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and his descendants 

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TweiUy-tive years auo. ;i <;reat izrand- 
<l;uiglitei- of JoHx "\Vali>uox told u> 
that Ik; was picked up in the streets of 
an En<4li>li sea-port while a boy. in 
an "unfair manner.** l)y one "'Master 
Heard." hustled otV to Anunica. I)rouiiht 
to Dover, and kept by said Heard as a 
e.hore-boy: that the boy was poorly 
Qiad and had a liard time of ii, but ex- 
eited the symjiathies of one Mrs. Ilorne. 
past wliose door he u>ed to drive tiie 
oow«, whieh ^frs. Ilorne did tlie forlorn 
boy many kindnesses, and bocominii" a 
widow married him. And further, that 
said Mrs. Ilorne lived on Home's hill, 
where Stephen P. Palmer lately lived. 

Kxami nation of records convinced 
u> that the traditions were correct. 
Masti.r John Heard, of Dover, a ship- 
master, in liis AVill mentions '-my pren- 
tice'* John Waldron, and wc have no 
doubt that he — mildly speaking — kiil- 
nai)ped the ijoy. AValdron did marry 
widow Home. She was granddauj.diter 
of that same ]^Ia>ter Heard, beinir Mary, 
daughter of John Ham by wite Mary 
daughter of Master Heard: ■^he wa< 
bom •_' Oct. l()(jS: married, 1st, ;>0 June 
ii;si;, Joiiii Hcjriie. son <»f tlie original 
William Home, — he being bum I'.j Oct. 
1'>U;>, lived on Home's hill, and died 
Mar. lG'JG-7, leaving divers children. 
Widow Mary married, -d, :rJ Aug. 1C'J>5, 

j«>iix \rAi.i)iif>x. 

, ' home of this familv have claimed kin- 

ship with old ^lajor Richard's family. 
lUit if there was any connection, it wa>: 
on the other side of the ocean. Besides, 
the Major's name was Walukuxt., not 
Waldron. and Wai.i>ehxk was the name 
of his English auce>try. Their ■social 
po-itit)n here was very difi'erent. l^icli- 
ard was speaker of the ^lassachusetts 
House, Major General, President of the 
Province of Xew Houi[ishire: .Joim was 
Master I leard's chore-boy. IJichard had 
great landed possessions: Jolni began 
witlioui a rod. I'lit. in successive g<Mfer- 
ations the great possessions oT Picluird 
dwindled to nothing, while John and 
John's heirs came to own thousaiids uf 
acri's. The descendants of Pichard had 
little influence in Dover when John's 
grand>on swept the town at every elec- 
tion. And, strangest of all, the Ma- 
jor's own son abandoned his hereditary 
surname, and adt^jted and gave to his 
descendants the patronymic of the kid- 
napped chore-boy. AVe are told that 
.lohn^ WaUlrou lived, where tlie late Tay- 
lor Page lived. Ot course the Home 
property wi-nt mainly to the Home heirs. 
The beautiful I'lace of the hile 'i'a\i'.)i- 
Page was on the road then a main road 
iVum ( "ocheco : there was no IJrick -rreet 
or Sixth ^■treet till niauy year.-; after- 
wards. John acquired a handsome jiroi'- 
erty. He died in 17W. By will dated 
12 May 1740, proved 20 July following. 
he gave to wife Mary one half of home- 

■•- "I 


stead for life, the wliolc to «ro to son ' 
llicliard after her decease, — this liome- 
stead being- the Taylor Page plaee: to 
son John, besides tlie hnndred acres 
"wlicre he now lives" (the present ', 
Charles Ilani farm), hinds in Koehcster 
"which I bonght uf the Twoniblys,"' ; 
and ''all my wearin::- ajiparel:" to dan. ; 
Elizabeth, wife of Ezra Kimball. £ :50, 
and oO acres of the land boujrht "ot 
IJeyner," part of old Parson lioynor's 
grant: to dau. Anne, wife of Timotliy 
lioberts, 70 acres in Koehester, 40 ot 
"which joined land which Dea. Gershom 
"Wentworth bought of "Squire Atkinson ; 
to dau. Mehitablc, wife of James Ches- 
ley, £30, and 30 acres out of the Rev- i 
ner tract: to dau. Sarah, wife of Isaac 
I^ibbey, the same sis to ^Ichitable: to 
grandsons .John "Waldi-on. liichard Kim- 
ball, John IJoberts, Ebcnezer Chesley 
and Samuel Libbey, lands in Rochester; ■ 
son Richard was executor and residuary i 
legatee. ! 

