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Full text of "The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society ...: General index to the fifth ten volumes of the ..."

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V. o <-{- 










% * « « 







V ^^^^^^ 


^H OaBEOpe, ISmUeBMrthotPreYeBB,1860. By Liei.t.- 




^^B , On the Fbysical Geography and Natoml ReBources 

^H of. By Major B. Stoabt, H.M. Consul at Yaniaa .. 





^^H AroHAm^TAH. See Persia below. 


^^H Ahv-Daria, or Oxcs, the BelU and Moutha of tlie. By 


^^H Adm. A. BotjTAKOr, of the EuBsian Navy. (Trans- 

^H MicHKiJ., Esq., H.B.M. Vice-ConBoI at Bi. Peters- 

^M burg) 





^^B Bonthern, during a Journey through that Country in 

^H 1862 and 1863. By W. O. Palocavb, Esq 



^^1 a Tour in, with Notes of ReBearohea io the Deyrsim 

^B Degh, In 1866. By J. G. Tatlob, Esq., H.M. CoubuI 

^^B . forEurdiatan 



^^H Bangkok, gun, Boat Excoision from, to the Pechahorri, on 

^^1 the Western shore of the Gulf of Siam. By Sir 



^^H Bblbokistan, On the Sahtertanean Supply of Water in, and 

^^B the Hill Distdclf of Weatfrn Bind. By J. W. Babnb, 

^H Esq., o,K.,iP.B.o.B„ late of H.M.'a Bombay Public Works 

^^M Department 



^^1 Bblom, The, and their Country. By M. VamuKOF. (Trana- 

^^1 lat«d from the • Jonrnal of the Imperial Geographical 

^H Society of St. Petersbtirg. 1S<!2,' by J. Miohell, Esq.) . . 


B 2 









XXXII. 142 

BusHiBB and T^tiJ^&j^^ On the Elevation of the Country 

between/ By Major O. St. John 
Cambodia, j^'YJiit to the Ruined Cities and Buildings of. 

By m.' A .' Bastian 

i'tlie Lao Country, &o., Notes on. By M. Henri 

*'MouHOT. (Translated from the original French by 

. Df/ Thomas HoDOKiN, H.D.) 

■ ' « aJ* i — . See also Southebn Laos. 
€>atC9x( to Hankow, Sketch of a Journey from. By Albebt 
-»-,*'• S. BiCKMOBE, Esq., M.A. .. 

•Gauoasus, Journey in the, and Ascent of Kasbek and Elbruz. 
By Douglas W. Fbeshfield, Esq. 

Centbal Ababia. a Visit to the Wahabee Capital. By 
Lieut.-Colonel Lewis Pellt, H.M.'s Political Resident, 
Persian Gulf 

China. See Canton, Fobmosa, India and China, Man- 


CooBO, Effects of Forest Destruction in. By Geobge Bidie, 
JliSq., M.B., flbC. •• *• «• •« «. *. 




Dead Sea, An Account of the Levelling from the Mediter- 
ranean to the, by Captain C. W. Wilson, b.e., and a 
party of Royal Engineers from the Ordnance Survey. 
By Colonel Sir Henbt James, b.e., f.b.s. 

DiABBEKB, Description of. By R. J. Gabden, Esq., F.B.G.S. 

Djungabia and the Celestial Mountains. By M. P. P. 
Semenof ; being the preface to the Second Volume of 
his Russian translation of Ritteb's * Erdkunde von 
Asian.' (Translated from the Russian by John 
MiCHELL, Esq.) 

Eastebn Tubkistan. Narrative of an Exploring Expedition 
from Fort Vemoye to the Western Shore of the Issyk- 
kul Lake. (Translated from the Russian of M. P. 
Semenof» President of the Physical Section of the 
Imperial Russian Geographical Society, by E. Delmab 

MOBGAN, Esq., F.B.G.S.) . . 

Ebzeb^m, Earthquake of, June, 1859. By Robebt A. O. 
Daltell, Esq., F.B.G.S., H.B.M. Consul at Erzerdm .. 

Fobmosa, Notes on the Island of. By Robebt Swinhoe, 
Esq., F.B.G.S., H.B.M. Yice-Consul at Taiwan, Formosa 

Habban, in Padan Aram, Notes on an Excursion to, and 
thence over Mount Gilead and the Jordan to Shechem. 
By Chables T. Beke, Esq., ph.d., f.s.a., f.b.g.s., &c. 
(Gold Medallist R.G.S.) 

Hebmon, The, and the Physical Features of Syria and 
Northern Palestine. By John Wobtabet, Esq., m.d. 

India and China, On a Communication between, by the 
Line of the Burhampooter and Yang-tsze. By General 
Sir Abthub Cotton, B.E. 







XXXV. 213 















BiVEB, Notes on the Lower Potf ion of the. By Culone! 

W. Trehenqebre, n.t:,, c.b., f.b.q.s : 

Ibavady, The, and ita Souices, By Dr. J, Anderson 
IsBYK-EOL EsFEDinON, Brief Sketth of the Eesults of tlie. 
By Capt. A. GoLCBBr, of the Imperial Staff of Bnssia. 
(Tranalated &ola the Russian by JoitN Mloheli., Eaq.) 
Notes on the Lake of, and the Bivei Koahkar. By 
M. W, VxniuKor, Fellow of the Eoyal Geographical So- 
ciety of Bnesin. (Tranalated by JonN Miohbll, Esq.) 
See t,iho Easteeh Tchkistui. 
{Fapah, Narrative of a Journey in the Interior of ; Ascent ot 
FUBiyama ; and ViHit (o the Sulphni-Baths of Atami, 
ISGO. By RCTHEBfORD Aloocs, Esq., o.b., f.r.q.s,. 
Her Majeaty'a Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 

intiary in Japan 
-, Narrative of a Joumey tltfough the Interior of, from 
Nagaaaki to Yeddo, in 18UI. By Sir Kl'thebford 
A1.COGE, K.a.B., F.a.o.a. ., 

.- , Report on the Central Silk Diatricta of. By F. 0. 

Adah£, Esq., Secretary to H.M. Legation in Japan .. 

. See alao TsTjaiMi and Ybsbo. 

JtAXARTEs, OT SvB-DARtA, The, from Russian BoTircea. By 


Kabem-ni, Junrnal of a Tonr to, for the purpose of opening; 
a Trading-road to the Shan traders from Mobyay and 
the adjacent Slian Statea, tbtoagh that Territory, 
direct to Tiinga. By Edwabd O'Rilby, Eaq., f.o.s. 

Kasbmir, Notes on tiie Valley of. By Capt. H. H. Austen, 
p.B.o.a., let Battalion 24tb Regiment, Topographical 
ABBislaQt, Government Trigonometrical Survey 

r- , On the Trigonometiicul Survey and Physical Con- 

flguration of the Valley of. By William H. PtauoN, 
Esq., F.B.Q.B., Eiecutivo Engineer, Punjab .. 

Kbobasban. See Persia below. 

Xbotan, Report on his Joumoy to Bchi, the Capital of, in 
Cliineae Tartary. By Mr. Civil-Aaoistant W. H. 
Johnson, f.b.o.b., Groat Trigonometrical Snrvey of 
India : 

Ki'BDiarAN, Travels in, with Notioes of the Eastern and 
Western Tigris, and Ancient Rains in their Neigh- 
bourhood. By J. G. Tatlob, Esq., H.B.M. Consul 
at Diarbekr 

''KnwEDi.EivBB,'' The, an Aqueduct. ByD. J. Macoowan. 

I 'liADAKu, Notes on the Pangong Lake District of, from a. 
Journal mailo during n Survey in 1863. By Capt. 


LXB to Yabkato and Kasqoab, Jonme; bom, Bud Ex- 
ploration of the Soarcea of the Yarkand Bivei. B; 
G. W. Hjtwabd, Esq 

LiNGAH, KisHH, and Btdtdeb Adbass, Visit to. By Lieut.- 
Col. Lewis Felly, Acting Political Beeident, PersiaQ 
Gulf. (Communicated by tUe Secretuij to the GoTern- 
meut of Bombay) 

UABANUSDr, Od the Basia of ilie Kiver. Ad Abstract of 
the Geoti^phii^ Portion of a Iteport by Mr. It. 
Temple, Chief Commiaiiioner of the Oeutral ProTioceB 

Manchdbu, Notes on. B; the Bev. Ai.exastieb Williau- 

9 Kekban, Diary of Proceedings of the Mission intu, for 
Political and SurvBy PurposeB, frnm the 12th to tlia 
19th December, 1861. By Major F. J. Goldsmid, 

i-.B.Q.s. ssxm. 

UJSSOFOTAMIA, On Port of, contained between 6heriat«l- 
Beytha, oo the Tigris, and Tel Ibrahim. By Lieut. 
J. B. Bewbheb, Surveyor in Moaopotamia .. .. XXXTII. 

MouKDEN, MiNOKCBii, Narcfttiva of a Journey finm Tien- 
tsin to, in July, 1861. By A. Miohik, Esq., f.h.q.h... XSXIH. 

If DifTAEB Kanoe, On tho Glaclors of the. By Capf. H. H. 
GonwiH-AusTEM, r.ti.D.B., Bengal Staff Corps, late H.M. 
24th Hegt., AaaiBtant in the Great Trigonometrical 
SuTYey of India XXXIV. 

Nepal to Lhasa, and thence through the Upper Valley of the 
Brahmaputra to its Source. Beport of a Boote-Survey 

made by Pundit from. By Capt. T. G. Mont- 

GOMBBiE, R.B., of the Great Trigonometrical Survey, 

in charge of the Trana-HimaJayun Survey Patties .. XXSVIII. 

Nob-Zahan, The (Lake), and its Neighbourhood. By M. A. 
Abramof, Member of the Imperial Geographical 
Society of Buseia. (Trimslated fiom the Buasian by 

Jobs MicHELL, Esq.) XXXV. 

f (auib, The, and the Sources of the Amu-Daria. By M. 
Ybkhikof, (Translated from the 'Journal of the 
Imperial Get^raphicol Society of St. Petersbwg, 

:862," by J. MioHELL, Esq.) 

I Pkeiks, Joumey from, to St. Petersburg, across the Desert 

ofOobi. By 0. M. Gkamt, Esq 

is of a Journey in the North-West Neighboor- 
hood of. By Jones Lamprey, Esq., m.b., 67th Best., 

B Neighbourhood, By W. Lock- 









^^^^BSgu, Ebobabsak, and Aforahibtan, Notee ia. By Capt. 

^^^K Cladse Clebe, f.Ka.e 



^ , Notea on Eoisteni, aud Weetera BelucUiaUn. Bj 

^^^K Cdloiiel F. J. GOLDBMID, C.B., F.B.Q.8 



^^^BBrHN OF CcTCH, Noles on the, und Neigtibonring Bcglun. 

^^H By Sir H. Bahtle E. Frebb, K.c.B. 



^^■BsHiPALATiysK. By M. N. ABRAuoF,Memberof the Imporiiil 

^^B (TruDBlated by John MiuuELL, Eeq.) 



^^H Esq., H.M. Consul at Cbefoo 



^^B'SiAu. Bee Banoeok and Cambodia above. 

^^^^Ai, Nolea on the Map of the Peninsula of. (Sea below.) 

^^F By the Rbv. F. W. Holland 



^^Ht— , On the Feuiuaula of. By the Bev. F. W. Holland, 




^^H^BotiTBeiiH Laos and Cambodia, Notes of an Expedition mado 


^^g into, in tba eaily port of the year 1B66. By U. G. 


^^P CotiBDlule, Bangkok 



^^B M, P. RoaiT. Chief EDgioeer at Trebizond. CTcans- 

^^ft lated by T. K. LIBCH, Esq.. F.H.o.fl.) 



^^K^ah-Bhan (Tien-Sban), Celesli^l Bange, or " Tann-lin " of 

^^^F the Anoient Cbinpae, A Journey to tbe Weetem Por- 

^^H tion of the. from tbe Weelem LimitB of the Trans-IU 

^^H Region to Tashtecd. By M. N. Severtbop. (Trans- 

^^^H lated from the ' Journal of tho Rasaian Impeiial Geo- 

^^^H grapbioal Society, 1607,' by Bobeiiit Mfobell, &Bq„ 




^ , or Celealial Monnlains, First Aa- 

^^B^ cent of the, and Visit to tbe Uppei ConrBS of liw 


^^ft jBiarleB,(irByr-DBria,ml857. By M. P. P. Skmenof, 


^^m Fellow of the Imperial Bussian Geographical Society. 


^^H (Tianalated fioni the Bussian by John Hichell, Esq.) 


3M ^ 

^^VThans-Himalatan Explob.*t ions, Beport of the, during 1867. 


^^K By Captain T. G. UoNTaoHEBlE, b,e., of tbe Great 

^^V Trigonometrical Bucvoy 




^^M Highland Region adjacent to the. By Ilajor Jaueb 

^^H Walkeb, of the Bombay Engineers, &o. 



^^B MBhBoodWuEoeriB,Aprill7thtaMayI»th,IS60. By 

^^^H John Lindsay Stewart, Eaq., m.d., ABSiBtant Buigeou 






Tbans-Nabyn Ck)UNTBT, Expedition to the, in 1867. By 
Baron P. B. Osten Sacken. (Translated from the 
Bnssian and communicated by E. Delmab Morgan, 

JimQ • ) F.B.O.S.^ >. .* •• .. .. •• 

Tbayancobe, On the Inland Navigation of; An Account of 
the Alipee Mud-bank and the Wurkallay River. By 
G. B. Mabkham, Esq., f.s.a.. Secretary R.G.S. 

TsusiM A, Japan, A Visit to the Island of. By Laubence 

OlIPHANT, Esq., F.B.G.8., &c 

TcBKiBTAN, Astronomical Points fixed by M. C. Y. Stbuvb 
in, &om 1865 to 1868 

WsffTEBN Ghauts of India, On the Effects of the Destruc- 
tion of Forests in the, on the Water Supply. By C. R. 
Mabkham, Esq., F.sjk., Secretary B.G.S 

Yang-tsze-kiano, Notes on the, &c. By Dr. Alfbed 

f> A BTON, F.B.G.S. .. •« .» .. .. 

, Notes on the, from Hankow to Ping- 

shan. By Lieut.- Col. Henbt Andrew Sabel, f.b.g.s., 
17th Lancers 

, Special Mission up the. By R. Swinhoe, 



Esq., one of H.M. Consuls in China . . 

Yabkund, On the Geographical Position of^ and some other 
places in Central Asia. By Capt. T. G. Montgomebie, 
B.E., Astronomical Assistant, Great Trigonometrical 
Survey of India .. 

Yellow Riveb, Notes of a Journey to the New Course of 
the, in 1868. By Net Ell^ Esq., f.b.g.s 

Ybsso, Japan, The Western Shores of Volcano Bay. By 
Commander C. S. Fobbes, b.n., f.b.g.s. 

Zabafshan Valley, Topographical Sketch of the. By 
M. A. Fedoheneo, Professor in Moscow University . . 


























Abyssinia, From Meterama to Damot, along the Western 
Shores of the Tana Sea. By Henby Blano, Esq., m.d., 
F.B.C.S.E., Staff Assistant Surgeon H.M. Bombay 
Medical Staff, lately on Special Duty in Abyssinia . . 

. , Journey to, in 1862. By S. W. Bakeb, Esq. . . 

, The Portuguese Expeditions to, in the Fifteenth, 

Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Centuries. By C. R. 
Mabeham, Esq., Secretary R.G.S. 

Abyssinian Expedition, Geographical Results of the. By 
C. R. Mabeham, Esq., Secretary R.G.S. 

Afab Countby, Narrative of a Journey through the. By 
W. MuNziNGEB Esq., Hon. Corr. Member R.G.S. 












I AiiBEBT Nt&nza, Account of tbe DUoOTer; of tlie Beooitd 

^^m Orciit Lake or the Nile. Bj S. W. Bakek, Esq. 

^^^Pklu, in No^f, to Eabo, in HAcsSi, Notes of a Journey from, 
^^E performed in 1862. B7 Dr. W. B. Baibie, b.n. Ei- 

^^H tracted. from portions of Dr. Buikie'a Joumala in the 

^^^V poflaesaioD of the Foreign Office bj J. Kms, Ea^)., u.d. 

^^BkMtffio isUtHDB, Oa the. B; Capt. Alobbnoii bbi Hobbbt, 

Dauasa LiNu. Notes to accompany Mr. C. J. Andereson's 
Map of. By Tbouas Baines, Esq 

East Africa, Eiploration in, between 14° to 1G° N. Lat. 

Bj Count 0. vos Kbockow 

-, Bontea of Native CaravuiB from the Coast to 
the Interior of, oliiefiy from ioformstion given by SAii 
Bin AhMi, a native of a district nsar G^i. in Udigo, 
aliltlenorthof Zanzibar. By theBev. T. WaeepiblI). 

MiaaioBBiy at MombusQ 

T AFRICAN ExpEDiTioH, Discoveriea of the Second, undei' 
tlie command of CspL Speed 

Inhahbake to ZouTPAKSBEBG, Jooraey frotP, by JoAgFm db 
Santa Bita Montanha. By Jahes Mauqcbbn, Esq., 

Inneb Africa, Oq the Antiquity of the Phyaical Geography 
of. By Sir KooBBiOK I. Murchison, k.c.b., Presiilent 

KiLiuA-tniJABO, Gtogmphical Notes of nn Expedition to 
Moant, in 1862-63. By the Baron CaAnLsa ton deb 
Decern, Hon. Cotr. Member K.G.S 



Thobntos, Esq., Geologist to the Expedition 
Lagos, Narrative of a Journey from, to Ode, the Capital of 

the Ijobu Country, in the month of January, 1862. 

By Capt. Bedcofelc. B.N. 
LislPoro, Journey of Exploration to the Month of the River. 

By St. Vincent W. Ehbkisb, Esq 

By E. D. 

, A Visit \a the North-Eaat Province of. By the 

Rev. H. Uacndrell. (Communicated by the Right 
Eev. V. W. Ryan, dm., Bishop of Mauritius) 

n the Weat Coaat of. By Capt. J. C. 










NATA|)y Sb^Physical Geography and Climate of the Colony 
^"f iSF^-^ Robert James Mann, Esq., m.d., p.b.g.8., 
%l^**:§.n,AS.f Superintendent-General of Education in Natal 

||fiaik On Dr. Livingstone's last Journey, and the probable 
- '..■■* ultimate Sources of the. By Alex. Geo. Findlay, Esq. 

•^— , Upper Basin of the, by Inspection and Information. 
By Capt. J. H. Speke, f.b.o.s 

Ntassa, Dr. Livingstone's Expedition to Lake, in 1861-63.. 

-, Explorations to the West of Lake, in 1863. By 

Dr. LrviNOSTONE, mjd., ll.d., f.b.g.s. (Addressed to 
Sir R. I. MuEcmsoN, President R.G.S.) 

Obanoe, or 'Gabiep River, South Africa, Water Supply in 
the Basin of the. By James Fox Wilson, Esq. 

RoTUMA RrvEB, East Africa, Notes of two Expeditions up the. 
By John Kibe, Esq., m.d., f.r.g.s 

SsTCHELLES, On the Island of Mahi. By Lieut-Colonel 

XiEWJLB X ELL z •• •• •• .• •• •• 

TANGAirnKA, On Lake, Ptolemy's Western-Lake Reservoir 
of tlie Kile. By Richabd F. Burton, Esq., Medallist 

JCv.vv.C .. •• •• •• •• •• •• 

Wbbtebn Equatobial Apbica, An Account of an Explo- 
ration of the Elephant Mountains in. By R. F. Bubton, 
Esq., Fjt.0.8., Gold Medallist R.G.S., H.B.M. Consul, 
Fernando Po, &c. . . 

, Second Journey into. By 

M. P. B. DU Chaillu 

White Nile, Land Journey westward of the. By J. Pethebick, 
Esq., late H.B.M. Consul, Soudan 

Zambesi, Notes on the Gradient of the, on the Level of Lake 
Nyassa, on the Murchison Rapids, and on Lake Shirwa. 
By John Kibe, Esq., m.d., f.b.o.s., f.l.». 

- Delta, On a Few Fossil Bones from the Alluvial 
Strata of the. By John Kibk, Esq., m.d., f.b.g.s. 

and Shibe Rivebs. Extracts from the Despatches 

of Dr. David Livingstone, m.d., Gold Medallist R.G.S. 
(Dated Dec. 17, 1858 ; Feb. 14, May 12, July 26, Oct. 
15, 1859; Sept. 6 and Nov. 24, 1860; and Feb. 9, 
1861), to Lord Malmesbury and Lord John- Russell .. 

-, Notes on the. By the late Mr. 



















Richabd Thobnton. (Addressed to Sir R. I. Mub- 
cmsoN, President R.G.S.) 

Zulu and Amatonga Countbies, Notes to jwscompany Sketch- 
maps of the, and of the Country between Aliwal, North, 
and Natal. By John Sandebson, Esq. 





















> AuAZONS ; Nutes^on. 13ie Bivers Mane'UBSu, AbncuxiB, and 
Cannini. By W. Chindless, Eaq., u^., Gold Mcdalliet 

EBoutliem, of Ohili, Expedition aoross the, with the 
:tbjeot of op^niug a new Lioo of Communii^atioii from 
the Piioiflo In the Atlaotio OoeBji, by the Lake of 
Nahuel-Hunpi and the Rivera Limny and Negro. B; 
Don GoiLLEBMO Cos, of Obili. (Translated lioni the 
BpanLih, and cammunicated by Sir Woodbine Pabieh, 
, Propoaeii-Sailway Route across the, from Caldera, in 
Chili, to Rosario, ou the Paiana, oio Cordova; with 
Report of Mr. E. A. Flint's Survey. By W. Wbeei.- 
r. Notes on tlie Rivtr, the principal Aflluent of the 
River Purfls. By W. Cbanoless, Esq., ma., Gold 

MedaUiat R,G.S 

Batanos River, On the, Isthmus of Panama. By Lacrenci! 

Oliphant, Esq., Secretary H.G.S 

Bbitish Coi.tHEiA, Eiplnratinn in Jarria Inlet and Deao- 

luliiin&und. By W. DowNiE, Esq 

— , Journey into the Interior of. By Matthbw 


, On the Qeogmphy and Mountain Passea 

of, in Connection ivith an Overland Route. By A. 
yfAnais&tos, Esq. . . . . 

, Remarks upon the Qeograpliy and Natural 

Capabilities of.and the Condition of ita principal Gold 
Fields. By Lieut. H, S. Palmeb, b.h 

, Report on a Journey in, in the Districts 

bordering ou the Thompson, Fmaer, auil Harciaon 
Rivera. By Lieut. BiOHAan 0. Maynk, b.n. ,. 
, Rfiport on the Harrison and Lilloet 

P Route, [roin the Junction of the Fraser and Harrison 
Rivera to the Junction of the Fruser and Kayosch 
Rivers, with Notes on tlie Oiiuntry beyond, as far as 
Fountain. By Lieut. H. Sfenceb Palbeb, I(.e. 
, Bketch of the Country between Jervis 
Inlet and Fort Pembertun, on the Lilloet Eiver, a 
branch of the Fcaser River ; with a map. By Lieut. 
, Richard 0. Maynb, h.n., of H.M.S. Plmn/ier .. 
Cabatata, The Province of, in Southern Peru, By 

ClEUENTS R. MaHEHAU, Esq., F.B.O.B. .. 

. OHII.L Ses Andes above. 
CoLOBAso, On the Basin of the, and the Great Rasin of North 
America, By W. A. Bbij., Esq., m.a., u.b 

155 ^ 










- , 




Isthmus of Dabisn, Acoonnt of Scientifio Explorations in 
the, in the years 1861 and 1865. By M. Luoien de 

x U \W •• •• ■• •• •• •• •• 

Jvuvi (tributary of the Amazon), Notes of a Journey up the 
Biver. By W. Chandless, Esq., Gold Medallist B.G.S. 

Labrador, A Visit to the North-East Coast of, during the 
Autumn of 1867, by H.M.S. Gannett Commander W. 

V^H I IIMO, B< N> •• •• •• •• •• •• 

Peninsula, An Exploration up the Moisie 

Biyer to the Edge of the Table-land of the. By 
Professor Henbt Youlb Hind, m.a., p.b.g.s., Trinity 
College, Toronto .. .. .. 

Llanganati, On the Mountains of, in the Eastern Cordillera 
of the QuitoDian Andes, illustrated by a Map con- 
structed by the late Don Atanasio Guzman. By 
BiCHARD Spruce, Esq. (Communicated by 8ir W. J. 

XIOOKEB 1 •• ■• .. •• .. •• •• 

Mantaro and Apurimao, On the Confluence of the Bivers, 
in the Huanta Mountains. By Professor Antonio 
Baimondi, Hon. Corr. Member RG.S. 

Mosquito Territory, Bemarks on the, its climate, people, 
productions, &c., &c., with a Map. By Charles N. 

I5ELL, iiiSq. .. •• .. .. .. .. 

Newpoundland, Some Account of the Physical Geography 
of. By the Bev. Julian Mobeton, Colonial Chaplain, 
XjnDuan .. .. •• .* •• «• •. 

Norton Sound, Behring Sea, A Journey from, to Fort 
Youkon (Junction of Porcupine and Youkon Bivers). 
By Frederick Whtmpeb, Esq. 

Parana, Beport on the Brazilian Province of the. By the 
Hon. H. P. Yereker, H.M. Consul at Bio Grande do 

DiU .. .• ■> «. .. .. •• .. 

Patagonia, Explanatory Notes on two Maps of. By H. L. 
u ONES, JiiSq. .. >• •• •• >• •• 

Peru, On the Bivers San Gavan and Ayapata, in the Pro- 
vince of Caravaya. By Professor Antonio Baimondi, 
Hon. Corr. Member B.G.S 

PuBus, Ascent of the Biver. By W. Chandless, Esq., m.a.. 
Gold Medallist B.G.S. .. 

Quito, Journey from, to Cayambe. By Dr. William 
Jameson, 1859 

Salado Yalmct, Details of a Journey through part of the, 
and across some of the Argentine Provinces. By 
Thomas J. Hutchinson, Esq., p.r.g.8., H.B.M. Consul 

Tafajos (one of the tributaries of the Amazon), Notes on the 
Bivers Arinos, Juruena, and. By W. Chandless, 

'-'•>q. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 












XXXVm. 413 


XXXIY. 263 













XXXIV. 226 




Tehcabtepec, On the latlimue of. By Horr M, G. B 

noKF xxxn. 

' llEnocAT, Sonfh America, On the Gold Fields of. By H. 

Bankabt, Esq SXXIS, 

ViNnouTEE IsuND, Notos OB tile Phyeical Geograplij of. 

By C. FORBKS, Esq., M.D. SXSIV. 

XSSIII. 27fi 

, Roote in Exploring a BoBd from Albernie 

C&oal to Naoaimo, in May, 1861, witti a Track Chiirt. 

By CommaDder RloaARD C. Mayije, b,n„ v b.c,.b. .. XXXII. 


AoBTBAi.iA, Dinry of Mr. JoHB M'Docali. Stuaht's (Gold 
MedulUst R.G.S.) EiplarRtioDs from Adeloidu acrusa 
tlie Continent of. 1861-2 

AfSTEiALiAH ExpLOHATiON, Joumd of; Sooond Preparatory 
Journey to the Vicinity of Lake Torrens. By Mr. 
John II'Douall Btttabt, Gold Madnllict, F.R.o.a. ,, 

, Journal of; Third Preparftlory 

Journey to the Vicinity of Lake TorreuB. By Mr. 
John M'Dduau. Stuabx, Gold Mediillict, f.r.o.b. ,, 

, Journal of; Last Expedition into 

the Interior. By Mr. John M'Douall SxnABT, Gold 
Mfdullut, F.B.a.». 

BcBKE and Wills, Mesara., Reports of the Various Expedi- 
tions fitted out to relieve or aecettain the fete of 

Cabptottabia, Explorini; Expedition from Victoria to tlie 
Gulf of. under the Command of Bobebt O'Uaba 
Bdhke. Esq. 

Dablibo and Babwan, Voyage up the. By Mr.W. R, Bandbll 

LEiCRBAnnr, Exploring Expedition in Search of the RemaiCH 
of the late Dr., and Party, nndertalien by order of the 
Government of Western Anstralia. By John Forbest, 
Esq., GoTomment Surveyor 

MuBCHisoN Banoe, Diary of Mr. John M'Douall Stuabt's 
ExplomltoDB to the North of, in 1860-61 

NoBTH-EiSTEBS AUSTRALIA, On tho New BottlaniBnt in 
Biictingham Bay, and Advance of Colonization over ; 
including Mr. J. E. DALBTurLK's Report on hia 
Jonmey from Rockingham Bay to the Valley of 
Lagoons. (Dooumeiits ferwurded by Sir 6. F. Bowbn, 
Qoremoi of Quoeiislaud) . . 

NoBTB-WitsT Coast or Achtbalia, Expedition to the. By 
F. T. GbeQOBT, Esq., F.R.o.a 





Nobth-Westebh ArBFBAUA, Explotationg in. By Jameb 
Mabtin, Esq., H.B. (CommDnicalod by Ihe QaTemor 
of Norlk-Wcutem Australia, tLroagh the Oolouiol 
Offlea) XXXV. 237 
, JoutdbI of ftu Expedition from 
the Governmeat Camp, Camili^n liarbour, to the 
Southward of the Gleuelg River in. By R. J. Sholl, 
Esq XXXVI. 203 
Port Den[son to Cafb Yore, An Overland Expedition 
tioia; under the command of F. aud A. JABsmE, 
Eaqrs. Bj Ur. Keohardson, Surveyor to the Expedi- 
tion SXXVI. 19 
QcEEHSL&NS, Exploration of the Lower Course of the River 
Burdekin in, and its identifloation with the Rivei' 
Wiokhnm. By Ogoroe Elphinstoke Dalbthfle, 
Esq., Comraireioner of Crown La,nda in the Kennedy 
DUtrict of that Colony XXXUI. 3 

IBouKBSBT and tlie Cape York Peninsula, Anstrelia, Notes 
on the Physical Geogrnpiiy, Climate, and Capabilities 
of. By Alexander Rattbav, Esq., XXXVIII. 370 
, Capo York, Australia, DoBcription nf tha Neigh- 
bourhood of. By John Jardinb, Eeq^ Police Magis- 
trate, Somerset, Cnpe York XXXVI. 76 
SotTTH AcsTHALiA, Marine Survey of the Northern Tenilory 
of. By Mr. F. Howard, Master R.N XXXVI. 227 
AnTAHimo DreoovERT, On, and its connection with the 
Transit of Venus in 18S2. By J. E. Davis, Staff. 

Commander E.S., f.b.q.b XXSIX. 91 

Borneo, Observations on the Nortb-Wisst Coast of. By 
Spenobb St. John, Esq., H.B.M. Consul -General for 

Borneo SSxn. 217 

■BB Island, or Bapa Not, A Visit to, in 1 8G8. By J. Lra- 
TOK Palmer, Esq., P.E.cs., Snrgeon of ILM.S. Topaae XL. 167 

Fui IflLAVDS, Remarks on a Government Mission ia the. By 

BERTBOLD BeEHANN, Esq,, PH.D., F.E..S., r' XXXII. 51 

, The. By M. Benotsan XXXIL 42 

Franklin, Sir John, Narrative of the Expedition in search 

of, and his party. By Capt. (now Sir) F. L. MoClih- ^^h 

TOCK, R.M,, F.B.a.s., Gold Medtdlist R.O.S TtTTCT . ^^M 

ENLAKr EsQurHAiix, On the Origin and MigraliosB of ^^^^| 

the. By CLEUENTa R. Markhau, Esq., Secretary il^^l 

B.G.8 SXSV. V^ 

FI0BD3 anJ Qi-AciEBs, On. By J. W. Taylbk, 

Esq XL. 228 

Malay Ahchipelago, On the Physical Geography of. By 

ALPBEoRcesEL Wallace, Esq., p.B.G.s,,&c. .. .. XXXIII. 217 


New Gcinba and its iBlaodB, On tbe Trade of the Eastern 
Acoliipelago vrttb. Bj Authxd B. Wauaob, Esq., 

New Zealand, Altitude Seotions of tiie principal Rontea 
between the E»at and West Ooaats of (lie Province of 
Carttfirliurf, across tbe Southern Alpa. B; Jdmus 

HaAST, EsqT PH.D., F.O.S., ?i.fl 

, Expedition to the West Coast of Otago; 

with an Account of the Discoveiy of a. Low Pass from 
M»rtiD'B Bay to Lake Wakatipu. By James Heotok, 
Esq,, U.D., Provinoial Oeologiat.. 

, Journal of Two Expeditions to the West 

Coast of the Atiddle Island of, in the jcar ieS9. By 
JOHS RocHlflBT, Esq., of Nelson, Surveyor 

, Notes on tbe Mounlaina and Glaciers of the 

Canterbury Province. By JuLiua Haast, Esq., ph.d., 

, Notes to acoompBny the Topographical Map 

of the Southern Alps, in the Province of Canterbury. 

By JnuDs Haast, Esq., ph.d., f.r.8 

, ReconnaisBanee Survey of the Lake Districts 

of Otngo and Soutbland. By Jaui^ M'Kekbow, Esq., 

District Sarveyot lo the Province of Otago ,, 

JtOBTH PoLAB ExPEDraoH of 1868, Aocouut of tlie Swedish, 

^_ andurtheOnmroandof Meesrs. A. E. Notdenskiold and 

^H Fr. von Otter. By Messrs. A. E. Nobdenbkiold and 

^H Fb. von Otteb 

"^ Beoion, On the Eiploration of the. By Capt. 

Shbbabd Oebobn, B.N., o.b. (Reprinted from tbe 
'Proceedings,' vol. is.) .. 
NoBTH Pole, On the Climate of tbe, and on Circumpotar 
Eiploration. By W. E. HiOKSON, Eaq. 

, Table of Voyages towards the. Complied by 

Clements R. Maiucbam, Esq., Secretary R.G.8. 




Sanswiob Islands, On tbe Geography and Bei 

Eruption of tbe. By (he Bight Bev. Thohas Stalev, 
B.D^ Bishop of Honolulu : 

Bat of Bengal, Burfnce Currents of tlie, during tbe Boutb- 

WflBt Monsoon. By J. A. Heathcotk, Esq., r.N. 
Brkad-flants, The Geography of. By Dr. Michelsen .. 
Chabt to Capt. Totisbee'b Paper (vol. xxxv. p. 147), Remarks 

on the. By Staff-Commander C. Geojige, b.h.. Map 

Curator R.G.S 

FjonuB, CaHons, Bbsches, Pbaibtes, and Intbbmittent 

RrvEES, On tbe Formation of. By Robert Bbown, Esq., 

),8., So... 



HouNTAm Ranges, On Typical ; an application of the Gal- 
oolus of Probabilities to Physioal Geography. By 
William Sfottiswoode, Esq., m.a., f.b.8., f.b.g.s. 

North ATLAimc, On Surface Temperature in the. By 
Admiral Ibminobb, Copenhagen, Hon. Gorr. Member 

Xlr.VV.D. •• .. .. .. .. •> •> 

Sfboifio Qbavitt, On the, Temperature, and Ourrents of the 
Seas passed through during Voyages from England to 
India. By Hsnbt Totnbee, Esq., f.b.a.s., f.b.g.s.. 
Master Mariner . . 

Stebeosoofio Maps, On, taken from Models of Mountainous 
Countries. By Francis Galton, Esq., f.b.8.; illus- 
trated by Specimens photographed by Robebt Cameron 
Galton, Esq. 

Tbayellebs, Hints to. (Revised and Augmented Edition.) 
By Admiral Sir G. Back, F3.8., Admiral (now Sir R.) 
CoLLiNSON, c.B.,and Fbanois Galton, Esq., f.b.s. .. 










XXXIV. 272 

( 17 ) 








£piBU8, Map of, to illustrate Major R. Stuart's Paper .. XXXIX. 


Amu-Dabia, Map of the Delta and Mouths of the, from a 
Sketch Map by Admiral A. Boutakof, of the Russian 
Navy .. .. .. .. •• •• •• XXXVII. 

Arabia, Map showing Mr. W. G. Palgrave*s Routes in 1 862-3 XXXIV. 

, Map of part of, showing the Route of Lieut.-Col. 

Pelly .. .. .. .. •• •• •• XXXV. 

Armenia, Kurdistan, and Upper Mesopotamia, Maps illus- 
trating Mr. ConsulJ. G. Taylor's Tour .. .. XXXVIIL 

BELrcHiSTAN and Eastern Persia, Sketch Map to illustrate 

Col. P. J. Goldsmid's and Mr. J. W. Barnes' Papers . . XXXVII. 

BoLOR Mountains, Map of the, and the Upper Sources of the 
Amu-Daria, to illustrate M. Veniukofs Paper on 
the Pamir, &c. .. .. .. .. .. .. XXXVI. 

British Trans-Indus Frontier, to illustrate Major James 

Walker's Paper .. .. .. .. .. .. XXXII. 

BusmRE to Teheran, Section from, to illustrate Major St. 

John's Paper on the elevation of the country . . . . XXXVIIT. 

Cambodia, Map of part of, to illustrate Dr. Bastian's Paper XXXV. 

, the Lao Country, &o., to illustrate the Route 

and Notes of M. Henri Mouhot, 1859-61 . . . . XXXII. 

Central Asia, Map to illustrate Baron Osten Sacken's 

Route from Vemoe to the Trans-Naryn country . . XL. 

, Map to illustrate the Expedition of Mr. A. 

Fedchenko to the Zarafshan Valley . . . . XL. 







Gektbal India, Sketch Map of the Basin of the River Maha- 
nuddj, to illustrate Mr. R. Temple's Paper .. 

China, Sketch Map of part of, to illustrate Mr. A. S. Bick- 

more's Journey from Canton to Hankow .. .. X XXVII L 

Chinese Tartaby, Map of part of, to illustrate Mr. A. 
Ahramofs Paper on the (Lake) Nor-Zaisan . . 

CooBO, Map of, to illustrate Mr. George Bidie's Paper 

Dead Sea, Map showing the Levelling from the Mediter- 
ranean to the, by Capt. C. W. Wilson, B.E., to 
accompany Sir Henry James* account of the same .. 

Eastebn Tubkistan, Sketch Map of, showing the Hydro- 
' graphy of the Pamir to the east of the true courses of 
the Yarkand and Karakash Rivers, with all the routes 
from Ladakh across the Karakoram, as drawn by the 
author, Mr. George W. Hayward (the heights are left 
as marked in the original map) . . 

FoBMOSA, Sketch Map of the Island of, to illustrate Mr. Vice- 
Consul Swinhoe's Paper . . 

Indus, Map of the Delta of the, to accompany Col. C. W. 
Tremenheere*s Paper 

Japan, Island of Tsusima, Map to illustrate Mr. Laurence 
Oliphant's visit to 

, Map of part of, to illustrate Mr. F. 0. Adams' Paper 

on the Central Silk Districts . . 

, Map to illustrate a Journey from the City of Yeddo 

to Fusiyama, performed by Rutherford Alcock, Esq., 
C.B., in 1860 .. .. .. 

' (reduced from a Japanese Map), to illustrate Sir 

Rutherford Alcock's Journey from Nagasaki to Yeddo 







m xoox .. *• •• .• .. •• .. 

Eaben-ni, Sketch Map to illustrate Mr. E. O'Riley's tour 
from the Shan States through, to Tungu 

Kashmib, Map of the Valley of, from Surveys by Capt. T. 
G. Montgomerie, to illustrate the Notes of Capt. 
God win- Austen and Mr. William Purdon 

EuBDiSTAN, Map of part of, illustrating the Journeys and 
Researches of Mr. Consul Taylor 

Eubbaohee to GwADUB, Map to illustrate the Route of 
Major F. J. Goldsmid and Party 

Leh and IlchI, the capital of Ehotan, Map of the country 
between, showing the Routes taken by Mr. W. H. 
Johnson in 1865 . . . . . » 

Leh (Ladakh), Summer Route from, to the City of Yarkund. 
By Capt. T. G. Montgomerie, b.e. 

Madras Pbesidenot, Map of the Hill Districts in the, to 
accompany Mr. C. R. Markham's Paper 










Makchcsu, Map oF the Ruaalsn PosseaBioDB In, to Uluatmte 

the Rev. W. V. Llojd's Paper 

, Map to illustrate the Kev. Alei. WilliainBou'a 

MeSupotamia, Trigonometrical Survey of part of, to illuatrafe 
Lieat. J. B, Bewshsr's Paper .. 

MisTAEB Hakge ITraTia-Indus), Sketch Map of the Glaoiera 
of the, aod Valley of Bkiudo, from surveys by Oapt. 
H, H. Godwin- Aasten .. 

Nepal to Lhasa, Mup showing the Route Survey froai, and 
tlience through the Upper Valley of the Brahnm- 
putra, fi-om the map compiled by Capt. T. G. Mont- 
gomerio ,. .. .. .. .. .. ..5 

KotrroEiiH China. Uohoolia, and MAuCfmniA, Map of, to 
iUostrate Mr. A. Michie'a Jouroey from Tienlaln In 
Moukden, and Mr. C. M. Grsjit's Boute from Peking 
to Kiaohla, si'd Kalgan 

NoRTH-EASTEaN India, Sketch Map of, with portions of 
Bunuah and China, io iUustrate Sit Arthnr Cottiin'l 



Peeiho, Hap of, bom a Survey by Capt. Bouvicr, of the 
French Engineers, in 18G2, to accompaoj Mr. W. 
IiDckhart's Paper . . 

Pbmia, Map to illnBtrate routes friFin Teheran to Htrat and 
Teheran to Buahire, by Capt. Claude Clerk . . 

Pebbias Gulf, Map to illustrate L\eut,-CoI. Lewis Felly's 
Visit to Lingah, Kiahm, and Bunder Abbasa . . 

SttlKTUNO, Sketch Map sbowiogtlieMineral and Silk Districts 
uf the Chiuese province of, to illustmte Mr. Consul J, 
Markliom'e Paper . . 

SiAU, Mup of the Gulf of, and Hdjaocnt Districts in Laos and 
Cambodia, to illustrate Mr. H. G. Kennedy's Journay 

BmiiniA, Map of tbe Bussian and Chinese Frontier, illustmt- 
iiig M. Semenof's Journey to the Tien Sban and River 
Juxortea, and Gulubefs Issyk-kul Expedition 

SlNAl Pevihsola, h Sketch of the, from Observations on 
the Gronnd, by the Eev. F. W. Holland (in illnalratiou 
ofMr.Holland'flMemoir in the Journal, Tol.XSXVin., 
p. 237) 

T&foHES, Mount (of Xenopbon), Sketch Map ki accompany 
the Paper of M. Emit on the identification of., 
^^TaiVANOOBB CoAgT, Mup of a portion of the, showing the 
^^P auchomge at Alipec, t«accompany Mr. C. R, Markham's 



Travancore CJoast, Map showing the WurkuUay Barrier, 
to accompany Mr. C. B. Markham's Paper 

Yano-tsze-kiang, Map of the, from Hankow to Ping-shan, 
reduced from chart of Capt. Blakiston*8 Survey 

, Map of the, from the Tung-ting Lake to 

Chung-king, in the Chinese province of Szechuen, to 
illustrate Mr. Consul B. Swinhoe's Paper 

Yellow River, Map to illustrate Mr. Ney Elias* Journey to 
the New Course of the 

Western India, Map to illustrate Sir H. Bartle E. Frere's 
Notes on the Bunn of Cutch, &q, 


Abyssinla, Map of part of, to illuBtrate Dr. Blano*s Jotfrt^ 
from Metemma to Damot 

, Map of the Afar Country and the Northern High- 
lands of, to illustrate Mr. Munzinger's Journe|r 

, Three Maps, showing (1) the oemntry ffto &d 










Coast to Adigerat; (2) firom Adigerat to the Blver 
Takkazy^ ; and (3) Wadela and Dalanta Plateaux and 
Mdgdala, to illusia^te Mr. C. B. Markham's Paper .. XXXVIIL 

Albert Nyanza, Map of the, and of the Boutes leading to ^ 

its Discovery in 1864. By Samuel White Baker, Esq. * XXX Vij^;;. 

East African Lakes, Maps showing their relation to the 
Sources of the Nile 




Eastern Africa, Map of, showing the Boutes of some Native 
Caravans from the coast into the interior, from infer- 
mation collected by the Bev. T. Wakefield; also of 
two Personal Journeys to the Southern Galla Country, 
made by Messrs. Wakefield and New, 1865-7 . . 

, Map showing the Boutes explored and 

surveyed by Capt. J. H. Speke» between Zanzibar, the 
Great Lakes, and the Nile, 1857-63 

-, Map to illustrate Baron C. von der Decken's 



Expedition to (Mt.) Kllima-ndjaro in 1862-3 . . 

-, Map to illustrate Count Carl von Krockow's 

Explorations between 14° and 16° N. Lat. 

Natal, Map of the Colony of, to accompany Dr. B. J. Mann's 
XT nper .. .. .. «• «• .. .. 

Nile, Map of the, and its Western Affluents, between the 
Albert Nyanza on the South and the Sobat oA the 
North, founded on the Astronomical Observations, 
Bearings, and Distances of John Petherick, Esq., &c. 

South Africa, Map of, to illustrate Mr. J. F. Wilson's Paper 
on the Water Supply in the Basin of the Blver Orange, 
and Dr. Livingstone's Theory of Ancient Lakes 








South Africa, Map of the Zulu and Amatonga Countries, and 
of Natal and Kafir Land, to illustrate Mr. John Sander- 
son's Papers 

? f Sketch Map illustrating the Discovery of the 

Mouth of the Bemhe, Limpopo, or Ouri River, by St. 
Yincent W. Erskine, Esq. . . . . ^ 

South Central Africa, showing the course of the River 
Shir6 below Lake Nyassa, and the River Zambesi 
below Kabrabasa, to illustrate Dr. Livingstone's 
jk apers ■• •• •• «• .. •• •• 

South-East Africa, to illustrate Mr. J. Macqueen's account 
of Joaquim de Santa Rita Montanha's Journey from 
Inhambane to Zoutpansberg 

South-E astern Africa, Lake Nyassa, the River Shir^, &c., 
fix>m the MS.' Map by Dr. John Kirk 

South-West Africa, Map of the principal part of Damara 
Land. By Mr. C. J. Andersson 

Wbkt Africa, Map to accompany Dr. W. B. Baikie's Notes 
of a Journey from Bida, in Nup^, to Eoino, in Hanssa, 
m Xoo^ >• •• .. •• «• •• •• 

Western Equatorul Africa, Map illustrating M. du 
Chaillu's Routes in 1864-5 


Alaska, Map of the Yukon, or Kwich-Pak, to illustrate Mr. 
F. Wliymper's Paper 

Andes, Map of proposed line of Railway across the, from 
Caldera to Fiambala, to accompany Mr. E. A. Flint's 
Survey. Communicated by W. Wheelwright, Esq. . . 

, Map of the Mountains of Llanganati in the Qui- 

tonian Andes, by Don Atanasio Guzman 

, Section of the Valley of Guallabamba, between 

Pichincha and Cayambe, to illustrate Dr. W. Jame- 
son's Journey from Quito to Cayambe 

, Southern, Map to illustrate Don GuiUermo Cox* 

Ryute across the 

Aquirt, Map of the River, the principal Affluent of the 
Purils, to illustrate Mr. W. Chandless' Notes . . 

Argentine Republic, Map of part of the, to illustrate Mr. 
Consul T. J. Hutchinson's Paper . . .... 

British Columbia. Map of part of, to illustrate the Papers 
of Mr. Justice Begbie, Commander Mayne, R.N., Lieut. 
H. S. Palmer, r.e., and Mr. W. Downie 

, Map of, Reduced from the Original Map 

by Mr. Alfred Waddlngton ; and %etoh Map showing 
proposed communication between Canada and 
















BBiTisfi Columbia, Outline Map of. By Lieut. H. 8. 

Ir&iiuOl y B«E« •• •• ■• •• »• »• 

BRAZiii, Ifap of the Rivers Arinos, Jamena, and Tapajoa, to 
accompany Mr. W. Gbandlesa' Notes .. 

