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Full text of "Jenkins family book; being a partial record of the descendants of David Jenkins and genealogical notes of families intermarried with them"

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Jenkins Family Book 





A. D. 1904 

PART 1. 

Sections One, Two and Three. 








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i'^TOR, L£^40X AND 

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. 1 1. 


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More than a quarter of a century ago, I began to 
ask myself "Who were my forefathers?" and to set 
about trying to answer the question. I took up this 
quest and have carried it forward in the midst of an 
exceedingly busy life, and of many engrossing cares. 
The results accomplished have required much time and 
study. Great numbers of letters have been written, 
records and documents have been examined, and hun- 
dreds of town and local histories and published gene- 
alogies have been consulted. Necessarily the work has 
not been continuous. Other occupations prevented do- 
ing very much at any one time. But the purpose has 
been always in mind, and more or less correspondence 
usually on hand. 

Genealogical research is a subject of much interest, 
and the pursuit and identification of a family ancestor 
a source of very great pleasure to the pursuer. Then, 
too, the incidental study of American history is to the 
genealogist exceedingly valuable. 


8 Jenkins Family Book. 

This work came to me also as a duty. I have been 
informed so often, that some one not long dead could 
have answered my questions, or that some person once 
had a family record but it was now lost, that I felt it 
incumbent on me to collect and put together what was 
yet available, lest, after another passing generation, 
much of it would be lost forever. 

It is too much to hope that what I have gathered is 
free from errors. Great care has, however, been taken 
to make it a record of facts, and much that has been 
reported as family tradition has been left out, because 
not sufficiently authenticated. 

In following the lives of my early forefathers, I have 
become more familiar with the settlement of the At- 
lantic coast, and with the struggles of the hardy pio- 
neers who made the first homes of white people there, 
and whose descendants pressed westward from genera- 
tion to generation. My ancestors no longer seem to 
me far away. I know them. For instance, in my 
thoughts I have hunted and fished and walked and 
talked with Peter Gunnarson Rambo, along the Dela- 
ware, many years before William Penn came to give 
his name to the unbroken forest which stretched away 
five hundred miles to the West. All his simple, rugged 
life has pictured itself in my mind, and he has become 
a real person to me ; and he is but one of the many of 
those sturdy, honest men who were laying the founda- 
tions of a nation. 

Jenkins Family Book. 9 

I have been peculiarly impressed with the longevity 
of our early, forefathers and mothers. They were often 
in the midst of privations and exposures, and their 
manner of living was plain and often hard, — but how 
long they lived ! And how much, too, of real good 
they did ! Most of them were Christians, — and were 
people of great faith. They were not troubled with the 
doubts and questions which meet one everywhere in 
this modern time ; their families were large, and they 
were reared in the fear of God. And out of that sim- 
ple, rugged religious life came the great men of the 
Revolution. There are twenty-five times as many peo- 
ple in our country today as were in the colonies Vvhen 
they declared their independence. If the manhood of 
our time were as strong, or true, or righteous as then 
we ought to find twenty-five each of W^shingtons, 
Hamiltons, Jefifersons, Franklins, Adamses, Morrises, 
and others who were the mighty heroes of that era. It 
is a comfort and an encouragement to mankind, that 
modern arts, and luxurious living are not necessary to 
the production of the best and truest and greatest man- 
hood. Rather it has been from homes where life was 
plain, and where there appeared to be a poverty of 
pleasures and amusements that men have come who 
have been the leaders and benefactors of mankind. Let 
this fact, demonstrated so fully in our history, be an 
encouragement to those wnose worldly circumstances 
are straightened. Luxurious living and pleasure seek- 

10 Jenkins Family Book. 

ing have been the blight and ruin of many noble souls. 
Character, not condition, measures success in life. 

Every man inherits composite blood and natural ten- 
dencies which do much to make him what he shall 
become. The farmer knows this well as regards the 
lower animals, and he gives most careful attention 
to the pedigree of his horses and other stock. How 
much more important the genealogy of man which in- 
volves not only physical being, but also the higher 
intellectual, moral and Christian faculties. 

We seldom remember that our ancestors double with 
each generation. Each of us has, or had, two parents, 
four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, sixteen 
great-great-grandparents, and so on. Going no farther 
back than the tenth generation, beginning with our- 
selves as number one, we find five hundred and twelve 
ancestors of that degree. In the eleventh there are 
one thousand and twenty-four. In the twenty-first the 
number is more than one million and in the thirty- 
first more than a thousand millions of ancestors ! Yet 
the thirty-first generation carries us back only about 
one thousand years, or a little beyond the time of Wil- 
liam the Conqueror. This seems astonishing and im- 
possible, but it is a fact. It must also be remembered, 
however, that as we ascend in the family lines the 
number of ancestors is rapidly reduced by intermar- 
riages between blood relations. In fact, if all hnes 
could be traced out, the people of each clan or race 
would all be seen to be many-sided cater cousins to 

Jenkins Family Book. 11 

each other, and the whole social structure to be a com- 
plicated mosaic of interwoven genealogies. Verily, 
"God hath made of one blood all the nations of the 

A few persons are able to trace out their remote 
progenitors until they reach some one who has worn 
a crown ; and they can show you the line of what they 
call their royal descent. They are not rare exceptions 
if all the records of every person were known. They 
are unusual in that the facts have been preserved. 
Probably every one living would find a crowned head 
in some of his lines if he could follow them all far 
enough. This, however, might not always be a matter 
of especial satisfaction. 

Most people over-emphasize the father lines. Very 
many of them hardly know the maiden names of their 
mothers; while ignorance of either name of their ma- 
ternal grandparents is very common. Each of us is 
as really a descendant of his mother as of his father ; 
and her father and mother, and her lines of ancestry 
have contributed just as much to make us what we are, 
as have our ancestors in the father's line. It is only a 
matter of name. For instance, about 1730, John Jen- 
kins married Rebecca Meredith, their descendants bear 
the Jenkins name but are just as much Meredith as 
i Jenkins through all their generations. If they had 
carried the mother's instead of the father's name this 
j would be evident. In recognition of this I have sought 
to follow up maternal Hues as far as possible, to the 
\ first American immigrant. 

12 Jenkins Family Book. 

The Jenkins-Raymond ancestry in all its lines is a 
most worthy one. Nowhere among all these families 
is there a word or suspicion of dishonor. For the most 
part these ancestors have been well-to-do farmers and 
tradesmen, belonging to the great class of honest and 
industrious citizens which has ever been, and ever must 
be, the reliance and hope of the nation. 

The Jenkins genealogy and the larger portion of 
other facts brought together here have not been here- 
tofore published. 

I cannot make separate acknowledgement of all the 

sources from which I have gathered information. 

Where family genealogies have been published as is 

the case with the Raymonds, Putnams, and others, they 

have been freely consulted. 

Robert E. Jenkins, 

89 East Aladison Street, 

Chicago, 111. 





I David Jenkins — Margaret Rees (?) 
II John Jenkins — Rebecca Meredith 

section one. 

John Jenkins 
Elizabeth Douglas 


David Jenkins 
Martha Armor 


David Jenkins 
Martha Armor 


George Jenkins 
Catherine Hamilton 

Robert Jenkins 
Catherine Carmichael 

David Jenkins 
Mary D. McCalmont 


Robert Jenkins 
Elizabeth Rambo 

John Carmichael Jenkins 
Annis Dunbar 

Isaac Jenkins 
Caroline Bicking 


Robert E. Jenkins 
Marcia Raymond 

William Dunbar Jenkins 
Henri ette Koontz 

Isaac Jenkin Jenkins 
Catherine D. Stock 



First Generation 

David Jenkins — ^Iargaret Rees (?). 

David Jenkins emigrated from Wales about, per- 
haps before 1700, and settled in the Great Valley of 
Chester Co., Pa. An old family Bible gives his place 
of settlement as "near Great Valley Church." This is 
not definite as there were four churches so known. 
The reference is supposed to have been to St. Peter's 
Episcopal, which was the first of the four. The early 
Jenkinses were usually Episcopalians, later Presby- 

A thorough investigation made by Gilbert Cope, a 

genealogist of recognized standing at West Chester, 

Pa., seems to identify this original American ancestor 

with David Jenkins of Whiteland township, a weaver 

/and farmer, whose estate was administered in Phila- 

[delphia under letters issued to his son David, Oct. 


16 , Jenkins Family Book. 

5, 1745. The name of wife was Margaret, perhaps 
Margaret Rees. Administrator's bond four hundred 
pounds sterling. One of the appraisers was David 
Meredith, probably the father of the wife of John 
Jenkins, next following. There are no papers or rec- 
ords on file giving names of children. The old Bible 
record referred to above mentions the said John, but 
says nothing as to whether he had or had not other 
children. If he has been properly identified in David 
of Whiteland, then he had also the son David of whom 
nothing more has been discovered by the writer of this 

Second Generation. 

John Jenkins — Rebecca Meredith. 

John Jenkins of Windsor, son of the first David, 
born 1711, died at Windsor, 1777. Married about 
1730, Rebecca, daughter of David Meredith. (See 
Meredith and Rush ancestors.) John Jenkins settled 
in 1733, in the Conestoga Valley, in Carnarvon town- 
ship, near Churchtown, and was the first settler there. 
He represented William Branson, an English gentle- 
man, for whom he purchased a large tract of land and 
erected the Windsor Iron Works, which were among 
the first in Pennsylvania. They afterwards became the 


Jenkins Family Book. - 17 

property successively of his son David Jenkins and of 
his grandson, Robert Jenkins. His wife, Rebecca, died 
Sept. 5, 1 77 1, aged 64. Both John and Rebecca were 
buried in the Episcopal Churchyard, Churchtown, Pa. 
Thev were members and supporters of that church. 

Children of John and Rebecca (Meredith) Jenkins. 

1 David Jenkins, born July 2, 1731. 

2 John Jenkins, born September 24, 1732. 

3 Isaac Jenkins, born December 12, 1733, married Jane 

— '■ , a Quaker lady of Doerun,^ Chester County, 


4 Margaret Jenkins, born August 14, 1735, died October 4, 


5 George Jenkins, born December 14, 1736, married Miss 

Middleton and resided in Philadelphia, Pa. Probably 
died before 1774, leaving a daughter, Mary. 

6 William Jenkins, born September 29, 1738, married 

Mary, daughter of Rev. Samuel Blair. Had one son, 
v/ho died on a voyage to the West Indies. 

7 Jenkin Jenkins, born April 24, 1741, died August 17, 


8 Rebecca Jenkins, born January 13, 1742, married David 

or John Morgan of Morgantown, Pa. Had two sons 
living in 1774. 

9 Joseph Jenkins, born January 30, 1745. 

10 Benjamin Jenkins, born September 28, 1747, died August 
4, 1759. 

18 Jenkins Family Book. 

John Jenkins left a large estate. His sons, John 
Isaac and Joseph were made executors of his will, and 
his "loving friends Jacob Morgan and Robert Armor'* 
were therein appointed "overseers of this my will to 
take care and see it performed according to my true 
intent and meaning." The will was dated in 1774 and 
proved May 17, 1777. He devised "that plantation and 
tract of land whereon I now live" to his son John. He 
also gave "plantations" to his sons Isaac and Joseph, 
and money bequests to David, William and Rebecca, 
also to his granddaughter Mary, the daughter of his 
son George. He mentions "my kinswoman Annie 
Rees." Then we get a glimpse of the "peculiar in- 
stitution" which afterward led to the Civil war, and 
which then existed in a mild form in Pennsylvania. 
He says : "Whereas, I have hired my negro man Quash 
to my son John for eleven years from the first day of 
March, 1772, at the end of which time I do allow my 
said negro man to be free from serving any person on 
my account. And I give my negro woman Cooba to 
my daughter Rebecca. But if my negro man Quash 
will be able to pay my daughter the sum of forty 
pounds at any time within three years after the ex- 
piration of the said eleven years, then it is my will 
that my said negro woman be free, and serve no per- 
son any longer than till the said forty pounds are 

The old Jenkins homestead at Churchtown has been 
in the family through all succeeding generations, and 

Jenkins Family Book, 19 

is now owned by Miss Blanche Nevin, the well-known 
sculptor, a lineal descendant of said John Jenkins, the 

Third Generation. 

Joseph Jenkins Sarah Morgan. 

Joseph Jenkins, ninth child of John and Rebecca 
(Meredith) Jenkins, born Jan. 30, 1745, married Sarah 
Morgan, daughter of Gen. Jacob Morgan of Morgan- 
town. Lived on a farm in the Conestoga Valley. 

. Their Children. 

1 Mary Jenkins, born October 25, 1770. 

3 Jacob Jenkins, born February 20, 1772, died January 16, 

1847, never married, resided, died and buried at 


3 Rachel Jenkins, born December 13, 1773, married 

Morgan, died in New Orleans, La., while on a visit 
to her uncle, Benjamin Morgan. 

4 John Jenkins, born December 12, 1775, died June 4, 


5 Benjamin Jenkins, born September 4, 1777, died August 

30, 1778. 

6 Rebecca Jenkins, born August 30, 1779. 

7 William Jenkins, born February 14, 1782, died in New 

Orleans. Left two daughters, Adeline and Eunice. 
His widow married an English merchant — Van- 
hartengen, who took the children to England, and 
; after their mother's death to the West Indies. 

30 ^ Jenkins Family Book. 

8 Isaac Jenkins, born April 15, 1784. 

9 Elizabeth Jenkins, born February 7, 1787, died in Phila- 


10 Sarah Jenkins, born June 18, 1789, married Alexander 

Henry of Philadelphia. She died April 7. 1847. Left 
one daughter, Elizabeth, who married Geo. W. Evans, 
resided in Philadelphia, died about 1890, left no chil- 

11 Joseph Jenkins, born June 7, 1791, died in New Orleans. 
13 Benjamin Jenkins, born January 18, 1794, died in New 

York City. Left two daughters, Sarah and Mary. 

The former married Kames, a merchant, of 

Philadelphia. His widow married David Finger of 
Morgantown, Pa., and had one daughter, Hannah. 
She and her daughter were living, 1893, at Morgan- 
13 Susanna Jenkins, born March 9, 1796, died April 3, 1797. 






Third Generation. 

John Jenkins — Elizabeth Douglas. 

John Jenkins, second son of John and Rebecca (Mer- 
edith) Jenkins, born Sept. 24, 1732, married EHzabeth 
Douglas of Douglasville, Pa., Oct. 30, 1770 (see 
Douglas ancestors.) He died March 7, 1810, aged 
yy, and his widow, Elizabeth, died April 4, 1825, 
aged 75. 

Their Children, 

1 Mary Jenkins, born July 28, 1774, married Peter Trego, 

died in Chester County, Pa., September 5, 1841, buried 
at Waynesburg. 

2 George Jenkins, born August 30, 1776. 

3 William Jenkins, born June 27, 1778, died in Lancaster 

County, November 23, 1834, buried in Bangor church- 
yard. Never married, 

4 John Jenkins, born September 8, 1780, died August 15, 


5 Rebecca Jenkins, born October 10, 1782, married Thomas 

Morgan, settled and resided in Venango County, Pa, 
Had one son and six daughters. 


24 Jenkins Family Book. 

6 Andrew Jenkins, born October 25, 1785, died August 9, 


7 Elizabeth Jenkins, born November 15, 1787, married 

Isaac McCalmont, died in Chester County. Left a ' 
family of two sons and seven daughters, some of 
whom were recently still residing on the family 
homestead near Mast P. O. in the Pequea Valley. 
There was one daughter named Mary D. and one son 

8 Hannah Jenkins, born February 15, 1790, died August 

11, 1795. 

This John Jenkins was a prosperous yeoman, both 
he and his wife inheriting and sustaining the names 
and prominence of the two leading families to which . 
they belonged. 

There is a tradition noted in letters received by the 
writer, that he served in the Revolutionary army in 
the batallion commanded by his brother David, but this 
has not been verified. His granddaughter, the late Mar- 
garet (Jenkins) Hendricks, used to tell the writer of 
how he hauled grain to Valley Forge to feed the Amer- 
ican army, and of the trials and dangers which he en- 
dured on these expeditions. 

Fourth Generation. 

George Jenkins — Catherine Hamilton. 

George Jenkins, first son of John and Elizabeth 
(Douglas) Jenkins, born Aug. 30, 1776, married Cath- 
erine Hamilton, Aug., 1800, (see Hamilton- Jenkins 
ancestors) died in Chester Co., Pa., Aug. 15, 1829. 
Buried at Pequea. Catherine (Hamilton) Jenkins died 
Aug. 28, 1833. 

He was a farmer and miller, having a prosperous 
start in life, but met financial reverses. In a letter to 
the writer of this genealogy, from Martha Jenkins 
Nevin, written in 1884, after referring to the original 
Windsor homestead, she says : "The adjoining place 
was inherited by your grandfather George Jenkins, 
son of John Jenkins, second, who built on it a very 
large and costly mill at a time of great financial em- 
barrassment, and it caused his failure, as also the fail- 
ure of David Jenkins, a brother of my father, who had 
endorsed for him, and who lived on an adjoining farm 
higher up the creek." 


26 Jenkins Family Book. 

Children of George and Catherine (Hamilton) Jenkins. 

1 Elizabeth Jenkins, born June 29, 1801, died March 3, 


2 Margaret Jenkins, born April 4, 1803, died July 13, 1860. 

3 Mary Jenkins, born March 7, 1805, died October 28, 

1831, never married. 

4 John Jenkins, born March 19, 1807, died September 23, 

1843, never married. 

5 James H. Jenkins, born June 1, 1809, died April 4, 1853. 

6 William Jenkins, born July 22, 1811, died July 31, 1840, 

never married. 

7 George Washington Jenkins, born June 13, 1813, died 

February 6^ 1859. 

8 Robert Jenkins, born February 11, 1816, died January 

13, 1858. 

9 Thomas F. Jenkins, born February 11, 1818, died . 

10 Jacob Morgan Jenkins, born October 14, 1819, died Jan- 

uary 25, 1865. 

11 Nathaniel W. Jenkins, born March 19, 1822, died April 

3, 1833. 

12 Molton D. P. Jenkins, born August 1, 1824, died Novem- 

ber 12, 1862. 

13 Benjamin Amzie Babbitt Jenkins, born July 22, 1828, 

died October, 1900. 

The first ten were born in Lancaster Co., and last 
three in Chester Co., Pa. 

Elizabeth Jenkins, No. i above, married William 
Smith. They lived in Pennsylvania and had two 
daughters, one of whom died unmarried; the other 
married a Mr. Long of Oxford, Pa., but died early in 
life, leaving one daughter, Mary Josephine Long, who 

Jenkins Family Book. 27 

grew up and married Taylor Rogers ; lived at Oxford, 
Pa. ; died in 1875, leaving two sons, one of whom has 
since died unmarried; the other son, Howard Smith 
Rogers, a young man, resided, 1899, in Philadelphia, 

Margaret Jenkins, No. 2 above, married first, in Pa., 
April 3, 183 1, Elisha Wilson, who died Aug. 12, 1834. 
She came west with her brother, and married, second, 
at Fairfield, Iowa, May 29, 1844, William A. Hen- 
dricks of that place. He died there about 1855. She 
afterward died at the home of the family of her 
brother Robert, near Alexandria, Mo. Her body lies 
in Wolf Cemetery, St. Francisville, Mo. There were 
no children of either marriage. Mr. Hendricks left 
a son, William T., by a first marriage. She resided at 
Fairfield, Iowa, for many years, and was a member of 
the Congregational church there until her death. She 
was a faithful Christian, and a true and noble woman. 
Her disposition was cheerful, and she was always hope- 
ful and courageous. After the death of Elizabeth, the 
first wife of her brother, Robert, she took his infant 
son, the writer, then eight months old, to her home at 
Fairfield, where she watched over and cared for him 
during his infancy and early childhood. She could not 
have done more than she did for him for a child of her 
own. After the death of Mr. Hendricks, she went with 
the boy to live with his father in Missouri. 

The writer is that boy and desires to leave this record 
of his grateful remembrance of her love and care. Nor 

28 Jenkins Family Book. 

does he forget her husband, Mr. Hendricks. He was 
a genial, kindly, helpful man, and a good citizen. A 
native of Kentucky, he was an ardent Whig, support- 
ing General Taylor in 1848 and General Scott in 1852. 
He was a leader in the local politics of Fairfield. In 
1852 he resided on a farm about a mile east of the 
town, and there he set up a flag pole for me, from the 
top of which I kept flying in all pleasant weather a 
"Scott and Graham" American flag. It was great fun 
for me, a six year old child, to get together a few 
other little fellows, and go marching around that flag, 
shouting for Scott. I well remember how utterly 
broken hearted I was when I learned of his defeat. 

R. E. J. 

Fifth Generation. 

James H. Jenkins — Mary Long. 

James H. Jenkins, No. 5 above, died near Alexan- 
dria, Mo., and his body lies buried at Wolf Cemetery, 
St. Francisville, Mo. He married Aug. 11, 1842, Mary 
Long ; lived on a farm which be owned at the time of 
his death. His widow married David Eiler, and re- 
moved to California, where she died at Ono, Shasta 
Co., Aug. 12, 1892. 

Children of James H. and Mary (Long) Jenkins. 

1 George Washington Jenkins, born December 4, 1843, died 

in California about 1895, never married. 

2 John Jenkins, born 1845, died in infancy. 

3 Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins, born May 18, 1847. 

4 Thomas Douglas Jenkins, born April, 1849, died in 

5. Mary Catherine Jenkins, born September 27, 1851. 
Concerning Sarah and Mary see post. 


30 Jenkins Family Book. 

Fifth Generation. 

George Vvashington Jenkins — Mary Jeffrey. 

Georg€ Washington Jenkins, No. 7 above, married, 
first, June 2, 1846, Mary Jeffrey, who died leaving no 
surviving issue. He married, second, at Fairfield, 
Iowa, Anna Berger, by whom he had two children. 

1 Anna Mary Jenkins, who grew up, married Joseph 

Frank Richards and died subsequently, leaving no 
surviving issue. 

2 Samuel Akxander Jenkins, born March 31, 1857, mar- 

ried, first, April 4, 1883, Huldah Adelaide Peterson, 
who died leaving no issue. He married, second, 
June 20, 1900, Lydia Helen Stoetzel, daughter of John 
and Rosa Stoetzel of Scribner, Neb. Lydia Helen 
Stoetzel was born at Fremont, Neb., Aug. 7, 1869. 
They resided (1900) at No. 4268 Castleman Avenue, 
St. Louis, Mo. 

George Washington Jenkins was a merchant, first 
at Fairfield, Iowa, afterwards at Alexandria, Mo. 
Buried at Fairfield. 

Fifth Generation. 

Robert Jenkins — Elizabeth Rambo. 

Robert Jenkins, eighth son of George and Catherine 
(Hamilton) Jenkins, died on his farm near Alexan- 

Jenkins Family Book. 31 

dria, Mo., and his body was buried in Wolf Cemetery, 
St. Francisville, Mo. He married, first, in Chester 
Co., Pa., Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Rambo (see 
Rambo ancestors.) They came West and settled in 
Clark Co., Mo., near the village of Chambersburg, about 
thirty miles west of the Mississippi river, where all their 
children were born. Elizabeth (Rambo) Jenkins died 
October 1 1, 1846. Her body was buried in the burying 
ground near Chambersburg, where it still lies. Robert 
Jenkins married, second, Martha Schee, widow of 
Arnold Schee of Clark Co., Mo. She was daughter 
of John McRea. It is said her parents came from the 
South. She had one child of her first marriage, George 
Washington Schee, who has led a successful business 
life. He resides at Primghar, Iowa. Martha (McRea) 
Jenkins died about 1857; buried in Wolf Cemetery, 
St. Francisville, Mo. 

Robert Jenkins removed about 1852, to the eastern 
part of Clark County, and purchased and settled upon 
a farm four miles west of Alexandria, Mo., and nine 
miles by the road from Keokuk, Iowa. He was a 
successful farmer, and left a large estate. His indus- 
try and energy were remarkable, and his tireless ac- 
tivity and exposure to the elements brought on his 
last sickness, from which he would doubtless have 
recovered but for his habit of persistent work, and his 
neglect to take proper precautions necessary to restore 
his health. He had a most unusual vital tenacity and 
lived and worked for four years after the disease 

33 Jenkins Family Book. 

which ended his life had fastened itself upon him. He 
had a strong individuality, and was frank, straight- 
forward and honest in all his dealings. 

Elizabeth (Rambo) Jenkins, his wife, was born Feb. 
26, 1813. Two years after her birth, her mother died. 
Elizabeth, when she grew older, did not remain at 
home with her father, but lived with the Russell family 
in Chester County, Pa., for some years previous to her 
marriage. In a letter written by her husband after her 
decease, he speaks especially of the Russells and he 
says Elizabeth ever cherished the memory of their 
kindness to her. Her father married again and his 
eldest child by his second marriage was Sarah Ann 
who married William James McKim, and between her 
and Elizabeth there was a strong sisterly affection. 
The western country to which Robert and Elizabeth 
came was new ; there was much sickness and few doc- 
tors ; they were remote from post offices and the roads 
were poor. They often referred to these matters in their 
letters to Mrs. McKim. The burden of her household 
and family cares, and the malarial climate were at 
length too much for even the constitution of Elizabeth, 
which was unusually strong. In the letter of her hus- 
band, already mentioned, he says : *Tt has been very 
sickly in this country this fall, we were all sick at one 
time, one not able to wait on another. It was dis- 
tressing to see and hear of so much sickness." And 
he says of her, she died "of congestive fever." She 
was sick two weeks." "* * '^ This was the first severe 

Jenkins Family Book. S3 

sickness that she had had since we have been in the 
West." She belonged to a very long-hved stock, and it 
is sad indeed that she was called to leave her young 
children and pass over to the other side so early in 
life. She was a Presbyterian, and laments in one of 
her letters that there was no church of her preference 
near them. Her husband wrote of her : "She was a 
loving wife, a fond mother, and a sincere Christian. 
She was perfectly willing to try the reality of another 
world. It is a great comfort to me that she died in 
full faith of immortal glory." 

Pictures in those early days were not common, and 
none of our mother has come down to us. Her daugh- 
ter, Mrs. David Nelson Lapsley of Revere, Mo., re- 
members her well. Mrs. Sarah A. McKim, mentioned 
above, eighty-two years old in 1901, had also a dis- 
tinct recollection of the appearance of her half-sister, 
Elizabeth. From the information received from these 
sources, Elizabeth (Rambo) Jenkins may be described 
as a slender woman^ rather below medium height, 
with light golden hair and a fair complexion ; her eyes 
were also light, perhaps blue, her features regular, 
and her disposition quiet, but sweet and cheerful. 
She was an attractive young w^oman of rare good 

The writer in company with Judge and Mrs. David 
Nelson Lapsley and Dr. George F. Jenkins of Keokuk, 
visited her grave Sept. 6, 1902, and found it and the 
tombstone in good condition. We also visited the 


3.4 Jenkins Family Book. 

same day the farm where she was Hving at the time of 
her death. It is located on a creek in the Fox river 
bottom, was then owned by a man named John Man^ 
tie. As we walked about this old Homestead, the 
thought of the hardships and privations she endured 
on the then frontier touched us very deeply. On the 
other hand, we remembered, thankfully, how her little 
flock of young children had all grown up and pros- 
pered ; hovv^ each one had counted for something on the 
better side of the world's life, and how at that day 
after the lapse of fifty-six years, all except Huldah, 
who was called away early, were alive and in good 
health (and still so in 1904) ; and we felt that truly 
the life of our mother, short as it was, had not been 
lived in vain. What joy would have been hers could 
she have known what was to be the future of her chil- 
dren in her dying hour ! But was it all hidden from 
her? Was not something of it realized to her faith, 
which sustained her and made her perfectly resigned 
to commit the care of her motherless little ones to the 
all-wise Father whom she so fully trusted? Yea, 
verily, ''Faith is the victory which overcomes the 
world r 

The house on the Jenkins' farm near Alexandria was 
a two-story double affair with a great fire-place in the 
center, affording openings for log fires in the rooms 
on either side. It appeared to be frame, although one- 
half was built of logs and afterwards covered with 
weather boards. 

Jenkins Family Book. 35 

It was a comfortable hom€. The farm of several 
hundred acres was successfully conducted, improved 
and enlarged by the father of the family. After his 
death its management devolved upon John William, 
the eldest son, while the twin sisters were the house- 
keepers, and the family lived together until all were 
grown up, in harmony, happiness and prosperity. The 
boys all worked on the farm, going to school in win- 
ter, until they reached manhood. The great value of 
the summer "school" attended by these youngsters is 
so generally appreciated that comment is unnecessary. 
It was a home of hospitality and good cheer, and the 
occasions were rare when there was not company at 
the table and over night. 

The site of this home was not without attractions : 
To the east, four miles, across the flat bottom, at the 
confluence of the Mississippi and Des Moines rivers^, 
nestled the little town of Alexandria, in the "fifties/'' 
a place of very extensive business and great ambi- 
tions. Along its levee front, sweeping on toward the 
Gulf, rolled the great Father of Waters, a mile in width, 
and on its opposite side rose up from the river's edge 
the towering bluffs crowned by the city of Warsaw, 
Illinois. To the west of this home at about the same 
distance, stretched a long ridge of sand perhaps fifty 
feet high, then back of that the rising blue hills cov- 
ered with timber. On the sandy plain and along the 
foot of these bluffs were orchards and gardens and 
the commodious and hospitable farmhouses of well-to- 

36 Jenkins Family Book. 

do inhabitants. One mile north of the Jenkins home, 
the historic Des Moines wound its way, in the summer 
time a shallow and harmless stream, among its shift- 
ing sand bars ; but swelled in its flood seasons to a 
mighty and resistless torrent, overflowing its banks 
and carrying destruction and terror to all the people 
of the plain. The Des Moines on its Iowa side was 
lined with high hills against the foot of which its 
waters beat continually, so that their fronts were un- 
dermined, and had slipped down and been carried 
away, leaving the faces of the hills to stand out bare 
and barren, justly called the yellow banks. 

Two miles south of the Jenkins' home, the Fox river 
came down, lined on either side with a fringe of tim- 
ber, a stream of considerable length and carrying a 
large volume of water. It will thus be seen that this 
homestead was situated in the midst of an extensive 
natural amphitheater, rivers on three sides, and bluffs 
to the east, to the north, and to the west. These natural 
boundaries enclosed some of the most productive land 
in the world. The soil was alluvium so required no 
fertilizing, and crops of corn yielding a hundred bush- 
els, and of wheat thirty bushels, to the acre, were not 

Six miles away at the north end of the sand ridge, 
on the Des Moines, was located the little village of 
St. Francisville. Here is the Wolf Cemetery 
where so many of our beloved dead lie buried. St. 

Jenkins Family Book. 37 

Francisville had been a place of some promise in the 
early days when an occasional steamboat found its way 
up that river, and when the building of a canal had 
been proposed and actually begun. But the canal 
died in its beginnings, business declined, and the peo- 
ple of St. Francisville devoted themselves chiefly to 
education, self culture and hospitality. 

There were no railroads in that country and few any- 
where in the ''fifties." The Mississippi and its tribu- 
taries were the great arteries of commerce. The 
steamboats of that day were gorgeous palaces. Their 
owners and officers wxre kings and princes in the 
monetary and business world. These mighty vessels 
as they ploughed the water, going up and down, could 
be distinctly seen, and their triumphant whistles heard 
at the Jenkins farm. When the water was high they 
towered up and stood out in the sun seem- 
ingly above the land. They were majestic; they w^ere 
grand ; they have gone. 

Along the main road the land was for the most part 
fenced and under cultivation but on the south there lay 
miles .and miles of open prairie. Here in those days 
was an abundant free range, affording pasturage for 
great numbers of cattle for more than half the year. 
This prairie also afforded the best of wild hay to be 
had by all comers for the harvesting. There were 
also bayous and sloughs and an occasional grove. It 
was a paradise for water fowl, and was frequented by 

38 Jenkins Family Book, 

thousands upon thousands of wild geese and ducks in 
their annual flights to the North and to the South. 
There were prairie chickens, too, in such numbers that 
their cooing in the spring time sounded a continual roar 
and their flight at times would almost darken the sun 
and shake the earth. It was a place to make glad the 
heart of the farmer as well as of the hunter and the 

Children of Robert and Elizabeth (Rambo) Jenkins. 

1 John Wiliam Jenkins, born January 13, 1838. 

2 Margaret Jane Jenkins, born April 23, 1840, and her twin 


3 Catherine Elizabeth Jenkins, born April 23, 1840. 

4 George Franklin Jenkins, born July 15, 1842. 

5 Hulda Ann Jenkins, born October 19, 1843, died 1845. 

6 Robert Edwin Jenkins, born February 6, 1846. 

Of Robert and Martha (McRea) Jenkins. 

