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Full text of "J. H. Williston & Co.'s directory of the city of Cleveland"

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s, 3m: jSl TXT isr , 

^1 8J 9-60. 

glevelaId 1" 


INGHAM « ^12^d^<7, 










ijlliU'- - -v^ibf... 

Ikbkn IVact S'ocicty 


H. Cowpertliwait & Co,, 1 2 
Sower, Barnes & C^., ' 
Sunday Seliool Unfeii, ■ 
, PrcsBytcriaii Tract SoV% yt 
Blaneliard & Lee, j j: 



Miscellaneous, Medical, Mteic Books, 



D. Applcton & Co.,. ' ] a- 
Mctliodist Douk Concern, 
Slieidon & Co.> 
Cliarles Scribner k Cc, 
American Bible Society, J ^ 

School Books and Stationer}'. 


K 3W Issues, in aU depa-'tments of Literature. 



Hillard's Readers, Tate'" Philosc -dixies, 

Stoddard's Arithmetics, . Payspn, Ducton & Sr-'-uner's Writing 

Worcester's Dictignanes, Books, x:^" 

Cornell's Geographies, j Webster's Pronc-mcirig 3peUer,^ 

Hanaford & Payson's Bool- -.\e«^ iiig, ; Goldeil^" rr^tli. (.:!?: , L'o( ;) for schools 

Parley's 1st and 2d BooLi of History,; Winslow s Inte'llecVia.: i 'dlosopiiy. 

Green's Grammars. ' 


INGJ3AM & BRAGG, School Ecok Depocltory, 



:; T 

ri <?•.. 










T^WO 33 O Xj L .A- I?, S - 


Dar. Rm. 



aoKDON, McMillan & co., 









II i 



Commission Merchants, 


irmwT^mmo i£H£ 

Between Broadway 







Pa^'-age Tickets from all Parts of Europe to Cleveland. 

a o is/L lE^ j^jsT x:ei & 

Contir lal Insurace Co., N. Y. Cu,., _, 

Fireir«i. 's Fund Insiirance Co., N. Y. d 

Kiug s I ounty Fire Insurance Co., N. Y. -ity,. 

Lamar Iv urance Co., N. Y. City, .__'__ 

Metropolis • Insurance Co., N. Y. City 

Mercantile i. irance Co., N. Y. Citv .^ ^__ 

North Amerieu ''■'^wranc&jCA^^"' . Citv, 

Phcenix Insuran'eev,^_^__^ _ ^.^^^.xMXiy, 

.Cash Assets, $871,782 

Western Mass. Insurance Co., Pittsfield,__ 

New York Life Insurance Co., N. Y. City, A.ssets, 1,665J736 

1^- Policies Issued in the above Companies at Keasonable Rates on Desiratle E isks..^ 

C 2L E V It: L i^ N" D 

Q\\ and Gmdk ^. 



j^^^^ "^^/, 









On the Canal, near the Weigh Lock, 

i 07* mi 

f ^»^e 

WM. H. HAYES & CO., 

Successors to Hilliard, Hayes, Palmer & Co., 


No. 132 'Water Street, 

£".°wBroll:g.7vIr.,o| (SLEfELABO. OEM. 


118 Bank Street, 




gMritittg, f rmtiitg aiti eKtrHptng f apr, 


i^. ^W. TAYLOR, ^OENT, 



No. 8 Bank Street, 

Opposite the 
Wkddell House, 

(SLiiiLiiB, mm. 

0::^ Sales of Dry Goods, Tuesdays and Thursdays ; Furniture sales, regular every 
3aturday. Real Estate, Stocks, out door sales, in city and country, attended to. Liberal 
;ash advances made on consignments intended for auction. 


W ' 



No. 170 Superior Street, Empire Block, 





Briar Hill, Mineral Ridge and Chippewa COAL 

B-^ THE C-A.I^OO- 

Government Pier, \ ^^^^fe "tf &i^^^-?^^U. t^ ^ Wo 



O DP F I G E = 

Junction of Vineyard and Champlain Sts., 



Velvet, Brussels, Tapestry and Ingrain Carpeting, 


N. W. TAYLOR, ) 

1859. 1859. 



Forwarding & Commission Merchants. 



Fire-Proof Brick Building, Cor. Merwin and Division Sts , near the Bridge, 




NortlieiTi Transportation Co., N. T. Co.'s Express, and New York and Erie Railroad, 

Comprising the following Efficient and Reliable Lake Lines : 



Tri-Weekly to CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE, MACKINAC and Intermediate Ports. 

Property consigned or delivered to our care, will receive prompt and careful attention. 

Q:^ Passengers will be ticketed through in all directions, at the lowest rates._/^ 


Is prepared to transport property between 

Boston, all Points in New • England, New York and the West, 




Ogdensburgh with the Railroad for Boston, 


Boston, Ogdensburgh & Oswego, 

And Cleveland, Sandusky, Toledo and Detroit. 


Boston, Ogdensburgh, & Oswego, & Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee & Intermediate Port?, 

KTEW ■yorns: -A.ISriD ElilE Ii-A.IL Ti.OA.JD, 

Forming a Daily Line between New York, Cleveland and Sandusky. 


.1. Myeks, No. 177 Broadway, ) -fr vr.T>ir I John Hocking, No, 95 State St, ) t}„„„_,, 

J. L. Warner, No. 3 Coenties Slip.l ^^^ ^o^^- | Albert Cushman. 108 State St.i Boston. 
Chas. S. Tappan, Agt. Philadelphia & Elmira R. R., Corner 6th & Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia. 

CHAMBERLIN, CRAWFORD & Co., Cleveland, O. 











Stearine and Tallow Candles. 

Ofiice and Factory, Nos, 17 and 19 St. Clair Street, 
1859. 18S9- 

H. J. WEBB, 




In K. Sherman's Warehouse, South of the Erie Elevators, on West Side. 

N. B. — H, J. W. will Charter Vessels for the Lake Trade, and obtain Freights for Sail 
Vessels at the best Rate. Also, special attention paid to Storage and Forwarding. 



Successors to PYNCHON & ENSWORTH, 

And Manufacturers of Pure Vinegar, Cider Vinegar and Pickles. 


1^7 Every variety of Pickles, in Jars, Barrels and Half Barrels constantiv on hand..£tr 

Our facilities are unequaUd by those of auy other establishment in the United States. 


No. '^^^^^^^^^i;^^^^^^ \ (SLI¥IiMB, ®EI®. 





Organized January 28, 1859 under the general law of the State of Ohio. 

Capital stock 5000 Shares at - - - 20 Dollars Each, 

Secured by Real Estate, - - - - $100,000. 

■ •»» » 

C. W. SCHMIDT, Prest. Dr. W. MEYER, Vice Prest. JACOB MUELLER, Sec. 




Office, Atv^ater Block, up stairs. 


Corner Main and Centre Streets, opposite Centre Block, 

•WE ST S I 13 E, 

CLEYEUNB, - - ■ - OHIO. 


Cute, laik, anJr Wimku Mare 

C3-E]SrEPl-A.LIj -ST, 


■Wsrxrr:Ej: co"VETis. -a.i,so. 

Sap Buckets, for Farmer's Use. 

TAYLOR & GRAHAM, Proprietors. 

C. p. BORN, 

218 Superior Street, 

Cleveland, 0., 

Would call tlie attention of the public to his 




Where they can find a great variety of Water-Fixtures, such as 

Lead Pipe, Sheet Lead, Brass and Plated Cocks, 






Cooking, Parlor, Hall and Office 






OCrChain and Cistern PUMPS sold, put up, and repaired. ROOFING, and Jobbing 
in general, attended to with dispatch. 







Foreign and Domestic 

Mines aiilr f ipars, 



Bourbon, Magnolica, and other Brands of Whisky. 



Merivin Street, 

f ^lt*'««»«e'«M^a 


No. 144 Superior Street, American Buildings, 







f 131 Jt±M 





Railroad Machinery, Hand and Marine Steam Engines, 


Locomotive Shop on Cleveland Centre. — Foundry and Machine Shop West Side Biveti 

3E3- T, J5'g3E33El.XjI3NrC3-, u^se33.t, 

M. C. PARKER, M. D., G. O. BUTLBR, M. D. 


Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Drugs, Botanic & Eclectic Medicines, 



Store and Office, No. 50 South Side Public Square, 


\\*|j| ^^>|f'1^^'' N. B. — RESIDENCE, NO. 221 PITTSBURGH STREET. 

Oi^Oalls in their Profession promptly responded to.«CO 




Window Caps, Columns, Building & General Castings. 

AlsOilManufactTirers and Dealers in Stoves, Hollow Ware, Tin, Sheet Iron and Copper Ware. 

Corner of River and Lighthouse fctreeta, | Meadow Streets, opposite Gas Works, 



Residence, 46 Wood Street, 



B. B. STONE & CO., 






No. 150 Ontario Street, 




W. p. COOKE. 

18 5 9. 

W. P. COOKE & CO., 






No. 127 Water St., Cleveland, O. 


fcwiLiLfii^ m 






Wrought Iron Beams and Girders, for Fire-Proof Buildings, 


RAIL ROAD SPIKE, &c., &c. 


Cut and Wrought Spike, Boiler Rivets and Glass, 


Office and Warehouse, Nos. 86 and 88 River Street, 

€Li¥SLiKB, mm. 



Family Sewing Machines. 

I^IIICE $35 OO- 

Uncqualcd for Speed, Beauty and Simplicity. 

ISA.. -A-. E ^A. I^ Ij , 
244 Superior Street, Cleveland, O, 




Shuttle Sewing Machines, 




M. A. EABL, Agent. 

These Machines use two threads, make a double and elastic stitch that cannot be 
ripped, are very simple, easily operated, will quilt, stitch, hem, gather and embroider, 
and are the best and only reliable double thread machine in market at a reasonable price. 


BO-A.mD, $1,00 I>EIl IDA.-2-- 

C. COATES, - Proprietor. 
Comer Johnson and Water Sts., 


Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, 


m WATER ST. , - ■ - ■ G LEYEUNB, 0. 

^^P articular attention paid to Merchant Tailors' Goods and Trimmings. 



f^ i^iUf> MS #^ wW ^Uff ^)^ ^^^ ^^ ^ 
Cor. Prospect and Middle Sts., CLEVELAND, OHIO. 


Marble Mantles and Grates of Every Description. 

Plambcvs and Cabinet Slabs, Vier Tops, Brackets, •fee. 



Auctioneer, and General Commission Merchant 

Salesroom, No. 160 Superior St., opposite Weddell House, Cleveland, 0. 

Consignments of Merchandise and out door Sales solicited, and prompt returns 
guaranteed. For Display and Sale, this spacious Salesroom offers great facilities, and its 
location is the best and most Central in the City. 

(^f^M.oney advanced on the most satisfactory terms, on securities of every kind, viz.: 
Dry Goods, Hardware, Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Fire-Arms, Furniture, Carpets, 
Pianos, Mirrors, Paintings, General Merchandise, and all personal property and articles 
oi value. Reliable References given. 


First Premium Ohio State Fair, 1858. 

THESE SCALES had awarded to them the First Premium at the State Fair, over the 
celebrated Fairbank's Scale, and beat that Scale more than 7 to 1 at a recent severe pub- 
lic test, invited by the agents of Fairbanks, at Fort Wayne, Ind. The following show 
how these Scales are appreciated by business men of Cleveland : 

CtEVELAND, January 8th, 1859. 

Mr. J. F. Keeler — Dear Sir : Having had one of your Platform Scales in use for 
the past ten years, it gives me pleasure to say that ihey have given entire satisfaction up 
to this time, and promise well for the future. A. J. HOLT. 

Is attached to all our Scales, for no Scale can weigh correctly, as the following shows : 

Cleveland, January 8th, 1859. 
This certifies that some months since, finding that our Fairbanks Floor Scale was not 
weighing accurately, we requested Mr. Keeler to examine it. He discovered it to be out 
of level, and on restoring it to a level it weighed correctly. The variation of the Scale 
from a level position had been so small as to escape our notice, and was hardly precep- 
tible until a leveler was applied. HANNA, GARRETSON & CO. 

0:^Address orders to KBELER'S SCALE WORKS, Cleveland, Ohio. 


211 SuPEKiOR St., Cleyeland. 




If you l\aYC no Teclli at a\\, lilSP : 

A FACT that is daily exhibited in the streets, in the social circle, and in the parlor, 
by the humblest peasant and the proudest autocrat is, that hundreds of persons LOSE 
good sets of teeth for the want of the timely aid of a good and skillful dentist. A 
POOR and INFERIOR operation is in many cases WORSE than none at all. If your 
teeth are good, have them examined by a good dentist, and keep them in order. If 
poor, no time should be lost, but have them repaired — the sooner the better, and escape 
that which Burns says is the hell of all diseases. All irregularities of the teeth should 
be attended to in childhood and youth. 

are invited to call at my room, where particular attention is given to the preservation of 
the natural teeth, where the vulcanized coralite, or Gutta Percha base for artificial teeth 
is manufactured, and all varieties of artificial teeth are put up in the best manner. 


No. 211 Superior Street, Marble Block, CLEVELAND, 0. 

H. D. HOYEY & CO., 



Lehigh, Lackawana, Goshen, Chippewa & Newcastle. 


Office & Yard 99 Merwin St., near Centre Bridge, 





Fiiijii 4 Miiiiiij mmmM 

And Mamifaclurers of Monuments, Mantles, Cabinet Slabs, &c. 

No. 179 Superior St., near Merchants Bank, CLEVELAND, O. 





American and Italian Marble, 

OLE^s7^EXj.A.nsr3D, OHIO. 

All kinds of Polishing Materials furnished at the Lowest Rates. 
RIPLEY & SON, Center Rutland, Vt 

MYERS, UHL & CO., Cleveland, Ohio. 


Proprietor of the Union Line, Depot 236 & 238 Orange St., 


ttruslies, Hats, Toy C'cvstlngs, HaraCllcs, 



JB. JP. 


P11 AfTir AT 

And licensed by the Commissioners to do work in connection witli the Cleveland Water 

Works, woirld respectfully announce to House Owners, Builders, and the 

citizens in general, that he is prepared to do every description of 



And everything connected with Plumbing, in the most approved style. Particular 
attention is called to the 



It is superior to anything heretofore introduced for conveying water, for Cheapness, 

Purity and Durability. It does not rust and fill up, it is not poisonous, and is 

stronger than either Lead or Galvanized Iron Pipe. He also keeps on Jiand 

Lead and Galvanized Iron Pipe, the best and Latest Improved 

Water Closets and Bath Tubs, and every description 

of Plumbing Materials. 

JS^ Jobbing done with Neatness and Despatch, -^y 

J. M. HUaHE S' 

B ^. E l^ir E IR. ^, 

OFFICE IlSr BnE'WEn'2', 

On West Street, between Merwln and Vineyard Streets, 




87 Champlain St., next to Industrial School, CLEVELAND, 0. 

I. C. PENDLETON, Manager, Office, 58 Public Square, up stairs. 




HATlx tjAx Sy X uHei^ AMI) ITRa W uOOBl/ 

Robes, Umbrellas, Gloves, Carpet Bags, Valises, Truuka, &c.. 

Sign Of the Mammotli Hat, - - - (S]LIE¥ISILi)iiri2), (Dm©, 



Machine Brokers & Commission Merchants. 

Office and Depot, 95 Water Street, CLEVELAND, 0. 

•-#-• — ' 

iS@°"Special attention given to the Purchase and Sale of Machinery. 

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 


French and German Looking-Glasses, all kinds oT Ornamental Gilt Frames, and 
UphoUtery Furnishing Goods, 

No. 146 Superior St., American House, opp- Weddell House, Cleveland, 0. 


EoARD $1,25 PER Day. ALLEN & CO., Proprietors. 

003R, SXJI'BH.IOIt ST. -A.lSrr> I^XJBIjIC s<axj^^iiB, 


)SBLL & Co. 

j"Obbe:r.s ust 

Straw and Millinery Goods. 

Also, Agets for !E. Bertrand Sc Co.'s Bnck Mitt and 

Kid Glove Manufactories, Johnsto^w^n, 

N. Y., and Milhau, France, 







L. B. LINDSLEY, ( Collins & Co 


late firm Puller & Co. 

D. P 


No. 195 Pittsburgh Street, 














CLEVELAND, - . . . 


mmw m counselor at law, 


Office, No. 1G8 Superior St., up stairs, Avith Williamson & Riddle, Cleveland, O. 

He will give special attention to the collection of claims in Cayahoga County and 
throughout Northern Ohio, 

He will also give attention to Revolutionary and Invalid Pension Cases, Bounty Land 
Warrants, &c. He is associated with one of the best Lawyers of Wiishington'i D. C, 
which enables him to jDrosecute claims with great success. Particular attention given to 
rejected cases. 

He will also buy and sell Land Warrants, attend to the purchase and Location of 
Lands in the Northwestern States and Territories, and also procure patents for laud 
which has been located. 








Daily, Tri- Weekly and "Weekly. 

AND ^ 




DAILY, ----$5 00 per annum. 

DAILY, delivered by Carrier, . _ - - - One Shilling per week. 

TRI-WEEKLY, %2> 00 per annum. 

WEEKLY, • - $1 50 " 

^ ^ « 

Having nine Steam and Hand Presses, and tlie largest variety of Type in the west, 
\^Q are prepared to do every description of Printing in the best style, on short notice, and 
at reasonable prices. 

Particular attention paid to Blank Printing, and Blank Books for Banks, Railroads and* 
Counting Rooms, 

Every description of Binding done to order. 









18 5 9-6 O. 



No. 20 Atwater Building, junction of Superior and Water Streets. 


Asylums 29 

Bands 29 

Bdnks 23 

Board of Education 33 

Board of Trade 19 

Canal Collector's Office 18 

Cemeteries 29 

Churches 30 

City Government 19 

City Officers 19 

City Ordinance 20 

Cleveland Post Office 18 

Convents . 29 

Court of Common Pleas 18 

Custom House 18 

Cuyahoga County Government 18 

Express Companies 24 

Fire Department 21 

General Directory of Names, 43 

Incorporated Companies 24 

Insurance Companies 23 

List of Streets 35 

Medical Colleges 28 

Military 22 

Miscellaneous Schools and Academies — 34 

Newspapers and Periodicals 29 

Ohio State Government 17 

Omissions, Changes, Corrections, &c., 15 

Police Court 19 

Police Department 20 

Probate Court 19 

Public Schools and Teachers 33 

Eail Roads 25 

Secret Societies 25 

Societies, Associations, &c 27 

Steamboat and Transportation Lines 24 

Sunday Schools 32 

Telegraph Companies 25 

Temperance Societies 26 

United States Court 18 

United States Government 17 

I United States Marine Hospital 18 


Agents — Book, 195 1 Book Sellers, Publishers and Stationers, 199 

Airents — Collecting, 195 Boot and Shoe Makers, 200 

Agents — Freight, 195 

Agents — General, 195 

Agents — Insurance, 195 

Agents — Life, 195 

Agents — Passage, 195 

Agents — Patent, 195 

Agents — Railroad, 196 

Agents— Real Estate, 196 

Agents — Steamboats, 196 

Agents— Ticket, ' 196 

Agricultural Implement Manufacturers, 196 

Agricultural Warehouses, 196 

Architects, 196 

Artists. 196 

Attorneys, 196 

Auction and Commission Merchants,.- 196 

Boot and Shoe Stores, 200 

Boots and Shoes — Wholesale, 200 

Bowling Saloon, 200 

Box Makers, 200 

Brewers, 200 

Breweries, 200 

Brickmakers, 200 

Bridge Builders, 200 

Brokers — Loan, 201 

Butchers, 201 

Burr Millstones, 201 

Cabinet Makers, 201 

Car Builders, 201 

Carpenters and Builders, 201 

Carpets, Oil Cloths, &c., 202 

Carriage and W^ agon Makers, 202 

Bakers, 198 Carvers, 202 

Band Box Manufacturers, 198 

Bankers, 198 

Billiard Saloons, 198 

Bill Posters, 198 

Blacksmiths, 198 

Blind Makers, 199 

Bleachers — Bonnet, &c., 199 

Block, Pump and Spar Makers, 199 

Boarding Houses, 199 

Boat Builders, 199 

Boiler Makers, 199 

Book Binders 199 

Chemists — Homeopathic, 202 

Chair Manufacturers, 202 

Clothiers, 202 

Coal Dealers, 202 

Coffee and Since Dealers, 203 

Commissioners — Master, 203 

Confectioners, 203 

Coopers, 203 

Crockery, 203 

Daguerreans, 203 

Dentists, 203 

Distilleries, 203 



Doors, Sashes and Blinds, 203 

Dress Makers, 203 

Druggists, 204 

Dry Docks, 2o4 

Dry Goods— Wholesale, 204 

Dry Goods— Retail, 204 

Dyers, 204 

Eating Houses, 204 

Edge Tool Makers, 204 

Engine Makers, __- 204 

Engravers, 204 

Eye and Ear Infirmary, _ 205 

Expresses, 205 

Fancy Goods and Yankee Notions, 205 

File Cutters, __ 205 

Fish Dealers, __ 205 

Flour, Feed and Grain, __ 205 

Fire Works,. __ 205 

Flouring Mills, 205 

Founders — Brass 205 

Founders — Iron, 205 

Furniture,. 205 

Furniture — Second Hand, 205 

Gas and Steam Fitters, _ 206 

Gents Furnishing, __ 206 

Gilders, 206 

Gold Pen Manufacturers, 206 

Grain Elevators, __. 206 

Grain Hullers, _ 206 

Groceries — Wholesale, 206 

Groceries — Retail, 206 

Gunpowder Manufacturers, 208 

Gunsmiths, L 208 

Guns, Pistols, &c., 208 

Gymnasium, 208 

Hair Braider, _ 208 

Hair Dressers, _ 208 

Hardware 208 

Hat Manufacturer, 208 

Hats, Caps, Furs, &c., _ _ 209 

Hides. Leather and Oil, _ 209 

Horse Shoers, _ 209 

Hotels, _ 209 

House Furnishing, _ 209 

House Movers, 209 

Ice Dealers, 209 

Independent Police, 209 

Inspectors of Beef and Pork, _ 209 

Intelligence Offices, 109 

Iron Manufacturers, 209 

Iron Ore Dealers, 209 

Iron Railing Manufactures 209 • 

Iron Warehouses, 210 

Iron, Nails and Glass — Wholesale, 210 

Japanners 210 

J ewelers__ Manufacturer, 210 - 

Laces, Embroideries, &c., 210 

Laundries. 2 10 

Leather Findings, 210 

Lime Kilns, 210 

Lithographers, 210 

Livery Stables, 210 

Looking Glasses and Frames, 210 

Locksmiths and Bell Hangers, 210 

Lumber Dealers, 210 

Machinists 211 

Maltsters, 211 

Marble Dealers and Workers, 211 

Masons, 211 

Melodeon Manufacturers, 211 

Mercantile Agency, -. 211 

Mercantile Colleges,.. 211 

Merchants — Forwarding and Commiss'n 211 
Merchants — Produce and Commission, 212 

Milliners, 212 

Millinery, 212 

Mill Furnishishing, 212 

Millwrights, 212 

Miuerul Water. &c., 212 

Morocco Factories, 212 

Mowing machines, 212 

Music and Musical Instruments, 212 

Musicians, 212 

Newspapers, . . . ^ 212 

Newsi^apers, Periodicals, &c., 212 

Notaries Public, 212 

Nurseries, 212 

Nurses, 213 

Opticians, 213 

Oyster Dealers, 213 

Oil Cloth Manufacturers, 213 

Oil Manufacturers and Dealers, 213 

Omnibuses, 213 

Packing Houses, 213 

Painters — House and Sign, 213 

Painters— Sihp, 214 


Paper Hangers, 214 

Paper Hangings, 214 

Paper Mills, 214 

Physicians, 214 

Piano Forte Dealers, 215 

Piano and Organ Makers, 215 

Piano Forte Tuners, 215 

Planing and Saw Mills, 215 

Plating— Silver, &c., 215 

Publishers, 215 

Photographs, 215 

Plumbers — House and Ship, 215 

Poultry, Game, &c., 215 

Printers — P)Ook and Job, 215 

Pumps, 216 

Real Estate Dealers, 216 

Rectifiers and Distillers, 216 

Rolling Mills, 216 

Restaurants, 216 

Rope Walk, 216 

S-ick Manufacturers, — 216 

Saddles, Harness and Trunks, 216 

Sail Makers and Riggers, 216 

Saloons, 216 

Stave Dciilcrs, 218 

Saleratus Manufacturers, 218 

Saw Manufacturers, 218 

Scale Manufacturer, 218 

Seedsmen, 218 

Segars, Tobacco, &c., 218 

Sewing Machines, 218 

Ship Builders, 218 

Ship Chandlers, 218 

Slate Roofers, 218 

Soap and Candles, 218 

Soda Manufacturer, 218 

Stone Ware, 218 

Stoves and Tin Ware, 218 

Stove Manufacturers, 219 

Tailors and Drapers, 219 

Tailoresscs, 219 

Tanners, 219 

Teachers — Languages, 219 

Teachers — Music, 219 

Teachers — Penmanship, 219 

Trunk Makei-s,. 219 

Umbrella Makers, 219 

Undertakers, 220 

Upholsterers, 220 

Veterinary Surgeons, 220 

Vinegar Factories, 220 

Water Cure Establishments, 220 

Wheelwrights 220 

White Lead Factory, 220 

Whitewashers, 220 

Wigmakesr, 220 

Willow Wagon Maker, 220 

Wines and Liquors — Wholesale, 220 

Wire Workers, 220 

Wood Engravers, 220 

Wooden Ware Manufacturers, 220 

Wood Turners, 220 

Wool Dealers, 220 


American and Italian Marble — Ripley, Son & Co. front title. 

Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Notary Public and Pension Agent — Eli Bruce, front title. 

Auction and Commission Merchants — 0. Cutter & Son front title. 

Auction and Commission Merchants — J.C.Wagner front title. 

Books — Ingham & Bragg, front cover. 

Book and Job Printing— J. H. Williston & Co., 226 

Book-binding and Blank Book Manufacturing — R. Creighton, front title. 

Boots and Shoes — B. B. Stone ife Co front title- 
Boston Pail Co, — Taylor & Graham, fronttitler 

Breweries — J. M. Hughes, front title. 

Bridge Builders and Lumber Dealers — Thatcher, Burt & Co., 225 

Brushes — Cleveland Brush Co., front title. 

China and Earthenware — Fogg, Ensworth & Co., , 225 

Cleveland Saw Manufactory — Wm. Marriott & Co., 222 

Cleveland Daily Review— T. L.Wilcox, 222 

Cleveland Institute — R. F. Humiston, 38 

Cleveland Iron Works — Blish, Garlick & Co., front title. 

Cleveland Plumbing Works — B. P. Bower, front title. 

Clothing — S. Mann, front cover. 

Coal Dealers — H. D. Hovey & Co., front title. 

Coal Dealers — Price, Crawford & Morris, front title. 

Commission Merchants — Hilliard & Lash, front title. 

Cuyahoga Steam Furnace, front title- 
Dentists — W. B. Ingersoll, front title. 

Dentists— Dr. W. P. Horton, 224 

Dentists, — J. G. Moore, 41 

Drugs and Medicines — Parker & Butler, front title. 

Dry Goods — Alcott & Horton, front title. 

Dry Goods — Taylor, Griswold & Co., front title. 

Eagle Pharmacy — Hugo Hensch, 223 

Engraving— D. E. Field, 39 

File Works— J. Parkin & Co., 40 

Flour Dealers — H. Haivey & Co., front title. 

Flouring Mills — Hubby & Howe ". 41 

Forwarding and Commission Merchants — Chamberlin & Crawford front title. 

Furniture — William Hart, 3rd page cover. 

German Insurance Company, front title. 


Grocers and Commission Merchants^Gordon, McMillan & Co., front title. 

Hats, Caps, &c. — N. Dockstador& Co., front title. 

Hats, Caps, Furs and Millinery Goods — Collins, Goodsell & Co., front title. 

Hotels — Forest City House — Allen & Co., front title. 

Hotels — New England House — C. Coates, front title. 

Insurance — H. F. Brayton, front title. 

Iron Railing — Holmes & Garter, 41 

Iron and Brass Foundery — J. B. Collins, front title. 

Jewelry— D. E. Field, 39 

Lard Oil and Candle Works — George A, Stanley, front title. 

Leather, Hides and Oil, W. P. Cooke & Co., front title. 

Lumber Dealers — J. Francisco, 41 

Lumber Dealers — D. Sanford, 40 

Lumber Dealers — Thatcher Burt & Co., front title. 

Machine Brokers and Commission Merchants — Parker & Co., front title. 

Marble Works — T. Jones & Sons, front title. 

Masons and Builders — Jefferson Thomas, front title. 

Morning Leader Printing Establishment^ — E. Cowles & Co., front title. 

National Democrat^ — E. A. Munson, 224 

Northern Transportation Company — Chamberlin, Crawford & Co., front title. 

Oils, Soap and Candles — Outhwaite & Blackwell, front title. 

Painting — George H. Adams, front title. 

Papers — Lake Erie Paper Co., front title. 

Pianos, MuMc, l-c— Ossian E. Dodge, 224 

Printing and Bookbinding — Fairbanks, Benedict & Co., 221 

Professor of Penmanship — A. J. Phelps, front title. 

Real Estate and Insurance Agency — Belden Seymour, 223 

Rolling Mill — Stone, Chisholm & Jones, front title. 

Sack Manufacturers — Adams & Jewett, front title. 

Safes, — George May, inside front cover. 

Scales — J. F. Keeler, front title. 

Sewing Machines — H. Konigslo w 223 

Sewing Machines — M. A. Earl, front title. 

Ship Broker and Commission Merchant — H.J. Webb, front title. 

Slate Roofers — Arnold & Mclntyre, front title. 

Steam Marble Works — Myers, Uhl & Co., front title. 

Stoves — Jacob Wansor, 39 

Stove Manufacturers — Blish, Garlick & Co., front title. 

Stove Manufacturers — Woolson, Hitchcock & Carter, front title. 

Stoves and Plumbing — C. P. Born, front title. 

Stoves, Grates, Tinware, &c., — W, L. Marvin, 194 

Vinegar Manufacturers — Hilliard & Lash, front title. 

Wall and Window Papers — E. C. Jones, front title. 

Watch Maker— D. E. Field, 39 

Wines & Liquor-s — S. Buhrer, front title. 

Wood, Willow and Japanned Ware — Henry Schonewald, front title. 

Wood and Willow Cab Manufactory — D. Price, front title. 


In submitting to the citizens of Cleveland a City Directory for 1859-60, we deem it an 
act of justice to ourselves, to explain and remark upon a few things in connection there- 
with in this prefatory manner. In ordinary cases a book of this character needs no such 
remark. "A City Directory" sufficiently explains the import and character of the work, 
but at the present time a few words upon the importance, &c., of the present Directory 
appear to be necessary. 

The delay in its publication has been unavoidable, however annoying it has been to our 
subscribers and more particularly to ourselves. It will be remembered that last year the 
City Council provided by ordinance for the assigning and re-numbering of the buildings 
throughout the city, and appointed an officer to attend to it ; supposing it would be prose- 
cuted to completion last year, we took measures to have the canvassing for the Directory 
completed at the same time, and its publication made as soon thereafter as ^practicable. 
In this we were disappointed, as the re-numbering was delayed until this spring, and 
eff"ected through our own exertions at last. This delay in re-numbering the stjeets, of 
course rendered all our labors last year in canvassing, totally useless. After being thus 
delayed by matters entirely beyond our control, we have used due dilligence to perfect 
a new canvass of the city, since the re-numbering was completed ; and to arrange, print 
and publish the same in its present form. This statement we plead as our excuse for the 
delay of the publication. 

In the meantime the almost indispensable necessity for this Directory has been keenly 
felt by citizens and strangers. A part of the streets having had their numbers chtmged, 
rendered the information in the old Directories uncertain and unreliable, and in many 
cases worse than useless ; and as the work of re-numbering progressed, the difficulties of 
finding jiarticular residences increased, until the annoying uncertainty of existing informa- 
tion made the publication of this Directory indispensable. We do not feel surprised that 
there should be, under such a condition of things, a great anxiety to have the new 
Directorjr printed. 

In this work we have given the numbers of the houses and places of business in accor- 
dance vrith the re-numbering of the streets. This may and will bring about some degree 
of uncertainty, inasmuch as some of our citizens have neglected and still neglect to have 
proper numbers placed upon their buildings, but it will not exist a great while, because in 
addition to Ihe inducement to citizens to have their numbers corresjDond with the Direc- 
tory, the proper authorities will soon enforce a compliance with the ordinance. The 
importance of taking down the old numbers and putting up the new ones cannot be too 
strongly impressed upon the minds of our citizens. It is of the highest importance to 
avoid annoyances resulting from such a "'mixture" — annoyances affecting in a greater or 
leas extent, every resident of the city. 


The publishers feel a great satisfaction in presenting this Directory to the public, from 
the fact that it is more comi)lete than any other ever published in Cleveland, having over 
TWO THOUSAND more names than have been heretofore published. The canvassing, col- 
lating, arranging and printing, they flatter themselves lu\s been done in a commendable 
manner, and if not wholly without errors, it has that degree of perfection, which, under 
the circumstances they think should and does make it valuable, and all that could rea- 
sonably be expected. Errors undoubtedly have worked their way into the book, and itHs 
improbable and almost impossible, to publish a book of this character without errors. 
The greatest care and caution, neglecting neither troul)le nor expense, has been exercised 
by the publishers to make it a complete ahd reliable "City and Business Directory," 
and they have the assurance to think that it is such a one as will meet with the appro- 
bation of the public. 

It is now the intention of the publishers to publish a New Directory on the first of 
June, every year, which will give an opportunity of correcting errors which appear in 
this and succeeding Directories. 

There is one thing that we would like to urge upon the minds of the proper authori- 
ties, as of great importance and closely allied to the improvement commenced in re-num- 
bering the streets, and that is to put up proper sign hoards on the various streets. There 
are a great many streets which have none. 

To our advertising patrons we return our sincere thanks for their suppor', and confi- 
dently present our first issue of the Cleveland City Directory to a discriminating public, 
trusting that the care and attention bestowed upon its preparation will, in the eyes of a 
generous communitj% meet the approbation they deserve. 

J. H. WILLISTON & CO., Publishers. 

©mtssioiiS; Corrections, ^bMtions, ^t> 

Andrews James, tailor, 267 Erie. 

Card J. F.jfirni Rhodes & C, bds. Ameri- 
can Hotel. 

Cleveland Gas Light and Coke Co., 195 

CORLETT & CUBBON, builders, 101 Pros- 
pect. ' 

Eells Rev. James, pastor 2d Presbyterian 
Church, h. 200 Euclid. 

Finster Leonard, clerk, 218 Superior, h. 49 
Scoville Avenne. 

Foljambe Samuel, justice of the peace, 96 
Superior, h. 199 St. (:lair. 

Goodrich Rev, W. K., h. 317 Superior. 

Gorham Charles E., assistant superintendent 
G. & P. R. R., h. 240 Prospect. 

Graves Willis, sr., h. 273 Prospect. 

HERRICK R. R., builder, h. 220 Prospect. 

Hussey J. G., firm H. & McBride, h. 317 

Jones Abram, carpenter, h. 243 Perry. 

Leick George, liquors, 179 Ontario, h. 274 

Lyman L. F., h. 252 Prospect. 

McBride M., captain, h. 280 Prospect. 

McNelly Thomas, clerk, Thompson's Hotel 
h. 221 Kinsman. 

Marshall David, firm Christian & M., h. 253 

Martindale C. S., firm Baldwin, Dewitt & 

Co., h. 236 Prospect. 

and commission merchants, 43 River. 
Orr J. H., h. 122 Lake. 
Parsons R. C, firm Spalding & P., h. 304 

PELTON & BREED, forwarding and com- 
mission merchants, corner Merwinand East 

SCOFIFLD WILLIAM, C. saleratus factory, 

106 St. Clair. 
Skeels Orange, N., salesman, 139 Water, h. 

171 St, Clair. 
Smith Helen R., widow of George, h. 272 

Spangler Miller M., firm J. B. Smith & Co. 

h. East Gleveland. 
Speddy Mary, widow of John, h. 238 Pros- 
STAIR _E. & CO., hats, caps and furs, 105 

Sterling John M., Jr., firm Huntington & 

Brooks, bds. 123 St. Clair. 
Thiele C. F., jewelry, 132 Ontario. 



FOR 18 59--60. 

President — James Buchanan, of Pa. 
Vice Fres. — John 0. Breckenridge, of Ky. 

Sec. of State — Lewis Cass, of Michigan. 
Sec. of Treasury — Howell Cobb, of Ota. 
Sec. of War — John B. Floyd, of Virginia 
Sec. of Navy — Isaac Toucey, of Conn. 
Sec. Interior — Jacob Thompson, of Miss, 
Post Master Oeneral — Joseph Holt, Tenn. 
Attorney Oeneral — Jeremiah S. Black, Pa. 


Chief Justice — Roger B. Taney, Maryland 

Associates — John McLean, Ohio ; John 
. Wayne, Georgia; John Catron, Tennes- 

^ e; Peter V. Daniel, Virginia; Samuel Nel- 
on, N. Y.; Robert C. Grier, Pa.; John A. 

Campbell, Ala.; Nathan Clifford, Maine. 

Attorney Oeneral — Jeremiah S. Black, Pa. 
Reporter — Benj. C. Howard, Maryland. 
Clerh—Wm. T. Carroll, Washington, D. C. 


Oovernor — Salmon P. Chase, Hamilton Co 

Lieut. Oovernor. — Martin Welker, Wayne 

Sec of State — Addison P. Russell, Clinton 

Auditor of State — Francis M. Wright Lo- 
gan ^County. 

Treasurer of State — Alfred P. Stone, of 
Franklin County. 

Comptroller of Treatury — Wm. B. Thrall, 
Franklin County. 

Attorney Oeneral — Christ. P. Wolcott, of 
Summit County. 

Commissioner of Schools — Anson Smyth. 

Commissioner of Statistics — Edward D. 
Mansfield, Hamilton County. 

Commissary Oeneral — Augustus Mohler, 
Hamilton County. 

Quarter Master — Ales. E. Glenn, Frank- 
lin County. 

Pay Master — Robert M. Moran, Hamil- 
ton County. 

Adjutant — H. B. Carrington, Franklin Co. 

Surveycr — W. L. McMillan, Franklin Co, 

State Librarian — W. T. Coggeshall, of 
Hamilton County. 



Warden Penitentiar>j—L. G. Vanslyke, 
Franklin County. 

Cmmivissimers of Board of PuUic WorTts, — 
John Waddle, Ross Co.; Abner L. Backus, 
Lucas Co.; John L. Martin, Butler Co. 

Judiciary — Supreme Court. 
Chief Justice— J ose\>h. R. Swan, Franklin Co 

j"„,/^es— Jacob BrinkcrholT, Richland Co.; 
Josiah Scott, Butler Co.; Milton Sutliff, 
Trumbull Co.; Wm. V. Peck, Scioto Co. 

ClerJi of Court in Banlc — .John L, Bryan, 
Franklin Co. 

Reporter — L. J. CritchGeld, Delaware Co. 


County ClerJc — Roland D. Noble. 

Deputies— F. S. Smith, Abner W. Dennis, 
F. H. Hiranan, Geo. Bingham. 

Recording Clerics— A. S. Lewis, George A. 

Treasurer — V/m. Waterman. 

Deputy — Henry S. Whittlesy. 

Sher(f—Davk\ L. Wightman. 

Deputies — E. T. Hamilton, Homer Strong, 
W^m. R. Simmons, Jairus G. Ruggles. 

County Recorder — .John Packard. 
Deputies — Jay Odell, Julius H. Brown. 
Cierks — Marion L. Lord, Wm. H. Pierson. 
Auditor — Wm. Fuller. 
Deputies — Henry C. Hawkins, E. H. Wit- 
ter, W. R. Carver. 

Coroner — C. A. Hartman. 

Prosecuting Attorney — Loren Prentiss. 

Surveyor — Aaron Merchant. 

County Commissioners — Azariah Everett, 
Cleveland; Francis Branch, Brooklyn; AVm. 
W. Richards, Solon 


Canal, near Seneca Street. 
Collector — John A. AVhceler. 
Weigh Master — Daniel Dunton. 
Dejmty—W. D. Nott. 
Inspector — B. J. Loomis. 
Resident Engineer — H. H. Dodge. 
Superintendent — Seth C. Doair. 


Government Buildings, Superior Street. 

Officers — Collector, Robert Parks. 
Deputy — David W. Cross. 
Inspectors — Francis X. Byerley, Smith 


Government Buildings, Superior Street. 

Post Master — Benjamin Harrington. 

Assistant Post Master — Lorenzo A. Kel- 

Cashier — Charles Patrick. 

Registry GlerJi — Wm. H. Ilogan. 

Clerl-s—lRS. T. Worley, S. G. Lynch, 
Gustavus Plassman, G. M. Bravton, Ezra B. 
Dodge, C. E. Wheeler, S. L. Everett, J. N. 
Hoyt, Jas. McGough, Ithel Stone, A. L. 
Pjassett, Robinson Smith, E. S. Beardsle;^, 
James Welch, John Aldinger. Geo. Ager, 
Penny Post, Fred. Hecker, porter. 


Comer Lake and Erie Streets. 
Physician — J. I, Tod. 
S"2}f- — Lewis Dibble. 
Matron — Mrs, L. Dibble. 

U. S. Circuit and District Court 

For the Northern District.of Ohio, Govern- 
ment Buildings. Meets second Tuesday of 
July and November. 

Justice of the Supreme CouH of the U. S. 
and Judge of Seventh Judicial District — Hon. 
John McLean. 

District Judge — Hiram V. Willson. 

CTerA-— Frederick W. Green. 

Deputies — iTas. D. Cleveland and Charles 

U. S. Marshal, N. D. of Ohio, Mathew 

Deputy — J. Hector Johnson. 

U. S. District Attorney — Geo. W. Belden 

Court of Common Pleas. 

Judges — Horace Foote, Thomas Bolton, 
Jesse P. Bishop. 

CTerA— Roland D. Noble. 



Pbobate Court. 

Judge — Daniel E. Til den. 
Clerk — Asa A. Goodwin. 

Police Court — Johnson St., near Water, 
Judge — Albert G. Lawrence. 
ClerTi — Jacob Schroeder. 


Oviatt's Exchange, foot Superior St. 

Meets daily (Sundays excepted) at 9 o'clock 
A. M. 

President — J. L. Weatherly. 

Yice President — Arthur Hughes. 

Treasurer — R. T. Lyon. 

Secretary— B.. B. Tuttle. 

Directors— A. J. Holt, M. B. Scott, L. 
Eawson, J. G. Hussey, P. Chamberliu, S. F. 
Lester, W. B. Guyles. 

Committee of Reference — J. M. Hughes, C. 
Hickox, L. Hanna. 

The objects of this association are, the pro- 
motion of integrity and good faith, and just 
and equitable principles in business transac- 
tions, and generally to protect the rights and 
advance the commercial, mercantile and 
manufacturing interests of the city. The 
officers are elected by ballot at the annual 
meeting, excepting the Secretary, who is ap- 
pointed by the Directors. The President 
and Vice President are ex officio Directors, 
and hold the same offices in the Board of 
Directors. The annual meeting for the elec- 
tion of officers is held every first Monday in 
April, and the meetings of the Directors 
whenever five of their number may deem it 
necessary. Business meetings are called 
whenever the President, (or in his absence 
the Vice President) deems it necessary, or 
whenever ten of the members may request 
a meeting to be called, the object being sta- 
ted in the application. 


Mayor — George B. Senter. 

Trustees — First Ward — L. J. Rider, James 
Christian. Second Ward — 0. M. Oviatt, 
W. H. Hayward. Third Ward— Randall 
Crawford, Lewis Heckman. Fourth Ward — 
.C. S. Ransom, L H. Marshall. Fifth Ward- 
Garret H. Detmer, Jacob Hovey. Sixth 
Ward — Lyman C. Thayer, Jared H. Clark. 

Seventh Ward— Thomas Thompson, J. R. 
Worswick. Eighth Ward— Charles "Wins- 
low, C. L. Russell. Ninth Ward— John N. 
Ford, E. H:, Lewis. Tenth Ward— I. U. 
Masters, A. G. Hopkinson. Eleventh Ward 
— Alexander McLane, Thomas Dixon, 

President of the Common Council — I. U. 

Standing Committees- Judiciary-Thajer, 
Ransom, Russell, Rider. 

Finance — Oviatt, Ransom, Wiuslow. 

Schools — Hopkinson, Clark, Marshall. 

Claims — Clark, Crawford, Christian, 

Harbors and Wharves — Ford, Oviatt, Rus- 
sell, Rider. 

Fire and Water — Hayward, Crawford, 

Pail Poads — Lewis, McLane, Winslow, 
Markets — Worswick, Thayer, Dixon. 
Police — Crawford Dixon, Hovey. 
Water Works — Ranson, Winslow, Hop- 

Streets — Rider, Russell, McLane, Heck- 

Carriages, Cabs and Prays — Heekman, 
Thompson, Detmer, Worswick. 

Public Puildings — Hovey, Crawford Mc- 

Infirmary — Winslow, Ransom, Oviatt 

Parks and Public Grounds — Christian 
Thompson, Detmer, 

Ordinances — Thayer, Winslow, Russell. 

Health and Cleanliness — Marshall, Wors- 
wick, Detmer. 

Sewerage and Drains — Russell, Ransom, 
Oviatt, Winslow. 

Qas — Ransom, Hovey, Ford. 

Printing — Ransom, Winslow, Crawford , 


Mayor — George B, Senter. 
City Clerk— S. B. Bartlett, 
City Attorney/— C. W. Palmer. 
City Treasurer — Wm. Hart. 
Marshal — James A. Craw. 
Police Judge — Albert G. Lawrence, 

T-ustee of Water Works — Wm. B. Castle. 

Superintendent of Schools-AndxQ-w Freese 



Fire Engineer — James Hill. 
City Civil Engineer — John Whitelaw. 
City Commissioner — Samuel Erwin. 
City Sexton — Jesse Palmer. 
Earhor Master— C?i])i. Wm. Watts. 
Market Swperintendent—^ ?txx&n G. Stead- 

Sealers of Weights and Measures — Daniel 

Weighers of Bay — Israel Shadbolt, C C 

City Physician — G. C. J3. Weber. 

Health Officer— F, W. Mixrseilles. 

Police Clerk— Jacob Schroeder. 

City Prison Keeper — Frederick Mertes- 

Board of City Improvements — Mayor, 
Geo. B. Senter, Ex-Officio ; John Whitelaw, 
City Civil Engineer ; Peter Caul, A. C. 
Beardsley, Samuel Erwin, Commissioners — 
meet Mondays at 2 P. M. 

Justices of the Peace — George H. Benham, 
Samuel Foljambe, J. R. Fitzgerald, E. Hes- 
senmueller, Madison Miller, Wells Porter, 
G. B. Tibbitts. 

Constables — A. McArthur, L. B. Whitney, 
L. B. Eagen, Geo. Ridgeway, L. N. Eastman, 
J. W. Smith, Charles Reise, James Brown. 

District Assessors — First, Second and 
Third Wards— E. S. Root. Fourth, Fifth, 
Sixth and Seventh Wards— C. J. Ballard. 
Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Wards- 
William Bowler. 

Infirmary Directors — W. J. Warner, Ac- 
ting Director, A. Powell and J. C. Black. 
C. H. Warner, Clerk. Office, City Hall. In- 
firmary, Brooklyn. V. T. Sprague, Sup't. 

Water WorJcs Commissioners — William 
F. Otis, President — Samuel F. Lester, William 
B. Castle. Geo. W. Girty, Secretary ; Joseph 
Singer, Superintendent and Engineer. Office, 
City Hall, 


Marshal — James A. Craw. 
Deputies— Thom&s McKinstry.John Odell, 
John Frazee, A. E. Burlison. 

Night Police — Alfred Lawrence, I. G. 
Snow, John Elvert, William Foulweir, P. 
Hagar, T. Harris, Z. D. Palmer, J. Bramley. 

Turnkey — Frederick Mertesheimer. 



From any steamboat landing or railroad de- 
pot to any hotel or private residence, on, 
or west ot Erie street, for each passenger 
with ordinary baggage 25 cents 

If east of Erie street, and on or west of Hud- 
son street, 50 cents 

To any railroad depot or steamboat landing, 
the same charge and fare within the same 

For conveying one passenger from any point 
or place, to any other point or place with- 
in the city limits, not exceeding one mile, 
and returning without delay, 25 cents 

If two or more passengers, 50 cents 

For conveying one passenger over one and 
not exceeding two miles, and returning 
without delay, 50 cents 

If two or more passengers one dollar 

If detained by the passengers, 50 cents per 
hour may be charged for the actual time 

For the use of a hackney carriage, cab or 
omnibus by the hour, one dollar for the 
first hour,and 50 cents for each succeeding 

After 9 o'clock, p. m., fifty per cent, may be 
added to the above rates. 

Any person engaging a hackney carriage, 
cab, or omnibus, at any given time, 50 cts 
may be charged for one passenger for any 
distance not exceeding one mile 

If two or more passengers, 75 cents 

Each and every person keeping a livery sta- 
ble within the limits of the city, shall pay 
the sum of five dollars for every carriage, 
cab or omnibus, which they may at any 
time place on a public stand or run as a 
public conveyance, within said city, and 
shall be regularly numbered and subject 
to the same regulations as hereinbefore 

It shall be the duty of the city clerk to fur- 
nish to the owner or owners of cabs, car- 
riages or omnibuses, a printed card with 
the rates of fare mentioned above, and 
the said owner or owners of cabs, carriages 
or omnibuses, shall cause th« same to be 
kept in a conspicuous place inside of each 
carriage, cab or omnibus. 

No person having in charge any hackney 
carriage, cab or omnibus, shall remain 
more than ten feet distant from the same, 
unless when engaged in his legitimate 



That for the violation of auy of the forego- 
JDg sections, the driver or owner of any 
cab, carriage or omnibus, so offending, 
shall forfeit and pay for each and every 
offence, the penalty of ten dollars. 


For every load of coal, per bush let 

For every hogshead af rum or other 
spirituous liquors, exceeding ninety 
gallons, 18^^ cts. 

For every hogshead of molasses, 18^ cts. 

For every pipe of wine or spirituous 

liquors, 18^ cts. 

For every tierce of molasses, rum or 
other spirituous liquors, exceeding 
60 gallons and less than 90 gallons,12Xcts 

For every cask of molasses, rum or 
other spirituous liquors, exceeding 
30 and less than 60 gallons, 12)^ cts. 

For every hogshead of sugar, 18^4Cts. 

For every trierce of sugar, 123^2 cts. 

For removing any load of dirt or filth 

out of any of the streets,^ 12 j^ cts. 

For every load of household furni- 
ture and housing the same, 25cts. 

For every load of flour not exceeding 

1800 lbs in weight, 15cts. 

For loading, carting and unloading 
every load not before specified,. _ 12)^ cts 

For every load where the distance be- 
tween each place exceeds half a 
mile and is less than a mile, not to 
exceed one half more than the 
rates herein before established, and 
if more than a mile, not to exceed 
double said rates; and each cartmaa 
shall carry a good and sufficient 
load, that is to say, so much as can 
conveniently be stowed in his dray 
cart, truck, wagon or carriage, and 
is reasonable for one or two horses 
(as the case may be) to draw. 


Chief Engineer — James Hill. Office, At- 
water Building. 

First Assistant — James Seaborn. 

Second Assistant — Thomas Willis. 

The Department comprises five hundred 
and fifty members, who receive eight dollars 
each to supply themselves with uniforms. 
The election of all officers, except the Chief, 

who holds his office two years by the voice 
of the people, takes place annually on the 
first Tuesday in June. 

Forest City HooTc and Ladder Company, 
No. 1 — Located on Franklin Street, near 
Bank — fifty members ; receive pay for forty. 
David H. Boyd, Foreman ; Henry Bacon, 
First Assistant Foreman ; Joseph Ferris, 
Second Assistant Foreman ; John Downie, 
Secretary ; Thomas Benton, Treasurer ; H. 
Aikins, Steward. 

Alert Hose Company, No. 1 — Located on 
Long street, numbers sixty members ; receive 
pay for thirty. Hose carriage carries five 
hundred feet of hose. Daniel Pritchard, 
Foreman, ; "William Kidd, First Assistant 
Foreman ; John H. Deckand, Secretary ; 
Lucius M. Cobb, Treasurer; Luce S. Phil- 
lips, Steward. 

Protection Hose Company, No. 2.— Ntma- 
ber of members forty-five ; receive pay for 
thirty. Hose carriage carries five hundred 
and twenty-five feet of hose. John Savoy, 
Foreman ; James Farissey, First Assistant 
Foreman ; James Keagan, Secretary ; Wm. 
Wagner, Treasurer ; John McCarty, Steward. 
Live Oak Engine Company, No. 1. — Lo- 
cated near C. & P. R. R. machine shop. 
Numbers sixty-two members ; receive pay 
for forty ; own a second class engine. Hose 
cart carrying three hundred and fifty feet 
of hose. John Stursneckle, Foreman ; Chas. 
Cox, First Assistant Foreman ; G. Lawrence, 
Secretary, W. R. Beardsworth Treasurer ; 
Henry Angell, Steward ; Bernard Clark, 

Forest City Engine Company No. 2. — 
Located near the junction of Erie and Kins- 
man streets. Number of members fifty- 
three ; receive pay for forty. Engine second 
class. Hose cart carries three hundred and 
fifty feet. Henry Roth, Foreman ; Adam 
Hausman, First Assissant Foreman ; John 
Harmerling. Second Assistant Foreman ; C. 
F. Bastle, Secretary ; Gustavus Pensser, Trea- 
surer ; John Mayo, Steward ; Henry Rebek, 

Saratoga Engine Company No. 3. — Loca- 
ted on Oregon street, below Erie — number of 
members forty ; engine, second class. Hose 
carries feet. Adam Fisher, Foreman ; 

Anton Clumm, First Assistant Foreman; 
Adam Miller, Second Assistant Foreman ; 
Wm. Boyd, Secretary ; Louis Fishermann, 
Treasurer ; A. B. Dutchmann, Steward. 

PhoRnix Engine Company, No. 4 — Located 
on Frankfort street, near Bank. Number of 
member8,seventy-two. Engine second class, 


(Jeffries') nine inch cylinder. Hose cart 
carries five hundred and fifty feet of hose. 
Edwin Hart, Foreman ; Capt. A. Minckley, 
First Assistant Foreman ; George Vetter, 
Second Assistant Foreman ; John Aplin, 
Treasurer ; Robort J. Cochran, Secretary ; I. 
Mc^Iahan, Marshal ; Frank Lynch, Steward. 

Gatiract Engine Company, No. 5. — Loca- 
ted on Long street and allej'.between Superior 
and Champlain. Number of members seven- 
ty, active fifty. Engine, first class. Hose 
cart carries five hundred feet hose. John S. 
Stevenson, Foreman ; James Dickinson, First 
Assistant Foreman ; William Still, Second 
Assistant Foreman ; William Pepperday, 
Secretary ; John C. Wagner, Treasurer ; 
Henry Smith, Steward ; George Cugler, 

Neptune Engine Company, No, 7 — Located 
on Perry street, near Pittsburgh. Number of 
members sixty-two — receive pay for fifty. 
Engine, first class. Hose cart carries four 
hundred feet of hose. James Jenkinson, 
Foreman ; John Frank, First Assissant Fore- 
man ; Samuel Hastings, Second Assistant 
Foreman ; A. E, Eckerman, Secretary ; Ja- 
cob Pioherheimer, Treasurer ; Peter Woldeck, 

Hope Engine Company, No. 8. — Located 
on Huntington street near Garden. Number 
of members eighty-five — active forty. En- 
gine second class ; also a first class Agnew 
Engine. Hose cart carries five hundred feet of 
hose. F. W. Marseilles, Foreman ; Fred. 
Boltz, First Assistant Foreman ; Piobt. Cole, 
Second Assistant Foreman ; I. C. Vail, Sec- 
retary ; C. S. Ransom, Treasurer ; John D. 
Craig, Steward ; William Craigle, Marshal. 

Washington Engine Coynpany, No. 9. — Lo- 
cated on Franklin street, near Pearl. Num- 
ber of members sixty. Engine, first class. 
Hose cart carries five hundred feet of hose ; 
William McGuire, Foreman ; Wra. H. Kai- 
ghan, First Assistant Foreman ; Benj. Hat- 
tersley. Second Assistant Foreman ; Wash- 
ington Fay, Secretary ; John Ritterdam, 
Treasurer ; Amos Le Roy, Steward. 

lorrent Engine Company, No. 10 — Loca- 
ted on the corner of Lorain, Abbey and 
Brain'ird streets. Engine of second class, 
hose cart carries five hundred feet of hose ; 
number of members sixty. C. G. Boad, 
Foreman ; J. Smith, First Assistant Fore- 
man ; J. W. Blake, Second Assistant Fore- 
man ; R. Hays, Treasurer ; J. 'M. Wright, 
Secretary ; S. Nevills, Steward ; C. Craine, 
Marshal. ' 

Each Engine has an alarm bell. The 

want of a central alarm bell has been se- 
verely felt b}' all, and it is hoped that the 
building of an alarm tower will not be long 


Cleveland LigM Artillery Co. A. — fleets at 
their xVrmory, on Frankfort st., every Wed- 
nesday evening, to drill. No. of men, 20 ; 
No. of pieces and caisons, 1. Capt., W. R. 
Simmons ; 1st Lieut., John T. Robinson ; 

2d do., ; Orderly Sergeant, John A. 

Bennett ; Secretary and Treasurer, John A. 

Cleveland LigJit Artillery Co. B. — Organ- 
ized Feb'y 8, 1858 ; meets every Thursday 
evening, to drill and transact business. J. 
T. Mack, Capt.; Christian Schonderfcr, 1st 

Lieut.; .Jacob Roeder, 2d Lieut.; Spi- 

choltz, 1st Sergeant ; J. M. Bunhardt, 2d do.; 
Valentine Weihl, Sec'y. 

Sixth Ward Artillery Co. E. — Organized 
1858 ; meets every Monday evening, to drill 
and transact business. John Friend, Cajjt.; 
John A. Bishop, 1st Lieut.; Lewis Leitz, 2d 
do. ; A. Yeller and P. Weiss, Sergeants ; 
John Shaffer, Pay Master; A. Mog, Sec'y. 

Cleveland Light Artillery Co. D. — Organ- 
ized Sept., 1858. Meet every Thursday 
evening. P. W. Rice, Capt.; Jas. H. Miller, 
1st Lieutenant; George Crawford, Secretary 
and Treasurer. 

Cleveland Light Dragoons. — Meet for pur- 
pose of drilling and transaction of business, 
every first Monday; drill every third ^Monday. 
L. Heckman, Capt. ; H. Beilstein, 1st Lieut. ; 
Fr. Haltnorth, 2d do. ; H. Roemer, 3d do.; 
Chas. Stern, Orderly Sergeant. Full compli- 
ment of rank .and file, 45 men ; 10 musicians. 

Clevelmd Grays. — Organized Sept., 1854. 
INIeets first Friday in every month. Drills 
every Monday evening. W. H. Hayward, 
Ca])tain ; J. W. Ensworth, 1st Lieutenant ; 
J. M. Richards, 2d do. ; Geo. E. Lemon, 3d 
do.; , 4th do. ; J. Ensworth, 1st Ser- 
geant; J. N. Estabrook, 2d do. ; J. S. AVhite, 
3d do. ; C. S. Hobbs, 4th do. ; D. Short, Ist 
Corporal; W. H. Willis, 2d do.; F. W. Slos- 
son, 3d do. ; A. A. Adams, 4th do. ; J. W. 
Ensworth, Recording Secretary; H. E. Spear, 

Treasurer; , Secretary of Finance; C. 

W. Palmer, Judge Advocate; James Hill, 

Commissary ; , Quarter Master. 

No. muskets, 40. 

Cleveland Light GM«r(75"Organized Jan'y, 
11, 1859, Meet everv IMondav evening'. 
J, R. Sanforl, Captain'; W. R.'Creighton, 



First Lieutenant ; John ISTevins, Second Lieu- 
tenant ; Wm. Steel, Ensign; H, M, Noble, 
First Sergeant ; Henry Place, Second Ser- 
geant ; D.A, Kimball, Third Sergeant ; Wm, 
Towner, Fourth Sergeant ; J, P. Mcllrath, 
First Corporal ; L. G, De Forest, Second Cor- 
poral ; J, W, Spaulding, Third Corporal ; 
W, H, Thayer, Fourth Corporal ; W. H. 
Maltby, Seci-etary; Joseph Mcllrath, Treas- 
urer ; S, S. Flager, Commissary ; A. Burgess, 


Bank of Commerce. — Atwater Building. 
Oi'ganized Aug. 29, 1851. Capital, $150,000. 
Banking hours, from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. 
Joseph Perkins, President; H. B. PImibut, 
Cashier ; M. S. Turner, Asst. Cashier ; J. C. 
Buel, Simon Perkins, Jr., Tellers; G. W. 
Lepper,Book- Keeper; P. T. Stone, Collecting 
Clerk ; Joseph Perkins, Amasa Stone, Jr., 
Stillman Witt, Henry Harvey, H. B. Hurlbut, 

City Banlc of Cleveland 115 Superior. — 
Capital $150,000. Banking hours from 9 
A M. to 3 P. M. Lemuel Wick, President; 
Albert Clark, Cashier; J B Meriam, Teller; 
John Whitelaw, Moses Kelley, George Wor- 
thington, C, L Camp and Albert Clark, Di- 

Commercial Branch Bank — Atwater Build- 
ing. Organized Nov., 1845. Capital, $175,-. 
000. Banking hours, from 9 A. M. to 3 P, 
M. T. P. Handy, President ; D. P. Eells, 
Cashier ; A. S. Gorham, Assistant Cashier ; 
L. H. Severance, Receiving Teller ; H. W. 
Boardman, Paying Teller ; Geo. E. Beebe 
Book-Keeper ; Charles Dockstader, Clerk ; 
Charles L. Cutter, Collecting Clerk ; T. P. 
Handy, W. A. Otis, Dudley Baldwin, W. 
J. Boardman, D. P. Eells, Directors. 

Forest City Banlc — 176 Superior, — Capital 
$125,000 Banking hours from 7 A M to 
3 P. M, John Crowell, President, S. ' B 
Sturges, Cashir; S L Severance, Teller; John 
Crowell, S. B, Sturges, B B, PLale, John F, 
Warner and B, L. Spangler, Directors, 

Merchants' Banlt. — Cor. Bank and Supe- 
rior sts. Capital, $125,000. Banking hours, 
from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. T. M. Kelley, 
President; Geo. Mygatt, Cashier; W. A. 
Cutter, Asst. Cashier ; T. C. Johnson, Book- 
Keeper; T. M. Kelley, Geo. Mvgatt, M. 
Barnett, W. D. Beattie, and W. Collins, Di- 

Society for Savings. — Cor. of Bank and 
Frankfort sts. Chartered 1849. Open d?l\y 

from 9}<2 A. M. to 12 1.' M., and from 1}4 
to 3 }4 P. M. Hon. S. J.'Andrews, President; 
W. f. Smith, R. Hitchcock, D. Baldwin, Vice 
Presidents ; Henry Wick, Hiram Griswold, 
L. Benedict, J. F. Borges, H. W.. Clark, M. 
Barnett, J. A. Foot, JTCardner, E. Hessen- 
mueller, J. A. Harris, M. B. Scott, D. A. 
Shepard, Clsarles Hickox, J. Lowman, W. J. 
Warner, J. Pannell, W. A. Otis, W.H.Stan- 
ley, E. T. Sterling, B. Rouse, J. B. Waring, 
S. Williamson, M. C. Younglove, Joseph 
Perkins, Trustees ; S. J. Andrews, W. H. 
Stanley, M. B. Scott, M. Barnett, Joseph 
Perkins, Committee of Investment ; S. H. 
Mather, Sec'y and Treasurer. 


City Insurance Co. of Cleveland. — Organized 
1854. Capital, $100,000. Office, 235 Su- 
perior St. 

Cleveland Bisurance Co. — Office, 23 Supe- 
rior st. Chartered 1854. Capital, $500,000. 
Edmund Clark, President; S. W. Crittenden, 

Cleveland Mutual Insurance Co. — Office, 
235 Superior St. Incorpoated 1849. Insures 
on the stock or mutual plan. Asahel Strong, 
President; S. J. Smith, Vice President ; John 
Marr, Secretary and Treasurer; Cyrus Eddy, 
General Agent. 

Washington Union Insurance Co. — Office, 
Rouse's Block, Superior st.. Cor. Public 
Square. Chartered 1851. Resources, $300,- 
000. Benjamin Lane, President; H. H. 
Hatch, Secretary and Treasurer; Benjamin 
Lane, A. S. Sanford, Charies W. Cook, D. B. 
Hatch, J. N. Owen, W. J. Ford, W. M. Pow- 
ell, H. H. Hatch, H. L. Hosmer, Directors. 

Commercial Mutual Insurance Co. — Office, 
1 Oviatt's Exchange. Organized 1851. Cap- 
ital, $100,000. M. B. Scott, President; W. 
J. Gordon, Vice President; A. J. Breed, 
Treasurer; Geo. A. Tisdale, Sec'y; Capt. 
George H. Gibson, Marine Inspector ; M. B. 
Scott, P. Chamberlin, Henry Harvey, H. B. 
Tuttle, John A. Barney, William Bingham, 
George A. Tisdale, Isaac L. Hewitt, Samuel 
Williamson, H. N. Gates, WiUiam Green, 
Samuel F. Lester, Robert Llanna, Wm, J. 
Gordon, and James Barnett, Directors. 

Board of Underwriters. — -J. L. Weatherly, 
President; C. C. Carlton, Vice President; H. 
F. Brayton, Treasurer; Geo. May, Sec'y. 




Cleveland Iron Mining Co. — Office, Oviatt's 
Exchange. Organized 18.53. Capital Stock, 
$500,000. Paid in, $300,000. Par value 
of shares, $15. Wat. J. Gordon, President ; 
Sam'l L. Mather, Treasurer ; H. B. Tuttle, 
Sec'y; W. J. Gordon, J. L. Hewitt, John 
Outhwaite, Selah Chaniherlain, H. F. Bray- 
ton, Sam'l L. Mather, H. B. Tuttle, M. L. 
Hewitt, Directors. 

Cleveland Boiler Plate Co. — Officers — S. 
L. Matlier, President and Treasurer; 

Sec'y ; John Outhwaite, Jacob Low- 
man, Joseph Masury, Sam'l L. Mather, Di- 

Railroad Iron Mill Co. — William st., near 
the lake. Capital, $100,000. Albert G. 
Smith, President and Manager ; Lyman T. 
Thayer, Sec'y and Treasurer ; A. G. Smith, 
L. T. Thayer and W. S. Williams, Directors. 

Cuyalwga Steam Furnace Co. — Detroit, 
Cor. of Centre st. Incorporated 1834. Cap- 
ital, $100,000. E. T. Sterling, Agent ; W. 
B. Castle, Sec'y ; Ethan Rogers, Chief En- 

Lalce Erie Paper Co. — Office, 118 Bank st. 
Capital, $50,000. Geo. Worthiugton, Presi- 
dent; N. W. Taylor, Sec'y and Agent; Geo. 
Worthington, D. P. Rhodes, E. P. Morgan, 
L. C. Frost, N. W. Taylor, Directors. 

Ohio City and Olmsted PlauTc Road Co. — 
Office, 7 Water st. John M. West, President; 
E. S. Root, Sec'y and Treasurer. 

Cleveland Qas Light c^ Cohe Co. — 195 
Superior st. T. P. Handy, President; T. 
Dwight Eells, Secretary ; W. E. Beckwith, 
Treasurer ; G. A. Hyde, Engineer ; T. P. 
Handy, David Sinton, M. C. Younglove, 
William Bingham, J. H. Morly, Directoi-s. 


American TrauspoHation Co. — Office, 35 
E. River. T. N. Bond, Agent ; J. Carlisle, 
Special Agent for Southern Ohio. 

American Transpoiiation Line. — (Ohio 
Canal.) Hubby, Hughes & Co. Agents. 
Office, 19 River street. 

American <Sc Western Th-ansportation Co 

Upper Lake Steamboat Line — T. N. Bond, 
Agent. Office 35 River street. 

Buffalo and Green Bay Line of Steamers — 
Mix & Morris, Ageuts, 1 River street. 

Buffalo, Cleveland and Chicago Line of 
Steamers — Mix & Morris, Agents, 1 River 
street, and Hubby, Hughes & Co., 19 River, 

Cleveland, Detroit and Lalce Superior Line 
of Steamers — Mix & Morris, and Hussey & 
McBride, Agents, 

Cleveland, Detriot 4" Lalce Superior Pro- 
peller iyz'Tie— Hussey & McBride, Agents. 

Cleveland and New York Express Freight 
Line — Mix & Moms, Agents, 1 River street. 

Oreat Western Dispatch Line — Offiee, 
Front street, foot of River. B. H. Bamett, 

Green Bay <^ Buffalo Steamhoat Line. — 
Office, 1 River street Mix & Morris, 

Lake Shore Express Co. — E, N, Parka, 
Agent, Office Front foot of River, 

Lake Superior Steamhoat Line — Htissey 
& McBride, Agents. 129 River street. 

Merclmnts' Central and People's Line Ex- 
press — Hubby, Hughes & Co., Agents, 19 

Merclmnts^ Dispatch — Office, Front street, 
foot of River. H. K. Boylston, Agent. 

Michigan Central R. R. Line of Steamers— 
L. A. Pierce, Agent. Office, 57 River street 

New York and Erie R. R. 'Frieght Line. — 
W. D. Cushing, Agent Office, Front street, 
foot River. 

New York Central R. R. Freight Line 

H. Johnson, Agent Office, 11 River sti-eet 

Ward's Cleveland and Buffalo Daily Line 
of Steamers. — Mix & Morris, Agents, 1 
River street 

Waid's Cleveland and Toledo Daily lAra 
of Steamers, — Mix & Morris, Agents, 1 
River, street 

Western Dispatch Line. — B. H. Bamett, 
Agent Front, foot River stseet 

Western Transpmiation Co. — T. N.^Bond, 
Agent. Office, 35 River street 


Ameiican Express Co. — Livingston, Fargo 
& Co. and Wells, Butterfield & Co., Propri- 
etors. Henry Wells, President; Dan'l But- 
terfield, V. President; Wm. G. Fargo, Sec'y; 
Alexander Holland, Treasurer; E. W. Sloan, 
Supt. Western Division; John E. Cole, Agent 
at Cleveland. 



United States Express Co.— D. N. Barney, 
N. Y., President; H. Kip, Buffalo, Supt.; E. 
P. Williams, Buffalo, Sec'y ; T. P. Marsh, 
Buffalo, Treasurer ; W. G. Yates, Agent at 


Cleveland, Columbus <^ Cincinnati R. B. — 
Officers— L. M. Hubby, President; E. S. 
Flint, Superintendent ; T. P. Handy, Trea- 
surer ; Geo. H. Russell, Secretary and Dep- 
uty Treasurer ; F. W. Brown, Paymaster. 

Directors — Stillman Witt, Sam'l William- 
son, Martin B. Scott, Leander M. Hubby, 
John Miller, Hosea Williams, Erastus S. 
Prosser, David Dows, John M. Woolsey, 
Alfred Kelly. 

Cleveland, Painesville <^ Ashtabula B. B. 
— Officers — Amasa Stone, Jr., President ; 
George B. Ely, Secretary and Treasurer; 
H. Nottingham, Superintendent ; Alfred 
Ely, Jr., Paymaster. 

Directors — Alfred Kelly, Columbus, 0.; 
Jas. Miles, Girard, Pa.; W. D. Beattie, Still- 
man Witt, Thomas M. Kelly, Amasa Stone, 
Jr., Wm. Case, H. B. Payne, Cleveland, O; 
E. M. Gilbert, Utica, N. Y.; Sam'l J. Ran- 
dall, Phil.; J, B, Johnson, Erie, Pa.; Ham- 
ilton White, Syracuse, N. Y.; C. C. Dennis, 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

Cleveland df Mahoning B. B. — Officers — 
David Tod, President ; Charles L. Rhodes, 
Vice President and Superintendent ; 0, M. 
Burke, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Directors — David Tod, Reuben Hitchcock, 
Joseph Perkins. R. W. Cunningham, Dudley 
Baldwin, Frederick Kinsman, Chas. Smith, 
Henry B. Perkins. 

Cleveland dp Fittshurgh B. B. — Officers — 
J. N. McCulloch, President and Superinten- 
dent ; C. E. Gorham, Assistant Superinten- 
dent ; Edward Rockwell, Secretary and 
Treasurer; W, W. Chandler, General Freight 
Agent ; F. R. Myers, General Ticket Agent ; 
E. F. Smith, Paymaster. 

Directors — J. N. McCullough, Wellsville, 
0.; Zalmon Fitch, Jas. F, Clark, Jas, Farm- 
er, Henry W. Clark, Cleveland, 0.; W. W. 
Holloway, Bridgeport, 0.; B. Brennan, Steu- 
henville, 0.; Henry C. Kingsley, New Ha- 
ven. Ct ; D. C. List, Wheeling, Va.; J. Pen- 
nock, J. S. Dilworth, Pittsburgh, Pa.; H. 
Stowe, Beaver, Pa. 

Cleveland <^ Toledo B. B. — Officers — J. 
B. Waring, President ; H. C. Luce, Secre- 
tary and Treasurer ; L. D. Rucker, Super- 

intendent ; J. D. Simpkins, Assistant Super- 
intendent ; E. Sheldon, Paymaster ; J. U. 
Parsons, General Ticket Agent. 


Western Union Telegraph Company — Office, 
in Washington Block, St. - Clair street. 
Hiram Sibley, Rochester, N. Y., President; 
Isaac R. Elwood, Rochester, N. Y., Sec'y; 
J. H. Wade, Cleveland, 0., Managing Di- 
rector; A. Stager, Cleveland, 0., Gen. Supt,; 
Wm. Hunter, Cleveland, O, Supt. Supplies; 
Wm. Cobb, Chicago, III, T. T. Eckert, Mans- 
field, 0., J. Dunham, Cincinnati, 0., J. N. 
Alvord, St. Louis, Mo., Division Supts.; A. 
M. Van Duzen, Manager of Cleveland office; 
H. L. Welton, Asst.; E. P. Wright, Chief 
Operator. Auxiliary office, in R. R. Depot. 
W. B, Hibbard, Manager. 

Cleveland City Lodge, No 15 — Chas. A 
Woodward, W. M.; George H. Adams, S. 
W.; M. Pattinson, J. W.; C. L. Camp, Treas,; 
M. L. Rider, Sec; J. D. Coleman, S. D.; Jos, 
Bell, J. D.; George Kirk, Tyler. 

Meets the first and third Tuesday even- 
ings of each month, at Iris Hall, Superior St 

7ns Lodge, No 229— G. H. Burt, W. M.; 
L. Hills, S. W.; J. E. Hopkins, J. W.; P. 
Thatcher, Jr., Treas.; D. E. Field, Sec; G. 
W. Berry, S. D.; H. B. Seymour, J. D.; R. 
H. Norton, Tyler. 

Meets the second and fourth Mondays of 
each month, at Iris Hall, Superior St. 

Bigelow Lodge, No. 243 — S. Buhrer, W. 
M.; John Tiedmann, S. W.; Chas. H. Bab- 
cock, J. W.; Benj. Wygant, Treas.; J. S. 
Ball, Sec; A. B. Cannon, S. D.; Wm, H. 
Nay, J. D.; G. G. Allen, Tyler. 

Meets in Columbus Block, Detroit St 

Eureka Lodge, No. 14.— M. T. Boyd, W. ' 
M.; J. A. Davis, S, W.; J. Hughes, J. W.; 
James H. Wean, Sec; Walter Tyler, Treas.; 
Abel Starkey, Tyler. 

Hall 18 Matthews Block, Public Square. 

Webb Chapter, B. A. M., No. 14— A. C- 
McNary, M. E. H. P.; G. H. Burt, E. R.; J- 
E. Hopkins, E. S.; L. Hills, C. H.; C. A, 
Woodward, P. S.; G. W. Berry, R. A. C; 
E. A. Hopkins, M. E. V.; J. H. Stanley, M. 
Q. v.; G. H. Adams, M. L V.; E. R. Gris- 



wold, Treas.; D. E. Field, Sec; B. M. Hutch- 
inson, Chaplain; R. H. Norton, Guard. 

Meets the first and third Tuesday even- 
ings of each month, at Iris Hall, Superior St. 

Oriental Enmwpmmt, K. T., No. 12 — R. 
Creighton, C; J.^. Wheeler, Gen.; George 
W. Howe, C. G.; A. C. McNary, Prelate; 
Geo. S. Burt, S. W.; Alfred Ely, Jr., J. W.; 
E. R. Griswold, Treas.; D. E. Field, Record- 
er; S. Buhrer, St. Bearer, J. A. Pitkin, 
Sword Bearer, P. Thatcher, Jr., Warden; 
Ed. Piiluy, Sentinel. 

JNIeets the first Monday evening of each 
mouth, at Iris Hall, Superior St. 

[sons of maxta.] 

Americus Lodge, I. 0. S. of M. — Hall 
Armory, Superior St. — Meets every Friday, 
evening. Stoughton Bliss, G. C; E" G. 
Williams, V. G. C; Edward C. Kinsman, G. 
Ch.; G. W. Howe, G. S. & T.; J. L. Koh- 
inson, G. C; D wight Scott, J. S.; — . Gal- 
loway, 0. S. 

[odd fellows.] 

Cleveland Lodge, L 0. 0. F. No. 13.— J. 
S. I\Iartin, N. G.; J. Blackburn, V. G.; W. J. 
Rhodes, Rec. Sec; G. H. Adams, Per. Sec; 
H. Stickney, Treas. Meets Monday even- 
ings of each week at Odd Fellows Hall, 236 
Superior St. 

Cuyahoga I^odge, No. 22 — Alfred Meads, 
N. G.; Orrin Slack, V. G.; T. W. Evans, 
Rec. Sec; Henry Haines, Per. Sec; George 
W. Lynch, Treas. Meets Wednesday even- 
ings of each week at Odd Fellows Hall, 236 
Superior St. 

Erie Lodge, No. 27—0. L. Russell, N. G.; 
N. B. Prentice, V. G.; J. Powell, Per. Sec; 
J. L. Shepard, Treas. Meets every Friday 
evening, at Columbus Block, Detroit St. 

Forest City Lodge, No. 162— A. N. Alder- 
man, N. G.; J. V. N. Locke, V. G.; Heber 
B. Pearson, Rec. Sec; B. F. Robinson, Per. 
Sec; E. Shepard, Treas. Meets every 
Thursday evening at Odd Fellows Hall, 236 
Superior St. 

Phmiix Lodge, No. 233 — Henry Parsons, 
N. G.; Daniel Stephan, D. G.; Lewis R. 
Morris, R. S.; Henry B. Seym<nir, Per. Sec; 
J. B. Shull, Treas. Meets every Monday 
evening, at Columbus Block, Detroit St. 

Cleveland Encampnent, No. 5 — Meets 
every Thursday evening in Odd Fellows' 
Hall. Wm. Treat, C. P.; James Chubb, H. 
P.; H. Stickney, L. W.; Wm. Parsons, J. W. 
G. H. Adams, Scribe; Ansel Roberts, Treas. 
Ohio Lj>lge, No. 118— -J. S. Whitfield, N. 
G.; John Baukh«ad, V. G.; J. A. Davis, Per. 

Sec; Henry Menick, Rec. Sec; David H. 
Crosby, Treas. Hall, Mathews Block, Pub- 
lic Square. 


Llppard Circle, No. 24, B. W. (H. F.) C. 
A. — Meets every Friday evening at their 
Hall, Ontario Street, cor. Public Square. 

John J. Corlett, C. W.; Thos. H. Clague, 
C. J.; J. Nevins, H. S. K; John C. Wagner, 
Treas.; Samuel Crobaugh, C. 0.; A. S. Rad- 
cliff, C. F.; N. Castor, W. D.; F. Pinkerton, 
H. H. 

[sons of the covenant.] 

Lndependent Order of B'nai Bereth, Solo- 
7)1011 Lodge, No. 16 — Meets every Sunday 
evening at I. 0. B. B. Hall, Colwell's Block, 
Ontario Street. 

J. Hapferman, P.; D. Cauffinan, V. P.; S. 
Goodheart, T.; Jacob Cohen, R. S.; A. 
Schwartz, F. S.; B. F. Peixotto, M.; C. Loeb, 
A. M.; A. Jankan, AV.; K. Straus, 0. G. 

Constitutional Grand Lodge located at 
New York. 

District Grand Lodge located at Cincin- 



Cleveland Division, No. 275. — Meets ev- 
ery Monday evening at their Hall, corner 
Ontario and Champlain, 

T. H. Crosbv, W. P.; T. Clark, W. A.; R. 
Riley, R. S.; W. Downie, A. R. S.; L C. 
Pendleton, T.; H. P. Henderson, F. S.;J. 
Phvpers, C; J. H. Miller, A. C; W. Wors- 
wick, T. S.; J. C. Heath, C. S. 

[good TEMPLARS.] 

Cleveland Temple, No.l~Wm. H. Kaighan, 
W. C. T.; Emma E. Feun, W. V. T.; A. T. 
Proctor, W. S. 

Cuyahoga Temple, No. 10 — Rev. H. P. 
Henderson, W. C. T.; Miss Alvira Cole, W; 
V. T.; Wm. Worswick, W. S. 

Refuge Temple, No. 145— Elias Ede, W. 
C. T.; Hannah E. Gordon, W. V. T.; J. W. 
Spaulding, W. S. 

Friendship Temple, No. 150 — John Can- 
non, W. C. T.; Harriet Rummage, W. V. T.; 
J. S. Lcland, W. S. 

Father Mathevo's Temperance Society — 
Reorganized May 3d, 1857. Right Rev. 
Bishop Rappe, President ; Rev. Ed. Han- 
non. Vice President and Treasurer ; Patrick 
O'Brien, Secretary ; 1115 members. Meets 
on the second Sunday in each month, at 
their Hall, rear of Cathedi'al, Erie street. 



The Marine Total Abstinence Society — In 
connection witli the Betliel Church, Num- 
ber of members enrolled and pledged, nearly 
7,aX). Capt. J. G. McCurdy, President ; Rev. 
D. Prosser, Chaplain; W. H. Stanley, J. A. 
Foot, and D. Mcintosh, Managers ; John 
Proudfoot, Secretary. 


Betliel Lihrarij — In the tower of the Beth- 
el Church, Water, corner of Johnson street, 
contains about 2000 volumes, the gift of 
many friendly to the sailors. The Library 
is connected with the Western Seamen's 
Friend Society. 

Cleveland Lilrary Association — No. 219 
Superior street, Baldwin's Block. This In- 
stitution is now in a very thriving condition, 
having the past year been organized under 
a new Charter and Constitution, and is loca- 
ted in pleasant and agreeable rooms. The 
Reading Room is supplied with a large se- 
lection of Daily Newspapers and Periodicals 
from all the principal cities of the Union 
and Canada. The Library is being con- 
stantly enlarged, and is liberally patronized 
by the most intelligent portion of the citi- 
zens of the Forest City, and bids fair to be- 
come one of its proudest ornaments. The 
Annual Meeting of the Association for the 
election of Officers is held on the 2d Mon- 
day in April of each year. Tlie present 
Board of Officers consists of the following 
gentlemen : William Case, President ; Al- 
leyne Maynard, Vice President ; H. M. Cha- 
pin, Corresponding Secretary; Geo. W. Gard- 
ner, Recording Secretary ; Fayette Brown, 
Treasurer ; Wm. F. Smith, Wm. Bingham, 
Geo. A. Tisdale, Alfred Ely, jr., Directors ; 
Wm. J. Tait, Librarian and Superintendent. 
Terms of Membership, Two Dollars per 
year. An Annual Course of Lectures is 
delivered during the winter in connection 
with the Association. 

Young Ifen's Christian Association — Or- 
ganized 1854. 

Officers and Committees for the year 1859. 
— J. J. El well. Pros.; Chauncey Prentiss, L. 
Alcott and Dr. T. Sterling, Vice Prest's.; J. 
E. Ingersoll, Cor. Sec; A. S. Gorham, Treas.; 
J. T. Sterling, Rec. Sec. 

Standing Committees — J. B. Meriam, W. 
E. Beckwith, Charles Dockstader, Finance. 
D. V7. Brooks, A. 11. Bigelow, E. H. Liger- 
soll, Lectures. Charles A. Willard, G. P. 
LeBoutelier, E. W. Sackridcr, Library and 

Rooms. J. F. Keeler, T. S. Beckwith, D. 
P. Eells, Missionary Labor. 

Rooms, 249 Superior St. over H. D. Ken- 
dall & Co's. store. 

Reading Room, open, free to the public, 
every day (Sundays excepted) irom 8 o'clock 
A. M. to 10 P. M. 

Library, 1300 volumes — Open Tuesdays 
and Thursdays from 2 to 4 o'clock P. M., 
and from 7 to 9 o'clock P. M. On Satur- 
day from 3 to 8 o'clock P. M. 

Monthly Meeting held on the last Tues- 
day evening of each month. 

Prayer Meeting held every Saturday ev- 
ening at the rooms. 

Union Mission Sabbath School — Under 
the joint care of the Y. M. C. Association 
and the Ladies Christian Union, held on 
Champlain Street, at 2 o'clock P. M. Su- 
perintendent, Daniel P. Eells, Assist. Supt. 
G. W. Whitney. 

Ladies Christian CTwio??/— Auxilliary to the 
Y. M. C. A.— Organized 1859. 

Officers and Prudential Committee for the 
year 1859— Mrs. S. B. Page, President ; Mrs. 
John Coon, Bap., Mrs. E. T. Sterling, Epis., 
Mrs. I. L. Hewitt, Presb., Mrs. B. Stedman, 
Cong., Mrs. G. W. Whitney., Meth., Mrs. 
W. H.Brewster,Wes. Meth.,Vice Presidents; 
Mary Clark Brayton, Secretary ;Mary C. Witt, 

Prudential Committee — Mrs. S. B. Page, 
Mrs. C. A. Dean, Mrs. J. B. Meriam, Mary 
Jane Beattie, Mary C. Witt, Mrs. Geo. A. 
Benedict, Mrs.- L.W. Pond, Mary L. At- 
water, Mary Clark Brayton. 

Monthly Meeting at Rooms of tbe Y. M. 

C. Association on the second Monday of 
each month, at 4 o'clock P. M. 

Western Seamen's Friend Society — Or- 
ganized 1830, meets annually at such time 
and place as the Executive Committee shall 
designate. Rev. S. C. Aiken, D. D. ; 
J. A. Foot, Esq. ; Rev. S. W. Adams, D. D.; 
Charies A. Dean, Rev. Jas. Eells, T. P. 
Handv, Esq. ; Rev. F. T. Brown ; J. B. 
Parish Rev. J. A. Thome ; E. T. Sterling, 

D. D. ; Rev. John Peat, A. M. ; J. Masm'v, 
Rev. A. Wheeler; Rev. R. H. B^urlburt ; 
F. C. Babbitt, Rev. J. B. Bittinger, C. 
Taylor, Esq. ; Rev. J. C. White ; B. Sted- 
man, Esq. ; Rev. R. B. Claxton, D. D. ; Rev. 
J. W. Lowe ; J. Liece ; Rev. Wm. Day ; 
Rev. D. Prosser, Executive Board. J. Proud- 
foot, Secretary. 

The St. George's Society— Meet the first 
Tuesday in every month, at the Sons of 
Temperance Hall, over J. Stair & Son's 
store, Ontario st. T. A. Walton, President ; 



John Outhwaite, V. President ; Edwin Stair, 
Treasurer; Henry Parsons, Rec. Sec'j" Johp 
Hale, Sec'y of Accts.; Rev. Dr. BoUes, Chap- 
lain; Dr. Wm. H. Capener, Physician; Chas. 
Easty, Wm. Parsons, Alfred Meads, Morris 
Clark, Stewards;* Thomas iiasty, Benjamin 
H. Stair, J. M. Blackburn, Charitable Com. 

The St, Amlreio's Society — Meets at J. C. 
Cramer's office. Rouse's Block. A benevo- 
lent institution organized May 5, 1846, to 
afford aid and encouragement to Scotch im- 
migrant, ;md distressed natives of Scotland, 
resident in Cleveland. The stated quarterly 
meetings are held on the second Tuesday in 
February, August May, and November ; the 
latter the officers for the ensuing year are 
elected, and installed into office on St. An- 
drew's day (November 30.) John Kirk- 
patrick. President ; John C. Grannis, John 
L. Denham, G. Whitelaw, John Proudfoot, 
Vice Presidents ; John Downie, Heury 
Shanks, Wm. Mcintosh, Managers ; Rev. 
James McGill, Chaplain ; P. A. Gordon, 
Physician ; David Mcintosh, Treasurer ; 
Walter Dalgleish, Recording Secretary; Alex- 
• ander Hunter, Corresponding Secretary. 

Mo7ias Relief Society — Organized Sept. 1, 
1852. Meet first Friday on every month. 
Prospect St., cor. of Hm-on. W. S. Kermish, 
President; Wm. Brew, V. President; W. H. 
Brew, Sec'y.; James Christian, Treasurer; 
Thomas Quayle, William K. Corlett, John 
Black: Wm. Brew, W. K. Corlett, Thomas 
Craine, Relief Committe. 

Monas Mutual Benefit Society — Meet first 
Monday in each month, in Hoffman's Block, 
Public Square. William Brew, President; 
William Radcliff, V. President; William G. 
Harrison, Sec'y; Thomas Harrison, Treasurer; 
J. J. Crane, John Cubbon, John T. Radcliff' 
Trustees. Organized April, 1855. 

Oerman Freemen's Education Society — 
No. 272 St. Clair st. G. W. Smith, Presi- 
dent; A. Wangerni, V. President; D. Langs- 
dorf, Sec'y; H. Dorr, Treasurer. 

Cleveland Musical Society — Room 147 
Ontario street. S. L. Bingham, President ; 
D. 0. Cole, Secretary ; E. A. Hopkins, Trea- 
surer ; J. M. Leland, Librarian ; F. X. 
Byerley, Director. 

Cuyahoga County Agricultural Society — 
Members of the Board : A. A. Jewett, 
President, Newburgh ; Josiah Hurst, Vice 
President, Dover ; W. Dewitt, Secretary, 
Cleveland ; Benjamin H. Stair, Treasurer, 
Cleveland ; Clark S. Gates, Brooklyn ; E. 
S. Willard, Cleveland ; B. Martin, Cleve- 
land ; J. G. Ruggles, Newburgh ; I. L. 

Gleason, Independence. 

Ladies Home Missionary Society — Of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church of Cleveland. 
This society, under the management of a no- 
ble band of zealous and benevolent ladies, 
principally connected with the St Clair St. 
Church, hiis been actively and efficiently en- 
gaged in the cause of humanity for a 
number of years, 

Tiie ladies have recently transferred the 
Ragged School (so called) fonnerly under 
their care to the Young Men's Christian As- 
sociation, and will hereafter be able to direct 
their efforts toother jiortionsof the mi.ssionary 
field in the city. The objects of the Society 
as expressed in its constitution are "to amel- 
iorate the condition of the poor of this city 
and vicinity by feeding the hungry, clothing 
the destitute, and furnishing them with the 
insti'uction of the means of grace." Its offi- 
cers are : Mrs. Samuel H. Baird, President ; 
Mi"s. George P. Burwell, Vice President ; 
Mrs. Thomas H. Oakley, Secretary; Mrs. 
W. P. Cooke, Treasurer ; Mrs. Samuel Fol- 
jambe, Mrs. John Hale, Mrs. C. L, Bander, 
Mrs. John Howland, Mrs. F. Vance, Mana- 

Cleveland Bible Society— J oseY)h. Perkins, 
President; The Pastoi-s of all co-operating 
churches in the city of Cleveland, V. Presi- 
dents ; Seth H. Sheldon, H. B. Tuttle, S. 
Foljambe, H. Benton, Directors; E. F. Young, 
Rec. Sec'y; James M. Hoyt, Cor. Sec'y; D. 
P. Eells, Treasurer; S. H. Mather, Auditor; 
Ingham & Bragg, Depositaries. 

Western Reserve Sunday School and Tract 

Society Depository at Ingham & Bragg's, 

191 Superior st. 


Cleveland Medical College — Comer Erie 
and St. Clair sts. Faculty — John Delamater, 
M. D., Prof, of Midwifery, and Diseases of 
Women and Children; Jared P. Kirtland, 
M. D., Prof, of the Principles and Practice 
of Medicine ; J. Lang CaSsels, M. D., Prof, 
of Chemistry and Botany ; Jacob J. Dela- 
mater, M. D., Prof, of Materia Medica, The- 
rapeutics and Medical Jurisprudence; Proctor 
Thaver, M. D., Prof of Anatomy and Phys- 
iology; Gustave C. E. Weber, M. D. Prof' of 
the Principles and Practice of Surgery; H. 
K. Cushing, M. D., Adjunct Prof, of' Mid- 
wifery and Diseases of Women and Children; 
Peter Allen, M. D., Trumbull Co., William 
Bushnell, M. D., Highland Co., Albert Read, 
M. D., Huron Co., Jolm W. Russell, M. D., 
Knox Co., Medical Censors. 



Western Homeopathic College — Ohio st., 
chartered 1850. Officers. _ John Wheeler, 
M. D., President; Dudley Baldwin, Esq., V. 
President; Wm. H. Biirridge, Sec'y. Fac- 
ulty__B. L. Hill, M. D., Berlin Heights, 0., 
Professor of General, Special and Surgical 
Anatomy; A. R. Bartlett, M. D., Aurora, 111., 
Professor of Physiology and General Pathol- 
ogy; J. Brainerd, M. D., Cleveland, 0., Pro- 
fessor of Medical Botany, Chemistry and 
Toxicology; J. S. Douglas, M. D.,Mil\vaukee, 
Wis., Professor of Materia Medica, Special 
Pathology and Diagnosis; John Ellis, M. D., 
Detroit, Mich., Prof, of Principles and Prac- 
tice of Medicine; S. R. Beckwith, M. D., 
Cleveland, 0., Prof, of Surgery and Surgical 
Diseases; E. A. Guilbert, M. D., Dubuque, 
Iowa, Prof, of Obstetrics and Diseases of Wo- 
men and Children ; Hon. John Crowell, 
Cleveland, 0., Prof of Medical Jurisprudence. 
D. S. Smith, M. D., Waukegan, 111., A. 0. 
Blair, M. D., Columbus, 0., J. Sill, Kalama- 
zoo, Mich., Censors. Officers of Faculty 

Hon. John Crowell, Dean; J. Brainerd, M. 
D., Registrar. Daniel Odell, Janitor. 


Boys^ Asylum — Kept by the Sisters of 
Charity, Monroe St., west side. Catholic. 

Cleveland Orphan Asylum — Kinsman St. 
near Wilson Avenue. 

Officers — Sherlock J. Andrews, Pres.; 
Daniel P. Eells, Clerk; George Mygatt, 

Trastees — H. W. Clark, Benj, Rouse, 
Philo Scovill. 

Board of Managers — Mrs. Elisha Taylor, 
Pres.; Mrs. L. M. Hubby, Mrs. S. William- 
son, Mrs. G. Chapman, Mrs. Dr. Hanna, 
Mrs. J. K. Miller, Mrs. Mary H. Severance, 
Mrs. B. Harrington, Mrs. B. Rouse, Mrs. 
Hiram Griswold, Mrs. S. B. Page, Miss Ma- 
ry Dean. 

Mrs. Wm. Mittleberger, Sec; Mrs. Os- 
borne, Matron; Miss Helen Townsend, 
Teacher; Dr. Theodore T. Sterling, Physi- 

St Mary's Orphan Asylum — Harmon St. 
near Kinsman. Victorine Boucher, Prin- 


Jesse Palmer, Sexton and Superintendent. 

Catholic — Kinsman, east of Woodland. 

City — Erie, between Ohio and Bolivar. 

Jewish — Tifereth Israel Congregation, junc. 
Monroe and Willet. Israelitic Anshe Ches- 
sed Congregation, junct. Monroe and Willet. 

West Side — Monroe st. 

Woodland — Kinsman, between Second and 
Bolton Avenues. 


Sisters of Charity of tJie Immalculate 
Conception — Monroe street, near Willett, 
west side. Under the patronage of the R. C. 
Bishop of Cleveland; Catherine Bissonette. 

Ursline — Euclid, west of Erie. Under 
the patronage of the R. C. Bishop of Cleve- 
land. Mary Beamount,Superioress. There 
is a boarding School, also three day schools 
and two free schools. There are four schools 
on the east side and five on the west side 
that are supplied with female teachers from 
this Institution. 


EecTcer Band — Rooms over 151 Water; 
Reinhart, Leader. 

Leland's Band — Rooms 222 Superior ; J. 
M. Leland, Leader. 


Agitator — Semi-monthly. Mrs. H. F. M. 
Brown, Editor and Proprietor. Office 288 
Superior street. 

Analyst — Semi-monthly. J. A. Spencer 
& Co., Editors and Proprietors. Office 197 
Superior street. 

Germania — (German) Semi-weekly and 
weekly. Ernest Scheuflier, Editor and Pro- 
prietor. Office south side of Public Spuare. 

National Democrat — Daily and weekly — 
E. A. Munson, Publisher. C. B. Flood, Ed- 
itor. Office, 144 Superior street. 

Herald — Daily, tri-weekly, and weekly, 
by Fairbanks, Benedict & Co. G. A. Bene- 
dict and J, H, A. Bone, Editors. Office 132 
Bank street. 

Leader — Daily, tri-weekly, and weekly by 

E. Cowles & Co. J. A. Harris, Editor, Of- 
fice 144 Superior street. 

Plaindealer — Daily, tri-weekly, and week- 
ly, by J. W. Gray. J. W. Gray, and Chas. 

F. Brown, Editors. Office comer of Supe- 
rior and Vineyard streets. 



Review — Dailj', and semi-weekly by T. L. 
Wilcox. 11. N. Joliasdn, Editor. Office 
147 Water street. 

Cornmera'al Gazette — AVeelsly. John K. 
Lowe, Publisher. Office 144 Huperior street. 

Dodge's Literary Miiseuiu — Weekly. Os- 
siau E. Dodge, Editor and Pi-oprietor. Office 
5 Euclid street, 

Ohio Farmer — Weekly. Thos. Brown, 
Editor and Proprietor. Office l'J7 Superior 

The Christliche Butschafter — (German,) 
Semi-monthly, by C. Hammer. C. G. Koch, 
Editor, Office 218 and 220 Kinsman street. 

The Chnstliche Kinderfreund — (German,) 
by C. Hammer. C. G. Koch, Editor. Office 
218 and 220 Kinsman street. 

The Evangelical Messenger — Semi-month- 
ly, by C. Hammer. S. G. Clewcll, Editor. 
Office 218 and 220 Kinsman street. • 

The Weste7-n Laio Monthly — Hay dei-i, 
King & Ehvell, Publishers. Chester Hay- 
den, LL. D., General Editor; Hon. R. P. 
Ranncy, Supervisory Editor of Code Depart- 
ment; J. J. El well, and M. A. King, Assis- 
tant Editors. Office Rouse's Block, corner of 
Public Square. 

Vanguard— Weekly. Wm. Denton, Al- 
fred Cridge, and Anna Denton Cridge, Edi- 
tors and Proprietors. Office 109 Lake street 

Waechter am Erie — (German,) Weekly, 
August Thime, Editor and Proprietor. Of- 
fice 181 Ontario street. 

Wool Grower's liepoHer— Monthly. An- 
drew Header, Editor and Proprietor." Office 
109 Bank street 



First Baptist — Corner Euclid and Erie. 

Purchased of the Plymouth Congregation, 

April, 1855. Rev. S. W. Adams, Pastor, 

Nicholas Quackenbush, Sexton. 

Second Baptist — Erie, corner Ohio. Pur- 
chased from Second Presbyterian Church, 
1851. Rev. Daniel S. Watson, Pastor. 

Third Baptist — Corner Clinton and State. 
Erected in 1855. Rev. S. B. Page, Pastor. 

Mission Baptist — Corner Hudson street and 
Scoville Avenue. Supplied by Pastors from 
the other Bapt:ist Churches of the city. 

Flymouih Church — Prospect street, west 

of Erie. Rev. James C. White, Pastor. W. 
H. Francisco, Sexton. 

Congregational Church — Detroit, comer 
State. Erected 1850; dedicated 1852. Rev. 
J. A. Thome, Pastor. Daniel Mallony, 


St. John's Cathedral — Corner Erie and Su- 
perior. Amacjeus Ra^jpe, D. D., Bishop. 
Assistants — Rev. E. Harmon, Rev. C. B. 
O'Couner. N. Wagner, Sexton. 

St. Mary's Church — Corner Columbia and 
Girard. Rev. X. Obermuller, Pastor. 

St. Patrick's Church — Whitman, near 
Woodbine. James Vincent Conlan, Joseph 
Conlan, Pastors. 

St. Peter's — Superior, corner of Dodge. 
Rev. J. Luke. There is a school connected 
with this Church. 

St. VinceiiCs Asylum — Monroe. Under 
the care of the Sisters of Charity of St Au- 
gustine. S. Ursula, Mother Superior. — 
Twenty religious ; sixty orphan boys. 

[disciples church.] 
Corner Franklin and the Circle. Erected 
in 1846. Rev. Mr. Jones, Pa.stor. L U. 
Masters, James Camion, D. P. Xickerson, 
Trustees ; Hiram Pierce, J. S. Calkins, Dea- 
cons ; William Bowler, Clerk. 


Grace Church — Comer of Prosjiect and 
Erie streets. Rev. Lawson Carter, Rector. 
Rev. Wm. A. Rich, Assistant Mhiister ; 
Joseph Price, Sexton. C. J. Woolson and K 
W. Palmer, Wardens. S. H. Webb, D. E. 
Field, J. D. Cleveland, W. L. Carter, P. 
Freeman, C. P. Whitney, E. R. Griswold, 
and E. C. Bush, Vestrymen. 

St. Johns — Corner Wall street, West Side. 
Erected 1836; consecrated 1838. Rev. Lewis 
Burton, Rector. John S. Furuell, Sexton. 
S. N. Herrick, G. L. Chapman, Wardens ; 
S. W. Johnson, Wells Porter, W. B. Castle, 
B. Tinker, John H. Sargent, J. Beverlin, 
W. Foster. Vestrymen. 

St. Patils — Euclid corner of Sheriff streets. 
Built 1848. Rev. Robert B. Claxtun, Pastor. 
James Fassitt, Sexton. 

Trinity — Superior street Rebuilt 1854, 
and consecrated on Ascension day, Maj- 17, 
1855. James A. Bolles, D. D., Rector. 
John Shellej', Ansel Roberts, Wardens; S. 
L. Mather, B. Hanington, li P. Spalding, 
Philo Chamberlin, John A. Vincent, S. F. 
Lester, S. B. Axtell, T. A. Walton, Vestry- 



Trinity Cliurch was organized, November 
9th, 1816, and is therefore the oldest organ- 
ized Church of any denomination in the city 
of Cleveland. The first building in which 
the congregation worshiped, was erected on 
the corner of Seneca and St. Clair streets, 
and was entirely destroyed by fire in March, 

1854. The present edifice on Superior street, 
was erected in 1854, and consecrated on 
Ascension day, May 17th, 1855. 

Free CJmpel and Widows Home — Scoville 
Avenue, near Brownell, under the care of 
and sustained by Trinity Church, 


Ansclie Chesed Congregation — 28 Eagle St. 
S. Thorman, President; Marcus Wolf, Vice 
President ; Joel Englehart, Isaac Hopferman, 
H. Bloch, L. H. Schwarzenberger, Grershon 
Straus, A. Halle, Trustees. This congregation 
is composed of about one hundred and twenty 
members. The Synagogue was erected in 
1846, is a brick structure 35 by 70, and cost 

Tifereth Israel Congregation — Huron St., 
comer of Miami. Synagogue erected in 

1855, dedicated January, 1856; cost $10,000. 
Rev. Jacob Cohen, Acting Minister; K. 
Straus, Sexton ; J. Steiuer, Greorge A. Davis, 
S. Mann, D. Cauffman, C. Loeb, B. F. 
Peixoto, Louis Kilman, Trustees. 


Evangelical Zion — Bolivar, near Erie, Or- 
ganized April 14th, 1843, dedicated Janua- 
ry 20th, 1848 ; Henry Schwan, Pastor, — 
William Depner, Sexton. A week school 
of 90 scholars. Members, 500. 

Trinity Church — Jersey, near Lorain. J, C. 
William Lindeman, Pastor, Henry Schreif- 
er, Sexton. A week school of 80 scholars. 
Members, 450, 

Salem Church — Corner Eagle and Erie. 
Erected in 1856, dedicated in 1857. This 
Church has a largo membership, 


St. Clair Si!.— Corner St. Clair and Wood. 
Rev. John Peat,Pastor. W, P. Cooke,Samuel 
Foljambe, John Gill, Jacob Lowman, S. A. 
Powers, Trustees ; Geo. P, Burwell, Collec- 
tor ; W. P, Cooke, Supt, of Sabbath School, 

Erie Street — Erie near Ohio, Erected 1853, 
dedicated Oct. 23,1853. Rev. R. H, Hurlburt, 
Pastor. J. Gillard, Sexton. E, A, Brock, 
J. M. Hower, 0, J, Keeler, H. Latimer, 
Horace Wilkins, Trustees, 

Church Street — Corner Churcli and Hano- 
ver. Erected 1835, dedicated 1840. A. 

WheeTer, Pastor. Lyman Whitney, Henry 
Stevens, Sam'l H. Crowl, Alfred Davis, W. 
A. Ingham, Ezra Honeywell, George Pres- 
ley, Horace Benton, Henry Hale, Trustees, 

Scoville Avenue — Scoille Avenue, east of 
Perry. Erected 1851, Rev. James W. Lowe, 
Pastor, Chas. Thompson, Sexton, 

Bridge Street — Corner Bridge and Taylor, 
Erected 1855, dedicated 1857, Rev. T, J. 
Pope, Pastor. Samuel Moore, Samuel H. 
Crowl, Joseph Turton, Benj. Parkin, Thos. 
Bloxhan, Trustees, 

City Mission — St. Clair near Pittsburgh 
Repair Shop. Rev. H, P. Henderson, Pastor. 
C. L. Bander, W, P, Cooke, C. W. Chis- 
holm. Trustees, 

German — Prospect, west of Erie, Erected 
in 1847. Emit Baur, Pastor, Ludwig 
Marc, Sexton, 

German — Lorain, corner McLane. Erected 
1851, dedicated 1852. George Adam Ren- 
ter, Pastor, Ludwig Keeley, Sexton. F. 
Dryer, Supt. of Sabbath School. Day 
School in connection with this Church in the 

African — Bolivar, east of Erie. S, T. 
Jones, Pastor, J. A. Davis, P, C. Janes, D. 
H, Crosby, John Skinner, G. C. Wooten, 


First — Public Square, comer of North 
Ontario street. Erected 1856. Rev. S, C. 
Aiken, D. D., and W. H. Goodrich, Pastore, 
A. Strong and W. G. Stedman, Deacons ; 
Joseph Sargeant, D. P. Atwater, J. A. Font, 
F. C. Keith, E. H. Merrill, George Mygatt, 

Second — Superior street, east of the Park. 
Erected 1851. Rev. James Eells, Pastor. 
William K. Cmtiss, Sexton. W, A, Otis, S, 
H. Fox, J, Holt, Deacons, Levi Benedict, 
Hiram Griswold, T. P. Handv, D. A. Shep- 
ard, M, L. Brooks, Elders, 'S. H. Mather, 
Clerk, Communicants — 403, 

Euclid Street — Euclid comer of Brownell, 
Erected 1852. J. B. Bittinger, Pastor ; John 
Horner, Sexton. Elisha Taylor, Zalmon 
Fitch, F. S. Slosson, S. C. Porter, Elders. 
Joseph Perkins, Henry Harvey, Deacons, 

Associate — Erie near Huron. Erected in 
the spring of 1843. Dedicated in the fall 
of 1843. Rev. James McGill, Pastor. Jno. 
Taylor. Sexton. 

Westminster — Prospect, corner Hunting- 
ton. Erected 1858, Rev, Frederick T. 
Brown, Pastor ; Jamea Reanier, Sexton. 



Maijfk/wer Mission Church — Orange, near 
Mayflower. Erected 1856; no regular or- 
ganization ; service morning and evening. 
Rev. William Day, Pastor, — Upton, Sex- 
ton. Sunday School at 3 p. m., attended by 
250 children. 


Weshyan — Euclid, near Sheriff. Erected 
and dedicated in 1840. W. H. Brewster, 

[miscellaneous.] ( 

Oerman United Brethren Church — Corner 
York and Bridge. Ezekiel Light, Pastor. 
There is a day school in connection with 
this Church. 

Moravian Church — Tracy, between Lo- 
rain and Abbey. Frederick G. Kaufholtz, 

Butch Evangelical Protestant Church — 
Corner Erie and Hamilton. C. H. A. Al- 
lardt, Pastor. 

l}-ue Bible Christian Church — Corner Or- 
ange and Irving. Joseph Hodge, Pastor. 
Jas. Gill, Sexton. 

Salem Eucmjelical Church — Corner Erie 
and Eagle. John Bernhert, Pastor. 


First Preshjterian-JF. C. Keith, Superin- 
tendent — Meets 12 o'clock M, — Twenty-five 
teachers — One hundred and seventy-five 

Second Presbyterian — T, P. Handy, Super- 
intendent—Meets 12 o'clock M.— Nineteen 
teachers— one hundred and eighty-five schol- 

Euclid Street Presbyterian — Joseph Per- 
kins Superintendent— Meets 12 o'clock M.— 
Twenty-four teachers— One hundred and for- 
ty-three schoLars. 

Westminster Presbyterian — Dr. Taylor, Su- 
perintent— Meets 12 o'clock M. — Nineteen 
teachers— One hundred scholars. 

United Presbyterian — Erie street — Pollock 
and Batie, Superintendents — Meets IJ^ 
o'clock, P. M. — Eight teachers — Thirty-five 

First Presbyterian Miss/on— Wassonville 
— C. W. Noble, Superintendent— Meets 3 
o'clock, P. M. — Twenty-five teachers — One 
hundred and thirty scholars. 

Plymouth — L. M. Pitkin, Superintendent 
— Meets 2 o'clock, P. M. — Forty-four teach- 
ers — Three hundred and eighteen scholars. 

Mayflower Mission — T. P. Handy, Superin- 
tendent — Meets 3 o'clock, P. M. — Forty 
teachers — Three hundred and seventy-six 

Cedar Avenue Mission — Jo.seph Perkins, 
Superintendent — Meets 2 o'clock, P. M. — 
Twenty-one teachers — One hundred and 
twelve scholars, 

Congregalional — "West Side — A. G. Hop- 
klTison, Superintendent — Meets 2 o'clock P. 
M. — Twenty-four teachers — One hundred 
and ninety scholars. 

St. Clair St. Method ist-W. P. Cooke, Super- 
intendent — Meets 2 o'clock, P. M.— Twelve 
teachers — One hundred and thirty scholars. 

Erie Street Methodist—W . E. Rose, Su- 
perintendent — Meets 9 o'clock, A. M. — 
Twelve teachers — One hundred and forty- 
five scholars. 

Scoville Avenue Methodist— Gh3i&. Thomp- 
son, Superintendent. 

St. Glair Mission — H. P. Henderson, Su- 
perintendent—Meets 3 o'clock, P. M. — Fif- 
teen teachers— Eighty scholars. 

Church ,Street — West Side— Horace Ben- 
ton, Superintendent— Meets 9 o'clock, A. 
M. — Thirty teachers — One hundred and 
eighty-four scholars. 

Bridge Street Mission — West Side — Silas 
Burlison, Superintendent — Meets 2 o'lock. 
P. M. — Twenty-two teachers — One hundred 
and thirty-six scholars. 

Prospect Street — (German Methodist) — F. 
Knopf, Superintendent — Meets 9 o'clock A. 
M. — Eight teachers — Forty scholars. 

Mayflower Street Presbyterian — Jacob 
Kurtz, Superintendent— Meets 2 o'clock P. 
M.— ten teachers — One hundred and twenty- 
five scholars. 

St. Clair Street Presbyterian — Henry 
Witte, Superintendent — Meets 3 o'clock P. 
M. — Ten Teachers — Fifty Scholars. 

Wesleyan Euclid Street Presbyterian — Rev. 
Wm. H. Brewster, Superintendent — Meets 
2 o'clock P. M.— Fourteen Teachers— Fifty- 
five scholars. 

First Baptist, Euclid Street— J M. Hoyt, 

Superintendent — Meets 9 o'clock A. M. — 

Thirty teachers — Two hundred and one 

Second Baptist, Erie Street— A. J. Farrar, 
Superintendent— Meets lf;< P. M— Twenty- 
eit^ht teachers — Three hundred scholars. 



Tliird Baptist— West Side — Wm. M. 
Maxou, Superintendent— Meets 1 o'clock P. 
M. — Sixteen teachers — One hundred and 
forty-five scholars. 

Cottage Missimi Baptist---^, F. Eouse, Su- 
perintendent — Meets 1}4 o'clock P. M. — 
Forty teachers— Two liundi'ed and eighty 
scholars. -^ 

Bethel, Water Street— T:. S. Beckwith, Su- 
perintendent — Meets 2 o'clock P. M. — Twen- 
ty-five teachers— One hundred and eighty- 
five scholars. 

BefM, West Side Braiicli—k. M. Noyes, 
Superintendent— Meets l}i o'clock P. M. — 
Twelve teachers — One hundred and fifteen 

St. Paul's — Rev. Dr. Claxton, Superintend- 
ent — Meets 2 o'clock P. M. — Twenty -three 
Teachers — One hundred aud forty Scholars. 

St. John's — W. S. — George L. Chapman, 
Superintendent — Meets 2 o'clock P. M. — 
Thirtj' teachers — One hundred and fifty- 
seven scholars. 

Grace — Rev. Dr. Carter, Superintendent — 
Meets 2 o'clock P. M.— Twenty teachers — 
One hundred Scholars. 

Trinity — Rev. Dr. Bolles, Superintendent- 
Meets 2 o'clock P. M. 

Tiinity Home, for sick and friendless — At 

Union Mission — D. P. Eells, Superintend- 
ent — Meets 2 o'clock P. M. — Thirty teachers 
— Two hundred scholars, 

President — Rev. J. A. Thome. 

Superintendent of Instruction — Andi'ew 
Freese, A. M, 

1st Ward, Charles Bradburn ; 2d Ward, 
Alleyn Maynard ; 3d Ward, Charles S. 
Reese; 4th "^ Ward, Wm. H. Stanlev ; 5th 
Ward, Nathan P. Payne; 6th Ward, Wm. P. 
Fogg; 7th Ward, James R. Worswick ; 8'h 
Ward, J. M. Vaughn ; 9th Ward, Daniel 
P. Rhodes ; 10th Ward, James A. Thome ; 
11th Ward, F. B. Pratt. 

Visiting Committee — 1st Ward, vacancy, 
George F. Marshall, Edward Kingslev ; 2d 
Ward, Geo. A. Benedict, J. W. Gray.^F. T. 
Backus ; 3d Ward, J. A. Harris, Benjamin 
Brownell, R. C. Yates ; 4th Ward, Rev. J. 
B. Bittinger, W. S. C. Otis, Geo. B. Ely ; 
5th Ward, G. C. Dodge, Dudley Baldwin, 
Wm. Lowrie ; 6th Ward, Harvey Rice, Dr. 
Wm. Meyer, Jas. C. Doane ; 7th Ward, 
Wm. F. Parker, N. E. Warren, A. H. Betts ; 
8th Ward, J. B. Palmer, T. Lindsay, S. W. 

Wasonville. M. Varian, Superintendent j Johnson ; 9th Ward, Rev. L. Burton, J. M 

Coflanberry, C. W. Palmer ; 10th Ward, I. 
U. Masters, J. A. Reddington, Joseph Glid- 
den ; 11th Ward, John Kirkpatrick, Daniel 
Stephan, Wm. Warrick. 

Visiting Committee for Central High 
School — Geo. Willey, Rev. F. T. Brown, 
Bushnell White, W. D. Beattie. West 
Branch High School, Rev. Wm. Pope, Hon. 
W. B. Castle, Dr. J. A. Sayles. 

— Meets 3 o'clock P. M. — Five teachers — 
Thirty scholars. 

Evangelical German Missionary. — 

Brodbeck, Superintendent. 

Erie Street — E. G. Koch, Superintendent 
— Meets 3 o'clock, P. M. — Twelve teachers 
— Eighty scholars. 

Young Men's Christian Association. — J. F. 
Keeler Superintendent — Meets at 2 o'clock 
P. M. — Nine teachers — Fifty scholars. 

Cleveland Heights. — J. G. Jennings, Su- 
perintendent — Meets 2 o'clock P. M. 