, Map of the Kiyers Cannmd, Abacaxis, and Mane- 

assii and its Tributaries, Reduced from the Original 
Map by Mr. W. Cbandleas 

Dabien, Part of the Isthmus of, to illustrate M. Lncien de 
Puydt's Paper 

JuBui (Tributary of the Amazon), Map of the River, to illus- 
trate Mr. W. Chandless' Journal 

IjAbbadob, Chart of the North-East Coast of, to illustrate 
Commander W. Chimmo's Paper 

, Map of, to illustrate Mr. H. Y. Hind's Explora- 

wlC/U9 •• •• •• •• •• »• »• 

Mosquito Terbitobt, Map of the, from Surveys and Sketches 
by Mr. Chas. N , Bell 

Newfoundland, Map to illustrate the Rev. J. Moreton's 
account of the Physical Geography of . . 

Panama, Isthmus of, and the Mouths of the Bayanos River, 
to illustrate Mr. Laurence Oliphant's Paper . . 

Patagonia, Map of part of. By Henry L, Jones, Esq. 

Pebu. Map showing the Course of the Rivers San Gavan and 
Ayapata, in the province of Caravaya, to illustrate 
Prof. Antonio Raimondi's Paper 

, Map showing the Junction of the Rivers Mantaro and 

Apurimac, to illustrate Prof. A. Raimondi's Paper .. 

PurCs, Map of the River, from its source to its mouth. By 
W. Chandless, Esq. 

SouTDEBN Peru, Sketch Map of the Province of Caravaya, 
&c., showing the sources of the River Purfts. By 
Clements R. Markham, Esq. 

United States, Map of the South- Western Portion of the, 
and of Sonora and Chihuahua, to illustrate Dr. W. A. 
Bell's Paper .. 

Vancouver Island, Map of, and part of British Columbia, to 
illustrate Mr. R. Brown's Paper on the Formation of 
Fjords, &c. 

, Map of, to illustrate Commander R. C. 

Mayne's Route 

, Map to illustrate Dr. C. Forbes' Paper . . 



















Adbtbjlia. Map of Part of, to illiutrale Measra.' Burke and 

wain' Eouto from Viotoritt to the Gnlf of Oiirpentaria XXXIL 
Central AtSTBALLi, Mnp to illuetrato Mr. J. M'Douall 

Stuart's Eiplorations in 1S60-1 SXXI, 

EATTtlBlj AuBTKAUA, Map of, showing the RoDlea of Meesrs. 

Bntke and Wills, McKinlay, Landsborougb, Walker, 

4o xxxm. 

NoBTBEBN AcBTBALiA, Map illusttaliiig Mcpsre. F. and A. 
Jnrdina'a Overland Espedition from Port Deaiaon to 
Cape York, lo accompany Mr. EicUardsoTi'B Paper .. SXXVI. 

, Map lo complete Mr. J. M'Douall 

» Stuart's Diaries of Exploration across Australia from 
South to Nyrtb,18Gl-2 XXXHL 
, Part of the Flinders River, to illostrato 
the observations ot Commander W. H, Norman, a.s. XXXIII. 
Nohth-Easi AueiBALiA, Map illastrating the Climate and 
Pbyflical Geography of, to accompanj Dr. Ealtray's 


, Map to illustrate the Winds of .. XXXVIIL 

Nobth-Wkbt Adstbalia, lo illnstrate Journal of Mr. P. T. 

Gregory's Espedition in 1861 XXXIL 

AacTrio Ahebioa, showing the Coasts explored in 1S59 by 

Sir P. L. McClintock in search of Sir John Franklin , XXXI. 

BOBKEO, Part of the North-West Coast of, to illustrate Mr. 

Spencer St. J ahn'a Paper .. .. .. XXXIL 

Easter Islavd, Rapa^Nni or. Chart of, in the South Pacifle, 

to illustrate Mr. J. Liutou Palmer's Pupor .. .. XL. 

Mala? AncrHiPBLAaa, Mnp to illuatrate Mr, A. R, Wallace's 

Piiper on the Physical Geography of Ibo .. XXXIII. 

New Zealahd. Map of tbe Province of Canterbury, to illustrate 

Dr. J. Hiiasfa Paper XXXVIL 

, Map n{ (he Provincea of Canterbury and Otagn, 

to illustrate the Papers of Mr. J. M'Kcrrow, Dr. J. 

Haast, and Dr. J. Hector XXXIV. 

, Map of the Southern Alps in the Province of 

Canterbnrj, Hoduood from tlio large Mnp by Dr. Julius 

HaoBt XL. 

, Showing Eoutea near the West Coaat of the 

Middle Island, by Mr. John Kochfort XXXU. 

NoBTH PoLAH Keqionb, M«pof the, to illustrot* Mr, Clemeuts 

R. Markbam's Paper on the Oiigia and Migrations of 

the Greenland Esquimaux .. .. XXXV. 

Sandwich Islands, Chart of the, to accompany the Bishop of 

Honolulu's Paper XXXVIIL 



South Polab Regions, Map of tbe, to illustrate Staff-Com- 
mander J. E. Davla* Paper 

Spitzbebgen, Map of, to illustrate the Paper by Prof. Nor- 
denskiold and Gapt. von Otter on the Swedisli North 
Polar Expedition of 1868 


Bay op Bengal, Chart of the, showing the Currents during the 
S.-W. Monsoon, by Lieut. J. A. Heathcote, i.n. 

Cape op Good Hope, Chart of the Currents off the, to illus- 
trate Capt. H. Toynbee's Paper, projected from his 
Logbooks by Staff-Commander C. George, R.N., Map 
Curator R.G.8. . . 

North Atlantic, Surface Temperature of the, between 
Shetland and Greenland, collected by Admiral 

Stebeosoopio Map, Specimen of, photographed by Mr. R. C. 
Galton, to illustrate Mr. Francis Gulton's Paper 

Transit op Vends (December 6th, 1882), Diagrams illustrat- 
ing Staff-Commander J. E. Davis' Paper 


Abiza, Andbes de, Monogram of 

Abzen (Emporium Arzamenorum), Plan of the Ruins of 

Beach-Matebial, Diagram showing the manner in which 
beach-material is swept along a coast, in the direction 
of the sea-stroke .. 

British Ck)LUHBiA, Section of the Valley of the Eraser 

CuRBENT, Instrument for Measuring the Velocity of the, in 
the River Indus and Canals in Sind. Diagram 

*^ DuNDS,'' or Lakes connected with the Eastern Narra, from 
40 to 80 miles N.W. of Oomeroote, Rough Sketch of 

IlliW •• •• •• •• § m •■ ■• •• 

Eabth, Diagram representing the midsummer position of the, 
ai noon ■• .. .. .. .. .. .. 









XXX vm. 























FiOBD. Diagram.. 

Gbeat Andaman, Section of, from East to West 

Gbot Chubch, near Dibench, Plan of 

Hatem Tax Castle (ancient Sisauronon), Plan of . . 

Indus, Transverse Section of rocky ridges on plains west of 

Insobiptions found by Mr. Consul Taylor during his Tour in 
Armenia, Kurdistan, and Upper Mesopotamia. Dia- 
grams . . . . XXXVm. 294, 295, 299, 300, 301, 302. and 314 

marking the graves of W. J. Wills and R. O'H. 

Burke XXXII. 450,451 











Jhelum River, Valley of Kashmir, Section of the . . 

, Suspension Bridge across the. Diagram 

KuRBACHEE, Two Sections across the country near . . 

Oven (clay) used in New Guinea for baking sago cakes. 

Diagram .. .. .. .. .. .. .. XXXII. 135 

Sand-hills, Diagrams showing formation of (illustrating Sir 
H. Bartle E. Frere's Notes on the Runn of Cutch and 
the neighbouring Region) .. .. .. .. XL. 197,198 

Silt, Bottle for taking Water from below the Surface to 
ascertain the Quantity of, in the River Indus and 
Canals in Sind. Diagram .. .. .. .. XXXVII. 84 

Tkavelleu*s Lantern. Diagram .. .. .. .. XXXIV. 275 

Triangulation. Diagram .. .. .. XXXIV. 282 

Apparatus for boiling thermometer. Diagram XXXIV. 286 

Projection of Routes. Diagram . . . . XXXIV. 297, 298 

Zambesi Riveb at Bandari Rock. Diagram . . . . . . XXXL 281 

, Diagram showing direction of eddies in . . XXXL 287 

( 26 ) 



By Sir Roderick Impet Mubchison, Vice-President (in the absence of the 
President, Lord Ashbubton) .. Vol. XXXI. p. cxi. 

Obituary Notices. The Earl of Aberdeen, cxii.— George Brand, cxv.— John 
Brown, cxvi. — ^Dr. Buist, cxvii. — Hon. Frederick Byron, cxviii. — George 
Godfrey Cunningham. M. Pierms Daussy, cxix.— Chevalier de Angelis, 
cxx. — ^Rev. John William Donaldson, d.d. ; his services to philology. Sir 
Charles Fellows, cxxii. — Joseph James Forrester, Baron de Forrester, of 
Oporto, cxxiii. — Lionel Gisborne, cxxiv. ; his survey of the Isthmus of 
Darien, cxxv. — Herbert Ingram, m.p., cxxvi. — Robert Jamieson. Mao- 
OREGOR Laird. Joseph Locke, m.p., cxxviii. — Captain Alexander Maconochib, 
R.N., cxxix. ; his services as Secretary to the Society. John Henry Mande- 
viLLE, cxxx.— J. W. Parker. General Sir Charles W. Pasley, k.c.b. Sir 
George Simpson, cxxxi.; his services to the cause of Arctic Exploration. 
Matthew Uzielli, cxxxii. — John Ashley Warre, m.p., cxxxiii. 

Jdmiralty Surveys. England^ cxxxiv. — Cox' and Davis* work at Portsmouth Bar ; 
Sidney's and Richards' work in the Channel Islands ; Stokes* and Usbome's 
work on the coast of Devon ; Williams* and Wells' work in the Scilly Isles, 
cxxxv. — Aldridge*s work in the Bristol Channel ; Calver's work on the coast of 
Lancashire. Scotland, Calver's survey in the Clyde ; Bedford's work in Argyle- 
shire ; Jeflfery's work in Inverness-shire, cxxxvi. — ^Otter's work in the Hebrides. 
Ireland, Hoskyn's work on the East Coast ; Edye's soundings off the South-west 
and South Coasts. Iceland, cxxxvii. — Sir Leopold M'Clintock's deep-sea 
soundings. Mediterranean, cxxxviii. — Expedition to the Cedars of Lebanon, 
&c. Africa, cxli. Asia, Collingwood's survey of part of the Shat el Arab and of 
the city of Basrah. China, cxlii., great activity owing to the war. Australia, 
cxliii. British Columbia, cxliv. Newfoundland. Bay of Fundy. West Indies, 
cxlv. Variation, Evans's Investigations. Retirement of Mr. Michael Walker, 
Assistant Hydrographer, cxlvi. 

Ordnance Survey, Progress in the North of England and in Scotland delayed by 
numerous detailed surveys in the South of England ; Plans of Northumberland 
and Cumberland in course of publication ; great trigonometrical operations of 
the survey closed, cxlvii.— Map of Montenegro, cxlviii.— Lithographed sketches 
of actions fought in China. 

Geological Survey of Britain, cxlix. 

Progress in Meteorology, cli. — Steps taken by Government to utilise this branch of 
knowledge ; Storm signals ; Atmoscope, cliv.— Barometers for travellers, dv. 


Secent Geo^rapkkal Puhlkatiaas hi Sampe, olvi.— Brifain. JohnBton'fl MspB; 
Maakay'ij 'Geological Manual'; NnrtonShaw's edition of Col. Jackson's ' What 
to Obsetre; or the Tcaveller'a Kamcmbrancer,' olvii. — Germfmy. Buoceea of 
Pelerraann'B ' MittbeilangeD ' ; Soherzer'g dwcription of the TOjage of the 
Ifmam. Stoitierland, clriii.— Gtaat Federal Map approaching completion ; 
Geological Map; Lavozzari'a Worltfl, olix. — Thnrj's Paper on Glapiera. 
Eipedition to the Amtir, els. — Schmidt's Visit to the Island of 
; Map of Eoatern Siberia; Teiiiukofa Expedition to llie (Lake of) 
'k-kol; KoMwein's Account of Ignatiefa Mission to Khiva aud Bokhara; 
iautifio Expedition in the Low Valleya of the Euma aud Manych and 
Kalmuck steppe, clsii.^SoTTejing Espeditiou in the Caspian, olsiii. — StruvB's 
Proposal to effect a vast mcaauroment of a meridional arc poBsing by the 52° 
latitude, to esteuJ from Vaieiitia, id Ireland, to the fortreas of Orai, on tlie 
oonfioea of the Government of Orenbnrg, cliiv.-— Activity of Imperial Geo- 
graphical Soriety of Rnsaia. 

Hinditstnn, Siain, Biinanh, China, and Japan, olxv. — Soienlific career of Sir Andrew 
Soolt Waugh : Capt, Claude Clerk'a narratiye of a journey acroaa the Eastern 
Frontier of Persia to Afghanistan ; Capt, Sprye's aud Dr. McCoeh'H papers on 
the countries between the British Frontiers of Bengal and Pegu and. the 
Tfesteni conSnes of China, clxvi.— Sir B. Schombnigk's journeys in Siam ; 
Mr. Spencer St, John's and Mr. A. B, Wallace's papers on the Asiatic Arohi- 
pdago; SuTTeja in China ; Expeditions into Chinese Tarlary and the nortbcm 
' weatern provinoea of China, olxvii. — Importance of our trade with Ohii 

Butherford Alcock's journey into the interior of the main island of Japan ; 
iper hy Mr. Pemberton Hodgson, Consul at Hakodadi ; Trade with Japan 

Arctia Segioita, cliriii. — Dr. Hayes' expedition in the Pnifcii States; BenewedJ 
search for the .ff™6us and Terror; Hall's espedltion in the Seorje ffenrj; Capt-.f 
Parker Snow fitting oat the !nti-epid; Capt. Inuinger's paper on the enrronti« 
and ice-drifts an the coast of Iceland ; Sir John Kiohardson's acconut of tho^ 
Polar Regions, clsii. 

British North Ameriea. Map of conntry from Lake Superior to the PaeiBo oi 
at Vanoonver Island, to illuatrate reports of Palliser'a Expedition; larga^ 
arsna with goud soil in British posseasiona; ninter not more severo than in 
Cauftda, clxi. — Snow not exceaeively deep; finer kinds of timber absent; 
Baakatchewan country suitable fbr settler deficient in capital; new routes 
through American territory; practicability of railway rente to Pacific coast, 
clxii, — Large coal deposits in Japan and Formosa, clxxii. 

South Ameri-:a. Dc.V. Martin de Mouaay's ■ Description Gifographique of StatiatiixoAtfl 
de la Confe'deration Argentine'; M, Deraersay'a 'Histoire Physique, Eoono-* 
mique et Polttiqne du Pamguaj, ct dea £tablisacments dcs Jcauitea.' olniiiL — 1 
N. Bonpiaud's volnminoua nutea on his trarela in South Am<vrica etaimed bf 1 
hia heirs; liis mineral and natural history eoUeetions offered to tlie French J 

Aaairalia. March of discovery most remarkable; Stuart's travels; data 

tained I7 him, clxiiv, ; Capt. Stokes' surveys and Mr. F. Gregory's espodition 
have proved that the eastern iideta of Cambridge Gulf and the mouth of the 
northern Victoria Sivet are well adapted for a colony, olsxv. ; North or 
Tropical Anatralia dotitined to be occupied; great expedition, with camels, 
proceeding ftom Victoria acroea the Interior, clxxvi.— Queensland acttlen 
pushing on towards the Gulf of Carpentaria, and into iufeii 

:tUera ^^1 

Bpecalatinns no probable sterile and saline ooiidltion of litrge porlioi 
well-Batered. ragion to tbe itoat of Lako Torraofl, elm ii.— Future ex 
tions of AuBtralian ColonieB. 

Afrka, Ho freitb uxploiatiocs accomplished ; LiTingstone's description and map 
of Mosioatanya CatalDct (Virtoria Falls)! bia start to exploic Bufiuna Rircr, 
in conipanji wttb Bishop Mackcnziu, clxxTiii. — Mortality among miMionarieB 
to the Makidolo ; failure of Boscber's and Von dei Dtcken's expeditious to tbe 
Ninssa Lake ; latter now gone t^ a more northern district of Eastern A&iis ; 
Cap). Speke nirived at high pbktcau on bis journey to the siiniceH of tbe Wbil« 
Nile ; Bufflcicut funds subscribed to enable Mr. Consul Petberiefc to proceed to 
Oondokoro to await bis appeaniuco, olsxix. — Altitude of Khartum settled by 
Dr. Peney; Miiini's trarels beyond Gondokoro; Heuglin's journey to Wadai. 
Wett Afriat : Death uf Seymour, eliix. — Bobert Campbell's pamphlet on 
Lagoa, Abeokuta, &c., and Alex. Crummell's article on tbe productions and 
capabilities of tbe same rt'gion. Da Chailla : Aooount of the results of his 
eiplomtions from tbe west ooaat north and Bouth of tbe Equator. 

Condmim, oluiiv. — Large increase in the number n[ Fellows of tbe Society, 

Fnstscript, clxtSTi, — LaleBl news of the eipeditiou of Cnpt.iina Spoke nnd Grant. 


By tbe Lord AsHBUBTOM, President .. .. Vol. XXXU. p. civ. 

Obitiiarij Setices. H.B.H. The Prince Conbobt, Vioe-Patron ; bia aeriices to all 
branches of science. Thomas Wiujah Atkinson, tbe Biberian traveller, cy, — 
Jabes Bbant, ce., ovi. — Sir Wiu-iah CuBrrr, o.e. Rear-Admiral the Hon. 
J. F. Db Rob, ovii.— Vioe-Admij«l the Hon. Sii' BicHAun BACiinEHB Dcndab, 
k.o.b. Hudh, Eorl Fobtescl'b, K.B.,cviii.— Captain Walter CoLQcuorM Gbant ; 
bis map and papers on Sikkim. Bct. Eswahd Craven Hawtbev, d.d., Provost 
of Eton. RoBEBT William Hay, oil.- — Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Uebbebt, 
E.Q.B, Chables Eswabs Lepbov. Jaheb OBMistoN M'WiLLiAU ; his services 
to Captain Trotter's Niger Eipeditjon. Samubl Le[Ob Sothebt, ox. — Rev. Dr. 
JoBBPH WOLTP ; his travels in MeBopatamia, Persia, Bokhaia, && 

Admlnilly Sumeya, cii. — England, Coast Survey of Briliiib Isles nearly complole. 
Scotland, (oii. — Ireland, General obort of WOat coast Medilirranean, Captain 
Spratt's work between Malta and Alexandria ; determination of meridian dis- 
tance between them by electric telegraph, csiii. ; Conunander Uansell's work on 
the coast of Syria ; charts published. Africa, exploration of Biver Vulta on the 
west coast ; Stede's work iu the Cape Colony ; his sketch of the five mouths of 
tbe Zambesi; eBtablishment of three tighta in the Bed Sea, cxiv. — Asia, CoQ- 
atable and Stiffe'a chart of PerBion Gulf, published and to be exhibited at tbe 
International Exbibition; Whisb's plan of Bahrein; Williams' work on the 
Malabar coast, and Ward's on the south eoaat of Arabia ; work still to be done. 
China and Japan, cxv. — surveys of Upper Yang-tsze Kiang and on the eontb 
coast of Japan ; publicationa of results of latMnrs in former years. Aiiatralia, 
cxvi. — coast surveys ; new passage through Torres Strait; completion of general 
chart of Northern Australia and adjacent seas and islands, exvli. — Vatvxmier 
Island, plana of Esqnimault and Victoria barbonra, jto. SeafaamUatid, re- 
examination of touth cnaet, and pubbostian of plans. Bay of Fwidy, oxviii. — 
survey completed. Wast Indies, survey of Grenadines group completed. Varia- 
tion of the Compass, manual resulting frDra Missrs. F, J. Evans' and A. Smith's 
iuveatigationB, on the eve of publicafion. 


Ordnance Survey, oxiit. — pnliUcation of the ' TrigooometricBl Surrey of Glreat 
Britain' oompleted; tiiangu'stione of EDglnnil and Bolgium roDiiecteii; cnn- 
neetioQ of Belgifin, Prnsainn, Bud Buaaian ttiangulations, cxi. — determinotioQ 
or diS'erenrcB of longitude by electric telegraph ; engraving of mnp of Ireland ; 
cadnetral soriej, cxxi. — publication of maps on the twenty-five-iuch and six- 
inch scales; "marginal Ilucb" for the sheets of a map of the wbolo world on 
t no- inch scale. 

Sfaleoroloijy, cxxii. — iocietueil interest; basis aud nature of forecasts and ocoieional 
warning, ciiiii. — from thirty to Pirty weather telcgrania received daily by 
Boani of Trade, cxxxiii.— publication of forecasts ; outline maps, witli morahle 
nind'iuBrkerB and ojclone glasses or horns, aseful in forecaeting weather, csssy, 
— diiOy weather reports, esssvij, 

Sunwjs of Spain, ciuviii. — progress in the triangulationfl ; portion of Tagos and 
GoUo mapped, cxxxis. — work of geological department ; publi cation b of Hydro- 
graphic and War Departrapnta and Slatistioal Board; essays on the ancient 
geography of Spain, and memoir on the site of the city of Munda, cxl. — Coello's 
provincial atlas aud map of Spain. 

Sussia, Activity of Imperial Geographical Society ; exploring espeditinn In 
Eastern Siberia; three fresh expeditions proposed; slialloning of the Sea of 
Azof, eili.— bouuriary line between Eaasia and China; collection of statielieo- 
ethnographical data in the interior of Hnssia, oxlii — cartographical labours of 
the society ; Helroersen's geological map of Russia ; ' Journal * of Society con- 
tains several articles of high geographical Interest, especially in regard to 
Central Asia ; Captain Yalitbanofa actount of his journey to Kasbgar, czliii. 

Asia, M. de Khanikof s map of the Aderbeijuu, in Fersia. 

China, cili v.— Advantages from Lord Elgin's treaty ; in one year twelve provinces 
visited, as well ns Mauohn Tartary, pslv. — ascent of Yang-tsze-kiaog by 
Sarel, BlokiBtou, Barton, and Scheresheflsky ; Mr. Conaol Morrison's jonruey 
along the Grand Cennl ; Richards' and Slossin's jonmcy tljrongh Pei-ohih-li 
and Shan-si, cilvi.— joncney of Dickson, Thotbum, Beach, and Bonney from 
Canton to Hankow; Baker in Cliehkiang and Nganhwuy; Legge'a asoent 
of the east river in the Kwangtong pjovince, cilvii. — Irwin's journoy up the 
west river ; opening of Formosa to trade. 

Amlraiii, M'Douoll Stuart's work, cxlviii. — Bnrte's and Wills' eipedition; 
Gregory's explorations in North- Western Australia; report of oommiaaioneTB 
appointed to inqnire into death of Burke and Wills, cilix. — Sir H. Borkly'a 
deepotobes, eJ. — searching pnrty of MoKinlay aud Hodgkinson, cli.— discovery 
of reUcH of tour unknown white men ; F. T. Gregory's surveys and eiplorationa 
from the west, clil. — his complete snecess, cU v. —Walker's and Landslwrongh'a 
ezpeditiona in search of Burke's party ; gec^raphical results, civ. — ^Mr. Selivyn'i 
geological maps of Victoria, and Frofe^soi MoCay's palieonlologicol illuslrations 
thereof: Kev. W. B. Clarke's endeavours to develop the geological straeture 
of New South Wales ; opening of coal-fields in Tasmania ; dyaodile eslraoted, 
clvi. — Dr. Hector's labours in New Zealand. 

Afrki, Livingstone's unsuccessful attempt to ascend the Bovuma River ; his 
cBtablishment of the University Mission near the bants of the Shire, clviL^ 
news received from nalive source that Speke had extrioatcd himself from the 
desert of TJgogo, and was on his way to Unynnyembe ; lamentable condition of 
White Nile ; hr^stility of natives aroused ; illness and return of Lcjean ; 
of Dr. Pcney ; connection of his explurations with Petlierick's ; determination 
allitudc of Kilima-ndjaro by Von der Deckcn and Thornton, civiii.— Coionel 

non 01 _ 

death ^^J 
tion of -^^^^H 



Bigby'a report on Zanaibsr doininiona ; Cftptnin BurtoQ'g work on Weat CoBit, 
ftnd sBPelit of Cnmeroim MoiinbiiD; tho Frooch nn the Gaboon: ozploraliona In 
BanegBmbift aud tha Norlll-WtBtBrn Sftliara ; Boo Mnghdivci's journey from the 
BenegRl to tlie oosBt of Marocoo ; Duvtjrior'B return from tlie SahiuB ; HeuBlin 
in AbjsaiQJii,clix.— Buth'B vorabniaries of Central Aftican tribes; publieation 
of maps; LivingdtoDe'a navigation of weet coasi of the NyaHso, note ; death of 
Bishop Mackenzie. 
Our oica Zahoara.—Eanpt, cli.— CummunicationB on Iho coarse of the Lover 
Danube by Captain Sberard Oslxjm, Caplain Ppratt, and Major Stokea; Pro- 
fessor Paul Chaii' acoount of Hurveys for great federal map of Switzerland; 
Profi-BBor Holt's aiwount of auireyH in Norway einee 1779 ; Baron de Bode'a 
BccoQQt of the conntry of the Lesghi tribes of Hilly DBgheBtan, Coucaana; 
Captuin D. Cameron's diasertation on the Ciiucaflua, olsi.— Allen Toung'B and 
ilae's visits to leelaod. ^sfa. Navigation and survey of Upper Tang-taie-kiflng; 
Blackney's obaervationa; aaront of Si-Eiang ; Captain Bmythe'a expedition pre- 
vented from proceeding into Chinese Tartary, olxii.— Oliver's notes on oouutiy 
nest of Canton ; Mouhot in Cambodia; O'Riley's toor in 8ban States; King's 
and Campbell's notoa on Sinm ; Sir B. Schoroburgk's explorations in 6iam ; Mr. 
Eutharford Aloock's papers on Japan, clxiii. — Hodgson's journeya in the 
Island of Yesso ; importanee of tbo Biver Amur ; Semeuora jonmey to tha Tian 
Shan, olxiv. — papera on the Valley of Kashmir by Pardon and Aasten ; Great 
Trigonometrical Survey of India ; Captain T. G, Montgomerie's sorvicea to 
scienca, and geography in purticalor; Mr, A. B. WalUce's labours in New 
Guinea ; Clerk's itineraries in Persia, clxv. — Mnnaf a account of the Andaman 
Islands ; Sir Henry Bawlinson'a propoaal to connect England and India by 
electric telegraph by way of Canstantinoi-ile and the Enphralea. Africa, Pro- 
grsBs made : (Mount) Kilima-ndjaro proved to be an iaolated volcanic cone, cIivL 
— Livingatone's work on the Zambesi, Shirfi, and Lake Sbirwa, olxvii.— Captain 
Borton'a labcors in Weatem Tropical Aftica; Dr. Baitie'a proapects on the 
Niger and Gbadda Blver^, clxviii. North America, Biploratioua iu Britisli 
Columbia. Central America, oliix. — proposed tmusit-route acrosa the lathnius 
through the Lake of Nicaragua, South America, Markham's labours in Peru ; 
Spruce's remarks on tha Qnitoniau Andea; Jamiesun's exeuiaion to Monnt 
Cayamlje on the Equator, Australin, Important progreaa made; remarkable 
increase of ooloniaation; accounls of the Fiji lalands, cLix. Ocean Soundings by 
M'Clintock ; curioua diacovories, olxii.^water-climate of high northern lati- 
tudes and tropica shown to be similar; Heathcote'a observations on currents in 
the Bay of Bengal ; Manry on the Southern Ocean and the Antorctio Pole, 
CoBc(usibn, olxiii. — Retirement of Lord Aaliburton and election of Sir B. I. Mnr- 
ohison to the Presidency ; importance of the Society's work. 

By Sir BoDBBioE Iufey 
ObUuarn Soticea. M. Jokabd, 
— tha Marquis of Lai 


E., President .. Vol. XXXIII. p 


■ilia graat services to geography ; Dr. Haksl, 
; the Rt, Hon. Sir Geobgb Cobnewau. Lewis, 
Sir Bbhjauin Bbodie, Bart,, cxi.— the Marquis of Bboasalbabb, 
cixi — the Earl of Oiffobd, cxxii,— the Earl of Ellebmkhb, cxsiii. — LnoAS 
BiBEEi-r; his services to geology, cxxiv. — James Eobbst Qowes; William 
Jobs Bcbchbu.; Mr. Chambers, of Adelaide, patron and employer of M'DoQall 
Stuart; Eoutnii] Gabhibi., cxxv.— his kindness to Dr. Livingstone; James 
Walkbb, r.B.s,, csxvi — ANTaoNT Si. Leqeb ; Waiteb Eweb, 


AdmiTalty Swneyt, oxivii. — The Britak lakt, England, Continnation of Conat 
BurveyB. Scotland, csxTiii, — Ottoi'B anryey of Bouth UiBt, Carnia, and Rnm : 
TliomaB' Borveja and BoundingB off Bunbecnla and HnmBi Edje'a snrve; of 
Baim, Muldoanicli, Flodday, Pnblmy, &c. ; BedfBrd's work. Ireland. Hoakyn's 
and Davis' deep-sea Bontidinga for electrio cable to Atueiicu. JUeiliierninean, 
cixix. — Capt BpmtCa Borvey of the Maltese Islands ; Manstll'a work on tlie 
oonBt of Syria. Africa. Skcftd'a sorvey of Mossel Bay, Cape Colony. Asia. 
ObitCy'a aoaadings on tlie Mekrao ooast of Feiaia; Pereian Gulf ; publication 
of OoDatabte'a and EtiOe'e plan of Bueliirt). China and Japan. Surreys by 
H.SL abips Rifleman and Saallitic ; Actreon and Doi:e off Japanese coast, ciix. — 
vftlnable MS. Buivey of the empire, procmed from tbe Gowmmont tbcough 
ttie inetramentality of Sir Butheiford Aloock, k.o.b. ; Nagsaaki harbour and 
adjaoent coast, csxxi.^Koiea ; coast of Shantung ; Mr. Arthnr Adams' collec- 
tdons and obserralions have advanced tlie question of tbe geographical dia- 
tlibution of species, cuxii.— Jua(roIiii. Inlet of Port Philip ; Bpencer'a Gulf ; 
Qnoeiialnud ; Tasmania. Vancomer Islimd. Completion of survey by Oapt. 
G. H. Richardfl iu H.M.S. Becate. Seafoundland, cxxiiii.— Progrosa of Capt. 
J. Oilebar'a survey. Nona Scotia and Bay of Fuiuly, Weit Indies ; labours of 
tbe Hydrographic OfBce, oiziiv. 
OrAwtKe Surveji. Progreim. Report of Commitiee of House of Commons favouf 
able b) eztenaion of cadastral survey; publication of ncciiunt of eitouston of 
triangulatjon through France info Belgium, osisv.— ' Great Domesday Book,' 
copied by pboto-ziiicograpby ; great advance la that art. 
Qeological Surrey of the United Kingdom. Progress contiaats filvourably with that of 

previuus year. 
Recent British Pabliaatioiu, ciiivii. — Mr. David Page's 'Introductory Testbook 
of Physical Geography'; Prof. Ansled'a essay ou 'Tho Corrtlatitn of the 
Natural History Soiencea,' czixriiL 
Geographicat FaUioalions in Oermany, List of original papers in Fetermann's 
' Mittheilungen ' tbr 1862-8, oxxiis,— Peterraann's maps, ra^l.— Hoehstetter'a 
'Meu Beeland'i progresa of Scberzei's account of A'ooara expedition, oxlL 
Oreenland. Former Condiiiorts of Sorthem Europe. 

Asia, Central Asia, cilvii. — Khanikors explorations, and bis account of them ; 
valuable additions to knowledge of Western Persia, expected from publication 
of Lieut. Glaacotf B labours, cli. — Major Qoldsmid'a work. Proposed New Roate 
la British India, clii. — Lord William Hay's contemplated joarney by Nijui 
Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Semipalatinsk, and Kopal to lasjk-knl, and 

thence to Sashgac, Leli, and Eungar, in Cashmere. Indian Niicy, cliii 

ceased to exist on April 30, 1863; great services to geography. Telegraphic 
Chmmuniaaiion by Zand and by Sea. Direction of line to India placed in Ool. 
Patrick Stewart's bands, oliv.— progress of the work ; C, M. Grant's endeovoura 
to establish telegraphio communication wilb Peking, via Kiachta, and to pro- 
cure extension of Siberian lines eastwards, civ. — ^Giabome's proposed liue &om 
Calcutta, Bio Burmub, to Singapore, and thence to Australia. Iforth Allaatic 
Sea-Bed, civi — Dr. Wollich'a proposed examination approved by the Council ; 
execution deferred, clvii.— Japan. Sir Rutherford Alunok'a Irnvela ; hie account 
affords much valuable information ; Mr. L. Oliphsnl's visit to the Inland of 
Tsuaima, clviiL— much stiU to be done. 

ifexico. H. Henri do Saugsure's work on tbe physical structure and aatline. Soaih 
America. Fern. Baimondi's account of his explorations ; SoJdan's map of Pom ; 



lir. 0. B. Harkhom'e oxplornttoos an the Farbt. Brutil. Mi. IT. W. Hates' 
the TapaJoB, clix. 
Aiutrfilia. Remaikable prologs ; great reaulls atbieved by journey b of H'DoubI] 
Stnnrt, LanilBliorrHigli, McKinlny, ond Wnlfcei; Blietoh of their work; enter- 
prise of coloDiBts,clxix. — rebitivu alt ttudua of regions eiplured not delarmined by 
recent explorers, clix. 
SeiB Zealand and its Gold. StLmaluB givon by discoTory of i^ld : remarlci on the 

BDrifcTonB prodoct of Otago. 
Patgrmia, clxii. — Dr, Seemann's work on the Fiji IslKndB. 

Africa. FeBia respecting fate of East African expedition ; arrival of Bpeke and 
Grant at Khartum, olxuii : Speke'a telegcaa, " The Nile ia settled " ; met by 
Petlierick at Oondokoro on Feb. ZOtb ; Bilker's expedition to reliere Speke and 
Grant ; kia journey in search of I*ke Luta Nuige', a feeder of the White Nile, 
clixJT, — great reaults from Speke'a expedition; Victoria Nynnza the reaervair 
oF the White Nile : sketch of Spehe'a and Grant's work from October 1, 1860, 
cliiT. — EitangOle River the chief feeder of the Nyanzn ; kindness of people of 
Uganda, cluiiyi. — delnya in Dnyoro, clxivii. — arrival atDe Bono's ivory station 
in Ut. 3° 10' 37"; kindly reeoised by Tnrkiah ivory traders; tree marking the 
Venetian Miani's furthest in lut. 3° 3S'; meeting with Baker at Gondokora 
on February I5th ; promptneas of Home Authorities to succour the party, olwiix. 
— Bociety'a great obligations to Spekc; his astronomical obseivtitians; their 
calculation, &o„ nndertaken by the Astronomer Royal, elxxx. — Speke's history 
of the Wahuma ; causes of the rise of the Nile, clxxxi. — verifia-tiau of Bir B. 
Hnrchiaon's theory bb \o the nature of interior of Africa; geaeralieatioiiB 
ostabliahed by Speke and Grunt, independently of sonrccs of Nile, olxxxii. — 
information gleanod from native sources by old gcographerB, clxixiii. — East 
African explorations, clissv. — expeditions on the west coaBt, clxxivii. — letter 
from Baron von dcr Decken, clxuviii. (cole) — publioatiou of maps by Arrow- 
smith and RaTenslein ; Petermann's large scale map; Barth's vocabularies 
neorly completed ; Livingstone's second expedition to the Rovnma River, 
clixxix. — death ofhis wife; onBuitability of the banks of the Zambesi and Shire 
' ; Conaulato abolished, cxc. — Livlnt^atone's intention to 
reasccnd the Bhiie (note). 
CoTtnluiii/a. Ghaogei amoog the olScers of the Society; retirement of Dr. Norton 
Shaw, cxa. — bis scrviceH ; reorganisation of the adminiatrative oEBcers; 
nomination of Mr. W. Spottiswoode and Mr. Clements R. Maxkham oa 


By SiiHoDEBiOK I, MuBOHtBdN, K.O.B., Preaident .. VoL XSXIV. p. oix. 

Further changes in the BtafT, ex.— Mr. Laurence Oliphant appointed Secretary, 

Obitwiry Notkxs. Lord Abhbubton, lato President of the Society ; Rear-Admiral 
JoHK WiSHiKOTON, O.B., Hydrographsr of Iho Admiralty and formerly Secretary 
of the Society, oxii.— Ma services in both eapacitiea. Maj.-Qenoral Jobbph 
Euiisoti PoBTLOOK, B.C., CSV. — bis services to the Ordnance Survey. General 
Albbbt de la Mabmoba, csviii.— the Earl of Eloib and KraoiBimjE, on. — hia 
special missinn to China and Japan; appointed Governor-General of India, 
cxxi. — Admiral Sir W. Hall Gaqe, q.cb. ; Eear-Admiral Octavics Vebnon 

Uabcoubt, cixii. — Bear-Admiral Fowlbr; Capt. William Allen, ii.n. ; Capt 1 
W. A. WiLLifl, S.S., oiiiii. — Eiohaed Thoestoh; hia eervieeB to geography I 
and gedogj iu Africa; E. Ohbobne Suith, osxvi. — Beblib BoxfiELD, u 
William Cdbitt, m.p.; John WiTKisa Buett, csxvii. — his aerTices to i 
marine telegroplij ; C. G. Pdlleb ; Altbub Paget. 

British Qeogrnphy^ csivilL 

Admiralty Buneys. Cal?er'a Survey of the eatuarj of the Thnmes ; Otter's SnrTBj 
of Weatarn Hebrides completed, csxix. — Mediterranean. Progtesa of OapL 
Sprftll'fl work; ^cmfaandland, cixx, — Otlebar'H Survey of east coast; Svai 
Seotia, ShorlJapd's labonrs nearly finished : West Indies, eiBmination of Greoadft 
commenced; /'enntuiu, consetjuimctaofHurvey; .lusjrii/ia, progress in delineating 
coast-line, oixzi. — Chijvt anil Japan, cxxxii, — important surveya. Pablicationa 
of UydrograpMc Offlce. 

Ordnance Sarcey, Qxxx iii.— Map of England and Wales practically fiois^ 
progress in Scotland ; publication of principal trisjigulations in the United 
Kingdom, cxxxiv. — Doueaday Book, cxxxv. 

Geological Stinei/ of the United Kiagdom. Work (o be carried on in Uie Narthetn . 

Neio PuhlieaCiaai. Aitiolea in Peterraann's 'Mittlieilangen' nolieed, cixn 
Keith Johnston's Index Googmphicus; Phillip's New Imperial Lihnuy Atia^; J 
Dr. Muir's forthcoming ' System of UniverHal Geography ' ; Mouhot's Trayeli | 
in Siam and Coiubo^a ; SimpBon'e delineations of the natnml featurea of Uppei 
India, cxsivii.— Maekoy's 'Elements of Modern Qeoeraphy.' 

Foreign Cartography, Topngraphical Survey of Denmark; their mapa apocially 
commended ; detailed map of the course of the Weser, cxxxviii. — Swiss maps. 

Recent Progress of Qeography in Eaisin.. Imperial Geographical Society of St. 
Petersbarg ; its important work : explorations of Eaatem Siberia and borders 
of Chinese Empire throw new light on their physical googimphy and nataral 
history, csxiix.— Western Siberia, cil. — cartographical work ; telegraph lino 
completed to Irkntsk, 5700 miles from St. Fetersburg, cxlii. — Schwartz's map 
of Amnr river-system; Schebnuin's map of Sakhalin ; geological formation of 
region beyond the Sea of Baikal, cxliii. — Badde'a zoolegiicBl work iu Eastern 
Siberia ; ' La ContrSe de I'Amour,' by M. MHsimowicz, csliv. — peculiarity in 
formation of Amur bBsin ; Stmve's explorations of lie Black Irtysh, oxlv. — 
diacoveiy of coal in Karatau mouctaLns; Baor's and Kadde's labours on tbe Sea 

Jraiia, cilvi. — PaJgraTc's narrative ot his journeya ; rivers in Arabia lost in sandi. 
Biitdoilan, cilvii. — Report of Trigonometrical Sorvey : Lane's account of portion 

of Independent Tipperah and Capt. Basevi'a BecomiaisBance of a portion of 

Jyepore, in Goadwana ; Major Showers' letters on terminus of Madras Bailway 

on Malabar ooast, and tho proposed port of Sedashegur. 
FoFTtuaa, oilviii. — Mr. Viee-Consid Swinhoe'a account of its geography, ethnology, 

and natural history. 
Malay Archipelago. Mr. A. B. Wallace's labours. 
Aualralasia, cilix. — North Anstralian Settlement Company, cl. — colonisation 

Bchemea ; surveya, cli. 
Neu Zealand. Important papers communicated by Dr. Hector, Mr. M'Kerrow, and 

Dr. Haaat ; Journey of tho Messrs. Walker and Mr. M'Farlaiio from the mouth 

of the Taramakau to tliat ot the Wanganui. a region on the west cnaet hitherto 

foond imicceasible, cliv. 




Britlik Colitmiia and Vancomir Maud. Llaut. Pklmei't acoannt of the geographj 
and ebief oapabilitiM of British Oolnmbia; gold mines, olr. — Capt. BickBrds* 
■urveyii of the comU of VancouTer lelaod, olvt — Dr. Forbes' deacriptioB of iU 
pbjriiz&l and political goographj, geology, hjdiognipby, Ac. 

Butilh imeriaa. Survey throngh upper part of Argentina Republic for projected 
railway, clvii. — Oonsul Hiltcliinnon'g journey; Dr. Burmeiater'B map; Benor 
Oox'i jaamey and itaresulte; Sir Woodbine Pariah'e opinion, olviii. — H. Ponoel'a 
paper on the province of CataEauroa ; Admiral Bullitan'a letter on tlie Falkland 
Islands (note); HiDcblifTs tonr in Southern Btaiil (cf. hia work 'Bontb 
Amerioin Sketohes'), olii. — peopling of the fertile plaiuB of the Biver Plata; 
SigQor Negri's memoir ; Mr. B. Spruce's geographicul work in the valley of the 
Amazona and to the Andes of Ecuador * M. Belmoi's ' Vopige anx Provinoea 
Btaziliennes de I'Amnzonie,' cti. 


Olaaeri of tht Himalaya Moantaini and Stw Zialand compared with ihiar of Rirrpi. 
On iht Povxri of Olaciera in modifying tht Surfaee of tha Earth, and on the Ageacn 
of Floating Icebergl, cll. to olxiz. 

Africa, olxiX. 

Sorth- Western Africa. Scntgal and its Deprndsnciee. M. Malte Bmn'a aocomita of 
the progress of geographical reBeoroh; > Annuairede 6«ne'g»l ' for 18S1 oontuna 
ft r^fum^ of explorations of the interior in 1859-61. 

Sorthim Abi/asinia, olixiii.— Besearcliei of Ton Heugltn, Einzelboch, Munxjnger, 
and Stendner; excellent map published m Petermann's ' Mittbeiluogen.' 

The Higer, olixilii. — Dr. Baitio'e laboura. 

Tla Coioon Country, M. du Cbaillu's new expedition ; progress delayed by loss of 
inatrumenta ; aiticlea sent homo prove troth of some of Lis dosoriptionfl. 

Sovth Africa. Explorationa of the Baron C. mm dcriJecfcn. The unchanged terrestrial 
condition of the ancient Surface of the Interior of South Africa. Pnyed of rendering 
the White Nile the highaay of intercoarse between Central Africa and Enropi. 
Pttheriok's Journal. Expedition of Dutch ladies, with Baron von Henglin, on 
weslivn affluents of White Nile, cxe. (and note on p. cxci.) — no tidings received 
of Mr. Samuel Baker for a year, cxci. 


Pottacript, o: 
journey oi 
of it 

Bj Sir BoDEHiOK I. McBOBiBON, K.C.B., President . . Vol SXXV. p. ovliL 

Obituary Xoliees, oil.— Csplain John HAXMUfG Spbke ; his esplonttiona in tie 
HimalajaB and Tibet, ex.— in Africa, cxi. — great resollB achieved. Dulte of 
NoBTHtJHBERiANB, cxil. Dr. HcoH Falconeb, cxv. Duke of Nbwcabtlb, 
exviii ProfeflsorF. G. W. Btecvh, ciii.—hismeaHniement of tbe great am of 
the Meridian. Baron Geobqe de Mbyendoep, csx. — Lie travels in Asia. Hon. 
EswABJ) Etebeit. Sir Bobebt Herhakn ScHoununoE, cixi. — his services as 
Uk explore/; received a gold medal in 1S40, cxxii. Dr. Baiew; hia services on 
the Niger, oiiiii. Mr, Hddbon Gcehet, cxxiv. Eear-Admital tho Hon. 
Hehbi Amthohy Mcheay. Mr. Josiroi BATK.exsv. Archdeacon Buknbi, 



«i-si. Mr. Sabuel Cartwbtght. Benjamin Sillimas. Mr. THOKAa Yodno, 
cxiTii. John Geobge Phillhiohe. Hekhv Chbistie, oixvii. Admiral Sir 
Jahes Stibunq. Mr. Geobije Dodd. Vice-Admiral Robeht Fitzbot, c.b. ; Mb 
aervicea to geography, geologj, natiual history, and meteorology, cxxix. 

Admimity Saneys, ciixii.— progresB at home and abroad. English Coast, cxxxliL 
Foreigii. Surveys, onxiv. — work in ilie Mediterranean, Seafaaniland, Captain 
Orlebar Bnceaeded by Mr. J. H. Keir, Bjr. Naoa Scotia, oixit. — approaching 
completion of coast surtoy. West Indies. British Colwnbia. Aastralia, four dis- 
tinct fnrveys being carried on. South Africa, ci^xvi. China and Japan, sorveya 
between Singapore and Hongboog ; on the northerD ooasta of China ; entrance 
of the Yang-laiB-kiaiig ; pnblioation of charta, &c., by the Hydrographie Office. 

Smirnc of the Progress of Ceograp/acai Kaowledge since the Finindaiiiin of the Socielg. 
The condition <it geographical Bclence in 1S30, oisxvii. — ^great progress in 
Australia, cxxxTiii, — Mr. Allan CunDiughain'B explnrations in 1S29, oixxix. — 
Flinders, cil. — Captain Bturt; Eyre \ Lieuteoanta Grey and Lnsbington, cxli. 
— Sir Thomas Mitchell ; Count Strzeleeki ; discovery of gold by him, oilii.— 
Dr. Lndwig Loichhardt; Angustua Gregory, oiliii. — M'Douall Stuart's grand 
discoTBriea ; Burke and Wills | Landsborougli, M'Kinlay, Wilkes, cslrii,^ 
Anowamith's maps. 

Asia, cxWiii. — great increase ia oor knowledge of (be Hiraabiyas, Nepaul, Tibet, 
CBishmere, Cabul, and Bukhara ; British Burmah ; progress made with regard to 
Siam, Laos, Cambodia, Annam, Tonqnin, cxlis.— importnnt geographical work 
done in China; BOme progress in (.he Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, and Bornea, cl. 

Russia and her Boundaries. Great adnin^es made by Russian geograpliers and 
travellerB ; M, Radde'a work ; msps, cliii.— glacier of Devdorak, c\iv. — ascent 
of the River Sungari, a tribatary of the Amor, oIt. 

