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Medical and Philosophical. 


— ^.w-,.- -M Aid* matinit 

Hem nod«|ii*.-^on. 

Kidlii onhu AnipliDH Iqiboi aditiicti, ql^bni in [AU 
lOHfihil nfftf— irifi pumniu, qiod at ia quLqiw rq nuiime 
pnfafbiW ■cnpvr RqniMBu.— Cic. 





-s ; , -. 




Mt^MOIR mnoeming Ihc Influence «b1ch the Ncrvr* of 

the Lun^ pos^i- v<cr Ote Cb«iuc«J PiitnuTunui of Rcs- 

pinlion. Uy Jciui Uichitl fffixen^*!, - - , , i 

*ACat»of DiriphAglBiiogPiJiflrBith Boci&oihrrunuiuil AAlec* 

ciuut ■upvnrcfiiiig id inlldinni*Uoa of Uic Lut^tP' ^ ^V- 

Btrlov, M. D, to 

Memoir tat the Cum of tha R«trig«rMUHi dsaeWed In Ani- 

nab «Kp(uvd 0> * trxal b«U^ Uy E-^nncit DvUrochc, M. U- 90 
On th« Gelatine of die Blotxl^ Bf John Bmiockt M. D^ - 91 
On tlic Malum of ihe 0«r«iuri!di« Adil' By J. Munwf, > &0 
A Cdtc tfl KufJlurr of ihc Uleruft^ By n'Omu Hu^ 66 

AOaeof IntUi-duKep|]o> Hr Thoi* BJiiard, 7'J 

f^di^al Obaervation^ cm ihr Korrrf Ation <if an ArildckAl PupU, 
h tCTCTol dcrengrd finirsof the E^e^ Dy UcnjiLmln Glhvni T£ 

<)b«trv«Ui]niii un tKe NeiurjiL UiBUify. Clinutc. >m) Ui^nuca 
t»rMwkirft, By Win-fi<Hi^3M M. I). - ai 

Sofnc Bfcotini of the i:«e &f Lhc Pulygala Scoria in obftioate 
Anicn<jTTh<ra, fit N. CbspmJUH M. D. - - - . go- 

Aa Aiial^Vit of itkc Water uC the Sulphur Sphngm Ia Adams 
Kimnry^ vPenn.) By Jmmc* CutJ^iiiii. • - 109 

Ifiniknmhe Trcntra^nt ctElnsfenc PcnAn-t. lOf 



Inguinal AneuKim cured bjr tf Ing tbe ExtcrniJ like Artory 
m the PelviB. Bf John 5^ ng Doncff M^ D. - - 11 

On Che Morlud Sensibility of the Ef e, commonlr called we«k- 

EKBvoffiight- Bf J^bh 9teHa^, .... no 

MtniCAL and Phtlowpuical Iktilligvwcb, - 1 19 

LiTBBABT IlTTELLiaaifCB, -.---- 194 



Qri the Sttph^lonu, Hf drophthvlmia, uid CvcinonuoTtbe 
Eye. Br Jamea Ware, Eiq, ..... 139 

On StramoDiam, - - ...... f^s 

ExperlmentB to prove that Flaidi paaa Uhfcctlr from tbe a«D- 
jnach to the Circutudon of the Blood, and from thetice Uho 
tbe Cella of the Spleenf the Gall Bladder, and Urinarr Blad- 
der, vithout going throitgh the Thoncic Duet. BjEvenrd 
Home, Esq ___ ifto 

Go Goaty CoDcrctioDa, or Chalk Stonea. 3y Jacaea Moon, 

Esq. .165 

Meana of Preaervalion from Imminent Danger, * - ITS 
Caae of Axillary Aneurism, id which the bubcla viae Artery 

waatied behind the Clavicle. By Thomaa Ramsden, - Ifll 


Expctimenia and ObserTaliona on the Ljrtia Vittata- Bf 
George S-Schott,M.D. 193 

An Account of the Appearances on Dissection of aoTcraJ Scro- 
fuloua SuUjectSi vrhh a few Obserrationa on the Connection 
twiireen Scrofula and Phlhiaii Pulmonalli. By Joseph Par- 
nab, H. D. 196 

aBLtCTan BEVivwa. 
Eiwy on aome of tbe Siagea of the Operation of Caetiog fer 
tbe Stone. By Chariea Brandon Trye, - . - 904 


The AeneticAA Mlnenlo^csJ JoumBl. B^ Arthibdd Bruce, 
M. D. Jl** 

An AnJlfiU o\ ■ Pvprr on thft Plio*{thor«x«ncie cf Di&ront 
BftHwu. hy Mr Deuugnw, »1» 

An ifldltioaBJ A^Oouot <if the IflhoiWriptic pov«r of iJic Mo- 
ri»ric Acid, Vc kc. By Pewr C^i>cluid» ■ - M4 

M^moWorihe Ufeof Thomu Binhldn- M, U. «iib an AriM 
lytind AccouuL o< biaWntlD^' % John Edwura^ Srack, 
M.a W* 

An ImMRurtl T>ii«crtttion on Mttrmtj, «(C. lib B^ Joho W. 
Pfvuik|A,II' . - - - iJT 

M>t)iCAt and PflibtfMrmtcjkt. Irm-LioaircE, 



OUemtiOM KTu] fiKpoiimdTU m Pui^ By CJcoi gc PcvmVj 

M D. a**>^ 

ExpcinRient*MidOhi«rr«t]on*oathedMrrr«nt Modokia which 
Dt%th u produced by «vrudn Togourtrlc Poi»na. Ry 1^' ^■ 

Bfodic, tUq, 3«8 

Report of Lhff K»liarul Vkciim Eaablitfamrnt. ' - S»| 

On the pragmi uid pretcDi suno^of llie pi^Cticoof VaccAiu- 

Hfjn, Itj T- Jturnnuin, M D. - * - • . J03 
Benarki on tkv Phyuobgy gf the f.^^ By John A^ Psriit 

K-1*^ 311 

DcKTiprkA nf Hchonter^i Mounufa' By Samud L. Uitcbolli Alf 
Cvccf Polkion>li7 Ancntc. By Mr Knfen, - - S95 

C«iG ur ■ imiicdl who ivdlo^nd • Itf^ <|iiuitil7 of L>vn^* 

ntfia. Br S'H' Murky 3» 

on HimorrhAsr!, 3S1 

tlov urd on CAnor. - - 93v 

Portil on PhrhiBlft. ' :iv) 


An Account of a ca>« of InQftmmtiiijn of the Vewe], from 
VctiCBcoion, which terminated fiitaUf- B^ N. Cbapmui, 
M. D, 360 

A Dcw Boct eipeiUtioul oiode oT preparing Phuphuret oTLime, 
BfEdmrdCuibufth, M. D» SAT 

BlOOBjlFHlCAL SmETCa of Dk. WiLLiB, . - ^ 370 

Mbdicai. and Philoiophical iMTiLLiaBMCi, - 374 
LiTBBAhT IvTBLLiaavcm, 385 



Od the NoD-exittence of Sag«r lb the BLcxdorPenons labour 
ing tinder Diabcles MeJLitus. In ■ Letter to Alexander 

. Muut, M. D. F. R. S. from William Hyde WollutcD, 
M.D.Sec.R. S. 393 

History of the Iktal ESecu from the accidenta! Uu of White 
licadi in a L#e(ter to the President- By John Dcflring, Sur- 
geoHi F. M. S. with additional remarks, by WJUiAm Shear- 
man. M- D- F. M. S. 40L 

Experiments on Caniharidca. By M. Robiquct, Apothecary, 40S 

On the Treatmentof Gout, bf Mr. Want, - - - 4L4 

A Reply to some ObserviitionB and Conclusions in a Paper just 
published in the second volume of tha Medico Chirurglcal 
Tranaactioni, on the Nature of the Alkaline Matter contain- 
ed in various Dri^ucal Fluids, and in the Serum of the 
Blood, By George Pearson, M- D. F- R. S. - 43 J 

Eiperimenta on Muriatic Acid Gas. By J. Murrar, Lecturer 
on Chemistry, Edinburgh, ----- uq 


Historical and Surgical NarraiJve of the EupcfiiuoD of the 
^ Eastern Army in Egypt and Sjria. by U. J. Larrer, M. D> 
kc, - - - - 450 


Tbe Anatomf and Sor^cot Treatment of Inguinal and Con- 
genital Hemia- By Aatley Cooper, F- R. ^. - - 463 

The Anatomy ainl Surgical Trcalment of Crural and UmWli- 
cal Hemia. Bj Uie same, ----- 475 

The Anatomy and Physiology of the Nervous SyBtem in gene- 
ral, and of the Brain in particular, with Obscmtionfl on the 
poaHibilily of ditcovering the varioua intellectual and moral 
dispoaitiom of Man and Animals by the Eg^ire of their heads. 
By F. J. GallandG. Spurzheim, - - - - 48B 


Otk the aeparation of the colouring matter of the Coccus 
Cacd^ or Cochineal, of a Lilac colour, by the Dcconkposkion 
of Acetiie of Lead and Sulphate of Zinc. By James Cutbush, 
ProfcHBor of Chemistry, See- in St. John's College^ - 518 


LiTUAlt IirTVLLlOBNCB, ------ 536 






OCTllBKR, laii. 

No. V- 


i^r ct^rnvng ifiv fnJtaaK»ivhkik the ytrvtttflkt ljfnf» 
of Mompcttcr, Sec* K«d before Ihc N«twnal lotbitttc of 

FHE iaBiKiKe «iLCTUd by ib« DcrrouB »intfai upon vH ihc 
fuMCioo* cflh« uiin«] economf i« well koovm and ii vfta kid|[ 
i^ ducovered. dul if by aay accidtttl, ihe ncrvci tntcriD^ tnD9 
asvgtfi ate Uc<*Mcd, cut, or violcmlybruiicil^tbieoigaavuon 
SMettbcpowtrofwiiiMJoilMid motioo.aitdcdiiaiiopcHbnn 
rts proper fanctloiu* 

Ph^idogbi* btrc kxkown ham to prob by ^<m facu vhicK 
occur ia pncltccit1)«y h>v« perfennoJ a j pcr i nw w> tippn liraig 
jKiimaii, and purpoulj^ diviclftl ibt nirm >n tlwoi, iq a miffutr 
um'ilir lo wh't h«pp«D« ftccidcDtally ia BVi llufi making we of 
thcw exp«riiiitM4 w RO uudyUcot flwthod of rtudying, ia th«ir 
vjviotu nbuioMt the cofpfilkucd l«mctiooa ol ibf buinaiQ 
■yvUDft. TV», ceruilaly, U ibot the vrry bcit method to follow 
ID atui^ring ibc phcoonmA of lUc^uacc kknotrcry tuy to 

Vol. IL A 

fni bALicncc, and ii o tnne vlini llir uritna! b diiiiirf>rd «ad 
icrriRril fti the i^ft^^i ^^f thr NiurumciM and dbtrnipd bjr 
thep0incrihcop*r«i>on. It, however, dcinon>ifnc*Mifllc1«nl)F 
well ihc )flflueoe« <tf thcr orrvmu a^wtvtn mi the i-cnrnkliir of 
ruftttion*; mhI ir i)ic reuirehti earned on in \hh wtf tlo not 
■Iway* Irad ta Inporunt CMMluiAon, ihr^ briaf^ v» llftfct ccriam 
fmxt ifbich «%pUia m^n)' inCETcarln^ phcnomroft. Besides, 
«rh«n wcmabDbkqdri«» btOOpcmioM to complicJtrd, and 
ifiio funciicins tn esMMJal to the Bklnivnaiice of life Jt bchoTcm 
II* to consider thrnumderrvfrrrdlffrfcni potot nf rlew,Bndni 
tnploy >li ftpm of pxpcrincoti to ductihtr their hbury. 

Tyrnsihca(n'nprocfoen<hv«A>nevfTr<ctiipon the or^iBft 
lachiht^yure distrtbutvdi »a compLrlr drvii^ion or thof« 
h d^iTn?) a all crjmnwnkaiion lirtwcf-D ihc tirjiii, ihc 
■ptnai BUfTov, anJ Oie crganai iBf|)«iic« tli? ntTvoui iniuen««. 
ond even i&tfrctina the action of th< Gjlvank fluid* w M. 
Hunabi>li fir>t DZH?n-«l. rhJa philast^plicr looodi that ftlttr 
lutTinf; cui the mtrve q1 thi' Irg ui a irug, 4ad sqimtcd it If uid 
the surrounding pam, to the extent of a fingrr't length, If he 
tied the nerve on a Iqtel with ibc parti on which it ua& rainl* 
hed, or.if hr covered the portion of nerrc'mcliidcd between the 
ligfttuic and flrfth, ao that ii was not Ln foniiir-t w^h ibr aift and 
aftcTwardkffxpMcd th« T^irrmity ol iKc nerve lo iho gilvwiic 
■t>pitina«« h« couUnot ptrrteivf mthr limh to which the nerve 
b«lon^d. any effe<t from ihe pctioa of the gaJvaiuc fluid. Or- 
gans detuned for nnv particiilnr icrrriion, art also allcftf-d by 
t) Ing or cuniufj; the nenei whtch r«nncci UiEm with the brua 
or a|Hnal marrow, M. Dumm* cih$crvnl long afpinthA^ the iflcre- 
tioo of the ^^tnc juirt vta h|iec(lily diminished upon cutting 
or tyinf? the eigluh pair of nerveii, a»d nlio. thai whtti tUctie 
ainic nerrfS were cat or tied, ihc ^oluaion of the alimenti win 
vuapcndtd, unbl ferrocntaiinn md pkimfuLiiun took pbcT. 

From the ttnneof (iuUn* until the prrDcni.phyAioloi-iiflB have 
at difFrient epoch*, -jati with rarioui intrntions, mitdc li^iurcs 
upon, and cui the two nrrvM of the eighth pai^i or ftonwcimfs 
aoiue uf Jin branthcaonlytia order to observe the cflcctt pro- 


* Dumai. Prlnelpci dc PUiialn^i tnm, 1, 2d f cliuun^ 

On tht l^utiKt ^tkt Nkf9et in Mt^fctUM. 


iIomJ by iIm iaterruptiiMi of iht acboa of the brani upon the 
or^iiii ll irhirhlhninnmri nre itiuribuud* But do person 
Itcforc M* M. DiipD^trcB, Doatati, and Bbinvillc, ifcou^fac of 
«»ccrukt^0f wlm HTccu dividing thotc ncn^a ««aild produce 
upon the pheoonMBt of mptrMMn, tad upoQ iW c<il4>ur of the 
artiridbttfod. M. Dufvyifen*rifvlcDg*(vdbQilmta(iVtf>'»Knd 
IB A «oarw of VTH' cartou» cxpvrinwpa*, he oAuerved* tb^ a 
WdtMi of, or lij^itiuc u|KMi Uw eighth pair ol ivne^ wai al- 
mi^ nortili ihM dividing x\Km bfooght oa isph^rxiji^ dtnL libc 
afl«ri«) blood b«ca»e djirk, and »1icoft of A <Ml-UMk cotoui^ 
tiut dirna^ ibif vtph^xiA, thn ut «ull oonuouc^ to cater i&to 
«h« lungik ud dit btood to circulMe through t)it«ii thubc 
coyldi by ibmm of Hiofrie compiiHttOD of the n|th<h i>»r of 
nervM, bring en nphyiUtMMl «i>p«odiag or conbouing eIm- 
comprci>ion« C0uld rtmove the Mpbyxi>, or render it M length 
f«uli Frou all ihcM Cicc>» chi> aIiLc ft-irgeon righilv concluded^ 
thai tcipinitioa in a heakby »utc b carried oti by tht influence 
orihcncTvc«dJ«iribi]l«dloihehinga,tadby ihatorthf Dcnf* 
of me DriLin- 

M. Dunuk«uhohaicafficlwdpliyMalogv«Qdnc(Kcipe widi 
mnny valuable eftpchnK«ia and u*efd diKonrfca, rtpotcd 
tbeae ezper^vwMB, and made eonc otbn- io^ioiu onca b 
emlev to cvplaiii th«M Caeta, and hv bat ntahlubcd t^ ioUow- 
bg propofttiona, 

1. The diiittriwnco wUdi pun produces in ibie rnapaninon 
u sutTjciont to dimge die red u>Io(ir o( utctkl bloodi itrcodcTi 
it bbek« m the same manner as dividing ibc nerve* whkh b«- 
l«g to the hngs, becavM, in cofuequctice of the detangoncut 
produced m thete organfc by ihe pain, the air docs oot mfficicnC- 
ly pencu-ite ihem to ^t upon llic btood, «ad to wloui k red. 

U. The arteitil b^ood ducA not htKomv Uaci ijpmvdiaLt|y 
upo« cbe nerret being diviJtdi >i duui not takt liiat LoiourtinUl 
an iKe aif coutaiocd tu the intciior ul the hangt U waXiy ab* 

On Mr A^Amwv cfiAe ffrrvrt in fit^tnUim 

3* Af^ the tttrrttarr diTjti«4t wid thr rrd cokmr of ibr 
i^Uood hat btm chao^ tnto bbck, the rad <»lauT nwjr b« rt- 
lufcdf bf £brciUf inifoduciag vuo Ibe iMerior of due luogv* 
iMchwiial inifiulavii ovy^fm or Rtnosphcnc air. 

4. In minab vhkk birc had iheeijghlbpK«f Mrwdivt- 
Int, ihr Bfiprannccs donot rt>cmUailn>e pcNftoccdbrauflb- 
iivm fmm irrnpirvblc fftMMft, I>dI tboM •riMU^ bvA ft touJ 

5. Bv ibc coftiBittof ox^rgcii viih fbc blood ifl the inetui 
ru«k ihc cbtnicd action take* pluc, uhkh coloun the blood 

I, ritliou^ ihl* chemical vdico hw bc4 hecs lulnntned io tiic 
lotfunicc of die lung** 

(V. The ndaur ol ibc blood beh>f A pkyakjJ quality ctnnot be 
MaodjUcii b^ the viial ^tioa to the circuattiaikcea «M«aiial to 
ttt prodiKtioBilxituidv- ia the iCceMOry ctrcumttwicicsiauchftft 
lihc inlroduciioDinddiffiuiooof vr dirtju^^i (ix itaklea of Ui« 
luiog*, wImiv it n fdaccd in cuiMact witb tbtr priaupJea of dw 

31> BU'korillr h:u reniirkvd, ihai the diviilon of one ner\« 
oiil;r oE th< «if;lMh p(Uf ■» not mvndi that ribbiti thv in acvcQ 
houn, aod pig<9Pi uD the ilxth or tcMQih day after the Uivi- 
Muiiof bodi ncn«:hc hju obu?rveii, ihat the Dumber *^i iujii- 
nition& ii dioitnJdied after the ofkcrattoo, but thai as great a 
volainc <»r air cntcn inti> (he lun^ of ihc animal after, a» be* 
fore tbe divi8lon; he found ihut Ebc anenal blood did not paw 
into tiio state of venouB blood, aad be could not ditcover any 
Unuifrat t»igu ol aiphyxiS' llir ulr ioBjiircd, »>}« M. DUinvUlc, 
appcmio be ritiatnl in lUv umc innniiu afiert ai^ before ilie 
opcrMion* whence w« nuijr cundudei dut the clicmical j>hciia< 
mcaa nre not intfrrupud. 

Wc %cc tiv thii short ai:cDuni oi the exp«rii&c«iU of Mi M> 
Dupu^vcn, Uunua, uod Blaioviltc, thil ihene Mitbon do not 
tntirvly accord io mnn) point* of the hiator)' vfthi* nperimf at, 
iind that vvtrv one of them «rijvc< at a diJTcrcnt conduaioO' 
My purpose j>, not to inquire into the oiutK of llu> divenJty 
of oploion, or lo endeavour to dctennlne, frocn their ^iperi- 
mcrttt, and those 1 have inyeiflf made, ihr rcid pheuomcna oh* 
ttfmblc in rt-spiratiun, and the chiuigrb thr red colour of Uic 




ImB undcrgion after d>c vcction of jl Ug^fturt upon ih« &etv«s 
of tht fi|^tth (lAir. 1 propMD io thl* mcnuor to mmine, «hc* 
ibcr «ft «Dloi>). halting Had the n^mh pair of dttvc* cut or (icd, 
■h»ort» m match oiygca. >d^ produce* n much carbonic add 
AfrcTtU before thacoptraljontiind If thcaaisial hcaiC uodcrgoc* 
•Df variaijos in th« couth of Ihe experiment. TIk lolution of 
AkaimporttDtqucMioo will ocrvc to complete the bcuiii/ulcv 
perim<oU of M, M. Dupo^rtrcD, Dumu, aad Bblavitk* 

To rctohe the km part of the qucadoo, I nude at Aiotdl, 
ID oODJtiDctkMi with M> BtnholUt. a R^*^ wimbrr of cj^ri- 
neiittoaCukkcapi^aodn^ili- Thi»w>a the method 1 adopt- 
td- Bttfbn making thr Itgature or section of th;^ eighth pur of 
ttcrvet, Iplacadthf anJmjdinAmjmom^rt^m a given capadtyi 
I danrtaia«il exactly the quantity of ox)'gen absor^d, and of 
omhonic add produced in a givm time, while the animal wu 
in tt sou uf perfcci bulih, Hukt I mi^ be able to dlscovvr die 
dumgu afterward produced in the chciaical pheuometta of rca- 
plrsuon, I then dod or djvidcd the uen'cs iu i^xh aalmal^ zmd 
a licilf time after, placed him in the »me manomtutr, where I 
rflowed him to rvnuuo the »ame Ua^ of dme a« fac did before 
the opemiott, Imust observe, that ihemanomftre, Iraadeuac 
ofiailteaecxpcrinwols, wa* act provided with a thermometer 
withki ucleiand thaji I waa obliged to aicertun the ccmpera lure 
balureiha antmaj waa mkra out,br appl}^ng tl^e bulb of jt 
thermometer to the manomvtrc. But thii Uight incoEtvcaicnco 
did EK>t aifiect the ac<uru)' of the experimentt breause it was 
onty T^ccemary lo mark ihe rrlaiiTe iioanticie«* I found the 
quantity oi e^srbotac acid, by wmldng thu jpu with lime or 
barytc* water. All the onalyie* were made by bumiaF^hj^ro* 
^tn ga>t after the nwthocl of M. M, Hu^mholdt and Guy-T.ut' 
ne. At It woblit be tediotit and iinnrcf^iAry to dcmU rvery 
experimeni, I hdve giTen in the foUovln^ table the rmulia I 
btr« obiaincd- 

On the i»fi»inct ^ftlu A'tnte in Rf4pir«tuah 

A— ir**** tin AiMB Vtu Mmm i U w^ 

A rabbii w mrnuifs 
A riUiic po QiLduu* 

A GutiicA pl|^ mkiutca 
A Guinea ptgjg mmutci 

Itnppfiri froin lhfi« <^w«TprTtm«mt9 coni> tried inihf tiU^, 
w ncU j» from all t^r ochm I huvr mM<l«, (hii wimhU, afi 
liAvxnji; haiJ thr c[|;hth p*Tr of bervn tied orcni^, contunily ab 
iOffb leM iMiyfc'n, v)d give nut leu u/fconic vciU than hefAK 
ihc epcnilloa, Thii diflcrcocc in ihc chemical >ctian of mpS- 
TMinn, the effect of the dWiiion of ihe nrrva, U bi fint b«it 
Iktie evirUm, but tq proporiinn to the l&Tn« rlB;wr<l fnvn the 
ofi«rUi'Mith« knimal almy^ canxumrh ](■« oxygen, an<1 the 
fjuAntUf of ^nrbonic ncid win in lilte proporlion; «nd at 
Ifnf^h. nU ihr chcrntnut phenomena are tatprad«d, ccaic eiw 
tirct^i Jind the unimal dirg^ 

Onopfotngihr bodvi the lungian? loMnd more or Ie» loaded 
lA'ith black blood. This accumnlaiEon do^i not uike pUc« Iti the 
lut momrntH of iSfe, as one mtfi;hr nippoAf; I have opened ike 
thomt of doga ten or ivelve hoom alter the oprndon, and 
wb-iltf thex vere fvi atrcms enough id live sereral hour*, whrtr^ 
bf I laevTtsincd this fact. lidounotULlfe pUee In en^malft wh? 
die Vftu shcrf^ after the section af thr nerre*, a% I have ob- 
MTved in a gnat number nf mSbfU and Guinea pi^- 

It would cutaTnly be of no lilde impaitftoce, to he nhle to 
eiplalB hoT death taLc» place In aa^mEtU In nhom the eighth 
|ttir of nefvc« has been tied or cut, end to detail the auceci* 
eiv* phaaooMTUk ihmUt which thef die ; but aa ibis t xdmrnMlod 
wmU lead mc coo fjir from the purpoic of the present c*k»i\ I 
fthali mkc thai ilic^ubjccE of a teoond memoir, ia which I «haI1 


rImc itic fads 1 have oJ^verrcdt in gsb^g ovrr ibe obsrrvaikoaa 
Mkd opiaioTkd of all the phyBiolo^iBU who h^rc pnctisi-'il this 

Aft ii hu been cImtIt dcnoumtEd by ihe cisper^iiwviB of 

lAiifYfrt^rftTiEnnal heal, Mndihftt the ccmperature of aAinik dc. 
pttiit^ «pftn rhr matr of diEir wipimtion, n hccwnc veir ifticrcM- 
ing (A cirierminfr If ihc fcrriton of Khe rt^hlh piir of ncrrcn, 
vhich prcMhiotd lO MMlbtr A dinaiMl'iun of the ipiaaittyof 
ovf^gin which tat vamtX ab^orlw, und ia tha quamtty of c4«ba' 
cic acid «Tpirfd in a ^ttl\t of hc^IiH, would ikiI also pfoclucc n 
diStrcnfc ui lh« trmpcrvurc of oainali. 

InondeTiodeHtniiieaccufair^U ifih^hMt of JiiiJiialaiuidn'- 
w«at nn^ ahcTMloa, ahtr the trclickn of iLc! dgMt pair <if 
WTvci, it wai fir«t rbf«c«sify to Mccrtftin, by a x^Ai niMiibfr of 
Ltioat, lh« df grcc of imipcnturr in ihr nnimal* <lcMi(i- 
for cxpert(n«Qt,and to comftarr the remlii carc/ullf wkh 
tho*c obl^Titd aA«r the B«iccioo of the nrfw«< Biit txovr «h<Mld 
w« pfo«c«l io nrrirc at an exact knowUdgr of (Sit tempera* 
ttaxt* Boeat phyiiolo^iitft hav« iiiilti>duccd thebulbof atlKt* 
momttff into the maatb^ car^ iod reccom of the «u«ili, whotc 
dfgirte nf heat they *nh to know. Bi*t it apf>c«rv to ne, that 
thU mode of tak«i0ihctcnapcraUmofttiimaUMool wr^^coTi* 
rvGli it only ^vra u« the apeci&t heal of dte paiti th«inMh-t>* 
ThuBt ia ofkcniflg the moolh of am aniraal to place thr ibcvmo* 
tuttdt there, the coatiatial BBoveoAtnta of iiupiRUiaa imd exp»« 
i-aiioa. product in that cavitjcorrtoisof air which prcvct^lht 
real temperature beings ukcn< M. Pronelle, in otnfTviag t^ 
ucnperaiturct>fbcd^-l)0)(», fooDil thMliicttwrotuaaGtrrptnttd 
is the mouth indkated tlw htaJi to be iwo-fcftha lc«» thtfi tbr 
actual teropeniturT of tbv aninal- Ulhvr ph^iotogkia hava ap' 
pUad Ute bulb of tlw tharBometrr to diSrrtot parts of iho 
i>od]r, but tfiia apptm toiartobf &tiIl]«0Ckact:lori(ie tnow* 
that miaiy circumilaccir* may nndet d»c circulairan loa attivn 
towards tJ!tc«xi4lwdpait*>ccMKtTiuaic the vital f«r«t iaw^rdly, 
ndtpecdiljr cbu^o tbe ccnperatiitG on the surface of die body. 

*M«BUn«r th«AudffiB]raf9brBCB^ir1l. 

Xba »nguifcfDiM »yftt«tn, and owre ponkuljvly Ok artcnal 
bdng tlic pciocipU cmiie of ukund imM^ it U laio otte 
thevc Ur^ Te»««l» we *h(ruld phinffc ibcibcnaoRKUr, U «« ^H 
}uM Muraua tbr tcmpcraiun of AiuttAk. H 

Thai vu the method 1 eaiplo^'^d la iJl my Gif>?tJiccoii; it 
1i*> thn incoarcfttriice, tbu by the 4p«eily dc«cb o( ibe oftUoali 
iSnt phf*iohigni It {>te%eMed front ag«an ■McrtttnMg tbc tcM- 
re ftfler ibc •rctoOQ q' ihc octvc*, *q » to citimftbv dia 
tbe 4cc6ui bM produced id the bru. Uut » I cotiUI 
lily procur* as Basjr dogi a* I uiihtdi I retneditd thii dc* 
iicct by al«rN>t<boflMing twodog* of the mim ux«, a* nekrly m 
poiubic of Um •aoic «gr, nd of the tunc tex; I cpesed thv 
chfic of nw. kkI pvocMrwg the aorta actf itj origin from tba i 
left vmirktc, I ifmtHhKed uno it tbc Uilb of « tbtrmviofterj 1 ^M 
then dWkled tbe eiightb p«ir of Dcrvca in ibf other dog, lod ^ 
■ficr lOttie hottTK, opvsidc bib thorax, I pvitcturcd the aorta or 
kft vcntrkle t>t tlw heMt to MccMain hn Deopcrature* I ac* 
Inwwlcd^, bonrevcr, th^t the ctmiiiutaxice ct not b(ing able 
to male both elt*ri\ ^luilk ua ibc aame aniiDal, l<avc« »onke 
dotibc aa CO tht iUjj^i modificatioiu the age uiJ temperament 
of diStrrai individual of th« Mme ipecie* might cauie in each 
ittdiridual > but I think thnc modibcatiooft are too ilight t<j form 
any solid objection to the Ucu I h^vc Uic hguout to by before 
the ln*6cote. 

1 aittwa observed 9omt boiirB after the opemtion, i}int the ' 
tcmprmture was Icta b the dog« in which the eighth pair of f 
nttvv9kvA been divided, ih^in id the other di^giioi operated «n* 
To dotervine positively vrhethcrthn diminutioo of animal heat 
wua at all owing xa ih« vfoand in the neck, to the Mci* 
deata occasioacd by it, cr to the division of the nerve*, I ex- 
poavd to VJ9W the nerves io a dog, without d^viditift ihem; at 
die antne tune, Idtvidedihe vight pair of ncrvcD in another dog, 
and after ■ certuo period 1 opcoed Uicm hoih. I nlwciy* Ibnnd 
that the (kig which hod owrcly the □erve>fX|>oKdhy tevend 
intiftioDt, Wtta of a higher temperature Uiu the one whoae 
ncrvea bad been divided, ami tluit tbc heat wo* equal to that of 
a dog wliich not under^ur any opention- 

Ic^onltdbc exiremdy imponuii, to com par* these rewalt* 


On lAr /xiurocr tft/it yrfttt M Xrtfh^hn, 

W with HiOd^t which would be aliatn«i by makinic u>t of a calo- 

■ riff^rr. This madiint h rxirtmefy coiiTnieiu, nntl very nc- 
rtimtr. Oq« rafi df ttrmmc hy it whh ibc f[rate9t prfcUion ihc 

■ dc^jeo of lUtfrmiion the aninui hot andcr^c* from the^ ma* 
locnt of dividmf; the ti|-hth pair of ncrvi^, uniil the antnial 
d>ct, 1 iluH v^ry apcedily nnlce ihcic cxpctimcnti; I ahftU 

|oomp«reth«in with thoieniiulcb}' the theTinoincccT,nnd I ilinll 
^ite an accnimi of tlwih in a vork I mean «oon to publMi, 0(t 
Htvcral mitten rclaLingtodtc hi«Coiry of animaj heat. The fol- 
lowing; ubk conta.ln« the mulia of mj' exixrlmcntt. 

**^V tfiflf uiriprra ^ 





V«7 l[fft« dof 





Urdju> tii«d do^ 

Very Urg< dog. 

I til. _i.j. r4-4«nw 

■ ■ Tsa 


Ufd- sized doQ 








It •pptar« to me vrr7 probofaic, thai the dliniiwiioii of ant- 
taoA Iwtt after the dWinlodi i^f the eighth pair of ncrrca, U 
enentiallf owing to ihc^ alteration produced in the luofp hy 
tlua tliviuoo, and panicuWTy en the uitaaal'i taking in 1ci» 
oxvg«iiiJUid prodiKing imich Icta cuboDicicid than in a oaiu* 
nl btate. Wc kiLOW Indeed, thic dividing th« ncrvev of any 
■TOHtlo* viU bring un paralf aia of those couhcles. We are iioi 
unoiwitthat the Itfng* receive bnt^chca fiomthe great sympa* 
dittic; Imt ti would appear thai the eighth pair e^uercbcA coii- 
tiilpni)>le ionue-occ upon th«»« organs- i'hc lunj^ la truth, do 
iwt pifflakf of the nature of nuiides hut they Mjij' t>«coMn|Mr«d 
to them Id mpect iv llic notktft* they pftfono, atuj the nect^* 
uiy of ibtir being topplicd with Dcnroua inlluence, to enable 
them to extxcitc their funciioos propcrif- 

VoL. IL B 

10 On thf lajttumx of the Nerve* in Rc9pirati0tu 

- Wc mar, I think, deduce the folbwiog propotitioiii from ill 
the fuu related in thii memoir. 

1. ReaplratioD it perfbnncd in a natural itatc, under the ii^ 
fluence of the bra'm, conveyed by meun of the «gh^ pur o£ 

S. The chemical phenomena of rcipiration are not deacroyed 
after the division of thcK nerve*; they only become weaker in 
coDsequence of the alteration produced in the lungs by th» di- 

3. Animals, on which this operation has been peHbnned, 
consume a Icsb quantity of oxygen, and produce less carbomc 
acid, than in a slate of perfect health- 

4. The temperature of the dogs opened in these ezperiments 
was often above forty degrees of the centigrade thermonocter** 

5. When the nerves of the eighth pair were simply evpoaed 
to view, the dogs often preserved their natural temperature 
during the first twenty-four hours- 

6- Those, on the contrary , which had the nerves divided, 
were of a much Lower temperature some houra after the 

A Case cf Dyspha^Oy toother taith some other unu^udl Affec- 
tions^ svpervening an Jnfiammation of the Lun^t^ wherein a 
Gum£iastic Tube xt>tis adoantageousJif ernfttoyedas aptuaaffe 
to the Stomach* By Edward Baalow,M. D* Member of the 
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, &c. 

From the MfdiuL ihcl Physical Journbl^ for MbtcIi, 1808- 

Tr frequency happens in the practice of medicine, that a 
physLcian^s embarrassment arises, not so much from the paucity 
of hii remedies, as from the difficulty of selecting judiciously 
from among the multiplicity which present themselves to his 
choice. On the contrary, it but too often occurs, that every 
means of giving relief are meffectually exhausted j and that the 
physician is doomed to experience that keen distress, which 
must ever attend the consciousness of inability to avert impen- 

* lOi dtgna of FAhrenheit— Em. 

Dr, Bcritrto^t Oiw of Dytf>^^9t^, t^r- 



tUilei and «rli}i a view ta rxuorl thr Irnonit'ljic of, aj>J coaG- 
itact in, Rfi iMbpOfiaQt c«kr, ! tnHililt vou wlih t^t prcurBt 

A IjkI^ of Uitf eiir, whoAc ag^ v^t 57, wa» ici/^, in No- 
ranbcr, 1JI03, wltb lycnptnmii of «1igtji pufmor^Tc iaflaminAtian, 
wMch r^ily > irtEkd tQ UcjwI f 1:1:1 ng by IcrrSnt 10 l>Iihtrr«, 
aadsn^ dExctof (ktctarr of ijis^iulb, id conj'Tjncdoo with the 
oth«r Luiul Er<nimc&(. T^io fcbHir iiyniptonii hmd ilrcllncd, tnd 
the >rvcr.L] othcn had ^dually ^biij^d* Tbc pulv v£ts rc- 
diacrd from llOlo ^, ttnd pcrfrciiy rrgul«rE apficiitt wut rra- 
tomlisQil a il«gTf«ofa1ipnnion of minrl, which h»d occoiiciaally 
occurrrd, pwdooJnrly dunn^ tht hoc i<:l^» of die febrile tx»' 
t«fiMUOM, ic«rf pbcc 10 perfect iit'xUiprncc and mioiiUflliGy. 
Under jttctt favouralttt cErfunutiiikOM, » ipecdy rr^torarlon r^f 
hcdlh Via narunlly crpcclcd. On tkr morntngi hovrrcr, of 
SatnrdAyt the ^^ dny of Norrnbcr, thi« hrin^ ihf vrvrnth or 
«l|2hA day of her coafinctnciitt the iamnh oFoKdJcnl irotmnii, 
i^e wrai tira]kn»d M tttur o'clock by «M(^fcofholVxafioo, und 
oriTinbiliiy torcfplre &or)y. By uniictfouncaiblc nfglrct, I wn> 
not apprised of the cha&gv untfl iw«lvf o*Huck at nofw, the 
hnurof rmtuig, whkh lh»d A|ipo<nt«dontheprce7diQ|;cvni< 
tnf;, whrn vliolly Ufttucpiclaai of tmy ntmvtr ettftt itttcrvrn- 
in^. [ fMind her nmch d3icr«»<d hy 4»9bctitlDn^ but eoltcctvd 
m ntnd, and ptj^cilj wki^ntv bfieh tn uadcr^taod nthcr*, imd 
to makr hfnclf loteUIgih^, aJthoti;^ Dnahl« to Anknlttte muy 
wordi in i^ii^^r ration- ThU in*hitiiy ffl^ihTrotily ptMcnled Iroib 
Ae aioicl<?K of voice brlo^ rithfr unei^ail to ccrTrknn,arfrom 
Otbcr cnijafs diOobedienc 10 htr cillj and it » nmi unwor- 
'^Blf of renuvlu tknt^both u thb tinw, and ihroupjboui hvritilK 
■equcfit iUnaa, French words ooukl b« proAouncfd with ifpft*' 
rent fftctlUy whea llie <one«|kaniicni F-nglUh vortbconldiio< 
be articulated. I kamed frvm brr, thu she suffered 00 pab; 
had little or no cov^ rtin^ung, nor any complaint, lavc ihr 
aufbcatton which I wiinctft«d. Tliift aerncd anended by rnn- 
mbiTc cBlchtn^ ofbcr bre«hia^i die retttmt nf which tt^cir^^d 
dqKikdciit 00 the recitmng ncoctttlie« of the Inn^ fi^ftlr, 
which tbc moidet of ixtpiiatigor ttither from qwicKcncr or 

irTCgidn<3cn(»,failfdiiith«ir*9«&cy rcgiUvlf-taiiippll'- Hw 
EartBce wa» i/uly uDgdbr; the coftvultivc: catchi^tp being 
'■ooipAnadtd of tkiguinu and df^paoftt or, m nihtr iroirdaH 
ibdoff n:&riMc ii> Irrtfptkkr actiata of iht onHnuy nuivclcft of 
lirMkia conjolnily vlih iheac ol the dufihragni. ThraiC 
flOfrtned 10 Ul itdo tmpilu %<t\at», not from t r to in ia g di*- 
ttioo to nti<h aciioiu, M ii the 04fl in ikc ordlnufy iaatto* 
[ctB of donk spaMn, liuE mtrcl^ tmm the dtniAiid« of the nys" 
«lciQ 6orA ranev^ of the air contained withio the lusis»» for 
«hc» by *ueh ooamUive cifort fn^ air mk* iohklcd, the miM- 
I icctticd tnmcduiclir to rctum to a ttaie of perfect ifriJnn, 
Illy the rt4iil( of exhauMMm and cxtretnc dcbiUiVr arul to 
iCocittMievo until a^in arf>u*ed by a repetition of ibt taa» ax- 
tc^tCfncntt a urm wrlxdi i here employ I'll^ly \o cxpe^iv that 
tSiBctireelinflucnce wKichthencceMiiiciof the lytErm appraecd. 
jj ]oa$ eiublkhcd hablia of aatociation, to excn oier the rev 
'pintiory orgpUMt b)' wbkb inftaence alooc thcK ftcremed, at thu 
'^OK, to be atioiued to atty exeriiooi eiucinc delniiiy liavivg 
Hfendcfcd (lieia tjrjiLy iot^apsifcdc of xnt . 

A« the pcrHHj wa» ctiiitat* and the dafif^r tna»arebi| I oiled 

iinmediaUly for further n»iiUDLC> Jind vlmwC icsUDUDCOUidy 

fprocoredthc eoopcraijon of a highly judiLiou* ph)ik>aD, 1^ 

vrhcm thii lady^a famUy had been ocuifeioii«lly auendcd- 

We imntedialelf agrvcd on the piopfloty of eihibitlDg iho 
nmphov julepi combined wiiU x-oUule feird sptriii and ap* 
pUvd % Ur^ ainDfriftm. without delay, lo the fore put of dib 
ch«M- By thete nhe was so much ralievrd, that in the cveviDg 
libo look MRL* bread and \mHkc wiih appciue, and Mcmcd 
iKorty free fron tpaam or »uflbuuKia. in ordir. liowerer* lu 
,pmerve thesronod wc had ^Lued, ^nd lo guard agalnit a tv' 
in of ooiniilaiQa, boJuEt } ol miuk, amaiuaia, and camphur, 
were ordered in addition to the former maiure, which wiu ui 
;l»oeoniinutdi ckie attention being abo given to Uic eBWcciiiat 

This ntghi aheshipt irrll, asd the oaxt momin^ (Suod;!)-* 
^4th Novcmher) aeem«l reftnhed. She took breakfast wUh 
appetitr, but >eeoicd not frrc from orcMional apasiBs of the 
Or^iutt of nwfnxu^oti'r or rather ahc seemed ttill oiublc lo en** 





i>r.&rJkw*« Cast t/Dyff^U^ ^c* 


plo)- iIk rcipmtory mwcin tn lh*c reKul«r aad coniioufd q%- 
tflxjw «iMinJftk to lrf« aad |icricci rc&pifaitoD. Pilb were nuw 
subttiiiued £6r the boluBDi ihcic U'lss bund diAcuU to sxjI- 
low. In ihe «Ymnf^ ihc greir worvci the luffacjnioD mcrustd^ 
aiul the oOQgh boeaaic Eitiublt»omci but wUhoiK nny pua. awl 
ttta\i ftppeanincc iivAiicncfd only by the uccipcctnnunl miKm< 
A ataap^AU vatonlcTcd, tjtti ihc pill* ud miniurt: wrre cott* 
tiMWil. IcbfcaiDracccunry trko^ntthiit Umr-i to ordcmn (Ac- 
KiAi uiO frooa die iraa<iuillJZinjt ^^IRcct^hc Ccitincrly oxpenm* 
ord from the pcdiluvraoD, ihc tvus hcntlf dcttirau* of luvUi£ 
ihu rqicMitd, vhich wui onlawl monlinglvi the «J>o again 
coolLbmdMldoo0t« withappctitc. On thcfullowiog mofsinf 
(MoadaySiih) I vbitcd her tvfy eiHy.ftndfDMiidhcrbrcaih- 
ing tctll bbouted, bot free ttam pairtt her puJic remminml, u 
ihfou^houti perfectly rcftulir, *nii of fpad ^irfOKth; >hc barl 
miKlt emigb, vhh free cupcctM^ikm, uhicth miki diffitiult* h»w< 
ever, rroinTrikcH««>MliMbalk)r lo cipectorair. 

At ckTen n'cioclr^ a. w< drj^UititioD hrrvmc aPKb Impeded, 
■ikI iherr wa« « fnanUcuIf prOi^viTC dehjUcjr >nd ttfikdetxx 
lo ifiuBki exttDdiflg upwjirds to the muftcU* botb of roke Mkd 

Wine VM ttow a(kaitilitcred>vitbTiEnolicc«hct, uid ll^ukl 
jcUy WM occiiioiuUy c^ko, » order to rcuorc lUcogUi b>' 
•TCfy mcuM- NotwidiaUUMlin{f «hieb, a liok Mfnr nooo. de< 
gltttiDDa bc«uac cotirrlfT uupcwkd* Dor toukl the power be 
rntored, altbouih tbc cJUerattl boon were MhntiUitcdx ^it 
with eU>ths wetted with vUiioUc edier, vkd ofurwtrtln by warn 
oil of turpcatiac asd ckieturc of^ caoAbuidca- IvoeaiaU too of 
■avafatidaaod lincuare of caaiof wen JBJ«cMdk wuk c^iui m- 

On thj> eveniBf, ibere faeing iii> uneodnenr, while tho 
nroi^ WM r*padly dedin-in^, the aniEiecr <>f >he patimc ttt^ 
oeaiire, the throwing; about of the anru ^IreAic >nre«ftan;, mid, 
im ft^rt, <\rry pnMprci before ui of apetdy dtwohniOB, w« jet 
dbmqtu ii i-i^t 10 pnxwv the asriatance of moom other pn^ - 
titioftart and a pbytkian of etniDracG was ueordkf Lr c*Ucd kn^ 
hf wboto adfke we put ftt&apixns to (he U^ art! blitUD to 
tibfl aoLc* of tbc ktu 

Hm bcM momiog (Tntwlty 96) I «m dqirived of tlic aiil 
of tlm ph^nicioa, who Ind xu&dnl wiih »>r from the oAiet, 
be beto^ oUigrd to ka*^ Qown. The phfucuo, wliom we la»t 
cftlled tD, however, viwKdwtih mc Hvm o'cl&cfc* wbm 
fcnd tlic monifccaiien to wvUmm a ikleHorukHi, ta «rcfy 
pect, linte ibe pcecediog ertnip^. We fouaii ilic mpi 
e$cctcd only bj^ a *^cie» of kiufpiltiu, luid at cotkiidcriibk 
t«nraU; tlw pultc mpwillT uukioq;; ilcftlutiticci rMailly ta\pendrdi 
voice Dearly kttl, bti»^ <«paUc only uf uttCTirkg inarticuljite 
aiooo^1|jibk«; asd a cOOBtUiuiKf cxprrutvcJy iDclicJilvE of 
app^rOKbi&f 4«al)i. Soil ilw rcwiaitifd pcrftcHy afQiibk. wm 
coDobotu of brr nniiUo*. and rtsigocd to tbc cKp«cicU event. 

Wh}-, xtadcs ludi apfiarcoEly hopcJow cmuottUACcv, Mtf 
fonbcT triali wcir thought cxpedicitt, may here rc<tuirc tome 
cxfilanaiioti. la tlic firit place, 1 wu wcU Mtnnd, ffom tiie 
progieta of ch< dUtMc, amj tbt ikckicd conciurcfKc of both 
D*y mcOical Crkn<l^ ihal no polvottk Ulvcaw cxitced atthb 
pctiod; a»d that th«r« ww uo aiLnMOii eo conltcd vith, save 
ibhilky ahsdic t wat lotiified that mere debility need not ■«- 
cctsarily dnrroy Ufe, «>JoogKtidvquittc stjotuliuna oQuld be 

employed tov^lc ihc vital powcra 10 action; 1 Ml Uiacovur 
efiima to introdDoe both ttimolanu and outrimeot, hail been Jj^ 
(ally intettvpicd Ity the tmtpaaion of dcglut^iionj Mtd i deci- 
ded in my own mimf, that if \yy artificial de^iuviiDn a mllicitdt 
at&nwlua cuutd be apfklied 10 tht siomach, whkb organ preacn* 
Ecd the only xnedivm through wluch the stnera) mton could 
b? cficciu^y csccitrd, that litt mip^ creit ytt be prticrved. 
W ith ihiB VHW, I had proposed, ihr preceding evening, the 
amployiiMmo^ s floiblc nibc, la a cnfivryacee t» the nonaacht 
and had eaova^ii^rl niih th;ii nvdi^'al rri^nd, whose uiisnuice 
hadbe<nwitlidr«w(^fmm mr, thcpruprifiyni UAinf^ luch in the 
preftcntcau, andbadrccciird bi« unqualiAcd luert^atid wnmi 
ap|irob»tkm of the trial, at bntig iho only mean*, uhich oJiWrfd 
Aajp reasooabic prospect of giving rfliiK I liib pr<>iic>4>ii] 1 »<->« 
TcpcaLedi aod was pltHcd to t^nd, thoc the grndcmnn, to whoac 
jadgmeoi 1 nubmicted ti^ did notdiucofi a]thmi;-h» fmm ih* 
cxucmc hopdctuicu of the catTt from hit brtng uoofqu Aimed 
with any lioiilar intiancc, wherein loch an cifpcdiciu waa 


and from moig apprclivti«Tob ksl (he oitcoipt to in- 
trwlucG i\tQ lube mithE bnng on senenl tpucn, wluch nig^t 
prove hiaK Mid bv tbe lnuii«dUte precunor of dtMk, he did 
mx vxdnlly coiiuiclv. I liad no occMua co JycIL vitli i&ucli 
force of arsunifni un (Ik vivMikUgct of iiitn>duc»}{ food akI 
BiiBalran u the tratnwh; but, with rfijHct to the ofagvctkiWp 
I pkaded tint the trial wju not » &cw cxiMrifiual, m it had 
been repcaiedly ramie, and vtUi tbc beet effect*, ia ciscs or 
dyi|ili«^; thai die ■bacnce of everr dieuisr, eive dtibUkf , ren* 
dcred the pnMst cwc ungobirly fnvootaUe for aucb m trial; 
aodfthiLttlkac WJulitdcdjDger of cxcitlagaputBt either ]gcd 
or Kcoerat, by the iotJoductioD of the lube i for that, in gownl, 
it wAi rvthcr by tittLUtioo* than by tougher haudUn^, iliac the 
DUrtdc* ol the faucet vrerE thrown laiD irrcguUr action; thett 
ia CM» w here piob were wallowrcd, oe oilKr extniMOUA mu- 
ter lodgvd in the iwophayw^ nir^eon* were in the ooovtaM 
prnaice ol introduciB^ ^nt^tgt eren v^ far as the c^f^a, 
«rithoiU even voaikaig bctiiy cxciudi und hirUier. db«t tlKTO 
ftcemedno pecohar dtepo^ition to >pa»(n ju ihv present cuc^ 
ituumuch u Ihtnt -tctiuoBt which wc nitanied. vero 001 die 
rcMik of ui trritJihle AtMn oi the mtuclet, to much as ol a da* 
reedy oppotite ttjbte, a suuc of atoniri for that dicy vcrC| avta 
with diflLCvdty, eKtitcd to pcr£ann their rtcenaatry imd aceusKH- 
mcd utiona, by the oo<i»taiitly rccurnng iMttMicy for inapir^ 
lion, and the occaiWinal ixihmtaty tseniont to aniDDlatet 
whence [ inf rrrciJ , th;tt nounpiraFnntneMof thii namro vould 
attcttd the uptvwkm- l^o ill thU, my mcdicid fncad yielded 
avehxtaot aaienij he agreed id it* bang the only expcdUfti 
tenu&niagi vuhcd ane Micocwf uid, by udtb^ op bbi hai, ct. 
prciMvcly iodicBtcd hi« imention ol aot aauttinK >ti the triad; 
aad, bythU movement, eflWcioatlv rcptvi^wrd the rvqvMif t for 
his prcaeocc nod ■atlttan>ce, (a which I ira» abowi lo give ue> 
tcnoce- lie took hai leave, and Left pm to iHf fre< cxcrcUe of 
my otrn dncrctkin, 

KnbarruAiiig wa thit ^Ituadon oadoobtedly wu, and par< 
ticubHy to a youtig practtuoncr, 1 yet rcaolveU not to nbAndon 
llie trbl, bat to give thU tnt *ad only cbnce, to m} old .-utrt 
vety dear Iriend and rclaiive^ wbcae Eno 1 tinccrely lameoud' 


Dr, Barlau^M Ca$t cf D^rpAagia, &f< 

^^ iMfl I «nu rvm orj^d bf brr frimcb, fnm thrir ccn<*' 


imce in mc, «pd Irott ibe ftinple ctplvtijition I vm rnal 

IfSvf rj the pfopOBMl rxjpcdifiiti And h nttf Bmrc lo<hii 
dMe hMT Hir, id imitkr eimnnuncca, vendlsni or 
■wl conf leriim of ihc propriety ivf hU mfMura, on the 
of ihc advit«r, nun' roanribott ta ny cj oom^ prejoilioe <>r o|^ 
poaUiflff, wtvti I 'Icctnfv, tbit m tttdy «imm wb» tibnkd to 
my pmpotitMni, Ml ■ tti»c vhm 1)^ boac aliiA^i obiicofifcpiuMi 
h iria even andaiBOodi thftt th« gOM t lutif mb« vu to be 
iMTOdutctt by nn artrficiil opc^n^, kiiMBcl of by the Qi 

In dtiiMiiv of kit dw)oiif>^n§ ctronniVMcc^, I v» 
to proc:f«d lo iHp vitrodnciloa, when, 10 fny qrcic saU«£if tkn, 
I recck«da m«u*f^ ftflm the hte l>r. Purc^, who4e 
nuec wr had not brm nTiJc tA pmcPre the (ircccidin^ day, tluiC 
Iw »ae now rTiKly trt jrrrtvt. tf rrqiilrf d. mi 

I jovfi)lly>nilcdinyibrlf nf Htich vBl«Ab1« i^d, ;vitd bxt »ood.^| 
the opfkonufiity of dctailir^ to him thr htilorv "Sith I have 
heregivttt^ lU lu^gctud ttomc tiWiaX nm^Ut, btitwithn^^ 
<Andor, irbich I slnU «v^ revitmbeT, h« M once iickno*-^^ 
1rdgT>il, th^t be coiilil pTopoAc nothln|; ao likely to >iicc«ed, u ^ 
the Intrododtan of iiivuLmt* to the oonutch by mi *rtUd«l 
coorey*nccj«od>ftrtcr Ititmlcg 10 my argumrtiU and «Kpljiit- 
tionft, he utthoui hnililioo *^re>oJ lowilftraind a»\i«t nie 
in the trial. 1 xcofxJnigly, undrr bj» in*p<ccioD, jntTHtuc«l 
lb« gum «ii»t)c tube trith |ktI«c< cAte, and with little diMur* 
hukce 10 our p^iueat, nhilc be pQurcd in u oauch <Tihiicd ilco- 
hol M lie dtcmnl advJAiibk. The cfiMaiity, iKui ioiroduccd, 
did not I tb^nk exceed half sta oaoccof a mixtorr cootAinlttf; 
cq«lpwL»of alcohot and i*»Icr: tad Aiibc wm un^itltof to 
fxeefld, eipccuUy ju he»>w vith vbn c*w iia cihibii&»n eould 
^jerq>rs1cd. After thU the Bbdonen «» IbnicDicd tviihwarm 
spirits, Mtd «n enems of bmih, vriili optun, wis admioiKcrcd* 
A allf^i ckb^iustioa iceni<d <o cniuc from the iriAin; futij^ic 
of ibHinc«»iEder*bleexenicjn.ttbidiwjttaoonfollow*U, how- 
ever, by M {cocrvl cKcilemcnt of ibo wfaolt t^^tletn, un iaCMkic 
of BtrcngtU in the pube, and mi>re rr^br cfTom it bicxihinj;^ 
?ill« by quiet for iboutaD hour, when, horn Uw aoicttdincoi 


7>fV Arrfefo*! Can tf i>tfifiht^ia, 9& 

ibrougliOQt hfit fiatkt kppcviin^c, and the toul ahentioQ 
wbkli bad fakai pbcc (bcfcii^ 1 wjb iniiuccd to aitcmpt laiiio* 
Uiuciag *oiuc WJttib wrne loto li«r orauih, vith a vicir to bcr 
iw«yo«in^ It ind, tfirr ft hhoii ioierrjl, wtu <ld»gTunl e<^ lind 
t< Actually ftiral(avrd. Sy « pcrccpiiUc miiiiculftr ricenioii. I 
contiiMirdlogTVvuiiKb^'VjfOOAriilk, amil wat h»ppirioprtc<]ve 

10 my uovr avumutiownt, ifar actuiAl^r took the cup from my 
htndt mki, by hct own tftnt, nitcd il lo brr head, md drnak 
tb loott procftDGcd lomc illght ab«fT4iiciQ of aaiad, M>d * 
<kgvc« of f acoh«>«aice, tbe mtndeu e#»f of a tramkvt inebri- 
ety, ll »00a cct*«l, however, ami on It Lupcnxecd a tmnd 
^wid rcfrctbias ilcvp, which bkl^d vvrcrvl boura, aid tron 
wbich ibe >wok« appnrcndy free f nm rrcry conpCaiiM. She 
D9% iffitb fcrniTokxud c^jnDrctcdtxpnMkmiavifi/for whiCt 
which vu gire:^ hcr'p conjunavon iviiAk woinic Lji^ukl jvOy, and 
which tlic tDui n^iih couidcrabU appoiiie* Bn^th oncm^in 
vcrv r^pvaud and rttaiBtdt fooMiilaiiigtii vvrc a^a usvd, 
■Dd she again «lept lowully. Oo awfthiftg lh< iccoiid ume* 
Ae yfesor bovli d miad and body vhkh wk» otriAud, ai- 
OMldKd a!l bcT frcindl who wimeiBed Ji* Slic tpg^c u> 
ihvmamTaltf, tn^uired iaio thvir bc»Uhi s»d aormtd h>^ 
ly gnAibtd, both viOi the uustioflB ibc had recvtved, and 
wtdi ihc proaipoci of recovery, of wbkb *he had Ebmetly dt^- 
pood«d> Her hcad'drrvabctngcampUtdy wiMtiled, by the j«c- 
tauoworhFr body during the prvocdiDS dap, ihe fehoiuLunn 
CO have it arTwng«di md, a* u wai likely to concHbutc lo her 
b«ttnr rqiote, *he wat indulged. Dumtff cba thonjmc^M 
ahc di^laytd » conhidcrahk deg;nt of liveHnen aad humon 
and, vlih a wirwf/ of nwanvr, w^ih whUb the w^« «m^1arly 
^ftifd. ihf rcpenttd soanc well koowo line* of Popc\ on fimule 
vanrty* with pminloo. HfrbAd-dma and bnlclochn being 
•ettttd tn her ^mi^acikm, «hc wished for foodj took sooie bU< 
cti» and coflTve; e^rtued a d«eiK tn ilepp, and, with thu vieir, 
iwrncd hcmcif ob her lidv. contrnd^ng all her li«ba imo the 
temiflcxpoHdonusnAl with those ia p«Hcci health. Hcr*k«p 
«a* calm vid undkratbed, and Doniinoed even lo ncvcti r/elock 

Vol. n. 


IJr, Bar&rtf'M £W ^Dy^pk^M^ E^c. 

una moraivi;, ( WrdacadAr thr S7|h,) vtirn I yrm mffSm cd- 
]«!• FindhtK* howcvcTi thM il>e li«d nfcn boili wine «od Jcd^ 
tlnnni^ibe nighii* sad iltti k b«<odi mwni iMd ako b«en givn 
snd rriniDed, 1 wh uBwiUa|t *<^ dbnrii bcr, coiMuawk tiNtf 
ftk^ WW nsore fifcclr <x* pniw rcHonOsiv iImm hiv mcflB* 1 
could then cmpbjr* I nAurned wffim wt tea o'clock, vbn 1 bMl 
ii> mcouMrr the &hock oHiPftrivf dbd klL my bopetwcm Ealb* 

fUft, Eur ihM ni) friend hod just crxpiroi 

Snrael^ crediting tlic infumaiioDf 1 catered, u>d fbuad tbe 
body AtiU wiinn, vrkfa • pubatwn drttiaedj dkcorcnUc, boUi 
«i tbc heart ud vtiM. L'rfvd by cbc >uiggc»ikiqi ol the 
Riin, 1 a^n incroducrd ihc Cube;, and pourrd dtlmcd 
■Dil #thrT iiua thr «Miaftcb. 

'ilw Atupr too, bring id an sdjoiDin^ ehuBbert t bsd 
wnmg tron vann tpimB apfdUd to the ottnnJ sbonacl 
■bdomcot and Tiimiuaos, bui la vaia.— At Ufigtb* <be 
WM dcd, nnd Mil u be matbd. 

It np^caredi on ioifairy, tbtl her iXttp had far tone rime 

romc divtariicd und nncoif , but hcrut^adaaiti coocvivlng 

laJaiBciiMB DO >wake her* ibou^ itnpdlrd by dtcir owoM 

tUo^ CO do tOii had AuiTcrcd her to cooiiauc in iliii ttatr. A^ 
\Uy iiiMioU* before icB u'clpuch \\h *irok*, apparanily Bucb 

tHicdi brcfttbcd by «bari und hurried iiwpintNSH for a Cccrfl 
nti} thcD breathed bcr bat wiiImiu a ttrugglb V 

It is icurcdy rrquircd to ofTfr my comAcnca an the faaa 
\\cic Miud| ii may br rjgbi, h^MveTcr^ to obCfidoa, ibat they 
8Lir« Jbccuratrly detailed frum noict nf^hirly Rgiatcrvd at the 
Cknc of the ocuirrcRcc. « 

Tbr piTopikty of iiuh«iituilnit an anlficbl mod? of dc^vti- 

wbto the BMund had mi nKinrly fiHird^ con adn^tof linlc 

loublf— aad iu »ucc<4», al ftr aa rr^rdi^d The mere trial, «)Uh| 

tt^afl appear compUir* Thni life wat not uEiimEUch' pretcrved, 

ibi« ca«r, cao ofTrr no rsuntiiviiUr objection; for thU laiaJity 
only load u* lo ififiT, tiiut,fn>in agr, and rKCrrmt- dvlJcacy 

habit, tiiti cocisiitiiiii^n Huahrrr aooici-ly biklancod, to accu- 

\\r)y aJjuiAedi at tbnugh equd <o the prr^Fr^'ati^^in tif lift in 

icnJih, \o br uddtilr to contend vidi even ihr ahghifsi degree 

of dit««*c4 >>nd, nocwiibtiaadiog the removed of dticaac wub 

nirrivcd, yet, that the vital powcn, cxhauaicd by the cllbrt, 


Dr. Barkt^t Cirte of Dytphc/^*^ t^A 





vcre iBcapMUie of k«pi»sup» bvMir tad of niotulsniK i^ 
dcgTM of ««iKMaem ncocvMrf Kt ibr contiiMftncc o/ tiral nc* 
tkok. Pcrlufi* too, «« «n called oo to admit* thkt a farourabtc 
oppoftiMiivir for funlkcr comUiuing ihc iifcir««ari- cxciiroamt 
w«4 loM, by ibe tintdity of the onctHldQn, wbo, wbcn nlec^ 
bcuRK Oivturbcd, and a tniiuf«ai decree of afptajikKk had coin- 
HMMfd, would h^Tc Bcird oaort «-ii«ly bf- Aivnkrntng her, md 
isirodi^uiif &dditioa*l wine sod tiiiuoknci. W)ih rcifttct lo 
dK Rkeftftt, by vhkk v» Mttih wu actompti^bed, 1 luve no 
hciiutJoti ia re<ommcBdtti^ \i^ Hdopiitm in cl-ct^' caic whcrcn 
KiLffprndrJ d<|^Uti1»on puts 4 atop tn nuinliOB atid medkri 
iruinvfit; nor do t 9tf wbv ittntr thouJd bt cnnAiK^ tu chro- 
nic ilTrriiont. »ad ooi be fKlfixltd lo the btt<r ungr^af ^z^sic 
(liacaif 1- The cxp^icnt is aimpi* in iti iijtur«. pcrfr^tl) hartn- 
Icw, and appliciSlr by *ny oaf pfAtc^srd of tbc iJighhrM kneiw- 
kdfp of ihc pare* (onccmtj, dbv, ct^o thv^y who uc otuvlf 
ignoraait ihcrc^if, nuyyctcmpkty it witb t^lciy, 

Maay iMUdieca of in c»(k1ayii)cot« ilk dyipJiag^a, mc o* re* 
cord; and U wm frooB T^coll^ctin^ one <tf ttwK, dciAilcd bv dte 
eeUbrftied Jobo Uimur, that t wn indacvd lu iafocce ikc u*e 
of it, in thu cue, viih no moch cvcibtSreco. Itw cmc I here 
aUoik to, wMOOc of dytphsgiifr^m pAralytJc aflvct^n*^ of the 
oacfiluigQt; and. from tKc mean* thiu j^tdcd of Kutaiinlns 
lire, and of emploring nodic^ Ucatotcnt, ibc diirm- vjh re- 
moved, aail tbe p^tucDt uUinutdy recovcrad. Of xhe ^ligibiliiy 
of cbt trial, ia the praeot cnc, oo ikillbt wltatctxir «;u cXprtv 
bed, aoduf lUpcrLcciaofct)' Ihadm.walf UicfullEMi^Quvtctiop. 
1 1ni»l it will upp«>r» that I vaa tiu^h vairantftl tbncia by pre- 
riout PcaaoDingi uKljiMlififd by the rt»uU> I forihrr hope, thxt, 
inthuagrviDgpubtjcjly to ihio drtail, I do &o diucrvicc tothe 
practice o( medicine. 

Conacioiw of l^ biirudc whkii private rccorda of ifi>«aic« 
giv« for uiulelectcd cmbellkhaueiit, and kbowioj welt with 
wluM dutroai the umupported MMnimi* of inclivlduab are of- 
tcntianca nnivod by th« p<djJiCi 1 hive dprm^d ii incianbeDt 
00 nc to aabsiri ibtvi pofCB tc the iniptdkin of ihM medieal 
Incod. who had «-itne:srd tlut siatsuUr coat dvrtnj^ a principitl 
pan of itttprvgrmiandam now auihon7rdtof{Ive,InnddtilAn 

pay owQ Mhsfitb the mp<^ct;Lble rvidencr ai Tlr. Tc 

both vitoUic Auibcaucity Hkd cornciatM of ibom orUie yr*> 

To hin I HA tndcbud for imuli vaIusU* ftuouac* dunaf 
thii iryiOK aucntUitcvt and aholL b«> aft all U«ca, hiippf lo esi- 

cflrf cluncttr- Tbe luter |nn or iIk hUftory, hovevtr, ntfM 

witnuiied it wilti oic, could not well be uked for; uul as tlic 
efipununitf oX mUucuig ■ itiD hii^hfr aQthMrty, ip coafiraa' 
lion of tfclft pwt of «ny stauawM, U onfortuvMaly drawn Aw 
by dur dcftftb of th« Utr l>r. PurccUi ■ imD, whiwe pffo- 
inMd«nbvivovwuJvul> mcnirdi whoMurtnnicyof ivn- 
urn. and ivtvlfigcBca eX comouaication^ will Urngbe rcancnw 
bcrod by all who had ci-cTtbcopportaDtiyolafkpKdaijn^ their 
▼aliwi and *lioac luaa, *t«ry adpupcr ol giwiiPc wonh and 
talrau wJIL join me in UmcMting. 

April 7, laor. 



The animal economy pr»cat) loaic phcnomcu, whirlt dlf- 
fCTtbg tn ihcir natui« from thoac obacrvrd m unor^nixrd 
bodWa. CAonot be txpl^incd by ibc hwsof dead mailer. Ithow- 
eT«r preicata oiiier* which rcMmiblc ai>o« or kai ltof»wn phy*i» 
cal t§otUy asd which appear to rc«uU from the ume tiwa. 
Sonc iihyaiotojtina, awvc of the erron anting ftoraiht dc* 
■ire oF aoribuuais «T«Ty diiDf lo mcchanicjd causa, will ooi 
admit of any ctqJanation of that ktfid ta the a&inaal «ccaomy. 
Huy inugtnc that the pbcnomcDJi eaaentiaHy connected wiih 
the viial aciioti muAl depend upoa the la«a vhicb govern life. 

MdnocoonwchaiualpriiicifJn, wbich have Uiitc rctMiQii with, 
iad frc<]Ufiiily appear oppCHcd foibc 6rvubul U not ihj«<ipinii>n 
vaihcT i)>c oAipruift; oi »p<culai«aii than of txpctiottei amd tic- 
caiuc Mvnr ot the plicaoaacfla aI liir iccm jocnoapaiabtc vrlih 
die l*v» to vlitth iaafttnau bodioa art tubjcct. mutt wc cuh' 
uttula thai all art m ibn aamc (>Rdka(»n»tJ 'V\m na^'Xnaigt 
Eiukfin JtM:iftiiiiLi«>ic»againc<«Kp«m'n<c. Caaaikjrooe deny 
th« ioBotnc* of pbytkal canwk, in onany of th« pbtnoakena of 
ibe animal ixoDOtty, s<Qch fbiFin«anfca»diMic»avi«ioo, ithkh 
wvendaHy drptfod* on ih« nfnctiiY pdwcra of cbc bumort of 
Ac^Tci or Ov mcthanaflt »aoifc»i in the nockm of ourliniibK 
m vliich tbc bontM feet a« Itrcra, and the if ailom m oortb, hd 
It u tnic that plkyuntl cMiut ate not ftuJEcUni of tbcnuclv^ 
Wllboui ihc eoacurivncc oi the viiil cauuit L<> proititcc iImM 
eitcta.'TtkrirmlkiPnce |i however aol the tciacvktcm. \m^- 
n«nU BTmaf pronounce Ihat ibfte iaacnrcrljra phcooibcnoa in 
the Hftiwal ccowMiix vlikh may »ot be referred to oor or other 
of ibeK eoiue*. Al ooc time the influeocr of tbr phyMcal cauan 
U tbe nott obviMU, a< anoilifr ibe viul prcdominatci and 
often ii u cUAieidi lo dctcrmme prcdicly vhat betoBga to 
the former, and trhM to the Uiur. Um thU » an ivopor* 
uni oh|eetj ao<l the rcacanhoi nrndnclJOg lo k ouf h< to be 
n&ked anoflg the nMft intereatiog m phyiiob^- 

If wr trtt acquire prrtiae kleas rcfpccung the viul caiMca 
and the (lifTeTences which teForatc tlxm from the mathnui' 
C&1 po«vn, h 1D*M be by oU«rvu0 irhat properly bclon^^ 
to theoD in tbe excrciie of life, jihI out by JiidiKtimloately 
otcribio^ to ibitm all the phrnomeoEL «&h*btU(i by or;^*- 
aizcd boclM*. 

A caae m wbkh il » ctsiru to nUhLc tuch adiaiinctioo 
b, aa U af>pcar9 to me, pmcnied by aftlaQab esputed lo 
« ptm beau h b veil koovti ibot they M»Mme a icmpcra- 

'Intprtkiw^i^lbx viUl Iwi vd cvun, 1 A* ih« ««Mta avfii, Ou 

dcwl ouUn 'Ititv my Ih «#r* nwliftftnmt &4t ia Ibc Ktvl lUl* of 

kki> of tbc DiinocT L'l wliicli Ibe -Hiff* r^dWi* in ar[tniR4 Im^iU kte 
piir^rroid W» jk fir &^i bcinf »Uv ir refer fr^ f'^iy^i^^' ^^ '<*"7 
nf ibr ptfvnomrfia whkZi tUctt Whn i^thbI, 

S8 Jirfiifftf^iim »6$cntd HI JnimoU 

tttTE mmb btlew iliai of the tunnuBditii; isExltiun. t^or nnHf 
half t ctfiUirT iJin rrmHrlifali: pnipcrt^ l»d been obtcr^vd 
n dnimats^ tmd «iaM thai tinw >ub ^m^n roc to manT inqtitrUa, 
and pof licubrli to tfafuc made b> Sir Josepli Bwifci, Dr. For* 
dyoc. Sir CBnlci BEasdrD. and nalkcr phiknofiliFn. Biit >« r«t 
no pecisc idea* h*ve bccvk dcq«ir«d rvufwctuij^ ilic tau^^ *h\A 
lome hove MOibed to tht told produced by cr«pnntf inn of ih« 
p«r«plr*d duidt, vhik ochcr* «n tbe coomry bive thciQght It 
MfUHt be the tatmt an ilkU ol utbnil buc Sf-me rcQectiom on 
ihn ^vMkn win fomi thv KuLgrti ut~ ihv pr«MBl vrnuiir; but 
I u-'ill prtriouil^ M«i« HI obMr>«tkiii whkb J madrsomc yettn 
■^^ It ift tfau a very cE>:;^ratfd ouiioa it «iiunaukcd 
tn BUppoong that ibr povrr of prodocrng cold b u velL 
inarii«d in ooioMb, as that of ^dienulpg hecu. I thiak 1 
hnc proved thia Ok opinjon ^cacrrally rrcdved tuttc ibe 
pitmcukm of the eipr*imeniip i:f Mc*in. Fordyec ukI BUg- 
den, U erroncotn. In n nunbrr of cipcrifncnti nuide lit 
cnnjtmrilon urih m^ frirml Dr. Rci^r, I rottttaatly ob«crr- 
ed chat the tcmfteraiurc of JAimtU cTpooied tt> a heal abovet 
9A or ID4 dcg^rcca, Fohrtnhcit, roic in a reaurkabk nanncr, 
ifaougih it never equalled that of the BurroucdJng mediurn- I 
often obvn'ed ihai ihii elevation of teinptjaiBic c^Kiroded 
13 or l^degrcea; ohd 1 have satitficd myi^U^ ifa«i vben the 
cicerml bf.M in ¥eTy {TCM, diit iocrtaic of tfvnprrarure m 
the aninul Ku r-^> UmiiA bui indpeath, whir H neceitanly foUL>w«« 
In |^(^lle rxpertnKnu I aMjCfiAlned the icmperature of die ani- 
rikib itt ihe mo« dijih manner by mtAjn of a *h*rmon»rier, 
having a very imaU bulf^ iatredueed Gu uplhrrceTum. I have 
Ul:e<ri9e avocttiiacd in rvaoi by ii therAOmcier placed in the 
mouthy a iimitar elevation of temprtaiure I K)d once very deckt- 
edly. u-here ihc head eould nc^ be lifireted but through the 

•tn my ifiui|riif»l ilHvritTJMi inTiilnl " Etpcrimc nii on the HfcdA pr^ 
tiitfdby X irnirt Iku in lh« ui^nnl rcniit.inf, ColUcrjon «r Thivt m the 
MflfAt •dioaif l-tfu, mib. «" It" 

I We bt«Elih«ril]Klil>rnjrDfkAr»IvciiijfFtbmdifliT'««ulr,btf lining (hit 

it *'i«|rl he niwt flt<iel>Ulite lo tho ipiitrflily of otf rcklcr^ ^mf onAd 




eitfi9tf4 19 o great hfOL 



nudurai ol the circubudoai (be body bcin^ iocknod in a cue 
nilcd vUh boC nport, wbllr: ibc hcMl wu cxpoicd to tbe opcii 

Hvacc it foOowk, that tbc povcr of produdng coU » nniuh 
more rmricctxl, than ib gvotnlly bclfwed, iJtaough it it by^ no 
urMn itao^oary* In ruBttnn ik actviteil bf too mvif facta 
to tdmat of deab<. li ~i» dciir«ble, ibntfora, thai the cauM 
^otild be dcicrmitied* vhkb I tbidi now ancmpi. 

I baVG ulmdy HUtetl the opiiuon etatcrtalncd by sotnc, that 
ibii came nuvt be the uane n ibat of sfiimal heat. Ii U 
Jikundrd c>«itbcovp«riv<ttt» of Fordyvo and Blagdco, from 
whicb it mi^bt be tnCrfml ibar SAinal* pnsrrvc h unilomi 
Uaapfvailut* ■hntcrer mvy be tbe heat of the cuTTOttiiding 
mrdiun, and ibai fonnrqucotly ibf power of prodEjc'mg <aM 
im lu ircll vnricd in tbcm as ihotof pnMktciof bc«. Inde^, 
af fhia wmribecoMiii wouUL Ik nanrol lo viewiftibhunUAr^ 
oihf of icmpFniture,o«i1]r one and thv fionc phtfkooMnoQ deriv- 
ed from a un^e caiasF. "I'hB fact however mji being correct, aa 
ahovn abuvci ihu ^onclusiMi may be dtemed not moreio. 

Th'a bner opiiuoa raxrvea conAnn«tio«i Jrom the c^biicrra- 
tlon, t(ut in cold-blooded auinult the power of prcxr viog a 
lamperature below thatof tlicmediuia hi which ibryarr pliin^ 
rd, when the laucr b rfti«ed, la n ntoch or more marked thnn 
in warm-blrxMlod anitaal*; whcroaA tf that power depended 
upoD the same came hi that of antmal heal, it ou^ht to be al- 
mou noilung in lU* dasa of numalat lodecd I have demoDt- 
craied tbctrimbiif thboaMTtioo h^mao^ obftervatkoaconuin- 
ed Id tht meunir before referrrd (o. I'he foDovbg vipcri- 
BDcnc, r>rttni)y made, wU]» 1 think, remove alllindof douhta. 

I fitftccd a rabbitt whorve natnrat tf m|>cTAiurc before the tt- 
pcrimntt «» 103 dc^tvc*. io a «tovc at a mnlEum of I lA de- 
grreA* Pahrenbrit# After mnainiatg ao homr and fony tnoiutri, 
ilhadacqiurcd a n^npenturcof Il0£(kgrre4. A frog, aatpoa- 
edin the aamc ttorc to a iLmiUrdcgree of beat, fbdacqiurad. 
after *ti boiir, a temperature of W degreea, wbicfa it pre«<T^Yd 
for half an hour, tbe rrfnainder of the time ii eoniiaued tn the 
vtOTC. The icaipcraittTC of another frog,«xpo«cd lo a Miedjtim 


Rf/ng^rMt^ chrrVfd in Animoh 

trmpernturetJ lU) ilegrew, ro«*ioMJ ikjttMjiiHrtcUbe- 
HhMc* vhu contklcr ihtt tbtrv is not it necmwrj cm- 
ncKion bcinccu ihti cautc uf aiunuJ hmt aatd (hoc of ihr t^ld 
occaaioiuU}' observed In ninuk, hnvv bffvi ndintid to ascriba 
ibe ht»T ID Lhe gttpo uUm i fram the ^rface of ibe (md^ >nd 
tbfl ■QtcTiM' of llie lon^. (hut comparkig the pbeoamtnoa 
ttiiich co^gn our Mtendoo with ibe rcfngvrnioo produccil ia 
l^vnorgani^cd bodie* bavlDg dkOHl tvrrocc*. But u thit hy])o* 
tU, for wUi^ «c Art indcbtcti to Frullm, ibuodedonrKtl 
a«lf cipTRfiuvti h»iJicrtt) Ataik with ihe t ic« of rt«olna^ 
i\% quoiion, to «rtt, ibD«« of Blagdea ■nd bU caLUflgMCt, Mid 
le of Crawford teem t<r Hhow thai ^ h ttot. IV exfcKincnt* 
OMtlv lOtne yean 9tgr>, aod of wUcli I guir* rni account in iht 
tnok already alliKtedcot inclined RMio adopt Fnuiklm^opiO' 
it)ut did DOC enable ni« to oon^ tondrci(kdconc1uaina*Itiave 
ifatce atiemfitcd new emt^^ uhJch oaUbmliifc the moh I had 
roicHy abcaiti^df nppcnr ut wtc to rcnAre all dntiMi on the 
ibjeci. r hhall itnte the rciuttti pri^miung n iKort iketch of 
^e t have MniuAv puMhbrd. TV Iwier wt r* ehkfly tntefid- 
to ntcenAin the vnlidtty of the objt^ciion prettir gcttcTnll|r 
|,1irf«d >>E*>i»< FmakliTi'siheoiy, ■oMittn^thrt rtierrfrigewitofi 
iroduced by evnpomtton w&s by do mem* lufficicnt toerplflin 
differoior obftcTVfd between the tempcTBitirr of theaaipub 
rrxpoAcd 10 ■ gr^nt hrti, xnd thai of ihe urroandiof mcdiutn. 
To decide M* point, h will he uaAtfieoc H ife ei»i»inr the 
«>mpnr*tlvc Inftocnec of hvM on thr ttrnpfriturr nf jinirnaU, 
anJibM of dcid ma<Mr the wholr vjrfaw of which had been 
moMMaed. Fur ibti purpose I ripo»rd at thr »Anie time and 
'togcihfria ibc aume itove several iwimih. akamzjn* Hlrd 
ntH irucr and moiiiencd ipon^i^ la loakin^ thii cxpcrimcat 
[wliich I have fTc<]*jrMly repealed^ [ have <onBUnt[yob«ervcdihat 
-theatcATTUVMaod the «ponf^, whether iotroduc«l oold,orptf> 
viouily h?3<edi inCo ihr ttove« aatumcd a lempcrUur* bdow 
dut BCijuircd by warm-blooded anlmali, but D«ufythe lune 

■rvuuttarthnrvMiU, 1limu<h which the cojitiliird trntcr lntdnd«to 
■i In krtfp lb* aurftrc ventTiritlj luuiii, Tliey an utcd in frf^in inj oOiec 
wira dlDUtU for die nuhi^g uf wn^vr^ 



fxfi9t^^ to a great latt^ 25 

M flit unpcrttUft o( cdd-UooikO aaiaudi** From iUtit re- 
■ulu «c miy (Imq inf;x dial wjifigratioa u su£c*cnt to pro- 
jl|Kc a re frigvmiuo r^tiil or greater thia that obiciveJ in «iii- 
nials^ ind «f nuy torocqucniiy conclude iHm it ii tKe oluic uT 
the Imui pbeoomeooii- U uould be vjuufi liowcxr ui coQudu 

Tkoqgb 1 thiog be pMsiUc vc Mc ooi intidod to coiitludc Ui4C 
Uiotu^ly cxihU: ouucL>icr ivlic^j 1 pvUii^nJ (Jii-ic miiltA £ 
did Itot jircUoJ lu *ucrt ihm ojiiHir^ion nj« ihv uuf C«Ui« 
^|]>e (ifatnotuciic^u hcfurc u». I sicr«<}- odrrrd uw jipUuubU 
Conjf<<UTC. N*uw I ihbL E un raUj^ibb il (>> direct proufi. 

If Cvtpu^uioDfic l-V caUK uhichoCCjaJDiudKrcr/igtrAaiiiD 
cf anio^li cxjiutcd t(i a ^i; btM. it u cridcot ttol b^ »u)>- 
prja»i>£ It oa dir t;^irA4;c </f ihc tody aod tlw jutcrlor of Hie 
lunsB* thj> rcfcigcfaimii urUl be prct'catcdi and tlic usim^l^ 
KftvH ttctjfun B icmpcrdture cqoal if ew>i tujicrioi to that of the 
R»dium in wbi^li ihcy ur pUccJ- If huJi x rrtuli ihoulj ncc 
UXc^fli£C, jt tt a dticclptuof ofihi: lUtuUiticiii:) of ditk cuiiht. 
Jf oa (Iw coi»uuv, the mcjiu by wKidi the cvof o^tjoa i> pre- 
vcutcd, bciafi luch 01 iii>t ta dt*Uu b itu fmptiona of the aninuJr 


*T^ h"*"- 'I ■ ' rt^if r^ArM «Kl. tfit Inil i':mfi-ni\"' - ] 

<<im|i^iii. »ii|,fiiMi Imi I ■winaniil Tliii in iTJlTi nil in « L .: 4 

qi4re*fl« beinj^p:- iiTrr. I h(iert«n|iiHFtMltt^4><an|ffv^ 

mtMt at Okii b^ 

I mduKil tatl]4?t-nk^ I.Li^ I r Uif n (aVj hi, i<Mni|qMl p^tli- 

of «te nMKtvl^n faitviLuvd lAt^Uc »<v»r. vm ICU^kEnct^ ilni rrf fhe 
tin e^jtiuy ividt la l^ik^c*, vr&cicit '. 

ifcc (•fl 'j"' "fi- * " 'i ' ■" ll : * :iJ ' I »'i ."■J" ■ III' ' v'"i'*i 1 1 "I" -- iJj 

Vol. IJ. » 

26 Ji^rrgtr^isn ohrrwdin Anm^ 

the phcnr>nif noQi tbc object of our inquiry, Bhall cr4M, ' 
iuriv coiKhHic Uiai it ia owtDg lo evapondon. 

Thii mode of dcienQiawff the iaiiuncc of cvapontioa 
QOturaily pmcntvd iivetf u> the oiUid^ of those vho have 
tnmti^cd thn tn^jctt. Some npprim^nti have b<ea 
nrudc vidi tliii vicwj but thc) srr nciihtr numtrom nor 
coDclliDi*t- One 14 by Uu Pordj'ctr. He cauahI a quaouty 
of Mcvn to be cirficd inio a itf)v< room. *i\t\ Utui\<\ cht beat 
morr <l>»agreeEihki bgi Uic icmperJiurc ol~ tiiH bod^- rtiouncd 
nearly iiLM£H>nbry. It U honKtct viunhy of rcnurk, tHai the 
ibne be rvAAmrd iti thv niovc to(itti, wts uw «1ic/n bo hcM \m 
■Dyiprmitdt (trgrt« to large u mjstas the human budy- No 
puikrve ronrjuffun^ thcrctore, caa be drawn frcMn ihia experi- 
pnrnt. Nor ran grraier adi anu^t be ^btaioed from (hat of Dr* 
Crjirfur^« who eodcuTaurrd to Rsccruin ihe influence of a bot 
bub tm tht tcnutwraiurv of n do^, the mediod b}' irbich he 
meaiutrd thr trm;irniiun- ntil hein^ ninrT; ami hi-ud^i the 
nier vould only Mipprrtt ^h^ i;v»pAraiinn frnm thr ►!;»*, *nd 
not frcm ihr htfign- SimiUr cvperininiit, thHt br made no 
frCfgi in whifh ihf i'Vi*[iAT*tinn from ihr !ungK i> vrry irltiing^ 
voiUd ht morr coikcluMvc,if ihe ivauli he unnoufict'd wfrt eon- 
finuTd by obirrYwlori' Thn howr^-er I have found nut to be thv 
c^ur, Rcpek^d fxpcrlmcm^ vr.'\ cjrcfullT eondu^Ecd hoxti praf^^| 
»rd tome tbaiErogi irmfcpffnlv- atcjctn: a trmperamrv equal W 
iKii of thE nbT in «hjch thc^y are ^atmcncd, whatever be lu 
decree of heat, and \\%»x in thi« rctpca there U no diOcrencc 
b«lireen UvJnj; tnil di-ad fro^-* 

StKhHrr the vTprnnirD?«, wli cH in the hrft of ray knowledge 
have bfrn inL^r irilh the i/'n'v of drti-Tnunlng whjt voold oc- 
cur in man and Olbrr aaimaU expound to a high dtgrcc of heat 
when f>o evaporalLOTi coubl Mkc jiWr fn>m Ihc miiiice of the 
hchAy^ Thfi'ajt rvidcolly io^ufficicou New onei irere requtrcdp 
tvhich X hiivc cndtavoorcd to mike. 

For thit piupohc I libid rc<ounc 1^ ih< meanb employed by 
Dr. Fordyce, but with thi« dincrcHccj tkax lufttead oL tniag 
the cKpnlrnenta on Q^ao. 1 B^tected aiuaii]! oC n BmaH uxc, *o 

' St* mr fTLfinrjip fff] iTh fflreU pEohind by gnat luiit <si 1^ 

tJlf6std U d freta Afof. 






ihhi t1i«ir tnidr «« mi^t he voim hentcil. 'Htcsr wen vcQ oilifitcd 
lo rbe rndi for ic » taty lo pcrcrivc tlvjt tf »Ufials »rc ph- 
ccd in u »itno«phvrie char^ with fiport tbrrr «iU Ejc uu 
cvMpomlon af thr fluitk txhakd from tlic niriNc« of tli« bnik, 
nor fmn the Inicrior ol^Uie Kinf^, ind ^-M Uirir funnknit will 
bt an frrffiy pcrinrwHl ati to > dry air-* ITio sippHrdtut I imxl 
nuUrd mc lodbErlbnt^ ibe raporv pntiy uaiEoriiilyjtiiiiugh 
ihr whrAt f^pacc occtipfcd by the aQimiiK anil to ngubir ibe 
<|unntitiri»i pl^dHiire. 1 uiccewTcl}' min>JuccddiCtrTnt kindi 
of wHnn>Mo<»<|c(l untmnU tmd fro^; 1 ctp»rd ibnn to differ- 
vtit dt;^'^ of hi^Hii 1 cirtruUv examined their lc«3p<ruuTTa 
bo4h Iwforc >nd nftcr i)tc eipt-hmcoit by mcao* of > thctnui* 
iftctar, inirodiicrd \itn (he rr^itim or the tnoftLt^uA. 'Hie re- 
»h <ibU]ncd w^l be foQnti b tb« loLloiriii:; CMbIc* T 

* An idc* vill be R^dtlf fi>nnr4 nf if^i* arirraraua ^ ■< r^ *miij a U>« of 
Am Ihi faur ^'hi^tfin brif^t, inur imho in iidth, uAnmr^ tltr ■4inc 

■fcotritvA ih^< *™m it^ hmtffra. On uoc i'i4e wf ',J« luxilitft ii < J»«r 
AVniihtf ■nl« Oh iipfVT cliunWr. A liulc fwoiUr wkkf vaHi. vJu^^ti Mix 
flWiniter. fcrmjijja a^CAfd inctiuiiM in 'h, , . ■ ■ i* Tkur f.t- 

T«pi-»ki-i*j( »rT»i rlrtt ifi tftr t*Ti lei I Hi* .1 MUThi- 

mrter wiib ■ ifvy ^fitiff tQr« ifNt >rv Y ^t inclf 

■WT-i ibt haIf TKirijf «>*<r'ir b» Hi ',--rrilwr. |t^ 

wund f/^tn iitjiiT^ b) ■ raw of vftn «>ck<r wmk. 

Tlii^ ■*|rtr i> itjbflimj^f^ lj> ■ tuthU li* ki TiJc, #1»(ntc it t4ir«*k^j'3brd Irf k 
vsaU lirni tube (ippiuh|^ Bito Ibc buctuit] of iW b>k A ^K->n t^-na atnat *n 
■fell jfuri^ pl«CEil fcburt l!w bwtom icn** Id bfr^i Iht *irt<i«J af vt(nr 
«iil (0 ilitihhif il nrh^ifinlj- ibAni/:]i ^m tq^t^V:**- K&v Hk lumrr «ii4 
cTthp r^il'if fnmTumlni'nn, ihrTirUft amtll vlf^md *o«tfBinffi"1iib«t 
thr vHptarr ni^^ putbf ■ latml oi'^'*iE' ^'t ''^* r**fa^ t<*rU, or hj "atfli d rbr 

<iailriviiiiec* ^ ' ■ Ikr |»f f*»ti i\- I'lr*' \1"- ' ■*'1t "H^ "^ 

dtr Ti.rU >iil" * If It? I^"l| Utf, Bt 0«c o I* tfx llfifk^ 

ttiw* bog^li. "nke Uit'-rlf^" Tumi an ■ ^liT.hi TirJ in iiif irtit bfv IW 
l^rTTk'jrV^cf^ ifiil CkriiiW W tur4ftl lailfufiil fuiMitj; vlntjUr mn^k' nb r',« tA 

|%emr timt *icb 1 mul* ».(fnil»/^ fijFriir?ti»a *nl ct*n"ninir'>it-i [>iim in 
M m^P>i''^r r^Ail E>ffw tl^ F1|kl'iiTi«ik{ tJjcMv, but imi iains inuli wMlt H;|- 


Refrigeration oh^rved in AiumaU 


new of dfiterminLni^ the influritce of tucli h«t «i tkieir (entpcmlUTe. 


Thetbw dTbiii- 

ybv nTri|in*- 

L-ipi-ruiH itU rii- 
in.»«-l in de- 

T'tmpi'nlLjn oT 

■Kn JIlHfflkBl aFlT* 

TtmnTmuf* all 
lln' initial Jtrvl 




liiiutpjr ill ihb' 
vapor, •^jifn^ 

din mutoln- 

^[■VIOJ* F'tltrvB' 


ID di'pivt* H 


Mt Rabbit 



JOS. 3 






J 09 .3 



Ut Kbbbit 






3d tCabbit 


10 J, 6 

109, a 



2d R^ibbit 





3d RiibMc 






CJuinea Pi^ 






3d ditto 






3d ditto 

4fl' i" 





1th ditto 



in. 5 





















Isi Frog 

SO' ' 







* 1 ihtll aflVr firvcTftl Temirks on the obHcrvatioiu givtn in thji ttblc- 

Bcsidrsthe ciperiiiifnitivhoK Rsdls mrc here pv«n» [ htTenude iFTcril 
olhen-or ihe accuTBry of ^vtiich 1 cin r?lj, Tl^ir rt suits have dwayi been 
■nala]];oui tathoaft cnntkintd in the t^bte. 

Whaterer prnvullon 1 tonk ihere wm alwayi lorDe viriitjon Ln ihf^ tem- 
pftj-Hlun of thi- app.iritui, during tltc i-iipfrifni^nt. I^hew v:trutinn9 did not 
vamlly ritceed two d^'^rccB, but DCCiHuiuUy for ■ r?ry theft lime they ex- 
teiid#f 1 m ill Ae^nea. 

V/hetniny unimal wmm muhjected to BPverilFvpniinmtA, there vms alwAVt 
an inUrril of twenty-four hours bet men each. 

The ttiermo meters used n<K inminj; uniformlj, 1 carvfullj emnined tliit 
difTerenc«, and prepund far each a acvic, by which I could reduce to a com' 
mon standard ihe different reauka fumialicd by these obBcrvalLons- Though 
in mai-kirjf the resiilu 1 h*»e used the tenth of a def^'e, 1 do not pretcniJ 
thai the observations were always made with tbia nicety, which I preferred 
to enniTniltiii|r any voLuDtoty mistake. The rmin cannot hite exceeded more 
than ^he fourth part (if a degree. 

Tlic temperature of die animal previous to ila bitroduelwu into the appi- 
Tfttufi frequently offered tome ttight diffcrenccSj whose cause 1 never could 

It was not easy to determine Xhe temperature of fn^ imrae^ately on beinc 



I . 



Id ^botinff D^r (his lablr, we pert eiv«tli:iif tie frtopcr^tif^ 

(Rc* M Imu ftbore tbc noiM Main«Tilirrt k wbich di^ ij« 
fibccJ- U cvi<Jcni1y Totlov^ thai Hic p6««r of protluriog 
colli lk«d bcfrA deirtrotvd, and thi( conv^-q^n M\y chtt pow«r ««* 
KutJ4ti> dcpciiiboo CMpofjfkia. h'n tru^ ibot th« hrM, to 
#lncb 1>>e*e unanoL* were cvpotcd, dxl noi «xcc<ii thdr naiund 
traipcruur« mi>rc ihn two de^t^; mm ir mighf he anppCMd 
that rn a bigltcr tcfnptr«iofe, ihr powtr ^f frtyliKraff coU 
«ro«ild be nwr< diMUcdy markcit. Bui ihU objrcikm lo tht 
conditfiofrt I ft«<- jurt ofFTcil wi^J lasiih, whm ire lomi^cr 
that death woutd oacvsuily io\U»w in thr»« unifiaalh, oii a 
longer c3(po«im to ii tnoitt heat ihxn I lubj^ctcd tlieia, 
oitd thai tfowtqiKfiilT ihiv power would huve bt<rt extiv- 
^i«bi\l. Indecil, »i&^l u mjty appear tlK hcM which t^y 
mCMned is iKtoo np^rittcntt, ihcj were aJf^ayM tnott vx Uta 
CZliaUBird^ and iu t)4U(c m^UOPCEi wiipcre it wtt f rcMnt, iHry 
■f p c M od d>iD(soo bcui); wiih-.lfiiwii fri>in iKt afiji«r«ivi>. The 
Guinea pi^k (hough ^cTy lirdy lothe mvTvf nj, duxl t^Eecrevigig 
of oxjicrimeai No* 10* A rabbU aiul > prgton iikfiriM pvr- 
i«h<il after noiiltf ciperiAcAu, whofo reMiJu lure woi livdi 
^v^a in th« tabte. 

TbrqucMioniuiy perhnj>« bcMllrd, why th^trftifrrailurcof 
the Miimfttfl did bo« ■(qotre an enact Kiuilibrnnn whh ihnr of 
the anrrouodiog tnodium, and why did tl riio a hw At^m 
hlgfacT. ITie amiwcr ii> thU qucsdon n very plvn. Their fus^c- 
tioD> OM being dmurbed, the eaOM, whnieveT it miy h«, that 
pmdnrf't «nimolhenr, eoAiwrnediovet, aadorenlonrdth^rlr- 
nxlon of ihelr tffnpcnuure. It U man difioflt 10 inrltWAnd 
w>iv tM> rfevfctlrtn wia one f^rttvicr^ why i^ -amp whkh 

mlow d«^4r« nf t«enper«rur« fHftTMnim 1 << <(!ft4<KB0, 

or CTtA IGOdtf gr«i above the rcmperaiurc of the aurroEAding 

, ,V*nM*d ffwn Uie bui« >iii| vitMitf JU lidtiji sBccted b^ cenlKt r/ ih* LitalB 
or ••■tifmfel ur To vonn^iab ii I pUcn) llic Btiiiirf am a imin cwTiif>v. 
«iu^ Lbc|V«wiihmciJr1;tiijif ■ icir nnftt||Hl4mr|ii^ntfii:Bia*lk -'rnlhtr 
intlv i^ iM iifc OnopxiLi'/ih' k«<, i^i* cwiiit:* wnjidlr *hMb«ii«i, 

Th< ^'jihli f i^^vtd lo iWw vxi* c/i i»cjiu wcr« i»ire t' <ch «tliun*?d 
WIk" iT>e4«il «■• ffurl' UKwctJi iJicy k|<^«i^d iljviji il tbt t^l uf |I*b 
op ni t w nt TW [unei |ii|g vu dc«d >t '114 end vt ilt i \pmtmntfi, Hif. W 


Rifrffffmtivt a^Mfrv^ht Aii'faif, f^C. 

art cKpovrd <n >vai.* Thit ilifficiilEy i^ftniV'i hr reujivrd u!l w^ 

qiKMton. MCOfiJii^g 1o thr ficiv I harr mud, ooi jU >U C<»* 
iir<Tcd wiik ih« ittbjfci of ibc prcacM meaioir* 

I'hc dJUicncc b<:iu(«n ihc levptraturc of froyi and of th« 
■vrrouadinff mcdmTB, (1 btlitvc die tt>m« wiiuld be rrkic an aU 
uild-btflfKlnJ jkriiin»U) hat htco !»■ ob*iot» ihaa in wwrfn* 
blooded «B9n«^, m nuitKi niimrQUy he ciptf ecd. ThU Ud to 
«vcTycuHi)UftrrniSrbt *hieh h<>w«Tcrrc<iiiirr*cobf oonArmcd 
bynpcHtiOvKpcHrarnu^ Mmclr thtt thir he^it of i|ic»< «niiitaT«, 
or ihi: cx^ttfccif ihnr »nip<T*iurc a^wc ihstt of ikc mrroitnd- 
»g medium, U n> roia««l«nUt- whm they art rxpoKd to heat^ 
jUtthea ihcy vc cxpoi*d to cr»ld. "Whmccii might be bftfrrcd 
tbai Um t»M%s of-bcai i* ooi the »amc m them at la »J 
bAoodcd Mtimalf* 

Ff ccn aU tluc h^ bf«D atftied . ii nJlows that tliF nf^geTMiOD 
nMiufnlvd iti aomab rtiJOKd to d great bnt ought to be 
rauked ainctiig IIiuk phcoomeiu whose cause u ruentiiiHr 
ph$«i^a1. Il cuaot however L17 denied ihftt ihc loQuencc of ihc 
\\ui p^Hcrr, at 1 hare ati^rivd io the bcgianing of ihv 
mcpiioi/| cntuur w>ih the phytJciil in pruducini; all ibc phe- 
nomena which pnxccil frvm i^r^niifAtion. For, in «rdt'r ih«t 
the ci&poratloa pmiluciDg th« ctild t^ny ubc place, it is nqiii- 
tiiu ihat ihv aurEuu of the body and the pMnitioo of the 
pohMmaiy crib ahould be coQ»ttint1y moUt, Hiti bt-rr tbr^ Ara- 
parl»o«i hetwwn ioorgknic boHiH, »nd xhoic %i\ich nvrn-. the 
sthjcci of my cxpcrincnu crnitr*. The i^e« of tht former 
tm (ttoviettcd hy «mp1c trtktt^iidirtmn. Tti iintm:iU thc^' are 
■nnUieiud b^- fvnptraibn, t /uDction) fjitrcnifl}- complicated 
andnr^CMirllydrprttdcaioa thc^lion of the CApiDarr te»* 
■«U« In anorgnnited bo<lki« when the aidc« btgio 10 dry, ihejr 

'Somt T>r*»>nrjHjirJr»,*]k]cJi I )■■» nufT* mk* thra mnrnir «#" ir;^ b^ 

ihtlttiv f iyf tlifti •« *ial c-^ipplrtvlt prcvnlnl in fhc ti^Krun'm* jiiat 
rrUt**!- b"!! Uicw muht dq pol kn iny de|tf«< I'tmlWAte ihn canFliiu:«h I 


On thr Maihif e/thf Bhi*^- 



numct Unh AaiAue fnMU vriduBE but Vn aAHnaU tbc p«npl- 
ivioa nuai acquire grcxcE' ttctirju .. when ibc hmt. it nltcdt 
andthit am onlyba vSn4vd hf nn iacrvttcU cActfy of iht 
fxh*1cn( v^l«n, or perhaps of tbr nboJc circubtiuo. U uu^tM 
lo be rvinwJtc<l tim Uiw iovtgonicd atliviiy ufiKe poipaniicu 
at tlw vnlocv uf liio bodj^. hl Uaal a muth jfrrMTT Uian i* 
pccoi w r^' to »upplf tbv incTCMC of cvaporat'ioo: bnn ihe 
ftwtat, wfaich \a nodiiBg noct thtts no cxctA in ihv prrtpired 
flukJs bcyottd what li cairicd off by cvaponulock. 

1 tliaU <lote thii ncnipoir bjr offering the foU^wkiii prupotl- 
lioD, vfakh I tbink 1 nay advoixe aa a ncctutfy coioilary 
froiD the obtcnruioBi which I hat'C related. The prodttOlon of 
cold maiiifMtcd ta itfiimalt cstpoicd to a hi^h dr^c of h«M 
«riM4 Erom ihs rnponlaon of tlic ituUcT <if pen^iirai^rin, ivfaich 
IB profXTftioa to the increased acijvtiy of tbe exhAlirDi sy Etvm in 
morv cdwidenble a* ilw heat JB greater. Uoue ii a m onta 
the clFcct of viml and phyucal c«U4tt« 

On tht Gtkr'm^ ^Mr ^hod. 

Pnai drf MifAeo-CUfurgW*! TivtKlkw, V«L }. 
ALTiiOUOit diSvrc&l opiaioiu have b«eu cnteru'taed rc' 
apeccjug tbt purpOMi vbtch tbc blood icrve* bdie wiiiiil 
ocoDomy, yet lU obviom ioQumce ortr [he fuiutiuoi of tile, 
ha>, at all 1im7l^ rcDdcrcd ii na jmpuriaM UtjcCi »i nveaxh, 
buth to t!ie pli^ «i<jI(Tf^t, vud th<; Uieinitt- A o^mfidcW iuvctb- 
gstion oJ iu conipoBitJvn «ad proprrtica h. hovcrer, auoaded 
with muicb diHictiLL}-: U ii a tuiti ccriAiftl^ng of Mvcral in^r^ 
dients p<ja>eaMd of ijualiiicv pecubar to th<iiucL\««, iinil en- 
udog ia ft itav of coiobiaatiun, of which we have na other 
cK^mptr- Ai^conling to the hztni asd moM acciir4£r aud^itui 
CfihU fluid, ii it uipprjipd tiv cuoiin of ihr foHuwtng panii 
fiWi&Ct aUjonK^i gdatioc. red globule, a^ida, soanc neutnl aad 


32 €MUurGeJ4Hws/lAtJtifit4' 

irthf ulls, a MnaJI portion of lulplkur, aad A pf culiv pliM* 
iiMic of troa* ill hckl b b9lmkiinb>'aljir^<|uani^t}'or»atcr.* 
Tltc uiufjo of th« £bfmc u^d t\ic ncd ffcAiuUt CGtttpoo*i ihc 
Ut*i> of ^ c»A»«mrQMBi Of clQt, vth\ch ipcmlaDcuuiIy fbmu 
th lh« lUooi!, nbi^^ly *flrr 1» evncaMi<M frort) iht v^Udl. Ie 
U Et> 4tta^ frd ^L^LuIrt thai the tmQ o kituch^di and it »c<mA 
pfoli«UC| tlM irtm Uu> »craUic iaiprcgo«uoo, th<i/ pcculiv 
ooJuija^ Mid of uiujict \hu of iJic uboU mui of bboil, i> dt* ^| 
m'cd< Tht! ^UiUQcn, ihc jcUyt -lad tbr ditfcrcm lalu^ all 4\*' ^U 
•olvcj la wjiicr, coa>Llniic ibc icrum. The <)ttf^ccfi«iit pr6- | 

AiTordi 9fi cA«y mcihod at <j.hstj^t\i^ it to » »rpu3n< tunc; if, 
Wtcf being t(0drrodin»filuUe by ilivproccttof «o»gukiUOO|it 
bccutiatuMlIpvc«ianiJiljgi;fttc(liti wjiUrttbc other lOgtrdicmv 
tif (lie %<T\i:a will r<inM uat^ci<kd by ibc fluiij, vhik tbf 
dlbumm iuckf it lefl b«blad u» a iiMr of <om]di:rab]c puriif^ 
B> Gvapcmin^ ih< wmt ve obtaia the j^Uv. biil it U us- 
aividliblf itaixcik vith tlicMlu* traaa whicli it <1q<» uol J^'f cai 
povtitilc ciUiTvly tu Kpaxwc u^ thi» objtct cui 0^\y be in put 
accompKibcd, Uyji tltmf *i'.i|HJrj*l*>i» uf ihc wutn, iii tuiiBt- 
i^ucncc of which, ■ poniou vl the uJ(b irill u^umc ihelr rega- 
in- cryiuliiue foim, uxd uiuy be tliu* removed fiom the inau. 
Tlic ftniAl] ijuniniiy of tulpbur, vhicti esittt la the Mood^ ap 
pfors to bu unrled !■> ihc ilbumrLi; U hba. however^ nerer been 
obuined mnscpcirale fi)ri&,aiid iU cx4ieDcc nuiubc rt^prded 
PA wiutthii pTObUmucksL Th:kt puft <ji ilic mtula, which 
rtinsim fiu~ut» alier dia ^mnni Jut bc<it cui^ubud by Uiot, 
tn vbkb the ume Qi jfiiii ijtgrkithu bu beut A^pbed^ i» ihe 
biM nf tb<: coiiKtUij»t» of the blovti, tbe (ircbCEitv of which htt 
hrm dhiinctly w^cenaisrd; licU it U the o^ne V) which in ihtf 
pKvoi pikpcr 1 pn:r;)oiJr prmc^pally tj> direct my itteiitioni 

la Afdcr Lo ffive a fj^tnplcie virotiitt o£ (he subject* U will he 
accr4iar>- to Perirw the di^cbi v^^munit ih^t have been auc- 
ttuivcty L-nterutnod rt4f t-ctiu^ the cv^iduiii^u uf llic Lkx^d 

ijir<N I .V > . rijifit. icrtt inkiiij;. 
L I,' ■!.'' i-Vtln'}, V m |> i^u, 3 

J o4cmF.'I ii p. lU 

lU . ^. - . ;;litiuner), rv. .)AA At IcrJ- 
Uclimctliciic, Aur la«(KSt Ata T. u, p. \AK 





in i^erut, the ctciMtaiaMkiiii ch« Kivc bnti i^tcd to in dUTc- 
r«DC pom^ Hn<l Ihir ftatc of rflsuvo combioMitiai rn ■tti'^h thty 
fcii'c becti nppovnl lo cxlu. lailiii review, I iA\%\\ a^c rtitirc- 
ty coniDc oayMU ta tliosi authon who have dtraud ihctr ac- 
leaiiOQ rqircwly to thii lubjcccj I i^aU aockc ibc ApiQi<ia< of 
flame writfr* who faivc ody lacidcstalH ncvittoiiccl It, m Fmin 
mch tuurrcR vre juv itfica able ir> bsC4:TtaJn with «i^4l (om<t* 
ii«Mchc pTO^<c«iivc£biin^BirliiGhtakf pUfc in ourktsowtH^ 
iifKiflUplcB of chiidv^ehpiioOi Afurhjrvir,^tit<oe){>lbh<ilihii 
obftxt< in aa liricf a manarr ii^ ii ci;c^ii(triit «iih iccuric>\ 1 
«bal gifv n accouat of khik r ^iprrim^na diu I hare perform- 
ed on Iftili pirt of the blood, u hkh hjive induocd m< lo oidoffl 
Mtopinioa rftppctHijicdiRf^rciicfrom thar gfomlly ftdi>pi«4. 

We need ftot br long deHJfted by tli* opbiottt of the «i- 
eWtttt, on thit lufejecu Aldiptt|tb they Hwre imfocndy >icf iirite 
lathvlr drKripitonft of the' pbcbonKta nf diicjue, SE&d hj^vo 
mitniRratrd cocMidfrniblo dlllltencc in xnKtomicd invEtcij^^iiinnx; 
of rhrmiMry Acy wCTc cttdrcly i^nomoi, Aod ihcir phyikdo^ 
wwt in much pcn'crted by precooeervcd hypochev^ ai to hkve 
f1r*rrrr<t1y filten intocAmplHe rtr^lecL AcfiiWdJAf^ to ihtopia- 
ion of GaIco, irhich, Ukc (he oihrr opsniOiM oJ ibii c<l«brM«d 
nvn* ym implictily mtopted Ibrvinvr frnmnM, ihf blood rvn* 
»h(i cvf four pftrtr blood, ptopeHy to ealUd. phlegm, lul«, and 
bbclr liiU- tliicler (he ArAi dcooniAAfion he ippean to htvc 
iadudcd the eflp^puund of Ahnne and red ylobulek, «h«cb ve '' 
ciH thr frMtftioetii.imi the phlrgm wa« iivd to dt.-ti|^cc the 
»<!rum, and the tlclc of black bife ^ppcaf* to htvr hcf^n ftivtn to 
the red gfo6ul(t M. die lower pan o^ iho clot| wh^cb, io cfloir' 
lueoce of beting Mcliid^d frorn ibr Aif« hkd tc^u^ed a da^k 
hue* It U aQie;jy to j1i«< n\-<r to which vf the iofEfedicnu of 
tbr blood the name ti « attached^* 

11m Utuinti&-.»t 11^1 :i tu «L^i:et«E'ully riutU«brd the 

traebypolheiit rtipi*:,.,,^ •-.- motion of ihc blood, apr-caii to 
hftvcbccathe &n;c>f the loodernt who cotcrtaioed any jxut 

1,^ p. (i6 

L kbit>lkr4,T i^ PlSSI 
C«.iUift Lft49i,h«na«>rTt]tf.Ki&or, r^Uif ■». b 

Vtfi. U. F 



Ov the Gfintmt a/iAr BUtd- 


MttUpcioD of dte oaiUTT oT iti cirnnpouijon- In lit* tna(i*c oo 
gfavnUoo, tHibUahecl *n the ytv I65i . ht dmiDcily iptiW of 
^u HpanUMm isilo fibrous md »f roui p»ts, u effected by th« 
proccM of •ponucfoui ooMjiAlaika. At (he «anK rioac he de»- 
cfibc* 1 third lubvovrv. which occupirt the higlK* p»n ol ih^ 
clo(« >nd rcKtnblc* jetty* Diocilagc> or albiraarn ovi, to vhkli 
he gtVM the tjdc of roocs^. Mid vhUh he regard* u th« put 
of ihc bktad ihc mtat tkitnittdimit "^th »pin(. Sonic authon 
hftrc cui^pued, thai bjr ihu wb*iaa<c he mcutt to deuribc Omt 
bulTy COM, which ouukiiullf apfKin oa ibc lurrac^ of the 
bi>9d, lad o<h<r«, the tuhojtncc rctemUia^ cream, which 
lomeiimc* Sciftu on ^c xmn. M^d hm p«nicukvty auended 
10 hv H[ir*on tad Huniet^ tiui thctc ofiio^n« aecm to be 
•oircdy icnaUc, » thb muciUginoua cov^riAg » dncnbed 
nuthcr an a <oant>nt thMi a* *n ftccidrocat occunvQcc' H^rvej 

^n fuppoicd CO have heen the diMOTPrer of ibc propcrEr which 
the akbvmtn pcMtMci of bcmg caiguUte<) hy htai,** ard he 
u>-4, ihai, tn thia proc«a«. the y<vam ia convened iMo the 
ptCuJiar (Dudbge Jrteiihed Abuvc. Hi* cJftUn ii vested upon 
ihefUiovLO^ fuua^.^' Ei ijucmada>odum»cradeMeQte i4i»- 
** Rujne, parum admodtfm tiliiftn^idi JBnO£ag>ni« tv|Hiiiaunus 
" rfpcriiiir^ ria, li tantcm lUjini A^nitAo upar^tftin, ri cff^i^m 
'^ Lent IfKodecvicriai c^n^m brcvt in nibLi^ineni h«nc miOJl- 
** <um iri co«iipKiri<^i^-^' Quippc utioa cwiionc non d<CBAlur 
*' tn fibroauoi (iHics^iKn]^ t>ed po<iu« iq l>iitii»di: ai)uoHi Jiu- 
" tem, 4ive wniun hxc pan ftt^iguiuii} >lj^uatidi9 'Uvii«T 
^cocUfiD mvca^iHin.inaatiAirni jbii>— "t 
Ik luuKl be LOdiei^d, ihit [hit U T.:*t ai^Tv accurate dctcrip- 
doo of line proceaa* mur diM* the uvm mucjiijo wta\ stt. nU 3ip- 
pJiMble UJ the coA([[Jated Acium^ \\\ uui^ pcrli4pa c&pUkl 
tln^ piMn^r, b» Mi[:p<«niK, llciL (he tvjr^uUL»uu »'» unperfcc 

cud^ rai^irj, Of Ti-» FLivLDg Ixch k*?n|^ itiL^ugh applied* 

A iiKire ^cumtr ii1c;i ol ibe eoAgulaLiU oaLurc of iKe tcrun 
ttu ctuc^^uined ijy I.dwm. ahtf, in hU treatise ou thehcntt 


TbiBI 'I : ^ . 

rib >.H-^ifS. 

T. i» p wr. 


^H publldied itt 1609^ dncribvi ihv liqinr pcrk^nlii n btiug 

^m limllar to t^ tdtrod, became by the tipplicMioD of bcj«. il «ji 

^V CMguUcrd sod converted into a wlitic jrlly.* Tb« faci ih lucn- 

tknicil m c^uoUy dkitocc tvrnki by WjUn, whote wort* were 

publiihed ilKirtJy aficr hi* ikoth, wfcicH took plice ia I0r5< 

He tQ|>pi>OTil ibc hlvoil ti> ounUM ftpiHia, wlfliur (from wliich 

^fc itB nd cotour » dcntfccl% nitt, wthy DiNUcm, Anil wMrr«; 

^L and jrfccT a K^x/d d<^ u( wliaiiivical hypo<h<m hIivui tlic ana* 

^V logy of th« bluodi Ar^i t« wii>c. aaitl afctrward* Ui nulk. b« 

BKKkc4 iu dif iiiOn in;oth« red 6bTDUS pad, and tbc cvitgulatrd 

lerunt. Uthi* bUPr,1i« inrorniflai, be ojtpotcd tatl}^ ht»t of 

ka fire, it ii <oocnt«d liie Uic irhicc of ihc eg^. mkI a <ojt£uELitii 
ia likewvc tlwovii do«ni from fi^b^ the julditKMioraiiflGid.} 
A contideraUe aih-aKc ta our krxiu Icd|;r, rc«pccn»g die 
nature of (he <rt>aftAn»eiiiuai, wua nat^k ti^ Malpi^i. la hi« 
intftacoa poln'i '^ *^ beart, probably written bdw ten 1070 
aftd lO€Ot he <i>^TiAts tbe tdea thAt irji generally ettteriai»ed| 

»lliM ihcy con*»ied of <oagttlaied Knum, iml giro i: >^ hi« 
opiDiiWt tbat tbey are fbmcd from tbe crauamciiEuan ul the 
blor^J. He ^nfotrni u>, diat by repeatedly wftkbuij; the dot. lU 
^^ coluuriog matier it eatinJy mncit«d, aod a %4itt» ^uboaccc 
^P ia Icfti ithichf wlieo rirwed thrDngh a microicopca exhibit* a 
retkolatvd or fibrous «irwi«re, exietly reien>b]^j. I 

polypi, lie auppoici the buffy coal, ("-pcllea chbii , :,Jt 
occuionally appean oo the top of the clot, lo bo fotaned of tbe 
tame fibroua lubituce.) 

'I'hc Lfwwkdge wKkh Dorctll posartBcd Kipcctmg the com' 
ponilion of the blood wa* UiU larther matured- 'iTic albumeti 
mid the cn>or, tlie parta into whicb the bJi>od aponc^TiFotialy 
^pdiarica, he raocdved wcn- tbcnut^vn UHttpounded bodita, 
. (he alfKinitfn contisting of a vabuance coi^uUblci by bcut, rx- 
actly lite the ubHc of ih*^ egg, ami a watery serum impn^g^. 

ted with «alt>. while (he dut va* auppMetl r 

gluiJDOut &ub«utncc, tiiittcd to a purple j 

inihmf , the ckK ia ooovencd law wbii* fibnt or mjnJgWd' 
vonbnmn, whih die red inatctr i* cvtM dff by the wmci-* 

Tllc nUbcMcd Uoylc trrou his ' NtlunL Hiitory oi ilir^j 
tHvod* in ] Mi, two yvirv iftcr the publioUDQ □< BorvUi'a worki^l 

il_iMMH|gh a T«Ty ^IiAwme ptiio^masccv md al concHftrr-^^ 

Icki^tiifaHiMMbettidto have added nwchloovrltnow- 
ledgv rf«fiectii»s tW aunart oT Uic blood, lilt: attenaion of du 
author 1? oJidoii eiEckiMvely octufried vidi an pccounc of the 
<fTrci» rti iiiifcfv«rt cJicttlal rtajCBU wpo* tt, arni kc wbitca A 
nunlMr of prooravn which Ik prrlbrm<d Cor ihc purpow oi 
cbuinlffigt u^iMbf cftII«th««piriioC dkc Uood- Ue qiM:k»«l' 
in divnion Ifito ib« Ahrou* jukI *troia« partti. vtd votnctfy 
bodcn the rSntt of bc«l, xtd*, alUics alcohol, »d ihc csf- 
fiturifltc Dftimciirvi in coognlaLin^ the •entn. 

The cbetnkal anal^ai* o4 ibr animal Anid vaSk al thn» tim«i 
furtard with gmt anlbr; but ib Iir wnt tbe ptincipal 'gvat 
nnploftdt r( A •»( bi bt Mi|}posrd ihai n«ch mporcaoa btbr- 
Vatnm wuuld b« obuiinvd. Ju&tkcr jb wpfwavd to have bcdt^^ 
le ftrti Who ««alyvcd tbc bloud l>f jk«lmciirr ditiiiLuiuo^ he ^M 
nio^vcil Ti [Tito ** w«tr, ftpkit* ^ohiiik nlL, oil. md tied cili**f " 
«Kccpt die w«i«T, (hc*v v«rc Jl nrw proJiKts fonocil Utuiog 
the proccai. Icwm about ihv period that Lecuncp^ovk «d- i 
^^rcd uprip hb litKitkiu* mitroKopcoJ r* H^chn ia;o th« na^ 
Inre of uiiauJ £oiibt>nd aiotku^ cdier cuiious dHcowric«« dc- 
te<^ttfd the ptcMw of the red gkibuk« of the blood- tie fini 
ftOUiUOOtd ihu diicfjver^- in u Icucr to tbc icaciarr of ihc 
Roy^ Society, d:Mcd Ati^u«L 1 Ji)i> X6t3. AUhout^til>e oppcon 
aft«m»rdN to htve ^u huoamich uatHwdcd bpcculauoo rea 
pnon;; iKc cump^ihikon of ihctc giobulr«t ihcir cxittctu^c lu* 
bevn iMttt amply conlinn^d, and the dlHXl^-c^y tniut bt; i^maid- 
iredaa futmni^in impuftini uupiaibc prugrcM of uur know- 

It had hetti long'lnovn that tfae blood coonioa a Mliae iaa- 
prt^aitoo; bill tlie fint aiicnpc itj otccruun th( naiuit oi the 
tilu, apptan lo have be«t^mad« by (iuU?!mini, *iho, byiLgwIy 
'(■rftforaifofr ut^m upoti J^^***i (^^talacd ihem in a cr^aiailizvd 
tiaiCf and ^aU ibu< ui>^ i« tlbiiciKL^ihli ihtii figutvihc ackuow- 


I jni'p . . 

iHiiL inna^ibr 1074tP "' 



mcth4Ml w«a firu puiiucd oui to turn bf MmU 
pi^i.* Gutidntliii tAto paid a gCKtd d^al <»f iticBtjoa to the 
coagulahtt lyobp^ lo wUch hr ^vc the ount of " fihr^i ftia^iU 
dU-^ He wrote hU ircdti^r <m C^ Ii1c4)d ia ir^>l- I-aiK4»i « 
kanKd clinrriMian oci iW uocIoa ^f the Lrart «m) :uim<s 
WM 4bo unKcn CMrlf Ifi the Itiih ccnluty., jiad conuias riail}' 
ofa«mal»n» Anibc OMyrr of tbr hloocL. Hi' dirccud hit ax^ 
testwNi p»rticiibj-ly to ihr n^ ^<ibok4, aod concn>v<Tied tibc 
Jifpochttk of X.c«uwcaiiocb, viht> conccircd due <^h globule 
WM C4kapo*ed <t( n ftcHc^ of moaUcv gtobulcv) 

The tO€tt^tutkm of the bkiod fenocd a T«ty tiaporliiai |iail 
of (he tbeorf' <tf die celebrated Bocrhiuivc, and he co«ic^u<iu|}* 
paid uadi aiteaiiou ca iu aaivrc and prtipettka; ytt k d<^4 
nocafprir Uiat lie muicrUUy added toihc ki^oirttU^ whjih 
WM fTCvJMul^ acquired upon tlv lubjcct, and ind«d| in aoMd 
particulars^ he s^^msto hare bad IctaaccurAU Idras rcspc^tiac 
ittlao bit coatcmporarkft- L,«<uw( oliotfk'* hypctbeiN of iLe 
c»Mve«erKftofg1obulr«,i4^aaadop4ed1>>' D<Kih;ia\'c in it* 
11 vrsiieot, a&d fomctl * (undaEaroisl pun oi Uh puftiol^i* 
doctrin^f- From aoroe p?,-.'- — - -n hU wrilJdgi it tntty bn 
iafcrrcd, ibat he did mat con-. icrom aod fibrosis \mta 

of (h« Uood a» rJieiuUily dtattnci from each other, nor CroiM 

the red gkibuks, but that the j all conVkMod of cf .-w_^ 

dUb(0iMlr wrMiKcd, and he even »ptAk> of thr » 

■a bctog cOBvcHtd ocuatKMaUy iMo cacfa othcr4 Uovrtiaavc 
HMtcd upon ibe diMUtML>o of thf qtMatJua, vbich was at onr 
time Dwcb ogitMcd, vhtthrr the blood wa» ac»d or alkaline, 
iMdErcMtt finding tKat no efftnrctccncc wm produced by Ui« 
addilioo ol tithtr acid* o« alMit* to Iz, Ik concluded ilut it 
poiacMcd netilirr of ihesc quAtiilfb^ li ii, hoHtrter, now 
laovn ikat ihU ce ui d m u m nift cnuucou*, and «e vt alU l<» 
perceive ibe »<Mircc oj ibe tti -hjvh hz ■ 

Wt nay noike the accottin lEmaii |;n d 

■ C'lnrniniOpcn. T u ■■.._ ! 
j^fLiDEfii, Oicrx T. IV. lit BKUQOhl {■ i. i' 9 


i^ ittl» 

|B««*hui<>Oini I L4.^{v:.lii 


28 (M iht GfiaiiTif 6/ the Bh9i- 

nxbn m CQonikfvtion of bi> g*:ni:ml ccMriAj . ihtMi front 
p«culiiir iBgacily vhkh he djipUjtd upon iliii lubj^cL Blood* 
' be tiippotn, U co4np««ci] of yrtKry\ luJfvtiurctrta, vnd caribjr 
parts (h«t v^ ^ noUittrg more thvi a purple jelly, aI:lMu^h il 
ibfTfrs froB cc>3naKHijcll^ in Lrin^nic-rr infl^viiaAMt, ia^icld- 
ktig Diort voInuI* uli si^J oil uhcn duuJIrt), &nd >n bckif 
morv fetid vrhn ii putrr&ci. He coocludeft dnrefur* Uum 
blood n u jtHy of a mart coocuctril or lubtik kinii'* 

The r>cKt acEQunt of the blood ihttk wc rortt witb u in-' 
&cBAc*» djiUinrlr di»«tUtJo« cm ihr luirt. U* ilu<rib«» ift 
dciAil iu differed coutiiucBU, widi coDaiUcmbk miQuleDeuaMj 
Usiaoij^ig ^^di ihe red gtubwki. be afuf<rards ptocecds to^^ 
vim he ulbibe lypapli, ihcn tbcgeLuukOiwiaoOer, ihemucut, 
•ad taMly ibe «ero«lty, fiy tyniph he ccruinly meaai to deiig- ^M 
aa4c the \K\tl vbich wv euw cttU ^iftc; hc« hc^wc^cr, ^ppcftn ^^ 
Id luvff lud If" very Aceunbe CVDCPplioo ol ihc diflct^oe bc» 
twccA ihe Bbrinv and the olbgoieD. lu he ittyt the lyinph DMy 
be hwdened bf e&p««un lo hmlj and be alco Buppoiu tlttC ^ 
the bany eoor of bHnmed bbod w contpoved o f albun w^ 
Wiih rvftpcci Uk ihc j?Uy ukd tbt muctsi »aid to be in the bbooi 

he »r<inK raiber to ha%e knrtrted their E»nunce itftm aanlog}', 
than lo h*vr adiMlty dc(r<tcd ihcir (ircMlirei. He compareii 
the jelly of ibc blood to that which le found ia broth, ind >By«, 
th«l «t mtty be obiiiiud from ihe \>\ooti by boiling iu The ex- 
intnee of luueua br infers ^m the- qunntiiy ol thi» frulvvtrnice 
which it poured o«t <mcbc accrctiog mrfaoca w>tfa whjth th« 
body dbimndii LonceiTinc it more probable tbii it diouJd havo 
btto rody (brmcd in the bk)od, ibis gracmrd by ^hm^% ^y^ 
conugbouA to lite pmb By the temU) Scnac iiiKiue«tiooald}- 
meMt ihp scnimi bo u^i h U crg^jlatcd by beat, und re* 
HPibies the »hite of die tfjt; and hn pi'iDtKcm ihr pirriculArt 
io irhkh it diieri from.jeUy.I A« far at 1 have bctn Able ii» 
c<i]li!C%Scoac - r 'iirrwhoeniplotedtbc vonUcoa^i< 

1:i!jU^ I) iiipli ji . ■■- ufcd iho firvt i& lIk' dmHC «rtib« ift 

uliicii wc now nnploy iij but hr ccrtftioly oonaidcred bi;m«icy 
syaonyVTLTtiu wit^ ^rum, vkI he don not Appear lo hiive hjid 

<M thc^Cr&nine oftAe AiMt. 


any ifkft of ifae r^Urnee oF ihac part of thf btood to whidi 
noortr Uec writtsi have i|iplM the term* 

Not \omf( atier %tvte^ D« Hntm pubtbih^d «ii«ie rcmarli 
upetfi thf blood* He polnu Qin the mc^thnd of obc^lni; the 
fihrinr, Ar «b he vtylcK I?» the ncttthranr nf ibe blood, tty rap^clK- 
ititring it, whro frrih dr«»n, vith a Mich (& pnxcM vchkh he 
inJonoK us van Ant pr^tliiicil hr HiirM^)<»>9i>ll n^rrrfijiilT^ 
by >^Uttni[ the blood in * bndlc. Atktt noiking tbt r«aem> 
bivmof tboKcmintnthv w)ut«c1 the e^, he infi»vAft ui, tn« 
tf blood be siifleTHl loflovr tnco «?r(imt«r,d vufavuuucai pro^ 
cured froiA k whkh he ttUt *' ^btum*'* Xlkis wu |HTibhf>1y d 
thiQ idm orco«sulMr<H fibimti it cvrtaioVy cooM ckot btttr b«eo 
^B 'Vh«E Im4 since bf Ml caktcd ihr' j«nf of the hlo«d. 

A* M(Fo4irero>'rvf[^ri lo Dc Hktnios ihic t^rif-rnal nl»«rvri 
of lb« ^cfatisr, I ah>X\ quote at length the pO>»f7e is fihlrh ^'^ 
dcaeribrt chit p^cnlijir suh«iUM«^ 

f**Su9Uinr» nl^Litn « hrachio, 4ihum ci pr^U rfltirmrm, ii\ 
"aq^iJin ikI uk> j^rndoi cberfnoon^crQ impcniio Cftlrotrm, rx- 
"cvpi- Sriii^iU ilk obnermur primo hvic flcqujoi Hy^iiabttl 
**r\>WdiHc (ingrrc^ ^i jaetii--^ cjuw ■ ■ -iff rairt^^ : 
"ftpqU'T innatJLi pturifnum atbrtcrn:^' |,-UuLir'i ?4"> - 
^eoti* ad tadum, numu, aui cochWarr tiv 
i *• bc«vi p x<ti» srctione rrtn c«|iiorcft. Si -rtm per A, l*i h-.:.i- 

t" >q^a iIU po«t ^criXXCtiotKtn fine euian'rOr rqiooiitiir, fctti- 
*<<vturtiic aiUumtn. hnb^ bit nonauoqu.iFn ptf un ilILo* ptllii- 
^cidigiutinoai.ird O' il'iuft, colf^re fu iriiat^fMtliut tapt* 
^««(lwiB» Hoc cOfU'-iiUi.t* .^wO *eirvm q" "^ -"■ ^ ^;---. ilhid 
^cbwn cmftorcticiL, tint<o Mili^Icn» r "lUJim 
**l«e»mHit nAuli aliquotWit qiiUl poiici, . . qu^'t cxaKot' 
**tu« f«rfiii«. grUcivt ptiUcTiB i^iijif. ii< *,". u viai per:--:- 
^ Materin Iubl aqoa odhU'T cjtlrnt«» mox a 
'^Bcotionr cxc«ptv. ci vcl miffiuki. aux U^»k, »B»^^ iuutiw 
^ expcr*nK«ltt elMI uu^imm deitit mtnvbranoii. Si e^cri- 
j_- " OKinuni ioataitiiif Iffni^e fvwt veii^ KCVhoncm, ub> hliqooEka 
. /. lilamatcn ;tjtrtl^f«l tamcii Jdieenci;prr!n3ent! 
CEei^U»> H«<; pc»jrv ^ 'iniirir laMcnctr i' -- - - e% cslrrtr 
'ttdbiK oqva eitmllur, dijftrt in <ro, qu ,Jtn rcU^i- 
"^uat nuCcrift gtotioiMc fuKV^ [f*nc ^vpcraiiicns > iKmuli 



t>t hkf GfUtint eftkt JUeML 


** lione malcneiB p«r horvm agilBvi lagvaa, tj 

"faicoreddkliiruibieuBdKirrm. PctcoIk* omoium bortun cx- 
*" p«riiutMortiML vg^h nibdla eii, «t nucon ^ukl in (unds 
"*hBb«t< BKl«iip«iiooinnGidiBU«OMu fencTMicvcit iu M|aB. 
** EupcrinMDlA liMc >jrp«i». Si in phloflMko OBgumc, Bi mi 
^'aVko, p^vUbL (veUluvi c-r^ illiid, i|t)(»l a) »qiui ulkla « 
^ mmo tJmgiinK ooWgiUirt iwi|«i« tn«tvri«« Iacwlit in<tut>mut 
_^ cit, ut mox oittadia nfqvv ttiam cii «raitjt phlogittkir in»- 
P* trijii, EH^Okiflo gebnitn hoc io ^u«vi» aqu*, w iijam calea* 
"ttfoa ■!»£«» »]Vo cs brjcbio, ioAuKcrii. SoUem al eu«t 
■■ <mitz msterWt, i«, qiiibu» »rquv > aiurtw, oc^ue a f^viuUf j 

Our knowkcj^ mpvCtJn; \Vi< blood %« in tfau Mntc, 
la tbc ynr ifJO. the L<l(brBUd JlAUsr fiublUbcd ihe •! 
\i^urni: ol h» l'l[;nif »a of fhyiKdo^, iii wlikll he Uca>* wctb 
tw^rdcRkblr mmuiTOntt of ifa* iiaUir* abd w^iKiUn Cft t}j» 
bVi?od. Hi: denriU |]i« upinkinft of imoy of mi prVdocvnon* 
Afjd di:icuuti ihc variouB fOQirovvrtivil poincs with luucb ul his 
AKtusioflitd candor and kaminf. Wc cannot, howevvr. 
^tmarV. rVt t' . " . triou* phyiwIo^M cntcruincd Uii 
-trci 1 ' ISTno<V, xYam inlglit have betn cipectcdj 

■froni i ^tonBAiKHi and indcfAU* 

^lliblr jx-^'-vr; ju At;rr |ii.ii:(iTig tl^i- :tr|Mniion iWO CTaHUiMI^' 

tuiti, orni S« nttn it, rnrar« axkd »«fum. md dcverlbjnff tb( 
fbnncr of tbeic BuboUuices^ he dovocc* ■ seoioA to tlw paticu- 
lar rxttr-tnml^vn of the Utirr^ He wippotr* tbM it contiau of 
*wacfr, mucui. ind jrTly; hut It appear* AV'idfnt from fcvcnd 
pNftK of Kin WDvIr ihii hr rlid c nt employ the f«rm jeUy inthac 
f^iftA&cd Ai-nie tf> wArh ii UrmtriLrtrd hy the cKcurAcv ttf nod- 
rrnchf-miitrV' Hi: Mfrm« aM Ea have brio nuare of tbc db- 
l^Qcrlno which c>^At* Ivtwrrn ilic AJbiiRicn of tbe hlood, and 
thr jelly whkh :t obcfeiQ^d hy h6\\\tt% (h« rnvmbraoou* pan* 
of lAim.iltj h; Jilvi CAOfoundt it widi the t-Kiudntioo Hhkh ^^ 
^ifiofFtdA fr^m wourdrd vcticU. ^ind wh'ich clotM up tho^H 
'^potithtof ^rtcri«*,sndh<rvcn ii^«glncd ihftt polypouttXAncrf - ^^ 
tioa*,udtbibu?)-co«i^fiEi^H»ccl blood afv formed of ilbu- 




in^t^ Hence «c nisy vafdy ccmcl jtU, iha;, ^iUtiou^h he cnu- 
memiCA jclljr Nmongiht- cooAiiromu ol ihc Acrum, lie vm aot 
soquMWcd viih th« tulisunicr to nhkU lh« urm gtbtiiM luk 
li«nun<ctf^Mbf'Fc'unirorwid(Kb«r bur vriunj Ui«rc ib 
vko cvidmce cf hu havicig obtaincti H ia Ji t4(KLratf i;«u, ur 
vvcB hmng bci'n svorc ol hi rxuunuj Mbd Ibc cvidniiJy uu* 
the imrd jeily- iq ikacribc 4 lubiunoe oi' t<cvy difTc^eiu prapcr* 
ikh By th« mucus ol ihe blood, Jf itlL-r Encoot ui speak of thM 
bubti4Dcc whjth via obiamcd by l>c H;ig», by pcrmiiuiig the 
blood ID Qd» tatpQ uanu uaicr^ fur ibc pnxtf ol^ iu cxiucnce^ 
ho rdcr* tv chc pava^ ttihfch I h»w <tttCiUii abo^^ fruia ihi« 
wudiQi^ I do not ^id Uiac the word acrotJiy i» nKCiuuiKd by 
lUlkr »n U« fiktfkcntf of Pb:^ >i<^0K7 .* 

Fruffi tbc ncroont whkb I hirr givni of the uiihofv irtio 
luivo tmUd of thv ttiibji:<t Wtoni this period* *v ttaycondudci 
tfaai t^ cxisieitcT ol' iiny attinul mftUtvr in tfao BtmiDhi iIikiaU 
fi9ni ibe bibvoKB. and not coagulmbU by beM* uu» unkiwvn 
lo thvMi niacblctA wjm ilicrc tcn^ idcA ciiu ruined ul ih; Mrjui 
cootainin^ > pavpvr jtllT-* >^'li«« Oji» word «» cm^ltjytd by 
tlNfttwrtivn. todMigiifUiriiiy of th<cue4Utiwiiticltlic Uood. 
tlwyaudii tuft^a^Licfciuet^iurally apply ing kio the Mtkjnh 
but MiiKtimci to ih« whole muM of ibt bloodi We may fo- 
ttark iluiibc word jdl) In^, or uMae xynonynoui lErna* Ik &t' 
quciuLy emploj^ tb iloulbe ihr ^rocm ol cojtguUUon, bodi 
the ipomescoiii Loncrtlion *>i ibt cnMftra«itiom,iibich takes 
pUce wbts bvood U drjwo fTi>m llir vruwl^ >a4 if^c cun- 
loliiUiJon *ti the lUjunen, Khkli u trlTi-cted bj hcrtf- Uf dai 
we luvc die moM iiTiiJiif ill^umiion ia the vorb of tUlkr 
Juuftclf, who iatiiUv uEiE 0^ bit Hctknt, '* Scri p^m ijwt cagi* 

tWi kI goltlllRUlO*" 

'ilir publkatioD of UjiUct^a S'C^e irorh «nay jaiily be ciHuid- 
vnU ee forming >n inLponom trs In rhchl^ifirycf thcKi^mr^j 
liy re ndctifkg iniurokotioa mort jiccci'JJiltft it teadcd imu-rijlly 
tt^llw diAiuQQ of pbniiolo^'kcU kaonrltdsr, uid tbiu tmmr- 
diitcty pTcpwrdt^e way for tnnny inipurtam iaaprorf-incBia. 
Alivr haviii|[ iucert>in<d dx etiU' of iho opiniott ihit ^ipU m^ 

Vol- II. 



On ihf GfAtfin' ^/Hif Bh^. 

tcfinkied recpectln^llBe ■rrum of bitxvd m thi* pariod, I aUI 
imw |H*Mc«l to rrncc ih« diffrtcnt chwigo wludi il bitundi 

The firti cLoiT botilicstkm trhuh 1 hi^ c a»ct «ritl>, of «a 
cM^lalilr laiatil tnRtirr ^ llic icrum, it i» an i»M>ttur«l diwc-r- 
latino |iubli«hcd at Edibfrur^h in iTf^O, by Ot, IVuiL After 
nrnvkan^ thf tcparMiim uf Uia Mond tnlv Mnm, asd cnaaip 
l^mtQio, ht ofa^rrv**! ihitf wrum ci>nii>t« ol* ivo port*, a eo* 
a^uUbte mbtfancr, nod > w«|cry fluid, vhich late ako rabSbit* 
mufa of coauiniaf •onw aoitti^ naitcr. Dr, Buii fell tato itM 
inociurflcy-i whi^H v* cornnoa anoagbb coaieoiporuic*, ^ 
comdrmip tbe )db«mn and coaguUblr tyinph ao« Id be «■«■ 
lialljr diflereoc from cndi oth^r; he inpreMiir auw^ thai ha 
fcQitrilt thr ivlrite of tbt egg u noihfng more ihiui ooagulable 
Ivanph in lu pOTrtt ^ra,* No notice \% ukea of tha peculbr 
pin of the ttfUib bf Gmibvu*, who published bi« pouholo^ 'm 
1T63; wdcrd be «o Uitle undmco*id the nAU^re of this fiutU, aa 
l9 conchidc tint ■<■ gltitmrnn tezturo de^raiJed upon a «ucU^ 
gwnua oiaitrr, rcutBhlrn^ regvtable guni*t 

Il wni ihrre vcjin after xh\% period, that the cclebntr-d Cul* 
ten Tjnt {pre medkal Ittturei at Edinburgh: an<l I be1a-ve, 
h VM nbout (he same timr, ^ii he pubtiibed, fcr the ujte of 
bU ckua. the text booh ibtiiled " [Mtitiuioini of Medicine," \m 
vhich we maf oljirivetowe f^trthvr advance* is out knov- 
kdge TetprccHi^ tlir coniiituti^Ti of the blonfl, although ihe ac* 
count vhieh he grvei niiill rmb^irnsied with nraeh iniiccuncf . 
^^^al had been cmHedthe ^rout part of ibc blood I?}' Maipi^ht, 
Gulielminii GALibctu, mid uthen, and hy Seaac thr ttijigulublp 
^'liiph,CtdkGdetiO(»tnaicd i;l«iea. Me Ohnrrea, that when liie 
acniBi hat btra ci;ai^^jttd by ^1!at<t^itb« cut into omiU piEres, 
a tMn ftnid. ol a taline ustr, exudei from hi la thit dijid he gave 
ihe nai»e of vero^i) i tati he considered the omitn va hirined 
iliereh by thetoluiionof a c^uoniity off^tuicnRKbisacroili^ 
K'nrr tt appear*, that he had ni^i a dmiinct conoepunQ ol* \hn 
difference betweiD the aTbotncn and she gluteti) not of ibeir n- 

f(.kHtj;; Infi fiBjh- ^--l- V'7, * ieq. 


On lAr Gfhrim 9/iAr^iaod. 


latioB to nek oilKr. W^ ma^ rcnnrk aUo* ihat ihe trnw in 

:hkb hr 


cmfilojrvd tlic vonl Mroitiy, wat very iliiTc 
II1M ^vroio il bj- Its original iavT(itorSni>cj>u tbc wide dU* 
ftiMon wbkcb lh« cpiniooi of CuII<q vould acquirr, in coasc- 
q«ettx oi his Bicuuion aa » public Icuhrr, DcccMtriJy £«vc 
dirtn ■ KreM dcgrc« cf currency^ and vc accor^iagly ftod ihat, 
trom thb prrlod, ihc Bcnl cctmuy vaa i^tocitl^y ri:4Cnetc<j 10 
(he uocotgtilahlr port Af the ccruin. 

la ihv ycv l*r{>, Mr. Hcwun bric publblicd ihc remit of 
hi* Lnquirivt jMo ihc iumr« Nnil con^uimioo of ibc b1»tf<lt 
Aomc of hU o|ibilao«, pjknitularly ibuHc rtsprowg ^0 red par- 
ucUft, ftpc Qow dbtiirdcit, u bcixiy wiihout fooiulMipoo; lut on 
mciy potM* be mUl be fuujiJ 10 be (OMtJarably more Kima 
tbift any of hi> ppcdcCBfofu After rviBArkin^ (lui (he coii^u< 
i«bl« lympb and Hruoi bad bc<n conEiMiailed wiili vadi oihrr, 
cveft by the b«« infaraaed «nft«rvi immediatrly preceding the 
period when he wrote, be procenb to noikc tbrir JHtin^tivc 
ehftracten, and after dctcnbipg die coaguUtiian of the lutcr 
ffilMiaaee, n!nerve« due a vatery fluid nifty be prettnl om of 
k| vbieh he c«Ili die tvntiny. Tbb &M^ be m)i, cont^n* the 
Bmtrel sftlta of the bb»d, end ebo e modU^ whadi cianot he 
onng«lai«d by hcotj b«t if part of ibr witcr be evapovAied, u 
fhca aequm^ 1 fi«m ooiujtfenori omJ rmemblet the muciii Hpic 
upfroen the lunga, wb« dried.* ftlr. Hewson ha» indeed f^l* 
en IniD hi ertor, in wippoainif thut thi> pcccilur iuid hat ihf 
paVf of icroiky given 10 it by &<iac; ibia author, a« uc re- 
failccd above* tcGou to have been the £iai«bouacd ihc ui^nl» 
but he apfitied it to the aeriun at larifc. wUte CiiUea reairieted 
ittothbpartieuUir peA of it. Cisbrf^ uhop*rfi>rnied hbr3pcri- 
meotaon pi» about thr time of Mr. Htiraoo'it pmhlkaitooi aad 
vto ienagincftthaK punikM muicr wax forvicd from what he 
caMa aerwil} , eridcEitly intcndni, uodcr ihU dc&oaaiaujoa, to 
(peak of the aerum il lorg^-t Dr. Gregory, on ihc odicr h:uid, 
in hit " ConapKCua," ii«es ibe word icroeit>' in the aiine %vnvt 
with Cdlcn>t I *^ *^^ ^^'^ ^"t ^'^* P^n of the tdood h uo- 
iiced b>- Nr. Hty in Im* " Inquiry," 

* rtkll- Trtni 1770^ Il 1ni)t*rT, pattm. 
t|*<ini. -b fKv* tnlr^ T-4.p U^ 
I <fn:)iw:(f GMpVf t' T^ M *v«t IW 

44 Ottthf Gr^iw ifihe BhiJ- 


No pftrtkubr tlut^tkin »f>f>rart lo h»vc iak«a f4tco m ihr 
linni roprctifkg thr rompnwttfin of thr blood lUMil tl1« ycmr 
IT90, ■cti'Q th« Mlo«tng ditct>tvry ttas ArtooQnced to llic iK' 
%ld«tBy of ariencci bj- MM- Fotttcr^ nnd V^jqtMliQi *^ll 
•■ wTuif* bt cxp^Kd lo lifJil, aftrr btvn; miied wuh fcalf il» 
"^ wugfii of triLicr^ it a m ^vt t^a^^uUtcd; and lh« i>ortioa ^^^ 
"Hq^Mtl whidt i» ool coMg^aitcd conlaini ^rl^irte, which gctMU^f 
"r/i3trt b)' cooling-"* The diicovfrfv ^m ikvelopcd more at 
br,JCe 1b ft foiure |viprr« iti wtilch ilw Hixtvirt hform ui» that m 
«liftkth' titrbid floM n»av h« fefpeiniir<l Irnm cfjagclftVrd albi^ 
mr>t, wtti^h, hi* cvtponitloii and coollog, cMKrcir« mto n kiIk 

tint thU *u1t!it;inct had been *rtii by Dr Unco* thouRb vithotit 
rTfrrnRf; tnam' p^irtifulur fiAtt of hit trcHWj Ukm frnm ft ctvc* ^| 
fut pfninn! of Tt» In cflnnriinn wiih ihr Trfrreufci foai^f eo it ^^ 
bv S^ttcic and Hilirr, I hrUf^T there can he no dAiiht, ihM it &• 
the p:i»^it;C[f V'hifh [ hhvr qtioud ihovc that conffiitiit the luf^ 
fn^tfd diBimv.Ty nf Or Hw-ife. t hsvc nlrcsdr ftTaflfd. ihat I itm 
^^npry'K^^ (odMvr a different fonrl<nirtn fmnn it. 
* Astrll move paniruljr Account of thia sutnunce iieontJined 
tn m paper publiihetl br MM. Pnrnicntief and Deyeux in 
IT^Hv They appear « fint ia hav<? mtenained aonie Ooubt 
about the leenr^cy of M. Fmircrm-'> coocluftion, and took eon- 
tiflc-rtlilc pft&m to tfteenain the proparriei of thii luppoied 
gfljitine. Their experiment* Ud ihetn to be faWy tatntied aa 
10 it* evi«ieiiee; and ihry relate v^iih minntene**, both the pn>- 
eeAt which xhcy efnpl«ve<1 lo pmenre it, nnd the nbinn: of lh« 
fcuh^tjmri' which iKi-y cihtninrd. The prnpi-rtu*, bonrerrr^ 
vrhith ihe^' a«eriSf to it are neiihrr c*»rniia! ro, oor ehari<UT» 
i^lTr of, jrllv. Tlir^ do nnr ntmtf ihal it in e4p:iSie of bring C04W 
,<Trif r1 tn- coW, nOT di iHry nnjicc the rflectB of any dci^iiW 
rhmiiral UMhi thty mform u** that U ti gluiinooa 10 (he (oiub; 
and that whfn dried, h oompMe* a hufd tnuiiparent film-t 

• Ami.dr CHLmicT^il p tSl 
(Mtin. AciJ Sclcft lr»>.r' J*^- 
Aim d< Chiinie. T >« [v 14€l. 
IJaun^Jf I'lija, 1'. ilii ft -UK, ft 



On Mtf CMb^uf 9fiJ^ BIsad. 


Ai iHe atttnt lime, that Uic t-'rcncli chcmiMs were thtu oocu' 
|iy EDg ibrmsrtvrt vilh ileitcrLJi^ ihe pi^pcnict of Uiu iagrvdn 
flQCUiihebloixi.tboctUbraKd JabnHuMcr.i^orjiii probably 
of tbcar «prriitioEii, W likc«f»c mgagtd in ciaoiiaing ibc 
Mtne ffiibuwicr* lie dcvtrkbc* the icniu of tbc blcKkd ju loiu^ 
smiQg of tux) diaiinci tlu^di> i^c cotjuUbU by IicU. Like tli« 
irhitcofcbe c^, und tht ocbcr, wliUb rvoEiicw niKoa^ihlcd. 
H« diicovcrccl ihat iliU |)c<t;i«u fhut of i]k vcruia U pn<^pit>> 
(cd by Ciotilud'ft cjuncti 4od ia ihi^ cnjknncr lio xUmpud to 
Mcciuki iln rcUiiT* |iroporiion in vhicli tHi* aubiuncv and 
ihe ■fcuinLn of the blood <Ki«Ccd in ihc blood of di^iTvnt iitdi- 
v«dul*« nod in olhor Mrou« flukj* whtdi he cxuuincd- Tha 
rnrthod, bovcvcr, at will altetwd* ipptw, u totally iowle- 
quatr lo the puqKne* None of the ptopirtitt of diu Mibtismct, 
aa pointed out b}' M r. Jluntcr, vc tkt ^ aiiak>sou« to diua* of 
jelly, nor lioa ii appear that be, b any respect, co«»idtfnd it 
a* * l^Iftiuiuuh fluid.' 

Stiict: ihjh fciitid CO nutcnol change leeota to hftve takes 
pUcc tu cbcoj»inMD cnccfliiiicd rrvpCvtiog the contt^tuiiuo of 
tbc bkiui^, M IcMt with rcgnjd to tht cjnitcnce and proficnjcv 
ol iLc giclatiac. Tbotc wraci» vbu liavc uvaicd die ujbj«ct 
the KKM oopioiul)-t Di. 0^kbcck,t Mr. AUen^ M. Dumatj 
Ml Fowcfoyi.^ Ui* TUttmt/ottJ^ and M. LkUaiedwric,** MfiTw 
in repr ctn iing one of tke conatkttcnia ai iIig E>lood Id be a 
proper jcUy* wluch It iiqiahcd by beat, and f na|[cat< tiflain by 
cQQlijtg; and tbr ume opinkrn is raaiobiintd by PruCraior bbi> 3Ii< llMchci,4( aad M* Ricbci^uiU,^^ who ind- 
dwittilj iiK»UUA the aubJDO* lliG otaly ik^ Jior of rofMCtafailhy, 
irbowtppqetfl a ditferem doctrnt, ta Mr. John IkUi buc I cott- 
cdve dMdkpenNalafhw reMarfcaonibe blood ■iUprovc, chat 

*Kiiivtcron ttii BkuAiiv Ji.^. 

f T^f^Aoi^* Tlnmnf, T' iu. p. ?70— >'1, 
11 QmBU. prine^ Jd pAqr^ T- ti. p. 37, tt 

^Avvtni (.f (Jhfmkuj, V, U. p«ai«-tiM% 
*>1>rVmfihr'f,Cct4ldfn^a«>T.U p Mi- 
ff flIiimrnljAiEitt ln»L Ptrji KOt 11, 
ltl%LTnittLja0Op«Ol. HKklirrwuJ.KIeBk Hiy*. p. IM 


(M lAfi GrtatiM efiht Bhtd, 

mr'uh vhkhbr h&ft iic<fac(ltbcml*iak(*of oibn«,li«- haa hiia»- 

lUr um thar blcuxl CMttiMit of cnufeuncnEum^ ftrriiiB. avi rrd 
rglob«loi,rnrjTi<iiiiiR; rluir ihc rc<) v^ohnloi AIT o«ir oi the cpOoo* 
imi jtaav* of thr fT«**aivmtriai; hr iiiiv* ibr tpn»» gkilieii 
Land jtliy w ■tnonvmout, and cif miJ^k icMfi, ibM itt atbcwp^ 
to dMtiiiguiili hrtwccn iht g^iMiaiMM aaJ dbiuDtAouA pwti of 
[j|hebloo4 tre nin and uicUa* Altboui^b he F^^q^tf|r1y «m* 
die word jelly, vhtn ipcakini; of ihe icmtntut-nti nf ilie 
Iidnei nntajs^tr that be had any dnticct conecpiioAof 
pan cf ihe tcrum which uf arc now dctf rit»iii~i in Jcrd the 
rhoJc Kcttofi i> to eonfuMtd, that ii U p<it ca»y to dcrc 
Hithar*!! euct mrjinin^-^ 
HavIb^ ibiA comptfiL-d a fkkrtcli of thr fiptniAnt that 
[Itf en et^trruiiwcl Ur othvn uprm ihr »ah|cct, ia KDiain) f»v mo 
gi«f a» 4CC0UM of mr own, nnd c«pc<in11y sn point oni dwcJ^ 
kforr, hovvTcr, I can do iliti, I UiiJl Ex usdcrihr ncccwlf 
if fedi^rnin^ to iomc expcrjiiieu<«ihM I have Ucclyr nude on 
'ihcvialyfti* of sniniiit Aiii<U, andoD llic fntthod oJ «U*CTUto«ft- 
tin^ l}rtm«Q Uicic wUkli ih* rocnt ncwif r**«nil4< tich otlinr 
ID their vUibk propittTCE, and uhich, in eoocequencc of thfir 
bring Cbond in gnatn or leu proponion in almtnt all puiU of 
iht bocl]rt I buTc denoaiinaicd prinbu>'. Of thcte ihtic ar« 
three, tUlnioa«a, j«tly« vnd mucut. 'Die dutin^uiiiiin^ durae* 
tcr« of thv fint arv tu brioff coagulabk t/y lu'Jt. kitd by ihe 
oxyasu/ialc of nrtcicutr- The ae«oiid i\ liquilicd by htsut, and 
becoittc* vcilid ugani by cuM^ it j» n^t nllccWd by ifae oxjma-- 
riaiic of neicury, but U prccipi EaCed fiom itsribLtnioo bi- tanj 
wkiU AKivu* ik uc^'iihcr o^wf^ul^ttd b^' hral, nor hat ihr power 
of <o»ciwtin(f hy lold^ it i> col i^tcud by ib« oxymuriiil^ of 
■kcrciiry, oor by tan^ but il la copiously prccipiuicd by the 
Mttaie of .kad-1 

In order to ascertain the oaiure of the uncoftguUbTc part of 
the Mfuiai I exposed a quantUy cf it for lume tioie lo ibc bene 


■ Anatfimj, v. li, p. |(7, k joj. 



ofbonjug wattrj M cooereud, in ike imaatl nifintr, btd a 
M^iil aiBHi but Qpooi briD]^ dnldcH into xnt^Xl piecti, Nnd bid 
i^Mm JB incUiKd pane of gUu, ft bmwn^h. liqMr ooTrd from 
k* Tbe pkcts of wmn nvrr aft<^w>TiU dij^tnl n hyaline 
WMcr» wbk^ Ucam« tiof od of a brown c^our, o«i*i; to tomt 
nib«taoo« prcvaoiMly foMuncd in ihe •rroni which i< had rai% . 
ritd od'* Tbc luid «kicb ooz«l Erooa the coagulated vmun. 
tmd the tt-ftl<r rn which i< hod been d»gv«ud, «crc added lo- 
gVtbcT. To « povilon of it a vaaaH 4|ia»tlty of the ulwiian of 
lh« ozyraanajie of akcnurr being added. U bccnoK nlUry. aiwt 
a prccipiti^fc wi« brtncl; u wm ilu> midrrcd opake l>y bring 
for vooar lim« cx|Kncd to ibe hoiling tcmpcraiflrc. Ifr«c« I 
found ^t iiMiUconaaiocd*0(ncuikcoaguhtcilalbuiii«*t;andiii 
onlcrmore cffoccujiiy to «'^LK4r:i(c Lt, I dihitol a qutamy of 
artvniwTlbais timet in buU cif w^Kprt; totbin I addtd thetolD- 
tioB of the OTyoBuriaic nl mrrcury^ UBliI no farthrr pncipiUa 
tion could bv ptTC<Wci5, uid pbrr<l ihr rontfwiwd m ihr Wcr 
bath- The cou^ua «m tiy thit pnaccta rcudcried eonaidtnHy 
firmer than when heM nely had been enapJoycH, and the l*^uor 
rwnancd nearly cran«fiMTTtt; it was p»«fil ihrcmc^ a filire.i^ 
IHHT Kk prvdpfliaa ooald be obmlntd by ihe uJdiiion of tbt 
infuftioo of on. Aqaaniiiyof the water iowhichoaagulaied^f* 
mm hadbecDdigcattdivaailowlT'cva^fMedi vrhmthe ^rraiaat 
part of the water wa* arparaud, it wai auBcrcd to cool, but no 
appcataocv of gcUtisiftM*on vt^M pnteptibk* Thv anporaiioa 
WAa thea-ccmCnKiod to dry nr hi a tcnac toua fil« of aainid matter 
*aa kft b«hind, which did mi ia any rrip«tt reicnblc dried 
jelly, •ftdvbkbwM uriibdilficulty rcdiaiolvcd by the addtiion 
of nore water. Tbnervpcrimewt&wcrttevcr^l litaesrepraicd; 
and ibc tvaulu v*tt cunitiaUy the t^uMc «o fai at kait as iffpct* 
rd llic coochmtofk lu be UrHWu from lh«ja- ll b ncccntary huir- 
•T^t to rcmarii ih^c in trj'rng dttfeivnt apociBicna of terom, 
thart waft a coniiderabwt diScrcvcc pcrMpiibtc ict the rradhiCB» 
wilh nhich the al^nta wai ivpamtrd from the UBcoo^labU 
pon^ io i'M»e inMnnci:i a tinglr upcniivn irit ftu&<koi, nbiU 
in oihern ilwaa ncccatary to repeat the aUdiiioaof thcox^tnu- 
riate of mercury and ih« bwling four or five timcKT uutil the 
liityof which wai paued throu^ the bltre waa euiirtly freed 
from die uacoagulatcd alLuojco. 


48 On the Gelatine of the Blootf, 

From theu expcrimena I felt myself jtuti6eii ia conctu- 
dmg:— First, That when dUutcd acram ii completely dcpriTcil 
of ilbumeD, which i« proved by ita no Longer yielding m pre- 
cipiiate^ upon bcjng boiled with the oxymuriate of mercury, it 
11 not aiTccted by the infusion of tan. Secondly, That the ani- 
mal matter contaiocd in serum, which ii not coagulated i>y the 
operation of heat or the oxyznuriatc of mercury, does not poa- 
WBS the property of concreting by cold. Whence we may infer, 
in the third place, That that pait of the lerum which is not 
coagulabte by heat does not possess the properties which arc 
CBsential to jelly, either physical or chemical. 

Having thus found that the uncoagulabic part of the se* 
rum is not jelly, I was induced, from my ideas of the con^ 
stitutpon of animal fluids, to consider it as consisting of 
mucua. I have not indeed been able unequivocally to es- 
tablish this opinion; for although the water, in which the al* 
bumen hod been digested, was very copiously precipitated 
by the acetate of lead, yet it might he conceived that this effect 
was produced by the decompusiiioa of the different saline 
bodies that exist in the blood. I however thought myaclf au- 
thorized in considering it to be a proper mucus, both from the 
nature ofthe precipitate produced by the acetate of lead, which 
exhibited the peculiar flaky fbniv, which is indicative of an 
animiilor vegetable impregnation, and likewise from observiDg^ 
the appearance that it aiBUiaed by evaporation. Before I leave 
this part of the subject 1 may observe, as a confirmation of the 
inferences deduced from my experimenta on serum, that I 
have had an opportunity of examining the fluids from a tumor 
on a diseased spine, from a case of hydrocephalus iniemua,and 
from a hydrocele, nnd that I could not iti any of them detect 
the least ir^cc of jeUy. 

Aa the opinion which jh entertained, by authors of the £rat 
re Bpcciability, respecting the uncoa^luble part of the serum, 
appears to be incorrect. It may be thought incumbeDt upon me 
to point out the circuniauinccs which have contrihuEed to esu- 
blish the erroneous doctrine. In the first place ive may observe, 
that a considerable degree of inaccuracy pervades the bnguage 
of even the most correct writer* on subjects comiecied wi|b 

On th^ Gththr trft^ Biood. 



OUfbcto be restricted lo ih? profwny ihat he:4tc[l jelly pouctari 
of bccomiog tolij by cold* huvc been MppIirU iu cvity CKC in 
wbicliu fluid Kubfcunce U coDvctivd into the concrete Gtnni 
,vheihf r bjr licat, tt in the Internee v\ ilic atbuTrkCQ) or by wliat 
tos been t^cil iponcatwou^ voaguUtioti* us Lb olB^rvrd in thc 
libriot* I'hiB inaccuracy may probably, in tjic fine inMaic«, 
hure milled M. Fountoy, who Ending ih«t cxprcaiions cm* 
ployed by wrncn oif high repuiaUQiit i^ applird lo the conNtl- 
luenti of the btood, entered upon hin njicnmi-niA with , bin 
miod bltUMd (n bvour of the idc^, t)iHt hr must meet with 
jcUy ns one of i|B componeni pftm. Whrn, undf r thjs rraprj^a- 
•lon, he iaB^rutcd hifl experimenift upon the ancongulublr part 
of the Bcniirif it is einy to eoncfive, thjit he mighE mistake the 
idh^a, of deaiccauioti i^r thoic of gchiinixmioci and ua far aa 
appcRn, he did not employ «ny other mtthod of aacertnining 
tht nature of the lub^inncet than the change produced in il by 
the cfTeet of heat, Indeed, iLkhough ht Ticatei the fact in dif- 
fctciM part* of hi* «orki with perfect cooBdeoce, and claims 
ihc discover)', aa one which he thnught of importance, he no 
vfterc givt^s un nny account of tlic munncr in whuh his experi- 
mentfl were conducted. Th« subject wu irriced much more 
in detail by MM. Pufmer^cier and Deycui; but aldinu^ they 
coDcltide in fav^iurcf M. Fourcroy^s opinioti, we fthjill not hod 
that their reiulta authottKe this foncluaion. They do ooi day 
tluc the iobLTUtce, which they obrained, eorcreied by cold; nor 
do ehry itrem co have thoLtj^ht of e^iamUinf; ei$ nature hy miy 
chcpakal UMn-t the pmpettie* which thry point out are by no 
mejmo chanctrriKlie of jelly. 

Ai to Mr> HnntcT** eKperimenti, ll ii obvioni thnt ihcy 
r>thcr confirm, thiin oppose, the opinLoo thai I am deaiiou? of 
ritAbliflhiiig, He found the pare of the lerum, whtcb u not 
ooiguJabk by hcnt, to be preciplcable by the acclftte of lcad> a 
»ub»tance, whii;h h the ippnjptiate test of mLXtft. and boa no 
Action upon j<tty> Be due* not appear lo have eojnincd the 
eflfccu of hi^at upon tt. The oQihom who have more recently 
maud upou the lubjecc appear, fit least Ibr the judsL pdri« to 
bavo taheo up the opioion nf tlie French eheitiliTS whhotu 

\ou II. ti 


Om ihe Kotir^ o/OanmtiriMk Jkid. 

fanher namiiiutioni nd iftdccdt tttter lh« very ^ifc«i 
Id vrWh K had b«co >Utcd, «c cnn 4r»K«ly unttc tbrok ^fl 
tMhntu or improper conlidmcf. Both Dr. Htrkbeck and Mr. ' 
ADmit hoirncr, mention ih« «ffr<c oftm jo throvJEig down a 
copkiu> prccipiuce trotn ibc trroutyt but fron the wa^ Is 
which it wa> obuipc Jj Ijt pre»*iDg » from mtiup tbtf had bg c« 
cxpniFd in heat^ «rc muMi c<itidiftdc. ihai U ilill cODUaBtd S 
portitin of uDcoaguUtcd itbumfB, which would be attcil upoo 
by the t^ui' Thus it ippc^n ihjt ihv crrontrcuB opiaicct, whicfc 
tlivx grndrmcn drrivcJ. mthe firil in^Unce, from the Freocb 
chr(ni«t»>wu^ canlmcti h^ iheci^umitancc of their opcrac^D^ 
upon ih« suhaUxocc m aa Impure aute. 

On the yatttrc t^fOximvrwtic Acid, 

taaCP4.TTa HK >»■" CA^I^ »V J. HLiXnAV, L>CtV»KV)T CHBH»TaTjj 

Fr^in Xiehobfln'i JnuniftL Pot Aprilj IBIL 

an, Cdmhurf hj Muvh U, 1*11, 

I tiiALL beg jrour p«rmj«»iop to occupy h lew pages of 7<0Br 
Jounial with aomr rfmnrkioa thr reply of Mr. ]. Davy, \m 
your I cut number, id che obsrtvntiaiu which I Had offm^ o« 
Mr. Davy'ft opiiuoQ of the nature <d ffluruuic anrl o^inuiHMJc 

Hicgcnikmaua fir«t rrm]iTlE«)thai 1 have noeanendeJcothe 
dlaijTiction bclwcm throry aod h^'pothtiii. but have nuiJe pro* 
mWiioiin uar oF the two word«, and have hence caLcu ^ in* 
correct view of bj« brothct'i opinion, which, he adda, i^ n the* 
ory.notan hypothfiiv 

The frt^e lignilic^ituiQ ^nerjdly givcu to the word theory in 
chcmiui} btn^uageuko well understood, that 1 c^d tiot t uppme 
it c^ould \mrc given h»c to any amljiguitv rrquiriogLu be point- 
tA out- Th^oTVi ttricd}' undcr«tood« impUea, no doubt, a pria-,fl 
eipic eatabTimhcd hy ju»l induction from in<livii!unl fjidd, and ™ 
apphcd to tltc cjLpUDAtion of pbctwuKaft; whila in lui hypotbe- 



On thi Nature sfOxiteiiriatk AcUL 5 1 

NBapFineipIt isatiumfrd, wh«a«c phcnontcfta vc ^tempted 
to be explained. Bvit ih^rc h nn in«:mf<li4tr hVnd at rraiofi- 
Uig nr gpecuUiion« in vhkh ihrrr St pnrlly general izmIao, 
partly hypf>(>ir|irAl **iiiimptirm — « prindpl^ hcing profc*KdIf 
(Afcrrad br inductioHt hi»t requiring the aid ol hypoihc&li lo 
ap^ly IT tn atl ^r phcnoisma conoccud «rrih che mbjc^i. To 
thh the term f opinion* th^r^, and hipoiheiU are often iadU- 
liwitely Applied; ind ihcory m ehemkaUjiDfcutgc haftpiore 
ly thit aigntriCJrilon thjtn iny oihcr. The lacceuirc 
lAehrmUiry tvouU fr^d u« to doubt indeed i/ iic^n 
be ofte«i ju»t1y uted 10 it« more itrict »eD*c, implytng a perfect 
imdtKiJon, the certainty of which Bubiequeci dfuovcriet c«n- 
mK cttuge* The ihcory of SinhL h* it hifl been named, which 
jlcne period commmded univcmt Munt, wm t^uiclEly tubverl- 
ed' Much of the theory of l-avoiiicr^ umple and eoncluiive M 
the evidence Jtpjjcarcd (o br (jn which it '%% founded, muit, if 
UIg »peculMtJona be jutt. ^\\»t-< the nmc f^lv. And eren Uiaa< 
more pnitiil tnductioni, which apjicftred lo huve the uUnott 
cenainty, nr* mafiy of them, it rii»» iipjKurv, douMful. To ■ 
philosophic fn<iutrcr thii m^iy perhaps akrggnt >cmie cauiioa ia 
applyinf^ the i«rm theory in its ttriet fcigrti&c^Eion. ind tt miy 
guard him ogkintt ihe tnoit co^nmon of tM error* — an undue 
<:ottfidence iDourtpecutation^f md the bdief (hat the opinion* oj 
our day are defnofifitr.ited i^nthHi 

Mr J. Davy'H mi^iaJie, (and which t »hovitd liuTe obviated 
in my former ptpcr, liad i auppoaed lay one ntivndinR par< 
lioilarly to tl» vuhjc^^jnidaccuatomed to icieniiEiL' deduciimt, 
coold h^re fidEen into it, and hod 1 net wiahed to avoid bnld- 
ln|t<^u(U"i^cceuurily Mr. H* Davy"! opf&fon ai purely hy< 
poiheticat,) ia the aiippo^iTifJ ihti opinion ti> be a theory in 1^9 
airici «enw of thf term, lo ftiatln;; the ^oandt of thin opSnKW, 
bcciip04C»too,verycle^rty, (he source of bia error. Mr, Davy, 
he remaikn, *^ combinra oximuriattc acid gu9 whh Tiidi^gen 
gas, and form^ muriaiic acid gaa. Jn his ihi!ory^ tnuriaiic acid 
gai ia a eontpound of oaimuriatlc ga« and hidrogen. He eotn- 
bii^et oxiBuriatie gai with vtilphur, photphovua, and the naetal*^ 
aikd ID hti theory' the resulting tuhitanceB are eompounda ^ 
the it^ammuble arid mtudlic bodies respectively, ud oliAUia 


On f Ar A'^KiV «/ OjtimtiruaK JcuL 

mitc f^Mu Mctc we ficTecivc ha aufipoutlofi, but a umpk ts 
prcMiQn of {mcih, jftd thii I humHy foncch t ii purr and f;a^ 
uiftc ihron-" If b of niiin impormnf<^ Mr- Dany *!■(> rt- 
mArkif " thit r>fTCftMOD fi( foca be not mijirepresaiud. Ii iM* 
cf iT^HC rOPMqttfBCf iHm (hing* he noc urmed fXtbncM, thftt 
thtoiy be not <onftid«Trd s^ ^pt^Ll1dlE<1tl/' 

Tht proper exprenioo of iKt above facC* i*. (hat frrim tbo 
TOuUitl JAiioti of fixioriurUek gai and hidrogtn, muriatk ac>d 
gti Ii oUukined, that from the nuniAl action of oximurmic gas 
and inflanunaljl*;*, or mcuk, luch aod «uch aubMaocH arc form* 
cd, Th»( RHiriaiic acid U a cctnpoDad Af oximurbiU fpu with 
lii<Lroj|Ci»,orrhaiih<ic auhiuncca arc coDi|»andi of oxicnurift- 
ttc ^ with the retpectivr mctaU or inftammabJea, «rc iofe* 
rrti£?a, which may Lf ii^w, or miy be falie. They appear ao 
<Jouht u> be thr mOftT (tirrrt iafercncei, Uat thr fsott obvioua 
and direct concluston fmin an «vprrimrnt may not alway» be 
the juu one. Tht ihorteit way of convincing Mr. J. Davy of 
ihis will be to sUte to him in the very form of eipneiatoo. 
vhich he employ! in the above quotaiion* conduaioui whidi 
he eannoi admit. 1 c<3mbmc, 1 may lay, oxi^e of mercury aud 
muriatic acida and form calomel. I conclude iher^loit, that 
calomel U a compound ol mariatic acid and oiide of mercury. 
I combine mtiriaiic acid and potarih. and hy ili^^lp^itioa e»f Ocie 
walrr I obtain ft *o1id product > which I cooaider at a compound 
of the mciiatic aeid and potaah: and 1 perceive in tlie&e con^ 
duuDUB no »uppOBicion, but « nimpie exprcwon of f;icu. Mr. 
Davy will in dua however aoon <orrTCt me, and inform niv ngt 
merely thai they are auppoaitioni, but coiidutiont aluj^hcr 
Iilai;. lie will perceive therefore^ that the inference which ap- 
pears mo>t <:ilivioua and direct ia not always jua1{ that it U 
BOMiciiiiic* uGL«b»ary to tMkc a more eKtenvive or dvt?p view, 
ui;d Will purhapb be convinced, that he hati irrcd in ihv notion 
hv bUEL formed of the kind of induction, which conatitutca « 
geokiinc tbcoiy* 

The cnute of errors f^uch aa i^ua 'i*-t antt whidi has long 
hccn recDgni»«d hh t\\v fcriile aourcc o( falac ^ptculaticn in 
phyaici, la the laling into victw only part of the fdCia which bi?' 
long to the aubjccc-^ose which appeu jmai favourable lb. 