Infirvmry-^eiio Sheldon, Superintendent PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND TEACHERS. 
—Meets 9 o'clock A. M. The Public Schools of the city are divi- 

North Brooklyn — J. G. Graham, Superin- ded into Primary, Secondary, Intermediate 
tendent — Meets 1)4 o'clock P. M. and Grammar Schools, a Central High 

Moravian {West Side)— Rev. F. G. Kauf- 1 School and Branch High School. These 
holtz. Superintendent. Schools are open to all youth between the 

East Cleveland Union ^. ;S.-T. D wight i ^g'^.°^ 'l^ f^ twenty-one. Generally 
Eells, Superintendent-Meets 3 o'clock P.^^"f the Primary Schools are mtended 
' ^ I for children from six to eight years of age : 

German Metliodist Episcopal {West Side)— \i\^Q secondary and intermediate for those 

Comer Lorain and Hudson streets — M. Trear, 

English Methodist Episcopal {West Side) — 
J. Parkin, Superintendent — Meets 9 o'clock 
A. M. 

who are from eight to ten ; the Grammar 
Schools for those over ten ; and the High 
School for those over twelve, vv'ho wish to 
pursue the higher branches of education, 
and who are found on examination, quali- 



fied to enter upon the course proscribed for 
this School. The period of time spent, 
however, in each grade of Schools depends 
more upon scholarship than age. The num- 
ber of scholars enrolled the past year was 
about six thousand. Seventy-nine teachers 
are employed at an annual expense of over 
$34,000. Penmanship, Drawing and Mu- 
sic are conducted by 2:)rofessional instructors. 
There are three terms of school in the year, 
one of thirteen, and two of fifteen weeks 
each ; vacations nine weeks. 

The School Buildings of the First Ward 
are on Eagle and Prospect streets ; of the 
Second AVard on Rockwell street ; of the 
Third Ward on St. Clair, between Bank and 
Seneca streets ; of the Fourth AVard on 
Brownell street ; of the Fifth Ward on St. 
Clair street, east of Erie ; of the Sixth 
Ward on Mayflower street ; of the Seventh 
Ward on St. Clair street, near the Pittsburgh 
R. R. Depot ; of the Eighth Ward on Pearl 
street ; of the Ninth Ward on Hicks street ; 
of the Tenth Ward on Kentucky street ; of 
the Eleventh Ward on Penn street. The 
Central High School is located on Euclid 
street, and the Branch High School on Ken- 
tucky street. 

School Terms, 1859 — Fall Term com- 
mences August 29, and closes December 24. 
Winter Term commences January 2, and 
closes April 1. Spring Term commences 
April 17, and closes July 7. 


Central High School— E. T. Steriing, Sid- 
ney A. Norton, Catherine Gillett, Nancy B. 

Bramh High ScJwol — A. G. Hopkinson, 
Laura Ayer. 

Mugfloioer Street School — Edward R. 
Perkins, Harriet Perkins, Mary H. Gale, 
Eliza Brinsmade, Mary J. Leonard, Kate 
Thayer, Anna E. White, Mary J. John- 

Eagle Street ScJwol — Luther M. Oviatt, 
Mary E. White, S. Lizzie Ellsworth, Abby 
Jones, Julia O'Brien, Augusta Charlton, 
Mary S. Hopkins, Mary Bryner. 

Brownell Street ScJiool — John C. Hale, 
Hannah Gillett, Mary C. C. Lane, Eunice 
A. Taylor, Mary S. Doane, Jennie Sexton, 
Harriet C. Lane, Rebecca Kirk. 

Roclcwell Street ScJiool — Henry Ford, 
Sarah Wood, Ursula A. Sanborn, Kate 
White, Helen A. Williston, Carrie A. Clark. 

East St. Clair Street ScJiool — Richard Fry, 
Louisa Carter, Emily A. Martin, Susan E. 

Upfold, Mary Haver, Harriet Sanborn, Mary 
Lawrence, Cornelia Haskell. 

West St. Clair Street School — Adam Low- 
rie, Pamelia Russell, Celia Bigelow, Laura 
Curtiss, Anna Reirden, Ellen Vaughn. 

Pearl Street Scliool — Oscar 0. Baldwin, 
Harriet -P. Baldwin, Augusta D. Kent, Ab- 
by L. 0. Stone, Phoebe A. Allen, Emily 

Hick's Street School — Chas. F. Dutton, 
Pamelia Libby, Harriet Walker, Mary 
Warmington, Betsey A. Dutton. 

Eentacky Street ScJiool — Celia W. Pugs- 
ley, Lucy J. Westcott, Abby L. Westcott, 
Mary Quintrell. 

Penn Street ScJiool — Wm. G. Lawrence, 
Mary Johnson. 

WasJiington Street ScJiool — Sophia E. 
Stillman, Hadassah B. Folsom. 

Prospect Street ScJiool — Eva Sanborn, 
Kate Haywood. 

Euclid Street ScJiool — Helen Farrand, 
Amelia Johnstone. 

Greenioood Street ScJiool — Mary An- 
drews, Augusta Chase, Lizzie Mcintosh. 

Hudson Street ScJiool — C. A. Currier, 
Harriet E. Blair, Sarah Andrews. 

TecccJier of PenmansJiip — A. J. Phelps. 

MIES, &c. 

Cleveland Academy — Corner Prospect and 
Huron st. T. G. Valpy, Principal ; Miss L. 
Guilford, Assistant ; Miss Carrie Newton, 
Principal Grammar Department ; F. Subit, 
Teacher of French ; A. J. Phelps, Teacher 
of Penmanship. Trustees, H. B. Payne, 
Pres.; William Bingham, Sec'y ; Charles 
Hickox, Geo. Worthington, Amasa Stone, jr. 

Cleveland Institute — Mr. R. F. Humiston, 
A. M., Principal and Proprietor ; Mrs. R. 
F. Humiston, Matron. University Heights, 
13^ miles S. E. of the Public Square. Om- 
nibuses running daily to accommodate the 

Instructors — Mr. Chas. Buffett, Mathe- 
matics ; Mr. John E. Darby, A. B., Ancient 
Languages ; Prof Karl Ruger, A. M., Mod- 
ern Languages ; Profs. J. A. Thome, and 
W. P. Edgarton, Elocution, Oratory and 
Belles Lettres ; Prof. Wm. B. Hall, Vocal 
Music ; Miss Caroline Ferguson, Piano Mu- 
sic and French ; Miss E. S. Buflfett, Botany, 
Drawing and Painting ; Misses Julia F. 



Wright, and Lucy M. Spellman, Preparatory 
Department. Revs. J. M. Hoyt, S. C. Ai- 
ken, D. D., R. B. Claxton, D. D., A. Wheel- 
er, M. D., Moses Hill, Hon. R. P. Spalding, 
Hon. Horace Foote, Visiting Committee. 
(See Page 38.) 

Cleveland Female Seminary — Kinsman 
street, near Willson Avenue. S. N. Sanford, 
A. M., Principal, Natural and Moral Sci- 
ences ; Mrs. L. H. Sanford, Associate Prin- 
ciple ; Samuel St. John, LL. D., Natural 
History and Astronomy ; Miss Julia S. Hop- 
kins, Rhetoric, Criticism, and English Lite- 
rature ; Miss Hannah B. Smith, Latin, Greek 
and History ; Miss C. A. Twining, Mathe- 
matics and English Grammar ; Miss Sarah 
L. Huggins, Arithmetic, Geography and 
History ; Miss S. A. Noble, Drawing and 
Painting ; Miss Charlotte Mahon, Instru- 
mental Music ; Mr. H. G. Bird, Vocal Mu- 
sic ; Mons. F. Subit, French Language and 
Literature ; Prof. Warren Edgarton. Read- 
ing and Elocution ; Prof. Guiseppe P. Al- 
bino, Italian Languages. 


8t. Marifs ScJwol — For boys and'girls. 
Corner of Jersey and Carroll. Francis Bor- 
gie. Miss Hannon, Teachers ; in connection 
with St. Mary's Church. 

Christian Brothers — West Side, attending 
the Cathedral School ; Bro. Litz, Superior, 
five religious. They conduct two pay 
Schools and two free Schools ; Pupils 400. 

St. Ilary's Boarding ScJiool — Corner of 
Fulton and Carroll ; N. King, Principal. 

St. Mary's Ecclesiastical Seminary — Su- 
perior st,, near Erie, Professors Rev. F. Beff, 
R. L. Mott. No. of Seminarians, twenty. 
Petit Semitmrice — Superior, Rev. A. Martin, 
Professors Rev. M. Calahan, Rev, M. Retier. 
No. of scholars, twenty-two. 

Cleveland Industrial ScJiool — Champlain 
street, west of South Seneca street. This 
school is supported in part by voluntary 
effort — the teachers, school-room, and furni- 
ture being provided by the city Council, while 
individuals furnish employment to the schol- 
ai-s. It was commenced January 5, 1857, 
and has an average of seventy-five scholars 
attending it, who are employed in the manu- 
facture of brushes, and in sewing. T. P. 
Handy, President ; Geo. Mygatt, Treasurer ; 
R. Waterton, Sec'y ; Samuel Starkweather, 
Wm. B. Castle, Harvey Rice, John A. 
Foot, T. S. Paddock, Charles A. Dean, T. P. 
Handy, Geo. Mygatt, J. Lowman, R. Water- 
ton, R. Langhorn, Joseph Perkins, R. R. 
Herrick, Lyman Little, Orson Spencer, Geo, 

A. Stanley, L C. Pendleton, G. Thomas, 
Trustees ; R. Waterton, Superintendent ; 
Minnie Waterton, Teacher Induatrial De- 
partment ; Tillie Waterton, Teacher Edu- 
cational^ I)epartment ; Mrs, R. Waterton, 



Abbey, from Tracy to Lorain. 
Alabama, from St. Clair to Superior. 
Allen, from Ohio to Parkman. 
Ann, from State to Franklin Place. 
Bank, from Lake Erie to Superior. 
Belden, from St. Clair to Superior Avenue. 
Belmont, from Kinsman to Croton. 
Blair, from Cedar Avenue to Garden, 
Bolivar, from the Canal to Prospect. 
Bomford, from Wilson to Second Avenue. 
Bond, from Lake Erie to Superior. 
Brainard, from Lorain to Pearl. 
Bridge, from Hurd to Scott. 
Brownell, from Wilson to Burnham. 
Burch, from Detroit to Lorain. 
Burnham, from Scoville to Kinsman, 
Burwell, from Grove to Forest, 
California, from Erie to Muirson. 
Canal, from Vineyard to Harrison. 
Carroll, from Hicks to Fulton. 
Case Avenue, from Lake Erie to Croton, 
Cedar Avenue, from Perry to Willson Av. 
Center, from Lake Erie to the River. 
Champlain, from Vineyard to Ontario. 
Chatham, from Pearl to Mechanic, 
Cheshire, from Prospect to Garden. 
Chestnut, from Erie to Muirson. 
Church, from Pearl to State. 
Clifton, from St. Clair to Superior Avenue. 
Clinton, from Hanover west. 
Columbus, from Croton to Pearl, 
Courtland, from Detroit to city limits. 
Crockett, from Garden to Scoville, 
Cross, from the Canal to Kinsman, 
Croton, from Jackson 
Dare, from Detroit to city limits, 
Delaware from St. Clair to Superior. 
Depot from the Lake to St. Clair, 
Detroit from Centre to city limits. 
Division, from Turnpike 
Dodge , from Superior to Euclid. 
Duane, from Old River to Woodbine, 
Eagle, from Canal to Erie. 
Eagle Alley, between Eagle and Ohio, 
Edst Center, from the river to Vineyard, 
East Main, from the river to Water, 
East River, from Front to Superior. 
Elm, from West River to old river bed. 
Erie, from Lake Erie to Kinsman. 



Euclid from Public Square to city limits^ 
Forest, from Garden to Crotou. 
Fourth, from Commercial to Cross. 
Fox Avenue, to Garden. 
Frankfort, from Water to Seneca. 
Franklin, from Columbus to Courtland. 
French, from River to Columbus. 
Front from River to Water. 
Garden, from Brownell to Willson Avenue. 
German, from River to Columbus. 
Girard, from the river to Columbus. 
Gorliam, from Greenwood to Pludson. 
Granger, from Prospect to Garden. 
Green, from Carroll to Monroe. 
Greenwood, from Siblej^ to Kinsman. 
Grove, from Orange to Croton. 
Hamilton, from Wood to Case Avenue. 
Hanover, from Old River to Franklin Place. 
Harbor, from Franklin to Lorain. 
Harman, from Scoville to Kinsman. 
Harrison, from Canal to Hill. 
Herman, from Lamartine to Oakland. 
Hicks, from Franklin to Lorain. 
Hill, from Ohio to the canal. 
High, from Ontario to an alley. 
Howe, from Seneca to Ontario. 
Hudson, from Euclid to Kinsman. 
Hume, from the River to Columbus. 
Hunt, from Moore to Franklin. 
Hurd, from the River to Lorain. 
Huntington, from Euclid to Garden. 
Huron, from Pittsburgh to Euclid. 
Ir^'ing, from Kinsman to the Canal. 
Jackson, from Ivinsman to the Canal. 
James, from Merwin to Vineyard. 
Jay, from Pearl to Jersey. 
Jersey, from Fulton to Monroe. 
John, from Woodbine to Harbor. 
Johnson, from Water to Bank. 
Kentucky, from Old River to Woodbine. 
Kinsman, from Pittsburgh to Willson Av. 
Lake, from Water to Case Avenue. 
Lamartine, from Old River to Franklin. 
Lawrence, from St. Clair to Superior Avenue. 
Laurel, from Garden to Kinsman. 
Leonard, from the river to Columbus. 
Liberty, from Cherry to Pittsburgh. 
Long, from Vineyard to Seneca. 
Lorain, from Smith to city limits. 
Lyman, from St. Clair to Superior Avenue. 
Main, from the River to Turnpike. 
Main Alley, from Huron to Bolivar. 
Mandrake, from the River to Water. 
!Maple, from Garden to Kinsman. 
Marion, from Perry to Greenwood. 
Marshall, from Lake to St. Clair. 
Mayflower, from Kinsman to Croton. 
McLean, from Carroll to Monroe. 
Meadow, from Front to E. Main. 
Mechanic, from Lorain to city liniits. 

Merchant, from St. Clair to Superior Avenue. 
Merwin, from Superior to Columbus. 
Michigan, from Canal to Ontario. 
Middle, from Prospect to Huron. 
Middle Alley, from Miami Alley to Main. 
]\Iill, from IMonroe to city limits. 
Minnesota, from St. Clair to Superior. 
Monroe, from Pearl to Willet. 
Moore, from Hicks to Tracy. 
Muirson, from the Lake to Euclid. 
Mulberry, from Detroit to Old River. 
Newton, from Cedar Avenue to Garden. 
Noble Alley, from Seneca to Ontario. 
Oak, from Waluut to Chestnut. 
Oak Place, from Euclid to Prospect. 
Ohio, from Canal to Brownell. 
Ontario, from the Lake to Pittsburgh. 
Orange, from Pittsburgh to Grove. 
Oregon, from Erie to 
Park, from St. Clair to Kinsman. 
Parkman, from Erie to Brownell. 
Pearl, from Detroit to City limits. 
Penn, from Carroll to Monroe. 
Perry, from Lake Erie to Pittsburgh. 
Phelps, from St. Clair to SuperiorjAvenue. 
Pittsburgh, from Ontario to city limits. 
Pittsburgh, continued, from Pittsburgh to 

Plum, from Ohio to Parkman. 
Prospect, from Ontario to city limits. 
Putnam, from Scoville to Kinsman. 
Randall, from AVoodbine to Lorain, 
Ross, from Jay to Bridge. 
Rockwell, from Public Square to Erie. 
River, from Front to Superior. 
River, Old, from Oakland to W. River. 
Root, from Franklin to Lorain. 
St. Charles, from Sibley to Cedar Avenue. 
St. Clair, from the River to city limits. 
St. Pauls, from Old River to Detroit. 
Scott, from Detroit to city limits. , 
Scoville Av., from Bro'WTiell to Willson Av. 
Seneca, from Lake Erie to the Canal. 
Sheriff, from Euclid to High. 
Sibley, from Peny to Case Avenue. 
Sked, from Marion to Scoville. 
Spring, from Front to Meadow, 
Spruce, from W. River to Turnpike. 
State, from Old River to Franklin. 
Sterling Avenue, from Lake to Euclid 
Superior, from River to city limits. 
Superior Avenue, from Muirson to 
Summer, from East Centre to the river. 
Taylor, from Franklin to city limits. 
Terrett, from Kentucky to city limits. 
Theresa Lane, from Bond to Erie. 
Third, from Harrison to Cross. 
Tracy, from Willey to city limits. 
Turnpike, from Lake Erie to Detroit. 
Vermont, from Detroit to Kentucky. 



Vestry, from Pearl to Fulton. 
Wall, from Detroit to Chm-ch. 
Ward, from Lorain to Monroe. 
Washington, from Detroit to city limits. 
AVater, from Lake Erie to Superior. 
Webster, from Erie to Brownell. 
West, from Merwin to Vineyard. 
West Liberty, from Detroit to city limits. 
West River, from Lake Erie to Columbus. 
Whitman, from Woodbine to Harbor. 
Willey, from city limits to Pearl. 
Willet, from Lorain to city limits. 

William, from Cedar to Grarden. 
Williams, from St. Clair to Superior Avenue. 
Williams Alley, from Lake to St. Clair. 
Wilson, from Brownell to Marshall. 
Wilson Avenue, from Lake Erie to Kinsman. 
Winter, from Columbus to Merwin. 
Wood, from Lake Erie to Superior. 
Woodbine, from Fulton to Harbor. 
York, from Franklin place to Monroe. 
York Alley, from Ontario to Wood. 





University Heights, 1 14 Miles S. E, from tk Public Square, 


Assisted by a Corps of Ten Thorough and Accomplished Instructors. 

Boati, Washing, Fuel, LigUs, in all hut tJie Ornamental Brandies $200 per year. 

Day Scliolars, Tuition in all English Branches 40peryear. 

Extra for Languages, 20 per year. 

Facilities are here offered for pursuing, on the most favorable terms, almost any branch 
of study desired, under the instruction of experienced and successful educators. 

A graduating course of study is prescribed for both ladies and gentlemen, and students 
of correct deportment, after having pursued this course and passed a satisfactory examina- 
tion, win receive diplomas. Those desirous of fitting for College, for Teaching, or for 
Business Life, will receive thorough preparatory training. 

The first Term of the Academic year, commences Wednesday, Sept. 7th, and continues 
twenty weeks. The second term commences Monday, Feb. 20th, continues twenty 
weeks, ao^ closes July 6th. 

Among the peculiar advantages of this Institution may be named its retired and 
liealthful location — its ease of access from the city and all parts of the surrounding 
country' by Railroad and OmniluTses — the unsurpassed beauty of its site, overlooking the 
city, the lake, and the shipping of the harbor — its ample grounds, and facilities for 
Physical D-aining : the pupils having daily drilling exercises in the Gymnasium, which is 
o;.e of the largest and most thoroughly furnished in the State, — its Library, Chemical and 
Philosophical Apparatus, and Cabinets of Natural History, — its flourishing Societies, and 
its courses of lectures on almost every vai'iety of sul)ject. 

(See page 34 ) 



JulaUIV UiilXu X I 




No. 38 Mathews' Block, 

South Side Public Square, 






03 E A. L E K, S I DM 

Office No. 5 Atwater Building, 


a a a 

Q::5°°-^ll work guaranteed water proof. A supply of Slate constantly on hancl..=r::0 
Orders promptly attended to. 

^. W. FIELD, 

No. 125 Bank Street, ----- ©IL^¥]l]LAKfIS), (Do 






No. 23 Columbus St., near Ransom, Cobb & Co.'s Planing Mill, 

Files and Rasps of Every Description Re-Out in the best style. 

0:^Letters of Inquiry, and Work from Country will meet with prompt attention. ,^;pO 

By permission, the following Gentlemen and Firms of Cleveland, may be referred to, in 

regard to quality of work. 

E. T, STERLING, Esq., Agent Cuyahoga Steam Furnace Co. 

W. F. SMITH, Master Mechanic C, C. & C.'R. R. Machine Shops, 

A. CON GD ON, " " C. & E. R. R. Machine Shops. 

J. HOVEY, « " C. & P. R. R. Machine Shops. 

J. A. JACKMAN, " " C, & T. R. R. Machine Shops. 

J. YOUNG, " " C. & M. R. R, Machine Shops. 




160 Merwin Street, 






^^M S 

OmCE, 59 Ivfl:EI?,"WI3^T STPIEET. 

HUBBY Sf Blown, 


Double Extra, Extra and Superfine Flour, 

Shorts, Middlings, and Screenings in Cluantities to suit Purchasers. 


118 Merwln Street, Corner of German, 



Orders for every variety of Lumber filled at the Shortest Notice. 


Plain and Ornamental Iron Hailing, 



Sky-Lights, Gratings, Stairs, and Housesmith Work in general, 

17 & 19 Vineyard St. near Atwater Block, CLEVELAND, O. 


7. GIr. 3VCOO 


Oflace 235 Superior St., over Fogg's China Store, 



Abbretiations.— In the pages following, h. stands for house, and bds. for boards. 
STREET is implied. 

The word 


Abbet Daniel, carpenter, h. 278 Hamilton. 

ABBEY & Co., dealers in stone ware, 161 

Abbey Grove N., firm A. & Co., h. 24 Wal- 

ABBET HENRY G., attorney, 171 Supe- 
rior, bds. Weddell House. 

Abbey Mrs., widow of Perley, h. 73 Bolivar. 

Abbey Russell, firm A. & Co., b. Akron. 

Abbey Setb A., U. S. Deputy Marshal, b. 
34 Huron. 

Abbey William, firm Wood, White & A., 
bds. Weddell House. 

Abbert Frederick, engine wiper, h. Hamilton. 

Abbot Daniel, carpenter, h. 151 Oregon. 

Abbott Caroline A., widow of A. B., b. 56 

Abbott James, blind maker, bds. 48 Kins- 

Abbott John, book keeper. Mercantile agen- 
cy, h. 48 Kinsman. 

Abbott Jonathan, tinner, bds 48 Kinsman. 

Abel Frederick, music teacher, h. 237 Pros- 

Abert Halman, laborer, 99 Greenwood. 

Abell Edward S., blind maker, h. 154 Bol- 

Abell Orlando, carpenter, h. 60 Orange. 

Abendrodh John H., laborer, 146 Greenwood. 

Abold Francis W., shoe store, 236 Superior, 
bds. 304 Superior. 

Abrahams George, brakesman, h. cor. Cali- 
fornia and Muirson. 

Abrams John, hostler, bds. cor. Clinton Park. 

ABRECHT LOUIS, hair jeweler, 67 Ontario. 

Acart Henry, tinner, h. 78 Tracy. 

Acert Godfrey, laborer, 51 Clifton. 

Acker John, shoemaker, h. Main. 

Ackert Augustus, laborer, 53 Clifton. 

Ackley Mrs., widow of Horace A., h. 368 

Acre Napoleon, shoemaker, 40 Chatham. 

Adam Henry, h. Prospect near Hudson. 

Adam John, cabinet maker, h. 756 Superior. 

Adain Nicholas, Sr., cooper, 97 Oregon. 

Adam Nicholas, cooper, 95 Oregon. 

ADAMS A. A., merchant tailor, 100 Bank, 
h. 159 Prospect. 

Adams Alfred, firm A. & Jewett, h. 195 St. 

Adams A. E., salesman, 185 Superior, bds. 
195 St Clair. 

Adams Darius, conductor C. C. & C. R. R., 
h. 96 Franklin. 

Adams Edgar, gilder, h. 23 Garden. 

Adams Fitch, iirm S. Raymond & Co., bds 
Johnson House. 

Adams George, porter, h. Elm. 

ADAMS GEORGE H., sign and ornamen- 
tal painter, 170 Superior, h 87 Wood. 

Adams Ira, firm Huett, Burgert & Co., h. 26 

Adams Javris M., firm A. & Canfield, bds. 
195 St Clair. 

Adams John, shoemaker, h. rear 336 Pitts- 

Adams Joseph, attorney, h. 55 Seneca. 

Adams Mrs. L., widow of Lowell, h. 288 

Adams Matthew, saloon, 99 Seneca. 

Adams Orlando B., gent, h. 161 St Clair. 

Adams Robert E., law student, 170 Superior. 

Adams Samuel, blacksmith, h. 8 Pop Corn 

Deoderised Coal Oil, manufactured by LAW & NOETH, 



ADAMS S. E., attorney, Spangler's Block, 
h. East Cleveland. 

Adams Samuel, li. 32 Mandrake. 

Adams Rev. S. W., h. 255 St Clair. 

Adams William, sailor, bdt;, 110 Turnpike. 

Adams Wm. K, firm W. K. A. & Co., & 
Brack ett, Remincrton & Co., h. 31 Bank. 

ADAMS & CANFIELD, attorneys, 170 Su- 

ADAMS & JEWETT, sack manufacturers, 
144 Superior. 

ADAMS W. K. <fe Co., livery stable, rear 
American Hotel. 

Addlow John, machinist, h. rear 80 Oregon. 

Adhan James, carp., 20 Kinsman. 

Addiu William, tailor, h. 197 Hamilton. 

Addison Hiram M., collector for Review, h. 
316 Erie. 

Addow Joseph, laberor, 294 St Clair. 

Addlow John, Sr., brass smelter, h. rear 80 

Adolph Mrs. Terrice, widow, h. rear 107 Ham- 

AFRICAN M. E. CHURCH, BoHvar east of 

Agar George, Penny Post, h. 97 Scoville. 

Agar Henry, lab, 25 Vine. 

Agar JohUj joiner, h. 31 Granger. 

Ager Francis, tailor, 19 Prospect, h. 14 

AGITATOR, Mrs. H. F. M. Brown, editor, 
144 Superior. 

AIKEN REV. S. C, pastor First Presb. 
Church, h. 128 Prospect. 

Aiken Charles G., jeweler, h. 320 Superior. 

Aiken Henry, lamp maker, h 144 Lake. 

Ailringer Isadore, firm A. & Son, h. 97 Gar- 

Ailringer Iser, firm A, & Son, h. 97 Garden. 

Ailringer & Son, grocers, 97 Garden. 

Aiumaker John, blacksmith, h. 84 Taylor. 

Ainsly George, tinner, h. 61 Oregon. 

Aitkin Mrs. Jane, widow of Archibald, gro- 
cery, 46 Main. 

Akars Mrs. Catherine, widow, h. 27 Irving. 

Akers James, firm Brown & A., h. 72 Frank- 

Akenuan John, laborer, 110 Hudson, 

Akms Henry, tinner, bds. 144 Lake. 

Albacher M., butcher, h. 259 Kinsman. 

Albers Henry, pail maker, h. 105 Jereey. 

Albertson J. B., manufacturers agent, h. 139 

Albrecht Heinrich, tinner, h. 191 Pearl. 

Albeigh A., laborer, 855 Superior. 

Albright Herman, laborer, 47 Belmont. 

Alchiser Louis, brewer, bds. 141 Hamilton. 

Alcom A., stone cutter, h. 69 Michigan. 

Alcott Leverett, firm A. & Horton,"h. 320 

ALCOTT & HORTON, wholesale dry goods, 

141 AVater. 
Alderman Albert N., medical student, h. 5 

Aldinger John, clerk. Post Office. 
Aldrich Wales, firm Bolton & A., h. 67 

Aldrich Wm. H., sailor, h. 9 Academv. 
ALERT HOSE CO., Long rear Aruerican 

Alesaer Fred., laborer, 190 Lorain. 
Alexander A. W., custom cutter, 148 Su- 
perior, bds. 124 Water. 
Alexander Benjamin, bcLs. 198 Orange. 
Alexander David B., caipenter, h 158 Ohio. 
Alexander John, foreman Cleveland Oil Co., 

h. 198 Orange. 
Alexander William, saloon, 19 Champlain. 
Alford B. W., house mover, h. 15 High. 
Alfreds Thomas, exjiressman, h. 70 Muirson. 
Alfotten Thomas, laborer, 40 California. 
Alger Oliver, agent P. Anderson, h. Detroit 

Allardt Rev. Adolphus, h. 164 Lake, 
Allardt Edward, piano tuner, h. 269 Perry. 
Allardt M. H., firm J. A. Spencer & Co., h. 

164 Lake. 
AUee William, general agent Baldwin, De- 

witt & Co., bds. Johnson House. 
Allen Albro A., clerk Alcott & Horton's, h. 

110 Lake. 
Allen A. L., brewer, 15 West, h 16 Miami. 
Allen Mrs. Ann, boarding, 307 Perry. 
Allen Edward, fireman C. & E. R. R. 
AUen Elbridge G., physician, 33 Suijerior. 
AUen Dennis, shoemaker, h. 41 Scoville 

Allen G. G., ship carpenter, h. 50 Root. 
AUen George, fireman, bds. 491 Lake. 
Allen Richard N., engineer, bds. 90 Brownell. 
Allen S. B., clerk Hubbv, Hughes & Co., bds. 

106 St. Clair. 
Allen Stephen D., clerk Bennet's Forest City 

Allen Susan, widoAv of Wm., h. 106 St. Clair. 
ALLEN S. D. & CO., proprietors Bennet's 

Forest City House, corner Superior and 

Public Square. 
Allen William, painter, h. 101 Bridge. 
Allen William, brakeman, h. 270 Detroit. 
Alley Mrs. Sarah, widow of John, bds. 393 

AUston Wickliff, shoemaker, bds. 97 St. Clair. 
Almadinger Jacob, brakeman, h. 58 Green, 
Almon Pliillip, engineer, h. 19 Lake. 
Almond John, porter, h. 116 Scoville Avenue. 
Alsseter Martin, laborer, 83 Oregon. 
Alsseter Phillip, [jeddler, h. 83 Oregon. 
Allpress Kidman, clerk Hubbv, Hughes & 

Co., h. 234 St. Clair. 

is acknowledged to be the best in the State. Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 



Alston J. T., firm W. E. A. & Co., L 65 

vv Gostcr. 
ALSTOX W. E. & CO., barbers, 94 Bank. 
Alten Albis, firm Cook & A., h. Ill Bolivar. 
Alteii Nicholas, rent agent, h. 229 Columbus. 
Altfater John, shoemaker, 122 Phelps. 
ALTHEN GEORGE, merchant tailor, 166 

Superior, h. 281 Prospect. 
ALTHEN & MOHRHARDT, clothing and 

merchant tailors, 135 Superior. 
Althen Pliillip, firm A. & Mohrhardt, h New 

Althof Harmon, shoemaker, h. 192 Hamilton. 
Althows John, miller, bds. 77 Hill. 
Alrin Wilham, carpenter, h. 28 Willet. 
AhvcU Philip, furnaceman, h. 24 Green. 
Aman Philip, shoemaker, h. 60 Lake. 
AMBLER N. H., dentist, Northrup & Spang- 

ler's Block, h. East Cleveland. 
Ambrosius Frederick, clerk 140 Water, bds. 

206 St. Clair. 
Ambruster Geo., shoemaker, h. 170 Croton. 
Ambs Joseph, porter, h. 190 Bridge. 
Ambush William E., barber, under American 

House, Superior, h. 22 Oregon. 
Amena John, brickmaker, h. 108 Irving. 
AMERICAN HOTEL, 134 Superior. 
Amers Joseph, laborer, Superior Avenue. 
AMES CHARLES E., m. d., druggist and 

apothecary, 110 Public Square, East Side, 

h. 92 ProsiDect. 
Ames John P., conductor, bds. at WeddeU 

Amherstburg Jacob, laborer, h. 178 Bridge. 
Amman Phillip, boots and shoes, 144 River. 
Ammond Frederick H., master mechanic C. 

& T. R. R., h. 75 Bank. 
Amsden Calvin, machinist, h. 82 Wood. 
Amy D. W., builder, h. 93 Garden. 
Anchor Phihp, laborer, h. 72 Dare. 
Anderson Alexander, blacksmith, cor. Whit- 
man & Randall, h. 81 Whitman. 
Anderson Mrs. Caroline, widow of John, 345 

Anderson George, (colored,) watchman, h. 80 

Anderson James, milkman, h. Sibley, East 

of Case Avenue. 
Anderson Joseph, (colored,) laborer, 25 Cali- 
Anderson Mrs. Julia, widow of Edmund, bds. 

306 Lake. 
Anderson Mary, (colored,) washerwoman, h. 

95 Bond. 
ANDERSON P., produce and commission, 1 

Oviatt's Exchange, h. Chicago. 
Andrews Benjamin F., bds. 9 Miami. 
Andrews Charles, cash boy, 247 Superior, h. 

35 Himtington. 

Andrews Charles, barkeeper, 146 River. 
Andrews Christopher, firm Brown & A., h. 

33 High. 
Andrews Frederick, bds. 140 Champlain. 
Andrews George W., clerk C. & P. R. R. 
AndreAvs Harrison, clerk, bds. 39 Washington. 
Andrew John, h. West River. 
Andress James, tailor, 267 Erie. 
Andrews John, salesman, 142 Ontario, h. 30 

Andrews Joseph, laborer, 76 Webster. 
Andrews Mrs. Lucy, 35 Hiintington. 
Andrews Samuel, candlemaker, h. 13 Irving. 
ANDREWS SHERLOCK J., attorney, over 

Merchants' Bank, h. 31 Euclid. 
Andrews Theodore, clerk, 136 Superior. 
ANDREWS THOMAS F., saloon, 108 

Seneca,' h. 3 Main Alley. 
Andrews William, car repairer, bds. 80 Cedar 

Andrews WUliam S., bds 34 Prospect. 
Anhaeasser Charles, miller, h. 70 Webster. 
Angle Francis, finisher, bds. St. Clair House. 
Angel George, engineer, bds. 4 Kinsman. 
Angel Nicholas, sailor, h. 47 Mechanics. 
ANGIER HOUSE, corner Bank and St. 

Angle Henry B., engineer, h. 436 Hamilton. 
Ankele Charles, saloon, 145 Ontario. 
Ansetts Caspar, finisher, h. 61 Willet. 
Anst Francis, mason, h. 63 Bridge. 
Anten John, tailor. 111 Oi'ange. 
Anthony Ambrose, firm Whitnev & A., h. 

174 Franklin. 
Anthony Hale M., mason, h 78 Church. 
Anthony James, mason, h 103 Hanover. 
Anthony Matthew laborer, h. near C. & M. 

R. R. depot. 
Anthony William, shoemaker, 12 Public 

Anton John, laborer, 31 Green. 
Aplin John, firm Gorham & A., h. 75 Lake. 
Aplin Robert, clerk, 104 Superior, h. 75 Lake. 
Aplin S. S., machinist, C. & E R. R. shop. 
Appal, Mrs. Mary, dress maker, 7 Garden. 
Apple Michael, shoemaker, h. 42 Newton. 
Apey Peter, Groceries, 216 Pearl. 
Archer William F., 39 Howe. 
ARDING PETER, barber, 180 Superior, h. 

80 Fountain Alley. 
Ardleman John, tailor, h. 154 Garden. 
Argyle Thomas, sailor, h. 363 Lake. 
Aring Ernst, porter, h. 202 Garden. 
Arkison Anthony, tallyman, bds. 377 St. 

Armstrong Allen, sailor; h. 14 Herman. 
Armstrong A. C, firm Strong & A., h. 16 

Armstrong Charlotte, wid. of George, seam- 
stress, h, 98 Wood. 

189 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 



Armstrong Christopher, laborer, St. Clair, 

near depot. 
Armstrong George E. book keeper, 141 

water, bds. Angier 
Annstrong, John M., receiver Canal Bk., 

124 Superior, Ixls. Angier House. 
Armstrong Luticia, wid., h 62 Fulton. 
Armstrong Robert W., saloon, 190 Superior. 
Armstrong Sampson, scale maker, bds. Bur- 
nett House. 
Armstrong Willson, stove dealer. River, h. 

126 Hamilton. 
Arndt John L., M. D., h. 186 Lorain. 
ARNOLD CHARLES, attorney, 90 Superior, 

h. 265 Pitrslnirgh. 
Arnold Fred, barljer, 326 Erie. 
Arnold George, barber, 2 Mechanics' Block, 

h. 29 Ohio. 
ARNOLD GEORGE, attorney and notary, 

90 Superior, h. 265 Pittsburgh. 
Arnold John, sailor, h. Elm. 
Arnold P. R., meat market, 272 Superior, h. 

45 Hamilton. 
ARNOLD & McINTIRE, slate roofers, 5 

Atwater Block. 
Arnott Andrew, sailor, h. 94 West Liberty. 
Arnott Andrew, blacksmith, bds. 94 West 

Arnstine Jacob, groceries, 274 Pittsburgh. 
Arty Thomas, waiter, Angier House. 
Aschanbrand F., tailor, h. cor. Superior and 

ASHFORD WM. H., shoe maker, 151 De- 
troit, h. 245 Detroit. 
Ashwell James, boiler maker, h. 60 Bolivar. 
Aspenwall Robert, machinist, h. 413 Perry. 
Asplin Isaac, teamster, h. 416 Pittsburgh. 
Aston Enoch, pedlar, h. 89 Case Avenue. 
Aston William, laborer, 43 Clifton. 
Atchison Mrs., wid., William, h. 8 Hill. 
Atkin William, laborer, h. 43 Mayflower. 
ATKINSON AV. H. dentist, physician and 

surgeon, 16 and 17 Hoffman's Block, h. 67 

Atlvinson Joseph, h. 38 Fourth. 
Attersley Joseph, blacksmith, 31 Mill. 
AttrofF A., h. 192 Hamilton. 

and Vinej'ard. 
Atwater Caleb, firm Lyman & A., h. 252 

ATWATER DAVID F., m. d., office 7 At- 
water building, h. 54 Seneca. 
Atwell Samuel S., machinist, h. 30 Herman. 
Atwood Charles G., clerk, 247 Superior, bds. 

27 Rockwell. 
Auer Christ, tailor, bds. 104 Water. 
Auer George, painter, h. 101 Lorain. 
August John, teamster, h. 121 Hamilton 
Auikert Conrad, saloon, 143 Turnpike. 

Ault William, foremim in L. S. shop, h. 79 

Aundt Christian, laborer, 598 Superior. 

Aust Francis, boiler maker, h. 214 Bridge. 

Aust Le\n, mason, h. 164 Franklin. 

Austin B. I)., firm A. & Stockwell, h. 267 

Austin Daniel, mason, h. 27 Marion. 

Austin Jose|ih B., bds 267 Kinsman. 

AUSTIN POWDER CO., office with H. N. 

Austin William, shoemaker, 26 Garden. 

Austin William S., firm of Palmer & A., h. 
225 Kinsman. 

AUSTIN & STOCKWELL, wholesale deal- 
ers in woolens, and commission merchants, 
142 Water. 

Autt Battassar, pla.sterer, h. 780 St. Clair. 

Averill Mills, shoemaker, 22 Marshall. 

Avery Rev. John T., h 230 Euclid. 

AXTELL SALMON B., attorney, 10 At- 
water Block, h 315, Superior. 

Aylvord Patrick, tailor, h. 74 Frankiin. 

Azer Andrew, carpenter, bds. 262 Perry. 

Baad Christ, shoemaker, h. 216 Pearl. 

BABBITT FRANCIS C.,. grocer, 108 Pub- 
lic Square, h 271 Erie. 

Babbitt Francis C , clerk, 193 Ontario, bds. 
30 Howe. 

Balxock D. W , saloon, 95 Miami. 

Babcock P. H., firm B. & Hurd, h. 204 

BABCOCK & HURD, wholesale grocers, 
146 Water. 

Babson Patrick, blacksmith, h. West River. 

Bach Har[)er, carpenter, h. 295 Lake. 

Bachert Ernst, paper maker, h. 35 Jackson. 

Backel F. saloon, 108 Water. 

Bacher Hemy, saloon, 146 River. 

Bachman Caspar, tailor, h McCurdy Block. 

Back , laborer, h. Hicks. • 

Backus Franklin T , firm of Raimey B. & 
Noble, h. 136 Lake. 

Backus Frederick M., book kee^x^r, F. 
Brown's, Ixls. 278 Superior. 

Backus Nicholas, saloon, h. 374 Pittsburgh 

Bacon E. C , Fairbauk's scales, bds. John- 
son House. 

Bacon Edwdn C , R. R. conductor, h. 68 

Bacon Henry, moulder, bds 65 St. Clair. 

Bacon James, car mechanic, h. 75 Burch. 

BACON & REDINGTON, vessel owTiers, 
10 Oviatt's Exchange. 

Bader Joseph, caip., h. rear 40 E. Liljerty. 

Badinger August, tailor, 600 Superior. 

Baer John, drayman, h. 27 Cherrv. 

Bagell T., laborer, bds. 846 St Clair. 

Baggett Charles, umbrella maker, bds. 399 

W. C. NORTH'S Photograph and rine Art Qallery, 205 Superior St., 



Ba^gett Frederick, peddler, bds. 399 Lorain. 

Baggett George, peddler, bds. 399 Lorain. 

Bagley John, tailor, bds. 24 Rockwell. 

Bagly^ George W., carp., h. 235 Hamilton. 

Bahrnak Frank, laborer, Alley between 
Crotou and Orange. 

Bailey A., salesman, h. 59 Hurd. 

Bailev D. M., clerk at F. W. Pelton's, h. 
107 PearU 

Bailey Francis, lab., h. 158 Orange. 

Bailey George, formerly merchant, h. 32 Mar- 

Bailey George, joiner, h. near Pittsburgh 

Bailey John H., grocer, 14 Garden. 

Bailey Joseph C., mason, h. 13 Cheshire. 

Bailey Lemuel W., builder, 10 Grove, h. 375 

Bailey Myron S., carpenter, h. 3 Croton. 

Bailey 0., carpenter, bds. 3 Croton. 

Bailey Samuel, teamster, h. 172 Orange. 

Bain Mrs. Charlotte, widow of James, h. 86 

Baifd Samuel H., book keeper Hanna & Co., 
h. 25 Rockwell. 

Baisch Adam, laborer, h. 86 Hamilton. 

Baisch Goodloof, gardener, h Euclid near 

• Willson Avenue. 

Baker Aaron, mason, h. 325 Hamilton. 

Baker Adam, carpenter, h. 6 Pittsburgh con- 

Baker Barnabus, h. 110 Erie. 

Baker Charles, cooper, 37 Irving, h. 34 Bel- 

Baker Charles, blacksmith, h. 668 Superior. 

Baker Charles 0., engineer, bds. 20 Fulton. 

Baker Francis, mason, h. 325 Hamilton. 

Baker George N., bds. City Hotel. 

Baker James, joiner, C. & E. R. R, 

Baker John, cigar maker, 310 Pittsburgh. 

Baker John, book keeper, 80 Fulton. 

Baker John G., firm FiUler & Co., h. 110 

Baker Henry, tailor, 33 Parkman. 

Baker Henry, firm C. Stickney & Co.,* h. 
University Heights. 

Baker Mrs., widow, h. 44 Bridge. 

Baker Mrs. Mary M., widow of Chas., bds. 
26 Ontario. 

Baker Michael, sailor, bds. 112 River. 

Baker Michael, student, bds. 243 Hamilton. 

Baker Robert, book agent, bds. 312 Superior. 

Baker Smith, fireman, h. 86 Hicks. 

Baker Sarah T., widow of James, h. 122 
West Main. 

Baker S. L., machinist, h. 204 Prospect. 

Baker WiUiam, 186 Hamilton. 

Baker William, shoemaker, h. 87 Hamilton. 

Baker Wm. A., firm C. Stickney & Co., bds. 
6 Euclid. 

BAKER Wm. D., publishers general agent, 
7 Hoffman's Block. 

Baldwin A. R., 118 Hill. 

Baldwin Charles C, attorney, 113 Superior, 
bds. Weddell House. 

Baldwin E. L, firm E. L B. & Co., h. 57 

BALDWIN E. L & Co., dry goods, 240 

Baldwin Dudley, firm B., Dewitt & Co., h. 
Perry, north of Euclid. 

Baldwin Dewitt C, book keeper Witt & 
Harvev, h. 71 Euclid. 

BALDWIN, DEWITT & Co., Cleveland 
agricultural works, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 West, 
near Merwin. 

Baldwin Henry, carpenter, h. 906 St Clair. 

Baldwin John, carpenter, h. 172 Orange. 

Baldwin Norman A., bds. 317 Euclid. 

Baldwin Norman C, h. 317 Euclid. 

Bakhvin Oscar, teacher, h. 44 Church. 

Baldwin Phineas, farmer, h; 932 St Clair; 

Baldwin Samuel, ship carpenter, bds. 145 

Baldwin Samuel C, h 98 Euclid. 

Baldwin Samuel G , attorney, h. 16 Division 

Baldwin Wm., carpenter, 70 Huntington. 

Baldwin Wm. T., clerk 165 Seneca, h 157 

Baldy Frank, stone cutter, 53 Third. 

Balfour Charles, deputy clerk U. S. Court, 
bds. 30 Howe. 

Balknill Stephen, pattern maker, 270 Perry. 

Baly , carpenter, 235 Hamilton. 

Ball Christian, laberor, 104 Greenwood. 

Ball James, h Sked Alley near Garden. 

Ball Capt. John, h. 181 Franklin. 

Ball John L., book keeper, 274 Franklin. 

Ball Marine, laborer, 34 Cedar. 

Ball Rodger, gardener, bds. 394 Pittsbiu-gh. 

Ball William, day police, h 27 Cedar Avenue. 

BALLARD CHARLES J., wool, pelts and 
hides, 105 Bank, h. 229 Scoville Avenue. 

Balldinger Theodore, shoemaker, h. 35 Bur- 

Ballon Loring V., dancing master,h. 108 Bol- 

Balls Sanford J., clerk 139 Detroit, h Frank- 

BANK OF COMMERCE, Atwater Build- 

Bankhardt John M , billiard saloon, 44 Pub- 
lic Square, h. Ohio. 

Banlow Henry, shoe maker, h 14 Delaware. 

Banton Thomas, mill wright, h. 35 Prospect. 

Bannon L. , plasterer, 822 St Clair. 

Bank Capt Thomas, h. 240 Bridge. 

Banks T. M , peddler, bds. 41 Frankfort. 

Banning Edmund P., m d , h. 106 Euclid. 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph in OH, Plain Photograph, 



Bannister Thamas W , silk and woolen cW- 
cr, 2'J7 Erie. 

BAPTIST CHURCH, cor Clinton and SUtc. 

BAPTIST CHURCH, (First) cor. Euclid & 

BAPTIST CHURCH, (Second) cor. Ohio 
and Erie. 

near INIarshall." 

BAPTIST CHURCH (Mission,) corner Hud- 
sou and Scoville Avenue. 

Barlier Abner, saloon, 150 Seneca. 

Barber Asa, bagga<jc master, h. 94 Bridge. 

Barber G. L., machinist, h. Washington. 

Barbein Jacob, mason, h. 390 Lake. 

Barbour Conway, h. 206 Ciuse Avenue. 

Barclay John, sailor, h. Cemetery Alley. 

Bardin Betsey, h. 95 Main. 

Barett Robert, caiTiage driver, h. 54 Ver- 

Barge John, teamster, h. 426 St. Clair. 

Barget Christian, laborer, rear 15 Parkman. 

Baring Frederick, joiner, h. rear 58 Park- 

Barktloll Abraham, teamster, h. 53 Harri- 

BARKER BENAJAH, gent., h. 409 luns- 

Barker Chas. D., shoe cutter, 224 Superior, 
bds. Burnett House. 

Barker Peter, boarding, 191 Detroit. 

Barkhamer James, patent right, h. Russia. 

Barkliott'James, Brakeman, b. 10 Mandrake. 

Barkseakar Ernst, cooper, h. Williams Alley. 

Barkwell Charles, brick maker, h. 394 Pitts- 

Barle Conrad, mason, h. 70 York. 

Barlow John, laborer, 118 Burch. 

Barlow MerriU, firm Herrick & B., h. 187 

Barlow Richard, brickmaker, bds. 32 Croton. 

Barnard Ambrose E., saloon, 115 Detroit, h. 
17 Carroll. 

Bamer Rudolph, laborer, 90 Main. 

Barner George, carpenter, 107 Orange. 

Barnes Levi M., moulder, h. 168 Hamilton. 

Barnes Levi, teamster, 168 Hamilton. 

Barnes Lucien, clerk, 242 Superior. 

Barnett Henry H., fish and oysters, h. 28 

BARNETT JAMES, saloon, 2 Front, h. 

22 Bank. 
Barnett James, firm G. Worthington & Co., 

h. 24 Bank. 
Barnett Melancthon, bank director, h. 24 

BARNEY B. H., Agent Great Western Des- 1 Bartlett John, brick yard, 66 Jackson, 

patch, bds. Weddell. Bartlett Joseph, bds. 405 Superior. 

Barney John A., vessels, office Government BARTLETT JOSEPH B., city clerk, h. 405 

Pier, bds. Angier. ' Superior. 

or Ambrotype, should not fail to call at NORTH'S GALLERY. 

Barney William, sailor, h. 13 Irving. 

Bamhart Charles, carjKjnter, 45 Muiison. 

Bamhart Christian, laborer. Alley, rear 19 

Bamum C. II., clerk, 217 Superior. 

Bamum Charles P., h. 48 Granger. 

Banmick Michael, porter, h. 63 Superior 

Baron John, laborer, 4 HickoFj'. 

Barr John, h. 168 Erie. 

Barrance Wm., teamster, h. 1027 St. Clair. 

Barrett Alpheus, painter, 67 Garden. 

Barrett A., painter, 62 Michig-an. 

Barrett A. 11., firm JSIiller & B., bds. Frank- 

Barrett Charles, firm C. Barrett & Co., h. 15 

BARRETT C. & CO., Forwarding & Com- 
mission Merchants, 32 River. 

Barrett George, machinist, h. 167 Orange. 

BARRETT MARTIN, U. S. Hotel, 110 

Barrett 0. D., patent right, bds. Bennet's 
Forest City House. 

Barrett Robert, 87 Hamilton. 

Barrett Thomas, h. W. River. 

Baring Frederick, carpenter, Alley, rear 56 

Barris Richard, sailor, h. 93 Harbor. 

BARRON J., Agent, groceries and supplies, 
40 Merwin, h. 39 Oregon. 

Barrow John, machinist, h. 6 Rose Alley. 

Barry Garrett, blacksmith, h. 44 Mechanic. 

Barry Mr,s., widow Patrick, bds. 27 Ward. 

Barry Mrs., widow Vaughn, h. 65 Penn. 

Barry Thomas, Saloon, 142 River. 

Barry Thomas, laborer, 158 Dare. 

Bany Thomas, boots and shoes, 185 Col- 

Barstow John A., clerk, 247 Superior. 

Barstow Sarah, widow William A., h. 74 

Bartges A. T., law student with Ranney, 
Backus & Noble. 

Bartholomew Eli, real estate, bds. American 

Barton James, machinist, h. cor. Franklin 
and Russia. 

Bartlehaem Caspar, sash maker, h. 62 Jer- 

Bartlett Edward, machinist, bds. 48 Carroll. 

BARTLETT GEORGE L., Buckeye House, 

66 River. 
Bartlett James C, laborer, 64 Jackson. 
Bartlett John, laborer, h. cor. Grove and 




Bartlett J. C, clerk, Lake Shore Depot, h. 
64 Jackson. 

Bartieit Nicholas, Register at R. R., h. 302 

Bartlett Richard, laborer, 36 Irving. 

Bartlett Thomas, clerk, R. R. Office, h. 405 

Basel George, brewer, h. 404 Pittsburgh. 

Bash, Jacob, firm'Guyles, Foot & B., h. 46 

Baslington Geo. 0., firm H. D. Kendall & 
Co., bds. 304 Superior. 

Bastress Samuel, ship carpenter, bds. 1 St. 

Bassett A. C, telegraph, bds. 312 Superior. 

Bassett A. L., clerk. Post Office, h. 105 

Bassett Edwin E., machinist, h. 20 Jay. 

Basset, J. C, carpenter, bds. 29 Hurd. 

Bassler Adolphus, music teacher, h. rear 120 

Bastor Mary A., widow of Almanza, h. 73 

Batchelder Matthew, shoemaker, 30 Wal- 

BATE ISABELLA, widow of Josiah, Ruin- 
bow Saloon, 111 Water, h 28 Bank. 

Bates H. C, produce dealer, bds. Bennet's 
Forest City House. 

Bates Samuel H., grocery, 67 Fulton. 

Batomey Bartholomew, laborer, 14 Summit 

Batt Ignats, mason, 97 Case Avenue. 

Batts Joseph, tailor, h. 41 Newton. 

Bauder C. L., firm B. & EJdred, h. 31 Pros- 

BAUDER & ELDRED, Furniture, 46 Pub- 
lic Square, south side. 

Bauder M. L., cabinet maker, h. 2 East Lib- 

Baughman Samuel, blacksmith, h. 144 Ken- 

Bauhof Christian, file cutter, bds. 65 Cross. 

Bauhof John F., marble cutter, h. 65 Cross. 

Bauhof Rudolph, marble cutter, h. 65 Cross. 

Baum Catherine, widow of AVm., h. 275 

Bauman Jacob, whitewasher, h. 83 Cedar. 

Baumer John, harness maker, h. cor. High 
and Middle. 

Baumer Christian, brcAver, at Quhm's. 

Baumgardner Frederick, carpenter, h. 254 

Baumgarnter Andrew, laborer, 78 Irving. 

Baumgart Alexand'er, groceries and provisions, 
945 St. Clair. 

Baumgartner Nicholas, laborer, 90 Irving. 

Baur Rev. Emil, Pastor German M. E. 
Church, h. 80 Prospect. 

Baus Frederick, laborer, 175 Greenwood. 

Baynes William, tailor, h. 75 St. Claii-. 
Eazan Jacob, carpenter, h. Fox Avenue. 
Peabom Francis, laborer, 113 Jersey. 
Beach Elisabeth, engraver, Ohio Farmer, 

bds. 78 Erie. 
Beach J as. W., sailor, h. 12 Jay. 
Beach 0. E. salesman, 134 Water, h. 23 

Beach Oliver N., lx)ok keeper, J. M. Hughes. 
Beal Elisha, h. 144 Bolivar. 
Beal E. F., clerk, G. A. Stanley's, h. 336 

Bean Thomas R., blacksmith, h. 88 Cedar 

Bear George, laborer, 114 Ijving. 
Bear Henry, baker, 54 Chesnire. 
Bearby John, drayman, 232 Bridge. 
Bearce B., traveling agent, 85 Clinton. 
Beardsea Edward, marble cutter, h. 15 Howe. 
Beardsley Anson C, h. 187 Franklin. 
Bcardsley Chas., tinner, bds. 68 Water. 
Beardsley David H., h. 130 St. Clair. 
Beardsley Eri'S., clerk. Post Office, h. 244 

Beardsley Mrs. Hannah, widow of Lyman, 

h. 62 Clinton. 
Beardsley Ira L., book keeper. Morning 

Leader, h. 39 Granger. 
Beardsley John, clerk. Hubby, Hughes & 

Co., bds. 130 St. Clair. 
Beardsworth Richard, machinist, h. Ill Case 

Beare Isaac, carpenter, h. 118 Greenwood. 
Beare John, carpenter, h. 120 Greenwood. 
Beare Joseph, carpenter, h. 118 Greenwood. 
Bearhault Benj., laborer, 29 Grove. 
Bearko Jacob, cooper, h. 49 York. 
Beattie Wm. D., firm Ransom, Cobb & Co., 

h. 78 Euclid. 
Beattie Wm. J., dentist, h. 9 Scoville Alley. 
Beaucock Joseph, engineer, h. between 

Cashier and Lawrence. 
BEAVIS BENJ. R., Attorney, 181 Superi- 
or, h, Vega Avenue, Brooklyn, 
Beck Mr. teamster, h. 86 McLean. 
Beck Charles, brakeman, h. 186 Ohio. 
Beck Christian, laborer, City Buildings, 
Beck F. T., harness maker, h. 313 Lorain . 
BECK GEORGE D., groceries, 117 Ontario 

h. 80 Hill. 
Beck John, painter, h. 209 Hamilton. 
Beck Henry, sausage maker, 46 Parkman. 
Beckeley John, carpenter, 62 Muirson, 
Beckenbach Wm. & H., cabinet makers, 

274 St. Clair. 
Beckenbach Henry, firm Wm. & H. B., h. 31 

Beckenbach Wm., firm Wm. & H,B., h. 202 

Becker Capt. David, sailor, h, 34 Herman. 

Deoderised, Coal Oil, manufactm-od by LAW & NORTH, 



Bell Josephjhamess, trunks, &c., 98 Su}jerior 
Bell Joseph, (colored) hotel, (35 High. 
Bell Thomas, saloon, bds. 28 Bank. 
Bellet Michael, shoemaker, h. 356 Pitts- 
Bellemau Wm., laborer, 120 Vine. 
Belman Cornelius, lalx)rer, h. 74 Fraklin. 
Belmuth Dr. S., h. 47 Green. 
Bemis E. C„ clerk, 43 River. 
Berais George A., insurance clerk, bds 34 

Bemis Henry V., firm Standart, B. & 

Murray, h, 26 Lake. 
Bemiste Frederick, tailor, 104 Hamilton. 
Bender August, cabinet maker, h. Chatham. 
Bender H., laborer, h. 31 Phelps. 
Bender John, shoemaker, h. cor. Parkman 

and Brownell. 
Bender Peter, painter, h 214 Hamilton. 
Bender S, C, beer hall, 96 Bank, bda. 79 

Benedict Abraham, painter, 172 Hamilton, 
Benedict D. V., accountant, h, 107 Prospect. 
Benedict E. G., firm of L. B. & Sons, bds. 

17 Euclid. 
Benedict George A., firm Fairbanks B & 

Co., h. 27 Euclid. 
Benedict John E., clerk, Brewer's, bds, 101 

Benedict Levi, firm L. B. & Sons, h. 17 Euclid. 
BENEDICT K & SONS, hats, caps and 

furs, 201 Superior. 
BENEDICT L. & Sons, morocco factory, 

82 Leonard. 
Benedict S. H., firm L. B. & Sons, h. 49 

Benedict Thomas B,, student, bds 114 Pitts- 
Benfield Joseph, brakeman, bds. 148 Ontario, 
Benham Allen H., clerk, 138 Superior, h. 41 

BENHAM GEORGE H., justice peace, 94 

Superior, h. 289 Erie. 
BenhofF Henry, blacksmith, Canal, h. 97 

Benjamin David, attorney, h, 22 Vermont 
Benjamin John, engineer, bds. 79 Wilson. 
Benneflf Henry, blacksmith, 135 Monroe. 
Bennet Andrew, h, 26 Clinton. 
Bennet Charles, laborer, 443 Detroit 
perior, cor. Public Square. 
Bennett Mrs, Charlotte, widow of John, h. 

14 Summit. 
Bennet Frank, grocery, 277 St Clair. 
Bennett George, blacksmith, h. 50 Hill. 
Bennett George, R. R. Engineer, h. 178 

Bennett Isaac, butcher, h, 147 Courtlandt 
Bennett James, h. 48 River. 

-is ackixowledged to be the best in the State. Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 

Becker Geurge, blacksmith, h. 363 St Clair. 
Becker Jacob, teamster, h. 23 Washington. 
Becker Capt. John, sailor, h.'52 Herman. 
Becker 0. H., sailor, bds. 23 Washington. 
Becker Captain R. H., h. 94 Woodbine. 
Beck ley Emanuel S., h. 30 Webster. 
Beckman Harman, grocery, 160 River. 
Beckman Henry, foreman, 29 Superior. 
BECKWITH MARVIN E., daguerrean 

gallery, 9 Pearl, h. 113 Hanover. 
BECKWITH S. R., physician and surgeon. 
Office Rockwell street, opp. Post Office, h. 
148 Prospect. 
BECKWITH T. S., carpets, and curtain 
store, 187 an(L189 Superior, h. 351 Supe- 
Beckwith William, civil engineer, h. 157 

St. Clair. 
Beckwith William E., Treasurer Gas Co., 

h. 353 Superior. 
Bedc Edward, marble cutter, h. 15 Howe. 
Bedford Elijah, ship carpenter, bds. 70 

Duane. * 

Bedford Mrs. Mary, widow of Joseph, h. 16 

Bedford Wm., ship carpenter, h. 101 Root 
Beebe Mrs. Paulina, h, 20 Walnut 
Beebe George E,, book-keei^er. Commercial 

Branch Bank, h. 112 Hanover. 
Beech J. B., physician, 76 Erie. 
Beer Luma, painter, 81 Oregon. 
Beever Jacob, carriage maker, h. University 

Begges A. J., firm B. & Chapin, h. 282 

BEGGES & CHAPIN, forwarding and 

Commission, 71 Merwin. 
Begley John, tailor, bds. 26 Rockwell. 
Behine George, baker, 140 Hamilton. 
Behm Charles, laborer, h. 488 Kinsman. 
Behr Henry, carpenter, h. 26 Allen. 
Behring John, warehouseman, h. 42 Green. 
Behringer Richard, h. 49 Hamilton. 
Behringer Richard, painter, C. & E. R. R. 

Beiber Henry, blacksmith, bds. 224 Pitts- 
Beichenmecker Matthew, cabinet maker, h. 

— Pittsburgh. 
Beihne Frederick, cabinet maker, h. 87 

Beilstein Henry, undertaker, 85 Garden, h. 

89 Garden. 
Beinfelt Frederick, carpenter, h. 41 Harbor. 
Beirsick John, laborer, bds W. River. 
Beldam Thomas, i^eddler, h. 277 Pittsburgh. 
Belden H , accountant, bds 79 St. Clair. 
BELDEN SILAS, carpenter, h. 79 St Clair. 
Bell Ezekial F., book keeper, 107 Water. 
Bell Isaac, laborer, h. foot of Franklin. 



BENNETT JAMES, blacksmith, 86 
Champlain, h. 121 Orange. 

Bennett John, saleratus packer, h. 199 Gar- 

Bennett John, livery stable, bds. 179 Seneca. 

Bennett John A., h. 176 Orange. 

Bennet John, jr., bds. 14 Summit. 

Bennett Rouse, foreman at G, H. Burritt's, 
h. 62 Michigan. 

Bennett Thomas, carpenter, h. 45 Webster. 

Bennewitz Jacob, Carpenter, h. 36 Ward. 

Benson Jacob, varnisher, bds. 124 Water. 

Benson John, pattern maker, h. 91 Hanover. 

Benson William, builder, 222 St. Clair. 

Benther John, finisher, Superior, h. 56 Chat- 

Bentlev Chas. D., h. 53 Seneca. 

BENTON BROTHERS, Wholesale & Re- 
tail Druggists, 131 and 141 Detroit. 

Benton Carlos 0., firm Benton Brothers, h. 
37 Clinton. 

Benton Corydon E., machinist, h. 214 Lake. 

Benton Curtis, firm Benton Brothers, h. 47 

Benton Horace, firm Benton Brothers, h. 197 

Benton Ezra R., machinist, h. 24 Cheshire. 

BENTON JOHN J., hats and caps, 133 Su- 
perior, h. 62 Prospect. 

Benton Lucius A., watchmaker, 137 Superi- 
or, h. 284 Prospect. 

Benton Otis, clerk, 139 Detroit, h. 197 

Benton Alphonso, drover, h. cor. Detroit and 

Bentz Bernard, cooper, h. 12 Ward. 

Bentz Henry, saloon, 134 Ontario. 

Benninger Q-eorge, laborer, 12 Brainard. 

Benninger John, laborer, h. 12 Hicks. 

Berg Ernst, laborer, h. 44 Chatham. 

Berg George, moulder, h, 70 Bridge. 

Berg John, saloon, 33 Third. 

Berge Edward, stone cutter, h. Chatham. 

Berges Loie, whitewasher, h. 276 St. Clair. 

Bergher John, news carrier, h. 126 West 

Berghof Peter, baker, h. 212 St. Clair. 

Bergholz John, 47 Harrison. 

BERGOLD JOHN A., boots and shoes, 86 
Water, h. Frankfort, rear engine house. 

Bergum John, carpenter, bds. 97 St. Clair. 

Beringher John, laborer, 161 Hamilton. 

Beringer Richard, painter, h. 421 Lake. 

Berk John, carpenter, 165 Wilson. 

Berk M., laborer, 823 St. Clair. 

Berkert Rodolph, laborer, 84 West Center. 

Berkholder John, cooper, h. 52 Ward. 

Bernhardt John, tailor, h. 70 Case A venue. 

Bemhert Rev. John, Pastor Salem Church, 
h. 68 Eagle. 

Bemsmeyer Wm., laborer, 77 Park man. 

Beniner John, warehouseman,h.66 Mechanic 

Berringer G. F., clerk 226 Superior, bds. 74 

Berringer P. J., printer, h. 75 Hamilton. 

BERRY GEORGE W., upholsterer, 70 Su- 
perior, h, 42 Granger. 

Berry Jacob, fireman, C. & E. R. R. 

Bersail John, laborer, 73 Jersey. 

Bersch Wm., editor, 220 Kinsman, h. 93 

Bersicher Frederick, cooper, alley between 
Penn and Jersey, h 66 Penn. 

Betegher August, tailor, 115 Oregon. 

Bethe Louis, grocer, 356 jjridge. 

BETHEL CHURCH, corner Water and 

Betner Conrad, laborer, 103 Clifton. 

Bettrick Thomas, carpenter, h. 31 Croton. 

Betts Alfred, carpenter, h, 729 St Clair. 

Bescel Mrs. Fanny, h. 78 Hamilton. 

Best Frederick, laborer, Penn. 

Best Thomas' H., bds. Weddell House. 

Bestin Stephen, h. 41 Mayflower. 

Beswick Alice, widow of Nathan, h. 405 Lor- 

Beswick John, boiler maker, bds. 403 Lor- 

Bevan J., h. 245 Kinsman. 

Bevan John, civil engineer, 235 Superior. 

Bevens Timothy, ship carpenter, h. 39 Ful- 

BEVERLIN JOHN, merchant tailor. 125 
Detroit, h. 34 Clinton. 

Beverly J. P., machinist, h. 22 Sibley. 

Beverse Nicholas, tailor, h. 47 Irving. 

Bickford A. S., machinist h. 408 Detroit. 

Biebold John, tinner. 

Biekler Mrs. Ferina, widow of Christian, 
h. 40 Green. 

Bierdsworth Richard, machinist, h. 109 Case 

Biddlecom George S., ship carpenter, h, 20 

Bigelow George, insurance agent, h 18 Ea- 

BIGELOW HENRY H., insurance agent, h 
18 Eagle. 

Bigelow Jonathan, h. 18 Eagle. 

Biker Philip, laborer, 64 Grove. 

Bilery N., tailor, h. 60 Grove. 

Bilstien Adam, tailor, h. 154 Garden. 

Billing George W., cabinet maker, h, 84 

Billings Mabel, widow of Lorenzo, 14 Lake. 

Billit James, blacksmith, h. 116 Orange. 

Billson Caleb, Jr., musician, bds. 56 Cedar 

Billson Caleb, Sr., organ builder, h. 56 Cedar 

188 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 



Billson Charles, mason, bds. 50 Cedar Aven. 
Billson Jiibn, en.:,aiieer, bds. 50 Cedar Aven. 
BiniLder G., Hour and feed, 303 Kinsman, h. 

oUl Kinsman. 
Bimler Jacol), laborer, 151 Monroe. 
Bindiber John, laborer, 34 Mechanic. 
Binger W. K., clerk, bds. 121 Water. 
Bingham Edward, firm G. Worthington & 

Co., h. 52 Seneca. 
Bingham Elijah, in County Clerk's office, h. 

12 Cheshire. . 
Bingham F. W., firm B. & Hovey, h. St. 

Clair Itoad. 
Bingham George, deputy clerk, bds. Wed- 

dell House. ^ 
Bingham John K., firm S. Barinard & Co., 

bds. Angier House. 
Bingliam Silas F., singing teacher, bds. 124 

Bingham' William, firm W. B. & Co., h. 132 

St Clair. 
BINGHAM WM. & Co., hardware and 

metals, 1-18 and 150 Water.' 
Binghar John, laborer, 110 Oregon. 
Bink rhilip, tanner, h. I'JO Greenwood. 
Binmore Wm., laborer, 18 Croton. 
Binsel Jacob, cooper, 02 McLean 
Binstein John, laborer, 'JO Penn. 
Birch Heman, firm H. B. & Co., 124 Water. 
BIRCH H. & Co., boarding, 124 Water. 
Bird Isaac, blacksmith, h. 127 California. 
Birds liarney, saloon, 88 Erie. 
Birds Michael, saloon, 88 Erie, 
Birdsall Z. S., boarding, 118 Bolivar. 
Birguiin Cord, tailor, h. 20 Vine. 
Birney John, cooper, h. 32 Fulton. 
BISBEE ALBERT, daguerrean gallery, 211 

Superior, bds. City Hotel. 
Bischof Veit, brewer, h. 404 Pittsburgh. 
Bishop C. F.,melodeon tuner, h. 295 Outario. 
Bishoi) Mrs. Eliza, 238 Perry. 
Bishop Henry, machinist, h. 72 iiamilton. 
Bishop Henry S., ii. 84 Euclid. 
Bishop Irvin, wire weaver, h. 86 Clinton. 
Bishop Isaac 1)., firm B., Mason & Co., bds. 

Weddell House. 
Bishop Jacob, blacksmith, 100 Hamilton. 
Bishop Jacob, painter, h. 81 Lvman. 
BISHOP JESSE P., Common Pleas judge, 

h. 187 Prospect. 
Bishop Jonathan, city police, h. 157 Kins- 
BISHOP, MASON & Co., wholesale dealers 

in wines, lii[uors, &c., 123 Water. 

Bishop, h 89 Pearl.. 

Bislosky John, laborer, KU Croton. 
Bisser Jacob, cooper, h. 40 Webster. 
Bissett Roderick, carpenter, h. Orange. 
Bissitt Horatio, ship wright, h. 213 Franklin. 

Bittinger Rev. J. B., pastor Euclid St. Pres- 
byterian Church, h. 202 Euclid. 
Bittle Jacob, willow ware maker. 
Black Adol]>hus, peddler, h. Ki Dodge. 
Black Alexander, peddler, h. 17 California. 
Black Arthur, sailor, h. 98 Merchant. 
P)lack Casjjer, butcher, h. 96 Taylor. 
Black David, fancv goods, 197 Superior, h. 

171 Lake. 
Black Franklin, painter, h. 67 Croton. 
BLACK JAS. Y., firm B. & Meredith, h. 

130 Ohio. 
Black John, carpenter, 52 Webster. 
BLACK JOHN, shoemaker, 130 Superior, 

and corner Superior and R. R., h. 43 Bank. 
Black Mrs. Margaret,h 49 High. 
IMack Morris, farmer, h. 550 St Clair. 
Black Peter, wagon maker, 133 Pittsburgh, 

h. 33 Webster. 
Black Thomas D., gardener, bds. 134Duane. 
BLACK & MEREDITH, livery stable, 126 

BLACKBURN JOSEPH M., architect and 

builder, h. 30 Oregon. 
Blackburn Josiah, h. 44 Orange. 
Blackford Henry, carpenter, h. 147 Brownell. 
Blacklock John, h. dravman, 48 Chestnut. 
BLACKMER REUBEN H.. grocerj-, corner 

Prospect and Pen-y, h. 279 Prospect. 
Blackwell Matthew,' firm Outhwaite & B., 

h. 14 Webster. 
Blackwell Smith, clerk Bradburn & Fisher, 

h. 54 Orange 
Blackwell Thomas, firm Outhwaite & B., h. 

40 Huntington. 
Bladen William, boot fitter, h. 91 Hamilton. 
Blahd H., firm M. Smith & Co., bds. Wolf's, 

I'lair Henry, builder, h. 29 Huntington. 
Blair John, h. 380 Prospect. 
Blair J. N., clerk, 217 Superior, bds. 83 Pub- 
lic Square. 
Blake George, (colored) sailor, h. 13 Union. 
BLAKE H. G., sexton west side Cemetery, 

h. 18 Monroe. 
Blake Isaac W., firm L \Y. B. & Co., h. 94 

BLAKE L W. & Co., sail makers, 135 River. 
Blake James ship carpenter, h.24 John. 
P>lake John W., spar maker, 15 Spruce, h. 

01 Woodbine. 
Blake William, blacksmith, bds. 53 Fulton. 
Blakeley Samuel, tailor, h. 11 Alal>ama. 
P>lakesley John, fish monger, h.74 Wliitman. 
Blakcsley Miss Julia A., h. 314 Columbus. 
IManchard Martin, sailor, h. 8 Clinton. 
Blanchard IMartin, brakesman, h, 8 Clinton. 
P>lanchard Z. M., firm B. & Foster, h. Pearl. 
BLANCHARD & FOSTER, groceries and 

meat market, corner Pearl and Detroit. 

Bittinger George, laborer. 
W. C. NORTH'S Photograph and Pine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 



Blanck Christian, door maker, 231 Coluaibus. 

Blann A. W., 85 Howe. 

Blatchly L., grocery, 168 Brownell. 

Blatt John, wagon maker, h. 49 Monroe. 

Blaw Lewis, carpenter, h. 126 Clinton. 

Blazedell Thomas, h. 20 Courtlandt. 

Blackhan Nelson, shoemaker, 884 St Glair. 

Bleicher James, laborer, 95 Willet. 

Blee Hugh, grocer, 28 Walnut, h. 20 Chest- 

Blee James, brakesman, h. 32 Oregon. 

Blee James, grocer, 20 Chestnut. 

Blee John, conductor C. C. & C. R. R., h. 8 

Blee Robert, conductor C. C. & C. R. R., h. 
20 Chestnut. 

Bleeford Samuel, sailor, h Canal. 

Bietch John, nail smith, rear 112 Burch. 

Blend George W., carpenter, h. 51 Scoville. 

Bleney J., laborer, 35 Phelps. 

Blenter George, shoemaker, 85 Oregon. 

Bliswick August F., tailor, h. 13 York Al- 

Blish Elisha C, firm B., Garlick & Co., h. 16 

BLISH, GARLICK & Co., Cleveland iron 
works, corner River and Main. 

Blissman Charles, mason, h. 57 Ward. 

Bloch Aaron, grocery, 79 Water. 

Bloch Emanuel, firrn S. H. & E. B., h. Kins- 

Bloch S. H., firm S. H. & E. B.,h. 283 Kins- 

BLOCH S. H. & E., liquors, 34 Merwin. 

Blochboylan Mrs. Mary, saloon, 3 Michigan. 

J^lockboylan Thomas, laborer, 3 Michigan. 

Block Henry, h. 163 Orange. 

Block Joseph, cooper, h. 35 Croton. 

dealer in wall paper, window shades, &c., 
193 Superior. 

Blodgett R. A. H., agent Fairbank's scales, 
bds. Johnson House. 

Blossom Henry C, firm Wm, Bingham & Co., 
h. 50 Euclid. 

Bluemink John, cooper, 181 Courtlandt, h. 
183 Courtlandt. 

Bluini John, boarding, h. 112 St Clair. 

Blum Hezkiah, tinner, h. 393 Lake. 

Blum Jacob, shoemaker, 168 Greenwood. 

Blush Charles, fireman, bds. 93 Lake. 

Blythe Walter, architect, corner Euclid and 
Sheriff", h. 25 Parkman. 

BOARD OF TRADE, Oviatt's Exchange. 

Boardman D. W., paying teller. Com. Br'ch 
Bank, bds. 96 Euclid. 

Boardman Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of Isaac, 
h. 461 Detroit. 

BOARDMAN WM. J., attorney, Atwater 
building, h. 96 Euclid. 

Boasa John, cabinet maker, h. 163 Croton. 

Boat James, farmer, h. 74 Cedar Avenue. 

Bock A. W., salesman, 108 Ontario. 

Bock Joseph, carpenter, h. 171 Hamilton. 

Bockus David, laborer, 38 Clinton. 

Boelim George J., upholsterer, h. 30 Web- 

Bochner Martin, tiinier, h. Kinsman. 

Bodebender Peter, h. 19 Vine. 

Body Frederick, cabinet maker, 141 Green- 
wood, bds. 153 Scoville Avenue. 

Boeckel Jacob J., soap naker, h. 32 Wal- 

Boehm Geo., barber, 88 Water, h 138 York. 

Boggis Robert H., clerk #. Worthingtou & 
Co., bds. 83 Public Square. 

Bogner Martin, tinner, bds. 32 Walworth. 

Bohland George, blacksmith, bds. 8 Frank- 

Bohland John, blacksmith, h. 43 Pine. 

Bohm Edwin, brakesman, h. 77 Water. 

Bohn Casper, glove maker, h. 183 Hamilton. 

Bohn John, tailor, h. 371 St Clair. 

Bohn John, laborer, 319 Lorain. 

Bohn Rudolph, laborer, 120 Hamilton. 

Bohnard Frank, tailor, h. 34 Granger. 

Bohnmann Henry, laborer, 93 Greenwood. 

Bohrer Jacob, livery stable, h. 174 Brownell. 

Boice Alpheus, blacksmith, h. 33 Hanover. 

Boise Otis, h. 271 Prospect. 

Boisseau A., photographs, 243 Superior, h. 
186 Cedar Avenue. 

BOLLES Rev. JAMES A., h. 35 Euclid. 

Bolan Patrick, laborer, 67 Vermont. 

Bolander Henry, h, 58 Eagle. 

Boland John, laborer, h. 228 Croton. 

Bolder Phillip, laborer, rear 81 Bridge. 

Boldeser Eitzenbergen, laborer, 118 York. 

Boldy Uriah, marble-cutter, bds. 4 Kins- 

Boles Mr.'^., widow, bds. 60 Euclid Place. 

Boley Patrick, laborer, 18 Jay. 

Bolie Jacob, laborer, h. 238 Pearl. 

Bolster Anna, widow of John, h. 36 Fulton. 

Bolt Henry, moulder, bds. 27 Third, 

BOLTOX"^ & ALDRICH, carving and pat- 
tern making, 66 East Center. 

Bolton Charles, clerk at De Witt's, bds. 73 

Bolton Everard, firm B. & Aldrich, h. 268 

Bolton Henry, machinist, h. 73 Parkman. 

BOLTON THOMAS, Common Pleas Judge, 
h. East Cleveland. 

Bolton William, sailor, h. 105 Main. 

Boltz John, grocer, 32 Scoville Avenue. 

Bolvek Charles, laborer, 181 Jersey. 

Bommer Christian, boarding house, 67 Mich- 

Bomgardner John, shoemaker, h. 66 Carroll. 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



Bommer Joseph, clerk, h. Frankfort, 
Bomiuheudt Jacob, blacksmith, bds. Pitts- 
Boml Frederick H., firm B. & Co., h. 142 

Bond Henry, h. 10 Hill. 
Bond J;vcob, teamster, h. 110 Cortlandt 
Bund Newell, firm B. & Co., h. 142 Euclid. 
Bond Noah F., clerk, 33 River, h. lU Suminit. 
BOND T, N., Agent American Trasportation 

Company, h. 10 Summit 
Bond William E., firm Bond & Co. h. 142 

BOND N. & CO., painters, glaziers, «&c., 20 

Euclid. • 

Bone J. H. A., local editor Herald, 27 Wood. 
Bonewill Henry, sailor, h. 143 Burch. 
Bonshue Franklin L., saloon 104 Bank, h. 

114. Bank. 
Bon.srazk August, laborer, 112 Carroll. 
Bood Nancy, milliner, 108 St. Clair. 
Boofman Conrad, shoemaker, h. 140 Ontario. 
Booth Benjamin, laborer, Spring. 
Booth James, lake engineer, h. 311 Erie. 
Booth James, foreman gas works, h. 42 Bath. 
Boothe Mrs. Agnes, widow of Alexander, 

h. 25 Mill. 
Bopp Constantine, teamster, 38 Mayflower. 
Boran Tim, laborer. West River. 
Borg Peter, laborer, 21 Belmont. 
Borg Peter, Jr., h. 21 Belmont. 
Borger Jacob J., grocer, 172 Greenwood. 
Borger Jacob, checkman, h. 3 Floyd. 
Borger John, laborer, 172 Greenwood. 
Borger Madis. stone-cutter, 898 St. Clair. 
BORGES JOHN F., clothing, corner Supe- 
rior and River, h, 109 St. Cl*ir. 
Borkhart Conrad, stone-cutter, h. 115 Laurel. 
BORN CHARLES P., stoves, &c.,'&c., 218 

Superior, h. 381 St. Clair. 
Born Frederick, tinsmith, bds. 381 St. Clair. 
Borst Charles, joiner, h. 27 Vine. 
Boshack Karl, carpenter, h. 16 Liberty. 
Boston Israel, (colored) h. 132 Champlain. 
BOSTON PAIL CO., corner West Center 

and Main. 
Bostwick Charles B., carpenter, h. Terrott. 
Bosworth Bordman, cook, bds. 237 P>ie. 
Bosworth Philetus S., Forest City Brewery, 

h. 118 Scoville Avenue. 
Botanha^mer Michael, butcher, h. 25 Irving. 
Botsford Samuel E., h. 569 Kinsman. 
Bottleheim Casper, cabinet maker, h. 62 

Bouloff Charles, pork packer, h. 305 Ham- 
Bound John, shoemaker, rear corner York 

and Fulton, h. York. 
Boutall John, merchant tailor, 263 St, Clair. 
Bous John, butcher, 46 Clifton. 

BOUSFIELD JOHN, Cleveland Wooden 
Ware Manufactory, 34 West Center, office 
^twater Buildings. 
Bowder Augustus, check clerk, h. 147 Cedar 

Bowe Lawrence, h. 37 Division. 
Bowen Cornelius, machinist, h. 12 Mandrake. 
Bowen Frank, R. R. paymaster, Ixis. 128 

Bowen Henry, physician, h. 314 Erie. 
Bowen Thomas, laborer, h. foot St. Clair. 
Bower Bartholt, carpenter, h, 534 Case Av- 
BOWER BUCKLAND P., plumber, At- 

water Building, bds. 72 Ontario. 
Bower Charles, carpenter, h. 103 Laurel, 
Bower Isaac S., saloon 265 West River. 
Bowers Grosvenor B., firm Mornill & B., h. 

805 Lake, 
Bowers Peter H., ship carpenter, h. 115 Root 
Bowler Nodiah P., insurance, Atwater Build- 
ing, h. 54 Parkraan. 
Bowler William, Book-keeper, h. 17 Fulton. 
Bowley Richard, engineer, h. 189 Hamilton. 
Bowman Alexander, sailor, h. 216 Lake. 
Bowman Charles, lalwrer, 105 Lorain. 
Bowman John, sailor, h. 344 St. Clair. 
Bowman William, peddler, h. 128 Burch. 
Bowra John, clerk, bds. 377 Lorain, 
Boyd David, carpenter, h. 72 York, 
Bowzeman Wm., baker, 53 Green, 
Boxon Wm., laborer, rear 68 Green, 
Boyd David, Jr., sailor, h. 72 York. 
Boyd David H., machinist, bds. 63 Water. 
Boyd James, boarding house, 63 Water. 
Bovd Thomas J., carriage painter, bds. 63 

Bovd William R., carriage bds. 63 Water 
Bo'vd William H., clerk, C. C. & C. R. R, 

Freight Office, 
Boyer John, carpenter, h 111 Hamilton. 
Boyer John, carpenter, h. 38 Scoville Avenue. 
Boyle Andrew, lake cajitain, K 167 Bridge, 
Boyle James, laborer, 55 Lamartine. 
Boyle James, laborer, 61 Lamartine, 
Bovle Thomiis, h, 40 Woodbine, 
BOYLSTON H. K., agent Merchant's Dis- 
patch, h. 230 St Clair. 
Bovlston Thomas, clerk Merchant's Dis- 

f atch, h. 230 St. Clair. 
Bovs William, mason, bds. 53 Webster, 
Boys William C, sailor, h. 73 Root 
Braan James, laborer, 164 Bridge. 
Brace Thomas, produce dealer, bds. Bennet's 

Forest City House, 
Brack Christopher A., sailor, h. 320 Lake, 
and liquors, 114 Water. 

or Ambrotype, should not fail to caU at NORTH'S GALLERY. 



Bradbnrn Charles, firm B. & Fisher, h. 42 

BRADBURN & FISHER, wholesale gro- 
cers and commission merchants, agents for 
N. Longworth's wines and brandy, 58 and 
60 River, and 21 and 23 Meadow. 

Bi-adbury Levi, machinist, h. 48 Carroll. 

Braddish Charles, sailor, bds. 226 St. Clair. 

Braddish Jonas, sailor, h. 42 Main. 

Bradey J., laborer, 33 Phelps. 

Bradford John N., h. 37 Erie. 

BRADLEY ALVA, vessel owner, h. 447 

Bradley Christopher, mason, bds. 181 Clinton. 

Bradley James, laborer, 181 Clinton. 

Bradley John, ironmonger, h. 795 Lake. 

Bradley Patrick, laborer, 102 Oregon. 

Bradley Patrick, fruit stand, h. Franklin. 

Bradley Thomas, baker, bds. 131 Muirson. 

Bradley William J., shoemaker, h. 270 Ham- 

Brady Charles, student, bds. 243 Hamilton. 

Brady Cornelius, sheet iron worker, h. 264 

Brady Edward, policeman, h. 272 Detroit. 

Brady Francis, laborer, bds. 89 Pittsburgh. 

Brady Joseph, cooper, bds. 88 Columbus. 

Brady Peter, laborer, 19 Division. 

Braen Peter, carpenter, bds 97 St. Clair. 

Brager Henry, tailor, h. 600 Superior. 

BRAGG, BENJAMIN A , horse shoer and 
dealer. West, opposite Hewitt's Block, h. 
274 Columbus. 

Bragg C. S., firm Ingham & B., h. 206 Pros- 

Bragheny Owan, laborer, W. River. 

Brainard Chauncey A., carpenter, h. 16 Ore- 

Brainard Jacob, finisher, h. 29 Pittsburgh 

Brainard John, laborer, 35 Champlain. 

Brainard Joseph M., clerk 201 Superior, h. 
30 Sheriff. 

Brainard Mrs. Laura, widow of Henry, h. 
219 Perry 

Brainard Lewis H., clerk, bds. 70 Rock- 

Brainard Nathan, h. 30 Sheriff. 

Brainard Silas, firm S. B. & Co., h. 348 !]?ros- 

BRAINARD S. & CO., pianos and music, 
203 Superior. 

BRAINERD & BURRIDGE, engravers and 
United States and foreign patent agency, 
134 Bank. 

Brainerd Jehu, firm B. & Burridge, h. 196 

Bralsford William, tinsmith, bds. 73 Hanover. 

Bramhall Elbridge, baker and confectioner, 
41-43 Public Square. 

Bramley Charles, ticket agent C. C. & C. R 
R., bds. 97 St. Clair. 

Branan Edward, laborer, 487 Lake. 

Branan Luke, teamster, h. 65 Superior Ave- 

BRANCH DARIUS G., wholesale grocer, 
Oviatt's Exchange, corner Superior and 
River, h. 164 Euclid. 

Branch Francis, county commissioner, Brook- 

Brand Frederick A., firm B. & McFadden, 
h. 68 Huntington. 

BRAND & McFADDEN, cigars and tobac- 
co, 122 Ontario. 

Brandenstien Adam, gardener, h. 53 Depot. 

Braney Luke, teamster, bds. 398 Pittsburgh. 

Brannan Martin, laborer, with J. F. Clark 
79 Public Square. 

Brant Miss E. W., machine sewing, 15 Hoff- 
man's Block. 

Brant F., carpenter, h. 877 Superior. 

Brassey Patrick, laborer. Elm. 

Braslin Barnard, saloon, h. W. River. 

Brassel Thomas, tailor, 190 Superior, bds. 22 
Summit Alley. 

BRATENAHL BROTHERS, leather, hides 
and oil, Vineyard Block, foot Superior. 

Bratenahl Charles, firm B. Brothers, bds. 
Weddell House. 

Bratenahl Louis, firm B. Brothers, bds. Wed- 
dell House. 

Bratzman Frederick, tailor, 100 Water, bds. 
108 Water. 

Brauer Charles, school teacher Lutheran 
Church, h. 245 Erie. 

Braumling William, laborer. Lake. 

Bray Bernard, book keeper, Crawford & 
Price, h. 91 Root. 

Bray Bryan, clerk, h. corner Bridge and Root. 

Bray Thomas, clerk, h. 66 Root. 

Brayton G. M., clerk Post OfBce, h. 23 Ham- 

BRAYTON HENRY F., insurance, Atwa- 
ter Block, bds. 292 Superior, 

Brayton Mrs. Salina A., h. 61 Seneca. 

Breed Andrew J., firm Chamberlin, Craw- 
ford & Co., h. 181 Prospect. 

Breen George,, joiner, 114 Brownell. 

Breen James, laborer, 164 Bridge. 

Breen Mike, laborer, 157 Lake. 

Breen Peter, carpenter, bds. 11 Sked. 

Bregkel John, wagon maker, 87 Oregon. 

Breidenbhach Philip, clerk, 172 Garden. 

Breighcr Henr^^, tailor, 83 Oregon. 

Brell Nicholas, blacksmith, h. 290 Lake. 

Bremer John, bandbox manufacturer. Liber- 
ty, h. 139 Dare. 

Bremier Daniel, carpenter, 147 Hamilton. 

Breneis George, laborer, h. 83 Spruce. 

Brenlap Jacob, shoemaker, 188 Hamilton. 

Dedorised.Coal, Manufactured by LAW & NORTH, 



Brenner Frederick, shoemaker, 73 Penn. 

Brennan James, batcher, bds. 64 Lamartine. 

Brennan Matthew, laborer, h. 184 Wilson, 

Brennan M., laborer, h. 12 John. 

Brennan Mrs. Mary, widow, h. 04 Lamar- 

Brennan Maria, widow, h. 155 Cedar Ave- 

Brennan Thomas, varnisher, melodeon fac- 
tory, bds. 64 Lamartine. 

Brepst GcorL^e, cooper, bis. 85 Fulton. 

Bresler Abert, grocery, 225 Hamilton. 

Bresler Charles, peddler, bds. 225 Hamilton. 

Breslihen Cm-nelius, laborer, h. 51 Hicks. 

BRP]SLIN P. H., attorney, 13U Superior. 

Brew Charles, blacksmith, h. 20 Lyman. 

Brew William, shoes, 130 Superior, h. 54 

Brew William, fireman Pittsburgh R. R., h. 
9 Minnesota. 

Brew William C, painter, rear 44 Garden. 

Brew William H., book keeper, Sturtevant's 
planing mill, h. 46 Eagle. 

Brewer Abraham, house mover, bds. 40 

Brewer John, brewer, h. 20 Prospect. 

Brewer Nelson C, druggist, 9 Pearl, h. 101 

Brener Stein, blacksmith, C. & E, R. R. Re- 
pair shop. 

Brewner Andrew, meat market, 315 Pitts- 

Brewner Henry, shoemaker, 144 Hamilton. 

Brewster Austin, joiner, h. 237 Franklin. 

Brewster Rev. William H., Pastor Wesleyan 
Methodist Church, h. 57 Garden. 

Breymer George, carriage maker, 38 Chestnut 

Brigamon Rhuderick, laborer, 42 Wilson. 

Breidenbach Philip, clerk, 88 Superior, b. 
172 Gaixlen. 

Bridgeman George, tanner, h. near Brock's 

Bridgeman John, machinist, h. 347 St. Clair. 

Briget Henry, sailor, h. Mulberry. 

Bright John, paper maker, h. 152 Croton. 

Brightman Geo. W., carpenter, h. 150 For- 

Brightraan J. AV., carpenter, h. 73 Croton. 
Brig-gs Andis, puddler, h. 928 St. Clair.' 
Briggs Charles, livery stable, 144 Pearl, h. 

23 Chi.rch. 
Briggs Ellis, pattern maker, h. 459 St. Clair. 
Briggs Erastus, livery stable, 144 Pearl, h. 

67 Washington. 
Briggs I]rastus, jr., livery stable, 144 Pearl, h. 

67 Washington. 
Briggs Frank C, dentist, corner Euclid and 

Public Square, bds. 70 Rockwell. 
Briggs J. T., book-keeper, bds 82 Huron 

Briggs Pierson D., salesman, 183 Superior, 

h. 31 Cheshire. 
Bring Mrs., h. 17 Burnham. 
Blinker Frederick, carpenter, h. 240 Detroit. 
Brinker Frederick William, cabinet maker, 

h. 72 Tracy. 
Brinkoti' Frederick, laborer, 40 Grove. 
lirinmore William, laborer, Croton. 
Brinnen Jas., gas fitter, bds. 26 Rockwell. 
iJrislin Barnard, saloon, 259 West River, 
lirising Mrs., widow, h. 297 Lorain. 
Britton Joseph W., boiler maker, h. 352 Su- 
Broad L., R. R. Conductor, h. 36 High. 
BROCK ELEAZER A., Tanner and Cur- 
rier, Canal, h. 70 Bolivar, 
Brock wav Horace H., clerk Citv Hotel. 
BROCKWAY THOS. B., proprietor City 

Hotel, Seneca. 
Brodbeck Kate, teacher. United Brethren 

Church, bds. 56 Willey. 
Broder Michael, teamster, h. 4 Clinton. 
Broder Sarah, widow of Pat., h. 4 Clinton. 
Broderick W. H., clerk, 217 Superior, bds. 

28 Mandrake. 

Brodessor , laborer, 144 Hamilton. 

Brodt Jacob, warehouseman, 60 Merwin, h. 

305 Hamilton. 
Brogan James, laborer. West River. 
Brogan John, laborer, Detroit hill. 
Brogan Patrick, laborer, 18 Hicks. 
Brogan Thomas, laborer, West River. 
Brogoin Catherine, widow of James, h. foot 

of Water. 
Brohler Catherine, widow of George, 105 

Brokaw Thomas C, pri/jter, Herald, h. 132 

Brokensliire Huldah, A-idowof John, grocery, 

244 Garden. 
Brokensliire James, commercial reporter, 

Plaindealer, h. 169 Garden. 
Brokeiishire Jar/es, grocery, 169 Garden. 
Brook A., coachmaker, 58 Merchant. 
Brook John, shoemaker, 90 Hamilton. 
Broi^ke Robert F,, book keeper, 148 Water, 

h. 39 Chestnut. 
Brookman George, laborer, rear 437 St. Clair. 
Brooks Charles, engineer. Holt's warehouse. 

bds. 46 West Main, 
Brooks Charles H., h. 344 Lake. 
Brooks David W., firm B. & Ford, bds. 27 

Brooks Edward, laborer, h. 810 Lake. 
Brooks Edward, jr., machinist, bds. 810 

Brooks Ethan, firm G. & E. B., bds, Ben- 
net House, 
Brooks E. W., firm S. C. & E. W. B., h. 29 


Briggs Joseph W., patent right, h. 241 Perry. 

is acknowledged to be the best in the State. 



BROOKS & FORD, Attorneys, 15 Atvvater 

Brooks Greo.j shoemaker, h. 212 Pittsburgh. 

Brooks, George, firm G. & E. B.. bds. Ben- 
net House. 

BROOKS Gr. & E., Paper Warehouse, 116 

Brooks John, laborer, 95 Clifton. 

Brooks John H., shoemaker, h. 90 Hamilton. 

Brooks John L., gas fitter, 237 Superior, h. 
71 Dodge. 

Brooks Levi, boarding house, 68 Ontario. 

BROOKS MARTIN L., m. d., h. 56 Euclid. 

Brooks Melinda, widow of Joshua, boarding 
house, 98 Bond. 

Brooks 0. A,, firm Huntington & B., h. 38 

Brooks S. C, firm S. C. & E. W. B., h. 35 

BROOKS S. C. & E. W., builders and ar- 
chitects, Hewitt's Block, West. 

Brooksmith John C, cooper, h. 8 Fourth. 

Brophey Peter, laborer, 14 Hicks. 

Broughey Peter, laborer. Hicks. 

Brough John,President Indianapolis & Belle- 
foutaine R. R., h. 126 St. Clair. 

Brower Andrew, teamster, h, 14 Ann. 

Brower Isaac, shingle maker, h. 14 Ann. 

Brown & Akers, barbers, 125 Seneca. 

Brown Amos, teamster, h. 177 Greenwood. 

BROWN & ANDREWS, flour and feed, cor- 
ner Ontario and Prospect. 

Brown Calvin, S., R. R., bds. Stillman House. 

Brown Cephas, laborer, h. 50 Pearl. 

Brown Charles F., local editor Plain Dealer, 
bds. 70 Rockwell. 

Brown Charles H., agent Jones & Son's 
Marble Works, h. 142 Muirson. 

Brown David, sailor, h. 69 St. Clair. 

BROWN DEWITT C, paper hanger, h. 5 

Brown Edwin, butcher, 18 Orange. 

Brown Elenora, widow of Wm., seamstress, 
h: 34 Ontario. 

Brown Eliza,, physician, h. 311 Erie. 

Brown Mrs. E A., corner Huron and Middle. 

Brown Ely L , shoemaker, 50 Cross. 

Brown Fannv, widow of Samuel, h. 83 Bond. 

BROWN FAYETTE, banker, next door to 

Commercial Bank, Atwater Buildings, h. 
362 Prospect, corner Hudson. 

Brown F, A., tailor, 141 Superior. 

Brown Rev. F. T., pastor Westminster Pres- 
byterian Church, h. 199 Euclid. 

Brown Frank, salesman, h. 83 Bond. 

Brown George shoemaker, bds. 33 High. 

Brown George, peddler, h. 166 River. 

Brown Henry, (col.) cooper, h. 48 Cheshire. 

Brown Hiram M., clerk, 242 Superior, bds. 
83 Public Square. 

Brown Mrs. H. P. M., publisher Agitator, 

h. 288 Superior. 
Brown Isabella, widow of James, h. 353 St. 

Brown James, blacksmith, h. 134 Duane. 
Brown James, mason, h. 72 Courtlandt. 
Brown James, pressman, Plain Dealer. 
BROWN J AMES S., lawyer, 1 Seneca Block. , 
Brown James A., book keeper, 143 ^Water, 

bds. 304 Superior. 
Brown James A., sailor, h. 56 Whitman, * 
Brown James C, constable, h. Ill Huron. 
Brown James E., assistant book-keeper, F. 

Brown James H., sailor, bds. 42 Garden. 
Brown James S., attorney, bds. 53 Seneca. 

Brown cabinet, bds. 45 Public Square. 

Brown John, brass finisher, h. Second Alley, 

between Bolivar and Huron. 
Brown John, stone cutter, h. 68 Burch. 
Brown John, tobacconist, h. 177 Greenwood. 
Brown John, clerk Jackson Iron Co., h. 63 

Brown John, (col'd.) barber, h. 126 Muirson. 
Brown John, h. 282 Cedar Avenue. 
Brown John, porter, h. Detroit. 
Brown John B., engineer, h. 89 Turnpike. 
Brown John C, h. 56 Hill. 
Brown John E., watchman, C. & E. R. R. 

Machine Shop, h. 286 Orange. 
Brown John L., firm B. & Andrews h. 

65 Hill. 
Brown John P., printer. Herald, h. 57 Sibley. 
Brown Joseph, bookbinder, 107 Superior, 

bds. Johnson House. 
Brown Joseph, peddler, bds. 78 Water. 
Brown Joseph 0., firm J. 0. B. & Son, h. 159 

Brown Joseph 0. & Son, auctioneers, 212 

Brown Julius H, clerk Recorder's Office, h. 

102 Scott. 
Brown Mary, widow of John, 186 Superior. 
BrownMichael, laborer, h. 16 Summit Alley. 
Brown Michael, student, bds. 243 Hamilton. 
Brown M. A., veneer sawing, Hewitt's Block, 

h. 67 Clinton. 
BROWN THOMAS, publisher Ohio Farmer, 

bds. Weddell House. 
Brown Thomas, laborer, h. 47 Superior Av- 
Brown Thomas, laborer, h 523 Superior. 
Brown Thomas, carpenter, bds, 375 Kinsman. 
Brown Thomas, brass finisher, bds. Second 

Alley, between Bolivar and Huron. 
Brown Thomas, house carpenter,h. 303 Perry. 
Brown William, saw filer, bds. 22 Prospect. 
Brown William, marble cutter, h. 30 Ohio. 
Brown William, painter, h. 25 Scoville 


Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario St., Cleveland, O. 



Brown William R., builder, 126 Brownell. 

Brown William S., book keeper, h. 27 Marion. 

Brown Wilson, engineer, h. 322 St. Clair. 

Brownell Benjamin, firm Otis & B., bds. An- 

Brownell Hiram, land trader, 107 Kinsman. 

BRUCE ELI, attorney, 168 Superior, h. 104 

Bruce Mary, widow of Alex., h. 31 Academy. 

Bruce W. W., printer, Plain Dealer, h. 51 

Brugart John; laborer, A. Robert's Tannery. 

Bruger Geo., grocery, h. 162 Pearl. 

Brunibach Henrietta, (colored,) widow of 
Noah, washwoman, h. 153 St. Clair. 

Brumer Frederick, shoemaker, 364 Lorain, h. 

Brunar Henry, shoemaker, h. 146 Hamilton. 

Brunell Frederick shoemaker, 68 Lorain, h. 
164 Dare. 

Bruner Jacob, carpenter, h. 316 Lake. 

Bruner John, cooper, h. 94 McLane. 

Bruner William, brakeman, h. 77 Water. 

Bruno Nicolaus, accountant, Bratenahl Bros. 

Brush Mrs. Piatt, widow, h 288 Euclid. 

Bruthar Michael, teamster, h. comer of Clinton 
and Wilson. 

Bruyman Joseph, tailor, h. 92 Bolivar. 

Bryan Steven G., clerk, 240 Superior, bds. 
23 Sheriff. 

Bryan Leonard, grocer, 206 Pittsburgh. 

Bryan Lewis, police officer, bds 74 Garden. 

Bryant Daniel, sailor, h. 103 Bridge. 

perior and Seneca. 

Bryant Israel, iron worker, h. 198 Merchant 

Bryant Needham G., (col'd.) mason, h. Sco- 
ville Avenue. 

Bubb Thomas, sailor, h. 25 Elm. 

Buch George, laborer, h. 14 Willet. 

Buchan John, firm Smith & Pelton, h, 46 

Buchard Elizabeth, widow of Rodolph, h. 
Old River. 

Burchgert Ernest, tinsmith, h. 359 Garden. 

Buchmiller Charles, book-binder 220 Kins- 

Buck John, gardner, h. 139 Courtlandt. 

Buckingham Isaac, law student, bds. 74 On- 

Buckley John, laborer, 207 Merchant. 

Buckley Patrick, laborer, 19 Summit Alley. 

Buckley Patrick, tailor, h. 13 Dodge. 

Buckskin John, laborer, 119 Clifton. 

Budge James, builder, h. 79 Dodge. 

Budinger Peter, shoemaker, 354 St. Clair. 

Buehler George F., blacksmith, h. 41 Third. 

Buel Ebenezer B., 48 River. 

Buel J., Travellers' Home, 48 River. 

Buel Jephtha C, teller Bank of Commerce, 

h. 215 Prospect. 
Buerger Jacob, cooper, h. 277 Columbus. 
Buff Adam, cooper, h. 248 Pearl. 
Buffington William, lake captain, h. 36 

Buffett Mrs. E. S., teacher Cleveland Insti- 
Buffett Charles, teacher Cleveland Institute. 
Buholt Henrv, shoemaker, 109 Clifton. 
BUHRER STEPHEN, liquors 70 Merwin, 

h. 69 McLean. 
Bulger John, farmer, h. 171 St. Clair. 
Bulkhart Mrs. Mar}^, widow of Samuel, 

washerwoman, h. 121 West Main. 
Bull John C, engineer, 42 John, corner of 

Bullinger George, clerk Mix & Morris, bds. 

172 River. 
Bunner Henry, furs, 202 Ontario. 
Bunting W. D., leather, on Canal, h. 63 

Bunger John, tailor, h. 44 Lorain. 
Burchfield Benjamin F., clerk River, h. rear 

128 Bolivar. 
Burdick John, planing machines, 35 Clinton. 
Burrett George, blacksmith, h. 167 Orange. 
Burger E. G., dentist, 243 Superior, h. 96 

Burger F. A., insurance clerk, 261 Superior, 

bds. 96 Bond. 
Burger Robert, lithographer, 107 Superior, 

h. 170 Hamilton. 
Burger W. R., salesman, 135 Water, bds. 124 

Burgert Adam, salesman, 125 Water, h. 46 

Burgert Frederick, clerk, bds. 201 Prospect. 
Burgert Levi, firm Huett, B. & Co., h. 50 

Burgess Allen, baggage master C. & P. R. R. 

h. 353 St. Clair." 
Burgess Dexter, foreman C. C. & C. R. R. 

shop, h. 62 Erie. 
Burgess John C, book-keeper, bds. 70 Bank. 
Burgess John W., boarding house, 60 Euclid. 
Burgess Leonard F., firm L. F. & S. B., h. 

85 St. Clair. 
BURGESS L. F. & S., wholesale grocers, 

52 and 54 River. 
Burgess Louis, laborer, 276 St. Clair 
Burgess Solon, firm L. F. & S. B., h . 85 St 

Burgess Theodore, conductor C. C. & C. R. 

R., bds. 60 Euclid. 
Burgg John, carpenter, h. 141 Cedar Avenue. 
Burghart Ernest^ tinner, 218 Superior, h. 

Burier John, laborer, h. Vermont 
Burk L., laborer, h. 50 Grove. 

W. C. NOKTH'S Photograph and Fine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 



Burke Alexander, laborer, h. foot St. Clair. 

Burke James, blacksmith, Leonard, h. 107 

Burke James, shoemaker, 13 Third Alley. 

Burke James, salesman, h. 203 Lorain. 

Burke James C, wagon maker, bds. 203 

Burke John, wagon maker and blacksmith, 
50 East Center, h. 203 Lorain. 

Burke John, mason, h. 24 Mechanic. 

Burke John, joiner, C. & E. R. R. car shop, 
h. 165 Wilson. 

Burke Michael, tailor, h. 39 Marion. 

Burke Oscar M., Secretary and Treasurer C, 
& M. R. R., h. 304 Perry. 

Burke Patrick, drayman, h. 13 Jersey. 

Burke Thomas, laborer, 52 Grove. 

Burkhard Adolph, grocer, 62 Cross. 

Burkhart Jacob, cooper, h. 47 Jackson. 

Burkholder John, cooper, h. Ward. 

Burkley James, drayman, h. 7 Summit Alley. 

Burkle Christopher, clerk, Public Square. 

Burlingame Henry, clerk, 215 Superior, bds. 
304 Superior. 

Burlingame George R., clerk, 215 Stipeiior, 
bds. Bennet House. 

Burlison A. E., policeman, h. 58 Lamartine. 

Burlison John, shingle maker, h. 78 Taylor. 

Burlison Silas, bridge tender Center Street 
Bridge, h. 75 Hanover. 

Burman John, gardener, h. 12 Scoville Av- 

Burmeister W. H., salesman, 1433^ Water. 

Bumes John, peddler, h. Bridge. 

Bumes John, car repairer, h. 96 Franklin. 

Bumes Thomas, grocer, 232 Lorain. 

Bumes W. J., clerk, 215 Superior, h. 95 

BURNETT HOUSE, corner Prospect and 

Burnett John, laborer, h. 411 West River. 

Burnett Joseph, laborer, h. 187 Croton. 

Burnett Proctor R., firm Rice & B., bds. Bur- 
nett House. 

Burnett Uzziel, proprietor Burnett House. 

Burney Findley K., sailor, bds. 110 Turnpike. 

Burnham George C, book keeper, Wason. 
Everett & Co., h. 202 Kinsman. 

Burnham Jacob, h. 38 Water. 

BURNHAM S. B., m. d. Dentist, 360 Su- 
perior, corner Erie. 

Burnham Thomas, grain elevator and feed 
mill, 156 West River, h. 339 Prospect. 

Burnham William, (colored) barber, bds. 278 

Burnham Mrs. widow Willard, h. 202 Kins- 

Burns Andrew, painter, h. 69 Duane. 

Burns Bridget, widow of Patrick, h. 13 

Burns Charles, mason, h. rear 27 Ohio. 

Burns Charles, drayman, h. 365 St. Clair. 

Burns George, laborer, h. 167 Lake. 

Burns Mrs., widow of Morris, bds. &7 Duane. 

Burns James, painter, h. 33 Alabama. 

Burns James, blacksmith, h. 93 Muirson. 

Bums John, carpenter, h. 98 Franklin. 

Burns John, peddler, h. 338 Bridge. 

Burns Larry, carriage man, h. 148 Lake. . 

Burns Michael, laborer, h, 12 Third Alley. 

Burns Michael, laborer, h. 26 Dodge. 

Bums Michael, heater. 

Burns Nicholas, laborer, h. 34 Superior Av- 

Burns Patrick, laborer, rear 17 Elm. 

Burns Patrick, laborer, Spring. 

Bums Patrick, boiler maker, h. Elm. 

Burns Patrick, printer. Plain Dealer, h. 99 

Burns Philip, carpenter, 180 Hamilton, 

Burns Thomas, printer. 

Burns Thomas, grocery, h. 232 Lorain. 

Burns Robert, sailor, h. rear 44 Bolivar. 

Burridge William H., firm Brainard & B 
h. 196 Euclid. 

Burrin Thomas J., block pump and spar fac- 
tory, 15 Spruce, h. 229 Franklin. 

BURRITT GEORGE, H.. shingles, 104 
h. 223 Kinsman 

Burritt S. W., boarding house, 45 and 47 
Public Square. 

Burrows George H., (colored) bds. 94 Mu- 
irson. , 

Burt George H., firm Thatcher B. & Co., bds. 
52 Euclid. 

Burt Henry, clerk, C. & C. R. R., h. 154 Pitts- 

BURT H. C. wool dealer, 107 Bank, h. 275 

Burton Byron, forwarding and commission 
merchant, West Center, h. 89 Hanover. 

Burton Charles, machinist, bds. 97 St. Clair. 

Burton George, machinist, h. 126 Orange. 

Burton Mrs. Helen, widow of Sidney, h. 95 
State. . 

Burton James, saloon, 216 Ontario, h. 21 

Burton James, joiner, C. & E. R. R. Car Shop. 

Burton James, laborer, h. 12 Fountain Alley. 

Biu-ton Joseph, h. 69 St. Clair. 

BURTON (Rev.) LEWIS, Rector St. John's 
Church, h. 26 Vestry. 

Burton T. M., firm Lewis, Easton & Co., bds. 
56 Pearl. 

Burton Wm. bar tender, Angier House, 

Burwell Enoch, joiner, h. St. Clair. 

BURWELL GEORGE P., builder, h. 27 

BURY & CO., wines and liquors, 56 Union. 

Bury Francis, firm B. & Co., h. 148 Lorain. 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a photograph, in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



Bury Henry, firm Bury & Co, bds. 210 

Bury Richard A., book keeper, 147 Merwin, 
h. 416 Superior. 

Bury Theodore, bds. 416 Suiierior. 

Bush Benjamin P., carriage trimmer at Low- 

BUSH EDWIN C, grocer, 245 Superior, h. 
213 Prospect. 

Bush F., telegraph operator, bds. 17 Johnson. 

Bush Henry, laliorcr, h. 190 Greenwood. 

Bush Isaac A., superintendent telegraph, h. 
185 Prospect. 

Busher F., file cutter, h. 76 Tracy. 

Bushma Fred, moulder, bds. 25 Frankfort. 

Bushman Frank, printer. Herald, bds 87 

Bushman William, h. 87 Washington. 

Buskirk Alexander, ship carpenter, h. 84 

Buskirk George, carpenter, h. 153 Lorain. 

Buskirk Joseph, carpenter, h. 106 Bridge. 

Butler Charles, puddler, bds. 89 Case Avenue. 

Butler Charles J{., d. d. s., 16 and 17 Hofif- 
man's Block, bds. 67 Harman. 

Butler George, sailor, h. 331 Washins^ton. 

Butler G. Orfirm Parker & B., h. 221 Pitts- 

Butler James, laborer, h. 35 Willei 

Butler James, marble cutter, bds. 15 High. 

Butler Michael, tailor, 129 Superior, h. 24 

Butler Patrick, tailor, h. 6 Williams Alley. 

Butler Richard, tailor, 190 Superior, h. 27 
Summit Alley. 

Butmer Marcus, laborer, 175 Hamilton. 

Butten Ernest, painter, h. 57 Burnham. 

Butterfield Charles H., machinist, h. 42 York. 

Butterfield John L., sailor, h. 13 Noble Al- 

Butterfield Matthew, teamster, h 448 Ham- 

Butterfield Patrick, laborer, 446 Hamilton. 

Butterfield Samuel, bds. 236 Lake. 

Butterfield Mrs. Violetta, widow of James, 
bds. 236 Lake. 

Buttelier George T., book keeper, bds. 124 

Button Chester, gent, h. 172 Bridge. 

Buttles Levi, Cleveland Female Seminary. 

BUTTS BOLIVAR, hats, caps and furs, 
123 Superior, h. East Cleveland. 

Butts Freeman, firm Gates, Rouse & B., h. 
371 Kinsman. 

Butts Lewis C, agent, lumber raerchant,271 
West River, h. 365 Kinsman. 

Buty M., lal)orer, 161 Forest. 

Buxel .fohn, moulder, h. 68 Green. 

Buxton Law.^on, shoemaker, h. 113 Clinton. 

Buzek John, laborer, 873 St Clair. 

Byerley Edward, book keeper, 171 River, 
bds. American House. 

Byerley F. X., marine inspector, bds. Amer- 
ican Hotel. 

Byrono James, Saleratus agent, bds. John- 
son House. 

Byrone Patrick, rodsman, h. 422 St Clair. 

Byrnes Bryan, laborer, 20 Hicks. 

Byrnes Eihvard, laborer, 44 Hicks. 

Byrnes Patrick, laboror, 20 Hicks. 

Byrnes James, blacksmith, h. 96 Muirson. 

Byrns Stephen, h. 9 Grove. 

Byron Patrick, cooper, 458 Detriol, h. 456 


Caber Godfrey, saloon, 46 Ohio. " 

Caddan Thomas, clerk 26 River. 

Caddy John, brick maker, h. 273 Orange. 

Caddy Henr\', laborer, bds. 89 Case Avenue. 

Cady George H., St Nicholas, 112 Bank. 

Cady George W., clerk 125 Water, bd.s. 124 

Cady James H., clerk Alcott & Horton's, h. 
22 York Alley. 

Cady Nicholas L., dravman, h. 25 Plum. 

Cady Seth M., firm Myrick & (I, h. 252 

Cahill Joseph, laborer, 15 Hickox. 

CAHILL MARGARET, widow of John, 
tailoress, h. 27 California, 

Cain Adam, tanner, h. corner Hamilton and 

Cain George H., laborer, Park. 

Cain James, lalxjrer, 18 Johnson, 

Cain Mrs. Lucinda, h. 69 Garden. 

CAIN MARTIN, eating house, depot, h. 

Cain Morgan, porter Am. Ex., h. 8 Root's 

Cain Patrick, engineer, h. 34 Wilson. 

Cain Thomas, grocer, comer Chestnut and 

Cain Thomas, carpenter, h. 346 St Clair. 

Cain Wm., shoemak<r, h. Oregon. 

Caine James, tool maker, h. 85 Scoville Av- 
enue. _ 

Caine James, broom maker, h. 66 Hunting- 

Caine Wm., shoemaker, h. 50 Oregon. 

Calahan Dennis, laborer, 15 Cross. 

Calahan Thomas, telegraph repairer, bds. 26 

Calder James, carpenter, h. 20 Johnson. 

Calder Wm., painter oil cloth, h. Canal, 

Caldwell Capt. Charles, bds. 109 Clinton. 

Caldwell Henrv L., yard master C. & T. R. 
R.,h. 47 Lake. 

or Ambrotjrpe, should not fail to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 



Caldwell Capt. James, h. 230 Bridge. 

Caldwell Capt. John, h. 101 Turnpike. 

CALDWELL STEPHEN, commission mer- 
chant, 159 River, bds. 124 Water. 

Caldwell Wm., ship carpenter, h. 140 West 

CALEY JOHN, shoemaker. 169 Detroit, h. 
38 Carroll. 

Calhoun John C, firm C. & Smith, h. Pros- 

CALHOUN & SMITH, woolen and cotton 
fabrics, 118 Water. 


Calkins George W., firm G. W. C. & Co., h. 
211 Franklin. 

CALKINS G. W. & Co., lime manufacturers, 

Calkins James S., ship carpenter, h. 70 Hicks. 

Calligan Peter, laborer, 118 Turnpike. 

Calor John, shoemaker, h. 38 Carrol. 

Callow Thomas, gent., h. 107 St Clair. 

Callow Thomas, paper maker, h. 52 Orange. 

Callow William, carpenter, h. 79 Scoville 

Calvin James, saloon, 70 Cedar Avenue. 

Camp Mrs. Anna, dressmaker, h. 55 Third. 

Camp Augustus, iron finisher, h. Jay. 

Camp C. L., banker, h. 52 Lake. 

Camp Mrs. Emily, 72 Erie. 

Camp Henry S., book keej^er, bds. 72 Erie. 

Camp Jefferson, carpenter, h. 27 Blair. 

Camp Thomas, laborer, 98 Hudson. 

Camp Willard, bds. 51 Bond. 

Camp William, machinist, bds. 53 Frank- 

Campbell Mrs. Agnes, widow of Alexaue, 
seamstress, h. 40 Cherry. 

Campbell Alexander, firm Campbell, Bro's. 
& Co., Marquette, bds. 185 St. Clair. 