Svulh America^ clvi.— great edvanoe nince 1830 ; coast snrveya by King mid Filz- 
Boy; Sir Woodbine Piuish and Mr. Pentlund, olvii. — Sir R. Schombni'gk'B 
eiploralions in British Guiana ; Smyth, Wallace, Spruoe, and Bales, clviii.— 
Generol Miller, Morkham, Colonel Lloyd, Dr. Jameson, and David Forbes; 
Wheelwright, Mansfield, Captain Sulivan, Hincbliff, Colonel Hutchinson, 
Coghlan, and Captain Parish, clis, — Admiral Eeliett's surveys on the webt 
coast ; valuable work done by Frenchmen, Italians, Germane, and Americans, 
clx. — labours of South American geographers. 

Afriaa. Engagement of Dr. LivingBlone to determine tlie watershed of South- 
Eastern Africa, cltii.— his appointment as H.M.'s Consul in the interior ; his 
plana ; Du Chaillu'a expedition from the west coast, clxiii.— Gerhard Bohlfs' 
labours in North Africa. 

Keu PtAlications. Vombe'rv'a Account of his Travels in Central Asia, clxiv. — 
Captain Spratt'a Travels and Reseerobea in the Island of Crete, cliv.— Dr. 
Livingstone's 'The Zambesi and its Tributaries,' clxvL— 'Frost and Fire,' by 
Mr. J. F. Campbell of Lday, clxvii. 

Conclusion, clu, — Rfsume of Work still left for geographers. 

P.S.— Lieut-Col. Felly's return from the Persian Gulf, olxxxlii.— pnbllration of 
Mr. W. G. Palgrave's 'Journal and Eesideoce in Central and Easlem Arabia.' 

Sote on the Boundaries of Russia and Northern Titriidan, clxxxiv. 

Intelligence received of Mr, Samuel Baker's return to Khartum, and his dis- 
covery of the Albert Nyanza. 



ADDBE8S FOR 1866. 

By Sir BODm:os I, Hubchwos, x.o.b., Praiidoiit .. Vol. XXXVI. p. ciriii. 

Obituary Ifutioei, ciii. — Viacount PaLMKMTON. Her. Dr. W. Whewell, ciiii.— 
Adminl Wm.i*ii Hgnst Smyth, c,b., ciivi.— liia Bervices to Hie Society, 
OEtvii. — Sir William Jackson Hookbb, ciiviii. — Sir John Ridoasdson, c.b. 
cxixii, — bia Arotio exploration b, cixxiii. — Dr. Hknht Eaeth, cuiiv.— his 
■ervioes to gciigrapliy, cxix^.—loan Geanaa FonctinAHMEB, cxxxvL— Nii£ 
KoiiDENBKjiiLD, ouxviji. — BaTon Chablka Clac8 ton beb Deceen, eisxii.— 
Lis labours in Africa, axl. — Jacob Swakt, oilii. — Capt. Lores Ibukdoe Dcpebbey, 
cztiii, — his esplonttioas in South America Bind Oceania. Admiral Don Edcabdo 
Oabrasoo. PtofeHsor Eefffeb, ciIit.— Earl of DoBocQHMonB, cxlv. — Lord 
MoHTKAULR. Dt. Johh Lbe. Dr. Thomas Hodosin, ctlvL — Gkobbb Rbmnb. 
Dr. WiLLiAU Fbbeuan Danieli., oxlTii. — Commodore CsAOBorT, c.b., cilTiii- 
— Mr. Bbnjauui Oliveiba'b Beqasat to tbe Society, cxlix. 

Adntn^ty Surwya. Increa^Bil iotereat of naval ofBccra in geographical and bydro- 
grapliical aubjeota. Coasts of He Vnilad Kingdom, progresB of various surveys, 
cl.— Rhwjji Sarveys, Work in the MedilerrBnona. China and Japan, cli^BoiYeja 
in Northern Cbina, Formoaa, fto. Colonial Sunwjs. — Jfota Scotia, completion of 
coast BorreyB by Commander Scott. Newfoundland, clii. — aurvey progresBing. 
Weil Indies. British ColuiMa, vhole of raaiiUand as far north aa Fitzhugll 
Bonnd in 51° 20' N. lat. now aceomtely laid down on oharta. Smith Africa. Hm 
South Wale), oliii. — Queensland. Victoria, cliv, — South Avstralio, publication ot 
ohnrtB by Hydrographio Offics ; chart of the Southern Hemiephere on the 
PolarPrqjeotian, illoatralive of the ice-drift during difftrent seasona; propoaed 
Te-inirey of Strait of Magellan and inland cbannels, olvi. 

Meteorology. Report of committee on quoetiona relating t 
Department of the Board of Trade. 

Jfem rublications, clviii. — Paathier's 'Marco Polo,' clii. 

Enatern Asia: Oliyer'a work on Madogascar; Baines' Views of the Victoria 
Fallfl ; new edition of FuUarton's ' Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wolea ' ; 
BQpplement to Bladiie's 'Impetial Gazttteer'; Findlay's 'Sailing Directiona 
for the Indian Oceac,' els. 

Marco Polo and Mediwval Trarellers in China. M. Pauthier's work. 

Europe, clsL^-emption near Santorino, in the iEgcan Sea. Saritierland, cliiT. — 
completion of the great Federal topogrepliical map, cliv. — Ziegler'a bypso- 
etrical map of Switzerland. Spain, Don Pedro Antonio do Meaa's physical and 
hjdrograpidcal aocoant of the Basin of tbe Ebro. 

Alia, clsvi. — Eesearchea of Russian Geographers. Prince Krapolkine's jonmey &om 
the Hivet Argnn to Merghen, in Chiuese Tarlary, and thence to Blagovest- 
chensk on the Amur ; researches in ManolinriB ; Struye's determination of ten 
astronomical points in Central Asia and on new RnEsian boundary ; Lapatine'a 
exploration near tbe inoutli of tbe yenisei, clxvii. — Col. Heiuz'a memoir on the 
Dungana of Western Chiua, clxviii. 

Region of Central Asia betsreen the Russian Frontiers and British India, elxix. — cnriouB 
MS. narrativa of travels in the Pamirs ; criticiam and remarks by Lord Stiang- 
ford. Sir H. Bawlinson, and M. Kbanikot; Capt Monlgomerio'a account of 
itry between the Karakoram Fuss and Yarkand, clxxi. 

Orent Trigonometrical Sarrei/ of India, clxiii. — work completed and remaining to be 
done, clxxiii. 

> l^e MeteoToh^cat 
— Bastian'B work c 


CTintAoBH Caltroatian in British India, oluyi. — Mr. C. B. Markham's report od 
present coaditiaa, clxxTii. 

Japan, els xviii.— Commander Forbea'a ciourBioBS in the interior of tlio laland of 
YSBBO i Profesaor Huxley's acdount of the peculloritiea of Aioo skolls, clxxix. 

Amiraiia. Important advaiioes made in Queensland, and opening ant of Northero 
or latei-tropical Australia ; endeavonrB to discover Leloliliardt's lice of mute in 
the interior, clxxiv. — eubscriptiona by the Society ; donslion by the Queen. 

SoKih America. Mr. Chandleea' exploration of the Eiver FnTllB ; Mr. Mailfham's 
journey, olsxsri. — Saraflm Salgado's diary of an expedition np the PnrtiB, 
obtained by Mr. Bptuce, olixxviL — the Kiver Madre de Dios, clxxxviii. — 
Mr. Chandleas' exploration of the Eiver Aquiry, tributary of the Purfla. 

United States of Cc^wiMt. General Mosquera'e description of them, acooiupamed by 
atlas of maps correctod &am surveys by Codozii and others, olsxxix. 

l^tpographicai Survey of Bumos iyres. 

Sorth Potar Expedition. — Qreej^aad. Admiralty unwilling to listen to Society's 
appeal ; similar failure in Germany ; Mr. Edward Whymper's proposed 
exploration of northern coaat-line and interior of Greenland, oso. 

Africa. Mr. 8. W. Baker's discovery of the Albert Nyatiza; his account of his 
eiploratioiiB ; his verification of the poaitiooa determined by Spekc's astrono- 
mical observationti, oxci. — his definition of the water-badn of the Lnta Nzige ; 
M. do Cbaillu's nnsnoc^sful attempt to rc«Dh Central Africa from the west 
coast, ciciii.—reaulCa of his journey ; testimonial voted to him by the Council.; 
Mr. B, B. N. Walter's expedition to the country northward of M. dn Chiulln'a 
rente; M. Ladislana Magyar's journeys, cxciv. — fears reapeoting' his fate; 
Livingstone's projected journey to the Rovuma River and Lakes Nysflsa and 
Tanganyika, cxcr. — Dr. Kirk appointed Government medical ofBoer at Zanzibar. 

Conclusion, cxcvL 

By Sir Kodewck I. Mchchibon, k.o.b., President .. Vol. XXXVII. p. oxv. 

Obituary Notices. Sir Geobqe Everest; bis services in conneotion with the Great 
Trigonometrical Survey of India, cxvi. — Profeasor IIbnby Eobers, exviii. — 
Rev, Geobgb Cbcil Behocaud ; Sir Stdabt Donaldson, ciii. 

Admiralty Surveys, oxx. — Coasts of the United Kingdom. Culver's work on the Eaat 
Coast, cxxi. — Channel Islands. Portsmouth. Foi-eign S^rmiys, cixii. — Mediter- 
ranean, Capt. Shortlttod's Survey of the Maila Channel, diiaa Sea. SbrtA 
China and Japan, Work of Commanders BrookcT and Bullock. Strait of 
Magellan, cixiii. — oomraencement of Capt. Mayne's Survey. West Indiea, 
Bermvda. Commander Chimmo'a work. Newfoundland, csiiv. — Mr. Kerr's 
servioaa in connection with the Atlantic Cable of 18G6. British Columbia. 
Cape of Good Hope. CoSmial Surveys. Victoria. Hew South Wales, oxxv.— 
Queensland. Oommaudcr Nares' activity. South Aastralt'i. Charts, &o., pub- 
lished in 1S66 by the Hydrographic Office, oxxvi. 

Continental Fubliaations. 

Gmndemann's Missionary Atlas, GEXVli. 

Africa. Dr. LivingHone. Strong grounds for disbelieving report of his death j 
surmises as to amnectiDn of Lake Tanganyika with the Albert Njauaa, eisriii. 
— Mr. Fiudlay's memoir on thia subject ; boat expedition to be despatched to 

north oDil ot Lake Njaiim to iDqnire into LmogstoDC's fate ; Ur. E. D. 
Toung to b« [ilaced fa commanil, oxxix. Satesal, oixi, — tiipeditioD aent t^ 
Col. Fftyberbe to Sx gco^^pbical pnsitionB betwoea Upper Seaegnl and 
Niger; work done there bj Lieutenant Mage; French Qeogiaphio&I ISociutj'B 
Eold medul awarded to him, cixxi. 

Alia. BanjiAQ notivitj in north pari of Central Aaia; publiratioQ of Col. Tnle'i 
'Cathitf and tbe Waj Thither'; iutercouree with ths cast in medieeTal and 
Diudem times ; iireagTapliical opt-'mtLona of Admiial Boutakof, euziiL — hb 
work on the Ami Bea: bia explniatinn of tbe Jaxartes, exxxiv. — obaervationt 
on the AialD-CaBpian batin ; Bemiinora explotationn of tbe Tien Bhan, the 
great axiltl noge of Ctmtrat Axis, oilvi. — preparatioD b; RasBians of maps of 
Dnkoown tracts, cxlrii. — Bokhara, oilviii. — Btruve'a map of 'Fu^atan. 

J?ortA»nt /VimiiarB of Britl>h fndia. Mr. W. H. Johoson's joumoy from Leh, in 
l«da}di, (o Ilohi, In Chinese Ttu'lar^ ; the trade and products of tlie region, 

Tibtt. Capt. Godwin-AiuiteB'B snrrej of Lake Pangong. 

Bile fir a JTcm /nrfiiin Capital. The Hnn. George CampbeU'B paper Bnggealing 

Ifossiek, 120 milea from Bombay, as a anitablo localitj', oli. 
Delta of the taiha. Col. Tremenhobro's paper on tbe pbj-sical get^raphy of the 

Lower Indus. 
Ktrdistan, clii. — Mr. CooBul Tajlor'a 8:eographical and arohieologioal work. 
Egijpt, cliii.— I7((i Great Pyramid. Vtat Piazii Smyth's ' Life and Work of the 

Great Pyismid'; Mb demoostration of its propurtioDB uid oonatmetiTe 

BrrBngemevIa, ollv. 
South America. Hi. GhaodlesB' exploration of tbe PniQB and Aquiry, oIt. — Sefior 

BaiiDODdi'B labours in the province of Caravaya ; Mr. Cliandieas' intended 

ascent of tbe Bivers Madeira and Beni. civi — opening up of great fluvial 

highways between the Peruvian proviaces of the Andes and the main stream of 

the AmazooB. 
Juslrvi/ojiu. Death of Mr. D. Molntyro, leader of tbe Leichhardt Seoicb Eiipe- 

dition ; oontinnalioD of search, clvii. — local oxplorotinns in Australian 

ColonieB in search of lands enitable for pasture or settlement, clvii. 
Sta Zealand, elviit, — Dr. Haast's exploration of Middlu Island mountain range ; 

passes discovered. 

ADDEESa FOE 1888, 
By Sir B. L Mubchison, Bart., k.c.b. President . . Vol. XSXTIll. p. oxxxiiL 
Cuatinaed prosperity of the Sociely ; difflculticB as to providing dtting mam *t 

Obituary Soliie), oiiiiv.— Mr. William Jobs Hamilton; received Founder's 
Medal in 1813 for his researohes in Aoia Minor, ciixv. — President of tbe 
Bociety in 1837, 1841, 1842, and 1847, cxxivi.— Earl of RossK, oxisvii,— 
his great services to Bcience ; Admiral Lord CoLaHKaTBB, cil.— accompanied 
Lord Amherst's Embassy through the interior of China to Oantoo ; Bt Hon. 
Sir Gboboe Clebe, oxlii.— Capt. Jambs Manqleb, r.n., cxliii.— author of 
BCVCTfll geograpbical treatises; Mr. Ashuhst Majkndie; Mr. John MurBT 
Lavrie; Bev. Piebcb Bitleh, ciliv.— bis contiection with the survey of the 


Binai PanioanJn; Sir Ohables Lemon, Bart., eslri.— Mr. John CRiwruHB, 
P.R.B., eilyiiL — hia Barricea to Ethnology, Nfttunil History, and Geograpty, 

Admiralti) Santeys, oliii.— Wm( Coast of EagUmd. East Coast of Etvjhad. Farb- I 
moutli, cliy. — ChtmnsI Islands. Foreign Survei/s, Mediterranean; Cftpt. Short- l 
land's work ; Strait of Magellan, oly. — great progtesa made in the garrey, and J 
diaages diflcoverad ( China 3ea ; dangetQas coral reefs eiamined ; Sorth China I 
and Japan ; Commander Brooker's work on tho Formosa posat ; proposed lighting I 
of China ooaet, gM. — Commander Bullock's work in Japan. West Indies ; 1 
Parson's Chart of Montserrat. ifiiic/ound/anrf, clvii, — prograsB of the coast aurrey. f 
Bermxdits, cWuL — British Calambia. Cape of Good Hope. Australia. VicloHO. \ 
Sew South Wales, South Australia, 'Aix..—Qaeensl,i«d. Red Sea ; Capt. Brad- 
ahaw's work between Aden and Anncsley Buy, Publication and revision 
charts, &e. 

ifeuj Publications. Sooiaty's ' Journal,' vol. 37 ; Major'l ' Life of Prince Henry,' cbc. 
— sketch of its conlenU, clxi, — Keith Johnatou's New Attosus, clxii. — Ui. 
Johnaton'B Berrioea in popuIariainE *'ie study of geography; Chapman's 
'Travels in Bonth Africa,' uliiii. — Millingen'e ' Observation a in Armenia and 
Kurdistan'; ComeliBsen's ' Treatise on the Temperature of tlie Sea off th6 
Cape of Good Hope, cliiv. — Jordan's 'Via Inerlira in the Ocean." 1 

Europe, ollv. — Spain; Don Francisco Coello'a acomnt of survey operationa, I 
Sjcilterland, clivi. — measurement of the glaciers of South-Wealem VaMs; 
prize to encourage inyestigationB conooining the warm southerly wind or 

Arctie Researches, Expedition daspatchod by Dr. Petermann, clivii. — French 
expedition; American researches, clxviii. — Capt. Lough's sketch of the piogresa 
of Arctic discovery from the days of Hudsoa and Frobisher; rou<«B sug-gested . 
by him, oliix.- — Capt. David Gray's proposed way of roaoliing the North Poli^ j 
clii. — preparations for Swedish Expedition, clxxi. 

British Jforth America. Dr. Cheadle's forecaat of the future of the North Amerioui | 

Central America, olxxii.— /sWmii.s of Darien; Oollinson's preliminary eurvej; 
H. Lnoien de Puydt's exploiationa; Admiral Davis's work ou * lutoroceanio 
Traasit,' cLmiii. 

iSoiith Araerioa, Pemvian explorations on the Amazons ; acoouot by Don M. F. | 
Paz Boldan of ft survey of the land-route betneen the head of the navigation 
the Ucayali and PachiCea Bivers and the City of Huauuoo ; exploration of the 1 
Biver Javari, olxiiv. — Capt. Vargaa' exploration of the River Morona; gold> 
washing by Indians; Prof. Raimondi'a explorations of the Andean Valleys of 
Ceutral Peru, clxxv. — his examination of the Giver Pulperia, an affluent of 
the Apnrimac ; Capt, Burton's journey through the interior of Brazil. 

J'latralia. Shell's examination of country between Nickol Bay and t}ie Tropic of I 
Capricorn; identity of the Aahburlon with the Curlew River; Captain Cadell'* 
disODvery of rivers in the northern territory. 
Ctntrid Asia and Western China, olixii. — Mahometan rebellion ; consequent stop- I 
page of trade between British Burmah and Oliina, clxxvii.— ascendancy of 1 
rebels iu Eastern Turkialan ; recoinmeadatlon of Council that Lieut. Heyward f 
be allowed to explore regions north of the Hindu Kush. 

nah, clxxviii. — account by the late Mr, John Crawfurd of ths J 
Hit state of the province ; hia objections to a railway ^m Bangoon la I 
le piovince of Yiinnan, clxxx. — projected railroad in British Burmah. 




IVM and LItata, CnjiL MoutgoniGrie'B propoail to cdnoate iDlelligeot Datives for 
aiplontion to the nortliward itppraveil li; Oovumment: good lesalta; im- 
portant explocatiooi bj tbo Fuudit, olxxxi. — gold wutch awarded to Um, 

Coal mtd Oold of Soat/i-Eusten Africa. CoBi in Nutnl ; gold diBOOTcries to the 
north-weet of the Tninaraal territory by Mr. Cftil MauoU ; brief BOooont of bU 
work; BU|ipased site of Ophir, clxxsiy. — vbouy trees on the Biver Roviuub, 

Abi/imia, dxxxTii.— Hr. Ctements Markham's aocount of former Portuguese 
eipeditioaa ; reoent eiplonkCioiifl ; Mr. Markham'a work as geogiaplier nf tbe 
BritUh Military Expedllion, clxxxviii, — geogrtiphii-al informatitHi collected 
and diseemiualitd by the Topographical Departinetit of the Wu Oi&ce, 

Dipendencf of Oen<p\jphi/ on OeiAajij. — The oldest compamlive Qeograpliij. 

Livingtton^3 Progress in South Africa, cioiv. — rumour of Lis death prored by 
Hr. E. D. Young to bo untrue; suoceaa of the boat expedition; speculations 
a< to LiTingatone'a fntnre course, oxct. — Sic Samuel Baker's views, cxcvi. 

By Sir Rodebids I. HrHCHiso!i, Bart., k.c.b., President . . ToL XXXIX. p. cxsxt. 

ObiluiBy Nutices, cixivi. — Lord Steanofohd; his passion for languagea, csxirii. 
— his great ge(%raphical knowledge, cziiriii. — Chableb Frsdehiok P. voK 
UJivrniB, cxzxii.— hia explorations in Brazil, cxl. — ^bie services to botanj; 
H. DB LA BoocETTE, cxli. — hfs labouTB in eoiraeclion with the French Qeo- 
graphical Society ; Sir Jaues Brooke, Bart., k.o.b., BhjbIi of Sarawak, cxlii.— 
awarded a gold medal fur his work in Borneo, cxiiii.— Sic C. Wkktwobth 
DiLKE, Bart., cxlv. — Mr. T. H. Bnoonsn, oilvi , — Sir Johh P. Boileap, Bart.: 
Mr. John Dickinson, e.s.a. ; Sir Edward Cunars, Bart., oxivii. — Rev. 8. W. 
KiNa; Dr. H. Norton Sbaw; his serrices as Acting Secretary of the Sooiety; 
Sir John V. P. Johnbtonb, Bart., cilviii. 

AdmircUtg Surreys, ol. — important resealcbes of Dr. Carpenter and Prof. Wyville 
Tliomson on tbe subject of lea-bottomi and temperature at conBidccable depths 
between the Htbridea and Faroe Isles. 

Souk Coails; PordmoHth Harbour and SpUhead, oli. — CAann^ Islands; expected 
close of anirey ; Mediterraman ; Nares' surrey for Bubmarine cable between 
Malta and Aleiandria, clii.^Sirart ef Magellan ; Capt. K. 0. Majne's work in 
VbeSaasavi North Chiaa and Japan, a)^. — progresson Japancaecoasta; reBiaivey 
of entrance of Birer Min, China coast, oliv.— 7%^ Ch!m Sea Burvs!/: Seed's 
work in the .Siflmmn, pIv. — observation of total eclipse of the sun from west coast 
of Borneo ; Spanish aotvey of Philippine lales, ol?L — Wesl Indiei. 

Seafoundlaad. Kerr's work on the east coa^t. 

Briiilh Coltanbia. 

Cape of Good Hope, clvii. 

Justralia, Nea South Wales; approaohing completion of surrey; Victoria; South 
Ausiralia, olviii. — Queensland ; good progresa made. 

Auxiliary Sareeyi, Commander Cbimma's work, 

S. M.S. Serpent, Commander Bullock's dtsp-sea sonndiuj^s for submarine cable 
between Australia and Java, elix. — also from Ponang aoross Bay of Bengal to 
Point do Galle. 


Summari/, Pablicatiou oF eniliag diiectioDB, cbartB, fto. 

Ifew PMications. ToLiliatcherB ' Aaie Minanre ' ; Whymper's 'Travels in Alaaka J 
and on Uie Kivet Yukon,' clxi.— Deleaae's ' Carte litlioli^qne dea Mera do , 
Fmnce'; Neubuuer'a 'Geography of the Talmud,' clsii. — WaHacu'a 'Malay I 
ArchipeUgo': Bickiaore's 'Travels in the Baat Indian Aioliipelago," clxT.— 
Keith Johnatun'a 'Elementary Attiiaes,' clxvi. — Fiillitrtau's 'Huad Attaa,' 

Arctic Seaeardies, Fetermann'a expedition ; BwediBli expedition ; Founder's Mednl 3 
awarded to SL Nordenakiold, oliviii.— departore of Lainont's expedition, clxix. T 
— disGovei; of remains of fasail plants of a varm climate in snbaoil of Polof 1 
BegioDB, olxx. 

Europe. Swiizeriajid, clisiL — FacBimilea of original sarveya of tbe country to be j 

Italy. Italian Oeographieal Brioiety ; papers published in their ' Journal,' cliziiL 1 

— Becoeri's sketches of liia journeya in Borneo ; results of voyage of tha 1 

Africa, clixiv, — Livingstone's route; no intelligenoe received; Duarto Lope^ ] 

map of Africa (1591), clxxv. 
South African Gold Fields, elxxvi. 
Aaa. Central Asia, elisvii. — Russian aurveya in the Tien Slian ; geographionl at 

vejB by the Pundits of South-western Tibet ; Shaw's jouriiey into the Yarkaud 

territory; trade routes between TurkistMi and India, cliiviii. — mapa ; new 

information in GoL Walker's map of Turkietan, clxxix.— Col. Yule's obaer- 


Erpedilion of Mr. T. T. Cooper, cliisii. — Unanccesaful allempta to reach Aasani 
from Bzechueo, and Bannah througli Tiinnun ; projected expedition from India* 
to Western CMua. 

French Exploratioa of the Great Can^Kidia Bluer and of YUnnan, oltrxiii.— Sketch of ] 
jonmeyofCapt. deLagr^ and Lieut. Francis Qamiei; death of former, olxxxir. 
— great results achieved, clxxxv. 

South Amnrlon. ExaminationotBiverJunia completed by Mr. Chandloss; Pemvian ' 
Government explorations i Eaimoudi's work; Nystrom's work east of the Andei 
in country explored bj Markham in 1853, clxxxvi.— new edition of atlas of 
Bepublic of Peru ; Bada'aTleBoent of the rivers MamorS and Madeira ; maps f 
received from Brazil, clxxxvii.— publication of Capt. Borton'a aocouni 
his Brazilian exjilotations ; plan of Buenoa Ayres, preacnted by Don Satumino 

Tin fbrmer and Vresait PhysioaJ Changes of the Surface of the Earth eatr^red. 

Concliaioti, cxciii. 

Fottscript, cxoiv. — DisanieTy if the Tme Mouth of the Limpopo or Bemhe Sin 
BDcompllBhed by Mr. St. Vincent Erskioe ; his observations and map of conn 
from norlli of Natal to the Litopopo- 



B; Bif BoDEtics L HoBOBtsoN, Bart., e.c.b., President.. Vol. SL. p. cxxxiii. 
CUtuary Kolicta. Capt Cbables Smtr: hii givai Berriaas as on explorer in 
Aaabsllk, ciiiiv.— Right Hon. Hghrt Unwik AoDrNGTON, oxixrii. — Lord 
BsocGHTOli,a.o.s., oxxxti. — ona of the foooderH of the Society; Admiral of the 
Fleet Sir Wiujau Bowles, rxI.— M. Adrien BEBnaroQER, cxlii. — Hj-> 
J. W. 8. Wtlub : Earl of Desbt, b.o,, dlllL — R*i.pb William Gbbt, ciliv. — 
JoHH Hooo ; one of the BonretarleB of the Sociotf ISIS-SO ; his geographical 
and otiier works, cxlv. — Dr. Peteb Mabs Bogbt, ; bis 'ThGeaurus of 
EnglUh Words and Phraaes': Arthir Eett Babolat; Sahcel 8. Hiu,: Mr. 

CotutKLtoiGHiHiiKLL. cilvi.— Coloncl Qeobge Oawleb, E.H., cilvii. Ml. JAMia 

Haoqdsbv ; bia sOTvicea to Afrioan Gw^raphy ; Mr. Geobob Pbabody, ciliz. 
Admiralty Sarvegi, Deep-sea eiploralion in the Poraxpine, by Dr. Carpenter, Prof. 
Wyville Thomson, aod Mr. Qwynn JetC^eys. 

Some Coatti. Sennd vessel eqnipped ; publication of complete cliarta of Chanuel 
lalanda, cl.^Partsmoni/i ; MtdiierTanean ; Capt. Nares' work On the ooasl of 
Tunis, in the MrIIa Clinnnel, &o. ; Strait of Mageltivi i roanlt of Capt. MAyoe's 
work ; Sorth China and Japan, eli. — suTveying in the Inland Sea ; portion of the 
Upper Yang-taze explored and mapped ; CommaTidei H. O. Si John appointed 
to the Bylnia. ChinaSaa; proposed extension of the survey, clii.— AW/ound/anrf; 
progress of survey ; assistancu to Great Eaalem ia laying Preni^h Atlantio cable. 
West Indies ; survey removed to British Onsyana. British Columbia ; progress 
of work; expected completion of survey. (7<ipe a/ flood .ffofw; sarveying on west 
coast. South Atatralia. Deaths of Capt J. Hutchison and Lieut. Ony, diii. — 
Viotoria; Sea South Wales; deep-sea sounding, cliv. — Qmwmlatul ; favourablo 
progress made. Wast Coast of Africa. Survey of montha of rivers. 

Sammarj/. Publication of challB, Ao.; retirement of Commandera Edward Dunater- 
ville and John Burdwood, civ. 

Sea Fahlications. ' Journal ' of the Society, vol. 39 ; Petermann'a ' Geographisohe 
Mittheilungen,' civi. — Keith Johnston's last worl<a, civil. : Kohl's ' History of 
the Discovery of Maine'; his work undertaken at the Buggeslioa of Mr. B. H. 
Major, Becretary b.q.s. ; Marooy's ' Voyage i, travers I'Am&ique dn Sud,' olviii. 
~-MiUingen's 'Wild Life among tliG Kurds,' clix. — contains geograpliioal infor- 
mation of many little-known parts of Kurdistan, 

Italian Oeographioal Societj/. Death of Count Luvradio alluded to by its President. 

The Canal of 5Wi, elx. — Society repreaeuted at the opening by Lord Houghton ; 
Report on the Canal by Capt. Richards, the Hydrographer, aqlI Colonel 
Clarke, b.b. 

Cenlral Asia. Advances in geographical knowledge of country north-west of ludia 
and Eastern Turkistan ; Mr. Shaw'a residence in Kashgar, oiKi. — meeting of 
Messrs. Sliaw and Hayward on the Himalayan frontier; Mr. Shaw's return to 
England, clxii. — successful exploralions by Mr. Hayward; his zeal and courage 
commended ; bis present plans ; the Russian Governor-General of Turkistan 
ordered to aBsist him in case of need ; Mr. Douglas Forsyth'a laboara and their 
resulta; Sir Henry Bawhnson's remarks on eiplorntion of north-wostem 
frontiers of India, cliiv.— Chinese power in Easlem Tqrkiatau. 

Sussians in Central Asia, clxv. — Their extension of geographical knowledge 
throughout Western Turkistan ; Baron Eaolbars' survey in tlie central part of 
the Tien Shan; Scobflard'a topographical surveys in the Zarafslmn district; 



olbpc smTBja anil map of Russian TnTtistaiD, olivi. — ancient mine in (Lake) 
Issyk-fcnl ; Boron OBten Saoken'a mcnioir on moutitaiDOUB region between 
Tarkietan and the Raasian boundary neat Kasligar, tranBlaled by Mr. Delmar 

Wastera Asia, clivii. — Conaul Taylor's journey lo tlie sonrcea nf the Eiiphratea. 
Aualralia, clisiii. — Forrest's Journey in the inlHiior of Western Aastralia ; well- 
graaaal land found in North Australia; Sir C. NtoholBOti'a comparative sketoh 
of tbe rise and progresfl of tbe Auatralian colonies ; remarks on New Guinea, 
oliiK.— Gapt. Delargy well received by the natives; siiggeation of Sir C. Niohol- 
aon for the improvement of our geograpliical knowledge of the ialaod. 
EoHth Atncrioa, clxjt.— Mr. Chendleas" account of hia exploration of Hiver Jurui j 
hia attempted exploration of the Kivec Beni; curiaua feature in tho pbysioal 
geography of the interior of l^oulh America brought to light by hia researclies 
and those of the Peruvian and Brazilian Boundary CommiBeiDn ; explarations 
and surveys in other parts of South America ; part of tropical South America 
explored by acienlific expedition, under the auspices of the Smithsonian lusti- 
totion, clxxi. — map of central provincea of Chili in course of preperation ; Dr. 
Philippi's explorations in little-known parts of Chili ; British naval surfeys at 
BOUthem extremity of tbe continent. 
Arctic ami Antarctic Eesearches, elxxii. — Failure of Mr. Lamonfa expedition to 
Bpillbergen; Capt. Hamilton's memoir on Antarctic researoljcs; Morrell'a 

I narrative of journey in those regions not considered authentic. 

^^i.fcie more trords on Phi/aicaJ Geoijrapky oa depEj^eni on Geoiogy, clxxiii.^ — Remarks 

W on Mr. Robert Brown's papi-r on tbe formation of Qords, caftoos, and benchea in 

* Notlh America. 

Africa, cdny—flrBui Bait Desert at the Eastern Foot of the Abiissinian Alps. Mr. 
Werner MuTizinger's exploration &om Hanllla, ou tbe Red Sea, to the Abys- 
■ituan highlands ; boain of salt below the level of tbe sea ; Mr. Muozinger's 
■ervicea to the British army. 

Dr. iMingalone, No certain or recent news of him, but no cause fur despondency 
SB lo Ms safety: a relieving party from Zanzibar prevented by cholera from 
leaohing him, clxxvi. — hopes entertained of communications being now restored 
with Ujijl; departure of Sir Samuel Baker's expedition from Khartum in 
February ; small work by Mr, Keith Johnston, jun., referred to ; remarka on 
varioua hypotheses respecting the rivers and lakes of Boat Central Africa. 


( ii ) 






Aabed, Province of, Arabia, xxxiv. 112 

et seq, 
Abaoaxis River, Brazil, zl. 419, 422- 

425, 427, 430. 
'' Abadees," or Settlements in Beluch- 

istan, xxxiil. 205. 
Abai Creek, Borneo, xxxii. 217, 223, 

Abai (or Bine Nile) River, Abyssinia, 

xxxviii. 9, 10. 
Abana River, Syria, xxxii. 76, 77, 80. 
Abanoay Province, Peru, xxxviii. 414. 
Abbe-binq-annie, Lake, South Aus- 
tralia, xxxiii. 31. 
Abdakom, Abyssinia, xxxviii. 43. 
Abdul Rahma Pir, of the Sangores, 

shrine of, xxxiii. 203. 
Aberdeen, Earl of. Obit. Notice, xxxi. 

p. cxii. 

, sailing of the Fox j&om, 

i&. 1. 
Abich, Dr., referred to, t6. 149, 150, 

152 ; xxxix. 51. 
Abisa, Awisa or Babisa tribe. Lake 

Nyassa, xxxiii. 262. 
Abitagua, mountain in the Quitouian 

Andes, Ecuador, xxxi. 163, 164, 174- 

Abombo Tribe, Western Equatorial 

Africa, xxxvi. 70. 
Aboo-Debeb, village, Arabia, xxxiv. 

Aboo-Moosa, island, Persian Gulf, 

ih. 145. 
Abobigikes of Cape York, Queensland, 

xxxvi. 80 et seq. 


Aborigines of North America, extinc- 
tion of the, xxxi. 210, 211. 

of the District of Roebuck 

Bay, North- West Australia, xxxv. 
283 et seq, 

Abou-Shahb (Busbire), xxxiv. 142. 

Abbamof, a. ; The (Lake)NoB-ZAi8AN, 
and its Neighbourhood (translated 
from the Russian by Mr. John 
Michell), xxxv. 58--aescription of 
position of lake, 58 — formerly called 
oy the Mongols Kun-Bloti-Nor ; 
present name given by Kalmyks 
since 1650 ; size of lake, 59 — ^head- 
lands; islands; rivers falling into 
lake, 60 — tributaries of Irtysh ; fish 
in the lake, 61 — early Russiaiti visi- 
tors, 64 — observations on the neigh- 
bourhood of the lake, 66 et seq, 

, N. ; SE&nPALATiNSK (trans- 
lated from the 'Journal of the Rus- 
sian Geographical Society for 1861,* 
by Mr. John Miohell), xxxii. 555. 

Table of Meteorological Observa- 
tions showing the highest and lowest 
degrees of temperature from October, 
1854, to January, 1860, and averages 
of temperature, 559. 

Abrus precatorius ; called in the West 
Indies, wild liquorice, xxxv. 250. 

Abstract of the Moonshee Mahomed- 
i-Hameed*s Route Survey from Eara- 
koram Pass to Yarkund, xxxvi 170. 

of marches of Moonshee 

Mahomed-i-Hameed from Leh to 
Yarkund, ih, 169. 

Abu Dibbis, Mesopotamia, xxxvii. 

' Abt- 


Asu Osml, monntaia in EiLatem Africa, 

isivi. 199. 
Ghurraib vaaai, Meaopotamia, 

Mi?ii. 164-166. 
HqbliaruiuB,MeBopotaioia, ii.l72, 

Knka, or Lolnan, Nile River, 

ixtv. 290. 
AfitL-FAZEL, MnhammedaD biatorian, 

ixxLlS; xixTL. 267. 
AeuL Feda, referrod to, xxxvii. 161, 

165, 176, 177. 
ABUI.0RA2I, Kbivtiii genealogist, re- 
ferred to, ixxr. 92, 
Abdtbabi, Arabiu, i6. 186. 
Abuta-uedeb mountains, AbjEeinia, 

ixiTiii. iO, 41, 17, 
Abvesihia, chaiactur of tho tribes of, 

mis. 37. 
, From Metemma to Damot, 

along the Western Shores of the 

Tana Sea. Bj Dr. H. BiAso. ib. 

, Jonmej to, in 1862. By 

Mr. B. W. Baker, isjuii. 237. 

, The PoHiT'orESE Extedi- 

I TioNB to, in tlie 15tb, Kith, end 17th 
[ Ceotoxies. Bj Mr. C. E. Mabkham, 

AmrssiNiAN Expedition, Mr. 0. R. 
Marklmm's work as OeograpUer of, 

, Geographical 

Besults of tho. B; Mr. C. R. Mabk- 

BAH, a. 12. 
AoigiA, the, in North-West Australia, 

xiiT. 249, 276. 
AoABT Bivor, Braxil, xl. 424. 
.Aoayhcan (San Mnrlin), town of, 

Isthmna of Tehuantepco, Central 

America, ixxii. 547. 
' AocHDOHLAH " Biver, British Colum- 
, bia, xixi. 226. 
AooosiBl, ipar of the moantain-cliain 

of ViloaEota, Southern Pern, ib. 194. 
on, Transcaucasia, xixis. 75. 
Head, Sumatra, xxiii. 241. 
AonKBOH River, tributaryof the Rakaia, 

New Zealand, ixivii. 333. 
AcBTDASTA Mountain, xxxt. 66, 67. 
AoBOOBBAintiAH Range, Eniius, xxxix. 

ACBOFOLIS of CnsBope, Ruins of the, in 

EpiruB, xxxii. 68 et aeq. 
AmtOK, Battle of. ixxii. 283. 
Adabaqi, AbjBsinia, xxxviii. 31. 

, Observation B at, iluring 

the AI^Bsinian Expedition, ib. 30. 

DU Khakh group, Caucasus, xxxix. 

«,se, 6" 

Ckstbal Silk Distbictb of Japan, 

Adansoaia, in North-West Anstrulia, 

ilxiL 246, 428. 
Addabo Plain, North-Easicrn Africa, 

xxxix. 228. 
Adpinotoh, Et. Hon. Honry Unwin, 

ObiL Notice, xl. p. cixxvii. 
Addodb, Aiinesley Bay, Red Sea, 

xxxix. 229. 
Adelaide, South Anstralia, xixi, 74, 

83, 97, 100. 110, 122, 145, 148, 148 ; 

xxxii. 371,487; xisiii. 320, 321, 

of Stuart's Expedition from, ib. 276. 

Eiver, NortJi AUBtraliB, 

li-. 287, 306-308, 310, 311, 313, 315, 
318, 319; xxsvi. 227, 231, 235, 240, 
242-244; xsxyiU. 371, 386. 

Adkn, xxxiT. 112. 

AnsiuAB, U., bis ' B^iolntions de la 

xxiT. 24! 


^^^^ Aoayhcan 

^^^^L Isthmna 
^^^H* America, 

^^^^B* AocHcom 
^^^^m bia, xxxi. 

^^V ofViloaE 

^^^B AoBALZion, 

^^^P AfMEESHl 

^^^f AohkbohR 
[ NewZea 

r. 129. 

Adie Island, Eastern Archipelago, 


, ObserraKons at, ft. 28. 

, Vegetation of, tt. 28. 

Adisob glacier, CamMaiia, xxxix. 70. 
AdSb, Dpper Nile region, xxxv. 290, 

291, 293-295. 
Adowa, town of, Abyssinia, xiiTiii.7. 

Mountains, Abyssinia, ib. 26. 

ADULiB,rHinsof the ancient Greek city 

of, ib. 13, 14, 49. 
Jdca!ios,Dr.Ksne'sbrig, xxxvi. 283,284. 
Adwah, village, Jebel Shomer, Arabia, 

"7. 124. 

, Obserrations made on 

the Jonmey Uu^ugh tie, by W. McH- 

ZINGBB, Esq., a<. 230, 231. 
, Tribes of tho, North- 

Easlem Africa, ib. 200-211. 
Apabineen distriot, ZanifiJian Valley, 

Central Asia, xl. 454. 
Afaes, North-Eastem Africa, Manners 

and Castoms of the, xxxix. 216. 
. — ' — . — -.Language 

of the, .'6. 209. 


of the. A. 219, 2!0. 
, MuiBer 

nf burjing the dtod among the, lA. 

, Political 

■tate of tlie, <i. 211 etuf. 
AraRANS, the, in Kashmir, xixi. 19. 
AiuaiMiBTAM, Nolea in. By Captain 

CLtuse Clerk, ib, 37. 
ArlcBO, Ab^BUinin, ixiriil. 46. 
Aflaj, provlocc, Arabia, ixxiv. 112 ct 

ArBioA, Duarto Lopez' map of (1591), 


unfit for long residence, 
— . tropiral Hborea of, a rich 


field for the zoologist, ffi. 1S7. 
.ProgTEsa of Geography and Ei- 

plrnationin, Tol.iixi.p. clixTii: vol. 

ziiii. p. cItL ; vol. iiiiiL p. clxxii. ; 

vol. ixiiv. p. olux. i vol. uiv. p. 

oil. ; voL xuvi, p. 010. ; vol. uivii. 

p. oisvii.r vol uaviii p. clxaiiL 

and p. cxciv. ; vol. mil, p. oliiiv. ; 

»ol. kL p. cliiv. 
, Weetero Equatorial. Bee 

Burton, Du C/iail!u. 
Ajbtcan fever, usi. 264, 269, 271, 275. 

medlar, lur. 157. 

— Kivers, mode of navigating, 

A-OA-Booe-AHA Creek. HoDth Australia, 

xixiil. 26. 
AoAui, Abf Baioia, mb 
AOASaiz. Prof., referrud 
AOATJ Moder, Al^Bsinia, -rttit , 43, 43. 

Plaina, AbjBfllnia, ib. 49. 

tribe, AbysBinia, ib. 43. 44. 

Jger Darmucenat (Fadim Aiam), Syria, 

09, 222. 


sssvi. 184. 
AghiN, Tutkey in Asia, 
AOHOB, Beluchiataa, sj 

Peat. Tiavaneore, 

i. 207, 209. 

AoMATA ElgeTc, Eart Africa, si. 307. 

Laegi5b, East Africa, ib. S23. 

Nda^. East Africa, ik 317. 

VilB KiTcr. East Africa, A. S20. 

Aasis Mount, Biitiflh Columbia, i^xiiv. 

187, 189. 
Agotas, Bridge of, on the Paatasa, 

one of the njiper tributaries of the 

Amazon, xxxi. 172. 
I AaKiouLTCEAL Oiops and Yegetablea 

of Japan, ib. 354. 

AoBtcf LTDss in Fiji, i: 

1 Um Ibtlimod of Te- 
buimtepec, Centritl America, ib, 543, 



Aani-DAOH, Moontidn 
Armenia, xxxi. 151. 

Aquaoatr Bay, Central America, 
xxxyiW. 85. 

AociLA Point, Gait of Uraba (Darienl, 
ib. 74, 86. 

AatiLA, Abysainia, I'i. S2. 34, 49. 

, observation a at, during Abyssi- 
nian Expedition, ifi. 31. 

Aqulbas Bank, off the Oape of Good 
Hope. xrxv. 149, 152, 301, 

. temperature of the 

sea on the, ib. 15S. 

AsADBA River, New Zealand, ixiti. 

Ahmeb-bt-Tcbk. referred to, ib. 88. 

AnuBD Bhah. Eajah of Skardo, re- 
ferred to, xiiiv. 37. 44. 

Ahooak, Oaravanserai and Postbooae, 
ixiL 39, 40. 

ABHABAioiMonnt, New Zealand, xxxiv, 

AiBvaiB Lake, Amn-Daria, Central 
Asia, lixvii, 152, 160. 

AiocVAli Kiver, tributary of the Purfla, 

AiOACHBB, Yarkand River, si. 83. 
AlGKBiK, Valley of, near the mouth of 

Ule Syr-Daria, xiiviiL 445. 
AiLLiK, Hudson Bay, settlement of, 

Labrador, i6. 271. 275. 
Are Hersha, Hermon, issii. 104. 
Howara, Peninaula of Sinai, 

ixxviiL 255. 
Hoftiera. identified with the Ha- 

zeroth of the Bible, xxxii. 345. 
, Peninsula of Stuai, 

xmiviii. 251. 
Ajv-Jessbh. Syria, xxsii. 91-93. 
Aj«o race, difficulty of tracing the 

origin of the, xxnvi. 176. 
Settlement, Yesso, Japan, ib. 175, 

skulls, Professor Huxley's aucoitnt 

of the peculiarities of. ib. p. oIxiIk. 
Atnswobth, Mr., his 'Tratfc in the 

Footsteps of the Ten Thousand,' re- 
ferred to, xixrii 168. 
AiNTAs, city of, Asiatio Turkey, xxiii. 

AlB, mountain pass, xixi. 367. 
AlETiN-KtTL, Central Asia, xixvii. 158. 
A J ANA slave-traders, Africa, xxxL 268. 


L, Tillage of, Abfseima, x 

u Canal, Mesopotamia, luiyii. 

Aksab, firat Mognl Empeiot of Ko^h- 

Akdha-Kul (Lake), xsiTiii. 439, 
Ak-Cheqanak, <i. 435. 
Ak-daria, Central Aeia, il, 454 ei seq. 
Ak-Djab, Syr Daiia, xuvlii. 437, 444. 
Akhaf Rauge, Arabia, ixiiv. 122, 147. 
AsiBi, West Central Africa, iixTii.!)9. 
Ak-koou, Karajilga Valley, Kaen Lan 

MoaalaiDB, xl. 47, 48. 
Ax-KO, (Lake), Ctnitral Aaia, iixvii. 

158; xl. 367, 376. 
Aklih el Bellan, Byria, xzxii. 105. 

el Shumar, Syria, ib. 106. Ala-m 

Ax-MEaiKD (Ak-Masjid), now Fort 

PeroTBfci, Syr-Daria, xxxviii. 437, 

439 : xl. lOS, 
Akohobob, tribe in Madagascar, xixvi. 

Akotzstab Kiver, Britiflh Columbia, 

xxxi. 219. 
Akh Kflf, rain in MeBopotamia, xiXTii. 

163, 164. 
Ajcsai CliiD (or While Desert), xl. 41, 

, fort of. Eastern Tuikifltan, ib. 

Mountains(ntAkBai-lau), Central 

Aai&,i'6. 460,461. 
Riyer, Central Asia, itxi, 359 ; 

xxxix. 312 ; il. 264, 368. 
As Shehrabad, Turkey in Asia, xxsTlii. 


— Shehr-sn, Turkey in Asia, i6. 302, 

— Streho valley and stream, Tnrkey 

Ah-bd, Turkey in Aaia, ib. 323. 
, river of Central Asia, xixi. 

361, 362, 365 ; iixii. 561 [note], 563 ; 

ixxTi.261; il, ]2g. 
Valley, EasteruTuTkiBtan,xxii. 

A"" ", town of. Central Asia, xxivi. 

164,16,5; xxiyii. 4-7, 16 i xl.83,92. tbe i 

AktIqh, ib. 45, 47, 61'fi4, 116— road 

into Eastern Turkiatan from, 1 

AktIsb Plateau, xl. 60, 115, 116. 
Bange, it. S3, 47, 48, 52, 53, 

58, 62-64. 
, roate from, to Gbadula, ib. 

Ae-taii, or Asfera, Central Asia, ib. 

385, 386, 395. 
Range, Central Asia, ib. 452, , 

456, 461. ' 

Aecla-Gcsat, prorinceof, Abyaainia, 

ixxviii. 21. 
Abvab, Araian, xxxti. 234, 533. 
Ala-abobi River, Centrul Asia, xl. 350, 
Ala, North - Eastern Africa, xxxix. 

20J^207, 224. 
Alaeastiib Lake, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

108 [note]. 
Al AasA iBstriot, Arabia, ixxt. 172, 

173, 177. 179-182, 185, 187. 

— ~ Al Bahrein, Arabia, i6. 181. 