7 James Amzi Jenkins, born January 1, 1849. 

There was also a child named Douglas who died young. 

Fifth Generation. 


Jacob Morgan Jenkins — Anna M. Golding. 

Jacob Morgan Jenkins, tenth son of George and 
Catherine (Hamilton) Jenkins, married Dec. 24, 1846, 
Anna M. Golding of Pittsburg, Fa. Resided in New 
Orleans, La. Was a cotton factor, member of the welU 

Jenkins Family Book. 39 

known firm of Davis, Jenkins & Co. Did a very ex- 
tensive business and acquired large wealth. Died in 
New Orleans, January 25, 1865. 

Children of Jacob M. and Anna (Golding) Jenkins. 

1 Douglas Morgan Jenkins^ born February 7, 1848, in New 

Orleans, died there July 7, 1901. 

2 James Golding Jenkins, born July 19, 1849, in Fair- 

field, la. 

3 Catherine Eleanor Jenkins, born in Pittsburg, Pa., Sep- 

tember 12, 1851. 

4 Anna Margaret Jenkins, born May 18, 1853, died Decem- 

ber 8. 1854. 

5 Ida Jenkins, born in New Orleans, June 25, 1855. 

6 Anna Maria Jenkins, born May 7, 1857, died March 6, 


7 Jacob Morgan Jenkins, Jr., born March 29, 1859, in New 


8 Alice Jenkins, born March 2, 1862, in New Orleans. 

9 Lizzie Jenkins, born May 18, 1863, died August 16, 1864. 

Jacob Morgan Jr., above named, married in Louisi- 
ana, where they reside, in 1891, Catherine Krause. 
They have no children. 

Molton D. P. Jenkins, No. 12 above, never married. 
Resided in New Orleans, La., where he died. Was a 
partner in the firm of Davis, Jenkins & Co., of which 
his brother Jacob was a leading member. 

Benjamin Amzi Babbitt Jenkins, came west with his 
older brothers, where he resided for a time in Iowa 
and Missouri; went to Qalifornia overland in 1849. 

40 Jenkins Family Book. 

Lived in late years of his life at Round Mountain, 
Shasta Co. Kept an inn. Died there. Never married. 
This family scattered from the ancestral environ- 
ment in Pennsylvania and went west and southwest, 
where they lived the lives above noted. These lives 
were doubtless shortened in several instances by the 
hardships incident to the frontier. 

Sixth Generation. 

Descendants of Robert and Elisabeth (Rambo) Jen- 

John William Jenkins Massey Annie Henshaw. 

John William Jenkins, first son of Robert and Eliza- 
beth (Rambo) Jenkins, married Massey Annie Hen- 
shaw at her father's residence in Alexandria, Mo., 
April II, 1865. She was born at Winchester, Clark 
Co., Mo., September 9, 1842. 


1 Charles Albert Jenkins, born July 30, 1866. 

2 James Thomas Jenkins, born February 18, 1868. 

3 Nellie M. Jenkins, born August 27, 1870. 

4 Walter Lynn Jenkins, born November 11, 1874. 

All born in Clark County, Mo., where the family 
reside, near Winchester. He is and has been all his 
life a prosperous farmer and is one of Clark County's 

leading citizens. 


43 Jenkins Family Book. 

Ancestry of Massey Annie Henshaw. 

Parents: Charles Henshaw, born December 18, 1813, died 
September 30, 1892. A man of large wealth and 
Virlinda Ann Beall, born November 22^ 1818, died Sep- 
tember 21, 1851. 
They were married July 28, 1840, and resided at Alexan- 
dria, Mo., where both died. 

Grandparents : Paternal — Levi Henshaw, born July 22, 
1769, died September 9, 1843. 

Anna McConnell, born September 18, 1778, died Novem- 
ber 15, 1839. 

They were married May 1, 1804, and resided at Bunker 
Hill, Va. 

Maternal — Thomas Beall, who married Massey Dunn, and 
resided at Frostburg, Md. 

The Henshaws are of English descent ; the Bealls, Scotch ; 
McConnells, Irish. 

Catherine Elizabeth Jenkins — Samuel Alexan- 
der Lynn. 

Catherine Elizabeth Jenkins, one of the twin daugh- 
ters of Robert and Elizabeth (Rambo) Jenkins, mar- 
ried Samuel Alexander Lynn, at the Jenkins' home- 
stead near Alexandria, Mo., Oct. 15, 1863. He was 
born Oct. 12, 1829, and died at Brunner, Texas, May 
10, 1895. 


1 Robert Jenkins Lynn, born Aug. 9, 1864, died April 25, 

Jenkins Family Book. 43 

2 Samuel Alexander Lynn, born Feb. 11, 1868, died Jan. 

20, 1882. 

3 Maggie May Lynn, born Feb. 25, 1875. Unmarried 

All born in ' Clark County, Missouri. Catherine 
Elizabeth Lynn and her daughter Maggie reside 
(1904) at Kahoka, Missouri. Samuel Alexander Lynn 
was a practicing dentist; was also a farmer; was a 
member of Missouri Legislature, was a leading and 
active Presbyterian. 

Maggie May Lynn is a teacher by profession, and 
is School Commissioner for Clark County, Mo. 

Ancestry of Samuel Alexander Lynn. 

Parents: John W. Lynn, born April 4, 1808, died June 20, 

Sarah McKinney, born December 14, 1802, died March, 1879. 
Both born and married in Kentucky, later removed to 

Scotland County, Missouri, where they died. 

Gr'and parents : Paternal— Samuel Lynn, born in Pennsyl- 
vania, 1776, married^ 

Margaret Warrick, who was born in North of Ireland. 

Maternal — The parents of Sarah McKinney were from Scot- 
land, and her mother's name was McClure. 

The Lynns were Presbyterians. The name was formerly 

Margaret Jane Jenkins David Nelson Lapsley. 

Margaret Jane Jenkins, one of the twin daughters 
of Robert and Elizabeth (Rambo) Jenkins, married 

44 Jenkins Family Book. 

David Nelson Lapsley, at the Jenkins' homestead near 
Alexandria, Missouri, March 2, 1865. 


1 Mary Elizabeth Lapsley, born November 23, 1885. 

2 Robert McKee Lapsley, born January 22, 1870, now a 

practicing physician in Keokuk, Iowa. 

Both born in Clark County, Missouri. 

David Nelson Lapsley was Circuit Clerk of Clark 
County, Missouri, for a number of years, also County 
Judge, a graduate of Washington College, Pennsyl- 
vania, a lawyer and a successful farmer, living on his 
farm near Revere, in said county. The ancestry of 
David Nelson Lapsley is shown in the following state- 
ment written by him, February 12, 1892 : 

*'My great-great-grandfather, Joseph Lapsley 
(then spelled L'Aspley) descended from French 
Huguenots, immigrated from North of Ireland to 
this country early in the last century. He settled 
in Virginia, and two of his brothers in Philadel- 
phia, Pa. His son John i^my grandfather) was 
born in Virginia, September 29th, 1753. His wife, 
Mary Armstrong, was born March 17th, 1760. 
They were married December 22nd, 1778. He 
was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, and he 
and his wife were Presbyterians. 

My father, John A. Lapsley, was born in Rock- 
bridge County, Virginia, September 5th, 1783, 

Jenkins Family Book. 45 

and died December 13th, 1859. My mother, Mary 
Wear McKee, was born in same county Novem- 
ber 20th, 1783, and died October 21st, 1859. They 
were married August loth, 1805. My father was 
a Lieutenant Captain in Col. Richard M. John- 
son's (the vice president) regiment of Kentucky 
volunteers. Was in the battle of Tippecanoe, and 
in several other engagements. He was a Presby- 
terian, and was a strong temperance man when 
nearly everybody used liquors. He paid about 
fifty thousand dollars security debts in his life- 
time, and died in moderate circumstances. He 
had twelve children of whom I was the youngest. 

My grandfather had two sons in the ministry 
Joseph B. and Robert A. and four grandsons, 
James L. Lapsley, D. D., John Lapsley Yantiss, 
D. D., John L. McKee, D. D. and Joseph Lapsley 
who died at the commencement of his ministry. 
He had eight great-grandsons in the ministry, 
William J. son of John P. Lapsley, three sons of 
James W. Lapsley, two sons of J. L. McKee and 
one son of J. L. Yantis. 

My father's and mother's families both moved 
from Virginia to Kentucky in 1793. My father 
and family moved from Kentucky to Clark Co., 
Mo. in 1836. 

My grandfather, William McKee, was born in 
the North of Ireland in 1724, and died October 
8th, 1 8 16. His father and grandfather moved to 

46 Jenkins Family Book. 

Pennsylvania in 1725. My grandfather moved 
to Virginia about 1745, where he was married to 
Miriam Wear. He afterwards married a Mrs. 
Daviess who was the mother of Joseph Hamilton 
Daviess, a brilliant lawyer killed at the battle of 
Tippecanoe ; counties in Illinois, Indiana and 
Missouri are named after this Daviess. William 
McKee w^as a colonel in the Revolutionary war^ 
was a member of the Virg:inia convention that 
adopted the constitution of the United States, 
was sheriff and member of the legislature for over 
twenty years. He had one son (Samuel) in Con- 
gress several years. His grandson, Wm. McKee 
Dunn, represented the ^^ladison district Indiana 
several terms in Congress and was afterwards 
appointed by President Lincoln, Judge Advocate 
General, and he served through several adminis- 
trations. His grandson, William R. McKee, was 
Colonel of the Second Kentucky Volunteer in the 
Mexican War, Col. Henry Clay, jr., was Lieuten- 
ant Colonel in the same regiment, and both were 
killed at the battle of Buena Vista. Another grand- 
son, Samuel McKee, was Colonel of a regiment 
in the Federal Army, and was killed at Stone 
River. Another grandson (my brother William) 
was colonel of an Alabama regiment, C. S. A 
Several of his descendants have been lawyers and 
preachers of considerable ability. A large major- 
ity of them have been and are Presbyterians." 

Jenkins Family Book. 47 

The father of David Nelson Lapsley, owned, and 
at the time of his death, Hved upon a large farm on 
the Des Moines river about four miles above St. 
Francisville. He was a man of sterling character. 

George Franklin Jenkins — Charlotte Elizabeth 

Van Wagenen. 

George Franklin Jenkins, second son of Robert and 
Elizabeth (Rambo) Jenkins, married Charlotte Eliza- 
beth Van Wagenen, at her father's residence in Ful- 
ton, New York, Decmber 29, 1870. She was born 
there September 13, 1847. 


1 Anna Page Jenkins, born December 1, 1871, died July, 

31, 1872. 

2 Marcia Louise Jenkins, born July 16, 1873. 

3 Florence Easton Jenkins, born September 8, 1874. 

4 George Van Wagenen Jenkins, born May 20, 1877, died 

August 29, 1898. 

5 Catherine Eleanor Jenkins, born April 19, 1886. 

All born in Keokuk, Iowa, where the family reside. 
He is a practicing physician, and is and has been for 
many years President of the Keokuk Medical College, 
a man of large influence and great energy of character. 
He owns the old "home place" in the Des Moines bot- 
tom and has added to it until he has a great farm of 
more than one thousand acres. At the annual meet- 
ins: of the American Medical Association held 

48 Jenkins Family Book. 

in New Orleans, Louisiana, May, 1903, he was elected 
one of the Vice-Presidents of the Association. 

George Van Wagenen Jenkins, the only son, was a 
young man of much promise, a graduate of Parson's 
College, Fairfield, Iowa, and had already entered upon 
the study of medicine with his father. He was a born 
patriot, and when the tocsin of war with Spain sounded, 
he forsook the comforts of home, the pleasures of the 
'best social life, ana the studies of his chosen profession, 
and went forth at the call of his country. He enlisted in 
the Fifty-first Iowa, which became a part of General 
Lee's Corps in Florida. There he contracted the fever, 
his father went at once to him. He lived to reach his 
home, and there lingered a few days, and then, sur- 
rounded by those dear to him, he passed on — a beauti- 
ful young life, laid as a willing sacrifice upon the altar 
of his country. 

Ancestry of Charlotte Elizabeth Van Wagenen. 

Parents: Frederick Devoe Van Wagenen, born July 18, 

1815, died February 16, 1885. 
Ann Page, born April 20, 1817. 
They were married December 31, 1836, and resided in 

Fulton, New York. 

Grandparents: Paternal — Tunis Van Wagenen, born 1789, 

died March, 1822. 
Sarah Mooney, born December 31, 1790, died Oct. 15, 1859. 
They were married July 10, 1810. Resided in New York. 
Maternal — Lemuel Johnson Page, born January 25, 1777, 

died March 1, 1847. 
Sarah Harris, born November 3, 1796, died 1874. 
They were married June, 1816. Resided at Utica, New York. 

Jenkins Family Book. 49 

Robert Edwin Jenkins — ^Marcia Raymond. 

Robert Edwin Jenkins, third son of Robert and 
Elizabeth (Rambo) Jenkins, married Marcia Raymond 
at her father's residence in Chicago, IlHnois, Septem- 
'ber 2, 1869. She was born April 29, 1847. He is a 
lawyer in Chicago where he has resided since 1866. 
Was assignee in bankruptcy under law of 1867 in more 
than twelve hundred cases, has served as a member of 
the Board of Cook County Commissioners, was treas- 
urer for seven years of the Chicago Bar Association, 
was president of the Chicago Law Institute, was presi- 
dent of the Chicago Congregational Club, was super- 
intendent for nearly twenty years of large Sunday 
schools in Chicago, was one of the organizers and has 
been from its organization one of the directors of the 
Chicago City Missionary Society, is a member of the 
Congregational Church; was one of the organizers of 
t'he Union League Club ; was Chairman of the Bar 
Association Committee which drafted and secured the 
passage of the Chicago Jury Commission Law ; is vice- 
president of the Citizens' Association of Chicago and 
has been at all times strenuously active in the political, 
religious and m.oral life of that city. He is the author 
of this book. 

Children of Robert and Marcia (Raymond) Jenkins. 

y 1 George Raymond Jenkins, born July 26,1870. Is a graduate of 
Beloit College and of Harvard Law School, a practicing 
lawyer in Chicago. 
2 Marcia Jenkins, born September 2, 1872, died July 21, 1873. 

50 Jenkins Family Book. 

3 Helen Mary Jenkins, born August 5, 1874. Married Edgar 

Lee Masters. See Masters' Memoranda post. 

4 Williams Jenkins, born July 28, 1876, died August 13, 1876. 

5 Edith Daisy Jenkins, born April 7, 1879. Married William 

Archibald Logan. See Logan Memoranda post. 
All born in Chicago, where the family reside. 
Note: For ancestry of Marcia (Raymond) Jenkins, see 

Part IIL 

Descendants of Robert and Martha (McRea) Jenkins. 

James Amzi Jenkins — ^Mary Serena Hill. 

James Amzi Jenkins, fourth son of Robert Jenkins 
by his second wife, Martha (McRea) Schee, married 
first Mary Serena Hill, at her father's residence, near 
Alexandria, Missouri, February 25, 1873. She was 
born in Alexandria, Missouri, March 5, 1850. 


1 Robert Hill Jenkins, born January 8, 1874. 

2 Ellen Elizabeth Jenkins, born November 4, 1876, married 

at Brunner, Texas, March 11, 1896, W. Newton Cozine, 
lived at Fort Scott, Kansas, died June 28, 1897, leaving 
no children — an amiable, beautiful life cut off at the 
beginning of its unfolding. 

3 David Lapsley Jenkins, born October 12, 1878. 

4 Willie Jenkins, born June 30, 1881, died December 22, 1881. 

5 Mary Serena, born November 15, 1883, died April 30, 1889. 

6 Margaret Catherine Jenkins, born December 16, 1888. 

All 'born in Clark County, Missouri, where the fam- 
ily resided until 1892, when they removed to Albu- 

Jenkins Family Book. 51 

querque, N^w Mexico, and from there to Brunner, 
Texas. These journeys were undertaken on account 
of the faihng health of Mary Serena (Hill) Jenkins, 
but were unavailing. After a long and patient strug- 
gle for life, and hope vanishing, they set their faces 
homeward, but her spirit was called away during the 
journey, while on the train near St. Louis, Missouri, 
December i, 1893. She lived and died a faithful 

Ancestry of Mary Serena Hill. 

Parents : Robert E. Hill, born October 31, 1815, died October 
18, 1886. 
Ellen E. Mitchell, born January, 1825, living (1903) in 
Clark County, Mo. They were married October 28, 
1840, and resided in Clark County, Mo. 

Grandparents: Paternal — John Hill, born March 10, 1790, 

died March 20, 1839. 
Mary S. Winfrey, born August 27, 1791, died April 15, 1849. 

They were married December 5, 1813, resided in Clark 

County, Mo. 
Maternal— Levin B. Mitchell, born 1800, died 1849. 
Serena Hicks, born 1800, died June 15, 1863. They resided 

in Clark County, Mo. 

James Amzi Jenkins, married, second, Mrs. Frances 
Mary Moore, widow of Jesse N. Moore, March 30, 
1899, at her mother's residence. No. 713 Moody Ave- 
nue, Kansas City, Missouri. They reside on the old 
Jenkins' homestead four miles west of Alexandria, 
Missouri, where he is a successful farmer. Frances 

52 Jenkins Family Book. 

Mary Jenkins was born in Clark County, Missouri, 
February 2, 1858, and is the daughter of Jefferson J. 
Price, formerly of McConnelsville, Ohio. Her mother 
was Elizabeth (Tinsman) Price, daughter of Judge 
Tinsman of Clark Countv, Missouri. 

Seventh Generation. 

Descendants of Robert and Elizabeth (Rambo) 


Charles Albert Jenkins — Martha Josephine 


Charles Albert Jenkins, first son of John William, 
and Massey Annie (Henshaw) Jenkins, married 
Martha Josephine Patton at her father's residence,. 
Prairie Grove, Arkansas, May 23, 1895. He is sl 
practicing physician. They reside in Keokuk, Iowa. 

Their Children. 

1 Albert Patton Jenkins, born January 9, 1896. 

2 James William Jenkins, born February 16, 1898. 

Ancestry of Martha Josephine Patton. 
Her father is Col. Thomas Patton of Prairie Grove, Ark., 
born in Wheeling, Va., February 27, 1822. Her mother 
was Lucy Ann Gee, born in Nashville, Tenn., October 


54 Jenkins Family Book. 

18, 1835. They were married at Hackberry Ridge, Mo. 
December 20, 1849. 

Her paternal grandparents were William Patton, born July 
12, 1765, near Belfast, Ireland, died February 21, 1843, 
and Anna Redmond, born at Crab Orchard, Ky., Octo- 
ber 4, 1784. They were married June 28, 1807, and re- 
sided at Wheeling, Va. 

Her maternal grandparents were Edmund W. Gee, who was 
born in Virginia, and died near Savannah, Mo., at the 
age of nearly ninety years, and Lucinda Hudson, who 
was born in South Carolina. They were married in 
Tennessee, near Nashville. 

The Pattons are Scotch-Irish. 

Seventh Generation. 

Descendants of Robert and Elizabeth (Ranibo) 


James Thomas Jenkins — Elsie Bond Cherry. 

James Thomas Jenkins, second son of John William 
and Massey Annie (Henshaw) Jenkins, married Elsie 
Bond Cherry at the residence of her grandfather, 
Thomas Cherry, in Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri, 
Dec. 20, 1893. He is a practicing physician and re- 
sides at Carthage, Illinois. 

Their Children. 

1 Herbert Cherry Jenkins, born October 2, 1894. 

2 James Thomas Jenkins, born September 24, 1896. 

3 Lyman Hall Jenkins, born January 11, 1900. 

Jenkins Family Book. 55 

Ancestry of Elsie Bond Cherry. 

Her father is Lion Sterling Cherry, born in Ohio, 1837, and 
living at Little Rock, Ark. Her mother was Frances 
Elizabeth Allen Cherry, born in Kentucky, daughter of 
William Stamp Allen, of Argyle, Lee County, Iowa. 
He was born in Kentucky, 1794, died at Argyle Septem- 
ber 5, 1865. 

Her paternal grandfather, Thomas Cherry, was born in Ohio 
February 14, 1815, and died in Kahoka, Mo., 1896. Her 
paternal grandmother was Susan Perrins, born in La- 
fayette County, Pa., February 14, 1813, died February 4, 
1902, in Kahoka, Mo. She married Thomas Cherry, 
January 28, 1836. 

Her maternal grandmother was Alice Bond Reese, born in 
Kentucky, 1803, died at Argyle, 1875. 

Elsie Bond Cherry is the first cousin of Ollie Allen, 
who married Robert Jenkins Lynn, first cousin of 
James Thomas Jenkins, as noted hereafter. 

Note — Thomas Cherry's father was Nathaniel 
Cherry. His grandfather, Thomas Cherry, was born 
in Ireland, his paternal grandmother's name was 
Thompson, and she was born in Scotland. Thomas 
Cherry, above mentioned, the grandfather of Elsie 
Bond (Cherry) Jenkins, and also of Ollie (Allen) 
Lynn, hereinafter mentioned was one of the most highly 
respected and worthy of Clark County's citizens. He 
lived for many years on a farm near Waterloo, after- 
wards in Alexandria, and in later years in Kahoka, 
all in Clark County, Missouri. He had an interesting 

56 Jenkins Family Book. 

family, and his was one of the most delightful homes 
amons: a wide circle of friends remarkable for un- 
usual hospitality. His son, Nathaniel and daughter 
Amelia, still reside in Kahoka. 

Seventh Generation. 

Descendants of Robert and Elizabeth (Rambo) 


Nellie M. Jenkins — ^Albert Rose Black. 

Nellie M. Jenkins, daughter of John William and 
Massey Annie (Henshaw) Jenkins, married Albert 
Rose Black, at her father's residence near Winchester, 
Clark County, Missouri, Feb. 13, 1896. 

He is a practicing physician. They reside at Win- 

Seventh Generation. 

Descendants of Robert and Elizabeth {Rambo) 


Walter Lynn Jenkins — Margaret Nancy 


Walter Lynn Jenkins, third son of John William and 
Massey Annie (Henshaw) Jenkins, married Margaret 
Nancy Boulware, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. 

Jenkins Family Book. 57 

Boulware, at the Bluff Springs church, Clark County, 
Missouri, Jan. 14, 1897. 

They reside near Gregory, Clark County, Missouri, 
where he is a grain merchant and farmer. 

Their Children. 

1 William Howard Jenkins, born December 28, 1897. 

2 Martha Helen Jenkins, born September 11, 1900. 

Ancestry of Margaret Nancy Boulware. 

Parents: Willis M. Boulware, born , married , 

Martha Wooldridge. They resided at Canton, Mo. 

Grandparents : Paternal — John Newton Boulware, who mar- 
ried Nancy Gash. 
Maternal — — Wooldridge, who married Margaret Haw- 

Seventh Generation. 

Descendants of Robert and Elizabeth (Rambo) 


Robert Jenkins Lynn — Ollie Lewis Allen. 

Robert Jenkins Lynn, first son of Samuel Alexander 
and Catherine Elizabeth (Jenkins) Lynn, married Ollie 
Lewis Allen at her father's residence, at Argyle, Lee 
County, Iowa, Nov. 19, 1890. She was born in Lee 
County Iowa, Oct. 2, 1870. He died April 25, 1898, 
at Kirksville, Mo. Buried in Meek's Cemetery, near 
Hinsdale, Iowa. 


58 Jenkins Family Book. 

Their Children. 

1 Harold Samuel Lynn, born in Quincy, 111., August 18, 1891. 

2 William Allen Lynn, born in Quincy, 111., October 26, 1893. 

Died at Brunner, Texas, June 6, 1875. 

Robert Jenkins Lynn lead an active life and was a 
hard iworker. After his marriage, he lived succes- 
sively in Quincy, Illinois, at Brunner, Texas, and in 
Kirksville, Missouri. His last illness continued for 
two years. He knew, almost from its beginning, that 
the end would probably come soon, but he bore his 
burden with courage and patience, keeping at work and 
struggling on by sheer force of will until worn out he 
went to sleep. He lived a worthy Christian life, and 
passed away in peace. 

Ancestry of Ollie Lewis Allen. 

Her father, William W. Allen, was born in Kentucky, Jan- 
uary 17, 1842, Her mother was Eliza Jane Cherry, born 
in Ohio, October 10, 1843. They were married March 
29, 1866, and resided at Argyle, Iowa, where William 
W. Allen died October 28, 1893. Her paternal grand- 
father was William Stamp Allen, who was born in 
Kentucky, 1794, died in Iowa, September 5, 1865. Her 
maternal grandparents were Thomas Cherry and Susan 
(Perrins) Cherry. See ante under James Thomas 

Jenkins Family Book. 59 

Seventh Generation, 

Mary Elizabeth Lapsley — Robert Cleaver McKee. 

Descendants of Robert and Elizabeth (Rambo) 


Mary Elizabeth Lapsley, only daughter of David 
Nelson Lapsley and Margaret Jane (Jenkins) Lapsley, 
married at her parents' home, near Revere, Clark 
County, Missouri, Jan. 28, 1902, Robert Cleaver 
McKee. One child, Thomas Lapsley McKee, born 
Nov. 18, 1902. They reside near Revere, Missouri. 

Ancestry of Robert Cleaver McKee. 

Parents: Robert Samuel McKee, born 1832, died July 19, 
1903, married Miss Charlotte L. Cleaver of Pike County, 
He was a practicing physician of large means ; resided in 
Clark County, Mo., nearly his whole life, died at 
Kahoka, Mo., in his seventy-second years as above. 

Grandparents: Robert Alexander McKee, born in Woodford, 
County, Ky., October 3, 1805 ; died in Clark County, 
Mo., April 25, 1872. Married May 12, 1831, Amanda 
M. Lapsley, a sister of David Nelson Lapsley, the 
father of Mary Elizabeth. See ancestry, ante. 

Seventh Generation. 

Descendants of Robert and Elizabeth (Rambo) 


Marcia Louise Jenkins — Hazen Irwin Sawyer. 

Marcia Louise Jenkins, daughter of George 
Franklin and Charlotte Elizabeth (Van Wagenen) Jen- . 

60 Jenkins Family Book. 

kins, married Hazen Irwin Sawyer, at her father's 
residence in Keokuk, Iowa, Wednesday, Feb. 8, 1899. 
They reside in Keokuk, Mr. Sawyer is a practicing 
lawyer. Has iield the offices of referee in bankruptcy 
and city attorney. 

Ancestry of Hazen Irwin Sawyer. 

1 Thomas Sawyer, born in England in 1616. Was in Rowley^ 

Mass., in 1643, in Lancaster, 1647. Married in 1648. 
Died September 12, 1706. 
Mary Prescott, born February 24, 1630, daughter of John 
Prescott and Mary Piatt Prescott. Children were 
Thomas, Ephraim, Mary, Joshua, James, Caleb, John, 
Elizabeth, Deborah, Nathaniel and Martha. 

2 Nathaniel Sawyer, born November 24, 1670. Married Mary 

Elizabeth — Children were Amos, John, Ezra, Nathaniel, 
Thomas, Phineas, Mary, Ephraim. 

3 Ephraim Sawyer, born in 1695 ; died 1759 ; married, 1724, 

Eunice Houghton, daughter of Jonas and Mary Hough- 
ton. Children were Ephraim, Mary, Eunice, Kath- 

4 Ephraim Sawyer, born 1729; died 1813. Married Susanna 

Richardson. Children were Ephraim, Dorothy, Josiah, 
John, James, Peter and Susanna. 

5 Ephraim Sawyer, born 1753 ; died 1828 ; married 1775, Mary 

Allen. Children were Polly, Ephraim, Sophia, Abram, 
Eunice, Susan, Charlie, Henry, Allen. 

6 Allen Sawyer, born 1795 ; died 1853 ; married 1815, Clar- 

issa Hazen, born 1795; died 1890. Children were 
Charles, Alzesta, Mary, Iram Allen, Daniel, James Lu- 
cius, George, Sarah, Ephraim, Harriet. 

7 Iram Allen Sawyer, born February 16, 1839, at North 

Hero, Vt. Married October 6, 1864, Mary Crawford 

Jenkins Family Book. 61 

Irwin, born September 6, 1842, daughter of Stephen 
Irwin and Elizabeth Nichol Irwin. Children are Ellen, 
Nichol, Sawyer. 
8 Hazen Irwin Sawyer, born October 10, 1868. Stephen 
Irwin Sawyer. Elizabeth Mariquita Sawyer. 

Sawyer-Irwin note : 

1 Morton Irwin married to Anna Crawford November, 1811. 

Morton Irwin born in Philadelphia. Anna Crawford 
born in Delaware. 

2 Stephen Irwin born June 23, 1816. Married to Elizabeth* 

M. Nichol, December 2, 1841. Children: 

3 Mary Crawford Irwin, John Nichol Irwin, Wells Marshall 


4 Mary Crawford Irwin married Iram Allen Sawyer, October 

6, 1864. 

5 Hazen Irwin Sawyer, their son. 

Sawyer-Nichols note : 

Thomas Nichol, born in Derry County, Ireland, married 

Isabelle Cook. His ancestors had come from Scotland 

to Ireland. 
John Nichol, the son of Thomas Nichol, married Martha 

Thomas Nichol, the son of John Nichol, was born in 1775, 

and married Mary Wells. Both were born in Ireland. 
John Nichol, born 1793, married 1818, Eleanor Marshall, 

born 1796. Both were born in Butler County, Ohio. 
Elizabeth M. Nichol, born 1820, married Stephen Irwin, 


63 Jenkins Family Book. 

Seventh Generation. 

Descendants of Robert and Elizabeth (Rambo) 


Florence Easton Jenkins — Henry Boyden 


Florence Easton Jenkins, daughter of George 
Franklin and Charlotte Elizabeth (Van Wagenen) 
Jenkins, married Henry Boyden Blood, Jr., at Bald- 
winsville, New York, Oct. 8, 1903. They reside in 
Keokuk, Iowa, where he is engaged in the banking 

Ancestry of Henry Boyden Blood, Jr. 

1 Nathaniel Blood, born and died at Charlton, Mass., 1754- 

1838. Private in Revolutionary War. Fought in battle 
of Lexington, Alton. 

2 John Blood, born and died at Charlton, Mass., 1802-1880. 
Lavinia Stone, born and died at Charlton, Mass., 1850. 

Daughter of Amasa Stone, Boyden. Sister of 

Amasa Stone, Jr., whose daughter married John Hay. 
Charlotte Adams, second wife of John Blood. No descend- 

3 Henry Boyden Blood (Son of American Revolution) 1835. 

Born at Charlton, Mass. Lieutenant-Colonel and Chief 
Quartermaster 25th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac. 
Annie Belle Graffen. 

4 Henry Boyden Blood, Jr. Born at Stoneboro, Pa., No- 

vember 18, 1869. Came with parents to Keokuk, Iowa, 
in 1877. 
Maternal ancestors of Henry Boyden Blood, Jr. : 
1 Hugh Graffen. Born at Ronaldstown, County Antrim, 

Jenkins Family Book. 63 

. Name of wife unknown. 

2 Robert Graffen. 1805-1885. Born at above place; came to 

Philadelphia, Pa., in 1818. 
Eliza McGowan, 1804-1884. 

3 Annie Belle Graffen, 1834, Henry Boyden Blood. Married 

in Philadelphia, Pa., 1867. Came to Keokuk, Iowa, in 


4 Henry Boyden Blood, Jr., as above. 

Seventh Generation. 

Descendants of Robert and Elisabeth (Rambo) 


Helen Mary Jenkins — Edgar Lee Masters. 

Helen Mary Jenkins, daughter of Robert Edwin 
and Marcia (Raymond) Jenkins, married Edgar Lee 
Masters at her father's residence, No. 4200 Drexel 
Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois, June 21, 1898. 

Edgar Lee Masters was born at Lewiston, Illinois, 
Aug. 23, 1868. 

One Child. 
Hardin Wallace Master, born April 17, 1899. 

They reside in Chicago, where he is a practicing law- 
yer and author of several published volumes. (See 
ancestry of Edgar Lee Masters, Part IV.) 

64 Jenkins Family Book. 

Seventh Generation. 

Descendants of Robert and Elizabeth (Rambo) 


Edith Daisy Jenkins — William Archibald Logan. 

Edith Daisy Jenkins, daughter of Robert Edwin 
and Marcia (Raymond) Jenkins, and William Archi- 
bald Logan of Keokuk, Iowa, were married at her fath- 
er's residence in Chicago, April 7, 1902. They reside 
in Keokuk, where he is a banker. 

One Child, 

William Log-an, born October 16, 1903. 

