. Dd. ika^ jkad«{kay6, 4 

ku, idzukuDEOj ikadeka^ ikani. 

■h jKore! mashitef ivan-ya. I 

or. How 





1. // 

ffB/ /BBi-C 





un zo. — 'ofttit. 



lomo, sartd 







Howl, i. s. Hoyem, naku. 
HowsoEVBB, a»a. Ikayfl domo, donoyS 

Hub, •!.' KimiiDanokoshiki.slia-jiku. 

, Olyi. bakiilai. ku' 

J do. ' 

V. Muku.hagu. 

Humble, d. 

kcntai oa :> 
HliUBLK, *. 

iiiiMBLE-sEE, n. Kuniik-bactai. 
HliMBLV. a<^c. Heiikudatle, hige abite. 

HiiMDBUH,'^.' Gu naru, ^on na, guchi 

Humid, a. Xutele iru, shiroeru, ihikke 

hS^oitv.h. Sbikki, suiki. 
HuMJiiKG-KiTa, )t. Cdari-dako. 
HuuTriIHG-TOP, n. Unan^oma- 
HuHOR, ». Ki,kibun,kokocbi, kokoro- 
mochi, klgen, kiahoku. Out of—, fu- 


DTH, 1. Hiyakub^D. 

V. Mageru, ' 

n'ai^. ■ Ztf - Bjt a -iarter, oi 
1-MOSEV.H. Kuchi-dome-ki 

Hut, h. Kovq, ^yori, ivaia-ya. 
' — -A, iniirj: Tpki nolo/e. 

acus.V,' Fuseka." 

' HvDIiOGEH, a. S_ui-BO. 


m, sho-miya u 

, wara, sesi^ha, sorega- 
al. 7«/n — , haku- 

InsHTirv, l._ V. Hildsbiku snni, Itchl 

Idiou.V. Hamariji-k^la, ii-ya. ' 
IniosTNOUsy, n. Kifit, kishiisu. 
Idiot, «. Kiniike, baka, boketa bito, 

, B. Za, moku-E 


[f, w/y. ftfoahi, iiaraba, yoshiya, ka, ya. 
hiyolto, nara ; alsa farmei hf CSHj. 

no ya 1 

Raji, cbijoku, Wic 
i. Mu-gaku, gu-Jin, mc 


Ambai-warui, wadzurau, fuku- 

o. Yoman 

Mu-gaku Da^ modimd 

^HATUBED, «. Tanki Da, kalaku na, ] 

IjtuEKED.'a. Kiyonaru. 
L^IMBD.a. Toki ui kaoananu. 

ITsfi, bn^hi^L 

-UUINATE, /. n. Teraso, akaniku lu- 

I.I1SION,*. MabDrDshi. 

LvsntaTKj I. V. TokUf latoyerv, ara- 

l2uru, hiideru. kb-mei nam. 
..j^wiii, «. Urami.ikOD. 
[HaCE, B. Katachi, zo, kals, nlsiishi, 

S6-J8, keiyS, 

mm, Aabii'. ' ' 

DECILE, a. Niu-jaku na, bi-niyaku i 


LAL. a. Kalacbi oaki, mug 
B^ d, Mijuku Da, jukuse 

rELV, dii^^ JLkani, jikini, £1 
achi-di, >ad>i-machi-iii, lac 

™'. ^Oku.^kulai, kwodai ni 

.., , -Jii-kawa-diura na. 

Imholatb, /. n. Kudzui-u, korosu. 

' iicilwL, a. Fugi na, fugiy^ na, fugi- 

FugiyoEi, fngi. 
Tayenu, tsukinu, n 

l.v. Matsudainli 


.i, menkiyo, kakari- 

,B. Kawarad 
a^w. Kawa 

^ ^aiayoranu,' ayake na, 

:, a. Kai|i;-naki, chikak 


IMP g 

r IMP 

IKP^TIENTLV, SB-^. 7-0WB/V-, machi- 

lHroLmc,fl. Tame ni niraiiu, fu-tarae 

iMPEflCH, 1. -a. Uttayeiu, so-sha sum, 

Imponderable, a. Hakarenu, omomi 

tsumi wo ii-kaketu. 

Ihpbachablb, a. Tsumi wo okasarenu. 

iHraiJ^".;.. Hakobi-komu. 

Impohtabce, n. DaijL, taiselsu na koto. 


Ih^^'ent. «. J^i, ^awari, kosh6. 

Important, a. Tiusflsu na, daiji 1,3. 

aaniataB«i sashi-tsiikaye. 

kanya aani, lai-shita, kakiU^etsu na. 

Ihpbl, t, V. Obu, seshimum, saaeru. 

Imposts, n. Yu-niu no nimouu, .bu- 

Ihphnetsabie, a. Tauki-lSsenii, IBranu. 

mono, hiTa.„i,'iohi-d.«-ni, riiiki,? ni. 

IMFURTUNE, t. V. Hilaaura-ni nEEau. kn. 

(toku, laiisuwan hutu. 

Impose, I. v. lUtsukeiu, osameru, mei- 

diuru. — a», aiamukn, damasu, kataru. 

naki, — mood, ge-ji dd kotoba. 
lMPS»CEPnELE, i^ irtijenu, bikoyenu, 

koto, kalati, aamuki, yo^Ln. 

Impossible, a. Dddnu.^awanu, oyo- 

lHP°BBromra, a. Aoa naki. 

iHPOsr, It. 'Unj6, seigin.mitsiigi. 

1mpeki*l, a. Choku. — aHitumtdtn; 

ehokushi, — oKUFir, ehokuis. — i«. 

cTokusai." "' ~ *™'"' "^ " ''^™' 

lupDTCNCE, n, Yowaki kolo. niuiaku. 


Impekio'us, a, Komaa na, jimanJBshii, 

na, Jinklyo na. 


Impoverish, t. v. Bimbft ni sun., tobo- 

Impkecatb, /, 7., NorS, lokobu, shuso 


luppKATlow, H. Noroi, shoso. 

lurarus, 11. Ikioi, hijoahi, h-yori. 

iMPiETv.n. Bu-shinjiD.kamiwouvBnia- 

IMPKBGNATE, /. r. Haran,a6«n, kuwai. 

nin sasHu. (jSflij.) Haramu, kumii- 

lMPlNOB,*.n. Alara. KukMtaiu. 

Impious, a. Aku, ashii, warui, mollai- 

Ihpbbss, t i._ Osii, oshi-komu. — so 

IMFRBS3, «.' Kata, oshi-gals. ' 

raianu. naka-naori aataki. fuwaga na. 

Impression, ». A.o, kaia, shirushi, ko- 

koTO ni kandiont koto, —of a sial. 

IhSS™^/."V. ^:£f^ye d1 >„«. hfld- 


Impbessivb, a. Kokoro ni tessuni, ari- 

IkPLIClTBD a. Makizoye ni nam, ren- 


Bukerri, shirusu. — ox the taind, ko- 

Ihplicitlv, arff. Utagflwadiu ni. 

kora ni mridiuni. 

Ihplors. t, -a. NEgan, ko, koi-negau, 

Imprison, i^. Rt,ya ni iraru. jurftsuni. 

— i« f»e\ iauic. heimnn sum. rhik. 

bushi-lsuko, liyu-^uwai. 

iHPBIsisMEKT. B. ESsha, 


IJOPEB, 'a. 

u, li d[ kanswaou, mulai, 





SmUBin, ^BTU 



Susumeru, af 


i iMiuni, 

Id ni Mzi^U^ 

fiiAj', himashi-Di voku nam 

koto, su- 


.- fXlft; 


, H^i shir. 


^PUGN, i. V, Xi-fuscgu, kobamu, moloni, 

xpuUE, H. Ikio[, cheshi, hibiki, kotayc. 
UPULSIVE, a. SekfcachiDa. 
upuNiTy, B. Buji de, bu-nan ni, k«a 
nakn. Wiik — , kolo-naka. 
dP[]RE,a. Kitanai,fuketsana,yf^oreta, 

ga am. — tsani, dsku-on. 

kem, li-k^eru, ii^oaeni, kabufieru, ka- 

frif, Uchi, ni, nite, Btm 
LfiK a/mpmifids sf komu, and iru, and 
t, f, tnding BfTicrbs, le. To ge it, 

komu, hamaoi! Te ht —, iru, oro. 

SiHQt — , lobi-komu. Knock— ,'\itsV\- 
mu. 7'*nm' — , nage-lioniu. Pour 
— , UiKu. PuU — , Kiki-komu, hiki- 
imu. ri> itrikt i» asgtr,\lia.asba\3a. 
Go in kastt, iaoide yufcu. Run in Jiar, 
kowBgattfi hasbim. In my opinion, 


KC, Cbodo 
li'ni haitu. 

Ugokaau kolo, okoU 

, Muja Da, shi-bulsu, hyS 
E, a. Hakararenu. 

TcH, al/v'. Kara, yuyi 

iNnoN, «. Ki no tsnken 
iNTrvE, a. NeD wo icec 

(<AUDiBi',°B.'' Kikoyenu. 

m,n. Maho, majuisu, ch6bu- 

TED, a. Kanawanu, Ukit6 

,H. Fu.kiriyo, fu-saichi. 

, s. Nin-t» wo ukeru, aikn- 


iH, «. Nintai wo ukoru koto. 

\n. Hiisuke, E«da wo okoii 
Kb. — >(,ltora, Tuian 


Incentivb, h. Kokoro wo ugokasu i 
iMCessANT, a. Tayedzu^ yaipadzu- 

INC1DBV^A^ a. OiDpi-gakc-D^, Tuto as, 

IsakoH.n. Kim kolD, kiri-kidzu. 
Incite, i. v. Oko£u, ha£eniasu» odatcru^ 

Ihcune, i. ■B. Katayoiu, kalamulieTU, 

IBC^OSB,""^ K8k4Tl'al«"°""i"ri-niaku, 

teiusumu, fiyim. 
IhC1.0£URS, h, Kakoi, kakomi, kakomi 

Inco«pab»b[^, a. Bii-ao-na, lagai nald, 

hiiui naki. aaabi naki. 
IKCOMPITIBLB, B. Awanu, fiiwa na, fug*. 

na» kanawanu, futekit^, majitanu, ^ 

, a. Wakaianu, sal 
, Oshi-IsumerarcDU 

naki, mu-Wbetsu aa. 
iii-iai, fui'ekito, kanaws 
.SONANT, a.' CbCshig 

ORffAL. a, Eatachi UD naki, muej 
, keiliu ra5hi, 

iGiELE, a. Korinu, aratameni 


Ofihiye-komu, shikoi 
Subekj, nasu-b=k[. 

omukukoto, (uiiiyogi.^ 

^m.,' kutabi- 


"Nation, H. Kuborai, htkomi, kii 

irORE, «. Shoidon, uttja, ncnki. 

J^*DEHT, o. Dokuriu, hilori-da 
.ui> na, doku-rilsu na. 
sniuCTiBLB, a. Nakunaranu, c 

jt'n. Mokuroku, shirusbL — ^n- 

^AN, s.'"lndo-kai. 
..■^^, /UHNip, B. Tennanshfl. 
NDICATE, t. V. Shirastru, shimesu, mi- 

DH, «. Sbiiiiihi, kisubi, shimc 

KoDare-gatd, ahifcu- 

DUALf s. Hitot£u^ hiloii, ichi-nin. 

iNbUDiTABLB, a. Ulagai-nakj, utagawa- 

ION, ». Katamari, 
9!.s,B. Hon«ru. 

*L, o. Muda-na, iniinashLki 

■aliu ni talanii. 

3U5,_a. Kifcanu, k6n8-nashi 

. MawaridS, tf 

laki, wakiinayenu. 

uisfH^SABLH, a, Nakute kajiawaf 
■itsuya na, yondokoro i^alfi. 
D1SPOSBD, o. Kiiau, iyagani. fukuv 

iispoamoN, n. Kira!, Tiikuwai, ami 

beta, a; 

Mirsn na, 

Inexpert, a. Hela, Butanai, buchobo. 
iNEKPLicaELE. a. Tokukotowadekinu, 

csaiedu, k«ii 

re mo iwadzu. 

. Mac 


y, «. Wak^ lokL itokcDd 
o^anai toki, jsku-ncn. 

BPBBioBS, H. Ge-hai. 

uirv^ n^ Yamaif biyoki^ ayamacliii 
LHE, t. V. Hoyasu, yaku, kinahd 

, -. Kinsh6. 
Fukuiaau, fuk. 

l»i, ik6, ikioi 
. F(UB,jaki. 

saikiyoi hakiti. 

Inform, I. v, Eikaaeru, tau^eni, ahtrase- 
m, oaniyeru, todokervt cbiu-shin auru. 

DE, n. On wo sbiianii koio, 
»o Shiran u koto. 
T,«. Ch6gO,io-ysku. Om— , 

. Siimau-hilo, jD-nm. 
Sui-komu, hikUopxu. 




iKsiST, (. V. Osu, ii-haru, shiUe iu. 

MNEIl,a. Oku no. ^ 

Ihsnare, ;. T. Sufcasu, tsuri-komu, la. 


Insolent, a. 6funa, Bh« na.fcu™ nam. 

Insoluble, a. Tck^o. 

NNOcuous, B. Doku no dai, gai no naj. 

Insolvent, a. Shin-shi ga tsubuteru. 

kanjs ga tatann, daraku Sim,, bunsan 

yo-na, hatfltarenu. 

Inocoute, (. p. TsugUjUymi. 

kembun lum, shiiaheru. 

Iboffbhsivh.-o, Gai ni naranu, ki ni sa- 

Inspection, «. Kembua, kemmi, gimmi. 

Ibsfectw, X. Meklki, kenshi. 

iKOfEBATlYB, o. Yaku-nMatanu. 

IBSPIRAT.™, ". Hiki-iki,.akuMn. 

iHUBDtHATB, a. Do oi Su^u, h5-guw^ 

Inspire, t. v. SuiJiomu, iki v™ hiku. 

lNEPitnT°"."V. Hagema^u, cbikata wo 
tsukeru, ki wo bOci-talHO, kisaki »a 
hiki talsuru. 

Inquest, k. Kenahi, kembun, oimmi. 
iMQiiiRE, /. 0. Tadiimeni, IS, Eku, stn- 

iHSTAElLiry, n. Sadacamanu kolo, utsu- 

InstIl,/. f. Yaku ni taieru. 

INQUIRV, H. Tadiune, coi, tansaku. 

INSTALMEBT,^ NaabiJiuiiustu. D->!ly 

iMijuisirioN, s. Gimmi, senaaka, 
Ibijuibitivb, a. MoQodzuki, tikitagani. 

-, hieake. Jlfmlily -, Isukifu, gep- 

su koto. 

iNsraKOI, n. Eei, lamesbi, tehon. Ftr 

INSALVBHIOUS, YOki ga warui, jiko ga wa. 

BSANE, a. Kichigai, hakkijO, kiyBran. 

NS4Hm.«, Kiyftki, ranshin. 

Info-ant, «. Toki, koio, iibnn, aoku-ji, 

shuyu, orikara. 

NSCKiBE.I.'n.' Kakuriioru."^"'' 

bkh™o«,». Uw^aki,himei,bohi. 

INSTAKTLV, arfB. Sokiiji ni,tacliidokoto nl. 

Instead, orfs. Kawan-m. To give — , 

Inshci, n. Mushi. Singing^ ^/—,sa- 

iBSKJSIBLE.a. Oboye ga n'ai, shone gi 

IMSENSIBLY, o^o. I Bu . lo - naku, dan- 

iNSTiGATo"™', "odaMtu" hito, 110116 nin. 


dan. ^ 

Instil, I. b. Shimi-komaseni. 

Ibshnct, B. Umare-tsuki no kokom, ten- 

1B9RST,'. B. Ireru, hameru, kuwayeru, 

nen na^ kokoK,. 

IHSTINCTIVELV, nafir. Umare-csnite, ono. 

iNsiDE./rfjt. Naka ni, uchi ni. (a.) 


Inside, n. Ura, naka, uciiL — <-«<, uta- 

IBST,TI.TE /. ^. Tatcn., hajioiem, shi- 
lateru, oliu, sadamcru. 

Institute, b. Okile, sadamc, hfiiitsu. 

INSIGHT, «. Mi^komi. 

Instjuct, t.y, Oahiyeru, csi^^eru, kiy5. 

iNSiGKiFicawT, 0. Wakiuka'na, iyashiki, 

iNSTBUcnoH, «. O^ye, kiyftkun, 'ii- 

loni n! loranu. 


Ikstbuctor, B. Shiah6,>hiban. 

Ibsudordibate', b. ihUa^a™ii,'^o- 

lHS.NU.Ts, (. K, H:dri-kon.u, shi-komu,«c [u, kisen wo .otj. 

Insipid, a. Aji no oai, tampaku na, awa- 

'"^^^^'^i^'^.^i^T.^fiTf^Kx isn-'r 


, B. Ukeai. 
v. Ukeau. 
(. Ukeai-nin. , 

fTABLJ, a. Oyobarenu, koye- 

TON, «. Muhon, ikki,seki»D. 
, fl. Mattaki koto, cadashikl 

Ibtbllioesce, h. 

:e-office, n. Ktian, kuchi- 
r, a. 8iko-na, kashikoki, 

.DiCT, /. V. KindzuTU^ Bd-kiu sum, 
iwstra, ch<yi luru. («■) Kinsiii, 

ABLE, A, Kagari-Aakif tayua- 

POSE, /. c. HsHiniu, osayeru, naka 
■Isu, toti-atsukau, hedateru. 
FBHT, (. ». Honyaku euru, naoau, 
dan Buru, ii-hodoku. 

teru, naka ni 


INT- 98 IRR 

Intestatb, a. Yui-gon nathi. 

^.^t^?;iiShi.S."''' ""'■ ~ '"'"' 

INIKSTIKE, R. Ha««atn, iSfu, chS. 

Ihviolable, a. Yaburaieiiu, hadan sc- 

iar^— .daieha, i-mn/Z — , shflcho. 

Inv^le, a. Miycnu. 

Invitation, b. Vubare, sbodai, niaaEki. 

Invite, r. v. Vobu, maneku, ahcdai eu- 


I^TO,/rr^.'Ni, uchi,n»ka. 

defclDU, koriyerarcnn, taye-galalS. 

Invokb, (. K. Negau, tanomu. 

Ihtoleeaht, a. Kstaku laru, gsiiko lis. 

Intoxicated, a. Sake id yotta. 

Involve, t. 0. Ou, tsutsuinu, fukumii, 

koiDoxu, biki-ai ni sum. 

Involved,, a. Hiki-ai, maldzoye, luka, 

Inthench, i. V. Hon HO honi, iingaina- 

kakari-ai, renrui. 


Inward, ai^f. Naka ye, ucbi ye. Iioko- 


lNWA'S)L?,'flS;. N^ani"liiii,ohani. 

Imtricath, a. Motaurem, m-kmnu, kon- 

Ehinchiuiii, hisokani. 

Intbioue, fl. Inba, iroaolo. 

PHCACUANHA, ■- Tokon. 

s^i!^ia^. '" ' '"^ ' '""'™" '■ 

EKSO»B,fl. ,T3ikntsunaru,iya-na,nrn- 


IhThoduCTIOH, b. ~e/a Awi, jobun. 

Sm»^lii«ff — , liole, hinosbl. Pul in 

Intrudb, ^. c, Oshi-komu. desugiiu. 

tov^' b!*No™, hinoSi wo kakeru. 

kasHu". "■ '' 

IdUNDaTE, i. V. Afureni, koboreni. 

eonv,«. U«woii,,sakanim. 

RHADiATE, (. V. Terosu, kagayakasu. 

rratiokal, a. Don wo wakioiayenu, 

nVADB,y K. Okasu. oshi-yoMtu. 

Ihrhcohcilablb, B. Naka-naori no nari 

NVAi-in, «. Biy6-ahiii, da-jaku. 


Irregulmi, a. Sorowanu, mtdari na. k[- 

bvaloable', B. 'TaKokL, yoki no haka- 

IbvariabLE, a, Kawaranu, daya ni, hen. 

IRRELIGIOUS. B. Bu^shinjLn, budfi D*. 

1h™o«, (. p. Nonosbiru. 

luvHlOLH, (. B. Hiki-ireru, sosonokasu, 


IrrepboaCMABLB, a. Togamerarenu. 

iNVEES^v, ^Of. Sakaaams Di, abekobe 

rarenu, tekisbi-gaUki. 

ni, achikDchij uraham. 

Irresolute, a. Ketsuj6 naki, ki ga 


Irrhspective, a, ~- e/, iainawadiii. 

ISVETBEATE, a. Kojiru, gaiiko nam, ko- 

J^^!: "-. Y"^?^!-!?' "!??^-?5: 

Irr'Iivb/ent,^. UyaniaiDaki,fn-k«na. 


ILaraseiu^ ladaieru, 

tinG,a. Kayui, ksyumi, l^aiif moda 

■^ ' '. Kanil-ii. 


'».' Hatoba 





o. Hadan 








3Brf, B. bhi 



J. tsugu kuwayBTT., 

05TLE, i. p. UbU, 

■,«, Ten, ehobo. mijin. 

iRNAL, •!. Ki nikki,rDka,shiinbunshi. 

iBNEV, fl. Tabi,riy<wkft.ji,ini(ibi^ori. 

LLY,<«/s. Yotokonde. 


talari, leinbaiau, Cl< 


JiiG,». Tol!kun. 

Ill ^UmldSu"*'" 

UKCLH.'w. Havajh;.' 

" iated^ yak[<-t 

om<) tokoTO 

J UST, a. Rich^ oa, sbojiki na, 

ku na, seichoKu aa^ Ayakc ai 

Justice, «. Gi, ri, giri. do, d6rf. 

, Wakai, itokeaai. 

tr, hikayeru, — a^, riiaegu 
— at a distanct., tfizakcni. 
<^, kokoTD^^akera. — in tht 

,n. Oke, taru, kodaru. 

r, f. /. — in by tkr cold. 

ni.ri. — i-» ijf ik€ rail,, fiiri. 

KEEHaL,n. Mi, I 

Kin,*. Sh!nrui,yei>ja, y 
KiKD,«. Tagui, ™i, shui 
kuchi. -»/j*»-w™,hii 


ESD, a, Kiy6dai, shinrui, shjn-seki, 

, n. 6,kDku-D. 

Qou, J), Kakii, kuDi riyabun. Ani- 

. Nelcaaako,l»)-Dcko.' 

Kmit, ^ V.' J 

Knob, ». Hi 
Kmock, t. f . 

'- orf", buihi 
»; off, as geeds 

-fuda, 5hiruslii,_nieifiida 

LABOBIOirS, a. HoDeoi^. 

Lacs, ^ T-. Kaguu. 
Lacerate, <. i/. Saku, kaki-kiru. 
Lachrvkai^uct, r. Gu[-J;uH>aD. 

Lace^^'c. Nashi, aradiu, iaranu, fusi 

Lacqu^%. Uruaki. _ 

. Uriubii> 

, shikki. 

, hi^aku, ihakusbi. 

Lament, i. v. Kanashimu, naecku, naka. 
Lauentaslb, a, Nagekawashii, iLosbii, 






"cK, i'' To- 

V, » Doja 

"v. Van, 

= lsuk 



iimen. dcDii. 



ffliWba, Meba. 


inv, «. Halagoya 


fu-keiki ni naru, 


Lapse, L v, Ayamachi, hadzureru. 

LAEtn. Hit 
Lahvhx, ». I 
Lascwioto, a 

— a/^, saku-ban. ?aku 
tsui-ni, toto yeyaku 
showed. — ^ ^t/** matsi 

Latent, b. Ichibi 

Okile-dAri no, ge-ifth&*d&ri 

!,». Kuj'i-=hi,d. 

Vutui, d'ami. 
,». Yiimaa. 



I, cakuwa 
I, abaku.^ 


(AH ow/IA-.Tiadinkeni^™™™ 



— , kiinpaku, — irr/t dtvr, ■ 

TALK. «. Kuki. 

, a. Shigeru. 

a, I. e. Takusofcu suru, to! 

E, «. Yakusoku, kdyaku, to 


Leaimnc. •>. Gakumon 
Lbash, i. vr, KasUf karu. 

Leavings. 1. NDkori-iDon 
' " -^' Kesh'k^-ih 


. Chon 

Leg,*». Asti 

iIH, X. Tediuma, &I 

. Kiyatian, habaki. 

'i.v. Okitenotateru, 

Lengthy, a. Na^L 
Leonard, n. Hiyo. nakatsukaiq 
Lenient, a. Va&ashii. yuruyaka 

Lenetv. h. Onjun, yuruyaka. 
I^FES, n. RaibivD-yaini, Vaiaa 

Lepkosv, n _ Raibi 

LESs.aV ciiiisai. sukoshi. rojo:. 

Lbssbe. n. Kari-rfiushi. 

iyfi, c 



-tLl— '■"'• 


Taira, tairaka, hira 

h«i-chi, hiia-^hi. 

. Msiaau. taitsgeru, 

BJ-BB, tepfowonHa 





'.p. Saimatsunisuo 

Katnsa, kaia-kaiash 

Lkvt, i% 


J^cs,«. KiukLu. 

L™", a. 



.tAX, H. UsD-IiUki. 


u mono, hats mo 
naru kolo, kokon 


Ud, x. Futa. frc- 
LiB,*. Uso, iisuwad 

IsAhS^i, i^sJffif ahC-^ai, 

p. Akari wo teulceru, tobosv, 
— a«r(,Uwolsukora. 
p. l*omani. - rf™.fi, orosu. 
l.j,. KarumEiu, karaku suru. 

JTED, a. A^i^baya,b9ya-ashi 

\osD.a. Mimai. kdrumeku. 
^BTED.d. Ki no kaiui, kicakn. 

SE, n. Taka-drnfi, 

LiGEtmiN&-flDTi, X, RaL-yokc 
Librs^o, OnaJ], nitan, njrij, hitoahu, co- 
toki, ayatarn. ^ Btiat/td, dDshin, doi, 

IjifE, ibfp. Gotokn, TO/ ton. s5, nshii. 

7*1? ta/k — a dtince, bakarashiku in, 

^EK. ^. V. Konomu, «ukiij tashimu : 
als, tht ni^,ta,a/ltr tki root! of 

kai-lai, i^auW /lie /ff Im^ : yuki-tai', 


^ikelvIb: Makotoiashii. ' 

Likewise, <iijj/. Mala, mo, yappatE. 
XjIKIkg, a^ u ni ird, kokoio ui tanau. 


Im Saifai, kagiri, kiti, kiwa, kuku- 

iE,B, Chi-SUJi,31lji tttt. 