Auji Peak, Wadjerat range, Aby»- 

Ala-kcl (Lake), Central Asia, xxxi 

217,357,358; xxxviii. 433. 
"AlAMEDi" of Cordova, La Plata, 

■. 243. 

4 Bivei, Central Aaia, xL 

Alaquis Kiver, tributary of the Patste, 

Ecuador, xxxi. 170. 
Ala-abcha, Conlral Asia, xl. 388. 
AL-AniDH, hill diatriot, Arabia, uzt. 

170-181, 186, 187. 
Alahhar Ova, Turkey in Asia, iixviil. 

433, 434 i xxxix. 312, 331, 333. 
system, Ceatral Asia, hsL 

357,358; xl. .396, 
Alatavbe, Buasion distriat of, Setni- 

palatitisk, xxxv. 213. 
Alaudin-kul, Central Asia, xl. 450. 
Alba Mount, Mew Zealand, xxxiv. 91. 
Albant Island, North AustraliE^ 

i. 7; I 

i. 51. 

„ , Cape York, Qneeaa- 
land, A. 80, S2. 
Pa£a (Coal Bay), Queensland, 

Albbrntb Canal, Vancouver Islaod, 
ixxi. 209; ixxU. 15o. 167, 529, 631, 
583, 535. See also itaf/ne, 

Settlement. Vancouver Island , ' 

iiiiv. 167, 168, 170. 
Albert Nvanza, Account of the Dis- 
tbe Second 
By Mr. ! 

Ib. 11-13, 15 (lake 


IbtoI, 16, 18); mva IM, 208, 210, 

Albkrt Ntanza, Hr. B. W. Baker's 

Diaooterj of thB,iiiii. p. oici. 
ItlVBr ilutrict, Giitf of Car- 

pontsiio, hot and dry j 

wiadfl of, luviii. 40ti. 
, Oolf of Carpoiitaria, 

QneenBlanil, ixiiii. 6 «( «■;., " "" 


in of, I 


Alcook. Mr. (now Sir) RrriiEnFORD, 
H.M.'a Eavci; ExtraorUiaary aail 
Minister Pieuipottiitiarj in Japa'i ; 
NajrativB of a. Jonrnej in the Inle- 
rior of Japan, Ascent nt Fchitama, 
and Viait to tba Hot Sulphur-bntbaof 
Atami, in 18tlO, xxii. 321— preiimi- 
nar; remarks on tbe jiaat and present 
condition of Japan, 321 et seq.—de- 
Inyfl in di-parture ; Julj and August 
pFopei muntliB for aEcending Fud- 
vama, 320—81(111 from Eanagava 
(Yokobauia) on Bept 4, ISCO. 327- 
roate to FuBiyaaia, 330— reach foo 
of HSikomi MountaiiiB, 7000 feet 
aboTo aea-le™!, 334 — rough mouo- 
tain roada; fine Bcenery, 3S5 — varie- 
gatcA Bpociea of Thyopsis dolobrala 
discovered, 336 — Iowd of Misaima ; 
turn oflf Tokaido, 339— storm ; allu- 
sion to loss of H.M.S. Oimilla. 340-1 
— Japnuese bath, 341- 

3+3 — mouth of i 

found to be 13,977 feat, and highest 
peuk 14,177 feet above aeo-level, 344 
— reating-plaoo on Btunmit 35° 21' 
N". lat., 138° 42" B, long.; ttm- 
pcratura at noon, 34° Fahr. ; last 
emption in 1707 ; return atroas apur 
of Hakoml range to Atami on sea- 
coast, 345 — sulplmt-baths, 34G— 
prodnetB and industrioa, 346, 347— 
minea; climate, 349 — notes on tnide, 

Notes on tlic Vegdable Productioas 
of Jnpan, 35Z~ino«t atrikiug trees, 
ahrubs, Ao^ seen during journey, 353 
— vegetation of Fusiyama, 354. 

Sotes on the Agrintiltural Crops and 
Vegetables of Japan, 354 — crops 
□oticod daring jooniey; TtaiU of 
Japan, 35S. 

Sole b;/ Mr. Sobinsoa, I.S., an Coal 
of Japan, 355. 

Periods of Ebullition of tbo Sul- 
phur-baths at Atami, 355. 

,Bir RoTHKHr(niD,K.o.n.; Nar- 

nitivo of a Joomo; through tlie In- 

terior of Japan, from Nagasaki to 
Tbddo, in 1861, xixiL :>80-B(art 
from NagHBakl on June 1st, in oom- 
pany with Dutch Miniatei'; remarks 
on climate of Japan, 281 — feDdaJiam, 
282~itB sITectB, 283 -condiLions of 
life in Japan ; deaire to defer opening 
of portB ; renaoD for naserting right to 
travel and for visiting por^ 284 — 
— directinn of route fnuu Nagnsaki ; 
bad horses, 285— sandst*" " •-- 

Anm, a sort of lotos plant, 286 — 
varieil nature of v^etation ; Sulpbor- 
springa at Urjaino and Tabiwo; 
Kithing habits ; condition of island 
of Eiusiu ; uncertainty of iDfonnatiun 
as to tenure of land, 287 — Prince of 
Fizeo's coal mines ; worked by hwi- 
zontal adits ; arrival at Exikoa, 
capital of Bouzsn; embark for Slmo- 
noseki ; 8ea of Bnooada or inland 
sea; great traffic, 2SB— arrival at 
Hingo ; waive intanlion of visiting 
Mikado's capital ; Osaka the great 
centro of Japanese oommeroe, mogo 
being its ahipping-port ; bebavioniof 
people thero, 289 — funeral cnBtomB ; 
superstition B ; thaalre, 290— ^arrive 
at Uieno ; strange behaviour of 
Dnimio ; enoonnter with a Daimio 
on the Tokaido, 291. 
ALCOt-K, Mr. (now Sir) Euthkhtobd ; 
his papers on Japan refarted to, 

, Sir KuTKKBFOBB, roforrcd to, 

x). 208. 
Alkppo, city of, Turkey in Asia, suit 

74-76,79; xnviL 184. 
Albtsch Olaciec, zxiix. 65. 
Alectian Islands, zxiviii. 223. 
AxtixANiiEB, Mount, Weatem Australia, 

xl. 234. 
the Great, his last great 

battle in India, where fought, uxi. 

tures of tho campaign of 

islan, ixxvi. 268 [note]. 
Algxaiojka County, Natid, 

31, 54. 
ALEXANDaiA, on the Eraser Biver, 

British Columbia, ixiL 220. 

" it, effect of treo- 



-, Fort in British Columbia, 


, Mount, New Zenland, sxxiv. 

Al6eb[i, ncuesaitf of planting timber 

ALoiDi^, Muuut, New Zealand, xxivil. 

Alooa Baj, Soath Africa, iixii. 339. 

Alohokq Volley, Paiigoug Lake Dis- 
trict, xxirii. 353. 

Al HcFUf, ohief town of AI-Ahm, 
Aral)ift, XXXV. 170, ISO, 181, 188, 
191— latitude of, 177. 

Alub Coiintcy, Nile Region, xssvi. 2. 

Alicb Bivec, Qaeenaland, ixxiii. lid, 

t Gbagodduk, iixi. 64, 


[ Valley, i 


Allibob, Mr., isxiii. 87, 90-92, 95, 96. 

Allison's Creek, East AoBtralin, ib. 90. 

Auwal (North), South Africa, oonntry 

belweeD, and Natal, xxxii. 337. 

-, and Natal, Notes to 

, Orange River, South Africa, 

a. 338, 339. 
ALi-WaaBi-KHAN, Bridge over the 

Zendernod, xsxi. S7. 
Al Ksimr, Disttict of, Arabiii, xxxv. 

177, 178, 180. 181. 
Allah-Hu-Aokbab, roeky gorge of, 

xixi. 61. 
AiXBH, Cnptain Wm., R.s., Obit Notice, 

xiiiv. p. exiii. 
Allen Creek, New Zealand, t6, 67. 
Alliaatob Point, Long Heach, Aaatra- 

lia, iniii. 80 ; ixxv. 247, 248. 
River, North Australia, 

isiiii. 307. 
ALLTflnsDT River, North-Eaat A&ioa, 

Miviii. 16. 
Altiit-Cimpac, a huge mounbun in the 

Cordlliera Nevada, sixvii. 119. 
Alha-Arassah Spring, Eastern Turki- 

stan, xxii. 361, 362. 
Al Mi kin, unpublished work by 

quoted, ixxii. 75, 

Alma River, tributary of the Lyon 

River, West Aastralia, ih. 382, 3W0. 

Almatin, pass in the Traus-Ilian Ala* 

tftu, XXXI, 359, 366. 
Almatinha River, Central Asia, ib. I 

Valley, Central Asia, s: 

Ai.MATY, Central Asia, xl. 345, 379 
Al Motaib Tritie, Ambia, xxxv. II 
Aloojebeu Mouulaius, Turkey iu A 

Aldqoob Peak, AbysBinia, i6. 28, 30. __. 
Alpine diatriots, inadequacy of map* 1 

to express the coullguratioii of, xxsv, 

glaciers at the eonroes of tha 

river Hyetem of Saiy-Djaza, ib. 228. 
Alps, Boatlmrn, Canterbury Province, 

New Zealand, xxiiv. 87, 88, 92, 107; 

Altai Chd, afflneul of the Eatilna 

River, Central Asia, xxiii. 319. 
MounlaiOB, Central Asia. xiii. 

366 ; XXXV. 60, 66-68, 213, 216, 226, 

227; si. 400. 
Altai-Satan Range, xxxi. 356. 
Altayan Mountain ayateia, xxxi. ! 
Altctcdes, by thermometer ia boiltne 

waler, ixiiv. 285. 
in the Province of Cantei^ 

bury. New Zealand, xxirii. 337. 
Al-Towaw Range, Arabia, xiiv. 178, 

ALTTN-ABAesAir Spring, EuBtem 

Turkiatan, xixi. 361. 
Altvn Imel, mountain pass, EtiBtem 

Turkistan, Oi. 366. 
Alum mines, Turkey in Asia, xx: 

Alumpi La, xsslv. 27, 52, 55. 

Ijoombah, ib. 55. 

Al-Yemamah, town of, Arabia, xxxv. 

180, 191. 
AuALEEiTEB, XKXvili. 245, 253, 254. 
Ahana Biver, Brazil, xl. 421, 4-22. 
Barma, xxsv. 84. 
, river in Soutbern Pern, 

Akabsia, town of, Turkey iu J 

Amabwazi Country, South Africa, 
xxxis, 235, 

tribe, South Afrim, ib, ', 

AMATonaA Country, Notes to ao 

pany Sketch Mnp of the. By Jowt I 
Sanderson, Esq., xxxii. 335. I 

Ahazonah Fruvince,statiltlcBof,xxxTL I 


i. 80, 8S, eg, 91, 92, 
M, 128; ixx*U. 138; xxiviU. «3; 
xixii.310: 11.419,420. 

r. H. W. Bittps' geogm- 

ptiicsl work on thp, ssxiii. p. olU. 

, Sec Ilules, Ilflmar, Spr.rce. 

' , Volley c,r the,' by Mr. C. B. 

Horbkain, nferrcd to, xxxL 191, 

Amu Anulom. hill near Ant&ln, Abj's- 

«jnia. uzTiii. 32. 
AHBiiut-Binu, AbyniBia, A. 4.'>. 
Amba MiigdntH. AbyeBinin, mix. .^0. 
Amb*kitou>, MudagBBOJir, iixviL HI. 
Ambab-bd, tributniy of the Tigris, 

EXIT. 2-L 

AiiAia, or natarul fortress Id Abyaaiijia, 

iiiTiii. 44. 
AiouTo Kiver, Eoa&dor. xni. 170, 
, town io Ecmulor, i"i. 165, 166, 

170, 171, 177, 178, 187. 
AHBATiion,Uu«initi plain, AbyBBiniu, 

xxxviii. 30, 
Zanct, mountain fortress of, 

>i. 6. 
Ambhrbaei, New Guinea, siiii. 129. 
A HBO AS 10, town of , Mttdagasoir, xxxvii . 

AvBON'o, Borneo, 

U, Coutinent of North, xnri, 
-, North, on the Great Badn of, 

AuEBiCAN Baptist Uiesion to the 
Kacena, raii. 166, 167, 172, 211. 

Continent, oomplotion of the 

diacoTer; of the coast line of the, 

i. 5. 

-, Taljle of Dis- 
lancos and Elevations across t)ie, 
from the MlHaomi Giver to the Pacific 
Oct'an, about the 32nd parallel of 
latitnde,iiii3. 119, 120, 
frontiar, trade """ 

AuiN River, Ceatral Africn, 

AmRARTi Tsles, Indian Ocean, ib 

Amookva Biver, British Culnmbia, 

xxxi, 219. 
AtrooB Gnbea, AbyBsinia, xxxix. 42. 
Ahoy, China, xxxiv. 15, 16, IS. 

188, 18y, 190, 207. 
Amstkhdak Island, Bpitabeiven, A. 

188, 141. 
Ami'-Daria, or Oxna, the Deltn Bod 

Moatba of Ihe. By Admiral A. 

BoiiTAXor (Transluted and com- 

munioatod by Mr. John H1OUKI.L), 

ixxTii, 152. 

(Oiub), mvi. 268, 279 ; 

■■ 155, 158, 159; isjctiii. 429, 


— , The Sonrcea of the. By 

M. Venickof, s' 
Ahttb Kiver, Mmichnria. XKXvii 
rt sen. : isiis. BO, 21, 27, 28, 3i 

item, SohHiatx' iUB,p of, 


Hiver, Eastern Siberi»,xxxTiiL 

219, 224, 235, 
Ahakena (i.a Pi?roase) Bay, Easter 

Island, South P4iciMo Ocean, li. 

1«9, 174, 178. 
AkauaiiLay Mountains, Southern 

India, xiXYi. 183-lti5, 187, 193. 
Ananak Biver, Borneo, xxxiL 217, 

Anohava Biver, Centml Asia, xl, 

Ahoiekt chAiiiielB of the Indus and 

Sutlej, troceB of, li, 191, 
Anoomquij A mountain. La Plata, xxxiv. 

Ayoo, town of, Peru, xxxviii. 414. 
Anoud (Enoud), Gulf of, Weat Ooast 

of South Amerioa, xxxi. 207. 
Andahah Islands, ^yuf Bengal, xxxii. 

109 et seq., 239-241, 

Monat's account of. 

— , Narrative of ai 

J. MOUAT, il 

Strait, Bay of Bengal, ib. 

112,113, 117, 
Andeebon, Captain Wemyaa, referred 

Creek, Australia, xsxL 135, 


-, named by 


i, Dr. J., (he Irawady ond its 
Sources, xl. 28(i. 

Lake, British Columbia, 

xxxi. 218, 232. 2.S7, 212^244. 

. Pnit, British Columbia, 

, town rf, British Columbitt, 

ft. 232. 

Aiii>En3soH'«(Mr. G. J.) Map of Dauara 
Lakh, Natea to accompuny. By 
Tbohas Bainsb, Esq., ixsvi. 217. 

Am^ xxxi. 155-158, 162, 135, 188, 
191, 1^, 201-203, 205. 

, Central plateau of the, Bi. 15S. 

, Eaalcm, ih. 188, lOi. 

. baaeof the, ifl.159, 157. 

, Betrania of the, sxxir. 


, Expedition across the 8ouUiorn, 

of Chili, with the Object of Opening 
of a Nuw Line of Coannuaication fraui 
the Pacific lu the Atxantic Ocb^s, 
by the Lake of Naiiuel-Uuapi and 
the Rivera Limat anil Nbobo. By 
Don Gl-lliebmo Cox, of Chili 
(translated from the SjWniBh and 
cmnmnniciited by Sir Woodwne 
Fabish, <b. 205. 

, ftoposed Railway Eoutonorosa 

the, from Caldeba, in ChiIjI, to 
BoBABio, OD the Pabana, vii Cor- 
dova; wiih Report of Mr, E. A. 
Flint's Survey. By W, Whkel- 
-WBiGHT, Em]., xxxi. 155. 

, Quitonian, i'l. 1Q3. See also 

Anduaw, town of, Conlral Asiei, sxsvi. 

2tJ0 : xl. 315. 
Abditobante, town of, Madagascar, 

ixxri. 52, 51, 55, 67, G3. 
Akdbahobalaupaha, Madagascar, 
" 113. 

Anqaboa (Cook'a Buy), Easter Island, 
South Pnciflo Ocean, xl. 169, 174. 

Ahgabusa River, Eaet Afrits, ib, 306. 

Anooha River, Mozambiqae, xxxL 278 ; 
xxxn. 215. 

Anoostura of the " Las Loaaa " River, 
South Pern, passage of the, xxxi. 158. 

Anqo Su, Turkey in Aaia, ixxviii. 313. 

Ahoot District, Abyssinia, I'A. 3. 

Amobab River, (ribotory of tho Nile, 

AiiaBEN River, Central Aein, xxxviii. 

Anquhu Tribe, East Africa, xsxi. 1 
Anhin. mountain in Siam, li.. 311. 
Anhui, Auhwuy, or Nganliwuy, pro- 

kingdom along the Syi-Daria, 

ib. 114, 453, 454. 
— lifu, effects of forest deatmc- 

tion on, i: 


Animam in the vicinity of Diarbekr, 

issrii. 192. 
— met with in CaravayaPrnvinoe, 

Ptru, ib. 139. 
of Eastern Tuikistan, 

of the Isthmna of Darien, 

xxiviii. 89, 90. 
of the neighbourhood of Lake 

Zuiaan and the Upper litysh, x: 

of the Thnrr, or Indijin Desert, 

sL 201, 2C- 
on Easter Island, South Paciflc 

Ocean, ih, I~" 
OQ the latbmna of Tuhuante- 

pec, Ceutml Amerioa, xxxi 
Anita Bay, Now Zealaud, x: 


Anjak, Rnins of, Syria, xxxii. 78. 
Anjekgo, Travancore, xxxvi. 197, 198. 
Annaea, Japan, xl. 310. 
Anna, Mount, South Anatmlia, xxxi. 

Annam and the Annnmitea.Itido-China, 

xxxiL 115. 146, 148, 140, 157. 
Anbauite Cambodians, ik 115. 
Anna's Reservoir, Australia, named by 

ANo-nnAUPA, Lake, Bonth Australia, 

xsxiii. 31. 
Anson Bay, North Anstratia, xixvl. 

236, 237. 
ANTAto, Abyssinia, xxxviil 25, 31, 32, 

34, 35, IS. 19. 
and MSgdala, character of the 

country between, ib, 35 d 



ib, 17. 

plaui of, Abyssinia, ib. 35. 

ANTASANAB[voKEi.y, or Little Antanii- 

BivOT, Peru, 



nariTO, Tillage of, Madagoflcar, 
iixvU. 114. 

Aktabutio DiBCOTBHY, On, ftnd its 
Ooonection with tbe Tbanbct of 
VKNUsml8e2, By SUff-Commander 
J. B. Davib, an., xxxix. 91. 

Ooeati, neceaaitjr of preparn- 

tory eipeditionB, with a. view to tlio 
obeervBtionBof the Trnnutiof Venue 
in 187* and 1882, ift. p. plxii.; vol. 
xh p. cluii. 

ReaeBroliea. Captain Hamil- 
ton's Memoir on, i6. p. oljCKii, 

" Avmuoa " Lakes, Qaitouaa Andes, 
■x.i 178, 180. 

Aimnu. Creek, Great, Queenaliind, 

L North-Weat Anntralia, 

IIXU. 403. 
— , large and nuraetons, in 

Aortralia, ib. 471. 
, lurge, in York Peniosulft 

Proper, Qaeenalund, xxxvi. TS. 
Anti-Lebanon, mil. 104 tt leq. 
ANTiQnrriES of the lathmuaof Tetiuat)- 

k'pec, GeDtral America, I'ii. 652. 
AiTTi-woccAnA Oreek, South Amtntlia, 

KiiiiL 21. 
Antlbr Creek, British Columbia, 

xisiv. 190. 
Antomboba, Madagascar, xuvii 

Antohina, town of, Brazil, iniii 

138, HO, 142. 
Anthak, town of, Haosso, Wert Central 

Africa, sssvu. 06. 
Aodna, Mount (Hurlow Peak), Buri 

PeciuBula, Bed Sea, x:(xii. 208. 

Apache Indians in Arizona, ib. 104,107. 

ApK'a Hill, Formosa, geological forma- 

«of, I 

r. 11. 

Apiaoab Tribe, Brazil, xxsii. 273. 

Afinqi Country, Western Equatorial 
Africa, Ksivi. 67. 

AroixoNiA, ancient city of, Epirus, 
mis. 277. 

Apono Country, Western Equatorial 
Africa, rsivi. 68, 69. 

Appacal-ba-dilub Lake, South Aus- 
tralia, xisiii. 34. 

Apfa-sab-anhie, Lake, Boulb Anstra- 
Ua, ib. 33. 

Appau Barra Creek, South Anstralin, 

>' Apple Araasan " Spring, in the Tien 

Shan Range, sxii. 362. 
Afpo-uobe-uillia Water, South Ans- 

tralia, iisiii. 27. 
Api'ddo Calaracts, River Nile, ixsvii, 



Afiihiuao. On tbe ConSuonce of the 
^ Rivera Hantaro and, in the HuANTA 

MocKTAiHB. By ProteBaor Antonio 

Raiuondi, ib. 413. 
River, Peru, ib. 413, 416, 422 

B of, Peru, a. 



AguiKY, Not«9 on the River, the Prin- 
cipal Affluent ot the River PubPs, 
g" I W. CHAHDLBsa. Esq., Gold 
edalliit n.o.a., xuvi. 119. 

— River, trihntarj of the Porlia, 

1*6. 87, 96, 98, 99, 104. 113, 114, 119, 
120, 124, 125 ; xxiin. 303. 

Arabia (Oentrnl), ■' Nefood " or passes 
of, nature and perils of, xiilv. 116- 

. Bee Pc%. 

, Notes on oertjiin queetiona 

relative lo the interior of^ slixv. 

, Obaervations made in Central, 

Enstem, and Southern, daring a 
Journey through that Country in 
1862-3. By Mr. W. Q. Falgrayb, 

, PalgKive'g jotirneya in, alluded 

to, i4, p. oily. 
, Bouroes of oonfnsion in atato- 

meut of dietsnoes in, xxxv. 191. 

, trade of, ib. 188. 

, watershed of, ill. 180. 

, watershed of the central high- 
lands of, ih. 179. 
Ababian horses, principal breeds ot,ib. 

183, 184. 
Ababi TeleekiHill, Abyssinia, sxxviii. 

Ababeib, town of, Turkey in Asia, 

ib. 309, 310 (other names for, 311), 

312. 315, 330, 
Abab traders, East Africa, xxxi. 266. 
AuAOA Rivor, tributary of the Purfla, 
■. 100, 101, 104, 106, 114, 123, 



Arafuba Sea, nortli of Ansti^a, 
isiviii. 381, 385, 391, 393. 403, 

AtiAGON, Don AgQatin, referred to, 
xxii, 195, 196. 

Araoca, Lake of, Veneznela, xxxv. 


Abakan, ProvtncB of, Britijh Butmtt, 

suii. 237. 

, cnrrantB on the eoast of, id. 238. 

Aral-Djde, paaa m the DjitugariBJi 

Alatau, ixii. 36fj. 
Abil Flotilln, streDgth of the, in 1S66, 

sxsriii. 445. 
Sea of, Boutakoffl work on the, 

I 430. 

^H 451; 

^^ JtuI, 


- Steppe, xl. S 

Creek. ' TiioniBon River, 

Queenelacul, xxxiii, 113. 
Arambolt PnBs, Matlma Prosidenoy, 

txxvl 184. 
Araia-Naharaim (or Harran in Padan- 

Aram), Syria, ixiii. 77. 
ARANHiBLake, South Australia, xxziii. 

Abah, town of, Siam, mvii. 299, 302, 

LT, Mount, Turkey in Asia, xsxix. 

rivulet, Altai rnnge, 

, Ust of 

worda uaeJ by tbe, A. 911. 
Abavatpa Canon, Oolorado B.isiu, 

ib. 105, 106. 
AsAvijLi.1 MountaiuB, Northern India, 

xL 181. 
Abataoan, Central America, xxxii. 540. 
Ahchanoel, ib. 565. 
Aboueb Creek, Buicoo Birer, QueenS' 

land, xixiii. 117. 
Abchifelaoo, EAeTEiiN, On the Trade 

of New Guimea witli the. By A. B. 

Wallace, Esq., siiii, 127. 
, Malay, On the Physical 

Geography of the. By A. B. Wal- 

- - ■■-- ^",217. 

e of 

^ emrei 

onrrent, il, 447. 
exploration, time an can 
lai [note]. 

'Aeotic Highlanders," 

marine fauna, copiouanesa oL • 

ixxii. 141. ' 


, Explonitioiia in, xixL I 
rol. xxxvi. p. olxixix. ; 

£. clxTii. ; Yol, xxxiz. 
si, p. elixii. 
-, foaetl remains in the. 

r. 140. 

Ahd FiK, pronp of mouutainain Syria, | 

AnnjowAN, Mountain in Oeojgio. 

Armenia, tttj . 151. 
AanoN Kiver, CaucaBua, xi: _ . 

Valley, OaucaauB, ib. 66, 61, 63. 

Aruomse, Ardon Rifor, Oauuuns, ib. 


58 '-^H 

Plain, Noiih-EsBtem Africa, St, 

Argau. sknlls of, x\. 265. 
AnaENTlva Confederation, grant of 

land by the Governmeut it, xxsL 


some of tlie, hy Mr. Thomaa J. Hut- 
chinson, xsxiT. 226. 

- Bepublic, olasaes of leaguea 

AaGUTHOc ASTRO (onciont Hadriano- 
polifl), Epirup, xxxix. 279, 288. 

Abgol, or Tarim River, Turkistan, 
sxxvii. 5. 

AB'inTTi, observations at, during 
Abyasinian Espeilition, xxxviii. 30, 

Aroylb Bum, New Zealand, ixxiv. 04. 

Ahk, Npjd, Arabia, xxxv. 186. 

Aninn hills, Arabia, ii. 175, 176, 179. 

Abinos, River, Brazil, notes on the, 
xixii. 268. 

Abitv River, afBnent of the Mnouim, 
River Pnias, usvi. 126. 

Ari;eona, Indian triltes in, xxxix. 104. 

Arksdt, fiord south of, zl. 2 

Ahmbnia, KmiDiSTAN, an 

MesopoTAUlA, Jonrnal of a Tour iii, 
with Noiea of Besearchea in the 
Dgtbsih Dark, in 1866. ByJ. G. 
Taylor, Esq., iiiviil. 281. 




Aknheiu'b LiiTid, No 

sxivi. 229 ; iziTiii. 385. 
AxNOVU) Itiver, New Ze>l&ad, ixxii. 

Aboavoo Itirer, tribalarj of the 

Zarobeai, mrii. IBP, 200. 
Akdote, Plnin of, Abjuiuio, ixxviii. 

ABOwnEBMAiNcw Zealand, iixvii. 329. 
Aca-4tAK Viilloy, il. 113. 121. 
Abpa Rifflr, tribufRTy of the Naiya, 

Central Asia, ih. 239. 262. 

Vally. antrul Ania, ib. 261-263. 

Abraqa, 'ftttkcy in Atia, xiiviii. 309. 
Abrab-attos-biuib Btalkm, MoDgoliu, 

«xxiii 171 
Abbata Cnuntry, Noith-Eaitcm Aftica, 

axis. 207, 208. 

, desert MUa of, North -Etititeni 

Africft, ib. 203. 
Abuian, Gretk liiatoriiui, referred to, 

xxxi. 22. 
Abbuw Hiver, New Zculand, xixiv. 62, 

■■ -^ 70-72. 

Valley, Sew Zonlimd, St. 67. 
Abuowsuitb, J., medal awnrdul to, 
'" pp. vii. cxl^reftnod lo, 

I. \3S 

— , Uouiit, New Zoaland, 

Abeowiowb, New Zeolnnd, usiv. 64. 
Abbots da AtbaaaJB, La Plata, i6. 211. 

San Antoido, Di Plata, ft. 228, 


Abseh, Bains of the city of, sut. 26 

[and note]. 
Abta (anrieat ArRcthnB) Ei?er, Eplrufl, 

ssxil. 2S(, 2S.%289. 290. 

■ , Epinu, xxxii. 69. 

, Uolf of, 1^. 68 ; xjtxii. 27G. 283. 

!> , , PlHia or, EpiniB, ih. 283, 2B6, 280. 

I Abtau, Toleanio moutitaios of, Noith- 
■■ Eaatom A&ica, ib. 203. 

Tolcano, Ifortt-BaEtom Afriea, 

ib. 199, 
Abtisiah borings in Sind, xiivil. 338. 
wella in Algeria, XJtxv. 116, 

Ahthtb Pms, Sonthprn Alpa, New 

Zealand, sxriv. 100. 101 ; xxxvii. 

328-SSO [note], 331-333; xl. 437. 

Seott, Mount, QuucnBland, 

xiiv. 206. 20a, 211. 

Abthcik'b Point, New Zealuid, xx)!Liv. 

Abtctbh, or Eokebal Itange, Central 

Abui,x1. Ill, 112, 125. 

Talloy, Contntl Asia, ft. 111. 

Abtwin (oi Ardween) Mounlams, ib. 

ABC IxlandB, Ntw Oninca. xxxiL 127| 

131, 132: xixiii. 222,231. 
ABCKnc, xxxiv. 46. 47, 49-51. 
ABiTRazEB, Empeior. xxxi. 29. 
Abfbha, East Africa, il. 304, SOS, 314. 
Luke, Eaat Africa, maded on 

■omH maps; no trace of, diacorered 

by BuTou Ton der Dcckeu, xxxir. 3. 
Moiinluinti, Euit Airica, xzxv. 


Hirer, East Africa, exit. 3. 

Abvatarta, the Holy Land of the 

Uintlua, xxxi. 18. 
"Ahtkb" (or canaki) along the Bjr- 

Daria, xixTiii. 4.'>0. 
, or c«nalB foi the irrigation 

of Iho ZarafBban Valli.y, xl. 453, 454. 
Abts Elver, affluout of tke Syr-Daria, 

xxxviii. «37, 447, 448, 452; xl. 341 

— — Valley, Central Asia, ib. 369, 

380, 381— dewribcd, 371, 372. 
Abvstamdy Kivcr, Central Asia, ib. 

Akzanekk, Knrdiatan, xxxv. 22. 
Arxen (Emporium Arzunenonun ), 

BuiDB of, Knidislan, ih. 20, 27. 

an, Kurtlistan. ib. 28. 

Aba Biver, OentnJ Aeia, xl. 366, 367, 

376. 377. 
Abau Hill, Salt Ploio, North-Eastem 

A&ica,x>a[ii. 201.202, 204. 
Salt Pit, NorUi-Eustem Afiica, 

ib. 204. 209. 
ASABOMA, Pern, xxxvii. 124. 
AscBNSlOH. Island of, xxxt. 122[iiotBl. 

ASTEtti, I 

Ak-tah, Central A 

AsHANGi, Lake, Lhyssinia, ixxvilL 33, 

37, 38, 48— deaoribtMl. 39, 
AsHAHOO territory, Western Equatorial 

Africa, xsxvi. 69. 
ABHANon tribe. WeBtern Equatorial 

Alrioa, ib. 70. 
Ash Bu ETON Glacier, New Zealnnd, 

r. 95, 

-, Lord, his Preaidcntial Ad- 

Society, Obit, NoticH. ixxiv. p. ox, 

Bongo, North Australia, 

xxxii. 346-348,350, 363, 366; xiiiii. 


Abhpa, Abyssinia, Oi. 43. 
AsttlRA Coaotry, Western Kqutttoiial 

Africa, iiivi. 64. M, 67, 68. 
AsRSR Ova Plain, Turkey in Aua, 

ixx*iil. 297, 298, 
Abhpa-yaou River. Eonador, xsxi, 17*. 
AanroLA, or Hiiftola., Inland, off tho 

oDsst ol' BelnohidtuD, xxxiii. 203. 
AsHWAHiFi, or Hamilton, Biver, Labra- 
dor, xsiiy. 82-8i. 
Asia, geograpliira.1 work in regaid to, 

xxxii. p.ciliii.; toI. xxxiii. p. ctlvii, ; 

vol. XXIV, p. cilriii.; vol. xxxvi. p. 

oLxvi. : vol. ixKvii. p. cxxxi. ; vol. 

Kxxix. p. olxxvii. : vol. xl, p. clx. 
Atioor, destiuction of the forests 

of, xl. *70. 
Abpibihq, Uonnt, New Zoalani], xiLxiv. 

56, 88, GI. 
Abcropotajius ( Ancient AoLelons), 

xxjix. 284. 
ASBAB Dagh, Turkey in Asia, sxxviii. 

Absamsuoo, Travancoie, xssvi. 1S4. 
As Sel)BB Tribe, Arabia, xuv. 187. 
Asses in Arabia, ixiiv. 140, 153. 
AseuNGUY, Brazil, xxxii. 142. 
AaronE, ixiiv. 26. 53, 5a. 
Abtbabad, city ol^ Piiraiu, tti J, 41. 
, ootton puruhoflod by Russian 

mercbanlf at, I'A. 54. 
AsTBONOtncAL Obsemitjons, by CoDsul 

Petb::rick, xxxv. 298, 299. 
in Wealom 

EquatoHii! A[rii:a, by t/L Du Cbuillu, 

iiitL 72-76. 
in Nepal, 

on the River Juruii, Bruzil, deter- 
mined by, ixxix. 307. 
of W. J. 

i. 502, 

Pointa (Jong the Jns- 

artcB, from Fort Perovuki to Bail- 

dyr-TngaL Determined by Admirnl 

Boutakof, ixxviil. 456. 
fixed liy O. V. 

Strare in Turkistan, from 186S to 

mrers Man^ossd, Amuno, Gunraiia- 

^^^V mrers Mant 

tuba, Abacaiis, and CanumS,Bra!dIi 

il. 426. 
Asca, Kiver, Easturn Africa, ixxiii. 

331, 332; SSXT. 11. 12; ixivi. 8; 

Jutivii. 208. 
, Ascia, or AcirA Hiver, bolieved 

to be tbo Wtite Nile, xxxv. 12, 
AsuBo-GiLuifl, North-Eastcm Africa, 

XYxix. 20l!, 208, 219, 
Atabbi River, tribntary of tbe Asna 

River, Eaataru Afrloa, xxxvi, 8. 
Ataoaua. Bolivia, xxxl. 160., ib. 178. < 

Atala, Valley of, Abyssinia, xxxviSt.l 

35, 37. ■ 

Atalik Obozi, tbe, xl. 61, 73 [note], 

— — , the, Mr. Hajward'a 

interview witb, ib. 99, ]00. 
, tbe, not recognised by 


, sulpbur springs of, 

Atbara Biver, affluent of tbe Nile, 

Atbasha River, tributary of tbeNaryn, 
Central Asia, xl, 259, 202. 

VallBy, Central Aaia, ib. 253. 

ATonEFBm Platt-au, Abyssinia, xxxix. 

41, 49, 

-, Province of, Abyiania, t'J. 

42, 43, 
ATHABAsaAFHSB,BritishNortb America, 

ssiviu. 127. 
Atiiiboea Tribe, the. Lake NyaasB, 

i, 262. 
ON, Tho 

Wm., Obit. 

: bis 'Travels 

in the Regions of tbe Upper and 
Lower Amoor," &c., referred to, lixxv. 
219 [note], 

Atlantic equatorial onrreiil, ib, 150. 

Gulf StceBm, xssiv. 10. 

, North and South, apacifio 

gruvity of tbe sea in, kkiv, 147. 

— — 0.:ean (Nnrtliern), table of 

(be ttmperature of the surface of the. 

il. •!• 


tempemtiiro of the, 

152, 13:1. 
ATLAsMaunlaina,Noitb Africa,! 
Atopeh, hot salt apcldgs of. Anuesluy 

Bay, Bed Sea, t-—-'- ■ ' 


Atoub, glacier, Hiutakh Baoge, xixiv. 

A-TBAio Bivar, Central America, luviil. 
Ti tt ««}. 

At^i, AbjMinia.t'i. 15, 16,91,34. 

Plateau, AbysBiiiia, ixxix. 222. 

Attack Creeh, North Australia, iixiii. 

Attaoollih-Euan Timooree, referred 

AuCA Mahnida, en£lom branuh of tlie 

Andea, caUed. xixi. 2DS. 
Aroi'STi'H, MnunI, Wtat Austrelia, 

Water, Nurth-Weet Aaa- 

Iralia. xuvi. 20*. 
AcLlEA-TA, Central Asia, ixxviii. 431, 

433 i %l 352 etleq. 
AcHHiNNlE, Boilth Australia, iiiiii, 26. 
AuBORA Borealia, alleged loea of aigbt 

from, on the coast of Newtoundluud, 
iv. 267. 
AVBBA, Salt Plain of, Nortli-Eiietein 

A&ieo, TTTJT 208, 201). 
AcsTBH, Capt, H. H. See Qodmn- 

AcsTBAUA, Conlre of, mi. 113. 
, Diary of Mr. J. M'D. 

Btoart's Explorations from Adelaide 
. the Contintnt of, 18GI-2, 

I ; Esploration io, xisi. p. 

cliiiii. ; vol. xxxii. p. rxlviii. ; vol. 
"'i. p. clix. ; vol. issiv. p. cxlii. ; 
:xivi. p. olxxii. ; vol. xxxvii. p. 
civil. : vol. xxxviii. p. clixv. ; vol. 
xl. p. olxviii. 

; practice of danuniog tbo 
-■ - - * xiiv. 127, 

, phjEioal geography of, i6, 

. . Bliorteat coarso to, acroaa 

the AraericuD continent, ixxl 207. 
AuSTRAUAH Cordilleras, Great East, 

~ ESFLORATION', Jonmal of 
Second Preparatory Jonmej to the 
Vicinity of Lakb Torhsnb. By Mr. 
J. M'D. Stpabt, Gold Medallist 

TLini Prepamtory Jonroey to the 
Vieinity of Lake Tokress. By Mr. 
J. M'D. Stcakt, ib. 63. 


Last Eip(Hlition into the Interior. 
By Mr. J. MD, BruAirr, i'j. 100. 

, Bouthem limit 

AVA, city of. Burma, ixiii. 198. 

, Bynie'B Mission to, id. 109. 

AVALASCHKS ill (he Tien Shan, xxxix. 

AvANTiPCRA, BuiDB of, referred to, 

xxii. 35. 
AvEiBo, ttiver TapajoB, Brazil, xxxii. 

Atua tribe, Weetem Enuatotial Afriro, 

xiivi. GG. 
AvLoNA (or VaJona), Bay of, Epiros, 


AwADsc, an old name for Jupuu, xxxiii. 

AwAj River, Syria (the Pharpar of 

Si:riplure), xisii 80, 81, 8(i, 88. 
AwAL iDloiid, Bahrein group, \\x.v. 

Awards of the Society. Bee Mahh 

and PivniB'n). 
AWAEUA Biver, New Zealand, xxsiv. 

AWKA (or Itagnali) Eiver, North- 

Eaetem Africa, xxxi\. 204, 227. 
AxfM, Abyaainia, ixsviii. 3, 7, 9-11, 

Ayacccho, Department of. Pern, ffi. 

Ayahdz River, ContrnI Asia, iiij. 366. 
, town of. Central AniB, ib. 

366,370; xxxv. 213, 216. 
Ayapata Kiver, Peru, XXX vii. 116,118, 

120, 1»0, 144,145. 
, town of, Pom, 16. 118, 120- 

122, 126, 129, 138, 140, 142, 144, HiS. 
AiBA, Nrath-Eaatera Africa, xixix. 

Valley, Nortli-Eastem Africa, 

xxxviiL 37. 
Ayi River, xxxv. 297. 
A VM ARABS Province, Pern, xxiriii. 414. 
Ayseh, Arabia, xxxv. 179. 
'Atn Kirkmn Peak, Abyaeinia, xsxviii. 



Atan Jin'im, ixsii. 101, 103. 
Atothla, SioTO, ib. IJHi. 
AzAiiQABi>Proyinae,Pera,KX»Tli. 116. 

Eiver.eoutliPenijiixi. lD-1. 

AzEBO On 1 Ins, NortU-East Africa, 

GailaVaUey.North-Eaat Africa, 

ih. 41. 
AziHCTH Compaas, xulit. 280. 
AzHiT, Centml A«a, xl. 371, 3 

AzTEQ MonDtaiii?, North America, 

xixix. 102, 103. 
AzuLHATO Biver, tributury of the Sail 

Gavau, Peru, ixKvii. 135, 136. 

.3 [an 

Baalpec, Syria, xxxi!. 107. 

Baal Hormou of Scripture, ib. 103, 104. 

Babata Riviir, Central Asia, xl, 413, 

Babbare, Mr., referred (o, ixxi, TO. 
Babek, referred to, xxxvl 267. 
Babdte Lake, British North America, 

IXSi. 253-255. 
Babisa Tribes (nost of Lake Nyusea), 

i. 324 ; 

I. 247. 

BIbck Village, Himalayas, xs 

ISO, 161. 
Babtlon, ixsvii. 168, 173, 170. 


1 named, em- 
ployed by Don Manuel Castas, of 
PuDii, to collect chineliona back in 
tlie Mucapata Bavine, eastern slopes 
of tlie Andes, xxxi. 192. 

Back Biver, Biidsh North America, 
ib. 7, 12. 

Baoh'b Fish River, Arctic Regions, 
ib. 8, 10. 

Bahaeubkah, xxxvl. 252, 260 ; zxxvii. 
8, 10 ; xl. :j45, 393. 

, tflwn of, mvi. 265, 26fi 


Badam Biver, affluent of the Arys, 
OenlBit Asia, ixxyiii. 433, 447, US ; 
xL 370, 372. 377-381. 410, 417. 

Bad^ha People, ^mbeKi Region, xxxi. 

Badbjnath, town of, North-Weat Pro- 
TlDCes, India, xxxix. 148, 157, 160. 

Baiwikaei, Mount, Pimlus Chain, ib. 

BAaEUDHB, Provinco of, Abyssinia,. I 

Baghdad, market for pearls from | 
Aj^bia, xssiv. 142. I 

, inwn of, nxii. 70; invii. 1 

74, 160-165, 170-172, 178-180, 182. 1 

Bagot Range, Australia, named bj 1 
M'Douall Stnalt after the CnmlniB- | 
aioner of Crown Lands, iisL 1 
xxiiii. 278, 

Bauabi (Lake) Ngo, Eastern Africa, J 
i6. 325. 326, 330. 1 

Bahabi-Noo (" Grest Sea of Wal«r"X I 



^, Victoria NyauzEi, ib, 11, 

Bahabiki, East Africa, iL 309. 
Babboi.ah town, Oman, Arabi^ I 

dfisciibed, xxxiv. 148. ' 

Baukein, Island of, I 

xxxiv. 112, 134. 153. 

,deaoriptinnofthe, 1 

BAHB*BL-BENAT(tbegirIa'BeB),Persiaii I 
Gulf, xxxiv. I4ft 153. ' 

Bauh-el-Ghazal (Eiver^ ixxiii, 332, 

BAHEET-EL-ATesE, the, Syria, xixii. 

BAHRffT-EL-HijANB, the, Syria, i'6. 
Bahrbt-el-Kibliyeh Lake, Syria, ft. 
Bahbet-esh-Seabkiyeh Lake, Syria, 1 

BAHB-TAnT-EL-EKD, Underground i 
of the plain of Tuggort, xxxv. lit. 

Bahc Dustyari, Bduchiatan, zxxvii. 

River, Metoan, ib. 273. 

Baikal, Lake, Irkutsk, Siberia, x 
177; XXXV. 14; xxxvii. 228. 

BAiKrE, Ur. W. B., H.N. ; Notes , 

Journey froraBlBA,inNup^:,lo Kamo, 
in Haussa, performed in 1862 (es- 
traulM from portions of Dr. Baikie'a 
JoumaU ia the posseaaiun of the. 
Foreign Office, by J. Kiss, Esq- 
M.D.), sxsvii. 92. ■ 

I. Eatiniated course and diatanoa 
oF jonmej between the Niger and 
" " Haussa, 1862, with baro- I 

1 the Niger and Lake Chad ; 
bBrnmotric observations. 99 — mate I 
from Bida to liano, 100— route fr 




Eano, to the South-Eafit, and Dutsi ; 
return journey from Kano to Rabba, 

II. Enumeration of kings of various 
states of Haussa and Nup^, 102. 

III. On the rise of the Niger and 
its eastern tributaries, ^m Dr. 
Baikie*s Notes, 107. 

ly. List of native vocabularies of 

small or before little-known tribes, 

Baikie, Dr. W. B., b.n., Obit. Notice, 

zxxv. p.cxxiii. 
, on the Niger, 

xxxiii. 214. 
, on the rise of 

the Niger and its eastern tributaries, 

XXX vii. 107. 
Baikof, Fedor Tsakovitch, referred to, 

XXXV. 215. 
, the Boyar Theodor, Russian 

Envoy to China in 1665, his visit to 

Lake Zaisan, »6. 64 ; referred to, 215. 
BAiLDYB-TroAT, Syr-Daria, xxxviii. 

435-437, 447. 
Bain, A. G., referred to, xxxiv. 203, 204. 
Baines* * History of Ootton Manufac- 
ture,* referred to, xxxii. 49. 
Baines, Mr. Thomas, referred to, xxxi. 

262, 264, 269, 271, 282, 286, 287, 

290; xxxii. 66 ; xxxv. 302. 
, report of visit to 

Kabra-basa Rapids, River Zambesi, 

xxxi. 287. 

-, his views of the 

Victoria Falls of the Zambesi, xxxvi. 
p. clix. 

Notes to accom- 

pany Mr. 0. J. Andersson'a map of 

Damara Land, tb. 217. 
Bajana, or Ajana, slave-traders, East 

Africa, xxxi. 268, 269. 
Baju People, Borneo, xxxii. 224 et 

Bakalahabi Tribe, South Africa, xxxv. 

Bakalai Tribe, Western Equatorial 

Africa, xxxvi. 66. 
Baker Creek, Australia, named by 

M^Douall Stuart after Hon. John 

Baker, m.l.c., xxxi. 135. 
, Mount, Cascade Range, North 

America, xxxviii. 121. 

-, Mr. (now Sir)S.W., at Gondo- 

koro, xxxv. 297. 

-, (now Sir) Samuel White ; 

Account of the Discovery of the 
Second Great Lake uf the Nile, Al- 
bert Nyanza, xxxvi. 1 — exploration 
of Nile tributaries from Abyssinia ; 


journey on White Nile beg^nn on Deo. 
18th, 1862; River Sobat ; Bahr 
Giraffe, 1 — Bahr Qazal ; commence- 
ment of difficulties ; arrival at GK>n- 
dokoro, 2— meeting with Speke and 
Grant, S—start eastwards ; reach 
Ellyria, 5 — Latooka country, 6 — 
Obbo tribe, 7 — leave Obbo for Un- 
yoro ; arrival at the Karuma Falls 
of the Nile, S—reach M'rooli ; inter- 
view with Kamrasi, 9— journey ftom 
M'rooli; the lake sighted; Ma^ngo, 
11— ascent of Karuma River; Mur- 
chison Falls, 13 — return journey to 
Gk)ndokoro, 15. 

Heights of stations determined by 
Mr. Buker, and computed by Mr. 
Dunkin, of Greenwich Observatory ; 
remarks by Staff-Commander G. 
George (lute). Map Curator B.G.8.,on 
the thermometer used in making the 
observations, 16 — tables for correct- 
ing its error, 17. 

Baker, Mr. (now Sir) Samuel Whitb, 
referred to, xxxviL p. oxcvi, 194, 

, his Journey to Abyssinia 

in 1862, xxxiii. 237. Appendix. — 
Notes on route, 240. 

, Medal awarded to, xxxv. 

p. cv. 

-, Notes on the route of^ in 

1861-2, xxxiii. 240, 241. 
Bakhtiari Range, Persia, xxxviii. 412. 
Bakong, ruins of, Cambodia, xxxy. 