John' and ^NTary (Ham-IIoi-nc) AVal- 
dron had children, perhaps more and 
perhaps in difl'erent order. (F'am. 1): 

1. John-, b. about IG'J'J, of whom see 

2. Sarah'-. 

3. Bridget-. Our ancient informant ' 
told us that the Indians cut olf the heads 1 
of Bridget and Sarah, aged about nine 
and seven, in presence of their mother, i 
Savage ridiculed this, and Drake (in j 
Iieai.-<fcr). ])o()\\-\)(H)]n'(\; but Belknap is > 
good authority, and he put it in July 
1712.. Indians are a nice race I 

1. Richard-, of whum see below. i 

5. Elizabeth-, rn. Ezra Kiniljall, one 
of the Kimball brothers (Ezra and Xe- 
liemiahj who came here from Massa- 1 
chusetts early in the last century, from ' 
whom all our Kimballs descend. i 

. , ^6. Anna-, vi. Timothy Roberts, of | 

Rochester. We suppose he was that 
boldTiuiothy whose fansily the llr.-t 
one settling in that wildenioss. The 
church record says: •'December -.'(Uh 
1728. Timothy Roberts moved liis Fam- 
ily into Rochester, beiiig tlie lirst Fam- 
ily that settled in said Tovv ii." 

7. ^lehiiable-, tw James Ciiesley, who 
was born 18 ;Ma>' 170(5, son of James 
and Tanison (Wentworth) Chesley, lor 
whose ancestry see Wentworfh Grncnlo- 
gij. She died 21 Aug. 1770. and he. in 
the exhilaration of seventy years of age 
married, 4 April 1777, a damsel of twen- 
ty-two, viz.. Lydia.dau.of Isaac Ilorne. 
and he died 10 October following, l^[e- 
hitablc- had live children, only two of 
whom lived to maturity, viz.: 

1. Tamsen-' Chesloy. 6 in 1728: vi. 
1st, John Twombly: 2d, Col. Otis 
Baker. By her tirst liusband she had 
three children, including T.inisen^ 
Twombly wlio m. Joseph^ W'aldnni as 
below: by her second, Tamsen"' had 
seven children, and among her de- 
descendants are lion. Jolia "Weiit- 
woi'th of Chicago, and Dr. James li. 
AVheeler of this city. 

2. Hannah' Chesley. the first wife ' 
of Rev. Avery Hall, of liuchester, and 
had two children. 

8. Sarah-, in. Isaac Eibbey, and had 
descendants even to this day in Dover. } 

e7oA«-, son of John', as in Fam. 1. | 
born about IG'JO, was a pr i-plexity. f| 
There were too many Johns. But we ' 
think all is clear now. He h;id the 
farm where Charles Ham now lives, 
and that farm he conveved for £-><>i.', to , 
his son .lulin" '.) .lune 177^. tIccI ae- . 
knowledged 11 June. But wliy did he ^ 
make his mark? For £99, he conveyei' 
to Richard AValdron, gentleman. (e\ 
dently his brother ^ Richard), 10 Mav 




1771, 20 acres of t]ieKcyiici-«-Taiit; John | clerk of Dover [Moiithlv (Fncii.l>) Mocl- 
Waldron 3d, and Samuel AValdron Avit- in<r. IJicliard- niu>t liave married twice, 
nesses; acknowledyed U June 1778. | as his Will, dated 20 Aujr. 1771, proved 
lie conveyed to ''grandson William," for I 20 Jan. 1772, mentions wife Elir.;bcth. 
£.:)00, 2.") May 1772, 40 acres at the up- 1 She survived him. and m., in Dover, 10 
per end of -my land." Dec. 1772, Joseph Atkinson, Esq., of Dur- 

"John AValdron, jun., and liis son i ham. Eichard-' by Will letl his liome- 
Jolm"' were baptized by parson Cashing- stead to son John"! (Col. John of the 
3 July 172G,— John- was ••Junior" then, j Kevolution) ; to sons Joseph, Ilichard, 
but by death of liis father in 1740, the i Sanuiel, and James, went some lands in 

junior dropped, and "Mary, wife of 
John Waldron, senior," was received to 
the church 1 Aug-. 1742. Jolm- died in 
Dover 4 July 1778, "aged 80'', says a 
record. AVc don t know how many 
children he had. Certainly he had Jolm'. 
We are tempted to add as his son. that 
Richard Kenncy Waldron who was a 
Dover soldier at Louisburg- in 1745, and 
whose dan. Abigail was baptised (in 
private) by parson Gushing- l.jlJuly 174G; 
and who was father of the famous Col. 
Isaac, of Barring-ton, and ancestor of the 
Barringtou Waldrons, — but truth makes 
us say there is no evi ena, and we leave 
Richard Kenney Waldron out of the 
only place we can really find for him. 
But John- certainly had (Fam. 2) : 

1. Jolnr", baptized .3 July 1726, of 
whom see below. 

Richard-, son of John\ as in Fam. 1, 
had the homestead -^iiere Taylor Pag-e 
lately lived, and a beautiful place it is. 
Bichard's cellar was said to be under 