On i^f AWurr tfOjtrmtiriatk Avid: 

our indurt^ioa, insread of taking the who\e ima rorniidfraiion, 
VftiJ fn>in ihU gfnenil view ff^rmtng \\c xtitm probable c^ncto- 
aion. If ihr fitrCt ahovr quoted fmai Mr. I>j]vy were nil thai 
arc rr>nis«ctr<l with the v^iieifian, bit Doncluiioni nughi appear 
Kihrjuu. Dtit there arc nthcn cqanlly (Connected viiii U, to 
rxpUin whjoh^vflriouA hypiiihciicalau»itnpiiAntani*thc made, 
tbr probAbUltj" rd wMch (iii^hr lo be connitkredt aimI i^t 
whole compared with Any other induciion that taaj \k-. tbn&- 

Thu» in distilling muriuie aeld Avon bUck oxide of mn* 
gancM, the oxide looea a |>Oirtian tA i(« a>igcn« the fnurintie 
acid divtppeAra, and oximuriatic iicid ii obtained' The dvrcV 
conch;uor^ from :ki> experiment (and it \t equally direct wUh 
Mr- D^y'» conduiEOn fiom the rxficTini«iitf>f tlctonAt'iEtgoxt- 
Tntiriatic gn» and faidrogen} la, thjit the oxigcn tii the nxxAt ha» 
ctimbined with ibe muriadc «cid, and fornM^ the oxtmiriaiJct 
Eind to obvivif ifii^ he t* obliged 1o x^pp&tt, xh'Xi the otigen of 
the OM Je cvoibiiiei with the hidrogea of the Acid, fofming 
waUr, ajij tetltitg free the oximuri;iuc Acid< If we expoic 
liqujj oXLtuitrifltiG acid to Mtlar bghi, oxigea it expelled, itnj 
mbnvtic acid tonuin*j and th« mo»t dtiect uif<reQce Erom tlu> 
i(>iliat vxinittiiaticacid u Jt «oiDpound of aMriftlic ncid ottd 
oxigcn. Mr. D^vy mutt iuve rr^gunc to a UuobvlouicxpU- 
lacion, und /ujjycfr A portion of water to be decomposed, iu 
oxij[cn diicngagcd, and itK hidroRencombined with the oxianu- 
rialic ai,id. And Ite has no proof of ihi: fufaiaiu^n and dccom- 
pti^hiun of witer in these cj^fcrimc&tA, JurUicr ilian tlmt thef 
mwc take pUee, iF his ihnorv be tnie. 

\i we conaider thtrrctore tbcsc twoopiniotiB und«r difli»«W 
aLspeetii, if we ^t aul u h were from different pa iat*, each will 
a^rar an induction^ which u> apply to idl the phmomena far- 
ihcr rotuirtet >ome hypothetical Maiuoiptioni. ConAidennjc the 
rxptrimtni of the pmdiKtioo of oiimuriaiic AcJd, hy dintilling 
muriatic acid from Bubstancca which tmpjLrt oxif^, the mon 
direct enncluHun », thut it in a compoun^l of oxi^n and 
munatje acid; but to appljr thi^ in explaining the agcftcin 
of both acldit it i-1 neee«wy to suppov: in some caaea cbaogei 
Uk occur: the formation or decomposition of waccr for ex- 
ample, of which we have no independent proof- Coniiduing 


On lAf Ji'aiurt 9f0xtmu^wtic Add, 

ott the oihcr famd the exptrimcBi of the mutual actkni of omft- 
nwriMif «nH hidrc^n ^ici, ihc TiioiEdircclinfcm)cci»,dMl 
lAVriacic ^u\ U « rnmpaund of ihut Ku[)9Un<c>j biit in JMlopt- 
iRg lUt u i)te builii of ■ tfaeoty, it u cf]Lift1ly necOMfj |o Ad> 
rukcc «uppi^»iti<int. itni'1 in p.-tnl^-ulivr ui auppost vithMil avf^^l 
actnal proof, th« in diiTirirnt otc* iriwr i» lorneil or dccoQl*^! 
po*vd> Thew supposition* Mv not «lway« rfquimi lo ibc two 
lyiirmii in rfbiion lo the »m« facc^but ilill,«rh«rcvtratt hy- 
pcitl^j;«iH ri rrqnirrd in the oni?. « CO(TCi»pondtng ttypotlicaW 
will b? CtiuniJ ncccnafy in «i>nk« pjirt of the other Th«y occur 
om the whole ju«1 m fro^utolly in Mr, [>-jTy*i t^nlcm dainilM 
oppobicc ont, Mid th«y xrc M liitLo kkipportod by jLCtuil proof. 
Mr, for cuMnpltf, h%% no b«ttcr proof, thit wib^ b formed 
nhen muriiitiG miO ia dHiillrd from bUck oxiiieol latagancMf 
tbui I have of it> lonniiiorL in the mutual action of oximnm* 
tic ^1 and hidrOg«n; or thnt ic i« decompoicd wbco o&irau- 
u-4.UK acitl ib exponed to tol^r light, ihiin I have of iti dcooa* 
{Kj^itiuu when m n»etal jb acicil ou by muriatic atid pu. 'Jlw 
two cpinions irv perfectly uUke wich regard to the fviilmoo 
on which ihty nai derived from the abort factsj and to tdeci 
in one of them that pan where the imluetUm appc;ir« dttvci, 
and uhc ii for ftranted dial it U uur.thc hvpothn^ruJ n^ump- 
tiona, w hich mu»< be fartht^r muU, necMnrily follow; hot to 
pufBue iliG ttvtT^i: miMhfid wiih rr^rd to the other. lo repre- 
■CPtit M an h^-poihfbi^, by hringinc; forward the parii whicli 
require the «Mumption of hypotbeiiiii, and nefi^r.i or rejeei iJi»>' 
more dirccc mduccion, U a mcreiir^phUm- Thiii«'xaf(ly«b&t 
Mr. J, Davy doen, nn do<iht withniit bi'in^nware of it, hi* 
error ariKiivjc from the confrncd and panUl v'u'W h« hu ukm 
of the tidijed* 

AU ih'is i» Ko ohvioui, thai inmp upoLo^ it due Co yoijr rea< 
den for haritig iMuftinried ii at any Icnglh- Thi* hat however 
been mdercd nce^jMnry by ihr tone thn f^ntlcmen hia .'^lu- 
Acdthroufth ihe whcU of hit oWruaiLon*. He ha« held out 
ih« optntnn of hik br^^ihrr 9a a genuine cheery rctti&g oa indu- 
bitable evidence, Ktd hki thought hims^ll at liberty io rep rwcnt 
llie f«a»ontng J have employed as mcrvs^iecuL^Ltion, and thecs- 
pJanocioniX hove here given 10 uniformly hypothetical, EKid hav^ 


On rAr Ifytitrt sfOximuriatic ^cu/^ 


ingoa ihu tccDUQA IMS pnunuou to be put in mninui wiih (hi 
ochcn. He will bow prrcdvc, that ibv *gb^ec< miy be prornt^ 
td naiAer ■ fijff«mit Irgtit: uxl he wkU not [irrhi|n again haurd 
the uifrticA filial hii brr^thrr'tt ** COnclusiooB trv i>oi taimfd by 
tiie dighrciE *dnititim of hyf>othn»." Lcit he *hoiiM, per* 
mit me ta rniil one or iwo iUuMrationa, wliub mv bcudcA tux 
UAConnecte^ wiih ihc lubjcct- 

Oo AdLltnf;tofticr«tieof owKttry^wurkuof loda^nhriicof 
|bdA a&d cftlomel ve ibrfncd; chcmba hare there£are brcv te- 
nmnmcil lo cfinc1i>He by ruleiof evidence, which they thcnight 
MifBclmily cirujn, itutt the nlene »ld cocnhinet withthrKKf^ 
■n'i ihkt the nujriftlic nctd <o«h4nc« *ri*h the inercurinl oxidief 
larmmg the nlomfl- Accordtcig to Mr. Dsvy^i opinion how* 
crcr, though the lutric ftcid anius with ihe w>dA« the muiitiic 
ae»d doc» DOC iUMt« whh tbe a\ldt, but ihcw lubujftce* dc- 
conpo«e each ochcr, tkc oxikco of the ovidG unite* with tikc 
hidfogcn of the »C)d And fonn« wMer« Mid the c^^nul >• a ci>m>' 
pOttidod'ovinMiritiic flcidand tftcuUit quicltiKer. Agun, on 
iddinf nHinatJG »ctd K> poiub we torn nkurt*uofpciUdi,Bnd 
OB n|ioting tiiia product to h«ai« to » to obcain k dry, we 
h«re hitherto beliei-cd, appotenUy on vety lUict iftducckii]> 
that the wiier waft expelled, and that die dr^ product bscoo^ 
pMind 0^ mnnuic acid niul poLuih. But is Mr. Davy's rufm 
■yaioii It It t4ip^o«r<), ihat the act4 and the potaah dtcoarpoBO 
Vtdb Oliwr, the oxigiii of the uoe and the hidrog«n oTthcetkr 
womlbme aod torm water, leaving a ciMapound of citinHiria^c 
«cid wid potai^um. On lUiiDlrinfc thii ia water &rv changes 
occur, the waier u decompoud, the potaiUu m recdvei oxigee, 
(he osjOMnKk Bcid, hUlfO|[cii, bbkI t tonponnd of Burlatlc 
«cU lad pdutfa U ajpiia formed- Who don itf*\ pnte ive rn alt 
thlt tbottdtnee of hypothetkat a«at:m|vtioo«F auiamptiotta I 
hairc BO br«itario« in Myiag norv gntoVuMia and awn cowi- 
pUoted, tlua any re^arrod in llie opposite »)'(te«nt or peihap* 
in a*y other cheiHcal apeculatkHi* 

Mr. Davy** oploian thro Ircgard>aanbypoihc«i>itheopm- 
iM I havtt BMDtabcd 1 faavc alvo diatkcHy Bdaictcd in my 

to b« Ml faypoilwMi eadi rwu 

a pyare w df 


of baipf appGed with 





Mf* Daryi ■ ■ Ilk a, fin* » bra I apnk of nvwck aod I da 
»0t McM Ae vliolr piadcraU* pwt <if in mer I «Da»d«r m 
MCMMf^ » ili ouMmcc )■ it> ipwvcMi HMc^ mhI tb« It b tt> 
i)w *■*— *^* frvr Enia ibb water thu dte um Moriicie add 
k ifplM T1ii« b l»r «taaii^ &H wbca be proceeds td dw 
Idftn o g tAot, l«i Mr. M. t wii'mi if k ia it* Iwobted mmv^ 
ha* be (UKtifaed iei propctUA-' or bM ^Aj chtsUi cm ob* ■ 
nioed ilf And *hrxi from tbtf ■■^■u»ie girca of cottfM to ihc<^ ' 
bt coBclodn, ih^ 1 ttiL»i rtgtfd tMrncic acid ^ t* a tam- 
pnndof an vrnteowiibEMai and water, he nuict or magniftet 
Sfic«l<i«B of IHtk iaponancc, or at lettt »c |>nuijju^ lo ihi» 
ian«^g*u«n. Whtn I mpetk of real $ulpburic w aittk «id, I j 
incaa tbc acU fnc fro« wavtr, thou||ti \t maf aoi have been ■ 
obcahwdtn fhttiiuci and in tbu« uiin^ language wb^h it f a. ' 
milbrio chrAUU lam nncawarr^tbat I jiMrodiaceaiijDut«lty 
of hypovbnt^ Tbo real vimatic acid I cootUler at an acid 
from having ndaon to conditdc. tbai u oiUtk in iu lolid com- 
puurid«, Dciitraltf^Pg lh« batei «rkh vbieh kiivtiicombioaiionf ^ 
io the aaoic nMnncr la I cooiiJer real •ulphuricur nitrU a<id I 
■iiBtdd frijTn Lnouing.'ihai they cxiM lo CMnbiuiiiuni free 
oriMarijr »o from waicr, eicrtiag i similurnvkitndrjLini; power. 
Mr. Davy may tf be |^lc;uu vupp^jte sulphuric or nitrtf acid 
tobr aunnpouaUoI an unknovn baiia and watrr, and conrludc, 
thai the KUppuaition ^t ihv cKistcoce af thcke aridi frrr Irom 
watAf i* '* «pccutaiioa in the airlctcM KeoH of the word-** But 
no chrnuit wjll Jind un)- difficuliy in ihh. Thf! appareoilv grva* 
l«r Jaflu^ort of water ^n ih«- ^^i/micaf powfraof nuHatic acid 
than the other xui* probabl}* afiKi Ironihefacuwllb regard 

On ifif ^otmr£ 9/Oximurielk Md. 

■iih the 


thU vcoont no prrmniont lo htt pot m tooti: 
. lie will nnir p^-rccivc, thni the subject may be prcMSt' 
cd iiixl^ > difffi-rni Uf^h?; nod Lit wjU aoi perfupi igam luTtanl 
the>nertion,ihic hUhroihcT'i'^concluiinntarv not totntrdby 

mil IBC to Jidd one or iwo iUiittn»i«<kH» which Arc beside* not 
nncoonectrd with the tuhjrci. 

On&ddin^iontlriteofmciicury, nvurlflDfrefiodtittltllEBdf 
^da »nd caIoumI arr fermrdi chDmi«ti ha v« there fbrabrffa» 
cuaiocncd 10 conduffe by ruleaofcridence, nhich ^ey thought 
mftderxdy ectAin.. ilui the nitric scM eomhinn inih the i^da, 
ind thai the murinitc ncid cdmbinrt vith the mereurUl oxidCf 
formiTig the ^ftlomcL Acoonlins 10 Mr* Dftry'« opifkion how- 
ever, though thr nitric icid unite* with itie «odft, Uic miirittlc 
Mcid doea oot udiEc with the oxide, hut dieie E»ubscince» dc* 
eoinpoae each odier, the ofttgcn of the oxide unitei wiih the 
IttdrogMiof dicacid ukd'r,And (he calomel Uicom- 
pMud of oximumtic neid and met«11ie cjuiekMlver. Agvn. on 
*ddtfi( nuiiitJc acid to potash wc lorni muri^jeoffwuih.and 
on eipoting ihia product to h<Bl« 10 u to obuin it dry, we 
htivc hitherto belivvcd, t\tpartniiy on very Mrict mdiictioQ. 
that the w«cr wa« ex^lled, aihI that the dry product UacoM- 
pound of nuriatic acid and puiuh. But m Mr. Daiy^i new 
ayitem it b luppoted, thai the acid and the pooob decottpoac 
each other, the oJiigenof the one vtdd^ hidrogta of chcothfr 
coonbine and fovm water, leaving a compooDd of oiimLirilLUc 
Ktti and potiiuiiiaa. On dUtolvinff Uiis in wuter new ehangta 
occur, tha wMtr U Uc^oiiipoaed, ihepotuvMumTtctivciuxigen^ 
tha oxinuiiatk aod, hidtogen, and a cotopoimd of oiitfinti'; 
acid and foimh U ^g^m farmed. Who dor^ not percrive Inatl 
thii abwDilMPe of hypuihfrical aftnimpiioiiB? ummpitflbA I 
lMn« no heuciOHm m inyin^ floorr g^rui^ItauA and mnrv cOM^ 
|diCVedt than any rot^nircd in ih« oppoaits •^aieoi, or |)«riatpt 
io kOfy whtT chomkal apecuhtion. 

Mr. Davy** opinion then I regvdAian hypo4hc«iftj theopm- 
ion I hare in»ntidn«d I hive &1ia diuittetly addicted in my 
former pificr lo be ta hypwlae^ia: etch r««u <» n iffiiri mlj 
profaihle indaction, and ■• capiliW of hel^f applircl with idok 


64 fAf XMirt *f OximttHttK Attd. 

Both AST hr[Mi1w«fK «nd if I cua cit|il*iB a fjict Wf ih 
pie of die oee, vikicb jKltttiu ai no c^tinflnon bjr the principle 
of the <iibtr, the >iipcrio«iiir of the rofmcr U viUi rcipTd to llii* 
|>olBt Mift^UwIy eUifalpJiccL B«M(1<«, the appHcMkia of lb« 
<loctri*t of <iiapO«falg affinity akriM ■ffionfaaaeiEphMMt^nii of ihk 
fiici, 1 cAati^cr ti ibcrrJorc u itill KtviBft ■ Miperloritr to ike 
coaoton >]r»tcin, for ttdiKiBf am >ppc«r mo*e aooaulou* Ami 
tllm of ■!! iaifiantnuUe awl nrtall^ mbMmcn oon* biK diftr- 
icooJ renaiflfl uodmBnl by oxJimanMic acid, «iid aoihin^ coti 
briBore MUB5kcn>f7 ihu to have a cmim? aiu^acd kr thio. 
Mr* DftvycotiHiden UasoFlhUe importancr, ihoufih it LsUkm 
rem »iiMaa1yt nnd thr uiptmtddi&^attycifaecfHiDtuiiflbr 
iianofdingtoibe oJd ofiiriiDa, which ^tvc riic lo the iwv 
dactnoc, <vt ai Uui lint ii^f^gcsicd the ftiupician, lh« onntu- 
Tuuic acid ikw* Dot contiun ovf^n^ be b lattt^ed with ibe otv 
LcrvaiioQ, tbiu «e have no hi^bt to expect fnMo a th»ry the 
iiplaiiiiioD of uhimeie facMj xYua \s fteft of eomprciiciiaiK 
nrrivnl At b^ a grncraUxuion irfikh eft&sAi tic carried 
Hinhrr, forihc ^Kt in quc*i>oD i« oot of tbia kind, hut of lodi- 
^vUiul bct» wbkb the ibeoo' *^1l ^^^ c^Uioi a >^<ry aaCecoo- 
kjchuMOt in wliieh it may he proper foi- him to atude. Thie, he 
Mdds ^ VI uUnMtc fBCit " ortc of ihou u-hkb <«.fliitatc oa k 
vrcrc tbcauarmof iheseicocei" and be addi,ihMhc U |jbd 
.11 u bot lonurrd b%- hypotbciical csplaiutiico. Uow it ii eleva- 
ted lo aa nsiofBT taking ibU word io iu eommoa Miite of a 
f Amifaineiual pnpoaitton, ndf-cvidcnt, nad tlwnforr not ad* 
mtntng of dcmofutraiinn, I d/j Eini iindi r^tflnd; nt IraAl I do 
tint percrivc hnw ihi* dt-£miicin upplxt lo the propmitiont tbic 
mlnmriniic mkI vltl not combine wtth eharcoiJ. CouJd Mr.fl 
Duty ilifcnvcr tvrn 4 luppovitioob^' which tbi»f«icl could be 
npUlmci, [ hive link (iQubt libal he wodd gbdly reinovc it 
itMW tbr rJat* of uTiocni, and from ibe Cuility wi;b «rbich be 
abdniu 10 Many ochi-r lup^OkiiiDcu, thai be vould wbdnic it 
evcik totoatt degree af totttire, to bead it into oonfocmiiy wiib 
ibc ntieii>. 

Oathcfaci itidi rrgardtoUicinflvcficrofwalcTinEAvuuTin^ 
the dlMOlEagCDieELl (jl varbonic actd from bfltcft tiith uinth ic 
is combined* it i* tcmely necettary to make atiy vb«crv«uoa. 


I »M «ra«, tb«t ii mi 


On the Nabtre s/O^mitnatic SM S& 

operate by ilfl affioity U» thv btae. 




ud BUgscit«d ihit Mon* ycar^ ai^, m the UncUMion 
dbe <)ii«fttkm vjiii Tc^td to ibr (oflMit»c« otf water oo ihc (pd* 
ililubon «f cUi^ fluids in m7cb«micft1iy«tcm> Botitbrthcr 
^ppevrcd lo m« prCplnUe, ihu il^-pcfirts tik«<fKc by Hi ^oi- 
ly io ihv acitJ* Si iKcrc *• rcMoci 1 think xo tu>pt<i, tb*t the 
agencjr of w»Wt n ii»po«t>nt «i^ regard to ftU MMlst II jii iiill 
l>OW<ttf H r:tvv in fWint, uncc il i> ^n cssm^ of the powrfful 
ftgnicy ofwiiiet in Rnodift in^ aHinitir v anid of > cIccompotatiDn 
aM being capdble of bciQ^ fflvctcd unlrat re br Mippl;cdj n> 
v«1l » a pTCkof that d bodf, ^h«tl*?r i< tx acvirlh or in icld^ 
cwmoc be obiaincd iMtitMtfd frooi it« fombinMiom, unlets it 
vfceire the pnnicn of wtrccf vrludi it n^ii«rc«< 

The yr^menf . ihM Fran the ^trongtAnilf of fnttri:itjc li<:^4 
to v«l«r a portion c^t ii witl be r«tNifu:<l <n combiinuion wiilt rt 
in tho vfaslN: KUir, I bolilTolKLBCiiwitiiieMdinifthvrtply.clvit 
MurUtic sckI doet noteiUi a* a gx m combination i*iT>i dif* 
fcvrnt praportJoo* ^r warn, *' for tbr proptittion «f hnJjTii^ro 
^aa prodiicod from mDhftiK acid ^n* xtrd oo by difTrrMit 
nfUdi, if aJtt*v'a th« mnr, vh^thrr it hm bpvn cKpof^^ltothe 
infldvnce of <lfyiii; >ih» ov not." '11>c :nEmiice nhkh vould 
mKUrtbk reply ooncJosiire don iwt' follow i ndmntinfr thai 
nttriuie Dcid ^m CMmo« c\jit niih i!i0rretit ptopjtituon of 
•Wer, the dOilf iafcrencc iticn would bv, Uut muriatic nciii {{b* 
obtained by the iMu*i Dwthodi bfe tiin»dryft aiotcM we nncib- 
lakk it tiuubttd. But 1 doubt Bltofrether d>e otlciicd fact; for 
Dr. Uetkry fouwd bv die enure UDracrptioosb&e mode: of lh«- 
adioB ol el«ictrmly» thix rrc*M tn\inAlk acid pvi aflbrdi ,\ of 
tt« buft of htdro^n, while afur ihi; lull nction of neuriirui al 
Jitna it idbnU only ^ of it^ baTk- I'hr inlereDc* in tb« muoniag; 
on tkit subject, from die aftnity of pokuaiom lo oxi^tn, artftM 
from a BJscoooqnion of tis* theory ol'Uerihotkt, on vhbdiib^ 
original uguneM is fbiiaded, ao obvioiu that it doc« not te- 
^uitv 10 be potutod out. 

Mr. Diry proceeds to fomcohsen^tktna on myexperbncmv. 
no viuch 1 tbifi oflrr tew n-iaark«, u ! shall proboMy havtan 
oppoetaoity of engi^ng rn thf diacoueon of iha part of Ih^ 
iubj«ctf Id groaier atlrantajte. <rhrn better aef^iMinrrd vtth ih^ 


On the /raturr tfOrimnntiK AaA 

BBlod. I may bf aiUov^d lu mv, ih^t of tlw >ceun«y of Um fB- 
lulu t obuLQcd, ponkuljiilv ol tb^u vfaich Bppvtr lobe qw- 
lioud, iht bmiuLwn ol ckriKMiic tcul, uh^ ciriwttiCi dXkW, 

fiiedoB, 1 Am iitXky (abvukcJ. 1 tud preserved th« nolc* oi 
ihoir c\pcTiniciiei, lottc! of tkrv vriunk by Mr. EflU, oihcn 
by mj'Acli, at libc t^mc ih«^' w%n mutcj imd la all of ihem car- 

L^y of c^rboittc o&iik. of whtch 1 havr uktn potk* ko my 
||MfWT. How Mr- l>»vy tuii-rr^ thi« the whoto ckrboak ootids 
ittld bt tiOQwrud nito carboDJc Mcidi in order to kdaitt thm 
ibicrva<t,lluuo»gcnM coflsiBUDkatcU Jroni Uic oiuDuHjiiic 
iftctd, I di> nix coaipffeb«Ml< h U MiAicMfii, tf a ponioD of caT' 
'bcmk MiJ b produced* No aoiiDe pcrlufA it dve to the re* 
Inotl, that in one of my cipcrini«iHv « nnHlL residue oJ com* 
mon ur wu ob«crv«], « hence it u infcrrvd, ihix the coovcntoa 
of guIkwig oude Uiio carbovk acid miglu be owing to tiM pr^ 
Licnct of aiiiKiipbcric air. Cartionic onide f^ re<|iurcf for tt* 
CovkVcnioD mo caibo»ic acid by df tooukm wiib atPM*pberic 
lirmqumticy i^uvl « IcuM to3i ol itt bidki and c<oi a lif«i»> 
tutb ol tfalt qujiMicy could h^vc k«cn imrodiKtd cvm >d ibn 
■iDflt iaaccunu «Dode, in which Mr* J. Davy mfty *upfH»e tbc 
d^ornncoft to hare brm perfonncd- The umU fiovtktn oh- 
'wmveA had origicaud fn-.oi ih-c minoef quaats^ dMCVgnged bf 
ihc force of ibe dcBooaiioa from between the tkjca of the tulie 
■iidd)eq«ich3ulTer,wbieh,aflded to whftcmi(tficticdUenKa0edj^ 
bv che tranAmbuon through ibc wREcr, and agiiuion with i^S 
afnr ibcevploikintMbd to the alight ad«iiiore <o wUch alt 
cUmbc 0u>dB MT Ik^blr^ (cTprvvMd ID on« of Mr< DftvyS own 
'Vxparinuni>i by the pkraifl of** no naot* lonpunty ihan ougJit 
be cxprdvil Ut the air in ih< gate*"], had iom^ a qoaniity 
capabfoof bungditcovcrtd. U if,M ohviotnly detract noth- 
ing frofli dw ooncluiivfT>»> of iJie ei|i<rimeB% iiidrpe>Klca« of 
tbc dr«vnaM»ce^ tbfli itwa* nOtobftcivediaihcmArcdceiMVc 
eiip^nartcfil of tbc ilow tnoiujl action of ihae gi^ca, 

lU li willing to admit tbc accuruyof my cipcf iaacnti, »o 
fgr aa ihcy r«Ui« to ih« want of 4ci>on bctWEcn carbonEt ciJde 

rirrr efOstimurhrtic jfnA 61 

acJJ, vben wticr ta eseluiicd. Thu a a Jad, 
|irc4<iiit «A vtAmtiy in iIk dcw b) po:lMtit, i» 
not Ab«oluulr hosiJlc ta it^ ond 1 luvc, •) KonH, '' rcry «aiti«* 
fjKudly proved" tha iionMtioii, nod thai niihouc the ^scmv 
oJ vucr fio caibanK or nwiriiiuc gu u fbrincd. Uuc my expo- 
rinBciiUtithkh alEanlrtMilu prctcvkiiogM difficulty in the theo- 
ry. at% il t€*m% iaucurjitGi uid bctiiLe endtjrvouridc lo mjib« 
this «ppanvit b> nciou« ob*eTV»hc>ci«, Mr. l>4fy tnionn« u«, 
that cklkBr akiiiA, or ^a canjuaction vjtJi hi* brolbcr, he h»* if 
oot tvpcMtd th«it>, (whicli u-oukl hjiv« beta (be mom clfTECft 
ntodc o< prvnog ihcrr ijucoiracy), eU |«uI mode cKpe^icQcnto 
of* liniktf kim]. And wiili very iJiffcFinC rcnjlu. lltiu be b» 
fMvfionanl MMnc of tbc cxpcriniciKi of CruicUk^L on the 
carbnreued ludriugcii ic>*<*- Thctouroe of fuUjcr, whjch I 
*u|ifHk*cd voiiU have intv oontendcd fw« in Ok |ii««ciii;c o4 a 
pardiM ul^ ociigivn in die coiiipoittkni cf tbc*« g a w a > ti« «van 
lOiyak of liltbi impovUPCci tW pitKipcil aour^c of fjilbicy n 
suppoMdlobo tntbcpi«%cncco(««icr,>Bdhcibrraror«iM(k 
ihc duo— iiion» ovcv mrcivyt and ** nvvcr oUaintd cubcnic 
Mid fa«t tlwugh (MLimuiiatic ^*a in grcvi vxceva wm cnpkiy- 
cd." i shall BOI «ay aa> tlbfi^ of the source oT Ulacy, vrhici) I 
cacii:dirc ha* givca ibe to thn oliMrvationt uaiiil J hntc tcpcai- 
«d it» cip«rtaBCfit wiih lb* ncc««Mry precaoiioas. X alnllonly 
otnrnre, that Mr. D^ry dom not ttirvcdy <l«ny, dun carbonic 
acid ks foroKdi he hm only prrForaied ih« vxpcrittont without 
flbaloktff ii« and be does wx infonn hu rvadera vhaE were the 
■anal mulia.'HichidroseafiioM of ooimc hambcro rvMDved 
by thf MtloQ of the ovimnrktk ftod; Wkat bccanac of fhc car- 
bon^ Wm it pm'ipitated intbeatoteof cbarooal^ Or did itfv- 
tnam io ibr Mate of earbonU otUef Or dkl ihe ifanea form a 
irmary eoaihio«lkiiif aod hf>« wm% ihrabieoccolcaibonkacid 
oiab&bed^ Yri with all thrt« ri^-ficimcirt a rr*uli ihm jc*^ct- 
allyBnafd U braiagbi farurard in opfKntiton to eiptriiDmtk 
minowly dcVailed. Neither do« hj?df«y ibe fbrmation of car^ 
bonk artd la my ctp^rtanrnt of aubmjnittit cjtbonif ovidc, bi- 
^ drogvB andaniAiviatic |;a>M lo motiial aciioAt he «ipf>oita 
■ Itt fotnaation vwingto tbo pretence of aunoapbctic air, aa I 
I haT< almMlr itat«d< or to dta« rntroducdoQ of water after tli^ 




flb dr Nutm* 9/0)nmUfiMk Acid. 


»r mun- 

rt LiLliM 

ttiltoni nfuiDfitioa (k^b^f^ midr of 
iDmntion of a tnpk cpociipcnuid of eari>anfc mndc^ hidrogea^ 
■nd oximuri^u acici, bv • hkb ihii W4Ur wAciU be (li«o«paiML 
Hence, in iIif cxprHmnt fBuJe fca cnajunccLan wiib lui htc^ 
ihtr, tmnon&t wiu UH<t iiiMcad of wvur ta ifcAArb ibr mun- 

J1 U ftlnf^ifav howcTcr, thait nn alTcntpl ipprftn lo have 
vft<l4- io diKorer thrt uid, H« oonforrnaiioa it mfctred 
tha gM which nrnuinpii jilr«T ei|iii««re io «uer bunii«»i> wrili 
the tanM colniirtd fame >a carfaonk fixidr, whr&ce it » coa* 
duM to htn-t br«B tli» |pB, with ihe intmnitture 0I oitnifMi 
Inwi ihettmnMnis^ ittveduKna bvmi^Bdnuacd to ba JiCv 
CrODD (but of the Ciirbooic oxide employ^; bmI this 
rvaoUt open ro such obitoua f>Ib£i«^ b pbiccd in oppMiiioBi' 
to tbe pouirtT fvTDfhiciioii of nrhonic ncid in my exfrtl 
Ijtnky. aitcr oU ihcv ciprrimtnEi mnde tvithout CMthamc 
htmji obramod, and %htr thr b^ur bcsuiwcd in cndr^vouriB^ 
10 prove rvp«rimtM« in which it wm prodiict^l fannuTate, tm 
to AKount oihcrwiw f«r tVir rcMilo, ■ f^ i>t <litcoirered (ili» 
disoovtry ofh i> vkcmioocd tn « note, ii having been mada 
■Iter Mr. f. Da«7'» V^P^' ^'* wriiim) which U it a(Jnii(t«d n 
OfMhicof ccavmiaitcafbonic ovtAc into carfooaic audi afid 
«4i>chiaprcMn>tdfiiMrn the «anrnunria]ftaio^BiuriatK acid, S 
awl bf a fmecfla apparcoily AOt mixb diffctint froiin that wludi . 
ia o«na1ly followed. 

There Trmalea onr pnjnt Cn vTitfb it fct nectfaftaty to |pvc 
•oni« ecniUcracion. Mr. Davy |^««» a rrMnnwhy, u be Mip- 
poMi, the pvc^ttence of hjdro^en cannot, even on the hx'|v-,rbe4rt 
ImatDtain, favoxi^ ihc conv-eri Ion of cartjonic oaiclr intc» car* 
boaic icrd by ounMihxic ackl* !□ lubmiiting iWfi- thnr ^^ 
r» Ii>»ittl04l MMiQtt,lhte hidro^Hf in lombming vri(h <rti$ea 
frofn Ibe tixiaaDrbinc. can iunn no Bkore watei than j« required 
fdtbe domcituiUcin of ihai pi^nioa of wtutintif acid with whieb 
eht« oil^cv biidbem combinnlt and hcncr there ii n«> luper* 
AviQtM water to be ^forded to that ponioa of wuriaiic add^ 
whkh rviBsna to be fcnncd in ibe oxigtaaiton of tlie carbonic 
cixklobyihe tvicaiaing oxioiunatic atid. ^Ml i* JmpoMiblo 
lbrTvlbTr,"sayt Mr. J. Davy (rulbe iiylc wbich be permiia 


On tht Nature tfOxinutttaiic Acid. 



Uaudf to uiK>" thai tbe latur poruon of niurioiic ncid can 
Imcoom gSMOUi; — yet it doe* bccoDc, accordiog to the cKpc- 
nmcBtf vturiaix >cmI pt%t vhich U ;i <efitr«dktkitit and lir iv 
•eU ft prooioixh* imccurjcy c4 the bypotbnb.** 

UntobjvctioBhail ucoiiml lu mct Aod I had naird it at 
wvH vlbvcolution ol it to vjmn t>f my ftvnifs. Of cDurt« 
Iitiwevi7r,« diScuJiy or tfait niiurc coukl do4 be tirg«d Bg^unu 
the fiici, ^41 th« coDrenioD of cvbontc tntde into totfaonk 
Ncid, wKich do» noc bippoi when ontburimk gn akiae k mJ- 
dcd to the fomcr j^, iiit«« pUcc whcti iherc u an add^lton at 
Udro^CQ* Aod as farther tbe <ltfflcullf Jtppcartd to mc capililc 
ef ImIq^ aolved, I iliottglM it ututecetavy to wid to th« Uapli 
of my paper by mking onticc of it. It ii expluiied, I co&ceive, 
fai tbefol}awia^flna&itrr. Muriuic Kid ga* naiy be foniKd 
with t JcM prQporliua *ti waur Uiftii la occc«4arjr tu i4t tuil 
of wucT Co vhiil Vl conbaJii* ai it> ftr*« clneii^a^nnciiC la (lie 
tiaual proceea IW i>btainia^ tt I liar* »lrmidy tnud* and dierv 
kooihnig improbable in tba tuppcKKioot tkm U mii)' eicitt 
gMcouBiikbe\'cn Ltn water tban con he iafmrd itom tltti 
|iroof* AinI ia jJI datik fZoult sosall portkiiu of irucr J ht' 
lieve ctiai, of wlucb It is probably isipouible to tUpf ive tlkcn 
eiuirdy. When > »ixiiirc, ihcrcfbre, of taibooic ftKidr. bidro- 
ips, and oxiiniuiMiJc add gaieh ift aobmltlcd lo mutuAl actloo, 
the hadrogco aitncting oxfgcu from itko oximuriatic ucid» nnd 
forming with ti apiNrtk)Q«)f«atvT,thiiiiraur may hvoar the 
produciioo oi A larger <|4Mntity ol muiiaiiradtlitluiathic quan- 
tity oatn^y tvith u-hJch diat o&igm had beco Dombiotd, d tmy 
ppgcc Ai i Mittity ii ait div nmr litne excited, bivjo^ a teoden* 
qr lo produce iliai aciilt nov »ucb Mii«ffiiiit)- i« actually acned 
by the oubtuikc osidc. hfncr it is cnabUd n> operate wi;b eJbct, 
on ndditinAil portion of oaunuiriaik *cid it deuiaipoied, and 
by tbe coflvtoMiniiatLoD of oxigea, poitiooa of mnriodc and car- 
bonic addt are fbmrd- ThJi i* Laidicr Aided by tbe porti;iD od^ 
mtrr vbich muit h^vr b«ca comatiked im the potuooa of hi- 
dro^i, carbontc oaidr, aotL oiimarUiac goau. ai Jwi og ihciA 
chui^, cm thongb tbcy bwi befo previowly n«ulcred oi 
dry M poiublc. Ofiti^lf, thiawoQld notbcaafickntioftvovf 

64 Oni/te Adfurr tfOximivtOiM: Aad. 

Um decompoMikin of ibc oDnuriMic khI* biu addcii to ifac 
qoondiy fbfmcd by iht okig^tikrii «f dte hidrogcft ii MUf be 
AdeqDJiEC to chn efoo, u> the eiicoi I fasve ittaced* Tb« opem* 
tloa of ihji iMijiMWMj of yfmvTy ranaktlaK rn dnxic fluid* 

eIu flrirtv tiMc to v4ik h thry cui be brtHijthi, {» vrry WcU 
in iKf ?ni(illii of ihc dciAauiftn of bi<1n>tt^ anil oiinii' 
nwic gam. u rcbiitcl by Mr. H. thny. Atr, J. Divy, iodoj 
iflli ui, tfut hr h»i tern dias ctf^mpncM mod* a mnlMr <if 
tiaK4, "■ and ihough corrcci ly iv^dti tbm: » ni> <and«BiUM» 
UiefHliDg ihcir onion.** But hb broUiur inlonna v*« i^** 
the gws art miVEd over vaKr, tntrodnccd iM» M e; 
vetad, utdfindby ih« ftrork «prk,thcrr b acoadeMadiH 
od'froni ^ly lo^i^of dip vohiue. I b^-c Jtitmpfcd, hBcgodB^et, 
■*c<»«kAkc ihcevprrimcoiina ananncr uil! mom nrftniMl, by 
drying the oximiiriaisf mmI, aftd die bJdrogest by mimrtiM'ii^ 
them into vmclk roniaIu4n|[ miN-iaie of Ibnc, pmI by aufrriftg 
them ti> combine at comfsoa umfXTatiimt buc I lutvc never 
been able la avoida kJightcondcnsatioit, though aa proportioB 
attbe goaea were free fjom oxigrn or water, tbiacoadenaatioii 
tllntiobtbcd." lliia ^onclciuatioQ muat be owing lo the WMCr 
raviiDBngitt the gatn ncn afrcr the actJoo of muriate erf* 
IJOTi a»d il it thb, no doubt, whieh partly opcntea b Uiv o«. 
pvnni«nts 1 b«rc rcbicd, and favour* the r«*bk. 

Without any reference <» ihik ctpctisitnt 1 wtndd ftiTlwi 
ubotrvi!, tliaL the coa«-eni<jii uf c«jbvni< oaida iartn carbdnlc 
acid, whtu oxiaiurUtk acid act* upun it with tlie admkuov oC 
aliule water, ttcofidmiveugkinii Mr. D;it\'i bypMbe^ib' 'llie 
mly node ta which the ighiIc cju be ai;cvuiite<d lur, in ooa- 
foTniityiothath]|io«)ietn,tttoiup|HMo lb* w««r to be «ke- 
eoBpiMed* 'till* i had aaiktpaiad, uvd hnl obamreil. that of 
thb aappoiitton ve hare not ooly no piDof, but we have mflU 
dent TTMua frQin biowo facu no reject it* ** Water n not dc- 
rontpoted by oaimurtaitc ac^J ^, oc by carbonic oudc ga»| 
iherc la BD rcaaon lo conclude, tliat iEj* dcconvpoiibon can ha 
rA:c1cd by their aciiott, wbra thry arc pti^oud «o it mrntly 
in a n ixrd «caic> >od the nuwe obvious oprraikin may bp iv* 
Sard«d ai the real one, dial it acta by it* affinity to asunaac 


On lAe Nature ^fOxinarialif AtvL 





In inirtrerto ibi«, Mr. J. Davy rmirl:*, have ve nni ihc 
mrnt mAah^tttAt f vieUacpH of tfu df comiwiition af vnur by 
fni muriatic gw? " Pi*a t*"* j^» »nd «cnm lo^shcr through a 
lube hcalvdto rcdnrM, dt^n ^t^ yilM br pnxlucfflt ^"^ ^^' 
riaiic Actil gu farmed- Dcianatr ihU gu and hidrogrn cogtther* 
su)i! a slmilaT fbrmviion of muriatic gai wiU like jilscc. %Vllh 
lbei<lacu m vie v. who can hciluct iu ^Lucniog, ihat vatErit 
c1co>m^c;Bcd by oiimuruiiic gxit, that iit hidrogcn n »itracc«iJ 
fay this lubitsncc, and iti oKtgica conircjctcntl)' vet fittt" 

"Vht drcompoutUTB of oximurljilic g<ii by detL>i;atEO>n uilh 
hidrogcQ gu, or Ut comblnilioii vr'uh iSaI gu, according l^ 
3It. Divy'« view, affordn ui^prvoTof the power of water l^de* 
ctjmpoftc it* AdmUu»g the ilctompoiitlon of oxttn uriauc gas 
by V3»tcr at Ignilicn.and lupiKining tliat wc km^w nothing at 
10 the ibuCuhI ac6u» c>f thc«i; >iul>tuiiiCc4 at lunr iciii|3crA;urti> 
iSr concEuEttm would not fullciw Uiat nl uucli itiuj^encttirc* 
iTils dtcomp<]Biiioa wuutJ t^ke jibci-. i^ut u> draw thia conclit* 
lioin la rhr very fact- cfLhtr fnct lUelfllt I confess a moJc of 
naifinin^ nltogeilifr v\<:w to me. We know, ihtit ciimuriikiic 
mM U qgc dccomprjtcd by wnirrai natural tcmprrsiuircA; and 
nowin^ihiH [ h-svr no hrViEaiiNEi \n itiM'rcin;^, nutwiTlMiiindtng 
Wt. J>Hvj'*lndoTinah!cevidrncr%EJuitthc iuppoMMon of it-fittr 
being decomjvovrd in iher alow mniunl action afcB^mmn oxide 
atkd DaimurlAtk gasf^\% nliogeiher grxmitoui. and rnhdc to 
ai'cid adifficulry, whkh can not other ivUc he cX(>kincd. 

And Toady kth be rcmRrkedftluil puiiingHMilfaUiheti^cx*' 
Jirrlment* Ehr tyrri hyparhiKe« *M nediain at IrMKt on rf^i^nX 
groQRdt. The fitpcrlmrnu v^t^ lUppunrd fo ifTord evidence 
is favour of the commoin doctrine of tht nature of th( rctaii'^rv 
ietvc^Ti morialk and oxImuriAiic :Lcidi: a»d trerc they proved 
to be InconcluiWe, tE wouldonly *l3nd in the lanie rank yilili 
the opimon advanced b} Mr. Oj»vy; Ucan Wapptled, lu J trutt 
I hKvr ^howu in my forincr impei, totlie txpWation of aII ihc 
pbcnr>ni«Ba, and toa<^nie of them ^viih mQn- adv^tagc tbio 
the othcn and U hn bciid», u ^^ hypoUiealsT that superiority 
Prom genenl coiia'jd«r;tlioni, which 1 have bIm tinted to b<- 
iMlgloit. rioi,i«lthni^i-hrr»pceif jour moM obedient Mrvant, 

Vol. Ih I 


J CfA? of Rupture of the Uterta. 

u^iJ 20 ytJiti, ~» of • Biroog and lir^lEhy cottaiituiUM, but wm 
Utch inuclt wc aliened b)r a •evert pcripnrainoDy. tVcikM^^JH 
Uj iIk confiucmcnt which hat JiffordcJ the hj'^ccI of tH^^ 
OK, I hive aittcedcd her in four Ubourx* "nicy were ^ 
difficult ixi coojieqiiencc of the tmijl dimcniioai of the 
pctvii, And in lv<) of ihcm, wtirrc the chtlihcn wcr« xtTf 
larg^i aaJ ihc bnncft of the crnniutti mu^h oftt'ificd, I was 
obLi^iJ, an accounl of the diDgrrouk ^Ulc of thr mother, to 
have rcCouiBc to thr <roicheii a* th? oio^t violent action of the 
uterui, for three and lour day*, wu ua^k io hving iht hjctA 
•o low lAto the pclvi* lu to admit ihe apptlcatioD of any otbcf 
iatitrt»mcnt« uaJ her recovery w^ cjich lime very tlov atfid 
difBculi* In Jitt iwt> uthcr lubuun, ihc i;hjhJicM bcuij »inftll« 
and the crawmn Lcn OBMKrd, tht Uclivvry wa& effected by tfae 
acuori Af the mtrus. J 

She WLI9 tAleo tn labour for the fifth time, at the UtI) period ^1 
cf gettaiif^n, rnrly nn tliv (ni-rning of SriTUinbcr 30 Um* On 
mv arrival, I fnuud the on uirn fully tlilatud, the exteraalparu 
whoUy ri?l-L\r^dv the heml of the child retting on ihe pubci, the 
meenbranrt eniire, a-d the puini frequent and very utron^ 
■ecfimpni>ii:J with a imall diiehar^r of blood. Durlnfi; one c>f 
Chutr pfiiM, thr membrane:* were protr»dr/l thrfmgh tbe <» 
externunii And in that «Ute the ^rATl■r« were diacKur^d* Tb« H 
held now ^radii.iUy ndvanei d^ and, tn abour three hour?, be- ' 
came forced int*> ih-: nnrroir pan of the pelvi». Whca it bad 
arrived in thit situation, though dur:o^ every pain, it vtiU ap- 
peared slowly to descend, ihe cuniifUtiicd oin ni<7re cuQtiiiuvd fl 
and Betcre paia in the lower p*rt of the uicru», with to ^reat " 
a de^Gc of reatleaincBv, th^t ihe could acanely be prcvaJUd 
OJQ \ii reiaa'm in bed- Aa htr dUpo&iiion iti naturally pa<i»ive 
and accopainod;iting, 1 panic ulaHv noticed thin cirtumataneie; 
and for ilic putpoiqe of jnoderdcing the action of the (items, £ 
adiui»iAlcr«d, without delay, ft full doae of tioct- opii. The 


|MUQs, within a i|isurC(r of an Xxout after ihit^ hiid f nfr/v^ cvft- 
ftfil, which 1 Uim aitribuccd to the tfFrcE of the opiate: itiHi 
however, ihc rcstkuneu via Q^t UucnaL, wid ic >v»» ucc^iu- 
pADicd «tth great uutiety. 

She (oaa ifierwardM caflcd oie lo W bcd'iid*. and rr^wnt* 
(d me 10 i|)]Hy tii> li4i;J uci the Nbdifiarn; ja!» the ■ xp rr^ i gd 
bcrHlf, that (luring thr i^f ^''i'li '* tQinrtbEug Iiud slipped out 
"of its place-" I pinvciTcd an irregular tumor, abouc the 
»i£e of n mEUi'ft fi»i oa the loM'cr part of the abdomen towtrib 
(lie right «de. I t^ould not dt«tmc()y feel tbat it coouuned ctajf 
^urtKuiar purr rjf tho thitd; but the circuoittauce, connccieifl 
vkith the othvr »jtn fitoms impreued mc with the brlief^ tlitti 
the ut^iit had ruplureii at th^ pari. The lighi of the mrimTng 
ciiAbleJ me also to ob^it^rxc htT couoicnance. She nm pulc^ 
bnraihed kboriDualj', aad *ai Lipp.ireoilj- linking* A viciJcnt 
vonTtIiig4>iip^Tvtned, ihe puloe waa very qukk and feeble, arid 
due extremiti" <&i'pred with cold ptnpJrJtioo. 

A% I considered daai nothiag but sppcdy deliver)- eoold nf- 
Jbrd her the smallnt chance of rccuvrn, Ironi a aitiuuion 
which vfja kUaoEt hopclcas, I proceeded, an soon oa I could 
obtain the prnprrintErL^iQetiia, toc>pt:n t>ircr:mlum, whiibnttll 
presenrd ita sU^iuilon \n (he pctv)^. Itui oiv iht application of 
the pcrtonLEar, hebre t ceiutd uie a sur^dcm dej^nre of (dtoc 
even lo pFnczraie ihe icalp, ii iiiddeftty ri^ceded inio the faviiy 
of the utcfu*, i immedUtcly followed It with my h«nd. Th-t 
uterus WM an relaxed and yielding, ihiii 1 waih mubled, with 
ihr i^iirr^t ra>r, to brini; dr^nrn hoih fcrt mtn ihr vaf^Ina, 

h wai not to br rxpcettd ihal the child roiild he exmece<l 
throogh a nirrow p^lvi^ in m> ihort a time a* to prcaerve ixt 
iiFe, and. mJeed, it waithJi contiJernioOv which ai 6r3t deter- 
mined me on ihe uwofihe^OfiAf/.mpecfneoce lo lur nlag; the 
applieatiuii vf any Other iotuuiiicnt bctnf[, from the thtuiiom 
jHT the h«ad, impraciitahte. The child prcned to be to large^ 
fctit watwiUigrcatdiBicidty 1 ccwld bring the Mc rifv throti^ 
the palvia, «id il waa not till 1 had applied the Uunttiook o>er 
one of Iho fthDuhkr*, t^ut I tould bring the body so bw ta Vo 
reach the -irma: but I w#i4i unubh: to deliver the head* tiU 1 had 
kunned iu hutk, aod anir^tcd by fijing the croichci OD tlic in- 

Kde, A^ ii wn iuiunto vuii for tkc naiunl rxpnUfOO of llic 
platcutii* [ tooi-i after ibc delivery, proccctlcO to iotroducar my 
hand jguin iiiUj tlic uIcwk 

If iiny douU I lifliJ bdon: RtaAtncd of ihc ctatujc of thu cjuCa 
t( it;i» ii^tt whvUj rflBc»«nl|n I pmwvd myhniitl vUliouidlf* 
KcuIl). iJirau^llw^perttirv ioIqUui iiUlv>«»rn. 1 »|ffl^cd my 
lingcn on ihr tmoath ml<r*uit bartact of iliat cA^il)-, wbcii ib« 
genilcmBa n'ho Hfsikud, and myteU, vrrr buib s«tit£cd, by 
pUcio^ our huitit. at the umc iiinc, on ihv ^i*twidr, ihdt ooth- 
iog Ifui die thin parictci of th« abdomen mttocficd. Tb« rup* 
ikifcU purit tin nt»iH^ «» E tuuld AivcerL&ln, Wkit in the tJattiiot 
|urC of (he GvrvJK oteri, cxirfidingaUo intu t^e vngliH* lltCffi 
Wu furtunut^'ly none iii the ititi-«iinr« ui llic uay, oof did 1 
think mybJf juAtifLid iu ncairciih^- f^ir thc-m, bm Wuikcd to 
wiihJritv my hand imo ihr uUfUi, whr-n 1 Tf.mutvil tli« pla* 
emu, and mJgiKd, «i I hud ihtn too much rcoioit lo fev, «iy 
unhappy pailcnt lo her fate. 

No c xiraord innry ■JtHi'hiir^c followed i])c ildJvtfry* Sbe wc* 
linucd during ihc rrmiiiniiig pnrt of Lhi.\ day m k very Uaguid 
tiaic, with vioUni and ffrcpuiM t^^imUm^.-^OD the fotluving 
morning, hnvlivg had ioni<^ sh^cp during (he night, ^bc afiiK^rcd 
coniidcnbly rcvWrd- The puUc waa 12Q in n minute, »nd 
Birongtr. Th^rc «-as ti^ general fnUrgcmcac, nor pain ia 
the ubdooiiimT except oi)preMnrc,whrii (he ixterut, vatiJMiri- 
brd in be cxi|uiiiitr]y tender, ami wja ftli to 1^ ecAiTAcicd 
jilx>tit the ftiie uf a vhiLd** hr;id- Sfic had voided urir^ wilb- 
out rfiffieult)-, but there h;id bc*i» v^ry liule d'nchargf of locbin^ 
;tad Hatcely any ihiug bad rcrxuikicd on the tt^nuch- In thJ> 
frlote^ febe continued with little vSTiaitun for the fint f^t^u dftytti 
<— Hie reglnicii duriuy ihi^ Uiiit; ivjbbululy uiii^hIt>}(tMtt, uid 
the nicdkmcit v/w'c «uLini; iIiiiLU}jhtb, vith gcudc^jiciiunls.Bnd 
an opiAic at night. 

From the Jth lo the iJlib day, Uie hecasDe gradually into a 
bUte of the mokt diitrcMing rcvtkittnciiH and ouxiety- con- 
viantly endeavourinj^, tiut unableatu change Uizr |>oftitirr. Sbs 
repeatedly vomiivd a fiark fsianrf.-f flui<t, laad iiMd frE-f;ue»t 
inodons orntimiUr ;LppiHruncv. TJiv' pulm; u'^itvcr)' irritablu 
and wcakt i^nd varj-bg from IJil lo 1^0 in u mmutcj the ahdo* 





Cau afPv^r€ ^fthf C7/i^nu. 69 

mcki «us eitlvgcd 3od pftivfiil; (he uteruf cxtnitferty uoilr*; 
ihc toclvia urout, and in \try tnull cttiooiTCT.'— Th« Pcrti\ iu 
bilk ui diil«r*Bi |ircjjttrj(Mat» ifkjn nukv Jmcud to bv tukm 
&cely, aad ligbi ou^riineiii^ii Jitl ikic fomiB thu cuijld bcdcvi* 

cd from Uic Momftcb, aod «xcepc ilic upiuiv ai ni^bt. she covid 
oat, Bitut* be prrvLirtvdoo w ukc any medjdnc, ftnd vrtib 
^eai difliculty, foud- A fow houri* nkcp, [irocvred by tba 
opiMCf w.i« U)c only rdief (be cxp^ncOceJ. 

Sucb iva« her AiuiALJOQ on the I3th tkk}\ atwiikh time llic 
ftixt tod MtivLon cf Lhc abdomen indicated an citniYattAuon of 
fluid ifiiottuiic:4vity- Ad no RifidkLuc ooul J be r«uincd on the 
nomacht the ungl. hydrurgyrl bn. wai» directed lo tic rublMd 
into the ibdomen hrkc aday, with u vicu', if jkhmUc, to pro* 
duce ici objorptiQit. 

On the following oaoromg, the mbi^emcnt v/a» much finb- 
sid'd. m cnn?<rqii£nce of her bcivmji hftd sri-i-rfiTil tirry^r3/5«f 
moiionif during ihc nlfjht. The uterus wm bccamr In* trnUcrj 
the puUe feducrd lo 100, and the iVftitfRiincbitt inKrctyk and 
cT<TVoibi'r»mrivAur»blc>ympiotn,*hatr<J. Vmm thlidiy.iho 
cooiinued griwluoUy to vnwnd, but whrther ihLi abattmmt of 
the unf*voumMc »>n*pi^nw wu occmloncd by the mercurUl 
octioni or wb^Eher the ftppUcilion b^d Auy ciTect la piudwing 
the ejUnoriiinaiy diicb«gc from the bcnrcla* b UDccvLun. 
There ippcu/v. bowcver. to haw been icarcdy lime, ngr dock 
It Mcw dmt tlic <]uajxtily uicd «u luflicient Toir lo powrrhd 
■a opcruioo. — Vet ihoui^U 1 wa* niorr dii|K7»ed to aitnbuLi: it 
lo a critical e Aort of ootufc, than to an vH'«et o\ the meditinc 
CMplo)'cdt 1 conudcrvd it* st tcau, as an mduccment ta ton- 
unac Ua usei and the aaieadneiu inking place na won afifr 
ItA rirM^ipUcMknif my pAdeuwntvGty ■oUcimmtn ptrt£v«re 
1a it. In cij^t or ten diy^i n sorcneu iif the f*umi ohlr^d mc 
lodMiil. Duj'legtblj)pGfiod,alafi^dlKh;Lr^'ui]ochvacamift 
en; ih« vtoioxh by degree* retAJortI food, uid llie morn abr' 
roi^ vyttptonai hud to Ur aubaidcdi thkt 1 coatd not bict in* 
dulg^ the mottt pkoung expectation of her rceovcry. 

Aboiu three wccki nfccr delivery, ^hc was attacked by the 
^ctilUr iwelling of tlic Icf and tlu^h tncldcim lo If ing-ln w- 
mrn, (PUqtfinAiiii Dokn*.] Tbit couldrt^ly rctvdcd ihe 


Our afkupfur^ ^fthe Vitnu. 

juftcl did fiiM wbotljr mbtido for mm- 

|irogr««« oi bet rcoov 

Tb< cWblliiy tMe»loard by •« l™f: ftml painful * «iM6<ienkri>t| 
Oiav be vvpfrntcfl M h»vt hftn rrry i^d, tatd il w«i ocn dU 
fito iK«l« aTirr dtSivrry ihvt* could Iv fti^d to be rdv mum 
dI «ireagUi- Shf wm «nftblrd ibrn to Iw tak^n oot of brd far 
i» Ivour daily, aod b«T app^iiic lvg»n io iorrr^tr- The »««1- 
Epg of ^c abdoncn wu fiuirdy reduct^, but ihcrr waa siX 
frU, on pm*tLrv> a trndcrtxA* In th? r«fii'>o of ih< mem*. She 
utiO comptun<U of A Ten' trry^blciome »cnu4ion ncMT tbe Bfikw 
of tbakK iliun, wlkraiiianvrccipMtDrc^orifirhcnlyiftSoa tbr 
Ofirpo»j(«»ii|r, uhkbihc dfMnbeil "» if tomeiltingirfti draw- 
ing airav from ihat part:** prolnlily, the conuquvncv of tn MJ- 
bnJOB fi^in<d thcTV, during tbt pcrioil of prnti>iica| ntSan^ 
DuiioO' Sbt wrnr on rapidK, frr^m ih» limr^ in a state of 
coovalcKcncc, aod it ti^w h wrll rrcoi^Trd, », «xc<p< » d^ 
xnin^HHjo of »U<eDgth, lo fed Uulc kDcoovcaifncc from llie ic- 


'n>G iJxivc U an Mldilion to ibr Irw tunt^ncw rjf rtcoiTry^ vifli 
Mbicll «c an acquiint^d* from lh« moit fomuilaUe Kcnlcnt 
tbilcanoccuF in die practice of midwifery; and Uioogh ihvnr 
aaay be but Litde praciicol icforuiatlon lo be dolrrd froaa \t^ 
the recordinft of it niuvt imil la invpirt us with a grtaicr d«- 
grcr of conlldrtice in the povcr^ of nnture, tvrn in tho moM 
dc4pcraiccate^whtn?i>w impt^dim^nii tcttht fKcnionoftboao 
pow«rB are rem uvi;dr— 'The only two iiktmicct of nipnired 
uterua vhich have 6i1kn under mv own ohwn'niifln hare been 
in women niih narrow prlvcn, nncl in br)ih <^f them ietof>kpil«cf; 
>n fa near die ecn Ix uteri. A rlc^rce of wrKknenn \n ^tty part 
nf ihfltfir^n, diiproporlioord lo the rf^ifttan«lo hr overcome* 
miiM a1kv4i-« predi*po»c i( to vupture. But if the w<akne*» of 
straduro ibouM atxn principally ntxr >u <trviK\ that part, of* 
fer Ihf e^itrvathn &f Xhc wtjfrrt, n ia cUflger of bccomuig vi- 
olently <ompre>icd bciwctfu the hfad of the child and the edge 
oraom<^ projetiiog part of the pcKh; and in mch ■ liEUAiiioD, 
the probnUltiy of )U giving way onuitbi^ v<ry grrJC* ^^lir never, 
tKcTrfoTe, delivery is prDtrQCtedon4CCDUL}i of an cxtr^iordinar^- 
degree of r^sittancc, eiUier CroiD the loialLncu of ilic pclvia, 





Cart efUnptttre ^fiht Uitnu. n 

idity of iht «cfc p^m* the pnctiiionrr ht% brm murh 
mnirmed to »vftiii the prcmaturf rupltiTing r»f chc ns^mhranM, 
Antl if, d/J^r f-W Am iftjirn phif^^ iht uomjtn thnHld min- 
plAia nf Mn iitiiiitiiAtly ti^verc pain, cAnfiortl (u a jiAt^{<ulftr part 

more consunv th^n ihc labnur pitns, tymptoms wZiirh indknM 
tTi« loo foTciblp compimiion of Aomr psrthn of the o^ruii he 
cuttnot be loo much upon h)> guM<1« nor lixi prompi in tOidcv 
touring 10 nxxkrau id acnoat^ Afid to Icucu ihc: rcuMAnce il 
hia to overcome. 

Boeh chc%e p«irpo»r*, tf titc ttifficuliy »1ioiqI<I drprnd tolclv 
OQft H^«iAfy«/'rAr^rrvro&r4/fiiiCn/, fnAy,u^Mii kin OUT 
powcr^ bo jtccomplifebcd by luge doio of opivn^ with Mood* 
Jetting in propoititKi to the sirength of ihc paucni. BiK, a» 
i* Btore fr«]ucu0y tl^c tMc, if ihc lainunechboulilbcoccaBioo- 
cdby ihcffdrrc»i*»rai«/Mr^r^i.ViitbecomcK4>u1>jrccof<uti- 
aidvrstion. whvth«rtbt maginUictc of tlie tUii^r wc appvihvnd 
acti vifih to avert, will not jn^iiJy ub ia ciVc^tuig (lie ddiv-ery 
ttiilioul i'urdicr ilrLiy; by tumtJig, if ii b« thought (om|utible 
with lh« vaUCv uf the mother >nd th« child, or oihertrke eren 
by Jencntng the bollc irf the hcKl, should ii be «ituat«d too 
h(gh CO admit cff OLif ujiptyin;; ibe Jbrctpsorthc vcctbt. 

When, not wiihiil ending atl nur precfttuiona, a rupture of the 
otcm4 hftK unhappily tat en placC|llie nvcunicy of a flpMdyde* 
lirfry is, I belatvi!, gener«By MinflideTtd u unqucMiionabte^ 
Every addhiond <a»e of rccm^cry, iiivlcr ihei^c ciri'nnittrtncn, 
ithiMild ImprciA Uft ihc mArn hlrongly wilh thr prrt-jtrutyt-J (he 
pfftcHcf* fttKl <l<tt-r H*, "mrfcr an idrJi of the unaioidaMr fjtal- 
tty of the accident, as h*t been lomcttme* the case^ from U- 
lovring the womin to remain undtlivtied, which iffytd ihc 
LcAttpotiiihlc Lh«n<;c (iiihr ru'jLhcf^ uiid »UM nr\r4^ufifyi'rove 
the dui/vcLton ul the t,ht\*^* l am. Sec. 

»(»a)b«i34t IG07. 


of htttS- StiSCffftMt 

Fm Tht McJk^Chlmii^Al Tra j# > ci i»iu« V«L L 
llAVU.'itKfly had aAOpfMirrtii&l^orcxEuiiiniagtbcbLKlj'of 
a maTr i.-hiti!^ ag^cl Ev<^ mnnthiii wta dird in corticqiKiHc of VI 
inlui-auHcrptio, I tiikr die titwrty oftranAinitung aa Mc<Hmtof 
the upprannc^ft, with 4 lUawing by Mr* Cbt't, \a (he McdicM 
and ChiTurgica] Sodfi}% 

lrtiu»>«i]*cepijonK, to a «malt fvicnct are not unfrciiucQiIi' 
nM^ccd, pnrtioulArty in cTtiltlreo, wlihom wav nark of li^via^ 
producc^L <}b«iri)crioD or inflamfnaitOQ of ibr illmcotar^' caAitl^ 
but. a* a t1iAca»p, ii, happily^ ** <if ^f^ oeeurwncjc. The Mib- 
jfctcf ih^ ptficnl c*»t hud, pr'viniiily m the aiiafl, been al- 
ways hculibv, anti free from howe1<comp1?ilnc«> Ort Skiaday, 
the Sflth cf I'ebruaiy* he w*i leiEfd with vomtiin^, accompli' 
mrd wiih cctnaiipaiion, and ctihrraignt of dliordered funriionM 
of the bomU. Tfacic Were, u Hrsi^ 4otiic «inall diictiuge* of 
n)tKua by ihc anna; buti after fttonday, the diachnrgca, tvbicli 

were fici)Licnt, were prmcipany of bluod. The aUk^men W«i 
icnM-, and on the left side, there appeared a tumor, about tlic 
•Ueofan egg. A hktougbing eg m mended on the Tuewljiy, 
wid tontinued until death, whkh tciok pbce on Thurndaj eve* 
olngt ihi^ Eiflh day from (lie accev»ie>n of coiupJatnu 

On dlttectioQ it appcated (Ha; the tumor ou <hc left aide 
wai prodoccd by An jntuB-feUfti;i'piiou; about ua nuhes of ihv 
•steitmuni ileum, the ectcum, vi'ah iii appendix, the atcendiog 
tolon, -iVHi irauBvcrae flexure, bting contalntd in the lipoid 
flexure of thr? CLoh^n, extruding into the rectum. The iaiun-«u< 
cept«d parts were In a state of complete ttran^ilaiinn, and per- 
fectly bhcfc- llic lower pan of ihc tlcum (about wnor twelve 
inchda] immcdiiiitcly abovp tlif intLt<i-«uaccptioD was a little ui- 
Damed; bur, cithrirwr^r, the eflfcii ofihiD der:in^cmeni of parta 
were ^o urictly confined W ibe intus-auifcpled bowel, that had 
the ch1ld'« constitution been able to aiulak lu aeparation, the 
lofiamniaiion Deceiiiarily aceomji^n^ing this i^foccm ui'jiild, no 
doubt, hare produced mi uEiion of ihr tlevirn tvith the lowct 




put ol tbc TOtoi the coatinuii}' of Uk «aniJ «vukl ibiu linw« 
been m.-iJMjiittod, (he Mpanied put aufJii Wk« |)«^«d, vul. 
tiM cJiilJ IkipV* recovered. ' i, ,« 

Ift^l ju«iibeJiA fiJi^nling tin; ojiUiioa ^ ikc pOMtbiliiy of 
lhc<iiiybclutftt; vrdl unJcr thcM cFrcunwiaiKc« froollbF rttft> 
IJUQ by 0r. ilaiUie, in ihc arcood volomc of (he imii^actiov* 
of « •ociety fur iht hnprotcincm of mrdital uid Uikrufnicsl 
koowledgrvof i*ocac«>iB whicbgutw paavid p«r anuin- 

Thc one cu« \% ihsiotfa laih\ftibaiit fifty yvor* of Jhgr, vboi 
uftirr touch «ttflrringi«i4favlt)UfMpdln of Uw «uiBftcba»db«flN 
tis, »orc mpfiCiaUy on ihr h-fl side, M«o«ipaa)cd wiib vocnit- 
ingandcMntipatioQ, aliotii iKrca w*cb»l>«fniT tMrdc-nih.void- 
od ■bovD a yvd in lengith <if intMtior, vlikh pforcd to b« a 
ponUm of thff colon. It b wnrthy of rciaark, Oiai the piin wai 
niors rapcuoHy ttotod oo ihe Ufi ^dc, and cKu ih< <vku^ 
. tionft^fornmydayttcunftiucd owr^ly olUood.MidftiihatlJmc 
were \cty CLimTrous' In tli««« mpacu ibcrr U a Miiking re* 
tr/nbUncE bctivccn ihiB cue and lli« cbildV ju%t lelfticd- 

or the o*tcr CMC tbm» art no furllivr particulvi u*t«d« thia 
tluu ihtf pmon lived iwo y«an ofwr diKliur^uig ft poriion of 
gut, aIkhu ftiK inchct long, wid vhkb proved aI»o lo be a pvt 
of the colon. 
,11ic knrtitd cfcirrnrnni huvinjIiAdinopporiiintty of Inwiti- 
angafirrdc^th tlic proceftfr««of nnturvvndcrtbciecktnordi' 
o»ry circumtuncw, has propo«cdvi Ing^iuout ciplanAiioA of 
tbc C£uci by »upi3oakig a nemhnme, lortncd of coaguUblo 
lyvDphf to h4v« Ir^en produced rotickd ihc monifird portions of 
lOlntinc, by which scnaunuiiy of ihr canal iw mainuined. 
It jiviJMhvgmtrM dtt'Frt.-ncc 1 presume lonfler * icQtimeiM 
coiitmfv to an JUibDrity so jjenerilly, and ju&tl^, reipectcdf 
but E^ \x not highly probsMc that \Yi<%t wtn fases of intut^utf- 
ctpiionsiin irliich iKe intus-Awiiecpinl portion* bsd been *trsn- 
guIftUd, hod died, dud irerc sqioratcd^* 

' I un authnfUfd hy IJr B*ini«iOHy, iIhi f'^ iirai>>der>tlB ti ma piAt. 

he liu eubntiliu J tb« ttnt nTfc* nn Uie iiAjrci. vhich I bk<c h*t* tfud' 

I WW notfttfan-, vlprn [ vruic ttkn paprr.oTnr l[tLlf> hn injr *nm« y* ai « 

■ hUimttfll ttbl he vnpnabftUy JblfC■kc«jlUborauullHl]<vllAbh•llSd*m- 
■ Vol. IL K 

74 Caw •/ IntW'tuKeptifi' 

Tt i> i»t very easily ftt be conceived, Hov, in th« Datural tdite 
of paits, the pentooeum, which bind* down th^ ccECum nui 
taccnding colon, admitted of their bciDg suddenly reiiioTcd« 
ts in the pretent case, to the left aide into the ngmoid flexnre 
of the colon: it U therefore very probnble, that there wm sobw 
variety in the Diode of application of the periConenin here, md 
vbich, )f stmltar to what I once, lome years ago, obaerved in a 
•iibject on which I was demofutTatinp, would readily permit 
•udi a dispUcemeot and might Btron^ predispose to tu The 
peritoneum was appUcd In ■ loove fpm to the ccccum md ai^ 
cending colon, being, as it were, a coottnustion of the neocn- 
•ery: by which these parts were, in some degree, left loove, 
and might easily pass over to the left ude- 

ploynl with rvRvd to it. I am hip|iy in nolicinfr Ihii calEKidence of otuiop 
betwctn Dr. Hull ud myadf, uid b liitnblun|; fc cmc bhkb tondtsoawck 
tocsufinaib ucvnc^ 





FAttJi^ i'iaffr- Jly Ucmj^lmm Oiimm, VaCt'Preth]e(^ of 

LUcrvy aad Fhiloioiptikal Society o( MMAchcatcv* ud 

turgtOAlotbc Miiicbnur lo&fipao'- t'OiKluo, 1011. pfi* 

might bt ;ttprivi r<l, ancS th^c of toe^ InicrTuptkin of ^Afjnn 
mV^htbr r«MOTfrl,!)7foffmln(t »artrf*jfrfV/»ii^hji»lrtn5hccn 
lirown; for Chf^Hf!*« perfnc-nirf! tlvrekpcniclAiTi v'lih *H(r*i*, 
and his oftrrMinn Kj« btvir rcpotfd by itrvcnd Hiir^ccimk tirttf 
\n% tioir. The mtjAe of fbvinln|{ihr urti&cbl opftnn^ hn >IfO 
b<eB varW, nnc^trtmfiim^uir^TMMii «ttcni:lr<I ihr opcr4iioii; 
sttd >t ofhirrtimieiilw utc;:!!!!! hu faUcd, forwaniof tclut (fi*< 
crtviBtfion «>r tKe ouhm proclupcing the Acft<i^ imd Af ibc ic- 
lUi3 Hicr fif fbt [^:lrt» concrrricil ia the iknngnl %taxc of tHr 
c}>c. Our ni^thor ht» rii^crcd iMO > mliMatc rnnaiimTOn of 
ibeve einum<o«rf 4. %nd bi« w> c}c«rfy cxphinad the jKtual 
itauEct of ^e vsirioui paits of tliA tyt tn tht il'tHtttni ciKs of 
iIUtm^, »o ■btj- (tticribcd ihc mode oC rrlUf adapied to each, 
«ftd hM so fi«i:prtv ]ltu4tTJiccd bi« optnioiu by hiiiucc^vful 
pnctice* ihftt vc dooot hetiiate rtcoriMncn^iiig npcnitalof 
hxt irork to all nho arr coqcci neii in ihe ir«Mi»cst of dkcues 
of the vytt whkit ^ohsifrjiily liave bccxime mlEcici^tly prcvnlcct 
in thh covuMry, frOdQ ;h« tim« the JJnihh tvoop* «0 ^hatty 
rcDp^ct unfadrns Imrch on the contatcd pUim o^Efyp^ 

Ther«*r«)ievrral»lat» Id which thecycmi^ Wrcilucedby 
(Jtieate or >cc>d«nc, which oa only be ntUt-«d by ibe form«» 
tioo <if m anificiat pupil An opnke vuitc of the tomca, bow* 
cvf r, ii by ^ <he moat frcqurnt; and thai may be complientTd 
with dAor^aniuiion and drrvn^rmnH ofthc^ hternil |?>m Of 

15 Ottihe FprmMitit 9/thf Ari^kiai Pu^ 

fhe cfc* It ucliicfijr 'in Uiom cm», whtm ibe opxci^occuplca 
the ccniiv of 'Jie tovne», iMT^g il iPOre or Un crausparvni to- 
vurd* iu cJrcuo3fcrcpn«nAr, ihtteJigbtbprvvcntcd&ompaBA- 
ing ihroagh tbr |HipU> amd vnion *o /ilt ampdortd, «» to rcquara 
th« aMbUuice of an. Wtai right m ]o« ^« ^vch q c«iu*, H 
niAX ^ rv^Mrtil tn a ftMnSmi iurc. b>- tlw rcMonl of ■ ponioa 
of ihc intt oppv«ilv Kf Ui« trviapwciit part vf tht cornea, bo ■* 

The v«jicli<i of ikmiEVBitfiit requit ittg an anifickl opCH- 
io^^ amt to which be hoi opcnieit. arr nutcd bj ih« aitfitior to 
l>r thr InlioH iox* OpftCitf m the etMre of the cernM; cMiinl 
opacity oS ihc torTkca, ftiteodcd wtib adbnioos betwrm the cor- 
8c« knd irU, bhjch iodude ody ft portioBof the iiuMrbord«T of 
tlic im; c«ntr«] upacitv of che cornea, Mtcndcd vuh cxcomtvc 
adhcintLi to the i>ii^ w^utti incluJ«tt»whok bonltr, oiriieftriy 
«aj cniirai opai-^t^ ij\ the Lvmuit, ami (oLit opacUy of the ery%* 
uHioc koB, or ill cup«ul«.wubor«itbovtaiclhcuaD9of tbc^i 
to the como^ bed, tnol closure, or DUitermiiaa of iht pupil 
attended with eoiirc imOBporrncy of the comcju 

** The mode of opcratioii For foming An utificiol pupol^ it ii 
ohviotm, mtiHt he win] ac<ordiPg Ui the circLinMtaoe?« of ibe 
tatf* Whm :heri- txhvt mrrrly an opMcity io the centre of the 
comra. wichoui deringrmeat ic the inicfnial parts of the eyei 
or vhm iht' pitp-J it clovud alter thi: etiraciioo or 
of a c^iamci; in cbuo casea the opentcion ^ill be the moai Uq«^ 
file* But if, along with centnd opadiy of the corrte^ the hth 
have formed ftdhetioiu to iti inner AurincCfVith or wkhovti 
cotTe»ponrlJAg dlmrnut^oo of <be capaeitjof thcantetior^ 
her of the aqueciUL humor, the opcmtioa brcomci more coir- 
pltx. If ^giiia, aloog with opncity and adheuon of the iri*,tbe 
cr>«lalliac kci» or itA capiule be opake^ the adopi^oo oi biiU 
more compU-x ixpcdKnia h MCtumry, The »am« may be ob- 
Merged of thote caiei, ja «fhich the pupal U totally obLitci 
or ftcarly u. And (he ir^Jt adhere* tp tl^ c3p»uLc of the oyatal^^ 
linclenjii for ibii rarely hAppcn«uLihoutanopacJ4>-of thckna 
or it* <ap>u]c, or of both. SomHim«t ivc'axvrr, i btw upon 
Ihc icbcrotic on[, panituiarlyaffrcti&^;be cryBUlltnc lenKaad 
probablv rtipturing the edge of it* eapvule^ U foiloired by tbt 
ahtorptkfd of the Icca, and leiTes ooly the opakc capwie/' 




Om the /onwiriea tfiMr Ariifitivi Pufiil^ 77 

The vMroBaeau MnpAored by Mr, Gibioft, arv^ m ftddiuan 
to the coracA-knUr anO curvfed actitorv, ivcovmrDded bv Mr, 

'' lit The rfry *TnnU hook« which ii grncndly IoiuhI id 2 
cu« of CKinctin^ iaitrunuMK. 

'**M^4 AunaUpiikoflbTCVfi«,«bicbibut hra^fiTi&f, juid 
rttjuirr tbcpcrwrcdf theftngcrioopeothciB. Tbu» cuQuUuct' 
cd, t^j m not idwcccd by die prt-tvarc of the ttpt of a uqaJI 
IscUiiM in the cotnM, ihrcnifih whkh they msty be introduced; 
«ad wbra ceee a frvgotcni t* Uid InM ol, mtliiB tbc eye, th« 
prvimrc of the ^prta^ wlU ret:4i» ii bctv«a the bJ^du, witt^ 
out ihe >uiicwit« of iha finger*- Oat of th« bjiDdkiof ib^lor- 
cepA d ot ciOQBidonblt Ingih, u»l <^ oihci «}Hjjti Uy ihu 
nMtnatbe forcep* cvi foe held olCMlilrtMlVKi) the fcn^niBd 
ihuoBb, trhibt Ibc IbK^fingcr i> applied u> the ibartcr buiiJir, 

Id opm thcM otcauooaltr* 

^ Jdlf* A tiiwll pur of irtt-icUtAr*, yi't\h o<tc bUde btuaicd 
u the pUhL. 11m7 luve hiiadle* like Uic r^rofv, but d^tFi r Jrom 
tKtinl«»thi»rT«pvt;ltUtt<thcyopcftby mciiiiio^aiprios. i~he«« 
Utoaw vt iufciintly aunuu lo «MBt 1 tmall iackioo in iho 
comrai vtd 10 Gti|> off porous of the iris, or of nanobtanecjurt 

AecordiDf W our iiuEbor'ft experictic«« ih* penaancoc^' of lh« 
■nificial pufiil dvpvodi pnncipaly upoa ihoBiieoF (Kr npeniog 
Mi healthy mom of the iria and coaiiguona psfU of the rye at 
iht tioair of ihe opcnuiocu Wbc& the anlEcial pupil hoi been 
m;)dc nlmoAi aa arge oi the medium ulie of the luuaral one, 
Bftd espcdaUy vhcn tbr port of ihc irri removed ha» Included 
ft« border^ tbvrt appe«r«noH]ipcnJiioni»ihropr«iojtAc|oi<f, 
AV)icD, bov^veTta mer« dlttow Oip ha* be^n r<Tnr>V(d, vti«a 
th« ttJt. (ro«n p^vrioui jAflaamiiuoiit ha» bccotae more viMOi- 
lar, iliftn fUkiurnl, or wlwtx it ti <o«plluted vkh >dhewa> Co tht 
capuile of rhe cryudtinc kea, bi mch coKca tu doacre haa oc- 
nnionalJf i*ken place* 

It diotn iKit appearlhjrt after the formiug an ftrtificUJ pupiL 
th< 66rri oi iht irU poascA toy power of motion. 10 n to al- 
tcr the kiKc of the new openift^. Mr. Gibvoa^ when circum' 
«taacrt iUow it, alwavs prrfrr* forminii 'ht ait^ficul pupil Xo' 

m€lt6% the «:cieniAl m^ of t)i« v^ «nd thinks thsc wfaen Un 
ptfpU ii frtTiiMd eovmrdi the iat>va>] ugU. ih« sigh; ts len 
D«t(^i<c, iSc noAr m Mnc tftnaure appvuing lo curuU Uw 
iphrnr of vitioa. 

The Eolb'lnic )ii*i'9^ v^U fthov Mr* (iibioa's mode vC 
n^r«ri&j;, mmI tlw ntKctA* ait^'ndBig \t; iti*nocttpttnuU*riec* 
tioo he hiA here |;ivm lUf /or uroilftT siKCcai, he »uum i)** 
Jim br«o alnou umfbnmljr ihe result of «rcfy opniitoti of liii* 
kbid, where the prrtkius MM* if ihe c)r« ■flovdcd vu:b ck» 
pectttion of dcrmD^ mdvani*^ from ihc i>prrjiicja. 

■^ WMIbm Crookr appltrd >£ th« M«Bclmur ln&rDUiy % 
May 1804, on account of Uiitdntu, which had irxisied fer 
vcnJyc«n. On iruptciioa, the papal d cic^cvc wai Emod 
e«)tiiTly cloved, %tt ihx ih< ataic nf th« ayn»Uinc lcn>, or im 
capMilf, rmiUI not he dbccnkcd in ciilicr. Ai, horrcvrr, hi* 
!nji« of tUinu wm occn^oncd fay violmt uiifnul inftiunnMkNt 
of the cye%^ \x wu conclutlcri that ndhcitan* had formed hc- 
twrrti the opnkf mp^uk of the lm» and thr pmttiior varfua 
of the irri, and thkt ihe cr^'MAlllnf Icfn VM rnoM proboblv in 
an op;tkr stttc^ ia had uniformly been obocrred in a vairictf 
of >inkiTAT-c*ie«. 

''Thf cpciaEiMi. ivihiA CEiie,<oafti>Dedof tWDtuge^- tn 
fir«t, ihc tubacanec of the cryvtalliac Um wat brokeft doirti 
eath eye* In boih Imtancfs, it »ja toft, *nd rrjdily yielded 
■he prt«tircor Mr. Ht^V couchieg nrcdk. "H^c rigSl cj-c w 
Irritairil, knd «oni^ anlUmmBiLon fdllowdt whicti trquified cbe 
ttle of kcchci. pLirgntivm. and cooling collyriA, 

^^Tlie lecond of th< opvrotioo uit peiiormed in about 
a foitmght, when the c>c» had prrfculy ftcortfvd Eroia (ba 
tnifttnataLion produccil hy iIk couchijifp utrdlc. It cmuUccd iit 
«9teniig the knife ilirvuyh the corucdk. into iba aMeriur diain* 
ber of the aijucLtuft huwor, at the usual pan. Tha poiat o4 tbff 
iumiawRi HM rcTt pvaed Uiruugh die iris, at the distance of 
iboueonc third of it^ diameter iiom itiroot.»Q a» ioJ<uman 
opening, vhosc length wu also about one ihml the dianMer 
of the tri«, aa nearly ^s couli be cakuliud. The cornca-kmlo 
■» thea gtnily wiclttlr-iwu, and the irU-tcisnar* vrerv intn>* 
duccd »htii, vntii Uiey reached the new furmcJ opcoinj[ is the 



rraa V 

On iAf Ftnt^iw ^tht drtifiriai PafUL 




. Ttkc^ were than ofHttcd^ «ttd ooc abjf W4i pu* cd ihrougb 
the apcrton formed in ihc im, «»d iltc oUhC hUik directed 
Mt^or eu i\m iAc«nbrifir, i«ntU ibc nJddlc durd of ilu irjn 

tfmvitfa die bidud«L poniDci, coBmcnunK u the upper pari 
of the 0f>eBinc made by the comea^kftilc, and drrecicJ a btiSe 
ohltqiMly downvmUi «o chat vhtfi « linulir tnclMon WHt tuuAc. 
from tba anictior par^ ol dw •■mc opcaln^, ihr puprk Jnmr J 
ui bregalar «fiortufc, iweoibZing m Mn« dpgrfc an Ci|uiU- 
tsral uiuigle. 

** A« loon u Ibie poctioo of the Jru wm ciu ovit, ihc opAke 
fnigfacntft of ihc ci7na!Gn« Una pcvaeAEtd duoMcUct, m a 
pulprttaiei.ukdv«Tc: removed UiroughlhcocwpapUbjraicaDk 
of Lhc eorvKc, utttil ui inconkHkr^tc po«t«oQ onL)' FMiJuacd* 
The ftqucoui homnr bang in great pl^ntyi the rcmaiaiA^ tt^^ 
mcntftof thekmdUippckrcd io dw <oorK of a vtck.aud no 
funhcr opciition w»i ncuuuy upon ih'w eye, 

** The rigtiL eye, which vm noc opetvrd upon with Iht irit- 
UUMn, uftirl the left cjre had movetedt nqqirtd ibc *ciair» 
to be u*od twice, with ftonw lAterri); priDCipatiy, becauM die 
new f-^roKd pupti had cootfxted into too arniU bouada, and 
wJtt nut« iberefbrv, *iaAiUr to (he pupU ^f the Mt eye. The 
opake ^rjudbenis of the Icn*. alio, had t>ot a ttiflieieott} free 
CfErEti Jront befall^, \^aa i\it aaEtrior chamber of ihe ii^ueotu 
humor. By a *rcond opeTal><in with the iriti^ciaiartt die pu- 
pU WM «Blar^, and th< whole of iImi opak« fragmcittii wcte 
removed by the cureuei Soa»c degree of iafiamnnatioD agiin 
attacked dnia ey«t whkh, howereT, U a rare occunrmcc aArr 
dui opcnitioo* Thii paiicot returned hoini:, and was able 10 
foUow hJa ocGupMkoa ai a weater." 

The author ibcn pnu^eeU* to detail ibe cifcum&tancea oiukr 
which Utile beoc&t i* to be expected froi^i ih^k opctatioo, and 
wberctahe nouid out ioEerfrrc^ hat at the cJirnot request of 
die paikeif. No uncoiBn>oa edecl of the Egyptian ophthalmia 
U to leave an opadif of tike ouroca through itt vhcJe cxtcatf 
exccptan tncoaaiderablc portioontiuciKunLfcttfrjce, not ex- 
ceeding ill len^b or breaddi o«ic <[iUflU:r die diameter of dw 
«oTnea, fthUh rcmaina tolerably irtn^parcoL thx opakc por- 

riutt b gcncnUf ihkkcr ibw cMpvioa, aatl urrfulu ojmq iu 
Mirfafcj in ih< iM|i)ritK of vu^li tumtt^ Uw noitti aidopttd la* 

of iho coctica citnnot wututaod. «nd cuDBctju^Mly bi»H s attta 
of (far pvu i» UDfHnuriUo to the opt^rtktion. Hou^vrrABftb* 
oQi the palienc niA> have hern fur the bpcnuioo, or hnwtTrr 
pbkkl/^ iu dacgrr ma^ biiv bcim poiM^d aut lo htm, he inevcr 
liib, Mt. G. remarks u> nSrct the Imi ^f A fcaiH^ pcrupil 
ol lighc, ivUch he «J4ycd before ii wk nndrvtakfrn. 

Tbc rcmftiiKlrrd' tbc volume iiotcopWd by ftlMfrrallooft 
OD ibv ffkoJc <tf rxtnKtiftg thr wft uiil cncnhnacoiu caivMeift 
itiroiush > pWKturt ib the lomeji. Thc*« aT« htuhty Imerest- 
iag by thtW noixh^ uhI EjnpMunM,aMl we miMl refer Bo the 
woik TtMlf, Mich Ml vt ilnirw* to pr'u«c ihcnu. Tbc Mk>w- 
big c»M ol mevibnfieoitf cMaraci iihun«t> Mr. Oibton'i me* 
tbod of pr^cedoir, and may be iak«& m ■ 6ur eqtinMe of Ini 
usual kuccf 14 ill ibU opcral'too. 

■' MiUlcvttt Souih applWd M the MattdieUer In&rmuy, «■ 
accrual cf a coniidcrBlic dcfvU ia the ai|:ht oi cuic c^r, i^ 
other Itavjn^ btea dniio^cd »c>inc )«iin» bcfure. Us vftamki^ 
tion, a« op«^cipcct u^asDbKrvc'liniliecviiitteoJthe capMlfi 
ofih* cn-»ullrn« lca«, lurrouiHlid by a v lighter degree of op«- 
(ity, of boiall extent- i1u« slate of Ui« cap4i;Ic occAaiofknl & 
grraier (M<ci la ^ itioii^ thii& tnigU hdve bern txpecicd, spe- 
cially u (be eye appeued (juice hcahhy \a uiJtvr rcfr^irfCi. Al* 
though the <r}K)tlUne k<iA, in ihUciuc,was Tnosi probably 
free froni opacay, yet iu leinotal ura^ nrcrtftU^'i because the 
■pecL and op^ke poiTUon of iia ca|jBulc c^uld ButhM't been 
nmrivcd, without puduciBg Opacity m tu 

'''I he o[ieruiLont ihrrefuretCtinsjAicd in liru antospilng lo 
drpreMihc Icnsj this, buwfvcr^x'roving loo lofi, waibrakrn 
down wtUi the cogchi&gBtedle,andi:x<opnuIefr«r)y ruptured 
to admit ibe aqiKoua humur^ ^Vbcfl tlw c^« hod ncoi^rmli « 
paiKiuf < wm ntadc m thi: camrj, through which the kn* wa4 
removed ui a toft aiaic by the eurrii^, and the ipeck and 
optthe capfLule wtrt fttncicd^ partly by thr hool , parity by the 
forcc^. The pupil bccinw ri\mc dear, and the girl left ihr ho*. 
p^ul wiih M jfDod «ifd!kt M pauentf cuuaJly enjoy, after the rc- 
iijf>vdl oJ die cjystallinc Una." 


ihc i^srrwticms ^nqiloynl fay Mr. Gtbsua In the opertitiona 
described, th* other >tio«a tbe apprnniac? of ihf sru&ciol pu- 
pil m the invcT margis and centre of chc im. llie ToluRfc, we- 
an confidcflc.^rillfanBBriluablciiilcliiioo tQthclibrttryqfthc 

^1 ^frsrrvofiMuir fW fAr }^l4tr^ HhUry, (^mau^ mtJ Diuutft ^ 

^H Mii^ir^r. iiistinit ft /^^rW vf ngAfetJi yturs* By WillUm 

^H GtMrlAyi M. J}> tVUuw </! tbf Koytl ColU^ge ol' Phytkijiii«, 

^M KtUabvrgfai iwl PbfaUuA lo ih« Fftuory k Maikiri. 8vo> 

^H* From ibe opj>f>rEuniii-cB for ol>MTV»ioa intl pmciirr vhkli 
^H the Mitbor't long T««i<l<nn >a Mttil^ni hut prociin:^ Kim^ wo 
^^ anti^pMied fopiout *nd vaIiuiUo informacion rctp^fcitng nn 

ibl«Dd of which WF hpu-aiQcbflndkoow liiUc. Allien chsgrja- 
cd with vTMit od' miccTM, and weaH^ vith lh« prDgtculve m- 
rrcfttc of alt (be patliciu's Aympioins wv prcpn»c « VQf jl^ t» 
MMlctrat M H |j»t hvpc, alchougb vc irv nu f urihcrkC^UMiiUd 
with the CMHUiji tfui) having «oiim cotifuMd (laik^n that the 
dioiB&e ik mild. 
The fiE^t part of ihJK voJumc Dreauof the dl>cover>s aifua- 
I'lOttt tip«ct, flad «oU of the itLuidi oflti vrgviabU and Aniinal 
prvdueiioiM* and of die conitiuiltca, ctntumi, tmd miuttKra of 
Uw nlkabimca, 

■* Madairft»tituaivd Jn 33 degrMS, 3T minutct, 30 vtandft, 
north tatiiudr, and in t7deg; 5 Diia.lai);;itiHli;,»v9rof Gtccn- 

Pwich, abotii 3^3 Uagncft N. by K. froa TcocrllF;, ISO IcBguc-n 
from C«fe Camilm oq tbt comi of Afrka, ikhK^ 100 kagur« 
Iron Um 1>l« of Tcmoivtxl about IT Itaswfi S. W. fraiu P'jTt^ 
Smio. UiiaboutlitOnukainclrcoiBf4Tnicir|iuErratp»t IflUgib 
from K. to W. brio|*4f mitci, it» gr«tr« brradth from S. lo 
N. tji&U*«,UKl«tA)pa)tbmdibfl|»iW«, Itiifor/nfdoflfifiy 
mouotaisstOf biUi««idfrvi4ful Tj1kTi,aod i[\ figure make t mt 
Qfalo«t£ incgubr i]fiadr»glr- lu tafltx\ n FurichOi whicW m 
Vot. II, 1. 



•Ittifltrd on the fooih iitW of ihc »UikJ at div bgctom of a ^la* 
ckiuft valhy. open to ibe teft. Mid mrroundHl by loft^ mouA* 
uiti9>hJtv)ngall ibv apprftrtuice of kn tmphttbe«trc, fnda«ll3r 
■Kend'rnf to a cnat hvi girt- lu McxAiUiiti uhI hUUgcnvraOjr rue 
ythh a%\owmi^<otiihv higbnlpoinii trf land b«iag about CSiO 
it^n of ?hlAdi^~m, in tome platea, pwMD U i a ipon picturetqua 
aod t&chanitnf; appcjtrance, wbile in other*, bof^v pcrpciKJi* 
cular rodtv,1oftv prtc^Icet^proimiirai ri<!|^,ilcepocwnui<;aia 
aad rt]a»n«« innum^rdtilo cascadei rrljiTAtU Mippti«dariih hvo- 
lcu,brauitralTanfT«« Artjf ^IWyt Mtd ravinn, cooiabiiMg im> 
mmi^ torrrntt of wai^r, nFonI a hijKly v>Ti«if , sublime, uid 
Dd Iru jilarmtng pitiurc cf ninirr.^ P. s^^^ 

Thri iiltiul wat FbrmitHy extremely Crttlle, nod thcntgh ibe 
sftil hai hc*ti cihau«cf S by t iiKCc»»ioft nf crop* far ntuiy four 
bTTnilrrH ymrt, tviihofjt mi^rh »KKiM«nfi^ frofn euluirf ii uiU 
tiAuri»hc9 M mrifCv of wgftibTr firo4luctiM)ij<J1*OTlsof tropil* 
«4l, m trdl At F'^ropran fruitt, will flovfiih on thit fjivMirtt] 
apor. aud r vrry hind of ^>apr ^awm ifatrc 

Catdp, pniiliryii lih, ^c. Ice. art very p1eniif»1; tnd rtvioM 
).pr<iea f>f imall hirdt art teen. Wei^ifthlhit Dr. (lourfay h*d 
crtablfd lit to dria^l more paniCLilar* i^f ihe nai^nkl hlttory of 
Madclrtt;lM braneation nn tint he«li» very tcifity, alihn«g|i 
many rich and curiou» prvducitont of nature arc to bo met 
tvith h the Uland. 

Hi« accouBt cf (he inhnbaiintt U inierciting' 
*'T1i« native t of M«dciiu« pEatkuUrty ibepcnaotry (hcob- 
tcrvet) arc dUun^fuikbcd by uii £>livc or uwny eokiur of Mb^ 
and a iwaiibv c<riiip(ciion; iiur i< ii iiDprobaf'lc ihni they are of 
a mulai(E> or Muuriab ungiik lud»d uuly a lew of tbe &rtt 
f^niilick Ki #1) rcffrniblc In eompldion ihc lair inhnbicanct of 
nortJirrn l^urupc, aud ihvtv arc ur)e<iuivocaiBy of Portuguese 
rtiraciioii^ The people of Madeira aT«, in general, nthldic, 
well RiiuJe* active, and t>f a middle acaUiPe. Those oftlxe 
cUm, or the country p4:T)pLe, arc«obfT,Iw>fttn«jvc, ^conomicid^l 
and capable of enduring much hard tabouriSn ihe prtM^cuvina 
of vhrch dicyarc ofrm rrduerd lo grc^r rmarifiiiorv 4>r bady^ 
asui dtbUity of copiiUiiUQn, and ihur> a prctnaiure old age h 

Oi Hit CStMU amd DUfASft if .Uutt/iV. 



broogbt ott. Tht Ugher cImm^, vm tli* cootrur, are incliacd 
to corpii]<oco,Miilatlhr taokc tinir iBore dnpotcil lo imJ^ 
kncf, attvndcd with Ji pwrroft^o* v cif umfkrf, aii4 ilupouiioft 
to DKUnchoiy: though lober w tnpca to driokiui;, titty «rc 
apt too o/tcD to iiulitlge in eaiictg to cacc**; &oin thu «ijcuiD^ 
frUttW, jonicd to the Mdcnuty lilc ilier kad, tWj twconw 
wb|KC lox larkty of ckroiuc Ut4ord«tt, mtd aln v;iHy irrivv 
Rt afvtsmurvolilagf jDor iahlti Km covc«akd tiuu of Ute 
jreftntfaeMv of«pirilvoui li^uon h9* br<oiii« connnon here 
aniaagillr«nti,tthkbbMopcaoil nttcw &<ki(tir the proiluc- 
tJOB oi ft loBg mill of okaLidiuA**^ T. S7-^^%, 

The ifofuo) mury early, ire #cry pn>li£<, and ftoon loae the 
chtm» of )oij:1». Their bahnu arc mi.U «i^e lo hcaldii icwilag 
nry Mdentftry tivcs MUom poaiig ovi hoi Co (hqrck aod p«r- 
bnKiByvany rvhgioui ncmUrv* The )xiuGger hratichrt of 
th« first £iMili«« art immur«l wu^iLd iontcnu, from nvbifh, 
altfv lafcios the vtil. they ofitt isniu. 

'l1ic dimaie of Madein iotm^ tltv oul^jiict of the »cco:mI part 
afihii vQtk, aod eitmctd from a ttlLicorola^icM Kr^tur^ 
lu-pl ditriog n prriuH of uxteeo>~eir«,ateinMned. ilieicmp^^ 
riiure tfp€vn to be prccty uoiiurm, the laMtcn nMuha hc'ui^ 
mdcrcd pleaiani by i utcensjuu ul land and tea breczo> 
The fotlowias table from Kinta»*a "TcAperatuxe of dLflcrcnt 
Utitw^ct," prcscoi* the avcragoteinpcrcuurG of every nionthiA 
the year. 

•* Madeira, Fu«dial, bi- m degr«o 3' lulauta, bug. if 
^tgrere, vcas height of llvt ttjcrmoincitfr (<^ evvry pv>nib, 
taken (rov «a wnM^ of four yean' ohiemikOAw 

Fcb. 6i, 3, 

May, 65^0. 
June. 69^r4. 

Aii^Oft, TS.Ot. 
Srpi- rJ.TO. 
Onoher, 73, *. 
Nov. 6^fiB* 
Dec OJ. 

The fuUootngU tSc average Ermprnitcre of Madeiu, com* 
pared with thMofJ^ondGu, f'^e the whole well at dur- 
ing tlictoldtvl aad waimeM ittoatho, lihicit arc January vm'\ 

A4 Ovtrkf CStmate ami £>jf mmt c/ AMlTtf* 

July. Tikiiif; the flvrrflf^^Vinpcnaurr of LonJim •! 1000, ih« 
Vita<i>rMMlclnivl3]9bln Jvunty Oji;if>. July niM." 

■Othiir amaigct unJvr ilv lir^jU i.'nilniiij: and cpideinic. 
Th« Gret djTitkin t omprxh^iMh TariuuaaJrCTJcuitof thgakio, 

8tf . Df' HonrUy hcf^ wfih dnctibiap «lf:phaiMiia>s, or Ars- 
binn Icprc^r* wMth b wry cc'mmiMiJiin-jnjtiiic lower dmc* of 
|ieopl^ m miu)drft..*l'bc di wove b hcrvUiiaryi mil m>y bccixn- 
ribnKuutl tVorn ooc pvnon lo anuibcr. akhou^ it doM not 
uffttir ti) l» of ■ very coougtuu* n^iarv, 

■^ Tt f;TrfTvIly«ho*« ViM-11 tiy tulwrclrt apov llio be* And 
ij|TprrtxircTiiiitr% *nd »anHiini€« upon AelniaV of ibe bod^ 
nud pi-mfl. Illcioiidil»ii«ditlcen oflhelegt alu> take pbce* kl 
nAme imtanco, anradtd viih acuu paiiBi l>rg*B Indoleni i^ln- 
diiliv ttimorji ofcufiy Um upper imd «QUTior pMirc of ibe diiglw 
'Hie finjccn brcomc fxiotriincd, «nil ihu &ct hard and ftTettod* 
Thr f ngrr* alto, ami mn, ttr« oevaftioaaUjr defrayed by nl- 
c^TAtion; the lamc dhpoaitloo id trrtgnlar tu«M>rs and ulom- 
tion itCftclEft the tbnMc, 

*" In thoip flflci^trd h^ Th( divMii«, previntii \a thca^ of p«« 
bcrtVi ibe iuliaI iigvu ihti A«r% ihi« period of life do dm ap* 
pnit- Thr beard, <he QiUiid »if{« of v^ri^ty,li watiiiBigi Uiv hi^ 
i« deficient on the piih^i tad •rrotUMi, a* wdl *■ vn tbe utilU 
und brciit- No ckt^irr prcvaih for thr vc&vtral poi^ioik; die 
i^oice ptocrvrt its purhle tOD<r, jnd dgc^ not ai^uin ifac rtal 
tircuf-di and mascuI'iTic c^EpTrMion- \L\<fk thelnekiM, notcall- 
vd U[xrti for the cxcrcUc of their fianviioi^t psdualty ajkne.'* 
P. 69, ff- 

Vuoog If maUs ^ffcciffd villi thi^ tli&vaBv TKpnrirnce no in^ 
crr»c or fuliw*^ vf ihr brtOisiB, no ^rowUi oi the vitr roxl part* 
of gmi'ruiiun, noii^Tptriirimc of the mtnic*Jiiive oohjLiroiith«- 
pubii or (uiDa, and r«l do diipouiioa ti> vrner^-. 

^ ETtn where tbe dttea»e niAko iti brit atuck, ni a miic:h 
later period, die EEiArk* uf«ciia:4l in4[OTity, whidi arc utrcady 
cjublidkcd, grfhlLthll)' tliupjicar, and sm aticiidcd with Impf 
lence or rcry leapsdred punen of ^ctienttion. 

Thcftc C4rvum*i4R<«« <UttCte tlisu ihe cUphaiuiuii nf Mm- 
<ltini<Mvn fn>atHr»oaecofnplAiDtMocbercouMnc«:kiral- 
mmtfrcT^r wnCcf oDthc mubject b** dacribcd tbc uuluppy 
victim«of thUdi>ra*c, r>g<as with insi^ujlilc innwiiUt dv- 
*itr« foir r«Ti«T]ri mAr^id iwaf ir Jmc/iv. iDbuppatloJ the oijiui- 
glnvtiiaitmciJtbitducwe, Dr, Gotirht- tuus, th^i^ 

" About ihirty yctrt ago, in d>c vilUyc Pupu dc 5ut, frriu' 
l«ea Tnild cJiiunt fron Punclwl, th« capotal of ibo lUai^ 
(MftdcafA) if r«0«d ftith jII ibc vkdcDcc of jo <n£t<tious QUtlff- 
dr, pMkig ixxtm one la«Jly to ano(h«r, IlbJ Uu«Mci)iag to ca- 
lend li* rvragfs into iha nritfbboutin^ couaay, tilt tbe qdv* 
■nor look thii (th«) pmdcot acxl tri*c Mcp of *cp*nlji]g ^e 
bcadthy it^m the diMMcd, and prcvcDtb^ ihctr iaurfcrcfi't:c 

cilf d in lavoiir cf dii« ofunfevix- WKvra it aOiccIa pcopU whu 
fawe previuuily bvcu hcsditajr, (he mudd iA amaik. ruvraljlc* 
that vtikb dJMnig^iUlic* coougi vui ttAcmin. " li is u«hcrc(t 
in u-iih riexK« xDcl oUiar ayvpftam* <il pyrtiia, ^liile M tUc 
K&me uac thperc b D9 evidence of the presence of any odier 
esiMtn^ AorbMl ciuie." W^ Juvc luCiriio rcgafdMl thb dt<- 
onkf M an tocurabU- oitr; l>r, (jourliiy hovfvcr hatoccasiott- 
ally Bucceedcd Id affoHmg rrhef. la iha iiicipunt ftatc, he hae 
tti n few insoocea mipradcd thr pro;;rtai oi the diarttit by 
ifacuuof c&loaad- [nochtr c&»ei hf Cound gnu betKfic foU 
h^the iBUmaladaiiiiiamcBODof the lauru (a^^U] or coa- 
QMiD lieajd- 

*" As » mtdkinr, tbii rcpiJlo «ct« as a 7<^werful icunoljint 6n 
the liviAn lolid. opening the Mrcrad exctctLoni, And producing 
tar^ «v^uatio«u, pvtUuldity by ihc t\Xm ttid urine* which 
:ue X tbc tame tiine not aiundcd with any dcbilhacing cOccL 
bf-lhl^avod* of opcrauott, n wiit be fmnd lo have die c>eTUin 
inflfkence of Eirxc«tii:g the progroa of ihc vor*t lyroplomt of 
Glepluniuii«, ii Doi the whole, aad ib many ca>n to hare sur- 
pfktngty rcnuircd pofU, nhich t*it yeaii had Ucn nhOtbiOly 
cnlai^dr ^iheir Rftturd u£c, and even aniiibilityp tbougli 
for ihut period they bad eonikiucd in a toipid sMIe. lis Opera- 
tiOD ubo eccmv to \A7y BomewhiiL in diScrcot coo; m times 

86 Ob iJtt Cfimaif ^tt^ Di»9tut» ^ MtAtrm, 

dM diScrcBi lecTt^UM *fc<n iocr«M«d by it all at cmcc, v>£. 
the prrtpirMJon. uri^r, aiMl MliT«j M oUitfr tisiei, waen\y am 
lAcnue of Mliva tik«t p^c."^ P* '4. 

Dianbcta aonnrnw* foUovrrr^ ih< um- of i1h« nmritv, iBiDt 
OCCMJfinifljr prod need rertigi^. 5one MOccwfiiil cmc a arc nub* 
joined froo trludi wv are coavinccd that ibi> rrpttlc po«M«««« 
coDBiilcnbk clficuy ia the ctire of dtphjafijtib: It hu alto 
licra adiaisiMcrtd with advantage, i» brrpci, dironi^ thcunu- 
ti»m, dnifpijr, and Krx-ifulji- 

Aft obOM of (he iJiKA»fB in Madeira are iimiUr to iIkim of 
thbcowntry, we^hall vonfaieiivreatTacu to aoch aa pvxtctit 
■fluraol Bfipeanmcca, or have tamt p«<ulbr chim oa o-^r alten- 
itoa< Dh Uamlny nic«il>on« an lavcierale epuici ol paora^ 
termed by ihu rLativa, ou^j^io. It i» well dcwvibed ty Dr. 
Atlaou IB bit vfcrk on moi^J pomooa-Tbia afcctioo uoddlf 
■nacka chUdftn at an raHjr d^, and ia cridcntly ocovionod h^ 
nn^ anintolnlei pknang the tUn- 71>«y ptMBcaB ih« power 
•lle^n^ tike flt>iu; are Bonewlin lart^rr thin chm? mitei^ 
Md brioiij^ to ihfi^nija acmM'fdPO evuifcnDA]. Lion. 

*'ThF liritappifariAteof iheftiaFAu Istrche form of a p«l- 
hicid wattry vtaid^, attended with (niolrrahl^ itdria^t aod 
whicb, on ixtnf^ rubbed* hreaha and ditfhargei a thin wam^ 
llijtd- A cruat or scah !■ aftrtwanl* fiaraned. iron nndcr wbieb 
ihcre iaaenin emitted an tuitl kbnroui matier. Thii ABttet 
forrodei the ncijjhbouHng puit, anid i^ndi ia oicnd the Uia< 
PMC, vhich U further uiist^ bv the oraof dw origiaal mle^ 
tJoiiH animaki^lei, andihe locomotive potvertbry arc n»certai(i> 
cd ta poMtu.'* 

I'hc CI0C is mcM fivquenily perfnnned by vtcnna of cxtrao* 
lion viUi a [»mor needle; but the complaiut U caaiiy mm>ved 
hy the application of eacrc^riikk and Milphur ointmcDU. 

"From aiifoiMrcMue of aoirnakuJar iinLiuion b derived 
anoibrr <utanc>ovi malady, Vnt^o by the namcof iLfoe^. from 
the tmkll vinged inject which occouom it- Thiain»ect itaUrtit 
the MMofihe one (JdCfibcd, at producung the iuh, Jkod ibe 
atfcctkon It iotaila U most croublctcme dur~io|i^ lurt^eit, ortil 
trnmrdbttly after tiJ^ P. tf. 

On lA* CSmafe ^ad J^Ueatti of Mi^roM 


Fraoiajtwieouf aJ<aioiw,<mr author proCGcda to di«HU«« 
of thv ch««t, which ia tpttc ot iu bojAticd Bihibritr w cManiign 
HI Mtikini; the iiati>«4cveaarvorb«BatfoGUil villi puLaKMaiiy 

" Pcnunfl oi' all a^ts, ■nd of Uxh ivccft, fall vkllnw m lit 
say* wIkiIc &BiiJieft luve ■« iinic» hctn tuddetAj *vqit ««iy 
by It 

" llw upccic* of ihe (]ka*c thiu producei the imragc^ btrc^i 
H thai Gonorcwcl yiith acitifiila, a diionier ttfiuUy cott^oa 
here M b the colder rcgiorw ni KuiMpc: it uoifonnly tt fine 
auu»« dui ap^amttcol'tt mitdcuurTh,buc»AcrwarditvrlKB 
lb« ml pulmonary vypsplomft coaidncuce, ibcy pvovo more 
vinlcM aad rapid Jfi thtir pra ^ T»t a i than ift ibo ^ihkia of wir- 
tham cUiBMci/* 

An idaa prevails is Madeira ihuihiadiaMac Uof i conCO' 
gioiit aAHUv, and flo thai account ike iohabftanita qj" KijocbjJ 
will hAfdlytindrraj^y clreuautaiion receive a phthJikol plicat 

Thi? proper prriod for tfA«Liuniptivepen<in»colraoc Es|^aDd 
Uihe motith of Ocu>bert th« 4iteMt artftoo in Madetni beioff 
from NovcoiAkcr to the bejlotf^og of Juai;. In the trvatmcM o£ 
phthMia«Dr. CouTlayak|NTiff«cGd(bciBoUia«Gt*froftAC«ii- 
llooa adnnniitntiov ot difitaljb In ibt j»iipi«at kuqa. bo 
gKMraUy e^ctctl jl pctiect curet m ttie nwic advanoed aiagea 
grm relief^ and ui »ome tabtancei cvea cooiplcbe reatontuoa to 
Eiealth, by tbe uie of this reoaedv. 

In the MOoDd d4vi«ioci|Gpiticnkai tbv authov daucft thoao 
diwi^cawhschariie rrom;LEpfr(iHc oona^jion* FMrriifreqiaeiic 
ia the bhttd, and it laiutly awmiwadw typhgJdcharacLer. Ur. 
U. attributei the BuaUty of ihb confilaiiii to bod pr»ctkie, and 
cofkoctal^ to bleedioj^ Thii i» often tbr eoac In the coutftryE 
baeintoina,tuiderr«gttlar|mctiiiioiicn,thtf tcrmniulon UqcB' 
eraHy faToimbJe. 

In IBOtt.scarlaiiaftwu epidemic the first line 'm Maidaira* 
od4 aucnded with a grea« fitialtty. 

I^Tbc durseeerlaik aymptotni which maj^ked Ita Miack, 
were htfltninaii^D «f tlw lonula, ami oaucoa* nKimbrane of 
The fuaora, attended with eitvotivc and icptattd tloui^hioff oi' 

08 0ntAfCirmaUmJDu€9sra9/MtAfn. 

tbcM pflrUi tTOprttcm of the kkin. varini in infipp«anBrv,rann 
■dO evuot, b djf erem cue>, AAdgreai drtiiUiy of dicvhoUof 
(b«fiiMcioiif.'nir affi^ettMi Artbethroi<,hcwf\'cr«wM bf na 
noRitft eopiUAtvyaiipeom, and ibeaitack wu u frcquciuly 
wiiImioi it a\ wil^ it- 

** Atita ooauncAtmnmt, »o cont»gioti»w»|h«iifltu««of du» 
e|iHlnnk loappcaniKc, kstr>be<ofnidcr?da* the«7)ikiaic oc 
fODttf ioa» caurrb vomb'rncd with quinsfv. and in chiKct cvci. 
M mcwdrt; and ittdfcd from the very vjirisl>le mode ot itt bC- 
lMfr,lbau^it«ii4lurr»ooa ccMcd eobein the Waal dwititittl to 
Ml cxpcrionced pnctHio«wr, sliU >l co«1d 4Mt fitl, from ici ia« 
ci|Hcnc >pp«Mranc«, to drcvirc ottr wbo looked onfii' to Ihc rtgo- 
brand miul form of KirbliiiA' In many cutca, for thrre or 
faurdays,drIJrium ttnth« onlf vymptom of (he dheMe, at* 
tended wiib anxJciv of ihe prcconlb, dyipnoa, palpitalloa of 
the beftft, eoogtu biliuun vomtiiB|pi, cdeoiatouft •vdlmg* of 
diflm«l poruof ihr body, avd, mproportivai&dievioteotcol' 
thcft« B^mptoitusi miBpention olso uf htanu nnd mocion. Id oibcr 
iuiuiac«s,lhe n»lady wa» mhrrrd in hy vioteixt henonhagv 
irom iht ODtv and months auendrd with n quick teeble pube, 
jmd occaaiDnallf frequrnt iii» of ityncc-pi-." P. 11 1^1 12. 

Icchieiy sffccUd (htldn-n: vte wcjuy wiUiti^ly (r^f^tcribc 
ihU author^! very (htnutc accoont of iht lympiomBt rn the ma- 
meretkm of nhicht hr htia ^vmcfd ^fni accxtmcy of obartva- 
tioni bui wi- have atrcadi- rendered :bii aiticle long. T^e rreai- 
meet pursued «ecatH io \wrt been judU^na, and we were 
gnuilicd iQ finA than tn thr cane* w^irc cold affuHiun was intly 
ariminiuerc'd. roniklrmblc rclif f wjb afforded. 

In theaucttmn,dj'amt«ry grmeiidty prcrailtt and h highly 
eowagioua. Smallpox vu forfnerty very dc^inici^ve ia this 
iBbnd^buC ihe practice of looculitioiihja now checked the mor- 
xnlkyi and vaccin.niQo poniikn to tic ^ucccuful in further dW 
ininiBhin^f tu Ih- f^ourJay «i!4ie«, thiit hr hu not failed in a 
aioglc insiaacc in |>rodv;ci;ig the diarAtc, and that none of b» 
paiEcnit, ihfjoj;;h a/urw»tlrv subjccled to the canugjon of sidilU 
pot, have been affected by h, ■ 

Mr?a»!e«arc frctjuentaownH the children In Mndcirs: tbatn* 
^Ajniuaior^' »lage ia vety ahoil, jiud soon vucvucdcd hy ft de- 


On the Ciimaie and Diseases of JUadeWa, gi} 

grec of typhoid debility, from which the chief danger ftriaea. 
The Bubmaxillary glaoda oTtcD swell and prove troubleaome. 
HoopLDg-^cough ia epidemic, and the paroxysms are so violent 
KB frequently to terminate in apoplexy. Emetics admlDiatered 
io the commcQcemcnt of the comphiiot pro ce the most 

An appendix contains a short account of the mineral waters 
in the Portoguese Island of St. Miguel. 

Upon the whole we have been gratified by the perusal of this 
litde volume; should asccond edttioQ be called for, we hope 
the author will endeavour to make the department allotted to 
the natural history of the island more complete. We canctot 
avoid alao remarking, that besides a full page of errata enume- 
rated, various other errors, both of the press and of die editor, 
have escaped correction. 

Vol. It. 



iKtmiitt ^fihi Br*r ft/the Pol^/^h Sfyiff^ w tfftftf- 
00 iff ,4mfnorrhaa. 
BV N, t:HAI*MAN, M. D. 

iviK wial prupcNftiCy lo cpi^AmmatJc poiM* that be wbo ra»c» 
iwotprigtof ^rau vhcrvuniy ooafaMl prcvk/uty gTvtta,coii- 
fm on hiH caunuy a mon mlj«u&[Ml bcntlii Uiau U <Jciit<«l 
frota all the Mchuvcmcnu of umi. 

To ihe itxtae ipc£ic4 of praiK, and certainly »oi to a IcM 
fthiuc, U the phyucian ioudc<1« whoi, by ttcu dJKovvtioH 
■JxU M llic caulogur vf lanu* by which ihc DDftbUie* of ouf 
[ucure uc cniiigvtcil ur turnl' 

the dueoicB ot woait-xt^ muat have ckpoivocrd ihr difficolcy oi 
monoging Komc of the fr>rTnii of amenotrh cto. by the ordinary 
r«mcdic** la a Gonvtnniion vuh my friend Dr* Harishonw, 
About two yrar& agii, upun ihi» buttjcci, he mentioned to mc 
tl)«i he iJtought he hnd uwd. wiih advantage, a decociton oE the 
Scncghi in thcte c^ttr*. Cuo^iling m ilic accuracy of bti obftcr- 
TBtion«, I cietcrmjnrd lo 1o4c n^ time m making a trial of the 
tnEdicinc Thi% f have tincc done, both in tny private practice 
anil ia thni of the Almshouse,* id a consi^Ii^rabk rixirnt, and 
with BuflicicM duccrsg, to wurnuit mc in rcrucnmcDding it as 
smong the niont active and Taluable of the emmctingctgviej. 
The enauing c J5t^, adecicd out of amjch lari^r iiamhcr, will 
lervc not only to atttii the dccitive c^cat^y of the medidnc, 
biiciniiy» perhnpHf dUo^ in aamc mraAiirc, l)lu4tTaie the pini- 
cular ataie and CErcumEitancea of ihla deranged function, to 
tvhkh ii u best adapted. 

The iint caae tn uhich I gAVc the dccoctioflt waa that 
of a wonuD, ag<d lldrty yeyu^, hy mdc a srmpitrvaa, of a 

■ 11ir ACmthoutf, u ifac niurie Imrnvifv It «a uytum for iiflupcn. Thrrt 

If, hdHTiCTtT. Ailfpartirentof ltiAc«UbiiAtiincnt>pfiru|fnaj£Jiu(}iE vlLl'liiB 
forma Ltn^ilChiiTE il^nu^t «n(1 lauDuig Uie balctinkal kImjuIi id the 

Oni^u*e^iAr Pofy^ahSfrngt^yc^ 


liniinc »]m(l<r tad tmstclattd^ uxJ vtlh ■ tempcraoMDi Ap- 
|uu-rnt1y colcl ami Uucaphk^Atk. Tbt diiow bad cKuted 
lA A gTfiifT or l«» (Ififteo for ten *car*, Al ihc o>inakciice- 
Vktnttftodl^ngafirrwftrth, *hi? mccitruaicd irrr^Ufly^aa w«U 
td tlic Itmc, as ihc i^iiflncitx <'f <he ditcbtfgc, aad ftlvaay« 
wii)ipun 3A(l<);Acully. Rut fof lh« ihnc Uciycai^ there had 
been ftn «Qiirc ampprcMiuO' Siall, however, she ocM»ioa- 
alJy felt, ooct pcrHnpi in two or ihrc« nocnki, ■' »,% K tkaxnr^ 
were nal'm^ an effnn-" Ai thet: iinet, i)ic hud IW d^iya lo- 
gether, fugiitvc paioi in the ImU:, >nci lover put of tbc ibdo- 
vrtfi, iccoBpaifeicd vriib the unca«v •cotatiom of fulam in Lbu 
chvtt and head. 

A* almoat <vtTy oihcr rcmwljr had btcn employed by tfa« 
ph^iciaas who Ind prerioiulf atteoiJfd thu wamani I did not 
hniiatc to pvt hrr on thf uk of ilie S«n«ga. t directed htr lo 
Cakfl of the d«octiOQ* ■ tabic 4poonful ct«rv two ho4irV|UkJ lo 
thu (ilaik oftre^tm^nt wai ditccmiliJe- In about thttt wcvki, 
hovcvcj.ahc cont'c»c4 that ah« was better* both ai r«g«rdcd 
the nc<]utulton of ttreergih, xnd ^c general comfnnab|cne)»ft of 
hcT l«<)ing«. Toward* tht cxpifatfon of the &fth wctk, I vt»t 
rei|iieitni, id ihe cvtnog, to * iiit her. I Rmikl htr cvrnpLun- 
log of rtry tttntx paiq in tbc Monach like the eolic. Her 
botv«b beipff opened bjr in bjcction, tbe luok a btrfc dcHie of 
liodaiMtt. In Un nnraiiifi 1 lc«nii dm the had bcra ificcd itx 

' In Dukinf tti« Okvi'ma, t ptjl iipiat Qfb«Unj| vitfrH an ouiictafitio 
SoKftf tfiukc^l. -11 ■ i lin««^>K], trill Id iIbIu**!} ■iniintfu^Trllii^ f\tv |iU [lie 
•laanlil^i* ic^lufcJ mis thijJ. Wrtcici}i£fTitili:iMcu«Lc*naiw<«, "tiii-hitb 
iit<iHliiii«« spl Uiili:^ vxh in iinall tin**, I b«vc kpr<;»red with tJit uUH' 
iJimafvi tnfimk, lucTi » t^aaiwig* pvtl vr u««iL M| i^k, in i>q K^mi* 
aktmiqn of tbi 1«m if k u ta ft>V AbnU ItV oujioe« i^f Uka Jvi dc^uii, mem 
otIvh, durtni tba d*;, iaqrdingi»LUc tlnuinfUncn of tUt «U4- Hut *X 
d* lIiDr, wlfrTt llic in?n»lrMAl rf\'»n h tXft^rd l^ be nibJr. fei^J '.ill iltr 
iHit^likr^ u Klvllf IntJoeadi I pwh Ihc dcuc ki fw » [he tioniKli imVl 
aUnv^ I bm givf n ■■ aiiich u l«« Miicft ri«T7 Inmt^ in tha ifjlcr'Ak cf 
the muntlnijd ptridd*. I &tv^t I'rj' ufdc tIlu mdjcifia for A irc<li nr two, 
Wlihiidt fboiH imlAnruBlaiu, rf ti tl^ nnt Jom iia rfHcac/, it fcncian aui- 
llMl ■■* ihyMlIng lb ifar f^iltrfA- tVlult iindtt ■ tfltirv ai the ftfW|f^ 
t^ fvaml ijnfivn 4^ lo W k«fii iB Opatj i«fn1«Ml^ ft««Hilvv «Mit«*«Hi, 


CKi th< «*r X^Jii^ Pffyg^ Seitf^a 

Tdicvcd, b^ iKf anodpif , of Uiv colk, but thai »hc wu ii (k« 
MOmtnt, ftuffrrin;^ from «riMigfavrl»5do«a pa&m. Shr ttcoi- 
cd aba to be diurcssnl by fprot raultfisom ami utti«ty. A« 
her pQlw Uki, wn tpamevhai fidl.aMl bcr skin warm, ei^tt 
Ottnceaof blood vcTc drawn Irom brr arm. Thr mediciHr vat 
no« iivreniied to an ounce envy hour. Wh<d I law her «gatn 
itt thr eT«nm^, po vcp- ftcnaibltf ciiflngr IuhI lukcn piMc. I pre- 
icribni che tnrin tuth« and the coatinoMton ol the mcdicise. 
The ncKt monkiE^ tbc «* eriikMi.v betier. flte baih. ih« 
over ni|[h(i had conapo^rd hcr^ utd after a (c« hou't' »1e«fr «hc 
began CO HKnuruMB. Ilic dit<huftv« houYi^cr* wju by no 
mcflim DOlunL It Umktd Uke a mixitirc of die &<iDKk of u) mik- 
hwdihs ukcr, hod ibc lit jd of leiKorrbaa* Duricg ihc diy and 
>ucc«cdtikg ntjbt,ilic mcdif in« vatcuistiiiord. Ptin ot du» tmct 
the diaL^liAi|;« vi:n mtjre aibunilxnl, and of a ijillcmil ap- 
pcjtraocc. U (]3u«t«icU uf prrU^ t«iiai;iv»s niu«u»> »u Uvnd^ 
witii gruint;u« blvod as tu ha^^a durk ^tan^iEmrub cofPpfaSHnn 
I'Jii' ibrdsiruol paroxyini tiow ocsHtl. AlKr a k>Kni|^l, blw 
mumvd to the Svnt^^ in the Uuac ol an Dtinne iour tiniea a 
day, and ficracvcred in thui ukmg it Jor dirve wccka, whca 
aUc wan uf^nio lUOGkcEli 1 wua it&t taUtd io ac< her tilJ chc 
third dftv cf her iilnr«H. It nppritred tlnii ahc had been aflfi-cird 
prtciHtly in tlic «Afne wny as furnurlyi in ih« firn inManec 
boin^ »riiud with r>1ii:, whirh wan won Mlowvd by tirariag 
down partist 'Hirair laitcd^ wJib tilight inttrmiBnioc!i, kir iwcii> 
ty-four houn, when a aubmnce of mi uau»uat aspect cominc 
torn her, I wfii lent for to examine U.^ I found it lo he n 
mcmbranuus lining of the uicni*. It was exactly of ihc iHan- 
gutar figure of the inude of that nrfpin, nod of the dimensbiu 
of iiacuvifv atthecLoBc of ihcM^ond month of gewaiion- Tht 
extcrnnl surbcr of U was hhsj^^y fir floccido^c: the internal 
smooth- Id conuateace. It reaemblcd firmly uniutcted mucait, 
or thit atmcturc denomiuiiird by analomiAtt ftircaf/t^ma. Id 
color, it Wat tinular to the deciduMa bot twice or thrtc iimett 


tltir witida hid hf«n c^vrn yinof w wyrt^ I0o other Rmedy WM tfW 
vatiJi «inptnj(il during lint titAcJu 

in O^ttinale ^^jptrAc rrAow. 




ta tkkcle *« I hare cvrr vMs tlui mcdtbraiir** Tho txfiulAiOD 
4)f ihU viib*nncc «■» Tij;itlwT ptvctdcd, not Colkiiirrd, ^y 
hemorriugt, or oohcr ditclnrgc, except i wHpiDg of ifrooa 
tingrd widb red Uood-f 

The wooiJio. after a thort )otcrv«1, once imm rtrcTbed lo 
b«r mcdkivbc: and in ihc eounc of ihrec vrcck«. I rrtcivcd tha 
^'cqr vuidiKtOTy iiMdtig«ncc th«l ihc uu jttr>ir//iuiff^ jwra- 
ra£^ nrcp cldhi. which were >Ikjwq io anc on ■d)' vitit to 
h«r, were ihorou^ly iimlkuei) wiih tbr g«&uinc cs^iamcnj^. 
Eighirfti nonclui hxre rhfiri liacc Uiik cvtm, uhI Ac coaii- 
ouc* to do well, without Jtnf noUeal ind* ITic flocnM* dow 
fircclr, but with cm toic <jf ptriodic^ rc^ljifit)^- la tv^ty 
rripcct* Ivowcvtr^ bcr brjdth hu rd*;iy iiihprovcd- 

I hire trued the more minuidy ibc hioory of the ahoi^ 
CAM, bfc&vtc h iiiilc»inc u bciDg iDtcrotiD^ in »cvctiil puiou 
<«r TjGW. Ii 9L UaaE eofraborate* m opmioB « hith 1 h»J rai- 
aon Twl>- to aidupi^ that ui mou, if txot «U ihc mituicpa uf ub- 
viinatc -ind long cmtiiHipdunciiorTbn^the Tncmbrmiu dcctdu* 
eutu.{ <ukd thtt nidicA] nJief, usdex hkIi (jrcuiKt«t*u««, » tu 
be ftlonc sought in the nddAoce of ihi» adrcmjuout i^ridui:- 

The cAWft ilini follow, came under laf care while in jitlcn- 
tfapKc at the AbnJwuic latt wioicr. They will be more bhcily 
nLiied. Ditappgintcd la procuring llu reoonk wbich *rc pjv- 
KTved, or oothc to be pmervcd, in ihe clioical jounud of ihc 

' >C«rt:BfHl w«i ^h« ffpvi, u ftr M 1 biow, vha fiiCMd ili^i membtviavi 
nbiwiH. He drKrt'au h vay Loeunitlt: By L>cn>nan our itLtntiuA ]im 
ben mm Te<cnL}f ullfO ta ttkCflT>coiM<irLnHnaiTua*ti> whigli piiifAd' 
dciiL He moktiiint, imoB£ ifLflDrotlut pviicuUnrcUtiAf utiJ^itfubftuWa, 
thU ttcLuknuwii Lifd Iru ^nmUil, in otLft ihiu One iaruHi ly Itw fir> 
^nuttruL STi£h n^^e Im iicirrauurrcdlAiqe- 

t ThcK It fammonly in tlirK- tittt, u mit^k firmnrvh^sr w in aarl| 
jibtfilAia- kifl tMiii t>| Ko'^apij. Uiiii dw ripLiltirm if ib* hklilIhaii* in 
wcffinifia faf Ibc Ipobtil dlKhtff^ t UnMVtr abvcr^-^d kt 

I t>r> DcnBiHntc«MtacAti9UintlWKDU0f4MMri> l(r| iu<W(l,«uqiacti 
TbflA trr tvu nufina vrty it ■■ n^l ivuc frequflMly itoK^Pdi WAn^Ui in 
Ihe finiplMv, UK hIucwk t^hiw Uiur mdrirval iUAa iupHjviJj mil 
■Kand^jr, ihe iB<]nbt4Cu^ tn ■ c>TAt mtj«ilx of >■■*■*» v^ H"n« *way hi 
iidlII ptfqpi, or flvkft, tn ihuit eD'^^ D<rrttfgk<d. cvvn wlicn w bivrap 


Ai rAcuM A/thf Pstifffain Senf^a 

liMUtf, 1 ani CD«np«Ucil to n\y wJus'i^ly oq my fnemoi^', 
wfhkb. U tktt ibixrvjtU cmUti me l<i draw up ouly a general 


lira woman vx 1 >n>nbe. She \i*i bno confncd to licr 
trl! for up ward* of > )xar, |Jorw»j,';hc Rtriitr jmrt of ihis lon([ ; 
ptriud, the ^r4fi funov*!^' drr-in^^ J. Ot xh< c~,unc c-f l»^r in*«^ 
nhy Qotlimg could be 3ACc>taisc<J' Htr ige appcxtrd id 

1 fnund liut >hi: had been Biosi coi»iomly ci«p1eccd by ibe 
Bi^T^mt phyiictvnt wbn preceded bic. Blcrdihg. S>ib ^ni 
tad topical, puTgng, bluieritig, afid ntivation, bad all bei 
to a itrvai ciunt. Bciidts xbnr rcTncdiea* utinioaii 
iopii« the digitatit, die decoitirin of tobacco^ >nd A *^ 
Tlrty of *in«crto^^r* 'had been itied. IJjt, cievcrttirteiv, lM>j 
very fVror^xte iioptetiion lio^l btm made od lirr ditevv- 
Bring told diut ihi' luid not inent^fruatrd sini:« ^\it hid cDfrrd 
ibc hotu«« 1 detrnTLincd* withoui drla^ , to mifcnvcLir io r^more 
iTiiy funcTion. I kcrnrdm^ly dirrcitd ibai vbr KhmiM rake ihr; 
ilecnction <>r Srnega, in ibc- attTiiif'smfrJ dowi txcationulty to 
VoAf Komi' blooJi nnd ici »tir ihr CepM teh. Aftrr a frw day 
her niiiiBTibn fviJently mehnracrciiiind at the md of trtnap 
vrt^Ttt. a flow of tbf^ ratnmrnia cawteon, wbich wasproducrJvc 
of xttf mo« flttlutny romrqiifncri. No mori^ld aflkn now 
drtiuibtd her ty«cm» and Pier mind ihai-cd in thi* new itatc of 
tranciuillUy* Kncoura^d by a ch-infi^e ^a prrjjihiotis ihc niHl'f 
tAnt wn cnntimird lour or five werht Innger. Thrn mrn*ira- 
aimp; a 4<r(7nd lime, ^hr became «Tin hc:t»r« and htr fiieadi 
ccTDiidcring her lufficirnlTy rfrov^red, to&i htr home. Of tatc^ 
I hnve not heard of her: but for Bomc tinic ^tcr k^kvtng ihc 
Jiovie «he hail no rvUpte^l 

* MylT'eiutk Pm iVOlii* viil Murno*. of V>tfinK who Ibtfiatfl 
ixicxif Lkicur 014H. vill, I Lkfjpt, itfTnti, iiHtty ddectt BTiy RUleililfa^ 

I Umfty U: prvptr fnf m* lo tlale.lkint ihouith, «1i«fe jiho qciitttd Ilk4 
liBBa«,*)Mi ■■•ftirtil timtHiK ir^ btrinicnBtt. tiy Ut lun^ fif^nftntnt 
whWi n had hifTvrvdi wi* mueb impaired- U vm, inlcd, KVUIiuud kl^ 

nukitt f4tij^[>- 1 nndcnuud, howcnce, tbit hor Dunil ■ftflnrvd* r?<av»ra4 

teOliaftf'nfflf Jmen^rrhm, 


CASE n. 

ThU «*A bU^ ihf ca»« of ■ nufkiK, In maoy kadb|( fta^ 
lu(T« it rcKinbtcd ihc preceding one* The ivoiHn wn aboat 
lh< fuiw agv, wd h«T dmngeMon of «qti«l ^taadMs. la bMk 
iBftUiicn ibc caiRiticiita were vapfffcucd. The crvMaunchad 
bc«mi»ibr. Thtre w>% thb dtflvrttKCthowcrvr, en lK* tcMd 
of the two vomnco, OB nty ftnt tt^tt^ llicia. Thr mind of the 
Imicr nri far moix tunc. Titcrv wa* loo, n strong tinctvre of 
lewJocn ID her aspra, hvr <oiiv«nati9n» and drportnifm. Thi* 
ciittrmprrcd ardor of appnitc moit rdp'rdly iocTc—ed* la Ins 
than a week khe bad covilii mcd nynpho-roaxiui, aaaodaeed wUb 
ettixMc Bciiul vivncjty, iMi afipHrcni jo^uvnc** of Iwart. 
TnLiag (he ivliole of lb* ctrcunt lancet uf ihia raiM into ctJd- 
•IdcrMkin, I bad lUtlv doiifal «« to tlic practice vhich oo^ to 
be punned. My dcUriDiiHtiovi «>■ pronpit^ made up, to 
arouM itic utrtuv, if puttjtile, tv t t^itknicaial arcmuMa* I wm 
periiuadcd that -4 dow uf tKc ncnica would mcit vKtctually ^uiefl 
thU lurfiutcDCv of poMJoD. Mxt pTotinblf likewise, ai 10 iftkc oihet 
taM, alJeviatc her nfrcnul diicrdvr. WHb tbe doc^ctmn of ac- 
ticgnJ therefore Donimcaced«Ofihiiah«bOo%,pethapalorafort^ 
ni^t, without Any vUiblc xlvanufe. Ilie do«e wu in conir- 
qurncr augmrcird lotwo o^ncrkcvery bour. At mynrti visit, 
ihrrc^ dayi altrrwanb) I wan ^irucki on cnicrvng licr e«U, by a 
very nciraDrdJfliLfy ■kmiiovt in bcr upptaruoce and demeanor. 
IniTcad of iht L'agcr and imfMuioiMd antauOoo which 1 had 
hcra in tTiP habit of rrteivtag from her, ihc rvnurned 00 her 
brd tntnr^iil nnd icdjte. There wm no lonfrer any inordinue 
cuiiemrAt. Com ^yned both Ifl hodr nnd miniii «bc itemed <o 
ht indjtging ^ tftDfirA of mrVaAcholy contemplotMin | from 
vhich tr wBi tiot co«^ to divert her. 

l0qtj(r(n|{oftbenrtrK what had 4o ftnddesJy Tvi.'oliilioniKfd 
ibe condition of my pHkiieDt, I wni ittfbrn&ed thM ahe had beta 
wtmunMiflff cs^^UkJr^fif the Awf titirftfnjt hfttr*, 

Aa her bciilth couiiiiiifd pro^cMively to mend, I iainuiCil 
fbc cn*e eotiTdy to ihe powers of native $nT nro or ihrvc 

vfrets.* Bat I w» conitrvhvrcj a^in to tcuri to thcMucg^ 
in canr^i;qucnceof ronvmrnadngiwIicaiiocMof ar«lap«c-n« 
nicdiE:inf icr^^ i^icUy protlucvd liio anlicipaUd ftfrct. After 
mcnMnialing frrtlyj tht btfc^^ciu cuot-alctcmt a bcfurc. My 
period of kUenduiui in iho how duw expired, amd ilic wa» 
conaisned to my buccnwr* What (>m lite ultirnuc ncivliDf 
the nue, I Jim un^ljle to ■«>-• 

Tu tft-ok) prvlixjiy, I »hftQ diinniu thei« cues with one or 
Iwif rcin«riw ooly, (hough they arc rich i«prftctical redcaJoiu* 
Tlicif iiaponaocG It oot roiricEcd to the ttidcncc which they 
bear to the powcn of the Kncgi oa mi Eouiuiugqgoc. Ilk^ 
may, pcrbMpt, open a ocv view ia the treatment of BUkiA in 
fcnuleii. if ihvy Jo pot concluitvely evince thai umcnorflMB 
a, tomttimu jl cjuic of iDtuDMyi ihcy ftt kmc orr cukobud lo 
awukcii uuTBuaifitionx u|KiD Uie«ubj«cu Nor ia tlfii ^. They 
«huwr dblinclty lllc mtjiiialc rvbtiua brtw^QOtlK t^u diMaua, 
and dcmouttnitf , in the mobi fittikiDgmuniker, how eMeniial ii 
U in trebling the ilTetiioiu of the mind, lo have a conflcint smd 
vigilant C)x diictted to the uterine fonctlan. 'Ilkcy pR>Te, ia 
ahon, incDDusublyt i^^ in tome ca»cft oif niank in womi%a 
cure may be- tffrcied, whrn othf^r tnvim^ Iimvc totally failtdf by 
4imp]y produ<;iT]f; an cflution of the mcnbCfti. 

It now only nrnnins for ne, very concisely, co »ug^tc the 
nods la which I ciiDcnv« the »nrg;B to optrruc^ . Inqiurics of 
(hi» uture vt noi without utility. TWcy Ltod to xhf raublich- 
ment of principlea, by which wc rcf^ubtc our pnaicc with 
gntatr precision and r^ruinty. 

The mcTiiqtruAl dlnciKiLrgt I hniri |a be rAf rfmtr ^f « jKin 
Hrif mthn ^ thf Wfruit, Kirtry othfr hypotheiit on the sob' 
jeft \% Inlnlly frriTATKilabJe with ^U. And repugnant to the 
bwB of the Anltna] ecoQOfny. The etude ipeeuUtioni of former 
iinKt rc«pccting ihia operiiion m«y« indeed, be coniidcrcd m 
dUc«rdcd< Doet any one, for inatancc, HhtMc kiioTvled^ hw 
kcft pAce with the improvrnKota of ph)i1ology, now entortaiD 
the notion of lunar inllunice, of ftrwienutioiHDf vcncraalap* 

*f1n(« aticli^ijkc i^uc. I L'ccullrctUial blUlfr^iHliLhl^GrriJiUiiLfhWcrw 
idhcitli Ml tUc '<itMc r»r he F ililg[kt, and u^Ueiij w^ trpi upm dutinf 
[frnler ptn of ihii iKru-il. 

to OMmit Am^nttrr^^a, 



aCT«l p1ftbor«« or h^tH tomf^tlts^ Ut, ktJ The 
ihfttTY of icereiiMi I am nraie U not fiiHv *iinibU*Ktd- But 
n>ach oiKy be urf^d 'm hi suppon. My ttmiM, hmrrvrr, wSU 
p«mU Wit n pmrftt, t6 Mnfi to It* di-ffftfo mnrly ■ •un>- 
finry of Ebc«<>f«1r!«din^iT^itm«B«K, Thvw ntivbr ihutcnu- 

i.Thki lire utcrvB tn iti vi)lou», and rMcular ttnictuir, rc- 
MvnbUs ji glaiuli And aim rfi i» donftM, bf ing rqually liabli? 
to scfitfius, cmnefTt ttc. fkr. 

% *I1iatJik«o(>>cr wcT«i!Ofy oiTgaiu>.lil(KM3 b irerr f opioiuT^ 
d19b«d fhrou^h ii. 

S-TTttt, by ihcwftuijeniMilrflf* vnirlfc, II Ucv" ' 

cfttrrtfi^n* The ittimMarcn«4 rtnlvt^Tcceilla^y-coavnliitfd, 
h<« ihcr wc l^'firr ■nd trtih thmiwT toM* than ihciT corre- 
sponding vcint' j 

-4. Tint in Tomnon wMi Mher •errctioo*, nmitnatioo U 
oAm^ at firM« trtiperrcr-tlypeTformrdtUid ti aah f ett nrcrrwAnh 
1o TTtiaiinA avl dcmnffetntrt. In ibc bef^BiAlft|f the ilL*rhirg« 
b cmiBonly th>n, roloftm amd d^fiekni. mmI rtaxn « priN 
tnrtixl «Bil irreeuUr mtcnr^4. tn kodk of dW«e pMnkdbrit 
ii b uMkaBoas to (tie •cntnjil ««eretiQBi 

t<ri b«ll3w <i**V-<-.' *^' Ml rl-im* l« Li ti #Vft<1->,; > « - .^-trr i in- vn\y 

|]>Hcn(iib vr U> Trtiflvr wi (lie Blmir A iX^^twartU, lirytrtcr, ko Jimtihtd 

liiV^i '(■ ii'ii miLiun" rt»p*tliri]Elf..»fiincli n. Spe-tjn^ t/f i^t Jo^ii 

of rh. -TiEiitri'„''. ^iiil <]ili<r ■i](1iUii cu4ff. Fir In: Uklck the cUb' 

" tttt--fii -n I . . ■ . mi^Qi irrilUt ¥t lil>«t ukfH imm % nkt 
*' «f t>ir **ine pcrvi, Mr *■ that «ilP«vftMUil by an uciitirfil in ui^y a(btf 
" jrtact Uic Lj«iI}^ \m\ uafficclcauf liliMvl<htJijp^il,i«p>nb«1,orlbtir«rn«ir 

" fnih] iTk ctnrriiii mi<i by vi tfiW uf iW tT*»(U df llir uicnif, in t, ^. 

VoulL ?f 

S. That tn nsmy of the iar«rior »oiwli, during ih« ksmu 
of T t f T e al mcaltftccncc, thcr« U an uicriM ttfii&ioa which m 
VBdoub(edlyaKvrir/i.;n*'tliuai]vifcnBnTiiiiDsl]riJic Mm« cad 
as mfHitruatioQ, mmelff gWbgtoUu uirnuui api'aude m 
e«tfiyfUd<.Thott8htlmflirideprtKtTilly diners fr&m thf m^Mct 
in cofoi^lcKioo, }Yt in invnc InMoacr^ tbfy arc pruutdy «jm»- 
lar. Whcnrvitr iKr veocrcal dnire uiffem A vtnlcBA cv»ftfrhft- 
Uon frOEn rr^miiK, or otho- efltucs, the discharge la Oine 
auifmnJii bMi>mcs rod- 'Hiin hja been more c«pcrcially ronarkcd 
in biidict kept ftttm the diaIc. 

6.'n>Lit when the tnrnKct are Mipprr^ted, Ihty cftoauC b« 
rmoTfxl by inducing pkthora* ni>r ihe ficw be <htck«d b^ 
Uood-lrttin^i or any other vn^vM of depletion. B<rud«,iio 
vicviouA dschirgc rdicYrs ibc symptoaift of ^upfnTnion! Do 
not lh«M laciB Ttry mci^uiviKjiJly produm the custcoco vf m 
ttgcw my fimciionf 

Ldidy. 'lliui the mcnsea stv a fluid nd j ^enrru, tir U km 
vnyiog rtr) ciientiaUy from bluodi huring oeuhrr iD CAkr^ 
■DT stbr* nor c^3^rr#iJJ^^, jsd on thcmioiL aiulysb ptcM»t 
tfififfni rettUi^, Let mc »k. if dio mcoDixua] Quid be kh 
M^ tthu n Uf 

I'o the objection, which hah tomctimts bcm ur^cd, that the 
ounu )■ not luOictcntly )>laiidu1ar for the ofiici^ alleged, k 
nay be, 1 think, i«ty tai^fucf rrily replied, that there h hMtd- 
ty a TiicuA, or «urf 4i:(; ol ihr hwlv, which it not com^tent to 
ihh pui-poM. It would TT^Llly accm thm no opcfatlon of tlic 

ajunu] economy rrquirn a |e» coniplex ipparntiu- Of urhot, 
indeed, duti a gland conaist, r3i«fit a fongcriea oi vrutlaf 
Ktch ih< most perfect of the «ctrction» nre arcomplbhed bjr 
this frimpk coacrhancf:- If a few vtutels, " creeping througji 
ihi: ouaifl of die itiMnach,'* car h^rcrfir i}ic f^iric liquor, why 
may no< ibe inltmrtly more glanditlae orpnizaclon of the otc- 
ruattabonn« the akentiruaJ fiatdf* 

* A« |C1 vfl Xno* of nagtan'lvlir MrLtriuie in v^ttuble"- Thry ciritiin 
mV luliCaOr v*Mi:U, ihfoivifl, *hlih thi Jluul" t\rci]U|t Nrjlwilhttjrdiin;, 
liQ^vier. the v.-xnT at lutdnl*, we fine] Vht mp of i>UMt, toinvircil Ifila oO, 
ife, *«jilt, Jlc, Ml) tlpon^' proaf t>ii HrUmly Ikt Htjiurcdof llieci' 



nM OtHtftcU Amfmrthaam 


By idm\xun% the cruih or ny pi^UiTA, w« Ittre, at onoe* 
ft tohitiov of the prvbkm heion ub. It Jblloira iwcmjrily 
fraiB ihc cviic«itLCHit Ili*i aiAcnorthaj H cauwcd by an in- 
Umipiirjn tu Jw trtr^ory 4Ctil»i of lh« uGcrtt^i nnd iLit \he 
ranwlwi vlikh rcn»vv thcvu|f rawiuD, «>pnaM b^ bringing 
ihc uTEpui Vsck :o (h;vt prvci«c cvflJiiKm* on vhicb the mrcbe 

^o Qdc, who ba» carefully waicbed thci cfTvcii of ihc mcdt* 
ciac iqiott the ty*teai| but fnw>t bavc pcrccirH how utivcly it 
premoiemihG Tirioui sccrrlory duchargctt ThU ii tf»|>fciu% 
nuuuf«4icd in the gbndi of th« nwuih omI fuucci, lod ilic 
neifhboanng^ bcCRCory tarCicn. £xc«pilaf;^dic mcFcunjil ]>rc- 
pftrailt^Ofi I doubt czcccdisgly iihiethvr vc have any ioi-hIlciiip 
HO cotim^iuly povictxd of the prop«rtv to tt htch [ ailiidt. Un- 
c}Oi:«tiQDab]y tbcrc » luMc Uui *m uttit^ani\y cxciin pi>^ikm. 

Onty (9 l^trttciifgatha ■pccili(;cuer|(ic4for«fbich I conttrndt 
aud v]im eluill wc «cci md cX|ilBaitioa of ^ dTntk-' If h b« 
tJiD|4y a BlimuUi>i. or toiiii;, urvudofLfic^aA ii mure gratcjil' 
tyvuppMfldt It mi^kioillu i:ji<tEeeDcai,or iBiip;LrttO(L«,urr.ri»e 

« diaphorctiv. likx maay other ariiclci of lite maicha mtdka: 
but would it L»c 10 »igaallj cfli^icioui as an Emmvna^j^ocf 

Th« doctrine of tpetifo acthnr 'aju>t tif w. It on« prevailed 
la ihc tchooU of ph}'»k, but ban been anppbnud by hypothcii«a 
wlu(h arc, tn my oplokiaf Jar ntDrvfcmoM troni thi: iiuth. Tlje 
bold Aiiuiuplion dial all medidne* an hiwUt in Uieir opcra- 
don,diffenaBOQtyuidcgrceof tbrcc, pcrmuncDty.anddilFust* 
bjlhyt hovcver pUuiibleln ipeciiUiJon, viU itoi bear tbe leal of 
facta. The direciJy o^poaiie coricbuloa u abundjuiily con&rmcil 
by experivDcc. 

1 bebwe, ih:it ac^ifcrty any two a^tnis proJuee pirctiarly llie 
wme fffrct^ upon ihe Ih-ing ayitcni. Henca ilio varittt/ ^ftHs- 
nun, and the Dca*dty of a mnitittidc tf rtmedir^. Not ilie 
al«^hte>t of the cau»e», which con&fitre Do retard the progm» 
of phyuc, H iliG caf^cmcu to ftenenlizauoiu that ai all li»e« 
ha* di>Ung;uiihed Itt Ck;IlLvacnn. Of btc, bowet<f. ihii pro- 
penwt}^haii been carried to the uittOM e)»retnky. Diieate \t now 
ht\d by an emTneni icachfT to be vrdit aad all Mcdkinea are 
cotuidercd, by the diiciplea of viodter, m " ponkipant of one 
<ftKI-" Such hypodieflefl may have ihcMnablancaof ihanm^U- 

100 Oil iki Ku efthr fitfygtUa Sfnegu 

If vc arc ever to xrip our ul of ict " g^ofio** wkcrruiartics," 
■did lo iitirodiKr incotlK pnrtkt of \i MOMtlitng of <r£K<n«M« it 
wiU U by pursuing ^ very diVrnnt courtr- To Mc4>ni|i1ish *tt 
t]npofU£il«r«volaUO'V"<nLi)ii|<lilb^i'nilT,uKl wiihf>ai prcpo»- 
i«««loM,obft«rT« ihc /^Ai^M-i^jM s/fft*<a§f, amd^ wtlh mi ■ttm> 

thcidit^rfJjfri/AAiti^ df morbid acnon, aodtovpply Doc«eh it* 
^^r«pmif remedy. At it \k hawvrttt ax premn, w are 
pluvgcd into A DMlAlian labnrrinth uithont » dew- Dftrk mmJ 
piqiicxcd^oar devious cftrrirt to borrov the inc musmuoa of 
a favourite vriur, trAcmhlc*thc blind graptn^ of llomo'i 
CydopH rancil hii < at^c 

Hut to return frotn this di$rci«iaD. In ftU the tiirw« oluoc- 
norrhoo, I tutpcct the Mnegi mar be uicful, if mlvlnbtcred 
witli a profHT rt^ird to ihc sutr of the lytccm, and ki other 
rapccLA. with torrvct diAcrimmEitbn* But it promiMt lobe 
tnorr pEiiiiculKrly w » th«e c«»e4 vrbcre ihc decidna eitttt. 
We Mc, B« >ct, igDonuu of ih* cutset procu« by which the 
mcmbruir b fnmcd. 'Of tbi*, hi>wei'cr, llwrc ii oo doubt, thai 
the vcsicli &r the uicr\jii, ivhkh pour out the oitAjticnLfi, ur« tho 
iii«iruiuent» b) which it h done. Nor i» U U-i» uni'm, that 
while thvy arc cnga|^ cUher in the formndoii or luppoit of 
thid new produL^Tiotf, mrnftimaiinn r^ Afei' The two offitet^ ia* 
deed, e3iJu:i modca ut icuuo loidUy incaonpatiUt. Ii U obvlona^ 
that under ihescdrcumuaneet, toctdtc ihi: uimittoa 9c<r^ 
tory effort, noconlv aJerci^Uj but » npi^ifii- imfurtfinn itturt 
be made upon it. I am entirely pcnL^jtJcdi both from nv tpe-* 
dilative views of Ui propcitieA, and my nctiial experience, that 
the powen of the acfLe|[B will be here mo«l rooepicuouslv di** 
playcdn Shouldany Mnguin<rxf>eciatEonFiof itAcfioKy iBCheir 
CMC* W futly cr>TifiTnicd, it will rndeed be ori ivporunc acqoi- 
cftion. Thu s^KCies of amenf>rThrT4 is, on many v:couaU| *o 
Bcrioa« an evit. and hju hiibrrlo proved ao diilicuk of core, 
that a mne dy (br it it, confew<dty, among thoic thin^ ibc 
noat anxiously deMderiM^ in the practice of phytic. 




.^: : 

P. S- I rvcvirrd the annexnl commutticalion sfirr my own 
japer v*i cuqoiituil v> the pr««. 1 tm gljtd lu h»vc ii io my 
ptrvcT H> JWniih «uch vldilioiul ivtdoncft axuX Iram vi tci- 
pccUUc luLliunty, (V tfac cSuHy of 11k «Vli«^ 

Dr. All Doc Ton, 
I acDii yotj on Dccounc of my cxperimc^ id iht ium at ihr 
VsrgR polygiiJn \rt »Dpprc«*ion of ihc RKtorfl. to Dir, 18U9> 
Siftc« tfaat prri<>d I tmi'v frvq^ratly prucnbcd U| bm have noi 
kept Kcuratti &oEt» of iu rStxia- 

My (onfidfiDcc inthtf c0icac)'of thiimtdkiDe iflbf nDCDcanci 

Rf tp^ctfollyi he* 

Dr. X. Oitpmui. 

I )uTr lUtfd a toturatrd dc^ociion of *h< icncga \a tvfcoty* 
tlutc CM<i> of aBti^-nrjrrhai* In (hiriccn of thcic, tbt mcntetap- 
]WMrvd diM-ias lit: uieof ihc dccociJon^'ip t«o.thc bcahhof the 
|3JtU»u wu v«T>- fnucb ifpprovcd, but ihc catAatoiu did not 
tYtunii in chrrc, DO advMiijgc wluccccr n** ilmvcd from it. 
Jta the remaining £ve cktrt^ I have noe bceft mUc lo atccruln 
the e\ rill. Id the latt odc in wbich I turd tbU revkcdy, the 
cltl<jTOtic tyitiptcms were vcr^ kioIcdI- The lacE^ra h<<d trctn 
kupprtftsrd eight monll^t. Frook twelve to tixtecn oeiaco of 
tbfl d«coction ucTC ttkrn m the ^i>unc of tvcnty-four hoUTii 
fo( two weekly th^ in<n»ri then a^pcoted, utd the patient haa 
lincc enjoyed much hfUer health. 

The >eni:^ hji lomeijcucA induced a flow of the tnenMi, 
wiLhout allcvuiuag the dincaic irliich a[:i;ujiipanicd the aup* 

I luve jJn-;iyB wiihcd ta commfc^c the cidiib'itiuii uf iKiA re- 
medy at IcaAt t^Q irerka before the period vhen the patient 
had uiually mcnilruaEcd. It praducet no luiichjevout elbUa, 
and might pc7hap« he exhUiited willi taiVty for a muth greater 
IcAgth of tune. My caperirnce hoivcvee docH nut vjt cacit an 
auerlion tbut ia long continued ub« would not be injunoua, 49 
none of my pbit&em* have cootinucd ic more thaa tno vrctk*, 


JnAnaiysis of the JVater of the Sulphur Sprmga^ ntua- 

led in Adams Cowity, Pmngyhania. 

LtctUTcr on Chrmialrj , PhiLd?l]i1iii- 

The following txperimente were made with the water 
brought from the spring by Mr» John Greincr, which was 
bottled, corked, and bladdered. 

1. Exairunathnhy RcagenU. 
Exp. 1. Alcoholof galls did not prodijceachaiige,noTd]d 
prusHiatr of potash, nor succinate of ammonia. 

2. Muriate, as well as acetiie of barytes, produced a prccl* 
pLiate insoluble in muriatic acid, 

3. Lime wat^r produced do change- 

4* Nitrate of silver gave a white precipitate. 
5* Solution of soap occaBioned a tutbidness* 

6. Oxalate of potash produced a precipitate. 

7. Caustic potash gave a white precipitate soluble in maH- 
Btic acid. 

B. Carbouate of potash produced a precipitate soluble with 
effc^rvescence in muriatic acid. 

9. Carbonate of ammonia was added to a portion of the 
waterj the liquor was then Bltcrcd; and phosphate of oodi* 
added to the clear liquor, gave a copious precipitate. 

10. Sulphated silver gave a white precipitate. 

The hepatic smell, of which the water partakes at the sprhtg, 
was entirely lost by the conveyance; but, on examining the 
earthv mattertaken from the bottom of the spring, which Mr- 
G. also brought, evident signs of sulphur in an uncombined 
atate were diseovered. The experiments already described 
prove the preacnce of several substances, namely: 

Sulphuric acid, muriatic acid, lime, magncua. 

Exp. 1. proved the nonexistence of iron^ 

2. The presence of sulphuric acid. 

S- The nonexistence of carbonic acid. 

Af The presence of muriatic acid. 

CuJ^utA'd Jjioitjiii eft E^r. 


Sm TV «xUicncr t>f fonhy mIt- 

fL Tht pmmt^t of Unic> 

7. The cZMtcncG oTcsrchy otftiifi'. 

S. no* rio. 

9w T>ipprc»fnf(* of fna(fTJC*ia- 

10. Thii% fxprrimcni ton^nacil rxpcriRifat 4. 

Having ihiat pTrinicEl mil, tn a gcncn] maiUfT, ih< fxcd in- 
grt<ti«Dlfi of tht YoTk ipring, th* nrxi ehjcd of fc»t*,rch wai 
to tjrterminc the propc>rii<in of ih« mi^cMtn and cilurcoui 
«U(«^ and to tLMrcrcaia if the muriur, vhkh w«i dfCMicd, w«ii 
Dfin FUihf or an fJkalinfl lumre. Tie (bUowin^ tccuon of 

taUiJ lo dn'nc*<: the rct'ulan wm cmi fully collected and iVf igh* 
«d. It unountcd to fnur j^Iot. One p«ni, Of Blxcccn oudcc^, 
thcTcforr ciwitaln* ihirty-iwo ^^ralnt. 

t. To a portion of thj^ powder, a frw drofi* of sulpluiric 
acid was added: muriatic Kid ^ai was dUmgagetJ. 

3. lo order to aicettain the prcaencc of Muriate of Kxla, a 
portion of the vtter w*% evapemied until % filft longed t^ die 
•uHiec. Ttie veiitcl na« iheo fftnov«d to a cool situalion^ 
Small eubac crvHult dow appeareiL 

T1m«c cipcricneoti pnA-e,that ia lUCctQ ounce* of the wb- 
tpr, duTtf-two grs'ina ol latlne matirr eiiltt; and that ii h 
COmpoKd of lulpb-nc of nu^eaia. lulphit^ of Ume, and mu- 
riate of kkU- Tc asccruin the reUlive quantitiei of fich.a 
rmnnbtr of expenment* were initUuted- The formuJs Adopted 
for dai« purpose wu agreeable to KUproth. Aficr tepaRttin^f 
iha munatc vt vuUi^ the rrmaialog portion, coiuUlinig of the 
two earthy ViilEa, waaUtaUi with twice iu vreighiof cdddU- 
ttlkd water. The iMolui*le p»rt wa» collected an the filTcr, and 
wuhed Willi a Mnatl quaoUiy of water; li waa then dried in a 
low red heat, and wci^bed. A fier thu* »epara^ag the mlphatr 
of bme, the hoJuble p^n, cooaiiting of the mugoeaina lalt, wan 
crvated wkh carbonaic of potash; ihr pivdpiUte f cstbonsite of 
Mtagncaia) wju lyuhnl, dried, and cakined- 

IM Cutbuat^t Anehftia of, ^c. 

Accordingly I found, that ^trty-two grains of the saliof 
inatur combined 

Sulphate (jf magnesia, (£f)soni a^U) 3(T 

Sulphate of lime, (gypsum) 6 

MorJale of soda, (common salt) * 

Loss, 2 

Or, veiy nearly, 

Magncala, 1 1 

Lime, 3 

Sulphuric acid, 12 graioa. 

Coosequently, 11-f-3+1244=30 grains; or the proportion' of 
the iDgrediems, accorditig to experiment^ in one pint of Uk 

The ^rarer at the spring, I am tnformedi is strongly hepatic ^ 
but in conscEjuencc of the carriage, it was entirety lost. Mr. 
Gretncr, at the same timeT ^voured mc vitK the earthy mat- 
ter, said to contain sulphur, obtained from the bottom of the 
spring. Od examining it, I found it strongly impregnated; 
for, on ejiposing it to ignited coals, it emitted a strong 
smell of sulphur* I judge from this phenomenon, and from the 
nature of the water, thnt sulphur cxiats in the oeighbourhoodf 
in union with earthy subsiances; and on their decomposiuon, 
no doubt, depends the formation of the sulphates already spo- 
ken of. 

When this matter is taken from the spring, it u of ablack 
colore but when it becomea dn'i ihe color changes to a dark* 
hb gray. It is said to be useful in herpetic eruptions. 



jSattt on iht Trtatmcnt ^Ittiane Pmmt- 

Tsje folloiring gctienl hlna od thr trcAimcnt of in»:(n« pnr- 
BOiiK haYt (jMti diicft)' Jr4wu from eIjt ixpcHrnic 'A 't'ht fie- 
trntii, nenr Vor^ (Eog'] The coiupili-r huwcvrr n iuJly ^iwure, 
ihit tfier nO which cad b« IciirTjt from cnhcn, much mtiKl re- 
naiB for e:Kp«ncoc« to teach, I'hr moclci uf luaaniiv, and con* 
K^umly iu Crciimtnt, will be found to *»>« in du snuU de- 
^r, vith'all ike Tin'ing chiinctm, muui«n, vtd habit* of 
th« human m^ndi anJ therefore chc ohjccl, to whkb ibme 
concerned in ihc CAUbhhhnurnt cf iuauic inilitUtioni OLigjK 
mo«t p*«uliirt)^ tu direct their aitcation, a the tclcciion of a 
■nnager vho pu^rrtcB, in additioa to oLher ^juoJifuaiioitt, a 
oaiunJ quicknca of perxoption, am! icaOcucy toubntrre th« 
vnncitra of nund, whkh witt cuabic him to prrtcitc tvUh rra- 
(ticc&i, nnd apply with addrvM, web mvnJ trca(in«ot u ih« 
difFfrcnt ctucB niiy rc<|uir«- 

Mft^ntt Trratinenl, It must be confettcil, that the rxp^ 
r'lencc of the Rctmac ha* not thrown iiiut:]i tight on th« mtdi" 
nJ trcntmcni of insnnUy. Ic hn howcfxr led thi* maiitj^r to 
b«*lkvr, that but tiulc U to be clone hy lu aid. Mil convinced 
^H him of th( frilly o« well an erurtty of forelog upon the pLiiEcnt 
^H nbtgr rjOMitity of naustous draugblit at a lim? vhrn [irobahly 
^B hU QvcTsiont arc more than usually strong, ud when he it 
^B triih difficulty induced io lake the food DcceinBry far hh Hup- 
^" poirt- The iiie of medknie is however hr from nh,inf!cnird at 

tthc Retreat. In nil ejsc?i where ihe dl.waisr has Hiipcrrenedi or 
H attended by any ofavlonK bodUy dii'^Ate, hnwevrr ftUghE* ad- 
vantagv mty be rcaMMubly expected from tho rcaaovij of »uch 
(Onplahit^ * 

Thr vonn bath hm be>ra nuch aud at ihc Retreat for nwt' 
nJ yvara la alt casfa of meiimcftafy^ widi ihc huppirAt efff fit. 
Indcfd there has not been any tr^ccfii cue in which h ha^ bf i^n 
employed without reKevrn^ or remoring the compUinu The 
pulcflt usually fnakea ii*t of the baiH every other dny, and con- 
ilniuv \n it about twenty minutei, at aurnpcraiiirc oftbout 
Vol. II. O 


On tht 7Vnff nkfiu ^i^ i&M»K- /Vrjcna. 

cifrbty-fivc degreei. 11m tine of conttnuoDcc u gnJufelly 
idnsctd to ncvly as bo V, aA<tlhcUffi|>vraiun to abom nine- 
ty-^ degrvct. 

Tfa« (laficukjr of ubtjuaiitg nkop lot BumiKal pnionit 
ihat opium, though nktn m bi^c douri^ firc^uemly produces 
DO effect b wdl knotm. Ii tuggt?.t<d \wti\U havever, la iha. 
Kn»ible miod ol the evpcrintcndeoit dint oil KnimaU ~ia n 
nl <t«cr, rcpt>M ftftcr a full mul, and, m»onukg by i&ftlagj, 
be wan led lo jiiu^ine, duki a IJbtra) *upp<3r would pcrbitpt 
prove the- iiiotl L-|t<cmal anoil>nc. IJc therefore <4v^cd a p«- 
tirot, vhoee violent trrLiriiienE of Enisd uidtipotcd bltt tO 
slr«7^. it> b<r auppUtd Irtcly vidi mcht, or ehfcsc and brcwUaiHl 
good portCT. Th< elTcct annwcrcd hit cipcciation* aod ihi* 
tnodc: of oblabiAg deep hu amcc been genendly aucocasful^' 
cmployrd. In cucn where the pwiesvc \% avet^t to catkc fiaod, 
portrr alone hat h^YD employed wiih f^rcat atlvjinu.}^. Mcdl- 
Cil aitcnitofi loiher^neralhodilyhralih, during e«iTak*(ciKc, 
lad in the luctd intrrvab of iho pa^mt^ U of great tmpoi 
The mom of the ctiqcnp^ may fn'^ucntly he suspended, if 
prcveatcd, by thii kbd o^ attention. The ape ntion of cui|^ 
ping, applied ra ihc he^. tcmplea, or neighbotiriti{[ puu, 
very frcqucail)' been attended wilfti ^tAi ftdrabtBge, »l 
■rty pam or heat bia hren felt m the hcjid* GeiKUd hlevtUpg 
and ozbrr eTacuatiom have been (bund injurloui si the Re- 
trear, .ind ate ibcnrfbre not uted, except where (heir neceaiUy 
1* Indrcafrd by the ataie of ihe bodily fa«lilt. 

Air and Jltgimftt. Tlie ntiuaiiON of the Retreat n hogh, and 
afford* a rtry dry ^r* which there ia naaon to believe b of 
very gre«C imporl^Ace to lutiadcB, but more especially for 
ihof e of die melaacholy data. 

All the patieota iliould, a« niucU a* dieir caaea will uHow, 
becxpoMrdtotheopcii air, aud pviicuUr rare thoutUbe ukco 
that their dilTertntapartineQts be w«li veotibLcd. 

A cheerful, pkataat Bcencry* ja a retired uiuntion, «eeiD« a 
dcttrahle appendige To a tlry uid beolty litc for the Uitkling. 
A *if9gk mnge of roonu« W)thag^dlcry opening to the cxiei 
vieWfe h niach pre&rablc to a raogc of rooms on cacb aide of . 
jillejy. For though die cxcluaion of much li^t. In ao«i: vio- 
lent cttc«, Ulomidileaira^lc,thUianotageucr4ctr<vinU3Ace. 

On the Tr^amnt ^6u&nt Pert^m* 


Kvery affcarmiCf of a plM« of ttrafioenunt ihould be itiuHimn- 
ly avviilcKi* The *laiJow rtxinti it ihr Hctwit ar* c*« irrm 
•ftahpooliloUiiu, viihpaaciloo*(UAUtoadniiiofapati«nt*ft 
cM±p« chronglt ibtM. ScfOfiilc urainU for the men and womro 
|Mtienci,uid ihc diiTcrtni deccripcicc* of each ftcv* aic-«lMi 
wry CkMAiial- 

Tb* rciftincn of Ittojtika ihouU be r^guhlctl by « «oiMi<le- 
riCiiM of the future olthc diMUiei ttnd the lUtc of the bodily 
httblt. The cKp(rIen<c ^fihe Rccrcsii hai ftiUy convinced the 
m4n»^r«f the getirr*! i»|irophriy of rrtlvting tht fatknt, 
howei'er vtolcnt^ bjr n lov dtet, or «k>kni cVjciatioof • 

Tb« felkpwing it the ^nenl ttivt of the piircnts, v>z. 

BrfolJatU Milk anJ hrcad.or mitt poimJgc. 

Dimtr, Pudding and %tih mcii >ix da^ ■ in ibe treck; iVuli, 
pwldj»g, and briMfa> one dky. 

/»! th^ ii/>e/^j*n. The men fcave brcwl *ndt»c«t, lb* women 
tea or coffee. 

Saf/^ a gvDcnlly the tunc t» break fAa^ ■ometlaiciln'euj, 
cbtft-r, ;iim) bser. 

llie parlour pfttieofi, when «uflicicuily veil. porUi^e of 
vhaterrr comra to the fupttinttndeot** (able, and tome an 
supplied from tl in tiielr owd ijiartmenta. 

J^rat TrmtmcrtU It vrill naJUraJty occur to moAt peraonir 
lliai die firM objects to which die aiienda&ti opoo litnai^ca 
ought to npjil), i* to obtain their enitre confidence uad good 
Opinion, aod for ittU purpoie, i( U Mccnar^^ to Ittac ihvm wlih 
uoilorai kindncnt, «ad n«T«t ta drcvUn thew, either by pro- 
iDa»a or dircati. Ilic idta, urhioH hw too vmth prevailed, 
tfaat ii » nectBsary to commtmce ao acquawtubco vhh hmsdca 
by uetthibiciotiof fiircngth, ar an aftpczTtoteof miMcHiy, hai 
boon fbood, M ihc Rccredi, cmremdy errortrou*, and to br a 
pan of thoi emcl ayncni, dictated pcrbaftt by rimidhy, which 
ha« M kmg prcvaUed, and unluppUy null prcvajb in many of 
die recepcada for tbe Issane. PvTha|)«, ia f^cr^ much fa- 
nitnriiy, wbea a paiimt hn* enter* the bouae, vould hairi- a 
t cw d eo cy to Irwcn ihjit autboriiv which it n iomme c^tirb ne- 
Mo tary for ihu atbctkdaiM to potaru and eaerii but, lat it be 
rmemibrivdithat m iwkc rotUDcea of meaial dqirtuoon. thr 
bchariovr, thou^ ic ov^i to briraa. cannot be too kind, con- 


Off «A« TrMUmm ofJataw FfrvMrt 

■a vhkfa the menAwt ntii}. prtti4|.^ muh adinma^, aMuane 
A dJiinM «nd lOincwtuN Hnporcu^i manner, btft rt miut be 4la«io 
wUh cHtmne j«id(OMM, u ibe obftcrvaiion of maaiAc* a &«* 

lEOtljr OMrbMlly acMc. 

It nrtXy happens thai, ill ibe facubk* ar« deranged M ihfi 
uim iiBic,attd (be nodcrue vcnLton oIiImic vhkb rcamta 
lanc, i« caluklaitd lo <:poirTCt amii kiifn|{Uiea those whkh m 
dinruccL The pat'xni onall opcfluonftabottid be ipOiktii lo^id 
treated a* much in tbc ftianiMr of ■ mtloAal being «i ihe auie 
of hit mmd nil! potsiUy aliow. By Uitt eacans, the *p«rk of 
T«Awjiwia he ch«ritbvil,«tid that painful fcclta; of dcgnulMloa> 
vhkh muit b? kk in a gruicr or I«m degree by rU wbo r*CO- 
rcr ihe Iom oT ibcir niioaat poven, and whkli ucinot fail t&a- 
lenjUly to depr^H ihcm, will br grruly ksttncd- Uurrog ibe 
ttau of LonviUaceocc, attention to ibi* hint U preuliarfy ina* 
partuiil, dnd ihc grcitcn adraaljge hu b(en found lo arife at 
ibc tlelr tat. from miroduc'mg the pjtUalA vho appear to he 
reeovetm}{« tiiio Ute MocJcty of ihc tupertnlendeot itkI the ofbcc 
ntkin&L pvii of Uic JiuuiJy. Th» bbtriy it afforded lo the poor 
aa well dt the moi-e opulent patUnU, ■« it hta bcrn fowtd vcrp 
aaMerialLy to acceUra4e the rccoveiy, if indeed ii he not cuco* 
tial to If. , 

Of the mode* of cmployiiig che tn'mdi of oianUca, thotc arc 
10 be preferred, which an accompiiiucd by budily actiuu, which 
areof ihciinuiing kmd, vid are Dio»lo|^o>he to the illiittoiM 
ofthcirdiAcaAc. When the pati«nt u himself ioclineil to viy 
panictilkr employment, if uoL icry uiuuitAblCt ii i^huuld b« 
tciacil afi d fm-ourahlc cJTcuuuCiabQf a»d carefully «ucouragi-d. 