See ancestry of William Archibald Logan, Part V. 

Seventh Generation. 

Descendants of Robert and Martha {McRea) 


Robert Hill Jenkins — Annie L. Spangler. 

Robert Hill Jenkins, first son of James Amzi and 
Mary Serena (Hill) Jenkins, and Annie L. Spangler 
were married at her father's residence, Clark City, 
Clark County, Missouri, Sept. 28, 1897. 

She is the daughter of Captain and Mrs. Samuel 

Jenkins Family Book. 65 

Their Children. 

1 Mary Elizabeth Jenkins, born November 24, 1898. 

2 Magdalena Spangler Jenkins, born July 9, 1901. 

The first was born at Clark City, Missouri, and the 
second at Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Robert Hill Jenkins has served as express agent suc- 
cessively at Albuquerque, New Mexico; Kahoka and 
Hannibal, Missouri; Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

David Lapsley Jenkins, second son of James Amzi 
and Mary Serena (Hill) Jenkins, and Julia A. 
Seggelke were married at her father's residence In 
Centralia, Washington, Aug. lo, 1903. She is the 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Seggelke, who 
were formerly of Clark County, Missouri. The home 
of these young married people is at Kern, California. 

One Child. 

Dorothy Louise Jenkins, born Sept. 9, 1904. 

Sixth Generation. 
Descendants of James H. and Mary (Long) Jenkins, 

Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins — Lewis Powers. 

Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins, first daughter of 
James H. and Mary (Long) Jenkins, married Lewis 
Powers at Millville, Shasta County, California, March 
30, 1865. 

Children of Sarah Elizabeth and Lewis Powers. 
1 Clara S. Powers, born April 11, 1866. 

66 Jenkins Family Book. 

2 Emma E. Powers, born February 10, 1868. Married to 

George D. Heaton. 

3 Harry Raymond Powers, born January 24, 1870. Married 

in 1901. In Shasta County, Cal. 

4 Mary E. Powers, born May 14, 1872. Married to Sylvester 


5 James Molton Powers, born January 15, 1875. Died March 

6, 1893. 

6 Charles Nelson Powers, born October 23, 1877. Died May 

7, 1897. 

7 Clarence Augustus Powers, born December 17, 1881. Sept. 

7, 1899. 

8 Lola G. Powers, born May 2, 1883. Unmarried, 1901. 

All born in Shasta County, California, where the 
family resided. 

Lewis Powers died Dec. 3, 1891. 

Sarah Elizabeth (Jenkins) Powers died Nov. 7, 

Both died at Ono, Shasta County, California. 

Sixth Generation, 
Descendants of James H. and Mary (Long) Jenkins. 

Mary Catherine Jenkins — George Salisbury. 

Mary Catherine Jenkins, second daughter of 
James H. and Mary (Long) Jenkins, married George 
Salisbury in California, May 16, 1872. 

Jenkins Famiitj Book. 67 

Children of Mary Catherine and €eorge Salisbury, 

1 Edna Salisbury, born December 17, 1875. Unmarried, 


2 Wanda Salisbury, born September 20, 1879. Both born in 


George Salisbtiry died Jan. 29, 1883. 

His widow, Mary Catherine (Jenkins) remarried, 
second, Nov. 16, 1884, Asa Packer Wilbur, who died 
Aug. II, 1900, in San Francisco^ California. There 
were no children of second marriage. 

Mary Catherine Wilbur married again, Joseph Gay- 
etta of Pacific Grove, California, and resides there 
(1901) with her husband. 

Seventh Generation. 

Descendants of James H. and Mary {Long) Jenkins. 

Clara S. Powers — Ernst Florin. 

Clara S. Powers^ first daughter of Sarah Elizabeth 
(Jenkins) and Lewis Powers, married Ernst Florin 
of Fall River, Shasta County, California, Nov. 4, 1883. 

Their Children. 

1 Alvin Lewis Florin, born November 23, 1884. 

2 Minnie Inez Florin, born January. 29, 1887. 

3 Elma Augusta Florin, born May 25, 1-890. 

4 Leona Louisa Florin, born April 25, 1893. 

68 • Jenkins Family Book. 

Seventh Generation. 

Emma E. Powers — George D. Heaton. 

Emma E. Powers^ second daughter of Sarah Eliza- 
beth (Jenkins) and Lewis Powers, married George D. 
Heaton of Anderson, Shasta County, CaUfornia, July 

21, 1886. 

Their Children. 

1 Henry Heaton, born September 29, 1889. 

2 Albert Heaton, born July 25, 1891. 

There were also two twin girls who died the same 
month with their mother, less than two months old. 

Emma Elizabeth (Powers) Heaton died Jan. 21, 

Seventh Generation. 
Descendants of James H. and Mary (Long) Jenkins. 

Mary E. Powers — Sylvester McCoy. 

Mary E. Powers, daughter of Sarah Elizabeth 
(Jenkins) and Lewis Powers, married Nov. 28, 1895, 
Sylvester McCoy. Reside (1904) at Knob, Shasta 
County, California. 

. , Their Children. 

1 Aaron Earl McCoy, born December 15, 1897. 

2 Raymond Murle McCoy, born September 4, 1901. 

Jenkins Family Book. 69 

Seventh Generation, 

Descendants of James H. and Mary (Long) Jenkins. 

WiANDA Salisbury — Charles Edwin Grass. 

Wanda Salisbury, second daughter of Mary Cath- 
erine (Jenkins) and. George SaHsbury, married Oct. 
26, 1898, Charles Edwin Grass of Oakland, California. 

One Child. 
Walter Edwin Grass, born December 26, 1901. 








Section Two. 
Third Generation. 

David Jenkins — Martha Armor. 

David Jenkins, first son of John and Rebecca (Mere- 
dith) Jenkins, born July 2, 1731, married Martha Ar- 
mor of Pequea, Lancaster Co., died June 2^, 1797. He 
purchased the Windsor Forges and continued to be 
their proprietor during his Hfe. He was a man of large 
public spirit and influence. Was Major and perhaps 
Colonel in the Revolutionary army. "He was very 
active in organizing opposition to England. Was on 
the Committee of Safety for the county. In January, 
1775, was one of the delegates from his county to a 
Provincial Convention held in Philadelphia, and also 
to a convention held there June i8th of the same year. 
June 25, 1776, he was one of his county's representa- 
tives in a conference of delegates from all the counties 
held in Lancaster. July 4, 1776, he was a member of 
a conference of representatives from the associators of 

Pa. In all references to him concerning these conven- 

74 Jenkins Family Book. 

tions he is styled Major. History of Pa., by Wm. H. 
Egle, pp. 145, 160, 827, etc. 

His descendants have been numerous, and many of 
them of much prominence. His son, Robert, received 
the larger part of the ancestral estates and greatly 
increased them. Martha (Armor) Jenkins died April 
9, 1802. Their children were all born and raised at 
Vv'indsor, and were the following, viz : 

1 John Jenkins, born July 13, 1761, died j'-oung. 

2 Margaret Jenkins, born February 21, 1763, died June 17, 


3 Rebecca Jenkins, born August 4, 1765. 

4 Robert Jenkins, born July 10, 1769. 

5 Margaret Jenkins, born January 11, 1771, married Lewis 

Krieder, died early. 

6 Martha Jenkins, born March 21, 1773, married Jesse 

Lafferty, died early, leaving one child, which died 
soon after. 

7 David Jenkins, born December 19, 1775. 

8 William Jenkins, born July 7, 1779. See record hereafter. 

Fourth Generation. 

Rebecca Jenkins — William Wilson. 

Rebecca Jenkins, daughter of David and Martha 
(Armor) Jenkins, born Aug. 4, 1765, married William 
Wilson, and removed to Botetourt County, Virginia, 
where he died in 1823, leaving his widow, Rebecca, 

Jenkins Family Book. 75 

Children of William and Rebecca (Jenkins) Wilson. 

1 Mary H. Wilson. 

2 Rebecca Wilson, died, no children. 

3 James Wilson. 

4 Julian Wilson, married Walrond. 

5 Harriet Wilson, married Wm. J. Templin. 

6 Judith Wilson, married Rowland. 

7 Martha Wilson, married Jesse Hudson. 

8 William L. Wilson, died, no children. 

9 David J. Wilson, moved to Bristol, Va. 

10 John S. Wilson, moved, perhaps, to Buchanan, Va. 

Fourth Generation, 

Robert Jenkins — Catherine M. Carmichael. 

Robert Jenkins, second son of David and Martha 
(Armor) Jenkins, born July lo, 1769, married 1799 
Catherine M. Carmichael, daughter of Rev. John Car- 
michael of Brandywine Forks, Pennsylvania. Robert 
Jenkins died April 18, 1848, aged 79. His widow died 
Sept. 3, 1856, aged 82. Both buried in Presbyterian 
churchyard, Caernarvon, Lancaster County, Pennsyl- 

Robert Jenkins was a man of very exceptional capac- 
ity, influence and wealth. The Windsor Iron Works, 
with about three thousand acres of land, came to him 
from his father David. This estate he continued to 
own during his life, and largely increased, so that at 
the time of his death his landed estate was appraised 
at $114,000, a large fortune in those days. Besides 

76 Jenkins Family Book. 

which there was much personal property. He was a 
man of public spirit, served in the Pennsylvania Assem- 
bly and was afterwards (1807-1811) an influential 
member of Congress, representing the Lancaster dis- 
trict, then one of the most important in the country. 

His wife, Catherine, was a woman of rare culture, 
and decided Christian character. Her father. Rev. 
John Carmiichael, was a greatly beloved and honored- 
minister, and an active patriot in the trying days of the 

Four of the daughters of Robert and Catherine Jen- 
kins married ministers. A memorial volume written 
by her pastor was published after the decease of Cath- 
erine M. Jenkins, and widely distributed among the 
family relatives. This was a model Christian family. 

Children of Robert and Catherine (Carmichael) Jenkins. 

1 David Jenkins, born December 6, 1800; died May 26, 1850. 

2 Elizabeth Jenkins, born July 2, 1803 ; died November 25. 

3 Martha Jenkins, born July 4, 1805 ; died July 13, 1890. 

4 Phebe Ann Jenkins, born July 11, 1807 ; died 1872. 

5 John Carmichael Jenkins, born December 13, 1809 ; died. 

6 Catherine Jenkins, born April 20, 1812 ; died . 

7 Mary Jenkins, born February 18, 1815 ; died . 

8 Sarah Jenkins, born July 1, 1817; died . 

David Jenkins, No. i above, never married. 
Buried in Caernarvon churchyard. A man of large 
wealth and high character. 

Elizabeth Jenkins, second in foregoing register, 
married, 1834, Philip Wager Reigart, a leading lawyer 

Jenkins Family Book. 77 

of Lancaster. He died, leaving his widow and three 
children. (The Reigart family follows, Nos. i, 2 
and 3) . 

1. Anna Reigert, born , died April 

21, 1900, married 1847, John Haldeman, who 
died some years since leaving eleven children : 
Percy, Sallie who married Robbins, John, Annie 
who married Barber, Franklin, Clifford, Donald, 
Emily who married Caruthers, Philip Wager, 
Robert J. and Harry. There were also Catherine 
and William L., who died in infancy. 

2. Catherine Carmichael Reigart, born 1828, 
married i860, J. S. L. Cummins, who v/as a prac- 
ticing lawyer in New York City for many years, 
retired and spent his late years on the Windsor 
homestead, where he died Aug. 31, 1899. His 
widow and one daughter, (1900) Elizabeth Doug- 
las Cummins, survive. His widow sold the 
Windsor property to her cousin, Miss Blanche 

3. Adam W. Reigart, 'born 1830, died June 10, 
1867, married Sept. 28, 1852, Mary Bender, who 
removed with her family to Chicago, Illinois, in 
1881. She (1900) resided at 5327 Michigan 
Boulevard. Children : Harriet Reigart, mar- 
ried Daniel Dillabaugh, resides at Baker City, 
Oregon; Mary Reigart, married J. W. Kellogg, 
lived at 5518 Emerald Avenue, Chicago; Philip 

78 Jenkins Family Book. 

Wager Reigert, resided at 678 64th Street, Chi- 
cago ; Henrietta Reigart, married Henry M. Stone, 
resided at Port Hastings, Nova Scotia; Catherine 
Carmichael Reigart, married Austin Hopson Lord, 
lived at 5327 Michigan Boulevard, Chicago. The 
eldest child, Elizabeth Jenkins Reigart, died in 
Chicago 1894, There were also Franklin, Ralph 
A. and Anna H., who died in infancy. 

Martha Jenkins, second daughter of Robert and 
Catherine Jenkins, married Rev. John W. Nevin, D.D. 
LL. D., of Caernarvon Place, Lancaster, Pennsylva- 
nia. She was a woman of unusual talent. Left five 
children : Robert Jenkins Nevin, rector of American 
Episcopal Church, Rome, Italy; W. W. Nevin, editor 
for some years of Philadelphia Press ; Blanche Nevin, 
a talented sculptor and artist and the present owner 
of the old Winston homestead ; Martha Finley Nevin, 
who married Robert H. Sayre of New York City, 
and Alice Nevin. 

Phoebe Ann Jenkins married Rev. John W. Scott, 
president of Washington College, Pennsylvania. 

John Carmichael Jenkins, see sketch. 

Catherine Jenkins, married Gen. Hansen Bentley 
Jacobs. His daughter, Kate Jenkins Jacobs, lived at 
Windsor, 1897. 

Miary Jenkins married Rev. William Latta, pastor 
of Honeybrook Church, Chester County, Pennsylva- 

Jenkins Family Book. 79 

nia. Their son^ also Rev. William Latta, was living 
in Chester County in 1893. 

Sarah Jenkins, last child of Robert and Catherine, 
married Rev. Alfred Nevin of Philadelphia. 

The descendants of John Carmichael and An- 
Nis (Dunbar) Jenkins are here given together, 
AS kindly furnished me by their son^ William 
Dunbar Jenkins. 

John Carmichael Jenkins, second son of Robert 
and Catherine M. (Carmichael) Jenkins, born Dec. 
13, 1809, married 1839, Annis Dtmbar, daughter of Dr. 
William Dunbar of Adams County, Mississippi. He 
was a man of fine scholarship, and of independent 
means, a physician and an honored member of many 
scientific societies. Resided at Elgin, near Natchez, 
Mississippi. Died there Oct. 14, 1855. Annis Dun- 
bar Jenkins died Sept. 16, 1855. 

80 Jenkins Family Book. 

Children of John C. and Annis (Dunbar) Jenkins. 

1 Annis Dunbar Jenkins, born August 19, 1840, died Octo- 

ber 23, 1840. 

2 Alice Jenkins, born December 14, 1841. Unmarried. 

3 Mary Dunbar Jenkins, born July 27, 1843. 

4 John Flavel Jenkins, born December 13, 1846. 

5 William Dunbar Jenkins, born September 18, 1849. 

Mary Dunbar Jenkins, third daughter of John Car- 
michael and Annis (Dunbar) Jenkins, married Louis 
Morris Johnston of New York City, Jan. 2i, 1865. 

Their Children. 

1 Louis Dunbar Johnston, born November 22, 1865; died 

November 1, 1866. 

2 Annis Dunbar Johnston, born August 6, 1868. 

John Flavel Jenkins, eldest son of John Carmichael 
and Annis (Dunbar) Jenkins, married Helen Louisa 
Winchester, Nov. 7, 1872, at Natchez, Mississippi. 

Their Children. 

1 John Carmichael Jenkins, born August 7, 1873. 

2 Margaret Graham Jenkins, born October 5, 1874. 

3 Winchester Jenkins, born December 25, 1875. 

4 Julia Dunbar Jenkins, born March 4, 1877. 

5 William Dunbar Jenkins, Jr., born April 6, 1878. 

6 Sturges Sprague Jenkins, born December 26, 1881. 

7 Louise Jenkins, born April 12, 1885. 

8 Frank Winchester Jenkins, born August 4, 1890. 

9 Hyde Rush Jenkins, born June 7, 1894. 
(All born at Natches, Miss.) 

Jenkins Family Book. 81 

Margaret Graham Jenkins married Captain Eugene 

Winchester Jenkins married Nov. 8, 1900, Margaret 

Julia Dunbar Jenkins married Captain Devereux 
Shields of the United States army. He was wounded 
and taken prisoner while serving in the Philippines in 

William Dunbar Jenkins, second son of John 
Carmichael and Annis (Dunbar) Jenkins, born Sept. 
18, 1849, married Henriette Koontz of Natchez, Mis- 

Is by profession a civil engineer, and has and is hav- 
ing charge of the construction of very important works 
for different railroads and corporations. 

Their Children. 

1 Mary Beltzhoover Jenkins, born July 1, 1878. 

2 Annis Dunbar Jenkins, born June 2, 1880. 

3 Archibald Dunbar Jenkins, born January 27, 1884; died 

September 6, 1890. 

The descendants of William and Lydia F. 
(Hubley) Jenkins are here given together as 
kindly furnished the writer by William Dunbar 

William Jenkins, fourth son of Davi4 and Martha 
(Armor) Jenkins, born July 7, 1779, married, Nov. 13, 
1810, Lydia Field Hubley, daughter of Adam Hubley. 
She was born Nov. 13, 1789. They resided in Lancas- 
ter, Pa. He was an eminent lawyer, ranking with 
President Buchanan, Justice Rogers and other strong 
men of Eastern Pennsylvania of that era. 


1 Lydia Hubley Jenkins, born November 8, 1811. 

2 Ellen Julia Jenkins, born June 13, 1813. 

3 Mary Read Jenkins, born January 18, 1815. 

4 William Oswald Jenkins, born December 2, 1816 ; died 1841. 

5 Adam Hubley Jenkins, born January 1, 1819. 

6 Martha Armor Jenkins, born June 26, 1820. 

7 Richard Stockton Jenkins, born May 19, 1822; died young. 

8 Robert Emmet Jenkins, born March 3, 1824; died young. 

9 Ann Rosina Jenkins, born January 27, 1826. 

10 James Buchanan Jenkins, born August 21, 1828; died. 

11 Catherine Carmichael Jenkins, born October 8, 1830 ; never 


12 Richard Stockton Jenkins, born November 14, 1832. 


Jenkins Family Booh-. 83 

Memoranda Concerning the Foregoing Family. 

Ellen Julia Jenkins, married William Bush Fordney 
of Lancaster, Pa., and had four children. 

Mary Read Jenkins, married Beverly Robinson of 
New York City, and Rad eleven children. 

Adam Hubley Jenkins, moved to one of the Caroli- 
nas, where he married and had a large family. There 
were several sons. One of these, Wilson Jenkins, 
practiced lav/ for many years at Camden, N. J. 

Martha Armor Jenkins, married James Buchanan 
Lane of Lancaster, Pa., a nephew of President Buch- 
anan, and had nine children. 

Ann Rosina Jenkins, married James W. Blatchford 
of New York City, and had two children. 

James Buchanan Jenkins, married and had 

one child, William Potter Jenkins, who died young. 

Richard Stockton Jenkins, held for many years the 
office of Prosecutor of the Pleas for Camden County, 
New Jersey. Died about 1891. Never married. 

Lydia Hubley Jenkins, first daughter of William 
and Lydia F. (Hubley) Jenkins, married Thomas Ful- 
ler Potter, of Princeton, N. J. 

Their Children. 

1 John Potter. 

2 Mary Potter, died young. 

3 William Hubley Potter. 

84 Jenkins Family Book. 

John Potter, married Helen Norris of Philadelphia. 
He died several years ago, leaving two children : 

1 Maud Potter. 

2 Thomas Fuller Potter. 

William Hubley Potter, married his cousin, Ellen 
Fordney. They have had the following children : 

1 William Hubley Potter, unmarried. 

2 Ellen Julia Potter, died young, 

3 Beverly Robinson Potter, unmarried. 

4 Alice Potter, unmarried. 

Ellen Julia Jenkins, second daughter of William 
and Lydia F. (Hubley) Jenkins, married William 
Bush Fordney of Lancaster, Pa. 

Their Children; 

1 Mary Fordney. 

2 Thomas Potter Fordney 

3 Ellen Fordney. 

4 William Jenkins Fordney. 

Mary Fordney, married Samuel Henry Reynolds 
and had five children, as follows : 

1 William Frederick Reynolds, married and resides at 

Bellefonte, Pa. 

2 Ellen Reynolds, married Frank Harris of Woonsocket, 

Rhode Island. 

3 Samuel Henry Reynolds, married Susan Eberman and 

has one child, Samuel Henry Reynolds. 

4 Mary Reynolds, married Caleb Eugene Montgomery, of 

Jenkins Family Book. 85 

Lancaster, Pa., and has one child, Frederick Rey- 
nolds Montgomery. 
5 Maud Reynolds, unmarried. 

Thomas Potter Fordney, married Ida Coxe and had 
four children, as follows : ' 

1 Ellen Julia Fordney. 

2 Thomas Potter Fordney. 

3 Mary Reynolds Fordney. 

4 Sarah Coxe. 

Ellen Fordney, married her cousin, William Hubley 
Potter, and had four children, as before stated. 

William Jenkins Fordney is unmarried. 

Mary Read Jenkins, third daughter of William and 
Lydia F. (Hubley) Jenkins, married Beverly Robinson 
of New York City. 

Their Children. 

1 Beverly Robinson, born January 7, 1838, died May 30,, 


2 Philip Palmer Robinson, born Sept. 3, 1839, died June^ 

30, 1889. 

3 Lydia Potter Robinson, died young. 

4 Robert Emmet Robinson, born August 19, 1843. 

5 Mary Hubley Robinson. 

6 Frederick Philipse Robinson, died young. 

7 Fanny Duer Robinson, 

8 John Robert Rhinelander Robinson. 

9 George Duer Robinson, died young. 

10 Maud DeLancey Robinson, died young. 

11 Walter DeLancey Robinson, born February, 1861. 

86 Jenkins Family Book. 

Beverly Robinson, first son of first above, married 
Eliza Grade King and had four children, as follows : 

1 Adeline King Robinson, unmarried. 

2 Beverly Robinson, unmarried. 

3 Maud DeLancey Robinson. 

4 Rufus King Robinson. 

Philip Palmer Robinson, married Ella Ferguson and 
had two children, as follows : 

1 Frances Duer Robinson. 

2 Ethel Robinson. 

Robert Emmet Robinson, married Julia Eliza Smith 
and had two children, as follows : 

1 Julia Beverly Robinson, born September 5, 1872, un- 


2 Beverly William Robinson, born December 21, 1873. 

Mary Htibley Robinson, is unmarried. 

Fanny Duer Robinson, married William H. Davidge 
and has one child, Frances Duer Davidge. , 

Walter DeLancey Robinson is unmarried. 

Martha Armor Jenkins, fourth daughter of William 
and Lydia F. (Hubley) Jenkins, married her relative, 
James Buchanan Lane of Lancaster, Pa. 

Jenkins Family Book. 87 


1 Jane Buchanan Lane, died young. 

2 William Jenkins Lane, died young. 

3 Mary Lane, died young. 

4 John Newton Lane. 

5 James Buchanan Lane. 

6 Ellen Lane, died young. 

7 Martha Lane, died young. 

8 Richard Stockton Lane, died young. 

9 Elliot Eskridge Lane. 

John Newton Lane, married Louisa Sand's of Belle- 
fonte, Pa., and has four children, as follows : 

1 James Buchanan Lane. 

2 Martha Lane. 

3 John Henry Lane. 

4 Frederick Eskridge Lane. 

James Buchanan Lane, married Thomasine Thomas 
and has one child, Richard Stockton Lane. 
Elliot Eskridge Lane is unmarried. 





Who are also Descendants of David and 
Martha (Armor) Jenkins. 

Fourth Generation. 

David Jenkins — Mary D. McCalmont. 

David Jenkins, third son of David and Martha 
(Armor) Jenkins, born Dec. 19, 1775, married Mary D. 
McCalmont. Resided near Churchtown, Pennsylva- 
nia. Died April 23, 1840, leaving his widow surviv- 
ing, who died Dec. 20, 1841. Both buried at Church- 
town, Pennsylvania. 


1 Harriet Jenkins, born November 15, 1800. 

2 Isaac M. Jenkins, born January 20, 1803. 

3 Martha Jenkins, born 13, 1805. 

4 Rebecca Jenkins, born November 18, 1807. 

5 Catherine Carmichael Jenkins, born July 30, 1810. 

6 Robert Smith Jenkins, born June 23, 1812. 

7 William Meredith Jenkins, born March 23, 1814; died 

October 27, 1901. 

8 Mary Hubly Jenkins, born March 26, 1817; died May 4, 


9 Sarah A. Jenkins, born June 23, 1819. 

10 John Smith Jenkins, born July 30, 1822; died September 

21, 1823. 


92 Jenkins Family Book. 

David Jenkins was left by his father a good farm, 
and was well settled in life; but he became involved 
along with his nephew, George Jenkins, on account of 
the erection of a costly mill, and perhaps by reason of 

The descendants of David and Mary D. (Mc- 
Calmont) Jenkins are here given together,, as 
kindly furnished the writer by Mr. Isaac Jen- 
kin Jenkins of El Paso^ III. 

Harriet, first daughter of David and Mary D. (Mc- 
Calmont) Jenkins, born November 15, 1800, died 1884, 
married, first, Adam Hoar, who died, and she married, 
second, Mr. Phillips. She resided at Churchtown, 
Pa. Her children are all by first husband, and vv^ere: 

Jenkins Family Book. 93 


1 Bentley Hoar. 

2 William Hoar. 

3 Mary Hoar. 

4, David Hoar, married, first, Lucretia Way, who died 
had one child. 

5 Sarah Hoar, maried Mr. Bennett. They had one daugh- 
ter, Mary, who married Mr. Fall and resides at Lima, O. 

6, Margaret Hoar, married William Davidson Linville, 
who died in 1898, aged 82. She is now in her eighty-second 
year and resided, 1900, at No. 1918 Deming Place, Chicago. 

Her Children : 

(1) Howard, who married Anna Unkefer and died in 
September, 1896, leaving children, Daisy D., who mar- 
ried Ensign Norton, Bertrand, Phineas M. and Mar- 

(2) William, who married Clara Downs and lives at 
South Bend, Ind. Has no children. 

(3) Margaret, who married Thomas M. Weisman, lives 
at Urbana, O., and has children, (l) Lucile, (2) Joseph 
Eugene, (3) Thomas Linville and (4) Margaret 

(4) Joseph, who married Martha J. Guthridge and lives 
at 1918 Deming Place, Chicago, and has children, (1) 
Nettie, married J. Arthur Colburn, and they have one 
child, Leota, four years old, (2) Hattie, who married 
J. E. Garman and lives in Chicago, (3) Benjamin J. 
and (4) Estelle, both reside at 1918 Deming Place and 
are unmarried. 

Isaac M. Jenkins, first son of David and Mary D. 
(McCalmont) Jenkins, born at Churctitown, Pa., Jan- 

94 Jenkins Family Book. 

nary 20, 1803, died at El Paso, 111.., December 15, 
1879. Came to Peoria, 111., in 1836, married at Mor- 
ris, 111., May 12, 1853, Caroline Bicking. She was 
born at Coatsville, Pa., June 29, 1832, and is the 
daughter of Frederick and Julianna (Fisher) Bicking. 
She lives (1900) at El Paso, 111. 

Their Children. 

1 David Jenkins, born at Kickapoo, 111., Feb. 15, 1854, 
died at El Paso, III, January 31, 1860. 

2 Frederick William Jenkins, born at same, Aug. 9, 1856, 
died at El Paso, 111., February 5, 1860. 

3 George Jenkins, born at El Paso, 111., March 21, 1859, 
died at El Paso, 111., January 29, 1860. 

4 Isaac Jenkin Jenkins, born September 21, 1861, married 
at El Paso, 111., May 14, 1889, Katharine Louise Stock, chil- 
dren: Clement Melville, born April 5, 1890, Caroline Mary, 
born Feb. 23, 1894, and son born Dec. 10, 1898 and died Dec. 
23, 1898, and Theodore Robert Jenkins, born Nov. 28, 1901. 
David Meredith Jenkins born Aug. 20, 1903. 

5 Anna Jenkins, born Dec. 28, 1864, married March 1, 
1893, John W. Stephenson, at San Bernandino, Cal. Children: 
Hugh Jenkins Stephenson, born Dec. 8, 1893, Lee, born May 
15, 1895, Roy, born June 30, 1897, Earl, born July 21, 1898, 
Esther Stephenson, born July 28, 1901. 

6 Mary Jenkins, born March 16, 1867, married October 4, 
1898. Wilson Allen Hart of La Junta, Colorado, children: 
Robert Allen Hart, born December 14, 1899, Mayme Esther 
Hart, Oct. 10, 1901. 

7 Robert Lee Jenkins, born December 14, 1869. Resides 
(1900) Kewaukee, 111. 

8 Katherine Esther Jenkin.s, born September 14, 1873. Re- 
sides (1900) El Paso, 111. 

Jenkins Family Book. 95 

The first two born at Kickapoo, 111., the others all at El 
Paso, where the family has resided since 1857. 

Isaac M. Jenkins, with his two brothers, William 
and Robert, came to Illinois from Pennsylvania in 
1836. They took up land along the Kickapoo, adjoin- 
ing the grounds of Jubilee College, which was their 
post office address in the early days of Bishop Chase. 
In 1853 they removed to the town of Kickapoo, where 
they kept a store. In 1857 they again removed to El 
Paso and opened the first store in that place. The 
building still stands (1900). Isaac and William were 
partners in the store. William was the first post- 
master there. Robert was by trade a carpenter. The 
family has been one of the most prominent in that 
locality since the first settlement there. 

Note. — Isaac Jenkin Jenkins, the fourth child, was 
postmaster of El Paso 1892-1896, is a man of large 
means and a leading citizen in that community. 

— R. E. J. 

Martha, second daughter of David and Mary D. 
(McCalmont) Jenkins, born at Churchtown, Pa., 1805, 
married Lot Rogers, whose twin brother, Evan, mar- 
ried her sister, Catherine. Resides at Churchtown. 


1 Rachel Rogers, married Samuel Lincoln of Churchtown, 
and had four children: (1) James, (2) Patty, (3) Margaret, 
who died, (4) Linford Rogers Lincoln, who married Miss 

2 Rebecca Rogers, married C. Roberts and resides Ebens- 

96 Jenkins Family Book. 

burg, Pa. Several children: (1) Mattie, who died, (2) Mary, 
(3) Butler and others. 

3 Kate, resides at Churchtown, unmarried (1900). 

There were some other children of Martha (Jenkins) 
Rogers, all of whom died young. 

Rebecca, third daughter of David and Mary D. 
(McCalmont) Jenkins, born at Churchtown, Pa., Nov. 
1 8, 1807, died Nov. 28, 1876, married James McCaa 
of Churchtown: Children: (i) David, (2) Wil- 
liam and (3) Annie. All married and had children. 

Catherine Carmichael, fourth daughter of David and 
Mary D. (McCalmont) Jenkins, born at Churchtown 
July 30, 1 8 10, died June, 1870, married Evan Rogers, 
twin brother of Lot, already mentioned. Resided at 

Their Children : 

1 D. Linford Rogers, born January 8, 1837, died May 21, 
1899. He came to Illinois in 1855, was employed in his uncles' 
store at El Paso, and was afterward a prominent stock buyer 
there. Never married. 

2 Thornton Rogers, born died in Wichita, Kan- 
sas. Married Cynthia Fridley of El Paso and left several 
children, viz: (l) George, born Feb. 28, 1870, married Mary 
Lawrence, who died leaving one son, Lawrence, (2) Bessie, 
born May, 1873, (3) Rogers, (4) Kate, who married in 1899 

Homicker, and (5) Samuel. All reside at Wichita, 


3 Fannie Rogers, married Thompson and resides 

at Ebensburgh, Pa. Children: (1) Walter, (2) John, (3) 
Mary. . 

Jenkins Family Book. 97 

4 James M. Rogers, married Alice Adams of EI Paso, 111,, 
resides at Wichita, Kansas, has children, one son, Clayton, 
died in 1901, Ruth- and Victor Jenkins. 

5. Mary Rogers, died in infancy. 

Robert, second son of David and Mary D. (McCal- 
mont) Jenkins, born at Churchtown, Pa., June 23, 
18 12, died at Mossville, 111., 18 — . He came to Peoria 
in 1836 with his brothers, Isaac M. and William (see 
statement under Isaac). He married Melinda Kin- 
dred and had seven children, viz : 

1 Mary Jenkins, born at Kickapoo, III, married Mr. Sell- 
ers. They have a number of children. 

2 William Jenkins, married and has a family. 

3 John Jenkins, married and has a family. 

4, Jefferson D. Jenkins, born at El Paso May 20, 1861, 
married Diickie Ross, lives at El Paso and has five children: 
(1) Edith, (2) Adeline, (3) Grover Cleveland, (4) 
Julius, (5) Karl. 