Dover, some in Bochester, and all his 
lands in Somersworth. In his inventm-y 
were 1200 acres in Bochester, an eighth 
of a saw mill at Tole-End, an eighth of 
one at Xorway Plain, and plenty more 

The children of Richard- who sur- 
vived him were, (Fam. 3): 

1. John" b. about 1740, of whom see 

2. Ilannalr, m.. 20 .Tan. 1764, Capt. 
Jolm TIayes, who went to Lebanon, -Me., 
and had eleven childreu. 

3. Elizabeth", ni.. 3 April 1770, Cnpt. 
Elisha Shanleigh, of Kittery, Me., and 
had ten children, 

Hon. Daniel G\ Rollins Avas her 

4. Marys ?«. 23 Mar. 1778, Capt. 
Elijah Clements, of (now) Rollinstbrd. 
They lived near where Hon. William 
W. Rollins lives. Capt. Clements died 
in Frankfort, Me., 3 Aug. 1850, aged 90. 
Marv' died earlv, having had but one 

the present house a few. years ago, and ' child, viz. Betsey' Clements, 6. 22 June 
we presume that nobody has carried it ; 1778, ?«., 7 Nov. 1800. in Somersworth, 
away. Richard- married Hannah Smitli, i Joseph Thompsoji, of Berwick, Me., 
of Durham, b. 1 June 1716, dau. of and, in Oct. 1^0 1, moved to Frankfort, 
Samuel and Hannah (Burnum) Smith. } Me., where she died 4 May ISl'J, leav- 
IliT father, Sanniel Smith, had the old ! ing seven children. 

Smith homestead, and was Town Clerk | 5. Joseph', b. 10 ^luy 1744, of aa hom 
l7o[) — ,j5, one of the Governors Council see below. 

once, and married Hannah Burnum 16 
Feb. 1709 — 10. Samuel Smith was son 
of that Joseph Smith who was the first 

6. Richard", 6. about 1749, of whom 
see below. 

7. SamucF, lived in Rochester; ni., 


•20 Feb. 1777, H:iiu):ili, dau. of Capt. I 
John and .luilitli (Twoinhlv) (xauo. ()f 
Dover. lie died cliil(ll('-s in 17S1. and ^ 
liis widow )>J. Daniel JJogers of IJoch- ; 
ester, and </. 17 Mar. isivj. Samuel" 
made Will 7 May 1781, proved i:> June; 
followinji ; lie <iave to his wife ludf his' 
tarm, and the use of the otiier half un- 1 
less she mai-ried again, in which case 
that half went at once to his nephew : 
SamucP liayes, of Lebanon. [ 

8. James"', of whom see below. i 

Juhn^, son of John'-', as in Fam. 2. was 
baptized o July 17i'(), but ni'iij have been 
born a few years eas-lier. He had from 
liis father, 'J June 1778, the farm where 
Charles Ham lives. This farm he con- 
veyed to John Ivindjall (l)y exchanj:e 
for the [now] .James M. Hayes farm at 
Long Hill.) about isiJO. Kimball's 
heirs, about 1820, conveyed it to the 
Dover Factory Co.. who thought they 
wanted it for flowage, a> a log: dam, 
called the "Home dam", then at the 
lower boundary of the farm made a 
reservoir, — a dam not far above Upper ; 
Factory dam, and now gone, lu 18;>0, ' 
Ephraim Ham bouglit the farm from 
the Company, for his son Charles, who 
has lived on it ever since. 

John'' VI. Hannah in Oct. 1745. 

His wife died 28 March 1813, but when 
people came to the funeral, he was so 
near his end that the service wa> post- 
poned; h<; died on the Ol.-t, at tlie house 
of his daughter IJolo, and the two were 
buried together. They had lived to- 
gether in marriage 07 years and five 
months. The lirsL live children men- 
tioned below were bapti/.ed .\)i> May 17.VJ. 
Jolnr had, (Fam. 4) : 

1. Bridget*, m. Peter IJolo, and liveil 
on tlie ("orson iarm, at lilackwater. Of 
course, *'Dolo" was corrupted from 
"IJoleau.'- ' 

2. AVilliam*. of whom s(.'e below. 
r>. John^, not remembered by ancient 
people. ) 

4. ;Mary^, not remembMied. (P.nt ; 
there was a Mary of Diner )ii. 1 A[)iil \ 
1777, r»enjamin Ham. of Kocliester.) s 

5. Ebenezer^ not rememl)ered. | 
G. Thomas*, bapt. 20 Xov. 1757, not | 


7. P]phraini^, bapt. 31 Aug. 17iji». of i 
whom see below. ' 

8. Sarah', bapt. 24 Oct. 17G2, not re- 

Johir, son of Richard-, as in Fam. o. 
"•ohWo/. ./o/j;i*". was born about 174". 
He inherited the Taylor Page home- 
stead, and lived there. There he cani])- 
ed the contpany which he led to ("ani- 
bridge, and there parson Pclknap 
preached to them before they niarchcd. 
Capt. John was at Cambridge when ih-- 
Connecticut trooj)-. going honie. left 
Washingtt)n to appeal to New 1 lamp- 
shire patriotism: and the Caiitain t-.iwiv 
home, raised seven hundred men in t'>iM- 
days and went back a Colonel. Tlie 
death of his wife and the absolute nei-d- 
of his young children made him retire 
early from the service, but hi> jtalriot- 
ism was unboun<led. 