Kao-katachi, leaf 

. Tokeru, fukuws SUTU 

List, ■. (iVairfi™/), katayoru. 
Listen, Ac. Kiku, chansn sum. 
Listless, a^ Ukkari-to, ki ga :sukanii. 
Utsbati, s. Gakiulja, monD-ih[ri, ha- 

pori. — ^ /ttt/r, chibi-chibi, sukosl 
LivEf /. V. Otti, [m, lamau, ji^suru, i1 

Live, a. Ikiteoru. 

Ltvblihood, h. Kuraahi^ata^ kuraaliL, 
loaeL, sh6ba], kuchisi^, kagiyA, narl* 

LiVELV^ a. Ki uQ kariu, Kigaru-na, keiki 

LiveC"-'"^STo Hi. 

LiVERV, a. Shamku. 

UviD.a. Aosune cam. 

Living, «. Ikiteoru, ikeru, ikiCam, ikt. 

nagarayeru, toaei. nariwai, shindai. 
L[»RD,B. Imori, yamoci. 
Load, a. Da, kal£u?i, ni, tsiimidaka. 
Load, A P. ■^suiauaioiau, noseru. 
Loading, d. Namakeru, aarakura sum, 

hoAFEU, H. Norakura-mona, oamake- 

Loan, n. Shakkin, kari, haishaku, sha- 

Loan,*, p. Kasu. 

Log, n. Ki, hashirai midzu jaku. 
Loin, a. Koshi. 

LOITBV, 7. p. H[iDadoru, (emadoru, 
ratsuku, ^dzu-£iidzu, eudot^uku. 

- i^c, ch^iu, chD-mei. 

a. kuithigatu. 

^- i-ik[,ch8md,c[ 

, kuithigatu. 

riTniro/-iw*/)^. mi-atu. - 

■"^/il^i^'mi^ku^^^ BiB^ 

— /nlo. ^immi s 

', Toku, yururnu, kulsiin^u. 

. Yurt^ badzurela. 



LouBOH,/». Bura-burast 
Louss.>i. ShiismL 
Lousy, a. Sh[rami-iakari. 

Gs^, <»• it fiartHti. uyamau. — la/i. 

a utt, koi-ka. 
Hikui^gebLrUtiyashiip — nm. 




LuDtCBOUS, 1. Okashu, odoketa 

B. Riii-eao-oiku. 

Sownokasu, obLkii. 
. Machi-busewoEum. 

H, ;. !>. Musaboru, loi. 
Hikati^ ks^yakj, tsuy 

VAKI>, X. Zaimoku-; 

Macahobi, h. Udon. _ 

Macerate, t. F."'6'ilasu, "siikeJu. 
MacHinatioh, n. Kan-kei, kuwa 

Machine, b. Shikake, kaiikuri, i 


MACHINE»V,n, KikM,dagll, 

Wade, ^j«. Defciia, 



hTm'Si^'^' " 

shitajreu. S^dlj- - 


aNITUDE,«. Okis 

fu-zafku, fu-lesh«,. 

Kai wo riyoji suru 

Madmab,*. Kiciiiga 

naru hUo, kiyO- 

Wad^ess,,. Ranshin 



II., H. CsjJ-- 

=nsho^ura, goya- 

11, B. Hikiyaku. 

Ma^gotT". Uji,on8s 



'»,/.». Sokonau 


Wacici'an, f>. Maho-Uukai, id^ 

Magic-lahtekn, B. U.tuihiye, 
Macistbatg, n. Vakunin, kuwa 
Macnanihous, a. Tai-nyo na 

Rcki-rcki, ki-nin. 



. dkikusu 


Maimed, B. Kataw 

— bttlldiago/ a limfli.) 

adv. Moppara, omo-Di. 

GT, H. Naka-basbirs, bom-Ju- 

Jaki, akki. sbereldoku. 

Make, ». Shi-kata, 3hi-y5, Bukuri-kata, 
MAKH,"¥iaku™', kofhirayeni.'^dtkiru. 

habalrsri b: 

'asu^ yudzdi 

iciouGLY, o^c. Akushi 

IHN.B.. Aku. ash[i, giy 

MflLiGNAhT, B, Aku^ja, yc 

Mall, «. OdnichL kakeyi 
Malleable, o. Kioinrerr 
KtALLBT, a. Tsuchi, kakey 

r, n. Moyashi, kOji. 

rRHAT, i. V. Mugoku f 

Mamma, h. Okks-san, bi 

B, Hilo, Bin, 1.1 

— , otoki>-raBbiL 
._..-, gunkan. 
IV[a[4acle, jf. Tegane, t«j6, (e£-aae- 

tij<tf'j mind^ kokoro wo v^tmr^^. 

IhUu. ^'pkfcr, kami ' 

M ifktdSnKt **i™; 

obi a 

'■ Tori-alaukai, abpc 

Mamdarih-duck, fl. O^idori 
Mandate, n. Mlkota-nori, m 

V,Bi^ Kii^uk" El 

Crnerallf farmtd by a^xixg ya tr ! 

Shi jt> t«< lid sf fh! thing made : at I 

Makwg, «. Tsukuri, sbiJio, ahiJtata. : 

Oni's tma — , iwaku, Kiaiku. 
Haladhinisteahon, n. Fu-ieyi, 



Tunal, pyajS, 
ihi, toaii, sc 

MANCEirviiE, tt. Ke^ko^ tedate. 
HAN-or-wAB, «. Gnnkan, ikma-bune. 
M<UJSiON,n. Yakatn, vashiM. 
Manelauqhtbr, h, HiiD-gorofihL 
Mantis, h ■ Kamaltiri, t^r6, 
Mantl«,». Uwi«i. 
Manual, h, Techo, tebikai. — laitr. 



,«. Sd,s. 

Mandfacture, /. 

iiru. koshinc 

CedJ — , vohodo, 
Map.b. Kuni-ywlzu, T-fl- 

Uababuus, ». Hikan. 
Maesle. a. RiEeki. 
Marble, ^. ?r. Surni-no^aslii vj 

MARBLA-PAtER, 4r. SuiTXI-nagB^ 
MaKH,<.p. ChSrensuru. 
March, n. San-gatsu, micbi- 

Marb, ft, Mcmma. 
Marcih, n. Kiwa, fuchi, heshi 
MASiKH,fl. Umino.kaL. 
Mariner, H. SendA, funako, fi 

U«4uchi g 


H. IcLi-ba. 

«, B. Ten. 

L^<E. Ikllfa no. bu, Kun, 

B,K. Michi ni jun-lum 1 

L, «. Fusfiingi, kils^ 

tvuhiku oma, BTEshi- 
oma, ibukashiku omO, 

ilLOus, a, _ Ayashu, fiisbin nam, 

,t. !,. Oshi-kudaku, o^hi-tsubusn, 
.T™Mi:n. '^<"! V.) Kakusu. 

'^aZ^x"' Hito-gomshL (o.) Ho- 
ve, ». Orooi. 

B. Hobashira, hasbira. J'brr- 
/, maye-baahira. Main — , ^»-> 

!R, 1. Danna, shi^in, atuji, Lashi- 

fRPLECB, ff. Me[aaku, 

iRV, w. Ri, kachi, ab5-ri, thihaL 

, A. KakOdA, baiehatUf 
■. 5<-^oo;— , i3,lgafcu,aide- 



MatukeI B.'''jiiuJ'hite7ii' 
MflTVBELY, ■KiK. Toku-lo, 

lilti, sv^x^ aho, moah^ o, de-aro -, 
attK in ofttr wayt. Ifthi westhir it 

liitylgotoYedat Ytdo y= itle yora- 
voil^ May ! pass thmaghthil read f 

hreack it ttrtt healed tkgy xay ^gkt^ 
naka wo naosaneba keokuwa wa sutu 
dsrO. It may iiol rain,iut J villi fail 
mr umdrfiia with w*, furu-niai kere- 
damo Lasa WD mottc-ikA. It it a cruel 
llllllfl *e il at it niay, naD ni skiro 
kawus6 na koto da. May ie^ ^kaia« 

kona. WAeat 

:. Meshi, gohan^ EDzeD, jiki^ ko, 
tiri.^. ..J.- '^-^ komup-oo- 

Mean. a. lyaahli, gesen-iia, keel 
shidiuna.chiuna. — w&ile,mii 
MBAN.n. Chiu, chiuto.iiakaba, h 

Mbanihc, n. Knkoio, wake, imi. fv 
kcn,lsudiori,riri. ' ■ ■ 

^Ihanlv^ adv. lyashiku, misuboraehil 
^BAKKBSs, n. Jy ashiaa. 

dan, tc-au- I!y — <>/, dc, wo mol 

kaiintadzu, toDio-kakuoiD, ^y noinea- 

Measlb:^, ff- Hashika, n 

naka-dachi, naka-ire 

fro/ttsim i-4a, i^o. 

irtittmeaf, t-b-eski. 
ki. kGno. — tom- 

KAL,o. — >/b»/, vaku-lB. 
SB. a, Kusuri, yaku-shu. Pric 
, yaim-daL Virtutt of — - tO-nC 
■tSci. g-ality of a ~,y^aAiit 

yaku-tiki. Quality ^ a ~, 

— chisl, yaEu-re. To take 

d^™™"''"- ».'^aoiy«u, za 
if BDITATIOH, s. Za-nn.karai 

ifEDiuK. n. Chill. ' yw* — , 

— quality, Ma-Ami. 


hai-den. ' 

I. KLuBu, ki ga fasi^i 

hagaki, obQye^:ak]. - 

AUZB, I.e. Kempaku wo Uleru 
IB, /. n. Kioku surp, oboyeru. 
f, H. Oboye. mono-oboyi:, kiotu 

Uendacious, a. Itauwi 
h^BU, hacbUiataki 

'ai wares, i\a- 
'o-morai, ItOtu- 

■._ Chirt. 

Mental^ a. 

Meecee, B. Gofultuya. 
Ubrchwdise, a. Hi, i 


kerai wa shO^ubeki mono da. ^(rii 

i^»vc ^^nhhmenl, hidoku kcibau 

su-bcki mono nan. 
MERTTOiaairs, a. Sha-subeki, bomcn 

rcru. kO am. — f^^. kO, Kfant. 
Mermaid, •!. N[n-«iyD. 
Merriment, 11. Kiyo, wai^, Uwaiaur 

Mbrrilv, ai;:'. Tanoshinde, tawamunti 
Mbrrv, a. OiDDshirqgaru, nikoyaka ni 
Merrv-andrbw, «. Soke-mDno. 
Mesh, x. Me. 

Mess, t. v. Tabeiti, tomoni shoku sum 
Message, h. Koja, layori, otodiun 
■kosoku. bingi. koladiute, 

Mbssua-tb, n. DA-shuku, d«-shaku. 

jiv, fli^. Kciy6 shite. 

Meteob, «. Yobaiboshi, riusei, ylisa. 
Metbopologv, n. Kiiki-gaku. 
Method, s. Dori, kata, sbifcata, ha. 

~- of viriting, kaki-kala, fiide-dzukaL 

— of teaching, oshSyc-kata. 
Methodical, a. Torishiiuari no yoi, 

Methopolis, ». Miyalio. 
Metropolitab, o. iliyakonioru. 


j,i ffiS"' 

I. Nilchiu, mahitii. 

. ^ MaDnaba, nakaba, cb[u-i 

LN. n. Cbiu-nin, naksdo, ea 

MiDSUHUER, j<. Chiu-ka. 
UlDWAv.s. Michi no nakaba. 
Midwife, n^ Ton-aeexbaha, sa 
MiD-witiTBR. n. Cbiut6. 
HiBM, B. Nari, naii-fuii. 
MiFT, n. Kabara, ikari. 
MiCHT, n, Chikara, ttioi, Hi, 

sbLt't. Cried m win aa h: 
kaye po ka^L ni yonfta. 

if k'e had'called the 


arllir ki 

ksjialtaia naonldVaturtlT'7/,U 

□, B. Ushi no chichi wo sbtbo. 

''n. Onna no kamun-mono wo 
iLLioH. ■. Hiyako-man, ^en-sea. 

ILLSTOBE B. hiki-usu ao isbi. 

[LT, B. Maratago. 
iic,«. ManuTii. 

ICE, t. V. Talaku, komalta oi klru. 

snlomoi, lonji^ori, ^mtu, z^pi"^ 
sn. ^iQ(,B-,ki ni tommi. CaU 
■ — , omoi^aiu. Ful /» — , fci HO 
.-ukete ysiu. Tb aaki af ast'i — , 
kelchaku aam, Nentr — ^ kanaau na, 
, igbi.i. Net te — , kayari-mi- 

ro ireru, ki wo tsukero. 

Dsx'i fire 

might shoot 

'jMebsdy, E«pp6 

» Mi>^/ jwZ"maruk!t»^i ^ 
'. iv(s. TsuyDku,'baecsbika 
a! Tsuyoi, bageshii, kibishii, 

. . Umai^hodoyoi, yawaiaka,iiLi 

Mildew, B, l&bu/'i^rkabiru. f"ker 

MiLDLY^arfT.. Umaku.hodoyaku.yaw 

Mile, n. G>.' £ffua^ fo di li hao . 
En^itk mile. Haifa mile, hap-mic) 

MiNSB. It. Kapc-hoti, k6fu. 
Mineral, a. Kdbulsu.ko. 

MlNBEALOGV, B. KObutsu gakll. 

MiNBEAUlGisT. B. Kbbulsu raku 

A,wr,bu-i. —mi 
tumei. —e^cer. 
■ — freparationSy bl 

rt.bu-Ja, - 


, _._ ^.kiwahei-kiyokiL 

■ Mint,". Hakka. 

, MiNUBT.n. Odoiino tagiri, 

B, n. Bu,buq>i,kaki-taipc, lebikai. 


:usah u-mu 

ZNUSLV, ativ. Itadzuni ni, wa- 

CT( B. Fu-jiiyBgi, fu-^yS-Kki, 
rruPEf H, SvnyA-chigBii riyd- 
auB, t. V. Honyaku-ebii-aif to- 

T, K. Furachi na yatsu. 
t. V. Hi wo kaki-ayamaiu. 

T, *. p. . Namaye-chigai y 
a'^ "tt if" Mi^a"ni (suiyas 
. Shiwambft. k«hina-hiio, ri 

tULE, n. Mldare.ran, akuse 

■. Tsukai. 
HV, H. Yesia 1 


Mitigate^ i. v. Nadamn-u, gendzi 

kondzuiu, awueru. 
MlNTURS, n. MazerulcDlD, majiru mo 

Mock, t. 

. Katadoiu. 

/. n. Hikayeru, gendi 

. Htbay. 

i, kDn-j[ 

no, m D 

MT, fl, Hadzukashigaru^ ncliikL n 

!STV, H. Yeniiyo, habakari. higc. 
FY, t. E/. Kayeru, nausu, 5hi-Tia< 


., MureU, si 


Mousses, b. 
Mole, x. ^ 

Molii'fv, (. i 

Shikke, midiuki. 

Hen Shi, ka»-loki. 

MOKARCHY, H. Gunkea. 
MONASTESY, «. Tera.H. 

MoHEYi'))!'' Kani'l^siii kinsci 


Monstrous, a. Kikui 

MonthI ». TsSlti, E 
ebsut^ kAkl^■B:eQ^, 

Moon, n. 

Moonlight, h. 'isuki-akari, tsuki-kage, 

— , mfkka- 
.,,- , ,-. ,auki-ka£e, 

Mope, t.v. Ki ga fusuu, lusuru. 
Moral, a. —iSileiopkf, ihin^isdi 
Morality, k. Michi, don, re^. 




— inii7!£*(. asa-hikage. Sijs'claci in 

cbiii-ya, chobd^ asa-ban. —tiar, akt 
no m^y6-jin. aJta-boshi, t^haku ki. 
toHKiNOCLOHV, It Asajjao. ~~e/ tMi 


loRROw, n. MjyD-nichi, asblca. 

ban, Uflj (^^fT io — , asalle, iaiy6-£o- 
Jlichi. Tviff days afigr is — , ahi-assai- 
te, miyfh-eQ-eo-Dichi. 

■ 'inun. hadiii, Bb[-sulwki, 

Mottled, a. Madara na, buchi i 

^\ovu3. n. Ka>3, ikata, kabi. 
Mould, /. n. Kaiadoru, kabiru. 

MOULDSK, I. !>. KudlUIEIlI. 

Moulding, H. Oshi-bucbi. 
Mouldy, a. KabiBuka, kabikun 
Moin-T, /. V. Kegawari wo >u» 

— inghird, ba-Duke-dori^ 
Mound, s. Tsuka, ad>:uchi. 
Mount, (..-. Ageru.nobirg, noru 

M™NT7"f Yailia. "™ """' 

ModEH. «. v. Kanashtmu, oaku, nageku. 
MouENFUL, a. Kanashii, ura, iiama- 

shLi. nucekawashu. 
MouRHiNC, a. Ini, kichiu, mochm, kl. 

buku. — cMha, mofuku, imi-biiku. 

^/Jtf/— ,inei.mchi,ki-jilsu. Euda/, 
Mouse, m! Hatzuk^nedzumL 
Mouth, ». Kucbi. EifriaioH 0/ -, 

kucht^moto, kuchL-dzuki. Tssto^ ikf 

MovABLB,B. ligokasareru. 

MOBTAI.%. tiiuhathi, usu,kabt,t!uchi. 

ru, ii.kokeru. — twYA^Wi«i,k;shh 

mu. -MiA,dokEru. -™«rf,ma- 
waru, meguru. — uiaiarii, ngboni, 
agaru. — iaclnvard, shiiiioku, shisa- 

MoRTCACK, H. Kski-ire-jA-mon. 

Uv<nc>^s,t.v. Hiki-aledLsur„,kaU- 

MoKiinCdTioN, s. Funiku, dasao, haji. 

sagaru. Wk-^l «,f!^ 3^«lo do^f 

nan no yuye ni so naaatta ka. Hr^hing 

MOK, «.' Kok^ . 

Most, a. Ichibaa joka, itaiie, molto- 
mo, hanahada. TB* sutitfart, la^ai, 

MovBMBNT, «. Halaraki, undS, guai, 

okaia daibun, moppara, arakala, lai- 


■«, tairi);aku, aramashi. Al tkt «M(, 

Mow,;..,. N^, karu, kiru. -^t«». 

MosTLi',^!'. Tsieai,' laLriyaku, okata. 

MS™,"rfB. t'^tiS;, tanto, taisO, Oki- 


ni, yoppodo, osa-osa, hodo, dake, kurai. 

//did — . ikurs, ikutsu, nainb6. nant. 


Mother/. /aw, a. Sbutom.. 

iwan-ya. Twict «j — , bai, ni-sabai. 

MoTMEK OP PEABL, «. - mosaic wri. 

5s-,ko« dake, kare i.odo,'kono ku- 

rai. Tw— ,amari. F«™ — , daibiin. 
MuciLAOE,«, Nori, — for 

M™™"». Unds, ugoki, bataiaki. ba- 

MuciLAGiNous, a. Nebani, neba.neba. 

MufS,'/."p. iSwufKEma. 
MtrGGv,a. Shikki no, musbi-atsuL 
MutBESRY, B. Kuwa, kidia. 
Mdlct, B. Batsu-kin, kuwa-riyo. To- 


ULTIPUSE, ». Meyasu, ho. 
ULTiPLy, I. „. Masu, fuyeru, hab 
koni, shigeiu. To - tkrei bf fow. 

V. Kamu. 

,a. Ttxzhino, to) 

T.fl. Kuwan^Jai 

n. Gunlu.buki. 

3U. n. Take, kusabira. ki-ao 

wfff^, gakki, haya 

Mu&K, K. Jako. 
MUBKBT, ■- TeppS. 

MusSi «, 55d6, koflzUsu shitara koto. 

i io oVosii; kawan- 
buyaku, gudzu-gudEU 

kalLcra. ' 

MverlFV, t. v. li^kuronieiu, ii^nagiiaau. 

Jin. — *ftff. hada-mi. 
Nakedness, ». Hadaka. mklyfi. 
Nahe,». Na,oaniaye,m«,nano] 


Narcotic, b. Ma-vaku, masu 
Narrate, i. v. Kobeni, tsu^e 

Neat, a. K[rei teiaei 

NacK^ «f ' ^Si'C'nDdo . 

/paw, kokU'h^ — tttvernnTenly 

NJmoMAUTV, B. Kinr,!^?' 
Native,*. ^ e/ a flaci, oxbi no 

taHHtry, hoD-Woku. 

Nativetv, B. Tanjs, uman. 

NATUBAL.a. Umare-tsuki no, atari 
no, M«n. — disf^ili^, iDi 
koDJ&. — properliis^ uniare-a 

Naturally, flrfp, Umare-lauki ni 

:en to, sh^Eoku. . 
Natobal philosophy, s. Kiu-ri. 
Natitre, n. Shfl, ahilsu, . lunare 

Naught, "fl^i^r^'Mt'S^ni, mun^ 

e'd, fu-y6. 

., iri-yo. Jtfcj-e 

L, a. Nakule kanaw 


, a. MadiushU, 


, Neclect, t, v- bkoEaru, yudan wo bu 
Okocari, yudap, t 
adv. Soiiyaku ni, son 
Neootiate, i.B. Alsukau, tQO-atsuk: 

9, i^aku,_ibau.. 


, idai^d. 

NEiTHEB,;fro. Dochira mo, idzure mo. 


yo^higoto, ya-giyo. —fiihlng, 
I, — drcis, yo^.^ To wsrk 

«. KCmiyfl- 

. KokoDotsu, ku. 

w.a. Jfi-ku. 

.NTH.O. Ja-4cU-bM. 

."■ Ku"bin. («.) Kii-ban-me. 
. Tsumtru.tsuniu. 

"of Pffr«iBT«-° ShLiki.' "^ 
. OF Silver, n. Sh6-5an-^n, 

. ' No hilf/6r it, shikala ga nai' 
I. Tattoki, omnki, takai, kenage 
AN, H. Kuwa-zoku, reki-reki qo 
t, n. Kuwa-aJku, reki-r«kL 

— , yakaidashii, lawaEU^ s6do S11- 




9 NUR 

UOK.CPJ!?-. Mo. nao, InaIa,Wi*aM^- 

laumori, mnjlygri, 2onibun. 

NoBMAI.,a. AlariinayenQ,tisoS:u-dOlinD. 
NoEiK.K. Kica,kilaD(tli6,hDku,i»no 


No^BAsr,«. T6-hoku, ushi-Bra no 

ha. -«.|irf,n=r8i. 

KOETH-TOLE, -. Hokkivoku. 

NoBTH^TTjUt, X. Hokkiyoku-sei, boku. 

».".t;T''iS:"«r.r..«,. ' 

NoBTBWAFD, adv. Kita no h6 ye. 

Nourish, i.B. Yashinau, sodateru, bu- 

NoHTH-WHsr, «. Kita-nishi, sei-hoka, 

iku euni. ye-[ku suiu. 

inu-i no ho. 

NoBTH.wiMD, K. Kila-kaie, hoku-fll. 

Nose, X. Hana. n ilam tit— .kimii. 

Biam tit — viith tht Xnpiirs. Kbana 
vn kamu. -bhid, hanaji. ^Halr „/~, 

ad. ,_ ' Breathing of — , hana-ikL 

Mucus ef — , hana, hana-shiiu, haoa- 

JfoBH-BAND, n. Hana-gawa. 

NovKB, H. Hela, ibimhocbi, ebami. 

NosaGJiv, n. Hits tsukane no bana. 

shoshin. ^ 

NosK-KiHc, <(. Hani«ai. 

Now. nrfo. Ima. tMl. imasara. ~h«( 
Me». ori-ori. or^Jushi, a^ — AigA 

NosTRn,,!!. Haoanoaoa. 

NOBTXUM, s. Hi-yaku. 

Nor.flfllj-: AW,V*««-,<Bai. Do 
»oi;,na nakarc, muyo. Afoi k/, mada. 

ing lias; 'lai^hint, naitan waratiari. 

Noxious, a. Dcku-oa, g^ ni naiii, tama 

I'otl. tukothi no nai. 

Notable, a. Nadakai. ki-tniyo, miyo- 

NoHLE.-. 'Kuchi.' 

nan,. kSmd. 

Nude, a. Hadaka na. 

Notch, «. Kiri-kata, kirimt. ~^/ «n 

NupGH.f.c. Hmdelsuku. 
NuDiTV, H. I^aka Dam koto. 

NuOATORy, o. Muda na, miiiiashiki, y«c 

wo csukeru. 

kuni«tanu. ' 

NoTB, a. Shiruahi, ohm, (a, legata, le- 

NuiSAKCE,B. Gai.lama.fuio. To aiaU 
«— .fujowonoiotu. 

!^etir"shfrLur°Mu-kar ™^',"ihh!l 

nSI'I" .^"Nkdakaki, na aru. Pl,^^ of 
— , DiM-aho, nadokoro. A laex of — , 

NuMBEIt,«. Inau, kadiii, ban. GfftJIf — , 

oku.amaia. .Sjhb// — , iradiuka, suku- 

Nore-BOOE, H. Ohoye-ehO, te-cb6, lehi- 

nai. Ojy-,kisa. ^i^B -rgo-sfi. 


WSai -. ikiuu, ikuta, ikoJ^r. - 

Noted, a. Na-dakai, ko-m«. 

NoTHiKO, K. Nani mo nai, mu-ichi- 

molsa. — iut ikis, korc bakati. kore 

kiri. Maki — of, ko'o to no sedzu, 

NuMBEBLESS, a. KazoyCTarenu. 

nai, (¥at« — & ,*. WW rt, kuwflB-kd 

Numerous, a.' 6, amaiano, lai-Lo no. 

NUHBCULL B, Baka, gudonnabito. 

- bX sulfite ira. 

Nun, B. Ama, bikiini.^cnni. 

Notice- «. Fute, shirase. Publii —. fu- 

NUKHERV,.,. 'Amsdei^. 

NumAL,a, — /™iw^,rumo. —cirt- 


«s-:i™, kon-r«. 

NoTIFlciTlOB, «. Fu-koku. 

Nuptials, n. Kon.ra, 

NoTlPY, (. H. Kikaseru, ahiraaeni. liuee- 


Oak,h. K 


Oa?;"! Ka^u-muei. ' ' 

Oatm.k. Chikai. seLon. 

Obdubats, a. Ganko narti, fimmj6, ka- 

OBBDT2HCB, fl, — /i? fiayeiits^ koko. — Af 

Obedient, a. Shitagau, kek6 natu, ko- 

ObeiSMICE, b, Aisatau, yesaku. 
Obby,«.s. Shiugau, fuku Euni, nabiku, 

Oetoscate, (. P. Mayowasu. 