Campbell Charlotte, h. 90 Courtlandt, 

Campbell Edward, moulder, h. 273 Bridge. 

CAMPBELL GEORGE, builder, bds. 
Franklin House. ^ 

Campbell Jane, widow of David, h. Califor- 

Campbell Jas. B., carpenter, h. 31 Cedar. 

Campbell John, blacksmith, 10 Wilson. 

Campbell John, printer, bds. 53 Seneca. 

Campbell Michael, laborer. East Main. 

Campbell Michael, laborer. River. 

Campbell William, mason, h. 93 Cross. 

Campion Edward, moulder, h. 273 Bridge. 

Campen Michael, laborer, 14 John. 

Cancig Christian, trader, h. 66 Orange. 

Caneen Martin, laborer, 51 Superior Avenue. 

Canfield Edwin, engineer, h. 58 Jay. 

Caufield Jason, firm Adams & C, h. Heights. 

Canning Thomas, mason, h. 10 Maple. 

Cannon A. V., salesman, 146 Water, bds. 
Commercial House. 

Capener William H., physician, 98 Seneca, 
h. 238 St. Clair. 

Captel George, upholsterer, h. 193 Kinsman. 

Caran Patrick, butcher, h. 356 Lorain. 

Casbell Lucy, widow of August, h. 88 Ore- 

Cardie William, shoemaker, h. 138 Cedar 

Carey Thomas, laborer, C. & E, -R. R. 

CAREY W. F., wholesale dealer in iron, 
nails, and glass, 61 and 63 River, and 95 
and 96 Dock, bds. American. 

Cai-ing Jochem, drayman, h. 305 Hamilton. 

Carl James, mason, h. 239 Hamilton. 

Carl Lawrence, laborer, h. near Brock's tan- 

Carlin Reinard, laborei", 465 Lake. 

Carlin John, shoemaker, h. 465 Lake. 

Carlin John, shoemaker, 270 Hamilton, h. 
262 Lake. 

Carliue Barney, boiler maker, C. & E, R. R. 
machine shop. 

Carlisle Andrew, book keeper, C. C. & C. R. 
R., bds. 30 Huron. 

CARLISLE JOHN, forwarding and com- 
mission, 33 River, h. 30 Huron. 

Carlisle John, watchman, C. & P. Depot, h. 
241 Hamilton. 

Carlo w Owen, laborer, 306 St. Clair. 

CARLTON C. C, insurance, 197 Superior, 
h. 23 Eagle. 

CARLTON E. G., insurance, h. 28 Sheriff. 

Carmen Almon, blacksmith, h. 16 Fox Av- 

Carmody Mary, h. Long. 

Carmon Almon, blacksmith, h. 16 Fox Ave- 

Carmody Mary, h. Long. 

Carmon Jerome, machinist, h. 163 Green- 

Carmont Samuel, sailor, h. 83 Hamilton. 

Carnegie N. moulder, bds. 65 St. Clair. 

Carney James, laborer, Long. 

Carney John, omnibus driver, h. 437 Supe- 

Carney Patrick, drayman, h. rear 163 Ore- 

Carney Peter, h. 95 Phelps. 

Carnick Harmon, carpenter, h. 614 Superior. 

Carpenter David T., moulder, h. 799 Lake. 

Carpenter Geo. H., engineer C. P. & A. R. 
R., h. 267 Lake. 

CARPENTER S. M. & CO., founders, cor- 
ner Lake and Wason. 

Carpenter Samuel M., firm S. M. C..& Co., 
h. 31 Case Avenue, 

Carr Mrs. Ann, widow Richard, h. 47 Wil- 

Carr Francis, grocery, 157 Detroit, 

Carr James, clerk, 159 Ontario, 

Deoderised Coal Oil, manufactured by LAW & WORTH, 



Can- John, fireman, bds. 864 St. Clair. 

Carr Michael, laborer, 131 Oegon. 

Carr Patrick, grocery, 185 Detroit. 

Carr Willard, fireman, bds. 864 St. Clair. j 

Carren John, laborer,^19 Michigan. 

Carroll James, mason, h. 239 Hamilton. I 

Carroll Lawrence, ship carpenter, h, 123 Har- 

Carroll Michael, brakesman, bds. 3 Root's 

CaiToll Patrick, sailor, h. 76 Taylor. 

Carroll , laborer, 170 Taylor. 

Carroll Bridget, widow, h. 35 Division. 

Carroll George, 198 Ontario. 

Carroll Hugh, ship carpenter, h. 70 Franklin. 

Carroll James, ship carpenter, h. 152 Root. 

Carroll John, professor St. Mary's College, 
bds. 243 Hamilton. 

Carroll John, laborer, 26 Bond. 

Carroll Margaret, widow of Thomas, h. 36 

Carroll Mike, laborer, h. 10 Summit, 

Carroll Michael, laborer, rear 470 Hamilton. 

Carroll Patrick, carpenter, 61 Muirson. 

Carroll Patrick, pressman, Plain Dealer, h. 
36 Calitornia. 

CaiToll Mrs. Sarah, widow of Hugh, h. 70 

Carroll Thomas, h. 74 Michigan. 

Carson Charles, laborer, h. 65 Dare. 

Carson Charles C, bds. 5 Miami. 

Carson James W., firm H. D. Kendall & Co., 
h. 5 Miami. 

Carson John, ship carpenter, h. 94 Duane. 

CARSON MARSHALL, paper hangings, 

183 Superior, h. 21 Bank. 
■ Carson Robert F., carpenter, h. 5 Miami. 

Carter Benjamin, laborer, h. 83 Greenwood. 

Carter C. C, clerk, Woolson, Hitchcock & 
Carter, bds. corner Perry and Euclid. 

Carter D., clerk steamer May Queen, bds. 56 

Carter Flora Jane, h. 282 St. Clair. 

Carter Frank, laborer, bds. 83 Greenwood. 

Carter James, (colored) painter, 101 Pros- 
pect, h. 108 Orange. 

Carter Thomas, laborer, 204 Orange. 

Carter Thomas, (colored) cook, h. comer 
California and Muirson. 

Carter William, firm Holmes & C, bds. City 

Carter William L., firm Woolson H. & Co., 
h. 127 Lake. 

Cartly Joseph, brewer, h. Canal. 

Gartminer John, laborer, 144 West River. 

Cartwright J. J., salesman, Thatcher, Burt 
& Co., h. 261 Franklin. 

Cartmill William, machinist, h. Old River. 

Cartter, David K,, firm C. & Thayer, h. De- 

CARTTER & THAYER, lawyers, 219 Su- 

Carvell John, silver plater, h. 35 Bolivar. y. 

Carver Andrew, laborer, 23 Summit Alle 

Carver Wm. R., clerk. County Recorder's 
Ofiice, bds. Bennet House. 

Car\' D., laborer, bds. 823 St. Clair. 

Gary George, firm G. C. & Co., h. 225 Sco- 
ville Avenue. 

CARY GEORGE & Co., Cleveland White 
Lead Works, Hewitt's Block, West. 

Cary John E., firm Willey & C, h. 136 

Cary Joseph, laborer, 14 Oregon. 

Cary Josiah W., general ticket agent, C. & E. 
R. R., h. 232 St. Clair. 

Cary Mrs. Mary, washwoman, h. 84 Garden. 

Cary William, laborer, bds. 147 Oregon. 

Case Druman, dealer in provisions, h- 108 

Case Mrs. Julia A., mdow of Austin M., 
bds. 104 Clinton. 

Case John, mason, h. 96 Chatham. 

Case L. H., wool dealer, bds. Burnett House. 

CASE LEONARD, gent. h. 7 Rockwell. 

CASE LEONARD jr., attorney, h. 7 Rock- 

CASE WILLIAM, h. 7 Rockwell. 

Casey John, sailor, h. 91 Harbor. 

Casey Michael, white lead worker, h. 37 Su- 
perior Avenue. 

Cash Almira H., Homeopathic College. 

Cash George, laborer, 50 Mechanic. 

Cashan Patrick, laborer, h. Canal Basin. 

Cashberg Harris, tailor, h. comer Lake and 

Casher Henry, h. 387 St. Clair. 

Casher Peter, carpenter, h. 136 Bridge. 

Casby John, laborer, 214 Hamilton. 

Cassady John, sailor, h. 88 Franklin. 

Cassiday Patrick, shoemaker, h. rear 391 St. 

Cassidy John, joiner, h. 5 Greenwood. 

Cassan Catharine, widow of Michael, h. 88 

Casper Michael, shoemaker. 

Cassels Dr. John L., professor chemistry, 
Cleveland Medical College, h. 431 Euclid, 
corner Case Avenue. 

Castelow Edward, laborer, h. 26 Pearl. 

Caster Henry, butcher, h. 24 Belmont. 

Caster Jane, widow of James, h. 282 St. Clair. 

Castle H. B., book keeper, Gaylord & Ham- 
mond's, h. 47 Chestnut. 

Castle Joseph, blacksmith, h. 81 Marion. 

Castle Marshall S., firm Griswold & C, h. 
100 Bond. 

Castle William B., iron manufacturer, h. 186 

Castor Noah, painter. Garden, h. 278 Perry. 

is acknowledged to be the best in the State. 



CATHAN 0., groceries, corner Ontario and 

Michigan, bds. Burnett House. 
Cathcart Michael, drayman, h. 53 Superior 

Catner William, laborer, rear 42 Oregon. 
Cauder Frederick, carriage maker, h. Alley, 

between Chatham and Monroe. 
Cauffman David, clothing, comer Superior 

and Union, h. 23 Academy. 
Caughlin Charles, boarding, 251 West River, 
Caughlin John, laborer, 39 Vine. 
Caul Berhard, laborer, 60 Carroll. 
Caul Peter, mail agent, h. 160 Kinsman. 
Caulking Adolphus F., engineer, h. 45 Hurd. 
Cavanagh Edward, laborer, 160 Taylor. 
Cavanagh John, drayman, h. 28 Green. 
Cavanagh John, laborer, 29 Lyman. 
Cavanagh Lawrence, drayman, h. 30 Green. 
Cavanagh Mrs. Mary, widow, h. 160 Taylor. 
Cavanaugh P. N., machinist, C. & E. R. R. 

Cawood Charles H., R. R. fireman, h. 100 

Cawood Joseph, tailor, h. 100 Seneca. 
Cayton Edward, laborer, 56 Hicks. 
Cealine W., laborer, 790 St. Clair. 
Ceiss John, h. 53 Oregon. 
Cessedy John, carjDenter, b. 5 Greenwood. 
Chadney John, laborer, 22 Belmont. 
Chalfant George H., carjDenter, 184 Kinsman, 
Chaloner Samuel, builder, h. 39 Prospect. 
Chamberlain Charles, sailor, h. 39 Prospect. 
Chamberlain E. B., book keeper, Younglove 

& Hoyt, h. 277 Kinsman. 
Chamberlin F. H., clerk, 159 River. 
Chamberlain James, moulder, bds. Belden 

Chamberlain John, tinsmith, h. Belden Court. 
Chamberlain Joseph, firm C, Lee & Co., h. 

117 Euclid. 
Chamberlain Norman, book keeper, 30 River, 

h. 187 Pittsburgh. 
CHAMBERLAIN SELAH, railroad con- 
tractor, h. 125 Euclid. 
Chamberlain Selah, Sr., h. 125 Euclid. 
Chamberlain W. S., attorney, h. 125 Euclid. 
Chamberlain Mrs., widow of Norman, h. rear 

187 Pittsburgh. 

commission and forwarding merchants, cor- 
ner Merwin and Center. 
Chamberlin Philo, firm C, Crawford & Co., 

h. 340 Superior. 
Chambers Rachel, dress making, 104 Public 

Chambers Robert, pattern maker, h. 183 

Champ Charles, ice business, h. 64 Eagle. 
Champ John, tallyman, C, C. & C. R. R., h. 

94 Dodge. 

Champion Roger, puddler, h. 450 Hamilton. 
Champion Thomas, laborer, 467 Lake. 
Champion W. H., law student, 178 Superior, 
Champaigne Josejih, shoemaker, h. 39 Sco- 

ville Alley. 
Champney Mrs. Julia, widow of Matthew, 

h. 295 Lake. 
Champney Norman, baggage master, P. R, 

R., h. 22 Wilson. 
Chancy Michael, tailor, h. 22 Third. 
CHANDLER CHARLES, fruit, vegetables 

and seeds, 127 Ontario, h. 523 Case Avenue. 
Chandler George, clerk, 127 Ontario, h. 523 

Case Avenue. 
Chandler Richard, awning maker, h. 55 

CHANDLER WILLIAM W., freight agent 

C. & P. R. R , h. 19 Johnson. 
Chapel George, carj^enter, h. 423 Lorain. 
Chapin H. M., firm Tracy, C. & Co , h. 187 

St. Clair. 
Chaplin Nicholas, carpenter, h. 137 Bridge, 
Chapman William H., clerk, 105 Superior. 
Chapman George L., gent., h. 27 Pearl. 
Chapman Henry, clerk, bds. 23 Sherifi". 
Chapman John, carriage man, h. 69 Webster. 
Chapman J, P., firm Stedman & C, h 146 

Chapman Luke, patent right, bds. Bennet 

Chapman Mrs. Susan, widow of William, h, 

434 St. Clair. 
Chappell G., carpenter, h. 423 Lorain. 
Chard Mrs. Ann, widow of James, h. 290 

St. Clair. 
Charlton Susan, h. 156 Brownell. 
Chase Alvin, carpenter, h. 67 High. 
Chase Daniel, carpenter, h 112 Irving. 
Chase James H., firm Prescotts & C, h. 20 

Chase Mrs. Rachel, washerwoman, h. rear 

313 Erie. 
Chase T. R , firm C. & Slade, h. 221 Perry. 
CHASE & SLADE, attorneys, 123 Superior. 
Chattirson Daniel, sailor, h. 329 Washington. 
Cheeley Michael, gardener, h. 488 Euclid. 
Cheney Samuel, firm McChambers & Co., h, 

54 Cross. 
Chester Walter, coal dealer, Bank, bds. Wed- 

dell House'. 
Chidester John H., attorney, h. 30 Bridge. 
Chidester Mrs. Lydia, widow of Silas, h. 30 

Chidgey Alfred, jeweler, 137 Superior, bds. 

202 St. Clair. 
Chidgey John, mason, h. 202 St. Clair. 
Child Chauncey, firm Child & Co., h. 156 

CHILD & CO., melodeon manufacturers, 195 


Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 



CiiiUl Matthew, merchant, h. 23 Hicks. 

GhiUls C, hihorer 18 Phelps. 

Chiltls Cliarles H., salesman, h. 94 Euclid. 

Childs EJwin 1).. clerk, 106 Superior, h 94 

Chillis Oscar A., firm Crowell & C, bds. 
94 Euclid. 

Childs Mrs. Selena B., widow of Henick, h, 
9i Euclid. 

Chill Francis J., cabinetmaker, h 191 Kins- 

Chisholm Charles W., cigar maker, bds. 405 

Chisholm Henry, firm Stone, C. & Jones, h. 
3 Wilson. 

Chisholm John, carpenter, h. 405 Lake. 

Chisholm William, bds. 18 Academy. 

Chittenden David, Conductor, L. S. R. R., h 
159 St Clair 

Chittenden Heman,book keeper, h 189 Erie 

Chittenden H. M , firm W. K. Adams & Co., 
bds. corner Ohio and Kinsman. 

Chittenden S K., firm W. K. Adams & Co , 
h. 239 Prospect. 

Christ Valentine, upholsterer, h. 38 Clifton. 

Christian Andrew, h. 124 Hamilton. 

Christian Chas. M , carpenter, h. 131 West 

Christian James, firm C. & Marshall, h. 172 

CHRISTIAN & MARSHALL, saddles and 
Harness, 130 Ontario. 

Christian John, laborer, 541 Kinsman. 

Christian Robert, h. 69 Cedar Avenue. 

Christian Roliert, carpenter, h. 248 Perry. 

Christian Seen,marl)le polisher, h. Heights. 

Christian Thomas D., gas fitter, h. 23 Acad- 

Christie Alexander M , clerk, C. C. & C. E. 
R., FreisJit office, bds. 80 Bank. 

Christie C' M , bds. 80 Bank. 

Christie Wm , lalwrer, 50 Erie. 

Chubb Miss Juliana, milliner, h. 96 Lorain. 

Chubb Miss Matilda, milliner, h. 96 Lorain. 

ChuV)bs James, j^ainter, 40Hm-d, h. 53 Hurd. 

Church Amaziah, carpenter, 37 Cedar Ave- 

Church Edwin, grocery, 172 Detroit. 

Church Henry, rope maker, h. 159 Ohio. 

Church Hubert H., ship carpenter, h. 272 

CHURCH JAMES & CO., ship Chandlers 
and Cordaice, 135 River, and 107 Dock. 

CHURCH JAMES, Rope walk, 42 Miami, 
h. 38 Miami. 

Church S. E., bds. Weddell House. 

Churchill & Brother, druggists, S. W. cor- 
ner Ontario and Public Square. 

Churchill Alfred W., clerk, comer Ontario 
and Public Square, bds. 47 Huron. 

Churchill Elizabeth, widow of Abijah, gro- 

cerv, 278 Detroit. 
Churchill P. E., firm C & Brother, h. 47 

ChurchilhGeorire, clerk, Churchill & Bro , 

Ms. 47 Huron. 
Churchill S. P., firm C. & Brother, h. 47 

Ciete Frederick, li. rear 58 Webster. 
Cinamon Lewis, car] tenter, h. 186 Merchant 
Cipi) P., .stone nia.son, Ixls. 28 Lake. 
Ciscelnum William, clerk 106 Public Square, 

h. 86 Hamilton. 
CITY BANK, 115 Superior. 
CITY HOTEL, Seneca, near Superior. 
CITY INSURANCE CO., 235 Superior. 
Clafer William, labirer. Green. 
Clatlen Henry M., book keeper, bds. 60 

Clair Mrs., widow of Michael, h. 113 Huron. 
Clair Peter, printer, bds. 113 Hurnn. 
Clair Roljert, engineer, h. 395 Lorain. 
Clampitt Smith B., joiner, h 371 Detroit 
Clancy Mrs Ellen, widow of James, wash- 
woman, h. rear 82 Water. 
Clancey John, rolling mill, h. 30 Lyman. 
Clancy Redmond, dravman, h. 198 Ohio. 
CLAPP HENRY H.) attorney, 211 Superi- 

or, h. 80 Bank. 
Clapp James A., law student, 211 Superior, 

bds. 94 Bank. 
Clapp John H., attorney, 211 Superior, h. 

CLARK AARON, conveyancer and notary 

public, 161 Ontario, h. 19 Eagle. 
Clark AlVxjrt, cashier City Bank, h. corner 

Euclid and Brownell. 
Clark Alfred, drayman, h. 52 Marion. 
Clark Mrs. Anna, widow of Orrin, h. 169 

Clark Barney, drayman, h. 430 Hamilton. 
Clark Booker, drayman, h. 4U Webster. 
Clark , clerk Smith & Dodd's, bds. 124 

Clark Charles, engineer C. & P. R. R., h. 306 

Clark Cvrus L., hardware, 92 Superior, bds. 

124 Water. 
Clark I )avid, groceries and feed, 425 St Clair. 
Clark Dida, laborer, rear 17 Elm. 
Clark EbeMiezer, lather, h. 2(.>3 Hamilton. 
CLARK EDMUND, banker, h. 86 Public 

Clark Henry, laborer, 14 Abbey. 
Clark H. D"„ attorney, h. 146 Lake. 
Clark Henry F., firm A. M. Perry & Co, 

bds. 86 Pu))lic Sijuare. 
Clark Henry W., h. 23 Euclid. 
Clark Hiram, clerk Whitney& Anthony, bds. 

41 Clinton. 

Wm. C. NORTH'S Photograph and Fine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St. 



Clark Horace, h 52 Bond. 

CLARK JAMBS F., hardware, 92 Superior, 

h. 79 Public Square. 
CLARK J. H. & CO., lumber dealers, 147 

Clark Jared H., firm J. H. C. & Co., h. 248 

Clark James H., clerk copper works, k. 54 

Clark John, laborer, W. River. 
Clark John. A., shoemaker, h. 26 Webster. 
Clark John F., school teacher, h. 169 Orau2;e. 
Clark J. F., conductor C. & T. E. R., h. 284 

Clark Mrs. Margaret, widow of James, h. 99 

Case Avenue. 
Clark Maurice B., firm C. & Rockefeller, h. 

130 Bolivar 
Clark Owen, laborer, W. River. 
Clark Patrick, laborer, 43 Courtlandt. 
Clark Patrick, laborer, 123 West Main. 
Clark Richard, machinist, h. 50 Marion. 
Clark Samuel, painter, h. 15 Mayflower. 
Clark Mrs. Sarah, widow of Charles, h. 50 

CLARK THOMAS, clerk 143 River, bds. 

188 St. Clair. 
Clark Thomas, express wagon, h. 80 Marion. 
Clark Thomas, joiner, h. rear 151 Hamilton, 
Clark T., heater, h. 844, St. Clair, 
Clark Thomas J., ship carpenter, h. 69 

Clark W. Forward, law student, 211 Supe- 
rior, bds. 124 Water. 
Clark WUliam, paper maker, h. 39 Belmont. 
CLARK & ROCKEFELLER, produce and 

commission, 32 River. 
Clark Frederick J., coal dealer, h. 30 Ontario. 
Clarke Mary A., widow of Winfield A., h. 

316 Superior. 
Clarke Michael, laborer, Detroit Hill. 
Clarke Philip, moulder, h. 99 Case Avenue. 
Clarke Wm. E., h. 145 Prospect. 
Clark Wm.E.. jr., book keeper, bds 145 Pros- 
Clarey John, laborer, 57 Third. 
Claskey Mrs., h. 824 St. Clair. 
Claucy John, laborer, bds. 352 Detroit. 
Claus Werner, undertaker, h. 153 Pearl. 
Clause Johi^, cabinet maker, h. Carroll. 
Clauss Henry, blacksmith, C. & E R. R. 

Machine Shop. . 
Claxton Rev. R. B., h. 37 Chestnut. 
Clay John, carpenter, h. 12 East Liberty. 
Claydon Wm., bds. 123 Garden. 
Clayton Wm., engineer, h. 83 McLean. . 
Cleave Moses, carpenter, h. 101 Cedar Av. 
Cleave Robert, carpenter, h. 13 St. Charles. 

Cleave Robert, engineer, h. Lorain 

Cleave Wm:, foreman, C. C. & C. R. E., h. 

42 Cedar Avenue. 
Cleaver Mrs., widow, h. 3_,Greenwood- 
Clee John, cabinet maker, h. 12 East Liberty 

122 Bolivar. 
Clements James, mason, h. 375 St. Clair. 
Clemmings Wm., saloon, 52 Ohio. 
Clerch Welendine, laborer, 30 Fourth. 
Clerk Henrv, private watch at Iron Foundry. 
CLEUG-H R. trunks, &c., 194 Superior, h. 

144 Pittsburgh. 
fice 1 Oviatt's Exchange. 
CLEVELAND BRUSH CO., 87 Champlain, 

office 58 Public Square. 
Cleveland Buell, laborer, 320 St. Clair. 
ivar and Ohio, J. Palmer, superintendent. 
Cleveland Charles, shoe maker, h. 217 Gar- 
NATI R. R., office Dean's Block, Water. 

Kinsman, near Willson -Avenue. 

CO., 495 Superior. 
Cleveland George, sailor, bds. 217 Garden. 
Cleveland Horace G., book-keeper, G. Wor- 

thington & Co., h. 69 Bolivar. 
att's Exchange. 
Cleveland James D., deputy clerk U. S. 

Court, h. 333 Prospect. 
Cleveland John, carpenter, h. 171 Dare. 
Cleveland Laundry, 222 Superior. 

219 Superior. 


29 St. Clair, office 87 Water. 
TABULA R. R., office. Dean's Block, 


Superior and Vineyard. 

Atwater BuUchngs. 

Clair. . 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a photograph, in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



CLEVELAND THOMAS G., physician and 
sui^on, h. 171 Prospect. 

man and Sawtell Avenue. 

City Hall. 

25 and 27 West. 

Cleveland & Erie Machine Shop, Lake Shore, 
head of Wilson. 

fice, West Side, near Columbus. 

office, 89 Bank, near St. Clair. 

CLEVELAND & TOLEDO R. R., office, 
Washington Block, comer Bank and St. 

Qew^ell Theophilus G., editor, 220 Kinsman, 
h. 95 Harman. 

Clezie James, carpenter, h. 33 Parkman. 

Climo Arthur, car inspector, h. 62 Cedar Av. 

Qimo Mrs. Catharine, widow of Thomas, h. 
rear 64 Cedar Avenue. 

Climo Powell, painter, h. 201 Garden. 

Climo Thomas, carpenter, h. 62 Cedar Av. 

Clingham Andrew, laborer, 109 Oregon. 

Qingman-Jacob, brakeman, h. 35 Cherry. 

Clingman Louis, laborer, 35 Cherry. 

dingman Martin, oil cloth printer, Webster's 

Clinkner Peter, laborer, 287 Lake. 

Clinton James H., mason, bds. 24 Garden- 
Clinton John, h. 24 Garden. 

Clinton John M., clerk, h. 48 Bank. 

Clinton Kennedy, book keeper, 228 Superior, 
L 24 Garden. 

Clog George, laborer, 47 Wilson. 

Cloose Andrew, cutter at Isaac's, h. 39 Fulton. 

Glouse William, wig maimer, 76 Pub. Square. 

Glute James V., shoemaker, 106 Ohio. 

Gyman William, machinist, h. 152 Cedar Av. 

GOATES CHARLES, New England Hotel, 
Water, comer Johnson. 

Coates George, carrier, h. 84 Willet 

Coates John, striker, h. 80 Mechanics. 

Coatwright Charles, K R. engineer, bds. 45 

Cobb Ahira, firm Crowell & Childs, h. 283 

Cobb Brutus J., fijrm J. fl. C. & Co., h. 83 

Cobb Caius C, firm J. B. C. & Co., b. 83 

Cobb Cassius Caius, omnibus agent, 144 Su- 
perior, h. 50 Water. 

Cobb E. J., clerk, 136 Superior, h. 69 Seneca. 

Cobb Junius B., firm J. B. C. & Co^ h. 175 

OOBB J. B. & CO., booksellers and station- 
ers, 136 Superior. 

or Ambrotype, shoiild not &il 

Cobb Lucius M., firm Ransom, C. & Co., h. 

69 Seneca. 
Cobb Rev. Nehemiah, missionary, h. Seneca 

extension, near Infirmary. 
Cobbledick William, farmer, h. 149 Green- 
Cobcart George, teamster, h. 46 Cherry. 
Cobolt Jerry, shoemaker, h. 166 Hamilton. 
Cochlan Charles, sailor, bds. 452 Detroit 
Cochran James S., blacksmith, h. 252 Wash- 
Cockbum John, blacksmith, h. 73 Harrison. 
Cocker Henry, carpet weaver, h. 208 Bridge'. 
Cockeren Thomas, laborer, 128 West River. 
Cockerill Thomas, bds. 67 Cedar Avenue. 
Cockerill William, clerk, 120 Superior, bds. 

American House. 
Cochran J. S., blacksmith, h. 18 Washington. 
Cochran R. J., machinist, bds. 8 Johnson. 
Cochran Samuel, machinist, bds. 65 St Clair. 
Cochran S. G., blacksmith, bds. 65 St Clair. 
COE AMOS, attorney, 145 Water. 
Ooe Charles W., firm C. Hickox & Co., h. 

52 Ontario. 
COE & MAY, fire and life insurance agents, 

1 Superior, Oviatt's Exchange. 
Coe S. S., firm C. & May, h. 351 Perry. 
Coe William, clerk, 120 Superior, bds. 45 

Public Square. 
Comer William M., h. 243 Prospect 
Coff Lewis, laborer, 76 Webster. 
Coffee Thomas, tobacco cutter, h. 180 Seneca. 
Coffinberry J. M., firm Otis & C, h. 170 

Coffinan B., peddler, h. 44 Bolivar. 
Cohen Elias, clothing, 35 Superior, h. 49 

Cohen Frederick I., h. 51 Lake. 
Cohen Jacob, clothing, 58 Superior. 
Cohlin James, laborer, 50 High. 
Cohn L. H., peddler, bds. 65 Michigan* 
Coil M, laborer, 36 Lawrence. 
Coin Patrick, laborer, 443 West River. 
Coin Thomas, laborer, 447 West River. 
Colahan A., mason, h. 39 Hamilton. 
Colahan Rawson, grocery, 196 Columbus, 

bds. Stillman House. 
Colahan S., land agent, h. 9 Lorain. 
Colahan S., agent N. Y. & Erie Freight 

Line, h. 9 Lorain. 
Colahan Wm., clerk, 240 Superior, bds. 9 

Colbom George M., clerk, Angier House. 
Cold George, wheelright, bds. 162 Garden. 
Cole Albert, R. R. engineer, h. 59 Bridge. 
Cole Charles, fireman, h. 6 Farley's Coxirt 
Cole Chester I., h. 3 Miami. 
Cole Delos 0., book keeper, Stone, Cbisholm 

& Jones, b. 3 Miami. 
' Cole James H,, clerk, R. R. office, h. 3 Miami, 
to visit NOBTH'S GAUJSBY. 



OOLE JOHN E , agent American Express 

Co., 97 Bank, h. 113 Bolivar. 
Cole H. S., h. 3 Miami. 
Cole Peter, laborer, 677 St. Clair. 

Coles , 35 Oregon. 

Coleman Adolphus, clerk, 159 Ontario. 
Coleman Capt. Gilbert, seaman, h, 305 

Cbleman John B., carpenter, h. 136 Brow- 

COLEMAN LOEB, dry goods and clothing, 

30 Prospect. 
Coleman Michael, laborer, 12 Carroll. 
Coleman Oliver, carpenter, h. 67 Burch. 
Coleman Patrick, tanner, bds. 45 High. 
Coleman Mrs. Prudence, widow of John, h. 

305 Prospect. 
Coleman Thomas, tanner, 35 High. 
OOLFORD J. B., Cleveland City Laundry, 

222 Superior. 
Ooliear Edward, h. West River. 
Oollacot John, teamster, h. 71 Irving. 
GoUamer Charles, machinist, h. 48 Hill. 
OoUan Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of John, h. 20 


Canal near Seneca. 
Collier Edward, h. Hickory. 
Gollings, Thomas, clerk C. C. & C. R. R. bds. 

96 Hamilton. 
Collins Mrs., dress maker, 156 Prospect 
Collins Catharine, widow of Tim, h. 42 

Collins Ellen, widow of Michael, h. 28 

Ck)llins E. R., captain propeller Nile, h. 37 

Collins E. "W., book keeper, 143^ Water, h. 

29 SheriflF. 
Collins George A., clerk, 92 Superior, bds. 

45 Public Square. 
Oollins James, porter, United States Express 

Co., h. 10 Hamilton. 
Collins James, laborer, 167 Wilson. 
Collins John, laborer, bds. near C. & M.°Coal 

Oollins John, blacksmith, h. 11 Vestry. 
Oollins John, laborer, 49 Clifton. 
Collins Joseph B., iron foundry, 89 Miami, 

h. 24 Ohio. 
OOLLINS, GOODSELL & Co.. jobbers of 

hats, caps and furs, 125^ Water. 
CSollins Mrs. Margaret, widow of Morris, 

grocery, 350 Lorain. 
Oollins Nicholas, C„ C. & C. depot, h. near 

Brock's tannery. 
Oollins Patrick, laborer, 451 West River. 
Collins Peter, laborer, 122 Dare. 
Collins Smith, firm C, Goodsell & Co., bds. 

Angler House. 

Collins Mrs., widow of Thomas, h. 93 Taylor. 

Collins Thomas, laborer, rear 10 Hamilton. 

Collins Thomas, Jr., express messenger, h. 
rear 10 Hamilton, 

Collins William, mason, h. 88 Chestnut 

COLLINS WILLIAM, attorney, 164 Supe- 
rior, h. 193 Euclid. 

Collins William, laborer, rear 10 Hamilton. 

Collis H. G., plumber, bds. Ohio. 

Collisk Hyman, grocery, 278 St Clair. 

CoUister James painter, h. 31 Marion. 

COLLISTER WILLIAM, builder, carpen- 
ter and joiner. 125 Brownell, h. 202 Ohio. 

Collister William, stone cutter, h. 151 Erie. 

CoUopy Mrs. Margaret, widow of Thomas, 
h. corner California and Muirson. 

Colliten James, laborer, 425 West River. 

Colman Mrs. Bridget, widow of James, h. 
12 Carroll. 

Colman Henry, laborer, 105 Chatham. 

Colman James, laborer, rear 19 Vineyard. 

Colman Michael, laborer, 12 Carroll. 

Colman Owen, sailor, bds. 142 River. 

Colter William, clerk, h. Cedar Avenue. 

Colvin Hosea, confectioner, h. 97 Dodge. 

Colwell Albert G., firm C. & Co., h. Ill 

Colwell David, laborer. 30 Division. 

Colwell Edmund R., clerk 143 Ontario, bds. 
Ill Kinsman. 

COLWELL & CO., hardware and iron, 143 

Colwell Peter, h. 8 Webster. 

Combes Meshick, sailor, h. 96 Dare. 

Come Zachary, bridge builder, bds. 145 

Comer James, laborer, 260 Hamilton. 

Comerford Mrs., widow of John, h. 4 Pitts- 

ter Buildings. 



CO., Oviatt's Exchange. 

Commery Stephen, cooper, h. Ill York. 

Commons Andrew, laborer, near Brock's 

Commons John, drayman, h. near Brock's 

Compton Mrs. Eleanor, widow of Hugh, 
boarding house, 96 Bond. 

Compton Mrs. Rachel, widow of John, seam- 
stress, h. 103 Lorain, 

Comstock Calvin J., firm Hewitt & C, h. 213 

Comstock John B., brick maker, h. 11 York. 
Comstock Mrs Olive, widow of Nathaniel, 

I bds. 113 Hanover. 
Condell WiUiam, watchman, h. 67 Oregon. 

Deoderised Coal Oil, manufactured by LAW & NOHTH, 



Conden Richard, laborer, 6 Lorain. 

Condon Edward, laborer, West River. 

Condon Edward, drayman, h. 151 Burch. 

Condra Richard, tinner, bcls. 100 Seneca. 

Condi-e Thomas, laborer. West River. 

Conegah Nathan, moulder, bds. 65 St. Clair. 

Conely William, <,'ilder, h. 115 Garden. 

Congdon Albert, master mechanic, C. &. E. 
R. R. machine shop, h. 24 Ontario. 

Congdon J. H., machinist, h. ICO Lake. 

Congdon Leonard M , h. 298 Lake. 

Congdon William, soap and candles, 132 
Leonard, h. 74 Cedar Avenue. 

Congdon William,' engineer, C. & E. R. R. 

of Detroit and State. 

west of Erie. 

Conkey Albert B., captain, h. 26 Seneca. 

Conick S. G , laborer, 30 Phelps. 

Conlde James, coal, h. 29 Scoville Avenue. 

Concklin Edward, clerk, h. 13 €linton, 

CONKLIN & MERRICK, sail makers, 203 

Conklin S. B., firm C. & Merrick, h. 7 

Conlan Rev. James, li. 88 Carroll. 

CONLAN J. J., physician, h. 96 Erie. 

Conlan Mary, wjidovr' of Peter, h. 89 Carroll. 

Conlan Peter, laborer, 148 Oregon. 

Conley Joseph, butcher, h. 383 Detroit. 

Conley Peter, saloon, 210 Superior. 

Conley John, sailor, h. 368 Detroit. 

Conlin Patrick, laborer, West River. 

Conly Joseph, butcher, h. 346 Detroit. 

Conly Matthew, puddler, bds, 89 Case Ave- 

Conly William S., gilder, h. 115 Garden. 

Conn Jacob, cooper, bds. near C. & M, R. 
R. Depot. 

Conn all Peter, laborer, 38 California. 

Conner Frederick, (colored) sailor, h. 22 Or- 

Cont.ecticut Mrs. H., widow, h. 128 Lorain. 

Connelia James, laborer, 17 Michigan. 

Connell John, carpenter, rear 19 Vineyard. 

Council Michael, laborer, 43 Spring. 

Connelly J , printer, 107 Superior, bds. 272 

Connelly John, laborer. West River. 

Connelly Michael, laborer, 475 West River. 

Connelly Michael, laborer, 726 Superior. 

Conner Frederick, (colored) sailor, h. 62 Boli- 

Conner John, laborer. West River. 

Conner John, painter, bds. 72 Water. 

Conner Michael, peddler, h. 118 Brownell, 

Conner Patrick, laborer, 37 Willet. 

Conner Thomas, clerk, 54 Merwin, h. Pearl. 

Conner Thomas, laborer, 12 Hicks. 

Conn.')lly James, captain, h. 150 Bolivar. 

Conning John, carpenter, h. 71 Cedar Av. 

Connolly Patrick, laborer, 7 Root's alley. 

Conover Catharine, widow, seamstress, h. 53 

Conr«d , h. on Alley between Willet and 


Conrad Westville, stone cutter, h. Ill Hud- 

Conrad Adam, saloon, 242 Pearl. 

Const Phillip, laborer, rear 90 Oregon. 

Contant Benjamin, machinist, h. 47 Bridge. 

Conton Thomas, shoemaker, h, rear 19 Vine- 

CONVERSE ISRAEL S., pork packer, h. 
326 Prospect. 

Conowav Jane, (colored,) widow of Robert, 
h. 29'Lake. 

Conway John, laborer, 157 West Main. 

Conway William, watchman, C. &. P. R. R. 
depot, h. 355 Lake. 

Coody Matthew, laborer. Cemetery Alley. 

Cook Anton, laborer, 87 Taylor. 

COOK & ALTEN, clothing, 32 Superior. 

Cook Conrad, clerk, 58 Merwin, bds. 41 

Cook C. B., conductor C. & E. R. R., bds. 
City Hotel. 

Cook David, peddler, h. 234 Lake. 

Cook Edward M., coal dealer, office 130 West 
River, bds. Angier House. 

Cook George, boiler maker, h. Ill Bridge. 

Cook George, turner, h. 27 Smith. 

Cook Mrs. Harriet E., widow of William P., 
h. 237 Washington. 

Cook Henry, rolling mUl, h. 84 Lyman. 

Cook Hiram, lumber merchant, h. 202 Frank- 

Cook John, laborer, bds. 63 Frankfort. 

Cook J. M., machinist, h. 34 Walnut. 

Cook Konstantd, potter, h. 98 Ir\'ing. 

Cook Lorenzo, house moving, h. 244 St. Clair. 

Cook Mrs. L., widow of John h. 55 Bridge. 

Cook Maria, widow of Ferdinand, saloon 153 
West River. 

Cook Mary, widow of Salmon, h. 21 Acade- 

Cook Moses, clerk, h. 21 Academy. 

Cook Philip, fii-m C. & Alten, h. 61 Frank- 

Cook William H., brakeman, h. 123 Hamil- 

Cooke Ediward, laborer, 97 Mechanics. 

COOKE W. P. & CO., wholesale dealei-s in 
leather, hides and oil, 127 Water. 

Cooke Wellington P., firm W. P. C. & Co., 
h. 42 Eagle. 

Cooley Charles, mason, h. 40 Jay. 

Cooley James, rigger and sail maker, h. 19 

is acknowledged to be the best in the State. 



Coolinan John, laborer, h. 14 Ward. 

Coon Daniel, laborer, 52 Bridge. 

Coon H. L., boarding, 71 Ontario. 

Coon Henry, Home Sewing Machines, 178 

Superior, h. 66 Prospect. 
Coon Jeremiah, jeweler, h. 57 Wood. 
Coon Jerome, clerk, Union House. 
Coon John, firm Keith & C, h. 56 Wood. 
Coon John, clerk, D. Sanford & Sons, 44 

Coon Maria J., bds. 232 Lake. 
Cooney John, saloon, Canal Basin. 
Coonrad Jeremiah, grocery, 237 and 239 

Cooper Ann, shoe binder, h. 88 Hamilton. 
Cooper Frederick W., ship carpenter, h. 293 

Cooper Isaac, grocery, 49 East Main. 
Cooper John, laborer, 248 Pittsburgh. 
Cooper Margaret, clerk, 7 Public Square, bds. 

76 Water. 
Cooter George W., saloon, Seneca. 
Copeland Thomas, carpenter, bds. 10 Middle. 
Copeland W. F., clerk 119 Superior, bds. 38 

Copeland William W., clerk C. & T. R. E., 

h. 39 Walnut. 
Copia Joseph, shoemaker, 15 Pearl, h. 289 


Copcus , drayman, h. 151 Oregon. 

Copland John F., carpenter, h. 79 Harman 
Copier Charles, cabinet -maker, h. rear 61 

Corbett William G., gent., h. 81 St. Clair. 
Corby William, porter, h. Kinsman. 
Cordes Charles, painter, h. 23 Mill. 
Cordes Arnold, clerk, 134 Superior, bds. 10 

Corfield George, laborer, 66 Oregon. 
Corkell William, blacksmith, Pittsburgh, bds. 

Corker John, laborer, 163 Oregon. 
Corkhill Thomas, shoe maker, bds. New 

England Hotel. 
Corlett Daniel K., machinist, h. 269 Erie. 
Corlett John, shoemaker, h. 105 Prospect. 
Corlett John, carpenter, h. 107 St. Clair. 
Corlett Robert, carpenter, h. 26 Burnham. 
Corlett William H., carpenter, h. 24 Marion. 
Corlett William, firm C. & Cubbon, h. 211 

Corlett Winslow, bds. ISi Prospect. 
Corman Fred, cook, h. 331 St. Clair. 
Cormick John, drayman, h. 92 Franklin. 
Cornell D. H., h. 31 Howe. 
Cornell Fyson, painter, h. 249 Hudson. 
Cornell Philip, butcher, h. 36 Prospect-. 
CORNING & CO., distillery, 76 River. 
Corning G. C, firm C. & Co., bds. 40 Wash- 

Corning Solon, firm C. & Co., h. 40 Wash- 

Coming Warren H., clerk Gordon, McMil- 
lan & Co., h. 40 Washington. 

Corrier Charles, principal Sibley street school, 
bds. 114 Cedar Avenue. 

Cors Frederick, carriage driver h. 20 Vine. 

CORY OSCAR E., flom and feed store, 105 
Seneca, bds. Bennet House. 

Cosby Thomas H., plumber, bds. 72 Ontario. 

Costallo Thomas, coach maker, h. 55 Carroll. 

Costellow Mary Mrs., 159 Hamilton, 

Cottell Levi, carpenter, bds. 112 Orange. 

Cottrell Clark, carpenter, h. 90 Garden. 

Cottrell James, sailor, h. 280 Cedar Avenue. 

Cottrell William B., meat market, 191 Pitts- 
burgh, h. 189 Pittsburgh. 

Coultney Mrs. Malone, grocery, 61 West 

COUNCIL HALL, south side Public Square. 
Counter Peter, laborer, 47 Cliffton. 
Countryman Frederick, tailor, h. 17 Maple. 
Countryman Lorenzo, laborer, 12 Girard. 
Courtney Patrick, laborer, 6 William's 

Court Hilmoth, laborer, 490 Lake. 
Court John C, engine wiper, C. & E. R. R. 
COURT HOUSE, (new) north side Public 

Square. >. 

Cowan J. A., saddles and harness, 114 Bank, 

h. 501 St. Clair. . 
Cowan James, carpenter, h. 80 Whitman. 
Cowan Wm., saddle and harness maker, h. 

100 St. Clair. 
Cowden Henry, machinist, bds. 53 Frankfort. 
Cowdery C. C, machinist, h. 8 Root's Alley. 
Cowdery S. M., machinist, h. 8 Root's Alley. 
Cowell Charles, marble polisher, bds, Erie. 
Cowell George, grocer, 317 Perry. 
Cowell John, carpenter, h 100 Scott. 
Cowill James, carpenter, h. 80 Whitman. 
Cowill Lewis, cabinet maker, h. 79 Croton. 
Cowle Henry, 34 Hanover. 
Cowles Charles, moulder, bds. 37 Fulton. 
Cowles Charles F., saloon, comer Center and 

Vineyard, h. Franklin. 
Cowles Edwin, firm E. C. & Co., h. 75 Pros- 
Cowles Edwin W., bds. 75 Prospect. 
Cowles Elijah, salesman, 180 Superior h. 44 

COWLES E. & Co., publishers Morning 

Leader, 144 Superior, 
COWLES & CO., jewelers, 145 Supeiior. 
Cowles Ralph, firm Cowles & Co., h. 65 

Cowles Royal, jeweler, h. 112 Pittsburgh. 
Cowles Robert, carpenter, h. 54 Granger. 
Cowles Sarah J., widow of James, dress 

maker, h. 12 Hamilton. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 



Cowles Wm. H., machinist, bda. Franklin. 

Cowley , carpenter, bds. 148 Ontario. 

Cowley Wm., carpenter, h. 47 Greenwood. 

Gowper Charles, grocery, 32 Spring. 

Cox Charles L., laborer, 102 Case Avenue. 

Cox Elizabeth Mrs., h. 122 Erie. 

Cox John, shos, 121 Pearl, h. 123 Pearl 

Cox John, clerk, 112 Ontario. 
CDX JANE, Miss, pattern emporium, 112 

Cox James, laborer, 366 Detroit. 

Cox Michael, mason, h. 404 Perry. 

Coy Joel, merchant, h. 6 Pittsburgh. 

Coy Jonas, carpenter, h. 202 Pearl. 

Coyn U., captain, bds. 157 Prospect. 

COZZENS ALFRED, Marble Hall Restau- 
rant, 196 Superior, h. 199 Prospect. 

Cozzens Myron, h. 142 Miuison. 

Crable Henry, laborer, 81 Marion. 

Grable John, ice merchant, bds. Commer- 
cial House. 

Cradock Patrick, laborer. West River. 

Gragg Thomas, sailor, bds. 44 Chestnut 

Craig Curtis, m. d., bds. 68 Ontario. 

Craig Josiah, cooper, h. 419 Lorain. 

Qraig John, boatman, bdg. 19 Champlain. 

Craig John, grocery, 182 Superior. 

Craig James, rope maker, MiamL 

Craig Pat, laborer, W«st River. 

(J-aig William, carpenter, upper C»nal. 

Craig William, firm J. jrankland & Co., L 

Graig William, engineer, bds. H»nov»r. 

Craig William S., machinist, bds. AmeriMn. 

Graigle William, mason, bds. 118 Bolivar. 

Craik George, printer, h. 48 Vine. 

Crail Ned, laborer, near C. & M. coal dock. 

Crain Thomas, fisherman, h. 107 Hill. 

Craine Thomas EL, mason, h. 54 Granger. 

Cramer Mary, widow of Jas.. washwoman, 
h. West River. 

Crane Edward, laborer, 455 River. 

Crane F. C, map agent, bds Burnett House. 

Crane John, marble polisher, bds. High. 

Crane Oran, carpenter, h. 99 Fulton. 

Crane Thomas, locksmith, h. 63 Pittsburgh. 

Cranley John, laborer, 5 California Alley. 

Crannell Ann Jane, widow of William, h. 1 
Scoville Avenue. 

Granson John N., planing mill, 173 West 
River, h. 71 Washington. 

Crapser Geo., laborer, 62 Hicks. 

GRAPSER M. & CO., lumber dealers, 175 

Crapser Michael, firm M. Crapser & Co., h. 
206 Franklin. 

Cratty Catherine, saloon, 7 Champlain. 

Cratty Michael, moulder, h. 30 Park. 

Gratson Rudolph, carpenter, h. 38 Green- 

Crannell James, caulker, bds. 121 Turnpike* 
Cranse George, marble sawyer, h. Erie. 
CRAW JAMES A., city marehal, h. 240 

Craw William V., provision inspector. 107 

River, h. 20 Bolivar. 
CRAWFORD F., wholesale and retail 

lumber and shingle dealer, 226 West 

Crawford George, lumber, bds. 23 John. 
Crawford James, grocery, h. 71 Pearl. 
Crawford James, carpenter, h. 3 Freeman. 
Crawford John H., firm Chamberlin & Co^ 

h. Milwaukie. 
Crawford H., carpenter, h. 3 Freeman. 
Crawford Lemuel, firm Price C. & Morris, h. 

51 Euclid. 
Crawford Lucien, agent, 226 West River, h. 

97 Clinton, 
Crawford Paul, carpenter, bds. 3 Freeman. 
CRAWFORD RANDALL, millwright, h. 

23 Lake. 
Crawford Mrs. S. A., h. 23 Johnson. 
Crehore John D., law student, 170 Superiof, 

bds. 195 St. Clair. 
Creighton Charles, 175 Seneca. 
CREIGHTON RICHARD, book binder, 132 

Bank, h. 59 Rockwell. 
Creighton W. R., printer. Herald, bda. 61 

Cridg« Allred, boarding, 109 Lake. 
Galley Daniel, laborer, 46 Lyman. 
Critchley John, Jr., machinist, h. 48 Wilson, 
CritchUy Ralph, laborer, car shop, bds. 868 St» 

Critt«nd«n George, carpenter, h. 145 PearL 
Crittenden J. H., bds. Weddell House. 
CRITTENDEN N. E., wholesale watches, 

jewelry, &c., 127 Superior, h. corner Pub. 

Square and Ontario. 
Crittenden Ogder., salesman, 127 Superior, 

bds. corner Public Square and Ontario. 
Crittenden Seth W., banker, 117 Superior, h. 

416 Euclid. 
Croace C, carpenter, 867 Superior. 
CROBAUGH DANIEL, ambrotypist, 113 

Ontario, comer Public Square, h. 58 Vine. 
Crobaugh Samuel, photographist, 28 Hoff- 
man's Block, bds. Water Cure. 
Croce Richard, express driver, h, 13 Summit 

Croft Frank, saloon,'h. 49 Lorain. 
Crocker Richard, shoemaker, h. 121 Oregon. 
Croft William, tailor, h. 207 Croton. 
Croger Nichols, shoemaker, 192 Hamilton. 
Crole Adam, Cooper, h. 221 Orange. 
Cromwell Peter, boiler maker, h. 1 Wood. 
Cronan Mrs. Lora, widow of Patrick, washer- 
woman, h. 101 Tracy. 
Crooks & Newell, flour dealers, 135 Detroit. 

W. C. NORTH'S Photograph and Pine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 



Crooks John, mason, li. 28 Alabama. 
Crooks Robert N., firm C. <Sb Newell, h. near 

Crosby David H., (colored,) runner L. S. R. 

R. depots bds. 36 Greenwood. 
Crosehart George, marble cutter, h. 313 Erie. 
Cross D. W., deputy collector, h. 88 Euclid. 
Cross George W., saloon, 97 St. Clair. 
CROSS H. C. & CO., real estate agency, 5 

Hofiman's Block, 
Cross H. C, firm H. G. & Co., bds. 195 St 

Cross James N., shoemaker, bds. 97 St. Clair. 
Cross Jeremiah, h. 117 Clinton. 
Gross Jude, watch maker, 114 Prospect, h. 

252 Perry. 
Orossley William, shingles and matches, 36 

Summer, h. 210 Detroit. 
Grotty John, carpenter, h. 37 Mayflower. 
Grotty Patrick, carpenter, h. 35 Mayflower. 
Croty Thomas F., clerk Bradburn & Fisher, 

bds. Weddell. 
Crouch J. B., printer, Morning Leader, bds. 

Bennet House. 
Crouch William, printer, bds. 124 Champlain. 
Grouse A., carpenter, h. 869 Superior. 
Grouse Jacob, brick maker, h. 230 Croton. 
Grouse Martin, butcher, h. rear 412 Perry. 
Crowel Jacob, laborer, 248 Pittsburgh. 
Growel Joseph, sailor, h. 194 Hamilton. 
Growell George W., salesman, 131 Water. 
CROWELL & CHILDS, wholesale boots & 

ehoes, 143 Water. 
Growell Henry L., firm C. & Childs, h. 19 

GROWELL JOHN, President Forest Bank, 

ofifice, over Bank, h. 164 Erie. 
Growell W. H., clerk C. & E. freight office, 

bds. 80 St. Clair. 
Growl James H., firm Harmon & Co., h. 53 

Growl Samuel H., firm Harmon & Co., h. 89 

Growl William, miller, h. 69 Water. 
Crowley Dennis, laborer, 29 Summit Alley. 
Crumb C. A., firm H. D. Kendall & Co., h. 

Crutter Catharine, saloon, 7 Champlain. 
Cubbel Samuel, peddler, h. 8 East Liberty. 
Cubbon John, candle maker, 135 Ohio. 
Cubbon William, builder, h. 105 Prospect. 
Guddie John, switchman G. & E. R. R , h. 

417 Lake. 
Cuddy Thomas, tailor, bds. 97 St. Clair. 
Guile n Christopher, blacksmith, 7 Perry, h. 

398 St. Clair. 
Gullen Patrick, blacksmith, h. 42 Hamilton, 
Cullen Peter, laborer, 15 Pittsburgh contin- 
Culley John sailor, h. SO West Centre. 

CuUigan Jamesj tinner, 218 Superior, h. 132 

Cullin James, sailor, h. 141 Burch. 
CuUiton James, laborer, near C. & M. coal 

Gulp John, cooper, h. 410 Perry. 
Cumisky Michael, cartman, h. 38 Delaware. 
Cummings Andrew, laborer. Upper Canal. 
Cummings Byron, machinist, h. rear 101 

Cummings Charles, mason, h. 78 Ontario. 
Cummings Hamilton, sailor, h. 241 Wash- 
CUMMINGS J. M. & CO., wholesale gro- 
cers, 171 River. 
Cummings J. M., firm J. M. C. & Co., h. 

116 Erie. 
Cummings John, fireman, h. 109 West Main. 
Cummings Thomas, rail roller, h. 19 Lyman. 
Cummins John, carpenter, h. rear — Hicks. 
Cummins John, engineer, h. foot Water. 
Cummins Michael, receiving clerk C, C. & 

C. R. R., h. 101 York. 
Cummins Roger, laborer, Root's Alley. 
Cummins Thomas, laborer, 356 Detroit. 
Cumofer John, laborer, rear 69 St. Clair, 
Cunnaan Patrick, moulder, h. 17 Belden. 
Cuimingham Archibald, foreman C, C. & C. 

R. R. blacksmith shop, h. 47 Woodbine^ 
Cunningham Mrs. Ann, widow of Patricfe, 

h. rear 375 St. Clair. 
Cunningham Mrs. Elizabeth E., millinei^ 

228 Superior. 
Cunningham James, book-keeper, h. 265 

Cunningham John, carpenter, h. 129 Oregon. 
Cunningham Joseph, teamster, h. 47 McLean. 
Cunningham Michael, planer G. &. E. R. R. 

car shop, h. 735 Lake. 
Cunningham Nathan, laborer, 120 River. 
Cunningham Patrick, L. S, R. mill, h. 475 

St. Clair. 
Cunington Andrew, crockery store, 300 St 

Curan Michael, laborer. West River. 
Curdy W. W., clerk 247 Superior, bds. 27 

Curran James, clerk 169 River, h. 43 Dodge. 
Curran John, laborer, rear 475 St. Clair. 
Cuiran Patrick, West River. 
Curran Patrick, blacksmith, h. 42 Hamilton. 
Currens Mrs. Sarah, bds. 13 Bolivar. 
Curry Abraham, h. 501 St Clair. 
CuiTy Anton, fish packer, h, 57 Webster. 
Curtis Henry, engineer, bds. 87 Woodbine. 
Curtis Joel, wreck master C. & E. R. R., h. 

18 Seneca. 
Curtis John H., tanner, h. 29 Sibley. 
Curtis Joseph, foreman C. & E. R. R. repair 


Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



Curtis Lester B.. shippino; clerk Chamberlin, 
Crawford & Co., h. 151 Prospect. 

Curtis William, engineer, h. 63 Root. 

Cu 'tis J. L. ship carpenter, h. 121 West Lib- 

Curtis L. W., book-keeper 127 Superior, h, 
5 Oak. 

Curtiss William, painter, h. 40 Walnut. 

Gushing Eben C, clerk C, C. & C. R. R., bds. 
60 Euclid Place. 

CUSHING ERASTUS, physician, 88 Pub. 
Square, h. 90 Public Square. 

CUSHING HENRY K., physician, 88 Pub. 
Square, h. 13 Euclid. 

Gushing Richards, finisher, h. 152 Oregon, 

Gushing WiUiam D., agent N. Y. & E. R. R., 
h. 15 Sheriff. 

Cushman Sylvanus D., lightning rods, 9 
Vineyard, h. 32 Huntington. 

Cushman William H., h. 105 Tracy, 

CUSTOM HOUSE, east side Public Square. 

Cutler Samuel H , miller, h. 90 Lake. 

Cutler William, hides and leather, 93 Water, 
h. 75 Rockwell. 

Cutler William P., carriage trimmer. Low- 

Cutter Edwin, firm 0. C. & Son, h. 30 Eagle. 

Cutter John F., clerk, h. 228 Kinsman. 

Cutter Nelson P., clerk, h. 228 Kinsman. 

CUTTER 0. & SON, auction and commis- 
sion merchants, 134 Bank. 

Cutter Orlando, firm 0. C. & Son, h. 228 

Cutter Orlando P., auctioneer and collector, 
bds. 66 Michigan. 

Cutter William, carriage maker, bds. 16 

Cutter William L., assistant cashier Mer- 
chants' Bank, bds. 228 Kinsman. 

Cutter Richard H., commercial reporter Na- 
tional Democrat, h 228 Kinsman. 

PANY, Detroit, comer West Center, 

Cyriax Catharine, fancy goods, 106 Kinsman, 

Cyriax Frederick, accountant, 232 Superior, 
h, 106 Kinsman. 


Dabney Charles W., book-keeper, 144 Water, 

h. 27 RockweU. 
Dages Peter, teacher St. John's cathedral 

school, bds. 389 Superior. 
Dahoff John, laborer, 38 Greenwood. 
Dahler Jacob, laborer, 14 Clifton. 
Dahler Jacob, laborer, 82 Clifton. 
Dahler Louis, grocer and flour dealer, 206 

Dahler Michael, bar tender. 111 Water, 

Dailey John, brewer, h. alley near Eagle. 
Dailey James, laborer, 80 Oregon, 
Daily John C, laborer, 24 Alabama. 
Daily Martin, laborer. Hickory, 
Daily Michael, laborer, 85 Oregon, 
Daily Nancy, widow of Paul, h. 110 Ham- 
Daily Peter, drajTuan, h, 444 St. Clair. 
Daily William, station baggage master C. & 

P.^ R. R., h. 45 Ontario. 
Dait Ralph, laborer, 225 Bridge. 
Dake John, wagon maker, 374 Detroit, bds. 

378 Detroit. 
Dakin Horace E., tinner, 42 Public Square, 

h. 14 Ohio. 
Dalbert Charles, candle maker, Duncan's. 
Dale James, sailor, bds. 153 West River. 
Daley Michael, sailor, h. 172 Lake, 
Dalgliesh John, painter, h. 28 Rockwell. 
Dalgiesh Walter, paper hanger, h, 205 Pros- 
DaLee A., gilder, h. 46 Ontario. 
Dall Andrew, stone cutter, h. 9 St. Charles. 
Dallen WUliam, teamster, h. 121 Harbor. 
Dalton Mrs. Caroline, widow of Edward, h. 

345 Bridge. 
DALTON, F. & CO., patent right agency, 

68 Superior. 
Dalton Frederick, firm F. D. & Co., h, 

Dalton Michael, shoemaker, h, near Brock's 

Daly Barney, machinist, h. 438 Hamilton. 
Daly Mrs. Mary, widow of Michael, h, 45 

Superior Avenue. 
Daly Samuel, laborer, 20 John. 
Daly Terrence, drayman, h. 18 Ohio. 
Damon Charles, salesman 139 Water, bds, 

54 Lake. 
Damon Mrs. Cordelia F., milliner, 216 St, 

Damon George, printer, 144 Superior, bds. 

54 Lake. 
Damon John F., merchant, h. 54 Lake, 
Dempsy Patrick, la.borer, 39 Lawrence, 
Damstadt Mrs. Mary, widow of Adam, h. 

146 Bridge. 
Dancaster Thomas, C, C. & C. R. R. repairer, 

h. 174 Greenwood. 
Danehen Daniel, laborer, 159 Hamilton. 
Dangeleasen Joseph, tanner, h. 63 Pine. 
Dangler David A., firm J. Tennis & Co., h. 

117 Huron. 
Dangler Martin, carpenter, h. 181 Groton, 
Daniel Charies, laborer, 34 Hicks. 
Daniel AVilliam, tailor, h. 3 Scoville Alley. 
Daniels Joshua, firm Halliwell & D., h. 56 

Dank Seaman, oil cloth maker, h. 18 Dela- 

or Ambrotype, should not fiail to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 



Banks H. P., h. 85 Pearl. 

Danks Henry R., machinist, h.62 Fulton. 

Banks Joseph C, machinist, foreman Bald- 
win, Be Witt & Co., h. 21 Jay. 

Bannenfelser Conrad, drayman, h. 9 Croton. 

Bansel George, laborer, bds. 191 Kinsman. 

Bansel Sebastian, laborer, h. 191 Kinsman. 

Bare Jesse, saddles and harness, corner Pros- 
pect and Ontario, h. 6 Cheshire. 

Barby John, teacher CleVeland Institute, 

Barley Capt. E., h. 157 Prospect. 

Barr Frederick, shoemaker, h. 214 Pearl. 

Barrigan Michael, laborer, Root's Alley. 

Bascomb Charles H., tallyman C. & E. R. R., 
bds. 124 Water. 

Bascomb George B., yard master C, C. & C. 
R. R., bds. 124 Water. 

Bate Charles, butcher, h. 65 Orange. 

Bate William, carpenter, h. 19 Parkman. 

Bavenport Ephraim B., mason, bds. 130 Ohio. 

Bavey Jeremiah, carpenter, h. 164 Orange. 

Bavids William, carpenter, h. 36 Cedar Av- 

Bavids Girard, h. rear 102 Oregon. 

Bavidson Hugh, bds. 234 Kinsman. 

Bavidson James, h. 234 Kinsman. 

Bavidson John, grocer, bds. 234 Kinsman. 

Bavidson Lewis, bds. 517 Case Avenue. 

Bavidson & Buncan, attorneys, 158 Supe- 

Bavidson Peter L., pattern maker, bds. 74 

Bavidson Robert, carpenter, bds. rear 124 

Bavidson R. B., firm B. & Buncan, 158 Su- 

Bavidson Walter, joiner, bds. rear 124 

Bavidson William, rear 124 Muirson. 

Bavis Alfred, sailor, h. 10 Clinton. 

Bavis Benjamin, candle maker, 

Bavis Mrs., widow of Bavid, nurse, h. 148 

Bavis Baniel S., baggage master, C. & T. R. 
h. 29 Academy. ♦ 

Bavis Edward, sailor, h. fear 19 Vineyard. 

Bavis Eliza, widow of B. J., h. 81 Frank- 

Bavis Frederick A., express agent, h. 88 

Bavis F. R., bonnet and hat bleaching, 222 
Superior, h. 517 Case Avenue. 

Bavis George, laborer 231 Lake. 

Bavis George, shoemaker, h 62 Can'oll. 

BAVIS GEORGE A. & Co., clothing, cor- 
ner Superior and Water. 

Bavis George A., firm G. A. B. & Co,, h. 
261 Superior. 

Bavenport Ephraim B., mason, .bds. 130 

Bavis George R., shoemaker, h. 68 Carroll. 

Bavis Henry S., book keeper, h. 13 Chest- 

Bavis J. H., machinist, h. 723 St. Clair. 

Bavis John, laborer h. 22 Bank. 

Bavis John, blacksmith, 217 Root 

Bavis John, saloon, 33 Belden. 

Bavis John, firm W, Lawtey & Co., h. 129 

Bavis John W., h. 75 Buane. 

Bavis Joseph A., (colored) h. 94 Muirson. 

Bavis Julius, peddler, h. 182 Garden. 

Bavis Lewis L., gent. 56 Pearl. 

Bavis Mary H., widow of William L., h, 

Bavis Michael, laborer, h. 2 Pop Corn Al- 

Bavis Morris, butcher, bds. 150 Pittsburgh. 

Bavis Najwleon B., book keeper, 85 River, 
bds 68 Water. 

Bavis Robert, laborer, 11 St. Clair. 

Bavis Samuel J., h. 73 Buane. 

Bavis S. K., clerk, 217 Superior, bds. 304 

Bavis Thomas N., teaming, h. 61 High. 

Bavis Thomas, shoemaker, h. rear 19 Web- 

Bavis William S., city crier, h. 30 Oregon. 

Bavison Charles, R. R. man, bds. 130 Ohio. 

Bawson Charles L., (colored) whitewasher, 
h. 219 Erie, 

Bawson James, carpenter, h. Heights. 

Bay Andrew, laborer, 16 Johns. 

Bay Edward, machinist, h. 16 Johns. 

Bay Edward L., teller, Whitman, Standart 
& Co. 

Bay George, painter, h. 70 Carroll. 

Bay John, paper maker, 92 Croton. 

BAY L. A., office, warehouse Hubby, Hughes 
& Co., ship and produce dealer, h. 225 St. 

Bay Michael, laborer, 14 Wadsworth. 

Bay Peter, laborer, 80 Herman. 

Bay Robert, teamster, h. 172 Bridge. 

Bay Thomas, attorney, 113 Superior, bds. 
Angier House. 

Bay Thomas, laborer, near Seneca st. bridge. 

Bay William Rev., pastor Mayflower Mis- 
sion Church, h. 503 Kinsman. 

Bay William, wig maker and hair dresser, 
76 Public Squara 

Bay William, tax gatherer, h. 26 Bolivar.^ 

Baygan James, pump maker, h. 113 Lorain. 

Beal Phillip, shoemaker, h. 271 St Clair. 

Bealing Jonathan, bds. 46 Bolivar. 

Bealing George, Mason, h. 12 Lorain. 

BEAN CHARLES A, oil dealer, 85 Water, 
h. 50 Ontario. 

Bean Bavid, billiards, h. 225 Lake. 

Bean John, laborer, 241 Erie. 

Deoderised Coal Oil, manufactured by LAW & NORTH, 



Dean T. E., carriage builder, bda. Commer- 
cial House. 
Dearing Mary, widow, h. 11 Vestry. 
Dearink Charles, laborer, 40 Wilson. 
Deate George, shoemaker, h. 12 Floyd, 
Deats G., tailor, h. 47 Merchants. 
Deats J. jr., tailor, 45 Merchants. 
Deatseil Christopher, laborer, 91 Clifton. 
Debber Peter, laborer, 638 Superior. 
Decam Phillip, carpenter, h. Heights. 
DecaterRuple, machinist, bds. 90 Muirson. 
Dechant Michael, bds. 243 Hamilton. 
Deckand Barbara, widow of Arhart, h. 77 

Deckand J. H., accountant 156 Superior, h. 

17 Walnut 
Decker Edgar, clerk 189 Ontario, bds. 284 

Decker John, laborer, near Brock'g tannery. 
Decker Morris, clerk with R. H. Blackmer, 

h. 279 Prospect 
Decker S. B., h, 36 Huntington. 
Decker William, laborer, 18 Dodge. 
Decume John, turner, h. 279 Columbus. 
Deefenback Peter, shoemaker, h. 23 Croton. 
Deerfidel Joseph, cigar maker, bd». Kine- 

De Forest Lewis G., salesman 127 Superior 

bds 1 Hamilton. 
De Forest Tracy R., machinist, h. 1 Hamil- 
De Grafif Henry, moulder, h. 65 St Clair. 
DeCTOot Mrs. Rebecca, widow of J. C, h. 125 

Dehan Peter, sailor, h. rear 64 Lamartine. 
De Hart H. H., physician, 54 Union, h. 63 

Dehler Anton E., shoemaker, bda. 108 Wan- 

Dehler Carl, shoemaker, h. 107 Hudson. 
Dehl Peter, h. 393 Kinsman. 
Deihl Peter, brewer, h. 7 Garden. 
Deil John, butcher, h. 142 Hamilton. 
Deilman Mrs. Mary, widow of Barnhardt, 

h. 88 Hamilton. 
Deim Christian, tinsmith, h. 17 Ward. 
Deinst Killian, butcher, h. 96 Grarden. 
Deis Felden, cabinet maker, h. 25 Cherry. 
Deitz Adam, tinner, 42 Public Square. 
Deitz Franklin, shoemaker, bds. 164 River. 
Deitz Gregory, watchmaker, h. 48 Orange. 
Deitz Henry, clerk, h. 25 Smith. 
Deitz Henry, barber, 92 Erie. 
Deitz John, tailor, h. 315 Hamilton. 
Deitz Loren, laborer, 112 Champlain. 
Deitzel Christian, laborer, Williams. 
Deckler Peter, tailor, h. East 9 Liberty. 
Delahunt Patrick, shoemaker, L 13 York 

Delamater Jacob J., it c, bds. Angier House. 

DELAMATER JOHN, physician, office cor- 
ner Wood and Rockwell, h. 364 Superior. 
De Land C. R., architect and builder, h. 43 

Delaney Mrs. Bridget, widow of William, 

h. 292 Lake. 
Delaney James, engineer, bds. 292 Lake. 
Delaney Kearm, boiler maker, bds. 292 Lake. 
Delaney William, moulder, h. 288 St Clair. 
Delany Edward, h. 91 West Main. 
Delany Owen, laborer, 28 Dodge. 
Delargy Mrs. Margaret, widow of Patrick, 

grocery, West River. 
Delargy Mrs. Margaret, widow of Charles, 

h. 267 West River. 
Delgmann Conrad, hats and caps, 7 PearL 
Dellaney William, house mover, 92 Wilson. 
Dellenbaugh Christian, physician, h. comer 

Kinsman and Vine. 

De Long , hostler, h. 138 Lake. 

De Long Parvin L., proprietor Stillman 

House, 281 Columbus. 
Demar James, saloon, h. 183 West River. 
Demarg John, ferryman, h. 77 Washington. 
Demme Charles, carpenter, h. 38 Blair. 
Demis Edwin C, clerk, bds. 34 Academy. 
Demii Mm. Mary A., widow of Varanes, h. 

34 Acadtmy. 
Deming E. M., h. 238 Hamilton. 
Deming George, firm Qqo. Worthington & 

Co, h. 66 Wood. 
Deming Mrs. Mary A., h. 216 Hamilton 
Deming William, carpenter, h. 96 Oregoa, 
Demore William, tanner, h. near tannery. 
Demooy A., tanner, Brock's tannery. 
Dempsey James, engineer, C. & E. R. R., b. 

39 Pearl. 
Dempsey John, marble polisher, bds. High. 
Dempsey James, drayman, h. 6 Root's Alley. 
Deneen Jeremiah, laborer, bds. 936 St Clair. 
Deneen Timothy, laborer, 936 St Clair. 
Deneif James, teamster, h. Detroit 
Denest Frederick, shoemaker, h. 38 Johns. 
Denham James, moulder, bds. 63 Water. 
Denbffti James, clerk insurance office, bds. 

132 Ohio. 
Denham John, carpenter, h. 132 Ohio. 
Denham John L., painter aud glazier, Sher- 

h. 165 Brownell. 
DENHAM THOMAS, glass, painting and 

glazing, 22 Public Square. 
Denham Thomas, stone cutter, L 117 Taylor. 
Dening Henry L., painter. 435 St Clair. 
Denison Daniel, bds. 21 Vestry. 
Denison Edwin, firm W. P. Cooke & Co., h. 

60 Garden. 
Denison Jedediah, clerk, 127 Water, bds. 

60 Garden. 
Denison Nancy, widow of Daniel, h. 60 


is acknowledged tg be the best in the State. 



Denison Thomas, clerk, 127 Water, bds. 
60 Gurden. 

Dennet Frederick, shoemaker, 101 Superior. 

Dennett H. Nicholas, cooper, h. 78 Root. 

Derminovei' Peter, student^ bd*. 243 Hamil- 

Dennis Abner W., deputy clerk, bds. Ben- 
net House. 

Dennis John, clerk, 148 Water, b. 59 Boli- 

Dennis Robert B., attorney, h. 69 Clinton. 

Denton William, editor Vanguard, bds. 109 

Dentsel Sebastian, porter, h. 176 Kinsman. 

Denzel George, porter, h. 51 Mayflower. 

Denzel John, porter, h. 49 Mayflower. 

Depkey Henry, shoemaker, h. 221 Hamilton. 

Depnier William, laborer, h. Cemetery Al- 

Der Simon, blacksmith, 383 Pittsburgh, h. 
85 Oregon. 

Demer William, blacksmith, h. 97 LaureL 

Derr Simeon, blacksmith, h. rear 85 Oregon. 

Derring Antoine, mason, h. 182 Wilson. 

Deroy A. L., clothing, h. 96 Ohio. 

Deroer George, grocer, 234 Columbus. 

Deten hover Samuel, h. 299 Kinsman. 

DETMER G. H. & SON, «lothing, 153 and 
158 Riveti 

Detmer Garhirt H., firm G. H. D. & Son, h. 
385 Lake. 

Detmer Henry, firm G. H. D. & Son, h. 385 

DETON CHARLES, int«lligence office, cor- 
ner Bank and Superior, h. 74 Lake. 

Detoou Joseph, brewer, h. corner Green and 

Detsh John, teamster, h. Pittsburgh. 

Deuble Henry, wagon maker, bds. 33 Web- 

Deuble Philip, carpenter, h. 49 Hurd. 

Deumer Conrad, brewer, h. 143 Hamilton. 

Deveraux Lavrrence, shoemaker, h. 30 Wash- 

Deveries Lawrence, shoemaker, 165 C^um- 
bus, h. Washington. 

Dewert Frederick, shoemaker, h. 227 Bridge. 

DEWEY & CO., stove dealers, 68 Merwin. 

Dewhirst William, drayman, h. 14 Division. 

DeWitt Hiram, blacksmith, h. 55 Whitman. 

DeWITT JOSHUA H., fancy goods, 7 
Public Square, bds. 304 Superior. 

DeWitt William, firm Baldwin, DeW. &Co., 
h. 53 Eagle. 

DEWOLF SIMON E., commission mer- 
chant, 30 River, h. East Cleveland. 

Dexsimer Henry, baker, 83 Garden. 

Dexter Benjamin F., mason, h. 15 Ann. 

Dey Richard, mason, h. 97 Orange. 

Deyle John, laborer, 115 West Main, 

Deypler Henry, wagon maker, bds. 33 

Dhienemann Frank, paper maker, b. 27 Ir- 

Dibble Capt., Lewis, superintendent Marine 

Dice Valentine, cabinet maker, h. Cherry, 

Dick Henry, blacksmith, bds. 1 St. Clair. 

Dickens Simon sr., frame manufacturer, h. 
17 Lake. 

Dickenson Betsey, widow of James, tailor- 
ess, h. 12 Marshall. 

DICKERSON M. J, dentist, 253 Superior, 
bds. Weddell. 

Dickinson Albert H., musician, bds. 101 

Dickinson Charles, produce derler. River, h. 
corner Bond and Rockwell. 

Dickinson Charles, gent. h. 106 Bond. 

Dickinson Charles S., h. 101 Kinsman. 

Dickinson J. W., engineer, h. 42 Root. 

Dickinson D., physician, 37 Hill. 

Dickinson George, boiler maker, h. Lake. 

Dickinson John, liquors, 73 Merwin, h, 41 
Cedar Avenue. 

D'ckinson J. W., gymnasium, 147 Ontario, 
h. 101 Kinsman. 

DICKMAN FRANKLIN J., attorney, 171 
; Superior, h. 6 Euclid. 
] Dickman Henry, laborer, 206 Hamilton, 
j Dickson Peter, painter, h. Ill Pearl. 

Dickson William H., machinist, bds. 63 

Diedtrick John, shoemaker. 

Dieffenbach W. A., printer. Leader. 

Diemer Christopher, shoe cutter, 122 Ham- 

Diemer Peter, ice dealer, h. 82 Hamilton. 

Dier William, laborer, 75 Croton. 

Dies Henry, teamster, h. 70 Green. 

Dietz Adam, tinner, 42 Public Square. 

Dietz B. G., cigars, tobacco, &c., 177 Supe- 
rior, h. 96 Muirson. 

Dietz George, tobacco, cigars &c, 157 Wa- 
ter, bds. 112 Champlain. 

Dietz Gregory, watch maker, h. 48 Orange. 

Dietz William tailor, bds. 315 Hamilton. 

Diffiy James, boarding house, 122 River. 

Dill Charles, carpenter, h. 18 Blair 

Dill Edward W., grocery, 443 Lake. 

Dill Ezra, h. 445 Lake. 

Dill Henry, bricklayer, bds. 445 Lake. 

Dill Joshua M., carpenter, bds. 445 Lake. 

Dill Wra. H., machinist, h. 459 Lake. 

Dilley L. S., printer, National Democrat, h. 
161 Lake. 

Dillhoffer Matthias, mason, h. 54 Muirson. 

Dillon Casper, drayman, h. 128 Orange, 

Dillon Philip, laborer, 171 Bridge. 

Dillon Robert, plasterer, h. 16 Scoville AlUey. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 



Dimmons, blacksmith, h. rear 99 Oregon. 

Dinger W. J., carpenter, li. 64 Michigan. 

Dingier M., carpenter, h. 181 Crofon. 

Dingley Wm W., salesman, Geo. Sprague's, 
h. 15 Johnson. 

Dinsmore Andrew, coal dealer, h. 40 On- 

Disbereger Win., tailor, h. 199 Lorain. 

Distler John, saloon, 189 Lorain. 

Ditton Josejjh, brewer, h. Fremont 

Diver John carnage maker, h. Heights. 

Dixon Edward, peddler, bds. 3 Root's Alley. 

Dixon Edward, plasterer, h. 53 Jay. 

Dixon Thomas, agent, h. 220 Pearl. 

Dixon William, (colored) whitewasher, h. 
242 Pittsburgh. 

Doan David C, R. R. collector, h. 41 Pros- 

Doan Jas. C, coal merchant, h. 320 Prosjiect. 

Doan Seth C, superintendent canal, h. 245 

Doane Joseph P., engineer C. & E. R. R., h. 
383 St. Clair. 

Dobele Jane, widow of Jacob, h. 177 West 

Dockstader Charles, clerk Commercial 
Branch Bank, bds. 200 St. Clair. 

DOCKSTADER N. & CO., hats, caps and 
furs. 111 Superior. 

Dockstader Nicholas, firm N. D. & Co., h. 
200 St. Clair. 

Dockstader Richard, sen., h. 21 York Alley. 

Dockstader R. M., clerk 111 Superior, bds. 
200 St. Clair. 

Dockstader William J., firm N, D. & Co., 
bds. 200 St. Clair. 

Dodd E. L., firm Smith, D. & Co., h. 66 On- 

DODD EDWARD L^ grocer, corner Brown- 
ell and Ohio. 

Dodd Luke, (colored) barber, h. 194 Ohio. 

Dodd Thomas, shoemaker, h. 14 California. 

Dodds Geo., blacksmith, h. 63 Peari. 

Dodds John, blacksmith. 

Dodds Wm., stone cutter, h. 81 Burch. 

Dodge Mrs, Abiah, vddow of James, bds. 
144 Kentucky. 

Dodge Mrs. widow of Alphonzo, boarding, 
32 Third. 

Dodge Eza B- clerk Post Office, bds. City 

DODGE GEORGE C, farmer, h. 157 Eu- 

DODGE HENRY H., U, S. Commissioner, 
Government Building, h. 141 Euclid. 

Dodge John, baker, bds. Franklin House. 

Dodge Luther P. Photographic Chemist, 
198 Superior. 

Dodge Mrs. Nancy, widow of Samuel, b. 147 

DODGE 0S3IAN E., pianos. 3 and 5 Eu- 

' did, h. 61 Ontiirio. 

I Doen John, shoemaker, h. 151 Scoville 

1 Avenue. 

I Doering E., grocer, 198 Pittsburgh. 

Doemer William, agricultural tool maker, 
i h. Laurel. 
I Doerr Frederick, shoemaker, 218 Lorain. 

Dogherty Mary Mrs., 47 Oregon. 
I Doherty John, grocery, h, 29 York, 
1 Doherty Julius, clerk, h. 47 Oregon. 

Doherty Michael, carpenter, h. 29 York. 
; Dolau James, farmer, bds. St. Clair House. 

Dolan ]\Iartin, laborer, h. 20 Superior Av. 
! Dolan Matthew, carriage maker, h. 60 Mjt- 
I rion. 

I Dole James, sailor, h, 211 West River. 
! Dole William A., firm Masury, D. & Co., h. 
j 227 Scoville Avenue. 
I Doleman Jacob, laborer, 399 Perry. 
I Dolk Joseph, laborer, 32 Delaware, 
I Bollard John, tailor, h, 24 Rockwell. 
I Eoliinger Adam, cooper, h. 41 Ward. 
I DOLMAN MRS. M. J. millinery, 225 Su- 
I perio;-. 

i Domer Frederick, tailor, 190 Superior, h. 
i Croton. 

I Domstaelt Jolin, lock maker, h, 97 Jersey. 
! Donaho LIrs. Ellen, widow of William, 
I washing and sevnng, h, Irving, 
I Donahue Hanora, widow of Daniel, h. 710 
I Superior. 

! Donahue Capt. P., sailor, h. 259 Washington, 
j Donohoe Richard, shoemaker, 4 Pittsburgh, 
j h. 100 Bolivar, 

I Donaldson James, flour and feed store, cor- 
I ner Pearl and Detroit, h. 365 Detroit. 
I Donaldson John, carpenter, h 115 York. 
i Donaldy Patrick, h. rear 84 Oregon, 
i Donaldson David, ship carpenter, h. 101 
I Harbor, 

I Donebert Charles, soap maker, h. Alley be- 
j tween Ohio and Walworth, 
j Donivon Daniel, h. 15 Academy. 
1 Doni^^ John, h. 32 West Main. 

Donnelly Barney, laborer, 15 Sui^erior Ave- 

DONNOLLY SUSAN M., widow of Thoni- 

as, boarding house, 83 Water. 
i Donnelly Thomas C, carpenter, h. 24 West 

Donavan Cornelius, laborer, 388 Lorain. 

Doolittle Luther, farmer, h. 324 Kinsman. 

Doran John, livery, h. lake shore, 

Doran 0. M., laborer, 25 Phelps. 

Dormeyer Henry, musical instruments, 143 

Dorn D. F., saloon, cor. Water and Superior. 

Dorn John, shoemaker, bds. 67 Michigan. 

Dorn Nicholas, carpenter, h. 186 Greenwood, 

W, C. NOBTH'S Photograph and Pine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 



Dorsett John W., carriage maker, h. 318 

Dorsett Mrs., widow of Thomas, h. 16 Web- 

Dorson Patrick, laborer, 149 Cedar Avenue. 

Dotterweich John, saloon, 330 Erie. 

Dottoweich Valentine, brewer, h. 130 York. 

Doty Nathan, engineer, h. 6 Farley's Court. 

Dougherty Neal, peddler, h. 317 Lorain. 

Dougherty Eobert, laborer, 82 Jersey. 

Draper Thomas, shoemaker, h. 87 Frank- 

Drayman Henry, watchman, Stanley's candle 
factory, h. 224 Pittsburgh. 

Dreher Anton, melodeon maker, h. 99 Or- 

Dreher B., melodeon maker, h. 99 Orano-e. 

DREHER, KINNARD & CO., melodeon 
manufacturers, corner Superior and C. G. 
& C. R. R. 

Dougherty William, carpenter, h. 77 Laurel. ' Dreher M. Lewis, firm D., Kinnard & Co., 

DOUGLASS B. & CO., mercantile agency, 
Atwater Building. 

Douglass James, brakemao, h. Belden's 

Douglass John, mason, h. 101 Clinton. 

Douglass R. B., clerk, 120 Superior, bds. 

Douglass Stephen E., sail maker, h. 97 

Douglass Thomas C, tobacconist, 12 Pearl. 

Douglass Thomas J., saloon, 37 West Main, 
bds. 47 West Main. 

Dougherty Catherine, widow of Bartholo- 
mew, 177 Wilson. 

Douse William, laborer, 31 Clifton, 

Douw Myron, teamster, h. 61 Lorain. 

Dowhet A., umbrella Jactory, 218 Ontario. 

Dowling Thomas, carpenter, 140 Garden, h. 
186 Garden. 

Dowlin Thomas, sailor, bds. Franklin House. 

Dowling J. S., i^ainter, h. 166 Brownell. 

Downes Mrs. Eliza, h. 42 Erie. 

Downie John, painter, 18 and 20 Rockwell. 

Downing William, carpenter, h. 103 Lorain. 

Downs Dennis, shipwright, h. 53 Burch. 

Downs John, laborer. Second Alley, 

Doyl Simon, laborer. Second Alley. 

Doyle Miss, dressmaker, h. 190 Erie. 

Doyle Catherine, tailoress, h. 119 Hamilton. 

Doj'le Catherine, widow of John, h. Long. 

Doj'le Daniel, carpenter, h. 29 Minnesota. 

Doyle Frank, grocery, 14 West Main. 

Doyle James, laborer, 329 Hamilton. 

Doyle Patrick, laborer,' bds. 108 Eiver.^ 

Doyle William^ blacksmith, h. 82 Carroll. 

Drabek W., music teacher, h. 38 Kinsman. 

Drae William, laborer, 23 Ross. 

Dracket John, ship carpenter, h. 125 Ful- 

Drake Sir Francis, sailor, h. 12 Miami. 

Drake Henry, gunsmith, h. 369 Lake. 

Drake Jackson, clerk, V. Swain's, h. 52 

Drake James B.. cabinet finisher, h. 122 Lo- 

Drake Morris J., clerk, h. 27 Bolivar. 

Draper Adelia, widow of William, tailoress, 
h. 64 Michigan. 

Draper Mrs., washwoman, h. 90 Tracy, 

h. 113 Orange. 
Drery William, engine wiper, C. & E. R. R., 

h. 23 Ross. 
Dresden Henry, ship caulker, h. 42 Root. 
Dressier Charles, butcher, h. 79 Parkman, 
Drew Charles, carpenter, h. 182 Hamilton. 
Drew J. H., firm J. H. D. & Co., bds. 28 

DREW J. H. & CO., groceries, 116 Ontario. 
Drews John, laborer, rear 70 Williams. 
Drine Martin, blacksmith, h. 102 Lorain. 
Drinnafelder Henry, barber, 87 Garden, 
Driscoll John, sailor, h. 483 Lake. 
Driscoll John, sailor, rear 44 Bolivar. 
Driscoll John, tavern keeper, 82 Water, 
Driscoll Captain, sailor, h. 68 Herman. 
Driskell Dennis, city lamp lighter, h. rear 231 

Droeger Frederick, cabinet maker, h. Brook- 
Drone Frederick, coal dealer, h. 8 Johnson. 
Drone Willis, omnibus agent, 147 Supeiior, 

bds. 8 Johnson. 
Drum John, carriage maker, 101 Seneca, 

h. 26 Vine. 
Drury George, engineer, bds. 43 Jackson. 
Drussell John, carpenter, h. 112 Irving. 
Dryer Ferdinand, carpenter, h. rear 11 Ward. 
Dryer Paul, tailor, h. 62 Grove. 
Drysdale Robert, h. 72 Cedar. 
Duane Patrick, laborer, h. 47 Hicks. 
Dubber Peter, laborer, 143 Oregon. 
Dneper John, laborer, 55 Cherry. 
Duerfeld Charles, barber, 214 Ontario, bds. 

71 Michigan. 
Duffey J. 0., attorney, 155 Water. 
Dugan James, dealer in liquors, 165 River, 

h. 120 Clinton. 
Dugan James, carpenter, h. 400 Perry. 
Dugan Patrick, brick layer, h. 29 Alabama. 
Dugan Richard, dealer in liquors, bds. 83 

Dugel John, laborer, h. near C. & M. coal 

Duke Thomas, stone cutter, bds. 69 Orange. 
Dulan John, laborer. West 'River. 
Duly Mrs., Avidow of William, h. 33 Willet. 
Dumnialdinger Charles, coppersmith, h. 438 

St. Clair. 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph, in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



Dunbar Moses W., grocer, b. 55 Fulton. 

DUNCAN A. B., soap and candles, Canal, 
h. 85 Miami. 

Dungleson John, maltster, 395 West River, 
bds. 9 Jay. 

Dunham Alfred, shoemaker, h. 167 Clinton. 

Dunk Simon, oil cloth printer, Webster's 
factory, h. 18 Delaware. 

Dunlap Alexander, traveling agent, 67 Water 

Dunlap Andrew, carpenter, h. 86 Fulton. 

Duulap John H., freight express, 53 Water. 

Dunlap Peter, (colored,) porter 0. & T. R. R. 

Dunn James, boarding, foot Water. 

Dunn Joseph, mason, h. 19 Wilson. 

Dunn Mrs., widow of Thomas, washerwo- 
man, h. West River. 

Dunn Peter, tailor, 125 Superior, bds. 26 

Dunn Matthew, brakeman, bds. 77 Water, 

Dunn P., grocer, 823 St Clair. 

Dunn Richard, mason, h. 127 Muirson. 

Dunn William, painter, 437 St Clair. 

Dunnapla William, laborer, 41 Mill. 

Dunovan Paul, saloon on dock, h. 49 Whit- 

DunstKiUian,butchercor. Garden and Perry 

Dunton Daniel, weighmaster, weighlock, h. 
153 Prospect 

Durgin George W., grocer, comer Huntiog- 
ton and Garden, h. 226 Perry. 

Durgen Lyman W., machinist, 215 Hamilton. 

Durian John, porter, h. 115 Greenwood. 

Duroy Marshall, engraver, bds. 125 Kinsman. 

Duroy Martial, confectioner, h. 1 18 Kansman. 

Durst Andon, tailor, h. 10 Johns. 

Dusel John, laborer, h. 44 River. 

Dutton Jacob, firm Farmer & D., h. 32 On- 

DUTY D. W., undertaker, 187 Erie, h. 134 

Dwyer James, sailor, bds. 142 River. 

Dwyer John, cabinet maker, h. 67 Vermont. 

Dwyer John, carpenter, h. rear 20 Superior. 

Dyer Samuel, sailor, bds. 142 River. 

Dyckes Henry, pail manufacturer, h. 25 

Dycks Joseph, pail manufacturer, h. 25 


Eagan Charles C, clerk Lucas & Co., h. 208 

Eagan Michael, sawyer, h. 63 Taylor. 
Eager Lucius V. stove dealer 119 Detroit, h. 

163 Clinton. 
Eager Theodore, saw maker, h. 47 Mechanic. 
Eagle Louis, baker, 62 Muirson. 

Eardley Wm., paper maker, h. 240 Orange. 

Earl L. C, pressman, Review. 

Earl, widow of John, shoe binder, 244 Pitta- 

EARL MARCUS A., sewing machines, 246 
Superior, h. 321 Lake. 

Earl Thomas, flour store, new market 
grounds, h. 25 Bolivar. 

Earle John, upholster, 412 Perry. 

Earley Thomas, clerk, 228 Superior, h. 49 

Earle William, laborer, 44 Lyman. 

Eason Donald, clerk, bds. 42 Euclid. 

Eason Samuel C, builder, 17 Sheriff. 

Easterbrook Thomas, C. & P. Freight De- 
pot h. 10 Floyd street 

Easterly John, blacksmith, bds. 348 St 

Eastland Thomas, sailor, 199 Hamiltod. 

Eastman Luther, constaljle, h. 185 Lorain. 

Easton J. S., firm Levna E. & Co., bds. 
City Hotel. 

Easty Charles W., Receiving Clerk C. C. & 
C. R. R., h. 25 Wood. 

Eaton George, car builder, h. 39 Greenwood. 

Eaton Isaac, carpenter, bds. 491 Lake. 

Eaton Samuel, ship carpenter, h. 72 Her- 

Eavis Henry, shoemaker, h. 84 Taylor. 

Eber Christian, laborer, 179 Hamilton. 

Eber Solomon, cooper, h. 162 Pearl. 

Eberhard John, grocer, 9 Brainard, h, 7 

Eberhart Charles, shoemaker, 198 Hamilton. 

EBERMAN A. M., banker, 1 Oviatt's Ex- 
change, comer Superior and River, bds. 
Johnson House. 

Ebert Christian, blacksmith, 162 Qtirden, h. 
52 Lorain. 

Ebert Christian, laborer, 566 Superior. 

Ebert Frita, laborer, 59 Mechanics. 

Eble George grocer, 380 Lorain. 

Eckhand Barbara, widow of Ahard, 77 

Eclftirt Phillip, blacksmith, h. Brooklyn. 

Eckerly George, barber, h. 18 Center. 

Eckermann Augustus, miller, h. 152 Orange. 

Eckerman Louis, grocery, 192 Bridge, 

Eckerman Lewis, carr.age maker, bda 884 
St Clair. 

Eckert Charles, laborer, 181 Lake. 

Eckert Daniel^ joiner, h. 188 Kinsman. 

Eckert Ferdinand, shoemaker, h. 15 Alft- 

Eckman Henry, watchman R. R., h. 22 Gar- 

Edam John, laborer, 188 Greenwood. 

EDDY D. A., h. 18 Lake. 

EDDY FRANCIS H, hardware, 11 Pearl, 
h 16 Clinton. 

or Ambrotype, shoidd not foil to visit NORTH'S GALLEBT. 



Eddy Julius, clerk, 11 Pearl, bds. 16 Clinton. 

Eddy M, L,. carpenter, bds. 83 Public Square. 

EDDY W. H., physician, 235 Superior, h. 
22 Webster. 

Ede Elias, firm E. & Marshall, h. 25 Fulton. 

Ede & Marshall, blackgmitha and carriage 
work, 46 Michigan. 

Edelman Henry, C. & P. Freight, Depot, h. 
9 Croton. 

EDGARDTON WARREN P., attorney, 5 
and 6 Rouse's Block, 

Edelman Michael, teamster, h 21 Fountain 

Edinger Wm., porter 96 Superior. 

Edison Simeon, lake clerk, bds. 56 Pearl. 

Edleman Henry, laborer, Croton. 

Edson Calvin, firm E. & Enos, h. 110 Vine. 

ED SON & ENOS, fish market, Michigan, 
rear Stickney & Baker's Block. 

Edson Gridley, fisherman, h. 110 Vine. 

Edwards Edward B., grocery, 283 SL Clair. ■ 

Edward* James, sailor, bds. 235 West River. 

EDWARDS & IDDINGS, wholesale gro- 
cers and commission merchants, 145 Wa- 
ter, and 46 and 48 Union. 

Edwards N. W., joiner, 259 Pittsburgh. 

Edwards Haspell S., h. 158 Lake. 

Edwards William firm E. & Iddings, h. 65 

Edwards William, laborer, 16 Academy. 

EELLS DAN P., cashier Commercial Bank, 
h. 200 Euclid. 

Eells T. Dwight, secretary of Gas Co., 195 
Superior, h. East Cleveland. 

Egart Wm., carpenter, h. 87 Willet. 

Egensberger Frank, saloon, Dock, h. 10 

Egendringer Xaven, carriage trimmer. Low- 
man's, h. 44 Parkman. 

Egle Jacob, moulder, h. 75 Oregon. 

Egts George, laborer, 121 Clifton. 

Ehrhardt Charles, vamisher, h. 98 Eagle. 

Ehsler Joseph, tailor, h. 133 York. 

Eichler Henry, tailor, h. 29 Superior, 

Eimers Herman, carpet weaver, h. 279 Lake. 

fiirman C, scale maker, h. Heights. 

Eiset Louis, stone mason, h. 150 Scoville Av. 

Eisel Philip, shoemaker, bds. 139 Kinsman. 

Eisel Philip, shoemaker, h. 150 Scoville At. 

Ekenfils Andrew, flour and feed, 323 

Eldred Charles M., cabinet maker, bds. 31 

Eldredge Alonzo, carpenter, h. 51 Pearl. 

Eddridge John, groom, h. 304 Prospect. 

Elflein John G. F., tailor and grocer, 299 

Eli Robert, machinist, h. 107 Case Avenue. 

EUgood Harriet, widow of Frederick, h. 148 

EUing Charles, soap maker, h. 46 Hill. 

Elliott Ferdinand, carpenter, h. 102 Irving 

Elliott George, drayman, h. 107 Courtlandt. 

Elliott James, tinner, Superior, h. 58 Orange. 

Elliott T. G., book keeper, Gordon, McMil- 
lan & Co., h. 60 Fulton. 

Ellis Charles, gardener, bds. 393 Euclid. 

Ellis Elijah, policeman, h. 64 Cedar. 

Ellis Isaac N., printer, Herald, h. 79 Ham- 

Ellis Robert, (colored) barber, under Frank- 
lin House, h. 25 Division. 

Ellis William, hostler, bds. 113 Seneca. 

EUisse, physician, bds 148 Prospect. 

EUott Christian, laborer, 73 Jersey. 

Elmendinger Gottlieb, brakeman C. & P. R, 
R., h. 16 Green. 

Elsesser Frederick, carriage trimmer, h. 190 

Elsinger Max., grocery, comer Pittsburgh 
and Liberty. 

Elsler William, tailor, 167 Hamilton, 

Elson printer, bds. 100 St. Clair. 

Elston Wickliff, shoemaker, h. 95 St. Clair. 

Elsworth Abram, turner, h. 58 Hicks. 

Elvin James, puddler, h. 48 Lyman. 

Elvert John, policeman, h. 106 Bolivar. 

Elwell Alfred, law student, Cartter & Thay- 
er, h. 30 Chestnut. 

Elwell J. J., firm Hayden, King & K, h. 30 

Elwell J. K., h. 204 Ontario. 

Elwell Noah, laborer, 89 McLean. 

Elwell Richard, laborer, 248 Superior. 

Elwood Mrs. Catharine, widow of John, 
boarding house, 77 St. Clair. 

Elwood Patrick, porter Angier House. 

ELWOOD THOMAS, Stanwix Hall, 248 
Superior, bds. 77 St. Clair. 

Ely Alfred, Jr., paymaster C, P. & A. R. R, 
h. 237 St- Clair. 

Ely Eli, conductor L. S. R. R., bds. 57 Wil- 

ELY GEORGE B., secretary and treasurer 
C, P. & A. R. R., h. 226 Kinsman. 

Ely Moses, car repairer, h. 168 Case Avenue. 

Emch Jacob, wood sawyer, 48 Irving. 

Emde Christian, shoemaJser, h. 218 Hamilton. 

Emerson Alford, joiner, bds. 118 Bolivar. 

Emerson J. C, firm E. & Sargent, h. 105 

EMERSON & SARGENT, pyrotechnists, 

575 Superior. 
Emerson Taylor S., builder, 121 Brownelt 

h. 128 BrowneU. 

Emmerman , laborer, Willett 

Emrick Hardman, hide dealer, 71 Orange. 
Emrick Julius, cooper, 61 Ward. 
Emrick Lewis, saloon, h. 44 St. Clair, 
Endon William, laborer, 27 Grove. 

Dedeorised Coal, maaufoctured by IiAW & NORTH, 



EdcIicss George, laborer, 175 Croton. 
Enelsley George, tinsmith, 61 C>TCgon. 
Endy William, laborer, 21 Grove. 
Engelhart George, h. 112 Bridge. 
Engel Geoi^e, shoemaker, Gates' Block, h. 

corner Williams and Superior 
Engher Chris, laborer, 221 Hamilton. ' 
Enklar William, cooper, h. IIG York. 
Enos Jesse, firm Edson & E., h. 11 Summil: 

Enos John, beer peddler, h. 46 Newton. 
Enos William C, traveling s^ent, h, 467 St. 

Englehart George L, furrier, h. near C. & M. 

R. R. depot. 

EVATT CHARLES R., coal dealer, south 

side Cc)lumbu& Bridge 
Evans George, sailor, h. 117 Turnpike. 
Evans James, machinist, h. 258 Perry. 
Evans John, engineer, IxLs. Heights. 
Evans John, meat market, 129 Ontario, h. 

154 Brownell. 
Evans J(jha R., bookbinder, bds. 123 Bolivar 
Evans Mi-s. Mary, widow of Thomas, h. 104 

Evans Peter, painter, h. 90 Case Avenue, 
Evans Mrs. Mary, widow of J. T., h. 19 

Evans Robert, livery, bds. 140 Champlain, 
Evans Robert, carpenter, h. lUo CortlandL 

EagleliartJoel, clothing, 172 Superior, h, 194 | Evans Thomas, stone cutter, h, 12 Sked, 

St. Clair. 

Englehart Michael, laborer, 42 Bur well. 
English Alfred, carpenter, h. 15 Noble Alley. 
English John, grocer, 118 Detroit 
Enon John C, drayman, 

Evans T. W., firm T. W. E. & Co., h. 39 

EVANS T. W. & CO., storage, forwarding 

and commission, 40 Union. 
Evans William, drayman, h. 258 Perry. 

Ensworth Jeremiah, salesman 148 and 150 i Evans William, brakeman, bds. 165 Ontario. 

Water, h 98 Prospect. 

Ensworth J. C, freight master C. & P. R. R., 
h, Clinton. 

Ensworth J. W., firm Fogg, E. & Ctf., bds. 
Weddell House. 

Era Jacob, tailor, h. 6 Pittsburgh continued. 

Erb Charles F., grocer, h. 95 Lorain. 

Erbe Charles, salesman 66 Superior, h. 120 
St. Clair. 

Erbet Jacob, laborer, 40 Johns. 

Erhart Yastofi', shoemaker, bds. corner Or- 
ange and Cross. 

Erne Daniel, clerk, h. 74 Fulton. 

Ernst Andrew, firm Child & Co., melodeon 

Ervin Franklin, laborer, 273 Lake. 

Erwin William, carpenter, h. 29 Monroe. 

Esenbery George, warehouseman, h, 26 Al- 

Estabrook John N., salesman, 137 Water, 
h 60 Seneca. 

Estep E. J., firm Mason & E., h. 18 Ham- 

Etam John, blacksmith, bds. 92 Champlain. 

Etinger Peter, barber, 46 St. Clair. 

Etmer Caspar, laborer, Green. 

Eucher Andrew, miller, city mills, h. Irving. 

Enclier John, miller, city mills, h. Brownell. 

Eullnch Augustus, tailor, h. 276 Pittsburgh, 

Eust John, i^al tern maker, h. 156 Pitts- 

Evalin Fi-aly, shoemaker, h. 123 Oregon. 

Evans Adam, liverv, bds. 124 Champlain. 

Evans Alfred P., clerk, 158 Ontario, bds. 19 

Evans Clark, fireman, C. & E. R. R. 

Bolivar near Ei-ie. 

Evbe Augustus, shoemaker, h. 106 Hamil- 

Everardeverard John M., painter, h. corner 
Hill and Harrison. 

Everett Azariah, firm Wason E. & Co., h. 
corner Bond and Superior. 

E-^rett Azariah, phvsician, firm E. & Mar- 
shall, h. 86 Brownell. 

Everett Charles D., notary public, 171 Supe- 
rior, h. corner Kinsman and Vine. 

Everdcen George, miller, city mills, h. Uni- 
versity Heights. 

EVERETTS & MARSHALL, physicians, 
86 Brownell. 

Everett Peter R., oculist, firm Everetts & 
Marshall, h. corner Kinsman and Vine. 

Everett Sebastian L., clerk. Post Otfice, h. 
10 Hamilton. 

Evers Frederick, laborer, bds. 126 Case Av- 

Ewart William, printer, h. 14 Hickos. 

Eyears Alfred, cutter, h. 177 Pittsburgh. 

Eyre George, carpenter, h. 5 Bridge. 

Ezekiel M., firm S. Hymau & Co., h. 114 

Ezker George F., laborer, 54 Bridge. 


Fach John, stone cutter, h. 365 Garden. 
Facklce Joseph, shoemaker, h. 8 Union. 
Fagan Elizabeth, widow of James, h. 28 

Fagan John, stove moulder, h. 28 York. 
Fagan Sarah, widow of James, h. 10 Miami 

Fahl Conrad, laborer, 104 Tracy. 

is acknowledged to be the best in the State. 



Fahl John, drayman, h. 132 York. 

Fahr Martin, laborer, 37 Smith. 

Fahrion Gustavus, clerk, C. & P. R. R., bds. 

162 Orange. 
Fahrion Louisa, widow of Frederick, h. 162 

Fairbanks A. W., firm F., Benedict & Co., h. 

221 St Clair 

Fairbanks] benedict & co., pub- 
lishers Herald, 132 Bank. 
Fairbanks Jabez, carpenter, h. 32 Croton. 
Fairbanks Zabed, mason, h. 61 Rockwell. 
Fairchild Levi S., wagon maker, h. 192 Ohio. 
Fairnbanker R., finisher, h. 143 Bridge. 
Faith Caspar H., mason, h. 407 Lake. 
Falconier Francis, h. 94 Dodge. 
Falk Henry, shoemaker, 174 Superior. 
Falkner Felix, painter, bds. 100 St. Clair. 
Falon James, laborer. West River. , 
Famer Alfred, carpenter, h. 62 Michigan. 
Fanall Patrick, drayman, h. 16 Park. 
Fanning Michael, provision inspector, Tracy, 

Chapin & Co., h. corner Lorain and Penn. 
Farasey James, light house keeper, h. 43 

Father George, shoemaker, 189 Pearl. 
Farden James, malster, at G. Lucas & Co.'s. 
Faren Mrs. Ann, widow of Thomas, h. 86 

Faun John, sailor, bds. 78 Herman. 
Fargo Charles B., clerk, bds. 38 Prospect. 
Fargo Mrs. Eliza T., h. 38 Prospect. 
Fayen Sarah, widow of Patrick, h. East Main. 
Fargerson Patrick, h. 198 Cedar Avenue. 
Fargo William H., firm F. C. Dalton & Co., 

h. 38 Prospect. 
Fart Helen, widow of Michel, h. 81 Fulton. 
Farley Frank, saloon, 324 Erie. 
Farley F. H., laborer, 70 Green. 
Farley Henry, carpenter, h. 52 Kentucky. 
Farley James, laborer, 29 Willet. 
Farley John, policeman, h. 188 Detroit. 
Farley John, shoemaker, h. 188 Detroit. 
Farley Patrick, mail carrier, h. 1 Farley's 

Farley Philip, moulder, bds. 112 River. 
FARMER & DUTTON, coal and coke 

dealers, C. & P. R. R. Pier. 
Farmer James, firm F. & Dutton, b. 253 

Farnan Daniel, brass founder, h. 50 Garden. 
Faman James, brass founder, h. 50 Garden. 
FARNAN WALTER, sr., brass foundry, 23 

East Centre, h. 50 Garden. 
Farnan Walter, jr., brass founder, h. 50 

Farner Conrad, cooper, 61 Ward, bds. 21 

Famsworth Mrs. Eliza, furniture, 57 and 59 


Farell Michael J., grocery, 19 Marshall. 

Farell Patrick, laborer, 62 Williams. 

FaroU Michael, laborer, 136 York. 

Farrand Frederick, brakeman, bds. 168 Ohio. 

Farrand Mrs. Eliza, h. 168 Ohio. 

Farrand Freeman, clerk, bds. 168 Ohio. 

Farrar Andrew J., salesman, 134 Water, h. 
16 Chestnut. 

Farrel Mrs. Mary, widow of Michael, bds. 
312 Lake. 

Farrel Mrs. Mary, boarding house, 38 Erie. 

Farrell Edward, ex^Dressman, h. 29 Superior 

Farrell James, tailor, h. California. 

Fasche Joseph, laborer, Forest, near Croton. 

Fassen Jacob, laborer, 14 Cedar Avenue. 

Fasset James, chandler, h. 14 Pittsburgh. 

Fathuer John, laborer, 93 Jersey. 

Fatty John, painter, h. 283 Lake. 

Faucet James, sexton St. Paul's Church. 

Faughnan Peter, grocery, 349 Lorain. 

Faulhaber Charles, clerk, bds, 1 Center. 

Faulhaber Matthew, baker, h. 38 Wilson. 

Faulkner George, grocery, 182 Ontario. 

Faulkner Isaiah, bar keeper, 153 West River. 

Farwell J. J., painter, h. 251 Erie, 

Fauskle Warren, peddler, h. 326 Lake. 

Faute Augusta, wid. of Charles, h. 50 York. 

Faucett James, book-keeper telegraph office, 
bds. 205 Hamilton. 

FAY AUGUST, saloon, 252 Pittsburgh. 

Fay Charles, liquor dealer, bds. 97 St. Clair. 

Fay Christian, drayman, h. 38 Cherry. 

Fay Colman, painter, h. 27 Pittsburgh con- 

Fay E. S., clerk, 217 Superior, bds. 304 Su- 

Fay Frederick, tallyman, C. & E. R. R, 

Fay John, laborer, 27 Pittsburgh continued. 

Fay John M., clerk C. & P. R. R., h. 271 Erie, 

Fearen Miss Eliza, dressmaker, h. 30 Walnut. 

Featherstone Josiah, firm S. & J. F., h. 87 

Featherstone Mrs. Sarah, h. 87 Orange. 

Featherstone Stephen, firm S. & J. F,, h. 87 

FEATHERSTONE S. & J., book-binders 
and publishers, 144 Saperior. 

Fedig Joseph, clerk, bds. 311 St. Clair. 

Feeley Michael, laborer, 32 Carroll. 

Fega Simon, wood sawyer, h. 55 Tracy. 

Fehle Henry, marble polisher, h. 4 Middle. 

Fehnnibaher Romnwald, laborer, 143 Bridge. 

Fechrenbacb Joseph A., turner, h. rear 64 

Fell Geoige, flour and feed, 313 Kinsman. 

Fell Lawrence, carpenter, h. 89 Chatham. 

Fell Robert, sailor, h. 32 Dodge. 

Feitz John, painter, h. 238 Lake. 

Feitz John, carpenter, h. 195 Bridge. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 



Felciim Anthony, lal)orer, 28 1 Lake, 
FeMer Joseph, hil)orer, 77 Parkman. 
FeMiiieth Frederick, shoemaker, h. York. 
Fell Georjfc, joiner, h. 41 Cheshire. 
Feller George shoemaker, h. 18 Hickox. 
Fellows Charles, eni^iiieer, C. & P. R, R., h. 
302 Lake. 

FieM Albert, sailor, h. 25 Sibley. 

FIELD DAVID E., jeweler and engraver, 

125 Hank, h. 45 Huron. 
Field James, clerk 223 Superior, bds. 124 

Field* John, miller, bis. 63 Frankfurt. 
Field William, machinist, h. 31 Wilson. 

Fellows Charles, clerk, 150 Superior, bds. 94 j P^ield William, Tni\son, h. 2'JO Cedar Avenue. 

Fellows Mrs Cornelia, widow of Harlow, 

bds. 302 Lake. 
Fellows William, carpenter, h. 62 depot. 
Felter Edmund, cabinet maker, h. 6'J Jersey. 
Felton Elias R., h. 141 Cedar Avenue. 

Field Mrs., h. 114 Dare. 

Field William C, clerk 32 Public Square, 

bds, 282 Erie. 
Field W. D., American Transportation Co., 

h. 24 York Alley. 
Fields James, blacksmith, h. 80 Phelps. 

Felton N. H., travelUng agent Spencer & I Filban Patrick, laborer, 443 West River. 

Feltus R. G., toller, h. Lake. 
Felmore James, sailor, h. 4 Abbey. 
Feut William, car[)enter, h. 294 Pittsburgh. 
Fenton John, shoemaker, h. 10 Middle Alley. 
Fenvoiisem John, painter, h. 132 Burch. 
Ferdinand L., mechanic, h. 17 Phelps. 
Fergus John, latorer, 24 Spring. 
Ferker Fred., whitewasher, h. 87 Parkman. 
Fernald John S., grocery, 178 Detroit, h, 

Fermhotf Jacob, carpenter, h. Mulberry. 
Ferrcl S. S., clerk, 163 Ontario, h. 19 

Ferrill William, sailor, bds. 153 West River. 
Ferris James M., ticket clerk, C. & T. R. R. 
Fems Joseph, h. 23 Sheritf. 
Ferris Joseph M., painter, bds. 60 Michigan. 
Fenis William, sailor, h. 21 Hamilton. 
Ferry W., laborer, 846 St. Clair. 
Fertig F. J., clerk 173 Superior, bds. 311 St. 

Fessonden Augustus, bill peddler, bds. 66 

Fessenden Mrs., widow of Henry, h 66 Dare. 
Fesscnden Lloyd, bill poster, bds. 66 Dare. 
Fettelbach Peter, tinsmith, h. 188 Pearl. 
Feth John H., laborer, 77 Tracy. 
Fetterer W^illiam, tailor, h. 46 Burwell. 
Fctterman Adam, mason, h. 60 Carroll. 
Fetterraan Antoni, mason, h. 64 Chatham. 
Fettermen Hiram, mason, h. 88 Jersey. 
Fetterman Lewis, btulder, h, 74 Chatham. 
Fettig Frank, engineer, h. 396 St. Clair. 
Fetzer Andrew, cabinet maker, h. 38 Orange. 
Feurstoin Valentine, shoemaker, h. 410 

Fey Christian, clerk, L. Raws-in, h. CheiTy. 
Fey Frederick, clerk C, C. & C, R. R., h. 91 

Ficheter Andrew, rag picker, h. 107 Main. 
Fickclsher, Frederick, carpet weaver, 78 

Frank foii. 
Fiefield George, brakeman, h. 54 Lamartine. 
Fiefield George, laborer, 42 Harman. Fisher David, carpenter, h. 74 Williams. 

W. 0, NORTH'S Photograph ana i^ine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 

Filcom John, carpenter, h. 130 Oregon. 

Filger John, laborer, 62 Muirson. 

Filinck Henry, laborer, 74 Green. 

Filler John, shoemaker, bds. 354 St Clair. 

Filmer William L., grocery, 43 West Main. 

Fillmore Bridget, widow of W^illiam, h. 
Theresa Lane. 

Finch G. R. clerk 240 Superior, bds. 60 Eu- 

Finch Xancy, widow of Isaac, bds. 32 Bank. 

Finch William, painter, h, 50 Parkman. 

Findley James, marble cutter, bds. 173 

Finger Jacob, firm Taylor, Griswold & Co., 
h. 19 Rockwell. 

Finican Michael, laborer, 15 Wilson. 

Finigau Mrs., Mary widow of John, h. 57 

Finister Leonard, clerk, 218 Superior, h. 49 

Fink H., carpenter, h. 153 Forest. 

Finkameyer John F., h. 105 Greenwood. 

Finley Peter H., sailor, h. 321 Washington. 

Fiidey Robert M., sailor, h. 319 Washington. 

Finn Mrs., widow of John, h. 98 Herman. 

Finn Michael, laborer, h. near C. & M. Coal 

Finnern John, laborer, 69 Superior Avenue. 

Finnigan Timothy, laborer, 19 Summit Al- 
Scoville Avenue. 

Firestine Christian, blacksmith, h. 87 Penu. 

Firestone F., shoemaker, h. 99 Lorain. 

Firestone John, shoemaker, h. 278 Lake. 

Fischer Adam, bds. 145 Hamilton. 

Fischer Bassit, tailor, h. 296 Lake. 

Fischer John, lalx)rer, 145 Hamilton. 

Fischer John, barber, 279 St. Clair. 

FISH C. L., lawyer, over 142 Superior, bds. 
80 Public Siinare. 

Fish Solomon, caipenter, h. 79 Eockwell. 

Fiscus Peter, wheelwright, h. 107 Green- 

Fisher C. E., patent carriage wheels, h. 211 



Fisher Henry, laborer, 32 East Liberty. 

Fisher Henry, saloon, h. 68 Oregon. 

Fisher Henry, (colored) h. 228 Erie. 

Fisher Jolin, saloon, h. 83 Bridge. 

Fisher John, carpenter, h. 197 Case Avenue. 

Fisher Jolm, laborer, Monroe. 

Fisher John, peddler, h. Willet. 

Fisher John carriage maker, 360 St. Clair, h. 
358 St. Clair. 

Fisher John, carpenter, h. 179 Case Avenue. 

FISHER J. D., intelligence office, Rouse's 
Block, Public Square, h. 501 Detroit. 

Fisher Joseph, tailor, h. 426 St. Clair. 

Fisher Lawrence, blacksmith, h. rear 470 

Fisher Matthew, head waiter, Weddell 

Fisher Samuel L., patent agent, bds. Cil-y 

Fisher W. A., firm Bradburn & F., h. 186 

Fisk Henry M., clerk, 143 Water, bds. 47 
Public S(]uare. 

Fisk Mrs., Maria h. 52 Huron. 

PISKE WILLIAM, drugs, dental and sur- 
gical goods, 119 Superior, h. 99 Lake. 

Fititler Charles, printer, h. 154 Lake. 

Fitch A. J., book-keeper, bds. 193 Clinton. 

Fitch Charles, carpenter, h. 32 Grove. 

Fitch Mrs., widow of Charles, h. 343 Perry. 

Fitch Eli, printer. Herald office. 

FITCH JABEZ W., gent., h. 64 Ontario. 

FITCH JAMES, attorney, 8 Northrop & 
Spangler's Block, h. lake shore. East 

Fitch William, shuigle maker, corner Leon- 
ard and Voltaire, h. Long. 

Fitch W. L., lake engineer, h. 193 Clinton. 

Fitch William F., grocery, 275 Detroit. 

Fitch Zalmon, h. 121 EucHd. 

Fitnizer Peter, carriage driver, h. 91 Hamil- 

Fitter Aloe, laborer, 53 Mayflower. 

