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Full text of "The journal and order book of Captain Robert Kirkwood of the Delaware regiment of the continental line .."

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no. 61 




3 1833 02254 3927 


The Journal and Order Book 


Captain Rober t Kirkwood 

of the 

Delaware Regiment of the ' 
Continental Line 


"A Journal of the Southern Campaign " 

^ "An Order Book of the Campaign in New Jersey, 1777" 

The brave, meritorious, unrewarded Kirkwood " 





19 lo 

Press of the Dklawarban 
Dover, Del. 



"Render, therefore, to all their dues; 
Honour to whom honour is due." 

So far as Robert Kirkwood is concerned neither the State of 
Delaware nor the Historical Society of Delaware has obeyed 
this injunction. One of the most intrepid and fearless men 
Delaware has produced has received little notice and scanty 
praise. The MSS. volumes containing his "Journal" and his 
"Order Book" have been allowed to accumulate dust on a shelf 
of the library of the Historical Society for thirty-four years. 
In justice to a brave son of the State they are now published, 
with the following letter containing his ancestry: 

Bloomington, Indiana, July 14, 1876. 
Dr. Lewis P. Bush: 

Dear Sir — 

When I saw you in Newark a few weeks since you re- 
quested me to furnish you a statement of any facts in my pos- 
session in regard to the ancestry and early history of Captain 
Robert Kirkwood. With this request I cheerfully comply, 
although at this distance of time perhaps little new can be given 
on the subject. 

The family from which Captain Kirkwood was descended 
removed from Scotland to the vicinity of Derry in the north of 


Press of the Delawarban 
Dover, Del. 



"Render, therefore, to all their dues; 
Honour to whom honour is due." 

So far as Robert Kirkwood is concerned neither the State of 
Delaware nor the Historical Society of Delaware has obeyed 
this injunction. One of the most intrepid and fearless men 
Delaware has produced has received little notice and scanty 
praise. The MSS. volumes containing his "Journal" and his 
"Order Book" have been allowed to accumulate dust on a shelf 
of the library of the Historical Society for thirty-four years. 
In justice to a brave son of the State they are now published, 
with the following letter containing his ancestry: 

Bloomington, Indiana, July 14, 1876. 
Dr. Lewis P. Bush: 

Dear Sir — 

When I saw you in Newark a few weeks since you re- 
quested me to furnish you a statement of any facts in my pos- 
session in regard to the ancestry and early history of Captain 
Robert Kirkwood. With this request I cheerfully comply, 
although at this distance of time perhaps little new can be given 
on the subject. 

The family from which Captain Kirkwood was descended 
removed from Scotland to the vicinity of Derry in the north of 


Ireland in the latter part of the seventeenth century. In 1731 
the captain's father, Robert Kirkwood, then a youth of perhaps 
18 or 20 years of age, emigrated to this country in company 
with the widow and two infant children of an elder . brother, 
William, then recently deceased. Robert Kirkwood, some years 
after his arrival in Delaware, married a Miss Sarah McDowell, 
a native of England and a member of the religious society of 
Friends. They lived on a farm about two miles north of 
Newark — a farm recently owned by Andrew Gray, Esq., and 
adjacent to the lot on which the White Clay Creek Presbyte- 
rian church now stands. They had nine children, eight of 
whom were daughters. Robert, the only son, was born in 
1756. Of his childhood nothing is now known but the fact of 
his early manifesting a fondness for reading and study — a fact 
which decided his father to educate him for the ministry. He 
was accordingly placed in the Newark Academy where he pur- 
sued his classical studies with great diligence and success. On 
the commencement of the revolutionary war, however, the 
young student at once abandoned his literary pursuits and 
promptly espoused the cause of his country. 

You informed me in conversation that the manuscripts of 
Captain Kirkwood had been deposited in the library of the 
Delaware Historical Society by his grandson, Gen. R. K. 
Whitely. It is therefore unnecessary that I should attempt any 
account of his public services. You are probably aware also 
that an interesting biographical sketch of Captain K., by P. 
Benson Delany, M.D., may be found in Graham's Magazine 
for March, 1846. 

Of the family that came over from Ireland with Robert Kirk- 
wood the descendants are now very numerous. The widow, 
Mrs. Sarah Kirkwood, some time after their arrival in Dela- 
ware, married a Mr. Gallagher, then a member, I think, of 


White Clay Creek church. Her son, Robert Kirkwood, who 
died in Harford county, Maryland, in 18 10, was my grand- 

With pleasant recollections of my former residence in Dela- 
ware, I remain, dear sir. 

Yours very truly, 

Daniel Kirkwood. 

To the above it may be added that Capt. Kirkwood married 
Sarah, a daughter of Joseph England, Jr., of White Clay Creek 
hundred, who was, as his mother had been, a member of the 
Society of Friends. His father was for many years a Ruling 
Elder in the White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church. At the 
very beginning of the Revolution Robert Kirkwood, Jr., was 
commissioned, January 17, 1776, First Lieutenant of Capt. 
Darby's Company, Colonel Hazlet's Regiment. He received 
his commission as Captain, December I, 1776, and was trans- 
ferred to Colonel Hall's regiment as second Ranking Captain, 
and served to the end of the war as Senior Captain in com- 
mand of the Delaware Battalion. He was brevetted Major, 
Sept. 30, 1783. The State of Virginia alone recognized and 
rewarded his services. In 1787 he received from Virginia a 
grant -of 2000 acres of land in the North West Territory, in 
what is now Southeastern Ohio. His land was probably in 
Belmont Co., whither he removed soon after the grant was 
made. He was a Justice of the Peace in "the North West 
Territory" in 1790, and a carefully written copy of the laws 
promulgated by Gen. Arthur St. Clair is found in the back of 
his journal, together with some interesting items from his 
docket. On the 4th of March, 1791, Kirkwood was commis- 
sioned Captain in the Second Regiment U S. Infantry, and 


marched under General St. Clair in his unfortunate expedition 
against the Indians. In the battle near Fort Recovery, — his 
thirty-third engagement, — he refused to retreat with the de- 
feated army, and died with his face to the foe on the 4th of 
November, 1791, at the age of forty-five. 
Captain Kirkwood left two children: 

1. A son, Joseph Kirkwood, who removed with his father to 
the Ohio Territory. His children as late as 1875 were still in 
possession of the lands granted to their grandfather in 1787. 

2. A daughter, Mary, who married Arthur Whitely, of 
Dorchester Co., Md., and was the mother of General R. H. K. 
Whitely, by whom the Historical Society was made custodian 
of these valuable MSS. 

Joseph Brown Turner. 

Dover, Delaware, 
December 6, 19 10. 

Part I 

of the 

Marches of the Delaware Regiment 

of the 

Continental Line 

in the 

Southern Campaign 


Kept by 

Captain Robert Kirkwood 


Journal of Marches from Morristown, 
East Jersey, Southerly 


Year 1780 








I left Morristown four days before the Maryland and 
Delaware Line, and arrived at Newark, in the Dela- 
ware State 

From thence went to Lewes town, and returned back 
to Newark 

Set sail from the Head of Elk, in Compy with 50 sail 
of vessels, being the Second brigade in the Maryland 
Line, Destin'd for Petersburgh, Virginia, at which 
Port the vessel I was in arrived the 23 Inst 

Decamped from Petersburgh, and marched to Rockaway 
Court House 

Marched to Jones's Bridge, and Encamped 

Marched to Commissarys Lambs, Brunswick County. . . 

Marched to Short's Ordinary 

Marched to Stony Creek 

Marched to Roanoke which we crossed at Taylor's 
Ferry and lay upon its Bank, (this river is about 350 
miles long) 

Marched into Granviil County, North Carolina 

Marched this dav to Genl. Parsons 










Year 1780 



2 1 St. 






1 8th. 






Marched from Genl. Parsons, and encamped on the 

South Side of Flat River 

Marched this Day to Hilsborough 

Marched and crossed Haw River 

Marched and lay in the woods 

This day marched to Chatham Courthouse 

Marched this day to Deep River which we crossed .... 

Marched to Wilcoxes Iron Works 

Marched to Hollinsworth's Farm on Deep River 

This Day the Honble. Majr. Genl. Gates arrived and 

took Command of all the Southern Troops. 
Marched this day to Spinks Farm Randolph County, 

No. Carolina 

Marched this day to Cottons Farm 

Marched to Smiths Mill, on little River 

Marched to the River Pee Dee and crossed at Masseys 
Ferry, incamped on Ingram Farm, Hanson County. . 

Marched this Day to Mays Mill 

Marched to Thompsons Creek. The line at this place 
divides North & South Carolina 

Marched this day near Hendersons Cross roads 

Marched and encamped in the pines, received Informa- 
tion that the Enemy was advancing 

Marched to Big Linches Creek 

Marched and encamped in the Pines 

Marched to Little Linches Creek to gain the Enemys 









Year 1780 


Marched this Day and lay on our arms all Night .... 

Marched to Ridgleys Mill 

Marched this Night at 10 OClock 

About one in the morning met with the British Army at 
Black Swamp and Drove in their Advance Guards 
we then Halted and formed the line of battle the 2nd 
Brigd. on the Right the first in the Center, and the 
Militia on the left, and Lay on our arms untill Break 
of Day when the British advanced and attacked our 
Left Flank where the Militia Lay, who gave way 
which gave the enemy's horse an opportunity to gain 
our Rear, their Infantry at the same time gaining our 
Flank, and their Line advancing in our front which 
Caused the Action to become very Desparate; which 
continued for the space of half an hour. In this 
Action Lt. Col. Vaughan, Major Patten, six officers 
and Seventy Rank and file of our Regt. were taken 
Prisoners, with all the Cannon and Baggage of the 
Army — I can give no account of our Marches on the 
Retreat untill we came to Sallisbury which we arrived 
at on the 2ist 

Marched and crossed the Yadkin River 

From thence we marched to Guilford Courthouse 

And from thence to Hilsborough 

This Day three Companies of Light Infantry were 
Chosen, one under the Command of Capt. Bruen 
from Virginia, Second by Capt. Kirkwood, & the 
third by Capt. Brooks the Whole Under the Com- 
mand of Col. Morgan. 


When I 

Year 1780 

I Miles 


1 8th. 


2 1st. 







Began our march from Hilsborough under Command of 
Col. Morgan, and arrived at Salsbury the 15th Inst. 

Marched this Day to Col. Locks Farm 

Marched to Fifers Mills 

Marched about two below Esq., Alexander's 

Marched to Six mile run there joined the No. Carolina 
Militia under Command of Genl. Davidson 

Moved our Encampment in Front of the Militia this 
Neighbourhood is Called New Providence and within 
14 Miles of Charlotte. While we Lay at this place 
Col Morgan Received his Commission of Brigadier 
Genl. From Congress. 

This Day Genl Morgan's Infantry with Col. Washing- 
tons Horse, marched Down to Ridgely's Mill, within 
13 miles of Cambden ; reconoitre the Enemy. 

Returned again to camp 

This Day the Maryland Division arrived at Camp. 

This Day the troops under Command of Genl. Gates 
Marched to Charlotte, where they built Hutts 

This Day had orders to hold our selves in readiness in 
a moments warning to March. Accordingly left our 
tents standing with all our sick behind and marched 
to twelve mile Creek, which at this place Divides 
No & So. Carolina; & from thence to the Hanging 
Rock, the Infantry remained at this place untill Col. 
Washington went down to Col. Ridgely's, and with 
the Deception of a pine knot took the garrisons 








When I 

Year 1780 & i 

I Miles 

Consisting of one Col. one Majr, and 107 privates: — 
from thence returned to Camp, December the second 

This Day Maj. Genl. Green took command of the 
Southern Army in room of Maj. Genl. Gates. 

March'd to Charlotte 

March'd to Biggon Ferry on Catawba River 

Crossed the Ferry and March'd 



March'd to Pacolet 


March'd to the Cowpens 

Defeated Tarlton. 

March'd for the Catawba River and arrived the 23rd. 

March'd to Col. Locke 

Marched and crossed the Yadkin River 

March'd this Night 

March'd this Day 

March'd to Guilford 

March'd this Night 

Crossed the Dan River at Ewings Ferry 

March'd and crossed the Banisster River 

March'd and Recrossed 

Crossed the Dan River 


Marched to Dobbins 



March'd to Hilsborough and Returned ; in all 

We came up with the Enemy at the Allamance 




Year 1781 

I Miles 

Marched this Night to the old Regulation ground and 
attack'd the advanc'd picquet. Brought off one of 
their Centinells & returned to Camp by morning. . . 

This Day we arrived near the South Branch of Haw 

This Day the Enemy made a movement and were within 
a mile of our Camp before they were Discovered. 
We Crossed the South branch of Haw River Leaving 
a Party of militia on the other Side to oppose the 
Enemy; A brisk fire Shortly commenced in which the 
militia were obliged to give way. 

Marched this Day 

Marched this Day to Troublesome Creek 

Marched this Day & encamped on the Ground where 
the British Lay, having crossed Troublesome & Haw 

This Day my Company & one from Virginia were or- 
dered to remain with Col. Washington to Act as a 
Legion. The rest of the Infantry joined their re- 
spective Regiments, marched 

Marched this Day towards Guilford Courthouse 

Col. Lee's Light Horse took 30 prisoners and brought 
them to the Gen'l on our march 

Marched this Day 

Marched within 3 miles West of G. Court house 

This day commenced the Action at Guilford Court 
House between Genls. Green & Cornwallis, in which 
many were Killed & wounded on both sides, Genl. 
Green Drew off his Army with the loss of his artil- 

Marched this Day 







When. I Year 1781 | Miles 

March | 2360 

1 6th. Marched to James Saunders Farm, near to the Iron 

works where our Army Lay, on Troublesome Creek 3 

igth. Marched to Simmons's Farm 6 

20th. Marched this Day about 7 

2 1st. Marched towards Deep River 21 

22nd. Marched near the Little Allamance River 5 

23rd. Marched 4 

24th, Do 7 

25th. This Day was Executed by hanging a Certain Solomon 
Slocum being a Spy from the Enemy Likewise a De- 
serter from the 2nd. M. Regt. 

Marched 17 

26th. Marched to Brooks Farm, near Wilcoxs Iron works. . 10 

27th. Marched this Day 10 

28th. Marched and Crossed Deep River at Ramseys Mill, on 
the bridge the British made for themselves. This 
Day we expected a Genl. Action to haj/j&,£pmmenced 
but his Lordship I^^DplilABDnSM^ImmenVto decline 
it, by a speedy march to ^gi^(^|cak 

29th. Marched •.•.^iupcgilV at D8la««9 

30th. Marched towards th*»©flffftf 'Mill on Deep River 

31st. Marched this Day 

1st. Marched 

3rd. Marched up the River 

7th. Marched towards the Buffaloe Ford and encamped on 

Brush Creek 

8th. Marched to Spinks Farm 

9th. Marched to Cottons Farm 





Year 1781 



1 8th. 


Marched & Crossed Little River about 2 miles 

This day Crossed the River Pee Dee at Colston's Ferry 

This day Crossed Rocky River 

Marched Near Mays Saw Mill 

Marched this day about 

This Day marched near Andersons Cross Roads 

Marched to Big Lynches Creek 

Marched to Little Lynches Creek 

Marched v^^ithin 4 miles of Camden, took Eleven of the 
Enemy prisoners 

This evening Genl. Green gave me orders if possible to 
take possession of Logtown, v^^hich vi^as in full view 
of Camden & if I could take it, to mentain it untill 
further orders. Leaving Camp about 8 at night, 
arrived before the town between 9 & lO and about 
12 OClock got full possession of the place, A scatter- 
ing firing was kept up all night. And at sun rise next 
morning, had a smart schirmage. Beat in the Enemy, 
About two hours afterwards had the Very agreeable 
Sight of the advance of the Army 

This day Col. Washington with my Infantry went 
Westerly round Camden, Burnt a House in one of 
the Enemys Redoubts on the Wateree River; took 
40 horses & 50 Head of cattle & returned to Camp 








When I Year 1781 | Miles 

I 2671 

Moved Southerly Round the town I 10 

Marched back to our old ground j 6 

The enemy sallyed out and drove us back 7 

Marched to Ridgley's Mill 10 

Marched this Night 6 

Moved our Encampment 

This day there was five Desserters Hanged that was 
taken in the Action of the 25th of April. 

Marched and crossed the Wateree 

March'd to the Ferry and took the Redoubt, and burn'd 
the Block House on the South side of the Wateree, 
then Return'd to the Army at the 25 mile Creek. . . . 

Marched this day 

The Enemy moved over the River and was within two 
miles of us before we knew of them being out when 
our Vadet Came in and inform'd us. We then Drew 
up in order of battle and lay their in Sight of other 
untill Evening when both Armys Drew ofif and we 

At Night was sent out with a party of the Horse to 
Surprise a party of Tories and Marched 18 miles, but 
not Coming up with, we altered our Rout and 
March'd for Camden hearing that it was Evacuated, 
and Reached there the next Day being in all 

March'd to Mr. Randels Mill 

March'd to Mr. Westons 

March'd this day 

March'd this day 

Marched and Crossed the Broad River 






Year 1781 




2 1 St. 


This day was executed three Deserters from our Army, 
who were taken at Fort Granby near Fridays Ferry, 
on the Congree. Marched 

Marched this Day 

Was ordered with Col. Washington's Horse to Surprise 
a party of tories under command of Col. Young; 
Coming up to the place found it evacuated, the Horse 
left me, with expectation to Come up with them, 
while I moved on at Leisure. The Tories taking us 
for some of them selves come out of a Swamp in our 
Rear, & being undeceived took one of my men pris- 
oners; upon which A firing Commenced, but they be- 
ing on horse back pushed o£F with the Loss of one 
man Killed & one Horse taken, A Short time After- 
wards the Horse joined me, and before Dark killed 
4 more taking 6 Prisoners; Marched this Day.... 

This Day Crossed the River Saluda. Surprised a party 
of Tories within sight of Ninety Six, Killed four, 
Spent the Day in reconoitering the Garrisson, which 
was commanded by Col. Cruger. Marched 

At Night were employed in raising a three Gun Bat- 
tery, about 130 yards from their works and under a 
Scatering Fire from the Enemy all night. 






When I 

Year 1781 

I Miles 







This Day opened our first Battery on the Enemys Star 

Received express from Col. Lee that he had taken two 

redoubts at Augusta in Georgia; making 70 of them 

prisoners & Killed about 40; taking a Quantity of 

stores, Rum etc. 

This Day Augusta was Captured by Col. Lee making 
all the Garrison prisoners of war consisting of 165 
British & the like Number of Tories, the whole being 
under the Command of Col. Brown. 

This Day the Garrison of 96 was attacked on two 
Quarters Viz: — the Star Redoubt by the main army, 
and Homes's by Col. Lee's Infantry, with mine, with 
the assistance of three 6 pounders Commanded by Col. 
Harrison. Our Redoubt held out about an hour, 
then left it in our full possession ; the other being so 
verry strong, & the officers who commanded in their 
Ditch being wounded with the greatest part of the 
men Killed and wounded, were obliged to give over 
the attempt. 

Raised the siege from Ninety Six; Lord Rodden being 
within 25 miles of us, with 2000 men this Day 
Marched towards Charlotte 







Year 1781 

I Miles 









1 2th. 


Marched this Da)^ 

Marched this Day 

Marched this Night and Crossed the Innoree River . . . 
Marched this Day Crossed the Tiger and Broad River 

Recrossed the Broad River and Marched 

Marched this Day to the Tiger River 

Marched and Crossed the Inoree River 

Marched this Day 

Marched this Da}' 

Marched this Day 

Marched this Day and Cross'd the Broad River 

Marched this Day and encamped at Capt. Howells . . . 

Marched this Day 

Marched this Day and Cross'd the Congree at Mc. 
Cord's Ferry 

Marched this Day down the Santee' River 

Marched this day and Cross'd the Congaree and was 
ordered back towards Orangebourgh 

Marched this Day and encamped at Doughey's Farm. . 

Marched this Day to Col. Middleton 

Marched this day and join'd the Army at Beaver 

Marched this day towards Orangebourgh 

Marched to the Enemys Lines, and within 4 miles of 
Orangeburgh sent out parties to draw them out; but 
all to no purpose, Col. Cruger being within one days 
march of Lord Rodden, Genl. Green thought it pru- 
dent to withdraw his army, and march towards Mc- 
Cords Ferry 

Marched this day near Brown's Mill 

This day Crossed the Congaree River at McCords 
Ferry & encamped on Mr. Simmons Farm 7 miles 
from ye River 















Year 1781 

I Miles 

Marched with Col. Washington's Cavelry to the Fork 
of Wateree & Congaree Rivers encamped on Mr. 
Dawson's Farm (very sickly place) 

Marched to McCords Ferry on ye Congaree 

Marched to Mr. Lightwood's Farm, up ye Congaree. . 

This day the Enemy's Horse took possession of Mc- 
Cord's Ferry with one Large Boat and Negro, on the 
News of which our Horse, and foot, marched down 
to the Ferry, and remained there untill Evening; and 
marched back to the ground we left in the morning. . 

Marched crossed the Wateree, encamped on Lambert's 

Marched and encamped on Mr. Yore's Farm 

Marched and encamped on Capt. Ritcheson's Farm .... 

Marched this morning towards Camden up the river. . 

Marched this day to Camden 

Crossed the Wateree River passed the Army and Halted 
at Colonel's Creek 

This Day arrived at Capt. Howells on ye Congaree . . . 

This day joined Col. Washington's Horse 

At Mr. Culpepers on ye Bank of the River; about 
Evening were informed the Enemy this morning left 
Col. Thompson's on their way towards Charles Town. 

Marched to Howell's Ferry on the River where the 
Army had crossed. This Day the Genl. received in- 
formation the Enemy had marched from the Center 
Swamp on their rout for Town, which Occasioned 
the Horse and my Infantry to return to the place we 
left in the morning 













When I 

Year 1781 






Crossed the Congree River at Culpeper's Ferry, and 
Encamped on Mr. Johnstown's Farm 

Marched and Encamped with the main Army at Ever- 
ett's Creek 6 miles Below Col. Thompson's 

Marched to Midway Swamp 

Marched this Day within seven miles of the Eutaw 
Springs, where Lay Col. Stewart with the British 
Army Consisting of 2,000 men 

This morning our Army was in motion before Day- 
break, with a determination of Fighting the British 

We marched in the following order of Battle Viz. The 
South & North Carolina Militia in front, Com- 
manded by Genls. Marion & Pickens, having Col. 
Lees horse, & Infantry on their right Flank, and the 
State Horse, and mounted Infantry on their left. 
The Second line was Composed of North Carolina 
regulars, Virginians, & Marylanders, having two three 
Pounders, between the N. Carolinians, & Virginians, 
and two six Pounders, between the Virginians & 
Marylanders. Col. Washington's Horse, with my 
Infantry were the Corps De Reserve In this order 
we marched Down to Action, Coming within 3 miles 
of the Enemy's 

341 1 




When I Year 1781 | Miles 

Sept. ' ~~ 

8th. Encampment, we overtook a Rooting Party of 60 men 
Coming in with Potatoes, most of whom were either 
Killed, wounded or taken. We met with no further 
opposition, untill we arrived within one mile of their 
Encampment, where we met their front line, which 
soon brought the Action general, we Drove their first, 
and Second Lines, took upwards of 500 prisoners. 
The Enemy took shelter in a large Brick House, and 
a hollowway in rear of the House. At this time our 
men were so far spent for want of water, and our 
Continental Officers suffering much in the Action, 
rendered it advisable to Genl. Green to Draw off his 
Army, with the Loss of two 6 pounders, Majr. Ed- 
mund of the Virginians, with a Small party of men 
joined me in the British Encampment, keeping up the 
fire for A small space of time. Found our Army had 
withdrawn from the Field, made it necessary for us 
Likewise to withdrawn. We brought off one of the 
Enemys three Pounders, which with much difficulty 
was performed through a thick wood for near four 
miles, without the assistance of but one Horse, We 
got to the Encamping Ground which we left in the 
morning about two in the evening 





Return of Killed, Wounded & Missing in the Action of 
the 8th. Sept'r, at the Eutaw Springs. 


|Lt.Col.| Majr. | Capts. | Lieuts.| Serjts. |R&file 

Killed .. 
Missing . 
Total ... 

South Carolina 
State Troops 





South Carolina 




N. C. Militia 




Total in the Army 

















































Total 525 



When I 

Year 1781 



1 2th. 


1 6th. 




Received information that the Enemy had left the 
Eutaw Springs the Evening before, on the Road to 
Monks Corner, the Genl. persued them to Mr. Mar- 
tins, within 12 miles of the Corner 

Return'd as far back as Whistleing George's 

Marched to the Widow Floods, on ye Santee River. . 

Marched with the Army to the road leading to Law- 
rence's Ferry on the Santee, and Separated from 
them; they being bound for the High hills of Santee, 
and we for the Congaree Encamped on Mr. Cald- 
wells Farm at the half way Swamp 

Marched up the Congaree to Mr. Kelly's Farm 

Marched to Mr. Patrick's Farm 

Crossed the Congaree at Mr. Patricks & marched up to 
Mr. Culpepers and from thence to Col. Gooden's 

Marched this morning a little after sun rise joined Col, 
Washingtons Horse, & Encamped one mile below 
them on Mr. Pierce's Farm 

Went to Head Quarters (on the High Hills of Santee) 
for Docts. Medecine for my men. 

And returned the 30th, Inst 

Took the Ague and fever. 

Marched to Mr. Simmons Farm on the Wateree 








with Lnt. Vaughen to his house. 




When I 

Year 1781 









2 1 St. 






Received Intilligence of the Surrender of Lord Corn- 
wallaces whole Army to this Excellency Genl. Wash- 
ington In York Town Virginia on the 17th Inst. 

Left Mr. Huger's and returned to Camp at Simons's 

This morning began our march for Col. Goodens Mill 
on the Congaree river, Halted on Mr. Pierce's Farm- 
Marched this Day to New Market 

Marched this Day to Col. Goodens Mill 

Marched for Head Quarters which was at the High 
Hills of Santee, got this night to Mr. Danl. Hugier's 

Crossed Wateree river arrived at Head Quarters 

Drew Cloathing for my men, and returned back to Mr. 

Returned to Col. Gooden's Mill 

This day was ordered to March by the way of Howell's 
Ferry to Col. Thompsons and there to join the Army, 
the troops moved. But I went to Capt. Howells hav- 
ing the Ague & Fever where I staid untill the 27th, 
Inst, being better, I set out for Col. Thompson's 
where I arrived this Night 

Marched with the Army to Brown's Mill 

Marched this day to Orangeburgh 

Marched this day to Youngs Farm 

Marched this day to 4 hole bridge on 4 hole Creek. . . 








When I 

Year 1781 & 2 

I Miles 

This Day arrived (at the 4 hole Bridge to relieve me) 
Capt. Moore of the S. Carolina State troops with 60 
rank & file. 

Marched this day to Mr. Rumps 

Marched this day to Fergussons Saw Mills on the 
River Edisto 

This day we arrived at Camp at Round O 

This day I received orders to mount in Company with 
the Virginians near Stono, on Edisto river, and to be 
under the Command of Col. Lawrence. Accordingly 
crossed Edisto river at Parker's Ferry 14 miles from 
the Round O, and encamped three miles on the South 
side on Capt. Sanders Farm 

March about two miles below Sandy Hill and encamped 
on Mr. Fergusson's Land 

I went this day up to Head Quarters and got Liberty 

to retire to the Delaware State on Furlough 

Returned again to Camp which was moved to Spring 


This day began my march for the Delaware and got to 

the round O 

Left the round O and two hours before day arrived at 


Crossed the Congree River & staid all night at Mrs. 


This day got to Mr. Randle's Mill 

Lay at Camden this Evening 

Lay within 6 miles of the Hanging Rock 

Lay this Night at Majr. Crawfords in the Waxaws. . 
Lay this Night at Mr. Robt. Phillips's within 2 miles 

of Charlotte 

Got to Hezekiah Alexanders, Esqr 

Staid at Mr. Pattens near Fifers 

Arrived at Salsbury 




I ^8 
I 22 

I — 
1 4219 



When I 

Year 1782 

I Miles 





1 2th. 

Left Salsbury & on the 19th Inst. Arrived at Guilford 
Court house 

From thence went to the Revd. Mr. Caldwell's and 
from thence to Mr. Robt. Rankin's and from thence 
to Mr. Alexander Gray's 

Arrived at Mr. Robt. Gray's 12 miles N. E. of Hils- 

Returned to Mr. Alexander Gray's in Company with 
two of Mr. Robt. Gray's Daughters — And returned 
the third of March 

I had the very agreeable sight of Lt. Anderson and Ens. 
Piatt at my Quarters. 

Left Mr. Gray's in Compy with Capt. Jaquett, Lts. 
Campbell, Anderson, Ens. Piatt, and Doctr. Hartley 
(from South Carolina) remained all night at Genl. 
Parson's — Granville County 

Lay this night at Robt. Gillispes 

The next morning Crossed the Roanoke Stoped at Mr. 
Deloanes, who is termed a Col. in that County, & no 
doubt thinks himself a Gentleman, but shall leave the 
readers to Judge whether or not. When they are in- 
formed by this that after Genl. Sinclier had remained 
at his House one night, the next morning had to pay 
three guineas, after being invited there. 










Year 1782 

I Miles 

1 6th. 


In a few Weeks afterwards Col. O. H. Williams called 
at the same house, but could not get Quarters. And 
some days afterwards I called there not knowing his 
Character, shared the same fate with those before me, 
and indeed he turned my waggon off the Plantation 
without my knowledge, I requested only the floor to 
lay on which was refused me, & rather than Quarrel 
with one of the first rank in the famous State of Vir- 
ginia, chose to Lay in the Woods. Marched this day 

Marched this day to Commissary Lambs 

Marched this day to Denwidie Court house 

Marched to Petersburgh and Stayed at Mrs. Spencers 

Capt. Jaquett, Doctr. Hartley, and the Waggon went 
round by land. 

Lts. Campbell, Anderson, & Piatt with myself went on 
Board a Vessel at the Broad Way, Bound to the 
Head of Elk. 

Weighed Anchor about one OClock & on the 25th put 
into Pianketanck, which is 210 miles from Peters- 

And in this place our Vessel was taken by a small Ves- 
sel from New York called "Hook-in-Sneevy." 







When I 

Year 1782 


We made our escape by a small Boat and marched to 
Capt. Lockleys Ferry on Rapahanock River, Virginia 
27th. March'd to Notingham Court House at this place there 
was a Genl. Field Day of Muster, here we got a 
Boat destined for the Head of Elk Comm'd. by Capt. 
Brewer, went on board in Coan River, landed this 
morning at the Mouth of Sd. River. Lodged all 

night at Mr. Crawley's 

28th. Made sail at Night with a fair wind got near Petuxen 
River but by a head wind were beat back into Coan 

River Sailed this Night 


[St. Being Easter Monday set out on foot for Yocommico 
River Crossed over the Potowmack in Mr. Mitha- 
ney's Boat Landed at pine point marched about 3 
miles Lodged at the Revd. Mr. Sebastian's 

2nd. This day Crossed Petuxen River at Junifers Ferry 
Lodged at Mr. M. Summervills 

3rd. March'd this Day to Mr. Smiths in Annarundle County 

4th. This Day Crossed the South River at Browns Ferry 
Quartered at Mr. Middleton's in Annapolis 

5th. Crossed the Severn River at the Town Quartered at 
Mr. Poes D. Q. M. Genl 

7th. Took a passage on board the Pacquett Commanded by 
Capt. Simpson & arrived at Newark about 8 OClock 
in the Evening 

Total of Marches From the 13th of April 1780 untill 

the 7th of April 1 782 

Omitted one nights march to the old regulating ground 











No. I. 
Summons to Majr Lgenl Lincoln, loth April, 1780, with his 
Answer of the Same Date. 

Sir Henry Clinton, K. B, General and Commander in Chief 
of his Majesties forces, in the Colonies, laying on the Atlantic, 
from Nova Scotia, etc., etc., etc., and Vice Admiral Arbuthnot, 
Commander in Chief of his Majestys Ships in North America 
etc., etc., etc., Regretting the effusion of blood, and the Dis- 
tress which must now Commence, deem it Consonant to Hu- 
manity to warn the Town and Garrison of Charles Town of 
the Havock & Desolation with which they are threatened from 
the formidable force surrounding by Land & Sea. 

An Alterative is offered at this Hour to the Inhabitants of 
saving their lives & Property (Contained in the Town) or of 
abiding by the fatal Consequences of a Cannonade and storm. 
Should the place in a fatal Security, or its Commander in a 
Wanton Indifference to the fate of its inhabitants delay the 
Surrender; or should Publick Stores or Shiping be Destroyed, 
the resentment of an exasperated Soldery may intervene, but the 
mild & Compasionate Terms never be renewed. 

The respective Commanders who hereby summons the town, 
do not apprehend so rash a part as that further resistance will 
be taken ; but rather that the gates will be opened, and them- 
selves received with a degree of Confidence which will forbode 
farther Reconciliation. 

No. 2. 
Head Quarters, Charlestown, April loth, 1780. 

I have received your Summons of this Date — Sixty days have 
passed since it has been known that your intentions Against 


this Town were Hostile, in which, time has been afforded to 
abandon it, but duty and inclination point to the propriety of 
Supporting it to the last extremety. 

I have the Honour 

to be Your Excellencys 

Humble Sert, 
(Signed) B. Lincoln 

Major General Lincoln, to Sir Henry Clinton, K. B, Pro- 
posing Articles of Capitulation, with Sir Henry Clinton's An- 
swer, And the Articles of Capitulation. 

No. 3. 

Charlestown, April 2ist., 1780. 

I am willing to enter into the Consideration of terms of 
Capitulation — if such can be obtained as are Honourable for 
the Army, & Safe for the Inhabitants. I have to propose A 
Cessation of Hostilities for six hours, for the purpose of digest- 
ing such Articles, 

I have the Honour to be 

Your Excellencies obt. Sert. 
(Signed) B. Lincoln 

His Excellency Sir H. Clinton. 

No. 4. 

Camp before Charlestown, April 21st., 1780. 

Admiral Arbuthnot who Commands the fleet, should have 
been addressed jointly with me on this Occation. As I wish 


to Communicate with him, and as I give my consent to a 
Cessation of Hostilities, for six hours; I desire an Aid de 
Camp may pass to the ships with a letter & my request that 
the Battery on James Island may desist firing. 
I have the Honour to be etc., 

(Signed) H. Clinton. 
Majr Genl Lincoln. 

No. 5. 

Articles of Capitulation proposed by Major General Lincoln. 

Art. 1st. That all acts of Hostilities & works shall cease 
between the Naval & land forces of Great Britain and 
America, in this State, Until the Articles of Capitulation shall 
be agreed on, Signed & executed, or Collectively Rejected. 

Art. 2nd. That the town. Forts, & Fortifications Belong- 
ing to them shall be surrendered to the Commander in Chief 
of the British Forces, Such as they now Stand. 

Art. 3. That the several troops garrisoning the town & 
Forts, including the French & American Sailors, the French 
Invalids, the North Carolina & South Carolina Militia, & 
such of the Charles Town Militia as may choose to have this 
place, shall have thirty six hours to withdraw to Lampriers, 
after the Capitulation has been accepted & Signed on both 
sides and that those troops shall retire with the usual Honours 
of War & Carry off during that time their Arms, Field Artil- 
lery, Amunition, Baggage, & such of their stores as they may 
be able to Transport. 

Art. 4. That after the expiration of the thirty six hours 
mentioned in the preceeding Article, the British Troops before 
the Town shall take possession of it. And those at Wappetau 
shall proceed to Fort Moultrie. 


Art. 5. That the American Army thus collected at Lam- 
prier's shall have ten days from the expiration of the thirty 
six hours before mentioned, to march whereever Genl Lincoln 
shall think proper to the Eastward of Cooper River, without 
any movement being made by the British troops, or part of 
them out of town, on Fort Moultrie. 

Art. 6. That the sick and wounded of the American, & 
French Hospitals, with their Medecines, Stores, the Surgeons, 
and Director Genl shall remain in the Town, and be supplied 
with the necessaries requisite, untill provisions can be made 
for their removal, which will be as speedily as possible. 

Art. 7. That no soldier shall be encouraged to Desert, or 
permitted to enlist on either side. 

Art. 8. That the French Consul, his House, papers and 
other moveable property, shall be protected untouched, and a 
proper time granted him for retiring to any place that may 
afterwards be agreed upon between him and the Commander 
in Chief of the British Forces. 

Art. 9. That the Continental Ships of War, Providence, 
Boston & Ranger, now in this Harbour, with the French ship 
of War the Adventure, shall have liberty to proceed to Sea, 
with the necessary stores on board and go unmolested, the 
three former to Philadelphia and the latter to Cape Fran-Cois, 
with the French Invalids mentioned in Art. 3. 

Art. 10. The Citizens shall be protected in their Persons, 
& Properties. 

Art. 1 1 . That twelve months be allowed such as do not 
choose to continue under the British Government, to dispose 
of their effects, real and Personal in the State, without any 
molestation whatever; or to remove such part thereof as they 
choose, as well as themselves & Famelies, and during that time. 



they or any of them may have it at their option to reside 
occationally in Town or Country. 

Art. 12. That the same protection to their Persons, and 
Properties, and the same time for the removal of their effects, 
be given to the Subjects of France and Spain Residing amongst 
us, as are required for the Citizens in the preceeding Articles. 

Dated at Charlestovrn 21 April 1780 

(Signed) B. Lincoln 

No. 6. 

Sir Henery Clinton and Vice Admiral Arbuthnot to Major 
General Lincoln. 
Camp before Charlestown April 21st, 1780. 

We have in answer to your third Article (for we cannot 
proceed further) to refer you to our former offer, as terms 
which although you cannot claim, we yet Consent to grant. 

These however must be accepted immediately, and respon- 
sible Hostages of the rank of Field Officers must be sent us 
as Securities that the Custom of War on these Occations are 
strictly adhered to; that no person of the Garrison or Inhabi- 
tant be permitted to go out, nothing to be removed or 
destroyed, & no ship or Vessel pass from the Town. 

All dependent posts are to be included in the Surrender, 
and the Hostages to be answerable for these as for the Town. 

Your answer is expected at 10 OClock, at which hour 
Hostilities will Commence again, unless our Offers are Closed 

(Signed) H. Clinton 

M. T. Arbuthnot 


No. 7. 

Camp before Charles Town, May 8th, 1780. 

Circumstanced as I now am with respect to the place 
invested, Humanity only can induce me to lay within your 
reach the terms I had determined should not again be pre- 

The fall of Fort Sullivan, the Destruction (on the 6th. 
Inst,) of what remained of your Cavelry, the Critical period 
to which our approaches against the Town have brought us, 
mark this as the term of your hopes of Succour, (Could you 
ever have framed any) and as an hour, beyond which. Resist- 
ance is temerity. 

By this last Summons therefore I throw to your Charge 
whatever vindictive Severity, exasperated Soldiers may inflict 
on the Unhappy People, whom you devote by persevering in a 
fruitless Defence. 

I shall expect your answer untill Eight OClock, When Hos- 
tilities will Commence again. Unless the Town be surrendred, 

' *' (Signed) H. Clinton 

Major General Lincoln 

No. 8. 

Charles Town May 8th 1780. 

Your letter to me of this date is now under consideration 
there are so many different Interests to be Consulted, that I 
have to propose that Hostilities do not again Commence till 

(Signed) B. Lincoln 
His Excallency Sr. H. Clinton. 


No. 9. 

May 8th 1780. 

As more time has been expended in Consulting the different 
Interests than I supposed there would be, I have to request 
that the truce may be continued untill Four OClock. 

(Signed) B. Lincoln. 
His Excellency Sr. H. Clinton. 

No. 10. 

May 8th 1780. 

I consent that Hostilities shall not again Commence before 
the Hour of twelve as you desire. 

I have the Honour to be 
(Signed) H. Clinton 
Major General Lincoln. 

No. II. 
Articles of Capitulation proposed by Major General Lincoln. 

Art. 1st. That all acts of Hostilities and Work shall cease 
between the Besiegers & Besieged, Untill the Articles of Capit- 
ulation shall be agreed on, Signed, & executed, or collectively 

Art. 2nd. The Town & fortifications shall be Surrendred 
to the Commander in Chief of the British Forces, such as 
they now Stand. 

Art. 3. The Continental troops & Sailors, with their Bag- 
gage shall be conducted to a place to be agreed on, where they 


will remain Prisoners of War, Untill exchanged. — ^While 
Prisoners, they shall be supplied with good & wholesome pro- 
visions, in such Quantity as is served out to the troops of his 
Britanic Majesty. 

Art. 4th. The Militia now in Garrison shall be permitted 
to return to their respective homes, and be secured in their 
Persons & Property. 

Art. 5th. The sick & wounded shall be continued under 
the care of their own Surgeons, and be supplied with Medi- 
cines, and such necessaries as are allowed to the British 

Art. 6th. The oflficers of the Army & Navy shall keep 
their Horses, swords. Pistols & Baggage, which shall not be 
searched, and retain their Servants. 

Art. 7th. The Garrisons shall at an hour appointed, march 
out with Shouldred arms. Drums beating, and Colours flying, 
to a place agreed on, where they will pile their Arms. 

Art. 8th. That the French Consul, his House, Papers, and 
other moveable property, shall be protected & untouched, and 
a proper time granted to him for retiring to any place that 
may afterwards be agreed on between him & the Commander 
in Chief of the British Forces. 

Art. gth. That the Citizens shall be protected in their 
Persons & Properties, 

Art. loth. That a twelve months time be allowed all such 
as do not choose to continue under the British Government ; to 
dispose of their effects, real & personal in the State, without 
any molestation whatever, or' to remove such part thereof as 
they Choose, as well as themselves & families; and that during 
that time, they, or any of them, may have it at their option to 
reside occationaly in Town or Country. 


Art. nth. That the same protection to their persons & 
Properties, & the same time for the removal of their effects, be 
given to the subjects of France & Spain, as are required for the 
Citizens in the preceeding articles. 

Art. 1 2th. That a Vessel be permitted to go to Philadel- 
phia with the Genls despatches, which are not to be opened: 

(Signed) B. Lincoln 
Charlestown May 8th 1780. 

No. 12. 

May 8th 1780 


As I wish to Communicate with the Admiral upon the sub- 
ject of your last letter, I have to desire that an Aid-de-Camp 
may be permitted to pass to the Fleet for that purpose. 

I have the Honour to be etc., etc., 

(Signed) H. Clinton 
Maj Genl Lincoln. 

No. 13. 

May 8th 1780 


In order to give the Articles of Capitulation which you have 
proposed a due consideration, I propose that the Cessation of 
Hostilities shall Continue untill tomorrow morning at Eight 
OClock, and that in the mean time every thing shall Continue 
in its present Situation, if you accede to this, you will please 
to give me immediate Information of it. 

I am 

Sir etc., 
(Signed) H. Clinton 
Maj Genl Lincoln. 


No. 14. 
g. May 8th 1780 

I accede to your proposal, that Hostilities shall cease untill 
tomorrow morning, Eight OClock, and that in the mean time 
all works shall continue in their present State. 

(Signed) B. Lincoln. 
His Excellency Sir H. Clinton. 

No. 15. 

c- May 8th 8 OClock P. M. 

Sir ^ 

Your answer to my letter proposing the Continuation of the 
truce untill to morning at Eight OClock, only accedes to the 
Cessation of Hostilities, & that in the mean time all works 
shall Continue in their present State; but my proposition was 
that untill that time everything should Continue in its present 
Situation ; & my meaning was, that there should be an attempt 
made to remove any of the troops, or destroy any of the Ships, 
Stores or other Effects whatever, now in the Town or Har- 

If your idea is the Same, I must request you will express 
your Self more explicitly. 

I am 

Sir etc., 
(Signed) H. Clinton 

No. 16. 

May 8th 1780 


In Agreeing that the truce should be Continued untill Eight 
OClock tomorrow morning, & all works remain as they were. 


I meant to accede to your proposal that everything should Con- 
tinue in its present Situation, which I again assent to. 

(Signed) B. Lincoln 
His Excellency Sir H. Clinton 

No. 17. 

Articles of Capitulation, as proposed By Major General Lin- 
coln, and Answered by their Excellencies General Sir 
Henery Clinton, K. B. And Vice Admiral Arbuthnot. 

Art. 1st. All acts of Hostilities and work shall cease untill 
the Articles of Capitulation are finally agreed to or rejected. 

Art. 2nd. The Town & Fortifications, with the Shipping 
at the Wharves, Artillery and all Public Stores whatsoever, 
shall be surrendered in their present State to the Commanders 
of the investing Forces. Proper Officers shall attend from the 
respective Departments to receive them. 

Art. 3rd. Granted. 

Art. 4th. The militia now in Garrison shall be permitted 
to return to their respective homes, as Prisoners upon Parole; 
which Parole, so long as they observe it, shall secure them from 
being molested in their Property by the British Troops. 

Art. 5th. Granted. 

Art. 6th. Granted; except with respect to their Horses, 
which will not be allowed to go out of town, but may be dis- 
posed of by a Person left from each Corps for that purpose. 

Art. 7th. The whole Garrison shall at an hour to be ap- 
pointed, march out of the Town to the ground Between the 
Works of the place & the Canal, where they will deposit their 
arms. The Drums are not to beat A British march, or Col- 
ours to be uncased. 


Art. 8th. Agreed; with this restriction, that he is to con- 
sider himself as a prisoner on Parole. 

Art. 9th. All Civil Officers, & the Citizens who have 
Borne Arms during the Siege, must be Prisoners on Parole; 
and with respect to their property in the City, shall have the 
same terms as are granted to the militia. And all other per- 
sons now in the Town, not described in this, or other Article, 
are notwithstanding understood to be Prisoners on Parole. 

Art. lOth. The Discussion of this Article, of Course, can- 
not possibly be entered into at present. 

Art. nth. The Subjects of France & Spain shall have the 
same terms as are granted to the French Consul. 

Art. 1 2th. Granted; and a proper Vessel with a flag will 
be provided for that purpose. 

All Public papers & records must be carefully preserved, & 
faithfully delivered, to such persons as shall be appointed to 
receive them. 

(Signed) H. Clinton 

M. T. Arbuthnot 
Camp before Charlestown 
May 9th 1780. 

No. 18. 

May 9th 1780. 

In reply to your Answers on the Articles of Capitulation, I 
must remark that in their present State they are inadmissable, 
and have to propose that these now sent may be acceded to. 


If any further explaination should be necessary, I have to 
purpose also, that two or three Gentlemen be appointed to meet 
& Confer on the subject. 

I have the Honour to be etc., 

(Signed) B. Lincoln. 
His Excellency Sr. H. Clinton. 

Alterations of Articles of Capitulation, proposed by Major 
Genl Lincoln. 

Art. 2nd. The Town & Fortifications, with the Shipping at 
the Wharves, (excepting those which are private property) and 
all public stores, shall be surrendered in their present State to 
the Commander in Chief of the British Forces. 

Art. 4th. The militia now in Garrison, shall be permitted 
to return to their respective Homes, wnth their Baggage, Un- 
molested, & not be considered as Prisoners of War. 

Art. 6th. Such of the Officers as may be unwilling to dis- 
pose of their Horses, may keep them. 

Art. 7th. This article to stand as at first proposed, the 
Drums not Beating A British march. 

Art. 8th. The French Consul never having borne Arms, 
and acting in a Civil Capacity is not to be Considered as a 
prisoner of War. 

Art. 9th. The Citizens & all other persons, now in Town, 
who are Inhabitants of this State, shall be secured in their per- 
sons & properties, both in Town and Country, and not be con- 
sidered Prisoners of War. 

Art. loth. This Article to Stand as at first proposed. The 
persons who may Claim the previledge therein expressed, giv- 
ing their Parole that they will not act against the British Gov- 
ernment untill they are exchanged. 


Art. II. This Article to Stand as at first proposed, with 
the same restrictions as are mentioned in Art. loth. 

In order to prevent disputes, it is to be understood, that all 
officers of the Continental Army, who are Citizens of this State, 
be entitled to all the Benefits of Citizens with regard to the 
security of their Property. 

All publick records now in Town, will be delivered to such 
persons as may be appointed to receive them. 

(Signed) B. Lincoln. 
Done at Charlestown May 9th 1780. 

No. 19. 
„. May 9th 1780 

No other motives but those of Forbearance and Compassion 
induced us to renew offers of Terms you certainly had no 
Claim to. 

The alterations you propose are all Utterly inadmissable. 
Hostilities will in Consequence Commence Afresh at Eight 

(Signed) H. Clinton 

M. T. Arbuthnot 
Majr Genl Lincoln. 

No. 20. 

(^. Charlestown May nth 1780. 


The same motives of humanity, which inclined you to pro- 
pose Articles of Capitulation to this Garrison, Induced me to 
offer those I had the honour of Sending you on the 8th Inst. 
They then appeared to me such as I might proffer. And you 
receive with honour to both parties your exceptions to them, as 


they principally concerned the militia and Citizens, I then con- 
ceived were such as Could not be concerned with; but a recent 
application from those People, Wherein they express a Will- 
ingness to Comply with them, and a wish on my part to lessen 
as much as may be, the Distresses of war to Individuals, lead 
me now to ofifer you my acceptance of them. 
I have the Honour to be Sir etc., 

(Signed) B. Lincoln. 