5, Kate. 

6 Andrew. 

7 James. 

Williami, third son of David and Mary D. (McCal- 
mont) Jenkins, born at Churchtown, Pa., March 23, 
1814, removed to Illinois in 1837, married Mary E. 
Bainbridge at El Paso 111., 1861, removed to Califor- 
nia in 1884 and settled at San Bernardino, where he 
died October 2y, 1901. He was first postmaster at El 
Paso, 111., and kept a general store there for a number 
of vears. 

98 Jenkins Family Book. 


1 David Jenkins, born January 6, 1863, unmarried, lives 
at Los Angeles, Cal. 

2 Frederick Meredith Jenkins, born Sept. 6, 1865, mar- 
ried Mary Boone of Berrien Springs, Mich., April 6, 1898, 
resides at San Bernardino, and has two children, Frederick 
Boone Jenkins, born April 11, 1899, and Paul David, born 
November 36, 1900. 

3 William, died young. 

Sarah A., fifth daughter of David and Mary D. 
(McCalmont) Jenkins, born June 23, 1819, at Church- 
town, Pa., where she died February 17, 1900. She 
married, November 25, 1838, Abraham Lincoln. Of 
this marriage there was one child, Elizabeth Lincoln, 
born November 10, 1840, who lives at Churchtown, 

Abraham Lincoln was the son of James and Eliza- 
beth J. Lincoln, and was born near Churchtown, July 
12, 1812, died at Whitehall in same locality, February 
II, 1900. One of his ancestors, it is said, was a 
brother of John Lincoln, who removed to Virginia 
about 1765, and was grandfather of the martyr Pres- 



Ramho Ancestors^ 






I — Peter Gunnarson Rambo. 

Peter Gunnarson Rambo, born in Gottenberg, Swe- 
den, about 1605, died in Philadelphia, 1698. He came 
to America with Minuit in 1638, settled on the Dela- 
ware, was an important figure in the government of 
New Sweden until the conquest of that Province by 
the Dutch, was one of the two deputies sent to Peter 
Stuyvesant to answer his demand for surrender. He 
was also an official under the Dutch regime, and when 
the colony, along with New Amsterdam, passed to the 
Duke of York, he was a member of the Council of 
Captain Carr, the Governor. In 1674 he was a Justice 
of the Peace, and one of the first to sit in the historic 
Upland Court. He held other offices previous to, and 
subsequently under William Penn when he became the 
Proprietor of Pennsylvania. He was friendly to and 
popular with the Indians, and often acted as official 
interpreter between them and the English. He and 
his family were well known to William' Penn, and are 
referred to in Penn's correspondence in 1684 and later. 

His will is dated August 30, 1694, and was proved 


102 Jenkins Family Book. 

in Philadelphia, November 19, 1698. The name of his 
wife is not known. He left a large number of descend- 
ants. 'Some of his children were : Gunnar, born 
about 1649; Peter, Andrew, John, born 1661, and 
Catherine, who married Peter Matson. He owned dif- 
ferent tracts of land at different periods. He was one 
of the founders, and a staunch supporter of Christian 
institutions along* the Delaware, and was for many 
years a warden of the celebrated Old Swede's Church 
in Philadelphia. The worship of this church was 
Episcopalian in form, and it later became one of the 
recognized members of the local diocese. 

Pa. Mag. 2, 333, 335; 3, 94, 402; 8, 151, 156— 
Annals of the Sv/edes by J. C. Clay, 167 ; Bean's Hist. 
Montgomery Co., 127; Pa. Archives 19, 349; Haz- 
ard's Annals 447, 463. 

Bible names are exceedingly common among his 
descendants, and the Rambo name is closely interwoven 
with church history among that people through suc- 
ceeding generations. 

He had a sister living in Gottenberg m 1692 — 
(Annals of the Swedes, 40.) 

He antedated William Penn on the Delaware more 
than forty years. ^ 

n — ^GuNNAR Rambo — Anna Cock. 

Gunnar Rambo, born on the Delaware in New Swe- 
den in 1649, married Anna, daughter of Peter Larson 

Jenkins Family Book. 103 

Cock, died in 1724, buried in churchyard of Old 
Swede's Church. He was a large land owner, was a 
member of the first grand jury under William Penn's 
government, and in 1685 was a member of the Penn- 
sylvania Assemibly ; was on the first tax list of Philadel- 
phia. He removed to Upper Merion about 1712. 

Children : — Peter, John, Gunnar, Monnce, Gabriel, Andrew, 
Matthias, Elias. 

(Pa. Mag. 2, 226, 341 ; 3, 94; 8, 96) ; 
(Pa. Archives 19, 476) ; 
(Watson's Annals 2, 298.) 

Peter Rambo, son of John, born 1694, married Chris- 
tine Keen. 

Cock Ancestors — Peter Larson Cock, father of 
Anna, was born in Sweden in 161 1, came to New 
Sweden in 1641, (Pa. Mag. 3, 94, 464), died 1688. 
He w^as one of the foremost men in the settlement, 
held many offices, was a large land owner. He had 
six sons and as many daughters. Among these were 
the said Anna, Captain Lawrence, Brita, who married 
John Rambo, brother of Gunnar. The name was also 
spelled Kock, and among his very numerous descend- 
ants came to be anglicized into Cox. Pa. Mag., vol. 
3, p. 94; Plazard's Annals, p. 394. It is very evident 
from the history of that early period, that Peter Gun- 
narson Rambo and Peter Larson Cock were two of the 
principal and best men in the settlement, and hence 

104 Jenkins Family Book. 

they were often together on official boards and com- 

Ill — Gabriel Rambo. 

Gabriel Rambo, born in Philadelphia, 1688, name of 
wife not known. He lived in Upper Merion. 

Left children : Matthias, Gabriel, Andrew, Chris- 
tian (daughter) and Martha. These two daughters 
married, respectively, Jacob and Moses Cox (broth- 
ers). ^ 

IV — ^Matthias Rambo — Jane . 

Matthias Rambo, born 1716 in Upper Merion, died 
October 10, 1782. His eldest son was Ezekiel. 

The foregoing line of descent is established by the 
recitals in a deed from Matthias Rambo and Jane, his 
wife, to his son, Ezekiel. This deed, dated January i, 
1773, is of record in Recorder's office for Montgomery 
County at Norristown, in Book 4, p. 202. It recites 
that Gunnar Rambo, grandfather of said Matthias, 
granted and sold to his son, Gabriel, ''father of said 
Matthias," certain lands, and that these are now in 
consideration of good willand parental affection con- 
veyed to their son, Ezekiel. 

V. — Ezekiel Rambo — Elizabeth Matson. 

Ezekiel Rambo, born in Upper Merion, married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Matson. Ezekiel Rambo, 

Jenkins Family Book. 105 

like his ancestors, was a good, substantial, well-to-do 
citizen. The fact that land continued in the family 
through so many generations indicates their prudence 
and thrift. He was probably a member of the Baptist 
Church. His body was buried in the Baptist cemetery 
about ten miles from Christina, Pa. 

He was a soldier in the Revolution, a private in 
Captain Amos Sturges' Company, First Battalion Phil- 
adelphia Militia (I Pa. Associates and Militia, 719). 
Upper Merion was then in Philadelphia County. 
There were three other Rambos in that company. The 
Sturges family resided in the same neighborhood. 


John, born 1778. 

Joseph, born July, 21, 1779. 

Nathan, born 1781. 

Anna, born 1783.' 

Elizabeth, born 1785. 



Matson Ancestors. 

Peter Matson, father of Elizabeth, was of the well known 
family, which gave name to Matson's Ford across the Schuyl- 
kill. He died 1778, leaving eight children and a large estate. 
He was probably descended from Peter Matson, who married 
Catherine Rambo, (No. 1.) 

In the History of Montgomery County, by Theodore 
W. Bean, p. 126, it is stated : "Nils Matson was a 
native of Sweden and very probably the ancestor of 

106 Jenkins Family Book. 

John Matson, mentioned In the Hst in 1693. The lat- 
ter is represented at that date as having eleven persons 
in his family. One of the same name, who VN^as prob- 
ably a son, is represented as having moved into Upper 
Merion on a large tract of land adjoining Lower 
Merion. As the country became settled a ford was 
established here and thus received the name of Mat- 
son's Ford. During the Revolution the American 
army crossed several times at this place. It was then 
owned by Peter Matson, and on his death the land was 
divided among his sons, leaving each a farm." 

VI — Joseph Rambo — Hui-dah Morris. 

Joseph Rambo, born July 21, 1779, died July 23, 
1850, buried in Reading cemetery, married Huldah 
Morris, daughter of William Morris. The Morrises 
were English Quakers (see IMorris ancestors). He 
was by trade a blacksmith. Children of this marriage : 
(i) Morris, born Decemiber 14, 1809, who resided at 
Reading, Pa., most of his life, died in New York City, 
July 29, 1894, leaving many descendants. His daugh- 
ter, Huldah, married John F. Boyer of Reading, died 
November 10, 1895, leaving a large family of children 
and grandchildren. (2) William G., died, unmar- 
ried. (3) Elizabeth, born February 26, 1813. 

Huldah (Morris) Rambo, died in Philadelphia, 
18 1 5, and Joseph, married, second, Elizabeth Sturd 
and left a number of children, among whom were 

Jenkins Family Book. 107 

Sarah, who married WilHam James McKim; Thomas, 
Joseph, Morgan, Isaiah, Hanas and George W. Mrs. 
Sarah McKim died January ii, 1902, at Christiana, 
Pa., aged 83. 

VII — Robert Jenkins — Elizabeth Rambo. 

Robert Jenkins, born February 11, 1816, married 
EHzabeth Rambo March 30, 1837, in Chester County, 
Pennsylvania. She died October 11, 1846. They re- 
moved soon after marriage to Clark County, Missouri, 
where both resided until their decease. (See Jenkins 

Descendants of Morris Rambo. 

Morris Rambo, first son of Joseph and Huldah 
(Morris) Rambo, married Barbara Ann Wunder, 
resided at Reading, Pa. ^ 


(1) Joseph; (2) William G. (3) Howard; (4) Alexander 
H.; (5) John; (6) Huldah; and (7) EHzabeth. 

Of these children, (i) Joseph was a soldier in the 
Civil War, died in Evansville, Ind., left a family; (2) 
William G. was also a soldier in the Civil War, died 
in the Soldiers' Home at Hampton, Va., left one son 
and one daughter; (3) Eloward was living in 1900 at 
Maiden, 111., had three sons and one daughter; (4) 
Alexander H. was also four years in the Civil War, 
and was living in 1900 at Maiden, 111. He has one 

108 Jenkins Family Book. 

son, Alexander H. Jr., who served in the army in the 
Philippines and was in 1900 • in Wardner, Idaho. 
Alexander H., St., has also two daughters; (5) John 
died in Wilkesbarre, Pa., was also a soldier in Civil 
War, left one son and one daughter; (6) Huldah (see 
below^) ; (7) Elizabeth died unmarried in New York 
August 26, 1894. 

(6) Huldah, daughter of Morris Rambo, married, October 
14, 1856, John F. Boyer of Reading, Pa. She died there 
November 10, 1895. and he died May 10, 1900. Children ol 
John F. and Huldah (Rambo) Boyer: 

(1) Morris Rambo Boyer, born July 12, 1857; married, 

March 15, 1881, Lillie Sweitzer. They reside in 
Reading, and have (1902) four children. 

(2) Henry Keely Boyer, born Oct. 13, 1858; married, May 

19, 1902, Mrs. Fredk. Townsend. They reside at 
Sunnybrook farm, Winsted, Litchfield County, Conn. 

(3) Lizzie Rambo Boyer, born July 2, 1860; married, June 

9, 1891, Jacob William Wampler. They reside in 
Saint Paul, Minn., and have two daughters. 

(4) Ida Louisa Boyer, born Oct. 23, 1861; married, June 

10, 1885, Rev. Alexander James Derleyshire Haupt, 
youngest son of Gen. Herman Haupt. They reside 
in Saint Paul, Minn., and have five children, viz: 
Edith, Margaret, James, John and George. 

(5) Katie Lucretia Boyer, born Aug. 10, 1863; married, 

Oct. 31, 1894, David DeNoylles Milburn. They re- 
side at Haverstraw, N. Y. 

(6) Barbara Ann Boyer, born July 21, 1865; married, 

March, 1885, Walter Sterling Hamaker. They reside 
in Reading and have one child living. 

Jenkins Family Book. 109 

(7) Susan Valeria Boyer, born Dec. 19, 1866, died Sep- 

tember, 1896. 

(8) Ella May Boyer, born Nov. 19, 1868; unmarried. 

(9) Huldah Boyer, born Feb. 20, 1871; unmarried. 

(10) Laura Virginia Boyer, born April 21, 1872; married, 

Dec. 22, 1898, George William Sargent. They reside 
in Reading, and have one daughter living. 

(11) Blanche Boyer, born March 10, 1877; married, April, 

1901, Charles Williams. There were, also, John, 
Belle and Charles Robert, who died in infancy. 

As history has been so often silent, the following is 
appended concerning 


It has been said that geographers and historians, 
"while they had been very particular in detailing the 
circumstances connected with the arrival and settle- 
ment of the English on the James River, and of the 
Pilgrims in New England, had scarcely mentioned 
that there was ever such a colony as the Swedes on the 

There is so much truth in this charge, that people 
generally regard William Penn and his colonists as 
the first settlers of Pennsylvania. But the Swedes had 
been there for forty years before Penn came. Gus- 
tavus Adolphus, Sweden's greatest king, and one of 
the greatest of all timie and all nations, cherished the 
purpose and took measures to found a colony in the 

110 Jenkins Family Book. 

New World. Under his inspiration, a commercial 
company was incorporated in 1626, with its head- 
quarters at Gottenberg. Says Bancroft, the projectors 
declared: ''Other nations employed slaves in their 
colonies; and slaves cost a great deal, labor with reluc- 
tance, and soon perish from hard usage; the Swedish 
nation is laborious and intelligent, and surely we shall 
gain more by a free people with wives and children." 

Sweden was then one of the most powerful nations 
of Europe. Gustavus kept the enterprise well in mind 
and warmly commended it to the people of Germany 
only a few days before his death in the battle of Lut- 
zen, ''in which Protestantism won a most signal vic- 
tory, but its immortal leader was killed." Oxensteirn, 
the distinguished Chancellor of Adolphus, "took up 
the idea of the American colony, and continued to ear- 
nestly promote the enterprise, and to him is due the 
first permanent colonization on the banks of the Dela- 
w^are." The expedition thus encouraged, sailed from 
Gottenberg late in 1637, under Peter Minuit, and 
landed on the Delaware early in the spring of 1638. 
It comprised a clergyman and about fifty settlers. 
They purchased land from the Indians extending 
along the river as far up as the falls where Trenton 
is now situated. Thus New Sweden began. Others 
came in 1641, and from time to time, although the 
total number never reached more than one thousand. 
The settlement prospered under successive Swedish 
governors, the Indians were treated justly, and there 

Jenkins Family Book. Ill 

was continual peace. The colonists were sober, hon- 
est, industrious, religious. 

But this portion of America was claimed by 
the Dutch, and was known as the South River 
Country, in contradistinction to that of the 
North River at New Amisterdam. Sweden had 
been unfortunate in her European wars — Vv^as not able 
to defend the colony, and as a final result an expedi- 
tion came in overwhelming force under Peter Stuyve- 
sant, the Dutch Governor at the mouth of the Hudson, 
which forced the surrender of the Swedes in Septem- 
ber, 1655. This changed the government of the col- 
ony, but not its population. Again in 1664, when the 
English made conquest of New Amsterdam, this Swe- 
dish settlement passed under new sovereignty, and its 
people became the loyal and dutiful supporters of the 
Duke of York, and of Robert Carr, Governor of the 
South River Country. 

In 168 1 William Penn received his grant, and in 
1682 he made his first visit to Pennsylvania. Until 
that time there had been but few white people, except 
the Swedes, in all the Vv^ide expanse of his new province. 
After his coming, the Swedish settlers continued to be 
among the best of his colonists, and to merit his warm 
interesf and friendship. He wrote from London in 
1684 to the President of the Council : "Salute me to 
the Swedes, Captain Cock, Old Peter Cock, and 
Rambo * * -^ and their sons." * h< * ^'j i^iust 
need commend the Swede's respect to authority, and 
their kind behavior to the English. * * * As they 

113 Jenkins Family Book. 

are a people proper and strong of body, so they have 
fine children, and almost every house full." * * * 
''I see few young men more sober and industrious." 

Thus, with this worthy, religious people for its first 
citizens, the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania was 
founded. A writer upon old Philadelphia in Harper's 
Monthly for April, 1876, says : ''There the Swan- 
sons, Keens, Bengstens, Kocks, and Rambos lived."_ 
''The Swedes and Friends did not like the Puritans 
shake the forests with their hymns of lofty cheer, nor 
din the ears of succeeding generations with tales of the 
persecutions from which they fled, but they quietly 
made their little village (Philadelphia) the only home 
of religious liberty then in the New V/orld." 

Bancroft estimated that the descendants of these 
original settlers amounted to about one in two hun- 
dred of the population of our country, and concerning 
the orisfinal colonv savs : 


''They cherished the calm earnestness of religious 
feeling; they revered the bonds of family, and the 
purity of morals ; their children under every disad- 
vantage of v.^ant of teachers and of Swedish books, 
were well instructed. A love for Sweden, their dear 
mother country and the abiding sentiment of loyalty 
towards its sovereign, continued to distinguish the lit- 
tle band; at Stockholm they remained for a century 
the objects of a disinterested and generous regard; 
aiiection united them in the New World, and a part of 

Jenkins Family Book. 113 

their descendants still preserve their altars and their 
dwellings around the graves of their fathers." 

Bancroft's U. S.', vol. 2, 288, 298, etc. 

Annals of the Swedes. 

Bean's History Montgomery Co., etc. 

March 30, 1^3, there was dedicated in the city of 
Wilmington, Del., a granite monument to mark the. 
first permanent landing place on the Delaware of the 
Swedes who came with Minuit. The stone bears the 
following inscription : "This stone is a portion of the 
rocks on which the first Swedish colonists in America 
landed March 29, 1638. On this spot stood Fort 
Christiana. Here were held the first civil court, and 
in the chapel of the fort the Swedes celebrated the 
Christian v/orship in the New World. Erected by the 
Delaware Society of Colonial Dames March 29, 1903." 
The dedication services were held on the 30th because 
the 29th was Sunday. Full accounts were published 
in the Wilmington Morning News. This landing 
place is located in the city of Wilmington, and the pre- 
cise date of the great historic event was only recently 
discovered in an old document in Sweden. Here was 
the first beginning of the three States of Pennsylva- 
nia, Delaware and New Jersey. The scholarly ad- 
dress of the occasion was made by the Chief Justice 
of the Deleware Supreme Court, Charles B. Lore. 
Among other things, he said : 

"The first colonists in 1638 consisted almost entirely 

114 Jenkins Family Book. 

of Swedes and Finns, comprising farmers, traders, 
mechanics and soldiers." 

"The New World received no better people than the 
Swedes and Finns on the Delaware." 

"It is remarkable that during the whole period of 
the Swedish dominion * ^ * there is no evidence 
that a single human being lost his life in hostile con- 

"The conduct of the Swedish colonists toward the 
Indians bordering on their settlement, was not only 
consonant with the requirements of truth and justice, 
but with the dictates of a sound and enlightened policy 
as was found by happy experience. Their honesty, 
their kindness, their friendly deportment, disposed the 
Indians to peace. * * * The maintenance of such 
an intercourse so won their affection that they used to 
call the Swedes "their ow^n people." 

"Companius, speaking of the natives, says : 'They 
are very courteous in their behavior and fond of oblig- 
ing the Swedes. They take great pains to help them, 
and to prevent any harm happening to them. In this 
happ}^ state the colonists found a rich reward for their 
kind and nobe conduct toward the poor unlettered 
natives. Instead of a life of tenor and alarm — of war 
and all its horrors — the honest Swede could eat his 
bread in peace, and after the toils of the day, lay down 
his head in quietness, fearless of a midnight attack; 
undisturbed by dreams of the tomahawk and scalping 

Jenkins Family Book. 115 

**While in extent and population it was the least of 
any of the colonies; yet in the seope, liberality and 
humanity of its- design, New Sweden stood at the 
head of the American colonies." 

With an experience of forty years among white 
men of such honesty and uprightness, it can be well 
understood why William Penn found the Indians so 
kindly disposed when he arrived, and experienced no 
difficulty in continuing the same policy of justice and 
honor during his administration. 

Morris Ancestors. 

I — Thomas Morris — Janet . 

Thomas Morris, first settled in Byberry within the 
present lim.its of Philadelphia before 1700. The fam- 
ily were English Friends. In 1706 he bought of 
Nicholas More 105 acres in Moreland and removed 
there. In the deed he is designated as of Philadelphia 
County. In 1721 he removed to Hilltovvu, Bucks 
County, Pa., where he bought 300 acres. In his will, 
dated August 25, 1743, he says he is "aged and weak 
in body." He died 1747. His v/ife, Janet, survived 



Cadwallader, Thomas, Isaac. 

II — Cadwallader Morris — Elizabeth ^Iorgan. 

Cadwallader Morris, probably born in England, 
supposed to have lived successively at Byberry, More- 

116 Jenkins Family Book. 

land, Gwynedd and Hilltown, married, 1710, Elizabeth 
Morgan, probably of Gwynedd. No record of his 
children other than Morris. 

Ill — Morris Morris — ^Gwenthleen Thomas. 

Morris Morris, born 1712, died 1767, married, 1736, 
Gwenthleen Thomas, who w^as born 17 16 and died 
1785. She was daughter of Rev. William Thomas, 
and was a woman of great force of character. They 
resided at Hilltown, owned considerable land, and 
were well to do, as was usually the case with the Mor- 
rises. Her beautiful Welsh name had several contrac- 
tions, and she is mentioned as Gwxllian, Gwently, and 
plain Gwen. 

Cadwallader, Abraham, WilHam, born 1739; Benjamin, 
Enoch, Joseph and Morris. 

IV — William Morris — Ann Griffith. 

William Alorris, born 1739, died April 21, 1821, 
aged 82, married, 1763, Ann Griffith, born 1744, died 
July 17, 1821, aged y^j. (See Griffith ancestors). 
First lived at Hilltown and at New Brittain, removed 
to Chester County 1794, returned to Bucks County and 
died at residence of his son, Isaac, at Line Lexington. 
He was a member of Captain Henry Darrah's Com- 
pany in regiment of Buck's County Militia, com- 
manded bv Colonel William Roberts ; Pa. Associators 

Jenkins Family Book. 117 

& Militia, 14 Pa. Archives, Sec. Ser., vol. 2, pp. 193 
and 194. 


Isaac, Benjamin, Morris, Eliam, William, Griffith, Ann, 
Elizabeth and Huldah. Elizabeth married George Philips. 

Their grandson, George Morris Philips, is Principal of 
State Normal School at West Chester, Pa. 

V — Huldah Morris — Joseph Rambo. This is iden- 
tical with No. VI Rambo Ancestors. 

Isaac Morris, son of No. IV, by his first wife, Eliza- 
beth Matthias, had a son, Matthias Morris, born Sep- 
tember 12, 1787, who was a lawyer of ability, twice a 
member of Pennsylvania State Senate, and a member 
of Congress, 1834- 1838. His daughter, Mary Ann,, 
married John C. Lym^an, of Northampton, Mass. 

The same Isaac Morris by his second w4fe, Rachel 
Dungan, widow of Joseph Dungan, formerly 
Rachel Mathews, daughter of Benjamin Math- 
ews, had a son, Burgess Alison who married 
Mary Raile. Their son, Oliver G. Morris, resides at 
Line Lexington, Bucks County, was a member of 
Pennsylvania Assembly, 1871-1873, has three children, 
Charles E., William Norman and Mary. 

(See History of Bucks County, by W. W. H. Davis.) 
(The Thomas Family, by Edward Mathews.) 

118. Jenkins Family Book. 

Thomas Ancestors. 

I — Rev. William Thomas — Ann Griffith. 

Rev. William Thomas, yeoman and Baptist minis- 
ter, father of Gwenthleen, who married Morris Mor- 
ris, born 1678 at Llanwenarth, Monmouthshire, Wales, 
died in Hilltown, 1757, aged 79. His v^ife, Ann Grif- 
fith, born 1680. They came to America 17 12, were at 
Radnor 1713, and subsequently at Hilltown. W^ts a 
man of marked ability and prominence. He became 
wealthy, and was a noted preacher in his locality. In 
1737 he erected a stone church at his own expense, and 
here and elsewhere he preached for many years. 


Thomas, John, Ephraim, Mannasseh, William, Gwenthleen 
and Anna. 

The epitaph upon his tomb yet standing, believed to 
have been written by himself is*Linique: 

"In yonder meeting-house I spent my breath, 
Now silent, mouldering here, I lie in death; 
These silent lips shall wake, and yet declare 
A dread amen to truths they published there." 

In his will he gave the church he had built and the 
churchyard of four acres adjoining to the people of 
Hilltown, and distributed a large estate among his 

II — Gwenthleen Thomas — Morris Morris. This 
is identical with No. Ill Morris Ancestors. 

Jenkins Family Book. 119 

Griffith Ancestors. 

I — Howell Griffith. 

Howell Griffith, it is stated in the History of the 
Thomas Family, lived in Pembrokeshire, Wales. 
Nothing more is known of him, except that he had a 

H — Evan Griffith — Sarah Coffin. 

Evan Griffith emigrated from Wales, born about 
1680, died 1758. In 1704 settled in Montgomery 
Township. In 1726 removed to Hilltown, where he 
owned a large farm, v/hich he willed to his son, 
Nathaniel, (No. III). Was three times married. 
The first wife, name unknown, died leaving no chil- 
dren. He m.arried, second, Sarah Coffin of an English 
family about 1730. 

Nathaniel, Jacob, John, Sarah. 

His wife died, and he married, third, Mary James. 

Abraham, Isaac, Howell, Elizabeth and Catherine. 

HI — Nathaniel Griffith — Elizabeth Davis. 

Nathaniel Griffith, died 1790, married Elizabeth 
Davis, who was probably of Montgomery County. 

120 Jenkins Family Book. 

Lived on the farm, which came to him from his father. 
Was one of the executors of Rev. Wbi. Thomas, and 
designated in the will as ''Eldest son of Evan Griffith.'* 

Benjamin, Daniel, Ann and Sarah. 

IV — William Morris — Ann Griffith. This is 
identical with No. IV of Morris ancestors. 

Hamilton Jenkins Ancestors. 






I — ^William Hamilton — Jane Huston (?). 

William Hamilton, born 1712, died June 11, 1794, 
aged 82. Lived in Salisbury township, Lancaster Co., 
Pa., and died there. He married Jane Huston (?) 
who Vv^as born 17 13 and died Aug. 30, 1784, aged 71. 
He owned and occupied the farm where he died more 

Jenkins Family Book. 121 

than fifty years. Was Justice of the Peace 1 761- 1764. 
He had a daughter who married Col. John Boyd, and 
a son, James, next below. 

II — Captain James Hamilton — Catherine 


James Hamilton, son of William, born March 24, 
1743, died 1815, aged ']2. Buried in Pequea churchyard 
(Presbyterian.) He was an extensive land owner, 
owned and kept the ''Bull's Head" tavern for many 

He married first, Feb. 24, 1769, Catherine Carrigan, 
daughter of Patrick Carrigan. 

(1) One not named, born May 3, died May 20, 1770; (2) 
William, born April 30, died May 7, 1771; (3) Patrick, born 
March 1, died March 13, 1772; (4) Margaret, born May 16, 
1773; (5) Jane, born Dec. 5, 1774. She married James Coch- 
ran, and 2d, Samuel Tate; (6) James, born Oct. 27, 1776; (7) 
WilHam, born Feb. 21, 1779, died young; (8) Patrick, born 
Aug. 10, 1781; (9) Catherine, born May 24, 1783. 

Catherine (Carrigan) Hamilton, mother of the fore- 
going died 1787, and Captain James Hamilton married 
second, Dec. 2, 1788, Margaret Boyd, daughter of 
George Boyd. 


(10) Mary, born Feb. 5, 1790; married. May, 1816, Col. 
John Clark; (11) Thomas D., born Sept. 28, 1791; (12) 
William, born Sept. 27, 1795; and (13) George B., born Jan. 
5, 1798. 

122 Jenkins Family Book. 

There were three Williams and two Patricks. 

Of the second marriage of Jane (No. 5) with Sam- 
uel Tate there were three children, Col. Joseph W. 
Tate, who lived at Bedford, Pa., Jane, who married 
her cousin, Dr. James Tate, and Samuel Hamilton 
Tate, now deceased, leaving one son, Humphrey D. 
Tate, a lawyer in Philadelphia, (1899). 

Mary (No. 10) left a son, James Brice Clark, who 
married Catherine Bladen of Philadelphia. Their 
daughter. Miss Martha Bladen Clark, now resides in 
Lancaster, Pa., another daughter Elizabeth, married T. 
B. Marshall and resided in Sidney, O., (1893.) 

ni — Catherine Hamilton — George Jenkins. 

Catherine Hamilton married Aug. 21, 1800, George 
Jenkins of Chester Co., Pa. 

For continuation, see Jenkins' Genealogy. 

Note. — At the same time William Hamilton (No. i) 
was living in Salisbury township, another William 
Hamilton resided in the adjoining township of Leaoock. 
He died in 1782 and left a large family, among whom 
w^as a Col. James Hamilton, a Revolutionary soldier, 
and the founder of a distinguished family in South 
Carolina. It is supposed the two Williams were cou- 
sins, but the relationship has not yet been established. 

Jamies Hamilton, No. H, was a soldier in the Army 
of the Revolution, a private in Captain John Roland's 

Jenkins Family Book. 123 

company of Militia, associated in Leacock Township, 
July 5th, 1775, and attached to Col. John Ferree's bat- 
talion. (See Everts & Pecks History of Lancaster 
County, Pa., p. 923.) 

Col. John Ferree commanded the loth Rifle Battalion 
(see same book, pp. 51 and 53 show active service of 
Captain Roland's Company). This battalion was in 
active service in 1775 and 1776. A portion was ordered 
to guard prisoners at Lancaster, another portion served 
on a tour of duty at Trenton and through New Jersey, 
Vol. X, Colonial Records, old edition, pp. 686, 690, 
692 and 699. 

Captain John Roland and James Hamilton at this 
time resided near Mill Creek in the western part of 
Leacock Township. 

In 1777 nine battalions were organized and embodied 
in Lancaster County. Every one of them performed a 
tour of duty which lasted about three months. They 
were not, however, called out at one and the same 
time. The ist, 2nd and 3rd were at Brandywine, 5th, 
6th and 7th were at Trenton and in New Jersey. Cols. 
Grubb's, Thomas', Edwards', Huber's, and Jenkins' 
Battalions were in active service. A portion went with 
Cols. Hartley and Hubley to Northern part of State 
and with Sullivan. (See Hartley & Hubley's Journal in 
Colonial Record). 

Captains Feathers and Isaac Adam's Companies went 
to Western part of State under Broadhead. (See Co- 
lonial Records.) 

1^4 Jenkins Family Book. 

Major John Boyd, of Salisbury became commander 
of 7th Battalion of Lancaster Co. Militia in 1777. (See 
Mombert's History of Lancaster County, page 312.) 
His 3rd Captain was John Rowland, whose ist Lieu- 
tenant was James Hamilton. The date of ist Lieu- 
tenant Hamilton's commission is December 8th, 1777^ 
now in possession of his great-granddaughter, Miss 
Martha B. Clark, of Lancaster City, Pa. Subsequently 
he was promoted to Captain in said Battalion. 

Col. Boyd's battalion was called into service in 1778- 

See also Penn. Archives 2nd. Series Vol. 13. Sol- 
diers in Revolution, Vol. i, page 360. 

Carrigan Ancestors. 
I — Patrick Carrigan — ^Margaret Douglas. 

Patrick Carrigan resided in Lamperter township on 
Pequea Creek, Lancaster County, Pa. He married 
Oct., 1747, Margaret Douglas, daughter of Archibald 
Douglas. Archibald Douglas w^as a brother of Andrew 
Douglas, also a Jenkins ancestor in another line. Pat- 
rick Carrigan died Oct. 15, 1756, leaving a large estate, 
including seven hundred acres of land. 

Patrick Carrigan was perhaps a founder, at least a 
member and supporter of St. James Episcopal Church. 