CoQvcriMiiuu with tJiose wJsij t^a eoudecci-ud tv iJieir weuk- 
itctacHt H>d walk* itito ihe country, undtt bujluUv cire hive 
IWCTi found of ««>t&li^ benefit to ihc dJffvrcDi das&f s of |>n' 
tktiU. The talatorv ctFecu of jif and cxercUei the rftf iety Aod 
beAU^ofthe objccu of nature anil rural life:, u well au the 
aubjeeu of cunven^atioTi uhK-h thtiar cKCitVt have a airung ten- 
dency loMill the effrrvesccDcif of an m'crh«:ited jmsginaiioiH 
and to In^Lpirf: theaaxioua and melancholy tnind Aiih trjui-qwl 
and plru^ing emolioo*. The eipmence of thtf Rfltreai hus 
fully ahuwn, in melancholic and hypochondmceaacst close 

On ih4 Trtaimrnt pfh^ttau Pvrwmd. 


canJnenuat u of all |lMHf» the fixxt uaiuiublf, Hmce W« may 
cxpUiii. why to few cjii?c« of mclaacholjr ik cund jo lunatic 
oiyluaia ict grncnl, and Jivoc?, luppdly. we rm^ aUo, in grcai 
mcAMirv cxpfain, why to many Ubourbif utxicr iImac cnnftt af- 
ftctifti; complikrnu hire been fOMoral, by ihctr iNatm<ciH( lii?'^ 
RfCrt«it to ihrjr ijmilL<» ftn^ Mclctf. 

Several of die tonv^tlcMrnt* AIT mvk ivt^ial kiM^iCio^ ihc 
mcnJiali, «nd the f^mAki in gcnenlarc onfiJofed in needle- 
work, when* iliey *^'" ^ safely ioinistixl with Uw nccctsAiy 
trnplcAcna* IIk! lue of boobi snd pen amA lak »rc gencridly 
«Uowod, Md the inf^ulgenec htu been fomd gakenJIr bcoclicUL 

It ttiiui however be fttlowcd, tb*t > auluble node of cnn 
ploying the tAcvi pAlknta u Mill t deudcntutn. 

Hicfrvodplcofhoaour » often nr>' ki>'«f)K tnthc mind* of 
Iiiwttk«> I have known paijenc«, who w«re ontkr a x-ol«ruty 
«iigi|gcine»t of good twhiriour, bold a nicMfiifu] eontesl, for 
dconaidcrdblcLciigthof tirne, witb the strong waywtud pro- 
JKMitivft of their dUotder, sed e*«ti i:c4tccal aU morU of a^r- 
ntjon ui rand. The Mccmpt U highly bcorficial if> the patient, 
ami ought to he icdul^u^y eoc^uragcd fay the «tttnddCiL 

Sevrnl of ihc p«tieiai vc p?rmitied lo attend tW DCtlJOg* 
IB ibf citfi Mid aM who ire MitAble are •tccfobUd logctbn o« 
a fincdty afieruooQi when the »up<nntoodcn( reaidv U> them 
•OHiedaptefvof dtc UibUi A profound *iltsc<cnBUCt, during 
wh^Gh,iw well u the rvBdio^, it '%% turioiu 19 obKrie the order 
with which the patienu conduct thenaclvcai aid c^nirod ifaeir 
diflefcai pn)pcQ»ii>em. In «dM« wberc the paticul b dUpo*cd Id 
be vrolcnc, Advice given 111 afcjcndly lUMnct u vcrj ofien ^lic- 
vmUiil in firTTcniiag lli« cKccuily oJ h«reh Rica*»tc>, whiclt 
ought ikffvtr to br employed ttJtlioiitab«o1n4«ti4-(jnoity,«Bdth«ii 
with ob«iou« lutrkB oJ regret dq ilwpart of Ch« Mtndaut- 
Ic M proper bnwever 10 oluervc, tluic na ndTjn(ng« htu b«n 
foQiidtiQ rtMiIl from reaioniai^ wjth flunlttcton \\^\t pftrticular 
hfllluciaacictfi. One of tbc d^uio|;uittiin;$ niaf U of mmnky is 
a fabe cooceplioo, which of cofirsc occuioaa au iKepacity of 
tonvictloo. The fttiempt tberrroTF gratmlly irritaict the pa> 
tleni^and rivets (h< folic perception more itroogty on Ids nvind* 

When 9 patient proves refrieioty. and coercivt measurca 
w imUspennrifk, ic i» adviufalc to hare an nntplc force eni- 


fiht tJu T nv t mf ttt efhtumt Ptrttnt- 

ploi-cd, n il pirri^fnu in general aur vUEOiiit at rethCWcei but 
whan iii^h force caaooi be (ymiifd. aad thf cue a urgvsc^ 
coutagc uul confidence will gcAcralky ovcrconr ihe %'«o|cnce 
of ihv pttkiit, fof there art hardly any inttuice* is whkb tna- 
lukcft httvc <]»pbfcd'tniG couragT' The mpetnileMlet^ of Uk 
Kctnat wju vuv di^ valiui|, ki a ficU adjacetil ee the houiv, 
with a paticBt wbo. itheo oppoied, wba apt to b« vMiClivc- 
An exciinigdrain»>urKa occtmed; the nknuc T^liird it trv/ 
puce*, mhI took up a targe tin?.*, «hkli he hdd up a* in die 
act of throvin^ at hu companion. TV »upcriotendeat, m no 
Jigfua cxiAed, 6xed faU e>c upoo him, and in a rtaoluw ton* 
ftf voUc, n the ume time uamhing towanlihian,oammaiKied 
bin) io lay ilovn the ttone* At tic afuprxtf^hedf the hand of die 
luikiti< gruIiuUy auak from iu tlu^j^uoing jiouuoo, and dn>|H 
pvd ibe sloiii: to thx ^^und. IU that hut^mjltcd to br r{iur1]j 
led to hn afuriiucnE- One nioLwn ol iiinid;ty on tlvr part of the 
*UfictiniciKl«Dt Vight hair* coei hitn hia lifa. 

Jidde* cftwniffn* Kind yci firm treaiin«M ho* been hntid 
loau^Mcdcthe necetf ity of much nKKJoit of any kiftd. Nd- 
thtT cbnioa nor corporal pimithm>:nu hare ncr been iltovrcd 
on nnypnrtfxt at the Rdmit. Tlic fiinic jnckn^ or n bdl 
round the want, vhich ha» Mrafii ihM contine ilie arm* dooe 
lo ihf ibidi;, arv ihr only initrumrnti of coercion atade use of 
wlkcn die paticni U noc in brd: when tc !i found ncccnutry to 
confine ihc patient m a recumbrni pramir, (Hf ftuperinicndcat 
hat inrenied a moilc of faittmingj which allows a rhangC of 
poti^nr, ttnA ihr hr-tiiling of all rhc j^uni« nf the body. 

If mnny initAnrrA chninq »rc ntccMuy for the coikfinement 
of lunatics it ia iDuch lobc feared that the higbcti pitch of 
MP well fury faa* been excited by the i;ntctiyor itaproper 
OcMBMnt of theutcodaotft. very few of wli»m are htio be rn- 
truaied with much power. U should iJiefeforcbe aa1imrud«a 
It can be orih vafeiy, that ihey ta^y be ohtit>ed W «*< every 
■neastiCo govern rAtbcr by ettfcfn than Kicrity. and ai^otd 
««try thinj likely to exa^raie the paikoU. 


LiguimlAnturijm curtdii/ ttfut^ the ExUrmi fiiar 
Artery in ihf PihU. 

fiT lOflM ^VHO DOXSeV. M, Ek 

Ox \hK I Jill <ji August ten, I vM woKulUil by AUx^mdrr 
PattoOiun AccoufiL of Ji lu^itor iu him Tight i^'niin- Tbc |nu«nl wjt 
a aMivc of Abcrijecnthirc m Scollmd, Agrd about thitiy y; jr^. 
ihv Um ira of taliich he hucJ pa»C<l ia America Inhriog folio w- 
«d thf tra(]« uf a coopcTi tvaii ;i^ctiMo«ncd ta^Afil laTtour, and 
to ithtrUc cxerciM*, jompuie, nuiEiiag ami (tic JiX«. lie wu 
»b. feet ID hclghc of a n>buLt but not a (orpuLem halih. 

Twoycflnfigobeprrc«ivcd, forthc fifUtimc, aMnoBcsBOr 
in ihe right ^ciiB. Jluviug owcr lutd t^i« itncicul, but indeed 
any odicr diuiiK, and dc'I haniig mcC niifa uiy AccidvaCk fav 
^TH at» lot* to ftciiount ibi ibih jppcHTaDcc. Fivm itt con- 
nuflccmcni it duroUwd w'vh umaidcrftUe violence For a yctt 
aad four tnoDihs k iocrcMcd very aloivly; diuiog the hut c^ghc 
Month* much more rapidly. In Jaaiuiy il wm no btggei thm 
A waluuii io Augokt iCi shoitiBi diaotcUr wai ibur indie*, iti 
longevU nearly five. It oocaHOORlK- gave hhu vcvorc paia, imd 
at length inc^puduced him fioui all labour, lo June hat he 
applied to Ur. Irwin of Eucorit ih? pluce of hii residence, 
^ho laiLuitly apprised him of die nature and importince of 
the oontpbinti and ulvucd hlni to cone to Philadelphia, lie 
arrived here (he ]4lho( Augml.aad tvaa aduiicud oencday 
iaio die FcDntytvaoia bovpltaJ. 

<.)n rumiruKioD, jq uocuviam w founda lUovCcd iaucn«Ui- 
Btely below Foupsrt'i tigutirnt. fonmng a rcgtUar tomor in the 
groin, nrarlf heMiapheric-d, irith a kind of opex, whnrc tli« 
ikin appeared citreroely thin, Mtd dbrolondnt ifbyecchymo- 
ail. The paiicnt h^d u»cd « goad deal of excrctac prevaouily 
to hn adtii»kion into th« lio«piial, and had taken a drink of 
rurrit la tonarqu<^nce of which hii artrriul s^'sCrra wa« ^(TWtlly 
tfxciied, and the inmot pulsar? d io<rjokotly thai the bed doihcft 
were bDumcrd up with s^at force. He wa* contiscd ta bcdi 
wai pureed, and ktffit CO alow did- A<ocjulatio(iwa»c4itledi 


Cmt a/lngtanAl Anrttrhn. 

uiid ih« lur^QDi or the Hquk tooaimd in rrunnintniMig Um 
oijcntioit or ryjng the artciy as htgh a pmctkitbU tborc the 
tumur. It wav detcralaed co^pcrfoTm ifac opcfaiioo pnm^dyi 
M xht (IbcMc WM priDgrwftJjfy, and no bciicltt trv to bt ex* 
pect^ £rom diUy. 

On Mouiby, Idth of Augottt nt nooi;, !■ pmtnc* of Or. 
Fhpich Jind Un llamhom,iurj^ona to di« ho^pitil, md ■ sum* 
bcTof mcdicjd gcndtfAcn, I proceeded to thv opcnikn- Tbv 
poxicrtt, ha^ng prvvknittj taken fifiy dropi of budamiPH was 
pZacrtI on ihe lable- Ab Ind^on, thnc inches and a hnlf long, 
wa«ibad«b beginning an Inch and a half higher than the wip«iiar 
anterior npinoua proccM of ihi: ilium, aod one joch diiunt fron 
dut proem iotenuDy; bt-in^ alku four inthc« and a half dU- 
' tafii frotn tbr utnbilUut, c^tcodlnj oblique Ij- dow&ui^, and 
tcmiinutitig about one intlt iTxive ihc busis of tht tumor. Hiia 
iticibiun, which h-u nearly in the dirrcliun uf ihr hbrts of the 

undoo oi Ui« «Kiema1 obljqut; musck, dtvidi^d ihc akin and 
idipoie membrane, and expo^td ihjt t^ntTon, whkh vjs nr^rt 

cut dimugh, the irholc lenp^ of the titemal inciiion. ITio 

intrrna] oUit^nc iviisdr now promidcd at the wonnd and wat 
carcfnlty cut through; the tnfrrior rdjje of thr trtiTureTOali* 
abdominis -vrmi nrat divided, bnt not »^> far tip^u^ m the top 
of the rctrmnl wound. My fin^r vra« the« iotroducod, and 
Ov c^llu^ir ir^rurr rriiidify yirUtrd h a paMn^ to the external 
llinc artery, the trunk of which I di^incdy ft\t putsat>n|; wty 
alrongty. WiA my finger I separated it ffetitly from the neigll- 
bounn^partGi but took carr lo denude only o very i malt pordon 
ofihc vessel- The pcriooncum I WBAequdtly careful ta rletneli M 
Utile a> poiaiblci and nor more than a square in^h d \t woa 
dUturhed. The only rem.iiniEi^ dilBtuIfy in the opcraf^rm waa 
to pata die tlg^Tiirf! ri^iuul ihr rcMcl; and this having bcin an- 
ticipated, wna reiclily surmounted- Before commmcing the 
■>p«TUtton» 1 had secured an jurivrisma) needle i^a blunt bodlriB 
of silrer properly bent) in a psiir of curved forf ep», by tying 
the handfca of the f&rcep* finnly togclher. The nerdle irai 
armH with strong bohbioi and thus connected vilh the forte] 
reietnbled 3 tfnnculum, which could cuily be nunaged outud^ 
of the woand> With one Uriger iu the wound 1 &und h very 



Qa$t ^R^ffiiinai AzeufhM^ 


«fl^- to direct iKc c-stErvmitf of theficedlc»uid«Uhthcf'3n«|ii 
Id my oshtr huiiii tt> piub \i tbmujth ibc fu^'u mrtoiintting 
i}k lyticl- Tbt ittrng connecting the hundSM ^f iJtc foj'4:rpi 
w«i oov cvc, >sil tbc ncciflo «u k& undrr tlM; vYWf), lii« 
fbrc«pi beio^ fenovcdt ^ ncedk va» <IrMrn outi leaving (bx 
Llaitarc round Ac artery. CooriD^cil, bv cAntful riAmmLuioa, 
^■1 Milua^ but the m«vy vno iiicUidfd in the ligMurc, tad 
tlut it Ha», to ilic l>:»i of mj jiidfpnciit, tUMU^al m iizc »nd 
tcxtitrcf I tied it y-try hrmly, m liigh up tt> pou^htc Ttic pul* 
Ml«on of the lamor iottjntly ccJitedi Three knots were maiiVa 
tod the cikIi of the ligtture were left otit it Uic ttUmtl womiij- 
No MawlvcM«l of nagnitudti wm diiitkd. and not half on 
ounce of Uood «■• lo»t. Noiiitdtc* ircrvTniployed t(i dcMP 
die woondi ■'■uip of ndhcitvc pUutcr tMccxtnBy aii«ifcrcd 
diji pufpoiv. A pkdgvt of Uiit wti jfiplkd* and iba ptiicoE wt« 
pat to tjinl, bi> tlugh Ubik uWilcnicLy icJird ujnu the prlvia. 
lie cuiDplaiiwd of cJLire mc pjtiu dunng (kr Utter |»n of the 
opcTJtion, ih« whole of which occu|ded ckrca miniiii*^ 

ITic p4ttcni'« pultc, for »cverttl day» bcfure the opcraiJou, 
VfM BO: ftfbn ibc opcratJon it waa flS. aini roao io ih? aita- 
nooD to 10(^ At four o'<locl: he tnu bled ceq ouncn. At 
Mveit he comphumcd of ezirciac pain la the buk nnd beHv, 
andako of Kunc pain \a the limb. He vat not pcrmiiEfd to 
Cftke any hUfLtcntocc except toattt and wucr- The aupcrfcial 
vvlnt of the leg a;id foot wrr fiUrdi aad iVc whole of (h« lonb 
Wto ooverad all the evening wiA penplraitoa. lu tempra- 
tim wtu examined repMiedljr by a thcnnomccn-, and wa* five 
dcgreei colder tfaaa tlic othtr. ft vas eovcrrd wlih fimacJ ttid 
carded wooL 

Ttteadt^ fiOch, Paiaed t roitkti night, in great ptin. To 
vmt hk eiwn lanp^gc, in rtpretaing hi* acntationf, *^ he ftit at 
" if hU lola* irtTt tearisg apart." He wu ibo trouUed ^iih pti« 
of ibc bomb. Thirre gnmu of calomel and ten of rbobarb 
frer« given, but without proci^ring t ■toot, la ihe aftemaoa b« 
wat bled ten ouEKca, tnd a poigicive injection wai ordered] 
thcf which hfi bo<n«I» were frvel}< opcard, and hii ptin sub- 
^^^ded. Aq cDcttia, coaiutinf of a huAdrcd drapa of laadanum 
^^BdtwoousKct of MJkier, wat admrnhicrtd, jnd he loon oftrf 

^^Vot-ir. p 

1 14 Caae of Inguinal Aneurim, 

fell asleep. The weather* on the day of the oi>eracion and 
several daya after, wa> very hot- The mercury of the ther- 
mometer in the patient's room stood at 85° Fahrenheit. Ptaccd 
between the toea of the aneurismal limb, it rose tu SS^i bctweCD 
those of the sound limb 90°; at both knees it stood at 92^- His 
pulpic waa 100 and tense. 

Wednesday 21 SI, (Airrfi/*iy after the operation. T^ Mecp 
proi:ured by the anodyne injection continued all night. In the 
f(rt-e paij of the day he wu easy; but in the evening his psiiD 
returned nith coniiiderable fever. He waa bled ten ounces and 
took ten grains of magnesia and aa much rhubarb: thia with the 
asaistanee of a clvater, brought away a large quantity of f^ecea 
and flatus, and procured relief of all his pain. The anodyne 
injection was again a d miniate red, and he Bonn after slept* Hit 
puhe ICX) and somewhat tense. 

Thursday. yb z/rrA c£:^. Ke slept all night, and was much bet- 
ter; being quttt^ free from pain and fever. His pulse 90~ He 
ate some bgiled rice with great relish. The wound was exa- 
mined, and It was found that nearly all of It had united: a little 
healthy pus surrounded the ligature. Hiclimb wai four degrees 
colder than the sound one. 

From this lime no change of importance occurred until Sun- 
day., Ist Septi when the ligature came away; viz. on the four- 
teenth day after the operation. In a few days more the wound 
cicatrized, without the occurrence of a aingle unpleasant symp- 
tom. .On the twentieth day after the operation, his nurae being 
absent, he arose from bed and walked across the room, and 
has taken titercise every day since without inconvenience. The 
tumor in the groin diminishes slowly, and at chla time is much 
reduced in aize. 

ItiLMARtvS* The operation of tying up the external iliac 
arlcn' above Poupart's ligament was first performed by JSIr- 
Abernethy, under circumstances in which Immediati^ death 
was the only attemative. He repeated it afterwards in cases of 
nneuriam seated so high in the ftmoral artery as to preclude 
all probpect of a cure by any other means, lie performed the 
operation four dmea. In t!ie first two instances his patients 

* Abcme'li^'? Surgical O^JScr^atiDri^ 



died; in ihc ncncdiiif cvci ihcy rcoovctvd.* Mr* Frrcr, in 
ihv UiifDtnjhtni hcsjHiMLi pcrfgriRfd iho vp^imtton m ft ci 

ukodiciL CMUS WM iTcMcd succeufcUf tiy Mr- Toir^iAnoii, in 
the«piul-t 'Ili<*« «iK ca»r4 nrt nil LfcAicM-en r^Uurd^ 

Sin tfhUh ihc opcrmioo loei beea criecK The taAf^ I havr nov 
dcuiied a itte tcvtotbi aod h htt failed In oeJv iwa of th^'^r. 
]a«T«T>' viMiiicc ibc linb hm bees mpplicd wUItbbodi, which 

,4locta no< unifbriBlf bappvn after die opcmioo for popliual^ 
I With, brffirr do«iT»^ thb papfr^ta call thr mnttttkm uf diow 

'BUrgNDV, iihf> iDiy tuvr ocnsioo u> pcTri>rrn th« optntioi 
tci ihcr forcfpi, am roignvvn^ of which n miKXi'd. Th;« tii< 
stntneftf wa$ roatnvi-d levcnJ yean ago by Ur* Pfaytki for 
the purgcrti^ of pMffia^ a nmll^ itiulrr ihr pudk orierVf when, 
woimd^ tn IkhAiomy, an^l hs-s iia.^!? K;^n uicd hy him tor 
ftf<t]n&g hiccdiojf anerlci \n deep nnrrov wmiwlk Mt« Ahcr- 
Dcthy complnim of *" the icTT^it ililliciilty ftfitirmrrp^ a commoft, 
i«dU rn ■ ilr*|» narrow wowad/' and Mr. Fr<*r wm tift^Tilo^ 

poa^ hit aDeurimil tte«dlc rauwIOke i>iac artery, lui 61 he 
^|>Qiicnired th« Ci^cia Mtrroundinpf it widi hia kbiff, whi^h he 
roofeaaev vjia the moie ** diftrdt a*d daagf rom port uf ibe 
opcfUkin.*' Th<aed*Agtra«<kd dilfif uliirt arc mitrcly ohvlaicd 
)y dni^un of ilic cun-ed ft^re^^pi; «ncl I ihVnk tht ofCraiioa 
^mdy vimpliBrd by thv ate of iha cooim aooc* 

SfaouM ih'ii paprr mtti the ryes of Mr. Aben^lKv, I hope 

be xv'iB be grvtified wtdi the addiDonalmtimosyof the int|ioi^ 

Umut of an operation for which ihn world H indrU^d ic^ ihr 

iMr«pideft»tiof tru« ^miuA^ aad b« vlQ no doufx learn wilh 

MDiv, d^at GQc indinduAl oa ihi« tide the Adantic ovca to 


Afch SiTFet, 30th SepCcmbfr, 1811. 

'mvi Mf iRi rrirmr-jf umi t9 nn^y Mr H^aturf r^ndthe artery. 

f Vroet QO AAcflKAi» 



On the MrJfiJ SriiitMrrijj oft^^ f^f, nm^snt^ ttrlU^Wtoinva 
of^gfti^ B^ 7-^' >Vjnm/v.T, mtn^f pflkt Ifs^tU Csikgr tf 

Tvt mihor ioibrm m, i" ^c istrtHliKtiovitihathc liMbrM 
Trtt^utrnfy oaiunltHl b\- pcnont tAiacd ^tjih ihi> co»p]aiiii, 

dlwDKc, DOT luuiu cure been c«ubli»b«l upon« nrtMEulpotho- 

Many 4if thuc cavM ti«l ti«CD of lo«ig coniibut&cc* ftnd lud 
becD treated vUh tonk rrmcdic*, oq the iwpiKMUion thAt the 
divoov prueccdcd from debility, Tlic audior va> for ftotnc 
tknc of (h>t 0|wii^iii but ilit tml^tt o( uiccct* induced tuok to 
change Ui •cntincots and pnutice. The Conowiog; b hi« de* 
■uiptiuv ort^e dJvOAe. 

B]r ifOifily impecving lb* tyt, H jb icnrcdy pOt»ib1c lo re- 
cvijniit: iht; w^tHKt of th» compUitU; » Uvcrc il DQI the 
UighUatt-XUmalfiJllldialnAOIttniMUDl fulnru of tht t-cnwU 
of tbe coQJtmctivitaByippsrcoEiAccut'nordic uhijy gbwU, 
nor the lc«ot vUibJc cr^kaic dcrattgenent. llie cLitaucUr- 
uiic tympUftta arc, i moriiii] BcuvbUUy of the e>c ta light, 
and m diSerccit kiad» of CAiertial MhnuLi, A utrong gUre 
of 1i^ b alwiyi pibfuUy fBttrvMin^ lo tJie paticiiu ud 
hmtct ill aggravMedcairaorihistlbc^^ie. theeflutj3.cftc« of tbfi 
biai'< niyEt whm ndiohicd to the eye^ exuu.i la it a very acitfe 
aeiuiuion, nhJdi i> nccnintccly rcfcrrod to the bonam of tbe or- 
bit; xrounci which thtrc i« ai the lam^ time, a sf r»c nf cenMOdi 
undoJppjjTc^uvr uncAimcASk For thrsAnu rr*)wii, thcpaiiect 
itOBuenbly uncoEnfoTtable in a briUiaQtly iUumioAtcd ftpart- 
nunt. 111 nrdcr Uiervforc 1o exclude ihr ^trcn;; and direct ran 
of light, he uiMmctirclj iJirpreMca hU cycbrowj, or ftpplici hh 
lundio Wh fonfatid, vieaing ohjccu with the |>«Ipcbr:r half 
e1ofl«dt liy which he U apt lo »c<)Eiirc the hkfiic cf tjankioft. If 
h« aitctnpts to read, or look at im;v1l or Uri^t objcci^, he U 
soon (IjLZfltcl, and hit v»Hin b^comci eonfuiFcd; u^liich, added 
to the paia the rflcft ccrutaof, speedily compcU him to desist- 

Ou Uhf 3hrkiii Stn*ikilHi/ tft^ E»fr, 


h^hx V> iHr ntina, niul, in comtrqurtvcc, ihc pupl brcomci coit- 
lTact«lt»*Tcrj- smaJlapKrhirei a ^'niEiiio rcArDtL of (hi* 
djucjue- Vfhin the itioiuluq f>i light aflccu the c>c, difrv U 
tomctLnci. ihough very mrely, & nmifictttly tlcficimt ncikiii ofl 
the UchryAkl glan^i; but nueh oftcvn cbc •ecirUoa of «ea 
3ft aboDditilly tO|)Uiuih ivhidi u i&d«ed the piMf^jal oniie of' 

^the coafiunl vnion occuicwaUy i^trndiag thus inBiad}\ 

Gtttcrd (lt>>iluy, hovcrcr in<luad, though sac cAMUlkl^ 
•cemft gT^-itly lo prtdi^p^n xo this complnioi* Ilir&cc Its most' 
fncfUGiu occurrence lo pcrsdoa rcEionhng itx^m prrvioui iU- 
Kir)K Bifi <n Oioh; o4^ a rckuod bibit. ALtliough I hnw^ wit* 
DnwcJ Li ID lioth t«xr*^ j^ct the feanalet for >hv cwkos Juki vjif - 
cified, seami mott obno^ous to its «t(ackai irhicb mn lake 
plice » atl prrivdi t>1i Viltm Frootdiag ^phtiuilniiii, whether 
Malv or rhrurvk, giv r* thtf ov^os a grvn Miik:?iJtibiliEr tn ihli 
dMOtnci «rhkli ii very :ipi lu reeiv oa (he Appluntion of ifae 
csddiig causec. Thtrwc uj« untkiuljEGdly, (fav long or frrqiietit 
#xpo«are of the eye to u very viviJ ^r rtiiecnd tifl^t, and il> 
rvcfssivc exenwQ >n mdnisoT vkwini; minntc >nd dnKln^ 
<ib{«tt<. And vith regard to the prozttnntic Cftuw of weabir4« 
rCi Ai^ht, ]n4W«d of lorsl dcbltiry, I »«!> h«ufd ihe ofankns 
that it oofMM m an rxquiritc IrHtnhilitjr aiftd aniubilttjr ^f 
the rdino, ihc *ffi?ct ot a ffrMt turgnccnf>' of th« ve4«eb, or 
Acfarr^nicTnilAmmilMn of thunwnbfvac ov nf iht choroid- 
' Agtt«M]^^ to tlui Mtppo^Iikm, the iadimiom of eurr MUit.' 

'CODfiMf not In glvhiii^ AddlLlnoA] ipone hy ihr kv af r<iM axtrinn 
g«ot applkftiloni* Mid lfirfT|»Ll ur4«ci;then2n^mcdkiii««, buciii 
leMC«i% the pkthoTic vcaie of ihe vokU t)4 ili« poMirrin 

rmembran^ of (hr cyr, and in obvlaiinf^ M ibc i«mc iiXkCr ihc 

^«xcren»e teiBtlnllty of the retkift. 

'llw auvthor tccofdin^v dirTi:lH the afiplioiion of kecliv* to 

[tiie lower evriidti a few i^w of cailcnul al bed lime* to Ik 

rpuTged Oifl ocsit daoniiog with « Mlutmi of creann of tartar aad 

' cnM^Ac Cartar; to foaent the eya nornofr and evening wjib m 
mfvikia of chaiiMii&ik aad poppy heada a» hot u k can In: 
cooifortfthly bortwi >fnl bnfliBdiauly after bcb|; irvU drted, to 

[drop into die immoi candii of the eyea the blloving Tinc' 


On tAff 9hr^tti SmAiSi^ty of ihf E^. 

mm Opti Dihii. Take of panficd opium, of KirnfUb •■Aroo* 
rach <wt> ifnrhnM; wbitc FmMJ) Br4nitv, mi otfncr> dmilkd 
vmicr tctYQ Duncta- Let tliLts kinad tn 4 cloic if stcl for bik 
cLm*. ihcn ^UT for uht. Apply tiiqi:c9tl}- di^nng the cU^ A 
VDll)Tiuin of ctnua4 acLU£>, ia*dr M^nni wi!ir Ei «h«lc over 
the (urrhrKJ, sipd adop< Uic uaupUaguii< regimea. In ft few 
ila^v np<ui ibc cttlovncl 4Pd pwgiag meUk'ioc. ^\lica the 
Icecbo caanot be ippUcd^ >nuut pUTgta|{ nuat be cotttimied 
ibr COOK cia>4. Aftvr ihe lendcmcw of the li^ht h:tk been 
TttnareiJ try thr»v racADt, ionic eollytiA, purgjiiire pUli, Jind 
Pefuiim bork arc rrccmmfcJcd lo ccmpktc the cure* TImt 
cqJIjtu, pirrr«rred by she tuthott^re loTuiiofitof vhitc vtijiol 
m WQtef, ciJMT alont, or iviih a very AxctAX qujotiiy of oiJ of 
viinol Dod brandv; ihey ihouJd «t! be traupftrrat, Ukd applied 

^VhcnEver tlie eye luis been tinivenaUy drT« «c<oitipdaac^ 
vilhaBJigbl drgr^c of hcjvinc&t aboiie the oj-bit, a muff of 
p9trd«rcd fun-^lv%-e bn* ftfTonlcJ eonutUrablc rclii;fi lecdixty 
BHMt puwirrlully to unload the coDtipioun vcncli of the eye* 
In 3L note, we are (old, ^ In the )j?»u of Crtbinet. 1 do noi re* 

eolJcci to have »een Lhe fokglove indudizdi a herb whkh, I 
bcUctc, \% Insanely known to pgism the pcoiIJnr properly t)i 
tku cbnBi of remettici- Ft^m expeficace, huirevcr, 1 ind that 
vrhenujtd tn it( uciive lEnie, ii euucia very copiouH cxcr«tii 
of this aaucu4 fiom the iBembr>ne lining the m)Mtf ilt, vf\t\ 
producing ;iiiy luircotic cRtfcu- 

"'lliiji fdci WIS farsi cummutiku^ied lu mv \>y an erai&ent 
physkittti in the coutitn-, vrbo became uciidcmally aei]uni»icd 
trith It, by obterviag un oM u-oman ming it ni a aufaatltutc for 
commnn unuC" 

In addition 10 iHr (onii^ mnedje^ eeiumentrd. we would 
mention ooe tt^hkh wc have tbund to be rtry patrcrful in cue* 
of morbid scnnhJIity of the eyes, front ophihalmh, and which 
ire believe ii icldom ua«d. Wc allude to the urof the tOLmCry, 
which hju is Rei^rol invisncct bt<n found bcucGcial vhcn ttU 
oth«r r«»)cUie* hu) proved iucCTvccmU- 


Exrr^a of o if*ttr /'am Dr. Dnifji/ l/ttMciy fir^fitor ^f Ote 

Tc^i^ t9 0W ^'A# ciitf{»rr e/tfU Hfif^tk Rfptrl^rui d^ed 

" 1 win condudr (lib l«i«r hy aWia^ to >-ou, ihac ftti ih* 
first of FehriwT '■»< 1 (IdircTfd ft billy in thB!iCiiT> Mr*-C — , 
about iwcvtf awo fcan of ngf, irho bad nac mcAAtriuccfl f<>r 
otw two >«jm bcfbrv hrr pregnancy- 1*1"^ luppreiiion. whkii 
liM>k pUcc about eigbieea manthi before her inarrb{[c, wm tbc 
ctfcct of cold, occMkmed by getting her foci wet at the ti«e 
bfTincDBn tfcrc flowing; but prior to that »U|f|if»»>ont hci- 
citaDoraia ItuI brrnrr^br^hmihai toquMiiityiod the period* 
td their return- Ahcut bix iDonth» before bcr oMrrii^e, the 
lud a %ery toiill ditchargr of i Unckith nntter frvn the 
vtcrw; but *o incoQMdcmble, diAt she sijitn U to bkve been 
« Arrr jA^i*. Since her marnage, irbieh took phie« in October 
1801^, ibe faAi not the IcMt nnirn ofbtr^atuneoiA, eriher 
prior to or unce her prc^truncy. llct laluxir wb« tn ulU r<- 
•p«ct* tutUTkl, wtibouc ftnv ei(r*ardiairy dliehaji^ aficr ttie 
acpamtioa of the pUcenu, which aIvq <uinc ^^ti-jy ftpunta* 
MijUfly- The leKhi:il diMbargc continued the uiuJ period; 
uid fthc mjkkcs ut cxccLUiu ourK, hiring pic&l}^ of mflk for 
^T child' lliii fjL^t, of ber proiriag pvrgaait alter ivo yem' 
abMoce of the CAunacnu, being very uauKial, and cootrar^' to 
the obftcrvaliorti of ihc nio«t r«*pectbb|c viiccrt, t (bought 
mighi ^irtivc intcTEitiag to ^u a> -a bnuhcr uf midwifery/' 

The loflowins itMement contnim pcfhipi otic of the meni 
dfeiiJTe prooftof the utttliy of vaceinAtton wtuch 1im Iicgh 
•ubmittcd to the puMie. The brx eo)u«nn conialm the ynr- 
The «econd the ttutnher who hav« dted of ibe MnnU*poK m tbc 
clt)> The (hint the whole uucnber of Je-'ithi in the city* The 
fmixth tbe itqsabcr of dcMha lo the citv «nd lubutbi. 


Medical lat^gence* 
















2445 ' 












































23 B9 




















There arc perhaps few towDS of the same magnitude wheir 
the bcQcticial effects of vaccination have been more diBtiDCtlj 
experienced- None of ihosr jafring opinions which have dis- 
graced other parts of the kingdom, are known in Glasgov* 
The profesaion universally recommend the practice, and the 
people almost as universally receive \\. The fe* deaths by 
amall-poxi vbich have occurred, within these laat six years, 
have been esciusively among recent incomers, and the poorest 
and most wretched of the Highlanders and Irish. It appears 
from the records of the Vaccine Institution, that, previous to 
January, 18J1, upwards <ii fourteen thousand_fiveh\indred\\^w^ 
been inoculated frorw. — Edin. Jour- 

Report of the Surgeons of the Vaccine Institution ofEdinhurgka 

In reporting to the managers of the Vaccine Institution the 
state of vacciuation for 1 810, the surgeons hive the satisfaction 

JUrdittt^ htttUigtJtte. 


to iDcartDOilliMDOtliiAgbM Qccujml tthichcaft in any degree 
diminjib ihctrb«lirf of ihc pcrfcci«£k>£y of ibc covr-pox, m 

Situic !a«i tcpon, 543 bate been vKc^ited, nuiin^ in dl 
tflOit Qroin lite coonmeaccnieui uf Uic prvctkc at tbc Initj-' 

Jlw «ur^oui h^vc, lintf 1a»c rapvn, iiwculvtcd ftith ibc 
kiiudt<fKiX 4 grmt iiumy cli^klrcf], wKli Iijlvg Ijcch ti^citiuLEd 

|ci^t«ainrt tod ten ^ can Jt^>-*4U ul u lium have bt<D fuuAclto 
rtuit the iDfecDoa* 
Iti no uuiaue hxn they mcb 007 bod dicctt whkb co\i]d 
Ik «uribmed to vMcdoMioai hhI, upon the wbolc, the vKpe- 
rkncc orM>oth«ryc>r *crveiloconfurm them in tlicir iottaet 
opinion^ ttk4ft tbc prxctkc of vAccituusa i> Jcktvids of the 
hfgheit degree of con lidctite from ihepoblic 
SiUiit:db^ Wa, FARQUHARSON. 
k . JAMF.S tiKYCL. 



Pfhc rc«ou;c«9trtrh which Nature !• provided rordUttibming 
ihc vttjil fluid iIin^ugbihcbodiM of «tLiE»ft1s, when ibopriacipal 
tTusLi ofaMcficMHic doiroArd, baa bc<orcnurkflb!y «xempli- 
n^d la «xpcrinKnu Ulcly m^dc by Mr. Aihlcy Cooj?ct. Th«t 
gmtlemfto lird thr ir^r/a d^i>:tnden9 of dogi, very near lo the 
beut, KQ 1 ^vay to stAp thf cutivDit of blo^d pjui'mg, by that 
vcMcU CO allih^ lou-cr pnruoftbc frame. The «nimaU teemed 
to AU^uiii no great ineoavcaience b^' thla: the woljuJa touu 
bcaUd,thGbra}ibu»nolim[>aJrcd. Oioccrct^on^jircictfCilrJus 
UKunI, Mtd iKr cnacurck rcoiaincil HctiTv >nd livxly. Wheu 
thry were killed )ifui- t&inc wceki, or nioutht, tor ihe pur- 
pote of fticertninbg tbc changt* that bad happeni;d, from the 
deitnjciion of Jt pun premmed to be «o cueQli»1 Co life, die 
uona wBi found obbicmted where the Ugsilure had hcen fix- 
ed, and the blood hiij betn tnmmitEed bi* nnaitoinoung 


jU^iAcd/ Ini^Bi^ncf* 

A nirfard nivtance of iht? ^ppcjir^nct of Smkll'poz twice m 
chft ^tme fsennn hu occurrvJ tc the coit <ii the Her. Afr* 
Itdwic) , lOD D< hd}' Kowlvy. Aboutroriy lYinix^ Mr. Row* 
ley, liken adhitd^ woa inDculoErd for ifac Smll'pox, bf Mr. 
Adjir, Surf^na (^ncnl, and hid ft fionft'idpcrablc truplioii- 0« 
iht 4ih of June tait. he woi ict/x-d vidi fcvtr, and >o cnipiioQ 
tpprtrca on tbe ihini rifty: there vcrrtvo humUrd puttulei aw 
thr face, and thedUtcmpcrKaAptovedatcvcncaMofduuiKC 

Anoihrr inttancr of Small-pox nftrr jiiocuffttToa hk> htpp«i* 
cd io Mifift S* Bocih, of Coi-ent Uanho Thvatrr. At Ave 
ymrs of ngv ihit youn^ lady was iooculacrd fi>r Snull*poX. 
The progren of ihc ann ww regular, she! hud coni»dcnble 
fever, and tht whole of the »ppc*Tancrt were of a Ntlore m 
jifford. It wflft bclierc^ii a perfect leciirrty from my fttmrt M- 
tack nf ttir d]«eai»r< On the 20th of June, Khc WM Mit'^d with 
frfarilc 4ympli>ni», which pnwrd the prcT<tUT«f>r of 5nuU*pot: 
onSnodAy,the SddftyfroTn cfaratUck^pustulei appe«rtdo& lh« 
fbrrhead and sc^ilp. Th^ rruption i^pTead to other p^irtt of iIm 
frame, jiccompmied with lorr throiU. Thii eruption ptofted 
(hroujjh the uttul formt and ttftgct of the diaea^, urn} cooati- 
lutcd an undoubted ca&e of P>/»wlir- 





A paper by Mr- Home h» hern read before ihc Royal So- 
ciety, on thr nonconducting pow^r^of the thoracic duct and ihg 
Hplcen from tlic namoch tn thr hlnddcr. Mr. II. rrlated a 

nom^ff fif iKprrimf jm% mjidc with Irgwurtn, or by removing 
the iplf'^n.-inj kr<pinfl^:i ligature on [he thomck duct, in wKich 
■tate. rhubarb wn* tjkm inio the iCOfnach of the aiitmal, and 
W» drtecied ta the unur; ubcncc he infLricd, coutrvy to 
tome opinlvn^ be rormE:fly pubUdjcJ* ihiil Otmz iv/v m-^xn 
fu% not nrcGatary iu du Mccifitiua uf urine. 

Mr. Bmdie has read befnre cht: tanae locirty a paper on tho 
eflccii of tvgetable poiiona on ani rnala. The author hu punucd 
hiireifarchciforaconajJeTibh ti[n<-,anddeUj1cdtodieaw:iety 

tbr mull 4>f Klr eKperirnenifl on r^bbm, can, and dogt, xvilh 
alcohol, oil of Utter almond*, ettnct of ncoolLc, tobACCO^^c 

Th«se vegetable Bubatances thrown iatn the stomachs of dogs, 
cats, rflbbiu,&c. instantly killed them by acting on the nervous 
system, and producing a cotupreMion of the brain: throve in- 
to the rectum, the same effects were produced. The pulsation 
aod heat of the heart, aficr B4m]DJtter]ng tbeie poisons, were 
maiDtaincd for a conaiderable lime by means of artificial res- 
piration, eicept with tobacco, which in»tani]y destroyed the 
poven of the heart, and arrested the puUatioiiB. One drop rtf 
the empyrcumatic oil of tobacco let fait on the tongue of a cat 
kiUcd her, but did not destroy the pulsation so instantaneously. 
Mr. Brodie made a great number of cxperimenin with ihc ve- 
getable poison used by the American Indians to poison their 
arrows, and with nearly BimiUr results. 

We learn, that Dr. RousBeau of this city hat ascertained by 
a seriei of original expcrimentB, which were afterwards repcaib' 
ed in conjunction with Dr. Samuel Smith, that the effects of 
the effluvia of a variety of deleterious substances are not owing 
to absorption from the lungs into the circulation, but to an opf- 
ration exduaively on the olfactoiy nerves. We are promised 
by these ingenious experimentalists, a communication on thh 
«ubjcct for the next number of our journal. 



CommuntmiomrHtirvr laihr I>;itunStr>nionium. urThoiro- 
Apptti ft* n Hrlirlnr Cnr* of AvthmA- A^IHr^irord lo Uic 
£<lttnf of the 5fDnthly r^f ag*Kinc; maoy of ihcm ncr«r be- 
fore piJblUhcd. 

N< B< litis pjmphlrt coniaxnft noi odU- fuJI ftnil cloftr iiMinic- 
tion* fur lie growth. prc|:dritiaii, trti iidminTitrnuon of Sfrn- 
iiKmniai»buia1>t> >Ji't^Ucfc«np' ttviimoiiiahofilK illicKv of 
thi- cfftuin^-, li^^Uukcrjiinl, ami umctphiaUcfMcd hct^ frgm 

Plnxiicil Ob«rrf;irion< <in In^jitnttv- To vhich n aftKcd, nit 
AccuuEil Lrf hume Djifcai»« incident fij itiv Inivnv. 0y ih'Vifa 
Croivthcr, Member of the Royul Collcj^ ofSurevonti, I^n- 
don, anj Snr^-oti To iSridcwrll mtd Krrhlcm M'lSipitili* 

A famiUnf OiwcmiJtHi uji tlir Cs;i»,r* ftoU Tmitrrient of tlie 
nibft»cAof iht Tct'iK. wrihtxplictc iDsiniitionfi for ihclr 
indnBRcin«nE«o JIB to frndtr thjm while And firm in their 
pocket, antl to preiierve ifaem from c^rUi, tootb-ach* hc- By 
J. P- Hcrtv.t Sui gi^ua UtntiBl. 

An Arcovrot gI ihc KoiTann ccimmrd^d in Ceylon b^ Smftll- 
P^x, prewiou*Ty lothe fn(rocJiK-l"jn cf Vaccitiiific/n: with » 
SlnTcmrnC of tht Circumsiiincet lUlaidinf; ihc lritr)i1uciinii, 
PrDarcia, DDd Siicccs« c^f Vaccine Inociklaijnn iothjt UUnd. 
8r ^Thfi'TiM CHrlAtle, M< D, Mrm^n r nf ih« Royal College 
of riiyiician*, London. a.fid cf the RvvjI Mtdtc^l Huutiy, 
Edinbur^ii Jtite Mcdicul$upcrii];etiilmt,(icnev«fiD Ceylon. 

Tli« Mtnkrn Surgfoi); ur^ Plain and Kotional Rnk* for the 
Directirin nf Pmcilcf: foimderi nn thr Ob^ervntions ^LndEs* 
prritnce of the moiT dl^finguiiLhed Pmciidon^n. *J- OJ. 

PrattkaL Obstivaiions on ihr Dutaw% of ihe Jnoer Cumcrof 
(he hyt, mmpriVitig the KiJiphom, the Saccular Larhn'mii- 
\is^ jtnd The Pmub I.a in. With h nriv A»iiinErm<-nt 
und Method yf Clin-. Alay Kcmark* on Mr. Wufe'a and 
Profi-ii^iir Scarpa's Meihoda of treating thcK Diiardcrs. 
By Joneph Re»c}, M- D. ft*. 

12S ' 

PriaciplaofSDrgerv; Tcirihf um of Chirar^cal Stud«n«i By 
john IVanom, b\ )t. S- N^-w «diticin,wiih Atfctiiinn«' 

ObprrvMljoaB OH the bchi Mode cifieUiiduiff Stii^liuv* id the 
Ifrrihr^, vlih Kfinarki tm ihr frequt^nt loeScocy A&d III' 
EiTccU of Cauiik ApplicAciotift. R) William Wuld, mm- 
Uvruf th« itoyal C<jlUg« of Sur^ry, Loodoiu Snonil edit. 

Practical TrrMinr oa thr Diitra&fft Af ihc Ur^ihni particit* 
briy <E«*ctilHrig rhc Simpiiirna «urnilin|| SiTicitirtMb Ob- 
•mKCiooi, FUuiLu. [fkoou piracy uf Urine, Gkcit. fiti^ To 
vhkti ttaildni, i rnncLy f^f Cjt»» thuwiop ibr Ivffif^er of 
I>tfwi% Mffljcjied lkiiLg^t«. find n r.<w und lafe nMhod of 

ftiih cxlTMtt (tanx various AiiUiorft, iinif<iriiilf ptrovm^ ihr 
dangcrMidncAcMy of the CimftDr- llv WiUljn^ Di2<yjr. 
SufgeoDt 9o\t propHcirir Acd vcoU^r of DuaA'k itic4k4lc<l 
Uougj**- Ssvtnth cditi'jQ cnbr^U- 
Lc Surgical WoHu of John Abcnitthy,3ro1». &vo. I/. 

TrmtUc on Sure^ol Anuiam>\ pan the Pirn. Br Abralum 
CoIIti, anr of ihf prciftWiri of Arjux&v And Siirgrry in 
(lie Krjyal College of S^itjjeon* ift IrcUi>d«&0 £ic. &t. r-r. €4'. 
OipiciiLogm, or on AnAtoiiucil UcuriptJEA of tbc Human 
£tofir«< IIIosmLcd b^ fourtecs Accunic £ngrjrvmg«, Ecc- 

ElmcoCAOfChemUljy. By John Wcbttcr. Tf- 
Mnnr^ Hutsry, Baranv^ d^r. 

ObterrUioni on Miacrxlogjcal SyicmiB. By Rkhard Chci>c- 
Tin, tiq. K- K« S, Sic- I'mntluwd from tlie Fpinch hy a 
MrmbfT of iSr firiTjrt;iiriil Srrrirtr. To irhii'h nr*- now add- 
*d, Hfinarl:! br Mr. Chcnevji, on the reply of M. D, Au' 
bui»on 10 the abott obierruionfl* 

A MrthodJea) Di^rr^hHilon of ihc Mjnrrtil Kfn^lcirn inFo 
Ctas*e«, Orderi, Geo? rx, Spci;ie«t and Variciici. Uy Kd- 1). 

Liuhi'hU rnpponUviOr *Tourm ffUplmrl.noir lirnt |ir>bli>^hc'(l 
from the Ori^kOal Munukcnpl Juiimal of the <rt<-br,itcd 
LiDtmuk By Jamei Edvird Smith, M. I>, I'. H. S. Btc, 
Pmirient of the J^innnan Society- 3 volbaio. W. If.boanb, 
illntiratrd with ahm-r nl^iy ifoi^n cut* frcjm ibe e^ltmpo- 
nonfrOlV vkenhes of liw iUoatrJou^ author. 


Waithtr Ifiquarrn into ihc Ch«n^ HulaMd on Aimoif^n^c 
Air, b^ ih« ^Enttiiution of Scrd<« ihc Vf gruuoa of Fljoita, 
and tb« Kc«{iir»i>cm of aojailB- By D^nUi btlit. Pan IL 9«- 

6tcUhr« of ihr Phvik.lofl:v ftf Vefftlahte Life, IQ«. 

JLa 0ot»i^c, Hikiorittar, «t Ltiuniirc. Par MuUme de 


A Lcuer to Dr. Ji^nn, on the CvmpmiiiDa of ibv Etii Mfdi- 
cinal^ (THmindi. bv Jumrt Moat, Mcmiicr of ibn Rord 
CoJlcK^bf 5ur||r<iiHf Scirgcon xn cW Sircuncl Hpfpni^m of 
Lik l^uardi. and Uirector ul the KMional VaccJD« B»U^ 

The Principlt* and Endi oJ Phibaopfav, comprchrn^^ing nn 
EKHiiinaiicra ot tbi $vit<nH whictt now prevaJI. iind jl dr ' 
lul of tho tTTunci^uB Prbci|>t{rih un whtch ihcy mt fojndnl, 
and cf thf cvib to vhieh ihr^ icn<1> By Kkhord SMimnrc^ 
Ktq. F. R. C' C Ci. 

l^Cltcrn jddtris^Ttl la Mic- G. Ffta<Ivn:>it, T,tt\^ M. P. Cicoci 
tht Pivv:til Sui« of Mcdicinr in Great Britarrt, nod iht 
Oppofhi^^n prt*ti««| to ifi lmpfo*«mcn( aa n Scieucc, by 
th« LondDti Cvlfr^ of Phyticiinxi with i coDtr;(al«iJ View 

ofiheSmii^and PtoffrtM of Surgery und Pharmflcv. whWi 
ire not crnimpcd by the »artic illihtnil Rcitfi<tlon». by Rich- 
,ird Hcccc. M. D- ML^mbet of xhv Royal Colleifc of Sur- 
ETunx^ Aiiihur of a Nltw S^«1<m oi Mcrlic-inc, fkc tt* 

A New Mf^dicaL Dicuonnry; ci^ntAining an frxplanitkoi of Ui« 
TcrmH in ADiUvin>\Phyiiotogv, Practice of Phyfcic, Matc- 
rm Mprft**,ChCTni*iry, Pharm^rcy.Sijrgrnr, Midwifrr^^.and 
the vnnoiiA brvwhrji ^f NHiiiml Ph4lrri<];>hy r/mncdf d with 
^f«dii:iT>c. Sclccicd« arranged, and Lompilcd fiom tllc bttx 
Authon. by Kobcrt Houpi;r* M- U^ of the Unircrtiiy of 
Oiifnrd^ JiEid lYtt- Rirytil OiTltj^f of PhvMfianA ftf J^ondOA; 
rSy«icJ;iri to the St^ Macy-lr-bonc ItjAFmury, Su. &c Sr. 

UjiquTtiuonti in iJi« Hinory of Mtdidnc,piUT J* ExhlHjilnfc 
a View of Phytic, ft* oWrwd lo fl<>un*h duHng tht remote 
prrlodt, tn fCiiroptr and the K.iit- Dy Richjid MilUr, M-D* 
l,tctuicr ^n M^ttina Mcdic^iotht L'mvcru^ oE GUigoWf 

Tfac McdiciJ MomtCT. Dy K. Scnati>M. D. Part I. 

Pr^poifd Briihh /'NAiktnhns^ 
A new cditioQ of l'cDnant*s BriMh 7Mo\t>^t ^'^Lh KldUoae 


'^ bodi to th« texi 3q4 pbAo, ii in die prew. nd win iTvpear 

cariy next fKa^nn. 
»Mr. J^fnra P. Ttipp^rhKi Intbr prem m Et^nx' on ihc Proba- 
bilhy of ScpwiIqa in VrgmbJci, vith obMrvjutooi mi Iti- 

|>r> Nnit ijf HrkTol hn* !n (h« prc» a SawAof^taH Companion 
to ihff Loodon Pl]arTn«c<»p«b. 


OUtrvHtioiiB on iVif CUmnc in diflfrcnt pttns of Ancric*, 
compared iriih \hf Ctinuf^ m cotrcipniidiE^ Patu <tt ihc 
oifavr Comiivcnu To ivhUh arc a^dvd Hcmarki oa Ui« dif* 
fcrcnt Cciniplcniaiw of iHc^ Humnn Ituci; wiO t ti>«M attOiWt 
of the Abivigiiie* of Amt:nfii, ^ftiifyt in imrodiwMfy D»- 
CQurw ID the Hittoty of Norih Carolma. By llitgh Wil< 
Ilunton, M- I). LI.- D. mrmbrr of the HoUind Socki> of 
Science!, of ibc Society of Am ftiul Sclcocn of U:rcdiu of 
tbf Amtrricaia Philosophtcit SocitlVi T. >nd j. Svordi, 

[The Archives of Useful Knowtnfgc. Bf Jatnci Mokk, OtL D. 
No. 1 ftfvol. S. 

lit i« B journal off ttcnuvc otefulncti^ It r* eminently mdiptc* 
to difTkMr ihait tvrt of loioTinjuim on Agviculiurt and th« 
LNtrful ArtA tthidi h, at pnftent, nwgtit aftiT ttUh lui'h 
avidity' in ihii country. We « ith tuccest lo an undrrUking 
■o Ittudabici and, in every rcapcci, lo areU condiKtcd. 

An Eaaay on DiicaM* tncldeninl to Europfanv in Hot Cli- 
anatca, and the methnd of prcreBlinit tliclr faut <on4C* 
t^uencd. By JajDci Lind. Sl D. K H. S. Ed. «c. Tv 
vbkh n added an AppfadLi. cunctrnin; Jiitcrmitucii I'c- 
vrr*, md a wmpli: aiicl ,-it%y wu^ i.- n-mli^r Sia W^atcr fmh, 
and lo pr^cTem aic^rdtj'of pto^tiiona in longf Voyagci at 
Sen. WiUiatn Uuane, PhziudelphU* 
[f )lMervatlon!4 tm (he Clhan;^a of ihc Atr, and ili« ronconiffant 
£pideniic»1 Ditcaies of the bUnd uf U^rfMdoet; lO «rhich 
tk addcdt a TK^atiie uii ihn Pmrzii liiiiuus Frver, <oRuno»l)r 
called the Y^lfttw Fcvcr^ urd tiLii^i oihi-r DAcwrt an iki-n 
iodigenOiiaoT cndcmial, in the Wctt Indli lOindi. nr iuihc 
Tonid Zone- By UMlimn HiUirj-, M. D. With Note*, by 
DcDJiiaaia KQ»h« M- D. Prortfq4r>r nJ ihc Itihitntifs and 
Practice of Mrd'icinf in rhc UnUtrHir of Prnd>vlvaai4. 
Ctfid T. Kilr. PKiUdflphik- 


A Descriptiofi of the Atitnn of the Human Body, reduced 
to Tables. By Adolphus Murray, M- D. R. and O. Pro- 
fessor of Anatomy and Surgery at Upsal. Translated from 
the original by Archibald Scott. Tbomaa Dobson, Philad, 

A Treatise on the ProceM employed by Nature in supprevung 
the Hemorrhage from divided and punctured Arteries^ and 
,on the use of the Ligature; concluding with Observations 
OQ secondary Hemorrhage. The whole deduced trom v% 
extcnaivc Hcries of Experiments, and illustrated by fifteen 
plates. By L. F, D. Jones, M. D. member of the Roy*l 
College of SurgeonSf Londoo. T. Dobson. 




Vot. 11, 


No. VI. 


On th^ Staphffhmtt^ /fyJrofi/tt/trj/mra, and Curcitioma 

LTHOUGH U he too ofL^c Uic tndapcholjr pro^'bccof 
'vcdiol nwntn u itii<«a ditoiden tvliidi ciaiioi be rcmuvcd, 
antl in thir ttmimcal «f which Ui« uunoKi cxcr<if>pi of iheir 
an cui oulv proOucc a nuugation of the sydoptomi, »ut!|cry 
ni:vcrihi?Icu, betides affi^triling Ja iliw way oon«tdcral>le bcflcHt 
tu nmuLind, it often hij^hly icfviixaiblc m vanww <Ji*cw»^ ljy 
pm-rviliiig the vccurreuLc uf ^oaicr evils iluu Ihuvc: wliiuh 
hoveulrttiN' t4l[rn pUuEi. 'lliii ubtcn-iuoii ih ^Irikingly rx- 
«mpUli«l III thvhc ^LituKlrn o( the tyc Uf which thi; aticntion 
of the Sockty it dow rrq^sudi Joir Uitni^h uU of them huvt 
tmcovcrably cle»iro)e<l vUion. ^^t dii^ aaphylopaa and hy^ 
drophllinlinia iiKlitpcDiubly require >a oprnitiott UiAt aIiaII 
cMVe the eye to uak lo the orbit, in order to ohvbte touimE 
pain md uneuineu; and tlic ciircinotnu d the eye Ik oqK 
capable of reccivloj^ n check, ie iib midviicy tn dc-itroy tjfc, L)' 
thr r.nmplrtc eiiiquition of tNai orgm. 

I'hr term bEiLphyh->nu U sDcncumfi uvd go dc^T^aCr tht- 
prociuhjui) oiapuiol iJieimUuougba wouadorulca of iho 

Vol. 11. R 


On lAt Sxfff^mtit C^c* ^ eA^ iV- 

OOTiwM. Tilia b prrti«p« iu moM cofnci mrMtin^ the Ureek 
word, Irvn which k U ikritcd, ifla|)l>iof uRkilrtuik lo AtiUia 
ur <lf led gr^pt'- HiiC v:ir>iiu» aoihuim Itiif c ubu ukcti tbc term 
lu «ltliut« a pro|c<ti&^ opake oonxn; vhI ki llbi *ciike 1 pro- 
poM more pvtkutarl)' (o cmplitr >t ail ttiU tiRi*. Whm \\x 
projeoiitHi v» vccy cnnsidcr^lrt tbr ditonlcr u innicLusKh ;ilM> 
called proplio«b» tiniJ in ihott cmc<* wlivrv ibr projc^on ii noc 
coaJiaed to ihe coram, but c»ccu|«o >l«o ■ {Kirtioni oj tbc 
fldcroticn, ai *oAeiiaae« happen*, lU> Inuer B{>pcLlAtiuD i* 

It tiK» 1)mi ir»t>ittMl by auifiorfi ubcllirr ihc proj^dion of 
(he opjik-.' corrica, in the tuiph j l^i aj|| i^ (}(-<n»»uinrd hy »thick- 
tBiQ^ of Uku lame, or b;r > moriiid acc:utnulati»a of aqueuoft 
IhiUMr bcitind ii. 1 bclkve, in ^iicratt Imcli thrtc circuoH 
BtauiccA cinubinc to prodiiLcthc dikunUr^ ibc i^otnvu becoming 
Dot only upukf t Lui buth MJitfr aoJ diickcT thaui in ita naiarul 
leiiurcj »nJ. in tuiiscquiiite vi i)iii, the aquvout bnnnrb«* 
htnd Uie CDTDCu publuss ii turu'^rd. iutd ihup mlBtKci the tata^ 
not chontber ol' thi» humor. I h^t-c wmciimcK icen ihe whole 
comcniloughcd olTdiirinig on Dcnii: purulunt opbihaUn^, and 
a whitf «rpLiU hub«Uacc ftrniluully tnaHid i'mtn iho uIuTJttd 
WfffaeCt Hvficlcn^ lo farm a comjileiR cov«r to thi^ ahi after 
which thiB «pakv body hm ^jdually prajtcird in a cook«i 
ihftpr, »nli1 ai length tt hun btcumu w> prominent ai to hinder 
the rpelid« Sttim ckun^^ oi^^r it. I Ii8\-r me oihrr linan teea 
ihf pn)jrrfl«g c<^rtirn pnnir opnkc. nivL p»nJy tninijmrcnt; 
the pupil bring diaiinctly \-^&ible thfOiif^Ji the cnuu;iarr-nt pnM, 
hut (he ptjvccr <d viEion wlmliy de«royed, Somctisim thr cjr- 
rumfercnce cf ihe opcikr rcotira project*, lin ecntral pnri up* 
prnrlnf; <leprr»ecl, and reirmblvaj^ thr bcurofn of n plnte nr 
dibh^ axi<] tf^mct\mca^ nenr ta thr cfT^lcr nf the i^picity. in the 
case Lilt irLrrjiinnird, ihrrr \% .in inrguUr btick appear«Dtc, 
which Acntnnry olML'n'vr miglM mitiakeforn pupil. No pftii 
of (hi* aperture, howrter, in perceptihie on irucrul inspec- 
tion^ .-ind th^ eye of course ikdepHvetl of nil lueful TiiSon.* 

WnmlirfC 4cqin»l alr^pointla-tiLDrihti lab'ch iiaplwiicu^) in r -:■'- ---r^ 
i^fwhic>i chapfri^ llie i)-? it futl bttamcM myrfiic, but vhri* il. n 


On /Ar St^t^nsy &>, oftJt£ £^. 


So long mi thiT prnjcctiofi of ihc ofiake conkci can bf cover- 
^cd bf tbo tytBd.i ulihout painfuHy iEmi:hing then. If ii b* 
it accoTnpnnird irrth dd imfjuUniy in the mitf^ct: 'if the 
comca,tM(] the iiehc «f ihc ocher cfc continue pcrfm, fhf 
ont^' infcnvctiKTiCf \he pr^JKnkoa occMtetn i* pntdi^rd by 
iht uDBHmlj' nppcaniorc ii prc9cftrt to ohtmrrt*, Thk msy 
Id tame <lrgrfc be prcrenied by wahnjf A pur of iftfcncU^ 
mknmg fijfttn window glBMinthc rtn^oi^witc the vound 
and ^SM diat iK^rnuml in a >tighid«^rce opnkr. or even 
tiniliir (>Tain wiAdow gUM| ia ihv nn^ oppositd cbff affected 
rjc In lome n»iancrf| bov^vrr, ;i cunKiouBQCn of ihr ap- 
*aranc« produofd b^ a projecting opakp contra hta ocr«- 
tioncd so nacii dutirru of namd, thai 1 have httn rcqucired 
'to lint the eye, ■oltly for the purpue of ^cttinfi; rifi uf tJw 
i^ilclbmity. 1 wiab 1 conlfl My ihat BtUd«T mcAn« have brcn 
Fntuid urfliclenc trt accomplUh ibn object. VnriouA »|fplicsi«onft 
i:irc brm propcjvd for thii purpose nt diderv-ril timet by dlf> 
rrvni nndtor*. By «onic, atronf; ouisiicA hmr been rccom- 
irndrd far ibr cixprcM purpMte of producing ui rxcnriulon, 
id even an uJoerallon, on !hr hirrtnC: of tbr pmjrrtmg Kiib- 
Both ^Janin md fltkhrcr hare ^d thry bM only re- 
the pTOfretion of «n «>paJke camen, bm even repro* 
luud in trampiircncy, by the AppUcatton of the buEier of 

■p-t ilir ujufAJh luiinnr, ajui tnLJ^koitrtd ifLtrt^iJ'l', by luodtnlff 

fWirir, ui|irpwf*n tl>errtii(n uflhe firBjT^ronj liol oD(Jte tfpflhlofilnri iif 

'**1it wiiir<^i« huiniT ili^ «4aii. al ^irv-jFcihai liatftlwi^t m|lf^f•^TJ Jl' ffily 

Mile rye lie (bin ^t^qf Ich.1^ iIe^ *i|Cl>c uf ihf i>ili«r ntiiuittHHf- |wiln'L» lU Civ 

Erv*»'^ uf »i>iuii 4(lL [jF ubliuj^trl fjviii litis tl</i<j IfuU ^Tibr unfufHUt KiriJi 

[»jiii( L-e fDi>ic»]. niMclmlitJilajii mnv bf oliU*5i-l frufii *eiriiit HiatJatl**. 

lin^iif u-hich ari fill<'i wilfi »n i>p«iiiv tubu^itcc lUal fiAt i iejihII h^)t 

it* E*ni«r. DBt m"]^ ihu Ui* UiiUl or nrtflto putof animfi ih^n-mnrr. 

jc >mklliitu [ff wliLcIi upcnurvi by Ic*«ji1(v ^"* I'viiEi!* oi '.ip taf ■>■' 

^liftrLf. uJll i^T^rji^ llif ^iaifLLfLoD lh*L loiiiil vfhtn^ii* tut uc^ui'ii'il l-y ihrir 

c^jiitptnJvU RLk 4pr<VrTaliiralllbnii«»ufltiJilunJc. Trbii^rciiilcolt cbil) 
rv]j[4mt w^en (LIb htfFpcn*. Lhr< in* it Lu^c Uk bs iflwIveJ in titc numl. 
■iiif ihii 11011 la bf nonr w le«a li*jurvil bythrdiran^Tmn UiktUkr^iiltci' 
Efttha AfMfc kiid lite oflbr pujiil 

• Jinm iiff r*il, *ecL ti, pj^e ^W* *< **1fiC'W- 

tKMiff.ftMltttkt'J. pif;« in^fl Mniurnt 

132 ^ the St^hfUmff^ ^r. pf iM £*ft. 

Uilimooijr. Janm hti r«amiBnhlcd du$ apT^lcaikio, for the 
purpmr tUr> rj rrmnTin^ tli;i(A(hcr ipcricft of the icftphflonuit 
ic which th^n n a pmrrtiAion r>f pan of the ivii thfougb «n 
uIcErofihtcorm- Rut I beg \rafn to nhaervc ihattuttik 
ftpplicfttion* of ncry kind nboold be uvtA with ^«u cftuiion 
ilk Jill difcJiics of ihi^ cy«' I htrt Imown ch<a» occuloa vialcat 
Jdid lOQg conunucd indummjiiiDDai and, *d far from TC7irnflu& 
idg ('iskQC, ihry h4*< ^«ry rarvly ii.^iK«d the promi^'ncr <if 
ihcituph^lanuivvjbico preclude ihc nerd of other mr-HT^i i» 
lake away the df rormity. Scariiq^ln luirhaptrron chr •lEaphjj^ 
\tjnvA, cxpmvn hirnulf in it t&mil*r wir; and has adduced 
tevcrol cjaca of rhii dbordcr in <h)lctrvn. in whom dti ulcrra- 
ilonomfhe mr£*cc of iht comca wai kepi upb}' ruharoiic 
application* flrvrrAl b^rckt. «nd ytt no rlimmutkon vai obuii^ 
cd by ii, ciihrr in ihi^ prk>jrr(inn or nparicy. Jf hiichbcihe 
rr«vU»f thr fTprrimirni on <hr tyci ^ifcMldKTi, ^ crrtainty to 
ft» liki'ljr to iiMfccrd rnn IhoBC oF *du]t». 'Vhf <jihrr mode 
vrhich hjx b«rn prnpoted by nuthon, viz. that of oompmttn|[ 
|b« tumor, and diut rr«tniiniag it fi^m ioitrfrring with the 
moiioa of ihc f^clidi^ » lo difficult to be actompliih^d, wiQi 
the Tucrtiary ■cciirAcy, chat 1 remember only one catc m 
which ic fkflTnnkil any adi^ama^. In thU in*unce a |H>of man 
who bad a HlAphylomA of one eye many yean, and coiUd ooa 
be pn^vailej on lo viiibmit to h»vt the eye vunk, wai ki |K cxiy 
by wc;iring a bandage ruutid hia bead, not unlike to the ftpriog 
|rub» that IB used ftir ah iogvinal hernia' Tbv bolsier of die 
niBtrumem made a prcuure on the ouuide of the eyclidi* 
whieb krpl them eountantty claicd* and hindered the eye fron 
moving. lo c<iTi)te<|iieiKe of thi^ ibc ptojcction ){-jvg no paid ^ 
:iui], Ijy the uid »1 the i>Lber eve, the pHiieni wuh enabled to 
utirk at 1 vitmintjii h»nLli[r4lt buiin^vt witbuut intuEivenicnce, 
'llir mure dtrec; way of aH^^rdng relief in (he aiaphylomft 
n hy removing the whole of tbp projecting lubauiKe; in ton* 
sequence of whtch (he huni<^i^ of the cie ^re discharged, and 
tha pofttcri^r part of iu tiinici cciUapae, lo aa to form a kind df 
hutfLin at ibc brHL]>m ui the orbit. On ihi» butiont when the 
wmmd \h lic^lf J» an artifjcht! enamelled eye n ciipoblcof rc«U 
iiig- tiy which the unifurm appearance of the fuce ntay br re- 
Eiored- AulTiora an wn ttgtccJ on the beat mode of prrfornK' 

On tht S 

^C* Afthf Ey^. 


ing the opemeon. Urutcr, Si. V¥«>. and uU;cn, bavc propoR- 
od 10 psiM > double li^utrc throj^ ih« middle of ihc utinf>r, 
;(Qd ihca to vcfuratc Jic ihicftd^ atid tic dtc luimir 00 tJidi 
bide, «u liiM lliG contpreuiwx maiJe by the IJgMUTc miy c;^^* 
>i la inurtify vid el^u^i vH. But ihit U ipu pi«iitl'ul, uid ki? in- 
direti a mudr ol Mixv&iplitilimg the obictt, tlint i bcimvi ii 
haa DDl bcr:fi pmcUstd loi rosny yrfti*. !>c^irpJ4 a chott ma* 
dcm timn, liun recuciuncndrd to ii« to reatuvr » tEtiall punioxi 
uatyof th< projcctiat^ cor&«ii (a^enblc lo a niodv fintpro- 
poaedby Cd»ui inhiibook de ni<dHina,]ib. vii,cap. T>*), oud 
to ioKx out the «T)»iiillLnc luid viiTctnii faumot* tbruugh the 
Opetihi|^ after «hkl). tie uyi, the wound nill daie« md the 
tallica vd die eye cciUspe to a aoinlJ juze, without occos^oniftg 
my con«d<Tabl« degree ekhi:' o( fiLiinor innai»ina(Eon< 1\m 
mode of itcrlormtng the ujjeraiiuii appc^iitm tu nic, huneveri to 
be liitbLe to cunnidirabtc nLjictLudk. If lite i^jsciiuig in iIk 
CDRtri be noclurger tham tlia tixt ol the «r}ftidlLiic luimgr 
(which not ucfr«iueutly, iu luk» vi the BbAi;rhykiLna, n nilhout 
dUejiAc}, thii tiumur, in puMiDg through the iiperiuie, in vciy 
liable 10 btuitc th* «ri», smd lo bviog on pan wid iiida»ni;iiion, 
tlttl MX both violent and tediout: and if, on the contr-iry, the 
opvnjDgtic io lin^ as to allow tbe cryauUiae a;jd vtLre<>ui9 
huniDni CO be Ui«char|[ed, wiihobit doing violence to the \tUy 
though ihe ]>am uod luflamniftliritH convrqnent un ihv oprm- 
tion* mEif rot be considirrahk* jtt the plan of (he rvacuAEcd 
hiunon willbe luppltcd by 4 wtterj humor, which wiU ipeedily 

dUtet^d ih* tunici of the eye to iheir former ai^e, will do pwav 
the potMbLlhy of in&rning nn artiBcial eye, «nd will hnzurd 
thr rfnirn of nil the old lymptotni. Sairju, awnrv of dicu cir- 
eumntanerji, tnentinfLJi exprmK, thnt he hi^en ohUf^rd Cf> 
hricatf the wound ihrrc or four dj^tieat limit, iifrrr \hr ope- 
ration. In AFder to bnc^ on a lufficiest drgri^r of tndAmniuiion 
to eauM the eye to coll»p«c- ln£amc«d by theu- eortftldcru- 

iLntm viK'indrtv." Se^i pPJ1i^ec* t» naLe kn optfli^ '* tvis Onfc, t^- 
four liM(« \i- ilitTiHicp. hc^ntbiir tD the m« M^tlw ** ■^■frErilitiiHi'' Ut^i ilie 
lamcM uf Lbcx Jfiiir't'n.* hc3nic vifj tnt tKnl <if kn iseh. l» b relj >||1I3 
eicnE tf »iJiT-4 Uie tr^tuIliBett ceDK tAfWfti ^ niibnii frrttM; (umpn* 


Oit thf ^ > f* y toM. fs^r. cJ'U^t Aytf, 

lioiM, I luve &e¥tt- m rC in n M.0 Uit opctBtiuu According tti dui 
mediod; and haTtnK uniTanDiy Aucfmicd in a cOBidiWr>Ue 
BiMnber of eBic«,4ftnri»|t* pMO^ce of R»rr than ilitiif tv«n, 
by ptrfi>rmiiig it In ihr fallDwinic mmner, I irau t)u< 1 aan 
Jiwlifit'd ifi irronwnciuiifl^ ny oKidf of opcrailo^ to the attcn- 

IV opcTxioT iviU 6nd it rpncr coarfslctit to %txai\ l>cbi&d 
Ihr pitieiil thu befiore kia» ukI the pMM«t fthoold be |dftottl 
on a chaur cnffic'ieadf low to illfiw ths oiitrator to cAny bu 
ihand with case o*«r tbc pui«uS Vad- A larsr cfooferd 
»r«dlr, artncd widi ji nnmg tbrrad, thmld then b« patuffi 
throu^ iht Ap«ke pn^tciiajE; comea, Mid, after icpMtatittg 
dbc needle frotfn die ihreid, a Iroot ihould be iwd in 1)ir kuier, 
«t ft Bmall dinNnce from the cyr, m otiIct to hJnder the thread 
from «Upfilo(t. The opcrati^r having thus «htvned h^ nMm 
of Ihr ihfod AMfitttf hold of the eye:, a kntle tiniilAr to thttt 
vhich is i»rd la divic|« ihf roracA in immeiin;?: the caUncf, 
OTt if ihit b« Dot >t bandt a lon^ « hi ^rp- pointed lanceti duMild 
be pwhcd dirough the ftckroilc coat, about a quotirr of nn 
inch ffonniutonBexioavhh the ootiw a, and be carried qokUy 
but accutatt^i mund the cornea, a* nearly f>araJlcil to il M 
cui be atcomplUhed, Sontciiinei, an looa n a puncture u 
vn^idc thtough the adcrotJcA, ko large v portion of the viiroow 
h'liuor eicapr*^ a* tonuse tbeconwato become fldii;c id i Jnco** 
arquqncc of which the operator may ^nd It difiituH to uiiB* 
|dne ihe indiion round thU tunic wtth either the lancet of Uk 
Jtnifc: and m ihjs <aie i curved blunt-pointed *citsar> will be 
iouiid useful to hnith the o^icratlao. The only objection to tbc 
tttc of the «cia«aT» U druwii from die uddiciooal fmiti whkh tt 
11 ^uppofted to give; but ihv duraiiuii vf die operation is to 
ihoii, (h;it tile diflcrcntc betwcvB the pain pruJuced by the 
infitrumc£)(a U acarvety wurdi}' to be naiuad* I'he liemon4ia|p: 
thdC vuGCffeds is tteli^Diu con»df rablei acd the lr» tbe eye ia 
eiiimiaed ofterwardt, the Ict^ dangtr wdi there bi; of p^mand 
inn.LnimatJon. A eomprcH^ wet with a o^tumine lotioa ifaould 
be apjiticd over the oyc« imd it should be Tnaiki^ncd u ith this 
liquor, wjlhout liniif; n^moved, as uflena^ it Lie-comcs dryi bttl 
fio lUit or Ally other nppUcQtioti should be put within tht Lid^, 
aince this has been kooiTO to give gtrat pain, ^ad in otic in- 

0aiAeSufihfiama^&f,9flhtEMtf, UiS 

ftOjn^ to cccuion xbvnuDg^ vytaptona, Anaaod^nt should 
be given after the oprrsiiontof ^friitrr or Xcn itmigih accord^ 
ing to Jic i^fc of the p*i]<Tilt but u u selcboin ncccMAry to it< 
peat ihii* mrUiunc, kiocc ihr pftticut hd« luualfy mort afiuud 
and ^iMct tUep ^Cttj the oper^ion thatt be bftd fior a kog limr 
prcTHJut io iiA (vflufiiijuicc. Ac the end of abonl a fortnight 
tlut put% of the ickroiicfl wfiicli rcDiaiacd iu the ofbU will be 
Ivufid 1» bai c 4joILft|i^tlt *nil lomeiimn a tmtXi fungovi Mb* 
tttjncc Will tbcn pruimde through ihc uround- Thti in the 
coutM oif limp would uibtide of ttvclf, biat» as the itday mn 
be irkaomc, thr fkint^ii muv far chuIv icn^ovcr), ctnd vilh rrry' 
licdo turppiiig H oif w^iha pa'^roi Bhirpvcman. 11m 
fiiagiM u uwujiIIt cDiallrr in it* n«ck wIwr tl jonw ibc ulcri>- 
Vica thnti in Hi top( in coniMtocncc of which kb removal i» 
eflSectcd vidb vc^ Uttk dliBcutTy: and though it wmcumci 
rcppcan, it nuy be frQippcd tjlT. ugam and aigniD, umjl ailngth 
the wouod will <.Dinplctely clotty thp hiAammaiion ceuc, a»d 
tlic orbjl becoiMe fa to nccnr an anlficial e^. This, faowcver. 
oaght nut to be introdiKcd until ihc ia6janniarion be pcrfccilf 
run^^cd; and nlicniuch itacyt a uKd,tli« wlvitaLLe tv with- 
dnv it wcrr ntghi and rcplice it in iht mornmg, whkh may 
br circled wrih caqc by ihe paUcni himaflf, jifctr a >hori ex- 
pcrifiiFc. In ilic cboice of the aniliual eye. it i> noc only im- 
poiunt that the color of Uie iive re^cmbk accumiely thai of 
ih? «ouud eye, but the lixc of the e^e »hould he tvgII aiiLif>ud 
m thu of the orbit, and the dimentioiit of the comeri be raibnr 
BRUtler than ibat of Uic ONlunl eyr> if ihcx rules be not 
KganludflhE artifitikl eye wiLt gut »n UDaiglitly B^iire Iu the 
couulenancei it wiiluot movcaa it ought io dO| io un»oiT with 
th« ipuad e}e; and it will b« liJtble tooccsiiiotj bulb piin ;Lnd 
M^mm^vtu It is uf cgnBequente afau lo koow thai an ;>nl- 
fieial eye vs apt 16 irridla aliur >t hn* betti used abnui a year 
and a lulfor two ftan, imd nmu then be cither dt«nBed en- 
ciicly, or iu pbcc be iu{iplWJ by n new one: xa4 It maty not be 
inii>roper to rcosiLTkt tliai vihtn an <)c haa been ^uoIe, if an 
nnilicial eye be cut introJuced, ihe npiwuninre of the coun- 
tenanee nay be niurh improTcd by ^rarir^ a parr of t^tcta- 
clm with cEthrr [slatn urodow glan in ihe cjrcles« or giant thrtt 
la liiiged in a tUg)ic atnoncr with a grctn or blue toiar. Thr 


136 Mfw^ark* tfn Ht^ilMfkthatmm* 

rrfirrrion fnnn thr 9^m» in ih? tpcciack Trvne will prereftt llie 
defatcMj' from being ootictcl^ or will f^oly gitc Hso to llw 
•uffwilkm of ihc eye being vcok. 

I nm priKvcd cd e<m*idv the iliv>n1er culled HyJniph* 
tUmlft. B}' tlui tfrni unhondonoiin gcofral m<0P &□ ncm- 
nulMioa mmly of fhr oquMUi hnwor, buc *ci i-ri^at >n c% 
hrgmrtnofihc irh»k cac* prcidi^ccd Wf m incrcuc of iKc 
rnrrowt humuT ;;» writ a* ilir nffiiffMit, fl» ID CAuec tbr r^ r Ui ^r 
occupi^ an undun person oJ ihs ortill, aniJ to occktioo dhfficolrf ^| 
and pan when the eyvlida arc clnt^U river it. 'Vhwt dcfntd, it ^^ 
«»7 prriwipa with more pn^pricty b< clmomTnacrrl Einpb* 
ihalAit ifaia Hydrophthnlmta.* In dr«mhing thndbonierft 
^pAtrr diKriminili^n ii rrrjuir^d than seemed nrffiinrv in 
ih« fnrmcr partctfihi!] paper* In the licnphylgtiiB. for iiMtflace, 
the oTidr projecani:^ cornea dcKi^nnm ific nnnirr of the dl«« 
fkrftrr in tA pUbi a manner, tKnt 11 lecmi ftmptiriKitilr tn« 
a mistake with rr^rd xn tn nniurc. Am in ihr hvclmphihjilniia, 
ttbieh impTir* an «nWer»nI enlHri^mcnt %A the. eye, *ome cx» 
aminaiion U requisite \x> order m a»fM-rtain wViJit octaaionft the 
enUf^mrnl; wheihCf there be an e^niil enlarge men C of aillthc 
tliltc rr»i 5T*Tih of the «>t; a morbid enUrp-ment of one patiU 
cobr piiTl Qdly^ the frnmniion of nn a^lveniitiaiu body wlchin 
the cye^ or a projecttcin of ihc ere in eonser|(icn(e of a aub> 
«tanc^ formed behtftd xK- 

ftkfantHnre fifirticlinict Kom uith etct rrnkarkably lar^ Mid 
prominent. Hut if thev ita nnl ^ve f^nin hy their pre Mitre, nor 
inierfere iwiih Ae free moiii>n of the ^}-r1ld», ami if m the same 

* *ie>rr4 i< iif upin'iun ll-il tn ii-cuiiiuhtkiik gfHijilarlkrivTeii llv chOFiud 

rr^i 3ti(I rcfinj ■> n rumiEiurk taiiH- i>f djc li^HlrrjiiUUmlmUf ^ij*1 lie iii>fiulrLr 
rlvidHlfn tciBiKjf trLiBkinil ttliirlnH-emtcd jn j cliiU llii-tv jtarmiJ i hili 
old. In wbifh iTie c^^a wu » Lhlnl IbiVft ih^n lu iiiturnl ilie, tb* curim 
pLTTilimv of Afl iiUfVMC* \i\ ibe hkUtf iirv|*itiJon u ibe vlen'iiiir I Un^ 
iHi'irrt] tiniri ahhcncil. gq diMeninf Uitf eye ifler tlenvli. tbai tbcjv 1^» 
Utii »ii dTirwd HiiJd hciwctn lbs dti'i'iiiJ coot unti rtrii>[t. ilx *!inau» 
hnmnr hi'int *boTlv 'jbrnirbdJ. and tUo rellm t«|lap»fd iiit'i n c^1ifiAricAl» 0* 
rMhera ^^MStX. chnrcl-llkj^ tiibti(A»e<, tiitipex irihinKfrom llie nijlir ntrtt, 
tnil it«|iLi«i4 iiimiii]>tmp ibc fiytikllLite ^meMiri liui, lik^mrfLi iliit ■.-fu*'w> 
Fiht prnilii^il a iib-l 4hU<4iini> nt iJif pu^ul< m I'piiLii)' of llib cf>tt«lliiHk 
*»kl »ome;iini'» a •,p>kni il' rp ie«u>I pwn ii ilw f>'p. I h»^r htir^fcrio*'* '' 

lioM die comet b? mnipactiu ami rkx lii^hi |«rr<;ct, ihc metr 
cinuoittutcfi of their prominence tluct nut c>U ^r un pirti- 
culir AUclttion, Somciixncq, liuwcvrr^ ihr^ c\c* of inhntt^ »t 
the tioic of (htir birtht wc not onlv Kmarfcabl}- pTOminctkt^ 
but ihc cornea of one or boih it uaivcrtally opakc, without 
;Loy Acctfaai^ftayins infl^iEninAtioiQ in ihc conjunitivA, cr any 
mothid diuhargc frvm ihc eye*- Of Oiia I h4vc »e<ik ftev«^ral 
inftUDcet, ihrce of which happene>d in one CunUy. Tb<«e wire 
more dirredy under the <hn of Mr* Farrrr, jl vurseont reii- 
Jcnt^ thiti lime nt Dcpdbrct. He hai dctcHhed chcm with 
;4Ccunry in ihe Mcond volume of Mcdicjl C<}Anu;inicaiioo*r 
p>gc46Ii^injtjLi«hediaLondontii IT^JO. The opacity gmdu Ally 
di/njai»hcdi and iu leu than i jncAr, in iwo of thetn, Htw 
quUc Ectaoved* fn (he iTiird the conic* did oot rciutnc iu 
iransparcfKy tintU ihe ttid of the second ^-c^r. The amciid> 
menc in thetc btuncci eannot be Jtttibuied to iny pviieul^r 
reniediu. liiitc aonr were luc^^; hut it wu owing to ihc iffX 
ruiturtt inr^Jn^tri-x, wbirh iri infants, in thii diiorder, m tt iltO 
U ui nrjtiy i^iher** ■« often effrciuki to nttor^ a he^Uhv ituie* 
Mr. Faucr dot> not nicnCTi>n xnv pnitieular pjomlncrcc b the 
nyc* ol ihuc chiUrcn; but, having xcn two of (bcaa ihottly 
after the (imc vfaco Mr. Farrrf drew up l>ie JKCOUnt of Lbc 
cues ' And. by x mtnutc I ihtn cntdef ibiit the cotne* ap' 
pearcd Co mc remaiJubly proniiae&li «ad Uuu, ibough the 
chOdrcii had recovered a diatiact vUion» they wen all ahon- 
iirghtcd.— Another eiue of u. »inubr kind cane tiller my 
nolke nbuui three yean a^, iq the oew bgru inlant of a re* 
hpc<tablc firmer in Euex. Both caioej: vcrc cuinplviul)^ 
«pa-1(e. and both weie Urge and prcmintiii, la iU\> irtiUncie^ 
9i3 ta thote ]a>i mediioned, no appLcaiiouh itcte Uhcd wiLb 
shkdEciGiitaieaidjneu lO allow me Ui JlUibuli: viy couaiUtrablo 
dc^c of TfIicai;y(oihcni;notiviiltua[iULngi«hi<:h^uhci). about 
four tnonlhi agOi the cbild vn again brought tu nw. I bul die 
aaEai^Ktioa to lee ihc left coraea niEiicienLly dear to alluw liic 
perceptiuD cf all Wge objectij the opacLty of ihe rii^ht comea 
be iiifj;aUod&n)tai»hcd round its outer edge, tlioughthtgrcMcbl 
of the ftume kind about ^yeara^. I[ occuricd in ibe inf^mtnf 
agentlcmna la Poriiuau S^uarf. Her^i ju hi the other in< 

Vr»h. 11. 


138 li^wMrh pt J9^rc;/i^rA0Ma< 

tianfM,ibF TOre'.T of bnih ryes, ai the Uimi of titrlli, wtwi 
larecand promintnti iiiil thtry were At the «tm< tknc cgAI' 
^Itielv Apakc; the child, in othtr ntprcci. bvi«g hodft) , tot) 
luflVrffi^ DO p&'in from the »laitc of ih« vyt^ Sanctions) bj 
ihf iLicrr«ifiil Uyir of the p«Tctdtng c«w», oo particiilar tfl- 
mcdirt ncT^ cmplotedi md iit the lioH of mv writin^llin 
p»rft>frapS, which ia ju« ■ jriT Jroin \hr hJrth of ihe child, ihe 
fonica of one eye » not onW perfectly trvKpnreat Jor i con- 
«McF«ti1e ftpAcfi Toond id circunifervbcc, but the popilcmbe 
iicen throuj^h the iJimiiii>ht<] opHCiiy that rcBsiim ia iu eeaur; 
an<! ihi>tJt^h ihe cornea of ilie ^iher eye htu impfoved Ich Id 
\t* up^arvacv, (he iranxparcncy of xh\t bIm h cvkleni];^ (q- 
ctT9*e<f, and the in« b visible through it, for the tpue i>f a 
TittF ui Traiii roim^t itn rim. 

Ilk all ihi'ic itii(?LiiL«i, the eiilar^Tiirnl of the eye wnot 
BuJlicifDt to be oF Bencjtu cDBHeqiieii» indrptmdnit i^ tbe 
opjictiy of ihf cnirneai antf* when thjb opatiiy u'» ciiMipaicd, 
the power of vbioQ wus restored. But when, on the CDOirttry, 
the entarrr^enem t% not confined to the ccmea, brn extendi to 
the icleroikif and ii so tDnfild>;nkblF ditit ihc ryelSdi emnot be 
cloud Without dlthcuhy, the patient hcin^ not onl^r Mind» but 
UTiAlJe to «1oep wiihoui the aid of opiatcxi the profpccioT re* 
>tr>rbf; ftkf^hc ii wholly loM, and the only qucition i«, tn vhnt 
w.iyeanc maybe obtuinrd, nnd deformity' obviated. It doe* 
aot :i[fpL-!ir poi«IUe fo itt> more than thin; nor can even thi« be 
ntconipfbhed by any other modr thnn that of dirninbhtnjt the 
bZAv of the eyei and the best mormcr of doir;: It I hdk-se to 
bcWmtaritt of the openiiion, ^rhith hnn been frcommcndcd 
above in cuieD uf the; itapliylurna* 

before an opeiat'mn of w much Importnncr bf prHbrmed, 
it is.hoiveveriCQtvmiirilyrvqnUUeto nnerrtAimhAi therliseaur 
cooiiDin aoltly m an pnlarKemrnt of the difler^nt pirt» of the 
ctej and thnt it \i tiot pioduecd by the formutlon of puruTetvt 
mmer ulth'Lnihc eye: by » nioKild alteration in the iTnicti^rt: 
of either its caat« or humnrvj nor by the undue accufnulntion 
of adepi, or of any other lubttftncc , behind thU orfpin. 

Whm pumJent mattfT U nccumalnird tviihin the ryty the 

rf^iimmAtion and pain, which bnih precede and aocoa>pany 

r»l:flgtfmeni, >c«m fully auffieient to dittinguj^ the pKU- 



Mffnari* an N^npAttwlMia, 




liar nAtttrt of the disoidtri and the; at iht t'nc littc pojiM aul 
the nccc«Jti(y ot procvring m a4ci)U4tc ipcrturt ia thv tutu^t 
of the eye, through whkhthc i>tftKcr laaf bcdiscriargc^l- Injt 
Coic oflfala kind, irbich I w» dr^irrd to «c>r M^i^linll diiliQCC 
from Londt^ni t^ wbirh * yMing Udy^ nlx'3 yean of agf^ had 
MilTcrefi a^niring piin tj^vrml days, the tiglit of the t-vr hAv» 
iag b£«n toHt mArty y^rs^ and the oorncM being t>oth opalic And 
pninuacnt, XD aperture imrl takm plaoc apnniaiicnu«lr on thc^ 
ladfortbc L-yo next the icmpUt ^mm in thai pvt wh^rrc [hf 
cameo u jojnrd id the vclaroiitnt and through it n iMdl por- 
twn of t&aiif:r hnd ett^cdi but the L^naioa of ihc «}« eotitinu' 
cd, and the vraund vu only krgc enough to hdmlt the blunt 
«nd of « prob^ The propndy of ailire^dg rhe ajxnar^ naiu- 
nlly luggsted iuclf; infl lu the tye had nor beco i^icful for 
M lottg time Aft an organ of v'^aion, a kmiiLI bluni-poinicd Itit* 
fouty vaa lome^iAtrly tniTodiiccrt throng the wound, X^ iht 
depth of Kt knst a qiiarter of «n indi, and the incbion vrm 
enrried three <iuart«n of in inch In a dirccetoTi toward n the 
letiplc, div&ding at the Mine lime (be acleroikaehoroii3c» ^md 
retina, nod making a kir;^ opening inio the liody of the viire' 
oua humor. No pan vi ihi-^ h jmor, howerett nor any sion of 
Autdf ii«(ir;d ihnjugh ilie wound ui (he titnti of the opcntiosi ' 
The rydiiis were immediately clourd, without ftny presiure 
being made cm th« eye, aiid dircetion.t wcr« given to ^1y an 
anodyne the same ttay In wluth it had brcn fre- 
quently before used* An anodyn? dnjghi wu Intended to be 
gii^en, but tviihin h^ ^n hour the patient fVlI into a lound idcrp, 
vhUh bated Kcreral hnun- She awnku m^ich n^frr^hed »i>d 
perfcetty ra^y^ The vound dlvdurged more or leii of mAttcr 
lor a Ibrtnightt the pun did not rctur>; Mid the eye graduaUy 
dimluthed, ao that in a ahon time it did not appear to be more 
tkMD one half of ita oatunl at£e. 

Purulent ouitcr i» aometIme« alio formed behead the eye in 
the adtpoac aubttance thai tuf pvm thi» oigan 19 the orbLt, If 
the aupparatiqn be quick tn ita ^^rogrtai, and be ool aUuaied 
deep, the fluciuaiion of tiie naUcr may be eusil)' felt, a&d the 
peoprieiy of dji^kuging U be dcternuned at once . but iftu I 
have occa«ioaally found,[hcEuppumitoQbetlciw, and themtt* 
ter lie con^dcnibty beltiw ihe »ujfa(e, the e)e wUl be proiru- 


Ou £k Ckraatmg ^iht £^ 

■# perceived IP ilKcyc,ttK ughi I) impurTcl,«td,itiaihortt'itnc, 
Itu nholl)- knt. Ai UicomfnrBCtfnini it bcknaUifl^t rufin- 
bLmce trt tt otaruti but an uuiKivc prrvni viU at ockc diJbcO' 
ver ihe dJCcmiiec between the rvodtiordenf ibcofiutiy in the 
cM«»ci IjrtngfViM hihtnd the pu^l, whilii iniHr fonjcu* te* 
nstO^lvs il i* ^iMMcil ^rf P in thr p094f rW put nJ tbr cyr. la 
ihf e«Uirflrt,llK popil rc<«i»« ihc paver or ^lUting md c^ntnicl- 
log in ^iffrrcnt dcrgrcc* d ^'S^'» ^^'' ^'^ ^^^ fuAgiu bjecBtiKxUt 
the pupil Deverrartc« iuaixc. ftadBuftUAlIf dikc«d- Wbc«4fe 
dJiorder hM *o wiKh Ailv>nc«l miodcKroy ihc (iguve eif die 
eye. Mil) tn tatkc ii partmidt b«if«Qd the rin of ihv cffaii, k U 
more dijlicuit utdUtingMifth u fnav wbiA hoi u*ukl1f been call* 
od ft orcinopu of tlus ongvv 'Ilbcn ia «U1 gnaiei daAculry^ 
when, after cxtnudDg an c>^ that cotunmB a f uagti-i hwnmxkB^ 
B fre»h tiimor ariici fn>m ihc bottom of the i>Tt>it^ whM AIM 
ihU CAVjty^ nnd domiinueft incrcanin^ until it beconfee«| aa htfa 
fonoctimea happened, ai Urge a» (he whole hrjul. Ttu* 6t&oaky 
of di^n^mhip^beiworDihccAreiiinaihor <hc eye and the 1^- 
giit hwfnatodc* i» however, the lc» to be Tcgrctiedt «baec the 
propel treuDfAtof bothdisordcnsomuMafly alike; tli« only 
knAwn iviode o^ checking the progrcu, m buh, ApjK^iri*^ to be 
the complete exilrpnion ctf every put that U dincaiieiL BeCorc 
recoune be htd to the nperaiion, h laftccGttnry to A«c«tt«I», t* 
Cun)pOHi]ljlc,tliatcircry»ixh pftrtiiic4p<thle of being rcnove>d; 
hince, in both driurdcn, if iho tnuUcit pottion that hai bcco 
conCamJcjited miuun, whijdirt it join the 91^11 Uim ii euupa* 
led. or be ;it a di»t.incc froc&it.tlkc diteaicdpaii will infidTibly 
iacre^lCt and all the old lympionia be jcproduud' The fungiif 
b4vniatvUcB It not ahvavi tonfmeii ;u uuc eve, aur even to Loth, 
but MJHiciiiuc't ULCupiva a Ut^ purti^n <jI the orbit cxttfiov 
10 ibe tunu'b of the c^^e* It it abo act^ump^aied noit uufre- 
^uentlif vrith lA^t^tBHua aod lumors in illflirrtint parts of the 
hi:ad. lamctirne^ between the peTicranium aud ciaoiumi nod 
M <jihcr Lime» bcttFcen the pcticruiiiucn muX dan i&aur* 
ThrK ab«oc*aeit art not confined to (h« fore |iart of die head, 
having Auinciinie« been foitnd bolti on the ouuid« and iuudc of 
tho OH oKJpitia* Diatinit poniona of xnatur, and aovetincA 
hatdtuinora, have alAobrcnronnedinthcduramnrrr, and even 
tnibt iubQianenDfihi^rct'eViruin:uidfAnieEi»uf«ueHlert)iGafi' 


C^ the Carfimma ifth^ Bft~ 


hrtxa orth« ccrcbttun , nukiog ■ oonpmnon on the th^ 

ncv. it tiuoocaiiaiioUv Clonic iind«ria!Fn<>iK.c ever MitCL- 1 watt 
aliOy, sad *l ha« lK«a dcMnbcd b^ nxboy of iMt vvic vUr» un^ 
dfT tliE commoi) riHrnc of carctnonMor cjiicirr, li in:iy \if mimr 
comcti however, to Ubiijnguiih it by Oit i«rin fiiri[juib*mato- 
det, or medulluy ftATcomM, iNvn|^ it <Jrjf» tuA hppoM o m« to 
\>t alvaya raiy to nEciTtiiTt Ihc *iiflrrcntc bciwtcn the two d1»- 
otd«n. It hn been nitl th^t c;iLrctnijfDatoufl alT?<tioni &rf nl- 
wari fWMcdcd by a hard circamtcribrd tumor« anil thnt, nftrr 
■n olccntioa hii bc«a produced, if h be followed bjr ■ fungQiu 
excmcencc, ihk it of « cm^rftowf r figurr, aiad a hird Grm 
teaLiunj but «ueh cannoi br adtnJIlrd to be the univcrial pro- 
gre«» of thoi- bffi-ction«, nor ia hunltkc to thac wbich (h« t\m- 
|;Q»h»iiiiAbxlesK>flncria]c»uxui»ci^ U may b« ukl with grtiatrr 
covmnma thai the cwtioomitof ihccvc Uidiiotc to whidi 
pvnoni arc moct shibjfcit in the middle or Uticr p»rt of dicir 
lirc«, ^NhfTCttb tlie fuA^ii b;einMode« 9pp«an in v^ly lilc. uiid 
ino«t c^rmmonl^ in infitricy. 

The Cbllotttng \% the progrrf* of a dinonlev whi^h I have 
flil«o n-pratnUy >no in pervons advancf^ id lift, but do not 
reiutfnb^r ir anj' who were jx>ufig> By lome it may be exiled 
ftiDgu> Mmidtodes, and by odien fntcini>ma, but I shall ccm- 
:nt Kiyvttf with dncribbg it. The *isht » Ui«< before anv 
titDge takes f>bce id die a^fiettruice of the eye: after UtU thi: 
pupil becomes dilated wiihoui any viribU Opacity in die crys- 
nllior huiTior. Tl^i d«vcrtptioQ denignatm a i;uttii ^errndi bur 
die <l»order docv not Stop here. Aft** a lUik time ihi: cn's- 
tallnie humor beooRK» opsLe; a^d »oon HfLerwunJ* thooting 
Liiw arv rxperienLPdt wlikh dart niddenly tbroj^b ih^f eyt 
ifiSerettt dirvcti^trt, rarely ooDtimimg long at otir (iinr^< At 
tii prriod, if the Kteraika be carefuUy ciamincd, a Uu^h, or 
a dttA^ lodcD colored, vpot, of greaice or tmaller ev- 
ftenc, wiil be diAoovered id it, on one lide of the cornea, stnd 
Eomctinieft no both- The»c bluish or leaden colored ipoM gra' 
duaUy Hprriidi the tye enlargca rithcr |i4rdally or gederally, 
ntvtX \a a ihori tine it piiafaaa forir&rdA the eyetidft, and filU the 
lole of the orbti' In lome iiunancet the bhriah oalargcmentA 
'appear » if they were Bfleetk>D4 of ilie outer surface of iht 

144 ^ ^' Car^Mm^ tfiAe Eye, 

aclrroticai H>d onK ('n'(rr<t by the tunica coojuactiTtt* ln 
othfTi llicy nrr rvklcml) prn<h*cvd hn- a diKfOiion nf the 
whole ioh>i*ACc oi ihv odenHic^ tfthidi ii piuh«([ nut nnd 
thsnnrd, trhtrt ihc pm^ioQ >F>P^*'^ ^T <l>^ Kcamulatkn of 
a aftoHsid wbsCHK* vithis ih« cyc> A fcv of ibt bloodvnMb 
oCthr ^anJtfDCiivA arv uhb»% ontargnt, nnd lurr ^purpliifc 
tvd apprnvicc, Tcry diCcTttit from iha( vhkii ia produtcd hf 
4 cnmman iDA*mTnaeioTi. Om I'Xainining ibr imtemil suic ol 
ibf^ tacvnr^ afi*:' liuir citirpuiioti, ihe wbotc of tbcc^r kM 
htcn fiiuod lull of ihv tradfln (jciUittfd fiuhAUnce 1 havcdctcriii* 
cdidiviiUd, tn AH ittc^Iut m«oii«r, by nMmbronoiu UmiSA: 
tnw Mpvatr collar ihv comvMS <ir which harr varied mocb, 
t^ftn hn ihc 4amc ey«i tn ihrir dogrvF* of eooMMcnct* Tlicf 
art uiuaTlT Am md Kilid, but vjrn^i^incfl contain pa% In tfpa- 
mEc cyjtX*, onil ^dmctimci abo oatcoua |i«rticki diit dilTer 
much i* thoir shape tad ibe. Th«ae niTnoM are In IC^ml 
prodHrcdby an imgutar mbr^«racnt of ihr whole rrr^ in- 
vnlvififT liiitH Uii tQ»i said humori^ hut ftom^tiv^r* ih? huAiort 
9irr vtry ItttU aiiefcd, the dihrutc tc<iintn(( to ori^iDibe in mt 
nffocHi^n of ihc tiuiica w:lero4i<-A, urhk h itpn-mU notwaidi rnlber 
ibin inwArd^. Somctiirvra thr lUMor 14 irontinrd tn dnc lidft of 
th« cyr. Its crthfr sirl« fw'xng nnatifvcUi^* Ar oditr itmta tl oc* 
iMipirft both Mtii and, oKUJonully. there have btes ihrcr 
lUTnorstiiTiPKtdto ihr cyr, on« on cath nde ind one above, all 
utar^ at the ryv;tbU organ being vnnltepcduiaiT^^ tbougk 
deprived oftii^hl. 

Tlii: prof^rcu nbicb (he diitordtr miVrv ja vtcy v»ioui. 
Snnirijmrn a praoiimnce of a icndcn culnr ha* coouni.itd m 
chr KiihiMftncc of ihr tdrroik^* on onr hide of ihf comcsk 
luany )-r^nt, wkhoat fcivirif; pa^n ur nccasloniog nny Mf t of 
trnulilci anil, on the conrrnry, it hai at other timei lAcrMued 
rapidly, aiul th<^ mUirijcft organ in a fevr monthi hu C«tik- 
pUtcily fillodtbc orbii<* Icdoctnot appear that racdlcinci or 


' SitiC* Umtiu l****** *vrre put WucUier I hii»« *itJrpii»I m* tnlarifTJ oye 
fwm ■ ^ntivinuiii iliiily ^t»« of i;fi', wliu IiaJ !c*t Hit ■ifi^i "f H niwjj 

»|i*h U iKifM li> cnlnryvt and n» incrrHc In it" liffi hid »f)trirudk bttn 

lb* UoaiUnwU hid i furp'ltl* ti m^twitiwt ibrre xvn tJi'^e i^^i*"" 

ap^iatkitis haxr tht povnr of dieciiA^ or cdotrollibg Ihis 
■laUgnitK difonlrr; ildiI uheacvrr lU nnturc can be ctcvly 
ucemined* thv only ^ucatiuit is, urlitili^;; ii Lr paviblc co ex- 
tirpai« cocnpltuty «v«ry pun ilint purukct ui ihv poi»i>n. AU 
though h be a At^uichDly tfudi ihat liii; opcratioQ hu too 
ofTvn IJuUil. ihkt litres nui lead to tbc cuiidu»iun that iia pcr- 
Cbrmoncc U alwayi imptopvi* since it ceiuinly bu not itiiiff«- 
qucolly KucccetUdi and 1 hiTc Uic HadsJactixm to «kv, through 
lliaic >oinciuiLe« i'ailcj, 1 haic kvci^^ time* p«rfi>tciiud U 

\S'iih ic^U ti> the mode of pcrforaiiog the opcraiiou, I 
Mould adviiVG it to bcdootf m the ioUowIafj nunocr 

The pNlimt «bould be KMcd at • cl«u- tight, oa a, chair of m 
suitable tL«»:;1it to bxicg Jbis pjre ox> 4 level with the brvo&t of 
ll]eQp<!Tithiriandlbeop4ntor4bvuld«iil4B:r Bitc>r«t«Dd before 
hinn. at ia »(wt eniy to IusimU'- '11i« patiedC'* brad *hnald 
mt [if[iunil the bretut of an avwtaau who«c left hand »hnuld 
aippi>Ti the uppci c>'[Ud by nwau* of a deuUc Uvni'poiDtcd 
hoolc, the points of vbidi ve»c\cci ci|{htlM udmuidt difiCani 
frcm cjlcS other, and h« rif;ht hund ihuuld be at Ubctxy to do 
any thiD); duit may be dc4ir<d by the uptrator. l^hc hjndii oi 
th« patJtnt should be httid hy two aauutDtii ihat tU, nns on 
eadiaidciandanuftutnot iibould be ready lu give the <]pi-m' 
cor in«irmiKCiu, (ftmip*, &c. A crooked iiciedlc; aniud x^iih 
a Mrxtn^thrcAdtaodiNGU wkxcd, thoukl then be (la&ti.'d tlm^ugh 
the whole of the ^omcAj dfter which, the ncedU bciog cm nlTi 
a knu4 Bhffuid be tied ui ihc difcid, at die dihUucc of about aa 
lacll Ircaa the eye, tobiudcr tt fioat «lj;);>m^. T1j» LhrPMl h 
more uieful in cmcs wh«rc lU« eye t« »o niuch culajycd aa 

pfnnranf ilkv^^a i^inat tbv ryvliil ktpl v^ i c ijinUut unntinnt ]n h 
CniHOLulion Vtih Mlv CTiiUt if**! jiidipid lulmibic, u t1»r iiKro^CDftlie 
1urhr^vHfkptf^tiirHiO(mnnidtiiertii>7v<t<in cNt inlhoui clek«|. uul iW 
IHtfnt Ri^njf lilt con*tDl. 1 ptrl^rrud tlit optrKlion. in llir prtvucc i^ 
Mrr Cl^nt, ■ Cnr iU)4 ifte' Oi« C^uulUli'^»' Xollune iitiLJ»b4l ntc^jrird at 
the tli>it: lilil VP oiLniininff tlic tuniuT i/lcfVbr^J, Iht Ijumnrvaf ih* «fp 
m« Ihitfvl Id b<: t» alfi£ rw»f altfide^ lljih 1? iTicir ciibfi[TJ<H:ri|, ihr bhia 

■ecidrat h^fiBd lArr lb* evcntaeo, nd, inlntlhinain'-niJi.iht A^qinil 

i*ubvUcd,AiAih»p«ikMnntMd,par'kOf 9tU»^K^ Tiuihr i.'» tvcai 
Vot- IL T 

i^ On Mf CarchtPmd of the £yt* 

m ibe loniuf om, b«i&|f iiiMifliciiFnt u* loctint the t\anttv froni 

our side to th* oUicr, ao a* to mAt (br rmurk thm h rr^uhed 

f« Ui«firopvr mci^rihchrlfc. If the toovor b« cctii>d''mfalpt 

tbc upper JBsl kvvYr e^vlid* rBouLiI next be icpamvd, by iTi- 

vicliaf: with the kni£c the intrguMiciiu vbkb utaU ihtm fin llw 

«U)flQ*Xt ihfltanfrk. Tht« wiB gWe much juJdkionrf rOOM 

fSer the iMrodvcliMi of ihe knife to diucct the di>«ml organ 

Trcmi it* atttchvnmtB- Thr <opjuttcfIn*hM»ld dicatwdtvided 

rtMBud lU whole glolic of the cj*; xkJ jd Nnr >n l» the kniCe be 

CttTTtcd df>wi^ard»> gu thiit lidc where it pMMf wtlh the 

g;reatc»l catc. li is not pc»ail>U lo give preciK dtrectt^liUt 

nt CD the mnl« ia whjch the dAiocti^n thoutd be coaduceed; 

b«t grvRC can ihouM be tAkrti t^ aruid wounding ibeiiimor 

Willi the poiiM of the iaatrum«ni hM rrjichfd the bottom of 

tbe ctknU If it be po^tblc, ibr operator iho^ld introduce hit 

finger with ihc kmfe «o at to fed die opik norvc, vhlth, 

tOfctheT with the onutdn of the eye, »hciiild ht dmdtd ai 

<k*c lo thefotjmen oplicum u the liuCTuntent can be CBrnvd» 

In general the common tirai gliii tc»1pe] may be to directed as 

to perform this part of ihr ^pcmlion with accuracy » bolll thn 

tttmor completely fill the oihiix it »ay be uwful. ni thn p«rt 

of the operation^ to 4ub1li^J1^ lor tEir «irai^ht icnJpel OM Chat 

jaalrttlecvrred- Atsoon m th? opt;i: nenefnidtai>KcU«of Ae 

«n hare been divided, tbe turner becomes looae, tmd nuy be 

fudr drawn oul of the ottii, tiih^r by the fin^cri, or by the 

IjgoCuirr that wAi parted through ihe cornea at the bcgLnoang 

of the opcrauon* The tumor, when removed, «1iOuld be care- 

t\i|lv examined^ in ordci to aiccrtain if it be enbre, or if It be 

wounded tu aiiy part. In Ulc Utter umig, die orbit nhouhl be 

lAfcfulIy ciamiaEd, both wiUi the eye and the Rngcr; md if 

any povtion L>f the tuiiiur ^m acen *^t icit, h ahoidd be diaiectad 

4W1). Tiic aiairof the iietvciliould alio be examiaed' Iftlii* 

appear wbtt*, and of iu natural ^zci a hope muj be eote^ 

-tained that the opcratiun wJU pn>Te •uccmful; but if jt«pp«at 

of a Uuilen color, or be ulcered in tliape oi tlze, there ia coo 

qii^di reuioki to (eui' dial the diacate hoa pai*S'ed bcycod ihc 

pqrt wh'idi hju IjceD removed, and that, *ooncr or Lxu r, a futi- 

g^it wiU ariie Jn thv? ot^it, aud all the otd »ympti>ma be Ttpro- 



Oh Iht GorcMMid ejiht £yr. 


dixcd. The bcMQrrhagv comviTDcnt an ilu: opemtion u »rld'>ni 
oimaiiJcriblc. The aricrUft dial VM^pXj ihc tyt viih bloud orv 
noilorfic; And if a Uidc time be ftllovcd, ihoicihatBrc irttjn<lrd 
wiU cootnct of ibcaoiMlvci. It i? dcJiinblc lo tvaid (Ik A|ipilU 
CAtioatirimi or of any other wibmmcc irithin ihf 1^4, iiccr it 
wnkGii«<'m hih gh-^n connldcrafolc pakij and, ia one ittiuiicr» 
i« whiles ihr flpcrafion vftn pcrfnrmccl by *n eminent Mir$«Oli. 
it VMSup|v>^(fl toocfOAiuQ vwlviil c(>rtvuliicin$ hy tu ^i»}tjre 
ifiaaM Lhc i£i**df(S rad of thr DcrvCi tt it tuEHcicnr lo Applj* 
^vcT the «yrli<l» ft coaiprc«) of did linco, folded UK or ci^l 
tnnes, and moi«tmnl wiih ihr liquor pliiorthj afctaiii diluiiof; 
and to direct the compmi to be rcmoiii^ncd* tfiihout rumcv* 
tog It, M ofrcft h« it hecome« dry. If by Mceidenc the eyelid be 
Winunded iluf ]n;Lf the opcnilon, care ihould tic ukco \a Ux'ivtf, 
the divided mA* rn|{ethcr, and lO t^nrilioe ihcm in v)st;\t aatui^l 
pft*ition either by mcanA ol «>rkinj; planur, or ©f > riiiutt 
VJth a ^m^n Beedic tmA chrei't. Care ahi^uld aUo he cnketi, 
fore th« c^iDpmft be applied, io adjuat the edipt of ihr 
prr nnd lower eyelids, aoaato hinder one from loppiof; over 
ft* ir, %hct the operaiioTi, tlu pitin eoniionc viokni, nn 
AtfMJfDu fthodld be ^vun; uid, if ncceiinr)-, it should he ru- 
pfaied after ihrre or Jour houni but iu repetition, 1 believe, 
wiFI leldom hr. r«qurred- Sonwdonei, aftrr a wMkor ten dayt, 
the upper r>-elid ii observed BO luck in under ihcr lowctj m 
conKfjuenee of which (he upper luhei, by rubbing figninst tbr 
Ifrttde of ihe lower l*d, hn^e been known to kcct> t^ 4 painful 
Irrtcatton* Thi* may be oh^ lated by iixinf[ the etKl of a slip af 
adhr'^ivc pLiii%(«r on the upper Ikl, ivnit remtinulng ii length- 
lAv)^ on thr fnrchMd, nuflicieiiily tight to make a fold in thf 
■km and bindrr ih« ^dgc of the bd from turning invanin. 
Cooling nac-dictoct, «nd a iparc diet, are arccviarv for & fciv 
day»i bat afterward* « ligiht prtparaiioa of cinchona, togcthcv 
v^ih n notridoqu diet, vill be required. Ai die wound hvali, 
a» adheaioB i»u«Iljr tAkc« pLac* b<tw«a the iatide of die eye- 
lid avd tbc boiiom of tb« oMw sad when thit happen^ k U 
floc ponible to give die pBlicot tbe bene6l of an iniF^iil cyv, 
•Abdone after the opetstioa fw the Buphvlouiaor itie by- 
drophthdmia: and ht mwt \tc contented cither to wear a 
<0«prcM, bound by a riband ovcrtkt i?H)it,oropair ofxprc- 



iacl«, haTJng pbfai glu* lA ih« rrnt; before the food eye, iwl 
gbM that u rith«r pUJa. or to a ttii^t dcgm opokv, id that 
bdbra Ac nffectf d f^*. 

If, uofDrtuatf df. af:?r ■ circful cxiirpaiEion of a cartiao- 
OMtom ry«, a tUTnor n^in ar'nt m ihc orbii^ it it vaia to n- 
p»ctbencli( from a ccoond opcmiiDn. attd a^llcMioiu of ■ 
painfLiI hifid ahnuld be avoMed aa mudi d> pMdiblf^ An thaci 
no< appenr tn b<t ctpahic of dninf* m^irt than to pdlJaie tbp 
vinlrni t> mpionwi bv anod-rnc vrnvCtic^i by Mticuoufnu local 
<ir gtnartliiod b^ toaic tfird:tinc«, whe& th« frtata od^ ihe gnie- 
ml hctXih TTfHlcrn these rxprdicnc* 

M^ 3K 1^0' 



HAVING nrMirdptd the cttfctn of the Interna] aflminimrv- 
tiAQ of ^tmmottiufn upon the human K>itcni ia health and In 
<litc>jr* 1 hhsill concludr wiiK Aomo olnrrviiinnntipoDthcpnic- 
lk« of smoking tbr hcr^, oM«tr rccommrndt^d for th« cure <ti 
aaihma. cind other pulmonic aflirc^ons. 

Since ih? finipnrtofihkpiip?TWMWTiitfn, Dr. Sitni, i^n«e 
altrntion to botanical TMrarch, amid^i the mgagemcnu of rV' 

tfQ!ik(^ pracLicc^bhtFi^hlv cTedtQhl«,liM,in a letter id the edi- 
tor of tht MniMhly Magnrmc^ ^vpn the follAiviAf aocotmt ol 
ihc lntroditcttnn of nmokiiij^ iiruinoniuin \n thifl oetiniry. 

"Sometime in the year I80S i received fmmgiencml G«Pt 
a rvmcHf that he hn^t nnt hrt^ l>erore hrnn^ht fram Madvaa, 
wbkb, the j^Tif:ral lutVrrmrEl mr , w!ih u^rrl rhere u a speciEe 
(ot rrllcTing Lhr pikrotvHm^ a( Aithna, and ihni l< wna prtpw> 
erf from (he roota ofilii! wild purplr-flowciTfl thnrn-npiJle, ^A^ 
turafirox, l^hf roo(^ had been cut mio slips nt toufi a> |{athercd> 
'dfied m lilt shade, and then beni inm fjbivs rescpabltng coanc 
hemp* The modr of using iMvasbf- smoking it in Mpijtcatdie 
Fimp of the pnTot^sm, either by itself or mixed writt tobacct»> 
arcordlogai the patient* were previously addicted to tfaolimg 
nr not' tiffi»al Gcci pfrtcrtrcd ihh remcdv from Ur- Andcr* 

On Stremmiitwt- 

u/a, phyBicua genctal At Midru^ who both n 
mid. 1 fadicv«s ««d It hiniKlf, 

" I happCTi«d 9t thii litne," continacs Dr. ! 
tcndi&g Uy; U^ughtcr of An miti^Di phyikixt, 
phthim pulmijiiAli«, comUii^ with Mtiima, m appcatciTBirnM 
from 1I10 trequtnl piiroxytmk of diflbculcy cf ^f atKio<» not 
UMol ia pure phifamt.* m Wau in to virty 9 «Ugc ol the ittsor- 
<kr. WMiKvlcw of ftMcvifttJn^ltiewdiitroaiDgpiroiyiiait 
1 rrcofD mended a uialoftbtsnaifrdf, which tome wu nihac 
limf pcrfccdy DFW> Thi* rdtafoblBBrd wu Ikr bcyottd expn- 
Qiioni and. iltliough givlu^jriiBkia^UMUrMniiicDnbledii- 
ciBc, (KiK amJibJc lady cooti&urd 10 cxpmcncc great tati^ac- 
mon &OII3 tu utc, uIiao«t to the heal lerauDiCvon.^ 

Soon after wdi Dr. Sinu rcconimtddcdthii remedy to Mr. 
Toulmia of Hjukncy, who had for several ye^rt tufTcrod frc- 
qiQiPtpWroXituiituJatlhnia- lie received mach bcncfcfrucQ it* 
uBVi Mnd haviug loob vxhauMcd ih^orif^innl itock given bio) b^ 
Dr. Sim*, at tht doctor'* m^^ntiiyn^ tir had r^coarM to the 
cumiiion Lhom-afplo, (WiitUrjaflrafncnJum.J From cUs In «&- 
ptricnecd nearly the aamc rcUrf a» from the Eittt Indian plant. 
Mr T^ulmin commu&ieaird the Inowl^dge of the rvnkcdy to 
thr corrmpt^nde i;t in the MonihJy Mi^atunt with the vignaiurc 

l>r- SiEui <ionclijd<« hii letter by otHerring that ha Itoatvo 
puTpg»c« to BDBWf] by ik, ^* In dip fir»t plaoc ii will aerrc to 
point out the hhtory of ^e introducdoa of < rrmt^ vhkh 
proiiiiict to become tku importaDt addition to liter Materti Afe- 
diui." Hud ic Vf'dl prove *" that the origmv^ remedy, tti nifd in 
the EaaK ladiea, b aot exactly the aane aa wliM iv lued here. 
It t»f iTideedi iiiT^l>!y probsfaJc that \toiU ijiecici have nearly ta<n\' 
Ut viriuev, but tEu- otic ooay, perlupi, be mure cffiuicioiii than 
the other." 

Thia account of dbc remedy ii ccnaimly lavnurablot and from 
Dr. Sim»*a amthortty numy practitionen w»ltf probably, be in- 
duced 10 give it a trial. We muAi not fnrgei, however, that the 
doctor hai tmty cited two ca«r9 in which benrlii hu been de- 
rived fiotn Ui ufte, evidence ia still warning to e&:ib1c u« i» de* 

■ HiU arlutf ha* 6uc jreired hialuir Id be Jibv btlb, «»|. CuUfcinl 

didt vpoft tbe mm** of the piaat, to il(«en&iiw is what 

itB 11H- in jy 1w proliiable, imI in trhai cur* U nuy (* lumful* 

The feJlowi«iglftiiic«t«UehiM0T7 of the late of asmUcfMs,* 
vbo iru ■nttrufncoul ia iMroctariog ch< pnctk« of MAokiog 
AiMdoiuiun, u prab«bly DM koown bf m«»)' wbo uv fad«>- 
trioiMly «scotir>siaB the u»c of iki» co«po«iiig MDOkc. 

Dr. Gibbnof DtttkbtiDQ called in to Mlcodllin gcntlcfnit 
lovnd hiM i>ininguf» «Mlihrt he«d rcdinedooa ufa ip ittate 
ofMupor- HniTcoilcciMtt wai iiiip9Lrrcdi*Bdh«accEnMl>tuB* 
onJ aiid t^nuDote. Hi) p«li« vm acarcctv tobcfth^iodibtrc 
ttM oi»gr«ai fonc in ihc cmiid vtIetv* Upon inj^iiirrn^ ino 
lua CMC. Ur* ii* IdudU dut oo the pncet^ng evening the gcp- 
tknm had been verr Mucb nffecied with shonncu of bffi:«Ui« 
Vid ilm he had vmokcd •Orttmoaiook. th« eflcct of whkli Wm, 
tbai faia brcaih becaoM perlcccly tw, but «i i>i« tan« lioM he 
had thovrn If vptomt orMbpoi'. He wcntlo bed, pa*acd a ^Utct 
nighl, :uid afOic the scxt miming in llic hcary cooriauae ttate 
iDivbicJi Di. Cibbvk found him on lii^vrirtlai t>M he«u< A 
large Uistm «ra« jipjibcd to tlw bacfc, pur|^vc medkiaca v«fe 
adfnini»tcrt<d 1 ud ilw urinv h<ra^ dHii;inn ui t^uauiity, ft 
dimaQhi wi(h«|uiU» and camphor miuur? htm ordered. 

Oalheae«onddayLbeblii(crhadBUed.thc bowvbhadb««a 
open, and the urine in proper qtianttty am) ofa clear (uod t^olor. 
Tlic mental facuh^ci vcre mnhc what recovered' The ireauiKnt 
WM cunUBucd, and he was diraoied Co take noufuhment, hav- 
ing prcviouitly rrduecid b^miclf very mudi with the view «f 
^Ucviaiing ibe diMreu in hiB brr adung. On ihe third dajr hia 
recollediuii wu oiudi bciicr, Etii puta^ pcrccpiibk and lomv 
rctumofohoTlftcvofbTtrudihndoecurred. Frftm ihk mnptom 
Uv. Cibbti drew a bvoomble Dfinnian, ha he oharrved that aa 
chit came on, (he mental fiicahiee wemrd tn imprfYiriUDr could 
he perceive uny fuliteii af veiurh tio dcnate apoplexy i oor ray 
Gvidcnct ijf rltWic}n tantrf thr urine hud mumM 10 m bttural 
<|Uuii|TEy ;tiiil color. On the fourth day hv va* 40 much reco- 

4Sji StrauMtita^, 


I'eml thdt h4 wij pfi firing to co w CUTtoai bin iwMcBly nc- 
piml klicr<lmiur,iiihrr wMliCilwping,or immvUtAiclT upon 
uwakin^Ur. pMrry.whuira^llMntntttur,** being nt«ra-(hoii 
ihc Mccodif]^ pbi-ikiMi. fiiidio^ him <JcuI wfatii bf Mrivrd. 

llir pMk«c WM of a full ha^U, ind il^uc twelve OMnchji pre- 
VI011I w dih MCtckt hod been afftfdvd with a CflUj^ and irliH3E- 
itif^y (rtvm whicbhc ncovetvil imder tht cart of Dr, <;ibbt« wtih 
onUnary (xpcctor^na. Ac ihf; tunim?tit:cincnt of hit Uuit iltodw 
ht snMik«d largr^V ^'^ auwnonium, ihrc« cir four ihrn-A, wiiiiout 
coosulting kfiy onL^: wbcn the «cTioui tymptomt above Trbii:'! 
■upf^rvenod, anil Ur. Gibbe* wra* calkii m, 

MyowDcxpvrUnccofdiccffccuorihiamncdy ha*notl»cfi 
cDcwn^^i I hiivr- ^tvrn vi iii lAitifitt, m <hrno(C couf^ atBeo- 
^td wiihicrcrc d)'spnc«i, and copioun c-Kprcioraiioc; and in 
pbUuM pulinniuil]«* Some ol tfar pnLimii, ivliovT complainu 
were far advanced, ditd, ai dxy mufi hare done hnd tlu v not 
taken the medif be, vrhkh howo^o, 1 did not chink luaU'nrd 
the rauirrophv. In twvcr (hrrc iuBUrjcvaofd) tpnoa, &1ij:phl and 
irmporary bmcftf wm obiiined, but ■■ do ovf iontoftcc W!4^ ihc 
<iicQTdct nu^crvilly alland in chankcicr. tmd the paiicnt» inon 
nbaiidotivU a icjucdf from ^tuch ihcy derived do relief. Dr* 
Kitoui (hu the propenieaof 4mun«ftittA BhouMl>« prog^crly 
e«cimaEcdt amd to (*rvmt any uwptcton tlmt myjud^c^ni 
mi^ht be ioSueiiCcd by m^ own want oJ aaf<oi^« f ^ppH^^d Ft^r 
ipfonnaiMXi to •mneoffnriwrdkal&iencIifiitLoni I Lnfivivcn 
oapcdallr conrcmiAl in die dIionlt:Tt in vhich ihit frmeUy has 
hern uifl M pn>t^ bcne&ciaL Dr. Brec, ntch n^mtlibemliU' 
^dpvnoiptimde, haa allowed WkTloptililiiklht? foUowipg Irtier 
ecMUaiaiing the rauit of l^t ohMrvattfin <m «ha cKcta a( aniok* 
ing unuBoniUMA tft aahmniica) eoanplainti. 

DKAJI ■», 

jUfy 10,iait 

I vtry vilUiif^y eompl^r with yomr requett ikai 1 vhoald rv- 
port ike revjit of my ofaKrvatkina ob the oftcacy t>v influcwce 
of anwttonuiat In cttei oT isibna that bave fatUa under iny 

la certain ca>n 1 tried the exiract ofMnaDoaium many ycora 
ago, but I WM tmt eneovtvged by itty rxp.-rieocv U ibut Hme 
to purwje tbe firwtke «4 ^iag it in gcnvrnl eana of QUhm:ft 


^ Ch-ntnfifiTMfa 

Ve ibe Iftst ycaj- ibe p«hlie it«r« infomKd, by wriUn IK Jour- 
■od Dcw4p«pcr«, that th« «etol(bt)g ol thb ktib produced 
F, mid svBQ effected curT« in ^^Mvuliike rkIwoji. The udio* 
ricie* lor iwb «ucec*4 nr( oi" a mixfd cli«rMUV, loiiie ol tbtoi 
bnng Mt^ifMUrrr, M fjur •» ihey rcportctl brncEt m ibc fiia of 
■MhiMi but oihjr«,»orc Aumcrovi, Kcrc vfr>- »u*puipoa«,«B 
ikey were ftot aaMctioDcd by name*, and mc*! of ihcai aMtrual 
cur«v ftflo- ihe iu« of tbc tvcncdy for a ^ery ^ott linM m thb 
JiariiT. of whl^h ih« ac<:<» of the pftroiytcn ii boiib ^Hodical 
anil Mucnun* 

Th< rvideiic« of idvaneagc frnni motjiig rtiitDQniiim li^ 
a doubtful ftipcct to * contidrraic pfayrtmiBi md diw ckt- 
mter wat bi>t rvndcrrd more cicu by Uie 4f pcanoic of a 
** FamirLU Tr«Ati«c" on (he lU^iject, pntcndcd lo be publkbc^t 
by Mr fiur^nn Finhr-r. Much of the matter iti th«t UM(i*eI 
kiww lo bv vhnlly dlu-, wfiibc ihr chief obj«ciof U «•• vUmtj 
dUfby«ti by iKc recommcodaiioQ of ttnotcMkiuci m a «<vr^ 
COttpotilioo, «^ the mwuier of oihor empirical noslruvS' 

ftlr> Todmin of H*ckocy gave th« only tctttokusy ilva Uo- 
vntcd AitcDtioa reipcctiog the uic of ktrjnrLOiiiuEii m iithnilj 
butlhii ^oUrmaa. wiihihr powgrof coafutjog tlw pTrtcoaJoat 
of othcr^^d'id not offer hjin«cli to ilie public notice; Mid the atnc 
rcACtvc, uhich difctinguibhct the pcoieiMuncJ maa of KJcnee, 
Bttciu to have re^Uimcd bim from pubtishmf hucy condU' 
Mon* itita pAnicuiu ficti, thai arc loo ufuo gcucnJi^cd tnd 
Biftde •ubaovknt to unworthy purpowi. 1 wm acquuBKd, in 
n privme majincr, wilI; Mr. I'uutm'in'i uie of Btrwnonium by 
inhnUng iuand th« KuccvBB wtudi some vuifcTcn hode&peri- 
''nefd m fici of nsibma from loUoniuj^hi-ipniclicct induced mi! 
to iiieminn hoLapaiiMblc means otobtui]mgrelLci,whea Other 
nntiipm madia hod been tried without tflecl- 

Prom ihc bcp^tnnmf^ of the prv«cnty«ArI have been morrnc- 
lenttrv (f? xhn iHTecii oi thU pnnciice. 

Tht Qumbirr of cAictt which I hav^ had HcCiuioD bo eumiac 
beiwem thiti period, nnd the end of April, wM B3- 'Ibr pftdenta 
ifcre aU disturbed m their br^MViiA^^ but only Ek proportion ol 
them ntift truly aflrctcd with coavufeii^ aaihmai To the wlioLc 
mimber Ut« rvttcdy had be«a Hcher UBcleas ftf regarded the r»- 
«H>va! of the diifasc, ot i% had produced injurioiu or fatal cf- 



6n SIfmitanium. 


Ivcts. Jf Vfy sij^bl ndvMMa^ ffom the qk of stnDUMiiuii h«d 
hren nEpenaiccd. 1 &hoiald piobdiilT nni hnvc brcit CAnmlicdt 
Bod my repan H tUtrvUins qm inuoided id dmy the tmeoMi tlua 
nay be &9sen«d to faarc akcn plate m cuc> I burr cot teen, 
Vou willooMklvrit wafiiiUifuJnpoti rapcctuiR Bft cam ol 
p«KQU who liad vnokccl ifai* herb under voriaia difcnr*, 

Thoic who hod smoked acraiaiiMluin vrkhniM my ptrmtocQi 
good ciErctMnoLiucd 10 58. llKrcDuiAiftx^hvdAll of them 
bvcn more or ku injured, >nd*o<nG of tbcm lieurvycd by the 
plBetlor- 1 >haU anh' roctitioQ CMn whkb wrrr Ivoii^hi lo a 
corcttin tutie, admiiti:^; oi Mfr hifa>««c«o lU mihitr l^irihtr 
pronmvM^f rnd ci ApriL Tbey hid been nil of thna ob' 
Hi ltd wida ftufficienc niuntioo to rnible me u> mcenoiAi botr 
scromomum vm oapabLe of miiij^nng or rvmavicig Mthm. 

kTfae first IrsitoJaA mcUidfd 1 1 cuttot'obitmctetl lircrj die«c 
bfld loAi tkwir time in rrWi«;>ttpuC] alnmonium^ bjt I 
At<iA»idMK thifl ifioonivnicn« nmoit^: iLc injarki dcrircd 
fttkfln the pruciice of mioking ihii herb, beOiUM: tlic Doiuiicu- 
IJOti* cf the p«lraiM» were ytl w vignroui, nt to bv c^Mbble of 
bcuiog ibc necoury ct'ocuuiont. Atl u> ihciu hod coawttut 
dy*paM>T sod moMof ihcM hndcxpcriencDdparoiifsVMorcoii* 
vttlUvc bnaching mi faatervila* 'I'hrecwercinjbidvMnecd aiuic 
of ibe db ea a e , hiving hard bellicH, uiid iwolitd Icfp. Seven grii* 
duaUy recovered by ihc irvHcmgni llim wt< *^tkd for the it' 
mov>1 of coogeMien tn the livcTf their dyapom Unving thrni, 
iM ihe dMCOM of ihift or^n ^mv way> Th«>it 1 1 cmm« »how the 
dVen of Miner which peopln, igoanux cf the dmiacuon o( di>* 
CMii. five vUh contiU^nce id ibtiririaiclB uithauL mi^ author 
vk^ eftttpdag thm of ttic a<Ircfiuemcnu of their d^wspapcra* 

Tbc renjtinder of <he 58 pniimu hud the iHual ^^na of the 
ft*the>Mlc r^inieirLitinn. They wfre jpncmUy aunficd with a 
pbAfkm minuulou» iei the proni«c at immediate cure, but 
mtm lilely to rtMorc tone to their hditl*, ftod with die aMnr- 
ancf that rrlicvoig the coarokivc pwosyiia of aaUunft is not 
rentovioi; the diMasr. I bid ttm maay of thim bolore, a«d 
•one of ibfM did no; rHrain Iron comf^ning of the ■>■«» I 
had ipven in the wimer to tbear triaU of tiramooimn ia the dilE* 
cuhv ihcy evpnieneedofappcuing the ftr. 

Vol. II. U 



•BUkkJiig tif •ttuaoalttBi were all lUaordcrtil ■ tbsir 
^■rtlhni dyapovu^ ■! iUvrvvU, aMiMUcd ih« tonn of 

Of MMlimdMr I ifaill firat ■ ■■ii ottwytn patinKK wboat 
■ y iiHi MMii HJpnodTilMhkia, iBdirtiDMi uBg i wvre vcafc. aad 
likdt^cB lo«f wbjeci to inJiii— inry aaucka on chMg oi. of 

m of age. Tbvv batrin were diin« iitiuUc, and ir«ak, and 
palmol all of ih«n in ttwvrbcM tunc of a cbu^vrtiw qttie^ 
"wt*. lo thtfcr fawner aoacka of difflouU wapiiWDft, matt hload- 
wg», wiUi hUrtiDrm ud Miriluf^i|riU);htt,ifaatRaiclr promoted 
eifaCDotaUofti had ihra|« lAwdcd relief- Tbcy caaitf under oij 
can in Mwrch ami April, ndall wiihottt«»*pdo«,aa^bMad 
the a^iovatioQ ui ilwtr compbinU ttv t)io amttLittg of auiug- 
HJi*ni«orQd (beuM inniBiiii of nn onymcL ol ntnaoooiom. 
Soaie of thf«« patiania wtrv nliavad by the kmok mean** aa bad 
been boTont np«aB<dl]r affilkd to ilMir cai«s, but three of thcoi 
ifw blood, aflvr violeni bcoc aatl itriotiirc under ilw •wnim 
iMd ecmtiniird Tor nanf dayh They no* iipLBMiiu pofti, and 
ar* f|Tciii)y mated wiibhwiic fever Midiiin^ai na i»,mJ givg 
BO prospect ilT a lovtunMo rcsuk frant aiifr nwdc of ireatownt- 

Tlim pcraoaa, nbo had pasMd th* mmdiao af liic, *nd liad 
Mtllcred auhniUG affection*, and coogh^i '*>*' n^XBy T^"^ w>ih 
gtvat dcbUiiy mtd emaciaiion o( Uu syMcm, ricpcbrnccd 
ptaktic iTco^lingt front avokln^ ainmoninai. Ilirir ori* 
giaal ci>nifhinti vers aiw gvnerally a^gmviCKl, cmptn^ 
dicir coush, iirhkh subsided u thr'ir ireakncw bcrrufd. 'Ilie 
piabftin ncfa of iIm^k fntknia w» an kovrrtd, dial it bcfwae 
dittoiti to Uvl the bcadng of die artery. After abondnninit thev 
fTKiicQ of «vnkjng,*hich tvbof cbem kid puruied e-h«rf' rvoi- 
inKb>rtwowwk»,«DdoiMiuiErft dar,i4)rrrn(U^^,iher>no^ 
■im^eakis dnui^ia widi^^de cx|wccorftnu. ilur cough 
dwb ntnned lo each potnat, und tbry ah nwovcred tMr 
lamer dsRnc ol beaklu 

A bdy ndvasecd tq tifb, of wvok conjukoiion, imd pnnktt* 
latly foc^E aervn, hud been long ndlrjfci locougha Mid Mtfa^n- 
She h«d amokBd the nfwnonhun a Grv times onlv, a»d it af- 
IvMod htrhead vjih pain and eoofinion, and litrrsloiaatfhindi 
stckoew- She iTOii ocxi seized wkhin epileptic fil, the fir«t»he 



Oa ArvnumiMHi. 


taadcvtf cspvrinxA}. Tlu*«na£kw»lbflai*cdby tivcemin'c 
(t* otf tbt <Mi* llmi. u incmflti oi mhm hourty and «h* b«- 
csm* Morlf fciiiiiiitili The cou^ l«fi livr, ibc pul*e iMcant 
•cajctty pttorpiiblv, «nil brt- wM w** tto loDgir tflp:tble uf a«y 

pOT iBd BOmiMlracy ov*rpQ«rTT«(l th« iMn nicr^' »lic pou«>- 
Md, mttd h«r Moob and urkM paavd involuBUinty. Ac fine ic 
»PP«"d»«c«iMtytarCTWiiccoogcrtionlro»tlii^ UvmI tty tup- 
pis^, Irtclw*. and bli»<tr^ StrvAgihcniog mrdicioa were ihtn 
«nipAor«d in conwlMtev «kb Ur. Lmhanft. 'i hv pui»t ilowly 
fY<OTCT«d &0ai lbi> critkal ttaev, md jilirilMUd twr epvlcpiic 
fin^ and prvcvdrng caafuaia* of bt^dt lo dw taolBing oJ aa^ 

Four pcnoa»,aU of Eatthabcu, ■ndtttroof Uicm, Mnuly 
^aitins- ■poplcciac iatkeirfonD«,Bnu>kcdtu»iaociium£M Uie 
core of dyifHtts, uhicb dw^ oiled mtbsa^ After Hme day* 
sSpcniacE of ibi* ptmciicc. qm? of lh«at vu miU cjpoUfi oi 
a>aRf»of , but wiidt ia nnuh pain of fait brad, u to lodUftlc un* 
m^dJaEU djtuKcT, Hb was vivtr ynn^ta^^ ibe «Abcr tfarre werit 
morv dvin fifiv^ Th^y >o covi'i&ctngtt rv^iuifrd dcpkrtio*, tbtt 
t WM itfrptkcd ir tuklcine been adtitnil by tbr mnl •UpcriicUl 
of ibc^Crieada. Eracvatknitbybkcdingand^i^fttrcaMyrtd 
tbe dificidty of bmtbiDg, aa4 prabaUir pnsnvcd iKc livo of 
more thtD WW. 

llw ■mokiag of itraamiiiuii hu been prutJiod by m»a/f 
Iwrul* pAvPM*. lMWt«fO{nDcD««,a(dwagv«of l<in>'*fi«~«>nd 
Jorty-vnor, of very plctboru habits, tod cjKh of thrm had cx- 
pcrkiKcd ibe utMnnoMncie <w|»cfc bo uftvn foUowk the c<-bM< 
lion of ibc UKMC«. Tbcy whavied Bocb, uad dicir brcathng 
WH o^cMod upon Evcry moitoaof ibcir bodk*. Withoui 
UkiDir ttiy BMMUfO (KiiAfcd oiM by du Ktu;;d i:uadiuon of their 
hiAiUi, aod froia being mfoniMd only duutihiy had mdma^ ihcy 
ftdoptrd the praciut of MMokiog «tnivoaiiim. and bctamc 
rapklly wonc. Pneumonic <ndaaiib«uon ailcficd one, >a»J in- 
lolenbU h«ttd-ftche« wiih dJmoaM of ugbt attacked the o^ict- 
They howtver okftined tcUcf by the active opplUation of iht 
Mcnnry ivtuoNBt. 

A& ddtfriy man, w boat c o rny Ikx cd diaoitfcra hid be^A 
wilb oliauotCHl Jtva tlm* yeara brioaf, waa vMrio. ad lan- 


On Stramonium. 

sanoufl.TiihahardbcEty.BifedimjpilurpAliCfaMl hadsotbi^ 
honuanly for Mvcnl vccfc*. Hit rapkvkftWM MioiiflMi, 
Md ha raald Dot b avtf hit b«d wiiliauAiDOclkbcfvMVilaiRtuSaBt 
1 had BcitalumoQCictwD«mkftUfor«i>adl wcaUrdtohuB 
i^n in ilie pn»eiiii trticr- 1 htwk ihat Ju bad btca «miQktny 
■Imummni ^r tbe hrt tvo ii«^ vid Iw ified ibe night 
1 taw him wiUiom nlcing nkHkiiw* 

liuanccftorpoiicnnia h^rdnchonx who bad applied ii> 
fiuneiof siniBoaium, nuitlnveoceiijivd vcrrofMntoprac* 
tickmcre in thii tnwa durug ih« kM diree aondu- 1 bvro wen 
MX main of liib kbnd. >nd I ann coahdmi chat at Lrj*t tulf of 
tlicm verc to quKicd bj the pracikc, the forte ul iIm cif cula> 
tioa thfOQ^ the h^sn wtt to rrcluced, and ihv artiubihty of 
die franw m> Ikr egdiaiMttd, that ihey died prGmAcurdy u r<- 
ffuded th« tCM* of tha dhcaM. 

TttcpMbraiAvhoHufttriojuriQuacn laul coowquttittB fron 
«»ofc<ng BKramoaium, an chirfif diOM who have apoplecik or 
pandytic hobiu; fouos pc^«ln)^ iiisaed wnh baiidkriu ipu- 
modk hvtaEhhqf, but who are octuallr coDauniptlre; and eldtvif 
p cf ioa a whMr protracud oomplaiata had ended inhjrdrofK 
vftiincHt in xh'c chi^ot. The vflWcn of MramoDium nuoit be re» 
fcnyd^ ftt CuUm Hun mnarhcdt li> ic« oaKxnic powrn "id if il 
be Goneidered hciw iinivanaUy the pnctke of amokiait Uib hnh 
haa brcn ditlVnrcl liy the ricrtiorr* cf arlfiih Tntereat, or oS IgtkO* 
ratttc»ihmia«m, die mixhirf diat bcaldi and lift have luflered 
from it! me may be cont«ivcd, but cannot be very TMdily tit* 

I havff had frrpurtcd ta mc manydiuulu fromiiinAklBg«Bn> 
SKinLrtm, ead I have venAtrd many facta of thh kind, widriNA 
aOf nUiik}:^ fi> domhiTtil ffft^u in ctttfa thai taight h«iv bccD bat 
without )t« iaAucnce-, J fU not f;^ stlo theic chf*, but bavc 
ifpoketi only of whnt I hnvr «rrn, 

1 am, dear ni't with great cict«m, your moat fjtithful 

H. BHEE. - 

Dr. Gooeh, of Ooydan, has kiodly commu&icated the fd 
lowiQ^ catcit in three of which Bmokiag the atramonium ap- 
fWtta to hat-B effected pnanit relict- ^^ — 

On ^tntnt EUitum. | fff 

Mr. L. 91 yean oAd, for ibc iul four y<an hM had ft vi^ 
l«»i dlflkutiy of brvMdiiog, attended l>v wbtc^iog udcoufllli 
whith Mack htm mddemty irhcn in bt6, or « nc«b. diMbU* 
ham troai bwiavM, ind Kimcli«e9 cooiinuct more tkin a week. 
U vccMBiuoaiU' Kixci him m> violfftlly that be Us unbk (i» 
tp«4ii Bod apf>cm t^ ^ thfcaicntd witit wsunt loflocMtOD* 
Hv hM bad miuli fii«dicftl wi^cc without reoehrug Mftleciil 
brtttfa. H* now uiit;lLcd the tfaorikOfrpIc, ««tlkiwuig the ultVA 
■ad «»Kikci b>' thoc mcdfl* ibc £t tcrmniMc* in n fcv nianua. 
H« >a»okc» cvcrj day, even when the litdocA not occur. Some- 
litn«* it AUacU him whilM dinteg ia company. In which cait, 
br niirt^*mok«;i pipe-full, «Qdr«tonb to UalficaclBbrvflUt^ 

Mf' I> a khoti, ftii, puiTy mau,3ibnuc thirtjr-aiK year* old, bu 
bna Hibjcct t& adii&CQlEy of bircaihiing lor tvcaty ycjua* It 
C0Mc« OD tuJdcnIy, Mimetinci tittt my strong cxercuc, aad 
Kraactimn whiLil in be (J, conliiio«« fcvrral hoQn 01 ciayt, and 
not vafre(itKa<l> with h dr^« ot^ ^verity Uiai diMhlc« hiai 
from btiiinHi. Hr hu kii«d ^ric;>ut r<rin<rdi<t by the advice of 
VBiiouv pnctiitcincnit witb litti< or 00 relief* For i^ hiu Uw 
montlu he ha* imoked ihc item of dtkr ihom->pptc, vhxb g** 
vnlly rcmovci ibe difficulty o^brcaibifif within bjiTfuhour, 
wkhuut pcodiunig giddinct* or auy other unyfaaaapi clbi.^ 

A young QMlkman, above fifteen yean old. umc to My 
bouvf today.SuDtUy, Mftteh Jd.bmthrngwithgreutdi&raltjr. 
Uclua been subject to aMhmaukmg m% he taorcmembvr.and 
ibnncriy tcarccly poMcd ■ tnooth widtoui bit- iiifj % fit, which 
lasted hffo from two or ihrcc day* toa wceL. Fur the last t«4t 
years be bai boon free from the ooin pUiBi, until about m faf^ 
aighi ^o, wbeD he had a fit whkb coL^uoued Jiboutadav. Half 
as boiu ago be waa leixed wiib u»od»r, whiiii wu gterere. I 
mttie bira ut dowa and rmoke a pipe iuU of vtrkmoniiimj be 
•boa bcg*a to becatli wtth greater ftvodou, and m about half 
Mi4tQur walked hoin<? quite veU. Uefaad oci<erin tnalifc been 
TclLcred loiooai. 

TIm comfiiaiiM recurred ia about a mooch with lU fbtvtttr 
vioJencc, and waa agiin removod by «mokia^ the itnmMlttai. 
r A'pooT' boyt about fiiceeti ywrt old, hubeen uibjcet to 
udu»4 fix the lait eight >^earr. Ue i» scadotc troc fivm it longr I 


(htSirm a mm nm* 

4baD ■ lattai^hu it aJoNvt aivay* auacka him io the i^glit« 
kafftiuii uitUcvugtikmlwlNMEnstviiich^vBcraUy buifoiror 
five dji>». li ii vMocliniie* proikicedbf BOtog into a bant, CmM 
liic t^H duM which it TMKd by threAhia^ cura« WbcM I ftcai 
MHw hiai he Vf A* fihc«&liig «m1 brnUudg with mucli dtJmuly, 
TIk bcxL iDurttiiig kc pfocute«l mum MnnMHyvio, HnDfcc4>& 
pipe fill, aad reoaufteii ft«c Tram utnplaini Cor urvrrd tlAjn. 
Hi» qtutlicrnrmlaubtful whether the rebefwa* lobe attti UW id 
to the rvvACily, n iKc i1iI1^;:u1e} ot bfcaihing vu dJpunkUag 
before il mu iianl* 

A fflw JsvB afunrinl*, he ttwi>lw abcnii four o'clock n dis 
nKTrmi>f; uiUi iiuUDtoou^ aaJ tfhccMg- He tiidlhu ''ha* 
tathMt got ap, vlnick n light, and tnioght up tu\r* a pipa CuH 
«CtkehrTb> ^c >■! up m bctl UYdcmokcd il. At (be ■pitO*: ubd 
■OMihe Vfoi down h rlriiyd hit Mnmach.udhr tiid down umI 
#lcpt ({uledy till «cv«iL oVbxk, vhrn he nroke quhe wtlL*^ 
StnokiD^ liiv^n mike* bin giddf. 

I»v baib Ahouta»e«k^tcnnrda|hehBd had uocbcr at- 
tack thia oK^rtiiogADd smoked a pipe foU, Imt withlcM rcktef 
than belora- li the croung uJ ikc tunc d^ I met hiaa jccklci^ 
laDy* brcmthioq; with mucb Utiuur- IJc tried a pipe wbcahcar- 
ftrvd bccnc. but wkthEiiuHDy bcae^L Uchai inod tiacvcnJ 
tjfno »■&«« villivut aaty idicf. 

. Companng Lhi* evidence cf tmpghrtial nMdical <buactctft, 
imereued ia upholdiag tlic diignity of ibrar pro t wiiooi and 
Stcaloui in cjamdjngiu uiility, wilh Uie italencQU of caaeft 
hy pirticnta, aiul iudividiulk ualyonmnrfirf/iy iiiuruicd inlhc 
aalit oC the tcnrdy, wc caasot bcaitaftc iu dccidtog a^uu ihe 
pncuw of «a)oLib){ iiraDioDiuin io the more aoxrc and ur^Bttt 
iana ot ;utliio«. ;Mid phtttitj^ cumplainU. Uivnui attrapUd 
to den; ibit relief Iub aa af/inc iniuiic«& fuUovred it* ua<t baU 
ihc pdvccduigfacu prove thui relief to be tri£uigiudrtd,wlHD 
babflccd vilh li>a oiiichit t wbich hu bcea eftecudi Hanking the 
berbiaawcmtuido.^a)oog«t (he narL<»tic po4toTu« v* might,* 
^iriffrr, iiuppi>L^^ ihut kta ca»cDliuL ^uaLiLica being copaouoly afK 
pJicd lo the uilEu&ible iorm of cnivkc to a very large aivfJicc 
ntoutdy aoppLcd wiitk aerv<M, ilie paroxyaou uf a cowubive 
COiagU QUgbl br qujcietl, iiui kit ttir uioi! uioe, f^ul lajoty 
migUtbc iftduced uo tba acntonuiiu rbat ih^s ts ibaoaeii 





ipoplcxy, w\mh ta^v been rvidcotlf ocorioptd fay th« rviMily. 
Agan, ti b prarvd by tvptnneotk ihoi mpinDon i» iBUutik- 
ccd by the brain, tftd c<a>cc «llog«cbeT «h?n the ^jnctiou of 
ttiiftof)E3n «re tl«tro>Y<l' Now if ftiMjnoinum <]<jc« not slirayt 
dkliirb ur ilcttro) tlbctc liul and ciwiMui fiinciiotu, it U ooly^ 
wbrakivDCit 3;>plMdmBullicicDtquftiitity,whr»thci|iulfti-U 
impvirnJ, or Intta nomr iKtiili^tr Klunyi^ruiy of tlir iKtiitrnt- 

Tlw IJaaU« of diii pipr nc<ctAftri]y fuHiid ■ minute inquiry 
iniotlM w*ou« cjtuMB ofMllkma* bi;t the nic«t njirrow rxpr* 
ri«l»cv iul!ic«» CO tnfottn u*. thu unlns lh<t< urc rirnKivtsl. tbc 
dbcMc will rectn-, bowevcr 'n% lyiDptoma m%y for a tinw be 
paJltiied. Adhmi ftvqiwotly dcpccdi upoa «ffuuun of Mniot 
Of muciw in tlM caviuOT of the chcii^ and oi tbe pcrkajdium, 
ttt the bnooehid tubcswhd vjj cvlUi uftctt the faaL-fotmnMm oi 
iIm* cheM; upon a diwa»cd iiAic of lunt[*i upoa pletliora occa- 
uCoiAf prciAvrc >nd tbut imfitdvg rcifMntioo; apoo exin- 
nvouM «ub«tftixc« iDtPTTupling thi* nmunl »rcioo of tht Iun8*> 
Bcc. all of wluch 4f« BkOM cUarly asd ecMaMificaUr uive»ti|pMd 
MuJ dctcrtbed in Dt. Brc«*« vcU kaowti irentikc en the »ub* 
jca. WhraanrofihcK <Ai»noperstrtCaa«»raiioiMU5hopc 
loobtaAnrctM-rbftW^troyitiSAMrkvoractioMMiCMl m(h« 
i^lem, tu ramovg tuch Do:ti»ua and otfvnding ■gvnu^ 

Some people indeed >rc »o teoscioui of life that they serm to 
>nr^n dte electa of uiy tort of pnUiee : in y>ta< hobJunjUure 
■ M indalfmt, tlat the^ will tvcortT kldiougb the irevtiMvt 
punocil it direcliy opfonitc to tliat which ih ilktaUd \iy rcMon 
or uiKtiooeil bf experience. Tbitt m fever* uf ^ iKnil;u- form 
»Hi typo, wc tec tonic p*tkou recoiier, wbo tuve tuai^iiied ihc 
diffiwibl* iliBitiii of John UrowDj vxl otbork the brgv Idnd- 
iQg and dfifltfe purguivc* recuoai&cmkd by ocitain practitMNt- 
erSft ms in the mom ^idvuiord ttugf oE tlut dioonlcr. 

Lei ihca Iboie woirtby gentlcdxtt who. inm ■toctvcaol 
nuiuken buznnnity, hwc puUidwd their cttie*, ind c^rculMe4 
their boMted conn tharaU(hoiut thr empin* be cftotlow Iumt 
thty pn^rvorc in tht pfttdioo vkidi they to Icwicnly trottm^ 
meiMl. [(U«nieilMiil«lt)lfiilpndcBfionalBwnareA>«loadmh 
dubioQ* and dingcjoiia rvmcdic* ima ihdr pTKiko, mrdy 
those who haev^ no preteitMonA to n>edieal haowledfp^ ■hniiLI 


Oh Mf Ciraihiim cfFtvuit, 

be o« ifarir gnani* aottDclFoetvc ihciQ0dvet,byiaiisiBni|^dut 
Vrtntr thr- hirr rtnipfi iriifi impmity, Thtr mty -n ill timra 
h« «o rvraorvdr ov iluu ilKlr friends aiajr be c^>U|r Ibmw. 


Kit g^ng t^rau^A fhf Thtran< D^kI, 

BY £V£itAHD HOMf. 1^^ F K 5 

H.ivitro on a former occmioh hid brfon thrr locircy nome 
imrntt. lo prtivr that fluiila pj»3 dirv^it^- From (lif nntuc 
poTiaoo of the BiDmucb* vontto arritedi thv? crrfubtian <tf ih« 
MAod wUhoTii ^ifi^rhronf^thf thoracfrftTic<,th£fMi1vlrtoim 
chMiRct by whifb Ikjuid^ t^an impc thcrr; iht prcvnt nprri* 
mrtiM AIT hrfiiif^htto conrirm thntopmiim; hiit InftatlAj^ tbcBi^ 
T viah ro corTMt no rrrf^r I wm led into, In bflicving ifaat the 
spiff D wn» Ihr tliflimrl bj" which tfcry tr* convirjnedi Ai ihe 
tJme 1 made my fonrnrr comnuTiic^itionB, T wai oon«Mnii diM 
iht fact! I had Mcrrained wctv onlf lufficiFiii m opat a new 
fieM of inqutry; hut ni I mighi never he thlt to make a farther 
prd^in m an inveiEi^iEf^n bac( nilh no mmy difflcvloiea, I 
thoiLf^hr ir rtf»hT m prir them tm record. Store ihflt rime I have 
lOM BO pppATtuniev nf rlpviniftp; nrv e^erinienf!* lo rlticidft«e 
fhii «u^jrrl; iiml (hr rirmmTtHiTirr f^f^ Mr- Bredtic,lhr aaiUtanr 
etfmy phiTofophtcal as veil as pTCifeia tonal laboun, having tied 
ir thnracTO dotl in some eipcrimftn* uhkh will eon**! Isefere 
ir ftnrirtr, lug^ited lo me Ihc idf j, thai if iV thoraele d»et 
m* lird and preper cxperimenti nvude, there coi>lii be no fllf- 
fieulfv m aicritiioing whether there wai any othfT ehmmr) 
l>Et»mk the ■ii^ma'^h and tht circtdatioo of the bifod- With 
chffvlew I inttfloMcl the foTlowrns rTpcriment« whifh ww 
made on the SCHh of September I E\Ot liy Mr Brodie, aasis. 
Wd by Mr. WLUJftm JtTvnde mid Mr- t-aicombr. I w» ui^ 
ftvoidably prcremed friMti bein^ prctcnt durittg th« lioK of the 



On u^ attaiMim ^ Fim4$. 



CmEBtMnrr t. A Ufnurc «» pi— rj. raood tht thowic 
of ft rabbit, jun bdcr« it coctn tl ihe jmuiirv hrcirnn 
the Uh JQgolJir and lubcbvijm veins: an ounre n^ Mrong in6n« 
ikmofthnbnrb «rM itien inJMfled bto the vtonuch. In tfarM 
4|Oiftir« cf an hnuraomr uriae wn« vnkleiA, in vhkb f^ulNub 
wMcUuincUy dcucwilbi-tbeiilditinnof pomih. Anbourjnd 
nqiwtepftlivr ih« injcctloB of the rttnbartt the aninia] ww 
Ulkd; « dnchvn iz^d n hu!f oTuHac vaa fitniBd io Ihc bl^dckr 
highly tin^d ulth rhubfifh, hnd ihc xii'ji) alcer^kMi nf color 
took flnreoa Khvrnddkion of poOAh. The emnof the Aoruk 
duct hftd i^iven wny o^iioiiitr the nuddlit divial vertobr*. sad 
neniLr vb oijnc< of ch^t^ w«i fooml dHurd into dhe cnvkf of 
theihoraw. b«idrnciMMHlrf*h1«i|ii>ncicy-iDth«rclliikr oMm- 
bmacArthc potfcrkir flkriUx«tiniim> Above th< rupturrd pnrt 
tbc diornctc diut wm cniin, miicAi dktHkded with (^ivU^ and 
on traeto^ It (ipwnrdi, ihr (ermiOMiAfi of ibv dun in ihc vc^ 
«m* found lo be eompimety tEmred bj die fi^vturc. TV: U«- 
teitl mKl l^pAMtid voftaela haci givtft wsy in lenral piri* of 
dke Ahd<)»on, nnd di^ and lymph v^re rxtn^HJiied ii&der* 
immIi the pemcateuin. In t^U and tbc folloviog experiBicmttt 
i^r infuAiwi of rbubu^ wjb cnplojmd ia prifc r tBPt to iha 
pc«MaH« oT pacnh, in oonnequmoe of 1v having been found >a 
tkoK t forancrl^' mnde^ thai one dvop of iinccorc of rhnbarh 
eanUbeikvrcccdinhalf anonnceof aefxin>tat>d iKidiing Um 
ibM «quntur of a stwaof prtuninte of poaah tn thcaoM 
gntatitji could be made tn iitrike n hive cotor wkwa the intt 

ExpintM tirr ^. Tb« rsepcnment v*a rrt>caicd iipoo a dog. 
ill iKi» I waa uaiaied by Mr, Biodit, Mr. Wittiam Bmnde^ 
attd Mr. CUfi and 3Ir. Gaioombc. After dw dwracie duct 
had be«v «ccur«d, ivo ouacei of a iirong inlmon of rhuboib 
wcrv bjccbtd into tltc atoaaath, ind m an bour the dof; vo^ 
kUletL TV uriof ill ibc bUddtr, on the wtdJdon of poUib 
bocanw dvtfpir imgcO vrih thubub. Tbc bile In die ^ blad- 
der, b^ a aimihr icat, vat found lo u>nia^ rhMbnrb, IW lac* 
t«al vetatb in icver^ piut» of the OKarfiiery hod bunt, end 
chyU wa« csumviitnicd iiKO ibtf ccUnlar oic«DbnM«— ihc th^ 
racic doct had girtti way in the iowcr pan of tha paatenor 
aHdiaMiBuai, and <hvk exmraMied. AboT« the rtifaitrrd 

voi-ir X 


On dir C^rculai'^n 9f FJttiJ^ 

part, tht iboneic ihirt wai no<h clkmkdcd wUh d i y l c , ■! * t 
|V*« rcMlUy fn^ ta ihc lin^mrc, by wfikh ii «q« rtw^tlctidr 

'Th«t« rxpcrimfftU Bfiptf^nyl ro nnhfiih the &ct, ihsc the 
Aonac duct wm Dor thr f hftnnel ibroci^ whidi the lafoakia 
of rliufaM4» «u con^Tcd cr>thr cir<ol«ti«i nf tKr hlood, vad 
now^ It bccaino rftip M tocrruln, whether it jifevtcd thraa^ 
tfip sptm by eiiirpAting thM orgtn, and repcAiing ihc U«_ 

On dic9l«tof OcMbrr, ]B|o,tbe fallowiDg cNperinwftt ma 
Ir, with the 1— itBmcc oif Mr- DmUp, Mr. Cllft, Mr* 
Cucombe >mI Mr, Mcmrr. 

Rxpuiairvr 3. Hit ihoTMic <luci n««r )u tcrmiDvuoa 
hwm ftccutrd tn « 6f>^ whoif; ipken had been maovod four 
hefniv, Ktd three Stances of anfiAikm of ribiiharb were lo- 
j«cbrd into the Atnnaehi In mi hour mmI a hidf the do^ wui 
killed, and the urine wu faatid mrtm^ly impregDMcd with 
rhubv^,— led on cnmination the ihoncic dod w» found 
completety •rcorcd by the li^uro. S«Tcr«l of the tui«ak 
h*d bunt, biM like duct ittrif had noc given wiff-Mt vjlA 
^TVaO^r diatecdtd with ch^^le nnd fynnpb. 

By ihU cvperTincAL it wu ccmplctcty ucenaiaed that the 
'a col ^e ehmnel ihraogH which ibr iqfu^an of rhu- 
ivcoDveyed into the citculAtion of the blood, >i I had 
bten led to believe, nxl therefore Ae rhubub, in my Uttvntsr 
fS^crimrntft defected id the tptrrn, inu» ha^'c been depoaited 
:rc in thr sime maiiiier at io ihc urine and in the bile. 
The detection of thU error, madene mof e Anxiout to «void 
being mitled reipceljn^ ihc thortcic ductv^dad therefore, 
i^iLthough there vjK liltfe probahUit^ thai the indutioit of tin* 
could have pd^iexi into the lymphuit ^vncl*, whidi opco 
ito the bbodreueh of the right «idc ul the neck, I ihought U 
S^t, before f procfcd^ d furiher, Io repeat the experiment, 
the tertninAiion "f tlic thoraftc duct on the left tide, 
At lyvphatic U^ak oa the right lidc, wheni it enaptie* 
'iMelf iatoiht ao^e betwevn the jugular And lubdnvUa veia. 
Hu< v» doM on the 9Sth ct' October, iHli^, with tfat nnn- 
Imeeof thn*»ne jienon* w in the bviexperiaient. 

KurRaiitEin 4. The tbondc duct ol * dog wa^ tied, a« in 

On tht C*rtuhh99t e/Phndt. 


dif ibrntcr cxperioMmi in cloang ti Lhc duct vn «rou»d«fl, and 
about a dnchin of chyle &>v«d oid; iKr lynphaik trunk of 
die right »idc wn* ilicu ■ccAijrU. AJccr ihb. llirTe<MMK«sof 
laduiioo oJ riiutnrif vrvrc iujimpIciI miIio the atonMchi tfhl in ut 
hour dir ilog >^b killed' I'hv unnc and the bil; mrc founil 
(fotioaly imprcgmtcd wiih rJuibdrij- Un opcaing the (faorax, 
sotnc nbfiortKnt veiwk, dUtviukd uiUi lymph* were Mc& oa 
tJi« riglit tide or tlie spine, «utdnn|{ an nlMoriieat gbnd oa iftw 
leconl dvnad vertcfani, uid iht twi dTeTviuk froni the gUnd 
trerc leeo uniting with other tbtOTiMvA vci»cU, and cxicndinf 
tovruUi the right iboutdcr, wh^rc they formed n ooaimoa 
tmok with the abvocbeais from the peck and axilbj thih cniat 
it«ft fbund lududcd in the ligMurc. The tbcnicic duct va» 
modeniicty diMendtfd with * ntxture of chyle Mu\ ly fnplii ia 
tmcing it upward*, m opcaiiig wui jkco in tt iiiuiiaiiinM^ 
below the tlgoUirvi thmuifli wbidi the uioietiu readily piiwtd 
wli«D pmfcui« WM made on ibc ducij ahotc thU t/pcmng 
duel wiu uinipleUly lecured b) the ll^ujc. Nc^y 4 
draKfani ui the Oiiid codiaioed in the thoracic d^jct wa» colko- 
Ced imI teitcd by potaib, but there did not appear to te uty 
smpregnatioe of Huobarh. 

EjiPCLiKamr J. Tfa* b»t expcrinent wu repeated on aco* 
tlierdOigtandintiM vf Jaauary. 1811. with the aniiurice of 
Mr. Bfodk, Mr. W. Utande, Mr. Chfi^and Mr (^auomfa*. 
The dog wa« killed <ai hour after dac thorapcic and lympliMM 
Inuk had bt<u ■ccured, md the infuAion ot rhulurb bad been 
Jajected iiuo the lUnnach. 

' In ^ififf the ri^Kt 1> mphatic tmnk, a lyrophaiic veuel, firon 
ilic tbontx^tngtojoia it, wm nounded, from wluch chyle 
dowed out in conaiderible ^antity duria^ the whofc dine of 
the expetiinenti x *hort tkne before the dog vnu kUlcd, aooM 
of it WM coUcctcd, but CD tettinf it wilh po<«h no rhubarb 
wai detected in it- 

Thc unnc wa» fouad isprepMed rnixh thdbarb at «ru alio 
the bite from tbc ^1 hiaddrri b*#t boitb m a Icm deiirec thia 
ia the iMt oEperimenC. I'hc lacteal vcaaeli aad noocnteric 
gland 1 uric atucb diucnded «ilh chyk, and 00 cutting into 
tha gbjHla cbyle flowed out ia con«iikrabk <|\URiCi<y- SoiiK of 
ihia wu collected and (c«ud Mtiih pouib. but ahewcd flo tvU 


^ Mr Or^nMaa cfFikok- 

daate oi rhuluffb iKtAn coBUiined id it. Tbc iboracic duU «■» 
fMidi dt ffl wdidi he wn trvocd v> the U|MDn,aHl m fouftd 
ID he caaplMtlr iKund. Lynspbttic vc^kI* frea» ibc right 
<tdeoftht|wttetwraipJ rt iMiiittmw«r<»c<a*»*cw4iagtiowarJa 
dw ijfflnn ihM lud bvcn titd on ihM «)d«i ih<>^ vcfv oiadr 
ca^ityi Md tk» mMk fbraBod bv ihv ju»ctiM od iheK wkh «!■ 
IfttpkMk vrwfiU from the ti^ axilla, an^ Iniia di* rigfal ■■!• 
flf lh«neck Wli >»ai dktuctlf iaebiled ta ihe ligiiujr«. 

WhUr Mf^ Bradb «h tradns like tboracic duo, Mr. WU- 
Ikm HrwultWtfiBkin^uibiuiionof ibe»iilHfi,aiidibcivGcl 
nw ■ KctMHi ci it, in whkb the cdk were bjger, hmI ibimv 
dkthicit tfus I had vv«r aecn then n a dof{. There nia 
«BgM tlatgt Ckl rihobvb Ib the imfuuoB favM tbe aplscn. A 
■ImOvlMTttfltoo wm onde ot the Itrer; bui the <iuaui(f of 
bta>d M W tafa wd in it being reuch grcam ibM ia the •ptoctt, 
th« appoMT^Bce waa not hullkicxiily diatjuct to decide vhoUier 
tt coottiiied Hiubatb or doi. Hick cijicrimciktt appwt son- 
pktely to cttahliah the Caci, dkM liw rlhvhttb did «m pM 
thrmighdkethurac>cdvct,Bu|i^cr«io«T»iMLhiat« pAiMoiJte 
clfCUllNMn of the blo<.id by »ome Other **■—**' Tbcjr llfcMrbQ 
coQtpUtdy □vvtiuiu iht upioiun 1 bjid adopted, of the vpltcn 
be«Dg the rnvdiuu by vbkh tbc rhubarb had beta coaveyed, 
4ad tkaw that the Bfdtco aiiav«» tooie other purpose in the 
■aloul Aconomy- 

T|>r ifaubarb lovad in ihc ^lecn doc* noc arrive there belorc 
>t eiUDra the circidMiooi k U tberedc/rc nuui prob«Uy aber* 
wardi dcpotiud m the celli in ihc iorm ot u accrvbuik ffaat 
die rhvbvb goci TDto the circLilaciua ia proved br lay furver 
UfKTiaeiUi, ia which it w-j.» dctrctrd m liiv apicnic vein. 'Ilia 
pniaaMie of pocath la hardly lo ba discovered m ihe blcod of tt 
finng aaitoa), aince tbe ptop^rtiDa vhich ftCrikn a bJuc cater 
oa the addition vf aoluijun of iron, a gruHer than the circa- 
Uclog Auidc <*ii bt expccicd to coatuin at aay one tiaae, on k 
gOeeoff by the KcretioDB ncariyaafait at U n reecived into 
Ihc btootlvtncls, 1a ■ moilrraicly *ized aM, murr than two 
drathoi* nuui bt diiwlved ia the bbiod beforo its prcacnce 
ihtrc da be delected- 

'I hat the diud Dontatnftd id the nils of the epk^n ia aecre* 
ted there, it tcndored ht|tbly probable, aince a U atdai abuD< 


Om ike Gwr, 


ill net viih wIma ilie SblOMl btt btca Annvtiair witboot TqixI. 
lie gren <ib|fcc»o ED tbh opWoA tit ibrrc bctng no cacre* 
Hvy duct bot iImi t7mTih«tic vcwcU of (hr «plMTii ihcat, how- 
ffver. ve both hvfpa and more nniiMvoiu iboft in aqv other 
ofg»; llicf are found in tlit bm to fofvi one cookmon truak, 
wfctich opeM inCD h large {liad «n chi- Aide nf the ilKirituc 
duct, j«i above the rccepiaculuiu cfaylij ukd when ihc (]uick* 
aUvcr U A*Je to paaa tbTMigh the braAcbu of ihU i^nd, Umtv 
ll s tnok vqualhr lar^ on tbeoptMuitt Mdc, whkb aiakc* an 
angle, and then terminBte* to die fhorvek dad- Thia £act I 
Ac^rtainod m the Veterinary collefte, Maiaiied bf the depucy 
pvoCcMT Mr. S(*eB, and Mr. Qifu 

11k*M lyBifhatic «eHcb arn cqvilly a« brgc a» dio cKcnMy 
diKti of aaty otbtv |;1and<i, and dierefon auikCMM to carry o§ 
the vecretiott formed m the cetla of the tf Wo^ and ivbcrt « 
stcrvtiou is to br otrirvl into tKr ihov^icic <luct, il would be s 
deviaiion ln>m thi* ^rticnl mnomy, were wmy bui lympback 
vttAcIa cokploTfd for thx fiurpofo. U m a atroi g draiiaai an cc 
In Cavom- of the «etT«tkm bdnig ao cfinrcycd, diat, b ibe Ual 
cjcpvriment, thf lactub and ce(U of the viplceti irrrc iMUtaBy 
iur|[id, beiof >Jaeei) onikf liniilar drtuBiuocca, tba thoratk 
duet bcing^ ao tiM « not to receive cheb eoatmca. Tbc por- 
poa i i dfcai an anawered by tveh a aectrlioo from th« iflccvt 
bto tbeihOMck doct caukM at pnacat b« aMcruioed. 