No. 21. 
Camp before Charlestown May loth 1780. 

When you rejected the favourable terms which were dic- 
tated by an earnest desire to Prevent the effusion of Blood, and 
interposed Articles that were wholly unadmissable, both the 
Admiral and my Self were of opinion that the Surrender of 
the Town at Discretion was the only Condition that should be 
afterwards attended to ; but as the motives which then Induced 
them, are still prevalent, I now Inform you that the terms then 
offered will still be granted. 

A copy of the Articles shall be sent for your Ratification as 
soon as they Can be prepared, and immediately after they are 
exchanged, a Detachment of Granadiers will be sent to take 
possession of the Horn Work apposite your main gate, every 
arrangement which may Conduce to good order in Occupying 
the Town, shall be settled before noon tomorrow, and at that 
time your Garrison shall march out. 

I have the honour to be Sir 

Your most obt. & Humbl. Sert. 
(Signed) H. Clinton 
Majr Genl Lincoln. 

Part II 


Kept by 

Captain Robert Kirkwood 

"Capt. Robt. Kirkwood's Book of General Orders for the 
year 1777 with a Journal of Marches performed by the Dela- 
ware Regt for sd year, in the last part of the Book." 

(March ist 1777) 
Proceedings of a Reigmental Court Martial held at Hel' 
Co. this ist day of March 1777 (for the trying of a certain 
James Pemberton charged with stealing a piece of check lin- 
nen) whereof Capt. Enoch Anderson is President. 

Lt. 1 ,^ , rEns. Hyat 
_, . y Members J ^' 

rarvisj 1 Ens, Jordan 

All members being present. 

Court adjourned untill 2 OClock P. M. all members pres- 

The Prisoner being called the question being put guilty or 
not guilty (Prisoner) pleads not guilty. 

Evidence — James Moones, being called & sworn, sayeth gt. 

Prisoner had a piece of check, which he endeavoured to 
conceal under his coat, but Mr. Jordan ordered him to come 
back the road he was going which was towards Wilmington 
he moving it from the fore part to the back part of his coat 
he the sd Moones, saw the check; and told him to hide it 
under the snow, for he would be detected with it. 

The Prisoner being asked if the above oath were true or 
not he replyed that he had nothing with him that he was 
affraid of being detected with, & being asked again if he had 
the check, sd. he had none but an old check shirt 

Evidence — Hugh Coffel, being sworn sayeth gt. he the sd. 
Pemberton had a quantity of check which appeared to be new 
with fringes or thrumbs on it, as is common from the loom. 


Evidence — Cornelius Grimes being sworn sayeth that the 
prisoner told him he took a check shirt with him to Wilming- 
ton. From circumstances which appear after ye evidence 
being called & duly examined the court are of opinion that 
James Pemberton is guilty of the charge laid against him, and 
do sentence him to receive thirty nine lashes on his bare back 
well laid on with the cat o nine tails ; & also to make restitu- 
tion for the linen. The commanding officer approves of the 
sentence, & orders the punishment to be put in execution this 

Head Quarters, Princeton March 27th 1777 
Genl Orders 

The General is very sorry there should be so much founda- 
tion for the frequent complaints of the sodery, respecting their 
pay and cloathing, he is very sensible of these difficulties and 
promises them everything in his power to have them speedily 

The officers of the different Corps, are for this purpose 
immedietely to make out their pay rolls & returns for the 
necessaries, and despatch them by proper persons, who will 
procure them without delay. 

March 28th 1777 
Genl Orders 

The detachments from the 3rd 4th & lOth Pennsylvania 
Batt. are to form one Corps and be under the immediet Com- 
mand of Major Larmer, the Adj't or one appointed for that 
duty to give in the returns of the Whole. Morning Reports 
are to be punctually given in at 10 OClock 



Genl Orders "^th March 1777 

All the Carpenters belonging to the Different Corps are to 
parade at Head Quarters at eight OClock to morrow morn- 
ing. Additional wages will be given to good workmen. 

Publick worship wnll be performed by the Revd. Dr. With- 
erspoon tomorrow at the Meetinghouse, all the Troops are to 
attend precisely at 1 1 OClock. The officers to see the men 
parade exactly at that time, in neat & proper order and be 
examplary in their attendance. 

Head Quarters Princeton 30th March 1777 
Genl Orders 

All the Troops in Camp to Parade to morrow morning at 
guard Mounting. James Robinson, & Matt. Jones, under 
sentence of Death for Desertion are to be Executed to morrow 
between the hours of 10 & 11 OClock Major Larmer's De- 
tachment from ye 3rd, 8th & 9th Virgr. Regt. & Capt. Scheirs 
Independant Company to hold themselves in readiness to march 
immediately after Execution tomorrow. 

Princeton March 30th 1777 
The Court met according to Orders, Proceeds 

Col. Shreeves 




'Cap. Dillen 



do. MClellan 




' Members - 

Lt. Vananglin 
do. Lane 



do. MBrfde 


Conn J 

, do. Rhea 


Geo. Hofman Judge Advocate Pro Tempore Nicholas Luke 
a Soldier Brought Before the Court Martial For Desertion, 
The Prisoner pleads guilty 

The Court Considering him, Sentence him to Receive 50 
Lashes, on his bare back vi^ell laid on v^^t ye Cat o' nine Tails. 

Isaac Pain Soldier, brought before the Court for Desertion, 
Prisoner pleads not guilty 

Evidence — Lt, Reynolds The Court finds the prisoner 
guilty And do Sentence him to Receive 15 Lashes & to be 
Discharged from the Service. 

William Watson Brought before the Court for mutiny & 
Drawing his Bayonet on Lt. Bowman the Court Sentence him 
to receive 400 Lashes 

(March 30th 1777) 

Moses Joab a Soldier Brought before the Court for taking 
of a waggon and Horses the Prisoner pleads guilty. And Sen- 
tence him to Receive 100 Lashes & have 3 Dollars stop't out 
of his Wages to be paid to the waggoner. 

James Bartley a Soldier Brought before the Court for Steal- 
ing and Selling a Shirt, the Prisoner pleads not guilty. The 
Court finds him guilty. And do Sentence him to Receive lOO 

Hopewell Jewell Brought before the Court for Stealing and 
imbezeling a Continental Mare, the Court finds him guilty, 
and do Sentence him to Receive lOO Lashes; s'd Jewell is to 
Receive 25 pr. Day untill he has got the lOO Lashes. Should 
the Mare be brought before Monday night he then Receives 
the whole at once. 


Jno Bryan A Soldier on Suspicion of Desertion James Mur- 
phy for persuaiding Jno Bryan to Enlist with Ens. Carpenter 
knowing that he Before was Inlisted. the Court Sentence 
Bryan to Receive lOO Lashes & Murphy to Receive 50 Lashes. 

Samuel M Murry brought before the Court for getting 
Drunk & Stealing i pair Shoes. No Evidence appears for 
Stealing is therefore Sentenc'd to Receive 15 Lashes for get- 
ting Drunk. 

Andrew McCoy A Suttler brought before the Court for 
fraud & Extortion, the Court finds him guilty & Sentence him 
to Receive 100 Lashes & be drummed out of the Camp & never 
permitted to Sell any more. 

The Above Sentence has been approv'd of by the Genl. 

Apl 9th 1777 

The Officers of the Differrent detachment are to Attend at 
Mr. Days Quarters Adjst to the 2nd Virgi. Regt for orders 
and Details at 2 OClock Presisely. 

Apl loth 1777 

I C, I L, 2 S, 2 C, 25 P of the nth Regt with three days 
Provisions to parade at head Quarters to morrow morning at 6 

Apl 15th 1777 

I C, I L, 2 S, 2 C, 30 P of the Delaware Detachment with 
three Days Provisions to march to the Enemys Lines Tomor- 
row morning & Relieve Capt. Hines now on Scout. 


Genl orders from Morriston Apl 25 1777 Coins and Com- 
manding Officers of Corps must Cause their Reigmental pay 
Masters to make up their Pay abstracts to the first of this 
month, & order them to attend at the Paymaster Generals for 
the Money. 

Proper attention to genl orders of this nature Issued the 2ist 
Last month would not only have moved the Complaint of the 
Soldiers for want of their pay to frequently made to the Com- 
mander in Chief, but would have saved them much trouble in 
Settling their Account for money drawn uppon Acct. and the 
most punctual obedience must be paid to this order no Execuse 
for delay will Admitted. 

They are also to make Returns of the medicins and Instru- 
ments in their Possession to the Director General at Head 
Quarters on Monday next. 

The Ad jut Genl will transmit you Copies of this to gentn 

Apl 26 1777 

A Court of Enquiry to Set Tomorrow at 9 OClock at 
Major Taylors Quarters. 

Major Taylor to Preside. 


Light Horse i C O L 

Col. Antl I C I L 

9th V. Reigt o C o L 

D. B. o C I L 


Apl 30th 1777 
Procedings of A Court Martial held at princeton 
Members present 

C. Anderson ^ r 

Lt. Wilds f-members-i „ „ , „ 
„ . Ens. Campbell 

Lt. Purvis J I 

Saml McMurry A Soldier brought before the Court for 
getting Drunk & neglect of Duty. 

Prisoner being Called pleads guilty The Court after Con- 
sidering the nature of the offence & bad tendency of Drunken- 
ness Sentence him to Receive 50 Lashes on his bare back. 

Head Quarters Princeton May 4th 1777 

The Follovv^ing orders Came from his Ecellency this Morn- 
ing and is to be Perticularly Observed By the Officers in this 
Division of the Army. 

Every Corps must put their Arms in the best firing order 
and compleatly furnished With Amunition the Commanding 
Officers w^ill see this done, as they vrill Answer for the Least 
neglect of this Important duty. 

The Qr M. Genl to Furnish them with tents and proper 
Convenniencies to Carry them, that they may be Ready to move 
with the Troops at Shortest notice. 

The Genl Laments the necessity he is Laid under of Repeat- 
ing his orders by which the Officers were forbid to Ride About 
the Country This Absenting themselves from their Duty — if 
any Sudden Call for Offensive or Defensive measures Should 
be made during their Absence, they assuredly will be Brought 
to Severe Acct. 


The Major Genrls will Publish those Orders at their Re- 
spective posts, for which purpose the Adjt Generals will fur- 
nish them wt Copies. 

The Commanding Officer of Companies or Detachments are 
Immediately to make out five Muster Rolls of Each Company 
or Detachment Printed forms of muster Rolls may be had by 
Applying to the deputy Muster Master Gen. at Head Quar- 
ters, Col. Hazen's Reg't to Parade for muster at lO OClock 
on Tuesday morning and the other Troops in Princeton at 
three in the Afternoon. Those at Kingston will parade on 
Wednesday forenoon at lo OClock and then at Rocky hill at 
3 P. M. on the same day . 

(May 4th 1777) 

Every Soldier whose Absence is not Accounted for on the 
Muster Rols Must without fail appear on the parade — The 
Rolls to be made out Alphabetically & the non effectives to be 
placed After the Effectives. 

Proceedings of A Court Martial of the Line May ist 1777 
Capt. M Connell Prisident. 

Capt. Anderson "1 f Lt. Hoops 

L,. Gilbert J™"''"'! Lt. Tallott 

Francis Dougherty of Capt. Dorseys Comp. tried for being 
insolent & Drunkness sentenced to Receive 50 Lashes. 

Thomas Donaldson of Capt. Nevin's Company tried for be- 
ing Drunk on his post Sentenced to Receive 150 Lashes. 

Patrick Ferrel of Capt. M Connell's Company for being 
Drunk and Attempting to desert Sentenced to Receive 200 


The Genrl Approves of the Sentence and orders them to be 
put in Execution to Morrow at the Releiving of the Guards. 

Timothy Collins, and William Man, are forgiven for their 
Crimes and ordered to Join their Reigt. 

Head Quarters May 4 1777 

The Genl again orders that the whole of the Troops turn 
out and are on the Parade at the beating of the Ravalie and 
the Officers Are to Maneuver them untill Sun Rise the Com- 
manding Officers of Corps must Remember for to have all 
their men Provided with three Days Provision Ready Cook'd 
The Genl Perticulary forbids the Commanding officers of 
guards not to suffer any of the guards to be Absent from their 
guards Either day or Night untill properly Relieved it is with 
surprise the Genl hears it is A Common Practice when at the 
Advanced Posts of the Enemy. 

Any Officers Commanding guards who shall suffer any of 
their Officers or men to be Absent untill Properly Relieved 
may Depend on his being Arrested. 

Officer of the Day Col. Stone a Subaltern from the Artilery 
to Visit the Barracks & Hospital to Morrow. 

The Genl Positively forbids any Person whatever found 
firing or Discharging his Arms near the Camp, Every Officer 
or Non Commissioned officer who finds any person guilty of 
that Malicious Practice Must Immediatly tye them up & give 
them 20 Lashes without Tryal. 

The Artilery Must Parade on the Grand Parade, Every 
Morning at the Break of Day and Fire a morning gun at 
which time all the Drums in Camp Must beat the Reivelie all 
the Drums & fifes in Camp Must attend with the Drum 
Major of Col. Antles Reigt. to beat the troop Retreat & Tatto 


Such who do not Attend, the Drum Major Must Confine 
them & they Shall be punished. 

The Following order came from his Exellency to day is to 
be perticularly observed by the Officers in this Department. 

It having been observed that no truth of Adhering to A 
former order, but the Contrairey some officers make A Prac- 
tice of Riding Continental Horses as well as them Belonging 
to the Inhabitants in the Neighbourhood of the Army. 

The Commander in Cheif posittively Declares that if any 
Off, in the Returns will Dare to Presume to Ride any Horse 
Either Publick or Private, Without Leave first obtain'd from 
the proper Ofr, if a Publick Horse, or from the Owner if 
Private property; Shall Immediatly be Brought to tryal by A 
Genl Court Martial. 

Head Quarters May 15th 1777 
As few Vices are Attended with more pernicious Conse- 
quences in Civil life, so there are none more fatal in A Mili- 
tary one than that of Gaming which often brings Disgrace, & 
Ruin upon OfEs & Injury and Punishment on Soldiers, & Re- 
ports Prevailing which it is to be feared are too well founded 
that this pernicious Vice has Shead its banefull influence in the 
Army and in perticular to the Prejudice of the Recruiting 
Service the Commander in Cheif in the most pointed & Expli- 
cat terms forbids all Of¥s & Soldiers Playing at Cards or Dice 
or any other games except that of Exercise for Diversions it 
being impossible if the practice be Allowed at all to Descrimi- 
nate between Innocent play for Amusement And Criminal 
Gaming for Pecunary Sordid purposes, 

Offs attentive to their Duty will find Abundant Imployment 
in training and Dissipling their Men, providing for them and 
Seeing that they appear Neat & Clean and Soldier like, nor 


will any thing Redound more to their Honour, Afford more 
Solid Amusement or better Answer the End of their Appoint- 
ment than to devote the Vacant Moments they may have to the 
Study of Military Authors. 

The Commanding Off. of every Corps are Strictly enjoined 
to have the orders frequently Read and Strongly impressed 
upon the minds of them under his Command, Any Off. or 
Soldier or other person belonging to or following the Army 
Whether in Camp, in Quarters, or on the Recruiting Service, 
or Else where presuming under any pretence to Disobey this 
order Shall be tryed by A Genl Court Martial. 

The Genl Offs in each Division of the Army are to pay 
the Strictest attention to the Due execution thereof. 

The Adjt. Genl is to transmit Copies of this order to the 
Different parts of the Army also to Cause the Same to be 
immediatly Published in the Gazzet of Each State for the 
Information of Offs Dispersed on the Recruiting Service. 

Field Off. of the day tomorrow Major Forrest An Off. from 
Col. Adam's Reigt, to visit the Barracks to Morrow. 

The Genl Court martial now Setting is fully Disolved. 

Head Quarters i6th May 1777 
A Genl Court Martial to Sit to Morrow, morning at 9 
OClock at the Meeting House. 

Col. Hall Prisident 

Col. Antle iC 2L 

Col. Hall I C I L 

Col. Stone 2C 2L 

Col. Adams iC 2L 

5 C 7 L 


The Commissary When there is no vegitables to be had is 
to Deliver flower to the Soldiers in Liew of their Rations of 

Feild Off, of the Day tomorrow Major Stewart 

An Off. from Col. Antles Rigt to Visit the Barracks and 

I C, I L, 2 S, 2 C, 30 P from Col. Stones Detachment to 
Parade with three Days Provisions to Morrow Morning to 
Relieve the Scout. 

Head Quarters 17th May 1777 

Field Off. of the day Col. Woodford An Officer to Visit 
the Barracks from Col. Adams. 

Head Quarters i8th May 1777 

Feild Off. of the Day Col. Stone. 
The Adjutant of the Congress' own Reigt to attend at Head 
Quarters tomorrow, to Act as Adjt. of the Day. A Court of 
Inquiry to Sit Tomorrow morning at 10 OClock. Col. Adams 
to Sit as President A Capt, from each Reigt to Attend as mem- 
bers this Court to Inquire into the Charges Against Daniel 
Williams & Ferguson McClain, Oonfin'd on Suspicion of 
Having held Correspondence with the Enemy, and Acting 
unfriendly to America; the Offs of the Several Corps are 
desired to see that Proper Returns are made of the Waggons 
and tents that are Necessary for their Respective Reigts, & 
the Deputy QrGl is to Supply them Immediately one tent only 
to be allowed for Six men. The QrMGenl of the Several 
Reigts to make Return of what Amunition may be Wanting 
to Compleat each man to 24 Rounds. 


f^ Head Quarters at Princeton 19th May 1777 

:" Feild Off. of the Day Col. Stone. 

g Col. Adams to furnish the Adjt. of the day The Offs of the 

^ Several guards are Desired if one Wm. Delawin Should ap- 

w pear with A pass from his Exellency Genl Washington to go 

g unto Brunswick that they cause him to be Sent to the Genls 

^ Quarters Near the Colledge. 

^ The Court of Inquiry appointed to Sit yesterday Are also 

^ appointed to Inquire unto the Conduct of Capt. Ewing in the 

"S Scrimage with the Enemy on Thursday last, Capt. Heron and 

§ all other Witnesses to Attend at 12 OClock this Day and wait 

•^ the Courts order. 

D Col. Adams to be Immediately furneshed with A Coppy of 

3 this order, And Capt. Ewing with Another, 

«^ The Genl intreats the Offs of the Several Reigts to Improve 

TS Every Oppertunity for Menouvering & Desciplining their 

g Troops and he further Requests them to be perticularly Care- 

I full to have the Rolls Called twice A day. As Nothing more 

^ Conducive to the health of Soldiers than their being kept neat 

§ & clean, the Genl Requests the Offs to be Attentive to them, 

c & to Confine Such as will not (after being Admonished) pay 

.^ proper attention to their Dress and Appearance. 

^ The Morning Reports to be made in future at 8 OClock, 

"^ The Feild Off. day is to be regularly relieved by the Field Off. 

c of the Succeeding day, at the time of the Guards being paraded, 

O where both of them are Requested to Attend in future. 

•^ The troop is to beat at 8 OClock the long Roll is to beat in 

S each Reigt at half past Seven at which time the Parade for 

2 Guards & Fatagus are to parade Ready to march to the Grand 

o parade as Soon as the Troops begin to beat. The Adjts of the 

Several Reigts are to March their parties on & Deliver them 

U over to the Adjt of the present day, who is to Deliver them 


over to the Adjt of the Preceiding. The Off. of Fatague, 
when Such as is appointed is to attend on the Parade to take 
Charge of the fateague party. A Subl. & 20 men for fatague 

All the Field Offs are Desired to attend at head Quarters 
this Evening at 6 OClock except those on Duty, the Adjt to 
attend orderly time at Eleven OClock each Day. 

Head Quarters Prince Town May 20th 1777 
Field Officer of the day Major Stuart, Adjt of the day Col. 
Antill. The Troops at each part to turn out at Revellee' beat- 
ing and assemble on the Grand parade and remain there till the 
sun rises up. All the Officers are Desired to attend the Parade 
with, their Troops. The Drum & Fife Majors of the 3 Reigts 
Stationed at Princeton, and one Drummer from each of those 
Reigts to Attend at Head Quarters this Afternoon at 4 OClock 
to receive Some orders from the Genls Aid de Camps, the 
Qrms of the Reigts Stationed at Princeton are to attend at 
head Quarters at 5 OClock this Afternoon all non Commis- 
sioned Offs and Soldiers are Strictly forbid to hold any Corre- 
spondence or Conversation with the British Soldiers in and 
about this town, all Commissioned Offs are Directed to order 
under Confinement, any non Commissioned Off. or Soldier 
which they may discover conversing with Such British Soldiers. 
The Adjuts are in future to have the Parole and Counter- 
sign delivered out to give at orderly time Seal'd up, which they 
are not to open till Tattoo beating, & then Send it to the offs 
Commanding the guard, in their Respective Departments, 
Should any Sentry Desert his post, After the Countersign is 
given, the Commanding Off. is to Alter the Counter Sign in 
the Departments, notice of which is to be immediatly Sent to 


Head Quarters, The Sutlers in and about Princeton to make 
Returns to the Adjt Qm. Genl of their Names and the man- 
ner of appointment As soon as possible. Col. Hall Command- 
ing at Rock'y hill is ordered to Send And relieve. Col. Stone's 
Scouting Party, Consisting i Capt. 2 Subs 2 Serjts 2 Corps & 
Forty Privates, this Evening at 6 OClock they to provide 
themselves with 4 days Provision. 

Head Quarters 21st May 1777 

Field Off. of the Day Major How^ard, Adjt of the Day 
from Col. Adams, Patrick McCallaster of Capt. Kirkwood's 
Comp. of the Delavv^are Reigt Sentenced by a Genl Court 
Martial to Receive 50 Lashes for Stealing a Rifle & Selling the 
Same, the Genl approves of the Sentence, & orders it to be put 
in execution at the head of the Reigt tomorrow morning at 
Guard Mounting. 

Jas Collins of the 2nd Maryland Reigt Sentenced by the 
Court to Receive 100 Lashes for Desertion, the Genl Approves 
the Sentence & orders it to be put in Execution at the head of 
the Reigt to morrow morning at 8 OClock, Peter Robinson of 
Capt. Herons Comp. Col. Hazens Reigt, tryed for Leaving his 
post & for Desertion, Sentenced to Receive 100 Lashes for each 
offence, the Genl approves the Sentence, & orders the Execu- 
tion tomorrow morning at 8 OClock at the head of the Reigt. 

Hanna Taylor tryed for persuaiding the Soldiers to Desert, 
found not guilty the Genl orders her immediatly Released. 

John Chard 2nd Maryland Reigt tried at the Same Court 
for Sleeping on his post Sentenced to Receive lOO Lashes well 
laid on, the Genl Approves the Sentence, & orders it to be 
executed at the head of the Reigt tomorrow morning at 8 


OClock the Court Martial to Sit again to morrow morning at 
9 OClock to try Such persons as may be brought before them. 

Fergusson M'Clain trued at a Court of enquiry on Suspicion 
of being an enemy to his Country. 

The Court finding no evidence against him, the Genl orders 
his immediat Release. 

A Return of the Drums & fifes wanting in the Several 
Reigts are to be made immediately. 

Head Quarters May 22nd 1777 
Feild Off. of the Day Major Taylor. 
Ad jut. of the Day Col. Adams Adjt. 
A Weekly Return of All the troops in this Department to 
be made at Head Quarters on Saterday at orderly time. 

The Court of Inquiry Already apponted are to enquire into 
the Conduct of Mary Quin Confin'd on Suspicion of being an 
Enemy to her Country, Also into the Conduct of Daniel Wil- 
liams, & John Jakel taken up going to the Enemy, all Wit- 
nesses to attend tomorrow morning at nine OClock. 

Head Quarters 23rd May 1777 

Feild ofF. of the Day 

Adjt of the Day 
Barbara Bowie tryed by A Genl Court Martial for Per- 
suaiding the Soldiers to Desert & found not guilty. 

The Genl Approves the Sentence & orders her Release. 

(May 23rd 1777) 
Hugh Wallace of Col. Hazen's Reigt tryed for Desertion, 
from that Reigt & Joining in Another of the Maryland Reigts 


into which he had previously Inlisted. The Court Adjudge 
him to refund the money he Rec'd of the Off. in Col. Hazen's 
Reigt though the Genl Supposes the Court must have had 
some Mittigating Evidence before them, in favor of the Pris- 
oner, beside what accompanies the Sentence to Induce them to 
Pass so faivourable A Sentence Yet he finds himself oblidged 
to Disaprove it on account of its Incertainty, & orders the 
Prisoner to Remain for further Consideration, the Genl orders 
for the future the Judge Advocate to take down in writing the 
whole Evidences & furnish him with A Coppy at the time he 
Received the Proceedings of the Court Martial. 

The Court finding no evidence against Danl Williams John 
Jakel, Danl McGuire, & James Robinson, the Genl orders 
their immediet Release. 

The Genl Cannot forbear expressing his astonishment at 
the number of prisoners, Dailey confined in this Department 
as those Prisoners as well as the Rest of the Soldery are pos- 
sessed of Rational faculties, He desires them Seriously to Re- 
flect on the Differrence that Soldiers Situation — who Consious 
of Doing his duty Fears no Punishment & Reasonably expects 
favour, Countenance and prefirment, and that of a Soldier 
whose Constant beheavour Exposes him to the Censure of his 
Country, the Resentment of his Offs, and the Several Punish- 
ments by Sentence of Court Martials: punishment not only 
hard to endure, but must in their Consequences make them 
infamous among their fellow Country men forever After, it 
is truly astonishing that Considerations of the Sort Should 
have escaped the Lowest Soldier and what is yet more Surpris- 
ing is that there Should be persons in the American Army so 
Lost to every principal of virtue, & Since of his own Happi- 
ness as to Attempt Desertion to an Enemy Already Destressed 
by famine and worn out with fatigue, and who Dailey live in 


fearfull expectation of feeling the Weight of American Resent- 
ment, that this is the Situation of the British Army at present 
all the prisoners and Deserters agree. And the wreched Regu- 
lars now among them with tears Confess it to their friends 
when among them, while all Europe is arming in favour of 
the Americans, while volunteers from all the States in Europe 
are coming into venture their Lives in favour of American 
freedom and while the Enemy Acknowledges that they have 
no prospect of Conquering this Country, what can Induce 
Persons to Desert to Such A Wreched Enemy, who have dis- 
tinguished themselves by their Cruelty to the misguided Sol- 
diers who have Deserted to them, as by their inhumanity to 
the Inhabitants of this State who have fallen into their Power. 

The Sentence of A Genl Court Martial ordering Richd 
Burrest of Col. Hazen's Reigt to be Shot for Desertion is 
approved the time for execution will be fixed in future orders. 

The Bakers in the Several Reigts to Attend the Commissary 
to morrow morning at Eight OClock and Receive his orders. 

Head Quarters 24 May 1777 

Field Off. of the Day to Morrow Col. Antill. 
Adjt. of the Day Col. Antills Adjt. 

The Commander in Cheif positively Directs that all ofEs. 
Stationed at out posts do not Come to Morristown but when 
their Business Absolutely Requires it, and in that case that 
they Return to their posts with all possible expedition. 

Thos. Mullen Esqr. is appointed Brigade Major to Brigadr 
Genl Debarre & is to be respected & obey'd as Such, A number 
of Horses having been Drawn from the QrM. Gnl for per- 


ticular Services & not Returned when the Business was per- 
formed, all Offs of Regts & others in possession of Horses 
Belonging to or hired by the States, are immedietly to return 
to the QrM. Genl his Deputy or Assistants in the Districts 
they may be at, the Genl Offs are to order Returns to be made 
of any publick horses imployed in their families that the States 
of the Horses Belonging to the Army may be known. 

Valantine Peers Esqr. is appointed Brigade Major to Briga- 
dier Genl Weeden & is to be Respected and Obey'd as Such, 
Lewis Woodruff Esqr. is appointed deputy Muster Master 
Cols & Commanding Offs of Regts and Corps must Cause their 
Reigmental Paymasters to make up their pay Abstracts to the 
30th day of April or exclusive, & order them to attend to the 
paymaster Genls office for the money, they must be examined 
& Signed by their Respective Commanding Offs & Brigadiers 
who Will Diligently Compare them with the dailey & weekly 
Reigmental Returns & Certify them, the Company Abstracts 
must be Deliver'd into the paymaster Genl with the Regtl 
abstracts that the great and necessary purpose of Adjusting the 
Rank of all the Offs in the American Army may be effected 
with all expedition his exellency the Commander in Cheif, is 
pleas'd to order that the Feild Offs of each Continental Batt. 
do immediatly examine into the present Rank and hear their 
pretentions thereto, of all the Capts & Subalterns, Settle them 
where they Can to the Satisfaction of all the Gentlemen Con- 
cerned and make a full & fair Report of all their proceedings 
to the Brigadier commanding their Brigade; & that the Brig- 
adiers with the Assistance of the field Offs of their Brigade 
do upon the reports of such, proceed to Adjust the Rank of 
all their Offs in the Seperate Brigades and make a full and 
fair Report of their proceedings. To the Major Genl Com- 


manding their Divisions that Should there be any instance of 
Dissatisfaction in the Offs they Candidly inumerate by such 
Feild Offs and parties Complaining with all their attending 
Circumstances & Report it to their respective Brigades Who 
Shall Call before them all parties interested enquiring into 
their Claims (& if it Cannot be settled with Satisfaction) 
make A Special & Particular Report to their Major Genl upon 
receipt of which Several Reports; A board of Of¥s will take 
a Dispationate Comparative view of the whole & Determine 
the Rank in the Army, untill which time it is expected the 
Service will not be injured, in Disputes about Rank, but that 
every Off. will by an emolous Discharge of his Duty recom- 
mend him Self to his Country, & to the promotion he ranks 
himself intitled to. 

Head Quarters Princeton 25th May 1777 

Feild Off. of the Day Majr Forrest. 
Adjt of the Day Col. Adam's Adjt. 

All the Troops Stationed at Princeton except those on 
guard & fatague to Parade for Exercise to morrow 10 OClock 
forenoon, The Sentence Against Hugh Wallace being ex- 
plained to the Genls Satisfaction the Genl Approves the Sen- 
tence and orders that as Soon as he refunds the Money Reed 
of Col. Hazen's Off. or of the Off. with whome he Stands 
Inlisted in the Maryland Regt will become Responsible for it; 
the Said Wallace be Released from his Confinement and return 
to his Duty in the Maryland Regt. 

The Qrm. to See the Bridge near Kingston mended as Soon 
as possible. 


Head Quarters May 26th 1777 

Feild Off. of the Day Majr Stewart. 
Adjt of the Day Col. Antles adjt. 

The Genl Court Martial to Sit to morrow morning at 9 
OClock to try Such matters as may be brought before them. 
The Court of Inquiry to Sit at the Same time to Inquire into 
A Complaint against Capt. McConnel, for withholding the 
Bounty money from Jas Irwing also to Inquire into the Con- 
duct of Ens. Hook Accused of Embezling Stores, the Court 
Martial to try the Complaint of Capt. Herons against Capt. 
Ewings for misbehaving before the Enemy — ^The troops at 
Rockey hill and Kingston to parade at Kingston to morrow 
three OClock afternoon for Exercise. 

As Catridges are now arrived the QrMasters are to make an 
Immediet Return and Draw what is wanting to Compleat each 
man to 24 Rounds all firing is forbid without Special orders. 

All the Armourers and Smiths in the Several Regts to appear 
at Head Quarters to morrow morning 9 OClock. 

The Genl is Surprised that there has not been more atten- 
tion Paid to the orders of the 21st Inst. Relative to A Return 
of the Drums and fifes Wanting in the Several Regts. 

The Genl Strictly Injoins it upon all Offs of guards and 
other Offs that when A Considerable firing of Cannon or 
Musketry is heard, they give him immediate notice of it; the 
Adjt of the Day is to furnish the Captains of the Main Guard 
with the Countersign. 


Head Qurts Princeton 27th May 1777 

Off. of the Day Major Stewart. 

Adjt of the Day Col. Adams. 
Genl orders, all the Carpenters & Wheelrights at Princeton 
to parade at Head Qurts to morrow morning at 9 OClock. A 
Scouting party Consisting of one Capt. one Subl. two Serjts 
two Corpls & 36 privates ordered out of Col. Stones Regt 
to Relieve A Scouting party at the Quaker Meeting house on 
Brunswick Road, to be on the ground to morrow morning at 9 
OClock to try Lt. Sanford for Neglect of Duty & Lt. Hanson 
for the Same Offence the Genl expects in future when any Off. 
puts another in Arrest they will immedietly Report it at 
Head Quarters with A Coppy of the Charge Similar to that 
which he leaves with the Off. arrested, the Genl Strictly en- 
joins it upon all offs to use their utmost endeavours to appre- 
hend all persons who Shall be found Discharging their piece in 
and about the Camp that they may be punished. The Court 
of enquiry that was Ordered to Sit upon Capt. M Connell is a 
mistake, so it appears that James Irving was not Inlisted with 
Capt. M Connel but with Capt. Burns; Majr Taylor to Sit 
as President of the Court of Inquiry to day in the Room of 
Lt. Col. Adams who is Sick. 

The guard to be furnished with one Subl. only; as nothing 
Can be attended with worse consequences than the Issuing out 
a Wrong Countersign. The Genl orders that in Case any 
Such thing Should again happen that the Off. of the Day, put 
in arrest the Off. who has given it out. As frequent Com- 
plaints has been made of the Remisness & Ignorance of the 
Kingston guards, the Genl Desires those Offs acquainted with 
Camp Duty to instruct the younger Offs in that Department, 
that an end may be put to Such Complaints and the Duty done 
in a Soldier Like manner. 


Princeton 28th May 1777 
Reigmental Orders 

A Reigmental Court Martial to be held this Day at 9 
OClock for the Tryal of Several Prisoners of the Delaware 
Reigt Commanded by Col. David Hall; Whereof Capt. Robt 
Kirkwood is president. 

Lt. Queenault ^ , f Lt. Duff 

T T. V members ' _. 

Lt. iJratten J \ Lns. Horsman 

The Court Adjourned to 9 OClock Thursday morning 29th 


Head Qrts Princeton 29th May 1777 

Feild Off. of the Day Col. Woodford. 
Adjt. of the Day Col. Antle's Adjt. 

Wm. Applegate tryed by Genl Court Martial for Desertion 
no Evidence appearing to the Court against him the Genl or- 
ders him to be Released; Alxr Cook tryed by the Same Court 
for Desertion; the Court finds that he inlisted in another Regt 
through ignorance and not with any evil Design, & that he has 
always behaved as A good Soldier, and Adjudge that twenty 
Shillings be Stopped out of his Wages, for the use of the Sick 
in the Regt to which he Belongs, and that he do Duty in Col. 
Hazens Regt till his proper officer (of the 7th Pensulvania 
Regt apply for him. 

James Duffy tryed at the Same Court for Desertion the 
Court finding no evidence against him, the Genl orders his 
Release, & that he Joines Capt. Tories Company. 

Alaxander Graham tried by the Same Court for Desertion, 
the Court finding no evidence Against him orders him to Join 
Capt. Tories Company till Capt. Wilson is present; the Genl 


orders him to be released from the guard house & that he Con- 
tinue in Capt. Tories Company till Capt. Wilson is present. 

The troops at Princeton to Assembel for exercise to morrow 
morning at lO OClock at the Grand parade, to have Wooden 
knockers instead of flints, all the guns to be Drawn that may 
be Loaded; As nothing in War is so essentially Necessary as 
the instructing Troops in the Loading and firing motions, & 
in the Different Manuevres, the Genl Desires all the Offs to 
pay perticular attention to these essential points & not to let 
too much time be spent upon the unessensial parts of the Man- 
uel Exercise which in time of Action can be but of little use. 

The Genl Strictly orders that no Horses be turned into any 
persons inclosure but by order of the Qrm. G, Forrage MrGl 
Waggon Mr G, or their Deputies or assistants. 

The Genl Desires that in future all Soldiers for Small 
offences be Confin'd in Qrtr guards, and tryed by Reigmental 
Court Martials, also in future one Subl. at least is to be with 
every fatague party. 

Head Quarters 29th May 1777 

Feild OfiE. of the Day, to morrow Lt. Col. Antle. 

Adjt. of the Day Col. Adam's Adjt. 
The Court of Inquiry now Sitting to inquire into the Com- 
plaint against Mary Quin, and Elizabeth Brewer Confined on 
Suspicion of being an enemy to their Country. 

Head Quarters 29th May 1777 

Proceedings of a Genl Court Martial held this day by the 
Delaware Regt Commanded by Col. David Hall for the Tryal 


of the undermentioned Prisoners belonging to s'd Regt 
Whereof Capt. Robt Kirkwood is Prisident. 

Lt. Queenault "1 fLt. Duff 

T Ti > members J „ .^ 

Lt. Brattan J | Lns. Hosman 

Saml McMurry of Capt. Andersons Copany Confin'd loth 
May by Lt. Col. Antle for being Drunk. 

Prisoner being Call'd pleads not guilty, and no evidence ap- 
pearing against him this Court is of Opinion that he ought 
to be Released from his confinement, therefore orders him to 
Join his Company. 

George Connoly, a Soldier in the Same Company Confin'd 
27th May by Serjt Murphy for Drunkeness & on Suspicion of 

Evidence — James Bennet a Soldier in the Same Company, 
being duly Sworn deposeth that he told him that 
he had found A pocket book with about twenty 
pounds in it, that he Could now give him A 
treat, & Shewed him an eight Dollar bill, & he 
Saw Some other bils in his hand. 

The Prisoner on his Defence Sayeth that he had but A four 
Dollar bill that he Reed of his Capt. and further Sayeth that 
he had an eight Dollar Bill between him and his Comrade. 

From Circumstances wich appear after the evidence was 
duely Examined, the Court are of opinion the Prisoner is 
guilty of the Crimes Laid against him, and do Sentence him 
to 25 Lashes well Laid on for being drunk & 150 lashes well 
laid on for theift; and what pay may be Due him to the ist 
May, stopt and 25/c pr month after that time untill he 
Refunds the Sum of Twenty pound twelve Shillings & Six- 


Richard Garret a Soldier in the Same Compy Confin'd 27th 
May by Serjt Murphy for Drunkeness. 

The Prisoner being Calld pleads not guilty. 

Evidence — Serjt Murphy being Duly Sworn deposeth that 

the prisoner was drunk and he thought unfit for 

Duty, but that he is a Quiet harmless fellow 

when Sober, & that he never Saw him drunk 


Prisoner in his Defence Saith, that being ordered on A party 

with Capt. Anderson, and on his Return from the party, was 

put on guard and on fatague till with in Some few hours 

before he was Confin'd and therefore Left it to the Court to 

Judge if he had time to get Drunk, from Circumstances that 

appears after the evidence was called and Duely examined, the 

Court are of opinion that the prisoner is guilty of the Crime 

of Drunkeness, but taking into Consideration the Character 

he bears when Sober, & that he is not apt to be in Liquor, 

and being the first time he has been Confin'd for any fault 

Do acquit him, on Conditions that he promises to do the Like 

no More. 

Head Quarters Princeton 30th May 1777 

Feild 0&. of the Day Majr Howard. 
Adjt. of the day Col. Antles Adjt. 
Lt. Sanford Tryed by A Genl Court Martial for behaving 
Unlike A Gentleman and an Off. to Capt. O'Hara, the Court 
find him not guilty of the Charge, the Genl approves the Sen- 
tence and orders that he Return to his duty. 

The troops at Kingston & Rocky hill to Assembel to Mor- 
row three OClock afternoon; the Soldiers are to have wooden 
knockers instead of flints. 


Head Quarters Princeton 31st May 1777 

Fefld Off. of the Day Col. Gunby. 
Adjt. of the Day Col. Adam's Adjt. 

The Court Martial Whereof Col. Hall is President to Sit 
on Monday Morning 9 OClock to try Capt. Longstreet, who 
is Arrested by Majr Taylor, for making use of Impertinent & 
Abusefull Language to him, unbecoming an Off. or Soldier. 

A Return to be made Immediatly of all the Catridges on 
hand, the Off. Commanding the Several Regts are to See that 
their arms & accoutriments are in good order and fit for 

The QrMaster is once more Requested to furnish the Sev- 
eral Regts with their Quoto of Waggons Immediatly. 

Head Quarters Princeton June ist 1777 

Feild Off. of the Day Lt. Col. Ramsey. 
Adjt. of the Day Col. An tie's Adjt. 

Capt. Ewing tryed by A Genl Court Martial for Misbe- 
having before the Enemy, the Court are of opinion that the 
Charge has Some foundation as he did not Act in Conjunction 
with Capt. Heron According to his agreement, or give him 
notice when he went off — but as the Circumstance of his not 
being made Acquainted with the Signal agree'd on Between 
Capt. Longstreet, & Capt. Heron and his former good Con- 
duct Appeard in mittigation of the offence the Court Sentence 
him to be Reprimanded by the Genl in presence of Capt. 
Heron — The Genl Approves the Sentence & orders him and 
Capt. Heron to Attend at Head Quarters, or as Soon as Capt. 
Heron Returns, all the Soldiers to furnish themselves to Day 


with two Days Provisions Ready Dressed & hold themselves 
to march on the Shortest notice. 

The QrMaster & Commissary to Acquaint themselves every 
day with the Genl orders, & Send Some person to take them 
off and take the Countersign. 

After orders will be issued this Day at 5 OClock P. M. 
All Adjts and others whose business it is to take off orders to 
attend punctually. 

The Off. of the Day by no means to go the Grand Rounds 
without a Serjt and proper escort when Gr. Rounds are to 
be performed on Horseback, it is usual for him to take Some 
officers of the Regt to which he belongs & A Serjt with him 
on horseback. 

He.^d Quarters Princeton June 2nd 1777 
Parole Washington C. S. Stephens. 

Feild Off. of the Day tomorrow Col. Stone. 
Adjt. of the Day Col. Gunby's Adjt. 
The Genl Court Martial whereof Col. Hall is Prisident 
that was to Sit to Day is to Sit tomorrow morning 9 OClock. 
Col. Stone to Send A party Consisting of i C, I L, 2 S, 2 C, 
36 P to Releive a Scouting party on Brunswick Road at or 
near the Quaker Meeting house to be on the ground tomorrow 
morning at 9 OClock well equip't with five Days Provisions. 
Col. Stone to give them their Necessary orders. 

Head Quarters June 3rd Princeton 1777 

Feild off. of the Day to morrow Majr Forrest, Adjt. of the 
Day Col. Harzen's 


Head Quarters Princeton June 4th 1777 

Feild Off. of the Day Majr Stewart. 

Adjt. of the Day tomorrow Col. Hazen's Adjt. 

The Adjt. in future to take of orders themselves unless when 
Sick or Absent from their Regt. And then A Subaltern must 
take the orders. 

Head Quarters Princeton June 5th 1777 

Feild Oif. of the Day to morrow Majr Stewart. 
Adjt. of the Day Col. Hazen's Adjt. 

The Court Martial Whereof Col. Hall is President is Ad- 
journed. A Genl Court Martial to Sit at ten OClock this 
Morning to try Deserters Col. Gunby President, Col. Hazen 
to furnish Out of his Regt only for to day 4 C, 4 L. Col. 
Gunbys Regt to furnish i C, i L, the Del. Reigt to furnish 
I C, I L. The Troops at Princeton to furnish A party to Re- 
lieve A Scouting party on the Brunswick Road at or near the 
■Quaquer Meeting house, to be on the ground tomorrow morn- 
ing 9 OClock the Party to Consist of i C, 3 L, 4 S, 4 C, 
100 P Well equipt with five Days provisions. 

A party to be Sent from the 3 Regts at Princeton to Relieve 
Capt. Heron at Cranbury to Consist of i C, i L, 4 S, 4 C, 
60 P. 

A Genl Court Martial to Sit to morrow morning at 9 
OClock to try Such matters a Shall be laid before them, Col. 
Gunby President. 

Col. Hall to furnish I C, i L as members; Col. Stones to 
Summon from the 3 Regts under his Command 2 C, 3 L as 
members of Sd Court. Col. Hazen to furnish from his Regt 


2 C, 2 L Col. Gunby to furnish i C, i L and the D. Regt 
I L all to be members of the Genl Court Martial. The Genl 
flattered himself that tenderness to all Soldiers under his Com- 
mand, and A Proper attention to this Comfort, when Join'd 
With due Consideration of the Justice of the Cause we are 
engaged in, would Strongly operate to Prevent Desertions; but 
finding Some Soldiers are deaf to all calls of Justice & Reason, 
& void of these gratefull feelings which every Soldier Should 
possess, when treated with tenderness & Humanity, he finds 
himself under the Disagreeable Necessaty, to punish Deserters 
with the greatest Rigour, therefore orders that Richd Burress 
be Shot on the Publick parade between the hours of ten in the 
forenoon & two in the Afternoon tomorrow. 

That the Court Martials in future try Persons for Desertion 
before they proceed to any other Business, that they may be 
punished as Soon as possible; he further orders the Offs Com- 
manding the Scouting parties, & out parties that if any of their 
party attempt to Desert and are Retaken that they Cause them 
Instantly to be hanged or Shot on the Spot, he further orders 
that when any of our out Guards Discover any Soldier attempt- 
ing to Desert to the Enemy that they Immedietly fire on them 
& kill them on the ground. Every Soldier who may in future 
be Discovered near our advanc'd lines without A pass in Writ- 
ing Shall be Deem'd Deserters, & punished as Such without 
further evidence; that no plea of Ignorance of orders may be 
offered in excuse. The Genl orders that all orders be Read at 
the head of the Companies at Roll Calling in the Evening & at 
the head of the Companies in the morning at Roll Calling, and 
that every Capt. of a guard, or picket, or Scouting party Shall 
Before he Dismisses his party Cause all orders Issued while he 
was on Duty to be Distinctly Read to them. Copy of these 
orders to be immedietly Communicated to the Offs Command- 


ing at the out posts & to the Commanding offs at Cranbery. 
The Genl Court Martial that is to Sit tomorrow is to try Lt. 
Price who is under arrest for Neglect of Duty when on guard. 

Head Quarters Princeton 6th June 1777 P Hancock, C L 

Feild Off. of the Day tomorrow Col. Hall. 

Adjt. of the Day to morrow Col. Harzen's Adjt. 
James Irving tried by A Genl Court Martial for Deserting, 
found guilty, the Court Sentence him to receive 100 Lashes on 
his Bare back. Thos. Larkin tried by a Genl Court Martial, 
being Charged with an Intention to Desert. Upon a full ex- 
amination the Court think proper to Acquit him, the Genl 
approves the Sentence And orders him to be immedietly Re- 
leased from his Confinement And to go in his Regt. 

Head Quarters Princeton 7th June 1777 Pari. Arnold C S 

Field Off. of the Day tomorrow Lt. Col. Woolford. 
Adjt. of the Day Col. Hazens Adjt. 
Robt Buckannon is appointed Judge advocate unto this 
Division untill further orders. The Genl Directs that all the 
pay Rolls be made up untill the 30th of April agreeable to 
former orders, the Pay Drawn and all the men paid off imme- 
dietly; Francis Ward and Henery Barrier, both tried by a 
Genl Court Martial for attempting to Desert to the enemy the 
Court finds them guilty and Sentence them to Suffer Death, 
his Exellency Genl Washington has Approv'd the Sentence the 
time of execution will be notified in future orders. 


The following Regts are of Genl De Boris Brigade; Col. 
Hazens, 2nd Maryland, Col. Price, 4th do. Col. Hall, 6th do. 
Col. Williams, Genl De Bore is to take Command of his 
Brigade & march those Regts at Princeton to Kingston & take 
possession of Kingston, Rockey hill & Scudders mill, he is to 
furnish the Picquet at the 7 Mile Tavren, also the guards at 
Greggs tavren, all the other troops Belonging to the Division 
of the Army are to march to Princeton; & take up the ground 
of Encampment; the Troops to prepare to Day and to March 
to Morrow at 9 OClock. 

A Corporal & 4 Men to be Sent Dailey from the Main 
guard to Obdikes hill to guard the Beacon the Corporal to take 
his orders from Head Quarters, the Main guard to furnish A 
Sentry at the Beacon at Princeton daily. 

Head Quarters Princeton June 8th 1777 

Feild Off. of the Day Col. Antill. 
Adjt. of the Day Col. Ramseys Adjt. 