Object, n. Ate, me-aie, kokoro-zsshi, 

OsTBCTKin, H. Nan, koimrari, heisiitn. 

*ow WK »»T — U mf taking iKi! 

pn I Eono fude wo toiM mo ii-ka. 
Oblation, n, Ku-motsu, sonaye-mDno. 
Obligation, «. Subeki koto, had™. 

™, d™, nai 
OELIGaD,a. 1 . . . , 
dokoro naku, yDBinai^ kaoa 

OvSama.a. NcngorD na, shmsBtsu na. 
Oblique, a. Nanameng, sujikai. 
Oblitekatb, i. B. K»u, mametsu, oto- 

Omjvion, n. Wasureru kolo, bokiyaku. 

Oblong, a. Nagale no kaia. 

OblocJuy, h. Sishiri, bibo, zangen, ak. 

)MOLm!""™' Filralu"™ 



geki, yuye, jVf occitsipn, oyobaou. 
/<trm 6^ the vtrb^ saaeru, — gfiiift 
adz'. On-fusbi, ori-ori. 




OccuPATioK* n. Giy6, kogiyO, toaei^ aho- 

Occubre'ncb,.!. 'Koto.yoshi.' Wilhoul 

OCHAN, !t. "{jnii. kai, nada, oki. 
O'clock, b. Toki, ji. Aj — in tkt 
fKorniKg, ake-mut&u. Twelve — , ko- 

Octagon, ■" fel'^Wiu! 

Odd. a. 


Odious, a. Ntkul, kirawashii, ni 

Odqii, a. Nioi, ka, kaori. 
Odoriferoos, a. KAbsstaii. 
(EsofHAcns, H. Ikuwan. 
Op, /rtf. No. 0/ coaw, n 

shiKK, -^laif, chjk^oro, ki 

Offal, «. Gomi.ikuti 
Offence, x. Tsiimi, oc 

loai — , wiki- 

Offenwvk, a. lya-na, fcirai-Da, ki 
Offhb, i. V. Ageru, dasu, kubutsi 

karrdred Hffliars^ but he viou. 

zai-kin, zai-yaku. In — , t^yaku. Ot^ 
o/— , h[-yaku. 

OrticlsL.o. Kuwan, yaku-hm, kuwan 

Offic'ous, a. Sewa wo yaku, sui-kiyo. 
OFF6ET, s. Yeda, 

-ahiba. tabi-tabi. 

ss, X, Abura-kim 
s,n. Abura-tsuai. 

K. , lUyaki 

fiuubeni, kobini. 

Old ACS, h. Oi, rft-nen, r6. 

Older, a. — brother, ani. — siita-. 

Oldest, d, — ssk. chaku-ahi, a6riyO, 

futuinekashii. ' 
Old Testament, ». KEo-yaku. 
Olivb, n, Kanran. 

dzui, saffa, yengi. Goad — , dau.«n, 

Ombntum, n. Ma-roakiL 
Ominous, a. Fukitsuno. 
Omcssion,ii, Ocbido,sht-ochi,CT Tini ac hi , 

ochi, dame. — e/' » tBord, lakuji. 

ochW, £kii,'~ U ^ifi, ySii^tasn, 


ShjTajia kolo nasbi. 
• -/^. kachi. 
kckku. — .fi 

Ift-ban. Tap/ay 

! depends en its tnetker, ko- 



e-clstk, kokonotsu-taan-dokL —(pf a 
Pair), kataippA, kata-kala. — a/i"" 
the dhtr, Kuji-tiu^i-ni. 
— ptrstn. hiton, ichi '■'■'• — •*f—t 
(fckiyo. — another. Is 

Obe bye, h. Kata-L... 
Okb pace, h. Ksta-omi 
0«B iwjr, H, Kata-aihi 

Ooze, t. v. Scguiu, 

hasu, toki-aliBeu. I 
Opes, a. Hi 

Kui^i, iDa. —and shut- 
tdv. Omate^mukS ni. 6^ke di, 
. Shibai, Barv-gaku. — stats, 

midlclne iai ni 

Mugoj, kakoku nani, 

— Asi.>f,dai-k«. 
OmoNai^B. Omo-ii 

Oeaclk, n. l akgaen, kami no Isuge. 
Oral, a. KajS na. ~ instruction, ku- 

den. kuchUzulaye. 
OrangEj a. MiScan, tachibana. Biiier 

OUANG-OUTaN^, H.^ HililVsh6i5. 

''iiy6do kida. 

OuB, v. Mar 
Orbit, a. M 

0, kiidaiiionL>-batake. 

ORCHBa-TRA,'n. BiJ:a^bayaabi. 

Ordain, t. tr. Sadamcni, tateni. 

ORDEE^ n. ShidaL ]iarabi^ahidara,rcrsa, 
mei, shikE^ rei, Jun, 15ulde, shimaii, 



3 OUT 


d=ta.' «»/»/, kara^ri,nai. 0,.i <./ 

i-;<»,itogauKteshiniatla. O^to/oil, 

abora ga shimalia, Tn it fylly out (at 
att truftion). de-sot6. Grow eitl of. 


. . . kara bayeru, . . . kata detu. To 


K an 

go in and -, de-iri wo sutu. - of 

i.-™" i-: 

/Bi*/a» sutarettsbimatla. -off loci. 

- of time, toki n^ianit, toki ni hadiu. 

0« A.. 


COPY T g mpon. 

migbi ni mayO. — ^iwAr, jun wo ha- 
diurera. —*/«««, chSshirahadiurtlB 


Brf G a. 181 laoto- 

of hearitte, kikoye-nakonaita. — 


H m hok- 

ofbriatk. iti isi kireni. — af frirsl. 

ki ru 

zeppan ni natia. - of eeaion, toki- 

H nin. 

narann. -of sort!, ambai ea warui. 

kuwaL -^ of biisinfss, aho-bai yanie 

oru. — */ trim, tashigu, kalamuku. 



H ra 

Out and oat, maltaku. —ofmyfoTii. 


Om muki 6yake 

cr. watakuBbi no cbikara ni oyobimB.'^en. 

ad Om muk muki- 

of aioney"\^e k^nS'ii hAt w 


D h 



D m m 10 wo 

OuTBBiV "- Ha»uru-kolo,okori. 
OuT-DuitPiNO. «. Koya. 

OUIXAST, Kan in, ni-nin, mu-shufcii. 

adasbi Jit ano-bo. 

OuTCHY, «. Sawagi. 

OtTTDa, t. V. Sugu-ii, kaisu, masanl. 

Outer, a. Uwa, solo no. ~ dar&nm. 

acliiia. d^. konaida, kono-^io. 


0DTHRMOsr,a. Icbi-ban 50to no. 


iH,m^'. ShikaKird>a. 

OirrpiT, s. Te-aie, yOi, ahicakn. 

OiPT-GO, t. V. Koyeni, sugiru. 

OUTLiumlSM, a. Bukocau na, kitai 


Aaz'i' mriltdt rriterday, kind 

yokatta, .»- kind kakeba yokatca 

OuT-i>ST, /. p. Ni^kQ motsu, nagaku 

mono ffo. Oagki tt iave beug^f it. 

tamotsu, mocbi ra yoi. 

kayebi yokatta, or kayeba yokalla no 

Outlay, «. Iriy^nfuvd, appi, jDdo. 

n>o, nr yukeba yukatca no ni. 

0™"«.''De^chT. "^'"^ 

ysK axjrkl to xata-day.Viyli i^t1l baixu 
no koto, w k&S ikuWi koto. Hin 


oaghl I 

/rar Cad. bilo wa kami wo 

OStliye,/.;.. Iki-nol«.™,okWeni. 


hsdzu no mono. JIftn nghf to 

/aa/i, bilo wa gohatto ni shila- 

Outpost, x. Bansbo, sayaku. 


Tm rauals. bacbi momms 

OimiAiiK, s. Hidoi me, mugoi me. 

ni-fun san-rinl 

Outrageous, a. Futoi, mun na, furachi 

Our, prB 



OOT-RAHK, t. B. XJyt-latsu. 

Out, b^d 

Soto. Formed fy a^xisg 

OUT-KIDE, «. I-. KaWko=u. 

Out-run, (. ». Hashiri-k«n, kafcj- 



OuT-SAlL, t. D. Fune ni nolle bashiti. 


Hf, kobosu, isugu. TosiowHa! 


kiy=™. T>fHt«,ii4^firt\ 

OuT-SKu, *. li/, Uri-katsu. 


, I. V. N^aku I 

Kama furo, muro. . 
afuicTu, kaboreni. Tohavi—, 

yuyo. To da it — again, shi 
sbi-kaytsu, futa tahj suriL To 

E,t.v. 0»«ro, ojikeru. 
', 1. f'. "Takaka Bt^an wo 

AB.i.v. Kiki-dasp, kiki-r 


^. Kalsu. 

HI, a. He 

Shi-Bu^iru, yaki-sugir 

T. (. v. Hikuri-l 
u, hiJEuri^cayesu. 


OVBESHODT, /. v. Uchi-sugiru. 

Oversight, n. Mi-olosTii, ay. 

tsukasadoru koto, shiocbi, me- 

OVERSLBEF, i. p. Nt«ugim. 
OvEfiSPBEAU, 1. V. Oi-walacu, hi 

ROW,'/.' V. Taos'u, 
"ftp. Uysnidsrn. 

. p, HLkuri-kBysu. 

k v. ' TsukaiaJLUU, tsuka 

r._ Eanshe no. 

M^u, hakujs suiu, ^ 


FuniE. ru£^a/ni;™-,50- 

p 10 aruku. 


o. FuiBu.sruku, fmoi-hikafu. 

,«. Bukuiiyo. 


a. Odayaka-na, tiHwi niiru. 


■iio^"'J!' Waboku WD sura koto 


T^ Nada^cn.,^^™ 




E,». T-uKumi, kori, ba. 




Pad, =. 

Aie, makuta. 

». kai. 


t.u. Kaidekogu. 


;,'=i™.'f.'isr'' - 


; „^''ik'?^™;v. vhriK 

'. "Mokiiio 

i, kokoro-diufcaL 

Bloik — , hai- 

hifci hitotsu. A — efiiiitniU 
ealie hirotBU, A — fff herses, u 
fiiki, A — fif/fmi, oiwalori 

n. Noriuma. 
n. Vara;, Baku. 
MadEuku iiaru. nadzumu. 


■biy& wo ji Bu-befci ku- 

K. Odoraki, bikkur 

'i'H£-^Ae ifliTf/, jgohei. 


B. Oyano. 

'_ Oya-kotoshi, 

Paper-hanosb, * Kivfljiya. 
Paper-hasoimos, ». Kara-kami, 


Parbimonious. a. Rmihoka ra, shi- 


Fapsr-stoke, n. KamUva. 

PAHsiMOny, B. Rinsboku, >!ii»-aki. 

Papeb-wallet. m. Kami-jn. 

Parsley, H. Sen. 

Part.b. Bu,bi,n. ho, lata,wari-a, ki- 

nyo, chiye. Fer my — , waiakiishi ni 

wa, Mtiushi ni tsaite. /•«- «, ««* 

Papist, «. TenAukiya na hiio. 

— , okata, toiid, len-Hi, tai-riyaku. 

Fae, ». S6M, s6ba, tn-bun. 

Faeablb.s. Tatoyi-banashi. 

can eimi, kakawaru. i>ar< ti/ tfitcA, 


PAEAI.B.M/. JindotTsttni, jJn wo ha- 

PART,if.i.. Wakeru,*aru,harareru.he- 

Pakade-ground, n. Keiko-ba. 
Paradise, a. Goku-raku. tendo. joda. 

Tit cailc katiarted, Isuna ga kireia. 

Partake, t. v. Adzukani, kakari-au. 

Pakagob, s. Mihon, Khin, kagarai. 

Partaker, ». Kakari-ai nin, adtukaru 


Parau^el. o. Soroi taru, ^ ssi^u oru. 

Partial, a. Kata-hiik[ an, katsyoru, 

Paramour, h. Mippu, ma-otoko, ito- 

yeko na, bempa. mibiiki no, matlaka- 

otoko, mabi.. 

P^'^rn-,B. Kala-hiiki, mi-biiki, ye- 

Pakapet, *. HimKaki, rui. 
Parasite, B. Yadon»i. hoya. 

ko, bUki. 

PaHTiallv fl,fo. Til lloiy h— Irui, 

Parasol, a. Hi-gasa. 


Pakticipate, (. V. Adiukaru, ladzuaa- 

Passage, >,. Michi, do™, diviti gnchi. 

*atari, tori. To lak,-i,> a sk,f.U- 

na-gittewo kau. — of a /niu, homsu 

lin grammar). K ni wo ha. 

Passengeb, n. Kiyaku, noru hilo, loni 

Pakticulab, a. KakubetEU,,betsudan, 

bito, -i™/,kiyaku-Kn,norl-aLfcune. 
Passion, n. Ja, iji, ti, j6ai, kunishimi, 

kuwashiii komayHka na. isai-natu^ ki- 

Pa"ScS!1e;y, ITA-.'^Kuwaihiku. konia- 

PabtIculahs, n. Ariaama, laai, shisai, 

kado, banlin. 

Paktibg, =. Ribetau, hanart, wakare, 
nagon. — awnfe, nagon no koioba. 

Passive, a. Ukekala wo s.mi, ukemi ni 

PajShon.-. HtdaM,sh[kiri. 

Passport, h. Kittt, tcgala, iokan, mm- 

Partition (. v. Warilttukern, kubam. 

JD, okuri-tegala. 

hcdaleni, shikiru. 

Pass-wokd, s. Ai-kotoba, aidiu. 

Pabtlv, atfn. Atu tokoro ni, icbi bu- 

Vrsis.prel. Sugitta. suoda, tfita, koshjta, 

Pastweb, n. KumUi, nakama, aile, ai- 

Past, «. - iim^, kosh'i-kata, kuwako, 

iMii, ato. 

Pahtnhrship, ». Kumi, nakama. Mtr. 

Paste, n. Nori. - p<,t, non-ire. - 


boa^d, nori.i<a. 

Paktridcb, b. Shako. 

Pasi-e,/.!;. Ha™,tsuke™. 

koio, Easy or natftrai — , aD-2an, 

PASn«K, «, NagnsanS, asobi, ttdl.isa- 

mi, kibiiashi. 

Party, n. Nakama, sha-cblu, b6, kata, 
kuwai, le, bito. One a/ the samt — , 

Pastube, B. Kuaa, maki. 

Pat,*, t-. Nadsni. 

mikala. Opftsitt —,a.\<e, scmpi. 

Patch, K. Tsugi, hagi, hatake. 

Patch, t.s. Tsugi wo !ura, hagu, lau- 

Pass, I. p. T6ru,'utBiim, hem, kurasu. 

kay6, tsuTO sum, koyem, Biigim, oku- 

pfTCH-woRK, n. Hagi-ko, hagi-hagi. 

ru. -/o»«rf>^,yiikiki, kayof, ten, 
*rai. — av}ay, kiyeril, naku nani. Ba- 

PatoL"; b*" Hla nT^ara 

rn. To lit —, tStaioru, tflsu, kajowa- 

Patest,* Abirakana,meibak„nai. 

Patent, R. Menkiy6-jo. 

mirn. To ami la-, hausu. To - 

Patbksal, K. Oyano, 

Path,r. Ko-michi, michi. 

yerii. To — «(«,'ulsuru%urasu, oku- 


Pathless, «. Miehinaki. 

^^nc^bskCtioytm." ■^%'m. sadaT 

laeru, taleni. — ™/,d«Q. — in.hai. 

ni, [ni. — undtr, kqgnni. — from. 

yflsba. . 

derii, t6ru, uduni. Ttfaa/or a -ain 

gaman' sum, sbinobu, shinogu, koia- 

Pass, t. v. Wataau, tOBU, tugini. — 

T^"^.n. Biyo-nin. . 

thir,uek kard^Mps, nanp' wo shinogu. 

— autUer/eil m™^, nise-gaoi: wo 
tsukan. AwKrf iim off ai hh ^n. 

are wo waga musuko to mftsu. To — 

Patois, H. Namari, 

iy. riyaku sura. . 

Patriarch,)., a-nio, <ai so. 

Pass. r. Nan-ia. sessbo. ttgaea. kiiie. 

PATRicrAM,B. Knwa-zoku,«ki-«Iiino. 

T^iring to -. Uu, dekaaln 

pATHiKosi, n. Kaloku, Isuiaye kitam 

Passable, a. Tataieiu, walarcru, kosa- 


Fassablv, adv. Dzui-bim, kanari. 

pATRioTH:,d. Chiit-naru. 

PAe»-BO<w,J<. Kayoi-ch4. 

Pateiohsu, •!. Cbiu-aliin, chiugi. 


I. £uiib6-aia,kaDkiu-mD, I 
H, fl. Hlnkiu, madzu^iki. 

cht-guaa, ^zukari-moDo. 

. Harau hadzu, harau- 
. 'Harai-bi, kanj«-bi. , 

Pea, n! ^ia-jendS. 
Phach,". Taifiei,jiaei,odi 

:. bdayaka na, < 


'rhgvi -= go sho 

I. p.' Uo-aruku. 

H." kuki. ' 

.H. Kddiu, Euiiinc, 

: N "iok'u, nomkitffl 

E, ». Nozoki-ana. 
MG, B. Nozoki-Dii, suki. 
n. D^bai, lomodachi. 

^, af TanlHia" j^ra, i 
.. Ki-kup,tflfce.W. 
CLE. B. Uwa-kawa. 
viELL,ad-B. MuDi-muzai 
iciD, a. Rtdrt-naru, suk 
i. V. Nage-uC£u, ulau, 

LV, fl. Ke-kawa, kawa. 
1. Fiide, hilan, ori, kova 
-pitsu. Still—, ttp-piH 

1^'\ n. IMUkII, Aw 
'aiivd, balsu-kin, bakkJA- 
ICK, H. Tsumi wo midzuk 


ENDULUH,". Tokeinofuri. 


utio^u, 3r. 

nu, tsuw 




'■ KoIJwlS 



H. Tsumi w 


JiY, « RSya 


,». FB^h 


Penhah, I 




Ciwrf— , 

6-hilsu. Bad—.tA-Z. 



Ltarni«e — , ttnarai. 





. Hati^irush 


a. Kanenak 

Pbnnv, ». 



. hikka, 



»■ ^V.''':)'^ 

'reform^ /. £*. SuTU, nuu, iutu, dekiroi 
okanau, togeriij suiau, hataau, tDii- 

•ebfo^nce, ^"'io^tu' toto, deki- 

■befumb, «.' "ko kaoril ka-kj. 
*ERFUMH« /. V. Kaoru, niO, kunjitu. 
•ebfuuee^ H. JCjior^mono. 
^EEHAPS, aav. Qkat^i tahun, osorakuba, 
*^M«j. hyike duiit. sufix^ib nr s6. 

w, orfierhitfis there are, 
*BEtL| «. Ayauki, abanaki, keQQOn, 

I. Ayau 




V. yurusu.shOchisurn,m™k 
q, kiyoyo auru. AffUcalienfo 

If: W^io. menkiyo-jo. . 



Iiifcrss'«,ytbuaie. Rarintj in/^mx., 
jiki-Klen. OrdiHar^ — , bon-nia* hei- 

LV, adv. Jibon de, jika ni, ji- 

oi, icbid^ DEfkurC'gure mo. 
Phrtikbnt, b. Tsutu, kanau, tekit 

Pe"i^urbed, b. Urooyeiu, sawadachi. 
Pehuse,*.d. Yoniii,doku]usum. 

PEKVIOUB, a. T&iareru, aukitom, 
?Bsc, a. Yaku-tuyd, uruuki iaono._ to- 

ESTiFERoDS, a. Aku,'doku-na, gal su- 
PESTILENCE, B. Yabu-liiyS, yeki, yeki- 

JT B. Doku na, aku. - 



Kawairashii mgno. 

,"%?"ii'^r'^g>"-aD sun., 

Vaku-zai-sbo, b&- 
. A^BO-— ,hakkan. 

Bin, tokfcuti.__ 

rBOPic.'aT' Kidokuna. 

HER, >i. MoDaihiri, gaku-sba, 


uutsuku, H 

ha TO horp, koyfiji i 
ihf^ mri miini wo 1i 

PiCTURB n Ye dEU yedzu Jt Ut£l1£bi. 

PiCTuEE-rSA'iTE ■ Gal.o no fiichi wsku. 
Picin. n HyakLui 
PlB, B tuvpaah no nB. 
Piebald o Bvch oiadsra. 
Piece, K Ek hisM kake (sf elalk), 
can hit A — s/ fartry nta asha. 

— 6/ patntine kake mono ;>puku. 

— t/srtUery iBha KhO — </" /o*i. 
tammono tcao drippki f at by 

PlHCB Jl P Tsuga hagu 

Piece-goods a Tammono 

PiBCBS H Sua sun dzuda-dmda, m i n. 

Piece work * Uke on-sh goto 

Pier n Haoba 

Pierce f 9 Sasu tsaku lOsu sh mu, 

ihrsugt EMh tD9 nuke-oni 

PlG-K "inok 'ko-b™aWa™"" 
PiCEOi 1 Hata m>isi — ye bato 
Pig-headed a Tudon na 
Pigment ^i Iro mono nogu 
Pile n Ku lasa, sum yama 

Pile,/, f. Tsumu, ka^aneru. hayen 
Piles, b. Iboji. Bleeding—, hashi 

Pjll,.!.' Guwanyak'n. 0« — 

PiLLAK, ».' Hashir' ' 
PiLLOBV, H. Kubi- 

PiLor, B 

. MakuF! 


'IB; n,_ Hati, tome-bari. M'lW™ 

Pinch, n. T^umami! 

Pine, n. Mat!u-no*i. - bar, maUu- 

kasa. Jferf — , aka-matsu. 
Pine i. v. Yaseru, kobhlku omo, kol 

Pinion, o. 'Hane. 


Pinnacle,!). ^.. 
Pint, — aioui, ni 


Pipe, i. h. Fuye wo fuku. 

PlQUB^ "'». ^ ^osikaM^u, okOK 

PiCTOL, «. Tepp6, lanegasbima. 

Pbtok.b. ShfiSba, 

Pit, „. Ana, ba, kubom!. - fff 

Itotxach, midzuDchi, mune, kiubi. 

— in a tke&tre, doma. 
PiT,i.B. Kubomu. hekomasu. 
n. _ ,..„.. .,;_ j^3„_ ^ 


'oo/, kfibai. 

t. fune I 


Pitch, 1. c. Ochirii. — u/oi,yt 

PlTca-DAKK.a.' Makkura.* 
FrrcHER, ih Midsni-OfC, midzu-sa 


. Kuchi-Baga&faiif makotc 

bungm, mibuD, da. fn Ike — ef. 

Flav, e, V. Tavrainuieni. fuiaknu, asobu. 

liawaii nL ifoA'TV— . kokiya, furusato. 

/« tie Jirit -, iehi ban ni. saisho. 

sh5b£ wo Buru. - chukirt, go wo 

— lukerc it it, ari-dukoro, ari-aho. 

utsu. — C*MJ-, >bogi WD sasu. — cards. 

Gitie — , yudiimi. 

fcarula wo utsu. — the fiale, fuye wn 

Place, t. v. Kakcra. okn, suycru, osa- 

fuku. — thi ^mtar.iamisa wo hiku. 

Placknta,«. Vtna. 

K^OK, damaau, ajamuko. — Ihefeid, 

Placid, n. Od^aka nn, diidmk* na. 


Plav, n. Tawamure, asobi^ shibci, baku- 

&=.•.■-:: ?i5':,-s3:;:'S; 

jinjo.^^'/ ™fu-ii4^"Va cam' Mi 

nusunde waga cho-jutsu to suru. 
Plague, B. Veki, yekL-r=L, yaku-biyo. 

— .yanitatBU,Qiaiiiau. 
Plav-actor, k. Y^usba, kawan-mono. 

Plav-dav, ,. KLuut™, yasnn,E-bi. 

Plajo^k, B™ke7jinia,go1>an-jima,ichi- Hitarcbi, bd-cbi. 

Plaib.«. T^ra na. lairaka na, hitattai, 

akiiaka na. fummiyd, shi.suboku, jiml 

Play-house.™. SbLbaL. 

na, sunao, libu, l4t6 na. - WmT, 

PlavihinC, w. Omocha, mole-asobi. 

sbira-kl. To ho!.S< — , akiramau. 

Plea, h. li-susa, ii-walL=, ntgai, kSji- 

Plain-dealing, a. Meibaku Da, kep- 


Plea'd, *. r. Rondzutu, giion auru, tori- 

Plainly, ad7>. Akiraka-ni, hakkiti. 

Plaintiff, ». Ultaye-kaia, so-nin. 

PL"e'^^. a. Yoi, oinoahiroi, umai, uie- 

Plaintive, a, Aware-naru, kanasbii. 

shii, kokoroyoki. 

Plait, x. Hlda, ihiwa ori-me. 

saku, tedate, te, kufu,?iinib«15u, b^ei. 
Plan, /. v. ±uA suru, bakaru, £,u»ada- 


Please, i. b. Tanoskimaseru, yoroko. 
baaou. (/. V.) Ki ni iru, kckoro ni 

dmw,' e^'^""""';- ""rr-BBoM™; 

Planh,b. Tairaka-na, biraltai. 

kigen wo toru, nagusameni. /It tnaci 

PlaheI h. Kanna. arssbiko, cbiusbiko. 

mmWi. 'pU^i^ve ii /^ m^'d^'o 

jftshiko. kiyo-ganna. kuri-kauua. 

watakueki ni kudasare. Pliate Itl mt 

Planet, B. Hoshi.yfisai. 

go, dOka yumshiH kudasare. /■/«« 



^jdju kolcoro makaK, diuL- 
: lyashu zaku-na. (».) Sh 

I Stiicbt, hiki ate, ate, kat 
atame. Pledging m^i mir 

' V^Ukeau, shichi ni okii. 3 

PUABi^, a. Tawayaka na, nalMki-yaaui, 
Puoin't^K.' U?™ yakuwku suru. 

Plot, ». Hakaiigato, saku, ledatE, ku- 

Flot, /. cr. Hakaru, kofQ sum, kuwada- 

Plougu, n. Kaia-iuki. 
Plough, (. r. Tagayeau, suku. 
Pluck,/.!;, Toru, raiishiru, mogu, tsn- 

Pluce,^ fl^ KiMO, dai-Ian, shimbo. Good 

. Tiumi 

. Tsumer 




F'OD,H. Saya. 