On Gouty CtmtrrtKitu; or Chaik Slants. 


■irMOioit T4 thi lecaiie ■■aiuftirT or Lir>ev&hB« 

L^^•ct(^c M(da>-<:lMiii|;k^ TnnUctkiHb VdL 1} 

TvuB btta ocjoUy boa m dintaM ffvon cvrlulLy bnvta' 
tigued duD tbe eoot. I'hjrnciana, tberefore, iastnd oi bung 
w pnaw l wd INI ftciDOJiT of dm Walady, dtkctvc pntiBc for their 
Uioatv. Tct Ml excrtiooa of nun ca» comnnnd UKceu* But 
ibcn tfe aone arD|>to«ns wrtb which the gouty are afflicted^ 



the BkaBt^Dicai of trhah bcloftg cxdiuhrdjr to 101380— ■ 
Ph}iiciflM arc leldoai «oapetto( to «Mir ■UMifidv mio th^ 
irMUaemt of ikoM tumon md olocrt vhkb are ouduoucil by 
chaU »Ciioui and diU tablet li«i bccM anftccoonubly uesl^ci- 
cii bj^ •urftccu, i« ir)ic>t« province Ibcy lie* It u Cbr tku rat- 
1WU thK I have idccicd U- Not* bowcvcr, «rifb the pretend 
of fufl> lupplyiog th« dtttdaayi but wiib bopc* ih»i b}' camU 
tug ibc aneotioo of ibf mrmhtrK of ihU Sockiy 10 tbet« con* 
pUioUi toofet plan of tKailng them may be auUUhcd; iMtcad 
of tbcir ban^ Icfi. a* M (vcaent, 10 each mduklaa), to act m> 
hit Biigachjr, or caprice procnpta h>m. 

IIm coocrciiiMu «bich form in gooiy babica arc uau«lly 
called cbdk'feiODva: I >hall co«»tiHte to cnplof thia i«itn, ab 
ibough ji ii now aiccrtaiocd, tbnt Ihcjr atv never ol a oJcareoaa 
oatiuc, bot arc uvuaUy comfioicd principally of ibc liduc add. 
The aoalyui of tfanc «obftiaacca I kavc* hovrcver, to ihc pio- 
IcM^ dMmUis, aod the tlh«ory of their formauoa, -m well «• 
iliat of gout, bo afKCuladvc phrviciacu: my bueotioii u to giw 
nndi a^letcriptiou at i> re^ui^ie Cor the practical Mirgicov ami 
to puint ouE ibc irtataaeat that vppttn v> corre^pood viib tluc 
vahoua circumttan^v*. 

- la ptraoDv «ni<«ed with the guuw il tomctiaioi luqipcita 
that a nhitr liquid ia cffuocd bj (fae exhaling arieria into 
intenuLl caviiifb By degtre* tJir watery and«eroji paiUclea 
lire abaotbed. Uaviug a luljiuace which ia at hnt aoti and 
^Layty. and afterwards beconic^ hard and friable. 

TUje cJTuiiaaoccuii oot ouly duriDg Htt of ^^Jt* but likf> 
■ti»t! in the interirala; and m the extifmilic*. p^tituhrly Uw 
tuuidfe Mtd fccc« aic the prlnupal teat of goui, il i* Ibcrc, that 
the gicAtcit lucumulationi of chalk tak< place. Thuugh thu 
proccH tt usually preceded and actoni panted by inflankUMlios, 
the Utalk is never incloicd ia a i^^bC, like pun in an abtw«k It 
lies uuolly in the cellular mcaihniuo tn the burvt mvcoiVt Of 
in the cavities of jointi: £ have even lecn it thTovrn out be- 
tween (he catiaand the culiclc' But a the guuly iuAujnauticw 
jft of the eri'thrmatous kmd* there it 00 ettrahvaaaljoa of 
coagubble lymph aod no Qcw Ibtaied covchug vurrouudio^ dw 
chalk. Tbiii po«at ii of the knt Importancet and e:tpUiiu auMiy 
of the peculiarities of gout^ which ie gcQcnlly cooaid&icd aa a 






pUignMa- But tftte absracc- of coAguUblc fympU 'm the ioflnm* 
t6 pn-M, E ^nttiukTU fuB tTlikM:«ti^themflMniDMioobrb^ 

TV cbhiky Uquid wbm 6rtc Kcreted givcri to the Sn^r the 
f«cl«AiE of flufniJiUnOf and cwmiM b« itiidBgUTKhM Trom ib« 
vrdinarr irmm HTiutlnr. oi ^ii«. Bui aolnmimncly ihc nJiior- 
bmi* cannot ^iirk tiji the chnlkf ponklck 1'hr c6niit«lcnc<r of 
iht Piquid, thcrvrarc, bMOVtn thicker nad ihuker, till «t Jwt 
nothing ranmn* but a hard num. \yhca cvcti > con»id<f^3k 
cffnuon of thl« ktad occun« the qiutnlity oC <.h;dk which nltt* 
infii«4y rciniiin» i« cocxkp&ntivcly tmaUt u hy far ihs grcMnt 
qiMBtfCy is nurtly Mnivu It thcrvfarr uMJiUr rei^uirtt trpax^ 
«d «ffu^oci0 to form auy f^At imms oI chalk, and t^ consii* 
ttftcy dcp«nd! upon its agt< flvd tbe Rtiihiiy of tbc abaorbems. 
The 9«uuitiiy la touvl nccumMlattd by nfxaUU puokfEins ii id 
•ovwmsunciec mnktoMs wlikb augoiciMt xcry varkiuUy iht 
Mfferimt^ af dtc gonly- Mk diatwia, iMWCver, u ooC ommg 
to ntiy irriiacii^ (|uJii(y m the chalk, bist to am ob«tr\Kiuig iIk 
BMDon of ill* IcvkIooi aaO jouiU, occ^oo^oy oflea ■ co^dett 
anch>lutii, UAd pntnio^ -Aod dbteoji*^ the turrvuntnu^ pan* 
by iubvlk- It Hct«th<r«fart hf incctuAicfttLf nubuTauittgthv 
DiAchtOD of the body, ohkI not upon the JiTing priodp^ for it 
wiU obeli remain Tor ycnra in parte highly Mntihici vvtSoiu 
ejKiting the «ltgbteM p»m or inAjiniroatioD* 

AklMwgb tbcM cooerctiovi arc of «a mild a nature, ihey aftfn 
■re the cuuc of cEten^Lve ni^diicfi burtticg ciunn^, and 
occaiioniDg ukun v%ry d^lGcuit to braiL When a vkdeni ^t ttf 
dw goat Mt^tckv ii ckoUy tumor, the apptarance h Grequenily 
rtry alarminsi tli< &<w parvrytm Iwiou accompviied niih a 
btoh wn^uK ^d cUky cftuioo, which added lo the old drpe< 
Mtof chalk, uctiMuD* a prodigiou> ftwelliug, the cuiki irlieo 
dUieaded to ihe utnM4 open*', yet aonKtbne* At <v6tk re> 
maiM entire* Tbr chaUy or tcrou* liquid aoay tbcn braee* 
through the vcniurantpanat rpidcmia- Tbr larroimidiofc fn- 
trgumenta a^^pt^rofa deep red, or of a purple bup. threwming 
flioftiAoibftj whik the paia n extTuciaEins* 

At length die cuticle grvn way] a discharge of senn and 
chalk lakca plaoe^, and a rcm'tiwon of all iht ■ymfitpoin* uiualty 



Dccuni IniI vxm aflvr tho oprfiittf ha* takn placr mf> 
pttrMMW coQuncnctt j aid pu kkI duft vr dwa ^bilMigvd 
frtm cb« uk«iv Thntr are ftrv^tvl uftcvpeMed octitrrvnc't in 
tbc proinnMof iiacfavWniifNH. Whtn amv^mmga ktrmmd, 

tioa U tunMUf k TCry tcdiMu prQCc^i.'H^'niia i* oving tola 
1i«i»0 difluvrd ihroogh lllc cctluliLr mrinbrftnr, •« in the Crib of 
■ •paa^< Otxerl tnuM»o«cti«)ngivr wav aftrr ■•other, «ft4 
OTUiU |ionio^ of cluiTk m micccriv^H' ihrorn fioti vo llttt 
aovthft, iwd o ea yvan pan bwny, bclbn the whoir U diKhsr^ 
od- li ■!» ftrqamtly luppna, that th* orifice eofRncti wad 
closcm orer; 1s«ilig poniiHU of thktk tradcmpath. Tbs kind of 
out t^tttt uid ttgun. lo tlBtchari^ chalk- Evts opiaijftp fwn 
JOfTittt whkb arc AO liBUgrroua vbca <tec«iiOiOcd hf <itbtT «x- 
tiVMOtti bvdan, m often ftUcRcJH wHh no wr^nm q»pto — 
«tMaO>ejo«mk filled «ilk chalk- On ■nicUm acckUm bap- 
pcniBg, a toT^roa unaE^uaiotird with tScw pcralkoitivft, might 
be tempted to propose lorp opf Ekiogv* or rrm MnputMioot m 
ilw oaly rewur^v for hindering ctimiBVc inflftmmatida mkI ca- 
ri«dft bonei- Bui if he trtat* the <ti*nj.c miklly, he vtit lifKl 
iJbai DO luch tcvcrc plant are m^iiitlte; far die parti viU pn>- 
hiAilvfjiU into* very tniiiqtai1,Oirbn<lcilen< Mater ^aotfe wUlcoo- 
tuiuc tor Ji ccriaia period, ilitcliur^tng pm, and oceafkmkUy ft 
lihofdialh, till ai hat the orifice will close up* Independent of 
ihc opiain^ formed by a fit oi ihf ^m. the hIeio, a utidKi J 
over a mmi ol chalk, ii Miaetimtt thinned, ahnnrbed, mmI 
piercfd by mtre pretmirt. At other itmci ihi« h cflrncd by 
comttiun ioAammuiiun and Auppitntrlon, ^Vf^rn Dpenin^ lafee 
place in these mUdnr v^py*, a Um qiiAnirfy of ehalk U nmally 
vncuaitod. But thii depends eat! rrly upon the degrev of ^ 
ianmation. Where the tuppuraitoo h v^rrat, k mturatly d«^ 
ladwa and wniiiM out a grratirr qiuuitit^- nf chulk. 

'n>c Uat peruiarzty i^ the rarett, namely, that a dry hard 
piece of c^atk shall pirrer the ikin^ nnrl rrmiin like m cicre- 
MCCOce, wiihoot rKCilins eiUier iftfiimrniiiion ot mpptirnion- 

The trtatment to he adopie'I \n th? tt nnHoun oat* b ncm to 
he eoaaidered; and it tnu&t he A(ki>owled^d , thai upon thb 




On Ut€ Gonf. 



BO»t jmpornnc poiot cmr power* are ntremety fimjtvtU For 
IQOaey icAdmiuitiioii >diBtt> of Unk ^onirfJ^ and m the Irvt* 
plwk>t are incapnhir ofafaaori^mK chalk, wc h«vc do mcouof 
divpvrftijiip cocti ivmort. 

The fthockivs Sfipcjmncr ni a, uverv fit of fipXiU whcD it ac- 
nck> apnl in vtrich ihetr i« An jiceuiiii.iiBiioD of rh^* Itt^q 
Urvkdf nodccd* In tluv iituJtiinD, s w«r«a poalucc » • Ur bci- 
ccr afppUcuion than dir irool or fljnnrL If there >• any ihrc^io 
«mn]{ of ^aDgreoc:, tbc pouhicet ought lol^ cJ ihc conlbl bind, 
laED (h« cDAipoftUldn of vhieh,p<)rtcr, Wine, or opiUQi t>t:iuU 
enter. -Poauntacloni Ukewric Aomctimf* fpTc rehcf, tf tbe 
a>li% ope», yet lc«rei div chalky f fliMion eonftnc<l hy Oi« cuii* 
clc ooly, a puncture >ho«ld tntcantly be madr. It u iniprutknl 
to iot;ch with a Uncct the orgmized cuCm, ur even lo mate a 
Itt^ opeoing into tfacoiticlr, to fxpoB«biem?il parti in iiopr«- 
carioua a itate; nar n-ould it be jndieious at (ir^t to nic pre»- 
•ore to iquKZc out ihc chsillt. Krrn a tmiM punrtiirr will per* 
nit ionic portion ol ihr AnuU to r^cipr. and mnre will run out 
itfo the pnnltiee. Thr irniion i* then rrmovcd, Jind tht tTrap- 
torn* con nbonly improve. When the rnfiammation Km ^iiibu* 
dcpd, gKuer &ceiktiii m«y be u^rd- Sonftc pimnn of ibc <«iJ£k 
nay then be femove^^to facUkatc ibe discharge ^ and gentle 
prcuurc tnay be employed. 

Doring the vtoJcnt paroxyMna thai have hem dcacrjbed, if 
Um inftaaied paft » thrcatmiod with ^angretre* and the patient 
witb death, the ordinary- eautUjui treatment of ^ut i* mtirrly 
i^jerwde-dH^Bark, Bromaiici, ToblUc alkali, opium, and wina 
null be exhibited hx dote* pro|xvuoued tu the lianger. aud lo 
UiG poiven of the alofnach. Thcae aumuii ouji^ht to be ^tmIv* 
ally kft v^t «* (1^^ dan^r Icuen^. 

Aftartlw violence of liic fit Im* «ul>!»ido J« ui tJcer frec^iieoily 
rensina wtLh chalk at Lhc botton, which renderi ll vxErcmely 
djfficuli to be healed. It U bid practice to attempt Ae temoval 
of the chalk by the k^ifc- For a wound mig^t occaiLoo a re- 
nen-nlofgovt^oratleaitagreatdnlof inianunationj aiMlaa 
the cbalk it B lolid tubuance and diftper>cd in «panite crtU, 
rtty little could hercnoretlby the luciiioik. CjuniicacmplioTed 
wkh cauiioD ajitwer lieiivn 'or hy deMnvi'Iiig the membrane 
that cun&Dcaa btt ulchalkf it h u4m ennhUd lo etcupe. ^ifii 

Vol. II. y 

drcvun^ Mi1>' ftr« lotw lucd* »uanil«aU|*ochM the bfdtw- 
gjTtti nknCDK m>K^ cEtiie anvMitr aindue^i Car ii Bn«i al- 
«My« be noolkcccti tbai Ac COU17 hMi v hi^ly irriuUc 

M the bonom vilt licai. IV^ BOMciitnc brco(»c ■ flftclr* of 
k»uc for vart. dimI puinttv Hjtlior tlientch^B ■ idi ihetf bciag 
br»r^eid. I b«VT not, bjwtrcr, k<0 :i»v pmuf of ihi*^ out c^iM 
I obtcrrc ih« ihcy diMiaicbed liic Irc^^uvucjr of Au of gouu 

Mauei of dialk «ft voianima* fornml od pin* *o iaconve- 
•kii*« or oocMioaing »u^h defi^ntiiCyi thic patUoi* arc aoxiciva 
to f«t lid of ibcm, cTco M •<iy»c mk. Uo »onu f*roimibl0 oc> 
CM^ootii wbcn llw coMtiuitiq* ii louad. thu may be vffnMd 
hf tlmroyiof the akia by ihc kali piinan. Tha iiiAaBiB)iUioa 
that follow* ihc apf^KauoD o( cauiijc ia acMom ooaaidmkie. 11^ 
ibvnfurr, U the bc*c nictliuii uf ^ittharpng dialk- On nmaf ^ 
vccasruiuthff argcitUiai nitmxuBi ia«uUuiaDtly powciftth Aftarfl 
■D opMi&g U formitdi UiB aorc bj U inatvil as hu bin a «|* ^ 
mdf riqilainrd- 

Thrtc Dl^vrvBtimia are ooi ititc«ii1nt w a fall accouiK of «l[ 

thtt *nav he ilo&e in chiilkv mninri, or in tilf rn ariiriag CnMKi 

lhtitt,»tSr coinancD rbi«»»ol «or^rir eui* oftea appUciblc (O 

Midi vBiaa, I h«TT prrncir^nlly cakta BOticc of the femli<rhki» 

uhkh drnt:tniL u (icvi)Liif>h (ntm llww rulrn. Ii aoajr, howarw ^ 

, -bt coUcc^ctt I'ltm ih»i* rtmaikt, Uiat kc are qalte uMab4< to 

bwainly eaany of thf <vil«cauBrd byc^halk* Wbf n thiv tubatviic< 

bthtovn lotD k joint, in matioA a Mihrr cmbarraitcd, or 

I aiMBtty bMC| whco ii U poMrvd inio thv ihcaih af a unAoKk, the 

InovcniFtitn ctiitrQttfd, and \ht mitiucle itt *hich It belong |» 

TTDdcrrd uieloiu And when tt hkirnia rvtrrnaUy, ukcn of 

■ lonjt^ or endkM dumiion, are ih^ convnriicncr. 

f Thoe Irrcmcfihle ditii«<cr« ought«o be repr«ie«n<fi to Lhoac 

vrho arr «i]fa|rei 10 goui, 10 induce them to ftubmii 10 lucti r* 

tcricdoBs hi diet, and oadopcihone ketUbfuUirrcVitt, wbteb 

lhe«xp«ricocTofii^ihavcaiceriAinc4l,iobttheo*ty dlectual 

nnudUa fbre^nngiiUfaiAff thit dcptorobtc naiad/* ~^^ U 

IVprooforthiadoeinutntt u^oti the dduaivc taHiaiOttf^ 
oroaths of tveQ rrtpectabk aod ii^iinierciK^nt«ti,ai|FCCNSof 
proof vKith ii acenffod at by ail orbo cofn^rrchmd the uibj«ct.M 
u H found that the >at«ata(ioiif ur« tuongevt, atid the lAdavkiH 

On thf (7«wf. 


neat nuanennit Itt favnut of > mfdicul bet, jwt hi proponloa 
tt ihe fici n doublfut, or t^Soj >nd ihac th* oumbtr of *|>«ci- 
fic», ami dw tvidtnca m fsTOvr of llws, nmhiply tmieOy ia 
pToponiuo u> th« i&curililcncit cf ttir ditv;tM'. 

atfcdioD, dwruftn u f«w Wftl kiMwn rvmnlH^^ whik far tcto- 
|dlut<ru« iaismnution uliidiU nwoh U««tnicuiUr,Lhc number 
ofbOdUlfil mncU»r« i« Ur grxjurr; but for gouty andvaoinroua 
iadMnidUian, the iubUitLr tpcKtken art ioiiiiimtf»I>lr« 

ofcda not dir aid of oMkft., M>r tllC xoloiu tntiEBony <:.! |b« 
gnucfui. f^' not cnuii«g U> thU^ t|i« i>rcr'oKciov« pcijurr 
Uu EfiulvQfl with ipod fakh, to ike inAiute dethmciit of ihctr 
fdkiw<«uAcTm, whom th<^ vbb to rHi«vc. No niui ttk« UfO 
Cnouhlc CD iwc«r. ihut lie Atvcr a»v n cbAlk^fMMfe iB tlu feat o( 
a seacnBiit * tAEdicr* fjr a coaunoD labuarcr, Kt» arc there toy 
atttlaTtIs uaitraml to CMn ufhicre abMoining £roai r*r«icntiB|[ 
^nnkft, dttiKltiAtatg wunat food, and cn»plwnng Miy g|MM 
bodily cK»cuc, miosvd naftrtyrt U> the gPtW, to heakh anJ 

Stwh ca»r« have occofTcd is aD «cuDtrka, and iQ aU agva. 
aiace ONidkal rvoonh wrr? krptj acid tra autkuilkstad by 
proofc Tar supcriov to ihe oaifas of the patient BOd hia *ymp^ 
timmg friend*' No credit Mioukl be giv«« to ch« ifoonuu 

BuA who csa bcnrfii by andi cKampltaf So ttrici a rvgincD 
caA only be Bdo|M«d by lhoa« vlio arc rcduot<l lo it by nrcc» 
utyiOr by the fv«r who ara capable of rvLiAquiihioi; prcA^iu 
piiilicUBonf, t<» aaofv fttlvra toflMv. 


l.Ca^fBin Mahbv'k MtOisif of Pk-nff^htf SAi^rr^ed 

SIR. Timi^iiih. Kcvf'itk, nwU ^ l«0* 

Tai; Qumy mcUnfholf imuacciof ihipwrtck vhichan; too 
oJtctt wlmiTHed OB every eo*n of Grctt Brittio b» knig nc£^ 
«d the ftfcbng* olthu Fnti^hEtncd nation ihrr)u^yo«irpliiliB* 
thropte inaihsition ; an<\, wbca wc coniider the rtti numberof 
our Telkrw «rc*!ur«t ivho havv p«Hihcdi trfv« wc r«itet «m 
iht Rrcai proportion of our country mtm who arrtvpcucd to tht 
hatircl of Thr 4f£Li vhcn wc remcmbmhc Impntttnceof ovr 
ntlofi t^ouf comnwrcUl iflterCM, >nd to our n*ilo^ arcu* 
ritVi tt U ih« duly of rvery friccifl ta hdman^ty^ r^-rry fHcttd 
la Kls codnir)', to show himself r-Jij^r to (limmiAh thajp^t v^\ 
UA« ^1 thf probate ttoms for wffordmg hti^ in ihc hour of 
difficullj arid disir^H- 

Animalcd by th«c Kfitlpunu, tOiA Titticuing diMitcT^ to 
ttpaatcAiy htpp^aing on ih^ir ihorri, partictilarly oo i>k I SOi 
^ay of February. 1H07, whtn numeroon ^^^mfI* were vrtel:ctl« 
sirul nil hanclA prriihf fl; «manf; (heni hiH mHi«tly'« ^o bHff 
Snipe, ih%t wBi branded ncjir the H^vcn Mouth, *t ibit plftcv, 
vol fitly y^nU from the bruch, not^rilhirunding, from tbt 
vlolcnf:^ of Uic vcK »nd ttrrngi^ oi (hr ttorm, no conjutnoic*- 
tioB touki i>t proj^urrdi and liity'ifrvcn pcnoD> pcritfacd, 10 
ihr ptT^cticcoflhrir iympii;fai^ing counirymeo; from this C if- 
cum&ian<c I ^ni Ud to cadcJivour (lUhouich /^pcktrdly lold 
il wai colilly imprAi-tUabk) 10 [ircvGnt aimiUr dii»lm*c» in 
future, and dtrccied my «ticntbn to vrh>t Mihrn Uiuik o4 molt 
con^efiotoct, ihc wcurjng a cnnimwiicaiioa brlwcto Itit ihore 
and ibe vcHcl in di^Tixu, lay the mc^Di of ihrokiug a rope by 
the force of ^npowdcFi knowing, in th« »ucce» of du< cJLpc- 
dicoi, then axtc nomeroui wayi to reicu^ the u&foriuitue 
pcnnnt on board. Prom the melvicholy day vbovc tcaced f 
lirivr been mtiing inmunenible rxpctimemi that appeared beu 
cklculaied t» promiie »ucce». f hai^ qow Uie opponunit)' and 





bcartfchgniificackniof nibiniciin^tnfHecoDBidCT^tfioaioryDur 

«uccc«i^ and <ip«a;oni or Activp and iiUcUi^atnea,oftke)fuud 
likely lo retuJt from il to lhi> couiMry, xaH to ciicr^ naitou uel 
the £po<iGae» of the ocr^K I hive ttic botiour to bv* 
Sir. w idl all po»hiblc rc»pca, 

VouT moit otKdtciii, vcTy liumlak »Brv3ni, 

&ifraci ^Ja^urat Tarwtmt^, 


r. S> The rifl^l honourable board of ordnance havc^ in cod- 
Kqi^iicf of my jppEiciEion, dirf clc<l lo ihc dao^rouA iiuion« 
of Crotncr, ILhp|iii'jrv>*, WintcrtoDi, Yurmouih, Idovoti^lt, and 
Ort'trtK«t« to hr provided irith tbc ucwu Mdoplcd by mc, tc 
^> reliff in fut^jrr- 

Tc tJi^ Trcatur^r nfthf l^ot^i Itamaru: .S'afrr/y* 

Captain MutiTiy h^ unmc mBtJc itvcj-al lacctMfol exjicri^ 
mcnt* wuli Ihc mrtlioJ of prcitfving the liven tif fcfjt[>wrr<:L«d 
prtvont by mauhvi -^ Ttipc thrown ovrravc»^l lti dJBim*^ 
from a mortu on ihore* Tliit rcpc Js Mcorrd from bumkig 
b}- a fthcmh ofl««thfr round iht tad iciroduci-d into ih? Aor* 
lar wiib the toH, The exp(rnintn< was made u Lowrttoft, on 
the 3f>di of Auguu And 10(h of 9cpwnibcn befote ciMiy <poc- 
intorv, uid iievera] p«nion« of theSuHoBr Humane 5u«jriy- a^d 
ihv opin'ion of the \ttur haa been c^nftmud by ihe uaicvd tc*- 
limuny of many tank n^cvn* 

" Suffolk Uunuoe Society nt Lowenoft, 
Aug. S6, And S«|iu 10, 1607. 
R«-. I-C. Spursieon V,ce-Prc>idenc,|j^ ^ ^^^-^ 

Oq buUi occnvuni ii ^nu uao&iiBouiJy rciolved; 

''ThotiintlioopmkinofihicSuiraUllumimc Society. abwcU 
a> of that of nuny other g awk ancn prcaeou ciptjan Mwiby^a 
aifwriixtcnn for rflccdaig a oommunicaiiun butwcext tbc «hor« 
and a ainoded vcuf], madr b^ tli.-owingiitthoc, wiihiirope 
appcnde<itoit,overavc«KL,iftthoben<arla;nd;of by agrapiicl 
Ito9 a mofiaTi by whkfa a boat con b« hauled o\'cr the 

174 Mtmm^ h^wrrvt^nKfrsm immaufd Danger, 

■urfi hare uuiinirttly vniverfd ibc purpoiB ior Hhich iWy 
far« been MUnpaetL 


Tlic wcsciy iMiittittil at London fot tlkr Escoorigcnictit of 
ArU,Mij^u£uturch««AiL ComcncrccrVOLtdcApLua Mjjib) iKcir 
l^ld nicdil in tcitimuo}' vf tlic iiMporuocc oi hit ducovcry* ■ 

la ftddjlkm iq liie forogi/iiig iaiofmjtioo, inMrtcd in the 
Report of IflOQ, G. 1*- Kt«d, Ew). of Hackiw^ Cxroirf, n *c- 
dvT rhctyl of ihb wckt^t sad *i*bo wm pnn dp lly imtraii 
M), wrth (He bu Dr. lUv^, in tw i MA a n% dw LovMtoft 
Homwuir Soc>rty,hi» favwBTcd (h^i society witk ibe ■ubatqiiflBB 


Mr ur^K micjiu, 

txvBt Jl ^vv dbc kSUbt«ui«ii iv uiuuiiniL utic th«t i am 
will be highly gtinifyio^ 'Hicnt vi- pumculan «ot rxpbuMd 
dut m^hi hay? bcrn mirvdur^d* ihai trould dcTiglii yotir 
■ffrcuoauc dau^hur; »ucb u the ncn oh thorc itripping olF 
ifaeir dry cluihc* to put tbeiu on tJie poor wet Awlon* n aooit 
i« (hey icai'hicd ihc i^hore, uid the uncoriiEnoo MadiriKM of 
the ti«opk of the aai u> comlutt tl)« dnirrbned furvis^un. 
Thcu pwiiEubrjt an umnird in dii: numcn^, but to you vill 
lu; pIcuBing. Cu|i[«in Mjuibv lui wetb trird som^ luw crpe- 
ni&«a[B- I uo nochurc wrre laid out lAO fanU fTaai thf «horc» 
a rope Riipvndrd brnvccn the undiors, nnd il !>i.iny flAaimj; in 
the middlei n bni^Pd nbr^I won find from m mortkr wirh h rape 
of two inches d.:kI ■ ha\f MtM^ts\ ki> it, Tkr thoi uxoi owr 
the ropo ftutcQcd la die aiivh<fr«. It ■*« then hjulcd itgtrti 
And the rc^AtstEanrf wn^ fnijnd f <|ual to ptill off aoy bokl from 
llir b(-iu:li, hotrevrr rini^ (he Mitf. On ihii ^\an we arc vbooi 
to an. You hmv« henrd of the reniHrkAble firekcrvaiioo of ft 
man hv our EiIt'Ivim oo Dec- 13. Ind^cd, W friend, ikat day 
wft* so evident of vuch eiertioTi 9A 1 cumot cuAcirni]^ pfftiMb 
Would you hiiTc anyi^cciton to lay iht n^Kraiirc bdbPt 
your tHHkoumblt botrdf To ibctn rvrry vacb AtweiMM vrilt 
h» ^T^HIrbR;; and Ihty mar w*^. tl"< wfcatcier rv^Md they 


Memnt ^Prr^nvitian from imtmine»t Gmgfr. 175 

bntow up<M an> wbu«i tber dntti tf«eniDg of tWir notice, 
ilmMniTiCcd 10 c^ihmbcffcaiitfeJ'orKcrciuy of the SulTolb 
HlMini Siioctj, will be Applkrd prvcbrK' M ihvy tlir«u- 
^k 0c|>n« mv ftr«r your vbciiknt tod vulctt friciMlv 

^^p M. MAUKLCE. 

H nc fblkwinH: v«ry imer««ting ouniiiTe vraa pntcnteU bo 
I the comouiiee o^~ tbc Su0bLk Humane Society^ bcid «t ihl 
Kvv. J. (-. SpursoonV LotfCMo^Uon MochIav Jan. 13, JSIO. 
it* iinimruucc to cbe puUk dcMft nc4 nvrtJy lUpciid opcm in 
Milhcniicky, buiabo upoft ihe Lnowkdgv oi' tbf hacom th« 
have facea ciFoctual is prc»erviii^ lift whco cMpfd m tho 

Oa Suianijiy Jni- Id, tbc hoy EliJtkbctb Uairiciti, ot 
P*t«tilMr^, VMpain V>odcrw»U, from L'nct^oiA lo KuiEcr- 
lUoiitult ImIck. ftpfung nktk. acd bftcr IJ hbuji tacvMattt 
t»il ■! thv puJnpft. t]i« Pkco wete obliged 10 ru» the vcmcI op 
>bun cKtit i\ic <ii^ji:l houiK io Keuiiigi«nd, The dutMtw liom 
LuvcMdU h btar ibur nile^ Tbc vmd wm U v«M« moU Ura 
vcryviroiig- A v«f>- heavy iMnfvai upon UmvImtci It wjacti* 
deac dui uaIcm a coQUntinkBtioo cotUd be sccund by throv- 
iof n Line from the ihore to the ihipi, accordia^ boc^Hm 
ItaaA^'a judiciouk ptjin« die <r«K inv4l ittcrittbly prfiaJi, AH 
iIm apporuiu* wm :kt Lovr^tolt. Kvrry pfiMiblc eimion wm 
^>plH<d to Uciliuiic itt rvtanval; itiU, Irom lilt diiunr«, the 
nanirv otf tlK cM, and il>c r^adt, annvoidablr delay accurrnt 
before tbf morur cixdd be ^rrd. in the mean dnw: • buoy 
WW veered Jron the lUp, but not near cnoU|^ U> be rcnrJivd 
bf « grapncL The cnw conutccd of ihc captain atmI Hrvrn 
neik The enptun beiook himteU to the shroud*, about mh- 
ihird otf (he «tray up the tneit; die aeveB mat iircuatd thmi. 
edvc« on the bovapnt. Ilic dreh «aa under wauri ibc whok 
«h*p ready to linki In thrt* ciret^aiktancva the aoftar wn» 
find, 'the thoK ud liar reackcd the bowapnl, and Ml in ifac 
ankUt of the arvcn nun- The line waa mily om inch aad a 
Mf ia ciraiMferaicci 10 ihb the «cvcd aacn hoicncd ikem- 
advca, abonl two Tsntt dutant fnnn «4ch o«hcr- They thrn 


176 Meaiu tf Frft^nfoii^ajnn Inmitifur D^i^et, 

dmfipnl m toccruioa JBio ihc ua, nod muok lill tbe live waft 

ItamM bgttf fre™ thoborc. Sctnttimn thcv irt-rc««ea,ftDni^ 

tioM* coTvrvd vtth the Bca* Tn tbitiBttnDrrih'vwcredrtggMl 

iboui <>gblT ytnh through tbr water, and tWn ktl kalely 

IwHledt Six out of th« Kvrn k>ti-rtcd ch«a;tfcUc« \nvt thr ■£> 

^'frcv froiD coUBglcAf AU the •evtbih by acfkUoi threw hwM-lf 

«iithc,«rongiiilc '^r ibc rvpc attached to the bowtprit. ^^^ ■ 

tWt% titLULtion tficy ivould have pcritliccl had not th« repv tm* 

Crtic-d u> the bavsprit brfiVcit, when the Imc from the ahon 

L^aa |nuUd tight. The fpclinf;* and palnrd lAxietiea of 

<Mi the ahort, who wcr« aware of ibc cJOciit of 

ling caJamttri can bclu^ hv uwa^vd thau dctcribcd* The 

[ftflktavc pihTl of ihc tijffrttlivt mvoink to he itatcd. Captala 

''andvni'all WSH itUI in ihc khn^uJ*, joid saw all hit peo|ilt 

fr on ahftrf. The hi^4 hr triAilr hhovcd Ihc arvguiill of Ilia 

Imind^ all vaK ttonr fnr hiK relief iHai could hf done. A vtcodd 

wai fir^d, and ih« ropf nttachn) lr> it wu ihrows oo ibe 

of the ahip where the capuiu ir«i fetaiidi&g, Jlckwhcd 

\y at the ro|>e| but, front aome eauac nnaile oo attempt 

'fO r^ch it. The detk woi th^u hiukeii up, jtnd all cuBrtnoni* 

caiMii with every otJicr pki r ttl ih? ahip wh cut off. Aoodtet 

itiot wai fiml, and the »ope pA4>fd very near the unhifipy lu^ 

intr- At Ihia initant all the innMa gave wmy, oud the opiam 

wa» boritd in the midat of the wreck. 

The greaieat pnuae la due to ilic pdotg and Mtmcti of 
Leweatfift and PokcActd for their zeal and i:?icrtioTi) upon lliia 
ficea^oni tljcir if ai -and exrniona arc indeed* on all <ii [qiiom 
1b which ditttrrsa ia witnevtvd.a moac honoiLmhle put of their 
(haractfr. It wculd, huwcvrr^ be highly impmprrto nfth die 
mcmkn of Iteibcn lledr. Jcr*eph Dmny. Charles DuTTieic, 
Theimp«miSwBn, Jamu S(chbin|tit, jwn. <if Ijawt^mh; Joha 
Cutmlnftham, of Palcrfield; ami |^>hn Dav^^. nf Kni4lnr;:laB^ 
The ndltiiy itnri prnevrrnncv ahown by the aborf pcraona 
eanniDt brion highly r^tolled- The judicioui plana and iadv- 
^lignhlc attetilLon ot'cTipinin Hintno, of the royol ntv\, Mr. 
)aiH»9 ReevCft and Mr. Elph, etktiUe them to the higheii ap' 


iHnam A/ZV/Hmibon/fwii Amnuvtr Dmgtr* 177 

That Mfcniou* wriUv. Jav«o|gc of tke ik lilD4>o*U Im* pub- 
itkhcd iltim NaVESilOT^i Lift-bvoy, <ra^ioU« ptiAi o/ forming 
aivigUioa UTc^ivnUt ia ft jfT^ftt mttturc by meuu oC voipty 
^logbhfadk m ca*li cloc«ly b«iii|fed 10 coa&ac ihe ur. ilc hd* 
kindly gi*ca unhmitcil pcmiuiOA 10 iuinxliuc here, hU liM' 

In ihipwrcck, wlwre o*1y a »!ii|ie rtttpry hogihrstd or G»»k 
LI *i fiaad, wiihnui 1 ht>%i or iib&b br^hr:! to it. ii wotiM b« 
Umbk 10 (ttrn or roU hi ttkr wMcr. But if two cft^k« co«ld b« 
Uad, tli« bc«C wax ^'"■'^^ ^ ^^ ^''■1> i^"* ti>^thtr t\6t to v^de, 
which vouM coioplcbtiy ptvunt thtm rrooi tuniiQ|;« and »o 
•enured, miglM tuppon twenty or ibiny obm ia wa*waL«r, 

It may be rcmnrkrd thil cail« laihcd togcch^r, cwo by Iwo, 

tdcuuhcd panic* of mvoi will B^^n^niUy be prefeiMblc u> 
oilier nuinbcr of cwtt na UnhtiJi brcauK ih*}- do no* uim 
io wi«« Ilk* onr <a»W, and Aty h«vc a grfstcr propotiion of 
luflri£on<nt cirrUEnfcrrr^rc rhan chrcc^ fomr, or my other larger 
ttucnticr; and wIms cukv art^ Whcil togfih«T m p«iri, men 
nuy cling to bodii cncli, and 10 one LidcofcAfh; but IT three or 
more C4«Jt4 are buhrd close tojcciher, tide 10 udc, ittm can 
only iJioff 10 the tmA%, aad to one tide of th« kru and lu:, 
(here bcioK ao room between tbe vdpc« of the btenncdi^tc 

VeT n^^ rsfu nalfcbt frcqucaiily he mAde, hjr kuhmg 
ompcy trmk% 10 planifc^^ brotrc* Maau, fard>, o&rt, board*, or 
ailnKiat an^ othrr piece* of tiRibcr it hand- Tboa m brotM 
mftit, yard, or plank, may have an empty taak U*hcd acTott 
cuh of it* cnd«k and bring no mvch heavier than th« caik* m 
waUr. would always br ondorvou* ar>d >ecvc a* a k«cl. Tiro 
ropM otiglu br Axed bo the upptrmoai pma of the emb of the 
ravlist and drawn Uflbff, pftraUet to the keel, afkd loonc another, 
lor the OMO 10 hold by. 

To a boftt« caipable o! earr) inf| only lu oMfl ift iBodcnic 
_w&idxcr, vcro twu ho^luit'tt, or ovon only onv pUoe^ inifalai 
atmiigly Mivd srar ibt nkiddiv (if two caska, oov no4r 

*ofc. tr z . 

tftth end) of The hnat, u hi^ ju cam be done conwalmtlf , it 
Kprrtumcd thnittlnsi fifty mtnmiglnbestipponed- 

Wrrc ihic tut nf cflipty. cr air t-a^kft, «> be Hlopnd for U»r ii 
porpodie In vkror, tt vcmld be proper ta hnTC no^ or boopa B 
pcrmitn«Airr affixed lo tfar ciskft« by vlilch Bca oushft IrtUf 
jindcovhkhrdprtorfotrh mt^qukltjrbeikdwliw 


UL T/K CcrJt y^^t. 
Thlii ippxra^uu of »ty fctfistrucdoii, cotuUtt in ivtving thin 
flat piecct <>r iphaviiisi o( cfirk, b A w^ucou or jvkct (o fie 
tloic to the body, rad being lecured by butio&t or viriii^, 
friU runaiR In a bIiue of KiAi'i«tti uabiTicy. 

ThU tci^Aoiu mdhod coofitu in idjiutlng two p1ec^« of 
fork, to tcctircd hy tipr or <ordi, aa to be made to hi Lhe 
brrMtand SkIc, and ro reuia the t>o»tikmi mwluch they u« 
phc«dj At the nme time admitting a fret u»c of tbc um- The 
whole appar^ui m«y bp procured » * vtry trivial ciLpeatc 

V- J(fr. Spkmckr'* /ftvrn'ron a/' a Mtrine Sprmrr. 

Tfaii U made b tb«formof ■ girdle, of MdUmeter to ^tibe 
hodyt nx iacbei broad, complied of ;ibout 50Cj old iBTem 
corkattrupg upouavtrongtiiinc vrcUlAihcd together w^l^'* 
cofd, covered HilhcaavUf ud paiated ut oil ao at 10 wftkv it 

Twuupcaoreotdv, uboui iivofcct long, arw twtawrd to tlw 
track of Ihe girdle, Mith luujit aiC thv «nd«. ThCTo b lyBOlhvr 
lape or <ord, Abom iia» fc«t tun^, m tbr iitiddlc uf nvhkti ■ 
few cork* are itrung, covrred with canvat, ami paicted a« 
tibove< 'rhan ia ■ pin of hard WDod« thrve iuchts long, and 
hAlf an inch did meter, fa-iien;dio the front oi the girdU by a 
(npe or cord about three inebea long. 

When Ae marincr'a »peoc«£ la to be dsciI, alide front die 
feat c^e up owler the anna, brio^ the tapes or cord* oaeovcr 
>-icli shoulder, and fiuiLea ihcm by the loopa to iht pin, and 



bri«fth« tape or cord betwc<» ibe legv, an4 fMttn it to the 
other pin* 

A ptfTvoa tko* oqpilppMJ, thcHif^h vnacquaiatcd with twin* 
min]^, niy «deLy tniM b|«»<tf to the w»vcai tor ho will flottt 
hf^ MkUihouUo»«fao*«irM«rinikaf «iom,«»dtbypaddliag 
With h» handtk atty tatWy gun thr iborc* 


In tlijft emplro, in which perltapo milljoni of pcnMoa Uvic 
sIiODftl v'hotif oo bo«nl vmdi on iu nuaicrous caoaK tt i> 
eiNtomarf for parents, to prr«cn'C th^ir children fran dn>wa- 
bginconi«qu«nceof falfing into the waEcr^ to tie upon the 
lock ofciicfa child rin tmpty E^urd or califaculi, well carkKl. 
with which ihty roa Aom ihc dMks of the veaurls; and, if thv 
jktddctit of TaBiri^ overboard tbould hippm.thay are prsHrv- 
t4 Irom liking or dfowiog by tbr Woyancy of the rahhcuAh 

VH, AnAntAM /nvr^ff^n p/"« Lifi Pre^rvcr* 
OiMofthfT moat aocicM mcthixlH of provrntios drowning 
perhapi ^o^'vil with n^irtgatioa and piracy^ is b^ tht «kln of a 
gou; ihongh lii advancigtfl w«fv too ofwn applied to facilitate 
iBJusBcc and rapine. The bank* of both ihe £uphnicrs aod 
T\fp'a are infrTned wiih rohbrr^ who ace accoMomcd eo iwim 
aboanl of the hoftit \rt the water, and to curry off vhatcif r they 
oittaebrr. Travdlen hoTe oftm been turpriicd at the length 
af the dintancea which ihc Arabs will pau flouing oa Uio 
water. They ncronpli^h thcuc viijTtf^^ \>y meant of a J^ouTft 
tkla, of which lyi'v^cw very eompletcly the diArrcntopeninp, 
with rhr rvecfv(>on of ihr tikin of one of the Ic^ which ihcy 
UBC ai a pipe to blow up thn reat of tht tkin, ud aftcrwarda 
twiai and hold h vcr>^ ti^hu After thiA prppamion^ tbcy Mrip 
thenteWea naked, form a pacVi^c of their clothca, aod tyittg 
it on thcif JthouldcTi, lay thcmtelvca dat on the gc*tikua, on 
which ibey ftou rrry much M their eaac, paddlifts willi tlMrr 
hJindt and feet, and smokiug their pipes all the time. Not 

ISO jtffVM (tfI^ro$gr9uti9H/r9m Jmnituni Daugtr, 

only men, but vomca and girls, ftdopt ihU ractfaod of 

the river, and make the air reecho with their aonga whttc Ao^ 


VIIL Mr- DAittEi.^ Invention of a Ufi Prtttrvtr* 
The body of the machine, which is double throtigliottt, ifl 
made oF pliabk water proof leather, large eaough to adnut 
its encirdiDg; the body of the wearer, whose head b to pmm 
between two fixed straps, which rest upon the shoidden the 
araw of the wearer pass through the spac«a on the outddtt of 
^te straps; oae on each side, admittbig the t&achine luider 
them to encircle the body like ^ large faoUow belt^ the strap en 
thelowerpart of the machioe is attached to Ute back of it, aad 
hf parsing betwixt the thighs of tho wearer, and bucklia^ 
holds the machbc suffidcntly firm to the body, widnutloo 
Much pressure under ths arms. The machine bciogtbitiftKntfi 
is inflated with air by the bearer Uowin|; Jrom Ufl IttOffit 
through a cock afixed to &c machine, a sii£cieat quHii^ «f 
air to fill the macbbe, which ear is retained by tuning the 
atop-cock. The machine, when filled with ur, will displace ft 
sufficient quantity of water to prevent four persons from aink-- 
tng under water. 

€tue ofj9xiihr^ AnmrioBt m wMrS the Athtiawon 
jffftry vat ti^tf 6fAind /Ac C/mneie, 


^it locate -Md D0( prove olOmnff])^ uicCfuful; yet an all iht 

(onlj ob»Ic»«l, r h^TC thought U rtghc u>iubmlt thr /oUoving 
iktailiu the prfunaJorihr profrttion, under a jitctumplioo duit 
ilcoril4ifl» Mitral practicnl facd of <0Diid<r)b1« imporUMC, 
not only vUbrcGcrcQce to thU panSmUr opcnuioo, but jJufio 
0«r fulujc con^jct in tU cu» of dfjeurLini. 

Jvbn Tu»nl>, auilor, aged chcrtf-tvo }-«!». ^Jict«J to 
CX(c«aive iDioxUftiion, of an nnhraltliy aod pcculiAily aoxicmi 
gomitcBMce, «M Admittrd iaii> Su BanholonM^'t hotpjt^ oa 
Xucfch} ^ ^ of November iftinJ.ou *MDuittof «n ancuriun 
i& d>c «julla oT hb Tig^i «ntt, «hicU hjtd beta comiog oa he 
■akl Jibuu4ii>ur iftoodt*. He cwjld nottncc iu<xigtD toany 
accideat* n fint h< au{jpu»ed the tiiflGBg to ht ooly i conoNai 
boilt and thvrcfore paid litUo atttaiion (o i«, until llhepttbatioo 
ift die tiuaoe ud k diitrviuag lia^liog — '"t'^*** at tfac cmto ol 
Ka iingcn, dcpnvcd himof tJcep tul rcadcicd hiia isofofak 
of ttorkiaf M hi* Ijidc. 

M'bsi hfc WM iccciie<l inUf the bwpical, ihv proni&evt pan 
o( Uie lunOE tu the JUjUa wmk sf ibo bi^c oJ ihc Uf ol a Idrge 
orufc; th«rff w» >ku > very coofiitiorahU e»largvi&i;m juul 
dUUDtioB itniScmetlh ihtx p«ci«nd imitde ud ad}aco»t pflru, 
vrhidt pffcvcuted the elbow from being bivu8h(,b>' thiedif^Aocc 
of uvcnd uiche*, nuo conuka tvilb tbe »idc 

The tEmpvr«turc ol 'wuh «nRtL vu aUlMiasd ibfl pulic in 
the radblvtcry of cQch ofthen waKeorre9:poQdi*iiu Aftntbr 
pMietit hod been put lo bed, some blood nkcn From the kit ftn&, 
and hu bo«^U cipplled^ ha pulie, »hkh on hii ^idnuniioa hui 
bf«n « lAO, became lc«» frnfuents ha% cwmteaxatx apponrd 


Cta^ pf Anfuri. 

maqnl; nd be tvpcricocrd «oa»c ivBiMton ^ ifae dia- 
trctting i«lullkmi ID thr dfi^Clcil Arm: thitrrtirf hi-rvner wis 
of abort Junniooi tlkC weight Bpd iocuiiibT«D0c of kii< trm «oott 
bctanvr rnar< And i»orc opprcmvt, «ad m iT«MttBC* to t'^n^ 
ntvdicd Mtittance h» alghu vere agun pasaed wviboui iWp. 
and ha CDiinUMnr r rcaMuiacd tht awEkfjrwhkti IimI ch«ritf- 
mizvJ tt, wbcri bt ^1 pjc«t«ied hiotodf for *dvic«iP 

On tbr itxih clay sficr hi* adtuiuiob, hii decline of b^aUi 
bvcimc »o rcry cTitUftl,«nU the progreiuvc eltTftiMDof tlit 
cUndr, froo tfa« incnatsng bulk of the tunor. wts ao dccid- 
ftdlf crvAUng addj tioniT d i HiniliW* to ain- Tuiura opcnulcB, tte 
1 fionakUnd it D<t<a9in- to ^owcnc my coUnguo, and aviU 
mj^wir of ^ir opbiooft u to tl)r pr^pnttj of fxrionniog tfat 
Opcmtioa: when it wab agnrJ in convuluifOt), thK aa "the 
tuinot (although incrrutng) did not Appear irnvkediKcly to 
cndjngcr Hie life of the p^iimi, from avry probnbWiy ofito 
btirjtiag luildenty, U irould h« adTJuhdp y<i to po«1po«e Uu: 
operation for the puif^OM of aUowiOQ^ the greateic poMibktiBM 
ibr the uniMomoamg vcneU to Iccomc enlarged^ a*d ha llie 
raonwhile that the C4»c ^hotilcl be rnoil tigifaiitif wauhvd.*' 

Aboui chii period of the caac ihe poLsMion of the iwlitl ar- 
tcry of the alTccied arcn gradually btcam* mom obararet satd 
aooo after CLthrrc^iMd entirely, or, whai iimore probahJe , vrmi 
feathti}ie«\iccerdmgedemaof tfaefore-arinand hand, both of 
which hrcatne loaded to a gfeai extern. 

Nntwithatandicg the anevmina] tumor hnd con^DiMd to ia-i 
creaM, and the patient'i health had pro[wr(ionaift)- dcdmcd, 
yet no patticulu iltctxtiou w^ obtrrvcd oa the tntegimcaCa 
tnatil I viiittd him in the evvntog of the twelfth day afierhsa 
admlitlon, when E found hint compTaininf^ of more than Daoal 
wcsTinct* loid ^weight in the affpctcj IimS, and pnin/ijIJy lenpa- 
lieotfrom ihe impoaoibllity. ai he deicrlhrd h, "of fiodlnffa 
pc«h;re for the arm.^ 

On examiamg the mmor n djir* spot 3pptaT<i»l on ha cvDKirT. 
mrroaadedbyinnanmaiiontirhich threatened a TnoreeTt^nairc 
deatractJonofthcMkicT. UnJ-frtheic ivrnptomi and oppraraocea 
no iarther poacponcmmi of the operation being tdatmible, t 
fcrfooncil It new day in the follow»iTTg manrcr. 

fTfuv rfAMvntm, 


Of fAf Off>trti1:sn. 

Tha ptflm betaf; plucd upon on operaon^ tabic, with hit 
bemd obliqixlv tovardt tbe Ugbi* and ibe tJfvcced um nppon- 
«d by «■ MkUCMH At an ettf itiuMU» from die «idc, I omleIc • 
tmiTerw iocinloA thioagh tbe aim ind ptflifMna Btyoid««t 
aloQg mkI upon tht upper cd^ at th« cljtvltle, of «boat t«o 
inehn «ad 4 luiir Kd Icnfftk, bcgimiiag h Morai w die »ho«]d<r, 
jad CcriKuntin^ iu lukcr cxiRaait^ at Bbout hflir >D locli idthli 
ihctittrrvdrdgvof thQ»t«rt]o^lc>do niMCouJeu^ mifttcla. Ttw 
ic'iKinD diiridfdaiinjiltuperficialanery, wMcb irasdtrectly 
MCurc^L The aktnftbow (he da«k]cbfttagih«a pinched upb«' 
twccn my 4«n thumb a&d finger «id tho*r ol ah fttsisttDft 1 
divided lllroniiraifii»iMilwflrdB Mid upwards iaihr IJnr oFthr 
oanrMd odf ol the BEenuxkidO'miMoidcm muNfte to the ex* 

My ofaJGci la pinching u|i Om *)ud fur the «fcwid incitton 
«ru bA ezpuc AL uactf Um «Uf>v*rici4d vvnt, uaA by dJMeodnK 
tbnn cwfulty Irooa die <clhibr nprnC/noe to placie ihcm out 
of mjr v^Y wkh'jul ivouodin^ ihvm. Hiit pnniikiD proved to 
bvTcry iuclol, (briircodorcdtbtf Qovgdblooddurivgtheopc- 
ntioo vcrjr infliog cotfnpantiTely viih ifhM might othctwiae 
huvv been cxpccord; and thereby enabUd nc viih the fjT^atrst 
lacUiif io bring into vi«v tho«c (MnwhUh «t«c m dlracl mr 
u> ihc arKry. 

My ■wnamt h:iving now k>warod the tbould^r* for the 
purpoM cf pbtiag tkt Ant icciucin ubove ihc cUtUIc (which 
I bftd dvvjgutdly mmdc aJopg :k(id uppa that banc), I ci>tidmi«d 
the dIflectigQ wiUi my vcalprl iKitil ] hjd dixntnly brought 
(■do night tbc rd^ uf the aBLerwr scalvuiu nnucle, immed!^ 
auly belov the an^ir, which is formed by die uavming-btlly 
of oaio*hyo«dew ud the nlgr oTihc siemo'Clcido-mueDidciui, 
and havuig ptucd my linger oq ihc artery at the poitat ^vhrrc 
tcprBt«nt» iucU Lctwceu the ualcci, 1 ibuod &o dilBcuIcy ni 
tnv^g ii withoM touch^gaoy of the nerve* to ihelowei cdgr 

~ \n tnj Am i«^*f« 1 Lnif mj'^nallj' cut dtnti ftl^*£Uil upqo ih^- lUrJCltk 

•fihetbMMrftberdDRcditMdikeiKLii injidBfi'l vkbtdiolnte 

k tar Ihc pg |i»e tf |W»«wJing •minh the apcn^iK 

1^4 C^Mt ^/ AaturUm* ' 

af tbe up^ev hb, M «bUh pan I tkucbid it with my fiascr 

iJvre Jbuwcver atom wi efliUirTu>iD< au which (fthhottgh i 

had LnnxO from rcpcilcdly pcrromiin^ thji ^pcrAJoa mAAj 
jTKAn »i«cc o« Uir d«K] mbj^ci, ihat to pa»t the li^EKure uoikr 
ifat H)tn:UvUu trttry vkh the nee^lk comouMly tiAcd ta auca* 
fbnife would li« imprviiuyci I hid thctrfotc provided Btytcir 
Vith iuUiuncnt* of vMiook fbrm> lad curvMUftv to vrcC iha 
diftpalty, «ttch of whkAi a»o«l rvadily conveyed ihc Uplun 
VDdcnifadi ihc 4ncr) , but votitd titrt« nc no fkJtbcr^ ^r ^>QS 
BMk ofi^lkl iBMcrUU Jn<lhK«d inLDhufed)c*,ihcy nouUl iMt 
■How of th«»T pDiott bciog. tiiought up agaJP flt ibc vcty Btuin 
«MVAl«K Hhteh the D*r>oinkca> uf the *|UK« bclwcen [he «bt 
and tbe tUvi<k iiflord«dtB«d vhich lAtbu partKohU' (ai*4 vm 
rtndcrrd tA udusuaI depth by the previt^ui ekiatio* of ikc 
ahoulder. by ih^r imnor. 

AJter irjing vaHoui mcftbt to overcooftc Oii» diKcdty, m 
firobc of dtKtilcOKUlwuu kngihhaiKlrdinct which 1 piMetl 
undcf the uten', And bringiog uf it* point wiib a pvir of Mnill 
fgrtcp*, Succeeded tn p*itkig on l^ligaturr, Ami Uien lied Um 
lubtUvi^d «r(ery *L ike pAri where I huj jircvtottfiy ii«Uchad 
>| ri>t tlui purpu««* The drawing of the knui wm uoMUadod 
with p*iii,the wuuml wncUiivdby ibc dty »ucurti«il4 lln pa- 
tieni w;u then returned (u his bed- 

r*^y ^fiht Journal 
' t £vtDiag viiit un ilw day of ihc o^cTiktiun.— The dutrctftiaf 
tmgtingAeosMlua jitllKciid»ufUi«Fai*coi\]£ag*rBC«aft«d Iroa 
the utav iJie bgatare wan jipplicJ \a tUb kriervj ht aliT»dy kM 
gleaner iaeibty ia pLttiii^ ibe ^iMicd um, and la in oil le^ptctt 
■lodi mom Irvr from p«m th«n he wvi pevicnu to ibv opei** 
ikkn; he hu lud tome refr^tunf^ sleep; hU [ruUc » 110} the 
eriopcr&luic *ii botli ajini appt-Mrr eri^xU ^e pxi-sai JCkdtfttl 
Bay«,ihaxio b*»fccLiAf helu«cvcD&otTW9raKhbdxe«ffoctni 
arm than \n the other. 

JMom'mg VMit second dny. — The puicni hu pftiued a much 

mure qiuet ni^t^ uad ftcU more contf^^rtablc ihao >t any tlaw 

ince his vdniEaim ima iIk ho^ital; he hia aU|» five or «ii 






ht/ani hk loi^uv tod <kim w mohi. and Ua polt h 1e« frt* 


vTOang fiMtt«cQntl d^y. — The patient b*9 dr>£nl s Utile 
ia^the ^(rmt>nn* acrtl taken tL^hcttounihrnrrrtmihe roune 
oFtbe ilir< ^* r^^*^ ^' lSO,ycin:g«Ur;hri:nmplai**4Dmftthai 
oFtkirvt hut hn *k»n Jtotl tonevf amnoUi^ itif rrapmiiiET b 
ilic vtjtut in both of hHHrfii»;lKr tumor ii Im ufiie:ili»^(Ic«u 
oFiIm fer^'arm and hwtl i^ cootidcnbty rcduccil; (he inflttt> 
nwtioa of Ui« ikin hi IV aiilb Ine tubaidfidi thv dix«1or^d «pot 
Miwiwall \ jndUir piiurncittntirclTftc<rroni piin. 

Morning "i>^ iJ.^J iUj,^Th< paurnt did not 50 to ilcrp 
before &VC c/cloti ID tbc nofniitg, bot from thu um« until d1d« 
o*dock bt llw««jo>Td J ompi^ml «lc<p. a:<^l »dyft, that h« fcclf 
hbntfetTmiMbrffmbnl.and tkiih? U perfccOy rd'rcvcd from 
All pfiim Wid onMuin«tft> Tb« ttmperacuy« of both ami conti- 
Mlci *qu*l *nd ibr *wnc ai Imr pig*it> 

F.vtfring ^ i«i iKirJ rf*^-. — Thr pukst nukvt frequent it- 
Cvbpti to expectorate, and rar« iKut *■ he ii mcoarenkitced by 
phlegm;^' be hju bad ileep kt mlerrAli and U quite frer frnon 
punithcikrn Jed tongue Are not *onii>jft««)^eit(rday«jntlth« 
puke it a I'lltEc irrra^uhr. "Hic tfttiion otf tlw tunor u vet) Okuch 
«ba1«di the edema i» ncarl}' r*fni>V(dt ibe diitolofeiJ ■put in 
tbe ikki of Oie tuokor hu not aKr«a»cd| the tempenuire of both 
■nn« i»cqiid* 

Moming vUit fourth tk^r-^Tbe patient Kn pMved a vcty 
good nifht, and «jj« that he &eU much mure confOTtaUr than 
at aof period »iaceifaeeommc[i^:cn»rotof KtacompUJDijhrhia 
Dbi suf paio ia the wound or >tfteied am; ibc »kln iaJ tmx^e 
sf* moitt, hia pctbe n 105. jtnd both TtipiUr and Esofi; the dii* 
cotond «pM IB the toioor it more darkened, but it has am. cX' 
nrbded »a small niperMd crack ia ctoervahlt id itt centeT> there 
ift nv tliStfence beiwcew iIk nwa m theb tempcruuf e. 

S«vfiuig viLit r<-4Uth daf .— 'llie patient ha tAkcn luOicient 
nourbhoacfli, wtt vificoceasKraallyMhe'diacokircdnfiot 10 the 
ajtiHa baa cateniUd to [he *\zc of a t^lLifi o&d tlicre ti :i LJrtle 
ooxfn^ from the cnck in ita ce&ier. Hie lenuon of iht tumor 
la ftnber tca«ene(l, and tbc rdcma of the fbrr-arm am) hand 11 
etrtuvlj- rtmomL ITu patient coffplaina of iblrst* hJ* lDn$ue 

Voi. 11. ^A 

b dry, add ttic puke iDcrcMod Ui I ^i tiw trmfcnvurc ia caicfl 
umiktlicAHni' ' ':Uiiciinibcr«lwiihvb«ikccall»phUgm, 

Morsiaf viui. ^th dfty-^rbv pttieat boa *}Fpi datut^ th« 
'^aur paft or ibc nigbl, hii putsc ii vfry ^juick* «ni) at Uai«» 
vcr) fccbtci hi* tongue i«pAr<lfecd.tbr ikia dry aod bnurdi dw 
ftknj^liiitf foiQi oa ihc lunor » okitg ditttiKdjr nukod M Ik 
cJ^ft Iju( It tku U4( exttdd«l; Lbc ooikif froB iu Hour n 
OMTcty tupcitU[jI. J lu wuu«mJ ii aov (Ireatcti forikic fjrMttatc; 
Uha^ 9 favour^G ippeflniiMG and ii tjuiHe lre« froat (Mbi tlic 
pvucnt com|4«io« of qrcit arc jHncw ind ivctgki la the *llcctBd 
arm, and lijiy>kir« under cooiidenblc opprcuioB M hk ctieaij 
ihe icn|»nitorc in botk Nn*» Dontinuci to corrcapond. 

Viut &fih dj^. £aiir oVtotL r. x — The pfliicn£ ahct^t oooo 
became rcsi]e«,aiid bcutycd ^yviptom* of aberration of niod; 
now evf rciiM g!r«« mnxKty u> wc hi* relaiivca, a* he luu 
toin<lhin|tf he iiHyai lo imparl to them of p^rcatimportvicc *ihkh 
nrryii iJfi4»i Ui^ Oikndi he hatbr^n obArrvcd cliinng thfl dn~ to 
pluc hi» hafld frequently upon bin brcMl; he complaiu ol Ulc 
affected ^rm; hii puU<: jk vrrj r^pii! uml irilfrmhcrnt, the NTVU 
^Tf ofrqual wariuth; the 9ilaugh in the axlIla ia not oiofe 

l''i'cning U5L(, fifth (lavn — Tht piikac^witV atiJ bro<h«r 

ivJch him; lie faai unburthcui^O hUiainJcn thcin, nd affieaiv 

I- to be more eompcMedi hi* putx however u loo rapid to b« tcck- 

^ucd^ktid intirrmiu. 

Oo bein^ ithUd yihn <aiaici tiin ao frrqu«Dil>' to pUcc hia 

tipf^n hi» chc»t, he rrplic», '^ My (Mia, U » in my bcartj** 

Lv lillribjii U nttdf to cti«cT fajm uitL x hope of rccovci^i Itc 

:g«[a«^ nnore tmnqtiU. and eitpmtea^a u lati lo 1^ i «wd iaha* 

:di xhc BtioUtf* being unabU lo pl«ce him quilf Upri^lu, lie 

takf* ttn cJtertioA to raitc bimielfj a «tivtig ccjoiuitivc actkm 

pbuc jtl>oiu the refiott of ibe btvi, hhi couauoaMC 

and man iii»tani — h« expircf. 

Ou cx^nuaaiiua of the body after dcatli Uit Cc v p4culiatitk» 
xa'eii (hi-[)]ielvci, «i>me of tbcm hovere? apptnrt04M ■■ 



Ot$r wf Anftirkvau 


ThrMibdJivbn*rtm\r»rptMg «tlit anearknulflpMtnrr. 
mu in « pcTfccilv hfUthy MAir. I'ii^ trifriM brAAcfainic otTfrnm 
it, on vhich xhr- hnb wm tn fic di^pmdrnt fnr it« ftmirc imf-- 
pon, h*d not adivlrcil >fiy kBCRiae of cnpMdty Ivynnil iltai 
wttkh ii MTurftl <o ib«nu Tbc tH-4rt, and the Urp^c ir^iek im* 
nedittelf rn ccnnctLnB with It, ncri? pfrrrcily touniJ, iMvt no 
opeiuffs the tt<«ii cnva lUffrior ir wftft fbiin<1 la can*ris ■ Inrxe 
faod^ of cfA^labl^ lymphf firmK A(!h«r«nt to \t\ Intmial coal, 
and lutnjiing pcn<lutou» into itic fturidti «rhQr( it applied iu^rlf 
like a vKiiv,ancJ taully cibnriieet4 tkc fommunkatloii Iwtvrrrn 
the anrklc a»d th« r<ncf rdr. 

The tiuiirunul tutnnr contBiiMfl about two pints of blood, 
th« fueJiprpanof vhich waa tn so Ruid a niite ihat ii rtcaprd 
ihAWf^h a «aiaU finnccnre u-hi^li [ nudr with inf scalprl. Thf 
freat^irtho cncmor waa cmYfcd irnh a itrnni^y toancctwl loh- 
kianeCf bearfaij^aame r«ftemb4ance id b sac, but k» pon^iof tnri 
other bnunriarict vcrc farTnfilinrrr1yorih^.4Ppiini(uimlffr^it 
fpMn ihtiT healthy itite) Wklb wbichthe«fusnlUoad had hap*- 
paaoil iA come into cooiaict. * 

The mihcluvtnn artery iwhctc ih« li^tire wan nf pTk^ wji! rt' 
very Daatiy ««panucd, that ^ enlf btld tngcih«r liy a ityt shred^' 
of drad tnaticr. K«di>xiTtfabt^«d'th^tt1nD«<dM<t«da.neT7',<m 
bring laid open, wat found ig br already complrtctv consolida* 
led and tmprrviiMn, aii«l tio doulic «ou1d esm of its bein^u 
ihit early ptfiod Atlly enimp«trtit to r«»Ut iSr Tnapcius of the 
blood&HillMhean. Ibadafaotoivttiirkstlhcarvnnmhfn 
atauUiiepa'iUoftnasufaUelyaipb. which was closely connrr- 
^ ud witli theintrniaLciHitaftheve«K\aiidMcanediobf!pWdl 
H ibcrc n an kddiciaaal movn of securing io ubtiteration. 

^^^¥ tin tooaidcno^ tba facta prcvcBtad by thaa caari o«r atemlioA 

^P U (trat attracted to tltoac which oflervd theiatclvcB clitnng ihr 
ofKnUontaodtMXt to tbt)ietrhichccai'^«dinim<dlflcdy after 

^m the JipplicaiJon of ih< ligature. 

^P U) tlic Cbnner wc p«rtci«'c tliac the tying otf ibr fabclaviaa 
arUiy behisd the d«vkle u noi <inl>' pr««iKab1«, M with ilw 
miataiKc of propct insinaoacoia afanoal aa easy aa manjr oikct 



openticm* in wrRcty; frotn liie Ul>«r we k«ntt lluft noewlih- 
— »^*f the drculMiioa in iht srra it ioMteopud \m ihc nola 
^■mI» naniitt in h«r amfto pravinoaa mpfljM mtmm to •apt 
yon die lUnb tbraogb nmitDnHftiiig rcvKb, and ihM loo widt- 
ODCHf niUiilnnBUnfrratc of ihdr naivridiimner. 

n\% coMidrrAtiiw u of GTffu imfkomaoe. nod najr piitlc 
ouf pn<il«« In rcf:»r<l to aficurtiBUil Bff«cdofti tm gcMwL 

It faa« b««l a r««clv«d ^pmiom th>t in cTcry me of mcuvImk 
il i> pnidoat to dar«r ihc nfMraiion » ionn a* pCFuililc, fain r dii 
tdftllow ciMe for tiM UMlonMiBf br«ncha ID bcconkc calnrgvd 
ptTvioti^ to dM naain vtery being oliUttrnicd; imI ibxth* 
th mcM ol r>o»v>iy to ihg p«d«afc Mw pgfpoftiofttte » dw 
vhkfa cAn be •Uovcd lor ih«t pvrpocpc 

'Hiin npiaiofi wd* uncd upov in the pmm untmco^ w> 
u ih« immcUiaiv ulct^ uJ Uu fBti«nt coaUd p«rniu. 'Hie ope- 
rvian wjq noi pcribmed uavA upiranls ul la«r iBmUia tfter 
ilir tumor WM firuifi«eo««f«di«tilwflBdcirfirbidilaa91)EmMl 
however, (xippuiftui oa diiMcdiw,) nn oborwnUe UvreMe of 
ttxr fa«d iftken place m any ^r the ■nnMnmounj^ vvucb,^ )nc 
thty pnwid q»ii« cqiuil Eo i he «i3pport ot die limb; and ihnugh 
dir cuTTcst of blocd ibmugh ilw tubckvtoft annr w«ft ihat cot 
off, dM Mmpevwra oi ih« nrm did not cxperknc* eren m rkv 
mmtMy tnt«mifition. 

It may (ariker be rviiiKFlrMi, An the airm instead of Mtffer- 
iag in odirr reipccci aivf inoonTcnirni privnttc^ti, m mi^ hM^ 
hCFH ripectcd, fm« tht La**^f iti cbJtrarifry, nntonlr brtamc 
intfirdiiiiel^ free^ ham paiUi buc *i) far frt>m t%h)kAi\^ anif ilmlU 
atncf ttf itt eiMC^nujy powers, vr>t [ttr(f<t\f at ibe tmdcBiV 
dUpQi^M in Ti'f-nH tt> pcMuirc (ihoiif^ prnrimn to ihcopetatlMi 
he could nai mAv« ti ni «l],] And kid acnudly vctxivtrrcd fntcn 
the whole of iti cdrniArou* appcanncc v^diio roTty>ci|;b< bowa 
after ihr cpc ration, 

Whdu ditiw lltfvounbic clrcumiuaoce wtr^ iftbtng place m 

itrtrr\o\M nmp bum luu^vanillf '»It^^h;^-■{ 'ii^jn f<j< *9ru/fa(n aft Ji*eo<*rtd 

M tb* pr*HWitinn (*f Iht Im^. Irul >« t c>iiHciuvnr« ffhifliliu uti?nplir« 
Lg*C tto <ba Ibnb hH eet«ivrril lit raiur*! fBvw*- 




Catr ^ AatwiJtm, 



tho «na« All «qual imfrovenKsi wm cdnciviUe in ik* i^oral 
bffttUh o4 lbs ftikux^ 

On dtesecoml da^ wt fiajhin rcprvataitfig lumMlf "a*mor* 
GOHfarabie Lhu tt «ay uou Mocc hi» ulnuiMon iftto tlw boft* 
piult VBJoyiag aoiUHl vlorpt bi« loiigtiv moutt tod hit pulw ku 

On ihfi third <by ho nya ha » mucU ivErvibcd, in ptricnly 
rdicTrd from piin and uocMttiric, amd hm to coMpbin tokty 
vTMMtG trifliag iucoiivwcnco Uon phk^m* 

Od d>c fifarihd«y in the moni'm^hc uyctfanhrr improved, 
hvHa^ pMBcd «Tcry goodai^, ukI I'ccU^ ** Kuch laore ccai< 
iDriablo ifam ti^my line *mm the coonBOKcinaM ol hu eotn- 

'i^hias fv» ihcrrhMT. Wf dkiinciiy MC the «)^tuin av^lia^ k- 
■Lif of thv grval rvlifi a£brdal by th« opaiatiuo, and maluBg 
vrrry tfUm toward rrtowry. Bvt in ilia «musg oi At hiwth 
d^ diE accna Jb matanaliy dvo^d. 

NotwiibBandin;; tli« pftiimt b«d laifli vuficimt Boiirnb< 
OMnii He ind tlic «lcnighiagaD tlw turner vxltDdcNi in^tieihc 
il tlurvLy, bji tun^a n pttmhtd, and the poise n C0Mde»bLy 
<jiMrti^»di dw IcBpetvsure oi die amn indeed uill «aiiniM» 
oormpoodcnii biu be compltina more of pldc^i md abviauily 
bbour* under ^rcM oppceMios in ibc rcf^ of tbc cbwt 

0» Uie piomtaf of die Altb d«y, tumy ol tboN unbmunfalr 
lympcoiw V4 UKntMd, but above all ihe dMtrasaang opfra* 
aina AC Ibt ciioc, i^hkb be cnpbjKirallT dcicribr* by pbebis 
hi& band QA Um pottft antfby cvdiiinunK/* Here, bcre bmypds, 
11 u itt ny h«ttr^* 

AaihethyMdTaiucsdtGpttUebecoair ickorip&d to be rt<lE- 
oned, nd ti iBttMUCtaaiE die eiroalacliM about iha ban ap- 
pcv4 OMK »d men libariMu;>Ad in atiempdng Itt the even- 
IRS to ni*c hiantel/ up '» bcd^ a vl&lttit cnnmbjve hcCioo about 
tbe cbcM lakes pbte* and ba iMCndfMfKfuvk 

I h^^^ftlrraily ftatvdthataoMnidvraUeBQbnaiicpAfcoogu- 
IMde lywpfa ««b limind cpon«oTid>i«d wlthis the bluer CMt oC ibr 
Vena rav« tupHor, which hinrg pcndnlout iMo ihr bean, «ad 
setfDcd ta florH a comply tf btfricrbetvecBthcnurideasdllK! 
venirklr- Tbe ACfuanulMkino/thb«ub«U»eeIcoMldera«ibr 
iaitncdialc cauae nf dratb. 


Cau ef ^nrruH. 


I am ««U 4W4t« I am h«zArdm|[ ilib gfiiwon in oppo*'RiaD 

tmnviscd who»r knMrkdyp fcn pbyiiEolckg^ ju*iJ^ catkk iHrh- 
MiitimeiM* wc-rcty r«*pcctful actnMk>n;y«t, on tfaitocmlon, 

SubWtncc« of coAiEulable tymfth found tn ihc liiT]^ v«*- 
■cb otf Lb« dcwl lufajm, an vrry gcttnrftll^ briicnd to In Mp»- 
rsuooH Tnwiihr MmkI, which take pUc««Aer<k«tli*viilUu7 
are ihcrcfort at no time admitted at a pnteUe or pouablr hum: 
ofdlMokitiin. 4 

But I do uot think il usr^nuti^ble tomppcwc (undrT c^rtila 
»rTT0uJUrtcicfe of the «rcfl!iiriaa,ororcHioMBncAby whkfalt U 
iGRiporarily reufdrd,) ihatibF coa^^uUbkl^mphnu^bc wp*- 
raicfl orul bftfomc niiach^ \o tkr intrrnii] lurfue of «Dy of the 
IflT^ vrutfU or the caviiick cf ihr fctori, even rlunng Ihr vU^ ^ 
conr«c of the bktod. Sveh a urfiuanee hcinj^ pTadnlMn lAd «t | 
i^nt inf^LR^, would nccommodaic iculf ii> ihc pofoj^ of iSf 
btood, and4br ■ whiko cmte no other inconrcnicnct than occa- 
ftU»ial<mb«TautBent about iiic<litM; but when ithai aoquirvd 
getter bulb and (e&gth it would 1>ceoin« liable <o b& plaeed id 
the way of thv cinrubtkin, and la pcovc a au^Kaaieal and im* 
medcUB euuAc of deaib<* 

\Ve obtervc the coa^aUe lyni|kh lo be oepwaced aod to ve- 
luUlcUthai pan ofanarttry which i^retkdemluEiequal by 
ibis Fact >» otwiouk in evet^ aneuruniiU tiUMin ouiy 
not therelbf c vuch mi vtctiircnce take pLaco wbcntbe free iow 
of blood through ibe Lir^c vvstdi u hiildered by otbcc eamcaf 

£u the piesent cue na-iU contc^lJdUed bodies of an^iolifate 
lymph were found deposited wtthiu each cftirvmity of tbe du* 
united *ubclavbA irtcry, which were ao brmlv aluchnl to i3m 

* \^ (iNt mpiiE b9 iiy i-liAL bgOU^i i-f f M^iritlik t^mj'h J* never Kiiante 
fi^miTif blrj-i'l Hihft^fiui-ril in lUiAnlul^rin, ^f 1 1 ihjnk 1^hl lUhitf (jTvucIj tnb- 
tlaiKtt AplitiiI til ill? Imt? r 'fu^l* nflff ^aOi, iiia« he |-fiTit«Tii4ii «!ticn* 
hftiaaaktn |4Boe Junnff il«r Ittier Iiouti uf iieiHy nL^uMnd life. 1 ttqire- 

Eue ijflht- ^vttvU ujx m-i'CT fruiid lo tic >j liriul> tuttkoUJiicJ ■■[Jl iL. na t 
luti fvpre«cme[] ibA ubAauK tu b«v< been, is whkli 1 fcTcrTnl in iBii 


Ca$f 0/ Aiteunmu i9| 

ikey covid have b«cvi depoiitcd aficr dtuh- 

1 h«r« <>p«iicd maMv cbiyrcQ, who ca appvertl heklih IiacI 
lioan (tttUcnly «<iKe<l wtthac-oavuluvc Klioo of the licut,jini| 
inOBUf- •xpind (audi 0*0 nre b^ ii» atcnu nnoonsmctt); >nd 
I JittvemvEd^y J«^iul <n cbiklr«a wbo dird uAder tuck cir- 
cunuunon, ■ ■ubataacc <>i coeioliditcd lympfa^ pcsdttkHu 
from Miinc pin of tbc mt lUn or Urge va*di of div hean, 
ofid Uke Uut dcBcribcd m the prvvcDt cmc obttrocti&g ihi 
cbanncU of Ui ciroilitiou. 

Alihcicgh 1 c<^Dii<kT the iubsUoc< i» ihc vrna ctva of th|> 
aiwufniual ptuicDt jk ihc itniui^atc cave oi hi^ death (which 
opiaioa nppran lo mc to be atrcDglbtotd by xht pitvJow pre 
gvcv (J E opprcMioQ Jibout dK lA«^ jad dw pccutiar vunscr in 
which he died* n the imttiTii of Mtcmptiqg to ttntt hitm%c\i m 
htt bed, At wbidi vioaicut I toAuive th« pemkiloiaf citrcniily 
of ihc «i^bM*ac« 10 lui^ dropped iaio Ad auridc,) I um by nu 
iQ«auBdi«poKd(o •jtythMht would hftTcrccof«r«dtf»uji an 
occurrcBce had oot ulicn pUcc* 

1 am todccd pcnuidcd ihtt he wouH not; br<atu« aa (h* 10- 
trgwBCaU ovFT die aacu rwmal lunutf had bcgva |o ilc)ugh and 
ihit pro«cti wai in progn^Mioo* dtc vsormout caviu of ihat 
tumor wwiid rcry Hfoo bjivc been upQ«cd, >&d cooitjiuicd a 
dmcrjptioa of wound, wfakii a pati? ni, «o vcr^' much mluced 
ju ihi* poor nail va» by the kiog boatinuaocc of tlw ditcvfte, 
coukl not po«tJbJy have ■lUTirtd* 

ilad thlt cue however been cperatcd upon at ihv comBcncb- 
mciK of the aueurUmal jilTniJoi^ before w survrv aaitBprc*. 
tioLi had bccu nude oi\ the j(cncr«l >Uu of hcnlih, before the 
luin<>f hatl :KHturcdHichinv(piLtud<iHnii btlorethe LkiacoVirr- 
iog 11 hftd lAktn fU u diHcavcd actioui tvtry paM circiiimtriiiicr 
leadi to pcr»ufuic mv dial the patiani nught at dus time hnve 
bcrn ■ tiring ctAotpleoftbeuiiliiy of wdl^timcdturgery. 

Aft I tm nut aware, diough die opfrWioii boi been acump^ 
ed| th«t ihc aabdjiviaik artc«y bM ever bclbrt been 6od tn the 
living aubjtct at diepobi uherc itpas*r«ovcr the upprrrib 
bduod the cUvidc, 1 truhi I ahull be esnuvd for havipg lo pa^ 
ticularly dcvcrlbed ihv inuiintr in which 1 cooduetcd die di^ 

Ifg Com •JJne^fUm* 

■edioD, etp«uAl|7 uuc the noiple prDTiawQ I hm% hid 
fin- iToidiDg the Buperficul hemorriMge froBi the voob imi 
neceuuily secure the Qfenior from the niccMiTenicnccDf h^r- 
ivg the wound CDiutaDtly filled with blood. I am vcti 
that in the preaent fTBteu of opentiDg, the pinching up lh»i 
k not beld in any ettiaiation^ bat >» I do not fed ^ « al f ti^ 
tborized,fiurtbenkcof cxhibttiogftecmblance o{clpHM«i^ 
tt> do that which will prolong the nifferiogt of mj pMMMr I 
aoat ackaovdedge I UB BOt yet altogether a ooBVCrt to ki Mil 


■ For kaiu ftithcr remuki do tfait ou^ lod for plitci UUkimtiDg the 
■AcuriiTiul liftcUoB utdtbe bftruntAticBipkiredintlieoperatlQni wercAr 

♦ to ■iiaiitrii'i Fnctiul Obaemdma. 
^ "v- 




tw th« fummrr af 17(^9, iiBinrair ttwnii of a peculiar in- 
MCi were olMpTvcd eovvrin^ die potaitv potcbn in ibt vicinity 
of ihUdtv- 'ilidr mnt^nTft Inderal ttrcrv lo grcu, QiM^dftTra^ 
A. the pciacoe vicH« in ^i llidri I tent. 

Se^rtnl jiccm1«MbI oWrvMiniu < nciKcxt a eutptt ion ihnt thtt 
were i^tsicitorit^ Thi« «Uftpk>oci was Mrenfi^uird hy ifae 
rv»uk of a Eew r^iptTrmrnm, uid dw f«ci vja lubi^^ufMlf 
oonfirwcd br Or- Chftpmaa ol Buck^ county, in thii Suce, 
wIlo ioding b}' on dtEOaiTc ctpcritncf , tbai thrr amwf red ill 
tliepDT|Mk|c«of ihc unthtu-lfln^ publiihcil on ocroum of ihclr 
udlitf, in the New York >tt<cticul KcpcvHLory, and guve tlK<n 
thr name cf ^Vfi^r ^mrmar^v. 

C^uantiun oJ the jntrrci wctv coilocted at thai itmc, uid 
thcf vcrr to be Ibuod, iur t yor or two >ltcrEr>rda, la tlte 
idioptof OUT Jipothecaricft. Tliey, howci'cr. iCfOufdL^odl»UiiV| 
uid hnif uncc become aimoHt ciitir«U' nc^lccLnl. 

The J^tatarfttfhtXottfptiaiiiCi^Vil^ta^witl n ihe Lrjua 
i'imta of Turtcjn aad Fabriciut. 

TKc duvftctert of ihe i^cniiH liVtEs, arc, 
tf^AdMnoM filll'urRii IccUn fowt uneqiul, the hind oiti^ 
elevwei llionx rtnjudinh: head {gibbous, iniceicdi fthclli lofc, 
QcKJle, OA luD^ as the aUdomen." 

'rurcoD^A deBcnplIao of the Lytta Visiata dacM not nitwer 
cosnpfecdy iJ>the J^aeauf fj^, but U Jtufficlcntl^ nceimtc to 
jkHigDOtv it at the bpcdci he ietcnded. It i*, 

L^tfa ^rJJafa*4hclU Uotk, with a ycJLow filitt ani! sk*r- 

u bhobila Amcitco. Caotluri* VttiatJi, Oliv: Insi: Tab: I- 

** Ucod ycDowiAhj crown red, with two bUck ipocsj thorax 
hlach, with three yctlov Unj^t^ Abdomen uid kgi block*** 

The foDawing u a deacripiiofi m«de from icvcrai t^ry per- 
fect vpccivirsf ol the Fly. 

VouU, SB 


O^tftvafwu en ihc Liftt^t Firtaiit, 

ABtoniut Lbcl:; bead nddsh bt^rwoi two dvk brown vpott 
en tliD crown; thin dwk brown, with a Wmgitudiiid y^om 
'bond ID tlic niLddlc, aryrrgincd aith f(1k<w; thonx ntmfly 
imnd. dI tt (luk ^n^wp color, viUi time lonsuudauL jcBow 
boodt ic io4nct \n odi«n Um boddfl uc wioting: lc^|;« ind abdo- 
men black; abdofntit covered vilh a t^ticritioui <]ovo* 

ThMe iMKte Itvre hubntobeenuifpcMeU lo iokiUttiikllf 
the cumiBon poiaior* md bectjt but die »o6on I beUerv a itt- 
C0Rtct« ud theit vctrcliy for fttvcrftl ror* ptiM, hu profaiibl^ 
Iwenowia^ to l^ia mbuke. They ccruiioly ue lo be oict with 
Ob other pljinu ai frrqiMiilif >■ ihcdK pat mentioned- Wc arc 
imuTid by Ut. DatlDD, i^[ lh<y tiv< i;p4ci ihe p«a, tha bvMh 
iliG nuiUovv, ihe btjuk make root, aoid itpon a great Mi«ber of 
oClicT )]laiii» ol our own gvdciu, fUU* and woodii and dHN 
duit voMoitinQ profjc^tr doei not at all depend upoo, ntkthtt 
n k jadiKM«d, or in taiy way alutcd by, the plant opon wUdi 
ihcy have b«cii fccdtn^.f fl 

When tlie ThcI uf Oieir iuhabitin^ other plAota, aa w«U aa ^ 
llw polaiuw and beet la mora ganaraUy knowui 1 hBrcmt n 
dirobt but that a tfulfiumi tiuanucy nuy be secured evaty Au* 
guM and Sepiembcf , whkb b the proper period tor cnUe>cUBK 
iheni, CO Lupplv ihe demand at one year, aad m *i04na sr-asoM 
a supply competent to Acrve acv«T«l yean, tnig;hl h« obtakicd. 

Is the prcservncion of ihfHo Aics tlk« ensuing praceta tboiilcl ^ 
be ndcpied- | 

Immediately ftftcr they arc cau^t, whith can cwily be 
edected, ai ihey fi^tdom me Aeir winpi, thry irr to he klUled, 
by tuLjccting thenif cicd in a doth, to the ittfiun of lioUin^ 
nneew or water: or diey may be put Lnto a boidt, viiich ia to 
be iaaaicnoH bboiUnftwater- 'Hiry are then to be ipreod outt 
entered wiih paprr, and rxpr^rd to the kuu tJlJ perfectly dryv 
which wiD [ic In one two or thro* daj^t. Pmitular atlentioa 
^nild Kc paid lo ihio rircunuEince bcfc>re they arc pvit up for 
UHT, ap;hfy «>nn bpcomcpuirid and tpo J, wlini moi»t. 

Whh ihnc liej, I hav* expenmented to a con«iderabl« «x- 

* ^^iibei uibtTDtiini t ^(A vu^Bt-n 


0* rtT » 1l i<wtt Bit ihe lifStQ Viit&a^ 


Beet, taiA iKiugh ihe porcrl »iibjt<trd to irijil hxj bc«ti in the 
shc^ of >tfi afodiccftry for icvcrol >'cant '^'^ tomr of tHcm 
vcTc rciktced ta ■ pow<Icr, bjr ihf <kc<impMiEiMk wl;kh Ia 
cfTcdcfl ia them by iimc, jxi, k» rvcr)' toiuncc ihry cscaKd 
TTriinrioM nuacii qu'tclcr than cHitturides applj^d >ii the «ftme 

A Q frxCTMt «*(l« fron a Hplr^tiuut infittioA of ihnr iiifcirti, 
ciu—J • bUitor la the tfiMc of «eveii hMira. 

A d«coctMMi ni 9pmc« of lorpcdtme, pTC|i>rod in dir «Mne 
m^f aa Dr. Hannhonw rMommeiid* with regard to ihr Spukbh 
flf,* prodoord vcaicMian is a few miBafm, by rubbing the 
And lightly Hto th( tt ta, widh ■ pw<e of iwnwl. 

A fJftit«v of ibar ilics tpf^iH to Ml ftdalc, tn the tuuti 
■MUKT, niiied vm cooifikte mUttioM In fout h«nini. 

Tbc powdrr, ftlAtd frafii aflioei; thoac thu licre to i trntr 
of dccotnpoaitton, suited n line btbter, w five haim »nd »n 
Ittlf, on Mjr «WQ flm. 

fn ouay cuci, I h^st vpplkd time £ie« «□ dtildreti, WTih- 
the rflTcn of cnifanBEy oc<m«aninf( TYfJcttkni, tn iwo, uid 

I h«r« iba rvy Inqutiulf •pflied ithCin <o idultt, ind b«ve 
a«Vfr feiud ic p cct t w ty to let ibem renftin on lons^r riim 
frooi four m wrcB hmin. 

Iq «hcrti from njrown ^xperiaieiia iftd obftemtknu, cor- 
l ofce m ted b^ iafamatiofi whkh I hvrv derived fron ■ variety 
M UMttTAy I hiive na hcs^rariAn la JWKTiing thnt ibc /.yftt 
riftanii a^ TTLrTc pmotpifr, mmI wtih gmtcr rotalMy, M A 
veaicMor^Ti and m ill rrcKiii, in activity, ihrlr cpbpaitic tjuabiy 
for a ntuchloogcrjKriod of ticne tlk» the Ijtiia VrakKasHumi 
aftd tlkat« ID cvrry Jorw, llwy rr aufverior to the caaibirhicvt 
anl ought therefore do be iattodiKed nore geocnBy bio pmc^ 
twt Bid opeciftlly Olio that of Amrrkim ^fk'nmr. 
tMhddptkli. Dh. J. 1JI1]- 

Sk th* Arvt tmmbcr vflhti |atfnL 


Ifl the Louivc uf pncticc. more c*fcc>aU}' BBsog th« poov 
l^h the Flulu^iiphi^ Di»jJctj«A;>, 1 Ilkvc ffctiuetLUy niUi f ej 

9t uJ t bAvc aba been pcrmiu? J in vome JoaOat** lo 

The diKuc ui whkb 1 alladc, 1 have mem CrvqiMtLjr ob- 
served unoDg pcoflc of colouf thttB vhitOt bui the Ullier are 
niH eieiiipt* li u GoauDonl^ (u be nci vriih ■nco^ chUdrcb, 
tchlojii ubov« fuLLf >CMA o( aftE, Mtd 1 have knows it prove 

1 o ciiU r iuto u laiiiuLc detail uf tvtry symploia dtty ik^ be 
rtquisiu. ihe iiu»tpn>aiLi)ent;uT, tcjugh, AccMnpiDHd vtih 
dyipnvft, mil Usu iMaumiog the hectic chanctiri m mmm! 
iiuanc», DCcaAiouul di>irrhw>i^ u tuiiud abtluiara, viUi gnei 
CMact;Ltion iti ihc fiiM and txucnuiicH bui thu it oot invari- 
nftbly the cA4c> Thoc form ihc g<!ikcrstl«hanLctcc olacoin|ibuni 
under ivhkch pLiUcuU often linger i^Jt Mvcrat lacmdu. whea 
death ktndl} lIouiUie «ccn«* Among; mua^ pctvtintidMiiyiiip- 
lumv are relcrrcd lo wQrak», and il^t liiiie »uftereri are oActi 
vrr> iniprtiperty AubjccuU u> vhcbiigcuntinucduMCof various 
rcrmiiu^ prcjjEU^i^i)*. ^ 

My aiumioQ wi4a|ijir(uuLiit> directed to ilie dinue tihonly H 
re the coDtliuioti oi tay aludies, in CDn&rquepcr ofvisiiinK 
idiild oi'colgur near the rc^dencc of my rc^pcucd preceptor* 
The loUowing appconiQcci prcunted on diiuGcuan. 



The iiie«tDteric glundft were greatly enlarged) and crmtaued 
thick purulcrnt marter, the iplt rn wa> covrred with tuberdca. 

The r^^h^ hirjsfw.ts foxmH Mlhcring to the diaphrjigm. its 
auperior pnrt viAt of a whitUh cAit. and when cut into abpund" 

cd wiih thick piu; « part of its mlddl* TknrttDii ap]>eir«d do 
have been entirely abiurbrd. uiid about one ounce of thiD piu 
WW fouad 'tt> ihc Laviiy^ the irhotc icxiurr of the lua^ W»i 90 
completely indurntfld that ti muai hxvc been toiAlIy inndcqojMc 
CO the pcrforfntuicr of in functidmforaoonft'idcrabEe time prv- 
vlootlj to the dc^ of ib« pauFci. 

Tfae left hirif? wu aIao dbeaacd* and cBpeciEiny tnwanlt It* 
mperioT pari; itohoundcdwithDuaicTouahud tobcTtkcnboiii 
(he U3EC of ■ pea. 

S. M,. n mon of colour, re^utMtd ni« lo rxunbie th« 
body of hit child, a^ctl about ihrte ytoft. Ic had been gta- 
dudlly declining (or ^?vcnLT monlh» with onigli' I brli^TC 
00 phyMd>n anendfti it throud^h the Rrcntcr pan tiF ita iincui * 
the faihfT infnrmcd nif he bad b&t anoihcr chiM cxtetHy In 
the uimc way, and he luppcocd ibcir ilenth to hv otcnakmeA 
h^ worms. 

'The. mciwnleric glnndK were enormouity enlarged; Mme 
w«Tt ei^HJil in nizc to & walniir. On evttinj; iitto a mimber of 
tihFm,the)' were iiolid throughout. Notatlngtcwormwascobc 
found iQ the whole extent of the iaieHlltinl canal. 

Loft;;* d'nemedi rlfltit more »n than the Wt; thr fbrtnervM 
filled with nbftrfAirt and ahoun<l4^i4 with ptinalent and r»ron« 
matter' it muvt ha-re been unfincd for rripiraijoii for n conaidt* 
rabic time; the latter itJ^n rontnined numrrmf? niberclea, bttt 
ihey had cot n;n on lo lupporiitioc. On comparing the tr »tnic- 
tUTe with the ettho^d neacntcytc ^nda, they appeared 

- A few DHMlhj after this I exaoaifud the bodica of two cbU' 
drcnofcorottr irhodxd with the dbtaar* 

Off th€ Comatiem ^FftHCfii Ser^fitit 

Liv^ ■paired <nlirB;«(4, ukd ht taavat aurtue 
bmng R> tbi« paiirttn ^ the BbdonMni uplfcn wva MuAdmi 
with nAKrvte»i mrtcctcric RtMd* «I*kM7 dixeucct; 

Lmy MtJK inod wkb lub tx l tt i MiMof Uwttih«dsuinnr' 
:■], and ftbftOSK* wore fbmod- 

Johnaont ogu not noted; aupposcd to be yotMKvt ihsu 

Afipckraucu wvn vcr^ Mmilor to Purriw, pankvUHy tlie 
ifttctn; the lungn were hUrd with lubcrcln, but they vcfcnoc 
90 fir wlvMioed cnwordi Mip|iunition. 

TlMvr diMretiont arc cklcuUud 10 thow that the abdMoiml 
vikcem and lungs an affected by wrofuU; bui in llic folkHrioig 
<«ic 1 trust it wiU appear that tiot only thcic pirns tiut even 
the heart itnt if is flubjccc«4 id ihU datnicriTc nwlady. 

G* H.. dkowuiof aneof my particular friend*, wa»aaccud 
Kionafca- birth with a hard^ dry cough; it vra» bo peculiar 
thai I Dcvcr met with a ctt$c tsitcmb^ia^ it. Any p«r*o« vrho 
hc^ ihs CMigh without Arcing th^ infant ml^ht ha\« coacJo* 
ded thai it proceeded from a robust aduk. 

When he was about three it)on;b» old. £ attended Kin wilh 
a «ioleat atiacJ. of pneiimonia; hit kiiuutjcitii \m* aUifAt l>opc- 
le«»i butabige bliatcr over ihebrcskt produced aaun<Jbp«cUd 
alteration for the belter, and he r«ert-eied frvni a ituEe «f im* 
mediate dSiDger; buthi»cougli wotinued, aod hi* ahurt Itfc 
pnualed linle dM but a ■uaa of •nArriag^ He waa oftcfi 
afflicted with moit violent pain naemUinft colic, for which ham 
parent* were under the nccoMtity ot ^[iving him large Joiei of 
laudanum. A frw weebi previouBly to hJB death he wa» re- 
moi-ed into Ha eountrr, but his cough and heciic Kjmptotns 




and ^tAim i^iAnvnoAf, 



vmt on mamatan^ be bad frM|iimt vomiiin^, Mfiil from the 
■ereixnt t^f kU inutligcot motlwr, br diichargfd pUTvlmi mat- 
irr (ram h\% luni^ 

A fevtnyi IwfbTG hivdcnhtwwBuizcdwith connihtoiM, 
mkI a few hnun hck/n he dinl 1 Tinted him; he WM qpiHC in- 
sontibiCi pupUft f>Tc«lly dil^iEcd. Mc rcxmbkfl n pnicM in 
hjrdraMflMbu; hk pttlM vm vounuaUy irrrtnifd trnd rcnurk- 
ablytCHMb H« wwifaauinrortaftoMiOrft vfprU^cWM- 
|J«3E«Nk, viih Aac, flftxen fakir.* 

AMMtcd by my invnil Dr. S«mu«l Tuckn-, of Burtiogioii, 
N. J*» I nude the foBowwfg dtetfctkHi- 

MMrtttcTK p;luul« were calar^od; not Ji imp;tf worm lo be 
fMtid in the &Mvuift«i. Thpei'w«re ctAmftbH with f^n ai- 
KradoAi hmmif K m one of Iuk ftmolf frSciida ac«*ned cooA- 
<lcBl'tiiAt hh ornnplAkit* ori^ndted fittm wormL 

A ctmftjticrahtc pnition of the ri^t lurrg vu famul wtticr- 
bff to dw plmn ooaiyift. It alxMiiHM wiib rufafrcle^ «ontkfai- 
thfi « eignn* mMWr* Snitl ■bac eM ca wcrr kamed in «Opi« 
pftrti of thf lonif. 

The pcriairdian WAi dMely Mjhrtia^ to the dean, kod 
wbM ftepamed ftom ii, the wboir cxtrrtud lUTfit:^ of iht vea- 
irtclo* WM 1i:>nnd <ovcrriH with Tiumcrmit imall dtftinci poifsi* 
or nlwvkt of >wbil4«li«pfM«n>cr. On kittling iuothcvem- 
rfclwi llMy ippoarcd aUnnli iln tbc volrei of (tic hcui imkI 
iwrd* Icndiiw* 

T1k*« tub«relei were v«Ty dtOeN&t ftoas the cnut or conr* 
>ng itvwluccd during ncme inAjmunuios by an dhu^n uf cos- 
gvltfiti; lynifiJi; bocavtv I wu ac^uvntcd WMh t\m appcnmoe, 
faoviD^ocvn '» lining thr thor^K, jmd in vnc imtmice conreHn^ 
the htnx and th< iDtvrttjJ tutt^cc cf the pcncinJiomj btn 
thc«c tuberde* weiT djitinct w>d immovable, bciagexftmnod 

* Tlu»cbi!il «■• ftnjiKmlj^ abused viJi uk«f«iJ3abtU*41iiB4>r». Am 
•t wu tciy iraubluvinp.^jiLciiK':! vff«maiW br iji* purfiuM oftxiHrtt 
111 Vben tbb w tlltcc«4, in irhmuc of indlipoiUon vw lo E^br'milr (be 

On t/te Coamv^ffit ieluwn ScrajKLi 

«itb <lotf aurMkui. I feel no hc«iraDon an etprcMm^ % belief 
thai thty vrcic of tcroliikiiu origut The mfiiim wiu not 

. To be coiupdlHl hy the ct^t of profeMlocui dui^ t» vilBCAft 
the f«ul ivHic of m dbcOK which only tdnlcud of fttUittWo 
ucai«ntn< wa> tttHy paioful: yctithu luul > »iulciicy to mw^ 
ken acKDiiMdi lo urine GiRttnMiBacc» wUck tlff't^f ckSculmtod 
U> iKed light on ihr »uhjccii aod <\<Tt if U ahouM appear that 
mf rcArciiont :ir« driJiirl)- inii^ipHtrd, yet ttiU I am wiJUog to 
Tnake ft diAdmt aucnipi lo offer 4oroc vieva to my atcdical 
litcthrrm cither far their cornciton or approbMioc. 

I, Wlkcn acrufuU maJcca ila appcvvncc oo tlK: catcfVdA 
pajt* of the body, do«a hoot bapptnifaai in a Urge proponioa 
of Cktf * tiie glasbda aboui ihe neck arc an'i:Ctcd bjr >:2 

S. In «oinc dii«aat!4, go^jt far cuimpic, dii vf not ofitQ ol^ 
Ki-i-e ■ tn^juntuik' and vhcn U diaagck from an external to 
an inwm»l part, it U pradurtti-c of dAngcrt heocc thk pari ol 
practice la »o wcU imdcrftCood,that phyut'iaiu id genera] rtfntm 
from the use of tuch mcADi tis are opaUe ol diakidf ittf cbv 
digrtiar from prtk which arr not rate«mcd vital- ^ 

3. When Mich meUfttuU ha& oecurrcdi are not »ia>pi<At ^ 
direcu^L to the eitrcniiiich, ia oidei if poautfle to cxiitc the 
dj«euc ihcrein^ or even if a viul pui be primorilj afcud ■• 
not tiK tkott pmcttce ta thv c^iircmitit* adopted.' 

From otjHcrvniioii I xm tnduccd lo beiioc Uutdic rnnia 
ihios may occur iu t<:rafula. ooly in n more grAduttl way. la 
Buppurtof ttui I vrill juit ttJilc, that durtug the lait ninter I 
vt-M called to a child of tt. AV. u few daya before rtn death 
whh dm diseAae. The inuthcr tiiformcd me, diat bom die 
birih uf the cMld ^t tuid Lcvn tubject lo cough and difflruk 
hrcAthiug: A ^tocUuti- huviag uccurrrd abcut tht- i^UncU aS the 
ncckr poullkea vvrc applied, but oa \t did not suppurate, mcr« 
ctfriaL ointment wai rubbed oo, imd the tuoior dtMfftcarcd. 
After thia, all her lyinpcom* were j^ggnvmtd, and the diaeaae 
tiuOlcd every eifon to armt it. 

I once aAici^dcd a liule girl who had ft large ahtce^i titu^ited 
rm the superior pan of the rhoru; the dinchargc w** ^cnt, 
axtd the dcbilit)' which Mowed wu coonLdcTablc. I (UrevWd ■ 
generuv* diet, with tonici: and under thit treaonenc, wkh 


prvfppr kpplictittofb to thr ahncro^^ it hca1«rl. lliii rhitd fell a 
vieam ta ft^YtfuU interna, tn leti thut a ]rcar ifrrrwird- 

Tht*e c*Mi may imd to ahcu- » iranslmion oJ acrofiiU frofn 
«3rtem«1 ttk \jiicnt%\ paru* 1 now uiih lo firovc ibe irvervc Oif 
chh pTApotftifln. and Tor ttir purple nlll ofifr tia tmntplr^ 

Hetty KElIm, nj^ about thirty ff^nt, jl Mfvman nf cnlAur, 
cMM untUr tny notW iia a ditpemAry pati<^t \n ihr tsHf pwt 
of the fourth maitih (ApritJ, lSOf>.S(ir Irnii ht^un afflicEi^J wiih 
eoufh for about twrHr month*, and wan (>ri«n nnvr«ll f^uHnff 
ihitt period i but a-lihoui^h in an infirm stale ^ ^ht continued in a 
famiW Ai iprricc until ih« tii of Jd momh (Mtrch), vhiMi h<t 
compUiniB inf rentrd tin xjth a df ^^^ ihni thfr wu compelled 
)c*Vf hrrpUf^. At ihetimt 1 TinttedhfT, kht n-x^ bbAurinj; 
Icr rni»^h, fvicqitmi chilU and frvi^^ nnil I bclif vcd hn db- 
cflir to hv pfithinii pudmnnflHi In m bndplcnt tfatr. 

Th« lint tamf V haw biVt ihc ran»1 my nttcniion to vcvrmi 
largr «cr<>fiilnL}i iiimor* aimatHl on ibc thomx, wh'tch i;m her 
a^fiT dm] ofpsin^ and for which nh<t vofidBlrvui of obttln- 
Ing raHcf. 

Aamy ■inrntion had forn consTdrmMe time bt en partial* 
ItHy directed to <he itihj err, I vietred her eate a* unf omiMinly 
iDtereatios, and dctcrnvtned An giving n Irial lo the efficacy <kf 
thf^ ctternul dbc»«e iTi r^movlnft the inEfmaL Emolbent a(K 
plkaiion* were ordered to ihf iikmrftfi] partly while pallkiii^ 
remfdie* wrre prfwribcd fnr the cf^Dgh. Siiirpdrntion took 
place, aihd thr sibacetira were oprac-d' A «>pioijii dncharga 
vatciubLiihed, and happily iWr the paticn ihrrr wn aio rv^ 
dencikclbe of the polmonary comflnlot- I ctidrti^ovnid fo 
iaaprva* her wvth ihc jbftolctc neceuityof kevping^ the ab- 
tcetiet opcikt and il)c appeared coormced of the correctbcM 
of the practics. 

Her recorery u^ia not rapid, but ha» proved eertain- Aflrr 
thr puianoiiar>' «>'iiipiomi dccGnvd, •he waa mvct«I tit*r* ti- 
flitted wiitb diatrliaa, and frequently had chith and fever, br 
whkh bnrk aroa ixcaaiotkzUy employed- 

'rbe diaclkarge from the «bace«»ea contiaocd codl laai BiU, 
vben her health a^pcann^ oomplctvh- rtcitatalbh^d, «h« pt^- 
mtltvd the uker* to b«ali 

Voir, JI. *€ 

On ihf £«RivAtm htt^^<m Sfttfida 
ln'iuu^heroa^ JOlb of laMl■pOlUt^ uiui iotuul h*r la lifte 

9ttd one oE ^t §3i9tm n n opmd mtrwuhi tmi h now nnnfaisi 
biitnUeiliMi ihc iefi tjd«oltlMlliorax,nsv«bvKsilk| 
irUilirlniliTTTTft l^'^-'"^TTgnirfTiiiitiiilTri]n 
I believe iiuaBcc» nu^br touBdonmcdktlrcoordof aM- 
Iv rceoTcrln firoife plilhiBb puliwitula. 

Now 1 ftiB iwbiocd tft coodiide ch« «cvetii] ifnpwuM pnK- 
i|kftl ioicreckcc* v>f be 4wm ^« cbcM lacu^ Lo ili« 6tm 
X ihcy poinl ovt the clanscr of diUodsingemcnud acroliiliii 
^ind I believe tJut tliia nik in practice iWuld not be confakcd 
«o children, Utlitt ca|afaleofapplicM>oiili>p«k/itiof wiacorCT 
age, more capcciaUy at critiui petioda oflilc; teid I catt coa* 
c<ive of 00 aitUfltioQ whrrrin it ihould be more cv^vlly tth- 
»crrcd thin kn a ynunjt arid delKaie female, jii»t aiMXit tike e»> 
ti(bli«hmeni of the caianieniA, aad wbo inhvritA a ^>re«lbpoftlt*oa 
tn f>hthitiK pulmovalb, «hJ<h, I bcli«vr,mayboftt)rM aerofiila 
intcrtiA, in a large mAJovrcy of eatc*. 

Would it noi be siiJee, under eitc^ etrruviiancca. to bcAT 
die dUra^r with pKrirncc, rather than incijr ibe n»k of iCft fall* 
ott vttai potu. Aiany rale u aughtoceer tobeauenptcd, 
ta on ttrtt&cial draio by ntcf or letoQ u euUtiuiied al>OttC 
ihoriiK or on the nm. 
Tbc Ctac ol lleiry Killen funh«h«a an iuUfiu of t>ie aalu* 
ry opcrjooei of natui-r mrcniovi^jg am inwml ilin, \\[ by ex 
rdti«g Ml exiennt one. 

Id fuflber conlirniatiori of ihii fa<;t, I may Jutt obtcrve 
I in the bnUycrH- W. 1 Zi^ve uncebccui^aUcd to die > 
■chikL bhoaring UDdee cough and dyifoan- A Urge ncrofulim 
tumor formcdivi ihc aide «f the ned. Here, »i in Uruy kll* 
lcai*a cate. 1 wai ilvCcmineii u> dvpcpcl on ihc cxtcntal diacMe 
fur the «urc. I vxfflaLnod my vitv/a to ihc parent*, nWefaerr- 
fiUly concurred wiUi me la ctLclt^tixiufing lo vauhluh a drain 
^[r>oi tbt (Dnwr< This wai d<uie^ ^id a di^chni}^ kept up for 
nct'viid wTtta, tflicn it decttncd. Snon ^itirr Otl« v^iudEwr v^ry 
\i\if-c tumor formed oa Jtc uppoaicv aide of the Qock,a&dw|i0 
trcLii«d }n u nimilarmuncr. Tha cough and dvapn<eanib«idcd, 
.'knd for a lime, at Icuut, ^b daopvoua diac«ie haa beeik 
peniM' 1 kicty vi srud tbe ehiU BoaKcrt^nr» prtarnt* 



OJtd PAtAtHt AJnMA^ix. 





ll a^jpeared bvdy acd io good h«alihi It ttiU has i sorv be- 
hind the cir, which <!i»cJi»rgriton«dcniblj',mdwhith th^-e 
doircd the mueher u> kcqi opcti.* 

- B d ieviag, » I do, ta UlT gvnenl tueOiciKy at tvtry Modp 
of tKKtnimi.all«7dc di*Di*c b rooipJoldy brnwd, tthosint' 
jsrtwcd Ihc uvcMbiiy ti * rttoti u> pfopvr tretnuocat ai aooa 
u tlioBlJ^ietE Bvmptoinw arc vvjd^at. In tooiirmadoD f^f ihi$> 
it vay br nbsvrvrdi thai I h;ivi.' l>^m iwicc called IO mother 
child uf S. M. wiih dvtpnaa and bouiv cough, jU)d the pvo- 
gnai oTtbe dimn wau checked each lime liy mmaulnmg ■ 
(lochcir^ fniD bfiitent oa brjth ndcs of the thorju. Here 
the jtgcDCy^uC ftTtia ivipnTdiof^ i^mptamn icenifl apparenu In 
ibc ca»es of Hetty KUtcn and H- W.'i chUd^ the phyilctaD WM 
oDiy the pac^e&c stleiiduit on the opernxDoa of ntitire- 

Reaiucitig from thtm two lust mentioned cues, would iC be 
■DO hypothetJca) to far lo tmiuie ntieurc hi our praciice, u to 
endetvour, in the very cooimcnccmrneuf |jhi» fortiiklablc dis* 
eMe to prodiico tuntefftction iLud tuppitraticrn ui xhc glAnd> 
■bout thr neck and ua the tbtiraz iieu djv axillu, irhere, ia the 
former e^tei»ll)-, exiereil urofub t» so f^cncralJy lencd. 

I coofcv it has breo ao clear to my mind that I node the 
propoMl ID a poor woman in the incipient tute of phihitJA pul- 
monalia, whocc cue Jippeatvd peculiarly favourable for such 9 
pravcttcc; becntuc from her own acooucc the had «uflcrcd in 
the early pan of her life ray levrrtly with icrofuloui aoret 
about htT neclc, which had for a ton^ t^ai« rcaUt^^d the skill of 
•cnnd vefy raapoccabk phytktaoa; but the dodinid ii com' 

Woold thid attempt to exctic dixMc m ibcvc pwta, which 
(iflbecvpradoDbv aUowabIc) ntrmal scrofula cbooae» for 
it* ten, bfr iiior« irnitiu»u] ihui tlic apfklicaUon of einapuau 
to the lower rxtrcmhica in irrcgiilv Mkd rctrocodefti gnui^ 

To ooodnde, may 1 be permitted lo ioquirv whether the 
good old pnctice of ittut* sod actaiu bna not fallen too nuch 
inio dinur. Do oot the vpoocinoous cnrca of patmnnBU}- coo- 
amnpdon which someiimenoecur, very tordbly incidcace ibe ir 

l-hiiidrJph^ <tb amOi, 4di, UlL 

* ThkitAtpnitomdicdkfleniidiwidichBJcr^ 
t TlU thIU bu lincc fiUca i ricilai vt ibc dlMW 



en M«ir efthe St^tt tfthe Optrvti^n s/Cuttingfir M« 
.ftoitr. tBmntfni with an Enfrawn^. B^'C■l*»l-" &»**- 

^rwmhff M*Jic4l 4irJ nhjjital Ji-«rnil T.'r July, l*t1 ^ 

T«r objtfctioQi tthi<hhavc Uuljr bcca uracil ayaiMt Oi« cot- 
plo^^cai of the G*rgti in lAihiHomy\ and ihc ncoaunendA* 
uon of the Scafpei Cbf dtriding iht intt^Bcnu, naiMck*. ure- h 
ihrw, asd pro4Utc, have indaecd Mr, Tr^c ui become tbo. | 
»dTOODe of ihv former icuuumem. The ob)«ctiocu U> tlic GaT' 
^1 are cTiuiairily iiAUd froa Mr> AU4Cl*s puUjcMiooj and 40 
each obj<GiJon Mr. Tiye oniuxck on vuwcr* 

*'0b}* I. *Thc beak of ihe gorgrt isapt co slip from tha 
groov* of iKr nuft, bcfQTc it reochcn the neck of Ui« bkdtkr. 
TUi feu ofirn happt^vil in the hinds of good o|icnDcm| umI 
ftuvredly will happrn.' 

" Antw. U thii happrnit, iht ^u? and bc&k of the gorget 
muac be bMb vco' ill mndc^ar tbr aurgcoaauftivMerihe ore- 
ihn loo stx>Q« for inatiuict, in ifao bulboun porutiiii wherrai, be 
outfit m-vrr copirttf thatonnal but in \hv fnfmbraiUMttportJDA, 
Hml withitihol' i»n mcb of t\i€ proitau gland, and Uth<n the, 
gOTfjci will nochnvf marx: than the third of juimchtoiraYcnetS 
brioic 11 <on)c* 10 the proiuit, it will tcatccly ti^K i\M wa^ in^ 
thU disuncc, aad in the bntids of a |^>rnl lur^ou the hnndlc of 
'tbcgnrfcct UBlwnyn drprmcil, in proporibnaAhcdepiT-Uc»U> 
Ih^ndlcofthc m£r/' 

^Obj. ^ *U ihe operator prcsic* his gorget ccuvrd* 
rhori^oniaUj, the proiiatc gbrnd, being movoUc, vitlrc 
'the gorgrt »lip from the gtoovc^ uid be dnveu betwcCQ ibe 
.rcciacn and the bladder.^ 

" Antw> It ia here avumcd that ibc »urg(ou vperjitci wtlb ft 
fcT)' duU edge |o hU gcirt-cli vhcraa* it sbould alwiyi mike 
,ilhttayi>cAiily a«3i»cjdp7l w«uIddoi u will be the tAse, if iu 
•hapc be good and its edge keen and imootb/^ 

Obj. J. ^ U Ihc surgeon, or aMifrtant. deprctM* the handle 
of the staff loo muth <jvcr the ng^t g^ob, ivith die idew vf 



-J — 

die of 

Oa iltf Open 




itaiinc tis bend or bc«l be diitiacdy fall in 1^ leh wJ< «£ the 
p«rixicuiD, dw poont of ihe lUJIwllUlip out ol the bluddrr, Mid 
whvo ihc >ur^m kas cocnpUlcd hi« cxiern^ mcmooi, h vill 
sun dirou|ffa the iDcmbriBoiu pan otthc oredira^ md, indui 
cA»c, fuhluuj^ tkL* go^jjct b^ ibu fftUc gukle, he wiU drive itbc* 
iwecd liK bbJdcr aod rccium.^ 

" Ahaw. irih« ftUflrbeiUiUdthruti^i the BKiphr-mou* pant 
of d» urtllir-rf, ri will jJta iiu>|{Uidc die Liufe u/ ilie operator, 
■odutthii i« no specific objection to die j^rgrt, buton)^ loftn 
Hwkward wrgcoft, uviig jvi ill contrived tuff, andluiviDg «n 
kitkivHrd MMt«i*ft1- Hoirt\cr, 1 hope I hjtvc freed the MdTfr^tsi 
being lublc to lU thuc of thi* tenturc." 

** Obj. 4. ' It U uoifonnly ackjiawLcdgCFd by ih< b«K tur- 
geon>* that the gorget cuu the proKta^e gland very impetfcdly* 
It» iiKfltioiiJomeciinei mLhIu, with ilifbeuity* the jntrodnoicA 
ot the tbrcefiii And if the aicac be Laige, u qvito inadgotc lo 
its eiimttjiju. i«ahoui <!ie*dfiil law raiir*n/ « 

d)G fault » ID it» miJte, not (he pTiiui|)le of wing ic It U not 
DeccHxry nor ^ipedieac that ihc vouiid, dirough vflucb ilie 
iiou« i» lo pau l/tim the hUddera «ho<tild be of ihc maw hpgth 
«*th« luag«itd]ftm«(erQf (heMom* 

be Uai uicccufu^y cKtriKied >llcv uiing ifac gorgeii sod Urgcr 
ihanthMc will rarely occur to aByopcrfltonVi^<^tCT>ll,iJ^c 
•urgeoa fiodn hv hai u tionc ton laigc Ui be rxtnirtrd wJlhouc 
di«Mlfid lacvntAoUt he cui cobuge tlic wound ul hix gorget by 
lui v^pel, juM aa weJl ib H he had never U3«l the f^orgei at 
»\U lor WG nnnut auppone, Uol n prudcni -lurgeoQ, even if hr 
coalmen hunwU to the kniie, will make his iadsjon with Uk 
knife of the grenteBC poviblc size, before he hs* aitnnKiiied 
tbiEt ihcaioiiekoftfiGJtmDtdiaary vnaj!:nitiidc; vhith hecu- 
DOC <ertuDly do, till he hfl« got hi« furcrp* luid linger into the 
bladder. Neithrr the *ttfiy nor lecliag through tbr mcdTum of 
ibo rlecUln^ wiU onUe him to uccrtaia the aiae oT the noae." 

''* Obj- J. ' II the coning put of the inBtranKni be made 
farood, to provide ag^ic the liat accident, h entcrt the pubn 
with great dtSculiy, gntes ^e bone, by which the puhk artery 

206 (*^ ^ Of^TVikn e/Oiail^fir t^r ^Mif. 

M nn >o be wonadrd, and the pftijrnt brought ioio ^eH tlai^ 
pr hf the htmorrha^^ wUch coaiDnDnhr pvovci lauL' 

*- An*w, J Bclmit ibe <ibJ«ccio»i boi 1 ahnuLd be tutrry to >«e 
amy ^uef^n opemc viih a FP^v^Evt* wturih jnitifccd the expec- 
iitiioti of tu *b)tn|f )o math mkicUcL^ 

'' Ol>j. 6, * Whi^Dcvcrthc jtoref4onca«the tMjSf^i ibi»puk«t 
feds ma |rr«lktlbl« indAUion ca hear diMttiwartlft, hiy which 
th« feodut Qf ihe Mftflckr U pir<«*rd ug^it the |ioipt of tba 
hummf 0^1 and if ii bo k^ \oo^ in liir bMdcr, to wrvc u ■ 
<imducfDc to the foreran, thM gtorralljr h^ipciw*' 
< >*Aiii«. 1 ftcwr Mt tlkii d«Mcnt of ik« fuMLot tn uaiogthe 
pKHtatomc, 1^ my finger bos dlw>y» btwn tc tmaatamttmtiy 
inmKlBced along its chanoH, thai U covid •oc bare tMypfncd 
wkbenit my ficneiviB|> itc and^ u I bev«r kt^p thU m«ttum««t 
la«fr faiibe iladdcr, nor moil eu a eowlixior to the fbnxpt, 
at ^1 moai, I obviate ia prDCUM thk pan of the objection, 
wb^trvtr lU force tn^fa*." 

'* Obj. r . * It U pQiikile for A Tvh tUTgeon ir> piuh the ^orgri 
on with ttieh viotcikor, aft to trtaafixibc hbdd<r.' 

*-AniW. Tlicr^at do guJirdiog afpkbuC iHr pni^ndiicrtflf ririi- 
acffi abinhcr ft onan «•« ihr kmfe m any othrr iavcntion- 
IfowcTrr, if a iquarc slop tenninfttc ibe groove of th« •uflT^ a* 
laihatnrhith ishfre ddilMMcd, U Mituc be a very rasbsijr^eca 
radeed, luiog a very Mnag hand la a v«ty vUkat burry, vrbo, 
■etviibuMMUn^ this dcfeoce^ <an pkrcc ibe Oppo«it« side of 

^Obj. u. ■ When ibogorgH has 1>L^«n4u<EccMfallyiM>od^<«d 
into tb« btadd<r, and bU tbcie dooigen hart boea avoided 
which vc VQUOiented. uoieis ihc upcncor be vtry caff f jI in 
vithiln«iQg U la the very pos(ti«i i& whJch U cattrs* rt wili 
Otake another ukciaiofi.* 

'* Amir< Thji acciiUQl it very ciTnliuUi} p(«veated by me,' 
and, 1 suppose, by kll opcraton wba do noi lior^isce the fo^ 
ctps oa the gorgst, by withdrainng U wi«h its cuttiag e^lgc 
mtidcr the Um ftogvr of the left hMd, whkb ocrtaloly kecpa 
tSsr Uaddcr inm cosning ia oootsa wiib ii, while tKe intcni* 
mtnt is bcmp witbdiawa by ihc rij^i h«id/' 

^Ot^. IK'Noaia&of frriiDgvrvf wltftcsaed the ^ibTtftof 

Om iht Oprrdikn pfCuiringfir the Slme^ S07 

flie coffrtt vh*n ifrrvrn 'm9o the blaiUcr, vklMut hKirror, or 
did ii wkhom TtliicWMe.* 

*■ Aiuir. To lUt apfK^I t» our tcuilnlii)' I mu«t brir6y 
rfplf , that the ^rgtt, or vhairvvr i&iljvmskt bo u^nl, shotjld 
ffwwr, in in IntrDduirtiiTa, ocrtetha hIvq of ^^vtn^orj^Aflijf- 
htg* The 0|>cnitar shguld ca[rT7 forvflrdft h\% mitnunent) M 
CCMiUy, iklibcmtvlr. «Qid whlk ■> wiich maaiftvt cominuidof 
hi* bnd, « he would n Uvtding over dw baulic vcIq, with 
th« artrr^ pl>c*d nnmediaDrL^ umki iu^^ 

Tbv cbarftcter* eiumi^epraciin, *qiI Hicccuof Mr.Ti^tf, 
gtvr coosidcrMiU vthK to Ub optnkmi, which are tnief)uivd- 
cttfy m fftvour of ib« 9«rg«tt thie form ol whkh, bovcver, kt 
W olnroil b «oni« pMrUmlan, aod hw dc»7ttwd ihc aJterod 
imcnt kinder Ihr naac finttt^vmt, A platci nrttdtn ihi* 
rBcnp<;i>n perfectly tatcU'tgiUct «b wcQ aa Bmnt pecnlofitieB 
rin the aniTandlbrDV^ vhkfa Mr, 1'ryt ut«« ia hia opmliocs. 
Havinfi: thui rvplicd to the objntiowi brtrught kgwmi the 
l^r^^f-Ct the ndvooufcA mmI to ■rug tma «iifJuyi»s tbdfxal- 

" h ii prohtbic," Mr. Tiyc «ik«, (p. 16.) ** ihti the prautu 
witlhf divHled vithrqdilprocbknttoCoilirTctraa^diliflieii- 
aioai, and thki ihe adjacent piJit will be eqadly pcotectrd, if 
wc rejen every inoruiBmi be«ide> the atolptt? f know hrfare 
iMBdihf «/e ofthr ■□mnd whWh the prMutamf pradcen, 
Mid ivy ob^crvifljif the frJAlive |H^tiiios of the itaff| la whJbC 
tiTC<tio(i >t Kill be nmdr. For a* thit hnndlr of the vlAffii ia* 
nM^ or km lo th« ri^bt ^roio ot Ihe paiieni, bo will the 
^wtMittd b the pnMtabe d<vi«tf, more or ttflt^froman^aD^ 
with the woiwl istUieoretfcr*. How many vurgeocn are them, 
pDMoncd of lucb a ddicKy of touch h to tocxKidt (be wort 
with the kiul«, with ci{V|| enctocHf The knife cannot here 
be dkccttd by the grave of the wS* m'n htia other cmck by 
th« groove of lh< (cimmon <Jirrctor. For the tulF, in divicting 
tbc protocc, n nHrcl<r a goil from whUh the kniCt nust set 
out, and to vhidi it ii to rvium. Dorbg lh« iekAxdlAtc an of 
dUidlag, tt mun move at some diiOnce fnw tb? itJitf; iJun it 
ti> vay, if tbe pruiate be cui by ^ UQund, fomning nvorc ot Um 
a right angle with tho wound ihrovgb tbc integ«n»eil», oaus^ 
'le«, aud ittdhra, whi<h, tu «naure the safety of the rectuoi, 

by tbv inifr xLosc, u wdl ju hk plaic of the lairnd mcwuna of 
tbo prosutCi dtHWoMnte the convctnen of mjr MntcBi^t. 

■^Tntnietto, in the IWirig body^, f he f^l of the pratMe 
b rrty ^Uknttt fhMU ihtf of every thing briidr ni iXa vkinkf; 
wid Evrtv pan of it ma.f be diMiDguii^H by ata mpertcnccd 
lout^. Uvi rhr lit^^r «tll ruely 1uv« atUMed thti i«dni«;q[e 
ihc firti titac the *urf^n u called to mt lor the stcim; it cav- 
noi have uqaired it hf tztnlt^ on the de»d bodjF, b which 
the feel excit<« m dlflcKM itntUiMi from vrhat it dciM apptird 
M living putA. Whcmw tf a turgcon, haviag that MnMomkil 
loovlcdge, wilbouC whkh no msM doerrci ihe wmieof atur^ 
gpQD, U cool irid ftteady. Mid in the hnbkofusniB imtTutncM*, 
lad meod* to rultk, he iaiU« in hit trat oper>iioa»' e^iialy » 
ia iu b itq ttgat one*, tttakc h» iv«y eortrctly into ch* btxddv. 
He II pxarded ignifui wouediu^* tlvc rectum, Tesicnl-t semi' 
nJisi Mid seninal duEU. aU <x(iu«ed to ifijvry, mm tnm the 
ino»t skilful haodtt provided with ifae knife nlonc." 

■'There are two cinaaMtiiims which tq^pcAr very uafAtcmr- 
abU to ciittti«A B3tfa the knife nione: the patient bem^ a very 
large and call iojd, and ih^ {luieot beinga rerjr araati chUrL i 
have thiv day, Mar^ Sth, 1609, operated on a very tall mm, 
airty ihrcc y<nr» of ag*-, nnd whilt I vrtm dividing the tirelhra, 
I paid partieular nHeoikm to the pio«intr. I am convinced, 
thoup^ 1 am lotemhly accuscomcd to the u«e of the knife, and 
nnt very deficient tn anatomical knowledge, that if f hail at- 
tetmpierl la have diridcd the pn^itate with the knttr, T thnfJd 
have ccnaini y been eiBharraMrd h]^ the gren depth of ih« proa* 
tatr, nor have pcHVcted mj ll«t with accuracy- 

'* A^, in early childhood, the firottaEe ia loo tmall to be (elt« 
we want it» guidance u to the situation and eaicitt of the bici- 
9Mtt to he made hy the k(iif«. ^Itcrva* hy tmr pmjoti^ ronqi' 
daruion of the ii/e, and other ciretMntcanceit at the ]>ri;qCa- 
tome, wc can predctcrniine the juCuation aud dimcmioniof 
the finishing wouad.*' 

• If he erai^ the 

4e preMtnc tlie tutlmr nt»(n 

quotiDg froon i( tlu folloriog ungubr cue at /jfAu/ia r«i<«A^ 
sdb«cqii«at tA IhfaiQitDair, 

luvbg been tang Alltktrd wEih a Mo«c in dir bladder, in other 
rc*pecuin good hctltfi, Mbmictod Co Gihotovf bM November. 
" Tbc 9tOM Wi* tmn^U Jud wu txtnuted Without diAcnlty* 
He vu (itc frxMB uiMiiMl pain liU the iccoiid ai^r. which he 
paMcd very uncoittfbn>bly« bf rcuon df unre pkia uboM tifac 
vrOQiid ^umI ftlco^ tbe urcilirti the Ibflowing day it vm worac* 
aad extended fven to the hjpogukirkc regum. Front circum- 
tancei, )C vn etideat dint he wu free frona |KritonitB, but 
tbai Uic bUddcr wm i^uSering /n»n bcin^ Jiitcoded wiUi ttrinc. 
A ftm^e catheter bcjng pMied tht\>u^ the wuuad, dld^Ot 
tcacb thit rttaxncd wjiter i £4ontchjic cithctcr W4» (hcrt loiro- 
dgccd b)' ibc penii, and cuae Oiit jif[;nm through thr «vQ«nd± 
a nolle sdvct cathetrri in ehe conxmon imy, ilrrw off a l.-ir^ 
qiiua(My of urinC' The umc inntnientni n>» had rccouno Co 
l«ic« or three limci a da^ far n wock, xnd tbea n cftoniictac 
CAtheter being tmrcdiiecd with cute, » pJug iru inftcited hi iti 
nouih, >nd withcIfawQ once in two or three hotns, to du- 
'<h*rge the urinr. Thus went on the »«ond wcek^ nfier whkh 
thecAtheter inu foaUt- vUhdrawn^ then thic nrinc agniniato^ 
du^u^ the irouod- la a ihort tinhc it begmi ^siifv to flow 
ikrou^ the pe&i»; in »U veeki it aU eatoc that wa^. utd Ike 
«rM iJilc to )etTe Gloceater the tcvcmth week, though the 
wouind wa* not emiTrly beakd. Thw \% die only instance 
wbkh 1 ever tnew or iKard of in whkb uchorU veijcalli oc- 
curred dunng Ibe curt of the wound midc by Liihoeofliy." 

Vot, II. 



and MvcJi MiiO, cvmiw^r^ l^ Af^.MUty Brmfy AL i}^ Pro' 
Jfiwr a/ Mintrakg^ in ihf Uai^trtkty ^ thr Slatr of AW- 
7crL VoL L No- L Art^ ph- ^- ^'^'^ V«t, UIO. 

At • time whtn tlie science of ninenlogj u rap«Oty BdvaAC- 
thg b favour k»I c^nii^rr:>t3nn tmong tho aesdrmtcianv of 
Kuro|>«, WF oprn. uiih uncninniOn Ittumt, a volume whkh 
■Dnonnr«ft ti4 dnvn in Arnen^i. Dr. Knice, the tAwr ot tbc 
JoOTTial new irnflrr roni^uTTatioa, thai ri4l1[<4 Inowa thr fto 
nd purpni' of th<^ ondenakio^* 

••Theohjwtoriliwwork ino cgUmi and rtoorf mrh inibr 
vMioniftRkiiyitfvr lo clucJcInetbflmin<nk»grof UkvUnitHl 
9tUc«[tlwDvhtch, thrrciinopurtoribehjUiiuUeglolHfiTTiich 
pnsenB to the mincniogist n richer, or aton cxtcnfcii'ff fidU 
for inv««iisatii>i]- 

^ Of the mMty of a pi^i^aiioa of this kind, m^ich mij^hT br 
ftiiij- It may, hovn-cr, be tuAckm loobMnre, that nnchtog 
hah contributed more to Incrcbtc nod cUffiue mttirrJLbgkal 
bkfbrmaiion, than ih<e periodicaL works on die Continent of 
KorojH-, pnriicnbily iho^e in Germany and Prance. At che 
prceent perlnd, when tiufb UmUiWr e\rrt}r>n* nrt makmg to 
tnpmve and rktend ihe manufucturei of our own founir)', a 
know1«d^ of iHe mineni production*, on vthich ta inany of 
the u&eful tatA depend, and wUh whir:h nature hai to liberally 
vuppUed ut, becomes partirularly dcadrnhte. 

** In order, thrrefore, that the deaign mty be e».rried ivita 
effect, camtDTiricatian^ from ihotr [^nt irmf n who may hnTp 
direeted ihclr aurrtllcn to ihU intrmiln^ branch of iciencr, 

■Kretpce;lully9olkfted, pnrriciilarlyvudia! may reliMtothc 
^volo^ aoil minoRilogy of particuhr diPitncta; the hUlory ol 
(lunsa, tbeir prodncfej methods of nrduciifin, md rmprovc^ 
mvBia in nctnlhirgy graerallyi dcKripiiona of individual 
ffwciniena, their constituent prirrciplcA. ]oca1icic4« andu«est<> 
vhUh diey mny he applied; mineral waten, their uiuatjoni 
cnalvtjs, xnd ^te in the ntt^ And in the c:ure of diieaic>| he. 



of tht «<irh ivin be appToprtMfd eo luch IbHrirnutlo* 
» mar be dcnv«il fn^cn 'Wig^'ud doni««iicjouniil0. 

^ A nuoibtr vitl bi^ puUitWd quarterly*" 

Thovgb wc have rnBnile vcttmnoa for the privllf|t« whteh 
exempli »ll periodkolf «nd eipcddly oil quarterly piihlkiTixiii«, 

rromihtf JDriidifBon Af irvirurcn, yrt vr Knpf in timcuurd 
for Ait one encroof^mtnt oq it, £n (he- nu nf n rnninlUndc 
jiMtni*!, whoUy deillcAMd to ikClt«K«, and nf ivhkh we liaee 
aQdung bm vffbu i* favourable to oxMAvnkotr* 

Thv firee anidt contain* the drfrri|itton of mw mioerala 
collactai during a tour eo N ia gara in Ii09b It ii wrifHA hf 
Dr. Mttchtl, |irofee«i>r olnatontT bktoiTyand bocany. Amon^ 
all litr ttbtthfidt adoprpd IV^r rh« piir]?ote of c^inwylM^ miner- 
aU>{leal kn^rtiledse* perhafs there ii fio fntfn of nwntu>rirIo« 
nwra phasing tlnm ihoi Af a ftn»logije roisaim/, Ii wa* thit 
ii4ikb gave ukI) po^huicy t& iKe wort of llaran iIa Honi, 
puUiihcd nt Vbenna b ihe year ITOO, oae of vhe tAomuiefiA 
iBd eatenainiB^ trej*Ut<» Ijt whkh niaenlof^y^ in hii ttifotw-y 
Oft k«dBncCt vw BiloscrMled. Baroti de Bor«% eoftmfrariont 
lwv«^<9, powetttd ibc ndvimaqte ni eiufarnrtncf i fyittm Air 
ihe elAnteal arrangeoaoni of ibr tprctmcan hr dcfcribrd. Dr. 
M9tch«n cnmmuaicMkRi to the Aincrkiin Joatnol, cStn 
merety a dncjipcir^ malogua of cortnm mmnlt feuihd b the 
rcgioe of Niagara, md otod^ th« banks of ihe Mrhavk rivvi-' 
TV two firM word» of it br^peak a forri^ i£o(n, characierii- 
Sfltj^, M min^i be eipccced, the Angto^Ameivfin lanp^tiagr, in 
which rWn |ournol i» wr^tttn. The nmbor bruini hyiaymg, 
^* TffCif fiif^wrrt enlUtttd dunnf^a taiir in fhr «tim«kcrof 
1809/^ afid sOfm aflfrftard*, drvribfTi^ a apeclmrrt of bt&ch 
QiiiT. he aJdii " *lTCh as »&ottnd» in thr SrPtka /FcinV*,** 
Otber ciarnplfit prc^mg th< lAeniion to which our b*gu4gc 
hai bt*f» cupotcd. f hk€y by the introdoclJon of GflffK»*™#, 
nwy be noticed in the reat of the Jouraalj rewmbling rvprea- 
«iom foiiftd hi Amcrktn newapapera, vliert, (br"a u^i^ndm," 
ve readof**dtAf^<-4i^(rMr/i/.'' Soniochfbribratvle. ft sow 
rrtnftini to uy a few vorda eoncembg ibe ijaten pdurofibjed 
by th« OHnrndogiua of New- York, ptev^ou* to oor lunbn 
cianiAUkm of (he contenu of ibrir Journal. 

It n a h<t, too well known to recfaire ilkiilralkni, that tlie 


Amertnot Mintt4i!^g^i 

ninn^ogbt^— oi^ Kursfie tit Leatt, arc 4fivid«il iatD nro con- 
leDdiog Kclb, tlie bllowvrs of Utr French, >nd of lh< G<rtDBB 
[iro[c»Qr«^ Th« iMtcr, with Wrrnrrtt tbelr bead, «K at all 
ercDiu llKOUMCicLtVAmd vurrin^iand like ihc J^r^Wuftiof the 
dfty, make every UuDgtufatemcM 1o the pfopagaci^in of thcit 
oplnioiu. II1C7 preoccupy the pub(c jouniiA> by (heir ootkini 
and ficpcapCMUcDiei Unper with the dutHiam toatfotv gr^A 
caologuci lot pnUic fliKtiooftj conibdentr vlch ^rmitt*, in* 
trigue for ihc afipointneat of thcu own pupilt to puUic *c»* 
ikinii* fonni tad«ti«^ diunbuic pnut; amI cnrryaa tcr>rrc«- 
pondeacc With cTct)r country in Hhkhmincnlogy iflcuUiir«ie<fi 
\Vc uMtf 1 UM be AtuvriMid, thcrcfotv> if «c ^nd ibv caritcM 
•ppcnran«« oT liic tcMttcv in AniirrHaipanJalljr,AlihoagKtl>ght- 
ly« ofavumd by Uirir influtJicc- Thr gcncnl uptct ia howcwv 
SPOdi nod wc may Tcnttim ic ho|x. ihit, a* Lbc li^ inctcaaeia 
the fog* wUl diuipMc, In oxir o^nnioo, tike adriciccfneni . of 
lPinf*n|o|pcal kooniledgc will br f«)(id <oniancn»3ratr nmctiy 
witfathc dnooccDOvhkh it Jcavrt iSf; uniMtlligibU j&rgvQoJ 
of thr "0*'^rw,fiiw«>" of Fnybcrg- Much hat htv» Ulvly 
vtf(<tcid b)^ the cxrrtiona of ^ur oirci prtkfc^iort, a^d, morv tbw 
an, Hy the wholrionf eipoution and pointed ridUulc of thn 
celebrated Chokfrii;, vhix, hiving aujuiKd an indttputtbk 
titlf (a paps ju^Ig^cm on ih« plan of lAMtuccion adupced i^ 
Wcti^cr, by having hlmftcU Mteitdcd duilag hi) whojc cour*e 
of Icciarci, publiahcd hb rrnuncL&tion of tbe Grn&a* tyiUMi 
acid it! mtu inadequacy 10 purjioict of u-icncc- 

To rtnirrn, il^crcforc, 10 the imaai^Uati^ object of dwis^nicn- 
Dr. MiicluiriltUof mincrftltc-^icud* only to i«Y^)-fi:]UT mb- 
itaji^xA- Thcivolncare niii-racntn^ i^f tUtr A&d Jciiii liiQC' 
Btonr, (ivim the fnlU »f Nin^kra- In deacnbing the ihirdt a 
cn'\£&t]i74iuin of (Ur cftrhnAAtc of bmc, he taya the iLnf^ki of 
the Tbi>mboJdnlcr>-«iai4'*arc all oblique*'' W« are a( abvato 
conctWc iinjr oihcr than " obUque anglu" of a rh*jaT>, 'Oie 
nature, of the lourtb mbitanee U ant atcertaiined* llie fifth is pro- 
ni^unccd 10 be ^ eakareoui it>ckf tarryi^ ciy^tab teMODbling 

* Ifwc wnoc mjv nrrtrniL^, ihr vaLuiblr coUcriivn of Mr GrfiiMtiHyw m 

nilMiii |[riJniiU^uC'ftiHl«ihni»iiiL^uTh:r'Hi' Ihiiip. r^tihllf iif^» Vt» W tikv 



jCnv/vcor A/ineraifgy. 


I*' The aixilt, a pwc* ttf die mtmt ttttk^ " <tnr^rd 
«Mt hMMTtlEo.'* Thii h Slid ta be rttf T«luiblc, h«>ruMv 
^ it coDttiaB ihM lfc& in t^c chain nf cvidmcie which drmoa* 
iintea die convcninf; f^f common Bnnov^onc into lypiinn." 
We lso« no< " i)k cluin o( evidetice" lo whkh iQutioo it 
b«rcRude;bLii almost all grp^oui d(po4it*, wh«rr cryiulliiA- 
tiAftteoiM uJ[cripla», fthlbit iIim appfannce . bcmg a rc«tilt 
Wcbc diMhtegratiaa cS pir««itEt«nt snrua, nd therefore oitcn 
COotMiOf (Im broheo trtnoi&i <d thoM MHttii] laapr««»iOro 

Mttvce ikicnfjod, mut be peculiarly kmercuir^ va Ca^t^nian 
itmLcMt. It ■ *' native #u{|OAtir, (ma the CVtHfM Spriflf,'*;*'— 
*< wtces load* of «Uch prtcioua wMrd/* Dr. M>uh«ll 
kMurtsiA, ■'bvoMih* ciiHaccof the grouttdf" And a IJiile 
further iw,lic bran dcw and grateful txt^memy <■> th« iaI<AbTi< 
oua cSccU «1 ihat isvaluiblc iiifcau^cTt lio*h sptm re|>elDb|ie 
••d mAmtA bodje*. "Thf iBott in thr ncigihotirtMod of ibe 
*'fi>iiaimM m covpUealf cnovM^d viiK it. 'fnr «aerr of chf*e 
* copicMM iffiDCa let* fill the Aptvur^.-v frtclr in fvrry ditng 

iitQiKhaibvtpUntitfreiw/^f afffv/nm/jy rr. Tt«)*ifipmr 

'if> vrgfcue fitrfivi/i, uv^, and vidiMit <u>ttiping ihe aiMllfit 

[^ iucan^eaicocf' Vari<iu« aiWoiaAtirD^ jjii'£- Hcnea tnd catda 

drink ii Ireely, Bkc comnod «4tcr." The othn- nib* 

■ lare t donoi f<^iib« joy n«4k«) txoqMing tbt brtj «rUch 
ia dc*<i^l>«d iti " an uncoram<m aitociaticfi of anbatbiu. ^- 
phrte, and qiiatir^^ 

Tlw «c<nfhl artick- v% b>' Ccdoo*! Gibb*. It coouint Oibivf- 
vaboni on ^tl>r Truo-Worfcsof Frloconia^in NeW'Uaniptbire,'* 

iBouiMuooai tnct of country, cig^t m^ck eait ol ConncctkiU 
rkcv. The ore h tfae^r AjrnAttf ol^ llaOy- it j» Mintlar Lo thai 
wbkh n foand in Sweden; aod alM ocean. timilaHy Buodnt- 
«d,ia "^QAclMt^luinaitd} wifbgrwite and primitive grecn- 

Th« (bWd Wlkle b fnMU the pen of Dr. W- Meade, *'A 
ktcnpboa And Aiulytti of [ID Ore of Lcftd, fron Lottujann." 
Thia BkiMnltCKAbctt m^tiUk lead in color aad luatre- lu bril - 
Uaocy b and lobe ironurilMD ihc grsKralily of diou- ore* w Lleh 
bcv ihe BBVe of ptkm^i fcl, aa iu tfamkal mlyin proved 
il CO be nearly i pure mlphwrer, and (Kxh rta nyotalHiaiioa 


Am^nc^H Hintrahg^, 

and IreclbnoliilHViitfer'caAiic form, ihr difffrnioe can hftrdl^ 
br vuAficst to ftcpamit ii from thuH vMiftiei. Le Sage ToT' 
merb- dnterihcil mi Appcanjuicit of galena wKir^ wns olmon 
nvUviftilfb The oTf Analy7-«lby Dr, McDdc, nocwlifaiivtiliaf 
lUrdi-mMMCc tameullv Icad^ U ^^cry fariitk; nnd ItitpcciKe 
gravkr r-*ft. 

TKr. fisQirch srtlrlc ronotiu " A GeoktfuleB] Aaouni nf 
DutchtfM Couaiy In Nrv-Vorli/* by l>r, SunucL Aifrly, who 
BOtina the inifiniv«inmt which ha« i^cq pian ia agiricBlcur*! 
of laic >^«4ni owin^ to die iotroduction «f g^f&um an a Maann- 
Uf dfenlKt iSri mountnns on ih« «»t «rilr of ibt HndftOn 
Tiv^r. aa conntds^ of muaf« of gramtr^ occupying a rc^on 
of ihrc* hundrrd sqoirr nailfs. Very h.w of iheae modaaajna 
exceed d tbiOiDiand fed ia elevauon ihore the «tirCK« of Uie 
tItct* They oSaund in orci, whirh are VhAkI <a fa««mt rhent- 
«Clvea on the rcry mrfatc nf the earth, Ir^m c* ihi? pvincipal 
mecal whWh lua been eMnetrd ncd «ri>Thod; biit tlk 1m aUo 
aoticf^. TniHe noTihof chj«nioii«niTu>uadhtrici,oceiiTaUtf: 
40id fiotntone^ neither of wlucli aiil»iaTicA enhlhit t< y c * Me 
or iLnlnal itnprrMiotifl^ tn<taK therefore ilcacTJbnl v^of p)i* 
iDiir^' fannndon. Dr. Akert^'i trAmmaiiicanon eoodudei villi 
homt ingetttouA ob»frvntiani upon the mLnerjit waicn m ib&t 
pert of Amerifd, in vhUh he detccrcd the prcicnee tit carboAie 
add B;«i^-af mlpburetted hydre^n— of Uroe — nnd of fulphu* 
ric acid, 

** \ Chfrmicftl EiaminAtioo of H*airjr Sptr, from Nfrw^ 
Icr^cy," l»y Mr. Ceor^ Chifaiton, mirf-^edii the obicrvailoiui 
of Dr. Akerly. I'he minenl wai found on a bnndi of ih^ 
l>etavare« hy tome Ikrtnpn, «ho nuitook it for gjptumt; and 
Uicd it ai mnnurei li wu not foimd, howcver> <opoMet« *ay 
reoivkable fenUizurg qoiliiy. 

Th«*b[lh ankle of Lhc jourtnl ugain touodueea Colood 
Oibba, wUh ''a Minera1o^'i<;a1 notice rvspectini ihe \^rit kivrm 
JUpim/ata"^-Con:icrticuc rivet, lltii mountain having b*en 
annotuced Ib the Americas Oeogmiih^. and in tSs Atinali of 
the American Acadenay, u tolcmici he had the cutkitiiy to 
vim iu Initoadof the cnurof avolcasw, however, h«iiraa 
vorely dltappoiDted to 6ftd only chc ihaft of on old tfon mioe;^ 
vlwDU htffnfttile Iroo or« had been eaitucted, And cxhihited 



Ml hv>! Tbt iniMnua iitdf n ofgonau, and gocHs. To tfaU 
•utcecd th< obvcrvAiiou *>i Mr. John GrUcMn upgo " & 
miftcral waur, from Lk^AcIiI* in th* »wr o£ N^w-Yiwlt," 
«ritic& with gvcn d'lflUmcCi bvE cTincio^^ in a very cniaent 
degree, the c^nkal ktkOwUdgc roquuitc in ih^ in*augaiwn. 
Tbc Lichfictd «pring« ha.r^ long been rrionrd lo by tikc ncij^lv 
bouftog people, A« eitrcacly MlutnytnaiaafcataQfcmanr* 
ouaditMtier. Accordio^io Mr. Ot'iKoai. iheir pt jQcip«l ulioe 
infrMirrn U lulpluiU of ]imt* Thh iobaian«, viih n consider- 
itAt t{t»Mttity of byilrMuiphiirctt and > taaXi p^nt^on of c«rhc^ 
MAC, Qtfiy be ooniiilerfd lu conicituting the ducF toJublf mnu 
ten in ihoAc vvcm, iodcpccvdcntlr of ihcir gwoota romcnt^^ 
t pcTUonorwUdi \% tolphurened h^rogtn. 

TTk fiCxt ktitck ttiti pcriupa be coniide»d a» more tfiKr- 
cttiftJt llun my other. Ii rcbies to the <lUcovcry nf natire 
WAgneua in Nev Jcntf-, nnd u vrinen by the editor of the 
uiikjJ, ProfcMor Bntcei who hmidu irsnimitud jtjxcxnicQ* 
th< minrral to th'tt cou&ny- h u found in a very niii uK<d 
tu of cryttAllixJuioii; fttid, eitcnutl}- vieard, ftoaicvh4t n* 
'^ixihlfA the tatc of MouM Si. Gothard^ but trith mere of the 
titfcre vhUh ch«r>tienii:R iH^iLijihytliu. It conu«t» 
kVtwUy of iBo^nsia combined only vith it4 wvxr of cn^ttiJli- 
ioo, in tbfl proportion of Mrven lo three. A> it u perhaps 
onlf mhicr*] tubttance ktiowv whdch ou he connidcrcd 
ibUiog magneiia, lo a smc of perfect purity, tbc <^jMrv%* 
conceraing h, and its devmpdos, ihoB be gtf ca id th« 
c«soar*s om wordA. 
*■ Ahhouj^ MaR^»ia cntent bto the comTiovitJon of many 
mkkcn) anbdNanoei, yri lU eiUtaicc m ihc minrnil kin^'joi, 
.In to uncomblned f^uuc, hA», tlltwrthm their fw yenn pa»;, 

**BtoptUrt,!nhi«mii>eratogy, haadecrlbedAeverjlmiacnli 
UAdkr the name of MognoUe (a term he hu buoduced «■ 
^xprfHtre of tkc lar^c titumtity of nopKsiJt they t^^nUio^ in 
some of wUch, tnagooiji jppesn to csiit in i pure ttaic. Of 
tho*e «rhkli approach nrucat to n w-e n:ka£MMA, ore the mag- 
i»c«itc«ofPkd»aiic»a«deKnbedU'Giobcrtitt the Journal del 
T^linc 1, panicularly the variety from Cutrib Monte. Aldiotxnb 
Uui aniztcrai, >a aualyMd by Gu>iian de Mocvcatj, afforded m 
Urge proportJQu d carixmlc add, yet it qipan, from the user- 

2lG Amrfkm JRwrtfi^y* 

tiiMi of CJobcn, tkuiti wbca Urn ijikt:n irom thv qdOTf, it con- 
DUDi no earbcttic aciiI, but dut jt a£j«ott« it aftu bcng two or 
ihros uc«i* c4|ioMti to die ftonoifihcn. 

" t br MignEtJtG fro«i Booditvcfo, irfakh ii (war C«telb 
MoMtt contMM, in tbe bundrexl pttru, jKcording to Giotivn, 
Upiagii«nB,l3«arUMuc«ad« IJtilcx,2«udphuci>f llnit.^id 
^ «f vac«r* ThU, liLe dtc ciuigaeif tc ^o Cwtclb Mfjuit, h« 
thkikiy dbuioB fU oiHiook »ttd Snm (he acaaotiOion. 

^' The iBHinniffi ffooi Vatlcca» in SfMiB, md SjiiincUE in 
Fmcc, tocilain co c^trbooic Mstl: (h^ft bowcvvfi all Utve a 
bige proportion of tjUx- TbMof SdliiMtlCt ftccoriiidgto Vm- 
quttia, tontaiiu 5J parto io the hi^adrctL 

'' Df ochuit mcDtiocv aa oatira ma^ociU. A mbitnicc found 
M HobHhuti, in Monvja« hjr ihe bi< Dr- Aliubell of DublJo, 
which iccordin^ to Dr. MitclwU'i bdoIi-iu, «ad tiut of Profc*- 
sor Lwn|uMliLi>, coduint pearly cqiul part» of na^iiMaui and 
faHiQvic BticL Why thik ninctal is ilc«vribcd a* Native M«^- 
QtAia, i H» u a ktt* lodctcnoine; odkM, Lke ihwe of Giobcrt 
irhcD fimt djAtoi'CTvd, it coPiUiMd iw cartxAic acid* bat at>* 
Kirb«d it iJtKT cxpotore to the alnot-pliere' 

" At llobokcft, in New Jcnt>-, oa the estate of Mr, John 
Sttvtna, ia found a ubei^d, wbidi peeftraia tbc foLlowing 

" Colour, white, poaaing Into g;rc4«lih vhiie. — Luitrr, pear- 
ly-— Saucturc, foliated; ihe folia or letvca frtqoently harin^ 
a rjdiaUd powitiOD. — The folia, vhtn aqMnfte, tnHpVtMj 
in tJic Rt^uatt aemitraasparcnti the taHace, affrr e jip oa uff g to 
tita weatJicr, becoming otttk«*->-5fimewitat elaicie, — Adhere* 
eligbdy tu the iDaguc.-^ofL — Pnwil^j putr wftlec. — Spec I fie 
grwity. 2, 1^ — Before Ehe blnvr^piitf, becomea opaVe nod 
£riabli}, and \am welf^ht. — Sriluble tn tbr wlpfaitrk, orcric, and 
anutiauL adda«— ThU mincrait occur* lo vei&« from a frw llnoa 
to two juijiea thick, tTivoniD^ Mrpaujne in trtry (t)rrui<>n.'' 
p.36— sa. 

Then loJIov the AnalyiieaJ ExperiaeMa b}- which the Pr>< 
Cmmt aacertained llko natorc of the aabsianM voder h'ra eaanei* 
nMioof for whkh, want of room compcU ue to refer lo ihr 

The ainch and temh anide* coHain miwralogical nocicea 
reapeetin^ '* P^tosphxttt of hoM ud lead,'* fr«m Peno^ylvania 


Amerkan A£mfraXt£^ 


— i* Melaaicc," ffwn ihe Mine coualr}^->an<l " Ambtr*' from 
New Jer*fy; the fint by Mr- Godoni and the sfcDnd by Mr. 
Citarifp Wntcr. The split ■rcompanaei be HI -< cm raid; the 
plM«fhaiir of U*d Ufouod iax'?iniof pyrilou* copper. Mdfr 
•itCi accorddig lo Mr. WhKr, ocnm in ibt dUtncl of Ucr- 
mttitowii, lix mile* Domhwcii of PhiUdclfhrn, tu a nuHrix of 
I'gneMvrepotiagoci gnu'iu." lucryvEnU arcod'aTclircibLick 
color, vATy]nf{ troEo the itxc of ft pia*head, Eu dnc iitch in dia- 
inntr. ** TKroush the granite of Gernuniown, ci>'»ulk nf uhin 
"mnline, mick, phosphate ofUoie, uid txrll, arc vnivcrMlly 
^iftacinmutcd; but mtUnlif ha> bHo found on!r in nnc place*** 
Amber U found tn gfitin^ upon uj^ctc/ r^-z^; rind, frt>in ihr dc** 
cHptton givco b)' Zlkfr. Wifter, 'iX% appearuect mcmbk Apeci- 
meiM we fa«ve Kcn is Copcnliagea, aaid to have betn brought 
httm GrfciJand. 

TV last aiTUcIc relate* to AmeneMt fiuaiea of lime, which 
arc aftid to 6c rue it the countty. Tbu ^>o U frooi the pen 
of ihc e^koT. Profeaie^r Br\ic<d<a(ribc* ihr« dificrcoiappear* 
AiKct preactttec) b^ the nuneral it^m New JeiKf, frotD Con* 
neclkvi, and frodD N«w Kimptliire* The retcof the Jountal, 
(about half the finr Ndtnbcr of V'o). I-} U appropnated to Lbc 
review of minfTalogkal publJcaUontj to iMelUgcnce recnvcJ 
from Dtbcr poru of America, and frcm England i and (onchaJe* 
vith an Apficndix.exinicted from ihc TruDaaalvoa^fthe Royal 
Sociel\' of Loudvn, coo^emiDg the tdenuty <A ColanLbium nod 
Tnnt^jumi na aanouciced by Dr. Wolltatonr accroUr)' to the 
Sociei) . The review ooEket a vtry inccrrati^fg j^Jipcr, publithrd 
in die aixih volam« cf the Tran^aciioiia vf llic Auicricttn Pbi- 
loaophical 5o(;iccyr ntpcctiuf the discover}' of i'allaUium id u 
»tate of coinbiitatioii wjtfa gold; by J<jEeph Ctoud, ua uffictr JA 
the mmt af the L' iiLtcd Stiitra. Atcordiilgto jMr. Cloud'a e:3I- 
pcnmeiit^ palladium ponfMC* adegret oi hoidnen, nearly 
eipiilio wracE^trGD. Ilia nnBcable and rcsy ductule; form- 
ing dnodilc aUo)'« with g«Id, ailvcr, and pbtiauni; and ia cba- 
ractcf4x4d hy proparties which cnutie U to a pbce among the 
notile BCttta. Mr- Cloud has, morvov«r, liemicitcoaivc])' cd' 
gsgod to cKprrimiMita upon rhodium, whkb be haa obuined iq 
^eat puhty from the ore of pbiinum- 

We abaQ bnv doae out aoal^^b of this rtrrvoutt publication ^ 

Vot- IV 2 H 

318 Amfrit^n Atiieraioffy- 

no put ot whfcli can far d^tatd unwntihy the lUCtrtiou <ji the 
puUic- To Uie m«re mincra1o||;iil, il i> peculiiHy ^tiTpngi 
be(iu»c h opcni a luw iouim of iiuiin:ictk>n. zad > field of tr- 
*«ftrcti, wIkhc lloilu ar« iAolcubUf- But vcktict it »liU w 
iw« tu A:ncricj^ tktX all who Iftkc say coEiccria is iti yvactvl 
pr^i^u, atu^l ^rcri (he vpprtMidi of»iich u Mnb^r, cr«a 
thouf>h tbvy fbfl f» prettliar ivtivrnl ia the maml us vrhkh tic 
hM TOTiK* Hk ftp«Mfi «>uJ ■UffincT^. ^rtn tbt vriy drrn 
ih^ fat vrm«. ftdiunillv cxiiic our curioaiiy, and Koahk 
UA to drair iadcrrcncrft as 10 the condition of hu eountiy. A 
ncttnbirt of Tittlr cinvnutiucct, of wfakh th« f^norwM nim 
pro4ialil\ hLmvcir unfooicioiu, bccjt[u«, iDourc^o^OhvaiCUria' 
lie inJ inii>:jrunL Wt art itnacl^ for lOttaacc, by tbe MMiiets 
and nc<iiraty of the Amencod t} pognphy; «nd the tWfe dk- 
ptavcd in the pb» and form of die tvorks^i):ry, even ibr»^ 
vcrtnciDcnth printed upon itk fo^'^» aflbrd w aomc mvi^ u 
to the peculiar clirrction rn irhieb lumturv n dcAtioed t9 
miike its proems amoag oxir (rnnmdantic tirethreB* In ihic 
point dF vlev, vt cannot avoid nocUinfl: fAr oup 0/* Itiaroen 
iffhich Tceina to pbr ahout every thntf; Amerkotu — Chetaisiry, 
In which they ccem to have made £;reater advanoca than In 
mineralogy* a1wa)'a appear* amoo|; ihem ta oooBeaJon widt 
aome uiefuT end ||;ninfiil nccnptdoit. 'IVy httfr aot fH found 
I^iiufe tfi ptinntr it mk a nciiicc of amuftrMenu ft u diervGore 
atmliedcinly wkh a view to SmprovrmrtMaiD the am ctffifcpaT^ 
bgcemcoti and manmr), dyviBg;. bkachinp;,c1i.niUia£,puri^ 
ing infrcied air, rannmf^ >fi<t currynnff lfnih*r. The*? *m Ae 
tnplf.i to wluch ihf tbrmicnl hnota^ pnbliithrcl ar imports*!, 
fiHof'ipAlly refrr* Oihrr wfirfc« idverthrd, ar« chl'Ay MfvUcol 
and rhrnir^ral joiimal*. Thm the wholesale comcBcree eaMod 
m ift the *r Krtif1n^*<ftnd their bookwUcn' *^op« pfLtion^ Utiikt 
tKr namr of *• Boot 5ifuf»," all coawpire to prrtfnt i« with rXTir 
and perunor viewi of the infnncy of wptterB science. In mapy 
of ill dtpnnmcniB thit htiMtirtvlike QCf uracyand methorl imiy 
be foottd Very Bcr\iccab1i>-«nd in none more chan in that whkh 
i» the Buljjcct of the t«c>rk nowbeSano*. Ita exeuitlot^, we diink^ 
tipomhf: uholct very respectablfj «nd h>ok forvard* wicbaa 
'Vye of ei|)«cutio&, as well ai civioatty, to it« promoted coti- 






in IHia 

Tmk dan of luitvr^ phlbunphir oiul chcmititTf dRrcd m 
pnif for che rT>m(nfliton of the c^rcumiunriea sod CAUm of 
phMfhnrrtcrnco bidLffercni bOflin^dutUio Mjr Uw lominoiii 
Bp^*r«ncr«Khlbi4*dbT- certain bod]«4, «ti«lli«r ■pMtlMcvuuiil)' 
er«ifitnl by fHciioa, ur «ti^ iftcf[»vM of beat, oritty oihcf 
ai€aii« iliMtnct from combuMkn. 

TUt'priso wai obalned b^ >fr. U««Mif^a, priocipAl of 
ihc colttf^ nt Ven<SoQic; «kd the wort to whkh th« prize «iu 
■djod^ u ibe publk mc«t)Bc ^^ ycJ>r» ha* been foUo^od 
ity noular e«p«rimeiiiih whddi h»-e i;TvatW cxvcnikd ifac Iku. 

lliia pfcilrKOfilicr dtfinet phogphunKcocc ** an appeanmce of 
li^l dunblc or lugutvv, uBKGonipani«d hy vcoaibLe hc;u, and 
OM followed b) iia^ «U<ntioa in aiiar|pmiz«d bodici^*' oitd ho 
Omv=t Om phcQocneDa uoJvr foor btods, Kcotdjng to thv 
ocgMjoaalcavies, lit* PhiMphorcKeRCe fromdcvatioaof tem« 
p«raiur«. 2d, PhoiphonaccBcc lro» loaolaiiaa. 3(1. PhMphorc- 
locscc from coU><ion* 4tfe. Sfnaunraui phoapherasceDce. 

All boibcs plwvphoriMCint from dc^-Vion of tcvfirrature, 
powdi*«d and diravn 00 a hcMtnd <und, become UiuiaoLXt 
wfiactvcT Diiy be the DMidocting pawtr of ibe vtwid tor 
<aloriO| BBcl die mUAiay of the lig^t ia in die dinc« niio of 
dw d«grea of heai, but ihe duntiott ol the ph(Ufihorvft<«aiw a 
alwvty* in ibe lorcrae ratio of thii tempnviUK. flie but pcv^ 
ilotMof lifljbtanniore fbrdbljrrcuinrdibMk the liraL,aad then 
ift « thti reaped Rftac dtvenity in diibreac bodlr^i Vitreoui 
bodies put wtib ibclr phMphorrarftKc v^ry aloirlyi vliile ihc 
tnetaJ»,th^t^p]-lfl^pHo^r•c<otoxidn,lad1kem«tAUiG ulc« lo«a 
U very i|vickt)'. No dc|-tve of bnu c«n ivnvove the phoapho- 
r c ac an eg frota lime, bttrytn, ttraotiin ftltshiLy iluk«d, ma^ 
Dcala, niniwiaa aoil nlcx- Umbr Mrtaia cirenmunDcm, In a 
nii>itl atpftoipfctfc for i«itaMe, sotne of lhe*e bodietttiU r«- 
mmr ihctr pho<t>hor«KcncrT vhtkt nthcn vill noc. 
llu« phmpfaoretccAcc iMtimta dilFrrent laperu, ajtd tike the 

On the PhftpJk^ttxfHtc ^diftrtaf A«Am. 

miIa I'lgbt U On^mfKiml by the prim: ii escape* m gn^e 
vin>n;ilitjn> frrxn vr>mc hi^llnt, from othi^r* in Kc'imUluioftS; 
the <oW U Mac, but geticmlly <l(nkf from hodicn CMitobuas 
inMi- IC9 pufiti' ctst howTvtt ho r^MAfcd by depriving ihcA ol 
th« mcul which had iltTrrl itt rnl^r. 

Ill ^nenl it uppcftrctl tr> >fr. Dcmiiiinr^, ihni iKc miMC 
pboipborttomt bckdim arc ihn«c vhkh <iMiiAip in thttr com- 
puiiioM p* incif^GB dm nuM ha^e ptaicd frooB ihc gi&vtout or 
Hijuid ««!« to lliat of ■ loUd- 

Ic wu of impoftaoce to iktrnnioe if thii phoapbo«ic«c«»c« 
fnm t\ev:tticmo'(t<taptrMUTc wju owin^m combaMion* Wttfa 
(hii t^icx Mr- DfiioJ^u made hii riperinhcttU in atmoi' 
pbcTic alf, 'Ktigcn, ami ihc t«iTiee1U*n vRcuiun, viiikcmic ob- 
lervcng «nr d'tffErcDc« in the laicauty of Dfthi from unorgMk' 

Elhodiei; bin the tight franiotfpBizcd bodt« w» iMflVMed 

nxiflfn: whence the author infrrt that hi chc«c bodic* the 
phnaphnrctecncc k partly occatkmcd by combuicion. 

Wnt nn rlrvMtoQ of tciRpcniiire doct not render nil hodiet 
liiminoith, and ihn«e whkh noqulte pho^phorcjiecnu frov ibU 
came, lofe the property under e«rtnln cir<amwwcca* Oawhat 
OMSC then dors iophMpbomnace dqinidf 

Such it 1^9 ^ucbtiun proposed by fltr. Ocaoftkgnen, for the 
aolulion of whidi be repoatrd hit ^ipcrinuotK, iitirododng* 
Mch circumAinncoAia &rourfdhiirif!ttt^ Hure«c«rcbf*haro 
led to the following rasuLu. I. That ihu producci from 6rt are 
not lnfnir[Oui unleoB the bodict hnvc pmcd from am c^fthjr 
Muu to iL »ale of vitrvfflCtioTi- 3. Bodie* h^vinp; die water of 
ciyvtAllijCJUiott in cucu nlFcird no WffM, 3> Bodiei copnbJe of 
being iakcacA hy hcut \\ktv\%f. ^and no lighb In thi« coddU 
tioEi a.ti: ihc udu with Gxer«»Ar.icid,iKcbr7racie ulti cxceptcdi 
ihcy not bcinfj mdicd *t thr degree of hcM rmpl^ved in thfw 
experiment. 4, Radir* md partkuintly udtt whirh irc tskb- 
uliioL, 6r dccu»po«rd nt th*b degrve of heat ntr cot pho»* 
pbofKC T Ot- ,1. Add bitl^« boditv misced with a Ivgt r|MaiMJiy 
of (he mctidlic oxidcft nrv UkcwiHe completely obscure* • 

NcrcTiKe^co) atooi of thetc bodid may become lu^AiBoiia 
OD being moMcritcd, ptoridcd they poittu the property of 
(ombinins with waier, ukI of »«denn( tt to a ccriiin degree 

In »h«rt, ihiJ pnip«nf naay b« rutond to tlw*c bodjc* 
(bat had koiC ll* on dicir condiiiw Uiag chxigtcL 

Mr. Dmhi^ot ciacidmici froat lut cvpervncots of ^htcb 
wc hnr< Qttiy Uvp vA^ to ladkUr the r«Mlt, ih» the pbiw- 
phortvcvaca poJoocd by m <leratiort of tcnpentorct it 
ovrni; to a pslkttkr ftoid dnv«D bf the calofk frovn the 
bwlivi bctwcm wfaow |>utidc« it «ajiu; nod he cooflidem lhi« 
Lud «o btt the aunc m t^otakkty* lU f atfrxum thi* hypo- 
IfacM. bc<BW tbc ctrcvnutaticc* wluch f>\^ur w ckainnr the 
McwnubtKHi of tha clectrk Buid ia Uke OMniicr Ikvour et 
tibokitdy dMCrof tho auuMuUtiaa oi ibc pbupbenric flukl ia 
tha 4un« bcxlici, anJ ihat bccMUC clc^tvidty m>f he directly 
acojDauiavted ia bodiet to ■» to reader liieni Ituainou^ 

it had Im^ bf<o koova that the «xpo*iirc of ccnaio bodMi 
to ligjhl ratdercd thrtii pbof|:Jt>ore««^t. Du&f and ficccaria 
hadotidc C3Lpcitin«nu on the phoinfncrta of tbw lii»d, and 
froqx the CLperiaaeiit* of iht Uttc* it wjn infrrrrd Ihit th« 
phixpbof74ccDC« of bodk* exposed co lif^L inae froB the 
diMu^igMiieiM of the l^ght whodi Imd been mcri>duerd hf c 
tpKKiDf abiorplioo. But the cxprrunrntoo which thi« hypo- 
thcait k frimwd ^M beca aucrUkiocd by Mr, Dfinaifpeft aoi 
tobcccvnu: (he phoipbani* wfcich he aobjectedtv ibadif* 
Cttcnt prUouiic n>i aliraya affonUd the mmiic Mad vf |>ght. 
MorcotiT the pbdftplionKSDcc p<t>dBc*d by kiaofaciov, hu 
CiviD Uiog an ««ian4tioo of n;** >» ootv «a oa c iila i iooi for 
kuverrt £ttqv«at tbc iavolatioiD^ tbe pbutfihotxtceiicc ia aM 
iauciMd, and the coreria^ the phospboreactjit body with 
twolc wiil vender it obtcurc* Light w well ^ h<4t doc* not 
taadar idiU>dW«phuipbQirc»ccni,utdihoi««hkharetarc not 
le IP thf lamc dcgtcc. The Caaioa phwpborut bccomet fkno^ 
phorvawnt by the lightoflhc laoou, while the kyallaqaara 
UiMca ooly by the tmnwdUte li^hKjf the >uu- Jo ifciicral ail 
ftiudbodiea vcioicatiibleby tluk kind o(cxcibtuoff],irhich li 
ibc caK with Urtnoat, tlM cAihurti of oon mkI other mct^^ 
voic of the anlphurcti, the tactallic ooudv io the dry way, and 
in fOBcral all bodiea whkh like the foregoim an coadurtorv 
of dcetrkityi but the edio*clc<(f k may beoonc pfaoiplHrreMeoT 
b^ mejui of % urong light* It ought to be obterred that m 

mpect to Uie pho«plwrcsuiicc all bodies ^xhiijoud ihe taOM 
cB«cu wtih ckctruhT U wUh liglK* 

lliF ijglit pradiKcd by iMolAtiidtt tnd b^ bnc Iiivq iW nunr 
color, ukI bo4h ttr« dfUftU) Mffccted hj the mciaKk cxvk*. 

UudioB tbc muu Juiftipova by nuotukm caofwl bt nadcwd 
>o wlua JicMfdi but tbcv bcccMe p Ju Mp h ococgwi in proportka 
a» ibty cout. laJ iwnw bvdic* wbidi fcdiTv lo«t du po«<r of 

iiuolMioiit whkb Mr- Dn«ugRc« feiu>t>uin la tbcwmcrrc- 
toiocd in IImm bod«M; lor wattr hu ■kq^Mtknubl}' gnMi in- 
iucncc ia tbcM pbcftoaw«B. d> Mr* D<««aupKa hu in MTtfal 
p)i<B» remarked* 

Tike light (irvduccd by tmmiy bodio tnowa by the naaie of 
pboffihar^ hot been ucribuJ ^encnUy lo combuAlifMW Mr. 
JJcutigfte* bcin^ deuroiu of ciuaunin^ thw hypvCbcab, aub- 
JKicd kIkvo tKKbc« to cxpvrtncDU which wcordaig to ham 
rvJdtaiUii' prvvc that dic}) inrc their bght lo ihc tani« c«u&e, 
lo wh, k BpccHv oi cJ<TCtfKii7i lur >lr, Dfuai^eo coi»ider» 
ihv U^c produced by in-jilMtioa tad clccinaias ditf unbe m 
iktt ttianlcd fay an ckvaiioa at •conpemmet ooly ikat in die 
Itto &rtt ipiiM&o the light capeHenoei ft kind of vibrulon, 
while iu ibe hm it b ra^y cx|>clkd. 