Lt. Price tryed by a Genl Court Martial for neglect of 
Duty when on guard, found guilty and Sentenced to be Repri- 
manded By the Genl in prisence of Col. Stone is also required 
to Attend Wm. Steel & Thomas Jonston of Capt. Henerys 
Company 5th Maryland Regt, tried by the Same Court for 
Attempting to Desert & Sentenced to Receive 100 Lashes each 
the Genl Approves the Sentence & orders them to be put in 
execution to morrow morning at guard Mounting. Col. Stone 
to take command of G^nl Smallwoods Brigade till further 
orders, he is to appoint Some Suitable person to Act as Brigade 
Major, no light horse is to Stand Sentry on our advanced 


posts, but Remain in the Rear Ready to give intilligence of 
the Enemys movement if necessary all the Mecanicks of Genl 
Smallwoods Brigade to attend upon the Assistant QrMaster 
General tomorrow morning at 8 OClock to Receive his orders. 
The Court of Inquiry Whereof Majr Taylor is president 
is Disolved; The troops at princeton to furnish A Scouting 
party Consisting of i C, 2 L, 4 S, 4 C, 100 P to releive A 
Scouting party on Brunswick Road at or near the Quaker 
Meeting house to have five Days Provision to be well equipt 
& to be on the ground tomorrow morning at 9 OClock. 

Head Quarters 9th June 1777 P. Crambery C S Philada. 

Feild Off. of the Day Col. Ramsey. 

Adjt. of the day tomorrow Col. Ramseys Adjt. 

The Genl Court Martial Whereof Col. Gunby's President 
to Sit to morrow morning to try Capt. Ewing for breach of 
Genl orders. Major Sherburn to furnish the Court with A 
Coppy of the Sentence of the Court martial Against him As 
also with A Coppy of Gnl orders of the 7th Inst, respecting 
Capt. Ewings Attendance at Head Quarters, Major Sherburn 
& Capt. Heron to Attend the Court as Witnesses to prove 
Capt. Ewings non Attendance; the guard at the 7 Mile tavren 
is to be by no means Commanded by A Subaltern, the Genl 
is much Surprised to hear that after express orders was given 
for a Capt. & fifty men that so unsoldierly a manner Should 
be gone into as to Send A Subl. to Command 50 men which 
is properly A Capt. guard, the Main guard to consist for the 
future of I C, 2 L, 4 S, 4 C, 58 P the Several Regts to have 
Qr. Guards established which is to furnish the Necessary Sen- 


tries for the Field Off.; as Catridges are now at hand the 
Soldiers amunition to be immedietly Compleated each Brigade 
to furnish a field off. of the Day to visit their Respective Sepa- 
rate guards. 

Brigade Orders June gth 

Genl Smallwoods Brigade Consisting of the ist 3rd & 7th 
Maryland Regt & D R to be on the parade every morning 
at Revellie Beating in the field in the front of the encampment 
every Off. to be on the field with their Regts agreeable to 
Genl orders, morning reports to be made from each Regt & 
Deliver'd to Col. Stone at his encampment, every Soldier for 
guard to be dress'd neat and Clean & head powdered each 
Regt to Draw what Catridges are Necessary to Compleat each 
man with 24 Rounds. 

Head Quarters loth June 1777 

The Commissary to pick out of any Company at Princeton 
any Baker or Bakers that he thinks Necessary to Carry on the 
Baking Business for this Brigade. 

It is Suppos'd that a number of Deserters now coming out 
are employ'd by the enemy as Spies, the Genl Strictly orders 
that no off. or Soldier except those that have them immedietly 
in Charge, Shall attempt to Speak to or hold any Conversation 
with them; the parties having them in Charge Shall bring 
them immedietly to head quarters all offs are requested imme- 
dietly to Confine every non Commissioned off. or Soldier who 
Shall be Seen gathering Round or holding any Conversation 
with any Deserter that they may be punished for breach of 
Genl orders. 


Brigade Orders June loth 

Field off. of the Day tomorrow Majr Sterrit. 

Adjt. of the day tomorrow 3rd Maryland Regt Adjt. 

The Adjt, of the Day is to See the Different guards march 

in proper time to Releive the main guard & to Receive the 

Countersign & deliver it to the offs of the guard Each Regt 

to parade precisely at half past three P. M. 

Head Quarters Princeton nth 1777 

Off. of the Day tomorrow Majr Forrest. 

Adjt. of the Day to-morrow ist Maryland Regt. 

The troops at Princeton to parade to day precisely at half 
past 3, OClock in the afternoon. 

James Whight, & Jonathan Wright of Col. Harzens Regt 
tryed by A Genl Court Martial for Suffering a prisoner to 
escape, the Court find them not guilty; the Genl approves 
the Sentence & orders them to be Releas'd. 

James Cox of Col. Hazens Regt tried by the Same Court 
for Attempting to Desert to the Enemy & Sentenc'd to Receive 
100 Lashes on the Bare back & be Confin'd During the War, 
the Genl Approves the Sentence, & that he Receive the lOO 
Lashes to Morrow morning at guard mounting, that Col. 
Hazen Discharge him from his Regt & Send him to Philada 
with a Coppy of the orders that he may be Confin'd in Such 
place as the Commanding off. Shall Direct. 

Mary Quin try'd by the Same Court, for acting as an Enemy 
to her Country, no Evidence appearing the Genl orders her to 
be Releas'd. Elizabeth Brewer try'd by the Same Court & 
found guilty of acting as a Spy in the Service of the Enemy, 


do Sentence her to be Confin'd During the War, the Genl 
Approves the Sentence & orders her to be Sent to Morrow in 
Company with James Cox to Philada with a Coppy of her 
Sentence & to be there Confin'd in Such place as the Com- 
manding off. Shall direct during the War. Genl De Bores 
Brigade to furnish A Scouting party to Consist of i C, 2 L, 
4 S, 4 C, 60 P to Releive the Princeton Scouting party on the 
Brunswick Road at or near the Quaquer Meeting house, to 
be on the ground tomorrow morning at 9 OClock with 5 
Days Provision & well equipt. 

Field Off. of the Day Majr Forrest. 
Adjt. of the Day ist M. Regt. 

Head Quarters Princeton June 12th 1777 
All the Paymasters in their Divisions are ordre'd to attend 
at the Paymaster Genl at Middle Brook to Morrow morning 
at 10 OClock presisely each to take paper with them to take 
A Coppy of the pay Roll formed agreeable to the New estab- 
lishment; those Regts who are Destitute for Paymasters are 
to Send Some CarefuU off. for that purpose those offs Com- 
manding the Different Brigades are Desired to See that their 
men are Supplied with amunition Immedietly and that their 
arms are in good order, & for their Men to be Ready at a 
Moments warning to march, & by no means for Off. or Sol- 
dier to absent himself from Camp & the Waggons Belonging 
to the Different Regts are not to be out of the Way but to 
keep with their Respective Regts. The Sick are to be Removed 
to Trenton Immedietly, the Court Martial of which Col. 
Gunby's president is Disolved All the troops in the Division 
to have three Days provision Cooked Immedietly. 


Brigade Orders 

All the Muskets that are Charged are to immedietly drawn 
and the Muskets to be Cleaned & put in the best order for 
Action, the Offs Commanding Comps are to See this done, 
the Brigade to parade this afternoon at 4 OClock to Examin 
their Arms, Returns to be made immedietly for Catridges & 
flints, the Provision to be Drawn immedietly to furnish each 
man with 3 Days the OfEs and Soldiers of this Brigade to have 
their Baggage Packed up & Ready to put into the Baggage 
Waggons at a moments warning the Commanding OfEs to See 
their Sick Removed. 

The QrMaster to provide waggons for that purpose; in 
Case of any alarm immedietly the Waggons to be guarded 
by those Soldiers that are Lame or Muskets may be out of 
order as to Render them unfit for action. No Soldier as Able 
Bodied to Bare arms & those Muskets that is out of Repair 
to be detain'd. 

Field Off., for tomorrow Majr Sterrett. 
Adjt. for tomorrow Jas. Lucas. 


t: I Head Quarters Princeton 13th June 1777 

^ All the Troops to have their tents Struck Immedietly and 

Z '" their Baggage Waggons Loaded and be Ready to March by 3 

I rt OClock in the Afternoon, All the guards about Princeton 

"^ >. Kingston and Senders Mills to be Call'd in, the Prisoners to 

o "^ move on their Respective guards. 

Brigade Orders 
Provision to be Immedietly Drawn to furnish each man 
with 3 Days, and to be immedietly Cook'd. Field Officer of 


the Day to morrow Col. Gunby, Adjt. of the Day from the 
■3rd Regt Col. Stone is Surprised that each Regt has not fur- 
nished the Artilery with the number of men ordr'd for that 
purpose The Commanding Off. of each Regt is to order 2 
men the best Qualified to Serve in the Artilery Immedietly 
to Join Capt. Stewell, 

Flemington i8th June 1777 
The Genl orders that all the troops be immedietly furnished 
with 3 days Provision to have it Cook'd Dirictly & that no 
Soldier make any plea after the 3 Days is expired, that he has 
no provisions As the Genl is Determined None Shall be Drawn 
till that time is Expired, the troops to hold themselves in Read- 
iness to march at A Moments Warning with their Knapsacks, 
Blankets & provisions. Proper guards to be left with tents & 
Baggage Composed of those persons who are least able to 
undergo a March the Weomen who are left at the other Side 
of Corrells ferry & the men who are left to guard the Bag- 
gage to be Brought forwards immedietly to this Camp the 
QrMaster to furnish each Brigade immedietly for the future. 
An orderly Serjeant from each Brigade to attend at Head 
Quarters Daily A Main guard consisting of one Capt. i Sub. 
2 Serjts & 36 Privates to be established immedietly for the 
tryal of Such persons as may be Brought before them. 

Col. Hazen President; Six Captains & Six Subalterns to 
be furnished from each Brigade to Sit as Members; John 
Powell Esqr. is appointed Brigade Major to Genl Smallwood 
& is to be Considered as Such. 

Brigade Orders i8th June 
Each Regt of Genl Smallwood's Brigade to have their bag- 
gage pack'd up & parade in the Road immedietly, and march 



to the place of encampment, the loads to be all Drawn & the 
arms to be put in the best order; The Brigade to parade at 6 
this afternoon, the Commanding Off. of each Regt to examine 
^ their Armes, The 3rd Maryland Regt to occupy the Barns & 

c where Col. Gunby is now Quarter'd the Catridges to be exam- 
ined & those that may be wet to have others put in their Room, 
any Catridges that may be wanting may be had by Sending 
their Returns to Col. Stone. 

J ^ Flemington June 19th 1777 

g § 00 Genl Orders 

^ o .^ The troops to parade immediately & march to Prospect hill 

.22 ^ the Baggage to be left at Flemington, under the Command of 

o -g ^ Major Vaughen. 

,S ^ 3 

S c Brigade Orders June 19th 

P c o All the Troops to parade this evening on the brow of the 
2 I ^ hill for Scout. 

Delaware Regt i Capt. 40 Privates & 2 Subalterns. 

Regimental Orders Rockey hill June 20 1777 

A Court Martial to set immedietly for the tryal of Sundry 
prisoners: Whereof Capt. Robt. Kirkwood is President, Lt. 
MKennon, Lt. Qenocualt, Lt. Bratton and Ens. Skillington 

Proceedings of the Above Court Martial. 

Pr order of Col. David Hall, for the tryal of Sundry pris- 
oners Belonging to the Delaware Regt. Members as Above. 

Robt. Hoskins Joseph Brown William Black John Lays 
John Randam William Skinner Belonging to Capt. Thomas 
Holand's Compy. 


Confin'd by Col, David Hall for plundering A house of an 
Inhabitant of the United States near prospect hill, The above 
prisoners being brought Before the Court pleads guilty. 

The Court after Duly Considering the Offense do Sentence 
John Random to receive 75 Lashes on the bare back 50 for 
the Above offence, & 25 for lying Before the Court, Robt. 
Hoskins, Joseph Brov^^n Wm. Black John Lays, to receive 50 
each on their bare backs. 

Wm. Skinner to receive 39 Lashes, & the whole of them 
to have half a months pay each Stop'd out of their pay for the 
use of the Sick Soldiers of the Regt. Sign'd 

Robt. Kirkwood 
Capt. DR president 

The Above Sentence is approv'd of, & order'd to be put in 
execution this Evening at parading time Except, Wm. Skinner 
v\^ho on Acct. of his Youth is ommitted. 

David Hall 

Col. DR 

Head Quarters Sampton June 23rd 1777 
Genl Orders 

Field Off. of the day from Genl Smallw^ood's Bridage. 
Field Off. of the day tomorrow from Genl Debres Bri- 
Adjt. of the Day from Genl Debores Bridage, an orderly 
Serjt to be sent from each Brigade to Genl Sullivans Head 
Quarters, A Picquet to be established Consisting of 2 C, 2 L, 
4 S, 4 C, 100 P. A main guard of i C, i L, 2 S, 2 C, 36 P, 
guard for Genl Sullivan to be taken from Col. Hazen's Regt 


of Genl Debores Brigade to consist of i L, 2 S, 2 C, 24 P to 
be a standing guard until further orders, Genl Debores Quota 
for guard is 2 C, 3 L, 6 S, 6 C, 100 P, Col. Stones Quota 
is I C, I L, 2 S, 2 C, 60 P. Adjt of the Division for tomor- 
row from Col. Stones Brigade, the Brigade Major to see the 
Picquets posted in Rotation, except when the business of the 
Brigade requires their immediet attendance, & then the Adjt 
of the Day must see it done, and who is to attend the parading 
of all guards The Genl is inform'd that the Soldiers under 
his Command have of late made it their business to plunder 
the inhabitants in their march thr'o the Country he therefore 
Desires the Offs Commanding Regts in the Several Brigades 
under his command to find out those Soldiers who have been 
guilty of that Scandelous practice, and immedietly Confine 
them, in order that they meet with Punishment Aduquet to 
their crimes, & for the future to take such methods as will 
prevent the like again. 

From Rockey hill we march to 
Brunswick which is 12 Miles 
and from thence to Sampton 
which is 6 Miles where our 
Regt Lay at a Saw Mill where 
we had prepar'd our Selves for 
an attack. 

Head Quarters Middle Brook 26 June 1777 
Genl Orders 

The Troops are all to be compleated with 3 days provisions, 
one of fresh and two of Salt if to be had, & to hold them- 
selves in readiness to march at A moments Warning; The 
Troops will lodge themselves in the best manner they can 



this night, near the gaps of the mountain from every gap 
proper picquets ought to be posted and patroles sent out During 
the night all. the Troops are to Draw Spirits if it is to be had 
at the Commissaries at Old Head Quarters. 

Head Quarters Lincoln Hill June 29th 1777 
Genl Orders 

Major Genl for tomorrow Green. 

Brigadier Muhlenburgh. 

I Field Off Col. Spotswood. 

iH Brigade Major Swain. 

o _ ■ . , 

(/5 The QrMaster Gen. is to make a proper Destribution of 

.S ^ Waggons among the Brigades and Corps of the Army, and in 
c _g proportion to their Respective numbers, to ascertain which, he 
»2 *^ will Apply to the Adgt. Genl. 


i-J .22 Division Orders 

2 js 

c IS The Picquest to parade as usual A Corporal and four men 

D, '^ of Genl Smallwood's Brigade to Relieve the same number of 

c^ .y Genl Debores to morrow morning at Genl Sullivans Old 

B c Quarters. 

o ^ 

^ ^ Parole Manchester Countersign 

J Milton 
\ Medford 

Regimental Orders June 29th 1777. 

Proceedings of a Regimental Court Martial held at Lincoln 
Hill by order of Col. David Hall, for the trial of Sundry 


Prisoners Belonging to the Delaware Regiment Whereof Capt. 
Nathaniel Mitchel is president. 

Lt. Corse "^ (^ Lt, Queenoucalt 

Lt. MKennon J ^ "[Ens. Skillington. 

Serjt Johnston Confin'd by Col. Hall for Insolence and 
Breach of Orders; 

The Prisoner Being brought before the Court Pleads Igno- 
rance and Saith that being rais'd from his Sleep he was Quite 
Stupified and knew not to whom he Spoak neither what he 

The Court after due Consideration of the Nature of the 
offence are of opinion, that he Should ask Pardon for his 
offence, and be Reprimanded by the Col. 

Serjt Stenson Confin'd by Majr Vaughen for Insolence and 
breach of orders. 

The Prisoner being brought Before the Court pleads not 
Guilty. Evidence — Major Vaughen being Duely Sworn 
Deposeth, that as he was Walking by the QrMaster & the pris- 
oner, he heard the Prisoner Say, after the QrMaster had or- 
dered him to make a provision Return; that he thought there 
was no Necessity of making one as he has already given in one, 
& likewise when the Major ordered him to go immedietly & 
make one he went away Grumbling And Saying that it was 
better not to be a Serjt in this Regt then be one, upon which 
the Major Ask'd him what he Said he turning Short about 
Said thats what I Say repeating what he Said before. 

Evidence — QrMaster Trussum being Duely Sworn depo- 
seth and Says the same against the Prisoner as the Major 
except that he Absolutely refus'd to make out A Return when 
order 'd. 


The Prisoner in his Defence saith that he did not Absolutely 
Refuse to make out A Return but that he Told the QrMaster 
that he had already made out one and Delivered it him the 
Day before. 

The Court after Due Consideration of the Offence, do 
Sentence him to be reduced to the Rank And Serve as A Pri- 
vate Centinel. 

Patrick Davis A Soldier in Capt. Learmoths Compy Con- 
fin'd by Lt, Morris of the 7th Maryland Regt for Behaving 
in an Insolent manner to him. 

The Prisoner Pleads not guilty. Evidence — Lt. Morris 
being Duely Svi^orn Deposeth that the prisoner Came up to 
their Baggage w^aggons, & took gun & immedietly hallow'd 
out that the Centry w^s asleep upon hearing this he went to 
the waggons & Saw the Centry at the other Side of the Wag- 
gon doing his Duty, he order'd the Prisoner to go to his Regt 
or else he would Confine him, at which the Prisoner told him 
he might do his worst, for he did not Regard him, upon which 
he Confin'd him. 

Evidence — Edward Murray A Soldier in 7th M. Regt 
Being duely Sworn deposeth, that when the prisoner was in 
Confinement & going to the guard house he Damm'd the Off. 
that Confin'd him for A son of a Bitch & Said if he was at Lib- 
erty, he Could knock fifty Such down the hill. 

The Prisoner although he pleads not guilty yet Can make 
no Defence for himself. 

The Court order him 100 Lashes on the bare Back well 
laid on by the Drummers of the Regt. 

The Sentence is approv'd off and order'd to be put in execu- 
tion to morrow evening on the parade. 

David Hall 

Col DR. 


Middle Brook Head Quarters 30th June 1777 
Genl Orders 

Major Genl for to morrow Sullivan. 
Brigadier Debore, Field OfEs Cols. Matthews k Willis 
Brigade Major Mullen, A Special Court Martial to set tomor- 
row morning at 9 OClock at the Usual Quarters, for the trial 
of Major Stewart of 2nd M. Regt. Col. David Hall is 
appointed president of this Court All Commissioned Offs who 
have in their Corps any non Commissioned Offs or Soldiers 
orriginally Inlisted in the Regt lately Commissioned by Col. 
Smallwood are on Demand to Deliver them to Col. Stone who 
now Commands the Same Regt upon his making it appear 
that they were so inlisted. A Large Horesmans tent mark'd 
I. H. Stone first M. Regt together with 4 Common tents, 
taken from a Waggon on the march from Quible Town and 
put into another, whoever has them are to send them to Col. 
Stone without Delay. 

Division Orders. 
Adjt. for the Day tomorrow from Genl Smalwood's Brigade, 
the Picquet as Usual, Major Powell to attend at Head Quar- 
ters tomorrow for orders, & for the Parole & Countersign and 
Leave them at Genl Sullivan's Quarters An orderly Sergt 
from each Brigade to attend dailey. A Return of the Brigade 
to be made immetietly. 

Lincoln Mountain July ist 1777 
Regimental Orders 

That an Off. of each Company constantly attend the Draw- 
ing of Provisions for their Respective Companies and take 
Care that no unsound Provision be delivered to them. 


That George Reynolds is appointed to act as Qr Maters 
Serjeant to the Regt & to be obeyed as Such. 

That the Weomen belonging to the Regt be paraded tomor- 
row morning & to undergo an Examination from the Serjeon 
of the Regt at his tent, except those that are married, & the 
husbands of those to undergo said examination in their Stead, 
all those that do not attent to be immedietly Drum'd out of 
the Regt. 

Lincoln Mountain July 2nd 1777 
Division Orders 

Field Off. of the Day tomorrow from Col. Stone. 
Brigade, Adjt. of the Day from Genl Debores Brigade. 

All the Troops to hold themsleves in Readiness to march at 
a moments Warning, the Troops to Draw 3 Days Provisions, 
one of which at least must be cook'd. 

The Soldiers who are not Compleat with Ammunition are 
to draw it immedietly, the QR Masters & Commissaries to 
have their waggons in Readiness to move their Stores at A 
Moments Warning. The Brigade Majrs to take orders at 
Head Quarters in Rotation. 

Middle Brook Head Quarters 2nd July 1777 

Major Genl for tomorrow ... Lord Sterling. 
Brigadier Genl do ... Woolford. 

Field Offs Lt. Col. Palmer Majr Byard. 

Brigade Major Day. 


Lincoln Mountain 2nd July 1777 

Proceedings of A Regimental Court Martial of the Dela- 
ware Regt held by order of Col. David Hall this day. 
Capt. John Patten President. 

Lt. Duff ^ , r Ens. Hosman 

^ ,,^, V members J „ m m,- 

Ens. MClean J 1 Ens. Skilhngton 

Abram Meers of Capt. Kirkwood's Compy of Sd Regt 
brought before the Court, for Stricking and abusing A Drum- 
mer for doing his Duty Prisoner Pleads not guilty. Evidence 
— Thos. Clark Drummer being duely Sworn deposeth & Saith, 
that he went into the tent where the prisoner was at Breakfast 
with whome he mest the prisoner ask'd him if he did not want 
some Breakfast he Replied yes & thank him too, the Prisoner 
then said he did not Deserve any for whiping A man so 
hard & farther Said if he ever whip'd him so hard, and he 
met him in a bye place, he would give him A knock that he 
would not be aware of, & after abusing him gave the Depo- 
nent a stroake in the Side which almost Deprived him of his 
breath. Thomas Tool at the Request of the Prisoner being 
called before the Court & duly qualified, sayeth that the 
afores'd Thos. Clark went into the Prisoners Tent, & the 
Prisoner asked him if he did not want some Victuals upon 
which the said Clark answer'd Yes on which the Prisoner said 
are you not a Man that meses by your self, if so go & get your 
own Victuals to eat, upon which the said Clark made up of 
very provoking Language to the Prisoner, the Prisoner said he 
did not know how to whip or else he would not have abus'd 
the man so that he whipp'd yesterday the Drummer answer'd, 
he was oblig'd to do his Duty & that perhaps some day or other 
he might fall into his hands & then he would know whether 
he understood whipping or not. 


Christopher Willet at the request of the Prisoner being 
brought before the Court and duely Qualified Saieth that he 
was imployed in cutting up meat in order to Cook, when Qark 
came in to the tent, & that the prisoner bantred him about 
his whiping & told him to be more moderate in whiping & not 
to whip as if he was in A passion or else he would get the ill 
will of the whole Compy upon which the Drummer seem'd to 
be angry but the Deponent says he could not Recollect the 
words the Drummer Said. 

Charles Hamelton A Corporal in Capt. Kirkwood's Compy 
at the request of the Prisoner being brought before the Court 
& Sworn, sayeth being at the Prisoners tent doore heard the 
Drummer and Prisoner using Reproachfull language to each 
other he likewise saieth he heard the Drummer daring the 
Prisoner to Strike him. 

The Court having Duely Considered the evidence for and 
against the prisoner are of opinion that he is guilty of a breach 
of the first Article of War, Sect. 7th & do Sentence him to 
ask pardon of the party offended in the Presence of his Com- 
manding 01^. 

Patrick Davis a Soldier in Capt. Learmonths Compy Con- 
fin'd by Adjt. Lucas for a buseing Serjt Jordan in his duty, 
Pleads not guilty; Serjt Jordan Being Brought before the 
Court & duely Qualified deposeth & Saieth, that the Prisoner 
yesterday Evening ask'd him for a Screw to Draw his Load, 
the Deponent told him to go to the Serjts tent where he would 
get one out of his Catridge box, upon which the prisoner went 
& ask'd for the Screw but not getting it immedietly he Call'd 
for the Deponent to come & get it for him & abus'd him, saying 
if he did not come & get it for him he would fire ofif the Load, 
upon which the Sd Jordan told him if he would fire his gun 
off it would be nothing to him, but that the punishment would 


fall on himself, the Prisoner Came like wise this morning to 
Serjts Jordan's tent where he was making out a Provision 
Return, and ask'd him if he had Return'd him fit for Duty, 
upon which Serjt Jordan told him he had by order of Lt, 
MKennon the prisoner Replied if he (the Sd Jordan) had 
receiv'd what he had he would not be fit for duty & abused 
him; the Serjt Desir'd him to go off peaceably; the Prisoner 
threatened to Shake him, & the Adjt. overhearing him ordered 
that he Should be Confin'd Serjt Cox of Capt. Learmonths 
Compy being Duely Sworn Sayeth that the prisoner having 
asked Serjt Jordan if he had Returned him fit for Duty the 
Serjt Replied Yes, upon which the Prisoner us'd Reproachfull 
words to him after he had Desired him to go to his tent & 
make no Desturbance. 

The Court having Duely Considered the Evidence are of 
opinion that he is guilty of A Breach of the 5th Article of 
War 1 8th Sect. & do sentence him to receive 50 Lashes on 
the bare back well laid on with the Cat o' nine tails. 

The Sentence is Approv'd ofif and order'd to be put in exe- 
cution to morrow evening on the parade. 

David Hall 

Col DR. 

Brigade Orders Head Quarters July 4th 1777 

The troops of Genl Smallwoods Brigade to Refresh them- 
selves have their Cloath's wash'd and provisions Cook'd. 

A Genl Return to be made tomorrow morning by 8 OClock 
that Buckets &c. may be Drawn for each Regt also the num- 
ber of Arms wanting and Canteens, also all the Baggage 
Horses to be Shod to morrow, to expediate which each Regt 


will order their Smiths to parade & be Ready to go to work 
early in the morning, each Regt will furnish waggons, & their 
QRM aster to go to Morristown for what ever may be want- 


^ g g Regimental Orders July 5th 1777 

c ^ t< 
ij 2 c '^^^ ^-^^ °^ *^^ Regt are once more Requested to attend 

g g ^ morning and evening Parade, and an Off. of each Compy to 

'ii ^ ^ attend whilst the Sert calls over the Roll & to see that none 

c g ^ of the men are absent it is expected that no off. signs A report 

2 vt; "S of his Compy without first examining of it. 

1 M 'i 

^ ^ J • 

2 "S § 

Within 6 Miles of Pompton 5th July 1777 
Brigade Orders 

Col. Gunby's Regt to take the front Delaware next ist 
Maryland Regt next, 3rd M. Regt in the Rear the front to 
march verry slow, the Artilery in front, the Baggage in ye 
Rear, the Baggage Waggons of each Regt to follow agreeable 
to orders of March, i C, 2 S, 2 C, 20 P as a Rear Guard, 
the Off. Commanding these, is not to Suffer any Soldier to 
Straggle or Stay behind, and Soldier Staying unnecessarily will 
be confin'd and punished, no Off. to Quit his Division without 
Leave from commanding Off. of ye Compy at every Conveni- 
ent place the Brigade will be halted to get water, so that it 
will prevent the Soldiers much fatigue & prevent their staying 
in the rear & doing great damage to the inhabitants if they are 
kept with their Regt the waggons to be Loaded Immedietly. 


Head Quarters Pompton July 6th. 

Division Orders 

Field Oft. of the Day tomorrow from Genl. Debores Brig- 
ade, Field Off. of the Bouns to night from Col. Stones, Adjt. 
of the Day tomorrow from Genl. Debores; A Special Court 
Martial Sit to morrow, to try Such Offs as are under arrest 
in the Division. 

1 S, 2 L, 2 C, 20 P to be posted as A Picquet on the Road 
Leading to Haverstraw — i S, 2 L, 2 C, 20 P to be posted as 
A Picquet leading to Rivers — i S, 2 L, 2 C, 20 P to be 
posted as A Picquet from the Brigade the Troops Came over 
— I S, I C, 8 P order'd as A guard to the Amunition the 
Detail is as follows. 

From Genl. De Bores Brigade i S, 3 L, 3 C, 42 P from 
Col. Stones do. 2 " 4 " 4 " 26 

3 " 7 " 7 " 68 

A Main guard to be established to morrow morning to Con- 
sist of I S, I L, I C, 22 P from Genl. Debores Brigade. 
I " I " I " 14 from Col. Stones do. 

The Brigade Majors to meet in the morning to fix A proper 
place for the guard house where the Main guard is established, 
its to furnish the Necessary guard for the amunition, the Pic- 
quet to be continued in the same manner or as Above De- 
scribed until further orders. 

Col. Price is appointed of the Court, Martial which is to 
sit tomorrow morning, the Court to meet at 9 OClock. 

2 Capts, 2 Subs, from Genl. DeBores Brigade 

3 do. 3 do. from Genl. Smallwoods do. 
members of this Court Martial. 


Head Quarters July 6th 1777 
Division Orders 

Field Off. of the Day to morrow from Col. Stones Brigade 
Adjt of the Day to morrow from do 

The Commanding off. of each Regt are to be punctual in 
Sending in their Returns of their Respective Brigades from 
which the Brigadeers are to send A Weekly Return to the 
Majr Genl of the Division every Saturday. A Forrage guard 
Consisting of i S, i C, 12 P to be taken in Rotation from the 
two Brigades, the Serjt to apply to Majr Sherriff for orders. 


A Court of Inquiry to Sit this afternoon at 5 OClock to 
Inquire into the Conduct of the Surjeons of the Genl Hospital 
Respecting the Reception of the Sick of this Division. Col. 
Gunby President. 

3 Capts, 3 Subs, from Genl Debores Brigade "1 to sit as 
3 do. 3 do. from Genl. Smallwoods do. J members. 

Head Quarters Princeton July 7th 1777 
Division Orders 

Field Off. of the Day tomorrow from Genl. De Bores 

Adjt of the Day from Genl. De Bores Brigade. 
Twelve hunderd Men well Officer'd to be selected from the 
two Brigades with Six Days provisions & to hold themselves 
in Readiness to march at a moments warning, they are to take 
with them only their Knapsackes and Blankets, the Command- 
ing Off. to See that their arms & Accoutriments are in good 
order, two Davs Provisions to be Cook'd immedietly. 


Head Quarters July 8th 1777 
Division Orders 

Field Off. of the Day tomorrow from Col. Stones 

Adjt of the Day tomorrow from Col. Stones Brigade. 

The Commanding Offs of Regts are to see that Necessaries 
are provid'd for their Sick, & proper bills kept and presented 
to the Genl that he may order payment; as little Spirits re- 
main on hand for this Division, the Commissary is not issue 
any more only to fatigue parties & Scouting parties till further 
orders, the troops to parade at 4 OClock this afternoon for 

A Genl Court Martial to Sit tomorrow morning to try such 
matters as may be brought before them. 

Ensign James Arrested by Capt. Ridgely for neglect of Duty 
and Disobedience of orders, try'd by a Genl Court Martial 
whereof Col. Gunby was President, the Court were of opinion 
that Ens. James is not guilty of the charge Exhibited against 
him & think he ought to be Releas'd immedietly. The Genl 
approves the Sentence and orders him to be Released Accord- 

Lt. Lee arrested by Majr Taylor for Disobedience of 
Orders the Court are of opinion that Mr. Lee is guilty of a 
Breach of Major Taylors Orders, & that he ought to be Rep- 
rimanded By the Commanding Off. of the Regt in presence of 
the Offs belonging to the Regt, the Genl approves of the Sen- 
tence and orders it to take place to morrow morning. 

Lt. Erskine Arrested by Genl. De Bores, ought to be ac- 
quited from his arrest for Stricking A Waggoner, the Court 
having examined the evidence & finding nothing against him 
the Genl approves the Sentence, & orders him to be acquitted 
from his arrest immedietly. 


It is Required that Genl DeBores Brigade Majr make a 
Return of the Strength of that Brigade to Head Quarters as 
soon as possible. 

Brigade Orders Julj^ 8th 1777 

Col. Stone orders each Regt in Genl Smallwood's Brigade to 
have Necessary houses Dug immedietly in the rear of the en- 
campment, as near the River as possible the men to be ordered 
to do their occations there and no v\^here else. 

Camp At Pompton July 8th 1777 

Proceedings of the Regimental Court Martial held this Day 
By order of Col. David Hall of the Delavvare Regt for the 
trial of Such Prisoners as may be Brought Before them, be- 
longing to said Regt. 

Cord Hazord Capt. President. 

Lt. M Kennon ^ r Lt. Duff 

Lt. Queenoucalt J i Ens. Bennett 

Wm. Kelly A Soldier in Capt. Kirkwood's Compy Confin'd 
by Lt. Duvall of the and Maryland Regt for Desobeying of 
Orders, & insulting said Officer. 

Prisoner being brought before the Court pleads guilty; Evi- 
dence — Lt. Duvall being duely Sw^orn Deposeth and Saieth, 
that the prisoner came to where he was on guard, over a bridge 
Beyond the Genls Quarters he was hal'd by the Centry, who 
would not let him pass without a permit, that the prisoner 
Curs'd & Swore, & used verry insulting Language to the Said 
Off., & would not Return when he bid him, upon which he 
Confin'd him. 


The Court having duely consider'd the Evidence do find the 
prisoner guilty of A breach of the 5th Article of the 7th Sec- 
tion and do Sentence him to Receive lOO Lashes on the Bare 
back, w^ell laid on by the Drummers of the Regt, 

Cord Hazord 

Capt. President 

The Sentence is approve'd off and order'd to be put in Exe- 
cution tomorrow evening at guard Mounting. 

David Hall 

Col D R. 

Head Quarters Pompton 9th July 
Division Orders 

The Division to be in Readiness to strike their tents, pack 
up their Baggage, and to march at A moments Warning for 
Peaks Kiln Genl Debores Brigade to march in front, proceeded 
by the Light horse an advance guard and the artilery, the Bag- 
gage of the Brigade to them Col. Stones advance Guard is to 
follow, then his artilery, then his Brigade, after which the Bag- 
gage, the rear guard of each Brigade is to Consist i Capt. & 
fifty men attended by 4 light horse, they are by no means to 
Suffer any officer or Soldier to stragle from the Brigade, or fall 
in the rear, when the Division is on the march if any accident 
Should befall the Waggons, or any of them, A Lighthorseman 
is to be Despached to the front to Desire a halt till the Wag- 
gons are Repaired, if any person is sick or lame on the road he 
is not to fall back without A permit from his Officer any Sol- 
dier found from his Division without permit in writing, is to 
Receive 39 lashes on the Spot, and Off. and Six light Horse- 
men to be sent to Col. Stone four of which to be with the Rear 
Guard ; the Division to halt every 4 or 5 miles that the men 


^ may have an oppertunity to refresh, the Commanders of Brig- 

^ ade to Correspond with each other & agree upon the best place 

;J of halting, & the time for Beginning the march, the Sick of the 

.2 Division to be left under the Care of an Off., A Surjeon and 

"c Surjeons mate, in the most Convenient place about Pompton, 

tJ who are to provide necessaries for them, the Surjeon & mates 

3 of the Division to Draw for persons to remain with the sick, 

?3 the Commanders of the Brigade to agree upon an Off. the Sick 

MH to be sent forwards to Peaks Kiln as soon as able to march. 


4j Camp at Clove between 2 Mountains New York Govermen 

J nth July 77 


^ Brigade Orders 

.| Weekly Returns to be made out this Day, & Delivered to 

g Majr Powell this evening or early tomorrow morning; no rails 

^ to be Burnt or Destroy'd any non Commissioned Off. or Sol- 

^ dier Offending by Destroying any propertj^ belonging to the 

^ Inhabitants may depend upon being Severly punished, A Camp 

bfl Guard of I S, 2 L, 2 C, 18 P to be Immediatly established, 

^ proper guards to be placed on the front and left of the en- 

w campment to prevent the Soldiers from Destroying Rails &c. 
the Off. is to give positive orders to the Sentinals to Confine 
every Soldier, who may be Destroying any kind of property, 

■" the Waggon Master is positively order'd to provide forrage for 

■^ the Horses immedietly, and see that they are pastur'd in the 

o publick pastures, which he has much neglected, each Regt Will 

g sent out a Fatugue party to cut wood for their Regiments. 


g N. B: This Clove is 18 Miles from ye Peaks Kiln. 



July nth 1777 

Proceedings of A General Court Martial. 

Lt. M Callaster of the ist Maryland Regt tried for Leaving 
his Guard on the Haverstraw Road, The Court finds him 
guilty of the Crime alledg'd Against him & Sentence him to be 
Reprimanded by Col. Stone in the presence of the Offs of the 
Regt, to which he belongs, the Genl Approves the Sentence and 
orders it to be put in execution tomorrow morning at 8 

Capt. De Vernesure of the Light Horse tried by a Genl 
Court Martial for Disobedience of orders and insulting Col. 
Stone in the Execution of his Duty, The Court finds him guilty 
of Insulting Col. Stone and Sentence him to ask Col. Stones 
pardon, the Genl Approves the Sentence & orders it to be put 
in Execution tomorrow morning at 8 OClock. 

July 1 2th 1777 
This Day there was a Women Duct and Drum'd out of our 
Encampment; For giving the men the Venerial Disorder. 

In Congress Sept. i6th 1777 

Resolved that Eighty eight Battallions be enlisted as soon as 

possible to Serve During the War, and that each State fur- 
nish their respective Quotas in the following proportions viz. 

New Hampshire 3 Batallions 

Maschuesetts Bay 15 do 

Rhode Island 2 do 

Connecticut 8 do 


New York 4 do 

New Jersey 4 do 

Pensylvania 12 do 

Delaware i do 

Maryland 8 do 

Virginia 15 do 

North Carolina 9 do 

South Carolina 6 do 

Georgia i do 


That 20 Dollars be given as A bounty to each non Com- 
missioned Officer and Private Soldier, who shall Inlist During 
the War, unless sooner Discharged By Congress; That Con- 
gress make provision for granting Lands in the following pro- 
portions to the Offs and Soldiers who Shall so ingage in the 
Service & Continue therein to the Close of the War, or until 
Descharg'd by Congress, & *to the Representatives of Such 0£Es 
and Soldiers as Shall be Slain by the Enemy; Such Lands to 
be provided by the United States and Whatever expense Shall 
be Necessary to procure Such Lands, the Said expence shall be 
paid and Borne by the States in the same proportion as the 
other Expense of the War. 

To A Colonel 500 Acres 

A Lt. Col 450 do 

A Major 400 do 

A Captain 300 do 

A Lieutenant 200 do 

An Ensign 150 do 

Each non Commissioned Officer & Soldier. 100 do 


That Appointment oi all officers & filling up Vacancies (ex- 
cept Genl Offs) be left to the Governments of the several 
States and that every State provide Arms, Cloathing and every 
Necessary for its Quota of Troops According to the foregoing 
estimate, the expense of the Cloathing to be Deducted from the 
pay of the Soldiers as usual. 

That all Offs be Commissioned by Congress That it be Rec- 
ommended to the Several States that they take the most Speedy 
and effectual measures for enlisting their Several Quotas, that 
the money to be given for Bounties to be paid by the Paymaster 
in the Department where the Soldiers Shall inlist. 

That each Soldier Receive pay and Subsistance from the time 
of their Enlistment. 

September i8th 1776 
Resolved, that if the Rations be Received by the Officers or 
privates in the Continintal Army in money, they be paid at the 
rate of Eight Ninetieth part of a Dollar pr. Ration. That the 
Bounty and grants of land, Offered by Congress by a Resolu- 
tion of ye 1 6th inst. as an encouragement to the Offs and Sol- 
diers to engage to serve in the Army of the United States 
during the War, Shall extend to all w^ho are or Shall be en- 
listed for that term, the Bounty of ten Dollars which any of 
the Soldiers have Received from the Continent on an account 
of a former enlistment, to be Reckoned in part payment of ye 
twenty Dollars Offered by Said Resolution: 

That no Off. in the Continintal Army is allowed to hold 
more than one Commission. 

September 19th 1776 
That the Adjts of the Regts in the Continintal Army Be 
allowed the pay and Rations of Captains, and have the rank 
of first Lieutenants. 


In order to prevent the Ofifs and Soldiers Who shall be 
entitled to the Lands hereafter to be granted By the Resolution 
of Congress of the i6th inst, from Desposing of the Same 
During the War. 

Resolved that this Congress v^^ill not grant Lands to any 
person or persons Claiming under the Assignment of an Officer 
or Soldier. 

By Order of the Congress. 

Signed John Hancock 


Head Quarters Ramapaugh Clove July 12th 1777 
Parole Putman C: Sign M Dugall. 

Those Regts who are in want of Shoes, are to have an Off. 
Sent to Morristown to procure them as soon as may be, and 
any other Articles are to be immedietly applied for, that no 
Delay may happen when orders are given to March. 

The Court Martial Whereof Col. Price is President to Sit 
tomorrow at 9 O Clock to try Such Prisoners as may be 
Brought Before them. 

The Commissary to Deliver out one Gill of Rum this Day 
to each man in this Division. 

CouNTREY Men, and fellow Soldiers. 

When I Consider the Cause, for which we have Drawn our 
Swords, and the Necessaty of Striking an effectual Blow, before 
we Sheath them again, I feel Joifull hopes arising In my mind, 
that in one day an opening Shall be made for the Restoration 
of American Liberty, and for shaking off the Infamous Yoke 
of British Slavery. 


America is yet free, the all grasping power of Briton has 
not yet been Able to seize our Liberty, but it is only by Valor. 
As it is by Arms, that the brave Acquire Immortal fame, so 
it is by arms, that the sordid must defend their lives & Prop- 
erties, or lose them. We are the verry men, my friends, v^^ho 
have hitherto set bounds to the Unmeasureable Ambition of the 

In Consequence of our Inhabiting the more inaccessable 
parts of the Continent, to which the Shores of those Countries 
on the Continent are enslaved by the Britons are Invisible, We 
have hitherto been free from the Common Disgrace, and the 
Common Sufferings, We lay almost out of the Reach of fame 
itself. But We must not expect to enjoy this untroubled 
Security any longer, unless we Bestir our Selves so effectually, 
as to put it out of the power of the Enemy to Search out our 
Retreats, and Desturb our Repose. If we do not curiosity 
alone will Set them a Prying, and they will conclude, that 
there is Some what worth the Labour of Conquering, in the 
Interior parts of the Continent, merely because they have never 
Seen them. What is little known if often Coveted, because so 
little known. And We are not to expect, that we should 
escape the Ravage of the General Plunderers of mankind ; by 
any Sentiment of Moderation in them, When Provinces, which 
are more Accessable, come to be Subdued, they will then force 
their way into those, which are harder to come at. For We 
See, that if A Country is thought to be powerfull in arms, 
the Britons attact it. Because the conquest will be Glorious; 
if Inconsiderable in the Military Art, Because the Victory will 
be easey; if Rich, they are drawn thither by the hope of plun- 
der; if poore by the desire of fame. The East and the West, 
the South and the North, the face of the whole earth, is the 
Scene of their Military Atchievements ; the World is too little 


for their ambition, & their Avarice. They are the only Nation 
ever known to be equally desirous of Conquering a poor king- 
dom as A Rich one. Their Supreme Joy Seems to be Rav- 
ageing, fighting, and Shedding of blood ; and when they have 
unpeopled a Region, so that there are none Left alive able to 
bear arms, they Say, they have given peace to that Country. 
Nature itself has pecularly endeared to all men, their Wives 
and their Children. But it is known to you my Countrj'men 
that here to fore Our Young Men were daily Draughted off 
to supply the Deficiencies in the British Army. The Wives, 
the Sisters, and the Doughters of the Conquered are either 
exposed to their Violence, or at least Corrupted by the arts of 
these Cruel Spoilers. The Fruits of our Industry are plun- 
dered, to make up the taxes imposed on us by oppressive Aver- 
rice. Americans Sow their fields; and the greedy Britons 
Reap them. Our verry bodies are worn out in carrying on 
their Military Works; and our toils are Rewarded by them 
with abuse and Stripes. Those, who are born to Slavery, are 
bought and Maintained by their master. But this Happy 
Continent will pay for being enslaved, and feed those who 
enslave it. And our Portion of Disgrace will be the Bitterest, 
as the Inhabitants of America are the last, who have fallen 
under the galling yoke. Our native bent against tyrany is the 
Offence, which most sensibly irritates those Lordly Usurpers. 
Our Distance from the Seat of Goverment, and our natural 
Defence, by the Ocean render us obnoxious to their Suspicions ; 
for the know that the Americans are born with an instinctive 
love of liberty; and they Conclude, that we must be naturaly 
led to think of taking the advantage of our Situation, to Dis- 
engage ourselves, one time or other from their oppressions. 

Thus, my Countrymen and fellow Soldiers, suspected and 
hated, as we ever must be by the Britons, there is no prospect 


of our enjoying even a tolerable State of Bondage under them. 
Let us, then, in the name of all that is Sacred, & in defence 
of all that is dear to us, resolve to exert our Selves, if not for 
Glory, at least for Safety; if not in vindication of American 
honor, at least in Defence of our lives. How near were the 
Brigatines to shaking off the Yoke — led on too by a Women; 
they burnt A Roman Settlement; they attacked the Dreaded 
Roman Legions in their Camp had not their partial Success 
drawn them into a fatal security, the business was done. And 
shall not We, of the United States Whose territories are yet 
free, & whose Strength entire. Shall we not, my fellow Sol- 
diers, attempt Some what, which may shew them foreign Rav- 
agers, that they have more to do, than they think of, before 
they be masters of the whole Continent. 

The Brigantines, according to Ptolemy, inhabited what is 
now called Yorkshire the Bishopwick of Durham, &c. 

But after all, who are these mighty Britons ; are they Gods ; 
or Mortal men, like ourselves; Do we not see, that they fall 
into the same errors, and Weaknesses, as others; does not 
peace effiminate them ; Does not abundance Debauch them ; 
Does not Wantoness enervate them; Do they not even go to 
excess in the most unmanly vices and can you imagine, that 
they who are Remarkable for their Valor; What then do we 
Dread; Shall I tell you the verry truth, my fellow Soldiers; 
It is by means of our intestine Divisions, that the English have 
gained so great advantages over us. They turn the misman- 
agement of their enemies to their own praise. They boast of 
what they have done, & say nothing of what we might have 
done, had we been so wise as to Unite against them. What 
is this formidable British Army. Is it not Composed of a Mix- 
ture of People from Defiferent Countries; some more, some 
less ; disposed to Military Atcheivements ; some more, some 


less Capable of bearing fatigue and Hardship. They keep to 
gether, while they are Successful. Attack them with Vigor 
Distress them ; you will see them move Desunited among them- 
selves, that we are now. Can any one Imagine that English, 
Irish, Hessians Hanoverians and with Shame I must add Amer- 
icans, who basely lend, for a time, their limbs, and their lives, 
to build up a Forreign tyrany; can one imagine that these 
Will not be longer Enemies, than Slaves; or that Such an 
army is held together by Sentiments of fidelity or affection; 
No; the only body of union among them is fear. And when- 
ever terror ceases to work upon the minds of that mixed Mul- 
titude, they who now fear, will then hate, their tyranical Mas- 
ter, On our side there is every possible excitement to valour, 
the British Courage is not as ours, In flamed by the thoughts 
of Wives and children in danger of falling into the hands of 
the Enemy. They have no parents as we have to reproach 
them, if they Should Desert their infirm old age, They have 
no Country here to fight for. They are a Motley Collection 
of Forreigners, in a Land wholly unknown to them, cut off 
from their Native Country, hemmed in by the Surrounding 
Ocean and given I hope a prey into our hands, without all 
possibility of escape. Let not the Sound of the British name 
affright your ears. Nor let the glare of gold or silver, upon 
their Armour, dazzel your eyes. It is not by gold, or Silver, 
that men are either Wounded or Defended; though they are 
Rendered a Richer Prey to the Conquerers. Let us boldly 
attact this desunited Rabble. We shall find among them 
selves a Reinforcement to our army. The Irish, who are in- 
corporated into their forces, will through shame of their Coun- 
try's Cause Deserted by them. Quickly leave the English, and 
Come over to us. The Scotch Remembering their former 
Liberty, and that it was the English who deprived them of it. 


will forsake their tyrants, and join the assertors of Freedom. 
The Hessians who Remain in their army will follow the 
example of their Countrymen. And what will there then be 
to fear. On our Side, an Army united in the Cause of their 
Country, their Wives their Childres, their Aged Parents, their 
Liberties, their lives, at the head of this army I hope I do not 
offend against Modesty in Saying, there is a general Ready to 
exert all his Abilities, and to Hazard his life in Leading us 
to Victory, and to freedom. 

I Conclude, my Countrymen and Fellow Soldiers, with 
puting you in mind, that on your Beheavour Depends your 
future enjoyment of peace and liberty, or your Subjection to 
a Tyranical Enemy, with all its Griveous Consequences. 
When therefore, you Come to engage — think of your Ances- 
tors — & think of your posterity. 