Probably Dover never had a more 
popular citizen. He was in the Provin- 
cial Leg-islature in 1774, and the Revo- 
lutionary Convention at Exeter in 1775: 
Representative in 1782, "3, "5, 'i;, and "8. 
17'J7, '8. 1801, "2, '3. and "15. He was in 
the State Senate in 17SS, 1790, "1, and '2. 
1803, *04, "(»5, and MO. At a single elec- 
tion he was chosen moderator, lot layer, 
highway surveyor, overseer of the poor. 
Rcpre-enialive, and Senatoi". He \\'a> 
espi-rially famous as moderator. Hi> 
ch.'ai- and powerful voice, his energy 
and decision, made him ^ucces<ful. The 
records show him to have been mudcra- 


tor of tliirty-ciiilit roiriilar town ! 
iiioetiiig-s for elections, an(lofeii;lit spee- 
ial meeliniis. Ilis intense party tcelinj:s 
were not concealed. At one election in 
(leclarin<4- the vote heatlded in a. stentorian 
voice, statini;' the numbers, "so many for 
En.irland. and so many for America I'* 

At one eleeti«>n there was no choice of 
Senator. Parties were very close in the 
Lejjfislature, but ("ol. John was chosen, 
and a messenger sent, on horseback of 
course, to notify Col. John. The mes- 
senjjfer at evening of the second day was 
slowly ridiny up Main street, when he 
hailed Amos Wiiite, and inquired where ' 
Col, John WaUlron lived. He told Mr. ! 
AVhite his errand. ••What," said Mr. ! 
White, "is that Jacobin elected?" Find- 
ing a sui)posed sympathizer, the messen- \ 
ger told how he had been tutored by the 
Federalists to come slowly, as the elec- i 
tion of State olRcors was to come ofl' the ' 
next morning, and they did not want I 
Col. John tlicre. As soon as he was 
ofl', Mr, White saddled old Dick, gal- 
loped up the Upper Factory road to 
Home's hill, then through bars, across 
the field, reached the Colonel's house be- 
fore the messenger, antl exjjosed the 
scheme. The Colonel received the Con- 
cord messenger courteously, but in a 
little time had dressed, was in the sad- 
dle, and as the sun rose next morning 
he was riding into Stickney's yard in 
Concord. His vote, it is said, elected 
various officers. 

Col. John .'3d, was baptized lo Sept. 
170."*, and he and wife Joanna, were re- 
ceived as members ot the First Church, 
12 June ITtis. 

Col, ,Fuhu liad not only the homestead, 
but nuich more. The land oc(;upied by 
his grandson, the late- Hon. Ezekiel Ilunl 
was his; the Jacob Clark place, and the 
William Wendell farm. 

He die<l 'M Aug. I>t27. while on a visit 
to his son Dr. Timothy W. W'ahlron. in 
Batli, Me., and he was thcri- buried. 
His body ought to have been brought and 
buried in the town of which he had been 
a useful and distinguished citizen. 

He married four times; 1st, Joanna 
Shepherd, who (/. 1 Sept. 1775; 2d, 
Polly Winn, of Woburn, 3Ias?., who 
(/. I'J July 17'.i'.i, aged .")•); ;}d, Margaret 
(Frost), widow of Hon. John ^\>nt- 
worth, jun., of Dover, 6. o Dec. 1717, 
(/. .jO Sei)t. ISHo: 4th, Pamelia. dan. of 
Rev. John Mellen, and widow of Pev. 
Caleb Prentiss, of South Reading, Mass., 
sister of Squire J lenry Mellen, of Do- 
ver; she was (>. IG Sept. 1700, d. 3 Aug. 

Col. John' had, (Fam..5). 

1. Abigail*, born 31 Jan. 17G5, bap- 
tized 1.3 Sept. 17(j.">: m., 22 June 1780, 
John Hurd, of Dover, who survived her 
and lived in Xew Durham; they had 
nine or ten children, we believe. 