Mr. lJe«ulpio» DTiKle the phoftph<»<jtc«»ec by cuUiaioa the 
MibjcctofMrrcrnl mcinuim. From tii« cxfi«Haii^iiti the inlloff- 
ioggeBoil Mid very rcntiirtMblc lav Is t«iabUth?d; rhai all 
budiei whether solid. Avid or gftwuu* aJSard Ugfat by cwnpree- 
■ion- Culthis tightiaiioiBoainuiduit wbfintbc body hobcea 
nunderrd phoiphanKeni by htvu and however frvqunn mhI 
•irong the compmaioTi, ihtycMinM be eotirrly dtpnvedof 
their phoipLiQrcjccot property. Mr, I>mug»» thiakt tlm 
ihtx li^hr dcpendi on > diiFtrcnc tAUM frooi thu produced by 
hcau ^' it ifspevi to depend," m>^ ht, ** upon a very ebabe 
" llttid dofcdy mitod to all dn ekoicna of gnviuuiaif nuncr. 
'* llua flutdi tbc priwary source of «spanuont ii prrVMxl out 
" in proportion nt dw consiimrni puiiclfa of moner approarii 
" tachPEhej,aothatUiifpthcrfrQmthglinaittof <omp*<a iWM i 
*' in gnii:« ifaan la vitr»iu bodjct; and tri thtUttcrAlcMeibrt 
*^ i% ivqiiBTcd lo excite the OiciiUwm», Sec'' 

Oo the PhofphsrrurtKtefift^frtiit AWirt. ^3 

Mr, l>cnMi^c« dtiiEnguiAhcii iwo kiacU of >foni»nrnu4 
^OHphATTflonm, the one lugiii*fi — the Mh<r permanent, 
AmMi]( ihc fbrner may be doued iho»e produced hy dir 
oniAnof «cen^ ponioa orvrxer asd quicklime, tnil aomti^ 
the \ui<r roncn wood, and othtf bocfiri in ■ «mc &f putivfac- 
tlon. The Inter ppnicubrly mgQRtd U»c iuerjtion of Mr. 
nmftl^ct. Hi* oWn'MDoiu vrrc mad« <M fta'tmn^ iLjl»uncriL^ 
iVwh vaCn- (nd »ti-fiih, on vegetfl^^lr ma««r, and thr difl"? rrni 
Httdsefwood- UteK tabfttatiDci indiviil»Al1}' firt^rnird db- 
lilKtiTt cbar«ctcn,tiu<riom thi-lrun^L-dphcDoinaisLt app«an 
thit thftr pho«phorTHCe«CG U * vpvciei of combnttioo iu which 
w^tcr ftnJ rATbook »cid nrc formrd^ all the parfct eomtituting 
mtiifle or votmI do not contribute lo th? production of light in 
thrtc bodkvj the troody and muscuhir fibre undergo nc» ctaeii' 
lifii <hoflge> and dw phoipharcaccow of theie bodice k ovritig 
in wood Id tb^ gluiinoun principle and lA RiU&clr tu the ^Uii- 
aous principle uxiitia^ their mpeetivr hbtvh 

From the nunterous fuci uiUecud reBptrcti&c ttpootuicoun 
IplifMpboresoeoce, Mr. DeiuigDca endcavoutB lo expkitithe 
phgiphoTMccDcc of the kb, which he ihinka moT be owi&g lo 
iwocauMt. I. The preMotcof juoimaiculw, phovphoreteciklbjr 
the f niKibiion of luminou* matter ftecrttcd hj the urinilrulV' 
ft. Bjr EhcMcnrpTCcenccof muierifitaolTed or mixedin water 
nwl proceeding &om theie uiimali, or fish and the mollcui, frc. 

Since die puUicAUon of hii line worlf, Mr. Devulgfitt bfts 
crxtended hi> inquirien; ind hn attempted! by numemut e^ipe- 
rimetiN to detf miinp- thr inflTimcr of poioti on <h' phiMpbo- 
Tratence, whethrr from flcv^tjoci of tempcvMurr. or from tn«o- 
lM)cm»and b«- not only a«cer nine d that the poinM hAve ihc 
URK- Hfrrt on the fihosphonc B«id aA oa tht dectr^f; but 
mon^ver ibil ntcnr^l bodies differiog only m the ^ggrepttion 
of their particlet^ may admit of infinite variety as rc^irdi 
thciipho«phoretcent property, Cre. 

in fiur Ctutttfuiing lU Uit,- aita aaacauati sfthelytAvntrip* 
lie /Vw '^ tkf ntirnft AiiJy <«tfAa» AA&l^ti» A/the taktt' 
k^uMtitfr dni^tarftJ in a Gut dtirmg itt Emfii<,t^n£iU* Bf 

TiicatuncioncifMr. CopTond w the llthoctf iptk pcopenJo 
oTtlkr iminaitT? acid, «ru fit>t <tcitC(f b^CMenofiU weccMful 
cftplo}-n]cnt, rrlAttd b the f fth and dxth irolunc4 of chc Me- 
aiotn ofthp Mf^dfril So^im of London. 

The cas(4 here denilfd afford sufficient evident* to Indvce 

jifunbtfT cut oftTif miiHitk and iriiruu? addi in cadcuhiv In 
the fiwc, thirty tlropi cf the muHjtic acid wctr tftkcn id wXct 
ihrc« thoes n dny; the dole was pT^dunlly incrctscd to bhy 
drops, utdrflntintinl ttU two onncn wcrt tnkfrn, vrhcti iV com- 
filcuni ira» rrRiAvrtl. Thr pAflcm va^ direct^ to tallcft dftUf, 
in onp vtflt^t, atl th« urinf tvhi^h omild tw obtained In tvtniy- 
four Murt. The dear urine wai th*n poui^d ofT, »nd the ftflli- 
mcnt coUe^ifd upon a paper €ltn. The tf dfrncci thu* rotlKtcd 
Amounted to loi grami,of s buffco]f»ur«i3 impalpable powder- 
Onr hundffd frrAicH of thi» poirdcr lubjcctcd tochomlctl 
iiiKljnii, wm found to conuin 

Uiicacid 73 

Amniouin tS 

Cu-bonatiV of Iiom . . ^ 

PhcMphiLtouf lime . « 5 



In the o[bFT cate,(thaiof SitSimcm KelTy,ol ColNtcrwotth. 
ki wai#r every lw9 hD<un» tilJ a ftcdkneet apptared in thr urJoej 
and aftcrwuida ctmtmucd fcur tiBie» a day, while ncceuary. 
Tweniyocvm cuncea of the diluted add were med- A pedi- 

locac *ooa ippcmdtaadbf^pcticvctiiig wJch ihe medicine from 
N^rentMr 1 3, I £05, to A|irU 30. i fl06, 600 gtun> of a ligbt 

ihkk coloured ponrckr acre coUcctcd; ic wIwIk toward ihe 
coBfibuMNi, A few fn^etilA of calculus wct« fuusil, partially 
ilocon^ioaed. One hwUrcd gnaax of ihw MdimvUttubjVcirii 
to analyHt, g&TE 

U;ic &ci^ 90 

Amuonin . . . . , ii 

Cubonatr of lime . . < S 

Phoiphotcoflittc. . , I 

I-OM (J 


DuiixkgdicCrcainicntuf ihcM (,'jic« u;^lum w:u occiuvunNlIy 
^iv«a eonilig«Cc psttn: c<Hii>en«i WM |inv«nted try milU l:uu* 
tlm; uiij when the fttomnch WM oppc<Hed by the frec^ueat 
do*«« of ihc *dd. itwto rctievtd by ulmg any co(ivc(ii»t 
»pitit dilatcil •WfT* It ippcm, from ihii stniJcoiaift'i obici-va- 
liOAi, thjttdie niifMaacy^eMtMt% greater TiihoMriptir powen 

thaa the nur/atiti jomI lb>l in trimy <ur« of ^rATittii, ttilw«y« 
procured a diichnrgc of AcJimciji whhtlie urjoe, tnd t dtre per* 
■cvvnoce in tl4 wc w» follow^ 63- a rrcDovjil of ibc «;Fi»piom>> 

.!l«0.,pp.41d. Mumi)-. l«il<X 

Ih ■!! lttag;rapfaicAl publicatioM the Kvieirer miut be u^ 
po»t3d «o have np£ objcu* brifore hfm , the »ubjeaof the hltlonr, 
and the bic^^iidier. Wr have in thr prcteoi wof k u\ veouM 
of Uie fife «od wtitingi vf ui coi^Acnl pKyiiuan, wrtutnbyiL 
hpother phy^cn of rtputatiou and abilhicrt, ind were wc W 
fio regulAfly through die bouk^ in urdcr to pvevcnl the reader 
wi;h a critical Donnmcoury od iu coaCeotv, w% abofJil hA*e 

Vol- II, 2P 


ictliaps nearly av mticb lo hj oF itie hisiomtt, bs of the person 
vfitfve lilviory lie w-rit««. Wc do eot nuaa to ioiinau char Dr> 
Stock n^y wrico B^iool hlmKir, bat ia ^iviiiff xn vccotiat of 
Ubt trriiiogk, trourU lod dtKOTrriti of hh fricml* he inter* 
»|>riH» Jinnfavr rciOKriE* of hta (jwit, *>u ^ to rcndrr hit Mittwx 
aLtod of rericv of Or. [kU<l<>;k^* utiiiii|fi uid gipiAiuoft. Now 
ittohippeQ* ihAtoliiioAi *M ihc vTiiingt^f UrUvdJoe*, nun- 
tlfinvd i&tJiit volume, have t^lrcidv been rcvicttcd by vursdvcvi 
DOr <l9 wc >ct Mr (virtif uliT occuioo to alter our opmtona, bo 
lh4t Ri ouf Kcomil of ihc wi>r^ brlorc nn vx >hd btre more 
lo do wtib (hr inii^i than vitfa Hic phviktan aad philovopliet* 
'ih« live* of titcmt)' men, Hr. Stock DLrMTve^ Mldom lUppLy 
the btogrwphfr wuh oiuch dtKniEy uf locidcctt ^re wc bound, 
twcvfr, at chc Hinc ttne touknowkdgCtlhit tvtuil they may 
wuitof ihii poptilar atttniction, i? for the «DO«lpart Ijlcl/tobc 
^GonpeDMKd b}' the iinpottuncf ind utifiiy of tbe re»rucbe» 
OCOUpatiooa lo which imh pcE»oQ» may hive devoted the It 
Ittme; and from Ihr nature and clurjcicr of the paiticular pur- ^i 
^Bilki in which Df. Bv^doci cQg;Lgcd, wc arc v«ry read)' tt> .^| 
■daul, itikt QO Duc^* Ulc could wrll have been more ciointer- 
nipicd,-£tilov4lv and cuthuMjiitiic4lly applied ii^ ttie vdvitiugc 
\oi hia Jcllow cnaturctf than (hat of tbc Icanicd pErooii htrrc 
^prc«rrvcd from obllvioa- la Mjmg iKi% wc Uy out oT the 
quc«iioQ,thc BctiaaJ utd'ity aatl cDQDvquf-ncei of \\u Uboun and 
nvcarch«i] wer« (bey to tun out tdtimately of ao account *t 
all lo nunkiod in gmrta^ ihtr Doctor would mUI dcicrve the 
fair praine dnc to tvery one who btatowi bi» tittlf and Atten- 
tion whuUy upon purtuici vo inttmately and immrdiairly 
connc<;ird with ihc wdfuc, hftpploeia, and good of hiihTi-ihrcn. 
Wr ihirtb >i i&cunibcQt on us to My thu. Openly and explicitly, 
bveaiMf hAtiag before u> the tcatiiaoDy of vtrj rcepcctablf^ 
/pvnoD>, tu tli« di>)intcr»icdtLvH and putJiy of all hU aims and 
[.intrntiont, w< cannot rc^nrd him la Any tower ligbr, than at a 
■ItioM ardent phjioiophcr, and aioccre frScnd of mari. W« are 
thi- more dUpoicd to aiiy ihi*, bctatuc in our fotmcr reritw^ 
*pS hia wTitiag* and opkioni, we hnvo frequently found occa* 
Bion CO Sltkr irom hipi, and (omciinm have been led to 
LcapouM tftiooppo^tc bide with mi earocimrs^ and warmth of 
fedins- called fur aa we then thought, by the Llrong t-rnw in 
iHutt Dr< B* himaclf was wont to assert hia own opioionaj not 

St^A'i life aftMAft, 


»Iwiya (ladoubtciSy.) mhh that libcta1i<r «f MaikvmK miil 
(UconUn of mnkocn, ^ wknl of ^liich hr wu forvaid lo rv- 
atfit ni aU cato that ipfilied to Ucniclf Hr vrm Qnd^iuUvdlf 

him. Ji u not dicTcforr mnf poMvt ho\\ in Tttflfi and *i i« 
well CO bflvt ihowQ, m% the preieoi bio^rvphrr fca« dooir, that 
the ccccnirictty of Dr. Bciid«» ahmf* icnikd lovspdi ihc 
f^aodaiid hvppineu of moa, hotrcvcr ACUsiuibl«| tbv^ vtttt 
the «bjom he <D«taBily hM b tifw. 

The DociQT irtfl bydfifcTii of WcUH cvmKlLofi, ihoMfEb 
born hltiuelf u Shifbijl, is SfaropftbiTc, April 15, ITAQ.vfafve 
be ncctved ihc frt< md]itarrit4 «f hii ediKactoAi. but' wttt foon 
r«mot^ Ki BroAd [or Brcwood) Ja Scjk0brdihin: he rrty 
tulTditplAyrdatlunifor knA«1«df£v.ftrid,M n 5vqucnttv ihe 
CfeiCf ■ppean lo have br«s dncrvtincd nirher by accident Upoh 
dod^ to adopt the Ikie la vhicH he afterward* nuiM dtuuv- 
ipdtbed h^adf- From Brood he wai reaaovcd to the free 
ftrnnnuT-itcfaoal bi Bridf^ftnmh, which he quiited kRiiitt at the 
I^Kt of tlurtecD. UiBmanix'Ba^ bybanBt»chc>d wtTc pflcuhu-. 
He sc«Tiinl VAtly to gire way to deep thouflht and rvlli:tUuD> 
>ftd thii, added (o a nicuiwl Ahy&fi^i oi dtapotitiun, ^*r< him 
ati ajE of reserve, wbich di«£in^i>1i«d hem from bih yoiuig 
ataoduttt. In May. ir7J, hr wa« piact-d ii«d4r th« tuition of 
the Rev. SaMQcl Ihtlmwo, rector of Hlym-hilK in StitVord' 
tthirv, who Kuppliod Oir btogniphfr vtich aoma pankularit Eif 
chartoer, highly atdSiabk lo him. In 1776, he wai reaicvcdto 
Pcttbrolrc CoIlEgc, (Hfordi bnt: bf applied hi taaelf with re- 
niar%ah|c indu^iry and diligtnce \a the itudy of modem lao- 
guagvf, chemAtrr, oitneralogy, and boiany. In irsi, he 
v»lin1 the mctTtipalU, and aiodicd aciaioaay^ und«T SlieliloD. 
In the course cf ihc^ xudiei it wai, that he undtrtoak to 
trantlAtc and puhtrih iht uviria of Spalltfiraiu, «kii4k apprHrrd 
In [7fti- Dr. Suick in indliied to think he was uodcvbccdly 
the pcnoQ who BuppliviJ ilie note* lo Dr. CuUcn's e*!iiuin of 
Bcrf^mao'a Phytical and Chcmicul &i4ay«- In IT6C, he ediud 
Schcclc'e Chemical Ei^nyt. In I'M, he took ibe dcgrre of 
mauler of aril. In irsi, he w<ot lo Rdinburgh, where hedU< 
liagvil^hcd himulf, not ^mty u a mcmbt r, but for vuoic lit»r 
PiYais£eni of tht Roral Medical aod Natural Hotny Svucdei; 

'j^ sndi'r Lift ^/BtJdtcM, 

h«vrMhiBhlygntifir<l«iibhiemkfeiKr>itlii>pli£«. IbtrtO, 
be T«lwfier1 ui OKford ud tiook his dactDr*ft dtf^c; tn iIm 
Ant' ytw he Tuiud ikp cDttiiaciu, «nd beoune ut|tt*iMnl 
wiih vnrloui poaiti^fit uturoliEtv ht^ £i vu ihArt^f bAtt hU 
mitrn frriinihc fOfilinm* ihai h« rvcfivcd the ftpfboiMaiooc lo 
ttw Qirmkid t<aanir«thij» at Oiiord, b vhlch nituUiOD lie 
critAtnty diil!»j^ubhcd hTmicU ovudi.midwMffMkrTmllf Anea* 
<kil by a ciMi, ODC oaly numerowi, bat paftjcularly re tpocttUe* 
Mineralogy at tlt^t xjm« tfspcsn lo hav« cccuptctl mttcb of \a% 
■ttrndoni hb Tli6ory oFihe Earih, Dr. Stock utti «>, w» coa- 
TfiniHiMr e» tbiA <A HliROA, Ittd be ww a MttloA Kufraiviaf. 
Wfl I now iliU CO ba^« b«co ibc cMet bat wc nl«o lcaE»v» drat 
At ihre time he wat part^i:Ui!y Luty la ha* condudooft, 
dnd uoiitd rr<i)uead^ BCknowlc^gv llui he hftd bc«a mjfied 
in ihv jtHJ^mcni kc had formed oi ccrttiv fotttb, «pvci' 
siOry in n^wd lu div opvncionB of txv\ zkI vc cm Eitc a niy 
mnferkibVc nitaBcc of IhU, whjdi hapfwptd nrjr aiMa nfivr 
hb jOmI <t|>ijiiccit had bcvn publidjr uSactuvd md mintaincd 
before ■ lirg« aodimDt.* At ihn Hme aodidftg MtMvd to ni*^ 
tcmi him moTfi thut th< acc;iUQt of thv IVo l>Uni>' Causc- 
wjn«, or group* of priimvik buxliiac c<tiumnB, in the V*v«ti>n 
•tMct^inltBl^, latbcLXVUi VoLorthv Pfi>lo90phicftl Inn*- 
«n~ioni, commoDiatcd by Mr. Siruigc, bn^ hU Marty's 


in t,*TKVi1>!rr, tomr 4|>^rifnf na wlii'hhwl frvTMiilr undT^fiw thctprrU^VA 

[icr>ukilci| ufdir linS, rlh»i dr- c^c^i Mmiri^t'l ■■ •i^*' :ii«nililj- (if thr 
mp-ml'rra *if Oi-^ Ui^nritjTj, tiy ••» fr^i"rJiiaif *af ■ ■ Unn iif tlrUv- 

ri-M| A tnnf U*tMtw in ihr tIlt^>>f)'(A Mup|AM« k« ■>' tKa nHiml 

trr vriliiiutfclc hAfinf rd« t*iliink fae h«d (bAafjcil )■<« ifiiiiLuai^ qufs- 

w* rt f'tidfnily nftlh^nx S«l:t?-r Oiah nirre flA0 from wimc «lc] flimlr^ afiil 
ihiihf hari «4hTHr ilttrmm^l ■ cnlm» HyvflMi tttmulil iTU^njtvtlaTi hr^ 
|vr(tn(|itpFailuiM4«<i>nfqft!ttiraltfiiI inifi£MiAre,lnlllii«ifiKai«vy,HultJM 

A4 pultJifly h* lie IllJ <l^>veml !■>■ lurtfirP ^i^fiiorn; in facl, !ic t»AfrDJfK(<^^ 
En Lii:«> t)umiii^ and tie cundiHlrd (bcVuiTeniry woiiM irivcii7T<ribc mifl&kc 
*Tihoif I Win^ loU if It b^ htSKir 

Sndt0 i^ oj BAMmt. 


lUudetX m Vmkr, m drcumusnoc iwidwrtnlly iwwaBcicd by 
in ilk« wart briorr im, amA lo whkb fn» oatcqw'tfii* 
u tbe rrrr lime, with bo4h tlia tauvied p^mvu ntludctS 
ftiHih* VTiwroriftiiiutick cajt b«ar svplt toaitnuij. 

Mmy pages of the work bf ion iu are ukf n up wtth t pa- 
^«kilanra»fitof Ur. Bcddocaiii the ^1;^^ t>i Ur* Dorvin, imd 

i^pvodttctioat. A* our opttiotki opoD thin lubjtn 

ited cbe«lHirv, wc need sac enter upoa it a^juni Dr- 

tfituck b erkkatly « giui adBircr of Dr. D*^ bsi tic aiJiniu, 

ihM ibc puliUc b« been dMob divided in ttgofd boUi lo tho 

Fotiry and Philotopliy af die celebrated phytUiftD amd fawd of 

Dr. ficddoeii^ rdtrawm (ram Oxford, which ue brflcvo 
ik IiImo Ja Lba yctf I Tftt, mmdb iv hava bnn vccUnued hy 
\ rammfmmr* in p:>li|ic«, o rea ioa^d by ih« RflwhoUe d^ 
"■^■p**' ot ^ae time*. IJr. Sifi<k ho* uikca mmdc paini io 
voltBD and pdlklc every tbioe ih«t «■• exccf liunabU hi dMT 
llluctoT** conduet, aod CO grte ftfmr ukicaadidacoouatof ike 
lUtitcsbr whicb be v*i pruhabty ktUUtcfl^* It w» itt the 
)^C«r lTV3«tfa>t the DocUir rcaMTnl (uBrifttol, wlicrcbcbc^iB 
tint cojerr of nudit^ and |iivviclogic*i rEic^ittiet, eJipiri- 
mciRii and IraUir^ wlwh mMldumao getKnUycomtpscDoiW) 
■mI «rhich iippcju TO have been couiknied uttb dw owM elri* 
'fcbag i»^ and pmcvcnmcc to ^ Ibc monKBi of U* «hart Uf«i 
varied Mcording to circuBiiBMeA, but acvef vltolly aban- 

At Umcut Dr. Unlduc^ bnft fcvmcd « cooncjikni vidi the 
fanily i7f Mr, Edgeworri), ihv Hidnbr of ihe popuUr work on 
PncAtod £diicaiian, M-hoiv d«ughucr he oflcrvatda inuncd- 

hiaieaa* " mtstt i)ba anMiEdth»D^ tt^'MMnctt" for itt p^iM\/ MB^rti it 

tia^tA ilotfrift," iTtd«iiil4**hiii1dif Ulbt hlfK^«^lt^v,''■«ln]1;kc- 
1Aiufb^M«l»*VUr%«ka•■ milf fromk* bvn dvcluiKBU, but ftoB «btf 
n kni«i of iW iviT>r< (nnr** viil nvmUrnHB ^ihr nvi Md undaiiiicdlf 

Ha, toBj (lif Ie*il4tf <i» IiiIpIv m i^p* laiurf of iUhj«hi pTO»lmr wi Irvlu- 


iMP# Vft tflMfff. 

Iplfaaynf l79B.lbc<wo«ldtr Mnnorw, H. L. E«q. M. P. 
(wt pmu*c ^f'~< Limbton, flKsabrrCnr Durtnm) ivmr pkced 
unScT the Orr K'iDr. B. is cooiornirvr, U it woulH •Mm^wMk 
ttM ctpre«a«i«hof thrirff«rcu^it pBfwnt«tobrbn>di8liiia}>0« 
Ur. B^'t^ua plan ^ffdatMism. Thfrcoaiiiiued with him Ebur 
ycftn* uitl Ue Uinicd faiMoriu reAsrka, dud upoatKi* 
■km ^ be realized rery happiljr. in hi> mode of inMrai 
Biuty of bit former th^ofia on iht Mibfr^c of «l.t£Btii>n; oad' 
tbc rVMlts vere hagMy sraiHrin^i" Thii U certairJy «* ntueb 
M the editor caM bn eipecttd V> >ny. aad wc ftre noc indivcd 
todiifnuc ii,DOibEifigoanclvr>inthf wsyof apprecimingi 
tSttu fliadtd lo- 
in the tame j^mt, the PneuntAtk Iftnitution «i« opened, 
which in <f niinly potikiilkrlj inFr[>nrah1r » an rm i* p^U 
Mlphy, if tor vo other Te«an<i« yet Cnr thi:^ that \i wa« aim* 
the fim rase on «iikh Mr. Davy hcf^ ts eriilMt hbi c«ti«- 
«irdinAry talewt. Wt an not imtfillLTic;, hnvvrr, io mU^ 
thin IfiitliCtttSAn n ocrtil of iti own. Through appanirtl^ forj 
trn and ilonr witb M Hu: prrii''nf monimc, ire cooffM wo feel 
indinfd to *gT(r with Dr. Sinrl, rhgit pcrha^, " P&coi 
medicine hni EaDen into prcmaiure and unmerited cUlvion,"" 
pi 3[4> GoKoni rerafdic* appenr to ui undmibrcdlr to be C4- 
pthtt of fVAiidmb!? efl^ecu, ind we ■ft no region why 
amy noibyjudicjaui method! of madificatiun and exhihitioi^j 
itmple or combined, be same time or othf r hrOLtght lo heM no, 
incouiHembU iharc^ In (he aUcriMiion ecrtai&fy, and poMiU] 
in ihp prrfccicuretjf nomi' af ihr wor^t diwaics lowhr^hmmi^ 
kind U liable. Wr judi^c nnTy frr.m ihr fffirct) Unqueatloncibly 
iful nrrdtniahly pmJvicrd by their cxhihiifOTi; whieh, however 
inrapahlc at prcscot of brjrig rrdoeed to carats pnociple:, and 
djrrftid to emain cndti may yet, w? apprchrnd, in timci be 
brtter onilerstood, md more scitrttificilh applird. 

We >rr much inclined al»o to gire Dr. B> great trcdit for 
hj» «i>b todlnerobatc certain princi^tt tA medical hnowUdj^e 
am^n^Kll da««e« af prnont. We are confident ihnt aju»i con- 
eephon of fWr true nature of thr jSrtt t^mpfom^ of dUcuc, 
woulcj indeed tend greatly tu the leticnm^ ihi.- amaunc ai tatal 
cuca^and cxcced'ingt) alievuteond abndf^c (he aulferinga o^jj 
rhc apecicft at Urge. ** Prcrcntlvc and prophylaoiic nodiciue," 

amoQg tlie poor^ whose jguortooe upon tlm pttriicoUr poiiu 
exceeds iRj thiv^ thai caa be co£cc>vc4t 4nd m, ww kar^ die 
oocftiioa of ihc low of mui^ childrco. StiQ, bo««vTr, we arc 
*wire of i^c amaxiag difliculty of iciching thoa^ who uv rr- 
volvetl aoi to Uani. Qu^kt ika<l rmpihc*, «>d village gootip*, 
dpurai wlium Dv. B. wu ptitKulaHy fcverr, woiddi we arc 
cwiSiJeac, lc<i|[ tnaiAUjQ iheir ^ounJ >)fpiiiu( the «rbcf t and 
bcvt conduocd cflbtts of rogiilAr pnctjtiomn* VVv cinn;)t for- 
bwexmcHn^onf of^e Ooclor'* rrfnarltouaqeiiamdauDf 
pervOM jun jtlSidciJ to, n^mctjr. VJIUgr GcHtrpf, who 

"Wi^oul fjcdJEtcv lo comprehend ifae !«»» of the hlUDJiQ 
i-t}-*lrm, CTCD tf dicy hjid attempted lo tludf (he pa, foitc open 
thr-ir f]i<ndiacime inEdlibk r«ipc, for any diwrdcT with Trhich 
they dttay be *fliclcd." 
Tht Doctor cl>KTv«»that 

" It ik pauicuIiTly worth)' of renaivk, thai the istetfcrtikcc? 
of lhc«c vdLuaurr practitioner* ik ulino«t»OifOTinly coaCnedtO 
i.1he axedlcal proTiDcc nlonc: were any one of ihcm to produce 
fher case of ioatraoieQta, it » dotted whcthrr erfo tfae polite- 
luia due to the ici would indooc suhoiitoion ta iny tur^c^ 
ropcrttioo, ifamigh tt were onhr propOAcd lo oprti a Tein; and 
ytl,"»ddft ihc Do«orj"the lool» of (he phyMOinan- noMcBi 
been ihaa (hole of thoiur^on: htit .i tlmpU teaiimiwUt eaplakn 
the diffctencti their operation U*ecttt*-" P. iflB. 

We are con^dmi I>r. Beddoes had a ju«t view of many real 

evtb ftubuttiag id (he world, though pftlup« he utght k« 

oihen in too atro*! a light, and coocening aoikkt, be jJuigether 

laiuakeo. Hat bregard toinVeTroTaAnd abusr«,he wasgen- 

.jcnUy too taogtt^ about Ac prKlicabilii)- of their »pccdy rc- 

[mcnnl, and too ha»(y ta applym^ hit rrmcdin, and certainly by 

meus dbcrei-t in hU t&odeoT employing them, ve most 

lUy admit; but "^ aat yet willing to %ivc htm crcdii, for pnv 

[jectlaig mHiDy thiDgs, which landcr oihcr f trcuiiuianc«i, and 

it t f qtfJi, <kM bt t!Mii|:Ki <|OaAkrrf ngi ifjflTi di« (lurcwc^ but ihst "id 
liuiterM tf i>irecrc8M0ul biAdif than ti v\y acfflr* pffmd-~ 




ihc «o*ld in ^racrtj, bt curtcd into ctfcO* lacl ^rabibly ^tic 
l^Rkcorodkraillbc rtntizcd- 

Ji I* Kfy nrlftncbol)'. Inn hl^ljy initructiTc, to it^ ihr ac* 
cou«il<tf Dr- Hc4ld;>M' cotL NocJu*^ c&a be more oJcuUlcd 

<ir lW c0Q&dcnC4 whceli wc arc all too afc t« pUcc in the f ti 
l«T«<V*i>U of life- Wklia oLod an i£^r< an trer^pah9t\ 
more Ml than at toy oUier period of hU U&i trith an ima^j 
lies ccpcMiae *><^ prajecu ami tpcculKkinJt ufoo pomu 
niQti impMTUD^Iuppy in hi& familf , eoaafOTub1e,perikapa cvi 
jifflMntt m his ctrcuautancca, and «9 Iklk aiJvaA'jcd in th« ce 
recr onile, u lalrty toAdoaitUkobopeof tnonj' ^enis to cr>mef] 
be k iiiddnly arniCfd by the huid af dc4thi vkd &cMiritib-] 
atanding all Hit own tkiU, aad ihe tore vad adrnc imd clued 
aiicotiua cl muny vmiocnt mt^cUcol frlcnda, buried lo tht 
ltT«*Ct and remwed froai a auigc on which no man iri^ caJm-l 
Uttd IE> blCI ft bukiti- pore. TtMiu^ hunidf a prartkiancr, he] 
•ettns u i) no; uncommcn, (n have cnicruincd vron^ noiioiuJ 
of Keh nwladf, and probnUy at Iam fill n I'Ictlru to ncompUinJ 
teaMMOBpccEcil V}' bimtfUtUiuugh not so by ifae fricndfl wl 
knrw hioD. Hcjudgcd Itis hepa[k Qs(«n to be out of ordc] 
bill tiw compLusi lay tn ki« chr^t, Iib rcspinrtioa had iJwayi 
bao dUG<uk,aad vBttbitAly u> to lu* wciuununcc. Dr. Bed- 
docB itird bvfarr hr had compiif ted his 49Ui year* 

Hk diotwtsr wlucli Dr Scock hin pvcn of him wc hiivaj 
rtad with plea^urci wc v^nly brlicvc it 19 bv jiu;^ privately wvj 
atvvya oMotawed A rcgurd and highrevpect foirhiaijpuUidjr 
»« often dtfTvrrd Irota hiaiv nad our opinion wv «d I«m fLtcd 
aad dcccriniaed- ^Vc n-vr »ccouaud htm cftpibtD ol gnu 
ihing*! but coo hurrivd^ too ungukic, too uncoiutioui of tha^ 
lapacof tim«, and coo Uale awan: of the waiti of oppominii/] 
fisranyoacnuintoiicconiplUh ac>- vtry AumenjuKeJndAjCtiht 
of Bav^ntaon or nfor maiioa- To cfloci all thai he wlithed to 
do, he ought to have brrn nble tn calcnbte upon u ri^si'lcnce 
bare oTix Ua«c a thousand yean, but ihia bciog t^idcody 'm- 
pmcritablc, It would have been botccv U ha hod not attcmj^ictti 
too much* bat hadfii^d hia wfaalotiiou^hca, «id applUdidli 
time 10 some oae dcnlgn- It ms, boirtvvr, «i poarfbUcofUijr! 

'■ lifi c/6iMytt4 



Vvre |tM>npid to Ufc« Mny 9tnAy dirccnoA: uid ht ««* t»r^kfy 
tMmed Mtdfr Itwii vny p<jiivii by n«w <ilfj«cU of <urloM>ty or 
isquryi* A* h« WOM iio4 aibo^-c c^iang^g tii« opifikni* upon 
oonvidion, U 'pfKan niiKh to b« wiihcd, thu ia vtcQ mcui- 
bkg, vkd to vcrr io^mica?!. k aini» could h>v« Uv<d much 
lenger, ba*bU )>r«nuturE dtMh b unQDE; ibec^mU, ^hichlii 

vUm^[*roTidm« *tn tuH >■ W K«> * 

Dr* Stock b>k mlivmHl hb bAak by-mAnf pl««suK traitn of 
ch*T3K44r, dltptftVcd fniiKipJith' en libc InccrcQuttcof hitfrl<ii4 
vritti oilier euiBOt p«rvon«, Ma oorrcfpoa(k«ce» «Ad bb octa- 
teonjtl nnftrki- 

l*he It)|l9ttiiig acrarunt ofbi* rrc*piion of* lettmcd fbrripNr, 
UtopeHccilf «h>:r«ietcruirkc of the «i»n. thii wccmtnoipoMl* 
hfy omil to tnuucnbc U; thavigh alrcuty ickcKd by otixt K" 

•• 111 t)i« y«ai- leaj, iJoctor Jo«ph Frjnk.ofVitftni, hivbg 
^tikeil E«gUod,lbrth«pnrprn« fl^fxammirtjinfoihi^nnce^ 
tHir priMfn, andcbirittblr imtuuEifin* for die »kk^<allrd u|)ad 
Dr. ]trf|i1'i<-<,»c01fton, Thr tccowtof ihcinicn-k*irw«hAtC 
J^cocn hiniitt-lJt utl i^ ii briefly *t blloni. ^ ATI bis acquaint- 

iIiaII nut >tra|>lcl4PvUuibt follovin^ . << ?. ^v alhiu liw Tiir'>dl> 

■nd tkiwr#r.i'r'0H/^h» pai«ol frvm ou«k.^, ,- . .ji^Khtr In iha ibrnrnfr^f 

ritli minCfaloifT *-4EliciUki^rj»iE»uiul«n«i.c m E*^ tult *Jttimi of AJuwi W * 

.D|^ Bh «M RiDCti f ItvB^ 'tfdi th« irfTf -, uniUjt tTC^ b HfiHr no «Aim U 
HhM k ftA kBpvnMH Mftf^t vnil vurjinrlj Mriu ID JMfHUn th«a M ^^V, 

tftUu (tflnttbt VEPrl» uiiJ Uk« ifcaCWgr «f(tLBrflff>^ri{^ai.d llic wtub 
i9r*hieTihcWlcAhfnt^Kfp»Ak#Ui,lauTiV£r/rV^rr. nicetiiiC.lian- 
VHT, titfqr VHp iWt tboafb .tf- Ifc >i»u«h Chfcti ripaUMd (Ac vi^ tnil ivfkL 
•■rr nac7 4nit'jifnil in*nl$, inm rJv: ^it^* hlv«jf U l^tn*. tWwf h thv 
r'fini/idrkA^BfljivtfirfmHTor tb«fn ■no*<l^r4m%r^iIlj|th(pii|;li H4«r>, C*' 
rffU tnwl to *Lrtr 4 pu ^ M. tH, iimI T, I I h«i dft^rnlly Oiin^'tMnLAHfipiEt 

lht^liilMdi,iAeiiiHtcctfncte^ Ltir.^ftiEt h^i.t ' iLnif«KnT 

Vqu II. 2 G 


St4Ki^* Lfff c/£etibfacf. 

aoct/ «*y» D^* F- ' had told m< bcrorthjuid. that I tkoutd 
fall in Dr. Bcddoctt A iniO« wfaofc fre^icr aisr^ «M ntlwr 
rvpuUive. Ob eiKmag bit botwe* t ^\c the uri^ai my iom- 
dJActury letun^ that hU muter might l^c ■omflwhai prepmd, 
and not Uken tiy larpriuii Afwr waUing about u qiiartrr of an 
ho^ifk Dr. lUddnu BpjKaxrd with srvfcal but^ka uaicr h'u 
■rm- Tbc £rtt vrortUdiBChc addrr»vd lo iftc, were. * vhUh 
Dr. Frtfifc vc youf for Uictc arc a gruK OMoy oi'}vu*' Bcfm 
1 could amwfT (lim, he \ bcfoccaae, inmroW)btv<ralbocilcS| 
all wriuav bj FadIla, coiuundy aikbg as be limed ibcm 
over/ Is thai >uuf U ihai you.^^ Thv ^r»t Uiai incL apy <^ 
wai a Mauna MiUica, lij^ Solomon Frank, I proutfitd agalMM 
tkiabtiof mill*. Thvn followed toma of the worka which I had 
wriltin in chji:ulJUoa of ihc BrunonjAn iy«lci>*- Having nov 
recognii^d mc, I5rvw& hvcuinc ih« fanl lojiic oJ our LLiavena-' 

In an airp^ndl^ wr have Iwiq coriotia p*p«r», which were 
read by th« Uoctur bcfufc the Nataral Hiaiofy aocicty of Edm- 
buritb, the one on the sexual syslcna of ve^iableA, the orJict- 
oa the icolc of being- In which, 9a 0r. Stotrb remarkn^ '* he 
maitttains tbr nv^tivc of buih th;'k« qucaunni with ronsidtra* 
blc Ingenuity." In the latter, ihorc i* a|;ood deal of hijmoroua 
fiaiire, vrry mtrnuining crnaitdr, but rather onsuitnbic lo rhc 
dignity and i^vity of a Pl^Jlofophi^ society. The following 
gpecimea wiUaniuiM; the reader. 

^ To thtw thr difliLuliy Cif ActjuHting the claima of different 
being! to certain BtatioDD. it wiU Ue proper to contfdera ftvr 
inatnoccH- 1 shatlsuppOKC that man hna taken hli place, and 
dial a compeiitLon arliu among the other animala for <hc ho- 
nour of itiunding next the Lord of creation. The ape will urgv 
hM fonnithe half-reamtiingcUphani, hw vopcrlor intclligcncei 
the bcvver hiB mechanic nru^ hia depmdmc^ on thr mopcra- 
Ung povcn of many aucciaied indivtLlhuJa for bi« wf.U licingj 
and nay nui the pcrtnciLit of tbr parrot prod^icc in h^r favour* 
the power uf mtcri n |{ anicuUir froundef nay mny ootthf al^cct 
bradypua, which may l>c aaid nih«r to ^row than to live, and 
in lagacliy >h lower than the toMcm, put in a still mere pow* 
crful cUiinf if native Ii<^]p1mneu, if paucity and veakneas of 
ia»Jncu be among tb« characieiuiica «f naao, ihcn will aa Im- 



pvlUI ju^^ h«tiUt«-, before be ditatmrs (hit plea m intde- 
quM«; Wid if be, BkOrCovrT. taVd inco tonvidcrilioTi xhi Cir< 
i:uBnti«iKe> of pectoral nuoiajt, aodfio vct^'diaiAni lixnUiTude 
uf h^il m olhcr rapct:(k. br tnuat cilber lOYtte ihls Mcm^flJ 
outnut of nftturc to a Mat hy bu »iife, or proaounce tb« con* 
tevc dt^uljiful. 

" It wouliJ be no Ivm difEctill to find lh« am Bnt to tht bra- 
drpiit: for it i* allie-d i«) the Pecom by the propni^ of ntfniiat- 
doQ; to the bmlft in hiriEi;; « rommon ctoociL to the imphibtooi 
v^mli, tiy tmaclty of life, and f«tntneM of vHal acdont: to 
th« myrrtte<opha^9, 10 havinj^ ttrong and Tcflecied nait*, «»d 
b •icilftft df-ntct jncitom. Frotn thr m^TmreophagiVt the 
manbi dlflVn only in having *nFn, tnttcid of which dM U»y- 
pm U prtvtidfd wtth a «hf fT« by mfani of witich tbU gmu« It 
allird 10 ihr Tr^rudiftek I mentTctn ihftf 1i«t nArk«ol mrm* 
Uann, merrly 10 show what kind of a chain might br rnmtruct* 
«d if eqvuJ or Mnrnger nurkt of n^^rmMjmcf w«nf krpt out of 
vww. The following * ould be a frw of thf lnifc»: 

Homo »pUn«, 



Mm it, 



Wbmce it appfan ^'> *^c migbt get itom. Ui alderman 10 a 
turtle al &ve «trp>«." 

la th« appendix *lfo an tome very »atuil-ng «KtnMU fr^ni 
die Doctoral com EnoQ'pbce book, nhJch arc wllcakulatcd 
to thov the eouTM and turn of h» tfaou^ti, and the aaany tX' 
pennenCa he bad in riew, «onic of the la(tcr« hov^ercr, thiMijh 
eoiuected with very ImpottanirewaniiniW HI acutely bv read 
without a amilf 1 auch for inaCvice. aa foEkiwc 

** Mcnoffandunu— 'To try lAn.^To ^^iatt a ntmber of 
fro^ M<« att aar-theroiom^ter* AIlo to digitaUst tbrPk. fAc^- 
f k9 t tt t . T t> «« a little; bleed: smell and xxy tb« air tn the 
dark iflmuDOiM.'* 

Ilie rblh>vi*8 article* pleaded ua a« Well aa any. 
" ydfurr — It la a valgv error 10 «ay todi an laralid murs 
betdt ton3mre;che thhtgiafieariy iaipaaalblc. Namre hat 

236 ^'^'^ ^fi »fBe4iiUcm 

09 t(»pU iawhi(htbeiickc4&b«(l«pc3aited. lUrdicituittiMlc 
up >t n qioUKC«yV toMf be dUcBrdccU but »mt vkM'ikMto* 
^ muu be a^iiUncmred. a&d kwbg pUa oi^ vAMgcnKni foUouvO, 
Mid ihfl circuBttM>tt« of ibtfw may he bu- frofn iDrlliTfTnit' 
Wkit thf^ c>D TiJiiurc k aII oil/ urt-fcd, fu-f'dmied t,>/ii0^. 
At artificial n\ rnKdiC^n^^" 

"Samt^^'ThK Inrec of 0«d'liu prrvrrvetfl writ** »f>iast 
ctrnkti f>ulu of c«cc. Sbik»pcm calU acuyb uy of hfa> chft* 
fwitn by ttdj«<tlve^ enprcMivt of ihv cIwruw Ha »««n» lo 
pftbnifCifCpt S}i*tlo« and SUndar. ilkc vuIrv MHfaororihc 
Pilghtt** PrDgnn.vul^rlr UbiiU aII hii. U U « viiaetabk 
ibifi cobdpoui dcficieiKfindnnuitcdniwinsiDdcalMifiBi^ 
It thould be Uft to tbe nadcr «a 6ttd out thr proper vpUbeii 
The Duiv aftd nuun of <5^crem member* of n fuaUy arc put 
tdcU/ftt croM piirpOMft. U Uiob^pocritc beroaf th( ScbodI 
for Scandal, U to be bipUMd Jfucpb Starfhce, bii broclwr 
Ov^lkt ^ hATc stood kn the dron^tt ^v#*dur, a& ChnrUft fiai- 


U'c mutf nov tsic our Wtv« of IV. Ekddov*, and «t do it 
v^th unfrigiKd rcgTft, lnnKTtting h»«(aHi-cnd on manjc v 
counii, buif-iTwciolly bf^cauic vc Uualc afff migbf Haw dor- 
retted lomr oi^ ihae blfmifthci, or n^lMf bnllUni ceccniri- 
<^r4 in hii charvcitr, niKich pretxr^ud hn doing julucc, cvtfi 
to hfi frwn dcKtgn*. Mid Kit own pi>ii:er^ HjuJ he bctn Iru iaa- 
peiLiouis IcM ■aagqi(w,3od awrc ca4Ni!ULf of (ixu>gaiid(onccn* 
tmidg ki» vicwt, he might hjx'« jtcconiplivh^d mucb mew 
good, ind Uft th^ world much more bcorfiud by b'l* twv>t- 
dioary Ubout*, vad wdtdxi^Mc ditigcoce. To tbr work hit* 
Cove u» n prefixed ao cn^iRvio^ of lb* Doctor, bjr WurrOtfroni 
ftpa«otingbT DJr^, mhkh wc ibiteV omof iJic hapfiieat re*ein> 


ffhivry, Ckratn-t AclHU ^mdM^t^ in nrUnn i^aratf*. 8jj 


Ok. Faakgih lalornu m th« n thU max* ht hu ouvU; an 
jniBtpt 10 c thibit u ci>«e>so ucMint of the ntturtl «Dd medical 
hiatorj' oi iTicrtHJyi M fouiul the thoory of ru tuncirc ncdon 
uponpnnup^fH (idUved to be kt« tttblc to objeciion than 
choK^ upon which it hu httn hiiHeno npUkkftd: and id ofTcr 
uaneobMrvaikiDaon thr cncrcuml procikc, pat nacMx Kca«- 
nJly employed hy the phyiicinnA of thiA couACry, tn iba ircnE> 
Meat of ccitiLn di*nA<^ 

Tb« nftiuial nnd mcdic«l hittory of mcrxujy U very bri<ifly 
treated, fi>r the purpose oTpntcrcdipg to the mere immediate 
bbjrcu ni the writeT^-thc oonudcraiioa oJ ifkc eurntive ;utioia 
oS ihc. remedy aad Lui abu^e a« >« artick o# the a&icrU 


Tho wrtrert iicverthrlcM, ia hia luiural and medical hi»- 
lory of ihii powerful medbctne, ha» displayed prooJ* of coxmu- 
derable rctearcH, and by Wit eopU"i>and judkiocu jcfercDCCi, 
aiuhten ihe reader 10 co&tvit the lourctt frost whence be ha» 
dnara h'la Wottled^* 

U4cIo«<*thiftiircticm vith the notice of Itt btrocltKtWn 
into e^nnwve uw b the d»ea3« of w»rm elinaie*^ more par- 
tieulaxLy io the mahgciiiiot fevir* of ihe tro^»e«, h> Or* Chil- 
ly md the ptaclicc wbiet|uetilJy adopted hy ihc North 

km«ricaa ph>ticiaoft. 

He Dcst iilunpU tb« cmplaaatU-D "of ihe curative aciloa of 

'^iiMftury''-*fucviouB)y to «hicb, be ;pgeaioiuly controverts 

ibaopioHDVOi fioerhuTe, Uuoicr amd UcU, reipeeiing tu 

raodui opcnokdi, for which we must refer our reader to th^ 

iri lUelL Our hudior't opniitm would appear to be thai the 

iniiv* action of Diercur> ikpettds upoa iu vciy gcoctal aiul 
tttmutaiiD; opermlon m excllfo^ the rx<retsri€t iff t^t JVhoU 


Aa /-wvjnrra/ Mitttrtuiitv »*i Merair^^ 

«^^».* For h«r o6«CTvn thii Ihr nine uliitJtry dTrfrti wUJ 

■ti opcnuloa 11 oanioed to the valiTnir gland^i. or whmit 
esen* la idflucuce on the iii«e)(ti:i]il canal iJonc. That ftt 
mcdiul virtuc-i, oofiiintiei he, dcpcvi) prlncipAlly upon ttt 
opctWEloo en ihccuhilfBi vci^Uaf the tkla^ tt the umr time 
ihm it opmifft upcin ihf oehrr fimanf^Arl^ i>r tht T>9dr, U 
ttin funhrr CT^DCcd b>' the tuprrbr htnrfit which is<lmvcd 
fWtm certftio prrpiLr«u<i(M n( e^U mcul, whicH arc known M 
Apcnu almOM vxctrisn'rly tti proilunn; dtitphorcvis: u the 
flombm ■11000 of it viih ihc iniir»icK;ict ui ihr furttof th« cor- 
roMVC utblimatr. Pronfs r>f » tjkc natuiv, cootoiu^t our author, 
nuf be drvwn Iram (be aciion of tbrtte mn^irs, which ore 
#rtcn iioJted with mercury for the mort atlTancAgfOOt irrat- 
bkM Oif die veftertal diBrosc, at afirnuMy, Kuiacum* tJLrutptt- 
nlU^optom, Etc- Ag^, txpenencc h» untlortnly ihown.thdt 
if the action of mercury id cauiTn^ diaphona'u, be aided hy a 
proper re|;»d lotcinpnftture, food and reijimea, lUiaktiaTT 
cftetsarc greatly incrc«ied; fuid if in opcniioa be prevented 
IV Buppreaicd b>- irrc^lflniiti m dice or froaa cxpo&ur^ lo 
U they nrc gn^aily diminished' 

fc thmka thai inumuch ut mcrcory produce* a qolckened 
aotiein of the binodveucb, and a conaequeiK increwe of aQ 
ihe lecreiiotiif ii may jiudy be conit^jered a< a i&ou powerfbl 
^IteratLve; and at h poMctAct in a *pe<i«l drgrcc ihc ppaperty 
of exciting the eno-eiory vcanela of the ftkin, iniefttina! cand 
andHdneyn, it prevcnci that prcu^arnprntlioo from caking 
place upon th^ ahsrirfition of a ipcoiftc matter i&4D the tytfeOt 
which it termed by ftovtral practical writer* the *MiiB</rjriiy 

The nno4t copious and inicreitlDg aeclif^a of the c«ury now 
tmdcT aiu-ily^Ls, i» that irhi<btrean'*oftl]e effecttoffncrcury 
in In native itate andof juabi^>eitit;trtaiBdliiea4e«." 

^Oor author here finda tfiat ict action vpoo ihovr indi^ldi 
who cEDplo]' It in tbc varioua niccbanlcd atu, or wbo 

* And lVihl««pjiiSari, lie «hnnielt4|c«h'intteif indebtT'lfDhfiptect 

:i DfUfrfntipn Ki Mermnf, 2S9 

Ifaciawlvc* cag«g<^ (o the vorhlog of mcrciiri^ mine*, » 0.1 

In luppgrt t>f thn mauhicik, he ^otn tm^^ng others the 
ulcbF»l«d iuni«» of Agricola, F^ni^llui, Acotu, Hildanoa, 
ttMPuifti, Hoffcnu, Jiuvicu, Mcitd, SwvAgc and Gmdin; 
tud^ndt but ODc viiicr of tmiorfioc who controverts this 
opioioii-kKA th« nid<f*U£;jdjU irvTcllcT Humboldl, whoattri- 
butrt the pcmiiiom (ojiif ^urncei which tatue horn the vork< 
ing of mttiM of ihit mettli ta the cxcetuvc bboor the iodiTi- 
duall tngagvd Itt tbU CEnpbrmcot uaikrgo. 

Km mu^n nl untu fA<niii*v« ttt«> 

IVe ihaH onlj Tvoiort to observe, that th« vet^t of the 

It Imonr tdduccd ahove. Aided h>'ihe U^ tntiKorii^ of Boyle, 
would Mcm 10 frepoodentc igauut the %\my\z aiMertJoa of 
the nimtrioua barDii- 

Dr. Fnmcift next trmU of mer^ur^ » an jtrtidr of die 
materii xntdjca, »nd ulncr^c* that it eonujo* n;>C9a article 
in the cmplo^inciii of vhkli, tbcrv trt laotv elrcomsuuuea 
deicn'ifi|t cuiiiiidcr«tJOD« thui ihow connccud withor >ltKa- 
duit upoQ the QIC of mercury. ThU remark with neaily cquoJ 
fore** hfl fiod* to apply to >n the variout fbrmft in wbkh (Ids 
povetfui remedy h «t the ptvKM day adnbiiiered; and ht 
«rho vcmurca, continQr* he, to tkpend upon Uic ftiiccesiful 
<»pention of ihU mcdktm^ iriihomt k (hie tg«n] to the 15^,* 
icx and partleulBT eoD«lhttU<}n of the putlcnii the (liAgnrntif 
<ym])Coiiis and stap d ibe dnruet ih^: pretioua irriiment 
ifaM has been punuedj climate and cemfierjture; will aot only 
nibject h'lonetf to bv^uenc disappoiDunrnti mid hazard the 
aafcty of hb patient, but moat deMJTedl} becooae the object of 
awcre cHmimnioit. 

AgeoenJ ricir b ibeD offirtnl ol the action fjfmcrtLtry 
«hai takco bso the lyitein m eonsidenble quantity, cither by 
the mMiili or by absorption from the ixirficc, and he finds that 
it aeta whh perjlanr fbree upon the ttomarfa, inducing tTidigrs- 
lioB, lou oi apprtite, nauar« and TOflniirng; the functions of 
ihc ehytoposetk vncem beeoming greatly iUituH>ed, especially 
lho« of the liFeti aiid fmm \t% very powerful f ffrcu upon the 
digcf^ve orgina, th« whole intestinal canal soon pifticipaEn 


Ja fWNjurat DStlffraiien e^ Mfettnty, 

■a the (FitUtUr, II euro 3 00 Wm ;x>«^c1 ifLfiuetkU upcw nil 
ihc secretorj *ntl excretory vrt*el» of tbc bwJy; «t in tfcasc of 
OiF oaoulh bnd funt, tnchcsi* tfroc^hir stid lun{^; wJ, Bot 
(uJlkt tlw! prtt>timiluc» of ^tSmo^Vt pttttltiet the aMlonof 
the mifiLju ukl diAOM virai«U, cvpnially thi>M cf thr l\inf)lm* 
tict. Frov EhU mo«i gtnenloptnition j Uitjpiur of ihjt whole 
tjtcem U produced, the conUkuii'>aat Ur^ bccotnet xffectvdi 
anci F^yrnpioma hlgf^v trnjicatitf of gvneral drrxngtftnvm and 
on-voui IrHuViltl^- vmuc. IIwk cffrcti. homv^r, are touch 
■korc readily induced m pankulAi iodiviJuah or hibitt of 
body ihwi taotheni whI an iniimvec rvlMioo exiib bctv7«n 
|h« epemiov) of uii* ohedicmc, and the age, aeK, «oaititution 
of tbc patient, tcmpfnturc, &g. 

Sovc of tbc more ofdioary ill eincf auciKUiu on |he frc- 
^uaut iind iDilEtcrieDlnfeic mr of vcrcur^', uc ifaca puiicubrly 
deiBikd,aa«cU4uthcnuii»mfuadiHxdertt«rluchii luduccaof 
tba oeivoQi lyttem a»d uf the inielkctua) fiKKtunt* which ihc 
liaaia of Ihia departm^ot of ocir irork du not panait ua Kt 

I Or. F. luxi coten npon the cocnulcrfttion of what be itnot 
*■ the pr««cst fAAhioniilalv i:m|ilovm<nt uf IhU rcEnedy tu the 
trMttn«nc of putloiilar d'liruAf u" H'n rettiark*. be ta.js, an 
•► nectuartly coii£ii«d more nprciatly to the pracike of phy- 
akiana of our oini couotiy ." 

And Brat of tome of the due4*c« bdoofiag lo tke daat 
dcDomtnatf d febrile. 

To die hold and viforoua pnKticc adopted bf the cckhf«- 
ltd Dr. Cluiliolm, ^ayi our a>ithor, in tbe cim of Uk ttiaU^- 
«a«t or peiiilendal, or jfl\%m ttver, wluth prevaiUd at OrC' 
nada and at other of iht Wr« Iwlu lalaodt, m IT^a, nuy Ik 
aMribucrd Ott prr^mt ^ocial onploji'nietti of mtrcar^' jn the 
tre;mneiiiofft11 ihr ra/iouf fonn» trf tnLcrmimnt, rvmtttcAt 
and typiiua fever m lb« l/oited Siaica — mad 10 Dr, Chbholoi 
cxckitively hrloop the eredii of being thr ^» who adopied 
(he Dorti prae^ce of exhibiting oaotury to the great erKQi It 
b now rmplo^ed 10 the dnc^K irat alluded iv^or duiuig 
lb« eiDStetkceof the same 4pidtmj: iQPub«cqucoLycar*,»oinc- 
timci no Icaa than BOO ittd at oihcrtiues up'oatUivllOOQ 
^naofealomel were en^loycd. Indeed a c^te when; mcr- 

Ah iamffwrof DwerUtthnpa Aftmiry* 


Cur7 wvi ii««d to « mvctt tirgrr cxnac U nlftiol from ChU* 
bolaa*! H«^r on itbc Muligii.tnl afiil Prttitrahkl Fever. 

Ur- F. Dcxi ukci n vknr r>f the ]n<roductioQ of mcrcmy iq 
tbc ticuiiKnl of ihii rJ'iJetnk^ when appearing ia difierevc 
pijirto oJ ilkc LTDEtcd Suin, ap<J bcitfly notice i the diff<x«iKe 
of opiAJus tlua lub^iUd Among medical oncn wUh respect lo 
its b«arGci«l clTccu iq Iho diiieatc. 

llir iitJTity iil^ ihr free eoiptoytnent oJ fn«Ttur> uci the ireai- 
mcDt of the ycUow (erer ^ the UcimI State*, wuiy be well 
doublctl, nyi he, chkfly Ibr iIk foiUnrtag reiwm^ 

Fbit. 'I'h« Uiflutte of thJi cooooy it ungiilvfy uoEtvoux* 
lAle lo the uluiaay opcnbon of ihit nedkuic. The freqiKst 
siod tLiiccrtiin tnuuitiMit of the weaihcr &obi hcst to cold« 
from diyacw to humidity, while they an ofiee die cuul- of 
utddea uid tiolcvt di«a»«, wh^eh ipBcT»ll)' m«u«ui ihe Ji^ 
IkuniHUiry chanbdcu thtj give i\k bo4y±ctn^kn Dwrbiil 
prwli^ovitiua lliat Ecnderh ii tukMblc Co wilbttKiJ ■ ncecurjal 
counc, whidt ou the A*Uire of i more iioiaheni «ad tciupcm* 
utmoaphere wcjuLd U tcaH JMTOVi; uo( kiijuriuto, und probably 

SccoudJy* The morbid nppeaRU3ce» m they nre ciihjbitH 
upon the diue^tion of JndivJUijnlt wbo have died of ifac yEUov 
jicvcr i« diJTemu pam of thf United States, during m preva- 
lence itt dtfTi'nmc jxarv. fumisb ^aoihiT afguuieat againft ibe 
exteitttTG rmploymertt of mcrci»jr ia ihu diiuae* At ii U 
noirenallv ■dmiucd tbat this nmcdy » a powerful dool^ 
Mnitoi, and iodickMd in mU caiet uf loeal congcttion, pviku- 
Ivif ofllio^mliikriyMein) b-ona tuppoutiooihu this pore 
of the body w«a ««ptdiIL)r aSbucd, iiiAplidi rvcoune wuhod 
to BMtcory-. Boc vbile the liver Mppcwt to be the no^t dU- 
etvd vg>n of iho«e who die of ycllnv fever iq the W<4i In* 
cIbch, thU bnpoinsac vbctu Hceini to he (n a rcmarkabLe di^gr^ e 
cunptfroB <ftcVMigeMBniniihiD»evtioluv«disdof ihf H:tin« 
dUettc ID tlui country* {EscvptMoa, howcTCTt be uckttov- 
Icdgco, ocmrrrd >n lite yellov fever oT Boston in I79d-] 

As ourftuihor *upf>oic« thai p^landulv obxrvoioo* selilom 
take pUce ifl the yeEluw fever, he conKriucntly r«pToblt« the 
froducing of nUiation ui nenove jm imAginan cause, sukd 
afterv^iU sivei u^n the authonty of Dr. HoMftck ud Dr. 



Oftborti, disL fivto in oma vhcre fiali^uion waa dTcclnl, « 
Ciui) un&nuioo of the dUcue loUiyvccl. He aaMTtB ihu ihe 
lae of cilomd Id tba naii^nmt cpidanic nmsC occessftrily i^ 
gfiinfc the satiric and icUMiaal afftctioni, » frcqucpily ^- 
mittiig in thift comprint, amd (ii*ouv m pmoi of tMi oMertiottt 
die experience of l)ocum Bard, Uosuck, Carrv, ChMari 
sod mtcMOCt* 

hm»y|)crHnpA occur to some oT our rcaden, ihai ti Dr- 
FrjQcii TCcm» UicliiLcd ta baolth mcrcitfy &om the liu of re- 
cnedin in ycUuw frvfr* itbehoncA him to Btiggrsi scroM prafis 
fibUplaui t)itr<i>i\a^ tliv divm^^ and ho accortiiogly does aoc 
haiiiaiQto declare ihat v/haK mny he deiuMninated the mdorijif 
p\m appran lo be by Jiu th« most lucccsafid. *' Afrcr die ac- 
cemiy cvacuution from lh« atoirtuth and borcU, ind ia tome 
inftiHtcfA fnwa die bloodrcMeb by the bncce, aByihi:,(hc ad^ 
ifiiDiKinibm of iKone nmedieA which relax ihc vjt&cc ot the 
Jiody, and promote the cuticiilnr dlachargCr are particularly 
indicaicdj ihc^c kept up for »ami: limr arc foiuid Lo br the 
moit ctHcicnt tneann in the cttrt of ycilow fever**' 

Bme Dr- F. dors not rtmaider ihc fl^r«f of ffirrcury as con- 
fiucd to <hc treatment of [he yellov fever; but rtmarlfl that 
recourse » had to die same remedy fre<]urartly on improper 
principle!! for the cure of dH llic vatioua ferviftof inr^Ffr/fnV 
aikd ttmifttnl fiver which prevail in different poru of our 
i<juntr>.aiiii fnr ever}- variety or type of fever, (lOttiihtfrireH 
hifiammat^fy Ko ^t hwttt gradv ef Ttf/tfm$. Th« doctor pktcca 
in a itriking point <>i view the rery coTTtradictory indieation^ 
dial are laJdto be an»wcrcd bj' the uudc remedy m this plan 
uf pmclice. 

IJc lonchidea hit Emayby lieaiing of tbe eiklbidon of mer- 
uit) ]» ihc ucatmentof tucfe vcnereaiaiidicmftrka* that hmay 
vrcU be <ti*eationed, whether die aialadoiintkuatjoa of the re- 
nuedy huk noc prudtKcd a* flotructive coo»cqucncca at the 
diteaM iutlf^ <{uoii&g Juhn Uanter'e cbHn-atioo, ^* ibac it 
ia nearly aa daogerom in iMUiy eooilitodonB tu give mercuij. 
where the diseuc u not vcoereal, m to onh it iti those wludi 

On thia subject our author ditplaya pradioU Lnowlcdge and 
cxleoairc readaeg, ood acta Itu&iclf decidedly iu c»[)po»ition lo 

jfn fiHmgyiral IhsrertoHen an Jltfrmt^ 



vhJLt be c^iIU the coxntnuik «nd iUo«C iie»inicrLve error of Lndu- 
ciDgprufiuc tftlJviitton by tbrowingintotlir^yM'Tnliri^qiijm- 
uibii of metcwy in jhe core of ifphiTK- ^Vhrtl the <)UrlkaTg* 
is tlius excited, BAyt Dr. P., k often cooiinofs unlit a tntal av- 
IniMtion vi the ictVD^ of the pui«ni ca«u«-», irhil^t in miiny 
caict where U liu been thought to hftre rtfRio%-cd the diieatc, 
h hfts been louad to produce otily a tcmporAi^^ c»>:itioikL and 
ED other iDitODCC* it hn eoniVcrtc4 a coibpAnttivcJy irtiM di** 
order IniD on? infitiiiel}' more din^rrouv. 

Aft he luppoMB tkxi the vmercvl viru* eonurminAtr* the 
uymttn by m afsr^iAtfn^ ^ro»M, *o the moit ecrOia and 
effiectivQ pnciicein itt expulaion or cure, depends upoD pro* 
ducjn^ la incrcfticd discharge from t/t^ ^^Mrttfry t^Mt^Jt ^f 

'I'o obimi tlu« end tbcot nKTCvry. a» Ia uoiTeraally acknuw* 
l*dged« poweff»e< miptiior claims andiho^e preparatiootof rt, 
ni Dr. F. obBcrvttt, v)ti<h inorc dircciiy act upoo the Heereto- 
ry TcKneh oF the iiurfju;e, for tbv rvaioDi before nieutkaied, tire 
to be preferred' Aticl hence ttii' murhnAyd'Vrj^ritOirihii cor- 
rosive EuhUmfltc, it reoomineuded for thcflt ficvcml pufpotes. 
After Kncntjonirig the lUfitm^uhed aamtA of many of iu ad- 
rocUes, he obntrvrft, tliAi amnng the princip»] advnniagca U 
poBBCiS&es ovtr wrtty olher prcpuration of iho lamc remedy 
■r(| that, judiciously ikdmiriatrred, IE ii pAniruloily tnild asd 
mIc in iuop(rraition,tvili admit of moire fxteo&ive uic in all 
dievBfioDt forms of loea venerea, andmihjret the paiiect fo 
fever inconveniences ; that It readily entrm iniu :hr pvnoh^l 
rlreutuion, bccomci miAeihlc ivttb The »rvtral Hunh of thr 
body, the HOoneai arrctta the progress of the eomplilnt, and 
el^mlnatr^ thr morbid matter fhnMjg^ iho»r eit»unciori<» be« 
cnlculated tor chat purpose; that ic aufCM<!d<rB the nccetuty of 
adivatkai, hy in action on all the secreiiona and b>' promoting 
especially the cuikular dUehargca, and the cvacuaiioua froA 
the kidoe^^: that it ii the only preparation to be depended on 
in ihoAe peculiar habat* of body 90 tutcepliUc to brconic lali- 
viTed bi every other form of nacrcury now in u»f ; that in iti 
uJiimatc dfecta uptm the con■t]talioI^ it U attended with cont- 

In confirmation of tibe valoabte propcrtlrioftfiiipTeiraraiioii 

244 -^ Inaugural J^uafriatmt »n Mttcary, 

of mercury in the cure of ayphiiu, the tesitmoDiea of Dr* IjO- 
chcr of the VieDiu hoi|»ul, of Vu Svieteti^ and of Sif J. 
Prinze are i^uoted- 

Afr cooperative with the muHu hydrargy ri, our audiorsays 
^t the hgnum guaiaci and the radix aartapanlla ftcem to claim 
tlie firat ootice- 

Tbia mode of treadng the dueaae, tre are iofonnedf hM 
bceD attended with the greatest aucceu in the New York atatc 
priaon, hoapital, and almahoute, under the aupcrmtcndence of 
Dr> Hosaack; and in those cases in the New York hospital the 
eUeraal um of every preparation of mercury was omitted; in- 
atead of them the lutiar caiu^c was occa^D|lly used. 

In the nboveanalysisour reject has been to give aphun and 
concise summary of a thesis which we think deanvitig the at* 
tendon of practitipnera. Notwithata&ding we do not mean to 
be considered as cn:ibracing all the docbinea it coBtaina, some 
of which, although supported with considerable ability, are 
ID oppotidon to the greatot medicd autboritiea. 




Tvt Society coMxnuo Hi atMoiioa to At vicctonlon ofiWe 
poo* in ihc city and diftOictS' Twelve hundred sod scYcntf* 
MToi persons Invc paucd ihrough the procoa* »ucoc«diJI|f 
line* dit last □oOcr in the Eclfcck Hqitrttwy. "Hie mod^ of 
finding out proper ubj-^cli hy the coUettora, ^rho all nt lhc>r 
haa«c»i And report ihem co the phyiktUM, hkt been found tti 
be kt once eQicieut ft&d lailifncTotf'y. 

Tt mar be Qieful m thts ptnod to remind oar readrra diM 
die Mcicty^t pTrnuumii " for the bc^t div^rtuiion on ihc mconft 
of rcntoFta;:io life pcrvon* ttppucntly dead by dnvwiilcf;, mhI 
RMirc cffent;iil (hiin Miy yet la lUe," vJll be adjudged &fcer ihr 
firnday of JiMuuy, 1BI3| uniB tthicli time djancriatiopi vlll 
bcrcccivcflbyihc ^creiar}-, '"UicSaowdcnfOf PhJljulclphu. 

Fron December 1, 1810,10 December 1, 1811, there hjtvc 

bMu thrte thouiokiid, three hundred and fifteen pabcntu under 

the tare of the iiudtuticin* 

itemniniDg under core from hue fear, • • S6 

Admitted atncc diat time, - 3217 


Of th»c the number cured u, 




- dead, - • - 


1 removed. 


1 irregular. 


■ rcmaJnlnj; UTider care, 

- TO 

The receipts of moaeyt of the iutitutioo daring 
t^ year, inchoding hut year'A baJoncc in tlic irr«- 
itti«t'thsD(b,liftvebceD» - Dolb- 394^5^ 

Tbe exfeMfiDBr«» have been, g 9947 47 

Bftlaaicciacrt»iirtr'ahaad^Dee.n,t8ll, o 09 

3M7 J6 


Sate »i tbv ircfttber 2X PfailAddphia Cor ibc lut «jx moDthi 
of]&II^-<bodfgTccku'hcaib>^ the ih tr nmoctcr bcin^ laicn 
at three o'dock, P. >l- 


'nwrmomcttr— LowcBi • . . 72 
Ui^un .... Si 
Meu &Q 

Wind»-^NonhcHy during ih« grr eucsi heat, widi clear vrcv 
ther from the third id the ninih «f the month, both iatludcd. 
The remaindeT oi the month, touOxerly winct«. 

July vw hQ\ and dry in the beginning of the month— very 
favounblc Eot h«rTc>T| vrhich vrft« H^wnditit and wcU got m: 
plentiiFal uid frequent ^Homri nftertrarils- Mueh dim«^ to 
|he QOEthem uid Boulhem paiti of our cooMry by rains ii^ ihia 
mouth. From the third to iht ninth, aiApy dcAthi m New-York 
uud l^hibdclphja, from he^ and fiom dnOltiDy cold lL(|aurai 
whui the hotty WM warm. 


Thcmnomeier — Loweit .... 66 
Highctt . ... 86 
Mc*Q - . ■ . TJ 
Wiudk — Nortfa^nt and E9iilhwe«t, the greater purt of the 
month; the Utter part, ejuterl^. 

T|]« tnoiiih wstfe ptca)i;uit^-oii thn whole rather tool^^ery 
udriuitagcoun for the fniita oJ the cnrth, by occaaional rahiit^ 
noi >o much ihituder and tightabiK thu ftummer us uauul. 

Tbcnnometef'— Loveu . . . . J9 

lli^hevt .... 83 

Mean - - > . TO 

WlndR — ChieAy weilcrly. 

A moderate month orj laod, but acvcic wciKhrr on the coftAl. 

A comet wa« seexi oLkkic the heftinning of the month In the 


N. N. W. It then appeared to at about a i^uancr pa»t ttgftt 
o'clock P>M*,«DdMlhecndafthQmoiithatpiiAamc<»'Glock- 

ThtrmQmttm — LowMt .... 43 
Hightttt ... - 70 
Mcbh . < . . go 
WiTwt> — Variphk; more cuurly oad vaterly dion from 

aniTDchcr point. This monih mu mwkratt. NiiC auidmui: 

■CJirc<tyany fro»L The tofncl h»« prognswil tattMcrMy; 

■fipareiuly Ircim N. W. to 5. t. Rn<i by th* cod of the mo&lh 

^ipcarcd <o )CI at t«o o'clock. 

TheiniomeUT — Lgwcit , . . . J4 
iiighoit . . . . fO 
Mean . . , . 41 
Wmda — Moitly tfcrterly. 

A very mutlcnitc oiuotfi- LiuUf frost or ke< No mow. 71)t 
comrt DpfcuTK tu cuoibuc in ccunc aouthciuccrl}-. 


ThetmooiPLcr^I'nweu . - . . J 8 
Highca - . * . «B 
Mcia , . • , 36 

Windi — Wcitcriy viad» prevMltf at. 

On tlic 14ch. »acnr twi> <ir tfane loctiei deep. Os the ^13il 
and S4(li, »&ow Tram one t» Uirc; tticliri tlcaji. Tlic nat-i^- 
tkmofilie DcUwm obsuucied I>y ihti Ueoo ili« 31bu and 
«ijDtiau«J au occuttonMUy to tlui end of (he nioulh. Tlw conut 
»eea fur ihe bat lime on the S<llh, apirarcnily taking n .^uth' 
vtAl coomc. 

On the 16lh and irili aneanhc^uakc wufdcfrom Ckorgia 
to Lak« Erie. 

Dr. PotCk of Pant, has proircd by numeroui obacrvationt, 
time l^r srgris usually admitted ai diiiinguUhing the ufigui- 
ncflvit from thf i«rQua|iipoplrxy«arE itluton'. He d'ltinguiihft. 
ftpftploiicf accdrdtng to the cauiet, dependent either on the 

dvpbiition of ihe bodjf or od cxtetiul cirGiiiiutuuif vd de- 
voiutrates Itditi hia ovn ezpeneDC«« Mid irom that of dkc 
moBt emiDexit practitioncn in all ages, that b\ctdiag holds the 
fint rank amoag the remedies opposed t* this Ibmiidable ^s- 
etse. The public may expoct the aipp u tr t at c c of this woik 
before long. 

Dr. DttBUtt, Deu of Uk Faculty of Medkuie «t Montpe- 
lier, hitiDg bbscrved tb«t « penon subject to epilepsy had die 
paroxTsnu a c c e lera t ed by the lise of iDtozicatiDg liquor*, 
dbtrcted them with the vieir of giving a periodical dMvacter * 
to the disease, and then gave the canchona with the h^ifuest 

The French Cbemiats have been actively engaged in^the 
atiafyuB of amnul and vegetable matter: at the head of the list 
we discover the names of BerthoUet, Gay-Lussnc, Thcnard, 
■od VauqucUo. Vauquclin observes that the difference be* 
tween conunon sugar, the sugar of millt, and gimi) docs not 
merely consUt in the presence or absence of azote, but in dw 
various proportions of die other elements; to ascertsun which 
he has commenced a series of experiments. 





Vol. II. APRIL, 1813. Nu. VIL 


Observations and Experiments on Pus. 

By GEORGE PEARSON, frf. U. F. R. S.* 
[Frnm Nkholaon's Jtmrual, fnr iBll] 

Chemical writers vary in their siateminta of the pro- 
pi^nka of pu9; and ihey consider, that a rarih<rr invesiigauoa 
la rt'quisiic for tile purposes of acicDCc. Physicians confess, chat, 
in numerous cases, ihey cannot form a satisfactory judgnitnt 
of the nature of dismasts, on account of not bring alile to dcUT- 
mine what U, and what is not purulent matter; likewise pro- 
bably, on account of the eiiaience of diffrreni fcinda, or vari- 
eti^B) at kast, of ihis subsiancr, afforded hy different disorders. 

I beg leave, therefore^ to submit to this learned society, my 
own observations, experiments and reasoning on this animal 

Section I. Simple^ and obvious Propertiea- 

The different kinds of fluid, CMmmoaly considered Co be 
pu% may be distinguished by the following tides: 

I. The crtamlikc and equally consistent. 

IL The curdy and unequal in consi^ieacc. 

IlL The serous and thin kind. 

IV. The ihick, viscid or slimy- 

' FluliHophical Truisactions, lor 1811^ p. 294. 

Vol. II. 2 I 

250 Ot'»frtaiiM4 and Sxffrim^rs t^ ru»» 

L A pvtfC of ihc fini *ort wat ukcn oi>t of lli« pcrkardhifli, 
after a TXril tuOjinmaikHi f>r ihc hrf jirt, in St- Gi:org>?'i hmpual, 
■ndobligvn3h tcitl if^mrby i&t^ c^ltcA^c. Dr. £. N. Bxntiaft. 

Tbc tvhttr WW jrciloiii<h<«-thc imrtf wiu fitih) «bot wArai- 
cd^t Wn kCVOOlh Alld u&cciiouk to the tdocli. 

2. The tt^ci^c grtvJty of Ivo difliefeDi portion* "trm ii 1630 
*o4 t633, i>tti of (JirtlkiJ w-jAcr betn^ UOOt v^ch iiib«C3»if« 
tKtog of ihr »m< unipvntiiire. Scnim» uf ilir I:p1<kxI of tK^ 
fcTCVl |>;»livot>, wa» fijiind ai ihc tftmc llmc to lie IG^O, I6>r, 
;in^ l03fX AtiOfdingU, the dJmUlcd «*Ut Wi«3 lOOCK ibe 
pQ» h 10>1, and I033i vd itir icnim m 1029. ««d lOJi. 

3. Afi^r tvrrJvc hcuj* rcpvic, jbout two ouncn hy nur»- 
lurc of A limpid Duid having ipptared on tbc cop, it wu 
tlc(datc(] rrom off ibc opak« purulent fluidi which nni be- 
come th^iuirf in ihv upper p»n of the tci«) conuiuiaif \u *ntl 
thicker in the knrcr than bcfrirc. 

4. Oil farihct icpou, k did uol hcc^iu« oOcniEVr bu ^>Cfri an 
a pwtitMi of ih« buine puH iniKcd witli 4 lutlc blovdt ur ail 

5<Thi»pu4nciil»r)EKlicatrd acidftynuraUiloccncy io iliu 
Unoal tri^ti viz, iuru»o1c paper, tiiitturc of red cabba^, Ura* 
'/{■•i^'ood paptr, HntI tuimrric ]>iipcr> I have, in mhrr jrisEacicei, 
•omcllmei ohicrved acidity 1j> be iT)dk;Urd by lur««fi1(r paper; 
tiutln mmc atk^eitcrncvi bo lotig ftt the iiu»crrcnaaiiitdw»ih- 

t* Dehnf- citAcniiKd under the micr^iKopf, uHl'ti dulj' di- 
luted wtih disiillfd WDtrr, iiinummbtc iphL-ride patiidcv were 
um, whiLh tli J not appe^ir ul^rirpd in h^uri^, ordinwDivhrd tn 
aumlier, hy cxirrmc drlucioti; thj»t ih, they did itoc >ppe;ir co 
hiLvc hetn i!Uu>1vcd. 

11- A phil of pnw ftf ihi' «<cortd kind, ti*. turJ^^ wm jif. 
fordrd by ft paoi^ ihnotvi* 

'Ihe colour wai l>roitii. It Mt )iiMitf< On pourjai^ fmn 
oQv vraivl lo fti)oi1i«r, the «Qtdy maufis v etc niMiUVAi^ ?ind of 
virroiu lizes frooa that of a paii\ head to a ImiuI &un 
It vjBBinrrvucidthanihc forcncr.aaKJ of a llule grtAter «pe* 
qGc gravity. On atandln^, a Irm^id fli^d appeared upoA the 
lop,>a TDlbcltnc kind, hut ivamalkT quantity* GlcMoverc 
•cen uiih the micruftcopc, bwt ijio a number of irreEwlarly 


OSffrrMiMW m^ Etcpetim^tt m IHu. 



bgurcd Uigvr msttitt- Pvifd«ctnn took p1*c« «ooiier than 
!• ih« turoacv kind* Iq ocbcT pfopcnie*^ ihit f)u« iVkUkimLlur 
lOlbe ItrtC kiiicj. 

III. Xrr^tt* iSitt fvt* It wai proilQcrd by ft TacJ in&amm^ 

milk* 'rothc-fc<h*|[it WvanoC M all uiKtuovi. '11w<«1cI|vm 
ftlilfhily otfcnhivc. On lundii^f (wr»ty-feuf buun. » «nUmtnt 
ifpr-iT€^f oc<iipying only t^)v halt ili* full irti*tlt VUiJ^i' ^ 
wheybliv liquitL Piiin/uciion I'>oIe pbcv »ouo«r th*D ia cither 
of the iwu fonuTT fcioUi. Tht if«fi4lic gri^ itv u'M ihc tuiiv a* 
(hilt of tbc Aril ion. Jn nthiT preprftic* ii nu limilajr lo tbc 
crtNmlik* pcj« jibnv« dinrngvi^rtt- 

IV. A pini i-if the iitciJ fiat wm afaulncd from oa abitccu 
AfntiUfj iJiF nmtJfii of ihc ihigh. IT I had »04 luJ c»lirc cun- 
fidcncc in >Ir. firodic'* atcwncy, wlw «iki «o obliging m eo 
stLtrad tn my nqQF«(^ <io tbta an J mADy mhtr hlr utcjHhjDit, 
1 thould liAtE tuppu^cO. that tliia ffni cXfic<[urAled oiaitcr, it 

ao exacdy itkiUciI ia tu *iinpk ptopvtikt the rvpi; kind, 
ilcKnbcd ID a pap**" ^n cxpccionud mjLticr. PhiL Tfau. 
P. ii. p.3ir. 

11m AppcJtnincc «» not ijuiic uniform, thrrc bcinm «rad- 
ItiB^parvnc «imws in kixiAll proponioft, mixrrt vrtih ih^ per- 
fectly o pake while miilt«r. It tta» >lmoi«t inudurijui^. To iht 
toiKli k w*> quitE tmootb. The apcdfic grsvhj- vu atarly ihM 
of th« st«cjid LiEul of put, 

Oa ttandtn^ iivtWl) -It^r hvur»i tbout on« ounct mtMr 
■ore of tinpid Sviil iOt< to th<; top of the vhi^Ic nuui. Puire* 
fuNMO did not tuhc p)>ce»o >oo« u iBcajNcconirdinutfrof 
die«ain« conKirtcn^c. 

Tbc cKkmin^uon by ths mkrouoptf nonikitcd tnaoArr- 

•pbcricii poniclfi anmag leaK ■tici, and nunwrou* 
tkktof irrcipilAr fori&i. 
Thcumfdc prrpcriici wcte ocJicrwitc ftinilv totbMCof iht 
othar ton* of pus, above d»lb^i«hf il. 

Maaj other dUfmikcira of purukat maifif r arr untrrnaRy 
reCiOgttU«di but they afc cither tahctic* <if tbc fnur kin<fi fil- 
rcady named, or the diiTcrcDcti depend upon thr obviout mix* 

25S OBservatron* and ExpertmtnU on Put- 

ture witli adv«ntilioufl substances; such as the red part of the 
blw>d, cougula; (1 lymph* serutn, putrefied matter, fibrous and 
tntmbranou^ masBCB, calculi, &c-^ thereforCf I deem U lueleas 
to dtBcrl6« thcm- 

SecT. II, Agency 9f Caloric^ 

1. The above kinds of pus coagulated like serum of blood 
into a firm, uniform, soft solid, at the temperature of I6j^ 
completely; but partially at 160*' of Fahrenhcit^a thermometet-. 

2' The decanted limpid fluid from pus, sect. I. II. III. IV. 
coagulated completely into a firm uniform roas9« like seTTum of 
blood, at I65<*, but it became opakc and thickeoed at 160^. 
By presaure of the firm curd thus produced, a watery liquid 
vas separated, which oo due evapur^ition did not g^ve a jelly, 
but was coagulable like the decanted liquid juat mentiontd- 

The thick opake matter, after decaoting the limpid fluid, 
COagoFated as before said, into a firm mass ax 165^- 

S. Each of the above four kinds of pus, being evaporated to 
dryness, left in no case Icsa thao one troth of its original 
weight, oT more than one sixth* but most frequently ons se- 
venth nr one eighth of brittle matter- The smallest proportion 
of residue wan left by the 3d, or serous kind; the largest, by 
the ad or curdy. These residues generally became rathtr soft, 
especially those of the 3d, or the acroua kind, after exposure 
to the Bir. 

4. The opake part of pus, after separating the Umpjd fluid, 
afforded on rvaporation from y^ io -^^ more of brittle reaidue, 
than an equal weight of the pus itself; afid it remained hard on 
exposure lo the air. The limpid fluid, evaporated to dryness, 
yielded about one tenth of brittle residue, which grew moiat, 
ajid aomeiimta deliquesced, on exposure to the air- 

S- The brittle residues above mentioned (3), being exposed 
tt> fire in plai in a crucibles, flamed for some time, emitting a 
Vtr}' offensive, pungent, empyreumatic smell; the uninflam- 
mable residue being kt'pi in a state of ignition for a longer 
period^ what remained at length was fuaed readilv from the 
terous^ VIZ. the third kind of pus; but in the cases of the other 
exsiccated residues of the 1st, Sd, and 4ih binds of pus, tbey 
barely were melted, or oaly became soft and daggy- The 

Giterve^am and Expemwnr* Mt Pau. 



mtfOiniht4rma^ aniotintcd ia ^ or ^ of the 

l^t. TTi^tc fr^m th*- MCr.ivl kikul, the rtrrd'jy ^mniinird (o ^ or 
^^ of ihr fl'Ud muli^r, And En jj^ iv {, fif Ihv pu^ it»ctf. Th« 
iii^^il muvi r^nfik iV l>>t jaI 4]h tir-H«4>f pnrulcni nuutter af* 
ftrrJ^t infcmicJiajtc«|uiiniU»«<il nMh^tl fnaitvr bc|w«<ii thoovc 
jtMt (nniiionnJ. 

6* The fiii'd miitiir* (5,, hcing imcfd ti the tnanacT 
iliacrilhrd in n l<jriBf:i paper, Phil. Tmn^. 1804), P. ii, |k 31U. 
)1&, I fimcKl I Set oom^iUrnl chlifly of muriate oi tod>^ ph^S' 
tjtiatr of li«iv an^l pniMh^ viih strong milt<*ilunt ofcirbooMic 
c^ liflii', joj a lulphAUi fin^klc traici of phri«p)!i«ic of mig^c* 
mi»i "Knltf of iruis 4ml titniUhlc «i«iicr, p(x>l>ably «i|ic4> On 
arruoonble cikutaiMHK it :apprmd, ihM im th« irT^u^iiWof 
pus, tlir tnu'iJtr of t^J^ Mno^mf* i» Troon onr 4ibJ « half, to 
two |wi lOOO. ilic pJKktptkM< Af linv imnt om-, loonc andalkitr 
ppf tOOO; tilt poiuh frdm itn* hilf, to thrr« fjvtth* ot a part 
m dii* cjtmutiiVi 'nd ihc oihrr cnftKcn rnj^. ih'r, 1^ half A part 
w lOCU, In ihc nrrJVr Mir'cr. lh« mcwwI kind, ihc murEtfo of 
iij(J« HEdriUDiH <ci ffom ibrrr fiii]rt)i» uf a pkifi^ Ui nQ? ia 1000; 
the phrqph-ttr of \iatc lu f^c; Ehc f>Ci1.i»H tu lc«^ than on* half^ 
and the nLhcr mitrrn umtrd, tn « htK pun i» lO C The trat 
kind of puB, tlir efffam^t *ad thi- fuunh ihf vifc»/, a^Furdtd 
from ihc mtlitd rciidu? Oie ia\nt »ulMiin<:ei ^ Lhc Mrmhv 
kiuil, cici:pii:-i|i; atumciihut hmaUcr pTi>jx>ition t4 muratp of 
lodtft and p^iLi^h. 

7* llir britllt- rrti'LlutF <if rvipor^frd piift, nfur decaailnfc 
(fae llmpifd fluid (4). t>cii]g irrAtcd v/hh Aff n d')i>tr rtlMcd, 
the rcmamto^ mjueti vrn aivhrd null ttidtv iliHiculiirt and 
\tvi fomptti^K, MdcuntJiiiud a tonjilUr prDpoj-ttua of tnuHuc 
of todi «nd pi]»ih dbnn ih« cini;iiia1 puii 
a* TfiG dtcanitd iimptd flaidt f4), b^^iA^ vvsponted (a 

^r^ncM, lhe»e m^drn were eip-jti'd ?o fijr> fhrj wtre 
mchDcL and thvn alfo^cd o Urg^-r prnporbcin, of muriMcof 
fod« ttnd oJpotuh, tHnn iIk ptf« ii4t1f| bui urith the tsmepro- 
portios oftbc oihcr wdise and eai^hy sabsuncct- 


6faw^w i MBW tfwrf Jjyrr f wwtft m Aa«. 

SrCT. ril. Agatt\' sfWaitr. 
t- After docADUng tlie liTiipitJ duid frDm oJT halt a piatuf 
ibfl four linUi i>f (lUb ^ ;it>uvv r«1ti;i:(Ji (sci^ i*) ihrrc vunct) 
by cncaiurd of UiaiUlcid naur utrc mixed wUh tach cj thcrot 
Afitr foriy'ci^t huuri' rcpoic, a liatp'td Buid or neiKy the 
quiBttij' of two ouiuici by mcaiurc wAit iy«cn forming iin yp- 
pCT Mraium to itic pun. Il hu iUrini(^<l Taf i-xHniiQuil<jO. 

(it) Oo cxpouirc 10 (itK it t>ccum( iiirbid lilr milkt Ji» «o<in 
u the tcn;)craLiirv mm Hvv>i«| 10 i(kf «, bui did qui brcome 
(htcfccr »i a grcaiiT rlcvuiioib 

(i) Oft v\-3p£'r4iicn lo dnncii, ihc JY»iduc Mnounied lo 
al3<>uto&c Aftcrnth ntiht irci^ht ofihc liquid from thcvtroin 
pviij nnd (0 aut twcniirih froEn (Ik itmc oihcr kicid«i in pbcc 
of nlwui one Ecoth, us from the fin^t drrjitird ftquid, (Sect. I, 
4jj tind it fr&m icrum of biciod. Tht rcu^mn' mnucn were 
of llv nine Iiind 21 thn^c ahoi? drhrrttx d^ 5r<c. X\, !±^-(x 

(r) Tlirt'c nttntfii by mr^siJmjf iltujUUd watvrlu'rirj btcft 
ftg^in mixfxl ifilh i A<ih of ihi: four kinds of pus, audi in forty^ 
eight hour?, tw*> ritincch mfrmnrc of d«»ntrd limpid ftiiid 
from CAi-h hnving \nn.xi cvapomted lo dr^ncAi, jr»iiJuL's of ihc 
frame kind, in iSc same ptopAriii>nii, and in nearly <hr sitme 
f^uaniuict *i kfofc, wcfc obi'incd ^ft], Thrtt decinicd fluids 
t>cc4mc nculy at tUtbjd si.\ the fvimer, on raUing ihc'ir r^m- 

(^) UUt'llcd iv:iur hrai addnl a ihirti Uiac. in th? ijuunlity 
of ci^ht ounce* by medturc, 10 each of the fuui |jmci:U of pu« 
uudcr cviitiinatiou; and, after fvit>'-el|(ht hciuii' f epove, «i3C 
cuncvi of Lc»jrid fluid weic jiourcil oflfmm each ijf iheiD' K\ 
the tempEiuIUJv fl IGJS ^'^ dtx-jnti^d fluids bt'i:;takc lufbid. 
thaiof ihtf Btrouapuknio«c«jibanthvDihcr»- Uncvuporauon 
to dryncBa^ u much snialkr quantiiy of mtdiu waA obL^diocd 
than before, wi,. onu bixtuth from th« tcroai pus, and on< 
•rv^nLictli from the odirni and iccotiMiMed af the umc kbd 
of aub»:;i[)ce£aHaI)Ovc dv«cnbedi but the i&iirtAte oi ioda and 
paiaah vicrt in tmnller pruportlom ihan before. 

(^) A fourtb time diaiilled waEer« ia the quuniity nf ■ prnt, 
w>i miiod with the prevrni fouf parcels of pu>^ iind afl«r 
atanding forty-eight hoar»i thrre founbi of a pint of clear 

O&fffrvdfMOtf «nrf £rffrimfmt «aa Ptta, 



lOburlr** lie] vid Witt poured off fm<ii cath of then*. Il became 
tlishtly turbid aDd^Mltbhoa hutVtv^, On tvupntiiun, tuch 
pared affnrdcd ttioul ^ nf ihv fiuid criipUiyrd- I'lic rtsidutfti 
hdw comurvd of •ninut ncixttrrt with n mucli sniiilkT propor- 
tion (hnn hcfrrt cf muriMc of aoda, plu4ph»1« oi limr, «i<l 
potaih — noihknR else could fiuw be traced. 

(/) UhuWtd Tirntrt, \n the quantiiy^if a pint, wn% onct 
mArc mlvftl w'lih ihc fovir tores of purulent nntu-r untUr^ba^ 
■■(fi^ry- Afurfon^-trr^hl tinur«,a pl&t c^f UquiU wjn d4C«orcd 
^nioff««ch Af thrn^tmEbvinichlit^iily turbtd^ih^y were left 
Id tiind twrntV'lDiir bnirf- Etf ibin lirnc u irdiment wtt de* 
ptMitpd Itori curK of ifat liqoon; hut bring «(ill. iliou|;h vrry 
Blighlly, turbid, thrv vrrrr (tlrmtrd t^irough luimblc puper. 
They were ibca iramparyrtt* The tmnifarcni fittrafrd lif^iMvt 
bad their trsonptrf-nfy diivt(rH>rd by a boiling I'n^p^raiMre. 
Thty b^fftme jIk'^ idSi^Krly milVy with n nitrme of ^llvrr. Inn 
Kartefy %n wiih Infiinion «f pjull nut. On cvaporAiion to the 
qvaniiEV M Jin ounr« Trom rn<^h pini. thr- rf*\du*rj Wqv'tifi np- 
pfarnl ^li^^hiU' Jt^nhidjir. Tljri,t^ on tfVApnnilifin lo dfyntM, 

fiHdcd not fliore than one part nl animal maitcr. frov each 
SOO i>t (he trinifiarfrit fiJtraicfl liquidn. 

(ff) On flcanding^ ihrcc or (our 6>r» in a eotd room, th« 
ptrtrU afpua, aftrr iht AblmionK ju« r«larrd [«—/), exhlbiicd 
a whey MiUtiLr^l lirjtaar nr (he IQjt, of which Abnul 4 <^l x pint 
vu poured ofT fitrm- ilxcta. Mor^ turbid licjttor vrit% alto ^^ 
|Qrafrd fmin ibr na^Srd piM, by potjrl/i^ It iipfxi a poroua 
«Dtlon (inrb 4iR»in^T, whieh Irfl p^irnVM mitttrF t>( tUt too- 
911 ten cc of linn b wucilhigc, amriuntingto ^boul one half (he 
oK^nvl weight- 

(6) The put fiTcd fr nmeoagijUHtf limpid liqiuj by repeaud 
«htutit>ni (d^-^I wii »hiic 111 ii>ou'-^-quat in <oii«iaitnc^— 
pcr£r<tiy ■nitTOth^'tbc fourth kind iris tni viicid ibAis before, 
hut the 01 Km wrrr m<^rc ic-rko •melS-^'aoi nt ill di^tcnad to 
p^lrd)— oo drratmg lU ie«ipe»snurc to IW« and bifhrr, il 
did not coo^lale rniooDc mat*, nor if»toclou, or Urge nn\tc» 
of curd, bM I wolvr)' OiiJii ict>a'~-i<rd ffom i fine lofl lomuwhat 
curdUke opake fluitli which did trat Ifccoise roore cutd^-, even 
on boiling— 4i did not appear that above a ^inm of ihia pan, or 
MM* of p«s, dutolved la 1000 waierp — wu highly globuJar 

256 Oitrrvotwt* ami ExperimatU en Pus, 

UDd«r the micTDBcopr, and mnained so, although coagulated 

by nitrate of silvcri by inrusioo of gall nutf by alcohol; and 
vuperfiulphate of alumiQa-^wuh muriate of annnonia, aUTttte 
of potanh, and oiher neuifal Skil(H« and with c^rbon;4te of po^ 
tsh, U produced a viscid Bemiitansp^renl m^Ba like enpt-cto* 
rated half transparent mailer— exposed to 'fire ia a plaiina 
crucible, it was inflamed, bat did not omit an ofTen^ivc ^mell, 
and after continuing the igniiion, the reHidue was a panide of 
half fused matter, not amounting to j^ of thi- pus after abla- 
tion, nor above ^Jg of the aame mBtterexaiccBtF^i itcousmed 
of phosphate of time and vitrified mettT— ^^o ammonia naa 
perceivable, on mixing lime with this washed pus; nor muriatic 
acid on adding nulphnric acid.' 

3. (a) A teaapoonful of the creamhJkf puf, being acitated lq 
half a pint of distiUed water, produced a milky flniil, wiih a 
xramber of amaU curdy pariiclrs suspended, but ver}- few leafy 
or fibroua pieces or clot^, 

(by The Jcror/9 pus being treated as just memioued (a), the 
•ame appearances ensued. 

(c) The curdy put bri'^g agitated in the aame manner in 
water, a number of chits, leafv, and fibrous masses, were seen 
suspended among fine *imal! curdy particles in a pearlv liquid* 

((/) The vracrtJ pus being (m-aitd as just said, it required 
long continued and vioJent agiiaiion, to diffuse it through the 
water, and then the appearances were as last described, 

3. Pus of any kind^ after boiling in twenty times its quantity 
of water, was (juiie as globular under the microscope as pre- 
viously. With a smaller proportion of water, the mixture be- 
came very turbid, sometimes clots were formed in a pearl 
liquid, in which a fine Hedimcnt took place, which appeared 
much more globular than the clots or curdy masses* 

<t In general, water in which pus has been agitated remains 
tomewhat milky, with an abundant dose white sediment; but 
after two, or three, or more ablutions, the water becomes clear 
on standing, and the sediment more curdy. 

Sect- IV, Agency of Ahohol efWine* 
The different kinds of exsiccated pus exposed to the agency 
of this aenstruum, and treated m deaciibed in a former paper. 

Phil. TraDK. tSOO, P* U. p. 329, the reftnln vcrc iimikr, 
except in ihc praporikibof pnkliKtt- 

I. ThvAc mlcrdtcd Mtbi<«ncc« tflbrded to tbia Pkci4iruam 
B MiuLltT firo|wninQ of pottthk Uii a>Dmch vunil oudc aad 
muriatt of >f^lA, m moQpiM aputvia. 

:r. The uhdlMoLv^ la&ucr kft alter repeated digadons la 
ihk*. mrn»injiiRi ilTgnkO Ltic ivdo vuUimcei, but in iiuUer 
proportloaa< ai mucaua sputum* 

d. EquAl bulks of frrsh piu, umI rcctiliv<l ifiiril 4jf via«, af- 
Ibrd « much thU^cev and more miUy liqtior, wiih a cloaer >c- 
dimeitlT than «xp<cconi:c4 mucoua m«LCCT. 

Sect, V. Jgemr^ ^atcrtciu A<uL 
The puruirnt miritcn mixt^ with th» acid became cunl)>, 
aad mdtrcd it mSky; but oo fundiag;, » doK nhiti icdi* 
vent ip^ttxvd^ thr lii^uUI above being f lev, except in the case 
of the vUud put, which exhibited tcAiy tod 6broQt m4»ti, m 
hftth been described iriih mocou^ spuiuiu. 

Uy repcsLted digeiCicA of the different kmds of pui in thU 
MOiTnuiTni 1 obtained the lame retulu, except die proporLioas 
of 4C«ti(e of potuh, and muriate of aodft iK^ng BnuUeriVi re< 
loled iQ a forttier |nfier OQ muuMU eipcctonucd natter* FhiL 
TrsiM. I»0^ P. ii. p. 3^fi* 

SkCT. VI- -^pwf ExfitrtKi^nU joitfi Sfermi O^jtitt^ rtprcidfy 
t& MtttfigidtJk Put atut jUu(tti. 

t. In tbc Qfjcncy of aidphttric« niirlc, nnd muriatic nclda, in 
%nffici«bl quflniity lo diieulve and decf^mpnunil ihc tuh^tancrt 
under inquiry, 1 eould perceive no imporiant difference be 
iweea them. The puralcnc raaitcn indeed rcfiaireil a much 
gccMcr proportion comptctcty ta A\nvAvt them, thiQ the tnoi* 
paient tpuium. Alio, ihe more opakr and d*n»e the iputunt, 
the ijciur the rctUtance lodiMoluiion. Sulphiirk ackl pro- 
duced black lii^uidi like tho*e containing chircoii, inuUia^ 
•Lrongly of mwiatic acid^ but on diluiiau wUh water, they be- 
caiDe clcaTi So precif italioa occurred on dittition trith water, 
and on uturatiDii wJlh the iijbcd alk^lit, but » Lrifting Hediotcnt 
aifcarcd, Mhkh rtdiwolv^ oa the addition of ibc aboT« 

Vol, iU ZK. 

258 O^trvathnt end ft/^riirviMi wt Fw. 

& Tlie mineral adib diluted, or added la «v>U proportioit. 
•ail the vegetable aci<Jt. c^tagubu variouilf jiw and iO«CCi«ii 
Hitiifi. S'^rii* b««omc mcrcl;* mttk)^ lluiih* other* cnrdjr flotdi. 
Mhrre ifftrrd ibnnn and Icaf^' nia«an In a transparent tiqtiM\ 
and mhtn ^ve u uniform thick maM uf curd- On >tafi4«n^. 
the d^rpcniii jtc acco^ngty nf various funnB> and tbc liq\toia 
above of vMiiKiiapt'earTDccD^bQt I could discorer do con^unC 
ch;jracicTiKk prof^riy of (be ■ubcnnee* bj' (bese cxperrmtula, 
U tome mttrrt hnirr ;»ttncd< 

3- The n^ltil fiifd atlitil^, or lime, «iHod trl(h tiqwctomtrd 
nuciTt, orcjnii^n a itmoiTrr v^mvW uF annnonia th«n with put; 
or than with rnuco-f^iTrxiU^nt iputum. Sooic i»c mny be per* 
hb|M fnadc of Ihii <^kiy ncprrimtnt io jni^c^ of tho naturo of 
larirT^Bofth^ flmtbin qtf f Mii^n, po/iWrnbrfy at farudcpoadt 
un ihi' praponion of amminUi tat %oinri\m€* It fannoc be pei^ 
cen-fd by iht undl on mii'm^ iJVnlrt, bat can b^ /nuriatk 
acid gtvitr^ whtie TapDrrnL Conrrntmird 1k|EiVd alltalii^aiklei] 
to both pii ;iiul miii^OK, drooliy ihtm Io ptodixe ckar Di^uEd*, 
ricrpl fcfnfttt fonlT part* and motr»- TV** cordj' pttrtt and 

motes mist diiiolinion alio for lome time frtn m nitric yM, 
und *c*rn lo Sr Aclf-cnn^.ilji^d lymph, Thrr »rc In ani«b 
grejjrr profK>riion in piii^ (h;in mucu«. The addition of ftddft 
to diea£ (dkftUnc: dinoluUont octmorni prtripltatloiw bui ito 
difl«rehcn, or not with suflitJcnt uniforoiilj' ti> nfford cntcrift, 
Were observed iccordiug to ihr □IncrvntiOEM of other cXpctt- 

4. Conccnirjicd JL^uco\it jolutJon* of vanou* neutral salti. 
Tit, mumic cf jtmmotiT*; iriir;i:e of pottHbi iiiurlatc ^f loda; 
lulphJiIc of loda. he being mixed iu dui7 quaoticy uhh piift 
of th? lindk undn examination, i>rOi]ircc rlicidlty. like TOpj 
expcctorjTCi.1 n-nirii tliktcnirt; like jell)-, and ln< npaott^. 
Thctc chin^i haw, in thr cafto of mtjrlate oi ^unmoaia, b^en 
called coagulaltoii by Mr. Iluni'^r; Inn hy a^iutic^ti in cold 
vaierthcmiilunEirt difTtL-^LC^aadoniuoding, thepui it pre- 
cvpitaltd in ill original tiatc. I ckU iSuc cffcctt of the nttJtnl 
flits iniptii^iorr, tccmiEic^ljr cticMloned by iheir sttr^cimg 
w«cr from thp po»i far no wuch ehaagv i^ produced it' etiher 
the fmrulcnt matter, or aoIuiIod of kiIi^i be dihjicdj nor 1i It 
produced tf the pin ht previattflv coai^ilatffl by nlorir: xlsio 

CA&rrtalwu and £*fifnKtnU m Fw. 


tht iDApiuarttl pus ts ccaguUbU by caJork tt uuoL N-o iwh 
iMfimbaK n produced b}- them ikl» in mucoui sputum, or 
la qyaoo-ponikat &puciun, »o that uniLtubt«d[.y k U a cntcJiao 
■A dMC0iicrc4 by Mr. Hunter in lLc cam of aui^tc of omobo- 
b^A, and ttlcU (ubcr neutral ulu, aa now maniff ^cd. 

^ f csdcavo^ttcd to find aouic caiy trr^U fur diitJtk^idUikDg 
puft/ran^ muut; but 1 did not auccttd with ihc iimalaf; pai|^ 
ciplcigallJc ac4d; aupcniil^IiiEt tif iliitiaiivAi niiraicof Ailvtr» 
and «thcr metallic lultt; imd tt^ Jrvvily »uiJ, v^iriou't ncid). 
Tlicy aU produced praciiiitatjon of ibrt« aoinal inautrrs biM 
pot vilh ohB^rvable ctinmcJcribcic difiV rnicc^- 

ti> Tn observe ihc ttatc m wbivij tbc xuuti>;^r uf put i> iccrti* 
cd, 1 procured the asiiitxacc of Mr. .'^lajnard, the pr<u:ni 
b<>(jsc<iurgcoa of Su Grorgt'i hoi;>iEn1, and IMr, Grotn^ 
i-vrUuU, who bad been on mauy vcc^uii^^a^ vMcnti^lIy tcrvkc- 
able ia my ioquxric». Sijiufe pictcn of guldoviitcr*! ^kn were 
applied to vari<jui sure it^ jittr ctrciully remgvinj; die mat- 
ter already aucretcd' hi five ur icn iniauitK tlir; sqaarr picci-t 
bein^ removed, ib«y wcr« fuuml w«i ir>ib a limj>Ld flukL fn 
thL» Jiiatt duy were iQ3^t^(;tt:d by thv B)t<;rQsc<;ipCf by which 
nuRKraua gloljuk* iverv »ccn^ In ten cniuuUb UrLhcr tUt: U- 
quxd tru no longer Jimpid bui opal<-, like pvOt iu vlilch the 
iiiiiil iphpiide panicles w*re mtm with ih* microscope at juii 

Sufipoaing oLjccEjona tnl^i he ofTcrcd on account of chc aX' 
tcralion of texture of the ikJn cmpkty«d, ic^Lia^rc plccn of gl«ea 
were alva Applied. Tht rrtdia werv iLic %amii jn both triili. 
The tvo gcndetncn ahovi: naMrd, ii ucTL at Dr. Hklurd 
Uarruoo, aad other pupil», whfi happened ti> be prcacuaifaU 
concurred in itic obr^erYajitiQ, thai chc Umpcd ataiivt brcflme 
opakc, ami that vhik limpid it wa*, like fau, full of apherical 

Tlic uatc^u^t of the g^ropcrti^ of pua m luc f^re^iag ia- 
i^oiiy I hope ulU be itiKMul let be true; Mid I aiibtiui va Uk 
judgincnt of oiheri whether or no the foUowing infcrTocpi are 
legiiuDaidy vuabLthcd. 

1. Tliat this A«i4 cMeniiuUj' eon«utt« of three diatin<^ "Ub- 
stances, viz. 1- Aa nnimil oxidv, which, among uthcr prxtjicr- 
cira, ia distiosinibed by tB being whine. t7pake,>nooih,iif the 


fMy^rMtfinif tmd £xfifTtMenu ta Mci- 

1000 c«M tnuni OM cngttUhlf Into onf* mtvt IJlte xnu of 
Uood by caloric, alcohol, ^c; only frnckTr^t owre cuntr hy 
vMcr fron too* lo ITO*i bat rradily diffu»ib1e.-^3, A limpid 
fiuid rcftcmbliog Mnv of Uood Id ilt imprcf^^ochi, and im 
in coaQultbiUty by caloric, oJkolwl, &c.; m vhich dw opakr 
oxide U djf uaiblc but nrt dUtohibk, sod which U ipedficaDr 
ii^ltr thau ibBL oxide -**^. Innunwrable^ilwrialpariicks ^i' 
^iblo only by ih? mUrotcopc ia ihia optlre oaddc, and in amol) 
nQtthcrin thtUiufiid fluid; oot ootgulable byooytecnpcraivrc 
to which hlthcno c«po«ed, uid Mr drvtniciibk by Wftny ihin^ 
which corobiua or <k»troy i^ opake oftidc; >ad iIick i^le^uk ^i 
on speciCcatly hcjivtcr thaa water.* 

2- Hiat f be vw^t turtly naasua, ai well as Ihc tibroti* or 
Lc^y paju,alindtta]w3yi cocuiflH imiD^cror br^rquan- 
dtJVB tapu«,inay bccHitHkrcdkiKir'^oagiilatcdlyaiph, which 
in iGk fluid Mju ii bccrcud without baviog tliE OUc of aggir- 
gaiioQ produced ia ti liLc thai of the <urJvf>Af opaXc oatide of 
pufr.— Sirct. VEI, 1- 

3. Thai the nddi«h,(litf bbckiih, and die dark brown ooJottr 
(if pu» dcpcada upon ibc red part of the blood cAiacd or ac- 
ettnd from che tumn vcuscU, or from cootigwiu* one* which 
•LCCKir pui. 

4> Hat on lomc occAftionit the clotty and irrvgutarly Agamt 
mutea found in the pus may depend upon ditorguutadctt or 
breach of the conciguoua »oTjd pnrta* 

5. 'ITiat ivhencver pui h fa^id lo ihc smell, i pr>rlirMi of h it 
in the Hflte of putiefnctive fcrntf D4a(j;»), which m*y be reraoV' 
ed by ahlutioHA with wnirr. 

6. Thnt therl^ are ^rrtah JLftvcatiEioua maifcEn fiiihlc to be 
contAxncJ in pEi^ nni hUhcfto rritdrrcd palfobk to the acnaet, 
hut knQWD by their rf!rGi9 ineicitiog coMa^OUaditrafteai auch 
assnall^poic, F(yph1li^ he* These mancraare produced hy» 
specific action iu the Brcrecoty organtof puat^by luch marura 

* My obUf^nj^ly tilfniit« pupilii Mr Bimcii,«id Mr. MAnakldH haui*- 
tBT<(«Anit>f Ub Lodt bntptUl. f uJluuJ fat qb ■ x^fVirieM quBhthy of |fo< 
nnfrhrtl mttic* to dHonn'mr, thalMfOiaulBloflbG thrvs Ingrcdiiobb^ 


OAatmnisns ffoJ Sxprrimentg 9n Pus, ^5) 

i)ieiiwdvv« citlwr <ofttAkKd m tht circulation blood, or on thr 

7' Thtt tbt et'^ninft mUMtUKM of vhtch pan oonvAC*, m% 
well 3a KHiKof the ■dMOthie«s6m(fEcct. VII, t, «, 3, 6.) 
Mt wp^Me6 from th« blowl ivy "^ p*^i>1^ orj^v.iitfnii be- 
Ioo^Id^, or attached to th« Mrvxlvf^irl^: whWh orfptn nf ■«- 
pantion ur Kcreiion u« not only (xciipd to th« action whicb 
produce* piift in dUcinrd mact*, bui tbn'Htv cvidcnilf m- 
flijm<;i;d In' ihc lUid of other d»t»t organs of the Hfilmil 
cconoiavi hotcc mjiny vvrUtici kt the proprrtici of the puru- 
lent TMLttrr. 

S. l^bai the wnetiAt of purulent mancr nUxe lo difference 
(>f f j^^rr^rify'^l^v pro|>oniaii of ihc cueniinl uihuciuicn (I ]^^ 
and the kIvcdIiiioixs pkns (9i ^ 4, 5) IS,). TIm cTrw4''f ^r pm 
tronauimg of olmoBi puraly the opale DKirTrr and limpd liquid 
(ty 1,^0- The ^ifnA^ confining a br^ preportiott tit c<uigidji- 
ted lymph, or broken down Botidi. Tha wntit nboundiog w 
Ihnpirl fluid. 'Hie f/fCiV(]<pcDd'Di^u|Kin the coa^lndcn, and 
prrhnpA, Iniipiiiiuioit, by union of ncutnd »U& with the opake 

9- l^'hHt 14 the citicntiaJ ;inrt» arc *cctc(ed In a Timpifl tiau^ 
but prvftently becanc apal:c,ow^ngtoa lar^ pmponion sfn^n- 
nncoutly raaguliungft and thoa bpooming the opiikr ovidc, 
mtxfd vifh 1h1^ lefmt liquid, and ianumervbte iphrricnl par* 
fkk«(Se<t- VII, I, I, IE, .l.)iT leemt feaionkble to infrr, th» 
fhf«C mncifrv arc the «cll-cn^dAied l^'mph at the Kfnnd auil 
MTum, wparaicd hy the Mfrt^nry nrgsn^. which aa tif atcTtt- 
tion dd^rtninr* th^vahv^qcirnCKtaCrof ag^rj^ntlna nfpin, ud 
ihe ^ohulfi arr at the un»r liiw fnrmcd fftul-gouslv to ihcir 
rnrAitlifi by *rther Mcrrtriry orgnnf. How fjir they arc ihoic- 
of tbr Mnod aHor^ by ^rrc^iox nuy be dcterminrd hf^rcjLftrr- 
It» a collatmnl proof or ihia inference, Aat very thuk pU4 i&f > 
fordt from o»c lUth to one aevcnth of c%t>«atc<l hr'ittle re*i> 
due, wMch, M I have fAiind« la ocarly the aankc pro|ivnioii af' 
forded on the exaiccdo^^n <i the huffy coat of iaflajacd bfoud, 
while very ikln put afllbrdt ou oxticritioa ftom uik righdi to 
OM ckvcoth of britik rcniduc, wbicb it the proputikni to he 
«3qi«ctied £n>tt a BiiKtwre of Mtun of bbod mhI adf*<Q4Q^tla(rd 
lyntph, ai I h%vt aic«rtaii»ed' 


O^r^MMm imJ ExprriiaeMt «■ A»- 

to, That the CMniaat iinprcgifutiiig %$X\mc tad tuiUy iu^n- 
dkttti c>f pu« an- d»io1ved in the icrmt nddj «nd are dl k- 
pvriiblc tkins with tbt lemn, k> ttb1l«ikMH ttxttt water, from 
cbc Ofioic otide (t), except a porUau ud tlic phMphnlc of ln«» 
TliFtc tfbpref^atMDfr ue tbcasmc u UiQ«« of tcruM uf Uood, 
aud **i cx|ierpjviMed ■aucoiu m^itr, *■£. vuriJiM uf sMlsi 
potat^i oEUlrajtiMtl b^- u^ntiul mattrr ur a dcvinicbhift adidi 
plii]«fih4K mI Timrj ^amouts iM!ulnJi£4-d probably by ptrofplMV 
nc Miidi j/tUh * tulplialc, and incci gf tome oUwr initlcfi 

^ BMOiiooed in my (otxn«r pvprr. The proiportiiM of tbcK iift- 
pnsgMMiag iutBtiMci IS :u the pro|iortion of Unfiid or serous 
Ci0iigul>bbe fluid, and of cowu ioterady *fr the proporiMjifc of 
t)ie opile Dxidv ai pu»i but i^i wk« m ddfvtciu CMvfc ia ^rcn 
proponiou of thii oudc, mhI th* Itaipid iuid. Id ^cncr^ii if 
QOt *lHay«, « givcu <^iuAiit> of put L-oncainKa vm^Er pro- 
pottiutfi ol BatJiic oatUn tJxan an vqual gii-cn quanti:}' v\ rx' 
pnionuvil micoui matur, but n fivcti qwrniiy of ibe lioifml 
lUMgulattd fluid comtaii^ a. ^rtMte proporiMn oJ nlin? mat- 
ten than «o eqml sivcn c^uaniity of Acnfem of blood. Heuce 
the thicker ihc pLt« the Ic^ irriuckft to the sort which K<re«e« 
tt| ai^ <ominc-nly thi \n\ Hit iQBaTonMtoryorothrrtKtioaiof 
the tecrciing lurlacr. la diftei^ot <**€%, hovrcvcr, ibo pro- 
portion of impregnating aaUne mb«iuicM to <wc xnothcr ia 
liaUv to ^"^Vi e«{>;claUy thai of phoaphuc ol Itoiti heoice, 

<ilioo^ rarely, cakuli occur of thii lubtiance itiOic <aviiy of 
ihe^iKVh* IK'Ucctoothr rx*icfaieiJpu*ulbblclobrCDaac 
(Olt Mtd noist, from ifac propnv (ion of ncttinli'f 4 |iot»ibbrin^ 
|;r«atcT dian uaual; andcreniJcliquciceiKC waQcumc^ accura 
of die extici^cd limped Said. 

12. rbat the tame orgaiUiaccoriliikfUitbeirdidvrcutMaUa, 
Bcirtto fiiHM the blood niefcly water imfrcsikatfrd vinh the 
taTitut aubttlaocta of the vcruin of liliM^li al>0 Uib ILuid coi^ 

rttrOvliOJii *Vfv f&iunil in 1 l»4a r^imicfrvib ^liBiiie ufmiuUL'd'Krd tot 
prfpfirrnvn. ulilcii l>r l"_NMI»iuroft rfv*»frdfm' mT;nr|iiii7, t ft>iirtillitfy 

•»'.! ' III utEilhrrpalkfiC «r Df. tCw^tTin, (i*i*Trfr i«n puiphijl iip. 

Aur . nvuf |4ir«tit,ttrf/hac«i<Ivrriiih] ii^^icr. attrU oor of lb<- 

Iftincng vsti^iit propnrijonft of coftgxUahVe vtnlicr ltL« ihnt of 
mmnol' bloodiUK) •crt4i» fluiO with BrlT'Con^lAbk Ivtiii>h, 
which aftink curdy mAb^^fn; lUcvfivc ihiA •crou> IIqiiIi >ii^- 
tbvr «^lh that matter which coa^lHlw of itwU alfrrivcrelJos, 
highly Lnpn^ated with inratibly %mtM ptrticin* in such a 
«U4»of «§S'*flE**"^> °* ^ cooBiiuitr lli« thkfc opak^ flukt cullrd 
pi g l ikfa >iiact« ol iLc ««cr«rof^' on^ni are ^ncmlly nt^ 
uaded mhh iAflamDunory »ei»ii, but frvq^Kudy alvn without 
any lynptomk of ludi Mtinv. 

I ^. TLioi bctjdc the cootittmcfr of piu dcpmitrft^ upun tfic 
profKirtion cf leroaa limpid Ii(]dIc1, ami opahv fiuiMi. ri ■!» 
probably <Up«n<U tipocr the modo mmI ftntr of roftigiiliEion of 
th« mntwrfvhkli flfttnla th» opakf pnii m^logotuly en ttrc 
difffrcnt sut» oi con«i«tcnce of ifaif toa;*t]lATPil hloAil Ititrir, 
acGOvdin; CO dw different ccinditiamcr iht nnlmvit r^onAmy. 

Aorenlnf^ 10 the tAtart infercTKeT, I truu, i ctinrinci nod 
dcfiniie nekton of ttie labntiiiicc to be cofiticUrcil 14 piia U c^ 
bobkcdj Bnrl [ do Dot comment on the dtncrei^t rciuli^ of tx» 
pniimatt aul (onciuMoni oi' oUicr wiiicra, brcaunc^ fuit^ir^ r^^ 
wntn only can docfnalnc the irnrh. What b and whM U «ot 
pua iHIt iioir Tt-?^ily bt woemniird by n few tt»f ttperU 
■lentil Wf ^^ obvious pfopcrtioi nnd by ihc croUKkrvion of 
die vomrtt of die natter in ipimioiQ! prarldcd, bowovvr. (hoc 
k he ufiAitK^L wi[h orrtain octicr nuttcn« by >rhich dbguiie m 
pvoduccd- At alic^y obierrcd ic 1% a patcnon^c diaefeicA tint 
ibe ambi^ky occuni and phyaiciani lay rct>- cOfwiJcrahk 
strcM i>pon lb" nnture of ci|xetorjccd mhltet id ih<ir pr;icbt« 
and traiccitD^, t nhall ibrrcforc codoavour to GtucbjaCc tbv 
lubject fav remark! on ihc parifomn ni4i(«i- vxpcctoratod b 
dilbroii cite*. 

1^ Ad abicMsou^MJooctl by ucutt^ LnllBiiinutioofinccHilv Oif 
a p}«ihay« and pcriimtftimooy, but of i^dier dtvoKc* vrhUh 
have not the lymjitom^ cf any one irbirh hat Ti<civt^\ a dr»Ig- 
Duko* lltTc Ihtrc ouj;h1 to be no doubi: for die mtiiitr vbkb 
la ayagfrcd tip tuddmly at>d abtmd^atl}- on ibr bunttnj-of die 
abftcvfia n eTid«&i}y pai with litde mucinf. Surh mncwr ami- 
u«(a of tlie cnvtMul ifif^rli«oia of p«i, (Srfv. VTf, l«] irilb 
l^enentlly ihe advcndtMi^ 4t]b«tflttc«t. (Srrf. Vlh &, J, ^ 

<j^ i r9 ai i»i u and JLxjMnm^M* «r /^ 

vtiu coig«Utc<] l)im}di, ikcntbiwkoiM or fibroui jmru^ wxtd a 
iDuU prapanioa of ibe red pan of bkMML 

S. PuniUni evprauffMioa frooi the nifMmc of AU<cMt%or 
TCwiicM of usppuntcd labtTctu. In aach £fl«» thtf c hfta been 
ft rhronkfll c«i||;h vith vjwjd ipufDBtt cootiAooly in ponoo* 
of an acivM»M4 afte. After tkU bag <ofitiBQc4 dJAOftC^ ko 
BJbnRdant cxpwtiiraiioa of i)uEu ft diJlrrcnt Ciod from dkr 
IbnDcr imddnily cocna 0«i by wkich the puku ofsen dfo very 
t^ecditf; nonfertintcs inawdotply, beio^ ■c««ain]^y choked, 
nb kind of moner evid«Mly <oa«ia* chicAr of the cucntial 
b^dl^fOtt of fni, (Sect. Vtf, U) HUh ftot only iho advratu 
Uou* tnhuimcci, vii- clou of Klf-coAgulMvd l^™?^* ^'^ 
wwnvtittn tbc rtd p«rt of Uood. bui abo nusw*, which btv 
jvppimii)yt!icbiokv«du«rniolidpamt the cellular incnitran«» 
the vcM^li and fuhatancc of die tubcreie*, ^ ■ di»rf^i«od 
stMc- The luffenr oAcn fcn>ft, tncli nOitUr ustc* »wc<i, I'liv 
tnucua k here \a coo tnjitl a pnafiofiioa* ftiid Mil iniiauovly 
mixed, to oocnibon dMg«iM- 

5, In the broncditift. or inB«nmfltory afltfCEkm of d»e air 
tubu, ibe menbrauM rcuHJnin^ cniifr, utcmling vwiou dk- 
c«»e<, r. ];. dw tncaiJci, ft fever with • cold, varioue condnucd 
fcvcn, in expcctorarion of ihin cRanlike matter oocun^ at 
trit ^rwlotdly, but M last in f^nm qvantitieft, continiuog for a 
week or morv. AUHough mucin » ii*iully coughed up mth 
thU piiriforni nibitanfr, the rwo thiOfii gobenlly remain m 
dltfixkcdyliT-KcmAsicu Whh liuleHkill throve or panfoom 
HuJd way be c?i|lceted ecpGirVcLy froa) ibe mvtcoai mattfr. It 
will be found lo eao«Iift alfontk pmly of tbe three eviential 
conttiuienuof p1M(Scc^ VII, 1.) iberc being tcMom >Dy td- 
vcntitiou» subitaTK<9. 

4. Muco-pkuulcnt, or commixed ciipccioratfd matter. This 
kind it pcibep* of the tntM freq\)eot occiurvncie- It u ihaii 
vhkh many ph)']iUian« know no< how lodetifnaie; Bomc coo- 
tidcT It u> be pu«« <ind oihert to be miMon* matter- Thift coo- 
tranrty of opimon vim* from the w«nt of definite iiotiooftof 
pasnnd muciu. HeDc« the ptLics ^re noi aJ^le lo perceirc, 
that in thit ktftd of apucum e3uil many of the propertlMof 
puf^ and aloo of isuciu* I b>ve dctcribed it in my former 


QttfiVMi$» Exfi^rnaeMU ott Fum, 



llapfrr on txfiMtoraud BkMtvT, Phil. Tnoi, I30a, P.ii-p,3l7, 
uadtr ibe dcDnuinatioo oS ofioir f^ft*f matUr, the tbini kauL 
i fnl DO iltirnabiioR id ftftdiog it uKKuaxy to cuulct^ ihu ft 
blllir acquuiit^acc witk thpe propcriic* of put bxt 44ughi tatf 
ihailnAiasacfTor, inconuiieiiDgikii kwd ul~ cipccinratcd 
mailLir U> ilinvr &iiaa other muu skcicly iu the pivpcirtion, uul 
Dot io tl^e ki(Kl»i of coBtlituctu pjfU. it <i04 jLppcatv that the 
fputUtt iD^ufVliUD poucMC« tttch piupcrliii u migiht b« pro^ 
dictid to «iiM, fnxn the bnowQ prapciiici of pu» jmd mucus 
aepar«Criyt io ca*c lh(*c Iwo ^ubat^nccA «hvuU be iatinAidy 
CC>mfnJKcd. Accorjingjy, the Optr^Ll^-i the %tnvr uAuar; the 
grcaKT dcAtitv tbia mucut; th« grcal globuUtity UDJcr tb« 
microscope; llic grcJitcr proponiua of rcaiduc on c-i^^raticQ 
to dryscs^t ttaa from mu^uti the iriiky Uquid on iwaLln^ihU 
mattcTi dke vUkinoi v-o agitation ia cold w«<:r; arc proptrLi«« 
of pus. But the gre«t tiictdity, >^ cot incna»cd by neutral 
vito; ibc leil opacity than {iu«^ ihr kn globuUtity th^ri pu>j 
the AmaUcr proportion of cxqkrnud n:»iducihi>t from put; 
ibc moisture, or greater moiiturc on thr exposure of ihc b<riul« 
rciidue (o nir^ tbiin from thai of pui; th^ more did~KUJl dif* 
fnubility through cold wnter, uid leu dcgrca of oiilkjaeu 
ihjtn from put: the ^ital iiTDpotlkin of Jcjiy oi- £broM nuM^ 
vn *gitM»on is » very Urge <iuaDttty of cold w»cri the tpcedy 
potrcieeAcyi arc properties of nuoaw The mule of coag^aiioii 
by caloric U t&O^ftnd up«vJ» i»iucK.i«iBJ|(hc bt; cipcfCcd 
irvm the CHiifnixtaic, vu. in luge oua^cft of curd in a MtUy 
bquidt>n>tcad of imo one uniform m»M like pui» orinto»oull 
curdy IBJUM* iti a vrry Urge piopi^nion of i whey coJoun<l 
Uquid, like mucoo* »ptitum. Thick pui AlTords oq cvsporfttiott 
U> bnitLtneut j or } rc»iduei and uaotp^rcni tputuni of iho 
ooii*mUuci> «i j^Uyj g^-c> «bum ^^^ ur ^f i^f imiU rvtidue^ bui 
lftii« opk« maitrr under iotfoiry, nlfwib Va or tV ^'^ brtule rc- 
iLdiM, DtcordiDg to the proponion of ilic two vahiuutcc*. 1 
could Dot Mpantc the tkij^poied piu uid mutui from ooo un* 
olhor* to exhibit them diuincdy by vrjocr, or by any other 
iDVWiBi oD uoouof, u 1 cooccivc, a( ih« jDiimate dlfliuiDn 
tlirougfti one uiother, and their muiLi^ cohesion. But on cva- 
porDting die mdLy waur, produced by n^icsnJng ih^^t ipituori 
in it, or by letting rt iinnd io coUcci the »cdim«att Itttlv r1*f 
Vet- Il> 2 1. 


Otnn^rhm ami E^perinrfMt en A«. 

«rrQmlinniiirilG«lli>tol|nn(Sci:f. VH, L) don no< Mfontm. 
or only iwnbBy, tnn \hv oi?«kc p«n. «« ■« eotcotltfi Vt pot»ibte 
by fthlQiiun, to colbct lliit cuftgijtUblc liqakl tike ikMof pwt 
Md tb« grater propcncioe of wtlcr, belovgwig^ dq tbe ratKW. 
(M«Mikini the coagulMmi b^ ciAork, Ci> jbr j only a mtUcy 
lii|nid, ttiKlvail ol > mifitini ram of cufd- 

"niia hind of iputun, cofn'Mrml^ iftib the phcDonK«% 
m^il be pfoduccd br K^ntion from ibr bronthhl mtw^nrnt 
\m Um voiirv •inte, anil twr bir ukemicm or riMCtifr For it H 
SMTMod In mtay c««ti, a tlii: tiite of a pint or more m «ub 
tvctttjr-fiw hcKtn, for wtvkm ami ncuthi «wtc«rivdy, vkI far 
iwtfiMy Of more Hic(cHir« mntcn. Abo mmtf pcnont rv- 
coTCT ibcir (ood heilth ^icr ihn ««rttIon, wd il !■ Ac tnml 
tcmmition CAi^vnUy of pcic^anMinTS, fatotHlikit, 6c. Ii ni 
prodixr J by anj ditcav uf great trhlalJoo of ibc lung*; m C 
hiiT« found Irom o««iAcack«i of this bicncli'iil or pulmonMr)' 
irtnieat liom cttkuli: fn^m Lrokoiirind, or rupture of air 
cclU, &c.* 

it » accjticd nUo in covtcrpi^M of IrriuilDn of the broci- 
cUaI membmoB by iubcrcLct, i omlca* aMrr la the caviiW of 
the t-hctt, &c> 'ilte Mfiie kinri of raattcr i« »p(tr«t<d frrvm tht 
noMoo ibcdeHmt^of acornttiftn trvrrrcory'/ain aamycMn* 
It •ppctn thtfiif itiai this Itnd of matter h a tynptoaa of the 
CDOtt fatal, fa wcU n harmUfti dhcvc«^-«t U a ftyntpton in 
OD« ttU9 of thv pwigft a ^ of dbtttie to d<ath. Mid fa tuunlnT of 
the tcTmiaotioi!! in Iradtb, hv bcitt^ icemlnittj a rrfdul (fia< 
chargf* Perhdpi, if ih««c facti had htrpn ofnerved and coo< 
»idfr«d, numeroiu nUtnliCii In pio^p^nMii* wouTd have b^en 
a>^LLjc[|f mil betirr pracijrr- barr bcrn rnij>1oycd; bivaii^^r thr 
oaiMftf of dhcucD Wfiuld havr hem rightly ondrtitrmd. Fnnn 
ihu reprettPtation if U pining thai a just opinion rannrtr be 
^i^a nicrrly front the rxaaiinaiion of the vpuium, wlihout 
coneiderbig the diaeuo by which it i* prodiiced, or of wh'ufb 
It II a ayfiiptoRi. 



|if<nc*,bf Mr.Culmiii- 

O^tervativm *nd Exfttrimtr^ tn Put. 367 

TW ftfoponton aniui «lvi be caibiiktvd of ehc put and 
miKin in Kfiiitumr it n«y be HitDiiivd, hy attrndrn^ to Ac 
pvapcrtic* of 4 aicii, u Above ftUttcd. 

Swb < <aap<nknd •« t>ic preset tcttcdy ii prodoccd in 
sknj other prii bal io the broncluiil aA4 fooeous rsrmbinuic of 
ihr niM«'. bfcaaii; of tbe kbiuMlAttI h^ertlioD f if mucu* from 
thcM DM«bnuw«. And wfecn il it concnvcit. thir both pui 
and mainu arc irtrtird tn a lioiptd sat«. From the loiBt or at 
Icaai caruigt>Mia organ K, where dicy firat iotimatHy f^^nuaiit, 
and then brcr>jnc iaipjuatcd; it vilL uppcar mmoc^e, that 
thry caacMi br raailily, or ai aU cOTiplrti'lr nepuaird i^aiD 
from one apoihar. J1ii.'rt » iDttutrilt to iheie ckam no ncocaik)' 
for the KLniauon of ih* tccrrtioool the limpid ilnid of puiof 
abxttooi (Srctt VII, i~)i for il oppcjirt to »c aot unjoic to 
cooaider mu£iia to be noikbig more thaii the tcrum of hlnod, 
aJmcd la ha oooifioa'tuan Mtd proportion of vMcr, «o m to 
produce a vitcid tciuir«. TheKi:rci9ry urfi^aasof the oiueom 
meoftbrue, bf vUtu« uf dicir p(;tuliar power, arpaniie from 
the bbyMl, in bcuUhi th^ mutua as abo^'e wd, with aookc 
jjlobnUa, and oIa a amaU jmpLjrtJva of Uit irif nfi^pikblt 
lyiBpbj «irkidiappcttfn,oaaj^[JEJ4iF:]'iiiKU«maUrgepTTqKirtion 
of ccAd iratur, in lat form o( kuly aast hbroot mauci.* The 
sane acAnetorrorgaoaiitioaa^rcaaceivnUe, majTt >»■ (tJa- 
OMod flaKf be etuietJ to Mparlte alto artf-ceofolabl^ otaiter 
6tt» the blood, vitb oLcre globule*, m nich a itatc at itr be- 
ensic piu. llenAf, aucb a oommixmrc of iha two aitJuutncca 
mutt cofTCApoad lo the opake, viieid, eaqieetarajcd >pQCuaa, of 
Vbi«b 1 an writiu^. 

If ltbo<i^t farther rcaHniiQf;proprr,k*oul<ibc tnaoiCEit, 
xbai alt the pbuwnK&a, both la h«al^ and ■litraae, belov^g 
to tbc varioot luDd« of Kpulsatt oooaiit *vith ih* t^roty above 

^fit4 die ^ . . . 7>dAinn ar iblfl dtpMli MAir pUff .iwrf 

to aiftrtkrtT, in ifWnt matiMt cvrtain nibaUnco act on the «i»- 
mnl «vs»m, no a* to orcMton death, indcptncUotly of ni«ch^ 
tiUnl mjr.iry- I wni Icil Xf> ihc tnquiTV, fTom the lUbjccK of it 
spprann^io be r^f ciinHictrmUr bicrrtl and isipoiUnc«f Ukd 
from a hapr, diuu In ihc prcnnt itvpro^Tid bUIc oFphytiolog^ 
cat knowleclg«i wt nij^ht bo <n»bl<d to Airrw m •one more 
satitfACtor^- co^JcluBi^ns ihun had been dodoccd from txty for- 
mtr obnervvtioat* 

The !(ubccii(i<^ti wlucb BCt ttA poibotii vfien appUvd to itic 
nnlina] body [ir« very niimcroiiL In the fx^eflnwutt wUch 1 
have hitheno made^ 1 hove cmplojvd vcgectfHc pniaonfionly. 
Of th^ael hflvcMelcetcdHUchu vc vrry active add ocmia n 
produdng their tflect*, believing; thai, rm this accou■^ the ex* 
an nature of thove etlrctt woiild be more leadily aKntaiMd. 
Ihc principal (*E>jecti vrhi<:1i I have kept i& raw hare bees to 
deierminr, on vvhich of the vital orgatn tbr polion <aiployt>d 
txerci9e% Its prliDar>' influence, ami through »bai mediom th«t 
OTEan breomn afFc«(rd- i hare aUo ctidcjivourcd to ntcntnn 
by ivhai means ihc fiuol conAeqvuatoea of aanie poiioni ma^ be 
prevcmed* WHh nonwof the cofttliuibnA which I have veit- 
lured lo drftw, so fur as f knov, vr wert n4>E befiitt aoquoinc- 
ed: and oihen of ihcm, ihough ttot cnttrrlf oer, bad ooc been 
prcriouAty csmblishcd by utisroctory evpcrlaitnts- 

J nhiill relate tirvt those citpcrinienti in uhkh f<khon^ were 
Bpplinl jntcnuilty, tfatt >», to the miucMia lacmbnineB of the 
ton^e or alimvniury c^nai, and aficrwarda iho^ in which po>* 
(opi were applied to uoundtd mr^oc-A' 


Ou tiif diff^rfttt M^dM rn w^iicH I>eat^t ^c. 


lor if Cdnal* 

Wbtfl ipari4> trc takcti into ihe ttonadi, in * cctUia i^uau-^ 
tity, thrf produ<c ihM kind of (leUriam vhicb uiimituUfH id- 
toxiocloo: hrh^n taken in a lor^r c^uuitStVt h id vrcll Lnown 
tbat ihcy dcitroj I'^k aliogtUicr, und vJua ui ibc c<:jm>c of a 
very thort f^pace of limc- IntoxicjUion U a d^ruigrincut of th« 
iuactjont «>{ [be inind,and,:i»dic«c axe mhomcwiiy connected 
wi^ ^Uitc of tb^ bnuA, it D^fcrns pn>l>iUk, tli;rl ii U by acting 
oa ihu orgAo, that ipiri» whc» takrn into the Atontncli occanioQ 
dmh' In ofdcr to Dict^ruin linw fur thi^ conclusion is Junt,! 
nadc the fallttwinj^ citprrimcntt-* 

KirKBiKEVT 1. 1 poiu-c<UuotU'achin«vr proof apirita down 
thr tt^pha^i^ f>t > <^- Iniiundy ttc bvti^jkd violcDily^ thm 
byotionr hide, perfectly mgtiunlcks aqU btmiLUc; the breath- 
ing v«i Ijhoiired and HUn^^ruuB, uid tim puUacicuu of tht^ 
fictn were very frcqucnU He coniinued in (his nuic for Kcven 
or eight intnul««; lUen began to recover: ih<,' re»pir<itiom7k be- 
cvnc cEuicr, and prrfently he »o»iI up, and y/m tlile la v/aXk* 

EKrcNiMiiHT V. I injeel^'d iui ounce Jtnil ri hulf^if proof ipi. 
rJti into ihr stfkDuicli of a Inr^ full-grnwn rabblr, by mcAtit 
«f lA cLuticgum nibc pAiftrddDurn the ooopLiguf- Th^ft^in^ 
lympuxnt took pUce na In the hi<.t eiprriaicnt^ but iJie animal 
did not b:^gln to reti>i'er from the state of In*riiHUiility unul 
£oTly minuirt bod elapsed from the time of rhe Inject Jon. 

Expi^iirucisT 3. Se¥*n dmchmsof proof »piriw wercioject- 
t.A into the *tAnucK of ayoani^r rabbit* Two minutes :tftcr- 
wArdi, he evidently waa a^cced hy the ^piiitf, and in three 
miAuicmote he lay em one hidr mntionici^ oad jnaeuMblc* 
The pupUfl of the eyce were perfectly dilatrd; ihcf c were otca- 
Aiooal sljgHt cotiVQUWe motionii of xht exiT^DiUiei^ die mpi^a- 

' 1 un Mi^pblfd 10 Or K- N- Dm^rnri fur i\4* ■»ikt»jk' ? «» mjiiij' nf tTi^^ 
f iprrjirKnia vliklj I itn ahtntl Uf ct^ttlE Mt, li', Br#rulv Icrii in? htn iaUi- 

tUK»hi iJiC|fvft|irr|ifePlDf lh^B« wItKli -^vrt ti^iAt 1 ha^c hccttftnJicr », 


Oni^^Jirait Mfii^mwfikADt^l 

tion vat Ubofimu, it wm gntfk»ll]r pcr{cu»od al loofcr rikI 
Umffer lutcrvil*. wid i< the end of «□ hour xnil Ttficen m^nuAn 
had entirely ccMctL Twa oiinuic^ alur liic ^JUBial mju afip&> 
realty lUad, 1 opeucU i»i9 Uie thoiax, ukI fuuml UiB liwn ut- 
in^Hiih mudcraic force and fixqiMncy, cinulaiiog dnk-co* 
louf t«l btood. liiitrixtuccdaiubcitttiM^cda^niUKlpnxliMJed 
arltlicial ruptrstiuD b}- infl^ttiag lIic Jwigs, nd knuvA ihit bj 
ih«M iiujot ihc uctiou uf dw btari iiught be kept up to ifac 
tiaturjd rtaadud. ua iu an animal Irom wiioBi dkc h«ad u re- 

£3cr^niX]:hT 4. 1 Injccrtd irtio die ktomacb of a rafaUt two 
ounccaorpnx>rftpifit«. 'Hicr jnjcciacio «A« acwcrif completed, 
Yihtrn the animal iji;tiinic iwrfrt'dj' ins'tniiMc. Prcfjwrljr Ae 
ivtmc ayinploma took place an in the Ustcip^rtncnt, and at 
the end iii tvprniy-Acvcu mJHiJleL. Trum Iha linp oJ dkc uycction, 
tht rabUkwuft .ipparendy dcadi but oo ctnoiiitung ihu thorajt 
the hcatt iviA found null acting a^ In the Uii ctpcrimcnt- 

[| tiim hrcn ithnivn bt^ M. Hicliai, ainrl thr ohtcTTBtirjn hoft 
b<«n confirmed Hy bomr rupi^Tinirnct ivhkh T have lately had 
dw honour of communicaiing to thji Learned fkicieif, Uutt die 
brain U fioi dircfily nccr u;iry to ihr action of the hean, and 
that, when ihc fLincEtoot of the brain are dutrniffd, ilie bcavt 
eontkuca to ^ooiT«<'t £br tome ti«ie aficnrard«, and then ceaatt 
only in ton>r<ivJrnee of the ftdtpcoajoa of r^t^ranonT vrhjch it 
under the influence of t]^< hrjrn. 

It would appear, from the TKpeibamiAwhtt^ 1 Harejualde* 
t;ajlrd. ihiit the tyntpli^nii pioduced by a large qUnt^ty erf api- 
rits tukijE] mto (be >tomaLh« ariu eatiiely from ditturbance of 
the functions of ihe bfftin. Thv complete imcoijbirpty <o evtrr- 
nal irapTrtfaiunx; thr d'lljtuii^jn otthe jjuplUofiht Tyrs*i**lt^ 
]cH»ol motion, nidkate iLiatthc fuaUiui^avrthit organ ircsua- 
pcudedi rc^jjirat'Eun. which U tinder it* lafluence,!* iH pcrff^raa* 
tfd, and at l»c jJtogclher cea^efl; while the heart, to the n^rnon 
ofvrbich the bi^in it not dirccdy ncoeiaary, coTLlinoei to coo- 
tran,' circulating dark-coloond blood far vom« iJme after- 

Thvre ion MnUng analogy lietmen thea^mptoma aruiD^ 
ffomapiiitft uienifitomaUy, and thofepoduccd by injuriei ti 
the brain. 





Cowtwwioo of the braio, vhkli nuy be cnnidrrcd ob the 
aiiglMeM doBTv* oniijiiry,«>caHCHM ■ tUM 4if wind runibliRg 
iMoiinukni imI llw recvnbfaDcc m seme inituiMii Uhi>mm- 
pleec, fbu the mkm ojcmraw obaervrr cuniui fimn « dbftnoilt, 
rrcrpc from the hhtttrf of cbe 'CU«* Prcunre An lh<; bnfio, 
whkli It 1 m«rv were «njvirf dus eoaeumott, ftfoduee* tet* 
of nncina^hncMlhilitVfilibRiikm of the p«ipili;rMipl»iical>r- 
«onmUbouTr<l a»ct annotou*, i« pcrfortncd nt long mttnrib, 
iitiriM 1>it altof«ih(rc«UM»afldth« patUtii ilir*. 

It Gcimt an inlemtHi^ muicr of tnqiury, whether apoiB 
wIvtttjAca tntotbc tbomuli prodtm their rffrcta on the hvuA, 
by lKtcij)«jfaio«tirf1 Tniiih<cir<u1jntoo,or>nooiiirqtienccof ih« 
HyiBptthy ihu eit«t9 bctu«n ihiric org**'* ^T i^ont of the 
iicrvf«. Tbr fnlloivlaj; citcttmstuiceft Icxl mc to condudo iKit 
tbc7 Iff m tbf li«l of ihrhc two iijiy«. 

I- fn elp*Ttncnt« whrrr snim^U Havr Ivcn IclUc't by ihc ttt' 
jcctio<i of •pitit^ into th< qioBMch, I have femnd ihb Af^ftn to 
bcaff the in*rlMofgf<dC zn&kmmJidciii,bm never fovrtd any prc- 
tcnutord *li(K«nuiG<f whEUcver in the brftin, :e> Tlir e&cu of 
npirita uktft into the ttMnuh in the Ime eiqNcritneAi vrcrc to 
in>imtan*oii«t thill il jppean impotiibk ttnt abvorptiaci ahoold 
hBT« taleo ptKc btfore tJie> ««rc produced. 3* A penon who 
la intodiictued, frcquetklly bccoroe* luddtnly to6cr oflcv Tomit- 
inj^* 4> In the c^erivienta whub I hate Ju«t rdaleil, 1 m^xeil 
tincture of rhi)haf1j wiih ihc )»|iiriu, knou in|» from the ncpcri- 
mcntiof Mr* Hutnvt^uid Mr> M'lUia'n Draiidc, ihutthis* whrn 
abifufacd iftio th« circubuon, woa rvudily wpirMtHl intm the 
hloadby the knlnffji, ;ind ttuLt very Kinall qu;mLJta-D migtiibe 
detected m the unac bi' ilie adduLuu uf pu:.uhi but, though I 
never f>lkd to fu>d unnc b ibc bkulder. t never delected rhia* 
bvb in it* 

The incltldiBg iheteTtninaiionof the iliorack dnct in aU^« 

tiu« doca not prif vent ^pirif*^ whrn uLt- to the «lcnkuh, froia 

produclnig their dalihI rflrcth on the ccrrotM «yucfDi Uit 9ub»c> 
qiKot obiervati^m, which Mr> Hi^tne hn nht^y cooimtfoi- 
coird to thii Soticiy, hare ihowc that &n conchMion can bi- 
dmvn rrnm ihh rEprrtittfiic. 

That a poiion nay aAcf t % dfuicm nrftan, throng the mcdi- 
uBi oiihe nerre«. withmit entering ihc fircubiran, U pn)v«n 'rr 


On ikt Jifknni Jiodr* m uAicA /haU 

ibo «cU*JEnown nmutammrm ni mUmio^oi the ntnct aiS^Jh* 
dbWM. wfaflO ^qiplM DOLliicufticacoajuiictitaol thecfe^occ^ 
Moong diUtaiioQ o\' the pupil ni %\ie buih rjv, ihough do dcIkt 
pan ol thv ■yslum h affitcud. 

It h«l beoi rfwmerJy lupp&icJ hy JJr* MpwI mid &lhcr phy- 
iloilof-iici, ihut a [»uon may piroducu de^th by^ Acting on ibc 
UiicmiDcs of die ii«n'ct of die mAmach and UuMiricf, »it^ 
out beiu^ abiorbcd iMDihcclrculBiion. Tbae U ihould b)' (ho«t 
iTK^ant Iw oipfiitilo <if idc«io^ the Nuin U ttot. ki tw wondcrtd 
at, vrhen wc conttdcr ihc Dumcraut an<l ranoiu iT^ptfthira 
bnwf ea du* or^miimi ifacalioicntaiy cajud,cvidmdy indepen- 
dent o^ any olhiT GocnoiQ^Ujilioa thaa Uie oerve^ 


£jr^rnT«nft wvfA rAr EuuMttM Oit iff Bitftr JXntfitdi.* 
ExrciiiMntT i. On? drop of ihe «a*einit] oit of biner al^ 
QXnidM WM applied lo ihe tongue of a ftmn^ ev. Stre wat m- 
aUod)^ «etzed wrlh violent eifnvuUiom; dicu UyouoociKjc 
mutbrilc*.!, innrnt^ble, tixnthing in a bufrkd maomr; ihc rcv 
pirjtioii« bnam? labouredt t^wk pfamr al loogvr and Lon^r ni- 
terwh, and at the cud of Gve minuliet. frooi the application of 
the poiion. had enirvely crn«erl« and the oniiiud wm a|iparer;tly 
dead: but. au opening thu thomx, the heart ivba found ncting 
tt^Urlye'rt^hiy ttmet tn n mimitr, circoliiUiig datk-cotoiittd 
blood, wd h coniixiUHl to uct for alx or teveo ninuies aiter- 

Esi-minrHT 6. I injemd into the rtetum of a eai half m> 
ouncfof^TWrr. with tttodrnp^ nfthe enrntIM oil, iBnroni- 
nutev aftenranli^ hf wan nfli:C(ed wiih tymptoinat similar to 
lho*e which occJirtvd in thr |*»t eicp<Timrw, and ai ihe end o£ 
live oiinotci, frorn the injection of the poisoo, he wm apprtteni' 
ly dead- Two nunutc* nfter appaftnt draih, thr hcaft waa 
foui^ Acting eighfy times in a mio«iic. On dtttcction, no pre* 
tenaxtural appcaraners were fousd either i& the TPtci-oal incra- 
bnme ofthe rectum, or the brain. 

*The mffrtW ftUof Vitwr dnuiiil* dow *nt ippoir txi dllT#i' frnmch* 
*)ilUl nU nf tiunl. 1 w*i furiiiilicd wiA i qwinlily af ll. hf^l by my 
Mr WdUim SiMilr, unH aflcnrndt by Mr- CwVfi of ^ijudmmfoi'n 

Th^ ■f'mptoms pr^Hocrd by thh prnion, md tbr circutn- 
vmnee of the he«Tt oontiautng to convaa tfivr appanrr deotlt, 
leailto ilie cooclnuoo ifaai ie occasion dcoih byftiAtorbiniTthF 
fiiaciJoot of the brain. 

* ' White otgnged in ihc*e ba< erp «Hm(nGLf I dipprrr! the Uuat 
end of « proibc itiVt the etsicminl all, und appliril it in my 
BAnj|u<:, TTtrtnrng Id rastt jt^ nnft hAvln;^ no AdtplciAn ihM lA 
email t qianiicy touU producf fttiy nf rUt^pMiBcpffcdBCmdie 
nrrvouv By%tcni^ hirt fdar«ly KaeI I appllrd it* when T «Kpc* 
Timced n very r«Tnart:a1>lc >nd unplrasant »nmion, whirh I 
rfCtriTd thiefly ia tht epigutric region, but |h« exnri nitttrc 
of which f c.tnnrtr 1IrirTtfK^» b^uiii? I know nrii>imf< prrdiely 
similar ta \u At ihe same t'ltae there wa* t icntc of wctkn«M 
ill my linhi, si if I had rvAi the rommnnd af my muiclei^ nnt] 
I thought that I van flhmil ic fall. Hriirrvrr, ibfif Krn^ation^ 
were noostriUTy^ xnd I ctpi^ricnccd no mconvcfii^nfi^ what' 
tvrr afknrudi- 

I *ftrrwKnl« applied a ra'^tc TninuM c|uai>t}ty of vhr r t«rn- 
ttil oil to my (ongue severid time*, wilhoo( cupctwncing from 
|ciBydH>f[Tec>ble«ffrct>; but on apflviifrgft lur^rqiuntttyt I 
mu tStctcdvtih th? Mmr mommtvy Rrn»aiEon% at in ih« 
fomacr Inasnor, and there w>i » reccirrrncc ^f (hem is thrtc 
or four wcondi afier the firvl aUncIc h;id nubiirJcd. 

From the instnntancotJincH vtiih vhkh iht rficcta are pro* 
duccd, vtd fratn it« actbg more apcpjily whrn applied to the 
tofigue thaa when injected into the inleiiine, though ihe taitei 
pn«ait> 4 bcUer abl<^Tbing iuiEkc, we may conclude that thU 
poiton acta on tbe brAin through the «ne(3i*tm of the ncrv«*, 
wiihodt being abaorted into ihe circulaiion. i 

'iiPPitHijrT r* An ounce of dlla juiet va« iojecud late 
ttie FDctuEn of a ca^ 'J'brrc mhime* afurv^rdB hr voided 
whai apprvred to be nrnrly the whole of the injecuon; he then 
stood for lonac mimitei perfectly m'Mi^nl«», with hn leg« 
drawn toother, at the end of niDc luivaccA, frocn the lime ct' 
the injcctioQ, he r«tcKed and vomited: then atienpced to walk, 
but faltered and fcl! ac every iiqi. ei if (iron fl^ddioot* At 
ih« end of thirteen mmutti, he lay on nn? «Vde Hiitcftihle,, 
Vol. II- 2 M 


On dif ^ferenl Mi^a ui ipitkh I^ettth 

moibiiLfu, cxcrpc aomc alighi ocmmUUfi mouon* bf the 
tivibi- The r«t^ritL&fi bcc4nt« »\ow aad UnMredi Bttd tf 
foft<r-ftFvcn nwuu« frctn llic iIbc r-f ibc bif}ccrio^ be rai «f<- 
pv<nili- iIvmI. Odc minutt *n(l n hatf aftcrwvrdft, Uft heart 
«u found cM*trKti pg n-giiLrly one boa<lrc<J tiiM% ia a mnwtc. 
li ii[>prm ftOA thU cxpcrinMBt, tlut ihv juke of acooitCi 
when lEVtctnl ini4> ibc lotntiiK, occkmoob AtMh bf dciuojiag 
ihc tijiKticba <«( the bmift. From ibc analog of other poi*oa4, 
it M mKliTcil |irolioblc thu tl acuon the hcAiD iJiroi^g^ ihc 
iiKdiwiu 4f tbc nvnci^ uLiluAit twla^ abtoibcJ t;^M Ihc eitcu- 
louotu ThU opinioD ii coiiiriucU by ih« Mlowmg ciicum- 
MUKc: kf a MD^ qiiapiilf tff tb« l««f of icviilie it cbcwcJ, iX 
obmakiiu a ttmatkabic ttaw tif uiuahscNi of tbc U^ iuid 
guiDfc, wlikfc duel not Bubftiiif fov Uo or ihm boim. 

£stptrrmenit mM Ut bifiahm e/TkiiKn* 
Ex^ERiMrvT B- Four ounccv of infuuMi of tobacco «tic in- 
_^cclit<l uMo tbc Tectum of a Jo;. Kouf oii»a»i Bflcrwinl) he 
reidiedf but t&id not vomit; h« then beofiie faiftr, «Hi by wiv 
liontcvioii OQCudcjat iht! cod«J niae inlnmcvfrtMi Ac tinw 
of tlie inJ«<tioD, ih« bruc tould djh be fth; hr c^>pcd for 
brtuh ml loDg b.t«rTA]4; mii ta niothtr minutf thcr« ww oo 
appeanrcc uhate^cr u| bfc* i Aaiai*daialy laid opra the 
caritlcaof tli« thoriaanJ »bciotfnc(i- Tha hf^an wa>imicbdi^ 
te>ded,aad hidc&ilmly u^iud to eoniiacti there was &o p<- 
rLfOltic modon of the int<&tia«>« 

Es[i'Ti^iiir,vr9. An diuicc of very itCroor;infijuan of tobacco 
wa* in^rrted IMO the rcctuon tii a cu. Symptoms yfre pro- 
duced similar to ihosc ffbieh MCHrrrd in the lut cxpcrimeiU, 
aod ^hc animal iWril at thr cnj of **vfn minuirs frort the time 
of the injection, Oa oprnltii^ ihc thorax imK>cdlaiety aRer 
death, ihe htart ttsa buod cilrcmcly dbteadf^l, Aod (o h>vc 
cMirtlr ctasrdartin^ whh ih« txccptloaof a^fi^httrrniufeiu 
nodofi of the aur«tkA. 

EimiiiHiKt 10. I'hrrPOOQCcicfiafualonof tobacco w«re 
iujr<tcd into the trclam of a do^ He wan iffcctrU ivilh lyxop- 
tom* unuUr ir> ihoM tn tho fbrcncr rapenoDcati, and died at 
iht end of tftt mmuus. On opcsipf ibe tboraji inBedtfUcly 



Ufprodnctd^ f/ri4Ufi VrgtU^tk Ainvti 



ftlm deiili, I fooiKl dw hc«rt touch ditiflnkd, Mid co have 

ExriltMBUT 1 1, Thttc ottOCM of iafaiion aftrhv^Q wen? 
iojccted iiMo th« rrctum nf tt dOK- IfnfflCcli«L«ly ibcrv bMk 
|^ac« trepAulou* coomctiofft nf ihr vola^Ufy niiKdcf. Ftvc 
ninui» Afterward* tbc iaj«<tMa wm nptm^d b (he cwn^ 
i|uuui^. TIk <1o9 (hco wa* «ick, and direw tip soom of the 
SafuMoo, «i<h Achrr nwiltfT, froinibeaamcht bebcodMfAlnT, 
aad dkd Ka mioutei After tbc iccoad iij«CTioo. tntn^dtnCflT 
tficr roptrftiioo hid c«aicd, I oprncd dtr thortr, vkI found 
the iKflrt extrrnuty dlMendcd, Mkd withoiit anr ervdcnt cnn- 
vacitoo, cxeciit of Lbe apfcodhc of ihe rt|;ht avri<k« whtth rvcry 
now and th«o contracted in a ^iylK tlegrec. I divklvd tb* pc- 
ncanUuvk Oft the li^t aide. lo con>c^cncc od* the «iireib« 
diaEfMvon of the h«art, (hi* coukl irat be done witboni irr'iuting; 
the ibrv* with (he poiniof the aealp^L faikmodtacdy both au- 
rUkt lod venirkLet ^fin to ccniTaetwhhconfidenbk Csrcc, 
to aa to leatore the cii cuUtton- Arti&dal rcipcrauoo was pro- 
duced, and the cittulatton w*t kept op lor more than half an 
hour, bejood whkh time llic cxpciinwot wai not coMmuctL 

W« m4y conclude Jrom iiine cjiperiinei»ti^ thai the oflect oT 
dkt ttfoim uS tobacco, vhcu injccud into ihe iDtcilinc of a 
liTing BiuaHl, k 10 dutro} the adlon of the heart, uoppinf; 
Um drculjktlon and produciuj iyncope* II appeared to mv thaF 
th« actioii <jf the heart ceaied cveo before the animn) hufl 
OMa r J ic rcapire; and this wai coeifinned by another expert* 
menc, in which, in a dot- killnl by the isfiukia of bobacc*, I 
foupd tJiG cut^uict of the left aide of the heart ta cotMaitt acar^ 
UtbUiod, nbik in ihouof thf rifj^aadc the Uo-^ imdarfc- 
c^lound. lliii pgttoQ theTTrfiore dtfert nutcritall^ fruut olcn. 
hoi, thi atcaiial qU cif atmooda, and thn jutcc of acottitc:. which 
b«vc 00 dirc« m&oence on (he ncfioai of ifac bmtu l*h* n* 
fuaioD of tobacco rendera the heart tnaeiuibk 10 the atinutiM 
of the Uood, butitdoeaiKiiailU|tetherd<4Dosr ibe jiovcTOf 
nmacubv contracts on^ tinee the \^an reismod itjt auion \b one 
ioatvice on the davUioQ of the perieardkam, aad I have Daand 
^att the ToluAMy anu*ck$ of an aoioaa) kUlod br tlua poitoa. 
arc >a readify admolaied to contract by the inlumco of the 
^ nha^ battery, Aa tf it had been billed Ic any other manner. 


On dte Afftr«ni M^dft in lohkh Dmik 

At ihr nam* Lim*^, \tawt\tt, ilut tite ioliMlOo of toUwCOdc- 
MCTOyt thr 3Ktion of rhr h^airi, tc appc«r»|i><lc9ttt>3rali&tlK 
ronctvoiw of tbc fanriOi t'lncr Ihrar did not return iB thi bit 
rrpcrimrati although th« anculMktn wks fv«ioTC>d, and kept 
up bf aifiiliciaL retf^rratiQiii. 

Stncf thcrr ti no direct commuMcaiiktn between the ratfi- 
chiU canal and the bean, I was at 6m Induced to aapipMe dNt 
tbe laitf r brcomev affected ia enrnaei|n«*ce of the mlVi&'Kin be- 
ing conveyed intr> the blcMtd bf ahnNrptiMt. Some cireun* 
iMneea in ibe fDlloTi»g experiment hme ibte led me lio doob4 
whether ihk k ih ? e ciie. 

Kxrxftitii3iT 1'^. In a dog, vliovc head wna rcmore^l. I 
kepi vpthe nrcuktkm by mentB of ftrtificml reapkTMkm, in tbe 
■maer alrecdjr de»eribe<I in the aceouni ol aonc cTpcrtRie«l» 
wliicli I 1nt«)y eofnmitnieated bo ibia ■Actrty- I then la;fecieii 
into ibe fiiosiAch and fntr^riora ttine ouocta of lafiu^iott of ia> 
bACOfli At tfar lim^ nf rhe injccttooi ibr hoAf of the aninaV 
lay perfectly <{wi and tnotionlcsi oin the taUe; the heart acted 
icgvihriyone bimdrcd timea in a minute. Ten ninuica after- 
frwda ibr pukr rocc to onr bondred aod fbnv in a minutet 
die periamttic morion of the inteiiinc* wa* nucb locrca>r:d> and 
the voluncary muiclca m every part of the body were dmowfi 
(nto repratrd aod violent iipatim^dic aeiloe- The josdei of the 
CzmcDilLci were a]i<Tnal«Iy Ixol auDd citoided; the miude* 
of the apuit, ibdometi, and tail akrrnaicty tcIakcO aod con- 
tfUcUd, Mf aa to tura ^he tvhole animal from one aide to the 
other. I have observed, ia otbrr inatancei, ^punodic actiom 
fjf the muicU», wbcTC tbc eircuktioa was kept up byartificiat 
icafaraiioio, afur tbc leoMVBl of the head, but not at att lo b« 
compared, either id itrcogtb or frequeucy, with thoie vhich 
took [lUcc on thi* occmioD. I made presaurc on the kbdozniiuti 
aorta for more thau a midutCt »o M to obatrvcl the circukuikiii 
of the btood id ibe h»wcr «xtremiticai bet the muicular coa* 
tiacliona were not leVMucd in coBiti|utncC' Half ^n hoar after 
the iojecciioti ol the iufuNgn, the «rti6cial rvapirauoa wa« dia* 
ooniinued. The heart contloued to act, clrculatiug ih/k-oo* 
loutvd blood; tlie rouHcu^r oontraciiooi continued, but BV%- 
dually diminiahcd in «trcftgLh and frequency. I tied n bgMun 
rvufid the t e«3eU at tJie bme of ibc Kcim, Wi at to *li)p ihn cir-^ 



(utatiofir ihCVailKli^<« i^e nunculv coDtr«eiion* Mill coBti- 
niMd, tlkODgih U» hr^Mtm and (brcibto thu bcforr, wd *tune 
paknitn «4i^«rri before livy emirdir ccMvd. 

Id ttu> cKpcrtnKvt, the dUfouckn to rantraction In tlie 

^, iu in rhoar jufi ttIaiuL If ihc ioEasioa cl iizibnctu idAu> 
ciic«« tbc hrarti frnoi hcinj^ abAorbecl bio ihc biood and ihua 
coming Imo vtoal maimc vidi lu Ateu, fhert: u no cvideiu 
TCiWMi vhy Uie remove of tlu fanio, vxi Uic ctapktynKia of 
anificial rv^i^nitioo, shooM occaaios m m^MrUl « <ltffcr«&cc 
in U* cS^cEi- If ihc conmcbonsof ±1* m^uMiry muulct had 
dcfKudcd on the bfuftioo drcuktrng with the bl^od, ii jit rca> 
Monblc to mp^e ihM the pirranmr on the aorta voold hovit 
ocoiAkoaed aonte dimininkm of tbtfti, inil ihAtilkcctimplcir 
obamctkn of ibe circiilAiloa wonld have cauiicd thetnto cca«c 

t'rom dwtf con»d«ration4, I xtn MucaI, an the vhnlr. tc 
brtievc thiit the i^fuiion of Eolfacco, when ioj^cied into thti in- 
leMiaca, in&Mftcei ifae hcjcrt Uirough tlir vkf^dium of (he ner- 
vou> »yilcfn; bti« 1 have iio4 bem able to deviM any exfcri- 
mcDC. bv whkb the irxi^ or fallacy of ibUofunlom migbi be 
put bcyood the rcacL of doulK- 

It ipfican nmariable, that tbc brain ani] actvuui syitrai, 
altliiNighnotooc««Mr)r totbeaictionof thpf bc3brt,blKHilil,«bcfk 
uoder Ibo inflo«nc« of ibe tnfua'ioo of tobacco, be tapaUe of 
UifliKQc'iDg thii or^un lo at to Mop in octioki but iJib a anfl- 
Iq^ua to what we >oc occor m coaacqiw^cc of vtoltat amo- 
tioM of Uic mind, Tlwor Matas ol tbc ftcrvmo tj«lG«i* which 
atxompanjr Uie ptnikina. of yry, frar, or an|{tt» vbeu cuuiog 
m K moderate drgne, runder thr heart oKMt acaaible to the 
■nsuriut cC Lh< Uood, and Ulc^^uf! the frequency of iu con- 
trjtetiom; while, when the «iine pasAioAs exiit in a srvaier iW' 
. the bun b nwUrcd idlogathrr inttiiaiUe CO tb« aiimuluM 
if ih« blood* Kid afucapc tatuaii 

Expermenu with lAr £jttpyr^matk Oil 0/ Tc^^kco** 
RxPftJUH&aT 13. LeM thait a drop of th» oil wa« applied 

■ 1 TM f»n'n>eJ wJA tU tmpTwcntfk ti* aftohMw by Mr. W.Brtwlr. 
tt nuy he j^'vurrJ b^ fUbjrctiBff the V&Vnof 4«li««vla JittJbiflm in* 

S76 On iV ififmnl Maikt in uA/a I^th 

«Mfa pUcc In all tlie Muidei, nail die rvt^inLtWD* bcc4iBe very 
frr/iuf ni. En fire raiovKa tiuv iht >pplicMJ<io, klic 1^ m o<k 
>kk rnM«)ibJt, vhb aligbt «pwmodic nct>o«« c»f ilic fD«ad«». 
Al the end of «1cv«ii luauici the rtubcJ, U»i diiJ not vomuIp 
lo A qu«rur of fttk bour ^c »piJcArcd u> lie rttovcriog- i n- 
pcMcd (he ftfiplkmiion ofilic po^iua, «ut ihv va» vgun termed 
Vritb vwdent coot uUtoDft, ood bvtave iaMOaiUtt ^reaUuMg <L 
kioff burrftbi and in tno «inu(t> from ihv tvcood ^plksOMii 
rvvpiniioo had «eiiir«]y co^cti, Atid ilw w» myiifdy dcW* 
OnoptMuig ilic (bor7kJc« I L^ndti^f ii»nKUDgwUhng«lkiit)' 
and sDcflgdi, circuUling dark*cpokurod blood. 1 iMn>duccd ■ 
lube imlio die crache«« and pnxiiKcd (uiiljciat Rifunuiovti ibc 
uminiuroiu of tfae heart bccuiuc augmcsicd in foioc and fre* 
qvciKVi and ihcrc vra» nu cviJcnt dimiawbvn m biz <ir ctTcn 
mtnuUai dttriini; wliicU tlie »rti£ci!Al rtapincion wu cuntj&u«d' 
On dnMCiiin, BuUiio^ ramrkibk wat found is the up*, 
pcarance of (be tDDt;iMi or brain. 

The t^-mpcmid attd mvdc tA death, m ik'ii expcriieci^t, did 
■ot rascauidly di&r fnofli iboie produced by the eMcatial oal 
of :Omoad<(. i ura* autpriNd to And ih« cffvcU of ih< empjrtU' 
muic oil »o eatircly diflWre&l from ihoM vf tbc infusion of lo- 
hftKo. Suppnsin^ that ihis difbm;e might uriu from the 
poaton bcin^ note cooccuratcd in (h« oil than in the JAfiist>oit» 
I made the f<)l]ciwiBg ctperimenik 

K:iriLRina3iT 14. A drnp of ibe uil of tobocco «n« aut- 
pcoded in au ounce and a half of water by n»tMu of mwibQe 
oF pMn atabiCi and (h« whole was lojecied into ibc rectum oi 
ft doj;. In ivo mii^uir* ^<vTwi.rd> he became fftlM, letdied, 
ba< dill not ^onuL Ho appaxred io be ncovertng ttom thii 
stair, and in iwcwQ--&T«minMi«a alter thd brtt i^fKtiemi. it wn 
rtfittntd itt the »ame i|uantity. Ht vaa iha Mtud with 
wmqimnM thiiilar to thoin; in die iMt experiaitent, aod in two 
niinotM arrd ft hull lur wtn ^tparendy lic^d. 

Tv/ti minute* afti-r ap|iumit death, on the thorax bcbg 
opened hito, The henrt wns fotind netrn^regnUrly oni- hii[tjr«d 
timtt In a minntf ,and ii <onttniMd sieting l<ir aercral minuti. 

hi?«i«h4«4 tSfeC«l f««lirv mitr, ftfiiitmil^ of wAitetf ■uidc«BK!«ertrB ah 
tlv iivlkcc of n^ich B a tlun film nf utLctOBiii tuMifhcc- 

u pr^dvrd ty tfftam t'efftiiMf JVtfonr- 


JLiFULtKAvi- If. A Orvp of lh«tmpyr«viDatk Oil oT tobacco 
wilb nil uuoce of water wii lajf^^^ Soto ihi^ rrctcm of a cat* 
The i^BipLooM proJufcd *crt inrMcntblcircumiunc^tsifni' 
lju-iut]io*e«fhich occurred mtht l«i<Tpcrimrt>l» The aaSnuJ 
WA» viipxtctiiJy dcid in five minam after thi^ ivtjfcOoa, and 
die htATi contiwacd to^oninkCC for trvvml mmuCA flfi«ntard«. 

Wc any eoiiclwJc from th»e px|vijiafii;i, that the cm' 
fn'rcuB^iUc oil of eobac<o, whctbtr xpplicd lotbe lAngui? or 
faij<cicd into thrblciline, duet noiviop the *ctio>iiof tbchctrt 
attd induce syiKopr, Hkc ihc infimoo <t{ tdttktta-, but tliat it 
occMion* deuh b]r ik«iro^g th« fuDtttont of tbe braln^ ^tb- 
otu dirtcOj' ictixig «n ibc drculaiioo. In cttin' wordii Its ef' 
ffcli arc uiBiUr to ihoK of jdcofaol^ th« juice of aoooile, and 
tbe cMcadal oil of abnooik. 

Fx^rnivriTT l(^ 1 emtrkan }EKhkintntbedil|jhdF> rahbir, 
and introducpd ru'ddn|nof »««fMinIdl brlv«»th«4tinu)d 
the viuvlct. In four m'mntn after the tipp!icition, he i*a» 
leited vltb violent coovuliiont, AD'S bcCJLin« mtmtiLk, lAtl in 
rt^ nkmeft men- he wu apparensly dtul^ but the heart wa» 
felt thri~hug!i the ribft atting ooc htmdred sad twmEy tin^K In 
a miDuU, Jtnj U ^ontUutd acting for Mi-cnl mmutra. Tlicrv 
v«r« Eio other apf caiuicet in the li cnb. tbao vould hare rc»ulletl 
ifroeo tut orttiojiry wound. 

£xPKRintii<^ t'' Two ilrupsofihe ctBcitliatollof almonri) 

fmerE mtroduccd into a WDund in the bide i>r a moiuc. Two 

ttiiotites iifrerivjirda be uei9 afTectcd viih iympi'>ms t^imltar to 

tdio«c wbifh ocrurrtd m ihc b«l expcrimeai, and in two mi - 

'lUiita ttt^n be Wat Appof «mly deftjl, bii: the hr;j| eonimurd lo 

contract for some minute* aftrtwiinlf. 

FroAi tbr erptrimentA which t bftv* ^il rcbtrrT, nod Trom 

|.OtherB which it appears iwDeeeMary lo dftail^ aa the gceer«| 

rmdta wcrf ibe lame, I hare teamed that ^htre ihc ettetiiial 

oil of abnondt li ipplW lo a wound, h> eflceii are oot lo to- 

stancancow sa wheo It ii appbed In the toofpjr; f^fhtrvh^ 


On ihe^^tr^t JVmAtv in vhkh DtMh 

£irprrvunlt imih the ynkc ^fihe Ijinr* cfAt^nHt^ 
EK^fcHiMKAr IS. 1 »mI« a woiml in ihoaidcaf a fouQ{ 
ribbil, jiad LDl/oductiJt betwten tb< »kia Mod nmdc*, abaw 
iwcaty (tn>pi of iht juke ikf uciuiit- TwD^-'dire« nunutc* 
ifterwardj be was iflccud wkh ayiDfitioiaa in nil «»CDia] 
ropcLU lioiilAr lo tbofc whidi occurred iA sa cxpchowDt td- 
rr»dy tc1«ied, where the ji^cc wm» iajvcittl ioto the itcibid^ 
a*d M itw «ii4 of fDriy-tcvvQ maiuscft from the ftppluatiofi of 
the poifton he wn afparrntly dead. Tvo mnuilcft «fttr i^ft- 
rettt d«aUi, die bnrt wa« fDuod coAtraabig, but very feebly. 