Head Quarters Ramapaugh Clove 13th July 1777 
Division Orders 

The following orders of march to be observed by the Divis- 
ion on their march to New Windsor, the first day the Brigade 
Commanded by Col. Stone to march in front, having his Bag- 
gage in the Rear, the Same Advance and Rear Guards of 
Horse and foot as Specified in the last marching orders, the 
Baggage in Genls DeBores Brigade to follow the Rear guard 
of Col. Stones Brigade ; which is to be followed by Genl De 
Bores Brigade, he is to have the Same advanc'd & Rear Guards 
of Horse & foot as Specified in the last marching orders, & the 
same orders. Respecting the Halting & Refreshing the men, & 
to prevent their Straggling is to be observed, the Artilery of 
Col. Stones to march between his Advanced guard & Brigade, 
that of Genl DeBores, to march Between his Rear guard & 


main body, the Second Day Genl De Bores to march in front 
with his Baggage, and Col. Stone with his in the Rear, keeping 
up the Same order of march as to guards, Artilery, Baggage, 
and Troops, only changeing the front Brigade with the Artil- 
ery, Baggage &c. to the Rear, & the Rear to the front Alter- 

The whole Division to be in Readiness to march as soon as 
the Weather will permit. 

After Orders 13th July 1777 

Returns of the Sick in Camp to be made immedietly that 
proper OfEs may be appointed to see them Convey'd to Pomp- 
ton, each Regt to have two Days Provisions immedietly 
Cook'd for tomorrow and next day, the arms to be Cleaned, 
immedietly & put in the best order for Action. 

Camp at Newborough i6th July 1777 
Regimental Orders 

That a Court Martial be held immedietly for the Trial of 
Such Prisoners as may be brought before them, the Court to 
Consist of: Capt. Hazzard President. 

Lt. Quenouault "| l 1 ^^' Jordan 

Ens. Bennet J J Ens. Kidd 

Sign'd David Hall Col. DR 
Proceedings of the above Court. 

Ellis Flowers of Capt. Hazzard Compy Confin'd by order 
of Majr Vaughen for Deserting twice. 

The Prisoner being Brought before the Court, Saith that be- 
ing Inlisted when in Liquor; & having had liberty to go for 
his Cloaths, and being over persuaded by several of his ac- 



















































quaintance who lived in Carlisle County was the Cause of his 
Deserting, and that, he was unacquainted with the Conse- 
quences of Deserting. 

The Court find the Prisoner guilty of a Breach of ye ist 
Article of the 6 Section & do Sentence him to Receive 100 
Lashes on his bare back well Laid on and Stoppage to be made 
out of his pay, till the expences for taking him up are paid. 

James Addams of Capt. Pattens Company Confin'd by said 
Capt. for leaving his guard at Philada. 

Evidence — Serjt Davis of Capt. Hollands Compy being 
duely Sworn, Deposeth that the prisoner was on guard with 
him at Philadelphia, & that two days Before they were to 
march from thence. Strict orders were issued that no Soldier 
Should leave his post, that the prisoner informed some of the 
guard, that he wanted to go and have his fire lock chang'd, 
that he and another soldier went, the other Returned, but the 
Prisoner did not, that he had not seen him since till this day 
then he Confin'd him by order of Capt. Patten. 

Prisoner Saith on his Defence that he went to see a friend 
in Tun Alley, was taken sick there & that Before he was able 
to march the guard was gone that he took A passage in a 
Wilmington boat, and applied to Lt. Purvis there, that he was 
Desirious to join his Compy but the Lt. told him A Detach- 
ment was going to Camp and that he might Stay and go with 
them that he had Liberty to go and see his Wife, & returned 
at the time limited him, was Sick there at his Return three 
Days, and that he did several services there as ordered him by 
Lt. Purvis. 

The Court having duely Considered the evidence and the 
Prisoner Defence, do find him guilty of a Breach of the 2nd 
Article of the 6th Section and do Sentence him to receive lOO 
Lashes on his bare back well laid on. 


The Commanding Off. Approves the Sentence & orders it to 
be put in exceution this afternoone when the Regiment Pa- 

David Hall 

Col DR 

Head Quarters New borough i6th July 1777 
Division Orders 

The Genl Court Martial Where of Col. Price is president to 
sit to morrow at Sun Rise, on the other side the North River 
to try Lt. Seymour, & the QR Master of Capt. De Vernegour's 
troop of Horse Jas M Mullen alias King alias Cain McMullen 
confin'd on Suspicion of being an Enemy to America by Majr 
Powell try'd by a Genl Court Martial Whereof Col. Presi- 
dent, the Court are of opinion that he is not guilty of the 
Charge, the Genl approves the Sentence and orders him to be 

Phillip McDonald Corporal & Dennis McCalahan Private 
try'd by the Same Court martial for Desertion; the Court are 
of opinion that they are guilty of the Charge; & having De- 
signed by sold their arms &c. and do Sentence the Corporal to 
be Reduced to a private Sentinal, and each to Receive 200 
Lashes on the bare back well laid on, the Genl Approves the 
Sentence and orders it to take place to morrow at 6 OClock; 
Joseph Wood A Private try'd by the same Court for Stealing 
nine Stamp'd Handkfs, the Court are of opinion he is guilty 
of the theift, & do Sentence him to Receive 150 Lashes on his 
bare back will laid on, the Genl Approves the Sentence and 
orders it to take place to morrow at 6 OClock. 

Col. Stone immedietly to supply the Commissary with 


After Orders i6th 1777 

The Qr. Master & Adjutants of each Regt immedietly to 
make out returns to Head Quarters of the Number of men 
and tents on hand & the number wanting to Compleat. 

Lost the 15th Instant in or near the Encampment of this 
Division A Red morocco pocket book Containing one 30 Dollar 
bill, some small bills & some Accounts, which will be useless to 
any person except the owner, if any person has found Said 
book, & will Return it to Majr Morris A.D.C. or any of the 
Brigade Majors so as the owner may have it again, shall have 
20 Dollars Reward from Andrew Taylor Deputy QR M Genl. 

Wednesday i6th Inst, 
A Women duck'd belonging to this Division for stealing & 

Thursday 17th 
Our Brigade Cross'd the North River to Fish Kiln Landing 
about one mile, & from thence to Fish Kiln Town 5 Miles 
Distance from Sd Landing where we Encamp'd in an Orchard. 

Head Quarters Fish Kiln's in Dutchess County 

New York State i8th July 1777 
Division Orders 

A trusty Serjt. and 12 men to be Draughted from each Regt 
of the Division who are to act as Pioneers & to be Severally 
furnished with 4 handsaws, & 8 axes and that each Brigade of 
the Division be furnished with one Grindstone for the purpose 


of keeping their Tools in proper order Lt. Sej^mour of the light 
Dragoons tried by a Genl Court Martial for Saying (when 
Capt. De Vandejour ordered him to see the mens Accoutri- 
ments was in good order) that it was the Business of the Ser- 
jeants & Corporals, the Court are of opinion unanimously that 
Lt. Seymour be Released with Honor from his Arrest & Join 
his troops the Genl approving the Sentence, at the same time 
Requests that Officers in future will be more Carefull of arrest- 
ing others without a sufficient Cause, as such Conduct will be 
Attended with Serious Consequence the Commanding Officers 
of Regts to examine into the Amunition of the men and Com- 
pleat them to 24 Rounds Pr man. 

I Capt., 2 Subt., 2 Serjts, 2 Corpls, i Drum, i Fife & 50 
Privates to be Stationed as A Picquet at the forks of the Road 
Leading to the Ferry & New York as the Genl expects to 
move tomorrow he Desires the Division to hold themselves in 
Readiness for that purpose, and Draw three Days Provisions 
immedietly. A Main guard to Consist of i C, I S, 2 C, 24 P 
who are to Collect and take care of all prisoners from Quarter 
Guards of Regts who come within cognizance of a Genl Court 
Martial; Field Officer of the Day from Genl De Bores Brig- 
ade Adjutant of the Day from the same. 

Those QR. Masters who have not made out their Returns 
for tents to make them immedietly to Col. Sherriff D Qr. Mr, 
General. Phillip McDonald being try'd by a Genl Court Mar- 
tial & to Receive 200 Lashes, the Genl at the Request of Col. 
Antill & some Faivourable Circumstances having appeared in 
his faivour from steady adherance to his Duty remits the Sen- 
tence as an Encouragement to others to behave equally well, & 
orders him to be Restored to his Rank & dismis'd from his 


Head Quarters Fish Kiln 19th July. 
Division Orders 

The Several Paymasters immedietly to make out their ab- 
stracts & have them properly examined that the troops may 
Draw their pay as soon as possible, Should they not be able to 
Draw it on this Side the River, they will apply to Head Quar- 
ters for it. 

Field Officer of the Day to morrow from Col. Stones Brig- 
ade. The Adjutant of the Day from ye same. 

The Picquets at the forks of the Road to be properly Re- 

Camp at Fish Kiln 19th July 1777 

Regimental Orders 

That A Court Martial be held immedietly for the tryal of 
Such Prisoners as may be brought before them, the Court to 
Consist of Capt. Nathaniel Mitchel President. 

Lt. John Wilson ^ , fLt. M Kennon 

^members J 
Lt. James Bratton J ]^Ens. Skillmgton 

Proceedings of the Court: 

John Pemberton of Capt. Kirkwood's Company Confin'd by 
Ens. Truelock on Suspicion of Stealing A Watch; Prisoner 
being brought before the Court Pleads not guilty. Evidence 
— John Chambers being duely Sworn deposeth that when he 
was in the Barracks at Philada the Prisoner came frequently to 
his Room to see some of his Acquaintance who were there, and 
Seeing a Watch hanging up in the Room, the Prisoner ask'd 
him whose Watch that was, upon which he Reply'd that it be- 
long'd to Joseph Purdie a Drummer in Capt. Henery's Compy, 
the Prisoner then asked him if he knew whether or not Purdie 


would Sell it, he answer'd he believed he would, the Prisoner 
took down the watch & opened her he farther Saith that from 
that time since he has never seen the Watch. Evidence — 
Gregory Peirce being Duely Sworn Deposeth that in the Bar- 
racks at Philada he saw the prisoner have the watch in his 
hand, but whether he took her or not he Cannot Say. 

Prisoner on his Defence saith he was in Liquor at the time 
he went into the Room in the Barracks & seeing the Watch 
took her down, & looked at her, and then put her up again. 

The Court after, a Due Consideration of the matter before 
them, are of opinion that he is not guilty of the Charge laid 
against him, & that he should be immedietly Releas'd from his 


Natt. Mitchel President 

Approved of & ordered that the Prisoner should be imme- 
dietly released from his Confinement. 

David Hall 

CoL DR. 

After Orders 19th July 1777 

The Genl Desires the Qr Master of each Regt to make A 
Return of Cloathing wanting, & send it by a trusty Off. to- 
morrow morning, this Officer is to receive A Letter from Genl 
Sullivan to Head Quarters where he will be supplied. 

Head Quarters Fish Kiln 20th July 1777 

The Genl Court Martial to sit tomorrow to try Barney 
M Manus of CoL Gunby's Regt, and others confin'd by Col. 
Antill's order on Suspicion of theft, the Division to march to 
morrow morning between day Break & Sun rise towards peeks 


Kiln, about 12 or 15 Miles to the most Convenient ground, & 
there incamp till further orders The Qr Masters of Regts 
to make a Return of the number of Waggons belonging to each 
Regt to the QR Master Genl of the Division; this afternoon 
at 4 OClock & the QR.M Genl is to proportion the number of 
teams agreeable to the Regulations of Congress, and those that 
have neglected to make their returns to the QR. M Genl are 
to send them in, and Draw their tents immedietly. 

Monday 21st July marched from Fish Kiln to Peeks Kiln 
being 18 Miles v^^e pass'd through A Continental Village where 
they Informed us that 23 Horses had Died that morning Be- 
ing over heated by Drawing Cannon the Day before; And 
encamp'd on the Brow of a hill ; Westchester County. Tues- 
day 22nd we struck out tents and March'd 5 Miles further on 
the Road Leading to North Castle where we encamped on A 
verry stony hill. Wednesday 23 Struck our tents and march'd 
4 miles further on the same Road and encamped near the fork 
of the Road that Leads to Danbury. 

Head Quarters Courtlands Mannor July 23rd 1777 
Division Orders 

The Genl desires Offs commanding Regts and others to be 
verry exact in observing the orders he gave at the arival of the 
Division, that no Off. leave the Camp without leave from his 
Superior Off, & that no soldier stray beyond the Confines of 
the encampment without a written Licence from the Com- 
manding Officer of the Compy he Belongs to, the Genl is sorry 
to observe that the orders he issued this morning, were not so 
Strictly observed as they ought to have been, he therefore Re- 


quests that all Officers observe and see them executed with the 
greatest Punctuality, and to have the Offenders punished on 
the Spot: If any Soldier leave the encampment and are guilty 
of any outrages or unsoldier like behaviour, the Commanding 
Officer of the Compy, he or they belonging to will be Con- 
sidered culpable, the Rolls to be Called at troop and Retreat 
beating, when if there be any absent they must be immedietly 
Sought for, & Confin'd for Disobedience of orders, the Sol- 
diers to parade at all times Arm'd and accoutred. 

Brigade Major for tomorrow Powell. 

Adjutant for do Bartholmew. 

The Picquet to be Relieved at lO OClock. 

Head Quarters July 24th 1777 
Division Orders 

Each Regt to Clear a Parade in front of their encampment 
and to clear their Streets of the Stones, which Stones must be 
thrown in the front of the Parade, a fatigue party from each 
Regt of 20 men under the QR. Mr. Serjants to dig necessary 
holes in the rear of the encampment, & close to the edge of the 
Woods; any Soldier &c. who shall be caught, doing his occa- 
tions any where but in the holes dug for that purpose will be 
severely punished, the Camp Colour men to cover the excre- 
ments in the holes of their Respective Regiments every morn- 
ing, & also take care that no filth, bones &c. be found within 
their Respective Districts, A Camp Colour man to be appointed 
to each Company, who together with the Pioneers will parade 
every morning when the Pioneers march beats, the Pioneer to 
cut wood for their Regts under the Inspection of an Officer, & 
fatigue parties to be sent from each Regt to bring in wood for 
the use of their Respective Regts. 


After Orders 24th July 1777 

Genl Debores orders that there be 5 Capts lO Subs lO 
Serjts 10 Corps 5 Drums, 5 Fifes & 250 Privates out of each 
Brigade Commanded by Genl Sullivan, to be ready to march 
any hour the Genl chuses to call for them, they must have 
their Knapsacks, Blankets, and tw^o days Provisions, every man 
of them must have their Arms in good order, and have their 
Amunition Compleated to 24 Rounds. 

Camp on a Hill Cortlands Manor 24th July 1777 
Regimental Orders 

The men to have their arms in good order & their Flints 
well fix'd in their Pieces, M^ith lead or leather, the Serjts of 
each Compy to see this put in execution. 

Evening Orders 22nd July near Cramp Pond. (Omitted) 

John Murphy of the 2nd & Daniel Brown of the 7th Mary- 
land Regts & Canady Bay of the Delaware Regt tried by a 
Genl Court Martial whereof Col. Price is president for house 
breaking. Stealing and Beating the Inhabitants the Court are 
unanimously of opinion that Murphy and Brown, are guilty of 
the Charge & that they should suffer Death, & therefore do 
Sentence them to be hanged until they are dead; The Court 
do Sentence Canady Bay, to Receive 50 Lashes well laid on 
Barney M. Manus of Col. Gunby's Regt. Tried by the same 
Court for Marauning and absenting himself all night from 
Camp, the Prisoner Confessing the Crime, the Court do Sen- 
tence him to receive 100 Lashes well Laid on; The Genl 
Approves the above Sentence and orders the execution of 


Canady Byay and Barney M. Manus to take place to morrow 
at 9 OClock on the march, the time for the execution of the 
other two, to be made known in future order. 

July 25th 1777 
This Evening our Division were ordered to parade to see 
Jn Murphy & Daniel Brown Hanged, they being brought 
under the gallows the Genl granted them 3 Days longer to 

Saturday 26th July 
Struck tents and march'd to Peaks hill Landing from thence 
to Kings Ferry to the North River being 14 Miles and en- 
camp'd there. 

Head Quarters Kings ferry 26th July 1777 
Parole Peeks Hill C Sign Ramsey. 

Brigadier Genl DeBores orders that the Division by ready 
to Cross the North River to morrow morning at Day break 
the Baggage to be ready at the same time, Genl Deborres 
Brigade to Cross first. 

His Excellency Genl Washington has ordered, that a Suffi- 
cient number of Waggons be ordered to Carry the tents, no 
other Baggage to be put in them, and they must not be heavy 
loaded, that nothing might hinder us of Arriving in time where 
we are to go; the Commissary will Strive all means to get 
hard Bread for the use of the Division on the Road. The 
Waggon M. Genl to order two Waggons to be ready to march 
in the Rear of each Brigade, to take in the Sick & the lame. 
The remainder of the Baggage will Stay behind the Division 


under the Command of I C, 2 L, 2 S, 2 C, 60 P, i D, i F 
which each Brigade will furnish an equal number, Genl De- 
bores to furnish i C, i L, i S, i C, i D, i F, 30 P Col. 
Stones I L, I S, I C, 30 P the Capt. that Commands will 
strive and bring up the Baggage in the Rear of the Division, 
as soon as possibly he can; His Excllency Genl Washington 
has wrote to Genl Debores this Day, that Several Complaints, 
came to him of our Division Plundering the Inhabitants as 
they pass, Genl DeBores begs the Superiors will order their 
Capts not to let any of their men out of Camp without a 
permit in Writing. No Women to go with the Division, they 
are to stay with the Baggage & none of them allowed to go 
on the Waggons except such Weomen, as the Capt may judge 
is realy Sick. 

Camp Near Kings Ferry 28th July 1777 

Brigade Genl Debores orders the Division will be Ready to 
march at 2 OClock. Col. Stones in the front two Pieces of 
Artilery in the front with their Baggage, and after that each 
one Alternately, Genl Devores Requests the former order for 
the Waggons may be observed, each Commander of each Regt 
will take Care to suffer nothing to be put into the Waggons 
but the tents, the Rest of the Baggage will follow after the 
Division the Genl also Requests all the field Officers and 
others of the Division to take Care that the Greatest Care be 
observed on the march every day that no Soldier be going 
before to enter into the Houses, burn the fences or Commit 
other abuses. 

Sunday being ye 27th inst. our Division Cross'd the North 
River and encamped i^ Miles from the ferry on the 28th we 
m.arched 9 Miles to A place called Cackgat on ye 27th Ult the 


Revd Mr. Leonard thought to have deprived himself of his 

life by Cutting his throat with A Rasor but Unfortunately 

mist his aim; the wound was so deep that his life was much 
despair'd of. 

Evening Orders 28th July 1777 
The Genl Orders the Division will be in Readiness at Break 
of Day, Genl Devores Brigade will march in front with the 
Artilery belonging to them and their amunition and Baggage 
after marches. The Tent Waggons of each Brigade, and Ye 
Comp'y stores after them wich will be followed by Coi. Stones 
Brigade, after that the Baggage of all the Division will follow 
with a guard of 60 men as Usual. Genl Debore Requires 
the last time, all the Field Offs and others of the Division 
take care that the greatest order in the march may be observ'd 
every Day; no Soldier to go on Before it is Strictly order'd 
that no Soldier go into the Houses or Barns to take straw or 
any other thing belong to the Inhabitants, It is like wise 
Strictly ordered upon pain of 50 Lashes to burn fences or any 
thing belonging to the Inhabitants; The straw will be Dis- 
tributed Regularly to all Soldiers at every Camp they come to. 

29th do. 
Struck tents and march'd to A place Called Paramus 13 
Miles distant from Carkgat Bergen County West Jersey. 

Camp Paramus 29th July 1777 
C. Sign Gunby. 
By Genl Debores orders the Division will be in Readiness 
at Break of Day; Col. Stones Brigade to march in front the 


same orders for the Waggons will be observed; the Genl Re- 
quires that the Gentlemen Offs will be exactly in the Road 
with their Divisions and Encamp in the order of their Compy. 
No Gentlemen Officers will lodge in any house Without leave 
from the Genl, the same Orders to be observed Respecting the 
Soldiers Commiting Hostilities. 

30th July, Wee Struck our tents and Marched 9 Miles to 
A Place Called Psaic falls which place afforded two great 
Curiosities, the one was the Cataracks or falls which fell about 
100 foot from the upper part of Sd falls to the Surface of the 
River; the other was A Man of 23 years of age Who Lay 
in a Cradle from his j^outh his head Being the Most Remark- 
able, was In my opinion, Between 22 & 24 Inshes long, his 
forehead about 12 Inshes broad across the Eyes with out any 
fall on either Side, his Body of the Common Size, his arms & 
hands about the Size of a Child of 7 years old, having no use 
of his Right arm, but Could wave the other so much as to 
keep the flies of his face, he had no use of his leges which was 
like a Child of the same age with the other he could talk both 
Low Dutch and english but in a verry low voice. Could 
Repeat the most of the Shorter Catachism by heart, from 
thence we Proceeded the Same Day 3 Miles Blow the Acquac- 
anack Bridge on Sd. River in Essex County which Days march 
was 20 Miles. 

N. B. This man whome I have Been Describing upon Seeing 
Some of our Weomen form'd a laugh and looked with the 
greatest earnestness at them and at the Same time I saw him 
put his left hand under the Cloaths But Shall write no more 
of what I saw. 

July 31st. We struck our tens and march'd 2 Miles to the 
West of Newark where we Stop'd to Refresh at Which time 
there was a Court Martial held on one of the Inhabitants of 


the place where We encamped the night before, his crime was 
Perswaiding the Soldiers to Desert to the Enemy his Name 
was Richard Ennis, The Court found him guilty by his own 
Confession, and sentenced him to be hanged, which was put in 
execution in two hours after, being about 5 OClock P. M. 

Our Division march'd from thence and left him, Hanging 
for his Brethern to Cut him down; We marched within one 
Mile of Spring Field, our Days March was about 13 Miles. 
Said Ennis was not cut down from where he was Hanging 
until the next day about 8 OClock. 

August 1st. By Day Break Struck our tents and march'd 
by the way of the Scotch Plains to Quible Town which is 15 

August 2nd. From Quibble we Proceeded on our march to 
Bon brook and encamp'd one Mile West Said town which 
days march Consisted of 8 Miles ; here we Stop'd the Remain- 
der part of the Day to give our men an oppertunity of Clean- 
ing their Cloaths. 

Somerset County. 

Bon brook 2nd Augst 1777 
Regimental Orders 

That the Offs of each Compy take perticular care that the 
Arms immidietly be put in good order belonging to their Re- 
spective Companies. 


Head Qrtrs Bond brook 2nd Augst 1777 
Division Orders 

Genl Deborre orders the Surjeons of the Division to make 
an immediet Return of all the Sick in the Respective Regts to 
the Deputy Qr M. General this order to be Complied wath 
by 6, OClock this evening; 

After Orders 
E. Sign Vanhorne. 
The Division will Beat the Genl at yi after four OClock 
& be ready to march at five, Col. Stone's 

Brigade to march in front, the Same order for the Waggons 
& the guards w^ill be observed. The Genl is verry thank full 
for the good order the Gentlemen Offs have observed on the 
Road, he is well Satisfied with the greatest part of the Sol- 
diers; but some of them last night have Robbed a man of A 
Hundred Dollars, he hopes that if the good and honest Sol- 
diers descover that Crime, they will give notice to me or to 
their Field Officers. 

Sunday Augst 3rd. Struck tents & March'd about 7 Miles 
to A place Call'd Pluckanim in Somerset County from thence 
to Veal town in Morris County being about 8 Miles, & there 
encamp'd (in all 15 Miles. 

Camp Near Veal town 3rd Augst 1777 
Division Orders 

C. Sign Lee. 
The Genl to Beat to morrow at 5 OClock, the Division to 
march at ^ past 5 Brigdr Genl De Borres Brigade in front, 


the same orders for the Waggons & guards will be observed, 
20 Pioneers, lO from each Brigade Commanded by A Subn. 
will march at 5, Before the Division to repair the Roads, the 
0£fs will take Care to Conduct them in the best order. 
I. G. Hamelton A. B. Majr. 

Monday 4th August 1777 
Strick tents & march'd through Morris town to a Village 
Called Hannover in Morris County being About 10 Miles, 
there Encamp'd in A Stony Orchard; this day arrived here 
Majr Genl Sullivan having been sick at the Fish Kills. 

Camp at Hanover 4th Augst 1777 

Proceedings of A Genl Court Martial. 

Jas. Carter of the 3rd Maryland Regt tryed by Said Court 
on Suspicion of having Stole money from Micaia Dunn the 
Court is of opinion that Jas Carter is guilty of the Charge & 
do Sentence him to Receive 500 Lashes & to return to Maica 
Dunn all the money found in his possission amounting to 26 
Dollars i/srd of a Dollar, & that 35 Dollars be Stop'd out of 
his pay, at the rate of 25 pr month by his commanding Offs & 
to be paid to Said Dunn or his order. 

The Genl approves the Sentence and orders it to be put in 
exectuion to morrow morning at 9 OClock. 

Camp at Hanover 5th Augst 1777 
Brigade Orders 

A Weekly Return to be made and Delivered to Mr. Lucas 
of the Delaware Regt this Day. 


Camp at Hanover 5th July 1777 
Regimental Orders 

That the Commanding Officers of Companies take Perticular 
care that their Arms are forthwith put in good order; That 
they immedietly make out their pay Rolls for the month of 
July; That they use their utmost diligence in preventing any 
Inquiry being done to the properties of the Inhabitants of this 

Head Quarters Hanover Township Morris County 

5th August 1777 
Division Orders 

The Court Martial Whereof Col. Price was President is 
Desolved, the Genl Returns them his hearty thanks for their 

A Genl Court Martial to Sit to morrow Morning at 9 
OClock, to try Ens. Farmer, for beating Thos Allen a Soldier 
in Col. Prices Regt also to try Adjt Edley for beating a Negro 
Belonging to the 3rd Maryland Regt, likewise to try Majr 
Mullen, Brigade Major to Genl Deborre, for Ungentleman 
like and unsoldier like beheaviour, and for giving Impertinent 
language to Genl De Borre at the Head of his troops, and for 
being intoxicated with Liquor, And Contemptiously tearing A 
Coppy of his arrest ; the Court to try such other matters as may 
be brought Before them, & to exist till further orders. Prisi- 
dent of the Court Lt. Col. Smith, 2 Captains & 4 Subalterns 
from Genl De borre's Brigade, 3 Captains & 3 Subalterns from 
Col. Stones, the Brigade Major to Notify them immedietly. 

Nothing can be more pleasing to the Genl than to hear from 
Genl De borre, & from the other officers of the Division of the 
Regular and orderly Beheaviour of the Soldiers of this Division 


while he was absent, a continiance of Such conduct, will not 
only wipe of the Aspersions Cast upon this by Divisions but 
raise it high in the eye of the Commander in Cheif, the Army 
in General and the Inhabitants of the Country, in order to 
effect this, the Genl earnestly requests of the faithful & honest 
Soldiers that they use every means in their power to discover & 
Inform against Such persons as may in future by their Licen- 
tious Behaviour, attempt to bring infamy in this Division. 

In order that the Soldiers may as much as posssible be en- 
abled to rest themselves from their fatague, the guards to be as 
Small as possible, & no duty to be done but what's realy nec- 

The Field Officers of this Division are to attend at the 
Genls Quarters at 5 OClock this Afternoon. 

The D. QrM. Genl to Regulate and assign the Waggons to 
Day, to the Several Regts. 

Head Qurts Hannover August 6th 1777 
Parole Lima C. Sign Perill. 

Field Officer of the Day from Genl De borres Brigade The 
Acting Brigade Major is to Send an Adjt of the Day to attend 
at Head Qrs from day to day taking the Brigades in turn, 

A Court of inquiry to Sit to morrow morning at 9 OClock 
to inquire into A Complaint against Capt. Patten and Lt. 
Sewell for Beating Edward Rock of Col. Hazens Regt Col. 
Hall of the Delaware Regt President of the Court of inquiry, 
A Captain and two Subalterns of each Brigade to attend as 
members. / 


Head Quarters Hanover 7th Augst. 1777 

Division Orders 

Field Officer of the day to morrow from Genl Small- 
wood Brigade, Adjutant of the Same. 

An orderly Serjt from each Brigade to be Sent to Hd Qrs 
daily; if any Cartridges Boxes, or Bayonett belts are Wanting, 
the officers commanding the Different Regts are Desired to 
Call upon the Commissary of Artilery Stores, who Shall supply 
them with what they Shall want to compleat their Regts. 
The Brigade Return to be made regularly every Saturday; the 
Brigade Majors to call at Head Quarters for A form of A 
Brigade Return ; Ens. Farmer try'd by A Genl Court Martial 
for Stricking A Soldier, whereof Col. Smith was president the 
Court were Unanimously of opinion that Ens. Farmer was 
Justifiable in Striking Thomas Allen, for his Insolence and Dis- 
obedience of his orders, & that Mr. Farmer ought to be Ac- 
quitted of his Arrest with Honour, the Genl Highly Approves 
the Sentence and orders Mr. Farmer ought to be Acquitted of 
his Arrest with honour, the Genl highly approves the Sentence 
and orders Mr. Farmer to be Released from his Arrest the 
Genl also orders Thos Allen released from his Confinement. 
Though the Genl would by no means encourage Officers in 
Stricking Soldiers upon every Trivial occation, yet he can never 
think of Countinanceing the Soldiers in giving Impertinent & 
abusive language to Officers, & he desires that in future no 
Officer may put another in Arrest where there is only A Sus- 
picion of his guilt, but that instead thereof an Application may 
be made for A Court of inquiry; Patrick Ivory Drum Majr & 
Edward Crossgrove of the ist Maryland Regt Accused of 
Stealing, tried by the Sd Court, they are of opinion unani- 
mously that the are both guilty of the Charge laid against 


them. And do sentence Patrick Ivory to be Reduced to A 
Private Drum & Receive lOO Lashes & Crossgrove 300 well 
laid on the bare back, the Genl approves the Sentence of both 
& orders it put in execution to Morrow morning at Troop 
beating at the head of the Regt to which they Belong. 

Head Qrtrs Hannover 8th August 1777 

Division Orders 

Field Officer of the day to morrow from Genl De 
borres Brigade; Adjt from the Same. 

The Genl Court Martial whereof Lt. Col. Smith, was 
President, Abm Phillips try'd by Said Court for Desertion the 
Court are unanimously of opinion that the Said Phillips is 
guilty & do Sentence him and do Sentence him to be Shot, the 
Genl approves the Sentence and orders it put in execution be- 
tween the hours of 10 in the morning & 3 OClock to morrow 
Basil Dennis try'd by the Same Court for Desertion the Court 
are of opinion that the Said Dennis is Guilty of the Charge, 
but being over persuaded when in liquor by Phillips & from 
his General good behaviour, the Court do Sentence him to Re- 
ceive 100 lashes, the Genl approves the Sentence & orders it put 
in execution to morrow morning at guard mounting, Wm. 
Wood, Geo. Phillips, & Jas Taylor try'd by the Same Court 
for Stealing, the Court are of opinion that James Taylor is not 
guilty of the Charge, & that he ought to be releas'd from his 
Confinement, but are of opinion that Wm Wood & Geo. Phil- 
lips are guilty, & do Sentence Phillips to receive 100 Lashes & 
Wood 60 well laid on, the Genl Approves the Sentence & or- 
ders it put in execution to morrow morning at guard Mount- 
ing; The Court of inquiry whereof Col. Hall was Prisident 


have reported that Capt. Patten who was unjustifiably accused 
of beating Edw. Rock of Col. Hazens Regt is in no Respect 
guilty of the Charge, but that the Sd Rock was unjustifiably 
beat, & that Lt. Sewell who Commanded the Guard did not 
behave out of the line of his duty, in what he did to Said Rock, 

The Court having not Reported what officers were guilty of 
that inhumane abuse, the Genl thinks Necessary to observe, 
that th'o the officers who bring up the Rear of any Corps, on 
the March may with Propriety Strick Such Soldiers as will 
neglect obeying orders, or Stragle behin'd, yet this only to be 
adopted from the necessaty of the Case, & is by no means to 
be brought to Such a degree of wanton cruelty as appears by 
the Evidence in the Present Case, espacially when the offender 
does not aggravate his Crimes by giving the officer Abusive 
Language nothing of which appears by the evidence before the 
Court of inquiry, had the Soldier off'red any insult to those 
officers either by word or Action it would undoubtedly been 
compleat Justification for their Chastising him so long as his 
insolence continued, but this not appearing to be the Case, 
nothing can Justify such Conduct. 

The Brigade Majors or those who act as such to attend at 
Head Quarters for orders Precisely at 10 OClock. 

Head Quarters Hannover Augst 9th 1777 
Division Orders 

The Execution of Abm Phillips is suspended untill Afternon 
& then to be between the hours of 3 & 5 OClock at which time 
the Division to be under Arms, Genl De borre to appoint some 
person to receive one half the Saws and axes from Col. Stone, 
that was delivered him at Fish Kills for the use of the Pioneers, 


Col. Stone is desired to give orders for the Delivery of them 
when apply'd for. 

A Court of Inquiry to sit on Monday morning at 9 
OClock, Major Adams Prisident, 3 Caps & 3 Subs, from each 
Brigade to form the Court, to inquire into the Complaint of 
Col. Wall against Commissary Durrah for Beating and abus- 
ing Patrick Burk a Soldier in Col. Halls Regt. 

Saturday Augst 9th the Division Paraded about 4 OClock 
this afternoon & march'd in field in the Rear of our encamp- 
ment to see the execution of Abm Phillips of the 2nd Mary- 
land Regt he vv^as Shot about 6 OClock, his crime was attempt- 
ing to Desert to the Enemy but did not effect it. 

Camp Hanover loth Agst 1777 
Brigade Orders 

Col. Stone Requests the Officers & Soldiers of Genl Small- 
woods Brigade, to attend Divine Service at 10 OClock, this 
forenoon, every Soldier to be neat and Clean & the greatest 
Decency to be observed. 

Head Quarters Hanover August nth 1777 
Division Orders 

Field Officer of the Day tomorrow from Genl Smallwood's 
Brigade, Adjutant of the day from ye Same The Genl think- 
ing it necessary for the health of the Soldiers, that Genl De 
borres Brigade Should be Removed from their present ground 
of Encampment he requests of Genl Deborre to order A Con- 
venient place as near the present Encampment as he can. 

The Picquetts as in orders, with the other guards Remain 
till further orders. 


A Genl Court Martial to Sit tomorrow morning at 9 
OClock: Lt. Col. Antill President, 3 Captains & 3 Subs, 
from each Brigade, to form Said Court, to try Ensign Hillary 
for being Drunk, profane Swearing, and Behaving very inde- 
cent, also to try Such matters as may be brought Before them. 

The main Guard to be augmented immedietly to I L, 2 S, 
2 C, 33 P; The Court of Inquiry that was to sit this Morn- 
ing whereof Major Adams was President is desolved. A Court 
of inquiry to Sit tomorrow morning at 9 OClock Lt. Col. 
Ramsey President; 3 Captains and 3 Subs, from each Brigade 
to form Said Court, to inquire into A Complaint by Col. Hall 
alledged against Commissary Durrah for Beating & Abusing 
Patt. Burk a Soldier in his Regt also to inquire into A Com- 
plaint lodged against Lt. Jordan, for taking A horse the prop- 
erty of Mr. Buchannon, also for abusing and Suffering him to 
be abused by A party under his command, & for not giving 
Mr. Buchannan proper Satisfaction for hay he had taking for 
the use of the States. 

After Order nth Augst 1777 

The Commanders of Brigades to give orders to their Qr- 
Masters to see that their Artilery and Waggons horses are well 
Shod, that when the Division is order'd to march, there might 
be no Excuse or Delay; & that the Brigade be in Readiness to 
march immedietly when notice is given. 

Camp Hanover August nth 1777 
Regimental Orders 

That the officers of the Regt are once more Requested punc- 
tually to attend parade & to take Particular Care that their 


men are present that no non Commissioned officer or Soldier 
presuming to appear on parade when In Camp with uncomb'd 
hair or unshaven, the Officers are Desired to take Care that 
this order be punctually observed. That as nothing is more 
Conduceive to the Healthiness of A Camp than Cleanliness, 
they are therefore whilst in Camp to keep themselves as neat 
and clean as their cloathing will allow; upon pain of being 
Court Martial'd. Returns to be made out immedietly of what 
Cloathing may be wanting for each Company. 

Proceedings of A Regimental Court Martial held by orders 
of Col. David Hall for the tryal of Such Prisoners as may be 
Brought before them belonging to the Delaware Regiment. 
Thomas Holland Capt. President. 

Lt. Wilson 1 ( Ens. M Clane 

Ens. Hosman | 1 Ens. J Lidd 

Saml M Murry of Capt. Andersons Company Confin'd by 
Lt. Queenouault for being Drunk & offering to Sell A Razor 
belonging to Jno Purnell of Said Company, Evidence — Wm 
Guttrie of Capt. Andersons Compy declared that he Saw the 
Prisoner offer the Razor for Sale to A Soldier, went up and 
told him not to buy the Razor for it was not his own the pris- 
oner Said it was, on which Guttrie took him to Lt. Quenou- 

Evidence — Jno Purnell Saith that he was Sick and had 
leave to put his knapsack in the Waggon, but when he Came 
to Camp could not find it, but on hearing that A Razor was 
offer'd for Sale, he went to the Lieut for leave to Search the 
rest of his things when he found Some of them in the prisoners 
Knapsack ; The Prisoner told him he did not know he was 


come from Morriston that he knew they ware his and in- 
tended to take care of them for him. 

Prisoners Defince — Saith that when the Waggon came to 
Camp, the things were all loose & toss'd about, & having lost 
all his things was looking for them, when he found his Knap- 
sack with Purnels things in it. But who put them there he 
could not tell, but said he would take Care of them for him. 

Evidence for the Prisoner — Fredrick Vanlip, saith that 
he Saw the Prisoner take up the Knapsack and look'd at the 
things, and Said they Belong'd to Jno. Purnell & that he would 
take Care of them for him; Prisoner further Saith that he has 
A Razor of the Same Mark & make as Jno. Purnells, & that 
he did not offer the Razor for Sale intending to Defraud any 
Person : 

The Court having taking the whole into consideration are 
of opinion the Prisoner did not intend any Defraud, but that 
he is guilty of the unpardonable Crime of Being Drunk, & 
order him to be Severly reprimanded. 

Thos Holland 

Capt. President 

The Sentence of the Court Approv'd and order'd to be put 
in Execution by Lt. Jordan. 

Davd Hall 

Col. D R 

Monday nth August. Brigadier Genl Smallwood Arrived 
here at Camp and took Command of our Brigade Consisting 
of the Delaware Regt ist 3rd & 7th Maryland Regts. 


Tuesday August 12th. Struck tents About 9 OClock in the 
morning & march'd about one mile and encamp'd near A Grist 
& Saw Mills. 

Head Quarters Hannover 12th August 1777 

Division Orders 

Field officer of the Day tomorrow^ from Genl Deborres 

Adjt of the Day from the Same. 

The Genl having obtaned licence from the Commander in 
Cheif, & in consequence thereof granted A Pardon to John 
Murphy & Daniel Brow^n he Sincerely hopes that this act of 
Lenity may not serve to incourage that Spirit of Disorder and 
Licentiousness which has always Prevailed too much in this 
Division, he wishes it may Shew the Soldiers the Advantage 
of A good Character; And the good opinion of their officer 
which was the real foundation for the Lenity Shown them 
Unhappy Persons, he trusts the future Conduct of those 
unhappy men, will wipe off the Stain brought upon them by 
their Inconsiderate Conduct, and he Strictly forbids the Sol- 
diers to Cast any kind of Reflections, or upbraid them for the 
Crime for which they have Received A General Pardon. 

Captain Seward to Join General Smallwoods Brigade, leav- 
ing Such officers and men to Command the Artilery of Genl 
Deborres Brigade as he Shall think proper; The Paymasters 
to make out their Abstracts to the ist of August immedietly, 
till which time (Genl Washington who is on his march to- 
wards us; has ordered this Division to be paid up. 


Head Quarters Hanover 13th Augst 1777 

Division Orders 

Feild officer of the Day tomorrow from Genl Small- 

vt'oods Brigade, 
Adjt of the Day from the Same. 

The Genl is much Surprised that the orders of the nth 
inst. is not complied with (Respecting the Court Martial 
whereof Lt. Col. Antill is president) the President having at- 
tended at Several times, & could not proceed to Business for 
want of members to form Said Court. The Brigade Major 
to See the Court form'd Agreeable to Genl orders immedietly 
Brigade Major Powell for the Day tomorrow an orderly Ser- 
jeant in future to be Sent by the Brigade Major of the Day to 
attend upon Such Court as may be Setting agreeable to Genl 

Hannover 13th August 1777 
Brigade Orders 

The Commandants of Regts in Genl Smallwoods Brigade, 
are Requested immedietly to furnish Returns of their Regts, 
and Render lists of Such arms & Accoutrements, Cloathing 
&c. as may be wanting in order that the Same may be pro- 
cured, to put the Regts in the most formidable & Comfortable 
Situation; and as the Ground for the Encampment was yes- 
terday Regularly laid off the Genl can't avoid observing that 
it would have been much more pleasing; had the officers at- 
tended to, and had their tents more Regularly pitch'd which 
it is expected will be better attended to in future; as it will 
not only contribute to the Beauty of the encampment, but also 
to the health and Disclipine of the Soldiers; 


The Adjutants are Required to Draw one Camp Colour 
man out of each Company in their Respective Regts, who are 
to act and do no other Duty for the space of one week, after 
which they will be Releived, and the QrMasters are Required 
to assemble every morning at gun fireing, & direct them to 
Clean and Sweep the Streets of all nausances, throwing the 
Same into the pits and Covering the filth therein with fresh 
dirt every morning, all Cooking, washing, &c. are expressly 
forbid within the limits of the Encampment, which must be 
performed at A Proper Distance in front and on the Flanks 
thereof, & the latter to prevent trash and filth in the Encamp- 
ment, & within the tents of the Soldiers. A Visiting officer 
from each Regt must be daily appointed to inspect within the 
limits of his Regiment and Direct the Removal thereof. The 
Brigade Compleatly Arm'd & Accoutred must Parade in front 
of the Encampment at troop & Retreat Beating, tis expected 
the Officers in General will on those occations make A point 
of attending in their proper posts; Officers will attend to and 
Direct their men to Shave & Shift twice A Week, & also in- 
spect their Arms, Accoutriments, & Provision, & their mode of 
Cooking verry frequently, & that they do not load their mus- 
kets without orders, and unless the Cleaning their arms is 
attended to, they will be apt to bend their gun Barrels, any 
Soldier without leave in Writing from his officer, found Strag- 
gling above one mile from the Encampment will be Liable to 
be taken up and punished as a Deserter; Sobriety, good order, 
& Diligence are earnestly recommended. 

Camp at Hannover August 14th 1777 
Proceedings of a Regimental Court Martial held by order 
of Major Vaughen for the trial of Dennis Maanna of Capt. 
Hollands Company; Confin'd by said Capt. for theft. 


Robt. Kirkwood Capt. President. 
Lt. Queenouault | | Lt. Duff 

Lt, Brattan J 1 Ens. Bennett 

Evidence — Prisoner being brought before the Court pleads 
not guilty; John Tappan an Inhabitant of this place being 
duely Sworn Deposeth that when he went into the Room he 
Saw none but a Girl and the Prisoner in it the Girl went into 
another Room and said She had lost A Handkf A Soldier 
Saw a HandkfE hanging out of the Prisoners pocket and In- 
formed the Landlady of it, the Prisoner Said he had not got it, 
Upon which the Soldier Shewing the Prisoner the end of it, 
Saying there it is, he deliver'd it up, the girl Said She saw it 
before but was afraid of Speaking about it. Prisoner on his 
defence Saith that he went into the tavern & got a gill of gin, 
that he Saw A Handkff on the Chair & took it up & held it in 
his hand, & put it by accident in his pocket & forgot it, upon 
being accused of taking Said Handkff denied it, having forgot 
he had it, & further Said he had no pockets but one in his 
Breeches, upon opening of which he found it, & delivered it to 
the Girl. 

The Court are unanimously of opinion that Dennis Maanna 
is not only guilty of the Charge laid against him, but of lying 
before the Court, and do Sentence him to Receive 75 Lashes 
for the first Crime & 25 for the last, on his bare back well 
Laid on with the Cat o nine tails; which Sentence is approv'd 
of by Majr Vaughen & ordered to be put in execution this 

Head Qrtrs 14th August 1777 
Division Orders 

Field Officer of the tomorrow from Genl Deborres Brigade, 
Brigade Major & Adjt. of the day from the Same The Amaz- 


ing neglect of the Field officers of the day in not making any 
Report for Some days past, Oblidges the Genl to order ex- 
pressly that the Field officer of the day, make his report every 
day before 12 OClock & that each officer of the Guards, make 
his Report to the officer of the Day before 10 OClock The 
form of the Report for the Feild officer of the Day was given 
out at Princeton & must be now followed, the name of the 
Feild officer of the day to be Returned to Head Qurtrs By the 
Brigade Major of the Brigade he belongs to as soon as he is 
appointed, the Brigade Majors to return & the names of the 
members of Court martials & Courts of Inquiry to the Re- 
spective Presidents as soon as appointed and warn'd that they 
may be able to Report those members who neglect to attend, 
A Strict & Regular Attention to the Duties of the Camp is 
expected, as much as though the Enemy were at hand, good 
officers will Readily see the necessaty of this, those who cannot 
at present observe it, may gain knowledge from the conduct of 

Hanover 15th August 1777 
Brigade Orders 

The Brigadier General in pursuance of an order recv'd from 
Major Genl Sullivan, requires from the Commandants of Regts 
in his Brigade, Returns of their Sick lodg'd in the Several Hos- 
pital that a proper offr may be Despatched, to bring in Such 
as may be recov'ed fit for Duty, and also Returns of such as 
may have been imprisoned, that they may be brought in, tried 
punished & Returned to their Respective Regts which now 
want their aid its expected such Returns will be immedietly 


Head Quarters 15th August 1777 
Division Orders 

Field officer of the Day tomorrow from Genl Smallwoods 
Brigade, Brigade Majr & Adjt. of the day from the Same. 

The Genl expecting speedely to Receive orders to march or- 
ders that that no artilery nor Waggon & Horses be sent out of 
Camp on any Buisness whatever: the QrMasters to see that 
they are Shod and kept in good order, for marching on the 
first notice. 

Ens. Hilery tried by A Genl Court Martial Whereof Lt. 
Col. Antill is President, for Drunkness, profane Swareing, &c. 
the Court are of opinion that he receive a private Reprimand 
from the Commanding officer of the Brigade, he be Imme- 
diately Dismissd The Genl Approves the Sentence of the Court 
and orders it put in Execution to morrow morning at 7 
OClock. Patrick Camery a Waggoner in the Continental 
army tryed by the same Court for theft the Court find him 
Guilty, & Sentence him to Receive 100 lashes upon the bare 
back, at such time & place as the Comm. of the Division Shall 
think proper to order, the Genl. Approves the Sentence of sd 
Court & orders it put in Execution to morrow morning 9 
OClock The Adjt. of the Day for the Division to see the Sen- 
tence of sd Court put in Execution. 

After Orders 15 August 1777 
The Genl Court martial whereof Lt. Coll Antill was Presi- 
dent is disolv'd. 

A Genl Court Martial to sit to morrow morning at 9 
OClock, Coll Gunby President, 3 Capts & 3 Subalterns from 
each Brigade, to try Pamabre for Confineing James McCoy 
Contrary to Genl Orders, After being Acquainted therewith, 
Also to try any other matters that may be brought before them. 


Head Quarters Hanover i6th August 1777 
Division Orders 

Feild officer of the Day tomorrow from Col, Deborres 
Brigade, Brigade Major from the same. 

The Court Martial Whereof Col. Gunby's President is not 
to Sit till further orders, the Court of Inquiry Whereof Lt. 
Col. Ramsey is President, have Reported that Commissary 
Durrah is by no means Justifiable in Beating the Soldier Be- 
longing to Col. Halls Regt they think A Private Reprimand 
from the Genl will answer every purpose of Calling a Court 
martial. The Genl approves of the Report of Said Court of 
Inquiry, to which Court Commissary Durrah has Submitted. 

The Genl forbides the Soldiers entering the Mill Belonging 
to Mr. Ford or to Conscern with the flood Gates as he is De- 
termin'd in future to bring Such Offenders to A Severe pun- 

Head Qrtrs Hannover 17th August 1777 
Division Orders 

Feild oifr of the Day to morrow from Genl Small- 
woods Brigade, Brigade Major from the Same. 

A Return of all the ordinance Stores belonging to the Artil- 
ery to be made to Head Quarters as Soon as possible by the 
Commanding Officer of the Artilery, At A General Court 
Martial held at Hanover the 6th Inst Major Mullen was tried 
for giving insolent and Abusive Languague to Genl Deborre at 
ye Head of his Brigade, & for being frequently Intoxicated 
with Liquor, of which Charge the Court found him guilty & 
Sentenced him to be Cashierd, the Commander in Chief ap- 
proved the Sentence, & orders it to take place Immedietly. 