Fitzarris Martin, laborer, 283 Washington. 

Fitzgerald Catharine, washwoman, h. 74 

Fitzgerald James, lamp lighter, h. 129 

Fitzgerald James, paper maker, bds. 5 Cro- 

Fitzgerald Jeremiah, laborer, 131 Bridge. 

Fitzgerald John, drayman, h. 15 Vestry. 

Fitzgerald John, laborer, 131 Bridge. 

Fitzgerald John R., justice of the peace, h. 
10 Oregon. 

Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, 106 Herman. 

Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, rear 82 Water. 

Fitzgerald Patrick, cooper, h, 66 Fulton. 

Fitzgerald Patrick, carpenter, h. 38 Mechanic. 

Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, West River. 

Fitzgerald Thomas, laborer, 434 Hamilton. 

Fitzgerald Thomas, moulder, h. 74 Franklin. 

Fitzgerald William, book-keeper, h. reai' 
new Court House. 

Fitzgerald William, ship carpenter, h. 65 

Fitzgerald William, h. 36 Prospect. 

Fitzgibbons James, rolling mill, h. 30 Lyman. 

Fitzgibbons John, laborer, 468 Hamilton. 

Fitzgibbons Thomas, moulder, h. 44 Oregon. 

Fitz henry James, laborer, 82 Courtlandt. 

Fitzpatrick George, machinist, h. 31 Hano- 

Fitzpalrick James, clerk 62 Merwin, h. 
Williams Alley. 

Fitzpatrick John, drayman, h. 11 Lake. 

Fitzsinions William, moulder, h. 176 Lorain. 

Fix GcTge, butcher, h. 15 Burnham. 

Flugain Michael, laborer, 276 Hamilton. 

Flagler W. S., saloon tender. 111 Water. 

Flagon Francis, tailor, 166 River. 

Flanders Loren B., machinist, h. 146 Pitts- 

FLANDERS L. B., machinist, 29 and 31 
West, Hewitt's Block, h. 51 Granger. 

Flanders L. D., machinist, h. 93 Garden. 

Flanagan Edward, milk dealer, h. 20 Spring, 

Flanagan J., laborer, 857 Superior. 

Flanigan James, laborer, East Main. 

Flanigan Margaret, h. 128 Oregon. 

Flanigan Martin, drayman, h. 18 Johnson. 

Flanigan Patrick, shoemaker, h. 9 Oregon. 

Flanigan Pati-ick, laborer, near Spruce. 

Flanigan William, marble polisher, h. 9 

Fleck Peter, shoemaker, h. 174 Superior. 

I'^leck John, tailor, h. 1 Jackson. 

Fleetwood Mrs. Elizabeth, h. Howe, 

Fleeschman John V., watchmaker, h. 246 

Fleming Martin, horse farrier, bds. 4 Kins- 

Flishman Lawrence, h. 161 Dare, 

Flemming Robert, sawyer, h. 36 Hanover. 

Flerhen Mrs., widow of Samuel, saloon, 308 

Fleshour Rufen, butcher, h. 36 Orange. 

Fletcher Daniel, brewery, h. 126 Monroe. 

Fletcher John, painter, bds 40 High. 

Fletcher Wm. W., engineer, h. 14 Summit, 

Fley Catharine, saloon, 132 River. 

Fley Fortunatus, sailor, h. 132 River. 

Fhck August, carpenter, h. 2 Floyd. 

Flick Jacob, laborer, 100 Hamilton. 

Flick Miss Margaret, dress maker, 14 Irving, 

FLIEDNER CHARLES, wig maker and 
bathing rooms, Weddell House, h. 76 Mu- 

Flin Miss Mary, dress maker, h, rear 44 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



Fling Michael, Ms. 80 Bank. 

Flinn Edward, carpenter, h. 154 Bridge. 

Flinn John, laborer. Elm. 

Flinn Michael, machinist, bds. 64 Bank. 

Flinn William, sailor, h. 125 Oregon. 

Flint Edward S., superintendent C, C. & C. 

R. K., h. 302 Perry. 
FLINT H. W., eggs, 217 River, h. 24 

Flint William, hostler, City Hotel. 
Flood C. B., editor National Democrat, bds. 

Johnson House. 
Flood James, carpenter, 64 Michigan. 
Florine Frank, mason, h. 217 Hamilton. 
Floyd Joseph, cabinet maker, bds. 45 Pub- 
lic Square. 
Fluck Jacob, wagon maker, bds. 33 Webster. 
Flurschutz Andrew, cooper, h.,near C. & M. 

R. R. depot. 
Flury Andrew, farmer, h. alley between 

Floyd and Croton. 
Flynn Edward, ship carpenter, h. 154 Bridge. 
Flynn James, lakirer, 19 Belden. 
Flynn Thomas, tailor, 31 Minnesota. 
FLYNT EDWARD M., trunks, 188 Supe- 
rior, h. 52 Eagle. 
Fox Andrew, portor 124 Superior, h. 63 

Focane Casper, carpenter, h. 19 Clifton. 
Focke George, m. d., h. 181 Lorain. 
Foertsch John, clerk 152 Ontario, h. 35 

Fogd John, marble, h. Columbus. 
FOGG, ENNSWGRTH & CO., crockery 

and glassware, 233 and 237 Superior, corner 

of Seneca. 
Fogg William P., firm F., Ensworth & Co., 

h. 321 Prospect. 
Fogle Charles, painter, h. 5 Rose. 
Foley James, milkman, h. Leonard. 
Foley Jane, widow of James, h. 108 Ohio. 
Foljambe Charles, bds. 199 St. Clair. 
FOLJAMBE SAMUEL, justice of the 

peace, 96 Superior, h. 193 St. Clair. 
Folke John, laborer, 161 Croton. 
Folke Henry, shoemaker, h. 172 Brownell. 
Folkninn Edward, tailor, h. 23 Wadsworth. 
FollingerMichael,shoemaker,h. 252 Wilson. 
Folliat John, brewer, Quinn's. 
Folliott Jonathan, brewery. Canal. 
Folsom E. G. Mercantile College, Superior, 

h. 212 Euclid. 
Folsom Gilbert, livery, Detroit, h. 76 State. 
Folsom Romelia, widow of Daniel, h. 60 

Foltz Conrad, baker, bds. 63 Woodbine. 
Fontlusen Sauty, engineer, h. 207 Hamilton. 
Foot Augustus E., h. 48 Ontario. 
FOOT JOHN A. commissioner state reform 

school, h. 424 Kinsman. 

or Ambrotype, should not fail 

FOOT. KING & CO., lumber yard and of- 
fice 275 West River. 

Foot Reuben, blacksmith, h. 202 Case Av- 

Foot Samuel A., firm Guyles, F. & Bash, 
bds. Weddell. 

Foot Wm., carpenter, bds. 240 Detroit. 

Foot A. S., auctioneer, bds. 148 Ontario. 

Foote Eveline, widow of William L., h. 39 

FOOTE HOIJACE, judge court common 
pleas, h. 44 Washington. , 

Foote Thomixs R., shoemaker, bds. comer 
Garden and Kentucky. 

Foote Zeloder B., firm F., King & Co., h. 
194 Euclid. 

Footlege Frederick, grocer, 44 Clinton. 

Footigen Henry, laborer, 65 Mechain'cs. 

Footlewer Christian, laborer, h. 91 Clifton. 

Footrin , laborer, 17 Jersey. 

Forbes , clerk at Quinn's brewery, bds. 

81 Michigan. 

Forbes Alexander, joiner, h. 39 Huntington. 

Forbey David, turner, h. 50 Orange. 

Forby' Charles H., millinery, 269 St. Clair. 

Ford F. J., clerk, 217 Superior, bds. Ameri- 
can Hotel. 

Ford Henry, teacher, h. 86 Muirson. 

Ford Henry J., clerk, 228 Superior, h. 

Ford John N., iron merchant, h. 61 Pearl. 

Ford Louisa, widow of Eli, h. 10 Bridge. 

Ford Mortimer, tinsmith, bds. 42 Carroll. 

Ford Lewis W., firm Brooks & F. 

Ford William, fireman, C. & E. R. R. 

Ford William, groceria.s, 478 Case Avenue. 

Foremann Adam, 118 Kinsman. 

FOREST CITY BANK, 11^ Superior. 


CO., 27 Frankfort. 

FOREST CITY ICE CO., office 13 Atwater 

Forrester John, shoemaker, h. 278 Lake. 

Forrester Oliver 0., h. 9 Webster. 

Forester William, carpenter, h. 228 West 

Forman J. C. book-binder, 107 Superior, h. 
20 York Alley. 

Fortlage Christian A., printer, h. 92 Jersey. 

Fortlage John, laborer, 107 Jersey. 

Forschmer John, grocer, 47 Buniham. 

Forstal Thomas, tailor, h. 35 Hicks. 

Forsythe Joseph, sailor, h, 47 Washington. 

Forsythe Levi, sailor, h. 47 Washington. 

Forsythe Mrs. Nancy, widow of James, h. 
47 Washington. 

Forsythe William, sailor, h. 47 Washington. 

Forvel John, h. 50 Clinton. 

to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 



Fost John, gardener, h. 65 William. 

Foss Charles, laborer, bds. 112 Clifton. 

Foss John, laborer, 112 Clifton. 

Fossett Frederick, carriage maker, h, 16 Bol- 

Foster Francis, firm Blanchard & F., h. 89 

Foster Hubbard, clerk, 124 Ontario. 

Foster Isaac, phj'sician, h. 115 Pittsburgh. 

Foster John B., brakeman, h. 505 Case Av- 

Foster Wilson, carpenter, shop Canal, h. 26 
Cedar Avenue. 

Foster Rufus, mechanic, h. 89 York. 

Fould Rev. Bernard L., pastor, h. 56 Park- 

Fournier Henry, porter, 189 Superior. 

Foust Andrew S., carpenter, h. 11 Minnesota. 

Fouts Martin L., clerk C & M. R. R. 

Fovarsjue Creasey, groceries and provisions, 
859'~St. Clair. 

Fowle H. H., general ticket clerk C & T. R. 
R, h. 48 Huron. 

Fowler Edwin, tallyman R. R. Depot, h. 251 

Fowler James, laborer, 7 St. Clair. 

Fowler Mrs. Mary B., widow of Jonathan, 
h. 367 Lake. 

Fowler Marvin, engineer C. & C. R. R., h. 
176 Greenwood. 

Fowzer David, laborer, h. 433 Lorain. 

Fox Conrad, tailor, 54 Greenwood. 

Fox John, druggist, h. 60 Greenwood. 

Fox Peggy, widow, h. rear 103 Main. 

Fox Samuel, grocery, 21 Vineyard. 

Fox Samuel H., lumber, 161 Ontario, h. 
East Cleveland. 

Fox Samuel P., clerk French, Cook & Co., 
bds. 153 Euclid. 

Francis John, saloon, 54 Woodbine, h. 50 

Francis John, .veil-digger, h. 50 John. 

Francis Michael, machinist, h. 137 Lake. 

Francis Philetus, carriage driver, h. 16 Miami 

FRANCISCO JACOB, lumber dealer, 118 
Merwin, h. 175 Kinsman. 

Francisco Michael D., baker, h. 7 Farley's 

Francisco William, carpenter, h. 157 Ohio. 

Frank Isaac, pedlar, h. 380 Perry. 

Frank John, engineer, h. 126 Orange. 

Frank Moses, pedlar, h. 148 Greenwood. 

FRAN KL AND J. & CO., proprietors Eagle 
Foundry, Front. 

Frankland James, firm J. F. & Co., h. 40 

Franklin Charles, painter, bds. 12 West Main. 


Franklin William, candle maker, h. 89 Cross. 

Fransted James, cooper, h. 64 Bridge. 

Frauz Charles, omnibus driver, h. 39 Lake. 

Fraley Joseph, watchman, h. 132 Muirson. 

Fraley Morant, saloon, 107 Dock. 

Frary Elisha, telegraph operator, bds. 103 

Frash Henry, agent Luner Oil Co., h. 14 

Fraunfelder John, butcher, 189 St. Clair, bds. 
206 St. Clair. 

Frawberg John, steward, bds. 97 St. Clair. 

Fray Joseph, farmer, h. 1052 Superior. 

Frazee John N., police, h. 138 Ohio. 

Fredden Nathaniel, blacksmith, h. 223 Ham- 

Frecle Henry, grocery, 323 Lorain. 

Freedler Conrad, molder, 8 Croton. ■ 

FREE CHAPEL, (Episcopal,) Scoville 
Avenue, near Brownell. 

Freeman Capt. George, h. 184 Garden. 

Freeman Erastus, carpenter, h. 20 Granger. 

Freeman Frank, accountant, Hussey & 
McBride, bds. 15 Huron. 

Freeman George, firm F. & Kellogg, bds. 
70 Bank. 

Freeman Harbeck, tailor, h. 396 Perry. 

Freeman Matthew, (colored) blacksmith, h. 
104 Hudson. 

Freeman Pliny, builder, h. 212 Prospect. 

Freeman Thomas, laborer, 4 Spring. 

Freeman William, music teacher at St. 
Paul's Church. 

FREEMAN & KELLOGG, dry goods, 217 

Freemand Mrs., seamstress, 49 Parkman. 

FREESE ANDREW, superintendent public 
schools, h. near Water Cure. 

Freeser Louis, teacher German language, 
bds. 60 Euclid. 

Fretter Nathaniel, blacksmith, h. 223 Ham- 

Freeze Leonard, h. 10 Hill. 

Frederick , carpenter, h. 38 Clifton. 

Frederick Abe, sailor, h. 50 Hicks. 

Frederick George, laborer, 30 Parkman. 

Frederick Henry, moulder, h. 106 York. 

Frederick John, blacksmith, h. 141 York. 

Frederick John, laborer, 50 Hicks. 

Fredericks, Myer& Co., cigar manufacturers, 
96 Chatham. 

Fredericks Conrad, butcher, h. 53 McLean. 

Fredericks Philip, laborer, 135 Omnge. 

Frebolt Jacob, moulder, h. 80 IiTing. 

Freidenter Jacob P., rear 183 Hamilton. 

Fremeer George, paper maker, h. 152 Cro- 

French Alfred W., receiving clerk, Chamber- 
lin & Crawford, h. 97 Clinton. 

French Benjamin, teamster, h. 18 Herman. 

French Clinton, bds. Angier House. 

Dedeorised Coal, manufactured by LAW & NORTH, 


FRENCH, COOK & CO., coal dealers, 130 j 
West River. 

French Charles, lumber merchant, h. 4^ 
Fulton. I 

French Edwin C, firm F., Cook & Co., h. 
44 Prosjxjct. 

French E., agent for John Tennis, bds. 60 

French Gcors^e, laborer, bds. 11 St. Charles. 

French George F. former coal dealer, h. 

French Joseph, truckman C. & E. R. E., h. 
137 Detroit. 

French Jose]ih C, printer, bds. 54 Lake. 

FRENCH LEWIS, Commercial House, 155 

French Luke B., firm F. & Keith, h. 131 
St. Clair. 

French Mrs., widow of Lewis, boarding- 
house, 13 P>olivar. 

French William, clerk, bds. 68 Water. 

FRENCH & KEITH, wholesale drv goods, 
144 Water. 

Frenz Henry, carpenter, h. 7 Scoville Ave- 

Frey Christopher, laborer, 200 Seneca. 

Frey Gallus, painter, h. Hamilton. 

Frey Henry A., coal dealer, 130 West River, 
bds corner St. Clair and Wood. 

Frey John, shoemaker, h. Seneca. 

Fricke George H., shoemaker, h. 91 Monroe. 

Fricker Henry, cabinet finisher, h. Everett 

Friez Frederick, laborer, h. 64 Jereey. 

Friend John, ship smith, h. 130 Courtlandt. 

FRIEND JOHN, notary public and insur- 
ance agent, 158 Superior, h. 476 Euclid. 

Fringhcister Frank, warehouseman, li. 58 
Monroe. • 

Frink Elvira, widow of Harvey, boarding- 
house, 16 Johnson. 

Frisbie H. L., clerk, Gordon, McMillan & 
Co., bds. 292 Superior. 

Frisby Richard, firm F. & Stephens, h 
144 Muirson. 

FRISBY & STEPHENS, wholesale deal- 
ers in tea, coifee, spices, &c., 47 West, 
comer Vineyard. 

Fris.sel Erastus, boarding house, 148 Ontario. 

Frit^her James, (colored) sailor, h. Sjiruce. 

Fritz Heman, tinsmith, h. 196 Hamilton. 

Fromhier Citspar, laborer, 46 Mayflower. 

Frommyer John, laborer, 14 Grove. 

Frommings Sarah A., h. 85 Frankfort. 

Frost Loring C, Lake Erie Paper Co., h. 297 

Fmin Mrs. Ellen, h. 66 Frankfort. 

Fry John, laborer, 111 Lyman. 

Fry Ricliavd, school teacher, h. 61 Wilson. 

Fuckert Christian, rope walk, 316 Kinsman. 

Fuchs Adam, stone cutter, bds. 164 Garden. 
Fuchs .John, stone cutter, h. 164 Garden. 
Fuerst .John P., music teacher, h. 36 Fourth. 
Fulir P. S., sailor, h. 328 St. Clair. 
Fuller Augustus, with Fuller & Co., h. 160 

Fuller John N., clerk C. & T. R. R., h. 169 

Fuller J. M., joiner, bds. 259 Pittsburgh. 
Fuller Ralzie J., firm F. & Co., h. 156 Eu- 
Fuller S. Augustus, firm F. & Co., h. 160 

FULLER WILLIAM, county auditor, h. 

Fuller William, clerk, 228 Superior. 
FULLER & CO., wholsesale hats, caps, furs 

and millinery, 131 and 133 Water. 
Fullerton .James, carpenter, h. 151 Turnpike. 
Fulltime Lazarus, peddler, 95 Garden. 
Fulthen Morris, grocer, 110 Pittsburgh. 
Funk Martin, carpenter, h. 209 Hamilton. 
Furnal Samuel, corker, h. 55 Taylor. 
Furniss F. H., clerk, C. & P. R. R. F. W., printer. Review, bds. New 

England Hotel. 
Furnival Morris, Union Bakery, 298 St. 

Furry Frederick, boat store, h. 13 Tracy. 
Furst William, barber, under Bennet House. 

bds. Michigan. 
Fye William, laborer, 156 Dare. 
Fythe Jacob, laborer, 179 Greenwood. 


Gabe Balzer, teamster, h 61 CheiTv. 

Gaberdiel WiUiam, St. Nicholas, 112 Bank. 

Gable F., laborer, 32 Merchant. 

Gable Peter, laborer, 307 Hamilton. 

Gabriel Jas., blacksmith, h. 10 St Charles. 

Gabriel William, blacksmith, Michigan, h. 
8 St Charles. 

Gabriel Robert, blacksmith, Michigan, h. 13 

Gaebelein Pinkhatz, shoemaker, h. 398 Perry 

Gaeckle E., machinist h. Brooklvn. 

GAENSSLEN BROTHERS, leather, hides, 
and findings, 103 Water. 

Gaensslen Charles, clerk, 103 Water, bds. 
23 Rockwell. 

Gaensslen Henry, currier, h. 22 Rockwell. 

Gaensslen Matthias, currier, bds. 22 Rock- 

Gaensslen Philip, firm G. & Brother, h. 22 

Gaep , machinist, h, 155 Root 

Gaffet Edward, sailor, h. 40 Courtlandt 

is acknowledged to be the best in the State. 



Gaffey Thomas, shoemaker, h, 379 St. 

Gaffiny Thomas, laborer, 475 Lake. 
Gatt'iiay Ellen, widow of Lawrence, saloon, 

7 St. Clair. 
Gaffney Patrick, machinist, bds. 32 Bank. 
GAGE D. W., attorney and insurance agent, 

170 Superior, h. 11 Cheshire. 
G^'e M. S., teamster, bds. 8 Root's Alley. 
Gahan James, ship carpenter, h. 135 Pearl. 
GaWin Matthew, laborer, 86 Franklin. 
Gahan William A., carpenter, h. 10 Jay. 
Gahen Marv, widow of John, washwoman, 

h. 40 Hicks. 
Gahn Lawrence, laborer, 90 Franklin. 
Gahan Michael, gardener, 33 Minnesota. 
Gal John, potter, h. 99 Irving. 
Gail Peter, rimner, William Tell House. 
GAINES J. W., agent, livery stable, 128 

Champlain, h. Ill Erie. 
Gaines William H., oyster depot, 209 Su- 
perior, h. Ill Erie. 
GAINES W. W., oyster depot, 209 Superior 

bds. Angler House. 
Galagher Dennis, drayman, h. 163 Lake. 
Galagher Edward, dravman, h. 163 Lake. 
GALAGHER FEREL E., Erie House, 82 

Galagher John, stone cutter, h. 118 Taylor. 
Galagher Michael, laborer, 26 Michigan. 
Galagher Patrick, plumber, h. 19 Noble 

Galagher Thomas, drayman, h. 161 Lake. 
Gale Charles, captain, h, 95 Duane. 
Gale Daniel, gent., h. 147 Lake. 
Gale Godfrey, tailor, h. 154 Garden. 
GALE JOHN A., commission merchant, 50 

Merwin, h. 57 Eagle. 
Gale Rodway, h. 147 Lake. 
Gallagher Andrew, laborer, 150 Root. 
Gallagher Anthony, laborer. East Main. 
Gallagher Bridget, widow of Patrick, h. rear 

19 Vineyard. 
Gallagher Barclay, laborer, foot of Water. 
Gallagher Daniel, laborer, rear 72 Bolivar. 
Gallagher Farrell, laborer, 370 Detroit. 
Gallagher John, laborer, 63 East Main. 
Gallagher John, laborer, rear 19 Vineyard. 
Gallagher John, drayman, h. 385 St. Clair. 
Gallagher John, peddler, h. 92 Scott. 
Gallagher John, shipwright, h. 170 Detroit. 
Gallagher John, machinist, h. 79 Parkman. 
Gallagher Linus, h. 924 St. Clair. 

police, lis Water, h. 46 Orange. 
Gallagher Neal, laborer, foot of Water. 
Gallagher Owen, laborer, 65 East Main. 
Gallagher Patrick, laborer, rear 20 Spring. 
Gallagher Patrick, grocery, 43 East Main. 
Gallagher Peter, laborer, rear 19 Vineyard. 

Gallaway James, blacksmith. 

Gallaway ,machinist, bds. 126 Hamilton 

Gallian William, blacksmith, h. 25 Wiiley._ 
GalligherFarl, laborer, 26 Spring. 
Galligher Germannis, drayman, h. 44 Hill. 
Galligher Patrick, grocery, 26 Spring. 
Galliviri Patrick, laborer, '477 St. Clair. 
Galloway Mrs. Ann, widow of Milo, h. 462 

Galloway Charles A., clerk, bds. 62 Clinton. 
Galloway Henry, machinist, bds. 45 Bank. 
Galloway James, blacksmith, bds. 352 St. 

Galloway William B., provisions, Center,near 

Bridge, bds. 62 Clinton. 
Gallt R. M., carpenter, h. 60 Scoville Alley. 
Galovan Daniel, laborer, 186 Columbus. 
Galway Abram, (colored,) plasterer, bds. 116 

Galway David, tailor, h. 98 St. Clair. 
Gannon Catharine, h. 196 Seneca. 
Gans Moses, peddler, h. 408 Perry. 
Ganson Joseph, F., carpenter, h. 153 Brown- 
GARDNER A. S., crockery, 220 Superior, 

h. 167 Prospect. 
Gardner Charles, h. 85 Hanover, 
Gardner Darwin N., clerk, 220 Superior, h. 

167 Prospect. * 

Gardner Geo. S., firm G. S. G. & Co. h. 128 

GARDNER G. S. & Co., iron foundry, 16 

Gardner G. W., firm Otis, Brownell & Co., 

bds. 81 Euclid. 
Gardner Hampton, h. 167 Prospect. 
Gardner James, bds. 21 Middle, 
Gardner James, firm G. & Vincent, h. 125 

St, Clair. 
Gardner James P., salesman, 101 Superior, 

h. 125 St. Clair. 
Gardner Joseph, saloon, 20 River. 
Gardner Richard, laborer, 162 West Liberty. 
Gardner Samuel, baker, h. 60 Pearl. 
Gardner T. W., commission merchant, h. 

125 St. Clair. 
Gardner William, (colored) laborer, 41 Bel- 
GARDNER & VINCENT, furniture dealers, 

120 Water. 
Gardy George, (colored) laborer, corner Cal'. 

ifornia and Muirson. 
Garrett John, blacksmith, bds. 55 West 

Garreughly Mary, widow of John, h. 59 

Gargens Lewis, laborer, 107 Jersey. 
Garigus J, H., brakesman, bds. 16 Johpsou, 
Garin John, tailor, h. 135 Harbor. 
Garing William, engineer, h. 56 Tracy. 

CoalgOil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ofoio, 



Garity Michael, laborer, rear 25 Ohio. 
Garity Thomas, laborer, 26 Ohio. 
Garlach Philip, bakery, 63 Woodbine. 
Garlic John, sailor, h. 71 Woodbine. 
Garlick Edward C, firm Blish, G.& Co.,bda. 

Angler House. 

Hoffman's Block, h. 22 Cheshire. 
Garlick Wilmot H., clerk, 110 Public Square. 

bils. 28 Cheshire, 
Garmley Patrick, laborer, 154 Bridge. 
Garody Thomas, teamster, bds. 53 Harrison. 
GaiTetson Hiram, firm Hanna G. & Co., h. 

East Cleveland. 
GARRETT ALEXANDER, real estate, 

over American Express office, h. Rockpoit. 
Garrett David J., bds. Bennett House. 
Garrett Mrs. Patty, h. 58 Seneca. 
Garring Peter, sailor, h. 186 Hamilton. 

Garrison , laborer. West River. 

Garrison Jonas, laborer, 267 West River. 
Garrison Thomas, (colored) cook, Weddell 

House, h. 7 High. 
Garsey Rory, laborer, 92 Spruce. 
Gartman William P., lathing, h. 114 Hud- 
Garvey Dennis, plasterer, h. 28 Garden. 
Garvey Edward, brush maker, bds 13 Boli- 
Garvey Francis, tailor, h. 6 Whitman. 
Garvey John, peddler, h. 172 Oregon. 
Garvey John, plumber, bds. 97 St. Clair. 

Garvey Peter, sailor, bds. 24 River, 
Garvey Mrs. Rose, widow, h. 170 Oregon. 
Garvis Robert, gas fitter, bds. 26 Rockwell. 
Garwood John W., builder, h. 255 Erie. 
Garstocker George, laborer, 182 Bridge. 
Garstocker Johr., laborer, 182 Bridge. 
Gasper Michael, shoemaker, h. 59 Bumham. 
Gassar Joseph, waiter, American Hotel, h. 

rear 34 Parkman. 
Gassar Nicholas, laborer, 63 Orange. 
Gatternic J., laborer, 21 Phelps. 
Gatchell Augustus C, engineer, h. 171 

Gates Edward P., book keeper, bds. 89 

GATES HORATIO N., forwarding and 

commission, River near Superior, h. 89 

Gates J. H., clerk on lake, h. 89 Prospect. 
Gates James M., clerk, 185 Superior, bds. 

Buniett House. 
GATES, ROUSE & BUTTS, coal dealers, 

government pier. 
Gates Stephen, carpenter,h. rear 46 Brownell. 
Gatiseh George, laborer, h. rear 105 Main. 
Gauf Wm., laborer, W. River. 
Gawej^ James, marble cutter, h. 28 Garden. 
Gawl William, laborer, h. 31 Division. 

Gawne John, mason, h. 97 Kinsman. 
Gawne William, soap factory, h. 80 Croton. 
Gay George, engineer, paper mill, h. 178 

Gayeen William, (colored) laborer, h. Sec- 
ond Alley. 
Gaylord Erastus F., gent., h. 374 Kinsman. 
Gaylord Henry C, firm G. & Hammond, bds. 

Angier House. 
Gaylord Mrs. M. T., widow of Henry. K, 

h. 47 Euclid. 
Gavlord Sylvanus T., h. 47 Euclid. 
GAYLORD & HAMMOND, drugs, paints, 

and oils, 120 Superior. 
Gayton Mrs. C, dressmaker, h. 30 Walnut. 
Geglin Leonard, grocery, 316 Hamilton. 
Gehan Lawrence, laborer, 90 Franklin. 
Gebbert Benedict, tailor, h. 107 Hamilton. 
Grbr Christian, clerk, h. 31 Ohio. 
Gech C, grocer, 875 Superior. 
Gechwint Melcher, sailor, h. 42 Muirson. 
Geddies Sopier, finisher, h. 13 Willet. 
Gee James, carpenter, bds 233 Scoville 

Gee Peter, moulder, h. Detroit, near Ken- 
Geekie James, h. 118 Phelps. 
Geer Clark, clerk, 158 Detroit, bds. 108 

Geer L. G., h. 138 Lake. 
Geer Hezekiah, firm H. G. & Co., bds. 

Weddell House. 
Geer Oliver C, auctioneer, 158 Detroit. 
GEER H. & CO., livery stable, 126 Bank. 
Geene Jeremiah M., photographs, h. 45 

Geenen Henry, R. R. depot, h. 166 River. 
Geese Frederick, laborer, 64 Webster. 
Gehring Charles, brewer, 15 Brainard. 
Gehring K. A., butcher, h. 50 Abbey. 
Grib Chas. J., shoemaker, 168 Lorain, h. 69 

Grib Peter, blacksmith, comer Mechanic and 

Geis Michael, laborer, 139 York. 
Geingler Ernst, cooper, h. Courtland. 
Genserset Eve, widow of George, h. 79 St. 

Gentes Christian, laborer, bds. 23 Irving. 
Gentes Henry, laborer, bds. 23 Irving. 
George Henry, tailor, h. 145 Dare. 
George Henry, goldsmith, bds. 206 St. Clair. 
Geokie James, machinist, C. & E. machine 

George Thomas, miller, h. 66 Pearl. 
George Thomas, flour and feed, 377 Lorain. 
Georging W^m. D., painter, h. 425 Lake. 
Geotz Charles, grocer, 940 St. Clair. 
Gepford Joseph, painter, alley rear 10 Park- 

W. C. NORTH'S Photograph and Fine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 



Gerard J. P., -wool grader, 105 Bank. 
Gerber C, salesman, 135 Water. 
Gerchslieimer Andrew, saloon, 646 St. Clair. 
Gerharty Nancy, widow of Michael, h. W. 

GERLACH JOHN, boots and shoes, 170 

River, h. 101 Lake, 
Carroll and Lorain. 

corner Erie and Eagle. 

TANT CHURCH, corner Erie and Ham- 


water Building. 
ner York and Bridge. 

ner Lorain and McLean. 

GERMANIA, 54 Public Square. 

Gerhinger John, shoemaker, h. 108 Ham- 

Gerspacher Joseph, cabinet maker, 189 

Gerstaker Charles, laborer, Green. 

Gerstaker Conrad, cooper, bds. 88 Merwia. 

Geastaker George, laborer, 180 Bridge. 

Gerstnick John, blacksmith, h. 121 Phelps. 

Gertrum Peter, scale maker, h. 6 Lorain. 

Gertser Miss Catharine, tailoress, h. 100 Ore- 

Gertser Mrs. Catharine, h. 100 Oregon. 

Gertser William, tailor, h. 100 Oregon, 

Gerue Jane, widow of Philip, tailoress, h, 
11 Pearl. 

Gesch Louis, shoemaker, h. 533 St. Clair, 

Geschwind M., tailor, h. 42 Muirson. 

Gesnacher Charles, laborer, 107 Chatham. 

Gessler M., tanner, h. 152 Dare. 

Gestenberger Gutlip,- carpenter, h. 41 Web- 

Getchel Augustus C, engineer, h. 171 

Getez Marcus, blacksmith, 41 Laurel, 

Gettre George, laborer, 84 Kinsman. 

Getz Godfried, shoemaker, 156 Pearl, 

Getz Martin, carpenter, h. 73 Willet. 

Geyette Nicholas, shoemaker, bds. 97 St. 

Ghering Charles, brewer, 17 and 19 Hicks, 

Ghist C, laborer, 875 Superior. 

Giar Edward, livery, h. rear 117 Water, 

Gibbens Henry S., carpenter, bds. 366 St. 

Gibbens John S., carpenter, h. 366 St. Clair. 

Gibbins John, laborer, 13 Fountain Alley. 

Gibbons Edward, drayman, h. 20 Marshall. 

Gibbons Francis W., h. 398 Lake. 

Gibbons John, laborer. West River. 

Gibbons Miles, laborer, 117 Phelps. 

Gibbons Miles, painter, h. 400 Lake. 

Gibbons Peter, grocer, 2 Kinsman. 

Gibbons Richard, laborer, 80 Vermont, 

Gibbons V., laborer, 179 Taylor. 

Gibbons W. J., printer, h. 92 Muirson. 

Gibe Hamilton, piano turner, bds 23 Sheriff, 

Gible Frederick, blacksmith, h. 44 Park man, 

Gibson Alexander, m. d., office 117 Ontario, 
up stairs, h. 221 Erie. 

Gibson Byron, painter, bds. 40 High, 

Gibson John, tailor, bds. 97 St. Clair. 

Giddings James, blacksmith, h. rear 44 Bol- 

Gidley William, sailor, h. 43 Belmont. 

Giffney James, sailor, h. 142 Bridge. 

Gilbert Elihu, mineral water, Seneca, bds, 
58 Huron. 

Gilbert George, saloon, h. 22 Johnson. 

Gilbert Jacob, laborer, 84 Hamilton, 

Gilbert Lawson A., firm L. A, G. & Co., h, 
26 Granger, 

Gilbert L. A. & Co., commission merchants, 
150 Ontario. 

Gilbert Wm. B., hotel 231 Pearl. 

Gilden William, shoemaker, h. 34 Delaware. 

Gilden William, shoemaker, h. 56 Granger. 

Giles William, laborer, rear 56 Bolivar. 

Gilespie Owen, h. 28 Hicks. 

Gilespie Patrick, laborer, West River. 

Gilfather Francis, laborer, 67 Vermont. 

Gill George, laborer, 24 Wadsworth. 

Gill John, laborer, foot of Water. 

Gill James, laborer, 61 Orange. 

GILL JOHN, builder, h. 213 Erie, 

Gill John, mason, h. 49 Jackson. 

Gill John C, physician, bds. 213 Erie. 

Gill Michael, laborer, 234 Erie. 

Gill Robert, silver plater and bell hanger, 5 
Mechanics' Block, h. 21 Bolivar. 

Gill William, shoemaker, 101 Superior. 

Gillar Edward, grocery and boarding, h, 273 

Gilland William, tinner, h. 279 Erie. 

Gillerman William, laborer, 152 Wilson. 

Gillet Miss Hannah, h. 21 Chestnut, 

Gillett Henry, sailor, h. 8 Jay. 

Gillett Henry H., saddler, 13 Pearl. 

Gillett Miss Kate, h. 21 Chestnut. 

Gillett Townsley, cabinet maker, h. 275 

Gillette John M., firm H. Birch & Co., 124 

Gillin Edward, drayman, h. 273 Detroit. 

Gillispie Patrick, laborer, 463 West River, 

Gillispie William, laborer, 229 Lake. 

Gillman Alfred, mason, h. 96 Hamilton, 

Gillman Joseph W., chandler, h. 37 Wood- 

Gillmore Thomas, tailor, h. 109 Orange, 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph, in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



Gilmore James, policeman, h. 113 Cliam- 


Gills ilt'iiry, school tearher, Ms. 106 Jersey. 

Gillman James, bds. 65 St. Clair. 

Gilsoii John, carria<,'o painter, h. 68 Water. 

Gimber Charles, assis'ant sexton, west side 
Cemetery, h. 33 Mill. 

Gindor Michael, laborer, 131 Dare. 

Giu^ambaugh Jacob, stone cutter, h. 34 

Ginrau Patrick, laborer, rear 2G6 Hamilton. 

Ginter Hyman, grocer, 213 Erie. 

Ginter Julius, carienter, h. 4(» Greenwood. 

Ginther Wni., tailor, h. 21 Walsworth. 

Giro Sel»astian, meat market, 117 Kinsman, 
h. 145 Kinsman, 

Girty George W., secretary Water Works, 
bds. Weddell House. 

Gissin J., lalx)rer, 15 Williams. 

Given Alfred, (colored) h. 19 Oregon. 

Given -John, mason, h. 13G Erie. 

Given .James, policeman, h. 124 DrownoU. 

Given William, clerk, 152 Ontario, h. 13G 

Given William, mason, h. 36 Cheshire. 

Gladstone Beruhard, peddler, h. 20 Dodge. 

Glaf John, wuod sawyer, h. 4iJ Irving. 

Glancey Mrs., widow of Martin, h. 352 De- 

Glaser Alfred, firm G. Brothers, h. 33 Scoville 

GLASSER BROTHERS, leather, hides and 
oil, 115 Water. 

Glaser C. F., firm G. Brothers, h. 117 

Glaser Elias, tai'or, 27 Superior. 

Glaser Ernst, painter, h. 335 St. Clair. 

Glaser Ferdinand, firm G. Brothers, h. 177 

Glaser G. C, firm G. Brothers, h. 51 

Glaser William, clerk, 115 Water, 177 

Glasdon .James, b Is. 6 Euclid. 

Glass John, moulder, h. 28'' Lake. 

Glauber Jacob, peddler, h. 30 Scoville Av- 

Glazer Michael, laborer, 174 Wilson. 

Glazier Nathaniel agent, h. 30 York. 

Gleason Dennis, laborer, 13 Johns. 

GLEASOX EDWIN, W., groceries, 132 
Ontario, h. 51 Woo-i 

Gleason James, carriage trimmer, h. 3 Johns. 

Gleason M. P., firm Smith & G., bis. Bur- 
nett House. 

Gleason Patrick, laborer, 92 Croton. 

Gleason Patrick, laborer, bds. 239 Hamil- 

Glem John, blacksmith, h. 51 York. 

Gleng Mike, wood sawyer, h, 55 Tracy. 

or Ambrotype, should not fail 

I Gleim, liurnham I'fc Shape, commission mer- 
I chanb<, 41 Union. 

I Glenn Joshua B., firm G. Biirnham & Shupe, 
I h. 222 SL Clair. 

Glidden Joseph, carpenter, h. 333 Frank- 
j lin. 
I Gliman .John, painter, h. 35 Mill. 

diner George W., clerk, 139 Detroit. 

Glines Mrs., v.idow, h. 350 Detroit 
I Glingel Leonard, tailor, 100 Water, bds. St. 
I Clair. 

j Glover Charles, sailor, h. rear 293 Washing- 
I Gloid -James M., pile driver, h. 56 Orange, 
I Gnewais John, butcher, h. 70 Parkman. 

Gncnis Catherine, tailoress, h. 25 High. 

Gnwo James, lalorer, 21 Lorain. 

Gobdale George, laborer, bds. 150 Kinsman. 

Goddard Calvin, book keeper, 39 Merwin, 
bds. 35 Rockwell. 

Goerlach Christof, frame maker, h. 37 Bel- 
I mont. 

Goete Max, blacksmith, h. 41 Laurel. 

Goetz Erank, grocery, 155 Pearl. 

Goeway .Jacob, mason, h. 110 Erie. 

Goff Patrick, crockery, h. Theresa Lane. 

Golf William, laborer, 179 West River. 

GofFener Simon, h. 59 Pcnn. 

Goffeng Charles, tailor, h. 85 Carroll. 
i GofFeng Christ, tailor, h. 85 Carroll. 
I Golden Mrs. Lucinda, h. 15 Oregon. 
j Goldrick Owen, laborer, 452 Hamilton. 
I Goldrich Peter, saloon, 470 Hamilton. 

Goldsmith Frederick, meat market, 304 
Pittsburgh, h. Allen. 

Goldsmith Frederick, trader, h. 95 Orange. 

Goldsmith Peter, butcher, h. 21 Vine. 

Goldsmith Simon, trunkmaker, h. 280 Pitts- 

Goldstein P., peddler, h. 104 Ohio. 

Goldswane C, moulder, h. 14 Cedar Avenue. 

Goldswert Cornelius, laborer, bds. 14 Cedar 

Goldwood Patience, widow of Christopher, 
seamstress, ii. 28 Jay. 

GOLLIEU PIERRE A., attorney, 94 Supe- 
rior, h. 29 Johnson. 

GoUman Julius, artist, 22 Hoffman's Block, 
bds. Weddell House. 

Goodale S. N., firm G. & Co., h. 92 Eu- 

GOOD ALE & CO., wool commission, 107 
and 109 Bank. 

Goodberme Samuel, hack driver, h. 80 Ore- 

Goodfellow .James, carpenter, b 8 Sibley. 

Goodfellow John, carpenter, h. 8 Sibley. 
' Goodfremot Mrs. Mary, h. 197 Hamilton. 

Goodhart Simon, shoemaker and grocer, 92 
and 94 Pittsburgh. 





Gooding Esau, boiler maker, h. corner 
Phelps and Sujjerior. 

Goodman Jacob, laborer, Canal. 

GOODMAN JOHN, clock and watch ma- 
ker, 256 Superior, h. 422 Case Avenue. 

Goodman Vincent, edge tool maker, h. 439 

Goodman V. L., rail repairer, C. & E. R. R. 
Repair Shop, 

Goodon Richard, stone cutter, h. 56 Burch. 

Goodrich G., carpenter, h. 484 Detroit. 

Goodrich John W., grocer, 427 St. Clair. 

Goodwin Rev. AVilliam H., h. 317 Superior. 

Goodsell John B., firm Collins, G., & Co., 
bds 81 St. Clair. 

Goodsell Truman, clerk 125 Water. 

Goodspeed , gent., bds. 97 St. Clair. 

Goodspeed W. F., clerk, 125 Water, bds. 
50 Prospect. 

Goodvvillie James, dentist, 94 Erie, b. Lake. 

Goodwillie Thomas, clerk, 185 Superior. 

Goodwin Aaron, steam tug, h. 16 Washington 

Goodwin A. A., deputy clerk, Probate Court, 
bds. 80 Public Square. 

Goodwin Arc^iibald, sailor, h. 54 Jay. 

Goodwin Edward, laborer, rear 209 Hamilton 

Goodwin Solomon, engineer, h. 14 Wash- 

GOOD TEMPLARS HALL, Superior, near 

Goodwin William W. , book keeper, 148 
Water, bds. 34 Huron. 

Gordon P]. S. machinist, bds 45 Bank. 

GORDON, McMillan & CO., wholesale 
grocers and commission merchants, Su- 
perior, corner Merwin. 

GORDON P. A., M. D., office 205 Superior, 
h. 94 Bond. 

Gordon Richard, coppersmith, h. 91 Wood- 

Gordon Sarah, widow of Thomas, tailoress, 
h. 3 Wood. 

Gordon Smith, machinist, bds. 45 Bank. 

Gordon Thos. E., tallyman, h. 84 Whitman. 

Gordon Wm., tinner, i ear 148 Detroit. 

Gordon William J., firm G. McMillan & Co., 
h. 47 Water. 

Gore Lorenzo J., engineer, C. & E. R. R. 

Gorey John, laborer, 20 Vermont. 

Gorham A. S., assisstant cashier. Com. Br. 
Bank, bds. 166 Erie. 

Gorham Edward J., firm G. & Co , h. 166 

Gorham James A., firm G. & Co., h. 144 
Cedar Avenue. 

Gorham John H., firm G. & Aplin, h. 166 

Gorham John M., book-keeper, 104 Supe- 
rior, h. 166 Erie. 

GORHAM & APLIN, grocers, 104 Superior 

GORHAM & CO., grocery and bakery, 193 

Gorman John, laborer, W. River. 

Gorman Michael, mason, h. 100 Dodge. 

Gormen Michael, laborer, 173 Oregon. 

Gormerly Patrick, carpenter, h. 154 Bridge. 

Gorris Frank, blacksmith. 

Gortler Fred., saloon, 165 Lorain. 

Gory Richard, laborer, 85 West Main. 

Gostkowskie J., melodeon maker, h. 44 

Gotobed Joseph, machinist, h. foot Water. 

Gottlieb Gunther, bookbinder, 136 Superior. 

Goulder Christopher, captain, h. 42 Garden. 

Gould Orrin, caulker, bds. 22 Fulton. 

Gould Orrin B., tress hoops, h. 22 Fulton. 

Gould Robert, painter, h. 174 Taylor. 

Gould Thomas, sailor, h. west side Clinton 

Gould William, tress hoop maker, 30 East 
Center, h. 22 Fulton. 

Gould W. W., baggage master, C. C. & C. R. 
R., h. 47 Hurd": 

Gouse Leonard, laborer, 66 Center. 

Gouye Charles, paper hanger, bds 65 Mich- 

Gover John, bds. 98 Pittsburgh. 

Goyce John, laborer, 144 Detroit. 

Goyet Octave, shoe cutter, 174 Superior, 

Govlord Olivar, laborer, 131 Pearl. 

GRACE CHURCH, (Episcopal) corner Hu- 
ron and Erie. 

Grace James, shoe maker, h. 39 Laurel. 

Grace Luke, grocer, 48 Erie. 

Grady Mary, widow of Robert, h. Theresa 

Grady Thomas, laborer, h. 59 West Center. 

Graf Andrew, bakery, 95 Pearl. 

Graf Nicholas, R. R. depot, h. 4 Root's Al- 

Graham Archy, carpenter, h. 308 Hamilton. 

Graham D. M., Boston Pail Co., bds. Brook- 

Gi'aham Francis, laborer, rear 25 Elm. 

Graham Capt. George, sailor, h. Herman, 

Graham George W., superintendent John- 
son House. 

Graham Gilbert, carpenter, h. Brooklyn. 

Graham John, laborer, 7 Elm. 

Graham John, carpenter, h. 708 Hamilton. 

Graham John, carpenter, h. 184 Case Ave. 

GRAHAM J. G., Boston Pail Co., h. 

Graham Robert, boots and shoes,135 Ontario, 
h. 152 Birch. 

Graham Thomas, shoe maker, h. 152 Burch. 

Graham Finzlah, butcher, h. 383 Lorain, 

Gramer Adam, grocery, 328 Pittsburgh. 

Grammes Daniel, tailor, h. 216 Pearl. 

Grammes Louis, printer. 

Deodorised Coal, Manufaettired by LAW & NORTH, 


Grausi Conrad, laborer, bds 112 St. Clair. 

Grand P. K., soap manufacturer, 328 St. 
Clair, bds. 93 Lake. 

Grandy Mrs. Hanna, widow of Benjamin, h. 
96 Franklin, up stairs. 

Granger Lucy, widow of John, h. 149 Pearl, 

Granger Robert, cooper, 166 Hamilton. 

Granigar Charles, drayman, bds. 79 Kins- 

Granigar Frederick, clerk, h. 79 Kinsman. 

GRANNIS JOHN C, attorney, 261 Supe- 
rior, Rouse's Block, h. 87 Prospect. 

Grannis Josejih S., attorney, 192 Superior, 
bds. 6 Euclid. 

Grant Michael, laborer, 683 St. Clair. 

Grant William, laborer, 412 Pittsburgh. 

Granzebach Conrad, laborer, 44 Marion. 

Grass Charles, bakor, h. 46 Muirson. 

Grasslee Daniel, livery, bds. Champlain. 

Grassner Henry, laborer, 91 Orange. 

Gratton James, rolling mill, b. 30 Lyman. 

Gratz Matthias, saloon, corner St. Clair and 
Dock, h. 158 River. 

Graul Ernst, tailor, h. 97 Fulton. 

Grauss George, laborer, bds. 112 St. Clair. 

Gravel Ed., engineer; Angier House. 

Graves James boarding, h. 8 Root's Alley. 

Graves John, sailor, h. 290 Washington. 

Graves John A., (colored) barber, h. 13 

Graves Joseph, tailor, h. 244 Pittsburgh. 

Graves Larken, (colored) h. California. 

Graves Luther, carpenter, h. 49 Cedar Av. 

Graves Willis, jr., carpenter, h. 273 Prospect. 

Graves Willis, sr., h. 237 Prospect. 

Graw , soap maker, bds. 93 Lake. 

GRAYS' ARMORY, 158 Superior. 

Gray A. N., h. 141 Garden. 

Gray Bryan, sailor, h. 55 West Center. 

Gray Henry, laborer, 311 Perry. 

Gray H. W., joiner, h. 11 Miami Alley. 

Gray Hugh, firm Blish, Garlick & Co., h. 19 

Gray Joseph, painter, h. 55 Center. 

GRAY J. W., editor Plain Dealer, h. 357 

Gray Loftus, sailor, h. 55 West Center. 

Gray L. P., cashier, C. & P. R. R. Freight 
Office, h. Bedford. 

Gray Mrs. Mary, widow of Charles C, board- 
ing-house, 55 West Center. 

Gray Michael, laborer, 97 Summit Alley. 

Gray N. A., Assistant Editor Plain Dealer, 
bds. Bennet House. 

Gray Mrs., widow of Ransom, tailoress, h. 
16 Webster. 

Gray Roman H., bds. 141 Garden. 

Greabean Christopher, tailor, h. 69 Phelps. 

12 Johnson's Marine Block. 

Greater Charles, clerk, 288 Superior, bds. 206 
St Clair. 

Greaves John, sailor, bds. Franklin House. 

Green Alfred, (colored) plasterer, h. 190 Ce- 
dar Avenue. 

Green Biu-tholomew, sailor, h. 114 Oregon. 

Green Benjamin S. (colored) carpenter, h. 
63 Cedar Avenue. 

Green Frank, mason, h. 160 Croton. 

Court, h. 288 Euclid, comer Hudson. 

Green George, shoemaker, h. 63 Cross, 

Green Hugh, car2:)enter, h. 11 Granger. 

Green James, railroad man, h. rear 118 Bol- 

Green James, boiler maker, h. Ill Dare. 

Green James, shoemaker, h. Ohio. 

Green James M., h. 230 Hamilton. 

Green John, gas fitter, h. 140 Erie. 

Green John, laborer, 122 Muirson. 

Green John, clerk, 150 Water, bds. 50 Eu- 

Green John, hack driver, h, 19 Williams 

Green John, saloon, 106 Pittsburgh. 

Green Mrs., widow of John, h. 43 Cedar Av. 

GREEN JOSEPH D., hair dresser and 
banker, under Johnson House, h. 47 

Green L, A., cabinet finisher. 

Green Martin, laborer, h. 21 Erie. 

Green Patrick, carpenter, h. 137 Scoville 

Green Perry, sailor, bds. 452 Detroit. 

Green Philip, grocery, 408 Perry. 

Green Ransom, clerk, 135 River, h. 271 

Green Stephen, h. 29 Summit Alley. 

Green William, firm J. Parkin & Co,, h, 21 

Green William, ship carpenter, h. 25 Wood- 

Greene Jeremiah, photographer, h. 45 Ful- 

Greene S. C, agent, 133 Water, h, 134 St 

GREENFIELD GEORGE, wig maker, 136 

Greenfield Henry, shoemaker, 114 Bank. 

Greenfield Jerome, driver, U. S. Express 

Greegor J. W., clerk, 226 Superior, bds. 124 

Gregory Joseph, painter, h. 13 Detroit 

Greenhalgh , machinist, h. 20 Williams 


Greenhalgh Joseph, captain, 16 Mandrake. 

Greenhalgh Robert, steam tug, h. North. 

GREENING JOHN, meat market, 121 
River, h. Brooklyn. 

is acknowledged to be the best in the State. 



Greenman Jared F. wooden ware, h. 48 

Greenman Martin, oil cloth maker, li. 38 

Greenmyer Edward, carpenter, bds. 317 

Greenwood Peter, laborer, 36 Parkman. 

ner Greenwood and Cedar. 

Greer Frank, laborer, 9 Johns. 

Gregor Joseph, omnibus driver, bds. 311 St. 

Gregory John, machinist, h. 15 Smith. 

Gregory Thomas, sailor, h. 285 Washing- 

Greig James, carpenter, 221 Garden. 

Gremm, John, tinner, 152 Kinsman, bds. 
150 Kinsman. 

Gresell John, painter, h, 14 Wilson. 

Greve Jacob, tinner. 

Grey Andrew, laborer, rear 278 Hamilton. 

Gribben John P., book keeper, W. Farnan's, 
h. 38 Walnut. 

Gribble Joseph B., collecting agent, h. 21 

Gridley James U., conductor sleeping car, 
h. 58 Huntington. 

Gries Peter, engineer, h. 49 Granger. 

Griese Augustus, carriage painter, h. 128 
Case Avenue. 

Griese Charles, builder, h. 126 Case Avenue. 

Griessend George, cabinet maker, h. 23 

Grievely Jacob, teamster, h. 57 Harrison. 

Grievy Henry, carpenter, 140 Garden, h. 

Grifin James, laborer, 280 Hamilton. 

Griffin James, grocery, 116 Detroit. 

Griffin John, (colored) sailor, h. 13 Union. 

Griffin John D., carpenter, h. 129 Ohio. 

Griffin M., laborer, 148 Pittsburgh. 

Griffin Moses, painter, h. Erie. 

Griffith John H., tallyman, C. C. & C. E. R. 
bds. Franklin House. 

Griffith Mrs. L. M., boarding house, 80 Pub- 
lic Square. 

Griffith N. M., clerk, 0. C. & C. R. R, 

Grim Robert, laborer. West River. 

Grimes Joseph, plasterer, bds. 116 Hudson. 

Grimes Michael, laborer, Spruce. 

Grimshaw James W., pumps, bds. Burnett 

Grinman James, saloon, 6 Kinsman, 

Grinninger Frederick C, porter, h. Kinsman. 

Grinwalt John, rope maker, h. 21 Belmont. 

Grisman Thomas, laborer, rear 19 Vineyard. 

Grisse Charles, student, bds. 243 Hamilton. 

Grissell Elizabeth, m. d., bds. 304 Superior. 

Griswold A. M,, associate editor National 
Democrat, bds. 19 Wood. 

Griswold E. R., firm Taylor, G. & Co., h. 96 

Griswold Hiram, attorney, 124 Superior, h. 

Griswold Nelson, engineer, h. 330 Lake. 

Griswold S. 0., firm Kelly & G., h. 135 St, 

GRISWOLD & CASTLE, attorneys, 124 

Grodenwright Christ, R. R., man, h. 143 

Grodenwright William, R. R. man, h. 143 

Groes Peter, laborer, 60 Burch. 

Groff Christopher, tinner, 647 St. Clair. 

Grofif Henry R., book keeper, 125 Water, h. 
22 Cheshire. 

Grok Michael, mason, h. 36 Wilson. 

GroU John C, salesman, 139 Water, h. 235 

Groosman George, carpenter, h. 409 Perry. 

Grose John, machinist, h. 15 Phelps. 

Groser William, cooper, h. 223 Columbus. 

Gross Frederick, laborer, 52 Clifton. 

Gross John, carpenter, h. 19 Carroll. 

GROSS LEWIS, boots and shoes, 239 Su- 
perior, h. 277 JProspect. 

Gross Lewis jr., shoemaker, bds. 277 Pros- 

Gross Peter, carpenter, bds. 14 East Center. 

Gross William, shoemaker, bds. 67 Michi- 

Grossman Henry, painter, 199 Ohio, h. 166 

Grotenrath Christian, painter, h. 143 Pearl. 

Grotenrath William, painter, h. 143 Pearl. 

Grothe G. F., cabinet maker, 231 Lorain, 

Grothe Peter, stoves and tin ware, 229 Lo- 

Grotz Martin, farmer, h. 57 Chatham. 

Gruuch Henry, blacksmith, h. 48 Muirson. 

Grouse Adams, carpenter, h". 23 Cherry. 

Grouse Barbara, widow of George, h. 24 
East Liberty. 

Grouse Michael, porter, h. 51 Cherry. 

Grover Mrs. Betsey, h. 35 Walnut. 

Gcover Miss Lucinda, h. 35 Walnut. 

Grover Martin, butcher, h. 212 Hamilton. 

Grow Henry, tailor, h. 33 Belmont. 

Groz F. H., watchmaker, 10 Pearl. 

Grub Philip, porter, 127 Water. 

Gruber Adam, matchmaker, h. 42 Third. 

Grulock Jacob, shoemaker, h. 89 Hamil- 

Grumbey Catherine, h. 27 Champlain. 

Grumits John, teamster, bds. 53 Harrison. 

Gruzer George, shoemaker, h. 66 Green. 

Guenther Felix, printer. 

Guenther Julius, melodeon maker, 195 On- 

' tario. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario St., Cleveland, O. 



Guibhart Louis, saloon, corner Bolivar and 

Guild W. J., dentist, 13 Hoffman's Block, 

bds. G8 Ontario, 

Guilford Charles, printer. Herald, h. 44 Kins- 

GuUiford L. D., tin and copper smitli, 647 
St.. Clair. 

Gurabert William, shoemaker, h, 107 Ore- 

Gunilick Charles, porter, 134 Lorain. 

Gunn Alexander, clerk, G. Worthington & 
Co., bds. 83 Public Square. 

Gunning William, joiner, h. 120 Hill, 

Gunson Margaret, milliner, h. 24G St. Clair. 

Gunson Matthew, barber, h. 24G St, Clair. 

Gunton Matthew, drayman, h. 88 Oregon. 

Gupp John, cooper, 87 Irving, h. 410 Perry. 

Gurley Adilison, moulder, h. Cemetery Alley. 

Gurling .John, brakcnian, h. 53 Huntington, 

Gurvin Francis, tailor, h. 38 Hicks. 

Guser F., laborer, 27 Phelps. 

GUYLES, FOOT & BASH, forwarding 
and commission merchants, 91 Uivor, 

Guyles William B., firm G., Foot & Bash, 
h. 205 Detroit. 

Haack Hermann, runner, William Tell 

HAAG C. L., cigar maker, 210 Ontario. 
Haag Henry, watch maker, 181 Ontario. 
Hake John F., mason, h, 85 Greenwood. 
Ilaan George, stone cutter, h. 44 Marion. 
Haanay James, saloon, 8 Pearl, 
Haas Ad;im, saddles and harness, 144 River, 

h. 62 Lake. 
Haas Christopher, nmner, William Tell 

Haase Charles, rnason, h. 21 Green. 
Habart Thomas, laborer, 156 Clinton, 
Haberer Matthew, meat market, 211 Garden, 

h. 213 Garden. 
Hach Andrew, saddles and harness, 344 

Hackett John, laborer, 58 West Center. 
Hackett Ann, widow of James, h, 85 West 

Hackman Joseph, mason, h. 71 Marion. 
Haddleson M. C, conductor C. C. & C. R. R., 

h, 48 Chestnut. 
Hadensack John, cabinet maker, 123 Phelps, 
Hading Walter, engineer, C. & E. R. R. 
Hadler Henry, mason, h. 81 Laurel. 
Haerlock John, laborer, 23 Michigan. 
Half Charles E,, gas fitter, 106 Hamilton, 
Haffman John, h, 57 Webster. 
Hafkenshel John, laborer, bds, 384 St. Clair. 

Wm. C. NORTH'S Photograph and 

Hafly John, lalx)rer, 44 High. 

Hafner Casper, shoemaker, h. Flats. 

Hagan Catharine, widow of Patrick, h. 54 

Hagan Henry, omnibus driver, h. City Build- 

Hagan Hugh, tailor, 125 Garden. 

Hagan Patrick, laborer, 30 Alabama. 

Hagan A., laborer, 23 Phelps. 

Hagen Christian, broadcloth finisher, h, 120 

Hagen er Louis, baker, h. 384 St. Clair, 

Hager John, moulder, h, 93 Oregon. 

Hagerling Anton, shoemaker, h. 87 Ham- 

Hagerman Henry, farmer, h. 114 Ontario, 

Haggerty Francis, grocery, 317 Lorain. 

Haggerty James, peddler, h. 317 Lorain, 

Haggerty Patrick, [jeddler, h. 319 Lorain. 

Hagling Christiana, widow of Henry, h. 216 

Hahn Charles, butcher, h. 339 St. Clair. 

Hahn John, drayman, h. 190 Ohio. 

Haicks Mrs. Sabrina, widow of William, h. 
164 Taylor. 

Haig Thomas, lake engineer, bds, 62 Lam- 

Hain Mina, Avidow of Henry, h. 144 Scoville 

HAINES HEXRY, real estate and loan 
office, 246 Superior, h. 281 Orange. 

Hakenjos M , brewer, h. 168 Croton, 

Halaupskie M., carpenter, h. 159 Croton, 

Halagan Sarah, widow of James, h. West, 

Ilalcomb William, sailor, h. 18 Ann. 

HALE E. B., banker. Rouse's Block, cor- 
ner Public S juare, h. 439 Euclid. 

Hale James, book keejier, h. 22 Ontario, 

Hale John C., teacher, Brownell, St, School, 
bds. 195 St. Clair. 

Hale Joseph, brakesman, bds, 75 Bank, 

Hale Loren A., boarding house, 66 Michi- 

Haley Hannah, widow of Dennis, h. West 

Haley Timothy, drayman, h. West River, 

Haley Timothy, laborer, near C, & M. coal 

Hall A. L., conductor C. C, & E, R. R., h. 
201 Prospect. 

Hall Calvin, printer, Leader, h. 84 Clinton, 

Hall Dwiglit, physician and surgeon, 198 
Superior, bds. 280 Euclid. 

Hall Edward T., clerk, C. & T. R. R., h. 201 

Hall George E., iron ore, bds. Burnett 

Hall Henry D,, book keeper, 81 Merwin, bds, 
124 W\ater, 

Fine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St. 



HALL HENRY M., fruits, groceries and | Haly Timothy, laborer, 437 River. 

confectionery, 120 Bank, h. 201 Prospect. | Ham Frederick, laborei', 92 Hamilton. 
Hall Jackson, R. R. engineer bds. 17 Tracy. I Ham Leonard, 733 St. Clair. 
Hall James, printer, Review, h 218 Pitts- j Ham Leonard, engineer, C. & P. R. R., h. 

burgh. I 466 Hamilton. 

Hall James B., painter, 178 Superior, h. j Haman Henry, laborer. Green. 

corner Brownell and Webster. | Hamel Henry, laborer, 199 Lorain. 

HALL JOHN B., homeopathist and phar- Hamer Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of Grardner, h. 

maceutist, 174 Superior, h. 136 Huron, 

Hall Joseph, shoemaker, h. 75 Michigan. 

Hall Joshua E., stoves and tinware, 216 Su- 
perior, h. 12 Garden. 

Hall Lewis A., book keeper, 28 River, 
173 Prospect. 

Hall Wm., engineer, h. 40 Carroll. 

Hall Wm., merchant, h. 17 Tracy. 

Hall Wm., bds. 201 Prospect. 

191 Croton. 
Hamer Joseph, shoemaker, h. 211 Croton. 
HamiU Patrick, tinsmith, bds. 264 Washing- 
I ton. 
h. ! Hamilton Catharine, h. Canal. 

Hamihoij E. T., deputy sheriff, bds. 55 Ce- 
dar Avenue. 
Hamilton G. \V., firm H. & Weidenkopf, h. 
55 Bolivar. 

Hall W. B., music teacher, bds. Weddell j Hamilton Henry, firm H. & Wheelock, bds. 


Hall Wm. H., moulder, bds. 31 Johnson. 
Hall Jared W., clerk, 184 Superior, h. 270 

Hall William, firm W. H. & Co., h. 105 

Hall William & Co., egg packers, 65 Mer- 



Hamilton Jame?, laliorer, 320 Hamilton. 
Hamilion Thomas, carpenter, h. 65 Cedar 

Hamilton Weslev, laborer, Canal. 

I Hamilton & Wheelock, fruits, 130 Ontario. 

Hallan John, lake captain, bds. 352 St. Clair. | Hamland Peter, canal captain, h. 89 York. 

Halle Abram, peddler, h. 363 St. Clair 

Halle Emanuel clerk, 228 Superior, h. 363 
St. Clair, 

Halle Joseph, clothing, 208 Superior, h. 58 

Halle Moses, clerk, 228 Superior, h. 363 St. 

Haller M., painter, h. 17 Mechanic. 

Haller Martin, butcher, 90 Bridge. 

Hallegen Patrick, boatman, h. Elm. 

Hallewell John W., laborer bds. 72 Huron. 

HALLIDAY ANDREW, books and sta- 
tionery, 167 Detroit. 

HaUiwell B. A., firm H. & Daniels, h. 10 

HALLIWELL & DANIELS, dentists, cor- 
ner Ontario and Public Square, over 

Hallmer Frederick, stone cutter, h, 49"Burn- 

Hallman Henry, lard oil, h. 71 Jersey. 

Halou Patrick, drayman, h. 46 Bridge. 

Halloran Michael, caqjenter, h. 102 Her- 

Halpersman William, laborer, 92 Marion. 

Halpin Edward, grocerv, 360 Detroit. 

Halpin John, h. 316 St. Clair. 

Halsey Joel, shipsmith, h. 100 Lorain. 

Haltworth F., saloon, 54 Public Square, h. 
170 St. Clair. 

Haly Daniel, laborer, 139 Bridge. 

Haly Mrs. Nanny, widow of John, h. rear 
405 West River. 

Hamlen Henry, clerk, C. & E. R. R., bds. 

195 Prospect. 
Hamlen S. S., builder, h. 195 Prospect. 
Hamlin Charies, clerk, bds. 53 Seneca. 
Hamlin Charles N., salesman, 215 Superior, 

h. 234 Erie. 
Hamlin James B., melodeon tuner, h. 257 

Hamm Frederick, porter, h. 92 Hamilton. 
Hamm William, teamster, h. 453 Lake. 
Hamm William, laborer, 92 Hamilton. 
Hammer Charles, printer and publisher, 218 

and 220 Kinsman. 
Hammer Charles, cooper, 61 Ward, h. 77 

Hammer George, sailor, h. 117 Turnpike. 
Hammer Louis, clerk, 247 Superior, h. 223 

Hammill Nicholas, paver, h. 16 Park. 
Hammond Mrs. Ann, widow of Thomas, h. 

823 Detroit. 
Hammond Elijah N., firm Wheeler & H., h. 

263 Prospect. 
Hammond George C, firm Gaylord & H., 

h. 351 Prospect. 
Hammond George M., sash machinist, h. 

233 Columbus. 
Hammel Jacob, laborer, 65 Chatham. 
Hamp Daniel, laborer, 212 Hamilton, 

Hamps , produce, h. 15 Scoville Avenue. 

Hampson J. B., printer. Plain Dealer. 
Hamrick Adam, h. 367 St. Clair. 

Cleveland, O. 

Hampton Thomas, mason, bds. 46 Eagle, 
Those wishing a photograph, in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



Hanan James, engine wiper, h. 433 St. Clair. 
Hanaford Jolin M., salosman, 143 Water, 

bds. City Hotel. 
Hanawell John, machinist, h. 158 Lorain. 
Hanchen Edward, wood worker, bds. 89 

Hanchet Jerome, teamster, h. 89 Courtland. 
Hanchisen John, joiner, h. 318 Bridge. 
HANCOCK WILLIAM B., merchant tailor, 

141 Superior, h. 134 Lake. 
Hand Christopher, ship carpenter, bds. 46 

West Main. 
Hand Nathan, accountant, 62 Merwin, bds. 

Weddell Hoase. 
Handy Augustus,vessel owner,h 162 Euclid. 
Handy Freeman P., President, Commercial 

Branch Bank, h. 181 Euclid. 
Handyside John, laborer, bds 10 Middle. 
Handysides Mrs., h. 49 Huntington. 
Warren John, laborer, 23 Oregon. 
Hanford George B., agricultural tools, bds. 

147 West Liberty, corner Bridge. 
Hankey John, tuner, h. Canal. 
Hanks Oliver P., piano tuner, h. 31 Webster. 
Hanley Daniel, tailor, h Canal Basin. 
Hanley James sailor, h. 31 Champlain. 
Hanley J. R., grocery, 40 Merwin. 
Hann Frederick, laborer, 105 Bridge. 
HANNA, GARRETSON & CO., wholesale 

grocers, and commission merchants, 73 

and 75 Merwin. 
Hanna Leonard, firm H. Garretson & Co., h. 

256 Prospect. 
Hanna Robert, firm H. Garretson & Co., h. 

328 Prospect. 
Hanna William, carriage maker. East Cen- 
ter, near comer Seneca, h, 182 Greenwood. 
Hannaford , clerk, Crowell & Childs, bds. 

312 Superior. 
Hannan James, engineer, h. 433 St. Clair. 
Hanninga Christian, laborer, 219 Orange. 
Hannon Rev. Edward, h. 87 Bond. 
Hanover Michael, peddler, h. 33 Webster. 
Hanscom Lewis, hotel keeper, 22 Pearl. 
Hansler A. P., barber, h. 21 Middle. 
Hantedmark Frederick, grinder, h. 55 Tracy. 
Harachael John, laborer, 24 Irving. 
Harbaugh Amos,boiler maker, h. 165 Clinton. 
Harbaugh Dennis, millright, h. 109 Fulton. 
HARBECK J. S., stave dealer, oflice, 6 Ovi- 

att's Exchange. 
Harden burgh H., machinist, bds. 96 Wilson. 
Hardenburgh Wellington, machinist, h. 105 

Harding Nehemiah W., coal dealer, office 

government pier, h. 201 Lake. 
Harding Walter J., engineer, h. 495 St. Clair. 
Hardman John, mail man, Leader, h, 18 

Harden William, shoemaker, 364 Lorain. 

Hare Joseph, brewer, 80 Champlain. 
Hare Peter, blacksmith, h. 50 Clifton. 
Hargrant Charles, gardener, h. 283 Pittsburgh. 
Hargrove Mrs. Sarah, dress maker, h. 52 Hill. 
Harkin Joseph, h. 36 Clifton. 
Harkness George, soda maker. 
Harley James, ship joiner, h. 77 Lake. 
Harley Patrick, grocer, 79 Lake. 
Harlow William, sailor, h. 99 Taylor. 
Harraan A. M., firm H. & Crowls, h. 357 

Harman R. H., ship owner, h. 340 Prospect. 
Harman & Crowls, lumber dealers, 139 Mer- 
Harmon George M., sash maker, h. 235 Co- 
Harmon L. A., boarding-house, 25 Frankfort. 
Harmon Patrick, laborer, h. rear 271 St. 

Ham Michael, blacksmith, 52 Michigan. 
Harnessmaker John, saddler, SujXirior, h. 

Fox Avenue. 
Harney H., h. 66 Prospect. 
Harjien John, conductor C. & P. R. R., bds. 

476 Hamilton. 
Harpee Alexander J., clerk C. & T. R. R., 

bds. 166 Lake. 
Harper John, h. rear 71 Scoville Avenue. 
Harper J. W., joiner, h. comer Tracy and 

Harper Philip, printer. 
Harper William, (colored) waiter, Angier 


Harper , blind maker, h. foot Tracy. 

Harrin Patrick, laborer, 


ter, h. 115 St. Clair. 
Harrington Horace R., miller, h. Heights. 
Harrington Jane, widow of Daniel, h. 297 

St. Clair. 
Harrington James, fireman, Angier House. 
Harrington Michael, sailor, h. 199 West 

Harris Benjamin, brakeman, h. 69 Bank. 
Harris Brougham, clerk, C. & P. R. R., bds. 

70 Bank. 
Harris Byron C, ticket agent, C. & E. R. R., 

h. 57 Seneca. 
Plarris Charlotte, widow of Jacob, h. 162 Ohio. 
Harris Daniel, sewing machines, bds. City 

Harris E. N., engineer, h. 11 Bridge. 
Harris George R., (colored) plasterer, h. 102 

Harris Edward, h. 184 Ohio. 
Harris Jessie A., carpenter, h. 119 Garden. 
Harris John E., machinist, h. 156 Brownell. 
Harris Jonathan, peddler, h. 80 Vermont. 
Harris Joseph D., (colored) plasterer, h. 162 


or Ambrotype, shoidd not fail to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 



Harris Joshua W., carpenter, li. 14 Bridge. 
Harris Josiah A., editor Morning Leader, h. 

70 Bank. 
Harris Mark, salaratus maker, h. 96 Bridge. 
Harris Moses, (colored) carpenter, h. 106 

Harris Nathan C, E. E. agent, li. 77 Eock- 

Harris Eobert W., plasterer, h. 162 Ohio. 
Harris Thomas, policeman, h. 24 Howe. 
Harrison Fred'k, caulker, bds. 121 Turnpike. 
Harrison Geo. B., sailor, h. 220 Pearl. 
Harrison James T., steward, h. 85 Lake. 
Harrison Joseph shoemaker, h. 18 Lorain. 
Harrison Mrs. Mark, h. 36 Hanover. 
Harrison Thomas, blacksmith, h. 85 Lake. 
Harrison William G., shoemaker, h. 74 

Harron William, painter, h. 97 Harbor. 
Harsh Sarah, widow of Joseph, h. 179 Lake, 
Hart Charles, drayman, h. 55 Webster. 
Hart Christian, grocery, 24 Bolivar. 
Hart Edward, salesman, 107 Water, h. 227 

Hart Edwin, foreman, W. Hart's, h. 96 

Hart Eliza, h. rear 122 Brownell. 
Hart Henry laborer, 157 Lake. 
Hart Henry laborer, 102 Pittsburgh. 
Hart Hugh, laborer, 167 Oregon. 
Hart James, brakesman, h. 216 Lake. 
Hart Jehial H., foreman Leader, h. 250 

Hart Martin, engineer, h. 112 York. 
Hart Patrick, file grinder, h. rear 93 Hicks. 
HART WILLIAM, furniture dealer, 107 

Water, h. 172 Euclid. 
Harter Eev. James, (colored) h. 286 Lake. 
Harting James, sailor, h. 68 Fulton. 
Hartigan Edward, painter and glazier, 188 

St. Clair. 
Hartley John, machinist, h. 115 Case Ave- 
Hartman Adam, laborer, 275 Orange. 
Hartman Charles, miller, h. 275 Orange. 
Hartmann Charles Augustus, physician and 

surgeon, and county coroner, h. 60 Abbey. 
Hartman Christopher, laborer, Canal. 
Hartman Daniel, harness maker, 160 Supe- 
Hartman H., drayman, h. 85 Orange. 
Hartman Harmon, brass founder, h. Croton. 
Hartman Joseph & Co., meat market, 299 

Hartman Mrs., h. 70 Mechanics. 
Hartman Nicholas, lamp maker, bds, 206 

St. Clair. 
Hartman Philip, teamster, at Quinn's. 
Hartman Simon, shoemaker, h. 133 Oregon. 
Hartmann Frederick, laborer, 32 East Liberty. 

Hartman Kilian, lamp maker, bds 206 St. 

Hartmann Nicholas, h. 158 Orange. 

Hartnell George, builder, h. 27 Columbus. 

Hartness George, foreman soda factory, bds. 
100 Franklin. 

Hartness John, gent., h. 44 Prospect. 

Hartnell Thomas, boiler maker, h. 42 Mc- 

Harvey A. B., confectioner and news dealer, 
191 Ontario. 

Harvey Charles, livery stable, 128 Cham- 

Harvill E. J., carpenter, bds. 317 Khisman. 

Harvey Henry, firm H, H. & Co., h, 425 

HARVEY H. & CO., proprietors city mills, 
and flour dealers, 77 and 79 Merwin. 

Harvey Thomas, saloon, h. 6 Eoot's Alley. 

Harwood James H., clerk, C. C. & C. R. R. 
machine shop, h. 15 Sibley. 

Hartsyoke Frederick, h. 59 Monroe. 

Harttary Walter, laborer, 13 German. 

Hartzell Adam, carpenter, h. 80 Burch. 

Haserot John, saddler, 123 Detroit. 

Hasfoter Peter, laborer, 21 Lorain. 

Plaskell George H., h. 158 Lake. 

Hass Thomas, laborer, 43 Cherry. 

Hassman Jacob, laborer, Irving. 

Hastings James, eating stand, h. 68 Fulton. 

Hastings Samuel P., wood seller, h. comer 
Miami and Bolivar. j 

Hastings Simon P., joiner, h. 7 Bolivar. 

Hastings Samuel P., carpenter, h. 103 Or- 

Hastings Mrs. T. A., widow of David, board- 
ing house, 12 Washington. 

Hastle Michael, baker, bds. 112 River, 

Hatch Daniel, carpenter, h. 180 Bridge, 

Hatch D. B., insurance, bds. 190 St. Clair. ' 

Hatch Henry P., turner, bds. 180 Bridge. 

Hatch H. H., secretary Washington IJnion 
Insurance Company, h, 190 St. Clair. 

Hatch Henry R., firm E. I. Baldwin & Co., 
bds. 60 EucUd, 

Hatman Frederick, musician, h. 32 Whit- 

Hattersley H., guns, &c., 102 Superior. 

Hattick Andrew, clock maker, h. 127 Kins- 

Hauld John, teamster, h. 39 Whitman. 

Haupf Cari, shoemaker, h. 109 Hamilton. 

Hauser Adam, marble polisher, h. 152 Garden 

Haushera Louis, butcher, h. 158 .River. 

Hausman Rudolph, firm Rettberg and H., 
h. 102 Erie. 

Hauzman George T., upholstery, 40 Park- 

Havens Albert U., firm H. & Brother, h. 65 

Deodorised Coal, Manufactured by LAW & WORTH, 



Havens Samuel A., joiner, h. 257 Erie. 
Havens M. R., firm H. & Brother, h. 88 Sco- 
ville Avenue. 

Havens Selah P., grocer, h. 65 Marion. 

Havens & Brother, grocers, 73 Garden. 

Haver John, gent., h. 202 Detroit. 

Haverty Daniel, h. IG-t Kinsman, 

Hankey John, wool sorter, h. Canal. 

Hawkins Henry C, deputy county auditor, 
h. 34 Eagle. 

Hawkins ]Mrs. Jane, widow of Richard, h. 
rear 233 Hamilton. 

Hawkins John, tanner, h. alley, between 
Ohio and Walworth. 

Hawkins John, morocco finisher. 

Hawkins Wm., clerk, h. 1 St. Charles. 

Hawks Andrew J., firm H. & Bro., bds. 53 

Hawks Daniel, firm H. & Brother, bds. 53 

Hawks Robert J., moulder, bds Franklin. 

HAWKS & BRO., news dealers, 259 Supe- 

Hawley A. H., slate roofing, h. 312 Superior. 

Hawley Gideon, engineer, C. & P. R. R, 

Hawley John, clerk, J. Barron's, bds. Canal 

Hawlick James, mason, h. 146 Scoville Av. 

Hawthorn Adam D., shoemaker, h. 19 Pros- 

Hawthorn Hamlet H., clerk, bds 19 Prospect. 

Hay Njcholas, laborer, 434 Hamilton. 

Hayaleg Joseph, mason, h. 47 Mayflower. 

Hayden Anson, h. corner Summit and Orf- 

Hayden Chester, firm H., King & Elwell, h. 
68 Erie. 

Hayden John, laborer, rear 19 Vineyard. 

HAYDEX, KING & ELWELL, attorneys, 5 
and 6 Rouse's Block, corner Public Square. 

Hayden Michael, laborer, 17 Canal. 

Hayden Thomas, tailor, 6 Third Alley. 

Hayes Burton, sailor, h. West River. 

Hayes Henry, saloon, 239 West River. 

Hayes James, salesman, h. 57 Tracy. 

Hayes James, saloon, 178 Hamilton. 

Hayes John, watch at depot, h. Superior 

Haves Lester, accountant, Morrill & Bowers, 
h. 809 Lake. 

Hayes Mary, widow, h. 178 Hamilton. 

Hayes P. H., lAysician, Cleveland Water 

Hayes Timothy, peddler, h. 457 Lake. 

Hayes William, fireman, bds. 93 Lake. 

Hayes William, shoemaker, h. 130 Lorain. 

HAYES WM. H. & CO., wholesale dry 
goods, 132 Water. 

Hayn G. C. F., clerk, 240 Superior, bds. 
johnton House. 

Havr James, painter, bds. Bennet House. 

HAYS JOHN, coal merchant, C. &. P. R. 
R. Pier. h. 18 Ontario. 

Hays Joseph, clerk, 148 Superior. 

Hays Kaufman, clerk, 228 Superior, h. cor- 
ner Cross and Kinsman. 

Hays Rolx;rt, moulder, bds. 49 Huntington. 

Hays Timothy, trader, h. 51 Hamilton. 

Haywood George, bds. 219 St. Clair. 

Hayward Geo. L., firm H. & Co., h. 104 St. 

Hayward Joseph, mill furnishing, h. 104 St. 

Hayward 0., foreman C. & E. R. R. carpen- 
ter shop, ii. 74 Erie. 

Hayward Wm. II., firm Sanford & H., h. 54 

HAYWARD & Co., mill furnishing, 38 

Hazen Alonzo, firm G. S. Gardner & Co., h. 
100 Hanover. 

Hazen A. M., firm G. S. Gardner & Co., h. 
34 Fulton. 

Hazen Francis M., ship carpenter, h. 70 

Hazle Richard G., blacksmith, h. 310 Erie. 

HAZLE ;MRS. R. G., grocery, corner Erie 
and Webster. 

Hazma Michael, laborer, 49 Cherry. 

Hazzard Hugh, builder, h. rear 112 Brownell. 

Headley Samuel, machinist, C. & E. R. R. 
bds. Wilson. 

Heafner George, laborer, 15 Girard. 

Heagen Andrew, laborer, 54 Hicks. 

Heal Henry, tailor, h. Monroe. 

Healard Wm., carpenter, h. 42 Bridge. 

HEARD CHARLES W., architect, 28 Eu- 
clid, corner Sheriff, h. 32 Euclid. , 

Heard John, sexton, h. 105 Bolivar. 

Hearnes C. M., sailor, h. 53 Taylor. 

Hearnes James G , sailor, bd?. 53 Taylor. 

Heams James, sailor, h, 122 West Main. 

Hearns Tliomas T., sailor, h. 122 West Main. 

Heartmiller Geo., boiler maker, h. 94 Jersey. 

Heath John, brass foundry, 15 Vineyard. 

Heath Timothy, gas inspector, h. 228 St. 

HEATON GROVE L., commission mer- 
chant, 34 River, h. 38 Cheshire. 

Heberlein Christian, laborer, 319 Garden. 

Heberlein John, laborer, 319 Garden. 

Hebler John, jjaper carrier, h. corner Swpe- 
rior and Perry. 

Hech John, laborer, 183 Croton. 

Hecht David, clerk. 

Heck Florian, carriage trimmer, h. Canal. 

Hecker Frederick, clerk, Custom House, h. 

7 Johns. 
Hecker Mrs. Mary, h. 221 Hamilton. 

Heckerman Ferdinand, laborer, 83 Monroe. 
is acknowledged to Ibe the best in the State. 



Heckerman Jacob, saloon, 131 Orange. 

Heckerman Moritz, saloon, 336 Pittsburgh. 

Hecking Anton, shoemaker, 186 Hamilton. 

Heckman Adam, tailor, h. 87 Monroe. 

HECKMAN LEWIS, manufiicturer fancy 
cakes and. confectionery, 194 Water, h. 
47 Ontario. 

Heckman Valentine, confectionery, 149 De- 

Heedy Michael, clerk, Weddell House, h. 7 

Heege Philip, policeman, h. 307 Pittsburgh. 

Heesen Rudolph, tailor, h. 424 St. Clair. 

Hefner William, engineer, h. 21 Carroll. 

Heffner Michael, tailor, h, 19 Chatham. 

Hefferen Patrick, laborer, 30 Spring. 

Hegarty Mary, widow of Conuell, h. 185 

Hege Mrs, widow of Christian, h. 113 Kins- 

Hege Mrs. Christine, h, 32 Granger. 

Hegling August, laborer, 216 Bridge. 

Heher Peter, blacksmith, C. & E. R. Shop. 

Held Jacob, barber, 189 St, Clair, bds. 191 
St. Clair. 

Heidebrink L., salesman, h. 16 Williams Al- 

Heideneker Lewis, peddler, h. 200 Pearl. 

Heiderf August, laborer, 24 Willet. 

Heift Jacob, tinner, bds. 229 Lorain. 

Heiger William, laborer, 34 Webster. 

Heil Conrad, grocerv, 238 Pearl. 

Heil Henry, tailor, 91 and 93 Pearl. 

Heil William, shoemaker, h. 236 Pearl. 

Heilderbrand Faldine, carpenter, h. 238 

Heiley John, engineer, h, 192 Lorain. 

Heilmau Henry, laborer, 62 Jersey. 

Heilman Henry, laborer, 71 Jersey. 

Heim Jacob, clerk, 162 Superior, h. 46 

Heiman Bernard, bds. 88 Taylor. 

Heimertinger John, meat market, 19 Union, 
h. corner Garden and Brownell. 

Heimlick Charles, blacksmith, h. 95 Fulton. 

Hein Martin, tailor, h. 76 Marion. 

Heimbuch John A. C, cap maker, h. 350 
St. Clair. 

Heine Anton, watch maker, 332 Pittsburgh. 

Heine Sebastian, painter, h. 12 Crockett. 

Heinlein Leonard, butcher, h. 164 Lorain, 

Heis Frederick, brass founder, h. 40 Belmont. 

Heiser Jacob, mason, h. 28 Cherry. 

HEISEL NICHOLAS, groceries and confec- 
tionery, 247 St. Clair. 

HETSLEY JOHN W., attorney, 150 Supe- 
rior, h. 154 Huron. 

Heisley William R., attorney, 150 Superior, 
h. 154 Huron. 

Heiss John, laborer, 13 Parkman. 

Heitsinger Joseph, laborer, Ohio. 

Heizel William carriage trimmer, h. 38 

Heller David, grocery, 241 Erie. 

Heller Ernst H., tailor, h. 108 Jersey. 

Heller Israel, bds. 241 Erie. 

Heller John, wagon maker, bds. 280 St. 

Heller Rosa, widow of Albert, h. 188 Green- 

Helibrand John, cabinet maker, h. 293 Lake. 

Hellenkamp Albert, melodeon maker, bds. 
128 Oregon. 

Helner Frederick, wagon maker, h. 40 Ran- 

Helsby Samuel, painter, h. 109 Cedar Ave- 

Hely Daniel, drayman, h., 139 Bridge. 

Hemelen John, blacksmith, south of Lorain, 
h. Columbus. 

Hemen Francis, carpenter, h. 33 Vine. 

Hemer Philip, laborer, 82 Irving. 

Hemerling John, shoemaker, 81 Garden, h. 
79 Garden. 

Hemil John, blacksmith, h. rear 38 Abbey. 

Hemiter John, clerk, Bradburn & Fisher, h. 

Henimer Charles, cooper, h. 77 Penn. 

Hemp Mrs. Christina, tailoreoS, h. 25 High. 

Hemphill Chas., machinist, bds. 114 Frank- 

Hempy Henry, turner, h. 39 Scoville Avenue. 

Hempy Henry M., firm Seaborn & H., h. 
98 Brownell. 

Hemrich John, grocer, 50 Muirson, h. 52 

Henderson Henry, superintendent Lake Erie 
Paper Mill, h."l48 Forest. 

Henderson Rev. H. P. h. 661 St. Clair. 

Plenderson John, tailor, h. 39 Burwell. 

Henderson Michael, (colored) barber, h. 5 

Henderson R. W., firm Oliver & H , h. 21 

Henderson Thomas, carpenter, h. 143 Or- 

Henderson William, (colored) barber, h. 73 

Hendricks Henry, carpenter, h. 140 Orange. 

Hendricks William, h. 176 Hamilton. 

Hendrickson Charles, salesman, 134 Water. 

Hendrickson John, engineer, h. 178 Hamil- 

Hendrickson 0. W., machinist, h. 315 Frank- 

Hendrickson S. W. machinist, h. 45 Bank. 

Hendrix Henry, laborer, 121 York. 

Hendrix Lucius, railroad conductor, h 58 

Hendrix Sidney E., carpenter, h. 34 High. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 139 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 



Hendryx Theodore, engineer, bds. Hamilton. 
Hendryx Zenas R, machinist, h. 61 Whit- 
Hendley Joseph, book binder, h. 67 Cedar 

Hendy William, laborer, 16 Grove. 
Henery Mrs., widow ot James, w;xsherwoman, 

h. rear 44 I'>olivar. 
Henger A., blacksmith, 359 Kinsman. 
Heiiies Adam, laborer, h. 12 East Liberty. 
Henlino Micliael, clerk, Joluison Mouse. 
Henn p]dward, mason, bds. 1(W Water. 
Ileimich Tnomas, laborer, 42(1 Pittsburgh. 
Honrieks Henry, laborer, 180 Hamilton. 
Henricks John, engineer, h. 178 Hamilton. 
Henry Figge, clerk, Bratcnahl Brothers. 
Henry Fruieehtel, grocery, h. 323 Loi-ain. 
Henr}' James, cabinet maker, h. rear 63 

Henry Martin, grocer, 26 River, h. 100 

Henry Michael, carpenter, h. corner West 

River and Elm. 
Henry W^ni., carpenter, h. 13 Croton. 
Henry William H., laborer, 58 Fulton. 
Henry William R., h. 81 Public Square. 
Henry Mrs. washerwoman, h. rear 365 St. 

HENSCH HUGO, druggist and apothecary, 

44 Public Square, h. 79 Michigan. 
Hensey John, tailor, h. 198 Hamilton, 
Hepas Herman, carpenter, h. 221 Bridge. 
Hepas William, laborer, boards 101 Clifton. 
Hepburn Harmon, h. 23 Walnut. 
Hepley Andrew, grocery, 230 Orange. 
Heppler destine, h. 52 Abbey. 
Heppler Henry, tailor, h. 13 Delaware. 
Heppy Tobias, shoemaker, h. 20 Garden. 
Herbers John B., shoes, 191 Lorain, 
Herbert Clinton D., moulder, h. rear 23 

Herbert Edward, h. 57 Vermont. 
Herbesger Francis, shoemaker, h. 44 Muir- 

HerbolsheimerMrs. Clementine, piano teach- 
er, h. 282 Pittsburgh. 
Herbolsheimer Francis A., druggist, h. 282 
Herbst George, cooper, h. 118 York. 

Herdman John, laborer, 19 Hicks. 
Herdmau J. teller, 62 Public Square, bds. 

103 Lake. 
HERDMAN J. & CO., bankers, 62 Public 

Square", h. corner Ontario and Lake. 
Heritick Thomas, waiter, h. 4 California. 
Herkerrner John, airver, h. 110 Prospect. 
Herkison S., laborer, bds. 823 St. Clair. 
Herling Jacob, carpenter, h. 394 St. Clair, 
liermon Henry, drayman, h. 5 Root's Alley. 
Herman H., carpenter, h. 221 Bridge. 

W. C. NORTH'S Photograph and 

Herman John, lal)orer, 77 Hamilton. 

Herman Michael, laborer, 193 Orange. 

Hermann Joseph, shoemaker, h. 160 River. 

Hermann Thomas, peddler, h. rear 168 

Hermean I^ewis, brewer, h. 102 Tracy. 

Hern Patrick, laborer, 25 Division. 

Merrick Austin, engineer, C. P. & A. R. R , 
b<ls. 126 Hamilton. 

Herrick G. E., firm H. & Barlow, bds. An- 
gler House. 

Herrick Henry J., medical student, bds. 56 

Herrick John, carpenter, h. 150 Kinsman. 

Herrick Thomas, laborer, h. 31 Michigan. 

HERRICK & i3ARL0W, attorneys, 139 

Herrington Capt. Han-ey, sailor, h. 39 Smith. 

Herrington N. S., miller, h. Heights. 

Herrington William, sailor, h. 18 West Main. 

HeiTuian T. L., ale i>eddler. h. 102 Tracy. 

Hers'?h Fred., carpenter, h. 46 Mechanics. 

Herst Henry, drayman, h. 42 Webster. 

Herwing Henrj', cutter, 180 Su[ierior, h. 44 

Hervey J. B., firm Greeman «& Co., bds. 
Wcddell House. 

Heschmen Mrs. Catharine, h. 71 Oregon. 

Hess diaries, printer, h. Harman. 

Hess John, grocer,. corner Cross and Orange, 
h. 9 Scoville. 

Hess Louis, carpenter, h. 69 Harbor. 

Hess Matthew, laborer, 1) Scoville Avenue. 

Hesse David, cabinet maker, h. 44 Bolivar. 

of the peace, 90 Superior, h. 33 Huron. 

Hesser Louis, cociper, h. rear 68 Monroe. 

Hettish Andrew, clock maker, h. 36 Scoville 

Heveran Peter, laborer, 65 East Main. 

Hewett Edward, laljoier, 79 Scott. 

HEWITT & COMSTOCK, sugar cured 
hams and dried beef, 60 Merwin. 

Hewitt David, fireman, h. 370 St. Clair. 

Hewitt George, conductor C. C. & C. R. R., 
h. 3U Academy. 

Hewitt I-aac L., firn^ II. & Comstock, b. 49 

Hewitt James, fireman, lids. 370 St. Clair. 

Hewitt John, brakeman, h. 77 Water. 

Hewson John, tailor, h. 156 Garden. 

Hey Erhart, grocery, 1<17 Lorain. 

lleydler (iottlieb, wood turner, and musician, 
65 Frankfort. 

Hibbard William B., telegraph operator, de- 
pot, bd.s, 17 Johnson. 

Hibson Charles, marble cutter, h. 3 Eagle. 

I Hichman Morris, stone mason, h. 34 Bur- 
I Hick Charles, cabinet maker, h. 88 Ohio. 

Fine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 



Hick Frank, wood sawj^er, h. Canal. 

Hick John, blacksmith, h. 156 Cedar Ave- 

Hickey David, blacksmith, h. 25 Cham- 

Hickethier Alexander, laborer, 125 Phelps. 

Hickia Edward, laborer, 281 Hamilton. 

Hickox Charles, bookeeper, bds. 70 Bank. 

Hickox Charles, firm C. H. & Co., h. 273 

HICKOX CHARLES & CO., marine mills, 

Hickox E. Y., clerk, 62 Vineyard, h. Will- 
son Avenue, near Kinsman. 

Hickox Lester L., salesman, 141 Water, h. 
17 Oak Place. 

Hicks A. G., plane manufacturer, h. 53 

Hicks Mrs. Caroline, (colored) h. 13 Oregon. 

Hicks George B., agent N. Y. Associate 
Press, h. 183 Kinsman. 

Hicks William, (colored) barber, h. 62 Boli- 

Hiene Paul, painter, 175 Ontario. 

Hieman Louis, tailor, 122 Bank. 

Heiss Frederick, locksmith, h. 40 Belmont. 

Hifle Nicholas, shoemaker, h. 109 Laurel. 

Higby Hannah E., compositor, Ohio Farmer, 
bds. 83 Water. 

Higby Levi, carpenter, h. 27 Clinton. 

Higgins Daniel, laborer, West River. 

Higgens Patrick, laborer, 53 West Main. 

Higgins Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of John, h. 52 

Higgin John, wood sawyer, h. 21 Erie. 

Higgins Cornelius, laborer, rear Franklin. 

Higgins Daniel, yardman, Angier House, 

Higgins Ellen, m. d., Cleveland Water Cure. 

Higgins James,saloon, 6 West Main. 

Higgins Morris, laborer, 77 Franklin. 

Higgins Morris, laborer, 455 West River. 

Higgins Patrick, laborer, 14 Summit Alley, 

Higgins Peter, watchman, R. R, depot, h. 
474 Hamilton. 

Higgins Thomas, painter, bds, 52 McLean. 

Higgins T, J., telegraph operator, bds. 17 

Highland Mary, widow of Michael, h, 12 Di- 

Hight Thomas M., gent., h. 211 Detroit. 

Higley Martin, tress hoop maker, 30 East 
Center, h. 9 York, 

Hilbert Leonard, laborer, 350 Lake. 

Hilberar, Richard, shoemaker, h. 149 Or- 

Hilburt George, engineer, C. C, & C. R. R., 
h. 39 Jay. 

Hildebrand Jacob, clerk, 76 River, h. 220 
St. Clair. 

Hilderbrand John H,, h. 108 Greenwood. 

HILL CHRISTOPER E., m. d.. 36 Pearl. 
Hill Frederick H., druggist, 12 Garden. 
Hill Henry, gardener, h, 285 Hamilton. 
Hill Henry, h. allej^, between Chatham and 

HILL JAMES, wines, liquors, &c., 198 

Bank, h. 21 Oak Place. 
Hill John, harness maker, 98 Superior. 
Hill John, shoemaker, h. 46 Burwell. 
HILL JONAH P., grocery and furniture, 

170, 172 and 174 Seneca, h. south end Me- 
Hill Rev. Moses, presiding elder Cleveland 

District, h. 236 St. Clair. 
Hill Stephen, carpenter, h. 65 Oregon. 
Hill Thomas 0., banker, h. 25 Euclid. 
Hill William, paper maker, h. 154 Croton. 
Hilliard Ambrose, bird cage maker, h. 38 

Jackson, corner Floyd. 
Hilliard Newton H., firm H. & Lash, h. 13 

HiUiard Michael, plasterer, h. 23 Superior 

Hilliard Richard, h. 62 Ontario. 
HILLIARD & LASH, commission mer- 
chants and vinegar manufacturers, 78 

HILLS ADDISON, general freight agent, 

C. C. & C. and C. & E. R. R., h. 61 Lake. 
Hills Charles A., joiner, 93 Kinsman. 
Hills Lucien, chief clerk, C. C. & C. and C. E. 

R. R. freight office, h. 55 Wood. 
Hills Nathan C, groceries and produce, 124 

Ontario, h. 217 Pittsburgh. 
Hills Samuel, painting, 129 Harbor. 
Hilsder Joseph, laborer 44 Mayflower. 
Hinebaugh, Daniel, carpenter, h. 147 

Himebaugh Jacob, carpenter, h. 253 Hudson. 
Himelman John, laborer, rear 412 Perry. * 
Himmelman George, blind maker, h. 148 

Himerdinger John, butcher, 10 Garden. 
Himer Albert, machinist, h. Heights. 
Hinde Thomas, laborer, 6 Grove. 
Hines Michael laborer, 380 West River. 
Hines Thomas, laborer, Leonard. 
Hinger Andrew, blacksmith, 359 Kinsman, 
Hinkley E., sculptor, bds. Bennet House. 
Hinman Mrs. A., h. 182 Clinton. 
Hinman Frank H., deputv clerk, bds. 195 

St. Clair. 
Hinright Patrick, laborer, 18 Carroll. 
Hinsdale Charles C, firm Dewey & Co., h. 

88 BrowneU. 
Hipher, Mrs. Anna, milliner, h. 7 Garden. 
Hippler, Charles, saloon, 100 Superior. 
Hippler W., tinsmith, h. 133 Lawrence, 
Hipps Geo., sailor, bds. 84 Hicks. 
Hirsch Baldwin, barber, bds. Michigan. 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph, in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



Hirt Jacob, carpenter, h. 75 Phelps. 

Hirt John, blacksmith, 87 Kinsman, h. Ce- 
dar Avenue. 

Hirt Matthias, blacksmith, h. 112 York. 

His J., shoemaker, h. 22 Alabama. 

Hitch Thomas, carriat;e driver, h. lOG Ohio. 

Hitchcock H. G., firm Woolson H. & Co., h. 
128 St. Clair. 

HITCHCOCK REUBEN, attorney 10 At- 
watcr Block, h. Painesville. 

Hitz F. H., machinist, h. 27 Vine. 

Hoadlev Mary A., widow of George, h. 97 

HOADLEY THOMAS, patent right retort 
factory and superintendent gas works, 
34 Bath, h. 12 Lake. 

Hoag James, carpenter, bds. 315 Washington. 

Hoag James, drayman, h. 430 St. Clair. 

HoagRachael, widow, h. 315 Washington. 

Hoag Charles, mason, 16 Blair. 

Hoban Michael, laborer, foot Water. 

Hobart Donelly, h. 39 Cedar Avenue. 

Hobart Ruel, bds. 39 Cedar Avenue. 

Hobbs Caleb, clerk C. & E. R. R., h. 36 Hun- 

Hobbs George H., engineer, h. 79 Hanover. 

Hobbs T. J. imttern maker, h. 32 Sibley. 

Hobeck George shoemaker, h. 267 St. Clair. 

Hoben Charles, laborer, foot Water. 

Hoben David, laborer, foot Water. 

Hoben Thomas, saloon, 76 Water. 

Hoben Thomas, laborer, foot Water. 

Hober Charles, grocery, 64 Parkman. 

Hobron W. F., book keeper, h. 79 Cedar 

Hoce Andrew, undertaker, h. 122 Pearl. 

Hocke John B., wholesale liquors, 48 Mer- 
win, h. 29 Bank, 

Hocker Frederick, book-binder, h. 221 Ham- 

Hooker John, book-binder, h. 221 Plamilton. 

Hockey John P., rectifier, h. 29 Bank. 

Hockey Powell, rectifier, h. 29 Bank. 

Hockins Denis W., baker, Ontario, h. 15 

HOCK ST ATT CHAS., butcher, 97 Lorain, 
bds. Pearl. 

Hocum Jason, sailor, 452 Detroit. 

Hodel John, carpenter, h. 93 Lyman. 

Hodges Caroline, widow of Perry, h. 697 
St.' Clair. 

Hodgson Joseph, stone cutter, h. 172 Ohio. 

Hodnett William, tailor, corner Pearl and 
Detroit, Ixls. Hanover. 

Hodson John. I\Iason, h. Laurel, between 
Greenwood and Hudson. 

Hodson John, carpenter, h. 45 Root. 

Hodson John, carpenter, li. 52 Root. 

Hodtac M., laborer, 2 John.s 

Hoehn John, painter, h. 9 Scoville Avenue 

Hoeibrink Loie, clothing, h. 16 Willioms 

Hofacker Lawrence, wheelwright, h. 30 

Hofard Jacob, shoemaker, 364 Lorain, bds, 
380 Lorain. 

Hoffman Mrs. Anna, widow of George, h. 92 

Hoffman Chauncey, mason, h. 97 Orange. 

lloifman Daniel, carriage maker, 52 Mich- 

Hoffman Frank, cooper. 

Hoffman Frederick wagon and carriage ma- 
ker, h. rear 1U3 Detroit. 

Hoflman Frederick, laborer, 60 Webster. 

Hoffman Frederick, painter, bds. 175 Ontario, 

Hoffman Erederick, carpenter, h. 182 Or- 

Hoffman George, wagon maker, h. 207 Lo- 

Hoffman Henry, picture frame makpr, h. 37 

Hoffman Henry, miller, City Mills, h. Green- 

Hoffman Henry C, mason, h. 71 Dodge. 

Hoffman J., brick layer, h. 2 Johns. 

Hoffman Jacob, blacksmith, 52 Michigan. 

Hoffman Jacob, car^ienter, h. 63 Webster. 

Hoffman John, laborer, h. 55 Webster. 

Hoffman John, teamster, h. 4 .John. 

Hoftman John* A., plasterer, bds 299 Perry. 

Hoffman J. A., grocery, corner Jackson and 

Hoffman Margaret, widow of Peter, h. 144 

Hoffman Paul, shoemaker, 185 Columbus. 

Hoffman Peter, vamisher, h. 62 Weteter. 

Hoffman Peter, laborer, 59 Weteter. 

Hoffman William, plasterer, 299 h. Perry. 

Hoffmeyer Henry, laborer, 91 Greenwood, 

Hofrigder Joseph, tinsmith, 323 St. Clair. 

Hogan Dennis, American Express, h, 17 
York Alley. 

Hogan .John, shoemaker, h. 12 California. 

Hogan John, tinner, bds. 15 Hickox. 

Hogan Sarah C, widow of Josejih, h. 60 

Hogan Sylvester, watchmaker, 127 Superior, 
bds. St. Clair. 

Hogan William H., clerk, P. 0., bds. 60 On- 

Hogendobler Andrew, foreman, Dewey & 
Co.'s, h. 10 Bridge. 

Hogh Josejih, boarding house, 78 Water. 

llogle Sidney S., bds. 307 Perry. 

Hohn Henry W., freight conductor, h. 71 

Holbert Andrew, veterinary surgeon, 84 

Champlain, h. 61 Harrison. 
Holbrook R. W., machinist, h. 41 Walnut 

or Ambrotype, should not fail to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 



Hole Herman, blacksmith, bds. 103 Detroit 
HoJcwarth Jacob, saloon, 4 Root's Alley. 

Holden James, shoemaker, h. 145 Green- 

Holden James, laborer, bds. 50 Lyman. 

Holden Mary, widow Thomas, h. 50 Ly- 

Holden Sidney S., deputy sheriff, h. 427 St. 

Holden Charles, tailor, 70 Bank. 

Holder Jacob, laborer, 66 West Centre. 

Holkins Elijah S,, jsattern maker, h. 25 

Hollara Patrick, laborer, foot Summit Alley. 

Holland John, laborer, bds. 57 Lamartine. 

Holland Justin, (colored) music teacher, h. 
274 Perry. 

Holland Thomas, laborer, 93 Hamilton. 

Holland Mr., carpenter, h. 31 Greenwood. 

Holle Lop, drayman, h. 144 Kinsman. 

Hollenbeck John, h. 49 Church. 

Holley James, joiner, h. 229 Perry. 

Holliday David, laborer. 

HoUister William H., h. Collamer, 

Holloway W. F., clerk and operator, C. & P. 
R. R., bds. corner Huron and Middle. 

Holly Melina, widow of William, h. 65 On- 

Holly Morris, clerk, h. 10 Miami. 

Holmes Alfred, file cutter, h. 204 Pearl. 

Holmes Amos F., painter and paper hanger, 
h. 75 Muirson. 

Holmes Julia, widow of Philip, h. 18 Mi- 
ami Alley. 

Holmes Mrs. Lvdia, widow of Falzendorf, 
bds. 43 Church. 

Holmes Robert, firm H. & Carter, bds. City 

Holmes Thomas, machinist, h. 32 Prospect. 

HOLMES & CARTER, iron railing, 17 and 
19 Virfej'ard. 

Hol&lowti Henry, laborer, 101 Clifton. 

HolstjKodolph, saloon, 108 Kinsman. 

Hol^Piithony, shoemaker, h. 22 Lvman. 

Ho]^. J., firm H. & Oviatt, h. 344 Pros- 

Holt Dennis, machinist, h. 19 York. 

Holt Francis, firm Weatherhead & H., h. 

Holt Jeremiah, firm J. H. & Co., h. East 

Holt J. M., carpenter, bds. 63 Water. 
Holt James P., wool grader, 107 Bank, h. 118 

Holt John P., firm J. P. H. & Co., h. 19 

HOLT J. & CO., lumber dealers, 133 Mer- 

HOLT JOHN P. & CO., machinists, 45 
West, comer Vineyard. 

HOLT & OVIATT, produce commission 
merchants, 45, 47 and 49 Merwin. 

Holtsbarger Catharine, widow of^Charles, h. 
103 Leonard. 

Holtzing Henry, baggage master, C. C, & C. 
R. R. Depot, ii. 61 Mechanics. 

Holtz John, private watchman, h. 44 Green. 

Holtz William, laborer, 54 Grove. 

Holwaker Louis, tailor, bds 21 Frankfort. 

Homald Sebastian, laborer, 395 Perry. 

Homan George William, wood sawyer, h. 28 

Homan Frederick, laborer, rear 410 Perry. 

Home Sewing Machines, 178 Superior. 

Plomel George, laborer, 221 Pearl. 

Homer Lorain, h. rear 84 West Centre. 

Honeywell Ezra, sailor, h. 24 Detroit. 

Honeywell John, machinist, h. 158 Lorain. 

Honeywell Mary, widow of John, h. 240 

Hoober John, butcher, bds. corner Perry and 
Cedar Avenue. 

Hoof Jacob,, shoemaker, h. Hamilton. 

Hoof Peter, brick maker, h. 16 Mill. 

Hoofman Henry, scroll sawyer, h. 37 Bel- 

Hoolits Charles, tailor, h. 38 Kinsman. 

Hoon E. A., h. 19 Hickox. 

Hooper Henrj', wagon maker, h. 52 Orange. 

Hooper J P. saloon, 14 East Center. 

Hoover Robert, porter, 83 Euclid. 

Hopfman Isaac, butcher and hide dealer, 235 

Hopkiuger John, tailor, h. 15 Parkman. 

Hopkins E. A., gold pen manufacturer, 197 
Superior, bds, 47 Eagle. 

Hopkins James E., engraving, 197 Superior, 
h, 47 Eagle. 

Hopkins Jerome I., accountant, 28 River, 
bds 48 Bank. 

Hopkins 0. J., student, bds. 114 Pittsburgh. 

HOPKINS R. C, M. D., drugs and medi- 
cines, 62 Euclid, h. 115 Huron. 

Hopkins Samuel, sewing machines, 236 Su- 
perior, h. 169 Lake. 

Hopkins Sheldon, joiner, h. 116 Brownell. 

Hopkinson Alanson, principal branch high 
school, h. 265 Franklin. 

Hoplev Miss, teacher music and painting, 
bds."' 60 Euclid. 

Hojjp Morris, grocery, 160 Garden. 

Hopp Peter, turner, h. 162 Cedar Avenue. 

Hopper John, tinner, 216 Superior, bds. 
12 Garden. 

Hopper William G., tinner, h. 132 Orange. 

Hopusch, Samuel, shoemaker, bds. 23 Croton. 

Horan James, waiter, Angier House. 
Horan John, lake captain, h 84 Hicks. 
Horan Mary, widow of Charles, h. 199 

Deodorised Coal, manufactured by LAW & NORTH, 



Horan ^lartin, laborer, rear 19 Vineyard. 

Horen John, sailor, bds. Do Spruce. 

Horn Chtnies, grocery, 893 Superior. 

Horn Christian, laborer, 37 St. Clair. 

Horn John, wood sawyer, h. 33 East Liber- 

Hornby Frederick, clork, bds. Orange. 

Home William H., tailor, h. 20 Hickox. 

Horning Conrad, butcher, h. 24 lielmont. 

Horner John, whitewasher, h. 19 Sibley. 

Horobin Tliomas H., barber, 44 Superior. 

Horuica Henry, laborer, Mui1»erry. 

Horrigan James, laborer, 39 Superior Ave- 

Horth James 0., shoe cutter, 174 Superior, 
h. 55 Bank. 

Horton Burritt W., firm Alcott & H., h. 126 

HOKTON DAVID, Union Ticket Office, 
147 Superior, h. 354 Prospect 

Horton E. R., omnibus agent, 147 Superior, 
bds. "Weddell House. 

Horton Thomas, blacksmith, h. 106 Laurel. 

HORTON WILLIAM P., dentist, corner 
Euclid and Public Square, h. 230 Scoville 

Horwell Ricliard, blacksmith, 72 Michigan, 
h. Greenwood. 

Hoskins Samuel 0., gas fitter, h. 28 Ward. 

Hoskins Wilbur H , clerk, 144 Water, h. 
115 Kinsman. 

Hosmer Jacob, paper mill, h. 11 Irving. 

Hosmer Joseph, upholsterer, 189 Superior, 
h. corner Orange and Irving. 

HOTEL DE L'EUROPE, 206 St. Clair. 

Houck Andrew, finisher, Cuvahoga furnace, 
h 20 Brai))ard. 

HOUCK ANDREW S., watch maker, 125 
Bank, bds. 58 Huron. 

Houck Jacob, h. 36 Parkman. 

Houck Jacob J., flour store, 118 Kinsman, h, 
139 Scoville. 

Houck John, gardener, h, 139 Scoville Ave- 

Houck Mary, h. 36 Parkman. 

Houck Michael, laborer, old river bed. 

Houck Philip, C. & P. R. R. depot, h. 65 

Hough A. B., clerk, C. C. & C. R. R. freight 
office, h. 11 Sheriif, 

Hough H. A., joiner, h. 11 Sheriff. 

Hough Joseph T., clerk, Great Western De- 
spatch, bds. 11 Sheriff. 

Haupth Charles, shoemaker, h. 109 Hamil- 

House Alvin, brakeman, h. 77 Water. 

House Mark W., machinist, h. 49 Tracy. 

House Martin, foreman. Ransom, Cobb & 
Co.'s, h. 61 Bridge. 

House Mary M., boarding house, 116 York. 

is acknowledged to be 

Houser Adam, marble polisher, h. 152 Gai- 

Ilousmann Adam, tinner, h. rear 47 Scoville. 

HOUTZ HENRY, physician, 45 Hunting- 

lloverleicher John, stone mason, h. 162 Cro- 

Hovey Frederick, firm Bingham & H., h. 
50 Wilson. 

HOVEY IIIAL D., coal dealer, 99 Merwin, 
h. 556 Kinsman. 

Hovey Jacob, master machinist, C. & P. R. 
R., h. 391 Lake. 

Hovey Philatus, carpenter and joiner, h. 80 
St. Clair. 

HOVEY & BINGHAM, attorneys, 121 Su- 

How Joseph, expressman, h 265 Garden. 

Howald George, shoemaker, h. 166 Hamilton 

Howard Aaron, (colored) whitewasher, h. Sec- 
ond Alley. 

Howard Asa D., gent , b. 20 Ontario. 

Howard Edward A., sailor, h. 34 Prospect 

Howard E. D., book keeper, Jackson Iron 
Company, h. 54 Courtlandt. 

Howard Henry, speculator, h. 40 Wood. 

Howard John, (colored) waiter, Angier 

Howard J. W., sailor, h. 62 Scott 

Howden George, engineer M. R. R,, h. Irving, 
near Orange. 

Howe Allen, bds. 84 Kentucky. 

Howe Amos, laborer, 79 Scott. 

Howe Benjamin F., brakesman, bds. 40 

Howe Dennis, h. 199 Bridge. 

Howe Francis, gardener, h. 134 Cedar Av- 

Howe Geo. W., firm Hubby & H., h 111 

Howe Henrv E., firm H. E. H. & Co., bds. 
83 Public Square. 

HOWE H. E. & CO., ship chandlers, 117 

Howe James, laborer, bds. 77 St. Clair. ■, 

Howe Margaret, widow of Capt D., h. 137 
St. Clair. 

Howe Mrs. Mary, widow of Charles, h. 199 

Howe Matthew, firm H. «fe Williard, bds. 31 

Howe Wra., tanner, bds. 97 St Clair. 

Howe William A., gilder, h. 46 Ontario. 

Howe William C, book keeper, 117 River, 
bds. 68 ^^^1ter. 

Howe & Willard, ship and boat painters, 27 
West Main. 

Howcl James, car oiler, C. & E. R. R. 

Howell Charles, mowing machines, 68 Su- 
perior, bds. Weddell House. 

the best in the State. 



llowell Jacob, bds. 38 Prospect. 

Howell John, laborer, 194 Franklin. 

Howell Richard, blacksmith, h. 50 Green- 

HOWER JEREMIAH M., produce commis- 
sion, 52 Merwin, h. 102 Prospect. 

HOWLAND JAMES, midertaker, 72 Bank, 
li. 74 Bank. 

Howland Luman J., conductor, h. 223 
Muuirson and Lake. 

Hewlett George, sign painter, 9 Vineyard, h. 

Howton William, R. R. Depot, h. 37 Acad- 

Hoy James, bds. 92 Euclid. 

Hoyar Hendrick, gardener, h. 112 Court- 

Hoyle George, laborer, rear 169 Hamilton. 

Hoyle Joseph, painter, h. 190 Erie. 

Hoyt Dr. Daniel 0., physician and surgeon, 
228 Columbus. 

Hoyt F. W., teller, E. B. Halo's, bds. 343 

Hoyt George, printer, Plain Dealer, bds. 343 

Hoyt Henry, book keeper, E. B. Hale's, bds. 
343 Perry. 

HOYT JAMES M., h. 72 Huron. 

Hoyt John, firm Younglove & H,, h. 243 

Hoyt J. N., clerk Post Office, bds 243 Pitts- 

Hoyt Mrs., widow of Sylvester N., h. 343 

Hubbard Heman, painter, h. 43 Chestnut. 

Hubbard Mrs., widow of John, h. 07 Pros- 

Hubbard , h. 70 Muirson. 

HUCK ALBERT, shoes, 12 Public Square, 
h. 47 Dodge. 

Hubbell Augustus, painter, h. 57 Vermont, 

Hubbv Leander M., firm H., Hughes & Co., 
h. 116 Lake. 

HUBBY, HUGHES & CO, forwarding and 
commission merchants, 19 River. 

HUBBY & HOWE, miUer-s 59 Merwin. 

Huber Conrad, laborer, rear 19 Willet. 

Huber Frank, h. 48 York. 

Huber George, porter, 141 Water, bds. 206 
St Clair. 

Hubert Madame L., dress maker, 216 St.CIair. 

Huddleson Charles, conductor, C. C. & C. R. 
R., bds. 60 Euclid. 

Huddleson Captain Richard, h. 93 Turnpike. 

Hudson Asa, boat builder, h. 173 Pearl, 

Hudson Daniel D., carriage driver, h. 55 

Hudson Edward, confectioner, h. 24 Seneca. 

Hudson George, grocer, 214 Superior. 

Hudson George E., baker, h. 24 Seneca. 

Hudson Mrs Jane, widow of James, h. 33 

Pittsburgh Continued. 
Hudson L. D. clerk, bds 17, Johnson. 
Hudson Obadiah, brakeman, h. 142 Cham- 
Hudson Robert H., mercantile agency, At- 

water Block, h. 126 Erie, 
Hudson William, maltster, h. 87 Champlain. 
Hues William, (colored) cook, Angier House. 
Hueston William, sailor, bds. 153 West 

HUETT, BURGERT & CO., wholesale 

boots and shoes, 125 Water. 
Huff Frank, laborer, York. 
HufFerman Mrs., widow, h. 26 Hanover. 
Huffman John, blacksmith, C. & E. R. R. 

machine shop. 
Hug Andrew, baker, 107 Lyman. 
Hugill Mrs. Sarah, h. 29 Mill. 
Hughes Arthur, firm Hubby, H. & Co., bds. 