[>OEM,H. ghi.ula. 

[>OET, ». Ula-yDm[, ka-jin, shi-Jin. 

Poetical, a. tJiana, sbino. 

;, (. V. Tsiiku, I 
;, «. Diurui-yal 
K. «. Hikaki, 

-, lembimbO, nin^-bc 
.L1CB,B. StE-ji, tPii-sl,.. 
iLlcsHAH, n. Mawari-b 

ilsukai-kala, sh'-hA, tati 
.LiCY,«. Ukesu-i6. 
-LISH, t. V. Migafcu, 

™SH,™. Tsuya.. 

n-kiyuku. fTDs/ii'. 


Pollute, (. b. Kegasu, yogoBU. 
Pi;Ll.CTIoH, K. Kegaau kolo, yogoshi, 

Poltroon, h. OkubiyS-mono, hikiyS 

Poppy, ». ideii. — Awrfi, Szokkolm, 

PopunR, '«. ' Hayani. 

PopuLflTios, B. Nindzu, pimbeisu, hiio- 

POKCUPIMB. Hari^edzumi. 

PORPOISB, H. Iruka. 
POBMOGB,-. Kayu. 
Port, h. Minalg, isu, narifiiri. — t&c 

**■/!«, lori^aii. £nlcr -, nLii-isu. 

i«w -, ihUko, shuttsu. 

POCTA^'/'MornkMo"' ""^ ''""^ 
Portend, /. i>. Shirasera, arawasu. 
Portent, «. Z«ni.pTy6, shiraac, diui, 

»..v..:.: BT.i.k;;T.E;b™. 

Portentous, a. Fukiiau wo maye-tara 

Pomeceamath, n. Zakuto. 

PoMPOTO,a. TaWbiiru,ftheina,'BfQna, 

PoRTBR, « Mombao, nin^ku, ko-age. 

ririshild, ibara. — is taiHtig, kuwO- 

Porterage, b. NinaokiiK;hin, ua-chin. 


P^;«. Ik=,s«,sui. 

Portfolio, K. Taiagami, jobako. 

Ponder, (. r. Kangayera, andzgm, 

PoBT-HOLB, B. Sama. loppo-iama, haza. 


Portico, h, Ven,genkuwa, roka. 

POKLiBD, X. KumaL-kcn. 

PoBTiFF, H. Tenshukiyo no kashira no 

PoKiioK, t. V. Wati-tsukeni, kubara, 

PooK-pooHBD, a. Naozari ni ^ilc omo. 

PoKV.K. Uma. 

Pool, o. Ike. 


Portugal, B. Hotitf^ar. 

demo, sbidiu,.w^iehi;, ya»tan., wami. 


POEIHOH, B. Kamayi, muki, uke, bun. 
gen, mibuQ, bunzai, yfitu. tokoro, ba- 

Posiiiva,fl K;etchakuna,tash:b.natit, 

ahikato shita, kimanlara. 

shite, kitto, tashika-ni, shikato, iss». 

Poorly, arfp. Midzushiku, bimbS shite. 


PooFl.v,«, Ambai warai, fu-kuwai. 

POOR-SI^RITEB, fl. Ki no okMrtrU. 

Possess. 1. v. Motsu. am, <holi sum. 
Pmii»^ with d^vih, ak[ ni loii. 

Pop, I.v. Pon-pon to hibiku, palcbi- 


Po''rK"\':""T«ihu-kiy6 DC kashira Do 

PosBBSSioN, B. . Mochi-moro, laochiba. 

Qiochi-kitari, shiusho, shindai, shoji. 

Popery, «. Tsnshu-kijo. 

FoESESsoB, B, Nushi, mochi.nusbi. 

Possible, n. Deki™, ekaia, de art, «■ 

Ih, dudit. ,uff. a, re. 71. Cmt'b// 

PoPLITBAL-aPACH, B. Hikkagami. 

tk;«g, <.rt ^lili, kami nj aia..^zaru 

Hikiyaku, haahira, kui, mocbi. 

Bikiyaku-diin, ji-chin, 


POWKMUI.B. Chikara 

ara, isuyo], [kioi 



PoST-HoiiSB. R. Shuku-bn. yckiba. 

Practical, o, YBdatsu 

yaJtu ni tatsu. 

PosTHA«.«. Hikiyakujfi-bikipku. 
PoET-oVncE, B. HikEyaStuya. 

Practice, n. Koto, ok 

oSai, kako, pa. 


PoST-OmCB DEFARTMENT, n. Ytki-tti-'ai;u,'okonau. 



Eu wo glya B sura. 

7.. ii^adicid. 

Postpone, I. v, Nobasu, shi-nokosu, 

PBMalE, H. rfo.hara, 


RARE, «. omare, 

an, sambi, she, 

Phaise, (. !■. Homeru, 


aura, sho sura. 

Post-town. s. Shuku, shukuba, yeki. 

Peamc^°. ".'''siaura" 

PosTUBE, n. Kamaye, yflsu, ariaama. 

dora', ^u. 

Pot, «. Na(«, kama. - iid, kama- 

Pkank,*. JSdan, tawa 

Prate, i.^. Shabera. 

PoTATO, ». Imo. Wkiii—, jagalata- 

PoTTBRY, n. Yaki-mOd. 

Fukuro. kane-ire, kjnchsku. 
I. Pappu. 
. Niwatori. 

POUSD, I. V. But! 

PouH, i. V. Nagareni, 

ku.gftyaku. Face 

orosu. — ivitk sugar, sal6 wo furi- 
kakera. Zi- — tte A^«, kao ni oshiroi 

PoWDER-RLASK, n. GCyaku-ir:, yeiuhC. 

Powder-hill. n. Kuwayaku-ba. 

, Yoi.y. 

iku, saU n 
Precedence, n, Sakidatsu koio. 

'"o" SatS', sbLkak 
LV, adv. Cbodo, ai 


PnecoBsoR, x. Sakid; 

pHECESTWaTE, 1. f. 

Pek-eminent, ». Hiidcru, sugiru, b 

kun, nukindcru. 
PKe-EuiBHNTLY, adu. Nakandz uku, 

PREMBDirATB. i. c. MsyeiDotle kinga- 
Pbbmise, *. ». M^emotte iu. 

kolo. /( is tkt ~ or the /atker ta 
Pbesagb, n. Z«npiy6, shuase, uncha 

Preschiptiqn, H. Hfi-gati, chSgS. Alter 

ushiniui, akire-talem 

ki-okure Dt 

PHEPACB,-. Jchashigaki. 


NT, B. Oni, itu, Btn 

ojf, lo-bun. J^or /* 

-, te-bnn, 


™t. h. Rd-rngtsu, n 


o, shJDJD-QionOf imido 

Prefekkncb, n. Yerabi. 

P^F^!!Tt!' May/ni'X."^-!) Ka- 

INT/,!.. ShinjiEura 

okuru, ae^ 

, leijft suru. 


mriMENA H. Mayem 

lie omo. 

Pbeghant, n. Kiiwai-nm,_ mi-mochi, 


JWdC Mi<TXu',\ 

™nt jilt 

Pbbjudcie,' ^. c MayEinotte kelsudsn 



Pk"SSd!ce, b. HiiW. kata-Wiki^ yeko, 


utvB,/. n, Taaukeru, 

suku. labaa, 

katayori, higamu kolo, giu, i^mi. 

otsu, mamotu, shugo 

auru, fcako, 

PREJUDrciAL, a. DDku-Da, eai-narn, fu- 


^T£s,i.v. dan, ahibortij ^jmctu, isc«u, 
ageru, — down, osbL-kudasu, osayera, 

in-ju. To fut a i. 



Pse^uiiK. M'. Odio. isumoiu. ' 
Prhsuhptuoue. d. Saah[-deru. 
Fretekcb, >i. KalLOIsuke, UgtisB, dashi. 
FsKTBND, t. V. KakoBukEiu, itsuwatu 

kivyto^ flhirabakkuitrUj shironu kaa wi 

Pretbhdsb, n. Ik^u^, nam^ki, kiiu 

FSETEiT, H. Eakolsuke, iignaa^ dashi. 

Pkevail^ ^. TT, Katsu, hayiuti, nuk4^ sun 

hakko sum. 
PsEVALEHce, o. Hayaii.riuke. 
PsEVALENT, «. BaysH no, liuko no, <ai 

Prevent, (. v. ' Kobamu, fua^ 
pRBVEHTTOFi, ff, Kobaiuu bolo, fu»j 

may^ni, maye-kata, mayemotte, tarn 

RSErrr, >•. Sobadzuke. 
'bicblbss, a. Alai-naki, kane i 

„_,iia. ' — tf^iffrf, ahu, sbui. ■ — qi 

ia-hin. — raK, motont. 
Prime, /. v. Shiia-imri wo siiru: 
Primihc,». Kuchi-gusuri. 
PeiMmvE, a. Moto-no. - flmt. 

shiye, mukashi. 

tokin, am, sen-ichi. — and Mens, 
ttuwan-ti. — ihifig^ daMchi^ kajiyo, ya 

'kihcipalitv, h. EiySbun, riyO. 

Peihting-press, n. Hansun^dai. 
Prior, a. Sski i.o,idayc-no. 
Pbiohtt, h. According ts—, se 

PRISOH, H. Roya hito-ya, 
pMSONEii, H. Zainb, meshiudo, 1! 

ba. Alic fm-mcd iylhi suM^i!,!a, 
P^O^™n" a. kokoromi, lameshL 

PKpBrnr,'*.' TMlash'isa, melhaki, ahin- 

Peoclaim, t. !>. Hiro. 


reru, fure-chita 

miy^-na lipto, ki-naru-koto, kikuwai na 

^irayctVi takii, dekini. taleriL 
Produce, ic Baku, Isukmi, deki, sakn- 

mo»n, s^buUn. 
Product, h. Deki. Baku, lambuun. 
Pboductiqn, 1. Saku-molsu, sambutsu, 

Pbofsmatiok, K. Kami lo komi no mono 

Profanb, a. MoEIainai, kegarelaru, td 

Profane', t. tt. Kami to kami no mono 
eolo nado wo keiasu. Tc — fit S^i- 

Pitori!ss!Tp.'"dmoCMBi^'Bi'miia. iu, 

FiiOFESKON, 1. Giy6-Ki, shO-sliL 
Pbopkssob,h. Bafcase. 
Peoffhf, *. w. Atayeru, yaru, 
PRoriciBNT, s. jedzu. yetc, lokui, sta6- 

PkoficIeiit, a. Tasshiiatu, sho.auu na. 

Profile, ». Hamuien no yedzu. 

Pbofit, ji. Ri, riyeki, bu^, yeki, hai, 
li-bun, tokusei, mpkc^ toku, bugin. ta- 
slhsu. " ' '"^' ^°"' ""'''"" 

TROrn"aLB,a.' Toku-yo na, rikata ni 

PROFLIGATH, a. fasraku, hold, bo-ratau- 
Frofouhd. a. Fukai, omoi. laa^itaru. 

pBOCBHiTOB, n. Senzo, koso, shiso, ean- 

. Kobamu, fii3«£u. kindzi 

, 1. Kufu, » 

PxolapsksIabi,... Dakko. 

?w)Lix, a. _ Nwai nagalatashii. bI 

■eolong, ?.'t..'NMi" "■ ''^"' 
biru, alo wo hik^ 

■rohinbkt, n.' Hi 

yoku dekiru, 
ihii. Bbitsi 

,u koto. 

Pkomiscuods, a. MidarMaiu, kon; 


^"HE "^' *™ "y^ '"^"- "t 

moshiki hito. 

Phom^aVe,"(. !•.*'' Hi'romeJ'u.^^l'^; 

I. li-kala, il-yp, roretsu. 

?°Sh™bari, isuka. 


PiiOPBB, a. Mochimaye no. kanau, lada- 

Froperlv, adv. ' Tada^hiku.' hon-ni. 
Fropertv, X. Sbmsho, shiDdai.kaiS, 

Propitiath, (. E. Nagutai --'- 

PRmSATmN, "b . T^agusa 
PR'^™us,T^'™'jun, wa-jun ninaru. 
kafckS. 0«(^— . awMU, 

s^hite iu, ka. 

TRACT, i. V. Nagaku i 
..imadoru. Lemadoru. 
Pbotkuch, i. ». Deru.das 

JCE. tf. V&i^y&jjn, temmei,kaEO. 

— fl/ZaBBTJi-nushi. 
PMPWETy.H. Tada!hiki,r 
Pkokogub, (. w. Nobasu, y 

Pkosecution, n. Shochi. tori-atsukai, 

pBOSELyTH, H. Kai-ahu-nin.shitaga hi- 

Pbospect.ji. KeshikLffitei.ehObO, mi- . 
. wacashi, ni^ame, mi-haraahi, noioini. 
Prospbg, i. D. Sakayeru, hanja sum. 
PKOSPKKmr, ■. Hanja, sakayt, hankuwa 

pROSFEROus.d. Sakas-Duu, hanJD naru 
hankuwa na, sai-wai Da. ahiawase oa. 

pRosmTUTB, t. f. Mi wo uni koto, i6r( 
Di Dam koto. 

Pbostitutb, a. JOto, yQjo. asobi- 

Provocation, n. Ikatu wake, ikaraseiD 

ROVOEB, /. z'. Ikaraserti, rippuku sase- 
ru. hara wo rataseru; nabuiu, jitasu, ki 

HO™«. laioshi'.'hesat!. 

ROWL, /. n. Shinobi aruku, neiai-BTukq, 

hai-kuwai Euni. 

ROXV, B. Kawari, -lai.miyfidai. 



!>. Kari-komi 


, Ukagaq, Der 


ufi, koji-ageru. — o/ra, kgji-iikeru. 

PuNCrurtLiTv, «. Kokugcn wo t^aye- 

PsaLM, B. Wa-ssn, shSmiya. 

PuHcruALLV, Brf&. Soi naku, laahika Hi, 

PudhkVv, -. Hito 10 naru lokl, olona, 


[mtt^zuk.u. ^ 

PUMCTUATB, J. V. Ku *wo kiru, leu wo 
isukeru, kin wo Isukem, kuio wo tsu- 

HBJi, go-ya. — a«d frivaft. kft-shi. 

- I^ift, kS-mu. /»-, aniolemuki 


PuNcn,-M,«. Ana. 

PuBUCATioH, n. Shuppan, fukoku. 

PUBLIC-HOUSH, H. Yaaoya, hata^Dya. 

Punish, /. v. Tsumi Euru. koK,.u, iaia. 

ahiniera, kei-batsu siiru. bassuru, ahioki 

Puflu'^y"'^?' ^wti-biin, la-mon. 

Publish, (. p. Hiromstu, fureru, ara- 

ibime, korashi, bachi, baiau. Cafital 
-,dan-i^. -^Afl™r/fl*».,baiadD. 

PuCKHB, *, V. Subomcni, hiaomeni. 

Pup,«. KoJuu-iiukoro. 

Pupil, ». Deshi, monjin, sbosa. —s/ 

PuE™B%"' NulLS"?,ii;id^^iniarL. 


Puw, (.v. Hito-iki wo Aku. - «j>. 

PuPfET ». Ningiya. - rfsn., kairai, 

bomera. /VjKrrf «A fukurera, jiman 

Purchase; -'."'Kau™oio.° """"■ 

Pl^BAU,-. M=-t8ubur=-dako, 

Pure, a. 'Sumi-fcitia, sunda, kireUna, 

PuKE,(,t;. Hakn,inod05u, tosun.. 

kiyoki, Ebya-na, muku, seiohoku naj 

Pull, *. f. HDm, loru, muahiru, moga. 

isagiyoi, kiyoraka na, sa-ketso-na. — 

AjBri, iansbin, seki^hin. - and im- 

A/ar/'hik>-hadaEU,biki-wakcni. —Bfi. 
hlfci-agera. hiki^ko^., hild-lai«u, nu- 
ku. — ™i, bikiHlasu, nuku, blk^-ba- 

>Krv, sd-daku.. — strtam, sei-riu. 

PuHGB, (. V, Kudasu, aha auru. 

Pdkifv, t, V. Sumasu, kiyomem, kirei 

hikiJtimu. -iaci,, biki! 

POElnCATiON ». Kiyomera kolo. 
PUHITT,«. liiyokifcolo. 

modosu. - anmid, hikf-mawasu. 

— of/raitt, kiki-fflukETU. — liirmit. 

Pu^^%. oiS'omuki.wake, in.i,i(i<iL 


Puu^T"' HikL 

Pulley, ■. Rokuro, sebi. 

Pulpit, ». Kara.. 

Pulsate, i. p. Ubu, ugoku, odora, kud6 

PuMATioN, K. Kuda, hihiki. 

PuLSH,™, Miyaku . 

P[jflSKE,H. Kaiiio-k^la. 

PURSUANT, a. Shiiagatle, Buiw, yo.te. 

PussuE, i.H. Ou, okkakeru, Buku, karu, 

PuMELO, H. Zabon. 



PuifflUEB,-f, 0«e, 

Pus, B. Share, jioucbi. 

Pursuit, n. Oi. .ok!, ka^yS, shabai. 
PURULEKT, a. Unda, umi wo motsu. 

PUKCH,™. Vcki^. 

Punch, *.!■. Buchi-komi;, tsuku, uisu. 

Purveyor, n. Makanai-hata. 
P™, H. l!mi,iio. 

Push. t. v. Oaa, Isuku. — against, osbl- 

taukcru, osbi-ateru. — acrms, oshi- 


rUf Dshi-can^u, »ahi-otosu, othi-BOseru. 
i.j,.„'. ™.i.."-„i.™. „ ~j,J oBhi- 

>acf. oahi-tB. 

u. —Ihroush, 

— u/</r,ashi-i 

m^f shoriy^ na, sh6Ian, ikujLnai. 
PuBTOLE.ii, Dekimono. 

dasu, ngbasu, noboru, kiaasu, kakeru. 

— off, nugu, nobasu. — bh,' kir^^ 
ko, oku, nosHU. oxasou, kisEru, ka<-- 
ni, hameru. _«!.<. kesu, kasu, kiia 

liru, camuhitc mini 

' ai<iul skip, fune 

toil. — £af£, samati^ru, kajesi 
dottu, (/. pj kajeru, mDdoru. - 

■ PuzELBD, fl. May6, ti 

QUAOC, a^ — rxedicint, bai-v^ku. 
Quack, n. Yabu-iaha, yft\, ytahi, nam 

QuAD^AKGLB, ft. Ski-kaku. 

hin kunu, hodp, thina, kochi. - g/" 
mrdiciKa, kOnS. SW/miir — , jS-hui, 
gpkuj6. Jfi^^^it^— .^chin-hill. la- 

Uukaycki. . 

Funi. wanaaaku, ononokii. i 
1.x. KiriySga kanar- - ■ 

. Taru, kanau, tekitd 

HTV, B. Hodo, dake, bunriyb. 

REL, ft- Kpnku4a, kbion, isakai 

ioi, naka ga warui, raon-chaku, mo 

Tufiii a ^, kenkuwa wo siiik» 



Quarrel, /. v. K.nliuwa sura, s6-ron 

Quicken,!, a. Hayameiu, aeku, iaogja- 

suru, kiron auru, arasou, nalia ga waru- 

ku nam. 

QuicKLY, aaTi.. Hayaku, sasaoku.fciu-ni. 

jiki-n[, iwide, tokii, kiusoku. 

OuAiBV, 1. V. Heri-diEU. kiri-dasu. 

QL'iCK-siGltTEii, o. Me'bayai. 

QiiAitT, B.— aiirut shi-co tok' shaku. 
QuAidEB, », ShWiu-Lcfii, konaka. 

5uiCKSlLVElt,«. Midmkans.auirin. 

■HuARra, B.' Sui^ho. 

Quiet, (.P. Shidzumero, osameru, briji 

fo*Y,V H«„ba,^;.ba.. 

Quietly, adv. Shidzuka ni, odayaSca 

QUBHN, B. Kiaaki niyo-tel. 
QUBBB, H. ApsM.okashii, oKunn. 

n[, ochi-HuLli, sotlo, 5ora.SQro-to, y&- 
Quietness, b, Anki, an-non, an-raku, 


QuBMCH, t. w. Ktsu, shimeni. 
QuEBV, I. p. TO, ladiuoeiu. 

Quill, n. Hane fuds. 

Qultr;".'... To°iru,iia. 

QuKST, B. Tadzune, tansaku, negM. 

Question, b. Toi, tadzims, ran, ronji, 

QuiNiNR,")i. Kinoyen.fciniin. 

Tiifi>vJ>t«edi^rul/~,n^<n-moa sum. 

k' '■ \^'"°''"^ ='h ™' '"""^ sute"*- 


QuiTE, aiA'. ilaltaitu, sappari-io, sara- 

QuEETioB, /. V. Tadiuaeru, 16, pzaml 

QuivER, H. Yeb[ra, yanaeui, ulsubo, yu- 

Questionable, a. OboBukan^, ibuka- 

Vvad^isu. ^' '^ 

Quiver, i, v. FuiO, wanaku, ononoku. 


Quiz, '. s. Ch6t6 ium, euro suru, nabu- 

QuiBBLBK, a. Rikulau-sha. 

Quick, «. , 5> >;;e™ ifl (*a — , mi ni 

qIISVation, ». Hiki-koto, soba. 
5uoTB,^e;. Hiku,=6hawptsuke™ 


•. Usagi. 


, ShiB-jita, 



Kun.1. — rf 
Chisuji, kaio 




e. Hm-se—, 





Race. 1. 

p. Hashiru. 


('. »-) 







P. S™tru,ku 


Racy, a 


KAOn«CE,fl. Kiki, kagayaki 

Race, H. Ikari. kurul.ikldOii, rippuku. 
Ragged, b. Yaburetaru, botaureru. 
Gaging, h. Kutu, hageshi!, lakeshii. 


;;i e 

aii]adar«, — kat^ i 

•Jir knuse iy rain, fu 

kiN-coAT, n. Kappa, an 

mag:asa. Hea^ 


J, kaka^ni. — yiT-m steep-^ sa- 
Juru. — ^tf« ^j/A, ikasu, TO- 

Rake, /.p. Kafcu. - *««(*? 
atsumeru. -afjrf&PjAEakL-d 

, fcaki- 

Rally, (. !.. Hifci-taysu. nia 


rs aruku, shSyS suru, haikuvrai 
Rahifv, f. V. Vedawadasu. 

Rancob, n. U«™i, nHtuini, ntor 


^S*^ — , dtliedai, delarame!' 



E^H'™™Narabi, kurai.dan. /fifcJm 

-.kamado. -«/»« Br^™, 

RirK™?''Narabi, tMsu, sonayt 


kaku, kakushiki, i, i^i, hung 

en, mi- 

iAPmi^B^. Ha^u isoide, kiu-nL 
^RB, a. Medzurasbii, mars-Da, suku- 

0, cbim-bulsu, 

Rat, h. "N'edzmi 
Ratan. «. TS._ 

Rathbr, a<A>. Kayel^, munhiro, nata- 

w^ka, yomoya. — hetter, Jfaya joTO- 

Ratifv, f. ?. Musubu,_udaineru. 

Ration, n. Fuclii,iDOQD. 
Rational, a. Dori ni kanau. Aim wo 
wakimayeru. ^0 fcconrc— , shA-ki ni 

RationaLTST, H. Ri-gatustia. 


Ravish,'*. 'o. ul>Bi-ioni, g6-in sum, 

Bazh, f. V. Horoboiu, uchi-liudzusu. 
Razor, n. Kami-sori, 
KAio»-STnOP, «. Togi-kawa- 
Reach, I. V. Todokeru, todoka, Dyobi 

Hieach) ». Atari, te-molo, te-jDu, b 

He-act, t. v. Kotayeru, bibikiL 

Read, /.IT.' Yomu, doku-^ho sum. - 

v^W!<. HaV'aku, vasuku, sugu- 
imyaka-Di, yaku, kokara-yoku. 

— iwuiur, ffcnkin, wKkm. — foftrish 
ahi Di f^am. — wa/,. chikaf-mkh. 

deki-ai, ari.jd.""'' "' °^' ' " ' 
Rkal, a. JUbq -oa, bon no. makota nq 

RBALiry"'., Ji-iitsu, jitsu. r„ -, ho 

R^'jE"E"/°p.'°JiB'u U ™°'' bonM t 
onio, makoto to suru. omoi-yaru- I> 

Rbapbr, x. Kari-n 


iUABD, n. Shingati, gojin. 

Uu.'/TV. M^BWPoboni. 

>, d. DAri.. ri, kslowari, micbi, 

^, I. p. Kang^yem, ftun-belsu 
j^ndiuru, dait^ sum, hiyA-ran 

Reasonable, a. D6ri ni kanau, ri ni au, 

Reasonably, dJi*. Moltomo, dTiii-bun 

Di, kanari. 
RKASOHroa,*. Ron, gi-mn, hiyS-mn. 
Re-assemble, i. v. Sii-kuwai suru, fu- 

RE-ASSims, i.T"ki ga Kuko. 

Rebel, n. Mu-bon-nin, fiiyaku^hin. 

Rebel, t. ». Mo-hon sum, hon-giyaku 


GiyakiH, bo^yaku i: 

:. UiyakiH, 
.p. Kayeri- 

Rebukh, t. V. Togameru, shikaru, ii 
Rebus, n.' Hanji-'mono de kaitaru.ko 

hinzoku, ato-sbizam, 
i^ itadaM, cbo-daL, kS- 


a guist^ kjyaku wo miduyeru. 

chikaki toshi. chLkairDro^ kin-nen^ 
Rbcently, ad-a. Kooaida^ koDO^oro 

RsCESs, n. K[n, yasumi, hiki, naka-iri, 

Reckitiob, '«.' Ukelori.'okeru koto, 
SBapE, «. ShihA-gaki. h6-gaki. 

Rbcklesslv, arfB. Mukamidiu ni, mu- 
Keceon, I. V, Kanj6 sutu, kajoyeni, 

Reckoning, b. Kanjfi, (aiuporii kazoye, 

fihi-naoBu, tame-naosu^ — ^Ud land, 

RbCUHB, /. V. Neru, fuseru, fusu. 
Recluse, H, Inki™, m-ja. 
Recocmitiok, a. Mi-oboye, ahochi. 

t, V. Shisani, kayeru, m!ji] 

Recoin, *.' 

RsCOUHENDATION, n. Tor[.in<K:hi 
irr of — , aoye-bumi, tenaho. 