Baksan Valley, Caucasus, xxxix. 61,71. 
Balaeoo-su, affluent of the Suddak, 

Turkey in Asia, xxxviii. 287. 
Balasobe Hills, Wynaad district, India, 

xxxvi. 181. 
Balchita Chain, eastern branch of the 

Andes, xxxi. 205. 
Bald Mountains, British Columbia, 

xxxiv. 187 ; xxxviii. 120. 
Baleeshub Valley, Turkey in Atda, 

t6. 342. 
Baleuje people, valley of the Zambesi, 

xxxi. 292. 
Balfour Creek, East Australia, xxxiii. 


, Dr., referred to, xxxvi. 192. 

Balibali (Nai'vdsha), East Africa, xl. 

Bali, Island of, Indian Arcliipelago, 

xxxiii. 224. 227, 230, 233. 
Baliei people, xxxv. 29. 
Balkar, Tocherek Valley, Caucasus, 

xxxix. 75. 
Baleh, Central Asia, xxxvi. 263. 

Balkhash, Lake, Cenli 
' HST aiH aK=L qKi; - » 


Balkhash, Lake, Central I 

357, 358. ass, 3eC ; 

mvi. 13A ; ixiviii. 43S ; si. 395. 
Flaloaa, Cantcul Aaa, xsii. 

Ballekt iBlande, Antarotio Oceas, 

BALocBaAH Creek, York reuiuHola. 

QueenBlaod, xixtL 35. 
BALn Piilil Kaviue, Kashmir, iiivii. 

Baltibtak Tallojs, Kaalimir, siiiv. 19, 

Baltaro Glacier, Moatakh Baogo, 

Trana-lDdiiH, ib. 4i, 51. 
Bali, xsnii. 13*. 

Bamboo on the Upper PurCiB, ixxvi. 99. 
Bamfiblv, Mr., refecrad to, miL 529, 

Bampub, BelorhiHtan, iisvii. 274, 283. 
Bam, town of, Peteia, ih. 282, 283. 
B<tNCA, Formoaa, town of, xistv. 8, 9. 
Baxda lalauda, Malay Archipelago, 

Eoii. 131, 134 ; uiiiL 225. 
Orientttl, report by the Jceuita 

of the exUleoce of gold in ILo, xxxix. 

Bandari Rock, Zfinibesi, xsxi. 281, 282. 
Bandes AbboB, Haihooi, PerAiaa Gulf, 

xixiv. 143. Bob also fiundcr Aljljais. 
Bande Loombah, i'l. '23. 
Basixjloo Settlement, Beiuehistun, 

xxxiii. 205. 
Bansalee, xxxii. 177. 
Bang Kaveli, Canni, Siam, xxxi. 303. 
Banokok, Siam, Boat Excursion from, 

to tlie Pbohaboeri, on the Weelem 

Bhoro of the Gnu of Siam, By Sir 


, ib. 306, 308, 312, 310, 

i; ixiii, H9, 1.™, 152, 
154; 158; 160, 161 ; IXXT. 71, 77, 78 ; 

Banes iBlanders, Torrca Stniils, xisvl' 

Bannusa Biver, Beluchistan, xxxiil. 

Banon, RuiiiB of, Cnmbodia, iijrv. 86. 
I03, Tillage of, Ecuador, xxxi. 163- 
65, 171-173. 
Banvai Tribe, Zumbesi, Bi. 259, 286, 

Baobab tree, ixiiii. 239; xxsy. 262, 

Basada Biver, Syria, xxiii. SO, 81, 84, 

Babaka Gorge, North-Eoat Africa, 

i. 25, 26. 
BARAE-SisaBA, or red jleer of EoBhmir, 


[o-Phba-Eoho, a i 

Sasian and Genlno traderH, siii. 275. 
Banias, Jordan BoureoH, xsxii. 105. 
BanIUaL Pftss, Kasbmir, xxxi. 21. 
Babubi Kiver, Syria, isxti. 108. 
Babkart, H, On tbu Gold Fields of 
South America, xxxix. 

Banke's Land, Britieih North America, 

Baramqtila, KoBhmir, iiii. 24, 26. 
BasAuo Muimtain, East Alrica, xl. 304. 
Barauula Fnss, Eaaljmir, xxxi. 27. 
, town in Kaslimir, ib. 21, 

Baramc, Uaambara, EaBt A&ico, xixir. 

B.uiAHCAS do laa LlamaB, epur of the 

Bara Valley, sxsii. 307. 

Babeauo, Joseph, his truvela referred 

lo, xisviii. 335 [nute], 342 fnoto], 

Barca town, Batinah, Arabia, xisiv. 

HO, 147, 
Barclay, Arthur Kott, Obit. Notice, 

xl. p. eslv. 
Sound, Vanconver Island, 

xxxi.209, 210; xxiiT. 100— deeoribed 

and politically considered, 167. 
BAROO0Hi?cr, Centre! Anstraiia, xiiiii. 

115-117, 119, 129, 131, 132. 
Baedolt Pbiiu, NDtth-EaBtern Aftica, 

ssiix. 229. 
Baheilly, town of, North-WcBt Pro- 

viricee, India, iixviii. 131, 144, 
Bahiloche I'aas, Chili, xxxiv, 214,226. 
lalaTid, Arctic Sea, xxxt. 93, 

Bari Tribe, Whib Nile, ixsiii. 326 
'ati'r, South Australia, x. 


Baruv FlitinB, South Aiutnlia, x 

I Rangu and Hilla, Aiutiulia, 

uii. I IG. 
Birer. Queensland, i 

80, 9e, 1H9-141; iut. 212. 
i , Sir Ht despotoh to the Co- 

loniftl Office reapectiug Burke and 

WiUs' Belief Expeditions (Aug. 21, 

1662), iixiii. 150. 
Table-land, Australia, ib. 96, 

Bablee Bangc, Wi-at Alietralia, iixii. 

Babit SettlenienI, Beluahietttn, zxxiii. 

BARM8, J. W., C.B., On the Subterranean 

'■ DplyofWaterinBEHCHiBTinand 
Hill Districts of Weetehn Sinu, 
cvii. 3B8. 
BlBOLDAi Kiver, Central Asia, xiiviii. 


BASSKAint RiTsr, Ceotral Aata, Hi, 

5m, SGt, 563. 
Babth, Dr. Henry, Obit, Notice, sixti. 


Babohktek, enplDjmentof, as a subtti- 

tute for leTelling. ib. 83. 
BAROHrrwoAL obaorvations in 

Djungarian Ala-tan, iiiv. 227. 


the Juruii B 

talien in a rapid journey, ( 
latiog altitudOB, iiiTii. 33(). 
Babotsk Vallej, South Central Alrion, 

Barra do Bio Negro, Brazil, xixvi. 
South Anstralis, 

xxxiil. 11. 

Babbies Heef, North AuHtralia, i*. 

«r iiiTiii. 371.373,37B. .177. 
Babken Island, Gulf of Bengiil, xxnii. 

Ill, H4. 
Babrett, Laeas, Obit. Notiec, sxsiii. 

p. cxtiii. 
Babbinston, Hon. Daines, referred to, 

sxxvi. 282. 
Barrow Creek, Anafralia, named by 

H-Dounll Stoart t^ter John Barrow, 

ings, Aastralio, named by 

M'Douall Staart, ib. 76. 
Blrait, Arctic Sen, ft. 3 ; ixxv. 

-■•—•— Ti. 283. 

Barseacn-abu Pass. Centra] A^iu, 

graphy, 11 

, raferred t 

356 : isiTii. 05, 98. 

Barton, Dr. Alfred, Notes on the 
Yanq-tpze-kiang, &c., iiiii. 26— in- 
ti-nded route of expedition; Bonrces 
of tlie Yang-tsKe-kiaDg ; itaafSnenta; 
its course, -Jd— start of expedition on 
Feb. 11, 1801 : state of oountry uear 
Cliinkiang, 27^Nanking; tombs of 
t!ie Ming dynaslj; Wn-hn; Ngan- 
kiug, 28— arrival at Hankow ; neigh- 
bouring eonntrj: Yn-ebow and Tung- 
ting Ljike ; comnienceH journey on 
Upper Yang-teze, 29— behaviour of 
nativE8 : (own of Shi-ahow, 30 — great 
embantmenl, Ho-hia ; Sha-aze;Kin- 
ckow-fn ; change in oonntry, 31 — 
I-tn i I-chang ; lormination of low 
connlry, 32 — great I-chang gorge; 
rapids, 33 — -passage through goig>e^ 
34— long gorge at Wu-shan ; Kwei- 
obow, 35 — poppy and tobacco largely 
cultivated ; washing for gold ; arrival 
at Wan, 36 — Christian settlement at 
Hu-lin; great rook temple. 37 — 
Chung.king; threatening nttitndo of 
soldiers; arrival at Bii-ohow [Sui-fnj, 
39— scenery; annoyance from soldiers, 
39 — arrival at Piug-shan ; city at- 
tacked by rebels, 40 — -greBt coal 
g^rge ; geographical results of expe- 
dition ; remarks on the Mao-t«ze, 41. 

Barton, Dr., referred to, xxxii. 1. 

. Mr,, liis scheme for cnth'ng 

tlirough theWurkaliay Barritr, xxxvi, 

Barua (or Dobaroa), town of, Abyssinia, 

Babuuda, BeluchiataD, xxxiii. 203, 

BABUTonDnT Eavino, North - East 

Barut Tribe, Central Aria, >!xiv. 213, 
Barwan River, New South Wales, sixi. 

145, 147, 
BA=ARDJL-st Mountain, Canoasus, xxxix. 

Bases, Ruina of, Cambodia, ixxv. 86. 
Basb Eoi Mountain, Turkey in Asia, 

xxxviii. 283, 285, 289. 
Babha Braldoh, ixxiv. 49. 

- Glacier, ib. 47. 

- River, ib. 42, 44, 46, 47. 

- Vallev, >■'-. 50. 

Babhelo Bivei, Abjasinia, i 


Babho, xsxiy. 54. 
Basins of tbe rivers Oxus and Dnieper 

campiired, ixivi. 262. 
Baskan Bii-er, hit. 217. 
Basbah, Persian OuK, xsxiT. 118, 139, 

142 1 joiT. 172, 1B3. 
Bassa People, Weat Central Africu, 

Babstdore, island of Kislini, Persian 
Gulf, xixiv. 251, 253, 254. 

Bastiaji, Dr, A,, A Visit to the Huined 
Cities and Bnildinga of Cambodia, 
isiy. 74 — temple of Nakhon Vat, 
T7— lDth»pa,tabiiri, the (indent ca- 
pital of Cmnbodia, 81— niine<l cities 
oFFaten-Tapli rolini iind Prasnt-Keoh , 
82— Lailan. 84— Bakong, 85— ruins 
of Vat Efc, Banon, and Bnsek, 86— 
TainB on Island of Kosalin on the 
Mekong. 87. 

Bastidas, Rodrigo, of Seville, referred 

Babuto Land, Sooth Africa, uxt. 110, 

113; sxsTii. 48, 
Batadi, Plain of, Arabia, j^sxj. 175. 
Batakq, Borneo, uxiL 233. 
Batabta Island, New Guinea, i6.127. 
Bat A VI A, xxjiii. 225. 
Biver, York Peninsnla, 

Qaeensland, uxvi. 40, 42, 46. 
Bates, E, W., Assistant Secretary 

B.O.8., HnJTB on the Collection of 

Objects of Natdbal Histohy, xxxiv. 

, his geographical work 

on the Amazons, xssiii. p. cUx. 

, his ' Naturalist on tUo 

Biver Amazons,' referred to, xxKvi. 

, appointed Aseistftiit 

Beoretary and Editor of ' Tranaao- 
tions,' ixxiv. p. ex. 

, Joshua, Obit. Notice, 

Batiierst lalond, Aretio Eegioi 

BATL*PiTribe,8outhAfrica, ixsv. 117. 
Bathan-stt, or Nymphseus, tributary of 

the Tigris, ft, 24, 25. 
Batoka Country, South Central Africa, 

Batonoa or Bsnoka Country, Weslom 

Africa, >5. 241. l 
Hiver, the Great, Western | 

Africa, if>. 
Batpab-su (rivulet). Central Asia, xL , 

413, 414. 
Batpak-Utki'l, xuviii. 441. 
Bats in the Peruvian valleys, xxxvii. 


Battaubons, Cambodia, xxxiL 

Battgh, Mount, North-Wost Australia, 

uivi. 21)5. 
Battle Harbour, Labrador, ixiviii. 

262. 263. 
Islands, north-east coast ot 

Labrador, >i. 262. 
Bic, Fiji, xixii. 54 et set/. 

lelnnd, Fiji, li. 44, 45, 48. 

lUcitiNtAN Downs, xixiii. 147. 
BACB-B-HAimnN, District of Nishapoor, 

sixi. 43. 
Bawk People, Valley of the Zambesi, 

ill. 292. 
Bay of Bknqal, Surface Currents of the, 

during the South- West MaDsoon, By 

' A, Hkathcote, Esq., LN,, xxxii. 



of Camerones, East Coast of 

gonia, xxxi. 206. 

of San Bias, East Const of Pata- 
gonia, ib. 204. 205, 

of St. Joseph, East Coast of Pata- 
gonia, ik 205, 

Batanob Kiveh, On the, IsTHHrB of 
Panama. By Lackencb Oliphant, 
Esq,, Secrutury r.q.b., xxxt. 142. 

Bay A/ ID, Armenia, xxiiiL 237. 

Bayonet Poaka, New Zealand, xixiv. 

Bahafka Biver, sxsv. 69. 

Baken Country, East Africa, xxivL 108. 

Bazuui Island, xxxi. 277. 

Bealb Cnpe, Vancouver Island, ix\iv. 

Bealkt Biver, New Zealand, xixvii. 
331, 33Z. 

Beamb's Brook, East Australia, sxxiii. 
84, 96, 97, 149. 

Beab Lake, Labrador, xxxiv. 86. 

Mountains, North Ametioa, 

Eiver, tributary of Great Salt 

Lake, <b. 96, 97. 
Beah'3 Fort, British North Amorioa, 

Beatbicr Inlet, North Australia,! 

rioa, I, 



to HitBiiAK, io Pasan-Abau, snd 
tbence, oter MoiTJT GlLKiD and tlio 
Jordan, la Sheohem, xxxii. 76, 
Beke, CHARLia. Tt Ph.D., eitrao( from 
hia ' Ori),nTics Biblioni,' and note, A. 
' referring 

Leatrice, sDrveying Bf'honDer, Norlh 
AnatniliB, ib. 1J2T, 235, 244. 

SucroT, Coloupl, ih. 282. 

BiAimoNT, H. Elia de, quoted, xixiE, 

BuTKB Vnllev, Britiih Columbia, 
uxir. 184. 

Bebeji, town of, Hkubso, Weat Central 
Afrifn, inrii. 97. 98. 

BcBETOiH, Penda, ixivili. 412. 

Bkohuaiia Land, t^iutb AMts, ixxv. 
HJ7, 110, 117 — proof of former well- 
watered cotidition of, IIG. 

Tribe, Soutli Africa,*. 117, 


BecEKB, Mr., death of, ixxii. 522. 

Bedaj, town. Kutar, Arabiu, xxxiv. 
143, 144, 153, 

Bei>doke Hill, Beliti^iiistaiD, xxiiii. 

Beddohb, Snmuol, of Adokide, Aus- 
tralia, rorerrai tc\ xni. 106. 

a Journey (iota Lagos to Oue, tlia 
capitftl of the IiEitu G)itntr3r, in 
January, 18t;2, Kxxiii. 214. 

Bedoe Lakh, Belurhistatt. A. 1S3. 

BsDOitm Tribed, namea of, xxxiv. US, 
121, lli2. 

Bkdocins in Arabia, uxv. 173— food 
Dt; 183. 

Bkdfae-Dala Steppe, Si. 213. 

Bedbakaka, Madagawar, ixxvii. 114. 

BjiecHET, Admiral, quoted on Aiotic 
exploration, xxxvi. 281. 

Idand, Arctic Sea, Frank- 
lin's first wintering place, xxii. 3 ; 

Island, Arctto Ocean, x 

ib. VH, 135. 

10 fanna of, 

wild, in East Africa, xxxt. 1G5. 

Vm, xsxii. 60, 62. 

B, dLatthbw B., Jonmey into tha 

Interior of BamsH CoLimuiA ( 1 859), 

xxxi. 237 — recapitulation of results 

□f obaervationa during joumuy; 

table of distances, with remarks, 248. 

~ } Sea. See Vi Agmper. 

-Strait, ixi?, 83, 91, 134: 

t, Lake, 6outb Ads- 

Bett Sira. Bjr 

Beta Elver, Otintral Asia, xxiiL 561. 

Beeb, Cbablbs T., Fh.D., Qold MedsJ- 

list I1.0.B. : Notes OD an Excursion 

, quoted, 

, referred to, ib. 

Bblad-Abee-' Alee, Arabia, KKxiT.152. 
BtlLAli Beshara, Syria, xxxti. 106. 

el Hhukeif, Syria, ib. 106, 107. 

Bblad-Ma^eat PiDvince, Arabia, 

xxxiT. 153. 
Belad-Soob Province, Arabia, ib. 1 


Belass, Abyssinia, xxnix. 42. 
Beloher, Sir Edward, referred to, 

xxxii. 218, 219; xixvi 383. 
Beliqa Water, North-EsBtem Africa, 

xxxix. 226. 
Bella Ooolo, British Columbia, 

Belle Mnnci, north of Newfoundland, 
ib. 261, 279. 

Bbi.i.bi8I,b, straits of, between New- 
foundland and Labrador, ib. 2G2. 

Bellesa Biver, afBoent of the Uaieh, 
North-Enst Africa, 16. 24. 

BElj:BsnA branch of the Afar tribe, 
North-Easlem Africa, I'i. 15; uttIt 
210, 211. 

Belezee EiTer, tribulary of the Upper 
Irtyah, xxxr. 67. 

Belfoet Castle (Kala'at el Shuki'if), 
Syria, SMii. lOa 

Bell, Chab. N,, Bemnrks on the Mos- 
quiToTEEBCTOBTiita Climate, People, 
Prodoctions, &c., with a Map <oom- 
municHted by Mr. J. AbbowbuithJ, 
iixii. 242— BOuice of information; 
note regarding acearacy of map ; 
original bonndary of Mosquito teni- 
tory ; present bonndary ; mountain 
mnges ; soQ ; acenery ; ooimtry 
north of Blewfields. 242— country 
from Wawa River to Brewer's Lagoon 
and Eoman River ; its geological 
character; magnlQcent cattle reared 
near Cape Gracias & Dios, 243 — 
nature of coast-line ; lagoons ; lar^ 
nombcr of ri vers, 244 — varied scenery 
on their banks, 245 — mahogany 
works on small streams : stillneaa in 
woods at iniddnj, 246 — cool tempera- 
ture of Mosquito stioie; climate 


otheiwiEB iiregalar; weather in 
different months, 247 — winda on 
different pnrts oF coast 248 — small 
pojjulBtioD ; character of people. 250 
— food; trade; religion, 252 — Btcaiige 
cuatom, 255— Ohristmag feativitiea ; 
the Smoos; tlieir cUBtoms, 25(1 — the 
TwdkaB, a tribe of the Smooa ; their 
liobila ; the Payas, 258 — the Ruinae : 
tlie Chokras, 269 — rapid d^cay of 
Indion tribee, 360 — foreata j their 
varied produotions, 2tl2 — zoolngy, 
263 tl »cq. — Mosqaito country a. 
rich field for notoraliats, 2GB. 
Bkli, W. a., »^.A^ M,B. i On the Basin 
of CoLoBiro and the Grtat Baaiu of 
NoHTH Akebica, xxsis. 95 — Burvey- 
ing expedition organiaed by tho 
Kaiiflas Pacific Bnilway Company; 
region travelled oyer by the author, 
95— general featnrts of Iba Great 
Basin, 112— unexplored parts of the 
Cotoriido BB«in, 118. 

Table of distances anil elevations 
across the Arneripan Continent, from 
the Missouri River lo tho Pacific 
OoeBn, nbotit tlie 32nd puralle] of 
latitude, 119. 

Bellot, Lieutenant, of the French 
Navy, xxxi. 3. 

Strait, Arctic America, ib, 3, 4, 


BzLHAR'a 'Voynga aux Provinces 
BniiilienneH dc rAmazonie,' xxxiv. 

Beloochistan. See Bdacliisirm, 
Belook-i-kau, District of Nishapoor, 

iintiy iimabitod by the, 

Si. 269 et scq. 

, note with reference to, S>. 279. 

, the, and their Country. By 

M. Venipkot (translated by Mr. J. 

MiCHKLL &om the ' Journal of tho 

Rnsaian Geographical Society,' 1862), 

ib. 265. 
Bkl Sound, Spitzbergen, xixis. 138. 
EELcomsTAS, Notes on Wkbtehn. By 

Colonel (DOW BtrJ F. J. Goldbuid, 

, On the Bnbterranenn 

Supply of Water in, and the Hill 
DiatriotB of Wbstehn Bind. By Mr. 
J. W. Barhes, xb. S38. 

Belcsa (^DelpKinoptertis fcwvis), method 
of catching, xxsix. 137. 

Bemanevihia, J ,, . 

Behba Lake, Sooth Central Atrio«L J 
sixiv. 2*7-249. I 

Bembatooka Bay, Madagascar, xxxtL I 
245, 24«. I 

BEUBE,Linipnpp,nrBiodelOiro,Sonth- I 
East Africa, issii. fiS fl( in;.; xxxix. 1 
237,243, 244, 247, 248,250, 254,255. J 
See also Limpopo, \ 


of, &. 245. 
Bemeb, Mount, York 

Queensland, xxxvi. 47 
Beuosgo, MadaguBcar, t 
Benches Ijake, Britiah Culumbia, 1 

xxKviii 124-126. ■ 
" BENCHBa," how formed, s 
— in the Booky Monnlalni, 

xisii. 125. 
Bench-uaiikb, list of, made in level- 
ling the line from the Mediterranean 

to the Daad Sea, in 1865, xxxvi. 201, 

BENDAKm Elver, xxxi. 61. 
Bekd-Eastebly, Mount, Eastern Au»- 

tmlia, xxsiii. 4. 
Besjahe Eivor, South Africa, xxxix. 

Behgal, Bay of, xxxii. 109— speoiflo 

gravity of tho sea in, xxxv. 148. 
— -, Hnrfaco currents ot 

the, dnring the south-west monsoon, 

xxxii. 234. 
Asiatic Society, letter from 

Captain Moutgomerie to the Secre- 

tar;^ of the, on tho employment of 

natives in the exploration of Cential 

Asm, 166. 
Bbnhcella, West Africa, xxxL 293; 

Ben Habib, referred to, xxxiil. 269. 
Besi Eiver, tribatary of the Madoirn, 

sxxi. 191, 203 ; xxxvi. 104, 114, 128 ; 

xxivii. 138. 
Besi-Sakhe, east of Jordan, i 


Ben sow, Mount, Tancoaver Island, 
xxxii. 533, 635 ; xsxiv. 164. 

Benbubas.M.; The Fiji Is lands, xxxii. 
42— position, extent, 4o.; discovered 
by Abel Jansen Tasman in 1643; 
Onmmodore Wilkes' work on the 
ialandfl ; Captain Denham'a chart; 
population, 42— difference between | 

643:' I 

the ^^J 


people at eail and west ends of 
proup ; Viti Leva ; Vonna Leva ; 
0*alan,43— townof Lcvuka; Hotu- 
riki; WiiksiKi Tall'-js of Somn 
Hniuu : rumilure timber »□ Kantava 
Hland; King Thakftmbau ; Lukem- 
fau ; Dlinukte, 41 — cboiBoter of tlie 
people ; narootio ifiiak mude from 
kava (^Piper methiitiatm') ; its mana- 
laature, 45 — bratnt praotioei of popu- 
latiuii ; illoBtration ; cnnnibaljam, 46 
— religioDS ajstein, 47 — Fijian lan- 
guage : fifteen dialeetB ; tranalatioii 
of Scriptorea ; dictionary and gram- 
mar ; eiporta ; moile of manufaO' 
turiug oocoii-nut oil, 48 — b&ilie-dc- 
mer; tortoiBe-Bliell ; pearl-Bhell ; 
cotton, &a., 49 — doablu-oaaoea ; suil' 
dry manufacturiis, 50. 

Bemtikcs: Arm Trail, British Colum- 
bia, mviii. 122-124. 

Island, Gulf of Carpentaria, 

Bebab, Central FrovinceB, India, xxxv. 

Bebatino Biver, Epirua, ixxix. 2S9. 
BESBKromrr, Adrien, Obit. Notice, xl. 

BsnGA hIub, Natal, xxxvii. 56. 
Behko Cbannel, Jurua Biver, Brazil, 

ixxix. 298. 
BaaBBFORD Hill, Bonth Anatralia, 

suL 69-71. 
Springs, Anatralia, ib. 69, 

84, 100, 101, 145. 
Bekbtdah. town of Eaaeem, Arabia, 

ssiiv. 112, 119, 126, 127, 147. 
Bbbeyhah. town of Oman, Arabia 

\ 147, 153. 
Beb-Kizah, branch of the Sjr-Daria, 

Behhieb, French physician referred to, 

Be8hii/> Bavine, Abyssinia, xsj:viii. 

44, 45, 47. 
Biier, affluent of the Bluo 

NUe, ib. 35, 42. 43, 45-47. 
BasHianN, Tillage of^ Easkrn Turli- 

iatan, xl. 79. 
Bebhkck Oanal, Eaatem Tarkistan, ib. 

Besotob Monntiiin (Uschba), Caa- 

Bethany, village of, xxivi. 201. 
BxT-aoR, Abyeslnia, xxxriii. 43. 
Bbth Horon, Syria, xxxvi. 201. 
Bm>AS-DALA Desert, Central Asia, 

xxxT. 217. 1 

Bbtsimbabaka People, Madagascar, 


Betbiubaiuea Bace, Madagascar, 

xxxvi. 55. 
BrraiszBAN, town of, Madagascar, ib. 

Bevon, Mount, Western Australia, xl. 

Bewshkb, Liautenant J. B.; On Part 

of Mesofotahia contained between 

Shebiat-el-Bettha, on the TioBis, 

and Tel Ibiiahih, xxivii. 160. 
Betla, Boluuhiabm, xixiii. 186. 
, Djum of (Meer Khan), ib. 184. 

Province, Beluohiatan, ib. J 85, 

Betla R Settlement, Beluchistan, ib. 205. 
BsypooR, Malabar coast, xxxvi. 183. 
Betbokt, town of, xxiii. 77, 78, 80, 86. 

Bezil^a, village of, Kliotan, xxxviL 11. 
Bhahduh, Syria, xxiii. 78. 
Btiaho, xl. 292, 294. 
Bbawulpore, State of, North-Wtst 

India, ib. 1S3. 
BaooTAN, xxxviii. 143. 
Bbqwani Biver, Sonthem India, xxxix. 

Bhlt Khol, Glacier of, xxiL 36. 

Bbcttbeama. Punjab. India, xl. 182. 

BUEO Glacier, xisiv. 29, 36, 41, 42, 45, 

BiAilo Glacier, ib. 37. 41. 

BiAHO River, *, 29, 30. 86, 37, 41. 

Biar Island, New Guinea, xxxii. 127, 

BlANCHC, xxsiv. IS, 

BiCEAHEEB. Fnnjab, xl. 1S2. 

BiOHHOBE, Albisbt S. ; Sketch of a 
Journey from Oabton to IIankow, 
xiiviii. 50. 

BcBA, oipital of Nupd, West Africa, 
XII vii. 92. 95. 

, in NcpB, to Kano, in Hahhsa, 

Notes of a Jonmey from, pcrfomied in 
1862. ByDr.W.B.BAiKiE.B.N.,ft.02, 

BmiE, Geobge, 1I.B. ; Eifeots of Forest 
Destruction in Coobg, xxxix. 77 — 
position of Cooix, 77 — flora; rainlall, 
79— fulling of forest, 80— effect on 
druinage, 82 — influriDoo of forest 
cluaranee on the composition of the 
air, 84 — effects of dearance on the 
temperalurc of the air and ground, 
85— effects of clearance on Uie hu- 
midity of the air and soil, 86— effects 
of fcrest destruction on animal life; 
effeets of foroEt destruction on viu;e- 
tation, 87. 
Table of rainfall and tcmperatnre. 


Bio Bent, Kockv MonalainB, uiviii. 

Bes Moaiit, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

iBland, North -Eiiat const of La- 

bmdur, ixiviii. 27G. 
BiJ-BiaA&A, Of VidyaVihara, Kaslirair, 

Bn-iKfliTW, Mesopotamia, xiiii, 7G. 

BiLTC-ECL, Central Asia, sL 371— de- 
scribed, 37(!. 

Monotnins, Oenlral Asia, S/. 


BiLLiirr's Springs, North Australia, 
Mxiii. 312. 

BiST. Belucliislan, xxwii. 272. 

BlKDB River, West Afrim, Hj. 92, 99, 
107, 108. 

BiHDJioRE, Captain, referred lo, xiiii. 

I or Manclinriii, xxxix. S3. 

of York Peninsnla, Qupooalsnd, 

xxsy. 78 ; xix»i. 33, i-l. 
BtRnLEETA, Syria, ib. 201. 
BiBSENHBAl), or Mosqalto Portage, 

Britisli Columbia, xiii. 218, 231. 
BiRCti Gnari, city of, Ilaussa, West 

Oentrnl Africa, ixxrii. 99. 
B[BATA Tribe, Borneo, xiiii. 232. 
BisHEBBEE Plain, cast of Diarbclfr, 

xxrriii. 317. 
BiBHOF Creek, Norlli Australia, ixxi. 

127-130,135; xixiii. 285. 
BiTUS, Turkey in Asia, ib. 237. 
Bn-roirai Tribe, siiii, 312. 

Dhoons, ib. 312-314. 

BiimnriuAS, affluent of the Badam 

Bi*er, Centra! Asia, zl. 379. 
BiTAAN Hiver, Sontli Africa, sssix.2e5. 
Black Bay, Labrador, xrsTiii. 261. 
beans, oultivation of, on tbe 

lathmas of Tehuantepec, Central 

America, xxxii. 549. 
Bladkktks Crpek, Euaiera Aiialralin, 

xxxiii. 55. 
Bi.AtJKJ'BET Indians, sxxiv. 80. 
Black Hill, Soath Austi'aiia, itxii. 87. 

River, Centra! America, xxiii. 

244, 250, 258. 

Sea, xiiviii. 297. 

Umbrella MountaiD, New Zea- 

Lmd, siiiT. 80. 

"ELAOK'flFishingGtounda," New South 
Wairs, Anstralia, melbod of catch- 
ing fi^ by the natives, xixi. 146. 

Blaokwood, Captain, referred to, 
tixtii. 4. 

Blaib, LienteDant Arobibiild; hii 
survey of the Andaman Archipelago, 
xxxii. 109, 113, 114, 119, 126. 

Blakhtoh, Captain Thou., R.At re- 
ferred to, ill. 1, 7, 14, 18, 2G, 38; il. 

3, 271. 

-, Medal 

awarded to, ixiii. , . 
Blanc, Uenhy, m.d., ^taff-AEaistant 
Sargeon, Bombay Army ; From Mo- 
TBMMA to Dauot, alongthe Western 
slioreB of the Tana Sea, Abyssiku, 

Blanoue, Lake, Son th Ansirolia, xxxiii. 

Bla-nkord, Mr. [? W. T.], referred lo. 

, Point, North Australia, ixxvi. 

235, 236. 
BLETWFiBLia Liigoon, Oontral Araerioa, 

xxxii. 244, 251), 2130. 
River, Central America, 

, town of, Central America, 

ib. 252, 259. 
BuQH, Captain, referred to, ib. 42. 
B Lion's Entrance, Tones Straita, 

isxviii. 373, 376, 377. 
Bloody Spaniurii, the plant, xxxiv. 95. 
Bn-« Mountains, Oregon, xxxix. 96. 
NUu (or Abai River), xxxiii. 238- 

240; xxxviii. 9, 10 ; xxxix. 43-45. 
BLCFr Hills, Natal, isxvii. 66. 
, the. New Zealand, ixxi7. 81, 82 

— hnibour, 80. 
Bloniibb Bay, Victoria Hivtr, North 

Australia, ixivi. 239, 244. 
Bltth River, South Anstralia, named 

by Mr. M'Douall Stuart, siii. 75, 

94, 98, 99. 
" Bmookwa " River, British Colnmbia, 

ih. 229. 
Boca Cnrra Channel, Central America, 

xxxii. 53G. 
do Matoni, Salailo Biver, I.a 

Plata, xxxiv. 233. 
BoniiAN Lake, xsxii. 5G5. 
UoECTHA Country, Soalh-Eaat Africa, 

BOGDo Mountein Gronp, Central Asia, 

sxiv. 213. 
Boqdo-Ula, Ticn-Slmn system, 

357, 35S. 
BODER Eirghiites, ib. 360. 
Bogie River, Queensland, xxxvi. 
" .00 Volcano, Aleutian Islaad.1, 
'ill, 222. 




BoiLEAr, Sir JoshutL P.. Bart., Obit. 

Notice, 3i. p. cxlvi. 
BoiLiHO-WATEB ObseTvationB, vnlae of. 

xl. girnota]. 
OKA, Island of. 

Hav4kil Ba;, Bed 

Bokhara, skve marketa of, xjlxx. +1, 

42— Btajsian tmde witb, ixxii. 556; 

xxxviii. 431 ; xl. 456, 457— alevation 

of, 462. 
, Ebaoat of, iiitIu. 433— 

KhanikofB map of, referrad to, xnvi. 

Bolivia, mi. 191, 192— mountain 

pealn in. 164. 
BoLOB Bange, Oeatral Asia, ixivi. 249- 

252, 254, 265, 2G2, 266— donbtfiil 

points in reg&rd to tho geography 

of, A. 263 ; il. 385, 387, 398-400— 

obaerrtklioDS on. i'6, 331 [note]. 
River, Central Asia, xisvi. 250, 

■ Territory, popolation of, in last 

century, ib. 278. 

, town of. Central Asia, A. 260, 278. 

BoLTOi, East Africa, xl. 322, 

BoHBA HOlf, South Africa, mis. 

Bombay, sxsi. 275 ; xxxii. 236; xisvi. 

187; luviL 75— avaporation at, 312. 
, Island of, saliifactotily proved 

to have been twice snbmerged trader 

the ocBan, si. 195. 
BoBBosABi Eiver, Quitonian Andes, 

usi. 175, 181, 182. 
BoHAPiKTB Eiver, British Colnmbia, 

h. 217. 


- Valley, British Columbia, 

t. 160. 

BoNNEY, Chaa., lute Comnuasionor of 
Crown Lands for South Australia, 
xxxj. 124. 

Creek, Anatralia, named by 

Mr.M'Douall Stnart after Chaa. Bon- 
ney, lata Ccinimiflsioner of Crown 
Lands for Soath Australia, ib. 124, 
125. J35-137. 139 ; ixxiii. 2S3-285. 

Booby lalacd, Gnlf of Carpentaiis, 

ib. 7. 


BooBOH Loombftb, il'. 23. 

BooMcnANGS; in Australia, 

" BooMKE," lavender-like plant. 
EafiteTQ Turkieta ■ — — - 



Boothia, Arctic Heeionfi, xsxL 1; 

SKvi. 280, 283; Eaquimani of, 

sxii. S-13; xsx». Oe. 
Felix, discovery of the fiita of 

the mapctic pole in, ib. 132, 133. 
BoHAB, villago 0^ Eufitem Tnrkistan, 

xl. 79. 
^oroasiu fialeUiformii. Xsxi. 313. 
BoBBA, town of, Madeira River, xxxvii. 


), 61. 


BouNlEB, Captain, settler on Eaetcr 

Islanil, xl. 167, 173. 
Borneo, Observations on the North- 

WeatCoHstof. By Spesoer St. JoHH, 

Esq.. H.B.M.'a Consul-Generol for 

Bomto, \xxii. 217. 
-, Petermann's map of^ referred 

to, ib. 222. 

, xixiii. 219 et aeq. 

BoHoDAB8nii-BOB (Lake of), xsxL 3C8. 
BosoLSAi Sloanteins. CcRtral Aaia, 

xxxvi. 261 ; T^TJi 317, 318 : xl. 366, 

369, 370, 373. 
Eiver, Central Asia, ft. 373, 

412, 413, 415, 116. 
BoHONTo Late, York Peninsala, 

Queensland, xxxvi. 51. 
BoR0T:tL Lake, xxxi. 360. 
BoEutABDY Inlet, Vancouver Island, 

xxxiv. 170. 
BOBEo" Hotuter, Mongolia, xiiUi. 174. 
BoBUD, 'or Bomdhn, ravine, Belu- 

chislan, ib. 183. 
Boston Bar, British Columbia, xxxi. 


Island, Port Lincoln, a. 83. 

BoTA Pi!ak, Abj'Hsiuia, xxxviit 37. 
BoTTTBLD, Beriali, M.P., Obit. NotlcB, 

BotrJUM) Canal, Central Asia, xxxTlil. 

BouNTiFOLlflUnd, Gulf of Carpentaria 

xxxiii. 7, 9. t~ . 

BocBN, Isle of, Eastern ArchipaloEo, 


LandBtorongli'a Espedition from 
Carpentaria to Tictcriii, ib, 97 d seq, ; 
extiikciB tiom bia Journal. 128 d seq. 

BouBSERA, DBuii Biver, MHnchmitt, 
xxsvii. 231. 

BousBisGAULT, M., referred to, ssxr. 

PoCTAEDF, Admiral Alexte, of the Bas- 
eiuiNavj'; TheDcIlaandMoiitliaof 
the Ahhj-Dabia, or Oxrs (triLUBlated 
from tbe BnSBiaii nnd coininiiBioated 
by Mr. JoBN Miohell), xssvii. 152, 

, Geographi- 
cal work of, ill CeatTBl Asia, i!i. p. 

awarded tt 

— , referred li 

xsstui. 435, 437, 439, 441, 446, 449, 
455— aationomicaJ points iJong the 
Jaiartee determined by, 456. 

BODTHHOTDM, EuiiiB of the ancient city 
of Epirua, xixii, 280. 

BouTONQ Island, ixxii. I2S. 

BowANT HiTcr, tributary of the Cau- 
Tery, India, sxxvi. 183, 193. 

£owEN Creek, Queomland, xxxiii. 74, 



- Downs, QueeuBland, 


— , Mount, HiDoliinbroob Island, 
Australia, xkxv. 200. 

, Eev. Mr., an American author, 

referred to, ixxi. 275. 

, Sir Gleorge F.; Estiftota from 

Deepatchea to the Coloniul OSco 
respecting Bnrlte and Wills Belief 
EsT>editiona (March 15 and April 12, 
1B6Z), sisiii. 151, 

; Estracta from a 

Despatch to the Duke of Ncwcastk-, 
ft. 151,152. 

; Extract from 

Despatch by, to the kfe Duke of 
Newcastle, on tlie new settlements 
in North Eaat Auatralitt, xxxv. 191. 

; Eslraot from 

waided to the Coloniul OfBce re- 
lating to the new settlemeut in 
BookiDghfun Bay, and advi^nce of 
oolonisfttion over Nortli-Eaatorn 
Australia ; incluiiing Mr. G. E. Dal- 
lymple's report on his journey from 
Eocfcingham Bay to the Valley of 
ILagDons, ib. 191 : 

1. Mr. Arthur Jervoise Boott'B 
letter on the founiialion of the Settle- 
ment at Bockinghom Buy, 193. 

2. letter reepeoting Myall DawDH, J 
Lynd Ei?er, 136— readings of tbeol 
momelet at end of January and earlj'l 
in February, 197. W 

3. Bepoit of Mr. George Elpliin- | 
stone Dalrymple on his joumuy from 
BocMngham Bay to the Valley of 
Lagoons, 19S, 

BowEN Straits, North Australia, a 

229, 230, 
Bowies, Admiral of tha Fleet, Sit J 

Wm., K.O.B., Obit. Notice, xl, p. ' 
BozBA, Syria, xxxii. 10.^, 108. 
BaiBAzoN, Capt., murder oi^ : 

Peking, ! • " 

BABE, Wn; , 

of the Exploration Conu 

bourne, xxxii. 526-529 
Bbahua-eund, xl. 2S6, 21 

A Hive 

i. 234, 2 

i. 136, 138, 141, 146, 147, 
149, 151, ICl, 163, lea, 167, 170 
[othei names for 177, 211]— niemor- 
andum on 600 miles of the, from its 
source near the MansaiDwar Lake to 
tlie junction of the Ihiai Biver, 211 ; 
a. 212 et teq. i xl. 302. 

■ ~— ', Route Sntyey throogh 

the upper Talley of the. Sea Moal- 

BBAduuABAD, Ruins of the city of, xl. 

193, 194. 
BaiHMiHicAL idols in Cambodia, xxxv. 

Bkabmihs in Cambodia, Sisjn, and 

Burma, xxxv, 86. 
B K AHfOKEE Ban go (Pottin get's), saiiii. 

BBALnoH Valley, xiiiv. 27, 28, 51. 

Biver, ib. 28 et seq. 

Bbamau-ghebey Mountains, Bonthem 

Brami), George, Obit. Notice, 3 

Bbabdewtse Bay, Spitzbergen, X3 

139, 140, 
Bbamt, James, o.E., Obit. Notice, x' 


I Apogongo, Central Amerioa, I 
ii. 53[). d 

- Mistun, Central America, i(.-a 





Bkeadalhane, Marqais of, Obit. Nolioe, 


BBBAD-PI.AST3, Hat of— distribution oF, 
in different pacts of tl]e globe, i'j, 

565, 5efi. 
■ of tlie Nortliem Polar 

bouudcLrieB, 16. 5SS, 
, the Qeogrttphy of. Bj 

Ph. Df. MicuELSBN, sb. 5(i5. 
BasAKEH Inlet, Nortb-Weit AnBtmlia, 

A. 394, 414, 
BBEAttSBA Bound, New Zealund, xxKiv. 

61, 9S. 
Bbecenock Harbour, AuatrQlitt, inv. 

252, 253, 258, 268, 272, 278, 278. 
Beeut, Arabia, ft. 186, 188. 
Bbebeton, Mnjoi, referred to, xsxTJii. 

Bbbtt, J. W., Obit. Noliee, sixiv. 

p. oxvii. 
BsEnEB's Lagoon, Central America, 

xxxii. 243. 
Bbewster Monnt, New ZealaaJ, xxiiv. 

90; il. 437. 
— , Sir DftTid, referred lo, xxXv. 

Bbidgb River, Britisli Columbia, xssi. 

21s, 220, 234, 250. 
BEiaANUT-wANz, Abjssinia, xxxviii. 

Brightjian Boy, South America, ixsi, 

Brillante Bivei, Brazil, xxxli. 138. 
Brinb-sbbiup (Cancer salinus, Linn.), 

xl. 11. 
Brinjoa, iiiTii. 3, 4, 10, 11, 20. 
Bbiskley, Captain, of Adelaide, South 

Australia, xxxL 110. 
Bluff, DBined by M'Dauall 

Stuart ftfter Gapt. Brinkley, of Aiie- 

laide, 16. 110, 112, 139, HO ; xsxiii. 

BaiSBANE, capital of QueeuBlnnd, i'l. 

5,6; xslv. 199, 213; ixxviii. 398, 

400, 410— temperature at, ib. 395. 
British Aasocialion, Ueetiug at Bafh, 

referred to, ssxr. I. 

Burmah, xxxviii. p. olxxviii. 

CoLDUBiA, Bxploratiun in 

Jabvi9 Inlet and Desolation Socnd. 

By W. DoWNlE, Esq., iixi. 249. 
, Journey into tlie 

Interior of. By Matthew B. Beobie, 

Esq., ib. 237. 
, only pcaolieable lino 

for a mOway through, to the Faciflo, 

xxxviii. 128— crops in, ii.l26— marks 


of it 

action in the Fjords of, xxxix. 
122, 123. 

British Colcubia. on the Geography 
and Mountain Passes of, in conneetton 
with the Overland Route. By A. 
Wabdikoton, Esq., xxxviii. 118. 

, Bemiirks upon the 

Hydrography and Natural Capa- 
bilitiea of, and the Condilion of ita 
Principal Qold Fields. By Lientt- 
nont H. S. Palmer, h.e., ixxit. 171. 

, Report onaJoomey 

in, in the districts bolderiug on the 
TBOUPEO-r, Fraseb, and Habbisoh 
Rivers. By Lieuteunnt Bichaud 0. 
Matse, B.W., xsxi. 213. 

~— — ., Hcport on tha Hab- 

BisoN aud LiLU)ET Route, from the 
Junction of the Fbageb and Hab- 
BiaoN Rivers to the Junction of the 
Fraseb and Katoscb Rivers, vrith 
Notes on the country beyond, as far 
as FoL'NrAiK. By Lieutenant H. S. 
Palmer, b.e., siii. 224. 

, Skeloh of the Coun- 
try between Jabvts Islet and Foet 
Pemberton, on the Lilloet River, 
a, branch of the Fraseb Riror ; with 
amap. By LicutonunC R. C. Mathe, 
B.N., ib. 297. 

Guiana. See Schomburgi. 

IimiA, Notes on the High- 
land Region adjacent to the Trahs- 
Ikdos Frontier of By Slajot Jakes 
Walkeb, xxiii. 303. 


vol. xxsiv. p. cliv.; vol. xixviiL 

Broad Sound Range, Qucenslanil, 

XXXV. 211. 
Ebooe, Jakes ; On a Compositios for 

Keepinq Watches or Compabsks 

Watbktight, ixxiv. 284. 
Beodib, Sir Benjamin, Bart., Obit. 

Notit:e, xxxiii. p. cxx. 
Brooke, Sir James, Bart., k.o.b., Bajah 

of Sarawak, Obit. Notice, tttIt. 

Bbuok Islands, Norlh-East Coast of 

Austral in, xxxv, 200. 
BBOOEtHO, J. H., Obit. Notice, zxiii. 

Bhoiqhton Bay, Corea, xxxvii. 214. 
— , Lord, O.O.B., Obit. Notice, 

xl. p. cxxiii. — one of the (bunders of 

the Society, I'A. 
Bbown, John, Obit. Notice, iiii 

BnowN, BoBEET I On the Fobkation of 


and Intehmitteht Hivehs, xsxii, 
Bhowke BivcT, East Austialia, xxxiii. 

Bbuck, referred ti 

3, 7, 9, 10, 

-, Monnt, Nortli-Wcflt AnBtralift, 

iixii 393 12G 
BauNEi, Borneo, it. 228, 23i. 
BBrH.EoLi.ET, Piedmontese traveller, 

wferred to, xixv. 12. 
BsYNEiRA SIountaiDB, New Zealand, 

xxiiT. 108. 
Bi-amPsbb, mil. 316-319, 323, 323, 

328, 331 ; si. 348, 350, 375, 
Bncn, Leopold von, referred to, isxii. 

BncBAMAN, Ltike, Boufli Anstmlia, 

nxili. IS. 20,21, 39. 
, Mr. N., referred (a, i'l. Ill, 

BccHBR Bny, Vancouver Island, ssxi. 

Buddha, fiRure of, in the tt'iuple at 

Nakhoa Vat, Cambodia, ib. 80, 81 

— images of, at Kiu-ynng-kiran. 

China, xxxyi. 152— images of, at 

Peking, ih. HI. 
Bdddhibt Prajer-ivhef-l, sxxviii. 139, 


— - — religion, Siam, sxxi. SIG. 

tcmplea in Binm, A. 3X3, 

BnlJDO, Beluehislan, xxsiii. 186, 187. 
BcDiCHTCHEf, M., Topographical En- 
gineer, referred to, sisvii. 228. 
Buenos Ayros, xxxi. 156, 157, 193, 204, 


i. 155. 

, plan of, referred to, 

, topographioat survey of. 