Those Regts which are yet in want of tents to make returns 
to the QrM.Genl to morrow morning by 8 OClock The 


Brigade Major to Call on the QrMasters for A Return of all 
the tents & Marquees that are publick property & upon the 
Adjts for a Return of all the men & Weomen in their Respec- 
tive Regts, from which they are to make A Genl Return of 
each Brigade in the following manner Viz. 

In one Collumn the number of Feild officers 2ndly the Serjts 
4thly Privates including Drums, Fifes as also Waggoners & 
Weomen, then they are to State the number of tents in their 
Respective Brigades, & Set forth the number wanting upon the 
following Calculations, Viz A tent to each Feild officer, one to 
two Commissioned & Staff officers, one to 4 Serjts & one to 6 
Privates including Corporals, as Well as Waggoners weomen 
&c. The Deputy QrM. Genl after Receiving the Returns is 
to attend with them at Head Quarters before he Delivers out 
the tents. 

The Paj^master of the Several Regts to attend at Head 
Quarters this afternoon at 5 O Clock. 

Head Quarters Hannover i8th August 1777 
Division Orders 

Feild officer of the Day tomorrow from Genl Deborres 

Brigade Major from the Same. 

Head Qrtrs Roxborough 9th August 
General Orders 

By his Excellency the Commander in Cheif; The Waggon 
Master General and all those acting in the Department under 
him, are for the future to govern themselves Agreeable to the 


rules and Regulations of the Army, conformable to all General 
orders, & Division and Brigade orders Respectivily, & those 
attach'd to Brigades to be Subject to the Verbal orders of the 
Feild officers, of the Brigades appointed to the Charge and 
Direction of the line of march for the day; For any offence 
they are to be Confin'd to their Quarters and tried by Such 
Court Martial as Shall be appointed to hear and Determine 
the Same, If any Officer in the Department misbehaves either 
in the march, or to the Brigadier or Major General of the 
Brigade or Division, either of whome may order the Person 
to Confine himself to his Qrs Provision being made to keep 
Waggon masters to their Duty every officer is positively forbid 
to put any of them under guard or into the Provost, & there 
doing it w^ill assuredly Subject them to be tried by A Court 
martial for Desobedience of orders ; The names of the Waggon 
masters General appointed to Divisions to be inserted in the 
Division orders & these Officers are to have Recourse to Genl 
orders for the better Regulations of their Conduct; The Pay- 
masters to make out their Abstracts up to the first of July 
which they are to Carry in and Receive their money also to 
lodge their abstracts for the month of July with the Paymaster 
General; The Regimental QrMasters are to make Returns to 
the D. QMr General of this Division of the Stores in these 
Respective Regts, and that with the utmost exactness in every 
article, the Returns to be given in at 5 OClock to morrow 
morning P. M. Capt. Parmelee of Col. Hazens Regt put in 
Arrest for Conflneing James MKay contrary to Genl orders 
after being made acquainted there with, the Genl upon exam- 
ination that Capt. Parmelee had no Settled Design of Dis- 
obeying orders, or Desputing his Authority And that the part 
Capt. Parmelee acted proceeded only from Mistake, the Genl 
Discharges him from his arrest. 


The Commissary in future to Deliver all guards & Fatague 
men one Gill of Rum pr man pr Day, and to the Rest of the 
Division, holding themselves in Readiness to march ^ Gill of 
Rum pr man A Day. 

After Orders August i8th 1777 
Division Orders 

The Genl orders that the Muster Rolls of those Regts that 
vi^ere not mustred last month by the Deputy Muster Master 
General, to be made out Immedietly Up to the last day of 
July, each Capt. or Commanding Officer of A Company or 
Troop is to make out 4 Rolls Writ in A fact hand, the Com- 
missioned Officers to hold the first Place in the Roll; the non 
Commissioned the 2nd the present & other effective privates 
the 3rd And the non effective, the missing, Discharged, De- 
serted, and dead, the Rolls must be folded up and endorsed, 
so as to express the Regt Company & the time v^^hen they were 
taken; the Rank of the Captains Should be Signified by the 
figures I, 2, 3, &c on the Back of the Rolls; As the men are 
to be excus'd from Duty, it is expected that every man whose 
absence is not Accounted for, in the Collumn of Remarks will 
appear before the Officer of Musters. 

The Genl Court Martial Wherof Col. Gunby is President 
is to Sit to morrow morning at 9 OClock. 

Camp Hanover August 19th 1777 
Brigade Orders 

A Brigade Court Martial to Sit at 11 OClock this morning 
for the tryal of Patt Davis & Dennis Cain both of the Dela- 


ware Regt Confin'd by Majr Powell for Being out of Camp 
after Tatoo; & Beating and abusing an Inhabitant; Capt. 
Kirkwood President, A Sublt. from each Regt Members. 

Head Quarters Hanover 19th August 1777 

Division Orders 

Field Officer of the day tomorrow from Genl Small- 
woods Brigade. 
Brigade Major from the Same. 

The Waggon Masters to Draw the tents for his Officers 
Immedietly, also to see that the Waggoneers draw their tents 
from their Respective Brigades to which they Belong. 

19th August 1777 
Brigade Orders 

The Dailey Complaints of the Inhabitants residing adjacent 
to and in the Neighbourhood of our encampment sufficiently 
Demonstrates the Depravity of the Soldery, and I am afraid 
the Inattention of the Officers to restrain Such unsoldiery and 
infamous practices has give Rise to these Complaints Would 
the Soldery Consider that their Reputation, & in Some In- 
stance I might add the Safety of a Corps is founded. And De- 
pend not less on the Strict obedience to orders. Sobriety, Hon- 
esty, & temperance, these on Valour, and Discipline, which are 
both promoted and increased in a more or less Immediet Degree 
as those Quallifications are Cherished and Practised, they must 
blush for their Conduct, which must Strongly impress them 
with Resembling Sheep Stealers, & theives more than honest 
brave men fighting and Struggling for the Liberties of America, 


the pay & Subsistance of the Continental Army is more Liberal 
than the allowance made to any other Soldiers in the face of 
the earth, this therefore cannot be an excuse for Breaking open 
Peoples Houses, & Stealing their Property, burning & other- 
wise destroying their out houses, implements of Husbandry & 
Handicraft Busness, together with their fencing & Crops ; The 
latter perhaps may Destress this verry part of the Army next 
Winter, as well as the poore Inhabitants who are held up as 
the only Sufferers, to Restrain Such horrid & Shameful Prac- 
tices, Let me intreat & Conjure every officer in the Brigade, 
to exert collectively & individually his utmost efforts; and the 
Brigadier Genl most earnestly begs those honest brave Soldiers 
who Still have A Regard to their good name, & the Credit of 
the Brigade, that they will use their best endeavours to disuade 
from & detect their Comrades in Such infamous practices; Its 
with conscern the Genl finds himself oblidg'd to declare that un- 
less such practices are Drop'd the most Riged measures will be 
adopted, and Examplary punishments inflicted in every instance. 

Proceedings of A Brigade Court Martial held in Camp, Han- 
over 19th August 1777. 

Robt Kirkwood Capt. President. 

1st Lt. Richd Anderson 7th M. R. ] ' r Ens. Benjm. MClean D R 

2nd Lt. Richd Bird 5 M. R. J \ Ens. Jno James 3 m: R 

Serjt Cain | 

& Pat Davis Private j of the D R confin'd by major Powell 
being Brought before the Court pleads guilty; but Occationed 
by provocation. 

Major Powell being duely Sworn, Sayeth, last night about 
10 OClock Complaint was lodg'd with me against two Soldiers 


who was at the house of a Mr. Dennison in this Neighbour- 
hood, and had behav'd in a verry indecent manner In Con- 
sequence of this information, I took A Corporal & file of men 
and went with my informant, to Mr. Denisons, where I found 
the Prisoners each with a gun in his hand, upon inquiring 
what was the matter and their Buisness there at Such a time 
of night, Davis told me the man of the house had used them in 
a verry gross manner, had given them much abusive language, 
& had taken up his gun and threatened to Shoot them for 
Damn'd Rebels, saying also that he would get enough from 
Staten Island to beat our whole Brigade Mr. Denison denied 
the Accusation, Said they had come to his house, in a verry 
abrupt manner, that Davis Swore A young woman, that was 
nursing Denisons Wife Was his Wife, and he'd be Damn'd if 
he did not Sleep with her, Denison Said he ofEred them a bed 
in his Shop, & Supper if they wanted it, but that his wife was 
at the point of death, & that he Could not Suffer any other 
than his famely to sleep in his house that the Prisoners then 
entred his house again, Search'd it, Calld him a damn'd Tory, 
& took from him two guns (the Same I found them with) they 
were both Somewhat intoxicated, this was better than an hour 
after Tattoo beating. 

Mr. Dennison Being duely Sworn Sayeth, that the above 
mentioned Prisoners came to his house just at dark, & de- 
manded A Young Woman which he had in his house, & one 
of them Claimd her as his wife, which girl was up stairs at the 
Same time. I denied that there was any Such girl there that 
Blong'd to them, upon which they took two guns of my prop- 
erty which was behind a Door, & went out, & swore that they 
would Stand Sentrie at my Door, for I was a Tory and fired 
one of the guns off. 


The Court are unanimously of opinion that Serjt Cain & 
Patt Davis, are guilty of the Charge, & do Sentence Serjt Cain 
to be Reduced to the Ranks & Receive 50 Lashes and Patt 
Davis 100 lashes, on the bare back Avell laid on w^ith the Cat 
oNine tails: _. 



The above Sentence approv'd, but from having heard A 
favourable Character of Serjt Cain have Remitted the Latter 
part of the punishment, and have thought proper to Remit 50 
lashes of Patt. Davis's punishment the Remainder to be in- 
flicted at beat of Retreat. 

Wm Smallwood 

B: General 

Head Qrtrs Hanover 20th August 1777 
Division Orders 

Field Officer of the Day tomorrovi^ from Genl Deborres 
Brigade, Major from the Same. 
The Weekly Returns to be given in every Saturday Morn- 
ing by 8 OClock. 

The Brigade Major to See that the Adjutants of the Brigade 
they belong to, bring in the Regimental Weekly Returns to 
them every friday morning; at 8 OClock The Court martial 
w^hereof Col. Gunby is President to Sit tomorrow morning at 
9 OClock to try such matters As may be brought before them. 

Camp Hanover 20th August 1777 
Brigade Orders 

The Brigadier General requires the Commandants of Regts 
in his Brigade, to Select as many of their men as will be able 


to Stand a march, to arm and Accouter them in the best man- 
ner & Blankets Slung, to make Returns and draw Immedietly, 
& have it cook'd, three days salt provisions & hard bread if they 
can possibly be furnished, their tents will be left Standing & 
guarded by those, who may be two infirm for the Fatagues of 
the March three days allowance of Rum is also to be drawn; 
but the Genl would recommend that none be delivered out 
without his further orders, the whole to hold themselves in 
Readiness to march tomorrow at ii OClock in the forenoon. 

Thirsday 2ist Our Brigade March'd at ii OClock by the 
Way of Bottle Hill, which is 5 miles from thence to Chattam 
7 miles and there Refresh'd from thence we march'd thr'o 
Spring field to Elizabeth Town point 10 miles there our men 
unloaded themselves of their knapsacks & Blankets & Crossed 
the River in the Greatest Silence on to Staten Island all which 
we effected By day Break, from thence we proceeded towards 
the East end of the Island where coming near A Guard Con- 
sisting of About 100 Men of British Troops but upon first of 
us they Ran away at this place We Destroyed near 300o£ of 
Stores Besides A Quantity brought off; We traveled near 20 
Miles on the Island but Could not see any more of the Enemy, 
About I OClock Came to the Bazing Star Where we all 
Cross'd but lOO men who were Detain'd about Bringing over 
Stock these were attacked & mostly taken Prisoners after they 
had fired all their Amunition away that night the Prisoners 
beat off the Guard & the greatest part of them got over the 
River, the Prisoners that were taken from them were as fol- 
lowes Viz: 

3 Cols: viz Barton, Lawrence, & Allen, 4 Captains 6 Sub- 
alterns & 150 Privates all of the greens, then march'd to Spank 


town being 7 Miles, Saturday 23d march'd to Elizabeth Town 
5 Miles from thence to Springfield 7 Miles Sunday 24th 
march'd through Westfield to Specatria being 14 Miles, Mon- 
day 25th march'd to Brunswick being 5 Miles, Tuesday 26th 
march'd to Princeton being 15 Miles, & quarterd our Men in 
the College, Wednesday 27th the Baggage came up then 
pitch'd our Tents in an Old Field back of the said College. 
Tuesday 28th Struck tents at day break and March'd to Tren- 
ton in Hunterdon County Being 12 Miles that evening I 
Cross'd the River in Compy with Capt. Anderson and Marched 
to the Red Lyon within 13 Miles of Philadelphia 29th 
Marched from the Red Lyon thr'o Philada down to Wilming- 
ton & the 30th I went to my Fathers. 

Pennsylvania State Head Quarters Chester Septr ist 

Field Officer of the Day to morrow from Genl Deborres 
Brigade, the Commanding Officers of the Several Regts to See 
that their men have provisions Cook'd for tomorrow those Regts 
that have not Drawn may draw at this place. 

Genl Deborre with all the Field Officers of both Brigades 
to attend at Head Quarters at Senals tavern at the Post office 
precisely at 5 OClock this Afternoon, the troops to march for 
Wilmington tomorrow morning at day Break, Genl Small- 
woods Brigade to march in front, the Officers are Desired to 
prevent the Waggons being loaded with men & Weomen, none 
to Ride but those Soldiers who are unable to march. 

Tuesday Septr 2nd Struck tents & march'd to Wilmington 
in the Delaware State & encamp'd about one Mile West of 
the town in all 13 Miles. 


Head Quarters Wilmington Septr 3rd 1777 
Brigade Orders 

By order of Genl Smallwood the Commanding Officer of the 
Different Regts in this Brigade to have Returns made out of 
all the plunder that was taken on Staten Island the plunder to 
be Collected at one place in order that there may be an equal 
Destribution made of the Same. 

The Col. desires that the Arms & Accoutrements be put in 
the best of Order, & that Catridges be Drawn when wanting, 
no guns to be taken out of the Stocks, nor locks to be taken to 
pieces in Cleaning the Same The officers of the DifEerrent Com- 
panies to examine into the State of mens Arms every Morning 
at parade, Should any damage happen to any of the Arms 
through neglect of the Soldier that their Acctt be Charged with 
the Same, any Soldier that Shall Descharge his fire Arms with- 
out leave from the Commanding Officer Shall Receive 50 lashes 
on his bare back upon the Spot, that no Soldier be permitted to 
leave Camp on any pertence whatsoever without leave from 
their Officers; The QrMastrs of the Differrent Regts to have 
proper Sinks dug in the rear of their Regts And the Bushes & 
brush to be Cleared out of the Encampment. 

Wilmington 3d Septr 1777 
Division Orders 

Field Officer of the Day to morrow from Genl Small- 
woods Brigade. 
The whole Division to be paraded in the front of the en- 
campment at 4 o'clock precisely, the Officers commanding 
Regts to See their Men Clean, their hair powder'd & green 
boughs in their hats, the Whole to be Counted of in Divisions 
properly Officer'd. 


Genl Smallwoods Brigade to Compleat the Genls guard, 
Also to furnish i Sub. 2 Serjts 3 Corpls & 24 men, to parade 
in the road on the left of the Division, at Retreat beating; 
Genl Deborre Brigade to furnish a main guard till further 
orders, Consisting of i Sub. 2 Serjts 3 Corpls & 24 men, the 
guard house to be handy to the Division also to furnish for A 
Picquet I Capt. 2 Subs 2 Serjts 3 Corpls & 40 Privates, to be 
paraded in the Road on the left of the Division at Retreat 

Every Commanding Officer of A Company is immedietly to 
make out his muster Roll to the first of September; Col. 
Hazens Regt will parade for muster to morrow evening at 5 
OClock, Coll. Halls Regt will parade for muster at 6 OClock 
4 Rolls are to be made for each muster, the other two Regts 
Belonging to the Same Brigade to parade on friday morning 
Precisely at 8 OClock for Muster. 

After Orders 3d Septr 1777 
The orders Respecting the parade of the Division are to be 
Suspended, the Division to have two days provisions Cooked 
their Arms in order, & Supplied with a proper Quantity of 
Amunition and have every thing in Readiness to move at a 
Moments Warning. 

Proceedings of A Regimental Court Martial held at Wil- 
mington this 4th day of Septr 1777 by order of Lt. Coll. Pope 
of the Delaware Regt for the tryal of Such prisoners as may 
be brought before them. 

Capt. Anderson President 
Lt. Rhodes ) ( Lt. Bratten 

Lt. Wilds r™''"nLt. Brown 


Emanuel Triser Confin'd by Lt. Joseph Wilds for Stealing 
Clothes from Johnson Fleetwood. 

Emanuel Triser being brought before the Court pleads not 
guilty that the Clothes he was Accus'd of Stealing from John- 
son Fleetwood he got out of Fredreck Reeds knapsack, who 
was taken prisoner on Staten Island, that Reed had Borrowed 
A Shirt and pair of stockings of him, 

Jas Cavender being brought before the Court & duely Sworn 
Says that he Saw the Stockings in Fredrick Reeds knapsack. 
And that he heard Serjt Perry Say that he Saw Triser take the 
Stockings out of Reeds knapsack. 

The Court having Considred the nature of the offence are 
of opinion that the prisoner is not guilty of the Charge laid to 
him, & that he be Released from his Confinement. 

Wm Plowman Prisoner confin'd for being drunk on his post 
& fireing two Shot declaring he would be the death of Some 
person last night when on post, & letting no persons pass with- 
out money. 

The Court are of opinion that the Crime of Wm Plowman 
doth not Lay before A Regimental Court Martial. 

Enoch Anderson 

Captn presdt 

The Above proceedings Approv'd. 

Chas. Pope 
Lt. Coll. DR 

Friday 5th Septr Struck tents & march'd about 3 miles And 
encamp'd in A Stubble Field about one mile Northward of 
Newport New Castle County. 


Head Qurtrs Wilmington 5th Septr 1777 

Genl Orders 

Major Genl for tomorrow Green 

Field Officer Weeden 

Field Officers Cols Matthews, Major Powell, Brigade 
Major Porus. 

The Commissary Genl of Prisoners informs the Command- 
ing Officers of Regts and other Corps that notwithstanding the 
orders heretofore Issued for that purpose, he has Received but 
one Small Return of Prisoners taken by the Enemy Since his 
Appointment; in Consequence of Such neglect it will be Im- 
possible for him, in case of an exchange to pay proper Atten- 
tion to the orders of the different Captures as to time, he fur- 
ther informs them for the future the prisoners will be ex- 
changed according to the return hereafter made to him. 

As Baggage Waggons at all times are A great incumberrence 
to an Army, & would be perticularly so in the day of Battle, 
they in the latter can be Driven off the Field, that the Army 
may not be the least incumberred by them, it is besides A 
measure which Common prudence dictates, & whenever an 
Action is expected, the QrMastr Genl will immedietly wait on 
the Commander in Cheif to Receive his orders Respecting them. 

From every Information of the Enemys Designs and from 
their Movements it is manifest their Aim is if possible to pos- 
sess them Selves of Philadelphia this is their Capital object, its 
what they Strove to effect; but were happily disappointed, they 
made A Second Attempt at the opening of this Campaign, but 
after vast preparation & expences for the purpose they aban- 
don'd, their Design and totally evacuated the Jerseys, they are 
now making their last efforts; to come up the Delaware, it 
Seems was their first Intention but from the measure taken to 


annoy them in the River they Judged this enterprise that way 
too hazardous ; at length they have landed on the Eastern Shore 
of Maryland and advanc'd Some little vuay into the Country 
but the Genl trusts they M^ill be again Disappointed in their 
views Should they put their Designs against Philadelphia or 
this State their all is at Stake, they will put the Contest to the 
event of A Single Battle, if they are overthrown they are 
utterly undone, the war ended, now then is the time for our 
most Strenious exertion, one bold Stroke will free the Land 
from Rapine, Devestatlon, & Burning; Famale Inocence from 
brutal Lust & Violence in every other Quarter the American 
Arms have of Late been Rapidly Successfull, great many of the 
Enemy have fallen in Battle, & Still greater numbers have been 
made prisoners; the Militia to the Northward have fought with 
A Resolution that would have done honour to old Soldiers, they 
have Bravely fought & Conquer'd & glory attend them & who 
can forbear to emulate their noble Spirits, who is without Am- 
bition to Share with them the applause of their Countrymen 
and of all posterity. As the Defenders of their Liberty, & the 
procurers of peace and happiness, to millions in the present & 
future Generation, two years we have maintain'd the war & 
Strugled with difficulties Innumerable, but the prospect has 
brightned and our affairs put on A better face, now is the time 
to Reap the fruits of all our toil and Dangers if we behave like 
men this third Campaign will be our last, ours is the main 
army to us our Country looks for protection, the eyes of all 
america & all Urope, are turned upon us, as on those by whome 
the event of War is to be Determined and the Genl assures his 
Country men and fellow Soldiers that he believes the Critical 
& important moments is at hand, which demand their most 
Spirited exertion to the Field, Glory waits to Crown the brave 
& peace freedom & happiness will be the Rewards of Victory, 


animated by Motives like those Soldiers fighting in the Cause 
of Innocense humanity & Justice will never give vi^ay, but with 
undaunted Resolution press on to Conquest, & these the Genl 
assures himself is the part American forces now in Arms will 
act & those he will assure Success. 

Genl Ewings Brigade of Militia will releive the men of 
Genl Nashes Brigade now on the Little guard on the East Side 
of Brandewine as soon as possible and Dailey furnish it. 

Camp near Newport Sepr 6th 1777. 
Regimental Orders 

The Commanding officers of Companies are Requested to 
have their men Clean & hair powder'd to morrow at 2 OClock 
with their Arms & Accoutrements in good order, fit to bear 
Inspection by the Commander in Chief, any person appearing 
Contrairy to this order it will be looked on to be the officers 
Neglect for which they will have to Acct, any Soldier absent 
from the parade at the above mentioned time. Shall assuredly 
Suffer A.greeable to the Articles of War, unless A Reasonable 

excuse be given for the Same. „ _ 

Chas Pope 

Lt. Coll. D R 

Head Quarters Wilmington Sepr 6th 1777 

General Orders 

Parole Resolution 
C. Sign Firmness & Conquest 
Major Genl for tomorrow Lord Sterling. 
Brigadier Scott, Field Officers Col. Parker, Major Tory 
Brigade Major for the day. 


The Genl has no doubt but that every man who has A due 
Sense of the Importance of the Cause he has taken to defend 
And who has any Regard to his own honour & the Reputation 
of A Soldier, will if Called to Action will behave like one 
Contending for every thing valuable, but if contrary to his 
expectation there Shall be found any officer or Soldier so far 
lost to all Shame as basely to quit their posts without orders, or 
Shall Skulk from danger or offer to Retreat before order is 
given for so doing from proper authority of a Superior Officer, 
they are to be instantly Shot down, as a Just punishment to 
themselves & for an example to others, this order those in the 
Rear, & the Corps of Reserve are to See duely executed, to 
prevent the Cowardly making a Sacrifice of the brave, & by 
their ill example and ground less tales circulating to Cover 
their own Shamefull conduct, Spreading terror as they go ; that 
this order may be well known & strongly Impressed upon the 
Army; the Genl positively orders the Commanding officers of 
every Regt to assemble his men & have it Read to them; to 
prevent the plea of Ignorance. 

The Genl begs the favour of the Officers to be attentive to 
all Strange faces & Suspicious persons, which may be des- 
cover'd in Camp & if upon examination of them no good Acct 
can be given why they are there to carry them to the Majr 
Genl of the day for further examination, this as it is only A 
necessary precaution is to be done in a manner least offensive 
The Genl Officers are to meet at 5 OClock this afternoon at 
the Brick house by Whiteclay Creek & fix upon proper Pic- 
quets for the Security of the Camp John Lawrence and Pres- 
ley Thompson Esqrs are appointed extra Aid de Camp to the 
Commander in Chief all orders therefore through them in 
Writing or otherwise are to be Regarded in the Same light as 
if proceeding from any other of his Aids de Camp; Notwith- 


standing the orders relative to house, they are Still of great 
Nuisances to ye Army the QrMrs of Divisions are therefore to 
See that they are fixed at Proper distances from Camp, & that 
all the ofal be well buried once a day. 

The Commander in Cheif will look to these QrMrs for the 
Execution of this order & no excuse can be admitted for neglect 
of So necessary A duty. 

After Orders 

Information has been given that many of the Waggons 
horses are Suffered to go loose in the field, the Commander in 
Cheif Strictly orders, that every night all the Waggon horses 
be put to the Waggons & there kept, & if it be necessary at 
any time for them to go to grass, that it be only in the day 
time, & then the Waggoneers must Stay with them. Con- 
stantly, that they may be Ready to tackle at the Shortest no- 
tice, the Waggon masters are Required to See this order Care- 
fully Executed, The Enemy have Disencumberred themselves 
of all their Baggage that their movements may be Quick & 
easey; it behoves us to be alike ready for marching at a mo- 
ments warning & for that Reason it is absolutely necessary, & 
the Commander in Cheif positively requires that both officers 
& men remain constantly at their Quarters. Tattoo is no 

longer to be beat in Camp. ^ _ 

Tim Pickering 

Adjt. Genl 

Sepr 6th 1777 
Division Orders 

That the Waggon horses be fixt to the Waggons at retreat 
beating every night & keep them so till 9 the next morning & 
even then they are by no means to be Separated from the 


Waggons, so as to take 5 Minutes to get them fixed, the Com- 
manding Officers of Regts & Corps to See those orders Com- 
plied with, the Commissary of the Division to provide himself 
immedietly with Sufficient Waggons to move his Stores & is to 
be Ready to move at A moments warning, his Remaining be- 
hind the Division Shall Subject him to A Tryal by A Court 
Martial for breach of orders, the Artillery horses to be fixed to 
the pieces one hour before day each morning ; A Subl. & 20 men 
to mount guard every night at the Bridge from 6 in the evening 
to 9 in the morning to examine all Strangers that are passing, 
& to apprehend Such as do not give Satisfactory Account of 
themselves; all offenders not tryable by A Regimental Court 
martial to be Sent to the provost guard. The picquet guard to 
be Releived tomorrow morning in the Same manner it was this 
morning, the Prisoners in the Main guard are order'd to the 
QrGuards of their Respective Regts And to be tried by A 
Regimental Court Martial, the main Guard is desolved, Wal- 
ter Cox Esqr. is appointed Acting Brigade Major in Genl 
Smallwoods Brigade in the absence of Genl Smallwocd & is to 
be respected & obeyed as Such. 

6th Sepr 1777 
Brigade Orders 

The Commanding officers of Regts will be pleas'd to order 
Weekly Returns to be made out & deliver'd to Majr Cox im- 
medietly that proper details may be made 



Head Quarters Newport 7th Sepr 1777 
General Orders 

Parole Cambridge C: Sign Dartmouth Granby 
Major General for tomorrow Stephens 
Brigadier Weeden, Field Officers Col. Marshal 

Major Ballard, The Genl has Received A Confirmation of 
the Intilligence mentioned in the after orders of last night, that 
the Enemy has Disencumber'd themselves of all their Baggage 
even tents Reserving only their Blankets, & Such part of their 
Clothing as is Absolutely Necessary, this Indicates A Speedy 
and Rapid movement, & points out the necessaty of following 
the example & Ridding ourselves for A few days of all things 
we possible can dispence with as A verry Imperfect obedience 
has been paid to former orders on this Subject, now once more 
Strictly enjoins that all baggage which can be Spared Both 
officers & men, be immedietly pack'd up & sent off this day to 
the otherside Brandewine, this order having been heretofore 
eluded by A too Indulgent Contraction of the Genl terms on 
which it has been Couch'd, the Genl is oblidg'd to be more ex- 
plicit & to Declare that is his Intention the Officers Should 
only Retain their Blankets & Great Coats & only three or four 
Shifts of under Cloaths, & that all the men Should besides 
what they have on keep only a Blanket, one Shirt a piece & 
Such as have great Coats, all trunks Chests & boxes either 
bedding or Cloaths then these mentioned, to be Sent away till 
the elapsing of a few days Shall determine whether the Enemy 
means to make an immediate attack or not, its hop'd that none 
will have So little Sense of propriety as to deem the measure 
So obvious for the good of the Army & the Service (Hard- 
ships) it would be wholly in the extream to hazzard the loss 
of our baggage for the Sake of a little present Convenience as 


loss at this time would be irrepareable this disadvantage at this 
time to have them to take Care of at the moment of an attack 
when we Should be preparing for defence, its evident that the 
attention of both officers & men will then be wholly engrossed 
for its Safety, & the enemy will have time to be upon us be- 
fore we are Ready to receive them the Consequence of this 
will be bustle & confusion & perhaps Defeat & disgrace, the 
loss of our baggage & not Improbable the ruin of the army, the 
Commander in Cheif in A perticular manner looks to the Genl 
Officers for the execution of these orders in their Respective 
Divisions & Brigades. 

The whole Army is to Draw two days provisions exclusive 
of today, have it Cook'd & deposited with the Regimental Qr- 
Master, Provided Salt provisions can be got, otherwise one 
days fresh Provisions to be Cooked deposited as aforesaid & 
two days hard Bread if to be had. 

All the Horses except Capt. Lewes's Troop take post on the 
Right of the army, tents of the whole army are to be Struck & 
pack'd upon the Waggons to morrow morning an hour before 
day and the horses tackled, all the Corps of Horses are to be 
Saddled at the Same time & the Whole Army Drawn up in 
their Respective lines, the QrM. Genl is to Spare no pains Im- 
medietly to provide Waggons to Carry the mens Knapsacks, 
that they may be perfectly light & free for Action. 

No more Sick to be Sent to Concord but to Bermingham. 

Sepr 7 & 8th 1777 
Division Orders 

The Officers for tomorrow from Gen. Smallwoods Brigade 
(8th) The tents of the Division to be pitch'd at ii OClock, 
100 men with 2 Capts & 4 Subalterns to be paraded near Genl 


Washingtons Quarters at 10 OClock this forenoon the Com- 
mand to be taken by A Lt. Coll. from Genl Deborres Brigade, 
they are to have with them provision & Blankets & are to 
ground their Arms at the place of parade & remain there untill 
the Field officer Repairs there. 

M • A r^ A Sepr 8th 1777 

Brigade Orders 

Commanding Officers in Regts in Genl Smallwoods Brigade 
to order two days provisions to be immedietly drawn & 
Cook'd, the Soldiers Arms to be put in the best order, Catridge 
Boxes filled with Catridges, & hold themselves in Readiness to 
march at a moments Warning, the Commissary of ye Brigade 
is ordered to furnish A Sufficient Quantity of Provision other- 
wise his neglect will be enquired into. 

It is mieant to have two days cook'd on hand. 

Monday Sepr 8th 1777 (Near Newport) 
Struck tents & went to work in the lines, lay there till 3 
OClock Tuesday morning the 9th then March'd about 10 miles 
to Chadds ford & forded over & there encamped, Wednesday 
ye 10 march'd to gordons ford being about 4 miles there lay all 
night, Thursday the eleventh about 2 OClock P. M. march'd 
About 13/2 miles to the field of Action near Jeffries at Brande- 
wine our Regt was Sent as A flanking party on the Enemys 
left wing, during the engagement we were Several times ex- 
posed to the fire of the enemys Cannon & Small arms. 
About Sun set retreated to Chester being 15 miles. 
Friday 1 2th march'd through Derby to Schuylkill being 12 
miles and encamp'd near the Bridge on this the River Phlada 


Head Quarters Sepr 12th 1777 
General Orders 

The Commanding Officer of each Brigade is immedietly to 
Send off as many Officers as he Shall think necessary on the 
Roads leading to the place of Action Yesterday & on any other 
Roads where the Straglers may be found & perticularly to 
Wilmington to pick up all Straglers from the Army and bring 
them on; in doing this they Should proceed as far towards the 
Enemy as Shall be convenient to their own Safety, and examine 
every house, in the main time the troops are to march on in 
good order through Darby, to the Bridge towards Schuylkill & 
Germain town & there pitch their tents, Genl Greens Division 
will move last & cover the Baggage Stores. A Gil of Rum or 
whiskey is to be Served out to each man who has not already 
that allowance. 

Genl Smallwoods light troops will remain at Chester to Col- 
lect all the Straglers as they come and tomorrow morning fol- 
low the Army, the Directors of the Hospitals will see that all 
Sick and wounded are Sent to Trentown in doing this Genl 
Maxwell will give them all necessary assistance, the Genl ex- 
pects each Regt or Officers commanding Brigades will imme- 
dietly make the most exact Returns of their killed wounded & 

After Orders 

The Officers are without loss of time to See that they are 
Compleated with amunition, that their arms are in the best 
order, the inside of them washed clean & well dried, the touch 
holes pick'd & a good flint in each gun, the Strictest Attention 
is expected will be paid to this order as the officers must be 
Sensible that their own honour, the Safety of the Soldiers & 


Success of the Cause depends absolutely upon a carefull execu- 
tion of it, the Commanding officers of each Regt is to endeavour 
to procure Such necessaries as are wanting for his men. 

An exact Return of ye State of each Regt to be made imme- 

Major Genl for tomorrow Stevens, Brigadier Conway. 

Field officers Coll, Lewes, Major Ball. 

Saturday ye 13th Sepr 1777 
Struck tents and march'd through Germaintown & encamped 
about one mile on the N. W. Side of Germainton in an or- 
chard being about 8 miles. Philada County. 

Pensylvania State Head Qrtrs Germainton Sepr 13th 

General Orders 

Parole Concord — C: Sign Carlisle (Danburry) 

The General with perticular Satisfaction thanks those Gal- 
lant Officers & Soldiers who on the nth Inst bravely fought 
in their Countries Cause; if there are any whose Conduct Re- 
flects Dishonour upon Soldiership and their names are not 
pointed out to him, he must for the present leave them to Re- 
flect how much they have injured their Country, how unfaith- 
fully they have proved to their fellow Soldiers but with this 
exortation they embrace the first opportunity which may offer 
to do Justice to both, & to the profession of a Soldier. 

Although the event of that day from some unfortunate cir- 
cumstances was not so favourable as Could be wished, the Genl 
has the Satisfaction to inform the Troops, that from every 


account that has been obtain'd the Enemies loss far exceeds, and 
has full Confidence that in another appeal to heaven, with the 
blessing of Providence, which it becomes every officer & Soldier 
humbly to Supplicate, we Shall prove Successfull, The Hon- 
ourable Congress in Consideration of the gallant behaviour of 
the Troops on Thursday last, their fatague Since & from a full 
conviction that on every future occation they will manifest a 
bravery worthy of the Cause they have undertaking to defend ; 
have been pleased to order thirty Hogsheads of Rum to be 
destributed among them, in Such manner as the Commander in 
Cheif Should Direct, he orders the Commissary Genl of Issues 
to deliver to each officer & Soldier i Gill pr day while it lasts. 

The Commanding Officers of each Brigade without delay is 
to Send a number of Active Officers into the City & its en- 
virons to pick up & bring to Camp all Stragling Soldiers whome 
they may find, as well those belonging to other Brigades as 
their own, likewise a Serjeant from each Brigade, to the Bridge 
over Schuylkill to direct the Soldiers as they Cross where to 
find their Brigades, at Roll Calling this afternoon the men are 
to be Charged not to be out of Drum call of their respective 
Parades, under pain of death, nor officers, as they value the 
Service & dread Cashiering. 

The QRM. Genl is to have the Waggons of each Brigade 
Immedietly Arranged So as to move them in their proper time, 
at a moments warning, the order of the Encampment at this 
place need not be attended too, as our Stay here will be Short, 
each Division is to encamp in as Compact order as possible to- 
night, all the Continental Troops are to be Suppli'd immedietly 
with forty Catridges, & the officers will see that the Soldiers 
carry their Spare Amunition in Such a manner as to avoid 
Injury & Loss; The Clothier General is ordered to Send Spare 
Shoes Shirts &c. to Camp, to furnish such men as are destitute. 


the Commanding officers therefore of Corps are to delay no 
time in Supplying the Absolute want of their men. 

The Genl does most ardently exhort every officer to attend 
to the due & Speedy execution of these orders without A mo- 
ments loss of time. 

After Orders Sepr 13th 1777 

The following proportion of tents is Allowed the Army upon 
its next march Viz. i Soldiers tent for the Field officers i 
Do. for 4 other Commissioned officers i Do. for 8 Serjeants, 
Drummers or fifers I Do. for every 8 Privates. 

The Brigadiers to have Returns made out And the above 
proportion of tents taken for their Brigades & one Waggon for 
every 50 tents & no more, no weomen on any pretence what- 
soever to go with the army but to follow the Baggage, the Sol- 
diers to carry their Camp kettles, which if the army Should 
Come to Action are to be put in the waggons with the tents, 
the invalids under A good Subaltern are to guard the tents of 
each Brigade. The Division Commissaries are directed to have 
A good Supply of Provisions for troops, and the QRM. Genl 
must without fail furnish the necessary Waggon for that pur- 
pose a Gill of Rum or other Spirits to be dealt out to every 
officer & Private untill further orders, the Commissaries are to 
make provision Accordingly. 

The Army are to be Ready to march presisely at 9 OClock 
tomorrow morning, the Genl Officers commanding Divisions 
will Receive the orders of march from the QRM. Genl who 
will also Direct the Rout of the Baggage. 


Head Quarters Germainton Sepr 14th 1777 
General order for the line of March. 

The troops are to march to Sweeds ford in the following 
order by Sub Divisions from the Right. 

1st Two thirds of the Light Dragoons from which their 
Commanding Officer will Detach Small parties to Reconitre in 
front and on the flanks to A Considerable distance, 800 yards 
in the Rear. 

2ndly A Captains Command from Genl Smallwoods Brigade. 
Sdly One Regt from Smallwoods Brigade 200 yds in the 

4thly The Residue of his Brigade 300 yds in the Rear of 

5thly The main Body of the Army 500 yards in the rear of 
that Brigade. 

And in the Following order Viz. 
1st General SuUivans Division. 
2d Lord Sterling. 
3d General Waynes. 
4th The park of Artilery. 
5th Genl Nash's Brigade. 
6th Genl Stevens Division. 
7th Genl Greens Division. 
6thly The Waggons with tents, Hospital & Commissaries 
Stores, 7thly Rear guard of two Regts of Genl Weedens Brig- 
ade 8thly A Captains Command from these two Regts 200 
yds in the rear gthly The Remaining 3d of the Dragoons 500 
yds in ye rear of the foot, lOthly A Subalterns command from 
the Dragoons 500 yds in their Rear, the guards in front, and 
near each Brigade to send out Small flanking parties in their 
left, the rear guards of foot & Dragoons to pick up all Strag- 


Sunday 14th September Struck tents & March'd from Ger- 
mainton & Forded Schuylkill at Davis's ford, then march'd 
to the Sign of the Brick on the Lancaster Road Chester County 
& lay in the woods being about 1 1 miles. 

Head Quarters 14th September 1777 

General Orders 

Major Genl for tomorrow .... Sterling. 
Brigadier Wayne. 

Officers for the Day Coll. Hendricks, Major Brawster, 
Major Fleury, Officers for Picquet Coll. Ogdon, and Major 
Flower The whole Line while it keeps unseperated is to fur- 
nish 600 men properly Officer'd for guard, each Brigade to 
give in proportion to their Strength, these men are to be under 
the immediate direction of the Major General & the Officers 
of the day who with the Assistance of the QRM Genl agree- 
able to the orders of the lOth Inst, are to See that their out 
guards are posted in Such A manner as most effectually to 
Secure the Camp, if the Differrent Avenues Should not Require 
the Above number, the overplus is to remain as A Picquett 
near the park of Artilery, & to be always Ready to reinforce 
every Guard, or answer every other purpose that the Major 
General or other officer of the Day Shall think Necessary 
these guards in Common are to parade at 8 OClock in the 
morning near the Artillery Park, but when ever the troops 
are to march, they are to Assemble there at least half an hour 
before the time appointed for the March of the Army, & from 
thence the Major General or other officer of the day, will 
order so many as he or they Shall Judge necessary to move on 
with the QRMaster to the place of Destination, & after the 


Guards Sc all the Avenues to the new encampment are well 
Reconitred the guards are to be posted; Such troops as have 
not been Supplied with their Compliment of Catridges agree- 
able to the orders of the 13th Inst, are to be furnished imme- 
dietly the Troops are also to get provisions cook'd for tomor- 
row at least; the Clothier Genl is attending with Shoes &c. 

The officers commanding Regts are to delay no time in get- 
ting their men Supplied in future when ever the men are 
found for Action the Serjeants are to be plac'd in the ranks on 
the flanks of the Sub Divisions, that the Benefit of their fire 
may not be lost, the Brigadiers & officers Commanding Regts 
are also to put some good Officer in the Rear to keep the men 
in order, & if in time of Action any man who is not wounded 
whether he has arms or not turns his back upon the Enemy or 
attempts to run away, or to Retreat before orders are given 
for it, those officers are to put him instantly to death, the man 
does not deserve to live who basely flies, breaks his Sollemn 
engagement & betrays his Country. Such men Belonging to 
Genl Maxwells light Corps as have Returned to their Regts 
are again to Join Genl Maxwell without Delay And the Offi- 
cers Commanding Regts are to make dilligent Search for those 
men, & See that they are Sent to Join that Corps Immedietly. 

Monday 15th September march'd about 14 miles on the 
Same Road pitch'd our tents in the woods at night, Chester 

Head Qrtrs 15th Sepr 1777 
General Orders 

The Commanding Officers of each Regt is immedietly to 
make an exact inspection into their mens amunition, & See 


that it is Compleated to 40 Rounds A man, provision to be 
Drawn & Cook'd for today & to morrow the Commander in 
Chief expects a punctual & Instant comply with these orders. 

Thos. Pickerring 

Jdjt Genl 

Tuesday i6th Sepr. Struck Tents Cross'd the main Road 
and paraded in line of Battle in A Buckwheat Field expecting 
the enemy in order to give them battle, began to rain verry 
hard & Continued all day and night, filed ofE to the left & 
march'd 1 1 Miles to the Yellow Springs there Stay'd all night 
on the Brow of a hill without tents (Chester County) Wed- 
nsday 17th march'd and Cross'd French Creek Bridge being 6 
miles went 3 miles further there Stayed all night being 9 miles 
(no tents) Thursday i8th march'd About 3 OClock in the 
morning, to Reading Furnace being 12 miles & there encamp'd 
on the brow of an hill, Friday igth returned back to our last 
encampment being 12 miles, filed off to the left and forded 
Schuylkill & march'd towards ye Sweeds ford 7 miles and 
halted in the woods at 10 OClock at night march'd through 
the trap to Richardsons ford being 10 miles (in all 29 miles) 
Philada County. 

Head Quarters Richardsons ford 20th Sepr 1777 
Division Orders 

Field officer of the day from Coll. Hazens Brigade for 

to morrow from Coll. Stones do. 

The Conductors of military Stores for the Division to See 

that there is A Sufficient Supply of Suitable Ammunition got 

immedietly the Commissaries is to deliver out for to day A 

double allowance of Fatague Rum; 


The Commanders of Brigades to See that their amunition 
is in good order & to have it carefully examined, also to Send 
their Respective QRMasters out for provisions, Sufficient to 
Supply the present necessaty of the Division, they giving Re- 
ceipts for what they Receive for that purpose, unless the Com- 
missaries Should Supply the Same; An orderly Serjt from 
each Brigade to be sent immedietly to the Genls Qrtrs; Coll. 
Stones Brigade to furnish the Generals guard as soon as pos- 

Head Quarters Richardsons ford 21st Sepr 1777 

Division Orders 

The General is much Surprised that through the Ignorance 
of Some of our Officers, a British flag has Cross'd the River 
and come into our encampment vi^ithout being Stop'd, the Gen- 
eral expressly orders that in future no flag from the British 
army, be permitted to Cross the Schuylkill on any pretence, 
and all officers vi^ho may hereafter permit it, Shall be punished 
for breach of orders; 

The Commanding officers of Companies are to order the 
amunition of their men to be inspected into at every time the 
Roll is Call'd & call their men to an Acct for Such ammuni- 
tion as may be wanting, the Reason of the foregoing order will 
readily appear when it is known that men have made A prac- 
tice of Destroying their powder & throw their balls about the 
Street, such conduct being of the most alarming nature will 
enduce every officer to watch the conduct of his Soldiers re- 
specting so important A point, The Brigade Major of Coll. 
Stones is immedietly to repair to the Long ford with A Sub- 
altern from Coll. Stones Brigade and relieve the one Station'd 
there, & put him in arrest for permitting A Brittish flag to 
pass the ford into our encampment without being examin'd or 
Stopp'd at the post committed to his Charge. 


Sunday 21st Sepr march'd about 3 in the afternoon down 
to the bank of the Schuylkill being about 2 miles lay under 
arms all night, Monday 22nd march'd 2 hours before day 
about 10 miles on the Reading Road Stopp'd in the woods to 
Refresh about 2 P. M. march'd 5 miles further and encamped 
in A place Called Faulkners Swamp; (in all 15 miles) Philada 

New Hannover Hd Qrs Sepr 23rd 1777 
Genl Orders 

Major Genl for tomorrow Sterling 

Brigadier Weeden 

Field OfKcer Coll. Duncomb, Lt. Coll. Ennis, Brigade 
Major Fleury; Major Stubblefield. 
The Genl expects Returns of the Army to morrow morning 
without fail, enjoins it upon the Commanding Officers of 
Corps to see that they are exactly made, each Regt is to pro- 
ceed to make Cattridges for its own use that they may be held 
in Store, Genl Knox will furnish them with materials. It is 
expected as the weather is cool, that the troops will never have 
less than two days provisions by them the necessaty of this 
the Genl does in the Strongest manner impress upon the offi- 
cers in hopes they will exert themselves in Seeing it executed, 
as the Soldiers or the Service must greatly Suffer unless this 
is attended to; The Genl is informed the Tin Cannisters 
which were Serv'd out for the purpose of Carr3'ing amunition 
are in Some instances employ'd to other uses he therefore posi- 
tively forbids Such practices; 

Jas Loyd is Appointed Volunteer A. D. C. to General Green 
& is to be obey'd & respected as Such, the Sick in Camp are 
to be Sent immedietly to the Artillery Park, or house, or Barn 
nearest thereto, that the Surjeons may Send them in Waggons 


to Reading, A Carefull Subaltern from each Division is to 
go with them, If so many are not necessary the Surjeon Gen- 
eral will dismiss Some of them, each man is to take one days 
provision with him. 

Wednsday 22th Sepr. Struck tents & march'd about ^ a 
mile, then return'd & pitch'd tents in the Same encampment, 
(i mile this day). 

September 23rd 1777 
Division Orders 

Field Officer of the day to morrow from Coll. Stones 

Major of the Day tomorrow Cox. 

A Picquett Consisting of one Field officer, four Captains, 
Eight Subalterns, with A proportion of non Commissioned 
officers and 200 Privates to be paraded at the park of Artil- 
lery every morning precisely at 8 OClock, the detail to be in 
proportion to each Brigade excepting the Detail of tomorrow 
which is to be equal — one Field Officer, 2 Capts 4 Subtns with 
Serjts & Corpls in proportion & 100 Privates from Coll. Ha- 
zens Brigade. 

The Brigade Major for of the day for ye Division to See 
that the Pickett is on the Division Parade, by 7 OClock in the 
morning in order that he march them to the park of Artillery 
Agreeable to the time appointed. 


Head Qrs near Bligrove 24th Sepr 1777 
General Orders 

Major Genl for to morrow Stephens. 
Brigadier Scott, Field Officers Col. Farmer, Lt. Col. 
Ford, Brigade Major Williams, Field officer for 
Picquett Major Bell. 

Sepr 24th 1777 
Division Orders 

Field Officer of the Day tomorrow from Col. Hazens 

Field officer for the Reserve Picquett from Col. Stones 

Major of the Day tomorrow Flury; 
A Court of Inquiry to Sit tomorrow morning at 9 OClock 
to inquire into the Conduct of Lt. Coats of Col. Prices Regt 
at the Battle of Brandewine, Col. Gunby President of Said 
Court, 3 Capts & 3 Subs from each Brigade, to Sit as mem- 

Head Qrs Sepr 25th 1777 
Genl Orders 

Major Genl for tomorrow Sullivan. 

Brigadier Conway. 