2. Elizabeth^, 0. 28 Feb. 1707, bapt. 5 
July 1707. 

3. Jeremiah*, born 1 Aug. 1700, bapt. 
10 Sept. i70!i, ot whom see below. 

4. Richards ^- -'^ ^'ov. 1772, bapt. 2 
May 1773, of whom see below. 

o. Joanna*, b. 4 Aug. 177.5. bapt. in 
private, 1 Sept. 177.3 (the day after her 
mother's death) ; m. Ezekiel Hurd, who 
(Z. of fever 27 Fel>. ISOO, aged 27; she 
d. 10 Aug. 1><40, having had three chil- 
dren, viz: 1. Mary B."' Hurd; 2. 
(Hon.) Ezekiel-' Hurd, late Judge of 
Prolxite, etc., wlio>e graiKUon, the >on 
of Harison Haley, occupies this part of 
the Colonel's land; 3. Eliza P.."' Hard. 
d. single Mar. 1S.>;;. 

C, Mary Bowers*, /.. 27 Nov. 1777; 
bapt. 30 Nov. 1777; to. Zebediah Wy- 
man, of Woburn, Mass., and died, leav- 
ing children. 



7. TiinotliN AViim^. i;. 10 May 1770 ;' Kocliesttr. and li:ul tlirep <-liil(heii ; -.'d. 
bapt. C) JuiR' 177i», moved to Batli. Mo., \ lliraiu Goodall, and had five rliil<lif!ii. 
and (I. havinf:- had two ehihlivn, both one of whom is the wife of Darius Foss. 
now dead. ' of Dover. 

8. Susan*. 0. 1 July 17si>. bapt. 14 liich'inP, son of IJiohard-'. as in Fain. 
July 1782: in. Stephen Hale, of Koyals- 3, born about 174!t, owned and li\ed en 
ton. Mass , and had children. ! the farm hite the t Dover poor farm. 

9. Elizabeth Brooks*, b. 15 July 1787, \ where he died 11 Sept. 1811, "aged OJ." 
m. Benjamin Stanton, of Bath, Me., and and where he was buried. He marrit.l 
left two children. A Gazette of 1811, 25 Oct. 1773. Elizabeth Clement-, dau. 
nientioniny death of Elizabeth's daugh- of Job Clements, and aunt to the laic 
ter, twice calls the name "Swanton."' Charles Clements of this city. He con- 

Jo^eph'K son of liichard-, as in Fam. veyed, 10 April 1776 (acknowledged is 
3, 6. ir. May 1744 (O. S,), lived oppo- , Dec. 1780) to his brother Col. John" 
site the form of Oliver S. Ilornc, but i Waldron, all his interest in the estate 
the house is now gone. Tie m. Tamsen^ that fell to him by his father Richard in 
^wombly, 6. 18 Sept. 1750; dau. of his Dover and Somerswovth. and all tluU 
cousin Tamsen' (Chesley) Twombly,. as -'may hereafter fall to me or my heirs at 
above, lie d. 8 April 1821 ; she . IT the decease of my mother Elizabeth At- 
March 1823. They had, (Fam. G) : kinson." The tombstone on the oM 

1. MaryS 6. 13 Jan. 1773. (^. young. town-farm says ••Elizabeth, wife ot' 

2. MosesS b. 7 July 1774. of whom Piidiard Waldron. d. !> May is.U. 
see below. . 1 aged 80 years." They had. (Fam. 

3. Josephs 6. 10 April 177G, of whom 7) : 

see below. ; 1. Elizabeth^ vi. 1st. Thomas Han- 

4. Jaincs^ 6. -23 Aug. 1778, rf. single : on. of Dover, and had four children: 
in 1814. i 2d, Samuel Fowler, and had five chil- 

5. Sarahs b. 13 Mar. 1781 : //i. George ' dren. Mr. Fowler, of the firm of '•Fow- 
AV. Quimby, of Dover, and had chil- ler and Plummer."* who used to trade in 
dren. She <?. in Dover, Her dau. Cochcco Block, was her son. 

Naucy A.'C^iimby, ?«., 12 Dec. 1824, 2. Richards b. 30 Mar. 1775. of whom 
Joseph 2kIorrill, of Dover, and left chil- see below. 

dren, one of whom is wite of James E. 3. MaryS b. 21 Dec. 1777 : m. khabod 

Lothrop. Canney. son of Moses and Hannah 

G. OliveS d. young. • \ (Sawyer) Camiey, of Madbury. b. 1 

7. Samuels d. young. Aug. 1777. They once lived in Soniers- 

8. OliveS /». 4 April 1787 : m. James worth, but he «lied in New York city: 
Ham. lived and died in Ifochester, and >he died in Boston. 27 Aug. is3s. They 
left children. had nine children ; of whom wa< Thomas 

9. MehitableS 6. 2.". July 17s9: in.. J.- Canney. now of Dover : and Mary" 
25 July 1824, Henry Quimby ; lived and Cantiey, wlm >n. Iier cou-in iruiiard- 
died in I)(n er, having three children, one \^'aldl•on. wiioin see. 

of whom is the wife of John Caverly. 4. JohnS ''• >» infancy: probably lln- 

10. MaryS b. 14 March 17'JG: m.. 1st, one wiio died 2o Dec. 1780. 

27 Oct. 1815, John Plummer, 3d, of 5. Abigails m. David ^AIcDutlce: 

.\NI» HIS I)KS('KNI>.\NT^. 7 

livod ill AViiitlirop. Mc. luul tliret; cliil- ' :\. Mary P.\ »». A^^alicl Hall, fonn- 

(Ircn. anil died in is7;>. eriy hor sij^tcr's liiisbaiiu. 