Rkcohfshse, t. V. Mukuyucu, ti<J< 
h«np5 auni, taugunau, 

Recoufbhsb, n. Mukui, hampA. 

Reconcile, t. v. Xal;s wo naoau, 

Reconstruct, i^ 








Rectum, B. Tiki-chS. 
Recur, (.B. Kayen.,sa 



. Hatiifci, gensho 


ik'oru, kuwfl-bun^ 

Re-sxpo7t^ /. V, TsuiQi-kayen 

Rhfjnel>, ». Kini na^ futiu aa, ateyaka 
DH, raiyabi-taru, miyabiyaka na, fKgiu 

Rbftt, t. o. TBlAurau, abufuku sum. 

R&rLacT^i.v. KanKayeru,oinoi-inaw3SLi, 
ibiriyo suru,ui»uni,kayeri-miru. ii.v.) 

RBFLHCnOM, B. KanEaye, shiriyo, utsu- 
abi. — 0/ iotmd, hibiki-kayeni : ^ 
llgkt, teti'layeru. 







*, /, 7/. Sijk* sura. 

REGin-ER, B 

Registek, (. 

Regret, •>. 

mi, Dshim 

. itdwadzu^ kaycii-midzu, 

Dm5. TV 6e retreated, kuya^iL 
ch^Sik?."' " , ™i-n™, u- 

RECtiLAR, n. Tori-sbifnari no yoi. ^^ 


Wi-j, kin-ia. 


Reinstate, /. b. Mala ^urai ni kaycsi 
Reitbrats, t. V. Kuii-keycEU, kaisii 

Reject, /. r. Suleru, ulchaiu, kolowai 

ukenu, sh6chi senu. 
Rejoke.,^. !/. Yorokobu, kEj'etsu sui 

Rejoin, t. v. Mala au, oi-tsuku, mal 

Reupse, /. r. Stu-kan sum. sai-hoB 

w'au^u.'leiiiodori"'' °™' "^ ' 

Relate, 1. r. Nobem, kataru. iu, han 

RE^Ti™',"'i. MoM^t^iThanMl 
shin-mi, yinji, aida^ra, yukari, n 

— S, tlKiiite',°c^ihiK.*'»'*,^^ ! 


.IN. 1. V. Matsu, lodomaru, lomam. 
iu sum, laiau emu. ookoru, nokosu, 

JNDEH, B.' Nokori, amari. — ff/ 

jiri'KGr^''*Nokoru, amaru. A'ow 

LE, a. Miy6 na, kimiyS na, 

Lv'aifo. Kaku-bEisnDi, tori- 
/. D. Sai-yen sum, fulaiabi 

LE,s. Kaoranru. 
!5, a. NaDranu, shikata ea nai. 
H, KuBuri, shi-kata, Sii-y6, 
iVtf — , kusuri ga nai, alii. 

DV^" "/. k Naoru, naosu, tsukutS, . 

Rblav, h. Kaye-uma- 

noshii, tori-tome no 
mi, tayoh, chikara, 

EHBEANCE. K. Ohoys. Ck'i my 
id — to him, yorosbiku o laaomi. 

iS'-'/'Okillllni, yndm''wo''^i, 
man nam, larumu, dammu, nuka- 

isaoK.K. Yiituihi,shamen,gomen, 

^Est^B." Okotari, yudan, t*dai. 

NAjJr,"™' Ha5hiu"'nokori, hampa, 


II, mukiiyuru. ho- 

sewa suiu, jo»i guru, Usukeru. Td — 
an Ea^iih merd inls Jafaiese, yd-gg 

To — af, m69hi-aeeru. — iact, ka- 
RsHDBXvous, H. Anuinara tokoro, idUo- 
Renbcadb, b, Kake-oghi, daasS. 

aFaCameni, ire-kayeru, kasaneriL 
JtBHOvATB, I. c. ^i-nsosu. koshiraye- 

Rehdwh, n. ICS-mei, homare, kO-niya. 

Rent, /. v. Kani, kasu, 
Reht, s. Tioa-chin, yachin. Grnu-nd 

Remiee, h. Kari-is, kaii-ksia. lanako, 

lanagari, kari-nu^hi. 
Reorganize, I. v. Is-ahia sum, arala oi 

V^f^l^^.'v. Naosa, Isukuro, oeinau, 
shj-napsu, taugunau. (/. r.) Vuku, 

Rbfass.^. ». Mata LDiu, fuia-labi iugiru, 


Ksvesu, mukuyunt. h6]irii. 

WEDL^^" 'Ka^ 

ehiiiTokeru, bfigiyo 

T, H. Todoke-shu, ru-bnn, hiyS- 
uwaia, toii-sata, U-zetsu, hibOd, 

kaki-atawiu'koto, shibai, s4d«< 

«aNTAT.Vl<,«. Sodai 





HAND, *. V. T<^m 


-.';. (Tr'sai- 

SAL, H. Hera-pS. To mais — , 

,c«, 1. ^. T^am 

Mhiru, timem, kSiE-t 


BkTE,/.V. Aarutu 


mou, shochi 

BATH,,. Dftrafcumc 


e. koraahlme. 

VE, /. B. Togameni, 



BL1SH,*.J-: Sai-hansu 

tchani, ribe- 

BNANCE, «. Kirau koto, iy^am 

svKK-t. \.' Sakajau, motoru, sako. 

SB, |F.^l)f Sh"nMk=n;, f 


, Negaii, tanpmu, k8. 

quired if tbt feopli thai ihiy tiiy 


. Ikid6ni, hempo ! 
, B. DLidSri, ununi 

Resouecs. n. Shikau. shiyA. » 
Resources, «. Tata, shin-sho. 

Hodo-^oi, tattoki. — 

okiikolo. ' 

KESPiaA™N, «, IkWtukaL, kokiu, 

ReSEEVs. (. p. Noko»u,noltDn.,k<.kQto 

E£SEFVE,'». Y™riyo,ha^kiri,kokDra- 

Respite, «. Hima, itoma, yasumi, hi- 

oki, htdate, godzume. W.w™/ -, 

rSS,Ve t ^ £hi«ki wo noL« 

Resplen'he^, a. 'Hik)^,''LSyiku. 

heniisuru,6diun.. '' ' 

RiLSPONSE, n. Koiaye, beuta, h=nii. 

RESrOHSiBLE, a. Kaks»arubeki,Kugu. 

Resioe, (. B. Sumu, .ora, jfl-ldyo sura, 

„au b=ki, kikari-au. 

sumau, layo. 

Rest, /. v. Yasumu, kiusoku aurii, ikA, 

R^,DE»CE,«. Syn!ai,Jfikij™,iye,taku. 

ofcu,aiiMi.a™. -W«,y(.ra,maka. 

Rest.«. ¥asunii,aT,sei,ansoku,tod<.n.e, 

Eesicn, /. ^. Yudzimi, dukaami, ahU 

Restaueamt, «. RiyJti-ya, kapp6-ka. 

t^au. laistain sum. — o^tc, lai-yaka 

Restitution, Tsugiinai. 

Restless, a. OSi-isukano shd um 

Resignation, ». - ^^ «ff«, jishofca. 


of/Hiadiliip, naka 

Re^st,"'. !>. ^SakMBu[™'kita™sakS, M- 

rS!SS, bI'^^Su t^"Co. 

Restore, t. v. Kay gun gi 

?n«^/4, horabuk x^^ -^1/ 

Resolute, a. Kliaiii, ki-dzuyoi, ki}& 

yomi-gayeni, sai-se —h J- 

ka-naoti. -^ a build ^, ai k ni, 

Resolutely, We;. Shikalto, kibshitu. 

sai.kftB«n.. *' 

REsoLimoN, s. Kes5hin. 

Restemb,«.p. Hikayera, osayETu, sa- 
sbi-toaifru, Eomecu, kobamu. 

ketthaku sum, toku, loki-akasu, wake- 

Restraint, n. Hikayeme, osaye. 

Resteict, *. ^. Kagfro,kasiri wokLwa. 


Ike-kayfsUt ikaeu. 

Retikb, }. V. Shirizoku, aloEhiiaru. hiki. 
toni, lon-sei sum, Duku, hiku. 

BraKEHHs'T, Zzivin^ in -, m-kiyt 

R™"; W/'Rambi^r"' 
REnucn,«. 1/. Kayeni. modoni. 
Bbthact. i. s. Hikkomasu, ii-naosu 
hcD-gai suiu, ii-kayeiu. 

dinra, SH-riyaku. 


Reiwduiioh, h. Muk 



aku suru. 

— co'm^limmt. 


Kayeri, n 

odori, fcayeshi, 

katski-uchi, fuku- 

Rbvehe,/.d. Uyamau, 

Rhvembce, b. Uyami 

kiyfi, kukjy&- 
Revebebtiai, a. Uj'a-i 
Revebih, b. IJlSUKu. 

t. 9. Kuri-kayeshite min^ ka- 

ru, aujk6 furUf keiQi suru. 

. B. AkkO BurUi ntmoshlru, do* 

. B. KuTl-kayeshite mini, ka- 

iEWAKD, s. HAb[, iftiikiii, kuwahe. - 
ayidiuniilimini, thfr-hatsu. 

;tEWAU>, 1. V. am wo yaru, sh6 tun 
mukuyum, hdjini- 

— , kDme, or, haku-mai. 


RiGHTEOisNESS, n. Gi, scUchoku, ta- 

dashiki kulo, naoki koto. 

ft.-,Use,ia/<-,okute. Middling 
— , rakale. Upland — , okabp. — 

Right Huroji. Migi-no ce. 

RlGHTLV, edv. Yoku, yoroshiku, jitau- 

stert,, komeya. Nevi — - ahimoiai. 
Rich, a. Kane-mocbi, ihinsho no yoi, 

RiGiD, a. Kalai, Idbishli "gtnju na, ko- 

wai, kiu-kucsi, na, ogosokS naru. 

yufuku-Ofl, tomera, yulaka-na, koyeru. 

RioiDiTV, H. Kaiaaa, kibUhisa, koivasa. 

R-G1D.I.V „rfB. KtSliU. 

Riches, n. fakara, iBi-ba, ihimho, lo- 

RlGOK. n. Kalaaa, kibishiaa, hidosa, a^ 

BioiLy.B^B- Fukaku, giDokii, oka, ju- 

Rioo™iTs,a. Kib[shii,genjiina,bid(.i. 

Rigorously, ad-a. Kaiaka, kibiahiku, 

genjii i.i, hidoku. 

RICOCHET, .. B. Tobenl. —firing, tg- 


Rill, n. Tani-«*wa, ko-gawa. 

Rid, a p. Nowkiij haiau, oi-dasu. 

RiM, ,. Fuchi. 

Nmu, J(Wiiu™,ga, auru, b 

KtpGE, n. Mun 


, «. T>^ mlcbi, n, gi, 
i, hadau,beki. 7'i>>ii« 


Wa, nari. — am* siafU, ka. 

RlNGLfiAQER, n. Kashiia, cbo- 
RlNGWoim, B. ' Tammhi. 
Riot, ' -'. "'SoderSlkirsaiagi 

ilOTER, B. Ikki^fllin. 

tlOTOlis, 0. Abareru, sawa^abii. 

(lOTOuSLV.arfi/. SsKawasbiku. abaret 

Rise, /. v, A^u, nobonj, okiru, ci 

itp or lying doton, okL-fu^L. — J 

tke dead^ yomi-gayeni, iki.^yem. 

/mm sill*, ne-oTd wo aura. 
Bjse, h. Agari, nobori, okori. — 

/all, agari-aaeari. 
RKlflLB.a. Okashii, warawaaeru. 

To run. 



naki* a^auki, kiwadot. 

Kawa-De. icawa-g 
guslu- Vf tki; 

. In iki 

Robust,' a.' SukoyaWna' lassha na.jabii 

Rock, I. v. Ugolcasu, yurui 

RooiSdy™'. '' Kan^of 

RocEPT, ». Notoshl^'tiyei 
R0CKW0HK,«. Tsufci-yait 
ROCKV, f>. Gan-kutsu aa. 

RociiE,' H. Vatsu, kalari. 

Roll, /. i. Korobasu, m 

Rou^i. E-. KDrogani.Diai 
Sou^ H. Maki. maki-iDon 




Rove, I. n. Yiireki suru. hai-kuwai su- 

Rover, «. Hiyo-Wu mciDa, 

Royal, b. O oo, alsojdrmid fy frf/ix- 

RosALTV.T^O'nokolo""'^'"'' *"■ 
Row, ». Naralri, laura, relBU, kudati, 
giyO, taf e, kawa. Ts placi in a —, va,- 

RowDY, s. Rambd nin. 

kiahiru.' — and'^uA, lai^Xa, suri- 
mi^ll. — B^,suri-ha^n,auri-nnikii, 

Rude. a. Aral, somauu, zatsu, soiiyaku, 
bUKi, shiuuni, bukoEEu, biisaho, be- 

RuDELV, »;». ArakD.ara-aiasbiku, ara- 


RuLH, «. Ki-aoku, kHku, rei, ha, sa-ho, 
aadame, hA-shiki, shi-hai. 

meru, sujivo biku. if«fW /d/tfr, ke- 



, kale-toTQ,' 

suiv^. t» 



- a nail inte tki jiol, Itu 


Tl«i ™b. iy 


]. l"ff 





iayari, riukd, krVEawa. / 

8hfir,d ni. hikk 

y6, laui ni. 



ate^ni^. r:(f.,=™ 




^-lffj-« /Brfrf 

rr, hasbig 


H. Ilaka-tagay 



/. V. Yaburu, h 
Inaka no. 

arelsu sun 


E, ». 

Hakarg.g.0, ,. 

ale, karaa 

SSIA, ■ 



nc, B. ' Inaka^bukotsu 


Tkin^' offirtd U 

Tsubald, yodaie! 1< 

. Dttu. id^utu. 

. Shate. Pieklid - 

Ha/ -1, ik. . 

. Zashiki. 


n. "Kura. —girtA,h 

I, «. BH£U-yft. 

tdv. 'Kanssbiku, lucit 

, tsudzukasaku. 

Sag, I. p. Kata-yora, kaladzuru, tawa- 

SAOAaoDS, a. Kashikoi, rikO'na, eh 

Sagacitv, n. Chi^e, c^i-riy^u, 9atoi 
Sace, 1. Kashikoi, rikb na, saLokJ, 

Sagely,' flrfp!'"KashikQku. 

Saic'liia/'B^.D/iu, hanathlu, kud. 

rii.' —^ake- 

sIoI^a™, n!"liS wTtaukuru'hii 
Sailor, n. Suifu. kako, suisbu, i 

Sailors' inn, n. Funa-yadp. 

.WATER, X. ShiD, shio-inid^ 
f,a. ShiD-kayui, sbio-karj 

iALVATioH, ». Tasuke, Eukui, i 
aAMB, a. Oniui, onajikoto, d 
iisa mo onuii. — ^n/irr/io, 




lumtiyaku i 
Saviour, s. 

se-shu. seki 
Savor, i. r. 

XT. Hm Oga-kudzu. 
I, •>. KD^ki. 

Shiru, yoni, BPibii. 
ric, a. Ni^, niga-n^aahii^ -^ 


«. Tsuki, Isuki-moD 

^. Aku, Ur 

tf . P.) ' Akaseni, aki-Cm 

Aki, ak[-taru 


EX-dii., wa 





sueunai, ogina 
S1-, a, A^hi 


„ „B^ 

ki ni kanau. 

SA-nSFS, * 

V. Akasm. 




au, a 

E,H. Yebiau, yeleki. 

r, ». Mono-shiri. hakusliiW, g. 

, «. Ato.liidmnoaio.hankon. 
CE, a. SukUDd, fu»>ku, tobo 

CELY, aiiv. YSysku, yatlo 

E, «. n OdoEu odprokasu, 

aCROW, B. Odoahi, kaga^i. 
a, oaruko, toti-odoshi. 

LBT.a. 'Akai, hi. 


SCA 156 SCY 

ScftvEKGEB, «. Hachi no sSji nin. 

Scene. ». Kcshiki, yosu. lei. 

^MU, kaki-noburu. 

ScsKBKV. It. KeibiU. [ijkei, keishoku, 


ScRAHBLHUP,/.!'. Yeji-noboni. ScramHi 

&^; ': ^.""^a, kioru, kagi-dMu, 

for, bai-torigachi. 
Scrap, B. Hashiu, ki«. 

Scrape, I. r>. Kcdiurn, kosi^ru, sum, 


ScHEMErW. T«date,K.laiar^lo, k=i- 

Scratch, t, v. Kaku. — a^, kuld-otosii. 

riyaku.kufujulsu, hiben. 

Scheme, f. c. KuTii suru, kuwadatetu, 

Scrawl, k. iku-hitsu, rara'sritsu. 
Scrawl, I. s. Tsulanaku kaku. 

Schism, x. Wakari. ycdaha. 

ScHOL«, n. -D^^l monjin, gakudis, 

ScKEAM. i. p. Sakebu.wameku, naku. 

ScRSECH. /. V. Sakebu, naku. 

Screen, n. Biyobu, ah6ji, fusuma, mi. 

Sc'h^' n. GakudO, gakkfi, kdko-ba, 

raku-monjo, juku, ba, nu, nugi, shO- 

jo-tan, boya. 

ScsEEH,/.,-' Oi, kakusu, kabau, abau. 

SoiooL, /, 0. Oshiyeni, kiyaju suru. 

kabusani, kadamu, mi de him. 
Screw, ». N.iL. 

— o^«, neji-i^Eni. — «((.shibo™. 

ScHaoi^HousE,'H. Gakudo, gakumonjo. 


Schoolmate,., D6gakg, ai-d«hi. 

ScREiiRivaV ". Neji-mawaskL 

SCRIDBLB, (. V. Kaku, fude lUataM ul 

kaku, Kdiiaami ni kaku. 

Scribe, ». Sbo-yaku, yij-hitsu, sbo-ki. 

SCLBBonc'i. Hakulnakii. 

ScaFl', ^ 9. Az^keru, gur6 siuu, »shi- 

Scrip,;.' Fuku«. 

ScRiiTURES, «. S=i.kiy6, swsbo, kiyfc- 

ScoLD, 1. V. Shikaru, togamau, kogolo 

Scrofula, b. Kui-reki. 

Sceuplb', i. V. ^smert, tayuUu, yuyo 

Scoop, n'. Shatu. 

sum, kogi sutu, ulagau. 

Scruple, n. — 0/ troy ■meigkl — sam 

ScooFBBT.H. Sutui-aidi, sade. 


Scope, «. Tokoio, basbo, aiedo. 

Sceupulous,^ a. Yuyo-gagki ua, liulsii- 

Scorched, a. Kogcn., yakera, koga- 

Scrutinize, (. s. S=nsaka sum, shu* 

Scom;». ShirashL,kanja,m-ja. 

ScoBE, f. p. ShiniEu. 

ScoEiA,.. Kanakuiio, 

Scorn, n. Anadori, kdbetsu, iyashimi. 

SCUFFLE,™. Kcnkuwa. 

ScoKM, /. Ti. Anadoru. kei-beEu suru. 

Scull.'/.,. Kogu. 

Scull, ». Ro. 

Sc^PioN.«. Sasori. 

ScuLL-piN, H. Ro-beso. 

ScouHDHEL. ». Yalsu, m=. 

Sculptor, a. labi-ya, ishi-kbi. — of 

Scour, t. t<. Migaku, iobii. suru, suri- 



ScoiSgb, ». Muchi, shimow. talari, ba- 


ScouREB.i^. !•. Muchi-utsu, Kkkau sum. 

Scurriutv, " J!' Akk6,wanj-kuchi. 

Scout, b. Monomi. tfimi. ^ 

ScuTTLB.' I'v. — a Mf, fune wo shiditt- 

Scowl, s. Kho wo Hisusieni koio. 

SCVTHB, it. Ogama. 


ka ka 

nile-ya. Siiv at —, furule 
tagai Vfo !iini. Borra^ing 

KakurQU. hisoka-Qa, najs 
D-na. — fti/i, niilsu-daa. 
. Hyi,miIEitii,himkUu,omii 
midicins, hi-yaka. 

^'t.. Kakusu. 

1. Sh«, hen, kite, bu-bun. 

•rjr ha, kala. 

.. Scktn-no, ioku. -affai. 

: Vk, 

<hin, buji-nara. 
hiki-au. ka£aii 

Ibidzuka-na, heiki na, ochi- 
t, Ugoka-nai, — gmploy- 

K '^ 

Sepi-SoH,"™. Taburaka^u fcoio. 
SsDULOus.a. Hone-aru,halaiaku,benki- 

^^k U Wi'^^-keTTu^hitai, ^-ai. 
nasaie; (fommtit). mi-yo; {vulgar). 

: Shi-nuke-doki.uyetsuke- 
, Sffgssu, tad?uneru, motom^ 


SKLf-SACKlfiCE, «. Mi wo kajreri midi,., 

Seige, n. ' Ts lny— is, kakgmu. 

Sbinb «. H[ki-inL,aiL. 

Si£LF-SiL EKING, a. Jibun gatle, leoiaye 

Seize, ;. ». Tom. tsiikanu, nigitu, ubau. 


Self-willed, a. Waga-oiama, kimma, 

Seiiuge, R. Toci.ubai. 

Sell, /.!-. Uni.sabako. —hythequaK- 

^^^; fflS'a-ni.'"'"'' "'"^'"°'=' "■ 

Ju. uraseiii. xt— off, uri-harau, uri- 

Selbct.V.b. Yaabu,yoru.gimffii5«ni, 

Se''ll"b,«. Uri-le,uri-na<hi,bai-nm, 

ka^j, hilori'de"mi, X^L^'.^MakTly—,, - »( ■wiolex.U, o^sbi. - «< 

ji-aiu, te-Mt;. 

SsHBtancE, H. — «/■ tr«m^ makolo- 


„a. kas-toshiliio.liao'iien- 

. ' Gakuda, giOiunionjo, gak' 

wasii, todokeiu.' Alie'fortnek iy Ike 

singer, tsilkai wo yukaseru, or yaru. 
7b— /orrt, hassuru. — *ac*, ksyeau, 
benjo, hembeo simi. 7i> Ixf.^ /^r a 

bA, kannin.' 

Sblf-epucateb, b, Doku-giku. 

d^ior, isha wo yobu. 

Self-evident, a. Ichi-jirushi, Didhsku 

Semob, B. Toahi-ofi cho-nen. 

Sensation, n. Chikaku. 

Se°V.sxauibatiob, «. MLdmkara kaye- 

Sense, n. Kokoro, ki, shSnc, imi, vake. 

Lest ent's semis, ki wo usbinau. Cewi 

to oni, senses, honsho ga IsoiU. The 

five — , EO^an, ao-kuwan. 

kaka nashi, sbSnt nashi, oroka nam. 


Self-IONOEANCB, n. Midiukara shiranu. 

Self-impoktabt. o. Takaburu,jinian. 
Self-indulgent, a. Shi-yoku ni maka- 

Sehbimlitv. n. Chikaku, shfin!. 

Sensible, a, Chikaku an., kanji no yoi. 

oboynil,«toki.ka=hikoi: ' ' 

Sb"mntbrest, «. Midsme, sbi-yoku, 

Se^nsitive, a. Chikaku yoti, kanJi no 

SrLFISH,fl. Tctnajre-gatle.iti-inflina.wa- 


t;Lku).hi no, uiaga-ioama. kidzui, ea. 
Self-khowlsdgs, r. Midzukara shiru. 

Sensuality, s. Sliu-i*oku ni fukeru 

Self-pahtiai,; h! S^Hki. 

Sentence. H. Ku, ii-tadk=,m5shi-l3Uke. 

Self-possession, v. Heiki, ochi-lsuki. 

Selp-pratse, b. Jimai--. ji-san. 

Self-HELIAMT, a. Midzukara tanonju, 


SENnNEL,s. Ban-nin, mi-bari, haii-ban. 


ugs|b. H6mim. 

a. Yuhu-auye, alo 

;fiffunks of 

Serpent, B. Hebija. -cSar««r. 

Behvabt, *. Kodiukai, hokc-nin, k 
boku^ fenan, E^jo, sobadmkai, ki 

wa tsugu, or shakB wo ! 

To—<mi hoiUd ri 

t to tke pt>sr^ ^]Db6 
country, _ kokl^ ui 

1 — Ged, kami ai Isn. 

S»viCB, fl. Tsutome, hoks, ysku, ya- 

yakn-ya. 'o/no—,y<rm latanii, yaku 
ni tauuiu, tiki-masen. TltHt qf — , 

tauu, ioIiu-tS, vMatsu. 
Sebvilb, a, lyaaliu. yakko no yS na, 
BBRviLrrv, B. YaJtko no yoau. 
Sbbvitude, H. Hoko, eutome. 
Session, h. Seki, a. 
Bet, /. n. Oku, suyeni, osameru, Isake- 

^f i^ U 

jET,/. a', Ganka na, kataku na. 

iEI, ». — o/ ioo/ts, bu. — o/- *pj-Bi, 

Sm-tLBi/. p.' Odomu, aadamani, kima- 
eign — , kiyo-nu-chi. — of a auarrel. 

feahli, hidold, omoL, ogouka-nani, 
gcnjd na, kiukutsu na. 
5eveiiei,v, ndii. Tsuyoku, haeesfiiku, 
kibishikui kitsuku. hishL-m, BLshi-bi. 

JEviniTV, B. T&uyosa, kibijhiEa.faidosa. 
Sew, I. V. Nui, lojiru, kiiLeru. — lo- 


Ne koto, nuE-moD' 

Lamp -, hova. 
Shade,/.!'. Ou, kal^usu kaza: 
Shapow, n, Ka^, k9e:«b^shL 

Shaft, h. Hashir^ ye, oagay 

Shall, i, n. Formed by Juturt 
a,rS. »-ini-/rf.»Pn,n rn . 


Shahanisu, n. ShssioD. 
Shamb, I. ?. H:gi, chijoku I:akiD,1i: 
diukaahimi. /W A? — , tiadzukuhjm 

Shakefacbd, a. Hadmkashifiuu- 
SHAMHFUL,a, Hadiiikaahii, ifijoku n. 

ABPBlt, fl. Katari-mono, mfjEari. 
ARPLY. B^e. Tsuyoku, hilstOtu, kiln 
hiku, karaku. 

AiTBR, ?. P. 'Uchi-fcudaE'.'buchi.ko. 

IvE,' ^ ^. Soru, kediuni, »gu. - 
^ie^CB^, chihalsu. 

nugu. — kair or/eatktrs, lu ga kawa- 

Shep, fl, Koya. adzumaya. 

Shebp, n. Rasbamcn, hilsujJ, menya. 