Field Officers Col. Grayson, Lt. Col. Deffart. 
Brigade Major Cox, for Pickett Lt. Col. Barber. A Gen- 
eral Court Martial to Sit immedietly at the house where Genl 
Conway Quarters for the tryal of all prisoners, which Shall 
be brought Before them ; Col. James Wood is appointed Pres- 
ident of this Court one Carefull Subt from each Regt is to be 
Sent off to Bethlehim with Col. Biddle immedietly, to inspect 


the Baggage of the army, to See if it Suffers from Dampness, 
& if it does, to have it properly dried and put it up again, & 
then to See that it be well Secured, & guarded against Plun- 
derers, these Officers are to Assemble at 3 OClock in the after- 
noon at the QRM. Genls Qrs the next house beyond Head 
Qrs. Hence forward all Brigade Returns are to be made 
directly to the Adjt Genl; Ordinary Weekly Returns of each 
Brigade to be made every Monday at orderly time. Parole 

Bunker hill. , _ 

J Bennmgton. 
C Sign ] ^^ . . 

I Brandewme. 

!-»••• r\ J Sepr 25th 1777 

Division Orders ' ' 

Field officer of the day tomorrow from Col. Stones Brigade 

the Pickett in future to consist of 1 1 1 men 2 Capts & 4 Subs 

Col. Hazens to furnish for his part i Capt. 2 Subs Serjts & 

Corpls in proportion & 61 men. Col. Stone for his part i Capt. 

2 Subs with a proportion of Serjeants & Corporals & 50 men. 

The Brigade Majors to march their own men on the Grand 

parade every morning. 

Head Qrtrs Postgrove Sepr 26th 1777 

Genl Orders . „ 

Parole Princeton C Sign ] ^ . ' 
I Bristol. 

Major General for tomorrow Green. 

Brigadier Nash. 

N Field Officer Col. Martin of the North Carolina 


Lt. Col. Pope of the Delaware Regt. 

Brigade Major Scott. 

Field officer of the Pickett the Lt. Col. of the 6th Pensylva- 

nia Regt the troops are to be Ready to march at 9 OClock 


this morning with all Baggage Pack'd & paraded, to march off 
by the Aft. all the tent Waggons to go next in the Rear of the 
troops, in the order in which the troops march & then the rest 
of the Waggons the leading Division (Greens) to beat a 
march, & march to be followed by the other troops in their 

The Commander in Chief approves of the Following Sen- 
tences of A Genl Court martial held the 25th Inst whereof 
Col. James Wood was President, Jno. Famdon of Col. Hart- 
leys Regt Charg'd with Desertion to the enemy & Inlisting 
with them, the Court are of opinion that the prisoner is not 
guilty of inlisting with the enemy, the Court upwards of two 
thirds Agreeing, do Sentence the prisoner for the Charge of 
Desertion to Suffer death. James Dilworth of Col. Moylands 
Regt light Dragoons Charg'd with Deserting & attempting to 
go to the enemy Acquitted, & is to be Sent forwith to Join 
his Regt Daniel Applegate of the ist New Jersey Regt Charg'd 
with desertion & attempting to go to the enemy Acquitted & is 
forthwith to Join his Regt. 

The bad & wicked practices of Plundering the Inhabitants 
being Still Continued notwithstanding all former orders, some 
cases in the most attrocious manner, the Commander in Chief 
requires the Genl orders of the 4th Inst relative thereto, be 
Solemnly read without delay by the Commanding officer of 
each Regt to his men the punishment denounc'd in those orders 
will be instantly inflicted on the offenders — The Genl being 
informed that many Regts have but one orderly book, he in 
Some measures ceases to Wonder that orders are so little 
known and so frequently disobeyed untill each Company can 
be furnished with one, the Officers commanding Regts are to 
See that their officers & men are clearly informed of every 
order which concerns them respectively, by Reading or causing 


the same to be Read to them, Should this be in future a 
grounded plea of Ignorance of orders, the Commanding offi- 
cers of Regts will Consider themselves as answerable there- 

Friday 26th Sepr. Struck tents and forded parkaoming 
Creek & encamp'd on the brow of a hill near S'd Creek being 
7 miles Philada County. 

Head Qurtrs 27th Sepr 1777 
Genl Orders 

The Genl Court Martial of which Coll. Wood is president 
is to Sit immedietly at the house next above Head Qrs as the 
troops will Rest to Day, Divine Service is to be perform'd in 
all the Corps that have Chaplains; one orderly Serjt from 
each Brigade is to attend forthwith at Head Qrs & the Brigade 
Majors will see that done immedietly, every day when orders 
have not been previously given for marching an orderly Serjt 
from each Brigade likewise to attend Genl Court Martials 
Such Regts who have not already made up their Catridges so 
as to compleat 40 Rounds a man at least are to do it this day 
without fail, the Commanding Officers of Regts are to See this 
done, k all their Spare Amunition to be mark'd and put into 
an Amunition Waggon, & to follow, for each Division, the 
men are to carry only their Cartruch Boxes full & Cannisters. 

Major Genl for tomorrow Stirling. 

Brigadier Field Officers Col. Ogden & Major 

Forrest of the 3rd Maryland Regt, Brigade Major 
Barber, for Pickett Lyon. 


Head Qurtrs Pennysakers Sepr 28th 1777 
Genl Orders 

Major Genl Sullivan, Brigadier Scott, Lt. Col. Nelson, 
Majr Morris, Brigade Major Peears; — 

The Commander in Chief has the happiness to Congratulate 
the Army on the Success of the American Arms to the North- 
ward, on the 19th Inst an engagement took place between Genl 
Burgoins Army and the Left wing of ours under Genl Gates, 
the Battle began at i OClock, & lasted till night our troops 
fighting with the greatest Bravery not giving an Inch of 
Ground, ours is about 80 killed & 200 Wounded, the Enemy 
is Judged to be about 1000 killed wounded & taken prisoners; 
both prisoners & Deserters declare that Genl Burgoine which 
Commanded in person was wounded in the left Shoulder. The 
62 Regt was Cut to pieces & that the enemy Sufifred ex- 
treamly in every Quarter where they were engaged. Such was 
the order of our troops that wounded men after being drest 
renew'd the Action, the Commander in Cheif has further 
occation to Congratulate the troops, on the Success of A De- 
tachment from the North army under Col, Brown, who 
attacked & Carried Several of the enemies posts, & had got 
possession of the old French lines at Ticonderoga, Col. Brown 
in those Several attacks has taken 293 of the enemy prisoners 
with their arms. Retaken more than 100 of our men & taken 
150 Batteaus below the falls, Including 17 boats & arm'd 
Sloops Besides Cannon, Amunition &c. 

To Celebrate this Success the Genl orders that at 4 OClock 
this afternoon, all the troops to be paraded and Serv'd with 
one Gill of Rum a man and that at the Same time there be 
Discharged 13 pieces of Artillery from the park; All Spare 
Amunition in those Divisions that have not Close Spare Wag- 
gons to Secure it in, it is to be return'd to the park of Artil- 


Monday 29th Sepr. Struck tents at 10 OClock this morn- 
ing & march'd 5 miles on the Skippack Road towards Philada 
and encamp'd on the Right Side of the Road in the woods 
within 20 yds of our Alarm post, Worcester Township Philada 

Sepr 29th 1777 
Regimental Orders 

The Commanding Officers of Companies are desired partic- 
ularly to examine the arms of their Respective Companies & 
See they are in proper order, that an officer of each Comp'y 
attend the Dividing of provisions for their men, that A Per- 
ticular return be made out of the names of each man as is pres- 
ent, & also those that are absent & upon what Duty by the 
Commanding officers of Companies. 

Head Quarters 29th Sepr 1777 
Genl Orders 

Major General for tomorrow Green. 

Brigadier Conway. 

Field Officers Col. Cook, Lt. Col. Estcort, Brigade 

Majr Day. 
Officer for Picqett the major of the 3d Maryland 
John White Esqr is appointed a volunteer Aid De Camp 
to Major Genl Sullivan, Lt. Col. Hendricks is appointed to 
the Rank of Col. of the first Virginia Regt in the Room of 
Col. Read Deceas'd, Major Jennings of the 13th Virginia 
Regt to be Lt. Col. of the 6th in the Room of Lt. Col. Hen- 
dricks, Promoted Captn Alexr Campbell of the 8th to be Major 
of the 13th. 


The Brigadiers or Officers commanding Brigades, are to 
parade their Respective Brigades at 8 OClock to morrow 
morning & under their ov.n Eyes, have exact returns made of 
the Officers & men present on the Ground, which return they 
are immedietly afterguards to transmit to the Adjt Genl; Such 
of their Officers as are absent, and not on duty or Sick they are 
as Speedily as possible to order to Join their Corps, and if any 
Such officers are taken by the Enemy they will not be ex- 

3 Parties of 150 Men each are to parade at Sun rise at the 
Park of Artillery with one Days Provision Cook'd, not to 
have their Packs. Major Joyce Suris'd & Major Howell are 
to Command these parties. 

Head Qrs at Skippack 30th Sepr 1777 
Genl Orders 

Major Genl for to morrow Lord Sterling. 

Brigadier Forman. 

Field Officers Lt. Col. Syms, Major Bloomfield, Brig- 
ade Major Johnston. 

Field officer for Picquett Lt. Col. Ervin. 
A Flag will go to the Enemys lines to morrow morning, all 
persons who have anything to Send in, are to have them Ready 
at Head Qrs by 7 OClock in the morning; one Surjeons m.ate 
from each Division who can best be Spared is to go to Bethle- 
hem forthwith and to bring down to the army the Medecine 
Chests of their Respective Divisions, 150 men from Genl Sul- 
livans. Greens, Sterlings, & Stevens Divisions each Brigade is 
to be Selected this day, and a like proportion from the other 
Brigades, these men are always to Carry their Axes with them 
& to march with the Picquett when the army moves, to prepare 


timber & Repair the Roads; When Arrived at the New en- 
campment, they are to cut fire wood for their Respective Brig- 
ades, the Brigade QRMaster are Constantly to go with their 
men & Direct them in the Buisness above mentioned, for these 
Services they are to be excused from all guards & other ordi- 
nary Duty; but when an Action is expected they are to Deliver 
their Axes to their Brigade QRMaster who are to be Account- 
able for the Axes of their Brigades, & Join their Several Corps, 
A list of their names to be given without Delay to the Brigade 
QRMaster by the Respective Brigade Majors. 
Detail for Axmen 

Ser Privates 
Smallwoods i i^ 

Deborres i 14 

Head Qrts ist Octbr 1777 
Genl Orders 

Major General for tomorrow Stephens. 

Brigadier Nash. 

Field Officer Col. Dayton, Majr Smith 5th M. Regt. 
Do. for Picquett Major Copper; Brigade Major Wil- 
The Commander in Cheif approves the following Sentences 
of A General Court Martial held the 28th of Sepr whereof 
Col. James Wood was President, Lt. Robt Gray of Col. 
Hazens Regt Charg'd with repeated Disobedience of orders; 

Adjutant Kincaid Acting Brigade Major to Genl Scott 
Charg'd with not bringing his Picquett on the Grand parade 
in proper time; Acquitted. 


Detail as order'd j^esterday; where A Field Officer is named 
for Duty, when he is Sick or absent the Brigade Major to 
which he belongs is to warn another in his Stead. 

And Report his name to the Adjt. Genl when an A. D. C 
are from Camp with their Major Genl the Brigade Major is 
to be notified thereof and are Directed to attend at Head QRs 
for orders at orderly time, the Brigade QRMasters are to apply 
to the QRM. Genl for their Quoto of Axes for the purpose 
mentioned in yesterdays orders, no more fences to be burnt on 
any pretence, if unavoidable necessaty compels us to it, leave 
must be first obtain'd from the Commander in Chief The Pay- 
masters of Regts & Corps are to bring in their pay Rolls for 
the month of August properly examined & Certified that War- 
rents may be given for payment. 

After Orders 

The whole Army are to Strike their tents tomorrow morn- 
ing at 8 OClock and get Ready to march, at 9. The march to 
begin; Genl Sullivans Division Leading, followed by lincolns, 
McDougalls, & Greens, these four the first line, then the Park 
of Artillery, then the 2nd line in this order — Sterlings, Nash's 
Stephens, Genl Sullivans to beat A march as A Sign all for 
marching, the beat to be Continued By the others Successfully, 
the whole are to encamp on the new ground, in the Same order, 
Genl Armstrong is at the Same time to move by the Shortest 
Rout to the Right of the first line, and Genls Smallwood & 
Forman to the left of it, on the ground, the QRMGenl will 
appoint the Waggons to go in the rear of the Army, in the 
order of the Brigades to which they Belong, all the Tent 
Waggons first, Regimental QRMasters are to See that Vaults 
be dug immedietly upon the Army's arrival on the new 
Ground, and any Soldier found easing himself elsewhere is 


instantly to be made Prisoner & punished by A Regimental 
Court martial. The Brigade QRMasters are without fail to 
See all ofal Buried every morning & are to apply to their 
Brigades for men for that purpose, Brigade or Regimental 
QRMast. failing in the duty here required of them are forth- 
with to be arrested. 

Some person from each distinct body or brigade (of militia) 
is to attend dailey at Head Quarters for orders at noon Each 
Brigade QRMaster is to make an immediet Return of the 
number of Brigade Waggons in his Brigade to the QRMGenl. 

An Officer from each Brigade is to remain till the troops 
have march'd & then to make Search for, & bring on all 

October 2nd, Struck tents at 8 OClock this morning And 
March'd at 9 about 3 miles on the Same Road And Encamp'd 
in an old Field on the Right hand of Said Road, & 20 Miles 
from Philadelphia. 

Head Qrs Octbr 3rd 1777 
Genl Orders 

Major Genl for tomorrow Green. 

Brigadier Weeden. 

Field Officers, Col. David Hall, Lt. Col. Green, Brig- 
ade Major Cox, for Picquett Major Morrill. 
The Commander Cheif approves of the Following Sentences 
of A Genl Court martial whereof Col. James Wood was 

Nicholas Francis charg'd with Deserting from Col. Hazens 
Regt & Reinlisting, found guilty & Sentenc'd to Receive lOO 
Lashes, the above Court is Disolv'd. A Genl Court Martial is 


to Sit immedietly at A tent near the Artillery Park, Col. Josia 
Parker to Preside; Lewis Fleury is appointed Brigade Major 
to Brigadier Count Poleskie of the Light Dragoons, Thomas 
Mullen Esqr. is appointed to act as A Brigade Major to Genl 
Conway till further orders, they are to be Respected as Such; 
the Distribution of tin Cannisters to be made as particularly 
Directed this morning, the Commanding Officers of Regts are 
themselves to See that they are put into the hands of proper 
men & fill'd with Catridges carefully Stowed in them. The 
Engineers are to make Despach in throwing up Works in the 
front of the encampment. The Genl has the Satisfaction to 
inform the Army that the Continental Frigate the Randolph 
fell in with a fleet of 5 of the enemys Ships & took 4 of them, 
one mounting 20 Guns, & the others 8 all Richly Laded to the 
Southward. At the Northward every thing wears the most 
favourable Aspect, every enterprise has been successfull, & in A 
Capital Action the left wing only of Genl Gates's army main- 
tain'd its Ground against the main body of the enemy Com- 
manded by Genl Burgoine in person, our troops behaving with 
the utmost spirit & bravery during the whole engagement which 
lasted from one OClock till dark, in Short every Circumstance 
promises Success in that Quarter equal to our most Sanguine 
wishes, this Surely must animate every man under the Genls im- 
mediate Command; This army the main American Army, will 
not suffer itself to be out done by their Nothern Brethern, they 
will never Such Disgrace, but with ambition becoming freemen, 
contending in A most Rightous Cause rival the Heroic Spirit 
which Swell their Bosoms, & which so nobly exerted has pro- 
cur'd them Deathless Renown. Covet my Countrymen and 
fellow Soldiers Covet a Share of the glory due to Heroick 
deeds, let it never be Said in the day of action you turn'd your 
backs upon the foe, let the enemy no longer triumph, they brand 


you with ignominious epithets, will you patiently enduer that 
Reproach, will you Suffer the Wounds given your Country to 
go unrevenged, will you Resign your Parents, Wives, Children, 
& Friends, to be the wretched Vassals of A proud insulting Foe, 
& your own necks to the Halter, Genl Howe promised protec- 
tion to Such as Submitted to his power, & A few Dastard Souls 
Accepted the Disgracefull boon, but his promises were Deceit- 
full, the Submitting & Resisting had their property Alike plun- 
der'd & destroy'd, but even these empty promises of Protection 
have now come to an end, A term of mercy is expired, Genl 
Howes has within A few days proclaimed all who had not then 
Submitted to be beyond the reach of it, & left us no Choice but 
Conquest or Death, nothing then Reamins but nobly to con- 
tend for all that is dear to us, every motive that can touch the 
Humane heart, Call us to the most Vigourous exertions, our 
dearest Rights, our Dearest friends, our own lives. Honour, 
Glory, & even Shame urge us to Fight, & my Soldiers when an 
oppertunity presents itself be firm, behave, & Victory is Yours. 
The Cols are to See every Regt Draw up this Afternoon & 
these orders Distinctly Read to them. Every Officer who Com- 
mands Troop or Company in the Several Corps must imme- 
dietly make out his muster Rolls to the first of Octbr that the 
whole army may be muster'd with the greatest expedition, 
Such Officers as have heretofore neglected A due attention to 
making Re^rula^- Returns, Will be answerable for future Neg- 

Friday 30 Octbr march'd about 7 OClock in the evening 
down to the Enemys Lines at Germain town being about 13 
miles', attacked their Picquett Saturday morning between day 
& Sun Rise, drove them in uppon which A Genl engagement 
ensued on our Right Wing, We Caused their Left Wing to 


Retreat 3 miles through their own Encampments, but upon 
their Receiving A Strong Reinforcement & our Amunition be- 
ing almost Spent, & not being Supported Sufficiently by the 
Reserve, vi^ere oblig'd to Retreat and Return to our encamp- 
ment being 13 miles, Sunday 5th Octbr march'd & Cross'd 
Perkaoming Creek and encamp'd about a mile from Said Creek 
being in all about 9 miles. 

Head Qrs Skippack Octbr 5th 1777 
Genl Orders 

Major Genl for tomorrow Stephens. 

Brigadier Mulenburg. 

Col. Clark, Lt. Col. Conner, Brigade Majr Poors, for 
Picket M Mullen. 

The Officers Commanding Regts are to make Returns of the 
number of Catridges wanting to compleat their men with 
forty Rounds each, & draw Materials for making them from 
the park of Artillery to morrow morning, one attentive Officer 
from each Regt is to Superintended & be present at the making 
of them & See that they are well made, & the materials not 
Wasted, the Arms are to be put in good order. Such as are 
Charged & Cannot be Drawn are to be Discharged at Noon; 
tomorrow under the Directions of their Officers, each Regt is 
to Draw 12 Rounds pr man Ready made at the park of artil- 
lery besides the Above materials, Small parties of Horse are 
tomorrow morning to be Sent up the Different Roads above 
the present encampment of the Army, as far as ten miles in 
order to Stop all Soldiers & turn them back to the Army, ex- 
cept the two parties under the Command of Craig and Lee. 


Returns as Soon as possible to be made of the Killed 
Wounded & missing, in the Action of yesterday, and Deliver'd 
to the Commander in Chief at 4 OClock to morrow in the 
Afternoon, the Brigade Majors will be punctual to this matter, 
& where there is no Brigd. Majrs the Brigadiers or Officers 
Commanding Brigades are to appoint persons to do their Duty ; 
One Set of Collumns are to Shew the Killed, of the Dififerrent 
Ranks, & Second the wounded, & third the missing. 

The Commander in Chief returns his thanks to the Genls 
And other Officers and men, concern'd yesterday in the attack 
on .the Enemys left Wing, for the Spirit and Bravery they 
manifested in Driving the enemy from Field to Field, & Al- 
though an unfortunate fogg Join'd with the Smoke, prevented 
the Differrent Brigades firing & Supporting each other, or Some- 
times Distinguishing themselves from the Enemy, & from other 
Causes which as yet cannot be accounted for well, they finally 
Retreated, they Nevertheless See that the Enemy are not proof 
against A Vigorous Attack, & may be put to flight when boldly 
push'd this they will Remember & assure themselves that on 
the next Occation by A proper exertion of the power which 
God has given them, & inspired by the Cause of Freedom in 
which we are engaged they will be Victorious. 

The Commander in Chief not Seeing the engagement with 
the Enemys Right Wing, Desires the Genl Officers who Com- 
manded them to thank those Officers & men, who behav'd with 
becoming Bravery, and Such in either wing who behav'd other- 
wise are to be Reported. Details for Picquetts as last Settled 
they are to parade at 11 OClock in the forenoon, and after- 
wards at 8 OClock as Usual. 


Octbr 6th 1777 
Division Orders 

With the Highest of gratitude and esteem the General Re- 
turns his Cordial thanks to the Officers & Soldiers of his 
Division who wtrt engag'd against the British troops on the 
4th Inst their gallant Beheaviour has endear'd to him every 
Officer & Soldier who acted A part in that engagement, & has 
given him the Highest Confidence in them, he Sincerely 
Laments that the other part of the Army did not Seasonably 
Advance to Support them w^hich prevented the Victory from 
being Compleat, & was the means of many A brave mans fall- 
ing during the Action, rendred it of So much longer Duration, 
by this Defeat the Genl Congratulates the Officers and Soldiers 
on the Experience they have gained, that British Troops must 
give way to the American Valour, & that the Officers & others 
of the Army must allow, that the Officers & Soldiers of the 
first Division have a Claim to for the greatest Share of the 
honour of Demonstrating this to the world. 

The Genl Desires that the Greatest attention be paid to the 
wounded Officers & Soldiers, and that were anything is wanting 
for the Comfort of either he will exert himself to procure it for 
them, he Desires the Surjeons to inform him from time to time 
what necessaries they may Require, that they may be Season- 
ably provided, Should any of the Officers unfortunately die of 
their wounds, he desires to have instant notice of it that those 
Military honours may be paid to them which their bravery 
Justly merits; The Commanding Officers of Regts are desired 
to point out Such Officers & non Commissioned Officers, and 
Soldiers as perticularly Distinguished themselves in the late 
Action that proper notice may be taken of them, they are also 
to Report such as behav'd 111 if any Such there were. 



A Return of the kill'd wounded & missing of the Delaware 
Regt in the Action of Germaintown Octbr 4th 1777. 


























i • 








N. B. Col. Hall Wounded, Capt. Holland do. Since dead, 

Lt. McKennan 
Lt. Wilds 
Lt. Purvis 


Head Qrs Pertioming Octbr 7th 1777 
Genl Orders 

Major Genl for tomorrow Green 

Brigadier Smallwood 

Field Officers Col. Williams, Lt. Col. Buttler, Major 

Brigade Major Piatt, Field Officer for Picquett Majr 
The State Regt from Virginia is to Supply the place of the 
9th Regt in Mulenburg's Brigade ; & do Duty there untill fur- 
ther orders, Jno. Fanden of Col. Hartleys found Guilty of the 
Charge of Desertion and Sentenc'd by death is to be executed 
tomorrow at 12 OClock The Situation of the Army frequently 
not admitting of the Regular performance of Divine Service on 


Sundays, the Chaplains of the Army are forthwith to meet to- 
gether & agree on Some Method of performing it at other 
times, which method they will make known to the Commander 
in Chief. 

Divers Swords and other things have been Stolen from 
Officers by Some Soldiers; Officers are Requested to take notice 
of Such things if they See any in the possession of their men & 
have them taken care of and Advertis'd, The Paymaster GenI 
is at Genl Conways Qrs at Metivyleers Mils, where he will 
attend the Buisness of his Department. 

Wednesday 8th Octbr Struck tents and march'd on the 
North Wales Road and encamp'd on a hill in Pownaoming 
Township Philada County being 8 Miles. 

Head Qrs Octbr 8th 1777 
Genl Orders 

Major Genl for tomorrow Sterling 

Brigadier McDougall 

Field Officers Col. Dicky, Lt. Col. Lindsey, Brigade 
Major Nichols, Field Officer for Picquett Polk. 
The Brigade Majors are to morrow to make Returns of the 
Arms & Accoutriments wanting to their Several Regts of their 
Brigades in order to have them Compleated without Delay, 
they are also to make Returns of the number of Tin Cannis- 
ters they have in their Brigades. 

The Battallion of Militia from Virginia Commanded by 
Major Pickett is to be attach'd and do Duty with Genl Wood- 
fords Brigade, the mens pouches are to be well greased at least 
once A Week perticularly that part which covers the Cat- 


ridges, the better to preserve them from Rain, the Commanding 
Officers of Corps to attend to this matter, they are also to 
Select the most Suitable of their men & Set them to making 
morkesons immedietly for their Corps, the Commissaries are to 
order the Skins of the Heads & legs of Bullocks to be saved for 
that use, So far as they will go, the Commissaries are to issue 
Rawhides for this purpose on orders from Commanders of 

John Findans of Col. Hartleys Regt Sentenc'd to Suffer 
death for the Crime of Desertion to the Enemy, & was to have 
been executed this day at I2 OClock, but is to be executed to- 
morrow at the above mentioned time; A Detachment of 60 men 
from each Brigade is to parade to See the execution. 

Octbr 9th 1777 
Division Orders 

The Genl Cannot help expressing his Satisfaction on observ- 
ing the regular & Soldierly desposition in which his division 
march'd Yesterday, he was pleas'd to hear the Genl Officers 
mention it Repeatedly in the Course of the day, this must 
reflect great honour to the Commanding Officers of Corps & 
Divisions, and upon the Soldiers and as his Division have Dis- 
tinguished themselves by clear bravery he wishes in Discipline 
& order to outshine the other Divisions of the Army, every- 
thing that may Contribute on his part to bring about the de- 
sireable end, 

Shall be attended to: — The Genl orders that no Ruff of 
A Drum or any Compliment or Salute be paid on a march to 
any Officer whatsoever & that the Compliments of Resting 
firelocks by the Pickett guard or Sentry from Picquetts be 
never paid to any Officer, the Sentries are to Stand Shoulder'd 


when Genl Officers or Field Officers of the Day pass by, & 
face the way they expect the enemy without turning the head 
or Looking towards the Visiting Officer, the Guard are to 
turn out & Stand well Shoulder'd facing toward the enemy 
the Soldiers not to turn their heads or to take any notice of 
the Visiting Officer, this to be Observed as A Rule except; 
when the Grand Rounds visit by night who are to be received 
as Usual The Division Commissary immedietly to Supply 
himself with rum & deal one gill Pr day to each man till fur- 
ther orders. Richard Emeroy Esqr. is appointed to act as 
Brigade Major to Col. Richardson, Col. Commandant till 
further Orders. 

Octbr 9th 1777 
Genl Orders 

Major Genl for tomorrow Stephen. 

Brigadier Wayne. 

Field Officers Col. Swift, Major Mentzies, Brigade 

Major Williams, 
Field Officer for Picquett Major Force. 

The Genl Court Martial whereof Col. Broadhead is Presi- 
dent is to Sit tomorrow at 8 OClock the members to attend 
precisely at that time, at A horsemans tent by the park of 
Artillery. By Genl orders of Sepr 13th the destribution of 
tents was directed i Soldiers tent for the Field Officers of 
Regts I Do for every 4 Commissiond i Do for 8 non Com- 
missioned officers, I Do for 8 Privates. 

The Commanding Officers of Regts are instantly to examine 
into the number of tents, and Cause all above the allowance, 
to be Collected & given in to the Brigade QRMaster, in the 
first place to Supply those Corps in their Brigades which are 


Short of that Allowance, & the Residue to be Deliver'd to the 
QRM. Genl to Supply the Militia & Such Corps as are Des- 
titute, the Commander in Chief expects the Genl Officers & 
those Commanding Brigades will See this order carried in exe- 
cution Immedietly; Brigadier Genl Nash will be interr'd this 
forenoon at lo OClock with military honours, at the place 
where the Roads forks, where the Troops march'd in yester- 
day, all Officers whose Circumstances admit of it will attend 
and pay their last Respects to A Brave man who died in De- 
fence of his Country The execution of John Faindon is to 
be postponed till tomorrow noon ; — The Genl Officers are 
without Dailey to have the Rolls of Officers Call'd & Such as 
are absent, and not Sick or wounded or on Command are to 
be ordred preemtorily to Join their Corps & those that are 
absent without leave are to be immedietly reported to the Com- 
mander in Chief, they are also to Report the number of 
Blankets, & Shoes, & other Necessaries to Compleat one Suit 
for each man. True Field Returns are to be made of the 
Troops under the immediet inspection of the Genl Officers, 
for this Purpose the Several Corps are to be muster'd & the 
Rolls Call'd if the weather permits, that the Returns may be 
made tomorrow at noon, Sign'd by the Major Genls or Offi- 
cers Commanding Divisions, the Brigadiers or Officers Com- 
manding Brigades are Immedietly to report the number of 
those Retain'd, missing after the Action of the 4 Inst who 
have Join'd their Brigades Since the Returns of the Kill'd &c. 
& those Returns will continue to be made dailey to the Com- 
mander in Chief. 

If Col. Crawford is in Camp he is desir'd to Call'd at Head 
Quarters as soon as possible. 


Head Qrs Towaininsing Octbr loth 1777 

Genl Orders 

Major Genl for tomorrow Sullivan. 

Brigadier Scott. 

Field Officers Col. Marshall, Major Hay Brigade Majr 

Field Officer for Picquett Majr Francis Murry. 

The Chaplains of the Army are to meet together at the rear 
of the park of Artillery at 12 OClock to morrow for the pur- 
pose mentioned in the order of the 7th inst, the Paymaster 
Genl will attend the Buisness of his Department at Genl 
Weedens Qrs in Genl Greens Division at Mr. Tunnells 

A Court of Inquiry to Consist of 4 members Majr Genl 
Lord Sterling President to Sit to day at 12 OClock at the 
Presidents Qrs and examine into the Conduct of Major Genl 
Sullivan, in the expedition Commanded by him to Staten Island 
in the month of August last, Major Taylor & others who can 
give Information of the matter are to attend, but if the Court 
See Cause to postpone the examination for want of evidence, 
after Major Taylor has urg'd what he has to Say on that mat- 
ter they are to do it accordingly; — 

Genl MDougal, Genl Knox, Col. Spencer, Col. Clark Mem- 

The Genl being informed that much provision is wasted, by 
the Irregular manner in which it is Drawn, & Cook'd does in 
earnest terms exhort the officers Commanding Corps to look 
into & prevent Abuse of this kind ; and in verry express terms 
also desires that their men have provisions by them ready on 
any emergency & moreover that they will be perticularly atten- 
tive to the execution of orders both the times & meaning. 


ardently wishing that the necessaty & Rigid compliance with 
them may be deeply impressed on the minds of the officers who 
ought to Consider how impracticable it is to carry many mili- 
tary opperations without it, it is not for every officer to know 
the principal on which every order is issued, and to Judge how 
far they may or may not be dispenced with or Suspended, but 
their duty to carry them into execution with the utmost punc- 
tuality & exactness, they are to Consider that military move- 
ments are like the working of a Clock, & will go equally Reg- 
ular & easy if every officer does his duty, but without it, will 
be as easily disordred, because neglect in any one part (like the 
Stopping of A Wheel) disorders the whole frame, the Genl 
expects therefore that every officer will duely Consider the 
importance of this observation, their own Reputation & the 
duty they owe their Country; Claims it of them, he earnestly 
Calls upon them to Act; The Genl Directs that the arms 
may be put in the best order without loss of time, Amunition 
Compleat and everything in Readiness against a Sudden Call, 
if Such Should be made, those wanting arms to be Supplied 
immedietly be order from the Adjt Genl, an Account is to be 
Rendred at the foot of the Return how the Difficiencies arrises 
& promotions in Consequence of the Late Deaths will now 
take place. 

As A reward to the merit of Deserving Officers, the Provi- 
sion in which they are to be made agreeable to Genl officers 
of the Regts they belong to; Officers who are under any im- 
putation are to be noted for it, as the Genl is determined to 
Discriminate, Return the good & bad, this order is Confin'd 
to Promotion, no new appointments will take place at this time 
in the weak State of the Regts. 


After Orders 

Returns are to be brought in to morrow noon of the number 
of Rounds of Catridges pr man with which each man is fur- 
nished in the Different Brigades. 

Octbr nth 1777 
Genl Orders 

Major Genl for tomorrow Green. 

Brigadier Mulenburg. 

Field officers Col. Chambers, Lt. Col. Nelson, Do for pic- 
quett Majr Sommers. The Court of inquiry of which Lord 
Sterling is President now Sitting at the Presidents Qrs is to 
inquire into the Charge against Brigadier Genl Wayne, that 
he had himself notice of the enemies intention to attack the 
troops under his Command on the night of the 20th Septr & 
notwithstanding that Intilligence he neglected making dispo- 
sition till it was too Late either to anoy the enemy or make a 
Retreat without the utmost Confusion, the president will give 
notice of the time when the Court can enter on that buisness, 
when the parties & Evidences are to attend. 

A Flag of truce will go to the enemies lines on Monday 
next at 9 OClock in the morning, all persons who have Letters 
& other things to Send in must have them in by that time. 
Twice A Week the Officers of each Company are Carefully 
to examine the Arms, Amunition & Accoutrements of the men, 
to See that they are in perfect order, that nothing is wanting 
in the first inspection, they are to take an exact acctt of every 
article belonging to each man, if any is missing they are to 
Report the Same to the Officer Commanding the Regt that 
the matter may be inquired into if he Judges it proper by A 


Regimental Court martial, & the Delinquent punished if De- 
serving it, & Charg'd with the Articles lost & deducted from 
his wages. 

The Militia from Prince William, Culpepper, Louden, & 
Bartley in the State of Virginia are to be form'd into a Bri- 
gade, and be under the Command of Col. Crawford. 

The QRMGenl & Commissary Genl are to appoint persons 
themselves to do their duty of their Respective Departments, 
all the Troops last come from Peckskills under the Command 
of Genls MDougall, Vernon, & Huntington; Malcolms Regt 
excepted are to be thrown into two Brigades as their Genl 
Shall think best a Report of which is to be made to the Com- 
mander in Cheif for his further orders. Col. Malcolms Regt 
is to Join Genl Conways Brigade ; Twelve Light Horse with 
an Officer are to mount Guard every day with the Picquett, 
to be despos'd off at the Differrent Picquetts for the purpose 
of conveying any intilligence in Such manner as the Majr Genl 
of the day Shall direct. The Commanding Officers of all those 
Companies which were Rais'd as A part of the i6 additional 
Battalions and at differrent times annexed to other Regts to 
make immediate Returns to the adjutant Genl of their Strength 
and in what Regt they are now doing duty. — The Comman- 
der in Chief has the Pleasure to inform the Army that the 
Congress have in A Unanimous Resolve express'd their Satis- 
faction to the officers and Soldiers in the attack on the enemy 
near Germaintown on the 4th Inst for their brave exertions 
on that occation ; & hopes that the approbation of that Hon- 
ourable Body will Stimulate them to Still greater Efforts on 
every future Occation. — Capt. Paul Parker of Col. Hartleys 
Regt is appointed to do duty of Brigade Major in Genl 
Waynes Brigade untill further orders, & is to be obey'd & 
respected as Such ; — All guns is absolutely forbid firing with- 


out the leave of the Majr Genl of the day, the instant a gun 
is fired a Serjt and A file of men, Shall be sent to catch the 
Villain who is thus waisting amunition, & alarming the Camp, 
all officers are Strictly to See this order put in execution. 

Head Qrs Towarinsing Octbr 12th 1777 

Genl Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Stephens. 

Brigadier Smallwood. 

Field Officers Col. Patten, Lt. Col. Mead, Majr Lockart 
of 3d Carolina Regt is promoted to the Rank of Lt. Col. in 
the 8th Regt of that State, in the Room of Col. Ingram who 
has Resigned, Capt. Dixon of N. Carolina Regt is promoted 
to the Rank of Major in the Room of Majr Lockart. 

The Commander in Chief approves of the following Sen- 
tences of A Genl Court martial, held the 3rd Inst whereof Col. 
Josiah Parker was president, Ens. Cannon of the 4th Virginia 
Regt Charg'd with accusing Ens. Ford with Cowardice also of 
getting on the morning & behaving in an ungentleman like 
manner, found guilty of the Charge & Sentenc'd to be dis- 
charg'd the Service; Ens. Thomas Shanks of the 10 Pensylva 
Regt Charg'd with Stealing two pair of Shoes from Lt. Adams, 
Regimental QRMaster to the Said Regt found guilty of the 
Charge exhibited against him & Sentenc'd to be discharg'd 
from the Service. 

Major Forrest of Coll. Proctors Regt of Artillery Charg'd 
with neglect of duty, with Disobedience of Orders to the 
Prejudice of good order & Millitary Discipline, & with Break- 
ing his arrest found guilty of neglect of Duty & Disobedience 
■of orders but not guilty of Breaking his Arrest it appears by 


the Evidence, That Major Forrests conduct was highly Repri- 
mandible because of Such nature as tends to Subvert the Foun- 
dation of Order in an Army When an Officer is ordre'd to do 
any thing in A line of his duty, he ought not to Reason on the 
Propriety of the measure but execute it in the best manner he 
can remembring that any Implicit Obediance constitutes true 
Discipline is Essential and Even to the exixtance of an Army 
it is the ardent w^ish of the Commander in Chief that the duty 
of the Camp may be perform'd with the greatest Exactness 
General and Field Officers of the day to attend the Parade 
Constantly at Guard mounting and see the Guard on Duty 
March'd off and every thing carried on Vv^ith propriety & 

Thence forward the Guards are To mount at 9 OClock now 
the Officers have an Oppertunity of Attending to the Desci- 
pline of their Men, every day when the weather permitts the 
Corps are To be turned out and practis'd in the most Essential 
manner and Exercise particularly in priming, loading, forming. 
Advancing, retreating. Breaking, Rallying, and no pains are 
To be spared in Improving the Troops in these Points. 

All parties and Witnesses relative to the Charge against 
General Wayne are To attend the Court of Inquiry at Lord 
Sterling's Qrs to morrow morning at 9 OClock. 

The QrMr Genl is directed to procure paper immediately 
that the Several Corps may be Furnish'd. 

October 13 th 1777 
Division Orders 

The General is extremely sorry to Inform the Officers of his 
Division that he was yesterday Inform'd in the hearing of the 
Commander in Chief, That the Officers of the Division were 


universilly dissatisfied with being under his Command and had 
no Confidence in him as an Officer, and that they had declared 
it publickly in many places and at all Oppertunities, This re- 
port so to them if False and To him if True, he wishes to 
have cleared up, he therefore desires every Commissioned to 
give him Candidly Their Sentiments Upon the matter, he 
promises them that if any Considerable part of the Officers are 
Uneasy under his Command he shall take it kind in them to 
let him know it and he will immediately remove that Difficulty 
be quitting the Division the Instant he finds them wish For it 
but if On the Contrary the report has no foundation or Truth, 
he expects and desires them to take the proper Steps to bear the 
publick Testimony Against it. 

After Division. 

October 13th 

The Commandants of Brigades are immediately To Order 
those men that are in Want of Cathridges Boxes to be Sup- 
plied by those men who have Ball Cathridges boxes and Tin 
Canisters so that each Soldier may be Supplied with one and 
the Other. 

Immediate Application is to be made To supply those men 
with Arms who are in want no Excuse will be admitted as 
plenty of Good Arms are Arived in Camp and are ready to be 
deliver'd on an Application. 

General Sullivan requires that the Commandants will take 
the Size of the bores of their Guns and return a list thereof 


Head Quarters October 13th 1777 
General Orders 

Major General For tomorrow Sullivan. 

Brigadier Vernan, Field Officer Colonal Broadhead. 

Lwt. Colonal Green, for Picket, Major Sterrett. 
Brigade Major day. 

The sending in Flaggs To the Enemies lines are Defer'd 
till to morrow at 9 OClock Those Battalions of Militia and 
Corps that Han't joined the Army sooner than the 3d Instant 
are To attend to the Orders of that day with regard to make- 
ing Muster-rolls. 

After Orders. 

Athough Orders have been given to Compleat the Army with 
40 rounds of Cathridges pr man the General did not intend 
it shou'd be distributed to the men except so fare as to Fill the 
Cathridge boxes until further Orders and Tin Canisters all 
above that number is to be immediatly collected and deposited 
in a good Covered Waggon of the Brigade or Division no de- 
lay of this matter is least the Cathridge be Spoiled and lost. 

The Companies raised by Captains shall living Theanly & 
Calderwood are to join Col. Malcome's Regmt & Compose 
part of it. 

It is with Grief and Amazement that the General Observes 
by the late returns of Arms and Accoutriments the Continental 
Troops are not yet Supplied he immediately directs that they 
may be Supplied with Musketts and if those are any not Suffi- 
ciently supplied with Cathridge boxes that the Tin Canisters 
be taken from them who have Cathridge boxes and distributed 
to those who are destitute of both. 

After this the General positivly orders that the Arms Am- 
munition and accoutriments be examin'd once a day by an 


Officer of each Company that this may be done he expects the 
Commanding Officers will be particular to the duty here En- 
join'd he also Commands to the Genel Officers as a Matter 
well worthy of their Care. 

Any Soldier after this who shall loose, sell or dispose of their 
Arms, or accoutriment or Cloathing shall be punish'd in a most 
Examplary manner without the smallest mittigation. 

Colonal Crawford as there are not Spare Cathridges Boxes 
at this time to supply the Militia it is desired he will use his 
Utmost Skill and Industry to procure horns and pouches to 
carry their Ammunition in or To adapt any other method con- 
sulting his Officers his Officers find most expedient he is to 
appoint some person acquainted with the duty of Brigade 
Major who will be allowed pay during the time he Acts. 

As many great and Valuable advantages would result from 
having the Arms of a Brigade or even a Division of the Same 
Size the Commander in Chief directs that each Officer Com- 
manding a Brigade would have a return Instantly made to him 
of the Different Callibres and number of each in his Brigade 
And that as soon as this is done Major General Sullivan would 
call in his General Officers commanding Brigades and see if 
such a Disposition of Arms can be Effected as many happy 
Consequences would Flow from it. 

Head Qrts October 14th 1777 
General Orders 

Major General For to Morrow Green. 

Brigadier, Kentington Field Officer, Colonal Evans. 

Lieut. Colonal Lynly Brigade Major, Piatt the Officer on 
Guard to make a Report to the Officer of the day who will 


report the whole To the Adjutant General Doctor Craig 
Director of the Hospital at Reading has sent a list of the 
wounded there whose blankets and other necessaries Remain 
in Camp the Commanding Officers of Regmts are directed to 
make the most diligent Search for all such Necessaries belong- 
ing To the wounded in their Respective Regmts, collect them 
there togather and Lodge them with all possible Dispatch at 
the Quarter Master General's Quarters, The wounded are 
now Suffering for Want of them, and not a moment is to be 
lost in relieving those brave men who have Suffered in their 
Countries Cause the Brigade Major is To send lists of their 
names to the Officers commanding Regmts without Delay. 

Hitchcock Esqr. is appointed to do duty as Brigade Major in 
the Second Merryland Brigade late Deborres and is to be re- 
spected as such John Lawson Esqr. Adjutant to the Prince 
William Militia is appointed to do the duty of Brigade Major 
of Militia under the Command of Colonal Crawford and to 
be respected as Such. 

Head Quarter Octr 15th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Stevens. 

Brigadier Wirden, Field Officer Col, Lewis. 

Lieut. Col. Meade, Brigade Major, Parker Officer. 

For Picket Major Richardson. 
The General has the expected pleasure of informing the 
Army of our Troops under the Command of General Gates 
over Genl Burgoin's Army the 7th Instant, The Action began 
at 3 OClock in the afternoon between the picket of the Army 
which were reinforced on both sides, the Contest was warm & 
Continued till evening when our Troops gained the advanced 


Lines of the Enemj^ and encamptd on their Ground all night 
they Fled and left 330 Tents with Kettles boiling with Corn, 
8 Brass Cannon 2 twelve & 6 pounders, upwards of two hun- 
dred Dead of their Flying Army Genl Frazier is among their 
Slain Our Troops took 550 of their non Commissioned Officers 
and Soldiers Sir Francis Case Clarke A D C to General Bur- 
goine a Qrtt. Genl supposed to be Carlton the Commanding 
Officers of Artillary of a Forreign Brigade and of the British 
Granadeers and a number of other Officers of Inferior Rank 
Two of our Genl Arnold & Lincoln are wounded in the Legs 
besides our Troops suffered but little they behaved with great 
bravery and interpidity and have then a Second time triumphed 
Over Veteran Troops when the last Accompts came away Genl 
Burgoin's Army was retreating & some perishing the General 
Congratulates the Troops on this Signal Victory the third 
Capital advantage under divine Providence we have gain'd in 
that Quarter and hopes it will prove a powerful Stimulus under 
his immediate Command at least to Equal their Nothren 
Brethren in brave and Intrepid Transactions when called 
thereto the General wishes them to consider that this is the 
Grand American Army and in Consequence great things are 
expected of it is the Army of whose superior power some have 
boasted what Shame then and Dishonour will attend us if wee 
Suffer ourselves in every instance to be out done, we have Force 
Sufficient by the Favour of heaven to Crush our Enmies, but 
nothing is wanting but a Spirited persevering of it To which 
as before mentioned duly and the love our Country Irrasest- 
ably impells us, the Effect of much powerfull Motives no man 
who posses the Spirit & Soldier can withstand an Oppertunity 
by those Motives the General assures himself the next Occasion 
his Troops will be Compleatly Successful. 


For honour to the Nothern Army and To Celebrate the 
Victory thirteen pieces of Canon are to be Discharg'd at the 
park of Artilary at 5 OClock this afternoon Previous to this 
the Brigades of Corps are to be Drawn up on their respective 
Parades the Orders to be Distinctly read by their Officers. 

Those men of Colonal Crawford w^hose pieces cant be 
Drawn are to be Discharged at 5 OClock this afternoon. 

The troops are To march from the right to morrow morn- 
ning at lO OClock the Major General of the day will point out 
the Order of the March. 

The brig Adventurers are to be made out of all the Seamen 
are to be made out of all the Respective Corps of the Army the 
Brigadier and Officer commanding Brigadiers & Officers com- 
manding Brigades are without delay to make a Strict Enquiry 
for the Tin Cannisters which have been Delivered them & re- 
port those numbers now with them and inform what became 
of the Rest. 

In Consequence of a Representation of the Field Officers of 
Colonal Stewart's Regmt Captain Patrick Anderson's Com- 
pany & Liewts Saiobi Militia of that Regmt are thereby Sen- 
tenced from their non Attendance and for their unworthy Con- 
duct as Officers their pay is to be Stop'd a Court of Enquiry 
Consisting of 3 Members one which General Green is to be 
president To sit at the Presidents Quarters at 3 OClock this 
afternoon and enquire into the Conduct & Charges against 
Brigadier Genl Maxwell all Witnesses are to attend at the 
Same time B: Gen Mulenburgh & Vernon, Colonals Stewart 
& Richardson are appointed members of this Court. 

A General Court Martial of Horse Officers is To Sitt at 
Col. Moylands Quarters To Morrow morning at 9 OClock 
for the Tryall of all prisoners of Horse that shall be Brought 
Before them Col. Moyland President. 


15th Octobr 1777 
Division Orders 

The Court of Enquiry whereof Col. Woodford was Presi- 
dent have Determin'd that Thomas Baily a Servant Inlisted in 
Capt. Pattens Company of the Daleware Regt is the property 
of Mr. Godden in Maryland, the General Approves of the 
Determination and Orders that Said Servant be deliver'd to 
Col. Guest. 

The General would be Oblig'd to the Officers Command- 
ants to make Reports of the Vacancies in their Several Regts 
and what promotion they would wish to take place. 

Thursday i6th October Struck tents and marched to the 
Skippack Road and Encamped on the Same Ground we were 
at on the 3d Instant being 8 miles and About 20 from Philla- 
delphia in Philladelphia County Wooster Township. 

Head Quarters October i8th 1777 
General Orders 

Major General for tomorrow Lord Sterling Brigadier 

Field Officers Col. Russell Lieut. Col. Guyney, for 
Major Locket B M Emery Detail the Same as Yesterday 
Saving that Harpein Wain's, Thompsons, Maxwell's, Con- 
way's, and Nashes; Brigades To find Captains in Addition of 
the Other Detail and the Other Brigades not to find Captains, 
the Genl has his happiness Compleated relative To the Success 
of our Nothren Army On the 14th Inst. G: Burgoine and his 
whole Army Surrendered prisoners of War let every heart 
brighten themselves and every heart expand with Greatful Joy 


To the Supreme Disposer of all Events who has Granted us 
this Signal Success. 

All the Chaplains of the Army to prepare Suited to the Joy- 
ful Occasion short discourses To deliver to their Respective 
Corps and Brigades at 5 OClock this Afternoon immediately 
after this Thirteen peices of Canon are to be discharg'd at the 
Artillary Park to be followed by a Fued of Joy with Blank 
Cathridges or Powder by every Brigade or Corps of the Army, 
beginning at the Right of the Front line and Running to the 
left of it and then Instantly beginning at the left of the Second 
line and running to the Right of it where it will end the Major 
of the day will Superintend and Regulate the Feu, de, Joy; 
the Officers Commanding Brigades and Corps are to draw out 
their men, Excepting those on duty, every day when the 
weather Permits, to practice the most Necessary Manoevres 
particularly to Advance in a line, from thence to form Col- 
lumns To go through Passes & Oppening Fences, and Reduce- 
ing them again To Retire in a Line and Collumn and Form 
again in a Word Form all Those movements which in Action 
in a Wooden and Close Country shall make Necessary. 