<".. Jol) {'.*, horn in 17S(;»»r '7; known 4. Dvulloy 1>.\ 7n. Cecilia ('. lloilir- 

as ••('(»!. Job." 1I(> lived on the farm don. and lives in IIochcstiT. 

later tlic ••Town farm." u liieli he >old '2 Daniels fi. in Koclioster, </. th-t-re 

to the town, and next on Water st., in in 1S72, aiicd To. He ui. Elizal)etli Viv/i\ 

the house (now ^one) which >.tood next ' Avho is still liviiiii'. lie had: 

east of the •'long- house." lie was cap- 1. NVilliam V>.\ )ii. Elizabeth T.lais- 

t:iiu of a company ordered to Ports- dell, of Lebanon. Me., and lives 

'inouth in the war of IM-_\ in the V. S. there, 

service, and later was Lieut. Colonel of 2. Hannah", is dead, 

tlie 2d X. 11. Militia. He died S June S. Eleanor'. 

183.), after less than a day's illness, a^ed 4. Judith'. 

40. He m. his cousin (their mothers U'tV/jV/m*, son of John', as in Fam. 4, 

being- sisters) Abiijfail Philpot. of Som- lived in Dover, on the east bank of the 

ersworth, dan. of Kichard and 3Iary river at the fifth falls, known as the 

(Clements) Philpot. She died 20 Oct. --Watson falls." Perhaps this was the 

isi;;!, aized 77 years. ;5 months. I.j days, land he bad of hi- grandfather 2-3 May 

Tiiey had seven children: live daughters; 1772. He died in Dover in lS:vO, aged 

a boy who died young: ; and AVilliam over 80 years. His tirst wife, mother 

II.\ who was a printer in the Eiirjuirer of all his children, was Sarah Ham: his 

office, and now edits a paper in Lewis- second was Elizabeth Hartford. He had 

ton, ^le., and was a captain in the war (Fam. 9): 

of lsi)l. 1. Elizabeth', h. 1770: m. Daniel 

•himey'. son of Kichard-, as in Fam. 3, Dore; (L in Dover 2o July 1849, 

lived in Rochester, X. II., and m. Betsey 2. Thomas'. 

Pickering, who died in Rochester 11 Oct. ' 3. John'. 

1S29, aged ."»1. He conveyed to brother 4. William'. 

Richard' all hi> right in his father's Do- 5. Lewis', 

ver lands. He lived on land in Roches- 0. Anna"'. 

ter formerly his father's, and fortified 7. Samuel"', a soldier in the war of 
himself by various quit-claims now on 1812, afterwards in tiie Xavy ; died sin- 
record. He conveyed to brother Col. gle. 

John, 12 Dec. 18i)0, all right he had by 8. Mehitable"', m. a Varney of the 

death of moth(}r. He died in Rochester Gonic. 

8 June 1832, aged 77. He had, (Fam. 8) : 9. Sarah', 6. 7 April 17.s9; in.. 1st, 

1. James*, 0. in Dover, d. in Roches- 24' Jan. 1816, Ezekiel Wentworlh, and 

ter. 23 May 1S73, aged 82. He ?u., 1st, had four children : 2d. a Booth, and '/. in 

Mary Page; 2d, Hannah Roberts; 3d, Dover 9 Feb. 187.3. 

Abigail Burnham, who is still living. Ephraim*. son of John', as in Fam. •'), 

He hud, by second wilt;, . lived on the wi'st Ixink of the (■ocln'cho. 