Jeane, born June 30, 1750; married, 1st, Wm. Stevenson, 
and 2d, Jonathan Coats; Catherine, born June 26, 1753; mar- 

Jenkins Family Book. 125 

ried, Feb. 24, 1769, James Hamilton, died, Sept. 11, 1787; and 
Patrick, born Aug. 24, 1755, died June 5, 1779. The first 
child was baptized in Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster, 
Pa., Aug. 3, 1750. 

After his decease, Margaret Carrigan married John 

II — Catherine Carrigan — James Hamilton. Iden- 
tical with No. II Hamilton- Jenkins /Vncestors. 

Ill — Catherine Hamilton — ^George Jenkins. Iden- 
tical with No. Ill, Hamilton-Jenkins Ancestors. 

Douglas Ancestors. 

I — Andrew Douglas — Jane Ross. 
I — AxRCHiBALD Douglas— Jean 

Four brothers, Archibald, Ahdrew, James, and 
Thomas Douglas and two sisters, whose names are 
unknovv^n, came from Scotland to A^merica about 1726. 
They settled in Lancaster and Chester Counties, Pa. 
They gave the land and built St. John's Episcopal 
Crurch in Pequea Valley, and in this church yard their 
bodies were all buried. Thomas never miarried. James 
left at least one son, Edward. 

It is stated on tombstones that they were sons of 
Lord Douglas. This has not been explained. 

Andrew, born 1702, died Jan. 20, 1742, married 
Jane Ross^ who was born 1704, died Jan. 24, 1742. 

126 Jenkins Family Book. 

Her tombstone says she Vv^as daug-hter of Earl Ross. 

This also has not been explained. 


Among others, George, born March 25, 1726, died March 

10, l'J(9i); Mary, born 1734, died Feb. 14, 1807; married John 



Archibald born 1695, died Nov. 25, 1756. Name of 

wife was Jean . 


Thomas, born 1722 ; married, Aug. 4, 1762, Joyce Hudsen ; 
John, Archibald, George, Mary, married George Boyd ; Jane, 
married Gabriel Davis; Margaret, born 1730, married Patrick 
Carrigan, died April 6, 1786 ; Ann, who married Caldwell. 

II — George Douglas — Mary Piersol. 
TI — ^Margaret Douglas — Patrick Carrigan. 
(See Carrigan ancestors.) 

George Douglas, son of Andrew, born March 25, 
1726, died March 10, 1779, married April 25, 1747, 
Mary Piersol. In 1761 he settled in Amity township 
where he lived until his death. He was a Justice of 
the Peace before 1770. 


Richard, born Nov. 25, 1748; Elizabeth, born Jan. 25, 1750,. 
married John Jenkins (see Jenkins Genealogy) ; Jane, born 
June 7, 1752; died young; Mary, born Sept. 23, 1754, married 
Richard Graham ; Rebecca, born Feb. 13, 1757, married Mor- 
decai Piersol ; Bridget, married James May, and her daugh- 
ter married General Keim of Reading, Pa. ; Andrew, born. 

Jenkins Family Book. 127 

June 16, 1762, married Rachel Morgan; and George, born 
Feb. 14, 1767, married Mary Tea. 

Mary Piersol was born at Rebecca Furnace, Aug. 23, 1771,> 
died Oct. 12, 1798. 

Ill — Elizabeth Douglas — John Jenkins. 

Ill — Catherine Carrigan — James Hamilton. 

(See Hamilton Ancestors.) 

Elizabeth Douglas married Oct. 30, 1770, John Jen- 
kins of Caernarvon, Lancaster County, Pa. He died 
March 7, 1810, aged 78, and she died April 4, 1825, 
aged 75. 


Mary, born July 28, 1774, married Peter Trego ; George, 
born August 30, 1776; William, born June 27, 1778; John, 
born Sept. 8, 1780; Rebecca, born Oct. 10, 1782, married 
Thomas Morgan and settled in Venango County, Pennsylva- 
nia ; Andrew, born Oct. 25, 1785, died young; Elizabeth, born 
Nov. 15, 1787, married Isaac McCalmont; Hannah, born Feb. 
15, 1790, died young. 

IV. — ^^George Jenkins — C\therine Hamilton. 

George Jenkins, son of John and Elizabeth Jenkins, 
married 21, 1800, Catherine Hamilton, daughter 
of James and Catherine Hamilton. 

{See Jenkins Genealogy.) 

Note. — A.ndrew Douglas was Commissioner of Lan- 
caster Co. in 1740. 

George Douglas, of Amity township, Berks Co., 

128 Jenkins Family Book. 

Pa., was a Captain in Lotz Battalion for the Flying 
Camp, and was engaged in the disastrous battle of 
Long Island. 

He was also one of the County Judges for Berks 
Co., 1764 lo 1784, and was one of the commissioners 
chosen by Congress in 1776 to sign continental bills of 

See Montgomery's History of Berks Co. in the 
Revolution, 1874, pp. 197, 220. See Statemxent of 
American Genealogical Co., Philadelphia^ Pa. Officers 
of Berks County, by Lawrence Getz. 

Pier sol Ancestors. 

The Piersols were one of the more prominent early 
families of Chester and Lancaster counties. There v/ere 
several intermarriages with members of the Douglas 

I — Richard Piersol — Bridget . 

The will of Richard Piersol of Westmoreland, Ches- 
ter Co., Pa., dated May 7, 1753, was proved May 24, 
1753, mentions his wife Bridget, son Richard, daugh- 
ters, Rachel, Elizabeth, Martha and Mary. The will 
of Bridget Piersol, wife of above was proved Oct. 15, 
1763 mentions daughters Rachel Morgan, Elizabeth 
Davis, Martha Hunter and Mary Douglas. 

The Piersols were of \Velsh extraction and were in 


Jenkins Family Book. 129 

Chester County as early as 17 19. This Richard was 
probably a son of the original emigrant. 

II — Mary Piersol — ^George Douglas. This is iden- 
tical with No. II. Douglas Ancestors. 

Rush Ancestors. 





130 Jenkins Family Book. 

(See Pa. Mag., vol. 17, p. 325-335-) 

I — Captain John Rush — Susanna Lucas. 

John Rush commanded a troop of horse in Crom- 
well's army. At the close of the war he married Su- 
sanna Lucas at Hoenton in Oxfordshire, June 8, 1648. 
She was born about 1627. He embraced the princi- 
ples of tho Quakers in 1660 and came to Pennsylvania 
in, or before, 1683, with seven children and several 
grandchildren. Settled at Byberry, now within the 
limits of Philadelphia. In 1691 he and his whole fam- 
ily became Keithians, and in 1697 most of them became 
Bapi:ists. He died at Byberry in f699. The record 
of his children in his own handwriting was in posses- 
sion of Dr. Benjamin Rush in 1800. His sword and 
watch are now in the old State House in Philadelphia. 


(1) Elizabeth, born June 16, 1649; (2) William, born July 
21, 1652; (3) Thomas, born Nov. 7, 1654, died young; (4) 
Susanna, born Dec. 26, 1656; (5) John, born March 1, 1660; 
(6) Francis, born Feb. 8, 1662; (7) James, born July 21, 
1664, died young; (8) Joseph, born Oct. 26, 1666; (9) 
Edward, born Sept. 27, 1670; (10) Jane, born Dec. 27, 1673-4. 

n — William Rush . 

William Rush was twice married, names of both 
wives unknown, but given name of first supposed to 
have been Aurelia. He died at Byberry in 1688. 

Jenkins Family Book. 131 


(1) Susanna; (2) James, married Rachel Peart; (3) Eliza- 
beth; (4) Aurelia Sarah; (5) William, married Elizabeth 

in — Aurelia Sarah Rush — David Meredith. 

Aurelia, also called Sarah Rush, married David Mer- 
edith, Jan. 3, 1704-5. They resided in Whiteland 
Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, where 
David died in 1754. She died Jan. 14, 1770, aged 
about eighty-six, and leaving about one hundred 
descendants. There is much uncertainty as to the age 
of Sarah Meredith. The Pennsylvania Chronicle of 
Jan. 29, 1770, in announcing her death stated that she 
was "aged 90 years." An old family record states she 
was "the first female child of English parentage born, 
in Philadelphia." These statements may be erroneous.. 

Children. - ) 

(1) Susanna, married Hays; (2) David; (3) Rebecca, 
married John Jenkins; (4) William; (5) Rachel, married 
Connoly; (6) Joseph; (7) John; (8) Mary, married Bane; 
(9) Hannah, married Guest, and some others who died young. 

Pa. Archives, 2nd series, vol. 8, p. 506. 

The Chronicle announcement of Jan. 29, 1770, above 
referred to is as follows : *'On Sunday the 14th of 
January, died Sarah Meredith, aged 90 years. She 

182 Jenkins Family Book. 

was born in a little log house, where the city of Phil- 
adelphia now stands (her maiden name was Rush), 
and there she lived until she arrived to woman's state 
w^hen she was married to David Meredith, and soon 
after settled in the Great Valley, Chester County, about 
28 miles from Philadelphia^ then the western-most set- 
tlement in the Province, being six miles beyond any 
neighbors, except Indians, who were very numerous, 
kind and inoffensive. * * * She was mother of 11 
children, grandmother of 66 and great-grandmother of 
31, in all 108." 

Pa. Mag., vol. 12, p. 376. 

IV — Rebecca Meredith — ^John Jenkins. 

Rebecca Meredith, daughter of David, married about 
1730 John Jenkins of Windsor. He was -our great- 
great-grandfather. See his record, ante p. 16 Jen- 
kins Genealogy. Rebecca (Meredith) Jenkins is de- 
scribed in letters from her descendant, Mrs. Martha 
Jenkins Nevin, late of Lancaster, Pa., as a woman of 
high spirit, with all the graces and accomplishments 
that belonged to the typical colonial dame. She was 
a fine horse woman, who could mount her steed with- 
out assistance by a single spring from the ground. 
John Jenkins was a man of large means in those days, 
and she presided over his home with becoming hos- 
pitality and dignity. 

The Rush famil}^ has been one of the most promi- 

Jenkins Family Book. 133 

nent in the history of Philadelphia. Its most distin- 
guished member was Dr. Benjamin Rush, born 1741, 
died 18 13, physician, patriot and statesman. He was a 
signer of the Declaration of Independence, exceedingly 
active in public life, an ideal citizen, and withal achiev- 
ing and holding a place among the foremost doctors of 
medicine that America has ever produced. From him 
Rush Medical College of Chicago has its name. His 
relationship to our family is shown as follows : 

(I) John Rush., 
(II) William Rush. 

(III) James Rush. (HI) Aurelia Sarah Rush. 

(IV) John Rush/ (IV) Rebecca Meredith. 
(V) Dr. Benjamin Rush. (V) John Jenkins. 

For continuation see ante-Jenkins Genealogy. 

Meredith Ancestors. 

I — ^David Meredith, yeoman, resided in Vv'hiteland 
Tov/nship, Pennsylvania, as early as 171 5, was prob- 
ably born in Wales, but the time of his immigration is 
unknown. He died in 1754. Married Aurelia Sarah 
Rush, as already stated, and names of children given. 

184 Jenkins Faaiily Book. 

His will, dated April 20, 1754, mentions his wife 
Sarah and his daughter, "Rebecca Jenkin." He left a 
farm to his sons, William and John, and personal 
estate to his widow and children. 

His descendants have been very numerous and 
widely scattered. Some of them have attained dis- 

n — Rebecca Meredith — John Jenkins. See 
No. IV. Rush Ancestors. 




Raymond Ancestors, 








I — ^Richard Raymond — Judith 

Richard Raymond, Salem, Mass., mariner. Free- 
man May 14, 1634. In 1636 he received a grant -of 
half an acre of land at Winter Island in Salem Harbor 
"for fishing trade and to build upon." He and Judith, 
his wife, were members of Salem church before 1634. 
(See Caulkin's Hist. New London, Conn., p. 292). In 
1662 he purchased a house at Norwalk, Conn., removed 
there and engaged in the coasting trade with the Eng- 
lish and Dutch "on Manhattan Island. In 1664 he re- 
moved to Saybrook, where he died in 1692, aged about 

90. He married Judith . His children were 

all baptized in the First Church, Salem, except John, 
the date of whose birth is not known. Richard Ray- 
mond by his will left all his estate to his son, John, the 
eldest of his children. 


John, Bathsheba, married July '29, 1659, Humphrey Coombs; 
Joshua, married Elizabedi Smith, and settled in New London, 
Conn. ; Lemuel, Hannah, married Oliver Manwaring of 
Salem and New London; Samuel, married Mary Smith; 


138 Jenkins Family Book. 

Richard, Eliza, Daniel, married Elizabeth Harris, and settled 
at Lyme, Conn. 

The original spelling of the name was Rayment or 
Raiment and it is often found so in the early records of 
Salem and Norwalk. In the Raymond Genealogy it is 
stated that the Raymonds came from Essex, England, 
and were of French origin. 

II — ^JoHN Raymond — Mary Betts. 

John, eldest son of Richard, married, December lo, 
1664, Mary, daughter of Thomas Betts of Norwalk. 
John was living as late as 1694, but was dead in 1699. 


John, born Sept. 9, 1665 ; Samuel, born July 7, 1673 ; Thomas, 
born about 1678; Hannah. 

Ill — Samuel Raymond — ^Judith Palmer. 

Samuel, son of John, married, April i, 1696, Judith, 

daughter of Ephraim Palmer of Greenwich. He lived 

in Norwalk and died probably in 1739. 


Sam.uel, John, Ephraim, Joshua, Mary, married John 
Brown; Simeon, born at "Old Well," Norwalk, Conn., 1711. 

Samiuel Raymond deeded land in 1733 and in 1738 
to his son, Simeon; and under date of March 20, 1739- 
40, his children, Samuel, Joshua, Ephraim and Simeon 
Raymond, divided land left them in common by their 
father, Samuel Raymond. (Norwalk Rec, vol. 8, p. 


Jenkins Family Book. 139 

IV. — Simeon Raymond — Hannah . 

Simeon, son of Samuel, married Hannah . 

Was appointed by the General Assembly of Connecti- 
cut in October, 1760, Lieutenant of the Second Com- 
pany or Train-band in Norwalk, in the Ninth Regi- 

In May, 1761, he was appointed by like authority 
Captain of said Company in said Regiment. See Rec- 
ords in office of Adjutant General at Hartford, Conn. 
In the history of Norwalk he is spoken of as soldier 
and patriot. He resigned said Captaincy and was 
active in the Revolution. His property was burned by 
Tories. He was allowed land for his losses. He died 
at Norwalk, July, 1795. 


Hezekiah, Jedediah, Nathaniel, Uriah, William, born Jan. 
11, 1747; Moses, Ruth, Aaron, Anna, Hannah. 

V — William Raymond — Ruth Hoyt. 

William, son of Simeon, miarried, Jan. 21, 1768, 
Ruth, daughter of Nathan Hoyt of Norwalk. He re- 
moved to Granville, N. Y., and died at Bethany Cen- 
ter, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1832. His wife died April 26, 
1803, and he married, 2nd, Sarah ]\Ieech. 


All by first wife: Annie, Elizabeth, William, died young; 
Ruth, William, Nathan, died young; Charlotte, Sarah, Fran- 
ces, Polly, Nathan Hoyt, born Oct. 10, 1791. 

140 Jenkins Family Book. 

VI — Nathan Hoyt Raymond — Marcia Kellogg. 

Nathan Hoyt, son and youngest child of WiUiam 
married at Granville, May 7, 1812, Marcia Kellogg, 
born Feb. 7, 1793. He made several removals west- 
ward, finally settling at Cambridge City, Ind., where 
he died Aug. 6, 1874. His wife died Aug. 9, 1849, and 
he married, 2nd, Mrs. Elvira Lawrence. She died 
Nov. 2y, 1883. 


Marciaetta, died young; Nathan H, died young; Edward, 
born Feb. 5, 1816; Nathan, Charles H., Helen E., Ravand R., 
Henry R., Marcia, William, Sarah, Mary. 

Vn — Edward Raymond — Mary Putnam 


Edward Raymond of Chicago, 111., son of Nathan 
N., born February 5, 1816, died in Chicago December 
18, 1886. He married, first, Mary Putnam Hamilton, 
who died March 4, 1879. He married, second, Mrs. 
Persis E. Belden, who is still living. No children by 
second marriage. Two children of first marriage, viz : 

Amelia, born March 13, 1840. She married J. C. Richards, 
who died many years ago. Of this marriage there were two 
children : 

(1) Edward Raymond, who died leaving no surviving 

Vni. (2) Lucy Amelia, born January 24, 1862, who married 
October 9, 1895, Charles Webster Shippey of Chicago, 

Jenkins Family Book. 141 

where the family reside. Two children have been born 
of this marriage : 
IX. (1) Webster Batcheller Shippey, born October 26, 
1896, and 
(2) Raymonde Shippey, born December 27, 1898. 

The other child of Edward Ra}Tnond was 

VIII. Marcia, who married Robert E. Jenkins of Chicago. 
For all data' as to them and their children and grand- 
children see ante Jenkins Genealogy. 

There is a published Ra}Tnond Genealogy froiu 
which some facts noted have been gathered. 

Edward Raymond resided for many years in Cam- 
bridge City, Ind., where he was a successful hardware 
merchant; later he lived in Chicago. He was an elder 
in the Presbyterian church for many years. 

Shippey-Batcheller note : The Batcheller family in 
its various branches is one of the most numerous and 
best known in Am.erica. The original ancestors came 
early and their descendants have followed along the 
track of the pioneers and among the pioneers across 
the continent. The Batcheller Genealogy published in 
1898 by Frederick Clifton Pierce is a large book of 
m_ore than six hundred pages. The following outline 
has been taken principally from that publication, and 
parties interested may there find more complete details 
of the history of these and other Batchellers. 

I — Hon. Joseph Batcheller — Elizabeth . 

Honorable Joseph Batcheller, born in Can- 
terbury, England, emigrated to America in 

142 Jenkins Family Book. 

1636 with wife, *'one child and three servants and 
brothers Henry and John." First settled at Salem, 
Mass., later at Wenham. Was deputy to the General 
Court in Boston in 1644. He and his wife were mem- 
bers of the church in Wenham. Is said in history of 
this town to have been "a prominent and useful man." 
He died in 1647, and his son, Mark, was appointed 
administrator of his estate. 

Mark, John, Elizabeth and Hannah. 

II — John Batcheller — Sarah Goodale. 

John Batcheller, son^of Joseph, born 1638, married, 
1661, Mary DennisT^who died in 1665, and he married, 
second, Maj:^ Goodale, daughter of Robert of Salem. 
He w^as one of the gang which tried the famous witch- 
craft cases. Died 1698. His widow, Sarah, died 1729. 


Joseph, John, Mark, Elizabeth, Ebenezer, Hannah, Mary, 
Sarah, David. 

Ill — David Batcheller — Susanna Whipple. 

David Batcheller, son of John, born at Wenham 1673, 
married, 1709,. Susanna Whipple. Was prominent 
member of the church there and held various tov/n 
offices. Died 1766. 


David, Susanna, Joseph, Amos, Nehemiah, Abraham and 

Jenkins Family Book. 143 

IV — Captain Abraham Batch eller — Sarah 


Captain Abraham Batcheller, son of David, 
^orn at Wenham 1722, married Sarah Newton 
1 75 1, removed to Westboro and later to Sutton. 
He died 1813. He had large properties as did all 
the Batchellers in this line. Was an officer in the 
Selectmen and known as Captain. 


Abraham, Abner, Vashti, Joseph, Benjamin, Ezra, Sarah, 

V — Ezra Batcheller — ^^Mary Day. 

Ezra Batcheller, son of Abraham, born at Sutton 
1764, married in Westboro, 1789, Mary Day, who died 
in 1812, and he married, second, Mrs. Ann Mayo. He 
removed from Sutton to Brookfield, where he died 



Willard, Daniel, Tyler, Alden, Orra, Ezra, all by first rnar- 

VI — Daniel Batcheller — Martha Jennison. 

Daniel Batcheller, son of Ezra, born in Sutton, 
Mass., in 1791, married, 1819, Martha Jennison of 
Paxton. Removed from Sutton to Brookfield and was 
engaged in the boot and shoe business. In 1842 he 
removed to Glen's Falls, N. Y., where he died in 1857. 

Ezra, Sarah D., Franklin, Jenkins, Webster. 

144 Jenkins Family Book. 

VII — Sarah D. Batcheller — George Shippey. 

Sarah D. Batcheller, daughter of Daniel, was born 

Oct. 13, 1822, and married March 8, 1848, George 

Shippey of Glen's Falls. 


Frank, Martha F., who married M. V. Slayton of Grand 
Haven, Mich., Alfred B., Charles Webster, born May 8, 1859, 
Clarence L., Mrs. Shipley, died December 31, 1904. 

Webster Batcheller, the last son of Daniel, and 
brother of Sarah D. Shippey, was born November 21, 
1834. Was educated in public schools of Glen's Falls, 
N. Y. At the age of sixteen came to Chicago; was 
clerk in a store for a time and then engaged in the lum- 
ber business and later in real estate and loans. He 
never married. Traveled extensively in the later years 
of his life, and died Tune 2, 1904. 

VIII — Charles Webster Shippey — Lulu A. 
Richards. See data ante. 

IX — WfeBSTER Batcheller Shippey, Raymonde 
Shippey, children of Charles Webster and Lula A. 
Shippey as above noted. 

Simonds Ancestors. 
I — William Simonds 

William Simonds, of Charlestown, M'ass., in 1639, 

Jenkins Family Book. 145 

and Woburn, Mass., in 1662. From England. Name 
of wife unknown. 

II — Joseph Simonds . 

Joseph Simonds, son of William, joined a company 
of Scotch-Irish people and went with them to London- 
derry, N. H., in spring of 1719. Had a farm on the 
''English Range." Was also a mechanic and built and 
operated a saw-mill. Removed later to Ware River, 

Ill — ^CoL. Benjamin Simonds — Mary Davis. 

ODlonel Benjamin Simonds, born Feb. 23, 1726, 
died April 11, 1807. Probably born at London- 
derry, N. H. Married, first, April 23, 1752, Mary 
Davis, at Northampton, Mass. She was born 
1729 and died June 7, 1798. He married, second, 
Anna (Collins) Putnam, widow of Asa Putnam, de- 
ceased. Her daughter, Sylvia Putnam, born May 25, 
1789, died Oct. 2, 1883, aged 94 years; married, 181 1, 
Zane Alasman Hamilton, born April 25, 1784, died 
Dec. 5, 1863. Their daughter, Mary Putnam Hamil- 
ton, married Edward Raym.ond, as noted in No. VII 
next preceding. 

Col. Simonds' children were all by first wife, Viz : 

1 Rachel, born April 8, 1753, married, (1) Thomas Train; 

(2) Dea. Benj. Skinner. 

2 Justin, born Feb. 17, 1755. 

3 Sarah, born July 8, 1757, married Ithamar Clark. 

146 Jenkins Family Book. 

4 Marcy, born Dec. 2, 1759, died April 15, 1834, married 

Charles Kellogg, and became one of the ancestors of 
Marcia (Raymond) Jenkins. 

5 Joseph, born April 8, 1762. 

6 Prudence, born Dec. 4, 1763, married Jonathan Bridges. 

She was grandmother of wife of Prof. Arthur Latham 
Perry of Williams College, Mass. 

7 Albina, born Oct. 8, 1765, married, (1) Joseph Osborn; 

(2) Judah Paddock. 

8 Electa, born 1768, married Thaddeus Edward. 

9 Polly, born 1771, married Perley Putnam. Hon. James 

O. Putnam, late of Buffalo, N. Y., was grandson both 
of Polly (Simonds) Putnam and Albina Osborn. 
10 Benjamin, born 1773, died June 16, 1786. 

Col. Simonds had a most interesting and active 
career, both civil and military. He was a soldier in 
colonial wars, and also in the army of the Revolution. 
When only 19 years old, in 1745 during the old French 
war, he enlisted and was one of the defenders of Fort 
Massachusetts. The garrison only numbered twenty- 
tvvo persons when the fort was attacked by an over- 
whelming French force sent from Crown Point. The 
place was captured and young Simonds taken prisoner 
and carried to Canada, where he was kept for a year. 
Williamstown, Mass., now covers the site of the old 
fort. Simonds afterwards, about 1750, purchased part 
of the ground included in the fortification and built his 
home and lived there the rest of his life, except when 
in active service during the Revolution. He com- 
manded a regiment of Berkshire MiHtia in the War 

Jenkins Family Book. 147 

for Independence and fought in the battle of Benning- 
ton and many others. 

After the war, during the remainder of his Hfe he 
was one of the most useful and influential citizens of 
William stown. Both his wives are buried there. 

See numerous statements regarding him and his life 
in "Origins in Williamstown," by Prof. Arthur Latham 
Perry, 1894. 

IV — Marcy Simonds — Charles Kellogg. 

Marcy Simonds, married as above stated, in 1875, 
Charles Kellogg. About the time of his marriage he 
removed to Williamstown, where he resided for a num- 
ber of years. Later his home was at Granville, New 


1 Charles Kellogg, born July 12, 1776, married Rowena — 

was a physician, Troy, N. Y. 

2 Marcy Kellogg, born Feb. 28, 1778, married Joseph Haw- 

ley, Troy, N. Y. 

3 Justin Kellogg, born Jan. 17, 1781, married Anna Kellogg, 

Troy, N. Y. 

4 Clarissa Kellogg, born Feb. 23, 1782, married Walter 

Wells, Madison, Ind. 

5 Mary Kellogg, born Dec. 27, 1784, married William Ray- 

mond, Elba, N. Y. 

6 Laura Kellogg, born , married Justin Day, Holly, 

N. Y. 

7 Electa Kellogg, born , married Luther Connors, 

Painsville, O. 

148 Jenkins Family Book. 

8 Marcia Kellogg, born Feb. 7, 1793, married Nathan Hoyt 

Raymond, Cambridge City, Ind. 

9 Lucia Kellogg, born , married Mills AveriU, Lima 


10 Henry Simonds Kellogg, born Aug. 16, 1800, married Mar- 

garet Cochrane, Indianapolis, Ind. 

11 Hiram Kellogg, born , married Thankful , 

Henry, 111, 

V — ^Marcia Kellogg — Nathan Hoyt Raymond. 

This is identical with No. VI Raymond Ancestors 
where the Hne is continued. 

Kellogg Ancestors. 

I — Samuel Kellogg — Sarah Day. 

Samuel Kellogg, the emigrant, of Hatfield, Mass., 
was son of Martin Kellogg and born in England after 
1630. Living in 1642, died Jan. 17, 171 1; married, 
first, Nov. 24, 1664, Sarah (Day) Gunn, widow of 
Nathaniel Gunn. She was daughter of Robert Day of 
Hartford, Conn., and was slain by the Indians at Hat- 
field Sept. 19, 1677. He married, second, March 20, 
1679, Sarah Root, daughter of Thomas Root of West- 
field. She died Jan. 5, 17 19. He left seven children, 
of whom the second was Nathaniel, next following. 
Robert Day came from England first to Cambridge, 
and then, about 1636, to Hartford, where he v/as one 

Jenkins Family Book. 149 

of the first settlers. His wife was Editha Stebbins, 
sister of Deacon Edward Stebbins, or Stebbings. Day 
was born about 1604, died 1648. His descendants 
have been very numerous and many of them distin- 

n — Nathaniel Kellogg — ^Margaret . 

Nathaniel Kellogg, son of Samuel and Sarah, born 
April 4, 1671, at Hatfield, rje married, first, Mar- 
garet , who died Dec. 15, 1747. He removed 

from Hatfield to Colchester about 1700. Ele married, 
second, Mrs. Priscilla Williams of Colchester, Conn. 
He had eight children, of whom the third was 

in — Nathaniel Kellogg — Elizabeth Williams. 

Nathaniel Kellogg, born May 8, 1703, miarried, July 
I, 1725, Elizabeth Williams, who was born Feb. 13, 
1702, at Colchester, Conn, and was a daughter of 
Charles Williams. She resided at Colchester, Conn. 
Charles WilHams' wife was Elizabeth . She- 
died Sept. 13, 1725. The eldest cfiild of Nathaniel 
and Elizabeth was 

IV — Charles Kellogg — Sarah Hitchcock. 

Charles Kellogg, born Sept. 17, 1726, married 
April 24, 1748, Sarah Hitchcock, daughter of John 
Hitchcock of Colchester. Resided at Lebanon and 
Bolton, Conn. (See Hitchcock ancestors.) 

The second child of Charles and Sarah (Hitchcock) 
Kellogg was 

150 Jenkins Family Book. 

' V — Charles Kellogg — Marcy Simonds. 

Charks Kellogg, born April lo, 1751, died July ii, 
1828. He married about , 1775, Marcy Sim- 
onds, daughter of Col. Benjamin Simonds of Wil- 
liamstown, Mass. (see Simonds ancestors). They 
had eleven children, one of whom was 

VI — Marcia Kellogg — Nathan Hoyt Raymond. 

Marcia Kellogg, born Feb. 7, 1793, married, May 7, 
1812, Nathan Hoyt Raymond. His brother, William 
Raymond, married Mary Kellogg, Marcia's sister. 

This is identical with No. VI Raymond ancestors. 

This is the well-known Kellogg family of the United 
States. Timothy Hopkins, a genealogist of San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., has published a history of the Kelloggs in 
three large volumes. See also History of Hadley. 

Hitchcock Ancestors. 

The Hitchcock family is one of the more prom- 
inent American families whose genealogy has been 
published. From a book compiled by Mrs. Edward 
Hitchcock, 1894, the facts below are gathered: 

I — Matthias Hitchcock — Elizabeth . 

Matthias Hitchcock, came from London, England, 
to Boston, Mass., in spring of 1635 ; was then 25 years 
of age. He removed to New Haven, Conn., where his 

Jenkins Family Book. 151 

name appeared on the records in 1639. Died tliere 
Noiv. 16, 1669. His widow died in 1676. He left 
four children, of whom the eldest was 

n — Eliakim Hitchcock — Sarah Merrick. 

Eliakim Hitchcock, married Nov. 4, \(y(^-'j, Sarah, 
daughter of Thomas Merrick, who came from Wales 
in 1630. Settled first in Roxbury, Mass., and removed 
from there to Springfield. Sarah was born in 1643, 
and died about 1704. 

There were nine children. The eighth was 

HI — John Hitchcock — Elizabeth Jones. 

Jo'hn Hitchcock, born at East Haven, Conn., March 
I, 1683, <^i^d about 1754-7; married, Feb. 13, 1706-7, 
Elizabeth Jones of Springfield, daughter of Thomas 
and Elizabeth Jones of that place. 

He settled in Colchester, Conn., where he bought 
land before his marriage and took an important part in 
the affairs of the place. Left six children. The 
youngest was 

IV — Sarah Hitchcock — Charles Kellogg. 

Sarah Hitchcock, born , baptized 1735, mar- 
ried, April 24, 1748, Charles Kellogg, then of Lebanon, 

This is identical with No. IV Kellogg ancestors. 

V — 'Charles Kellogg — Marcy Simonds. 
This is identical with No. V Simonds ancestors. 

152 Jenkins Family Book. 

VI-^ — Marcia Kellogg — Nathan Hoyt Raymond. 
This is identical with No. VI Ra}TTiond ancestors. 

Hoyt Ancestors. 
(See Hoyt Genealogy.) 

I — Simon Hoyt 

Simon Hoyt, from England, settled at Charlestown, 
Mass., about 1628. Born about 1595, and died about 
1657. Had at least three children, of whom the eldest 

H — Walter Hoyt . 

Walter Hoyt, born about 17 18, died at Nor walk, 
Conn., about 1698. He was among the first settlers 
of the place. Left two sons, John and 

HI — Zerubbabel Hoyt . 

Zerubbabel Hoyt, born about 1650, died about 1730. 
Lived in Norwalk. Name of his wife, and of wives of 
the two preceding, not known. 

IV — Daniel Hoyt . 

Daniel Hoyt, born Jan. i, 1681, died about 1760. 
Lived in Norwalk. Name appears on records very 
often in land transfers. Had nine children, one of 
w^hom was 

Jenkins Family Book. 153 

V — Nathan Hoyt — Elizabeth Lockwood. 

Nathan Hoyt, born April 29, 17 18, died Oct. 21, 
1799, married April 9, 1741, Elizabeth Lockwood, 
daughter of Joseph Lockwood of Norwalk, Conn. 
Lived and died there. Had eleven children, one of 
whom^ was 

VI — Ruth Hoyt — ^William Raymond. 

Ruth Hoyt, daughter of Nathan Hoyt, born Jan. 17, 
1748, died April 26, 1803, married Jan. 21, 1768, Wil- 
liam Raymond. 