KxpuiMm-t ll>. A»maUQunntiiy of ihcurooranlapovder 
w>t aiipljed to a wnttnd in ilir tiilc^ of a Guriut pig. T«ti ma* 
nilKt •AerwarJh the »nlm*l trn onabk to walk; di«n h« b«* 
cavkc ^uttc mM^nlc-ftft, except boom ilig^t occMiocul cotivul- 
kiofii. H« g;radtt*11f becoio iwraiibkr the reapitadou were 
Uboti«c(l, tXid m the «t>d of (banceti minute* from ibc mppli- 
utioti of the poiionthe rctpintion had rniirety <«ii»r<l, wd he 
appft'cnilv dcadi bat on openasg iht thcirax, the bmt vtm 

md aciiAg »cvciity limes in a i&inutt, arcuJaling daik-co- 
loured Uood, and xi eoniinucd to coD^ma loe icv^ril aibuu» 
ftTtenVBrd*. On dbkectioDi no prvteTPntiml appeovibncci were 
abt«rvcd in the bmin, nor va% there any olhct ftppcaraDcc m 
ihc limb ih^u w<r Jd have u\wn from ui ordiDafj" iwounj. 

Exi-tnin^NT 30. 1 made a wQkud id the bide of n Guinea 
b)^ and introdtitTd lulo It about two gruDs of tlie woorara in 
powder- At ihc end of iwcnty'6vf- Tninutet, vympUvaie look 
place i-ery aimiUr to ifaose vhich occurred lu the Laui experi- 
meDf» and ^n ihirtem minuief^ more the animal m^i appxrendy 
dead; but ihc hcnn coniLiiucd locoutfnci oue buudrcd ood 

vli2t1i <t«i rmphiye^ inO>t«ip<nTn«L#£^iA>i Abb£ foMwa. I tnitiidtbud 
toDT' K< M' Vbi.cnll, vho put un]| nimt«l»dni«H]ib«nmt e^f du vnonrA 
vbicfi hibAil in his lUBvetiioB. but «Im l<nifp« hbai^Man'o m ilKeaperi* 

nvDit which wfrr^ miik wil^ ii 

eight linn iDB mwuirtX"! ^y BCMit «f anifkiil rvftpjruiaD 
the circubaion wu k«pt up tor i&otr ihaa twmf iBimiifEi. 

'I'ht reittin ol oihcr ^xptrimciLia which I h«vc nude with 
tlw woca<ra v«tc timUu- to ihoB« juit dcs<Hb«l. The hcnrt 
ooniiatocdtOMt nffvr iippDrTiuik«lh,nid the circuUiiun might 
bv kffpr up bjr nKflci ol artili<4a1 rc»|MraiMiiw h i* ciidrnt ih»i 

thvtpommaciiia tom«««r*^'^^'^^'^^^ btsiB,RndUifltdic 
cnmioB of che fanctioiM of ihin orgnn » the immcdimr c*u«e 
Ol ilenh* 

I fo«n<l la tbnr expmmctitni ih^l Ihc liv^t mode oJ' npply- 
ngtbv nourara U when it n diWiokcd in wntcr tu ibt ton* 
liitfacr of a thin puvtcv I ^nt m»do (h^ vouad, and llten 
uBicortd th« poMon cvrr ii with the mdof ih« 4CMlfid. I fbiUMi 
ihatthe nninul VJK n]or« speedily ftttd ctrtaialy «nvcled, tT 
ihcrr w»i «Dine farfnoirhnf^, vnlcu ihc h^niorrhjiflr wai vrry 
copJflU4, whc(^ Ii ^dufcd an opfimtic rflcct* hy wwfhin^ the 
pOAAMi awny fmm the woiinrL Whrrt the polnon whk 4(ipl*rd 
InlArftcquftftifiy, ititomcllmcKhFgftiiiDjKttniilvorvrTCQiiu- 
iumo. Nerer atttrc thftn hilf m hnurtlmpvcd fram thrtiaacof 
the poison bcbg insNnttd, to that of the finhnal htio^ sffdctcd, 

rnrpt in oar iostiBCC, where a lifpfure wu applirft on ihr 
lirah, wlueh will he tatnuoacd •rterwutrii. llie wootmth, 
whith f rn>fi1or<d, had been prcaervfd for *omr r«ara, whkh 
till Accoufti far it« havlnt Wen 1cm active than it Sai beeo 
^ribrd to Ik by ibot* wW liail wjiiKtOcd iu «Jirft» when 
ro a rcc^M fttJtir. 

KwtjtistoiT y\* About two gTJLLCiof thiipoiion^en niAde 
into A UiJn pjutc with viter, uid iiiA«cicJ iotd k wuund in the 
lhi|tliof a dv|{. Tvtivc aaimi(esafler»jffdi lie bcc^nif bn* 
gujdi tt Ui« eikl vf ^fbcen miumeti llic hr^rt vna found to bctit 
very irnguUrly. uid with frcc^ucnt inUrnu»ion«i ^ur ihlf* 
lie hjid A frtigbt ligor* At the cud of twrnly miDutca, the btiaxt 

* We m infbemfld thM ^\v nTand of f>*« prMiifci Tn pvnrfql vc^- 

OniA^^firtm JiAAii in which J}emk 

bvat very fcclilf ftnd Irre^ukHy; be was buf^id; «r» hick isd 
■Rvttnl; bui the rr«plT«ciant vcn a« fr«pi«Qt and an full «i 
idrr natunt rircufnMiincn, and he w pcrfrrtly Kftublt. 
At the md of twmt)* ittioarc* htr uaAAeoAv frll on tmc 4Me, 
md was appar-mfli:- fXntL I immcdlairi^ oprivd incn i^ 
thorax, and focnil thf hr«rt d'nirnded wtdi blood In » very tc- 
narkablc dtgrcc. and li> K«vc cMir<ly <vt*tA contnctliif^ 
ThrrP wai onr ttittinct md full inspiraiion after I hud bffpis 
tnnkinjT the in^inrm into the thoraK' Tht cjivitiriof llie Mi 
tide <if the hettt coTHunnt tcurlfrt b1r>od, and ihoie <if ibc H|iht 
aide coDKAin^d dtrt-cttlauml blood, ni in a Itvmg miiinnL 

K)trrft:UEiiT. <i3- A «nAl1 qunntiiye/lhcupMUMMr, fvc- 
p^fd tt* hefort, w»i vniertcd Iflco fl vonnd m die At^h of % 
yomkft cm- She Appeared Unffuid m twp mjmatoi ^her the 
|koltiKi vran inaerted^ Thr avtnptAmii whirh lAnk place d!d not 
eaientlnlly differ ftrim thone which occorrvd la the Uat expe- 
timeni, nfepe th»t therr ircrc some (onvuUiTT tnotioni Af tibt 
Itmln. At right minuter nfter the poaton wu iniertc<l. thv hy 
on one aldr motinnle^t and uascmible, ihe hevt could no4 bt 
f«ltt but the mpimioD hid nnl enitrclf ceaxed. Onopecisg 
miet the thorax, I found iTu he^ri |o bnvc reaied CAnirtcdagi 
It vaa much diairnded with blo<>d; omd (he b1^>od in [he eavll^O 
of the lelt Vide «raa of n acarfd cobur. There were two full 
invpinMion* alter the Icclnlon of ih« thorax wm brguia. On ir* 
relating the hcirt wbth the pomt of the vcalpcl, ilight cOMiu- 
tioiiB took plnce ri thr fibrrt of the appeat)it<a of the aurtclei, 
Bqi none tn anjr orhrr part. 

ExrEhiHKMT-iE^. "thf expcrimeut fru repcJtlcdotta rabbit- 
The »j-fiiLptonis produeed were »imUar to tlioae ifi the \*M ex- 
pcrioieni; but the ^ininul did nut voiuii, uiid the ^odvuUlvi^ 
motions ire re iu a le«4degr««: he died ckveii mmmim afUT 
ihi: |ioUoii iraa iukerlcd. On upening th« che^t, tlic heftrt tras 
fi^uml to h*vc entirely ceved contractingi it wat much dia- 
teniicd with bloody jiiid xht blood la the cavitiet of the Itft 
lidc wu of :t scvlci cobur* Qd crritaoDg tiic heart with ibe 
poimof tfaa aca^d, the vrnuklca contracted, butnoituffid' 
ently tomtota the divuUtiou- 

£xrt>iMl3rr !I4> Atiout i frain of the tijjas aniiar waa !■• 
setted iato a wound tn the bide of a rabbLU He was affected 


Orrtoui t'fg^iMe /Miuti. 


with tympiom* »idail>r lo iboie before dcftcribod, atul died i& 
un «)«ni4<» afscr the pouon was appbttl- On <»p«oiiiff the 
tham* iBmediiE<l)r afuf dcatb, tbe hc«n vu fbui^to have 
ccurd cottincting, antt the blood is ihc ^aviijea of tbr Itll tide 

whcD LTueftcd mto a wou&d, prodiK«« death (4* itkfiuioitof 
tobacco doeii when injected into the Laicfltion) \y\ tcaderiiig 
the he^rt u«raMblc u> the ttimuhu of tht bbud^ end slopping 
the cifcuUtton- Tlie heart be«ti fecMjr and tncfiuUrly before 
cither Uie fuoctioeit of the EnJrtd or the re«piraiIoii appcav to 
beaflcctcd. Rnpiratioo it performc-d even after the cir<uL]iUoii 
ha««c4i>nl; mmI the left aide of the licut » fuuod after dctuh 
to ooAtam ecu4ct Uood, wluch never cau be the eiue where 
the caiue of death ia ibc ees«atioa of the fuaclionk of ihe bmio 
or kiDga. The eoovuliioni whkh occur n-hen the einuIiUgji 
bia ueail> cea»ed, prabAhJy ube frooi the diminuuoo of tlie 
kUpply uf blo<^ CO the braio* reicnribliDg ;ho»e whkti txLc pl^Ke 
ID a ptrsou wLiu ladyiu^ Irom licmurtLi^. 

Ttian rvmaiBi an oitcrtvtiB^ aubjett uf »i^uii^', ^ liu'vugh 
ivfaat jncdima do poiKiob ioJluenee the braai whco appttcd to 
frowiKl*^'' Thai poi^ont applied in ttiU muiaer do not pro- 
duce their eifeete prccUel/ in the uunc u j}' a& poiwnt taken 
ineraally, i» reodercd probaUc by ihk lif cuaawanre^ that aonw 
poiMCi»» which aee very powejfiU when applkd to wouuidaeveu 
b amall ^uatktuka, arc either altogether inetficUnt ubcfi tafccn 
iaitnullyt ^^ require to be S"'^ ^" ^^' ^Ji^K* quantities, in 
onler to pf%iduv« their rlTea, ukI «^» ivrjrf. 

A poiiov appUcd lo a vtmndod surface mvv ht Buppg&ed to 
act on ihe brain ia oov oif three vayt, 

I* By iDt an> of the oervcA^ like pouoM taken ialenally. 

3# Bjr fVftung into th« circnhuioa through the abic>r]:>^Tie 

^ by paaatag dJrcctJy into tbc ctrcnUiiMn throu^ the di* 
vidcd vciaa. 

EjLPkaintiiT t^. In order toatrcnaia whether ik» woorara 
acts through the cnedmni of the nerves, 1 cxpoaed thcudlUof 
n rabbit, and dJeided the apiaal neirca Mipplyuhfj the upper 
enrrnthy, jaA before they unite to forrm lh< u\IUrv plcxui. 

Oti ihf^tffnfm MtSn jm vMch Death 

Tb« opcrUioB vai ptrfortsicd urith thc^catcvtcvr. t ootoolf 
lUi^trlnJ n^CT^' nrrvnu* fiUmcni, hin-rvfr wnall, wtuch I coitid 
delect, but « ttry p47vti<m of c«llal«r nc«tbf»r in the HiAit 
to thwi the oftFry and v«ifi trf rc left rDlircty vuttkied- I then 
Budc iv« wcandi m the fovc-inn , and iatcticd inio than wmc 
of ilic woonra formed iaco ft pMic/ Poaitcen tnwutei aJWt 
lh« ponoQ wMt ■ppTtcd, the hand tc(* becftmc pandj^, aad la 
U-n mniutct nusnc he died, wilh iymploiM pf««i»fl]y « iinilar (o 
thcAt vhichtrK>k filuv jnthv r9rmrr»|XTtaM«fb,aQdibc >>e«tt 
<ODiinucdtD net iiftrr tppurvnl death- Ondinnticn,dKtterv«« 
ofth? upper cJLtremUy wrT« ^>Art[ci;lu'lr«xA(niiicd,butnotthe 
■i&oUcal filammi tould be (bund undivided. 

I nude the following expFrimem, to »K«ruim vhetbcr the 
ift'ooram pauu into the circutalioit Ihrougli the abftorbent 

KlLPRTLlni-VT 3^ I tied* ligai^rt round the lliurJLoe duct 
of B dog, jiivt ticf'orc it pvrforvtva the inglt uf the kfi »ubct^^ 
*i»i >nd jugular rcrns. 1 lh«n ifiiide two rouadv iu d>e left 
hind leg, and btrvductd »me or the worrnra in powder into 
them. In IcM than a c^^'^^^*' °^ ^ '■^r b* bccnaic affected 
with the u»wd iy«pto(&«, «nd died in ■ few minutes oJccr- 

Ahtr dcAth, 1 die&cd^d the i^mcic duct vtlh ^rcM ,Gin. 
I found it to havr been p<?Tlpctly Bfc«lr<^d hf the B^titr^. It 
«v> very much dhtrndtd with chyi«i and aboui cwfi inches 
below itft tcrminaiioD in co«ta hid girco way, and chyle wm 
ftimvDflaied into die celhdar membnmc. The tynriphatie v««- 
■cb in the left oxilU were diiitended In a very rvnMrkabb de- 
.pecj and on dividb;- thenit nut leMifaHn adrachm of lymph iii- 
stjed Irom ihe divided enrU. 

Since neither ihf dtvUinn nf ihe QcrveiDOr the <i1)«triicti«n 
of the thfsraiic duet interfere in ihe tJijhleit degree with the 
eflert?k ol ihe wo/^rara, there U prctuntptive evidence that it 
sets on the bruin by entcrLnff the drrtdicion through the di- 
vided veim. f endcBvourcd to a*cnia^n, by cxperinuttt, whe- 
ther thi» !■ re.*lly the ca»e. 

To tppty li^rurct toihe large vttscis of a limb only would 
evidently lead to no Mtitfaoory conclunon, uncc the aoaMo< 
mofttng resacli mi^ ttilt c»tv on the diculotion. The Qtify 



ia ^rwfcpcfrf iy <trtain F^j^aiie Paratn^. 


viy vhkb I codUI devil* cf pctfonmng iIk r vpcri vrni , wa» 
to inclaik sUI the v«>eb, %maA\ at w«tl at large, in a li$Miir«v 
KxfkKtNDiTar. In order lo uimkc the tip«rim«at more 
AMitfactivilr. I cz|io«cd iJio tcialic nerve of a taWt is tbe u|i- 
per anJ pGiterii>r psiri ^jf ihc iliieh, jjid pMcd unUcr tt > Upe 
haUflfi Ukcfa wide. 1 iht-uinuUc a w»a»ii in tkc tc{{. anil hv^ing 
iiutodiKed in(o U Bome of ilie wuorarj miicil wid» waiar, I 
dvd ihc tMpc tnoderately tight on (he furqurt t.4 the ili«gh> 
Thu> I ioterrupied the com muni ^iiicwi bvtwrcu Ibc wooikb 
and ihc oihcr parts of the bodf, b^- meam of die veaseU, while 
dut b^ mrun of the f)crve ititl r* tuaintd^ Aftvr the lif^mrE 
viu tlf^hecEwdf lapptied the WE>c>nraa«ecuodt^cne, in another 
pu-i or the Icjt. The nhLot wa« not ai 3II n^ecicd, and nt die 
end of as liour I rcmond the li^urc. DeJng engaged In »ome 
other punuii, I did ttui watdi the Aciimal t^iclotcty ia E thuuld 
uthcrwiie hnvtf dcjQfi but twenty (ii»tLLle« aftvr die li^iute wu 
remnved, I foood him Lying ou one aidr, tnoiiunlcis and m- 
sensible, cvidcndv urtder ihr mQitwnce of the pnioiit hui ibc 
a^-mptoixn were Icn viokiu iXiaa In mou lostsnces;, and after 
lyins ta iha Mate he recovered, and the limb bccnmc perfectly 
wanti, and bt rr^incd thr pover of uain^ il- 

KxrijiiitrKTZa. I repeated the laaiexpcriitimt with ihi« 
diffuTQce, that after having applied ihe poiton, I mide the 
ligatare aa tlghf n^ I could dnw it, I rrriir^vnl the Ir^Aturc at 
the mil of an hov and tvrcntj' minnle*. but the jluiiuaI vas tint 
at all alTiTCtrdrhhrr before or after Ihe removal of ihr ligaimr» 
Otothcfeilmiingday hebadrecoxered thr iL^of ibe limb, 
ElfXMMDrT 99l I repeated the cxpctiiucni a thud time. 
r'mg the ligMore very ligbl. At tiae end of forijr-fivc 
liuuiei ihe xnimal contbued parfretly well, and the Ugmtre 
f-^ta r^mtoYtd. I iraicbtd him tjr three ipjinen of an ho«ir 
afterwanla, hut there were 110 sympOoma of hia being aflcctevl 
by ibfl poiHn- On thr Colbwing day the rablut d\i:di but tbi^^ 
I utribaie to the tnjiirv dnne 10 tlic bmh and ^cbiic ncrvt by 
die ligature, m ihrre wkh the appmruic-c of inflammation in 
the part* rn the neighbourhood of ditr iLgnturv , 

Tbcae tlireg expcrimenii were madi? with the gTCTLte&i tare. 
From tbe nvade m which the pniacn nvat applifd, from th^ 
qoaDiity emplored, and From kit prior experience- T shonid 

have catcnai«ed ooi ihe soullcac doubc of At poUon ukig^ 
cfFeci i«i ev^ty ioaiaacc m Ifu dian mcocy nupQi<«, if D(>ligft« 
ture bad been dppUcd. In two of ihr (hrrt, thr qoMtity cf 
voofAn yrn rrnv^ tlun had brfA ijtcJ in snjr forvicr cspcn- 

f have nne ju(lgr<l it nr<^\*tiry (■> njikc jeuj more expert- 
niflM^ wtih ihc GgatLirc on ihr Ijmb, becAUie the nunKtrxa 
ra^cTiBtctiti ttt t}i( Ahhr FonUai on the tkuoii. coincide In 
ihcir mults u^iib thow which have juu bc<ii deiwUd, and 
fuUy citabViih the efficacy of ifac tig-uurc in prcTcotiiig cbe 
ncuooof tbt poifOTip Uii pciiiobc woDdcr«<] tt^thhi the li^ 
auire ihoiild lomciJmc* fwl in lu clTccu, t'mcc i^t%t muu 
rvitJc^lJy depend on ch« decree in wtvch ihc drcul*Uoa b ob. 
itrugtcd, a»J on ihc Icftglh ot dmc dutiog wliitli ihr obitruc- 
Hcin tA tfoniinucd. 

There on be Xxtilc doubi that the woarani »ffectt the brain^ 
bv pAULng iDi<> the ofitulilion through thr d]vi<]cJ vrss^li- It 
u pivtxibU thai it Joel not produce Ut clTccti, mUil it enters 
Ute*uUiancpcof (he brain, ^li^ wiJi ih« bbod,u which it U 
iJivH>lrceI; nor wiU tbc GXptvimBotei cf ihr Abbe r^ntaua. In 
which he iound thv ticuiua produce almoit tnitaiu tkath whca 
injected into the jugul^ vein of a rabbit, be founil to ra^iuie 
agaianUiEH ceniclui^jrrn, vhcfi v/f cnnnider how «bort U the 
difttanc* which* in no hma]] an amimu), the btood hu 10 pam 
&0RL the jugular vein to the carotid aitery, and thr ^^M ra- 
pidity of the ctrcutaiion; aince in a rabbit under thr iaBueace 
of terror, during lueh an experiment^ the hta:t rannot be sup- 
posed to act HO iirldom an ihrrc iimcb in a iccood. 

1 have mikdc nn e:q>crlmenlii tf> OACcnnin (}iraujjh what 
mcflium other pf^i*on» when applied to wound* effect the vlinL 
or^MUi, but from analogy wc may mppote thv |hcy cnicr ihi: 
drcuUtion through the divided bioodvcueU- 


lite fkctt itlre«dy rcUied Led mt v> concLude ihM ;dcohol, 
the ctaentuJ ud o( aLuootk, ihe juice of aconite^ ihe oil of to- 
bocGOi and the woorara, occauon tleath itiniply by destroying; 
the faiictioQs of 4ho brain. Tlie fotlowi^g experinkcnL appears 
fuUv to uiAiblUh tlio truU) of tlu9 coni:ltUkU>D, 

U ^nducfj ^ etrttun ^t^lo^te Poiaonf. 


* RvFnnivirr 3a The umptraturc of the room he'm^ sa^ 
«f Fahf«Dttcic'< thrrmomctf r, ! oinde two woutid* m d>e iMf 
of n T^ibit« Mbd upplirJ m t>i<^ra unaQf^ of thf vnnrarn la ific 
form of piai«, (n kv^ n mimtic* afwi- ihr npplirmiftn, dir hipd 
l^g» wviT panlJEcd> >n<t in Aftr«n miomto rt^f^rrniinn lijid 
c«4ftfd« awd be wos appamitly dcAil. Twn latiiuira nfrf rtru-di 
the bevt ir« still bntiog, «od ■ mbf w»* ioirwlucrd ihraogh 
nn openvR into the mKlkeA, hy tnmi of whirh thr^ lunf^i wert 
influed. The uiincbl mpiniioAms mode rtsulitrly nlxnit 
thircy-111 tlfntrc Ut & nlcniEc* 

Ac Gnt, the bcin cootnkcted one bundred umn In a miniiiv. 
At the cttd of fori)' miaDiv^ ctie pulitc had tiksi to one 
hundred ukl cirenty ia ■ mitiute. 

At the tttd ^r «■ hour, ll hvl rivn to orr hundred and fom 

At the md of ;in bouraft'l iwmty-threr mimiun, ibc pul*c 
KM Men to a hvndred. xnd chr an'rfici*! respirntion vm dJi- 

At Uk comnftei>c<TQeiit of the espenmcnl, the halt of a ther- 
mometer heiflj placed w the rectum, ihe qmckulver ro« ti> 
one huntfrei! def^nreii at the cloie of the cijierintcnt tt had 
Mleo to ejght^-cighc nod a bilf. 

During the contiauancc of the nnifjckl respirntbn, the IJootl 
in the femoral artery wjnof afiotid red«anddut in the r«inon|1 
vein of a dark colour, <i« uxuaL. 

* Itfejiibeenotnervcdby M<]{kEu<«i!ucihcift)mcdiM«cxu0c 
of dejLth, when it tahri jl^j-c *utldenlvf iiiukt be the tet-Jiiott 
of tbe function! of the heart, ih« bevn, at the tuogk TliU ob- 
tenratioD nuy be extended 1o dtiuth under all ciriiimit^atea. 
The ttirnvKli, th?: In^er, the kkln^^'^ and manr vtlicr orguu 
tteneevnarj' lo life, bat ^heireoQutuic action n nor nerer^txrjr; 
and the cntaiioa of tlicir fiioaiom cannot therefurr hr the 
immed*iiif eauae oJ death, A« in ihJa uh the anion of the 
heart had never ccatcdi ah tha ctTculjtioa of the Uood iviii 
kept up by Mtificjal mpiratkn for movf^ than hd hour and 
tveoiy mlauiec after the iwAon had profhiced k» liill ciTeeit; 
aMl aa daring thin time ibe uawd ehangca m the colour af thi 
Uood iDOk plve in the haof^; IchcrldentihDtthf funetiontol' 
the heart and lon^ were onimporred: but thai thav of thf- 

^0 <m tAe difrreni JAoEn rn wtii^h JIaMA 

brtAn hftd e«atcd, b pitncd ^ the unhnit liavin^ contitved in 
n itatrr of tonplrte infctMibilitv^ oftd hf ih's circuvnMnncri thftc 
imhftkl hrv, to the gnkCTaboo of wttj^b I have for mrrly khown 
dhj faflncncc of thr bnin to be occctuoy, vaa aot gcncraud- 

ir^iti^ learned chat Che «>rGuUtioo m'tffint be k*:|)l vp bjr ar* 
lificikl fe*porat»a for ■ cuotidcrable urit after ibc WDonn 
had proU^ccil m Mi cRccu. it occurred to m< tli^tt in tta nniiw l 
under the infiumcc of tbi« or of 003- other poi>ou thi^ *cl* tn 
s ftiMihr nMnner* by cominuing the >nihcia1 rvkpimttMi fc9 a 
■ufikient length of limr nficr niuinil rcipiTatiDO bod cftsed, 
tlie braia migfa* neovrr fr&m the impreviott wbich the |M)boffi 
Ittd ptDdiiecd««idibeuuniKlintghcbt rntotediorifE. Irkihc 
kac experimcni, the mitn*! ipve no atgn o4^ leuiming >«ntibi4- 
ityi biu it h 10 be oUervcd, I ^ TbAi the qumttty o£ tht pooton 
enijiloyf:ii Wfii vtry iBT^e* 5- Th*t there ww a grcM lou of sai* 
mil hut, iit cofuequence of iLc terapctature of thr room being 
Atich U-^w th« e«tunt1 (euipcT»ure of ihc ADtmal> which c^iuld 
004 ihtrrfore be cvn^idrttd undrr Mich faionrabU ciricun* 
BCBac«BaBboreeoTvry> ar if it hnil been kcfrt id ■ higher tem- 
pentt^. $<Thnlihei:ijttiUtJociir4iiaiUl vigoro«it«lH*I1eft 
t^notiDg the Jucgi, and therefore it cannot h^^ ktvown nvhM 

luld have been the result, if the wtificul nkpintkin hitd 
heen loajcer ooniinued. \ 

Kv;<p.hiMEHr 31. A wound ins mule In the tide of a nMit, 
and one ilrcip of the fntientia] oil ol almondi Wka loarrttd iMO 
it, and htiinediJitely die aaimal w«i placed io a lempcraiore of 
W^4. In two iniduiet he wax unilcr ih^ lafluvacc of ih* pM«c«i. 
Thf^ uauid flvuipiomi took pb«, atid in three minMci moee 
rr»^irarion hai] ceased, and he lay apparcttdrdead, but the 
hean wiu «ili ff U beoiinp: through tbr hlw- A Itibe wa» then 
iotrodueed into onc^ cf the no&iriU, nnd the lungs were ta* 
Hated about thhrty-five civca Is n nrnuic Six minute* aftcv 
the tximmcnccmcnt of artifidulrfspiraboD, he movcU hii head 
and lef^i, and tnade an rlfoct la brraikr- He then uai ««kzcd 
vllh coDvulfttoni^ and n^m lay modonloa, hut coatjnued to 
mak^ oc<auoTia] dForu to breathe, Stkteen minviiet aftfr k» 
commcncemeiU, the artificial re^pirailon «» dJ^MontiBvcd- H« 
nov breathod j^mancousl^ «rvmiy timei in a minuir, ovd 
niKivcd hiA head and extrenkks. After thia, heocca^danUy 


rOM, and atttmptrd to walk. la tht inctrvali he continued in 
• ikfimc itUfti but from (his ht ^r^uaDy recovered* In )t%\ 
thftQ cwo hatiTS he appeared pcHccily writ, an^ he coot^niird 
wcU oo the foUowing dajr- 

Tlw iBAMifttf the luogt hni been rrccjtienily recnni mended 
in cMci of luflbtatioDi where the gauw of lUnih » thf ctiKk« 
tlon 0/ the luDctiona of the lungi: lU Or aa I IcBOWt it hM D(M 
bcefl Mtat prapoted in ihow cwc», in nhich the c«it« of 
dc4th It tlie CEAiatioD of ihc functiont of ilie bnin.* It » pre* 
tutdc thnt ihi« nicibod of treaiTneni tnlghi he employed witb 
MlvADtJi^ for tbe rtctt^try of prrvms lubouring under ihc ef* 
£ecta of ophtm, and tnuiy o^er potwnn. 


The expennscnis which have been deuilcd lend to the fof- 
Icwi&g eunduiions. 

I* Alcohol. iheenuTniialoUcfalmondfl, the JLilce of nconiie, 
the rrmpyreunuitic oil of lobncoo, adaI the wooron, nrt an pnl- 
aotin by timiily descmyiag the fiinrtiom of ihe braloj unSvmftl 
4cm1| tiiking placf, bccauAc rcflpirtiioo h ondcT ^c iaflurncc 
i)t the brajo, and teues when iti functionn are destroyed* 

2- Thtt icjukion o>f tobueio whtn injrcrcd inEo ihi: inteiiloCf 
jind th« upi« tntinr when ftppUed to a tvoutkI, have the power 
of nwhring the hc«n in^enaible lo ihe adnnulu* of the blood, 
ihua Mopping the circuiAtioni In other words, they occasion 

3. There is reaion to hcV^rve ihaC thr^ pnthnnt, vhhh irt 
thcie eiperlmeniA were n{>plied ^nccrnAlI>\ pTr>dt}re tbHr rf« 
feci* through the racdiam of the nervM wt^boot bcin^ ab«orbed 
into iht circulaiioo* 

*Slnc« Ibii ^[wr*Mrcfcd, lTi*v^ bffnfiTourfJIiylfiertfflil ImnnnrnUe 
tkt fmUtnl wiili the ficniHl of > TV^atrrtaliAn an tin E4bel* i4 it,<» Vpm» 
TMu\i, LiI«1t f>*Uiibrd ax rtna by M- tlnlik, kf vbkh 1 (toj lAit ha \itd 

v*re undir Ihc loflurncaa' ihii polvn, vith tiifcen- M L><JUf. dfiO'^« 
iha Upa TifiiuJ h <iii»in|; iTfiili, bf ncHj^n^f rvpmtil tnJ lan^. 
unifnwd antnAlfmi «! tlie ■micLn of ivvfiinijai%, ■* wTiJcb U Kb 
tJrir«i)(;K dumtdvuniDfibc tfiinil irufto*, «it]iaiiiilnLrvjmcih''<neiuMi« 
oflhf Warn, 

Vol. IL 3 O 

290 ^ the SJtrcia M9de$ m ^»fM^ Dadh^f^ 

4.Whmiho w<Mnr«U>pplir<tt<t ■ wotrnd, ieprectucnltft 
cffnu on iSe brnin, hy raivnog iho ctmihlion chrouj^ the* 
(fivhkd bkKNKeM«b. and. rnm amlogri irf mnv cxmdude 
tbat oiber poatona, whcQ applM to iroi»dB, opcriiti- in 1 nniltr 

fl, WTifn HTi LTiisinl it appairntly d^ad from the iii{Tu«»ce of 
a pniMn, wh»A acn bj' simply tl*fiiroy\iig ihe fimttioiit of ihe 
braio^ It m^y* in some inMonco at Icatt, be mode ti> ircorcf, 
ff n%plmtbn U nnificLAllf prodiictd. and coAthnjcd for > <«i-' 
lain Wngth oT omc. 

Pmiu Mtldosy vre mjshi draw «otoc concLuioai rcvpcttinB; 
thv mode In whicti ftomc oihcr vc^vttblc p<^ODi produce tbcir 
HTcGC* on (>ic oiiimal i^vmcib; but 1 fortior to cater loio any 
Apcculalivc iaquiriu; aa jt U my wbh, b th« pre««Dt com mu- 
nkdtiaiii tr> record luch £kU onl), at appfir to be cUAbbUMd 
by octuoi Fipcfimcni* 

AMthnn thrCr^mtian t f^tttrf far tht yf^rr iBItK 
In the eKperimeEiu rorifirrty ddallrd, where the oirulation 
via tnariitained by iT>csnt of artificial re&pirfltion nficrth* held 
wiB removed, t oljsrrvtd that theblood, in its ptuago througti 
the tun^B, ^aft alicrrd from ■ dark to a scarlet colour, and 
henu I wai l«d to conclude i^at the action of the atr pn^ 
ducrd is IE dumgea analogoiiito thof^ tr^kh occur tind«T or* 
diniry circumscanceft. I have biicTy^ with thf a>aiiiinnc« <>f my 
£ric&d Mr. W, Bnmde, mndc the foUowzog expcrimcna, wfiieh 
Appear* to confirm the truth nf ibh concluiinn- 

An dutic i^m bnide, haTtnp; a mhr %nA a nop-cnclr con- 
nected trith It, wn« filled widinlyitit it pht of oacfgngv- Ttie 
spinal mftrroir w,i« dnHd^ in tht nv(\ of a }X>Ung nbbU« and 
Uoodvc«B«li hcivicig tteen secured, tbe JKad wa* reino^^, 
the circuJadon wjt* miinutinc^t by inllaticig ihr lungi whh 
AtoionT^iciic air for five mintim, at the end of which time the 
cube ol iht gum bolite wai inserted imo iht tnchei, and care- 
fully Bccurcd bf a I1g4iur<ct ui ihal no air nijgbt cuujsc. by 
Aakia^ pTf 4iurr on Uie ^um Iiotile, die gaa wa* nadi: to paaa 
uid iTpjoi into and froKi the Jungi about thirty time* in a 
Diniutc. At firK, the hurt aucUU uue hundred aod twenty 
fines im x mimtef with regularity and strength; the thennO' 

on ^M 

bnut jkMcI Mfrvq^xai^K ^hcfbn:,bLiiinorc frrMvi ihc blood 
in the arlcnri ^M vrry Uttlu mart Horid than rhm in ihctTiv;' 
the ihcrnKimctcr la the rccium iaui fitltcs to da*. The gumj 
botilc w)9 ihm rcPBOVcd. Oo tuaate^ n mrcam ^^f the gas^ 
wfaich it coot«iac<l «> p(U4 through timc-iraNcr, the prc^ccc 
carboffic Jtod wii Wlcntcil bythi; liqm J hring m«t»nily rtn* 
dcrcd iLifbid. The prnportioo of cjrtiook M>d wai ooi accD< 
rucly determined^ but ic uppi:Art4l ra form about cat lulf 
the <lUAniit)- of e?U in tht bcfllle- 


^itc bcOnl of the Douonal mdae cvUblishoitai baring. 
fEOJTicd thftt f^cM interest hsu» been cjuiicdui the publk misd, 
by the occuTTvcue at nn»U|]ox »l'tcr vuccinucion, in the f«niilk« 
of the coil of Gron cDur und of lir Henry Manin* Bar;, h»ve 
ihaught Jt d^cjr duty tu \xy die fullou iug cjib» bciutc the pul>< 
lie, tttcoEt»p>njcd u-itli wiue obicrvutiom, und d hUtrmcnt hovr 
fufi in tlicir opinion, thencttca ftflk^cttd tlic^nrnLlodviuica^t 
of VACciiuilion. 

I1ic tivve of the honouniblf Robert Granefiori third tort of 
the cArl uf C>n>9x-enor» vmi procured through the favour of tir 
Heiiry Hillgid uod Mr Walter i'Eirf|i:h*r, the ph)iiciati* wtio 
nticjided the youDggemlcmitnduria^ hiv iUnriai nnij the coie 
of the ftoa of E^ir Henry Martin «ai abtalacd ihrougb die fa- 
vour of Hr. Hebcrdfn. Both of thcK €^%k^ were oUo viiited 
hy the director of the vaccine cUAbliihniciit. 

I- Th^C^rcf tht Hon, Robert Cr^^^n^r^ 
Oa Sunday, May 26, istl» the honourable Hnbcrt GrDs^ 
voior, vha wu recovering from the wlioopiAg-cotigih, bccftDke 
vnuch indiBpased, acd ihrev up hia dinticr. Fever fbtloHyd, 
and he compUhud aioat pantcuTarly of rxcriiGiatiii^ |iMia m 
hii hftck. He dwrlt on ihii symptom until Tnmvdtyt when he 
becunc delinoui, and dicre were obt^rved on hii ^cetbrnit 

SIM Itep^ 9/lAv XtalMat yestitit BtMhMlmthu 

He KhJ bcm racdnntd br Dr. Trann-^ in hU initmef^ Umit 
fm ynn »go, «im1 tbt ourh 1pI% in hn tm tttdUaUid a perfect 

On Fritliif in<?Tlikt;tf, the trupilnn had dm incrcMrd matt' 
tUIly rn pofirt of :iumher;bflnhc «p[>rtnince«)rthr tpMA, mul 

ditoidrr wit4 thr MnaUibOX- 

Sir H. HalToH hut occaatOB tn ^ to WIbOmt In ifae af* 
tcriHMMi of VMhyy amA did not Men Mr- Robm GmvvMih 
tmiU thr Mooddf Co1b«riag (Jib* td)} but h< tuiWid fittQ» 
lir W' ForquhaTk wbo ■ctciuleil bin incM carTfuIjy during air 
UcAry'i abMiKv, (kkI Bubac^ucDti}-). that ihc crupiMa btd 
increased predigioMilv in th« count of VridMyL tHftt on dw 
ercMg of that day Mr. Hobtn Grorrcnor began id make 
Uoody i^Mcr,, and that he coatifiu«d co do iO undl Monday 

On tht tetith daj aI ihe dbcue the pauolci began tb dry 
iipAn the hee, which waa twollrn w a comMcrablfi degrt^, 
but not CO ihr rmrnc of clA4b;rr hli tryt%^ and vi* attelided by 
matlivaiioix, wbicfa luird bc?t:rji1 dap. PttechU hadouurmi 
to the Intenitrri of ftrv«ral ol the i^ota, ptnjcnbtrty <m ibt 
timba, and there mm thai pdrtleulvr mkJI friMn the whott 
frtffif which ]» refliarkahle in bodcaaeaof cnnfloeni tmallpMC. 

It waa obvious that thr fim vfta^tuvati of arhi<h Mr^ Gh>a- 
vtKor romfdatned, were luch ai ibJUaied ■ violent disevc 
obotit to Iblloitj md iir Henry canfcaiea that be esacntaiAcd k 
nuMt imbvounblc: op^nton of \hp \^tic df aiieb a mlarfy, wbUi 
It «a» ftally feraoed; harinfc nerrr vr^m aa inetaiKC of recover^' 
uadertO hr«vy an rruption ttccitdrd by tnch circiim9Unc«4. 
It t««mrd, hAwrvrr.that thr lail^r itagn of ibf dUoM irtt^ 
pMMd throttjth more rafiidtt ia this <a»e than otiMi: and k 
nuf lie a <iiteaibn whrthcr IhU extiaordinarr cummcascCi ai 
well as the ultimatr tr<!ovfry <vr Mr. GroavenoT, were not in- 
fltttftccdby ptefioLU vaccmntion^ 


In adrihioo lofbt preceding aceeVDt, the board hkn mAnlf^ 
ity to nuu, that daring ihr ilfaiea» of Bf r. Grovreoor, the other 




ctatldTOT ©f Ihe nri of t;To»i^i*, »ho lk*d been fnv&misly 
VftnvtiAtcd, were txpOMd to ih« Mmui^ion of the imdlpo* 
u»d«r which tWir hroOicr w*i ftuSnioc, tad vtn abo tub- 
■n'nud u> wwiMpni inoculaiion without vflceti 

IL The Coat ^fi^S9n^::irIitnr^ Jihrrtia^ 
Sir Henrf M»rti»'i too, ag^d ekwn y»M*i ww v»ouoated 
b^ Mr. 'r«fwt in (hv yrM- 18UK <ukd «Khjbict>d lit the uitual 
nirhi of ihw dMordrr i& • coapkie miA »Mii^*aory owaacr- 
Uc MjU ratKiM Ml bit am th« chwMDmMk mv. 
Hib boy «» liktn iU on S*l»ni»Tr th« 33<1 «k>- c^ June, 
IStlt M Uw p<hod of ib« ftctJwk h« «M rco0ver^g from 

2^ Cominucd to be f«T«H*h* 
Mdi. Mr. TM^nt w«» »c«t Co. 

3Jdi. IIk fcrtr incrcaMd.afidunghttiebrcnnKdeliriovu- 
Mdi. Ab «rup4M waa ^r<*irr6 diicAy lUic^t th« mouth, 
M ihv uBi* Um* hu «r*ft asd tlir«ac wcr« >l>|(hdj infiginiGd- 
Xlur fcvvr Kiiuioutfd. 

STtli, w 2d d4> of tlie cfuptun, ibc poMuUc bcrtaacdt w 
» 10 aftifd au»pi«k«i of Iho chn^capox. 

3dday of thr ervpciaft.tlupuMuk* intraaacJ, the fcvcf d»< 

4«b. Ai Ui< cloic of the founb day. Dr> Ucbonka fine ivir 
tbb boy, with ■ dMoct cruptioo of ih« immi fMrfcot kind of 
MiMlpiiT, ii\ P'*ux ttatform in wt^ well iHed with • H«id al- 
nvdy bf^aniag to grow fA*** *'>d aurnHiDded by a rcmc- 
eoloimd mar^a proctulf lika BinaUpox of iba fiflb day. Thcrr 
vrcra about ooa huntlr^ puatulet on tha lac<« and piibiiii 
twice ai msAV on the LimTM, Imttht trunk was nhnoatfriea; the 
fcamra mtt^ iwoUen, but not very much r-o. llw ikio was 
bat, and the poUc ^luU. 

Jth day- 'IIm ptsttutrt wen anore unifunn, aod ytUowi and 
tba |iaiKtit oom plained oftorctkcuibutbc waacooUrtand hk 
pubc tfaa qiittlcr- 

6th day. The firvu- hJkd cntiMv aubniJMiand thf pock hcfin 
Id turn- 

f^. M^ari 6/ the Saimud Tdcrinf 
tli« £kc. 'tht boy coouaincd qinu ff cU* 

VTith n *1cw or obtAiaiug (Itc nou nceuratc Vnoirledgc o' 
thc«trli tyroptom* of lbit<A»«,wUchijfdDc<com« under die 
iNiUK^ifll? obwTVMion of Dr- Ucbt:rtits.*tli« boAid hiw pro- 
cared, ihrqwjh the fiivoor of Mr. Tt^art, of Pall Mull, >o 
account of the comnwKcncat and courvc of <bc dttordcr, 
wliicli cOTToboraic* the iIiotv Matf in<«it. Asd fr^m ihr laac 
■ourcQ Oifff hive berti Informed^ <hac miu Muim vad & 
nuvefynoM oltrrH. M»tik\ fmity, who had both bcfOTjli^ 
cii»ted,w«ra inoculMcd withmiitcrukcnfnNn maitcr MtftJA 
(m the ftfth diy of the eruptioo, vid were cipoood to the obu' 
ti^oa of die tmallpox duri»s the eoun« of lu» daordvr, ivM- 

Th« board wt of oj>taion« tbM ibv case of the honourable 
Robvit Gronteor wa« a caiv of cooflucoc viMllpoau Tliat th« 
tttiEL and progrrM of the ditonhr wer^ Mtended ti^ ftyoip- 
totMwIwli almoat invarul>Iy nmouace b fainl iet«nifi«kin- 
But lb«y obKTvt. thai ih« iwdlinj; of the Fkce, whteb l« 
generally lo cxccuivc u to doae the eye*, and U coti«idrrcd 
A» a fafOiirahJe i^^mpl^in, wcu «tif|;hlrr than uiuatj lliat oa cbft 
Ufiihday the puiiuk* bcf^ lo dry upoo the faeej and ilut from 
thill i^oic the dJAeaae puMcd wltbtinu«ii>l rapidity through the 
poriod ^vhco lite \% geomlty e*wein«d io be in the ^refttest 

Tliofte who ore actiuiimed with xhti natim; of the conlTiient 
•mnllpo^ nrc aware thai tlm pcenlitrtiy eanaoi be nttr&butcd 
tq ifw ef^t of aieifiad trcfltftr-nt. 

The faMof the son of »li- Httiry Mattia e^ibin amifd 
(bnn of dlxinct sraudlpox occurring after vaccination. 

In noal case* of mnallpox wUdi have nicf Kdcd ta vacci- 
Utioo* the puMUIn hare been obvcrvcd to dry more rapk^f, 
and the ditordrr hat i^otuluded n aa earKer peHod than utuaL 

If allowance be made for tbe relaiTrc period* ia «iu«b 
the eodiuecc abd dittinct ^nialLpoa complete thr:ir courve, tb« 
nfitd ptogrcu lowtrdt rccoraty (hrougli the laiicr »uge oT 


coaflue&t unal^i, m exhibited in Ibc car of M r GimA^fiwr, 
ai«y be conpareJ with die npid dtiUcntioQ «f the pu«tulM in 
die diMiDCt and fwcvliiulv mild form of the dliofder vhkh 
bc««ttidcrviJM»Bft]lF<iXfncidlliedbt- vjKxinitrcm. Boih fbnn 
of ibc diwnUr proceed in the ii««ul couitCt (he od« ntlcmiAtd 
with violcDit tlie <itl»er i*iih enild iimpUMiii^ (ill thty arriTe 
Dflv CO ihc faciglit; wttnt du^ :i|>pcar lo f eccivc i cbcck, Aftd 
the revoverr i» tuuiutUjr r«pid. 

From iKii coiTe*fiondrnc« ei eiftomOAuit <^^ board vc 
indondio iofcr ihat Jti the ca* of Mr. Orovvmor, whkh hn 
b«ea «ion viotort ihui »iif yrl ubmiiud U>lhc«n,th<progrcn 
of the diwMc, ttaraugb its Ucter ttage* nad tb« coasc^ent 
atisitniieot of ■yaqiioiBi, were mflQcnud by an uutitAriobvu 
eflcct produced upoa the conitUulkin by llie racc'inc prgcen. 

Tbe oocumact of «Mllpo« «Aer vncci&MioQ ha* been fote- 
neen amd poiated out in tbe xvpon do rftcclnoiMii made to 
paHiuMnt. hy tbt coltcfc of phy»ici>iif, to ibe yvu i«07, lo 
wbich ttrt- board »< Oeurou* of c«JIJo|{ dbe AUeniios of tho 
fobUt.; wbercio tl u bUCeU lii«l, 

"The tct'tiriiy deritTd (mm vacciiulion agajEiit ihe stnaU^ 
poxt if mot ■baoltttelf perlMt, ii aa acttly ao ba can pvrlnpa 
be <xp«cccid fram aoy tuman liiKOA^cjy; for smoogM seronl 
hundred ihouttud ctte«> vrtnh the ttmilt* of ithkh the cotlef^ 
h«vc been mode ft(q\i4tMcd, the immbrr of aUegvH fti\ate%hnt 
boen RirpriftiUf^y mull, so nuch sou tofona certunlf no rea- 
sonable objcciiDa do the scQcrsl AdofHtonof Tttcination^ fork 
appvan ifaat there are not nenriy m mtittf bilurn in ■ given 
Qtunber of vaceinated penaiiu, tth thrrr »re drstha rn aa ^<)uaI 
ooiabcr of pentont Inoculated (or the umallpoi, Nothioj; am 
morr dnrty dcnwmimct thr ttrpcnorriy <^r vacebatko over 
thr ittocvlaiion of iitt vmAllpoi than thi« consideration j u)d 
It tt a noM itnpoTlant bel, vtikh ha« been conEnned m (be 
eovrae of ihu inquiry-, iha in n!mo« eTen- e bk tn which ite 
smallpox lui aucc ectird f'scdnatiooit wheihr-r by InoeialMion or 
by euuil lafedjon, the ditca*t ha* vaiied much from ila or* 
dioary eoufve; it hai oe jther been the atfnc In tiokan oor in 
the duration of ita tymplvmi; but bat, vith very feir curp- 
ttoD*r bem remarkably nild, as if Uie imillpox fad beet ifr« 

fitted by the prcv»cn» racciae diaeuo of its uiatnl malignilj/' 
Vsde Kpon of ibe college of pbyudMoi. 

TIm pcculiflritin oi tcruin coiMituiUiii wltb regard rj^ 
orvpuve faverit form a cunoiu subject of medicitl hbitOTJ* 
SoBc InJividiMk karo been more iJbui once Reeled with 
•carkt fever «m1 pacaiile«. othert hate beent ifarevigh lUe cx- 
^Ottcd K» tbc coQUgic4k of ihcw di«<a>i(» viUiwit eAectj matt/ 
tmrc truitcd tbc jnoculminn ind coota^onof amillpoxfcT sc* 
T«jAJy<«r3,>adhAvcaiurvi&rd«bc(0«acMk*c«ptibleof the dU- 
order, and mom have been |iric« dffrcud vtih Ma^pox^ 
^ AoKifig iueh infinite varuiifq oi lempenoient it wUI aat 
■ppc«r enrionlioar)', that vjucinacko*], duough «<o gcnenlly 
Mcccuful, tbould «ooctim«» fall of rtttdcmg the hftimui 
conftiiiuii'A uMi]*cei)ti^jlc of unallpnx, cipt<U||y liact it ha» 
bees louitd ihfit in uveraj inttjiDcet lentllpox has oecurred to 
iftdividitflA over «h<im the tmiillpoi inMubdoa had Appeared 
to bavf pro^u<eil i^ full influeDcc* Three mitMtcctof ihta 
kind hdvc uken pUcc withtn the Ijut nomh, and id another 
luBUDce tbe nauiral imallpox hai occurred i lecond time. 

I. Ceu <iftht Rtfti. y«ifiwt J?iraUryv 
Tlie rcrerenU Jofhua RuwU)', brotbrr to mt W. RowUjr, 
when an varaaCwaB iagcula^d bjrthc Uic Mr. Adair, \7TQi 
tbe tear left bv the inoeuUtioo is perfectly riiibUi his nother* 
the dowagev Udy Rowlcyt remember* pcrfetdjr hi> havi&g ft 
tolerable apriikkliag of imallpox, jnd uijf%y be ma aftcrwBnla 
rcpeatedlj- cipcricd to vaticJou* lafeciion m the Bimcr>', vhca 
bu three yuunger brot)icn were succeB»ve]y inocubtfciJt all of 
vhooa h>d *omo degree of eruptioni and since ibai wojt^ frt< 
queaily, ia pcrlom^iig the ckricaj datici of hia profeiiion* 

On \V<{laeEday thv Ath oJ JuDe, be Eell much IndLipuftcd, 
coieiplalned of pvn in bii head ittd bach* actcoded wita coasi^ 
derabl* reatlcuoeif and peoatvaiian of atrength; on Priday dia 
7th, an eruption appeared cbUiiy on hb face aod brcaati lie 
wiltended by Mr. Woodman, of Dognor, only, till die Mon- 
day bllowin^ when Mr. Guy, burgeoo, of Cbt(;hc«icr vaa fint 
CQDBultcd. Oa ejtaaainiag (he eruptica^ Mr. Guy fraa unme- 
<tiatrly atruck wLth iia reiemblance to die atmdlpoxi §n^ on 
gendy beating hU suspicion to Mr, Rowley, rvcdvcd die in- 


kamttdart ah<virt rti^td^ On the rollowing dnf the finoircM of 
ih« cnipiinii (oiru-dK msvturMr]j>ii, nnd ihr iwdl^fE '^^ ^^ f*cCt 
irfiE<-h n rhjtrarrrrUtiC of thr nn^Jtju^i, U(t T\r% doubt of the 
ttHvire of ihr TtikMy. Th*' m*fv(Ji>n w*i» pcrfrcdy disliod, it 
wu VTy full nil over the trunk imd bodii', and thrr« 0yi« 
Mhout !»!> hundr^ jniatolr* <^n fht fii«. Mr. (iuy i* of opi* 
ivon, EhM rhU WM a dctHy niArlff d cdSf of (in!i!1f>0Ki 

lufttory of the previous \jrrio1ou« Jnoculsuton rn ITTD| 
prooiFcd from the dovx^r tafly Rowley hy Mr. Duoitu, 
sergeant lurgeon to hii mijciir: n&d the account of ihe prt- 
ftem CMF wu irAaimhtEdtpOthc^Jrcaor of pncf:inrLnon olihU 
eaubBihoieAt, on the ipplicntion of xhc bo«rd, hj Mr. Goy, an 
CTikfauw aorgiMii of Chichesur, 

If. Cast t/ MUi Sarvtii fl*^7^h. 0/ Cstfnt Gar^fn I'Arctre. 

Dr. Brce wu^alkdlovi^iimUiS. Booih,op Monday, June 
35lb. Sbe w«i laid 10 be in with tK« mAaII|Kxci and th« follow* 
10^ ciit.u.TntiBiK«9 vrrr rcpartrd h^ the anothcT hM mteri. 

Mut Bixxh It ci^trm ytJn of age; vhc had be^n iqoco* 
tftUd for the tmtUpox u yean of ag^^ uid had been id* 

fcctrd with the iiiiu>ll dejfree of fcvcTi the arm hnrt hfcn vio- 
Uady fnflamcdi x-ad an CTUpttoa of imnltpax pattules hsd np- 
pnml n>uiitt the insulated part, from which manrr h*4 been 
taken by Mr. Kernc<ty, theturgcon who Aiterided her. Mr 
Kennedy cxprnted kimvelf aaibficd that mtu S. BAoth had 
panted rf ^IJtHy ihroogh the dbeMC 

The iiBUfd Bz^r of sBillpux inoeulatioa it peHrctiy cvidror 
on the arm. 

OnThtirtday, June 30dt,ni3« Booth waiwiied with fever, 
diidngdiihcd l>y vomiting, violeni headache, paku in tlic bad£ 

The ayDiptoniK cantiaucd tttl SaturdAy, June 33d, in lh<t 
cT«ning oftwhteh day «cmc pmtulci eaancoui on the forehead 
anl »eal|k. 

SuQtk}-, June Sid, a more complete croptioii appeared on 
the face hmI neck, and slie was re&evcd from the violence of 
ih« iuvtr* II1V vomitoig however coc^ued, iho throat b^- 
amie very aorc, nod n Mlivuion bt^na. 

votnir 4p 

39S Rip9H 9f the S'airmat K^reifW ZttMUMmim* 

thv rcTVT WW rtin more abtf <U, liat the »ltvBtio>ni ftorcnei* of 

TuckUv, Juoe :>5tlu the fourth day ol tbc mjplioG- The 
■aUvMion jmd rclching coeiiiuan). wttTi >«<nfr» ol throM. 

VVcclEiCKby. )bdc 3CUi. fifUi day of the «ruplioo- TuteuJc* 
wcTvn^riiccU on (he towrr cxuvmitit*, tfaotc oo the fjico «d- 
tancc, ■nUthccjctireawelkdi Ae Munb«r of ihc ptutulct oti 
tl>« hrad umI face >re iboiit two tioxcs. 

Thnndiy. June ^Tih, iixth dfty of Uif enjptka. Tkt pgt- 
l«1c« on the face bcgvn lo utl». Sho m3L «iiff«tB from tore 
diRMi ftfid BiJrvMton. 'flift wmp^ coamry to advice, «he 
went to dcr butiwctk *t Ac tfwam< 

Friday. Jusf 99tl»t vrmttti day of (he eruption- The piu- 
tdet on tb« fUe art tnnud, lhoa« o» (he lower curcnokUa 
jtf^ few ID anstbcr, hot u:«n filM, and not yet cbtAgcd. 

Saivrday* June TDili, ctghtk dny of ilv cttsptkiD. Sfte obly 
coBplatB* of MLkaet4^ After ibia day the piMtiiL» tarned and 
dcWd <n tbc luHei GXtrc«DiUe«, and do complaint remained- 

Thia caac appr-ued lo have been ■ very mild case of diumct 

Thii nse vaa vinled by the g]mttr«ttmbcf of «Hvabar« of 
ike bcMrdt and alao by the cIiiccl«r,afkd«M«tttadld by Mr. 
Kewton. of Jani«« »treet, Covcoi Garden, wbo cnurtaiu oo 
doubl of thia having beea a i;aLe of dittiaM Mial^pa- 

Mn~ Godwin. No. 0, ikruton street, PicndiUy, aiairA, 
nbr wu> brougbi (o bed ct thU ion in Ociobcr, leooi thai aijt 
week* after ha wm bom, the smallpox pve^led very mtieh ia 
her Dcighbourbood, and one child dlad of it io ihv home in 
which «hc JivtO. About thia time ket wn wv* nttackod with 
vviy riolcnt fever, auocecded by a eopkiUi oruptioa all over 
(he lace and botly, wUkh waa drdarwt by Mr. Smith, an i^po- 
(h««ary who atuoded him* to he the aoudlpoK, Jind wfakfe VM 
ten or twalre days hefi>n it compirtely acobbed and dn&d off. 

S^uic lime alter thn, a brother of hrr hwband, a mrdic^ 



nan, who li*d actt ^ftft the child dtiriftg Itt lEtnru^ ioocoJMed 
faim ita ihf «m&l!pox, jn oriirT M li^tit^v hU c^iaplci^ sfcurity; 
A nmnU ftimpk on ihc p«ft wat Artly ronor<1,whrch totm diM^ 
pe«rrd, and w> f«vcr or crupcina rn^iKxL About vtxwdt 
tkRa, tlm bf^j-, oflrtr cJ^-vfft yt*rm oM, *« Mlftc):cil with (evcTr 
folloircff irHh kn rritptLfm, which bri>^r oat on the face, body, 
a.tid limbs, riKtbiting ihr oHinAry ifipcamice of mud^pox, and 
V^kh lurnfil on the ctghth dny. 

Mr. K^Tfiion, or Ncv Barlington tfrrtt, v»tM Htteoded chU 
bc^, MVM, th« the rru|iiion fvhkbic^d the cuct >pf>c«nac«t 
«nd fojutd througfi all iht iu£h of dUiinct imMlIpox. H« 
«]to fram thii bor inoculaicd t fhlbtwho had frver attlw 
uiual lime, fbllowrd b^ a hlij^t nnoloui emption. 

The biKTory of ihr former dtfcSM vat procured frotn Nn. 
Gndwln^ and the hi>iory of the tccoad aittftcfc of andlpok 
from Mr. tCrrriton, by Mr. Moor^t dtrrctoT of r«ccia«doii at 
'^ift cMabti»hmciii, 

IV. Cute tf Ptitr S^ht^ttr^ h'^, l%Cr^tiim»,Ci^na^tf 

arc bot^ dead. Hemboraonjtiserth, 
of Fc-bmiTy fo11o«rii>g w«i iaoculaicd for 
die ftm^jioE b^- Nfr, Ring, of Krv itmti surgeon- Mt- Ring 
4heifired die director of tacdoatiou at lhi> eitabBilniMnt, bit 
Meonnt book of that period, m which iltcn ia t durfe regu- 
lirljr ^nirred for inoculstlng thU boy for die iRuflpoXi 

'ffiv cicatrix on huvni ubtillcomtpicuotit, jtnU s^isoracrcK 
smaBpoz pita, occttionod hy the romcr civt^ivTr, have saarked 

Oa the Slch of Jtin^ Init. tlii^ boy wiu taken iU with fwer} 
nn the i7th in empllon on the &l:ttt tcot place. Wr. Moore, 
the dbrccBor, uw hJm on die 30th: die spoca on the -ikin wtre 
very Tiumeixiu!i» but difltinct, and the i^kln rooad tl^ir tiftiea 
wai inlUmed^ maoy had fonnrd vHhin the mooik and throat. 

Jidy l4t. Tlie ervption has now Biumcd the npfMLraocc ol 
^nuiTiF imanpoT, the piiiiiiil<^i are auntnmiEng, and the face 
\% bcf^nnlng la xtttW- ?J^ T>ic (HHtuk« uf ^^''S^i fuid the face 
much avrdlcdi 3d. T^c paituUs on die face ue At the hci{i;hi. 

300 Aep^rt ^tht J^oi$9fiti Varc'me £4faikiithM4At, 

aod ifae tjn atre am\f doccd. 4Ui. The puKuLes ob itte Ckc 
have all bcgua lo tunt all fcrcv b foiw- 

Jlib cue 14 drmwD up frum Uiv DMch vf Mr, Moore lliu 
Gttc «>& viaiicd by Brrcral aivi&bcn uf the boardf a«d b]r 
vumf other msdiiBl BCMkown ol tb* bigbvit mpcci^bilii}-. 

Fron the period u whidi ib« v'lohnt oppovltkn in sai«lJpox 
l&ocialatioiii »ub«4dcd, tUl the MsabHihoiciu of Tfttcinabon, oo 
reuonablc p«rciic htt» refilled to lUov lu» chOdrea the benefic 
of lAocuUtlon, althongb k faM been generaUy ackMnrledged 
thM the InociiiLMkm of the unallpox Kuneunuft produce* a 
CmbI dbwiMi and if ai ihii lime the iutonota la trhte^ die na- 
tural AtBftllpoii bad occurred aber iitocuLLUon, bod bccQ eooi- 
muaicatcd to die pobljc, every iBielbgeot man would uadoidibt- 
tdfy hav* «ij|l continued the atfos eountf, Irom ■ lUaire of 
affutdkg bU chikirm i1l« bctt chance ul nioty. aJtbou^jb hu 
coofideuce tn the kb^oluir security from natoral sinalipujt oiuU 
har« bctfo m ftome dt^grrc iibatcd' 

In Hit siUDe manner, oo effect iajtifioiu to varcitotion 
ought to mult from the knowlnlj^ of die nhovc failures, 
PntnU had been alwavn apprised thai there wcri?<i<CMJOQat 
firikittB of vitcdnation, but dtey were &[wiyi avuc that none 
of ^ir cbildren wouU di« of vAcciae inoculudoni and thaA 
wlien It failed, the succeeding smallpox was almost alirayt 
m>di niligatcd And disarmed of half its tcrron. It iru d4> 
tuni thcnfort, that thc!y shoi^ choose TUcicaxion ai ibr len 
dangcTOua diiordcf, and ihc %amc reason siiU exuts (or their 
l^erHTvcnace in dint choice. If there he r/m^iinsHoni, wh'iih 
arv twice euscqitiUe of smollpoi, a dinonitfT whicfa produtci 
n violenc idlcni upon the hvtmxn framc^ and nAen dcstrovi 
life, it is namral to exivect th^i raccioadon should not io every 
Ln4tiui<;e prevcni the snoallpftx, aod that the anomaly which ot- 
cun» in the one diaeofte Aliould lik«vi«e take place in the oibcr* 
It b <Tcr to be kept io view, iha* \hc otiBBber of drjuU from 
loocuhrted atnallpoK, cicomIa the number of fAilurc* ol vacei. 
tunion. It appear* from the present umc of our tnfonnMioD, 
that ohe person b three hundred dka froea the inoculated 
noallpoi, and due thrrc u petba|H ooc failure in a thouMod 
afur vaccinaiiun. Aa individual, who, under iiMb circum- 
stooccs, kltuuld prefer ihc Inoculation of bit childrea for ihe 



Report iffihf ?MtfJ«na/ Vacc^t EsltMt^Motnt, 301 

smallpox, to »ubinittipg iHced ta vacciBiitloa, would be ^hy 
of MD improvidence BJuilAi to that of « porrnl who ahouJd 
cltvu»t fur hw toQ ft milJury icrvicot Ia tvhich dtttt iras one 
chaace w lhn« buiidr«il or UkDg Vilkd. in pnfcr^Mc iDtt tu- 
(ioa» vTicrv lUn wn ooty ooc <hantt 'm ft ihottfantl of bcinf; 
ttli^tly^ wounded, 

'Ihe bovd Mn oif i^^iiuon, (hu v»ccinmVin AtiU mU upon 
the buis vn -^liivh It «vftk placed by lh« TqtorU oi^ the scvcrftl 
c^Degc* qI phjiicjini Ami fpurg^ont of th« uniicd fcingdois. 
wliich wcr^ Ijiid before purlUmcrvt In th« yc«r ISOT. I'tu'. ilic 
gcucntl Ad>'anugc> of vaccination «rc noi ^Uicrcditcd by ibe 
iDMBnccft of failun vhidi hive rcccntl)' occurred, the (iroiMXr- 
t'loo of tfuturr* «ull retnainioft Icti ia nujnbcr ihim tbc d<;iihtt 
vhkhukc pbcc from th« iiiocubCrd »rTiAilpox. Thi:y arc )od 
b)' tlieii iufi^rmAiion to believe, thic &lucc this practice bd> 
been full)' cat4lil;«licil. no death bat in a&y insunce occuitcd 
from smLdlpo^t ultcr *uciin;tUon. Thai lq tnoit of the cbm* in 
which Tattm^uun hu futcd, the flOtalt^ox hai bccu 4 dii«a«o 
murkubly niLId, ttid of unutuaUy ihcvt dur^tkin^ Aud tiicry 
urr furthirrof opiawn, that tlw Ktcrity of the i^mplonit »ilh 
ubicb Mr. OtDsvcuor v/sa aUcuvd, fornu au CKcepUoD lo a 
general mlc. 

Tbnt abflotuie iccutlty frtim tht ctEicuriJ imoltfiox ia not even 
to be atLUDcd by miAHpox inoculatiuo, \h lufficjcntiy evident 
ffoga the Annexed canct,} and die board arc cnaU«tl 10 ncatCt 
that they have bnn made acquainird wiih jnManccsof indi- 
viduuls whf^ ikiivc twice m3derj;one diu natural Bmatlpov- 
Undcr all thei« ntcuTnatcuKo, iho bonrd frel j^nti.vil in 
lill rccomtnendinf; Eind promotinjr vaccina J toA« and indcdiiriag 
icir uoobjitcd coDlidcDcc in this practice- Since in Home pc. 
ctitiar franc* of caaaiitutioi^ the repetition Af umaUpct » 
nciihcT f^rotcntcd by Innftihtion noir caiiiAl ia&ctioo, th<^ 
board are of oplnioni that in ttich peculiar couHtitiiviooft ihc 
occurr^ee of smallpoi after wcination oaay i» rtaaonnbly 
expf<tcd, and pcrhapi in a £rc«icr prcpoftiooj but with this 
adittiuioa, they do not hcxitaie ia nuintaia, chat the pnopor- 
ikmaicadvMiiagcaof v4Cciiu£ionta >ndiTlduabaodthc|nbUCi 
are infinitely ^rcaicr than thoAc of »itiall(iox tnoeulaaioiu 
Tbcy arc uodoui, that the exi»teticc of ocnaiti pccuJiaridc» 

54^ On rhf Fngrru mipfftfiti Stattof 

of tliehnwm &inc, hf wbUJa lonc b>diridiul« arc reqdcretl 
byaoltire mure of Ituvutceptiblcgl erapuv« fc^'tTa, aadof 
tht rccujrvnif ot Mich dnordet^ «hoiild be publicly knowii 
for tbcy fed coa&dvM that a ttiM u)o»idenitiua af ihiue <i^ 
<vm»U»c>?«i and a jiait Cevtiuf of ihc iir«l£arv ot ibe cnamnalrff 
ntll tiuluc4 die puUic lo ptcfcj- a uiiij dues** liftv vHxnudflfif 
which wbov >l t)i*U oT Hipet*c<UDg ihe tnallp'^tx, yet mitigMca 
iia I'ioJtzjcc, af^ prvvcDU iu fatal cootcquRictBt to DsevtiDM 
^Wt<ti iit tntintnlXy vWlcMi to <inc vhich oftto occaaiooa do- 
formiQr vmI bUadnc**; and« irhcn it ii cowtractrd by tmual iit- 
CcctioSt lui becB vuppOMil totUMroy odc Id aiz oj aU that It 
JCtAcIu. And it IMIM not be rorgotten^ Lh*t ja a pwblic view 
thii cMutkute* dw great objcctioa to ifiocuktkiri of ibc tanall- 
pOXt tbat by it* coDlcgioa M diMcatDiiict lUadi throngbout iImt 
empire, wbiUc vaixioaiioo, vlmiwcr be the co«ipantive vt- 
curily whkh k aHonftto iDdivkliwIs, occaaioaa noftdbMifucd 
dbordcr, bckI h:i- never, by tht naou vlokm of ilftoppMenr 
been duirsed vith prodiatiDg an rptdconical tickimi. 
Br ardtt of the baanl, 


the Progrett and pretent State oftht Practice 

iTtwD (lie Fliibwo|i)jk^l Mi«*f«Bc brOclobv, ISU-] 

Tm object! ^thkh the pnerAl ado|Aio(t of rftccio< rnucu- 
lation wiU accompLiib hir iiuukLWid, ti tine and experience 
nhull confirai ilir promitea oF iu bvaeroleni diacuvertr, art bo 
imponant, ihai every fnend of hunuihy tnoM hare fbtlowcd 
irlih anxjouj hope like progreu of the practice, ftod rejoiced aL 
ibe gfitenl result of the evidcocc in icaCinvur, It janotcat^, 
indi-e<l, lo calcuiiiu the «um of humaa niiery that vriU ceaar 
H> rxisi, when tbo prospect wh'idi raecIfiatMn hold» cut to ui 
ahaU be realrrfil. In lueaaiul^or nnhtri/ oecunmce, aa it 
termed, the 1 niaUpoz i» not ooly the moat loaduomc diatenper 
^1 TUiie ihe human fniac, but the moat laial pe i tJI c o c ej 
•weeping off' nulticiKin doring \t» prevaknc<, and (kKroyiaf; 

fAv iVitfcfictf ofFmchmlUn* 


the v*gbt, c«TniptiB2llicliJibit, or<fl>ier«n« inBl<ti»jf dhtaic 
on gT«at nuTiiWn of dio*e who cic^iftc tci more dettrucdvc 
«fl«i.-tt. Th« prau^ct of inocuUuon b*d. it ii true, ilrtady di- 
mioHbrd tker*c e% lU tmoni; the mdUtilual* *lio rcioneil to lU 
but U lixt LJDfomin:itrty ujgmciitcd ihc eiiU among the pcoplr 
hi gentfnl, by the p«rpexui1 tiifntiua which U dfvMtnniJLtcrd, 
and th» ■Ttif><ia] cpidftnic whkli it comUaily kept up- la 
Loodon, for tniuaicp, dufing the fint XhuVf yttn of tbc 
etghcetmh ccoiuty. before uumihticn could j^c bavo bad oav 
H^ei« itiF proponioDtlic numbcF of dcnUiv occaiMordby inMB- 
pox, an icaied tu tlic biTIt of moTiAlity, wi» about tevcnCy'foin 
out of every thtjuftxiiil; btn during ftneqaal nafntwr of yean ti 
the end of the miiury. ihr nonlier taxigncfd to nenriy mu- 
tcQih of the nhoJp moTt^lity, otr nlnrty'five <iut of every thoa- 
amntL So thai, u faros we an ible to jud^ rnnn hvneri tlie 
pracrice of iTiofuLiri'>n. wirich itt itMlf tni^bcbe cMrcmed one 
of the frreAtut improvrmentA ever tntrDduced icUo the incdieal 
0t, hju-^ aciiinU^r' Tnultiplied (he ra^ ■;;e« of thv iHmUv whi-ch i1 
VU Intrndi^d to amrltoratei la thr propwtun of short five in 

foor,* And the extent of the miiithier infiktod on ibc wir- 
mun M minifen from aat.ttemrni pLiblkh«d b) theinciny 
for tearhmg the tndigent blind, thnr nrarl^ nn» tburth of th« 
penoiu ad nulled :nto that chanty have been depvfved oFdieir 
light hy the ^imaltpOT; not Co mtaiL^n ihr variotn fbrattof 
■crnfuTa and father diteojic* whifh i< frequeaity cvchci. 

It a mie, thJtt the morr ii»r11i|^t clutft of nneicty, who 
hare gmrrilly ndt^ptrd the practice of inocuhition, ha%-e in tt 
toohJdctAMf degree noidtd the worst of thcM eonseqtteaeei 
of Kmotlpox: ihcy have wWom been deprived of ibe blcaung 
qf lig^ii aod (hfy hare only bteti deitrtyred by the dttea«r m 
the pro^rtloo of about one m three huodred- But ih? hvmuK 
wUt thuddtt ai the recollection, (lut ihii cxenipcion hw been 
obtained at xht expense of ao moch I'ldltioma) mWetj iailktcd 
an ihc people al Utr^, i^nd thu ihey hvfc bat thifted a pan of 
tlic evils from theuisclvoi la b« aggnvated ia the familic* of 
tfactr 1e*t cfilightraed neighbouni while they perpetuate » 
pUgue, which would otherwwc hate hid ita petioik of ahaofnte 

StftL On rte Pr^rttt awtfim^ii Siau of 

. Sodt b the coMUboti in whkJi ibc bkmC imfrr^vrd «itt «f 

dir an of mcdkiDc hid pbicod lu, before tbc boicb* of vacci- 
lulioQ frcxc ducoi'cTcd; wul ftu<h it ih* cQwIidon n? fehtcb 
■ooK pcnoQt would adviM im to rcium, i* cgnwif u«ncv of dw 
iMigiil laiccuiiiy of thkprcvcatitc* But ii Houklurom to be 
calf ii«v>cnaiy Ko uL« > dcftt aod diapxM>on«M vnv of tbc 
»UiU) of Uie li<tf, nbuUrc %» ihc c iBcac^ ol th« cowpox, ii|i bo 
th« pmcni time, in order lo lie i:oiivince<l uf ks ukcakulabtc 
advannget, ctcp w«tt all the repotted f«ilure» proved lo hare 
occufTcd; fiA>\ if Um>- hid a(t<ij^]> oceurred to double the ex- 
teat tliat hjc been repreteiitcd. It \% the purpart of ihu p^ptf 
Id deuil, in nt brief a mnnitcr «4 powble, tbc lum ol Ukc facM 
which liftve rcecitd)' bccii brought to light, anil to poioi cut ih* 
loJcrtMc whkfa oomu u> he juntl^ deducubtc £n»a dien. 

'ilia ■Btionul vtcciac toUhlnliBaii, lui^rtad by p»U- 
OBEVitt has publiihed two repocia dnruig the proftroi ytw, 
ocHi;aiiuiig the evidence which thejr have collected from vari- 
ous authcuticnaurecs. 'niecoUegeiorphyaiciafiaaiidaariEcoaa 
ki F.dinh(tri;h, and the Citfult^r of CLugoir, k^e agua given 
their deeded tr:3tiMony lo favour of vacdnaiioD. They aincrt 
Mnammoiulf, that the practice of vaccination ■» ^^craUy ap- 
proved of by iht^ pro&Mion throughout Seotlaod; that no hftd 
cficctacanbc aacribcd to ihe practice^ and thattatnceitaintro* 
duciloa tbto Stmland, the mortality occatioord by amaUpox 
Iia« \cry ^catJy denreated- The facuJt)' of phyiUiani and 101^ 
gcoD4 of Glasgow further itjiie, that, aince the middlf d May, 
lei'-^thfv h.ivr gratuilouily va«inattd in ih fir hall, 14,^0(3 
pemoni, and that, ai iar as U fcnuwn, the ^^ vaccination in all 
thete ha& succeeded."* 

The accouno from wvent public inititutionK, \^ and n^^nr 
LoodoD, are equally lavoorable.t lu the to^al military anylan^ 

\\tiX- It kppun* that ftiiict ilic lut jtiMiat K^mtof tbf LonJcn TBC<in« 
innitul^OB, thrri luid br«hiit£crjittitd by Ur Wiltorr, 7f4W> 

Fn^w the comin^iicsibbnl of ib« iikii'itulKpn cii 100^ - l^U^ 

Vy ilie Appoiiiifd LnwulAtoti m Un nKtrcpalii bAl ittr. I.OM 

F;on ihe Ncj^iiinini^ * f ' ' - ^IW 

^ On ap(*»it*d inioc\J*tPr»in Uks ceuatiy. • - - - 30,»1 

tfAf I^iKiift aJ K-oft Jrtdiiun* 


im ifae childna of voUkn. wbcrt bctirccQ gUtcd aod twHvc 
hundrrd ue dcw rcccirvU, vacdoiiiuiii bjtt been pfulJitiJ 
uBcc julmloUblulunciuiAihcycar lOOf^ From Uuu fcr iod 
lo tUc prvMiit lime, bu( enc iittUUKc of tkuli Irani iniAUpMC 
li^ uccumil; auU u i* ncrlhy of renjtrk, ihAL Uic mttividuAl 
haU uM b«cii vuvcniaUd, m coHicituciiLe of a dccU»tMn of 
the oioiher, tliot he hwl patMd tlirougb th« »mfttl|)uk ju (ua 
iufnKy. VMcioiukiri wub iairudjctil laio tl>c fouudliii^ liut- 
piul ID dbe year IGOl ; and every Ufam* wwa Alter iu julnui* 
Kioft, haft iince dnt periud bt«c 1 4cc:'iiHUd* Froia dKcom^k 
maiccaBem gf thu piriciicc to ihc |ir«>ciiC timct no d«alii hat 
occurred From ftnuUpon^ and io no intiance bat the prcvcsiivc 
power of vacunatkn hceu diacrcdited, :iithOiUKh iliftnjr childno. 
Oft a test of \\% cScocy, hftvc been rcpuilcdLy inuculitcd witl^ 
the niut«roJ»i[iidlpo2taad «jLvoB«d lu thv luIiuizncB vl iucoii' 
Ci^ivn' A umibr iui:ci:4a liaa atK»Jcd th« prsglkv of viod* 
oatkiit uc Urn Ljiog-m tb«my Mi MiiidiutGit w1icjt« in ibo 
b|Mi;v ol Dim ycart* luuic tliau ninr: lliou*aiid jictMnfe h&vo 
bctn «t£cGUiaUy voicoiMtvd, aud xi;!)^^ itmn die Mii^UpajG- 
Tha tilbt;i]rv ol (Le tiULioe catabJudimcnt in Lcodovt llirwgk 
tb« moJiuin of th«ir cornftpoodcncc irkh m^ny n^mUar caub* 
lifthucDU inda^ couMT7» have Uuncd, iliupnurtitioacn of lbe< 
lughcit rcApcciabilit^ arc camciily cO'gaigcd ia pio^ootiji^ the 
entcoiuw of die prduicc; ihat, amojig ihe aopcrior clavKa of 
the people, <4ixiu;tuon 1a c^ ciy where Keneriliy adopted; omI 
dtett although the {ircjudicct of tlM loner ordcr^ arhich have 
bc>«i excitfd by iuurc«tcd pcrtont, atiU ejLiM, tbcy n]>pcar lo 
be gnduaUy >ialdkig to a konviuiuu ol its bcneiiih' Tl^u a^ 
fcreacc H likewiwr («nfinned by the U^\% ih^t SJ,3U2 Ehar^fe^ 
Cff vaube nutur httve been dntribLited L^y tbc cttat^l'idtBaciit 
lo vaHous applicBDta from tdl putji of die klitgdun]i«*hicti«A- 
ccedt, by nearly oac thinly the Bumbrr dbuibund ioiiie pre- 

Of thd imni<rrLKhim«&ta rcault jn^ from dke un^rerul adop- 
tion of vacdiuiion in other countr^fB, the Kcouoiafram IihIu 
have biTQuhed the vioat iatenjstiag example The nuMibcr 
vacdaatod fai (be iiUnd of Ceyloo. lirom tb« yor l<02 to 
Jiouaty IKIO, amount* to no 1e*» ihin iiFa,r32 pcnos«i >od 
the ■nuDp'^x has liiervUy bceo cxtem^natul from the UlnuL 

Vot. lU ■? Q 


Ov (Af f'rcgrt^ dSkt^rvtfnt Awf fif 

OtnofcvT. 1«0V. vhvnitwucamfdihitbcrbr >t»(»t Irointbe 
Hilabar coWi hau «n thw inaiiac^i the coflta^ioQ iprraKL lo 
onfy MK ibdivKUnls who bad not htca rxcioMcdtttDd wu 
imcMdiaielx «m»iea itt ic* |>r«^<»t» vid djuippcatfcd. Hie 
medini •apcriiKeiulMit'$cit«ral obtcrro, tKit they hm no 
kioB diat the iQudlpox via ever fpnaid cfiidkaikdiy 

Cejrlon, arhik laccirRtion coiKMuca to b« gnerdly prac* 
ibcil; M (ho MOM bn>c, tkx ttt oooiaoMJ afpcuaaca dttsn has 
ditf^ood efttctof provkigtbe preoervMjvc pgwcr of ilie i^ao' 
ciiw pock. imI of rouitfig the tiitiT<« fmn their opadiy on die 
•irilgvct. Efvn the Branitu w now tunDounODg the pRjit- 
dicv> ol ibcir edutacion, md mbnUupf lo be r4aiau«d-* 

It 3ppcati» from i ivpnrt of the c«Mnl GioiDin>K«e of the 
vaccim mtiitucioii ill l^jirk*! pubJikkhcd oo ihv Icolh lADiin vnafy 
ol ha auUishmvnt, ihart this bviw&ilt ol inccin«LKH&, ia Hgig- 
Bvtin^che pupudatjun uf > caontiy, haYe Doi iw iped tU» at> 
ttDliob of the prrwnt i uler ot Fnincr, who lis fbnud ilepo^ 
of vaocinAiikl innvctity'four of the pmcipal ciiici, cotnmu- 
akaihkg ttidi the cuntnl commluee at Piro* In •o«» of the 
di'poftn M Pt*, II in Mid, ihe zcul uf ihe pfdectt has bven mic^, 
ihAC ihcR nrvnio none to vatcinMc tail llie \mhtn bora in 
mtry yiar, *nil that the fmaltpox is alrrady aaknovn* Awl 
the nflum* of Oie morality in the dty of P«ria, for ihc f a*r 
mm, etJiiUtonly 213 deaths bysiaallpn. ** Thie number,'* 
4«y thr rcpOTttrA, "thrnijph vciii>ocoflkudcr«faac,iino0ibeT»e^ 
dnc ofimd to thc»« ifu vicciniA n oemitt mihod of prc- 
acrvjRioni U fct MiruoMly irniall in oonpar^sonnf thoinf ivtmc 
yenr*. w^cn th^rpid'-mic smallpox hascnrriednff,in theiftm^ 
dty, mnrr thnn 2i\(iOtt indJvblunU.'* Tht eonunhtf c, eoaiMi- 
isgofslxcftof 'hr principal phrsiciaDcofParUtexprtA* their 
eoovKCion ofth? riTicTicv of vntfinniion in thne tcrtas; "Tea 
^Mff ef hbonr end suc^mi hare »l Irnglh deeded tbc Jaa- 
poftWki qucuiciei^ ae ID the TAtclAc pouetting thr pover of 
pmrrving tH iho*e, fai whom it hu rcgulariy ffimt throogh 
^ progTcsi, from the amallpoK. TbUhu beeaurri^totufh 


' SCO (l4 Ripnt ftvot Ll« TiMloe wubh^kmrnt. 

Mr JVwtke t/ yaettttMisn, 



a degree oi ccruiuty by Ube «Jt|>*ria)eau of ibc c«ftiral com- 
DUUCB *Dd iu ovvaerom conctpoodcou, m well FnMcbmon 
M birMPganr fhu tbcrc b noc at pnsciit am' Cki iu m«<liciiit 
txMer pvmmii or motv ccruia. thui ilut vihicliE^talfJnW llic 
(ruiy 4iiiifiMiri0iiHtt puiMr of the vBDckkfr'^ 

S«cli iv the result of the firogrtwtrc Aptriran ol' pro' 
l»sinMlffKn» UDRganlM ihccfiotcy Bad pr«vcmh« fow«n 
of nccinMiosi MKb i» iliv coo^raanioQ, wkich the jiileTtiM;<«t 
dnwn iiroib tlit: early ioMMifnioo of iliU Mbfccta Iutb rt* 
ceK-cd from tvbuciuml mtd norc ciUntivc reMinii! Ipm 
mud), tbu (he conclwiott of the coUq^c of pbjvctackt upon ih« 
wnbjei:!, ittlheyciv 1807, ibim now be denud iodHpumblf, 
<te ■* the twHi eeent tD b* «MiblMMd « ir«lr *« the nuure 
of ttch Ji «tiM<toon adaics."f 

'IW oppoaftioa to Uie pnctico, irhicli U >tiU but too mk- 
caMMf befit up by ft lew <UaioTou« ioJtvkloiib ia ilic q#* 
diad pTotwiaion, nM> p*i«cB|AlJf u|*qii • mbttkeii view of tW 
niifc of llw TpnT-^rt It tvMa tipoa tbe bouon tb^ the ratuk 
of the praake «liouU b* utiiform «Dd iofarwbU; tlut ih« nJr 
■hovU be void of ell tfirc^fonr. But Uirrv b aoiuchre^ 
krk^ bi ihs cfwnUoae of the aiunuJ ocononiy: dwre U oo 
^aemo irkhoii< Hb motnelWas ibkI th« direnMy of biiMen con- 
MitHriona » ivfiiMtf . SeirmI of tbrse iBonteliMi or «icepEiotu 
ID cfe geneni rale, hwTo iloublle*e occurred in iSe prft^iicc of 
VftccbiMMi " bvft," CO vae ike wo>nlA of a jiulidoiu jmcl cxpe< 
i4tte«d Ab«errer, ■'oeRMiil>- ttoi sooAca m «m cKpe^trd by 
thcHc wbo eoMudered ibe «>bjcc< Irani tbe line diifivitkin' 
■iicly, nor have ihey been ia «iifficieaii noeiber to form aoy 
KTfoiai obj^ctioei to the praciiM foaoikd oa Dr. Jtwicr^t dU- 
covMy-^t '■* trath, i£ thk prioeiplc ftrtc recrlrtd^^^ibit no 
opfmulon eogfrt lo br pnfoirnMd on Ac humoD body whidi 
wa Ltiblc to occuloaal fiiliutt— «ik«t Bcdkine wouid reoMin 
Jbr ut lo exhjbjf, or vhii Burgj^at atiittance for ua to oBWr* 

Bui Irt ucciEMnrnccbe lutorcof thac cucptioasi, or "fai« 

I S«f itit JTp<Hl «f Ujff n^Tkl v}^C<^ of pbpieuM « net i*»ij:fi. |^, 


(M Mr PfOfrm ^nJ^^mt Stmr «/* 

Turn" M rhcy have been empliiiically caBvd* wludi turrc «c- 
cvmd in iHc practke <if rftccmarioA- Tbv very loiutd of the 
«or4 eicilrt >n a1«na in tbr m'rndaof nuoy pcrtoM, at If 
fmhirf w-cn tycCm^rvno* vrfih d^fofA, or tmpUcd the c«Tt>m 
occomoce of > tl^vpcmc «r morul imallpoi. ikil iliii b Mr 
bff frotn beins thr caie, thtt Ufon a Jelibn-Mc vi«w of ihc 
EiKca, w« ilo not hrtfUit« to aArm, il»lf if all ihv tam of a}* 
legvd fntnre, vrhich the opponents of vaccioMtioo ham rak«d 
ufi, opoo Bitf ton of evKUov*. >ikI ofiea upoa sooei had really 
occutTcd, and that tnunber had bora douUcd or tripled, lu ad* 
Taaia^ over the uiocolaiion of «nnillfo« would MM be bMal- 

In ihe X\T%i p^Acc, it hat been vcertMiod hf the coocurriag 
obMTvationa oF alnimt all thv practiiiooert who luvc attended 
to thv tut^vct, th«t (to tiac Uie w«nU of the cdtegv of pli7«i- 
ciaiw) ^^tnalnioM orrrjr cann iairhlch th« viMllpox hia toc- 
c ceded ^'■ccioMion, vhtfiher by inoculaikm or by OBual iii- 
leOion, die disovr lia« vumd mucfi (mtn itt ordinaij oDviMi 
ir InA ««hihcT been the wne in iri^.V^rp, tior in ibe ^ftir^lira of 
In vyaipcomfl; but haii« wiih very leiv exceptions, hoen rf- 

vhoff vfj'-craw dlb^uM' a/ f r« vi«mi/ inoff^fy."* I>r. Willan 
■EUMt, ihac <h« fct-cri^nt vhkh precvdm thr eruption la 
thno caoM IB ofien congidciabTr t l^ut the puamle* are emnll 
Kid hard* contajmiog Ikdeorno mntitr, nnd beftin Qo dry off 
on the Biuh day<7 It stusi not be oaniiced, i»Hecd, that in • 
«ety few iononce« fht imatlpoi lubieqotne lo vaccinadrin han 
•Mumed the cotk€u<^nt form, Jind piii on a daei^raoi aspect 
(as in the recftii eMe of ihfl un aT mt-l Crowenor^^ hui frven 
in thctc rare Inamnrr*, xhc mnthfym^ tnflofrirfi of fhc t^revi- 
oua vAccinatlrm bsm been manifnt. the diaewtt ^hm aear it» 
M^C, receiving a ftudden check, nod the recovrry being mi' 
usually rapid-t One caac of ihii idti Offurrrd to the obfatrva- 
YiDO of the writer of ihi« paper, in which, on the aeventh day 
of eooflucni KmalTpoK, the child became tuddcnty fre<r from 
conttitiitionnl comphint, nnd ran about it pUy; ii circniD- 


* We til* rtpoit flftlic collei^r. t S«« liii TmTJirt wet W- 

iStUktiUmi Rfwt cf the aiaami mvi^ BUblUbuaU, JoJy, Ifllt. 

nicMi hm bdUtt*, thai b never kvowa to «ccut m condiicnt 
upallpoxwbifvlbv prcviotu hiAomic^ oC wciaMkiD hactiujt 
be«a «nrud< lo tki» »uicrac(i(« thcit, v« TiJUfC .-ulnuitrJ ihc 
worst Ga(i*n)wact9 Om h^vc ever mccompiftied lh« " fftilurc*^' 
vi VMciaoCieit, in jay one in«UDcc * 

But, in die scfcrvd plMe, ke u> nilEud to lite proportioaitv 
noiabflr oi ttuic Laili»m- " It <fo«« pot sppcar/* ujt Dr. 
Willui, ivho nwniud tbc cMca m the^ hftppecud, '*tlut li*- 
lur^ m ihe prcvttitivc tffrct of v4ccits« iBembtiom tndadin^ 
miitaJt^it fl^fiE^^vnorf , and •iuiJa'r'n^f«, ti*v* occorrvd 9ii u 
gitrftter pro^itioo than « crte to nffMt AtmJr^'^* It i» vefy 
inprobKble, then, that ih« Etctual £iiJuTca Mnoont lo one m ft 
ihoufnil, or 10 uiy ihlttf^ aeor that number* B«c let lU uafv 
pose, for the sftke of nrsuncitti that the faUoree asiouBt to 
lh« pruportion ul oar in five liuiidred; that b (D ■sijrt that oqo 
oJ^ <ycr> lit c bkindrcd pmuns ritu oiaicd renuLo* Uablo Cv tvc 
inltctctl by vniAllpoju «Bd Jbl lu further tiuAyuw, ilitti ihid uib- 
ici|ucu ttmaOprjK n fiot aatti.g;aiied in lay ca^, Kid tJicrrforCt 
dm (« in die cj»a oL the ottlkttarj taiuraJ ninuilpDx) «iitf m 
fix ot then tt-JU die, Thenthe womlre»ukvouldbe, thatOfif 
out of rvcfy /Ar«v ihatitanti penouft VAtciniecd wouJd dic> Bui 
wc ^o«p that tnr of f Arw fittnjrfd penona^ who rccf U-e tlie 
BOBaJIpOK by inoculation, perUhet of lUat diAcaw.t The con< 
duviMi ift dwrtfibra obvioust ibat tbc wont rcauk tbit could 
tkc cntoolaipd u|»n from vacciae £iihim, vould leave Uw bi- 
Itftcc m favovr of vaccination, in die firoportion of f/n to ««>. 
Btit nbm we eoMider the actoal Mate of ihi^ dmisinanoe*; 
that the numbf r oi dcaibt fron InoeuUEcit hmalf pot nt^r tx- 
Mc<U the number of ** faHurta** of vaceinaEiooi ihnt dieic 
" ULunv*' are. is a grrM ma|OTitr of bitancn. ihe meau« of 
biwio^ a very mitigated vuX bvraJrai nnailpoK; Mkd dat die>^ 
have, perhaps t*^ no instance, b^m foUowvd by a toll «naU- 
pox, die chaueet of funlitr fro«i a failure of the vacc^nnlioo 
arc «o Utvial ikk to elude cakulaiion; and (he only eloBoe «f 
injury tbail cnaxiei, u reduced to that of a tevpocary tneonvc' 

■ ftwhit TroiJK, p^ ^;, 


Oa ikt Pfv^rtt*, ^^ 

T-Milf, let oa rcfleet on die ooMnnntglMii narure of the 
Tficciite diftcue, ttUch, «rbik It seenrei Ute 'mdiridual Fram 
b1afMltt*«St (le6cinBity, or fmilr, iaa nfuti romhc^iwnt oa the 
MiidlpoVt Inliirn no emr, end vprrvlft nn rpidmuc kround, mtd 
we tfadll be comprllnl if> suJmit. thftt, <*wkh all tc* iiaperfto- 
ifMwoa ici hc»l«*' niili ■ frcqunc)' of iuLnrc i!ut h* Ofipo- 
ncntt hare ii"cr yrt ktrvilKd to i^ mclnaiioit wvuid uiD 
pi«i ( A htfsuii^^ «oc}k aa &v indmioaJft h«ve had the happi- 
ness 10 foofer upon nmnkind. 

W« mi^ hm Iiarc tmrnunicd onr obarrratlom, but thr 
leading circQflMnocc, coin mi cancd at thr tatt rqioit from 
ibe nalionxt tvcHmp dciblltlinktiit, dcmndt aont notiee- It 
b ntiguUr, thu at (be time when tfa* pvbGc ailcntMa w» M- 
tracCcU by ihr nceurrmceofomaltpoxaftn- vacunaition, io tbe 
nv of ^tf '^ ^ GrovmoT and wr H«nry Mirtin, the ae* 
oond vccvrrcQCc ol fmal^Kix m the rcvvrvikd f oahua Rowkjr, 
mtm lioolh, and two odier peraovs ^Koold have bafpcncd. 
Ditbfc«of dKic caon, the prcvioot aDaaOpox bod been takm 
bf iv»ailMioo, and ia ihe fourth, in tbe natural wa/i But tbe 
truth isi iha: the ftnollpox hatrlf, in whichfocvcr of iheae two 
wnfaitia produced, U IbiUe to tbe aattc asonilica and •»- 
cTfrtiona a« the eowpoek. Thcr« an oevcnl example of Hh 
fact on rtcordt one of the mof I Miikiog of vhkb la ilte e«ie of 
^f^. Lu^fotd, related id the 4th votopbe of the Metooin of 
the Mcdicid Society of Loudijn. Thji pcnoti wan ao "i^, 
maikj^ty pitied and tcaswd" by a Jbrmer nuJigvaoi aaul- 
poo;, " an 10 attract Ihe aotiee of kU who ww him:'' yat bodied 
at the a^ of tfty« m un attack of cuufiiMQt dmadlpoix, in vrhtdi 
be comnniiucabcd the iofection to hve (Mhcr indrviduaU of die 
Ewoily.onoof wbon alflo died. Itwill be aaaec«HB«y b«ra tO 
deoal tifc variov% cxantplta nbieh aothof* have deicribed* 
Tbe writv will just ckodce on imtancc wbicb ucourred uader 
huowaoUerrationnot loDgago>tbep«itIcu1an of which will 
bcdelailedlnthcMCond veduairof die** MccUco^ChirurgicjJ 
Tnuisactiona" about (o be publubcd** Tliit occiin-ed la a 
woman of iwenty-fivp yean of age, who wao ciTcisLdetaU;^ 
patted by a former conRueu muUpoi, which ihe bad BuHijred 

• Bettrvl oau mA wiejr uftaanm ariU be Iben Ibueil, wlilflli »? 

oeiittcd here for th; ttkt e£ tt^trtf- 



StmorU an the Ph^Mh^ cfi^e E^g, 311 

in her cinliihood. Sbc aiughi ih« Kcood discttsr, vbich went 
ihrooglfc ifac UBiul varinkwi ^tagcm in a ^iLd wsjrt by nurvJug 
her iofant uiidci a coaOucDt unattpox, vlikh proved bt«d «> 
ik It brcPHrkAbl«tihAtl»n tivoeldcrchU(Utii,«hohMlbecii 
VBcciQAXcfl A few ycftra bcEbrc, lived i» the nsu apttimest, 
iluriik^ the prvgrcu ui (Jlc *maiipox in ibc Uuu aftd nMthcr, 
u»d vvca|K<l the inUctit^ai ihc tovpwk in tfacoi hMUfrg ex- 
erted i prctvntWc puwvr, ttiuth ibr prvvioua tma^ipox hft] 
failed CO cftetA ia lh« mother. Th< poor fronuM hni bcca pec* 
^^cocedlt b^ the terror* eauiccd by tlic uM;*rKciriUat Erom vac* 
doMiag her youngeU ciiUd: a htL vrh^ch should b>dut« these 
QfipoDcoti cf the pnictjee to reflect on ihc Mhou* ret(ieei>** 
bilixy vhJch ihcy auiuincf in ihiu djicour^iog the uloptkuiot 
chia ioipatUBl prevcath'c. I am* &c. 

PoJAinl Km, AvgvK I?, till. 

a Lfittrjr^m John A\-rton P^t. if. £^ ff WiniuN Gcor^ 
3L D, V, P, /. S, &?f , t^r- 

[i>v<iitiwrt^iuMiiiUiuiMj«iiH»r^Mir, uii ) 
It «»« 

Tmc extefuivc ruiffc which the ^^ifari form id iW tcalc of 
aniuMcd cuucvce reader* the phyiwJogy of the vgg t u^> 
jeu of eajtnordkury intorcu an J imporuAc* luthcdivciple of 
l-iansus: I *fii tkntlovc iudutcd tu hope ihM ihe voitiuiu- 
ttCMJOQ oj tmy naw Idcv rdaiive lo tu orgaui^^LioQ aiitl d<« 
vdopBCDt will he re-ceived by you fls nn iceqiUbtc tritiuis to 
(he caose of nuurvl hUtory. 

The oME, or genu of ovipjirout ftnimnU, aiLmtx of on cvU 
d4nl dttf Mbott tnto IWO OVdcn* L'LTic HcrlerUund II- the Im- 

pcrfocc- Tho foemef are depo»iud by the iivrv, «trj>rnf<^, untf 
by VKiM s«^r«w fiiiu/ru/Aii, «Ad arc covpftrtcly fonni:d m 
^trs^ wUlii the biuer» producrd^by lomc of the trtsacm^ 
om^Ma, eod hf nmit /^«r^j, j^qgirc Mldiciow after their ei- 
dwton. The obt<rrMioii> toataiBcJ m th» mefnoar relate 
atore pankvlarly to ihe daw i«"w, the history of whow ovu 


XfjmrU sn lAtr PK^thhfftf fiftite ^gg. 

of infcrtor ftntvuU*. TV egg, vvfan completed ftnd (kpotitcd, 
con*ift* of the foUowtDg pun: 

uro oiOtMMna, with their prober nciftbnnc«j S-llie cfutlazv,- 
f> Tbt ^^UcivJbf i^f^tfi ^< Tbe ffrnM«ii mnetftfnn.' &• The 
dvCrrtfr imvtorrvm, or 4Ar//. 

The n c ccM rty of smjr ik»aip4i<fu of thevc put* ■* aapvf- 
Mdci^ b)- lb« miDute aod r^luabtc dcialli vhkh arc 10 be founl 
ki the «orl» of FMbrkvi ab Aquapcpdcaic, ilcmTj, MJpighJ, 
uid «f nwiy mwivm and cnli^l«ae<I phyMOk)^ii>i I •boll 
ceofio* ■i>«*V> tbtrdoce, to wbitt 1 cofukkr cschMiTvly 

The piincipaJ ubc of the albtmJcKiu* pofiion of fht egg u 
doubtlcu lo altbfil aiaLeiijiU 1«t tlic growlh* tarS iiuvfialuucat 
lor the Mpfon, uf tlic ovulxr cBhryott: uicb however doe» not 
appear to be ihc vnhf purpuM JW wbkh it \% dciigncd. No 
wberv Ooet mtxnc duplay nsiivrv aiuicty fur the piretervaifun 
oThcroflB^iriAgtOrincrewiiiiott to obtun her objects, ihuma 
her pniTttioM tu cniurc an «quituLle icaipcnuurc to ihc/jriw 
jn0O^' ttcondkLOQ which b tocMcniial co the cvoiuuoa od ihc 
ftninui, that the tmallcu dtviai^n mtnJirowt ilic ajcr balance 
bclwtcB the different octiooa thu are Iti maiurr ii, and pro* 
dufra faiid tEFccu, The ivJi^nm ihen I tonhjder a* a great ll^* 
(ecce a^inst »t^h an evU. The ^Aqftratv, hy retaitiiagthr nrw- 
frirtt^ at the aourc« of htuc, obviaiea thv mbchUf that would 
aecHM! Emm coiuisrt change of poaitiont but tbe «0Hirr/>i bv^ 
inga moat feeble conductfjr of calorie, retardi iIm escape of 
heaii f>rfx<eiit4 adj' wud^lcn tf«nxii)aa of icmpernture, and ihua 
avrtn th<: fsial rhiTU whkh the oeciutonat mifcratioiift ai the 
paj<^m mifjht imtuce- As aa illuaEraiioa of the hm: and \m* 
portaoce of auch a auvclaare, I may oUerre. that ihotf fi>h 
irhich reiain their vliality a con»f1erabIc Hmt after iheir re*' 
xnorat from the water, ai ceU nnrl eciKh, havie the power of s^> 
crel'ing a iLimy aod vUeid fluid, wiih irbkh they envebp thctf 
bodies- U it not rxiremflly probable that thU nutter, hy aciiag 
Like ifafl albtimcn of the egg, and pfevemiog evaporaitJOin from 
the avtfac* of the aoimaU mhI the oon«<)ueiit t-ktage of ti 
peratUTt« may be the priacipal cause ^f thii tenacity of life** 


Jimorit en tkf I^^sS^gif f/tkt Egg. 313 

ll iDUBt hovGvcr be naksu-kccl, that dovUiiDiis ol temp^a- 
uitv uc iujtihoiui and £Mal ia pfopomon ootf lo the de- 
gree bJ vUd Qotrgy whkb ih« ovulu- mbr^'on pnur«iic»: 
KencG Kcnn»ciFiaJcrior viuU^noi only AuffiTthr tidtAitiiilr^ 
oi bvat «Dd oald tviih impLimt>', biu vn: cltvclnp^l hf a Itm 
drfioed ermpencuTc. W<' thrrvfnrr p«rccitv, m wc dctcrnd 
tbc wale fif ovjp«rou« beings, thai ihni« prcu1!aT firairiBiioiw 
whidi tht r^ga uf pcriecl onimafe poami. for the ngolntion 
of dwir lompcramre, ceue to be niential, and thcrcfi>r« 

I'hr pan of ihe cfB to vklr.h 1 men \x% 11 iltnci four 41- 
UDiioD u tbf Jblfia4ut ariit, or ftir b»g, piftred at ii» ohnmc 
cvremiiyi thcnatucrenf thivfoUickciuilcdiamcconMilcnbtc 
iafi^rtm, u I fenorl ll^JVl il hail not b^eti «o fidlf iirveitigVcd 
ai ici in|Mrcuic« nrtcacd to demand* 

"i^e f xtcnul iSclU ^ftd ihc inecmat m«inbrawf hy which it 
U UnAd. conciiMtr ihc paririfit at the caviiy, whoac «xGtQl in 
the ncamt egg HCJimly ^tcecd* In xWf the cyv of n flmall 
bird^ by bicubttion, hAwrtxr, it U fvundcd to a conildcrable 
masailudci That itt mosl cucntbil uae is 10 osygcnAtif the 
htood of the dikk, i«i mj opiBioo diere ean be no lioulx: but 
to ca it TJ ja h e<iinplctdy the truth 4}f wch a ihror}', it U nccc*- 
mof CO dbcot^cr the lutvrc of the nir by which it n lofllttd, 
And which h>i hUbctto tvnnuwl unomnio^ W« are infonn- 
«d by llutfun, ib^t il is a pf^dtfCt of the fenncBlwioii which 
tb« dilTrrctit pqra of tbc fgg undcT|fD^ It' the coudt'a coojcc- 
lore be efilabliiticd, it muat be noaroptrabte, and (bcrvfore 
cainMt diachftrge the office which auch a thcotj wuuid aaitgn 
to Uw To dcierniinc thit maitcri and 10 diicorer aim uhcther 
the prwoaa of iacabMloa produv«« any vbaotfc m hi cbeoiicjJ 
coaatitMiOQ, 1 rnaiJiutcd iha follu«ing eaptrifDentai \ ix. 

ExPttfejHKHT 1. Twvntj-onv hrn*a eg^ ntwly ^^^ "^*^ 
puBCUmd at their obcuK eiUvmit}-, ) iddod only 0O^ cubical 
inch of ipUf nhiek, wbcn recciveil in a ,^ar, a^ aubjected to 
the euduiOMtric tOK of Dr. Pi^ratlcy, I found to b« purcat- 
moiplieHeal air. 

Kx^EaintsTf II, Two cgR*, after twnaty dnya' ioculntiov, 
were <ipcncd ivader the surfafc of waicr, inm which oa« cubi- 
cal iscb of ipu Wftt colkctrd: tKl« 1 ako didCOVffr?d |f> be at- 

Voi.. IL ^ EC 


J^fVMrti 011 iJv I'k^tHhgn Dfr\e £f *. 

inoffiti^rif^ B(r> mntimTnaird ht^vrrrr vrith a imail poftion of 
nT'K)aVf ftfid. irhkh I ftuspcci to be d#rirrf from tb* VMioa* 
l*v»(! ofihc cbick, unci wtiich ftccm* lo trtftblinh uwihrr moit 
l^^ntirnt analog t>eiw«tt tMi modt of onygpnaiioa, md rt- 
apiratVm fifttr Jilnh, 

rn>m llmf? re^^utt* the CoUowbf; eomlhritt jvav tir dra««, 

T.Thc/#//^rnrftif«'rJ« before incuhnton r4nt»lQB Atm^mphf - 
rieiil Air. 

Af ibe ftjf, i^Kfi u itnill in^uin^tion with carbonic leid. 

^Ir g>int br iarnbarint^ nn iiKmsp of voUib^ vMch isiiM 
pinfc nrnrlf in tKr nitioof trn to oar* 

I mu^r bf re re mntl^, ihoi iu «i(iciit ilon not mcrraw ^lutllj 
'm cqiiaUitc renin portiont of iimf. butotwcrvctarueof pm- 
F-r<»ilfifi, vrbUH lA flfcHcrnif d £u thr Iwrcr MUgu of lAcnbuf on 
nclvftnc^rt Ii innnii, yitmcverj to arrive ni i<i movhnum nf rtlU* 
nrinn a fW rlnyt preriotifl ta the tTVc1n«ion f>f the 3n\ma1, 

It( iTi? rfT^ of In^tor anlmaU^ ihc fmbnpeo <1o£ii ooi j»p* 
pear to bt D:Ki'EpnatciI by itty dl»tinci ftppftranu, bou li*;e *he 
nnEmal w>iirh it b b^rraftw to bMoiii«, T«««ivf » feir dirou|^ 
the medium of ^rafTsta^ Attp^ntA o»*r the exterior rtc^iW- 
rrtfflt. TVi^ ckxripiion of thefiUku^ ocrf* j^«i delivcnrd n 
Ckkm from that tn thr egg of our comnoa hvn. The wnv 9p>- 
pararut f^iittt in ihc c^^ of all hSrf!^ ■AdconcunBft linuliu' 
*ift 5tA CKpAfliy, howrvrr, iloca not Mrm to vnrj- cither with 
tbe qlir 'kf ihp e^, or of the hird lo whi^h a belongi; but I 
think 1 hnv< clivcov^rcd a br«uiifu1 bit by which iti extent U 

1 luvc ueirorniK fbunJ> a% fur :iq my cootr-Ktod in<|uinet 
lia\c k<l me, lh;ii the fitii^vhir afrif \a ol grcJlct magnittide 
tn ^e r^^ of choM binSa which place tlicir qckib on the 
grotmrl, »ml whi^ie voung arc biuhcd Brd^d, and capable of 
c^KTTting ihcir muxkt au tooa m th<7 Unrvt from their «k^ll, 
thm m lh« rgg« of thcuc «bof« nerti arc gcwrdly huili on 
tTT«v,iind nhott progeny are bora blind knd fovloro. llwttiK 
fi/fiaiti m the eg;^ of fonb, panridgn, and noor-hcn* are of 
coravjdrriiblc extent w hilit ibote m cbc <( g?i of crowv, tpam^wv, 
uid doves are enimmly coomcied. Tbe chklCi therWbre, of 

Remarkt en thi J^yncJsjffi/ ^/t\e £gg* 



I'owb and fiEuridga hjb aniorrprrftrt pluma^. and a gre«ev 
aptituiLe to locomouon, than the ctllov ae«lin^ of rlorcs ind 
>p*rn>wi. SiirJi (m uiUKict of ihe <i(7ency of axyf^iaxiCt^ id 
ihf pramoiitw 3nrl infrrMc of mutctilar (lAvrcr ift not ftolkary 
in phvsi^to^i for the hUiory cf nimkatia^ aninktl* will fur- 
nnb IV mth a parallel txampte. " Their <»iytcdonR," obvcrv^s 
the iitithor of Zoonodntat "irctn xn hr dcM^^d fnr ihe: pur- 
poae of expandiog a grratrr tnrface Cor \hc tfTRiinattoa of tli« 
phf<nt*il leucli, in onkr to irccit^e oxygcnaiion ftno tho 
HfrrJfvr od«ii thui if^ pvogcnrr of ihii cha* af Mkioaal* are 
more completely fanned before ihctr nntiviiy thnn dui of 
tiM eaLrnivar«D« elaua. Cah<<a ihcrcferc and lunbi can tralb 
abojt in K few miMitM aiWt ihcir birth^ while kiicciu and 
pMp|iirii remain) «iany t&9.y% wiibovt opvnittg iIkit <vei*" If 
aa^fujifacT Usttoiocy be nHeuap^ to shov that tbf augokn* 
wioo of mutcuUr energy it ihcrf mil oJaniee combination «f 
oiygco vidi thf Animal organis, mnn^ loirrciting facts mtgbt 
bcaidduccd la coDtirmaiioaofria tniiX- U'c gcnctnlly £ndifcw 
•Uvngih of an oaiimai proportionate to ihc client of Ui chc»t: 
hence an aATrrntiiw lo the "amjHtAUsjVfrf in'' hai bcc* aucodcd 
wUb the ivproTcmeoi of our breed of CJittk; And it U in doi»> 
aaqiieaoa of a gnat exieoi of pn<titi^4iic mcp:;ide (hot birda 
an ciubUd to bra tlic prodigious nwicuiar csunBon of ligbt. 
la U sot pTobcUiie too» \htx iln rcpraied «UBpifaitioitt of the 

IMg^Mid arc hitiinc^c rXGitiona io procure a grtMer propor^ 
liDaof ozygcD, by wUch eh«ir mwcalar taerg^ loajben- 
ivtrerU ! mubi i\v\ *\\^ti thi: subject of tliia fblltilet wlihont 
jtMlciTif- a very curious fact veil knou^n Io every oae enplayeil 
in tkeconcertiftofa fann- yard, that, if theobuv^ceKincnkf of 
OD rRst lie prrfomted wiih th« point of the imnlkiht no«<lle, (a 
atnta^n) whkh malice not unfroqaenEty *ng^nc«}, ita gcoer- 
atifig prooe ai i» arrriudi uad it prtifhev likotbeaaADrAf^xmu* 
e^i Henr« sir Bunck Hvwood wu ted to aiMpoci that Uif! 
^ daieic Ooid coviaimd iDtbeair4)agwaioivyscB.aQd 1 watcn- 
I diicod to euMioe tn nanarrr. Cm ihia ct)rMU» problem be 
lnolved, by iitppoiim^; ibjit tH; cont^anc infu^u of frcib aif Ii 
Btoo hia^ly cxciiiag^ A parallel example may be adduced fiom 
|thc vc^tatHr kingdov in ivppori of luch as opniios* Th« 
yonagt and cmder plant, before it pats Ibnh it« roott, isolnti 


Stmark9 cji iJ»t ittyncit^y ^fth€ ikgi[* 

AtaxrvftA bf having loo Erca ■ ixinum«i«jtMEi vitb the 
plicrc, by trhkb iia poucn artr cKhMMccb >i ia to obvuic MMh 
aa ctfccx, thai ihc bonicuknrai, uu^^t ovlf by rrpr Ttniff , 
Cjowcfi it «riib ft Itbu, by vhkh he luiuu the client otf &ia tf- 
Okoipbrrr, lad DoiiM^ucMly (4ccftAM« iu vaptratM, maipl- 
nwi«n. >ad tbv bonli«Kc icitouft wUdi wo«M pnvt Em«1 

Idmllrkac thii paper with a Gcv otncrfAtienfton iho br- 
mjwivk e^ the cxitHar mwhacrum, or abrtt, b>' whkh thiA on- 
ctociMm i% dcfenikd frooa c^ncnud viaJcncc. Wc hcvc dttect 
a «in(|^ opcraii«e, at ockc ftniiv«riiif two of the vUat md 
moat importMii patpo«c« of the amiaiak it at obcc sv«rt»<U- 
AOucoDa from tbc isdirtdaili and coatiib«i»« cHctiUjALy Vt> 
Ibo praserviitioii oi* hi vpetant ^* whiiM it rrmoVM tbe c^J- 
cftTcoat iBAUcr« »hkii, \t aUowvd u> MCumoUcc, mnM rcodcx 
ihc bitd icktafnUc oJ AJ^ht, uiti ilpefc4t tbc bcU purpOKs of itt 
ciJstfDCc, it JurikMbc* the f^tia ol the ftatuR BniiiMl vilh a 
MTDOg and vunrmiciii UvlWotv. Thn egg* ^ birifa arv* how- 
cT<r, aonijeciLtiEi ilcaiiLntE otthn pmiaiuot wludi I tbuak a(ia.y 
amv J root th« Mcrakiii ol calufcuub MmlticE- not kfvpvDg pace 
with thccuibcnuttproducUiMioiliac Soiflsuf the egg. Hence 
wc pcr\eifvlhi4 iaipcdenKmoTwQffrocEunuig ip sUuwg binU* 
and in the moolbi of barre^u when tfacu fowl i« more Imun- 
unt^ni -^ttjuJant. The ciifvciiaicnu of Vaiii|ueliii, which prove 
iliut the quimtity of cakareom matter vonloii by bir<b ekoccds 
lh«i lakca icti tuggeaied to Fonlycc, that herd* mal requin 
«aluircvu* aaattcr 4lwing dooir byingi asd that, if dif animal 
be dqirivod <il' it, tbe ahdl U Kvm foriBcil. Such ■ theory, 
however, in twt only dcrogMory v* the wndoaa of oaturct 
hui ilLcgilly deduceil from the «vpei4«c«itt tbcnuchv*. Are 
we M> cxp^etf fmm oiir impfrreci aotjoaa of cIcoMfitaiy bo- 
diea, M cxpbin tlic origin of every adbaiancc Couad i^ the 
ABiDuJ ccouomy, or iho m riiri of change* wluch it undergoe** 
Natufe burt \\<r own b'lcn-atoiy, ■ad U "f*^*, mdw>ut any 
'igv aid, of prepAtieg the ingtcdieaiu iicoc«»ary for her pro* 
tioTi*. That a dcficieiKy of okareott* matter m the tyMcB 
the eauHoftho absence of the ibdl, nv oaie willdmyi but 
Ithat this depends on »jme inBanial atale, and not o& the pn- 
vqaoQ of tione, may be thown by the fkjJfoiritt^ curiouA ctrcuan- 



A hco.whieli 1 k«pt iaraOaiccX|)CTiniem^luil ilAiiy 
btoLcn la IWD partt- 1 hf fracture w» carvfuUy bamlagtdi 
dirrf djtyi AuhMqocnt to vhicb, Kwrni eggs desliiun of tiidk 
WT< found on ihi^ prEiniw:^. Th^ hett IhkI dtpofuted na per- 
fect f gl^i nor wcn^ ih<re nny other lurdii frwfi vhuh thde 
yoUcKi^d bavt proornlfd: I ihcrcConf conjectured (Km >ll 
iht ffl/i-orrsi/i morif r iWignrtI far i\u^ intmu/i'ifiii of (he aAirtl 
h«U been employed in the rt^DtrUiun of the bone We tnd 
ft atoiiUf Iw cxiiKinK in the humitn »p(.'cin' The rcunkm ol a 
bone lirflctiwed ^luring a womEkn'i pngnaiKy ii often dcbycti 
uniil her fklivetv; nml il ii vcU kncnrti, thM, if the iKtmof a 
<kcr be broken XL i^ rutdng nttJkon, k b Jaeapabk ol pro- 

1 rcTnjtio, dear air, with grcM «*1«eni, 
Yoim, fpii(!bl\illy, 


'^y Samuel L. MuchcU, t'tofrumrAf Scturai in$f^^tij mthf had been <ir> much eoaivriattuu dbouc Schoolcy'^ 
mouniAiu, ihjLi m the bc^oaingof Jui> 1810, 1 ex«««t«il tbt 
dciira I had long cimcTUiiKd of vbiting it. 

Sdnook^'t mouMatn a ft put ^f a chun trhich rnendi ia a 
iMVtl^cftitGily and wMth'Wcturly db^ecoon ttroti die u-jtx ttf 
N«u Jefvc>'. ll nuiy b« tnccd frotti th« Higblan^it ol New 
Vork. Toward* ;he UudMie, Uh rulgc« divide the pLiJExof 
RochUfld oouA^ fro«n iboM of Or«»gc, bci»f dcnominacetl 
ihe Ui^Ytucaw^ AV*rwkk, SkttntiiBunl, iumI SciHiBf moua- 
taitUt and bcin«; dibtiacuiilMd tocftlh^ by «cvcr?| o(h<r iHakcs, 
Towardt the Dvhttare, h vporjucft ifac upper watcvvnf t^ 
lUriuii l>T>a thoAc oi ibe Moteovtcuikcl, n>d ptouog from 
Sutsex through Mom<t v>d HdMcHod coiuum, a exiled. 


.4 lAisunl ^JcAm^^ V jUNcMOifi. 

rhai to ihs soodiward uf PhUipAbud-St the Mottoact- 
cdudr ibouac*iii- The more oo^e'd ponloM of in mitUIr re^n 
in leraDed StiiarlV II lUi, Or Scboolcy'* Monttfvbi. The lancr 
naoM IB ih4 attat prrvalmt, Jind U drrhvd from ■ bmify 
whidi vaa forwicrty a cnnidmtlilo profviceorof ibtMillhcft^ 
iboiM. Tbe EbrwicrsppctUHne i» proSablf amcre kbbrcvuuioD 
or corroption of it- 

Thn nJ^ diMhtT^ci the vfUtr from iu K>rth-vr«t >id*, 
p^nly itir^vgh ibc \V»lkiU, into ibc HoiUoit, m little lo (bv 
CMtwsnl of £u>|HM, ai»er iNvcniDg Su»«cs couttif, hi Ka« 
Jem^t >a«l Orviicc tmd Uktcr, bn New York. Part abo 
cokptic* iato the IliipdMn through Miirdc«^k Creek, at New 
Wi&ili«tf^. Another portioi) U cottrcted ioto the Muiomet* 
cQncL river; nnd rvo^ng ^dio«( paridlel viih the muunuioi 
faiU LOCO tilt Delaware, no< many mUt* v/ath of LriUvwn, 
The vatcr Irom the toath-<&4t s*de fcedi the oppet lUonia ol' 
(he P'JAhftitLt whjch, after vitiuag Orugc, RocLLuid, Morris. 
Kvfccit, aad iSrr^ii uounljcs. fjiUt iBlo Stueo IbImkI tuuad. to 
the louihirari] ol New urk. Tlie atrrjim called the Ulnck tiver 
beyond Mcndham, and that tcroied South'bnncb, wcLtcring 
Duieh vriElt-y. nchlur (it Hivta rcjch the DcLivrjire> but ettipcy 
into the K^ritAn, noiQc Uiitaace flboee hruniwick. 

Thus thr«r hri^h» com {iktclf divide the «»cn od' Xrw 
Jersn^' Not a dnglD Mrcun n known io picree theohi Prom 
th<^ir Donh-weMem Blope, all thcrr lOTumi find their wny lalO 
the HiuUoti uid DcIjiiveuy* From then- louih-cattrm dtelivvty, 
th«ir ecirrcntt tmvcl to the oce«n hy Neirark ir^A Hitrhan 
bay*' Thry Iiavc, hoverer, no pretraAianx lo Iv dfl«ied with 
the Shawan^rk mnuBTsin«« whirli arc a <fialiiict rhiirit an^l 
niLp part of the gr^at AUrgasry. tliMtrarenc* thf roriTinrTil 
to the confines of Georgia- Nor have lbe>' any com^^mn with 
die Kajtc»kiU mououkiis, which arc Uki»n«ctvo quite dctaf hed 
from the Sbawaagunk. Sdiodry'* nouMain t\ of more mo- 
derate elei^ation ihaa either. GfOOMtrical niea»atemcnt hai. 
aaccKuncd that the heii^hi of Schooky^ mountain above hs 
jmmediaie bau! it more than ux fauodii«d feet. And a calcuAa< 
uooaaadeby apprOKianation,oaibc&M*of water nt the differ* 
cnt ffuIldMM alon^ the hurr>iB|| chattncl of the Mutconrt- 
Cttnck, lo U9 junction viih the DcUware, and on ihe dee^enr 


^nrnau «/* JfAedh/* Jk/ivmain, 


M Trcntan, Bskci ibc poaldon of iluht buc to 1>« tiphtI^ 
five Inrndnd fcvtm^tn jihnvt ftde-vurr. Tho flmalon tibrtrc 
thr IrutI of llic r»C*an dar* onl^ ihrrcfnre, in all prrilifthilitiTi 

aicribed t> Acihon^'i Note, in ih« Highlands of N«« York, 
ly Mr. Cpight, 

Th« dcvAlioQ It, nevcnhe1«aa, <oo»<!?niblc cttough lo ht- 
Aacnce it> icEnpentturc. The hcati or>umnuvare not Bogrnt 
a* tA ihc v«Uc)^ Draughtt are leu comnboa md pincbinff. 
SoQw fftlU orlier, mid lla loog«r tluui In the adjBceni pluiia. 
■7^ wxnuiKof > copsttiu vpnrff of pure vster, nUiiHi«dou( 
of ihc tand oeJir the lop d the mountain, wm oely 59 (UgrtM, 
iHiilr the lempefjiure of the water Qiiivbin;^ from the brialctti 
»prii)g> on the nntih nide cif l.(ini^i*landi antl drtiwu tnna the; 
dccpot wrlls ftl Ni."W-YotI:, U &* dr^rr**. Thr spvioj water 
on the luoimit of Schooiey'q nnoiintiiin 'n, thcrefgrc, four de- 
gree* colder th4A that ffroxind Stw Vorb. 

Tliii tnoumaio H not « m*w of MratiErd rocki. piled upon 
each olhcr hom botton to top, Th^rc is no prcuUir ilifficultr 
intrftvcitingovei il. Theprrdo[iimAiiof;niakri>lKareclajriuid 
■Mod. forPUBlS ' S^^ loami «hich, [hoT;gh grner^ljnot :irgil- 
faceow vnougli for Ihe foiti&iilKjti of brUU, i^ at the vane 
lime« gittvtilf enough for ibc giowth cf grnii aad gnt^it. Vet 
lodtb are thickly dUUibutcd over Ua fjtce anci along iti \\de±. 
They nre mottly deiaclud, though nome of ihcm are of Urgr 
djmeafiioaa. Hey coaahc chkfly ot Fridipar and quanv; ihr 
qomrCfi is prone to be TuriripellucidiWidiiEninulttrflr au^jirliir, 
TtMinhliog coanc marinv; uiAu The f;ldtp€r is mcmly v. htilsh, 
AODWtlmen reddish, and prricim Jt*a flf the polished frocnire 
than the AmerlcAii frldapan Munlly do, Jt bai ihr- appear* 
anoeof amorc inpcrfisetfannMicTi, oraf havinx andrr^ite a 
paniil dccompntiuon. Th?9e twd bflTrdleiii^ omIcc up the 
bulk of dktrrrtckK Many ma»e« may (icciutaDlotd wLtlxiutul>- 
MTving a veaii^ of mien* A'lundam m mica h almost tvery 
where io tbeie parta, with th^ minuresof feldspar and quartz, 
in ottT primitive nKks, it is remariialily defidcmt here, Nour 
acd ikeo a Ihik ichUtui, or homebletide, 't% found embodied 
and compQcicd with ihrr)U3Tix a&dfrldtpar. finina of yellow 
prriiei »lio lomtancfl oceor. Itmi. ochre, und o<h^r indi' 

4$udB oi ifon, Arc dispcncd cxuoiivcl) bodi ihrougb t^vc 
rocb aod ibr toil. Iroa t^re u i«J«cd ko plcMtfuL, thM fur- 
DMckAjr nio^nikn both in the <aat«ni aodwciermdutrictc 
of tbc ctiua. J^tucb of h i» nigiMtkAl, and ici aokn u «> 
pownfol UfwD tfac Mcdlc, that vurv«>on of land oTicn iml il 
\tiy dklbtuli u> employ the co«]>ui- It wuuid be poatiUe 10 
«oUcct 3KMqmnt"»t>g>Qf thcg>MgyKt, ftndof oibcroft«gf iroo 
i& tLv naiddlc Rf{i(fa. Ttjwank ijic fuvt of tfat bill^ liiPBHOWg 
i« fou»d Kkiriin^ ibc vdlkjs a)ung» umL U rakiari iaquaaotf 
uiffidcmt Ibr «ll c«a)oaikiil um^. 

AnoQg tfao Mtural prodvciMi* thcnaboutt are wtamt^ttt 
vsccUcDt duit MoiK»- Tbc]rlicBLMigliiovaIl«>«andudcluIUr 
vhcrc tbcy have bccswathicd buci tukd ■retu&ucnt inqiUEa- 
tity mnd i|u«U(y for domc^c t^i'fJy of our luutkciry- Thay 
airv more |iiue anU of » bcu«i rrji<,liiu thds ihdsc cuouunn) ib 
ihv livinMi^ iicat Nm^m^ And hIicq ihitt itafvurCamt arliclo 
of public dtkiwv bIuU b« ihemght vorili^ uf bviag improvod 
bjr dw uli^cs, there vxta% ut be in New Jcncy mi incx- 
haiunblc AUpplf far our firc-nrmi- 

A iiirnpikc rood hoA t>t<A complctrd frm& ihr«iiy of Jrr«^, 
ai Fowlctliook, to ibc iummic of Sciiooley & mouAaoi. ~Vht 
mvctling i& rxc«]lcnt the whole diitaofc. Thit n juji fifcf 
milcftlrovk N«w Yorkcit)'. E^dnuibgtbc vidtbof ihc Hud- 
KiD 10 be ttto vnUcs, the dUiancc to Ne*uk i* aioe, to SpHa|f> 
£cld Acven^toCbotlun^ £vc, to Mvn ikinvn icrc»,to M«;idhaBi 
bU. to tiUckrivcr *Iv, lo Duwh-vtiky ivt^aad to the MiacnJ 
Sprbg on the c»4tcm or fiinh<x >«1« of the mounuuu, liuoe 
mtick Through «uch a succciMoa of thriving vtlUigo, and 
uuiti«t a country pleuli^ly checkered widi foreni 4od /attn«, 
Uic riHc of the fiiM GkVt liiuidrcd feet u hunnouAted io ^ibow 
fgilv-ttcveu milct,iu the travcUcf poiuoii over KHiHacJc of ca^' 
devatkoua and dcprcHHioaft- 1'Ik nfnuiiung mx huudn;d f««t 
Are MCTodol in Uva di4ii two of the rtmuiuog niica, b«tvc«n 
U4U£h-vuU(> luvX ihc MimBii* The principal put of tha re* 
maindcr la a deicent to the tpriaf on the oppONtc decUvit)'! 

An ublr lioiie ^ill carrj ftdiAir hkhtT from Neiv York in ft 
sUiftimvr'h dk\\ or return thcncv bei^een die riung and tttting 
c»f the sua. From the (op of tht nuiuiinin one hnnhed lUfU- 
pikc wcoBUDtttdnonhwatd, to iku^fs, wiutlKr wcMward, to 



Aff^tmi rfSe^fisU^t Jkhuntahi, 



K»tovn, tnd n ibird wtinTd» to Xew Yok* It b m cm> 
tcmplfttkxi CO iipcn i fourth from (he umc point, to proceed in 
ft cooiTM •gvihvMdly ttircct co Trtnsoi). 

TlkC Mtnvnl Sjiring wbicli baa be«n mcntiuncj hu^ivcii 
mifch cdebriiy lo tliv lui^libouring rr^ioii- It U taiJ Co have 
bceti knovn to the nat'tw Indiam, and to liar* been vmploycd 
by ih«iB a> a rvmeil)-. lite wliita people Ibtq itnirtcd tu it 
ninwat wtt imce th« •dthmcnt of the coumiyi Hcmarkable 
ciirci ire oicrlbed 10 it: and mne prriom haie beeninthe 
Jiftliic of vUiung nKDbOD«ricrKC«»on,ford^4: puxpove of bnag 

}«filcd by it! vholeoome proprrtich 

It li lUuuird in the town of ^V^awhin^ton, Is tTic eoonty of 
Morns. Ii a, ia fiiricineii^ ■ riU vbich niua fntm a kxnure In 
llieptrpendknbrivdcoronc of the above (te«cn(>od roek»,on 
it! cuiem enpoanrv. The place of di«diir]^ it, fsohafn, tic- 
tWttJt fbfiy ftud fifty iVct above ihe htv^ of a brouk which 
gurgfe* or«r the atones, and fohcna ndc^wa the rocica in itt 
channrl beoeitlli. The «xtremttf of a wooden leader ia m 
Aclftpud bu the cntck in ihe rock aa 10 mcivf the water, aod 
convey it to the platform wfaere the drinkem nueflnhLe, and to 
(hv nrcntn whhfacr tho bather* retire. 

l(a tcmpcraxun ia rather motx thm hix dcgreci varmei 
than that of tfao apriog; *aiUr nrar ibc «ttminit- The niaeral 
wnier, ai it pouri fiom the vpoul* pOMciHs a heat BameH'hoi 
waroaer than ^fi de^e^a- lllia la about the Hflne which die 
slottrr hprb^ And the ifioUower wella atvisDd New Vork 

The qowt^ty of water winch it aflurda caa daily be mca- 
aun^il. By eaptrimenti it apprand to disdiu^ a gallon m 
abomiwo miiMite^ ;md a half. At tliit tjcc, tlieaakoujQi wou4d 
he twenty' four gallons per hour. Uui atlowanot ia lo bamniie 
for leakage and waate, aoaimuch m the condtiit doea oot col- 
lect the uhole, SuppoM th« 10 be ait gaUocift more. Then dM 
qtiantlty runoiog oi^i will oaHMntt M thirty gaIloa» per boiir. 
Sooae criaU are refiorted to hav« ahown a railier Kton abun* 
da&t flow. On tbr whole, tc taay be aCated wilb tokrablo <oir* 
rectneva that the fnontain within the boweb uf t\vt mountain 
vaaitn, from this opening, a quanti^ of water noi irarying 
greatly from a barrel per hooTt or six ho^hcada per day* Thf; 

Vol. II. 2S 


Jtaunt ^/ S<Ho9k^** MmHoi^ 

ifomilty n BM observed to rarv iiader iny Lhin;n of wiaun 
or wcailwr. 

The flpovtt wkicli convey iho vaiurr mn lined with ■ jvl' 
lowbb dqioMi* 'Hie like MdJiDcm ancnnsia the rrMtYoirv be 
ibe bMMngbouae* The earth and !£□□«■ ilinMa|h vhkh Uw 
miirr toAt* awa^. prcvm a ainilar o«hrcttift appcaniace- 
Wbrrr the bovd* rantain juFrraf^ot matter, h dark purpk 
or blackrah colour i« (ormcd. 

The pns«ttu ol iron bcio^ tbuk iwlMated, a few expert* 
vefici wm mad« to tktemiaB iKw natter More rJtiriy. 

A bright blue »a* produced on AddtoR ibc prmaiatc oF pot- 
asb to ibc « tcr- 

Gt«« tm-n of the comauMi cbcamiM ctdc, (Joffnt coH^tta^ 
m bdn^ bnutcd and infusMl in thf wat«r. fiermcd « pale pi^rptb 

IlHwe of cbe«Dut oak (fwvniu prinw moWiceia) yielded ft 
b^f^trr purple. 
Thoaeof the mnia>t:h(rhuA jfi&fftraii)qukUf turned ta a purple. 

Frcib biceraud Icnvci of the mifie (dcrr nilnem) Inunedi- 
lAdy faraned a deep purpJc. 

Hickory leavet {Jugiaiu wffivit) made a fftiot duiVy hue. 

Black oak leaves (quemiit nigra) struck a darker coUnr, 

BtiRcmiit IcBVTB [ja/rJi^iua rritfrra) aflbrdod a duaky browB- 

The watcn of the aprtng, nnixed vHth faraodyt made a mix- 
itOT ofa dark and Min|thlly eolour- 

An ialniioa of greeniea IbroMU broinu, purplea, and hlackat 
according 10 let itrcnitth and proportion. 

The ehah-hf-j(r chHra^ff t r>f Oi*- n'«Irr ^Mring (Kmi e^tabltblked 
by tD noffiy iri«iA| ittcmpti were vsdc ti> ktcetxain wli^thcr 
lliere vaa any gaseous impregnU30ii> 

Pot this purykotv glasses were iovcncd ia a convefldint veaad^ 
reoclvtn^ ibr stream tmmediauty front the spotu. Bvtttctta 
bubfala of fttr nrucoUfcccd^ other thu coaiaon Kprtng water 

TodetfTminewKctheriny ULrboDicacidwsicombbed vith 
the water in a form not spontsficoutly i«par^e. Gene-water 
WM aacxod with iu but no chuf^ of odour was pcrttptUe in 
Die mzcure4 

Various proportuma of the spring-water and limc-wAur wcrr 
mifxgtcd in nepeacrd czporimcacs, trtlhont rffeeling ury cloudS - 
neaa or causing any pncipitaae. 

jkewui ^&Aoe^r AhuMotM, 


Arterwonb, u > ttai to the BCM*^n«>* Q^ th« 1tmc-« »tcr, the 
nilkgr hue uid tsrfaooic pncipfme of the Ilnte unu ttnumdy 
pro^KTdi b^ brcaihing Uiroufnh n tube icMrv eHc miiAUr«ol' 
watiCTiit ■!/ vrhkh ha<i ui^Irrgoac the r^Ifuory OfienMiOM 

Whrn rhf imcr nf ihc Hpritig trv ft«ffer«d to «iaftd to tbe 
open ataaoiph«rc, jmd Acquire the lununf^ tcnt|>cT«Curc, bf re- 
<cU ing tw«ncr or more <tcgrf «a of beu, iMnc lir bubUcv ircrc 
<ti>eiaf[viihAhlc on the vido of tbc v<4m1; boi they were onlj^ 
ittdi ■» iAy cold wiier would cihlfalt under c<jua1 cinom^ 

Ai ihera wftt ao calcjnoiu iucnuUCktii M tibe ipriog, them 
vma nrMon to belj«ve the wjrt«v dtitimtc of line. On adding 
to k oxaAJc Aud, ihrr? wu no chacgc ai colour praductd. 
WheaeeUttuy be ioferTedthM Umcmtktano part of the con- 
«litation of ihift fluid. 

To enable « judgmcoc to be formed wfaeiber ray odicr cvthw 
were oorabined with the w^fT.Lod^ ^od {KMash wcTtBOvvnlly 
I0dttp»te<fly4ddrd. TlieprccipitAU«wcrc,hovci'er,«oHiudIf 
and BO douTy produccdit ihil there wn grouod to •uppoie the 
pTvevnce vf earthy nuiUr win very iacouidcevCile. aod that 
there WM oo tncciUk impregBOtioo cKocpt that of iro(k> 

The aimoe of silver ou^ > whUith appeBnuicci but not 
ki to cDDtkleimble ei degree om it doe* Uk the woier of New 
Yotkft comODtly dtuak by the iahAbttMU. Tht cbcuUneu 
w» indetd not movie ooMtderabIc (hu tvn-waur adong the 
iea<oowt b oc^ttiooally ksown ta prcMot tvlw» eul^jectnl id 
the wune te&t. llie ting* of raoriabc acid hereby indicated, 
probiUy wia«ft froia a huntaoiv^a of aea >alt* 

Thcfr Ift Dotwnhctaiidiog » weak acid of tome kiwi m the 
Schoolers moynuia nunetnl water. If litama paper he ex- 
posed 10 (be water aa it i3«uc« from the rock, the blue U icro* 
dually changed to a reddibh; aod on the addinos of itt alkalli 
the aci^mied colour vaniKhci. WbjK the nature of ihii kieoo- 
lidenbfo pottkm of ancombioed acid may be^ i< >Mt perfectly 
eUT to decernuoe. ft* prcKnce U atieiidnl with ihc fl«\-oar 
which waiter derives from mnninj; over deoti-ed ka>V9| Aod 
Tlrcunkog through a noa abo^ndiDg with the liviiig and dead 


Atr^tMt of SchMkt/'a JtfsfmUiiT* 

roots of tra«,«l>rub«, and tylTukpUdCi. Fcmncr d|icHflaRit» 

which ovenprraili the Amrriras for^ttu And vrjncr p i tang 
ibTMigH a Mr?cim of TT^Abk mould U know & ID rf cn«-« what 
b called the u^^^ taitr. It U thm forr prcvumablr that ijw 
raioi w^er rcccvvci a tincture fnMnthv^ikkltyn-of vrgtuhic 
mocld d^pough ^kh it a* untincd. and cvriet the tfkvour of 
itioihc foumtiii. TVpeculliriticftAfthUfefblr uJdJilif di» 
of nomerDtii oihfn Wf meet vidi in practice, docaeacvem ia 
bcdcftaed m ehcmiurT M fet by t&crinki&auittf chutcten. ■ 

The iron at thb minml vitcr i% ^'♦ry cMilf *cp«Taicd» 
Kxpo«urc ea the iitmotpbcrc ji Totloiied hy » meuttic precifil- 
IMIOD. TnuaftportftUua to a dittaocc, wk l»<dn u< coBmQinly 
oorktd, It Mtendcd vitih a dqiotiikm of ihc inHL. I'hr wal«r, 
after having been carried to Ke« Vorli, wfarn lubjccted to ex- 
perinwiM in my houic, gare no evidence of a ^hal> beate qu^ 
lit)' when tested by the Prutkiua alkali ittd apiiituou* ttocture 
of galls, Thia «ainc water, after hcin^ boiled in a LcUU, make* 
eScdkni U-.1. The heut uf cZiutlitfoii vecott to MparMe the 
iDrmgioout jngrcdicnt^ x»6 tl^e infuaiOD u thereby freed Crwra 
an dinky or black iiat, StUl, if dii* «aine infuuDn of green tea 
ii nuxvd tti^ vaicr fre^h fnmi the spiring, a dark and di»- 
giHable hue ia initamly prodoccd. A thort eapoiure to the 
heal of :II2« thus converUihU mineral water into i good tea- 
water. It is cmplo^'td for thi< purpoae occaiionaUy, 

If there ia My thing that deierva (be name of a pure chaly- 
beate wttler in the world, i}]it would vtEm to be such a cona* 
pVBitioii- Tbc irvn ap|uran lo be uLiuod with t^ur water vrillkout 
iha aid of carbonic, nr indeed any other acidt fur the weak 
HcJdity dctetu-d by litmui can scarcely he couidcndaa co& 
tributingiu its Bolatioa. Some pare of the iro* ore unU-emly 
dif Ufl«d a.fium^ the mmrnJa hc-r«-nbent, ia in a ninte pmpcr tor 
waeer to net upon, and to pnvLuce (he BMtial mpregnaiioa rr- 
matftaliv free from other admixtuiva. 

>^aitv*'a M«.n|«>n, July 10, t«l« 


Ca^ of Poison bff^rsmur. G>ivupumnni/n/%Mr. Soili 

March ]>, ]ftl0« « Utik bclorc dghl <9*doi:L 10 tlid cvei 
io^ 1 «» c«ned to O. V. of{cd tZi HU fbihcr had discwcrcd 
ihil be hid piuvhMcd & quoAiiiy of ancolc uncc k vcn o'dotk, 
md auodjElf nup«ettd that li* had i«kcu Huinc of ju 
' i friufid him vooiiiiDgi and oumfiluinng of drcjidful piiin itt 
ihfi vteoflicb- Hi> puluc wan vory npUla loid hts lcg» w^ra 
aligbllf coDvab«I. After Atnna hnicaiioii ha aKfcnowl«dgBd 
tluu btt poured about hjdf a pint of WAWr upon ■ «htQing't worih 
of arfcnic; had atintd up the mint^rc, Jnd ]W.ill'>»«d il- An 
fnncilCi conitlNling ot 9 vcruplc of lulpbatc ot ;tinc, and tvo 
gniRH of laitArUrJ aniimonyt woa imntcdljucly cihibtud. He 
<lbck*rged s conitdund^ilfT quuiiUy nf Add fn>m his bUMuNcit, 
The «ickDC5< wjn cncounu^ bv trpeaccd drouglui oi tt-nrm 
vacer, and milk lod wfiicr- He ftnfl^ed acvrtvly from « bum- 
lag Kp«M*oii in hi» itotnicht md tht vomiuug f^ntiftnetl Hit 
MboiK lulf paM njnci at whkh nmc he au «tKktd with 
dianbo*, attd comum ineliAMioD ta vioid arior. The pcua be- 
caov iplolenUc in hu bovcU^ tbe counduve moiioQ itt hU 
Knba w«rt sootc freqiKBi, knd hli puUe omhv fe«bk, but Mill 
rery quick- 

Aa it »«» otvioua liut pMt of tbe pouon hod rwhed the 
iiitea^ii«a« Cfiecn gntim of •cAmmony were given, Jid;;&cliaa ot' 
ftul|iliurvl of poLub wUf(di»»oKcd in j^ i^uJirCuf viicrp^vnd be 
w«a dcbircd lo driok ■ cupful uf thtt b<iluiliv» very rttqucnity. 
A dyucr ol v^irm milk Emd waur wu tJiiwti tip tu shield 
thv coots of tht iotcttibcK Erom lUe cunxjihe dfecfttif the 
niinend, Mid hii nuendjynuivere dii^eud to tnjtxt HOiMe VArnt 
gtud inio Jie rt^mni afier r^xb HOirX, 

TbcAc tticiuit Wf-rc diU(;i:nlL} ciiipb}'ed» biu the diieigi:toui 
Hympcotni wnmicd with umnrnmoa lapidity- The i^iolcni 
pK^B 9001k fluibdtied himi lui puUc ^unk> hii cxtrrmilict were 
coId,uid, oibuuiiwcQty minutct past dci-en^ after a drevdliil 
coQVubive Imghicr, hU limb* became tuddenlr rigid* and hf 

Tkit bodf vu opened about tivcJvf hotir^ ifur tlcath, la kIk 
prcatftM of Dr. Tctrj-, **lr- Wiloacr, »nJ Mr. Tookoy, of thi» 
tity. The MiXiiKh aad JntCiti&cs appc^irrd highJy ipftmcd, 
miG 4tu«UKh wu diLtcadcd with a daxk brovo ftoid; About 
(WO ounces of u>ca>c verc fbuad al its fuovt ioicrior pvc Hm 
vcncb ol tfac imwr £oat ol the ttoanadi looked «• dttoufh iIkj 
hjdbccDbvauiifdl^' injected. Tbc iiofnftcl) gciwniy w» cor- 
fugittd and puckar^ UlE laoro poxikvUHy m thjt part wkich 
UM id tontaci itith thf vrvcBC- Thv ur<nar> bladder was coi^ 
i/a<ud to iSc ^malbit-st of a walout. Tbc pkurai ol ihs kiBg* 
wu ^ith diffituEU' icparaifd Tionb tbe pleura ooftliU*. TIm 
hc«nw» fjiTnly Luid uDjvmiJLy ooitvil to dw ptncardioiD, 
.md ibe pefkordiunkiothtf pIcut4o[ the limgv Tbebraun WM 
not exanined* 

Upon idquirr, itwaiioitrtjUBcd diocth'ti anfortunaic yooiif 
mao fad purthaaai ocven ouavci of *<cty liocl)^ potrdcrcd 
arwnk- It u tmp*jKx\>U t9 «iHto the prccue t^uaaUtf sval- 
lowcd, a* the jriEpiTcoiitaiuiag a pom>Quf the Mineral wa» 
fouud uadcr bit bvtl, but wan thrown away btdon I wi« ia^ 
bnaed ot the diBcovery. Therr i» bowovert reason to be&cvo 
that he took more than four nuscc* of aiveiuc; a arGumitaacc 
thai rcAdily capbini the rapid ccrmiDaiMi <f( lh4 ooc, aiid the 
highly tnflamnoiory appcanmct: of the viiMra- 

'{"hc Bubj^ci, whose caie t have rtamfltdt paatnd tay cx- 
rimlnaiion as a recruit for the army^ and appeared hralthy \}w 
day on which he died* 

numtotfd hit Mr. S. 11. Mnrley, Surj^ru 

[Fma the London MtdictI Hfricw ftM-iMioWr* IK^O 

A Youhi: ivoman, twcaty yean of age, oa the tjih of J«Ijr, 
IHtl, tooli Ecu rfmchfati of Inudanum about eleven o'clock in 
the forenoon, whicfi wat not dibcomnd till oear ta'o in the 
al'temnon of ihc uime d^y. The vhole of the laudnnum had 
hista reiatncd od her tiomftch, uvrwilhitanding ihe had taken 
a oiTon^iolutlonofihc sulphate of vine. Wbeo Ifiru^wbrr, 
jiboiii thre< o'clock^ ^hc appeared much convulsed, her hmdc 




Java w«rc ^rm\y ctoted, her countcoancc of a shmlf 
poIvDUfti md «h< «r»« lotalty in*«tiiii LiU. A< tha mlpbrnc o^' 
xiiic had produced nv tficKX, i Kilijlma of the tulphiti* of cop- 
prr vftih BOBi« ipt<McuuiliJ wii'» givrn crery Uu mtoukE, unilt 
vwDLUDg; irji prodticvd. Thif ictnplcs aad uddiHU vtrr con- 
sUntly rrriuitcd uiih hu-uhom. and afiier the had loJten aboot 
direc doact of the solution, vomJciag come on, which In v<^inf 
(fegrce n>uicd her. By the o^aiitioce cf iwa pcnoni fJic tva* 
kept ODMumly wnlking cr nther drag^d >baui ihu^toj^m, 
4d Ac opcfatioD of the emcltc wa« prcimoctd bv druughti of 
varm wutcr. Not Ihc tlfghiMC mhcB or ifipcanincc of Imida- 
Tiufn could he prrcetTcd in ih<- fluid that ivitH rjccird* Sh« 
vonplaiotd of imupportabk dnvn^inrs*, and wi^nkncai in her 
kpcei, urging her inabinLV lo wall, and requeuing ihat i^hr 
naighf br allowrd to Jrcp. The emccif wa» repeat*'*!, hut no 
iuidanum van rrjrctr^' When the pction of the emetic had 
puucd, I cAQAcd her 10 drink « considrrAtilE- quaniiiy of vine* 
,.0r nnfl witrr* ^ull kcf^pinf- htr walkinc; oriaa»Entc of :i|Tit]t< 
linxif At Ifrngth she became Itss drowiv snd COimrdk rvf nin^ 

could waHc with linle OGtiiniince, but appcartd x^ry much ft- 
baoated. A niiaiurt with :LmmoniA Vin now givm. and ihc 
ma ptfrmJItrd in lie down m bed, but her atHodanti verc rlc- 
aind to rouse her frrquenilv during ihc xughl. Oo the follow- 
ing mornTngrihccom^ilainedormoeh pain anHf:onfiiAlon in her 
head, with numbitrai of her cxirctniciei, And her boMxb weiv 
ohatiaAtcly rottive. A large blUterwai appJtrd hetvcen the 
■houldent and airong doari of pitrj^iivev vem givcn» but 
iriduHit producing any discharge from th<- howdi> In the 
^mnng I ordrrrd the abdomen to be weD rubbed vrth Mklt 
and lo be fomcnied, whkh «peedtJy produced n copioun dis- 
(bMgc of dark -coloured and vety o(Tco*i«< tascet. The numb- 
ncaaofihpelDv«Tc-xtTrmiiief,wh]di indeed aliaotlturmountcd 
to paralytit, and an tnabnliiy lo contain bcr urine conlieuing, 
unapiicni werr applied to htf feet, nhath seemed to be of 
fer^lcC' Sha rctnained for (ome da) a in a very leihari^ acaitf, 
with pain utbe head, dlmncM of aig^t, and % couniipiited state 
of bcr bowcla. l~h«a« were relieved by the iiie of purgatii'r*, 
acd iht H oon ptrfectly welt- 



an ihf L'tt ^ Ml- Vxgvimi c««KAu^n^ mth OUtrvoHvaa 9n 

Xtriei f/Ejc^rlmcnUtonJ iihiitnrrf^ &i/ IS J'ialt^- By J- F- 
D. JowAi, M. Di ?klc«nb<T of the TtoyaA College of Sur- 
gcoo* </t LoodoQ. dT<t< pp. 237. London, 1805.* 

OUR cuTiofLity, carfy aCEnctcd hy iht Un^iortsmcc of ^c 
Mibjcdf mno^Kictcl ioOtp il^r, hiu bwnnmplvgritifcfclhyihe 
perutiAl of ibU tntcrcaiirtf;; volume, vdkh Ian left upon iMr 
Blind* rcry latoun^tc imprruiuoi of thcfriticfll judgmcw of 
the Blither, n% wcl! ni of hit utlctA far tx^rnmKXiat inqniry. 

Feir fiicu in ^Ky^iol^gy ttn vntvrf tiirif>i]», cir mure miFre^r- 
in^ to the nHliiriilUt, (han ^ho^- which hrtfrnj- tn xhf %T»hJ*ci of 
miEnal rcprotlijction. There ur Frw of higher iiny>onuce lo 
the lurgton; for thU knovlnlgr point* our lobim, tn many 
cue*i « &r»ct (hff clijfct and the Ilmiu (jfhU nru The proce^i 
employed SriiAture in the rej^t»<lucci';ii and rcunlc-nfif lepJir** 
led parti Mre ihe blrc«c lubjecli of nptrimentsil m<LUiryt ftnd 
(he IMiflLifi of m:inv Inacntout men htxv accordingly been rc- 
waix^d hy tV cUrivini; ot tKw a^nd iinporuot &cti. The ob- 
sfrv>i»on* and rtperimrotHof Duhamel, IfoUrr, Trove»»and 
M*Donald^ of Murray, iruhn, and Hunger; cf Crukkihuo^ 
and of HaJght^n^ lr;ive« IndeeJ, Ihdc (o d^hirt id (he def»«rt- 
mentk whkh ihey hflic examtned- 

Vroiii it\t moht p;.'rrccl iT9(cir;ition of a lu«t <'r ^(Uiputcij 
p;in, to the Uc^cri^nicm of ihe aimptem n^und, ue o1.iserrt s 
imiforiniLy in the uit^mpU of QaEUTC be repmduclion, or ■ 
KTk) of aniTog^ui rvcDU. vrhieh expoond torn the proccit of 
nature bi (he rqrroduciion and rruolonof the htmei, dad of 
mou of ihc i^fc paru of anlm\!i. Th« proccts cnptoycd bf 
nntnrc in «nppri-nik}n]^ the hrmorrha)^ from divided Brterie*, 
though perhaps of ;lTI (he ino«t tmponant to he fally undtncood^ 
hfl« Dot been an perfectly ciplainod. EiperimcntaaDdobiCrTa* 


< t-ib!i!/ rtijubliahed ly Ihotnu noLiKm, fljjbdelj^uv 

tioo«» md»d« hare HOC br«ik vorc e«g:lrctc<] here; bftdly ioaa- 
^ood, biywcvcr, and limited ia thtir lUrcctlfm, by tlir inHuface 
of Bomp hfpotljraiA to bf coo^nncri or rrfuUd. ih?^ JcM^c w 
villi unc^naiQ of the truth. Some litepAnf the prcicrivhivcbc«a 
«c?D or jiffiriiMd, vhiU othcn, r«tUAl|y importam and cf^iesU 
have boetiorctlcokrdoTdmkd. Liiiutcdob)erTaiJi^a,siidih» 
iocliaudioa to tinplify Uic mcchmfnn nf oiiture. Jure kti to 
ttkcomt fbu&ilccl CA lome one or oihcr of the ftCcpa of thv <Q- 
tire proc<n;uid hemorriiu^ hu he^^n luppoacd lo be nauirally 
MoppnJ by An obctjnumg dol of blood, by ihc cotttntction md 
crUptiion at ibc divided utcry icwtf, or by die luah«£MGCioB or 
iQJcfiioD t)i ilic xirtoimdmg ccllnbr Butitunce- Thu limiled 
tbeorlc»of PctiL of iVtorand, and of PouT«n^, ^vv riM to 
Other uibordbfttc h>-pothf»cs not more tAiiUWtovy. Uutrott- 
ing, lhn),thr«ir mtilit of partUlc^vtcrvarioomdof hMty con- 
jcctvre, to arrive *t ihr truth, it ww necruAry a^^ to eottudt 
iiMurehct«c1f, andbyancrle^orobscarvBiMiuaiid riprrimcau, 
earned oit throu^ cvr.ry itvf^p nf the ptrocr^t, Iroiu the lirat 
«ffaaion of blood lo ihc natiintl ^upprrMlon of ihi^ hemorrha^^ 
■id comflete dcatiTMtioa of the wounded artery, lo nurL the 
vatioin chaoga which nke plice, mA the order in whi<h ihey 
MOCeeed; a taik wUeh ha* bevn uodertakeo Ami executed, tvith 
«iqual scat, abtlity, and «Dcee*A, by Dr. Juact. 

T^c cxprri menu are imnKroua, hut nijl rrdund»LEii; tbeyu^ 
otO iji>agincd« ikilfully exccuic!^}, jiikI, toallappctuvnceifaUb- 
fuUy rcbited. The rciulu arc ftlto exhibited in I J neat vAgrmv- 
ingftt The expeiimcuc^ftrceompareclwith, and hi* oJ«erv4iion* 
ate uftcniijrd* illu^tntnl and cuiifinncd Liy, those of othcv 
eMincnt phj-aiolojji^U and «urgtoiia> Fu* Ui* cnvr oJ hU pn^ 
deoc«aon seem* <j> Suvr been d»if Uy thni of ifjrtng exf luiavcly 
one atcpofthe proce»vlaitturt which diey really did oh««rr«, 
and of hajtify condiiditig ihac they hod nothing (knher to look 
for. So iut Indeed, u they dkl observe, than- ofaMrrttioo wai 
Gomd lAd aceuraie^ txit ihii bcini^ liKttted to Mcor pvlieulju- 
perlod of the prootBi, they diO«tea«ly t4» the eormpondiog 
a«pacf AacrUaof ch«bgiBa,whkh r«aUr ctoititiaothe pmccat 
of ttacvre in mpprcnioff the henKnth«ge trom divided or 
wounUd anctirtb 

Dr. Jooe» having eiwnincd aad frcf^ly rzpoMd th£ defects 
Vot. II- :i T 


Anafyti€^ ktPiea. 

of P«tjt, MOTtmd, Sharp, Pooieni, Good), Klrkljnd, «nd J. 
l)dl« pn)c«n]a In ihc ntuicvi of s tchc^ of cxpcdniiati on dM 
anerin of bono mkI ilog», uuUftukta vtihliicvtwof «ie«r- 
laniiD- tb« procn* vnifilofcd fay iijtlura in tho ■uppmuoa of 
hefnantiage iron dtvtdtufditqrin, and the urdrr of tht cvcnu 
whieb connirate il- la Ukkc «xp«rim«iiu ihc larger wieries 
were «OMpktdf dividfd: the lupprcMion of ibe hemorrhage 
was IHl lo n*l«rc, aod the conditioQ oi the dirldcd vaud waa, 
in lh« dilTcrvM cuca, 04^ ertained by carHtd cnmlaatiott, ac dif- 
Ecmt periods, afwr tb* &nt <v«aatLon of iho haaiorrfkagc- 
rnKHiffh vreanu«rcffrto(h« orS^al farafdl dttaUofthoae 
eipennkcnii, we ahaD htrrc tfoott the foUowrng as examfka. 

*■ Tha firanorii aricrj ol a dog wa« divided, aad the iolegu- 
taeola were brought together, uiaExptriancat I L, the lectioiii 
of thcutcry bciogBkadc lahi^aak wa.t drtachcd* H^lf ui 
hour iStci lE: heaaonhase had compktely tcucd* the 69% waa 

'DincctioD' A«oii»idcrftblc ckxol^Uoodaru found boiweea 
the inWgun«nCi imd tli^ attcry, covtring both of iU ^iM cntv 
aahiea, and adhering to ihe hjwvr, aad to the paria ibout in 
the cKEremiticft of the artery- were nearfy aa inch Ui^Iaat from 
each other: abUtkcyluLdricjl coa^lum wu Fouoid Mo^piag 
up the nunitfiof (he upper cxtrcniJij'f uid EXiendiAg aM UoM 
one third of no icch down from \u f^*^ between ihc vtin aad 
nerve. Tb« moutli of tliii G:iLrciTiiiy wnv ^Ughtl)' cr>ntnitlaiL 
llv dit i^iun of tJia Jirt^ry ;ippvurt:d (□ h^vc bn:n oijkIe itHtiiM- 
(UMcly at ila coauBrxi<ia wiih the cellular tDembmnVk ihU ap* 
peanmccwai, CO doubt, rcndtred marc comptciebytherttrac* 
tion which hud ukcn placc^ There was an cflusioci <»l blood 
hctwceD the tftety and ipi thcath, la the extent of at Uan two 
KodKa; (hcra was alao a conHicIemUe Bffi»ioo i& ih< lurnwiiid* 
iog ctlliitAr menbrawi but the a^Vtff btid MC the »)ight«C ap- 
poanuKV of being f Dnipres«ed by it. On rattRigop^n tbi> pan of 
the vcvel, A long and vtty tieadef coasulnn of Uood v«a 
lonnd Wiihio ■:> vhuh by im oieam filled up its ouaal It «ny 
part, nor idhncd to ihc iatcrrsbt cokt of the artery, Hcrvtfwr 
I shall call ihli the lotenul ooagulucn, to dUlingiu«h it from 
the f iechieJ' 



ysaa «n ntmatrhoff. 



Lfamic four linu brocket of the inferior ponion of the divi- 
"dftd artery w» d«uchcrd froflo the lumNmding; celluliir mrni- 
liranr; lu lowub wn* much more <;vi-ittMt«d thaothc upper, 
jmd wa» sU|thi]y mmvd un onctidvi iiftdhrrcd to Ac clot» 
which lulled die vound, and Uf over iif md the mtcmui utagu- 
tusn vrju very nlcndcr a»d ihretdy. 

*Thf carotid artery of a hart«wnt<lJvl(1«l jvftii^ovc ft ligfl- 
mrc, vhich hnd hern mode ca it to yircvenc hemnirliage frocn 
ihat portion of it acxi the heart, aad thv, intcgnmrnfB vrcrc 
iccurcd by «ut(ircB prerioiuly pa»ed- Hia btcXKl flr^ired coo 
^I ai two or ihrrc inimTicrs, but ihne vcrr cloMit by addi* 
liocul AUtnrrs, and (he exunml htmorrh^tgiQ pnaomly ocascd. 
A Tcr^- \ar^ mmor in^uatly fntmcd, but 'm wie t9P«idrnib1y 
diminUhed in the coime oj tw<utj 'fvur boun. UliE aiuiiul 
VU killed ijicry^nit bouts «fur the opcntLivn. 

' DiuectJon. Tbr dot. w hicb or>t{L»aIly iUlcd tliv cavity of 
the wourid, And ditteudtd the inlrguiiLcolB, h^d nearly diup- 
pcorcd, hnring been either w^alicd away by the discharge or 
^Mirbcd. The cods of the urtcn' irere 4cpar^cd benteeii one 
and two inchcrt. The Mhcatli waa unj^ wiUi blocd to the ex- 
^t of many incbca. To ihe circiintfrrcncc of the cut artery, 
and Juai within it, the catcnt^l codgulunii conuvtiAg partly of 
lj-mph« pnrtly of blood* ailhered. Itt Eigurc wu cooicAt, and tt 
vaa lupponed at the mouth of the artery by iia iDiinaate co>n- 
ncxioa with the inner laniina of the ahfaih, vbifh^ Xvy the re- 
lnction'>riheBrtny|fbrmri]acBnAlfoririind it dcriT^d {»c- 
ther •upporionall indfVt from the hl^ud tflViicd and coagulatctJ 
brtwcen the inner and outcnnn^t tjimioa ol the *hcMh. The 
intEmal ooj^Ium U3^ an inch aid a half long, eurr«tponding 
to ihcdivtancv bctvrecn the extcru*! coogulvm wid ibe hr«t 
eoIbitenU branch- It completely nlled ihc canal of the artery, 
and bad every appcatwicc of having bteo Cbmcd bood oClor 
the operation. Ii inu i^uite detaicbtd. and Uy tvo inches above 
tlw cieeiial coagulom, baving, itt all prafaiAiili^,al^ppod from 
its o«i|$i»al tiu^Mion in baadlii^g the (jort* prcvkH» to the 
trtcr)' being opened. Sec pljuc 11. hg. 2.* 

JrtafyUfoi Itf^itm. 



divided, an<! 

nieau wet* broughE (rtgrthcr in the mumcr 4lrr*fly<l<fcribrd» 
The Aaimal tnt% litlrj oine Atryt ttHcr tht oprrados, 

' Direction. Thf Wftrmd w» op<tt, hut irt rictml mrjch da- 
mkiMhcdt ItB mHVcf *»* fftnorti of t thicfc laytr of very r*i* 
cilUr lymph, vhitfa htios drvidH,diico*«rcd lb« tniseatcd t%* 
trcmiiic* oTthc n^itry half aa mdi afori- The f Hlidv aembnuic 
nirrouMlxn^ tsich eitrcmliy of die i^ncry. far iIm tpftce of am 
mdi. w*> verr tniKh ihUkcacd wlih coAguUttd lymph* Tbi 
ttiprrkir fiortkni of ihc uury wm alighdy cofMnucCcd M it* cx- 
trrmity, whkli WM cornpIciEh- cImH, wid filed up ttith lynph* 
From thrt c1o«ed fKUe^mny rictfmdfd, aboiK two li«rt biTMdth, 
a amill mumUd vhUiih MulutaQcr, of thr cootiitcnce of^lly, 
wfiT(h| pvAhahly, vsi the rcm«iDi of iSe extendi coftgulum not 
fvt abwrbcJ- Within thi« pnrtioA of artrryvr fbuad % vmaH 
cookal coQgtilum of MckiiI. adnc^rd nt rta bate toihr tyvtph 
ihat cWtd xht mouth of thr arrtry, but DOt adhciing to, noi 
<rv«a if»pc^i»g to touchy ofiy oihtr pouBt of i» itfrnat sui' 

< Th« inferior czErcmrty of the artery wai much more coa- 
truttd than the superior, it» tcrmioatioa beiDg very iliiiioctly 
of the figure of a cone- Oncutiutgilopen. weftjuadiuiooath 
eompletcly ^uotncted, and adbcHag to the lyo^h thai do*c^ 
H- Att Internal coia|;uhim, umjlai to that of the tuperlor pot* 
tioo of itit arteij . «a> MUicKed Lo Out lyn^ph- The coab of 
both portion* of the arter)' vcrc vecy mwh tliJck«Qc<L See 
plate L fig*-!-' 

Not one. tlien, but a vantLy of ciicumuaocca contpirca m 
iJbc tsatuial tuppnrfsioa of tbt hcoMirrhafte from tfiviifeJ ant' 
TK%~ tV di^idrd artery rtmcU; aodconcniiti the force of 
the cimitatioa, after the Bnt impeiuoui flow of blood b gruhi- 
ally ireakeoed and redoced^ the blood u cfTatcd into the ceHii- 
lar tubitance, mxd ihc thraih wUhtn wftikh the divided artery 
had rctraeted; the elfuied blood is here tntangUJ, and the 
foondacion hrd for the formatioD of a eoagulum, whkh 6Ili tl»c 
dmuh tod cellular tataibnat, aod cveiitu;i]!y dosn uf ihr 



vouili of ihc utm-; Kkd Uib, which \% \amtd Oie extcraikl 
coagulmn, b th« ^rsccompTctc barT'crtnil-tccniiibOiiof MmcL 
*^'|liiBC«»|[utai». vicwf^d cxtfTDAl]>\ nppcArm Like a ccntinu*- 
tkodol Lbc>rUTy;bu«,on<uuingU|tthe>inery,ka tctmlMibn 
(rh be dmintUy iccQ wUh the «>)gti|mn complcicty OiuUic^ 
up in nwvth, and citcloicd ifi iu ahmK.** 

'Iht; Dcit Bicpta theproccst ii <he forauuioa of ihf f ffltfnwf 
o^[utum, i)jv <lot wfihLn the aicry^ a ilcodcr cxhJckI dot 
wbkh Lc« too«c ia (he srieruJ eAfiAl, md connecud « ilh (He 
itn«n> only ^ i» Iak> whirh, Ly lu circumicrciKCt U iligLdy 
Ut«chf<l coihedivJdivdeAXrvouty ofthercvicL The CorvMkMi 
of ibU bunuJ coa^um. howvrtr, tppcatt ui be merely u 
4;oniiO£eet ct<o< a tliv pro^mt, uid d4|H:nd» on (he nMMJm 
of tkic c^reuUtJ^Q in ihti put o\ th< irtcry w^kh Un bttvecn 
lfa« firvi ^oUaUrvl btwch utd the diT^idc^ «itrcnut}\ klicr ihji 
extremity hm tic«u cloMd, nnd ibc bcmorrhagc iloppcd b} ttu 
cncraat CDBgulufp- The Bgure aad iizr of the internal conpi 
lun v«rv Jtc^urtliiig lo the rfmoteneu of (he £nt coUatcnd 
bnmchrs. ud vhcic tfiia goe* off rery nejr u> the dltiritd «x- 
trtfnuy oi the irury, Uic iDUntAl dot \\ often oot to l>c IgMod* 
*^ Tbc iflf/riMi coopiluia contribute* DOthiog \o the suppnt- 
aioQ of benorrhogc in ordinary accidetM, because tu Joftna- 
iioa it vnccrtain, or, «bra fonned, it rarely UU the (an«l of 
ibe artery, or, if it MU th« cuiIt ik>n not adbcro lo tbc iutr- 
ttML of the tftcrx-** 

after, Am b otMerred, bctu-c«n llic cTiemU ami lO* 
rnay^uU, flUycrofennfiTiIkhLe lyvph, poured out by ch« 
ia4>nied ^fw*«U of the cutettramity oflhe ftrtpr^r, to the lAlcr* 
nal coat of which chU eonj^ltim of lymph ia firmly niuud- 
And Miw, hy (he gmdual coniniGtion of the artery, and by the 
cation of iyinph« the«e pitfm bccoittt laiinuiicly bioHUdlo* 
gcther^ tbr eanjJ of the »r1ery n obliterated, aod Ua extremity 
lofttiathemrTOuMdiftgpartSi Thui, thcfen^raryaippccaiion 
of the benocrhag* ia atcomplUb^d hy y\v: rvirM^oa aad eon- 
trajctioft of the arury, ai»d by the Jbrm«iioo of th« co^gula, or 
c&ot« QlUooOt/vrmnnen' M«i»riiy !« aftcrvjtcUobtaiscd by tba 
effuaio«,oan»olidaiMHi,aa<l orgMizatiOB of coogulablc lyapb. 
Hm artery, however, grnilually imdcrgoca other changeai " lea 
oblitcr^ited extreniiy n^ longer «llowMig the blood tt> cireuIitE 

$3i JMfytkoi JU^iftp, 

ikroygh itt tbe portion trhich Jus iKCwom tt nd the dnc ble- 
r^bcMdiit noibondiucfidcdaBd caciteilDo 4«uoBa«lbr- 
merty, bat ffmhuUIr conmcOt tHI m Icafph lb et\'ttf n entirely 

4ppeftFiiiic«.** " Ae th« KMU tlnv, the rcvnaHtafalc appnruic«« 
ai the cxirenity 4>f the artery uv undcrsoing k onutdcraUe 
dhan^; tbc extcnul coogukin c>f blood, whkh, In tb« fint »• 
mnce. haJ uoppc<l ihr hemorrhdj^r. i« shtorlwil in tbe coiirtc 
of ft r«w ilafB, soil the coi^Utins l)'m|iH wbich hid be«a eAa- 
cii uoutid ■<• and h»d produced n thklEcned and ofduni anil- 
BgiDOMi ippearancf JD the pftrt*, U (^rtdtully nmo'nd, and they 
aglJia flpp«» more or Leu covpkCcJy mcond to tlwir cdluhr 

Sudi ii the oudin&of ibc proecM employrd by AkAur f<ir 
th< *uppre«ion orf" bcmorrhaifj froKi jH^iOat artenev^ »» more 
hilly deduced by our Author from hit own ciperiACob Rnd o(h 
MrrauvDK, and which he very happily iOtutruc* and ton£ran 
by Kjttdk'iov* expo*ilJuii tndcritkitan of •oonc of i^nbBtrvH' 
dow of Pouieau, KirUuid, Monod, Goocbt Hoicv, :in<r 

L«t lu conclude, then, with Dr. Jottu, thM *<irvcniio 
toncjcruauidcr tbv »upprtMton of hcnortftagv «»■ iimiple,s 
maw niechiiiiad tffed* but v n pnxeu prepnttd by the coo- 
cuxnmt omI tucccsiive operation o[ maty cauaea. Theie may 
he brWty iiuic<l (o conAiail m (he retncikiti md coeiit!Mti<« of 
the arttry, the fumuiioo of A ooagulitm nt hi OMuth, the in- 
flaoiainiiaitaiadcoQaolidatjnoof ill extreeniiy byiBHf«k1rHi of 
eoftgiil^lc lymph vrtdun iu eaaal^ brtwHs Ita luni^ mtd m 
the ce&uUr mbataniee aurroiindinf; it." 

We nam fLVu to the Sd dupccf-of thia cn^tiac — "On tbe 
neaDt vhich nicu/e employ* for vippa<Mnog haOMTtti Age from 
pimetufrd or partiaihf jihidrd arxeriei; and on the pfoceuof 
repnr«ic<i which ukoa ptee in iho&e oncHe*." 

'The comnum conwqneQoe of m panctarcd ancfy, tn mutt at 
IcnAt, i> the fbraaatioo of oncvrnoi; and tbc e!LperinK<iu of this 
(hiil'trr were oHgrn&Uy iiutituted widl the vUw of aKertalniog 
the niuincr tn vhkh aoeuriiin it produced, and with litilc 
tnpe of wilncuiofE tbe cooipleie and pexfcct reunkm of a parti- 
ally wootkdcd atttry. But Dr. Jooci fouod ti ««rv difljcali to 



y^pta Ml lifmtrrh4£t* 


produce ftocwiimi ip ihr art<rici tti honci iBd dop^ on the 
coanArv, ho divrovcrcd that, when Uic trttry «m umply punc- 
tured, th« voiind often ckatrtTcd hy % proem of rfqumioo, 
iu«;uul (OotinaiDg pcrrinuA, »nd it» function* f^tire^ or, nvhtQ 
alugtrporttgQ of ih* rirruinArcncr^if (hcartcr}' imtwrniml- 
cd. Uut cither the cata^ of the sutaj hcooK obMfuocd, or 
iliM aconplciv diivtmioa took pUcc byhKcrMktfior ulccialioii. 
Wc vhiU tAkc(bc6dioftlibMric>of «3qwhnceUM;tn c«<| 
ajapl« of ihc dcacrixjtion of n punctured nvtcr^. 