BDQGAri) Kiver, Sind, ixxvii. 75. 
BrciB trBderB,NewGoitiea,xixii. 130. 
BuaoK River, Central Asia, xl. 370- 

374, 414, 415. 
Eivcra (Great and Little), 

GestrBlAGia,ii. 412,416. 

Valley, Central Asia, i5. 373. 

BoiBT, Dr., Obit. Notice, xxxi. p. civil. 

BuxE Leva, Maun tnin Island of KadaTO, i 
Fiji group, xxxii. 52, 58. ' 

BnEHTABua Biver, Central Asia, xs 
62, 66. 

BuKBTAnuiNSK, fortress of, xxxii. 5t 

BriPON Tbo, glacier lake, Mnslaih ] 
Range, Trana-Iudna, xxiiv. 49, 

Bu Kurr Bab^i Honge, Turkey in Asia, 

BuLKELET, Colonel, referred to, ib. 235. 

BiLLEB Biver, New Zealand, xxxii. 
29G, 298-301. 

BuLLOO Baoge, QueenBland, ib. 517, 518. 

, or Wright's Creek, Queens- 
land, ib. 517-522. 

BuLPANER, Lake, South Australia, 

i. 15. 

, Visit 


ii. 274,281. 


KisBM, and. By Lieul.-Col. Lewis 

Pellt, Ksxiv. 261. 
BcNausH Triiie, xxxii. 308. 
BuNNOK La, xxxiv, 27. 
BUNSOO,, xxxii. 314. 
, plains of, Trans-Indus, ib. 


Valley, Trans-InduB, ib. 312. ■ 

Sumjess, Hteamer, xxxi. 148. I 

BiRA hills, BiiHt Africa, \ssiT, 5; xl, 

BUHCHUN Biver, afflueut of the Uppet 

Irtysh, XXXV. 60, 67. 
BcscKHABDT, referred io, ixxii. 94, 93. 
BcRDEKiN Downs, Queensland, xxxvl. 

, Lower, Valley, East Aua- 

tralia, xxxiil, 3 et seq. 
River, Queensland, ib, 72, 

73, 75-79 ; xxxv. 196, 202, 206, 208- I 

210 ; xxivi. 19, 20 ; jxxviii. 407. 
, Identification of, with 

the Hiver Wiceham. By G. B. DAt- 


- Valley, Queensland, 

Bere (Buri) Peninsida, Red Sea, 

xxiviii. 14; xxxix. 208, 209, 229. 
BuBETA, Fiji, Kxxii. 44. 
BcniAL Reach, Flinders Biver, Enol 

Australia, xxxiii. 6 et seg. 
Bdri Salt Plain, North-Eftfltom Africa, I 

xssix, 215, ' 

Busjos, Syria, xxxii. 107. 
Bubkb, Robert O'Hara, Exploring Ex- ■ 

peditioD from Victoria to the Gnlf of ] 



Oorpentaria, imdGr the Gommaud of. 
DocnmeutB cotnmimicated by the 
Colooial Office, and inoluding Joor- 
nala of Howitt, King, Willa, Burke, 
Wright, and Brahe, Jmsii. 430. 

1, W. Howitt'H Despatoli (Oct. 10, 
18G1), reporting return of contiDgent 
exploring party, after finding John 
King, UiD only Burrivor of Mr. 
Brake's patty, 430. 

2. John Kinsf B NsrratiTe, 431. 
a W. Brahms Letter, 438. 

4. E. O'H. Brake's Last Letter, 

5' W. J. Wills' Laat Letter, 439. 

G. W. Howitt's Diary of proceed- 
inga of coutiugiint exploring party, 

7. W. J. Wills' Diary of journey 
froro Cooper'a Creek to Carpentaria, 
from Mg fleld-hooka, 459. 

8. W. J. Wills' Journal of the re- 
tnju from Catpflntorif to Cooper's 
Creek, 476. 

9. B. O'H. Brake's Nolea of the 
Expeditiou, taken iiom. hie rough 
memorandmn-book, 485. 

10. W. J. Wills' Journal of Trip 
from Cooper's Greek lowarda Ade- 
laide (commenced on April 23, I8G1), 
the narmtive ia which is carried 
down to June 27, a few days before 
bia death, 4S7. 

11. W. J. Wills' Astronomical 
Observations on his return from Car- 
pentaria to Cooper's Creek, 502. 

12. Inatrnctions to leader («. O'H. 
Brake) of the Violarian Exploring 
Expedition, SOS. 

13. K. O'H. Burke's Deapafcli 
from Torowotto (Oct. 29, ISUO), 505. 

from Cooper's Crock (D<ic. 13, 1860), 

15. W. Wright's Diary, 507. 

16. W. Brahe's Beport of proceed- 
ings of Depot party at Cooper's 
Creek, and their return to Melbourne, 

Bdbke, Eobert O'Hara, Medal awarded 

Australia, ib. 436. 


40,41,147 — camp of, and grave, 16. 27 
— ttaoos of, on the Flinders Eiver, 
East Australia, i/i. G — ruferrcid to in 
Sir H. Barkly-B despatch, ib. 150. 
- and Wills, Messrs., report of 
— - — expeditions fitted out 

1. Eeport and Journal of Com- 
mander W. H. Normau, :i.N., with 
map, showing portion of Flinders 

2. Diary of J. M. M'Kinlaj, Esq., 
with map, 13. 

(a) Fmm AdelaiJa to Luielihardt 

Rivet (Camp 58). 
(i) From Camp 58 to Fort Deni- 

(a) Report to Captain Kotman. on 

the Albert Hirer. 
('■) From Albert Eiver, Bonlh- 

westward lo Rich Plains, 

Herbert Hirer. 
(1:) Ftom Albert Bivor, across the 

Australian Contintat, via the 

Darling Kiver, to Mulboume. 

4. Walker's Expedition from the 
Nogoa to the Gulf of Car^ientaria, 
with map, 1M3. 

5. Despatch Irom Sir E. Barkly, 
of 21st August, 1862, p. 150. 

6. Desputches from Sir G. Bowen. 
of 16th March and 12th AprU, 1862, 
p. 151. 

BuBKE and Wills, note in reference to 

the expeditions despatched in search 

of, ixxiit 150— tefened to, 128, 130, 

BoRKi: Pass, Canterbory Province, New 

Zealand, xxxvii. 335. 
Burke Eiver, tribular; of the Haast, 

New Zealand, ib. 336. 
Bcrke'b Creek, East Australia, zxziii. 

Burkbtown, Albert River, Qoeens- 

land, sssviii. 370. 
Bdbls Hill, xixviL 158. 
Bdrua, xxxii. 23. 

and China, Sladeu's Espe- 

dition, sxxix. p. clsixis. ; T. T. 
Cooper's expedition, ib. p. clxxxii. 

Bdhnes, Alesander, referred to, xxsvi. 

262, 265-267, 278, 279 ; xl. 462. 
; hia ' Travda fo 

Bokhara' referred to, xxsvi. 266 

[note] — extract from, sxxvii. 72, 73 

BuBNETT, Mount, Hinchinbrook Island, 

Australia, xxxv. 200. 

(the late) Commodore, re- 
ferred to, ib. 192. 

UuENEY, Archdeacon, Obit. Notice, 
ib. p. cxxvL 


I^VHRrBRABD Inlet, British O 


Inlet, British Columbia, x 

Bdbbo MoimbuQB, Korth America, 

xixix. 97. 
BCRBOW Springs, Bonth Auetmlm, 

BuBBOV, Mrs., uxiii. 267- 
, Kev. H. de Wint, estraot of 

letter of (Deo,, 1861), il. 251— deatli 

of, 26G, 267. 
BmiTOH and Spukc, CuptainB, lofarrcd 

to, xxiyiL 207, 211. 

BcasERA, upper UBSuri Hirer, i!>. 227. 

BcsaotH, Buluchialan, xssiii. 201. 

HQl, BeloohiBtaD; il>. 200. 

Riyer, Belooliijitan, ii.l ZWj J 

201. f 

Bote lulet (Homattlieo), BtitLJi Co- 
general featurea of the ground orer 
ivhich the mllrood would pass (rom, 
to the month of [lie QueanellG ItiveT, 
Biitish Columbia, 121. 

Trail, Briliflh Columbin, 

194," 197, 203-205 — hifl 'Lako Ee- 
giouB" referred to, si. 311. 

count of an Explnnitioa of tjie 
Ei.BPBiHT MouaTAiM, in Westbbn 


X- , his joumay through 

WiUhB interior of Bru;til, 

— , Medalliat B.G.8. : On 
Laks TAuaABYiKi, Ptolkjii's Weat- 
om lake -reservoir of the Nile, 
XXXV. 1 — five objections to Ouptain 
Speke'a Bettlameut of the Nile, 1— 
recent diacoveries by Dr. LivingBkine 
and Dr. Kirk ; no connection between 
Lnkea Tanganyika aadNjaasa; Dr. 
Kirk's note on difference iu aliolla of 
the two lakes, 2 — how srU is pro- 
at Lake Tfyassa ; journey in 
with Captain Bpeke, 3 — atate- 
i receiyed at Uvira; southern 

^onyikB ; doubts in England 

Bbont laie, 4^-Oaptain Spoke's yiowa 
aa to mountaina atnorthend.S—aslo 
rivers, 6 — altitudea, 8— suggested al- 
teistionB in Captain Speke'a map, 1 
—Ptolemy cited, 13 — Nile problem 
not yet solved, 15. 


BoBCTB, nomadB on west aide of Bolor 
Eange, upper saurces of Oxuh, xsxvi. 
275 [note]. 

BcRWAH, Voyage up tbeDABLiNfl and. 
By Mr. W. E. Bandell, xxsi. H3. 

BuBHBT. Mr,, Eegiatrar, British Co- 
lumbia, refened to, ib. 237- 

BusHiRE, Persia, ifi. 54 j xss.iv. 251 , 
253 ; X3xvii. 312. 411. 

and TEHERiH, On tlie Eleva- 
tion of tbo country between. By 
Major O. Sr, Jons, xxxviu- 411, 

Bosh Islaed, New Zealand, xxiiv. 69. 

BusauAH River, Niitul, ixsvii. 50, 
ib. IGl, 179, 180, 

_., the t 


BcTLEn and Baker, Mesara. (New Zea- 
land), referred to, xxxiv. 88, ' l 

, G. Q., Bchoola' Prize MedaD I 

awarded to, xl. p. cixxi, I 

, Obit. Notice, ib. 

-, Key, Pierce; his connection 

with the auryey of the Sinai Penin- 
snla, sxsviii. p, ciliv. 

Biver. EpiruB, ib. 2S0. 

BuTTAL Teppet, ruina called, on 

bank of the Tigris, xsiv, 23. 
Butt Hill, Bclucliistan, xsxiii. 

197, 199, 200. 
BuTTCiraiES (Trans-Indna), vegetation 

of the country of, sxxiL 316 et seq. 
Buy* Oarap, ObserrationB at, during' I 

AbyBsinian Expedition, ravlii. 3~ ' 

River, AbyaBiuia, ib. 33, 

Brzzi Paae, Belaohiatan, xsxiii 199 

BniTi, Eaat Africa, xl, 303, 

BvAU Martin Island, Arctic Sea, ] 

quimaux remains on, xxxv, 94. 
Btbrley Creek, Queeuslaod, xixvL' 

Btbok, Hon, Frederick, Obit, Notioe,' 

xxxi. p. cxviii. 
Bteos'b Bay, Labrador, xxiviii. 287, 
B'isHnsT, Mongolia, xnFii. 174. 
Bytinqa, Sonih-Easfem Africa, xxxii. 

CAsri., See Kabul. 

Cachoeiba Biver, Brazil, xxxii. 13 

Caqell, Capt,, ascent of tbo Darling in 

tbo ateamei Albany, xasi. 148 [note}. 



— note by Mr, NeilBon in letter to, 
ixiiii. 132 ^ bia diBCOTetiea iii 
Northern Australia, sixtiiL p. olsiv. 

Cashibaebri. Lake, Boutli Aastraliu, 
fiuppoBcd murder of nhltes at, xxxiii. 
24, 25. 

CABaTTYBHiK, South Auatralio, ih. 41. 

Cadbt-tbek* Oreek, South Auatrolia, 

Caiman Point, Gnlf of Urnba (Darien), 

Caibnoboss iBlnnd (Capo Tori), Aus- 
tralia, xxxiid. 9. 
1 Cairo, \xid. 276 ; sxxt. 122 [note]. 
I Cakobah (Tbakombau), Eiug of Vlli, 
I or Fiji, xxiii. 51. 
I Oalabozo Biver, tributarj of the luani' 
bati, Peru, xiivil. 140. 
Oalbtjco Mount, 01iili,iiiiv. 207, 208, 

OALonTTA, XKxii. 110, Il6, 124-126, 
234, 239; Museum of Economic 
Geology at, i6.118; evHporalion at, 
ixxirii, 342. 
Oaldkba, in Cbili, Proposed Hallway 
Bonle from, to Bosario, on the Pat- 
ana, t!a Cordovn, uxi. 155, 

, Port of, Chili, siiiy. 244, 


i, 71. 

Calbuto Biver, Chili, xssit. 2E 
CALlPOamA, nri 212, 256. 

, difloovery of gold 

193— mining dUtnets referred 



ib. 255— yield of the gold-fields of, 
■ n7. 

-, Gnlf o^ft. 113-115. 
Calliamlra trinenrif, abundant giowtb of, 

on Biver PurflH, luvi. 109. 
CALLiTnl5 Biver, Cbili, iiiiv, 22*. 
OiLiA Plain of, Ecuador, xssi. 167. 
Cjbbay, Gulf of, xl. 184, 191. 
OambooiAiA Visit to the Enined Cities 
and Buildings of. By Dr. A, Bab- 

3V, 74. 

. Not^a on, He Lao Cocstev, 
&c. By M. Hehbi Modhot (Trana- 
lated by Dr. Thos. Hoegkis), ixsii, 

—, Notos of an Expedition madB 
BocTHEES Laos and. By Mr, 
H. a. Kennedt, ib. 238. 

t'6. 142 et leq. ; siLxv. 74 ct scq. 
court and government of, 

Cahbodia, lietofcbiff lowDBin, i6, 32G. 
■ — - EiTer (Great), French Ei- 

ploration of the, xxxix. p. clxxziii. 
Cambrian, H,M.8,, referred lo, xii^ 

Camdeh Harbour, JJottb-West Aob- 

tmlis,, iixv. 243, 244. 249 ei acq.; 

suvi. 201. 213, 217, 218. 
Sound, North-West Aufltralia, 

xiiv, 277, 278, 283. 
C AAiEL Lake, South Australia, xxxiiL 1 4. 
Oauels, remarks on, for exploration, 

between Leh and Yarkajid. il. fi 
'' Camel's Hump," hill nimed, Vang- 

teze-kiang, xxxii. 3. 
CAHEKOOK9 Mouotoin, AscBUt of, by 

Capt. Button, xiiii. p, clviii, 
Oameboons, Peak of, ixsiii. 249. 

Biver, xiiiii. 241, 244. 

Camata, H,M,S„ iixl. 340, 3*1. 
Oaufbell, Mr. Allan, c.e,, bis Beport 

on a route froin KoBario to Cordova, 

referred to, t^ 156, 

-, quoted on 
the importance of the proposed rail- 
way from Cordova to Rosario, xlxiv, 
243, 244. 
, Cnpt, I, N., refotred lo, 

Ir,, his journey in North 

Australia leferted to. x 

- Creek, Queensland, x 

Caupo de la Grana, La Plata, ib. 228. 
Campos Tribe, Peru, xjisviii. 423, 
Caka, Darievn, Si. 92, 

■ , town of, Syria, ixiii. 90. 

Canada, annual range of temperature 

honda ravine, Qnitonian Andes, 

xxxi. 169, 
honda y Eivera de loa Llanga- 

natia, Quilonian Andes, lb. 179. 
Canal de Arro, Vancouver Island, ib, 

Canals ("Aryks") for the irrigation 

of the Zatafshan Valley, Central 

Asia, xl. 453, 454. 
in Mesopotomift, income derived 

from, xssvii. 181. 
Cakamahy Indiana, Bivor PnrQs, xxsTi. 

100, 105-7, 120, 


. Urazil, miL 198, 140. 
ProTince, Pern, isiviii. 4Ii. 
eft; of, AfghanUlan, xxiL 
..i. 303, 305, 310. 
-, extract frain Report of Mis- 
xxxii. 310, 311. 
IRA Treea {Eapkorhia), xiiviii. 

Camdelabia, Ba; of, Month of Alrala 

Biver, Darien, Si. 7fl. 
.Cabbido, Senhor, of Tette. xixi. 2G7. 
" lHELOS, foreflt of, Booador, ib. 167, 
175, 17& 

, gold region of, Quilonian 

Andes, &. 181, 182. 

-, villftga of, Ecuador, ib. 172- 

I-THAMTA Hill, South 

AuBtralin, ixxiii. 39. 
CiANNA Cuita-jnndide Lake, Soutli 

Anitralia, ib, 16. 
Oabmadts for convejing wftter, ixsi. 

52, 54, 56. 
, water conduoted to the 

TillngeB in KbarasenQ b; meana of, 

ift. 37, 41. 


Oamhibalism in Fiji, sxxii. 16, 47 

— practised in Eastor Island, xl. 

. S. 15, 26, 27 ; 

9 ; sxiTiii. 50, 

to Hansow, Sketch of n 

Joumey from. By Albeet S. Biok- 
uoBB, Esq., S,. 50. 

Caitpha, Notee on the Itirerj Maite- 
Asac, AsACAZia, and Aiiazoks. By 
W. CHANDLcaa, Esq., Gold MedaUiet 
B.8.8., si. 419- 

CANOirA Hiver, Brazil, i^. 419, 4^0, 

424, 425, 427. 
Cape Amber. Madagascur, xxiii. 213. 
Amhem, Gulf of CarpentarlB, 

xsxTiii. 393. 

Batburst, Queensland, ft, 407. 

Bedford, Queenaland, ib. ,S74. 

BoBBut, mv. 283. 

Cameron, Central America, isiii. 

CbelagBkoi, Biberin, hit. B1, 92, 

— — Clefoland, Norlh-Eaat Australia, 

6. 200. 

viir. 281. 

Coloona, Greece, xxiix. 284. 

Colony, isxiL 336, 337 ; sixir. 

202, 204 ; xxxT. 119— drongbt of 
1862 in, >6. 113. 

Comorin, xiii. 14 ; xxxii. 230 ; 

xixTi. 180, 183, 184— rainfall at, 

CoDatitntiou, Arctic HeffiDna,xxxv. 

138 ; xxitI. 284— latitudes of, bo- 
oordinff to Admiral CoUinson, Cap- 
tain 0«orge, and Mr. Airowemitb, 

Crozicr, Arctic Hegiona, sxxi. 


■ Cuvier, West Australia, sxxii. 

Du Boulay, xsxv. 283. 

— Farewell, Greenland, id. 89, 90 ; 

xl 446. 

Fares, Arabian Sea, xsxyii. 273. 

Flats, the, near Cape Town, effect 

of planting trees on, ssxv. 127. 
Ford, North Aoatialia, xxxri. 

Foalwind, New Zealand, issii. 


Golodayef, Nor-Zaisan, ixxv. 50. 

of Good Hope, ih. 153, 154 ; 

xxxvii. 18, 57, 65 — currents off, xxxv. 

301, 302— discoveriea of, KExriii. 2. 
Gracias k Dioa, Central America, 

isxii. 243, 248, 200. 
Grafton, Queenaland, isiviii. 374, 



luiv. 13, 1*. 

Hanisou, Labrador, sxxviii. 2S7. 

Httj, North Aostralia, siivi. 238. 

HoTHohell, Bkeletoa found na«t, 

- Horn, ib. 206 ; 

f. 153 ; 

ja^n, Siberia, xixv. 91, 92. 

KefSli, Epiriis. xxsis. 279, 

KeUdio, Bpirua, ib. 282. 

Lambarf, Nortli-Weflt Auslialiu, 

uxU. 898,421, 126. 
LBtoncbe Tteville, Noith-West 

Australia, xsi¥. 279, 283. 
Lingustta (Gloasa), Epitua,ixxtx. 


■ Melville, Baffin Bay, ixsv. 97. 

, York PenioEnla, Qufiens- 

Jand. xizviii, 379, 381, 1U5. 

, 125. 

I - — North, Siberia, xxiv. 92. 98, 

I Norton, named in Botuo cborlB 

Cape Bmjtii, izxi. 6. 

OtwBy, Yictoria, xxiv. 212. 

Parry, Arctio Sea, xiivi. 285, 

289, 290, 293. 

Platen, Spitzhergen, xixii. 140. 

Eeikianfea, Iceland, xl. 146, 117. 

of Ban Bloa, Istlunns of Fanama, 

ixxv. 116. 
■ Sandwich, Hinchinbtook laland, 

Australia, ih. 200, 

8tiTokubi,YeaBo, Japan ,xrxvi,17S. 

St. Andrew's, ib. 345. 

St. Mary'a, Madagascar, ti. 245. 

Stilo, EpituB, sixix. 281. 

Suyuaaki, Yesso, Japan, nsri. 

175, 178. 
Tiburon, Central America, xxxTiii. 

72. 81, 85, 91, 91. 

- Tovfu,_xxxi, 293, 294 ; ixiv. 150 ; 

■i. 217. 

, trees that flourish in tho 

- Varlam, Epirafl, zxxix. 

- Verde Islands, ixst, 1' 

- Vidal, South A&ioa, s! 

- Volchi, Nor-Zaiean, sx 

- Watreuder, ib. 96. 

- Welieek, Labrador, xxj 
-> Yeson, Yeseo, Japan, i 

Cafe York, Qaeensland, xxxi 
153: xxx». 192, 199, 212; 
19. 17, 77, B" " 


of I 

5 aV .- 

~, Baffin Bay, sxxvi. 289. 

, An Overland Expedition, 

from PoBT Denthon to, under Messrs. 
P. and A. Jawiike. By Mr. 
RiCHABDSON, Surveyor to the Expe- 
dition, ib, 19. 


Notes on Ibo Piiysical Ooogrupliy, 
Climate, and CupabiUties of. By Dr. 
Aij:x, Hattuay, b.n., xxxviii. 370. 
Sec also Jarditie. 
, climate of, 

by Leicbhardt ; by Kennedy ; by the 
JardioEB, ib. 371. 

-, meteorology of, 

ib. 377. 

icipa! fea- 

tures of, ft. 375. 
Cap^ohbcb Tribe, EiverAqniry, xxsvi. 

119, 120. 
Capeti Eiver, tributary of the Tujra, 

Dttrien, ib. 72, 81, 85. 
Caples EiTer, Now Zealand, xKsiv. 

63, 110. 
CiPEiooBN Bange, West Atiatralia, 

xxxlL 391. 892, 
" Capuli," or wild cherry, in Ecuador, 

xiKi. 187. 

Eoutes &om Semipalalinsk, 

xxxii. 558. 
Oarayahsebajb between Ispaban and 

Yead, remarks on, xxxvii. 276. 
Caeatata Province, Peru, sxsvii 116- 

xixviii. 116, 420. 

Cahavata, Forests of, Sonth Peru, 

xxsi. 1U2, l!t7. 

, Gold found in, ■*, 193. 

, Suowv Range of, iS. 192 

, Slatistics of, ib. 105, 

, The Province of, in 

SorTBEBN Peru, By Clemehtb B, 

Mabkuau, E^., ib. 190, 
Oabavatan Andes, xxxi. 101, 197. 
Gakdboba Valley, Nev* Zealand, isxiv. 

Cabddohi, Qountaine of tho, x1. 403. 
Cabdwull, settlament at Port UincluQ- 

biook, North-Eost AualreJia, xxiv. 

198,139,203,212; xxxviii. 370, 372. 
CiREBi Cieeb, South Au^txalia, ssxiii. 

Oabhuaran, river end Tillage of. Pern, 

mviii. 41B. 
Cahibuo District, British Coiumbia, 

xndv. 176, 185 ri ss?. ; xsiviii. 126. 
gold-flelda, British Ck>liimbto, 

Caoidebro Creek, South Australia, 

Oarl'b Feok, QueenBland, xixri. 22. 
Oarhbh, on the Rirer Negro, Pata- 

goaia, xxxiv. 221, &a. 
Cabnarvonsbisb, GieywHcko rooke of, 

xxxl 2e. 
Caanboib, Gaplftin. the Hon. J., referred 

Cab-Nioobab Island, Bay of Bengal, 

xuii. 241. 
Oaspkhtawa, Gulf of, ik. 439, 459, 
' 463, 406, 467, 471-473; ctsiii. 

" - seq., 97, 132, 152, 296; siiviii. 

the i.-ommand of Bubart O'ilaia 
Burke, Esq. ixxii. 430. 
^^lUPon, Piano (124U), traTeller, who 
-lassed thiougii Djunguria, ssiv. 

Oabbiapundt Swamp, New South 
Wales, xsxii. 430. 

Oabbibbees-Ccnas IndiuQs, Central 
America, xsiviii. 94. 

Oabtago, Costa Eica, sxxli. 2S0. 

Oaktbaoeha, United States of Colom- 
bia, xxxTiii. 73, 74, 82. 

Cabivtrioht, Samuel, Obit. Kolice, 

Cabube, Sonth-Eaat Africn, xsxii. 63, 
Oasai Kiver, Central Afrii;a, xxxiT. 248. 
OisoADi y Gnlpe de Limpls Pongo, 

Quilnoian Andes, ixxi. 178. 
Casoadb Uoontsini, British Columbia, 

■. 173 f 

119,123,124,128— described, ik 121, 


:. 123 et 

— Sctnge. Cunterburv Province, 

New Zealand, xxsviL 334. 
Casban HilK Tnnivaal, xjixii. 05. 
Cabbmerb, xzxL 363 : xxxvi. 265, 266— 

Bassian trade with, xxxii. 556. 

" Caspaha " Kiver, Peru, xxxvi. lOG, • 

Cassala. See Eassalii. 

Cassaksb, Angola, xxxi. 281. 

CAHSrA Eivw, or Kn-ei-kiang Clfug), 
South Ohma, x*xviii. 52, 58, 59, 61. 

Cassini, roferenca to the doottine of, 
that the Eqa&tolial asis of the globe 
issUorteitUan the Polar, AQi) that tlm 
earth ia not depressed, bu t elongated 
nt the Poles, xixv. 137. 

Cabsopb, DeeociptioD of the Kuiaa of 
the Acropolis of, io Epinus. Bv 
Lieut .-Colonel Collinson, a.a, xxxii. 

Cassofla, on tbe Identity of Hie Enins 
of, ih. 73 [noto], 

Cass River, New Zealand, xxxiv. 89; 

Castle Mount, Ken Zealand, 
Castob and Pollux, 

Qneensland, xxxiii, 139. 
Castben's Mands, Spitzbetgen, xxxix. 

CABTEiEa Bay, Kamohntka, xisvi. 176 ; 

xxxvii. 212, 226. 
Oasteo, town of, Brnzil, xxxii. 137, 110, 
CASTHOvraBTNA, Cordillora of, Peru, 

sssviii. 414. 
Casweli. Sound, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

Gatauabca, La Plato, sxxi. 157; 

xxxiv. 238. 
Oatapdliuhe River, Lo Plata, ib. 20G, 

219, 223. 
Oatai'iiis Tribe, BmzU, xxxvi. 95; 

xxiii. 299. 
CATHBiarae, Lake, New Zealand, 

ixsviL 383. 
Catiaha (probably a corraption of 

Caatlllano) Indiana, xsxvL 107. 
"Gatonoo" (Apurimao) River, Peiu, 

iixviii, 428. 
Cahoabto, Bange of the, ixxi. 149; 

xxxT. 226, 227; xsiviii. 346, 
, configurution of tlie, xsxix. 

, Journey in the, and Aeoent 

of Kasbes and Hvattux. By DonoLAS 

W. Fbeshfiei,!), Esq., ib. 50. 

, limit of trees in the, ft, 63, 

OACK-BOoa-o-N ANNIE, Lftkc, South 

Australia, xxxiii. 31, 
Caitn-mariiik-go-teisnib, Lake, South 

Auatnilia, ib. 
Cauvery River, Soulliern India, xxxvi. 

180, 182, 183, 192-4; ixiix. 77, 78, 


By Capf. T, O, Mont- 


. explanation of tlio t 

xxxii, 272 [note]. 
OiTiMBE, Journey from Quito to, 1859. 

By Dr, Wii. Jabbbok, iixE. 184. 
, snowy mouDtain of, Ecna- 

dor, ib. 18i— plants collected on, 183, 

190 — prices of agrioultucul produn- 

tJoitaof, 189. 
Catiloka, town or, Peru, «xviii. Hi. 
OiTOLTEPEo Hiver, Ceatral America, 

iKsii. 539. 
Catoosh, Eraser KJTer, British Co- 

Jnmbia, xxxi. 220, 242, 243. 
— River, Briliah Colombia, I'i. 

242, 214. 
Iioke, British Columbia, ib. 

220. 244, 247. 
Cazewbe, South Central Africa, ih. 278 ; 

JSXiii. 251, 269 ; sxxiv. 247 H seq. ; 

uxvii. 198, 199, 201. 
Cbobopu, specits of, iixi. 178. 
CJbdab District, Vancouver Island, 

xsxiT. ISO, 164. 
Ceuoisb lale, Eastern Atchipelogo, 

xxxiii 220 et seq. 
Celestial Mountains (Tien Shun), 

Ceotral Asia, ixiii. 560, 561, 563; 

xixT. 213 et seq. — height of sn 

line on, ib. 224, 228; ixsviii. ' 

Oeueteby point. New Zealand, zxxiv. 

Cbstbai, America, xxxviii p. clxxii. 
Ababia, A Visit to tbo Wa- 

BABEE Capital By Lieut.-Col. (now 

Sir) Lewis Pbllt, sixv. 169. 

. See Faigrme. 

Aflift, employment of natives 

In the exploration of, xxxtI. 16G. 
, Extract from Georg 

Lndwig von 'a work on, ih. 235, 

, geology of part visited hy 

Mr. W. H. Johnson in hia journey to 

Khotan, ixxvii. I'J, 20. 
, highest point in, xxsvi. 

according to Humboldt, xl. 39P. 

, On the Geographical 

Position of YABSAiiD,nnd some other 

, suggestions for improve- 
ment of trade between, and tlie 
Punjab, I XI vii. II, 12. 

, sygfetn of irrigation 

adopted in, xl. 457. 

Mount Stuart, Central Aua- 

tralis, xxii. 113 et scq.; xxijii. 

Pucifio Hftilroad, xxxiiii. 128. 

Cerau Island, Eastern Archipelago, 
iiiii. IMetaeq.; xxiiii. 222. 

Lant Islands, east of CJeram 

Island, xxxii. 1!!4. 

Cebbal Mountains, North America, 
xixii. 102. 

Cerro Abitagoa, Mountain in Ecu- 
ador, sxxi. 174. 
' de Albrisiaa, Central America, 

xxxii. 538, 
lie Gnupa, Qnitonian Andes, 

xxxt. 178. 
de los Quinuales, Ecuador, ib. 

EspinoBB, Central America, xxxii. 

MasRhuiata, Central Amerioa, ih, 

Masnatsa, Central America, iS. 

PiedraParada, Central America, 

a. 538. 



~ Prieto, Central America, ib 
18, 541, 542— hot springs or 
Dpea of. 532. 

- Trumbal, tlie, Ln Plata, s 
Ceebos Llangaoati, Ecuador, 

Cba-ahcha Honnlains, Central Ada, 

ib. 344, 357-359. 388. 
Chabcra, fountain of, sllnded to by 

Pliny as in Mesopotamia, xxxvili. 351 

CEACAJ.AP Biver, Central America, 

xxxii. 540. 
Ohacamato, San Gavan River, Peru, 

xxxvii. 128. 
Ohaoas, Peru, ixxviu. 415, 416. 
CnAcno Sangpo Kiver, tributary of the 

Brahmaputra, I'i. 212. 


Ouoo Indiana, La Plata, luiv. 231, 
'• S36. 
KIChaco PlaiQ, Tm Plata, ib. 223, 230, 
B32— prevailins wind OD the, 229. 
tAD (Tohad) Litke, Centriil Africa, 
xaxiii. 334; xisyii. 97. 
CIhadda River, supposed poaitlon of 

.pHAOWis-3D, Tnrkey ia Aob, xsivi 

■UUE, town o^ Lit09, xxiii 1; 

156, 158. 
CaiKX Oua River, Tibet, xxxviii H 

Cbak-pak, tributary of the Tersa Rivi 

Oentnil Aeia, xl. S6S, 369. 
CuAKBAUOBoni, Brahmaputra Bin 

mviii, 215,216. 
CaALAB-KDEQAs, Central Asia, 

^ALCHUAPA River, Central America, 

uiii. 54U. 
Chaleib, in Lebanon, i^. 73. 
(^ALEE, town of, Central Asia, xi. 454, 

455, 458. 
Chalky Island, New Zealand, sxs.iv. 

River, Province of Oani- 
Taym Peru, xixi. 196, 197, 201. 

, Valley of, Province ofCara- 

Taya, Peru, i"i. 196, 197. 

Point, Neiv Zealand, xxxiv. 

&alona, preparation of, at Macussni, 

Pern, iDCvii. 119. 
CoAKA, or Sboia Lake, South Central 

Africa, >A. 201. 
Chauberlaih, Brigadier- Generul, c.b,, 

Inferred to, sxxii. 306, 815. 

on the Flora of tbe Conatiy passed 
through by the Expedition against 
the Mahbood Wdzeerih under, in 
1860. ByDr.J. L. Stewaet,!*. 3l(i. 
, Cbahbebs, JameB, of Adelaide, Obit. 
Notice, xxxiii. p. cixiv. 

Bay, Van Diemen'a Gnlf, 

MoTth Anatratia, il>. 321. 

— Creek, l^outh Anetralia, 
65, 68, Gi*, 70, 71, 75, 77, 82, 

7, B9, 100, 124, 133, 143-145; 

-, MeeBTd., referred to, ib. S3, 

- FillaJ', Central Auatralia, 
Dvned by M'Donall Stuart after 

I James Cbaiabers, of Adelaide, 
I IDS, 141. 

Cb*hbers Range, North Australia, 
sxiiii. 307, S"" 

- River, North Auatralia, 

ft. 304, 306, 307. 
CiiAUBBZi River, xxxvii. 202. 
CllAMBd Kiver, Ecuador, xxii. 165, 

CaiMPios Bay, West AnBtralia, xxxii. 

d7 373, 377, 399, 423, 427 ; iixv. 

237 [no e]; .(..268,279,283. 
C amp on of tlw Seas, extract from the 

log of the, >6. 151, 152. 
OaAUPVEiB, Rev. Mr., Weeleyan tola- 

B onary in West Afrioa, referred to, 

SIX 11 214. 

Chanar Hlver, Central Afia, xl. 351. 

OnAKARoiLLD, Chill, xxxi. 155. 

CuANCHAMAYo, Pefu, isivjii. 429. 

CHASDLEaa, Mr. W., m a. ; Notes on the 
Rivers Abinos, Jusuesa, and Tata- 
jos, xxxii. 268— remarks on map, 2CS 
— latitndes of ptKCca taken with great 
aeetiraoy ; longitudes ; nuture of 
country forming watershed of alRii- 
enls of AmawnB and Kivtr Plate, 
269 — River Arinos and tributcirics, 
270— -Bivet Jumena, 2;2^the Api- 
acar tribe; their cDiitomB: great 
rapida, 278 — list of tbe rnpida and 
falls of the Jurnena, 274 [note]— 
its aEBuent, tbe S. Manoel, 275— 
its sourcea: cliange in climate of 
country; Mundruciis tribe, 276— 
table of distances by water from 
Porto Velbo to Santareni, 279— flah 
of tbe TapajDB and its tributaries, 
279— animals seen on the banks of 


-, Gold Medal- 

list R.G,s. ; Ascent of the River Pcai^s, 
xxsvi. 86 — previous explorations; 
Manoel Urbano, 86 — his report; Mr. 
Wailis' oaaoe voyage; vegetable pro- 
ducts, 87 — enters mouth of the 
PurQs, June 12, 1864, p. 83— nalure 
of country, 89 — Iniliun tribes, 92 — 
tributaries, 95 — Hypurina tribe, 97 
— jauari palm, 98 — overland com- 
munication with the Jiirni, 100- the 
Manetenerys, 101— reach River Bix- 
al]i, Vrhano's furthest point, on 
Nov. 21st; Canamary Indians, 105 
— ^the CorumaliS River, 106— bifur- 
cation of Paras in 8. lat. 10° 45', 
107— Tapirs common, 108— rapids, 
109— jauroey down river, 11&— hy- 
drograpbicul notes, 114, 



CHANa-CBKNMO, isivi. 157; xl. 3*. 
43, 61, 6G, 117. 

', -listriot (*F. ». 36, 37. 

Pasfl, i7), 38, lis, 117, 

Latitui^eB and langitudss of points 
on the EWer PurfiB, 115. 

IHstBooes from toontU of Hiver 
Parfts, 116, 

Appendix.—OhaeivationB respect- 
ing map, 117 — comparulive vocabu- 
lary of Indian lauguuges, 118. 
Cbahdlebs, Mr.W.,ii.i, Medal itwarded 

; Notes o' 


Eiver Aquiby, the Principal AfBu- 
ent of tbe Rivet Pfinns, ixsvL 119. 

Qeographlcat Fosiiioni, 12S. 

Qeographiail Position of Jfomfos On 
the Bio Grande, 126. 

Jpfwnrfi*.— Account of Manoel 
Urluinn'B ABcent of Uie Mncuim and 
Ituiy, tributaries of llic FurQs, trans- 
lated from Dr. Cootinho's ofBcial 
leport to tlio BrnziHan Govemtnent, 

Eiver Aqniry, Appendix to, sssyi. 
126— Ha eiploration of tbe Porua 
Eiyer, referted to, xisvii. 138. 

, Gold Medal- 

lbtB.Q.a.; Noteaof a Journey np the 
River JuRoA, sxiis. 296— general 
eiiftraoter of the BiTcr Jnruii, 296 — 
natural products ; impedimentB to 
navigation ; temperature of the river 
vater, SdT'-the Uiueroi channel ; 
tha Baroo, 298— affluenta of the Ju- 
roft, 309 — ramarlis Ion the courae of 
the Jumi, 303— Biver Gregorio ; Ihe 
Ma ftfBnent, 305 — fiirtbeat point 
leached, 306 — probable position of 
the BoorcB of the Jurui, 307. 

Table of PoBitions on the Eiver 
Juni£ determined by Otiservatians, 

Table of Distancea on the Eiver 
Jutufi, 310. 
List of Araua words, 311. 

IBiyers MiUE-Asau, Asicixis, and 
CiNCMi; Amazons, xl. *19. 
Table of Astronomical Points on 
the Eiyeia Mane-assii, Amans, Oua- 
ranatnba, Abacaxis. and Ganum^ 426, 
Longitude of Manfios (Boj-ra de 
Bio Negro), 427. 
Teblea of Meteorological Observa- 
tions, 429-433. 
Chahdo city, Kham territory, Tibet, 

Ohandbaeaqha, or Cbenab Birei, 

Kaahmir, xxxvii. 349. 
Ohabg-Bubmah Tftlley, Pangong Lako 

Diatriot, ib. 353, 360. 

126, 127. 

- Biver, ib. 362, 363. 
~ Talley, 3 

, 10, 

12.20,117,126,3; , 
Chans-ohia-kow (Kalgan), North 

China, sxiiii. 170, 171 ; xxxvii. 266. 

District, Tibet, xxsviii. 166. 

La (Paas), Ladakh, xisvii. 344 ; 

Lang Valley, ii.40 — hot springs 

of, 38. 
Chanq-pimo, town of, Chilili, China, 

Chano-bha, capital of the Hunan Piti- 

vince, China, xixviii. 64, 65 ; Xl, 26S>. 
Chaso-show fhien), Szccbucn, China, 

xiKii. 13. 
CHiNOTHXna Plnina of Rudok, sxxvii. 

2, 10, 12— Salt mines of Chang 

Thang Dirttiot, xL 36. 
Chang-tsin, Grand Canal, China, ib. 6. 
Chang-wa-kow, North China, xxxiii. 

Channankabuy Backwater, India, 

ixsvi. 196. 
Ch ANSEL Point, North Auatralia, ib. 23& 
Chantabpn, port of, Siam, ib. 824. 

Range, Siam, xJtiii. 149. 

Chantakham, townof,Slain,xxxTii.299. 
Cbapakqa, near Moizaro, Eastern 

Africa, xixiii. 266. 
CaAPKAn Eiver, British Columbia, 

xsxi. 217. 
Talley, British Columbia, it. 

Chapbgwynya Lake, York Peninsnla, 

Queensland, xxKVi. 51. 
CuAi'UAN Bar, British Columbto, sxxL 

Chaqhimato River, Pern, sxxrii. 132. 
Ohaeabi River, tributary of the Inam- 

burt, Peru, ib. 139, HO. 
Charbjci, town of, Central Asia, 

xsxvi. 263. 
Chakles' Creek, Van Diemen's Gulf, 

North Anstralia, xsiiii. 320, 321. 
Chaelinq River, Eastern Turkistan, 

xl. 91. 
Chab Sanjak Plain, Turkey in Asia, 

im-iU. 335, 341,342, 344. 
Chaet to Capt. Toynbee's Paper (vol, 

xxsT. p. 147), Remarks on the. By 

Bloff-Commandet C. GEonoK, h.n. 

(late). Map CntatorH.G.s,, xsxv. 301. 
ChahtI Sangpo Biyer. Tibet, sxsyiii, 

162, 211, 213, 214. 

^^^PDbaryn River, 


Hiver, Hi Vulley, Oontml 
Asia. xixi. 3SS. 
Chabe HiTOt, Vaiicouver laland, iixiv. 


o, TillngB of, North China, 

in»i. 1,W. 
Chatkad Bay, Labrador, xsxviii, 2(il. 
CoATBAM laluud, Andaman Islands, 

Txxil. 109, 112, 11*. 
Chatir-kul, Oentral Asia, mviii. 431 ; 

il. 250. 

lake, .-6. 

263. ' " 

the lake, ft. 261. 
Ihatkai, Hiver, Central Afiio, 

4*7, 448 ; il. 364-366, 378, 31 

Vallcr. Central Asia, 


iBAO-prac, city of. South 

xisviii. 54. 

183, 184. 
jBBK-CHDiiK, city of, Bhantung, 



ft. 363 




Cbeese-hebb (WHianio conjiiions) of 

tlie Afghans, xixii. 320. 
Oanroo, treaty port of, Bhantnng pra- 

Tinee, China, ixxvii. 217; sisii.17: 

il. 10, 208, 210-213. 
Ohbefak, C^tra.1 Asia, xl. 410. 
Ghula, tomb of, Beluchisian, zxxiU. 

Cbelba Plfttean, AbysBinia, ixrix. 49. 

10, 32 — obaerTaHons at, 32. 
Chellahee Hilla, Beluchistan, xxxiii. 

CHBKiiinis Diatrict, VancoaTer Island, 

isiiv. 160, 163. 
CaEuaxr Bivnlet, Cential Asin, %\. 
IiCbehsehii, Badam Btver, Central Asia, 
L • xiiriii. *33. 435, 4S7, 447, 455; il. 
' 870, 375, 377-379, 381, 410. 
' C&KMOLOAH Biver, Central Asia, xxxix. 
313, 314. 
Ohepillo, Island of, at the month of 
Oie Bayanos Hiver, lethmua of Pa- 
nama, XXXV. 143, 144. 
Chepo, Isthmus of Panama, ft. 143, 

145, 146. 
Oqxbga Rivaiet, Lake Zaisan, Central 

Aeia, :b. 67. 
Ohebkiatef, General, his expedition 
aoross the Hiver Chu, referred to, si. 

Obbshmalli Hiver, x: 

i. 40. 

Obisnst, GenEral, referred to, xxivii 
161, 164, 166, 170,180. 

W mop referred U. 

f. 13. 
Cbhota Sungul, BEluohislan, xsxiii. 

Ckia Hiver, and vUlage, Peru, xxxvii. 

Ohibisa, AfrieaTi chief named, referred 

to, J 

i. 265. 

-, Shir^ River, East Africa, ft. 

266, 284; ixxiii. 266, 267, 272-275; 

xxxviii. Ill, 118. 
CniBuaDiEo, Pern, ft. 423. 
Chioa, Mount, Epirus, xxxis. 277. 
Chioandana, town of, Soulh-Eaat 

Africa, xxsii. 63. 
Chicapa River, Central America, ib, 

Chichesteh Downs, North-Weet Ana- 

traha, ixxii. 394. 
CaiOHiKLiK Range, Central Asia, xl. 

Chicoka, Zambesi River, xx^j. 291. 
CHicnAU-CUALLA, Kingdom of, Soath- 

Eaat Africa, sixii. 63, 67. 
Chidia Lake, East Africa, hit. 158, 

Chihli Province, China, xsxvi. 153. 
Chihditan, town of, lathmnB of Tehu- 

antepec. Central Amerion, xxiii. 545. 
Chikanqi Chief, ixxiii. 267. 
Chi-kiabo, town of, 'Hupei, China, 

Chieoma River, Japan, si. 343. 
CniLOOATEN Plain, Biitiah Columbia, 

Eiver, British ColumhiEi, 

ixxi. 220, 301 ; xxxiv. 175. 

Chilcott Rooke, tfulf of (Wpentoria, 
xxxiii. 7, 12. 

CflitB or Chili, sxii, 207. 

— Cordilleras, deBoriplion 

ofthe, ft. 160. 

, Introduction nnd Con- 

etruetion of Kailwaya in. By W. 
Wheelwright, Esq. ift. 155. 

— , Central, Map of, re- 
ferred to, xl. p. clxxi. 



tiona in, ih, pp. otsx. 

. Bee dox, Wheelviright. 

Cbiuk River, tributary of the Syr- 

Daria, xucyiii. 447, 452; si. 370, 

373, 37S, S78. 
Ohilleja, Curavaya Frovince, Peru, 

ixxTiE. 145. 
OaiiLo, Vailey of, Ecuador, ssii, 187. 
Ohilo^, Islaud or. West Coast of Bnuth 

America, xxxi. 207. 
, OHmALAFAMountamajCentralAmeiicQ, 

xuii. 53S-540. 
Obuulafilla River, Central America, 

ib. 539. 
CaiMAiinA, iBlhmnB of Tehuan tepee, 

Central America, ib, 547- 
Obihborazo, Quitonian Andes, xxxi. 

184, 105, 169, 170. 
Chimchcin River, La Plata, ixsiv. 223. 
CaiMKOATSH Rirer, Britiah North 

America, ixxl. 252. 
I Cbimuo, Comnmnder W.,R,K. ; A Visit 

to the North-Eaet Coaat of Labracub, 

during the Autumn of 1367, by 

H.M.8. ffannei, uivili. 258. 
'Chuibay Talley, Ladakh, ixxvii. 
' 344. 

-, Great Wall of, : 

.. 155 ct 

1 (North), [acililiea for travclliag 

in, xiXTa 240, 241— farming implo- 

numts used in, 245. 
i papers relating tn. Bee Oin(on, 

Fomvait, Grand Ccmai, India and CAiiw, 

J/aBc/iurio, Maaiden,Pekiii(j, Sliatiiung, 

, Roman Catholic pricats in, 

ixxLi. 37. 
, Rnmian trade with Weslern, 

<h. 55G, 558. 
CbinamsA9, weat of Lake Nyassa, 

isiva 197. 
Cbikaz, xixviii. 435, 
Chin-Bulak, paea in the Tr.ins-nian 

Ala-tall, xKxi. aflO. 
CaiscHAYCOCHA C''""™, T Reyes) 

Lagoon, Peru, xxxviii, 413. 
CBlHOHtN River, falling into the PaS' 

tasa, Ecuador, xixi, 172, 
K CunniBOiiA Cultivation ill India, iLixTi. 
I p. clxxvi. — Mr, Markbam'a Report 
I (in its condition, ifr. p, clxivii. 

vaya Province, Peru, xxsvii. 145. 

plantations on Iho Neii- 

gherry Hilla, uxvi. 101. 