Vn — Nathan Hoyt Raymond — Marcia Kellogg. 
This is identical with No. VI Raymond ancestors. 

Lockzi'ood Ancestors. 

There are several branches of the Lockwoods, con- 
stituting together one of the most numerous among 
i-i.merican families. 

I — ^RoBERT Lockwood — Susannah . 

Robert Lockv/ood came from England, and settled 
about 1630 at Watertown, Mass. From there he re- 
moved about 1646 to Fairfield, Conn., where he died 
in 1658. The name of his wife other than Susannah 

154 Jenkins Family Book. 

is unknown. He left a moderate estate. There were 
ten children, one of whom was 

II — Ephraim Lockwood — Mercy Sention. 

Ephraim Lockwood, born Dec. i, 1641, at Water- 
town, died after 1687, married June 8, 1665,^ Mercy 
Sention (afterwards written usually St. John,) daugh- 
ter of Matthias Sention, Sr., of Norwalk, Conn. Re- 
sided at Norwalk. He, too, had ten children, and the 
seventh was 

III — ^Joseph Lockwood — Mary Wood. 

Joseph Lockwood, born April i, 1680, at Norwalk, 
died there Nov. 23, 1760, married Aug. 14, 1807, 
Mary Wood of Stamford, Conn., daughter of John 
Wood. She died June 2, 1736. Eight children; the 
sixth was 

IV — Elizabeth Lockwood — Nathan Hoyt. 

Elizabeth Lockwood, born May 23, 1721, married 
April 9, 1 741, Nathan Hoyt, of which marriage there 
were eleven children. This is identical with No. V 
Hoyt ancestors. 

V — Ruth Hoyt — William Raymond. This is iden- 
tical with No. V Ravmond ancestors. 

Jenkins Family Book. 155 

Hamilton Ancestors. 









156 Jenkins Family Book. 

Haimlton-Raymond Ancestors. 

I — Gallatin Hamilton who was a physician of 
Glasgow, Scotland, had a son^ 

II — ^William Hamilton — Mary Berry. 

William Hamilton, born in Glasgow, Scotland, 
March, 1647. Came to America, settled first on Cape 
Cod, Mass., removed to North Kingston, R. I., in 
1668, died in Danbury, Conn., in 1749, aged one hun- 
dred and two years. Married Lucy, Mercy or Mary 
Berry, Who was from England. It is said that he was 
the first person who killed a whale along Cape Cod 
coast. The achievement w'as deemed so marvelous 
that his neighbors thought he must be in league with 
evil spirits. For this reason they persecuted him, and 
he changed his residence to Rhode Island. Arnold's 
History of R. L, vol. 2, p. 103. 

Elizabeth, who married Roberts, Joseph, Thankful, who 
married Sweet; David, William, Benjamin, Elisha, Nathaniel, 
John, Mary, who married Benedict. 

Ill — David Hamilton — Ann Wright. 

Benjamin Hamilton . 

David Hamilton, son of William, born at North 
Kingston, R. I., April 11, 1697, died at Sharon, Conn., 
May, 1 78 1, married Sept. 3, 1727, Ann Wright, daugh- 
ter of Joseph Wright, one of the first settlers at Col- 

Jenkins Family Book. 157 

Chester. She was born there Aug. 3, 1707, and died 
Dec. 10, 1746 (see Wright ancestors). He married, 
second, Sarah West, by whom he had two children, 
both of whom died young. He Hved at Sharon the 
later years of his life, was a great land speculator, also 
held the office of deputy sheriff. 

Children by Ann Wright, 

Mary, Dudley, John, Anna, David, Joseph, Charles, Huldah, 
Lucy, Prudence. 

Benjamin Hamilton, also son of W^illiam, had a son, 
Samuel, who married his cousin, Mary, as noted next 

IV — Mary Hamilton — Samuel Hamilton. 

Mary Hamilton, daughter of David, was born at 
Coilchester, Conn., Nov. 26, 1728, died in Sharon, 
Conn., May 16, 1775. Married her cousin Samuel, 
son of Benjamin. He was living at Canaan, N. Y., as 
late as 1795. 


Patrick, Wright, David, Hosea, John, Huldah. 

V — Hosea Hamilton — Anna Hubbard. 

Hosea Hamilton, son of Mary and Samuel Hamil- 
ton, was born in Colchester, Conn., in 1752, died in 
either Canaan or Chatham, N. Y., Sept. 8, 1796. He 
had a first wife, whose name is not known. She died. 

158 Jenkins Family Book. 

leaving one son, Joshua. Hosea married, second, 
February, 1777, Anna Hubbard. She was of English 
descent, and was born at Horse Neck, Conn., in 1759. 


Thomas Hubbard, Savinnie, Asthmet Allah and Zeyn 
Alasman (twins), Henry, Maria, Hosea. 

He lived later in Dutchess County, New York, from 
whence he entered the army of the Revolution, in 
which he was a surgeon with the rank of Captain, and 
also served as adjutant in Seventh New York Regi- 
ment. The published Genealogy of William Hamil- 
ton contains the following statement from the Archives 
oif the State of New York: ''Chi the 28th of Ma^^ 
1778, Colonel Henry Ludington's Regiment, appoint- 
ments made, Hosea Hamilton Adjutant 7th Regiment, 
Fredericksburg precinct." 

He appears to have been a man of position and influ- 
ence. After his decease, his widow married Israel 
Spencer. She died June 12, 1843, ^t the home of her 
son, Henry Hamilton, in Schohain, N. Y., in the 84th 
year of her age. 

VI — Zeyn Alasman Hamilton — Sylvia Putnam. 

Zeyn Alasman Hamilton, twin brother of Asthmet 
Allah Hamilton, born at Greenbush, N. Y., April 25, 
1784, died at Aurora, Erie County, New York, Dec. 5, 
1864, married Sylvia Putnam at Cobleskill, N. Y., 
Feb. II, 181 1. She was born at Brattleboro, Vt, May 
25> 1789, and died in Cattaraugus, N. Y., Oct. 2, 1885. 

Jenkins Family Book. 159 


1 Catherine Hamilton. Married North Steuben, removed to 

California, where she died leaving two sons and one 
daughter, Kate. Kate Steuben and Edmund Palmer 
Hart married Jan. 12, 1859, at Visalia, Cal. Resides in 
San Francisco, Cal. Mr. Hart died in March, 1894. 
Children of above marriage : William North Hart, 
born in 1860, died in 1895 ; Frank Russell Hart, born in 
1864, died in 1894; Edmund Palmer Hart, born in 1869, 
died in 1871. 

2 Mary Putnam Hamilton, born Aug. 22, 1813. Married at 

Steuben, N. Y., Jan. 15, 1838, Edward Raymond. She 
died in Chicago, 111., March 4, 1879. 

3 Collins Hamilton, died unmarried 1832. 

4 Azel Bacchus Hamilton, died in Ripon, Wis., 1878. Two 

children living, Maggie and Frank. 

5 Charles Hamilton, died young. 

6 Serephrina S., married Charles Jackson, died in 1866. Left 

no children. 

7 Charles Smith Hamilton, born Nov. 16, 1822, died in Mil- 

waukee, Wis., April 17, 1891. He married Sophia J. 
Shepard, Feb. 8, 1849. She was born June 6, 1826. He 
graduated at West Point in same class with Gen. U. S. 
Grant, served in Mexican War, was Major General in 
Civil War and distinguished himself at Corinth, was 
United States Marshal for Eastern District of Wis- 
consin. Left a large family (see names below). 

8 Sylvia Hamilton, married Dr. Edward Bishop, died in 

1863. Left children. 

9 Anna Maria Hamilton, married Levi H. Crawford, died in 

1851. No children survive. 

10 Lucy Earll Hamilton, married S. L. Johnson of Catta- 

rogus, N. Y., died in 1899. No children. 

11 William A. Hamilton, died young. 

160 Jenkins Family Book. 

VII — Mary Putnam Hamilton — Edward 


Mary Putnam Hamilton, second child of No. VI, 
married, as above stated, Edward Raymond. This is 
identical with No.' VII Raymond ancestors. 

VII — ^Children of Gen. Charles Smith, seventh 
child of No. VI, and Sophia (Shepard) Hamilton: 

1 Charles Hadley Hamilton, born Aug. 5, 1850, in Rochester, 

N. Y,, married Carrie A. Nichols in Milwaukee, Wis., 
April 25, 1873, and had children: (1) Mae Agnes, born 
Sept. 1875, and died Dec. 1876; (2) Ralph Gallatin, born 
July 10, 1878, and died Feb. 1880; (3) Howard Sey- 
mour, born July 8, 1881, and (4) Reginald, born Feb. 
15, 1891. 
Carrie A. (Nichols) Hamilton died Nov. 1897. 

2 George Hamilton, born Feb. 26, 154, died March 1854. 

3 V.-'illiam Reeve Hamilton, born at Fond du Lac, Wis., 

June 13, 1855, married in Cleveland, O., Jan. 1877, Alice 
King, and had children: (1) Margaret C. ; (2) Charles 
K. ; (3) Grace L. He married, second, Nina Douglas, 
by whom he had one child, Nina. After death of second 

wife, he married, third, Henrietta Bond, widow of 

Bond, and daughter of . He is Captain in United 

States Army. 

4 Walter Shepard Hamilton, born at Fond du Lac, May 26, 


5 Arthur P. Hamilton, born at Fond du Lac, Feb. 19, 1859, 

married in Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 1885, Fanny Cleaver, 
and had children: (1) Paul Shepard; (2) Henrietta; 
(3) Bradford; (4) Phyllis. 

Jenkins Family Book. 161 

6 Henry F. Hamilton, twin brother of last named 

7 Louis Harvey Hamilton, born at Fond du Lac, May 18, 


VI — Thomas Hubbard^ eldest c'hild of Hosea and 
Anna (Hubbard) Hamilton, born a.t Canaan, N. Y., 
Dec. 6, 1778, married Lydia Potter Dec. 5, 1799. 
There were ten children: Savinie, Susan, Stephen 
Potter, Henry H., Maria, Thomas Hubbard, Jr., 
George, Cary, DeWitt Clinton, Charles and Mary Ann. 

V'll — Children of Mary Ann Hamilton_, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Hubbard and Lydia (Potter) Hamilton, 
who married James Henry Ferry at Verona, N. Y., 
Sept. 7, 1^46. 

1 James William Ferry, born at Grand Haven, Mich, Sept. 

21, 1851, married Wealthy May Johnson, Oct. 7, 1885. 
Resides in Chicago, 111. No children, 

2 Ellie H. Ferry, born in Chicago, Sept. 12, 1857, married 

Robert W. Patton, June 5, 1888, in Chicago. Children: 
(1) William Weston Patton; (2) Hamilton Patton; 
(3) Robert Ferry Patton. Reside at Highland Park, 

Mrs. Ellie Ferry Patton, above named, has pubHshed 
for private circulation the Genealogy of William Ham- 
ilton, from which part of the foregoing has been com- 

162 Jenkins Family Book. 

Dudley Ancestors. 

I — 'William Dudley — Jane Lutman. 

William Dudley, born in Surrey, England, married 
in England, Aug. 24, 1636, Jane Lutman. They came 
to America in 1639, settled at Guilford, Conn. He 
was the head of the Guilford Dudleys. He left four 
children. The second was 

n — Joseph Dudley — Ann Robinson. 

Joseph Dudley, born at Guilford April 24, 1643, 
died there June 3, 1712, married Ann Robinson Oct. 
6, 1670. He had the coopers' trade; was also a 
farmer and deputy to the general court several years; 
also town clerk. There were nine children. The 
eighth was 

in — 'Mary Dudley — Joseph Wright. 

iMary Dudley, married Joseph Wright May 21, 170 1. 
He was of Colchester, Conn. This is identical with 
No. Vn Wright ancestors. 

IV — Ann Wright — David Hamilton. 

This is identical with No. Ill Hamilton-Raymond 
ancestors, and No. VIII Wright ancestors. 

Jenkins Family Book. 163 

Robinson Ancestors. 
I — Thomas Robinson — ^Mary . 

Thomas Robinson, in Hartford, Conn., in 1640, per- 
haps carher. Subsequently removed to Guilford, 
Conn., where he purchased a homestead, which to this 
day has continued to be always owned and occupied 
by some one of his descendants. He died in Hartford 
in 1689. He married about 1650, and was about ''sev- 
enty-five or eighty when he died." 

n — ^Ann Robinson — Joseph Dudley. 
This is identical with No. H of Dudley ancestors, 
which see. 

HI — AIary Dudley — Joseph Wright. 
This is identical with No. HI Dudley ancestors, and 
No. Vn Wright ancestors. 

IV — Ann Wright — David Hamilton. 

This is identical with No. HI of Hamilton-Raymond 
ancestors, and No. VHI Wright ancestors. 

In "Robinsons and Their Kin Folk," published by 
the Robinson Association, 1902, p. 34, it is said of 
Thomas Robinson : 

"Wjhen he came to Guilford he had his wife, Mary, 
and at the time of Mary's death, July 27, 1668, there 
were seven children, three sons and four daughters. 
His daughter, Ann Robinson, married Joseph Dudley, 
and from them are descended the Dudleys of Guilford 
and elsewhere, the Fields, David Dudley Field, Cyrus 
Field," etc. 

164 Jenkins Family Book. 

Wright Ancestors. 
I — John Wright — Olive - 

Jolm WrigKt. Of this Wri^-t it is said: "Jolin 
Wright, Esquire, Lord of Kelvedon Manor, County 
Essex, England. He acquired Kelvedon by purchase 

in 1538 and died Oct. 5, 155 1, married Olive ." 

History of Gorham, Conn., by Hibbard, p. 560. 

n — Robert W^right — ^Mary Green. 

Robert Wright, died 1557. Mary, daughter of 
Robert Green. 

ni — Thomas Wright Pake. 

Thomas Wright, died 161 7. 

IV — John Wright — Grace Glascock. 
John Wright, died 1640. 

V — Thomas Wright — 'Margaret . 

Thomas Wright, baptized in England, 1610, emi- 
grated to America, settled first at Watertown, Mass., 
removed to Weathersfield, Conn., before 1640. Ac- 
quired title to "Wright's Island," Glastonbury, Conn., 
which has ever since remained in possession of de- 
scendants. Was deputy to General Court 1643. Died 


Thomas, James, Lydia, who married Joseph Smith, Samuel, 
and dea. Joseph. 

Jenkins Family Book. 165 

VI — Joseph Wright — Mary Stoddard. 

Joseph Wright, born 1639, married March 10, 1663, 

died Dec. 17, 1714, first wife died Aug. 23, 1683, and 

he married, second, her sister, Mercy Stoddard, March 

10, 1685. 


Mary, Elizabeth, Joseph, Sarah, Thomas, John, Jonathan. 

Mary Stoddard was daughter of John and Mary 
(Foo'te) Stoddard. 

Wright-Stoddard-F oote note : Nathaniel Foote and 
his son, Nathaniel Foote, Jr., were among the earliest 
settlers of Glastonbury, Conn. Nathaniel, Sr., owned 
192 acres of land there in 1640. He married Eliza- 
beth Deming in England in 1615. Their fourth child 
was Mary, born in 1623, who in 1643 married John 
Stoddard. History of Glastonbury, p. 194. 

VII — Joseph Wright — Mary Dudley. 

Joseph Wright, born 1670, married May 21, 170 1, 
Mary, daughter of Jo'seph Dudley of Guilford, Conn. 
He died in his 87th year Sept. 10, 1756, and she died 
in her 77th year Nov. 25, 1755. Joseph Wright was 
one of the first settlers of Colchester, Conn., and was 
active in the afifairs of that town. He held at different 
times several local offices, was Captain of the "Trained 
Band," and is usually designated Captain in the town 
records. He removed later to Glastonbury, Conn. ' 

166 Jenkins Family Book. 

There was a son of Joseph and Mary named Dud- 
ley, born April 6, 1717, and their third child was 

VIII — ^Ann Wright — David Hamilton. 

Ann Wright, born Aug. 3, 1707, married Sept. 3, 
1727, David Hamilton, died at Colchester Dec. 10, 

This is identical with No. Ill Hamilton-Raymond 

Putnam Ajicestors. 












Jenkins Family Book. 167 

(See History of the Putnam Family, by Eben Put- 
nam, 1891.) 

The ''History of' the Putnam Family'' contains a 
history of the family in England and America, and a 
chart showing the actual and supposed ancestors of 
John Putnam of Salem, mow Danvers, M'ass. The 
line of probable ancestry is traced and the names of 
ancestors given for sixteen generations in England' to 
Simon de Puttenham, A. D. 1199. It is not proposed 
here to outline the details of this English ancestry. 
Parties interested are referred to the work mentioned. 
The history indicates that the family there was import- 
ant, worthy and usully in well-to-do circumstances. 
Some members attained knighthood. 

The American descendants of John Putnam have 
been very numerous. The most distinguished were 
Maj. General Israel Putnam and Maj. General Rufus 
Putnam of Revolutionary service. This brief sketch 
begins with 


I — John Putnam — Priscilla Gould. 

John Putnam of Ashton Abbotts, Bucks County, 
England; born there about 1580, died, Salem, Mass., 
Dec. 30, 1662, married Priscilla, probably Gould, in 
England. Emigrated and settled at Salem. The pre- 
cise year of his emigration is an unsettled point. In 
the Putnam family history, it is said that tradition is 
responsible for the date, 1634. The author of that 
work cites a record of land exchanged in 1641 between 

168 Jenkins Family Book. 

John Putnam and one Skeltons, which described one 
hundred acres as having been "granted to said John 
Putnam formerly." That word formerly may cover 
a good many years. 

In the history of Danvers, by Hansen, published 
in 1848, he says : "John Putnam came from Bucking- 
hamshire, England, in 1629 with his three sons and 
owned a large portion of North Danvers" — says he 
oiwned Wenham woods, and mentions one Ray as own- 
ing land in 1634 near John Putnam. He also gives 
the inference that in 1632 he was one of the retainers 
of Gov. Endicott. Endicott came to Salem in 1628. 
Other emigrants came the next year, and it is not 
improbable that John Putnam and his family were 
among them. 

Children of John and Priscilla Putnam. 

Elizabeth, Thomas, Nathaniel, Sara, Phebe and John, all 
born in England before 1627. 

11 — Nathaniel Putnam — Elizabeth 

Nathaniel Putnam, son of John of Salem, born Oct. 
II, 1619, died at Salem July 23^ 1700, married Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Richard and Alice (Bosworth) 
Hutchinson. (See Hutchinson ancestors). She yas 
born in England, baptized Aug. 30, 1629, died June 
24, 1688. They were members of the church in Salem, 
The Putnams were usually active Christians. He was 

Jenkins Family Book. 169" 

an energetic man of public spirit, and "left a large 



Samuel, Nathaniel, John, Joseph, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Mary, 
All born at Salem. Elizabeth married George Flint; Mary, 
John Tufts. 

Ill — ^JoHN Putnam — Hannah Cutler. 

John Putnam, son of Nathaniel, born March 26, 
1657, died at Salem> September, 1722, married there 
Dec. 2, 1678, Hannah, daughter of Samuel and Eliza 
Cutler. She was born December, 1655. 

He was a farmer, and held several offices in the 
town during his life. 


Hannah, Elizabeth, Abigail, Samuel, Josiah, Joseph, Mary, 
Susanna, Joshua, David or Daniel, Rebecca, John, Sarah, 
Amos, Priscilla. 

Elizabeth married John Phelps of Reading. 

Cutler Ancestors note : John Cutler came from 
England in 1637, setled at Hingham, Mass., died in 
1638, leaving his widow, Mary, and several children, 
one of whom was Samuel. The latter came over with 
his father, was at Marblehead in 1654, and at Salem 
in 1655, where his daughter, Hannah, married John 
Putnam as above. Samuel Cutler died in 1700. The 

wife of Samuel was Elizabeth . She died in 


170 Jenkins Family Book, 

IV — JosiAH Putnam — ^Ruth Hutchinson. 

Josiah Putnam was born at Salem, Mass., Oct. 29, 
1686, and died there July 5, 1766. He married Ruth, 
daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Swinerton) Hutch- 
inson. Ruth was born Feb. 26, 1690, and was a 
great-granddaughter of Richard Hutchinson, and her 
husband his great-grandson (see Hutchinson Ances- 
tors). Josiah is styled "Yeoman." 


Asa, Enos, Josiah, Peter, Elizabeth, Elisha and Ruth, who 
married Mr. Russell. 

V — ^JosiAH Putnam — Lydia Wheeler. 

Josiali Putnam, son of Josiah, born at Salem, March 
3, 1719, died at Warren, Mass., February 4, 1795, 
married January 13, 1740, Lydia Wheeler of Brook- 
field. She was born August 14, 1721. He was a 
Captain in Col. Jedediah Foster s regiment, was at 
Lexington, April 19, 1775, and among his men was his 
son, Josiah. 


AsGj Lydia, Thankful, Josiah, Ruth, married Juda Daman, 
Mary, married Jeremiah Gould and left large family. 

VI — Asa Putnam — Anna Collins. 

Asa Putnam, son of Josiah, born at Salem^ Aug. 10, 
1743, 'died Sept. 7, 1795, married July 24, 1766, Anna 
Collins; she was born at Brimfield, Mass., 1747. He re- 

Jenkins Family Book. 171 

moved to Brattleboro, Vt. After his decease, his 
widow married Col. Benjamin Simonds of WilHams- 
town, Mass. 


Perley, Lewis, Serephina, married Jonathan Smith of Bath, 
Me., Ebenezer, Josiah, Alfred, Sewall, Sylvia. 

VII — Sylvia Putnam — Zeyn A. Hamilton. 

Sylvia Putnam, daughter of Asa, born May 25, 
1789, died at Cattaraugus, N. Y., Oct. 2, 1883, mar- 
ried Feb. II, 1811, Zeyn A. Hamilton of Aurora, N. 
Y. The writer saw her about 1870 and remembers 
her wxll. She was ninety-four years old when she 
died. She had strong intellectual force. 

For particulars of this family see Hamilton-Ray- 
mond ancestors. 

And see Raymond ancestors for items concerning the 
following : 

\'III — Mary Putnam Hamilton — Edward 


IX — Marcia Raymond — Robert E. Jenkins. 

The relationship in the Putnam line to Major Gen- 
eral Israel Putnam is as follows : 

172 Jenkins Family Book. 

I — John Putnam. 

2 — Thomas. Nathaniel. 

3 — Joseph. John. 

4 — Gen. Israel. Josiah. No. IV ante 

And the relationship to Major General Rufus Put- 
nam is as follows : 

I — John. 











Gen. Rufus. 


Hutchinson Ancestors. 

The Hutchinson family has been notable both in 
England and America. It is not the purpose here to 
elaborate, but to make special note of this ancestral 
line as an illustration. It has been preserved for more 
than seven hundred years, and is shown, together with 
descendants of the family in New England in Parts II 
and III of vol. X of the Historical Collections, pub- 
lished by Essex Institute in 1870. The line, d'own to 

Jenkins Family Book. 173 

the intermarriage with the Putnam ancestors, is from 
thai publication, and is given here without note or 
comment as a suggestive curiosity. 

I — ^Barnard Hutchinson Boyville. 

Living in A. D. 1282, Cowlam, York County, Eng- 

II — John Hutchinson — Edith Wouldbie. 

Ill — ^James Hutchinson — Ursula Gregory. 

IV — William Hutchinson — Anna Bennett. 

V — 'Anthony Hutchinson — Judith Crosland. 

VI — Thomas Hutchinson Drake. 

VII — ^Lawrence Hutchinson — Isabel . 

VIII — Thomas Hutchinson . 

IX — Thomas Hutchinson — Alice . 

X — Richard Hutchinson — Alice Bos worth. 

He was born 1602 at Arnold, England, emigrated to 
America in 1634, settled at Salem, Mass, died abuot 
1682. His wife was Alice, daughter of Joseph Bos- 
w'orth. They were married in England. Their third 
child was Elizabeth, who married Nathaniel Putnam. 
This line is double for two generations. 

174 Jenkins Family Book. 

XI — ^^Elizabeth Hutchinson — Nathaniel Putnam. 

Joseph Hutchinson Gedney. 

Xn — John Putnam — Hannah Cutler. 

Joseph Hutchinson — Elizabeth Swinerton. 

XHI — Josiah Putnam — Ruth Hutchinson. 

This is identical with No. IV Putnam Ancestors. 

Where the Hne may be continued until Hardin Wal- 
lace Masters and William Logan wil appear as of the 
twentieth generation from the first named ancestors, 
A. D. 1282. 

Swinerton Ancestors. 

I — Job Sw^inerton.- 

Job Swinerton was in Salem, Mass., in 1637. 
owned land adjoining the church in 1639. Died April 
II, 1689, ^^^ ^^ years, or more. Sons, John, died 
Jan. 6, 1690, aged 57, and Job died April 7, 1700, 
aged 55. There were also two daughters — Job and 
Job, Jr., were rate payers in 1682. 

Jenkins Family Book. 175 


Job Swinerton, son of first. Married July 19, 1658, 
Ruth daugliter of John Symonds. She died May 22^ 
1670, and he married second in 1673, Hester Baker. 
Children of first marriage, Joseph, Elizabeth, Ruth, 
Mary. John Sj'monds settled in Salem in 1637, and 
died in 1671. His wife was Elizabeth . 

III. — Elizabeth Swinerton — Joseph Hutchinson. 

Elizabeth Swinerton, daughter of Job the second,, 
was born in Salem, Feby. 26, 1663, and died there Dec. 
21, 1700. Nine children by Elizabeth including Ruth, 
born Feby. 26, 1690. He married second Elizabeth 

IV — ^JosiAH Putnam — Ruth Hutchinson. 
This is identical with No. IV Putnam Ancestors. 

Collins Ancestors. 

I — Daniel Collins — Sarah Tibbals. 

Daniel Collins was of Enfield, Conn., in 1683, where 
he died May 3, 1690, aged 42. It is not improbable 
that he was descended from Edward Collins (Cam- 
bridge, 1636) but the writer has been unable to trace 
the connection. 

176 Jenkins Family Book. 

His wife, Sarah, was daughter of Thomas Tibbals, 
who sailed from England in the Truelove in 1635, 
aged twenty. He served in the Pequot war in 1637, 
was at Milford in 1646; was twice married; by second 
marriage he had Sarah, who was born Nov. 29, 1654. 
Thomas Tibbals died in 1703. Sarah married first 
Daniel Collins, second Joseph Warriner and third 
Obadiah Abbey — (Burt's Springfield). 

The children of Daniel and Sarah were Daniel, Pa- 
tience, who married Killam, Nathan and Sarah. 

H — Nathan Collins — Anna Cooley. 

Nathan Collins, son of Daniel was born at Enfield, 
May 31, 1683, died at Brimfield, Mass., Aug. 8, 1767. 
He married about January 1710-11 Anna Cooley of 
Springfield, lived first at Springfield and later at Brim- 
field until his death. In June, 173 1 there was a draw- 
ing of lots (120 acres each) at Brimfield and one lot 
was assigned to him, and one lot to "one of his sons." 
In Dec. 1 73 1, their parents were authorized to deter- 
mine which one of their sons shall have the lot. In 
May, 1732, there was a drawing of lots where Nathan 
Collins drew one and Nathaniel Collins another. In 
Sept. 1757, a pew in church was assigned to Nathan 
Collins and wife and another to Nathan Collins, Jr. 
and wife. (Hist. Brimfield.) 

Ill — Nathan Collins — Phebe Weld. 
Nathan Colhns, son of last, married Feby. 27, 1746, 

Jenkins Family Book. 177 

Phebe daughter of Daniel Weld. He died at Brim- 
iield in 1765, two years before his father. Phebe Weld 
was born July 23, l']22. 

Their Children. 

Anna and Tabitha (twins), born Feb. 25, 1747, Phebe, born 
Nov. 24, 1748, Tirzah, born Aug. 13, 1752, Nathan, born Sept. 
5, 1755, Asenath, born May 28, 1759, Lewis, born Dec. 19, 
1760. Of these children, Anna Collins married Asa Putnam, 
Tabitha, David Morgan, Tirzah, Caleb Morgan, Phebe, 
Phineas Hill and Asenath, Nathaniel Miller. 

IV. — Anna Collins — Asa Putnam. 

Anna Collins, born Feb. 25, 1747, married Asa Put- 
nam, July 24, 1766. This is identical with No. VI Put- 
nam Ancestors. 

Weld Ancestors. 

1 — Joseph Weld- 

Joseph Weld, known as Captain Weld, came over in 
1633, kept a store in Roxbury, Mass., and is said in 
History of Roxbury to have been the wealthiest mer- 
chant in New England at that time. Died Oct. 1646. 
Was probably father of 

178 Jenkins Family Book. 

II — ^Daniel Weld — ^Mary Hinsdale. 

Daniel Weld, born July 25, 1642, died Dec. 16, 1699, 
married at Dedham, June 8, 1664, Mary, daughter 
of Robert Hinsdale. Of this marriage there were 
five children of whom Daniel next following was the 

Robert Hinsdale was born in England about 
1617, and was one of the first settlers of Dedham, 
Mass., where he is found in 1638. His wife was Ann 
Woodward, probably daughter of Peter Woodward. 
He removed from Dedham to Hadley, Mass., where 
he was slain by the Indians in 1675. 

Ill — ^Daniel Weld — ^Mary Warriner. 

Daniel Weld, born 1680, married Mary, daughter of 
Joseph Warriner, Sept. 28, 171 1. The names of eig'ht 
children of this marriage are given in the history of 
Enfield of whom the fifth was Phehe who married 
Nathan Collins. 

IV — Phebe Weld — Nathan Collins. 

This No. IV. is identical with No. III. Collins' An- 

V — ^AsA Putnam — ^Anna Collins. 

This No. V. is identical with No. VI Putnam an- 
cestors where line is continued. 

Jenkins Family Book. 179 


Warriner Ancestors. 

I — William Warriner — Joanna Searle. 

William Warriner marrie<i; July 31, 1639, Joanna 
Searle, who was a sister of John Searle of Springiield, 
Mass. She died Sept. 12, 1660, and he married second 
the widow of Luke Hitchcock. William Warriner died 
June 2, 1676. 

II — Joseph Warriner — Sarah Tibbals. 

Joseph Warriner of Enfield, born Feb. 6, 1644, 
married., first, Alary Montague, by whom he had nine 
children. She died July 22, 1689, and he married, 
second, July 15, 1691, Sarah (Tibbals) Collins, the 
widow of Daniel Collins (Collins, No. i). Of this, 
second, marriage two children (twins) were born, viz : 
May 4, 1692, Mary and Abigail. He died; in 1697. 
He came from Northfield to Enfield. 

Ill — Mary Warriner — Daniel Weld. 

Mary Warriner, twin daughter of Joseph Warriner, 
married Daniel Weld as before stated. By this mar- 
riage their daughter Phebe, who married Nathan 
Collins, was the double grand-daug'hter of Sarah Tib- 
bals, who married successively Daniel Collins and Jo- 
seph Warriner. 

This No. Ill is identical with No. Ill Weld Ances- 
tors where more facts are stated. 

180 Jenkins Family Book. 

Cooley Ancestors. 
I — ^Benjamin Cooley — Sarah 

Benjamin Cooley was in Springfield as early as 
1644, when his name first appears in the tax lists. He 
was the ancestor of most of the various branches of 
the Cooley family in America, was a weaver — ^was a 
selectman of Springfield for eighteen years, and occu- 
pied other official positions — was very active in the pub- 
lic life of the town. He died Aug. ly, 1684 and his 
wife, Sarah six days later. 

Burt's history of Springfield gives the names of 
eight children born there, the second of these was 
Obadiah, born Jany. 2y, iCl-7-^ ^-'; 

n — Obadiah Cooley — Rebecca Williams. 

Obadiah Cooley, son of Benjamin, born as above, 
died Sept. 3, 1690, lived in Springfield, married Re- 
becca Williams, daughter of John and Mary (Burley) 
Williams, at Windsor ; after his death his widow mar- 
ried John Warner and died Oct. 18, 1715. . She was 
the fourth wife of Warner. 

Children of Obadiah and Rebecca. 
Rebecca, Sarah, Mary, Obadiah, Anna, Joseph and Jona- 

HI — Anna Cooley — Nathan Collins. 

Anna Cooley was born March 5, 168 1, and married 
Nathan Collins about January, 1710-11. "They settled 

Jenkins Family Book. 181 

in Brimfield." Burt's History of Springfield, Vol. 2, 
551, N. E. Gen. and Hist. Register, Vol. 39, 267. 

No. Ill is identical with No. H of Collins' ancestors, 
where the line is continued. 



It has not been possible to gather much informa- 
tion concerning the first American ancestor in this 
line. In those early days records of immigration were 
not well preserved in the western part of Virginia. 
The name and the fact is about all that can be stated 

I — HiLLORY Masters — Susan . 