** niootfodd artery of a dog vu l4kib«r<t Vkdakagltwli- 
nftl wound mode in it wtth a boctu wtibout noMving h At all 
front tt> utmtionar lurraiuHting atUchmc&u; aprolutc he- 
morriugB CoUotrcdi f^ imvgcotoiti ««l« >c«r«d up>9r)uakl> 
MB poniUe* widKion after thc^ trcrc fuoad dktanded with 
blood, and die U«awrThagG <cmc»L 

** S ate davB xittr ihU cxperioMOl the tninul wu kiUed, audi 
uu Buaninujj; tZie paiti, tlic cxteniai wuund wm found lobe 
voiy ncivly healed- lc» surface wm formed by a tj&tuUr Uycr 
of tjwkpiii The anerj wu i&jccted from the aoftt, and ^e ln- 
jaenu fued very readily through k. As it had beeo woiuid- 
ed ameriorly, I cut open lis poctcrior put, UoaBedtaielf oppo* 
>iUi to the wound* Tlie <«nal of the artery and the in^crfion 
weri; very alig^f namwed ju»t at thU pan; die rod*! oi ih? 
attny and the eutroiuading ceLialar mrmbnuie wtrr \ny much 
thitkcncd. On pickiAS awEiy the portion of injection wbich 
paHod throosh tbia part ol the ancr>\ ihc bn^iudinal woood 
waa Man to be complticly daoiiKcd. Thctc waa a oalbteral 
hnnahftliad with iftjection as one iidc of ir, and on the Mfaer 
» voy ihin laotifta of lymph, adhering co the iotrmnl turriKe 
of tbe Hftcry. Sec plMc V. fig. d." 

Bu£ if tlMM flbiMab had lH;en1oBgrTpr<strvcJ«if th<:>'had 
fully ruo voin d dwir bl<^od and health, if they had bc<n JiLioMr. 
cd to tecun to theb- wooicd Ircedon and cicrctie, nnt^t not 
ilicftc cicairi^ed arteriee have dilated toto anevrUnu^? How* 
ever this nuy bertha ptocoiaofcatttrUaLien,aa deduced £ruin 
ihcM cxpcf imentt, appear* lobe ihis;— ITip ihraih becomes 
If^icCtcd with hlood;the icIauvcpoaitJcviof the puncture in the 


jbutiftkvf /fevitv. 

j Bte r f ftnd iQ the shmh n aktrat, sa that ^ey bo lodiga op- 
pnir e>c^ othrrr a bytrof cotgulMeil Uood h f^n&ofv) b^ ^ 
shrMfa &vtT the pmcMre m tfie vtefy, and foritki ihr trm^r^ 
fif bar*I«r td fanhcr bwnonhage* Lf mph u onw rflturd un- 
der the coai^lum of blood, and ih? pnifcii nf iviv^rMion i» 
coittplcCcdlathciuuftlwsy, uUpcnnaacntAtcuriey^UoUuined- 

Thou^ \t ftp|9«m, from Ur. fond*! ttpcrinMnu, ihat tkc 
irnncEmrd arttrlcs of brute ftnhnolA nay this* b« ekaflriz^d, 
■nd thtirfunctM)n*pr«Aerved vnuTfi uoafr notloflaBrrovtrw 
ijelvcft tttth «qual aoecraa in ihc miri^rry of wounifed anrric« 
in tnaA. Although th«rc U niuli tra npptanncc oFricavix io a 
ctac qtuMf d fRMo Pclit, wr perfectly agree with Dr. Jonc*, ikat 
in ihc ircnDneDt of a TotmdH arwry, ** ia t.^try tmtt in vlikh 
ii cm be d^Mte, it b br^C to Tie the mttry ithort And below ihc 
woiinded pnrt^ and toftLi ide it hctwetn tl|c li|>atitre«." 

Chapter 3t — *' On ihr <^pf railcm of thelii^aciirei fAotraijj thut 
it* imiD^rLate rflVct h ta rltvtde ihe aaM^Uc and internal <nM% 
of an nrtf-ry whieh give* rUc to Ap »dlac*tve ieifliimnMilion." 

The experiments coouined uader thb bnid arvnowUand 
brgbty tntcreatJnff. In xhe^e, after c^qxwng the arte nea, Irgi- 
(ums irrre panted round Ehi^m, nnd tied ta the tuual wa^, but, 
imiDvdiatclyaflcrwaHii, lookcnrdaod vididnvnit the fre«doai 
of ctrculatton wm initantly reitored, and (be blood pftsaed 
through the artery a* btfore the applicuioo of the )igatur«> 
Yft, very shortly after, the artery became obatnxud, and w« 
erenlu^y cicatrix ed for tome way above aad bcio*- Bhetcthe 
Lisaiure had operired, and thai u ciTectually a» if ibf li^prtore 
hftd bcenaunervd to rcoiffin- The process b^ vbicli thn » 
brought about aeeoaa to conaitC of ibe foUowiog parta; The tn- 
tcrniit and middle oiutt uf the afitry ate ion or divideil by 
l)ic ligatuic, uii ub^ertatiuu hrat made by l>effault» and coo* 
fiffn«d by Mr. l^utiitiaQ and by Dr. |o«kn; the c|LVkde<l coata 
taflame^ coaguhblc lympU it pourvd out ao aburdantly aa ti> 
nbatmci the arteriul canal; above a»d bdow th'zt obitructiaig 
coagulated lymph there arc forntd fBuraal cbta, or coagtdm 
nt bTo^d, ai^ br a« tlir lir^t cnlbimJ branchca, which conpleu 
itm ob«truction« and at IcQc^th a!L tbja portion o( the artery bo- 
amca cicatrized, iHih tbt circumafat^cca mure fiilly expoaod 
hyouraodioriQ the nenclmpcer '•On theproccMof adbe- 






ikni, awl the rhin wiich jb artery iitoAVf onckr^on, » 
fixneqaoaccof thtappUcaibii(/(ih« l«gBture>" 

lnthocjip«rimeMBuiidBftiik«Duitharieir li7ih«mvciaKt- 
|«on of diii proccM, die tigaitirvB were apfilicd in tbe iwuaI 
■uuHHTf isd diowtd lo rvnauk, ilw kriery bdoir, in umac, 
divided benrecQ two ligMura, sod plfewtd lo ntmci . Mud, in 
Mbtf CMttt left undtridccL 

Prom the vbolo of Dr. Joaci*i cxperimirnit, it apptan ihit 
the effect* of tyia(f « uicry pmpcriy un, 

Iflf, To cut ihtough the tatumttl «nd middki covti of the 
iilery, *nd to briog the woaodrd curfanccs inio per led Offio* 

'Xfl/tTo occMJoaa detcnnintfion of blood ooih« colUconJ 

J^r; To oHov of die li^irnintkia of a coNflialtin of hlAod [luc 
widiiB cbc ^ncr^-, ptDvidrd a colUtcnd brin«b bi ftot very nor 
(he li^urr. 

■wA, To cxcioe inflanwmin cm ihe ii>tcrfiAl and middk 
con* of the onerybf having cut tht^m OirmbjiK >nd cnnte- 
qiWDtlj CO pvt rile CO VI cffwikiii of lymph, by vhlch the 
wounded ourfaocn urv tiniccd, and the r^nal >s rendertd imper- 
rio<n; to produce * *imuli«nftoiu iiiA^i^nniAiion on thr cohvft- 
(KmdJng vKiomal surface of the artery-, h)' which ttbcccmm 
veiy mixh thickened with elFumd }yihph} nnd» :it th« «mo 
tioMi irom the cKposure and inevitable woundio); <A the lur- 
nMandJng pan*, to occaskm ia>fl«iiunatioi] in thcin, and an effii- 
lioD of \yta^* whkb ooven the artery, and hurm^ dbt wrfaco 
of the wouBid. 

Mky To prodiic>e lUuntloA in ih« part of ibc arUry round 
which thr li^ifiire \* imnwdUccly applie<l, vri. itt cxccnud 

BfAi To produce indirecdy n omplHe ohiitcmkin not otilf 
Uif ibc caoal of the artery, but frvra of th< artrvy itMlf, to the 
enOaienl brwclM* o» bodt aide* of the part whieh faia been 

FfA, To give me CO an cnltr^niieM of die collaicnf 

A knovkdge of the chaoge* which am aitrry tiadcrgoEo, in 
coaac^ence of the ipplicaikin of th< li^urc, explain* ta tts. 

Vol.. U. 

1 IT 


ta ftwii^ ftMSii- of ihe camtei of Mtoodvy htvorrha^i tfWKC, 
at Wm, vhtth iJqieiKl oa dio irapropn form md applkooofi of 
iIk LiftaciuVt Aodt "tdi vuBicr ray perxineni rrmar^a on ilm 
wblcci Dr* lone) bringi f^i crutiH ioa d»N 

Ii i« prrnvd by tome cxperioMiiCs of Dr> Jonca. ihar^ lo 
proiliKr ihfifte chaafccA m the menr which tcrminacc \rt iW 
BJhn&oo ol' in ouu and ofaliienttm of u* cuui, vUcA It ii 
mrolijfstto »um by the pfoper a^plicktkm ordw li^iiH*, 
it ia ■rcMMry lh«t the inttvnal Jiad iaicklJ« coipth nf iHr «rt<Ty 
br cr>mp1otf-l)- dj*»dcd by the ligftttire ; ukI hciKc ihai itirta nnd 
modfl of jAppLicaiion, wfaidi an bcu cdleuUicd in pn^ucc thn 
rvquuiir drvnion oA tht toternal fOUh nwi hv preft^rrvd* 
Large Guili^iurvf Arc ibtrc fore Inproptrj round Jl^tnrv^ 
vhwh mn tnall and tiilBcivuly hnn, arv pnirrutitc!; thev 
khrniM h? ptrfcrclr rcf^uhr- No pavt oufhi t^ be inducted Id 
ihi? U|pM\trc 1>Tii ihc artery. Cdr« dioctd be mkco tone the 
iture whh mSicienc fbrtc, znd alwnya » atariy ^ posilble jn 
idireetu^n pcrpcndicutv to ibe axis oJ^tbc ancn^ The itiery 
Itself should, \u cvcr>- o.'x, be u little p« pouiblc dcuehed 
from the TMtghfaoaHoi^ pam: flii^|ircx;icH«oce tiMdiBcov^nd 
any bdvantigc in the tnodc of lyBqp ind divUkkg: the nnvry 
bKWMn two!i^iiiTr», Ih. Jonei b dj^osed m ihlnt tint ihU 
vdrimnh^' cnmiBi^ in <h« Anvry b«ia|f Ircd doM lo tbc part at 
which lt» cottnciuiti wkh ihf turreunclia^ celldlM membrane 
hcomplttti whereas, wbcn 4 sia^ ligature Umcd, scomI* 
derftblc poruoM of ifac artery U dcDiciietl, nd the liipttBR, pe^- 
hapn, applied In thr ccacrc: or, if apt»i«d u ihc uppf^ nid. srl)] 
Aar renaloA a roniidcrabte pori^ao of <Lrtnched vtvry bcbw 


Fromthi^ forq^in^ Rnkl)F«i^ oar read«n will li^'n^SlcdtO 
nntldpatc the grDenl *nctin of tbU excdknt tn^EiK. To ua 
It ffppcan & ivork of onomnnon merit, ml we do«i1it not ottr 
JudgrncDt will be oopfamgd by trrry ooe who, aftrr an ntvn- 
tire perival, eoiiAidtn tbe unimual Ubour bciiowcd up^A It, 
the grrat (Tumbrr of ficu conntncd in it, the exceltetue of ih« 
plan by \mch. 3II th«<^ fact* nre amoged, the pi^cdfte mhI ac- 
curate derelopnieRt of the Tnoati«portampnKeuc*,of whech 
very ifttdeifuaie >vh1 cnnfaird noiiowi had been formerly cfl- 



HnvarJ «n Crner^* 


I, sndtlK MuBnyand fid«tfty triili whi^h the^have 
iSutmctd \>y iht icttured htts rdating to tbne colkcicd 



Pracficfjt Ohaertathnt ^n CtTiwyr. B'j tkt iatr Jom* Kovakd, 

SOlUltctiu hkhf no b««» auomplifthcd (owd»ihcMcniti' 
4hiffii of A cc-mfikic knoWlcdgf of tbt naiurc of cancer, And ihc 
ti^catnieni of (hit (ii(i?>tk« if. vuU **a Cir from l>cMg itilcrably 
niuccfl&rul, tliftt » vUf field U jct opr^n Tot tbc bboun af tbr pa- 
tHnlf)^iM at^ft ^c npcrlmcai of ihc ptneiiiMim-r; rxrry MEcnkpl> 
ihcrcfon, lo futdU^LEc our proHT^itit >n i^" imponnit inqulty 
cuinoc bucbe rtccii'cd vith %;iiUfAciion S^ <hoBc who have >\ 
heart th< Advanccmmtr.f the hctkici^ nrt. and (he aUevUcioa 
of huDun %utT<Ting- I'lx opiauoiui and eiLpcrUncc ofa mrseoti 
Rittcb occupied in ilir imimcnt of thU dii^aic <Aniioi fiil of 
l>eiii|[ lotccieMiag to his pfoCrMiorul hrcthrffi; and although 
the ADifaor ibi^ BOt have ihroa-ti murh aidditian«l li^ht on the 
nature of c«nccr» we conccire he hu ftlTorded m^ny ji&pottuc 
hinCOt cJikuliUed to induce vutjcoo* to adopt a jndicioui aud 
improved method of trcaim<nL A r«ry imforunt »icp^ picvi- 
oua to ihc iQve«tigatioci of ibr cau«c« uid prograt of canctr, 
u« toddliitguithilfrewoihcrdiKaKi tcnhich U bcar*r«»ai- 
blaace, or m'tih vhkb tt may be coafcniiidcd- Our ^uiliur Iim 
Altecnpced to do thk, DOC by jif iog a focioal definition uf the 
ditcaie m a fcw vorda, but by deiciibtn^ the vartoua cirtuin- 
lumcca under which the diictfc nott frequently occon, ths 
IcTopcfatncat or ccoitituiion, tbr i^ and habit with whkh it 
i« grneraUr accoit)[Mii*cd. After vtauog i1m« caocer ii orrgin* 
kIIjt a dWraac of ■ gUnd or jUnda, aoJ de awoatruiaig ibal the 
^andolar ajtteiB occaptea a very cfttcniivc and intporuM pan 
in the aaiaial euMkOmy, die Mithar cnlen into ania^i/y* wbr- 
ihcr % (cruio reUtkj« doca not cju>t between tcrofuLi iuid 
rancer^ the appearance of disease in tfac cue furtu vr thd othei 


Anafyival SfVtcw* 

ikprtklifig opiw ifac age, or otbcr circaiuaUMc« oi ih« iodrvi- 

" Fmm die moai cartFoI nfaaarrvtoaii I b»^ been jJ>U to 
make, for mmy yean, U has appeared (faM a luii^Mr q>( Uh 
moat deplonblc oica <tt caacer, cowanla ihq dtttisa vt Ufa* 
have ti«<B i» habln apparemly Mnfaloua, Cmn iliB covpfeB* 
kn aikd Tram oihcr drcoiEUUnDn* Jt ha» bc7& adatUwd, that 
ACi-o/ula in isftficy, childhood, and duriog the progrcai of Ufr, 
towrarda puberty, is cliurauufizcd by dUTcxcDC ifficaniicca 
frooa ihoKT of more advaa««l age. Not that I mcMi to any ihnt 
«aoocr UaditOM uholy speaking of the lyanpfaa^c gUfidi; 
far U 1* ^nvrttUy ao aflecuon oi other glanda ol a very dlffer- 
eot ktadtand detiincdto a very d^ffenaii pix;tpaac in ihe Jtaimal 
ecODonj. fiueti lanevenbclcii probable dial the lyApbati? 
lyvicoi, if DOi die tynphttit f^bittda diewulvcs, at a late pe- 
riod ol bff, IDA)' hm an 'mn<d;«te aod mav connetios with 
thUdbfiaC' Wc Lqow wcU diat ji wuudctful aitraction may 
laLa ftace frqia ngr, not viiJy ia tbe nerrc?, utcika, uid veuu 
of tba hunun body, but id crrry gland ikirougltoiil die Itody* 
and in e^try rUcitf in ii. |i n dienfore probable dial dir lyin- 
phatict are the ott\y urbanized part» exempted fhwi thb gcBe- 
rU diaogvf Scrufula haa been luppoaed, at hvt eutfy b life, 
to be a diaeaae of ihe Eymplutk i^Mein imkI lyaipbadc gloMla. 
Tile dUoac. after puberty, Auii during the aUlc of tnanhood, 
aad alio during die laidpdle ^ate ol Utt, in neu and vometk, 
may no longer maiiifrtt die L^me cbumcter. 11m orignud char- 
ACHraaay be bleaJcd wiLh othci diheaieh iodic «y»(cni« aa^^ 
CougbkCoetoiMapiiun^obauuctJonof tike oicMuteric ^nUt, Scc*^| 
B«tlUe< in I'Jc, vihru ■lucadu&e jjc <Ui\\ uktB£ £jJj-;r in di« ^ 
hdbii, and in iu general eeuiiueayi the Ii-mphitk ^Uuid^ in 
co«a»oo widi -Al odicr gtaiid[iul't]xbody,utidctsorenArk:ibta 
ehaiigri. The lyniphatic ychcU UiemBdvaa are coe^ncclcd with 
every gimd uf ibe boUy.ud they are itataKiitial ttt m^atM 
nennea, axunn, omI vcioaj Lbeae ibcirforc may be infiuesced 
by dene, acceded, o« age, jud may ilaotindergo;t chang<iand 
tbat oi a motfbid kind. It has been gettenJIy ■vppoard that 
acrofLda, aa baa been autcd, ii n di»eai« naoit prevalent in div 
more early pan otltiti if U be adntiocd dmt ii may remain 
qa'tvl fur yean, may ii not aftenrarth asauae. m tbe aama 





&(jn, vcw toimif T^ cater into tlir i.Arl«t)' of fartni which 
U(l;wuu maj' as«tiHic,iiou1dbr bni^ (i> my puipoMi but 
Jrum (hv pivvflleucc <if cancer in scroftaloui hsbiu Um in life* 
1 am ccmvinccd liiXC lhi« it a common lenbiniUioD of il> 

^* Scrvful^i 1]4* bccd lou^ tdKv«l, by iMeliigcat men, to b% 
IVetjUKiiily u Ji*r«diiMy dikcAK: ikti from tc^ine woaikrftil 
ciMiiddcoM* it may lie liunwuii moiic child uul be active iu 
uioihcn and thai ic iuji> li« tlorniuiti fur a ^£ii't<iticri even, 
and nvivc in anotlxcr* If tluic be b<t«, vh^ may it not afao 
be iQJUtive in ibc namo individuil during ^tc aiLildle prriod of 
life, idler hwbg manifeaUd it^ thanctcr ia infancy, ;ind OO lO 
puberty.* aod why maj Uom relurrv towiini» tbv tUditit n/lib 
Ld ft new fom^in the fom of um»r^ Cuicen of the ibrnot 
aad loii|u«, I HUptfO, hav« ihu« onglnaiedi and unun of thu 
utcrua, and of llio bnva(« of vuuca at mi adtinted period. I 
liave grnki raaiicfn lu IkUcvc, en luAny iiituot^cs pa»tak« ol the 

A Hiaiiair citmr-iioa vt ix\io uid to «t4«t between cunccr and 
Uprit« ciephJiiiti4»ia, and hcrcdviaty ditcafte» of the ikm-, or 
Umt thae 1ati«r may prove ei^cr piedi^ponvac, or cxciung 
CBiwci of cwKen I'ut t^(^ propcbitio* is by no mcoin rUarly 
r w hfah c d. ladeed, ta trr^in^ of the cautrji ol cun<cr, nc 
Ihiok Uie MMhor n pankidarly nbvcnre And eonfiuHi Aor do 
wc conceive dnt any uiis^tory ■afonvHtion cm be derircJ 
frtm whntii here iaiddovn cm thff sub)ccT' 

*' Thinv »oem9 to be k predttponcnii iLa txtlitnf^^ and a prox- 
tnMe camsc id the (itMkiciJao of rrcry cftncfr. Thu4, a bloir 
oa A glmdultr pan may bfe the predhpncMfltcamr.bnilhee^ 
citing cnusit may be whairrcr h capahLe of purtbig ih« fir»l 
come into action and fnnkrr m<^fkm. Iflukt a numbernf 
pcnon«,>ad «uppau them all to lore nerived injury by the 
predii|icncnt caiiht above m^EMtoncd, ihe ptuticuJtr hcbiuod' 
ibeacpvnonaiBay coneiawuiiiliariri lo e^rry on i!ie EfTc^i 
of ibc Uow. Htre then awk btrrdiiary fliApuition to cuneei, a 
lcaod«ftcy in Iqm, to cotoncom diiea»c»i or what arc lul^irly 
ealkd bunoara^ by a kind of ntiaojaia to th< injured gbnd* 
may btcoRtc eiuhiDg camci. Bui v^caooButli accident l]ai> 
happened^ dieie ireof iniinaty considenuion, ■□dmfty beprc- 
disponenT lo nihcr cAsters: and ire niiat lot- 1 diewhcre ibf 



ifc( eiciiing taufi«, W« know thar m wtrmen, at t^v adnnoM 
10 a ttna&n prfind, ■ rcnivkiAile dteraiicMi of Mnxitirc u^fa 
pUev in ifhcid^ibr |MK<; Ui^m bn thr brfut, wkich wrrr tle»- 
tlttfd fv ch«iK<ririioin of nUh, hccoar utel«>i: utd ihvuKrme 
Itlucf « srf n» ipngrr inAomccd bf iBt^MniMiosj Rdded to 
which, other rhaDg«« do frcqumtly Ukt pUc« to. Av amw f9t 
riod itt th« irhol< p4t<mi « gvncril tcoaony of th« bodjri 
«Ad tfaracloilincrnan^ women H>tff7«i|>dM,gau(>rivu«)autiii, 
iAiknM.aMl ui«D«(gHtiDflM in virion* paitAfbui moRparticn* 
Uaif kt iKe Up, Awry of tb«ie diffrrcttt aflodkina may be the 
AUchlaifE «au*ei ihw, (rhM vfrr Afccr it blow exciting c«w««, 
ma^ Ih- prrdnpoa<9t nmdvr 4ilFGi-<nt drtrumttmcctt. when no 
varh accidrnt ha« twr hafipcucdi and in diiB light I mimi con- 
MdcranhareditaTy dkpoffiinn io caccari flCcfidcK^to lepm, fo 
cyiaBMU9dhrut4»or whit h»-e beta tcroMdhunooutv^aijire' 
ifiu-wvnKirrxciiuag. tnia<facvti,<heco-of>fratioaofthep>re< 
dit^ucnt, tfuh thcrxciiJbgc4u.bcpr<Klu<F*aikurd<iOfe vhkli 
najF be <alkd die proxinutc m ibc fonnatioo of a xirrluit, 
whtdb i talc tit bv th« Titii ^vrin, or begiankug of caiKEi." It 
is tiirelr coMran' tu tbr ^mcmtl) lecnvcd notkui vf ctoMaf , 
to «Mn 4 blifw th« prt^dufxaitiit cauu. Jiad the pm Jou* sum 
otihf vtttttn ibc rxciiios uuwt ii U Uir oate of the »y»ma 
wlikb comiitooly ddcrflitnea whether tki» or ihatdiieaic ihail 
t^praduCTvl by anacctilnMallaJury, whUh ta the cantc that 
KtiuDy exflir<L the dianac iMo MtkiQi tbr herwlicuif tliftf>ou- 
liDo i>canc«r, in«ccad<irbcing, ai theauthomya^thcncdiing 
ULtJM ladrarl^ the frtdi^pani-AL, «iibou whJrh hmdiMry 
dUpOAitioo, ih4 ar^cmal rjt(>», hJa prcdtapoakctti f:aiuef woold 
onh' bJiTe pnMkicrfl nimpfi: t^hlrf^moA. 

Atnongl^ir <auac«nf<Bnn-r, tniitialciiivhavcbertirKtoncilt 
but Mr* Howard don noi ^rrcn dUpoard U> adnh thf ni }mo 
thr 1»t: tber havr Keen found to ciitt is ibe humEn tuhjrct 
wiltiOUl pmducih^ ttLneer* Nrithfr in ihr author aatUAe^'tbot 
hydalich hxvr aey conncTiion wiihcaeicerj inoaeiiiprnthcm, W 
4aw an hydatid appearaner of the mDuIv nKmbrhnc, diTring 
ihercmoTnloftfiabnaatuhelcnife hftving oaade afliri-^onof 
aoft, not ofglaDdnlart paru, wtiich looked nuich ViU hyiUuJt^ 
when cut lAiiavcraely. lUa drtunttvicc wai coiwideted by 
llie author » a pMAtliir miri of the di*ea>t baTrn^ cvtendrd 


HsvrorJon Cancer. 



•otlw cdlulflT meinbranc. He never rc<oll«iFil ham^ %tett 
«ucb m sppcftrwce before or «iiict. "^ If the eniMrof i^mrc^n'- 
cera," «ayi die author, " be a »ifttt, T Hvipect it » nM »»Tkriy 
tpeahiDg Ml ^encru. eu ibe BnuU'pox, htrT vi arflrciion of the 
IcfTiMSfffr of lll*ede|khi«Uait kindi and thUmay, mttome 
wiCM^FL, aecDimt foe the gr*^ (tcquenc^ of iE« rcputluladoa." 
It to nM mdeac how ibe fr«<ittent rcpuEluUtJoii <jf ibe dbe^^c 
can b« man eniily «xpla'incd by wppoiieg tht canctro<u vinii 
to pan^c of the nacure of teprit, or ckphantiaili, itiBQ If ibr 
caiiAe oT Ae dbeaM wrre, *• « p*«hifc1y the eme, a v\ra% tui 
gmfrw. Ift cither mm, while the prediipoticion <xi«tcd m 
the lytteii^ the iliaf aw wouki l>c eatUy fcprodttced by the *fi- 
pKcMJop of ibe aitcitit»^c«uic«. 

Of the [j rogre ** of the ^mrattt: from itt %tMt of »rtrH>u»« 
which periwpd at first miy be oonHh^rl to a iHn^\e nMlbry rxt^ouve nUenttioo, ch<aiuhor bai gfrctt 
ajMtdeacriptidn;thc Colk>wioff dbiorvatioui we thtnk, claiaa 
couHidcrable nttcc^n. 

*■ The tunuiar havias mcrcoM^, or growth toioch a ute, 
Otut (be tkm cu do longer bexr lu pntunj Eorw^rdi, it gitei 
wi^, and fbt canctr it iTica ttlotn^Q. or alrtady idorrat«it. 
Wltm nkvrated. it imy «pmd vichrr alowlj or rapidly , isd 
die wre may be smaU ot Ur^e* There i** hovever, a circum- 
■nuKC 1 bflvc KiiDcuni«».Men, which ii ao4 an immediaie and 
lUrect ukention (I meaa act a deep one), but on eaiMladon 
ttam ihe pores of the akiv, foUowed eiUier by ao cxcoriauon, 
uruabv^rbotb. Tliiaacab, or criiM> defend* llir part for iitiinr 
froa (urthrr ukeratioO) and btm* lo check the ^rowdi, in a 
movure, in cobmi aaO alter ch« figure of tha tvnow to other 
caacfi lid I have tometimeo teen it tack down ia the roiddle 
of the mnoor, haringadikb, reddened, har tk aed dtcumfe- 
rcMe, like a wall roond it, approMhiap aoncilmcs to a figorc 
nrulv clreiilar. To the formaden of ihbnnih I invit<Ie*irT 
thf reader to utefMl pirtkulaHy- It tnay be Dorucdered as ilie 
work of naiiflT to retterc benetl, w bich gircs aoma rtivpfic tA- 
the pntKoi from the more dltrrc»ing rav*^ r>f chi? dhca»; 
And i( M for a lunc, at kaM« a ^lefm^fe from irriucion and ftir- 
ihrr iilceratkiiw I h^vt Innwn it rcoiain lor akfintfas and year*; 
und it 3upcrvdt«trn voenr meaHtrc.eirerv tofticAlappticatio?!^ 


dnaii^tkoi JirviffHik 

'niU» hciiir«rer, r«ik onir tut for a pcriodj «nd if it be picked 
dF, <n oibcrwiK vriuccdt rapid uioemioik wiU imbably fnlkiw- 
Bui it mar lMfi|icn,laiomecui%ii>£idlttfl4«MlukbErcnftocd 
Iran time lAiimc vithout much iocrviM; of imUDun* Ai int 
It a hard, aaH u wm bcbre uid, crutfjr; and diAt eimt ouif 
ioctcaac aa dw <litcharfce iae rcatca and aoonwiUftea^ h v)f|*a» 
haa^^rct by dcgrfc;^ aod at Uaj^ bocofon a alou^tli. Let xkot 
diJivapporalriBtagcircuinMJtncci fbrilw praJoAgabon of life 
drpvHb OB tlyi acab« in » far av h thecka the progreat ^f ihc 
diaoaac lo ulocfatkni^ whkh laitn-, when oner ettabluli«d, if 
■iir« ici kad to faial oonMifaeiicca." 

iIowYv<r Mnal) ma^ be die orifpoal ciunot, it Mldom £u]i 
ca rnnkd iu rarogea to the net^hbounng glaod*; the ^uid 
piogFcaa of thr di»ut, th« author dwaka,nay dcfkcml on a 
IJlandDlor aym^thy or annKtiont Dr, he mtft* ibe tnberde nr 
(Uttd arkay be compared to the bulmia too* of a plant in the 
irth; or lo a fun^i« ot tcad-naol aa ihebvk of a tree, whk^ 
rgcCMch ^ttrvcty divrciion; for fungui eacrc»ecnceaan: rnm. 
■MMQVtbobarlof th«MlE,chclarTh, andonoilKTire«. What 
■» JAoHhory vart^hutaa curcacetKc gmwiDg in the tkm, 
oud eocnmoa intrguincnTi' THeae, thotigh not canccrout, art 
«peC>ca ofmoThtd antma) \'t|{;fUtkm- The atithor anrihuie*»ki 
wmc mcature, ifae retntn of the di*e«*e« after the oprraiiuo, 
to MVcof Ok \c\iut^Mta'm% oM'ool8(nn'Jiif;b««nkft|wbich, 
in tiirir, viU c^try on the prafogaiigci of the dbetaipr, although 
die si*M ongical cnaM of niadrief be eziitputrdi. So farsa tbc 
ictortt of th« duc^c II ei«ciod m that manner, there dors aot 
reifulre the pvcteiice of leproua or cIcpbMiuatia virvi to e^airt 
iia reprodiictioo, it nniui ei^DalJy lake place il the <anc«r«iiB 
lirut IK one t^iigcnrfh^ 

Cancct EUHv sJIkI vvigufc pHrtt of the body, aixl die symp- 
ivoaaand pioftici» mil rai>^ accotdia^io ibc pMt affecKd. 
'l~he mora ^kwrotmpvd poogiCM of llic dUeJAc* the aothov 
ihiakft, i 1 aht> inda«DC«d by ttte temficcMKM of il^ t«ilLvidual -, 
d»c rapid progrew of aciiTbouatuaiottnuBwn particuWly rV' 
markoblc mfaa Homeaof aiattgukwotu toMperaAent, ba- 
caute abcb are oonttttutkioaliy anbjea lo iftBananuAon. Ttic 
diiteau freqocaidy atiackv dUTcMikt iAdividuab in the Mttc 
fanuly^ indiutkig lltcrelure an hcreditaiy prcdiapoanionB'ft it; 



ihward m Cimcfr, 



wbtkftomv mcttibcnof thcmn« family uc alVrcrcil with ncro' 
lnlA» oilwrf with Itpn «r tk:fih*ntja«ii, jmd otbns triih cnccr j 
whenndw auibor jiulgM,th«t, ia mch circuiMitaBco* th«r« 
IB k cotrii gig lwa of caacv, ri«phaall«ftit, anil tcrorulj, m the 

WbcilKT ifa« afa«orpooii of cvm«tou» OHtirr ero qUm fil>cc 
|»eriouaioiilegT*6ap,ia«iwi<ccr of coauidemblc doubt; nar 
doa die onifaor anemfil udetcrmiae U)«qiw«ticn: UiAC ifa«or^- 
tkn don t^e pbce ii^cr iklccrmloa, m cinriy aiccnaiacdf dw 
pM^Bgttica of ihe dineatc during iu fturrfioua uatct i* at- 
tributed by thic Authcr to irriintictiy citcodiaff fram o«a g;Wul 
t»«QD<h«r, which, even bditfv ulo«rvi<in, may h«vo o<ciip«»d 
>a ^rtM an mcD4 a* to ^rwkoM aH hopri from an operation, 
fivvry cunourt it b ob«ervcd, xpparcntif of i Ktrrhoui kind, 
may ootbt caac^roas} but vvuty cuncct In its incipicm Btatv m 
mlf ■ acifTfuH: itiii it adiitiDctJoQ of grcm intporuoce in 
pnctke; arc havr, buwwBT, noafaaolobi mart; to diqiingtiiih, 
JD the novl fBvly ACal«t »iai/fA>vi| thow tcirrhattbichaTopoc, 
from thoBcr whidi arc cancvruua. Thv 8g« md tcmp t i a m Bnt , 
awi ochf r circiMwIaucvit muat b« taken taio coondcmkai m 
farmbg udM^iioab* A* a getierd prauical rule, the aoahor 
■00— r qr later, udte pUoe it) vTery such gUod}, wbm ii is vrry 
jUMoA antfffrfKUtf n«orai(/p, ihaa io oufrr H to remaiB table 
m iocreaK, md become irritaUe from a mtn proecM of oaiure, 
aa waD as ln« ucjdcflu- At the laaa lime ha adodia, that 
avan u inc kctrrfiua may oAcrotiato remaua quiet for manthf* 
attd ffvcn yeaia* Probably, during tins iis %atjt of qina»ace. 
It would bv adi itaUc bo make trial of aa«vi» lo discuw tb» 
tomor, whkh, if not cmoeniui, nig^ apeedilf ykMi aodi mi 
casa of itt bdog nolly cancerQui and not ^eldlag, Dodung 
trouU ba lou by tite triaij theoftcMtkai mig^be liad racoviaa 
to wbtMver the tunor shoBU nditbit algaa of iBcrteae* Thu 
method the eudior haa in aavaral inUtteaa adopttd, aad vidi 
coauderaUc nicuia. Indeed he has iBuilrModhivopUtiona by 
u ggme number of C4an, aaaiy of them \*«ey iMtRaEing Mnd te- 
Binieiiirr. 11 it dimilana for ^t managemevt of icirTht, ia ih« 
early BliQn of the diae«ie, arc judiclotit asd Jmportanr. We 
itnll it>ie Komc nf the nnofti maccriol in Ehrauibor^t own WArdv 


Am^Ufikvl Mfwi»- 

*^Wbalcvcriiie«ttarE emplofcii Ip keep quiet a flud tUr 
Oicd from a blow of bniite. in cjita vticTc An Opcmioii wUI 
fmt be auli«arttc(l to, ili« rale «f pvActiec of cndnvouriof- tu 
UlKiMt il, or prrvm lU iKrcaM, m aa rurttf fierwd, bulib 
{ood, Feom the litt? uf ifec acddeai, il t^ould Dcvor b« iMag- 
keCcdiOrUfltoiucU- AffdlcvEiooi ol ii Mitefvc :iad (Ktculacnt 
kuHi ihould hv bad rccouwe tu iaoKdnMljr' Pft«aui« iVom 
tbc tufislioulilliv goardcil 4^in«( ; i^c bowdtihooMbe kvpt 
opcn« Mid a (ooling rtfitnen vDjosnctJi wid il may be nec««s«r^' 
U> draw biood TopCAtcdly by nmDc tJ U«choi< It i* bcforr ul- 
ccnnkm taltv* pbucc, tiax Iccdiv auy be applkd, ux Mint ^t- 
tina liroH ibe ittjvrvd pun» and aEvrwdi to dw |nit iivctf- 
'Hm Bction of c]i»miieMi la promoting tbc abwtpticHi oE bk>od 
cstnviMMd from braiMv. ■■ gvnvnilf quick* II thenfoit die 
above mean* should fnil. ciiber to ^c cMn or to remove anj 
kudiKftA that way remain, bluicri nuf bp repeatedly applied, 
vhidi^by Mimolatjag the »kio, and prodoiiing a coDMdcrablcT 
aerouB diKharge, will pnibablf' prevent die iniured pit Itori 
Ukiag UB A diicjacd actioa. Aod where the injury hu bcca 
neglected, and where at a diManc period pain, eoiajfCDKvitT 
or prrUnntttTil ftiBor** hm i^keii |>Ucr« the like ncaM mqr 
be bad TCCOttticCutJ^'^iCit/fiJBrjUdrtm^rtfrrMniiii. A*id,widi 
the MOM precaution, ■» warm >ea-badt, or ctca the ctMUAon 
warm baih auy be employed. The iauncrkino ol die body 
drawt tbe iLrcuiiiion aiod acrtoui poorer to the whoW turfacc 
of the •kiBi aod iBCrcatea tlK tcoftihlc and ia*cn>tble penpin- 
tioB from ibc CQtuirou» gU^ds and p<vo«i it relaxn oot only 
the injured pvt&i but cbe ftvttem n ^ncral; aod tbua, I eoA* 
eeire, rebo-ca by <au«ia^ a powi^rful te»o(uiiooi bat It It very 
probable Ihat sea^waler, n «el] » tome minenil wann haihs, 
iK? HniTOWgaic foe icMance, may ha\e Ji >pcei£c >e(ion tlldc*- 
pcodent of their t^peratioo at vxtm wMeT*" 

Tht avlhnr nddi, ■■ 1 ana «troagly indinod 10 brIUve, due s 
jodiekoi Uid cAicfol trial of the above plvc> when the coai- 
plaint b oot proceeding with npadvly nnd pTOvidcd there be 
uawfo4ritdChtr«atm«mt nill reader even the o|)er>lion ittcif 
more succcuful should 1e be irioitrd t;> altcrwardi'" 
• Whatever mtoa* are cjoployed. il u of the bat ivpovuneet 
u hft9 bc(Q before Mid, ibat they Bhotdd be adopted in o r^ry- 




cstly fltafc ot the conpUuii^ jwl bo imgaioe i* ib« 9i»hi>T 
ID hi* npcctttlon, ifaat be U alnoM kd to Umtia, that. ** {/ 

miiirtfiv 4fW /u^^fiuff #ii^KcWniiy Mr^t 1^ '^''t^ 'vcn mav b 
m^rrtttinL*' The tKtcmAl applicMkin* rtcoBramM by ihe 
■UtboTt IB additiua to Itccbn asd bliMcn, an drif H>' ol ihe 
ItUAtiv* iindi uxli ju tii« prtpi^irMJont ul kadi widi whUb 
opiWD tmy bfl combiDcJ. IIh wMhtom aud ungunuom tn< 
pharnucuA of the oki diapcniolanca are hngbly i[toi3« of by 
dae MiUuMTi Mid hchaicxpcrionccd ven^^ooddrocufroini aid- 
lutic^ oC ili« muTiMc of unaioiuii in V9icr, GvoiIq Uxativo 
in(di<:iDc« arc io Lc giivo incemRlly, oud untiinvxl Utr a con- 
aidvrablc litaci ihe dirt ia id be cooAiog md bglu, chMfly of the 
n^jaai^ Uttdc dl liimalMO sod irritaUag «auM« arc to be 
CArdutly ti-vsdcd- The autbor** cxpcnrnM osnf^rma wliMii 
but loo readily acknowLedgvd, thv Iit^imu^ fniUirv of tn opc- 
nMi</a to cflcci B turv>«TCQ wheb ijctfonacd ooder the moic 
fivouraUc cmrumtutitv*- 

The ioUowiag inccretiiog a«c ahall cbtv ihn ankle. 

*■ Caac 4J- A oiarricd lady, u4 > ili» hLtbil of body, and 
scTofidoua,liadoD«brTa» rcviowd for a caccrr- Within %cvea 
mcoUu tbe ditcuc icturocd* at ;bc cicliujk, and a ocir tumour 
aroK, but >o ^ircumKVibcd that, m cocuuHBiioe \i waa deter- 
mined, tbe BOM proboUe dunce ibr lifr would be lo rcmovo 
tbia lumovr aba. In a thcrrt tinM aftrr tb<f vroiind of ihi t nccond 
'c^eruioQ bad bculedi u amnill LiDtuovuable hordneH arose on 
fim atatriK* and dure werr »ro oibrr laiall movenblt tonoofv, 
Ml bigger Uianpeta, d^v Uic axilla. ThcicLi9ic,tatinie, ap* 
pnmDiattd,andUietwio bcamf nnc lumotir, and like thai on 
th» cicurii, wtA alio ^x^, the profuci* of Hm but n» 
^uklteir than ihf timoiiron ihrekatris. 

"Gfoai care bavingbc» ukvn^to keepihf iik^a vhole, hy 
ilffcndiag it with a mild IkhvBV pl«ar> nn rjmdathn only 
took pbic« for a cioniadf rable tinur, ihrongb its poraai that vm 
feJIovtd by crxoQiriaEio&, by a ydlowbh cru«l or icab, ami at 
Ingfb by itLceiraikift. fW lumoor on Htc clcatriv fbUovrd now 
the C0urw of die latt tunrraur, und H ttloented alto* Ihcn wm 
only an Jaterral ^f trnen mcnUtt from the removal of the breast 
tifttil the accmvl openRiook but thct^ vaa an interval of nearly 

ibe wmov Duokba'ctf yvara inm the buur to iJie uaai urala«- 
itoofihcdiient. Uadcr tbe iJtA thai boiUock hacimflf, 
afkd PtumoKT'* *iicT«iiT« piU* m: ght be oi Avrvk** iho g»Tf a 
riirnriAl to both for a<«midcnibh; UiMw Knxn th« btnlOGh 
thc<!rrTV0d»OMl*antjiEe' Pluniivkci^» attentive uicrctuiil «■• 
tt&«fl for Butiy v«<i«, and toirvil* iIk lIum of ihc cound, ic 
Mcnvil to Invc dtniniahcd the tuniocr natx^t (ho oAiUvt it 
iM^flmiBpRMliM,bowcvtr.oathei>ttt«rtiuacMic«»SK] mjar* 
«d lier StBTTkl hcjikh. U rc<Hl«wci htr initabt*. dufoiwi li«r 
CO coMs a«d cou^, ml hid iim found Jitjcm of nputtd Miadtm 
cm tbc cbesU Wbcn I i»y lliM, £ bt Ijcio jt did no itior« tina 
•ccdeiWe lh« tiod of pnlnooJc ifiectkui which udc«« fbci* 
tooocr or Utrr ia mml cmccn oE ikv bficaiit. She oltcn vc&t 
out doHo^ the ii>e ofthn nKdkuw iiiiaik<Qeiuu-«aihcr,CQ0'' 

**'Vhc liiTmrmionrilmrTtmiTi fhntffthtfifjfinillynlrmcridL 
wvra M BO tlMe Urger thanii ftittaZl attiMg. Odicr tivnoont «p> 
pnrntly vfthcuniie ktfkd. ^Ursud afe*c aUicir adg^bcur- 
Iiood, in 1^ ftkin- Their luimibf r wA« gnat* tboogih ^a size 
itnalli for fthc viv* « llua vpjuc wonufb Tliu« the dbcVK vrcDt 
on, &wn one gluid lo juio4bcx, &nt hodciuDg, tbeo aktmiag, 
uMilibefvwnlvlcmciom extended to dw si£« ofakrgtdkb, 
tcBcluDg Kit unl)^ lu tfat uulJd, but to th« »wpolfl OH ifaK vide. 
widHMtraiuungoaio^elcnMinDuid luihe other bcMSi* liy 
itie cooftiaiu UK vf a poukke of bailed cvroth iheM ulcenKiOM 
hftd not only ixo fetor, Uit iliey often looked mU, and n ouJd 
Imi in utie put, whilst tliey hroko ooi m unoUier- Pard}', how* 
«v»r, from the ooniuat df^a, uid partly (ram refiened >nack« 
en the chcm, ihp got every day voftkcr, more efltitciaud, end 
becrical. Uiukr all ihne dbtfruing ctreoBiiiaDat, tbe pbec 
where there UDi ■ tumour, ttcat the nilbi thoved not only a 
diipoBtioa DO heal, but wart «o lUr healed that tbc nicking dcrwo 
of dw tklA made akindof «tri£1ttIToa|lHlp«^t.'^li•,logctb«r 
with other diAfaa^d glandi m the axiUUv produced mch a prto^ 
itirc on tbc tymphatiee, nerves, and bloodvcwda of tha Mm 
on that ftkclci thai, from tfac dUtenAkin and load. grcM onmhWMi 
and F^in were ai tinnct experienced. TIm loaded lympkMka 
vl^be iTMod dowa the arm; and, at certain dluncct^sup- 


ffOivard^m CarKrr* 


puracioB bunting iaith, ifiordcd atEiftpgrat^' rrlicr Tbe whale 
<nr«iniiyt even 10 ihv lai^n,wa> ootonly iiuicti >«rcilcd, but 

cknt circuJtuioDf The Itingv tverc frcqucnitf aHcttctS wjtb an 
M»lhiiuitk kind of pnA\-tEni,Aii«i iltti^c itikctimm were MUnJcd 
Wktb cough, with pain io the £i<Jc, lud » icutc ul Mtittujc and 
mAocuioix* Tbvfle idEcidbU tvmpcomkultcxn^tcJ with ih« pain- 
ba\ icocc of (he aim; m propoitktii ju iJig mic |xitt hj* mon 
vioLciitl> jJkttcd. BO »aa lb« uUwr reiki vd; mil to iliU nay it 
veoi un to iu Anil lermimtioo* 'Lliit t^ctvon h;id bcrti Mibjt<t 
for >'cv>, both b<forf and after tbc attAcl of th« ditcat«, ou 
vickient boKd^atbci a vtfv UiMmmg vcunkiDg, and bilioiu nf* 
lettk)n«of Ibebowdi- Iii(«vayittUr««UQgiu«-ThewGOQd 
tuauMiTfriikigon dKtJcMrixBOMoiiidicrtbc removttl otf Om 
!«*■<, ibDwrnllwIapofiioiiof tbt dlaonv vMl«ftb«biDd,Miul 
pvodocvii itfl n^,tinimiipui and the ri*« ^i Uvt luiJitl (umourVi, 
altrr (^ KCDuid opcnukai, pomu uui tiuitttwTc iircr« g«rm> 
mnainiii^, wbkh wrrv the oct^^iuu of uUicr* beia^ fnukipll* 
rd to >v<di uvxtcoithiitJitfdisfaiiccudcd iu dcAth. 'Hie wltok 
pogrtK of the tunotin dcnMnutraH, in my opuu^iu, a /^itf^ 
f^MihiAir aym^Ay, and M«wri to nhow thu then was no ab' 
•Drfuoaof mwttrliuotlu ■>'stfni from the &j»i tnd M-eoDd 
lumount DOT irom ih« throe bat before idecraiiottj Mid tS aOf 
the diie nat , wfaibt in aiich hum, aiiy be Mid to he hntL If the 
dJacaae b« pfiOfn|^Med by n germ^ or dnr fliKMied sl«ftd, U nay 
be like a acod pbuucd kn the grtfuftd, hflnng > local iciJon 
ttWo >oim, nd Bxmding only to a ottialv ^focct wti^nut lo- 
Ounxkig the wbalt ofdw ajvltHi/* 

CvJt^fff rfr Francr, ^c. EdtfifH nvw ft an/^mmtft p^ 
PAutmrw Jffc dra OtrrmitKJu ei 4n fttmsrytaet pnr Jf. 
3AfrAv, Dficifur tn AfidttS/te ^ tfan^rrr, t^e* iftti a rr<tifrrit 

ri^ MMedn Ptactivtft df Vtmtt, &r. ^uV/ a traduU fk 
ha&riu 1 T<nn. 9vo. Park, IBO^ 

TllE nrhrrr nf Thrrr fltiVrriritr nTiirrrifirTii nn pulwnMiry 
^Mumnpikiio, hu httM iiA\ aaiAgitiMalf kncwfi io <br profcwion 
x% the diiik^nni CMincrk* ol Kurapc far oeaHy YttU % ecncuvr- 
He do«crvcdIy AC|Tttrc4l rafath npiiliiit>OTi iot hu asjtomkftl 
abtll^M, both u % icachirMK) loawTitcri hr W3* nnrv^-ar 
iht coa^djuior of ibc fcl<bnc«d Liimuwl in iht " Hnt«ria Ada- 
lonuco McdicAi'* \it «Uo ciuidicd the MpraU of ihc Ac«d<ny 
o( Scicsoes, ot which be nu a nenbcr, with natvy vttloAbk 
CoolribuuooB in a prokwiocnJ upuaiy. AAcT Oua r c^p ecttb l e 
iMttiniiiia with alt oibtn vm lunxcKMd in Uic beaming of 
ibe Rvciutiodi haviDg loM biacolkagon wbo whfadrcviDlo 
the DouMrjt 3Uid hi* pufiU leavins l^i&i ior U wm vow no 
kmger ikb to teacb, he lilkd op Im leimte in tclouing from 
bin Docci the reniarks thai he had mmIc on pbibiau pulowiulsat 
la whkh ducjuc hii< Jttiuotion hftd liccn more putituUtly dirtct- 
cd by luTiik); been tint nuuird wiih tliia compliuDtp Tbv» wiffi- 
nattd ihcbc *^ Ut)««rvatt<^ae;" the firM ttdjuo« uT whitb wa» 
puUiahcd in our volume, in ihc^VFir 1T92. The artt^nU ediuuu 
the author hoK illmtmtcd wiih ih« □otei^ of Dr. Murhy, pro- 
feuot of lh« pmciirr of phytic n< Hanover, and Dr- (^aspv 
Fedcrigfi, phyaidan at Venice, iwdof thrtnuisUion of dxia 
valuable periurmanG?. 

We tit down with no tmall intrrrBt to give the- public mme 
account of tlicsc voltim(4, In ai much bb wc c<m«tlrr the nub- 
jccc imporauiialmoichcydndanyotlMrjBndbccausr ihisiathe 
work of a veirrnn who hni laboured with uDcomorioa diiigcnoa 
tar%iabliahbf iXc knife an Accnndie dia^o^a. Wc ihnllmskr 
several ntndt from ihc work) iDlE Icsvc llic reader to Eorm hk 


Pirfst riir £a /4UAuw fulmauar^. 


gwn judgimeM &f ihctr mnit: fint««tBiingthr marncT invhich 
the atirhu h»H iUTid«l his mbject- A Jtcr ^ proHut and ifttn- 
ducBon hv himndf, knd>prUw« bf Mr* Mtahy^ht 4n\din 
phthisic inco fn»TVcn ^ccwi. 

I. Thr ^crt>Mrnn^h^\\^, which hp-^iibdh'idtn tQip bcretli- 
inry wicl icciifmcil. 

1U The pIcrhorW phthivi^ 

3* Thf phihiKti vhM ^lloirs itidamniMkin of dw la&s^' 

4. Phthiui <har luctccdt CO Ftupnivfl ftvan* cmanemv dr*- 
eu<t, aiid (iiiriiMiutt ftri&iii^ from thf^m- 

J, Caurrhjil phthUi«. 

0. PbtkiUU tttcccediBg uthmt, 

7' Arthricic ftod rhcunuTir phrbirii. 

8. ODcnncntioiH found m the reipiracory pottt^; und na 
caleuloui pliihJtii. 

9. Scorbuik phAi»i». 
I<X Syphilitic philii*i«. 

ll> PKthiiii ^oeofrdinjfn-rT. 

la. Neivous, hypochondriac ftnd hysteric phthiaoi. 

13. Phthi^ii ihccDDicqtuttcc oif drltiYty. 

14. ObtcrvMiionn on pfaiUMi ftticofciting connu'iomt and 
mMJDclt ^th> brent, 

Somt gtneral obcfn-aLioaHODilie iffopiomsofcach jpcritfv; 
rat tlu dur«uon of the dist-uc. and on Oie bicxfff fjf phthiiknl 
pAtbettis, afc thto offprtd. Obiervaligni on ihe dittirctmnn, tnd 
Qfl the general ircjuimnti follow- The work coDctacl£!i with 
lomc refteciioiiB on the eonunuiuotSoa of th« Ivngs »iih the 
«nn JUid rxtcniAJ pan* v# tliv btrttU Tfarre H oLn BC?)c-tcd a 
oopiQOt Mua^yittai tnikx. 

SpoioB fint. p. t. 

''Tbrre nrr tiro if^ru ofthii plhthUtir one hereditary, or ic- 
rtuircfl m Tivrutt^i ^ oihtt mxy be induced ac tby ticnc by 
occ«no«d cMuet-" 

We >k^l pro Q iuUncc of lliai bnd of phthsii* vhich h 
ildkTtd from llw lune. 

" DlnediOD 1 at. I opened ihe bodxs of three yoaa^ chil* 
dnt) btloiigiDg to M. ficQisgrr, coOft^nor of Biaic, «bo dic(1 


AM^ilcot RrVifiD^ 

oi p&tlhUu^ooeof ifaeEU did 001 ipit blood* I ftnind lAicltsigv 
full of cMkcraiev, loflie of vfucb were cortxxlcd, and otbcrs 
fabgotu; >ome luid tkc ap^ctriMc of ttcMotnuotu tiHaoiim, 
otbcrt were tcIrrbDiu- Some were rDdreli' wppvinUcd, the put 
that Bowed fro«them«VMvhi(khaadfiloUfid;oifdw»e ftgnat 
mAuy were lituMcd ua the (.«Uuiu mcmbrAac of the langi. A4 
to the broajii jJ bodi<»i* tome >ppc*r«d ia a *o&nd >t«ls,odicn 
wrt (bttiied. a&d t^cy »err iu the rici^ of gimk mkI lynk- 
pli«k veiMli, vfakh leave me without aDrdcH^llntllie iym* 
phitk putugti uc the (i\K MtU of tlw djieaic. Tb< gUoda of 
the meteoirT}- And tlie upper port of the «idcs of Ibe nc<k near 
the juguUr vnii». and the ^amh of tfae OBOphagui vm fillad 
wilh tumouti, containing^ •ttatomaton tDtUrr; il)c g^nu isd 
Ihr txlun ptUu were not diKuvd- The Ucth wttv of •lii&bi^ 
while- lYie spineof one of the chUdrca VII enlarged, and lonc 
of the vertebtTP were become loft. Mr. Bdlcngfr, who aftetv 
«afd« loti nto other children by the «anwcoaaplaint,dUdof 
apople^ty iUid hih wife of the Oropvv-" 

Ol/Mo'xtjun 6Ui, p' 37. 

■* In Ihf year 1 779. I was calkd by odc t>r mir pupQi to bt 
pnifcut at the openrng of the body of a chiid of lliree yean of 
jge, bdoQgini; to M. Rou^s^ob, dmUr to irotx and copper* 
ware*, lie bad all the lyntptoRti of plithbia; aad hu moAer 
dM of the laiDe coiBfilaiBt about a year before- In die Juagu 
of thiA child I obMTMd vubcrckat topw of wfiich were bcfpo' 
ahtg to auppuraCQ, others wct« jq a bum of complete luppum- 
tioni BOfiu vere whhr and full af a ptasiry ounar* Then waa 
mefliiaitmof water in the chc*t: themfunterTW^fullof stca- 
lomatAoa cnncmtoni* Thc^ teeth wrrc of a ^hSnlag white. The 
rxtirmtiin tii ihe elavtfloA next ihr Mitmun Mrre cnlEirged: 
ch^ fipinr wa» a llitte awTV^ >rA Apinoua proccraca, panUulaHy 
afthrbaclr wrir Mso c niargrd-" 

In this plaoTi voK I. p. 42, die qu«a6(Hi tsdiKiT^Md, whrdier 
original <ir bcrediury phthiiii bt cotuaffunW' M. P. is Bio«f 
de^d«dly of opinion th^i the diirase U nor coninmicafalci and 
hb ItaluD cocnneaucor it of the tanv opinjon, aliho«tgli Dr. 

* TiiFie ire tlic Ann rfnindiili wtjric bndlet (ivfjw irwvlifun) >l«aBthe 
■nhti «f Ihc bnndui, whieh|«e fhAU k«« «ae*iiim (iinhtt «■ Mikfr 



Pffrtaimria P^Aita Pahnoneirty 


Marhy iell» ua ui 2 ooce oq the same subject, duu Olc Council 
of IlcaUh otFlorcuLtf h^d puUi>hcdBnadvenucin<aiAiidtuln 
to iHcve»t ihil Luauigiujii In ftntwci to th», Ujt hljUiuT jiad 
U. Fcil^rigo 4ucrlc Anton. Cocchi :i(id Cutclhui, &c, wbo 
SDlfrtduuiiJ the tjmv uputur^i. Vtjx uur omrn pans, we ithouh] 
be ^ad liiat 4t wrrv a tnurc JvubtruL 41MBUDII' in Uiu c^wotrr, 
HiKsv on be lhil« hik io OcclniiDg ihai mttajr ioauncc* htvc 
fwciurtvd when: the diw»e liiu be«k oantmuiucuudf lad pir* 
ticularZy in Ui« d)*odlc atace of the dbcase. 

Wc »hAll now (jiWuce a C3«e of tfic accidental pbihibla in a 
acraMouH hiiUit* Wc lay frcaier ^ucm cm ihJtd'^v talon of the 
(Ub««k,«a wcbcUcveicmay almattcomprebiRdcTfTy 40rt ol 
tubcreulftr con»u(i»piion; for uuiwithuandhij; ihr many vprcJeii 
of plkthiiin hcrr treated of iind found i» rroAological urnEera, 
ytl ivherc tubcrdvi ure not cotKomJuuit, we cannot fxiiuld«f 
diem tnic phthisis, trut only ao mouy modific»tioa» of inflam- 
Tnnriqfi of the lung^i uid xvhvrv tuben;le> 4re jrrncnli tniir 
ptithirii C^ly Eicquircs the lhiiic» vf the tJiHereut <jcc4cjuual 

OL>Eirt^atkui 3d,\aJ. 1. p. IXk 

" The countEu of Neupcrg, of n delicate ix>niplciiion And 
uboux thiiiy years of age, had two chitdnaj her prcgPAncieu 
~ aad deliveries itrcre alvA}<« uttcudcd ^^ith much hudily pain* 
She came to FjH» in the year l7tfJ, arcl ihirrt cKpericac^d 
much aickncu, huving utmost every sort ol' otrvout eompluini,- 
vjch iu frequent hiccupi, InvoLuoinry imcfTin^, bur»ta of 
cnu^bg, spasm^r convuUUe mauonn ia the muvcki of the 
trunk and of iheextn:miLicATdJfltLLiltyof ivnUoningfrDmcoa- 
vubiTe contniciion of thi? mutclei of thr. phaniixi and fur 
ttrelve As.y\ hnd not any rvamaiinn of the bowels; attheaame 
tii&<: nhe wfta h^ratMxl with^jlrcquenc colk« and itlccplo)!i 
nightk At l»i the mott urgmtaeivoiuftsympiomteiitteoD, 
requiring ruicd and inccetdrecatuu* of ditutiosand cooling 
mcdieiofi (hufiiectan» rt rqfrMAhsan/) both ia die lonn of 
drinlu and of baihA, vh>ch were tlie only tncom that oouki hnvp 

^' Opiate* only iacreu«d the imuticn i d>c wcikc«l of which 
I foreborc to administer. Iter bcalili improved whep the be* 
^anu prc^MWt. £Tf»thea*hcexpericDCtdoptirt«^onof the 

VoL> II. i y 


Jrta^iftiaii Rtvtnv, 

brvast. her diiEtulty of brcadkiiig rciumcil, fani/utlnfy Whrti 
gobg «p stun- £ver)' nottih aUmi the mcnttrtal p«fM a 
ifighi frver ain« on, lict pulbv Ikcxiim mmU^ rfcqomUuid 
hdnl, nitli a dry cou{^ ■InuM jiuvft«M»|KmicuUrly)iiUic 
&i||^u 5h« agunmaik niExfa utc«r tlilucoci C^unirrf4uM)aad 
cooliag mKBdotrs, both in dhnks and m ib« form of buh*; 
amall but icpeacd bleeding three orCoor <imci during her 
geU>lW u«re foumi ncrcunry. Ti>irud>ihc »v«Gihini)nth 
ol licr prvgDinc) licT buftund bocuae hirolvcd m nii»- 
Ibnuiwi, in nbidi Rhc r«eKngty pttiicipMod; bcr mbd wm 
tortured) aIvc lu«thrr rT»t|bcrcou^cun«on;shebc>au»boc 
aad ni (oln frutn an ittAjunmtbud of tlw throat; (he wUvy 
gLuub Bvdicd >nd bccumc hurd- Srrcral fnUrgf nimts couU 
bf 4cni about Uic anterior pin c>f thr nr«k nnd side of l^o 
Uoyuu It wu in lUla aiutc that kIu- brvLi^i into the world a 
Inrin^ child, very imall but veil cttougb preftonioncd lo g^ve 
cxp«ciatkiaft of rearini; him. 11k reWt of her delivery vna 
unCartunate; ihc IncK'ta were tu^illy veril, oad tn verv vmall 
qdMitlty, but in fifteen or twcm]rd>y» aftcr^nconMdenbltbe' 
fAonhagiC from the titenu cook place, and her coiagh waa nAw 
becovne veryobtiioaite, withoui ck|wctoratknu Her chnul wu 
ulecrsned; bIic had eommu«d fever with neeeuiom, cofdmaa 
nociumal iwfaik, colicky pain% ^lArrhofttKiid Intlj an cdntt 
of ilic lovfT exirconuic:^- She retained h«r beokieaiik the iMt, 
ai sc&eratl) hnppct^-i in this kind of djatuc. 

*'Thc foQowmgwerc the 3]p|Wttr:tDc«a on opening the body: 
1. The hmni waa pcrfeedy hcalthf without aajr aeeuniiaUElon 
In th« hloodwtarf*, 5. The rruhea, ihr \n$\de of which wc 
earrfntly otaintncJ,vi4noi rite leait iolUmed' The hvy&T and 
pharyoK vriih ihcir vDtemal membrane* were cquAltj^ «o<md^ Tbo 
luog* wcreratTuicd (iafihrc)mdi m mbliih foidof a bloody 
appcarvtcc- Wo IbuadiiiihcodluliLr membrane levcral whjtiih 
concrcttofii, lome of which were of anore lolid temire; many 
were bi a <U(c of Irxic lUffpuratjon. In dif&rcm port* of dw 
igs abtcoMca were fouDd, %omt of wliidi were imalatcd, 
then cominumcoted with one an&ther. 'Ilic mo^t um»id«fw- 
blc of ihfsc absccMCfc were Httuhied at tht top of the kic ude 
of the liinga ocar the Btof^giot to which h Adhrrcd by otoaw 
of a hrni put of the cdhabc nutrnhnne. l^asUy th« lung* ad- 



Apfff/4vr ia Phthmt Fvlvrinmre, 


hired tD ilir pUun ari<J t4 ibr dinphra^. 3. The hnrt w>t 
in to natural Mace. 4. l*hvAbc1oaiMn]v|9CBm were 00c Mall 
duuigvd, wtih ihe exocpcton of thepKncrcM, ibe gluduln part« 
of which wvre Largrr nnd hurdct tboa ihey cwgTit tn be. 5. The 
hinder port of the brftin imd v[tii»i iDormir wtrc nMural* 6. 
'II1C trtum pcnduliun pabti and die upper pan oftht pharynx 
were Tcn- lec!, and covtrcrl ^fiih vb«U filled Wich blood. 
There were on ibr itdes of ihc ntfk ii<:v<nd 1>-mphaiic ^landn 
of which two wvt« <if the »itc ol a ^mnU nut, mii w«rr bar Jj »nd 
Mt ol BteatonuUDwi oonerciiom, vfiih mim^- Uidi^ ?>flUTcrji of 
punil«nc^'; there wn id die right eavit)' of the breaal a eonu* 
drrahlr rfTitnion i>f uniom* wrum, vhteh wn of the Mine na- 
iutt with thM vhkh flowwl from tfitr tuBg*-** 

Uf the titOQchiol bocfies, {nrps ^rs^Mfii^) Alreadv noticed, 
ihe fbllowic^ dcttripiion i» given," 

"The broDchiuIbodicft atnriUvatcd ruund ibc bi rurcitions ol 
[he tironthia-, to which the)' are united by the ccdiilar Diem- 
brane in greater or le*i» <jua»ttt^, aed iii gviwnd tbv nipcnar 
brandiiaibodiecan a little Ur^t llism dbuM of the hneral hi- 
hiixaiijona of tbe bronchia In ibc nutund itMc wt cbtrrve no 
excretory fuud m iheie bodies. The cclluloj vcmbnuie with 
u h*ch ibr)' we covtrrd, and which eateni iatotheirMftaadhx 
Etxiorei the ajtarial and venouji voaelt which ^vn numfrouit 
ram]li£ftlion-i to ibrm; rhc l^mT^hatic vcfi^eU and the nrrveK 
vhirh are spnrMl upon their immcdj«tc surface and penetrate 
their structure^ u vrefl aa the linle Ifttphmk ^landa q^hich 
help 10 make u[> pan of the nuai of the brmnchial bodies, are 
DO many ohstncl^ to dich- bcuifl: dACOvercd, U thef reully 

" I have teen na wdl m aiiirr* at different tines <^^ hron^ 
cSifT dWcoloureil wbh a bhac Mactlili €ii«d, like that which the 
bronchial boil em contain." 

" Indepcadcnd^ of thr^c branchial ^ndie.* which we find 10 
die Inngt, thcic arc aUo true lympharJc glanda widi which 
nufiy anaiDniUta have conibundcd ibem, of a rery diffrrcnt 
nature. Tbey art nai lite the hioochiat bodies which are always 
placrd rocAd the broQchJw, but scattered whhom diMinctian 


Anafyricai Jtftifv\ 

ihcotigb the Mib«tanc« of tbv Ivofp* principaUy oa that cxE«r - 
Dal turJMCC- I hBTc «■«• vom« ol thtm t!iat vcrc ooacftiiwd in 
tha broDchiiil bodice, <br which ihry mighc be easily nijtUkm, 
m ^ M«H WNy >• wc Ke lymp^Aik* or »i«xilkry ^raib an- 
tjinie i\m pvotitia- 'Ibc tynipli«iic i^laada «f ih* iuop «v 
tBwBer (ban ibc broochiAl bocLe*^ Ibvy »r Mora n^uhriy 
rcMud lad harder to the tovacK" 

We cobIm (here m niMfa cootoJoo id M< P.*« At^aipdoa 
of i>icbKmchtilbodic»:aiCirrgiviagaioknblT' Urviewof ev- 
bertUt or ihctc botUa in tbc bcgioauig oC thit pvif;nph, be 
ianoMdkM*!}' c<infouD(U thtm with lymphatic gbod*,Md haa 
eveo thought be kiw a Bpcw lymphmic t[land wbleb va»Arin«r 
nil touttdcr ihanoihcrt utuolly LnoMr>: undaftoral«fufai«lUi 
hk Clvouriic tunicbaiom or olMirucuoitt (ftiff^rgrmmtm') I« 
dllbrcBl pina of tb^iic ob>eTvai)0«i, w<e have however p*uo& 
that ha it ad^uaJOilcil vfUH the uotf aecvrate appJi^aiions of 
\ha put of pmImIo^'. 

'Vhcse bronchial bmtics aiv » rcaliiy (be tubercles of Boilllc 
ood odicr cmiamt anaMnnta. Wc are to&d that he ha» snih 
ihc lyinphatic gjiaa^ in tit* luag* licalihf, vbca the broocbial 
bodies irn« changed, and viiv iwrsii; anil tticl», '■To rrtun to 
taberdcB, whkb oooallaitc hereditao' ^ w ^ ank al [^tbuia, 1 
diibk, afleriiw matt actfnuvecaquiry,that they BR Gbrvcdbf 
thcffT^fOffvncvvj) olB<ni£t'ionnol «he lymphadc ^hnda ^iread 
ihraufj^ almoft every part cf the lungs, abo at a diaunce fmti 
ihe bronchUr by lystphatic obbUnicdOBa of tbeceDultf mem^ 
bfw» oL the luDgv, which littr hnvia^ beanie more ct lc4% 
enkr^cd and [rtc[ucudy in a acacc of lopptmuDb^ it Unot 
therefore «ur|niiinf^ that ve find the lunfp of *ome phihiucal 
pftlirnc* (Avcrcd wllh tuhcTclca." 

Anoihfl' pxtmrt from tbr fifth Kpc^ic*, vhleh of oU nthen 
in probably the mon Ukely to tcrminatr in tobcrciilf>Li» or real 
phth[»i«, ML- mvy Krtthaut cxcFcdingour Linit4 IxT aljoved to 



Caiarrhai PhtkUis. 

'^Ob«<rv*don lu* I knew a woman about thirty yeonohJ, 
trho hitd been very liable to rttraau Mid <auurht; at IpA lever 
<{tine on with a^ttios of blood, togcAet with a great dUKcuht 

Portal iw Jit PkiJknu ArimiuuVtf. 


■>i brt-ftthing. She Bcnv «ODld conatttt 10 bfUfdibrreKiH- 
tncna trrrr obftiTuitcrl, Mtd '<hc Wfti tci«cd viih a powi a^ thr 
upprr pntt of bfr rhrn^l^ ibr m»&(1 nf hfv voiu wm u ir«T 
tfaup tad Uirn becam* hnar^r. Thr p*limc oaulcl Aad nncBir 
in any pwitioD; she brtiitbnl with rf|iul unrMiAciM vthttt nhr 
wni m bed and wbeo bIic ««I np^ Anri only vfl^niibr hrld ber 
head 4 1 julc uidlD«d towiidt hf r hr«it>t, h«r Tfnpirfttion bccamr 
a liuk more free. Her pulte V4s amAtl jsd frvijutnt. and she 
died after brinf^ uck OMrly ai& mooihi.uithont hafiog ttpt' 
ricnccd «itlicT coHiqttNtive ivf^i ot dinrrfun- Ob opening ihe 
body, thr *CA% of ihcdiwAK vba foanii 10 bt the Un'nx «td the 
txactmk Ttic Acmtirvie wm of a red colour, Mnd covered mtth 
ooncrvCiOiu ihjit jJiuoit tlowd a pAn of thr tcriil citful; «c 
fawtl tiro olhpr» in ih« Jjim^^ ikai «rrrvtiU birgcr. The »ul>- 
Manco of ihe luag» were prrfectlr tonnd. Utr venwlii q^cw^ 
edaUnk mcnvillcd witfabloodihaRutui^l, vkdtheri^lMaBri* 
tie and vcutri£.k were very mwh divtccded vith blood.*^ I 

'' OUcrvaiion 'id. A mjiti of fiftyytus of tge.of n SCTOII^ 
con>iLtiiaion« bill vct^- of^cn v*b^ci to <auff rbft wkd hoarMAOi, 
wm Aciu^L wall ftcominued kret, Iie<tjaghcd fre^uCfiUy* iBd 
Almo«t(cilirch- Vott hn voice. Ae the begtontngof d>c Ji>iruc, 
the expectoration vuin great qu^ditiy, thick tod offennveioo 
the 14th d>y of n coDtinunl fever, it chawgvd iMo a (crtian- 
Thc poticnc remuned twchc tlstn in Uin >tMe, nfier fthkh he 
had a hceiJc lever aad eold »bi« ermf>f. Tbrrc vm now no 
lQBgi>r piia ia tbt chntj ibe rttpiraiion wm free ; he coolil Urep 
with tqi^alcawon eichsidFt ih? fever diminBhcd, and hope* 
wercmEerraintd of a cure, when the pwiemt^ Ufa wa> suddenly 
terminated. There was found on ibc gal^bbKldcr a i;oacretioii 
o'lhr tir.cif A pip;ton*aef(^, without a lin^dropot' fluid bile. 
The \\mg on the rigbt *ldc wm fall of piiruknt tubcTclee-"! 

The diuMtioni art dthcr by M. Poftnl, or cxtrwetcd frof« 
Morga^ Df: Scdiboi et Causia Motborumorthe Ubtooda 
Anaiomico Mctlica af Lirucaud; they nr« ancntionvd ity one of 
hit ftiend* to be about iixt}'-<breei ihry arc i^atrvnitly exact, 
and must be regarded as \«ry valuable; lor though we du noc 
find ihat appffSrances are e-tpUinedk ottrowDnuLnner.uras 




Aftafyitaii Xfvinv, 

«« vhaold cxpecl from «o ^nM • paUirjlagkal ■iiatomi)t,«e are 
mn ibmffKMtiitt\ with die «ork. AV> bvrc ■ fond of rajnctida 
triikk maf pcThap« Ite l»«trr nnplo7<d by ocbcn- M. P,'» (k>- 
liou wcTv formed from the buvonl pnhology of DocttiMtve; 
^■1 hu ikeorici h^ire btfti but littl? dulnHx:d hy incan^oone 
witli ihe nedkal literalurc of iliedav* lln pnKtkv difhn rery 
Itulc frum EhMofihc bc^mniag cf the Lut ceiitury. Byjn.y of 
cuuBidv wc iUl<|Uot«: hit own wonjiin vnwcr lo a note ot 
Hr. Murhy. who cotDF^io* of ibc fn^lcnvM of bu prMtk«r 
and bi« w*nt of K((tuiik<anc< uith ihc imptovcmrrdv ibMle la 
other couDttic^ In reply he t4]r*i 

■*!. Thaiceftun juiGMofpUnuarcuiaictaacmtct^tcarry- 
Sntte. to |ilacjB of rebxiMi (rv^xAcjv) in varioui caiu Coic- 
^ve nji^ be otdrrvd ■& extneli aod tn the «an>G monacr 
wvketicptno, |:o«der of polygab, VirginiaB uukc-vuut, retica- 
lorict tand mojut id cmc* luconilD^ to cirtuimkianiic^ 'lilts 
French pliytUuz^ du iicrt, at kasi I do nut, ftlvn-i protcnbe 
(ritfcAuHr) weaLenm^ w (MtnNmaiu) paUiaitve mecUcine* m 
p^thiaiH* M. Muriiy hfiu had anc^porltuutyol ttfvmga sufHci- 
tot proof of k* 3* Has out Mr* Muihy mcb ibat 1 do not bleed 
citcept Lhere arc aufficient ~tQdjtukm» from the fulloev *ad 
hudneueiftbo puUc^vrhichhappnupartieularLy inihaiuirtof 
phttiiais from p1ftSor«, «ncl in that prrtcdrd hy MMtnwaakmi 

*^4, Has not M. Mui^jr Htcn tfait 1 ttdvbo cmctic« when 
dw toD^ue is more or len char^dt vrhen there arc nanea and 
vomitiiLga, when iherc are taari^of dw mpiratory paauge* 
Uv'ms oppvw^ti ^rvUi (tmaa) phUgm in <aUnlu>ui c^fln^Uinto* 
ktJ And then ore tfaere not covncer-indHackifu iJ^^t ibrUiU 

** s. Thar omiy llie tijpia of icrolula, iypfulit or iLurxy dv- 
Icrtncnc me to order !\iirh m^dieinct n* ue uiiud to eniiii«ate 
ihe vtcimiH taiotf and ftf terward-t to <r>nimv«iie Kuch puloaoiutfy 
dimatt with a dilTgeace praporliooed to the urgcnty of die 

■^A. Thie I oTtkr diaphoretics, Kudorificv, and vefticatorlca 
Ice. at die verjr fir«t approach of phdikb diat mu>' be produced 
by die diaapficarancr of aome paroeolar cmplion, or by mmM- 
taiii: tell me are dien any eiiraiEvc meani thai arc ooi louni^ 
ed nndicBCJenc«of indtc^OAS, dr^wo from »yTDpa>ms erm £u 



J^ortalfwf ia FAihaif 


ibc KVfni compUtot* that rt have boconioid with; oUionii»« 
medicine! wouW bt givtn up to conjecture, and often to the 
delirium of phyvicUiu. 

. '^ A» to fiu&igAUoo&i'* mciuionrd by M. Murhy, '■ ve haivti 
very cltcD tried them without jtdvacugCt Mod Erciqucnll> nm 
to the injur)' of the |Ntt)cnt, cipcdjUly when we cntpUiy ganca 
uk too active a itMe* oud fumigacioiia evea of wjtcr lau licit ut 
Uixr^^d with %\ur[t JlheI ttimuUnt )(ul>»lJnL-n. 1'htr cu^'houBU 
arc B0t mu^h more u*cCul to ihc uafortuaMtv consuttipiii'c p^ 
tienUfr all wc can Jo ia to be »i uicful tmd liumjoic u pouiUe^ 
tinuc to ht.v€ ftome eKpccution of 4 cur whiUt pbytkiitni ortkt 
;hiefTi mcdicioei in which the)' themxlicj appear to lutvc txnt- 

A long extract from Dr. Gilcbfist'ft work itk inoniMvnda- 
Oon of ialliag and «» voyj^gc* i* gi^vti by M- PokflU be ^m> 
judds hit teibmcirLy 10 that of f>) [li^ntiaTn^ m favour of cxetciK 
ja phthi«U: du^BC mcaAurca cannot be too Much Rpproired, 
tbonigh in Mmc cuc» hone «xeixac may be too bte oi too 
irriiMing- He often ipcai^ of uiing the ciatery, which no 
doubt mjtyhc liic&iL hot wr hLioidd be gUd to tiib«titutc varm 
pbac^n. bli«lcni, iMUceut icioni«iccDrdiDgtourcunisuuicca. 
We do moM mcenly recomiacad tlu« work tt) the ttoticc ot 
every pmccittoaei m ccunirie.^ where itth diwni^e preraiUy 
parCLGularly inthi^ whercwearr led to briieve thju tt b Ott the 
inaeue. W« should have >dd«d ^otne eittVMCi from Dra. 
MuHjv aad l^cdtrigu, but we are eompclled, mi arcoant of 
tht Icn^h to which thin article hai extendrd, now lo brln^^ it 




An ^€€09Mt qfa Oae nf /nfiammati^a t>/thc ^fsu^, JHm 

Tn xht Boath of March, imo, I wju retititstcd by 
PraoctB, of ibis cttr. to viiU hU fo^chmEui, On iiu^Hng into 
Uic <aic, I loiraed ihM three «U]rs before, vhik oo ft jounKy, 
he b&d been Mttckcd In die eTcoing vUh >tii;lH vpnipvonu of 
pUudsy, whidt very readily ykUcd lo a uoderaie UeedinQ. 

The mt%i. CDomUtg, he felt for the iirtc time, Mne d<sre« of 
»n and u Asintin in ihc Arm in vhkh hr h;ki) br^n ble<4.* Bue 
uacuiiieM w« «> irifimg, uiid in other rnpccift he viui bo 
veb, that he cnni^Ai£cd ou the jniirncy. The cxeruott of dri vinf[, 
9*. migbi have bccD expeetcd, nggnvitcd exccediB|t1y thcM 
affutEoEii. Audi hawevEr, ivxi hik nniiriy ir> reach heme, tluc 
ho »udiooily ditguised hU rc^ tiRiatton, )e«t he *bould be 
kft VHiod. Hod ob)1iiutr1y pfirecvertd, aigninnt evciy remoft* 
MnuiC{^> la pcrfbm hi* duiies fti eoachnu. Bot on the iMt 
dny of the journey , OTereonic hy ihcaevetity of hit nciTerlB^ 
he reloctanily fonicnted to be placed iu the carriage, iftd wai 
jfi tbst uAy eonvf>«l lo the cliy- 

My aue&daocc on him CDmmcDCcd ia Ui« Qight, n hour or 
two After fib arrival. Even M thiieaily sUge. the c^^ie of mj 
pahoit pTcsctiied a verj' KTioui upet^u His arm wis bwcIM 
to pcrhapitwUe xxa oatural it7.c* Tlis pun and inBcoimation 
were fXCG»»ive. Dy picbburc, a cu|hou]» utream of puraUai 
matter iuued (rtsm the orifice;' 1 cuuld diitiHCily trace Uie en- 
Urgctuenl of the vein for Mtveral iaehee* It ioijiancd the tcO' 
tjctiou of 1 luid lucloBlit tube cncUued under the tiiLc^uucAt». 

Bui these were out the only untoward circuonktancet inei* 
deal lo the caie. There wnt alao con&iderablt; pain in the left 
»ide, .md a anivcnal torcnc^* |>crv Jijcd hi« budy. Ltttle Of lao 
fever wai iadieaicd by the pulK. Thjn wiu weak, irTcgulVf 
MadquitL,ol acooiracced voJuaM^nd rather corded. 



* The cigitl cm 

/Jr. Qu^mm^M CW ^Dt^Ut^ C^c. 


U wu moT« ■ ^iurWdt Uuio a fihritt puUt- Ccmtnly. U 
evittocd miluHS of en iniimiutory ditlheui* But though tt^ 
parct ly not vufih. il' it >U ftiveriah, litf wurt grrally harijved 
I7 TcnlcsnwM Mid mc^uietuck. The tcmpcraiumoi hj^body 
m> UMqufll and ftucnitiing. Wfatv bit utMuiioa wa tknl by 
conT«nuloQ bddrcHcd dircciJ)' 10 him, hb tntnJ acemtd per- 
foctly ratJooAt. Bot othtrwiK, he <luiGll]y becimc Hl^btjr, 
talkrd bcohvmitl}', uid ciidntv^itf ;d to ^L «iUC of bed. What- 
ever wen «>]r *^^ **^ *^^ uUtnurie cvcitt, ! cnunaked 
luuke TCfpccria^ tbtt njlurv cf flic complabc* ur ihc CMirt 
tthirh bad prodiseed if- I was, at once, tatWUd ihac ihc whott 
of ihc *«"*i^ nischkf waa attributable co rnflam^alion of 
the vcia, eioendiag probably to ihr heart, and Co the iniro' 
diici3oii of pua into ihe Uoud. To the Uuer euoe, 1 the more 
proMplly unpacpdlbecniQcf ncrvauiaflcctiooB, m I hadfto^^n 
phtaDMciii df dte MRte kittd iDdu<:cd by iIm injircEioiiot pus, 
ofatilk, of oiUof oauciUj^aud uther bliud Auids. inioih? veio<i 
of diffcreiu Mil mala. 

Nor «ould i hnjiate loog eu to the prxctke d> be purini^cl. 
To luUluc die mQanunalion, (tnd to amM dK piui in Ita pas- 
*agc to the cbculatioo, tvcrc mdkadoiis too ohviou* to eludo 
die judfl^cDt, 

' Notwithatandiag die recbUneu oi arteriid actnni I bled 
Um tot^BBoiuitof twdrco(UMc«. I iu0p«ceedaatai«of de- 
pmaioflt and tbou{^ it doc ooiikely that Uia pulse nughe H»c 
br <kpl?tioii. Where ao largi % \*e«acl via ioAwd, and 4««i. 
tn^y loOfttbe bean itnU, itoertuiidy wnoiuarcaaonahUtfr 
oooieeiurv that tha wa&t of dUFuaed exeitenNM wait owlngto 
diiacanditJoaof (ha tyvban-' fiuimyaatkipailoiu were not 
fcafiaBd* The blcadioi; w«» bdeod feJlowfd by ao very acnri- 

I out cm-doped conplecdy the arvi uithabll^r Frooatbe 

* W« Er« indtbtod id SyiUnhuii ^ thr itifioriani Ac«, lUH bi iiHiy 

InilHl>««, lh«TG b ■ ^/r/MA/. m fi«l9»IUllnOtlM tDlA fttftimrf >>MCWh lAd 
WbMlliU> htfWuHd niK by jntAa^fiViW, iHA tj A/h;nia*^ llf9W« 
hll d^itf vd oM^ifff Ar%fl^^, tlrfTiM itvin fajfnin miniufur^jc. itUlCidiaf 
i^tt lUtiBiBBvbtrvlitavilbriitealinU pr*^fcTlf ^ndutrfd. 

f Tba bb«d dfi Vf> on Ihii {ccuion. h«| itavcr^ pcculiif k^rtrWH^, |l 
4B DM. h la Tvut, tcpuvf u ii wxl*«urkly -^»l Tie wrum nd cnu^n^ 
iiiw w*K n^ianU i eJ , — tf tl'ghUjr ^^iireil tugtthtr I <ouiail«r«ctiiopiiijn 
Vou II. ^ Z 



^ Gs*r */ Dfnth/r9iK lAr 

cftioif in ihc thdutdrr,* i-xceptift^ nt the puntruitc «liMh va> 
mHttJ uiUi a small t»wlli€n« fiouUicc tE> fKiliestv ibr cvkoa- 
asiion of the nt«ttor. U«ri«{; the fti^ht. 1 unJvmJ, cnurfovcr, 
ihu ^c (bould t>Lc, X ^utcd tMcrvih, & i^WiLiun of ulu till 
iCfur^ him aciivdj-. 

Id ihc Dwrufii^, hv apficund in tomv ivtpvctt to Im brttrr. 
Th« hliatct bad tlnvTB vrrll, and llic fiMn tnd swtlEng vrerfl* 
ia coincqi>cnc« ccanid«rDUy rttlticcd. Neither w be bo re«t** 
Um or briiabir, and hh onicMl hftd c«awd to wider* ■ 

V^ta kt Dighr. I Agi'w called, he wu^ nwch m be hid been 
>t my pivccdiag virii. The wcUkig of «he «m wu perhaps 
t6mcwb»t Airther ohaud. But m a few hoan afierw^d^ the 
paia in the tSde, wUch m no period bod esurelj- KiUidcdT re* 
vcrlpd with violence. It did not Itou-ner rdwr Aitfmlttt 

CoQviQcoil, b}* 1 vaticiy of tontidcnuioo*, tliai the pain 
procie«dcd frona jjitUnsmatioii of tbe hca^ 1 placed a lav^e 
Uiitcr over the rvglon ot ihiE orgaa. Tbo^sh teHc^td by thia 
npfAkaifon. of dae piuii, I had the moriificatton of Mving hiA 
the >uc»«diiig iikuruicg in a timatton of iacre^Md danger and 
alarm- WjUi a pulac wc«t, quick acid tremulous, he wm wild 
and divtnkctcd. 1 direcled that He aEi^uld losr iIk ur «rgbt 
ouaco of blood, by cupi from die nrcL and tecnples, and (o 
bavc a bijflter put on Ltfund eadi ear. 

Il nou apj>cured to mr to be liienUly of vnal importmioet lo 
iatax<:pcilK pui iuJucounelo th« circtitiCBOO. 1 therdbn 
nvoLied, without dclav'. to make iii« of coompreiHOii, (hoiigb 
It acetncd a[iU lobe foibid b^ ibe tumef*etio«t of ihrlimh^. 
A baod^ lOidxuiiiprcw w crv accordinglf apjiEied a ahnrt dtt* 
Upcc ahora iht ihidcGuiv. But nothing niAUtial wm gained 
hjr then remediot- 'llie swelling uf ihc arm, howcv^r^ d^ 
diiwd, and no Miconvenieuco vrai c.^ptricutcd from ihp <om» 

tbt blood TlwL-c BV kfimff Ihllv lirEnnLheiiirfitt, vlikh k linti »nd pi«« 

* ThvET lA nnt1iin|^ I btt^r, jfi ilkf c^' oTun innume4 ffln ■» «ftca> 

Ibcffl, It Wu «l I>i4^ lUj^T'iUQn of my dtffl jnintk. « U IcVt t Uh<V not U« 
MfwtioUinet* ot i.Ncii h**>flj l.Mn*ni|ilOjrtJb*iorf On PCjJiiiK *«™*"*'i 
thu itb&t u«<;U Ur DorBc/.hcloU at« itul Dr, I'hyiitkUiui Jilntfncvd 
the rcmcily in*ny irjitj ifo^ aai hi* OOoUiMc in U vu {viifiniifsl !'> t«>I 

pMaloik. Th« puft coDtittocd lo 6ow pn>ru«et)'. Thts w«il>lc 

To ftU ibc tad vympcoiiu «hich prcviou&ty prcvailcf!, ircn 
Aow Acldpcl eoine >tiU iBorc iajLU^picioai. The morbid ««»• 
■ibiiiiy qI hk bod^ fi*d br<ome to ciufuaite ihjii he could 
noi bur the BAi^fitcftt lAiiilt, oT«c«rct1y the weight of ibc bed< 
cioilmt without toaifibuttiti^. So Mnttbly altvc wuhclDc^er^ 
■uddcD impranioo, th« by opening or thuiunir ^^ door, or 
VJ«ki»g acfOflMhc roo^^ or hy i quetiloti put to likn ia n ihoiqi 
toac of voice, OT by ft ttron^ glwc of light, he TToulil be hiartled, 
and AoowtiBCt «xc«cd^ng^ agiuud- 

At thia aiti«^ |UDcttjrc> I re«orU<l to the adrioe of my 
lhci>d Dr. Junes, trho wry obUgiD^ymtnei«<o«uluiion. 
Wc agreed lo give the c«inpbor«t«d tnn^liioii. In lar^ daic*, 
and to luve ilimnUtinfl iojcciiona repetucdly BdoiioisicrTil- 
Ikjt duL ireeiiiKQt wm ci|odlf anavaitin^* Mv pAtieni prt>- 
^PCMVffcly suiik- Low detiriam, cold cxErcinitiri, treaion oi 
thf nerved and coBvulqivi^ cni>;^ »i»n ^iip^Ypnrd. HU pulie 
became hardty pero<|itiblr. The pu^U 0/ tKr rvt werf widely 
dikitcd, md hu <oaaieTiaace tuumed aaexprcukm uucodi- 
moaly hag^rcd, phrenAi«d« and dii^trcMed. Dnpi-rjie ai I 
dcciped div C4»tt 1 did not pcrtnjt my fte4li or xtiy rxcrtiom to 
be rcbjKcI. Uy Ibe coDBUat lur of ihe muu pmrtrfLil esicl- 
l»it«, luch «» <aimpbor and opium, the rglaiile altali, the *pi- 
rilaof lurpeabnci ctlwr, wine, »ud bnmdj', 1 proifaood hia 
nitccAoe lor three dayt lon^r, widiout having however, duf* 
mgr U»« JntrrvuL a «iag;iG ^V^un of ho[ic altbrdcd me* by any 
chan^, of lii« rvcorcr^'. 

In Tn'j«iwixigthepn«c(lingiivraii^c,tlM^a»cnc«oriebrile, 
:i£^d RiTucral ititijjnaiaioiry NCtion. in every vlagc ol the prt>greM 
«f liie ease, wdl be ^ tio ttjrike us m ^n uionuly of no ea-iy 
VoJalton- Dui, it ia not wholly without uoatogy* Mbd it admits 
at 1r4^ of loifeic expliruition, on the suppouiiuQ. of x predotw- 
Qum vi aervouft irriitaiion. ^\'e «ce ui the diuue excited by 
die ln;o oi a nbid nniniaU Litle fcfcr or inflnaHMjODi but ve^ 
hcmentncTTOuiooniniotiQns. 'J'he^^iwof ccnab urpciiu,* 

■ TMiiiitiy (inkti^y irJuirf^>iM it i^p f"**? *f >hc inn** '-ii ^r • niile 
Mkti vtucb l<r«CQr4eAityur-&v«nrd JlontCtiiil^iePbiluvpbjfdTrui- 
WlicO* «f LoniloD fo Mft ifcl fO^M (trt» the Ant idiiitv aribb /o^nd ' 

iMKCt. &c- ia prodiKtitT at woulu- eflf<ce*- la boiw of t hot 

btkerrrcrtf. Thr ncnrct are >l«0*t«xctaKrcil)r tbt 
■« aMU nil iknicc'' of die sfinooo. It i*iicve(tlMieM,aDl ■ Ikllc 
nayiicrroua diM m due jSTc^cfit taiCt wbere ao Bitfh l9C«l la- 
iMUu^a maled. the syMcva wv not brou^t iMia«r«ipM^. 
TW individual loo, waa a autjtct in whiMa k vb» Ohort likdgr 
til happen Jioiii, in rhf mrriHJwn nf lifr nf a tnhnm fnwrjiftiT 
wtih ■ tcvptnmnn vdcM aad aMptteoua. IV uulfa pro- 
bably u, tllM m «U caac* o# aioiplc toftMastjnioQ af die rdn 
»bm in mn* liigh, a ByoapMbtttc Ujiminaiorr bvcr «> Uie 
conaequcncc, but. if aup^unuiim enaova, unl the pwnube* 
iha Idood. then lAflanunauoo a auppnioed, and ifae Mrvou» 
pfmitm bccomca attwJcd-* 

Tba Boraing aTter in> pAUcat cxparcd, I made «a cxamiMi' 
iSonirlth anewof aaccruuiifi^diccjUKttttlcof tfakq^ Icx- 
p«aed ihv ran fram dw wrnt ti> Uia axilla. 11ib external 
aorfau nt die vnb«I vra> ia aaaiy plac<a infliMcd, and «*pc- 
ttiaUyabo^-atbapuaiasn- Brtwint thk>wpddwriioaii|w,ttiat- 
tar kad pvictrvutd thrangh tbc vein by Cour dartnct aiiiaw , 
ioio ibu ncija^hbourioj; cdJolar nuodimc, fionnoig un^ab* 
accua^ Two oi tbopt aiftuMai were hkf^ up lb* ami- 

J diaaecied very carrfuUy die pma adJKot to ifae woiuid. 
Dtfcgiyarotfadit^dicrewaaaiiabectaa imaaj a iMUg ^l pria u Ma> 
a la^ «poenful of pwi aiuid whh a dail te>d ante. Sptaft* 
ccluB bad alrcBdy destroyed apof<ioft«f thecdbdiriBiUQie. 



* To Ppnt mtn pli'r'U- nii^ iwt tht pmwn of tl» b*in. vba tbat 

■* (10 b^K^r ^ ^ cupiJiW of auppurijng ftbrib nCAioo* or |fcam] clcUe- 
Bvnt Ttib hjpothfkia Jm^n irttnia dtfM oT ptaodblHf ^cn » oaf 
vhicb rctcn||^'nci:w*dLrt«if InaptlAl, Mf fAtvd, Df- Hirtkbnvn*, nbaat 
VciKkd (ha- cu«, inlunnt mr, OiM 'i ^u nArbed by f^vpbiint tvrjr dMaly 

til* nrr>ra iiti? t1iii|^-ly ug. Ort JUic<:UDjiiihc brirt vbfWn'l i» ilic LugJitBl 

these >)'iii^b»nu ttt T»f mflicjtmtj uMftiriTi ihiluiivikq t4 vvrmt thi* in- 
lercnte nmufik ta b« pwvtd Cj#i1iil»» t m unK. u vcEy dilTcniidy 
deKribadli/ ndblofljiU Thrj|:ive l4iitluH<*'<*'<^^'"^*^'^^v^^^FV<in^ 
liW Tha fbcl hovitA fit tbil M k but ifty rtrriy Jtiil uilhun idlfipaiAUi 
■ITreiion, bfin^ LnacfMi TnajoTjijof iasunceii the rcjuJlof pneuifWikc jn' 
fluntHBiIdn eit^flmp la the bait. 


iKr rcia were diviiikid. Imt whether by the ^tperadoti of hle«d- 
iogt or hy ike rtvtpn of (h« dboMod proMn j«it ■aeuloBr^t 


I aext bid open th« vein, Thcrr wai mBlMMkin ntorc 01 
leu from a Uiik bdow the ribow to th« final point of My 4it- 
iccLUD. Dm flti wLcrc wv U very great- By dw app^anaca 
of the coat of the t^ia Acre waa, howtYvr, tbc «iDple«t proof 
of i|> baviaf ni*t«U ia ibc hagbftt gr*dr- ladMd, ihot is 
a boo<i ill y >hoiTi by A* fistamion of th<«pme<,6te. Bvlow 
aod aiboTo the orifice Cor eevenl ioch<«, gangn^t had takoa 
plan, whatkvaaboufidedby aaCTWaaitrgecy r ipi b low bluah. 
A&d the ipMV nrfan of Ae vea»a], wkUn tha ipce, had b«- 
fvi toilough. 

The qoMtiiy of ptt» ia the cavity of tbe wia mu louH. It 
OD|;h£t iodood, lo tuvc beca Maaed, that for two or three ditva 
pnor to ha death, ihc dkrtiivrs* frnco theorilice had gndu- 
aliy dJMauhcd' No dlefnaiHon whaterver was erioecd, any 
where aloog thtf canaL of lb« vein^ toaa idhei^oo of its tid«L 
Bi^ wbh toexicftd thr dutcctioD wna friuNnuod* EnooitH, how- 
ever, bia been broi;igh« to li^ht by thit partial eapodiio^, to 
coofim my origiaal sotioaB a» to the —IttTC^ aod «aaaee of thi* 
serica of entraardinat^- affiitcionk 

In refleaiDgon tbc cnjuiagineiil of the caie, I turc oaOyco 
rc^^t hiiviDg (ouiided too aiuih n oomprctAiun k iLiiicBiitof 
pronouns adhe«ioa. lint turdy £ >CaU euupe cenurc far 
adopiin^ a imvdy which had tccM approrcd by very hijli 
and cODcurrrm authorit)^.* 1 had never before isxi oppottuadiy 
of tryug comprcBiioo, under siKh i;ircuenttaiice>> or of lecing 
. itvnpkiycd. Mycoaviciiaiiiiowi>,thatilwtIirardy*acco«L 
U ia coofaetedly, at all tiBos, dlAci^t to prmhicc a uoios to 
tubular or fivtuloiu olccn, even where prtaauirc can b? uwd- 
It u yet more «o, to effect 1 LOEdcacence betweeo th« Oppo- 
aite fcur£Bc<« of bloodveai^cU, boottue among other oiiit^ 
cJa, the ooe^^ulabb tywph whkh U the ncdlum of attach" 
nent, miut in a great measure be mrrpt awary by tkt tir- 
culitlon u fut 31 it b depoaittd. It itt bcaid«s aUuoit iin> 

' KujaiTa Coops* Jlberacthiri %£■ h^ ^ 

Dr- Cha^mat^'a Gmt ^fDtcihfrcm the 

ptacUcaUe to mi^e adeipme comiprc M ioo on vof Ottc of tli« 
VOIM of ihc am, iriihixii hiKrruTiii] ^ the return of the blood. 
I oO Bfe— i howftxr, ihiC theic spr ^.xiIatiTf nbjccti^lis la the 
pnctk« hftrc leM wci|^t vidi aic, tbtti d^ oMdaoiiialf is* 
■tasec of tu&llurc wliich 1 vitni^Kd. In the cnu of n^vpS' 
Cktit the cvpcnmcat wai f«ir]^ mjiilew Fnr ^ve lUf a and ni|;lKi 
mic<«Miv«ly, I cnminucd the MmfSMt^on, tad vtib the umott 
rigilMce if> the du« rtgulition of It. DlMTwtla^, therefore, 
flAocf of this i-xpeduM,* it' ever I ahoiMnMet widia 
•unilv cwCi I vould most u&quetcionabiy an'/ ^ 'iifWAtErr M 
tht vnii- Ab far oj I know, Urn auggei4i<m in nev, and wrll^ 
Out the uncHoo <tf eKpcrUncTt bai, ai preMmi, I am unable 
to pcrceiTc aay reoaon to diacoonifc. o* Erooa the opcav- 
tioa. TIk operadoSf hoft-n'cT, will &oi ofim be ncc«Harr- 
It ean only bervqulred where tupphatkni hm, taken place, 
and thqrc arc (i^undji fnr thi^ apprrhmuon ihtt the niatter i> 
travelling iota the cirtulfttbw. CMrkof vhUtortaKCiirancl? 
MTc. Pew at leau, have been recnrdefL I have net, in my 
icarehet. with aoly one, at oil anoloKaiii.f They have hi- 
ikcrtn httn oontefoplaicil by vKien r&ther a* % pt^^Mr^ than 
an attu^ occurrmcv'i 

lajuriet to the veui« frovn bUcdinR arc for the ■mm pan^ 


Lci it nM te ODctpruood, tbtf I hifc Utf teiQeriVf to <bnf thi4 <^m%- 

iiAA haint^cr «lTi^UiJ iWcM TLit ti pptlnij incAiiinf I bdjqte, wi 
le icnrrarj, lliV it hkh aii^ niijr irnixtinift Jd it. HuL ht«n, I im rgiitjnni 

,t^^^\, •^<l •!. »Ia* vrtwurjirotiuii, ili^t Uujj' QUfbt not In l« Jcjaiiled vpon 
[bi ■ i-itc ul'hmli eui^m* urgvitDy an ui mrwiv^ tipfmrttf^ hAv 

l-t)ir ^dW. the vffiik. Bj^ h*, -'hH) udt*e VI lUftpdritioii. brfanr) vhjdi^A- 
'hfiiMna litdnM Ibnitd, end thii Jiiul ^rfvk* An pAAU)^ Dji tlie mutEf 
ilbro ihe tirvUtltmt ^^tirt fir ^cKuf mh« ft^Mij ^iW*' bfa> to bar«- 

iMt' AT>«mtlbf, snhlACMAr« ^'^ riU-j?Ql. lallfluii, dial he laJ n«i*r 



by Ottly m circucnacnbcd mll)i[nni*i»oci. TIm suppu- 
Ivc (irocnt addom comra- Evcu vthca it hftppcniif ic U 
-{vwrtAU> limited to the ricifuty of ilie wound, tbrcNigh vhich 
tlia put b cither ^elf cvnctuuedt ar b lodgtd In die kor*' 
rounding cf^IIol&r itAurc, ood die bbiusi thus tfarm«l, may 
be made by ao OfkcniTij;; lo diKhnrfEC t^tcmDlly, iX, contrary to 
ibc ordinary uiunc» ti dnct not do it iponuncooily. 
FTiilulBlpLjl, h'?i4inbtf t, 1811- 


.f »MTO and txpefiH^ut Mode ^prrpetnrrg Ph^phurtt of 

CBtwim, is preparing the photphnrct of Hok, tmully 
aiiopi the procnt recommended by Dr> Petnon, or that of 
VaM Maatt; in the former, n f^ta* or porcelain tube is tiicil, 
cloied »t cnr t^ld^ inio which one p»n of phosphoms ii wiro' 
duced Hfift ^ve pnrtu of lime. In imall pieecu, the Irmc nnd 
phoflphorui being kept In icpantc psrts <if ihc tube* The tube 
i< then plnc^ horizoDUHy imong barTiing eoals, «o that the 
pBt whirli eoctt»hu ihic line, may he broti^ttoa red heat, 
vhilf the bottomof the tube, conwintog the phosphorus, i»not 
expoied to ihe neiioa of ihe 6re. When the lime bfreomes r«d 
hot, thm part of (he tube hhieh eontttb* the phoiphorui i« ex- 
poaed to * red heat. The phmphoru:! i% volatilised, »nd poising 
through the hoi lime, combrnr* trilhit,snd foirm.^ the phon- 
phttrci: a chalk stopper ia alao u«od to prevent the aucii nf 

0V«ifi wbkhl^ migtiL tvcbbeiHtfpirlu divide thcivtkcl tAprchVjii Ibepii* 
rr:iEncnl«dn|^lS«riFCi*liili>i4. W10> lh« grtatfttJdVroncc lotliC aulth.^i^l^'ul 
(bii nioil :!^ElIlJ>■1Lb^td turj^tpy, 1 raMmc hrip guiiig ■ prrfcreiKc ku tJf? 
i'lplurc tn Orivccwn li tin uMUm BdruiLfefft* «f lb* D[>«tidkin ivhirli lie 
lircftrit tnA ji vMinifi f»«i U«e liienMinli»f*«tfJ o<Lar — (oo^fti**"" i^hitli 

ri«ftCCfc;iJdpcviirint. ippdulu1»v« met widv <iii;h »eii>c. Trolintf , "» In* 
Kyitam of ufcniJiB aurffty. of jqppurat'n^ 'cJnt, ht ■*>■* "ili" dvigtv 
ticrebi An«riB<<^ la iriir fr«m th* mitlcr Amed whlin ejtic vv^rs Iwin^ car- 
rU-J inia liifl corculujcm,'* fcc tn Ant. ill the niicn ^buiii 1 luvc «n*uLWi1r 

is ihc pcoccM by V«i ^iMm fiif A#tfiMtf# cf fine a jmt kito 
. *nitUghM outnM. ooc liiuxl <if lh« v««scl Uui^ left vnftn 
IM b plftuil ID A cand bai}i ^d »pck««il to ■ •uftcknt degree 
btJA lo apd di« orboaic «cidi towRrdi lh« «ftd of Um pro- 
ffjei4, a third pan of phoafhonM i* gradually iairoiliiccid, ore 
ig ukoi to k<cp ifae Uow m a red hcjti. The phovphoviM 
lltk, [iuA b ptervMcil fran bumiagir b> the naaiM of the 
mk «ciJ wttidi Ik du«ng>fcd iro«a tli« bnc 'Hie ifttiw 
doMil wiib A tto^tpcr ^Ecr the wbote oS ihc pho«phoraa W 
:tn loa^vneili l2w >ftOp^r u provHted wUh a viff^ to let 
ipa cKApT. but pcTKiUHif sotK Eo oitcri the fav b dMn U> be 
^wKtbdrawn: trticn ihc xDScnua b qiiit* cUd. llie photpbttnt b 
Ukra out «ciil ptci<n«<L* 

The pED^ni wlacii 1 ptopotTi Rod wbkfc 1 have adopad id 

lt>^ kuuoc^t with HicccH, rrfiMtiH ift pnltiii^ ■ ponion of 

:, cUitdcii imoun^l pic»K, into a Ucuatta cfuriA/r, and 

[cipouog it ii^ A L<>a&<uu(A funttKv, or «v«a b a ckiftng-dbb of 

cwJh untd Ujc Uac bocoufv rW UoL TW qiuntity of pho»- 

lorus i&tFiuUil to b« vftoda twiu^ cliivtl by aicftu of tpcngjn 

!r, b then put ioto aaodiar <rurMr> auficbadjr a^MDiB^ 

rio cooUun ih« qiuiui^ of Uine to be cottrotcd into a phfta^ 

l^burvt* Bi:iii;t ihu arraagvdil^ ipkiicd li^cb reTMprdirtna 

I tiw furnace aiiU pbcod io the crucifalo coatt^iung tha fdiospbo- 

[tvi, which b to b* «34»«dJdoiwty cowrvd wilh an ivrertrd 

icructbb lufiitiODdy brgv to ncaU-c that vhbh aow bold* ihe 

IBnciDd phoKphorvoiCarebebgiakcii toprevMU^»c<Hicf 

i ufooiphcrb ab, by lurrouadios the edge of the ibTcrted crn- 

tUtAtf ia comact with tbt: brtck at tile oo vh>ch it iv«u, vlih 

some iiofc tlay or luic: or, a cMvr mi^ be bmcd to fit tfao 

•trm-ihlr^ fi>nt/tininff rhr kmr nnd ^k9*phom4, wbich could be 

cvperfhfc^mly' niAnft^r3. Miicn the rontenit hkvc re^ 

:d a ftufficbot time io become cold, * /Aoj^h^irrt cf Sme 

be found IO hnvc been Ibnifecd. In ihb procciat ibc pbo^ 

|ihorii ii vabiili:»d by the heated Uve, and eoHtUno la pan 

|-vrithrt,fcrTm^ngapho»pburecof ratnetwfibb,^cii dxrownbto 

tvAtcr, produce* the muk ptienonaoia as thftt prcpued accosd- 

Ug to ll>c proccw of Dr. PavMo. 


jtanij ^ C^«b;£. 

QiHtttA OJI P\fiipAurtl cfUmt* 



'Ilie pbcwphunt nind« bj this pnicen b of ctiffi-rmi \mm^ 
from a dark chocdan colour to th» of a piak: a portion 
thrown uwo water coniinuMl to act ihrec boun: (he water, 
iota ivhJch it li>[l been tfarovD, ifrfuin filmtfdt «mizttd an aUi- 
Qccoiu odour, and conirrttdd VfgeObh btuca istn |^tn, bi 
cDawqiifiicc of the Hmr held in flolutMii' A BmnU portico of 
photphne of lime appcATvd alio to hove bc«ii formfd. Ilio 
initrior paru nJ* the crucible, tvhich wnt invenctl over thai 
which coai>tor<l the lime and phcJiplKim*, ircre t'ound coverrd 
with a light Anccuttrnt powder of a IWely tvd, inctintr^ to m 
or«ng« colour- Three frUB* of thin powder, piii into three 
dtachau of diMillvd waur^ eomioufiicftltd no colour to n. hat 
I'M pcHf cdy transpartnc 00 bttog paned through n fi1tr« - oa 
juddini* the tincture or cibbu^, it became red, indic>ilinf( the 
proenor of an ncid, u-hicb must be coDBider^d aa a p9rticn of 
jhoiplinilM Bcidi&nl b)- iha oaigCB ol ihe atmoip^cric air COA- 
uined im the inrrrtoJ cruciblv. The powder which had bn« 
ihuA treaErd. p rr w rtcd jt» colour. Cm thi* orao^C'Ttd powder 
be eouidercd thf phoiphunt ol carbon of ProuK?* It tn^y be 
bdamcd by friction or the application uf any ignited Bubotnixe* 
The prnrding Mtihod of OM^ing phoifihurct of lintc, 1 con- 
Mtkroture teottoodetl and cxpedStiout tlu& eAm pcocctMaof 
Van Mon*, and Dr, fearion. 
^ I^UbJtLiihi-, PtHCMbv iK mt. 

■ "tkiC* the aJtv^ tru tniiei^* t luf* IcMc-l ibl* fOm^a IfiiAiahngA 

^L poitim cif il in niij^ p», t tmill qidntil^af pbatpTuvic Acidvu fnnnvd, 

^Ul>? rrmatnJD^ fv biths p»ir'1 ini'i [jmr-vtlrr. aei >f;tiAliiiA, [mutiifrd a 

^■lirliid «(i;'r«rvu', JMiulfTf ipf ilif dm^Uirtn 4r<Arbnhicic1dl^ thciUiiB 

«ri]taC4ii<rnDf IbtpliD^liiirrl W1i«3eiK*i> V'C^ 

Ver. a 



Siographiazi SJirrt£/> f>/Dr, IFtUU^ 

itl«i:iljciburjcli M44u|iiUSurcjc«)J«irrv4lvr A|iri^l0>&l 

AMONn the tiirioai plms for thr ItmpT^vr.num cl mcdi- 
ctiw whUh narr bf: c w pc g ied to nrifc in ihoA« ronmHr* ttbach 
luivc Mtivcd «t A high vote nf ciTiUrAtion^iiiich at rclitc to tbc 
VtfttnwM of hiuotty tfc, oiwtQCitloiubl^, the mosi imponaQt. 
If ibcpni^w Bowards ui accurate kikowkilge of the di^oBM 
of Khc Blind krpt pic« wHh the niunber nf cum* the pfailwM 
ihmpii< fnight calmly ait b)' and ofaaerve iritis growiof; ntia^ 
faciiaa ihFadvancrmcMoF the healing art taibotedegreca erf 
prriection of which h iMiBd lo he capable- fiat, uftfimuoattlf, 
extrrme rcfiacfnciM in ihf nodei of prwtlce hai a coatrvy 
lendcncv^ ihc m«(Meu of manbci U too often obandooed to 
the If tpm of hoiaic* of eonflncatr^i; and the duire of makins 
BOiuy UtooapttoFTtTdKaUb t^H cor^aliiiMnnvhiGh phy- 
okiMn nu^ht to feci for itic wdRire nf thiirfMbeDia; wh\1e the 
indoUnt occ^ipatrnn or preaerihlA^ for f^h^a1Ml» (?ompUxhtf, 
ftbdtbc g|ittn-rnf(tT«fipVn^of w^^ihdATxlc JOid conufiC iboic 
who twlf (h?m. To produrt, in rvctj hinatic, ■atodatiom tad 
hahiti vhiih vrHI enable then tr> perform the fautUeM of their 
rr«pc<^tlvE aiationi, it tht only trcatnkeail that cao propcHyr be 
calkd ncdical, and the tnon widdj thi> anode oif ctvaim^fit 
i* d90iu«d, the mcire >uce';t±ral wUI our practice btfcoanr^ 
With ch« y'ttw «f tnakinf; kfii:tim baw much can b« wconi< 
pliiihcd hy wclt-<lSn?<trtl HTorta in cmim a/ mcfttal drmri;^- 
mMtl, «c have collected the foUoviog Kaniy pmicuUra of 
thf Irfc of n maa jouly celrhratrd for h» tkilL wmA Kticcf fa ia 
thai linfT. 

Francit Willis M. A. and M. D. ira« bom m 1717»iAd 
died in the mofvlhcr D« cumber ISOT, in the IMS yeu of hi» 
a^. He wn.! a eler-f-ytnan u weU u a ph^iciaa, though he de- 
vuttd hb otceation aJnunt cidutivcly to ihc treaoneac of IB- 
aank^* He via a remarkably letive, hale, and {ood-U>oking 
mad: aeid about fire yean before hit iLe^ib, he rode ninety 
mill:* (in honeback in one da/a lo g^vc hb ^^tc at *a eleetiiMi. 
Ht htd bccA WUpoKd *aaac weeH; but the day before he 
died ht was well eooitgh Co tra3k twice to a oeighbovtio^ ril* 



Bisffnsft^KolStHcA ^ Dr. Jntf'ts. 



b^, atthediiUccvotnvarijr'ainilr, to vtiH sp4iJttt,aDdihii 
•en daf he cotrtioued without asy apparent changr c>f health 
tin After dloncT* when htf (f>D>phincd luddeolj' ofbciu^Tvry 
ill, flaJ Eve mJoott* after expired in Kii chxir. 
He wMofBnutfiii-now College. Oxford, M. A. 1T40, B, 

jfid D. M. lTa9- llehoialeft tve loniby his fini wife, one of 
whom hin louf; »iii%teii him in hU cmb|ishn>Ftii for luoadea, 
l)r WUBta nu|iiired gmt tckhriiy boih m thii <0Qncry aod 
throughout Rurope.forhH tX'M in curing ivanity. IneosK- 
qucDcc of the ftmr he a^ qaired b^ hu attend anec opOQ our Mve- 
rci^fhtt Rtuiuoce waa loufl^ for by ihp quHA of Poriu;^; he 
^rcait to I-itboiif ftnd bad that royal pcriMtag^ foir «ocne mMnlu 
undrr Km carr,tiut wiibouanaiich auecckt. S« itterUMi tiacd lo 
ankd many- palJmti<ir4(u-c^Klly the toim ofGmevA, wbrrr the 
nunfanfiTe opulrnco of ihe proplc probably contrihiiteiL to 
fumiiih (he doctor trith mnrr pnTi«Ma,ftndtbeircoaineunD with 
Rn^and in»]^trrndrr hU r^pMiaiti'^n more familiar than is 
ether pariK o4 ihc conr^mt' Po nrina who have been rotorcd 
to their EtBiiitei jmfl friend* in differeat parta of the world, all 
spcftk vith auoDsftcllngsoTgratittidcattd reaped, of eIm! kind 
treainant ibey r«eivtd, cind tht rcllfrihey expentstoed, from 
their naiable «md braevolorjt phyucian. One elderly My\ who 
had been for tome time under l>r. WilUa't care, and recovpred, 
thoDgjh abe coMmucd %ubj<et (o occaaionaL Eta of InaaDhy, re- 
qneaved lo revidt » hit home, became ahe waa ao b>ppy In hia 
cooipanj, and b'a? ao enondrot of rccrmpg the Ivst mahtancr 
in ciaae ahr had any rrlnpK' 

Dr* Willii kiiYd at Greatiord, in Lnicolnthire, and he there 
had one of the largest prjvaic efttabtikhmentn lO th<; kio^dom 
for the recepTion of lunatJcj, ItJa Hmiae wav pleaaaolly siluatcd, 
with ground* and plaotaliona ocnily laid out uoood JE. where 
hi* palieola could enjojr tahttu^ exerciae, and have inteTcattnE- 
natural obj«cia cooianually bafbrv ihetr eye*. Some of ihoae 
rotruated lo hi* earv were diatr^lnricd in the neighbouring 7il- 
lagea, wjdi propar au^ikdaota to wait upon thent and ovorloot 
their conduet- \u aiy'uni in the covotry is much fVM>rir adapt* 
ed ^toheal itfeB mounded spirU," 3ind loconvet thr morbid 
trmai of iboD^f than a crowded hoapUaJ in the wkidtt of n 
Urfc town. The ealn fttti«t, the tnultitudc of at^reetble (At- 


bcnigQ as] 

of iIk phy**^*'*! Hift cowUol 


JMU^ die ^iod and 

«uperiiKewl«AC<t dw i«lc(t tocicty of «<t<Rgcv« io f^i^br ur- 
cviiuiaiicea,t}iel«arorbeiaigputio iKunc, mutf all have « &- 
«ow«bk elect io iiroawttn^ the ctxrc- Ur. ^VllIU fttver p«t»- 
lidtmliny nctouMof hit itMibod^ but trom wUm K« dedued 
«poa % oktwtarMe occiuoQ, whrA the ^tuition of ft rcgtncv 
wa« warmlf diicuMc^, whcs be dtili^goiilMd hiauclf by ^c 
■lAuly uid bold avowal of hit cp«aMm, b^ givkig a fiVounUe 
prosno«i* nviih rcs«rd la bia mAJeuf'* iOftcaa, tl appon, chat 
of a rwy great anmbcr of perbom aflUcicd «riUk oKaul <|cr«nf|«- 
IBMU vim <HiC of tee recovered, partkuUrly ihoM vho had 
b«ai pUc^ vadcT bi« care withlo three monlh» after they hiid 
bcgua to be ftfllctcU with ihc ditonler* Tbia *Uiteaicnc«ba«- 
of r« hm bcea declared uicorrcet, aa lar ai it rcJxic* to ihc 
ptcciienombftof e^Mt, for^m «oinc kindi ol mtanity, the PCA^^^ 
ponion of cured \i greater, m otben it U ku. ^^^| 

Vnmi vhat can be g^thiCTcd from ibc few ftourcea of info^^^^ 
niaiJtn Vo which we have ac<«>. the paticnu at GreoitfoiTd 
were ircaied Like hum-tn being*; Ihey were managed like cbU- 
drea^ and not thotvp urchaukcd dowu Like vrddbeaaa. Moiml 
meana wtn princifaolly cruftvd W. }~ci phyti;^ ottcs were 
never oegUcted- The paucMa v«ct tau^ to itn and to Ion 
thoii phpJcLia; ihry weir sdioined lo breakfast ittddiAevich 
hjoi, and in the company oi others, ai kii^g as they Miaved 
weQ, and could reatrain their fcehap; whenever any onctnob* 
groaied the rule* of good h«h«vioiir, the *ira^'tt-w*t»tDMLC wa» 
ciaployed at the badge of disgrace. No chains oe baudagtv 
were cvcv mjide use of^and die»(raJt-w*JStcoattiQlyiaeaae« of 
extreme nceeuLn'. OiicDftbtr prioeipvltneaiMhevoifloyedwM 
have tbc jtneadaat4 or kecpeni alvayit appvar ai t^rvvDU 
lh« luoMicBi ippomtrd tg wait upon tbeoa und to vu^ipty all 
icir waaiij bui theie lervantu were under the cuativl» and 
:c*ived in»tructiona from ihcir inaatcr, the pliysiciaiii whkh 
ley dared not, po any accnunE, disobey, and they coold itpt 
aav orders lobe infringed agjuinst without pcrto^ssioa. 
idea reUeving the uueodants from a disagreeable situatioc^ 
lia icrvcd to give die patients a very Ht^ idr» of dse powr r 
of their pbysiesftD, of whom they never con be brought 10 ihink 
too btgblyiihcy ought to foci thu their fate reati in hit JiuuH, 




^iOfrnjhUMf J'iv^Jk ff^i>r. fniB^ ^H 

and liiAt iko pcnott in tbe world ti of grcaUr toiutqucDcc than 
he who bai the iiiDiuig«cneat of ihcir htaidi. 

Qf pfajucal rcoicUieft, cAcli<« vcrc mMtprcfcrictl by Dr. 
WtUii-Opuai.hcUioughitdJdliJUEniAndwlMa uarcotic* irrro 
f cqiiiml, h* foplvyci byutciaoMu. DJivicn oa tUe uvck hi 
fefliul bunfaU Whtn Uit Atr«ii(ih of lIii: Uj^I^- vuikil tube i»- 
cnued, be s(^v« thr J'cruvijtu bvi, uxl he u«r(l th^i id Wge 
<|ua»EJtica. Dlgit;alit ujin coDndfnd strvkcabU m«oaH«Kfti 
Dr. Joieph FraoX Uutii iHiu much in coiivcjiation with Dr. 
John WiUiK, and op« oifacr fact. Hhkh U of tome uoportuicf, 
vhL. iha: Dr, ^SIEIU liaA at\ti obaervcd jny ihiog peculiar m 
ihc farraaiion of the ikkiU nmomg hit paiientk— (fWr Jfr/i^ 
ttdf A If /jii?^ 21 f p Band-) 

Various objecEiunt arc rdii«d againic tending n audmaa to 
a plra of conbncn^cnt, even wJiiDng ihc bighrvt and lovrcDl 
cUiWi of eodty* AprtucJpal ono ia the fear of mvoo ud 
cnial trraiinvDi. auJ Lhe bj/»fd c>f making the divurJcr pcT' 
paanoQCi bvt thuc apprchcinio»> irc gf juodlovi ri>r thvre nunc 
be some ^icrooib defect ia the mode of cornrcimg thv disor- 
dered iniod, if cvrrcct ■ctiLiuieiiU 4iid ntional and ordrri)' bc< 
hftviour arc ooC inculc^kUd hy the habit of »df-d«nikl, ami 
iirottj dlbra of ibc wiiU Let the ajipcaL befajdy mEidc, b^ 
vkUing a maniac at lu* cwn houac, or ai a large cat;ibli^Lni«ai 
appropt jiiied fur ihc rcccpckio oTauchpcr^ont- Paiknia id bed* 
lam arc, in g«iiEra], not only more orderty> but mora rv^oul 
crJLLibLp than iho«e ui a private houBr, whtrc ih< 

ciuutiuuku^ tK(n()rT aud api^rthcn^bn imortg Jrjend»i,kad 
vkemuttly vj improptr indulgto&e vr undue scveritx. Such 
trcatmeni will both conJmn the morbid aisociotiona, and ctMr- 
vate tht tLOtur^ dionuber, juat as tullencen and iU-humoui- arc 
ibc natural conaciiijcncca oS incgularity aad inaitcntloa in chr 
csrly part of life* If ^^rcn ndvnntJigct nre dirrircd from luai'.ic 
hoHpiiala, (int perfect a« they have f littirrto bccn.nnd Utdc as 
their managers in general uudcntand thr art of Ibrming dv 
cbxractm of dicir poiicJ^li), how bcncGciol mny they bccxunc 
under the dtrcctioa of a benevolent phyiiJCLAn, irho, trutod of 
coniining hJ< eff&ru meicl}' to nak< the noiay quiet* and ihe 
auUva to cat and ipeak. labour* wilh mloubUd atteotioa io 
recdfy ibc disordcre of tbe lererat poirct? of the nund, to ex- 

eke ia tietilliy actum, lad by ibc 6nc, yet *Jnpk co<ilriv«ac« 

the onoaJK rcsiond to take Ue itnioo agti* a dw cneiudve 
tCKidr i>f the vrc-rld? Such «mim to hare been the pLn oFCbe 
bu iJr. ^ViUi«, Mtd thr muAbvr of thoM wbo h«ve r <fl o» <f cd 
under hi* <ave, will bcM U«ufy how v«!l h« rcdtxcd Mich a 
pUa b> ptacike. 

Proctssff>r duiohnng Gum Kituric u Aithtr^ 

A pouDil of vitHoUc Jtiher u put Into a boufai c^fFaLU of 
tootatniog eU»ui four pounds of any comiavn tiqvid. Oa ihk 
oHbct there an^ pmirvfl two poucuU of pure vraier, ihc boiUc is 
ilicfi trapped, held with the mouih duwomkids, ud nroD^ly 
ihakcs, tn order to mix tfiem. On diac<^iiiiaaing the a^utton, 
^e icther woo iwim» uppermntt; the bonk \% stiD htJd in the 
unie povktion, uid cautiously opennl, kecplitj- the thutob on 
ihe »oiith of 4L TIte water t» by ihit iac:ui4 eiatty let olT, afid 
eollected m a vc«mI b«1ow- 

llila openu^Q b repeated two or three timei with new 
quamilin of wAier, until the i^lxtecA oEincea of orthcr am re- 
iliKcd Eh ahoQi iwc oimcci. It \^ ihii purified rcnuunder ihac 
in foiutd to he the mnit perfei^t Holvent of eHiicle gum, wfdch 
is thrown into the irther after bein^ cue into tittflll pUcen. It 
hctjm% (o *we!l in * very short time; the »ther pent iraie* it» 
and appears to act iilowly on it at fint* but at the end of f va 
or 911 hourt, or later, the Tlquor ti sanarattd and rtmftioa 
tramparent* If ihcrcbca^urplti-^ of Tbe|;u«i it faU» lo (h« bat- 
torn, and od being remored From the bottle may be moulded 
\j\x^ any form and will presrrve It* cUtfi^hy. 

tT«vin]|[ now ile»cnbcd the inanner of dUtolvlng thi* CU' 
riDua tahttAQCc, T «!iaI1 add the moit utnple merhod of j^Iy- 
in^ the part completely ditsolTCd to lue- A Uibe naay be made 

MrtiiaU InttKfftnet* 


ia clu! Ebllowine miLTin^r: Prepare a trazW cyfindc r of pipe-clay 
of the ilitinKtpr and Unglh of ihf imroikd l\ibc, le b annc- 
ccuftry to bftke Li» hut soSdcM mcrdy ta dry it- The ^^thrr 
tsdiraitd with the ppjm b pound into • gbtti or iin cyludcr a 
linlc brp;rr ih*n ihr diy rod, and filled up ir> ibc brWn with 
the %hid {if[tit>r. The ^ipcricor then plun^fn the dftf pipr toto 
the ictbcr^ ikbtbdrawi k ^iiddeitly and iltom It to rcnuin for 
am liHUU in the air, rrpluBgc» tt uMir^ and r^pt^u iht op«ra« 
ikm IP proportion to iho iatfiidvd thickccn of th« tube, 04 
<ach iiDMcnion leaves a atnall coating 11)4 tt^ being diua 
formed of the elatk gum* » thrown tnco water jq order to 
dJBtolvp the clay pipe- 'il^n the water very aoon efiecta« nid 
the gun ii left in the form of a perfect ttibc. 

By a unulAT pn>ce» id the aboTV, eUnic boctlea, £rc. may 
be fnnned of aoy lize or dimenaiona. 

There hwt been odaitled mui Ui« Lyiag-b Uovpjulnl 
r*Ti», (MaUon d'Auoucbeorteaa) betircrQ the 9lh of 0tc. 
1799, asd the ^iMof May Ia09, ITJOB women, vht) ^V9 
barth to ir«49fi children ; lAQ of ihcm have beco ddivendof 
iwina, and nro ooly of throe chlLdres- Thcpropoettonorcvio 
caicsto littgte binhi is 1 10 91. 

Twotbouajod of thcie trntnfTtwen ifTrctcdaftenrairdawilh 
nincaa, or aooM «crioi» accident; Too died out of the AOOO- 

Of the 1 Ty«99 birtkk, I6;3SG verc pr«a(Qluion« of the wrrlrji 
lO tbe •# telf ri. 

3IS were prtici^iaiioiuof the f»t .... 1 to Ulj 

>9f> the breech I — ^H 

iQ the &ce I — S»l 

J£ onenfEhe ihauldcn I — ^36^ 

4 ihcaldeoflbtlhorai l^ 4Jr4l 

4 tfae hSp 1 — 43T4i 

4 the Wft side of the bud 1— 43U| 

4 ihf kMc 1 — «^*i 

4 ihchead>anArni,andthceotd ... 1— 43T*J 

5 Ihe belly I — J*S3 

'z Actaek 1 — f$^; 


Mtdktti fituiEftncf- 

aihcloiiu ltd jaaa' 

I ibt octlpUal rv^ioQ i — IT49Q 

I tbcthk, Wilhibcrighihud .... I— ir^M 
1 tlw nght iKud aod left f«uC . - . , 1-^ Ir499 

I the hod. and the fed i — tr499 

4 the hnd, th« hand, imd ronarm f — 97494 

the head md innl>ilkal <ord . . . • V^ 473 
Of ihii ^rtt/l nnnbfT of woncn 930 wtn drifveirrl hy art, the 
rvM wcTG BBturol iMnha, bci»s in the pro^cmioa of I to r^j; 
161 were delivered by th« hmd ilone, Htn chiUrni bring 
brooghl hj Uie feet; 49 were delivered ^ty the ToreqM. either 
on ocfovinc of the vnulJ diAienwons of the pelvie, the bSiBg 
dowD of the uibbilicel cord, or Ibr wrong pouiioQ of the hcid* 
«bm the womi w«a VKhauAted, or her life vr>i in dtiifcer b^ 
CpOATvltJotu, &e<> li were cKincicd by the crofcbct after per- 
Eonnkio of tlic hv^ on aecount of rml iiKifiiimailin 0/ the 
ptInsE ia thr*e lonaEOtei the denih of tbc child vu Am mcrr- 

THe ceftanan openiflAn wan peHbnnnl la two o*ea, the 
£ainetcr nf ihf prWis being on!y one Inch iiz Una from tijt- 
tmm Eo piihi*. 

lb one, the leuion of the aympbitb pubf* wta perfervacdk 
the diametti of the pelvU from tiumin to pubia being otil)- t*o 
inchca >Qd « quiner. 

Gaitrotomjr w*» pcrfoimeTl once, lh« fatu* brin^ e»tt» Mtc* 
line; the child uejghed Bib. ^01. 

^■Vhcii iff^Ttoivjii^ intTtTtrva^ 

»*rffCf pfth^fftf^rt tfthe AWJotw/ tmiiinit^ Pari* fir 
rApyedr tSia 

Meun. Ga^-Lut»acand TheosLTd h«ve dincted their ai* 
KniifMi locofnparc tbe reUtive puwen >ni! energ^iei of dJfcT* 
ent Galvanic pil«- The> hive diicoverrd tb>t the for<c of the 
l^le » t;utincxrued iu proportion to thu numbfrof [elates. To 
produce a double rflrciithc Dumber of plate t must be iocrcJQcd 
eight time*' In grncTal. h wa* foond that die <iuuitjt>' of g^ 
the pilei viD produce, it neatly in ptoportloii to dtc cube root 
of the mimber o^ pbtei eiD|4ofed>*-Aiiio«)g^ l^e discorrricfi 



t9 which tbc G^imic pile ham giv«a Hv, there ■«« r«w morp 
inlcicstingtogtaetalcfaeiniitTy thin Ebe tmuibrmadoft of th« 
alkjtlws into «oDibuitibleiiubkUii£ci of Metallic vplmdour. 
ThiM iTAnaFun&a^iiout nntditcvwrcdtiy Mf> D>t-y» triii aftcr- 

formtr rv[K>rt thty rnrre diipoavd la consider pouuiiiun and 
■odimn m cc>iDbiaitiatiB oJ ibe allalJ^ft with hydrof^rm, atuI xm 
cku ibcn vnvn^t tli« compgund vaUuuiccs called bydrurcu: 
«ubve<[iJcampcrinicau luvclctl ihem lo ictciioc lo the opinion 
*>t Mr. I>Avy, Mtd u> regard potuiluoa Jiid h^jUtum u* «impt« 
tncuUic •ubau&ccb. 

Jil. BerthollcC hn« commuiucaiod a prorew for m&kingthtf 
fnuritt£c of rarrcuryt i!ull«l mcrciuiua didcin or calcrnel, by 
pAUiiog ovygem^cd muriiitic ^f throut^ mcrcur}'; it u>ni- 
biacfl rapidly with the mead, and formi wiih it the murute of 
racrcuryi and a\ ibU metaUic lalt hu a perfect fmfttojiT with 
other mmiirlftl uUk produced by Dihtr acida and mercury at 
the miniBinnifif o*i(btion, he condudra thnt the merviiry, iu 
fartnEfiK ihU ccmbinaijoa, has be?a reduced Do aa oxid«fay 
die oKy]{«G oi the ttcid. tod oot by thst of the watcr- 

M. Guyton hts directed hU 4itcntlon to the mode of giving 
:i pcrmaooU rad to gfut, by neww of copper, whWh b}-*cei* 
ilcDttMfin<diKoi-end»l^tbedonc. M- S«g( fetus *lM>uken 
m pxrt m ihetc expf rimenli, with the (nlnit to colmir glfl» red 
by tnf^ni of rctppcr txtd the phosphute of Lime, cr \vhhhoae«- 
suid hr hftt nhovn ^t^^aCAls of glout from iht: bottom d4 the poa 
tinedio Rirh f^am ihe bottle mftnuhitiiirv At 3eTeB,tth]ch 
had Bomr rc-f^mblnnec lo hcx»f dnd priunm. ft is well known 
that i^mpk mckn* have been cTlieivreTcd to exirwct sod* from 
conmon in!C' Trjinf « farmet\y- trttpiricd thit mkle, so nccM- 
«m' to the >i ta ; iin iomorcnitote atict'ded the mode of pre- 
pJriu^ it, from the quatitiiyorocid gu whlcti etcaped , and wh4 
highly mjunoui. Amonar*i it»e dtfferect nvuti of premtHng 
tbi» iDCOiDtfaicnce wK;ch havcI*«iiKtetoptcd, thjirol M. Pel- 
Irtno theyouDgtT ivdeBrrving of aolte<- It canuiti in making 
themuiUtix. gai pa» iluougb long bor.ronul tubei p*nly 
It the muriate of lime. The exprrimePU of M. Sage oo plam- 
b^go [btodtcad} »how |h«t thii fluU»t«nce doe* notccmtlin vny 

Vol. ir> S n 


Jkt&t^ Jnu^^gtnct. 

■rootbut cocuiuuol AcovljrinattcrfiiiKcd wtdiooc tciuhpxn 
afcUy. llicfouitcaTboaolSt.SjnnphoricstimT Lvfini^Dfi. 
pro«eh<t ncanr lo ibii Mlmance ihu nf other kagu-n mj- 

U. I>«r*u3t Ins pr»cnud lo the c1»« of ^gricalture ft leaf 
of «Uf u- mfliU frooi the red bc^ (^nffavf% wklck had all tbc 
vlnuaeu wd 6«vo«r of the )«giir from thr ctftr. He hn >■- 
ttoUKcd dut ihu ittbmnor may be Dude ki ^mt <)Ukntii>» 
by d>c proprietors, wlkotavcd£VDi)C4) to ibu mm npt 4oo a^rei 
of grouAiL SIumIi) ti mecfcil ott the greU acak, U wfll cIua^ 
ilic f dalJMi» of the ivro ararlda. 



Finiibunt t^fpnu^r^y Londri^t^n tS^haJcffe<^iM9fihtprac* 

silt, l«tmicr^«w.Oct ti^ isin. 

K\ the Finsbury Dupciuuffy ws* inicUoted from tbe purest 
motivcaof charity aod bcDGt-nifnrCk it ii coocciTtd. thAtyon 
sad the oArr ^vcroon vill approve of a counuBiiuiio&t !»• 
tiAiatiDf 1 that the practice of the dupeaivy in one point U 
Uvcin^fiTcett ihc rcvenc of your iiitctiiloa. 

It n tcarcdy rcquUitc to inCorda you that pifliauacut, 
(uU^'CXdinimngiDtothe mcrlu i;f clw dUtc-vxTyof vaccifliuon. 
wetccoaviaccU o/thc iai|iortaoi beocfit* thai would tnull Erom 
lU ge&cral adopLtou; anil |>vlUmGQi, la tomequcau, have 
auchoriaed Gevcnircnc to form a NoDonal Vocdoc Eiiabliah- 
DMtit|inordertoeKiend viLccmatioo loall (jari«ui tb« emptrc^ 

Thii ntaljf thmeni 'a placed under the ^vuiruJ of the prv«i- . 
dcQt and cemort, and die iiijxUt and ^vcfnoori el the rvyal 
cDlIegei of phykicianh ixud *uf f^eviu of Loodea; i^lio, from ix- 
pcrieace^ andutheRik iufurcnat)uu,acvluJJy peniuidedof tbe 
Nudom of the prectkc of vacclnaijoo, and cf the futility of 
tboae objcctioni uhUh hare been urged againit \U TTiey ob- 
Mcrve^ howeirtr, with rtsret, dut ahbou^h vaccinaim b«» 
spread not oajy Lhrorjigh the BriLuh empire, but ahd acnoa^ 
foreign naiioot, ^ith the inou bctuflcld cdEue^^jenoeftt y<t 
from prcjudicct attfuUv kepi op, »inaU pox tnocuhuott ii itiU 
prcvfJcm among the jioor of ihia mcaw[julis- 

About two yrvftigo, dicgcrvcnkar«oidi«Mn4UpoKheiip«al 
took ihU bu4inm into cotaidrrAi ion, anil /rom > conviccioa of 
ihc grefti roorra^rry whif h wii4 cmukI by propagaciog ■ coaia- 
B^i?ujMid ^iuldi»ca»f, they prohibited thrirnedkal offictn 
^ouD inocuktiBg fcv the am^pov, or diMributitig Boullpox 

A decrease ofdcBthi froiiitb? imalUpoJL wu the IninaedJate 
con*equ<ecc: Uu uiiha|3pllr, ihii (nitl maUdy *gain ngc* 
tfarou^iha timn, and iltfuiroyt, iritbia ihc biOtof mortality 
;don«, about lliirty pcr>o»% cilery urcit^. 

Upon bvntigatrug the Knirc«« of thn dircTol pcitilfact* I 
liavc learnt, that besides the p«nuc'[(nu activity oS «cruin pri* 
vjtc f larlU^ontrf, the iogculauoQ ai uiMllpox Js cxtenurdy 
carriedon at the FtnHbtuy Uiiipcnbary; above a thouund penoiu 
fatViDg bec4k mucul.ncd tbctc la^(.}e^u,und mauci hating bcctt 
dlltributed tcr ilic inoculation of olhrn to ;in uiilcoowii cxlcBl. 
You uc p^neslly r«4]i3?fKd 1o refleet vpoo the tooKijuen- 
uf thus lUfloiing amon^ thr rrowd^d lanei, couru, anil 
ol iJin populoufc city, a banefiiliTvfctl*oa» which provet 
futal 10 inuIntLid», and ttrtLn many with total blindneu- 

Thcac icdi^puiaMc (mi» madr an Irmiaiiblc iapniaiod 
upontbe mmUt cf iKi? goiTinon ortheftmaD-pox hofpital; aad 
u they knew tliai llic Inoculation of the «iniJ!'po3E wa> diiap- 
,'ed orLy the mott etttbentof lb? rnedJcaJ profcuioOi tb«y 
IJttle jt/TcuedbytheKiiTOprctcatJUonaufthf prcjodiced, 
or by the topbiitry of a tev who are inicrcitcd lu the propa^ai 

UOU of Mlia]]'fTf>l- 

It'iB lobe presumed lliatwhuilhcgoverDoit of the FinabuT)' 
Di^enntity ddib«rato tipgn thia aubjfclt they will dedde wiih 
r^tial pnnlrnce nnd bumtinhy, Fcr ihty afcatpifetcni, thoogh 
»o doubt uninicntionnUy, oppoairg a mcrt benevolent xneature 
lofptr&tnicatiaDd tancdoninq; » pnctkc otoat fatally iujiirioua 
loth« comonnity. ! have the honour to be. 3tc. 

JAMES MOORE. Director. 

390 Medical InuUigttv^ 

Extract of a ktierfrom Dr~ Statnany of N€w T'tfri, to ont oj 
the Sditora, dated %d mo^ 2d^ 1813. 
** Wb have b>d ft prcRy Adl opportunity in our ho«pita1 of 
tMting the eficacy of the voriate of gold, » a remedy in 
■ypiulis, aecordiD^ to the recontncadfition of Dr. ChrealicOi 
and it really appears to be a valuable discovery. Mmiy cates 
have been cured by it alone, and apparently ai readily and ef- 
fectually as by mercury^ while ii produces no disagreeable or 
dangerous effects upon the aystcm; no evident operaticHi upon 
the secretions, excepting the increased discharge of urine, and 
this doea not take place uniformly. In a great proportioo of the 
cases it seems to act like a charm, its cmly evident effect bein^ 
that of curing the dh 

Mmagers^ etected Jtomur}/ iaiS> 
William White, Robert Ralston, 

id&wreoce Seckel, Ebeneaer Hazard, 

Robert filackwell, Isaac Snowden, 
Henry Helmuch, Joseph Crukshaok, 

Robert Smith, EUiston Perot, 

Godfrey Haga, Samuel P. Griffitta. 

Offictra^ eUcted January 1812. 


Doctor Joseph Parrish, 
Isaac Cleaver^ 
John Perkin, 
Henry Neill, 
Samuel Stewart, 
George S. Schott. 


Doctor Benjamin Rush, 
Thomas Paike, 
Caspar Wiscar, 
Philip S. Physick. 


John Clifford. 


George G. Traase. 

JUk4l M^W^ciwf , 


Inafftlirt of the Jpfia^tta. 

Mmafcrr^ £:'<'. i-ifrtcrf -Wi/tA 1813. 
joiepbCrutiluDk. PrnUfnt, 
Imu Snow^rst SfrttMtj, 

John Rncnn, 5 

Sftmofl P. C.riffitto^^ 

Joftrpti Pjutifth^ J 

Cluri«> Pcaro*C| 
Mntlhew L- Drvan, 

TbRki: caari hsLVt Ulcly occurred in Gu)^'> llOipdtul, la 
which ttiir nttmal iliac ^tttrf btt bc«n (iod villi complclr- 
«uccie», for the (ur« of ingtuul ukutUiu- Id on« c»e die 
ttftOKir was ia a tioic of moniticnticai M the time of the opcra- 
lion- The cciigulvm tru ducbAfged, and lh« pauent ^« Uuil^ 
rcgAii^ng the um of hts Umtj> llii& ib ihc rourth time ilir 
opcnuiOD baft U-ca pnfun&ed io Uuii hotptul, »nci ult the pa- 
uenu are art thii vtat oUvcunct duiugiirU^ Li twoul ihcnit 
mortiAcaiiDa hod taken pbce u(nj& ibi tumvti ut the time ol^ 
the operadoiii. X«ju/, jliW. if€nnu,7tJy 1H12* 

Fmmak-tt^rfram A. PcAnnD,iothecdiionofth« rnndon 
[cdicat and Phytifal Journft], dated Cuntoii, Marrti ta, IHI i, 
IT appr&n thiix the furacilcr of laccinatioo ti»d bt^o carried OJ) 
cxcfftHvcly to that d«if « boilL <hcr« and m NftUM, during the 
rsTageiof thcanuUpox, (ihcviiiuof •rhkbire mthat couctfy 
■natiftl)* bni whcix th< irnnudiai« daofF^r pv>\ orcr tt had bvcft 
•o much »li^cd u to reiidcr th« prcacrntioA of the vinn 
di/RcuJt. "lodndi" %xf% ihevritn, ^from Ai>gi»l 1810,10 
" Jaoiury ISll, w« were eukdy vithout it at bodi placr*; 
"And BhettiQ coaftfi^uciicc of the reap^anoce of the »mat]> 

" pox, applicanu for nccinuioa becune nanertMn, I lad ibc 
**addBctkni tofind dM h hnd W«o kept ap >■■ dkcrktu 
Aflame tfiUMce froo hcocc ^ a CAin^u whovn I hmd an- 
** mntted, BQd dF rctciv^n^ from that <|Uirt<r a fWfth itockt 
'* front wfaich the pmcticc U daw amply hepc up here, mkI hu 

Froai the xMa of tbr dniibft b^ iOuJIpea in Lettdoa, id the 
tvctvc fCftn preceding the pncike of v*edwuJoa. ud tu tlic 
twdvc yr>rm tmaic<Iui<d}^ u)cicc!<diii2 the tntioductioo <tf th«c 
proccwt (dnt i«. frowi I r^r to 11 lO incluKt^], it ipprvn thai. 
The total natabtt of deathi by »nullpox, in Uw li»t 

tvdvc >^eanh, amotiDfii to - - - • 2S,irO 
Dino ia chi* Mtoad iwclvt' ycari> of wtaeqtieiu to the 

iniroduictien of vjMciaaliofi, _ - • • 17^23 

The cxcen of number of dcnfai ia ihe £n4 tttm of 


ThM lit ibotti four hun<Irc<l aod twenty penon* per lanum 
fewer for twdveyciTv<U^^ncc,lli>AbcforeTjKcJaaiion. /hid. 

The ofrndon Icr the vaHcovc 9r^.i uap/trtta w/bt hn vrrj 
iMrTy rc^ci*^ conhidmTilr toijinnfcman^ Tho modr ^f (rpe* 
ndoff formerly rmployrJ was too frrqoonly followed by fatat 
reKilCv TI1C prreaent method, tbe improvnnem of wdif h coo- 
k1u» id rtiBovtnf^ the li^ture firon the vein m a fev minute* 
ifLcc Lt> applieaiioHj we. Arc miireid, i^ alvayi rfltfciuiil lo 
oblicCTMc the canjil of the »<M<1, an<l hw nn< yn bten toe- 
nvdcd by any nntoward eircttmstanet. Wr arc iafonncd thttt 
Mr. FrrcF. of BlTnainghaB, has employed th» «pefMkon Thu* 
modiPcd, Mieril Ume« with complete tuccMt. IM, 

Htifdaml has btHy rctomvncndcd beUadoottt in vhoopi*^ 
eongh. It hdfl oNen produced £avourtUe elfe^U in a frw da}<» 
iu caaet rveo wh^re upturn und mu*h had been inefficackfUSf 
The dose for child rtn, from three to tix years U ouefcMflliaf 
a ^lA, nij^hi and mi^m'mgi In some CMCs, the dote ni^r bo 
rncrcascd and repeated oftetier- /M- 


jU^JjcaT iKtdirscncf^ 


hrd, lit Kin^toD, (Jamici,) T. Dahckk, M, IX auih&r nf 
VJriout m^dicAl irorb«> 

Cbahlki BiAHDOK Trti, Evj. F, R. S. TOd sfnioT ^tIr^oQ 
uthc Glocc«(cr lyfirmuy, and Auiheiror if*«r3l intcnvtiog 
work* em medicioc ind fttttf-ny* 

in tbc rifiy'^fcondycuofhiiagc. He wnaDmtTcof ift>cmtc 
of DcUwftrr,wherehc practifcd uaph^dan; after rearing:* 
ai the c\c%t at the war, rrom s tituatioQ ifi tbc hoipM dfpftrt* 
meet fjf ihc Uiuic<J Sutn, in vrhichki* fovxthful ik^ bvl «a* 
gngrd him- About €ftt«fl yrui iinc(<, he removed lo thf opiud 
of ihf »Ulc of New Vorfc, Icnvlog bfbiod him > char»«cr for 
(alcnii and humaoKf, which hftd eodf*rffd him tohi» owrj iwic, 
Ai New Vcnk bt contiaurd hi^* profrwiiMml career wilh in- 
Ercjurd udor and aucccmj not solf ly c^nftoing himself to tltc 
prwtiw of hi» profrMion, but embarirmg ib Ihrraij- workii for 
the advancement oi* ntedlcal knovlcdgc-, which Mm a hjgh 
rank in kichm. 

With the aJd of Dr. MitchcU, he coadui;ted the Medknl 
Kcpmitory: a publicauoo whooc chamcui ia u>a well known 
to Mtd ■ notice of ic berC' 

His nink u a phrakian had entitled him to the confidence 
and reward of hia adopted alalCr and he fiQ^ at the period of 
hia deoeaoti tlit office of retidam pbjrnician for ibc port of 
New Yotfc. 



StaSement of Deaths, with the dUcate» and agesy in the City and Libcr- 
iia of Pfaladetphia,fr&m the Ut of yanuatj lEil^ to Ih^ Ut of ya- 
nuanf leiS. 




Abortkm - - - ' 



Anttu P«clorii 
Aitbrna . . . - 













Abuw - ' < - 













Ancuriun . . - - 




Apoftcij - - - - 












Autw < < ' - 











Botiii . - - - 









CiDHr . . . - 









Cuin oClhe Etpkic 













Cuurfa - . - . 








ChildBcd - - - 






Gliolen Uorimi 




















CoonunplkHi of "t 
LnW 5 
CcMiTuliiaiu - - - 
























Chicken Voi - - 







l^rraon - ^ - - 


























Driipiv - ^ . - 
uf ifie llivait - - 



























in llie Bnln - - 










Druvcn] - . . . 











Ilrvnler; - - - 
















Uriinkcnaeti ■ - 











DiKUCt m kiLee Jcint 




UebiUtf - . - - 
















BpUe|«7 - - - - 










Empuoni - - - - 








Erytipvln - - - 





Tncturc - - - - 






Feter - - - - - 












InW-roiltt^Etl - - 









ReimUciit - - - 











Bilioua - - - - 











Ncrrqua - - - 









Mtli^mt - - - 











TjphuB - - ' 












PUn^nl - - - 
Hh(hi - . . . 
















Henrlet - ^ - ^ 










InflBEmuitDrT - " 







hlarli^calJuit aiiil } 
GBngrcDC i 












(iout . ^ - - . 








I^niif 1 






CanadtiXty, U\ 1J4 -Ji 44 6S i^a 1^1 14£ US 7^ 91 10 1 kt>5 ]j5j 

Statement ofD<oths continticd. 






























































































U 3l» 191 

145 HB 







HoDpiDgOOURfa ' ' 
















HenLirrbBn . . _ 













The Btvh 3 










of tlw Iad^ - 









nf rhe Stomuub 











of the BnvFll - 













of Ilw livat - 











Jiiinin\tj - - - 








Jauiidioe - - - 







IJtckeil Jav - - 








MeBslH - - . - 







Old Abb - - -. 
P»eur% - - . - 




















P.1^ - - - - 








BbeumUina - - 










RuplKTe - - - 








SAnpfUlm ' - ' 










eoreThnW - - 









Bnull Poi nttunl 












Inoculated - - 








S(i[f Boa - - - 




Solddc . - - 






Suriden - - . 










irphilia - - - - 












Thrmh - - - 



U|«r* . . , , 











Wormi - - - 







UnknDvn - - - 











5S8I&S164 77 iGk aai «go SOS [»8 S5 n ^ n 4 us assb 

NoTv. or (lie above Iherc ircr« 710 mtlei oTiweDij T4in and upvania, S^ under tweulj' 
jcani ortcmaln 525, of Iwenij yean and Qpwardi»433 tmder twenij jean^ and 147 children, 
prindpollj uuijet one yur, wnoae aei ii Doknovn. 

January . 

February - 

Martih - - 

April - - 

May - - 

June - ■ 

July , - 

Deaths in each month of the a^e period. 

Adults. ChLLdTcn. 
79 69 









October ■ 



AdullL Children 
13i lor 
loo 9S 

lUO 74 

Toul 1341 1145 

By order of ilie Boan) oTHeaUh, 


It i> luppoKd Ibat the populAtion dT the city and mbutba of Pliiiidel^ihit C"'^^'^ ^^^ 
nn^ of the rDreg<jing: fiillt of MorUlily] fouJided upon the Fiiumentlon nf the Ja«t 
centusj amflunia to about Pbuety-ilve thouund. 

Vol. rr. 3 c 


A C<illecikiii of Treau»«i oe ihc efccu of Sol-Uunr infld«i3ce 
R) Fcren, fthh an improved method of curing ih^m- By- 
FnuicU Bftlfour, M- D. nvo< Second c<iiiio(u 

Ao Eusy <m ihc dj>cfl«e cAllcd Yellow Fctct^ with c>bt«n-A- 
(loni conccming fcbrite contigtoD, typhu* fev«r« djr»ro- 
tcry. and the plogutf) Ccc. Uy Kdword Nnihaniel Bancioft, 

Popular DtrccEiof^iN fnr Uir irrjtfmrnt of the DbfOJiei cf Wo- 
mtn And ChiMrm. By Jolin Bum?- I^ondcn itnd Xcv Vork 

A Fo|>utirrrcatiac! on ihc <aitfc3 and diitioctiun of lh« vsir'ic* 
d«ft of the Atthnu, wJdi ncv and nimpU and vontiiful ui- 
fltrucuoon'for ihc prctrn^tion nad trmmc&t of AttbuuUt 
Fita, &u hi. By 1. M. Caun, M- D. 

llliiiitrat'LonA of Mndnvn, ExhibUmg jl lingxilv cue ofinauiUy, 
■nij A no lc«> remjkrkublc JiffcrcQtc m in«dU<d opinioc- 8vo. 
By Julin FliflUm, Loudon. 

Ilina for ih<? rGnftiruaii:jr>, economy and mord fnaongv^mrnt of 
fttt Hoti^iol for the Innancipomiingouicheeiuiiii^deJecu 
io auch InKtitutT^na, and pmpo^inf^ Rieniu for aaa«fiomtkig 
the condii^nn of mifuHca. Hy Jctha HutUm. 

A Fap«T cODUinuig the revulti of ckvcu )^ar* practice at the 
ori^^iual Va^cbc Fock Icauiuuun, No- 44, Brood stzc«^ 
Golden «quurv, London' 

EiuyBonibe^ chutgn of ihc^ Human Body sc difTorcnt ngvB» 
(he dittcaat^ <o whi^h it U prcdUpcvtd in«ach period of lifti 
and the phyiiologicsl principle* of il» longevity* By Tho- 
int» JuBcion^ >L D. 8vo. 

A TrcatliM on C'>>iil, tont»nTn^ ihc ^ininnM of the mo« ce- 
lebrated aavicni jind modem pln-atciona un that dlKtav* 

Ifettnf iV£iiSrd<Af ju. 


aad obaervallon^ cm ihc E:La Madicmalc. By John iCio^ 

HiAtory f>f thir Wajchrrrr] RmiiClrvt, &C. Iic* By ThoiiinB 
Wrighl.M, D. 

A Putdcgic Cumpauiun to the Londua FhKrmajcapsu. Ry 
John SoiU M- 1>* IBmo* 

Cursory rcmnrlii on Coniagleus DiAca»e4j and oa B«hi< By 

M. L. KSCC, C«f[> 8VO. 

A IrCiter <o ibc Fbyuuniu and Surji^oiift of Si. G«or^c*« Hhia- 
pititf oQ Mr. DAvy*4 airapic Ga\\ mic CbrdMi f nnnidcrcd as 
topical u«i»iaae fimnch of uicdklnc, &c- By Matthctv 
^y>unati. Bvo. 

Nfltunil HUiory of tbr Kumjin TcriJi, uiih a treatise ontbtir 
drv^Mca, ^c> By jM^pK Murphy. Htiq. 

Ambci>&L. PutM-Alaid. P;ui>.,1Slt. 

Tr«itc d^Hygi^r., applique k li Thcr«pi:utiquc. Pjir J. B. G* 
Bubier. evo. P^mtt, IBIK 

An Inquiry into ibc nature, ( juaci md cure of Hydrothonvi 
illu»iTiiLcEl by inEcrr.»ii[i^ (aau, E^c. By I- ^la^Unn, M. D. 

The new LonUon Pfacticc of PJ\y»ic, he, Ecc* with prncnp- 
lJOii|iUCDOTiiiiig Collie nomcncbturr cf the New Ptiwijico- 
pojju Screoch cdiuon, «alugvO Uid carefully rttiiedr b}' £. 
U. U!1j1c«M.D. Sv(h 

A TmeUr^nnthcdSKOscAofChjIdrcn.whh diircMont fonh/^ 
■nuagcincnt of infuiit from ihn birth. By M. UndrTvtood, 
M. D. be. &C* In S voIh. (^ih edition, rcvUrd and vnlargcd* 

OljiFrT-jLlona on the unc H* Cuubttc Alkali in DcropfauU and 
ether thrcoiu diKc:i»H. By Jusepli Bruidikb. ^vo, 

J/iaiom^y Sargfry^ and MiStoiftrtf^ 
A new dr^crfption of thr MuacUa of U^c Human Body, ae- 
comp^wjrd byaboin 15 en^aving* of the prijicipal mutclev. 
By John Jamea Wan, lurgeofj. 

Ebvav* on the Anatony of Exprr-iiion. By Ctutrle* Bel). ICo. 

MS ^* 

Aoaeom^r of iht Hamwi Bo^fi bj John ind Charlci BcD. 3d 
cdnioD, bi 3 voU- 8VO. 

Tliv Moibid AttM/MQ^of the Gullet, <hr SromacH ui<) Tnte«- 
IJo<»- By Alpex*nd*r Monro, jun, M-D- F.R.SpE. Pnifc*- 
ftot ol Anttovty and Surgery id the unJi^ruty of EUiulntr^li. 

Pnciical ObwrraiktiB oti variuut nov*l modcii of opvratin^ oa 
Caur*», aiwl of forming on anifUid pupil* By RohcrE Mo. 
trr HdlbcAch, iDciabcr of ihc H^^ CuLtcgc of Surr^ooan. 
Loodoo. Bvo* 

Oh)cn%iioiit (in the Cuar^ci xati Gtttia ScniUi ir>d»d^ng a 
tntDnlalwo o^ Wcnzd'* ircaiU^ <hi iIm Cmitiai, » u«w 
chqpicr on die Qpcr«ikn« of i^rgdy piuictuxiui; the c*pwU 
uf ibc cniUlinf humour, and many iJditiottjJ TcoftarkBon 
Jhc guimcrrna. By Ja.m«i Ware, F.O-S. 

Pnciit)! OI^Krvaciona on the Trcimcnt of the <ljKft«cs of ibc 
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Surgkul OljRi-n-*iioEm on Tutnurv ikoU LumW AbutstCf. By 
Jolm AbciTict^'i iiMitUuc sur^ni to St. Bvthi>li>[Qctr\ 
llotplul. 8vo. 

^|^;^ct]<:;Ll OhKriaiinm OD the S=Terocetr, 4od mIkt morbid 
mlargcintnrft of the Te«lelci aNo cti th< otiw aid cure of 
tli* icwe, (h* «piiriou», and the cKronk H>-dnxdc. The 
nhoTc i]tuvinitt<I by nscs, &c< By Thonui Ramtdtti, lur- 

,.}.a KuayoQ BomcoTihcMagnof ihe^pcratloaoreutciDK^oT 
the Sune^ Ulutir&trd with an cngravff^. By C B. Tryc, F- 
R«S. fiv^ 

'The Pfinciplti i>f Midwifery, mdu'Jing the di»etutev of wo- 
men 2nd children- By John Bun)*, Icclorcr oo nauJi 
Srcofid edition, mdch enlarged. 

[J.cttcn concerning the duca«ci of (he Urclhni. By Cluvle* 
BeO. Bvo. 

A Letter mpeetfully addrCMCila tec oq the opendka for 
^ ,PopIitc^ AuKurl^m. By A- C Uutchm^on, M. D, Svn^ 

£errnt AiUi'Mrj^q*. 


Noiivc1l« wT^arquM lur le» Honuo Abdcnuuoleft. Paw M. 

iiic1ned« HontpvllicT- MoiiEpeliier, lAll. 

C^fmtriry, Xoturdi Bittofy, Bciony, Ci^c. 
HoTtiu C«BUbrigi«Gaii» or ft cat«]c>jp^ of Plants, indigetuHift 
ttod C3MUC- By Jomca Dt^tt^ curhtciT. Sluh cditioo. 12ruo. 

Outtior^of a counc of N>ninl Ph>lo^|ih}'i pirt ItU By John 
F^jMr^ F.R.S. Lontloii snd £dinbur^h^ pr^tatot cif oa- 
tnnl pyiutophy in ibe lUuvttiiiy of ^dlainuj^u Opc vo- 

hlRlC, 9V0' 

flcchcnlitf» Phyilco-thimlqiK*, (mte* sur b Prlc, lut b pv«- 
pantion chinu^un ci lc» profrrictc* ilu Poumvob et du So- 
dium. S(C' !cc- Pftr M M. Gaj'-Liuic <t 'HkCDuidi lonabrvs 
dc riaicllut. Two voL». Hv-a, Puit> 1«I1. 

Tiiffui de rhistoin oBtarvlic dc wntt In mcdicam^rtt, [«ur 
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Memoln of the Wrrnman Vamril Hltmrv' Socirly- Vol- Isi, 

Kl^minitB of ChfrniMTT* Bj J, Momy, tccnircr nn dicoutcty, 
be* Edinburgh, Titovoh/Siro. 

The Orgvik Rtraaim of tbe fdrtncr WoHd^ coQiaiiuiig ihc 
rcQiJuntof inHec<4,£Lc. 9c(, witli coloured plitcif». Third ind 
condutling vvluoir. tly Jin>r9 PukJoBai]. 


Mtrtnr PuUkaaanu 

The Edinborsh Encyclopfdii. Bj Dtsui limnttr, 1^ l^U~ 
F* K* S. E. RrpublUhed with comidcrg^lc imprvvEmvntB 
■Ad MlditMft. Br Edwird Parker and JOMph U^bpUiov, 
boo1ti«0ct»,PhUftd«lptuL Tl^firicpaftiTrthe in votumc h 
pttb1i*h«d; ibe mcockI pvi » la ptEW, and wiU be puhliihcd 
, ncuoiOQdi. 

The Nr* £ngU*d |ottrmJ «f M«dicifl^ tnd Sorffoy and the 
CAllttcral UrwKlfet of Scimcrt conducted by % Moaber df 
Phy«ifiiin«. No. I. vol. I. puhliihcd cjuoficrly, bf Tbomai 
B. M^ut £c Co. BoMon. 

A Trraiutf d» Uie Proon» enptoycd by Nfttore, im tuppnukg 
the Hcmorrhngc hom dirided and puneturvd Arursn, and 
on the kuc of (he Ligsuirv; cun^kidrng wtih Ubnrk^LliooB 
on Se<.(;i]dajy llemortluf;!;, &c. ttt^ By J> Y* U- Joncct, 
M- U. mciDbci ofUic Rvyail College uiSuf^uaft, LvoduD* 
'l\ UoUou, PhiUdctpbiii, iDuBtratcd by IS pklca. 

Surgical Ohtrn'ittoiu i>n Injuries of the Tfcad, juid on Mi*- 
«<1]jhncous Subjfeu. Uy John Al>a^<thy K H. S. Philji- 
delpbi*a Thanuu Dobun- 

ATrciliftc on a Molifpuit KpHtrnuc,ron]|aonly oUed Spotted 
FfTCTf inttr«pcr«cd with Komarkb od ihr Xncurc of tVvrra 
h geocT^- V\'tih a» uppendii- Bv Elbha North, Ifti 
New York. TEcJ-Sworda. 

Ad Inau^un! DJstertaiioa ca the Um of die DJgit*lki Pur< 
purt.1, m diectueof uftaui Dlteuet- By Thomit Edward 
5i«U, uf New Jcr»ey,evo- New York. T. & J- Sword*, 

A S^tem of Aaatnfny ^ the Use of Sludret* of MedJcuie. 
By Caspn/ Wnirnr, M. 0. Profettor of At\a^omy in the 
nntvcnity of Pcnncylvanbt vol- L pp. 4^. Phi]Hdelph«3^ 
Thomai n^bfon. 

A Tk^atue on ItupiureSf umLiunin(|; an juutotoicul description 
of cnch ispcdctf wiUi an account of lU t^mpioni*, pzo^mi 
and irrainwni. By WiIIlui Lawrtoce. tiLcmhcr of die rayaJ 
coUegeofaur^onrs. Wlthansppeodix. By Joseph Patriih. 
M- D- one of the iUf^ons of the PhilEuIelpbia alntahomr. 
pp, 413. I*hJUdclphia. Kdnrard ParVer, 




Thoniaa DohtonJua-in Presa^ 
The Hbtof^of North Cux^ioB-i By Hugh WiQiamHOn, M* 
D. L. J.,iy. 

Aho, preparing for Pubticathnt 
Cavallo's ElcmcQts of Natural Philosophy. Condensed and 
improved by the Rev. Mr. Broajufl* 

A. Fining has in pres9^ 
CorvUut on the organic diaeasca and le»ons of the Heart and 
Urge Veweb. Svoi It wilt be publiahed about the lit of 

Charles Bell*» Engjavingis of the Arteries, illuitrating the ana* 
tomy of the human body, and aerving aa an introducdon to 
the surgery of the arteries; embellished with fourteen fine' 
engravings- Subacnptioii price five dollars. 


The EditoTiof the £cl«tjc Repettoty hire ob«enred with 
taiitfaction,tliat ■decftedmMttcT from the BMfltBpproved Euro- 
petn pufatiodoot, kiM been tinely fiininkrd th«n to ctny oa 
the work Utherto. And u, bf \ut >miigeiiieiitt^they dxpect 
to be regoUHf toppljcd with d>e ino«t intAcstiDg Medical 
Joumali Aod Reviews of Grctt Bntaiii and the Continent of 
Europer they cm tafcly prDxnue a condiiiudoA of imerotiDg 
Butter, and regnlnilj of pubticatiaiu 

But » part of their plan embrace* <^ginal papert^diey take 
the present occasiofk of aolidtuigiucb iUiitancc intUaway 
•i #01 etdtuMe the valoe of the «nf%t and ipitttienlttiy reqneat 
any notk-ea of die dlaute and diteaMs'of dUbreoc |Mft« of oar 
country, and of the Dumy medicinaJ waters which aboond in 
die United StAlcfc 

ConuraaualioiH of the abora nature mtj be forwarded to 
Thomu DoboQ, ih« pufaUafaer* No. 411, BooA Second it^ect, 



Vol. II. 

JLLY. liiJ. 


Qm ihr ii<fiitxittt7icr ef Sugar iu th^ Bhwi^pert^rtt M^urfn^ 
vndfr UtahrttM iUrA'ifut. hi it l^ltrr to A1rvan<WT Murrct, 
-li D. F~ a. S./r4ia WiLtiAK Hrai Wou.A*Toii, Jtf- /). 

[ Pimp Ihc Ph^fvophictl Mtj^jiae f^r Julr IVl 1 ) 

IN rfpT>' to youT inquifv rMpcctlog 1117 c*p*rimtnc» upon 
tht fioo'tfiiiwncc of wgur in ihe »eram of diabetic porvuDHf 
which I h»-c mmiianrH 10 you Jii dinVrtni periodBf I am 
rralty luihftmc-d to r*fl«t hi^w li^n^ I Iwvc suffcrrd ihem to 1^ 
mun nfglrfird, when t cfinnuirr ihc'tr i^ndcutj' to elucidate a 
£urbui) pnini ^r phy tiAloglcal rrsrarch. 

My firit tndfivoon lo cltt«t augur m ihr »»iim of ihe 
blo«l vttit QiEuic 4oon afi(r perming lh« n^fnTidciliiinn ti( Dr> 
RoI1o\ Trcfltiie od the Diabccci, (which wm puhSHhr-rl I& 
iroa,) at ihc rxqu'-it ittVif. HaiWk^ «ho vrnmo obfiging *i t© 
funiinh me irith various ^jtccimciib of diabetic blood and wruin 
for itiii purpotC' 

The other tct of expcrimriiN which 1 made vidi reference 
to Utc n^mc (|uc»tiaD here notthougbioftiU the foUo«iri$)<e3r* 
The inquiry nu thctt left unfiiuthcd, and I nevdr rcHimcd Ltj 

Vol. ir. 3D 

for M 1 uxnt [iftcT* rrlio^jiwhe^ ilic practice pf ph^k, 1 de- 
tbuil in 1 g'vat iu?:uurc from proMmiug any im^WIci c<ii^ 
MGtCil wiili iiicUicinc. 

UowtvCT. bbcv mi much uf^Ebiiuilijcct » » «trWtly phj«i' 
oUigic*!* rtbtin^to ihc iia<urul cvurw ofcinuUiingiuMbiond 
marc f »pcclilljr >u much of ifac ini«viig«ii(rii ii» U conducted 
by chemical meui^ nwithiti Hi'^ mt^oi ihotrpurtum which 
vt gcnvnly iiiMn;«tki^ (o the Ro^rvl SucicK>', I will ndeftvour 
to ^vc TOd u diiuoa on ac<:ount u 1 ■■» able o^ the progrMv 
of niyo«iicLpcriiiicQUi,r«qurttii]5ih«iyoq wiHUirtturovUcc, 
Bore fully UuD you hivu hitherto dottc, ibv rvwiUof ihat fur- 
iltcr Mep in tkc bqair> whkh you took iit ay tugg«din|.nd 
if it u agreeable to >xHi, we wiQ without dtUy nuke ajoiat 
conmuAicotiofs of our rocudiea to ihr Soiieiy. 

Alihoiagi'^ Dr> RuUu h»J been aiaifttcd id the chcoBical furt 
of hi* JQ^uiry by tlur vell-kuowii uUiil* u( Mr. Cruickthatii. 
it appcart ihui itiry ^* hud cot brcn bij Indumtc ai U? oAitaiii a 
■iiificttnt tiuuQti(>'of »rum for chcniicdl exprriaMmlti" and 
wcrv ucubJo fij^ to nudafy thcmnkcSi by the tiutt or by 
tfdMriMa&s which they couU e mpjow cuaceraiug ibt exntenoe 
oc fK)a<«ftiucnDe of Kujar m ilic LtLuod cT pcnon* huhouriag 
ucxclcr dijdMieai but ncverihclcu they ucre perftujitk-d of tia 

For die puvpou of formjagwrno judgment 00 dtU qucMtion. 
Mr* CniicUhaok uaade (rial of ihc c|uantitic« of oaalic acid 
that couki be formed from dcrum or from blood Ic their nwm- 
ral kiate, Aud from th« same teruio or blood after the adilitJiJD 
of a certaiQ proportion of sugary nod from the difference per- 
ceptible iothEae triiln, he formed n prnb^hJc copjceture rcgpttct* 
ing thr prnmcc or abicncc of Augar in ihc Krum ol diabetic 

ThiE method, h \% evl^Icnr, U llahic to a twofold objection'. 
fint,that an e3CGce«tif other ingycdiciit>b«r«idc bUgtu-wiU cause 
oDincrtMe of ;hr qunntiiy of otbIic acuI Ibrmnlt and arcondty^ 
ibat«t]ghi variation* in ihc proceat for farming oxftlic acid wiU 
unavoidably occaaioadiflcrctice* iatlierrwlt. 



tRoUoimDi>bEi«i, p. 40a 

tM th€ Am-txifimet ^S^ffiar in lA^ 8Js^^J, 


Thr ncUioiJ wbich 1 cmplc^td a|]fican to me capable of de- 
irciing much nnullcr quaniiliti of luch ui iDgrcdltnti Cor 
though it tnight Dot enable n% to <liitiuguiih ckacUv ih« n*tiin> 
otnny smftll quftntUy l}jnt mdir be fliKovrrcd, «till thv men 
((UiMtian of abKXLCE or jjiitpMnicc ailmiu of d^ttroibiatioii wilh 
^<at pmiiioii. 

For thia purfiiMtf i invrfii^tcdi in the £r«i pbt«, hotr the 
albdminouf pan >'»f lirtlthy 4cmni could be moti complcicly 
coa^Atcd. and by whit Jtpptafimcri (he prctrocc of %\i^t 
ihiit hid been added to it would Im mott «aMly diicemcd. 

Whfn heal atone bad b<ren employed f<jr the Coa^uUtiou 
of »tTiim, to which watt'T had b«n added, *Hai which ex- 
uded Irom it wan mtill louotl to contain a ponion of albumen 
tlinolvrd in iti and if this were allowed to rcmuD, my iK* 
charine lAatier ivhich mi^ht be prncni vuuld be diaguiacd, 
■nd CtnAd not wkh ceftAinty be detected. 