Shbbt, s. Mai, nedoko ao ahikimuno. 

. Ou, yokeni, kabsu. — 

Sh ee^^. "'shuloS^i 

ro— /i'roiM'x«//^,jibun no li- 
: di hakaru. Te mMt —, bakani. 
TLESS, >>. Vaku ni latadU. 
E, I. V. Terasu. hikaru, kagayaku. 

'eiasu, hikaru, kagayaku. 
',r7kli^-' !k?Si°tunT 
Vm"—, hi.Vune!'S>i'i«n- 
n~ step, funa-ba, fima- 


. r^ ;m^ a — , funatUunit 
LFiLDBK, n, Funa-dalku, 

irui, diunikeru. 

iHOULD, as, r™ should havefa'd «* 
wtoney at the titne yoit promised^ Dt- 
. chieen Dj kaD4 wd haTayeba yukattaj 

r6, I shouia go if I ^ere iD^lLim^i 
ga yoi naia yuka. / i:«sK/<f Jsw fonr 

wo. ChiUriK should riij- tkiir fa- 
n nil, ku wa ova ni k6k6 sum hadzu no 
koro. JtiAonldte done, saiabad^ao 

no kiw! '-"or ««!, ka-Su-bu* °"^ 
|Houu9BS, ». Kata. 

IHOUT.H. SakebV ioki DO koye, uw^ 

B. Nave, mc, me-baye 
C-STAIt,>I. Vobaiboshi, 


date, mikake, dan. 
Show-bill. n. Hiki-fuda, 


Showkh,». Niwata8nie,shiMUtt,yfida- 

p. KaimoDooiyoku. 

y,^ Tedai,fco^. 

ShoVv, a. Date-ra. medatswashii, me- 

FEB, K. Akindo. 


TBH, «, Uambiti. 

c,«. Kaimono n[ yuku 

Shhe«d, a. Riki na, kashikoi, chiye no 

«. Iso^.ki»h[. i-K-.k 



X. MuUaijtan. -roaJ.^Uka 

SHj.Ewr.i.v,flrf^. Kashikoku. 

Shrbwdnbss,h. Cblye, rika, ril 
Shmek, I. Sakebi. 

IRINE, ■. Mikoshi. 


Shroud n KiyA-katsbiia 

Shrug f v ^biyakuu. 
SHUDDKB I H Foru wan 

11 yofceni, manuka- 

aKru. io]i,u, rusa- 

-"'Mb'^'w te'"wo 
-*, yubi'wp oru. 

_., . . =.^-r.-ii: 

a vigvi^ mi-hara^i wo fUsaeu. To — 
eiity thimedasa, Baj^gim, yokeru. To 

in£y glron shite heikA saaeni. 
SHuiTtB-COCE, «. Hane. hago, kc^ino- 

SiamX Sh^^urel" ""'"^ "■ ™"' 

Sick, a. Yaoiu, wadiiuso, fu^uwsi, 
unbd warui, bfyoki no. ita — fune 
ni y& — fl^ xtiiiBneh, mukadEuku, — 
^irtrm^ biy&-jiin, biy^ja, biy6-kaku. 
— ied, biytt^fl. — and aMictgd. bi. 
y5^a, biy6-ku, Wyft-nan. Toil — of, 
tiau, akiru. To maki — , yamaseni. 

SicEEH, f. ;>. Mukadzukaicru. (i.v.) 
Mukadzuku, yamii, kirau. 

SjCKisH, a. Ambai warui. 

SlCELO, a, Kama, 

chiu. jifttr -,bW6^a. Caaao/—. 
biyo-kon. Died 0/ —.biyti^'aL Kind 

SiDB, n. KaB, kats-waia, waki, kalaye, 
soba, holori, kawa, hala, ha. Every 
— , h«-bo. Boik — , rLyo-hB, riyO men. 
Ont — , kataippo. kaia-kala« kata ha^u, 

ta. — ofa mou9iiaiH. sampuku, 
SiDB,n, Yoko, 

Side, t. v. Ksla wo motsu, Baku. 
SiDB-DISH, t. or anything eaten wilh 

Sign, q. SbiniBhij shi^ko, ycn^, Kempt- 
yo, shiraBe, aho, kizashi,\«hirai, kiim- 
ban.dzui. Strange ~,i!i-iiai. Favor- 

SiGii/i. '». Hal; wo osu, kaki-hao butu, 

N* gar mi kar 


SlLVER-WAK, >^ Ginzaitq. 

SiN-OFFEHiNG ». Tsuuii vrti aganaa ilcs- 

SiMiLfls, a. Odiji, nira, dsye, hLloahi- 

oLye, tsumi Wq aganau kumolsu. 

Sie,t.v. Sa. (su),aoDm. 

SiHi'inuDE, M. Nilarukoto. 

Sir »- SainA,\aD: 

Sii.up,«. SatdmiBu. 

na, ahiCBubokii, ubu, oroka na, gu na, 
kMO-na, kani, adukenai, kanyeki. 

SiBTEB, H, Ey6dai, gnna-kiyadai./lii- 

SiMFLE-HlHDED, d. Guwaaicnski, ido- 

kakeru. Sitlinfuf ail night, sa^ikU 

SiHVUFV, (. I'. Yasuku suru, Mmijika ni 

tetsuya, akashi! Tc ~ ^ witJ, th. 

Simply, a, NomL bakari, lada. 

kurumaja, madoi. '— tailor fashian^ 


Site, n. Basho, tokoro. 

SIUULATIOH, ». Niserukolo. 

Stttimg, a. Suwatte aru, za-shite oru. 

SlHULTA«BO«S,«. On^ji toki, dflji, K^ 

,WflB«;rV'-.i'i2"mai, Ly6. 

SmjATBD, 11. a™, oru. 

Sib,".'. Tsuini, lai, iat«o. ^ 

SlTUATIOH, «. Basbo, tokoro, yakume. 

Sis.o. MuBu.toku. 

Sixfold, b. Muye, roku mai, roku so. 


Sl«APBM,«. idiahidei. 


SiNCH, flip. Kara, konoksta, i-rai, yori, 

SlITEEH. a. Ju-ioku. 

Sixteenth, B, Ju-roku-bam-nie. 

Sincere, a. JiCBU, makolo, hon-na, shia- 

Sixtieth, B. Roku-ju-ban. 

jitsu na, hodtfl. 

Sixty, a. Roku-ju. 

SWCKRELV', fl,ii.., mako.t«.i, 

Size, Dkira. ka». 


Skein, R. 1^. 

SiKECUHE, H. Soian, 

Sketch, n. Ye, dzu, yedzu. 

Sinew, f..-Suji. 

Ske™;/.o. iaku. yegak... 
Skilful,^. JWiu, lakumLno, Mjiwano 

Sinful^ a. Taumiaru, 

Sing, (. v. Uaai, gindiiini, yeidznm. 





, a. Gei- 

BiBGLH, a. miDlsii, iehi, hiWye, ichi- 
mi. — ptras, hitori, dokmhin. Ta 
— out, me>.gakenj. — eye, kaca- ^- 

SiHCULAR, a, Mediaraahii, miyiVni., . 
tai aa, becsu-dan, kaku-bccsu aa. 

SiHGULARLV, ads. Kaku-betsii ni, beuu- 

SiNE, M.' NwashE. dobu, geatii. 
SlNK,'//K.™'Sh^I'mer1i.'"^n well, 0.0 


. Kawa 

Skinfunt, n. sSwambfi, kecki-kuaa. 
Skip, (. I/. Tobu, haneru. 
Skighish, ». Ro-zeri-ai. 

Skibt,». Suao. Tb hit'd -Kf lk4 —,Ki 

SKlra'sH.fl. Mo'noTd'orDki. 

Skulk, i. v. Shioobg, kakureru, nuk 

Sei:tu.%. Atamaao 

. Clca, 


Slam, i. i/. Halo to shLniera, pi 

Sleepino, n. — iagilhiT far fit Jint 
limi. nii-makura. Pmlure /» — , n»- 

— ™^J/, ne-pirushiL — ?ai>5^, m 

yasui. ' 

StuOGisHLY. adv. Para-dara- 

Slhbpless, b. Nemuradiu, nediu. 

Sleepv, «. Nemiiiai, Demui. — head. 


Sleet, ». Mizort. 

Slut, -. Mfi-inu. > 

Slv, 'a. Ochaku na, diurui 

Si^iGHTra. —if hand, tediuma, ihEoB- 

Slendeb, a, Hoso-noe^, hosQL 

Shall, fl. CWisai, liosoi. autu 

Slice, h. Mai, kl«. 

yaka-Tia, wadmka na. 

Slice, /. p. Usutii-kira, kizimu, haya- 

SMfllL-POX, H. H6so. 

Slide: i =. Sab«u, d-uru. - di™«, 


QHTLV, «;;:'.' Katuku. yowaku, zalto, 


hiLD WD hadzusu. — ^ the fongue, 
kuchi ga suheru- — svray, nuteru. ' 

xt,l.'v. Saku,kira. 
ata.B. Saka, k«bai, DBdareiu. 
.OPING, a. Naname, iujikai, naioyc. 
flTHTUL, a. Biuho-na, rsDda-na, ru- 

suLrash'it jid8i^'u\n'a"daKBhSia!'. "*" 

— andyasljOii^aVv. ' 
Slowly, adv. f^ku, yurukn, sora-soro 


Smabt b. Kibi^Uii. rito na, kashikoi. 

Snob,!.. Yddaikazari. 


Shout, ». Hana, kiichi. 

Snow, ». Yuld, 7> — , yuki ga furu. 
S«ow-BALl,»L Yuki-dama. :!&— , yuki- 

Skeabed, a. Darakc, inabuie. midoio. 



Stiicu^t.v. Kagu. 

Smhi£^». Nioi. 

SMHli^(. B. Flitl-»ak«rn. 

SKtLB, i. V. Niko-Dikg sum, hoyoyemu, 

NOW-STORM,,. Fu-buki. 
NUF?, H. &ijabako. 
Snuff, /.H. iS^. — b coWCr, >bin wo 

Smitb, t. V. ButBU, ulsu, tataku. 
Smith, «. K»]i,k^iyt 

Snuff'hbs, «. Sbinkiri. 

S«UFFLE.y.i.. Nana-goy=dcIu. 

SUOKB, H. Kemim. 

So, w/l'. So, SOYi. shi^ sa, yo, kaku, kA. 
S.f a^, shSiadzu, shikaji, shLkaka, 

Smoke, t. v. Ibusu, flisuberu, tuyorasu. 

(i. T,'.) Ibtim, fusubon., kuygru. - 

fhikaradm, shLkarashin,uru,'EhikataiaI 


ru, shikareba, sbikaredomo, shikari lo 
iyedomo. shikanibcki, shikani-ni. Ebi- 

Smoky, a. Kemutai, ktmui, keiduri ga 

^bika; ^areba, ^r4lon»>. ^ritomo, 

Smoo™, a. Namerata na, subekkoi, 

<ube-,ul« na. 

Smooth, (. o. Narasu, nosu, nobasu, 

r«aru ka. ' J?™'; do ^, ke aurn na, ks 

SMOOrHlHmBON, «. HinosliE, kote. 

Smoothlv, aiiv. Namcraka nl, tsuni- 



StIOULDBR, I, ir, Iburu, kuyuru. 

Soap, o.'Shation, sekken. 

SoAE,l.p. Tobu. 

sum, auke-ari »o suru. 

AS, Y6.pi. 

Shugclkd, ^iMift, H. Nukt-ni, baban- 

OBSF. (. f. Yti-samaso. tf. o.) Yei- 

Shuttv, a. Sumi-daiake, birt na koio- 

Sober, a.' Sake wo Bomanii, ihirafu, nia- 

BaQ,maiime. SucflMt — , sameru, ya- 

Shake, H. Hebi, kachi-nawa. 

Shap, i^. Ora, bajiku, hoki-to Onu — 

^itia — , fullsuri to ki«ru. 

SociAL,a. fjilsukb. sbitashii, nengoro. 
na. —fimilien, mibun, bungsn, bun- 



Shakl, i. p. Kagaau, igamu, hamuku. 
Snatch, (.B. Hitakkuni, otto™. 
Snbakinglv, aiAi. Huke-cuke lo.sugc 

Sniffumg, B, Susuri-nsk 
Snip, *. v. Halsurwoni. I 
Snipe, B. Sbig, chidori. 1 

SocK,B. Tabi, b( 

DPA, H. Koshikalie no n. 



Sojourner, n. Kl'yaku-jiD, labi-bilo, 
SoLACB. «. NaEUsadii. tanoshlmi. 

™^'flrfp. ToIuiku,"l(aiS«p«. 

, Biyakui*. To — , tO-diuke 

solau, 'h. 

Tous, A, Aniiru. 

L Nebakeru koto. 

, Xebokete aruku hito. 

n. 'nS-^"—' tan-Dai'. 
— fli' jrlc/ary, gai-ka. 

Bjrolu 8aaeni._ (i. p.) Kalabu naj 
SouDLV, aav._ Kataku, shikkari u 

SooN^a^. Hayaku,^t1<i-ni^si^u Io,chi- 

radfi], hodo-naku, ma mg Daku. ^J — 
oi. ehidai, hodo. 

Soothb", t. V. ' Nadamerp, nagusamem 

H. Rikuuu. higa-kotc 

a. NtoiutasETU. 

«. MabA-aukai, idzu 

. Maho, idzuna, majuc 


SOR 167 SFE 

Soke. a. ltd, iKmu, ladareru, hidoi. hi- 

Span, (.K, Nigiru^Tnal^aiu, v/atatn. 

SoRELV, a^. Hidoku, ita-itashiku, ha. 

Spakk, 1. V. ' skirl wo haJu. 


Spar,/.,^. Shi-aUuru._ 

SoBGHUM, n. Sato-kila. 

SoKROw,™.. Urti,kanash™i,itaini,Hui- 

SP^T^™Suknnal,ya==tarii,,hiwai. - 

SocROvvFUL, a. Urei, kuyashii, kanashi- 



SoET,«. Tagui,™, shurui.yMeri.ku- 

sliite, moiio-oshiroito. 

rai, nami, gaia. Oat of soyts, ambai 

SPAHK.B. Haiana, hinoko. 

wa™i,fukuwai. ATas^y -, ito-iH., sama- 

Sparkle,/.?'. Hikaru, chiradiuku, kira- 
nicku, kagayaku, kira-kira to hikaru. 

Spabklibgly, orfp. Kiia-ldta. 

Spareow, B. Sudmme, 

Sparse, a. Mabara naru, sukunaL 

SoriisH, 3. Gu-don nam, oroka.nam. 

Spasm, b. TaLru, biki-tsukeru. keiHO. 

Soul, n. Tanuuhii, rci-kga, mi-Iams, 

Mi-shin, kompt^u^shmjin. 

bashir.;.chiru. ' "• 

SoDHp; t. V. liarasu, soku-iiy6 suiii, Ba- 

Spatula, s. Hera. 

Spawn, B. Uwo no ko. 

Soukd' 1". p. Nirn, hibiku, lodoroku. 


Sound, a. Taasha. mactaki, jabu na, ma- 

sp€akiiig, launlo ahiie yuki-auguiu. 

koto no, joi, sukoyafca ua. — J&qi.jlJ. 

Sou«1^Y, Brfp. Yoku, hidoku, tsuyokii. 
Soundness, K. Taasha naru kolo,kata- 

Speak, b'. Yari. — ' txtrcise^ s*.jutsii. 

Sotrii!/.'p. Sup'paku nam. (/.p.) Sap- 

sp7*1"A''* T"n\r ^ 

paknsuru. _ 

Souk, a. Suppai, su . — taste, samm . 
Eouit^E, B. m^k-moto, mot^;, kongen. 

Specially, aibi. Kolo-ni, koto-sara-ni. 

komiiii. . • . 

bessbi«,' ,-1 bctsndan-n^ 


wta^nd, IdSl'' ^»/<fl', minaS'i ka- 


- »«;. hilsuji-saru. stUao. -™( 

Sph^ss.^!' Rui.tagui,shii-rui,bn. 

w.-B.^, inasa. 

SotTTHEIlLV, a, Minami no h6 ye, mina- 

SpEt;iFiCAIiON, H. I9ai wo tswem koto. 

Specipy, /. I-. Kuwasbiku in, maiJdro 

Specimen.*. Tehon, mihon. 

Sow,'«. Me-buta. 

Speciously, A/t>. Makotorashika. 
Speck, a. 'Ten, obobo, fn. 

Sow,(.iv. Makn, chirasu. 

Soy.». Shftya. , ,. , 

SpECKLBD.a. Chobo-chobo to shite om. 

Space, b. Aida, ma, hioia, ku-chiu, ko- 

madara, fu-iri no. 

Spectaclbs, B. Megane. 

SpAiaouELv'n^!.. fiiroka. 

Spectatob, b. Miru mono, kembutsu. 

Spade,., gnki. 

Spau.,'«. Hispania. 


hakadoru. {I. p,) IsogaaerUi sekaseru, 
Spkbd, n. Hayasa. WtlA —, bayaku, 
Si^EDiLv, adv. Hayaku, toku, jilii-ni, 
Efeedv, a. Hayai, Eumiyaka oa. 



H-a. Totan. 

i. B. Tsukau, ha 

■au, tauiyaau, 

tsiikai-hataau, tsukai-ldn 


- (At night, t„ « 



rHRIFT, a. Muda 




«:bti,h. Kaiirano 



i,U!, H. IImso, 

, n. Cbi-kiu, b.i 

e=n, mib 


B. Viituini, To - 



SflDBE, J.. Kmno. LoneJeggtd - 
ashilaka-kumo. — thrtaa^ i. 

Smkk, b. Ki^. Zlj — , ki^ de ugh 

Spile, ». ' tui, sen. 

Spill, (.f. Koboau,oti>SQ,ayaau. (/.i 

Spin, /. w. Tsumugu, b[ku. — a /o. 

Spikh,*. Sebone, lege. 

shoku, kl-^n, kokor 

Spikitsd, d. Ki-tBuyoi, goki Da, kdcki na, 

5PiT,n. TsubakLyodare.katadiiLkuabL 
JpiT-Box, B. Hai^ki, dako. 
=ptTK, «. Urami ikon.nikumi. 
Spttepul, a. Uramaaiui, jaken Dam, 

*.p. Kakttu,hane-kak<! 

™. (i>,) 


NG, K. bha-hiu-to, hai 

,B. HEKC>io.i-kari,uia 


UK, B. Hikari, ki«ayak 

, Buya, 

*. P. Tsugu, isugi-awaj 

it, B. Toge. 

. f. Wani, hegu, saku 




tuaaraau, sokonau, dai 

aasbi Di 


^^..:„ . 





fiitakera, hiyi- 



*™, shimi. 



Kwasu, ibiD. 









I.. Fuki-deru': 


Shiku, haru, nobmi, hiro 


'EiNC, /. V. Tobu, hajiku, olioru, den 
hauuru^ kiEasu, GhAdturu, hanem. - 
&n, tobi-bLdtu, tobl-kakciu. — it 

SfRIWKUNC, B.' Sosogi. A— i-f mix. 

ame ga mabara ni furu. 

Sre^,"'. f. "Kiiaaa, haycni, mebuku, 

Sprout, «.' »fe, nave, mebaye. 

Speocb * Tei-Qefnk. 

StojckJ^. F. Yosoou. 

Siw, a! TelKiyai, ishibayaL 

Sfuub,ii. Awa. 

S™sK,fl, Hoki,Qhi,panya. 

Spur, n. Kcdiume. —cf a mouniaiH, 


Spukioks, a. Niseni. — MiV, nise- 

mono, gambuEu, eibnBu 
Bpubn, t. f . Ke.tobaaa, sbirimkeru. 

Spukt, (. ff. Haki-dasu, fuki-dasu. «.».) 

S^'i.T.' Ukagii, nerau, mL-uukeru, 


Spy, n. Shinobi, kanja. yokome, gmnii- 


Squab, B. lye-balo no hinako. 

Squabble, i. n, Araso, s&ron, keukuwa. 

Squadrdh. «. kuaii.'te, tai. 

SQUALm.a. Miauht™hii, ki™,^ 

SauALL,». YSdachi. 

Squall^,-..-. Naku, sakebn. 

Squabe, a. Sbi-kafcu na,.kaku-gala 
Square, i. v, Kaku ni ^uru, kanawas 

Squarb, carpeiUtr'a, ■ — , kasezaEhl. 

qiiBsj^, Shioeni, shibom, 

Etr, t. V. HLyoguru, isuki-dasu. 

, I. ■V. Tsuku. sa5u. 

lUTu, n, Geaja naiu kolo, tashika 

iTAGE-DRnTBB, H. GivQ-Sba. 

Jtaoohr, i. w. Hiyoro-hiyoro lo aruka, 

Sta°d,™' MiJmeni."Mh;-Ku;iaru. 

St" "™or'?hfni!| kakin, cbijoku. 
Staics, «. Kui. hasbira, kake-non 


in inirniy rh&^ ni-jQ riyfi kaketa. To 
— tegrther^ kanaii, fiigo suru, chigawa- 

evi/er, shiHzoUdig, makediu! Ta ~- 
Stsndard, a. Hala, halaljinlahi, k 

tiobiri, c 

TATED, a. 

Gtnkaku n., og 

D«.ka na, 

». K6j_o.kaki.iori. _ 

n. Seiji ni rasshiu 

mi hitd. 


Ba, tokoro. Id DC 

i-ba, ku- 




?. Oku, mSshi-lEU 

k=ru, »»- 

naysni. ' 

a. Ugokanu, u 

d6 stna 

». Kami-ya. 

n. Kami' fudt 5 

no s«iDiy« 

». J6j£«a wo ^ir 

beru ko- 

seki^zO wo kizaiDU hitd. 
Statub. n. Ningiye, z5, sekl-iS. 
Statubk, h. Tale, aei, mi no Ukt 
Statute, n. Okile, Huiame, ha 

Osa?e™Ili';C?crii, ya™"!!."™' 

Stahza, H. Zekku. 
Stafls.h. SainbutEU,ji,3htng. 
Star, n. HoshL Fixed—, geael. 
Stae-ahisb, ». Uikiyo. 

adv. Kstaku, sbikkaii, 
.ttd.^ilto, ahika to- 
Jillo, tdllo. 

— naked, mappadaka, aka- 
. HSiUnohikari, 

^UTuey, labidachi 

Stast,/.p. Bik-- 

tatetu, shtJcakt 

ikuCsukJaKni, odoTokasu, 

V, Nusumu. ufaaa 
.n. Nusudiukoto 

'j6kl, yuke?™' 
■o. 16-haBu sum, 
V. Mdau. fokaju. 




TEAM-BOAT, B. Hi-bgne,j6ki-s=n. 

TEAH-BOIi-ER, n. Kama. 

TEflM-CAK, n. JOki-sba. 

Stiff-necked, a. Go-jo naru, iji wo 

TEAM-EKCiKE, B. T6ki no shikalie. 

TEBL,-.. H8g«.=,1li-licbi. 


Stifi^bss, 1, Kalasa. kowa^, kataki. 

TEEE/-VASD, n. Tembin, hakan. 
Stehp, h, Gake, zeppekE, nanjo. 

henkutsu, kat^ji. 

Stifle, t. „. Iki wo lomoru. fceso, mu- 

Steep, a. Kewashii, sagash^i, kitlauu, 


Sticma,.. H™,kakin,chiioku,kid!i.. 

TEHK, /.'=.' Kajiwoloni. 
TEB,*. B. Sakarau, >ak» nobom. 

ru, todomciu- 

Still, a. Shidzuka na, odayaka na. ahi- 

Stench, R. Shuki, kuSaiDigi. 

Still, h. Kambiki. 

Step, .-.P. Fumu, amkit. - /«ft., fomi- 

Still, adv. Mada, ima-mad:, nao, }ii(a- 
shiwo, keredomo, nao-sata, shikaahi- 

ushiro-aabi. — acroia-, fumi-koyetu. 

naeata, yahaii. - ««-^, ij^o-iyo, ma- 

at/iii, yokmi. — bAw fla^^rsix*, 
fnml-tudaJniJunii-lsubusu. -«i,fu. 

su-tnaau. JfoJd ~, hillo ahile ire. 
STiLL-saEH, a. Shinde umareia, sh6-saii 

mi-tsukeru. -j^^rM, d=ru. ~ ™/, 

S:AtiHESS,B. Sbidzuka nam koto. 

STEP,i. Fumi.dan. Ow— , hito ashi. 

Stihll-ate, /. p. Hageraasu, fumpalsu 

SlU t, sUfi, dan-dan, shidai-ni, OMi. 

aasMU, suanmeru 

Stikg, t. v. Saau, ban de aaau. 

Stkp-BKOTHEK, n. Tane-Bawan no kiyo- 

StwoK^. Shiwai, Hnshoku na. k«bi 

na, yabuuka na, mono-Dsh mi no. 

Step-daogktbb, H. Mama-ko. 

STlNic;,-.p. Knsllru. 

Stbp-pather, ». Mania-:bihi, keifu. 

Stint, (. I.. Hetaau, oshimile yam. 

Sthp-laddeb, k. Fumi-dan, fnmL-lsugi, 

Stipend, v. Gekkiu, kiu-kin. 
Stipulate, i. v. Vaku»>ku suru, j6yaku 


Step-mother,™. Mama-baha, keibo. 

Steps, b. Agandan, hasbigg, rmni-dan, 

Stipulatiom, B. Yakusoku, jSyaku, ka. 


tep-80b7». Muko. 

Stir, /. v. Ucoku. unda sura, ft. v.) 

STEMTXisE,n. KuMiwingi. dan. 

Ugolusu. kaki-mawasu, kaki-maictu. 

Stir, ».' slwaei, ^A.yak'amaahii. 
Stireup, h. Aliumi. — ical&ir, chika- 

i^lSv?-.. YtS!^^lkD.o. 

™™.': A'SkentuTuhli, ikamesbii. 

Stitch, /.H. NO, toiira. 

TElHiLv.arf... KaUkn.kibUhatn. 

Stock, «. Jiku. — d/b ^-bw, leppC no 
dat. — (cafHal), moto-de, motofcin. 

raw, <, H. Niru, yaderu. 

TICK, B. B6 sao, tsuye,ki. 
Stick, i, B. Saau, tautu, bars, Isukcru. 

Stocking,*. Tabi. 

STBCKkB. Ashieaae, hola. GamhUr in 

bari-isiiku,kishimu. — /ut, hittsiiku, 
To — out, latsu, deru. to — to, tsu- 

Stokeb, 11. Hi-taki. 