A horse Saddle & Bridle came to Genel Knox's quarters; 
The Owner by applying may have them again. 

On Monday 20th October Struck Tents about 4 OClock 
this morning and marched on the Shippack Road about 5 
Miles and within 15 of Philladelphia then halted in an Old 
Field on the left of said Road then Countermarched to the 
Wood do. 

Then Incampted in Wheppain Township Philadelp: County. 


Camp near Shippack Octr 20th 1777 

Proceedings of a Regimental Court Marshall held this day 
by Order of Colonal David Hall for the Tryal of such per- 
sons as Shall be brought before them belonging to said Regmt. 
John Larmouth Capt. President 

Lwt. Corsse "j f Lit. Harvey DufiE 

Ens. Jas. Campbell J [En: Cal Bennet 

Thomas Clark Drummer of Kaptain Kirkw^ood's Company 
Confined by Lieut. Brattan for disobedience of Orders. 

Prisoner saith he M^as Sick and went for a Drink of Watter 
and left his drum with the Rest & went to sleep in the Woods 
as he thought they would stay all night Lut. Brattan being 
duely Sworn saith that he did not see the Prisoner after they 
halted on the Ground they Remain'd on the Court thinks him 
Guilty of the Charge, & Sentence him to Receive 39 Lashes. 
Approved by Charles Pope Esqr. Liet. Colonal D R. 

Head Qrts Octr 22 1777 
General Orders 

Brigadier Smallwood, Field Officers Cols Chambers Lieut. 
Col. Hashton for Picquet Lieut. Ford, B. M. Peers Such of 
the Troops as have not drawn Provision for to day and to 
morrow to do it Immediately and Cook the Whole, and all be 
Ready to march on the Shortest Notice. 

Head Quarters 22d October 1777 
General Orders 

Major General for to morrow Sullivan, Brigadier Vernon, 
Field Officers Col. Prentice Lieut. Col. Willis for Picquet 


Lieut. Col. Pope, Brigade Major Olden; man)^ abuses have 
been made in Impressing horses for the Army, the Commander 
in Chief possitively orders that no horse henceforth will be 
Impressed by any member of the Army, without an Order 
from the Quarter Master Ge. or Some of his Deputies, or 
Assistants, or Special Order from the Commander in Chief; 
the Brigade Qr. Mrs are to make Returns tomorrow After- 
noon at 5 OClock of all the riding and bad Horses, of their 
Brigades and their persons and Ranks, in whose Service they 
are used. 

A General Court Martial whereof General Sullivan is Pres- 
ident is to Sit tomorrow morning at the Presidents Quarters 
for the Tryal of Brigadier General Wayne, upon this charge 
against him (that he had Timely notice of the Enemies Inten- 
tion to Attack the Troops under his Command on the Night 
of the 20th September & Notwithstanding that Intelligence 
neglected making dispositions untill it was too late either to 
Annoy the Enemy, or make a Retreat without the utmost Dan- 
ger and Confusion. 

Brigadier Genls Mulenburgh, Werden, Conway, Hunting- 
ton, Colls. Stevens, Denton, Mr. Clahan Stevv^art, Beadly, 
Leut. Col. David Deharte Faihlon are appointed Members of 
this Court. 

A Return of the number of Swords is to be made, and 
wanting in the horse Brigade as Deficiensies may now be Sup- 

Although the Enterprize under Genl Mc Dougal proved 
fruitless by Reason that the Enemy had abandon'd their Post; 
Intended to have been attacted j'et the Commander in Chief 
Seems his Thanks due To the Officers and men Detaled for 
that Service, who two might Succesfully have Crossed and 
Recrossed the Schuylkill and To Those men under Genl Sulli- 


van, & Green, who were designed to facilitate Genl Mc Dou- 
gall's Opperation; For the Fortitude and Resolution with 
which they went through the night's Marching which was per- 
formed in the Expedition. 

A Flagg will go into the Enemy to morrow morning at 10 
OClock Such persons as have any thing to send to their Friends 
are to get them Ready and have them at Head-quarters at that 

Head Quarters Octr 25th 1777 

General Orders 

Major General For to morrow, Stevens, 
Brigadier Woodford Field Officers Col. Lawson, Major 
Hail For Picket Major Schull Brigade Major Wil- 

The Intention of a Certificate upon the pay Abstracts under 
the hands of the Brigades was that truth of them shou'd be 
made apparent upon Comparisons, the Signing their names is 
but an empty Form. The Commander in Chief therefore 
Requests that henceforth the Brigadiers or Officers command- 
ing they are Carefully to examine and compare the pay Ab- 
stracts with the weekly Returns before they make a Certificate 
concerning them. The Commander in Chief Orders that a 
Weekly Return be made of each Brigade to morrow morning 
at 10 OClock without Fail & and those men Return'd on com- 
mand & number of each to be pointed out the General will 
look to the Brigadiers and Officers commanding Brigades for 
the mutual Compliance of this Order. 

The Commander in Chief approves of the Sentance of a 
General Court Martial held the 14 Inst whereof Col. Broad- 
head was president Orders them put in execution immediately 


Lewt. Nathan Funs chargd with being drunk and uncapable of 
doeing his duty when the Army engaged the Enemy engaged 
the Army on the 4th Inst found Guilty and Sentenced to be 
cashihired, Leut. Joseph Fish of Capt. Lac's Company in Colo- 
nal Dukenson's Regmt charged with leaving his Regmt and 
Platoon which he belong'd to while on the March towards the 
Enemy on the night of the 3d Inst and also being much dis- 
guised in Liquor was acquited of the first charge and found 
guilty of being in Liquor and Sentenced to be Reprimanded by 
the Brigadier Genl in prescence of the Officers of the Brigade. 

Proceedings of a Regimental court Martial held in camp 
near Germaintown October 25th 1777 by Order of Col. David 

Captain John Learthmouth President 

Lieut : John Wilson ") _ , f Lieut. John Rhodes 
T? • Tv/r T I Members 1 „ . ^j . 

Ensign M. Lean J I Ensign Hariman 

Prisoners Crime 

William Dowers of Captain Moors Compy being charg'd 
with Stealing a five Dollar bill from Serjeant M. Cain pleads 
not Guilty but says he found a five Dollar bill by the fire. 

Evidence — Marmaduke Mc Cain Being duely Sworn de- 
poseth that he was under Guard with the Prisoner, he was 
Singing and prisoner Sitting Close by him, and asked him to 
Sing the Song again, after he was Done Singing he mist his 
pocket Book which had a five dollar Bill in it, and Accus'd 
the prisoner with Stealing it, but he Denied it, the Prisoner 
after that Changed a five dollar bill and Said he found it by 
ye fire. 


Evidence — Henry Gardner being duely Sworn Deposeth, 
that he was On Guard with the prisoner and was ordered up 
to the Mill and was put on sentry there, the Prisoner Asked 
him if he would go to the Sutlers, he Said he would, there the 
Prisoner Changed a 5 Dollar Bill. 

Evidence — Jno. Bowden being duely Sworn, Saith that he 
was prisoner at the time the Prisoner was Search'd, & he had 
no money about him, & the next day he Chang'd a 5 Doll : 
bill with the Sutler. — The Court having duely Considre'd the 
evidence for & Against the Prisoner are of Opinion that he is 
guilty of the Charge he is accused with, & do Sentence him to 
Receive 500 Lashes well laid on & pay Serjt M Cain 5 Dol- 
lars ; 

The Above Sentence Approv'd & ordred to be put in execu- 
tion on Parade Remitting 300 Lashes. 

D. Hall 
Coll. DR 

General Orders Head Quarters 26th October 1777 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Green. 

Brigade Maxwell, Field Officers, Col. Brown, Majr 
The Court of inquiry whereof Genl Green was President 
Relative to the Complaint's against Genl Maxwell 
Report their opinion as follows Vizt. 

The Court having fully inquired into the complaints exhib- 
ited by Lt. Col. Heath against Brigadier Genl Maxwell while 
Commanding the Light Corps, are Clearly of opinion that they 
are without foundation Saving that it appears that he once 
during that time disguis'd with liquor in Such A manner as 
to disqualify him in Some Measure but not fully from doing 


his duty & that once or twice besides his Spirits were a little 
elevated with Spiritous Liquor, the Court Submits to his Ex- 
cellencys better Judgment whether Genl Maxwell from these 
instances of deviation ought to be Subjected to A trj^al by A 
Court Martial; — 

The Commander in Chief directs that the Genl Court mar- 
tial of which Genl Sullivan is President; as soon as the tryal 
before them is finished, proceed to the tryal of Brigadier Genl 
Maxwell upon the Complaints Refer'd to in the foregoing 
Report ; — 

The Commander in Chief approves the following Sentences 
of A Genl Court Martial of which Col. Broadhead was presi- 
dent held the 17th i8th & 19th Inst and orders that they be 
put in execution forth with; Lt. Col. Markham of the 8th 
Virginia Regt Charg'd with having left the Regt in time of 
Action on the 4th Inst & also on the Retreat ye Same day, & 
also Charged with delay when ordred to Support the Advanc'd 
Guard, was by the unanimous opinion of the Court found 
guilty of the Charges exhibited against him & Sentenc'd to be 
Cashiered ; 

Capt. M Cormick of the 13th Virginia Regt charg'd with 
laying down in time of Action & behaving in A Cowardly & 
Unofficerlike manner, was Acquited with honour. 

Lt. Crane of the 15th Virginia Regt Charged with Disobe- 
dience of Orders, also with Breaking his Arrest; Acquitted 
by the unanimous opinion of the Court Lt. Thos. Moore of 
Capt. Harrissons Compy in ye 15th Virginia Regt Charg'd 
with incouraging the men to breed A mutiny & otherwise be- 
having unbecoming the Character of A Gentleman & Officer, 
was Acquitted; — 

Thos. Roche A Mattross in Capt. Serjeants Compy of Artil- 
lery in Col. Cranes Regt Charg'd with Desertion & attempting 


to escape to the Enemy, the Court are Unanimously of opinion 
the Prisoner is guilty of the Charges against him & do Unani- 
mously Sentence him to suffer Death. 

This Sentence to be put in execution to morrow at 12 
OClock near the Artillery Park 60 Men with Officers from 
each Brigade to attend the Execution. 

Head Qrs Octbr 28th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Stevens. 
Brigadier Wayne, Field Officers Col. Ogdon, Lt. Col. 
Lytell for Picquett Majr Ross, Brigade Majr Mc 
The Honble Congress have been pleased to promote Briga- 
dier Genl Robt Howe, & Alxr McDougall to the Rank of 
Majrs Genls in the Service of the United States; 

The Rank of Capts & Sublts In Col. Malcolms Regt are 
to be established as Settled the 19th Inst by Cols Ogden, & 
Spencer, & Lt. Col. Brailey. Capt. M Gowen is appointed to 
do the duty of Brigade Majr in the Brigade late Dehaws & is 
to be respected as Such. 

Head Qrtrs Octbr 29th 1777 
Genl Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Sullivan. 
Brigadier Smallwood, Field Officers Lt. Col. r= Majr 
West for Picquett Majr Smith. 
The Seamen mentioned in Genl Mulenburghs, Weedens, 
Scotts, 2nd Maryland, & MDougalls Brigades are to have 
three Days provisions Cook'd, & hold themselves ready to 
march at the Shortest Notice. 


Head Qrtrs Octr 30th 1777 

Genl Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Green. 

Brigadier Huntington, field Officers Lt. Col. Symes, 

Lt. Col. Green. 
For Picquett Majr Haimer: Brigade Majr of ye Day 

Detail as Yesterday Save that the Six Brigades that fur- 
nish'd Capts then to furnish none, the Brigadiers & Officers 
Commanding Brigades are without Loss of time to cause the 
Arms & Accoutrements of their men to be put in the best 
order & that due care be taken that the Catridges that were 
damp may be dried & made fit for use. The Seamen in the 
Six Brigades mentioned in Yesterdays orders are to parade this 
forenoon at 10 OClock in front of Genl Vernons Brigade with 
everything Belonging to them & Provisions Ready to march. 

The Execution of Thos Roche is Respited till tomorrow; 
Such Arms as are Loaded & cannot be drawn are to be dis- 
charged this Afternoon at 4 OClock under the directions of 
the Officers no pains to be Spaired to draw all Such as will 
admit of it. 

Divers Horses & Cattle have been brought off by the De- 
tachment commanded by Genl MDougall which lately crossed 
the Schuylkill, the persons who had or have them in possession 
are to Report them immedietly to the QRM. Genl Returns of 
the Sick to go to the Genl Hospital are to be made to morrow 
morning to the Surjeon Genl at Col. Biddies Qrs. A Suffi- 
cient number of Camp kettles are to be Sent with the Sick, 
those persons whose cases are very bad are to be sent imme- 
dietly to the Quaker meetinghouse at the 20 mile Stone on the 
North Wales Road, where the Surjeon of the hospital will 
Receive them, the Arms of the Sick to be left with the Regi- 


mental QRMasters; who has to deliver them to the Commis- 
sary of Military Stores; A few orderly men are to go with 
the Sick to the Quaker meeting house proportioned to the 
number of the Sick; 

The Commander in Chief approves the following Sentences 
of A Genl Court Martial held the 13th Inst whereof Col. 
Broadhead was President, Col. Alexr Martin of the 2nd N. 
Carolina Regt arrested for Cowardice was acquitted from his 
Charge, & is therefore discharg'd from his arrest. 

Division Orders O^^br 30th 1777 

The Commandants of Brigades to appoint five or more 
proper Officers to Settle the Rank of Capts & Subalterns in 
their Respective Brigades, former Rank is to be attended to in 
Settling. Merit must be Rewarded by Congress or the Com- 
mander in Chief, & cannot be Considred as giving preference 
in Rank by any others, former pretentions are to be considred 
and extended only in the Corps; Vizt the former Pretentions 
of Capts among Capts ist Liets among themselves, so of 2nd 
Lts & Ensigns, A Report from the Officers appointed to be 
made as soon as possible that promotions may immedietly take 

Hall Brigade Orders °"'"' ^"' '"' 

Col. of the Delaware, Col. Gunby Lt. Col. Ramsey & Adams 
& Majr Vaughen, are appointed to Settle the Rate of Capts & 
Subalterns in the Brigade, they are to Sit this morning at 9 
OClock at the Presidents Qrtrs & to Report thereon to Genl 
Sullivan the Committee whereon their buisness will please to 
have Recourse to the Division orders of Yesterday which they 
will give due weight to ; 


Col. Richardson Requires the monthly Returns of the Re- 
spective Regts in the Brigade to be made out & delivre'd to 
him by 12 OClock to day, as he is determin'd to make the 
Brigade return this evening; the Sick of the Brigades that are 
to be Sent to the Meeting house Hospital, are to parade this 
morning at lO OClock near the Cols Qrtrs in order to Set off. 

Octbr 31st 1777 
The Brigade will omit Sending the Detachment of 60 men 
to the parade today. 

Timothy Pickring 

Adjt Genl 

Head Quarters October 31st 1777 
Genl Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow^ Stevens. 

Brigadier Conway, Field Officers, Col. Martin, Majr 
Bloomsfield Field Officer Picquett Majr Smith, Bri- 
gade Major Pearce. 

Richd Piatt Reynolds Stephens, & M Dougall Esqrs are 
appointed Aid D. Cs to Majr Genl M Dougall and are to be 
Respected as Such; The Deputy QRM Genl are to make 
Returns to the QRM Genls Office of all the Equipages, Stores, 
Waggons &c. in their Respective Divisions, these returns are 
to be made to morrow morning at 9 OClock; 

The Commander in Chief approves of the following Sen- 
tences of A Genl Court Martial of which Col. Bland was 
president vizt Col. Moyland Charg'd with disobedience of 
orders of Genl Poliskey, in A Cowardly & ungenteel like 
manner, in Strikeing Mr. Ziniskey A Gentleman Officer in the 


Polish service when Disarm'd, putting him under Guard & 
giving initiating language to Genl Polisky, the Court were 
of opinion that Col. Moyland Was not guilty & therefore 
Acquit him of the Charge exhibited against him; Col. Moy- 
land is Discharg'd from his Arrest. 

Lucas Henly A private in Col. Blands Regt Charg'd with 
plundering Wm. Lawrence, was found guilty & Sentenc'd to 
Run the guantlett thr'o A Detachment of 50 men of the Bri- 
gade of Horse. 

Judah Gridley A Private in Capt. Palmers troop of Col. 
Feldons Regt Charg'd with extorting money from Jno. Thomp- 
son, also refusing to give himself up, attempting to escape from 
Capt. Richd Francis & attempting to draw his Sword, was 
found guilty & Sentenc'd to run the guantlett thr'o 100 men 
of the Brigade of Horse — Some doubts having arisen with 
Regard to the order of Promotion, the Commander in Chief 
thinks it again expedient to declare that Promotions Shall be 
Regimental as high as the Rank of Capts Inclusive, all from 
that Rank in the line of the State but Subject to Such excep- 
tions as merit or unworthiness Shall Render Just & proper 
agreeable to the Genl Orders Issued at Middle Brook on this 

After Orders 

A Detachment of 374 m.en to Parade tomorrow morning at 
Sunrise on the Grand Parade with Arms & Amunition & one 
Days Provision Cook'd; — The Details for privates to be the 
Same as for the daily guards. Hartleys, Humptons, Maxwells, 
Conways, Huntingdons, & the North Carolina Brigades fur- 
nish each A Capt. Sub. Serjt & 2 Corpls Col. Patten Lt. Col. 
Craig, & Major Morris will take Command of this Party. 


Camp October 31st 1777 
Proceedings of A Regimental Court Martial of the Dela- 
ware Regt held this day by order of Col. David Hall D. R. 
Capt. Jno Patten President. 

Lt. Corse ] f Lt. Jos. Wilds 

Do Duff j ^'"^^"^ 1 Ens. Bennett 

Serjt M Gennie of Capt. Pattens Compy of Sd Regt being 
brought Before the Court for fighting & Abusing Serjt Faires 
(pleads not guilty Serjt Faires of Capt. Moores Compy of Sd 
Regt being brought before the Court for abusing Serjt M Gin- 
nes (Pleads not guilty). 

No Evidence appearing against the above Serjts the Court 
are of opinion they ought to be acquitted. Cornelius Haigney 
& Thos M Cann of Capt. Andersons Compy brought before 
the Court for drunkness & fighting (Cornelius Haigney) pleads 
guilty) Thos M Cann pleads not guilty & Sayeth the fault was 
altogether Haigneys, that he also tore his Coat in the Scuffle. 

Evidence — David Young of Capt. Andersons Compy being 
duely Sworn sayeth that Haigney being in Licquor went to 
M Canns tent, & gave him abusive language telling him he was 
A mean fellow & tore his Coat, that during the Scuffle M Cann 
Struck Haigney. 

The Court having duely Considred the Crimes & evidences & 
of opinion that Thos M Cann ought to be acquitted & that 
C. Haigney is guilty of A breach of the i8th Section of War, 
and do Sentence him to Receive 39 Lashes on his bare back 
with the Cat O Nine tails, & to make good the Dammage done 
to M Cann's Coat, the Court from the good Character of Cor 
Haigney & being the first Crime that has appeared against him 
(Recommend him to Mercy) Jas Caton being brought before 
the Court for going drunk on the parade (Pleads not guilty) 


but says he was A little Hearty no Evidence appearing the 

Court do Acquit him the Above Sentence Approv'd & C : Haig- 

ney's Sentence emitted. „ tt 

' D. Hall 

Col. D R 

Head Qrs White Marsh November 2nd 1777 
Genl Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Green, Brigadier Ervine. 

Field Officers Col. Broadhead, Lt. Col. Ennis, for Pic- 
quett Lt. Col. Polk Brigade Majr Mullen, Detail the 
Same as yesterday only the North Carolina Brigade 
no men for Picquett. 

Each Division to open A Road into the best & nearest Main 
Road leading to the Country, by which the Waggons & troops 
may move with the greattest ease & dispatch ; The Commander 
in Chief Relies on the Officers Commanding Divisions to See 
this Necessary work Perform'd As soon as possible; the Wag- 
gons are to be Drawn up Regularly & in the best order, & 
every night the Horses are to be tied to the Waggons, & gear'd 
every morning at day break, the Divisions & Brigade QRMas- 
ters are to provide Straw for the troops, taking none that is not 
thrashed, but the men will Collect leaves they can for that Pur- 
pose; The Genl Court Martial whereof Genl Sullivan is 
President, to Sit to morrow morning at 9 OClock at the Presi- 
dents Qrs for the tryal of Genl Stevens upon the Charge ex- 
hibited against him, the delay that may ariss from the appoint- 
ment of new members & the Impractability of Changing the 
Genl Officers without introducing those that have been upon 
the Court of Inquiry Relative to the Same Charges, Renders it 
Necessary that this tryal Should be Before the Same Court. 


November 2nd Sunday Struck tents & Cross'd Whissahicton 
Creek on Skippack Road, march'd to the left & encamp'd on 
the brow of an hill on ye North Wales Road White Marsh 
Township Philada County in all 2 Miles. 

Novmbr 3rd 1777 
Division Orders 

A Court of inquiry to Sit tomorrow morning at 9 OClock to 
inquire into Some Complaints against major Adams respecting 
A Waggon and Horses he had in Custody, Belonging to A 
person in New Jersey, Lt. Col. Pope of the Delaware to Sit as 
president of this Court, 2 Capts & 2 Subs from each Brigade 
to compose this Court, the Same Court to enquire into the 
Conduct of Lt. Jno Moore of Col. Gunbys Regt in the late 
Battle of Germainton, also of Lt. Skinner of the Same Regt 
accused of mis conduct in that Action. 

The Commandants of the Division are to attend to having 
A Road opned in the Rear, agreeable to the Orders of yester- 
day, the Genl being engaged on A Court martial Cannot attend 
himself to the Buisness, they will please to Consult each other 
upon the most proper place to make the Road, and have it 
Compleated as Soon as Possible. 

After Divis. Orders 

3d Novmbr 1777 

The Officers and men by no means to be absented from 
Camp, provisions for this day and tomorrow to be Cook'd im- 
medietly & every thing held in Readiness for marching at the 
Shortest notice, the Officers Commanding Brigades are with- 
out loss of time to furnish them Selves with A Guide well 


acquainted with the Neighbouring Country; Wm Blanch A 
Private said to belong to Capt. Deans Compy in the 5th M. 
Regt now Detain'd in Capt Andersons 2nd M Regt is imme- 
dietly to Join the 5th M. Regt any Officer who thinks him- 
self agrieved by another, may on application have A Court of 
inquiry to Determine to what Corps the Soldier Belongs. 

Head Qrs White Marsh Novmbr 3d 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow M Dougall, Brigadier Scott, Field 
Officers Col. Marshall, Brigade Majr M Gowen, Detail the 
Same as yesterday, except the two Maryland Brigades, & 
Wedens, Mulenburghs, Woodfords, & Scotts, furnish Capts, 
the Post Office is kept at Edward Hopkins near farmers mill 
by the great Bridge, the post master has paper to Sell for the 
price it Cost. The Waggoners are to be in the Rear of their 
Respective Divisions and kept Ready to move as Directed in 
yesterday Orders, the Q. R. Masters are to Cause necessaries 
to be made forthwith for the Conveniencies of each Brigade. 

The Cols, of each Regt of Horse to make A Return of the 
Number & condition of their Horses & furniture, & of the 
Arms & Accoutrements of his men, the Returns to be made by 
to morrow forenoon without fail. 


On Saturday was found A Black pocket book with Some 
money, & A number of Papers dated at Peek's hills, and A 
Letter directed to Jos. Fatch Col. Chandlers Regt. 

3rd Maryland Regt to Send an orderly Serjt to Head Quar- 


5th Maryland Regt to Send one orderly Serjt to Col. Rich- 
ardson Qrs. 

The Guards to be on the Parade at half after Eight OClock 
in the Morning. 

White Marsh Novmbr 4th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Gel for tomorrow Green, Brigadier Maxwell, 

Field Officers Col. Swift, Majr Read of Col. Hazens 

Regt Brigade Majr Hitchpatrick. 

Detail the Same as Yesterday; Agreeable to former orders all 

Reports of the Guards & Scouting are to be made by the 

Officers Commanding them to the Majr Gel of the Day who 

is to Report them to the Commander in Cheif; Every Regt is 

to go on making Catridges every day when the weather will 

admit of it, the Commissary of Military Stores is to make A 

Return of the Catridges Return'd to him & by the Regt by 

which they were made. Lost yesterday afternoon about 2 

OClock on the Skippack Road, between the Commissarys Genl 

& the Mill, A parchment Pocket book Containing about 40 

Dollars & Some Papers, any person Leaving it at Genl Sulli- 

vans Qrs Shall receive 10 Dollars Reward. 

White Marsh Novmbr 5th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Sullivan, Brigadier Woodford, 
Field Officers Col. Hogun, Majr Taylor, Brigade Majr Min- 
nes, Detail the Same as Yesterday; A Genl Court Martial of 
which Genl Sullivan was President held the 30th Octbr last & 
the two following days, for the tryal of Brigadier Genl Max- 


well on the following Charge Viz. that he was once during the 
time he Commanded the Light troops disguised in Liquor, in 
Such A manner as to be Disquallified, in Some measures, but 
not fully from doing his Duty, & that once or twice Besides, 
his Spirits were A little elivated with liquor, upon which the 
Court pronounced Sentence as follows ; The Court having Con- 
sidered the Charge & evidence, are Unanimously of Opinion 
that Brigadier Genl Maxwell while he Commanded the light 
Troops was not at any time in any measure unfit from doing 
his Duty, they do therefore Acquit him of the Charge laid 
against him ; The Paymasters Genls Qrs are at Nathen Clevins, 
in the Rear of Genl Stevens Division. 

5th M. Regt to Send A Captain and one Subaltern to A 
Court of inquiry to Sit at Col. Popes tent to morrow morning 
at 9 OClock. 

7th M. Regt to Send an Orderly Serjt to Head Quarters. 

1st M. Regt to Send one Do to Col. Richardsons. 

Head Qrs White Marsh Novmbr, 6th 1777 

Genl Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow M Dougall, Brigadier Small- 

Field Officers Col. Gunby, Lt. Col. Brent, Brigade Majr 
Alder The Independent Compy commanded by Capt. Joshua 
Williams to be annexed & to do Duty with the 4th Pensyl- 
vania Regt till further Orders; all Prisoners not being Con- 
tinental Soldiers and Suspected persons are to be Carried to 
the Major Genl of the day to be examin'd and dealt with as he 
Shall think fit. 


The Cols or officers Commanding Regts are to appoint an 
Officer from each Regt to go with 4 men to Bethlehem to get 
Such of their Cloathing as is absolutely Necessary and Bring 
the Same on Waggons, the Waggon Master Genl will make 
the Necessary provision and Waggons for that end; Any Gen- 
tleman of the Army having any effects of the late Majr White 
A. D. C. to Genl Sullivan are Desired to bring them to Head 
Qrs to be deliver'd to his Brother. 

„ . , ^ , Novmbr 6th 1777 

Brigade Orders 

Returns of Cloathing wanted are to be Rendred to morrow 
morning by the Commandants of the Maryland Continental 
Regts that A Distribution may be equally made of Such that is 
now on hand and an application made for the deficiency; for 
which purpose an Officer will be detached with proper Instruc- 
tions to the States of Maryland to morrow, and Also like Re- 
turns from the Delaware Regt is expected as an Officer will be 
detatch'd to that State for the Same purpose Col Guest is 
Required to Detach A Scouting party Consisting of the Same 
number under Similar Instructions of that Detachmen yester- 

Detail for Guards i Sub 2 Serjts 2 Corpls & 27 Privates. 

Head Qrs White Marsh Novmbr 7th 1777 
Genl Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Sullivan, Brigadier Wayn, 
Field Officers Col. David Hall, Lt. Col. Farmer, 
Brigade Majr Barker. 
Detail the Same as Yesterday, the Independant Compy Com- 
manded by Capt. Weaver is to be Annexed to, and do Duty 


with the lOth Pensylvania Regt till further orders, Some Dis- 
putes having Arrisen Relative to Certain men enlisted by M 
Nelson doing duty in the 7th Pensylvania Regt, A Court of 
inquiry is to examine into the Matter & Report their opinions 
whether these men Should Remain as they are or be trans- 
ferred to the 9th Pensylvania Regt for which Regt it is Said 
they are Inlisted for ; A Field Officer and A Capt. from Max- 
wells Brigade & one field Officer from Col. Huntingdons Bri- 
gade are to Compose this Court which are to Sit to morrow 
Morning at 9 OClock at Lt. Col. Brearlys Qrs who is to be 
one of the members; It is expected by the Commander in 
Chief that all intilligence from the enemies lines which may 
Come to the Knowledge of any Officer & bears the mark of 
Authority will be immedietly Communicated to him or the 
Majr Genl of the Day who will if the Cause Requires it give 
immediet information thereof to him. 

All Officers Commanding at out posts are to Receive & 
detain all pass which are given merely for the purpose of pass- 
ing them, lest they Should afterwards be put to an improper 
use; — Since the Genl left Germaintown in September last, he 
has been without his Baggage and on that Acct is unable to 
Receive Company in the manner he Could wish, but neverthe- 
less he desires the Genls & Field Officers of the Day and Bri- 
gade Majrs to dine with him in future at 3 OClock in the 
Afternoon; A Detatchment of 370 Men properly Officer'd is 
to parade at Sun Rise on the Grand Parade, Detail the Same 
as for other Guards, Col. Russell Lt. Col. Mead & Majr Sill 
are to Command this Detatchment; A Detatchment of 15 
Dragoons under the Command of Capt. Smith to be Composed 
according to Instructions he Shall Receive. 


Head Qrs White Marsh Novmbr 8th 1777 
Genl Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Green, Brigadier Woodford, Field 
Officers, Col. Davis the Majr of the loth Pensylvania Regt 
Brigade Majr of Genl Scotts Brigade Detail the Same as yes- 
terday; the Service requiring that the men be Ready to march 
on the Shortest notice, the Officers Commanding Brigades & 
Corps are to be perticularly CarefuU to keep their men con- 
stantly Supplied with 2 Days Provisions in hand; — To make 
the more despatch in the Tryal of Officers under Arrest, Bri- 
gade Genl Court Martials, are to be held without delay for 
the tryal of Such Officers under Arrest as Shall apply to Briga- 
diers or other Officers Commanding Brigades for tryal before 
their Courts; The Commander in Chief Approves of the Sen- 
tence of the Genl Court Martial to Brigadier Genl Maxwell 
Publish'd in Genl orders of the 4th Inst but through mistake 
that approbation was not Inserted. 

^. . . ^ , November 8th 1777 

Division Orders 

The Genl Requests the Commanding Officers of Brigades & 
Corps, to improve every opportunity of Desciplining & Man- 
auvering their troops two or three hours in the Course of each 
Day while the Army Lays encamp'd, it will by no means 
fatague the men, but will tend to give them Confidence in each 
other, which in time of Action is Essentially necessary, teach- 
ing them to move in large bodys will answer the best purpose, 
moving in lines at open order & forming. Displaying Collumns 
by their Center are verry Essential ; 

As soon as the Genl can be Dismiss'd from other duty, he 
will give every Assistance in his power to promote this desire- 
able End. 


Novmbr 8th 1777 
Brigade Orders 

Col. Hall of the Delaware Regt is appointed President of 
the Brigade Court Martial ordered yesterday in place of Majr 
Jos. Vaughen who is Sick, the Same Court is ordred to Sit to 
morrow morning at 9 OClock, for tryal of Such prisoners as 
are under Confinement, 

Head Qrs White Marsh Novmbr 9th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Sullivan, Brigadier Maxwell; 
Field Officers Lt. Col. Powell, Majr Hurman; Brigade Majr 
Day, Detail the Same as Yesterday; — Nicholas Vancourtland 
Esqr. is appointed A D C. to Majr Genl Sullivan and is to 
be Respected as Such; 

One piece of Cannon at Genl Ervins Brigade is to be dis- 
charg'd this evening at 4 OClock it being found impracticable 
to draw the Charge; — All the empty Waggons or which can 
be emptied without great inconveniency are to be got Ready 
in the Several Brigades and to be Assembled this day at Such 
place and hour as the Forrage master Genl Shall direct to be 
dispos'd of by him. 

The Brigadiers & Officers Commanding Brigades are with 
as much Despatch as possible to have their Brigades paraded 
& from their own observation to take an Acct of the Articles 
of Cloathing indispensably necessary for the men, many of the 
men mount parade daily who make very unsoldier like appear- 
ance, the Adjutants and Brigade Majrs will be Respectively 
Answerable, that hence forward they Bring no man to the 
Parade whose appearance is not as decent as his circumstances 
will permit, having their Beards Shaved, Hair Comb'd, Face 


wash'd & Cloath put on in the best manner in their Power; — 
Capt. Craig of Col. Moyland's Regt with his party of horse 
have taken of Dragoons & 7 Soldiers with their horses, Arms, 
& Accoutrements, The Genl desires Capt. Craigs leave & 
others who distinguished themselves will accept his Cordial 
thanks for the enterprise, Spirit & Bravery they have expati- 
ated in harrassing & making Captives of the Enemy; All the 
Genl Officers in Camp are to Assemble to morrow at 10 
OClock in the forenoon at Genl Greens Qrs to Settle the 
Rations, the Genl Officers will attend this in preferrence to 
any other Duty and make Report as Soon as they have fin- 
ished ; 

A Detatchment of 370 men are to parade precisely at 3 
OClock to morrow morning with their Arms & Accoutrements 
& I Days Provision Cook'd the Brigade Majrs w^ill have their 
men turn'd out and See everything in order this afternoon, & 
parade them tomorrow morning with the greatest punctuality 
the Detail the Same as for other Guards; Col. Spencer Lt. 
Col. Starr, & Majr Breuster are to Command this detatch- 
ment; 24 Light Dragoons are to parade at the Same time and 

Proceedings of A Regimental Court Martial held at Camp 
White Marsh Novmbr 9th 1777 by order of Col. David Hall 
of the Delaware Regt. 

Jno. Larimonth Capt. President. 

Lt. Jno. Rhodes, Lt. Jas. Bratten, Lt. Caleb Brown, & Ens. 
Horsman members Serjt Dowds, Hugh ColiEell & Andrew Pol- 
lard Privates of Capt. Kirkwood's Compy, Confin'd by order 
of Col. David Hall for burning a tent Serjt Dowds Says he 
was Asleep & did not know anything of the tents being burnt; 
Hugh Coffell Says he did not know how the tent got afire; 


Andrew Pollard Says he did not know how the tent got afire, 
for he was A Cutting Cabbage at the time. No Evidence 
Appearing against the Prisoners, the Court are of opinion that 
they are not guilty of the Crime alledg'd against them, as it 
appears to have been an Accident, 

Jno. Learmonth 

Capt. President 

The Above Sentence approv'd. 

D. Hall 
Col D. R 

Head Qrs White Marsh Novmbr loth 1777 
Genl Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Green, Brigadier Smallwood, 
Field Officers Col. Clark, Majr of Col. Steels Regt 
Brigade Majr Williams. 

Detail the Same as yesterday only Hartleys, Huntingtons, 
Maxwells, Conwaj^s, North Carrolina, & Humptons Brigades 
furnish Capts Instead of those who furnish'd them yesterday; 
Col. Stevens is Appointed President of A Court of Inquiry, 
relative to the Complaint of Jos. Chambers against Lt. Col. 
Jos. Parker; Lt. Col. Farmer, & i Capt. from Genl Wedens 
Regt & two Capts from Genl Mulenburghs Brigade are ap- 
pointed members of the Court, which is to Sit at Col. Stevens 
Qrs to morrow at 10 OClock. 

T-.. . . ^ , Novmbr loth 1777 

Division Orders 

The Court of inquiry whereof Lt. Col. Pope was President 

to enquire into the conduct of Majr Adams Respecting A 


Waggon & Horses taken by him the last Campaign Report 
their opinions as follows, the Court taken into Consideration 
Majr Adams Conduct concerning Said Waggon & horses, and 
from the Several testimonies handed in are unanimously of 
opinion that he Acted the part of A Gentleman & ought not 
to bear the least Censure; the Genl cannot help observing that 
upon perussing the evidence laid before the Court of Inquiry, 
he not only coincides in opinion with the Court but is fully 
convinced that few persons in Majr Adam Circumstances that 
would have taken So much pains to Render Justice to the 
owner of the Waggon & Horses as he has done. — The Genl 
has the Satisfaction to Inform his Division that Capt. Pears 
author of A Letter published in the Virginia Gazette, assuring 
that this Division first gave way at the Battle of Germain- 
town, he has wrote another Letter which will be published in 
the Same paper Contradicting that assertion and rendering 
them that Justice, which their Bravery will intitle them to, the 
Resentment Shewn by the Genl Officers of the Army as well 
as others who were of Different Divisions against the erronious 
Acct ought to Serve as A Stimulous to excite the Officers & 
Soldiers on every Similar occation to deserve the good opinion 
of those Officers who have taken So much pains to do them 
Justice & Resented A Publication which gave their own Corps 
A Preference to them & Robbed them of part of the Glory 
they acquired. 

Proceedings of A Regimental Court Martial held by order 
of Col. Davd Hall of the Delaware Regt Camp White Marsh 
Novmbr loth 1777. 

Jno. Patten Capt. President 

Lt. Wilson, Lt. Wilds, Enss. M Clane, & Hosman Mem- 


Prisoner Serjt Perry Confin'd by Lt. Duff Charg'd with 
frequent Drunkeness 

Pleads not Guilty 

Evidence — Lt. Quenouault being duely Sworn Saith that he 
Saw the Serjt when the Corporal Confin'd him that he ap- 
peared verry much in Liquor, & fell on A tent Just by him, & 
that he has Seen him in Liquor Several times before; The 
Court having duely Considred the Evidence are of opinion that 
he is guilty of a Breach of the 5th A of the i8th Sect of War 
& do Sentence him to be Reduced to ye Ranks. 

Approv'd by Col. D. Hall 

D. Regt 

Head Qrs White Marsh Novmbr nth 1777 
Genl Orders 

Parole Hudson. C. Sign Delaware. Schuylkill. 

Majr Genl for to morrow Lord Sterling, Brigadier 
Scott, Field Officers, Col. Beauford, Majr Bryard, 
Brigade Majr McGowan, the Detail the Same as 

The Honourable Continental Congress passed the following 
Resolves, which has been transmitted hither to be made Pub- 
lick in the Army; In Congress Novmbr 4th 1777. 

Resolv'd that his Excellency Governour Casswell of North 
Carolina be Requested to errect A monument of the Value of 
500 Dollars at the expence of the United States in honour of 
the Memory of Brigadier Genl Nash, who fell in the Battle 
of Germaintown of the 4th of Octbr 1777 nobly contending 
for the Independance of his Country; Resolv'd that the thanks 
of Congress in their own name & in behalf of the thirteen 


United States, be presented to Majr Genl Gates, Commander 
in Chief to the northern Army & to Majr Genl Francis Lin- 
coln & Arnold, the rest of the Officers & men under his Com- 
mand, for their brave & SuccessfuU Behaviour in Support of 
the Independency of their Country, Whereby the Army of the 
Enemy of I0,000 Men have been totally Defeated, one large 
Detatchment of it Strongly posted and entrench'd having been 
Conquer'd at Bennington, another Repuls'd with loss & Dis- 
grace from fort Schuyler & the main Army of 6,000 men after 
being beat in three Actions, & driven from A Strong post & 
formidable Intrenchments reduced to the Necessaty of Surren- 
dering themselves upon terms Honourable & Advantageous to 
these States on the 19th of Octbr last to Majr Genl Gates. 

That A Medal be Struck of Gold under the direction of the 
Board of War in Commemoration of this great event & in the 
name of these United States presented by the President to Majr 
Genl Gates. 

Resolved that Congress have A high Sence of the merit of 
Col. Green & the Officers & men under his Command for their 
late Gallant defence of the fort at Red bank on Delaware 
River & that An Elligant Sword be provided by the Board of 
War & presented to Col. Green. 

Resolved that Congress have an high Sense of the Merit of 
Lt. Col. Smith & of the Officers & Men under his Command 
in their Gallant defence of Fort Mifflin on the River Dela- 
ware & that an Elligant Sword be provided by the Board of 
War, & present to Lt. Col. Smith. 

Resolved that the Congress have an high Sense of the merit 
of Commodore Hazel wood the Commander of the Naval Force 
in the River Delaware, in the Service of the Commonwealth 
of Pensylvania, & of the Officers & men under his Command 
in their late Gallant defence of their Country against the Brit- 


ish Fleet, whereby two of their Men of War were Destroyed 
& four others Compelled to Retire, & that an eIHgant Sword be 
provided by the Board of War & presented to Commodore 
Hazlewood ; — A Flag will go to the Enemies lines to morrow 
morning at 10 OClock. 

Taken yesterday afternoon from Col. Proctors tent a hand- 
Some Silver Mounted Small Sword, with the handle Bound 
with Gold the Sheath of Parchment, & the Shell verry neatly 
Chas'd with zays whosoever will bring the same to Lt. Col. 
North, Shall be handsomely Rewarded at the Park of Artil- 

Head Qrtrs White March Novembr 12th 1777 

General Orders 

Mair Genl for tomorrow Green. 

Brigadier Ewin, Field Officers Lt. Col. Nagle, Majr 

Stewart Brigade Majr Minnes. 

C L S C P 

^ ., . f 1st Maryland Brigade I I 2 2 29 

Detail for to morrow \ . ^ ^ 

[ 2nd Do. Do. o I 2 2 25 

The Honble the Continental Congress have been pleased to 
pass the following Resolves Concerning the opinion of the Court 
of inquiry mentioned in General orders the 6th Inst Relative 
to Genl Sullivan, In Congress Octbr 20th 1777 Resolved that 
the Result of the Court of inquiry into the expedition of Staten 
Island as Honourable to General Sullivan's Charecter, And 
highly pleasing to Congress, & that the opinion of the Court be 
published in Justification of the Charecter of that Injured 


It appears that Some Regiments are destitute of Necessary 
Cloathing although they have been supplied with their full 
Suits allowed by Congress this must have arrisen, at least in 
part from the innatention of the Officers not taking lists of 
their Mens Necessaries & examining them agreeable to General 
orders, And Calling delinquents to A Severe Acct for what was 
missing this under our Circumstances is a Neglect of the worst 
kind & most fatal tendency & demands a most Speedy Si. 
effectual Remedy, and although the articles delivered the men 
beyond the Stated allowance be Charged to them yet in our 
Situation this does not lessen the evil Complain'd of ; The Com- 
mander in Chief therefore most Seriously & positively Requests 
the Officers Commanding Companies, after taking exact lists of 
the mens Necessaries to examine them Carefully Once A Week 
agreeable to Genl orders formerly Issued, & if any Non Com- 
missioned Officer or Soldier Shall Sell or willfully destroy, or 
Carlessly loose any of the Necessaries, he is to be Severly pun- 
ished at the direction of A Court martial, this is a matter of 
So important a nature, that the Commander in Chief expects 
the Officers will pay the most exact attention to it, & that the 
Genl Officers & others Commanding Brigades, will see this 
order Carefully & Regularly Comply'd with. It appears also 
that many men who go into Hospitals well Cloathed are in A 
manner almost naked, when they get well & Cannot Return to 
their Regts till they are new Cloathed, to prevent A continu- 
ance of this evil, & that the Guilty may be known & Punished, 
no man henceforward are to be Sent to the Hospitals with out 
lists of the Company & Regt they belong to & of every article 
of their Cloathing, these lists to be Signed by their Captain or 
those Commanding the Company & Transmitted to the Sur- 
jeons of the Hospital to which the Sick are Sent to, and if any 
men are Sent to the Hospitals without Such lists, the Officers 


Sending them Shall be punished for their neglect at the Dis- 
cretion of A Genl Court Martial, And the Surgeons of the 
Hospitals are as Soon as Possible to Send A Report of Such 
Officers to the Adjutant Genl. 

That the Arms & Accoutrements of the Sick may not be lost 
or damaged they are agreeable to Genl orders lately Issued to 
be delivred to the Regimental QRMasters & by them without 
delay to the Commissary of Military Stores, & never Carried 
with the Sick to the Hospitals. 

There will be A Discharge of Musquettry this Afternoon at 
4 OClock at the burial of an Officer of Genl Maxwells Brig- 
ade, the Flag which was to have gone to the Enemy to day, 
will Set off to morrow morning at 9 OClock from the Qrtrs of 
the Commissary Genl of Provisions. 

November 13th 1777 
Brigade Orders 

This Instant it is Suggested that many of the men mount 
Guard daily, make a verry unsoldier like appearance, the adju- 
tants & Brigade Majrs will be respectively answerable hence 
forward for to bring no men to the Parade, whose appearance 
is not as decent as his Circumstances will admit, having his 
beard Shaved, hair Comb'd, face wash'd & his Cloaths put on 
in the best manner in his power, as this order is extended the 
Brigade Majors I apprehend is to Caution the Adjutants to 
bring the details from their Respective Regts in this order, & 
if not Comply'd with it then becomes the Brigade Majrs duty 
to Report or put under Arrest the Adjutant in fault, it is there- 
fore Strictly Required to Report Such Adjutant in every in- 
stance who do not Comply with this order, in like manner to 
Report Such Adjutants who furnish their detail for Picquett? 


without Cartridges Sufficient to mount with these Gentlemen 
may order their Serjeant Majors to See this duty done, but does 
not Justify its not being Comply'd with. 

The Brigadier is verry Sorry to Observe that there is A 
General neglect in the Adjutants Department in point of Ap- 
plying for orders except Col. Richardsons Adjutant who alone 
Condescends to Apply for them, it is expected this admonition 
will after the practice; If Cartridges are wanting an order will 
be given on the Park on Application; The Adjutant General 
has Complained of the Field Officers appointed from this Brig- 
ade for Picquetts not attending, it may not be Improper to 
Remark that there is not only neglect in them, but perhaps the 
Adjutants, in Complying or Destributing the orders in their 
Respective Regiments. 

Head Qrtrs White March Novmbr 14th 1777 
General Orders 

Major General for tomorrow Green. 
Brigadier Maxwell, Field Officer Lt. Col. Barber, For Pic- 
quett Majr. Miller, Brigade Major Mullen. — An Officer of 
the North Carolina Brigade is to be Buried this afternoon at 4 
OClock with Military Honours; The Brigadiers & Officers 
Commanding Brigades, who have not Compleated their Cloath- 
ing Returns According to Genl orders of the 9th Inst are to 
do it without delay, & all the Brigadiers & Officers Command- 
ing Brigades are to meet together to morrow at Genl Hunt- 
ing's Quarters to Compare the wants of their Brigades & agree 
on the manner in which the Cloathing Shall be destributed, the 
wants of Col. Morgans Regt & others not included in the 
Brigade Returns are to be in like manner Considred, Mr. Rim- 
sier the Deputy Cloathier Genl is to attend the meeting & take 


the directions of the board, for the present & further distri- 
bution, A Considerable Quantity of Cloathing being on hand 
it is the highest importance that this order be executed with 
the greatest punctuallity. 

The Court of Inquiry held the nth Inst whereof Col. 
Breardly was President relative to the Complaint of Joseph 
Chambers late Commissary to Genl Greens Division against 
Col. Joseph Parker for ordering A Serjt And file of men to 
whip Said Chambers, made the following Report Viz: — 

As Col. Parker owns the fact the Court after hearing the 
evidence produced by him in his defence are unanimously of 
opinion, That however Negligent the Commissary might have 
been in the Discharging of the duty of his department, yet 
Col. Parker was by no means warrantable to inflict private 
punishment upon him, that the punishment was Illegal & his 
Conduct highly Reprehensible as being Subversive of Good 
order and Discipline. 

Such Brigades as Choose to have their flower baked in good 
bread may have it done by Sending it with two Bakers from 
their Brigades Respectively to Leonard Stone Burners next to 
Chewshouse in Germantown where the Baker General will 
Superintend the Work. 


Novmbr 14th 1777 
The Riding horse and wearing apparell of Majr White late 
Aid-de-Camp to Genl Sullivan will be Sold to morrow at 12 
OClock at Genl Sullivans Qrtrs. 



Head Qrtrs White March Novmbr 15th 1777 

General Orders 

Major General for tomorrow Lord Sterling, Brigadier 
Wayne, Field Officers Lt. Col. Gray Majr Slaughter, Brigade 
Majr Alder, the detail the Same as Yesterday. — Hence for- 
ward & untill further orders the Sick are to be Sent to Buck- 
ingham meeting house, with A Suitable number of orderly men 
to attend them ; the troops are to be immediately Supplied with 
two days provisions exclusive of this day, one of which at least 
to be Cook'd, no Officer or Soldier is to be absent from Camp 
but ready for duty at A moments warning; No Scouting party 
on any pretence whatsoever unless Sent for that purpose is to 
Seize Horses, Cattle, or other property belonging to the Inhab- 
itants under the plea of taking these things within the enemies 
lines; — Great & erroneous abuses are Committed and Infringe- 
ments, therefore A Disobedience of these Orders in either Offi- 
cers or Soldiers will be punished with the utmost Rigor, Com- 
plaint has been made of the Irregularities in point of time with 
which the Horse mount Guard, the Commander in Chief 
expects they will parade with more punctuallity for the future, 
he also desires that the Cols of those Regts which have more 
horses than men, would immedietly furnish by way of Loan 
the others that are in want of Horses that men may be 
mounted & the publick not unnecessarily burthen'd. 