Tajtary, Capt. Smyth's expe- 
dition prevented from proceeding 
into, sxxii. p. eliii. 

, See JoAnjtm, 

Chinq-tu (fn), SEechuen, China, xixii. 
10, 11, 13, 14, 16-18, 21, 22, 26, 36, 

CBiN-srANo-i'i', Siangau Provinee, 
China, ib. 27, 32 ; xl. 2, 3, 19, 22 ; ib. 

Cbm-kiano (River), affluent of the 
Yang-tsze-kiang, ixxii. G. 

CaiPAaa-KiJBaAK.CeattuI Ajia, xiiviii. 
448 ; si. 364. 

Chipewyanb, the, txtiv. 86. 

CHiquiTA, Soath-East Africa, xsxii. 

Cbiradzu Mountain, South Central 

Africa, xxxiii. 271. 
CHraAKCHi, town of. Central Aaia, x\. 

Cbibcbie (or Chatkal) Biver, Central 

Asia, ixiviii. 432, 433. 447, 448 : il. 

358, 363, 377. 378, 381, 383, 384, 387, 

389.390,411, 419, 
(Upper) River, Central Asia, 

ib. 344, 365. 399. 
Cbibgaili, a branch of the Syr-Daria, 

xxiviiL 441. 
Cbibicahvi Itountnina, North Americn, 

xiiix. 103^105. 
Cbibib, Sy 
Camuiif B 

Brazil, ssxix. 300. 
CHi-aaci Rivet, affiaent of the Yang- 

taze-kiang, xxxii. 17, 26. 
Obita, tonn of, on the Ingoda Biver, 

Siberia, xixvii. 223. 
Chitbal, town of, Kafiriatiin, xxxvi. 


i, 10. 

Valley, Kafiristan, il. 90. 
Chitela, Poxtillo (gap) of, Central 

America, xxio. 538. 
Chizuuara Island, Lake Nyasaa, sxiiii. 

CnoBB River, South Centrul Africa, 

xsivi, 247. 
Choco Mountuina, United States of 

Colombia, ixitTiii. 76. 
Cbodzeo, General, referred to, xnis, 

Choeleohbl, Island of. River Negro, 

Palagonia, sxxi, 205 ; xxsiv. 206. 
CBOaocBo-HDC, xxxiv, 22. 
CHoao Loombah Glacier, A. 4G, 49, 50. 

lOLAE, CJentral Asia, iiiviiL 452; 

iJ. 371, 374, 376, 385, 386. 
I tteoLKODA, Valley of the, XKiviii '"' 
f CsOMONANQ Bangs, xxxix. 151. 


Cbonqo. xxiiT. 42. 
Chobbct, Bal'UtBD, KBshmir, s1. 59. 
Cbob GaBbaiBlkirba, affluent of the 

Atbare, East Africa, xxxvi. 199. 
el Gaah, EtLst Africa, ii. 198, 


I el Gergaf, affluent of the Atbaia, 

I East Africa, li. 199. 
el Gerrada, afHnent of the Atbara, 

East A&iKtt, ih. 199, 200. 
Lakiee Hill, Beluoliistan. xsiiii. 


Mchka, Eaat Africa, ixivi. 199. 

Scliiderap, East Africa, •&. 199. 

Chode, East Africa, xixviii. 118. 
Chorkeba de Agn^an, one of the finest 

WBlerfalla in South America, xxxi. 


' de Cbalhoanrca cascade 

(Fiah-hUl Fall), Ecuador, {h. 170. 
Chosah Harbour, Corea, xxxvii. 213. 
- — — , town of, Corea, nxiii. 181. 
CaoTAVG city, Brahmaputra Bivor, 

ixiviiL 170. 
Obdubar, Bay of, lAckian coast, xxxvii. 

271, 272, 
, port on Mekran coast, ib. 270, 

27*, 2S1. 
CffmsTiE, Henry, Obit. Notice, hit. 

p. cssviiL 
CHEisTcmjECH. Oanterbnry Province, 

New Zealand, sssviL 329, 330. 

Cbd Bifer, Orailtal A)>ia, xxxi. 369 ; 

» xix». 217, 222; ixxis. 317 ct seg.; 

■r xL 31S, 318, 349, 358, 367, 376, 301. 

f , Table of 

helgllts between the, aud the Syi- 

Baria, zl. 402-409. 
and Talis BiTera, water-parting 

between the, it. 356. 

Steppe, Central Asia, ib. 355. 

, Valley of the. Central Asia, sisix. 

311, 312, 316. 317 ; si. 251 el seq. 
Chcchu Pass, xl. 113. 
CmicnKAQiTB Biver, Dariuc, xxsriii. 

70-72, 81, 83. 
CauoccHAE, town of. Centra! Asia, 


. 432, 

CaDEEOOLKB Sotllcment, Beluchistan, 

i. 555 e. 
216, 217; s 

CHr™BiTii.oA Province, Pern, isxviii. 


xxxvi. 181, 1S7. 
CHUUEi'HNidiBtrict, Afghan iaton, id 

Cliuitii.ABiPonk, Himalaya Moan tai II B, 

xixviii. 1*2-144. 
Chbhubti Plainu, Tibet, xxxvii. 13. 
Cbu-Naoo Biver, tributary of the 

Bi^hmapulra, xxxviii. 212. 
Cbcncho Indiana, South Peru, ixxL 

192.193,195,196; xxxvi. 115; XIX Hi. 

117, 130, 131. 
Chundba Goop Hills, BeliicMitan, 

xixiii. 187, 189, 190, 195, 200. 
Ohcnq (liquor made from barley by tlia 

Tibetans), xxxviii. U9. 
Chdno-hibs, Western China, xxiii 12. 
CttUHO-Hio-so, town, Manchuria, xxxiii. 





KiKQ (fu), Sueohu 

n, China, ib. 

2, 11 

13-15. 18. 21-2i 

. 26, 36-33 i 

il. 269, 270, 272. 

of the trade of, iiiii. 14 ei eeq. 
OuiiNaoEeiiio Peak, miv. 20. 
Obun-wano-ho, Shantung, China, xl 

14, 15. 
Chupanata Mounlaioi, Central Aai) 

ib. 453, 455, 457, 459. 
Chotat River, Patagonia, xixi. 205-207 

—exploration of the, in 1854-5, 206. 
Chupbasb, town of, Tibet, mix, 148, 

Chubb or Eelat Fionee, Beluchistan, 

iixiii. 187,200, 
Choshal Biver, Pungong l.ake, xxxvii. 

346-8, 352. 
Cbl'sbol, Brahmaputra Biver, xixviii. 

140, 166,213,214,218. 
Cnu-amN-OHEN. town on the Sha Biver 

China, il. 24. 
CiirTCHEA-BAB Mountain, Kuk Biver, 

Tutkialan, xxxvii. 154. 
Chctbcs, xxxiv. 22, 46. 
OHOTTEEBGCBa Plalsau, Central Pro. 

vincos of India, xsiv. 70 et sej.— 

art* and population, 71. 
Chweb& Chwlre, East Africa, xl. 304. 
Cmmi, Kev. Father, rantcler of in the 

Huauta Mouotuine, Fi-ru, referred tu. 

i. 421. 

Islands, Andaman Islands, 

CuiZAS Itiver, Brazil, ib. 137, 138. 
Cipd Tribe, Biver Tapaua, affluent of 
the Purfis, iisvi. 34. 




EiQESON, Eaq. xiiv. 129. 
CLAHdoaE Riv(>r, Britieh Colnmbin, 
i. 300, 302. 

— , Briliah Colnmbia, ib. 301. 
Clappehton, Captain, referred ti 

(ii. 99. 

Clabhnce, Potf, Behriog Strait, 
lixyiu. 219, 223. 235. 

. Straits, PersittH Gulf, xxiir. 

251 It seq. 

■ , North AuBtralia, 

xxsyi. 235. 
Clabendon, Lord, mauntein in East 

Africu named after, sssi. 263. 
Clare, T. R., Educational prize 

awarded to, xl. p. cixxli. 
OuBXB BivGT, North-East AuBtralia, 

— , tribuEary of the Haaet, 

Claude Hlvfr, Qneenaland, x^txiii. 133. 
Clatoqdot Sound, Vancouver Island, 

xx\i. 210 ; iisiT. 166. 
Clay-slate in the Valley of Kashmir, 

xxsi, 27, 28. 
Cleddau Biver, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

100, 101, ItfT. 
Clegbdhh, Dr., referred to, iiivL 189, 

187, 190; xxxix. 83. 
Clerk, Cupt. Clause ; Notes in Fehbia, 
KuoaASSAti, and Afqhasistan, xixi. 

I. Route from Tehran to Herat, 
tii Meehed aud Toorbut-ShELk-Iam. 
— Boad at base of Elburi Mountains, 
orosaingAfghan frontier near Koosan; 
— TehrSn to Kabilt Gtfmbaz, 37— 
Kabilt Qdmbaz to Biwanekei ; Eiwa- 
neliei to Kiablak, 38— Kishlak to 
Deli-l-nimulc ; Deh-i-nimok to Las- 
jird; Loejirdto Semnun ; Semnuo to 
AboosD, 39 — Ahooan to Kooehea ; 
Kooshea to Baca^aD (the ancient 
Hc'Catomphyon) ; Damghao to Deh- 
mollab ; Deh-mollah to Shabiood, 
40 — Shahrood to Mejo-nieed ; Mejo- 
meed to Meandutiht, 41 — Meanduebt 
to Abbasabad ; Abbnaabod to Ma- 
zeuuu; Mazenun to Mehir, 42 — 
Mehii to Shbiewar ; Siibzewnr to 
Zafitarooute; Zafieroonie to Bhooreab ; 
Bhooreab to Niehapoot (in a fertile 
and irell-watcTud plain), 43 — Niah' 
apoor to Dabrood; Dabrood to Too- 
lukbay, 44 — Toorukbay to Meahed ; 
HMhed to Sungbust; Sungbuet to 
Feriman, 45— FerimaQ lo Boordoo ; 

Boordoo to Mahmoodabad to Toorbnl- 
Sheik-jam ; Toorbat to Kareez: Ka- 
reei to Kooean, 46 — Koosan to 
Gborian: Ghorian to Zindajan; 
Zindajan to Herat. 

II. Route from Herat to Shahioo"). 
via Khaff and Toorsheez, 47.— 18 

Clebk, Bt. Hon. Sir George, Obit. 

Notice, xxxviii. p. cxlii, 
Clut Head, North Auslralia, ssiVi. 

236, 237. 
Cliftos, Sind, ixitvii. 76, 79. 

- Creak, South Austral ia, ixxiii. 

Cltuate, ctfcot of, on the inhabitants of 
NowfoundlaQd, xxxiv. 268. 

; of Cape York Peninsula, 

Qnerusiand, xxxviil. 370. 
- — — ; of Cenfral and Northern 
Manchuria, ixxix. 3, 4, 22. 

-: of Eastern Turkiatan, xl. 

i, 131. 

; ofE 


; of the IstlunuB 

xixriil. 86. 
; of Malii Island, Sejohelles, 

XXXt. 232. 
; of the Mosquito Territory, 

xsxli. 242. 

; of Natal, xisvii. 48. 

; of Nortb-Eastern Australia, 

xsxviii. 377— of Northern Australia, 

; of (be North Pole, ixxt. 

; of North-Weat Borneo, 

1 of Bomerset, Cape York, 

Queensland, xxxvi. 86. 
: of Tehuantepec, Central 

America, ixiii. 542. 
; ofWestem AbyBBiDitt,i][Xix. 

Clibtos River, New Zealand, iixiv. 

CijOde Sonnd Water, Newfoundland, 

ib. 264. 
Clohccbbt River, Queenalund, ixxii. 

Clutha River, New Zealand, luiv. 

57, 60, 62- valley, 62, 71. 
Cltce Biter. New Zealand, ib. 95 — 

glacier, 9S. 

. □ tlie Husdoo Vftlliiy, Basin of 
the Uahauuddy, xxxv. 72. 
; on the latlinkus of Darien, 

; in the Island of Phu-Quoc, 

OalforSinm, xsxii. ISO. 
; in Japftn.xsji.355— quBlityof, 

ib. 349 : xxsii. 288. 
; in the Kftla-tau (Mounlaina), 

CentralAsia, miy. p. oilv. 
; near Khodjend, ixxviiL 455 

[note]— diffiimltj of conveying, to 

the S;r-Daria, 435. 
; in the Lao-fa Valley, Shan- 
tung, China, xl. 213. 
; on the Little Bugnn and Boral- 

doi Riven, I'b. 4IS. 

: in Manchuria, ixiLi. 12. 

: Mr. Ambler's ohBetvatioQa on 

the <x>al from llie TuQg-moi diatriot, 

on the Uppet Tang-laae-kianff, il, 


; in New Zealand, ssxii. 300. 

; at Novogorodflki, Mauchurin, 

invii. 218, 220. 
; iu Soutli - Eaitem Africa, 

zxxviii p. clxixii, 

: in Spitsbergen, ixxis, 138. 

I tlio basin of tlio Tugela, 

Natal, 1 

i. 54. 

ii-liBlen, Shanlnng, 

ChinB, xl. 211. 

; on the Yellaw Biver, ft. R. 

; in the region of Zambesi Eiver, 

iXKi. 261,290; xsxv. 163. 
formations in the Kara-fan, 

Central Asia, x\. HO. 
Coal-beds ; in Madagascai, xxxvi, 246. 
Coal-fields of Vancouver Island, xxxiv. 

CoABY Biver, afflnent of tlje Amazon, 

Coast Surveya. BarnsH 

Enpland!_x^i p. 


mn. p.oui. ; vol. Ill 
■ . Tci xiilT. p. cnviii. 


bmiii.: w>1 uttvj 

p. el. 

HtZivil.p.cxxL; vol.xj 



WnL zxxtx. p. ell. : voL iL p. 

m- SeoUand; sxsi p. 


r vol. 

Irelaad; xxxL p. CXxsv 

.: vol. 

xxzli. p. oiii. ; tdL xxxiil. p. 

Iceland ; ixxL p. cxxzvii. 

Mtdilei-raruan; mi. p. ex 
vol. xxxii. p. oiiL ; vol. xx 


x; vol 

ixxv. p. cxxxiv. ; vol. xixvi 

p. el. 

vol. iiivii. p. cxzii. ; vol. xj 

Xix. p. 

clii.; vol. xLp. cL 

Africa; xxxi. p. cxli. ; Vol 


p. ciiii.; vol. xxxiii. p. cxxb 

. ; vol. 

IXXV. p. oxixvi. ; vol. ix. 

cviL p. 

oxxiv.; vol. xxxix. p.cilvit. ; 



Asia; xsxi. p._oxli.; vol, x 

ixii, p. 


p. clL ; vol. 
xxxvii. p. cxxii. ; voL xxxviii. p. civ. ; 
vol. TiTJx. p. cliii, ; vol. iL p. clL 

America ; xxxi. p. cxliv. ; vol. 
ixili. p. cxviL ; voL TTTJtt . p. 


r. p. cxxxiii. ; voL x 


i vol. 
Lp. ClL; 

olv. ; voL xxxix, p. olii. ; voL xl. p. cl. 
Austridia, j-c. ; xxxL p. cxliiL : 

vol. xixii. p. cxvi. ; vol. xxxiil. p. 

cixiii. ; vol. xxxiv. p. cxxli. i vol. 

IXXV. p. csxxv. ; vol. sixvi. p. cllii.; 

vol. ixxvii. p. cxxiv. ; vol. xxxviii. 

p. clviii. ; vol. xxxix. p. civil. ; vol. 

si. p, cliii, 
C0BO8, [own of, La Plata, iixiv. 235. 
CocQiN backwati^r, lodia, xxxvi. 1S3, 

185, 186, 193. 

, Madras Preaidenoy, ih. 196. 

Cochin-Chika, xxxii. 144, 145, 143- 

150, 163 ; XXXV. 75. 
Cocbin-Chinesb boatmen, xxxi. 303, 

- — currency, ixxvii. 311. 

Cockatoo Creek, NorUi Australia, 
sxxvi. 234. 

CocEBDBN Creek, Qneensland, Si. 28. 

Cock's Comb Book, on the Bi-fciang, 
China, xxxviii. 52, 55. 

CoDAzzt, Colonel, of the New Grenada 
Engineers, referred to, xxxv. 143, 
144— -hia map referred to, xxxviii. 
71, 72. 

CoDBOT Bivera, Great and LltUe, New- 
foundland, xxiiv. 264, 266, 269. 

Cchlb-Sybia, xxxli. 104, 105, 107- 

C0EPAN6, Timor Island, Indian Arohi- 
polago, xxxviii. 372. 

Coffee; in the lalacd of Mahi, Sey- 
ohellea, xxxv. 232. 

— — - plaatiup in Wynaad Dbti 
India, ixxvi. 182. 

Q 2 



CoaQLAH, Mr. John, o.e., referred to, 

KiiiT. 228, 238. 
CoiMBATOBB, JladrtiB Presidency, luvi. 

CojCKLEBATUCH, Country of tlie, Van- 
couver Island, ixxi. W9. 
CoLCABAMBA, town o[, Fem, ixxviii. 

CoLCHEHTEB, Admiral Lord, Obitnaiy 
■ Nutice, ib. p. cxl. 
ColdwjVteb River, Labrador, ii 

CoLBBBOOKE, Col,, referred to, u 

109. 126. 
CoLEOPTBRA ; of North-Wett Amtralia, 

iixv. 256. 
CoLBRiDOB,Iiuke,Now Zealand, XKKvii. 

Coi.KSDBBO, town of, South Africa, 

ixiv. 114. 
CoLiTwruM iMckwater, Travancore, 

vi. 197, 198. 
CoLLA-BUATA, Or Csravaya, Province 

of, Pern, is\i. 193. 
CoLLiEB Bat, North-Weet Analcalia, 

r. 250, 253, 260, 2G3, 266, 277. 

CoLLiHonODD, Lieutec&nt, of Uie Indian 

Navj.iixvii. 160, 163-eitniot from 

letter to Colonel (now General Sir 

A.) Eeraball, a.B., Political Agent, 

Baghdad, 69. 

Collin's Bay. New Zealand, ixxiy. 66. 

CoiJJNB, J. H., Schoolfl' Ptizo Medal 

awarded lo, si, p. cixii. 
OoLLiNBOB, lient-Colonel, Bj.,De8crip- 
tion of the Bnina of the AcTopoIie of 
OAfsopB, in Episrs, 15 mileH north 
of Phevesa, sisii. C8. 
Colonisation of Northern Qneenaland, 

iixviii. 370. 
Colorado Baain, Norlh America, ixxix, 
97. 98, 118— shape of, 113. 114, 

Chiquito River, North 

America, ib. 97, 99, 100, 102. 

, Great Cafion of the, Nortii 

Ameriai, it. 99, 100, 102, 118, 124. 

, On tlic Baain of the, and 

the Great Baain of Nobtb Auerioa. 
By W. A, Bell, Eaq., m,a,. ib. 95. 

Plateau, North America, 

B). 99, 100. 

. River, NorlhAmotica, ssxis. 

, South America, xxsi. 

Columbia Rivpr. North Amerirai, xsxi. 

211, 213; ixxviii. 120; xixlx. 96, 

126, 129. 
Coltille, Captain, of H.U.B. Camilla, 

xxxi. 340. 
, Dr., refened to, ray. 170, 


CoMBTA, Jtrtlo, hia Espedilion up the 

River PurllB, referred to, luvi. 8C. 
CoMAKEN District, Vanconyer Island, 

xixiv. 160, 163. 
CouHEBOE of Cambodia, xxxvii. 321, 
OuKMl Tribe, Weatem Eijaatorial 

Africa, xxxvi. 65. 
CoMOEO laLANlis, On the. Bj Captain 

Algebkon db Hohbet, B.N., xxxiv, 

, Indian Ocean, xxxv. 

154,159; ixxvii. 115. 
Com ox Pra^ie, Vancouver Island, 

vol X 


CoMSTocK Lode. North America, 
annualyield of, suii, 117. 

CoBCX DiBtrlot, Vancouver laland, 
xxxiv. 155, 160. 166. 

CoNCKPoios, town of, La Pluta, ib. 230. 

CoNcBPnos Bay, Newfoundland, ib. 

265: : 


Cos[>A Tribe, Brazil, xxxii. 141. 
CoNDAMiNE, referred to. xxxi. 191. 
CosmBASTO Monntain, Ecuador, ib, 

CoNrooins Family, burial place of the, 

il. 218. 

. referred to, xxsi. 325. 

, Temple of, at Peking, xxxvi. 


, Tomb of, xxivii. 240. 

Congo River, xxxi. 260; xxxiv. 249; 

xxxv. 2; xxxvi. 70; xisvii. 206. 

, Captain Speke's opinion 

CoNTEicx River, British Colnmbiii, 

iixL 217. 
OONTOrR Maps, x: 


South Anatralia. 


. 15i, 

• Mount, New ZeaJand, ixiiy. 90, 

93, 91, 96 ; xl, 134. 
I OooK'a Bay (Aagatoa), Easter Island, 
I Bouth Faciflo Occtq, xl. ItiS, 174. 
Straits, New Zealand, xxiiv. 

CooEOBiiA Hill, Soath Auatralia,zxxiii. 

CooKBA. Indians, Central America, 

zxzii 259, 260. 
River, Central America, ib, 

CoouT, Mr. W. D., referred tu, iixt. 

4, 13. 
CooMHADiE, Sontli Amtralia, xxxiiL 3S. 
OouNOOB, NeilgherrJes, xiitL 189, 191. 
CooNTABiH Orei'k and Well, South 

Australia, zxxiii. 39. 

Sand Baoge, South Austra- 

lia. a. 39, 40. 
OooPEB, Dr^ bis work on the ' Natural 

Hiafany of Waabinglon Territory,' 

referred to, ixilx. 128. 


-, Mr. T, T., referred to, xl. 273, 

9 UnancecBsfiil 
Elpedition from SonTH-WESTEBS 
CoiSA, xuix. p. cluiii. 

Creek, Sontb. Australia, xixi. 
78; ixxii. 430 ei sej. ; usiii. 37,50, 
30, llfl, 131, 132— copy uf documeut 
kft at, in 1861, ib. 28. 
■ ■ ", Effects of Forest Deatraclion 
By Ggobob BistE, Eaa., u.n., 

, Idli district of, Madraa Preei- 

denoy, xnvi. 180 el seq. ; xxxix. 77 
— Flora of, 78 — area of land diiuuded 
c^ forest, 80. 

, Major BaQkey*B Heport on the 

roada in, referred to, iisti. 189. 
GoPAHiBA oil, Brazil, xl. 4-i3, 125. 
■) ; jtl. 442. 
^■LUO, OhUi,ixii. 155, 157, 159. IGO, 
162— district between Copiapo aud 
r^ Paipote Gate, rich in copper, 

a>. 159. 

Eiver, Chili, K. 161. 
Oorifsa Moimtain, or " Pandamakaa," 
Zambesi, &. 287. 

VancoDver Istand, 

r. 167. 

EB ; in Olenelg District, North- 
sit Analralia, iiiv. 272. 
— ; in South-East Africa, sxxii. 

-: at Tilt Cove, North America, 
ixsviii 281. 
CoppEHFiEi,!) River, North-EBst Ana- 

ttalia. XXIV. 196, 197, 209, 210. 
CoHAL Sea, South Pacifle Ocean, 
- 376, 382, 383, 385, 387, 403, 

CoBANi River, Fern, xxixvii. 119, 124, 

, town of, Fera.i!'. 118, 122, 124, 

CoRDUXEBA of Darien, xsxviii. 72, 84- 

, Eastern, of the Quiloniati 

Andes, sjisX. 163. 
of the Isthmus of Panama, 

nsv. 143-116. 
Nevada, Bouth Americi, 

Ksivii. 11&-120. 

:, Argentina slope of the. 

, Great East AQstmlinn, 

xixv. 206. 
, ores foQud in the, Bouth 

Ataorica, xxii, 160. 
, rarity of the atmosphere 

on the plains of Ihe, South America, 

ib. 162, 
CoBDOUENE, or Oordyeoa, Kurdistan. 

ixiv. 22. 
CoBDovA, La Plata, xsii. 155-157 : 

xxxiv. 231, 212. See also TP/«e/- 

, Province of. La Plata, Census 

ori8a8, ». 242. 
CoBEA, sxxiii. 160, 162 ; sxxvi. 131. 
and Chinoee Manolmria, inter- 
change of coramoditiea between, 

xxxvii. 215. 
, position of the capital of, sxtvii. 


obtained from 

north bonk of the Biiusliwap Lake, 
British Columbia, 

CoHEENDA Eiver, tributary of the Thom- 

BOLi, Queensland, xxsUi, 136. 
Corfu, canal of, niix. 276. 

, Island of, xxxii. 74. 

CoKis, town of, Peru, xxxviil, 114. 
CoBiBoo Island, Wealeru Africa, xxxiii. 

241, 215, 
Cons; oultivalion of, on the iBthmns 

of Tebuantepec, Central America, 

xssil 519. 
CoitNWH Creek, Queensland, ixsiii. 

CoBXWAUJS leUnd, Arctir Bee, Esqoi- 

Btsnx remains on. xixt. 94. 96. 
OoBOiDOS IndiuiB, Brazil, xxiii. HI. 

COBOMAHDSL CoAffT, £. 237. 

CoBPitrcBu, hill called, on the fronlier 

of Bolivia, ixii. 203. 
CoRBteitTEs. ProTltire of, I< Pkia, 

MXii. 137 ; aiiv, 237. 
CoeTAEi, Don Manuel, referred to. nxi. 

CoBTTME of the Women of East«ni 

TurkistHii, il. 75. 
CoTABAXBA FroriDpe, Pern, nxviii. 

CoTiLo, village of, Ecoador, ittI 165, 

CoTUiGA lalBDd, Biazil. xixii. 139. 

COTOPASI, EcWldoT, T^TJ , 164. 169, 

ITO, leo-heightofootx 
on Gasman's mup, 167. 
Cotton; cultivation of, ia Chuttees- 

'■ '■ — '- , in J^tat 

•mn lis. 

; in Borneo, ih. 221, 228. 

; in Cambodia, *. 150. 

; in Centml Asia. il. 379, 3S0. 

; in China, unU. 5, 247, 248. 

; itt the Ihland of Slabi, Sev- 

ehetlea, nxv. 232. 
; on the fslhmni of Telrnan- 

tepec. Central America, uxii. 549. 
; in MancLiiria, mix. II — 

chief producing diBlfiL-ts. II. 
: in tbe Shire VsUey, Eart 

AbJca, mi. 285. 
; ia WeBleni Abyssinia, sxsil. 

; on Ihe Zambeni, xiiii. 290. 

plaol, northern limit o^ in 

Asia, xiiviii. 453. 

; qnality of, in Siam, i«i. 306. 

; Biiitaliility of North Anbtralia 

fur producing, ixsiii 310. 

; niperioiitj of tbe ancnlti- 

vated African to tbe common culti- 
vated Amerusn, mi. 296. 

■ , General Sir Abthdb, re. ; On 

s Oimniiiiiiratlan between India and 
China by tlie line of tbe Bushah- 
POOTEE and yANO-TBZE, xssvli. 231. 
-, referred to. 

„»iTi. 192, 

CovFA. See Meshid Ale'. 

foBLXAN Island, Antarctic Ocean, 

CocsTALLm. Madiai Prend eney, ixivi. 
1S3, ISl. 193. 

CoTTiSHO, Dr. ; Iub opinkm on the 
fonner cmidi tkin of the tt^iou between 
the Madeira Bt>d Ucsysli Kvera, 
Sou lb America, A. 89. 

: lefrn^ to in eon- 

nei'tion with the Bio N^ro and the 
Amaum, ib. 92. 

,J.M.DiSii,TA: Tmiuilation 

&oni hia Official Ucimrt to the 
BraiiliaD Govemnient on HAtroci, 
Vrbano's Eiploralioiu cm the Birei 
Pcae^ ih. las. 

ConLHiM, Pedro de. Pottnguese tra- 
veller. hiB detention in Abytnnia, 

CoVABD SpHnga, South Aoetralia, 

CotrtTCHix. Vanoonver Iilnnd, distriot, 
ixiir. 133. 1«0, 166— vkUey, IfiS— 
prairies, mix. 128. 

" Biver, Vanconv^ Titoml, 

i. !09: : 

r. 163. 

Cdtle, Mount, Kortti-West Anatnlin, 
iiivi. 219. 220. 

CoHHii-esELLa ; East Africa, nxy. 157. 

Cox, Don GciLLEBHO, of Chili 1 Bspedi- 
tioD across the Sottheiin Ansxb of 
Uhiu, with the object of Opening a 
NewIineotGommanicition from the 
PAcmo to tbe Atlsntic Ockah, by 
the Lake of NAHCEvHr*Pi and the 
Kivers LotAT and Negro (irans- 
laled finm the Spanish, and eom- 
mnnicatcd by Sir Woodbine Pakisr, 
K.c.H.),iixiv. 205. 

CoxoN Cteek, Qneensland, xxxiii. 110. 

Co-YoCKOH Indiana, mviii, 227, 228. 

Co-YocxcE Monnlain, Alaska, ii. 226. 

River,fribnliU7oftho Yon- 
Iron, Alaska, i'^. 229. 

Cbaokoft, Commodore, Obit Kotice, 

CftAnny iHland, Andaman Islands, 
xsxii. 112. 

Craiqiebcrn Saddle, New Zealand, 

?r Island, 

i. KlI. 
Ckanbebbt District, Yun 

xixir. leo, 164, 
Ckaneb, Silver-gwy, on the Gtenelc 

Kiver, Morth-We*l Australia, six, 

Ceuteb on Mani lalnnd, Sandwiob 

IsEands, xxxviii. 366, S67, 
Cbatehb ou Eiister Wand, South Pacific 

Ocean, xl. 167, 
Cbatto, Madeira Riser, xxsii. 92. 
Chawtord, Colonel, positions of Ptaks 

determined by, Kxxviii. 142. 


OsAwrosD, Ur., Oommercial Agent of 

the Ttavancoie Birkai, refened to, 

xxxri. 196, 197. 
, Mr., hie Bchemo for cutting 

through tha Wurkalla; Barrier, Tra- 

TBnoore, ih, 197. 
'' Obawcomi," or "Wftterhonse," Sange, 

AuHtraJia, mi. 137. liO [nole]. 
Obawfdsd, John, ^.s-a., Otiit. Notice, 

xxxriiL p. cxlviiL^hi^ Berricea to 

ethnology, natural hiatorj', and geo- 
graphy, p. cilis. 
— , late Mr. J.p on state of 

British Bunuah, ib, p. clxiviii. 
Cbkk Nation, The, sisit. 86, S7. 
Obepobk Hiver, Bmzil, xsxii. 277. 
CaocoDii.Eaof YorhFeniuBula, QueenB- 

Jiind, usvi. 80. 
Cbokbk Islaiid, North Australia, ib, 

229, 239. 
Obofs, Rotatiau of, ia Noith China, 

lilvii. 216. 
Obossweb Indians, Britieh Oolumbio, 

sxxi. 251, 
Cbown Lake, British Columbia, il>. 217. 
Eidge, New Zealand, suit. 58, 

Cbozbt lalands, Bouth Indian Ocean, 
-.152,153; KSiii. 92. 9i. 
t, Capi, in command of the 
of the Franklin Expedition, 

Balige, East Aostral ia, xsxiii. 

Wfxao, capital town of Camveya 

Province, Pmti. ixii. 194, 197-11)9, 

203; zxxtU. 117-120. 

Biver.Peru, i*. 118, 119. 

OxKBiraoN, city of, ib. 170, 172-176, 

Cdba, tobacco of, xiiiL 36. 
OdbatId Bivur, Brazil, ib. 140. 
iiDBBAHl Rirer, Wynaad District, India, 

Oordillcra of, Ecnadot, uxi. 
Sir Wm., c,E., Obit Notice, 

CuoYSrouDTssA, laie, Bonth Aus- 

tialia, vsiUi. 15,21. 
Cdbbta de Acal, Lb Plata, xxsiv. 

" CuEiTA da loB Chilenos," Chile, xxsi. 

OujiasHEBT Trihe, Soatli America, 
I xxxtI. 106. 
ftCruMnNO water. South Australia, 

CcLiNO Tribe, Jurua River, Brazili 

ssiix. 300, 301, 304. 
CuLLAMiTJ Lake, South Anstralia, 

xisiii. 26. 
CcLLB-V, Dr., referred to, xxiv. 143, 

144; sssviii. 70, 71. 
CuLLlUHACA, mineral establiahment of, 

Peru, ib. 415, 
CiXFETTV HillB, Wynaad DiEtrict. India, 

CvLULc rivulet, tributary of the Salado, 

La Plata, mi v. 228, 229. 
CcHBru Valley, Madras Presidency, 

iiivL 185^187. 
CcMA IndiauB, Central America, 

luviii. 94, 96-98— language of thf, 

99— Cuna villages, 95. 
language, vocabulary and pbtaaoa 

of the, ii. 100-105. 
CrsAED, Sir Edward, Bart, Obit, 

Notioe, xsxix. p. czlvii. 
CrsAjA, sL 470. 
OuHENE, or Noorse Biver, West Africa, 

■ ixxvi. 247, 248 ; luvii. 199. 
Crsi-UA Biver, afflaent of the Tapaui, 

Biver Pintta, nivi. 94; iixii. 301. 
CuNN-isfiHAM, George God&ey, Obit. 

Notice, usi. p. osviii, 
CUBACOA, LilaDdof, West Indies, iizvi. 


CuRABATES, nation of the, Ecuador, 
sixi. 180. 

CuBARAT Biver, Ecuador (writtun Cu- 
naiay by Guzman), ift. 169, 179, ISO- 
derivation of tlie name, 181. 

fiegundo, or Bio de las 

Fiechas, Ecuador, (b. 169. 

CuRiTTBA, town of, Broidl, sssii. 137. 
139, 140. 

CvBWW Biver, West Auatralia; ita 
identity with the Ashburtnn eata- 
blished, xixviii. p. clsxv. 

CuRSBNTS, circle of, and tidal waves. 
Bay of Bengal, xxxU. 238. 

of the Scaa paaseii through 

during Voyages from England to 

iDdla, 1 

r. 147. 

. Surface, of the Ba; of Bengal 

during the South- West Muasoun, 

xixii. 234. 
CiHUMAHA Kivcr, tributary of the 

PurtB, %x\vi. 105-107, 112. 
CVBTNAHAN BiTcr, tributary of tha 

PurtiB, ib. 104. 
CuBATAGCA Biver. Ecuador, xisi. 170. 
CuTcH, Notes 00 the Runb of. By Sir 

H. Bartlk E. Fbebe, k.c.b,, xi 181. 
Gulf of, ii, 185,191. 

-HillB ^ . 

— , Eunn of, iiivii. 71-73, 81, 


Dkaot rf 

I^ ar &*^ -~ - I DauuK fl i >i|ili|,r. Kwlb-Wcai ' 
M l I |, *. m 11 ^^ ' Lm«. KmI W«t A»b*- 


- Downs, AuBtralia, 
'. 211. 


- Kitef, New South Wales, Ana- 
Iralia, xisi. 145, 147, 148 [and note] ; 
xxxii. 431, 43S, 459, 467, 4t)4, 488, 
S2G; zxxiii. 129, 131, 132, 151; 
XKXTiii 406. 

, iraportanoB of the, to 
Bcmtb Anatmlin, xxxi. 148. 
lyAaooHA, Felii, Jeauit nuasiomiry, re- 
ferred tn,lKiy. 215 ; xxsvi. 250. 260. 
I Cjaratt MnuDtaioB, Nev Zealand, 
uxJT. 108. 
Babt Biver. New Zealand, ib. 57, 62, 

63— valley, 66, 69. 
Dabtaij, Creek, Eaatera Australia, 


DAurrtAnjuN Valley, Persia, ixiviii. 

iiDAeBTT-KAZV, Znmfehan Biver, Central 

Asia, x1. 451, 452, 461. 
IiSatb groTes in Al-Yemaznah, ixzv. 

Daubent, Dr., referred to, ib. 122 

Eiingoa, New Bnntli Wales, 

Dad-Kaba Lukt', Knk Ei 

, jutxvii. 152-154. 
{>Ai;irr Plateau, Abyseii 
t 43, 44, 47. 
[pAEssr, Pitrre, Oliit. Notice, xxsl. p. 


D'Atancdebb, M, Leon, referred ' 

Bauge, Australia, xxxi. 71, 

72. 74, 75, 124, 137 — named by 
> U'DoiuU Stuurt after the Hod. 

Samuel Davenport, u.L.a., 123. 
JDAVmeON, Mr., roremnl to, ib, 36. 
"*" Hivtr, tribatary of tlia Oak- 

r over, Nortli-West Aub-traliu, xxiii. 

-, Slaff-OommanJer J. E., b.n,. On 


HWTTiON with the Tbansit of Veni.8 
in 1SB2, uxii. 91. 

Strait, xiii.2; sisiv. 267; sssv. 

RB, 13*. 

t Waka, Wuzooriatan, vegetation 

Dawbs, Lieatenant, referred ti 

Nanga Parbat, Mountain, 


Tibet, sixi. ao. 

Dbad Sea, sxiii. 94, 107, 108: XMti. 

1 AuAcoountof the Levelling 

from the MmrrEBRANHAN to the, by 
Captain O. W. Wilson, r.e. By 
Colonel Sir Henby Jaiies,ej^xxiv. 

Dk Akiea, Don Andres, referred to, 

xxiviii. 70. 
Dea-i Forest, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

Eivor, New ZeBland, ib. GO, fli. 

Dr.AB Cove, New Zealand, xsiiv. 99. 

168, 170. 
DeBaKoa (Dabanra),U)yia of, AbvssiniH, 

ib. 3,5, 8,10,11. 
De BARRoa, quoted by Dr. Beke, in 

refertnee to the Nile source, ixslv. 7. 
Debbet-eb-I! amlbh, Pen insula ofSiniii, 

sixviii. 255. 
Debee, town, Kalbat Province, Arabia, 

I. L-iS. 
Debono, Andrea, referred 

8, 9, 14; ixivii. 208. 
Db BoviB, Lieutenant, of the French 

Niivy, quoted on Eiiater Island, South 

Pacific Oceiiii, si. 179. 
Dbbba Damo, Abyssinia, xxxviiL 27. 
■ — ~ Mateo, Abyaainia, ib, 27. 
Db Candollb, quoted on the Abrus 

preaituri^u, xixv. 250. 
Deocas, the, ib. 71— failure of springs 

in the, folluwiog the destruction of 

woods, 122. 
Deception, Lake, South Australia, 

Mxiii. 37. 
Decika, Bay of Nagttsalii, Japan, xxxiL 

Deenjoe La tPass), xxxvii. 359. 
Detoht Uiver, British Columbia, sxxi. 

216, 217. 
Dbgonta, on the ancient trade-route 

tietween Aium and Annealey Buy, 

1 address, 


xs\\i. 406, 412 et aeq. 
De Qumdaoh Mountain, xsxv. 137. 
L)eb-Ann*r, Kuina uf, sixt. 56. 
Ukb nod. Plain of, ib. 60. 
De Hossbt, Captain Aloeenom, b.s.j 




On lliBCoiiO!«)I«i.Ain)a,iiiiT.26fl — 
their position ; Comoro leland, 258 — 
volaaiiie emptiang; Mohilla Island; 
its produi^ts, 260— Johnaoa Island ; 
Oipt. NiJl'itli'B deseriiption of it ; 
climBlc; Johanna Peak, 2iil— trade 
■nd products: Marotta Isluiid; its 
peouliur conrnrniiitioQ, 262— moun- 
tains ; Zaudzi Island ; oliajBte of 
Uayntta Quhealthy, 2Q3. 
Sehba Doon, North Hindoatan, sxxv. 

'Dkir el Enmai, town or,Labaaoii,i[XXLi. 

Dek Islands, Tana Sea, Abyasinio, 
mix. 45-48. 

DgeSAN. See Dercnn. 

Delaa el Chebrut, Bnlphiu bills in 
Arabia, xxi¥. 172. 

De I.A Bgobb, Sir H., quoted, invii. 

Db la Bbiin:Sr8. a Roman Cathclio 
minaionnry in Manchuria, quoted on 
the "nuam-yn," a flah of Late 
KLiata, ib. 225. 

Db la Cache River, British Colacibift, 
usi. 217. 

Delagoa Bay, ixxii. 65, 66; xsxix. 
235, 265. 

De Il&obee, Captain, Commander-in- 
Chief of the Freneb foruea in Cam- 
bodia ia 1866, referred to, xxxvii. 
807, 308, 317. 

. , death of, xiiix, 

p. otxixir. 

and Gamier, sketch of their 

ionmey on the Great Cambodia 
Rivor and into Yiinnan, ib. p. cliisiii. 

Ds LA Maguora, General Albeit, Obit. 
Notioe, xxxiv. p. eiviii. 

Delaubbe Island, North- West Austra- 
lia, xixii. 37i, 425. 

Delano, Captain Amoea, referred to, 
il. 169, 171. 

Da LA RoQDBTTB, M., Obit. Notice, 

Delhi, town of, 3Uii. 306. 

Delldl Hills, Halt Plaio, North- 

Eastern Africa, sxiii. 204, 22G. 
Dbloiho Disbriot, Epirus, ib. 279 — 

Plain of, 2gS. 
Dbi/ta of the Amt-Dabia, or Qxcb, By 

Aiimiral A. Boitakof. issvii. 152. 
Db Luo, Abbe, murder of, near Peking. 

xxsvi. 140, 
Db Uahcanedo, referred lo, zxxt, 79. 
Drhbba, Lake, Abyssinia, xxxviii, 9, 

Dehoboe, Indus River, i6. 157, 15S, 

161, 162. 
Dbmeb Zhnr (Front Wotew), Belachi- 

Ds Mevendobf, Baron George, Obit. 

Notice, xixv. p. cxx. 
Deho MouutaiuB, Malay Peninsala, 

, Fort, Qneensland, xixiii. 7; 

xixviii. 370, 374. 
Denuase, topographical survey of, 

Deodobae, Glader of, kxxt. p. cliv. 

Deosai Plains, xxxiv. 22, 26. 

Defabtube Bay, Vauouuviir Islacd, 
xxxii. 532. 

Depot Poiut, Brandewijne Bay, Spiti- 
bergeu, zixix. 139, 110. 

Defcch Island, North-Westorn Aas- 
traiiu, xxxii. 394, 397. 

De Pbydt, Lccikn ; Aooonnt of Scienti- 
fic Explorations in the Isthmu* of 
Dasieh in the years 1661 and 1865, 

Beooiid espeditioB, 73 — summary of 
facia arrived at, G3 — climate, 86— 
nature of soil, 87— yegelable wfalth, 
88 — domtstic and wild auimalA, SB— 
present iohabilaulJi of the Darion, 90. 
AppendiCKB : — 

I. Vocabulary and phrases of the 
Cuna languiige, 100. 

II. Sapplemental note relating to 
the first exploration of Darien in 
1861, p. 105. 

III. Note on Don Andres da 
Ariza's map of South Darien (1774), 

IV. Nofeon the mapot Darien by 
the Colombian engineer, AguHtia 
Codazzi, 109. 

Deea Ishmnol Ehan, town o^ Punjab, 

xxxii. 304, 305. 
Debajat, district west of the lodua, 

it. 306, 312. 
Debet, Earl o^ e.g.. Obit. Notice, xL 

Dbbey'eeyah, mined town, Arabia, 

xiiiv. 112, 125, 129, 131. 
De Boa, Bear-Admiral the Hon. J. 

F. F„ Obit. Notice, xxxii. p. ovii. 
Debaocadero-db-Yana-oocha River, 

Ecuador, ixxi. 1G9. 
De Sacbsdbe'b work on Mexico, xuiii. 

Db Sckubebt, Genera] T. P,, quoted, 
ixiv. 137. 

^^H DESENQAl!o,Ba 
I _ Amerioa,_XK 



DBSBNSiSo.Baj of. East Coast of South 

America, xmi.aoT. 
Dbbsbt of Gobi, Si-e Grant. 
Desiooation in the baiin of tho Orange 

(Gariep) River, XKSvi. 1H5. 
ot larae tracts rif miuntry 

in the Trana-Gariep (Onmga), South 

Aftica, mr. 1U6. 
DraoLATioH Pasb, Chili, xxxiv. 20S. 
■• Sound, Bbitisu Colcmbia, 

Eiploratioii in. By Mr. W. Downie, 

xxxi. 249. 
X>E Soles, Don Juan, referred to, xsxjv. 

Deb VtHux, Chaa. F., Mote in FraiikliQ 

Expedition, TTT T 8. 
DzTEK Koori, or KeBlieesh Dagh, Tui- 

Ohvil'b Gbp, tlie, Vancouver Island, 

uxiv. Itl7. 
Sewan Shirray, Mongolia, ixiiii. 175. 
— VeQcata Rc/W, canal COD- 

strncted by, sxsvi, 197. 
Dbwo Koh Hill, BelucliistaD, ixiiii. 

Dbtbik Dagh, Turkey in Asia, ixiviii. 


, town of, Torkey in Asitt, 

a. 35B-3B7— olive groves near, 355. 

DBTBsm Country, Turkey in Asia, 
ii. 321,323, 332,336, 311-3*5. 

Dagh. See Ta:,lor. 

Mountains, Turkey in 

Alia, ixiviii. 307. 

, number of KiziUbaBh 

in the, Turkey in Asia, ib. 32U. 
DaincALAP River, (Lake) Issyk-kul, 

DaAiOHO, East A&ics, xl. BU, 317, 

- Hilla, East Africa, VS. 318. 
I Dhaunnie, Lake, South Australia. 

xxiiii. 32. 
, Dhah Platpau, North-Easf A&ica, 

L SuAROWLEB River, North-East Africa, 

\ DanfTEEH tribo, Arabia, isxv. 187. 
Dhubunnie Creek, South A us trails, 

_xiii. 21. 
DuuANTB, Entro Bios Province, xxxiv. 

DiAHASTtNO River, Brnzil, xriii. 270. 
DUHONP Head, Oahu lalaiid, BbdcI- 

vrioh Islanda, xixviii. 3(i6. 
DiABBEKS, Turkey iti Asia, xxxv. 21- 
■■■ 281,345-317.357,301. 

vrioh Isle 
23; lix' 

DiASBEEB, Description of. By R. J. 

Gaksen, Esq., zzxvii. 182. 
, inacriptiona on the towere 

of, ib. 186. 187. 
■ ■ ■ Plaiti, Turkey in Asia, 

xxxviii 356.360. 
DiAB, Bartliobmew, referred to, <b. 2. 

DtBENEU-BU, ill. 295. 

DiCKENBON, Mr., referred to, xxxiii. 

DicKlNBoN, John, Obit. Notice, xxiix. 

DiDiK Stream, Nortli-Eaatera Africa, 

xxxix. 201. 
DiEQo Snarez, Bay of, or British Sounil, 

Madagascar, xxivil. 109, 112, 115. 
DiaABOHA, or Shigatze, town of, Tibut. 

See Skiffatze. 
DiHONQ River, afStient of the Brabisa- 

putra, xiiviii. 218, 219. 
DiEOEAUENNT Kii^hizcs, xxxi. 357, 

360-3S2; xixiL556; xxiv. 218. 
DiLDi Camp, Lasta Province, AbjEtiinia. 

xxxviii. 40, 41. 
DiLKB, Sir C. Wentworth, Bart., Obit. 

Notice, xxxix. p. cxlv. 
DiLLi, Syria, xuii 90. 
DuiDER Biver, North-East Africa, 

Mxiii, 238,2*0; ixsvi. 1, 
DiKG Brausa, xxxiv. *8, 
Disoo La (Pass), xxxvii. 358. 
DiNGBi Plain (or Tingri Maidan), 

xxxviii. 131, 157. 
DiN-KuBQAK, Central Asia, ib. 435. 
D1BOAI.AN River, Central Asia. See 

Djirgatan Hirer. 
DiBoo, west coast of OreenlaDd, xxxr. 