I found. However, that thi* rcujduum of coagulablc Matter 
inif{lii be ^liogethtr prevcQtcd by the addttion of aiolkLIciibb' 
tity of dituic a<id to the *c rum before coagulation-* To tix 
druchmi of Krum I added half Bdrvlun of nutjatic acid i^rc- 
vioualy dlluErd wiih mr drachm aad a half of vftlvr. Aod ini* 
mefted the phial coniainiDg Lhcn in boiliiiig water duiing fgur 
miimtn The coagulation wa« thui rendered comi^tte. In the 
courvc of > few houra n dr;ji:hm or more of water vxudei from 
htnim thathoa been «o Cf>Ligubited> If a druji uf thti water be 
cvaporatedf the »ftlt« which it coninin* arc found to cry]itfllUze» 
eo thcit (he form of the cryBiaU nay be euUy ditcLiigvlthed; 
they are principally commuQ »aU- 

If anjrpordDnof tacdnrine matttrrbaa bmt added lo the 
ftemm previous if> coA^nlauon^ xht cryMaUaxation of th« tialUf 
IB impeded, or wbcllj pr<v<^nted, occorttinf to the quantity of 
!kugar pfetent- 

If the quftutity added doranot exceed twogratn* andnhalf 
10 dieounec,ihc rrystalli^ation ii not prvvcntcd; but eiea thii 
■iml quantity is perceptible by a dr|^o oC black&cM that ap- 

* [ piVflvmcdtliM ihU pnrriofiuf ftlbiiDcn ^m Htaln«il in in[iiti«i by tha 
ftftAliRilundoMinwtuin^ftnilHldidEhc tcidfor trve iHUpOHoTnflumLLff 

J9^ Oa t^ Xsn-fiitimn rf'Sti^r m rilf Bbt 

of a small ncm of KJd on <he au^r. 

If Atc Anuttft iiaTc bctn uiiJctl, ihe cry^uUtiwioQ b r«T 
tmpcrbci, and 40on ditjpjic;ir3 r& a muiit oirbyik^iieftcaK* 
of the sugar. l>ic bi4^kiw»» U tlho deeper than Id the forowr 

B7 Bddiiioa of tea sraLCiB toUi«ouDC«, (liGcrT^ul]iT:«UDaof 
ihc mIu U cpiircly pravciiu<U an^i t^ic degree of blacincu and 
diipcjftit^on U> tlctiqucftcc ar< of coutu nuro maiuJcst ihan 
vlth niabllcr quADtiLici- 

Ar I WM aw art thac the augtr obiainrd from diabetic unrr 
n a didrrcm tulj^uacc irota cammon V^^r (approachinB more 
Reaxljr 10 lh« aiiifvr of Bg«)« I had the precauiion 10 repeat the 
tame Krlet of cipmrneiiEa upott srrLiBi, (o whifh I ra»dc cor* 
rtvpuiuJtLi^ 4iJd]liun« <jf dry augat, iJui 1 hud fc>raicr1y vXU^U* 
cd from th« uniw uf a pcrsuu uha v^idttl h iikccmndeniblfl 
quoDti^ri and 1 fvund tliecffrctbUbopcrfvcUyuiBibruievny 

Aa a fianhcF tvat of ihc absence or preseiKc of aufpr, I 
found U cfimcnicnt 10 add a lUtlc nltnt add to the aalu ibac 
Trmainrd iiftcr cr) luJliiiiition uf ihe drtjp. If ihr acnm has 
bern aucci-wfiilly coaguUud wiiUoui any addiuan of ftogart 
thi^ addiliun of nitric ucid mi^rcty convirm the nnuriatic sales 
into Dimilftt and utirucc a( noda is D(!cn 10 cryitaUizc with«it 
feam or blacbneu- But when SLigar haa bc:c!n added, a vhitc 
foam riiMi round tht' mdr^n of rfic drdp; actd tf fLirrher htai 
he xppViciU >t becomes black in proponion to ihr cjuMnEiiy of 
atigJir Ttrcicnt. 

$uch Art thr appcarBDcc; tvHrn ihr proportion« have been 
duly adju«trd, and (he pmpt-r beat for coo^^uLation &i;)[iLied' I 
nuat own, however, that t could not alwsiyaHiccced 10 my u* 
lisfartinn M the time whfn th<-s< eEpehmc&d wtrrt ronducud, 
and I mmiadined,ia aicrihe occanional fadurci lu having used 
ni«rc muriatie add than waa really neceaaarr, which by cxccM 
of heat might rcdiiaolvc a pan of the conguLurd albumen, and 
thence occaiioD appearance* which, wtilioat careful diacrimioa* 
fion, might be ancrlbed to lugar. 

After haviog, hy ihta ^oura^; of experiment, laiiaficd myaetf 

On tJie Xan'rxHttnft <ifSHgsr %n ih< BhstL 397 

«* to ihr phcnomcni cxhtbitrd by vrum io lU ftNtuT^ ituc, 
aiti4thc (tl«ct9<if Mny ikmftll additions nfituji^T, f thfn proceeded 
en ihf (t3viit>«tioA nf Hiich iprcimcn* <if diabetic blood or of 
a«TUin, »» r w»i *]^lr to pmciirr, 

Thr Br«t which f rv;iinmfd «*m a pon'ion of blood that had 
bir<n Qlfcn from a prnon whntc iirtnc hnd bem analyfcd, M)d 
found locoDUin eag^r. ThUhlood h^d bc'cn dnrd^ nhen ffcih, 
by a ;-tndc hcac, «o a« not tn co^i^htr tbr ft? rum. After being 
reduced to powder, it ivtfAmixcd wiib waiLT|iTt ordi^r that every 
thing which mnuint-d tolublr mJE^l Ix: extracted. A Ihilc nm- 
liaric acid fas then added, and &u1Iici4:ni heat applied far e^ 
n^uIcitioTx of the albumen* 71i<? water that fttparated after co- 
agulation wu found to eottiain the lalts of the blood, Jjut do 
trace whatever of aug«r> 

A necnnd tfieclmcn of dried blood, ihat bad been aacertuncd 
to be diahnk on the tatne eiidcticc na the preceding, wan ex- 
amined in K nimiUr mnnner, vrith the aamc reaidr^ an no fijp- 
pcarancr of migar could be dUccmed- 

In H thini instance, t had itoinc lenim from the blood ofa per* 
Jicn ivhoic lutnc had bcentaatcdi nnd found •* very sivtttt' (I 
hadnoopporiuBiry of j>rocurin9 any of thia urin« lor analyiii.) 
After a portion of (his ftcrutn bud beeio coaf^bted, ttUb ihc 
addition of the uaiaI proportion of muiiaiic aid, there irai no 
appearance whatever of lojar. Buf when three flrainnof dia- 
betic lugar bad been added to aiiother ounce of the un)c tre* 
iiim» ihc presence of thu ^iiantLty waM mamfciit b>' ihr; tame 

1 had alio a fourih opportunity' of examining lenim of 4 
pefioo vbo»e oraie coDtaiacd %o much iaccha.rine mai^tr, that 
an ounce of it yielded, by eiApoi>iiii>D, ihir(y-ux graioa uf ex- 
liLto. In clii* luttancc I wa» not su K^ccnful ia my vxpcii«aiii 
fur, though \ irac sali»(itd Ihal no tvi(^t was prt«cnt, Uicre 
ccrtaiaJy wm a degree of bt^tLncit, which might Itavc been 
occa«toocd by about one gram and -4 half of vugar in the ounce 
of ttfum* But Uiia black matter appeared not to be »ugar: it 
waa mora «uily dried ihiiti »uipin it woi nat fusible by heat, an 


On 'Ar .Yon^rjcwttentg i^Stifftrr ht the Skod, 

vugpr b: uul Ui n£nictirc po«er* wu loo great lor chat of 

I unforlun*litiy hid ao opportunely of rcp««^ii^ the cztMrtj- 
mcatOQ asctood po«t>OQ of (h« titn^c scTum, hsviog lacotui' 
dcTwdf flii>pluir«(l ti Cor oth«r oxpcrtmcnu, uid coag;ulatcd it 
ti ihc mn« linw with di* furnicr. 

Ib ibc net( cKpcHuMsi 1 added htlfn dracfam of the urinr 
of the »rne prrv>n lo tix Oruhou of the teroni. aad iruh s 
duEproportiop o[ dUutcd miirUljc acid coa^btcda« brfbrv- 
Akhoughihc quMibty of cxtmci added did notcxcord J|tOr 
tiTD ^jm and a quarter of extract, the dWervncr wa vrry 
manifrfltbj ihr darkaeta of the colour and tbr deJenhneuyt- 
talliEMtion of ihv «dM- 

To ihf rcmuining c[uantii}' of the scrun I had addfd iwkt 
th« former propcnion of ihc urine, cutd found that ihU fjuan- 
lily did not wholly prevent tbc cryatalliaition of ihc uhidur- 
inj^ the cvapcrMioti of the drop. 

The iritkUof ihcni: iriali vrBi luirh si to uii«Fy rat that the 
wnim IQ thiA iniiance coutiintd no perceptible qiianiTCy nf Mt- 
gar, or at Icut thai the water scp^rablr fn^m ihc co^galacrd 
flerum dh) not crmiuin oor-ihirtitth part of ihai proponioii 
which I hud fciiiiid in the urine of ihr frame pcnon. 

fii order 1c Accooot fur ihe pnrienec of ftogar ic th« nine^ 
«r« iBUBt CDntrqueoily either mtppoie a power in the kidneys 
of fonoiitg ihh new pn>duct by tccrciion, whkbdocinotftrcm 
to Dcoard with the proper office ofihacargan;or« if wtfiippoae 
ihe MiffXT tn he formi;d \n (hx: flEnmaeh by a peaci:UAf irapc^ 
(t<t oMlmllntinn, wr rauM thi n admit thf^ exiiienec of aamc 
channel of cnn-re^'ance fmm die Mnmneh lothe hlidder^. with- 
o*it paMJog rhTnugh the grT>rr»f iy\Erin of bTo«d»vcfc*elt, Than 
some luch chuijpL d<?ci eLiit, Dr. D<trwia> endenvoueed to ^i 
a>ceTtatn« by giving large doic« of nitre, which he <oatd pdV ^H 
(circ in pii»» wtih ihenrine, but could ml detect in !(» p«iaj(r " 
through ibc blood; and be lEnagiaoddw disotnL hy which it 

' Tb* miJifMJ by wbkch (Mc vki irtfd liiadncs t^^l tiniic Ixfti dc«tibc4 
III llic PbiUiAi>|ifitc«l irtriiiCli'tFit firr lt02 
* AceouiiHifibcpeirotfi*ileM«ioii*ribt *l*jfbff(ii Veml"f by Ch»rtf» 

I) II LV 111. 


6*11 ihe /fd-t3ti*SMce ofSvg^r in the Btcad* 


wa« conrcyed to br the iibiorbcot «yitem, i\pim the vupiiwiiUoii 
that they might admrt of i ntrograJc notion oftbvirconicnot 
Wichoul viopting chrf Ehr<}T7 of Dr. Djiirvm« il did aqipc^r 
lo mc loat ihe Tici dt»cr*cd lo be AiccrUined hy lome lest 
more dcciiivc tliui Jtun; aiul I conceived that if pruitiatc of 
poea«h could Ue ukcti with •stCciyt lU prncnce would be diit- 
cctncd by mcHiib uf ■ «cflulJuD vf irun in ■■ ftni^ propurljuo 
u almoit ao/ knuwn chevtcfti lc*t. Upnn trial of ihi« tak»I 
fuuad tlui a lolutir^n oi H miglit br ukra wilhoul the lejiil iti- 
ooovieftieDtc. and ihai m )n> ihan on« hour and i h«|] Uic urine 
become pcrcepiibly impre^iced. and cooliaucd so to ihc fifEh 
orVmh hour, althouF^Kthr quautiiy taken had not ftmi^uaicd to 
more thoD thicc graiub of the talt. 

After * fe^ prcvivu« triil* of the |kciiod when (he priucipat 
iropregii>LJCH]Of ^« uriDC mi^ht be expected, and when th« 
praeDve of die pruuiute (if it cxiaLed \q the Uood) might 
wilh mutt rejiBOii bv prc«umed to occur, a healthy person aljout 
tliirty>lour yrjinof u^ »»• indueed its ikVc a doitc corrv- 
bpondingtulhrcc^^i0« xiid * half of the dry MLt,aiQd to rrptat 
Uavvry hour to the chird iime. The urine bciog «i!Mnaiefl 
etcry half hour, vnv found in two houre to be tinged, and to 
afford a deep bUiG at the end of Tour houn. Blood wa% then 
Mken frooi the arm, and the eoaf^luiM, gJier h hod feviued, 
ivu alloHed to icniractt fio that the brrum Ri'ighc be fully *rfi>- 
rated^ The prc»ner of the pru^Viste va\ ihea endeavnMred to 
be discovered by meaoa of a soluuon oibt>n, hut nilhuut effrci j 
iktidita I thought ihni the trdundant alkab (which hwd bfcn 
UCtTlai<it<I ID prevail in this temrn] might ;rnd toprcveoi ibe 
appt^rmcr ef the precipitate, I added ^ imoU qLLintity of dU 
lutv Bcidi but itiU I eould not difcem that any degrvc of blite- 
oetB w« ocAMonrd hy lu 

Tfaia experlmtnt having been rrprftted a MCftnd tiain with 
the >amc rcituli, lecmed lo m« iwarly eonelitsir^ with retpeet 
to the exiKUricc ftf lome piMage, by which lubuaocea ccrrain- 
ly koowq to be in the iioomcIi miy ittid their wmy to ibe blad- 
der Without being mixed with the gcneriT mau of circubdng 

Bring rlrttroiR of aicerta-ining whether the proshiaic fould 
be diicovcrcd in any other tccrvtioef, 1 hare repeatedly cxa* 

uLntd m}' mIiva, »it\mtt yrhta ihc urine hu maallcfttcd a 
T«ry »UDDg bluf > l>r MiMlAg •AluiiMt <pf iron, but 1 could an no 
IJBic perceive thr »*lit* mbf liQjj^nL 

1 hwcalM. duffiai^a wrfrrcofd, «rrompftiiicd vi^hprofutc 
lunnitigof wAtcr frcvm the no4r, m«d« a ftiniliur cxAmiDation 
<rF thU dttchotgc, but have r>ot been able to perceive nny trace 
of ih« pruit^c 3cid- 

■ JtvwscnHjr in thit auCrtluE I left the inquiry at thrpc-rJoU 
I Kire nKBliottrd, and I do not rcmrmhcr to h«vc mule any 
otbtr rxpciimcviU, when t rcquetlcd your uniaiunct in making 
uIaI of tbv «eruni ibii t* iccrtttd in conwcitiencc of the appU* 
catloQ of n bIJMer, Vour report upon tbe rciult of your expert- 
menci, Ui nddfliou to ihotc which I lia^t above related, nearly 
s»iiafied me u to lh« esiiittiictf of tome unhtnwa chanoef of 
coiivcyHacc by which iij,tMtince& may reacfa the bladder' 

Wiih ic«pect to Di. Darwm^k o^ccplton of ■ rctro^di; 
iLCiionurdicab«orljcAU« ii ii«o strongly opposed by the known 
Mructurc iif OiAi »y»tcm of veneb, tlijil 1 btlievt E<w ptnoiu 
wiU udmiL it tit hv in uny dtgrec proh^kw 

ISiaccwc have IfcLomc flLi^oainEcd with thr turprixing chc* 
mk,iIetf('c»of the lowett iiaiet of ekttricity, 1 have been io- 
chdcd to hope thai wv migbl from that wurce dtrivc tome cx- 
plnaatioo of su^h pbenonwna. But though I have r^femdo 
ftecrciL'>ain general to the agrocy of the ekctvic power with 
which ihr ncrvtit appc-if lo be imlucil, artd am thetvby recon- 
ciled to tlie secretion of acid orinci Witm blood that U known 
to be adkiiliiie. which bclorc that time «cvui*d higbly puridi'ii- 
caljond uldiough tbv ttantifer of the prui«iaie ol put«Ait>ui tu- 
gw, or of other aubftioncn may equally be dfeccrd by iIk vame 
power ns aciing ciiiue^ aciU the channel through whUh tAicy are 
conveyed remains to be discovered by dirrct cKpenincnt. 

i have* itKleed, conjectured that, by cununing titc bhwd in 
the»^duminal veaatU.or GOncvDtsofthc Iftdcati, it mtgbt be 
pouible to detect them if% iranAitN; hot I faarc oot br<o incUiw 
cdto mikr »uch experiments on tiring aniaiaU, M ttOuUI pei^ 
hapi throw light u|kon the subjccL I remain^ dcait nr» with 
grc*t regard, your*! very truly, 

W. U> W0LLA»T03I* 
* n^L Hig-Ar JbQC 1009 


ffittfiry ^ffirta! ^Jfftif front tfir nrrldtntAl Vnf ef W\iUf l.tadi 
in rt J^tUr e-7 tkf Prriti/ffTit. Rrj JftHW nrfnitii^, .Curyrfln, 
r. ^*S., teit^ adxiithna! rcmaris Ay William Sift.^KMAHt 

AT the ftinjngof JiooarrSO. 1809, nvfrbalcomEnuDicacioin 
v/a* made to die Sixirtr, by the author of ih« foIlMving me- 
moif, of flomc cxtTw>r<i\n»ry trmptoim, followed by (he dcadt 
of «evcri«1 tadU ichialu of i familr \yb(MB be hfid auentlciL It 
appcahtif- to itic QittRhm prracnt hi^lf probable ihjii thcie 
un&iitmiutc rvenUv ori^inat«d from the pfili<<in fff Indf* a com- 
mittrc VIA dirpticrd (a tnvtMi^tt and ta cndf rivourto deirct 
ihe Prti cause i>f ihe fatnliiy^ whichihe fcllowing rvlitiua fully 
anil aatialzicuinly txploim. 

If the Mfcowia^naraiivedA tiuicontey *ay importmi tnc- 
dioil inftfrtnatioa, il nuT not bv whcitl}' uiixnetrutli^ e, u it rc- 
\axnt to » domeicic caUtnity, occasioned by ft drtun»atace 
which at the time vr^it wholly un«iitfwctcd; and it may at kR«t 
ineulcaic the twccuftiiy of a chMcr bnvcMJi^tinn of K^mptom* 
from rauKc* not fuUv lacerulncilt lad at tbc «anie lime evince 
ih« fivlUcy cf luuty prognnHiicv 

On the aiiE of Ociober liut, I w» d«air«d to viih Mra. H., 
the wile of a reapectabl*- cr>dennMn hi Atcl<:r9gACt-iirc«t, who 
compkinrd of violcoipain mdte iicfobi<iiljiAcorflL<, wlthfireai 
aoreatM of the v^^amne re^on when pretacd upon. She had 
vcuni»d a conoid arable quonthrof hjlbui fnaiifr^ nnd ^xKtt 
Bftmc time her hnwi:lii verf canm'tpntnl- ibr f-iiNc van f^lnt 
And regular, the tnn^vie rl^ait and m4>l»t, and ihrrr «a« no 
»y«)ptaai of Uvtr prcseni- She imnMcbJiirlf took a catharlirt 

* riOUlbaTriAHcyMt sfOic MtdtuI thickly af Loiidao, voJ* i pvli. 

t On ibc rulbwihf tT»ninj[ Dr. rfcht^nbin <|f livFrrditiff ar]nvj[f4c«mmu> 
Bicaiinn, ulikh urv*^ (oc.^nFinn ift* pfoUTi*l*iy of ;Jlc** luifaLoninti a,1- 
Oiniith Mr J>- h»il bcrfi biihcrtg iintu«f«ruJ in drt«tin|f tbf ptcej« OTi- 

Vol. IL 3 E 

Fatal BffHttfrsm tiie 

thifh optrnird, and m op!au in tfae cTmiia^. The foflowini^ 
morning the patient apprartd rclirvcdj »n ihv *v»ing, how- 
ever, the pains Oftd vutnititig required, and thtn« tytoftotta 
tDDi\nut<\ fortomv nuxnatv* il^ys > in m diBtm^iog at tfei^ce^ 
ihni it Will f!c!cm«] ftdvUabto to cooButt the Eunilf phfsUun, 
which vdB done on NoAi-mljef 4, IfiOB. Al iliii rimr thc*c 
synigEomi roniinTifd u ktrmdy intimntcd, without Any a|^ 
|Kftnince of fj:^x^» and hence the i>hy«ickn wu indticcd to coD- 
lidcr the alTcciion* u oFa rhcanutic and fpmmiMlic AACurc- 

Iii ft few dA)-h, in ci>n«cquciic« of th« xncndmvat oi ihv p>^ 
tirni, he ili^continurd hU vifljt». In iil>i>ut a wvck aCtirr ihW pe- 
Ftod, d bo)- in the (Acnr fafftiEy^oeariy Hixtirciiyonof ft^, was 
ActKcd wtib «7-inptums ci!<t;l1y KimilorKi lho>c of the preceding 
case, and similar remedies iffurdtd only partial rclicC) ilUnt 
kiigih he was removed into ihc wuBUXtV^tJ^ceeby recovered 
his btuhh, 

A week utter ihf nciack of this )viutK, the «Ue» eUld, a boy 
ftii years old, wcu ebo «T^ted with stfiatogotu *3;mfilo«Ai, nnd, 
the mnthrrhftvmfr rciupited i mo her fomcr «*■!£, die phyurjkn 
WAS agutn ei>nftulicd en the 19th of Novenber- At tbi» ttme 
three nihrr pmotis rn the family labovral undo-itmilar aBcc- 
lioni, nnd iiLipic^iom were now entettaLne<l that some po** 
MTnaui lubtcance might have (auftcd thi* Rcneral iadiiposMioc 
of rhe family; hut after mimiie inve^tt^tion^ no cm onam* 
trance wn iii«eE^vcrr<l to e^nfirm Lhi> sutpkcioni or lo qIuci- 
rUte the Rfiuree of bo r xtenBivr a cafaunjly. 

The flicfcnen and pntn eoniinucd unAbated im 3frv. iCj b\ic 
, ihe BOO. 9tiitT \hc period of a loriKight, wa» dpe<oii«ii in t uotU: 
of ccmvaleicence b}' hi» pfaytlclan^ whv dticoatiiiLicd hi« »aeii- 
(tnnce. he wa»^ however, lo-jn aftei tetxed with coovidiion^, 
and expired wilhio s few boun. Unrxpccud uid severe ftitJiia 
«hcjck wjt, Mn. R. aftcrwurdt |7^u«lly (few a Utile beciiar. 
Sh<" ^ 1 ' ri ,. I , r iriiirijtJ fy iiichlt tcr ^Ud» wht(ii. It be- 
ing tii^H-ri> I lion [''R ijL'Jl the w»advi*ed lo wcaei: lo thi^the re- 
luctantly cvnienied. Jn ahuMH ten dayi nfierwardk the ekild be- 
came Bomewhat coBtivc, without aa^' other appueni icdupoti* 
uou;but at diii period kwaibcJxeJ with vomiting and eon vid- 
noDi^ iind tuddcttly expired. The unhappy parent no wexperica- 
ced a reiuj^n of her eompbino, and, uuder a pcrauaiioa of tbe 





accidfjitai Utc &f White Uad^ 




mcfficacy of profcuional aid, »he w prevailed upon to conftilr 
tn empiric, whoBF anei:)tljiTic«., ihuugh cUDlinutdto the CDi4of 
the year, pruvvd uaavaiLiaiji and on the id vi Juiuans 180^, 
ahc had ihc advice of Mr. Chevalier, in experienced surgeon, 
vrha f-Qtitiidtr^d the poiicnt's compUnit Lo be chronic theumft- 
liiiinj And by (he loic of clyaiera of warm water, oUy muclbfp- 
fious fn^!cinr*t faoKfiuctaD^ and ve*icataric^, ihe appeared 
tocxpc^eDcif m'>rcr«lke(thaii u any period dncc the tir«ikiiack; 
bur, klihough the voinitMii; and ^icLQccn tvcre Irsa TJi>U-jv( and 
frequent, ihe pain uidftorcDcik afilkc Abdomcnt^ru(i>niplHia- 
rd of, never eultrely «uh«idc<i: *hc wae, however, :L(j|e to ihap 
and amufta herself with a, IJitie nvedlework^ auiI wro to go 
about the dometicic eoncems of ihe £xniity, and Mr. Chevalier 
had propoacd to pay hibtiaal visiioniho Slat. Oothemonijng 
oi this day >he rote at len o^ctotk, and witliia the space of nn 
hour aflf nvarda, whiUt AtaDcIing ociu the tii^nk of dntwen, the 
vLiddenly c^f laimiEd/* 1 am liyiug!" She trag saized with cern- 
vahtonft, which coaunuad till hve u'cia«k ia th« alcemoon, 
when idle cvpirrd* 

On ihc 9ubK<iu«Qi day» Mr. ChcTollcr, vhnsc snatomicil 
ftkill ri w«JE known, eaamiatii the body by diiaeciion, Neither 
the thoracis and ■bcLominal vjaecra, cor the brftia,upoti the rno»t 
nuDUte exammaiion, ctchilMtcd the leoil appcoranee of d ii uaci 
ia iihort, not the least trace could be ditcovercd of any morbid 

With reftpcettotbe three other pcrioiu already meDtioned 
to have been indiipoiedi (he servant mud, oacoftheoi, vaa 
eooveyed to her frienda, and recoi'dcd. A ki»ter*jn>law of 
Mr4i R. aUo rceo^^ercdi but the third, wtio wai her modier-in- 
law, died, oftrt tm^cj-iu^ under divc^c tiJL Maich> 

ThraecirihiinaUncch tiiiviagbvtu eurtvrtly coniniunieated to 
dkc MtdkalSodelVi Df- AdMm«i Uu HanailioDi and Mr* LvX' 
rcnce, were tcqucuf^d to viiit the houie of thi» uoJortunaie 
family, and to endeavour t^ otccnam ihe cautc of the eatft* 
miiy- Kvcry tiuUna/yarticJeandthe whole premttca were accu- 
rately cKacntiitda but ^thoui tia beading U>ttny dJKwrcry. It 
appeared, indrtdtthat Mr. M., the hinband of die drccued 
lady, hfld purchased a caik of >ugjir at a ^ale, a eooudcrafale 
paR of which had hecti disposed of to sonu friend* uithccoun- 


FaiaJ £fe<:t9/rsit tA^ i^c^ 

uy, vho had u^ ti wkhout inormTcueiioct Mtd hence so tw* 
pkKrti V4 rotrruincd of xhh ari»cl« hftvlii^ prwluc«L th« r«U' 
bey m Mr. K.'ft tttMnily, 

Id Uut •(&!£ of uocrrtaloiy. Dr. LwnJ. anolhn' mt m ht r of 
the MedicAl Soi:jcty, viuted th? bouci «Dd, OS eXftllHllkiB; ihe 
<«ik wtt^cii hid lunuifml the «us*r, be obaefved a «rhptt pov- 
der kdbcti«3 tu iu t^uKr eurfjioe, and wbidb, on bcin^ heued 
by tbv blonr-pjpc on dkartoal, kflbrdcd globule* of lead itt thr 
vnallic MSLv. 

1 he oayviery wat Ihua ai Ud^ ikvdo|Kd. Tbe vugar had 
Imch ii^udkio Jii^ puf m%o ■ cuk vhich hnd prevkfUkly coniaiB" 
ed while lead. Thai pan or Uic tugat vhkh tvas kd; into the 
couADy bad protubly been taken out of ibc atidiUc of ihe cjnkf 
and hiHl never come in contact vhub the kod; uhd«t thai 
which wxt uted h^ ihc rtmily^ Fiiv nig been taken frooa tbo 
aide, vaik imprognaifd with liiiv metal, jod duulilni »u ihe 
source ol the l^ital evviia detcnhcd. 

UJ nine pvnoat ita ih\a familVt v-ho vtre nfeor« tv !»«* ladM- 
por^cd, tour tlicid, and ihr cflcctt or ihc poiion oppw lo lutvc 
been oetHf tn vhe ntxia of Lheir tt«puiirc n^e. 

Hic bUcA, hiiBKn moRthi old, WA* aitu;)ird ind eiplr«d 
nithin (be tpuce ol houn^ tht' child mi yi-arnof 
%gt aumwd ■ funnightp Mrs- H., aged foeiy, lingered ihroe 
laoniha before ihr liiCBl event tiooh pUcei and the inoth«r>iiH 
law, Hgod ftixiy-utcn. died four monihi Bftrr the atcbck. 

The 3) inpiomiiD each vcre rorr utnjlor. The tantmttK^ pnin 
In ihc uotnuch, and cotilveDM^ mnHitd ihf; atra^h of the dU- 
eaii'; and the AUrcnc«« of thecpigltttrie region bilhnae whoro. 
eovicrrd WM Qotnmo*ed hiy tncdictne, but leemed mher gr»* 
clLinlly ii^ iv»r Away bj time or chiage of air* The mnltervO' 
tnitcd iTM uiuolK of a dark ^cUow cotour, though vomeiicnes 
grec^ the fsce* were \a geneiktl diiti'i^ouredj but in the vnae 
ai Mt». R. ihey wera Gumplct«ly uhke dtirtn; iht vpace of 
tvtei)--fgurhoun cnty. 

Thcvf w« atoonder^blc tameneM io the invdkal trtAlnwtf . 
TLic upiaiea vhich wcro giicii afbrdod w> miiigaiion of the 
jiymptomii, unlei* juined with cathaffka, and aided by foocn- 
taijon*, Bu* The <(jtfnttEiancCT of ^1 the piMkvti* cnhibitedii 


J£ JfvMf ud'< £ifptrii9fM» upon CantkariJn, 405 

piU, Bickty, wan »apcct. The pul«« in nth vu rfow and regu- 
lar, rather indeed bIuiq^, and ^ptnttnUj b«b« the naiuraJ 
iTatci bui in no ia^uoctf wn there any ayinpcom oi ponlv*>^ 

ExptrivKtJU upon Cantharid^u 

Annyo tkc KjBbbcr of ciperimfntft madr upon cmiharrctf a, 
dioav of I>r«- Thouvcnd atid B«au]>ail arr pHacipiUy dii^ 
tingar4hc<l; bu^ after l^ckiowiog upon each of ihesr phyiiciuia 
all the nmic diac lo dirmi for luvinf^ published aarne intertat- 
jag t«su1u on the chemieal naiurc and remarlcnhZf praprrtirt 
of thcK iti»ectif it mi«t be allotrrd «* Rfr far frnm prMvttint; 
Ml Aiccuraic analytit Oif thaai), and con.'tcqiaeody that \t U im- 
poauble, al prcecntttafxplaki in n %i;iKfacu>ry manTicr^th^ va- 
riout etfecu produced Orti ihc >adn>a1 i-eonomy hy canihar>rlr«. 

Fully pcrvoukd of the adiraDl>Cfa which iroutd arcme from 
% more miitubE inveatigauon af their ehemicil analyiU, E un- 
dertook o terin of cxperimenu, the rcanlu of which I i^all 
prcMttUy relate; but I with preriouily to aiatc what our pre- 
»CDC boowltdige opon ihc kiihj<ct it, a* derived from i\\k atboTc- 
mcntioned worki of M. M. rhoaven«l and Bcaupoil. The 
former givei « lh« producU of ha> analyiia. 

I. Pareaehymaloui DQatter, fbrmiaig one half the weight of 
ihe cauhoridcai 

2,. A bbtek m^tcT, ^dlord^ug by diaiillatioti an acid phk^^ 
and a ooncmc votuiic saU- 

3* A (nxiuah grfaay maiLvr oi an acrid 1314** Co which hf 
aliftbuCca the vhoU of the odour and canMieiiy of the can- 

4. 1-auly, A yellow aubataBcCt whUb be regardi aa wax, oot 
(iiUy elabovMod, meiittag no oopsiileratkui \% a toedicid pobn 
of view. 

M. BeaupoiL, in iht reeapitulndoo of hi* chenilcoJ wialjtia, 
laya, that cwuhuidca coniaia, 

'<Appilad«Ch]jnlr, 1811-: 

it A black uLBmctive fanttet aoluble in «aBCf^ - 

% A j^rllow matter, o^ualty aolubk in vver, m^ ftcpvablv 
from ibc furmcr by jtlcoliai, 

J. Ad unl^aowTf »cid, liut b;tb|)«cuU lo be iht p>i(nph>?ric. 

4> LmljTf A partndiyinatouii «ubUaiiG« tii»ol«A|e in iKr«e 
fl«idSi nad coiD(it»ctl for xht mtnl piirt uf »b wtimnl niait^r 
oad pborphaie of limci tulpbau, murijii*, aad curij'jinatp g{ 
lime and tmo bf tag in very im/U qumiitit;*. 

The t»me author u incluccd vo bdicvc froco bU pbyii^Ofi^- 
cal ciperijtkcnu^ that caoihariden contain CTro prindplo poi- 
•CMin^ utmilftr propvrtbMi one the t{Te>eo saner, whanc action 
IS ItAiccd ic Rimply vcfleui^n;^ ihc l^iq when npfiUccI to it, 
pr>duciQi^ no tiKrct upon Ihr ;^mrnil .imoMJ econfjmyi tbc 
other the txtractive mAtter* nhtch the double proptrrty of 
vcwcatiog ihr tkin ivbcn ^ipfied to it, and n ako ha^^hty de- 
leflerioua when ictrodaced into the digtatirr or eivcnlaiDry 
t>'ateTn< Tbii critraciivc maitfr U wid to be eompcud of two 
tvbitnnCYa, the nn^ yclfmrflnd the atherhUck.tabothof whUh 
M. Bcaupoil niirihiLtci a poverfal v&'tJraunfc quality. 

It is very (liffiaik to auppnftc that three ctttfertnt nibnanca 
fthould rnch at the i.imt lime poasc^a a quality which it aowry 
rar^j and I Bu^pecird that ihU cWeet, which ib ao ramarfcabte 
In eaoibaridra^ anuai be owing to nttc and ibe same matter 
onlvi upon ihis tuppeuUion, I made a grtn nuni.b«T cf triala^ 
th( mo^t concluii^c of which I ahall deuil. 

I boiled >omecanlbRTide«al^htly bnilacd Ind^MtUedwatCTi 
ihf. dtrdciion wrl of a browEi^h red onlour; \t reddened run^ 
Hole, nnd poiTivd aUo »ome othtr pmpertiea whM 1 ahall 
pAMovrrin silrncf, a» being irrclci-Anc to th» pc«cm vjfaj^t 
of inquiry, wbt>« »o]c object i< to iQvcMigak the naiTOic of ilie 
Jreflicaiin^ mninr. I ih^l), therefore* conltnl nty«clf irith lay- 
the decoction potftcated ihU property b a vrr>' high dc* 
grr<. Finrling that water mofc up ihii veiientins nuJwtanee, 
^.whatcvrr it wa», I coDtinucd billing the <a<nc ranttiaridct uniiJ 
watrr wat no longer charged wilh asy principle^ I then 
Eriid the rciiJup md treated it with alcohol, and the green 
lincturv produced iram h wai freely exposed lo th« air, to ob- 
tain by »1ow evapot&tion whai^Ter w«a coniuned in agluiionj 
by ihe«* tntjus I collutrtnl a green lldid oil which va* not m 

ihc 1a«i Tc&idtivig. I applied numc of it to my Upa wUboiic 
ihcit l^in^-ihrkM|[lfr«lt<i by it- CoQVi«cd t^- LhU.lbatVD 
h*d crroncoiinly regarded ihis grvirti v\\ u unc of llw *«W- 
oiiiAg prmciplcM, I ciciimiti4?d the aqueout d«cocUun, 10 ocdcr 
ro diTCfiv*r thr naotcc of its Ttiiortlng property. 

I r«ducrd the drcAction 10 ihv conalattnce of 1 aofc cxinct; 
And in imiiAticm ni At. BcaupaU, I tepnra^td tliis cnraci bjr 
DQcaDA cf alcohol. Into tiro diitmct and icpamte pam, one 
block and msol;iUr, ihc Other fellow, vikliJ, and very soluble. 
Perceiving thM the fiurtion noluTilc in Alcohol wu axrotiglf 
veiTCA(ing« I WBT noE mt all afraid of taking up the black ttLtUcr^ 
evcQ by ihc repeated uctina ml boiling ulcohui, tiU it wu ao 
longer coloiurccltrLattfkhsUii^dmg M- Bt:aupO(L'«idvict> 1 coolfc 
CMtc ta %utup »eU,uith a pfMai rod« thi: rtsiilue ai dicboKMB 
Af the hni alcohol^ *a that the whoie luri'uce migbc be ancccM- 
fully prevmtrd t<^ it. Ilavm^ done ihii, I treated the blacl 
iDaner with wier^ nsd w«q satU&cd lh;Li U had not pret^rvcd 
the UMt vfairjiiinft ijualitj'i Ucre then, were two e»cnciat 

Having lb ut 4(ictf(ded tnn^ngtbc v««icattflgpfiQcip1cto 
that portion of the watery exiraci soluble tn alcohol, nothing 
more wan wanting than to It&ow if the whole of tKi% mattrr, or 
a part Otity, W3i» vc*icji(ing. h wa* a I^ng tmie bcfbrv I could 
conK to any toticluMOn on this lubjccti 1 d^d not fail, Uovr- 
<vei, 10 lubmit thjk lubtCance to a raricty of txiaU, but all ihv 
product* wbi<b I obuiincd from it were equally vesicating. 
At last, t treated thia y«Uow outUr viib reciiEied auJphurk 
ether, which ac first appeared to have no action iijiou ii; but 
after hating; introduced tojne of ibc mixture into j^ vc»vel 
hemteijcally veiled, anU agiutcd Jl ahnovi cooUDualiy (or oc- 
veral boura, ihia aubatuicc, which iu the Grai matancc re- 
mained i^xeU 10 the aiUet of llic vcMcU detached ibMlf by de- 
greea, and van not long in bccooiing toft and lepataling. The 
ether look a ilight yclbw liati t dccaoted it tato a porcelain 
aaucer, and a> the ether evaporated. »aiaU micaceous plawt, 
turned by liule dropi of a yeUuw iluid, were depoBiuid. 
U'hrn the tvaporaiion waa completed, 1 treated the reaidne 
with cold akobol, which took u]t the yollovr matter witfaoat 
ftciiMbly aiucking ifae tittle cr^viaHinr }^tc«i these were caU 

kcied upoQ titbuloui piper and drtud; Ihcv were insoJuUc iQ 
waur, aolubU in boiling ftlcoho], frtrin which thc^ «epintcd 
upon lu cwlinffj aliraja ukiDf^ji cnxnUiae fona. 1 empkiircd 
lh« ifboTc mcihod lo oboArt ihU matUT ia ft «Chtc of pwrkft and 
vtiGO 1 jod^cd it to f>c »o, ttiy tint carf vm to ttlitfjr nqrvelf 
if k vr»i vrii^JkUng. For ihT» purpciv, I fixnl jbout the hm* 
drcdtlipiuiof ■ gr^aatihceilTcnift)rof&BHpofp«(wr, which 
1 applied (o the «dgc of my ondtr lipi in aboQl m qwvttr of an 
Hour, I b^sa-ncofccl a slight pain iapuangmrSafvymYr the 
place; Hoon-ftrtcr Mate little blbtef* fbrfoed. Oftcc ccnain of 
vhat 1 waa mqiuring aA^r, I put a tanall ^uaathr of cvrate 
upQu th< part, to »rr«ii, or jit K-nt dinttnbh thv rffccu of tfw 
VtvictliDg vubitancc^ b«t U hapjXMil tiiat tlw c«r»t, hy di- 
tutin^ th« imall qiiuitity I employed, «j(l«ttdcd iCs eSnlt OTcr 
„vcryooiia)dcr^kiurf>cc,aiid 1 lud both lip* corrrtdihrou|Eli 

rii whok exteW wUh bladden 6Ilcd with icruaii I cool, a 
■all quantity uf thii uibtuincc and dlUiied fl with two 
4r Aitfdropi of oil of aweetalmoadfli ihc •oluEioa being oooa- 
plrtc« I covered a anull Bqu;ire of varnished paper with thk 
oit uid applted it upon my nrmi in about six hi>um a bladder 
iva« fornu-ii, the iwhole dimciisionn of the paper. Icdring no 
doubt that tha ni:ttlcr wa« rtwatioJIy epinptfMK. When on the 
Oihcr huiLcl, 1 cx&Riincd in a simUar vfaty\ the yellow marttr 
from which Lbc vthir hnd exiracitd the vrMcating pcineiple, 
[for lo ici futvrr I ibaill cnU it) I could not dhcorcr in it the 
lE!U\itrarr oflhU prop^nr. 

Noihbg U norr euy than iCk eooceive bow thii re^uh, nau 
wlthifttandini; U% simplicity^ had cwvfktd M. Braiapntt. l%e 
caiiKc nuisl nccMsarlly br in ihr mfcncKr of operatwi^; ikrkrd^ 
(hts phTvician h.\^ fyxAj infuMd iSe canihariik* in h<^i wnicrj 
but u the vfqicaiiii^ principle is tMi toluble by ttj^\f to wacrr, 
u I have already ibottn, it coold only be coatioued in it by 
mt^nt of *amt other vubttvtcc. ii^ a» the yellow matter^ 
it cciuld, thcrelbrvt only be toij^Iy tikeo up by thii« rrltide by 
iacreMiag >ti power to the utmosl, cipecially if w« consider 
that the gfcewoil reuwining in the canihaiWes after the wfcteiy 
infmUm roust reuiu, u an otly body. « greoc afcity ^ ^e 
priBctple in queiilon, sitice it is nUible in mla. Besides, M. 
Ucaupoil (iircftt dati the watcfV exinut ^lould be ireaced. faf 



alcohol in ibc <oWi for, sty* be, if ihe vtighictf d^grt* of Heal 
br FinpLoir'Fc], ihc Mibftancn vhich have Umi i^panicd mill 
agaia unite. Fw my put, I hivr not obictxd thU io be ihfi 
ciw; it it true, that before putting tht exmci into alcohol, f 
dried It M much u poiiiWc without injoring ii| Mid employtd 
highly rectified aUohol; I dUouicd a large ctUBnuty, oihei-- 
wiie ihc humidiiy wliich rtioaiM in ih< cxitacr, dilucci the al* 

cohoU and favnuri the solulion of itir hUck mallrr. eipefialljr 
if hfat bp emptoTcdi bui in roUovin^ihc mode 1 havt pointed 
out, the hlnek malicr ii not aiiackcd even by ilie boUirtfj ako- 
hali <m the eonLtarv, it beeomei more dry and frinMe in pro* 
portion ai the yclbw maticr ii uSien up, vrtn 90 eli to be no 
longer inftened by the henL 

I iKink I have *nfficicQi[y thown, not only that tbr green oti 
ami the black ttairrr ire noT M nTl vi-«iraiiti|;^ sm hai hirhi-rto 
hren ihnu^bt, Ihii ttlio that ihi* yellow mbttanec eharacfrrivird 
by via tolubflily m iikahot and io water, ow« ihii tcngiiUr 
property 10 » itttiicuAar matirr whlrh may be ncpantivd from 
it by well rceiifivd tihcii that ibla matter, Jniialublc in wacrr, 
it tolubte bi boillfv^ aleohol; rbat ii ia drp^iMtrd h/y eneJing, in 
cryttalltne platei nimibr to tpermdceiu that it is aolublc in 
any proportjon ia odlti and thit lati proprrty agretfa well with 
(he daily pracitceot pharmacrumiB in forming ilMireplipaatlc 

Aft«r haring r«tolTcd the fint ^uettion pmpodKd, f »a- 
deavoutcd to ueeriDin the oamif: of thia hitherto unkoowQ 
aerd: for thi« pnrpate, 1 undertnok a new t^ of eiperimentB, 
which I hhall nvw procei:El to rvlaic 

1 commenced hy pnct'io^ cantharidet in infuar in cold dit- 
tiUed watcTj twelve houra iftrnrardi I filtered thit «oluiifin; It 
wai of a deep bfoirn rrd colour, reddened lumtote, and coiu 
^ulatcd by faeat^ the coa^ulum rcacmibliag ihe ordinary' tcum 
of meat. Being again fJtrred, the iiifn^on, alwayt aeid, af- 
forded by meMu of time water, an atiuiKlant flocey prreipitate. 
TKe oxalaie of potwv had nearly the aimc <€eeii ■ iib acetate 
of lead the precipitate waa very ooniiderabk- 

Of aXl the rc-agCQU I «mpio>cd, ainn--oni4 ibe mott engaged 
my aileuiion, becaute it led Xo the mo«t aatit^tory reaulta. 
I have already taid, tluft tke infiuioQ of ciathahdct waa vid, 

Vou II. 3 F 

it hapfk«kt tint vbtti thii vld is uiunted hf volHilf ftl- 
.^i, ihcre ii idMutljr fonned ■ crranltiiie ppcc'ipiofc ndicr 
ydloifiih; aitfw llie •amracod infution htt «a>od qiuct br 4 
Irv hoorK, ihm; » tto lonsfr anv prcdpitn^ farmed b^ Imk 
wM«r, M UMk f bee befarc- ^Vc fniMt ooiiclwle fn>m ihU cx- 
pcnmeBil, iloi the phf>iphoric uH, whofte preceecp in the is- ^1 
foition wm isdkat«l b^ the Itmc vmccr» maket ■ pMn of tbe ^| 
pedphtttc dMaincd bf the tatumtion, bccMue thn dcu) is ne ^^ 
Isngvrto bafuund Ln the liqiun; vjU a:L.<ia the odier haiKl, Lhc 
Mnn(niutal:e«i»pDn|i' the ui3{:onibjacd«cid,ii BccmarUy ioU 
lov* dMt enncKil Iw thr pliMphoric aod, u M- Dcaupcnl hwl 

TUiert4taJltr>rpTTi:ipil»rr, when rubbed Wldi cfttutk potass 
gwvt out ■ ^eftt deal of vnmi^ni'j^ U dtt>«lvcd t^ry reftdily la 
dnliUnl vwfgar, jud upon wldiu^ tt thv vo\uuvtt 4 ftw drvfs 
of acMailiT of Uwd* a white preaptotv wm fDVinKdi upon 

liting, ii look thr polyhrdmu fornit vhich cbancucr^/^B the 
plMnpbaieof diU mciaL Hcticc it nppeflrs, that a triple plni»- 
plMlc k precipitited fmm dtl« nsfuiiao bv neina of tin *ukuilc 
■■nli. InordcTtOficifrminethcoihi^rhaie ATthiiinplcphoa- 
fliaie, I laok a certain cpuittty of it, iind catcinvd ji, to drive 
of the ammonU; I then trratad Uu rniilac viiL tulphuric 
Ktd; ihe hjlmion, wliirh van pcrtcci, except a few flnmiln, 
beingevaporauiLdieri-- wulrl;af;Gbuiuouanaaiu,a»if itcoft- 
laioed a gr«at ilcjil of ailca. Thinking that die cxcna of sul' 
phiark and phoo<;>ht>fij: atidt irhieh wai cAniained tti it. mif^l, 
by tbctr miiiu^tl j^tliiiity fur ihv a4jne bate, prcvoat ihc CTf-H- 
;tallj/-:Lti<ji), t tucfk up diu eactfia by cdtofaid, «ad die naldue 
bj vrMUtr. gavF a prinmatk »alE of a biuer cuic, havlnj; 
all dw propertiea ol sulphaip of xnai;^vc4ta. THus it may \tt re- 
guded aa iuU>- demonsiratrd, thai ihe lafeuoo of canrharidea 
cvnujtit pboapbaieof masoinki^ whieh la held in halmbaby 
an uacomlnoed acid, dillerrnt from phovpborie, and that thii 
phofptate a preejptufrd in \hc %taxe of -i iriplt nk by adding 
ftnuboota. Vha% rt«ult, true oi 11 la, will kppr»r the moEc ■!»< 
gvilar^av M. Eteuipoil m hi» analyai* of ^anthsridci, naakea 
no memtna of thia mJi, slihou^ it U foi^nd ia them io gnat 

U b poaiiblediuiha»tMgMaian«ahE6rmedapwt0f die 


tNmy fiamc of Iht cantbantk^^ Uil \t ibdr bcncs hnv m Uctlc 
deaiiiy. oa 10 permii dx- phovphaic of magnniA 10 be taLcu up 
by iheacjd even in dif «il(l« h«v don U luppcn, thai the plKn- 
|>hatG uf ljnic« which it the batU of dicm, aiiU vhich it lo 
abuiKJuiliHthcrcaiaintof cantharttto, whcittivaMd by water 
a^ad akohot. i» not c«|ttitljr di*avhe4t >khvug1i it i* iiPt quite 
lu r«adily fettit^tt)-' 

It n<iui|]> now <o aMcrtftin the nMitrr of the acid umtauocd 
hi th< inJudion <r( caaihiricl^^, bat U m^v be cwiJy coocc:ivc(l, 
tmw drfhcuk il il to t<p«ratc it fmin all ih« »ub»unc<A w'lih 
which it i* miud- 1 hivt ofWn thc^ht I bad ivpjinucd it 1^ 
mtani of difTcrenC rr-ai[cii<», but on rXMninicg the products 
A;i«nlK'cl>, 1 peruivrtl -jiytrren-, M hM,ai|rr maD} ilw€ctLuul 
trial*. I «Kcr«dcd m obiaintng it bj^ a vtry lunple mcdiod. 

It H *a6ikcirnt indeed to iafuie bmiied i^juitluiidc* in ether 
At CO^of h«*i; ihU bcOOnMi of * iWtXy yrllow colour afui iwo 
oT du«« (U^* fnictniion. Thi^ cthrrfal tincture ii to b« tie* 
camcrrd and poured inti^« ihaUnwcAp^ulri the eth«r in ev^ 
poratiog IcAve* ■ reddish y«Ttnw oil, and n)Avtt tt h tc^iviy 
diltipaied, iherr rtrnftina a liEtle coloitrleft* f^uid Kpamod 
from the oily niiUcr. ThU U()iior ■troogly rtddeoa tum»oiCi 
il act precipitated by aay re-agcnt^ nd afforda by di«^Uatioti 
Ml afid product pamcMiaK the »knie propeni^vj by these 
characicn, 1 lecognited the preiet:ce of vinej^r. (t U ilnmt 
necdtea to tay, the aanac ether affondtd no acid by ita cvapo* 
ratjon, wfara it had nol been taaccnted upijti eantharvd«at 

Pcaringlcsi tlieacetK: jdd.obiALncd U lite preecdiog expe* 
rimanta. nhouLd proceed rrum the t'ioeQv commoDly nnadie we 
of to Litl the iatccu, I co^ aonie live cuntbaridc«« nrhkh hxl 
Dtrtcf b«« lubmitttd lo the action of any foreign niibaUnce. 
After bniuin^ them in a moTtar* I iokmcdJatcly nmoduced 
then into a glaia rcton^ and cbtervtuff evcty rc<iui«Uc pre* 
camlion, I diaiillcd tScm in ault-vitcr bath. The p«iodt»ct 
condented te the receiver traia a Jhile milLft aod itroogly im* 
pevgnated villi the odouj of <antharidea« wtthouc any thing 
p«n<:traiiiigl il reddcnr<i lumule paper, but th<> dkl net lake 
place very ipeeddy. Vrtt earthy and metollk aalta produced 
no precipitate iotbiaUquid. We find, th<rcfore, that tluapw* 
duct couuin) acetic ajcid, tmt in very ssnall pn/poriiott, jtnd. 



Miflride» affvrd a* qogc^uitooiI tt^t of Rci*tity u tb«« of 
tonnrTcC' Hmc* annnriM tloubti, whb:!! rcituirv Mnipv- 
nnc«it«i I Lhtrc^ffrc to^ voubc of ibc«e fmh ciadnridci, ml 
boil«d thin m diMitlcd vntrj lt»c rihcrcd ilc<o<ljva wii* rr4- 
ponwd, aod dunng m cTaponiion I miiirin), ihaLitvdi- 
Vkent maihroiTnduwaor>iicvthy appor-tntc, aod which wm 
BUKb nMrc alxjDdMOl than what v>oh ptAcc uodcr tiniilar ar* 
eitmuaiKct rrom £:int1iand«i, which had been cotlrcicd some 
dm« brforc. BEfor? ibt tlrcocil^a atinacd ihc toatiitmcc of 
itiia tyiwp X iFDppcd the evaponliati, to MparacB tha «cdiniciM, 
vliicb I vaahcd in cold vurr, amd found co poMcvt the fol- 

This itdimcnt commonly appean in the fortu of 4 graiDrd 
powder of a ^Uowimh-g^iiy colour; applied wiih a tJtlle waiei 
ti»lum»ole paper, iticdd«iiciJ it: il ^aict nn'ltr zfar trflFi, aod 

hai a link taitci thrown upon homing coab, k difl^M an 
o4ouj <^f animal mauer^ il ii pardy dii«o1vcd in boiling; dit- 
lilltd WEUCT, from which t< tcparaEct oncodiAir, is the fbm of 
§;ray Qijccukt^ The idlution, whrii pourtd olT from thvtc 
flocculc«, aflord* 1 prccipiutc by Ihv vchIi, and by nut-gftltii 
alkalict, aad eipcciftlly ljm«*waUr, ulao prodiacc a preclphatc ^1 
from lij acme of fhc acdimcnt ia qvndon being nibbed with ^| 
cftnntc potMe, il ftjrmcd a wapy putc, which Oiitolvrd for ^i 
the moat part in mvti. The nlkLilUiF laiution, being tkUvicd, 
was abundantly pr^cipauucd by icidi; »ad when ilie aobitioa ia 
ID a vtfy dilultd itftte, and a conudrmble ruc-w of «id a 
poured into il, the |ir«cipitiUr, irhich slowly lat«e place, af. 
lecta a cr>'iuUine form. TheM nnuU cn'X^^s dnaolve in cos- 
CcniTdicd ititrtc hciJ with a prat vflervracniM nail hr[tamtoa 
of nitroui ^ikt. Tlie kolutJoii, evaporated to dryucn, gitn tho 
fine roic <o1oui which UtJir«i;trTiiratlit vHcacid. I amctjually 
aurc« thar br lEdn thr ari< acid> ihii »Jjm<ni contajnt a little 
ph<)ipba<rof mRgUQtia, and a certain quin'iiy of uniniial matter* 
Ahhoogh the preience of otic acid in canthuidei hm nothing 
»urpn»ing in Jt, yet il it, howercr, very curinuiL thit ihcac m< 
Mctu. which pntduce lo rewiarliable an action on die urinar} 
i^r^n*^ present in their Gov|>D*itioA 10 many po^nift of acak*gj 
with die uhne it^elE 

Bcf(»Tc 1 oandutje thU Article, I mint remark, tliHt cAnthi- 
tideb UjE^f k^i, da not luraith <hc nmc pmrlom. I cculJ 
never diaco^cr wv uric Acid *n (hem, iind had t not many 
time* obfftined thb Acid Jrom mccnt cftnthnidr*, I thould 
have <oiDiidcred ihi» result m being bvoived rn »0Tn« doubt. 

I »idf tu rdii^nff unc of the «bove experiment, thM cilier 
ovjiceratcd u^oel catnthikridei, afforded, bctldei ibe Actd [ Iiavc 
menttoned, a reddiih-vcllnw tn\y liquid. I treated thu fluid m 
the catd widi rc<tified alcdhol, but At do effect w produced, 
I rmployxd heal. ThU oily m»Ect fell to ihe botioni, *ml 
UBitcd into ^obulo< without being dutolved; ihc ticohol wau, 
howcvcVi>1iglitIv coloured- t poured iC olT, and upon cooling, 
It dcpoiltcd A great quitntit}' of micacrnu* |iUle», which proved 
tn be the imitating principle; it via united to n very imaJI 
portion of gnasy m^cer. from which it vu dt«rnq;Agrd hydii* 
VoJvmgil tfveral timet in boiliiig alcohol. 

As to the other nibtinno«, it i« really n ftU}' nutter, which 
hai alt the propirrti<fB of thr fliK'd n'A\^ il IsdiHtntpii^hcd from 
the gr^rn oil, which I h*ve before apoltcn of, by it* imdobUity 
)D alcohol: but nc'^lhcTofchem is at nil rpiBpatfjc. Thliliihcn 
TO he regarded u on additianat prodiKt in the anbly^ of cin« 

I was mtich surpriwd b^ obtaining a yelldv oil when ether 
vu«mpto^Td, which wai oevcr obuipod by anj^othvr mcihodi 
10400 cipcrirnriitf, however, have Jfd me to believt^ that ihjH 
oili although tnvoliible in aJcoboU fnrtn* a part of the yeilrjw 
AuhMancr; ihit (act. though it appear* e ttraordinvi', i« <jnly -j, 
con firm ktioQ of what we frequently Sn^i filc<:« place m oihei 

Ai I tiave thought it of nto^t importance ti^ insist paiticu' 
larly upoo *uioc iikatcrial circuiiMlJocci, (he better to undir- 
itand the partKuljir object f>i my prctcni inquiry, I fa;*ve not 
observed the order rcqnhice for a methodical anaJyttti i*- 
tcndfogt in th* Moond part of thb Memoir, todeicnbrthc 
pragresa and detail of my enpernneiiiai which seomd part will 
aba contain a particular aaalyiH of nach iadSvtduAl auh&ianot 
I have annooncod in this. 

T^t great adripotagc which will rctult from this cittf, it 
undoubtedly the being abk, corrrttly, lo appr^iAU the mcdic^ 

414 itf^< Want sm the Trt^tm^ta ofC^t^, 

Tiftuet ci CDch of the prvducu of conthifidnt to tktcmlnr 
CBWily to whkb of ilicai xay |janJcuUr cffvct bi oir;ng; lo di»- 
conr which v>f uUAi the punter* g| tlnoihen in any circuiA' 
ffTWTTti >a>d las^Vt wlutt lubitanccs aujr incrtaac or dcuroy 
lh«ir noirit)', 'Iln^v rt^ulia, » Ugjblf unponiM to the Heal- 
n^ an, can only br oUAincd bf » gr«M nuAibcr of rtjir-rimcntVi 
rrquiring bcwlci ftttcZi on extrmirc knovlrdip, thkt f craaM 
ftjnctf Bifvelf vitli beinn; able to coodoct then McccNfullj- I 
ih«rcfbiT hop«« thcv viU to fn iatcrm bobc oihcr pvnon. nfe 
to induce him to unilrrtakc thcuf parts wUcii okht pnticu- 
Inri^ reb>e to mrdtcJari and I havf ditni no domht. but thvac 
«ipfTiBiMii« nill akagcdur form n very i m cr mi wg wofk vpon 
the vobjcicc. 


Ow Mr Trccttncnt nrfGout^ 

Bj Mr. WAVT. 

"Anapuiian liti !«□ ootvniuiwl iW Uiiiditcue b n>i«v>l;di I9 (he 
innl^*! 1^ t^^> I tffirrn, Ukui if pLyirciAiii miLa 4 pmi^r iIJi'-jicluti lie- 

ALKT-TVAIMAH, nft»J*yf«<. lib. li 

**E>^*Tiirifc r-mrHiiiTn Soc TanjK r^cvtv, *i hnminrm hunm ribenim ■ 

No ■ubgcct of \aitf hw more cDgiOMMd thv attcmtioa of the 
|irufcM»>n.«ndtptirhAp«,of the public at bigc, thui the PACnre 
of i^ot, and the power of the Frcnth oiedjcine io allevUtiAg 
the p^roxvanM of that dUuestiog nuiftdy. Hut a diaeax ifp- 
ntraUy cd^Bidcred incuralilc should now be rctievixlf a* i| 
were, by <i ehvnit couhJ not fail to cmaic ilic mxHler^ and 
JTDuftc ihc eoer^ici of the medicaJ vrorid- The ei^cU of thii 
medidne were no tooner uckfiOKkdgtdt thu cxpcriaaciiU 
were tnsUtufred ai all <iuuur»i a* migbt uACunlly be upe<led> 



Mr. Pfofft m iU 
wilh the view of dWoveriii^ 

Ijon being oimIc to ihi- publ 
pciranccof Mr. Moort^* 7 

rcjioftlogi in Mippon of h]» 
of htt pMpcr bu «ttftUtid ffM 



^ ^ -^ity of the 
ill 5«^" «»*- 




wilh nm(h mgrrmUy. but 
tog thU point I ahftU n<M tale 
1 DioM oonCm, tocUcd, tha 
part of ihc, inquiry than n 

When fir*t ibc oaodicine w»* Minimistcii:** ■■> *-« **^ _ _ , 
wim fU rff^ctt wvTc ia » ddcmutc veiled m atyMcty, whea 
norv wu Btiribuifd io ii thin MjUeii»cni eipnicnce proved 
CO be vuraoLed by fact, when ii wu tuppn«cd to ponru pro- 
penict totalis unlike my oihrr mnwdy in 0«Ct ihr nNfiiry wjd 
■)o*l natunL In ihe coufic of t'imr, however, a toag «kc»* 
kioD of f«eU tuu iJtu^i oi eo nnch of in oprntion «• io ui* 
pcTved?, in mjr opinion, th* nccMtii)- ot any new nttenpt to 
imitate i|. D«ily eipcrionoe sfiowi ii«, that a goucjr p4rux>«itt 
la eunhlc by the pirodLiction oJ certain teoBibU effects ot» the 
conaiitotion. If any one mcdkine, thcrefoer, or conxbioatioa 
of medidnet be diKorered, which i* eapfthic of prnduci^g 
thoiie effects, it is » Uat iofcrencc that the gout may be cured 
with a% niuth certainty in th« one caw >• in the other, and th« 
scientific phy>ician will have no ctktkC to regret hiv inj^iU^^ to 
compound a medicine, whooe colour, t»tr, and Bin«ll, are vj- 
luilar iuth;itwhLth kd him to the dtMOVeiy. Under ihc«cLir< 
c^mfftancea H h cmly at a mauer of curious fepeculaiiiJD, that £ 
should eoDttdcr ^e farther fvotccutioo oi^ the inquiry u «le- 
■erriDg attention* 

Shuold Mr. Moore'B opiaom of ihb laediiciAe, nnd the 
source from which it ii derived, be lupportcd by additioouJ 
cvideaee, the profciaioo wLtl learn to «ct a higher valve on the 
liboun of uitiquity tlian \h<f have hilhcno don*. Their vel- 
liu^le rcpoiiUM'iet, in general* ttcord iht l«guiigv of oxperi- 
«ncc£ and ^ugh much which they coaiain bni been rendered 
iii«l(«B by the efforts of Huecieeding gmrnnvona, diere fti re- 
naiiM a copious hon-esi for the InduiKtioiu im<f^Ugncor> 


Mr, IfdM «iv Ihf Trrmmm o/Gna. 

tirtoea of CKh of the profJucI* of canihjtfitkii co lUumbit 
cSGKtly to vlikh oJ ibciD aay pankulw effect tk o«ing; to dw- 
cover which iKifaMU4ihG power* oJtJMotbcnfiiui>urvtAn- 
ttHwni und tttil\« whal »utnt«ion auy iacrvaie or dnttoy 
their KUTiir. TliMt tcvuIMi ao U^jr loaporaM to th« hc«l- 
bg an, on ool^ br obtaiiieil hf A great mMber of ciprrimfntv, 
rt<)UiriAS bcucta such an caztturc koovUdKe, that I cnaot 
■kkt ftin^^'^ v^'-^ ExEBf Dbic to cosdoci ibcm viKceuruUy. I 
diefvforc bo|)e« tlwy will *o Cm- inccnat mork och«r pmon, ■» 
to iadocr b];n to ondrHaAc ihoto parUi vrhk^ niun poilicti- 
krljr nbtc tu fnrilkia«i md I have dim do doobt. but thvac 
tf ip frim tt* «iU Altogedior form a very wicraMiqB woHt «pan 
the fobje^r* 

On fhf Trtctmcnt ofG^ut. 

^ Ut WAST. 

" An apinioa liu Lmn ■mttiuiivJ lliM lliiK ili*«*H k fiDl CifvUto V ibc 
jiV4fic*l An. hut, I tETifin. UitL if i^-iyaitittu »*>4 « pn^cr dtf'Jnciiop b«- 

d* tunifiF viUf«h«Hla ul mcclNt ftlii»» m Itn^it frf^itmna 4»inf*v(iHt 

No Mibiect o( late has niore c^gtOMcd the attention oT the 
profeMioct. Mkdi p«riiap», of the public at lai^, thui the oaturv 
of ^r>ut« and the power of the Freocb mrdkine ^n tiUrviatuij 
the p4rt>i]rwna of thai dUtreuit»g maiad>. Thai a diteate ge- 
nerally con**dcrEd iDfvraUc ahuukl vcm be relieved, a» it 
ware, b^ a charn, could not f^il to excite tbe wonder, and 
rouac the ecrrgvci of the mcdtcil wofkl- TIm «0«ct» of chia 
i&edki&c vpcrc no »ooner ad^oowled^d, than exprrioMata 
vcn iouitutcd in all ({uarlcr«f >* mn^\ix uatunUir bo ej p etl c d. 

jUr. FTdtti on t^ Trtatn^ni a/Getit, 


Vitfa ibe wv of diioaveruiiE its coni|KHt«it>B; hot a period of 
toftrly ciifhlccn ■kcnuh* hxd tUpacd widiovt uy cominunki- 
don br^ng nndc DS ihc public upon ih« ndifect, imtil the >p- 
p«jiraiM« of ^1r- Moon*a TVaet, Uk tvhi^h h« cfnltftrour* to 
prove i» idrntvry with * ctiItiuiv of hcDrbare and opdnm. The 
ruaaonittgt in support nf bit opiaion. a« far <u a mnory view 
of hi* paper hi* nnUcil mr lo jiidgf of ihrm, are conducted 
»nh mutk ingenuity, but w-hcthEr he will luctccd tn fitablLih' 
mg diM poifli J fihill not akc opoo bc to lutard a eonjcccurr. 
1 ivtuM oonfcn, indnd, ihu 1 attach km imfurtmce to ilua 
pan of the. inquiry' than many may be di«pf4<d lo ^vc ic^ 
Whua fint the medicine «u AdmiaattrTrd in ihii couatiy, 
•nhitm itt rlTcctMvere In a »e»iurc veiled in oiyucrj, whes 
Kon «raa attribaVed to tl ih»i lubftcqaeot eiperimcr proved 
to be wvruied by fMt, when it wm »ii|^i0Kd to po«*eu pro* 
p«rti« COuUy unlike any other remeily Wi uac, tbr ioquiiy um 
mon naluiid- In the course nf tinv, howrt-erj x leog lucott* 
lion of f]Kt> h^* tmtj^ ua m mtich of let nper«iin» » to «u* 
pcncdc, in my opIatoA, the nDomtlty of any new jitienpt to 
Imitate ii. Daily rxpirientv shovn w, ibu a gT>iiiy farcii)ini 
U rurable by ifae production of f«riun seniible ciTccCft on tbo 
constitution. If ncy coc medieifle, therefotie, or combintiioa 
of nacdictnca be drteovered, wblch i» capsblc of proUucing 
tlwu cffr<tt, it « a fair anftrence that the ^ul miy be cored 
with «i much certamty tn tbc one c«m «> in the ocber, aud the 
icicntilic phy^ieiia vtU hurc no cause to rrgrct his inabltiiy |o 
confcpound » medicbc. whotc cr>bur, tute, and unel]« ^e u- 
milar to that khich led him to the diicov«n\ Undcf tZm< ctr< 
cuMititficei it » only at a nuaicr of euriout speculation, tlui I 
ahould coQudvr ibe ftttbcr proMCKbon of the tai^uiry an de- 
Mrvh)g ancntion. 

Should Mf> >Ioorc*B bpinioD at thU mcdiciae, and the 
toattt £ruiia «bich it ii derived, be lufiported by additicnuil 
mdotce* dne profeMion will kank to «et a higlier vnAoc ca the 
bboun of tnii^uky than they have hiihcrto dune. Their va- 
luable rvpoulorie^ in genvraJ, r«conl the laD^uAS* '^ exfvrl- 
cBCCi bmI ibnuj^i much vkicb tbfy eontajn hu becD rendered 
UivtcM by the rltorn of sueceedmg f[f nerationt. there yet n* 
■mint a «op«uua bxrveat for tbc Uidvtftrious investigator. 

416 Mr. Wat^f^i^ TNtUmtm tf^^at. 

Ftwn all thai w can Eotkct rcspvctiog the KViibk opcnckia 
iif the fCHM nfen^iDCt ii a^Tpcin VYiikttdf lo be a piui^Dvc of 

^^cnrt>cqu«l'i> id a gjflitfr or Icil dcgKe, tott|iootibi>BU|i* 
poaklWa it ■* *^y ^'^ £0O»)ve tliai lbi» mciLcioc onj^* tn vwijr 
CMiii pnMlucc Brunei aitd vomtLiiig. 

Nov llw CnUiDcBt of ifvul by Mrnig pur^ivcs is by du 
«mi>>i madcm diBcorcry. Thr limiu ol > pvpvr ul ibiA kiad 
will not mUow mc u> trac< bxk th/^ hutorr ol ihc pncijcc; il 
will bv ftu^ivDt lo cbKtvct Uial il pmaikil p«vtl> ^neniUy^ 
and vupcccAiiiully previous lo (he i^nic of Stdtnbao^ vhrn tu^ 
fbrtHnnrly Ibr icUacc flod the aAict«d tufcrrr, ihoi cnbghc- 
tmtd ph>-4klaii iotErdkCrd the pr«alc«, brcwnc it did sol coin- 
Mp viih hiv idoK <i( norfaaAc mottcri oad tbr aifcniiiy of its 
evpuUioc dbrT>ughilienKdi«Miordiceztrc<ahi««> ^^I(beinE«^* 
h# cb«erv«». '^ an iQf iolabtc kw of iwuiire cbM Uie nutccT of the 
JlMtir ■hduldbe Uircwn au< by the extrcflahicc; emctin mad 
vtthtmAta win have no ciher rfTect ihintkHol briogiog boick 
the oflcndkt^ natter ta the bnwtb/'* 

In snotheT pare of hii trcarUf, vrc ftr« lAlrl th«t the ^roeilec, 
boucvtr djmgTrnii^, v\i in htgh re puce vith <:rrtftin ^mptricai 
^ idmits ibi;ii (li^ringthc puri^iivrofKmi&onciFihe mediciuvs 
adnunutrrcd, the pMicint frit no paiD, or at leiai very little j 
■od ihu U the c^thursi* ooii]<l be kepi op for acvrral day;, the 
patient woi certainly cured of that pwoXT«ni4| 

^'■iVjndCtCilliinm^untlafi^fiHaiitt <MimMf«ariim*i|i«vinhfijini 
«wti cuiD okliir* lex tit kiinnlkhpl&B, i|r|tip i|Mi liiijk»vit tfiFktbt narnTTir ht- 
tfft fa tt innii-i*^iip. n^Ttn lAmkipih trtiijttr in iferiiuulit tt^nMiffr: ntljl 
pnnn »W1 r^t^i'^n'm mnvOipi ti«c eniciiciH *(■* catWiJieA^wvncibcv. 
lull ui male i-Vb fKL-iAiu, i^<jKMi "imjts'iii cvnvfi* rauvnaiM*|rn'lm>Btmi, in 

Ji^Bwrtl. ill klli^tfiil t- t nc«ribui futiv imiEA, 9iq»t lU Ktirr, qiii ^n hiillo 
priB dBcniniqt ycn^bjiur, jim ih tiU p«T<4Alc4V^ SvsiitmAkr. TPat- 
Mtli da VotUcn- 

f "At vera hic IpH mrtluhlaL, u^ui peiniaiOH m( hoc4nii, n^Ki^ominut 
<TiifHiWiiqu>l*u*J4in> l^i t4t]>»ni<k]rh4jiLr] uiB^vptiir m'^LUuncnfiim ututt 
dvinrt PibeuniA ^^m■^ nrndiinftni cftiiiiatfiriicn ciwiciliui^l Obicri^iiulum 
4M(nim e^^imI puntUaHx.- <urTifitiM|[cr*«l riqr> omiijiip, t«lK«Liia4.' tclmiv 
Jiim. JukTk dt ticaUnnb jtdpUirG*dMtprqiiiqqtirii«n<]i><i nifpfrrrnkime 
laniiytmo ncinlij *j;er cunroi^in kb <iv ■l"" jtm wnciiir. fiiaitvlfKAii 


That ihi« iheory w;» frainetJ in ihc Ucc of jirniHiiil cx|itTi' 
«nDCt IUE4T be tarred from the laiicr p«n of ihr quouiian, 
which 4ij^wiiU (o aji JckaowLedyniciiC of Ok iiiiLiiy of the 
imwint;. Th^it it wtt JQ opf(»i<ujii u> Ui« tirst pnciic*! ou- 
ihvriltn tbe workl ttcr |«tKUicul, wiU bv«vfti«iH to wijrinu! 
whQwitlUktf ihetroLibJ0t<»iavcMJg-Jttlb>wbj«cu UrXh^rne, 
MTf.^tl^» in hJstim* •odw viuiorm phvakian* had bo lIuJc 
rr^int to tb? (ipiniun ol S>d«DlM(n b thii matter, ihni in dtc 
fit trf (he guui iiulf f^ry icivr vcri^J fs 4/rr»« iV aJP^, IkmH is 
lh«m«tlr«R imd olberf« by olroas, ^u*ck, and *ctiv« purgea^ 
be further addi, *' and moM cvruun it i* tIiM (hit mvtkod wiffl 
cure aav ^i of Uw youi, hav ofauioaic •Dcrrr. md ihu m « 
f«ur dAya.'* Wc have abo thv Miboticy of Ktrfcland for thk 
|VaGtUc« who luMnti that be haft n<r«r \ c i wm under «n lo* 
iammaair^ ^tiw* aoy rnediod «qual to fnirging tor Qtvinff ii»- 
■ediaie rvtivij and ihift romHrk eaiviid» iq die diicuc when it 
hu attacked thf uomach usd bmvflA. 

Scammr>ny » a i&rdi«n« vhich baa been faxned in all age* 
Ear iu power of stibdoiii^ the pvoKyame of gouti and b ■• rv^ 
mifkahk, that I hanmci withnoauthorotithciiiitvjfrir, urhoac 
prruripcbns att bol l^uml to iijxiuin \ brgc portion of tKli 
drug* ilie «)rctuurium caTyuc<»Einumf tlv Mtira naterial oT 
whifh II Kunmony, «M sold, in thr linw of TiuoCi » a quack 
pacdidnr in Cca^T*, under th«i iilL* of opiate W rhruanaiiiant 
And which he highly cxtoU with aome exccpciont aa to parti- 
cnLu ceaniinitioni- BaterccDtfnmeodiatinfturtofucanuqooj 
aa a medicine of i^rrat Jicriiec in the ffout, lad ih« lamc 
tincnirc is, at thla tirne, a popuUr rcTntdy for t^ ditc&M in 
France; and I iiio credibly rnCormrd chat cmrr geatkanan £» 
diirteeoyein pist hA«« byTneantofiiiHKecoded jn tenoring 
the paroajiuik vhencver ik%v\ occurred- 

Satmoo cnolft uamcnooy and eUterttun ai neditiibca which 
''ttdbi(ro5J^ Ktfp the g^ut>" and Turner'* arthriisG powdar ji a 
compotition ot tuibuh, hermodact} It. «cjAniDony, smtia, vid 
«]d«r Mcda, and was considvrtd ia ili day » almott a cpedl^c 
lor thin conphdni. 

H^is recomcnenda the electuariun cuyoi;o4iitu«i and 
hermodactyU^ which, bt %ty^, will mukr tuch as are not ablri 
10 go. prncntly t? mt^ about- 'lite same nedif:iiic wm^ bdcre 

Voi.n. 3G 


ifr, 11*011/ pn tht Ir^^^mfnt o/Gsta, 

Virtues, V? le U> Irftvc Ufllf dO'ahi of It« hnrng bm tkkta 
ftfim rhat AUihiH'.* Ht qnntc^ Rrvrlrrlrfi« ■ Ponvcca, in it- 
c<nna»md»tkia i^f ibc rnAiii nf Murk >wllrborc, »kI anKvngn 
othrr ttiif^gt m >ppl«. with 5**» i^ )Ii librc* <<ucfc in it« wbicb 
U to be rMviied vndrr ihr cBtbvn mid mni- 

ll uroulil be va^ |r> nMilbplf Mil>i'>ririe» If >l wrrc nfe««> 
««rT,btit jath«T «rc Hilhin ihc reach cfrren it^uirrr, J thAll 
rarrttv tdd ihr f<tlki>*>inf{ rvract fr^m II^'fTiiuutf fhuh. fn»m 
iKt inrormukm h coooiM, Mppckrs of too Moch Impvunce t(» 

"Hitce dtducii«opfr«pFetbm««tcff«itiiiepA^Htjuidicittni 
ooatruM iiit*tponrre (j« mcvhoilo hftcUnua ufritMJit tamandi 
dolurr* pocb^toi. Pliirci ci tx tb rxmriotiMisDi prtciSd 
vomri'vrioniiii u»urn nrin "Hti» 'Ulmjdjtrc qarum in iflectd hoc* 
txin prcftfrvAndo <jijxni ^amJindo. CoaCfr^ Ut podjigrici ohmm 
veno «t Mtumoali tcmporr circ^i rqtiinoctn prfwrvMianiK 
CMiiA ummjana vomilornim- In principio quoqu« p^agrv, 
pmlicxrum «te ip«i Gal^cl jimdoduitt icttvu icou Doteu* 
Enc\(lop> Med. p. 4}J5> Hil<iiinii>. Cenuti. Ob«. 34^ McrCMQi 
df Mfirl^iit iQccTiiit, L. 4. c lA' Itiixnui pmxr, I.. 6. c U 
Sytviuv, pr. p. Ii3# Emcticarum utum pnntefttl*«tiiKitQ ji^di- 
cul. Alij RT^gni facivnt prc«<rvaLionU tMin laxaniiji Miee 
ipvum panjxvvmum, vet tingutit mcniibuv. 

*^ Doctntiniaa So1«it«nder in Con*, p. T8, tmbet «e in pa- 
i^cjpvau prtndpio oglciv exfijbcrt* magng cum Micceuu, lAl- 
<\uod ptirgjoi; primum id cdoctum ah Al«x. Tnlliaao, I. xj.^ 
licet a fnolus hoc tempore r^fornMiUiu*. SinpU^rc eiic actibtt 
cruiliciuinig* PctMinuk. Otit. 25, qv*^!^ artliritici levkireAi 
plciumquG cxpcriJiiitur in^utiuiii, dctraUM cs prinu* y'ln laa- 
IcrtA, Nuvi, aitt hmpincum qui mctUcsRitnbo cli> nucoi ku 
ChryitJdli Lumv esMOt teu Mania aliqciod ntriolum, ctiam ia 
tnvcuruo jam morira pg^iqujun biJuo aiile paregoficuB de> 

* Alrxiokr'* pnr hcnriLJirti !■ tmitpDwcl o' |k>boi1hIiU, gji^^.cuiBBiii 

TTtinnTl I if.< It 




di«4^i, ahum Mif,na ttita fnictu provcc«baL £v adveno 
S^HlcnhafA illorum mum prniTtiA rrjuil. Ntistta BancDtM 
h^c i^M: f\a^ plffitii-^ vr.«£<umitr, r< 1^r^u>n rict\ii MVicti »uit, 
^ moi ancc p«ra«y-«Bnum primuni ioviuinci< appcticu pLvu ^uMo 
InelQUffTtini gu]jr,.«ppr<ipriaia calhanica Vcl cnKtkj tuuuno 
cum frvccu atquc c(noiunicntoa«uMn<rv po«*iiau UcplnU sic 
prioki* rii> s cnpiom inbutra ktimarum H audi tufKnati^ 
Ir^trorci ct^dunt p*raiTm'i> oi^ um moinu ivmptum*!^ 
nnxkctatn dolorrt pjiiaiiiiEr icgTJ, Cic. in cAndem ftcntcniuan 
nabiicufD BcccdU LuirT, TrMtd? Anfarktde, qui ite l(K)ai- 

Id anoihcr ucaltiCi dc dolore padagrico et ojlhriikoi he 
■ayvi ^^ MvQiiai mc oUan auiioi sub iniiio tlokfria podagiici ct 
ardiriikit bftigni t.cft« cum fructu, Ubuic fuiuc kcqutinu* (Aii- 
turji- Ai^- il[jr* Jc«;iui ^y. Aq. timi. iiiue vino ^ss. P. corno^ 

' DiMPrlfllitf ill' tvfiijpimfl aiinplicJMiinit pal4fT> ramrilio II^H ■•|«t. 
vut VI.— Tlie »i>*« ■>^1^» till hir may b< thi^t mvicHil-'o"! aTi«11 •p* if^v 
wonlaunili? mriliiWlhhhfrtD cmplnyvd ftiTih'< curr nf fP*^? pkiAt M^ 
of ih4 niuBl iriTvrtriHtil lajitfT^unrvr* *pv«t m ihr ^'fllif 4| i^Pfin »r lAcik* 

'^■^l fViim fmaiici LiLcM 1* jinjplijriicrjc, u; r[|i: tituk] «iuJ BLUumul 
fiQtiiiioiHn Iriihp cuEiLincitftiiu.'i't iho of prut. iTtr Sk.-iir-riii>l (fftcitaf TJi^i* 
rcm?(1kt liUPt Iw" I'^fJ "pr^ IrtTitinI by (he Mtuwrn of CBtcn. |)<lnu. 
Hildanut, MfKfttat. llnrtiLia. uul b^lYiipk, tffUkU' tOMUt^ >» « rkvI cf. 
leanitl KmoJx- Oi-livf* U>><'Ie tutfhljp vf lujlitwika a mrvia □! pMt«nli9n 
befnfttlifl pjii^nj*™, ft^ Ilk**! imiJithij 

1h0 he Ant IpAmvd ihii ^mnioe fhfm Aluunlvr tif TriJl^k ihvmh by 
ffiif^ ii wu in<*<t* drvidlfil. 

pnmv tilt hkAcbHn Am cI^ittJ. 1 kiTuw/ n>i Lc. 'ut «ihji1nc wht^. ^ ■ 
i^litmie^ mnliclnc. ojLpiln"* n '*4* ih* oytul* <if iiVflr, nr ■ *^riiiU»* ttf 
«t4wl, 11 vturtvii. pTueundfiKLjAUDn Avn lh« b»wtl4vkth citm ii^Hi^ 

be^rc' On lk*«ntiv>.S|ilcnhu&«hUn]^ ifjtifuili'j ftr Mf |mfttil^» B 
tmof opinbfW Ittit IP tlitvr p«ijciti> urho ve ■ccuilDtPcd bi caC mudi, uiJ 
wbrk ju<t brforv ihc pOMiifirn hatp b«vii Mo ifidulf«nt «Mh Ibcir vip;:!!^^ 
firnpcrrmrtifflOFcitliKrlWntT^ h»tifctn uriththt fmUtt kdiuiUipr- 

^^Thefrirni <uMn(r inui^ircioTlM Hbiimafibo humur* mEt lU- 
paFabuiidaiiE Bf idL Utc pvoi^du bt:«9Be Aililtf < Tinr i|*t)ic |iM>cvim Att t# 
mivS [i»|B DT mwAfiTH Litifr, in hit TfcUiH oh Cuat, it tii iIk itn? 
>i[t|rton vilk ■< Oft ihi* vul>jtni. >i>il tiM Uww wotdi, kfr" 

Mr. WiTti m tkf Trraimmt afdrvi* 

thiB* 3i. 9yr> tOvMt Uunf-. wl rhalnfU cum dchoreo §■■. 
If* ptvhaiwtiu A 4nchM oi the puh'. coniKlimi aMawWt 
wtammomy, dii^ilioretk lauttraey and crcaM of lartaf, of csck 
ci|ajd pftnt. Ml thai iwuur ^tumu oi «cannic4iy wu giixa lor 

TIh expcnrace of ibt pro w at tb^- u cqu«fly «cn«g in Bi< 
vour of the pradioh 

Vcvy c jH^ diiriiii; tht agiiatjon of ihb qpienkn dM kOiCAUoti 
dJ ibc prutv«>i<in wn gcnernly^ directed t» tke daieriiun u o 
medicine mofti Itkch, from iuknoHadTeco, tobethebaabof 
(Jk £4JU ^frdVfnuir. I tlclcf nuncd, ihcrrrorc, U> put il to d>c 
test oT cricpt rfattti on il»r firvi pukM» 1 net wtib. Three »tca 
•oon pm«Riti!il thcmvlTTTq, tn whtch tbc cvnUw power* of 
ihn rctnnly wcrr a% vpvf.Hy juicl j» kflt|«lieD0T7 a* Ury iMftJ 
duat could puniblf lttv« brcci ciprctcd fron ibe guut nedh 


It i nto wrvtng of rrmark, th>t tadtpttnUoHj of iUpar^tpT 
lira, umvtkt and diiu-ctic cfrcu, Elabex Ju4n po$K«a^ anothw 
properly in connBon «rtdi the gout vedkane, itut of pfodiwiv^ 
A ting^TDg sFiu^Eiioii iti the rxiTdnhici ol ihc Sst^n* 

'i\\% cflcrt, wluth vfo^ noLJccd in die year lAOJ, by Dr- 
Maiijo Linirr» wu lirvi pointed out to me by J>r- Buchan, of 
Pcrry-eif f V I, end wu* mry strongly mirked in the prrton* to 
whom 1 admioistCTvd it< Whether thit property i* only cx- 
«flrd in gnuty pui^on nMUt be deicrmincd by fumrr ob. 
acrvaiiodi Dr. L. hovever, ^pokc of in clTtcu gcntr«lLy In tu» 
^variw on Dropty-t 

'HkC &T4t cue frhifh va« unhrnktrd to iM iafloettre wa« (hat 
of » bhoormg naan, John Ton^kint, wbo had toe^ bno i mf- 
fcTcT from thai form of the ditevic caiird hy many rhfumatic 
gotMtt and *aA never efitircly free from il* aiiadtij he bad 


tSt conrntMevArnt of jpflury pilni. Air.* l>c dahte ft TinTto* tf piida^en. 
if odT 4prn, vnt, 7. 

1 LiArr &imit*E«mHdf )l«titiC^iiici4. TTMt.rir Thdnp p M. 

t SsBf pr Iff ilMkin fill t^r irMfrncvniA^m.rtKumtlKfaJlillK ItfTirr 

in Ilr laesr^ J-ml* "f iTj* bfrdv, k«M Atr/" ■* " /'»". •b*fm« rtiOtt FbeO- . 
lAfilim it ilv'ji kibniilct iirnhfTmL'4|nrikin,iiniCb«Qlhvk^rvpca« 


Treat^^ni 9/ GsttU 


bean widfT tbc care oJ^thc mo<l cmiimit hoBpii^l ^hfiictaM id 
tavntt «tthoui dErtvln^ uty benefit from their truuDcnc* I ro* 
coWcci hNvm^ vtMedcil him ufion « former Qccul<m under « 
severe illnc«t tVum chk compUint* ivhca hit life wai dfvpairied 
ot for muiy dij^, 10 mucli vm he reduced bv in tioIcdcc juid 
diiraiii^; «i thn inav^ thv «toaMd) aad ImwcU vcie much of- 
fccicd by uiduUkin* and he recover^ vujci th? uav of Urge 
aoirt of ruUliir rm" n^r i>f jjiji^jjKttn.* 

Ht bod Qow ir-ii.iitiiiutor^' iweJIingB of vcvcnl joioIb, pmi* 
CuLfrly of hu huida^ criiu. and fcdi th« bftucklcB wen per* 
tamtmiiy mlar^d. md tbc fin^n i& ■ BUtr of i^wiuucuo*, 
from forrner JiitAcki- The (nin oflrn luttiiilrd in ^me port for 
Another^ vninrlJinc* il mvBt froO) the jouitB to the bowclk, ud 
hiv frjcndi bccAOic ttriouily aUn»ed f^-r hu«afct>. I fivo 
hiin half grain ofcLiuriuiu cvciy tirahoun, u»d <m the lol* 
loving mor^iB^ I found hifli free from «U hit fivnifilonia, but 
peal Jcbililyt moI cvrupLiiuinf^ of th« trvrrc Opmtiott of kli 
raBdicioc. rhc ditene rclurptil the foUovioig day, md WJU 
•Ag»\a reUcved in the Mme mattner. 

Withi» thetc few dj4)rB, 4 p«riinJ of nearly er)^t m^mUiB 
having elapicd UDce hb hut iibcvi, he hai had jsodacr niiatt 
of the gouc; but here the teat ol the dJanuv wn Dot lUi in lite 
ochcr Okie in the extrvnitiefL, but cG^hitcd ii> the IkuvcIs. H9 
bttdbren HI nearly a fortnight, compUining of tigtiuins aenaa 
ibi bowrln, Aod whut h< draominatnl a h<avy paini be hod 
iuniflea,tmpairrd appetite, and flatukocyi bubowckwerceoa- 
dve, and be wm gcncivtiy indiapoaed* Th»r ivercOMMtdetvd 
jAhcayaipnwwof fgmn^ affecting aome of ibc abdonuDal vb- 
I. Three i^iiM of elaterium wen^ ordered, vith directjana 
bin to t«he one half in)mc<liaielft aad the remainder ai 
dgbti Boriiig lakrn nnc pnrtioa of ifai* mcdiei&e, ia the 
VTvning ha wai attacked with the mo»t violent pain in hoa 
bowb; iheruamniaf portion «» gtvrn him, and a puiga- 
dve dyatcr with iho drachm of %lc<x and the uine quandqr 

* A luvft eilQndnl FipcTienfE', linerHit iiiiie,hutbumlu^(inifrtaed 
tnt ie thropii^m I tiBd fumicU of iVw cfluikcy af lhi> ftmrity v1if<i iilni> 

ttFrd ia Ur^ Aue* I lIjieiL 1 mt* aufri «Ltli canlldeive, tliiit llieniic 
eUetvT g«Ot Arcicbniij nut U^ hlMikiI hy uif^fuAf JL 7I>: cShLltftt 
4hc h ^ « j^ tiacn in htlf t f«iit q( «r«ir[ f{i\>r:K D'filiu 4jid >r«^Trn^■l^^ 

of j«1ap ordered, wMch hi^vtvrr v«h not >daittiM«niL Or 
ibf fullnfring Mtonuog t ^und he hact been to tstcmcubiic 
fain «U 04^^ ■■ *^ crcftlnfc I taw htiiH the tongue wu of a 
rrdduli hrxtwn cokmr Mil parchfd, hb br««ib offemivt kia 
Rffiukvhkdt-grcc^bfMhich no vc>nl> «iUi <oave]r >n«ik^uMc 
idea, but whkb»nry<rMa«ni»ilrrD«twEUi in ihi* stage af the 
oomfiUkii. Willi tbiM ^rnipioait of cvMWnt duifcr 1 did no* 
diiiUiii rigbttorcty t£>lety otttbceUuriuni ilirtr grainn non 
were given, Hkd 3»j of blood ordered to be uA/m awM\ i be 
«ft» c«y foe tbc «p«cc of tlm* ht>un *ftrr ibe bkcdiog, when 
dw pain Rliamedi or the fijllr>wtng irtoraiog he wai m ^reat 
pain, lh< medicine* had not Dprtaied. Tbo djrvter wm Te- 
pCMed twice (bit ctiiy withotii cffrci; tn |b«<vvoJag he vatatlll 
JBaMU pain, And ita* a^ain bkd^ 3j of caJoMcl wb» givrn, 
vith direction* lo have th? cipher repealed, wbich howcv«r 
itmaaDiUcd, hcvas mucbrclicvedb^^tbe bleedings but ooifae 
fotlQ^ng monnng thr pjio reiumri; be b^ ooe *tool to tha 
niglit; bftiC an ounce ot tobiiU liiiciiiic ud^yuaiacum wiib khy 
(Ifopiof budaaum were auw gi^eo. wbUb produced ««« fur 
ihe ivhoLe of ifac dair* TovftfxUcvenin]{ the pain returning, the 
medicines weft rcp«atcd with eifoal benc^i. Os iherolh>win9 
morning he wa> fr«c froni paioi and bia boveb aerc open; he 
waa direcied to coniinwe ha mcdiciaca a day or two Joogor, 
and w Duw quite reoovcncd. 

In the other ca««t die dUcaar W3t« Mnliatd to ihc back i>C 
the tmnil And Wf nu, U UnA hire eirttnl many dap; each had 
three f^ins ol rlaienum odmimiEervd, wblch prudufcd a 
tiriMif; parj^tivc eflcci. but the «ympt4>ni» were rrmnml with 
the rxrepilon^ in one coae, of a iriflinf; drgrce of p«in stUi rc- 
nvMinin^, though It wa« not of *iif?lr.irnT impoRAPce in rciiiirr 
a rrprthion of ihe mndtcinr, fo nnc of tbrw pvi<KU il mm re* 
Pkarki^le 1h«r ihn p»io craurd Nrforr ihr r«aruadlm fmm the 
boweli took pAuCi ii ti nor imprabaUe thji the iHliMary 
oiwrniion of the nbcdicise vu occanjontd bi ii>m« chun^ in 
the tecretion* of (hit vUcn* eff^ci'd bv it. The laaie remit i« 
totncii>br?« ob»crT^ from iha g*ii medici&ilr. 

Thcw taid have been rrlnted to »hT>w xhc advinri^ of M- 
ucktfigthii complaint by purgalivei. The pttcuraciry aymp- 
fom* wf a paroxy*m of gout; the in^ppctcocy, flvukncci sovir 


jUp. Watfi pn th< Trtttimmt t/G^trr* 


VTucCMioM. aricl constipated bowcb. indi»t<? mdMonftred Mate 
of thr inlrMrnil ^ntiik]. If ihf TlQanr daa>t Ti« canauhed by « 
pAtimt in tMt ciMi h< »)1] birtcJil ihai bU bnvcb art la* bfld 
condiiioo, tbu be imatc lAkc ■ iS'itc of phyiilc; nnci* prahnbl^, 
lh« opinion of ihe nudicnl praciiiiofttr \n\\ not he wry differ- 
ent, if be hH not tbe ^ckod MTtv* to knew tKstt fjoiii 1a «ii«niB([ 
on. Bat if hU mind b utArprd bf prrjudirr ibin knovlcdp^ H 
•cffifi<^tlorthcprobibition.Md ihennfonunAi« wflenritcor^ 
signed to pMiencc «id his Aanneli. 

The tkca ^thuit nr lorpor of the inieKUMl ntikU k a very 
eomEnao BiiendAnt on ihU rlfir^ir. The celpbrifvd faiher oF 
phyiLc^who liitd aco^cATi before Chritt, ibnught tbnt .gotft 
WM curable by no human mcint m old men, with ^mttpMtd 
^ptotit and aodoihy oC the j6iM%, Hul ihe diMrjac cvm ki 
them wa* doI proof agftinst a providcnti«1 >tt»ck of dytvmerj, 
vrUch urcd ilfEtdil>- Elc to^nd nlicr profoas wnciMtiocn 
from the bowcU (■>«*(>«. which litrr^lty b't^IAc* a mettng 
down) mUo very ui^ful, md he »ll« nt, that n foun^ mmt 
whote bomU ttercTtJidilvncied upon, uho Ttred regularly, 
3ud wat fr>nd of LibouL*! had onlr U find a phT^idnn irith com- 
mon undcnntiding^ ami h« migbt ri.n\y br cuiyd." 

Thepoircrof diarrboa incarTyinf^olfafit of ihe guut when 
•MMd ia the eitrcmitiei i* ao ootunotft, thjt a could faaidty 
eicape hi accurate va daumr at Sydcahams biU blinded <w 
he vraa by a prepottMBioD for bit favourite opinlont he couM 
Dot be expected vo drrivt thai practical ndvancage from tt 
vhich (he fact was opoble of impartitrg' We cani)"C, ihen, bt 
lurprtacd bo find Unt gMng aoleimi dkecticm^ for tf4 lupprrs- 

10, a> the only moam of trc^iUbg ihe wuiidcrcr to his proper 

"There la hiit cne rr-mrdy,'* he am, "thnt I know of, viz. 
to produceVnpinLiion^by the mcdkinc^ uraally i^iTeit f^r thli 

• 'o*w ivf t >Pg<ii.{, t •■pi fififw J^ifiirii ■■■*n*y*«* JjiT'™. ■ -r*" — *^»»- 
f«t^«^ inBiift^tHwtj f^b^l>r«iTar «^fffln>«74f< j*»fc*«rff»*-^ t-x»* 

tfii «>» i«««»f*ita» <;^, ^ <« ffn irn i wi*Af ft > fa>v«ncil*"U«f *>^Bf 
■j|—fc ™ — I «!■■ n i#imftihft*M« *Tia •> <*(■» t^^wx**^ mHtv* i^jv 

jlfr. Warn tn /Af TfeMnum a/GwK 

~piirp»e. wlucli U Hhard Ibr two or three da^ a»ar«ingHid 
evwn^, two or ttina hovre aK a linr. [he (1iutIi«i u com* 
BOftlv Mofipvdt umI tht gDui coArt tJkwuirnt^ boick vpc« the 
cur^niitiA*"* Ic ihovilfl br rnnukcd, bonevcr, that irhrn h« 
haa rcaaoA tn hcWtvf tht dlarrhvi U crkkal, he do^ sot M- 
Mnpt to inrfTfcK wiih ft. 

It k impnuilil^ for ibr inftipnutna (o cnn|''inpbtc the 
iCT^ii^h of the thundering figure* vluck hf tiat& ir> nprru 
tbf rcrum of- gout to the linba, wiihoot parturiikf «o inelf the 
triurafiluuu cntacy of tltcnRn oti the sremln^ vlcioty he ti^Ml 
obtaiocd; »liiJ» hu« ptdtnta, wridtitkff uader the fniitt imuf- 
Hrrtthle anftuiih huiMB ttJtture u capable of beahng, ar< cmi- 
•olcd with th« rbccrioff prospect td tong*rity, whid) he iav» 
viabljr calcuUcei upon, owrrit ^rJArv, id a cm^n proponion 
lo the vlfllrttM of the p^io-t 

How dilT'^rvM t< thi^ conditct of Mnsgrarc oa ihji potnf, 
who, after telling ua, thai duri^^ * piroiTim of goat u dJar* 
rhccA often t*ke) pUc«, which cjunic* off the puo jnd tumc- 
factiuD|] add*, that " ifac diarrtitta whkh utiIac rjC«»fn ih« fit la 
frequently louQd to be tiluiary, health »id vtgvr nturfliog 
aftrr h-J Tlw cv»fil o* it, however, be coiifcut« j» uacertna* 
If It Mi>p4 in timi: asd >* not <xt<itiv€ it p^nvei Actricv abl«. by 
canyin^ o(f Use gouiv macttr by a «afe way* though QOt the 
»oai comoiott; aad It bavihiH ndvAniageauendliigit, thM the 
parovjrfnB dfirfi nvf rffurn /ffr <i i^iif tim* t^UrJ^ lie duplaya 


*"Ufl~Mim> qtHji] acl'% mnnr^um t*i* iiE lador pntvcM^ mviJitd* ei 

rHritLCAmcDiit bote uiut dnijui^i^ quod t\ fill k1 blduiiiit triduuui^ utAnc 
el ivapcn, jirv «lMflt (KiT« born condnuu. dAciur 4i pluiimujii itkArrtur*. 
rl fT'01-^i AimnTnaicni tilnkmii Jnmttwl.'" ^TDEitnAir- 

I Mj-irho j»ni diaruiiOt bj^ Uim n4;ij, Eum ip|>tifiai. rtdauiiEt pr«na» 
^lii'it 'inn m«Ti*b»i (HTDijrBniLw iiupcf fkipfeui, rt »n (»iiin preponlmQ 
•B^iU^ 14^ icvrkntiu' ttI iti^itlJi' uv|iirn» |dfwijnmiu Mtin i* hi< ititi' 
mw ■|truni;KiT'rik(>'i«JfdTffir»*tqiicri* lu.ntiyiBVfl ita»» nibi mfitfiuJ 14«-A 
PVIWU& m tr^cKU, tl?CMM ACfiCdfl." SvDtVlfAH- 

)•• Aceuhl clif^rrlict^i *iii«iw iUIltti eicipridflldin»«i iinMntdiiOiblift.* 
[>e Anb^kLiiW AnumnU. pa|^ IJT. 

C Al<j w 'tl'iivniwili ftam ffuoijiakH wtftriam Arthhtiua MtefeHM^ 

eotiibc^MJik BcqtJC iDDdum cicedii. UUlit inviniturL tt qvMun aiiftriiidM 



Mr. Want OTi f Act Treotmftit 9fG^kt^ 4S5 

the foltf nd dani^r of Ki Bttcmpi io itop i*: "foTAS oSciqui 
diligence,'* be WTs. " dhtuH3« nftturr. and tnUmqiU brr iii die 
work <hc has begtia, trh«n it n Iwttrr Cu leave bcr co hetwtf, 
ani) ptrmit thai to be iJi*Uarg*d> iHikh d r«uined w<iukl Jo 
miif hirfj but if ii beconaca eitctwrt'c it uliould certainJir Iw rt- 

- Thm ihr p>Ai)cu iTtnpTtwioiico* thraffcciionoFUir bowels, 
I hnve [&rEc donht, Stahl citdcBvoun to acooum for the alier- 
iMimn of thin rlmrMC «viih h) pochonJriniiLii, whicli may cvU 
(knUy b« iTftcnl lo ihi* toiirce.| ii wc Admit ttiai er^aipelM la 
o6«a cmiutt«d with tordca fcn ifac iaie&tinsd canals wr fttuH 
have Hitl« difficulty ta eonuivlo^ ikM uicpther iaflanunution, 
ib voine rt«pcc(8 ntnilar, B>y srUe fmtt the ■aine cfttiM. 
^ The affioity lint «xtw> between thcic two tliscA$e« may bv 
^ftrrcd from tliv fuct of their frcLjucdilv alEcnmiiiiy with «4ob 
other. Aflcr > piirox^tin of j^jui hiti been f«irly Aicd upoa a 
joiat, ID all reguUniy Will form^ and liai t'>niin\jc4 there Jbi 
sercnl daytt it ti ufiuetimo 9uddett)y [r&n«reTred lo the fun 
and accl« vr udier paiu, where it appean in Ihc shape o( aa 
vryaipeLAi, ind Wc venu. 

Hoffman relate* lh« ca*« of a ^iJitivnt who lad an extensive 
«ry^>clai of the ri^t leg, vhkh soon Kixed the meiauntia 
:4nd ton of ihe left side, with contidenblc tUDctfactJon a^d 
pain. The f^urj^eon, who was in attendmice, appEUd ipitit nf 
wint and camphor lo ihc l^ict, up<m which u atuckeii th« 
othCR by the application of powdered camphcr, the dWase 
wan aguln avnadiaMiy relieved, bnt iHc patient whs t»riz«d 
wiih tymptomv of ggnc in thf vicintty of the heart, with so 
|[fent a constrkiioa opon the dinphnj^m that he could hnnfly 

mAifriim aUMHi TiA nnn UAtiaiiiihrni. iimcn mu •miittR. Cut iithvr 

pefpctiin LfTitTU^i, tuFtircoput tvfjr iniL-riii>^^, iii*<-r^Uiii KfknLm|iBL. ftin 

inftina *^«JI^. il rem iturrhtti aAaHn r/nrrttf. vm^Qt tiudAf, 
uRHvicefitilba* sisiaate ati- l*^* >S). 

t Ohmrmimt liattm^fOt* mi L C«uu« «( Hbvniuainw. irsdi^Vlei de 

vof.. ir. 3 H 


Mr* Wamt m tiv Trtemmt c/G^vt- 

Mtngnrc klio sp««kfl of the mnudon frotn cry lipefcw C0 
gout in tli« Jolou;* but be b boh wurviMed, Itbink. bn- 
cunMDg Irum thn faci Ih* «xieI«dc« uJ* an artWiiic trjf«ip«|afc 
The wmrbifi^tt^ tbe il^ily accxiaiuiMMMH of iadi^iUit Mrdov, 
U ihr.»c1ti»it cnuigof bo<htli«p&ndof wMnywhcrdJMWWi 
Gniil III fhr joffit*, rryMpclai in ihe i^k^A, MlhlBl, pUuik, 
ficri^ctimrmy m ihc ItrnF^r thollc b the bovdi, ctiMRMtnty 
cdled giMM in ihc ^tomwh: ibew, lod ■ v«tietf of odbcr 
Bymptmn* from ih« «>me cauAr, vnAjr be rtraorcd by tbc evs» 
cuA^on ol lh« oflGrn Jtn g manvr, or by TrMndlaf and neutral' 
isbi^ in armnoRr- H iv bonk li a »o« iavaltiiMc pvaductiDa, 
inatnaufh w^ w rthowi wfaai ui rwltm varWt^of tttrxnn and 
chronic dit«o«r:a mny b« nc^ to (hi* ■o«t«. 

If itii» o;iTnmn Itr r«i)iblj«hcdt the nqimonrv of pur^finf; 
oveT Uvcdias ^i^ l*^ rvidcnii the lanernAy rclici-c, <u m all 
caiFDOJ in^Linunuioo ii doc«, but Mivooly by rEOMvUi^thi; 
citiic thiLi vt« c:mi npi-ci a fcni<7ial of the di*«Me< 

With thoc <Bcta bcibfe mc, I ciDnnen hcif recnniag to the 
exploded doctrine of ihe honcirii] ymWAofp^ m dlbnlin( the 
only plauiible idIueioii cf the phcnomcu of thU nalady. U ITj 
I vouM ask, foconfilhtrot \f'i\% the tnowa liwacvT ibc numol 
cconomVt to Ckippo^c chst aA acrid naiicr may he carried by 
ahtotption from thr inrc^nnri into ifar cirfulaikm* and thof ita 
niMvncc in th^ btood i% ioromfmttbk trith ihe btahhy fwc- 
tioni of th« llody^ If I anight he ^lAvcd eo asff bt^ond the 
IJnna of farr induciion !nfo the £<Iil of hvpotheut, I voald 
Smigine the joina, trom samr pirctiliJtriiy unltoom lo Hi*, i*> be 
the part! choirn by nature; fL>ribv d«potition<?f ibuaauicri or 
I BDc no rliAiriiUT in rtUaving ita tranipiruioa to be go(f>g<m 
ihroufph cwcty pnrr, vhjl^t th<: joontt or paro attacked, it^m 
thii unknown poniltnrUy, are mcmuftoefrtible of dnc^tcd un- 
pmnou &ani \t% AcrifnotiiMi» oaiore thjn oi^cn. 

Paid ia fiot nri mirparabU concomitart of thin diieatct h% 
mtcnftii}', or fadocd its very cxtuencc. i* jiroliAJiIy deicrtncncd 
hy il>c tei.ture or icit^bitity of ihc parta attacked. Thua ia the 

* "/iifin ponv t^u/iWjt noiaii qvul ^rviinionp wijivim^ AftnM|*e >nAt 
milcri* ii> vtiii A4kJ>,'.» qiium in lifiirwvt miilBFrCur killmc ^tl/ittw, 
rt»tufim ^n fDor^MOfD ciE ofrAfiW'nTO, V." Mii>o<Lvi dr AtfhrUda 

Jlir» ifani mi M^ Tt^tmntl tfC^t- 




. I 


comMCDcenctic of a regular pari>Ky?ni which la watcd in the 
Jiigtotvottof llicijuuita, ■cuup«i(i iilcl^butirhrm Uthc cla^t 
of each " jMn^^fffitt^** ike pftm ii c&mfnmed for ludUn^j 
nyibcmatotu redncu, ond iichtn; of ihc itunounding imcgu- 
DiqiU, II Ji nn< LinfiLtr to condudc that die mancr hui Leco 
Iniulaud from iht liitamcnn id the tkin. When the cUtcoM 
h^ inctutaak or oihcrwUf bOccu ihc bnun, «rpftRitc from Us 
OBcningcfl, no pnin h Iclc, ba« giddlncas, stupur, or apop4cXf 
are the oaoMqucncc. 

CuUcn^w tjuxLhohj(TciJoiilutHcthforyof morhificniatUi'St 
ihu ill o|)crjtigiD, if it cxUUj «houlil ht aimilar in the several 
p«ra vhidi It AtuckN whereu it Mcnm to be very dkjTcrCDtt 
htm^ niiimdaat^ &nd exciting inf^mmatiun in tAt jsinUf but 
JAAMjer,af]d ikvEroying too< i a iJW ^rffmorA. * 

L«M any doubt should eu-»c cf die inith of ihb pailnoa, 
tJoiB the QAcura) LnienaifaUiiy of parts of a lig^mtntous simc- 
imrn^ I tSkOM be aUoned in Uigrrauun lo gUacrvr, ih^i Iiawcvtr 
ioaciutblo in their healthy lUIc, whcD they have tulcen vn in- 
danamuoty aciian the paJn la mott otufr. I1ii» oruci Gron 
tfaeir denie« firm, and onyidding nature* 

The acknaiHled^d ediudcjr of btutrt^T in the cure of gout 
ill fituif cues, when npplkd lo tJao i^Bamtid joint, Htrongly 
favcnira the theofy of nborbilic mnticr. No pcnon in the right 
poaacaaionorhiiarnftffa would thU of curing inAammution l*y 
nuana of Uitfcring, uateii with the hope of cictting o dh- 
charge of »omc irritating material producing the ditc;iw. 
The local applicauon of euphArblaiii,{ clatcrium,^ and ne- 

M ^ Tiif f^iCjrffcrai iff *■ i n Miffci rdj»i>H-H> 

"J IvtF >r«n tnnlticr pLlfcnt irEiEv b/ memu of * nkr^^cmP nmpdacd cf 
camhirMct. In b-^tu curtd, fw wtmi th^ itihiiIwt) ofcujiiml bf It *» 
ri]p|iiP«Ll» Itit** fuitr fiFTlh ■ frrai (juAnlityof Jhinur, nrhj^ bt i«vi r» 

t A*a>^> J<i » fiv,>*«r. ^ '''. w*U^ TkUnn <wJ*>w.*'*> <'< '^ It^tW I«>b^ 
#■■» ^ >i«f ftfcuyi. ^ iiMm- f— iffc— UM*, fam* t' <■ tt ILatvf <* tf 9^*^01^, ^ iim' 

**h tiaAdbltir«4k^,t,nilfrcqu«ii)rMfrl*itb>ve«w inibkipfcinaf 
dkt c«niplum. far ii cH«nktA ■.ihI ninnvvvlht cuttftr. iE dnkmrtth lb*i 
4hfEliiiiltt9Mat«iI,3itdriai«*v*iJ:iCV0-it" Alu. Tialliaf, 

f "Uda dMcni ri tccui c«tt p^dagrkii ilUnHar ^aecbquc iJinU^ni 


Mtr. Wimi tfit tht Trntimfni of Gyiu* 

<JKi»nof ibu kiad,dKbc»riid«JcO«cUcirirkiijhart Mfic»icd, 
tbe formrr by TVilIion* ihc Uucr bj l}«cNconilc« uid PLivy, 
am turUly be aci^uMcd fur upon ui)r otbcr Hippoiu^ott. 

Aoudur re«bVQ in Hppori ol tba tbevry, Ut My nutliLDg od 
tlu nU*{ doiMOtmUx livcA by p«ripur*a, t% Oic tinnKtloita 
beorfii inaiD^ frtmt the um of thuH Bcxliciiict which have ih^ 
puwcr ol neutniliziBg Aci<l s^crAtd id Uic aUimacb and b(iw«l«> 

px-cik oight oiu) monicng. w a rcnttdy nhich rrom okuch «qM^ 
rioice 1 ua Tccommcnd m* ft ipcctfic m many c»nof diift 

If i)»t mrcltcal rcMlcr require* more EvklciKc ibas bit ovu 
txperititcc will Mfli>rd hini of the cKMUnce at thit aead, I ab^ 
rclcr luEJL, aisangM otbcnt, to a tafte of i^l rcbted in ibc &nt 
i^lunic uf^llie Mcijtol Olj*ervutiuu» and liiijurm, wfatrrc hM' 
vrrc pxrukyim wi* tnticiillT' carried ull bj dw vuj&itio|f vi n 
convkttnible quiintJiy ul UuiJ, i*liiiJi tram tb atrituvDy wh* 
cormpMFed to atroog mmtiHl dt:iU^ uddcd tu thj»» the dot« kua- 
lo^ vtii[;b lubfiau bcrt«evaBumelarEnpordy«{MpMAiawludi 
which }trccc(k aa aiuck oi goatt kftvc Jitde doabt of Itt ex- 
iMtacc uUo in |h« Utter cuac- 

In n fti-«t«'ni:itie trt':]iT-i ^ -,i^ht be iuUuc«d In 

supjiort nt^ thi« fi;]iciinn j Emi .1 , i .^..-. 1 ,,.<< ■Irrady crvftputted 
ti^r> lon^ upon thv pat*ra» of the rrndfT, I nuac remuauti^ 
tied whh baring merely UH (he r^uMlwioii for fiaiunr Ifi- 

«f>«rtl in Uiti i^itMUinn- 

liylhp 'r'vlnmk.I CiJIrU) UTuf litti? wttf^l in tin bmI* «b«i> oppvc^ Ui 
ttf lind i-f vitilpiKe wliicli nikj l>c vilJucrd tii ilt li*«ifr. tikllfn iijjn. m 
ht*cfio fliTFticiidriicf uf thn'iivU'nRei/moTttlk muoir tn thn biottJtUid 

im'tnit*ir Mill vf ihtfniATfipnre Atttauttr ki tuprHV'nit ihd pvuiMlilir ol 
k« CMitiiiuiJkiv tn ihe bvdvlt BiUicut troPf AtwiriMd iiici> d>v c\TffiLiiti(H« 
lT+hh ill ttciunllfiit ft-r lUu nioJe i<f ila ^ttUiC tbert t^ V » x<ii»'iil> vitnait 

t^UEiTt vt Elt rnunr. trr tnrt hOl^ lo aHnrc ■ mmrhent'* MUaniton- h cut 
n«itr bt iJctHie^ vi obj«f tino la |bv iw-ti of m onmivii. tUx\ iu i>«i«lu» 
h»iciikH nw^ i&euuf« 1 in iudflfcOEC Ugacatbc iCuck upon Uic >lo£- 


3ff* Wvnt Off f^ Trt^isMna ^/Gvta, 429 

If vc Mdtnh Oiu fict, ihe (d«ng«Toiift foaucqucvon of vi lo- 
^jwerlminntc attcmpe \e> rurf gAnt liy th« application of cold 
w«|^ will he Ahvintifl. T^ai in ntAn^ can(« ihc powrn of ns^ 
tutv JkTT proc>f igaiovt the drBtnirtivc tcod«iic«' officii ^riuticc 
tannm be denied, but thxt fatal infunc«« hftvc occurred incoii- 
•cc^urnc^of [tirnipto7nicati»M{U4Uyc«Ttua. UpoA lhl» poiut 
Trallian jodiciouily of><«rv««» " ihaino Mtrifigvnt or rcpellenc 
mrdicm^i should «v«t br hAd reeourtc to, untiT the bov«I» 
havr Iirti bcm fr««l c>f the ii&rdet contained in than."* 

Thai ^ui U curable by medicine tnd proper ittaiMioQ to 
dUt and mode of living, without danger of inducing other tlis- 
eaara, I have lon^ born convinced hy great attention to thr 
aufajeci; kolI to fuUv persuaded itin I ot thit fact, thiit I Bhould 
feel no beribMbn in affi/ming that it ii 90 in every one, If ttur 
exprt^ente of One mdibLdua! could Ji0brd a luHicIent MvTkat 
for *u(h an akicriion- 

The admiuiitnidon of purgative* fona> 1 profninent, tliough 
not tlie only ffiiure la thf medidnat pari of Jci trcatmcatr 
Their en^plciyiTKTol we have ihown to be wuTisted hy lacCs^ 
tYity havt the voice of rraaon on their aide, for frbea^ttie 
^fipmy U drUxa from I he citKlcl,and the galea ahut, peace ml 
Ct-unquillily muat b? leiurrcd." l^h«y har« tha MDCtion of thv 
nioAi unqtidtionoble aulhorittet of AHiiquily for tbc[r Qtllkjfj 
but ih^i they ure espoble of rcmoviDg the diieu« in tfvoy 
caie, j^ morp than I dure vtntnre to allirni. Many oun maf, 
■o doubCt occur, in which they may not only beifitSicienc^bat 
il«tf;ierou»> 'Hie discrimination of tbc })ruutiuucj munc hero 

^■■rittenec, fi-um Tlie l]?Tf<itit»r) itAlur* aihI cuiUi^quii pnipftljr «Mb# ilii- 
tf|%a«iLUi1l> abiuitl *il1i iNiL lilt uittttiJ«iT4- ^t'1i4 nnk nhjctfirjii Hbicta 
MaildHUliBlUUat\:il ia^ ill At III*? Ltitvlf d ji>»ilr«(itll'? Iv ?XT>l>i'j ili rtvijUUfkE 
fiwlutu<A fnv) Qnt {dfi To til* cirhrr !■ Cirllcii^ ihtitry urtiirifvirriablt <m 
tUlMun' >>«n A<linitii"it^ t?iin m« Ln ik^ kiifluijfhE-lx mlcmj^ ra^ 
fpHllOf it »lwei<tbli<Hufipla4ii.WU1t4n^4ir^rwwv,UluhUi>UtU wlj>cb 

(tlaiuilikUoppeH tu LV, itfiut ivJth (ikiienuc uiAjI mL^Fi: fictt* vf h^nue utvrly 
(Liicnt&Ai'l viLdu^.tirarcl tbc umplvie imtijqtinil cxpUnHttaiL 

be tscKiMtL Ebemum. ibou^ la a proper <kuc a utiAd mcdi 
da«i will (i4Uoy life u Mdl at the Euu MisLicjiiAk, vidu » 
only b)' minms Alton tii^n lothctttcunibt^taccttif thccii«c,tluL 

A* ID the idtiKitx of amy p^pstratiuo of eUuziom vtth 
Hiu»(m'* remedy^ it is, u I hiDied A^ve, of too litiJe Iiv^kw- 
tuce to rootoid for. Vet, I mar ohMtre, that the marled «oiii- 
e&dcftCcutcirectbct«rmtb»Gnedkinei,>fcakiRiurongly id 
id faTouT At mcdkat ev ideacc CW ipcttk. What phannaccuU- 
cal proccM it iboulct undetf-o to raider it luntlar in «jtEcmal 
9tppr*ntatt to iIm nwdldoc, I »hal] leave to tbc coiuidcrauoa 
of thOM rtho ara didt* curioqi ia Toutrchn of thit oatarc 
lias lam* 

Tbit la a point at whidi no maa of ackace ae«d be attbi* 
tlo4ii of nmvin^ The rctcarch b cndleaa. The tiMic vliicb ha» 
already been rinployed Id the inquiry, and the vsricd epecula^ 
ibou thw hire been entered into TcapeciiaK IC^ with so Utile 
■ueceit, vh'iU iilmou justify thU coiuUiitOD- It ftppe*ntnme 
lo be a f}ro*utuufM of tiJtnC*, impboced in ua bythr ^rfti 
^vthor of our beka^ for witer purpoATi, for we art Making fov 
ihit, »hkh wbvn diBcorercd vrill add coiBparadrely 
bo the uock of our infbrnuuiocv. 

If 1 h>ve ibiddrd mytrlf tinder the lothoritf of lucrj vhoM 
Dane* ar< vcncrnhle tn the utniik of Mcdktnct I truit I tiare 
not »ufficredrayielf, byablindadhereiKeEO tbcn, tobcdravii 
iotoHbc tr»ek where ciptrknic doc« not aUu \<»d- Therc- 
MArka hert iBMie might hart received tupport from uici uQ' 
dcr my ovnobtervaiioaibut it it cuyio moke a tjdc suited co 
any theory, ottd lh< namtlvcK of «oaie modern vritiri uc m> 
much in 0|>[K>tIiioa to the dajiv ex^xticuce of idl pricufloiicri 
but themtelvrSt thftC I vru unwilling (o riik la UnputMjoii lo 
dWgrjLCcful tu a man of «cieucc. 

tt n with rcUictaacc thit I tuic been isdueed to Uunch out 
imo theoiy; i^mtttf r to my oHsinjd ioMoitou, 1 hare iuentibly 
bctQdnwQ Jnioit. If my opwb^iiareoppoted ui facta, IbIuU 
be MOit happy to caiKel them and to acknowtvdgc my error- 1 
hAVQ no object in diU m^dtigiuioo hot tiuth, and If 1 hive not 
yet found her, the thnll be a wctcone gnett wheoceHUTer ihc 
miy«mt. JOHN WANT, 





A R^itf le s^mt Ohervaii^H' and Canchuhnt fii n ^pwrjuH 
ftubiUhfit in the ttctnd voiutne ef thr I^ffjU^'Chtnirgk^^ 

an vrtrioui' tirojfkal Fhi'tdr^andh tht Stmrn fi/lAt Blo^, 

tM thrir/fo'jaUfii'^itfuirtthtDui^andDtichfMf ofTcrAttm^ 


IwAt favoured > few wcelu ago^by Dr. Marcetflhc autbor, 
wiih i}ic above named paper. la U I huve iTtc ^niiifflciiriii to 
linil many E>rthc facts coofirmed, andiLonc coniradlci«<l« which 
I have published in the Phtloiophical Trantaetionn 1909 and 
ISIO, oo Expect'] nut c(I Matter anJ pLiruTcni I1uid4; **Mpt 
With rrgard t(j iIh' atk^lmc jmprcgajliont. Mi' expcrirncnU 
mEoTfiked mc Aat ^xpeccoraied maner* and pui cooiAin pucuh 
ctruiriJi^Kl br an bniAal lubitince, or by an acul dc»tructi1>lo 
by fire. I 1]k<i#i»c found, ai 1 protccuted My InqunJctt ihut 
there iti the aaroe I'rud of alLnliue ioiprc^iivliiju id the bJood, 
in the <Irop»y fluidt. in tbr fluid effused by vi^kaiitig vntb 
cantb3n(!c»> ia ihe Quid lecr^ud from the nose owtnj loa 
catarrh, and even in die urbc. And aa 1 did not Aud tba 
aoJa oUalt In a timilar 4tale. I condut^ed thai bhhctm tMa 
aU^li bail) probably, berri mUialca fi^i tlie putaAb. (Scv our 
pivcedins QumWra.) In ibt Ls^ntoiia paper. h'Twcrtr, which 
haa flccaaioncJ ibii reply, it t^ aut^ncd tb;vt the vXk^h in com* 
binoiioti with ibf- animal niaiicr lb ifac loda; but it U inlerred 
that poxuth is ^lau pmcnc. ncrt in the tiate I diicuvared it, but 
unh«T 10 miiriatjc ucid- 

It vqqM not be ttr;iiiag Tb« public justly, if 1 did tint aay 
that the paper he fare m« contsJna an inquiry conducted con- 
joimly by Dr. Marte: y\\v wriier, nnfl Dr, WoIlaiEnn; m Dr. 
Martet rrprebcnii, I ^Wrtvt very fairly, Co enliancc the credit of 
hit aracemcTtt. Contr<f«ring the power of iheae nlTied cppo- 
nentSt ihe odda art fdrful; but eonfiding rn the auitrance of 
lord BuoOf thai inducuon by «:xpcriineoi equofizea* ihr 

* KiHtn TifQ inT?iiundi 4fi«fit*A> »a t4t rtlae^ lit tten miUuin lag^nkOf urn 

iS2 On the Xaiufi cf the MaSnr JUatUr cmutaifdin 

tikum c^)- thie •uma^n* lo ihci srcna— «l tJic vront iaww. 
vi:li ftiKh Advtnarie* ii would be ^lorioiit evQti to &B in lb« 

ifini iji pn'k jntiiHr' 

To enable iht chccnical public Wjudgcn^lly of tlie diffifr- 
dtt cmdu*iuiLft, mLkji-c dccUrctJ, cuncrmiti^ like k>nd» aiid 
ilMnof tl)C AilaJicft c Kitting in (hf Aalmal iluiik,tlw fvidmcc 
o( the oppoiing panivi muM be heniU TheadTcne pony, 
however, havf aoc attempted 1o inr^idAte my eridenM, by 
tbowii)^ that ib« coQciuiiani kre ujsjustiGaUc, but hive merely 
cKhibiieil dieir own cxpeiioneati aniX cgnOu*JOfU< TLIh Eno4c 
of pir^ceduiT, I apprebend, u not accordiag tQ ihe lawn uf ajn^ 
trovcrsy, ^tid it ooiopclt roe u> nuie > UMcoK^t ur m Icani 
^oDie of the moit decUite c&|>criuwnl« lur my <.i»idu»LOi>», 
prcviouaJy lo ibc cuuniQUioD d Uic cuiilrjvenjnf; evidcucr. 

1< ^1 ^raiua uf n«iecatcd ^puuim. u(i incuimticfn and tu- 
kioa, ftiToidvd 45 grajnt uf tddioe BubqLmcet conM&tiag <jl Ji 
g;niiD*«rculMcal(:f>stalBof murkte oTKMb^OTid ifae rut wen 
fepiculiarand uncryhiAU^zcJ blIi amouacing to ten jniaa* lliaic 
tea ^nina were Kcpftraied for dUuncI e^LamiaatJoa. They 
minifefttcdihcpropertleii^^ alkaline lUQUGf. (>n adding liquid 
unaricacid to thin uIIuLinc mftCteralw liquiticd, an eflervc- 
xncc cnniiMl. vitb a preeipitatr of iiUper'Uririu of pouahonly^ 
"rvr/am/rf^ yiri/rir^ no tcda*taflrUf aj^ fivrath," Wnh niirri- 
munatcaf plutma^njnortwoof thiNHAliae mancr produced 
a rrddt Jt precjphjite- Noir tf muriatfr of potuh, and cjrboaacc 
or tvih-rurb-'inate of Hdda bad exiatcd, the rcHLiIt must have 
brrn «odji'Iariri(c of potash and moriAte of locia; or tartrite 
of poiuh und mtiriati? '^f todJu Tliit UucrTrtuk Unot»o pre- 
bablr aiH iht f&rmf r, on ACtownt of (he vrry Urj^ proportioa of 
ntkdli lo any othrr possible nil. The qgaotitae«t too* wttt 
obviously ^li^cicnt for produeiTig fompouod sail drterminaUe 
by the eye tinaiBiixrd wiih gtasm, 

lU By digcating^SocigraJntof deuceatcd ipumm in fbtir 
pinuof alcaholor tpimofwmt, ihe clear uncrurc decanted 
irrun ofl* the nntliMolvcd ntAiter aflbrrled on dJ«ttilation 140 

^ramH of rvain^like >uti>uiic«i which maoiUMEd no slkulinc 

A punian ol liiJt rcftjii-likc tiuUtAncc Tnrrng mixed v/Uh 
liquid TurcitrK acid wm Bubj«cuxl lo d><<iLLLiion^ but ficUhcr 
mumttc nor anr othf!r acid tvas diMiig;k>p:d- Thiilcimceuc 
kIioWk thai no muriaic oi paiash vKiflMiJ. 

Tarenty-fivc gnitis of this matitr rttre ocicd ufwn bv auc- 
ctuivc n^LiiicnB 9f nitric irid; jnd ud bo^iagta dr^ntaii and 
ilHiudoa » ttic dcAasraiionivhich lou^ pljicv pTodurcrl u [^h-Lircool' 
Ltlce R)^ii4 coaminini; pouih. Heii(« the aUjli hod tjucn unjied 
ID «omrihlnj{ dctiructiUc hy hrt. 

Acco>rdin|{ to compuuicioo, die 140 gmiai of re^ia^like mat- 
ur contained 2« graiT)« or poiaith uoHcd to mavtrr <l4r«rruciibl? 
by Jirc.and iSgmiu* of muriate of aoda,iivt^aa inapporr cubic 
i|uaii(ity uJ aiBmooiu and phosphoric jk id bwdea thr aninuit 
atpticr. The mAtttr undinKiIvtU l»yalcuhot> in this proccM, 
affardcd by iaciiuraiioii and fiuioii a matt cunaiaiing of 93 
t;;rciin4 of muriate ut aoda with u vtry imaU proportion of pot- 
Aah mixed widi 3J grains 0/ phu«phaic oJ time, traces of maf{- 
ncua, iroQ, and a sutphaWi ulao a minute portion of aticrly 
lodiaiolubtc vitrihcd matter* If pdia^h h^d cxinced in union 
vitth muruiitc acid, u mu«£ have Api>carcil mthcfiuicd musi 
Left tmfiHDlved aTnrr <Ji^cMion in akohot: but putashdid ap* 
pear in a naked aiatc after ignition HTui fusiun of ihr matter 
dtfsolved in nkohol. 

III. By<ligeitwgiOOC)gr«inaof aprnum intwopiniaof rcc- 
tliicrL upmt of U'ine, lUt: lamc rcMihi were ^ibulned. cUcptiof; 
that the rnin-hke lEiaEt^r (A^m-ujicd ;^ much Ear^r proportion 
of mtwintc of 90(lu and animal matter. 

IV.TwrM^ nunccsof r^pyftpuiiim hydijirL-aiion m ten pintvor 
diiti11(d acrltc 9ci<L afforded, hy evaporaiton of thf clear l^uid 
M'pnraicH from the coaj^Uted matrer, a nofi caitncr. Thin ex- 
tract deltqiif vccd, (KiirtijdJIy, oo exposure for a few dHy« to tbr 
air} but It m4&ifost«d no propcrtieaof alkali- Uy cuiccatiuo, 
i^hion, amJ fiiaion of a little ol Mi deltqucsccd matter, it 
aflbrded an ftqncouA loltition which precipitated ahandanfljr 
Bupcr^iurtiite of pou^h on adding larmric actd; and a reddish 
pncipitdTt^ foU OQ the ad<lition of phiina toluiion. AltnoAi ihv 
wlvul«ottht5cxtraul>ctngcXMceHied w» digeixcd larcrti&td 

Vol. ir 3 I 

434 0W (^ yainrt if the AUdhtf JUrArr CfaUttnuJ in 

»^rYAr*s wlucb bcctm* bqmid ti)r ^4 boor* ck|hmuw to the 
lir. li w%^ fllsimii «4ilirv^' vonat* oJ pun>h. 1 IkIivv* actute 
of ioda Di^iiher diiAolt'ea in ftkcjiul Mor d*li<|ii«««c^ but, imIc- 
p«DiWtti)y "f lKc«tf propeni««i Um tikah BUMctl «»• proveti ut 
be pomh* 

I •kill aH QO fi^HT cTid«fMe fruaa k great nao whicb re* 
naina in ■•> [lUblitlkcJ popery U 1 w<rv ut loUow ibc cx.>tn* 
^ of BV ■dvvnorics ' tWiukl ako not iroublc ni> icit to 
f nankc ibcit tvidcscr; bui «i ibc qm^uoo caniiot br decided 
«riih<iu( mch an Tx^mtnauoD, 1 bc^; ptruiHion W pciluim 

f It ihr tm prlncnt P*B^ ^^ tvpenivkniCi on thSi fli^fcf by 
Dr. Martetp I can o«Jy pfrc«in ihn ih«r« t«<viiknc< fbr rbv 
^suuoee of an aUa]a>e t^ibctflKinaic; ycT I4 iiftttd« "SMi 
IMT be vnimcil frOn ll)c dTcrTeMcbCc wnb acidt.** Th« 
■ftftllDC matUr wan Ifrstni vUh ulcr4i^1; and thut U irai )cpa- 

rtitil from ilic muriait. Th« a1coli>:ilic irftitiqn bcfng <Tct»ntol 

and cvuporatcd to drvn»i. j irudpc luppoatd io cooiral vf 
acetate <if v^Ja •« obtained, wbkh wr>ghcd btiwccn IT and 
16 per ceni. ol ihc kieui," Ok> muriate of plai'mo produced do 

1 renuuk, ifant ihi: fir^t re>ul( oah' ihrniB tbv pT««eacc ^f 
charcoal acid. 2, The acriaic of «>da tt tioEnlbvlieTe, difatrfi*- 
blr in akufiul. but k ii udl Lriuur (ha( actlatv uJ potaah b ao. 
UottcriTi if there be thr authorlif ut' cifwrinviM for lln dn- 
■oliabiUty oFareUiteof aoda in ihiimeotruum, adD th«-cxpeH< 
ovM ift c^uivDCnL It wn* f«iiy fof ibe adrtrar partv to ha** 
dtdded ihii i]utAtioii by the teat of lartark atrd, provided 
there u^as an adt^uatc q«amliy of inaiirr lor ibe Cr^al- 

3. 1 rcms'k, ifi:ii ihcrr hcin^ nn pret^italloa with the pla- 
tina nolittinn icrciM to tnt io prore nothlaifi nt the vhoTc 
qudfiliiyof matitr trraied could not Tvaaonahly honuppoEitd 
ta aiii:7t)nt lo more than n rniall fraciioo of a grain; trin nmalT 
for the dnttriion of pnta^h bv meant of the p4idna aolut^, 
<>r«vtD probably by ihr more icniiblc te« tarraric acid, wbkh 
wasnoiuicd. Yet the int^ciaun irriter has not only tiuerled 

•oila Bmon^ the iinprcgoAtiBg in^rvdirnU of tfa« fiu'id undir 
«K4niination, but ^l»o bo^dy dmrxpcl th« proponioa lo ;bc 
ccau»'imal p^ri at a gnjD< I ihLill In oDOthrr pui of itilt c*Ha- 
municatioci. i brltrt-F. denioftiiinut thai ihii annlpia dot«oot 
wifTvoi the KQiucncnt of the oompn^man i>( iliii Hfopiicnl fluid 
given m fctich prpciie icrmi: for, on (he ^nuntt of cokciu 
onAioicy, I CBunoi doubt thju na« nr more ht^erti^ciu V< prc- 
•rm, bu« Mil iDqutrcd f<&r bjr cx^u^riniciit, aor vMrncniMi- 
Hf-fkCTt no4 0nVf m thv 4fkal>'^» flbj«tiorablr wtlli tvipect to 
Uw iof^rrdimDi iNit th« profX>nion*- It ii inic, ia a mubriyDf^liC 
peirt of iht nrcMigxioD ihr drBricncy trnns m hav< W«ii 
(H^rccivcd Knd aickBowlrdi;^^!; bai rf mx, k triU lu^t be an cai^ 
tisk tojiuci^ibf |>;>bl«raiiOA of pcrhapi An lEUCi^umir Jin»lytt- 
cal ttaftmcni, in oppcuiuon to my cxprvinenc* whJch hiivr 
IM< been rcf«i«d. 

A £m« gt«lMt of the ulinc matter of thU Aoid eoonitcd of 
cubic <Ty««ftU mticd wtih »ptcu1ar jmii upile ^ohulr*. Tbe 
Aifcition i>i KTcral limes mudu, iHai the spicubr ciyiiilt vod 
op*i(« ^lobulci vcrc cnrboAATc of sod»^^t)ui moit of ihr^ cubw 
wcrr morUcv of lodft; bill 4oroc of ihr unnlkr ooc* vrcro fbusd 
to be Buriatv of poiA*h. The prDo£i fur th« vvcition arv from 
the two re*iisoii« I cinj^loj-rd in tlic »amr inquiryt nn«riy, 
■vtahc «id and platioj solution Cor llttf pouiihi »nd ** die carbo* 
n:kte of loda wu iodruuBrd, oot ooly by tati indjcattvc of tbt 
jLlnmcc of jhfiHhb, buL ikUt> by tti fioroik^ HttjmUnLiHt tnitcad 
of pHsHHtJC cr^^ilAlt, rtheo (Rated taitli niEriL ikid* ' 

Now, I ;ipprvhcuil u(»r jud^iGi will deem thu cvidioce uu- 
h!4tihf;icloryi .md ihj4l muth more UccUive (jfuofi wdl be tkM- 
«4P*bly eipecud, I beg prrisiwion tv a*JL, whcllicr or out thp 
laborious eMpcrimcinc upon n litrg? tuJv, whkh 1 infiiiunvd« 
to exhibit cnidcocc of die cxclntivc ekkirtKie of the potaiH 
oiLall, arc to bo disproved by the ThomboUljd 4gurt of iho 
cryittoU, lopUct of pm^lali^ been perhaps ooly by a nu^Jfy- 
ing glaaa in dke quantity ut • ^uia nr two dj^pcncd over % 
Gontpmiivdy oiumiiF lurfacfj jicd vhctbcror not the oh' 
UQCC of pi>ia>h. indicated by tnu opvnitng upui ioiaut« 
quaniitic&T is uncc^uirocal evidence, and ouflit to counierpoiic 

436 ^ 'Ar Aufurr ^Mtf AlkaUmf Jl^ottrr c^tUMtiftfim 

rRprrivcnit, wiib ifuantittn iftsnllMQ prodoeii, of which a^ 
iloubC mi hr cnfrrTainrc). I do oni qurMimi the Mfcuntq-^bot 
I hopr ii t« proprr tA t*k'- % furthrr olijrctioa a^nM ihv cnm* 
pf1«tKr<kf tlK rKprrtmciM ftv<rtH> fOTthc ptnclMC of VKlft 
Eud >IhciKC oI potath. C>n thr nnu rnprntajat pnntt whkh 
gccufTrdindir m<tQ^. thr kiadof ilk^i cxiatbginihc flui<U, 
1 do coimU^ thai i^orcrxperiavmu, aAdp«fiiculMlrd«nriled, 
lat iMceviar^ to rBcri Lh« riji-frroof ofikbiii I haie puhliihcd, 
aaci U> oostmiml k^ifnu Otnt hocLi ml no< |>otMh U prr««ot. 
lkil>JtiU»etnft'toAflirm,cli«t«oH4 itW]fidcatifirU,btfc»Qtc the 
tc*ct did fiM indicMf ptMuh? It it (|uttc Miperiuom for ia« to 
maty loaucfe teamed ;idtTT9«nct h 1 hive ibc honor oliddv^*- 
VlBgt due an r^pcrimrnt mi^t tuvv b««a iont'ttuitid to have 
lfti|d«d miquBfttkmdbl^ proof of the riHlvoce of toda< Such 
> proof would Ik ih( compowiioo of a biMt* suit poiictting 
ih^ known popcrti<» of a compound of lodi and iIk' «:id 

M'jih retpect |o fnuriBtc of pottth, th>l thk n ptesem^ » 
■apporlnl oiil> L^ the obtemiiOD of traalkr cvUc <rptab 
amonif fdiEec onc«i olhrrvrm \\ in a mtrc awartiuo* 

My U»t ar^tunmi ii of i <fUfrivnt kind liroin thoB« abovv 
staled. If ciidjoDaie of soda in a lar^, and muriate of pnt>»1i 
in nvokaU praportiott be present, on the addition tit' (wunc 
nad. it i* obvioua thai it in iic»rtcty poMrtjlr to afxiid com- 
poondisf •ads-tartritcolpntiith.Midcrrcninly miirata ot loda* 
iriheknrat'd opponents had produced these compoaillont* 1 
mini bave oonctdrd, ai Jmt, that c&riKmau of &01I1 rxiaMdi 
but aiill ii would vtquire other cxpcntnemftio detensja* tbe 
KSic of the pocMh. 

111. QT fAf Ihu<h e/ jUdit*, Uydfotk^ax^ and Jlt^dr^fa 


A aftlbic msMt anftrnmitng to 4'H gTaioia «btaintd b^' ihe pro- 
partly onohtdral , mt^rspersMl wkh oihen of «lvnThe*ynr radi* 
•tirii^apfi'.jirfrncr, Thr kathery tthne nwflercffervoKtil lirsikly 
i*iib ac]r3i, nnd vitTSed 00 perntjifitnc pfedpitfttc, cithtr irith 
laruric ocul or wilh oxymimftte of plEttin^. The cubic crysoli 



Dr9^te^ rh{iJa,anitl^e Serum of thfHIt9<i- 437 
end DciohnJfiil yi<Ul«l prvc'rprUicf with cii^r of tkc tvo 

1 du not uNkUfVc iftiM ihc»e olMcrratlon* authorise the 
wJvcrBc p*ny to «/att9VtaK my cxpcHounti vid <otfi<ltui(MM. 
1 knuw frum cx|Ki]?acc. thai it u probjiblG the feathery aya- 
ul^rvruof puuaki would elude dctcctioD, 4jq Ai^couiK oI ihv 
minuR quaDlity^ ihctc wii« luiwci'cf i ^tcpcspiidic, bui uo« pcr- 
B M MW H . l^be qu<uioD ij;uiiriUy Nria««, Whu wu (iiat nan* 
perfVMicnt prvcipitJiu^ I hive no doubt the quwuty va» ino 
»maLl to Gimble die quviticn to b« AL^swcnd evco b}- the hand* 
tJbat pcrfwmcd the txprrlm^Dt. 

Bui ih« ^obit And ottghcdnl c>yit&b yMded pRci^ttfM 
wLihciihtT of thff i»o icau ; aiul hcucc potMh uinlcrrtdlocx* 
iht uun«0 w oDunatic acid. 1 itgftia loukl apprd to ditrmici! 
ju^jfnt Lu drlcrmtov h hither uruuL Ihc cunclunon » mirmna- 
atilct /or, I. Hrrr tiQo prouf tit^ tnaibtc uf poiuii. 1> li ii not 
e%-tti tertAinihii ihr pr*tipit*U w» aupcr-tanritr ui poijuh. 
3. rTrwiiing ihiu aij[jtE''Earirjtc uf porutJ' wm produced, it r^ 
auuDft to Ik pfuv«il in HUat tlNlc tliw ulkdJi aubai>itctL 

The Ejiliuc mixtct js^xfcvtcd fmn thi> fluid did not. vith the 
plotina totuiioM, ■'pirodfloe ■ pre«U|iitMe luffickntl}' diiiiiaei to 
br coiicluMve u to the prr«rnc« of poiiuhf but, by mcanftflf 
tartiric acid. % dinimct thou^ Mit abuadant prvcipittle waa 
producnL" FuTthfrtWlihtticrtcacvd ihift sa]in« maucryiddrd 
<rjvtaUtifa"rhoiBboidalibnn." Again: ihismattcr diMolvrd 
m acetic acid, bvmg evaporvwd id drjittAa, wm crcoteil vii^ 
alcohnl and again cvjiporucd: '*the midur, co<i«nry it> my 
<^Tpcctailon, eiMbitrd crura of potath; hut the ft»n( rrfti<fu«, 
vith niiHc acid, yielded diomboidal, and no pmmallc cryvuda 
tt<TC accni** *hibt " potAxh wa« eaaily djtooverabU in the mi* 
dur, which had now lott iti d«H(ji>rtMin quiliiv." I vilH 10 
avoid rvpctitioD of objection! alrr^dyoflrr^d.alihoiighthfy are 
applicablr in cfaia plnre^ and vi!! only remark: t. Tfau I cannot 
mlmiiihi^ fii^rrof mch minutf ctyviaU^.-kia dcrim-e property; 
hut thf kind of nirratt compounded might hire btrii aiccT^ 
inincd by the ijt%\ of tutatk acid< ^< Ihe cltiwhjlinu of Uir 

438 <M tJu }k'aiarr ^%kr A^^iu Matter r^tfiamtd rn 

Ibe paprr liclbrc ma toid ii \a» ptttdtutd affairtin cmlmmM- 
«kCDi* E*«a M prfffomifd it b prctiT ^WtrrMlnMC, witl migbl 
bftve IkKMnc 4n ^xfi^im^nnm rtu^it hf ptrwccgrin^ il • Ritle 
iuflkrt' Wc1nio«r thocacnHtrof paiafrKisdinol^blc ifinkobo^ 
•nd thrr« i« mo proof thjt hod« ttnitHl lo ftcdit >ci<J is pitvmi^ 
even iltuth m conpoanii be dktdiable in alcohol* li hai been 
ihcMgltt Tight. bow»^fr, CO ttVUBie Ui bypncbni^ aw n»orr 
truly t«o h^pothetct, >■> >crouM iot ihe pMub io ihc iH«a- 
tmu«n of alcohol; vU. — To imag^ (hu otiiriMc of fH*«4*h 
b|Bn«eai. % That U i» dinolufalc in aJcabnl. If pncj«h wm 
pweoi vn th« ntdiMOkibW midu«, it nit oaiMt imporuniit to 
bftTv emhilikcd the »id(c iu «hich it «iiMed. It wattKitdificuli 
lo determine, if douU«d. lUt Maicof ihe poijih in lJek- sloohoj, 
bj buning iht residue Ufi on fvaporatron. vhkh woukl have 
dMurfed ft if united to the acetic aud, botoot if i»itc<l to die 
Muriittic acid. Suppowng ie be ju'tf^cd ri^it to iccnvc ihev« 
cvpcTiBient* u evidcace of the ^#et* ancrtcO bi ibc idverw 
pvt^, [ beg to <laini iIk ri^i alvu qT t^po«iog the coMruf enm^ 
eridfK* abcve delivered, is ttjtiiug the iT«iiJuof »riKiljir«x- 

FniB dm reprtvttiUEJon, 1 submit lo wm judge*, whether 
or nut 1 Am entitled co cbjcct to the cvumentioti otf enbearbi^ 
nftic tkfftodaaioneor th« ivnpregiuikk^lngredinUiorMrmini 
ami n^ecii^Lljr to the pmportion denoted in omtcttiflid parts of 
» gnuu* in a maaa amounting to vcvcn or eifl^l fr*^^ caruiat'- 
bigoi KVcndtfTcreniiubiitancfL Haiinf^cAniiMimleiLTcd merely 
ihu inlormptian of the ncnsci* throuj^jh ihr ir^termccLivib of 
eixprrimmu, the chemicd world will ilrifnatne whether or 
not the op|M>«iDj; pitrty h*rr rirmrinttr^iFd rn-iin in ntiiu-rra* 
lion oe mcf^itiaDAir coocluiinn^' I am of opioien. that th« beet 
fboaded ciaoHu»ioci9 ore but proeiiionalt and nf course, that 
che«isiTy haanoi yetaitaLncfl tlif rtiik ofa at leME 
not of A d«faonitr;Liivc tCLcnrr. Tiut opinioa jiecana Jtitt, from 

mcunc f tiiificiiur pft iMtatitk* crei^ictinFriia iiV<iie« vispimviE'i uliiivfi- 
tiA Jf «T|}«tinKiitL' t*nium, tapBrtmciitum dm nmunjei reiptl Ja4kal^- 
auQn'« 'V.«m C^junni 


itarifiut D^^kot Fhiidt^ imf th^ Strum 9j iht BU^it. i39 

■ ntnifpectiT* vttir of the v>niiif[ «uiuii ^ ch«mi>rry during 
the |>slli«ndrcdx'tftn. Matty oi ihc throrirtof the iIIomr^iu 
StthX wtrv ht h^f > cfnt^irr *dinMCfd n fknxiauraioat of 
ihe a4(«»ty of phlog^UtoM. That thc-i« doctriDct wn« crrottMu^ 
VM cvincrd by Uk vucrcvdio^ dUcnftrty of the agency of 
os>^n, c»fvcialt>' ButaifcMcU bf ib« ci«t to b« lamcptod Li^ 
voi»icr- Ami tiie pbcumuliE doctrine lo (omc potti b«« Uiclf 
been rrntUrtd dnubiful, if not e^lc<ledi hjT the vondroui 
a«ht«i«mvDCft of pmra^wr T^wf, ComiKn\ihtkift d^ p«io«pcc« 
9i the p«ogro«iou of thn branch of nAUtml kaovk^Igc, I oA«r 
(be coETchuioD, that po:a*h, and not tod*, it liie ilkali wthnd 
to animhl matter ia the fluid* I csumiDcd, menlf m pro- 
vkionBl. Thai poEAsh doct alio enitt in thcK flukl*, vnited 
bo m^triacic acid^ ii not mconsiitcot witb ray trpcrimetf*; but 
the cxpcriroeoifc of my learned friend* do not app<*ar to auihor* 
*ze kuch Ml iufrrmce. The -Ii»cr*vf ry, howrvr r, w'iW ht panly 
due to thei» if hcr«afier the fact he autnntntUiccL 

I curmoi c1oi« ihiv commtinic-atbri i^ntll I ihaTI have vnUl a 
few wordiccpoc^rfimgthrKighinromiiimfcnnmkroiinpicrhfm- 
istry* actonlpNiMcd by tVie bitter pbiHppk agninst " the dtaitiAt, 
lorgr. BuUiFrrantouft laibomtory.'* CbcmttCf) nauMnow.^c are 
loW. be muierred to ** tibr oo(i>fvfi»l>l< fire-tide of Uu- drjw* 
iof^roopit'' from Vulcui^ foul itiih^lo any bdiScbaiDbcr. 
Tliia«rfi;^l rhuige iaio gin "aev impdlao to dirwlvznce- 
lacnt of ibctdecce, md new achooU atvio rne uader new 
anupirev." MoiC bappy afaail I be to find thcae E^topiaa proa* 
p«ci» real JHeii^ It aeecnii however, niorr ihaai pmbablet iImI 
lh« aocccs^iul tmpuhra abrvdy j^wn b\ Ibr achbolvof ^pay 
vrry^taatsvd and approved ^ood nwiterv," CuUcq, Ulaeli, and 
Fordyor^ v\\[ ntaia the culli%-aCotn in the palSt nuw oprocd. 
And with fTf^ord lu ifae scene [or opmiiona, the privilege of 
lone will b« nacTted: far thK indeed b not dHputablc either 
ja chemHiry or il^Hhrrv. E^hrrN uurc vaaoppoaito to that 
of the tii]i^iou» new Advocaira: ** Nrc (|ijicquam pnc carkml- 
biiatVmrniaifn|igiar,fo11jbu«, et furaia ralcra poceaL'*^J^i> 
SuBttr, Pr^fi The lord btjhchofttf liar of EnpiUiiJ ti'-k long 
ago declared in ootm, thM he wonld not py u-v/^raif for the 
rftptonui nocca of Mara or Catalan!* Thi* alio was a raitttr 
ttf taatc, and no one ditp^tcd: it wib oady observed bv n br^ 

nijoritr. tbat hb lordiSTp hmd "nomuiic in hn Mid, «sd «dtt 
pof <harnm] Sy omcord of vmet uHciodt-*^— No mmv. 

Th< vftliv <i1 a irec b bat knm d by if* (ruitv snd »f civd* 
Ingly 10 inTonn (he Jwl^nKSt of thr public h^ fitMciicat rxuo* 
plcit and » Kitnc muTTt Inr <Sr cuiii^r li-ith irhkh mr papfti 
have bcett hotKirrd, I «hall, «rti>i your prrmiMtoA. ciTcr for 
jnour n«mi nunibcT a fr« mbarka on ilw publicaticHi b 
gi-ncr*f whirh ht^ producrd ihh conmvnkai loo ; m whtth, 
wfuErvcr difTi^ring optniooi mty subsisu 1 aunrvdly mti^t 
«dnitr* the bgcouity, and rrvpcci the lEnowkd^i of the htm- 
PrJcMt uiU£oiu>t«' 

G. P, 


Jilji^/uientt dn Mftrintic Acid Gau By J. MomAT, Z.^V' 
ftircr en Chctni^trt/t E£tiMtrgh* 

TO Ma. NlCltni.M>S 

THE HiRtc nf my hcAlih hAt nnt aUowcd mc 10 r>md y«i a& 
lariJrr Account rif the /urthvr rxptrriiocnU ob tbr oaliirr of 
muKji^c And nxtmiinwiic acidi, vhkh 1 vmoniiccd m m\ last 
conunuitkili'^n. 1 uow b^g leave to aubmiillivni ii> the jlUcu* 
tion of T'our rcadnTt- 

I havf obi^idy oWrvcrd (Jouriial,To1. xzvni, p. 139.) ihat 
llicrc are two modci of invcitigaiioa, hy fthiLli tbc ^u««U(Mi ■< 
prtwtit utidor ir[)LCuuion with rr^ard lu dnr atfur« of the nhft* 
tiOQ between Tnoriitic a»d (iximuriAUc acidi nuf Iw dctanpto- 
<d> fittfavr itBiJiy bv sbo«Q,tfaai oiiiinuTuukacid duvcordoca 
not conUin oxI^q^ or U may be proved, dial muiiaiic km! gaa 
does or doct not coDuin water. 

If it be pTovrd, that oiimuriatie acid conutn* oiij^a, ibfn 
U muat be reganicd a« a conxpoimd nf ihai clrmciii wiili nauri' 
adc uld, VOd the dUcUMirm i» al rmtc [crmirmtcd- 

Thz oU»r mode, thotigH U^ta dirrd, tt eqiml^ condualvt- 
Id the cxperimifat of d>c omiimtHCtkmof oilaiufbuicgvaQd 



Sicperimrrtit tn A^irieW A^J Gtu. 





liidrogni sv, (BuriMic Bod ^m <• the lolt prodtid- Mr. Davv 
rrt-aMi it OS ■ cooipound forniEii by their luuooi aod, if <l cui 
br iihovti Bo bv ihv real flciJ ffcc froiil VAlfv. or any Mhct 
pomd^Tablc »aiLtr,itii« » (be tonclutu^iu which appeftn aticca- 
urilf to foUuW' but, if nuriftlLc uul i^ comnJn wAirr. iht*. 
coodusloD U ia&dmiBubUt tite origin iff Ihiii wftlErimiitb' 
■cootfOBcd fon "ii*^ ^*3re u iuioth«r mudr >if d<iif»g thii^bni 
by the ntabtiihed tbcun. thai oxirnurijtic Mid Ji i corapountj 
of onurtBUGMLJ and oxt^n; aittd that, in ili Mtkui oo hldro^tjn 
gMi in oiigcn (wmbiiui with ihc hidrtj^rtih fbrmiii^ w^tcr, 
which the nuf-utk mcid. it> other vkai«ni. hoU* combjimd 
«iih Lt m the j^eou» fotin' The proof ihtrefoiT of tlir rxia* 
icncc of water id oaunjAiU AcJd gu » actiiuluiireftfoof ofthc 
truth oi ih^t thruTt', and eu the i«iuc liroe j dcmoaBlrMlan of 
ihc fftUjlr uf the u|f|JVHitc h\ putJicfei», Mv foTfi»r cif>rnAcBt> 
irerc dor^ieci tu ({ma pr<Kir of the ctiitrncc of Lkiigf a in uki" 
CBiirtfllJG actd: thotc which I hkvc nrikv ii>«t*tc were LiAderUik*ia 
with the »'ieir of obuitiing crid^rncc of iht ctiMence of wmv 
IB murimie ftcid gu- 

Ttie dilticulty i* lo Oitd <o Uib «duJc of invctugaiJoQ an 
expcrimcui, «bich ihiJL b« con^lixvive. Such U ihr rucility 
viih vhich boch h>poUm»nu> bv adjipivd Lothc pbcnonivn^t 
thga tbcrv ii K^rocly i cam of chenic^Lt iction exerted cither 
bf muriauc or oxunuriMic acidt ia nhKh ad cxfdxnAtioo tnty 
not be girtD in cgoforaiilj to the one u wcU u to iWoihcr. 
Aud although the expUnauou ul&>i«ieU by the comcnoji ty&teot 
^tloi^4i^^A>plicated (hau thcAe of the uth«r, dfid kTc mof* 
*""^"'' ~^" lo M»kjg> from wniUi earn uf chnnic^i «ctun 
excrMd hjr other acid*, yet >t>U, ■■ate x pautblc cKpbiu-- 
tJon ntv>' be yivcQ bf the J«lter, the <|iKtl)iAt reiuiiua lo ftf 

T\tn obtcrvutioQ apftice M tb« «xpertawiittt fron which it 
wia infcrml, that water warn to miuiatic acid £mi though U 
knt ticiv they b(i|wu to prove it, the pioof oiuMbe adjuiiicd 
l» b* doubiJul, as they adtDt£ of cipluutMD ou the oppuvite 
opioHMfe Thva ihic pnoi ttam the agency of water ia bcdttft- 
tiag ibc c^™^*^ <>f murtatic acid ga» Fron dry nuiHue* tt 
Bdnbrsuou*, B» tb* water nay be au^vpcucd to oporato dihcv 

ofibrdiDg hidrogea to Svrm it- 

Voi, n. 



Ex^bnenUtn ^uria^ic AnJGat* 

Tbp fvoductran of hidrog>ni, wIvd nwtab are acted <hi fay 
MUriMk kkI gu, U ■ proof of ngiiai ■■fciyutyi •ince tt n^^ 
b« ftup^wd li> bv dcrivccl ciUwr irom tfap «kc«iBpa««Ui>Q of 
ihc 3«iiJ. ur «l Wlct 4uttia|| in il- Ivt'Pii affiar*«lly tW OMMt 
eQ«Ktu««vv of all ilttnc Cmu, — dit pr-jdudtm of water, »1icn 
OMriMic arid g-j* ik acted on b>' »iitnaiicvt with which aciib in 
(Mvfal GO«ibiaii a« fcir «ampk Ac aieialLic oiidcs, aJnutt of 
Qua tkwbk taplvaimi- Tht acid ii atw»bed| ad <l mi^t be 
iaditrtil, th«i It oombiiKi with the ■wlallic oiide. while i}w 
waur whkb ifipcon f dcrpo&iicii fro» the fat^io vhkl) il 
had ptwioual^ txiaud is a uatc -^f LumUnaiMD* fiiu thit loii- 
dviiop, ibou^ coofixmabfe lo ihc ion aaacaiaiTg and >crict 
aoalo^i il avtkidcd om the oppoaitv h^pothciia of muriJtic acid 
gai hriag a oompouadof oaimitriatic abd and hidro^cn. by 
th« «up|iu4lmi, EinL the jcid ii d«cunipuMd, ttaat m hidra^as 
<oai4ii>k«v wttb the oatgen of the nwtilbc oauJa. and fonoi 
thit *^*r, wWk the ndal its«lf conbisca widi i1m viiniuna* 
tiv acid- 

II we can pracxitr bov«*«t a ■qtHtancv »cit o^abrd. and 
jKt tm^Mv of cnnbininfr with inurinEic ouA. ihja aonrec of 
itaiu^uixy U avn«dc-d, and ih« eiiporimriic ntty bu rctidvrod 
oooeMvt* Ttirrc itonly one »u<h<Lijb«tancc->a(nmoni«. No 
•xi^rti can hr drtccttd in itfi conpot^Don, and Mr- Uivy him- 
%t\i admitn that it cofnhinri dfrrctty wHh muriatic acidi sod 
dova not decomftoic ii* It caanot ihenrferc cauif nxy forma- 
tion oT ymfT' Ni'hhcr «-an h he aapftncd^lo idovd «at«n for, 
wben drWd b)- exposarf to %nhauait** h*vh|ff ft »irong oAnitjr 
lo w«tcr. It mainJt na tetn'ihkf. porttoo; nnr U any di«cavcr«<l 
*tD (lavr fii«trd in ir, whrn tt U Afttimpet^ixU It* ccittbinoiiofl 
ivlch mi^inrie acid ga« >• diu% ralciihttrd* I conceive, to ol^ifd 
whnt I« ftfi drtinhV, yit dilSciill !■> attain in the ptcaeoi qttea< 
I, «! ^xjWf'-imrtinwrt ffiifM- If. on cowbJniAff drv amnKmin- 
d pts uith muripiEic add ^m^ no wai«r b obcnib«K ibe rewnk 
BO tar in conforwkity to Mr. iHvr'f- theory ; and it mny be 
I, thai %h& watn- oUaiord in other comfaaniiMiaa of 
ll>o«i the cooujiyi wairr K obiainadii M i t does not pre-«i.iai io 
ir anmooLMal gu, and ai iheto n no «ijcli otodt of attownt^ 
^-■Ingioriuproducnondu iathoae CttvawhcfeoaiscoiKprai^*^ 
the waur nuut be inicrrcd to ftavc eaisud in iha munatJc acid 



£jfpfrin^ii cda Murhlk Arid GmM^ 443 

ga*,'w6 xht miUi or Ihv cvmmciii Dpiajon U of courac CMafalivk* 
««]^ To McvTiJiin die liucthc foUowbgcxptrimcatt wvmniik* 
AmmoAiacal gu Wm dried carefully by cxpoiliiff U ovtrdr^ 
quictiilvw Pa the bcuoq of ^uicltlittc Murimjc acid gu 
rvfcire^J ovtr djy i}ui<k«iTvcr vrw combiAcJ wnh it, to ii«o*' 
tnlrxftiirm: or rrtbvr IcAVing a very iJiifbc cxcrib of alkcili, tV 
gokrd More c^KiuRlty agalott any cttcnorucid.wlii(li might 
cornmiunratc «o dw prodi^ri Mfttiglil drgttvor dcli^iM«cc«A< 
Thirty cvhtc tnch» of imiu»I)C ftcid fpu, and thirtr-tvo cobic 
LTiirhn ai jiRiRuinbcal Rai,wreeanpU>>'ed. The irhic* apongy 
•alt wa« collected frciiii tike iklet of the jar, Ir g«rc iodkatiooa 
of biunidity: f or, aUbciugh 1^ turfjkc of it appeared looae mkI 
tpongy,ac could not b* votirdy deuch^d fron the gtua, hot 
sdh^rrd ilighiiy M an in removing it hf a kntfe. k >fvt«l » 
litttr over ibe v^rlMt, aa asy itibtuncc vtry tligkily isoiai acd 
chnmy would do; and, iirh«& ppo^rd cofp^brf by a hnifr.via 
parts iulher«d ilightly. It <raa put imnaeidiGUrfy info a AmaH 
^aaa matt utiha Foai^ nefk. vMch u^sfonficcud wkhaamall 
rccoivier hating two EUbulaturea, into o«t of whirh ihe tube of 
ihc retort wiU) fined by grindin^i and into the oihtrr a long 
M*igtu tube of narrow dukmalari open at both ritrrmiilf^, . 
Mb ioatncd. The mioTt bcifli^ pttced in aud^ h«t uit ap* 
plied by a bnap^ l» a abort tkne a iliia fitm of moisture con* 
drvucd in the Dcck of tht retort, which rncreaacd snd collected 
imo anuH i^^bulta, which arcumulaied, taid trickled 6*>vnt 
the heat beinff applied gently, thu the aali iuelT migbt not be 
volaillbtcd, there wan no ««fuiihU aondentatlrtn o# humiiliir om 
ihr tide* oi the rvceiver^ or wn thi: tube Inacnrd into it- WIkq 
the funbcT cnaiicnnuaa of ino«uurr- appeared tn have ctMnl^ 
the lamp waa wrihdrAwn, the rviart waa rut^ and the toiikMl 
talt renovcdi a titiLc of h, whirh had been ToLaiiltzedi atid 
fbraaed a ihin film on the upper part of thr rtlOft, bcM^ ced* 
Ifcirdimd ftddtfd va the ochcr ponioiL 'llie »li htd L>u \% 
vreigbt 1>3 sn>^-a baa ebriaiuly to he ueribed id ihc etpul- 
aion of iraier, and tbc quanuiy condcndbcd tn ibt ne«k o# iba 
retenapfiewd kUlf vqwt eo ihii- Thit ia the aittatWc f^inbn 
too, ibM wia obnfakad in frequent repelitiona of th« experi- 
ment, and inuau of ihtac the <)uaat><y wai eqwJ ao 1-1 gr*|« 
dS ll lf l W u ^ptmdm g probably on the t«ttpvrafur« applied. 


MxpmMruu on iUGvfwtif ^fffJ Gm^ 

loo cultic ittckrs of fBuriatir 9nt\ ipt wci^tnt; JO i^jitiat* 30 
cnbir in<h<i wctijh lj.7 qr.t ukd ihit jiffcmlinK l-^of ivaUr 
gifT« ihr pfoporticMi ol |^ oi ki irci^c- 

It fOuU iHxbr prrMmcdbiiwEVcr.iW ID ihiscLpCTimfMA 
the ttholr «ncr 04 ibc coittpouad salt waa ditfiii^AC^cL. In 
nvry «B>ccifibeoomibinaiicttDf an ncirl wiih>n> ol 
ilw wattT of iIk Mjd Ptatn viik ii into the ctntibuncioo. M 
\r*st irhctt ihc praduci b > iolabb nlc^ ud uiH»eMii)reifc- 
iirrjy aliMrtCUd. There &• do rcflAoa lo lappcMCit that tJlii 
shiH*lJ Bol hs the CBtc in the cpMnbinaiioa Qf nmnKk acid and 
smvoTlit; and thprr muatbc rvvn a greater Uiliicuky in vxpd- 
Ikag thit watrr from iin smmoniacal lak by heat, ihn Itoem 
cLhrr aalUt On aecouni cif its Tnlaiility. Than iaaAoibcf diffi^ 
odtj- ifi ihc prcunt cw^n wc canmit iiiircidscaibr affioiiy of 
aoi^ 4)(Ai*r tubttaocc to the acid, which, dwabiojn^ with Ug 
might ullow a purtico of ihc imtar to ba <liuac«B|r<d> tar wa 
on tmpluy uv lubiunc* with tbit viaw* bai Oftc <«(iich is 
oiMlatrd, mk] hhieh wuvld diorci'cm tnLnKlucc a xn^tn* vt 
aaiU|pni>-taai« ^ighc bc|uppt>ired,on Mr. Ua*y^a bypoUi«Ma, 
tu/orm wairr by lU acliun vn die acid ilbril. 

Th« vo*t dircci mcihod of dbcovcnag any fotiher pottMS 
al water in the vaJti free from diii ainbaguity, ajipeared to be 
to expose U tv a rvd htM 'vo mixture wkdi chuvonl; for, 
altbough the whole quantity could not be eapecied lo be 
abitnttcd tvca by thit niodetyei a portion niigfai be tKpeUcd 
at lo high a fcmpcnturc, and tbecharcoal might alto by iia 
Urong aiiradions to Ihc rtcmcnuof waicr aliMrad a pOfftKuVt 
tthich lAould be indicated by the productioti of >u co;opoucida 
^th thcM clcmcnu- The (oOowicig ex|iVTL[ucni «ai MCoid* 

iBgJy made. 

CharoMl in powder wu vxpoud m a deav iron tube, ilw 
open exlROUty uf whicU tcrmmatcd in qvicfcailrer, to » bc«t 
fradaaalL)' retard lo a very high dc^ctt of latcnuiy^ and thxa 
vrj» kept up until dwr prodoction ot darik £u)d ct-Jtcd. The 
i^cbarcojit wa» ^luwrd to cooL in the iybc«f^ullfacadmi«iMa 
«t' ur, u]d, when neatiy cUdf the aittfemaifiin^ia <b« furnier 
^cxpenmeDl nv mixed with abauianaqual wciglit of il- T^ia 
tras put into a WcdgHood'* canhcDware tubci the tube waa 
ntvJy filltd wiih the uaxe chuxMl, and vu placed acroaaa 


Ej^heriment^ OH Mtrioik AcidGatm 


aanll lamac*, and auttnuadtd wuh Liuming <H»rcoa], to thai 
the antdille of II wu niu:<l lo i rnl hc^^r. A luiEcif&t hett 
WH» (hu» <o(nfnuMic4lpd (o <hr <LMnl «tkd of ihr cube to voU- 
tiiizc ilic uriiiDoniMal »li,ftnd tauie i< lo pa»« throUB;ti tUe 
i^iUtft cbarcoali to xht ollurr c Xtmnity a beul glait tube •vii» 
adapMd. tcmiiMtiDif uodirr an invrncd jar liUcd wutl mcrtmy 
ID Lh« EocTCUriAl iruuglu Elftiiic fluid bc^^i ti> come over; ilibt 
wat adompantoHl with » condeouiioii of tfvtr m Ihi: curved 
gUii tubr; the i^m il^ctf very aooii cam« f>\<r opaqtf*«aDd' 
lKimid]t> apprifcd on the «idr« of the jar, mid di4 luHaoe of 
the m^Tcvry within it. When two j«n, coniaining about 14 
OQlnc UKiM«, had liccn filled, *he gai «hich cam* or«r hjid 
btxoaiemnapairenii rmm I J to SOul^tc inchn were produced, 
Ponioiu of Lhi* «lMlJc fluid rtpxncd lo Jimcwakr couicd A 
milkn^i* in il, whh dimiocilion of v^liiinr^ ihc r»i<)ual |pu, 
afii^r ili^iit agiemnn with ivntrr, hnnu'd «Jih ihr fsinc yellow 
flamv of hidmArn, Antl. after iti comfauaiLan, rrntlcred limr- 
wairr Ui^hily miiky. The charcoal in ihf tube bein^ ji^iChtcd 
with waiJ^r^ ilic liquor liJirred frotn it v/^a lini|)idf tt h^id a 
urongsalitic UfltttUidon the additiotv of potAnh urHait cxha* 
led a strong amniDiitacal amvU* 

The raiionolr of thia cX|nnt»itnt Ls auflicientt^ obvjoii** 
From the icmpctsiure beieg much higher ihac ja the pre- 
ccdiog esperiflieiK, an addiiional quauiir of u-aier waa chjicU 
kdtVom ihe iniiTiniie,iuAe|ierat.ionhdng lifted by (h« mecha- 
Mol efTcci of the charcoal, whtch, while \i impntcd ibe 
tubUmattOn of the talt thmiif[h ihc wivitr lenp^h ^f <hi: lube, 
WDUiM allow the More highly fluiic wAci-ry vupnur u* pMf- 
At the tame time n ponton of thai wati:r aiiffererlJccompMi* 
lioo, pvoducin^* i>y cnmtiinatWn of itt riemi-mt wjlh the 
chtrceel, t*T^f>^ic acid, Hnd carborrttrd r>r f>xicaK>uTcUed 
hidrogcn ffHk The ()unnitiy of carbonic Acid wjb froitn I to 1.3 
tnbac inch, euicnaied from the dlmtnunon of rolume. 

In both iheie cxpcHmcnu Chen^ or rat^r m tbe^ two 
ita^es of the tame experiment, ihe preisefice of wMcr m the 
tomfkound formed by ihc uRien of aoMriaiic Add gaa with dry 
lunsHibiKal gn« ift dcaiOQMEratc^ . lu di«cni{4gvBtri)l froM Um 
Mh in the fint vage of the cxpcrimtDi w«t Dot in the Icaic 
aDi^ig;uouai arid ihe qiMMkip wni even rcoiiklenblc va rehtion 

fajvrrnrau An MuHatk Jfhi Cat. 
to ifaf quvrttiy of and |^ iiin|ilof^, ^^^"^ r^ual lo d noth <kl 

iavciitlu. And»M hu bcfB drt^jr ri(«arJ[cd»dbi>caaMMbc 
Hippo«c4l (a be ihe wfadr. HmI iktrn beat nocfMihlepmduc- 
ti«i of mucr, the prratnu of any iQ iIm gowt* fiunbincd 
coidri n»l hAve hern iofcrrrd; and k oould OOI iherrfV^ri: hmn 
been inferred with certiiiDiti't ibM Mljr CKWIm] i" ll^ fnorrcit 
nil, Rw KJatt vMcr w prodpced, ind i& isiMrBcc In tmr or 
boch of the ekncnu of the uh b thut dcaoMtnnvd, ii i« 
furih<r ccfiaiti, U~ wt <an n\y oo u^ coBC^uafna Jrom the 
tooM Mnct and cxicauvc ioikigy, tbai ikc whok qiantiijr 
Cdnld pot bv expelled by the brat epptied- 

lo ibo second ata^ of iba cjcperi ieB l, ibc dnen^^nbmi 
id » fwilier poftkio of wawr wm abuadaBdy evidcni, ihou^ 
frcim ih* ciuurc of the cxprriaamt| ii wai dificuli lo oaccTtMn 
i\t qusmtiijr witb (he auoc pradvion. Jud^n^from llie«ppcaib 
ance of the coodmed moivturr a* the curved glou tube, and 
!a the jin, ihr c^unntirr vu nenrlr eqvud to diac OMHklued lA 
the AntMiKt of the cipcnmcQti xml Co ilu> b lo he added cbe 
cjuaadty derompooed by the lulled chnruul, vhkh Jbtmed 
the e^rfxtnlc aeld aeid carbiiietted hldrofpnu Addiog theic, and 
t^in^ the 8vera|[e of ih« caprriaacfm, 1 would one bvaitaie >n 
ladmari^ it equal to the quaniriy, which appeared in the €rvl 
ato^ of [be cxpmmvnt. Thin, Kuppo«iii^ it lo Iw derived Fronn 
ihr moriaik ac^d pttt (uid,a» h^ia been ahnwn. thn can he iho 
^Y origtn aa^rgned to it,) ^ves 3.6 of water hi A) cubic 
inrhrv or 11.7 gn^inh a{ thv arid equal to { of iii wctghu The 
qrutotity of cwhunic acjd, (and thii could be ejoiroaud with 
aetuncyO ukiog it at ape cubic mch, connin* aa oaadi oKigcn 
aab cdBtalntdin -s gr. of waitr^uid thii af itadf added to the 
qiianriiy obtained in thf rirtttuifci? nf ihcrtpr-riBBcaiibbkettlu} 
mattr anumnt to } aearXj of the wetghi nf the «c~tdi n'lih the 
fldditifiQ tbcrelorf^ of the inoi«<urr viribljr cmdenacd In the 
lube and j»^, die qMntkf cannot be lewibubrtvrnia fomrtb 
and Mih of its weight. 

It may br rranariicd tooi, that tbnugh ibe qnaoilhy obtained 
in ihii Atagenf ihf exp