After Orders 

One Subaltern i Serjt i Corpl & 17 privates of the ist 
Maryland Brigade, are to parade on the Grand parade pre- 
cisely at 4 OClock this afternoon with their Arms &c to go 
on detachment for A number of Days, Provision will be Sent 
after them to morrow. 


Head Qrtrs White March Novr i6th 1777 
General Orders 

Brigadier Smallwood, Field Officer Col. Fibiger, Majr 
Skull, Brigade Majr Parker; Detail as Yesterday, A large 
Quantity of Materials for Cartridges have been Issued & few 
Cartridges Returned to the Commissary of military Stores ; 
Returns are to be made to morrow afternoon by each Brigade 
of the number of Cartridges in their possession, the Returns 
are to Show the number in each Regt how many are in the 
hands of the Soldiers, & where the residue are Deposited. 

Novmbr i6th 1777 
Brigade Orders 

The Commandants of Regts are Requested to examine the 
State of and have the arms in their Respective Regts put in the 
best order, & make Returns of the number of Cartridges on 
hand, & apply for orders on the Commissary of Millitary 
Stores to Compleat 40 Rounds, & the Commandants of the 
Militia in like manner to Compleat to 23 Rounds; 

Weekly Returns have not been yet Generally Rendred; the 
Officers are Required to make out lists of their Companies 
Clothing 5c examine once or twice A week into the State of 
the same to prevent the waste or Sale thereof agreeable to the 
requisition of A Genl order issued on the I2th Inst; the Capts 
of Militia Companies are to inspect frequently their mens 
Cartridge Boxes, to prevent the waste or embezzlement of 
the amunition. The Col. or Commandants will appoint an 
Officer from each Regt to attend at the Clothier Genls at 10 
OClock in the morning to Receive their proportion of Cloath- 
ing which are to be distributed to morrow. 


Head Qrtrs White March Novnbr 17th 1777 
General Orders 

Major Genl for tomorrow Lord Sterling, Brigadier Scott; 
Field Officers Col. Summers Majr Lidquish, Brigade Majr 
from Genl Scotts Brigade, Detail the Same as yesterday 80 
men with i Capt 4 Subs 8 Serjts & Corporals to parade at 
I OClock this day to Relieve the Residue of the Guard, two 
Brigades under marching orders not having Sent their Quotas 
in the morning; Some Officers yet remaining untried & many 
prisoners in the provost, Brigade Court martials are to be held 
for trying them without delay. 

No pass is to be given to anyone to go into Philadelphia, but 
by the Majr Genl of the day, who will not grant them with- 
out due examination & upon the most Necessary Occations; At 
the Request of Col. Price A Court of inquiry is to Sit to in- 
quire into his conduct on Sundry occations to morrow forenoon 
at 10 OClock, at the Tavern next to Col. Biddies Qrtrs, all 
persons who have any assertions or any Complaints to make 
against him, or know any thing amiss in his past Conduct are 
desired to appear & declare the Same before the Said Court; 
Cols. Hartley, & Humpton & Lt. Col. Craig are appointed 
members of this Court. 

Col. Summers is appointed field Officers of the day for to 
morrow in the Room of Lt. Col. Pope who is absent. 

Head Qrs White March Novmbr i8th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Green, Brigadier from North 
Carolian Brigade Field Officers Lt. Col. Patten, Majr 
Vaughen, Brigade Majr Stodert, Detail the Same as Yesterday. 


The Goverment of Pensylvania having appointed Commis- 
sioners in each County thereof to Collect Blankets & Cloathing 
for the army; all Officers Sent Round in the State for that 
purpose are by their Commanding officers to be called in as 
Soon as possible with what Cloathing they have. 

A Detachment equal to the Dailey Guard to parade tomor- 
row morning at ^ past 3 OClock precisely on the Grand 
parade, with one days provision Ready Cook'd the Brigade 
Majrs will have their men drawn out at Retreat beating today, 
& See that they are properly warn'd for that duty. Col. Joseph 
Carvel Hall will Command the Detachment, & under him Lt. 
Col. Burr & Majr Adams. The Remains of the late Capt. 
Foster of the 15th Virga Regt will be interred this afternoon 
at 4 OClock with the Honours of War, Richard Clayburn 
Esqr. is appointed Brigade Majr to Genl Weedens Brigade & 
is to be obeyed as Such. 

Head Qrs Novmbr 19th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Sullivan, Brigadier Woodford, 
Field Officers Lt. Col. Woolford Majr West, Brigade Majr 
Williams. The Pensylvania Field Officers are immedietly to 
bring in their old Commissions & Receive new ones. 

The Genl Officers are to assemble to morrow at 10 OClock 
at Genl Huntingtons Qrs to Settle the Rank of the Field 
officers of Horse, who are to attend this Board of Genl Officers 
& exhibit their respective Claims — all the arms unfit for Service 
deposited in the different Regts & Corps are to be Sent to the 
Commissary of Military Stores who will have them Repaired. 


Head Qrs Novmbr 20 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Lord Sterling, Brigadier Max- 
well, Field Officers Col. Richardson Major of the 5th North 
Carolina Regt Brigade Majr M Gowen, Lt. John Marshall is 
by the Judge Advocate Genl Appointed D. Judge Advocate in 
the army of the United States And is to be respected as Such, 
James Munro Esqr. formerly appointed Aid-de-Camp to Lord 
Sterling, is now appointed A. D. C to his Lordship in the 
Room of Majr Wilcocks who Resighned the 20th Octbr & is 
to be Respected as Such; Mr. Wm M Joy is appointed Pay- 
master to the 9th Virga Regt & is to be Respected as Such. 
The Clothier Genl has Received about 400 Blankets the Sev- 
eral Brigades are to Send for their Quotas of them. Before 
the Sick are Removed application is to be made to Doctr Coch- 
ran or other Directors to the Hospitals for directions unless the 
places where they are to be Sent are previously pointed out in 
Genl orders; no more Sick men to be Sent to Buckingham 
meeting house to take Care of the Sick; the Serjt & 12 men 
are to parade at Doctr Cocharn's Qrs at Mr. Wests house 
precisely at 4 OClock in the afternoon & apply to him for or- 
ders; A Genl Court Martial of which Lt. Col. Barber was 
president held the 15th Inst & proceeded to the tryal of Ens. 
Clement Wood of the 4th Jersey Regt Charged with absenting 
himself for upwards of 3 months from the Regt without leave 
& also of Disobedience of orders, the Court determin'd that 
Ens. Wood is Guilty of the Charge exhibited against him, that 
he be dismissed the Service & that he Receive pay no longer 
than the time he Received orders of Lt. Col. Brearly, which 
was on the 4th Octbr 1777. 

The Commander in Chief approves of the Sentence & orders 
it to be put in execution immediately; A Genl Court Martial 


of which Majr Genl Sullivan was president held the 3rd Inst 
& divers other days to the 17th Inst inclusive for the tryal of 
Majr Genl Stevens, charged with first Unofficerlike behaviour 
on the march from the Clove, Secondly his unofficerlike be- 
haviour in the Action of Brandewine & Germantown, thirdly 
Drunkeness, the Court declare their opinion & Sentence as fol- 
lows ; The Court having Considered the Charges against Majr 
Genl Stevens are of opinion that he is guilty of unofficerlike 
behaviour in the Retreat from Germantown, owing to inatten- 
tion or want of Judgement & that he has been frequently In- 
toxicated since in the Service to the prejudice of Good order & 
discipline & Contrary to the 9th Article of the i8th Section of 
the articles of war, therefore Sentence him to be dismissed from 
the Service; they find him not guilty of any other crime he 
was Charg'd with, & therefore acquit him as to all others ex- 
cept the two before mentioned, the Commander in Chief ap- 
proves the Sentence. 

Head Qrs White March Novmbr 21st 1777 
General Orders 

Major General for tomorrow Sullivan, Brigadier Wayne, 
Field Officers Lt. Col. Burr, Majr Adams Brigade Majr 
Hitchcock, Detail the Same as Yesterday; Those paymasters of 
Regts that have drawn pay for any Officer or Soldier in Col. 
Morgan's Rifle Corps are immediately to pay the Sum over to 
the Paymaster of that Corps; A Detachment of 80 men with 
proper Officers are to parade at 3 OClock this afternoon on the 
Grand parade. 

Complaints are made that by the Carelissness of the Butchers 
the Hydes are greatly Damaged in taking them off, the Issuing 
Commissaries are enjoined daily to inspect the Butchers they 


imploy & See that they take off the Hydes with proper Care 
No more coming out of Philada is to be allow'd to pass the 
first Guards without being told that they Cannot Return again, 
if upon being inform'd of this, they chuse to come out, they are 
to be permitted to pass the Guards into the Country, the Genl 
of Horse will give this in Charge to all parties & patroles of 
Horse. The Officers of the Day Report that Sentries from the 
Picquetts keep fires by them, this dangerous practice is abso- 
lutely forbid, And all Officers of Guards are without fail to 
Visit all their Sentries between every relief to See that they are 
allert & keep no fires, & in cold & bad weather they are to 
Relieve the Sentries every hour, they are also to see that the 
Sentries are well inform'd of their duty, & to instruct Such as 
are deficient. — Advertisement Lost last evening near Col. Bid- 
die's Qrs A pair of Seven barrel Silver mounted Pistols, the 
locks on the tops of the Barrells, whoever will bring them to 
Genl Waynes or Col. Biddies Qrs Shall Receive 8 Dollars Re- 

Novmbr 2ist 1777 
Division Orders 

A Court of inquiry to Sit tomorrow morning at 10 OClock 
in Such place as the president Shall appoint to enquire into the 
Conduct of Lt. John Skinner, of the 7th Maryland Regt at the 
battle of Brandewine And also into the behaviour of Lt. Jona- 
than Morris of the Same Regt in the Action of Germantown 
Majr Vaughan of the Delaware Regt President i Capt & A 
Subaltern as Members. All persons Conscerned will give at- 


Head Qrs White March Novr 22nd 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Lord Sterling, Brigadier Small- 
wood, Field Officers Lt. Col. Ford, Majr Lockart Brigade 
Majr Barber; Detail as yesterday. The Genl Court Martial 
of the line of which Col. Grayson is president is to Sit to mor- 
row morning at 10 OClock at the house where Genl Hunting- 
tons Qrs for the tryal of all prisoners which Shall be brought 
before them, an orderly Serjeant from each Brigade to attend 
the Court, Lt. Col. Heath, Lt. Col. Barker, & Majr Taylor 
& A Captain from each Continental Brigade to attend the 
Court as members all the Genl Officers present in Camp are 
desired to meet at Lord Sterling's Qrs to morrow at 10 OClock 
in the forenoon to Settle the Rank of the Field Officers of 
Horse, who are to attend the board & exhibit their Respective 
claims. The Brigades commanded by Genl Patterson, & Leon- 
ard are to form A Division, under the Command of Majr Genl 
the Baron de Kalb. The Horses taken yesterday by the Scout- 
ing party commanded by Col. Bosrit, assisted by A party of 
our light Horse, are all to be brought to the QRMGenls 
Quarters tomorrow morning at 10 OClock, & Sold at Publick 
vendue, the produce of the Sale is immediately to be divided by 
the Quarter Master Genl Between the Captors. 

After Orders 

Lt. Col. Smith will detach from the troops under his Com- 
mand I Capt. 2 Subs & 50 Privates to be Ready to march this 
afternoon precisely at 4 OClock with one days provisions 
Cook'd, Capt Jarvis will Command the Detachment & apply 
immediately to Col. Biddle Forrage Master Genl for A Guide 
& further directions; A Subaltern of Horse with 12 Light 


Dragoons will parade at Col. Biddle's Qrtrs precisely at 4 
OClock tomorrow morning, where orders will be Ready for 
the Subaltern. 

Novmbr 22nd 1777 
Division Orders 

The Division is to be Ready to march in the morning at 
day light with such provisions as they have on hand, the tents 
are to be left Standing, no Blankets are to be Carried, as the 
troops will return again in the evening, as Soon as the Division 
is form'd they are to march off from their left in Sub divisions 
on the main Road leading to Germantown. 

Head Qrtrs White March Novmbr 23 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Sullivan, Brigadier Scott, Field 
Officer Lt. Col. Powell, Lt. Col. Lytell Brigade Major Rid- 
ley, — The Court of enquiry held the i8th Inst of which Col. 
Humpton was President to inquire into the Conduct of Col. 
Price of the 2nd Maryland Regt Report as follows Viz: 

The Court after Considering the evidences against & for 
him are of opinion that the Reports Circulating to the preju- 
dice of Col. Price are without the least foundation ; The Genl 
Court Martial of the line ordred to Sit today, is to Sit tomor- 
row morning at 10 OClock, at General Huntington's Quar- 
ters. . 

Head Qrtrs Novmbr 24th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Lord Sterling, Brigadier, Irvin, 
Field Officer Col. Price Majr Polk— Brigade Majr Parker.— 


Information having been given that divers of the late Sutlers & 
Some of the Inhabitants have opened tipling houses in & adja- 
cent to the Camp of the Army by which the desighn of ban- 
ishing Sutlers from the Army is in a Great measure frustrated ; 
The D QR Masters is required forthw^ith to make deligent 
inquiry & examination in discovering Such houses & Suppress- 
ing them, & assure all Such as have driven Such a pernicious 
trade that if continued any longer their Liquors Shall be 
Seized, & they expell'd from the Neighbourhood of the army 
on pain of the Severest punishment if they Return. — The legis- 
lative of New^ Jersey having made provision for Supplying 
their troops w^ith Cloaths & Blankets, all officers Sent thither 
for the purpose of Collecting Cloaths are by their Commanding 
officer to be immediately recalled. 

Camp White Marsh Novmbr 25th 1777 
Regimental Orders 

That the muster Rolls for the month of November be imme-' 
diately made out, and Ready for the Muster Master by the 
30th of this Inst. That each Commander of a Company have 
a roll of the Necessaries each man is at this time possessed of, 
& w^hat Quality, & that an examination into Such necessaries 
be made at least once a Week. 

Head Qrtrs White Marsh Novmbr 25th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl De Kalb, Brigadier Woodford, Field Officers 
Col. Hanson, Lt. Col. Smith Brigade Majr Stodart. 

For the information of the troops lately arrived in Camp, 
the Genl orders issued Sometime Since is Repeated that Tattoo 
is not to be beaten in Camp. 


White Marsh Novmbr 25th 1777 
Brigade Orders 

A Brigade Court martial whereof Col. Richardson is Presi- 
dent, Consisting of 6 Captains & 6 Subalterns is ordred to Sit 
this evening at 3 OClock on Lt. Skinner Charg'd with mis- 
conduct in the Action of Brandewine, & on Lt. Morris Charg'd 
with misconduct at the action of Germantown both of the 7th 
Maryland Regt to morrow at 10 OClock the Said Court is 
Required to proceed to the Tryal of all prisoners belonging to 
this Brigade now under Confinement. Col. Gunby 2 Capts 2 
Subs are to compose a Court of inquiry, to inquire into the 
Conduct of Lt. Hilmot of the 3d Maryland Regt Charg'd by 
Capt. Maxwell of the 2nd Jersey Regt with having possession 
of A parcell of Sd Maxwells Baggage which never has been 
rendred or Accounted for to him, this Court is to Sit at 3 

Head Qrs White Marsh Novmbr 26th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Sullivan, Brigadier Maxwell, 
Field Officer Lt. Malcom, Noah Cato Majr Brigade Majr 
Paterson; — If any Gentleman of the Army can give informa- 
tion to the General of Shoes, Stockings, or leather breeches in 
Quantities he will be exceedingly oblidg'd to them, & will like- 
wise be oblidg'd to any Gentleman officer for recommending 
proper persons to be employed in Collecting those Articles. 

General Smallwood & the Colonells of the Maryland Regts 
are to meet to morrow morning at 9 OClock at Genl Small- 
woods Qrs to state as far as they can the Rank of the other 
Officers in those Regts & the dates which their Commissions 
ought to bear, where there are Compositions for Rank among 


the Cols they are to Settle their Claims; The money for the 
payment of the Army for Septr is expected every moment, the 
Regimental Paymasters are immediately to make out their ab- 
stracts for Octbr & deliver them to the Paymaster Genl for 
examination; As an alteration in the payment of Rations is 
now under Consideration of Congress it is Recommended to 
the Commanding Officers of Regts not to add their Ration 
Accts to their Pay rolls untill the determination is known it 
will be signified in Genl orders. The Paymaster Genl has 
complain'd of the Slovenly careless manner in which Some 
Captains make out their Pay Rolls; Regimental Paymasters 
are not to Receive any but Such as is made out fair & agree- 
able to a Coppy sometime Since given by the Paj^master Genl, 
which the Regimental Paymasters are to furnish Such Cap- 
tains; which have not already Received the Same; No Regi- 
mental Paymaster is to leave the Service without first applying 
to the Commander in Chief, or any new paymaster appointed 
without his approbation. 

Camp at White Marsh Novmbr 27th 1777 

Proceedings of A Regimental Court Martial held this day 
by order of Col. David Hall for Such Prisoners as may be 
brought before them. 

Cord Hazzard Capt. President 
Lt. Quenouault ] | Lt. Bratten 

Lt. Duff J 1 Lt. Jos Wilds 

Prisoners Crime — Wm Howell of Capt. Hazards Compy 
Confin'd by order of Majr Vaughen for abusing Serjt Thomp- 
son, Pleads Guilty but says he was headdy, & was Rather rash 
in contradicting Serjt Thompson; Evidence — Serjt Thompson 
being duely Sworn deposeth that the prisoner yesterday evening 


on Parade was told by him to incline to the left & Join his 
Compy he told him he would not, upon which the Serjt Shov'd 
him in his place, the Prisoner then called him a Chuckleheaded 
Son of a bitch, the Court after Considering the nature of the 
offence And evidence, are of opinion that the Prisoner is Guilty 
of a Breach of the 15th Artcle of the i8th Section of the Arti- 
cles of War & do Sentince him to Receive 20 Lashes for abus- 
ing the Serjt & 10 for being disguised in Liquor. John Blake 
& Thos Giles Confin'd by Lt. Rhodes Blake for giving Giles 
his Shirt & Giles for Selling it; Both pleads guilty but Blake 
Sais it was A Shirt he brought from home with him & that he 
had three more; the Court are of opinion they are Guilty of A 
breach of the 3d Article of the 12th Sect, of the Articles of 
War & do Sentence Blake to Receive 39 Lashes & Thos Giles 
30 on the bare back. 

The above Sentence approv'd omitting 24 of Blakes & 18 of 
Giles. D H^LL 

Col. D R 

Head Qrs Novmbr 27th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for to morrow Lord Sterling, Brigadier Patter- 
son, Field Officers Col. Bailey Lt. Col. Cobb Brigade majr 
Williams, A Detachment of 300 men to parade to morrow 
morning on the Grand Parade precisely at half past 3 OClock 
Col. Hall, Lt. Col. Craig, & Majr Taylor are appointed field 
officers for the Detachment. A Detachment of 100 men to be 
under the Command of Capt. M Lane are to Parade to mor- 
row morning at Sun Rise on the Grand Parade with one or 
two days provisions & Boxes full of Amunition they will be 
absent from Camp one week near the Enemies lines. 


White Marsh Novmbr 28th 1777 
Brigade Orders 

The Commandants of Regular & Militia Regts are requested 
to Render Returns immediately of Such Arms & Accoutrements 
as are wanting that they may be Supplied to morrow morning. 
The Brigadier is sorry to find the Arms in Such bad order. 

Novmbr 28th 1777 
Division Orders 

The Commanding Officers of Corps is to See that their mens 
arms are in proper order that they be furnished with Cartridges 
Sufficient to fill their Boxes, & that each Regt have in reserve 
A Sufficient number of Cartridges to compleat them to 40 
Rounds, Ready to be delivered at a moments Warning, the 
Reserve Cartridges not to be deliv'd out without Special orders, 
unless the approach of the Enemy is announced by three pieces 
of Cannon from the Artillery Park, the Soldiers are to have 
one days provision Cook'd by them from day to Day; the 
Officers to be perticularly attentive to these orders, & see that 
they are carried into execution. No Officer or Soldier to be 
out of Camp upon any pretence whatsoever. 

Head Qrs White Marsh Novmbr 28th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow De Kalb, Brigadier Learned, Field 
Officers Col. Gunby, & Majr Hogg Brigade Majr M Cleave. 
A Genl Court Martial held the 24th Inst of which Col. Gray- 
son was President, Major Ross Charged with leaving his arms 
in the field in the Action of the 4th Octbr near Germantown 


was tried & Acquitted with the highest honour ; the Commander 
in Cheif approves the Courts Judgment, & orders Majr Ross 
releas'd from his Arrest. 

Head Qrs White Marsh Novmbr 29th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Sullivan, Brigadier Wayne; Field 
Officers Col. Marshall Lt. Col. Caryle Brigade Majr M Clin- 
ton — The Commanding Officers are to See that their mens 
Arms are put in the best order possible, & the loaded Arms 
Such as Cannot be drawn to be Discharged the first fair day at 
II OClock in the fore noon, & them that can be drawn to be 
drawn immediately, to prevent the want of lead the men of 
each Regt or Brigade are to Discharge their pieces into A bank 
of dirt from whence the lead may be taken again, A Court on 
inquiry is to Sit tomorrow morning at 9 OClock at Col. Gists 
Qrtrs to inquire into the conduct of Capt. Edward Scull of 
the 4th Pensulvania Regt. 

In ordering the Paymaster of that Regt. to pay Capt. Wicks 
a Sum of money for A purpose Suggested to be Unwarrantable, 
Col. Gist President of this Court, Lt. Col. Barber & Majr 
Ross members; Col. Spencer is appointed President & Majr 
Byard & A Capt of Col. Lees Regt members of A Court of 
inquiry into the Conduct of Lt. Reynolds of Col. Malcolms 
Regt for Abusing Danl Whesserly Esqr. & other persons on 
the 2nd Augst last as exhibited in their Deposition. 

Head Qrs White Marsh Novmbr 30th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for to morrow Green, Brigadier Smallwood, 
Field Officers Col. Coatland & Majr Smith of 5th Maryd 


Regt Brigade Majr of Learnerds Brigade, Detail the Same as 
yesterday, On the 25th Novembr the Honourable the Conti- 
nental Congress passed the following Resolution, Resolved that 
Genl Washington be directed to publish in Genl orders that 
Congress will Speedily take into Consideration the merits of 
Such Officers as have distinguished them Selves by their in- 
trepidity & attention to the Health & discipline of their men, 
& adopt Such Regulations as Shall tend to introduce order & 
good Discipline into the army & to Render the Situation of the 
Officers & Soldiers with Respect to their Cloathing & other 
Necessaries more eligible then it has hitherto been; Forasmuch 
as it is the indispensible duty of all men to adore the Superin- 
tending Providence of Almighty God ; to acknowledge with 
Gratitude their obligations to him for benefits Received & to 
implore Such further blessings as they Stand in need of. And 
it having pleased him in his Abundant Mercies ; Not only to 
Continue to us the innumerable bounties of his Common Provi- 
dence, but also to Smile upon us in the prosecution of Just and 
present War, for the Defence of our infallable Rights, & Lib- 
erties, Its therefore Recommended by Congress that Thursday 
the 1 8th day of December next be Set apart for Solemn thanks- 
giving & praise ; that at one time & with on one Voice the 
Good People may express their Gratefull feelings of their 
hearts & Consecrate themselves to the Service of their Divine 
Benefactor, & that together with their Sincere Acknowledge- 
ments & offerings they may Join their penitent Confession of 
their lives, & Supplications for Such further Blessings as they 
Stand in need of ; The Chaplains will take proper notice of this 
recommendation that the day of Thanksgiving may be duely 
observed in the Army Agreeable to the Intention of Congress; 
The Regimental Paymasters are to Call upon the Paymaster 


Genl & Receive the pay for the month of September, those who 
have delivered in their abstracts for the month of October, may 
Receive for that month also. 

Camp White Marsh Novr 30th 1777 

Proceedings of A Regimental Court Martial of the Del. 
Regt Commanded by Col. David Hall & by his order. 
Capt. John President. 
Lt. Rhodes | j Lt. Brown 

Ens. Berry j | Ens. Campbell. 

The Court having met according to order proceeded to Buis- 
ness, When Martenius Sipple of Capt. Mores Compy was 
brought before them Charged with abusing Serjt Johnston 
when he ordered him on duty; prisoner pleads Guilty; And 
says it was A private of the Same Compy which he was abusing 
& not him. Evidence — Serjt Johnston being duelv Sworn de- 
poseth that in the morning as usual he went to turn out the 
men for Picquett of Capt. Moores Compy at which time the 
prisoner was Sitting at A fire at his tent doc re, he asked the 
prisoner why he did not repair to the parade, and if he did not 
hear the Serjt Majr calling for the Picquett, that the Prisoner 
made no answer to this, that he called him again & Asked him 
why he did not come along to which he Replied as the Serjt 
pass'd him, Go along you yellow Son of A Bitch ; The Court 
asked the deponent if he firmly believed that the prisoner in- 
tended the Abuse for him ; Answr — He is not Certain, but un- 
derstood it so at that time Evidence — Benjamin Modey Pri- 
vate of Capt. Moores Compy being duely Sworn Deposeth that 
he heard the Prisoner & Wm Ploughman of Sd Compy dis- 
puting & that the prisoner repeated the words. Yellow Son of 
A Bitch but does not know whether he intended it for the 


Serjt or Plowman; The Court having duely Considred the 
Crime & evidence & are of opinion that the abuse was meant for 
Ploughman & not for Serjt Johnston, & are farther of opinion 
that he is Guiltj' of A Breach of the ist Article of ye 7th Sect, 
of War, & do Sentence him Agreeable to Sd Article to ask 
pardon of the party offended in presence of his Commanding 
Officer. Cornelius ]VI Glaughlen of Capt. Learmonth's Compy 
brought before the Court, Charged with Neglect of duty & 
drunkeness ; Pleads not Guilty, but says he was A little Groggy 
but not so as to Render him unfit for duty; Evidence — Capt. 
Hugh Kirkpatrick waggon Master being duely Sworn De- 
poseth that he ordered the Prisoner to go for his Waggon 
which was at the Wheel-Wrights to be mended, but found him 
So drunk that he was uncapable of doing it; Ques. — Did he 
Refuse to obey your orders, Answr — No but I Judged it would 
be unsafe to Send him in the Situation he appeared to be in, & 
farther Says he had no further Complaint against him Since 
he has been under his Care but that of Drunkeness. 

The Court having duely Considered the Crime & Evidence 
are of opinion he is Guilty of A Breach of the 5th Article of 
the 17th Section of War, & do Sentence him to Receive 39 
Lashes on his bare back well laid on the Court from the Age 
of the Prisoner & at the Request of the Waggon Master Rec- 
ommend him to mercy — 

Jno. Patten 


The within Sentence's approved & Cornelius M Laughlen 
being Recommended to mercy by the members of the Court is 

David Hall 
Col. Delaware Regt 


Decembr ist. The Court met according to Adjournment 
& Reasumed the tryal of Wm. Peat when Ens. Hosman took 
the place of Ens. Berry, as member of Said Court; — The 
Prisoner being brought before the Court pleads not Guilty; 
Capt. James Moore being duely Sworn Deposeth that after the 
Prisoner Returned from the Fort he applied to the Paymaster 
for A months pay but was Refused in Consequence of Capt. 
Moores requesting him not to let him have it, that the pris- 
oner then Came to this Deponent & asked him in A Verry 
abrupt manner if he did not intend to let him have any more 
money, upon which he told him to Remember the Contract he 
had made with his mistress (To Wit) that half his pay was 
to be Stop'd for her use, & that he had Received his whole 
pay in the Deponents absence for which Reason he Stopp'd his 
pay at present, that the prisoner in an angry manner that if 
that was the Case he would Stay no longer in the Company, 
but would go into the Artillery upon which the Deponent 
having A Stick in his hand Said that if he did not go about 
his buisness he would beat him, & that if he wanted to go into 
the artillery he would See to the placing him there (but in a 
tone that the prisoner could not understand for his assent) 
that Some time after the prisoner again mentioned his desire 
to the Deponent of going into the Artillerj^ upon which he 
told the prisoner that he must be Sensible he had used him 
Verry ill, upon which the prisoner told him he had not before 
Rightly understood how much of his pay was to be Stopp'd 
that the Deponent then told him, that if he went to the artil- 
lery he would Receive no more of his pay than if he Staid, 
that it would be Still in his hands & that he would Retain one 
half for the use of his Mistress, & farther told him to be con- 
tent & let him hear no more of it, upon which the prisoner 
went away contented as this Deponent thought, that in a Day 


or two after this Deponent was informed, that the Prisoner 
had taken all his Cloaths & gone to the Artillery, upon which 
he Sent for him & put him under Guard ; EvroENCE — David 
Miller Drummer being duely Sworn Deposeth that the Pris- 
oner came into his tent & took up his Kanpsack with his 
Cloaths & Said he would not Stay any longer in the Com- 
pany, that he had not been used well, & would go into the 
Artillery upon which he went ofE. — Evidence — Serjt Pharis 
being duely Sworn, Deposeth that Ens. Berry Sent Serjt John- 
ston to look for the Prisoner & the Deponent went with him, 
that they found the prisoner with the Train Standing at A 
fire, that they ordered him back to his Regiment, that the 
Prisoner Refused & began to abuse the Serjt upon which the 
Deponent Struck the prisoner with A Switch he had in his 
hand, that the prisoner then made an attempt to Seize a pole 
at which time the Serjts laid hold on him & brought him 
of¥; — The Court having duely Considred the Crimes & Evi- 
dences are of opinion that the Prisoner is Guilty of A breach 
of the 2nd Article of the 6th Section & 5th Article of the i8th 
Section of War & do Sentence him to Receive 100 Lashes on 
his bare back with the Cat of Nine Tails well laid on. 

John Patten 

D. Regt Presdt 

The Above Sentence is approved & ordered to be put into 
execution at Retreat Beating. j^^^ Vaughan 

Majr D. Regt 

Head Qrs White March Decmbr ist 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrow Lord Sterling, Brigadier Ervine, 
Field Officers Col. Wilson & Lt. Col. Stodard; Brigade Majr 


M Gowen, Detail as yesterday Mr. Robt Duncan is ap- 
pointed Paymaster to the 4th North Carolina Regt & is to be 
Respected as Such ; A Genl Court Martial is to Sit to morrow 
morning at the Tavern next to Col. Biddies Quarters for the 
tryal of all Such Prisoners as Shall be brought before them; 
Col. Ogden is appointed President, Lt. Col. Syms, Majr Wal- 
lace, & Majr North i Capt from the ist & 2nd Pennsylvas 
Maxwells, Conways, Woodfords, Scotts, Poors, Pattersons & 
Learnerds Brigades, are to be members of this Court; the 
Officers are to make out their Muster Rolls to the first of 
December immediately, the term of time for which they are 
Inlisted in every muster Roll, the Non effective are not to be 
inserted A Second time Officers must pay A Strict attention 
to the orders, which have been Issued respecting this part of 
their Duty. 

Head Qrs White March 2nd Decmbr 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for to morrow De Kalb, Brigadier Mulenburgh, 
Field Officers Col. Bradford Majr Thomas; Detail as yester- 
day: Returns are to be made out early tomorrow morning of 
all Officers & men in the Several Brigades & Corps who have 
not had the Small Pox ; Every Col. or Officers Commanding 
Regts or Corps to make out A Return to the Paymaster Genl 
of every Paymaster that has belonged or done duty as Such 
in Regiments, or Corps, the place of their abode & ye time 
when they left the Service. 

Advertisement A young likely Bay mare. Some Cloaths & 
linnen the efifects of the late Lt. Col. Smith will be Sold to 
morrow morning at 10 OClock, in front of Genl Scotts Bri- 
gade; — After Orders Decmbr 2nd 1777 When the alarum is 
given by firing three guns, the whole Baggage & provisions of 


the Army, tents included to be put in Waggons, & immediately 
march the following Roads Viz, The right Wing of both 
lines, by the North Wales Road & the Road by Edgers mill 
& proceed to the 24 mile Stone on those Roads, unless further 
orders are Received ; The left Wing by the two Roads lead- 
ing from the left of the army into the old York Road, at 13 & 
15 mile Stones untill further orders; — Whether the alarum is 
given or not, the whole Army is to be under Arms at daylight, 
when the lines will be properly formed by their Respective 
Majr Genls. 

Friday December 5th Struck tents about 4 OClock this 
morning & Sent the Baggage away March'd about 8 OClock 
in the evening about one mile to our left & took Ground to 
our allarum post at the foot of a hill opposite a paper mill & 
lay under arms this night, Monday evening the 8th the Enemy 
retreated into Philadelphia, Thursday nth December, at 4 
OClock this morning Struck tents & March'd to Matsons 
Ford on Schuylkill & there cross'd the Bridge being 8 miles 
Recross'd it again & in the evening march'd about 4 miles & 
incamp'd on a hill opposite to the Swedes ford in all 12 miles, 
Friday 12th March'd about sun set cross'd the Bridge at Mat- 
sons ford & encamp'd on a Hill near the Gulph mill in Ches- 
ter County being 6 miles. 

Head Qrtr's Gulph Mill December 13th 1777 
General Orders 

Maj'r Genl for tomorrow Green, Field Officer Col. Fibeger 
Majr Miller Brigade. Majr MClare, The Officers without 
delay are to examine the Arms & Accoutriments of their men 
& see that they are put in good order, Provisions are to be 


drawn & Cook'd for tomorrow & next day, a Gill of Whiskey 
is to be issued immediately to each Officer Soldier & Wag- 
goner, the weather being likely to be fair the tents are not to 
be pitch'd, but the axes that are in the Waggons to be Sent for 
without delay that the men may make fires and keep them 
selves Comfortable for the ensuing night — The Army is to 
march precisely at 4 OClock to morrow morning, an Officer 
from each Regt is to be sent forth with to the encampment 
on the other side Schuylkill to Search that & the Houses for all 
Straglers & bring them into their Corps, all the Waggons not 
yet over are to be sent for & got over as soon as possible. 

Mr. Archibald Read is appointed Pay Master to the 8th 
Pennsylvania Regt & is to be respected as such. 

Division Orders 

The Officers who go from the Division to the old encamp- 
ment on the other side Schuylkill are to examine all houses 
for Sick, & impress Waggons to Convey them to Reading Send- 
ing a CarefuU Officer with them. 

Head Qrtrs Gulph Mill Deer 14th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for to morrow Lord Sterling, Brigadier Wood- 
ford, Field Officers Col. Biglow Brigade Majr McClintic, 
Col. Steward is appointed Field Officer of this day in the room 
of Col. Fibiger absent: Details for guard the same as yester- 
day, only Genl Weedens, Learneds, Nernons and Scotts Bri- 
gade, Give Capts in room of those who furnished them yester- 
day, the Guards parade at 3 OClock Delawares to furnish 


I L, 2 S, 2 C, 24 P for Guard, the Regts of Horse are to draw 
Provisions from any issuing Commissary laying most Conve- 
nient to them upon proper return thereof, Such Baggage as is 
not absolutely Necessary for the troops, and all Commissaries 
& other Stores to remain on this side the Gulph. 

Head Qrtrs Gulph Decembr 15th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for to morrow Marquis La Fait, Brigadier 
Maxwell, Field Officer Col. Swift Lt. Col. Wozinbuk Brigade 
Majr from Larnerds Brigade: Detail of Guards to morrow 
morning at 9 OClock, the same as this day, only the ist & 
2nd Maryland Brigades 2d Pennsylva & Maxwills furnishes 
Capts instead of those Brigades which gave them to day, A 
field Officer of each Brigade to Inspect immedietly all the men 
of this Brigade now with the Baggage, & take from thence 
every man who is fit to duty in the lines; Majr Snead is until 
further orders to take Charge of the men left for the Baggage 
Guard, & report any left Contrary to orders. 

Head Qrtrs Gulph Decembr i6th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for to morrow DeKalb, Brigadier Nernom, 
Field Officers Col. Brook Majr Gitmore Brigade Majr 
McGowen : In an order the supplies of Clothing Imported by 
the Honble the Congress, they have earnestly recommended to 
the several States to exert their utmost indeavours to procure 
all kind of Cloathing for the Comfortable Subsistance of the 
Officers & Soldiers of their respective Battalions, & to appoint 
one or more persons to dispose of Such Articles to Officers & 


Soldiers at Such reasonable prices as Shall be best by the Clo- 
thier Genl or his Deputy & be in just proportion to the Wages 
of the Officers & Soldiers, Charging the Supplies of the Costs 
to the United States Congress have also resolved that all 
Cloathing hereafter to be Supplied to the Officers & Soldiers 
of the Contenental Army out of the Publick Stores of the 
United States, Beyond the Bounties already granted shall be 
charged at the like prices, the supplies to be refunded by the 
United States. The tents to be Carried to the Encampment of 
the troops & pitched immediately. 

Head Qrtrs Gulph Decembr 17th 1777 
General Orders 

Majr Genl for tomorrovi^ Sullivan, Brigadier Huntington, 
Field Officers Col. Chambers Col. Carleton, Brigadier Majr 
Day. The Commander in Chief with the highest Satisfaction 
expresses his thanks to the Officers & Soldiers for the Forti- 
tude & patience which they stand the fatigue of the Campaign, 
although in some instances we have unfortunately failed, yet 
upon the whole Heaven has Smiled upon our Arms & Crown'd 
them with Signal Success, & we may upon the best ground 
conclude that by a Spirited Continuance of the means Neces- 
sary for our Defence, we shall finally gain the end of the 
Warfare Independent Liberty & peace, these are blessings 
worth Contending for at every Hazard, but we Hazard noth- 
ing to power of America alone, duely exerted would have noth- 
ing to fear from the force of Great Brittan, yet we Stand not 
alone on our own Ground, France yields us every aid we ask 
& there reasons to believe the period is not verry far distant 
when she will take A more Active part by declaring War 
against the British Crown, every motive therefore immediately 


obliges may command us to affirm a manly perseverence in our 
opposition to our Cruel oppressors to slight difficulties indure 
hardships & contemn every danger. The Genl ardently wishes 
it was in his power to conduct the troops into the best Winter 
Quarters but Where are they to be found Should we retire 
into the Interior parts of the States we Should find them 
Crowded with Virtious Citizens who Sacrifised their all left 
Philada & fled there for protection to their Distress humanity 
forbids us not to add ; this is not all, we Should have vast 
extent of fertile Country to be Spoiled & ravaged by the 
Enemy, from which they would draw large supplies, & where 
many of our friends would be exposed to all the miseries of 
insulting & wanton depredations, a train of evils might be 
enumerated but these will Suffice, the Consideration will make 
it, indispensably necessary for the Army to take Such position 
as will enable most effectually to prevent distress & to give 
the most extensive security, & an inposition we must make our 
Selves the Best Shelter in our power with Activity & diligence 
huts may be errected that may be warm & dry. In these the 
troops will be Compleat & more Secure against Surprise then 
if in Divided States and at hand to protect the Country these 
Cogent Reasons has determined the General to take post in 
the neighborhood of this Camp, & influenced by them he per- 
suades himself, that the Officers, & Soldiers with one heart & 
with one mind will resolve to remount every difficulty with a 
fortitude & patience becoming their profession, & the Sacred 
cause in which they are engaged he himself will pertake of the 
hardships & likewise of every inconveniency. To morrow being 
the day set apart by the Honble Congress to publick Thanks- 
giving & praise, duty calls us' devoutly to express our gratefuU 
acknowledgments to God for the manifold Blessings he has 
granted us, the Genl directs that the Army remain in its pres- 



ent Qrtrs that the Chaplains preform Divine Service & ear- 
nestly excites all Officers & Soldiers, vv'hose absence is not 
indispensably necessary, to attend with reverence the Solemnity 
of the Day. 

Head Qrtrs Gulph Deer i8th 1777. 

General Orders 

Majr Genl for to morrow Green, Brigadier Smallwood, 
Field Officers Lt. Col. Carson Lt. Col. Sproat Brigade Majr 
Hitchcock. Persons having passes from Majr Jno. Clark are 
to pass all Guards the Commander in Chief approves the fol- 
lowing Sentences of A Genl Court Martial held the 22nd 
Octbr last, where of Majr North was President Viz. Adju- 
tant Walston of the ist Pennsilva. Brigade charg'd with mak- 
ing a false return & Signing it, & with ungentelman like beha- 
vour. Disobedience of orders, & leaving his Arrest; by the 
Unanimous opinion of the Court was found guilty of making 
a False return, contrary to the first Article of the 5th Section 
of War & Sentenc'd to be Cashier'd, Jos. Cann Qr Mastr of 
ye 1st Pennsylva. Regt charg'd with disobedience of orders, & 
neglect of duty, & fraudulent Conduct was acquitted of the 
Charge of Fradulent Conduct, but found guilty of Disobedienc 
of orders & Neglect of Duty, & Sentenc'd to be discharged the 
Service — The Majr Genls & Officers Commanding Divisions 
are to appoint an Field Officer in & for each of their respective 
Brigades, to Superintend the Business of Hutting agreeable to 
the Directions they shall Receive, and in addition to these 
Command'g Officers of Regts is to appoint an officer of each 
Regt which Officer is to take his orders from the Field Officer 
of the Brigade he belongs to, who is to mark out the respective 
Spots, that every Hutt for Officers & Soldiers is to be plac'd, 


as that uniform may be observ'd ; an exact return of all Tools 
in the hands of every Regt is to be made immediately to the 
Qr.M. Genl who with the Adjt Genl is to see that they are 
to gether with those in Store duty Justly allow'd to Regimental 
Officers of the Work, Who are to keep an exact account of the 
mens names into whose hands they are Plac'd that they may 
be accountable for them, Superintendents and overseers will be 
exempted from all other duties & will moreover be allow'd for 
their trouble, the Col. or Commandts of Regts with their Capts 
are immediately to Cause their men to be divided into Squads 
of 12 men, & see that each Squad has their proportions of tools, 
& set about A hut for themselves, & as encouragment to indus- 
try & art the Genl promises to Reward the party in each Regt 
which furnishes their hutt in the Quickest & most workman 
like with 12 Dollars, and there is Reason to believe that boards 
for Covering may be found Scarse & difficult to be had, he 
Offers 100 Dollars to either Officer or Soldier who in the 
opinion of three Gentlemen he shall appoint, as Judges, shall 
Substitute Covering that may be Cheaper & Quicker made & 
will in every respect answer the end ; Plan for the Construc- 
tion of Hutts dimensions 14 by 16 Foot Sides Ends & Roof 
made of Logs, the Roof made light with Split Slabs, the Sides 
made tight with Clay; the fire places made of wood & Secured 
with Clay in the Inside 18 Inches thick, this fire place to be 
in the rear of the hutt, the door to be in the end next the Sreet 
— the door to be made of oak Split Slabs unless boards Can be 
procured, Side Walls 6^^ feet high, the Officers Hutts to form 
a line in rear of the Whole ; One hut to be allow'd each Genl 
Officer, one to the Staff of each Division, one to the Stafif of 
each Brigade one to the Field of each Regt one to the Staff of 
each Regt, one for the Commsn'd Officers of two Companies, 
& one to every 12 men non Commiss'd Officers & Soldiers. 


Saturday 20th Decmbr. This morning at 4 OClock our 
Division march'd tinder the Command of Brigadier Genl 
Smallwood to Dilworth town in Chester County being 25 

Dilworth Town Deer 20th 1777 
Division Orders 

The Commissaries to furnish one days provisions to the 
Division immediately, & to provide another days for tomorrow 
at Such place & time as will be pointed out to them in the 
morning, they will also provide Liquor for the troops, the 
alarm post to be in line of the Camp fires, the troops to march 
at 4 OClock precisely, 5th Maryland Regt. Such as are in 
uniform to Compose the advance Guard, follow'd by the Artil- 
lery & the Main body, the rear Guard to be taken from 4th 
May. Regt & D. R 50 men from each Regt i Capt. 2 Subs. 
Serjts & Corpls. 

Monday 21st. March'd this morning to Wilmington Del- 
aware State and there took up our Quarters (I hope for this 
Winter) being 12 miles. » 

Wilmington Delaware State Decmbr 21st 1777. 
Division Orders by Genl Smallwood. 

The Commissaries to Supply the troops with one days pro- 
vision immdeiately, & one Gill of rum pr man, & provide Whis- 
key to serve one Gill pr man tomorrow morning and one days 
provision only, & to provide Stores of every kind Necessary in 


their department without delay to support the troops in the 
most Comfortable manner, the forrage masters Likewise to 
provide Forrage for the present, & endeavour by every means 
in his power to lay in the Supplies Necessary, the Regimental 
Qr Masters are immdeiately to procure all the Pick Axes, 
Spades & Shovels in the town for fatigue duty; Picquett 2 C, 
4 L, 8 S, 8 C, 100 P with Intrenching tools to parade at the 
Bridge properly Officer'd for fatigue duty, the Officers will 
prevent their men from Injuring or disturbing the Inhabitants 
Regimental Qr Masters to provide wood for the Barracks, A 
Field Officer from each Regt to report Such Houses as are 
proper for Barracks by 5 O Clock. 

Two Field Officers for Picquett to attend at 4 OClock. 



Marches made by the Delaware Regt. 
THIS Campaign From May 17th to De- 


INTO Winter Quarters 

S cs in 
O J3 O 



17th & 1 8th. 1 






w -5 


14th &i5th. 

1 6th. 

From Philadelphia to Trenton 
From Trenton to Princetown . 

From Princetown to Rockey hill 

From Rockey hill to Corryells Ferry on the 

Delaware River 

From Corryells ferry to Flemington 

From Flemington to Sowerlands Mountain. 
From Sowerland Mountain to Rocky Hill. . 
From Rocky hill to Brunswick . . 
From Brunswick to Sampton .... 
From Sampton to Lincoln Hill . 
From Lincoln hill to Morristown 
From Morristown to Pumpton . . 

Ti en 
c , 

From Pumpton to Ramapaugh Clove r9 ^ 

From Ramapaugh Clove to New Windsor 
North River 

From New Windsor to New borough, 
Higher up the river and opposite Fish kill 

From New Borough Cross'd the North River 
being two miles to Fish Kills Landing, then 
march'd to Fish kill Town which is 5 Miles 
from the Landing 


New York 




2 1 St. 







I St. 




2 1 St. 




From Fishkill to Peekskill 

From Peekskill on the North Castle 


From thence to Cortlands Mannor. . 
From Cortlands Manor to Kings Ferry 
From Cross'd the North River to Hav- 

erstraw ferry & March'd one mile ^ fe 

From thence to Cackyatt S '^ 

From thence to Perramus U 

From thence down the Psaic River 3 Miles 

below^ Acquackanack Bridge 

From thence to Springfield 

From thence to Quible Town 

From thence to Bond Brook 

From Bond Brook to Vealtown 

From Veal town to Hannover 

From Hannover to Elizabeth town Point. .. 
From Elizabethtown point Cross'd the Rar- 

ington River on to Staten Island 

Recrossed the River & came to Spank- 
town. ^ I 
From Spank town to Springfield • • • • '^ ^ 

From Springfield to Spicatua -a (5 

From Spicatua Brunswick % '^ 

From Brunswick to Princetown | g 

From Princetown to Trenton ;j ^ 

From Trenton Cross'd the river Delaware 
to Bristol 

a _s 






XI > 


















Brought over 

From Bristol to Philadelphia . . . 
From Philada Cross'd Schuylkill 

From Schuylkill to Chester 

From Chester to Wilmington 

From thence to Chadds Ford 

From Do to Chester 

From Do to Schuylkill 

From Do to Germantown 

From Do to the Sign of the Buck on ye Lan- 

chester Road 

From Do On the Same Road Do 

From Do to Yellow Springs 

From Do About 3 Miles beyond French 

Creek Bridge 

From thence to Reading Furnace 

From Do to Richardson's ford 

From Do to the banks of the Schuylkill 

From Do to Faulkners Swamp 

From Do to Parkaoming Creek 

From Do to the Skippack Road 

From Do 3 miles lower down S'd Road 

From Do to Germantown 

From Do Back to our last encampment 

From Do Parkaoming Creek 

From Do to the Skippack where we was en- 
camp'd 3 days 


Del. State 




S c3 tn 





From Do on Said Road within 15 Miles of 

From Do to White Marsh 

From Do to Mattsons ford then to Swedes 

From Do Cross'd Schuylkill to the Gulph 

From Do to Dilworths town 

From Do to Wilmington to Winter Quarters 
Under the Command of Brigadr Genl 






The Scouts & Marches made at Different 
times to the Enemies lines & Returning 
again are not included ; this is only the dif- 
ferent places we have Encamp'd in. 


Capt D. R 

708 I