1. James B.', now dead. j at the fifth, or Watson falls. He cl. at 
By third wife: I Minot, Me., having removed thither. 

2. Sarah B."', in. A^ahel Hall of ! His wife was Jemima. They had, 
I{oclie8,ter,hadone child, and died, i (Fam. 10) : 



1. Timotliv^. ' Irving" Edge i-ly, George Prentiss'' Ed- 

2 Martlia'. m. a Jones, and lived in gerly (deceased), Cordelia K." Edgcrly, 

Miuot, Me. I Winfield S.'' Edgerly, (Lt. U. S. Arinv), 

3. Janies\ moved ''down east." and Mary" Edgerly (deceased). 

4. Jesse% moved to Minot, Me. | 7. James Harrison', 6. II Jan. 1813; 
Jeremiiih\ son of Col. John'', as in lives on the homestead in Farmington, 

Fam. b, b. 1 Ang. 17GI", lived in Farm-* forming and lumbering. lie m.. 6 Jan. 
iugton, X. H., on the main road to the 1842, Abigail J. Jones. Children,— 
Bay, about a mile and a half above the : Marianna'', Augustus S'\ John", Jeremy'"' 
Village. His; business was farming and j (deceased), and Samuel H." 
lumbering. He m., '2\ Xov. 17'J9, Mary ' 8. ramelia-, 6. 4 Feb. 1815, d. single, 
Scott, of Machias, Me., who d. •) July i 12 Dec. 183G. 

1847, aged 70 years and 8 months. He 9. William Henry', 6. IG July 1817: 
(/. in F? 30 July 1851, his Will being I is a clergyman, in New York. He ?»., 
dated 12 May 1851. Children (Fam. 1st, Mary S. Green, 2d, Fannie Fayson; 
in : no children. 

1. Benjamin"', b. 2G Jan. 1801, d. sin- 10. George Prentiss', b. 1 Sept. 1821 

is a lawyer, in Dakota. 
1848. Lvdia E. Jone? 

He w., Juno 

glc 9 Oct. 1S25. 

2. Eliza', ^. 2 Jan. l.'^03; ?«., 3 Oct. ^ 
1828, Paul March Runnels, b. June 1790. j Charles AV.«, and Augusta.'' 

He d. in New Durham, 13 Jan. 1830 ; she Iiichnnl\ son of ( V)l. John- (Fam. 5) : 
(/. 11 Do<;. 183G. They had only Benjamin | b. 2G Xov. 1772, A "/-/. 2 May 1773. livi-d 
Marche Kunnels, 6. i'G Feb. 1830, (/. 5 j at Long Hill, in Dover. He m. Mary 
Mar. 1811. 1 Hanson (aunt of Israel). He '/. 2 X<n-. 

3. John', h. 18 Jan. 1805, d. single 24 I 1822, '"aged 52." His widow, Mary. '/. 
Sept. 1825. ! here in 182G, aged 45. They had, (Fam. 

4. Jeremiah W.-. b. 10 Xov. 1806, 1 12) : 

lives in Farmington: occupation, farm- 1 John'', m. 22 April 1«27. Eliza' 
ing, lumbering, and box-making. He Waldron, dau. Joseph^ as in Fam. 14. 
VI., 23 Feb. 18:}7, Mary E. Knight. He r^. in 1832. leaving one child, llich- 
Childrcn,— Eli/a A.S Marian F.", Mary ard'S who d. at the house of Lorenzo 
Helen'' (deceased). William Arthur« , Piollins, aged about 13 years, 
(deceased), Theresa FL« (deceased), M. 2. Mary Catharine', m. 6 Feb. l«2i, 
Arabella's Jeremiah F." (deceased), i Lorenzo Pvollins, atuD/. Xov. 1847, hav- 
Velmer A.''. Arthur F.". and Ilarrv C." inir had four children. 

5. Mary Ann-, /y. 24 Xov. \m>i\ m., 
July 1829, David llaye,. She (/. 1 Oct. 
1S42. Children,— Julia A.'' Hayes. Pame- 
lia Avigusta'' Hayes, Adelaide C." Hayes, 
and Henry 11." Hayes. 

G. Cordelia', 6. 12 Jan. ISll ; ui., 31 
Jan. 1833, Ilon.Josiah B. Edgerly, of 
Farmington. She d. 23 Aug. 1854. 
Chillren, — James Bartlett*' I.dgerly, 

3. William P.\ m. Catharine (Jlover, 
lived in HoUinsford, hail childreii: 

1. John", married, and lives in 

2. Lorenzo",'/, single, aged about 
21 vcars. 

4. Pamelia-', b. ■2-2 May is 14, ?«. 
AVilliam Plummer of Rollinsford. 

Mose.^*, soil of Joseph", as in Fam. 6. 

Eliza W." Edgerly (deceased), Henry j 6. 7 July 1774, m. Xancy Quimby, lived 

AXn HIS l)r.SCKM>ANTS. 5) 

ill lIochcstiT. X. II.. aiul (/. ;} Feb. 1S53. | 2. Sabru', ?/(. John 1 Inyo-;, of i'.och- 
Ik' liiul, (Faiu. l">) : j ester, and loll four cliildren. 

1. Donjainin'', b. Oct. 1800, of whom ; 3. Sarah", ?/i. her con>in Thoina>: J.' 
poe below. | Cauncy above mentioneil. 

2. Lydia"'. d. •iinele. aued 23 years, j 4. lliciiard''. h. in Dixniout. Mo.. -20 
Joseph^ son of .loseiih", as in Fain. 6, , May ISd.'i, of whom see below. 

