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John Roots, child of John Roota and Mary Russell, h. Fob. 20, 1608, 

in Badby. England, came to America In 1640, m. Mary Kilbourn 
about that date and settled in I'^arminpton, Ct. d, Aug. 1604, 








3rd chill of John Rooto and Mary Kilbourrj.b. about 1648, 

KurminRton, Ct. He roi.ioved to V/cstfield, llaes. v;ith 

brothors, John and Samuel. m. (1) 1670, Mary Gridley. 

died 1673, m. (2) Dot. 7, 1675, Mary Spencer. She d. 

4^ 1690. m. (3) Jan. 25, \692, Sarah, v/id07/ of Josiah 

Leonard, and dau. of John Dunibleton. She d. Jan. 3, 1694. 
He d. Aug. 16, 1709. 

Joseph, 8th child of Thomas Roote and Mary Spencer, b. June 16, 1688 

in Westfield, Mass, m, Sarah , Ho d. Fob. 10,1750, 

age 62, Sho d. Jan, 24, 1758, 

Eli, 8th child of Joseph Root and Sarah ^_^^, b, Fob. 27, 1731, 
in Vfestfield, Mass. m, fl) July 10, 1755, Mindwell Sackett. 
m. (2) I'iicperience Kellogg. Ho d. 1004 in Pittsfield, Mass. 

Azariah, 4th child of Eli Root. b. Deo. 20, 1751^ in Pittsfield. Mass. 
m. Ellen Burbour. Moved to Delaware County, Ohio, in 1804, 
d, Deo, 31, 1851 in Upper Sandiisky, Ohio. (I suppoao Mindv/ell 
Sackett v/as his mother. and put it so on my application) 

(The foregoing is taken from "Root Genealogical 
(Records".. The final "e" is l(3ft off of Joseph's 
(name. Uur line stops with the stator.iont that 
(Azariah moved to Ohio in 1604, 

Azariah, child of Azariah Root and Ellen Barbour, b, llov. 23, 1790, 
in Pittsfield, Mass. Moved to Dolav/are County, Ohio, in 
1804; moved to Marion County, Ohio, 1037; Wyandotte County 
Ohio, 1038; ' to Madison County, lov/a, 1853, and to Adair 
County, loT/a, in 1054. m. Myra Skeole about 1020, in 
Dolav/are Co. Ohio. d. Ifov. 18, 1873, in Adair Co. Iowa. 

Other children of Azariah Root and Ellen Barbour as Mother 

can remember. She does not knov/ dates etc. She thinks Azariah 

was the oldest. 

Sylvester, married twice Plumb, Do not know v/hether 

1st or 2nd wife. 

Henry, Abner, m. ^Strong, Parthenia, m, Dr, 

Spaulding in Delaware Co, .Ohio, Elinor. 

Children of Azariah Root and Myra Skeels, 

1, Clara, m, Lytlo Faurote (!',) John Jacob Bryant 
Amanda, m. John Martin 
Elizabeth, ra. Dr. V/arren 

Abiior, b. Oct. 4, ia2'J, Delnvmro Co. Ohio, m. (1) Martha 
Wilson, (2) Minnio Decker, d. June 8, 1903, Adair Co. 
Sarah, m, V/m, Moffitt, d. in Ohio. 
Parthenia, m. Jacob Ebby. 

Martha, b. Anril 1, 1836, m. D.M.Valentine 
Ellen, b. Oct. 25, 1038, m. J. K. Valentine d. 
Almira, m. Sam Holiday. 





* In Azariah Root's application for pension he gives Doc, 20, 1762 as 

the date of his birth, and I used this date in making out my application, 







"Capt . j':ii Root, son of JoGoph, grandson of Thomas, b. 
Feb. 27, 17:51; rn . (1) July 10, 1755, Mindwcll Sackott, and emigrated 
from V/estfield to Pittsfiold, Mass., a. 1757, v/ith his brother Amos, 
He. m. (2) Experience Kellogg, and d. in 1004 in Pittsfield. Capt. 
Ell Root is spoken of in Smith's History of Pittsfield, as living 
near V/endell Square, and as 'a worthy magistrate, and a man of sterling 
character, and one of those early adherents to the v/hig cause (in-**^— 
revolutionary time) v/hose determination, energy, and place in the 
community, made them of eminent service to their party.' Although 
a patriot, resisting earnestly the encroachments of Great Britain, 
he, with other prominent citizens, as a committee, signed in 1774, 
a paper of instructions to their representative in the legislature, 
expressive of the alarm and adhorrence of the people at the throwing 
of the tea of the East India Company into Boston harbor. Although 
opposed to such proceedings ho wont in heartily for the Declaration 
of Independence, and exerted a prominent influence. He v/as sent, 
in 1777, to the legislature to aid in forming the state constitution, 
and was moderator of the tov/n-meeting in 1779, and one of the com- 
mittee who drevr up instructions for the representatives of the town 
in the state convention. He v/as a lieutenant of the militia, and 
afterwards captain." Root Genealogical Records, p. 3:59. 

"The town showed its deep intorost in the task imposed upcn 
the legislature of 1777, by sending to it an unprecedented number of 
representatives, choosing for that purpose three of its most trusted 

citizens, Valentine Rathbun , Josiah V/right, and Eli Root. " 

History of Pittsfield, Mass. by J. E.A.Smith. Note bottom p. 356. 

"Root, Eli. List of men who engaged in Col. James Easton's 
regt., narclied from Pittsfield to Canada Aug. 4, 1775, under command 
of said Root, Captain, and were dismissed Dec, 30, 1775; service, 
22 weeks 2 days; also list of men under command of said Root, Captain, 
who engjigod in 'Canada Jan, 1, 1776, and v/ere dismissed L:ay 2 (3), 1776; 
service, 3 mos, 23 days," Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of 
the Revolutionary V/ar. Vol, XIII. 