124 Water. 
Hughes Hazen, brewer, h. 99 Pearl. 
Hughes James, h. 7 Webster. 
Hughes Jared, (colored) segar maker, h. 57 

Hughes John, firm Hughes & Brother, bds. 

191 Detroit. 
HUGHES JOHN M., brewery, 15 West, 

bds. 124 Water. 
Hughes Michael, fireman, h. Michigan. 
Hughes Rosaima, widow of Thomas, h. 373 

St. Clair. 
Hughes Terrance, firm Hughes & Brother, 

bds. Franklin House. 
Hughes & Brother, butchers, 196 Detroit. 
Hugunin R. B., civil engineer, C. & T. R. 

R., bds 28 Sheriff. 
Hugo Edward, marble polisher, h. Walnut, 
Hugo John, shoemaker, 164 River. 
Hugo John, laborer, 161 Oregon. 
Hulburt Orrin moulder, h. 99 Hanover, 
Huletz Charles, cutter, h. Kinsman. 
Hull S. D., h. 13 Middle. 
Hume George, clerk, bds. 20 Rockwell. 
Hume William A., lecturer, bds. 203 De- 
HUMISTON R. F., proprietor Cleveland 

Institute, Universit}' Heights. 
Hummer George, omnibus driver, bds. 32 

Hummeston Arthur, tinner, 82 Bank. 
Humphrey George, brakeman, C. & E. R. 

R., bds. 276 Lake. 
Humphrey John P., boot crimping, h. 224 

St. Clair. 
Huncly Charles, saloon, h. 71 Parkman. 
Huneng Charles H., cigar manufacturer, h. 

West Centre. 
Hunston Joseph, drayman, h. 13 Johnson. 
Hunt Adam, carpenter, h. 34 Webster. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario St., Cleveland, O. 



Hunt Cornelius, carpenter, h. Long. 

Hunt Edward, fireman, C. & E. R. R. 

Hunt prrin, gardener, h. 47 Burch. 

Hunt Reuben G., attorney, 119 Detroit, bds. 
32 Pearl. 

Hunt William G., gilder, h. 937 Superior, 

Hunter Alexander, clerk, 185 Superior, h. 
10 Miami. 

Hunter A. D., book keeper, h. corner Onta- 
rio and Lake. 

HUNTER EDMOXD, physician and sur- 

, geon, 40 Public Square, bds. 124 Cham- 

Hunter Francis, driver, bds. 110 River. 

Hunter John, coal, C. & P. R. R. Pier, h. 40 

Hunter William, superintendent of supplies. 
Union Telegraph Company, h. 441 St. 

Hunting William, laborer, bds. 65 Jersey. 

Huntington Alfred S., book keeper, 43 River, 
bds. Weddell House. 

Huntington A. C. A., book keeper, bds. John- 
son House. 

Huntington James, flour and feed, 106 Pub- 
lic Square, h. 46 Hamilton. 

Himtington John, slater, h. 81 Cedar Ave- 

Huntington Olivar E., druggist, h. 113 Pros- 

Huntington W. H , cashier, Gordon, McMil- 
lan & Co., h. 2y2 Superior. 

Huntington W. S., book keeper, 135 Water, 
bds. 292 Superior. 

HUNTINGTON & BROOKS, importers, 
and wholesale dealers in crockery and 
queen's ware, 138 Water. 

Huntley Sidney, carpenter, h. 9 Academy. 

Huntoon Luman, captain, h. 38 Herman. 

Hurd H(ipson, jr., firm Babcock & H., h. 206 

Hurd Samuel C, builder, h. 117 Orange. 

HURLBURT A. W., carriages, 201 Ontario, 
h. 137 Prospect. 

Hurlburt Clinton, moulder, h. 81 Fulton. 

Hurlburt David, drayman, h. 216 Pittsburgh. 

Hurburt Mrs. Eunice, h. 118 Lake. 

Hulrburt F. S., clerk, 240 Superior, bds. 60 

Hurburt George, R R. engineer, h. 39 Jay. 

Hurlbut H. A., lumber dealer, corner Center 
and Merwin, h. 150 Euclid. 

Hurlbut H. B., cashier Bank of Commerce, 
h. 325 Euclid. 

Hurlburt Rev. R. H., pastor, h. 281 Erie. 

Hurlburt Smith, moulder, h. 171 Clinton. 

Hurlebaus Frederick, cabinet maker, bds 6 
Frankfort. | 

Hurst Ernst H., carpenter, h. 72 Penn. 

Hurst Henry, sawyer, h. 144 Columbus. ' 
Wm. C. NOETH'S Photograph and 

Hurt ^lartin, grave digger, h. 47 Irving. 

Husband J. J., architect, 14 Northrup & 
Sjiangler's Block, bds. Angiei House. 

Huskins William, salesman, bds. 115 Kins- 

Hussey Joseph G., firm H. & McBride, h. 
304 Prospect. 

Hussey Philip, tinware, 813 St. Clair. 

Hussev Richard, acting infirmary director, h. 
16 Ohio. 

HUSSEY & CO., dealers in coal and ceke, 
C. &. P. R. R. Pier. 

HUSSEY & McBRIDE, forwarding and 
commission merchants, and agents Lake 
Superior line steamers and ijropellers, 129 

Huston Ely, builder, h. 26 Orange. 

Huston John B., spikes rivets and bolts, 
Lake Shore, west of C. P, & A. R. R. 

Hutchings J. L., boiler maker, h. 59 Carroll. 

Hutchiiigs Susan, widow of Benjamin R., h. 
361 St. Clair. 

Hutchins Ezra R., clerk C. & T. R. R., bds. 
43 Hamilton. 

Hutchins H. A., salesman, 137 Water. 

Hutchins John, teamster, h. 210 Hamilton. 

Hutchins John, jr., fireman, bds. 210 Ham- 

Hutchins Lewis, fireman. C. & E. R. R. 

Hutchins Samuel, gardener, h. 242 Perry. 

Hutchins William, engineer, h. 279 Ham- 

HUTCHINSON B.M.,m. d., h. 23 Bolivar. 

Hutchinson Priscilla, widow of Edwin, h. 
Belden's Court. 

Hutesinger Josejih, laborer, 108 Ohio. 

Huth John G., last maker, h. 10 Academy. 

Hutton Margaret, widow of William, h. rear 
101 Fulton. 

Hutton ^I. Y., pump maker, bds. 57 Clinton. 

Hutton AValter M., pumjis, »&c., 68 Vineyard, 
h. 57 Clinton. 

Hyans Michael, laborer. West River. 

Hyde Addison, edge tool maker, h. 18 Car- 

Hyde Gustavus A. engineer Gas Co., h. 20 

Hyde Rodney, laborer, bds. 9 Pearl. 

Hyle Henry, laborer, 119 Monroe. 

Hyman Fred., laborer, 199 Lorain. 

Hvman John, blacksmith, h. 20 Delaware. 

Hyman S., firm S. H. & Co, h. 120 Lake. 

Hyman S. & Co., dry goods, corner Super 
and Public Square. 

Hynes Thomas, carjienter, h. 140 Garden. 

Hyrenback Jacob, cabinet maker, h. 285 

Hyrenbach Matthias, carpenter, h. Lake. 

Hyse Charles, laborer, 13 Barkman. 

Hyse John, laborer, 13 Parkman. 

Pine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St. 



Ibrecli Milcher, stone cutter, h, 85 Oregon. 
Iceburger John, carpenter, h. 297 Garden. 
Iceburger Leonard, laborer, 30 Blair. 
Ichstein John, basket maker, h. Chatham. 
Iddings Hiram, firm Edwards & I., h. 86 

Ifer Wilhelm, laborer, 212 Pearl. 
IfFan William, laborer, 177 Taylor. 
Ihonce A., laborer, 32 Phelps, 
lies Francis, bds. 4 Kinsman, 
lies John, boarding house, 4 Kinsman. 
Ilet Wm., machinist, h. 24 Muirson. 
Ilet John, fireman, h. 37 Bank. 
Ilfelt Frederick, laborer, Hamilton. 
Ilg Severin, machinist, h. 81 Penn. 
Imch John, pail maker, h. 48 Irving. 
Imhoif Michael, laborer, Mulberry. 
Imps Joseph, rectifier, h. 190 Bridge. 
Inchen Nicholas, shoemaker, h. 77 Park- 
Indrock Frank, tailor, h. 28 Wadsworth. 
Ingall Karl, tailor, h. 118 Courtlandt. 
Ingalls J. S., salesman, 235 Superior, bds. 

209 St. Clair. 
Ingamells D. C, clerk, 230 Superior. 
Ingel Frederick, milkman, h. rear 533 St. 

Ingeman John, upholsterer, h. 47 Third. 
Ingersoll C. F., painter, bds. 84 Euclid. 
Ingersoll George A., freight office, C. & P. E. 

R., h. 70 Bank. 
Ingersoll George L., notary public, 211 Su- 
perior, h. 182 Euclid. 
INGERSOLL J. EDWARDS, attorney, 211 

Superior, h. 180 Euchd. 
Ingersoll John, salesman, 218 Superior, h. 17 

INGERSOLL W. B., dentist, 211 Superior, 

bds. 82 Euclid. 
Ingham W. A., firm I. & Bragg, h. 16 Pearl. 
INGHAM & BRAGG, publishers and 
wholesale booksellers and stationers, 191 
Ingle Charles, tailor, h. 533 St. Clair, 
Inglehart George, laborer, 39 Webster. 
Inglehart Joel, clothing, 172 Superior, h. 194 

St. Clair. 
Inglehart, widow of Isaac, grocery, h. 30 Or- 
Ingraham Mrs. Hannah, h. 48 Chestnut. 
Ingraham Henry, express wagon, h. 

Ingraham John, express, h. 133 Muirson, 
Ingram Wm., carpenter, h. Brooklyn. 
Insley Thomas, tailor, h. 169 Hamilton. 
Ireland Mrs. widow of Edmond A., h. 67 
Bolivar. I 

Cleveland, O. 


Ireland John, laborer. West River, 

Ireland Richard, h. West River. 

Iriebfner Joseph, laborer, 192 Lorain, 

Irish Gilbert, carpenter, h. 83 Washington. 

Irish Sidney, carpenter, h. 83 Washington. 

Iron Nathaniel, h. 245 Kinsman. 

Irwin Francis G., h. 1026 St. Clair. 

Irwin John, brick and tile yard, h. 321 Kins- 

IRWIN SAMUEL, city commissioner, h, 
1034 St. Clair. 

Irvin Wm., bds. 154 Bolivar. 

Irving Andrew K,, carpenter, h. 120 Bridge. 

Irving Daniel, watchman, h. 23 Summit Al- 

Isaac Brower, shingle maker, h. 14 Ann. 

Isaac Karl, peddler, h. 33 Irving. 

ISAACS ISAAC A., clothing. Union Hall, 
corner Superior and Union, h. 65 Lake. 

Isbister Thomas, pattern maker, h. 1 Wood. 

Isrister Tinnie, widow of Jackson, h. 1 

Ishorne Mrs., widow, h. 77 Mechanics. 

Isley George, shoemaker, bds Canal Basin. 

Isley Thomas, salesman, 34 River, h. 40 

Isman John, laborer, 41 Belmont, 

Isom E. S., salesman, h. 140 Huron, 

Israel Ellis, clothing, 58 Public Square, 

Ittell Hermann, porter, h. 17 Irving. 

Itzer Mary, widow of John, h, 120 Ham- 
ilton. • 

Ives Mrs., widow of Samuel C, h. 121 Hu- 

Ives Phoebe, grocery, 53 Canal, 

Iwe Mardon, brewer, bds. 57 Miami, 

Jachem Nicholas, shoemaker, h. 77 Park- 

Jack John, laborer, 43 Carroll. 

Jackson Andrews, (colored) waiter, bds. 247 

Jackson Asahel H., h. 156 Lorain. 

Jackson Frederick, window shade hanger, h. 
42 Seneca. 

JACKSON IRON CO., office 2 Atwater 

Jackson John B., dyer, h. Ill Pearl, 

Jackson John S., wool depot, h. 78 Lake. 

Jackson Joshua, carpenter, h. 9 Cedar Ave- 

Jackson Morris, marine inspector, h, Brook- 

Jackson Nicholas, fireman, h. 62 Carroll. 

Jackson N, S., shoemaker, bds. 140 Cham- 

Those wishing a Photograph, in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



Jackson Randall, engineef, rolling mill, bds. 

352 St. Clair. 

Jackson Mrs. Sophronia, widow of John, h. 
33- Walworth. 

Jackson William, maltster, h. Canal Basin. 

Jackson William, (colored) porter, h. 33 Or- 

Jacob Sel/er, clerk, 217 Superior. 

Jacobc John, latorer, 30 East Liberty. 

Jacobs Mrs. Caroline U., h. 58 Parkman. 

Jacobs John H., mason, h. 51 Webster, 

Jacol« Patrick, laborer, 105 Case Avenue. 

Jacoby George, tailor, h. 307 St. Clair. 

Jaik Nicholas, fireman, h. 62 CaiToU. 

Jaker Henry, laborer, 12 Alabama. 

James Anierien, musician, h. rear 118 Bol- 

James Carroll, laborer, Summit, 

James Edward, landscape gardener, h. 103 

Jamison Andrew, moulder, bds. Eranklin 

Jamison George U., bds. 284 Lake. 

JaniLson George W., actor, h. 284 Lake. 

Jamison Samuel W., builder, bds. 284 Lake. 

Jamiesou John, book agent, h. 48 Maple. 

Jamieson John, sr., h. 48 Maple. 

Jamont Andrew, ship carpenter, h. 33 Wood- 

Jaubent Derk, laborer, Pittsburgh. 

Jaueway Theodore, saloon, 109 Seneca, bds. 
61 High. 

Janks Augustus, laborer, Pittsburgh. 

Jaiman Edward, blacksmith, 943 St. Clair, 
h 14 Park. 

Jarvis Mitchell, blacksmith, h. 123 Dare 

Jaskuleck Mej^er, peddler, h. 5 Laurel. 

Jasper William, grocery, 422 Lake. 

Jaster John, tailor, 113 Bank. 

Jassand Frederick, tin shop, 210 St. Clair. 

Jeffarah Edward, sailor, h. 84 Spruce. 

Jeffreys Robert, captain on lakes, h. 481 St. 

Jenkins Henry L., brakeraan, h. 150 Lake. 

Jenkins S. P., entry clerk, 141 Water, bds. 
124 Water. 

Jenkins 0, F., yard master, C. & P. R, R., 
h. 387 Lake. 

Jenkins William, butcher, h. 389 Lorain. 

Jenkinson James, paper mills, h. 18 East 

Jennings Charles H. livery stable, 5 Academy, 
h. 81 Rockwell. 

Jennings George S., clerk, h. 14 Walnut. 

Jennings J. G., firm Rouse & J., h. Heights. 

Jennings Richard, guns, t&c, 18 Pittsburgh, 
h. 74 Bolivar. 

Jessie Frederick, shoemaker, h. 128 Ontario. 

Jessup Samuel J., shipping ma;stcr, h. 85 

or Ambrotype, should not fail 

Jewett E. C, clerk, 246 Superior. 

JEWETT HENRY P. B., book-seller and 
stationer, 246 Superior, h. Erie, comer 

Jewett J. F., firm Adams & J., h. 11 Eagle. 

Jewett Stanley A., rnolodeon tuner, 195 On- 
tario, h. 11 Eagle. 

and Miami Alley. 

Jcys Jonas, shoemaker, bds. 86 Taylor. 

Jeys Thomas, shoemaker, h. 86 Taylor. 

Jilson.Iohn, carriage painter, bds. 63 Water. 

Jinks Thomas, jiump maker and well dig- 
ger, h. 113 Lorain. 

Jinesweder .John, laborer, rear 44 Oregon. 

Joan William, barber, bds. 124 Charnplain. 

Jockerns Mrs. Ellen, widow of John, h, 88 

John Fine, laborer, 96 Greenwood, 

John ]\Litth:a.s, cutter, 190 Superior, h. High, 

John ^Villiam, wig maker, 

Johns Frank, shoemaker, h. 47 Laurel, 

Johns Samuel, machinist, h. 89 Wilson. 

Johns Thomas, puddler, bds. 21 Lyman. 

Johnson Alford, (colored) sailor, h. 228 

Johnson Andrew, carpenter, h, 106 Ohio, 

Johnson Benjamin, mason, h, 188 Cedar 
Avenue. " 

Johnson Mrs. Catherine, h. 9 Cherry. 

Johnson David, brakeman, bds. 148 On- 

Johnson Edward, tinner, h. 160 Ohio, 

Johnson Emeline, (colored) h. 33 Oregon, 

Johnson George, carpenter, h. 12 Vine. 

Johnson George, sailor, h. 52 Taylor. 

Johnson George W., brakeman, h. 77 Water. 

Johnson Grace, widow of William C, h. 60 

JOHNSON HARVEY, agent N. Y. C. R. 
R., h. 230 Kinsman. 

Johnson Hector J., deputy U. S. marshal, 
h. 198 Euclid. 

Johnson Henry, carpenter, h, 142 Cham- 

Johnson Capt Henry, h. 71 Kentucky, 

Johnson Henry N., editor Review, 147 Wa- 
ter, h. 58 Seneca. 

JOHNSON HOUSE, 131 Superior. 

Johnson James, blacksmith, h. 391 St. Clair. 

Johnson James, tailor, h. 59 Scoville Alley. 

Johnson J. B., Lake Huron grindstones, 143 
River, h. Berea. 

Johnson John, sailor, 61 Walnut. 

Johnson John, file cutter. 

Johnson John, puddler, h. 89 Case Avenue. 

Johnson John, drover, h. rear 24 Vine. 

Johnson John D., painter, h. 235 Detroit 

Johnson Joseph, painter. Mission and Rag- 
ged School. 

to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 



Jolmson Joseph A., Cleveland Theatre. 

Johnson Joseph H., machinist, h. 73 Bridge. 

Johnson Julius, shoemaker, h. 27 Ohio. 

JOHXSON J. M., homeopathic physician, 
235 Superior, h. 234 Pittsburgh. 

Johnson Levi, gent, h. 44 Water. 

Johnson L. H., R. R. engineer, bds. City 

Johnson Martin, fish market, River, h. 150 

Johnson Mrs. Mary Ann, widow of Joseph, 
h. 167 Franklin. 

Marshal, office Government buildings, h. 
198 Euclid. 

Johnson Matthias, tailor, h. 42 High. 

Johnson Mrs. Minei-va, widow of Jona- 
than, h. 71 Kentucky. 

Johnson Perry A., h. 212 Lake. 

Johnson Philander, h. 44 Water. 

Johnson Richard, (colored) mason, h. 160 

Johnson Robert J., captain, h. 153 Clinton. 

Johnson Roderick, machinist, h. 132 Lo- 

JOHNSON SAMUEL E., mercantile agen- 
cy, Atwater Buildihg, bds. 325 Euclid. 

Johnson Seth W., fimi J. & Tisdale, h. 58 

Johnson Thomas, (colored) waiter, Angier 

Johnson T. C, book keeper, Merchant's 
Bank, bds. 236 Pittsburgh. 

Johnson W. H., telegraph instmment ma- 
ker, bds. 83 Public Square. 

Johnson William C, master P. & C. R. R. 
machine shop, h. 64 Wood. 

Johnson , sailor, h. rear 374 Detroit. 

Johnson William T., fruit stand, corner Cen- 
tre and Detroit, h. 33 Church. 

Johnson & Tisdale, ship builders, office, old 
river bed, 

er and Front. 

Johnston John, sail maker, h. 72 Hamilton. 

Johnston John D., grainer, h. 241 Detroit. 

Johnston Mary A., widow of James, h, 84 

Johnston , clerk, h. 275 St. Clair. 

Johnston Richard, (colored) sailor, h. 88 

Johnstone Arthur, book keeper, 142 Ontario, 
h. 235 Prospect. 

Johnstone Mary, widow of Robert, h. 235 

Johnstone M. C, shipping clerk, G. McM. 
& Co., h. 235 Prospect. 

Johsliu William, machinist, h. 232 Erie. 

Joice Michael, laborer, 8 Washington, 

Joice William, laborer, West River. 

Jonan Joseph, carpenter, h. Chfton. 

Jones Abraham, carpenter, h. 15 Walnut. 

Jones Allen, firm A. J. & Son, bds. Bennet 

JONES A. & SON, coal dealers, C. & P. 
R. R. pier. 

Jones Christopher, American Expresss dri- 
ver, h. rear 51 Hamilton. 

Jones C. A., boarding house, 140 Champlain. 

Jones Darwin G., book keeper. Commercial 
Branch Bank, h. 135 Prospect. 

Jones Edward, laborer, 217 Hamilton, 

JONES E. C, general furnishing store, 146 
Superior, h. 115 Erie, comer Superior. 

Jones George W., marine insurance inspec- 
tor and ship builder, h. 72 Church. 

Jones Heman, ship carpenter, h. 339 Detroit. 

Jones Hiram, fireman, bds. 491 Lake. 

Jones H., Perry carpenter, h. 2 Greenwood, 

JONES ISAAC, boat builder and carpenter, 
Willow Street Bridge, h. 183 Clinton. 

JONES JAMES M., attorney, 164 Superior, 
h, 139 Erie. 

Jones James R., (colored) carpenter, h. 148 

JONES J, E., gas fitting and plumbing, 259 
Superior, h. 133 Scoville Avenue. 

Jones Jerome, ship carpenter, h. 118 Clinton. 

Jones John, grocery, 244 Pittsburgh. 

Jones John, moulder, h. 10 Huron. 

Jones John, h. 109 Huron, 

Jones, John, grocery, 3 Fulton, h. 28 Fulton. 

JONES JOHN L.", boat builder, 33 West 
Main, h. 63 Vermont. 

Jones John W., butter dealer, h. 94 Garden. 

Jones Joseph, shoemaker, h. 34 Garden. 

Jones Joseph A., shoemaker, h. 61 Pitts- 

Jones Lewis 0., paper hanger, h. 105 Laurel. 

Jones Martha, bds. rear 167 Clinton. 

Jones Mrs. Nancy, h. 88 Hamilton. 

Jones Philip, boiler maker, bds. 77 Hill, 

Jones Primas C, (colored) whitewashing, h, 
136 Champlain. 

Jones Richard A., stone cutter, corner Sher- 
iff and Euclid, h. 24 Sibley. 

Jones Robert, stone cutter, comer Euclid and 
Sheriff, h. 108 Brownell. 

Jones Samuel, printer, h. 201 Hamilton, 

Jones Rev. S. T., bds. 419 St. Clair. 

Jones Thomas, sr., firm T, J. & Sons, h. 139 

Jones Thomas, jr., firm T, J. & Sons, h. 44 

Jones Watson G,, clerk, Coe & May's. 

Jones William, firm T. J. & Sons, h, 46 

Jones William, printer, h. 216 Bridge. 

Jones Wm., heater, h. 21 Lyman. 

Jones Wm., sailor, h. 22 Fulton. 

Deodorised Coal Oil, manxifactured by LAW & WORTH, 



Jones William C, oilcloth printer, h. 216 

Jones Wm. F., (colored) shoemaker, h. 37 

Jones Wm. S., clerk, Court House, bds. 109 

JONP]S Z. & CO., dealers in stone ware, 173 

and 175 River. 
JONES T. & SONS, marble works, 24 

Prospect, corner High. 
Jordan Barbara, widow of John, h. 143 Ce- 
dar Avenue. 
Jorden Charles, laborer, Spring. 
Jordeu John, drayman, h. 35 Bolivar. 
Jorden William, laborer, rear 37 Bolivar. 
Jorden William, h. 37 Bolivar. 
Josseljm H. P., omnibus agent, 147 Superior. 
Joy Martin, laborer. West River. 
Joyce Edward laborer, East Main. 
Joyce James, mason, h. 15 Detroit. 
Joyce Martin, porter, Angier House. 
Joyce M. C, clerk, F. W, Pelton's, bds. 107 

Judd P. W., firm H. B. & H. Wick, h. 348 

Judd Philip, laborer, 66 Jackson. 
Judd Wm., joiner, h. 54 Garden. 
Judkins George, meat market, 129 Ontario, 

h. 79 Hill. 
JUDSON FREDERICK C, collector, 139 

Superior, h. Brookhm. 
Justan Edward, carpenter, h. 18 Academy. 
Justan James, teacher, h. 18 Academy. 


Kaaley Peter, laborer, Pittsburgh Depot. 
Kabbler John E., blacksmith, h.72 Webster. 
Kacher Peter, carpenter, h. 136 Bridge. 
KadingJoakim, drayman, h. 330 Hamilton, 
Kador Christer, h. 20 Irving. 
Kaelitz Henry, sexton, bds 417 St. Clair. 
Kaesler John, blacksmith, 52 Michigan. 
Kaesle Emanuel, carpenter, h. 32 Blair. 
Kaestle Cassemer, carpenter, h. 293 Garden. 
Kaestle Charles, carpenter, h. 293 Garden. 
Kaestle Samuel, carpenter, h. 293 Garden. 
Kaff Michael, laborer, h. rear 103 Detroit. 
Kaghin James, stone cutter, h. 26 Burnham. 
Kaliall William, laborer, 268 Washington. 
Iviihl Jacob, h. 182 Greenwood. 
Kahle Henry, shoemaker, h. 200 Pearl. 
Kahler Froderick, tinsmith, h. 88 Penn. 
Kahner Michael, laborer, 896 St. Clair. 
Kahnhcimer Max, peddler, h. 102 Bolivar. 
Kahoe James, laborer, 180 St Clair. 
Kahoe John, laborer, 180 St. Clair. 
Kahr Michael, tailor, h. 22 Wadsworth. 

Kaighan James, stone cutter, bds. 97 Kins- 

Kaighan William H., carpenter, h. 88 Ful- 

Kaighin William H., jr., forger, h. 88 Ful- 

Kainie John, laborer, 37 Vine. 

Kaircher Henry, laborer, 387 St. Clair. 

Kaise John, laborer, 68 Spring. 

Kaiser Milcher, saloon, 311 St. Clair. 

Kaiser William, h. 164 Lake. 

Kakel Jacob, brick maker, h. 87 Irving. 

Kalinder Henry, laborer, Perry, between Eu- 
clid and Superior. 

Kallina Anton, harness maker, h. 8 Orange. 

Kally .John railroad man, bds. 12 Williams 

Kalteumaier Frank, shoemaker, h. 63 Or- 
^ ange. 

Kaly Peter, laborer, 36 Delaware. 

Kampf John W., carpenter, h. 137 Orange. 

Kangeiser Henrj', tailor, h. 85 Harbor. 

Kamra Jacob, carpenter, h. 76 Webster. 

Kammarman Urs, laborer, 44 Bolivar. 

Kamp A. blacksmith, bds. 315 Kinsman. 

Kamp William, frescoe painter, h. 41 Muir- 

Kample Charles A., broom maker, h. 13 

Kanavan John, laborer, alley between Ohio 
and Walworth. 

Kane James, grocery, 144 Pearl. 

Kane John, shoemaker, h. 288 St. Clair, 

Kane Joseph, h, 144 Pearl. 

Kane William, h. 94 Erie. 

Kaneen Jonathan, shoemaker, h. rear 25 

Kaneen Robert, firm Lloyd & K., h. 37 
Pittsburgh Continued. 

Kaneen Thomas, shoemaker, h. 297 Pitts- 

Kaimar John, carpenter, h. 118 York. 

Kannud Graves, frescoe painter, 20 Oregon. 

Kant Robert, tailor, h. Cherry. 

Kanvin George, peddler, h. Summit. 

Kaohn Leapold, peddler, bds. 9 Marshall. 

Kapa Samuel, tailor, h. 25 Laurel. 

Kapp Jacob, laborer, William, near Cedar 
Avenue. J 

Kappler John E, blacksmith, 72 Webster. J 

Karans Moses, boarding-house, 108 River. 

Karback P., melodeon maker, h. Heights. 

Karda John, blacksmith, h. 386 St. Clair. 

Kardetszky Berthold, laborer, h. 27 Mill. 

Karen George, laborer, 62 Clifton. 

Karibo Edmund, machinist, h. 78 Chatham. 

Karey Christopher, drayman, 410 St. Clair. 

Karey Joseph, drayman, h. 147 Oregon. 

Karl Jacob, laborer, 301 Franklin. 

Kam Adam, mason, h. 60 McLean. 

is acknowledged to be the best in the State. 



Karns Patrick, brakesman, bds. 100 Bolivar. 

Earn Charles, hotel, 30 East Main. 

Karr Philip, shoemaker, bds. Canal Basin. 

Karriis Nicholas, plasterer, h. 19 Alabama. 

Karsh Michael, laborer, East Center. 

Kar_y Mrs. Ann, widow of Christopher, h. 
321 Hamilton. 

Kary Patrick, laborer, bds. 321 Hamilton. 

Kary Peter, laborer, bds. 321 Hamilton. 

Kasliar Simon, clerk, h. 20 Fulton. 

Kass Joseph, joiner, h. 144 Orange. 

Kastle Joseph, brewer, h. Canal. 

Kastlen Samuel, carpenter, h. 28 Blair. 

Katen Bridget, widow of Michael, h. 93 
West Main. 

Katel Nicholas, wood sawyer, h. 21 Lorain. 

Katim Mrs. Bridget, washing, h. 75 West 

Kauck Greo., barber, 180 Superior, h. 80 
Fountain Alley. 

Kauffug Frederick, carpenter, h. 1 Green- 

Kaufholtz Rev. Frederick, h. 52 Tracy. 

Kaufholtz, Frederick, jr., machinist, h. 52 

Kaufholtz John, machinist, bds. 52 Tracy. 

Kaufman Frederick, ship carpenter, h. 116 

Kaufman Frederick, tailor, bds. 33 Prospect. 

Kauffman Frederick, joiner, C. & E. R. R. 
Car Shop. 

Kauffman Joseph, h. 106 Oregon. 

Kauffman Peter R., printer, Herald, h. 81 

Kauk F. A., laborer, near Brock's tannery. 

Kavalier John, mason, h. 158 Croton. 

Kavanah James, marble polisher, bds, High. 

Kavanah Thomas, saloon, Canal Basin. 

Kay Mrs. Betsj-, Avidow of James, h. 68 

Kay James H., boiler maker, bds. 68 Taylor. 

Kayser William, clerk, h. 145 Ohio. 

Keach Thomas J., bds. Bennet House. 

Keadel Charles, laborer, alley, rear 10 Park- 

Keardsley George, h. 26 Belmont. 

Kearns Patrick, laborer, Bolivar. 

Keary Patrick, laborer, 179 Hamilton. 

Keating Asa C, agent Northern Transporta- 
tion Company, h. 23 Bank. 

Kee Leander D., law student, bds. 74 On- 

Keef Thomas, sailor, h. 7 Elm. 

Keefa John, laborer, 133 West River. 

Keefe Hugh, laborer, 1 Michigan. 

Keefe James, laborer, 57 Michigan. 

Keefe Walter, striker, h. West River. 

Keegan James, ship carpenter, bds. 11 Lake. 

Keegan J. D., clerk, 120 Superior, h. 76 Or- 

Keale Michael, gardener, h. 363 Garden. 
KEELER C. J., electic druggist, 32 Public 

Square, south side, h. 282 Erie. 
Keeler John, tanner, h. Irishtown. 
Keeler John, blacksmith, bds. Phelps. 
KEELER J. F., Forest City scale works, 7 

West near Merwin, bds. Bennet's Forest 

City House. 
Keelin Thomas, laborer, 35 Division. 
Keely James, laborer, Delaware. 
Keeley John, waiter, Angiei^ House. 
Keeley Thomas, depot man, bds. 18 Acad- 

Keenan James, telegraph, h. 88 Lake. 
Keneen Joseph, bds. 88 Lake. 
Keenan Patrick, drayman, rear 19 Vineyard. 
Keenan Patrick, laborer, 1 Vineyard. 
Keeterly Frank, carpenter, h. 42 Mayflower. 
Keegan James, carpenter, bds. 13 Lake. 
Kehne Abraham, tanner, h. Ill Hamilton. 
Keho Thomas, blacksmith, h. 83 CaiToli. 
Kehoe Martin, blacksmith, bds. 28 Dodge. 
Kehris John F., carpenter, h. 266 Garden. 
Keif Walter, laborer, h. West River. 
Keifer Henry, tailor, 203 Garden. 
Keifer John, cooper, h. 92 Jersey. 
Keiger Franz, h. 6 Floyd. 
Keim George, tailor, h. 14 Alabama. 
Keiser Frederick, tailor, h. 56 Greenwood. 
Keiser George, laborer, 32 East Liberty. 
Keisper John, carpenter, h. West River. 
KEITH & COON, attorneys, 171 Superior. 
Keith Francis C, firm French & K., h. 27 

Keith George L., clerk, bds. 124 Water, 
Keith Myron R., firm K. & Coon, h. 66 

Bond. " 
KEITH WILLIAM H., dealer in gas coal, 

and coke, C. & P. R. R. pier, h. 175 St. 

Kelaher Philip, clothing, 46 Superior. 
Kelhard John, grocery, h. 157 Lake. 
Keliher Jeremiah, fireman, h. 151 Lake. 
Kellar George, plasterer, h. 421 Lake. 
Kellar Henry, drayman, h. 85 Ohio. 
Kellar A., shingle maker, corner Leonard 

and Voltaire, h. 51 Main. 
KELLER BARTHOL, hotel keeper, 33 

East Main. 

Keller Charles, file smith, Parkin's maunfac- 

tory, h, 53 Chatham. 
Keller Charles, broom factory, h. 81 Park- 
Keller Christeipher, cabinet maker, h. 37 

Keller Frederick, h. 90 Parkman. 
Keller Henry, h. 53 Ontario. 
Kellar J., mechanic, h. 31 Phelps. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 



Keller Jacob, saloon, 5 St. Clair. 

Keller John, vamislier, Pittsburgh, bds. 90 

Keller Joseph, painter, h. 131 Orange. 
Keller Joseph, shoemaker, h. 35 Marion. 
Keller Joseph, grocer, 72 William. 
Keller P., saloon, 5 St. Clair. 
Kelley F^d., laborer. West River. 
Kellov Edwin, physician, h. 413 Euclid. 
Kelley George B.," clerk, B. Butt's, bds. 312 

5 inferior. 

Kelley Trad, h. 413 Euclid. 
Kelley J. J., machinist, bds. 8 Johnson. 
Kelley James, brass founder, h. 34 Gai'dcn, 
Kelley James, peddler, h. 17 Canal. 
Kelley James, clerk, 232 Superior, bds. 86 

KELLEY JAMES, Forest City House, 22 

Kelley James E., fireman, h. 47 Carroll. 
Kelley John, sawyer, h. 45 Hicks. 
Kelley John, h. 32 Seneca. 
Kelley John, laborer, 185 Columbus. 
Kelley Joseph, laborer, bds. West River. 
Kelley Joshua, machinist, h. 30 Seneca. 
Xellev Miss Julia S., milliner, Shaw's, bds. 

204 Ohio. 
Kelley Madison, h. 109 Pittsburgh. 
Kelley ]\Iichael, laborer, h. Spring. 
Kelley Mrs., widow, h. 43 Oregon. 
Kelley Mrs., widow, washwoman, h. be- 
tween Franklin and West River. 
Kelley Peter, blacksmith, h. 42 Hamilton. 
Kelley Thomas, lal)orer, 32 Minnesota. 
Kelley Thomas M., President Merchant's 

Bank, h. 169 Euclid. 
Kelley William, laborer, West River. 
Kelley William, shoemaker, 224 Superior, 

h. Lake. 
Kellogg Henry, h. 15 Granger. 
KELLOGG HENRY, saloon, 169 Ontario, 

h. 28 High. 
Kellogg Henry L., h. 223 Perry. 
Kellogg LIrs. S. K., widow, h. 35 Huron. 
Kellogg W. N. L., firm Freeman & K., h. 

35 Huron. 
Kellsero William, carpenter, h. 7 Grove. 
Kelly Mrs. Bridget, plain sewer, 120 

Kelly Edward, lake captain, h. 92 Carrall. 
Kelly P^li/.abeth, widow, h. 31 Croton. 
Kelly George, lalwrer, 61 Frankfort. 
Kell}' James, blacksmith, h. 55 Willcy. 
KELLY J. M.. dealer in coal and coke, C. 

6 P. R. R. Pier, h. Detroit ^treet, 3 miles 

Kembf Matthias, h. 189 Lorain, 

Kelly Moses, firm K. & Griswold, h. East 

Kelly William, shoemaker, h. 88 Lake. 

KELLY & GRISWOLD, attorneys, Bennet 
House Block, Public S piare. 

Kelsey Edward, carpenter, h. 7 Wood. 

Kelsey Lorenzo A., assistant postma.ster, h. 
103 Kinsman. 

Kelsey Theodore R., bds. 203 Kinsman. 

Kelsch Samuel, baggage master, C. &. P. R. 
R., h. 167 Lake. 

Kelso G. Q., sailor, h. 303 Washington. 

Kelty Jonathan, railroad conductor, h. 74 

Kemiter L., h. 185 Croton. 

Kemmer F., fresco and ornamental painter, 
h. 20 Oregon. 

Kemp John W., carpenter, h. 137 Orange. 

Kempf Frederick, laborer, 233 Hudson. 

Kcnance James, laljorer, rear 230 Hamilton. 

Kendel Adolphus C, clerk, 115 Ontario, 

Kendall H. D., firm H. D. K. & Co., 247 
Superior. - 

Kendall Charles, h. 119 St. Clair. 

KENDALL H. D. & Co., dry goods, _257 
Superior, 11 Public Square. 

Kendrick Joseph, captain, h. 246 Bridge. 

Kendrick William, grocery, 402 Perry, cor- 
ner Cherry. 

Kenedy James, laborer, 39 Wilson. 

Kenedy Patrick, laborer. Spring. 

Kenedy Thomas, engineer, h. 171 Wilson. 

Kenell Cliarles, carpenter, h. 55 Hanover. 

Kenevee Anton, lalwrer, h, 428 Pittsburgh. 

Kenkelleo Richard, brick layer, h. 185 West 

Kenkirrl Henry, mason, h. 84 York. 

Kenkirrl Michael, mason, h. 82 York. 

Kennavd James, clerk, 159 Ontario, h. 251 

Kennedy B. C, accountant, bds. 16 Lake. 

Kennedy David, sailor, bds. 110 Turnpike. 

Kennedy Edward, carjienter, h. West River. 

Kennedy George, cooper, h. 6 Whitman. 

Kennedy James, stone cutter, h. 100 Root. 

Kennedy John, shingle maker, h. 8 Wood- 

Kennedy John, boatman, h. 155 Lorain. 

Kennedy P. tinner, 82 Bank. 

Kennedy Patrick, laborer, 16 Superior. 

Kenneday Patrick, laborer, 39 Hicks. 

Kennedy Sanmel, shoemaker, 174 Superior, 
h. 167 Lake. 

Kennedy Sanford L., accountant, 94 Supe- 
rior, l)ds. rear 16 Lake. 

Keimedy Thomas, engineer, C. & E. ma- 
chine sho]), h. 177 Wilson. 

Kennedy William, grocery, 147 Lorain. 

Kennedy William, carj^nter, h. 53 Bank. 

Kennedy William, rag peddler, h. 76 Wa. 

Kennedy W^illiam, boatman, bds. 93 Lake. 

Kennel , laborer, h. 189 Pearl. 

W. C. NORTH'S Photograph and Fine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 




Keuner Henry, laborer, 48 Mayflower. - 

Kemiey John, laborer, 170 Ohio. 

Kenney Margaret, widow of James, h. 23 

Kenney Thomas, bootmaker, h. 379 St. 

Kenney Michael, hack driver, bds. 83 Water. 

Kenning Gerhardt, cooper, h. 123 Lorain. 

Kenny Pat, laborer, 191 Oregon. 

KENNEY WILLIAM, merchant tailor, 30 
Public Square, h. 12 Chestnut. 

Kenny William, shoemaker, h. 377 St. Clair. 

Kent John, laborer, 33 Hicks. 

Kent Michael, lamp-lighter, h. 13 Summit 

Kent Robert, tailor, h. 49 Cherry. 

Kent William, carpenter, bds. 128 Bolivar. 

Kenwood William, pastrycook, h. 14 Acad- 

Keocker Augustus, shoemaker, h. 269 St. 

Keogh Thomas, omnibus driver, h. 128 

Kephart Benedict, sailor, h. 107 Hamilton. 

Keppart Charles, firm K. & Co., h. 64 Cedar 
chant's Bank. 

KEPPART & CO., barbers, under Mer- 
A venue. 

Keppler Mrs. F. A., tobacco and cigars, 110 

Kerr William, carpenter, h, 42 West Lib- 

KERRUISH WILLIAM S., attorney, 150 
Superior, h. 80 Muirson. 

Kerwer John, tailor, h. 56 Bumham. 

Kerwin Patrick, laborer, Mulberry. 

Kesler William, clerk, Warren's, bds. 79 

Kester Earnest, shoemaker, h. 537 St. Clair. 

Kester John, peddler, h. 24 Grove. 

Kessler Henry, clerk, 230 Superior. 

Kestler Casimer, carpenter, h. Blair. 

Kestler Emanuel, carpenter, h. Blair. 

Ketch Charles, stone cutter, h. 51 Whitman. 

Keudel Charles, gardener, h. 116 Scoville 

Keuehnhold Jacob, tailor, h. 150 Lake. 

Kewney John, shoemaker, bds. Burnett 

Key William, sail rigger, bds.153 West River. 

Keyerleber Frederick, wagon maker, 92 

Keyerleber Gotleib, blacksmith, 94 Cham- 
plain, h. 92 Champlain. 

Keyes Eli N., firm Littles & K., bds. Angler 

Keys Daniel H., book keeper, bds. 66 Onta- 
Keyse John, peddler, h. 44 Mayflower. 

Keyser Peter, laborer. Fox Avenue. 

Kichler August, saloon, 707 St. Clair. 

Kidd William, jeweler, 235 Superior, h. 

KIDNEY GEORGE H., planing mill, cor- 
ner Erie and Kinsman, h. 181 Ivinsman. 

Kidney James, farmer, h. 231 Washington. 

Keibel Frederick, firm Rosfolk and K., 
blacksmith, h. 105 Orange. 

Kiedle George Conrad, drives beer wagon, h. 
52 Irving. 

Kief Vincent, cooper, h. 34 Whitman. 

Kiefer John, cooper, h. 92 Jersey. 

Kiel Jacob, blacksmith, h. 112 Hudson. 

Kiel John Frederick, mason, h. 418 Pitts- 
burgh. . 

Kjeser Jacob, laborer, 29 Irving. 

KIESEL WILLIAM, proprietor St. Clan- 
House, corner St. Clair and Water. 

Kiesper John, laborer. West River. 

Kiewel John, laborer, Seneca. 

Kik Garrett, oil cloth maker, h. near Brock's 

Kilby John B., carpenter, h. 52 Granger. 

Kilbeart Christopher, laborer, 32 Cherry. 

Kilderman John, laborer, 15 East Liberty, 

Kilfoil Michael, laborer, 114 St. Clair. 

Kilfoy Catharine, widow of Patrick, h. 33 

Kilfoy Michael, laborer, 180 St. Clair. 

Kilfoy Thomas, St. Nicholas, 112 Bank. 

Killam Joseph, tinner, h. 82 Bank. 

Killer Frederick, shoemaker, h. 181 Lake. 

Killip George, carpenter, h. 82 Marion. 

Killip Robert E., h. 326 Kinsman. 

Killip William, carpenter, h. 54 Granger. 

Kilmartin Philip, Western House, 55 Mead- 

Kilmer Henry, grocery, 209 Garden. 

Kilner John, laborer, 118 Muirson. 

Kilroy John, telegraph instrument maker. 

Kilwein Bernard, brewer, M. Stumpf. 

Kim Henry, tailor, bds. McCurdy's Block. 

Kimball Dudley, fireman, h. 5 .Farley's 

Kimball Leonard, master builder, h. 94 

Kimball S. H., President Jackson Iron Co., 
h. 148 Huron. 

Kimball William, tinner, h. 144 Lake. 

Kimball W. H., engineer, h, 5 Farley's 

Kimberly Alexander, saloon, 55 Merwin. 

Kimberley Eizabeth, miliner, h. 175 De- 

Kimberly Frederick, Arcade dining saloon, 
36 Public Square. 

Kimberly Mrs. Maria, widow of George, 279 

Kimberly Robert L., printer, bds. 18 Seneca. 

Kime George, tailor, h. 14 Alabama. 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



Kinder Jacob, h. rear 78 Williams. 
Ivineler Frederick, G., cabinet maker, h. 75 

Kindler John shoemaker, h. 129 West Main, 

comer Washington. 
King Arthur, boarding house, 70 Ontario. 
King Asa, machinist, Ixls. St. Clair. 
KING A. R., physician and surgeon, 2 
^lathew's Block, south side Public Square, 
h. 171 Lake. 
ICing Charies G., firm Foote & K, h. 130 

King C. E., sail maker, h. 57 Taylor. 
King Edward, undertaker, h. St. Clair Alley. 
King Franklin, R. R. man, h. 24 Hamilton. 
King George, barber, 153 Seneca, bds. Com- 
mercial House. 
King Jacob, barber, h. 24 Vermont. 
King Joseph, medical nurse, h. 24 Oregon. 
King John, carpenter, h. 112 Greenwood. 
King Kate, tailoress, bds. 70 Ontario. 
King M. A., firm Hayden K & El well, h. 68 

King Xicholas, director, St. Mary's boarding 

school, h. 96 Fulton. 
King Wm., (colored) sailor, h. Canal. 
King Wm., carpenter, h. 44 Cedar Avenue. 
King William, well digger, h. 82 Oregon. 
KingsViury W. F., foreman, S. M. Carpenter 

& Co.'s., bds. 89 Erie. 
KINGSLEY EDWARD, drugs and groce- 
ries, 152 and 154 Ontario, h. 8 Huron. 
Kingsley Horace B., medicines, 45 Bolivar. 
Kiiigsman Lewis, wool sorter, h. 35 Cherry. 
Kinkier Barney, brick mason, h. 124 Burch. 
Kinkeler Wm., brick mason, h. 183 West 

Kinnan, D., laborer, 21 Williams. 
Kinnard W. J., firm Dreher K. & Co., h. 

Kinney Charles C , painter, h. Scoville Av. 
Kinney Mrs., h 22 Superior Avenue. 
Kinney Mrs. Ann, widow of Patrick, h. 82 

Kinney William, merchant tailor, Euclid, h. 

12 Oak. 
Kinrim Peter, shoemaker, h. 334 St. Clair. 
KINSMAN EDWARD C, attorney, 211 

Superior, bds. Weddell House. 
Kinsvatter, Dorothy, h. 48 Clinton. 
Kinsvatter Powell, saloon, 281 St. Clair. 
Kinzel Xaphia, laborer, 91 Cherry, 
Kipp Martin, painter, 196 Hamilton. 
Kirby Butler D., moulder, Cuyahoga Foun- 
dry, h. 107 Harbor. 
Kirby James, mechanic, h. 103 Pearl. 
Kirby Capl. John, sailor, h. 263 Washing- 
Kirby John, laborer, 124 Lorain. 
Kirk George, h. 86 Huron. 

Kirk Nicholas, carpenter, h. 86 Lorain. 
Kirkland Edward T., clerk, Worthington 

& Co., bds. 45 Public Square. 
Kirkland James, clerk, 182 Superior, h. 148 

Kirkpatrick John, assistant editor Ohio Far- 
mer, h. 267 Columbus. 
Kirmer Theodore, laborer, 219 Hamilton. 
Kirnan Joseph, laborer, 86 Oregon. 
Kirner Michael F., locksmith, 30 Pitts- 
Kirsch Jacob, tailor, bds 69 Frankfort 
Kirsch John, cooper, h. 87 Bridge. 
Kirsch Peter, blacksmith, h. 89 Bridge. 
Kirsch Philip, teamster, h. 15 Ward. 
Kirchner George, h. 90 Hudson. 
Kirt John, laborer, 150 River, 

Kirtland , clerk, D. Pollock, bds. 148 


Kirtner , carpenter, h. 40 Clinton. 

Kisick Thomas, ma.son, bds. 29 Marion. 
Kistner George, laborer, 52 Cedar Avenue, 
Kitchen Simon, firm Paige & K., h. Heights. 
Kitchsteine John, Sturtevant's Planing Mill, 
Kistmau William, cabinet maker, 75 Ham- 
Kiver Martin, drayman, corner Hamilton 

and Muirson. 
Klaffi William, laborer, 17 Green. 
Klas Charles, laborer, 49 Mayflower. 
Klaustermeyer, Ernst H., firm Melcher & Co., 

h. 7 Eagle. 
Klaustermeyer William, clerk. 
Kleanlngl Lewis, finisher, h. 25 Carroll. 
Klceberger Peter, marble carver, 274 Erie, h, 

265 Erie. 
Kleinscbrot Charles E., shoemaker, h. 139 

Klegiu Frederick, tailor, h. 115 Seneca. 
Klein August, peddler, h. 45 Green. 
Klein Richard, laborer, 128 Dare. 
Kleienschmidt Jacob, hotel keei^er, 206 St. 

Klick Jacob, cabinet maker, h. 64 Chatham. 
Klick Valentine, wood sawyer, h. Chatham, 
Kline Abraham, butcher, h. 2(X) Pittsburgh. 
Kline Farlike, butcher, h. 5 Cherry. 
Kline Joseph, peddler, h. 334 Kinsman. 
Kline Lawrence, teamster, h. 11 JacksoTi. 
Kline William, laborer, 103 Greenwood. 
Klock Ephraim, moulder, h. 107 Lake. 
Klockar Martin, blind maker, h. 33 Irving. 
Klopf Adam, shoemaker, h 60 Williams. 
Klopner William, laborer, 1 Cherry. 
Klumph John P., blacksmith, h. 51 Wood- 
Knaff Bridget, widow of Daniel, h. 13 Ger- 
Knaff Waldron, laborer. 
Knaly Thomas, laborer, rear 231 Erie. 

or Ambrotype, should pot fail to visit NOBTH'S QALLEBY. 



Knaly Jerry, mason, bds rear 231 Erie. 
Knapp Charles, baker, h. 83 Croton. 
Knapp Michael, wagon maker, h. 32 Bum- 
Knasabech Ferdinand, h, 284 Pittsburgh. 
Knatel H., laborer, 56 Merchant 
Knecht Lewis, firm K. & Markham, h. 30 

Knecht & Markman, glass and queensware, 

133 Ontario. 
Knecken A., laborer, 101 Lorain. 
Kjieeding Jacob, carpenter, h. East Liberty. 
Kneeling August, firm J. Hartman & Co., h. 

299 Kinsman. 
Knefif Michael, carriage maker, h. 32 Pine. 
Knegal Henry, blacksmith, C. &. E. R. R. 

machine shop. 
Knele John, joiner, bds 22 Garden. 
Knele William, joiner, h. 22 Garden. 
Knight Charles, clerk 228 Superior, h. 117 

Scoville Avenue. 
Knight Edward, salesman, 137 Water, h. 90 

Knight John, cutter, h. 48 Scoville Avenue. 
Knight Martin, clerk, 228 Superior, h. 117 

Scoville Avenue. 
Knight Martin, drayman, h. 117 Scoville 

Knight Robert, firm Parish & K., h. 550 

Knight William, fisherman, h. 47 Lorain. 
Kniking Antony, laborer, 102 Lorain. 
Knippenburg Ernst, tailor, h. 169 Lorain. 
Knoblock Philip, barber, 135 Bank, h. rear 

126 Erie. 
Knoch Willi'Bm, tailor, h. 13 Floyd. 
Knolter Frederick, laborer, h. 13 Hicks. 
Kiiofif H., drayman, h. Division Alley. 
Knoph Adam, shoemaker, 60 and 62 Wil- 
Knous Mike, cooper, h. 236 Pearl. 
Knous William, shoemaker, h. 144 Bridge. 
Knowlton Ezra L , conductor, C. C. & C. R. 

R., h. 14 Lake. 
Knowlton Gilbert, carpenter, h. 35 Sibley. 
Kuowltpn Gillman, machinist, C. &. P. R. R. 

Depot, h. 35 Sibley. 
Knox Mr., teamster, h. 138 West Liberty. 
Knox F. W. livery and boarding stable, 

Long, rear Bennet House. 
Knox Robert, clerk, 117 Ontario, la.. 124 

Knox William, firm F. & W K, bds. 66 

Knuss Henry, cooper, h. 11 Jay. 
Koalges John, grocery, 116 Monroe. 
Koalgs Frank, butcher, 103 Seneca. 
Koalgs John, butcher, 103 Seneca. 
KoUinzer Jacob F., butcher, 214 Lorain, h. 

68 Penn. 

Koblentzer Jacob, cooper, h. 68 Penn. 

Koch Cauffman, firm K., Levi & Mayer, 
h. 162 Bolivar. 

Koch Charles, editor German Messenger, h. 
78 Cedar Avenue. 

Koch Ernst, shoemaker, h. 8 Union. 

Koch George, painter, h. 400 St. Clair. 

Koch George, turner, h. 27 Tracy. 

Koch John, h. rear 84 West Center. 

Koch John, shoemaker, 8 Union. 

Koch Theodore, joiner, h. 71 Huntington. 

KOCH, LEVI & MAYER, wholesale cloth- 
ing, 162 Superior. 

Koebler Gottfried, carpenter, h. 27 Irving. 

Koeckert Augustus, boots and shoes, 267 
St. Clair, h. 417 St. Clair. 

Koehler George, grocery, 107 Taylor. 

Koehler J. P., cutter, 166 Superior, h. 34 

Koehler Mary, widow of Henry, h. 90 Ham- 

Koenig Frederick, carpenter, h. 19 Belmont. 

Koennekes Christie, physician, 37 Oregon. 

Koerkel Michael, carpenter, h. 102 Irving. 

Koerper Peter, shoemaker, h. 34 Webster. 

Kohl Jacob, mason, h. 57 Cherry. 

Kohl John, mason, h. 124 Greenwood. 

Kohlemer John, laborer, 69 Green. 

Kohlman Frederick, cabinet maker, h. 488 
St. Clair. 

Kohlmeir Adam, merchant tailor, bds. 206 
St. Clair. 

Kolanskey Joseph, laborer, 166 Croton. 

Kolbe George A., recording clerk, h. Eagle. 

Koleskie Hermon, grocery, 278 St. Clair. 

Kolis John, laborer, h. 14 Burw^ell. 

Koll Philip, laborer, 46 Harbor. 

KoUmyer Cecelia, widow of John A., teach- 
er, h. 311 Erie. 

Kolmyer Thomas, shoemaker, h. 73 Oregon. 

Kolpart John, laborer, 197 Croton. 

Kolthbah Stefren, laborer 135 Orange. 

Konders George, laborer. Perry, between Eu- 
clid and Superior. 

Kondis J., mechanic, h. 38 Lawrence. 

Konemen Henry, shoemaker, h. 294 St. 

KONIGSLOW H., machinist, 144 Superior, 
h. Heights. 

Konner Michael, shoemeker, h. 25 Oregon. 

Koopman Otto, mason, h. Cooper, 

Kopf Thomas, laborer, 62 Muirson. 

Kopefstein John, shoemaker, 41 Clifton. 

Kopher John, fireman, h. 60 Third. 

Korhanak John, tailor, h. 20 Grove. 

Koril Jacob, laborer, 257 Lorain. 

Komer Lawrence, shoemaker, h. 177 Gar- 

Korner Mrs. Lawrence, midwife, h. 176 Gar- 

Deoderised Coal Oil, manufactured Iby LAW & NORTH, 



Koroby Michael, miison, h. 12 Belmont 

Kortz Andrew, laborer, 870 St Clair. 

Kortz Andrew, wagon maker, h. 890 St. 
osenbackcrMrs. Caroline, bds. 175 Ontario. 

Kos Joseph, cabinet maker, h. 144 Orange. 

Krakel Christian, mason, h. 84 Parkmau. 

Krakle John, h. 47 Parkman. 

Krakel Lonis, shoemaker, h. 87 Parkman, 

Kraft Frederick, laborer, 149 Hamilton. 

Kraft William, tailor, 190 Superior. 

Kragle John, carjienter, bds. 124 Champlain. 

Kragle Philip, stone cutter, h. 22 Scoville 

Kj-amer Andrew, cabinet maker, h. 101 

Kramer Henry, clothing store 29 Superior, 
h. 397 Lake. 

Kramer Henry, shoes, 328 Pittsburgh. 

Kjamer Henry, catholic book store, 29 Su- 
perior, h. 397 Lake. 

Kramer Henry, laborer, 284 Pittsburgh. 

Kramer Isaac, tinner, 118 Ontario. 

Kramer Jacob G., clothing, 27 Superior. 

Ivrampel John, laborer, 79 Parkman. 

Kramer K., shoemaker, h. 50 Mayflower. 

Kmmer Peter, laborer. 111 Jersey. 

Kramer William, stonecutter, h. 61 Walnut. 

Kramish Frederick, barber, h. 120 Lorain. 

Kramish Philip, stocking maker, h. 118 Lo- 

Krander Frederick, blacksmith, h. Penn. 

Kransteober John, laborer, h. 9 Wadsworth. 

Ki-anter Jacob, cabinet maker, h. 317 Gar- 

Krape John, saw frame manufactury, h. 91 

Ki-aus Ernst, cabinet maker, h. 23 Cherry 

KRAIJS JOHN, saloon, 174 Ontario. 

Kraus Joseph, cooper, h. 7 W^adsworth. 

Kraus Ludwick, shoemaker, h. 805 St. Clair. 

Kraus Paul, teacher, bds. 389 Superior, 

Krausc August, saloon, 175 Ontario, corner 
Public Square. 

KEAUSE C. B., druggist, 108 Ontario, h. 92 

Krautter Christopher, teamster, h. 44 Seneca. 

Krause Conrad, laborer, 58 St. Clair. 

Kreagle George, brickmaker, h. 88 Irving. 

Kreble George, butcher, h. 433 Kinsman. 

Ki-ebill Augusta, widow of John William, h. 
22 Ohio. 

Kregg Martin, groceiy, 32 Burwell. 

Kreiger Ernest J., firm J. P. Holt & Co., h. 
390 St Clair. 

Kreiger Joseph, laborer, 30 Burwell. 

Krcitz Arnold, saloon, 483 West River. 

Krekel L., shoes, 88 Parkman. 

Kremer Henry, moulder, h, 67 Penn. 

Kremer Jacob, h. 62 Ward. 

Kremcr Jacob, stone cutter, h. rear 352 

Kreopf Jacob, h. 118 Oregon. 

Kreopf Michael, h. 118 Oregon. 

Krescher Peter, laborer, 185 Hsmiilton. 

Kresz Heinrich, shoemaker, h. 41 Green. 

Kretcdorn Lawrence, machinist, bds. 67 

Kribo Edmond, machinist, h. Chatham. 

Kriesmel Gotleib, wood sawyer, h. 630 Su- 

Krietz Arnold, saloon, h. West River. 

Krimleg Michael, vamisher, h. 148 Orange. 

Kritchmer Augustus, cabinet maker. 

Kritzdom Rudolph, melodeon maker, Child 
& Co. 

Krofif Andrew, brickmaker, h. 14 Belmont. 

Kroesen Joseph, shoemaker, 106 Lorain. 

Krous Frederick, tobacconist, h. 210 Pearl. 

Krous George, shoemaker, h. 124 Fulton. 

Krous Michael, grocery, corner Fulton and 

Krouse George, R. R. depot, h. 6 Pittsburgh 

Krouse Gotlob, cigar maker, h. East Lib- 

Krouse Josej^h, laborer, 350 Pittsburgh. 

Krousehard John, laborer, 4 Johns. 

Krouser Edward, mason, h. 25 Green. 

Kruger John, porter, 42 Public Square. 

Kruger L., watchmaker and jeweler, 62 Pub- 
lic Square. 

Kuchembuch Augustus, boarding house, 81 

Kuchembuch Selmer, clerk, G. Worthington 
& Co. 

Kuehnoold Jacob, tailor, 136 Ontario, h. 
152 Lake. 

Kuek Frederick, laborer, canal. 

Kugler George, tinsmith, h. 57 Parkman, 

Kuhlman Frederick, pattern maker, h. St 

Kuhn Jacob, student, bds. 243 Hamilton. 

Kuhu Michael, switchman, h. 456 Hamilton. 

Kunburaur John, laborer, 28 Third, 

Kuney Patrick, engine wij^er, h. Oregon. 

Kunger Charles, butcher, h. 89 Seneca. 

Kunkle Michael, laborer, h. 29 Blair. 

Kunkler John, mason, h. 126 Burch. 

Kunniiig George, sr., carpenter and builder, 
h. 409 Lake. 

Kunning George, jr., carpenter, bds. 409 

Kmining William, carpenter, bds. 409 Lake. 

Kunstle Michael, shoemaker, h. 84 Kinsman. 

Kuntmillcr Peter, laborer, 71 Irving. 

Kuntz Carl, mason, h. 77 Cortlandt. 

Kuntz Phillip, sr., saloon, 335 St. Clair, bds. 
337 St. Clair. 

is acknowledged to be tlie best in the State. 

Kuntz Jacob, agent Bible Society, h. 227 

Knpfar Moses, h. 32 Orange. 

Knrtz Jacob, foremaxi C. & P. Depot, h. 10 

Kurtz Michael, laborer, 196 Scoville Ave- 

Kushmaul Christian, fresco painter, bds. 206 
Sx Clair. 

Kyser Adam, carpenter, h. 3 Fox Avenue. 

Kyser Peter, h. 3 Fox Avenue. 

KYSER JAMES, boots and shoes, 111 On- 
tario, h. 51 Bolivar. 

Lablin John, cooper, h. 248 Pearl. 

Labram William, shoemaker, bds. 6 Kins- 

Lacklin Phineas, ship carpenter, h. 12 Wood- 

Lacy Alonzo, mason, h. 3 Wood. 

Lacy Cyrenus, lime burner, h. 141 Clinton. 

Lacy Elanson, blacksmith, h. 13 Fulton. 

Lacy Eli, lime burner, h. 141 Clinton. 

Lacy Elias J., saloon, 261 Detroit. 

Lacy Mrs. Mary, widow of Eli, h. 141 Clin- 

Lacy William, sailor, h. 100 Clinton. 

Laffner Leonard, rail repairer, C. & E. K. R. 

Laffrineer Ira, firm L. & Stephenson, h. 93 

Laffrineer Lewis,shipcarpenter,h. 187 Lorain. 

Lafler Enos, builder, 55 Huntinton. 

Logerman William, (colored) laborer, 81 Or- 

Lahner Peter, blacksmith. 

Laibolt Jacob, shoemaker, h. 18 Scovill Av- 

Laird J. B., physician, 88 Garden. 

Lairey Jeremiah, expressman, %. 127 Ken- 

Laich Peter, teamster, h, 29 Cherry. 

LAISY JACOB, physician, h. 135 Kins- 

LAKE ERIE PAPER CO., office 118 Bank, 
corner Frankfort 

Lally Bridget, widow of Thomas, h. 31 Su- 
perior Avenue. 

Lally John, laborer, 98 Phelps. 

Lalor Michael, laborer, 55 West Main. 

Laley Mrs. Mary, widow, seamstress, h. 

Lally Thomas, laborer, 41 Superior Avenue. 

Lamar Jacob, laborer, 66 Spring. 

Lamb Casper, laborer, 130 Case Avenue. 

Lamb Christopher, mason, h. 130 Case Ave- 



LAMB DANIEL H., dealer in soda andl^ 
eratus, office 2 Oviatt's Exchange, h. 352 

Lamb Lewis, tailor, h. 24KPearl. 

Lamb Robert, baker, h. BeHcn's Court 

Lamb Robert, laborer, 26 Mect^njQ^ 

Laub Lewis, tailor, h. 248 Pearl.x 

Lambert George, carpenter, h. 50^(pj,j^^jjjjj 

Lambert J. G., sawyer, bds. 67 Clinbl 

Lambert Jacob, cooper, 5 Scoville Avc^g 

Lambneus William, soap maker, h. rC 

Lambscher Theobald, turner, h. 56 Willej 

Lamers John, baker, h. 199 Case Avenue. 

Lamish Frank, upholsterer, h. 27 Carroll. 

Lampman Edwin C, book keeper, h. 185 

Lammersmann H., m. d., h. 125 Lorain. 

Lammersmann Joseph T., physician, bds. 
212 St. Clair. 

Lamsen Otis C, bridge builder, bds. 145 

Lamrecht William, blacksmith, h. 40 Philip. 

Lanagan Michael, sailor, bds. 233 Washing- 

Lanagan Mrs., widow of Patrick, h. 233 

Lancaster Josephus G., blacksmith, 28 Pitts- 
burgh, bds. 318 Lake. 

Lancaster Wm., caixlker, h. 318 Lake. 

Landrit Henry, carpenter, h. 24 Hanover. 

Landgille , clerk, 232 Superior, bds. 

Bennet's Forest City House. 

Landreth John, carpenter, h. 203 West 

Landreth John, sailor, bds. 452 Detroit. 

Lane Austin, brakesman, h. 59 Wilson. 

Lane Benjamin, insurance agent, h. 171 St 

Lane Thomas, shoemaker, h. 102 Cedar Av. 

Lane Wm., laborer, 119 Case Avenue. 

Lang David, ship carpenter, h. 72 Whitman. 

Lang Francis H., porter, h. 6 Abbey. 

Lang Joseph, saloon, 12 East Center. 

Lang Michael, laborer, 87 Mechanics. 

Lange Casper, saloon, 107 Seneca. 

Lange GeorgQ, carpenter, h. 79 Jersey. 

Lange J. F. W. & Co., blacksmith shop, 271 

Langell Benjamin, ship carpenter, h. 71 

Langell Stephen, ship carpenter, h. 22 Car- 

Langell Susan, widow of Frederick, h. 22 

Langen Bernard, laborer, 167 Hamilton. 

Langendorf Andrew, shoemaker, h. 16 Clif- 

Langezaal Henry, bricklayer, h. 227 Bridge 

Langdon Charles J., engineer, C. C. & C. R. 
R., h. 19 York Alley. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 



Langdon James, laborer, 2Q2 Orange 
Langdon Silas S., foreman, L. S. car shop, K 

53 Cedar Avenue „« t> , , 

Langhorn James, ^^eat market, 39 Bank, h. 

55 HurJ. , , r..^ n oi, . 

Lan^^ev D. WO^r, bds. 846 St. Clair. 
Lano-sdorff -^'"- Gr^o., dentist, office 1 Miclii- 

L^'^tr" Jo^"t barber, City Hotel. 
T ^^r Heinrich, laborer, alley between 

-enn and Jersey. 
Tdntry Ellen, h. 36 Muirson, 
Lantry James, drayman, h. 33 "Walworth. 
Lantry John, grocery, 160 Detroit. 
Lautry Patrick, h. Walworth. 
Laopoudt John, mason, h. 15 Vine. 
Lapp Andre ;v, carpenter, h. 59 York. 
Lapp Frederick, wagon maker, 245 Lorain. 
Laramie John, sailor, h. 29 Champlain. 
Larcv James, blacksmith, h. 442 Hamilton. 
LARNDER ROBERT, cooper and dealer in 
staves, hoops, &c., 16 Summer, near Cen- 
ter Block, h. Lorain, near Columbus. 
Larey Jeremiah, grocery, 32 Superior Av. 
Larey Mary, widow of John, h. 49 Superior 

Largey Peter, laborer, 30 Marshall. 
Larkin Daniel, laborer, rear 19 Vineyard. 
Larned Richard, sailor, h. 165 Franklin. 
Lary John B., laborer, 126 Harbor. 
Lascell W. B. sewing machines, h. 13 Sibley. 
Lash William, firm Hilliard & L., bds 26 

Lnshbrook Chales E., sailor, h. 16 Hickox. 
Lashbrook John, saloon, 165 Ontario. 
Lasman Bernhard, painter, C. C. & C. shop, 

h. 55 Ward. 
La Strange J. J. moulder, h. 77 Root. 
Lathman Barney, painter, h. Ward. 
Lathrop Christian L., boarding-house, 27 

Lathrop Henry, cashier, Hubby, Hughes & 

Lathrop Arthur, machinist, h. 93 Wilson. 
Latimer David, mason, bds. 47 Cherry. 
• Latimer Harvey, h. 101 Ohio. 
Latimer Irwin, mason, bds, 47 Cherry. 
Latimer James, box maker, Hewitt's Block, 

h. 46 Root. 
Latimer James, teamster, h. 47 Cherry. 
Latimer Joseph, mason, bds. 47 Cherrv. 
LATIMER L. M.. merchant tailor, 93 Bank, 

h. 28 Huntington. 
Latimer Robert, carpenter, h. 45 Cherry. 
Latimer William, carpenter, bds 47 Cherry. 
Lauder George, brewer, 19 Brainard, h. 

Lauderdale R., wholesale dealer in fish and 
city inspector, corner Superior and Mer- 
win, bds. Weddell. 

Lauer Peter, dry goods, h. 26 Jay. 

Laur Charles, porter. 

Lause John F., brass founder, h. 77 Croton. 

Lautz William, butcher, bds. 10 Garden. 

Lauxen John, carpenter, h. 222 Croton. 

Lavyea Joseph E., ship carpenter, h. 117 

Lavin Lawrence, patent-right man, h. 67 

Law Robert, coal oil manufacturer, 189 On- 
Lawcey James, blacksmith. C. & E. machine 

Lawlar Tim., hostler, h. 14 Johnson. 
Lawler James, carpenter, h. 89 West Main. 
Lawless William, laborer. West River. 
Lawless James, clerk, 110 Ontario. 
LAWRENCE ALBERT G., Police Judge, 

bds. 60 Euclid Place 
Lawrence Charles, moulder, h. 305 St. Clair. 
Lawrence Frank, shoemaker, h. Canal Ba.sin. 
Lawrence George, jr., ship caulker, bds. 154 

Lawrence James, policeman, h. 47 Hamilton. 
Lawrence James, h. 25 Mandrake. 
Lawrence John, ship caulker, bds. 154 Clin- 
Lawrence Geoi^e, sr., ship carpenter, h. 154 

Lawrence Mary, widow of Franklin, h. 188 

Lawrence Mowaldin, sailor, bds 154 ClintoiL 
Lawrence R. T., harness maker, h 69 Har- 
Lawrence Walter E., clerk, h. 140 Lake. 
Lawrence William G. school teacher, h. 155 

Lawson John, sailor, bds. 54 Orange. 
Lawson Robert, blacksmith, bds. 214 Pitts- 
Lawtey Philip, rectifier, Fulton, h. 9 Jersey. 
Lawtey William, firm W., L. & Co., h. 102 

LAWTEY WILLIAM & CO., liquors, 38 

Lawton Edward, machinist, C. C. & C. R. R., 

h. 44 Erie. 
LAWTON PLINY, paper hangings, 193 

Superior, bds. Burnett House. 
Laysv Jacob, drugs, corner Ontario and Pros- 
pect, bds. 298 Erie. 
Lazell Harry H., groceries, 376 St. Clair. 

Leach , physician, 31 Walnut. 

Leaf boer Peter, laborer, 53 Garden. 
Lear Conrad, butcher, h. 95 Greenwood. 
Leary John, grocery, 32 Superior Avenue. 
LearyJohn B., sailor, h. 15 Harbor. 
Leary William, laborer, 55 Willet. 
Leavirett James W., millwright, h. 258 De- 

Wm. C. NORTH'S Photograph and Fine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 



LEAVITT CHARLES, manufacturer of 
agricultural implements, corner Prospect 
and Huntington. 
Le Baron William, dentist, 206 Lake, Ms. 

208 Lake. 
Lebdahl Moses, laborer, 162 Orange. 
Leber John, laborer, 38 Liberty. 
Leberly John, grocery, h, 123 Fulton. 
Lebline Elizabeth, widow of George, h. 118 

Le Bontilie George T,, accountant., bds 124 

Lechter George, laborer, 55 Harbor. 
Lechler WiUiam, moulder, h. 42 Pine. 
Lecler John, salesman, bds. 225 Hamilton. 
Ledden William, bar-tender, bds. Forest City 

Lederer Charles, dry goods and groceries, 

832 Kinsman, 
Lee Christopher, drayman, h. 127 Hamilton. 
Lee Edward, (colored) grocer, corner Erie 

and Bolivar, h. 229 Erie. 
Lee Edward, produce dealer, 22 Parkman. 
Lee George C, cashier, 247 Superior, bds. 

27 Rockwell. . 
Lee George W., engineer on Lake, h. Territt, 
Lee James, drayman, h, 10 Hickox. 
Lee Jarnes W., clerk and notary public, bds. 

23 Eagle. 
Lee John, laborer, 96 Champlain. 
Lee John, oil cloth manufacturer, h. 10 Bol- 
Lee John, laborer, 10 Middle Alley. 
Lee L,, (colored) carpenter, h. 58 Bumham. 
Lee Matthew, laborer, upper Canal, 
Lee Patrick, brakeman, h. 8 Abbey. 
Lee William A. firm C, L. & Co., h. corner 

Wood and St. Clair. 
Leech John C, sailor, h. 34 Hamilton. 
Leeds J., laborer, 38 Merchant. 
Leek T. W., firm Stilson, L. & Price, h. 

230 Prospect. 
LEESE GEORGE H., saloon, 116 Pitts- 
Le Fever Francis, moulder, bds. Franklin 

Leffingwell L. W., h. 85 Euclid. 
Leggett William H., tailor, 5 Clinton. 
Lehman Arnold, auctioneer, h. 220 Ontario. 
Lehman Asher, school teacher.h. 156 Bolivar. 
Lehman August, peddler, h. 58 Greenwood. 
Lehner Peter, blacksmith, h. 73 Penn. 
Lehr Jacob, nail maker, h. 154 Courtlandt. 
Leib Christian, shoemaker, h. rear 144 Green- 
Leib Frederick, butcher, h. rear 142 Green- 
Leibert Henry, joiner, h. Willet. 
Leibfarth John, wagon maker, 280 St. 

Leices George, carpenter, h. 11 Floyd. 
LEICK GEGROE, wines and liquors, 179 

Ontario, h. 222 Prospect. 
Leighter David, brewer, h. 77 Oregon. 
Leighton John, puddler, h. 808 Lake. 
L sights Cornelius, laborer, 49 Spruce. 
Leimbeck Conrad, saloon. 110 Water. 
Leinhardt Francis, stone cutter, h. 307 Ham- 
Leis John, carpenter, h. 31 Vine. 
Leitz John, ship carpenter, h. 195 Bridge. 
Leland J. M., gymnasium, 147 Ontario. 
Leland James S., ship builder, h. 66 Whit- 
Leland L. F., billiards, 222 Superior, h. 48 

Lemcke Adolph, bds. 108 Kinsman. 
Lemcke Alexander, cigar maker, bds. 108 

Lemely Adam, turner, h. 86 Mechanics. 
Lemert-Willson C, attorney, bds. 160 Boli- 
Lemon George E., conductor C. & T. R. R., 

h. 67 Rockwell. 
Lemon J. J., music printer, 203 Superior, h, 

114 Lake. 
Lemoin William, blacksmith, h. 223 Hamil- 
Leniger John, laborer, h. Old River. 
Lenk F., carpenter, h, 177 Croton. 
Lenkman Henry, laborer, 29 Irving. 
Lenn Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of William, L 

453 Washington. 
Lentry James, jr., drayman, h. 36 Muirson. 
Lentz Frank, tailor, h. 370 Pittsburgh. 
Lentz Michael, brick maker, h. 71 Irving. 
Leofifer Jacob, tailor, h. 89 Oregon. 
Leonard Jarvis, clerk. Society for Savings, h. 

Ill Prospect. 
Leonard John, h. 48 Oregon. 
Leonard John, cooper, h. 60 Chatham. 
Leonard John, carjaenter, h. 16 Grove. 
Leonard John, despatcher, C. & E. R. R., h. 

98 Wilson. 
Leonard Miss Mary J., teacher, h. 33 Gran- 
ger, t 
Leonard Mrs., widow, seamstress, h. comer 

Lake and Wood. 
Leonard Patrick, blacksmith, h. 15 Jay, 
Leopold John, furniture dealer, 210 Lorain, 
Leopold Louis F., h. 336 Erie. 
LePelly Nicholas D., grocery, 140 and 142 

Leplin George, cooper, h. 54 Lorain. 
Leppen Joseph, clerk, 34 Merwin, h. comer 

Abbey and Tracy. 
Lepper Charles W., book keeper. Bank of 

Commerce, bds. nthrf^m^n . /A.^ f^uC 
Lepper Elias, carpenter, h. 65 Fulton. 

Lepper William, bar tender. 111 Water, 
Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph, in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



Lereg Mary, seamstress, h. 216 Pearl. 
Lerow Moses, cigar manufacturer, h. 64 

Lescher Samuel, peddler, li. 187 Pittsburgh. 
Lesh Frederick, confectioner, h. 19 Fountain 

Lesh Lewis, firm L., Simmons & Co., h. 11 

LESH, SIMMONS & CO., commission mer- 
chants, 42 Union. 
Lesley Eilward, drayman, h. 119 Plamilton. 
Leslie Samuel, physician and surgeon, 46 

Public Square, bds. 80 St. Clair. 
LesStrange Michael, drayman, h. 77 Root. 
Lester George B., book keejxjr, bds. 70 

Lester James, laborer, 31 Michigan 
Lester Samuel F., firm Hubby, Hughes & 

Co.. h. 233 St. Clair. 
Lester Sanford W., clerk, 120 Superior, h. 

26 Mandrake. 
Letterly John, warehouseman, h. 144 

Lewell Peter, laborer, 128 "West Center. 
Lewis Alexander, sailor, h. 78 Dare. 
Lewis Mrs. Ann, widow of Charles, h. 196 

Lewis A. S., recording clerk, h. Prospect. 
Lewis Chauncey, mason, h. 50 Carroll. 
Lewis Chittenden, merchant, h. 226 Detroit. 
LEWIS, EASTON & CO., dry goods, 215 

Lewis Edgar, firm Shepherd & L., h. 91 

Lewis Edward, h. 37 Hamilton. 
Lewis Gleason F., office Superior, near Wa- 
ter, h. 295 Euclid. 
LEWIS ISAAC J., carpenter and builder, h 

23 Marshall. 
Lewis James, sailor, h. 13 Academy. 
Lewis James N., salesman, 125 Water, h. 19 

Lewis John, cabinet maker, bds. 45 Public 

Lewis Loe, fisherman, h. near 77 Franklin. 
LEWIS MR. & MRS., ambrotype rooms, 
* 249 Superior. 
Lewis Sanford J., firm L. & Easton, h, 76 

Lewis Thomas, saloon, 6 Front, h. 2 Farley's 

Lewis Thomas, mill stone maker, h. 121 

Lewis William, boatman, h. 247 Garden. 
Lewis William J., clerk, h. 18 Granger. 
LEWIS & SHEPARD, dry goods and gro- 
ceries, 143 Detroit. 
Lenar Charles, shoemaker, h. 29 Park. 
Leuer Jenett, widow of Henrj-, h. 19 Wilson. 
Leyer John, laborer, 21 Clifton. 

or Ambrotype, shoiild not fail 

Levi J., h. 271 Kinsman. 

Levi J., firm Koch, L. & Mayer, h. New 

Levi & Weideuthal, dry goods, 271 Kins- 
Lhelar William, moulder, h. 42 Burnham. 
Libliey B. F., saloon, 72 Public Square. 
Lichley Henry, blacksmith, h. G'J Willet. 
Lichtensteker Jacob, cigar maker, h. 210 

LIED B., saloon and vinegar mannfactory, 

191 St. Clair. 
Lientner John, carpenter, h. 107 Hamilton. 
Lies Jacob, cabinet maker, h. 21 Mechanics. 
Light Rev. Ezekiel, h. 52 Kentucky. 
Lightfort Joseph, wagon maker, h. Califor- 
Likley James, sailor, h. 207 West River. 
Lilly Andrew, shoemaker, h. 295 Erie. 
Lilley John, shoemaker, 
Linahan Daniel, laborer, h, 59 Hicks. 
Linch Matthew, fireman, h. 80 Erie. 
Linch Michael, laborer, 130 Oregon. 
Linch Thomas, laborer, 262 Hamilton. 
Linden Adam, carpenter, h. 68 Dare. 
Linden John, painter, h. 120 Pearl. 
Lindemann Rev. William, h. 66 Lorain, 
Lindheimer Gottleib, h. 321 Garden. 
Lindhurst Alford, currier, bds. 35 High. 
Lindner George, warehouseman, bds. 172 

Lindsey David, shoemaker, h. 284 Orange. 
Lindsey Edward, firm Slaight & Co., h. 173 

West River. 
Lindsey Theodore L., freight agent, C. & T. 

R. R., h. 50 Water. 
Lindsey Thomas, blacksmith, L 211 Ham- 
Lindsay Thomas, saddler and harness maker, 

112 Detroit. 
Lindsley Aaron K., produce dealer, h. 237 

Lindsley Edward, engineer, h. 140 Clinton. 
Lindsley L. B., bds. Angier. 
Line William, saloon, 313 St. Clair. 
Linehan Cornelius, sailor, h. 64 York. 
Linga George, carpenter, h. 97 Jersey. 
Lingfieder John, painter, 245 Erie. 
Linham Samuel, shoemaker, h. 22 Prospect. 
Link William, candle maker, h. 91 Green- 
Linn Philip, laborer, 162 Greenwood. 
Linow Charles, tailor, 202 Superior. 
Lister Michael, saloon, 114 River. 
Little George H., groceries and provisions, 

57 Merwin, h. 92 Hanover. 
Little Hiram H., firm L. & Keyes, bds. Wed- 

dcll House. 
Little Joseph, shoemaker, h. 10 Granger. 
Little Joseph, shoemaker, h. 181 Pearl. 

to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 



Little Joseph, shoemaker, h. 21 Bridge. 

LITTLES & KEYES, western land dealers, 
158 Superior. 

Little Lyman, firm L. & Keyes, bds. Wed- 
dell House. 

Littleton George, printer, Plaindealer. 

Littleton William, painter, h. Elm. 

Litz Damian, teaclier, li, 383 Superior. 

Liventhall Michael, cigar maker, bds, 311 
St. Clair. 

Livingston James, laborer, foot Water. 

Livingston William, grocer, 86 Lake. 

Lloyd Benjamin, cabinet store, Ontario, la. 
147 Pittsburgh. 

Lloyd Henry, h. 49 Cheshire. 

Lloyd Warren, engineer, bds. 495 St. Clair. 

Lloyd William, moulder, h. 49 Cheshire. 

Lloyd James, firm L. & Kaneen, brewers, h. 
39 Pittsburgh continued. 

Loaf Frederick, carpenter, h. rear 38 Willet. 

Lobb, Mrs. Jane, nurse, h. 125 Bolivar. 

Lobendale Jacob, peddler, h. 12 Fox Av- 

Lobendhil Henry, peddler, h. 344 Pitts- 

Locke Helen M., boarding house, 17 John- 

Locke J. V. N., cashier Chamberlin C. & 
Co., h. 30 Seneca. 

Locker John, printer, oil cloths, Webster's 

Locklie Vincent B., bds. City Hotel. 

Lockwood Henry B.. ship carpenter, h. 121 

Lockwood J. H., salesman, 166 Superior. 

Lockwood L. S., saloon, 165 Seneca, bds. 
Commercial House. 

Loeb A. & C, clothing, 200 Superior. 

Loeb Alex., firm A. & C. L., h. 17 Acad- 

Loeb C, firm A. & C. L., h. 112 Lake. 

Loeb Emanuel, grocery, 131 Kinsman. 

Loeb Nathan, trader, h. 182 Garden. 

Loefler Charles, tinsmith. 

Loeser Moses, bakery. 125 Kinsman, h. 105 

Loesch Frederick, confectioner, h. 19 Foun- 
tain Alley. 

Logan James, printer, bds. 41 Woodbine. 

Logan John, ship carpenter, h. 124 Clinton. 

Logan John, grocery, 117 Greenwood. 

Logan Mrs. Mary Ann, widow of John, h. 
41 Woodbine. 

Logan William, mason, h. 34 Prospect. 

Logee Horace M., agricultural implements, 
Ms. 147 Liberty, cor. Bridge. 

Loian John, laborer, 16 Delaware. 

Lond Daniel W., liquors. Bank st, h. 98 

Londegan John, laborer, h. 23 Erie. 

Long John, professor music, h. 20 Cheshire. 

Long John, laborer, h. 70 .Whitmar. 

Long Julianna, widow of David, h. 394 

Long Martin, contractor, C. & P. Pi. P., h. 
663 St. Clair. 

Long Michael, laborer, h. 195 West River. 

Long William, blacksmith, h. 271 Detroit. 

Longberry John, merchant, bds. 9 Clinton. 

Longer John, cabinet maker, h. 161 Ham- 

Longfield John, shoemaker, h. Theresa 

Longstreet Aaron, cabinet maker, h. 107 

Lonsback John, laborer, h. 41 Parkman. 

Lonsbah John P., shoemaker, h. 94 Park- 

Lonneley Thomas, tailor, h. 16 Elm. 

Loomis Bennett J., deputy canal collector, 
h. 40 Chestnut. 

Loomis Edward, clerk, N. Brewer, bds. 101 

Loomis P., R. R. engineer, h. 38 Ontario. 

Lord Anna, widow of Richard, h. 194Frank- 

Lords Henry, carpenter, h. 12 Randall. 

Lord Hugh, firm H. L. & Co., h. 50 Kins- 

LORD H. & CO., boots and shoes, 248 Su- 

Lord James H., machinist, h. 35 Jay. 

Lord John, shoemaker, 28 Superior, h. 40 

Lord Marvin L., clerk, County Recorder,bds. 

53 Seneca. 

Lords Peter, grocery, 14 Randall. 
Lord Robert, machinist, h. 37 Jay. 
Lord Samuel, machinist, h. 46 Church. 
Lord William, book-keeper, Robinson & 

Loser Halman, peddler, h. 334 Kinsman. 
Losie Sinclair H., tinner, bds. City Hotel. 
Loss John, laborer, Hamilton. 
Lothman Charles, clerk, 247 Superior, bds. 

Burnett House. 
Lothman E. H., clerk, 228 Superior, h. 93 

Lotz Henry, grocery, 35 Clifton. 
Louis Thomas, millstone maker, L 121 

Lounsberry Charles, h. Clinton. 
Loupstuer J., stone cutter, h.28 Lawrence. 
Lousa Frederick, lock -smith, h. 87 Croton. 
Love Malcolm, surveyor, h. 90 McLean. 
Lovell Edward, painter, h. 128 West Center. 
Lovell John, cabinet maker, h. 15 Mill. 
Lovelv Mrs. widow of Peter, boarding house, 

54 Ohio. 

Loveman Bernhart, peddler, h. 409 St. Clair. 

Deodorised Coal, manufactured by LAW & NORTH, 



Loveman Merits, torpedo manufacturer, h. 
409 St. Clair. 

Levis Samuel C, clerk, C. C. & C. R. R. 
freight office, h. 83 Public Square. 

Lowe Frederick, saloon, 44 Marion. 

Lowe Rev. James W., h. 249 Perry. 

Lowe John, carpenter, h. 149 Burch. 

LOWE JOHN K., publisher Commercial 
Gazette, h. Heights. 

Lowe Robert D., clerk, h. 23 Rockwell. 

Lower John, tailor, 147 Dare. 

Lowell Philip, shingle maker, h. Vermont. 

Lowentritt Aaron, h. 213 Kinsman. 

LOWMAN JACOB, carriage factory, junc- 
tion Superior and Vineyard, h. 10 Wal- 

Lowrey Mrs., widow of Hugh, h. 65 Cedar 

Lowrey Robert, machinist, h. 126 Taylor. 

Lowrie Adam, teacher, h. 304 Lake. 

LOWRIE JOHN, bakely, 100 Pearl. 

Lowrie & Ruder, flour and feed, 146 On- 

Lowrie William, firm L. & Ruder, h. 72 

Lowry John, firm Vosburgh & L., h. 125 

Loyd Benjamin, cabinet ware, 87 Hamilton. 

Loyd Elizabeth, widow of John, h. 54 

Loyd Richard, sailor, bds. 58 Prospect. 

Loyd Warren, engineer, C. & E. R. R. 

Lucas August J., planing machine, h, 28 

Lucas David, maltster, h. 76 Franklin. 

Lucas Henry G., firm H., G., L. & Co., h. 49 

LUCAS H. G. & CO., brewers and malt- 
sters, Canal, near Vineyard. 

Lucas Joshua, cooper, h. 19 Delaware. 

Lucas Michael, brewery, comer Wilson and 
Bridge, h. Wilson. 

Lucas Peter, maltster, h. 311 Franklin. 

Lacas Valentine, saloon, h. 412 St. Clair. 

Lucas William, printer, bds. 97 St. Clair. 

Luce E. C, accountant, C. C. & C. R. R.,bds. 
96 Bond. 

Luce H. C, treasurer, C. & T. R. R., h. 203 

Luck Charles, soap-boiler at Duncan's. 

Luck Charles, express messenger, h. 97 

Luck W. W,, clerk, U. S. Express, h. 17 

Luck William, laborer, 82 Burch. 

Lucy Anthony, shoemaker, h. 114 Detroit 

Lucy Bartholomew, grocery, 114 Detroit. 
Lucy Timothy, grocery, 114 Detroit. 
Ludwig Frederick, laborer. 
Ludwig Leonherf, h. 17 Vine. 

150 Superior, h. 104 Erie. 

Lugens Louis, brick mason, h. 74 Penn. 

Luhr John H., catholic clergyman, h, 10 

Luk , soap maker, bds. 81 Michigan, 

Luke John, laborer, 18 Grove. 

Lukmier Bennet, carpenter, h, 43 Carroll. 

Lumbard Joseph, brakeman, h. 4 Farley's 

Lumpp Andrew, laborer, h. Old River. 

Lunde Henry, laborer, 46 Willet. 

Lunday James, lake captain, h. 65 Pearl. 

Lundyan Mary, widow of John, washwoman, 
h. 30 Bond. 

Lush Henry, shoemaker, h Crocket. 

Luther Henry, steward, h. 17 Jay. 

Luther William A., file grinder, h. 165 Pearl. 

LUTHERAN CHURCH, Jersey, near Lo- 

Lutz John, carpenter, h. 14 Fox Avenue. 

Lutz Michael, shoemaker, h. 178 Garden. 

Luxton Samuel, printer, Review, bds. New 
England House. 

Lyman Charles M., clerk, 37 West, bds. 249 

Lyman George, clerk. Merchant's Bank, bds. 

Lyman George, h. 33 Granger. 

LYMAN JOHN, tobacco, cigars &c., 37 
West^ h. 249 Prospect. 

Lyman Joseph, firm L. & Atwater, h. 261 

LYMAN LUTHER F., h. 252 Prospect. 

Lyman William, book keeper, C. & P., R. R. 
bds. 70 Bank. 

Lynch Andrew, student, bds. 243 Hamil- 

LYMAN & ATWATER, real estate and 
loan brokers, 138 Bank. 

Lynch Daniel, laborer, 112 Ohio. 

LjTich James W., blacksmith, h. 7 High. 

Lynch Matthew, fireman, bds. corner Erie 
and St. Clair. 

Lynch Patrick, teamster, Lucus & Co. 

Lynch Patrick, joiner, h. Oregon. 

Lynch Solomon, (colord) blacksmith, h. 2 

Lynch Stafford G., clerk ,Post Office, h. 234 

Lynch Mrs., widow of Patrick, washerwo- 
man, h. rear 72 Bolivar. 

LYNDE GEORGE W., attorney, 158 Supe- 
rior, h. 19 Rockwell. 

Lynes Sturges, h. 36 Huntington. 

Lyon Jacob, laborer, h. 36 McLean. 

Lyons Francis, bds. 19 Chami)lain. 

Lyons James, h. 51 Third. 

Lyons Jacob, peddler, bds. 65 Michigan, 

Lyons John F., h. rear 45 Eagle. 

is acknowledged to be the best in the State. 



LYON LIAKIN L., ship chandler, 85 River, 
h. 12 Summit. 

Lyon P., tinner 82 Bank. 

LYON RICHARD T., commission and for- 
warding merchant, 53 Merwin, h. 100 

Lyon Samuel S., firm L. & Whitelaw, h. 10 

Lyon Wm., laborer, 17 Dodge. 

Lyon William A., lake engineer, h. 36 

LYON & WHITELAW, saddles, harness, 
&c.. 123 Seneca. 

Lyons Rudolph L^ m. d., bds. 97 St. Clair. 

Lycni Thomas, laborer, 25 Elm, 


McAbe Ham, watchman, C. C. & C. R. R., h. 
6 Clinton. 

Mc Adams Daniel, captain, h. 37 John. 

McAfee T. B., barber, h. 12 Middle. 

McAllister John, sailor, h. 403 Detroit. 

McAllister Patrick, sailor, h. 405 Detroit. 

McAmise John, laborer, rear 309 West River. 

McAndrew James, wool puller, h. First. 

McArdle J. C, saloon, north side Public 

McArthur Archibald, constable, h. 11 Ham- 

McAuliflfe John, grocery, Michigan. 

McAvoy WiUiam, laborer, 209 Merchant. 

McBride Adam S., carpenter, h. alley rear 20 

McBride Leander, clerk, 228 Superior, h. 
corner Middle and Huron. 

McBride William, machinist, bds. 280 Pros- 

McBride William, firm Hussey & M, h. 289 

McCabe Athel, mason, h. 5 Freeman. 

McCabe Henry, laborer, 6 Clinton. 

McCabe James, laborer, 112 Oregon. 

McCabe M., printer, h. 112 Oregon. 

McCafrey Mrs. Ann, widow of Christopher, 
bds. 63 Kentucky. 

McGahly James, laborer, C. & E. R. R. Car 

McCammer Patrick, laborer, 83 West Main. 

McCann John, omnibus driver, h. 130 Muir- 

McCann Dennis, sawyer, h. 144 Detroit. 

McCann Henry, mason, bds. 150 Bolivar. 

McCann Joseph, blacksmith, h. 27 Park. 

McCann Philip, h. 29 Summit Alley. 

McCard James, laborer. West River. 

McCardle Michael, machinist, h. 162 Or- 

McCardle Terrance, laborer, 33 Lawrence. 

McCart Matthew, grocery, 321 St. Clair. 

McCart Patrick, drayman, h. 25 Chestnut 

McCart Thomas, warehouseman, 60 Leonard. 

McCarthy Jeremiah, laborer, 60 Hill. 

McCarthy John, fireman, bds. 3 Roofs Alley. 

McCarthy Patrick, boardmg house, 3 Root's 

McCartney Charles, laborer, rear 19 Vineyard, 

McCartney Mrs. Mary, widow of James, bds. 
78 Taylor. 

McCarty Mrs. Ann, h. 40 Superior Avenue. 

McCarty Barnard, saloon, 112 River, 

McCarty Daniel, watchman, C. & P. R. R., 
h. 39 Merchant. 

McCarty James, blacksmith, h. 21 Cham- 

McCarty James, head waiter American 

McCarty John, rail repairer, C. & E. R. R., 
h. 105 Hamilton. 

McCarty Michael, laborer, 59 East Main. 

McCarty Michael, shoemaker, h. 12 Miami 

McCarty Mrs., widow, h. 43 Oregon. 

McCarty Patrick, blacksmith, h. 105 Hamil- 

McCarty Patrick, laborer, 45 East Main. 

McCarty Patrick, shoemaker, h. 19 Superior 

McCariy Thomas, expressman, h. 317 Ham- 

McCauley David, boatman, h. 15 Champlain. 

McCauley Patrick, laborer 43 Clifton. 

McCauslen Mrs. Margaret, widow of David, 
h. 149 Turnpike. 

McCay Martin, laborer, 87 Belden. 

McChambers & Co., coal oil, lamps, &c., 16 

McChambers John, firm J. McC. & Co., bds. 
Frauklin House. 

McClelland Anna, engraver, bds. Lake. 

McClelland James, machinist, h. 6 Oak. 

McClelland & Co., foundry and machine 
shop, 83 Elm. 

McClunning Charles D., moulder, h. 327 Lo- 

McClure A. H., sign painting, h. 17 Scoville 

McCormick Andrew, blacksmith, h. 463 

McCormick James, laborer, 432 St. Clair. 

McCormick John, carpenter, h. 27 Ward. 

McCormick John, drayman, h. 92 Franklin. 

McConvell John, laborer, h. 29, Summit Al- 

McCowen Henry, brakesman, C. & P. R. R., 
h. 202 Superior. 

McCradden Charles, sailor, bds. 93 York. 

McCraith Redmond, engineer, C. C. & C. R. 
R., h. 153 Wilson. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario St., Cleveland, O. 



McCraken Isaac, carpenter, h. Ill Clinton. 

McCrath John, assistant teacher, bds. 389 

McCue Martin, bar- tender, 110 River. 

McCue IMary, widow of William, h. City 

McCuker Patrick, h. 137 Cedar Avenue. 

McCullum John, blacksmith. 

McCulpugh Martin, laborer, bds, 21 Clifton 

McCunachy Fanny, widow of Patrick, h. 25 
Superior Avenue. 

McCurdy Alexander L., farmer, h. 323 

McCurdy John G., bds. Wcddell House. 

McCutcheon J., printer, Leader, h. 42 Water, 

McDaniel John, laborer, h, 64 Burch. 

McDermott Patrick, laborer, 82 Water. 

McDole Thomas, laborer, rear 4 Washing- 

McDole iSTathan K., agent, h. 26 Church. 

McDonald Edward, blacksmith, 46 West 

McDonald J. T., h. 162 Lorain. 

McDonald John, blacksmith, h. 27 Park. 

McDonald John, carpenter, h. 25 West Cen- 

McDonald Patrick, laborer, h. AV. River. 

McDonald Patriclv, sailor, h. 57 Su^^erior 

McDonald Wra.. caulker, h. 41 Root. 

McDonalds David, sailor, h. 15 Delaware. 

McDonnell Ed., ship carpenter, h. 88 York. 

McDonnell Francis, sculptor, h. 12 Perry. 

McDonnell John, laborer, h. 78 Lamartine. 

McDonough Henry, shoemaker, h. 100 Bol- 

McDougle Wilson, blacksmith, h. York. 

McDowell' A. C, freight agent, office 11 Riv- 
er, h. 8 Jay. 

McDowell Henry C, freight agent, h. 77 

McDowell Robert, grocery and coal 
yard, Seneca Street Bridge, h. 45 Lorain. 

McDowell T. G., omnibus agent, 147 Supe- 
rior, bds. American Hotel. 

McEachem Hugh, ship carpenter, h. 135 

McEldowney J., book-keeper, 61 River, h. 
116 Bolivar. 

McEUhanej^ J., laborer, 14 Phelps. 

McElroy Julia, wddow of John, h. 17 Howe. 

MeEnnally Catherine, h. rear 433 St. Clair. 

McEnaney Joseph, laborer, h. 10 Leonard. 

McFadden John, moulder, h. 437 West 
River. ' 

McFadden Joseph B., firm Brand & McF., h. 
h. 14 Miami AlUey. 

McFarland Josiah A., M. d., h. 272 Detroit. 

McFarland Jerry, laborer, foot Water. 

McGann Henry, machinist, h.958 Superior. 

W. C. NORTH'S Photograph and 

McGarvey Robert, cooper, 348 Detroit. 

McGarvey Thomas J., boiler maker, h. 41 

McGarvey John, firm Roberts & McG., bds. 
New England. 

McGathy Wm., carpenter, h. 14 Scott. 

McGaughy, Edwin, joiner, bds. 73 Pros- 

McGaughy William, joiner, h. 73 Prospect. 

McGee Philip, h. 52 West Center. 

McGee Samuel, laborer, foot Franklin. 

McGill Frank, peddler, h. 404 Detnjit. 

i\rcGill Rev. James, h. 13 Mayflower. 

McGillcutty Julia A., widow of Daniel, h. 
361 St. Clair. 

]\IcGinley Deimis, peddler, h. 346 Lorain. 

McGinley Ellen, h. 164 Oregon. 

McGinncss H. F. salesman, 123 Superior. 

McGinness James, porter, Johnson House. 

McGinnis Daniel, joiner, h. 61 Garden. 

McGinni.s John, laborer, 31 Ward. 

McGinnis John, omnibus agent, bds 72 Wa- 

McGinnis Patrick, laborer, 253 West Kiver. 

McGinniss Joseph R., machinist, h. 76 Lake. 

McGintry Michael, fireman, bds. 491 Lake. 

McGlaughlin John, carpenter, h 10 Maple. 

McGlaughlan Mrs. widow of John, h.376 Lo- 

McGlinn William, blacksmith, h. 271 Or- 

McGloe John, h. 18 Williams Alley. 

McGloe James, drayman, h. 18 Williams 

McGlenn Thomas, puddler, bds. 89 Case 

McGough James, clerk, post office, h. Gran- 

McGourk , laborer, 31 Michigan. 

McGowan Patrick, bds. 52 Clifton. 

McGrail Austin, laborer, West River. 

McGrail Domnick, laborer. West River. 

McGrath Barney, tinner, 42 Public S:iuare. 

McGrath James, machinist, bds 120 Oregon. 

McGrath Michael, printer. 

McGrath Michael, laborer, 23 Oregon. 

McGrath Patrick, laborer, 102 Hamilton- 

McGravy Hemy, carpenter, h. 59 Park man. 

McGraw Henry, machinist, h. corner Supe- 
rior and Park. 

McGraw James, h. 16 Fourth. 

McGraw James, laborer, 120 Oregon. 

McGraw John, laborer, 80 Oregon. 

McGregor Duncan, carpenter, h, 26 Oregon. 

McGregor Miltou P., blacksmith, h.22 Burn- 

McGue Edward, laborer, 15 Dodge. 

McGue Edward, laborer, Miami, foot of Eagle 

McGue Margaret, widow of Peter, h. 208 

Fine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 



McGuigan James, ''tinsmith, bds. 57 Whit- 

McGuigan Terence, carpet weaver, h. 57 

McGuinness Fred. H., laborer, 32 Carroll. 

McGuinness Patrick, laborer, West Rive. 

McGiiire Charles, laborer, 149 Oregon. 

McGuire Charles, shoemaker, bds. 35 High. 

McGuire, Ellen, widow of John, h. 33 Su- 
perior Avenue. 

McGuire Hugh, laborer. West River. 

McGuire James, cooper, C. C. & C. R. R., 
h. 12 Hickox. 

McGuire James, laborer, 5 Pop Corn Alley. 

McGuire John, fireman, C. & E. R. R. 

McGuire Mac, laborer, 5 Pop Corn Alley. 

McGuire Mrs., h. 33 Superior Avenue. 

McGuire Patrick, grocery, 14 Champlain. 

McGuire Patrick, shoemaker, 157 Seneca, 
h. Eagle. 

McGuire Patrick, circulator, Plain Dealer, h. 
12 Plickox. 

McGuire Peter F., shoes, 126 Ontario, h. 35 

McGuirk Daniel, laborer, h. West River. 

McGurch John, stone cutter, h. 173 West 

McHenry Archibald, sailor, bds. 273 West 

McHenry Michael, saloon, 273 West River. 

McHugh Martiu, hack driver, bds. 72 Water. 

McILRAITH JAMES, saloon, 18 River, 
bds. Johnson. 

Mclnerny Ellen, boarding-house, 83 Water. 

Mclnemy Margaret, boarding-house, 83 Wa- 

Mclnerny Michael, merchant, bds 83 St. 

Mclntire Bridget B., h. 74 Oregon. 

Mclntire Daniel W., firm Arnold & McI, h. 
304 Erie. 

Mcintosh Alexander, nurseryman, h. Supe- 
rior, near Willson Avenue. 

Mcintosh Alice, widow of Peter, seamstress, 
h. West River. 

Mcintosh David, carriage trimmer, h. 100 

Mcintosh Donald, machinist, h. 170 Lake. 

Mcintosh William, carpenter, h. 43 Bolivar. 

Mclntyre Rufus, conductor, 0, C. &. C. R. 
R., bds. 79 Rockwell. 

Mclntyre Thaddeus, laborer. East Main. 

McKabe James, laborer, 112 Oregon. 

McKabe Matthew, 112 Oregon. 

McKabe Mrs, 112 Oregon. 

McKanary Thomas, laborer, 657 St. Clair. 

McKay George, sailor, h. 46 Erier 

McKay George, clerk, C. C, & C. R. R., bds. 
46 Kinsman. 

McKay John, lake captain, h. 325 St. Clair. 

McKay John, T. R. clerk, C. C. & G. & E. 
R R. freight office, h. 46 Kinsman. 

McKearney James, laborer, 168 Oregon. 

McKearney James, packer, h. 103 Superior. 

McKee John, express driver, h 8. Vine. 

McKee P. M., stoves, 104 Public Square, h. 
17 Walnut. 

McKeegan, John, sailor, bds. 112 River. 

McKeever Neil, grocery, 390 Detroit. 

McKenna William, laborer, 24 Michigan. 

IMcKenzie Daniel, stone cutter, h. 98 Laurel. 

McKeon Martin, mail messenger, bds. 77 
St. Clair. 

McKinnerty Bridget, widow of Thomas, h. 
228 Lorain. 

McKinnerty James, moulder, h. 228 Lorain, 

McKinney C. C, (colored) professor of mu- 
sic, h. 58 Garden. 

McKinney Samuel, watchman, "bds. 25 

McKinstry Thomas, deputy marshal, h, 120 

McKinty John, grocery, 58 Bank. 

McKinzie John, shoemaker, h. St. Clair, 

McKniff Bridget, widow of Thomas, wash- 
erwoman, h. West River. 

McKnight John, h. 18 Chestnut. 

McKnight John, saloon, 78 West Center, 

McKnight John, laborer, Quinn's Brewery. 

McKrackin Isaac, carpenter. 

McKinuer Thomas, h. 39 Whitman. 

McKune John, laborer, 184 Columbus, 

McKune Michael, laborer, 455 West River. 

McLane Alexander, hotel keeper, h. 50 Mc- 

McLane Benjamin, engineer, C, & E. R, R, 
h. 332 Lake, 

McLane David, butcher, h. 30 Carroll. 

McLane Henry, mason, h. 204 Hamilton, 

McLane Thomas, livery stable and underta- 
ker, 157 Lorain, 

McLane WilUam, blacksmith, Ede & Mar- 

McLarky Patrick, watchman, h. Summit, 

McLauchlan James merchant tailor, Bennet 
House Block, h. 50 Vine. 

McLauchlan John, book keejoer Cleveland 
Iron Mining Co., bds, 34 Cheshire. 

McLauchlan Robert, cashier, h. 58 Marion, 

McLaughlin Alexander, bds. 21 Middle. 

McLaughlin James, brewer, h. 34 Marshall. 

McLeod Alexander, sailor, h. 83 Frankfort. 

McLeod D. F., ambrotypist, h. 850 St. Clair. 

McLeod N. C, book binder, h. 850 St. Clair. 

McLoughlin Michael, clerk, 131 Ontario. 

McMaharer Michael, joiner, h. rear 165 Or- 
egon. . 

McMahon Elizabeth, umbrella factory, cor- 
ner Champlain and Ontario. 

McMahon John, gent., h. 133 Pearl, 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph, in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



McMahon, John, harness maker, h. 133 

McMahon John, tailor, h. 23 Marion. 

McMahon M., laborer, bds. 823 St. Clair. 

McMahon Martin, grocery, 126 Detroit. 

McMahon Patrick, wagon maker, 374 De- 
troit, h. 378 Detroit. 

McMahon Patrick, laborer, 25 Marion. 

McMahon Patrick, drayman, bds. 915 Supe- 

McMann John, laborer, bds. 21 Clifton. 

McMann Peter, confectioner, h. 132 Muirson. 

Mc]\Ianuus James, laborer, h. 28 Marshall. 

McMannus Mrs. Margaret^ boarding house, 
35 High. 

McManimer Thomas, laborer, rear 19 Vine- 

McMany Patrick livery, 106 Champlain. 

McMillen, David, engineer, h. 186 Earailton. 

McMillan George W., book keeper, h. 253 

McMillan John, tinsmith, h. 94 Scoville Av- 

McMillan John, bds, 253 Henry. 

McMillan Thomas, tinner, 16 Prospect, h. 
rear 40 Bolivar. 

McMillan Solomon D., firm Gordon, McM, 
& Co., h. 51 Water. 

McMiller William, laborer, 80 West Main. 

McMonus James, laborer, 28 Marshall. 

McNalley, Andrew, brakesman. 

McXally Daniel, laborer, 93 York. 

McNally Henry, porter, 

McNally Michael, laborer, near Brock's tan- 

McNalley Samuel, grocery, 428 St. Clair. 

McXalley William H., h. rear 435 St. Clair. 

McNalty Mary, h. 45 Oregon. 

McXamara Dennis, grocery, 657 St. Clair. 

McXamara Patrick, telegraph repairer, bds. 
26 Rockwell. 

McXamara William, silver plater, bds. 26 

McXamee John, laborer. West River. 

McXani Baniey, bds. 236 Lake. 

McNaiy Albert C, firm Thatcher, Burt & 
Co., h. 66 Lake. 

McNary William, shoemaker, bds. 379 St. 

McXary William J., salesman, bds. 66 

McNeeley John, laborer, Spring. 

McXeely Patrick, laborer, 16 Spring. 

McXeil Charies, firm Puniy & McN., h. 25 

McXEIL DUNCAN, saloon, 154 River. 

McNeil William, shoemaker, h. 22 Marion. 

McNelley Mrs., widow of Thomas, h. 61 
Park man. 

McNelly Andrew, brakeman, h. 37 Lyman, 

McNelley Martin, laborer, Canal. 

McNelly Peter, hardware, h. 197 Kinsman. 

McNelley Peter, fancy store, h. 98 Kinsman. 

McNelley Thomas, h. 84 Kinsman. 

McPhee Jane, seamstress, h. West River. 

McPhillips Patrick, saddles and harness, 
809 St. Clair. 

McPhillips William, laborer, bds. 809 St. 

McQuade Mrs. Bridget, h. 108 West Center. 

McQuade William, wagon maker, 374 De- 
troit, h. 378 Detroit. 

McQuinn Mrs. Jane, h. rear 255 St. Clair. 

McReynolds William, laborer, 62 Hill. 

McTaggart Robert, blacksmith, h. 127 York. 

McTigue Andrew, laborer. Spring. 

McTigue Darby, laborer, h. 16 Spring. 

McVail John, drayman, h. 88 Woodbine. 

McVean Pamelia, widow of John, h. 9 

McVeen Samuel, shoemaker, h. 20 Third. 

McZune James, laborer, 21 Erie. 

McZune Thomas, laborer, near C."& M. coal 

Macauley Daniel, boatman, h. 15 Champlain. 

Macdugal Wilson, blacksmith, h. 143 York. 

Mace George, shoemaker, 38 Orange. 

Macey William, saloon, 408 Pittsburgh. 

Machen Patrick, drayman, h. Columbus. 

Machler, Herman, paper maker, h. Jackson. 

Machon Jeremiah, carpenter, h. 88 Green- 

Mack Frederick, shoemaker, 70 Parkman, 

Mack George, laborer. Garden. 

Mack George, C. & E. Depot, h. 73 ^AVil- 

Mack John, butcher, h. 24 Croton. 

MACK JOHN G., hats, caps and furs, 156 
Superior, h. 23 Wilson. 

Mack Thomas, laborer, 35 Sujierior Ave- 

IMack Thomas, laborer, foot Water. 

Mack Thomas, gardenei, bds. 32 Bank. 

Mack Thomas, porter, collector's office, h. 

Mackan James, jr., drayman, bds. 97 Col- 

Mackan James, sr., bds. 97 Columbus. 

Mackan John, drayman, h. 97 Columbus. 

Mackan Patrick, drayman, bds. 97 Colum- 

MacKenzie John, tailor, h. Cemetery Alley. 

Mackerel , carj^enter, h. 389 St. Clair. 

Madden John, laborer, 163 Taylor. 

Madden John, laborer, Water. 

Madden Peter, laborer. Spruce. 

Maddigan Matthew, tool maker, bds. 121 

Madigan John, division master, C. & E. E, 
R., h. 371 Lake. 

or Ambrotype, should not fail to visit NOBTH'S GALLEBY. 



Madigan Mattliew F., tool maker. 

Madigan Patrick, foreman C. & E. Railroad 
shop, bds. 371 Lake. 

Madiss Edward, teamster, bds. 53 Harrison. 

Madon John, laborer, foot of Water. 

Magatrick Michael, laborer, h. 392 Lake. 

Magee Michael, C. C. & C. De^xjt, canal. 

Mager John, carpenter, h. 32 Green. 

Margerth Christian, mason, h. 47 Third. 

Magorrey Francis, marble cutter, bds. High. 

Maguire James, fireman, bds. 112 River. 

Maguire James, cooper, h. 14 Hickox. 

Maguire Jane, widow of James, boarding 
house, 206 Detroit 

Maguire John, fireman, bds. 15 Hickox. 

Maguire P. M., saloon, 171 Ontario. 

Maguire William, h. 200 Detroit. 

Maguyre William, sailor, h. 80 Harbor. 

Maha J. laborer, 12 Burwell. 

Maha Thomas, laborer. Hickory, 

Maha James, tailor, h. 238 Lake. 

Mahau Peter, laborer 65 West Center. 

Mahan Robert, stove dealer, 44 Oregon. 

Mahan Theodore S., photographer and am- 
brotypist, 205 Superior, bds. 304 Superior. 

Mahany William, laborer, rear 19 Summit 

Mahar Thomas, rail straightener, h. 13 Law- 

Mahefer Henry, mason, h. 29 Cherry. * 

Mahan James sailor, h. 50 Superior. 

Mahen Thomas, laborer, h. East Main. 

M^heny Mrs. Ellen, h. 32 Bond. 

Maher Henry, drayman, h. 255 Garden. 

Maher Michael, moulder, h. 10 Marshall. 

Maher Thomas, laborer, h. W. River. 

Maher Thomas, moulder, h. 33 Lyman. 

Mahger Philip, laborer, 12 Grove. 

Mahon James, blacksmith, li. 63 Pearl, 

Mahon John, sailor, h. rear 141 Burch. 

Mahon John, well digger, h 62 Michigan. 

Mahon Martin, clerk, h. 16 York Alley. 

Mahon Patrick, laborer, h. 229 Hamilton. 

Mahone James, blacksmith, h. 63 Pearl, 

Mahony Edwin, laborer, Franklin. 

Mahony Michael, tailor, 125 Superior, h. 81 

Mahony Patrick, laborer, h. 69 St. Clair. 

Mahony Timothy, laborer, rear 124 Bolivar. 

Mai William, h. "173 Hamilton. 

MAIN C. E., proprietor Johnson House. 

Maine Stephen, bds. 68 Taylor. 

Mainze Christopher, stone cutter, h, 357 

Maisat Charles, sailor, h. 208 Hamilton, 

Maither James, laborer, bds. rear 90 Ore- 

MAJO MONTA (colored) barber, corner 
Superior and Public Square, Rouse's Block, 
h. 35 W^ilson. 

MACKENZIE C. S., druggist, 126 Superior, 
h.41 Euclid, 

Malcher Henry, teamster, h. 22 Plum. 

Maley Peter, sailor, bds. 7 St. Clair. 

Malhuys Andrew, brewer, bds. 57 Miami. 

Malia James, h. 57 West Main. 

Mallay John, iron roller, h. 31 Alabama. 

Malle Paul, stone mason, h. 127 Dare. 

Mallery Robert, boiler maker, h. 81 Jersey. 

Mallery Daniel, clerk, h. 217 Detroit. 

Mallon Mrs. Catharine, washerwoman, h. 11 

Malone Edward, tailor, 127 Seneca, h. 47 

Malone Frederick, tailor, h. 47 Vine. 

Malone John, carpenter, h. 132 Muirson. 

Malone John M., lard oil, h. 26 Marion. 

Malone Patrick, laborer, 44 Oregon. 

Malone Patrick, laborer, 27 Superior Avenue. 

Malone Mrs. Rose, h. 132 Muirson. 

Malone William, candles, h. 28 Marion. 

Maloney Daniel, marble cutter, bds. High. 

Maloney James, soap maker, h. 18 York 

Maloney Michael, laborer, 8 Spring. 

Maloney Patrick, laborer, 57 East Main. 

Malony John, blacksmith, h. 22 Kinsman. 

Maloy Anthony, laborer, 354 Lake. 

Maloy James, laborer, bds. 105 Hamilton. 

Maloy John, plasterer, h. 21 Walworth. y 

Maloy Joseph, moulder, bds. 66 Franklin. 

Maloy Margaret, widow of Joseph, h. 76 

Maloy Patrick, fireman, C. & E, R. R. 

Maloy Thomas, moulder, bds. 76 Franklin. 

Malrony Peter, blacksmith, h. Kinsman. 

Maltby David, attorney, h. 19 Scoville Av- 

Maltby W. H., printer. Herald, h. 19 See- • 
ville Avenue. 

Malvin John (colored) carpenter, h. 68 Ce- 
dar Avenue. 

Maly John, laborer, h. West River. 

Maly Owen, laborer, h. West River. 