Hillory Masters emigrated from Wales and settled 
in Wiythe County, Virginia. 

II — Thomas Masters — Elizabeth Matlock. 

Thomas Masters, son of Hillory, removed from 
Virginia to Tennessee early in the last century. He 
married Elizabeth Matlock, and they had twelve chil- 
dren, viz. : 

Squire Davis, James Madison, Polly, Susan, Sarah, Nancy, 

Wilbur, William, Robert. Emaline, Thomas, William (?) 


184 Jenkins Family Book. 

Ill — Squire Davis Masters — ^Lucinda Young. 

Squire Davis Masters, son of Thomas, was born in 
Overton County, Tenn., Nov. 14, 1812, died Feb. 2, 
1904. Married at Jacksonville, 111., March 6, 1834, 
Lucinda Young. She was the daughter of Lawrence 
Young, and was born near Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 11, 
1814. Her mother's maiden name was Margaret 
Wiass'on. Squire D. and Lucinda Masters resided 
until his death near Petersburg, 111. In March, 1902, 
they celebrated the sixty-eighth anniversary of their 
marriage. He was then ninety years old, she eighty- 
eight ! His widow still resides on the Petersburg 
farm. He was a soldier in the Blackhawk war, and a 
member of the Illinois legislature in 1855 ; was a 
friend of Abraham Lincoln, and well acquainted with 
the leading men of Illinois in the pioneer days. He 
was for a number of years a justice of the peace. Lin- 
coln was the attorney on one side in a case tried be- 
fore Esquire Masters in the hot weather of mid-sum- 
mer. The trial lasted two days, and was conducted in 
the open air under the shade of two large maple trees. 

The children born to Squire D. and Lucinda were: 

Minerva Henry, Hardin Wallace, Anna Meliissa, Marv, 
Lulu, Emma, and Wilbur Davis. 

Minerva married Rev. B. T. Vincent, D. D., of Chautauqua 
fame, and resides in Greeley, ^Colorado. 

rV — 'Hardin Wallace Masters — Emma J. Dexter. 

Hardin Wallace Masters, son of Squire D. was born 
in Morean County, Illinois. Sept. 11, ^84^ Attended 

JENKINS Family Book. 185 

Illinois College, Jacksonville, and afterwards Ann 
Arbor University. Admitted to the bar 1867, elected 
States Attorney of Menard Co., 111., November 1872; 
re-elected 1876. Resigned, 1879, to move to Lewiston, 
111. Democratic presidential elector for Illinois 1892. 
Delegate to national democratic convention 1896. Ap- 
pointed master-in-chancery of Fulton Co. 1897. De- 
clined unanimous democratic nomination for Congress 
1898. Elected mayor of Lewiston 1899, re-elected 
190 1. For many years member of the board of super- 
visors of Fulton Co. by the choice of both political 
parties. Married Emma Jerusha Dexter, Sept. 11, 
1867; the latter was born in Brattleboro, Vermont, 
Aug. 16, 1849. Children of Hardin Wallace and 
Emma J. (Dexter) Masters: 

Edgar Lee, born Aug. 23, 1868. 
Madeline Ellen, born Aug. 18, 1873. 
Alexander Dexter, born Aug. 18, 1874. 
Thomas Davis, born Sept. 12, 1876. 

Madeline Ellen Masters married Feb. 23, 1893, Dr. 
Carl D. Stone, son of the late Horatio O. Stone of 
Chicago, 111. They have children:. 

Elizabeth Masters Stone, born Feb. 24, 1894. 
Emma Louise Stone, born Feb. 3, 1897. 
Horatio Odell Stone, born June 26, 1899. 
All born in Chicago, where their parents reside. 

Thomas Davis Masters married, June 10, 1900, Ger- 
tn^de Mettler of Toledo, O. They reside in Lewiston, 

186 Jenkins Family Book. 

111., where he is a practicing lawyer, in partnership 
with his father. 

Masters-Dexter Note. 

Rev. Deming S. Dexter, the father of Emma Jeru- 
sha Dexter (Masters) was born in Newark, Vt., 
June 15, 18 1 5, and died in Marlboro, N. H., Aug. 20, 
1873. He was the son of James Dexter of Newark. 
Deming S. began to preach when he was eighteen 
years of age, and became a most useful and greatly 
beloved minister. In charge of the Methodist Episco- 
pal Church of Marlboro, N. H., his ministry was 
most efficient and fruitful. He was also greatly hon- 
ored as a citizen. About 1880 a memorial window was 
placed in his Marlboro Church in recognition of his 
services, and as a tribute to his life. The history of 
Marlboro (pp. 130-132) contains a brief sketch of 
his notable work. Jerusha Humphrey (his wife) was 
finely educated and was an accomplished linguist and 
mathematician. See Masters -Humphrey notes VIII. 

V — Edgar Lee Masters — Helen Mary Jenkins. 

Edgar Lee Masters, son of Hardin Wallace Masters, 
was born in Garnett, Kas., Aug. 23, 1868, married in 
Chicago, June 21, 1898, Helen Mary Jenkins. (See 
Jenlkins Genealogy. 

He is a successful practicing lawyer in Chicago, the 
junior member of the firm of Darrow and Masters. 

Jenkins Family Book. 187 

He is a student, the author of several pubHshed works ; 
is president of the Alumni of Knox College. They 
have one child : 

VI — ^Hardin Wiallace Masters, born April 17, 

Masters-Wasson Notes. 

I — John Wasson — Rebecca Ortman. 

John Wasson was living in the State of North Car- 
olina, before the Revolutionary War. His wife, Re- 
becca, was first married to John Bryan who was killed 
in said war. Mrs. Squire D. Masters, the grand- 
daughter of said John and Rebecca Wasson, states that 
said John Bryan and John Wasson were friends, and 
that they entered the army of the Revolution together, 
that said Bryan was killed while in service and that 
upon the return of said John Wasson he married his 
widow, the said Rebecca (Ortman) Bryan, and that 
after their marriage they removed to the State of 
Tennessee, and lived near the city of Nashville, where 
children were born as follows : 

James Wasson, William Wasson, Rebecca Wasson, Robert 
Wasson, Margaret Wasson and Joseph Wasson 

Rebecca Wasson, senior, died near Whitehall, 111., 
Feb. 12, 1821. 

II — Margaret Wasson — Lawrence Young. 
The said Margaret Wasson was born near Nash- 

188 Jenkins Family Book. 

ville, Tenn. There she married Lawrence Young, and 
her child, Lucinda was born, and there she died soon 
after. Lucinda, being left motherless, was brought 
up by her grandmother, the said Rebecca Wasson, 
who, with several of her sons, removed to Alton, 111. 

Ill — ^^Squire D. Masters — Lucinda Young, 

concerning whom the facts have been already given. 

Masters-Humphrey Notes. 

1 — ^JoNAS Humphrey — Frances 

Jonas Humphrey came with his sons Jonas and 
James and daughter, Sarah, from England in 1634; 
settled at Dorchester, Mass., where he died, March 
19, 1662. He bought a house and land there in 1637 
which has continuously remained in the ownership of 
some of his descendants until this time. The family 
has been usually well represented in the old Meeting 
House Hill Church, Dorchester. 

II — ^JoNAS Humphrey — Martha . 

Jonas Humphrey, second, was born in England in 
1620,, died Feb. 11, 1699. Settled in Weymouth, Mass., 
about 1650. 


Samuel, Nathaniel, Jonas, John, James and Sarah. 

Jenkins Family Book. 189 

III — Samuel Humphrey — Mary Terry. 

Sairmel Humphrey, son of the last named, born in 
Dorchester, 1649, married Feb. 14, 1667, Mary, daugh- 
ter of James and Ann (Hatch) Terry of Scituate, 
Mass. He removed in 1699 to Barrington, R. I., and 
probably died there. 


Samuel, John, Joslah, James, Jonas, Sarah, Mary and Mar- 

Ann Hatch was daughter of Elder Wm. Hatch, an emigrant 
from Englan'd. 

IV — ^JoHN Humphrey — Rebecca Perry. 


John Humphrey, son of Samuel, was born at Wey- 
mouth, Feb. 19, 1684, died July 11, 1752. He mar- 
ried, first, Sarah Cooper who died Sept. 28, 1724, and 
he married, second, March 17, 1725, Rebecca Perry 
of Rehoboth, Mass. She was born Jan. 24, 1691, and 
was the daughter of Samuel and Mary (Miller) Perry. 

Mary Miller was daughter of Anthony Miller of 

Sarah, born in 1726 and John, born in 1727. 

V — ^JoHN Humphrey — Martha Walker. 

John Humphrey, born Aug. 9, 1727, died probably 
while in the army of the American Revolution. Mar- 
ried, Dec. 24, 1747, Martha Walker, by whom he had 

190 Jenkins Family Book. 

a large family. She died and he married, sec- 
ond, 1767, Molly Wilmarth, widow of Ephraim Wil- 
marth. He is said to have served in the Revolution- 
ary Army in a Rhode Island regiment. In the ceme- 
tery at East Providence, R. I., the grave stone of his 
widow is inscribed, "Died Feb. 28, 1793, Molly, widow 
of Lieut. John Humphrey." 

Note (i) Philip Walker was at Rehoboth in 1653 
and in 1654, married there Jane Butterworth. 

(2) His son, Samuel Walker, married Martha 
Ide, who was the daughter of Nicholas Ide. The 
wife of Nicholas was daughter of Thomas Bliss. 

(3) Ephraim Walker, son of Samuel, married 
Mary Abell, daughter of Preserved Abell, and their 

(4) Martha, born Dec. 22, 1729, married John 
Humphrey as above. All of these were of Rehoboth 
or Weymouth families. 

VI — 'Ephraim Humphrey — Margaret Allen. 

Ephraim Humphrey, son of John, born at Reho- 
both, Aug. 30, 1763, married about 1784, Margaret 
Allen, probably of North Kingston, R. 1. He died 
in 1840. 


John, Joseph, Thomas, Samuel,. Allen, Timothy, Abel and 
several ^daughters. 

Jenkins Family Book. 191 

VII — ^JoHN Humphrey — Mary Putnam. 

John Humphrey, eldest son of Ephraim, born at 
Rehoboth, Nov. 23, 1786, married, 1808, Mary Put- 
nam, daughter of Andrew Putnam. He died at Lyn- 
den, Vt., July 18, 1836. Children, among others: 

Samuel, born Sept, 1. 1809, at Johnsbury, Vt. 
Jerusha, born Nov. 13, 1811, at Boston, Mass. 
John, born Oct. 12, 1834, at Lynden, Vt. 

VIII — Jerusha Humphrey — Rev. Deming S. 


Jerusha Humphrey, born as above, Nov. 13, 1811, 
married Sept. 22, 1836, Rev. Deming S. Dexter, son 
of James Dexter of Newark, Vt. She died at Marl- 
boro, N. H., July 24, 1881. 


Francis who married G. Ladd. 
Abigail, who married H. Bickford. 

Jacynthia, who married Dr. Rosenberger. 

Mary, who became the second wife of H. Bickford, whose 
first wife was her sister Abigail. 

Emma J. who married Hardin Wallace Masters. 

James D., who married Carrie Tift. 

Hattie, who married E. C. Mason (?) 

IX — Emma J. Dexter — ^Hardin Wallace Masters- 
See No. IV Masters Memoranda. 


Jenkins Family Book. 

X — Edgar Lee Masters — ^Helen Mary Jenkins. 
See No. V Masters Memoranda. 

M aster s-Pu tnam Notes. 

An illustration of how descendents of a common 
ancestor, whose blood has coursed down through many 
generations in widely separated channels becomes 
united to constitute a new family head is found below 
— ^Ed'gar Lee Masters and Helen Mary Jenkins, who 
were married June 21, 1898, are cousins in the tenth 
generation of descent from John Putnam, as shown 
in the following table, viz : 

I — ^JoHN Putnam 
•Priscilla Gould. 

II — ^Lieut. Thos. Putnam II — 'Nathaniel Putnam 

Ann Holyoke 
in — 'Edward Putnam 

Mary Hale 
IV — Elisha Putnam 
Susannah Fuller 
V — ^Elisha Putnam 
Lydia Chase 
VI^-Andrew Putnam 
Lucy Parks 
VII— Mary Putnam 

John Humphrey 

Elizabeth Hutchinson 
III — John Putnam 

Hannah Cutler 
IV — ^Josiah Putnam 

Ruth Hutchinson 
V — Josiah Putnam 
Lydia Wheeler 
VI — Asa Putnam 
Anna Collins 
VII — ^Sylvia Putnam^ 
Zavne Hamilton 

Jenkins Family Book. 193 

VIII — ^Jerusha Humphrey VIII — Mary Putnam Hamilton 
Rev. Deming S. Dexter Edward Raymondi 
IX — ^Emma J. Dexter IX — Marcia Raymond 
Hardin W. Masters Robert E. Jenkins 

X — Edgar Lee Masters X — Helen Mary Jenkins 
XI — Hardin Wallace Masters, son of Edgar Lee 
and Helen Mary in whom the two lines again unite. 

For notes on the ancestors in the Helen Mary Jen- 
kins, or second column, see "Putnam Ancestors" in 
in preceding pages. Part III. 

Notes- on the Edgar Lee Masters ancestors, or first 
column are as follows : 

Masters-Pu tnam Notes. — Continued. 

1 — ^JoHN Putnam — Priscilla Gould. 

John Putnam, son of Nicholas and Margaret (Good- 
speed) Putnam of Ashton Abbott, Bucks Co., Eng- 
land; emigrated to America and settled at Salem, 
Mass., about 1634. He is the common ancestor in the 
preceding table. 

n — Lieutenant Thomas Putnam — Anne 


Thomas Putnam, son of John, born in England in 
1615, married Aug. 17, 1643, Anne, daughter of Ed- 
ward and Prudence (Stockton) Holyoke. She died 
Sept. I, 1665, and he married, second, Mary Veren, 

194 Jenkins Family Book. 

widow of Nathaniel Veren. He was prominent in the 
affairs of Salem and a number of pages are given to 
his history in the Putnam Genealogy. He was Lieu- 
tenant by appointment of the General Court, in a troop 
of horse. There were eight children by his first wife, 
Anne: Ann who married Wm. Trask, Sarah, Mary, 
Thomas, Edward, Deliverance, Elizabeth, Prudence, 
and one, Joseph, by his second wife Mary. This 
Thomas Putnam was grand-father of Major General 
Israel Putnam. 

in — Edward Putnam — Mary Hale. 

Edward Putnam, second son of Thomas, born at 
Salem, baptized July 4, 1654, married, July 14, 1681, 
Mary, daughter of Thomas Hale. He died March 10, 
1747. He is known as "Deacon," as were also num- 
bers IV and V next following. He had sons, Ed- 
ward, Elisha, Ezra and Isaac, and daughters, Prudence 
and Abigail. Thomas Hale, father of Mary, married, 
May 22, 1657, Mary Hutchinson. She was daughter 
of Richard and Alice (Bos worth) Hutchinson. They 
were ancestors in two lines of Helen Mary (Jenkins) 
Masters as shown ante under "Hutchinson Ancestors" 
and now appear as also ancestors of her husband, Ed- 
gar Lee Masters. 

This Thomas Hale was born in 1633, and was son 
of Thomas Hale, who emigrated from England, where 
he was 'born at Wolden Huts, May 15, 1606. 

Jenkins Family Book. 195 

IV — Elisha Putnam — Susanna Fuller. 

Elisha Putnam was the third son of Edward, and 
was born at Salem, Nov. 3, 1685, married Susanna 
Fuller, Feb. 15, 1713; settled at Sutton, Mass., about 
1725, where he died June 10, 1745. Children: Elisha, 
Hannah, Nehemiah, Jonathan, Susanna, Mary, 
Stephen, Amos, Eunice, Huldah and Rufus. The last 
was Major General in Revolutionary army. 

This Elisha Putnam was prominent in church and 
town affairs. "He was representative to the General 
Court, town clerk and treasurer, besides holding many 
minor offices." He was first married to Hannah 
Marble, who died early, and all said children are by 
second marriage. Susanna Fuller, his wife, was 
daughter of Jonathan and Susan (Trask) Fuller of 
Salem and Topsfield. Said Jonathan Fuller was son 
of Lieutenant Thomas Fuller whose wife was Eliza- 
beth Tidd, daughter of John Tidd, emigrant from 


V — Elisha Putnam — ^Lydl\ Chase. 

Elisha Putnam, son of Elisha, was born Dec. 2, 
1715, married Lydia Chase, March 3, 1742, served in 
the army during the French and Indian War, and 
was killed in 1758 in the attack on Ticonderoga. 
Children : Andrew, EHsha, Antipas, Jokton, Luke,, 
William. His wife, Lydia was a daughter of Philip- 
and Mary (Follansbee) Chase, and was born Aug. 

196 Jenkins Family Book. 

12, 1722. Her mother was daughter of Thomas Fol- 
lansbee of Newberry, Mass. The Chase Hne is as 
follows : 

( 1 ) Aquilla Chase of Chesham, England, who 
is said to have had an immense fortune which 
ifor some reason escheated to the British gov- 

(2) Aquilla Chase, son of last, born 1618, died 
Dec. 29, 1670; emigrated to America, was at 
Hampton, N. H., and removed from there to 
Newberry, Mass., in 1646. He married Anne, 
daughter of John Wheeler from England, 1634. 

(3) John Chase, born in Newbury, Mass., 
Nov. 2, 1655, married May 23, 1677, Elizabeth, 
daughter of John and Elizabeth (Preston) Bing- 
ley. Their son Philip, above named, was born 
in Newbury, Mass., Sept. 23, 1688. 

VI — Andrew Putnam — Lucy Parks. 

Andrew Putnam, eldest son of EHsha, born at Sut- 
ton, Mass., May 2, 1742, married Lucy Parks, Jan. 
10, 1764 died April 26, 1819. Lived in Winchester, 
Greenfield and Townsend, Mass. 


Andrew, Malachi, Peter,, Stephen, David, Elizabeth, Sally, 
Lucy and Mary. . 

Jenkins Family Book. 197 

Lucy Parks was daughter of Jonathan and Lucy 
(Sibley) Parks. 

The Sibley Hne is : 

(i) John Sibley, came to Salem, Mass., in 
1629, died in 1661, married Ann Pickworth. 
(2) Joseph Sibley, son of above, born in 1655, 
married Susanna, daughter of Wm. Follett. 

(3) Samuel Sibley, born 1697, married 
Martha Dick. They were the parents of said 
Lucy who married Jonathan Parks. 

The Dick line is also interesting: 

(i) Samuel Dick, born in Scotland in 1622, 

married Mary Perkins. 1 

(2) Anthony Dick, born 1651, married Mary 
Pool of Abington in 1675. 

(3) Anthony Dick, born 1679, married Mary 
Curtis, 1700, and were probably the parents of 
Martha who married Samuel Sible}^ 

VII — Mary Putnam — ^John Humphrey. , 

Mary Putnam, youngest child of Andrew, married 
John Humphrey, 1808. This is identical with VII 
in Masters-Humphrey notes, and VIII, IX, X and 
XI may be continued from there. 



Joseph Logan, the first known American ancestor, 
is located as a resident of Birmingham Township, 
Chester County, Pennsylvania, in 1749. He was then 
on the tax list. He may have been there sometime 
before, or have lived previously in New Castle County, 
now in the state of Delaware. His father was prob- 
ably the emigrant, but his name and time of arrival 
have not been discovered. Originally Scotch, always 
Protestant, the Logan ancestors passed over into Ire- 
land, and later fell in with the Scotch-Irish emigra- 
tion, which added so much to the robust and worthy 
citizenship of Pennsylvania. 

I — Joseph Logan — Elizabeth 

Joseph Logan born ; died March 29, 1769. 

Resided in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He mar- 
ried Elizabeth 


200 Jenkins Family Book. 

Children. '■ 

William, born February 7, 1747. 

James, born March 28, 1749. 

John, born January 3, 1752. 

Elizabeth, born December 19, 1753. 

Margaret, born October 8, 1756, died 1785. 

Joseph, born August 8, 1759. 

David, born June 30, 1762, died March 31, 1763^ 

Robert, born June 2, 1764. 

Henry, born January 13, 1767. 

Elizabeth married Allow and died Decem- 
ber 8, 1781. 

II — Joseph Logan — ^Mary Harry. 

Joseph Logan, born August 8, 1759, lived near 
Coatsville, Chester County, Pennsylvania. He died 
May 18, 1834. He married Mary, daughter of Ben- 
jamin Harry, of Kennet Township, Chester County. 


William, born January 4, 1788. 
John, born March 7, 1790. 
Hannah, born Sept. 2, 1792. 
Silas, born Sept. 22, 1795. 
Rachel, born Sept. 12, 1799. 
Orphah, born August 22, 1802. 
Ruth, born March 24, 1805. 
Lydia, born May 18, 1810. 

Logan-Harry Note. 
Mr. Gilbert Cope of West Chester, Pennsylvania, 

Jenkins Family Book. 201 

has written the genealogy of Mary Harry. The out- 
line is as follows : 

I — Hugh Harris, or Harry — ^Elizabeth Brinton, 

n — Hugh Harry — Elizabeth Wickersham. 

in — Benjamin Harry — Mary Cloud. 

IV — ^Mary Harry — Joseph Logan. No. II. above. 

I insert memoranda from Mr. Cope, as follows: 

Among the passengers on the "Vine of Liverpool'/'" 
which arrived at Philadelphia, 7 mo. 17, 1684, were 
''From Macchinleth in Montgomeryshire, Hugh Har- 
ris and Daniel Harris." 

Hugh Harris and Elizabeth Brinton, daughter of 
William and Ann Brinton, of Birmingham, declared 
their intentions of marriage at Chichester Meeting ist 
mo. 1st, 1685-6, and again 2d mo. 12th, 1686, and were 
doubtless married soon after the last date. He was a 
weaver and settled in Birmingham Township, Chester 
County, on land coonveyed to him by his father-in-law, 
where he died in 1708. 

The will of Hugh Harris, of "Brumingham, wever, 
being sick," &c., was dated i mo. 2^, 1708, and proven 
Sept. 28, 1708. He directed his wife and executrix, 
Elizabeth Harris, to sell the plantation and pay £5 to 
each of the children when of age. To his son Evan 
he gave the "waving Loom and Gares thereunto be- 

^03 Jenkins Family Book. 

longing." His children as named were Evan, Wil- 
liam, Hugh, John, Elizabeth, Ann, Jane, Lois and 

It is presumed that Hugh Harris, or Harry, as the 
name has been written by later generations, was a 
follower of George Keith, who created a schism in the 
Society of Friends about 1692, but some of the chil- 
dren afterward joined with Friends. 

Hugh Harry of Kennet Township, Chester County, 
and Elizabeth Wickersham, of the same place, were 
married i mo. 4, 1730, at Kennet Meeting. By deed 
of April 10, 1728, Hugh Harry, of Kennet, purchased 
from Joseph Taylor 150 acres of land in what was then 
Kennet, afterward Pennsbury and now Pocopson 
Township, for £75. 

The will of Hugh Harry, of Kennet, is dated 3 mo. 
29, 1760, and proven June 24, 1760. After providing 
for Elizabeth his wife he gives to son James 10 acres 
of land to be surveyed off the plantation ; to daughter 
Elizabeth Harry £20 **at her first marriage ;" to sons 
Stephen, Jesse, Benjamin, Nathan and Thomas £5 
each. The three younger children, Jesse, Benjamin and 
Nathan to be put to trades at 16. Residue of estate, 
real and personal, to son Evan who was also executor. 

Benjamin Harry and wife, Mary (Cloud), were dis- 
owned by Kennet Monthly Meeting of Friends, in 
1768, for marriage by a "priest" as they termed min- 
isters of other denominations. 

Jenkins Family Book. 203 

They had three children, Stephen, Jesse and Mary, 
of whom the last named married Joseph Logan. 

The genealogy of the Bailey family shows the Cloud- 
Baily lines as follows : 

I — Joel Baily — x\nn Short, married in 1687. 

II — Jeremiah Cloud — Ann Baily. 

Ill — William Cloud — Mary Pierce. 

IV — ^Mary Cloui> — ^Benjamin Harry, parents of 
Mary, who married Joseph Logan 11. 

Ill — William Logan — Hannah Pyle. 

William Logan,first son of Joseph and Mary (Harry) 
Logan, was born at East Fallowfield, Chester Coun- 
ty, January 4, 1788, died October 26, 1842. He mar- 
ried Hannah, daughter of Abner and Mary Pyle. She 
was born October 28, 1786. They resided near Coates- 
ville in Chester County, about three miles from 
Chadd's Ford, and nine miles from West Chester. 


Philena Logan, born October 10, 1811, marrie^d Benjamin 

Mary Ann Logan, born May 18, 1814, married John Barnes. 
William Pyle Logan, born August 27, 1822. 
Phebe Logan, born October 5, 1824, died July 31, 1842. 
Eli Hayes Logan, born August 2, 1827, died Feb. 11, 1896. 

The last named, Eli Hayes Logan, married Sarah 
Elizabeth Springer, lived at Oxford, Chester County, 

204 Jenkins Family Book. 

Pennsylvania, and had seven children, all of whom are 
deceased', except William Mortimter, the eldest, and 
Mary Louisa, the youngest. One daughter, Ella, mar- 
ried John R. Poole and left two children. 

Mary Louisa Logan married, July i6, 1896, Howard 
T. McCrery. They live at Collamer, Pennsylvania, 
and have one child, Elizabeth Irene McCrery. 

Logan-Pyle Note. 

Mr. Gilbert Cope, before quoted, writes : 

"Robert, Nicholas and Ralph Pyle, or Pile as some 
of them wrote it, came from Wiltshire, England, I 
believe in 1683. They were doubtless sons of Robert 
Pyle of Stanton Barnard in Wilts. Robert was mar- 
ried in England but Nicholas married here. These 
two were Friends while Ralph was an Episcopalian, 
and all were at times members of the Provincial As- 
sembly. Ralph settled in Concord Township, Chester 
(now Delaware) County and died in 1741, leaving a 
son Wdlliam. The latter married Betty Chads and 
died in Birmingham Township, June i, 1746, leaving 
children, Ralph, Joseph, John, William, Elinor, Mary 
and Sarah. Of these Joseph inherited 350 acres of 
land in West Marlborough, married Ruth Hayes and 
died in 1793, leaving children, Abner, Alice, Betty, 
Ruth, Mary, Jacob, Jane, Sarah and Joseph. Abner 
died July, 1793, a few months after his father, leav- 

Jenkins Family Book. 205 

ing widow Mary and children, Jehu, Hannah, Eli, 
Jonathan and Abner. The records of Orphans' Court 
represent that both Abner and his father were of East 
Marlborough, though Hannah Logan is said to have 
been born in West Marlborough." 

IV — William Pyle Logan — Sarah Jane McCombs. 

William Pye Logan, first son of William and Han- 
nah (Pyle) Logan, was born at East Fallowfield, Ches- 
ter County, Pennsylvania, August 27, 1822, and died 
in 1889. He married, March 20, 1845, ^^ her father's 
home near Coatesville, Pennsylvania, Sarah Jane Mc- 


1 Phebe Chaffen Logan, born October 24, 1846. 

2 William Logan, born September 11, 1848. 

3 James Franklin Logan, born September 3, 1850. 

4 Hannah Logan, born August 12, 1852. 

5 Alfred Alexander Logan, born September 30, 1854. 

6 Horace Pyle Logan, born August 26, 1859. 

7 Ellsworth Logan, born November 24, 1861. Died Septem- 

ber 10, 1887. 

8 Charles Francis Logan, born February 6, 1864. 

9 Sarah Emma Logan, born July 26, 1866. 

10 Clara Elizabeth Logan, born August 4, 1868. 

The first three born in Chtister County, Pennsylva- 
nia, the next two in Adams County, Illinois, and the 
remaining five, near Nauvoo in Hancock County, Illi- 
nois, where the family settled in 1856. William Pyle 

206 Jenkins Family Book. 

Logan was a farmer, and also a Methodist preacher, 
Justice of the Peace, Postmaster, Secretary Farmers' 
National Insurance Co., a man of good standing and 

Of the foregoing : 

I Phebe C. Logan married Joseph W. Noble, 
resides at Carthage, 111. 

2 William Logan married (see No. V below). 

3 James Franklin Logan married Jennie 
Crossan, reside at Tarkio, Mo. 

4 iHannah Logan married Jarvis Sherman, 
reside at Tarkio, Mo. 

5 Alfred Alexander Logan married Laura J. 
Hombs, reside at Glenwood, Mo. 

6 Horace Pyle Logan married Mary Wads- 
worth, reside at Tarkio, Mo. 

7 Ellsworth Logan died unmarried. 

8 Charles Francis Logan married Ella Gar- 
rett, reside in Philadelphia, Pa. 

9 Sarah Emma Logan married Floyd Colwell, 
reside at Tarkio, Mo. 

10 Clara Elizabeth Logan married Alexander 
Hull, resides at Tarkio, Mo. 

Logan-McComhs Note. 

Mr. A. P. McCombs of Havre de Grace, Maryland, 
furnishes items for the following as to the McCombs 
family : 

JENKINS Family Book. ' 207 

I — Thomas McCombs, the great-grandfather of Sa- 
rah Jane McCombs, who married WilHam Pyk Logan^ 
emigrated from Scotland to Armagh, Ireland, where 
his son next following, was born. The McCombs (or 
Macomb) were, therefore of original Scotch origin. 


iWilliam McCombs was born in 1765. He be- 
came acquainted with his wife Elizabeth on the 
vessel coming over to America in 1787, and they 
were married after landing at New Castle, Dela- 
ware. He bought land upon which he settled 
near Newark, Delaware. Here seven children 
were born to them : George T. James, William, 
Sarah Ann, Jane, Rachel and Lydia. 

Said William, Jr., was a prominent member of 
Philadelphia Conference M. E. Church for more 
than fifty years ; Sarah Ann married John Christy ; 
Jane married Jonathan Golden; Rachel married 
William Cofflle ; and Lydia married Wm. Ball. 
There are numerous descendants, many of them 
in and around Philadelphia. 

George T. McCombs was born in 1797, and 
married Eleanor Pidzer, the youngest of the sev- 
en children of Abram Pidzer, July 19, 1823. 
There were four children of this marriage of 
whom said A. P. McCombs, born June 16, 
1824, is the eldest. George T. McCombs was 

^08 Jenkins Family Book. 

killed near Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania, in 1836. 
He was a Methodist minister — killed by Catho- 
lics in a religious riot on account of his faith. A. 
P. McCom'bs married March 29, 1849. Maria C. 
Schott of Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Besides five 
who died in infancy, there were four children of 
this marriage : William S., born January 4, 1850. 
lives at Havre de Grace, Md. ; Louis, born April 
17, 1853, died May 24, 1867; Sallie, born October 
16, 1867, died January 8, 1889; and Mary, born 
December 29, 1874. 

in — Rev. James McCombs — Hannah Cowden. 

Rev. James McComhs, was born, 'either in Phila- 
delphia, or Chester County, Pennsylvania, in 1797. 
He was a Methodist preacher, but afterward 
changed his polity and served in like capacity with 
the United Brethren. He married Hannah Cow- 
den. (See note Logan-Cowden) . They lived dur- 
ing the later years of their lives at Doylestown, 
Ohio, where both died. They had four sons and 
three daughters : Harry, Alfred, Thomas and 
Robert, Sarah Jane, Catherine E. and Hannah, all 
of whom are dead (1903), except Thomas who re- 
sides at Rockwell City, Iowa. Sarah Jane mar- 
ried William Pyle Logan, Catherine E. married 
Philip Barnes and Hannah married Benjamin 
McFarland, who still lives and holds an important 
position in the Philadelphia post office. 

Jenkins Family Book. 209 

IV — Sarah Jane McCombs — William Pyle Logan". 

See ante. 

Logan-Cowden Note. . 

Mr. Robert Cowden of Dayton, Ohio, furnishes the 
following : 

I — ^Robert Cowden was brought by his family from 
North of Ireland to America when five years of age. 
Here he married and had at least two sons, John and. 

TI — Robert Cowden, born April 3rd, 1767, departed 
this life May 26th, 1845, ^g^^ 78 years, i month, 13 

Catherine, his wife, born June loth, 1765, and de- 
parted this life December 29th, 1818, aged 56 years, 
6 months and 19 days. 

Their Offspring. 

1 John Cowden, born January 21st, 1787, and. departed this 
life January 7th, 1812, aged 24 years, 11 months, 16 days — 
never married. 