A7,A?JA'i{ '100? 

"Hoot, Asariah, Pittsfield, Private, Gapt. Anbroso Hill's co., 
Lieut. Col. IJiles Pov/ell's (Berkaliiro Co.) rogt.; enlistod July 18, 
1779; dlBchart^ed Aug. 22, 1779; aervico, 1 mo. 10 days, at liow Haven, 
Conn!, including 5 days (110 miles) travel home; order for payment of 
amount of roll dated at lUchmond and signed by Capt. Hill; also, list 
of msn who marched from Pittsfiold to Hew Haven July 20, 1779, under 
command of Lieut. Joel Stevens, and v/ere dismissed Aug, 25, 1779; 
service, 5 weeks 1 day; also. Private, Capt. Moses Ashley's co., 
Col, Joseph Vose's fist) regt.; muster roll for July, 1780, dated 
Camp 'Tenith'; enlisted Aug, 2, 1780; enlistment, 6 months; also, 
Hat of men raised for the 6 months service and returned by Brig. Gen, 
Paterson as having passed muster in a return dated Camp Totoway, Oct. 
25, 1780; also, pay roll for 6 months men raised by the tovm of 
Pittefield for service in the Continental Army during 1780; marched 
Aug. 3, 1780; discharged Dec. 16, 1780; service, 4 mos, 18 days, 
travel (110 miles) included; also, Capt, Joel Stevens's co.. Col, 
David Roseter's regt.; entered service Oct. 12, 1781; discharged 
Oct, 25, 1781; service, 13 days, on an alarm at Saratoga," 

"Root, Azariah. Private, Gapt, Rosv/ell Lov/ning's co. , Lieut, 
Col. Miles Pcrwel's (Berkshire Co.) rogt,;. entered service July 19, 
1779; discharged Aug. 27 (also given Aug. 23), 1779; service, 1 mo, 
9 days; company marched to Hew Haven, Conn., to serve for 1 month," 

"Root, Azariah. Private, Capt, Enoch Hoble's co,. Col, John 
Ashley, Jr,'3 (Berkshire Co,) regt,; enlisted Oct, 15, 1780; dis- 
charged Oct, 17, 1780; service, 4 days; company marched to the North- 
ward by order of Brig. Gen. Pellov7S on an alarm at the time Forts 
George and Ann v/ere taken by the enemy. Roll sworn to at Sheffield," 

"Root, Azariah, Private, Capt, John Bacon's co,. Col, Caleb , 
Hyde's regt. Gen. Rossiter's brigade; enter' service Oct. 20, 1781; 
discharged Oct. 28, 1701; service, 9 days, at Slillv/ater on an alarm." 

"Root, Azariah, Col, Johxi Ashley, Jr,'s regt,; service, 14 
days, on an alarm at tne lJorthv;ard; company marclied in Oct,, 1781, 
under command of Lieut, Moses Hubbard at request of J^rig. Gen, Stark 
and by order of Brig, Gen. John Pellov/s." 

All found in Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the 
Revolutionary V/ar. Vol. XIII. 

I have wondered if all of this is the record of our 
ancestor or if tliore v/as another by the same . 

";";cot, Eli. Li3t of inen who cnf-:A,Torl In Col. jnmciS jvaEton's 
regt., inarcliocl from Pi'l;tK fiold to Canada Aug. 4, 1775, under command 
of said Root, Captain, and were diBiniased P^ec . 30, 1775; service 22 
weeks 2 days; also, list of men under command of said Root, Captain, 
who engaged in Canada Jan. 1, 1776, and were dismissed L'ay 2 (3), 
1776; service, 3 mos. 23 days." (Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors 
of the Revolutionary ',/ar. Vol, XIII. ) 

Eli Root was sent, in 1777, to the lofislature , to aid in 
forming the state constitution. (Root Genealogical Records, p. 339; 
History of Pittsfiold, Mass. Ilote p. 356.) 

Azariah Root was a private in Capt, Ambrose Hill's company, 
Lieut. Col. Miles Powell's regiment, service 1 month, 10 days; under 
command of Lieut. Joel Stevens, service 5 v/eeks 1 day; private in li:.;\ 
Capt, Lloses Ashley's co.. Col, Voso.'s regiment, service 6 months; ■ ^^^ 
one of company raised for 6 months service by Brig, Gen, Paterson; ^i' 
among men raised by tovm of Pittsfield for service in Continental p't^ 
Army during 1780, service 4 months 10 days; under Capt. Joel ' Stevens ^^- 
-in Col, David Roseter's regiment, service 13 days; and was a private '; 
in Capt. John Bacon's co,,Gol, Caleb Hyde's regiment. Gen, Ross iter '8>:?. 
brigade, service 9 days, (Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of 
the Revolutionary V/ar. Vol, XIII.) 

The following v/as furnished by Pension Commissioner, .- . 
taken from Azariah Root's application for pension. 

Dates of en- 
listment or 
appointment . 


Length of 


1 1/2 mos. Pvt, 
5 mos . " 
1 mo, " 





Hot stated 

Hot stated 


Mass . 

Battles engaged in. Hone mentioned. 

Residence of soldier at enlistment, Berkshire Co., Mass, 

Date of application for pension, Hov, 19, 1032. 

Residence at date of application, Delav/aro, Oliio, 

Age at date of application, Born Dec, 20, 1762, Pittsfield, Mass 

Remarks: His claim was allowed. 

/ ■ ■ < ■■ 

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