Stolbk GOOT19, n. Nuke-mono. 

Stolid, H. Gu^on naru. 


Stohach,*. Ibnkora,i,ikuwau. 

SnCKVj a. Nebai, nebarli, beta-beta, be- 

Stone, «, labi, seki. /Vj^mui — , tama. 

5rD*!« — , watignti. — In the blnddir. 

sekirin. — imagt, stkiiS. ishi-botoke. 

bsru, kalaku na, benkulsu na. 

— l/c^, Kkidau. ~ wall, iaiii-gaki. 

Stiffen, (. Tr. Kalaku suru, katamero, 



StOWE WALL, ■-■ l5hi-£;illd. 

Stool, h. Kosh>-kak«, sh^, fumidao, 
daibeD, dai-y& Tg ga to — , hair- -" 

Stoop, i. v. Koeaiim, kusuni^ ka^i 
Sto?, t. V. Fusagu, aasaytru, tomei 

Stsasishue.'x. Yabii 


dakuu, matagnii. 
SmioeLS, (. V. May 
Stbaight, a. Malts 

lngelV, ao'c' Afashiku, medzoia- 

TRAP,'«. I'. %wa-liiDio dc kukuru. 

TRATACfiH, 4. Hakaiigoto, kel-Tiyaku, 

TRAw,«. Waia. — Sag-^ hjyOfkaaiasMt 
lawara. — mtUHiis^ komD. 
■™""BBRKV, B, Ichico. 

■-CITTTER, H, OsTli-kiri. 

,. Mayo. 

Streak, B. Suji. 
Strbak, n. Nagare, 
Stheam, ^. 7j. Nagarcni. 
Stseamsr, X. Fuki-Dagashl. 
Stheet, ». Machi, tsn' 

yosa. yl^riki. 

rRHf^GTHEN. t. V. Tauyoku Buru, jflbu 

.■.fl-B. Kalaku, ki 
E, ». - of «retk 


Strike, t. v. Ulsu, butsu, calaku, cho- 

aaau. —in. naiku luiu. Tie ligktniiig 
hat siracA^ kAjaidan fla ochita. — it 
mcasuri, hakflri-kiru. n — tail, bo 
wo DroEU. — a te«l. lOBku wo hikE- 
harau. r„ - rett, ne ea tsuiu. — 
D^M sarfrisi, odoToku, li[U:nn suru. 

t= shinu'ni. 7<p — n iaratia, yakii 

k«u. — D#a kaadnd ihtrls, hiyaku 

Siiup, *. H. Nugu, hagu, tuuku, hegu, 
toru, ubau. kogu, hageni, mekurit. — 
nateif, hadaka ni suru. 

aoKE, B. ^ kuwaku. — «/" iAi ran, 

Stbosg, a. J4bu na, tsuyoi, iukoyaka 
na, kengo ua^ kataj, tashika oa, kibui* 

Sthonoholc' «. Toride, yegai. 
SiaoHGLY, Biii'.^ Tsuyoku, Eacaku, kibi- 

Strop.b. Togi-kawa. 

Stsuctukb. n. TEvkQii-kala, kOEhiraye- 

Stubblb, «. Kabu. kari-kabu. 
Stubbokb, n. HenkuBu na, wagaraama, 

J6 no kowai, goj6 na, ganko ua. 
Sti;bdornlv« di^. Kataku na ni, ganko 

>i<, <•. Chikaku naki koli 
S-nntuY, a. Sakoyaka na, jibu a 

;ai>irE, /^ », OflBin«ii, katsu, falragerii, 
taiji Eutu, ebidxumcra, sbitaGnvcru, na- 
bikr!ru,fukusuiu,hem euT^ ' ' 
;bject, ^ Sbitaeaii.lukK suru.fukuia 
sun. zokv sunt. (UuijA suru. 

ke, flbitagau laoao^ Kami, hajka. — _/&r 
SuBjEcnmi, a. Shitagai,kSaan,shilaga. 


SUBSiiT, I. v. Shilaeau, kudaruni^saa 


. Shita 

Subordination, b. Shlla ni aura kolo, 

kiusi no otoru koio, 
SuBPiENA, i. a. Yobi-dasu, mstii-dasu, 

SUBF<£HA, H. Mcshija. 

SUBSCEIEE, i. f. Nalloku sum, ahochi 

Subscribe, /. a. ija ivd shinEhiie kime- 
/"fi^r, kishin fuda, kuwaukechA, hOga- 

TLT, flrft. Nochi 1 

»TENCE, s. KuchuL^i, kate, ahoku 

ANCs.». Mono, shina, shittu, thu 
>n J, A Bcan tif—, bugtnia. 
ANTTAL,a. Jitsn, makola ao,hOD 

ANTiALLVj Offr, JiCeu Dij makoti 
■on oi, taj-riyako-DJ, hikkiyo. 

irBTlLH, a. HosokL, kashikoi. rifcS-na, 

;uBTlL4''it' ja^hi. 

iUBTBACT, *. n. Hiku, nozoku, hesu, ha- 

iKBTBAcnoN, H. Hiki-ian. 
|UBUKBS,». Jctlu^ hadzure, bo-bana. 

Succor, i. v. Tasukern, suku, halo sun 
Succor, a. Taauke. iukui. 
S111XU1.KNT1.Y, a. ShifunoSki. 
SuccuMfl, r, V. K6»ji BUru, akjt^au 

Such, a. Kono-yft-na, kon-na, sonoy 
na, son-na^ ano-yo-na, aniij, ayu, sayo 

kodo-na, aab^cari-DO, kdiu^o goCoki 

Suckling.)). Chwiomi^o. 

rickesy deki^iigco. — noiion, deki 
SuMiESLY, adv.^ Niwaka ni, kill ni, fate 
ni, hiyDito.'dasfii-nukc oif ""^' "'" _ * 

- /a/H, itamu. T^o - dialh^on 

mi-sanro. Ti. - /«« wrr tj 
gambije dc Madsurau. To — laB,i 

^•lith hettdncke, d'utsd ke nanju: 



uOL-msss, ». Oe'ori. v=iEiiw 


. Hi, nichi-rm, lai-j™. - rf™ 

™hi. ^««'j r-j... bissbi, lii-arf 



HS.'/.V Hiniyak«u,'ko«ru. 

iiindaVl H' Anaoku-jiichi, vasumi^ da 


, nichiyabi. 

Al^s. Hi-dokei'. 

v,a. Iro^ro, sama-iains. 

SH, H. Ukiki. 


EHT.fl. Hikage, hi no hikari. 


m^REEN.«. Hi-fti. 

T, H. HLnoirL, hi^ure. 



iBUBDAnr.a. Yokei na, yobuo^ 


koo, 1. V. Soyeru, kuwayeru, m 


MMUATED, B. Oiborem, rtmO. 

B,B. Rippana,kckk6na. 

CABGO.K. Ujftk-norL 

crLious, a. OB, Ohfi, Bkabura. 



EXCELLENT, J. Goku.ja, lobl-Jt 

BFiNH, a. 

Goku-hb, Eokuj 

^. Yok^L, yoban 

«. Si^Ltu, yokei 


nu, ji 

nil, fiubigi na, fuLsshigi 


(.p. Sairiyo jiimi 

. tsnk 

doni, saha 

sum, iiaio-in wo 

MT, ». Kin,Q-U 


i, bugiya 


a-liij-. gok 

u-hl™'^"' "''"'"'■ 


Nukindeta, D 
Da, fukashigi-DS, ahim-miyo na. 

wo oshi-Dok«c d«- 

Suppii,». Shinayaki i 
Supi-LE, /. V. Yowaraka 

lahl-mayi, furoku, 

'UPPOSB, 1. V. OciiD, daro, de aro^ or 
di.T.7ormp/thi„^i. Tsumofu, 

loru. sbigoku, iiatrt no, 
'DPBiLMBLy, otfir, Ilattc, shigoku, mot^ 

«t^X Ta=ha:= nan.,tat=[,j6bii na, 
uiagai-nakj, s&i-naki^ sHikkan lo ^kita, 
hitsujd Da, jciasashu. To Tteake — , 
ukeau, tashika ni snru. N<tt — , obotsu- 
ksnai. To it —, kitto, lashika ai. 

UKELY, adv. Tashika-^i, soi-nakn, ma- 

SuhfeJt. f. p. Aku, aki-hawm. kowa- 

Sur™kb,«. OdoroU,fui. 

SUKPRISINO, a. Odoroku hodo no, osoro- 

S™'l™ous,B. *H"iil^ na™, naisha 
Su°r"pubd, /. V. Kakomu, cori-maku, 

SUBVEILLANCH. If. Me WO Isukeru koto. 


SuKviVE, i. V. Iki^oltoru, Shi ni okure- 

SuscamB^a. KUnjI-vMui!"*' 
SuSPBCT, /. V. Utagau, ayaahiinu, suiriyi 

Suspend.' I. v. Kakeri^ sageru, Bum, 
Suspense, ». Tsyutai, tsmei'au, tadaya, 

kofo.^ To^ ajk a-^ef JjtdgmeRi^ gun. 
jHercaniiig kansei shteha ga biusan 

rn-yukaau, ayashii, fu- 

glshin. fusixin, gEwaku, aaie 
iii, gaten-yuka 

I, «. VetS-kin, is-kin. 

1, (. c. Ful™, 

IDLE, *. w. TsuBumu, maka. 

iGEB,i.f. Takabum, tikirai-kayeni, 

iinMhiraau, bakkoauru, fumbalaka- 

SwAV, ■. Shihai, kenl. 

nonoshiru, akkB 
kau hito, kami no na 

— ex;, kataaa kidiu. 
Katana no mi. yaiba. 

SVMBOL, ». Hanjin 

rOH,#. ShirushT, shako, cfiaks. Nkamkotoba. 
FSis, «. Riyaku-bun, 

, H. Midiu-deppA, auijG. 



Tacitukm.ii. Mukuctai 

TJte child lakri a/lir kis fathir, Yo- 
dopio ga chichi m nileoru. Ta iaki 

Mif j«i«i(rj, tsakamu. — /om, 
1, ka. — OHt's cAorce^ yeiabu^yDru. 
aniijli^ nke^fj - '"^;'^ 
□ssara. — fyr grsitiUd^ ipcchi' 
Taktn slci, v^;-Buku. Tai, 
■aw, iye wo ksni. —atiJienia,7» 

fiKce, rippuku sum.' Ts— a waik^ 

IMls^hSnu". T0 — 1», damaii. "tI 

— in hand, shi-kakeni, htuiniEni. Te 

— o^ a cm(, haori wo nugu. Tu — off 
tkt kend, Icubi wo kirn. ^ sff Ot 
inind/roK imi't m>ri, shigoto no ki 
ga nutmi, «- lara«ni; 7? - ojf a 

'als. n. Hnnasti, monogatsri. Tfte/l 



■ em n} Ikt 1 


kay«ii. — afarl, tori-kudmra. — iH, 
uhetu, haiiu. — noticf, mi-tsukeni, 
-^ an paih, chikau. — off, torn, nvEV, 

— t^ri ix, kumi sum, isBho nl nanil 
nakama ni haim. — Maix. ga atta 
(aiu). -f^nri.kiku, sSinisM gnani. 

Taixow, k. ilshi 

ChO-chosbii, t^en si 


X. kawa-samuhi, kawata, ka- 

IK t.v. Mis 



ji.kglo, b 




a-jnushi, i 



Chat,. T-o- 


,.. 0.oi, ok,.r. 

, ch Chi 9uru. 

Hagu^, fu. 

J. -«/• 


V. Mats.., t 





".^''J"- sI 


B. 'jigoku. 
rf=, iuppak 



!S3,a. Ajiooo: 
no, a. YabuieU 

R.'n." O-shaboi 

, ^- V- _OHbiyeni, Idytikun loru, 
[KG, r>. Oshiye, iJiyakuaj kiyA-jn, 

ikv. hiki-^adiusu^ hiki-'Ra^. — 's>, 

liu, biki<JiBna£u, tsiuTaku. 
RPUL, a. Natnida^uDiu. 
SB, t. V. Kaburu, jirasu, ijimeni^ ko- 

;hltaku^ kudoi 

5a£* — , okuba. C^iie — , kiba. 




e,a. Ycnriya nar'u, hikaycni 

TEMPEBT[jous,a. Aceru. 

TuIfLES,"". Bin'.komckanH. 
TBMPOHAL.a. Yono.sektnno. 
Tempohaky, fl. Kari_ no, (Obiin, — « 

Ten, B. 'jfi'.ta. — ^nWr^fl', issen. — 
thousand, Qiaa, ban, yorodzu. Tfll 

as ntuchiiiiBiiba. 'Tif^aid,llrys. 

Tenacious, a. Kataku on, kalai, kataiji 
na, h^kutsu, nebai, nebuu. — «><»- 

TEKlcioiraLV,')^.''Kalaku" nebkku. 

Tebacitv, ». Nebasa. 

Tbwaht, «■ -^y '■■"'■': Ji-Kati- - "!/" 

TBNAVmv, n. HiyakushS. 

Tend, I. s. M^oru, ban wo suru ki 

»-HEAK-raD,a. Jilii-bukM,n 
!Ly,orfo. Yawatakani,shiii 
<,n. Suji, fcinkon; ken. 

B, n. iin g<-ammar\ fvt -, tu- 

ELV, aiff . Shimalte, bippatfCp 
ENESS, diTemsion,!!. Kalasn, shi- 

', fl. Maku-ya, leni-maku. 

^'v, «. Hososa, ususa. 

1, a. Nurui, nucumu, nama-nu- 

INESS, R. Muru^a. 

I. n. Nicbi^^en, m^o-moku, ko- 
sa«eni. Make Urtns, yakusoku 

II. To be on bad tenns, uakll ga 

.esu, kokoromirn, gimmi 

Yui-2io.'*CT'rf *.^'kiu. 
A'™— ,sbiiiJyaku-Kii- 

ni-sho »D aokosu h[ta. 
ntatna, kin, jda&, fi^urii 

Hom-moD, d^L 


ThxiurB,-.. JUJ,hadii,ii,kin,=. 

Thasj, mV- Kara, yori. Mare — , 

kochi. ' * 

T HBRB ABOUT, arfn. Gurai, bakari, sono 

Thereafteh, aifo. Sono-noohi. 

Thanepul. a. Aragatai, kaiajikenai, 

Theheat, adv. Soko-ni, soko-de. 

Thehepob'e, I'd" itotM uye ni, eono 

uye ni, kon ni jollc, sore ni yolte, 

Thabksoiviho, n. Sba snru koto, rei wo 

Thereof, a^B. As, in the day thsu lat- 

est Ikereef iksu siali lari/y die, sore 

wo tabcni hi ni wa kanarad™ shinu- 

i&w Irfiitri, hilo wo aisuru mono. TAe 

Tkersupon, od^p. Sokode, aore-kaia. 

ferson — slriui ml, watakushi n'o 
6u.a hito. T&i kinf - rnla th> 


fiopli tBia, yoku ihino wo shihai 

THBBB,>.-aji. Kare.korera. 

Thesis,™. Dai. 

'a^tmaaSViinYcdsS^t^ ko- 

T>jBY,>7v<. Sorera, sore. 

TrnCK, a. Koi, aisui, shigei. diigeta, 

M« ^iw- ,af ttTi *, «™ii i«, wB. 

tak.u»hi n biySnin »a shinom to jsha 

Thickkb, (. B." Alsukii BUru, kokn sum, 

shigc™. {/. r..) AlanknDi,,tsmioru; 

Thstcm,/. K. Warawofuku. 

Thicket, k. Mori, yabu- odoro. 

Thatcheh, b. Yant-ya. 

Thicklv, adj,. Atsuku, koku. 

Thatchdjc, b. Waia-fuki. 

Thicksst, a. Shigeru. 

Thickness, h. Alsusa, kosa, futosa. 

Tb.\w,*. P. Tokasmtoku, (i.p.) To- 



The, as an articli, ksf no equivalent. 

Thief, n. Nusubilo, dotobS, l5ojku, 

itctma, hi ga nobora hodo atsnku 

ThiefIcatchsb,'". Okappiki. 
Thievish.* tJosumi-gacti na,nusuniU 

oaru. Tht /nan tin finer ifurtand. 

Thigh, fl,' Momo. 

ieller. 6ku aiu hodo yoL 

Theatee, -,. Shibai. 

Thin, a. Uam, hosoi, yasiru. 

THErr.H! Nusomi. 

Thjh /. V. Usuku sutu, mabiku, sukasu, 


matara ni sum, madukn, i^ronuka; 

Thibe,>™«. Nanjino, anatano.* 

Thihg, h. Mono, koio, shina. moKu. 

TlTEME,.. D»i. 

nandemo. 'no inch —', s6 ic vl 

Themselves, iiroB. Ooore, ji-shin, ji- 

Tmwk, i, V. Omfl, kangayeni. tsumoru. 

tofci; shikaru toki ni. !ft=hite, shikkraba^ 

shian auru, atB. — tauck ef, laltomn. 


oshimu. — ^ each othir, opioi-au. 

THEBCE.arf^. Soiokara. 

BO, irai. 

Theolocv,*. Shm-gaku, shin-to. 

Tkeolociab, n. Shm^afcu-iha. 

n,."""^^ """^^"^J^"^'^ 

Theoev, s. Hiio uo suiriyo no tata. 

agail, OEloi-kayeau. / ikirtk I shall 

Elku, Mt80. 

These, <iifi'. Achi. achira, soko, sochi. 

a wiUrain te-mtn-ew, miya-nighi ame 


ri-mash6. I think ki I 

Thibst, .. V. Nodo-kawaku, ka 


Thibst, n. Kusu, Vx«m. 

Thihtibth, a. SaD-jii-ban. 
This, /™. Koie," kono,^ I 

kijla. - 

»fe4<, koi 

— viorld, kono yo, 
koDD tabl. — nraix 
no mama, kgno bun. 

•tting^ koni-F^, ko- 
lo tori,"ko^ 

TnonouaH. a. Matlaku 

.J^ft" Is: 

Thoughtful, o. Ysjin no yi 
mi ho yoi, ki wo tsukera, tf i 

Thrashing, n. Konashr. 

TuKflSHlNCFLOnil, 1. Konaf 

Thread, B. Ho. Bull of ^. 

Threaten, t. v. Kotasu, imsshimcni, 

Thricb, a. San-do, mi-lalji. 
Thrift,™. Hanjo. 
Theiftv, a. Hanj'S Buru, Eakayeru. 
Thkiu., t. „. THBuru, liDiayeru, hibi- 

Thrive, i. o. Sataycm, hanifl botu. 
Throat,*. Nodo. Clearlh: —,\xmt^ 

dzukuri, Hki-barm, ahiwabuki. 

Thhone, b. Takamikuia, kurai. 
Throng, «. Oid, kunju. 

Through, V^- TMu, ni. To Atu — , 

Run — mti a tkriad (fMiA tsura- 

sashi-CAsD, 7<> ><•/;—, muda ni nam. 
.S^iw/ — (itiitA an arrern), i-tfiau. 
ASwi — {m«* a *fl/A, oelii-taBU. Te 
carrf — , {accBmplisk). logenl, dekiru, 

da'' iawJ — tC^^trcfi/^d, kami 

kiippai. — /(/f, !s5h^^. -~-tkeday^ 
Thhoh, *. s. Nssw". bfttu. — down. 


TKitLTsr', 'l. i. Taukii, sas*!], 'osu. - 
/ii>-™^,HnkL-tasu. — oa(,oshi-dasi 

oshi-akcru, aBh[-hirai:ll. — agains, , 
Osbi-Qtem, oshi-Isulieru. — afiurt^ 
oshi-hedatcru, oshi-wakeru, — iaiky 

Thumb, h. C^yubi. To — , ijiru 

tlmtsjliil art^lcm, sm go np jflgo. 

iBSO:tv, s. Moku-ytbi. 

., i. V. The wa!i^h ticks, totci t 

TiDiNcs^ <•._ Tayori, oiodiiue, inshi 

Tl^t"". "ici™, ta-n« na. 
. Musubu, ablbaru, tsun^u, k 

TiCHTEH,^, V. Kstaku lutu, ban, a 

Tjchtlv, adv. Kolaku, ihika-co, tsu' 

ku, hittari to, sbilkan to, hlla-lo. 
- , ». Kawara. - *i/H, kawara-*a- ■; 
T„ roof-m I! — kawara wo fuEn. ' 

doiyoru.ji-settn n i ka- 

1^ wo hat ... 

.¥, adv. Taugo-yoi toki, hayaku^ 

PIECH, B. ToT«l. 

SBBViNC, a. Tsuth* WD ill, kigen 

Jdzu, banda. Skiet — 

«. 'Chinki-lai. 

, Sudiu-haku, kanaga 

- «o/ ka»a 

TiL I V Tagayesu kSsakusu 
Till, as n )£sakii tagaycshi. 


unjS, Bri.igt - 

Title, a. UedaL, Liyo-dal, raiyo-inokn, Tqnb, a. No, owro, koy=, olo, kowane. 

kuwan-miyo, sonshfl, Bujl, daimoku. i ToNGS, », HiJlaahi. Ti /a** jdHA —. 
TiTLB PAGB, ». HiyAdai wa kakitaiu ^ hasamu. 

ichiratn. iToNGua, n. Sbita, koloba. Tskoldthf 

TtTTEH, .-. I.. Hisoka ni warail. | -, damanl, DlokuDEn butu. 

lo.firtp. Ni, ye, made, oynbu, caaliite. ! ToNGU^TiK, a, Kgjrta. 

As tkt sig.i of tlu ixfinili^ jKsod ! ToNTCiiEDiciNHS, n. Hovaku, K 


« riiSt, kobka no - - 

ToAP, a. KauraSia, kayeru. 

Toady, t, v, Hito no h^ no chirl wo 

Toast, h. Yaki-pan, kotobuki. 

Toast, t. -a. Abura, To — a psrsim. 

To-DAV, flflTB, K/jnr.ichi, kiWi. 

Toe,/, o. To — Mb m,iri, sbirusii ni 

Shi, ichidft, itciii. Als>frirmedby the 
lajT'-v. au, la Ihl rxt s/a !«ri ; ai. 
Tali UgcthsT, hanashi-au. Ptgkt — , 




,adi,. Sug 








Ha-ilai, ha ga ital. 

I^MH,'™. Y6ji. 


Hmhto, kano 







h". Itadc 




ToFHR, n. Sake-d2Liki, sako-nomi, 
Toi-HEAV¥,o. Arama-saohi na. 
To™et,s, Jigoku. 

To™i^, a. ''u^t^mt no. 
Topknot, n. Maye-eami. 
TOHJGHAJHV, B. tn-do-ki. 
TQI.PLK, ;. o. Ocbira. 


Toyshop, n. Omochs-y 
Tkace|/.'h. Kaku,h'iki 

Trace, a. Aid, mi 

<. Michinaki. 

Ikind Loyeki baibai sho. 

bai, urikai, lori-hEki, b&ycki. — itdulh 
akinai fukeiki da. 
ritADE, I. D. Akinau, ioda 

t. Shokuain no fcui 

ai, nakama. 
Tmdition, n. Tsutaye, dempa, kudcn, 

'ca«"'flEw»<b'°— ,d"wai. ' 
TRAcmoHAL, ». T^uiayeru, den.™. - 

rBAFFlC, ^. V. Akinau, koyekivosuiu. 

Phail,!.. Atq.asbi-aco. 

1•HA^^ (. P. Hiki-diuru. 

L'KAlN^.i.j'. Keiko suru, oshiyeni, DBI3. 

Kuk5^. "zh'^iwJij-^M, nyei^'wo 

rRAiNiHC.o. Kci^D, nacnllsodachi. 
rsAiTOB, n. Muhon-nin, hongijakn. 

nin, giyakii-Din, giyaku-Bhin, giyaku. 

luku. ch6-teki. uiagiri. 
fRAlTOHOUS, a. Aku giyaku nai, bO-gi- 

TBABQUn, a. Odays 

rVfd. Anshia, aadOjOdayaka, 


Teanspix, /. IT. Tsuki-toBu, 
TsflNEFORM, t. V. Hendzuni, knwaru, 

hense aum^ bakeru, hcnkuna auru. 
Teansforiutioh, s. Henkuwa. 
Te/lnsfuse, (. p. UtSUSB. 
Transcbess, t. s. Somukn, yaburu, oka- 


INO-BAG, n. Gaisd.bukuto. 

sts, nyo-ya. 

SB, ad-B. Yoko-ni. 

:SE, /.e-. Yureki Euru, heorck 

iwaru, yckotaycru. 

:. Bon. 

SRDU5, a. Urfigayeru, hoD^[j 

kudaku^ fmni-tsubui 

and hardiM, fumi. 


M J 

tak odan, 

. Talakainovsaunii no sida 
I. TT. Tsuish6sum. 

i.v. Aruku. 
Makolo, jitsu, honia, shinjil 
or fain, jippu, kijro-jitsu. 

P uka 0-s karu- ' 


UTH^fl, Makotojitsu, hautO, uiuiint 
IITHPUL,3. Tadashii, shajHii na, UJ 

Ko korn, 

«. Oke. Sfli 

,«. Kuda,B 

;-.^A6r ^ 



,11, Fiisa. 

DN,«. Orfiiy 

»• ff/ 

BLB^M" "^o 

■era, ko 

cnl. '—ff^m 



To p^ in - 

TuiiBAH, H. Diukin, hachi-maki. 
TuKBiD, a. NigDTu, nigosu. 

TuiiP, H. ^ukmno^^SiicliL"" "' 
TUKOiD.B. Harem. 
TUEKEV, ». Chs>sei ch9. 
Turmoil,!.. Kur«, sadS.BHw!^. 
Turn, (. ». Mawaau, mt^urasu, kur 

kawaru,' hcndiuru, bakErii. — insL 
oiU, iiia-^ayesii. — nj^, at awa:/, hie 
wo dasu, shUcujLru, yokeru, bacbi 

yudzuTU, fiisera, kayesu. hagum, ' 


TuBN, H. Uawari^ meguri, kawa 

TuBPHNTiMB, H. Matsu-yani. 
TuETLE, H. Kame. 


Tusk, ». Kiba. 

z. Ni-jO. -j-ea^j, hala< 
>[.L>, d. KijO-bai, oijia^l 
Ni-do, fuls-tab[. —atntx 

TwiG,«." koytda, kodmye. 
Twilight h. Taiokare, tiig 

Kiramcku, kiia 


=H,,'^:"^LK.^u™, btk 



TKH, (.V Saycdiuni. 


a. Futacsu, ni, riyS. — i!j> ^»v, 
Usud>ul2u. -■.,-/Ar«™*«,riirO. 