2 Jane Cowden, born February 2nd, 1779, departedv Febru- 
ary 3rd,. 1779, aged 1 day. 

3, Jinnet M'Chesney Cowden, born November 14, 1790, and 
departed this life in Highland County, Ohio, February 8th, 
1847, ageki 56 years, 2 months, 24 days. She was; the second 
wife of Jacob, father of Simon Snyder. Died childless. 

4 Catherine Cowden, born October 28th, 1792, died near 
Seville, Ohio, December 11th, 1860, aged 68 years, 1 month, 
13 days. Was the wife of Peter Hamsher, raised two sons and 
four daughters. 

5 Robert Cowden, born May 5th, 1795, died April 9th, 1871, 
aged 75 years, 11 months and 4 'days — unmarried. 

210 Jenkins Family Book. 

6 David Cowden, born March 5th, 1797, and departed this 
life in Richland County, Ohio, June 17th, 1838, aged 41 years, 

3 months, 12 days, left widow and two living children and 
two children had died. 

7 Hannah Cowden, born August 12th, 1799, died January 
7th, 1872 in Doylestown, Wayne County,- Ohio, aged 72 years, 

4 months, 25 days, wife of Rev. James McCombs. 

8 James Cowden, born September 9th, 1801, died in Car- 
roll County, Ohio, November 23rd, 1851, aged 50 years, 2 
months and 14 days. Left widow an»d three children, 

9 William Cowden, born January 6th, 1804, died in Mifflin 
County, Pennsylvania, June 16th, 1867, aged 63 years, 5 
months and 10 days. Left widow and five living children. 

10 Margaret Cowden, born January 27th, 1806, departed 
this life in Chester County, Pennsylvania, May 4th, 1854, aged 
48 years, 3 months, 28 days — unmarried. 

11 Samuel Homes Cowden, born July 5th, 1810, and de- 
parted this life September 9th, 1815, aged 5 years, 2 months 
and 4 days. 

Mr. Robert Cowden of Dayton, Ohio, is son of David, No. 
6 above. 

It is probable that the first Robert Cowden died an 
old man in Chester County, Penssylvania in 1817, and 
that his wife was named Jenny and died there in 18 10, 
aged 82. 

V — ^William Logan — -Sarah Jane Jackson. 

W511iam Logan,first son of William Pyle Logan born 
September 11, 1848, married at Nauvoo, Illinois, De- 
cember 26, 1871, Sarah Jane Jackson. They reside in 
Keokuk, Iowa. William Logan was six years County 

Jenkins Family Book. 211 

Judge in Schuyler County, Mo., was member of 
school board and Mayor of Glenwood, Mo., was can- 
didate in that district for republican presidential elect- 
or in 1888. He is senior partner in firm of Logan 
Bros, owning largest stock farm in Schuyler County, 
Mo., is president of State Central Savings Bank of 
Keokuk, and principal and sole owner of five other 
banks in Missouri and Iowa, is President of Gate City 
Printing Co., which owns and publish'es the leading 
Republican newspaper of Southeastern Iowa, is presi- 
dent of the Keokuk Pure Water Commission, is Vice 
President of the Iowa State Insurance Co., also an 
active mason, a man of very unusual business abilities, 
of wide influence and strong character. 


William Archibald Logan, born June 14, 1873. 
Eva Isabel Logan, born March 24, 1881. 

Logan-Jackson Note. 

I — Archibald Jackson was born at Warnock on the 
Clyde in Scotland, March 4, 1810. He came to Ameri- 
ca and married near Nauvoo, Illinois, April 9, 1847, 
Catherine Little. She was born near Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, June II, 1827, and is living (1903) on the home 
place, near Nauvoo, Illinois. 

212 Jenkins Family Book. 


1 Sarah Jane Jackson, born July 30, 1849, and the wife of 

William Logan above noted. 

2 Philoma Mildred Jackson, born January 3, 1851, died 

March 1899. 

3 A chiM which died in infancy. 

4 Flora Isabel Jackson, born March 4, 1854. 

5 James Martin Jackson, born June 19, 1857. 

6 Catharine Virginia Jackson, born December 13, 1859, 

married William Wiikins, April 30, 1880, died July 22, 

7 Anna Christina Jackson, born December 25, 1861. 

8 Clara Viola Jackson, born March 4, 1863. 

9 Augustus Jackson, born May 22, 1865. 

10 Grace Olive Jackson, born September 7, 1867, died Decem- 

ber 24, 1897. 

11 Clemence Edith Jackson, born December 22, 1869, died 

June 7^ 1902. 

VI — William Archibald Logan — Edith Daisy 


William Archibald Logan, born June 14, 1873, mar- 
ried at her parents home in Chicago, April 7, 1902, 
Edith Daisy, daughter of Robert E. and M'arcia (Ray- 
mond) Jenkins. (See Jenkins Genealogy). They re- 
side in Keokuk, Iowa. He is Vice-president of the 
State Central Savings Bank of Keokuk and Treasurer 
of the City of Keokuk, and part owner in several 
banks in northeastern Missouri. He and his wife are 
active members of First Congregational Church of 

Jenkins Family Book. 213 

Keokuk and he is assistant superintendent of its Sun- 

VII — ^William Logan, son of WilHam Archibald, and 
Edith (Jenkins) Logan, born in Keokuk, Iowa, Octo- 
ber, 1 6, 1903. 

VI — Eva Isabel Logan — James Woolson Huiskamp. 

Eva Isabel Logan, born March 24, 1881, married at 
her father's home in Keokuk, Iowa, on Monday even- 
ing, June 29, 1903, James Woolson Huiskamp, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Huiskamp, who< were formerly 
residents of Keokuk, but now reside in Saint Louis, 
Mo. James W. Huiskamp and Eva Isabel reside in 
























Adaline, 19. 97. 
Adam Hubley, 82, 83. 
Albert Pattoii, 53, 
Alice, 39, 80. 
Anna, 94. 

Anna Margaret, 39. 
Anna Maria, 39. 
Anna Mary, 30. 
Anna Page, 47. 
Ann Rosina, 82, 83. 
Andrew, 24, 97. 
Annis Dunbar, 80, 81. 
Archibald Dunbar, 81. 

Benjamin, 17, 19, 20. 
Benjamin Amzi B., 26, 39. 

Caroline Mary, 94. 
Catherine, 76, 78. 

Catherine Carmichael, 76, 82, 

91, 95. 
Catherine Eleanor, 39, 47. 
Catherine Elizabeth, 38, 42. 
Diaries Albert, 41, 53. 

Clement Melville, 94. 


David, 15, 17, 18, 73, 74, 76, 

91, 92, 94, 98. 
David Lapsley, 50, 65. 
David Meredith, 94. 
Dorothy Louiscj 65. 
Douglas, 38. 
Douglas Morgan, 39. 

Edith, 97. 

Edith Daisy, 49, 64. 
Elizabeth, 20, 24, 26, 76. 
Ellen Elizabeth^ 50. 
Ellen Julia, 82, 83. 
Eunice, 19. 

Frank Winchester, 80. 
Florence Easton, 47, 62. 
Frederick Boone, 98. 
Frederick Meredith, 98. 
Frederick William, 94. 

George, 17, 18, 23, 25, 26, 122, 

92, 94. 
George Franklin, 33, 38, 47. 
George Raymond, 49. 
George Van Wagenen, 47, 4S, 


Jenkins Family Book. 

George Washington, 26, 29, 

Grover Cleveland, 97. 
Hannah, 24. 
Harriet, 91, 92. 
Helen Mary, 50, 63, 186. 
Herbert Cherry, 54. 
Huldah Ann, 38. 
Hyde Rush, 80. 

John Flavel and Family, 80. 
John Smith, 91. 
John William, 38, 41. 
Joseph, 17, 18, 19, 20. 
Julia Dunbar, 80. 
Julius, 97. 

Karl, 97. 
Kate, 97. 
Katherine Esther, 94. 

Ida, 39. 

Isaac, 17, 18, 20. 

Isaac Jenkin, 92, 94, 95. 

Isaac Meredith, 91, 93, 95. 

Jacob, 19. 

Jacob Morgan, 26, 38. 

Jacob Morgan, Jr., 39. 

James, 97. 

James Amzi, 38, 50. 

James Buchanan, 82, 83. 

James Golding, 39. 

James H., 26, 29. 

James Thomas, 41, 54. 

James William, 53. 

Jefferson, D., 97. 

Jenkin, 17. 

John, 11, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 
24, 26, 29, 74, 97, 126, 132. 

John Carmichael, 76, 79, 80. 

Lizzie, 39. 

Louise, 80. 

Lydia Field Hubley, 82. 

Lydia Hubley, 82, 83. 

Lyman Hall^ 54. 

Magdalena Spangler, 64. 

Marcia, 49. 

Marcia Louise, 47, 59. 

Mary, 18, 19, 20, 23, 26, 76, 
78, 94, 97. 

Mary Beltzhoover, 81. 

Mary Catherine, 29, 66, 67. 

Mary D. McCalmont, 91. 

Mary Dunbar, 80. 

Mary Elizabeth, 64. 

Mary Hubley, 82, 91. 

Mary Read, 82, 83, 85. 

Mary Serena, 50. 

Jenkins Family Book. 


Margaret, 17, 26, 27, 74. 
Margaret Catherine, 50. 
Margaret Graham, 80, 81. 
Margaret Jane, 38, 43. 
Martha, 74, 76, 91, 95. 
Martha Armor, 73, 82, 83. 
Martha Helen, 57. 
Molten, D. P., 26, 39. 

Nathaniel W., 26. 
Nellie M., 39, 56. 

Samuel Alexander, 30. 
Sarah, 20, 76, 79. 
Sarah A., 91, 98. 
Sarah Elizabeth, 29, 65. 
Sturges Sprague, 80. 
Susanna, 20. 

Theodore Robert, 94. 
Thomas Douglas, 29. 
Thomas F. 26. 

Paul David, 98. 
Phebe Ann, 76, 78. 

Rachel, 19. 

Rebecca, 17, 18, 19, 23, 74, 91. 
Richard Stockton, 82, 83. 
Robert, 17, 26, 30, 74, 75, 107. 
Robert Edwin, 38, 49. 
Robert Emmet, 82. 
Robert Hill, 50, 64, 65. 
Robert Lee, 94. 
Robert Smith, 91 95, 97. 

Walter Lynn, 39, 56. 

Willie, 50. 

William, 17, 18, 19, 23, 26, 

50, 74, 82, 97. 
William Dunbar, 79, 80, 81. 
William Howard, 57. 
William Meredith, 91, 95, 97, 

William Oswald, 82. 
Wilson, 83. 
Winchester, 80. 



Adams Alice, 97, 
Adams Charlotte, 62. 
Allen Family, 55, 58. 
Allen Margaret, 190. 
Allen Mary, 60. 
Allen Ollie Lewis, 55, 57, 58. 
Allen William Stamp, 55. 
Allow, Mr., 200. 
Armor Robert, 18. 
Armor Martha, 73, 74. 
Armstrong Mary, 44. 
Averill Mills, 148. 

Baily Family, 203. 
Bainbridge Mary E., 97. 
Ball Wm.. 207. 
Barnes John, 203. 
Barnes Philip, 208. 
Batcheller Family, 141-144. 
Beall Thomas, 42. 
Beall Verlinda Ann, 42. 
Belden Persis E., 140. 
Bender Mary, 77. 
Bennett Anna, 173. 
Bennett Mr., 93 
Berger Anna, 30. 
Berry Mary, 156. 

Betts Mary, 138. 
Betts Thomas, 138. 
Bickford H., 191. 
Bicking Caroline, 94. 
Bicking Frederick, 94. 
Bing Benjamin, 203. 
Bingley John, 196. 
Bishop Edward, 159. 
Black Albert Rose, 56. 
Blatchford James W., 83. 
Blair Mary, ]7. 
Blair Samuel, 17. 
Blood Henry Boyden, Jr., 62.. 
Blood Family, 62. 
Bond Henrietta, 160. 
Boone Mary, 98. 
Bosworth Alice, 173. 
Bosworth Joseph, 173. 
Bladen Catherine, 123. 
Boulware Family, 57. 
Bonlware Margaret Nancy, 56 
Boyd George, 121. 
Boyd Col. John, 121, 124. 
Boyd Margaret, 121. 
Boyer Family, 108, 109. 
Boyer John F., 106, 108. 
Brinton Elizabeth, 201. 



Jenkins Family Book. 

Bryan John. 187. 
Buchanan Miss, 95. 

Carmichael Catherine M., 75. 
Carmichael Rev. John, 75. 
Carrigan Ancestors, 124. 
Carrigan Catherine, 121. 
Carrigan Patrick, 121. 
Chads Betty, 204. 
Chase Lydia, 195. 
Chase Philip, 195. 
Chase Family, 196. 
Cherry Family, 55. 
Cherry Eliza Jane, 58. 
Cherry Elsie Bond, 54. 
Cherry Thomas, 54, 55. 
Christy John, 207. 
Clark Family, 121, 122. 
Clark Martha B., 122. 
Cleaver Charlotte L., 59. 
Cleaver Fanny, 160. 
Cloud Jeremiah, 203. 
Cloud Mary, 201, 202. 
Cloud William, 203. 
Cochran Margaret, 148. 
Cock Ancestors, 103. 
Cock Anna, 102. 
Cock Peter Larssen, 102. 
Coffin Sarah, 119. 
Coffle William, 207. 
Colburn Family, 93. 
Collins Ancestors, 175-178. 

Collins Anna, 145, 170. 

Colwell Floyd, 206. 

Cook Isabelle, 61. 

Cooley Ancestors, 180. 

Coombs Humphrey, 137. 

Connors Luther, 147. 

Cowden Family, 208-210. 

Cowden Hannah, 208. 

Cox Jacob and Moses, 103, 


Cozine W. Newton, 50. 

Crawford Anna, 61. 

Crawford Levi, 159. 

Crosland Judith, 173. 

Crossan, Jennie, 206. 

Cummins Elizabeth Douglas, 

Cummins J. S. L., 77. 

Curtis Mary, 197. , 

Cutler Ancestors, 169. 

Davidge Wiliam H., 86. 

Davies, Mrs., 46. 

Davies Elizabeth, 119, 128. 

Davis Jenkins & Co., 39. 

Davis Mary, 145. 

Day Justin, 147. 

Day Robert, 148. 

Day jMary, 143. 

Day Sarah, 148. 

Dexter Family, 186. 

Jenkins Family Book. 


Dexter, Deming S., 186, 191. 

jjexter Emma J., 184, 

Dick Family, 197. 

Dick Martha, 197. 

Dillabough Daniel, 77. 

Douglas Ancestors, 125. 

Douglas Andrew 23, 124, 127. 

Douglas Elizabeth, 127. 

Douglas George, 127. 

Douglas Margaret, 124. 

Douglas Nina, 160. 

Downs Clara, 93. 

Dudley Ancestors, 162, 165. 

Dunbar Family, 79, 80. 

Dunbar Annis, 79. 

Dungan Joseph, 117. 
.Dunbar Dr. William, 79. 

Dunn Marsey, 42. 

Eberman Susan, 85. 
Filer David, 29. 
Evans Geo. W., 20. 

Ferry Ellie, H., 161. 
Ferry James Hervey, 161. 
Ferry James W., 161. 
Finger David, 20. 
Fisher Juliana, 94 
Florin Family, 67. 
Fiorin Ernest, 67. 
FoUansbee Mary, 195 

Follansbee Thomas, 196 

Foote Mary, 165 

Foote Nathaniel, 165 

Fordney Ellen, 84 

Fordney Thomas Potter- 
Family, 85 

Fordney William Bush- 
Family, 84 

Friedley Cynthia, 96 

Fuller Jonathan, 195. 

Fuller Susanna, 195 

Fuller Thomas, 195 

Garman J. E., 93 
Garrett Ella, 206 
Gash Nancy, 57 
Gayetta Joseph, 67 
Gee Edmund W., 54 
Gee Lucy Ann, 53. 
Golden Jonathan, 207 
Golding Anna M., 38. 
Goodale Sarah, 142 
Gould Priscilla, 167-193 
Graffen Family, 62-63 
Graham Richard, 126 
Grass Charles Ewdin, 69. 
Grass Walter Edwin, 69 
Green Mary, 164 
Gregory Ursula, 173 
Griffith Ancestors, 119. 
Griffith Ann, 116-118 
Guthridg« Martha J., 93 


Jenkins Family Book. 

Haldeman Family, 77 

Hale Mary, 194. 

Hale Thomas, 194 

Hamaker Walter S., 108 

Hamilton-Jenkins Ancestors, 

Hamilton-Raymond Ances- 
tors, 155-161. 

Hamilton Catherine, 25. 

Hamilton Gen. Chas. Smith 
159, 160. 

Hamilton David, 156 

Hamilton Captain Hosea, 

Hamilton Captain James, 

Hamilton Mary Putnam, 140 

Hamilton Thomas Hubbard 
and Family, 161. 

Hamilton Zeyn A., 171. 

Hamsher Peter 209 

Harris Frank, 85 

Harris Sarah, 48 

Harry Family, 200-202 

Harry Benjamin, 200 

Harry Mary, 200 

Hart Edmund Palmer, 159. 

Hart, Mrs Kate, 159 

Hart Wilson Allen — Family, 

Hatch William, 189 

Haupt Family, 108 

Haupt Rev. Alex J. D., 108. 

Hawley Joseph, 147 
Hawthorne Margaret, 57 
Hayes Ruth, 204 
Hazen Clarissa, 60 
Heaton Geo. D. and Family, 

Hendricks Margaret Jenkins,. 

Hendricks William A., 27 

Hendricks William T., 27 

Henry Alexander, 20 

Henry Elizabeth, 20 

Henshaw Family, 42. 

Henshaw Charles, 42. 

Henshaw Levi, 39 

Henshaw Massey Annie, 41- 

Hill Family, 50-51 
Hill Mary Serena, 50. 

Hinsdale Mary, 178 

Hinsdale Robert, 178 
Hitchcock Ancestors, 150. 
Hitchcock John, 149 
Hitchcock Sarah, 149. 
Hoar Family, 93 
Hoar Adam, 92 
Hodges Elizabeth, 131. 
Holyoke Ann, 193 
Holyoke Edward, 193 
Hombs Laura J., 206 
Houghton Family, 60 
Hoyt Ancestors, 152. 

Jenkins Family Book. 

2o I 

Hoyt Nathan, 139 
Hubbard Anna, 15S 
Hubley Adam, 82 
Hubley Lydia Field, 82 
Hudson Lucinda, 54 
Huiskamp Henry C, 213 
Huiskamp James Woolson, 

Hull Alexander, 206 
Humphrey Genealog>% 188. 
Humphrey Jerusha, 191 
Hunter Martha, 128 
Huston Jane, 120 
Hutchinson Ancestors, 172, 

174, 194. 
Hutchinson Elizabeth, 168 
Hutchinson Mary, 194 
Hutchinson Richard, 194 
Hutchinson Ruth, 170 

Irwin Family, 60-61. 

Jackson Family, 210, 212. 
Jackson Charles, 159. 
Jackson, Sarah Jane, 210. 
Jacobs Hansen Bentley, 78. 
Jacobs Kate Jenkins, 78. 
James Nancy, 119. 
Jeffrey Mary, 30. 
Jamison Martha, 143. 
Johnson S. L., 159. 
Johnson Malthy May, 161. 

Johnston Louis Morris and 
Family, 80. 

Jones Elizabeth, 15i. 

Jones Thomas, 151. 

Kellogg Ancestors, 147. 
Kellogg Charles, 147. 
Kellogg J. W., 77. 
Kellogg Marcia, 140. 
Keen Christine, 103. 
Kiem General, 126. 
Kindred Melinda, 97. 
King Alice, 160. 
King Eliza Grace, 85. 
Koontz Henrietta, 81. 
Krause Catherine, 39. 
Krieder Lewis, 74. 

Ladd G., 191. 

Lafferty Jesse, 74. 

Lapsley Family, 44. 

Lapsley Amanda M., 59. 

Lapsley David Nelson, 33, 43. 

Lapsley Mary Elizabeth, 44, 

Lapsley Robert McKee, 44. 
Lane James Buchanan and 

Family, 83. 
Lane James Buchanan (2nd) 

and Family, 86, 87. 

Lane John Newton and Fam- 
ily, 87. 


Jenkins Family Book. 

Latta Rev. William, 78. 

Lawrence Elvira, 140. 
Lawrence Mary, 96. 

Lincoln Abraham, 98. 

Lincoln Elizabeth, 98. 

Lincoln Elizabeth J., 98. 

Lincoln James, 98. 

Lincoln John, 98. 

Lincoln Samuel and Family, 

Linnville Family, 93. 

Linnville Wm. D., 93. 

Little Catherine, 211. 

Lockwood Ancestors, 153. 

Lockwood Elizabeth, 153. 

Logan Genealogy, 199, 213. 

Logan Eva Isabel, 211, 213. 

Logan William, 64, 174. 

Logan William Archibald, 50 
64, 212. 

Long Mary, 29. 

Long Mary Josephine, 26. 

Lord Austin Hobson, 78. 

Love Martha, 61. 

Lucas Susanna, 130. 

Lutman Jane, 162. 

Lyman John C, 117. 

Lynn Harold Samuel, 57. 

Lynn John W., 43. 

Lynn Maggie May, 43. 

Lynn Robert Jenkins, 42, 57, 


Lynn Samuel, 43. 

Lynn Samuel Alexander, 42, 


Lynn William Allen, 57. 

Manwarring Oliver, 137. 
Marshall Eleanor, 61. 
Marshall T. B., 122. 
Masen E. C, 191. 
Masters Genealogy, 183, 197. 
Masters Edgar Lee, 50, 63. 
Masters Hardin Wallace, 63, 

Masters Hardin Wallace, Jr. 

Masters-Putnam Chart, 192. 
Mathews Benjamin, 117. 
Mathews Rachel, 117. 
Matthias Elizabeth, 117. 
Matthias Morris, 117. 
Matlock Elizabeth, 183. 
Matson Ancestors, 105. 
Matson Elizabeth, 104. 
Matson Peter, 102, 104. 
McCaa James Family, 96. 
McCalmont Isaac, 24. 
McCalmont Levi, 24. 
McCalmont Mary D., 24, 91. 
McCombs Family, 205, 208. 
McConnell Ann, 42. 

Jenkins Family Book. 


McCoy Sylvester and Fam- 
ily, 68. 

McCreery Elizabeth . Iren^ 

McCreery Howard T., 204. 

McGowan Eliza, 63. 

McFarland Benjamin, 208. 

McKee Family, 45, 59. 

McKee Robert Cleaver, 59. 

McKee Thomas Lapsley, 59. 

McKim Sarah A., 32, 33, 106. 

McKim William James, 32, 

McKinney Sarah, 43. 

McRea John, 31. 

McRea Martha, 31, 38, 50. 

Meech Sarah, 139. 

Meredith Ancestors, 133. 

Meredith David, 16, 131. 

Meredith Rebecca, 11, 16, 17, 

19, 134. 

Merrick Sarah, 151, 

Merrick Thomas, 151. 

Mettler Gertrude, 185. 

Middleton Miss, 17. 

Milburn, David D. N., 108. 

Miller Anthony, 189. 

Miller Mary, 189. 

Mitchell Elkn E., 51. 

Mitchell Levin B., 51. 

Mooney Sarah, 48. 

Montague Mary, 179. 

Montgomery Caleb Eugene, 

Montgomery Captain Eu- 
gene, 81. 

Montgomery Frederick Rey- 
nolds, 85. 

Moore Frances Mary, 51. 
Morgan Benjamin, 19. 
Morgan David, 17. 
Morgan Elizabeth, 115. 
Morgan Jacob, 18, 19. 
Morgan John, 17. 
Morgan Rachel, 127, 128. 
Morgan Sarah, 19. 
Morgan Thomas, 23. 
Morris Ancestors, 115, 118. 
Morris, Huldah, 106, 116. 
Morris, Oliver G., 117. 

Nevin Alfred, 79. 
Nevin Blanche, 19, 78. 
Nevin John W., Rev., 78. 
Nevin Martha Jenkins, 78, 

Nevin Robert Jenkins, 78. 
Nevin Martha Finley, 78. 
Nevin W. W., 78. 
Newton Sarah, 142. 
New Sweden, 101, 109. 
Nichol Family, 61. 
Nichol Carrie A., 160. 
Nichols Elizabeth M., 61. 


Tenkins Family Book. 

Noble Joseph W., 206. ^ 
Ortman Rebecca, 187. 

Page, Ann, 48. 
Page Lemuel Johnson, 48. 
Palmer Ephraim, 138. 
Palmer Judith, 138. 
Parks Jonathan, 197. 
Parks Lucy, 196. 
Patton Family, 54, 161. 
Patton Martha Josephine, 53. 
Patton Robert W., 161. 
Patton Col. Thomas, 53. 
Peart Rachel, 131. 
Perkins Mary, 197. 

Perrins Susan, 55. 
Perry Arthur L,, 147. 

Perry Rebecca, 189. 

Perry Samuel, 189. 

Petersen Adelaide, 30. 

Phillips Mr., 92. 

Pidzer Abram, 207. 

Pidzer Eleanor, 207. 

Pierce Mary, 203. 

Piersol Ancestors, 128. 

Piersol Mary, 126. 

Piersol Mordecai, 126. 

Pool John R., 204. 

Pool Mary, 197. 

Potter John and Family, 84. 

Potter Lydia, 84, 160. 
Potter Thomas Fuller and 

Family, 83. 
Potter William Hubley and 

Family, 84. 
Powers Clara S., 65, 67. 
Powers Emma E., 66, 68. 
Powers-Lewis Family, 65, 

Powers Mary E., 66, 68. 
Prescott Family, 60. 
Price Jefferson J., 52. 
Price Frances Mary, 50. 
Putnam Ancestors, 166, 177, 

Putnam Andrew, 191. 
Putnam Ann Collins, 145. 
Putnam Asa, 145. 
Putnam Gen. Israel, 172. 
Putnam-Masters Chart, 192. 

Putnam Mary, 191. 

Putnam Gen. Rufus, 172. 

Putnam Sylvia, 158. 

Putnam Thomas, 193. 

Pyle Family, 203, 204. 

Pyle Hannah, 203. 

Rambo Ancestors, 99-115. 
Rambo Elizabeth, 30, 31, 32, 

106, 107, 108. 
Rambo Joseph, 31, 117. 

Jenkins Family Book. 


Rambo— Morris Family, 107, 

108, 109. 
Rambo Peter Gunnarson, 5, 

101, 111. 
Raymond Ancestors, 135-144. 
Raymond Ewdard, 140, 141, 
Raymond Marcia, 49, 141. 
Raymond Nathan Hoyt, 148. 
Raymond William, 147. 
Redmond Anna, 54. 
Reese Alice Bond, 55. 
Rees Margaret, 15, 16. 
Rees Annie, 18. 
Reigart Family, 76, 77. 
Reynolds, Samuel Henry- 
Family, 84, 85. 
Richards Amelia, 140. 
Richards Lucy Amelia, 140, 

Richardson Susanna, 60. 
Roberts C— Family, 95. 
Robinson Ancestors, 164. 
Robinson Ann, 162. 
Robinson Beverly— Family, 

83, 85. 

Robinson Beverly (2nd) — 

Family, 86. 

Robinson Beverly (3rd) — 


Robinson Philip Palmer- 
Family, 86. 

Robinson Robert Emmet- 
Family, 86. 
Rogers Evan— Family, 96. 
Rogers George— Family, 96. 
Rogers Howard Smith, 27. 
Rogers James M.— Family, 

Rogers Lot— Family, 95. 
Rogers Taylor, 27. 
Rogers Thornton— Family, 96. 

Rosenberger Dr., 191. 

Ross Duckie, 97. 

Ross Jane, 125. 

Root Sarah, 148. 

Root Thomas, 148. 

Rush Ancestors, 129. 

Rush Dr. Benjamin, 130, 133. 

Rush Captain John, 130. 

Russell Family, 32. 

Salisbury George— Family, 

66, 67. 
Salisbury Wanda, 67, 69. 
Sands Louisa, 87. 
Sargent Geo. W., 109. 
Sawyer Family, 60. 
Sawyer Hazen Irwin, 59. 
Sayre Robert H., 78. 
Schee Arnold, 31. 
Schee George Washington, 

Schee Martha, 31. 



Jenkixs Family Book. 

Schott Maria C, 208. 
Scott Rev. John W., 78, 79. 
Searle Joanna, 179. 
Searle John, 179. 
Seggeike Julia A., 65. 
Seggelke William, 65. 
Sellers Mr., 97. 
Sention Mathias, 154. 
Sention Mercy, 154, 
Shepherd Sophia J., 159. 
Sherman Jarvis, 206. 
Shields Captain Deveraux, 

Shippey Charles Webster, 

140, 144. 

Shippy George, 144. 
Shippey Raymonde, 141. 
Shippey Webster Bacheller, 

Short Ann, 203. 
Sibley Family, 197. 
Sibley Lucy, 197. 
Simmons Ancestors, 144-147. 
Simmonds Col. Benjamin, 

146, 150, 171. 
Skinner Benjamin, 145. 
Smith Elizabeth, 26, 137. 
Smith Joseph, 164. 
Smith Mary, 137. 
Smith William, 26. 
Snyder Simon, 209. 
Spangler Annie L., 64, 

Spangler Samuel, 64. 

Spencer Israel, 158. 

Springer Sarah Elizabeth, 

Saint John — See Sention. 

Stebbins Editha, 149. 

Stebbins Edward, 149. 

Stephenson John W — Family 

Steuben North, 159. 

Stock Catherine Louise, 94. 

Stoddard Ancestors, 165. 

Stoddard Mary, 165. 

Stoetzel John, 30. 

Stoetzel Lydia Helen, 30. 

Stoetzel Rosa, 30. 

Stone Family, 78, 185. "- 

Stone Carl D., 185. 

Stone Henry M., 77. 

Stone Horatio O., 185. 

Stone Lavinia, 62. 

Stone Amasa, 62. r — ' 

Sturd Elizabeth, 106. 

Sweitzer Lillie, 108. 

Swinerton Ancestors, 174, 


Swinerton Elizabeth, 170. 

Symonds Ruth, 175. 

Tate Family, 122. 
Tea Mary, 127. 
Terry James, 189, 

Jenkins Family Book. 


Terry Mary, 189. 

Thomas Gwenthleen, 116, 

Thomas Thomasine, 87. 

Thomas Rev. William — 

Family, 116, 118. 

Thompson William — Family, 

Tibbals Sarah, 176, 179. 

Tibbals Thomas, 176. 

Tidd Elizabeth, 195. 

Tidd John, 195. 

Tift Carrie, 191. 

Tinsman Elizabeth, 52. 

Townsend Mrs. Frederick, 

Tregx) Peter, 23. 

Train Thomas, 145. 

Trask Susan, 195. 

Trask William, 194. 

Unfaker Anna, 93. 

Vanhartengen, 19. 
VanWagenen Charlotte E., 

47, 48. 
VanWagenen — Family, 48. 
Veren Mary, 193. 
Veren Nathaniel, 194. 
Vincent Rev. B. T., 184. 

\\'adsworth Marv 206. 

Walker — Family, 190. 
Walker Martha, 187. 

Wampler Joseph William, 


Warrick Margaret, 43. 

Warriner Ancestors, 179. 

Warriner Joseph, 176. 

Warriner Mary, 178. 

Wasson — Family, 187. 

Wassen Margaret, 184, 187, 

Way Lucretia, 93. 

Weisman Thomas M. — Fam- 
ily, 93. 

Weld Ancestors, 176, 178. 

Wells Mary, 61. 

Wells Walter, 147. 

Wheeler Anne, 196. 

Wheeler John, 196. 

Wheeler Lydia, 170. 

Whipple Susanna, 142. 

Wickersham Elizabeth, 201. 

Winfrey Mary S., 51. 

Wilbur Asa Packer, 67. 

Wilkins William, 212. 

Williams Charles, 109, 149. 

Williams Elizabeth, 149. 

Williams Priscilla, 149. 

Williams Rebecca, 180. 

Wilmarth Ephraim, 190. 

Wilmarth Molly, 190. 

AVilson-Family, 74, 75. 

Wilson Elisha, 27. 


Jenkins Family Book. 

Wilson John, 125. 

Wilson William, 74. 

Winchester Helen Louisa, 

Winfrey Mary S., 51. 

W^ood John, 154. 

Wood Mary, 154. 

Woodward Ann, 178. 

Woodward Peter, 178. 

Wooldredge Martha, 57. 

Wouldbie Edith, 173. 
Wright Ancestors, 164. 
Wright Ann, 156, 162, 166. 
Wright Joseph, 156, 162. 
Wunder Barbara Ann, 107. 

Young Lawrence, 184, 187. 
Young Lucinda, 184, 188. 
Young Margaret, 81.