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Of the United States Army, died at Seattle, Washington, on 
June 3, 1910. 

Born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, March 8, 1866, after 
graduating from the Medical Departments of the University of 
Pennsylvania and the University of Berlin, from which he 
received the several Degrees of M.D. and Ph.D., in May, 1893, 
he was, by President Cleveland, commissioned First Lieuten- 
ant in the Medical Department of the Army, receiving in due 
course the promotions to Captain and Major, with which latter 
rank he was retired by reason of disabilities acquired in the 
arduous campaigns of the Philippines. His tours of service 
extended throughout Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, and he 
participated in most of the battles in the Philippine Islands, 
where he organized several Hospitals and Hospital Companies 
of Instruction. 

In "Recognition for conspicuous courage and zeal" he was 
recommended for promotion by the Colonel of the Twenty- 
second Regiment Infantry, on April 6, 1899. 

He was a member of the Pennsylvania Society, Sons of the 
Revolution; the Association of Military Surgeons, the Military 
Service Institution, the Naval and Military Order of the 
Spanish-American War, the Order of Foreign Wars, the 
Spanish-American War Veterans, and various clubs. 

Elected to membership in this Society on June 2, 1904, he 
continued a zealous member to the end. 



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His widowed mother, having married John B. Weller, Gov- 
ernor of California, he came to Sacramento at the age of nine 
years, where his early education was commenced. 

In March, 1870, President Grant commissioned him Assist- 
ant Paymaster of the United States Navy, and at the date of 
his retirement, by reason of disabilities acquired in the service, 
he had been promoted to Paymaster, with the rank of Lieuten- 
ant Commander. His tours of service embraced all the ocean 
waters of the world, and for eleven years his careful super- 
vision of the Pay Department under his orders, placed him in 
charge on shore duty at the Navy Yards in New York City. 
Washington and Mare Island, California. 

He was a member of the Academy of Sciences, Cosmos and 
University Clubs of San Francisco, the Camera and General 
Service Clubs of New York City and the Metropolitan and 
Army and Navy Clubs of Washington, D. C. He was elected 
to this Society on April 3, 1897, and he was an active member 
of our San Francisco Chapter. 

He left a widow and one child. 

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itpji. Pl|ilairlpl]ia. pptinaylnattia. April If. 1911 

By reason of delicate health, when but seventeen years old, 
he came to California and settled in Santa Barbara, where he 
pursued his studies under private tutors, acquiring proficiency 
in both the French and Spanish languages. 

In the early years of his manhood he was placed in charge 
of important interests in Santa Barbara, which he managed 
with success for many years, when he went to San Francisco, 
where he engaged in mining, electric and other properties, and 
in which he accumulated a satisfactory material competency. 
He was a member of the California Society, Sons of the Revo- 
lution, and for assistance rendered the Turkish Consul at 
San Francisco, he was, by the Sultan of Turkey, created a 
Chevalier of the Order of the Medjidie. 

He was elected to this Society on December 21, 1899. 


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His father, an American citizen, descended from early 
Colonial ancestors, was detained in Europe for a lengthy period 
by his business engagements, and the early years of George 
Eli Hall were passed in France, Switzerland, Germany and 
Turkey, in whose schools he received his education. 

Upon his coming to the United States, he lived for a time 
in Santa Barbara, California, eventually making his permanent 
home in San Francisco. His familiarity with the language 
and customs of the many countries of Europe and Africa 
enabled him to be of material aid to tourists and immigrants 
in San Francisco from those lands, and their reports to their 
home governments induced the tender to him of appointment 
as their official representative, and his services were rewarded 
by high promotion in their most exclusive Orders. 

For many years he was Consul General in the Western part 
of the United States for both Turkey and Persia, and he gave 
valuable services for Tunis and Portugal. 

He received the following promotions, viz.: 

Knight Officer of the Imperial Order of Medjidie, Turkey. 

Commander of the Imperial Order of Osmanie, Turkey. 

Knight Commander of the Royal Order of Nichan Iftikar of 

Grand Officer of the Imperial Order of the Lion and Sun 
of Persia. 

Chaldean Patrician of St. Thomas' Patriarchal Apostolic 
Throne of Babylon, the titular member of Assistance at the 
Most Holy Sanctuary of our entirely blessed predecessor St. 

Knight of the Holy and Royal Order of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, of Portugal. 

His official duties and private affairs requiring his presence 
in South America, after a long and painful illness he died in 
Peru, deeply mourned by his many friends and associates. 

He was elected a member of this Society April 3, 1899. 



Los Angeles, 

April 10, 1912 


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