Manan Marcus, bds. 208 Hamilton. 

Manay James, laborer, 274 Hamilton. 

Manchester John, engineer, bds. 145 Turn- 

Manelis Mrs. Mary, widow of John, h. 315 

Manelis Stephen, sailor, bds^,315 Detroit 

Manesas Moses, peddler, h. "1:12 Pittsburgh. 

Manga John, tailor, bds. 18 Fountain Alley. 

Mangan Michael, laborer, 443 West River, 

Mangold John, laborer, Mulberry. 

Manian Michael, laborer, near C. & M. coal 

Manning James, machinist, h. 24 Fulton. 

Manix Mary, widow of Edward, h. 126 De- 

Peodorised Coal, Manufactured by LAW & NOBTH/ 



Mann James, srocerv, 306 St. Clair. 

Mann John, clerk, 220 Superior, h. 17 Third 

Mann John, Ms. 172 River. 

Llann Lyman, laborer, 5 Clinton. 

MANX S., clothinj^ and furnishing goods, 
148 Superior, h. 85 Bond. 

Mann Stephen, sailor, h. 363 Lake. 

Mann Thoma.'^, saloon, bds. 97 St. Clair. 

Manner John, cabinet maker, h. 74 Marion. 

IManney Edward, laborer, 77 Franklin. 

Manning Capt. Albert, sailor, h. 33 St. 

Manning Calvin, clerk, Stillman House. 

Manning Mrs. Catharine, washing, 31 Vine- 

Manning Henry, carriage maker, h. 41 

Manning Mrs., widow of James, h. Long. 

Manning James B., machinist, h. 24 Fulton. 

IManiiing Michael, machinist, h. 173 Lake. 

Manning Peter, brass-founder, h. 31 Vine- 

MANNING & REITC, Machinists, 33 and 
35 West, Hewitt's Block. 

Manning Thomas, firm M. & Reitc, h. 173 

Manning William, engineer, h. canal basin. 

Manriing AVilliam A., painter and glazier, h. 
rear new Court House. 

Mannoanecker Manoah, carpenter, h. 36 

Mannon Patrick, laborer, AVest Liberty. 

Manser M., cutter, 162 Superior, h. 198 

Mansfield Elizabeth, widow of Peter, h, 403 

Mansfield Howard, news dealer, bds. 403 

Mansfield Orange, gardener, h. 334 Lorain. 

Mantzel Edward, tailor, h. 46 Scoville Av- 

Manv Mrs. Cornelia, widow of James, h. 
102 Euclid. 

Manv John J., auditor C. C. & C. R. R., h. 
136 Bolivar. 

Many Joseph N., h. 78 Prospect. 

Manzling Christian, saloon, 132 Greenwood. 

Mara Michael, express, h. 39 Mayflower. 

Marasky Robert, laborer, h. 125 West Main. 

Marble Henrj', carpenter, h. 25 East Liberty. 

March Louis, carpet weaver, h. rear 80 Pros- 

March John, h. 30 Third. 

MARCHAND J., miUinery, 251 Superior, 
h. 44 Ontario. 

Margatroyd Frank, machinist, h. 208 Lake. 

MARINE MILLS, Merwin, C. Hickox & 
Co., proprietors. 

Marix Samuel, peddler, h. 193 Kinsman. 

Mark Solomon, peddler, h. rear 149 Orange. 

]\Iarken Patrick, shoemaker, h. 61 Superior 

MARKHAM & CO., bankers, comer River 
and East Main. 

Markham Frederick P., firm M. & Co., h. 54 

IMarkle Artum, stone mason, h. 23 Lyman. 

Marken Charles, firm Kneght & M., h. 
rear Parknian. 

]\rarkwerdst Morretz, cooper, 97 Lamartine, 
h. Brooklj-n. 

Marks Robert, rail road man, h. 225 Col- 

Marley John, trader, h. 165 Greenwood. 

INIarley !Mark, moulder, bds. Belden's Court. 

IMarlow Francis, h. 43 West River. 

^larnion Jo.sejJi, tailor, h. 151 Courtlandt. 

Marque Joseph, sailor, bds. 110 Turnpike. 

Marquett Miss Maria, dressmaker, h. 63 On- 

Marr John, insurance, 235 Superior, h. 233 

Marr John, blacksmith, h. Bolivar. 

]\Iarrick Patrick, laborer, h. 479 St. Clair. 

Marriott William, firm M. & Co., h. 47 Me- 

MARRIOTT & CO., saw makers, 54 East 

Marsden Charles, captain, h. 257 Prospect. 

Marschler Frederick, sailor, h. rear 107 

Marseilles Frederick W., physician, 100 
Prospect, h. 40 Cheshire. 

Marsh Artemas, roofer, h. 16 Lake. 

Marsh Charles E., laborer, h. 33 Champlain, 

Marsh Mrs. Cynthia (colored) widow of Eli, 
h. 36 Greenwood. 

MassimerH., carpentei*, h. 34 LawTence. 

]\Iarsh Harvey, boatman, h. 32 Croton. 

Marsh N. H., superintendent C. & E. R. R. 
car shop, bds. Angier House. 

Marshall Alexander, receiving clerk, Gor- 
don, McMillan & Co., bds. Weddell 

Marshall David, firm Christian & M., h. 41 

Marshall Elizabeth, widow of John, h. real* 
25 Fulton. 

Marshall Franklin, mason, h. 5 Woodbine. 

MARSHALL GEORGE F., saddles, har- 
ness, &c., 114 Superior, h. 14 Euclid. 

Marshall Isaac H.,- phvsician, firm Everetts 
& M., h. 102 Brownell. 

]\Iarshall Mrs., widow oT Jacob, h. 182 Pros- 

Marshall Richard, tinsmith, h. 64 West Lib- 

]\Iarshall Theodore, grocery, 375 Detroit, h. 
12 Courtlandt. 

is acknowledged to be ttie best in the State. 



Marshall Thomas, grocery, 275 Detroit. 

Marshall Thomas, tailor, h. 168 Grarden. 

Marshall William, grocery, 46 Webster. 

Marshall William J., firm Ede & M., h. 11 

Marsimer A., laborer, 34 Lawrence. 

MARINE HOSPITAL, lake shore, foot 

Mart John, gas fitter, h. 1 Hill. 

Martin Rev. Anthony, professor, bds. 243 

Martin Antoine, teacher, bds. 358 Lake. 

Martin Benjamin, firm B. M. & Co., h. 203 
Bridge, corner Liberty. 

MARTIN B. & CO., agricultural imple- 
ments, Hewitt's Block, West, near Center. 

Martin Charles, carpenter, h. Elm. 

Martin Frederick J., saloon, h. 33 Erie. 

Martin George, fireman, C. & E. R. R., bds. 
126 Hamilton. 

Martin Henry L., millwright, h. 58 Cross. 

Martin John, saloon and boarding house, 185 
West River. 

Martin John, ship builder, West Center, near 
River bed, h. 165 Pearl. 

Martin John, laborer, 15 Pittsburgh contin- 

Martin John, laborer, rear 51 Hamilton. 

Martin Mrs., widow of John, tailoress, h. 69 

Martin John, saloon, h. West River. 

Martin John F., marble cutter, h. 173 Pitts- 

Martin Joseph, laborer, 74 Michigan. 

Martin J. R., warehouseman, bds. 72 Burch, 

Martin Lawrence, engineer, h. Smith. 

Martin Lemuel P., omnibus driver, h. 482 
Case Aveniie. 

Martin Louis, watchman, C. & P, R. R. shop, 
h. 48 Clinton. 

Martin Mrs. Mary, h. 44 Chestnut. 

Martin Robert, (colored) cook, h. 23 Hamil- 

Martin Thomas, book keeper, Price & Mor- 
ris, h. 105 Harbor. 

Martin Thomas, salesman, bds. 29 Sheriff. 

Martin William, h. 233 Franklin. 

Martindale Charles, laborer, 236 Prospect. 

MARTINE HERMAN, grocer, corner On- 
tario and High, h. 361 Prospect. 

Marvin Mary, bds. 124 Lake. 

MARVIN W. L., stoves and house furnish- 
ing goods, 42 Public Square, h. 124 Lake. 
Mary Jacob, wagon maker, h. 157 Orange. 
Marx Barney, boarding house, 64 St. Clair. 
Marx Felix, grocery, 147 and 149 St. Clair. 
Marx Reuben, peddler, h. 187 Pittsburgh. 
Marxen Nicholas, carpenter, h. 31 Brownell. 
Massey A. E., dry goods, 173 Superior, h. 27 

Massey A. H., book keeper, Baldwin, De- 

witt & Co., bds, 27 Huron. 
Massey W. H., book keeper, 173 Superior, 

bds. 27 Huron. 
Mask Christian, laborer, h. 104 Irving. 
Maskell Thomas, bill poster, h. Long. 
Mason Charles, meat market and grocery, 

254 Perry. 
Mason Ellen, bds. 221 St. Clair. 
Mason James, firm M. & Estep, h. 469 Eu- 
Mason J. M., book agent, bds. Bennet House. 
MASON & ESTEP, attomeyi, over Mer- 
chant's Bank. 
Masoney Michael, tailor, h. 84 Scoville Av. 
MASONIC HALL, 178 Superior, 
Masters Edgar, blacksmith, 139 West River, 

h. 99 Kentucky. 
MASTERS I. U., ship builder, old river 

bed, h. 254 Franklin. 
Masters John, painter, bds. 40 High. 
Masters Thomas D., carpenter, h. 80 Clinton. 
Masury George A., salesman, 139 Water, 

bds. 83 Public Square. 
Masury Joseph, firm M., Dole & Co., h. cor- 
ner Miami and Huron. 
MASURY, DOLE & CO., wholesale boots 

and shoes, 139 Water. 
Matchelder Lucinda P., widow of Joseph, 

boarding house, 24 Pearl. 
Mather John, boiler maker, h. 32 Walnut. 
MATHER SAMUEL H., treasurer Society 

for Saving's, h. 88 Prospect. 
MATHER SAMUEL L,, attorney, treasu- 
rer Cleveland Iron Mining Co., and Cleve- 
land Boiler Plate Co., h, 48 Hamilton. 
Mathers G., stocking weaver, h. 68 Frank- 
Matheson John R , sailor, h. 52 Fulton. 
Matheson John R., saloon, 241 West River. 
Mathew Gaun, laborer, rear 86 Franklin. 
Mathew Murphy, laborer. Spring. 
Mathews E. M. express agent, bds. Weddell 

Mathews Henry, firm H. M. & Co., h. 46 

MATHEWS H. & CO., auction, commis- 
sion, boarding and sale stable, 127 Cham- 
Mathew James, (colored) laborer, 19 Ohio. 
Mathews John, bricklayer, h. 13 Lyman. 
Mathews John, machinist, h. Root's Alley. 
Mathews Joseph, firm H. M. & Co., bds. 

Commercial House. 
Mathews Samuel, proprietor Mathew's 

Block, bds. 80 Public Square. 
Mathews S. H., map publisher, bds. Burnett 

Mathews Sylvester, R. R. engineer, h. 9 

Wm. C. NOETH'S Photograph and Fine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St. 



Mathews Thomas, laborer, Root's Alley. 

Mathews William H., clerk, h. 150 Bridge 

Mathews Conrad F., cap store, 104 Lorain. 

Mathivet Jean V., clerk, 137 Superior, h, 
200 St. Clair. 

MATHIVET P., jewelry, 137 Superior, h. 
East Cleveland. 

Mathner Frank, shoemaker, h. 43 Cross. 

Matson John S., Review collector, bds. 146 

Matson Sylvester W., clerk, C. C. Carlton's, 
bds. 22 Bolivar. 

Mattar John, butcher, h. 45 Vine. 

Matten Charles, laborer, 103 Leonard. 

Matoon Edward, brakesman, bds. 476 Ham- 

Maunder John, shoemaker, h. 250 Pitts- 

Manver Andreas, grocery, 420 Lorain. 

Mans Joseph , grocery, 141 Lorain. 

Mantner Samuel, i>cddler, h. 209 Pittsburgh. 

Maxou WilUam, clerk, 61 River, h, 139 

Maxwell John, captain, h. 219 St. Clair. 

Maxwell Thomas, shoemaker, h. 11 Third 

May Adam, baker, h. 69 Oregon. 

May Mrs. C. P., h, 126 Erie. 

Mav Mrs. E., widow of William J., h. 126 

May Ernest, paper carrier, h. 45 Scoville Av- 

May Franklin, clerk, 116 Ontario, bds. Ben- 
net House. 

MAY GEORGE, firm Coe & M., bds. Wed- 
dell House. 

May Joel, clerk, 214 Superior. 

Mayberry John, lake engineer, h. 62 Lam- 

Mayer A., firm Koch, Levi & M., bds. Bennet 

MAYER JACOB, watchmaker and jeweler, 
153 Water. 

Mayer James, laborer, Lucas & Co., bds. 

Mayer John, melodeon maker. 

Maynard Thomas, agent, Lake Superior Pi- 
oneer Iron Company, and Northern Iron 
Company, bds. Angler House. 

Mayso John, laborer, Croton. 

Mead George, carpenter, h. comer Garden 
and Brownell. 

Mead John, carpenter, h. 43 Jackson. 

Mead Matthew M., conductor,C. & E. R. R., 
h. 276 Lake. 

Meader A., accountant, 107 Bank. h. 19 

Meads Alfi-ed, h. 41 Huntington. 

Meads George W., joiner, h. 5 Garden. 

Meads Henry, tailor, 154 Prospect. 

Meads Thomas D., clerk, 10 Public Square, 

bds. 41 Huntington. 
Means John, cooper, h. 8 Lorain. 
Mcares L. F., clerk, 247 Superior, h. 256 

Meark William, wagon maker, h. 14 Dela- 
Mearka Frederick, wheelwright, h. 219 Or- 
Mears L. W., salesman, 144 Water, h. 115 

Mears Mrs., millinery, 256 Superior. 
Measngas John, cooper, h. 108 Irving. 
Meckes Matthias, tailor, h. 87 Chatham. 
Medaiy Maria, widow of Jacob, h. 134 

MEDICAL COLLEGE, comer Erie and St. 

Medley Thomas, musician and barber, 72 

Medlin Allen, (colored) carpenter, h. 100 

Medrer John, laborer, 72 William. 
Meehan James, laborer, 110 Ohio. 
Meehan John, laborer, bds. 29 Elm. 
Meehan Thomas, sailor, bds. 29 Elm. 
Meehan William, laborer, 29 Elm. 
Meek James, drayman, h. 14 Williams 

Meffert John, baker, h. 405 St. Clair, 
Meffert M. F., clerk, 190 Superior. 
Meghe James, tailor, h. 238 Lake. 
Meghtr Susan H. 47 Third. 
Mehen William, laborer, Elm. 
Mehl John, clerk, 168 Seneca. 
Mehling Andrew, painter, h. 423 Lake, 
Mehringer Martin, butcher, 89 Seneca. 
Meier Jacob, saloon, 91 Spruce. 
Meilender Frederick, laborer, 23 Green. 
Meilson William, lake captain, h. 20 Muir- 

Melan J. G., brewer. 
Melander Johan, machinist, h. G2 Penn. 
Melaven Stephen, ship carpenter, h. 105 

Melcher Adolph, laborer, rear 102 Hamilton. 
Melcher Henry J., firm M. & Co., h. rear 94 

MELCHER JOSEPH H., firm M. & Co., 

h. 94 Brownell. 
Melcher Michel, candle maker, h. Hamilton. 
MELCHER & CO., groceries, 190 Prospect. 
Melhinch G. F., clerk, bds. 124 Water. 
Melhinch William, produce commission 

merchant, 64 Merwin, bds. 6 Euclid. 
Melius Daniel, joiner, C. & E. R. R. car 

Mellala Thomas, cooper, h. 30 Fulton. 
McUen L. F. firm Spencer & M., h. 65 


Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph, in OU, Plain Photograph, 



Mellen Terrence, marble polisher, h. alley, 

between Ohio and Walworth. 
Meller Henry, tailor, 100 Lorain. 
MELODEON HALL, 205 Superior. 
Melrose John, blacksmith, bds. 46 Eagle. 
Melrose Peter, blacksmith, bds. 46 Eagle. 
Melson Sylvester, joiner, h. 42 Church. 
Melton G. W., bds. 18 Summit. 
Melton Herbert L., supply office, Western 

Union Telegraph Co,, h. 18 Summit. 
Melville Frank, brakesman, h. 14 Prospect. 
Mendel Gehrman, carpenter, h. 52 Ward, 
Menig Martin, cabinet maker, h. corner Penn 

and Chatham. 
Menke Frederick Wm., cutter, h. 51 Chat- 
Menke William F., tailor, h. 51 Chatham. 
Menphey Timothy, h. rear 89 tiamilton. 
Menser John, maltster, bds. 19 Jay. 
Mantle Henry, laborer, St. Clair. 
Mercer William, mason, h. 44 Irving. 

Superior and Bank. 
Merchant Mrs., widow of Ira, h. 82 Hu- 
MERCHANT SILAS, proprietor Angier 

Meredith James, firm Black & M., h. 130 


House, 38 River. 
Merkel Philip, chair maker, bds. 77 Hill. 
Meriam Joseph B., teller City Bank, h. 23 

Meringer Martin, butcher, 117 Bridge, corner 

Mernan Michael, blacksmith, h. rear 44 Bol- 
Merriam William, conductor C, C. and C. R. 

R., h. 64 Franklin. 
Merriam William M., cashier 127 Water, bds. 

23 Euclid. 
Merrick A. W., joiner, h. 122 Monroe. 
Merrick Mrs. Myra, physician, h. 13 Chest- 
MERRICK THOMAS E., firm Conklin & 

M., h. 18 Fulton. 
Men-ick W. H., (colored) saloon, 22 Frank- 
Merrill E. H,, salesman, 191 Superior, h. 15 

Merriman James, laborer, 183 Columbus. 
Merritt Ebenezer, m. d., h. 94 Bond. 
MeiTos Joseph, laborer, 13 Wadsworth. 
Merry Matthew, livery, 162 Seneca. 
Mertesheimer Frederick, citv prison keeper, 

h. 398 St. Clair. 
Merwin David P., bds. 35 Euclid. 

Merwin Noble H., translator of French, 
Spanish and German, 178 Superior. 

Meser M., laborer, ^33 Superior. 

Messer Adam, carpenter, h. 46 Marion. 

Messer John, cabinet maker, 77 Michigan. 

Messer Martin, cabinet maker, h. 833 Supe- 

Messerschmidt Conrad, cooper, h. 33 Ab- 

Messersmith Henry, cooper, h. 11 Jay. 

Mesker Henry, laborer, 139 York. 

Mesker John H., clerk, 29 Superior, h. 139 

MESSNER FRANCIS, billiard saloon, 176 
Ontario, h. 5 High. 

Mester John, painter, h. 23 Jackson. 

Metcalf Charles, salesman, Shepherd & Lew- 
is, bds. 91 State. 

Metcalf Philip, stone cutter, h. 93 Kinsman, 

Erie near Ohio. 

CHURCH, Cashier. 

Metinger George, brass finisher, bds. 206 
St. Clair. 

Metson John, clerk, bds. 52 Bond. 

Metzger Christian, firm Bishop, Mason & Co., 
h. ill Lake. 

Metzger C. W. F., 40 Public Square, h. Ill 

Meuree Christopher, cooper bds. Water. 

Meuller Frederick, brick mason, h. 74 

Meyer Charles, grocery, 380 Pittsburgh. 

Meyer Conrad, porter, 61 River, h. 78 Jer- 

Meyers Frederick, melodeon maker, h. Sen- 

Meyers George, tailor, h. 81 Willet. 

Meyer George, boarding house, 130 River. 

Meyer Henry, knife grinder, h. 104 Green- 

Meyer Jacob, iron rolling mill, h. 91 Lyman. 

Meyer Jacob, shoemaker, 152 River. 

Meyer Jacob, laborer, 49 William. 

Meyer Jacob, cigar maker, 134 Superior, h, 
corner Penn and Chatham. 

Meyer John, laborer, 66 West Centre. 

Meyer John, laborer, 110 Irving, 

Meyer Matthias, blacksmith, h. rear 71 Ham- 

Meyer Philip, mason, h. 432 Pittsburgh, 

Meyer Solomon, carpenter, h. 82 Garden. 

Mej'er Simon, machinist. 

MEYER WILLIAM, physician, 44 Public 

Square, h 307 Kinsman. 
Meyers Jacob C, wagon maker, Center, h. 

37 Webster. 
Micer John, moulder, h. 105 Bridge. 
Michael Arnation, laborer, 43 Wilson. 

r Amtorotype, shoidd not fail to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 



Michael Catharine, widow of Martin, h. 78 

Michuiihan John, masoB, h. 47 Marion. 
Michie Alexander, grocer, corner Ohio and 

Kinsman, h. 69 Ohio. 
Micklish Henry, grocery, 171 Detroit. 
Middleton Francis W., carpenter, h. 46 

Midelberger Martin, clerk, h. 344 Pitts- 
Midigan James, tinner, 216 Superior, bds. 12 

Mier Conrad, laborer, h. 78 Jersey. 
Mifford Martin, tailor, rear of 437"^ St, Clair. 
Miger Frederick, brakesman, h. 441 River. 
Milard Patrick, saloon, 9!) West Main. 
Miles Nancy^ widow of Patrick, h. 181 

Miles William, h. 42 Granger. 
Milford Marinda, widow of William, bds. 

American Hotel. 
Milhuisan John, cabinet finisher, bds. Penn. 
Milheiser Christojiher, wood sawyer, alley 

between Chatham and Monroe. 
Mill Nathaniel, agent, h. 151 Pearl. 
Miller Adolph, rear 276 Hamilton. 
Miller Andrew, shoemaker, h. 50 Granger. 
Miller Anton, cabinet maker, h. 30 Burn- 
Miller Augustas, shoemaker, h. 7 Irving. 
Miller Augustus, clerk, 54 Merwiu. 

Miller , cooper, h. Hicks. 

Miller Caspar, laborer, bds. 92 Lyman. 
Miller Charles, butcher, h. 28 Monroe. 
Miller Charles, shoemaker, h. Cherry. 
Miller Charles, assessor, h. 89 Wa.shington. 
MILLER CHARLES H., Napoleon House, 

104 Water. 
Miller Charles L., bakery, 44 Cherry, 
Miller Daniel, laborer, bds 108 Kinsman. 
Miller Edwin A., clerk, 7 Public Square. 
Miller Emil}', w!dow of Sam'l,h. 84 Oregon. 
Miller Ezra, engineer, C. & E. K. R. 
Miller Frank, sailor, h. 91 Spruce. 
Miller Frank, laborer, 68 Oregon. 
Miller Frederick, drayman, h. 41 Harbor. 
Miller Frederick, drayman, h. 94 Hamilton. 
Miller Frederick, ship carpenter, h. 64 Wil- 

Miller George, carpenter, h. 37 Greenwood. 
Miller George, finisher, h. 144 Bridge. 
Miller Gottlieb, blacksmith, h. 31 Monroe. 
Miller Hiendrich, fireman, h. 78 Muirson. 
Miller Henry, chandler, h. 21 Tracy. 
Miller Henry, clerk, 158 Ontario, bds. Cedar 

Miller Henry, laborer, 92 Lyman. 
Miller Henry, laborer, 39 Cherry. 
Miller I. II., firm M. & Barnett, h. 219 


Miller Jacob, sailor, 127 West Main. 

Miller Jacob, brewer, 79 Oregon. 

Miller Jacob, laborer, 78 Hill. 

Miller Jacob, laborer, 74 Oregon. 

Miller James H., bds 41 Euclid. 

Miller James, engineer, C. & P. R. R., bds. 
491 Lake. 

Miller John, laborer, 15 Clifton. 

Miller John, sailor, h. 22 Grove. 

Miller John, stone cutter, h. 184 Pearl. 

Miller John H., tinner, h. 362 St, Clair. 

Miller Joseph, engineer, C. & P. R. R., 

Miller Lawrence, laborer, 30 Clifton. 

Miller Louis, butcher, 303 St. Clair, h. 305 
St. Clair. 

Miller M. D., boarding-house, 80 Bank. 

MILLER MADISOX, justice of peace, 88 
Superior, h. 190 St. Clair. 

Miller Michael, cooi)er, 62 Orange. 

Miller Mrs. Catharine, widow, h'. 92 Penn. 

Miller Nicholas, laborer, rear 92 Irving. 

Miller Paul, tailor, h. 11 Liberty. 

Miller Peter, marble polisher, h. 77 Michi- 

Miller Peter, laborer, 93 Hicks. 

Miller Peter, laborer, 82 Turnpike. 

Miller Peter, firm M. & Danglgenesen, 
brewers, h. 377 Ivinsman. 

Miller Peter, tailor, 14 Mil. 

Miller Peter, laborer, 93 Hicks. 

Miller S. J., h. 282 Euclid. 

Miller Sherman, sail maker, 28 John. 

Miller William, tailor, h. 53 Bank. 

Miller William, cooper, bds. 27 Third. 

Miller William, blacksmith, 52 Michigan. 

Miller William E., clerk, 148 Water, bds. 
141 St. Clair. 

Miller Yedrude, widow of Peter, h. 275 Lake. 

MILLER & BARRETT, flour, grain and 
mill feed, 13 Pearl. 

Millgate James, ma.son, h. 167 Greenwood. 

Milligan Michael, (colored) janitor medical 
college, h. 151 St. Clair. 

Milligen John, moulder, h. 86 Franklin. 

Mills Edward, clerk. 

Mills Theodore G., railroad conductor, h. 84 

Milo Peter, blacksmith, h. 265 Lake. 

Minahan Daniel, laborer, 52 Hicks. 

Minchen Francis, tailor, h. 85 Cedar Av- 

Minckley paper maker, h. 32 Belmont. 

Minckley C. A., confectionary, 110 Ontario. 

Miner Augusttis, h. 400 Lorain. 

Miner Frederick, teamster, h. 98 Lake. 

Mines John, tailor, h. 16 Mechanics. 

Miner John R., accountant, 142 Water, h. 17 

Miner Nicholas, laborer, 399 Detroit 

Mink Charles, gardener, 668 Superior. 

Deoderised Coal Oil, manufactured by LAW & NORTH, 



Mink Charles, tailor, h. 74 Webster. 
Mink Fritz, joiner, 214 Hamilton. 
Minkle Charles, rail repairer, C. & E. E. E. 
Minky Charles, tailor, bds 108 Water. 
/Minnenk Henry, sash maker, h. 88 Tracy. 
Minnick Bennett, tailor, h. Perry, between 

Euclid and Superior. 
Minor G. G., clerk, Herald, h. 46 Wilson. 
Minor H. C, & J. E., bakers and confection- 
, ers, 116 Pearl. 
Minor Henry C, firm of H. C. & [J. E. M., h. 

116 Pearl. 
Minor Joseph E., firm of H. C. & J. E. M., 

bds. Angier House. 
Minnet Frederick, butcher, h. Penn. 
Minzer John, packer, h. Irving. 
Mirace John, laborer, 155 Wilson. 
Mirick J. E, engineer, bds. 5 Hamilton. 
Mirrick Orrin, captain on lakes, h. 139 West 

Miser Henry, laborer, 100 Oregon. 
li itchel Arnold, (colored) waiter, h. 76 Ham- 
Miichel Edward B., h. 133 Orange. 
Mitchell Ellen, widow of John, h. 5 Eoot's 

Mitchdl Eugene 0., bds. 221 Kinsman. 
Mitchell Frederick, blacksmith, bds. 437 

MitchelJ George, (colored) sailor, h. 93 Or- 
Mitchell George, carpenter, h. Cooper. 
Mitchell Henry, painter, rear h. 77 Oregon. 
Mitchell Jacob M., 221 Kinsman. 
Mitchell John A., (colored) musician, h. 40 

Mitchell JohnC, laborer, 91 Kinsman. 
Mitchell John H., carpenter, h. 365 St. 

Mitchell Sophia, h. 62 Burnham. 
Mitchell William, carpenter, h. 305 Perry. 
Mitchell William, shoemaker, h. 395 Lorain. 
Mitchell William, shoemaker, h. 31 Jackson. 
Mittelstuedt Edward, tinner, 96 Pittsburgh. 
Mittelb3rgen M., clerk, 128 Superior, h. 344 

Mittleberger E. G. P., firm H. G. Lucas & 

Co., bds. American House. 
. ::TTLEBERGER WILLIAM, coal dealer, 

Stockley's pier, h. 34 Euclid. 
Mix Leander, clerk, 159 Ontario, h. 267 

Mix Eobert E., firm M. & Morris, h. 255 

MIX & MORRIS, storage and shipping 

merchants, Dock, foot of Front and River. 
Mixan Nicholas, jr., joiner, h. 151 Hamilton. 
Mixan Nicholas, laborer, 151 Hamilton. 

Mixten , 32 Clinton. 

Mizer Henrj^, laborer, 522 Superior. 

Moan Owen, grocery, 292 Detroit. 

Moan Patrick, grocer, 192 Ontario. 

Mobbe Christian, laborer, 25 Clifton. 

Mock Baptist, h. 2 Root's Alley. 

Mock Semon, saloon, 29 Blair. 

MOEDER DANIEL, merchant tailor, 150 

River, h. 134 Pittsburgh. 
Moeller Y. H., mouldings, piano legs, &c., 

Hewitt's Block, h. Belmont. 
Moess Michael, shoemaker, 48 Parkman. 
Moffitt Albion 0., salesman, 140 Water, bds. 

185 St. Clair. 
Mog Andrew, saloon, 324 Pittsburgh. 
Mohan James, blacksmith, h. 63 Pearl. 
Mohardy Frederick, clothing, Superior, h. 

263 Perry. 
Moher Theodore, livery stable, 128 Cham- 
plain, bds. 317 St. Clair. 
Mohrhardt P. F., firm Althen & M., h. 33 

Mohrmann Harmann, blacksmith, h. 249 

Mola Hi poly te, tailor, 6 Pearl. 
Moldar George, boarding house, 21 Frank- 
Moley Mrs., widow of William, boarding 

house, 40 High. 

202 Superior, h. 82 Prospect. 
MoUen James, drayman, h. 94 Chestnut. 
MoUen William, laborer, 34 California. 
MOLLEN WILLIAM C, saloon, 200 Onta- 
Molloy Thomas, moulder, h. 76 Franklin. 
Moloney Edward, firm H. G. Townsend & 

Co., bds. 18 Hamilton. 

Molten , 19 Wilson. 

Molyneau Joseph B., printer, bds. 54 Lake. 
Moncreal Isaac W., carpenter, 301 Erie. 
Moueghan Marcus, boiler maker, C. & B. E. 

R. machine shop, h. 208 Hamilton. 
Monell A. G., h. 19 Granger. 
Monkman Francis, laborer, 42 Greenwood. 
Monroe James, captain, h. 299 Erie. 
Monroe Nelson, wholesale grocer, 169 River, 

h. 43 Euclid. 
Monroe William F., h. 115 Bolivar. 
Monroe L. H., salesman, 169 River, bds. 80 

Public Square. 
Montgomery Archy, R. R. fireman, h. 51 

Mood J., laborer, 842 St. Clair. 
Moody Joseph, boiler maker, C. & E. E. E. 

machine shop, h. 884 St. Clair. 
Moon E. L., printer, bds. corner Middle and 

Mooney Daniel, wheelwright, 8 h. Hickox. 
Mooney Jas., saloon, 222 Ontario, h. Hickox. 
Mooney Jane, widow of Cornelius, h. 209 

West River. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario St., Cleveland, O. 



Mooney James, lalwrer, 128 Oregon. 

Mooney John, carpenter, h. 92 Greenwood. 

Mooney John, fruit peddler, h. 88 Spruce. 

Mooney Mrs. Margaret, widow of David, 
washerwoman, h. 94 Greenwood. 

MOOXEY MICHAEL, merchant tailor, 28 
Public Square, h. 4 Ilickox. 

Mooney Thomas, laborer, bds. 209 West 

Mooney Thomas, saloon, 72 Public Square, 
h. 45 Do<lge. 

Moonshine Augustic, h. 169 Hamilton.. 

Moonshine Michael, carpenter, h. 699 St 

Moorar Jacob R., (colored) farmer, h. 114 

Moore Henry, firm M. & Taft, h. 90 Bond. 

Moore Jacob, teacher, bds. 65 Michigan. 

Moore James, machinist, bds. 72 Water. 

Moore John, (colored) blacksmith, 276 De- 
troit, h. 199 Franldin. 

Moore John, grocery, h. 51 Hicks. 

Moore John, clerk, 163 Ontario, b. 98 

Moore John, laborer, 33 Champlain. 

Moore John L., clerk, American Express Co., 
bds. 17 Johnson. 

MOORE J OS! AH G., dentist, 235 Superior, 
h. 81 Lake. 

Moore Richard W., rectifier, corner Mechan- 
ics and Lorain, h 27 Mechanics. 

Moore Mrs., widow of Samuel, sr., bds. 60 

Moore Samuel, cooper, 97 Lamartine, h. 160 

Moore Smith, captain, h. 46 Herman. 

Moore Terrence, saddler, h. 16 Detroit. 

Moore Thomas, machinist, h. 24 Park. 

Moore William, carpenter, ' h. 110 Green- 

MOORE & TAFT, auction and commission, 
199 Ontario. 

Moot Jacob, teamster, h. 52 Jay. 

Moran Charles D., salesman, 217 Superior, 
b. 247 Erie. 

Moran Edward, laborer, 56 Hicks. 

Moran James, sailor, h. 70 Franklin. 

Moran John, laborer, rear 82 Water. 

Moran John, lal)i)rer, 417 West River. 

Moran John, laborer, Stockley's pier, 

Moran John, saloon, 72 Water. 

Moran Joseph, laborer. Hickory. 

Moran Michael, laborer. West River. 

Moran Peter, cooper, h. 161 Lorain. 

Moran Thomas, Stranger's Home, River. 

Morard John, cooper, 127 P>ridge. 

Morath John cooper, h. 85 Fulton. 

Morath Joseph, shoemaker, 66 Oregon. 

MORAVIAN CHURCH, Tracy, between 
Abbey and Lorain. 

is acknowledged to be 

Moreau Lewis, harness maker, h. 198 Lake. 
Morf Charles, emigrant agent, corner Main 

and Railroad. 
Morfer John, laborer, 88 Bridge. 
Morgan Alfred, railroad man, bds. 73 Bank. 
Morgan A. W., engraver, h. 18 Walnut 
Morgan Charles, clerk, h. 74 Prospect. 
Morgafi Elizalieth, milliner, 1 Pearl. 
Morgan Edmond P., firm M. & Root> h. 

166 Euclid. 
Morgan Ervin, blacksmith, h. 101 Herman. 
Morgan George, gardener, 67 Phelps. 
]\Iorgan George, bds. 74 Prospect. 
Morgan Mrs., widow of Henry, dressmaker 

74 Prospect i 

Morgan H. C, chain maker, h. 27 Bolivar. ( 

Morgan -John, h. 32 Green. 
Morgan John, laborer, 153 Wilson. j 

Morgan Owen, h. 429 River. j 

Morgan William, clerk, 228 Superior, bds. / 

166 Euclid. / 

Morgan William, mason, b. 28 Sibley. ' 

MORGAN & ROOT, dry goods, 228 Suijeriojf . 
Morganroth Theodore, laborer, rear 132 Bol- 
Morganrotb Crist, laborer, rear 132 Bolivar. 
Morgenstein Christian, laborer, 14 Fountain 

Moriarty Daniel, laborer, 39 Whitma.i. 
Moriarty John, laborer, 41 Willet 
Morits Charles, book keeper, brewery , h. 66 

Morkan Patrick, shoemaker, h. 5 Superior 

Morley Albert, marble cutter, bds. E;igle. 
Morley Jesse H., firm M. & Odell, li. 349 

MORLEY & ODELL, brass founders, 66 

East Centre. 
Morlock Christian, clerk. 36 River, b. St 

Mormon Anson, 318 St Clair. 
MORNING LEADER, daily, tri-\7eekly, 

and weekly, 144 Superior. 
Morrill George W., firm M. & Bow ers, h, 

803 Lake. 
MORRILL & BOWERS, car builders, iLake, 

near Case Avenue. ' 

Morris David, firm Price, Crawford & I.I., u. 

255 Euclid. 
Morris Elizabeth, widow, 45 Canal. 
Morris Freeman H., txilor, 8 Public Square, 

h. 60 Prospect. 
Morris H., barber, (colored) bds. Canal. 
Morris James, shoemaker. 
Morris John, joiner, h. 292 Erie. 
Morris Henry C, gent, h. 91 Ontario. 
Morrison H. P., fruit and confectionerv, 101 

St. Clair. 
Morris Lewis R., firm Mix & M., h. Church. 

the best in the State. 



O'Rourke Thomas, tailor, h. 128 Garden. 

Orr Frank B., clerk, G. Worthington & Co., 
bds. 61 Prospect. 

Orr John H., h. 61 Prospect. 

Orr Samuel, engineer, Cuvahoga Furnace, li. 
43 Hurd 

Orth H. R., bakery, 8 Frankfort. ^^ 

Orth Harman, carpenter, h. 43 Jersey. 

Orth Henry, clerk, 242 Superior, bds. 206 
St. Clair. 

Orth Philip, R. R. depot, h. 5 Floyd. 

Orth Philip, bhicksmith, h. 168 Seneca. 

Ortly Joseph, blacksmith, h. Heights. 

Ortner J. L., carpenter, h. 164 Hamilton, 

Orton John, boatman, bds. Canal Basin. 

Orton Thomas, blacksmith, 243 Hudson, h. 
106 Laurel. 

Osboru J. S., clerk, 109 Bank, h. 255 Kins- 

Osborn John, laborer, 105 Hamilton. 

Osbaum Teams, laborer, 154 Oregon. 

Oschner Johannes, tailor, h 268 Perry. 

Osman Christian, machinist, h. 76 Chatham. 

Osman George, boarding house, 145 Turn- 

Osman Thomas, carriage painter, h. Brook- 

Osnauer Christian, locksmith, 21 Ann, h. 76 

Oster John, laborer, 624 Superior. 

Oster Michael, saloon, 109 Lorain. 

Osterhold Samuel B., carpenter, h. 46 Car- 

O'SuUivau Patrick, groceries and provisions, 
70 Water, h. 21 Hicks. 

Oswalt Conrad, laborer, rear 48 Third. 

Oswolt John, cooper. Orange, bds. Kinsman. 

Otis Charles A., firm Fori & 0., iron mer- 
chants, h. 48 Wood. 

Otis William A., h. 21 St. Clair. 

Otis William F., firm 0. & Brownell bds. 
Angler House, 

Otis M. L. C, firm 0. & Coffinberry, h. 122 

OTIS & BROWNELL, produce and com- 
mission merchants, corner River and Front. 

OTIS & COFFINBERRY, attorneys, 243 

Otner George, laborer, 34 Mayflower. 

Oto Christian, blacksmith, h. 54 Webster. 

O'Tool, Mary, widow of John, rear 123 

O'Toole Michael, moulder, h. 71 Summit 

Ott George, shoemaker, h. 288 St. Clair. 

Ott Loren, carpenter, h. 352 Pittsburgh. 

Otter John, brewer, h. 23 East Liberty. 

Otto John, caipenter, h. 18 Scoviile Alley. 

OHoe August, blacksmith, h. 91 Mechanics. 

Ourbon Lawrence, lime burner, h. 48 Bridge. 

Outhwaite John, sr., h. Park, near Kinsman. 

Outhwaite John, firm 0. & Blackwell, h. 59 

oil, candles and soa^J, foot St. Clair and 94 

Overocker George, saloon, 16 Pittsburgh. 

Oviatt Heman, firm Holt & 0., h. 334 Pros- 

Oviatt Luther, school teacher, bds. 82 Hu- 

Oviatt 0. M., firm Robinson & 0., h. 81 Eu- 

OVIATT'S EXCHANGE, corner Superior 
and River. 

Owen Connelh', laborer. Root's Alley. 

Owens George, sailor, h. 36 East Liberty. 

Packard Ernest, paper maker, h. 35 Jackson. 
PACKARD JOHN, county recorder, h. East 

Packard WiUiam, machinist, h. 161 Hamil- 
Packer William, machinist, h. 218 Lake. 
Paddock Dellon, boarding house, 51 Seneca. 
Paddock Henry, salesman, 221 Superior, bds. 

69 St. Clair. 
PADDOCK T S., hats, caps and furs, 221 

Superior, h. 69 St Clair. 
Padley John, cooper, bds. 30 Irving. 
Page Cyrilus, firm P. & Kitchen, li. Brook- 

Page Edward D., R. R. baggage, bds. Wed- 

dell House. 
Page Francis L., blacksmith, bds. Franklin 

Page George R,, R. R. baggage, bds. Wed- 

dell House. 
Page H. L., clerk, 247 Superior, h. 43 Ful- 
Page John, drayman, h. 150 Oregon. 
Page Melvin, carpenter, h. 152 Pearl. 
Page Samuel D., local editor Morning Leader, 

bds. 83 PubUc Square. 
Page Samuel J., boarding house, 232 Lake. 
Page Rev. Stephen B., pastor Second Baptist 

Church, h. 43 Fulton. 
Page William B., laborer, 43 Wood. 
Pahnar Henry, coppersmith, h. 370 Pitts- 

PAIGE & KITCHEN, grocers, 188 Ontario, 

corner High. 
Paine Charles, paper hanger, h. 25 Ohio, 
Paine Enoch, firm Greenman & Co., h, 284 

Paine George, plumber, h. 25 Ohio. 
Paine James, sailor, h. 16 Middle, 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 



Paine Robert F., firm P. & Wade, h. 136 St. | Park Charles A., photographer, 171 Superior. 

Clair. I Park Elias, accountant, h. 97 Tracy. 

PAIXE & WADE, attorneys, 139 Superior. [ Park George, moulder, h. 70 Bridge. 
Painter J. B. ticket ofiBoe, C. C. & C. R. R., i Parker Aaron, (colored) sailor, h. 22 Or- 

bds. Weddell House. 
Pak Michael, laborer, 7 Union, 
Palmer Charles W., clerk 62 Frankfort, h. 

24 Cedar. 

Parker Andrew, machinist, bds. Commercial 

i Parker Ann R., widow of William, h. 100 
Palmer Charles W. firm P. & Austin, h. 83 ' Franklin. 

Pearl. | Parker Bradly, teamster, bds. 904 St. Clair. 

Palmer EdmoTid, joiner, bds. 78 Parkman, i Parker Charlotte, widow of James, h. 59 
PALMER EDWARD W., agent. Forest St. Clair. 

City Varnish Co., 62 Frankfort, bds. 45 Parker Christian, wood sawyer, h. 19 Vine. 
Bolivar. Parker Frank M., foreman, Geer's livery sta- 

Paliner Edwin A., drugs and medicines, cor- i ble, hds. corner Lake and Wood. 

ner Erie and Prosjtect, 
Palmer Ferris, pail maker, bds. 144 Colum- 

Palmer George, laborer, h. 29 Bridge. 

Palmer Henry, fireman, C. & E. R. R. 

Palmer James railroad agent, h. 18 Wash- 

Palmer James U., iron fence railing, 12 
Prospect, h, 96 Brownell. 

Palmer J. B., grain storage., h. Washington 

PALMER JESSIE, city sexton, h, 

Palmer John, fanner, h. 124 Orange. 

Palmer John, 32 Walnut. 

Palmer John H., 48 Bolivar. 

Palmer D .vight, agent, Mahoning R. R., h. 
118 Washington. 

Palmer Mary B., widow of John, seamstress, 
h. 30 Rockwell. 

Palmer William H., flour and feed, 102 
Pu1)lic Square, h. 238 Pittsburgh. 

PALMER & AUSTIN, attorneys, 97 Su- 

Palmerly Milton, machinist, h. 54 Taylor. 

Palsgraft Michael, laborer, 32 Hicks. 

Pankhardt G. M., saloon, h. 83 Ohio. 

Pankhurst John, machinist, bds. 64 Oregon. 

Pankhurst John F., machinist, h. 67 Oregon. 

Pankhurst Lucy, widow of John P., h. 64 

Pannell James, builder, h. 99 Huron. 

Panther John, machinist, 144 Superior, h. 

Parcel Charles E., carpenter, bds. 364 St. 

Parcel William H., builder, h. 364 St. Clair. 

Parce Mrs. Jane, widow of, h. 59 

Parish Edwin, painter, bds. 196 Ontario. 

Parish G. C, carpenter, h. 196 Ontario. 

Parish James B. firm P. & Knigh, h. 278 

Parish i\Irs. M., boarding-house, 102 St. Clair. 

PARISH & KNIGHT, stoves, tinware, &c., 
94 Superior. > 

Parker Hezekiah, (colored) boatman, h. 245 

Parker Julius G., sign painter, 274 Superior, 

bds. Bennet House. 
Parker M. C, eclecric physician, 50 Public 

Square, h. 221 Pittsburgh, 
Parker William F., car builder, h. 812 Lake. 
Parker William II., car builder, bds. 812 

Parker W. W., conductor, h. 59 High. 
133 PARKER & BUTLER, eclectic physicians 

and druggists, 50 Public Square, south 

PARKER & Co., dealers in machinery, cor- 
ner Water and St. Clair. 
Parkin Benjamin, machinist and supply 

store, 231 Bridge, corner Harbor. 
Parkin John, carpenter, h. 75 Mechanics. 
Parkin John, firm J. P. & Co., h. 277 Colum- 
PARKIN J. & CO., file works, 23 Colum- 
PARKS E. N., agent, Valentine and Lake 

Shore Exf)ress, 6 Atwater Building. 
Parks George, h. 176 Lake. 
Parks James R., private watchman, h. comer 

Sibley and Case Avenue. 
Parks Norman, printer. Morning Leader, h. 

42 Water. 
PARKS ROBERT, collector of customs, 

Government Buildings, bds. American. 
PARKS WAREHAM, botanic physician, 

46 Public Square. 
Parrnalee Henry, fireman, bds. 89 Wilson. 
Paramalee John, firemen, bds. 89 Wilson. 
Parmenter A. W., firm G. W. Calkins & 

Co., h. 144 Clinton. 
PARSONS C. H., law books, 191 Superior, 

h. 17 Hamilton. 
Parsons Edwin, clerk, C. & T. R. R., bds. 

69 Hamilton. 
Parsons Joel B., salesman, 143 Water, bds. 

19 Sheriff. 
Parsons John W. general ticket agent, C. & 

T. R. R. 

W. C. NORTH'S Photograph and Pine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 



Parsons Richard C, firm. Spalding & P., h. 
300 Prospect. 

Parsons William, gardener, h. 213 Ham- 

Parsons William, porter, h. 79 Wood. 

Parsons William, clerk, C. C. & C. R. R. 

Partridge William, shoemaker, h. 4§ Car- 

Pashold Nicholas, cooper, h. 229 Garden. 

Pattinsob Mary J. widow of Michael, h. 151 

Pattison George, machinist, h. 9 Hamilton. 

Paton & Smith, soap and candles, 134 Leo- 

Patrick Charles, cashier. Post Office, h. 304 

Patrick James, saloon. Canal. 

Patrick Thomas, carpenter, h, 51 Croton. 

Patrick William, clerk. National Democrat, 
bds. 304 Superior. 

Patten Alexander, clerk, city mills, h. Kins- 

Patten Frank, fireman, bds. 126 Hamilton. 

Patten John, (colored) shoemaker, h. 110 

Patterson Andrew, drayman, h. Sterling Av- 
enue, between Hamilton and St. Clair. 

Patterson Andrew, joiner, C. & E. R. R., 
h. 521 Case Avenue. 

Patterson Charles, grocery, 261 Detroit. 

Patterson Charles, moulder, h. 72 Sterling 

Patterson Clarence, (colored) waiter Angler 

Patterson George, machinist, C. & E. R. R. 

Patterson George, cooper, 28 St. Clair, h, 12 

Patterson Henrv, waiter, Stevens' Dining 
Hall, h. rear 167 Clinton. 

Patterson John, sailor, h. Ill Taylor. 

Patterson Michael, laborer, h. West River. 

Patterson Michael, saloon, 175 West River. 

Patterson Ovando, h. 65 Ontario. 

Patterson Mrs., widow of Peter, h. Elm. 

Paul John, baggage master, C. & E. R. R., 
bds. 330 Lake. 

Paul John B., miller, h. 112 Franklin. 

Paul Richard C, shoemaker. 

Paustain Henry, laborer, h. 124 Case Ave- 

Payne Charles H., clerk, bds. American 

Payne Charles T., salesman, bds. American 

PAYNE HENRY B., h. 211 Euclid. 

Payson George, paper maker, h, 148 Cro- 

Peacock John, moulder, h 215 Pittsburgh. 

Pearce James, sailor, bds., 84 Hicks. 

Pearse H. E., clerk, American Express C*., 
Ms 118 Bolivar. 

Pearsall Benj., nail maker, bds. 52 Orange. 

Pearson H. B.. book-keeper, 217 Superior, 
bds. 16 Johnson. 

Pearson J., h. 345 Kinsman. 

Pearson Robert, engineer, h. 152 Croton. 

Pearson Samuel, piano tuner, bds. American 

Pearson F. A., baggage master, h. 49 Eagle. 

Pearson William, clerk, h. 4 Greenwood. 

Pease Alonzo, artist, 205 Superior, h. Ober- 

Pease Erskine, brakesman, bds. 77 Water. 

Pease Royal A., boarding-house, 77 Water. 

Pease Sheldon, propeller agent, h. 359 Su- 

Pease William H. H., brakesman, C. P. & A. 
R. R., bds. 77 Water. 

Peat Rev. John, Pastor St. Clair street Metho- 
dist Church, h. 68 Wood. 

Peck Elihu M., ship builder, h. 255 Frank- 

Peck E., laborer, 16 Phelps. 

Peck George W., ship broker, vessel and ca- 
nal boat agent, warehouse and office 164 
West River, h. 248 Washington. 

Peck Levi Capt., h. 86 Dare. 

Pedrick E. clerk, 173 Superior, bds. 312 Su- 

Pedtal Jacob, mason, h. 19 Bumham. 

Pegan William, goldsmith, bds. 206 St. 

Pegley John, moulder, h. 53 Whitman. 

Peiesenger John, saddler, h. 181 Pearl. 

Peiffman Henry, brick maker, h. 29 Irving. 

Reiser Just, laborer, 89 Greenwood. 

Peixotto B. F., firm G. A. Davis & Co., h. 
122 Chestnut. 

Peixotto Raphael, finn G. A. Davis & Co., 
bds. 22 Chestnut. 

Pekoe Joseph, (colored) barber, 94 Bank. 

Pelkey John, bds. 72 Taylor. 

Pel key Paul, sailor, h. 72 Taylor. 

Pellett Timothy, salesman, 121 River, h. 

Pelsegraff William, laborer, h. 221 Pearl. 

Pelton Edgar R., engineer, h. 8 Mandrake. 

PELTONF. W., grocer and ship chandler, 
3 and 5 East Center, h. Brooklyn. 

Pelton Samuel, grocery, h. Lorain. 

Pelton Timothy, butcher, h. 8 Clinton. 

Pelstraftt William, teamster, h. 84 Turnpike 

Peltz Levi, butcher, h. 113 York. 

Peltzgraff Michael, machinist, Cuyahoga 
Furnace, h. 36 Brainard. 

Pence Adam B., bds. St. Clair. 

Pendergast James, laborer, 197 Lorain. 

Pendegrast William maltster, 62 Spring, 

Pender M., i^lasterer, 30 Lawrence. 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph, in Oil, Plain Photograph 



Pendleton Dwight, brush maker, h. 202 

PENDl.ETON ISRAEL G., brush manu- 
factory, h. 202 Euclid. 

Pendleton Mrs. L S., widow of Dr. C. B , h. 
7 Eagle. 

Pendleton John, ship carpenter, h. 161 Kins- 

Penfield Alonson, h. 259 Erie. 

Penfield George, brakesman, bds. 259 Erie. 

Penn Robert, saloon, h. Seneca, ojiposite 

Penning John, lx)ok keeper, h. Lake. 

Pemmey Peter, shoemaker, 90 Lake. 

Pennington Samuel, carpenter, bds. 32 Man- 

Pennington Samuel C, carjienter, bds. 307 

Pennrich Peter A., upholsterer, h. 225 Pearl. 

Penterghast Peter, stone cutter, h. Ill Ore- 

Pentikt Figer, brush maker, 87 Champlain. 

Penty Thomas, teaming, 61 Cross. 

Pepi^ard Alfred B., tin.smith, h. 407 Detroit. 

Pepper Nathaniel C, agricultural and seed 
store, Merwin, h.54 Kinsman. 

Pepper Thomas, machinist, bds. 63 Water. 

Peppcrday William, machinist, h. 7 Foun- 
tain Alley. 

Pe])perday William H,, machinist, h. 7 
Fountain Alley. 

Percey Lorenzo D., boiler maker, h. 35 

Percey & Roe, fish, 150 Pearl. 

Percival Denman, Jarra H. F. P. & Co., h. 
144 Clinton. 

Percival Dennis, wool and pelt dealer, h. 108 

Percival F. A. firm H. F. P. & Co., h. 114 

Percival H. F., firm H. F. P. & Co., h. 114 

PERCIVAL HENRY F. & CO., morocco 
manufacturers, 19 Leonard. 

Percival John F. planing mill, 2 Elm, h. 
43 Church. 

Pereira George, painter and grainer, 199 
Ohio, h. 119 Cedar. 

Pereira John, painter, h. 349 Kinsman. 

Perkins , tiimer, bds. 63 Water. 

Perkins Jerome T., clerk, corner Pearl and 
Detroit, bds. 17 Pearl. 

PERKINS JOSEPH, office Atwater Block, 
h. 267 Euclid. 

Perkins Reid, carpenter, h. 67 Vine. 

Perkins Simon, jr., teller, Bank Commerce, 

bds. 19 Johnson. 
Perkins W. C, machinist, h. 45 Eagle. 
Perkins Wm. C., turner, h. 51 Jay. 

Perrin Abram, carpenter, h. 142 Bridge. 

or Ambrotype, shovild not fail 

Perrin Christopher C, carpenter, h. 108 

Perrv Alanson A., groceries and provisions, 
130 Ontario, h. 129 Garden. 

Perry A. M., firm A. M. P. & Co., h. 60 

PERKY A. M. & CO., flour dealers, 116 
and 118 Superior. 

Perrv Mrs. Caroline, shirt maker, 319 Erie. 

PERRY CROSS & CO., coal dealers, West 

Perry Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of John, h. 
305 Lake. 

Perry James F., bds 106 Bolivar. 

Perry Nathan, h. 215 Euclid. 

Perry Oliver H., h. 215 Euclid. 

Perry Seth, firm A. M. P. & Co., bds Bennet 

Perry Sanford W., clerk, 139 Merwin, h. 63 

Perry Thomas, ship carpenter, h. 119 Fulton. 

Perry Thomas A. carpenter, h. 189 West 

Persell Thomas, laborer, 491 St. Clair, cor- 
ner Ross. 

Persons Charles, pile driver, h. 91 Whit- 

Peru Martin, sailor, bds. 81 Woodbine. 

Peru Mrs. Mary, widow of Luke, h. 81 

Peschek Frank, butcher, h. 31 Irving, 

Pesnell Thomas, laborer, 101 Hamilton. 

Pesnell Timothy, engineer, h. 110 Hamil- 

Pestnuch John, private watchman. Flats, h. 
70 Willet. 

Peter Henry, laborer, 111 Clifton. 

Peters Frederick, shoemaker, bds. 92 Park- 

Peters Henry, clerk, 148 Water, h. 18 Ore- 

Peters Joseph, shoemaker, h. 40 Ward. 

Peterson Intorn, tailor, h. 15 Third Alley. 

Peterma John, drayman, 181 Hamilton. 

Petit Eugene student, St. Mary's College, 
bds. 243 Hamilton. 

Petnefbene, Ann, widow of John, h, 43 

Petslej; John, laborer, Brooklyn. 

Pettengill Charles B, clerk, 764 Lake, bds, 
33 Case Avenue. 

Pettengill George W., salesman, 27 Superior, 
b. 34 Hanover. 

Pettingill James, laborer. 140 Courtlandt. 

Petty Ephraim, h. 60 Cross. 

Petty Mark, h. rear 187 Pittsburgh. 

Pfaff" Joseph, bricklayer, h. 119 Orange. 

Pfahl Christian, saloon, 172 River. 

Pfahl Conrad, laborer, 104 Tracy. 

Pfahl Matthias, laborer, 104 Tracy. 

to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 



Pfaus Christopher, carpenter, h. 26 Croton. 

Pfeffer Simon, shoemaker, h. 160 Oregon. 

Pfenninger Jacob J., artist, h. 61 Scoville 

Pfrenger Ernst John, laborer, 37 Alabama. 

Phayer W., lake engineer, bds. 101 Pearl. 

Pheatt Ann, widow of John, vest maker, 
186 Superior. 

Pheatt Harvey D., captain, h. 45 Cheshire. 

Phefmire Michael, blacksmith, 280 St. Clair. 

PHELPS A. J., professor penmanship, h. 
230 Erie. 

Phelps Augustus, carpet tacks. Public Square, 
h. 289 Perry. 

Phelps Erastus, engineer, h. 77 Water. 

Phelps George, fireman, h. 77 Water. 

Phelps George M., porter, 247 Superior, bds. 
230 Pittsburgh. 

Phelps H. D., book keeper, John Webster's, 
bds. 185 St. Clair. 

Phelps Miss Hortense, bds. 97 Clinton. 

Phelps Oscar F., card writer, 38 Hoffman's 
Block, h. 215 Perry. 

Philban F. Mary, -widow of Paul, h. West 

Philiban Patrick, laborer, near C. & M. Coal 

Phillip Lucus, (colored) sailor, 228 Erie. 

Phillips Agnes, grocery, 11 Michigan. 

Phillips Bridget, widow of John, washwo- 
man, h. rear 69 St. Clair. 

Phillips Ebenezer, ship carpenter, h. 154 
West Liberty. 

Phillips George P., carpet tacks, bds. 70 

Phillips Hiram, rolling mill, h. 920 St. Clair. 

Phillips , carriage driver, bds. 97 St. 


Phillips John, harness maker, 114 Superior, 
h. Cross. 

Phillips John W., joiner, h. 55 Burnham. 

Phillips Melvin W., cabinet maker, h. 105 

Phillips P. J., bds. 25 Garden. 

Phillips Thomas, joiner, h. 94 Bolivar. 

Phillips William, professor mathematics, h. 
70 Garden. 

Philpot E. C, attorney, 124 Superior, bds. 
American House. 

Philpot James, marble cutter, bds. 169 Sen- 

Philpot John, melodeon maker, h. 200 Or- 

Philpot J. T., attorney, 124 Superior, bds. 
American House, 

PHILPOT J. T. & E. C, attorneys, 124 Su- 

Phypers & Stokes, tailors, 114 Bank. 

Richer Philip, painter, h. 50 Muirson. 

Pick Valentine, mason, h. 239 Lorain. 

Pickands Henry S., cabinet maker, h. 94 

Pickands James, clerk, 185 Superior, bds. 94 

Pickands J. D., book keeper, 95 Bank, h. 94 

Pickersgill William, saloon, 179 Seneca. 
Piefer Stephen, laborer, alley between Croton 

and Orange. 
Pier Truman, shoemaker, h. 319 Lake. 
Pierce Abijah A., h. 90 Muirson. 
Pierce Abigail M., widow of Moses M., h. 

54 Bank. 
Pierce Benjamin, umbrella maker, h. 399 

Pierce George T., travelling agent, h. North. 
Pierce Henry, tailor, h. Elm. 
Pierce Lawson A., agent M. C. R. R. steam- 
boats, h. 323 Prospect. 
Pierce Mortimer L., bds. 54 Bank. 
Pierce Samuel G., joiner, bds. 112 Orange. 
Pierce S. G., carpenter, h. 112 Orange. 
Pierce Mrs. Susan, widow of Silas, h. 236 

Pierce W. B., saloon, bds. 6 Michigan. 
Pierce Warren H., salesman at J. Stacey's, h. 

54 Bank. 
Pierce William, blacksmith, bds. Michigan. 
Piers^all Benjamin, nail maker, bds. 52 Or- 

Pierson E. M., instrument maker, h. 98 Erie. 

Pierson H. B., book keeper, bds. 17 Johnson. 

Pierson William, sailor, h. 18 Johnson. 

Pierson W. E., saloon, 196 Superior. 

Pierson William H., clerk. County Recorder. 

Pike Simon, laborer, 43 Scoville Avenue. 

Pilley Charles, tailor, h. rear 54 Bolivar. 

Pincin Charles, forgeman, h. between Cashier 
and Lawrence. 

Pinder John, laborer, 86 Croton. 

Pinkerton Francis, gent., bds. 97 St. Clair. 

Pinkerton Frank, printer, bds. Johnson 

Pinkney John, carpenter, h. 77 Wilson. 

Piper Andrew J., builder, h, 71 Rockwell, 

Piper Austin, carpenter, h. 52 Greenwood. 

Piper A. N. H., joiner, h. 71 Rockwell. 

Piper Edgar W., joiner, bds. 71 Rockwell. 

Piper John, tailor, h. 62 Grove. 

Piper Lorenzo V., joiner, h. 69 Rockwell. 

Pirsech G. A., clerk, E. Stair & Co., bds, 88 

Pitkin Dudley, butcher, 112 Prospect, h. 
66 Eagle. 

PITKIN JOSHUA, agricultural and seed 
dealer, 62 Merwin, h. 215 Erie. 

Pitkin Lucius M., meat market, 112 Pros- 
pect, h. 56 Huron. 

Pitts John, student, bds. 243 Hamilton. 

Pitts Joseph, sailor, h, 49 Ward. 

Deodorised Coal Oil, Maniifactured by LAW & NORTH, 





PITTS L. H., St. Nicliolas Restaurant, 112 

Bank, li. 47 Bank. 
Pitts Martin, student, bds. 243 Hamilton. 
Pittenger Laura L., h. OG Lake, 
Placka William, teamster, li. 19 Laurel. 
PLAIN DEALER, weekly, tri-weckly and 

daily, corner Superior and Vineyard. 
Plaisted Ivory, attorney, 123 Sujierior, h. 

Eiist Cleveland. 
Plassraan Gustavus, clerk, post oflBce, h. 22 

Plath John, laborer, 103 Greenwood. 
Piatt J. B., machinist, h. 186 Clinton. 
Piatt John, carriage maker, h. 49 llurd. 
PLitz John, carpenter, bds. 311 St. Clair. 
Plekenpoll Gan-ett, laborer, 136 Burch. 
Ploughman Benjamin, moulder, h. 54 Car- 
Plumes Charles, laborer, 118 Monroe. 
Plun F., laborer, 29 Phelps. 
Poak James, laborer, 23 Case Avenue. 
Pohlmanr. William, laborer, 120 Vine. 
Pois Francis, laborer, 420 Lake. 
Poystowsky Lewis, book binder, E. Schmoll, 

h. Pine. 
Pollard Thomixs, laborer, 80 Hamilton. 
POLLOCK DAVID, groceries, 163 Ontario 

and 182 Superior, h. 104 Prospect. 
Pollock Robert, stone cutter, h. 18 Burnham. 
Pomeroy John W,, captain, h. 183 Prospect. 
Pond Aaron A., bds. 185 St. Clair. 
Pond Joseph F., patent rights, h. 61 Fulton. 
Pool Mrs., widow of Thomas, h. 104 Root. 
Poole William, clerk, G. Worthington's, h. 

68 Tracy. 
Poor Richard, engineer, C. & E. R. R. 
Pope Edward C, book keeper, 140 Water, 

bds. Bennet House. 
POPE T. J., pastor M. E. Church, Bridge 

street, h. 95 Mechanics. 
Pooe William, clerk, 163 Ontario, h. 188 

Poplowsky William, carriage trimmer, h. 71 

Popp Gottlieb, umbrellas and parasols, 37 

Popp John, umbrella maker, rear 6 Brain- 

Porter Alvin, carpenter, h. 50 Whitman. 
Porter Charles, laborer, Jersey. 
Porter Jacob, laborer, 3 Floyd. 
Porter John, printer. Herald office, h. 122 

Cedar Avenue. 
PORTER S. C, architect, office, Atwater 

Buildings, h. 164 Huron. 
Porter Thomas, blacksmith, h. 105 Hamilton. 
PORTER WELLS, justice of peace, 131 

Detroit, h. 108 Hanover. 
Post Auii;ust, shoemaker, shop 364 Lawrence, 

h. 366 Lawrence. 

Post John, news dealer, bds. 403 Superior. 
POST OFFICE, east side Public Square. 

Potoski Joseph, machinist, h. 147 Green- 

Potter Alexander, cashier city mills, h. 13 

Potter 'Betsey M., widow of John, h. 110 

Potter Henry, boot closer, b. 96 Merchaut. 

Potter Henry, fireman, C. & E. R. R. 

Potter Joseph, carpenter, bds. 222 Pitts- 

Potter Mrs. Lydia S., h. 67 Brownell. 

Potter Thomas, h. 13 Maple. 

Pottos Richard C, saloon, Seneca, h. 25 Bol- 

Potts Mrs. R. C, maker, 25 Bolivar. 

Potts William H., firm N. Dockstader & Co., 
h. 200 St. Clair. 

POWELL ALBERT, hardware and edge 
tools, 36 Detroit, h. 40 Courtlandt. 

Powell Archiljald, boarding house, 53 Pearl. 

Powell Henry, merchant, Ontario, h, 125 

Powell John, brick laver, bds. 4 Kinsman. 

Powell John H., h. 36 Cortlandt. 

Powell Samuel P., book binder, 136 Supe- 
rior, h. 98 Bond. 

Powell Wheeler M., insurance agent, Rouse's 
Block, h. 108 Clinton. 

Powelson, photographer, bds. 128 Lake. 

Powelson B. F., sewing machines, 237 Supe- 
rior, bds. — Lake. 

Power Matthew, waiter, h. 6 California. 

POWERS A. S., merchant tailor, 112 Su- 
}3erior, h. same. 

Powers Bartholomew, sailor, h. 24 West 

Powers Edward E., book keeper, 25 East 
River, bds. 242 St. Clair. 

Powers John, tailor, 53 Main. 

Powers Martin, waiter, Angier House. 

Powers Michael, gunsmith, 41 LTnion. 

Powers Peter, laborer, 16 York Alley. 

Powers Robert, laborer, bds. 88 Merwin. 

Powers Salmon A., A., merchant tailor, 125 
Bank, h. 242 St. Clair. 

Powers Thomas, gunsmith, 41 Union. 

Prasinn Robert, tailor, h. 21 Summit Alley. 

Pratt C. C, Avood planer, h. 61 Michigan. 

Pratt D. H., clerk, 212 Superior, bds. Wed- 
dell House. 

Pratt D. W\, h. 74 St. Clair. 

Pratt Dwight ]M.,cabinet maker, h. 7 Hickox. 

Pratt F. B., pattern maker, h. 47 Tracj-. 

Pratt H. M., St. Xichola.s, 112 Bank. 

Pratt Jeremiah, machinist, h. 328 Lake. 

Pratt Theodore W., salesman, 143 Water, 

Prav George F., machinist, bds, 79 Rock- 

is acknowledged to be the best in the State. 




Pretchtel M., boots and shoes, 384 Lorain. 

Preble Charles E., clerk, 217 River, bds. 24 

Preiler Adam, laborer, 156 Orange. 

Preiler Frederick, laborer. 156 Oraiige. 

Preiler Philip, laborer, 156 Orange. 

PrellJohn, laborer, 290 Lake. " — 

Prell Nicholas, laborer,. C. & P. R. R. depot, 
bds. 290 Lake. 

Prendt Frederick, pattern maker, h. 877 Su- 

Prentice Noyes, m. d., h. 13 Jay. 

Prentiss Chauncey, book keeper, 195 River, 
bds. 47 Bond. 

Prentiss Frederick J., firm S. B. & F. J. P., 
h. 75 Euclid. 

PRENTISS LOREN, prosecuting attorney, 
124 Superior, h. St. Clair Road. 

Prentiss Perry, attorney, 124 Superior, h. 47 

Prentiss Samuel B., firm S. B. & F. J. P., h. 
75 Euclid. 

PRENTISS S. B. & F.J., attorneys, 113 

Preoonka Thomas, cabinet maker. 

ner Ontario and Public Square. 

Prescot Henrv, laborer, 88 Taylor. 

PRESCOTTS & CHASE, straw goods, hats, 
caps and millinery, 143i2 Water. 

Presley Charles, ship builder, 31 Woodbine. 

Presley George, marine railway, b. 93 Clin- 

Presley 0. J., ship carpenter, h. 91 Court- 
landt. • 

Preston Mrs. Sarah C. widow, resides O. P. 

Preston Thomas, painter and paper hanger, 
h. 43 Jackson. 

Pretcer Richard, cabinet maker, h. 48 John. 

dealers, office government pier. 

PRICE DAVID, wooden and willow cab fac- 
tory, 193 Pittsburgh, h. 199 Pittsburgh. 

Price David, painter, h. 51 Parkman. 

Price Frederick, h. 105 Hill. 

Price Joseph, blacksmith, h. 206 Detroit. 

Price Mary, widow of Henry, h. 24 Middle 

Price Thomas E., ship carpenter, h. 72 Burch. 

Price W. H., firm Stilson, Leek & P., h. 79 

Price William I., firm, P., Crawford & Mor- 
ris, h. 242 Euclid 

Priclip Mrs., widow of John, h. 282 Pitts- 

Pritchard Daniel, clerk, 136 Superior, bds. 
69 Seneca. 

Pritchard Henry, S., book binder, h. 107 St. 

Pritchard Mrs. Julia, widow of Beard, h. 142 

Pritchard Marcus A., h, 142 Lake. 

Pritchard William, sailor, bds. 452 Detroit. 

Priesmann Geo., shoemaker, 14 Pearl. 

Prince John, carpenter and joiner, h. 327 

Prince John G., law student, bds. 124 Water. 

Prince Westwood, carpenter, h. 309 Wash- 

Prince William H., machinist, h. 327 Wash- 

Prior Allen P., firm P., Harbick & Co., h. 44 

PRIOR, HARBICK & CO., dealers in 
head and signal lights, lanterns, tin and 
copper ware, &c., 95 Bank. 

Prior Joseph, builder, h. 91 Duane. 

Prior William H., h. 62 Bank. 

Brisk Richard, melodeon maker, h. Cedar 

Priske Richard, cabinet maker, h. 196 Ce- 
dar Avenue. 

Probeck George J., gardener, h. 1041 St. 

Probeck John, tailor, h. 51 Harrison. 

Probert William, meat market, 65 Ontario, 
h. 205 Pittsbargh. 

Probert William, meat market, comer Ham- 
ilton and Marshall. 

Proctor Hannah C, h. 114 Bridge. 

Proctor H. E. carpenter, h. 52 Carroll. 

Proghal Mrs., widow of Christian, washwo- 
man, h. 81 Parkman. 

Propst George, cooper, h. 85 Fulton, 

PROSSER DILLON, chaplain Bethel 
Church, h. 37 Rockwell. 

Pressor Henry, sailor, bds. 142 River. 

Proud foot David, painter and glazier, 184 
St. Clair, h. 170 Kinsman. 

Proudfoot James, painter, 159 Kirjsman, h. 
172 Kinsman. 

Proudfoot John, painter, h. 57 Rockwell. 

Proudfoot John P., painter, h. 57 Rockwell. 

Proudfoot William, painter, h. 63 Rockwell. 

Provo Philip, laborer. 

Prowo Peter, mason, h. 7. Fox Avenue. 

Prueder Jacob, baker, h. 171 Greenwood. 

Prunner Jacob, carpenter, h. 316 Lake. 

Pucher Victor, file cutter, h. 76 Tracy. 

Pugh Richard, laborer, bds. 21 CHfton. 

Pugh R. J. watch maker, 10 Public Square, 
west side, h. 8 Miami. 

PUGH & STRONG, jewelers, 132 Supe- 

Puis John, undertaker, 154 Detroit, h. 234 

Puempin Henrv, porter, h. 38 Abbey. 

Punderson E.'F., 22 Miller's Block, bds, 
Johnson House. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario St., Cleveland, O. 



Punderson Rev. Ephraim,, h. 439 Kinsman. 
Puraiihoa John, mason, h. 26 Irvins;. 
Purcell John, student, bds. 243 Hamilton. 
Puicell Thomas, machinist, C. & E. R. R. 

Purdie Anthony, mason, h. 3 St. Charles. 
Purdy James, horse farrier, h. 5 Eagle. 
Purdy Nelson, firm P. & McNeil, h. 21 

PURDY & McNEIL, lumber merchants, 

277 Merwin. 
Purranhi()ii;a C. H., laborer, 10 Wadsworth. 
Putnam El bridge, conductor, C. & T. R. R., 

h. 80 Lake. 
Putnam Erastus G., clerk, 120 Superior, 

bds. American House. 
Putnam Henry W., mineral water, h. 58 

Putnam John G., h. 52 Bolivar. 
Putt Frederick, laborer, 102 Hamilton. 
Pynchon J. P., bds. Angier House. 


Quackeubusb Nicholas, sexton, First Baptist 
Church, li. 145 Garden. 

Quay A. B., printer, bds. 124 Champlain. 

Quay George, harness maker, h. 56 Cross. 

Quay James, harness maker, h. 75 Cross. 

Quiiyle Dauiel, shoemaker, h, 37 E;ust Lib- 

QUAYLE FREDERICK, boarding-house, 
86 Michigan. 

Quayle Robert, livery stable, Seneca, h. 236 
Perry, corner Sibley, 

Quayle Thomas, carpenter, h. 26 Marion. 

Quayle Thomas E., ship builder, bds. 50 

Quayle Mrs., widow of William, tailoress, h. 
66 Hill 

Quayle William IL, clerk, 32 Public Square, 
bds. 50 Bolivar. 

Queylos Francis, ship carpenter, h. 74 Mc- 

Quigenfiold Louis, chair maker, h. 74 Muir- 

Quigley John, laborer. 

Quigly Lawrence, laborer, 32 Bond. 

Quine Ann, wndow of John, h. 89 Lake. 

Quine George, ship smith, bds. 89 Lake. 

Quine William, machinist, bds. 89 Lake. 

Quinesman Edward, sailor, h. 240 Garden, 

Quinlan Martin, laborer, 82 Champlain, 

Quinlan Timothv, saloon, River, 

QUI XL AN THOMAS J., news dealer, 173 

Quinn Mrs. Ann, h. 303 Detroit. 

Quinn Arthur, Forest City Mills, office 2 
Oviatt's Block, h. corner Erie and Chest- 

Quinn Charles marble polisher, 
Quinn John, sailor, h. 82 Champlain, 
QUINN JOHN, Eagle Brewery, Michigan, 

h. 38 Huron, 
Quinn John,machinist, h. 40 Alabama. 
Quirk John W., engineer, h. 146 Bolivar. 
Quittenbaum A., physician, Richardson's 

Block, h. 36 Garden. 


Raap John, laborer, h. 221 Orange. 
Raape, Peter, laborer, rear 38 Wilson. 
Rabatzky Frederick, saloon, 10 Union. 
Rabb Richard, machinist, 697 St. Clair. 
Rabbech Henry, blacksmith, bd. 56 Orange. 
Rabman Christopher, shoemaker, 347 St 

Rahon David G., carpenter, h. 15 Crockett 

Rabon James, baggage master, L. S. R. R. 
depot, h. 199 Orange. 

Rabon Joseph, carpenter, h. 197 Orange. 

Rackl George, laborer, 25 Lorain, 

Radcliffe Alexander, mason, h. 21 Scoville. 

Radclitt' Alexander U., carpenter, h. 11 Sked. 

Radcliff Robert, carpenter, h, 92 Cedar Ave- 

Radder Karl, printer, h. Hamilton. 

Rade Maurice, gas fitter, h. 101 Mechanics. 

Radenbec Philip, wagon maker, h. 904^St 

Radermacher Robert, salesman, 146 Ontario, 
h. Oregon. 

Rady Jeremiah, laborer, C. C. & C. R. R., 
h. 98 Mechanics. 

Rady John, carpenter, h. 461 West River. 

Rady John, milkmaTi, h. 93 Mechanics. 

Raebel Hermann, druggist, 179 Pearl. 

Radermaker Eliza, widow of Joseph, h. 139 

Raemer Dietrieg, shoemaker, 318 Hamilton, 

Rafenstein Adam, boots and shoes, corner 
Huron and Ontario, and 94 Parkman, h. 
92 Brownell. 

Ragan Jacob, 71 River. 

Ragan John, drayman, h. 11 Hicks. 

Ragan Patrick, peddler, h. 244 Washington. 

Ragg Hcniy, painter, bds. Se96 naca. 

Ragg Margaret, wido\v of William, boarding- 
house, 96 Seneca. 

RAGGED SCHOOL, 70 Champlain. 

Rahall Edward, carpenter, h. 11 Willett. 

Rahn Conrad, tinner, h. 454 Hamilton. 

Rahog J., tailor, 44 Phelps. 

Raidy John, laborer. West River. 

Rake Patrick, laborer, 14 Founfcun Alley, 

Ralf William, shoemaker, h. 184 Hamilton. 

Ramsey Hiram, moulder, h. 193 Hamilton. 

Ramsey Hiram, foundry, h, 65 Harrison. 

W. C. NORTH'S Photograph and Pine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 



Ramsy Mrs. h. 81 Oregon. 

Eanacker John, sailor, h. 110 Bridge. 

Ranay John, cooper, h. 32 Fulton. 

Randall C. H., cashier, G. Worthington & 

Randall L. W., blacksmith, h. Greenwood. 

Randal Frank, sailor, bds. 99 Seneca. 

Randell Henry, painter, h. 341 Lorain. 

Randells John, laborer. West River. 

Randell W. L., blacksmith, h. 151 Green- 

Randells Thomas, laborer, near C. & M. 
coal dock. 

Randerson Joseph, butcher, 165 Detroit, h. 
72 Vermont. 

Randerson George, butcher, 165 Detroit, h. 

71 Vermont. 

Randerson Robert, butcher, 165 Detroit, h. 

72 Vermont. 

Randolph Francis, (colored) sailor, h. 19 Or- 

Raney John, sailor, h. 127 West Main. 

Rannacher F. cutter, 125 Superior, h. Brook- 

neys, 150 Superior. 

Ranney John, grainer and ornamentalist, h. 
22 Prospect. 

Ranney Joseph, shoes, 140 Ontario, h. 240 
St. Clair. 

Ranney Rufus P., firm R., Backus & Noble, 
h. 278 Euclid. 

RANNEY SYLVESTER, boots and shoe^, 
207 Superior, h. 28 Lake. 

Ranney William, clerk, 207 Superior, bds. 28 

RANSCHER JOHN G., saloon, 178 Onta- 

Ransom A., lumber dealer, h. 75 Oregon. 

Ransom Chauncey S., firm R., Cobb & Co., 
h. 184 Prospect. 

RANSOM, COBB & Co., planing mill, sash 
blinds and doors, Columbus, corner Centre. 

Ransom Richard, rectifier, 238 Lorain. 

Ranter Peter, shoemaker, h. 45 Burnham. 

Rantiers Franklin, sailor, bds. 112 River. 

Rapline Charles, painter, h. 316 Lake. 

Rapline George, painter, h. 317 Luke. 

Rapoth John, h. 56 Webster. 

Rappe Amedeus, bishop, St. John's Catholic 
Church, h. 87 Bond. 

RAPPARLEE JOHN, carriages, 52 Michi- 
gan, h. 194 Seneca. 

Rapplea Adam, blacksmith, h. 41 Irving. 

Raquet Jacob, saloon, 164 Greenwood. 

Easbolt John, cabinet finisher. 

Raspolt John, saloon, 105 Orange. 

Rathgerg John, tailor, 91 Oregon. ^ 

Raucli Jacob, wagon maker, 262 Chambers. 

Rauschkop William, laborer, Quinn's brewery. 

Raushkolb William, teamster, h. 12 Wads- 

Ravil Jacob, laborer, Franklin. 

Rawell Thomas, painter, 185 Columbus, h. 

Rawling John, moulder, h 198 Hamilton. 

Rawson Charles, accountant, bds. 356 Su- 

RAWSON LEVI, flour merchant, Oviatt's 
Exchange, foot Superior, h. 356 Superior. 

Rawson Lemuel 0, accountant, bds. 212 

Ray Peter, saloon, 113 Seneca. 

Ray Willfam, saloon, 263 West River. 

Ray William, macliinist, h. 145 Clinton. 

Raymond Henry N., clerk, 185 Superior, h. 
336 Superior. 

Raymond Samuel, firm S. R. & Co., h. 336 

RAYMOND S. & CO., dry goods, 185 Su- 

RAYNOLDS HENRY K., hardware, 96 
Superior, h. 139 St. Clair. 

Raynolds Mrs., widow, h. 28 Orange. 

Raynor Edward M., engineer, C. & E. R. R., 
h. 731 Lake. 

Raynor William, fireman, C. & E. R. R. 

Raypparla Adam, striker, h. Almon. 

Read Charles A., firm C, A. R. & Co., h. 
East Cleveland. 

Read Charles C, captain, h. 12 Vestry. 

Read Charles A. & Co., bankers, 95 Superior. 

Read Frank H., firm C. A. R. & Co., h. 28 

Readall John, cabinet maker, 264 St. Clair. 

Readenback Peter, laborer, 33 High. 

Readenger Joseph, laborer, Clifton. 

Reaihl Christopher, tin smith, bds. 108 Wa- 

Rearden Nancy, widow of Dennis, h. 36 

Reap John, cooper, h. 47 Carroll. 

Rebstalk Rudolph, laborer. Elm. 

Rechit Casper, laborer, 104 York. 

Rechter Frederick, machinist, h. 144 Ham- 

Reckersberg Louis, carpenter, 58 Parkman. 

Reckord Erastus, ship caulker, h. 95 Wood- 

Rec Jacob, ship carpenter, h. 55 Chatham. 

Redhead Henry, horse farrier, h. 196 Lake, 

Redhead H. W., blacksmith, 185 Seneca, h. 
192 Lake. 

Redhead William, horse farrier, h. 194 Lake. 

REDING AUGUSTUS R., tailor, 33 Pros- 
pect, h. 45 Marion. 

Reding Richard, tailor, h. 123 Garden. 

Redington Joseph A., agent. Lake Superior 
Mining Co., h. 210 Franklin. 

Redman Michael, clerk, bds. 4 Kinsman. 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph in OU, Plain Photograph, 



Redmond John J., h. 27 Parkman. 

Redey John, laborer, Spruce. 

Reed John, machinist, h. 08 Carroll. 

Reed John, sailor, h. 114 Turnpike. 

Reed John, tailor 129 Bank. 

Reed John C, water engineer, h. 50 Jay. 

Reed Robert, machinist, h. 260 Columbus. 

Reedach Peter, latorer, .^4 Bolivar. 

Picedy John, switchman, h. 435 Lake. 

Reehm Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of E., bds. 
122 Cedar Avenue. 

Reekard Mary A., widow of Ezra, li. 41 

Reese Clos., h. 43 Hamilton. 

Reese Frederick, grocery, 175 Lorain. 

Rees John, salesman, h. 34 Bolivar. 

Rees J. H., forwarder, River,h. 13 Oak Place. 

Reeve Thomas R., machinist, h. 491 Lake. 

Reeves Charles, farmer, h. 298 Pittsburgh. 

Reeves Mrs Catharine A., h. 194 Prospect 

Reeves Edward, laborer, bds. 3 Hoot's Alley. 

Reeves Henry W., printer, bds. 194 Pros- 

Reeves Israel M., painter, 34 Prospect. 

Reeves John, tinner, 82 Bank. 

Reeves William, painter, bds. 491 Lake. 

Reiblein Charles, painter, foreman C. & E. 
R. R. paint shop, h. Lake. 

Reichert Leonard, laborer, 37 Newton. 

Reid Alexander, eating house, 4 Eii-st Center. 

Reid W. R., clerk, 148 Water, bds. 124 

Reidenbach Peter, shoemaker, h. 681 St. 

Reidenbaucli, Peter, teamster, h. 34 Bolivar. 

Reidey John, switchman, h. 333 Lake. 

Reidy N. C, saloon, 134 River. 

Reif C, grocery, 786 St. Clair. 

Reigler, John, joiner, h. 194 Hamilton. 

Reiley Luke, drayman, h. 323 Hamilton. 

Reilly Sarah, widow of Patrick, h. alley rear 
478 Hamilton. 

Reilly Edward, bds. 211 Pittsburgh. 

Reilly Patrick, sjicculator, h. 52 East Lib- 

Reilly Thomas, drayman, li. corner Supe- 
rior and Case Avenue. 

Reilh' Mrs. Bridget, h. rear IGl Oregon. 

Reily John, laborer, 67 Lamartiue. 

Reily Joseph, shipping clerk, C. & T. R. R., 
bds. 83 Water. 

Reinhardt J., blacksmith, h. 41 Phelps. 

Reinh art Christian, tailor, 100 Water, bds. 78 
^t. Clair. 

Re's Nicholas, stone cutter, h. 107 Scovillc 

Reiser Charles, gardener, h. 163 Garden. 

Reisse C, constable and agent for Gorman 
Insurance Cnrapany, rear Krause's Drug 
Store, Ontario. 

Reitc William, firm Manning & R., h. Brook- 


Reitter Reuben, nailer, Seneca St. Bridge. 

Rehen Michael, laborer, rear 90 Oregon. 

Rehle Bertes, latorer, rear 59 Penn. 

Remington Mrs. Angeline, widow of Ezeriah, 
seamstress, h. 26 Cherry. 

Remington John G., saloon, 116 Water, h. 
83 St. Clair. 

Remington Stephen G., firm Brackett R. & 
Co., h. 83 St. Clair. 

Ilenchbecker John, laborer, 149 Monroe. 

Rendensparker John, tailor, h. 38 Burwell. 

Ilonner John, mason, h. 82 Bridge. 

Rcnner Eustice, cari)enter, h, 120 York. 

Renond W. H., captain, bds. 17 Johnson. 

Rentflersh , laborer, 99 Willot. 

Ronton, David, car{)enter, h. 122 Taylor. 

Renton John, baker, h. 80 Penn. 

Rentz Matthias, carpenter, h. 72 Marion. 

Rentz Mrs. Hannette, widow of Frederick, h. 
279 Columbus. 

Rejip John, laborer, 324 St. Clair. 

RESERVOIR, corner Franklin and Ken- 

Resler Henry, laborer, 895 Superior. 

Reseman , peddler, h. 43 Oregon. 

Respold John, painter, h. 44 Parkman. 

Rettberg Adolph, firm R. & Hausman, con- 
sul of Hanover and Brunswick, h. 173 
St. Clair. 

Rettberg George, clerk, 232 Superior, h. 102 

RETTBERG & HAUSMAN, fancy goods, 
232 Superior. 

Retter John, shoemaker, h. 103 Penn. 

Reus Casper, laborer, 34 Parkman. 

Reuscher John, stone cutter, bds. Spruce. 

Rusher G. E., bar keeper, William Tell 

Renter Rev. Geo. A., h. comer Lorain and 

Reve David, laborer. West River. 

REVIEW, daily and semi-weekly, ' 147 

Reynolds Mrs. Ann, dress maker, h. 91 Sco- 
ville Avenue. 

Reynolds Daniel, candle maker. 

Reynolds G. H., carpenter, h. 113 Burcb. 

Reynolds Hugh, shoemaker, h. 13 Division 

Reynolds Isaac, R. R. freight agent, bds. 
Commercial House. 

Reynolds John, flagman, h. rear 20 Supe- 

Reynolds Richard, h. 91 Scoville Avenue. 

Reynolds Thomas, laborer, 435 River. 

Rezner William B., druggist and physician, 
319 St. Clair. 

Rheinmaker Robert, laborer, 124 Oregon. 

or Ambrotype, shoiUd not fail to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 



h, 33 


Rhine J., laborer, 32 Lawrence. 

Rhine John, laborer, rear 274 Hamilton. 

Rhine John, laborer, 264 Hamilton. 

Rhinhart Christ, tailor, bds. 78 Water. 

Rhinehart Francis, carriage painter, 
Frankfort. ' 

Rhoads Charles, mason, h. 88 Bond. 

Rhoads James, i^lasterer, h. 188 Garden. 

RHODES & CARD, coal and iron, 
West River. 

Rhodes Charles, blacksmith, h. 237 Garden. 

Rhodes Charles D., ticket agent C. & M. R. 
R., h. 50 Washington. • 

Rhodes Charles L., Vice President and Super- 
intendent, C. & M. R. R., h. 50 Wash- 

Rhodes Daniel P., firm R. & Card, h. 148 

Rhodes Silas, gardener, h, 167 Garden. 

Rhodes W. J.^ clerk, bds. 79 Lake. 

Rhodes William, grocery, comer Eagle and 

Rhodes William J., machinist, h. 28 Brown- 

Rhone Edward, h. 79 Ohio. 

Rialy Thomas, drayman, h. 915 Superior. 

Ribble James, sailor, h. 87 Woodbine. 

Ribbles Peter, laborer, 477 Lake. 

Ribley Jacob, shoemaker, h. 49 Laurel. 

Rice Amelia, seamstress, h. 41 Wood. 

RICE & BURNETT, crockery, 103 Supe- 

Rice Harvey, attorney and farmer, h. 427 

Rice Jacob, laborer, 17 Mill, 

Rice James, stone cutter, h. 116 Courtlandt. 

Rice James, book keeper. Union Hall, h. 22 

Rice John, laborer, 27 Clifton. 

Rice John, carpenter, h. Heights. 

Rice Percival W., firm R. & Burnett, bds. 
Angier House. 

Rice Simon, cigar maker, h. 314 Pittsburgh. 

Rich Ferdinand, tailor, h. 90 Erie, 

Rich Uriah, carpenter, h. 23 Hicks. 

Rich Rev. W. A., assistant pastor, bds. 199 

Richard Jacob L., peddler,h. comer Pittsburgh 
and Irving. 

Richard Peter, shoemaker, h. 148 River. 

Richards C. D., carpenter, h. 140 Ohio. 

Richards John, h. 21 Granger. 

Richards Joseph M., gent., h. 101 St. Clair, 
Richards Thomas, stair builder, h. 69 Hicks. 
Richards Thomas, tailor, h, 38 Alabama. 

Richards W. W., County Commissioner, h. So- 
Richards William, tailor, h. 197 Hamilton. 
Richardson Cicero, (colored) plasterer, h. 116 

Richardson Frank B., machinist, bds. 52 

Richardson Henry, shoemaker, h. 25 Garden. 
RICHARDSON MARK, cigar manufactu- 
rer, 197 Superior, bds. Johnson House. 
Richardson Moses, bds 25 Garden. 
Richardson Samuel H., builder, h. 76 On- 
Richardson William, painter, h. 801 Lake. 
Richardson William, sailor, bds. 153 West 

Richardston August, cabinet maker, h. 146 

Richardt Andreas, laborer, 96 Mclican. 
Richardt Conrad, butcher, h. 51 Irving, 
Richel Thomas, tailor, h. 44 Scoville Av- 
Richman D., clerk, G. A. Davis & Co., bds. 

36 Chestnut. 
Richman Edmund, laborer, 36 Chestnut. 
Richman Mrs., widow of Washington, h. 241 

Richmond Brima, shoemaker, h. 8 Orange, 
Richmond Edward, bds. Brownell. 
Richmond Martin S., ship blacksmith, h, 70 

Richner John, machinist, h. 72 Chatham, 
Richter Frederick, machinist, h, 146 Ham- 
Richler William, maltster, Lucas & Co., 

h. Cham plain. 
Rickhart Mrs. Catharine, widow, washerwo- 
man, h. 114 Hudson. 
Rickel Henry, porter, Johnson House, 
Richersiser John, bricklayer, h. 280 Pitts- 
Riddals Charles, butcher, h. Howe. 
RIDDLE ALBERT G., firm Williamson & 

R., h. 19 Cheshire, 
Riddle Charles A., clerk, 145 Onta- 
rio, h. Howe. 
Riddle Joseph F., law student, bds. 60 Sen- 
Riddle Peter, gardener, h. Burch. 
Riddle Miss Sarah, saloon, 20 West Main. 
Ridenacher Martin, cabinet maker, h. 62 

Ridenbagh Philip, carriage maker, Lowman's, 

h. St. Clair. 
RIDER LORENZO J., attorney, 236 Supe- 
rior, h. 11 Miami. 
RIDER MILTON L., city inspector, high- 
wines and liquors, bds. 11 Miami. 
Ridge William, market man, h. 184 Cedar 

Ridgeway George, constable, h. 98 Muir- 

Ridt John, carpenter, h. comer Carroll and 

Riebold John, tinner, bds, 100 Seneca. 

Deodorised Coal Oil, manufactured by LAW & WORTH, 



Riece John, laborer, bds. 35 Bolivar. 

Riel Christian, tinner. 

Riely Tlionias, h. West River. 

Eierdon James, teamster, h. 45 Mayflower. 

Eicsch John, drayman, li. 90 Ohio. 

Riesterer Theodore, shoemaker, h. 20 Ir- 

Rijrliy O.W., clerk, II. P. Weddell, bds. 
Weddell House. 

Rigg John, machinist, h. 28 Herman. 

Rigger P]rnst, laborer, 34 Orange. 

Eigland Jacob, clerk, bds. corner Bond and 
St. Clair. 

Riglander William, grocery, 214 St. Clair. 

Riken Hamilton, cigar maker, h. 145 Biidge. 

Riley James, puddler, bds, 89 Case Avenue. 

Riley John, marble cutter, bds. 169 Seneca. 

Riley Lawrence, laborer, West River. 

Riley Peter, laborer. Hickory. 

Riley Thomas, engineer, h. 75 Fulton. 

Riley Thomas J., mail agent, bds. American. 

Rilie William, laborer, 16 Johnson. 

Rielly John, butcher, bds. 213 Garden. 

Rilly Mary, widow, washerwoman, h. Elm. 

Rimes John, blacksmithing, 60 Pittsburgh, 
h. rear 73 Bolivar. 

Riney David, (colored,) waiter, Angier 

Ring J., laborer, 43 Phelps. 

Ring Michael, laborer. 

Ring Samuel, h. 57 Clinton. 

Ripley Alvin, captain on lakes, h. 199 Clin- 

Eijjley George J., coppersmith, 9 Frankfort. 

RIPLEY, SON & CO., marble dealers, 179 

Rijjma Henry, caq^enter, h. 272 Peny, 

Eische Matthias, h. rear 82 Oregon. 

Risser Christ, cabinet maker, h. 29 Rockwell. 

Risser Jacob, teamster. 

Risser Mary, widow of Daniel boarding-house, 
68 Water. 

Ritter Christian, jilasterer, h. on railroad, 
west side. 

Ritter John, ship blacksmith, bds. 99 Ken- 

Ritter Lorenzo, ship blacksmith, bds. 249 

Ritterlich Frederick tailor, bds. alley, 
rear 19 Parkman. 

Eittcrmann John K., laborer, 43 Laurel. 

Eittman Patrick, confectioner, bds. 16 Foun- 
tain Alley. 

Eoach Franklin, laborer, bds. 142 Eiver. 

Eoach John, laborer. 111 Crockett. 

Eoad Henry, candy maker, h. 128 Orange. 

Eoade Frederick, laboror, 59 Cherry. 

Eoan William, mason, h. 98 Kinsman. 

Eobbins Henry, clerk, 190 Sujierior, bds. 
City Hotel. 

ROBBIXS TIMOTHY H., training stable 
5 Academy, bds. 81 Rockwell. 

Robcrson John, lal)orer, 40 West IMain. 

Roberson Mrs. Mary, h. 40 West Main. 

ROI>ERTS ANSEL, wool and morocco skins, 
office comer Bank and Frankfort, factory 
Canal, h. 123 St. Clair. 

Roberts C. H., accountant, corner Bank and 
Frankfort, bds. 123 St. Clair. 

Roberts Henry, sailor, bds. 134 River. 

Roberts John, brass moulder, bds. 149 Lake. 

Rolierts Lyman C, conductor, C. & E. R. R., 
lids. 57 Wilson. 

Roberts Richard, firm E. & McGarvey, h. 66 

Roberts Richard. N., moulder. 

Roljerts Robert H., merchant, h. 137 Ohio. 

Roberts Thomas, stone cutter, h. 69 Or- 

Roberts William, edge tool maker, h. 57 

Roberts William, laborer, h. rear 97 Willet. 

Roberts W. W., firm J. H. Drew & Co., h. 
28 Chestnut. 

Rolierts William, h. on railroad, west side. 

ROBERTS & McGARVEY, plumbers, gas 
and steam fitters, 12 Prospect, 

Robertson Daniel, h. 95 Spruce. 

Robertson David, laborer, 97 Merchant. 

Robertson David, stone cutter, bds. 77 Cedar 

Robertson John, seaman, h. 10 Belmont 

Robertson Joseph, blacksmith, h. 255 Lo- 

Robertson William, carpenter, h. 77 Cedar 

Robinson Alfred, captain, h. 31 Academv. 

ROBINSON BENJAMIN F., dentist, h! 60 

Robinson Charles, patent agent, h. 284 De- 

Robison Charles W., h. 60 Wood. 

Robinson Christopher, depot master, C. C. & 
C. R. R., bds. 118 Lake. 

Robinson Eliza P., bds. 150 Seneca. 

Robinson Horace, boatman, bds. Canal Ba- 

Robinson James, machinist, h. 517 St. Clair. 

Robinson James, machinist, bds. 352 St 

Robinson James W., foreman, C. & C. E. E. 
shoj), h. 114 Columbus. 

Robinson John, basket maker, h. 233 Sco- 
ville Avenue. 

Robinson John, traveling glazier, h. 91 

Robinson Robert, tailor, h. 220 Pittsburgh. 

Robinson Thomas nurse, marine hospital, h. 
222 Lake. 

Robinson Thomas, saloon, 222 Lake. 

is acknowledged to be the best in the State. 



Robinson Thomas, salesman, 180 Superior, 
h. 44 Prospect. 

Robinson W. A., clerk, H. D. KendaU & 
Co., bds. Bennet House. 

Robinson William, carpenter, bds. corner 
Perry and Cedar Avenue 

Robinson William, L. S. R. R. bdsV }11 Eu- 

ROBISON C. H., clothing, 180 Superior, h. 
420 Euclid. 

Robinson John T. salesman, 180 Superior, 

h. 44 Prospect. 
• Robison John T. clothing, 180 Superior, bds. 
44 Prospect. 

Robison Jonathan, ship carpenter, h. 208 

Robison Thomas, clothing, h. 44 Prospect. 

Robison William, sailor, bds. 122 River. 

ROBISON W. S., clothing, 180 Superior, h. 
44 Prospect. 

Robison William, attorney, 121 Superior, h. 

ROBISOX & OVIATT, beef and pork 
packers, Meadow. 

Robson Miles, stair builder, h. 30 Granger. 

Rbby F. W., cabinetmaker, bds. 48 Bank. 

Rock Frederick, cabinetmaker, h. 27 Lyman. 

ROCKAFELLOW JOHN J., coal merchant, 
C. & P. R, R. pier, h. 54 Huron. 

Rockefeller John D., firm Clark & R., h. 33 

Rockefeller William, accountant, bds. 33 

Rockefeller William, physician, h. 33 Chesh- 

Rockert Conrad, shoemaker, 255 St. Clair. 

Rockert Jacob, carriage trimmer, h. 254 St. 

Rockert Morris, laborer, 318 St. Clair. 

Rockingham Richard, puddler, h. 113 Case 

Rockwell R. E., teller, Wasson, Everett & 
Co , h. 49 Huntington. 

well, between Wood and Bond. 

Rodacher Gotleib, blacksmith, 262 Colum- 
bus, h. Heights. 

Rodey Mary, widow of Frederick, h. 52 

Rodder Charles, saloon, 98 Hamilton. 

Roddic George, sailor, h. 114 Hudson. 

Koddman 1 enry, tailor, h. rear 410 Perry. 

Rodgers John, sailor, h. 181 Lake. 

Rodgers Joseph, laborer, 109 Oregon. 

Rodgers Joseph, laborer, 22 Dodge.— 
Rodgers William, saloon, corner Columbus 

and River, h. 34 Hicks. 
Rodear Conrad, mason, h 113 Laurel. 
Rodman Thomas S., physician, corner Erie 
and Prospect, h. 199 Erie. 

Rodolph Robstock, lime burner, h. Elm. 

Roe Ezra, fisherman, h. Hickory. 

Roeder C. J., salesman, 28 River, h. 73 

ROEDER & CO., dealers in wines and li- 
quors, 265 Columbus. 

Roeder Frederick G., grocery, 86 Jersey. 

Roeder Gothold, firm R. & Co., h. Bridge. 

ROEDER PHILIP, physician, 51 Frankfort, 
h. 231 St. Clair. 

Roemer H. & H., merchant tailors, 11 Wa- 

Roemer Hartman, firm H. H. R. & Co., h. 
comer Orange and Perrv. 

Roemer Henry, firm H."'& H. R., h. 238 

Roer Jacob, laborer, 57 Mechanics. 

ROGERS CHARLES C, brewery, Seneca, 
south end, h. 61 Eagle. 

Rogers Charles W., shoemaker, bds Burnett 

Rogers Ephraim, draftsman, h. 57 Pearl. 

Rogers Hezekiah, firm Brackett, Remington 
& Co., h 47 Huntington. 

Rogers J. A., physician, h. 94 Seneca. 

Rogers J. P., policeman, h. 16 Oourtlandt. 

Rogers John, sailor, h. 22 Vermont. 

Rogers Rev. Lorenzo, h. 44 Cheshire. 

Rogers President M., carpenter, h. 14 Brain- 

Rogers Robert, clerk, bds. 79 Lake. 

Rogers Willard, peddler, h. 339 Detroit. 

Rogers William, brakesman, bds. 491 Lake. 

Rogerson William, cellar digger, h. 36 Hill. 

Rogge William, grocery, 119 York. 

Roh George, butcher, h. 23 Vine. 

Rohl Frederick, groom, J. Cartwright. 

Rohrheimer Bernhart, cigar maker, bds. 226 

Rohrheimer Jacob, cigars, 113 Ontario, h. 
226 Pittsburgh. 

Rohrick John, carpet weaver, h. 12 Floyd. 

Roin Michael, sailor, bds. 153 West River, 

Rolder Bennett, cooper, h. 215 Bridge. 

Rolder Bernard, cooper, 217 Bridge, h. 219 

Rolder George, blacksmith, C. & E. R.R. ma- 
chine shop. 

Rolder John, cooper, 217 Bridge, h. 215 

Rolfe Charles, coal oils, h. 260 Prospect. 

Rolf William, shoemaker, h. 84 Hamilton. 

Rollison Horace, milliner, h. 39 Pearl. 

Rollinet Charles, cook, 389 Superior. 

Romit David, peddler, h. 74 Hill. 

Ronay Mark, grocery, h. 157 Lake. 

Roney James, h. 12 Walnut. 

Roniger John, saloon, 144 Greenwood, h. 
144 Greenwood. 

Roof Ansel, laborer, C. & P. R. R. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario Street, Cleveland, OMo. 



Roof Frederick, saloon, 4G Columbus. 

Roof Joseph, laborer, 87 Root. 

Roof I'eter, laborer, lOt Orejjon. 

Rook Joseph, laborer, 171 (;)ran}»e. 

Roos Matthias, .shoe maker, 259 St. Clair. 

Root C. A., box manufactory, IGO West Lib- 
erty, bds. 35'J Lorain. 

Root Elias, sr., h. 355 Lorain. 

Root Elias L., firm R. & Co., h. 
54 Pearl. 

Root Captain Klmer, h. 53 Willey. 

Root Frederick, printer, Plaindealer, h. 52 

Root John, tailor, h. 135 York. 

Root Ralph R., firm Morgan & R , h. 6 

ROOT, WHITELAW & CO., wholesale and 
retail leather dealers, 7 Water. 

Ropper William, laborer, 28Croton. 

Roraback Mrs. U., dress maker, h. 63 On- 

Rork Dennis, engineer, h. 169 Wilson. 

Rorke Mary A., dress maker, 37 Bank. 

Rosander Edward, painter and glazier, h. 18 

Roschestsca Joseph, grocery, 14 Croton. 

Rose I'enjarain, firm R. & Brother, h. East 

ROSE & BROTHER, pork store, 142 and 
144 Ontario. 

Rose Edward, firm R. & Brother, h.- New- 

Rose Elia.s, bds. 216 Pittsburgh. 

Rose Henry, mason, h. 19 Grove. 

Rose Peter, woolen goods, h. 21 Rockwell. 

Rose Philip, carpenter, Sturtevant's. 

Rose Valentine, laborer, rear 33 Mill. 

Rose William E., grocery, h. 308 Perry. 

Rosen Henry J., tailor, h. 416 St. Clair. 

Rosenbaum Abram, grocer, 164 Prospect. 

Rausenbaum Moses, butcher, 141 Kinsman. 

Rosenblet Louis, peddler, h. 158 Scoville Av- 

Rosenfelder Benedict, shoemaker, 347 St. 

Rosegrant Cornelius, brakesman, h. 158 

Rosekraus Mrs. A., wndow of Jacob, h. Co- 
lumbus, near Stillman House. 

Roser Frederick, bar tender, Weddell House. 

Roscwater Herman, peddler, h. 46 Belmont 

Roskope Charles, butcher, h. 414 Perry. 

Ross A., ship carpenter, h. 90 Dare. 

Ross Mrs. Benjamin, h. 30 Huntington. 

Ross Charles H., salesman, 114 Water, h. 30 

Ross G. C, meat market, 129 Ontario, h. 26 

Ross George W., firm, Bishop, R. & Co., bds. 
Weddell House. 

Ross James, h. 287 Pros]iect. 

ROSS J. P., proprietor Weddell House. 

ROSS JOSHUA, meat market, 129 Ontario, 
h. 60 Kinsman. 

lioss Theodore, accountant Weddell House. 

Rossiter James, lalx)rer, 41 Hicks. 

Post Jacob, laborer, 132 Dare. 

Rota Hcfiry, baker, h. 28 Scoville Avenue. 

Rotahker John, cabinet maker, h. 11 Jack- 

Pioth Henry, confectioner, 149 Water. 

Rnth John," cigars, h. 313 Pitt.sburgh. 

Roth Michael, laborer, 25 Summit Alley. 

Hothaker John, melodeon maker. 

Rothenbuecher Adel, peddler, bfls. 60 Green- 

Rothenbuecher George A , cook, h. 60 

Rotheram E., grocery, 46 Mcrwin. 

Rothweiler, Rev. Jacob, h. 188 Lorain. 

Rourk Owen, sailor. 

Rouse Benjamin, firm Gates, R. & Butts, h, 
53 Wood. 

Rouse Benjamin F., accountant, H. N. 
Gates, h. 150 Prospect. 

ROUSE'S BLOCK, corner Superior and 
Public Square. 

Rouse E. C, firm R. & Jennings, h. 41 Eu- 

Rouse George, saloon, corner Bank and 

ROUSE & JENNINGS, real estate and in- 
surance, 211 Superior. , 

Rouser George, brick maker, h. 6 Pittsburgh 

Rousher Jacob, drayman, bds. 56 Abbey. 

Rowbottom John, cutter, h. 71 Scoville Av- 

Rowe Anna, widow of William, seamstress, 
h. 66 Tracy. 

Rowe Samuel W., boarding-house, 53 Frank- 

Rowe William, tailor, h. 150 Orange. 

Roxborough Charles A., (colored, steward, h, 
62 Bond. 

Royal Hcnrj^, engine wiper, h. Lyman. 

Rozen Henrv I., tailor, Williams' Block, on 
Dock, h. 416 St. Clair. 

RUBANSUAL GEORGE, cooper, and beer 
saloon, 60 Bridge. 

Rubrecht Jacob, laborer, 36 Scoville Ave- 

Rudd Charles, blind maker, h. 330 Kins- 

Ruder Jacob, firm Lowrie & R., bds. 59 

Rudman William, gardener, h. rear 29 Park- 

Rudolph Charles, tailor, h. 15 Minnesota. 
Rudy Jacob, clerk, h. 16 Hickox. 

Wm. C. NORTH'S Photograph and Pine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St. 



Eyan John, plumber, h. 96 Oregon. , 

Eyan Mrs. Eliza, h. 96 Oregon. 

Eyan James, canal boatman, bds. 249 West 

Eyan John, meat market, h. 416 Lorain. 

Eyan John, laborer, 87 Lyman. 

Eyan Mary, widow of John, h. 9 St. Clair. 

Eyan Michael, maltster, bds. 3 Eoot's Alley. 

Eyan Michael, shoemaker, 15 Pearl, h. 289 

Eyan Michael, shoemaker, h. 185 Detroit. 

Eyan Mrs., widow, washerwoman, h. be- 
tween Franklin and West Eiver. 

Eyan Patrick, tailor, h. 2 Superior Avenue. 

Eyan Patrick, drayman, h. 103 York. 

Eyan Thomas, draj^man, h. 55 Superior Av- 

Eyan Timothy, laborer, near Spruce. 

Eyan William, tailor, bds. Franklin House. 

Eyan William, brass founder, bds. 96 Or- 

Eyan William, tailor, bds. 145 Turnpike. 

EYDEE J. F., photographer,171 Superior, h, 
152 Prospect. 

Eyers D. S., bird and animal fancier, h. 275 

Eylie Henry, blacksmith, 243 Lorain. 

Eyne Jeremiah, laborer, 471 St Clair. 

Eyne William, engine wiper, C. & E. E. E. 

Ruedv J. J., clerk, 201 Superior, h. 4 

Euff Earnst, laborer, Chatham. 

Euf George F., cooper, bds. near C. & M. E. 
E. Depot. 

EufF William, laborer, 84 Orange. 

Euff Jacob, laborer, 34 Orange. 

Euffini E., hats, caps and furs, 175 Sttperior, 
h. 32 Brovvnell. 

Euger Karl, professor, Cleveland Institute, h. 
12 Webster. 

Euggles H. D., salesman, 132 Water, bds 115 

Euggles Jarius G., deputy sheriff, h. New- 

Euhland John, meat market, 402 Pittsburgh. 

Eule Philip, laborer, 213 Croton. 

Eumage Harvey, sailor h. 198 Clinton. 

Rumage, Mrs. Mary, widow of Thomas, bds. 
198 Lake. 

Rumage Solon, sailor, h. 204 Lake. 

Rundell George, G. C. & C. E. E., h. 11 Howe. 

Euntfleish August, sexton, Jewish Cemete- 
ry, h. Willet. 

Runtz Peter, silk and woolen dyer, h. 265 

Ruple F. S., machinist, bds. 64 Oregon. 

Euppert Jacob, baker, h. 30 East Liberty. 

Euss Jacob, cooper, h. 128 Vine. 

Eussell Adam, shoemaker, h. 6 Pop Corn 

Russell Alexander, laborer, 35 Academy. 

Eussell Anson A;, brakesman, bds. 7 Mar- 

Eussell Arthur, student, bds. 232 Lake. 

EUSSELL COENELIUS L., attorney, h. 94 

Eussell David, sail maker, h. 222 Lorain, 

Eussell Edward, butcher, h. 73 McLean. 

Eussell George, brakesman, h. 112 Franklin. 

Eussell Henry V., tinner, h. 101 Prospect. 

Eussell Jacob, cooper, h. 128 Vine. 

Eussell James, marble cutter, h. Hill. 

Russell John, blacksmith, Lowman's. 

Russell Kirby, brakesman, h. 41 Wood. 

Russell Lorenzo G., conductor C. & P. R. R., 
h. 10 Johnson. 

Russell Mary, washerwoman, h. 25 High. 

Russell William, physician, h. 144 Pitts- 

Ruser John, tailor, h. 14 Girard. 

Eute William, baker, 332 Hamilton. 

Euthledge Mary A., widow of Henry, seam- 
stress, h. 122 Detroit. 

Rutladge John, shoemaker, h. 165 J3ridge. 

Rutter A. L., book keeper, 137 Water. 

Rutter Sarah Ann, widow of Henry A., h. 
102 Ohio. 

Rutts William, laborer, Hamilton. 

Ryan David, laborer, 110 Hamilton. 

Cleveland, O. Tliose wishing a Photograph, in Oil, Plain Photograph, 

Saal George, saloon, 6 Frankfort. 

Sabin William, firm J. Holt & Co., h. 110 

Sacket Edward G. h. 21 Chestnut. 

Sacket Mrs. Harriet, h. 21 Chestnut. 

SACKETT ALEXANDER, produce com- 
mission, and vessel agent, Oviatt's Block, 
h. East Cleveland. 

Sackett Hobart, clerk, 144 Water. 

Sackman Henry, locksmith, bds. 168 Sen- 

SACKRIDER E. W., druggist, 223 Supe- 
rior, bds. 27 Rockwell. 

Saddler Melinda, widow of John, h. 8 Mi- 
ami Alley. 

Saeltzer Jacob, clerk, 217 Superior, h. 206 
St. Clair. 

Saddall Joseph, saw grinder, h. 43 Mechan- 

Sage J. R., printer. Herald, h. 43 Bolivar. 

Sagla John, tailor, h. 23 Carroll. 

Sahn John, tailor, h. 8 Maple. 

Saib Adam, carpenter, h. 409 Lake. 

Saifart Stephen, laborer, 6 St. Charles. 

Sak Albert, carpenter, h. 58 Jackson. 

Sakemth Frederick, carpenter, h. 343 Grar- 



Salame John F., professor, St Mary'a Semi- 
nary, h. 258 Lake. 

Salmon Patrick, laborer, Elm. 

Saltrie James, painter, h. 68 Courtlandt 

Sammon James, laborer, bds. 3 Root's Al- 

Sammons Patrick, laborer, h. rear 19 Elm. 

Sample Mrs. Ann, widow of Joseph, board- 
ing-house, 257 West River. 

Samstug William, laborer, 261 Orange. 

Sanborn Henry, h. 25 Huron. 

Sanborn Moses, boarding-house, 195 St. 

Sanborn William M., h. 36 Huron. 

Sanders John C, physician, 40 Public Square, 
h. 129 Lake. 

Sanderson John, liquors, 124 Bridge. 

Sanderson Robert, machinist, h. 212 De- 

Sandhoff William, teamster, h. rear 81 

Saner J. blacksmith, 315 Kinsman, h. 195 

Sanford Alford S., firm S. & Hayward, h. 
167 St. Clair. 

SANFORD D. & SON, lumber dealers, 150 

Sanford Daniel, firm D. S. & Son, h. 215 

Sanford David, carpenter, h. 195 Franklin. 

Sanford Edward, firm D. S. & Son, h. 90 

Sanford Elijah, clerk, 107 Superior, h. 221 

SANFORD & HAYWARD, booksellers, 
stationers, and book and job printers, 107 

Sanford J. D., printer. Morning Leader, h. 
75 Webster. 

Sanford Julia, widow of Wheeler, h. 52 

Sanford Junius R,, clerk, 107 Superior, bds. 
167 St. Clair. 

Sanford Nelson, firm D. S. & Son, h. 65 

Sanford S. N., a. m., principal Cleveland 
Female Seminary. 

Sanford Theodore A., cashier, 228 Superior. 

Sanger Frederick, painter, h. 139 Kinsman. 

SaTiger George E., painter, bds. 29 Webster. 

Sanger Samuel E., carpenter, h. 29 Web- 

Sanger Zedediah, laborer, 26 Seneca. 

Sanmon James, laborer, Root's Alley. 

Sannar Jacob, wagon maker, h. 159 Or- 

Sannar Ronnamus, rope maker, h. 33 L-ving. 

Santmire Henrv, laborer, 206 Hamilton. 

Sapi) L. W., firm Williams & S., bds. 168 

Sargeant William, C. & P. R. R. freight de- 
pot, h. 71 Irving. 

Sargent Benjamin F., firm Emerson & S., h . 
26 Sibley. 

Sargent Charles E., looking glasses, 213 Su- 
perior, h. 46 Ontario. 

Sargent Edwin,.,6hoemaker, bds. 83 Water. 

Sargent J. H., firm Selden & S., h. 30 Pearl. 

SARGENT J. W., looking glass and pic- 
ture frame manufactory, 213 Superior, h. 
46 Ontario. 

Sargent Joseph, looking glasses, 213 Supe- 
rior, h. 46 Ontario. 

Sargent S. D., .shoemaker, h. 177 Orange. 

Sargent Samuel M., physician and surgeon, 
comer Superior and Public Square, bds. 
115 Huron. 

Sarger George, shoemaker, h. 122 Or^n. 

Sartain Michael, laborer. Mulberry. 

Sartain William, wooden ware factory, 34 
West Center. 

Sarver George, plasterer, h. 109 Bridge. 

Sarvis George, carpenter, h. 366 Pittsburgh. 

Sartwell Levi, captain, bds. Johnson House. 

Sattler John, harness maker, h. 8 Fox Al- 

Sauer George, wood sawyer, h. 20 Alabama. 

Sauer Henry, harness maker, 262 St. Clair. 

Saner Jacob, h. 124 Chatham. 

Saurertig John, soap maker and chandler, 
Canal, h. 150 St. Clair. 

Saunders John, grocery, 266 Columbus. 

Saunders William, h. 149 Prospect. 

Sautter George, carpenter, h. 35 Irving. 

Savage Francis W., grocery, 270. Superior, 
h. 459 St. Clair. 

Savage G«orge, foreman, Smith & Dodd, h. 
Cedar Avenue. 