6. 10 April 177(), lived in Dover where .5. Sanuiel Kimball"', 6. in Dixmont. 
James ^leDuti'ee now (1879) lives. </. sinjiie ai:od3:). 

abovo Charles Ham's, and died there G. Ira"', b. in Dixmont, m. Mary 
abdut 1S32. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Wiimate, at Great Fall<, and d. without 
AVinthrop and Mary (Home) "\Vat>on. i>>ue. 

and ,i;randdauiihter of Capt. Dudley and 7. Gideon", l>. in Dixmont: rn. !Mary 
Christine (liakcr) Watson : she (/. about Hayes, of Farmington. dau. of David 
two years before her husband. They; Hayes; lives in South i;erwi<'k. !Me , 
had, (Fam. 14): [without children. 

1. ^Mary"', died aged about tlfteon. ' 8. Cynthia K."', b. in Dover; m. Al- 

2. Tainsen"', m. Edward S. IJiekcr, bert ^lorton, of Salmon Fall-, X. H., 
and r/. childle-s. Edward S. Kicker was and had four children. 

drowned near Watson's Falls in t). Elizabeth"', m. l>eniamin Hayes, ol 
iSoO. j Farminiiton, son of David, and I)rother 

3. Samuer', had the homestead, and of her brother Gideon's wife. She live> 
died there, sini:le. j in Madbury : five children. 

4. Joseph', died single, at home. j 10. Mary Jane"', d. in 1824, aged 

5. Sarah^, in. Thomas Home, son of about four years. 

Daniel: and died childless, at Winthrop ■ Boijninin'', son of Moses^, as in Fam. 
Watson's. | 13, b. Oct. 1800: in. Rosella PmuI, cousin 

G. Eliza"', ?»., 22 .April 1827, John"' ' to Capt. Moses Paul, deceased, hitc ot 

Waldron, 3d. son of TJichard', of Fam. Dover: lived in Rochester, X. 11.. and 

12, whom see: had one child. . d. there 24 June 18.33. His widow, IJo- 

- 7. James", died single, at Tole-End. sella, lives in Rochester. He had, (Fam. 

8, Mary% m. IJrackott W. Clark, and IG) : 
lives in Dover, having: had one child 1. Abigail Ann'"', b. 28 Doc. 1823, 5??. 
now deceased. j Jolui F. Younjr. 

/i?tc/t'«/Y/^, son of Richard', as in Fam. 2. Mary Catharine'^, i. 31 Mar. 172.'>, 

7, 6. 30 Mar. 177o, lived mainly in Do- m., 1st Jonathan P. Ham, and 2d Ham 
ver, on land west of Willand's Pond. Imjss. 

He died in Dover 11 Oct. I^'jG. He m. 3. Lydia Adelaide''. ^). 13 Feb. 1831, 
Elizabeth Kimball, dau. of IJichard and m. .Tame- L. Osborne. 
Ann (Hanson) Kimball, who died 12 4. Xancy Jane'-, 6. 1.3 April 1^41, m. 
Aug'. 1>^24, aged 48, and was buried on Hiram S. Osborne. 

tlio farm we.-t of the Pond. Tlicy had. lUrh'trd''. son of liiciiar(V. as in Fam. 
(Fam. l.j) : | 1.0, b. 2G May I8i».3, m. ids cousin, Mary' 

1 Abig-ail Kimball"', in. Israel Ham, Caiiney, above mentioned. They live 
of Kochesier X'eck, and died in Calilbr- in Dover. Piichard' seems to be the 
nla, leaving- issue. ' representative of this whole fiiinily, and 



almost the only one, in Dover. His chil- 
dren, (Fain. 17) : 

r. Richard Alhra'-, b. 23 May 18:32. 

is a physician in Xottinrrhani. Wells 

Co., Indiana, is married and has 

one child. 

2. Mary Frances". :». Samncl D. 

Glass, of Dovel-, and has children. 
J5; Alonzo Martin'', twenty years ago 
sailed from Boston to Cuba, and 
from Cuba to China, and has not 
been heard of since. 

4. Juliette'''. 

5. Ira*^, b. 14 July 1841. graduated at 

Colby University in 1SG4. lives in 
Toledo, Ohio. He m. 2sov. 18G8. 
Sophie Freeman of Toledo, has a 
aauyhter and an adopted son. 
G. Laura Ellen'', m. Daniel K. Hun- 
toon; lives in Sacramento, Cal.; no 

7. Arabella Elsa'', m. John L. Shaw. 

8. Clara Josephine'', 7?j. Howard M. 
Sturtevant. and lives in Boston. 

Hon. P^zekiel Ilurdwas not ''Judge ol 
Probate," but a Couuiv Judge C. C. P.