Din. tJ«* «■ - oTa^J, kh 



hi. — JHWK&, riy6-CO. ri- 

futalau ni kirn. 

EDGED, a. Riy«-ba. 


FEET, «. RiyiVsoku. 

OLD,B. Ni-S6 bai, bii. 


HANDS, K. RiyS-te. 


PLY,«. Fu«-ye. 


H™"^ ^^^I'mS"" 


WA^.T' Riyfr.^"'^"' 


•rsbusrst «,w 


Ty^oMri'.' Taifa. b6(B. 



NNICAL, B. Bogiyaku na, 
okn. —lami.lSio. 


NHY. «. Hid6nosdji. 



UUUSBLLA, « AiuagTsa, kara-ks. 

UvACCOujiT\BLW* rt HdLan-gatai, waka- 

F » Yr>r..^hikaraiiu, 
,i li!.. Kjinben nal 

■Ehiii, iichi enrn, 

U A ABBS ad Omo -gnkiM 
yorad u fu o dai nSke-ni 



ITNBiflSEr, a. Kalayoraou, hedjie-naki. 

UsEiDD^r*. Yobadiu ni, mantkadsu 


Unblahablr. a. Mushilsu, loga-nakl. 

hii5 na, lou-nii na, kiiai na, kolo no 

Humi nashi. 


Unblehbked, a. Kidai nashi, kegare 

UNCoiiPflo«i5iNG, o. Kalakii na, ganko 


Uncokcbrh. h. Kokoro-gake naki kolo 

>=nn, ki ni tak^nu, kokoro^e nai 

VsBoso«,i.v. Uchi-ateru, ak«u. 

hiySshi no nai. 

Unc™'^"ti™allv, a^». Joyaku nashi ni 
U«C0,-fSC10MABLE, -. MiuJ no, iWri n 

tJHunuNDED, a. Kagiri nasbi. 

ITucoNsaoL'S. n. Oboye nashi, ahiranu 
oboytou, shftncnashi., kra. ^ 

Unconsficuous, d. Midale no nai, niha 

Ubceasinclv] adv. Tayediu 
naku, CAshile, Csudzuite. 

Ukclk, i. ' 

UKd-EAN, . 

Ukcoktholable, «. 

Uncoupteoiis, a. Bii 

aisOnaki, bui-^irai n 

Uncouth, a. Bukots 

U-vcovEE, *. p. Ara" 

BUS, a. Aburake ga aru. 
rivATBD, a. Tagayesanu, Isuku- 

HTEi!.'^ Odosaienu, isamashii. 

WDia, a. FuHu nam. 
EEVO, ^. V. Maydi iro »ku. 
TDBD, d. TDnJcimari naki, aada- 

1S1VE, «. Shobunashi. 
iLED, a. Kcgarena, isagiyo!, 
INEU, 0. TokcQU, saoaioatanu, 

lABLB^a. Ti-kesarenu,lltM:awailQ. 
,prcf. Sbita,uchi. Willsstsett 
r fi-vi dollars, gi^don. no uchi do 
riinasen. U«dfr fifty years M 
,^ no ucbi. Tsbe — fire, tadla 

-mbe" o.' "Nama-y^. 


.U.B, ti. Taberacenu, kuwarcnu. 


Ukequ c l a Utagsi n 



Fu[ D 



Unfailing, n.' Tsukiim, naku-naranii, 

fugi na,jitsu ng nai, fblMoItoro. 

Unpa - - '•1 ---■ 




ED a Sam 

aiiu, d 






L Hadzusu 


INC. a. Tsu 





JKATB, a. F 

rase, fu-un 



nam, nmoasliiU. 


DiY,». Nak 

arui, mulsu- 



snu, mi-no- 



— jDi/,yaae- 

/.T.. Hoi™ 


ho woka- 

Uhkooe, «. :/. Kaginoh 
Unhitch,/.!.. Haditisu, 
Uhhohsb, /. V. Rakuba s 

Uhicobh, «. Kirin. 
Uhu'ORU, a. D6yD,<>aaji 
Unimpaibed, a. Omtoyei 
OsiHPOHTAHT, a. Tai5«! 
nai, omoku nai, kaoiawa 

jHLicEHSED.ii. Kabu ga n^, yurusad 
j"ijKE,*^B."chiKau, koconaru, oinu, 01 

Jnuhited, h. , Kagiii aashi. kiwama 

UNUucKv.a. FukiUu na, kiyo na, fushi- 
Unhak,' "^''Oku sieru, ki wo yowafcu 
Unmamaqeablh, a. Tc ni awanu, te ni 




Imi nak 

kokoro na- 



e nashr^"" 

nashi, fu-bin 





=. Mac 

ichi-jirushi. meihaku na. 



-enu, tonjaku 



hTthkai, a 


dSri de nai 

hid6 Bi hija 


d^f. Mich 



a. Oyoban 

, yc ni tata- 

Bifp. Ton 




Ltediu. ' 

jle HE tsuL 




a^bi, lodofco- 

Dasbi, ^^^ 

a. Yenriyo 



ED, a. Aku. — /iWr, hiina, 
'TsciAi^ of"YakuJu*ai. ' 

iTEKTATIOUS, B._ Stn-SUD na, rOl- 

-<*L — ttsbtfr^ tnu-^eki 

Umquiet, a. Oday^a r 




94 UPO 

UsSEASONKD, a. Nama, narsnu, k^cn 

hi-jO "a, mare-na, igi, kafcii-bel50, bs- 

Unseswoetik, a, Shuppan ni sascrare- 


tlNUBUAiiv, «d^. icsu ni naku, koto no 

UNaEEMLY, fl. Mibun n! leldlo scnu, su- 


Unutterable, a. liwaicnu, ii-tsukuas- 


TjKOTsvltEABLB, =. YS nl latanu, jaku 

ni tat=nq. 

mnaai, okubiyft na. 

UnwahVv, a^l. Ki wo isukedm ni. 

uS^TllkTilV. Sayakaranuku. 

ri naiann, bonsuji naranu. 

Unship.'.^. Funt ksia oiosu, -an 

Unweahiedlv, b^s. Kutabiredju ni, 

UBS1CILLPU^B. Httano.bufciyOna,bu. 

Unwell, «: Ambai-wa™,, fukowai. ' 


UNSOCtABLB, a. Majiwaranu, Isuki-awa. 
nu, bilo-dzokiaahfki. 

Unwieldy, a. Taukd-nikui, fct-bcnri. 

Unwilling, a. lyagaru, sukanu, kirau, 

UHSVMMEniCAL, a. Sorowanu, tsuri- 

madiu'ni, fiuhO-busho ni.- 

Unwind, I. j<. Maki^ayeu, bodoku. 

Ubsound, -.. , jabu ni nd, laasba ni nai, 

taukadzu-ni, oboyediu ni. 

UnwOhamlv Onnaraahiku nai. 

Ukwonted, a. Tsune naranu, narenu. 

uISn^^ Itowohadinsu. 

Unstop, /.'p. Kuchi »o ak«u. 

aanu, abqghi aenu, kataiji-na. 

UNauccESSFUL, a. Atatadiii. igeenu, de- 
kiou, haiaaann, abubi ga *8rui. 

Up, firtJI. Uye, kami; altt iy, ageni, 
and, agam, i« eBirtpouitd vtrds ; as, to 

UKSiiiTABLa, a. Fu-™6 na, fu-niai na, 

To j«mp up, lob.-agau. To f«/! »/, 

Unsukpassable, a. Kosaredu, sugirare- 

WfcUgwu. To Ufi -p, as=rn, [a«ru, 

nu. kalartou. 

okosu. TiirfKAoiciiu, tatau. Ti.go 
uf, ^aru, noboru. To Slovi up, fuku- 

UwTANCiLB, i. B. MulsUre WO loku. 

Up ikt river, kawa-iiami. To go in^' 
iii j«atir H> (0 (hi ckin, kubi-taka 
midiu ni hairu. Sui ii uP,\ij,iL Aaa. 
Net come up to, oyobanu. Thi time 

Untaught.b. Manabanii,iiarawanii,kei- 


K itp. loki ga kitfl, niehi-g™ pa kit.. 

Unthinkikg, a, Ki wa Laukenu, oen wo 

irp aid dt^i. uye shita, schikocbi. 
£^ a>i^.^n«>ii, daku-boku. TocatcA 

UntS^e'dI^ 'r Hari no ilo wo nuku. 

— a.,fcl, oi-taufcu. To lal — , kui-isu- 

Umtie, t. V. Toku, bodoku, muaubi wo 


niHi — , ahimc-agmi. To bm — , tsu- 

VUTIL, frtP. Mad.^ ni ilarmnade. 

kai-halasa. To come— nn'M, oi-lauku. 

Untimblv, a, Toki naranu, fuii no. 

Help me-, okoabil= kudaaare. 

Vhto, p-rf. Made, ni.niitani made. 

Upbhaid, /. B. Tominienl, sbikaiu. 

™j'^u°de nai, mujl"au'na."' ' '""'" 

Unused, '«. Narenu, heifl. 

Vron.Jrep. Uye ni, yolte, ni, tsuite, 


Tadashiku, Mi-choku 

Ukchih, H. Eodomo. 

UnpiHRA-fl. NiyMa. SlricluT, d/ -, 

UsuRPEK, n. kuiai wo ubai-toi 

U^*E, (. S Seku, swu, aaiwki. sgrq, 

UTEBa's. UKuwa,dftg«. 

hagemMu, Busumeru, isogaseni, hajra- 



u^";!!^'"; shV-Ii^'jJot^&o. 

UKGBBT.fl. Kiuna,isdgl.,»S«U,kiuK>- 

Utmost, „. Kagiri, lsuku»hi 

UMEKTI.V. air-. Shik;ri-ni, [chidiu-ni, 


hitasura ni, hiloye ni, hira-ni. 
UiiD.AL,a. adbiQ. 

Utter, /. v. lu, banasu, akaa 

IwNArk, i. !/. ShSbcn <u™. 

U?fSi, B. MatBki. 

TsiHe. )i. SfafibcD. shd^a. ibari. 

UTrai!AKCE,B. Kglobii^zuki. 

UTTEBtv, adv. Matu de, matt 

la, /««■ Warera, walakgahi-doniii. 

cotsansid, yake-hal»u, Uuki 

Usage, ». Rei, naia*ashi, shimuke. 



UsB, s. Tsukai, tsukai kata, yd, iriy5, 

kore wa IDS iri-maseD. , tVkai i> Mm 

suru ta!' H^iTlkiTusid, Wore wa dS 

shin iBukai-masurK. 
Useful, a. Vo ni latau, jraku ni uuu. 
UsBFULNssS, H. Riya,y6. 
UsHLEES, B. Y6 ni talanu, muya. yaku 

UsELESSLv'^i.. ''MilUa ni', iladiura*ni, 






ku mu- 

Vainly, BJn. Moda-ni munaahiku, ita. 

VALErn"''i'am. ' ' ^' 
Valerian, «. Fuji'--'—- '-^— 
Valet, 17. Soba-ai 

t5uyoi,kitsui, takcki, I 
Valiantly, ada. 

Valuatiom, ». ^ 'Nb wo isukEru koto, ti 

a to suru, oshimu. uiseeu tii am 

1. Saki-le,9eTi-jin, Eemb6, sski, 
». Kammi. 

H, J. V, Kiyem, useru, nakunaru 
V, R. Takahirri, hokori, jimai 

OR. ». ^ SuTki, ya^t, j6kl, ki. 
oH.'i. I'. Holio'tu, akaburu. 


1. 1. J. 

SAnoN, B. lia^^^al^'koto, sba- 
giEQATE, t. V. iTodooi, saishiki Eiiru. 

machi-machi no, i 

. .. .hiie.' 

SH, n. UtiBhL re — 

fflEB,!.. Urushi-ya. 
iH-TSEE,B. Uni^ino 
{.■a. Kawaru, bindzuri 
n. Hana-ike, kuwa-bii 
L, ». Kend. 


at?«, sfimokii', cboku-^iutsu.' 

:. Tauyoi, bage!,bii. arai. 
flrft/, Teuyoku, bagtsbi- 

*. HajaEa. 

!ND,(. ». Uni. 



Vengeance, 'h. Katnk; ucfai, tegaveal 
mukui. kayeshi. hempo. Ta iaAe ~ 

A,n. Sha, ~j»i,sh 

kalafci'wouBu.'fuku-sha sum, adawo 

VaRV, arfc Taise, hanahada, itatte, go- 

kayeBu, aiU wo multuyura. 

ku, shieok,,, ito. dzundo. 

', n. YuruBarera, yutusu tnki. 
Venison, n. Shiks no iiiku. 

Vbkv,^ JU5uno,mak<.lono. That- 

day. wku-jiBu. ' ■ 

VENau.n. Dokii. 

Vesicle, n. Midzu-bukure, 

VenouoVS, a. Doku na. — jHsAf, do- 

Vespss,». yagaiano. -^ **//, iri-ai no 



Vent, «. Ana, kuchi, kuwa-raon, ute- 

Vessel, n. Utauwa kibut!i.,digu, 

kuchi, GiW — iff, dasu, haki-dasu. 

Vest, «. Sode-nashl 

Vest, I.I'. Hassuru, dasu. 

Vest, (. e. Kak«-u, Bi.6i-kon.u, nin- 

VxNTrLATB, /. n. Kaze wo tosu, ki wo 

Vestibule, b. Gen-kuwa, iri-gughi. 

'SBTILJITION, ■. Kiwo kayowasu kolo, 

i'ENTKLOgUISlI, B. Hichi-ningd, to- 

Vestubb, h. Kimono, ifukit, kotomo. 

Veteran SKILL, «. R6-ko. 

V">^RE, i. B Ayabumu yaufi nui™, 

Veto, ». Stishi, kiiidmriikoio. 

Vev, i. v._ Ijimeru^ kutwhimeru, koms- 

i-ENTOBS,-. Kake-golo. Mircantih-, 

V™An''™a,'^lj;^a™ m^; jiteltai. 

yama. / mff (r,«.rf /» >»■*««< o„ar 

VEXEi.,a. Komam, ikidSru. 

VL^^a, Tokuri.bin. 

V«™,«. Sboku-inolso. 

VenIS^"!' Kn5idj'niiyBjO.°"' 
EEACiTY, H. Makolo wo lu kolo. 


^EBAKDA, H. Yen rSka. 

V.CAB,o..s,' »: Kawari no," dai no. - 

'■eiib,». Hataraki-kotoba, ds-!hi. 

n^-M*, miyodat. 


ViCARiousLv, adv. Kawari ni, ka»arit*, 

Vi^»: Akn, aihiki kolo, toga. 

/ebbatim, adv. Koioba.nteusbi ni. 

Vice a. Kawari no. fiiku, gon. 

.Terdict,™. MashUwaiashi, sadame. 

Vice-versa,' idrr. KoyelK, ibekobe 

/eedigms, h. Rokushft. 

BKQK, B.' Kiwa,has[,i. 

ViciNiTV, n. Atari, kinjo, kimpen, mo- 

yori, kaiwai. 

Vicious b, Yofcoshiina na, aku no. ashi. 
kl, tuha na, furach. no. — cbj/™, 

ERiLV, 'adv. Mstoto ni, jhsQ ni, ge 

lui, fucbln. 
Victim, «. Ikeniye. 
ViCTiMBB, ;. V. DamaBhi-kodiu. 

a. Kacbitaru,sllAliH'l 
""Kachl, shori. PuS 




a. AshLld, wami 

.!■. li-fuMgu, ii- 


o m«iio.u. mako 





a. Adaw»mu 



, tagayeru, gWn s 

eeahiku, Lidoku, mun ni, >hiit. 

Violin,'^.' Kokiu.' 
Vll'ER. «. Mamushi, hami. 

GITOG, X. Kivaku, kiyaku-jin. 
TAL,B. Inochi m_kaliatu. — /bbw 

rv', a. 'Ikiiu ko'u, °<d-kuwatsii. 

"kbr?™,*^. p. Satehu, omeku, wa- 
L«ku, don^, ganara. 


Kara, Lu, aku, 

.Ja**— ,mUDa3l..__ 

Yom. t. V. Kudasu. uadzui 
■U-, -a. sij, „_ ..,: 

Yak'^yama.'wizan, ki 

fl. Sk^-san^ ahi-yaavbi, uk^ 
;, i. ^. ■ JfthalsB 


., 7-^^« 


. fai-bu'na. 

iflTi-. Mldzukaranii' 

VoRTHX^H, Udiu, udiu-makL 
Vote, H. In>-fU(U nku^atsu. 
Vote, i. v. Ite-fuda wo suru. - 

AR, 47, lyashii, zoku na, birctsa oa^ 

machi-kake™, maehi-isiikeni. — all 

niekt, machi-akaau. — imiatiestl-t 

/or. machi-kantm, machi-wabim. - 

M day. machi-kura^u, Ta k,,p a«- 

Waddle, t. v. Yego-yeco 5hice arutii. 
Wade, t. V. — across, Itachi-waUri wo 

^«V ^A tti^Vti «o su^, ttjaku »o 

W^^«. ■Funori.kuwashi. 

Waiter, n. KiuiUnm, shaku-tori, boD, 

Waft, (. v. Tobaieni. iiaas.') loba. 
Wag, h. Hiyekin na hito, kokkei na hi- 

kodiuLi. ^ ' ' ' 

Waiiino-haid, ». Kosh[-nioto. 
Waive, i. J.. Vudzuru, jijo aunl,su.Eru. 

Wag, i. V. Fum. (/. ».) Futnti,.Bgokii. 

Wake, A b. Sameru, oki™. (i. «.) Oko- 

Waoe, /, V. Kakini, yall= miru, — 

Wake, R. Kimack[, Biiya,7D-akashi. 

Wacm' nT^Sit-niono, keEbulsu. 

Wakeful, a. Ne-csukaou, nmuranu. 

Wages, *.D. Kak«a,y=.temL,p. 

Wakem, i. w. Samem, . (/. !/.) Samaau, 

Wages.* KJu-kin.Itmachin, chid.ya- 

kuriyo, chin-sen. .Moart/r — , gekkjii. 

Walk','^. p. Aruku, ayumu, fumu, ha- 

koba, hiro, kachi de yuku, bokA sunt. 

Waggle, i. p. Furii. 

Fl,^, - in. t, agati nasars, or o ha[ri 

Waggish, * Odokeru, hiySkia nam. 

nasa™. — & oxoT /ro tacti-modoru., kokkeina. 

To — SHand ijteV, fumi-arasu. Ti. — 

Wagon, H, Kuruma, baiha,jinriki-ihfl. 
Wagoner, n. Giyosda. 
Wagtail ». SeErei. 

bo™' -^^™'^^akiiid«ur^;'^(X 

arufci-komu. — /orf, aruki^peini, aru- 

ki-kaveru. — acras^ arul^oyeru. 


fumi-koyeru. — Aeyintd. atuki-sugiru. 
Walking-stick, n. Tsuve. 

Waist, s. Koshl. 

Wall,-. Lhlial^i, kabl 
Wallet, B. Fukuro. 

chappo, tulano. 

Wait, ,-. ... Mai™. - b>«, Uuiome- 
ni, au. — K/o" '■S* "*i, kinii wo su- 

Wallow, .. o. Nolaru, nota-uehi-mawa- 

Wall paper, b. KaiaJami. 


, SantayO, bura-bori 

Waht, n. Hin-kin, bimba, ds!. Tb ir 
iH—oy-a jHT.a«/, kodiukai Di Jtoto- 
^asa. — fff strength, chikaia nashi, 
— ^Jhtd, tabe-raODO nasbi. — of 
«SM>, kane naahl. — „/ politinia, 
bu™, shittu-rei. -»//*«•%, nasaks 
DflL — o/j'itdgBient', AU-funibetsu. 

fusoku, k^erb, kQlD-kagUf hi^ii. 
Also tit Dojoa—io bii:t 
dJU'^A / Bakanawayorosbu gozarima- 
auka. Doyeu — thisf kore ivao iri- 

kTii!'hi^lm.™»'A«. jJ'jh™S- m»« 

Ml5^' BT^iknsa. To maki ~. ikusa su- 

yftkin. — 

■ftarist, bcisba. — pj 

<3an», ifukii. 

Wash, n. {/freaical}, a^i-gi 
Washing. «.' Arai, lentaka. 

Waste, ji, Kudzo, Uuiye, hen 


— iiMif, areohi, no-bara, fncio 

no cbi. 

— /Bjljr, bSgu. Laid^,si^ 

Pastb-daskbt, h. Kam[ kudzu 


Isukeru, me wo laukera, ukagau 

- ^ilh Ihi A:k, yotog! wo sur 

Watch, «. Tok=!, ban, bamzin. 

o. Off 

~, 0»-,t6ian. Ci 


Watchful, a. Ve-jin suru, ki w 


WATCHPU^LLV.'arfji. Tsutsushind 


tsukew, yojin shile. 

w:^s™£T'«'-Bt4i- ' 

Watchuah,^. Baa-Din, niiiati. //^/ 


Watch-towhh, «. Mond-mi, 

Vatcmivobd, ■. AiJcotoba. 

Wateh-clock. n. Midm-dofcei. 


Watek-ulv, H. Haau.rcngc. 
Wathrhab, „. Senda. suifii. 
Watek-meloh, b. Suika. 
Wathb-pail, n.- Tr^l"-- 

. Mid£u wo hajLkiT, m 

Having, Hempon, hempen. 

. ira/i 

give — ^makeru,abinEoka, yudzuru. ''" 

ni. Any — , dGdemo, ikayC demo. 
ii IB tAc — , Jama. T,> iosi ths —, i 
yO. 7»ii— , konoya.kO-iu. Ha(f 
nakaba, han-lo. In ikt family —, 
wai-nin suru, nin-shin anru. Tii m. 

Wk,/™. 'Warera, watakush[-domo 


LTHV,o. Yiifiikuna,fukkina 

AB. i. r. Kira,chak 

BAKINESS, H. Tsukare, kutablre, taiku- 

'^RisDUB, a. Kulabire sa»ru, unisai, 


■eaky, a. Tsukatetu, kutflbireru, agu- 

baWb.'k. Tenki, biyori, iikft. C/mr 
— , sei-tcn. Jfa/sv — , u-teo. 
'bather,^.!'. Shmobu, koiayeru, I;s» 

EAVEKs' HBAU, H. CbikaTa^, 

TWEDDUiG-FEASr,"!!. ^Konrei-buruniai, 
""hdcB.b. Y. kuaabi. 

EEO. «. Kusa. zass^, mofuku. 

KEvlL,%*"Kim'frmusbi'. ''"^'■ 
maa,i.v. Hakaru. ' — aucim-, ikari 
wo aeeru. — in ike mind, kangsyeru, 
kainben suru. 

EJGHiNC-BEAH,B. Tempimbft, chigi. 
EIGHT, fl. Mekata. kakeiu?, omosa, 

ELCOHE. i. V. Makayecu, i|IsS wo iu, 
"LCOMt^B,' Vdl" ureshu, ki ai iiu, yo- 


:. Tasshana,>huna,iiiubiy6na, 

Well, adv. Yoku, yoroshiku, shika-lo.' 
To sfieak voeii of, homeru. As — -aa^ 
mo, niata,yappari. WtU msKgh. Azov. 
bunvoi,ka'naSr B'li/ 4^. u.oka, kane- 

,B. Uba. omba, menolo. 

Wkafp, n. Hatuba, ^eba. 


What, oaV. Nam, i»ii/ ili i 
Idzurt^ ikan, ikanif dono, - 

Jhatbyer,j1™«, Kaninitei 
komuzi-nD-ko, udoDko. — , 

When, <i^i'. Iuu. toki, i<3u 
made. (^AfHCMT, itsudeiiK 
Whence, o./i'. Dokokara. 

:, <TiA'. ']>[>ko, dacbira. I 



HE.fli''- Sodo yuye ni, nani 
Et, or Wejeresosvek, «^c. Do- 

. V. Togi 

. Docbira. lea, are, 


a/ lAe iaak -. , 
na yonde iru t 

VhTcVevbr, *™». Dmhi 
Vhile, ». Toki, on, kon 

/*( /««« — .. 

li!lo no kosbirayela fude da. Wia! it 

tie name 0/ lAt iooi — lir isriadisgt 

Whiksical, n. Uwauuku, 

Whine, I. ^. Ud^iiii, naku. 
Whiwihc, fl. Naki-^oio. 

Whip) b'. Muchi. 

isav^U] b 

Ehitome, h jtumaku. — 1 
VHreE-BEAE,™. Haguma. 


HiTisMf a, Shiromi ga aru^ ahirolte ga 
Hiizma,a. PijQ la sakebu, biyS to 
to' f™. Dkn, dona hlto, dODUa, 

HOLE^! Mbia, s^bMs^no, isaai, !5, 

TOdethi'.'y^osu^ra. ' — "/(/(, T^sl 
jai. issh6._ -yiBr, nenifl, maru-loahL 

iettri. is«hin, hitomulEi-Di^ — family^ 
caDagQ. Swailsta — , maru-nomi ni 
niru. Uftn ihi — , hikkiyo, sh6sen. 
HOLESALE, #. Kucb[ de uru, Droabi. 
— dtaitr^ toiya* aakagai. 

wIle, a'^^'tj ledaw^^knda. 

Wtll, H, Ki, liokoro, noEomi, koboio- 

i gon,' BV/W— ,ija,yui-abo. lU—, 

Will, t. v. ' SadajDcm, iru, bosaiiru, ne- 
^S;J^^^',^iJ, '^^/"rmtdty 'ihi 

id'tJ''^,^, am MHii^^l/^^if. 
WiUyiu.BrjuiU^Buiu^f irukaiia- 
nuka. muiugol yuku de art ka. 
Hi ■oiiil <K^p, yuki-maaeD, »■ ii/lktr* 

:. Hiyaku-nicbi^ 

] a. Aku na^ waxui, asbiki, fu^ 

'L^^^"' "" 

oru, abSri *o 

V. Tajiioku 




r^. -'ei^ 




iroM, ht^a. 


^maki-ageru, - io 



11. Sacbi, manriki. 

. Mado. - ™*, 


f^BJJ, gl 

dare, t 

«. Nodobuye, fuye 

, B. KaMmi, kazejirusbl 

'iNBV, a. 

' Kaze fuki-g^i na. 


ER,,. Sak«-=orai. 

;,«. Sakadzuki.ha, 

HABT, B. Saka-doiy 


•Y,*. Sa!ca-cori,ah 

rBubasa. bane, b^ai 



Malalaku. me wo 


To i^iei hy winki