Savage Robert, laborer, 15 Brainard. 

Savage Silas W., printer. Plain Dealer, h. 9 

Saver David, blacksmith, h. Ill Harbor. 

Sawtell Arthur M., machinist, bds. corner 
Franklin and State. 

Sawtell Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of James, h. 
98 State. 

Sawtell Jonas, phvsician, h. 64 Prospect. 

Sawtell L. L., h. 24 Vine. 

Sawtell R. C, baggage agent, 0. & T. R. R., 
h. 9 Carroll. 

Sawterwassar Frederick, laborer, 64 Webster. 

Saxer Dagerbert, printer, bds. 49 Third. 

Saxer Jo.seph, laborer, 49 Third. 

Saxton Mrs , widow of Dewitt, h. rear 58 

Savle John, butcher, h. 27 Willey. 

Sayles Dr. Julius A., h.63 Clinton. 

Scaer Nicholas, drayman, h. 184 Hamilton. 

Scales William carpenter, h. 353 Lake. 

Scande John, laborer, 18 Abbey. 

or Ambrotype, should not fail to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 



Scauder Mrs. Mary, h. 10 Abbey. 

Scaiider Patrick, laborer, 10 Abbey. 

Scauliu Edward, laborer, 12 Fouataiu Alley. 

Scaiilin John, laborer, 10 Abbey. 

Scanlia Martin, laborer, 10 Abbey_ 

Scaalin Mary, widow of Patrick, ii. 10 Ab- 

Scanlin Patrick, laborer, 10 Abbey. 

Scardefulie George, gilder. 

Scarry William, joiner, h. 110 Brownell. 

Schab Frederick, cooper, h. 11 Jay. 

Schaber Lewis, h. Green. 

Schaelnman Gottlieb, wagon maker, bds. 33 

Schat'er Albert, laborer, 193 Orange. 

Schaefer Adam, brick maker, h. 274 Gar- 

Schaefer George, painter, bds. 60 Green- 

Schafer Henry, saloon, 18 Marshall. 

Schafer Jacob, laborer, 72 Irving. 

Schatfer Frederick, laborer 97 Irving. 

Schaffer Martin, laborer, 32 Mayflower. 

Schafiner Solomon, grccer, 290 Pittsburgh. 

Schaffhauser Xavier, machinist, h. 12 St. 

Schake Henry, carpenter, h. 197 Orange. 

Schake William, carpenter, h. 21 Jackson, 

Schaller Charles, shoemaker, h. 110 Orange. 

Schalter Paul, laborer, 195 Courtlaudt. 

Schallern R., physician, office 44 Public 
S [uare, h. 125 Pittsburgh. 

Schaiialbach George, bakery, 58 Clrerry. 

Schauflowa Andrew, laborer, 56 Cherry. 

Schapf John, drayman, h. Ill Lorain. 

Scharf Lawrence, butcher, h. 175 Hamil- 

Scharfenburg Louis, cigar maker, h. 45 Har- 

Schart Philip, stone mason, h. 21 Irving. 

Schartenberg Franklin, cabinet finisher, h. 
140 Greenwood. 

Schearbaum Johann Henry, carpenter, bds. 
62 Penn. 

Scheef Joseph, laborer, 22 Belmont. 

Scheeler Conrad, baker, h. 109 Kinsman. 

Scheit Frederick, stone cutter, h. 146 Or- 

Scheittam Adam, laborer, h. old River. 

Scliemp Christian, carpenter, h. 32 Orange. 

Schenck Conrad & Co., 100 Erie. 

Ssheuck Julius & Co., 100 Erie. 

Scherwitz Frederick, butcher, h. 260 St. 

Scheulman Gottlieb, wagon maker^^ bds. 33 

Scheurer Daniel, tailor, 100 Water, h. St. 

Clair Road. 
SCHEUFPLER ERXST, publisher Germa- 
nla, h. 65 Orange. 

Scheurman Adam, laborer, 19 Willet. 

Schevotish Peter, laborer, 299 St. Clair. 

SCHEMES JOHN, saloon cor. Superior & 
R. R. 

Schiell Andrew, drayman, h. 23 Parkman, 

Schiesler Conrad, shoe maker, h 303 Lake. 

Schierbaum Frederick, cooper. 

Schierman George, carpenter, h. alley be- 
tween Croton and Orange. 

Schielt Henry, carpenter, 36 Clinton. 

Schiling Absalom, moulder, h. 125 Fulton. 

Schnupf Leonard, clerk, bds, 381 St. Clair. 

Schimpfif Susan, embroideriug, h. 96 Wood, 

Schiniger Conrad, laborer, 44 Belmont. 

Schirring Adolphus, h. Greenwood. 

Schiring Bernard, finisher, h. 12 St. Charles. 

Sohipelcher John, tailor, h. rear 412 Perry. 

Schit Conrad, laborer, 87 Clifton. 

Schlachter Simon, carpenter, h. 109 Court- 

Schlager Frederick, brewer, h. 44 York. 

Schlatter George, brewer, h. 12 Ward, 

Schlegel Joseph, saloon, 149 Kinsman. 

Schlether Leonard, brewer, h. 44 York. 

Schlomen Henry, painter, h. 109 Hamilton. 

Sohloss Moses, peddler, h. 30 Parkman. 

Schmidt Christian, shoemaker, h. 178 Garder. 

Schmidt Adam, laltorer, 48 Marion. 

Schmidt Adolph, carpenter, h. 84 Cedar Av. 

Schmidt Fred, blacksmith, h. 2 California. 

Schmidt Geo., harness maker, h. 269 Kins- 

Schmidt John, shoemaker. 

Schmidt John, laborer, 70 Oregon. 

Schmidt Michael, h. 51 Burnham. 

Schmidt Paul, grocer, 66 Chatham. 

Schmidt Philip, salesman, 141 Water, h. 24 

Schmidt William, baker, h. 44 Oregon. 

Schmidtbaner John, warehouseman, h. 188 

Schmidthusen George, h. 10 Greenwood. 

Schmoldt Frederick, tailor, h. 630 Superior. 

Schmoll E., book binder, corner Vineyard 
and Superior, h. 20 Allen. 

Schnadt Frederick, W., gardener, h. 566 St. 

Schneider Adam, baker, 193 Ontario. 

Schneider Charles, cigar maker, 210 Onta- 

Schneider Charles, printer, h 39 Columbus. 

Schneider Christian, cooper, h. 194 Bridge. 

Schneider Geo., watches, clocks and jewelry, 
7 Pearl. 

Schneider Henry, boots and shoes, 164 River, 

Scheider Jacob, laborer, Vermont. 

Schneider John, teamster, h. corner Hudson 
and Cedar Avenue 

Schneider Mary, widow Jacob, h 119 West 

I Main. 

Deoderised Coal Oil, manufactiired by LAW & NORTHj 



Schneider William, carpenter, h. 64 Bum- 

Schnell Andrew, striker, h. 78 Lyman. 

Schnell Frederick, blacksmith, 315 Kins- 
m m. 

Schnider Frederick, laborer, h. near C. & M. 

Schnidcr J. A. & II.. blacksmiths, 287 & 289 
St. Clair. 

Schnider, Mina, widow Peter, h. 76 Murison. 

Schieder John, grocery, 81 Oregon. 

Schotit'er John, baker, 156 Bolivar. 

Schoffor, Balsar, laborer, 10 Fox Avenue. 

Scholomon Henry, painter, h. 109 Hamilton. 

Scholder, David, shoemaker, 148 Pittsburgh. 

Scholey George, painter, h. 15 Maple. 

S^homer Michael, laborer, 154 Wilson. 

SCHONEWALD HENUY, dealer in wood, 
willow ware &c., 23G and 238 Orange, h. 
34 Orange. 

Schoonmaker Alice, widow of John, seam- 
stress, h. 40 Ontario. 

Schoonoord John, gardener, h. 702 Superior. 

Schorader Henry, tailor, h. 02 Grove. 

Schorf Erwin, former, h. 987 St. Clair. 

Schorndofcr Christian, saloon, 100 Kinsman. 

Schouer Lonis, brewer, h. 34 Green. 

Schrader Frederick, laborer, 28 Belmont. 

Schrane John, paper maker, h. 170 Cedar 

Schranti John, shoemaker, h. 372 Pitts- 

Schreiber Gerhart, shoes and leather, h. 180 

Schreincr John, laborer, rear 141 Oregon. 

Schreiber Charles, joiner, h. 67 Harbor. 

Schribold August, 'h. 214 Hamilton. 

Schrider Conrad, barber, bds. 65 Michigan. 

Sjhrnick H., upholsterer, h. Wilson. 

SCHRINCK JOHN, confectionery, &c., 24] 
Superior, h. 291 Lake. 

Schriver Mary F., h. Howe. 

Schroder Charles, peddler, h. 22 Grove. 

Schroder Conrad, barber, bds. Michigan. 

Schroder Henry, teamster, h. 206 Hamilton. 

Schroeder Jacob, clerk Police Court, h. 

Schrom John, paper maker, h. Blair. 

Schrouf George, brick maker, h. 70 Irving. 

Schrump Henry, bds. 206 St. Clair. 

Schrum .Josei)h, shoemaker, 118 Ontario, and 
boarding house, 32 Bank. ' 

Schrup Mrs. Louisa, widow of Jacob, gar- 
dener, h. 166 Cedar Avenue. 

Schroh Nicholas, bds. 72 Michigan. 

SCHUCKERS JACOB W., news and peri- 
cals, 264 Superior, bds. American Hotel. 

Schueler George, physician, h. 81 Kins- 

Schuer Francis, blacksmith, h. 332 St. Clair. 

is acknowledged to be 

Schueren F., flour, feed, and groceries, 408 

Schuerman Joseph, cooper, h. 309 Taylor. 

Schuessler C, shoemaker, h. 303 Lake. 

Schueter Rudolph, scale maker, h. 106 

Schuch Emily, widow of David, h. 51 East 

Schulte Henri, brick mason, h. 19 Green. 

Schulte Martin, groceries and provisions, 390 

Schultz Ferdinand, cabinet maker, 69 On- 

Schultz Pauline, widow of John, h. 4 Mid- 

Schurger John, painter, h. 109 Hamilton. 

Schnissler John, shoemaker, 164 Seneca, h. 
298 Lake. 

Schutte M. F., tailor. 175 Ontario. 

Schutthelm John, fancy store and grocery, 
36 Erie. 

Schutthelm Peter, grocery, 143 Ohio, h. 141 

Schultz John, sailor, h. 348 St. Clair. 

Schuyler Daniel, guitar teacher, bds, 24 Public 
S {uare. 

SCHWAB ALEXANDER, clothing, 254 
Superior, h. 95 Lake. 

Schwab Moms, clerk, 254 Superior, bds. 95 

Schwab Moses, h. 296 Pittsburgh. 

Schwab Simon, grocer, 108 Pittsburgh. 

Schwan Conrad, teamster, h. 50 Irving. 

Schwan Rev. Henry, h. 96 Bolivar. 

Schwartz Christian, butcher, h. 142 Ohio. 

Schwartz Frederick, shoemaker, h. 18 Ir- 

Schwartz George, shoemaker, h. 44 High. 

Schwartzenburg Jacob, silver plating, bell 
hanging, &c., 156 Seneca, h. 238 Erie. 

Schwarz A., clerk, 34 Merwin. 

Schwarz Jiicob, projirietor lumber yard, h. 
26 Green. 

Schwarzenberg Louis H., variety store, 182 
Kinsman, h. 180 Kinsman. 

Schwenningcr John, carpenter, h. 43 Burn- 

Schw ert Christian, artist, 32 Hoffman's Block, 
h. 175 Garden. 

Schwimer I. G., grocer, 14 Lawrence. 

Schwind Valentine, cooper, h. 88 Columbus . 

Schyer Abraham, laborer, 358 Pittsburgh. 

Schyllander John A. drug store, Lorain. 

Sciplo Adam, tailor, h. 12 Fox Avenue. 

Sciple Mrs. Maclin, h. 6 Fox Avenue. 

Sciple Peter, mason, h. 12 Fox Avenue. 

Sclecre Joseph, latorer, 47 Webster. 

Scorr Nicholas, drayman, h. 184 Hamilton. 

Scott Andrew laborer, 414 Pittsburgh. 

Scott Cluirles, saloon, 249 West River. 

the best in the State. 



Scott Dwight, printer, h. 169 St. Clair. 

Scott John, machinist, h. Franklin. 

Scott Lucas, sailor, h. 80 Vermont. 

SCOTT MARTIN B., storage, forwarding 
and commission, l95 River, h. 49 Eu- 

Scott Robert, gardener, 202 Franklin, h. De- 

Scott SarauelJ., teacher, bds. 63 Water, 

Scott Walter B., captain on lakes, h. Wood- 

Scotton William, butcher, h. 156 Pittsburgh. 

Scovell Andrew J., hackman, bds. 270 

Scovell Benjamin T., hackman, bds.' 270 

Scovell Nelson, hackman, h. 270 Lake. 

Scovell Thomas, hackman, bds. 270 Lake. 

Scovill B. F., salooii, 138 Champlain. 

Scovill George H., express messenger, h. 73 

Scovill Oliver C, h. 355 Peny. 

SCOVILL PHILO, h. 346 Perry. 

SCOVILLE EDWARD A., fish dealer, 159 
River, bds. Ill Euclid. 

Scrace Charles, melodeon maker, Child & 

Scrervetz Frederick, butcher, h. 260 St. 

Scrigna Francis, gun cleaner, h. 59 St. Clair. 

Scrogins George, (colored) brakesman, h. 42 

Scufart William, sash maker, h. 30 Bolivar. 

Scurimire Henry, sawyer, Sturtevant's. 

Seaber Jacob, shoemaker, h. Heights. 

SEABORN & HEMPY, wood turners, &c., 
60 Merwin. 

Seaborn James, firm S. & Hemjov, h. 65 St. 

Seacrest John W., clerk, 173 SuiDerior, bds. 
Bennet House. 

Seaman George W., clerk, 174 Superior, bds. 
65 Seneca. 

SEAMAN HENRY, merchant tailor, 131 
Bank, h. 31 Granger. 

Seaman John, firm S. & Smith, h. 65 Sen- 

SEAMAN & SMITH, leather and shoes, 
174 Superior. 

SEARLES ALBERT G., machinist and 
engineer, h. 267 Prospect. 

Sebastian Julius, carriage maker, h. 73 Ma- 

Sebler John, laborer, 110 Irving. _^ 

Sechler James F., machinist, h. 822 Lake. 

Sechlough David, brewer, 79 Oregon, h. 77 

Secrest John, clerk, Taylor & Griswold, h. 
78 Erie. 

See Jacob, teamster, h. 69 Webster. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depbt, 189 

See Jacob, clerk, Gorham & Co., h. 7 Sco- 
ville Alley. 

Seeger John W., tailor, h. 127 Dare. 

Seelig George, blacksmith, bds. 259 Kins- 

Seeleh August, painter, h. 201 Garden. 

Seely Horace, conductor, 0. & T. R. R., bds. 
75 Bank. 

Seeman Simon, meat market, 294 Erie, h. 
296 Erie. 

Seggler Nicholas, dealer in wines and spirits, 
h. 265 Columbus. 

Seggler Peter, firm Roder & Co., h. 265 Co- 
lumbus . 

Segur Erick, h. 45 Chestnvit. 

Segur George, bds. 45 Chestnut. 

Segur George W,, clerk, C. C. & C. freight 
office, h. 76 Prospect. 

Segur Henry, clerk, bds. 76 Prospect. 

Segur William B., brakesman, bds. 46 Chest- 

Sehart William, cooper, 37 Irving, bds. 39 

Sehering Bernard, machinist, h. 12 St. 

Sehr Andrew, laborer, 133 Dare. 

Sehr William, sash maker, h. Courtlandt. , 

Seib Jacob, saddler, bds. 123 Detroit. 

Seible John, flour peddler, h. 28 Bolivar. 

Seiger Frederick, grocery store, 320 Kins- 

Seimkasler Henry, tailor, h. 15 Green. 

Seitz Philip, cooper, h, 10 Pittsburgh Con- 

Seitz Louis, furniture and blind manufacto- 
ry, 340 Pittsburgh. 

Sekins Horace, carpenter, h. 33 Moore. 

Selden Charles A., firm Selden & Son, Lorain 
near Purdy. 

Selden Robert C, firm S. & Sargent, h. 

SELDEN & SARGENT, Spring Mills, Wal- 
worth Run. 

SELDON & SON, saw mill, Lorain. 

Selhand Simon, machinist, h. rear 275 

Selivan Thomas, switchman, h. 32 Wilson. 

Sell George, shoe shop, Seneca, h. 18 

Seller William, foreman, C. 0. & C. R, R. 
Depot, h. 257 Hudson. 

Sells Peter, gardener, 229 Kinsman. 

Selsom Mike, teamster, h. 275 Detroit. 

Seltsam Michael, farmer, h. 258 Bridge. 

Selubezger, Frederick, painter, h. Pearl, 

Selzer Charles, teacher, h. 176 Bridge. 

Semmer George, carpenter, h. 166 Green- 

Semmlow T., saloon, 863 Superior. 

Semon John, laborer, 19 Clifton. 

Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 




Semple Ann, widow of Joseph, h. West 
River. | 

Semple John, Gault House, 235 West 

Semple William, weaver, h. 341 Franklin. 
Sempler Solomon, tailor, 7 Mai-shall. 
Sener Jacob, cjxrpenter, h. 83 Laurel. 
SENTER GEORGE B., mayor, h. 48 Eu- 
Sepach Jacob, tailor, h. 152 Lake. 
Seringer Thomas, brick maker, h. 33 Ir- 
Sessor Mary E., widow of Isaac, h. 27 Clin- 
Seubert Karl, tailor, h. rear 96 Peim. 
Seuberth George, shoemaker, h 345 Garden. 
Sevastian Julius, carriage maker, h. 73 Ma- 
Severance Isaac, engineer, bds. 126 Hamil- 
Severance John L., bds. 394 Kinsman. 
Severance Lewis H., receiving teller Com- 
mercial Branch Bank, bds. 394 Kinsman. 
Severance Mary H., widow of S, L., h. 394 

Severance Solon L., teller Forest City Bank, 

bds. 394 Kinsman. 
Severy Benjamin, laborer, 10 Carroll. 
Savine Joseph C, block and pump maker, 

h. 19 Mechanics. 
Sewer Charles, book-keeper, h. 227 Kins- 
Sexton David B., wool dealer, 103 Bank, h. 

321 Prospect. 
Sexton Dennis, tailor, 46 Superior. 
Sexton Mrs., widow of Henry, h. 23 Ches- 
Sexton Christian, iron worker, h. 85 Law- 

SEYMOUR BELDEN, real estate and in- 
surance agent, 97 Superior, h. 84 Pearl. 
Seymour Charles, clerk, bds. 79 Lake. 
Sevmoiu- Charles, livery stable, Erie, bds. 

298 Lake. 
SEYMOUR HENRY B., conveyancer and 

notary public, 97 Superior, bds 84 Pearl. 
Seymour J. B., bds. 226 St. Clair. 
Seymour James 0., book-keeper, Angier 

Seymour Napoleon B., baggage agent C. C. 

& C. R. R., h. 226 St. Clair. 
Seyler Charles, clerk, 179 Ontario, h. 222 

Seywcrt Emelia, widow of Adolph, h. 24 

Sha Michai'l, laborer, Spring. 
Shada Frederick, laborer, h. 189 Pearl, 
Shadbolt E., fireman, h. 12 merchant. 
Shadbolt Isaac, city weigher, h. 94 Kins- 

Shaddock Samuel, wagon maker, h. 44 

Shaetfur Frederick, laborer, 109 Lyman. 
Shaeffer Godfrey, laborer, 109 Lyman. 

Shaefer's Martin, teacher, bds, 385 Lake. 
Shaeha William, laborer, 90 Champlain. 

Shafer August, laborer, 207 Bridge. 

Shaffer George, shoemaker, h. 71 Lyman. 

Shaffer Henry, shoemaker, bds. 71 Lyman. 

Shaffer Peter, bar-tender, Weddell House. 

Shatier Rudolph, upholsterer, h. 108 Ore- 

ShafFner Mrs. Lane}', grocery, 50 Superior. 

Shailer J. W., salesman, h. 75 Prospect. 

Shakely John W., coal oil and lamps, bds. 
Johnson House. 

Shaylor William D., sailor, h. 14 Herman. 

Shampane, Joseph, shoemaker, bds. 261 

Shanan John, joiner, C. & E. R. R. Car 

Shane Noah, carpenter h. 78 McLean. 

Shank William, saloon, 84 Water. 

Shank Henry, firm J. Frankland & Co , h. 
102 Hanover. 

Shannon John, carpenter, h. 27 Belden. 

Shannon S. H., clerk, 223 Superior, h. 86 

Shannon Thomas, laborer, bds. Bridge. 

Shap Clayton, lumber merchant, h. 58 Kins- 

Shardon Mary, widow of Dalhan, h. 30 

Shardt Peter, cooper, h. 204 Bridge. 

Sharp Margaret, widow of Oliver, washwo- 
man, h. West River, 

Sharp Valentine, carpenter, h. 146 Hamil- 

Sharp Robert, drayman, bds. 50 Marion. 

Sharpies George, firm J. B. Cummuigs & Co., 
h. 210 Prospect. 

Sharpley Margaret, washwoman, h. 101 Ful- 

Shaplin Nicholas, carpenter andjoiner, h. 137 

Sharra Jacob, cooper, h. 62 CarrolL 

Sharp Frederick, carpenter, h. 22 East Liber- 

Shatier Frank, laborer, 25 High. 

Shatzer John Andrew, laborer, 31 Ward. 

Shanghiiasyc Lawrence, laborer. Spring. 

Shanghnessy James, laborer. Canal. 

Shaver Augustine, laborer, 207 Bridge. 

Shaver Charles, carj^enter, h. 136 Ohio. 

Siiaw Angus, sailor, h. Herman. 

SHAW & CO., millinerj^ 255 Superior. 

Shaw Henry D., firm S. & Co., bds. Weddell 

Shaw T. L., cabinet maker, 107 Water, h. 
8 Ward. 

W. C. NORTH'S Photograph and Pine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 



Shaw William, engineer, bds. 806 Lake. 

Shawk G. W., telegraph instrument maker. 

Shay John, cooper, h. 62, McLean. 

Shay Lester, clerk, h. 41 Chestnut. 

Shay Marshall, clerk, N. Brewer, bds. 101 

Shay Thomas, laborer, 455 West River. 

Shea Michael, laborer, rear 69 St. Clair. 

Sheahamm Jeremiah, laborer, 193 Wilson. 

Sheahan John, laborer, 175 Wilson. 

Shean Margret, dressmaker, rear 44 Oregon. 

Shears John, conductor, C. P. & A. R. R., 
bds. Johnson House. 

Sheean John laborer, 39 Newton. 

Sheekley Charles, clerk, 183 Ontario. 

Sheen Daniel blacksmith, h. 63 Harbor. 

Sheen Michael, laborer, 406 St. Clair. 

Shehan Dennis, laborer, 459 West River. 

Shehan Murth, watchman, Cleveland Roll- 
ing Mill, h. 436 St. Clair. 

Shehen John, laborer, 272 Hamilton. 

Sheid Savilla, h. 33 Champlain. 

Shell John, laborer 174 Hamilton. 

Sheill William, shoe maker, h. 113 Garden. 

Sheldon Henry, h. 665 St. Clair. 

Sheldon Dr. Benjamin, bds. 35 Clinton. 

Sheldon Edward, paymaster C. & T. R. R , 
h. 145 Lake. 

SHELDON & FRENCH, lumber dealers 177 

Sheldon S. H.,firm S. & French, h. in Brook- 

Sheldon William, painter, bds. 113 Hanover. 

Sheldon William, livery stable, 55 St. Clair, 
h. State. 

Sheldrick William, joiner, h. 348 St. Clair. 

Shell France J., carpenter, rear 191 Kinsman. 

SHELLEY JOHN, merchant tailor, 125 Su- 
perior, h. Euclid, near Case Avenue. 

Shelting George, (colored) sailor, h, 88 Ham- 

SHEPARD D. A. & C, furniture dealers, 
131 Water, old number 31. 

Shepard Charles L., firm D. A. S. & Co., h. 
69 Prospect. 

Shepard Daniel A., firm D. A. S. & Co., h. 
71 Prospect. 

Shepard Daniel C, ship builder, h. 99 Root. 

Shepard Edward, firm D. A. S. & Co., h. 
corner Bond and Superior. 

Shepard Edward E., firm Lewis and S. bds. 

Shepard Enoch, sailmaker, h. 67 Root. 

Shepard George, teamster, h. 272 Franklin. 

Shepard J. L., caipenter, h. 211 Bridge. 

Shepard Lewis, carpenter, h. 211 Bridge. 

Shepard Phineas, lumber inspector, h. 7 Lo- 

Shepard Reuben S., jr , clerk, 143 Detroit. 

Shepard William, merchant, h, 70 Bank. 

Shepherd Ezra, laborer, 93 Miami. 
Shepherd Jacob, wagon maker, h. 121 Gar- 
Sheridan Dennis, private watchman, h. 31 

Sheridan Michael, drayman, h. 76 Water. 
Sherdon Philip, lake engineer, h. 142 York. 
Sherlock Philip, marble cutter, h. rear 44 

Sherman Henry L., fireman, h. 415 Lake. 
Sherman John, well digger, h. 146 Court- 

Sherman Levi S., mechanic, bds. 53 Bolivar. 
Sherman Mrs. Eliza, widow of Isaac, bds. 

415 Lake. 
Sherman Peter, harness maker, 334 Pitts- 
burgh, h. 15 Vine. 
Sherman William, firm C. Barrett & Co., 

bds. 124 Water. 
Shernder Daniel, laborer, 25 Jackson. 
Sherwin N. B., firm Slade & S., bds. Bennet 

Sherwin W. K., attorney at law. Rouse's 

Block, h. East Cleveland. 
Sherwood Edward D., salesman, 242 Supe- 
rior, bds. 6 Euclid. 
Sherwood I. P., firm S. & Oakley, bds 6 

Sherwood Orsemas, carpenter, h. 113 Pearl. 
Sherman William, moulder, bds. 31 Case 

SHERWOOD & OAKLEY, dry goods, 242 

SHETTLE WILLIAM, poultry, game, fruit 

and vegetables, 112 Ontario, h. 106 Hill. 
Shidecker Jacob, laborer, 89 Spruce. 
Shidler John, tailor, h. 49 Cherry. 
Shields Martin, private watchman, h. 436 

St. Clair, 
Shierbaum Frederick, cooper, bds. 66 Penn. 
Shiga William, laborer, 31 Croton. 
Shild Jacob, fancy goods, bds. 243 Erie. 
Shilling A., moulder, h. Fulton. 
Shim James, laborer, h. 14 St. Charles. 
Shimman Thomas A., stone cuttar, b. 30 

Shina Henry, painter, h. 164 River. 
Shiner George, h. 293 Kinsman. 
Shiner H., h. 293 Kinsman. 
Shinering Anthony, laborer, 113 Green-. 

Shining Robert, laborer, 28 Grove. 
Shipard James R., clerk, 215 Superior, bds 

Bennet House. 
Shipard John J. clerk, insurance office, bds. 

Bennet House. 
Shipley Fred., stone cutter, h. 59 McLean. 
Shiplin Nicholas, carpenter, h. 137 Bridge. 
Shipman Sarah, widow of Thomas, h. 213 

West River. 

Clev eland, O. Those wishing a Photograph, in Oil, Plain Photograph, 




Shipton Alexander, basket maker, h. 81 

Shi|)ton Ebenezer, cabinet maker, h. 153 
Scoville Avenue. 

Shipton William A., willow worker, h. 153 
Scoville Avenue. 

Sliire Jacob, meat market, 406 Lorain, h. 404 

Shislor John, laborer, 62 Carroll. 

Shiuer Emanuel, h. 362 Pittsburgh. 

Shively George, cooper, h. 62 McLean. 

Shmitt Nicholas barlx-r, 46 St. Clair. 

Shock George, machinist bds. 45 Bank. 

Shiemann Martin, saloon, 190 Pearl. 

Shoenian William, shoemaker, bds. 92 Park- 

Shoemaker Jacob, warehouseman, h. 151 

Shoerper Christopcr, laborer, Cherry. 

Shohard Mrs Catharine, widow of George, 
sewing and washing, h. 24 Irving. 

ShoU William, pork dealer, h. 153 Erie. 

Shopnow Louis, h. 49 Harrison. 

Short Augustus, carpenter, h. 51 McLean. 

Short Carrie, bds. 15 Hoffman's Block. 

Short David, farmer, h. 475 Kinsman. 

Short Elizabeth, h. 138 Orange. 

Short Peter, farmer, h. 475 Kinsman, 

Short Peter, cooper, h. 204 Bridge. 

Shorter John, laborer. Ward. 

Short John, laborer, 40 Clifton. 

Short Daniel, tailor, h. 20 Lyman. 

Shrab Mary, widow of George, h. 60 Carroll. 

Shrader Henry, candle maker, h. 328 Ham- 

Shriep Augustus, mason, h. 316 Pittsburgh, 
hrier Bauhard, peddler, li. 209 Pittsburgh. 

Shriner Andrew, tailor, h. 110 York. 

Shubert Baltasar B., music teacher, h. 232 

Shuette Frederick, bakery, h. 297 Lorain. 

Sliuldheis George, cooper, 11 Monroe, h. 98 

Shultz Charles, tailor, h. 62 Grove. 

Shurman Aaron, brewer, h. 57 Miami. 

Shuman Peter, cooper, h. 51 Jersey. 

Shumpp Christian, cabinet maker, h. 32 Or- 

Shumway Mrs., manufacturer artificial flow- 
ers, h. 46 Wilson. 

Shupe Norris J., firm Glenn, Burnham & 
S., bds. 38 Wa'er. 

Shuiner Daniel, candle maker. 

Shurr Jacob, peddler, h. 240 Orange. 

Shutthelm Peter, brewer, bds. 141 Hamilton. 

Shutts George, brewer, bds. 16 Marion. 

Shykowitz Charles S., grocery, 122 Pitts- 

Sible Adam, laborer, 24 Scoville Alley. 

Sible John, teamster, h. 28 Bolivar. 

or^Ambrotype, should not fail 

Siccor J., laborer, 20 Phelps. 

Sichrath Christian, laborer, 27 Irving. 

Siddall Joseph, saw maker, h. 47 Mechanic. 

Sidley Alexander, student, bds. 243 Hamil- 

Sidurl Margaret, widow of David, washer- 
woman, h. 57 Hicks. 

Sidurl John, farmer, h. 55 Hicks. 

Siesmilch Christian, laborer. Greenwood. 

Siotz Fredrick Porter, h. 43 Cherry. 

Seibel Adam, cigar maker, h. 6 Fox Avenue. 

Siebel Macleima, widow Adam, h. 6 Fox Av- 

Siebel Peter, laborer. Fox Avenue. 

Sitting Andrews, shoemaker, h. 26 Clinton. 

Silas Patrick, laborer, Champlain. 

Silberg Frederick, beer saloon, cor. Columbus 
& River. 

Silbergh Mrs., Rosalie h. 98 Erie. 

Siles Nancy Mrs., h. 17 Chestnut. 

Simle Christian, laborer, 87 Greenwood. 

Simmerer John, peddler, h. 303 Lorain. 

Simmerly John, brewer, h. 436 Lake. 

Simmerman Christopher, teamster, h. Pitts- 

Simmerman Frederick, laborer, 75 Parkman. 

Simmerman Frederick, carpenter, h. 13 Park. 

Simmonds John, (colored,) plasterer, h. 35 

Simmonds Moses, brakesman, bds. 57 High. 

Simmonds William R., deputy Sheriff, h. 
114 Orange. 

Simmons Buckner, (colored,) plasterer, h. 33 

Simmons Henry A., clerk 96 Superior, bds. 
278 Superior. 

Simmons Isaac B., cutter G. A. Davis & Co., 
h. 42 Wood. 

Simmons John, mason, h. 109 Greenwood. 

Simmons John, clerk, h. 24 Lawrence. 

Simmons John G., firm Lesh, S. & Co., h. 
75 Church. 

Simmonns John T. mason, h. 231 Perry. 

Simmons Lemuel, watchman, h. 45 Bond. 

Simmons Lyman 0., Rout Agent, C. & T. 
R. R. 

Simmons Phillip, clerk, with Lesh, Sim- 
mons, & Co., bds. 75 Church. 

Simmons Thomas, mason, h. 208 Prospect. 

Simmons Wilson, boatman, bds. 19 Cham- 

Simons George, shoemaker, 61 Abbey, 

Simons Henry, carpenter, bds. 375 Kinsman. 

Simons N., laborer, 24 Lawrence. 

Simons W., engineer, h. 802 St. Clair. 

Simpson John D., siiilor, h. 148 Croton. 

J^impson Joseph, clerk, 192 Ontario. 

Simpson Mrs. Annie, widow of William 
bds. 91 Woodbine. 

Simpson Thos., caipenter, h. Division Alley. 

to visit NOTH'S GALLERY. 



Simpson R. J. carriage painter, h. 17 Bolivar. 

Simpson William, brakesman, bds. 97 St. 

Sims Charles, engineer, h. 8 Farley's Court. 

Sinclair Edward, sailor, bds 235 West River. 

Sinclair George, firm Hussey & Co., bds. 60 

Singer Cliristian, brick layer, h. 74-Marion. 

Singer John, grocery, 177 Pearl. 

Singer Joseph, Superintendent Water Works, 
h. 349 Prospect 

Singer John, laborer. City Water Works, 
h. 107 Chatham. 

Singleton Daniel, laborer, W. River, 

Sipe, Christopher, shoemaker, bds. 92 Park- 

Sissons Geo , steward Angier House. 

Sitz Fredrick, warehouseman, h. 43 Cherry, 

Sitz Jacob, carpenter, h. 156 Forest. 

Sitz William, drayman, h. 28 Cherry. 

Siveling Joseph, moves buildings, h. 596 Su- 

Sixt Christian, clerk, h. 83 Garden. 

Sizer George W. iron founder, h. 117 Lake. 

Sizer Henry D., book keeper, bds. 117 Lake. 

Skaales George, laborer, 174 Oregon. 

Skall Simon, dry goods, groceries, &c., 372 
St. Clair. 

Skanan Patrick, joiner, h. 268 Hamilton. 

Sked A. J., Millwright, h. 28 Granger. 

Sked Alexander, tlori«fe, h. corner Marion 
and Perry. 

Sked John R., gardener, 287 Perry. 

Sked William, J., builder, h. 6 Marion. 

SKEELS ORANGE N., salesman, 139 Wa- 
ter, h. 771 St. Clair. 

Skeman Daniel, sailor, h. 24 Ohio. 

Skenck Clara, widow of Charles, h. 14 Onta- 

Skipper Stephen, laborer, 19 Mill. 

Skidmore John C., pail maker, h. 112 Brown- 

Skiep William, tailor, 109 Champlain. 

Skinner Garrett, painter, h. 106 Hanover. 

Skinner John, white washer, h. 23 Miami Al- 

Skinner 0. B., casliier C. C. & C. R. R. 
freight office, h. 51 Bond. 

Skinner Thomas, R.R. depot, h.255 Hudson. 

Skotekig Isadore, peddler, h. 41 Wood. 

Slack Orrin, car builder, h. 17 Lawrence. 

Slade Albert T., attorney, 123 Superior, h. 

Slade William, jr., firm S. & Sherwin, h. 
293 Prospect. 

Slade William, h. 74 Huntington. 

SLADE (fc SHERWIN, attorneys, 178 Su- 

Slaight E. & Co., steam planing and saw 
mill, 173 West River, 

Slaight Edgar, firm E. S. & Co., h. 112 

Slaight George clerk, h. 112 Washington. 
Slaker Adam, carpenter. 
Slater Arthur, watchman. 
Slavin Thomas, cooper, h. 70 Franklin. 
Sleeper J. K. C, salesman, 143J., Water, bds, 

29 Sheriff, 
Sleiger D., laborer, 6 John. 
Slicker Martin, brick maker, h. 135 Orange. 
Sliger Joseph, painter, h. rear 61 Webster. 
Sliger Philip, chandler, Stanley's factory, h. 

61 Webster. 
Sliney John, clerk, 62 Spring, h. 70 Erie. 
Slitter George, sailor, bds. Gault House, 235 

West River, 
Sloan Edward, ship carpenter, h.l93 Bridge. 
Sloan Hugh, ship carpenter, h. 53 Lamar- 

Slocum Emma, widow of James, h. 15 

SLOSSON F. S., dentist, Morrison's Block, 

AVest Public Square, h. 105 Huron. 
Slosson Frank W., clerk, Fayette Brown,bds. 

105 Huron. 
Slosson Henry, bds. 105 Huron. 
Slots John, laborer, 99 Clifton. 
Smades Hiram, blacksmith, Lowman's. 
Smart John F., clerk, 240 Superior, bds. 

Bennet House. 
Smart Mrs. Rachael, widow of Nathan, h. 41 

Smead Martin, carriage maker, bds. 97 St. 

Smead Timothy H., printer, Ohio Farmer, 

h. 18 Cedar Avenue. 
Smeathert Jacob, brick maker, h. 68 Ir- 

Smears wood sawyer, h. 113 Monroe. 

Smetzer Christian, shoemaker, h. 21 Bel- 
Smidely Joseph, peddler, h. 104 Laurel. 
Smithbower John, laborer, 188 Bridge. 
Smith Adam, blacksmith, 383 Pittsburgh, h. 

386 Pittsburgh. 
Smith A. S., clerk, 174 Supwior, bds, 163 

St. Clair. 
Smith Albert G., iron rolling mill, h. 779 

St. Clair. 
Smth Alfred H., ship caulker, h. 56 St. 

Smith Allen, jr., portrait painter, h, 43 Ce- 
dar Avenue. 
Smith Allen, sen., accountant, h. 345 Perry. 
Smith Alexander, carpenter, h. West River. 
Smith Anson, h. 356 Prospect. 
Smith Benjamin, clerk, bds. 43 Cedar Av. 
Smith Bernhard, h. 110 Clifton. 
Smith B. W., book-keeper, 70 Merwin. h. 

Cedar Avenue. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario St., Cleveland, O. 



Smith Capt. Warren A., h. 16 John. 
Smith Carlos A., clerk, collector's office, bds. 

Weddell House. 
Smith Charles, musical instrument maker, 

68 Michigan. 
Smith Christian, flour dealer, h. 284 St. 

Smith Comelia, widow of Michael, wash- 
woman, h. 28 Bond. 

Smith Daniel, cabinet maker, h.8 Miami Al- 

Smith Daniel W., engineer planing mill, h. 
36 Cross. 

SMITH, DODD & CO., boots and shoes, 
226 Superior. 

Smith Edward, flour merchant, h. 308 Pros- 

Smith Edward, grocery, 341 St. Clair, cor- 
ner Clinton. 

Smith Ed. W., clothing store, 190 Superior, 
h. 15 Huron. 

Smith Elijah, building mover, h. 75 Water. 

Smith Elizabeth, widow of John, h. 413 St. 

Smith Erastus, Esq., h. 75 Wilson. 

Smith Esther, bds. 8 Clinton. 

Smith Isaac S., shoemaker, h. 73 Harbor. 

Smith Frederick, painter, h. 34 Bumham. 

Smith Frederick H., shipper, h. 154 Pitts- 

Smith Frederick S., deputy county clerk, h. 
90 Brownell. 

Smith Frederick W., saloon, corner Erie and 

Smith George, barber, at depot. 

Smith George, brick maker, bds. 46 Pitts- 

Smith Geo. brush maker, h. 61 Washington. 

Smith George, fireman, bds. 155 Ohio. 

Smith George H., broom maker, h. 10 Mid- 

Smith Geoi^e H,, carpenter, h. 145 Orange. 

Smith George M., contractor, h. 22 Bridge. 

Smith C. W., machinist, h. St Clair. 

Smith George W., merchant tailor, h. 253 

Smith George W., h. 74 Alabama. 

Smith Haimah, dress maker, 205 Superior. 

Smith Haman, firm Wageman & S., h. 162 

Smith Hartley S., commission merchant, 100 
Dock, h. corner Ontario and St. Clair. 

Smith Henry, h. 129 Lake. 

Smith Henry, laborer, bds. 311 Perry. 

Smith Henry, laborer, 30 Wilson. 

Smith Henry, printer, h. 85 Oregon. 

Smith Henry A., firm S. Dodd & Co., h. 66 

Smith Henry M., clerk C & T. R. R., bds. 
124 Water. 

Smith Henry R., firm A. R. S. & Co., h. 177 

SMITH HENRY R. & CO., real estate 

agents, Rouse's block. 
Smith Horace P., clerk, bds. 16 Clinton. 
Smith Hubbard A., h. 417 Mandrake. 
Smith J. lalx)rer, 30 Merchant. 
Smith J., latorer, 13 Williams. 
Smith J., coal dealer, Pittsburgh Depot, bds. 

Bennet House. 
Smith Jackson, trader, boards 145 Turn- 
Smith Jacob, blacksmith, bds. 92 Cham- 
Smith Jacob, switchman, C & E. R. R. 
Smith Jacob, machinist, h. Peny, between 

St. Clair and Superior. 
Smith James, carpenter, h. 136 Orange. 
Smith James, laborer, 685 St. CUir. 
Smith James, machinist, h. 140 Pearl. 
Smith James, railroad man, h. 3 Farley's 

Smith James, shoemaker, h. West River. 
Smith James, stone cutter, h. 7 St. Charles. 
Smith James, tinner, bds. 68 Water. 
Smith James L., clerk, 228 Superior, h. 37 

SMITH JAMES WYLIE, machinist, h. 37 

Smith Job, blacksmith, h. 16 Prosj:>ect. 
Smith John, h. 80 Erie. 
SMITH J. B., & CO., malt manufacturers, 

62 Spring. 
Smith John, h. 95 Bond. 
Smith John, boiler maker, h. 63 Eagle. 
Smith John, butcher, h. 46 Cherry. 
Smith John, butcher, bds. 108 Kinsman. 
Smith John, car builder, h. 80 Lyman. 
Smith John, engineer, bds. 77 Water. 
Smith John, laborer, 122 Oregon. 
Smith John, laborer, 409 West River. 
Smith John, laborer, 261 St. Clair. 
Smith John, machinist, h. 80 Lyman. 
Smith John, machinist, h. 19 Jay. 
Smith John, mason, h. 22 Summit Alley. 
Smith John, mason, h. 98 Greenwood. 
Smith John, sailor, h, corner Lake and 

Smith John, stonecutter, bds. 7. St. Charles. 
Smith John A .blacksmith, h. 892 St. Clair. 
Smith John A., bridge builder, h. 42 Seneca. 
Smith John B.. firm J.B. S. & Co., h. 157 

Smith John L., salesman, 118 Water, bds. 

26 Eagle. 
Smith John P., tobacconist, 161 Water, bds. 

St. Clair House, 
Smith Johnson, stone cutter, bds. 7 St. 

Smith Joseph H., saw maker, h. 247 Bridge. 

W. C. NORTH'S Photograph and Fine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 




Smith L. M., turner, 82 Bank. 

Smith L. S, shoemaker, 364 Lorain, h. 87 

Smith Lovell J., clerk, 246 Superior, bds. 
95 St. Chiir. 

Smith Marcus, firm M. S. & Co., h. 113 Pitts- 

Smith Mark, firm Paton & S., h. 125 Ham- 

Smith Major, soap and candles. 131 Leon- 
ard, h. Brooklyn. 

Smith Matis, shoemaker, h, 10 Orange. 

Smith Matthew, switchman, h. 184 Green- 

Smith Morris, butcher, 112 Prospect. 

SMITH M. & CO., Fancy Goods, 166 Su- 

Smith , speculator, h. 424 De- 

Smith N. E., lightening rods, bds. Burnett 

Smith Nicholas, saloon, 150 Detroit. 

Smith Oliver, brakesman. C. & E. R. R., h. 
278 Lake. 

Smith Owen, laborer, h. West River. 

Smith P., tailor, 22 Merchant. 

Smith Pardon B., U. S. express messenger, 
h. 8 St. Clair. 

Smith Patrick, carpenter, h. 26 Oregon. 

Smith Patrick, engineer, h. West River. 

Smith Patrick, fireman, h. West River. 

Smith Patrick, moulder, Union Foundry, h. 
345 Detroit. 

Smith Peter, carpenter, h. 192 Lorain. 

Smith Philip, clerk, h. 24 Wilson. 

Smith Mrs., milliner, 140 Pearl. 

Smith Reuben, pay master, C. & P. R. R., 
bds. 308 Prospect. 

Smith Richard, saloon, h. 192 Greenwood. 

Smith Richard C, rolling mill, h, 807 

Smith Robert, laborer, 76 Water. 

Smith Robertson, clerk P. 0., bds. Weddell 

Smith Samuel, grocery, h.33 Lorain. 

Smith Samuel, machinist, C. C. & C. Shop, 
h. rear 101 Hamilton. 

Smith Samuel P , h. 155 Ohio. 

Smith Sarah, widow of Leander, washwo- 
man, h. 42 Bridge. 

Smith S. C, firm S. & Gleeson, h. 263 

Smith Sherburn, clerk 119 River, bds. corner 
Euclid and Erie. __ 

Smith Sears E., former merchant, h. 154 

Smith Silas, gents furnishing store, 133 
Bank, h. 52 Bank. 

Smith S. S., clerk, 120 Superior, bds. Ame- 
rican House. 

Smith Mrs. Susan, widow of Johnson, h. 7 

St. Charles. 
Smith S. Ward, printer, h. 4 Cliijton. 
Smith Sylvester, J., insurance, 235 Superiorj 

h. Chagrin Falls. 
Smith Thomas, boiler maker, C. & E. R. R. 

machine shop, h 440 Hamilton. 
Smith Thomas, marble cutter, bds. 139 Erie. 
Smith Uriah, carpenter, h. 38 Webster. 
Smith William, firm Calhoun & S.. h. 26 

Smith William, brewer, h. 44 York. 
Smith William, carpenter, h. Detroit. 
Smith William, carpenter, bds. 413 St. 

Smith William, constable, h. 16 High. 
Smith William, carpenter, bds. corner Perry 

and Kinsman. 
Smith William, machinist, h. West River. 
Smith William D., firm S. Dodd & Co., h. 

66 Ontario. 
Smith William F., h. 40 Wood. 
Smith William G., book-keeper, bds. 124 

Smith William W., cattle buyer, h, 75 Orange. 
Smith William, T., firm Seaman & S., h. 

163 St. Clair. 
SMITH & CO., boiler makers. Meadow. 
SMITH & GLEESON, coffee and spices, 

203 Ontario. 
Smoake Jacob, shingle maker, bds. 42 Car- 
Smyth William, flour and feed store, h. 66 

Sneider Adam, clerk, Gorham & Alpin, h. 

225 Garden. 
Sneider Andrew, blacksmith, 215 Garden, h. 

59 Elm. 
Sneider Egnath, mason, h. 327 Hamilton. 
Sneider George, carpenter, h, 296 Lake. 
Sneider Henry, bds. 59 Elm. 
Sneider John, fish packer, h. 148 Bridge. 
Sneider John, laborer, corner Cedar Avenue 

and Hudson. 
Sneider Morehart, merchant, h. 45 Monroe. 
Snell Andrew, blacksmith, h. 78 Lyman. 
Snell Paul, h. 56 Mechanics. 
Snell Sophia, widow of Richard, milliner, h. 

152 Lake. 
Snider Adam, shoemaker, 166 River, h. 58 

Snider Charles, bowling alley, 152 Superior, 

h. 20 Webster. 
Snider Ignats, h. 16 Burwell. 
Snider Joseph, carpenter, h. 52 Frankfort, 
Snider Philip, shoemaker, h. rear 25 Ohio. 
Snider Steward, h. 35 Clinton. 

Snipps , cook, bds. rear 58 Bolivar. 

Snitger Frederick, janitor, bds. Bennet 


Cleveland, O. Those^ wishing a Photograph, in Oil, Plain Photograph, 




Snitzler Jacob, cooper, h. 53 York. 

Snoble Frederick, comb manufacturer, h. 34 

Snow Christian, widow of Jacob, h. 665 St. 

Snow Daniel, stonecutter, h. 310 Columbus. 
Snow Ira G., policeman, h. Cash'cr. 
Snow Mrs. Lena, h. 140 Hamilton. 
Snow Sihis, ma.son, h. 80 Clinton. 

Snyder , laborer, 22 Croton. 

Snyder Frederick, peddler, h. 20 Croton. 
Snyder George, peddler, h. 22 Croton. 
Snyder Steward, carriage maker, bds. 43 


and Frankfort 
Sohle George, laborer, 162 Greenwood. 
Seller John M., painter, h. 13 Laurel. 
Solomon Casper, blacksmith, h. 25 Belmont. 
Solomon George, blacksmith, h. 28 Belmont. 
Solomonson N. H., optician and mathematical 

instruments, 130 Superior, bds. Bennet 

Solover John, laborer, 90 Champlain. 
Solloway Ann, widow of Daniel, h. Jersey. 
Sommer Adam, blacksmith, h. Cherry. 
Sommer Henry, laborer, 8 Union. 
Sommer John, mechanic, h. 354 Pittsburgh. 
Sommer John, firm S. & Stephan, h. 348 St. 

Sommer Lorenzo, shoemaker, h. Union. 
Sommer & Stephan, grocers, 348 St. Clair. 
Sondack George, laborer. 
Sonneborn J., firm J. S. & Co., bds. 146 

SONNEBORN J. & CO., clothing, 238 Su- 
perior, bds. 146 Champlain. 
Sonnendeck George, laborer, 13 Smith. 

Ontario and Champlain. 
Sooter Charles, painter, Seneca Block, h. 264 

Sooter Jane, widow of Peter, h. 138 Orange. 
Soper H. R., builder, h. 166 Brownell. 
Soper John, h. 42 Bridge. 
Souder John G., carpenter, h. 35 Irving. 
Sound Philip, bricklayer, h. 172 Brownell. 
Sourenger Jno. carpenter, h. 110 Greenwood. 
Souther William P., ship carpenter, h. 83 

Southwell William, tinner, h. 41 Kinsman. 
Southworth Ezra, cooper, bds. 88 Columbus. 
Southworth E. A., millwright, h. 48 Bank. 
Southworth Henry, carpenter, bds, 150 Lo- 
Southworth Jacob, laborer. West River. 
Southworth Jacob, farmer, h. 117 Turnpike. 
Southworth John, laborer, 868 St. Clair. 
Southworth William P., builder, office Onta- 

tario, h. 28 Huron 

Spalan Jerry, servant, h. 61 Seneca. 

Spalding John, lake captain, h. 59 Pearl. 

Spalding R. C, book keeper. Commercial 
Mutual Insurance Company, h. 67 Brown- 

Spalding Rufus P., firm S. & Parsons, h. 126 

Spalding Z. S., attorney, bds. 126 Prospect. 

SPALDING & PARSONS, attorneys, 192 

Spangler Adam, carpenter, h. 163 Hamilton. 

Spangler Basil S., office 236 Superior, h. 210 

Spangler Wilier M., firm J. B. Smith & Co., 
h. East Cleveland. 

Sparley Jacob, bds. 37 Webster. 

Sparn Jacob, butcher, h. 25 Lorain. 

Spam John, cooper, h. 70 Jersey. 

Sparrowhawk Andrew, book keeper, h. 16 

Spatholtz Christian, laborer, 70 Williams, 

Spaulding Edmund, mechanic, bds. 49 Lo- 

Spaulding Joseph W., oilcloth manufactury, 
h. 208 Bridge. 

Spayth Abram, cabinet maker, h. 35 Acad- 

Spayth William, clerk, 240 Superior, h, 35 

Spear James, furniture store, 79 Pittsburgh, 
h. 22 Miami Alley. 

Spear H. E., book keeper, 199 Superior, h, 
115 Bolivar. 

Specht Adam, laborer, C. & P. freight depot 

Speck Andrew, shoemaker, bds. 67 Michi- 

Speck Guardian, shoemaker, bds. 104 Water. 

Speck Henry, tailor, h. rear 54 Ohio. 

Speed John, saloon, 124 Bank. 

Speeger George, carpenter, h. 25 Grove. 

Speegle Andrew, rectifier, h. 42 Cherry. 

Speer William, laborer, 106 Greenwood. 

Spees Mrs. Conrad, widow, washerwoman, h. 
53 Irving. 

Spellman Cornelius, machinist, h. 74 Frank- 

Spellman Lucy, teacher, Cleveland Institute. 

Spencer Aaron P., bds. 20 Seneca. 

Spencer A. J., clerk, Baldwin, DeWitt & Co., 
h. 384 Detroit 

Spencer Albert H., accountant, 140 Water, 
bds. 91 Huron. 

Spencer A. P., carpenter, h. 24 Jay. 

Spencer E. J., laborer, 384 Detroit 

Spencer George, tinner, bds. 49 Kinsman, 

SPENCER JULIUS A., publisher Analyst, 
h. 117 Franklin. 

Spencer Orrin, firm S. & Mellen, h. 99 Hu- 
ron, corner Erie. 

Spencer Reeve, clerk. Herald, bds. 25 Sherifif. 

or Ambrotype, shoidcl not fail to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 



SPENCER T. P., soap and candles, on canal, 

h. 25 Sheriff. 
Spencer William, mason and builder, h. 

75 Scoville Avenue. 
SPENCER & MELLEN, wholesale hoots 

and shoes, 140 Water. 
Spengel Frederick, tailor, h. 87 Carroll. 
Speng Edson, shoemaker, h. 9 Hickox. 
Sperth John, laborer, 59 Penn. 
Spetzel Emanuel, carpenter, h. 160 Court- 
land t. 
Spicer William, tailor, h. Elm. 
Spickert. Jacob, shoemaker, bds. 18 Scoville 

Spies Filinteten, mason, h. 15 Vine. 
Spies John, tailor, h. 176 Ohio. 
Spies Joseph, painter, Lowman's, bds. 77 

Spilkler Henry, laborer, 91 Jersey. 
Spitzer Peter, laborer, 207 Hamilton. 
Spitzich William, carpenter,h. rear 68^Green. 
Spitzig William, carpenter, h. 92 Bridge. 
Spohn Henry, carpenter, h. J ersey. 
Spooner George W., printer, h. 88 Muirson. 
Sponhart Rudolph, blacksmith, h. 82 Ly- 
Sprague Mrs. Ann, widow, h. 125 Monroe. 
Sprague Edwin H., physician, h. 53 Bolivar. 
SPRAGUE GEORGE, grocer, 4 and 5 Ovi- 
att's Exchange, corner Superior and River, 
h. 22 Sheriff. 
Sprague William, carpenter, h. 150 Lorain. 
Sprall R. 0., sailor, h. 85 McLean. 
Springer Conrad, blacksmith, h. Green. 
Springer Henry, pin maker, h. 267 Pitts- 
Squirrell Jediah, farmer, h. 250 Washington. 
Squirrell Mrs. Charlotte, h. 250 Washington. 
Srezberger Frederick, saloon, h. 141 Pearl. 
Sroar Landin, peddler, h. 180 River. 
Staab Joseph, laborer, h. 37 Newton. 
Staats Mrs. Elizabeth, dress maker, 104 

Public Square, Hoffman's Block. 
Stabler John, harness maker, 114 Superior, 

h. 62 Jackson. 
Stacy Mrs. Francis, h. 62 Erie. 
Stacy James E., fruit dealer, bds. 154 Eu- 
Stacy John W., clerk, H. J. Webb's, h. 369 

St. Clair. 
Stacy Josiah, confectioner, 1 Euclid, corner 

Public Square. 
Stacy Thomas, brewer, 70 Hamilton. 
Stacy William, fruit stand, corner Superior 

and Water, h. 369 St. Clair. ^ 
Stack ard Jacob, cabinet maker, h. 103 Ore- 
Stackhouse J., laborer, 24 Phelps. 
Stadler Adam, laborer, 361 Garden. 
Stadler M. B., laborer. Heights. 

Staebler Henry, warehouseman, h. 43 Ward. 

Staewalt Sebastian, blacksmith, h. 125 York. 

Staffoul Jesse, candle maker, bds. 110 Or- 

Stafford John, painter, h. 110 Oregon. 

STAFFORD JOSEPH, soap and candles, 
on canal, h. 110 Oregon. 

Stahl Kari, butcher, bds. 11 Wadsworth. 

Stahl Margaret, widow of James, h. 4 Mid- 

Stair Benjamin, firm J. Stair & Son, h. 251 

Stair Edwin, firm E. S. & Co., h. 241 Pros- 

SAIR E. & CO., hats, caps and furs, 105 Su- 

Stair John," firm J. S. & Son, h. 251 Pros- 

Stair John, tinner, h. 45 Irving. 

STAIR J. & SON seed store and agricultu- 
ral warehouse, 115 Ontario. 

Stair Samuel, firm E. S. & Co. h. 251 Pros- 

Staker George, laborer. Bridge. 

Stalder Jacob, bds. 4 Root's Alley. 

Stam Christopher, wood sawyer, h. 12 Cro- 

Stamcombe J. B., livery, h. Belden's Court. 

Stammber J. J., tinner, h. 40 Church. 

Stample Rev., h. 65 Carroll, 

Stanard Capt. B. A., marine inspector, U. S. 
local inspector, h. 25 Hamilton. 

Stanard Mrs. Charles 0., widow, h. 305 

Stanard D. A., marine inspector, h. 142 Lake. 

duce and commission merchants, 43 River. 

Standart Charles W., firm Whitman S. & 
Co., h. Detroit Road. 

Standart George, firm S. Bemis & Murray, h. 
Detroit Road. 

Standart F. M., firm Whitman & Co., h. De- 
h. Detroit road. 

Standart Stephen, clerk. Whitman S. & Co., 
troit Road, 

Standart William E., firm Whitman & S., h. 
17 Scott. 

Standish Isaac B., blacksmith, h. 178 Clin- 

Standish Mary, widow of Henry, h. 174 

Stanfield George, engineer, h. 60 Taylor. 

Stanfield Rachael, widow, h. 84 Oregon. 

Stanfield Thomas R., tailor, h. 165 Oregon. 

Stanford Frank, grocery, 35 Oregon. 

Stanford John, laborer, 47 Clinton. 

Stanhager William, carpenter, h. 44 Newton. 

Stankrim James, livery, h. Belden's Court, 

Stanley Charles E., provision inspector, 119 
River, bds. 60 Euclid. 

Deodorised Coal Oil, Manufactxired by LAW & NORTH, 



Stanley E. C, h. 138 Erie. 

Stanley J'raiicis, widow, tailoress, h. 53 

STANLEY GEORGE A., oils and candles, 

on Canal near weighlock, h. 45 Euclid. 
Stanley J. H., banker, h. 45 Chestnut 
Stanley John W., joiner, h. 21 Webster. 
Stanley Joseph, brickraaker, h. 398 Pitts- 
Stanley Mrs., widow of Joshua, h. 213 

STANLEY WILLIAM H., commissioner 
and notary public, 235 Superior, h. 209 
Stanley William P., bds. 195 St Clair. 
Stanton Austin, saloon, 144 Detroit. 
Stanton Henry F., (colored) musician, h. Di- 
vision Alley. 
Stapler George, harness maker, h. 62 Jack- 
Starkey Abel, (colored) carpenter, h. 58 

Starkweather Sam'l, sr., attorney, h.80 Euclid. 
ney, office Parson's Block, Superior, h. 80 
Starr Frederick, carpenter and joiner, h. 165 

West Liberty. 
Starrett Rebecca, widow of John, boarding 

house, 759 St Clair. 
Staven Henry, carpenter, h. 101 Oregon. 
ST. CLAIR ST. M. E. CHURCH, corner 

St Clair and Wood. 
Stealher George, tailor, h. 15 Wadsworth. 
Stearns John M., firm J. S. & Co., bds. 256 I 

STEARNS JOHN M. & CO., grindstones, 
flagging and hardware, 11 Vineyard, At- 
water's Block. 
Stebbins Edward, carpenter, h. 99 Cross. 
Steber Michael, wheelwright, h. 8 Floyd. 
Stebler Henry, warehouseman, h. 43 Ward. 
Stecher J. R. C, bds. 28 Sheriff. 
Stedman Buckley, firm S. & Chapman, h. 

146 Prospect 
Stedman Warren G., h. 46 Bolivar. 
STEDMAN & CHAPMAN, meat market, 

167 Ontario. 
Steel A. P., carpenter, bds. 759 St. Clair. 
Steel Augustus, tailor, h. 114 Oregon. 
Steel Truman W., carpenter, h. 128 Bolivar. 
Steele William, drayman, h. 6 Hickox. 
Steeler Jacob, cooper, h. I3 Hicks. 
Stcen Charles, liquors, h. 34 Scoville Av- 
Stegg Jacob, ale and porter house, 40 Erie. 
Stegman Henry, salesman, 143 Ontario, bds. 

148 Ontario. 
Stegmyer Sebastian, Rob Roy House, 1 St 

Stehle Christian, tailor, h. 14 Dodge. 

Stigeuvald Conrad, tailor, h. 57 Greenwood. 

Steigr George, tool maker, h. 180 Columbus. 

Stein Jacob, harness maker, h. 146 Pitts- 

Stein John, brickmaker, h. 33 Irving. 

Stein Peter, brickmaker, h. Fox Avenue. 

STEIN S., intelligence office, corner Ontario 
and Public Square, h. 263 Kinsman. 

Steinbrenar Michael, grocery, 28 Irving. 

Steinbrenner Andrew, carpenter, h. 71 

Steinburg Wilham, shoemaker, h. 124 Ham- 

Stein ham William, h. 267 St Clair. 

Steinleer Gotleib, laborer, 36 Mayflower. 

Stei^er Joachim, grocerj"^, 261 Orange. 

Steiner Rev. John M., h. 138 Scoville Av- 

Steiner Mark, laborer, 169 Greenwood. 

Steinhart Andrew, soloon, 107 Scoville Av- 

Steinkamp Joseph, h. 299 Detroit 

Steiver C, cabinet maker, h. St Clair. , 

Stel Lawrence, laborer, 37 Delaware. 

Steller Henry, bds. 114 Pittsburgh. 

Stens John, laborer, 169 Oregon. 

Step Matthew, stone cutter, h. 7 Minnesota. 

Stephan Adam, carriage trimmer, h. 281 

Stephan Mrs. Catharine, wddow of Bernard, 
h. 304 Columbus. 

STEPHAN DANIEL, attorney, 157 Water, 
j h. rear 208 Columbus. 

Stephens George, firm Sommer & Co., h. 348 
St. Clair. 

Stephens Adam, carriage trimmer, h. 281 

Stephens Alvan, firm Frisby & S., h. 26 

Stephens Conrad, mason, h. 25 Irving. 

Stephens Daniel J., salesman, 144 Water, h. 
21 Huron. 

Stephens E. C, vinegar, 78 River, h. 23 Wa- 

Stephens Geo., shoemaker, h. 448 St Clair. 

Stephens H. A., clerk, Frisby & Stephens, 
bds. 26 SheriflF. 

Stephens Harvey, firm S. & Presley, h. 27 

Stephens John, tailor, h. 29 Vine. 
Stephens John, (colored) h. 11 Oregon. 
Stephens S.R. clerk, 47 West.bds 26 Sheriff 
Stephenson Frederick, teamster. 
Steri 0. W., salesman, 171 River, bds. An- 
gler House. 
Sterling Edward C. conductor sleeping car, 

bds. 185 Kinsman. 
STERLING ELISHA, physician and sur- 
geon, h. corner Bond and St Clair. 

is acknowledged to be the best in the State. 




Sterling Elisha T., agent Cuyahoga Steam 
Furnace, h. 10 Euclid. 

Sterling Frederick A., salesman, Beckwith's, 
bds. 19 Euclid. 

Sterling Mrs., widow Frederick A., h. 185 

Sterling James, clerk, bds. 10 Euclid. 

Sterling James A., clerk, 138 Water, bds. 98 

Sterling John M., firm Huntington & Brooks, 
bds. 123 St. Clair. 

STERLING SAMUEL, boots, shoes &c., 
101 Superior, bds. 152 Erie. 

Sterling T. D., gas fitter, bds 51 Seneca. 

Sterling T. W., book keeper, 134 Water, 
bds. Angier House. 

Sterling Theodore, bds. 141 St. Clair. 

Sterling Theodore, phvsician, and principal 
High School, h. 19 Euclid. 

Sterns Geo., h. 150 Lorain. 

Sterrett , moulder, h. 429 Lake. 

Stetson Charles, firmC. & W. S. S., h. 12 Eu- 

STETSON C. & W. S., attorneys, over 
Merchants Bank, corner Bank and Superi- 

Stetson Wyllys S., firm C. & W. S. S., bds. 
12 Euclid. 

Steuber Barnhart, tailor, h. 305 Pittsburgh. 

STEVENS ALFRED R., boarding house, 
124 Champlain. 

Stevens Charles C, painter, h, 113 Frank- 

Stevens Elbert, h. 14 Academy. 

Stevens George, brakesman, h. 112 Her- 

Stevens George, brakesman, C. & P. R. R., 
bds 491 Lake. 

Stevens Geo. M., laborer, 97 York. 

Stevens Geo., millwright, h. 49 Bridge. 

STEVENS H. S., omnibus proprietor, 147 
Superior, h. 50 Water. 

STEVENS HENRY P., dinning hall at De- 
pot, h. 36 Water. 

Stevens Horace, laborer, bds.' 110 Turn- 

Stevens Isaac T., salesman, 52 River, h. 46 

Stevens Jacob, drayman, h. 43 Scoville Av- 

Stevens Louis B., clerk, 119 Superior, bds. 
124 Water. 

Stevens D. P., grain hulling mill, cor, Leon- 
ard and Summer, h. 97 York. 

Stevens Peter, h. 76 Cedar Avenue. 

Stevens Samuel, engineer C. C. & 0. R. R., 
h. 12 Abbey. 

Stevens Theodorick N., foreman Sturtevants, 
h. 144 Ohio. 

Stevens William, bds. Weddell House. 

Stevenson Andrew, sailor, h. 31 West Main. 

Stevenson E. T., classical school teacher, h. 
108 Euclid. 

Stevenson Ezekiel T., carpenter, h. 251 Per- 

Stevenson Geo. W., jr., mason, h. 251 Per- 

Stevenson G. W., sr., mason, h. 251Perry. 

Stevenson Theodore, joiner, bds. 251 Perry. 

Stevenson Thos., cooper, bds. 58 Detroit. 

Stevenson William, ship builder, h. 191 

Stever Christian, carpenter, h. 3 Pop Com 

Stewart James, carpenter, h. 296 St. Clair. 

Stewart Daniel, city sealer, h. 67 Whitman. 

Stewart George, freight master C. & P. R. 
R., h. cor. Roots Alley and Summit. 

STEWART GARDNER W., m. d., 142 

Stewart Graham, blacksmith, h, 59 Harrison. 

Stewart Guy G., clerk, P. & C. R. R. Depot, 
h. 9 Root Alley. 

Stewart H. A., firm J. Church & Co., h. 51 

Stewart James, bds. 169 Seneca. 

Stewart J. E., trader, h. 397 Perry. 

Stewart John, stone mason, h. 27 East Lib- 

Stewart John W., boarding house, 48 Lake. 

Stewart James, carpenter, h. 61 Hicks. 

Stewart R. C, blacksmith, h. 70 Tracy. 

Stewart Richard, milk depot, 31 High. 

Stewart William, check clerk, C. & P. freight 
depot, h. 75 Laurel. 

Stidden Joseph, brewer, 19 Brainard, h. 

Stich John, drayman, h. 31 Cherry. 

Stichel Geo., laborer, 160 Root. 

Stichel Michael, laborer, 160 Root. 

Stickney Carver, firm C, S. & Co., h. Heights. 

STICKNEY C. & CO., meat market, 149 
and 151 Ontario. 

Stickney Erastus P., clerk, with Stevens & 
Presley, bds. 97 State. 

Stickney George, bds. 97 State. 

Stickney Mrs. Martha B., widow of William, 
h. 97 State. 

Stickland Mrs. Polly, widow Aaron T. bds. 
228 Columbus. 

Stieglite Henry, tailor, h. 24 Irving. 

Slighter, Charles, laborer, 30 Oregon. 

Stil John, butcher, h. 101 Monroe. 

Stiles Mrs, widow, h. 10 Scoville Avenue. 

Stiles R. P., harness maker, bds. 100 St. Clair. 

Still Hannah, widow of J as., h. 84 Ontario. 

Still Wm. H., painter, h. 84 Ontario. 

Stiller Sacob, cooper, h. 13 Brainard. 

Stillman Chauncey, captain on Lake, h. 105 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 



Stillman Cornelius, h. 168 Pittsburgh. 

Stillman John, laborer. 

Stillman Wm. H., gent., h. 32 Seneca. 

Slilson Hiram H., firm S., Leek & Price, h. 
158 Bolivar. 

STILLSON, LEEK & PRICE, wholesale 
Yankee Notions, 140 Water, up stairs. 

artist, 253 Suijerior. 

Stiinsou William, mason, h, 274 Cedar Av- 

Stinenacker Michael, carpenter, h.311 Lake. 

Stipler Catherine, bds. 40 Clinton. 

Stitteufelt Charles, shoemaker, h. 35 Mar- 

Stirvber William C, shoemaker, h. 54 Sen- 

and Superior. 

Stiven Christian, shoemaker, h. rear Dr, 
Strong's, Seneca. 

Stockley John G., gent, h. 20 Water. 

Stockton J. C. book-keeper, R., bds. 
48 Bank. 

STOCK WELL A. B., coal dealer, 25 River, 
bds. Angier House. 

Stockwell Levi S., firm Austin & S., bds. 
Angier House. 

Stoddard Che'ster M., machinist, bds 79 

Stoddard Hester W., h. 97 Ontario. 

Stoddard Jerusha B., h. 97 Ontario. 

Stoddart John, Ashman House, 58 Grove. 

Stofel William, blacksmith, h. 72 Jersey, 

Stofer David G., carpenter, h. 35 York. 

Stohl Joseph, h. 46 Burnham. 

Stohl Karl, cooper, rear 37 Ward. 

Stokes Benjamin, shoemaker, 197 Superior, 
h. 114 Bank. 

Stokes Frederick, wig maker, bds. 114 

Stokes Reuben, clerk, 152 Ontario, bds. 136 

Stockley Edward, saloon, 426 Pittsburgh. 

StoU Erastus, H., h. 34 Parkman. 

StoU Jacob, farmer, bds 14 East Centre. 

StoU John, glazier, h. 8 Roots Alley. 

Stolkoph Michael, machinist, h. 105 Chat- 

Stoller A., tailor, h. 31 Merchant. 

StoUmeier John, laborer. Green. 

Stolstemer Jacob, joiner, h. 25 Lvman. 

STONE AMASA, Jr., President, C. P. & 
A. R. R.. h. 113 Euclid. 

Stone Andrews B., firm S. Chisholm & 
Jones, h. 165 Euclid. 

STONE B. B. & SON, boots and shoes,150 

Stone B. B., firm S. & Son, h. 192 Pros- 

and iron manufacturers of all kinds, 86 and 
88 River. 

Stone F. L., widow of Ezra M., bds. 124 
Lake. • 

Stone Hiram, real estate agent, h. 72 Pearl. 

Stone Francis T., collection clerk, Bank of 
Commerce, bds. 113 P^uclid. 

Stone Mrs., widow of Ithel, h. 72 Pearl. 

Stone Ithel, clerk, post office, Ms. 72 Pearl. 

Stone James P., salesman, 215 Superior, h. 
134 Bolivar. 

Stone Joel, machinist, h. 57 Hanover. 

Stone Peter, mason, h. 31 Blair. 

Stone Thomas, marble polisher. 

STONE S. S., real estate, 171 Superior, h. 
341 Prospect 

Stoneham Eliza, Mrs. h. 64 Erie. 

Stonemeyer Adam, laborer, 66 Centre. 

Stoney Cornelius, moulder, h. 81 Bridge. 

StoneyJohn, moulder, h. 84 Bridge. 

Stopher John, private watchman, Woolson, 
Hichcock & Carter, h. Willet. 

STOPPEL JOSEPH, distiller and rectifier, 
36 River, h. 266 St. Clair. 

STOPPEL J. & CO., brewers, comer Ohio 
and Canal. 

Stops Mrs., widow of Michael, h. 309 Pitts- 

Storer joiner, h. 22 Vestry. 

Storer Samuel T., medical student, bds 70 

STOREY JOHN, merchant tailor, 129 Su- 
perior, h. corner Perry and Scoville. 

Storm Jno., sailor, h. 406 Detroit. 

Storman John, shoemaker, h. West River. 

Storrs Waller F., h. 10 Tracy. 

Stoscopf Michael, machinist, h. 105 Chatham. 

Stout Frederick, wagon-maker, bds 54 Web- 

Stout John, blacksmith, bds. 33 Webster. 

Stovirug John, machinist, h. Willett. 

Stoval J. M., carpenter, h. 176 Clinton. 

Stow T. A., foreman, Plaindealer, h. 28 

Stowder Philip, moulder, h. 894 St. Clair. 

Strahle Henry, machinist, bds. Olden's, Col- 

Straker Lewis, blacksmith, bds. 892 St. Clair. 

Strange Penno, machinist, 144 Superior, bds. 

Strater A. F., plumber, h. 49 Oregon. 

Stratford Thomas, h. 180 Seneca. 

Stratton L. A., salesman, Union Hall, h. 58 

Straus Abraham, h. 117 Oregon. 

Straus Mrs. Fanny, h. 106 Oregon. 

Straus Garashu, boarding house, 146 Cham- 

Straus Myer, grocery, 90 Oregon. 

W. G. NORTH'S Photograph and Fine Art Gallery, 205 Superior 




Straus Nathan, butcher, h. 117 Oregon. 

Straus Qusual, peddler, h. 117 Oregon. 

Strauss Isaac, peddler, h. 14 Scoville Avenue. 

Strauss Reuben, horse dealer, h. 31 Bolivar. 

Straj' William, laborer, h. rear 90 Oregon. 

Strebel Frederick, machinist, h. 14 Harman, 

Street William, saloon, 273 Pittsburg^li. 

Streiber Charles, machinist, h. 8 Orange. 

Strek John, shoemaker, h. 36 Burnham. 

Stressel Lawrence, painter, h. 14 Wilson. 

and office 15 Euclid. 

Strickland Mary, widow of Lorenzo, saloon, 
108 West Centre, 

Striebenger Jacob, grocery, h. 65 York. 

Striebeinger Martin, grocery, 54 Michigan. 

Stretmaker, laborer, h. 89 Penn. 

Stritlmatter John, laborer, 72 Monroe. 

Strohm Andrew, cooper, h. 9 Irving. 

Strokhouse James, laborer, 97 Penn. 

Strong Alvin 0., laborer, 6 Clinton. 

Strong Alvin, bds. 77 Water. 

Strong Asahel, insurance agent, h. 23 Cedar 

Strong Corydon H., salesman, at Charles D. 
Wick, h. 13 Cedar Avenue. 

Strong George W., physician, Cleveland 
Water Cure. 

Strong Homer, deputy sheriff, h. 94 Hano- 

STRONG JOHN E., agent Wheeler & Wil- 
son's sewing machines,205 Superior, h. 84 

Strong J. T., firm Pugh & S., h, 60 Ontario. 

Strong Lyman, marble dealer, 105 Merwin, 
h. 17 Ceday Avenue. 

Strong Robert S., M. d., physician and sur- 
geon, 98 Seneca, h. 148 Lake. 

Strong S. M., firm S. & Armstrong, h. 83 
Public Square. 

Strong Stephen, machinst, h. 119 Orange. 

STRONG & ARMSTRONG, wholesale 
and retail druggists, 199 Superior. 

Stroucher Christ, carpenter, h. 140 Hamil- 

Strouse Abraham, variety store, 93 Cedar 
Avenue, corner Greenwood. 

Strouse Jacob, peddler, h. 8 East Liberty. 

Strouss Elias, butcher, h. 140 Orange. 

Strew Henry, warehouseman, h. 45 Ward. 

Strow Nicholas, peddler, h. rear 45 Ward. 

Struder Joseph, carpenter, h. 41 Mechanics. 

Strudey Joseph, laborer, Old River. 

Stuart Graham, blacksmith, h. Harrison. 

Stubbs James, (colored) sailor, h. rear 112 

Studor Margaret, widow of Joseph, h. 121 

Studer Josoph, carpenter, h. 121 Scott. 

Studley Otis, bds. 45 Bank. 

Studinger Adam, stone cutter, h. 21 Minnes- 

Studley Frederick G., baggage master, C. & 
E. R. R., h. 32 Academy. 

Stuffel rectifier, h. 266 St. Clair. 

Stuhm John, carpenter, bds. 126 Case Ave- 

Stull Jerome, clerk, 117 Ontario, h. Roots 

Stumm Charles F., telegraph operator, bds. 
135 Bolivar. 

Stumm Mrs. C, music teacher, h. 135 Boli- 

Stumm William T., printer, bds 135 Boli- 

Stumpf Martin, brewer, h. 141 Hamilton. 

Stumpf Miguel, brewery. Lake, h. corner of 
Muirson and Superior. 

Stump f Michael, brewer. Lake, h. 117 Muir- 

Stumpp Peter, cooper, h. 96 McLean. 

Sturbaum Bernard, carpenter, h. 173 Court- 

Sturdevant Caroline, wido ,v, h. 20 Fulton. 

Sturdevan George W., machinist, h. 70 

Sturge Adolphus, real estate agent, h. 22 

Sturge Mrs., widow of Christain, washwo- 
woman, h. 36 Third. 

Sturges Aaron J., morocco manufactory h. 
71 Taylor. 

Sturges David W., h. 81 Church. 

STUPJGES STEPHEN B., cashier Forest 
City Bank, h. 155 Erie, 

Sturges Stiles E., wool dealer, h. 170 Pitts-' 

Sturgis Joseph, clerk, C. & E. R. R. shop, h. 
403 Lake. 

Sturgus J. J., physician, Cleveland Water 

Sturm Bennet, cabinet maker, h, 62 Tracy. 

Sturtevant Isaac, firm Sturtevant Brothers, 
h. 25 Walnut. 

SturtevantBrothers, planing mill, corner Mi- 
chigan and Seneca. 

Sturtevant Seth T., engineer, h. 47 Jay. 

Starznikl John, machinist, h. 58 Depot. 

Stut Philip, farmer, h. rear 1041 St. Clair. 

Stutsnacle Frederick, laborer, 44 Clifton. 

Styles John S., grocery, corner of Erie and 

Styles Silas M., builder, h. 104 Euclid. 

Suepplein Mrs. Margaret, widow of John, 
h. 33 Ward. 

Suhr Charles A., book-binder, h. 227 Kins- 

Suhreeth John, warehouseman, h. 35 Vine. 

Sullivan Anna B., h. 19 Champlain. 

Sullivan Miss Bridget, h. 18 Mechanics, 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



Sullivan Chauncey, laborer, 415 West River. 

Sullivan David, laborer, rear 407 West 

Sullivan Ellen, widow John, h. comer Clin- 
ton and Hamilton. 

Sullivan John, carpenter, h. 173 Oregon. 

Sullivan John, laborer, 88 Mechanics. 

Sullivan John, laborer, 182 Columbus. 

Sullivan John, laborer, W. River. 

Sullivan Mary, widow of Dennis, h. 51 Hicks, 

Sullivan Mrs. Mary, grocery, h. 94 Mechan- 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, 14 Mechanics. 

Sullivan Mrs., h. 159 Hamilton. 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer 136 Lorain. 

Sullivan Thomas, despatcher, C. &. E. R. R. 

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, 459 West River. 

Sum Adam, drayman, h. alley, rear 66 Park- 

Summer Philip, blacksmith, h. rear 36 Cher- 

Sumpf John, laborer, 62 West Centre. 

Suss Mrs. Babit, milliner, h. 276 Pittsburgh. 

Suster Henry, carpenter, h. 109 Chatham. 

Suter John, laborer, rear 314 Pittsburgh. 

Suter Rudolph, blacksmith, h. 118 Kinsman. 

Sutherland Alex., painter, h. 205 Lorain. 

Sutkamp Benedena teacher, bds. 10 Dodge. 

Swafifield Thomas, tailor, h. 46 Erie. 

Swaffield William, tailor, 125 Bank. 

Swain Francis, clerk, h. 9 Summit Alley. 

Swain S. B. conductor, C. & P. R. R., bds. 
Johnson House, 

Swain Stephen, h. 9 Summit Alley. 

SWAIX VALENTINE, ship chandlery, 

' 155 River, h. 67 Wood. 

Swait Christian, portrait painter, h. 175 Gar- 

Swan Chas., machinist, h 286 Detroit. 

Swan Frederick, cooper, h. 49 McLean. 

Swanoott Morris, laborer, 79 Monroe. 

Swartout Ellen, widow of John, milliner, h. 
87 Seneca. 

Swartz Charles, expressman, h. 30 Webster. 

Swartz Isaac, peddler, house 179 Greenwood. 

Swarts John, sailor, bds. W. River. 

Swary Joseph, laborer, rear 124 Erie. 

Swarzberg Frank, cabinet maker, h. 140 

Swatly Matthias, h. 50 Third. 

Swats Jacob, bds. 43 Parkman. 

Swats Philip, drayman, h. 43 Parkman. 

Swatz Abraham, porter, h. 297 Kinsman. 

Swatz Frederick, h. 87 Greenwood. 

Swatz Philip, carpenter, h. 87 Greenwood. 

Swatzenberg Nathan, peddler, h. 332 Pitts- 

Swatzenberg Samuel, harness maker, h. 46 

Swayer Warren, boatman, h. 196 Lorain 

Sweeny Alexander, laborer, bds. 76 Park- 

Sweeney Alexander, drayman, h, 53 Ver- 

Sweeney Dominic, drayman, h. 12 Ward. 

Sweeney J., Eye and Ear Infirmary, 153 Wa- 
ter, i 

Sweeney James, fireman, Angier House. 

Sweeney James, tailor, h. 469 St. Clair. 

Sweeney John, grocery, 275 Detroit, h. 256 

Sweeny John J., policeman, h. 156 Wash- 

Sweeny Thomas T., engineer, Superior, h. 9 

Sweeny Michael, lalx)rer, bds. 76 Parkman. 

Sweeny Patrick, laborer, near Coal Dock. 

Sweeny Patrick, mason, h. 76 Parkman. 

Sweeny Thomas, cari^enter, h. 32 Hicks. 

Sweet Benjamin, ship carpenter, h. rear 35 

Sweet Bemseley G., captain steamer North 
Star, h. 97 Turnpike. 

Sweetland John W., physician, 134 Bank, 
bds. Bennet House, 

Swenk Herman, clerk, h. 44 Wilson. 

Swenther Conrad, butcher, 14 Irving, comer 

Swift Frederick, clerk, 173 Superior, bds. 70 

Swift Lucian, boarding house, 51 and 53 

Swift Rufus, moulder, h. 17 Clinton. 

SWIFT RUFUS, grocery, 179 Detroit. 

SWIGART D. W., attorney, 211 Superior, 
h, 160 Bolivar. 

Swigart J. R., law student, bds. 160 Bolivar. 

Swind John, brakesman, h. 67 McLean, 

Swing James H., stoves, 197 Ontario. 

Swords Thomas, moulder, h. 64 Hurd. 

Swinbank, tailor, h. 155 Orange. 

Syker George, joiner, h. 211 Perry. 

Sykora Francis, cutter, h. 158 River. 

Symes Thomas, melodeon maker, h. 519 
Case Avenue. 

Sythe George, laborer, 215 Croton. 

Tabin Patrick, tailor, h. 77 Garden. 

Tabloo Leoin, w ood sawyer, h. 20 Cedar Av- 

Taft E. A., firm Moore & T., h. 71 Bolivar. 

Taggart Adam, blacksmith, bds. 43 Clinton. 

Taggart Benjamin N., blacksmith, h. 113 

Tainter Jesse F., lumber dealer, h. 82 Eu- 

Tait George, blacksmith, bds. 48 Pearl. 

or Ambrotype, should not fail to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 




Tait Ralph, laborer, h. 225 Bridge. 

Tait William J., librarian, Cleveland Library- 
Association, h. 54 Huntington. 

Taker Marina, ash peddler, h. rear 31 Boli- 

Talcott William, sailor, h. 82 Taylor. 

Tamblyn John, grocery, 120 Ontario. 

Tamblyn Joseph, grocery, 109 Franklin. 

Taniance John, teamster, Lucas & Co. 

Tannsberry Jacob, laborer, 40 Burwell. 

Tanker James, laborer, 30 Hicks. 

Tappan William M., organ maker, h. 60 

Tard white Charles, blacksmith, h. Fourth 

Tarry F., ship chandler, 44 River, h. Heights. 

TASCOTT J. S. & CO., house, sign and orna- 
mental painters, 274 Superior. 

Tascott J. S. B., firm J. T. S. & Co., h. 159 

Tascott James S., firm J. S. T. & Co., h. 159 

Tftscott John, sailor, h. 64 Scott. 

Tassel Christopher, student, bds. 243 Hamil- 

Taylor David, brakesman, h. Water, rear 

Taylor Henrv, bds. 237 Perry. 

Taylor Matthew B., firm Tod, Yates & T., 
h. Warren. 

Taylor , stone cutter, h. 896 Perry. 

Taylor Jerritt C, Farmer's House, 531 De- 

Taylor Elisha, h. 33 Burnham. 

Taylor E. S., Boston Pail Company, bds. 550 

TAYLOR, GRISWOLD & CO., dry goods, 
173 Superior. 

Taylor Harvey, groceries, 184 Ontario, h. 28 

Taylor Henry, sailor, h. rear 151 Hamilton. 

Taylor Henry, cook, h. 127 Kentucky. 

Taylor Jctmes, carpenter, h. 22 Orange. 

Tfijlor Jesse, (colored) cook, h. Cemetery 

Taylor John W., sailor, h. 195 Garden. 

Taylor John, drover, bds. 145 Turnpike, 

Taylor John, grocery, 422 Detroit. 

Taylor Mrs., widow of Cornelius, h. 8 Sco- 
ville Avenue. 

Taylor Xewton W., firm T. Griswold & Co., 
h. 264 Prospect. 

Taylor R. M. N., superintendent Angier 

Taylor Robert, candle maker, h. 7 Floyd. 

Taylor Patrick, laborer. Hickory. 

Taylor Uriah, pattern maker, h. 58 Pearl. 

Taylor V., clerk, 247 Superior, bds. City 

Taylor William, h. 12 West Main. 

Taylor William, carpenter and joiner, h, 90 
West Liberty. 

Taylor Rev. V. D., h. 273 Erie. 

Taylor William H., foreman, Keeler's Scale 
Works, h. 128 Hamilton. 

Tea Wellington, printer, h. 38 Vine. 

Tealer Frank, beer peddler, h. Canal. 

Tearney Cornelius, laborer, rear 32 Oregon. 

Tearney Thomas, laborer, rear 32 Oregon. 

Teevin Patrick, laborer, 70 Lamartine. 

Teeke William, clerk, 117 Ontario. 

Tegen Francis, laborer, 78 Water. 

Tekniepe Frank, carpenter, h. 28 Delaware. 

Telling Henry, saloon, 89 Pittsburgh. 

Temm Frederick, tailor, h. 39 Harrison. 

Templeton James, harness maker, h. 33 Ma- 

Templeton Thomas, carpenter, h. Hudson. 

Tempest Duroc, machinist h. 351 Bridge. 

Tench John, tanner, h. Courtlandt.. 

Tench Thomas, h. 73 West Main. 

Tenhagon William, carpenter, h. 42 New- 

TENNIS JOHN & CO., wholesale hard- 
ware, 135 Water. 

Tennis John, firm J. T. Co., h. 319 Prospect. 

Tepas John, stoveman, h. 47 Granger. 

Terry Charles A., physician, h. 196 St. 

Terry Stephen, h. 237 Prospect. 

Testman C, sailor, h. 91 Scott. 

Tessimer John, sailor, h. 91 Scott. 

Tettesback Peter, tin ware, 264 Columbus. 

Thackwell, Francis, grocer, 114 Prospect, h. 
38 Huntington. 

Thake William, maltster, h. 63 Bolivar. 

THATCHER BURT & CO., bridge build- 
ers and lumber dealers, Washington block 
and 197 Merwin. 

THATCHER D. H., painter, h. 125 Boli- 

Thatcher Harvey B., builder, h. 60 Seneca. 

Thatcher Henry, clerk, h. 60 Seneca. 

Thatcher Peter Jr., firm T. Burt & Co., h. 
60 Seneca. 

Thater Michael, carpenter, h. 307 Hamilton. 

Thayer Atherton, liquors, Merwin, h. 162 

Thayer Jesse, sailor, h. 59 Fulton. 

Thayer John, marble cutter, h. 175 Pitts- 

Thayer John, marble cutter, h. 175 Pitts- 

Thayer L. C, firm Cartter & T., h. 50 For- 

Thayer Miss Eliza, h. 170 Orange. 

THAYER PROCTOR, physician and sur- 
geon, 219 Superior, bds. Bennet House. 

Thayer, Wm., painter, h. 153 Root, 

ThayerW.F.,broom maker, h. rear 32 Eagle. 

Deoderised Coal Oil, manufactured by LAW & NORTH, 



Thayer William H., clerk, United States Ex- 

TheUir Louisa, widow, h. 100 Jersey. 

TIIILE C. P., jewelury, 132 Oatario. 

Thieme August, editor Waechter Am Erie 
h. 261 Kinsman. 

Theinies Nicholas, wood sawyer, h. 114 Ir- 

Thom;is book keeper Best & Freeman, 

bds. 304 Superior. 

Thomas Albert, clerk, bds. 58 Huron. 

Thoni;is Arthur, barber, h. 149_^Hainilton. 

Thomas Beals, conductor C. &. T. R. R., h. 
16 Lake. 

Thomas Charles, fireman, h. 689 St. Clair. 

Thomas Charles, grocery, 1 Fulton, h. No. 20 

Thomas Ebenezer B,, book keeper, bds. 
178 Kinsman. 

Thomas Ephraim, bds. 126BrowDell. 

Th(jmas Ezra, lumber dealer, 271 West 
River, h. 178 Kinsman. 

Thomas Frank, C. C. & C. R. R., bds. City 

Thomas F. E., book keeper, 138 Water, bds. 
263 Prospect. 

Thomas George, shoemaker, 202 Pittsburgh, 
h. Perry. 

Thomas Henry, carriage painter, Lowman's, 
h. Brooklyn. 

Thomas J., mason, h. 285 Kinsman. 

THOMAS JEFFERSON, mason and build- 
er, h. 46 Wood. 

Thomas John, clerk, Angier House. 

Thomas John, (colored) saloon, 12 Union. 

Thomas John S.,gent., h. 19 Wood. 

Thomas John, laborer, 323 Bridge. 

Thomas Lydia, h. rear 8 Miami Alley. 

Thomas Peter, laborer, 44 Jay. 

Thomas Mordecai, accountant, 217 Superior. 

Thomas Ransom B., book keeper, 242 Supe- 

Thomas Theodore, laborer, 21 Mill. 

Thomas V., mechanic, h. 854 St. Clair. 

Thom;\s William R., mason, h. 285 Kins- 

Thome Alex., machinist, h. 115 Franklin. 

THOME REV. J. A., h. 164 Clinton. 

Thompson Albertus, City Bolting Works, 
210 Seneca, bds. 48 Huron. 

Thompson Alfred, teamster, bds. 66 Michi- 

Thompson Charles, cooper, h. 16 Granger. 

Thompson Christian, harness maker, h. 38 

Thompson F., trunks, 130 Superior, h. 18 
Fountain Alley. 

Thompson Frank, sailor, h. 102 Scott. 

THOMPSON GEORGE, Thompson's Ho- 
tel, corner Front and River. 

is acknowledged to be 

Thompson G. W., bds., 219 Hudson. 

Thompson H. V., firm T. & Nichols, h. 81 

Thcmipson Hartman V., sail maker, h. 81 

Thompson Henry, tailor, bds. 13 Water. 

Thompson James laborer, 72 Hamilton. 

Thompson John, shoemaker. 

Thompson John, carpenter, h. 80 Parkman. 

Thompson M. J., bds. 114 Dare. 

Thomjison Mrs. Mary J., widow of John, 
bds. 344 Lake. 

Thompson & Nichols, sail making and rig- J 
ging, 123 River. I 

Thompson Rcibert, laborer, 21 Erie. 

Thompson Robert, blacksmith, h. 21 Erie. 

Thompson Samuel, carpenter, h. 44 Garden. 

Thompson Thomas, well digger, h. 957 Su- 

Thompson Thomas, J., clerk, 139 Detroit, 
h. 70 Parkman. * 

Thompson William H., tailor, h. 11 Wal- 

Thompson W. J., tailor, h. 219 Hudson. 

Thompson William, well digger, h. 174 

Thompson William, jr., carpenter, h. 116 

Thorman Myer, butcher, h. 227 Kinsman, 

Thorman Samuel M., hide dealer, bds. 14 J 
Orange. \ 

Thorman Samuel S., hide dealer, bds. 14 

Thorman Simon, butcher, h. 32 Garden. 

Thorman, Simpson, hide dealer, h. 14 Or- 

Thornett Thomas, porter, 46 Merwin. 

Thornton Albert F., conductor, h. 13 Ea- 

Thornton Valentine, (colored,) poultry deal- 
er, h. 139 Bolivar. 

Thork W. B., carpenter, bds 148 Ontario. ■ 

Thornton W. H., clerk, G. A. Davis & Co., 1 
bds. 124 Water. ' 

Thorp Daniel, carpenter, 

Thorp Eliza, dress-maker, h. 108 St. Clair. 

Thorp Henry, conductor, C. C. & C. R.R., h. 
66 Hamilton. 

Thorp Jason M., engineer, C. C. & C. R. R., | 
h. Belden AUev. 1 

Throup David, h' 20 Seneca. 

Throup David, jr., blacksmith, bds. 20 Sen- 

Throup Isabella, boarding house, 63 Frank- 

Throup Roger, teamster, h. 20 Ser.eca. 

Tibbals Treat, clerk, 105 Merwin, h. 17 Ce- 
dar Avenue. 

Tibbitts C. M., grocery, corner Pearl and Lo- 
ain, h. 67 Lorain. 

the best in the State. 




TIBBITTS GEORGE B., justice of peace. 
147 Ontario, h. 76 Bolivar. 
...TIBBITTS GEORGE W., wood engraver, 
':■•'•' 18 At water Building, h. 24 Parkman. 

Tibbitts Henry, engraver, bds. 76 Bolivar. 

Tibbits J. P., carpenter, h. 235 Lake. 

Tibbits Luther C, grocery, 175 Pearl. 

Tibbitts Martin, h. 169 Pearl. 

Tice Cbauncey, grocery, 733 St. Clair. 

Tice Nicholas J. clerk, 733 St. Clair, h. 10 

Tiebout George, book-keeper, 107 River, h. 
97 Washington. 

Tiederman Mrs. Wepka John, bds. 50 Root. 

Tiedmann John, salesman, 146 Water, 
bds. Commerdial House. 

Tiefenbash Valentine, plasterer, h. 25 Sco- 
ville Avenue. 

Tier George H., machinist, h. 11 Carroll. 

Tierman Arthur, shoes, 111 Bank, h. 92 

Tiernany James, carpenter, h. 26 Michi- 

Tierney C. J., clerk, 171 River. 

Tierney Thomas, entry clerk, 171 River. 

Tietlebaum William, torpedo maker, h. 2 

TILDEN DANIEL R., attorney and judge 
Probate Court, h. 306 Prospect. 

Tilden Dr. P., vermillion furnace, h. 442 

Tilden 0. H., clerk, 215 Superior, bds. Com- 
mercial House. 

Tilley Madison, teamster, h. 77 Harrison. 

Tillotson George. W., foreman, C. C. & C. 
R. R. Shop, h. 8 Johnson. 

Tillman Untone, shoemaker, bds. corner Or- 
ange and Cross. 

Tilton Lucian, civil engineer, h. 64 Bond. 

Tilton Asa S., h. rear 14 Pittsbugh. 

Trinbers Patrick, laborer, rear new court 

Timerman John, laborer, 61 Jersey. 

Trinber William, machinist, Cuyahoga Fur- 

TindeU Gideon F., h. 101 Bond. 

Tinger A., bricklayer, h. 34 Phelps. 

TINKER & TURTON, painters, glaziers, 
&c., 153 Detroit. 

Tinker Daniel, firm T. & T., h. 26 Church. 

Tisdale Erastus, firm Johnson & T., h. 26 

Tisdale George A., secretary Commercial 
Mutual Insurance Company, h. 32 Huron. 

Titlom Mary Ann, widow of John, h. 8 Sco- 
ville Avenue, 

Titus S. J,, lumber dealer, bds. Weddell 

Toar John, laborer, rear 112 Clifton, 

Toaster Patrick, laborer, 4 Washington. 

Tobin Henry, salesman, h. 42 Parkman. 

Tobinjohn, tailor, h. 58 Granger. 

Tod Christopher, blacksmith, h. 83 Chat- 

Tod David, firm T., Yates & Taylor, h. Bri- 
ar Hill. 

Tod Dr. Jonathan I., Marine Hospital, h. 
221 Detioit. 

TOD, YATES & TAYLOR, coal merchants, 
Johnson's Marine Block, corner Front and 

Tod Christopher, h. 83 Chatham, 

Toey John, laborer, 16 Jay. 

Toland Hugh, machinist, h. 236 Hamilton. 

Toland John, machinist, bds. 208 Hamil- 

Tolhurst George, shoemaker, h. 62 Park- 

Tolman 0, S., sewing machines, 235 Supe- 
rior, bds. corner Pearl and Lorain. 

Tolman George C, clerk 199 Superior. 

Tolshol Frederick, drayman, h. 36 Croton. 

Tom Alex., machinist, h. 115 Franklin, 

Toman John, drayman, h. 27 Webster. 

Tomes Henry, carpenter, bds. 349 Lake, 

Tomes "John, jr,, shoemaker, bds. 349 

Tomes John, sr., shoemaker, h. 349 Lake. 

Tomlinson Chas., cai-penter, bds. 219 Gar- 

Tomlinson Jas., carpenter, h. 219 Garden. 

Tompkins Edward, superintendent omnibus 
line, h. 135 Garden. 

Toohey John H. W,, lecturer, bds. 321 

Toole Charles, drayman, h. 294 Lake. 

Toole Charles, saloon, 30 Meadow. 

Toole John, laborer, rear 19 Vineyard. 

Toole Lawrence, h. 21 Division. 

Toole Michael, moulder, h, 17 Summit Al- 

Toole Patrick, laborer, bds. 106 Irving. 

Toole Patrick, clerk C. & M. R. R. 

Town David, saloon. Canal Basin. 

Townes Calvin, turner, Detroit, h. 201 

Towner William, car cabinet maker C. C. & 
C. R. R. shop, h. 315 St. Clair. 

Town Calvin, turner, h. 201 Bridge. 

Townsend Abraham, boiler maker, h. 73 
West Centre. 

Townsend Amos, salesman, Gordan McMil- 
lin & Co., bds. Weddell House. 

Townsend H. G., soap and candles, 82 Pearl. 

Townsend Hosea, clerk, C. C, & C. R. R. 
freight office, h. 47 Bridge. 

Townsend Horace T., insurance clerk, h, 52 

Townsend H, M., conductor C. C.'& C. R. E., 
h. 22 Green, 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 




Townsend James, engineer C. & E. R. R. 

Tonwnsend J. M., sec'y Bellefontaine R. R. 
line, h. 24 Huntington. 

Townsend John, engineer, h. 269 Lake. 

Townsend Oscar, clerk, C. C. &. C. R. R. 
freight office, h. 14 Jay. 

Townsing John, carnage painter, h. 97 Jer- 

Towson Thomas J., Slate roofer, h. 978 St. 

Towse Joseph, mason, h. 404 Cherry. 

Toungklous A. blacksmith, bds. 33 Webster. 

Toush John, laborer, 125 Oregon. 

Tovert Frederick, laborer, 33 Mayflower, 

Tovey Greorge, carpenter, h. 351 Lake. 

TRACY CHAPIN, & Co., packers and pro- 
vision dealers, 60 Leonard. 

Tracy John A., produce dealer, h. 42 Hun- 

Tracy Patrick, shoemaker, h. 374 Detroit. 

Tracy Peter, switchman, h. 180 Wilson. 

Tracy Sarah, widow, washer, h. rear 69 St, 

Tracy Stephen, firm T. Chapin & Co., h. 192 

Traffler Peter, striker, 

Traner Hugh, roller, bds. 89 Case Avenue, 

Traussle John, grocery, 43 Oregon. 

Trauster N. K., builder, h. Cedar Avenue. 

Travis Jacob, brakesman, bds. 77 Water. 

Travis Peter, boiler maker, h. rear 69 St. 

Travis W. D., clerk, bds. 124 Water. 

Treat Labin, peddler, h. 49 Carroll. 

Treat Wilson, ship carpenter, h. 99 Wood- 

Treffert John, butcher, bds. 145 Kinsman. 

Treiber Max, marble works, 274 Erie, h. 

Treives Charley, shoemaker, bds. comer Or- 
ange and Cross. 

Tremple William, shoemaker, bds 206 St, 

Tresher Barbara, widow of Charles, h, 78 

Tressel Charles, shoemaker, bds. 354 St. 

Tressel Christopher, laborer, bds. 17 Clif- 

Tressel John Joseph, tailor, h. 17 Clifton, 

Tret Telsro, butcher, h, 307 Hamilton. 

Treushardt Christopher, saloon 301 Lake. 

Tricker Wm., (colored) painter, h. 34 Green- 

Trigg Richard, laborer, 201 Ohio. 

Trinipl William, shoemaker. 

Tringenburger Greorge, h. 48 Third. 

Tripp A., tailor, Bennet House Block. 

Triefelder Joseph, laborer, corner Pittsburgh 
an Ldiberty. 

Wm. C. NORTH'S Photograph and 

Trookenbrod Michael, tailor, h. 141 Oregon. 

Troughton Edward, maltster, h. on rail road, 
West yide. 

Troupe Berkhart, wagon maker, h. 51 Lau- 

Trowbridge Mrs. Mahala, widow of Richard, 
h. 135 Clinton. 

Troy James, common carrier, h. 162 Tay- 

Trunk Christian, saloon, 35 Belmont. 

Truscott Samuel, carpenter, h. 77 Marion. 

Trascott William, clerk, Whitney & Antho- 
ny, bds. 41 Clinton. 

Troughton Edward, maltster, Lucas & Co. 

Troust Philip, h. 123 Oregon. 

Tubbs George, h. 58 Marion. 

Tubbs Sidney, sailor, bds. 153 Clinton. 

Tubel Philip, varnisher, h. Hurd. 

Tuch Alexander, grocery, 42 Bolivar. 

TUCKER DR. A. W., h. 288 Detroit. 

TUCKER C. H., book keeper, 116 Superior, 
bds. 11 Eagle. 

Tucker Daniel, shoemaker, 162 Prospect, 

Tucker, David M., sailor, h. 105 West Lib- 

Tucker Henry, shoemaker, h. 266 Hamilton 

Tuey Patrick, shoemaker, h. 9 Oregon, 

Tuftner Joseph, peddlar, h. 94 Irving, 

Tufts Samuel, h. 21 Oregon. 

Tulber Adam, carpenter, h. 71 Croton. 

TUNNEL MINES CO,, office on C. & P. 
R. R. pier, 

Tunnington Thomas, tailor, h. 3 Third al- 

Tunte Bernard, grocery, 392, St. Clair. 

Turba Adam, cabinet maker, h, 71 Croton, 

Turba John, cabinet maker, h. 55 Cherry. 

Turnbull Capt. James, seaman, h, 181 

Turner bds. 63 Frankfort. 

Turner Almon P., grocery, 147 Pearl, h. 151 

Turner Alvin A.,firm S. & A. T.,h. 98Wash- 

Turner Caleb, carpenter, h, rear 376 St. 

Turner George W., clerk, h. 100 Clinton. 

Turner John, railroad man, h. 94 Lake. 

Turner Capt. John E., h. 24 Pearl. 

Turner M, S., assistant cashier Bank Com- 
merce, h, Detroit Road. 

TURNER S. & A., steam boat owners, of- 
fice 7 Oviatt's Exchange. J 

Turner L. D., clerk, 240 Superior bds. Ben- 
net House. 

Turner Samuel W., firm S. & A, T.. h. 203 

Turner Seth, fruit stand, comer Centre and 

Turner Steph. L., expressman, h. 25 Harbor. 

Pine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St. 




Turner William, attorney, bds. 63 Frankfort. 

Tusmick C, laborer, 159 Wilson. 

Turiff William, machinist, bds. 52 Bank. 

Turrill George F., physician, 40 Public 
Square, h. Ill Lake. 

Turrill J. E., clerk, R. R. office, bds. Ill 

TURRILL M. Y.; physician, 40 Public 
Square, h. Ill Lake. 

Turton Chas , firm Tinker & T., 106 Turn- 

Turton J. & J., painters and glaziers, 6 West 

Turton James, painter, h. 106 Turnpike. 

Turton Henry, painter, h. 106 Turnpike. 

Turton William, painter, h. 106 Turnpike. 

Tutbury J., h. 27 Walnut. 

Tuttle Albert, h. 208 Euclid. 

Tuttle Henry B., Secretary Cleveland Iron 
Mining Co., h. 208 Euclid. 

Tuttle George R., clerk, R. C. Hopkins, h. 
108 Euclid. 

Tuttle William H., ship carpenter, h. 126 

Tweepe F., mechanic, h. 12 Lawrence. 

Twine William, (colored) waiter, h. 47 

Twitchell Leonard D., carpenter, h. 298 Co- 

Twitt Alfred, tinner, bds. 21 Parkman. 

Tj'lee Felix, pattern maker, h. 53 Tracy. 

Tyler B. F., h. 103 Detroit. 

Tyler Dwight R., conductor, C. C. & C. R., 
bds. 212 Prospect. 

Tyler John, engineer, h. 4 Farley's Court. 

Tyler Joshua R., conductor, C. & T. R. R., 
h. 88 Ontario. 

Tyler Joshua D., conductor, C. &. T. R. R., 

h. 88 Ontario. 
Tyler Patrick, laborer, foot of Water. 

Tyler W, S., clerk. 240 Superior. 

Tyre Henry, melodeon maker, 28 Parkman. 

Umbstaetter Daniel, brewer, 395 River, h- 

19 Jay. 
UMBSTAETTER LOUIS, wholesale gro- ' 

eery, River, h. 389 West River. 
Umbstetter John, h. 28 Bridge. 
Uucrouse J., laborer, 48 Merchant. 
Underner John, h. 31 Huron. 
UNDERNER J. T., ear and eye infirmarv, 

163 Water. 
Underwood Nicholas, engineer, C. & P. R. 
R., h. 389 Lake. 

Unger , laborer, 65 Green. 



fice. Government Pier. 
Unkry Jacob, carpenter, h. 96 Bridge. 
Upton Elijah, mason, h. 87 Courtlandt. 
Upton, George W., shoemaker, h. 13 Grove. 
Upton Perciva], butcher, h. 53 Bridge. 
Urban Catharine, widow of Philip, h. 330 

Urban George, laborer, 124 Orange. 
Urban Jacob, clerk, 170 Ontario, h. 134 

Urshel Adam, porter, h. 6 Pop Corn Alley. 
lin, corner Fulton. 
Uresch John, laborer, 41 Parkman. 
Urpon John, laborer, 110 Carroll. 
Usher W., joiner, h. 49 Jay, 
Usinger Nicholas, clerk, 173 Superior, bds. 

311 St. Clair. 
U. S. LIGTNING ROD CO., 9 Vineyard. 
Uste M. carpenter, h. 43 Merchant. 
Utley Horace, bds. 28 Huntington. 
Uttley John L., law student, 170 Superior, 

bds. Bennet House. 
Utofi" John F., carpenter, h. 15 Monroe. 


Ucre John, brickmaker, h. 321 Pittsburgh. 

Udell George, sailor, h. 452 Detroit. 

Uhl Charles F., firm Myers, U., & Co., h. 61 

Uhl John, laborer, Lucas & Co. 

Uhl Louis, leather dresser, h. 147 Orange. 

Uhl William, laborer, Lucas & Co. 

Uhland Bernhard, laborer, 204 Bridge. 

Ulhen Januar, lime burner, h. 186 Colum- 

Ulick Charles, shoemaker, 100 Cross. 

UUman Jacob, shoemaker, 226 Ontario. 

Ulner Christopher F., gardener, h. 65 Wil- 

Ulrich Conrad, clerk, 148 Water, 

Vahlzean Fritz, laborer, 11 Wadsworth. 

VAIL ISAAC C, attorney, h. 63 Gar- 

VAILLANT C, teacher French and music 
h. 168 Lake. 

Vaillant George H., clerk, C. C. & C. R. E., 
bds. 168 Lake. 

Valentine Frederick, (colored) grocery, 86 

Valentine Joseph, shoemaker, 440 St. Clair, 

Valentine Willis, printer, h. 65 Huntington. 

Valpey Thomas G., teacher, Cleveland Aca- 
demy, bds. 91 Huron. 

Van Baalen Emanuel, firm E. & J. V. B., h. 
100 Ohio. 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph, in Oil, Plain Photograph 



Van Baalen E. J. & Co., second hand cloth- 
ing, 66 Superior. 
Van Jialen E. & J., clothing, 142 Superior. 
Van Baalen Henry, peddler, h. 86 Kinsman. 

Van Baalen Joseph, firm E. & J. V. B., h. 
100 Oliio. 

Vanburgh , brakesman, bds. 75 Bank. 

Van Camp E, engineer, C. C. & C. R. R., h. 
46 Chestnut. 

Vance Melissa F., widow of A. R., h. 199 
St. Clair. 

Vandenberg William, pail maker, h. 20 Ce- 
dar Avenue. 

Vanderan Macks, carpenter, h. Cooper. 

Vandruver WiUiam, clerk. Depot, h. 21 

Van Duzer Ashley M., manager Western 

Union Telegraph, office, bds. Angier 

Van Gaslin John, laborer, bds. 14 Cedar Av- 

VANGUARD AND GEM, office 109 Lake. 

Van Haun A., carpenter, h. 190 Erie. 

VaTihorn George, sailor bds. West River. 

Vanhussen Herman, police, h. 74 Garden. 

Vanir , soap maker, h. 239 Hamilton, 

Vanis Peter, ship carpenter, h. 194 Superior 

Van Loozen Cente, paper maker, Younglove 
& Hoyt. 

Vannatter William, plow maker, h. Detroit 

Vanpacktonbake Augustus, shoemaker, h. 
41 Wilson. 

Vanpacktonbake J., blacking maker, h. 41 

Van Pelt Chauncey, miller, bds. 114 Pitts- 

VAN PELT HHIAM, flour, grain and feed, 
183 Ontario, h. 114 Pittsburgh. 

Van Pelt Lansing, clerk, 183 Ontario, bds. 
114 Pittsburgh. 

Van Tassle Abram, tinware 176 Detroit, h. 
73 Hanover. 

Van T;issell Charles H., saloon, 118 Pitts- 

Van Ttxssell Mrs. widow of Andrew, tailor- 
ess, h. 17 Third. 

Vanter Louis, h. 99 Monroe. 

Van Tvne U. C, local freight agent, C, & P. 
R. R', h. 226 Scoville Avenue. 

Van Tyne William H., book keeper, h. 143 

Van Voa^t Gershoni, shoes, 197 Superior. 

Varly Charles, shoemaker, h. 8 Orange, 

Vauger Frederick, cooper, h. 106 Jersey. 

Vaughn James, tailor, h. 24 Chestnut. 

Vaughn Joshua M., boat builder, 76 Wash- 
ington, h. 63 Vermont. 

Vaughn WiUiam, tailor, h. 24 Chestnut. 

Vaulker Leman, bricklayer, h. 17 Laurel. 

Vampel Peter J., joiner, h. 104 Cedar At 

Veasonpecker H. W., tinner, 82 Bank. 

Vedder John, Ixls. 132 Bolivar. 

Veener Louis, tailor, h. 230 Orange. 

Veenhout William, laborer, 187 West Lib- 

Veger Jacob, laborer, 33 Green. 

Veits Marshall W., foreman. Leader job of- 
fice, bds. 222 St. Clair. 

Velli Vonder, h. 42 Penn. 

Vendrig Bernard, carpenter, h. 160 Orange. 

Venice William, sailor, h. 73 Washington. 

Venning Josiah, h. 174 Orange. 

Venning Richard, soap maker. 

Vcot John, laborer, 119 Harbor. 

Veper William, laborer, 113 Phelps. 

Verbasick Martin, lalwrer, 260 Bridge. 

Verberk Anthony, })ainter, h. 200 Bridge. 

Verberk Gerhart, chair maker, h. 200 Bridge. 

Verch E G., saloon, 88 Merwin. 

Vertz Matthias, flour packer, h. 74 Monroe. 

Vetter J. G., butcher, 58 Abbey. 

Vetter Melcher, laborer, 50 Abbey. 

Vial John, engineer. City Water Works, h. 
■ 93 West Liberty. 

Victor George, clerk, h. 374 St. Clair. 

Victor George W., R. R. conductor and col- 
lector, h. 18 Webster. 

Viegle Frederick, shoemaker and saloon, 84 

Viest John, .carpenter, h. 158 Dare. 

Viest Nicholas, stone cutter, h. 156 Dare. 

Vilker Philip, laborer, 13 Howe. 

Vincent H. G., clerk, bds. 350 Superior. 

Vincent James, clerk, C. C. & C. R. R., h. 
23 Wood. 

Vincent John, clerk. Strong & Armstrong, 
199 Superior, bds. 350 Superior. 

Vincent John A., firm Gardiier & V., h. 350 

Vincent Samuel W., clerk, 288 St. Clair. 

Vincent William, clerk, C. C. & C. R. R., h. 
23 Wood. 

Vincent William, laborer, 128 Oregon. 

Ving Josiah, joiner, C. Sc E. Car Shop. 

Vise Jacob, laborer, 30 Parkman. 

Vithursh William, laliorer, 194 Courtlandt. 
j Vliet William F., painter, 65 Kinsman, h. 
39 Cheshire. 

Varner .John, seaman, h. 114 Washington 
Vassoling Mrs. Mary, widow, h. 157 Croton. j Voath Christopher, lard oil, h. 58 Webster. 
Vaughan Geo.R., blacksmith, h. 71 Carroll. ; Voel tie Jacob, mason, h. 48 Mechanics. 
Vaughan Mrs. Sarah- widow of John, h. 65 Voertz John, miller, h. 212 Pearl. 

Penn. ' Vogel Lewis, shoemaker, h. 33 Jackson. 

or Ambrotype, should not fail to visit NOTH'S GALLERY. 




Vogely Henrv, marble worker, h. 4 Middle. 
VOGES THEODORE, proprietor Forest Ci- 
ty Ice Company, h. 48 Bolivar. 
Vogel William, shoemaker, h. 9 Pop Corn 

Voges William, clerk. Eagle Brewery, h. 5 

Vogle William, shoemaker, h. 313 Erie. 
Vogt Andrew, laborer, 261 Orange. 
Vogt J. J., clerk, 199 Superior. 
Vogt John, stone cutter, h. 267 Orange. 
Vogt Simon, porter, h. 146 Orange. 
Vogt William, saloon, 55 Irving. 
Vogus William, clerk. Eagle Brewery. 
Voight George J., book keeper, Review of- 
fice, h. 6 Brainard, 
Voight John J., tinsmith, h. 6 Brainard. 
Volger Christian, laborer, 25 Lorain. 
Volker Christopher, shoemaker, h. 305 

Volmer Mrs., widow of Henry, sewing, h. 

263 Pittsburgh. 
Vollwerth Odmar, saloon, 137 Kinsman. 
Voltz William, bricklayer, h. 68 Orange. 
Von Delft Frank, boots and shoes,256 Perry. 
Von Delft John, shoemaker, bds. 256 Perry. 
Vondrau John, carpenter, h. 58 Bridge. 
Von Fassom Jacob, laborer, bds. 14 Cedar 

Vorce Lafayette, accountant, 40 River, bds. 

83 Public Square. 
Vosburgh George, h. 91 Bond. 
VOSBURGH & LOWRY, green grocery 

and poultry, 173 Ontario. 
Voth Ernst H., clerk, 190 Prospect, h. 58 

Voth Frederick, chandler, h. 58 Webster. 
Voth Henry, clerk, h. 58 Webster. 
VOTTELER G. F., piano and organ builder, 

101 Bank, h. Heights. 
Votteler Henry J., clerk, Ranney, Backus & 

Votz F., saloon, 71 Michigan. 
Vouk J. B., laborer, 612 Superior. 
Vowers John, brakesman, C. & P. R. R. bds. 

491 Lake. 
Vulk George shoemaker, 259 St, Clair. 


Wabel Charles, furrier, h. 34 Croton. 
Wackerman Edward, baker, bds. 19 Bolivar. 
Wackerman Wendell, baker, Gorham & 

Aplin, h. 19 Bolivar. 
Waddle John H., foreman, Cleveland Boiler 

Plate Co., h. 15 Lawrence. 
Waddle U. B., foreman, Cleveland Boiler 

Plate Co., h. 15 Lawrence. 

Wade H., president telegraph, h. 103 Hu- 

Wade James, jr., firm Paine & W., h. 17 

AVade James M., blacksmith, h. 481 Lake. 

Wade Oscar, W., clerk, bds. 124 Water. 

Wade Randall P., teller F. Brown's,-bdi-.103 

Wade William, fireman, bds. 481 Lake. 

Wade W. 0., salesman, 134 Water, bds 124 

WADSWORTH S. J., agent, National 
Sewing Machine Co., 3 Euclid, h. 23 Oak 

Wadsworth William B., joiner, h. 56 Kins- 

W^CHTER AM ERIE, semi-weekly and 
weekly, 181 Ontario. 

Wageman Jacob, firm W. & Smith, h. 162 

WAGEMAN & SMITH, clothing, 154 Su- 

Waggoner Nicholas, wagon maker, bds 103 

Wagnar Frederick, laborer, 31 Irving. 

Wagner Frederick wagon maker, 89 Kins- 
man, h. 174 Ohio. 

Wagner Gottlieb A., cigar maker, h. 87 

Wagner Henry, foreign exchange, 161 Wa- 
ter, bds. Weddell House. 

Wagner Jacob, saloon, 332 St. Clair. 

Wagner John, cooper, 55 York, h. 112 Lo- 

Wagner John, saloon, h. 194 Pearl. 

Vv^agner John, laborer, 410 Perry. 

Wagner John, pressman, bds. corner Perry 
and Superior. 

Wgner John, butcher, h. 160 River. 

WAGNER JOHN C, auction and com- 
mission, 160 Superior, h. 30 Mandrake. 

Wagner Lawrence, undertaker, 375 Supe- 

Wagner Louis, trunk maker, 160 Superior, 
bds. New England House. 

Wagner Martin, teamster, h. 83 Garden, 

Wagner Matthias, grocery, 127 Oregon. 

Wagner Nicholas, upholsterer, h. l08 Erie. 

Wagner N. S., clerk, 217 Superior, bds. 
American Hotel. 

Wagner Peter, printer, bds. 311 St. Clair. 

Wagner Philip, laborer, 1 Minnesota. 

Wagner Rudolph, sail making, h. 66 Orange. 

Wagner William, loan office, 161 Water, 
h. 30 Mandrake. 

Wahl Ignatz, carpenter, h. 114 Scoville Av- 

Wait Ebenezer, engineer, h. 112 Orange. 

Wait Miss Mary, dress maker, h. 16 Marion. 

Waite Chas. H., clerk, G.Worthington & Co. 

Deodorised Coal Oil, manufactured by LAW & NORTH, 



Waite Williiun, laborer, 94 Marion. 

Walveticid William M. teacher, h. 37 Wal- 

Wakelin Joseph, shoemaker, h. 4 Green- 

W^ilbridge F. B., h. 27 Lake. 

Waldeck Fulix, cooper, h 346 Pittsburgh. 

Waldick Christian, saloon, 279 Pittsburgh. 

Waldron Archibald, h. 15 Oregon. 

Waldrou James, blacksmith, h. 451 West 

Waldron Vant, laborer, 111 West Liberty. 

Walker Mrs. Ann, widow of William, h. 49 

Walker Anthony, laborer, 190 Greenwood. 

Walker Charles, cigars, h. 226 Pittsburgh. 

Walker Charles, (colored) laborer, h. 278 

Walker Charles, (colored) white washer, h. 
419 St. Clair. 

Walker Charles A., sewing machines, 235 

Walker E. T., provisions, 173 Ontario, h. 
127 Ohio. 

Walker Frederick, cooper, h. 106 Jersey. 

Walker Frederick, h. 101 Penn. 

Walker Henr}^, hostler, City Hotel. 

Walker Henry, plasterer, h. 67 Monroe. 

Walker Henry, mason, h. 99 Penn. 

Walker Henry, h. 202 Garden. 

Walker James, tailor, bds. 97 St. Clair. 

Walker John, laborer, h. 938 Superior. 

Walker John H., clerk, 247 Superior, bds. 
248 Prospect. 

Walker Joseph N., laborer, 153 Orange. 

AValker Leonard, laborer, 56 Clinton, 

Walker Mary, widow of John, h. 26 Dela- 

Walker Mrs. widow of John, seam- 
stress, h. 83 Park man. 

Walker William, joiner, h. 72 Parkman. 

Walker William, tailor. 

Walker Wilham, tailor, h, 99 Jersey. 

Walker William, sailor, bds. 72 York. 

Walkly Jacob, laborer, Mulberry. 

AVall Edward, salesman, h. 62 Huron. 

Wall D. B., clerk, 161 River, bds. 24 Wal- 

Wall Dinah, widow of James, h. 62 Eagle. 

Wall Henry, laborer, 272 Lake. 

Wall John F., mason, bds 94 Prospect. 

Wall Robert, mason, h. 94 Prospect. 

Wall| Robert A., millright, h. 34 Wood- 

Wall Thomas H., marble cutter, bds. 94 

WALLACE FREDERICK T., attorney, 97 
Superior, h. 144 Prospect. 

Wallace John wood .sawyer, h. earr 19 Vine- 

Wallace Max, pedler, h. 284 Pittsburgh. 

Wallace William, tinsmith, bds. Forest City 
House. "* 

Wallace Wm. H., carpenter, h. 78 Hicks. 

Waller Samuel, carpenter, h. 15 Cedar Ave- 

Waller William, (colored,) saloon, 71 Ham- 

Walworth Mrs. M. A., widow of A. W., h. 
176 Euclid. 

Walrond James, blacksmith, 126 River, bds. 
American House. 

Walsh , clerk, bds 45 Public Square. 

Walsh E. B., grind stones, bds. 172 Clinton. 

Walsh Henry P., upholsterer, h. 152 Clin- 

Walsh James A., saloon, 138 Pittsburgh. 

Walsh John, h. 249 Erie. 

Walsh Joseph N., clerk, 115 Ontario. 

Walsh Michael, laborer, 67 Jersey. 

Walsh Michael, jr. carpenter, h. 67 Jersey. 

Walsh Patrick, carpenter, h. 67 Jersey. 

Walsh Patrick, boot maker, h. 44 Oregon. 

Walsh Thomas, moulder, Ms 280 Lake. 

Walsh Thomas, laborer, 67 Jei'sey. 

Walsh Mrs., widow James, dress maker, h. 
138 Pittsburgh. 

Walter A. N., cigars, 102 Superior, h. 54 Un- 

Walter Capt. Horace, h. 92 Woodbine. 

Walter Nicholas, carpenter, h. 340 St. Clair. 

Walters Adam, laborer, 98 Scott. 

Walters William, laborer, 98 Scott. 

Walther Henry, printer, 

Walton Capt. Isaac, h. 46 Garden. 

Walton Thos., lake engineer, bds. 65 St. 

Walton Thomas, book keeper, h. 90 Onta- 

WALTON THOMAS A., commission mer- 
chant, 139 River, h. 183 St. Clair. 

Waltz Christian, harness maker, 160 Supe- 

Walworth Mary A., widow of A. W., h. 176 

Walz Jacob, blacksmith, h. 21 Jersey. 

WAMELINK L. B., wholesale grocery, 108 
Superior, h. 139 Lorain. 

Wamser Frederick, boarding house, 53 Lor- 

Wamser Jacob, m. d., h. 51 Lorain. 

Wamsley Sarah M., widow Joseph h. 282 

Wandsor Charles, baker, h. 51 Jackson. 

Wangerin Augustas, grocery, 537 St. Clair. 

Wanke Charles, baker, bds. 54 Cheshire. 

Wanner John, mason, h. 141 Bridge. 

Wanner Peter, joiner, h. 141 Bridge. 

WANSOR JACOB, stoves and tin ware, 38 
Public Square, h. 112 Euclid. 

is acknowledged to Ibe the best in the State. 



Wansor Jolin clerk, 120 Superior, bds 112 
- Euclid. 

"Warburton John P., clerk C. & M. R. R, h. 

Warburton Thomas, ship joiner, h 73 State. 

WARD & CRITTENDEN, bankers, 117 

Ward Daniel, brewer, 205 Seneca. 

Ward Daniel, moulder, h. Chestnut. 

Ward Edward M., carpenter and builder, 
h. 317 Kinsman. 

Ward John, laborer, 88 Croton. 

Ward John, laborer, 6 Superior Aveuue. 

Ward Kate, tailoress, bds 70 Ontario. 

Ward Michael, fireman, h. 12 Williams Al- 

Ward Roger, laborer, 14 Superior Avenue. 

-Ward Wm., moulder, h. 149 Ohio. 

Warden George, blacksmith, h. 42 Chest- 

Warden William, carriage maker, h. 42 Chest- 

Wardin ger Isaac, pedlar, h. 140 Orange. 

WARING JOHN B., Prest. C.& T. R. R., h. 
344 Superior. 

Waring S. H., clerk C. & T. R. R., bds 344 

Warly Anthony, laborer, 58 Williams. 

Warmington George H., book keeper, 129 
West River, bds. Franklin House. 

WARMINGTON WM., carpenter, h. Frank- 

Warmington Wm. , jr., carpenter, h. Hano- 
ver Alley. 

Warner Adaline, widow of Milton, carpet 
weaver, h. 99 Bridge. 

Warner Chas., cabinet maker, h. 264 St. Clair. 

Wurner Frank, carpenter, h. 40 Mayflower. 

Warner Capt. George, sailor, h. 33 Smith. 

Warner John F., forwarder, h. 38 Euclid. 

Warner Robt., carpenter, and joiner, h. 529 
Case Avenue. 

WARNER WAREHAM J., builder, h. 83 

Warner William, R. R. engineer, h. 18 Ves- 

Warner William, h. 56 Prosjiect. 

Warner William, (colored,) saloon, 59 Mich- 

Warren Clark, depot police, h. 21 Man- 

Warren James, (colored,) carpenter, h. 31 

Warren John T., clerk, 173 Superior, bds. 
70 Bank. 

Warren Lewis, teamster, h, 459 Detroit. 

Warren Martha, widow of Simeon, boarding 
house, 65 St. Clair. 

WARREN NATHANIEL E., car builder, 
h. 804 Lake 

Warren Robt, saloon, h. 150 Orange. 

WARREN W., dry goods, 230 Superior,'^ 
60 Cedar Avenue. 

Warrick Henry, tailor, h. 56 Vine. 

Warth Valentine, printer. 

Washburn Charles, h. 27 Chestnut. 

Washington E., h. 69 Church. 

Washington Frederick, wheelwright, h. 117 

Washington Jas., cooper, h. 458 Detroit. 

Washington Robt., (colored,) plasterer, h. 
rear 19 Miami AUev. 


WASON CFIARLES, firm Wason, Everett 
&■ Co., h. 33 Case Avenue, corner Lake. 

WASON, EVERETT & CO., bankers, 143 

Wasserman Bernard, razor grinder, h. 27 

Wasserman John, razor grinder, h. 27 Or- 

Wassemeyer Peter, jeweler, h. 28 Man- 

Waterburg Lyman, sailor, h. 11 Scoville Av- 

urer, h. 217 Kinsman. 

Waters Johu, sailor, bds. 17 Johnson. 

Waterson Charles, tinner, bds. 51 Seneca. 

Watheiner David, cigar maker, h. 100 Lau- 

Watkins Edward, brakesman, h. 11 Abbey. 

Watkins Jane, widow of George, h. 311 Lo- 

Watkins Joseph, brakesman, h. 11 Abbey. 

Watson David, sailor, bds. 11 Turnpike. 

Watson David, barber, h. 338 St. Clair. 

Watson David, (colored) barber, 88 Erie, h. 
177 Hamilton. 

Watson Rev. D. S„ h. 257 Hamilton. 

Watson E., watchman, C. P. & A. R. R., h. 
124 Lake. 

Watson Henry, waiter, hotel, h. 241 Erie. 

Watson Henrv, sailor, h. 38 Hill. 

Watson H. S.^ clerk, N. Y. & E. R. R. office, 
h. 144 Lake. 

Watson James, laborer, 33 Lyman. 

Watson John B., saloon, 8 Kinsman. 

Watson Patrick, painter, h. 51 Lyman. 

Watson Richard, firm Lord & Co., h. 107 

Watson Thomas, sailor, bds. 142 River. 

Watson William, lamp store, Ontario, h. 221 

Watson William, cooper. 

Watterson H. D., freight clerk, C. & T. R. R., 
h. 81 Scoville Avenue. 

Watterson John P., carpenter, h. Marion. 

Watterson John T., carpenter, h. 8 Sked. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 



Wattcrson William, tinner, bds. 51 Seneca. 

Watterson William J., carpenter, h, 79 Sco- 
ville Avenue. 

Watts George W., cabinet maker, h. 160 De- 

Watts William, sailor, h. 220 Lake. 

Waud Benjamin, mason, h. 127 Garden. 

Weatherhead Charles, masoii, h. 51 Fulton. 

Weatherliead George, saloon, 8 and 10 Pitts- 

WEATHERLY J. L., insurance, Oviatt's 
Block, bds. Angler House. 

Weaver X., laborer, 788 St. Clair. 

Weaver George, machinist, h. 99 Bond. 

Weaver James H., (colored) mason, h. 196 

Weaver John, tailor, bds. 53 Frankfort. 

Weaver John, laborer, rear 44 Wilson. 

Weaver J. S., firm W. & Brother, h. 35 Ce- 
dar Avenue. 

Weaver Nicholas, cabinet maker, h. 43 Ward. 

Weaver Piobert S., firm W. & Brother, 
h. 35 Cedar Avenue. 

Weaver W. H., captain, h. 3 Scoville Ave- 

WEAVER & BROTHER, groceries, 257 

Weasts Philip, meat market, 876 St. Clair. 

ATEBB HENRY J., ship broker and forwar- 
ding merchant, Dock, west side river, h. 
240 Washington. 

AVebb Joseph, bds. 236 Lake. 

U'ebber Fytheue, brick maker, h. 12 East 

Webber Isaac, painter, 222 Lorain, h. 220 

Wel)l3er John laborer, 45 Muirson. 

^^'ebber John, grocery, 162 River. 

\Veliber John C, shoemaker, 152 River, h. 
20 Fountain Alley. 
"Webber John G. locksmith, 214 Superior, h. 
55 Orange. 

Welaber Martin, gardener, h. 801 St. Clair. 

Webber William, tailor, h. 317 Garden. 

Weber Charles, shoenfaker, h. 16 Fountain 

Weber Christian, tailor, h. 201 Orange. 

Weber Christian, boarding house, 61 Michi- 

Weber Christopher, grocerj^, 104 Pearl. 

Weber Frederick William, laborer, 101 Jer- 

SG V. 

WEBER GUSTAVE C. E., physician, 
office Chapin's Block, h. 37 Euclid. 

Weber Henrj-, shoemaker, h. rear 125 Ful- 

Weber Henr}-, blacksmith, h. 225 Pittsburgh 

Weher Isaac, painter, h. 220 Lorain. 

Weber Jacol), tailor, h. 114 Pearl. 

Weber John A., grocery, 875 St. Clair. 

Weber Lewis, machinist, h; 66 Tracy. 

Weber Peter, tailor, 118 West Liberty. 

Weber William, laborer, 103 Jersey. • 

WEBSTER JOHN, floor oil cloth add.Tnin- 
eral ijaint, offfice Atwater Building, h. 

Webster Miss Maria, dress maker, 122 

Weckerle Valentine, laborer, 19 Minnesota. 


Weddell Mrs. E. A., h. 130 Erie. 

WEDDELL HORACE P., office 139 Superi- 
or, h. 339 Euclid. 

WEDDELL HOUSE, comer Superior and 

Weden John, tailor, h. 53 Cherry. 

Weed John, shoemaker, h. 25 Hanover. 

WEED JOHN H., saddler, 15 Pearl, h. 18 

Weed Leonard F., hack driver, h. 69 Bank. 

Weed Thomas S., shoemaker, 182 Detroit. 

Wege Anna, widow, washwoman, h.l89Pearl. 

Wegener Ernst, laborer, h. 10 Minnesota. 

Wegst Adam, cooper, h. 187 Hamilton. 

Weeks Elijah, foreman livery stable, Cham- 
plain, h. 14 High. 

Weeks G. H., printer Ohio Farmer. 

Weeks Henry, printer, Ms. 57 Seneca. 

Weeten John, stonemason, h. 463 Forest. 

Wehenbower, Frederick, carpenter, h. 37 

AVekle Andrew, saddler, bds. 262 St. Clair. 

Wehr Charles, saloon, 148 Seneca. 

Wehrchmitt Daniel, tailor, 164 Seneca, h. 121 

Weideman John J., clerk, Gordan McMil- 
lan & Co., h. corner Randall and Bridge. 

Weideman J. C, clerk, 40 River. 

Weideman John J., laborer, 196 Bridge. 

Wcidenkof F., firm Hamilton & W.,"h. 59 

AVeidenkopf Jacol), grocerv, 239 Garden, h. 
241 Garden. 

AVeidenthal Abraham, shoemaker, 140 and 
142 Pittsburgh. 

Weidenthal B., h. 271 Kinsman. 

Weidenthal Leopold, variety store and house, 
392 Perry. 

AVcigel Christopher, laborer, 35 Smith. 

Weigel Jolm G., carpenter, h. 137 Orange. 

AVeighan Francis, blacksmith, Lowman, h. 

AVeiajhand Henry, cooper, h. 236 Pearl, 

AVEIGH LOCK, Ohio Canal, near Seneca St. 

AA'eigl Christopher, nurseryman, h. 681 Lake. 
AVeiher Christian, peddler, h. 179 Croton. 
AVeil, Mrs., Caroline widow of Samuel, gro- 
cery, h. 40 Seneca. 

Wm. C. WORTH'S Photograph and Fine Art GaUery, 205 Superior St. 




_ WeinhouseJohn,,beer peddler, h. corner Gar- 
..den and Spruce. 

Weints Elizabeth, widow Peter, h. 17 Park. 

Weints Jacob, laborer, bds. 17 Park. 

Weints John laborer, bds. 17 Park. 

Weints Peter, laborer, bds. 17 Park. 

Weints Valentine, drayman, bds. 17 Park. 

Weirheimer Louis, peddler, h. 179 Green- 

Weirtz Jacob, saloon, 19 Canal. 

Weis George, cooper, flats, h. 84 McLean. 

Weis John, cooper, h. 31 Mechanics. 

Weis Joseph, laborer, 102 Laurel. 

Weis Lewis, butcher, bds. 104 Water. 

Weis Michael, laborer, 27 Croton. 

Weis Philiji, cooper, h. 39 Irving. 

Weisbarth John, grocery, 237 Lorain. 

Weisbarth Martin, barber, h. 182 Pearl. 

Weisch Christopher L., laborer, 217 Hamil- 

We'ser Peter, laborer. West River. 

Weisermere Henry, confectioner, Superior, 
h. 60 Webster. 

Weiskoif Solomon, peddler, h. 30 Scoville 

Weithcomb Charles, joiner, h. Cedar Ave- 

Weitz George, laborer, 203 Croton. 

Weitz Joseph, firm J. & Y. W., bds. 37 High. 

WEITZ J. & v., flour and feed, 172 Onta- 

Weitz M., butcher, h. 203 Croton. 

Weitzel Peter, h. 38 Pittsburgh continued. 

Weitz Valentine firm J. & V. W., h. 37 High. 

Welburn Wm., gardener, h, 13 Burnham. 

Welch Edward, teamster, bds. 58 Bolivar. 

Welch Henry, time keeper, C. C. & C. R. 
shop, h. 93 Lake. 

Welch Henry P., upholsterer, h. Clinton. 

AVelch Mary, widow JSTicholas, h. 17 Dela- 

Welch Oscar F., 15 Webster. 

Welch Phillip, laborer, h. 986 St. Clair. 

Welch Mrs., widow William, 58 Bolivar. 

Welch William M., distributor and collec- 
tor for the Herald, h, 34 Chestnut. 

Weld J. H., law student, bds. 263 Pros- 

Weldon Eliza, (colored,) boarding house, 51 

Welker Geo., shoemaker, 364 Lorain, h. 
358 Lorain. 

Welker printer, h. 110 Cedar Avenue. 

Well house William, salesman, 173 River, h. 
79 Clinton. 

Wells Hiram K., firm W. Bingham & Co., h. 
132 Prospect. 

Wells John, sailor, bds. Canal Basin. 

Wells Nathaniel, machinist, h. 806 Lake. 

Wells Samuel, lake engineer, h. 48 Jay. 

Wells Walter C, printer, Review, bds. New- 
England Hotel. 

Wellstead Joseph, joiner, h, 330 Hamilton, 

Weisch Barnet, brewer, h. 79 Hamilton. 

Welsh Ann, widow of James, rear 14 Vine- 

Welsh Anthony, laborer. West River. 

Welsh James, clerk, Post Office, h. 53 Ma- 

Welsh James, laborer, 67 Superior Avenue. 

Welsh James, crockery packer, bds. 38 Eu- 

Welsh James, shoemaker, h. West River. 

Welsh James, drayman, h. 257 Lorain. 

Welsh John, laborer, 117 Burch. 

Welsh Joseph W , picture frames, 66 Bank. 

Welsh Michael, laborer. West River. 

Welsh Patrick, maltster, bds. 3 Root's Alley. 

Welsh Patrick, laborer, near Brock's Tiu> 

Welsh William, engine wiper, h. 10 Noble. 

Welsh Thomas, engineer, C. C. & C. R. R., 
h. 103 Harbor. 

Welter Christopher, laborer, 151 Cedar Av- 

Wenban John carriage maker, Lowman's, h. 
190 Clinton. 

Wendland William, carpenter, h. 21 Foun- 
tain Alley. 

Wendler Harman, book keeper, G. A. Stan- 
ley's, h. 12 Granger. 

Wendorf John, laborer, 29 Irving. 

Wendorff Louis, tinner, bds. 321 Erie. 

WendorffMrs., widow of Charles, h. 321 Erie. 

WENHAM ARTHUR J., grocery, 54 Mer- 
win, h. Terrett. 

Wenham, R. G., collector. Leader, h. 79 

Wenner George J., gent., h 141 Bridge. 

Wenner Peter, laborer, 80 Carroll. 

Wens Louis, sash maker, h. 48 Webster. 

Wenslay Mary, widow of John, h. 19 Ful- 

Wenzer Joseph, blacksmith, h. 311 St. 

Were John B., shoemaker, h. 30 Hicks. 

Wendel Ernst, cooper, h. 16 Willey. 

Werkmeister Charles, harness maker, De- 
troit, h. 161 Burch. 

Wermelskirschen Joseph, cooper, h. 56 Ab- 

Werner Andrew, laborer, 110 York. 

Werner Charles, cabinet maker, h. 164 St. 

Werner Frederick, laborer, 41 Green. 

Werner Peter, cabinet maker, h. 47 Granger. 

Wersh Christopher, shoemaker, h. 662 Su- 

Werth Philip, laborer, 129 York. 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph, in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



Wertheimer Marx, jeweler and watchma- 
ker, h. 14 Pittsburgh. 
Wertheim Julius, cigar maker, h. 430Pitts- 

Wertheim Solomon, cigar maker, h. 430 

Wertz Peter, flour packer, National Mills, 

h. 56 Penn. 
Werz Francis, shoemaker, h. 30 Brainard. 
Werz John, shoemaker, h. 30 Brainard. 
Weschen John, laborer, rear 185 Hamilton. 
Weseveath John, saloon, 77 Hill. 
Weshouse John, wagon maker, h. 55 York. 
Wesler Adam, labor^'r, 903 Superior. 
West Henry, shoemaker, h. 203 Ohio. 
West John, cooper, h. 114 Carroll. 
West Michael, blacksmith, bds. 179 Seneca. 
West Peter, shoemaker, h. 41 Oregon. 
West Richard, saloon keeper, h. 214 Pitts- 
West Thomas, book keeper, 226 West River, 

h. 8 Clinton. 
West W. H., teamster, h. 760 Lake. 
PANY, 33 River. 
FICE, Washington Block, corner Bank 
and St. Clair. 
Westfall George, R. R. engineer, h. 101 Ful- 
AVestheimer Joseph, h. 156 Bolivar. 
byterian,) Huntington, corner Prospect. 
Westmit Daniel, tailor, h. rear 121 Hamilton. 
Weston Richard, blacksmith, h. 149 Turn- 
Westwood William, bds. 309 Washington. 
Wetherlan, John, brakesman, h. 77 Water. 
Wettstein Louis P., carpenter, h. foot St. Clair. 
Wetzel Jacob, blacksmithing, 162 Garden, 

h. rear. 
Wetzel Peter, tailor, h. 160 Hamilton. 
Wetzel Philip, sailor, h. 160 Hamilton. 
Wetzel Leonard, sailor, bds. 160 Hamilton. 
Wetzel Robert, shoemaker, h. 160 Hamil- 
Wetzig Charles, cabinet maker, h. 16 Scoville 

Weven John, laborer, 188 Hamilton. 
Wcykard Geo., teamster, bds. 66 Michigan. 
Whalan John, laborer, 43 Newton. 
Whalan Patiick, laborer, 311 Hamilton. 
Whalan Robert, laboror, 29 Division. 
Whalen Edward, drayman, bds. 112 River. 
Whalley Henry, shoemaker, h. 36 Bolivcr. 
Wheaton Gerrit S., law student, 261 Supe- 
rior, bds. 87 Prospect. 
Whoelcr Abijah, h. 86 Prospect. 
WHEELER CHARLES E., clerk. Post Of- 
fice, h. 200 Ohio, 

Wheeler Mrs. Ellen, widow of John, bds. 

62 Hurd. 
Wheeler Francis, ship carpenter, h. 139 



chants. C. & P 

George, foreman, 

h. 36 Ontario. 

R. R. Pier. 

White Lead 

coal mer- 

W heeler James E., bank clerk, bds. 143 

Wheelei* Joel A., blacksmith, Pittsburgh, h. 

h. 13 Miami. 
Wheeler Joel A., jr., h. 13 Miami. 
WHEELER JOHN, physician and surgeon, 

7 Public Simare, h. 104 Bond. 
WHEELER JOHN A., firm W. & Ham- 
mond, canal collector, h. 88 Wood. 
Wheeler John W., broom making, li. 143 

Wheeler Lawrence, provision dealer, h. 62 

Wheeler Lucius, clerk. Herald, h. Erie. 
Wheeler Myron, clerk, C. C. & C. R. R., bds. 

86 Prospect. 
Wheeler Permelia, Avidow of Nelson, h. 20 

Miami Alley. 
WHEELER & WILSON, sewing machines, 

Melodeon Block, 205 Sujierior. 
Whelan CUiarles, drayman, h 10 Ward. 
Whelan Lawrence, grocer}', 45 Oregon. 
Whelan Patrick, hiborer, 62 Huntington. 
Wheelock Stephen, firm Hamilton & W., 

bds. Seneca. 
Wheller Benj. S., blacksmith, h. 46 Eagle. 
Whener John, tailor, h. 69 Oregon. 
Whipple Alman, h. 128 Lake. 
Whipple Carlyle, clerk, Parker & Co., bds. 

City Hotel. 
Whipple John E., foreman, Boston Pail Fac- 

torj% bds. 53 McLean. 
Whipple Robert B., harness maker, 160 Su- 
perior, h. 87 York. 
Whitaker Charles, stoves, 129 Water, h. 34 

WHITAKER STEPHEN, stoves, 129 Wa- 
ter, h. 34 Water. 
Whitcome James, machinist, h. 18 Bridge. 
White Albert, broom maker, h. 17 Middle. 
White Mrs. Annis, widow of Andrew, h. 92 

White Bushnell, firm Crowell & W., h. 113 

White Catharine N., (colored) h. 162 Sen- 
White Charles, laborer, 164 Ohio. 
White Charles L., clerk, 78 River, bds. Ben- 
net House. 
White Charles M., book keeper, Herald, h. 

99 Cedar Avenue. 
White C. T., conductor, h. 10 Mandrake. 

or Ambratype, should not fail to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 



White David, gardener, h. Detroit. 

White Edward, jewelry, h. 130 Detroit. 

White Edward, blacksmith, h. 334 Wash- 

White Frederick, laborer, 113 Main. ■. 

White George T., carpenter, bds. Cham- 

White Harris, laborer, 107 Cedar Avenue. 

White Henry, laborer, 107 Cedar Avenue. 

White Henry M. C, carpenter, bds. 66 Mi- 

White Henry, architect, 236 Superior, h. 15 

White Isabella, widovv of John, h. 164 

White Jacbb B., m. d., 127 Detroit, h. 

White James, carpenter, h. 109 Hudson. 

White James, millwright, bds. 83 Water. 

WHITE REV. J. C, pastor Congregational 
Church, h. 53 Bolivar, 

White John, livery stable, h. 26 Chestnut. 

White Johnson, broom maker, h. 17 Middle. 

White Joseph, shoemaker, h. 400 Detroit. 

White Joseph, teamster, bds. 416 Pitts- 

White J. S., firm W. & Newell, h. 26 Chest- 

WHITE LAMBERT, collector, h. 333 

White Luther, blacksmith, h. 23 Allen. 

White Lyndon, clerk, 57 Merwin, h. Clin- 

White M., h. 191 Prospect. 

White Martin, laborer, 86 West Main. 

White Mary, vk^idow of Thomas, grocery, 
155 Detroit. 

White M. B., stove dealer, Detroit, h. 172 

White Nathan D., tinner, h. 246 Detroit. 

White Waldon, flour and feed store, h. 39 

White William, livery stable, 144 Pearl, 
bds. 23 Church. 

WHITE & NEWELL, livery stable, 106 

Whitfield George S., (colored) porter, h. 53 

Whitehead David S., miller, Quinn's mill, 
bds. Newburgh. 

Whitehead Frederick, master miller, bds. 17 

Whitehouse F. W., steamboat engineer, h. 
56 Lamartine. 

Whitelavr George, firm Root W. & Co., 
h. 40 Prospect. 

Whitelaw John F., book keeper City Bank, 
bds. 40 Prospect. 

Whitelaw Mark, firm Lyon & W., h. Moore. 

Whitemann John, laborer, 20 Fountain Alley 

Whiting E. R., bds. 354 Superior. 

Whitlock Samuel, carpenter, h. 149 Sco- 
ville Avenue. 

Whitman Henry L., firm W , Standart & 
Co., Detroit road. 

WHITMAN, STANDART & CO., bankers, 
99 Superior. 

WHITNEY & ANTHONY, dry goods and 
groceries, corner Pearl and Detroit. 

Whitney Charles P., ticket agent C. & P. R. 
R. Depot, h. 19 Bank. 

Whitnev Chandler L., h. 239 Washington. 

WHITNEY CYRUS, Yankee Pop Corn, 
h. University Heights. 

Whitney Franklin, clerk Merchants Dis- 
patch, h. Belden's Court. 

Whitney Geo. W., h. 185 St. Clair. 

Whitney Lyman, firm W. & Anthony, h. 41 

WHITNEY LEWIS B., constable, h 76 

Whitney Moses, shoemaker, h. Washing- 

Whittemore Charles, clerk Water, bds. 140 

Whittemore Edwin, clerk Water, bds. 1^10 

Whittemore Mrs., widow Edward, h. 140 Hu- 

Whittla W. H., book keeper, 240 Superior, 
h. 240 Superior. 

WHITTLESEY CHARLES, geologist, 16 
Washington Block, h. 121 St. Clair. 

Whittlesey Mrs., widow Frederick, 41 Hin'on. 

Whittlesey Henry S., deputy County Treas- 
urer, h. 41 Huron. 

Whitworth Wm., cabinet maker, h. 113 Ce- 
dar Avenue. 

Wiahl Valentine, saloon, h. 60 St. Clair. 

Wichmire Caspar, cabinetmaker, 104 Green- 

Wick Alfred H., firm H. B. & H. Wick & 
Co., h. 348 Superior. 

WICK H. B. & H. & CO., bankers, corner 
Bank and St. Clair. 

Wick Henry, firm H. B. & H. Wick & Co., h. 
345 Superior. 

Wick Catharine, widow of Peter, h, 414 St. 

Wick C. C, agricultural implements, h. Ash 

WICK CHARLES D., wholesale grocer and 
commission merchant, 56 River, 19 Mea- 
dow, h. 83 Euclid. 

WICK LEMUEL, Prest. City Bank, h. 83 

Wicken John, h. 265 Kinsman. 

Wicken W., clerk Shelley's, bds. Weddell 

Widdenkaurer George, grocery, 23 Ward, 

Deoderised Coal Oil, manufactured by LAW & NORTH, 




"Widhar Jacob, moulder, h. Hamilton. 

Widmer Mary, widow Frederick, 50 Un- 

AViedler Margaret, widow Jacob, h. 72 Ham- 

AVielber Charles E.. writing teacher, bds. 74 

Wiener Abraham, grocer, bds. 233 Erie. 

Wiener, Mrs., widow Michael, grocery, 233 

Wienhardt Jacob, blacksmith. 111 Lorain, 
h, 90 Jersey. 

AVeiser Jacob, laborer, h. rear Franklin. 

Wiesmann Jas., clerk St. Clair Intelligence 
office, h. 85 Taylor. 

Wigers James, laljorer, 104 Dare. 

Wi;j,ht James M., blacksmith, h. 25 Hicks. 

Wiijht Jas,, watchman, h. 74 Jersey. 

Wight William S., carpenter, h. 203 Orange. 

WIG-HTMAN DAVID L., sheriff, h. 55 Ce- 
dar Avenue. 

AVigman John B., mason, h. 91 Ohio. 

AVigs Robt., sailor, h. 129 Fulton. 

AVihmier Fred, sr., tailor, h. 107 Lorain. 

AVihmier Fred., jr., tailor, h. 167 Lorain. 

AVilbur Charles, printer, bds. 29 Huron. 

AVILBUR JAMES B., h. 29 Huron. 

AA'ilcox Calvin, carpenter and joiner, h. 5 

AVilcox Daniel carriage driver, h. 164 Ohio. 

AVILCOX T. L. publisher Review,147 Water, 
bds. 124 AVater. 

AVilcox AY alter H., clerk, h. 42 Harman. 

AVilcox AVilliam, fireman C. P. & A. R. R., 
bds, 126 Hamilton. 

AVild Joel, carpenter, h. 99 AVoodbine. 

AVilder John, clerk Stevens' Dining Hall. 

AVild Lorenzo, laborer, 49 Carroll. 

AVild Lorenzo, building mover, h. 52 Root. 

AVild L. T. carpenter, h. 145 Pearl. 

AVild AVm., carpenter and joiner, 272 Col- 

AVILDING, DILLON & CO., plasterers and 
brickmasons, 34 Prospect. 

Wilding James, firm AV, Dillon & Co., h. 222 

AViley Elbert, architect, h. 75 Cedar Ave- 

AVilk Oto, laborer, 537 St. Clair. 

AA'ilker Charles, cigar maker, bds. 226 Pitts- 

Wilker Wm., laborer, h. 688 York. 

WILKIXS GEO., grocery, 248 St. Clair. 

AVILKINS HORACE, h. 204 Ohio. 

AVilkiiis Lucy, widow Abel, P. h. 204 Ohio. 

AVilkins Michael, laborer, 42 Pholps. 

AVILKINSON A., merchant tailor, 129 
Bank, bds. New England. 

AVILKS & GABRIEL, blacksmiths, 70 

Wilks George, firm AV.T & Gabriel, h. 56 
Orange. • ./• 

AA'ilks Thomas, ship carpenter, h. 64 Ful- 
ton, r 

dall & Co., L 230 Pittsburgh. 

AVillard Elliot S., gardener, "h. 489 Euclid, 
corner AVilson Avenue. 

A\'illard Rufus, painter, h. 106 Pearl. 

AVillard. Samuel AV., librarian, Y. M. C. A., 
bds. 230 Pittsburgh. 

AVILLARD AVILLIAM H., ship broker, h. 
46 Granger. 

Willcox Mrs. Abigail, widow of Orrin, bds. 
34 Clinton. 

AVillcox Themas, bds. 13 AVebster. 

AVillenbring Fraucis,merchant, 144 Superior, 
h. Heights. 

AVILLEY & CARY, attorneys, 113 Supe- 

Willev George, firm AV. & Carv, h. 141 St 

AVill Johanas, h. 79 Chatham. 

AVilliam Edmond, blacksmith, h. 162 Brown- 


AVilliams Albert, gunsmith, bds. 74 BoM- 

AVilliams Alexander, (colored,) laborer, cor- 
ner South alley, rear 101 Hamilton. 

AA'illiams Ann, widow Thomas R., boarding 
house, 75 Michigan. 

AA'illiams Annon, engineer, h, 93 Court- 

AVilliams C. D., firm AV. & Sapp, h. 354 

AVilliams Champion, grocer, 301 St. Clair,li 
11 AVilson. 

AVilliams Charles, depot man, bds. 18 Acad- 

AVilliams Daniel, cooper, 37 Irving, h. 158 

Williams Francis, salesman, h. 200 Lake. 

WILLIATkIS GEORGE, banker, 106 Supe- 
rior, h. East Cleveland. 

AVilliams George D., forgeman, bds. 60 

Williams Grant F., book-keeper, h. 121 Eu- 

Williams Henry saloon, 42 Superior. 

AVilliams Henry G., clerk, 228 Superior,bds. 
corner Middle and Huron. ., 

AVilliams John, brakesman, 77 AVater. 

Williams John, baker, h. 169 Seneca. 

AVilliams John, stone cutter, h. 120 Cedar 

AVILLIAMS JOHN M., wood coal and 
coke, south west corner Public Square, h. 
6 Oranore. 

is acknowledged to be the best in the State. 



"Williams Joseph, head cook Stevens' dining 

Williams Justin D., laborer, 70 Vermont. 

Williams Mary, widow of William, h. 162 
Brownell. • 

Williams M. E., messenger U. S. Express, 
bds. St. Clair. 

Williams Michael, laborer, 20 Mechanics. 

Williams Myron M., h. 24 Rockwell. 

Williams Nicholas, sailor, h. Mulberry. . 

WILLIAMS NORMAN A., builder, h. 37 

Williams Peter, saloon, h. 357 St. Clair. 

Williams Richard, wig maker, 76 Public 
Square, bds. Champlain. 

Williams Russell Gr., clei'k. Merchants Des- 
patch, h. 79 St. Clair. 

Williams S. B., toilet soap manufacturer, 
382 St. Clair, bds. 93 Lake. 

Williams Susan, widow of Lewis, 141 St. 

Williams Victory R., express messenger, U. 
S. Express, h. 441 St. Clair. 

Williams William, h. 39 Euclid. 

Williams William, (colored) farmer, h. 79 
West Center. 

Williams William, bar tender, bds. Canal 

Williams William C, gilder, h. 46 Ontario. 

WILLIAMS & SAPP, homeopathic phy- 
sicians and surgeons, 243 Superior. 

Williamson James, laborer, 7 Elm. 

Riddle, h. 7 Euclid. 

Williamson Samuel, saloon tender, 29 River. 

Williamson Thomas R., shoemaker, 75 Mi- 

WILLIAMSON & RIDDLE, attorneys, 
170 Superior. 

Willecam John, house carpenter, h. 26 Wil- 

Willies Thomas, railroad man, h. 20 Wil- 

Willing William, laborer, 40 Lawrence. 

Willis Harris, laborer, bds. 7 Clinton. 

Willis Henry, railroad man, h. 18 Wilson. 

WilUs John, h. 22 Clinton. 

Willis W. H., printer, 107 Superior, bds. St. 

Williston C. W., telegraph oj^erator in the 
Pittsburgh shop, h. 800 St. Clair. 

WILLISTON J. H., book and job printer, 
20 Atwater Building, h. 179 Pittsburgh. 

Willowcamp Henrv, ship carpenter, h, 34 

Willows Thomas, blacksmith, h. 48 Pearl. 

Wills EUza, widow of John, h. corner Lake 
and Wood. 

WILLSON HIRAM V., United States Cir- 
cuit Judo-e, h. Wilson Avenue. 

Willson Isaac, house and sign painter, h. 
156 Root. 

WILLSON JOSEPH, dentist, 228 Perry. 

Willson Mrs. Sarah, widow of William H., 
h. 167 Franklin. 

Willson Peter, shoemaker, 261 Perry. 

Willson Mrs., widow of Thomas, h. 54 Boli- 

Wilmer Jacob, h. 16 Orange. 

Wilmore Edwin, painter, 92 Garden. 

Wilmore Thomas, carpenter, h. 6 Scoville 

Wilson Alexander W., salesman, 64Merwin, 
h. 313 Erie. 

WILSON BROTHERS, merchant tailors, 
266 Superior. 

Wilson Charles E., clerk, Plain Dealer office, 
h. 70 Rockwell. 

Wilson David R., car builder, b. 797 Lake. 

Wilson Edward F., clerk, 163 Kinsman. 

Wilson Ephraim, real estate agent, 52 Pearl 

Wilson Francis, clerk, C. & T. R. R., h. 32 

WILSON F. S., wines and liquors,107 River. 

WILSON JAMES, vegetable dealer, 170 
Ontario, h. 37 Cheshire. 

Wilson Jared, jr., firm W. & Brother, h. 23 

Wilson John, expressman, h. 37 Cheshire. 

Wilson Mary Mrs., h. 36 Hamilton. 

Wilson Matthew, cand!le maker, h. 65 Frank- 

Wilson Peter, shoemaker, h. 39 Scoville Al- 

Wilson Robert, machinist, bds. 63 Water. 

Wilson Thomas P., m. d., office 128 Detroit, 
bds. 56 Pearl. 

Wilson William, bds. 179 Seneca. 

Winch Thomas, coal dealer, h. 56 Lake. 

Winchell Edwin A., h. 74 Parkman. 

Winder Joseph, paper maker, h. 27 Croton 

Windermeyer Andreas, (colored) 67 Penn. 

Windier Joseph, blacksmith, bds. 311 St. 

Wing Reuben B., cabinet maker, bds. 93 

Wing Thomas, bakery, 116 St. Clair. 

Wingus Henry, barber, bds. 326 Erie. 

Winkel Andrew, cooper, h. 78 Bridge. 

Winkel Caspar, cabinet maker, h. 71 Penn. 

Winkler Christian, wood merchant, h. 127 

Winkler Joseph, cooper, h. 131 York. 

Winlin William, machinist, h. 347 Bridge. 

Winner George J., laborer, 141 Bridge. 

Winner John, mason, bds. 141 Bridge. 

Winner Peter, carpenter, bds. 141 bridge. 

Winsel Jacob, laborer. Fox Avenue. 

WIN SLOW A. P., proprietor American 
Hotel, 134 Superior. 

Coal Oil and. Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 




WIKSLOW CHARDES, councilman, h. 94 

Wins'ow E. N , bds. 48 Ban"k. 

Winslow George H., assistant book-keeiier, 
141 Water, bds. 19 Wood. 

Winslow Henry C, lids. 358 Superior. 

Winslow H. J., commission merchant, Mer- 
wiii, bds. Weddell House. 

Winslow Joshua, carpenter, h. alley between 
Hanover and Pearl. 

WINSLOW N. C, merchant, 123 River, h. 

. 358 Su])orior. 

WINSLOW RUFUS K., merchant, 123 
River, h. 316 Superior 

Wint John, pump maker, h. 61 York. 

Winter Augustus, gardener, h. Ill West 

Winter Mrs. Eve, h. 177 Hamilton. 

AVinter Geo., h. 114 Bm-ch. 

Winter Peter, grocery, 179 Hamilton. 

AVirt Franklin, turner, h. 106 Vermont. 

Wirts Matthias, flour packer, h. Monroe. 

Wischme3'er Henry, porter, h. Pittsburgh. 

Wise Charles, painter, bds. 806 Lake. 

Wise George, baker, 52 Parkman. 

Wise George J., brakesman, h. 90 Bolivar. 

Wise Lawrence, bar tender, Johnson House 

Wise Peter, blacksn\ith, h. 70 Carroll. 

Wiseman John J. billiards, 170 Superior, h. 
262 Prospect. 

Wiseman Mrs. Maria, plain sewer, h. 52 

Wiser C. G., confectionory, 110 Ontario. 

AVishing John, brick raaker, h. rear 40 East 

Wishmire Henry, c'lerk, bds. 224 Pitts- 

AVitevsky Benjamin, grocery, corner Lake 
and AA^'ood, h. Superior hill. 

Witenberge Albert, laborer, 209 Case Avenue. 

AVithercone Jas., carpenter, h. 51 Cedar Av- 

AVitherel Maria, widow Geo., h. 22 AValnut. 

AVithold Ernest, cooper, h. 16 AVillet. 

AVitkowski Ber.j., hats and caps, 62 Supe- 

AVITT STILLMAN.h. 89 Euclid. 

AVirt AVilliam, scale maker, h. Heights. 

AVittemberg George, carpenter, h. 33 Cher- 

AVitter E. H., deputy County Auditor, bds. 
60 Euclid. 

Witticomb Cha?., carpenter, h. 54 Cedar Av- 

Witeman J. J., laborer, 176 Bridge. 

Wifcz John, warehouseman, h. 58 Penn. 

AVitz Mary, widow Joseph, h. 62 Muirson. 

Woditzka Samuel, grocery, 195 Kinsman. 

AAT'oehrle Fredrick, shoe maker, h. Heights. 

AVolbeston AVilliam, sailor, h. Hamilton. 

' Woldlman Miss Dora,^4J[*8s maker, h. 222 

AVolf Bernhard, clerk 185 Superior. 
AVolf George, teamster, h. 437 Lake. 
Wolf George A., marble culiter, bds. 63 

AA''olf Jacob, machinist, h. 207 Hamilton. 
AVolf Jacob, dry goods, and groceries, 19 

Pittsburgh continued. 
AVOLF L, boarding house, 63 Michigan. 
Wolf Levi, hides and pelts, h. 154 Orange. 
AVolfe Levi, jieddler, h, 73 Orange. 
Wolf M., groceries, 311 Kinsman, h. 309 

Wolf Nicholas, laborer, 207 Hamilton. 
Wolf S., grocery, corner Lake and Ontario. 
Wolk ]\Iartin, laborer, 16 AVadsworth. 
Wolke Henry, shoe dealer, Superior, h. 54 

Wolke Herman H., shoe dealer, Superior, h. 

54 Oregon. 

AVolph Lazarus, laborer, 77 Orange. 

Wolter Christopher, tailor. 17 Minnesota. 

Wolverton William, sailor, h. 233 Ham- 
j AVolword pick, boiler maker, h. 618 Supe- 
I AVolz George M., shoemaker, h. 40 Orange. 
] AA^onderle John, carpenter, h. 25 Wadsworth. 

AVood Ambrose, brakesman, h. 42 Harman. 

AVood Daniel, car shop, bds. 729 St. Clair. 

AA^ood David L., quarter master general, h. 

55 Wood. 

Wood James, tailor, h. near Spruce. 

AA^ood John, ship caulker, h. 81 Hamilton. 

AVood L. L.. clerk, 542 Superior, bds. 15 

AVood Lucretia, widow of Jnh'\h. 64 Bond. 

AVood Phebe, widow of Thomas, h. 733 

Wood Reuben, firm AA''. & Abbey, h. Roclc- 

AVood William, millstones, h. 17 Miami Al- 

AVood William, cnrpentcr, h. 341 Lorain. 

AVOOD & ABBEY, attorneys, 178 Superior. 

Woodard Benjamin, painter, h. 168 Clinton. 

AA'oodard George, bds. 141 St. Clair. 

\A^oodard H. D., entrv clerk, 134 AVater. 

Woodard Zila, tinner^! h, 112 Hill. 

WOODARD & LOGAN, painters and gla- 
ziers, 18 Pearl. 

AVoodbridge F. AV., agent, Cleveland Pow- 
der Co., h. Newburgh. 

AVoodhead John, laborer, 41 Frankfort. 

AVoodin Abner, sailor, h. 35 Alabama. 

AVoodman J. H., clerk, L. B. Flander's, h. 
94 Garden. 

Woodruff Henry M., brakesman, h. 476 

W. C. NORTH'S Photograph and Fine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 



Woodsow Henry, printer, bds. 80 St. 

Woods Patrick, tinner, 82 Bank. 

Woodward Charles A., clerk, 182 Superior, 
h. 83 Harman. 

Woodward George, house carpenter, h. 313 

Woodward George W., salesman, 107 River, 
h. 85 Harman. 

Woodward Joel, paper maker, h. 28 East 

Woodward Henry D., bds. St. Clair. 

WOOD WORTH ABNER, drug store, cor- 
ner Kinsman and Gross, h. 11 Parkman. 

Woodworth Ebenezer F., pop corn dealer, 
h. 91 Garden. 

Woodworth George W., firm C. A. Read & 
Co., h. 248 Prospect. 

Woodworth John, book-keeper, bds. 124 

REPORTER, 107 Bank. 

Wooldridge John, teamster, h. 596 Kins- 

Woolf Isaac, horse trader, h. 249 Kinsman, 

WoolfJohn, cooper, h. Mulberry. 

Woolson C. J., firm W. Hitchcock & Car- 
ter, h. 288 Prospect. 

foundei-s, junction Vineyard and Cham- 

Woolvin Capt. Benjamin, seaman, h. 116 

Woolweaver Joseph, blacksmith, bds. 386 

Woolweaver Philip, laborer, 428 Pittsburgh. 

Woorster John E., baker, h. First. 

Woosinger Nicholas, clerk, bds. 311 St. 

Wooster John E., baker, h. 19 Cross. 

AVooten J. C, (colored) whitewasher, rear of 
M. E. Church, Bolivar. 

Wording Warren, carpenter and joiner, h 
203 West Liberty. 

Worfolk Matthew, painter, glazier and pa- 
per hanger, h. 158 Prospect, 

Workman Benjamin, baggage master, h. 87 

Worley George, carpenter, 12 Fourth. 

Worley James T,, clerk, post ofiice, h, 269 

Worley John W., clerk, 193 Superior, h. 
Ill Pittsburgh. 

Wormser Isaac, grocery, corner Merwin and 
Leonard, h. 6 Leonard. 

Worswick James R., foreman C. & P. shop, 
h. 868 St. Clair. 

Worswick W. W., machinist, h. 61 Wilson. 
Worten Ab.,cigar maker, h. 237 Hudson. 

Worth L., shingle maker, h. 79 West Main. 

Worth William .shingle maker, h. 79 West 

Worthington George, firm G. W. & Co. h. 
393 Euclid. 

WORTHINGTON GEO. & CO., wholesale 
hardware, iron and nails, corner Superior 
and Water, and 81 Merwin. 

Worthington Thomas, file maker, h, 40 

Wray William J., machinist, h. Clinton. 

Wright Edward, telegraph, bds. 103 Lake. 

Wright George, tailoi, h. 37 Frankfort. 

W^right Horton, me)odeon manufacturer, h. 
74 Ohio. 

WRIGHT JAMES, saloon keeper, 137 On- 

Wright J. S., night watchman, h, 56 Vine. 

Wright Julia F., teacherCleveland Institute. 

Wright M. G., firm W. H. Hayes & Co., 
bds. corner Bond and St. Clair. 

WRIGHT MARTIN, L., dentist, office 206 
Lake, h. 208 Lake. 

Wright Robert, canal man, h. Long. 

WRIGHT SPENCER, physician, 161 Sen- 
eca, h. 40 Kinsman. 

Wright William, grocery, 13 Michigan. 

Wright William, plasterer and brickmason, 
h. 89 West Liberty. 

Wroath Mary, widow, h. 5 Croton. 

Wust Jacob, physician, h. 20 Orange. 

Wyatt Lorenzo, boatmen, bds. Canal Basin. 

Wyckoff Chauncey, carriage ti'immer, bds. 43 

WyckofF D. H., book keeper, 185 Superior, 
bds. 185 St. Clair. 

Wyckoft' Mrs. Lucinda h. 35 Walnut. 

Wyde Jacob, "horse trader, h. 342 Pitts- 

Wj'gant Benjamin, grocery, 168 River. 

Wyle Thomas, laborer, 149 Turnpike. 

Wyler Moses, peddler, h. 286 Pittsburgh. 

Wyman Charles F., brakesman, h. 57 Or- 

Wyman David, bds. 7 Marshall. 

Wyman Diantha, widow of F. F., h. 7 Mar- 

Wj-man Meyer, grocery, 133 Cedar Avenue. 

Wynn Susan, widow of Richard, bds. 79 

Wyzer Charles, bds. 148 Ontario. 

Yager Charles, shoemaker, h. 152 River. 
Yaher Augustus, stone cutter, h. 305 Pitts- 
Yahraus William, painter, h. Vine. 
Yangklaus A., blacksmith, bds. 33 Webster. 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



Yanke August, clerk, Parish & Knight, L. 
292 Pittsburgh. 

Yanson George, melodeon maker, Child & 

YAPP WILLIAM stove dealer, 101 Pros- 
pect, h. 106 Brownell. 

Yarhouse Adam, h, 102 Pittsburgh. 

Yarhus Charles, saloon, 154 Kinsman. 

Yates J. V. N., coal, bds. 53 Lake. 

Yates Robert C, finn Tod, Y. & Taylor, h. 53 

Yates William, umbrella maker, bds. 222 

Yates W. G., agent, United States Express, 
bds. Weddell House. 

Yessan Charles, laborer, Kentucky. 

Yex John, laborer, 24 Irving. 

Yex William, laborer, 96 Irving. 

Yirasa Frederick, h. Columbus. 


TION, 249 Superior. 

Young Charlotte, widow of William, h. 157 

Young Elijah F., accoutant, 189 Superior, h. 
157 Erie. 

Young E. G., clerk, 242 Superior, bds. 83 
Public Square. 

Young Frederick, laborer. Mulberry. 

Young George, sailor, h. 86 Spruce. 

Young George, sailor, h. 107 Bridge. 

Young George, sailor, h. 113 Dare. 

Young George W. H., tobacconist, 23 Pearl, 
h. 96 York. 

Young Jackson, saloon, 24 Howe. 

Young Jacob, cooper, Boston Pail Factor}', 
bds. 58 Penn. 

Young James, stone cutter, h. 11 Burnhara. 

Young John, laborer, Carroll. 

Young John C, cigar maker, h. 96 York. 

Young Joseph, lake engineer, h. 96 York. 

Young Levi S., machinist, h. 211 Hamilton. 

Young Martin, candle maker, h. 46 Bur- 

Young Peter, laborer, 170 Greenwood. 

Young Peter, sailor, h. 156 Greenwood. 

Young P. B., builder and contractor, shop 
Sibley, h. 230 Perry. 

Young Peter F., salesman, 141 Water. 

Young R. Louisa, engraver, Ohio Farmer, 
bds. 70 Rockwell. 

Young Steward, teamster, h. 347 Perry. 

Young William, watchman, h. 154 Pearl. 

Young William, horse farrier, canal rear C. 
& E. R. R. crossing. 

Y^'oung William, sailor, bds. West River. 

Young William B., shop, 23 Main. 

Younglove M. C, h. 187 Euclid. 

YOUNGLOVE & HOYT, Cleveland Paper 
Mill, foot Pittsburgh. 

or Ambrotype, should not fail 

Youngman Adam, musician, h. 326 St. 

Youngman Jacob, sash maker, h. 112 Bridge. 
Yunghans Charles, cabinet maker, h. Ill 


Zahn Louis, waiter, h. 25 Bank. 

Zahler George, ma.son, h. 28 Belmont 

Zahler Matthias, blacksmith, h. 25 Belmont. 

Zaun Jacob, joiner, h. 89 Parkman. 

Zef John, laborer, 25 Lorain. 

Zeglar John, laborer, h. 25 Academy. 

Zeidler Adolph, carpet weaver, 58 Web- 

Zeigler P., labo rer, 226 Croton. 

Zelger Charles, shoemaker, h. 97 Bridge. 

Zeller Frekerick, tailor, bds. 162 River. 

Zellers Jacob, fish packer, h. 4 Lorain. 

Zempelmann Jacob, merchant, 223 Colum- 

Zepf Jacob, baker, bds. 95 Pearl. 

Ziegelmeie, Alexander, shoemaker, 110 

Ziegler John, clerk, 28 River, h. 25 Acade- 

Ziegler, William, tailor, 66 Webster. 

Zieraer, Valentine, grocery, h. 4 Brainard. 

Zimmer Charles, boiler maker, h. 184 Green- 

Zimmerman, Christian teamster, Quinn's 
Eagle Brewery, h. 68 Michigan. 

Zimmerman Frederick, porter,h. Parkman, 

ZIMMERMAN F., William Tell House, 

Zimmerman G. H., cabinet finisher, h. 48 

Zimmerman Gulbuz, hotel, 34 Light 

Zimmerman Jacob, livery, bds. 108 Water. 

Zimmonuan Lewis, carpenter h. merchant. 

Zinc Benjamin, baker, h. 342 Pittsburgh. 

Zipp John, stone cutter, 50 Webster. 

Ziscelman Mrs. Catharine, 86 Hamilton. 

Zolsman Nebermuk, painter, h. 4 Floyd. 

Zoyer Mrs., widow of Geo , h. 115 Jersey. 

Zuinn Pati'ick, laborer, h. West Riyer. 

Zulinden Charles, tailor, 75 Penn. 

Zweidinger Charles, laborer, 72 Bolivar. 

Zweidinger, Charles, grocery, 72 Bolivar. 

Zweidinger Jacob, shoemaker, 156 Bolivar. 

Zwicker Charics H., tailor, 295 Pittsburgh, 
h. 293 Pittsburgh. 

Zwicker 0. R., tailor, bds. 293 Pittsburgk 

Zuiglan John, laborer, h. West River. 

Zuter John, carpenter, 262 Perry, 

to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 



Dealer in the Newest arid Most4.ppr5^d Vjjpties 

OF ■: % 

Cookin^', Parlor, Hall and Office 


Is large, and includes all the Newest and moat Beautiful Styles. He also manufactures 
and keeps supplied with all dcscrii)tions of 

Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron Ware. 

He is also supplied with 

Refrigerators, Fruit Cans, and House-Furnishing Goods in General 
No. 42 South Side Public Square, Cleveland. 


Cleveland Business Birectory. 


BAKER WILLIAM D., general agent for 
the publications of Johnson, Fry & Co., 
and other publishers, 7 Hoffman's Block. 

Jamieson J., 48 Maple., 

Mason J. W., Bennet Housed 

Agents, Collecting. 

Gribble Joseph B., 21 Cheshire. 
Judson F , 139 Superior. 
Plaisted Ivorv, 121 Superior. 
White Lambert, 333 Pearl. 

Agents— Freight. 

Barney B. H., Great Western Despatch, 

Johnson's Marine Block. 
Boylston H. K.,|Merchant's Despatch, Front, 

foot River. 
Colahan S., N. Y. & Erie R. R. Freight 

•Gushing W D., N. Y. & E. R. R., Front, 

foot River. 
Hills A., C. C. & 0. and C. & E. R. R, 
Johnson H., N. Y. C. R. R. 
McDowell A. C, 11 River. 
McDowell H. C, 11 River. 
Parks E. N., 6 Atwater Building. 


Alten Nicholas, 229 Columbus. 
Albertson J. R., 139 Prospect. 
Crawford Lucien, 226 West River. 
Redington J. A., 210 Franklin. 

Agents— Insurance. 

Bigelow H. H,, 18 Eagle. 

Brayton H. F., Atwater Block. 

Carlton C. C, 197 Superior. 

Carlton E. G., 28 Sheriff. 

Coe & May, 1 Superior, Oviatt's Exchange. 

Gage David W., 170 Superior. 

Hatch H. H., cor. Superior and Public Sqmare, 

Marr John, 235 Superior. 

Mueller Jacob, 12 Atwater Block, 

Powell W. M., Rouse's Block. 

Rouse & Jennings, 211 Superior. 

Tisdale George A., Oviatt's Block. 

Seymour Belden, 97 Superior. 

Sinith S. J., 235 Superior. 

Strong Asahel, 23 Cedar Avenue. 

Warren William, 230 Superior. 

Weatherly J. L., Oviatt's Block. 


Brayton H. F., Atwater Block. 
Crittenden S. W., 117 Superior. 
Marr John, 235 Superior. 
Strong Asahel, 235 Superior. 


Agents— Pg ^sage. 

Brayton H. F., Atwater Block. 
Herdman J. & Co., 62 Public Square. 

Agents— Patent. 

Barkliamer , Russia. » 

Barrett 0. D., Bennet House. 
Brainard & Burridge, 134 Bank. 
Dalton F. & Co., 68 Superior. 
Fisher Samuel L., City Hotel. 
Tibbitts George, 19 Atwater Block. 

Deodorised Coal Oil, manufactured by LAW & WORTH, 




Asent.' —Railroad. 

Gushing Williani D.. X. Y. & E. 
Johnson Harvey, N. Y. C H. 11. 

K. R. 

A-;entS"Real Estate. 

Bartholomew Eli, American House. 

Colahan S., 9 Lorain. 

gross H. C. & Co , 5 Hoffman's Block. 

Dixon Thomas, 220 Pearl. 

Garrett Alexander, over American Express. 

Haines Henry, 246 Superior. 

Littles & Kej^S, 158 Superior. 

Lyman & Anvater, 138 Bank. 

Newton James, 306 Eric. 

Bouse & Jennih<Ts, 211 Superior. 

Smith H.Il., &: Co, Rouse's Block. 

Stone, Hiram 72 Pearl. 

Stone S. S., 171 Superior. 

Agents— Steamboats. 

Bond T. K, 35 River. 

Hanna, Garriitson it Co.. 73 and 75 Merwin. 

Hubby, llu-hes & Co., 19 River. 

Hussey & McBride, 129 River. 

Mix & Morris, 1 River. 

Turner S. & A., 7 Oviatt's Exchange. 

A?6nts— Ticket. 

Horton David, 147 Superior. 

Agricultural Implenieut IWanufactureis. j 

Baldwin, Dewitt & Co., 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 
West, I. ear Merwin. j 

Leavitt Charles, h. corner Prospect and Hun- 

Martin B. i, Co., West, near Center. 

Agricultural Warehouses. 

{See Seed Stores.') 

Howell Charles, 68 Supeiior. 

Martin B. & Co., Hewitt's Block, West 

Pepper N. C. & Co., 62 Merwin. 

Pitkin S., 62 Merwin. 

Stair J. & Son, 115 Ontario. 


(See Brewers.) 


Blackburn Joseph M., 36 Oregon. 
Blythe Walter, comer Euclid and Sheriff. 
Brooks S. C. & E. W., Hewitt's Block, West. 

DjLand C. ft., 4^ WWmt 

Heard C. W., c^\m:v Euji^^ and Sheriff. 

Husband J. Jj, Ntfcttirop & Span-dor's 

Bdock. fi. 

Porter S. C, Atwater Buildings. 
White Henry, 236 Superior. j|>. 
Wiley Elbert, 75 Cedar Avenue. ' ' 


(jSee Portrait Painter.'i) 

Pfenninger J. J., 61 Scoville Alley. 
Schwoert C, 32 Hoffman's Block. 

Auction and Commission Merchants. 

BROWN J. 0. Sc SOX, 212 Superior. 
CUTTER O. & SOX, 134 Bank. 
Feniald John S., 178 Detroit. 
Hill Jonah P., 172 Seneca. 
Mathews H. & Co., 127 Cham plain. 
Mollen C, 202 Superior. 
MOOHE A TAFT, 199 Ontario. 
WAGNER J. C, 160 Superior. 


Abbe}' Henr}' G., 171 Superior, over Mer- 
chants Bank. 
Adams S. E., Sjiangler's Block. 
Adams <& Cautield, 170 Su^ierior, Empire 

Adams Joseph, h. 55 Seneca^ 
Andrews Sherlock J., 171 Suiicrior^ .over 

Merchant's Bank. 
Arnold Charles, 90 Superior. 
Axtell Salmon B., 10 At water's Block. 
Baldwin Charles C, 113 Superior, over Citv 

*Barr John, h. 168 Erie. 
Bartc^es Arthur F., 150 Superior. 
^Benedict Geo. A., (Ed. Herald,) 332 Bank. 
Bevis Benjamin R., 181 Superior. 
*B'.nuham Elijah, County Clerk's Office. 
Bingham & Hovey, 121 Superior, Franklin 

*Bishop Jesse P., (judge) 187 Prospect 
Boardman William J., 9 Atwater Block. 
♦Bolton Thomas, Qudge,) Bennet House 

Breslin Patrick Henry, 139 Sujjerlor, Wed- 

dell House. 
Brooks it Ford, 19 Atwater Block. 
Brown James S., 222 Superior. 
♦Brown Thomas, (Ed. Farmer,) 197 Superior, 

Miller's Block. 
Bruce Eli, 170 Superior, Empire Block. 
Cartter & Thayer, 219 Superior, Baldwin'* 


is acknowledged to be the best in the State. 





*Case Leonard, 7 R9ck\velh ■«- 

*Case Leonard, jr., 7 Rockwell. ' 

Chamberlin William S., 126 Euclid. 

Chase & Slade, 123 Superior, FraiAlin 

Chidester Johfc H., 30 Bridge. 

Clapp Jolih H., 211 Superior, Marble Block. 

Clark Horace D., 146 Lake. 

♦Cleveland James D., (deputy clerk U. S. 
Courts,) Government Buildinij. 

Coe Amos, 145 Water. ' ■ , 

Collins William, 114 Superior, Kelley's Bfk. 

*Cross David W., (doputj U. S. Collector.) 
Government Buildino^. 

Crowell & White, 178 Superior, Forest City 

Davidson Robert A., 88 Superior. 

Day Thomas, 113 Superior, over City Bank. 

Dennis Robert B. 69 Clinton. 

Dickman F. J., 171 Superior, over Mer- 
chant's Bank. 

Dodge Henry li.. Government Building. 

Dutt'ey James 0., 155 Water. 

Duncan 0. C. B,, 168 Superior. 

Edgartou Warren P., 5 and 6 Rouse's Block. 

Everett Charles D., 171 Superior, over Mer- 
chant's Bank. 

Fish Charles L.. 144 Superior, Merchant's 

*Fitch Jabcz W., 64 Ontario. 

Fitch James, 8 Northrop & Spangler's 

♦Fitzgerald John R., (J. P.) 141 Ontario. 

Foot John A., 24 Kinsman. 

*Foote Horace, (judge,) 44 Washington. 

Gage David W., 170 Superior, Empire Block. 

Gollier Pierre A., 94 Superior. 

Granuis John C, 261 Superior, Rouse's Bl'k. 

Grannis Joseph S., 192 Superior, Parson's 

*Gray Joseph W., (Ed. Plain Dealer.) 

Griswold & Castle, 124 Superior, Phcenix 

♦Hamilton Edwin T., (deputy Sheriff,) Court 

"Hammond George C, 351 Prospect. 
Havden, King & Elwell. 5 and 6 Rouse's 

Heisley John W., 150 Superior. 
Herrick & Barlow, 139 Superior, Weddell 

♦Hessenmueller Edward, (J. P.,) 90 Superior, 

Cutter's Block. 
*Hoyt James M., 72 Huron. 
Hunt Reuben G., 119 Detroit. 

Jones James M., 164 Superior, Kelley's 

Keith & Coon, 171 Superior, over Merchant's 

Kelley & Griswold, Bennet House Block. 

Kerruish AVilliam S., 150 Superior. 

Kirk John J., 145 Water, bds. Bennet House. 

Lawrence Albert G., (Judge Police Court. 
236 Superior.' 

Lynde George W., 158 Superior, Atheneum 

Maltby David, 19 Scoville Avenue. 

♦Mather Samuel H., Bank, Saving's Bank. 

♦Mather Samuel L., Superior, Oviatt's Ex. 

Mason & Estep, 171 Superior, over Mer- 
chant's Bank. 

Mueller Jacob, 12 Atwater Block. 

Newton John T., Superior, over City Bank. . 

Nicola Felix, 153 Water. 

♦Noble Roland D., (clerk, •. State Courts,) 
Court House. 

Otis & Coffinberrv, 243 Superior, WiUiam's 

Paine & Wade, 139 Superior, Weddel 

Palmer & Austin, 97 Superior, over Whit- 
man, Standart & Co.'s. 

♦Parks Robert, (U. S. Collector,) Govern- 
ment Building. 

♦Payne Henry B., Superior, F. T. Wallace's 
Law Office. 

Philpot J. T. & E. C, 124 Superior, Phcenix . 

♦Piatt H. P. 

Prentiss Loren, 124 Superior, Phcenix Build- 

Prentiss Perry, Superior, 124 Phoenix Build- 

Prentiss S. B. & F. J., 113 Superior, over City 

Ranney, Backus & Noble, 150 Superior. 

♦Rice Harvey, 427 Kinsman. 

Rider Lorenzo J., 236 Superior. 

Robison William, 121 Superior, Franklin 
House. • 

Russell Cornelius L., Columbus Block, De- 

Senter George B., (Mayor,) corner Superior 

and Public Square. 
Sherwin W. K., corner Public Square and 

Superior, Rouse's Block, 
Slade Edwin P., 123 Superior, Franklin 

Slade & Sherwin, 178 Superior, Forest City 

Spalding & Parsons, 192 Superior, Parson's 


♦Huribut Herman A., 150 Euclid. 

IngersoU & Kinsman, 211 Superior, Marble j Starkweather Samuel, 192 Superior, 
Block. I son's Block. 

♦Johnson Henry N., (Ed. Review,) 147 j Starkweather Samuel, jr., 192 Superior, Par- 
Water. 1 son's Block. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario Street,^pieveland, Ohio. 


S-Vrt* . . 
. A W. S., 171 Superior, over Mer- 
chatft^ Bank. 

Swigart D. W., 171 Superior, over Merchant's 

"♦THden Daniel Rose, (Probate Judge,) 54 

Public Square. 
Turner Horace W., Law College. 
♦Turner William, Bank, Wick's Block. 
Vail Isaac C, 63 Garden. 
*Wade Edward, (M. C.,) Paine & Wade's, 

Weddell House. 
Wallace Frederick T., 97 Superior. 
*Whittlesey Charles, Washington Block. 
*Williams Ellerv G., 147 Superior, Omnibus 

Office, Weddell House. 
Williamson & Riddle, 170 Superior, Empire 

Willey & Carey, 113 Superior. 
*Willson Hiram V., (Judge U. S. Court,) 

Goveriunept Building. 
Wood & Ahbey, 178 Superior, Forest City 


* Out of practice. 


Bear Henry, 54 Cheshire. 
Bramhall Elbridge, 41 and 43 Public Square. 
Deroer George, 234 Columbus. 
Gorham & Alpin, 104 Superior. 
Gorham & Co., 193 Ontario. 
Graf Andrew, 95 Pearl. 
Gramer Adam, 328 Pittsburgh. 
Loeser Moses, 125 Kinsman. 
Lowrie John, 100 Pearl. 
Michie Alexander, corner Ohio and Kins- 
Miller Charles L., 44 Cherrv. 
Minor H. C. & J. E., 116 Pearl. 
Myrick & Cady, 147 Turnpike. 
Ort,h H. R., 8 Frankfort. 

Band Box Manufacturers. 

Bremer J., 160 West Liberty. 
RootC. A., 160_West Liberty. 


BROWN FAYETTE, next door to Com- 
mercial Bank, Atwater Building. 

EBERMAN A. M., 1 Oviatt's Exchange. 

HALE E. B., Rouse's Block, corner Public 

HERDMAN J. & CO., 62 Public Square. 

MARKH.^M & CO., corner River and East 

READ C. A. & CO., 95 Superior. 

WARD & CRITTENDEN, 117 Superior. 

Wm. C. NORTH'S Phot graph and 

W^SC^, EVERETT & (X)., 143 Superior. 
W5n%AN, STAN]3:ii^D & CO., 99 Su- 

l^rioC '\. 

WWK H. B. & H. & Co., corn# Bank and 

St. Clair. 
WILLIAMS George, 106 Superior. 


(See page 23.) 
- "i ■ ■ '■ - ' 

Billiard Saloons. 

Bankhardt J. M., 44 Public Square. 
Hippler Charles, KX) Superior. 
Leland L. F., 222 Superior. 
Wiseman J. J., 170 Superior, 

Bill Posters.- 

Davis William, 30 Oregon. 
Maskell Thomas, Long. 


Ainmaker John, 84 Taylor. 

Anderson Alexander, corner Whitman and 

Arnot Andrew, 94 West. 

Attessley Joseph, 28 Fourth. 

Baker Charles, 668 h^uperior. 

Barker Peter, 191 Detroit. 

Barry Garrett, 44 Mechanic. 

Baughman S, 144 Kentucky. 

Bean T. R., 88 Cedar Avenue. 

Becker George, 363 St. Clair. 

Beiber Henry, 242 Pittsburgh. 

Bennet George, Canal, foot Huron. 

BENNETT JAMES, 86 Champlain. 

Bragg Benjamin A., West, opj^osite Hew- 
itt's Block. 

Burke James, Leonard, near Columbus. 

Cockburn J, T., corner Seneca and Michigan. 

Cullen Patrick, corner Vineyard and Cham-' 

Dodds John, corner Pearl and Loraiu. 

Ede & Marshall 46 ^Michigan. 

Gabriel Robert, Michigan. 

Gabriel William, 46 Michigan. 

Hirt John, 87 Kinsman. 

Jarman Edward, 943 St. Clair. 

Keyerleber Gotleib, 94 Champlain. 

Lange J. F. W. & Co., 271 Detroit. 

IMoore John, 276 Detroit. 

Mulcahay D., 750 St. Clair. 

Murray Bartlett, 13 Champlain. 

Orton Thomas, 243 Hudson. 

Redhead H. W., 185 Seneca. 

Rimes John, 60 Pittsburgh. 

Schnell F., 315 Kinsman. 

Pine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 


Schneider J. A. & H., 287 and 289 St. dafr 

Schuer Francis, 332 St Clair. ' i< 

Smith Adam, 383 Pittsburgh. ■;' , ;- 

Smith John A., 8»2 St. Clair. ' ■■ 

Sneider Andcffvv, 215 Garden. 

Weinhardt Jacob, 111 Lorain. 

Wetzel Jacob, 162 Garden, 

Wheeler J. A., 28 Pittsburgh. 

Wheller B. S., 46 Eagle. 

WILKES & GABRIEL, 70 Michigan. 

Willows Thomas, 48 Pearl. 

Blind Makers. 

Abbott James, 48 Kinsman. 
AbeU K S., 154 Bolivar. 

B!eacher--Boan et, &c. 

Davis F. R., 222 Superior. 

Block, Pump and Spar Makers. 

Burrin T. J., 15 Spruce. 
Nott C. C, 156 West River. 

Boarding Houses. 

Allen Mrs. Ann, 307 Perry. 

Barker Peter, 191 Detroit. 

BIRCH H. & CO., 124 Water. 

Bluim John, 112 St. Clair. 

Brommer Chris., 76 Michigan. 

Brooks Levi, 68 Ontario. ^ 

Brooks Melinda, 98 Bond. 

Brown Mrs., corner Huron and Middle. 

Burgess John W., 60 Euclid. 

Burritt S. W., 45 and 47 Public Square. 

Caughlin Charles, 251 West River. 

Compton Mrs. E., 96 Bond, 

Coon H. L., 71 Ontario. 

Cridge Alfred, 109 Lake. 

Cashing Mrs. A. D., 6 Euchd. 

Diffly James, 122 River. 

Donnoly Susan M., 83 Water. 

Dunn James, foot of Water. 

Elwood Mrs., 77 St. Clair. 

Farrel Mrs. Mary, 38 Erie. 

Frissel Erastus, 148 Ontario. 

Graves James, Root's Alley. 

Gray Mrs. Mary, 55 West Center. 

Grifath Mrs., 80 Public Square. 

Hale Loren A., 66 Michigan. 

Harmon L. A., 25 Frankfort. 

Hastings Mrs. T. A., 12 Washington. 

Hough Joseph, 78 Water. 

lies John, 4 Kinsman. 

Jones C. A., 140 Champlain. 

Karaus Moses, 108 River. 

King Arthur, 70 Ontario. 

Kuchembuck A., 81 IMichigan. 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph, in Oil 


Lathrop C. L., 27 Rockwell. 
Locke Mrs. H. M., 17 Johnson. 
Lovely Mrs., 54 Ohio. 
McCathy P., 3 Root's Alley. 
McManus Mrs., 35 High. 
Machelder L. P., 24 Pearl. 
Maguire Jane, 206 Detroit. 
Marx Barney, 64 St. Clair.' 
Mever George, 130 River. 
Miller M. D., 80 Bank. 
Moklar George, 21 Frankfort. 
Moley Mrs., 40 High. 
Newton J. L., 83 Public Square. 
Oskeil William 26 Rockwell. 
Osmun George, 145 Turnpike. 
Page Samuel J., 232 Lake. 
Parish Mrs., 102 St. Clair. 
Pease Royal A. ,77 Water. ; 
Potter Be"tsev M., 110 Turnpike. 
Powell A., 53 Pearl. 
Quayle F., 56 Michigan. 
Ragg WilHam, 96 Seneca. 
Risser William, 68 Water, 
Rowe S. W., 53 Frankfort. 
Sample Mrs., 257 West River. 
Sanborn M., 195 St. Clair. 
Stevens A. R., 124 Champlain. 
Stewart J. W, 48 Lake. 
Straus G., 146 Champlain. 
Swift Lucian, 51 and 53 Seneca. 
Throup I., 63 Frankfort. 
Warner Frederick, 53 Lorain. 
Warren Martha, 65 St. Clair. 
Weldon Eliza, 51 Bond. 
Wolf L., 63 Michigan. 

Boat Builders. 

Jones Isaac, Willow Street Bridge. 
Jones John L., 33 West Main. 
Vaughan J. M., 76 Washington. 

Boiler Makers. 

Eagle Foundry, Front, opposite railroad de- 
SMITH & CO., Meadow, corner Front. 

Book Binders. 

Cobb J. B. & Co., 136 Superior. 
CREIGHTON R., 132 Bank. 
FEATHERSTONE S. & J., 144 Superior. 
Sanford & Hayward, 107 Superior. 
Schmoll E., corner Vineyard an 

Book Sellers, Publishers and Stationers. 

COBB J, B. & CO., 136 Superior, ,«. 
HALLIDAY ANDREW, 167 Detroit. 
HAWKS & BROTHER, 259 Superior. 

Plain Photograph, 



Ingham W. A., corner Detroit and Pearl. 
INGHA>I & BRAGG, 191 Superior. 
JE\^TT IT. P. B., 24G Sui^erior. 
Kramer Henry, 29 Superior. 
Merrill W. H., 15 Prospect. 
PARSONS C II., 191 Superior. 
SANFORD & HAYWARD, 107 Superior, 
The Evangelical Association, 220 Kinsman. 

Lord H. & Co., 248 Superior. 
McGUIRE P. F., 126 Ontario. 
OGRAAl J. W., 224 Superior. 
RANNEY S., 207 Superior. • 
SEAMAN & SMITH, 174 Superior. 
SMITH, DODD & CO., 226 Superior. 
STEIiLING SAMUEL, 101 Superior. 
STONE B. B & SON, 150 Onrario. 
Van Voast Gershom, 197 Superior. 

Boot and Shoe 3Iakers. 

Ambruster George, 170 Croton. 
Amman Philip, 144 River. 
Austin William, 2G Garden. 
Barker C. D., 224 Superior. 
BERGOLD J. A , 86 Water. 
Brew William, 130 Superior. 
Budinger Peter, 354 St. Clair, 
Caley John,.lC9 Detroit. 
Engel George, Gate's lUock. 
Geib Charles, 168 Lorain. 
GERLACH JOHN, 170 River. 
Goodhart Simon, 92 and 94 Pittsburgh. 
Graham R., 135 Ontario. 
Hoffman Paul, 185 Columbus. 
Humphrey John P., 224 St. Clair. 
Koeckert A., 267 St. Clair. 
Kunstle Michael, 84 Kinsman. 
Law Thomas, 102 Cedar Avenue. 
McGuire Patrick, 157 Seneca. 
Pnesmau George, 19 Pearl. 
Post August, 364 Lawrence. 
RAFENSTEIN A., corner Huron and Onta- 
rio, and 94 Parkman. 

RANNEY J., 140 Ontario. 

Schneider H., 164 Riv^r. 

Schreiber G., 180 Pearl. 

Schrum J., 108 Ontario. 

Schuissler J., 164 Seneca. 

Sell George, Seneca. 

Smith L. S., 364 Lorain. 

Snider Adam, 166 River. 

Stokes B., 197 Superior. 

Thomas George, 202 Pittsburgh. 

Tieman A., Ill Bank. 

Upton George W., 13 Grove. 

Webber John C, 152 River. 

Weidentha! A., 120 Pittsburgh. 

Wolke H. H., corner Superior and R. R. 

Boot and Shoe Stores. 

Abold F. W., 236 Superior. 
ASHFORD W. H., 151 Detroit. 
BLACK J., 130 Superior, and comer Supe- 
rior and R. R. 
GROSS LEWIS, 239 Supnrior. 
HL'CK ALBERT, 12 Public Square. 
KYSKR J., Ill Ontario. 

Boots and Shoes^-Wholesale. 

CROWELL & CHILDS, 143 Bank. 
HUETT, BURGERT & CO., 125 Water. 
MASURY, DOLE & CO., 139 Water. 
SEAMAN & SMITH, 174 Superior. 
SMITH, DODD & CO., 226 Sui^erior. 
SPENCER & MELLEN, 140 Water. 

Bowling Saloon. 

Snider C, 152 Superior. 

Box Makers. 

Latimer^ James, Hewitt's Block. 


Bosworth P. S., llS,Scoville Avenue. 

Fletcher Daniel, 126 Monroe. 


HUGHES J. M., 15 West. 

Llovd & Keenan, 39 Pittsburgh Continued. 

LUCAS H. G. & CO., Canal near Vineyard. 

Lucas M., corner Wilson and Bridge. 

Mack J. M., Washington near State. 

Newman T., 32 Irving. 

QUINN JOHN, Michigan near Seneca. 

Smith J. B. & Co., Spring. 


Rogers C. C, south end Seneca. 
STOPPEL J. .t CO., corner Ohio and Canal. 
Stumpf M., 117 Muirson. 


Comstock J. B., 11 York. 

Bridge Builders. 

Thatcher, Burt & Co., Wa.shington Block. 
and 197 Merwin. 

or Ambrotype, should not fail to visit NORTH'S GALLERY, 






GREEN J D., under Joliuson House. 
HAINES HENRY, 246 Superior. 
Wagner William, 161 Water. 


Albaclier M., 259 Kinsman. 
Bennett Isaac, 147 Courtlandt. . 

Black Caspar, 96 Tavlor. ■ ■ 

Bous John, 46 Clifton. 

Brenner Andrew, 315 Pittsburo;h. 

Cottrell William B., 191 Pittsburgh. 

Dunst Killian, corner Gai'den and Perry. 

Gehring K. A., 50 Abbey. 

Gire S., 147 Kinsman. 

Gnewais John, 70 Parkman. 

Goldsmith Frederick, 304 Pittsburgh. 

Graham F., 383 Lorain. 
'Greening John, 121 River. 
• Haberer Matthew, 211 Garden. 

Hahn Charles, 359 St. Clair. 
, , Heimertinger John, 19 Union. 
. -Hockstalt Charles, 91 Lorain. 

Hughes & Brother, 196 I)etroit.. 

Jenkins William F , 391 Lorain. 

Koalgs John, 103 Seneca. 

jireble George, 433 Kinsman. 

Langhorn James, 39 Bank. 

Leib Frederick, 142 Greenwood. 

McLean David, 30 Carroll. 

Mason Charles, 254 Perry. 

Meringer Martin, 117 Bridge. 

Miller Louis, 303 St. Clair. 

Norton Richard H., 145 and 147 Ontario. 

Probert William, 65 Ontario. 

Randerson Joseph, 165 Detroit, 

Rose & Brother, 142 and 144 Ontario. 

Ross Joshua, 129 Ontario. 

Ruhland John, 402 Pittsburgh. 
■ Russell Edward, 73 McLean. 

Scherwitz Frederick, 260 St. Clair. 

Seeman Simon, 294 Erie. 

Stedman & Chapman, 167 Ontario. 

Stickney & Co., 149 and 151 Ontario. 

Strouss Elias, 140 Orange. 

Thorman Simon, 32 Garden. 

Vetter J. G., 58 Abbey. 

Burr Millstones. 

Hayward & Co., 38 Front. 

Cabinet Makers. 

{See also Furniture Dealers.) 

Adam John. h. 756 Superior. 
Beckenbaugh William & H., 274 St. Clair. 

Body Frederick J., 141 Greenwood. 
Lloyd B., 205 Ontario. 
Messer Martin, 833 Superior. 
Musselman John, 99 Mechanics. 
Schults F., 69 Ontario. 

Car Builders. 

Morrill & Bowers, Lake, near Case Avenue. 

Camenters aiid Builders. 

Abell Orlando, 60 Orange. 

Adam James, 20 Kinsman. 

Alexander Davis B., 158 Ohio. 

Alvin William, 28 Willett. 

Amy D. W., 205 Ontario. 

Back Harper, 595 Lake. 

Bader Joseph, rear 40 East Liberty. 

Baglep George W., 235 Hamilton. 

Bailey L. W., 10 Grove. 

Bailey M. S., 3 Croton. 

Bailey 0., 3 Croton. 

Baker Adam, 6 Pittsburgh continued. 

Baldwin Henry, h. 906 St. Clair. 

Baldwin John, h. 172 Orange. 

Baldwin William, 70 Huntington. 

Baring Ford, rear 56 Parkman. 

Barner George, 107 Orange. 

Barnhart Charles, 45 Mnirson. 

Baumgardner F., h. 254 Garden. 

Bazan Jacob, h. Fox Avenue. 

Behr Henry, 26 Allen. 

Beinfelt F. 41 Harbor. 

Benson William, 222 St. Clair. 

Betts Alfred, 729 St. Clair. 

Rlackburn Joseph M., 36 Oregon. 

Brooks S. C. & E. W., West, Hewitt'sBlock. 

Brown William R., I':i6 Brownell. 

Belden Silas, 97 St. Clair. 

Blackford Henry, 147 Brownell. 

Blair Henry, 129 Huntington. 

Buckley John, 62 Muirson. 

Burwell G. P., 27 Huntington. 

Campbell George, Franklin House. 

Christian Charles M., 131 West Liberty. 


Corlett & Cubbon, 101 Prospect. 

Deland C. R., 43 Walnut. 

Denham John, 132 Ohio. 
EASON S. C, 17 Sheriff. 
Eckert Daniel, 188 Kinsman. 
Emerson T. S., 121 Biownell. 
Freeman Pliny, 212 Prospect. 
Gibbens J. S., 366 St. Clair. 
Given John, 136 Erie. 
Hale John, 100 Wood. 
HERRICK R. R., 220 Prospect. 
Hinebaugh D., 147 Garden. 

Deodorised Coal Oil, Manufactured by LAW & NORTH, 




Huntly S., 9 Acndemy. 

Hurd S. C, 117 Orange. 

Johnson George, 12 Vine. 

Jones Abraliam, 'Zio Perry. 

Lewis Isaac J., 23 Marr^liiill. 

Mather II. B.. 60 SeiTeoa. 

Nelson S. X. ■ 

Osterhold S. B, 46 Carroll. 

Parcel W. H., 364 St. Clair. 

PIPER A. J., 71 Rockwell. 

Prior J., 91 Duane. 

Richardson S. H., 76 Ontario. 

Sked William V., 6 Marion. • 

Smith & Paniiell. 

Soper il. R., 166 J5ro\vnell. 

SOUTHWORTH W. P., 28 Huron. 

Starr F., 165 West Liberty. 

Styles S. M., 104 Euclid. 

Wadsworth W. B., 56 Kinsman. 

WardE. M-., 317 Kinsman. 

Warminp,ton William, Fulton, near Circle. 

WARNER W. J., 83 Prospect. 

Wild W., 272 Columbus. 

Williams N. A., 37 Granger. 

Young P. B., corner Sibley and Perry. 

Carpets, Oil Cloths, &c. 

Beckwith T. S., 187 & 189 Superior. 
Raymond S., 185 Superior. 

Carriage and Wa^on Makers. 

Breysner Geo., 38 Chestnut. 

Drum John, 101 Seneca. 

Dorsett John W., 318 Erie. 

Hurlbut A. W., 2Ul Ontario. ' 

LOWiMAN JACOB, junction of Superior 

and Vineyard. 
Rapparlee John, 52 Michigan. 


Bolton & Aldrich, 66 East Center. 

Chemists— Homeopathic. 

Hall John B., 164 Superior. 

Chair Manufacturers. 

Pratt, Brown & Co., West Center. 
Shepard D. A. & Co., Vineyard. 


Althen &Morhardt, 135 Superior. 
Borges John F., corner Superior and River. 
CauiBfman David, corner Superior and -Union. 
Cohen Elias, 35 Superior. 

Cohen Jacob, 58 S^erior. 

Coleman Loeb, 30 Irospect. 

COOK & ALTEX, 32 Superior. 

DAVIS GEO. A. & Q0., corner Superior 

and Water. 
DETMER G. H. & SON, 156 and 158 Ri- 
Englehart Joel, 172 Superior. 
Halle Joseph, 203 Superior. 
: ISAAC I. A., Union Hall, corner Superior 
, and Union. 

KOCH LEVI & MAYER, 162 Superior. 
KRAMER IIENRV, 2U Superior. 
Kramer J. G., 29 Sujjerior. 
Loeb A. & Co., 200 Superior. 
MANN S., 148 Superior. 
Moeder Daniel, 150 River. 
Mohardy T., Superior. 
Nusbaum Moses, 40 Superior 
OCHSNER J. & M., 37 Superior 
ROBISON C. H., 180 Sui^erior. 
ROBISON W. S., 180 Superior. 
Roemer H. & H., 11 Water. 
Scheuer Daniel, corner Water and St. Clair. 
SCHWAB A., 254 Superior. 
Smith E. W., 190 Superior. 
SONNEBORN J. & CO., 238 Superior. 
Van Baalen E. & J., 142 Superior. 
Van Baalen E.J. & Co., 66 Superior. 
WAGEMAN & SMITH, 154 Superior. 

Coal Dealers. 

Cook Edward M., 130 West River. 

Dinsmore Andrew, 40 Ontario. 

Evat Charles R., south end of Columbus '«. ' 

Bridge. ' ** 

Farmer & Dutton, C. & P. R. R. Pier. 
French, Cook & Co., 130 West River. 
Gates, Rouse & Butts, Government Pier. 
Havs John. C. & P. R. R. Pier. 
Hovey H. D., 99 Merwin. 
Hussey & Co., C. & P. R. R. Pier. 
Jones A. & Son, C. & P. R. R. Pier. 
Keith W. H., C. & P. R. R. Pier. 
Kelley J. M., C. & P.R. R. Pier. 
Mittleberger William, Stockley's Pier. 
Perry, Cross & Co., West River. 
Price, Crawford & Morris, foot Pier. 
Rhodes & Card, 129 West River. 
RoUon J. J., C. & P. R. R. Pier. 
Smith J., Pittsburgh Depot. 
Stockwell A. B., 25 River. 
TOD, YATES & TAYLER, Johnson's 

Z^Iarine Block, corner Front and Piiver. 


is acknowledged to be the best in the State. 




Coffee and Spioe' Dealers. 

Frisby & Stephens, 47 West. 
Smith & Gleeson, 293 Ontario. 

Cotumissioners— Master. 

Abbey Henry G., 171 Superior. 
Bigham F. W., 121 Superior. 
Grannis'J. S., 192 Superior. 
Lawrence A. G., 286 Superior." " ^'' 
Palmer C. ^Y., 97 Superior. 


Hecbman Louis, 149 Water. 

Heckman Valentine, 148 Detroit. 

Mould & Munsen, 122 Superior. 

Schrinck John, 241 Superior. 
. Stacey Josiah, 1 Euclid. 
'.rWeiser C. G., 110 Ontario, 


Bolder B., 217 Bridge. 

Larnder Robert, 16 Summer, near Center 

Moon Samuel, 97 Lamartine. 
Nepper John, Silberg Hill. 
Patterson George, 28 St. Clair. 
Rubansaul G , 60 Bridge. 
Seits Philip, 10 Pittsburgh continued. 


Fogg, Ensworth & Co., 233 Superior. 
Gardner A. S., 220 Superior. 
Huntington & Brooks, 138 Water. 
Knecht & Markman, 133 Ontario. 
Rice & Burnett, 103 Superior. 


Beckwith Marvin E., 9 Pearl. 
BISBEE ALBERT, 211 Superior. 
Boisseau A., 243 Superior. 
CROBAUGH D., 113 Ontario. 
Crobaugli S., 28 Hottman's Block. 
DODGE LUTHER P., 198 Superior. 
Geene J. M., h. 45 Fulton. 
Lewis Mr. and Mrs., 249 Superior. 
Mahan T. S., 205 Superior. 
NORTH WILLIAM C, 205 Superior.- 
Park Charles A., 171 Suj^erior. 
RYDER J. F., 171 Superior. 
Short Mrs. Ruth, 244 Superior. 
Stimpson C. W., 253 Superior. 


Ambler N. H., Northrup & Spangler's 

ATKINSON W. H., 17 and 18 Hoffman's 

Beattie W. J., h. 9 Scoville Alley. 
Briggs Frank C, corner Euclid and Public 

Burger E. G., 243 Superior. 
BU^NHAM; J. B., 360 Superior, corner 

Erie. • ' -^ ' 

DICKERSON M. J.', 253 Superior. 
Goodwillie James, 94 Erie. 
Guild W. S., 13 Hoffman's Block. 
tario and Pubhc Square, over Churchill's. 
HORTON W. P., corner Euclid and Public 

INGERSOLL W. B., 211 Superior. 
LangsdorffDr. George, 1 Michigan. 
Le Baron W., 206 Lake. 
MOORE J. G., 235 Superior. 
Morse A. P., Columbus Block, Detroit. 
ROBINSON B. F., 60 Wood. 
Slosson F, S., Morrison's Block, west side 

Public Square. 
Strickland B., 15 Euclid. 
Will.son Joseph, 228 Perrv. 
WRIGHT M. L., 206 Lake. 


CORNING & CO., 76 River. 

Doors,^Sashes and Blinds. 

Abell E. S., 154 Bohvar. 

Brooks S. C. & W. E., Hewitt's Block, West. 

Kidney George H., corner Erie and Kins- 

RANSOM, COBB & CO., Columbus, corner 
of Center. 

Shepard D. A. & Co., foot Vineyard and 131 

Dress Makers. 

Appal Mrs. Mary, 7 Garden. 

Armstrong Mrs. "^C, 98 Wood. . ^ 

Chambers Rachel, 104 Public Square. 

Collins Mrs., 156 Prospect. 

Doyle Miss, 190 Erie. 

Flick Miss, 14 Irving. 

Flin Miss, rear 44 Oregon. 

Gayton Mrs., 30 AValnut. 

Hargrove Mrs., 52 Hill. 

Hubert L., 216 St. Clair. 

Marquett -Miss Mary, 63 Ontario. 

Morgan Mrs., 74 Prospect. 

Coal Oil and Lamp Depot, 189 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 




Morgan Mrs., H., 74 Prospect. 
Myer Peter, 275 St. Clair. 
Reynolds Mr.s., 91 Scoville Avenue. 
Koraback Mrs. U., 63 Ontario. 
Rorke Mary A., 37 Bank. 
Smith Hannal), 205' Superior. 
Staats EiizalwWi, 104 Public Square. 
Woldnuiu Miss Dora, 222 Kinsman. 

D^n^gists. . ;,; 

.AMES CFIARl4:S.i;,.iii. d,v110 Pab% 
Square. " • • • ••'^■^ ' " 

BENTOX BROTHERS, 139 and 141 De- 
troit. ' ..- - 

BREWER N.C.* 9 Pearl.* . • 

Churchill & Brother, corner'. Ontario and 
Public Square • 

FISK WII^LIAM, 119 Superior. 

GAYLOIU) & HAMMOND, 120 Superior. 

HENSOH HU^O, 41 Public Square. 

HOFKIXS R. C, corner Euclid and Erie. 

KEELER C. J., 32 Public Square. 

KIXGSLEY EDWARD, 152 and 154 On- 

KRAUSE C. B., 108 Ontario. 

Laysev Jacob, cf>rner Ontario and Prospect. 

MACKEXZIE C. S , 12G Superior. 
■PALMER E. A., corner Erie and Prospect, 

PARKER & BUTLER, 50 Public Square. 
■ RAEBEL HERMAN, 179 Pearl. 

Rezner William B., 319 St. Clair. 

SACKRIDER E. W., 223 Superior. 

STRONG c^- ARMSTRONG, 199 Superior. 

WOODWORTh A., corner Kinsman and 

Dry Docks. 

Johnson & Tisdale, River, Ship Chanel. 

Dry Goods—Wholesale. 

ALCOTT & HORTON, 141 Water. 
AUSTIN & STOCKWELL, woolens, &c., 

142 Water. 
CALHOUN & SMITH, woolen and cotton, 

118 Water. 
FRENCH & KEITH, 144 Water. 
'HAYES WILLIAM FI. & CO., 132 Water. 
KENDALL H. D. & CO., 247 Superior. 
MORGAN .1- ROOT, 228 Superior. 
RAYMOND S. & CO.. 185 Superior. 
WARREN W., 230 Superior. 

Dry Goods— Retail. 

Ailrinsfcr & Sons, 97 Garden. 
BALDWIN E. I. & CO., 240 Superior. 
COLEMAN LOEB, 30 Prospect. 

W. C. NORTH'S Photograph and 

DEWITT J. II., 7 Public Square. 

FREEMAN & KI^iLOGG, 217 Superior. 

Hyman S. & Co., corner Superior and Public 

KENDALL H. D. &.C0., 257 Superior, and 
11 Public Square. ' ' 

LAUR PETER, 26 Jay. - 

Lederer C, 332 Kinsman. • ,•■. 

LEVI & WEIDENTllAL, 271 Kinsman. 

LEWIS, EASTON X CO., 215 SuT)erior. 

LEWIS .Sp SHEPAUD, 143 Detroifc/- 

M0RGA:J^ &ROOT, 228 Superior. 

RAYMOND S. & CO., 185 Superior. 

S'hwarlzenberi;; L. H., 182 Kinsman. 

SHERWOOD & OAKLEY, 242 Superior. 

STRAUSE ABRAHAM, 93 Cedar Avenue. 

.TAYLOR, GRISW^OLD & CO., 173 Su- 

Warren William, 230 Su])erior. 

WHITNEY & ANTHONY, corner Pearl 
and Detroit. 

- -1 

Dyers. ^,- 

Bannister Thomas W., 297 Erie. ■ '.' . 

Jackson J. B., Ill Pearl 
Still Mrs., 84 Ontario. 

Eating Houses. 

(See Iiestaurants.) 

CAIN MARTIN, C. & E. R. R. Depot. 
Reid Alex., 4 East Center. 
STEVENS U. P., at Depot. ■^; 

Edere Tool Makers. 

Powell A.,' 36 DetroiL 

Engine Makers. 

Blish, Garlick & Co., corner River and E^st 

Main. '; 

Cuyahofra Steam Furnace Co., 1 Detroit. 
Eairle Fomulrv, Front. 
Flanders, L. B., 29 and 31 West. 
Holt J. P. & Co., 45 West. 
Searles Albert G., 20 Columbus. 


FIELD DUDLEY E., 125 Bank street 
HOPKINS J. E.. 197 Superior. 
SILL ROBERT, 5 Mechanics Block. 
Thiele C. F., 132 Ontario. 
TIBBITTS GEO. W., 19 Atwater Build- 

Fine Art Gallery, 205 Superior St., 




Eye and Ear Jnfirmary. 

Uuderner J. T., 163 Water. 


American Express Company, 97 Bank. 
United States Express, 105 Bank, 

Fajicy Goods andgYankee Notions. 

Neil Wra., 2 Pittsburgh. -, . ., . 

rior. • 

SMITH M. & CO., 166 Superior. 
Stillson, Leek & Price, (wholesale,) 140 


File Cutters. 

PARKIN J. & Co., 23 Columbus. 

Fish Dealers. 

Bamett H. H., 28 Seneca. 
j^DSON & ENOS, Michigan, rear of Stick- 
■ > uej' and Baker's Block. 

Johnson M., River. 

Lauderdale R., cor. Superior and Merwin. 

Flour, Feed and Grain. 

Bimeler G., 303 Kinsman. 

BROWN, & ANDREWS, cor. Ontario and 

Burton Byron, corner Detroit and West 

CLARK DAVID. 425 St. Clair. 
Cory Oscar E., 105 Seneca. 
CROOKS & NEWELL, 135 Detroit. 
Donaldson J., cor. Peai'l and Deiroit. 
Ekenfils Andrew, 323 Pittsburgh. 
Fell Geo., 313 Kinsman. 
George Thomas, 377 Lorain. 

HUNTINGTON J., 106»Public Square. 
Lowrie & Rudor, 146 Ontario. 
MILLER & BARRETT, 13 Pearl. 
PALMER WM. IL, 102 Public Square. 
PERRY A. M. & CO., 116 & 118 Superior. 
Quinn Arthur, 2 Oviatt's Block. 
EAWSON LEVI, Oviatt's Exchange. 

Schuerm , 408 Lorain. 

SCHULTE M. F., 390 Perry. 
Smith C, 284 St. Clair. 
Smith Edward, 308 Prospect. 
Smyth Wm., 66 Seneca. 
Sweenv John, 275 Detroit, 
VAN PELT H., 183 Ontario. 
WEITZ J. & v., 172 Ontario, 

Fire Works. 

EMERSON & SARGEANT, 575 Sui^rior- 

Flouring Mills. 

BROWN & ANDREWS, corner Prospect 

and Ontario. , s 

CITY MILLS, (H. Harvey & Co.,) Canal, 

near Weigh Lock. 
NATIONAL MILLS, (Hubby & Howe,) 
- . 262 Merwin. 
FOREST CITY MILLS, (A. Quinn,) Canal, 

corner Michigan. 
MARINE MILLS, (C. Hickox & Co.,) 



FARNAN WALTER, 23 East Center, 
Heath John, 15 Vineyard. 
MORLEY & ODELL, 66 East Center. 
Schwartz enburgh Jacob, 156 Seneca. 


BLISH, GARLICK & CO., cor. E. Main 

and River. 
CARPENTER S. M. & CO., cor. Lake and 

Collins J. B., 89 Miami. 
Eao-le Foundry, Front, near Meadow. 
GARDNER G. S. & CO., 16 West. 
McClelland & Co , 83 Elm* 
SIZER GEO. W., Lake Shore, near car 


June, of Vineyard and Charaplain. 


BAUDER & ELDRED, 46 Public Square. 

Beckenback W. & H., 274 St. Clair. 

GARDNER & VINCENT, 120 Water. 

HART WM.. 107 Water. 

HILL J. P., 170, 172, 174 Seneca. 

Pratt, Brown & Co.,_123 Water. 

Puis John, 154 Detroit. 

Seits Louis, 340 Pittsburgh. 

SMEPARD D. A. & CO., 131 Water. 

Spear J., 79 Pittsburgh. 

Furniture— Second Hand. 

Famsworth Mrs., 57 and 57 Pittsburgh. 

Fur Dealers. 

(See Hats, Caps, <^c.) 

Cleveland, O. Those wishing a Photograph in Oil, Plain Photograph, 



Gas and Steam Fitters. 

(iSfee Plumbers.) 

Born C. P., 218 Superior. 

FOGG, ENSWORTH & CO., 223 Superior 

PARIStl & KNIGHT, giis flitters, manu-v 
facturers of copper pipe, tin and Iro 
wares, and dealer in stoves, 92 Superior. 

Whittaker S. &. C, 129 Water. 

J^ilringer & Son, 97 Garden. 

*'" " " ■■"■■ ■ 


Gents Furttishiug. ,. -■ c 
SMITH SILAS, laS^arik, ^^J"* \<r^^j 

JT- *'•<" .'. 
"jGildcrfc ,' 
(See also looking glasses and pidure frames.) 

Adams Ed^ar, 23 Garden. 
Hunt WilKum G., 937 Superior. 
• • i 
' ' i. 
,, . -Jdfold Pen Manufacturers. I 

HopTiuis E. A., 197 Superior. 

^Grain Elevators. 

BURNTIAM THOMAS, 156 West River. 
Holt & Oviiitt, Merwin, corner Canal. 
Ocis & Brownell, River, near Front. 

Grain Hullers. 

Stevens 0. P., corner Leonard and Summer. 

Groceries-- Wholesale. 

BABCOCK & HURD, 146 Water. 
BRADBURN & FISHER, 58 and 60 River 

and 21 and 23 Meadow. 
BRANCH DARIUS G., Oviatt's Exchange, 

corner Superior and River. 
BURGESS L. F. & S., 52 and 54 River. 
CUSnriNGS J. M. & CO., 171 River. 
EDWARDS & IDDINGS, 145 Water, and 

46 and 48 Union. • 
GORDON McMillan & CO., Superior. 

corner Merwin. 
HANNA, GARRETSON & CO., 73 and 75 

MONROE NELSON, 169 River. 
Sprau'ue George, 4 and 5 Oviatt's E.xchange. 
WAMELINK L.B., 108 Superior. 
Weaver & Brother, 257 Superior. 
WEN HAM A. J., 54 Merwin. 
WICK C. D., 56 River. 

Groceries -Retail. 

tkin Mrs. Jane, 46 West Main. 

>!j)ev Peter, 216 Peari. 

BABBITT F. C, 1U8 Public Square. 

Bailey John H., 14 Garden. 
ARRON J., 40 Merwin. 
iates Samuel H., 67 Fulton. 

Baumgart Alexander, 945 St. Clair. 

Beck George D, & Co., 117 Ontario. 

Beckman Harnian,'ir)0 River. 

Bethe Lcrwis, 356 Bridge. *■■ 

iilachlev L, 168 Brownell. 
'IBLACKMER R. H., corner Prospect and 

BLANCHARD & FOSTER, corner Pearl 
and Detroit. 

Blee Hugh, 28 Walnut. 

Blee James, 20 Chestnut. 

Bloch Aaron, 79 Water. 

Brester Albert, 225 Hamilton. 

Brokenshire James, 169 Garden. 

Brokenshire, IMn^. H., 244 Garden. 

Bruger George, 162 Per.rl. 

Bryan Leonard, 2<)6 Pittsburgh. ''.v#.., 

Burns Thomas, 232 Lorain. * ' 

BUSH EDWIN C, 245 Superior. 

Cain Thomas, corner Chestnut and Oak. 

Carr Francis, 157 Detroit. 

Can- Patrick, 185 Detroit. 

CAT HAN 0., corner Ontario and Michigan. 

Church Edwin, 172 Detroit. 

COLAHAN RAWSON, 196 Columbus. 

CoUisk Hymaii, 278 St. Clair. 

Coonrad J., 237 and 239 Peari. 

Cooper tsaaC, 49' East Main. "^ 

Cowell GeoVge, 317 Perry. 

Cowpef-'George, 32 Spring. 

Craig JohUj 182 Superior. 

Crawford James, 71 Pearl. 

Dahler Louis, 206 Lorain. 

Derver George, 234 Columbus. 

Dill Edward W., 443 Lake. 

DODD EDAVARD L.,' comer Bro'wnell Mid'' 

Doering E., 198 Pittsburgh. 

Dovle Frank, 14 West Main. 

DREW J. A. *t CO., 116 Ontario. 

Dunbar M. AV., 55 Fulton. 

Dunn P., 823 St. Clair. 

Durgin G. AV., corner Huntington and Gar- 

Eberhard John, 9 Brainard. 

Eble George, 380 Lorain. 

Flckerman Louis, 192 Bridge. 

Edwards E. B., 283 St. Clair. 

Elsinger Mat., cor. Pittsburgh and Liberty 

English John, 118 Detroit. 

Erb Charles F., 95 Lorain. 
or Ambrotype, Bhoidd not fail to visit NORTH'S GALLERY. 




Farell M. J., 19 Marshall. 

Faughman Peter, 34:9 L^oraiu. 

Faulkner Geo., 182 Ontario. 

Fernald J. S., 178 Detroit. 

Filmer Wm. L., 43 West Main. 

Footlege Fred., 44 Willet. 

Ford Wm., 478 Case Avenue. 

Forschimer John, 47 Burnham. 

Fox Samuel, 21 Vineyard. 

Frick HenfyJ 323 Lorain. 

Fulthen Morris, 110 Pittsburgh. 

Gallighe* Patrick, 26 Spring. . . . ^ 

Galloway W. B., Center, near t^e'..Bridge. 

Gect^-C., 875 Superior. ' ' " • . •■ 

Geglirt Leonard, 316 Hamilton. 
: Geotz C, 940 St. Clair. 

Gillar Wm., 273 Detroit. 

Gleason B. W., 132 Ontario. 

Goetz Frank, 115 Pearl. 

Goodrich J. W., 427 St. Clair. 

Gorham & Aplin, 104 Superior. ^ 
' ■ Gorham & Co., 193 Ontario. 

Grace Luke, 48 Erie. 

Green Phillip, 408 Perry. 
0riffin James, 116 Detroit. 
-."Hai^ijerty F. 317 Loraia. 
'^SaUH.M., 120 Bank, 
"fialpin Edward, 360 Detroit. 
■ likrley Patrick, 79 Lake. 
Hazle Mrs., cor. Erie and Webster. 
•HeifeelN., 247 St. Clair. 
.Heller David, 241 Erie. 
"Henry F., 323 Lorain. 
Hess .John, cor. Cross and Orange. 
Hey Henr}', 107 Lorain. 
HTLL J. P , 170, 172 and 174 Seneca. 
HILLS NATHAN C, 124 Ontario. 
Hoffman . J .'-A., corner Jackson, and Floyd. 
Hudson George, 214 Superior. 
Inglehart Mrs., 30 Oregon. 
Jones John, 3 Fulton. 
Ka;ie James, 144 Pearl. 
■Keller J., 72 Williams. 
Kendrick W , 402 Perry. 
Kennedy William, 147 Lorain. 
Kilmer Henry, 209 Garden. 
KINGSLEY EDWARD, 152 and 154 On- 
Koagles John, 116 Monroe. 
Kochler George, 107 Taylor corner Bridge. 
Kregg Martin, 32 Burwell. 
Krous M., corner Fulton and Lorain. 
Lautry John, 160 Detroit. 
LaiTy J., 32--Superior Avenue. 
Lazell H. H., 376 St Clair. 
Levi & Weidenthal, 271 Kinsman. 
Leberly John, 123 Fulton. 
Lee Edward, corner Erie and Bolivar. 
Le Pellv N. D., 140 and 142 Lorain. 
LEWIS & SHEPARD, 143 Detroit 

.LITTLE GEORGE H., 57 Merwin. 
Livingston William, 86 Lake. '/ 

Loeb E., 131 Kinsman, 
Logan John 117 Greenwood. 
Lords Peter, 14 Randall. 
Lotz Henry, 35 Clifton. 
Lucy Bartholomew, 114 Detroit. 
McAuliffe John, Michigan. 
McDowell R,, Seneca Bridge. 
McGuire P., 14 Chamj-laiii. 
McKeever William, 390 Detroit. 
McKinty John, 58 Bank. ■'•'•" 
.M6Mahon M., 12.6 Detroit. 
-McNally S., 428 St: Clair. 
McNamara D., 657 St. .Clair. 
Mann James, 30,6 St. Clair. 
Marshall T., 375 Detroit. 
Marshall William, 46 Webster. 
Martine Herman, corner Ontario and High. 
Marx Felix, 147 and 149 St. Clair. 
Mauver Andreas, 420 Lorain. 
Maus Joseph, 141 Lorain. 
Melcher & Co., 190 Prospect. . 
MIC HIE A., corner Ohio and Kinsman. 
Micklish H., 171 Detroit. 
Moan Owen, 292 Detroit. 
Moan Patrick-, 192 Ontario. 
Moore J., 51 Hicks. 
Myer H. B., corner Scoville Avenue and 

Myer Charles, 380 Pittsburgh. 
Neiman J., 51 Ward. 
NELSON & BROTHER, 177 Detroit. 
New Isaac, 35 Prospect. 
New Nathan, 59 St Clair. 
Newcomb S., 185 and 187 Kinsman. 
Nolan L., 106 Detroit. 
Oats Thomas, 348 Detroit. 
O'Donnel Patrick, 44 Vine3'ard Lane. 
0' Sullivan P., 70 Water. 
Parkin Benjamin, 231 Bridge. 
Patterson C, 261 Detroit. 
Pelton F. W., 355 East Center. 
PERRY A. A., 130 Ontario. 
Phillips Agnes, 11 Michigan. 
POLLOCK DAVID, 163 Ontario. 
Reese Frederick, 175 Ontario. 
Keif G, 786 St. Clair. 
Rezner WiUiam B., 319 St. Clair. 
Rhodes William, corner Eagle and Kinsman 
Riglander W., 214 St. Clair. 
Roeder F. G., 86 Jersey. 
Rogge William, 119 York. 
Rochetsca J., 14 Croton. 
Ronay M., 157 Lake. 
ROSE WILLIAM E., llB Ontario. 
Rosenbaum A., 164 Prospect. 
Rotheram E., 46 Merwin. 
Saunders John, 266 Columbus. 

Deoderised Coal Oil, manufactured by LAW & KOBTH, 



Sava;:;c F. W.. 270 Sujierior. 

ShafiiHT S., 290 Pittsburgh. 

Sheider 'ul, .81 Oraiiije. 

Schrivimer J G., 14 Lawrence. 

SGHUJ/PK \\. ¥., 390 Perry. 

Schwab S., lUH Pittsburgh. 

Shuttehehu P., 143 Ohio. 

Shutthelni J., 3G Erie. 

Schwa itzcnburiih L. II., 182 Kinsman. 

Seiger F., 320 Kinsman. 

Shalfiier ]\Irs., 50 Superior. 

Singer Jolin, 177 Pearl. 

Skall S., 372 St. Clair. 

Smith E., 341 St. Clair. 

Smith S., 33 Lorain. 

Somnicr & Stephens, 348 St. Clair. 

Stair J. & Son, 115 Ontario. 

Steinbrenar M., 28 Irving. 

Straus M., 90 Oregon. 

Streibenger .1., 65 York. 

Stribenger M., 54 Michigan. 

Strouse A., 93 Cedar Avenue. . 

Styles J. S., comer Erie and Rockwell, 

Sullivan Mr.s., 94 Mechanics. 

Sweenev John, 275 Detroit. 

Swift llufus, 179 Detroit. 

Tamblvn .lohn, 120 Ontario. 

TAMliLYN JOSEPH, 109 Franklin, 

Taylor Harvey, 184 Ontario. 

Tavlor John, 422 Detroit. 

Thackwell F., 114 Pro.speftt. 

Thomas Charles, 1 Fulton. 

Tibbitts C. M., corner Pearl and Lorain. 

Tibbitts L. C, 175 Lorain. 

TICE ClIAUNCEY, 733 St. Clair. 

TrauSsle John, 43 Oregon. 

Tuch A., 42 Bolivar. 

Tunte B., 392 St. Clair. 

TURNER A. P., 147 Pearl. 

Valentine Frederick, 86 Garden. 

WEAVER & BROTHER, 257 Superior. 

Weber John A., 875 St. Clair. 

Weidenkopt' Jacob, 239 Garden. 

Weisbarth John, 237 Lorain. 

Wcnham A. J., 54 Merwin. 

Wheeler Lawrence, 62 Hurd. 

White Mary, 155 Detroit. 

Wiener Abraham, 233 Erie. 

WILKIXS GEORGE, corner St Clair and 

Williams C, 301 St. Clair. 
WILSOX JAMES, 170 Ontario. 
Winter Peter, 179 Hamilton. 
Witevsky Benjamin, corner Lake and Wood. 
Wodctsky Samuel, 195 Kinsman. 
Wolf Jacob. 19 Pittsburgh continued. 
Wolf M., 311 Kinsman. 
WOLF S., corner Lake and Ontario. 
Wormser Isaac, corner Merwin and Leonard. 
Wright William, 13 Michigan. 

Wygant B., 168 River. 
Wyman Myer, 133 Cedar Avcnu? 
Ziemer Vafe-'tine, 4 Brainard. 
Zwidenger C., 72 Bolivar. 

Gun Powder Manufacturer 

AusHn & Co., with H. N. Gates. 


Powers M., 41 Union. 
Hattersly H., 102 Superior, 
Jennings R., 18 Pittsburgh. 

Gun.s, Pistol 8) Sec. 

Hattersly H., 102 Superior. 
Jennings R.. 18 Pittsburgh. 


Cleveland, 147 Ontario. 

Hair Braider. 

Abrccht Louis, 67 Ontario. 

° Hair Dressers. 

Ambush W. E., under American House. 
GREE^C. JOSEPH D., under Jolinson 


BINGHAM W. & CO, 148 and 150 Water. 

CLARK JAMES F, dealer in iron, steel, 
nails, glass, ship and boat sjiikes, tin 
plate, joiners' and coopei-s' tools, pitch, 
oakum, grind stones, &c, ajso agent for 
excelsior horse power, 92 Sujierior. 

COLWELL & CO.. 143 Ontario. 

Eddy F. II., 11 Pearl. 

LUTKEYMEYER H. W., 150 Superior. 

POWELL A., 36 Detroit. 

RAYNOLDS H. K, wholesale and retail 
dealer in hardware, ifcc, also sole agent of 
Wilder's salai/iander safe, 96 Sujierior. 

STEARNS J. M. & CO.. 11 Vineyard, At- 
■water's Block. 

TENNIS J. & CO., 135 Water. 

ncr Suijerior and Water, and 81 Merwin, 

Hat Manufacturer. 

Mouutcastle M. W., 39 Frankfort. 

is acknowledged to be the best in the State. 


rz 1