DiBEiT, height of, Himalaya Mountaios, 

DiETANOEB aceompliahed by ditferent 

sledge parties, xxxvi. 290. 
on the Jurua Biver, Brazil, 

xxxix. 310. 

DicBBNTB, pass in the Trans-Hian 

Dixon Island, North-West Coast of 

Australia, xxxii. 424. 
DiYALKH River, Tigria River, isivii, 

DjAnoA,Coantrj of, Eaat Africa, xxxiv. 


' DiAiLraratf, Lake, Ceatrnl Amn, 

. DjAUAij-UAarAM, paas in tlia Traua- 

IlioD Ala-tail, ixxi. 3G6, 
DjAiuN-DABAN Pttsa, Oenlml Asia, il. 

aeu, 262, 263. 
Djahan-Dabia, Ceatrat AbU, xxxviii. 

441-4i3. M6, 455. 
DjAHouai Mountain, Epirug, xxxix. 

DfAHKEND, Buioa of the town of, on the 

lert bank of tlltj Syr-Daria, xxivti. 

449, 450, 4S2. 
Djahy-Dakia, arm of tlio Syt-Daria, 

S). 153 1 xiiviii. 439, 441, 451. 
Djabik-evl (Laice), Central Ajna, 

isiTi. 278. 
DjAn-TiCBE, on tlie Batata Biver, 

Oentntl Asia, xl. 414. 
DjebBL. Bee jebel, 
Djeladjh,, tnwn. Central Arabia, 

iisiv. 131, 137. 
Djbual Shah, tomb of, xnxlii. 184, 

DiEBOES BiveiB, Central Aeia, xsxi. 

Djualowan HiHb, BelncbiataD, xxxiii. 

"Djioa" (MeajniM anjus(i/o/.), xsiviii. 

436, 437, 448, 453. 
I1iinjishee-Eabab3 Biver, Central 

Aaia, xisU. 317. 
Djinjiis, village of, Eopbrates Hirer, 

III. 472, 473. 
XtnBGALAN Eiver, Central Aaia, lui, 
359,3lll,3'jB; sssii. 561 ; xxiT. 221, 

Djocb Territory, Central Afrirai, x 

> Djulbs, Central Aaiu, xxxviii. 451 et 

Djuhbeka, Mount, Epiraa, xxxix. 2S4, 

Djdmgol Eiver, Central Aaia, xxxviii. 

Djdnoahia and the Celebtial Moun- 
ByM. P. P.Semesof {tmnfl- 

latod from the Eu^iiaa by Mr. John 

Micbell), XXXV. 213. 
■ — — , Cliineee and Kossian, ib. 

213— establishment of Cbineaa rule 

in, 65 — Humboldt'B opinions on the 
Hubject of the eiiWonce of volcanoes 
in, not confirmed, 22S, 229. 
DjiTMGAHLUf Alu-taii, xxxi. 857, 3SS, 
362, 366, 370 ; xxiv. 217, 227, 228 ; 

' amoking 


{ HUls, BeluoMstaa, 

DjuitT kul (Four Lakea) district, Cen- 

tmi Asia, xl. 455. 
Djuvak-aryk Bivei, Central Asia, 

xxiii. 561. S63, 564. 
Dnieper Biver, Bnasia in Europe, 

xxivi. 261, 262. 
DoDA Valley, Abyssinia, xxxvUL 37, 

DoBtKHC River, Manchuria, xxxviL 

DooE River, Brazil, xxxii. 140. 

DoDA Country, North-Eastem Africa, 

DoDABETTA Station, Neilgheniea, 

DoDD, George, Obit. Notice, xxxv. 

p. ciiviii- 
DoENVo Ebor, East AfHoa, xL 317, 

Erofc, East Africa, a. 819. 

Lamwea Mouniain, East 

Africa, ib. 320. 

DOEBGEKS, Dr., referred to, ixxii. 

DoFAR, Arabia, ixxiv. 146, 147, 153. 
Doa River, Isthmas of Teboantepeo, 

Central America, xxxii. 545. 
DOQA, Nortb-Eaatem Africa, xxxix. 

2IJ3— tribe, 211— inhabitants of, 221. 
DoLO Camp, observations at, daring 

Abynaiuian Expedition, xxxviii, 32. 
DoLFHiN Island, North-West Coaat of 

Australia, xxxii. 374, 427. 
DouAN Kaia Rock, Turkey in Asia, 

DouE BuTD, New Ztaland, ixxiv. (H. 

Eaat Monnlain, Now Zealand, 

DouESTto Aniroaia of Munrhuria, 

DOKINO Harbour, North-East 

Labrador, xxxviii. 27t 
Donaldson, Rev. Job 

UbiL Notice, xxii, p. 

East Coaat of I 

Wm., pdl^^^l 

DoNDBHOBO fly, the, itsiv. 5. 
Dons Phy a Fhai (Jnngle of the Lord 
of Fire), Siam, xuiL 153, 155, 166, 

DoHGFD, Tibet, ixxTiti. 179. 
DoNsEH Pass, Sierra Nevada, North 

Ameriea. mix. 113. 
DoROconHOBE, E^srl of, Obit. Notice, 

DooDSATH Fewamj', Bmbmin sepoy, 

refeircd Ui on the Andiiman IitliLDdfi, 

TTTTJ i. 120 et so/. 
DoojiK Dagli, Turkey in A^ia, iixviii. 

337, 339. 
DooN Hiver, Now Zettlond, ixiiy. 61, 

70— TolUy. 70. 
Dora Lonmlwh Stream, ih. 51. 
DORB La, die, >6. 56. 
DoBET. New Gaineii, xnil 129. 
DOBP, or Town River, Snath Africa, 

xxxii. 2S6. 
DoEtua, TillHgB, Arabia, ixiiv. 123. 
Dob Patoa River, Bre^il, iKxii. 270. 
D'OaiBT, Viaoonnt, ftesaBsination of, 

referred to, xixviii. 421. 
Dopant, town of. Mob ilia Island, East 

Court of Africa, described, iixiv, 

DoDBLB Cone, Mount, North-Weat 

AoBtralio, xsxvi. 219. 
Island, North-Eaat Coast of 

Ifbrador, xsxviii. 270. 
Do i T B T yU L Bay, Australia, xxiv. 237, 

2S8, 258, 258, 259, 262, 263, 205, 
I 271, 277, 279. 

■ Inlet, New Zealand, xsxiv. 

I 99. 
DocaLAS Greek, Britiah Columbia, 

ixxi. 225. 
Inlet, Queen Charlotte la- 

landB, ft. 251. 
— ^ Portage, the, British GoluinbiB, 

ib. 219. 
I Elver, Sonth Austmlia, ib 

74, SI, 36^ 92, 99, 101, 106 


I ir James, referred to 

-,lown of, Lillnet KiTer, Britieh 
Colmnbia, ixxi. 221-226, 230, 231, 
235, 214. 
f DouoLAsg, David, botanist, referred to, 

i!'. 213 
\ DocB, Afghanistan, xxxii. 311. 

River nnd VBlley, Afghaniatan, 

A. 812. 

DowAaiR nr Aal-Amu tribe, the 
(Arabia), lb. 121. 

DowDAi, New Guinea, xxxvi. 78. 

DowLCTABAD, village of, t'xi. io. 

DowMiK, W. ; ExpIoratioQH in Jabvis 
IinjET and Desolation Sound, 
British Coluhbia (from end of 18,^8 
to March 1B59), ft. 249— Extnicls 
irom newspapera and letters aa to 
rich gold diaeoveriea or the Si-mil- 
ka-nieen River, 255, 256. 

Dbaqon'b Lake, Central Asia, xxxvi. 

. 110; 

i. 233, 235, 237, 262. 

Dbab River, Uulakb, sjiviii, 216. 

Paea, ixxvii. 19. 

DRENHiTNaSpurof theUaatakh Range, 

"^anH-Iiidus). x»xiv. 33. 
Rivet, Epirus, s\xix. 288. 
Dhodghts in Sontb Aftica : impnr- 

laDCO of the subject, Xxxr. 113, 125, 

DnrzEa in Haursn, xxxii. 88. 
DnvBoo, Mount, EpiniB, xxxix. 287. 
DsHAMDaBAaHi Squali, effluent of the 

Rlon, Tranacaucaaia, ft. 63. 
DuA, villflga of, Kbolan, xxivii. G. 
Dc BissoN, Count, referred to, xxxvi. 

Du Chaillc, M. p. B., EoBult of hia 

eiplorationB from the Wcat Coaet 

of AtHca, north and aontli ol the 

Equator, ixxi. p. clxxxi. 
— — — , Ilia Expedition 

in the Gaboon Country referred to, 

, hia travels in 

West Alrica referred to, xxxyi. 

inlo Wkstebn Eqcatohul AfaioA, 

ft. 64. 

Aatronomieal Obaervations : — 

I. Determination of Latitude Ijom 
Meridian Altitudes, 72. 

IL Detemiiualion of Longitude 
from the observed Lunar DiataueoB, 

awarded to, by tho Council of the 

Society, ft. pp. civ., esciii. 
DuGALo (Jreei, East Australia, xxxiii, 

DuLCB Hivcr, La Plata, xxiiv. 231, 234. 




DuLLsa Fahu Bill, south of Chnttet^s- 
earh platoau, Central Pruvincee, 
iDdin, XXX T. 72. 
DDMBOrrATribe. Nortli-Eagteni Africa, 

mil. 190, 210. 
DmoBiH). xixiv. 36. 
DmcLTER Olaoier, i6. 31. 
I ItaHiuN Paasage, Nnrth-Eaat Coast of 
I I^brudor, xixviii. 27G. 
' I>UNDAa, Admiral the Hon. Sir Gichard 
Saaodera, k.c-b., Obit. Notice, xxxii. 

" DuNDB,"ar takes, on tlio wetitem border 
of the Tburr. or Indian Dt'eart, de- 

DCHEDEN, Men Zealand, xixir. lOS, 110. 

Ddneysgb, Turkey in Asia, identified 
with th e A sayriao "TavniiBir,''in!TiU, 
347 [mite], 350, 

Ddnk laUnd, North-Eaflt Coaat of Aus- 
tralia, iix». 203, 200. 

Ddhlofb BaDge, Na« South Wales, 
xxxL H7. 

DuKBHDBB Greek, ThoosoD Biver, 
Queensland, zxxiii. 116. 

DcKSTAK Mountains, Nen Zealand, 

DuKTos ForeBl, New Zealand, ii. 61 — 
peaks, 61. 

Ddpbrht, Captain Louia laidora, Obit 
Notice, xxxvi. p. cxiiii. 

DuBAKD, Mr., American botanist, re- 
ferred to, ■'6.291. 

Sdbban Count;, Natal, xxxvil, 49, SI. 

, town of. Natal, xxxii. 339 ; 

xxxviL 54, 56, 62. 

Ddbb-b-lauzee, Diatriot of Nisbapoor, 
xixl 43. 

DOHEASST Pass, ib. 369. 

Ddbeiyeh, old Wahabee capital, Arabia, 
xxiT. 176, 177, 179, 185. 

DcBEKiNASSi Pasa, ixiix, 33i. 

DuBBNiM-KiTCHKENE-IinL (Lake), Cen- 
tral Asia, ib. 335. 

DcRENiM-BO, Central Asia, it. 333-336. 

Ddbrah high land, BeluchiBtan,xxxiii. 
205, 206. 

Ddbbea-Pbbbshoon Lake, sxxi. 63. 

DuBBOci], District of Ni^apoor, ib, 43, 

DnaaT-BKAR Valley, ib. 62. 

DcaHT-I-HiHKED, il. 92. 

Dcbht-i-Tatab." ib. 77. 

DoaxTBay, New Zealand, xxiiv. 98. 

DnaT Arjun, plain and village of, ixii. 

atonns of North China, xxirii. 

2G4, 266. 

DtscK people, Borneo, ixxii. 226. 

DuTST, town of, MftusHB, WcBt Central 
Africa, xxxTii. 98. 

Dcrros Birer, Queeasland, xxiiii. 141 , 
DiiVAH Biver, Central Aaia, xxxvi. 

261, 262. 
Ddvetbier, M. Henri, bia return from 

the Sahara, ixxii. p. clviii. 
DwiRP negroBB, Tribe of, Weatem 

Equatorial Africa, xxxvi. 09. 
Dtaks of Bnmeo, xxxii. 214, 215, 232. 
Dych Tau, CaucaauB, xxxix, 74, 75. 
DvEB iiaed in Formosa, xxxiv. 16. 
Dtewodd in Siam, xxxi. 319. 
Dtgwoods on the lathmue of Tehuan- 

topec. Central America, xxxii. 551. 
DzsEUK-Kci. (Lake), Central Asia, 

xxxvi. 200, 201. 
DzoHBA, or Zomba, mouatain between 

Sliire Kiver and Lake Shirwa, E^t 


i. 205. 

DiUNQAHii. Seo Djangar, 

EiBL, Mr. Geo. Windsor, referred lo, 

xxiiii. 223, 226. 
Ej rbsl avt, Monot,NewZealaQd,xxxiv. 

56, 62, 82— glaoler, 56. 
Eabtsocaeb of Ebtebuu, June 1859. 


xxxiii. 234. 

of 1819 in India, de- 
scribed, xl. 191. 192. 

EABTBQUAKESat Hawaii Island, xxsviij. 

in the neighbourhood of 

Cutdi, il. 191. 

Ea^ A&ica, Exploration in, between 
14° and 16° N. Lttt. By Count C. 
TON Kbookow, xxxvi. 198. 

, Eoutes of Native Cara- 
vans from the Coast to tbe Interior 
of, chiefly from infonufttion given by 
Sadi Bin Ahedi, b native of a district 
aenr Gazi, in Udioo, a little north of 
Zanzibab. By the Bev. T. Wake- 
field, MiaaioDory at Mombasa, xl. 

— — . See Kirk. 

East Afrii^an Bxpedition, under Cap- 
tains Burton and Speke, referred to, 
xxxvi. 1 ; xxxvii. 203, 207. 

_ (Second), 

under Captain J. H. Speke, Itioe- 

;b of the 


of the Second, under the command 

of Captain Speke, ■*. 334. 
Eabt Coram, xxxii, 128. 

Madagascar. See Roake. 

Babteb Islaqd, or It* pa Noi, South 


Nana, ancient cliannel of 

theIndtiB,il. 189, 190, 191. 

Persia, See Qoldsmil. 

Turkistan, compariaon of the 

old end new poaltioiu of plaoCB i 

131— beaats of burden of, 132— roads 

of, 132. 
oostniDO of the 

■women of, ib. 75. 
, flora of, 

towns of, ii. 161. 

^^H of Hr. Hajward') 
^^^^B Lntitude in, b; 
^^H C. Geoige, R.N., 

■- 70, 

, climate of, ib. 

, falaie of, ll. 

Tillsgea in, t6. 1S8 et seq. 

, Narrative of an 

KCWK to tie Weattm Slinni of Issm- 
Kui. (translated from tbe BuBdian 
of T&. P. Seuenof by E. Deluar 
UOBOAN, Esq.), EXXi\. 311. 

and Kuea Lun 
-, poBitioDB of the 

of Hr. Hajward'B Obxervationa for 
Lntitude in, b; SUff-Oomniander 
C. George, H.M., ib. 164. 

Paoipto Ocbar, ft Visit to, in 1868. 

By J. LnjTOH Palhbe, Esq., Smgeon 

of H.M.S. Topaze, il. 167. 
Sabteb Island, South Pacifio Ocean, 

burial of the dead on, ib. 174. 
, South Pacific Ooean, 

obiervatioiia on the natives of, ib. 170. 

on, ■*. 167. 
Easi^ibh Africa, trade of, xxxi 
AndeB, portion of the, known 

OB the Snowy Bangs of Caraya, A. 


, &. 104, 195. 

Arabia. Spb Falgrme. 

Ahchifelaoo, On the Trade 

of New Guinea and ita Islands with 

the. By A. B, Wallace, Esq., iixii. 

, re-compulation 

by Btaff-Oommander C. George, b.n., 
of Mr. Hayward's Observatjona far 
Heights in, ib. 165, 166. 

, remnrkH on, ib. 

124 — olhcr names for, 124- pro- 

Mof, 124, 125. 
dsry of, t6. 49. 

alitiea fbnnd in tlie cities of, ib. 132. 
Ebony trees on the River Eovuma, 

East Africa, xsxviii. p. elxxxvi. 
EcHiBDL, Kashmir, mi. 23. 
EcHtXBN, Japan, zl. 340. 
EoLipaa Biver, tribntary of tho Aquirr, 

River PurQa, mvi. 125, 126. 
EoLiPTio, displacement of the plnne of 

the, x: 

f. 140. 

B of, xl. 

Edd, North-Eaetem Africa, tttit 207. 

Edd Atth, North-Eaatem Africa, li. 

EcELo, North-Easletn Africa, ib. 205, 

Edmondstone, Mr., referred to, xisiL 

Edbdnd River, tributary of the Lyons 

Biver, West Australia, ib. 390, 391. 
EnncATiDNAL prizes awarded by the 

Society:— 1B68, 5(. to John Wilson, 

xxxviii. p. cxiiii. ; 1869, 5i. to John 

Kidney ; 1870. 5(. to T. R. Clark, xl. 

p. cxxxii. Sec also Medab, School^ 

Eduoatiob in Ecuador, xssi. 186, 187. 
Ebdqab gate, Meahcd, Khorassan, ib. 

Est, East Africa, il. 303. 
Efisbo, North-Extern Africa, xxxix. 

205, 223. 
Eoabbi, Hanssa, West Central Allien, 

xxxvii. 95, 103. 
EoBDE, Hans, referred to, xxxv. 90. 
EooiL, xxxviii. 295. 
Egodi, ib. 305, 311, 333, 345. 
EOBA Tribe, West Afrioa, war iie- 

tween the Thaddans and the, ixxiii. 

Eqine market. West Africa, i6. 214- 

Eglthton River, New Zealand, xixiv, 

Gl— Mount, 61. 
EeiPTiiB prieals of antiquity: tradi' 

lion regarding the ecliptic, kxit. 141. 




nople and the BnphratcB, ixxii. p. 

Elephant msrsli on the Bliird Bivcr, 

East Africa, xxtiv. 190. 
Mountain, An Accoont of 

au Exploiation nf tbe, in Westebm 

Equatorial Ashioa, By B. F. 

Burton, E»q., xiiiii. 241. 
RivtT, Suutli-East Africa, 

sixii. 66. 
Elephaktb' toaka brought dowa tUo 

Zambesi, \%%i. 275. 
Elevation ol Nortii American Late?, 

issix. 115, IIG, 
Elgin and Kjnoabdine, Earl of. Obit. 

Notice, xxxiy. p. ess. 

EiNNASLEiaR Blvsi, Queeiislnad, xxivi. 

21. 25, 37. 
Ekateeinbceg, raiii. 177. 
Ex Vat, near Battakong, Cambodia, 

"El Altab," mountain in Ecuador, 

zxii. 163-165. 
El Awaj, Biver, Sjria, iiiii. 108. 
El Barrio (de 1b Solidad), Istbmcis of 

Tchuantepeo, Central America, ib. 


xxsi. 175. 
El Corte, monntain in Cenlral Amc- 

El ItoOEL do Ripalda, mountain in 

Ecuador, iisi. 175. 
El Gar, lake or maraii, Syria, xxxii. 

£l GlDDiB, mountain in EuBtem Africa, 

El EEHaNS, weUa of, Peuinaula of 

Sinai, zxiTiii. 239. 
El Hdthbb, ib. 252, 253, 256. 
El Jaiden, Syria, xxxii. lOS. 
El Jaidur, Syria, ii. 
El Jia, Syria, uxvi. 201. 
El Ei:naitebaii, Byria, xxxii. lOS. 
El-Uakubus, Syria, i6. 9S. 
El Murrha, Plain of, Peninicla oF 

Binai, xxiviii. 233 : xxxix. 343. 
El Hctc, Meiiopotamia, xxxvii. ITS, 

El Nukhab, Syria, iixii. 109. 
"El PeSoh ue las DiscordiaEi" (bo 

called by Guzman), Qaiiouiau Andes, 


I Ecuador, 

El Pcutto, 

ib. 175. 

IAD, Syria, iiiii. 108. 
El Safdtal, liill called, Quitoniau 

Andes, iiii. 172. 
El Sdtillo, basaltio mountain called, 

Quikiuian Andes, A. ISO. 
Elbruz (or Elbnrz) Mountains, Cbu- 

oaaua, ib. 37 ei seij.^anov-lioe of, 

iiiv. 226 ; xxiyiii. 412, 413 ; sxxii. 

52, E8, 59, 61. 77; ib. 71. 73, 75, 

76 — question of first BBoenl of, ib. 

Eleotbio telegraph, proposal of Sir 
H. Bawlinson to connect England 
and India by way of Conatanli- 

forred to, ixxii. 27 ; xxsri. 146. 
Eluh, Ney ; Notcfl of a Journey to tho 
New Course of tlie Yellow Riteh in 
1868, xL 1 — earlier changes in Ibe 
course of tlie river, 1 — last diveraion 
first noticed in 1S57; Mr. Eliaa' 
first journey to T8ing-kiiing-pu in 
1867 ; requt'sled to undertake explo- 
ration of new course ; plan of joui- 
ney, 2 — Grand Oanal; old bed of 
Yellow Biver; Wai or Yli Shau 
Lake, 3 — summit level of oanal; 
arrival st the newrourBo of tbeYelloiv 
River, i— Examination of ita course 
between the Grand CJanal and the 
eea, 6 — jouincy on tbe portion above 
tbe Grand Canal, 13 — arrival at 
Lung-mSn-kow, tlie diverging point 
of the old and new conreea, 17^ 
ipabilities of tho river for navi- 



Subsequent Visit to the Old Bed 
or THE Yellow River, 21. 

Notes on tbe chart of the Yellow 
Biver, 31 — latitudes; longitude; 
variation ; breadth of the river ; cur- 
rent ; heights of the hills, 32. 
Elie de Beaouont, Mount, New Zen- 
laud, xxxiv. 89, 93. 
ELicirrs, families of (uomads), xxsi. 

Ki.g Biver, Vancouver Island, xxxit. 

530, 534. 
Kllab Wateroourae,) South Auatralia, 
Ellar's Creek, / ixxiii. 35, 36. 
Swamp, South Aasbalia, 

ib. 37. 
-— Tier of Ta\ile-topa (range), 

Ea-t Australia, ib. 48. 
Ellen's Creek, North Australia, A. 314, 



Earl of, Obit. Notice, ib. 

EuAOTi'a Knob (hill), Eaat AaEtralia, 
ib. 47. 

Ellis, Rev. Hi., lefiTred to, xssvi. 

Elltbw, White Nile, ft. S. 

tribe, White Nile, ib. 5, G. 

Elfbihbiuxb'b jfurnej to Cabul, re- 
ferred tn, a. zm. 

Bltibb, Moimt, Wcslern Australia, il. 

EmiBA Kiser, affinent of tbo Tarauaoa, 
Bntzil, iKsis. 304. 

Ehxbald Downs, Quconalitud, xxxiii. 

Bpriogs, Sonth Australia, 

xxxl. TO, Ha, 81, 89, 90, 100. 

Emil Blvcr, Ala-kui, Ceutral Aalo, 

xuTiii. iB3. 
JSkv Dowdb, East ATiBtraliu, iixiii. 48. 
XbroAKTAHA Mountain, Ceutcal Ame- 

rioa, uiii. liai. 
XbrcoAHiioiiA Bircr, Boutli Africa, 
. 11.339. 
fHDDD (Akcud), Gulf of, West Coast 

of South America, ixjli. 207. 
S!]n>ABA, East Africa, isxir. 9. 
^mATLT Eiyer, icibntaty of the Eago- 

Isy, North-Eaat Africa, sxSTiLi. IS, 

Ekuerbt iBlnod, Nortli-Weat Coaat of 

Australia, luii. 3«0, 427. 
Bkdebuo, Xeaso, Japan, xxxvi, 174, 

Ebubbes, or Aslikr Ova Pliiia, Turkey 

in Asia, ixxviii. 2G7. 298. 

Kiver, Tniksy la Asia, ft. 

297. 298, -lOl. 

Enk Kiver, Peru, ft. 428, 429. 
EsGLtsa Compony'B iBlanda, North 

AoGlrnlia, xxxTi. 230. 
Ehtranoh Island, NaQooao Ilaibonr, 

Vancouver Island, Etsii. 532. 

Victoria, North 

Ao^tralia, x: 


Entre Bioa, Province of, La Plata, 

xsxL 15t>; xsxiv. 237. 
Ephbmmof, Serpeant, si. 82 [note by 

8irH.O. Bawlinson]. 
Efibote Nation, ixxii. 69. 
EPiBira, boandaiies of tbe prorJnca of, 
xxxix. 276. 

, climate of, ib. 291. 

, lakes of, ib. 290. 

nountaiua of, iV>. 284. 
amcrels of, ib. 295. 
, .a tho Physical Geography and 
Natural Besources of. By Major R. 
Stdabt, ib. 27S. See also Cissopt:. 

E-sqciLiTA. ■ 

Epibus, popnlalinn of, ib. 29G. • 

navigable, 290. 

, watersheds in, ft, 290, 

Ebatostheheb, refeiW to, xxxr. IJO. 
Erchia and Ttrror, \rsi. 3, 7, 8 12; 

xsxv. 134. 
Eruabot, Hev. JU., African Misaioiiary 

of the Cbarrh Missionary Societv, 

referred to, ixxi. 2G6,- ixijiL 32^; 

uiv. 12. 
EBuoiior IiJand, Aral Sea, xuvii. 1S2, 

Ea Bahab, Plain of, PeruiiBula of Sinai, 

xssviii. 256. 
Eb-Biad, capital of 'Aared Province, 

Arabia, xxxiv. 112 ct 3fq. 
EasKiNE, AdmiralJ., referred to, xxiii. 

42 [note], 
— — ; St. Vincent W., his gen- 

graphioil work teferrcil to, sxxix. 

p. UXciT. 

, Journey of 

Exploration to the Mouth of the 
BiTCT LuiFOro, ill. 233. 

Itinerary from Leyileiiburg to tho 
UDutb of the Limpopo, 267. 

Abstract of Observations fur Lati- 
tude, Longitude, and Magnolio Bear- 
iuga, 272. 

EnzxaCu, xxxiii. 234 et aeq.; xxxviii. 
281, 287, 297, 323, 331, 332, 342, 316 ; 
si. 470-473. 

, Eartliquake of, Juna, 1859, 

MemoronduQi on tho. By BobebI' 
A. O. Dalteu., Egq„ xsiiii 234. 

Ebzcbgan, Turkey in Asia, xxxviii. 287, 
2S9, 297, 305, 325, 330-334, 836, 341. 

, Plain of, ft. 333, 334, 336. 

Eboapb Cliff, North Australia, uivi. 
229, 235, 244. 

Biver.York Peninsula, Queens- 
land, ft. 45-47. 

EflOBAEi.ON, Piuin of, xxsit. 93, 104. 

EsEKn, Mount, Eoiiteni Africa, xxx\i. 

EsHMiBKiN, or Shekhmiskin, Sj-iia, 

isi'BBANzi Mount, Chili, ft. 207, 208, 

isatlLATA Biter, Caravaya Province, 

Peru, xMrii. 118, 138, 140, 143. 

- Valley, Carayaya Province, 

Peru, i'j. H5, 



EsQi-iKALT, Vandonvpr Ifilaiid, xixi, 
213, 2a7. 299-liarb0(ir of, A. 208— 
diatriot, KKxiv. 160, 161— village uud 
barboDT, ib. 161, 162, 167. 

Saocuucx, in Northern Siberia, xxxv. 

— — Islae, Labrudor, xxxviii. 

EvERBTT, Hon. Edward, Obit. Notice, 

XXX*. p. esx. 
BWEH, Wfilter, Obit. Notice, mlu. 

p. cxsvi. 
EiMOOTH Gulf, West Anstmlia, sxsii. 

ExPt!D[TiOH Bay, AlaiicliurU, xxxvii. 

ExFLOHKB, onlflt of BU, xsilv. 273. 
'Etanak, ruinB of, Wosliem, Arabia, 

ib. 129. 
'Etodn, town of, Kaseem, Arabia, ib. 

remains on Parry Islands, 

ib. 94. 
EsQCiNA, La Plata, xxxi. 1S6 [note]. 
Es^GXOK, Port. North Aastrulia, 

xisviii. B71, 373, 374, 377— tempera- 
ture at, 395, 403, 408. 
ESTEco, town of, Salta Proyiiice, La 

Plata, liestrojed by an earthquake, 

sxiIt. 239. 
EiiiNOOBAPBia ObservBtioTia nn tlio 

Afar Country, North-Eaat Africa, 

sixix. 209. 
EiBNOLoay of Iha Tburr, or Indian 

Desert, xl. 205. 
£ucalypii, North-Wert Anstralia, xxxv. 

246, 255, 260, 273. 
EorajTUB tribee, BriliHh Oolombia, xxxi. 

Bdpatoria, sssriii. 286, 297. 
IhtPHBATEB River, xxsii. 74-77; xxsvii. 

163, 164, 167, 1G9, 170, 176, 177, 179, 

180 ; iixTiii. 306, 307, 310, 315, 332, 

334, 350 ; si. 471^73. 

, difficulty of nnvi- 

i. 180. 

Etbbebt, Colonel (afterwards Bir 
George), xxxi. 14 [note]— hia ser- 
vices in connection with the Great 
Trigonometrical Bnrvey of India, 

- Mount (Himalayas), xxxiv. 

Faqitta, Abyssinia, xiiix, 45. 
Fa-Hiah, Cliineae pilgrim, xxxi. 21. 
Fair Island, between tbe Orknsj and 

Shetland Islands, si. 441-443, 44C. 

Faisul Ebn Sa'ood, king of Wahhabee, 

Arabia, xxsiv. 134, 185, 137, 138. 
Faivbe, Dr., referred to, xxxii. 141. 
Fajirah Harbour, Oman, Arabia, xsxiv. 

Faki, town of, HauBsa, West Central 

Africa, xxsvii. 97. 
Pala Plateau, Abyssinia, xxxyiii. 45, 

Falconbk, Dr. Hugh, Obit. Notice, 

Falkland Islands, sixi. 206. 
, Admiral SnlliTon's 

■risation by canals 


A River, Madagascar, XXX Ti 

m (8iang-yang-fu), Han Eiver, 

China, si, 269. 
Fang-shah, Cbibli, China, xxxvi. 150— 

district, 131. 
Fahni Springs, South Australia, xxxi. 

a, North Anatralia, s; 


, (own of, Shantung, China, ib. 17. 

Fabap, Central Asia, ib, 460. 
Fahap-Kubsan, town of. Central Asia, 

ib. 451. 
Fabidsq River, East Australia, xsiiii. 


Farob Islanda, liUlo batle; groirn in, 

xsxU. 565. 
FUQiTHAB, Bir Robert, bis endeBTanra 

to establish a colon; at Port Laqaez, 

SIadngu«n[, xixrii. IDS, 
Fabsa Iblnud, Arebian Bist, ib. 273. 
Farvooe IbIb, Fersian Gulf, xiiut. 145. 
Fauna of Qunbodia, sxxii, Ui. 

of Epirna, xxxix. 29B-2S6, 

of the iBtiimaB of TebunntopBC, 

Centnil Amorico, xxxii, 551, 552. 

of Manohuria, icxxij:. 4, 5, 32. 

of the Thutr, or Indinn Desert, 

il. 20t 
FbdCbensO, Professor A,, of Moscow 

TJoiversity ; Topugrupbioal Sketch 

of the Z*jiAraHAH Vallkt (fioru 

tbe Huesiun, cominuiiiCBted by Mr. 

itOBERT MIQUELI.X ^i- '^^■ 

Note on the map of the ZorafEhua 

Toll^, 46L 
Table of elevattonii, 4S2. 
Fsixmor, the aationomei, referred to, 

mi. 2ie, 3H(j, 370. 
fEjEB lalandB. See Fiji. 
VxLLicms, Sit Chaa., Obit. Notice, sxsi. 

p. oxsii. 
Fmo'HWA-aBiNO, irodins-iaart oq the 

bndeie of Oore», sxxrii. 217. 
Fru. el Adbal, Pciiinaula of Siuni, 


State, Bauth-Ea3tAfricii,xx:!iLG4. 

Febobaiuii, Cuotrul Am, reoiing of 

Bilk-worma is, xL 412. 
Valley, Central Aain, 

sxsviii. 432, 484, 453. 
FzROCSOR, Mr., teak-plaotations under 

the supeiintendeuoe of, xxsti. l!ll. 
Fbbuubbom Oieeh, North AuBtrslin, 

ixiiii. 2fi6. 

, referred 

, Lieutenant, : 

to, TTTJi , 235. 

, Mt. JanieB, bis ' Notes on 

Becent Cbanities in the Delta of tbe 
GsDgeB' referroii to, xsxvii. 74, 82. 

Fbhsasd \ax Elvar, Weatera Equa- 
torial Alrioa, xxiyi- 65, 69, 70, 72. 

Febnamdo Po, West Coast o£ Airioa, 
sxxiil 249. 

FeiioiiBPOOB, Punjab, si. 202. 

Fbkbah Range, Abyesinia, aaacriii. 37. 

Fbrro, jxxi. 150 — longitude leokoned 
frgm, 370. 

FKnoALi^u in Japan, xxxli. 2B2. 

FiBBEB of Ulenelg diatrict, North-West 
Australia, xxsv. 275. 

FiQBTUia Hill, Canterbnry Province, 
New Zealand, '" """ 

J. Utrald, i: 

Fiji Islands, Dr. Soemann'a work on, 

referred to, xitxiii. p. clxxii. 
, Kemarka oa to Fauna of. 

i. 42. 

ion to tbe. B; Berteiold 

PH. »„ ssnii. 51. 

-, The. By M. Bbnbcsah, 

, Syria, between Beyrout nnd 

Duma sous, t'6. IS. 

Fijian Burea, or twuplea, {b, 47. 

Wis, Tillage of (the Keripture Apbek), 
Syria, .4. lOS. 

FuTBLAY, Ai.ES. Oeo. J On Dr. Living- 
atnue'fl Last Journey, and the Pro- 
bable Ultimata Sonrcea of tlie Nile, 

FiNiss S| 

t. 1S(3. 

I, South Australia, x 

FiNEE Creek, Oeatml Auatiwlia, nntncJ 
by M'DouaU Btuort after William 
Fiuke, of Adelaide, ib. 107, 108, 140- 


, Mr., referred to, ib. 83. 

FnjLANB, xxiy. 89. 

, barley and potatoes culti- 

lated in, zxxii. 565. 
FiNLAiBON, Mr., referred to, Kssi. 20S. 
F1HKIS8, Colonel, iiivi. 227. 
FioBDs iind Olaoiebh, On GfREiomMD. 

By Mr. J. W. Tayleb, xl. 228. 

, origin of, ib. 230. 

FireJIy, aecent of the Albert Elver, Gulf 

of Utrpentajia, by tbe, xxxiii. 127. 
FiaoABD laland, Vanoonver Island, 

ixiiT. 161. 
FiBH, abunilant in the Upper Indue, 

mil. IGl. 
caught in tho Tapajoa EiTer, 

BrazU, xiiiL 279. 
of tbeCanibodianLake,and mode 

of curing by the natives, xsxyii, 325. 
of tllenclg district, North-Weat 

Australia, xxiv, 276. 

in (Lake) Isayk-kui, sxxix. 332. 

in tlie rifers of Manohuria, 16, 3*. 

of Nor-Zaiaan, xnv. 61. 

of Pangong Lake, xxxvii. 355. 

of tho River Purlls, issvi. 91. 

in Iho Syr-Daria, luviii. 453, 

of York Peninsula Proper, Queens- 
land, sssvi. 79. 
River, tribntary of tho Gloneig, 

North-Weat Aastralia, xx\v. 277, 


Stream, Now Zealand, ssiiv. 90. 

FiBHBD Creek, North Auattalio, named 

by M'Duuall Stuart after Sir James 

Hurtle Fiaher, xxxi. IIG-llg. 


FoGOEBA, neur tlio Great Lake of 

DembeB, Abjeainia, 16. 0. 

Plains, AbyBsinin. xxxis. 50, 

FOL, Turkey in Asia, si. 4U4. 

FoHOK, Dr., referred to, ixxiv. 207, 21 J. 

FoD-CHOW, cltj of, MaDcliuria, xz^x. 

8, 9, 16. 
— ■ — , FohWon province, 

China, xxxiv. 0, 8, 9, 14, 15. 18. 

ig-fli provimje. 

FnsKraO'STATTOiT of the Gibeiian Cos- 
Buck troops at Nor-Zaiean, xiiv. fi2 
— annual vigit lo, by a Cliiaeae 41m- 
baasadoc or governor of the region, 

FrrzROY Biver, Qaeeosland, ib. 192, 273, 
^ nrEBoT, Vioe-Admtral Rubert, c.b,. 
Obit. Notice, ib., p. cxivtii.^hla eer- 
Ticea to geography, geology, natural 
hiBtorr, and metoorology, p. oxxix. 

J?MEN, Prince of, Japan, xiiii. 288. 
I pJDSDa, Oanoms, Benches, Praibies, 
and Intebmittemt Ritees, On tho 
FoBKATiOH of. By Mr. Eobebt 
Bbown, xixii. 121. 

, identical in formation, Si. 131. 

, formation of, in Vancouver 

Island, i'6. 12t. 

' on the Norwegian coast, ib. 122 

— on the Greenland coast, 122 — 
eTldeoce of ioa-action in the fjords 
of British Columbia, 1 22. 
[ FtAi River, or Colorado Chiquito 
(Little Colorado), North America, 
a. 97. 

"ffceAos," probably the gigantic arrow- 
cane, Oytiaritim HKcharoides (Arcore de 
frva/ia of the Brazilians), xxsi. 17S. 

Plihdebs, Mr., referred to, xiiiii. 8. 

Range, Sooth Australia, iixi 


Eiver, Queensland, ssxiii. 

e Et leq., G4-66, 100 it seg„ 127, 
128, 131, in, 115; xxiv. 1^2, 19U, 
209, 210, 212. 

Flint, Mr. E. A., Report of Survey of 
proposed Railway Route across the 
Andes, xxkI. 155. 

Floba of Central Asia, xl 260. 

of Coorg, Madias, sxsix. 78. 

of Eastern Turkiatan, ib. 314, 


of EpimB, ib. 293-295. 

met with by Londsborongli 

in Aostralia, xixiii. 126. 

of MancbDrio, ixiix. 4, 5, 34, 

of parts of Pern, xxivii. 120, 

. - 125, 139 ; isiviii. 415 et seq. 

- of tlie Thurr, or Indiitn Desert, 

of Wniseeristan, notei 

iiiii, 310. 
PfcOHEs, Island of, Easter 

pelago, xuiii. 224. 

, Monte, La Plata, xxj 

VhY, the Donderobo, ih. 5. 

, the Tsetse, ib. 5. 

[ JPdoasa Monntain, Abyssinir 

I the, 

Cliina, xl. 280. 

F00DIBAWA, Japan, xxxi. 332. 

FoooAWOo Falls, Eambo River, Western 
Equatorial ACrim, xsxvi. 67. 

FoosHAN-BO, mer oEBbaiitang, Cliinik, 
xl. 203. 

FoBBES, C., >LD.; Notes on the Fbysiral 
Geograpliy of Vancocter Isi.akd, 
xxsiv. 154 — geojsraphical position 
and general aspect, 154— geological 
formation, 155 — hjdrc^rapbj, 150 — 
climate, 157 — soils, resoorcea, and 
natural products of the various dis- 
tricts, 160, 

, Commander C. 9., b.n.; The 

Western Shores of Volcano Bay, 
Ybsso, xxxvi. 173. 

, Mount, Queensland, xxxii. 472. 

■ — Mountains, New Zealand, xxxi v. 

50. 62, 70, 94. 

FoRCHHAMjiBB, Professor John Geo., 
of Copenhagen, Obit. Notice, xxxvi. 

FosELin Dr., Expedition to the Arct'c 

Regions, xxxi. p. clxviiL 
Forest Clearance, effects of, on animal 

Lumidity of tlie air and soil, ib. 8 

of the air, ib. 84. 
deetrnctioti, eQ*ects of, on vege- 
tation, ib. 87. 

in CoORQ, Effects of. 

By George Bibie, Esq., m.b., Ib. 77. 

FoBESTs, deatmctimi of, iu tho 'Gariep- 
ine Basin of South Africa, xssv. 117, 

, effects of felling, on climate, 

ib. 120 et seq. 

, On the Effects of the Destruo- 

tiou of, in the Western Gliauta of 
Ism.t on tho Water Supplv. By 
C. R. Mabkham, Esq., xixvi.'lSO. 


VoBSB, the, Fraser Biver, Britiflb 

Columbia. Jtsil. 240. 
FOBMOSA, exporla Irom the iBlaad of, 

IISiT. 15. 

, effect of thn Pnciflo Gulf 

Stream upon the climate of the Island 
of, ib. 9, 10. 

,conl of tlie Island of, ib. J 2, 1 3. 

, Nolaa on the laland of. By 

Mr. BOBERT SwiNHOE, ib. G. 

FoBOK Tao Lake, ib. 54. 

FoBBEST, Jobs : Exploring Bspedition 
in Search of th'j Bemuius of Che late 
Dr. Leicbbardt and Farlf, under- 
takeu by order of tlie Goverument of 

WBaTEBH AcBTiULIA, xl. 23i, 

F0BBE8TEB, Joaeph Jamea, Damn de 
Forrester of Oporto, Obit. Notice, 

FoasTBB, hia probable route in 1TS3, 
fiom Herat lo Shabrood, according 
to Captain C. Clerk, ib. 48. 

Kange, Cenlial Anatralia, 

named b; U'Doaall Stuart after the 
Hon. Anthony For^ter, M.L.O., 16. 122, 
136, 137; xxxiii. 283. 

Hiver, Eastern Australia, 16, 77. 

POTstTB Oreek North Auatmlia.xixTi. 

FoBT of Absai, Eaetcm Turkistan, il. 

' Alesandria, on the Fraser Eiver, 

British Columbia, xixi. 216, 221 ; 

xixiT. 177. 184, 194. 

I Bent, Ajnu-Daria. xxivii. 152. 

■ Berena, Ffoeor River, British 

Columbia, ixxi, 218, 233. 
■ Bonrko, New South Wales, ixxi. 

14?!, 1*6, 143 [note]— Mr. Sjiencer'a 

station at, 147 ; xxxiii. 151. 
■ Bowen, North Anstralia, hill 

named by Mr. Landaborough. ib. 101, 

102; xixv, 139. 
• Chileoaten, British Columbia, 

ixxi. 220. 

■ Chinaz, Turkistau, xxxriii. 432. 

Djulek,Syr-Daria,ifr. 435, 436,438. 

Easingtou, BtitishNorth America, 

sxxi. 251. 252. 
Fraser, British North America, 16. 

352, 253. 
George, Fraser Ttiver, British 

Columbia, ixsviii. 120, 121, 
Hope, Fraser River, Brilish Col- 

nmbin, iixL 213, 214, 210, 220, 237, 

240, 242 ; xxsYiii. 124. 
H^mloop, Thcmson Eiver, Britiah 

Colnmbla, xxxi. 215, 216. 

of Kashaar, Eastern Turkiataa, 

Xl. 96-99, 105. 

FoBT Easteb, CentFaT.Aain, height of, 

16.345. ■---■--. 
Killamonrei, -"^rKLsh North 

America, xxxi. 254r ,■' ■ 
Kurtki, Central Asia/xxxii. 563, 

Natl, Central Asia,'' xxxviii. 

■~^ New Nukha, Amn-Daria', xajtTii. 

154, 159. ■■■_,-"■ 
Niaz-bek, Chirohik River, CdBliil 

Potolah, near Lhisa, xxxviii. 168- 

ITO, 175. 
Rupert district, Vancouver Island, 

xxxiT, 160, 166. 
Sarvada, Fan Eiver, Central Aaia, 

xl. 450. 
Simpson, British Nortli America, 

xxxi. 252, 253, 255. 
St. Jamos, Stuart Lake, New 

Caledonia, ib, 250, 253-255. 
Sulak-K-urgnn, Central Aaia, 

xxxviii. 451, 
Terable, Bayanos River, Isthmus 

of Panama, xxxt. 144-146. 
Thompson, British Colombia, 

xxxi. 234. 

Tokburo, Central Asia, xxxviii. 


Tokmak, Cenlral Asia, xxiii. 


Tuchubek, on the River Keaken, 

Central Asia, ixxv. 218. 
Vemoe (or Vernoye), at the head 

of the Almatynha Valley, Trana- 

Ilinn Ala-tau, Central Asia, xxxi. 

359, 366-370 ; xxxii. 560, 502 ; xxxv. 

218,219,221,222; xxxviii, 431,433; 

mix. 334, 338; xl. 250, 251, 3*5, 

Willa, Cooper's Creek, Australia, 

xxxii. 447. 
— - Yale. Fi-oser Elver, British Col- 
umbia, xxxi. 214, 237, 240-242, 247. 
. Youkon, Alaska, xxiviu. 221, 228, 

230-233, 235. 

Yuma, Rio Colerado, North 

America, xiiii. 95, 105. 

FoETESOUB, Hngli, Earl, e.g., Obit. 
Notice, xxxii, p. oviii. 

Eiver, Norlb-West Austra- 
lia, ib. 385-3S7, 395, 428. 

FoHTE^SN Bay, Labrador, xxxviii. 261. 

Fouts on Iha Syr-Daria, ib. 437- 

FoKTUNB Cove, New Zealnnd, sxxiv, 
66, 67. 

^^P Vonn 


„_ Bones fica- &6 AJloTiaJ Strata 
of the ZAMBKBi-P^la, HenmritB on a 
few. Bj .{(Mn^'KiBK, Esq., M.S., 
ib. 199. .■-. '. 

. PlfltU j,^iBcoyeri[ of remainH of, 

in Pelar BegioBs, xxxa. p. ols\. 

• rcnaiuiiB in tlis Arctic Begiona, 

— ^4^ hood in East Africa, it. 160. 
]P^%a Bar, Fraser River, Britiali 
'•^ombia, xixi. 'HI. 
' . FocNTiDt, Fraeor Biver, British Col- 
'-.■'imibis, «. 21S, 220, 234, 237. 
. FOTJB Hirer Bay, Arotio RiigiouB.W. 11. 
, 'Fowlkb'b Island, Gulf of CorpentariB, 
sxiiii. II. 
FowLEB, Rear-Admiral, Obit. Notioe, 

Fox Harbonr, St. Lewis Sonnd, Labra- 
dor, ixiviii, 2(i2, 279. 

Point, New Zealand, siiiv. 100. 

' FHAMAS-flQ, Turkey in Asia, Tsxviii. 

FsAKcra Lake, East Australia, xxsiii. 
92, 93. 

FsuiciB Joseph Glaoiec, New Zealand, 
%]. 435. 

FsA^fs'a Creek, East Australia, xxxiii. 

FBANKUif. Lady, referred to, issi, 

Jlouni, New Zealand, xxsiv. 

Sir John, Narrative of the 

Expedition in Search of, and his 
Party. By Capt. (now Sir) P. L. 
I M'CLDmxm, mr., Gold MedalUst 
B.O.B., xxxL 1 — record found, 8. 

- Strait, Arctic America, xui, 

4, 5. 
Fdaneton, New Zealand, 

to, s; 

i. 193. 

Ca&on, British Oolumbis, 

ICSXljL. 123. 

Biver, British Colmnbis, ixii. 

209, 211 St sell.; xuiv. US, 171 et 
aeq.; ixxriii. 122 el aeq.; mis. 

Mayne, Pcdmer. 

(Upper), British Colum- 
bia, iixviii. 119-121, 128. 

, valley of the, British 

Columbia, xxxi. 239. 


5, 98, 101, 102, 114, 227. 
Fbeelb Capo, Newfoundhmd, sxxiv. 

2G1. 265. 
Fhebse, Mr., referred to, x\. 350, 370, 

Fii£MANTLG, Wostem Australia, xxzii. 

372, 100. 
Pbkmona, Tigrt, Abyssinia, ixxviii 7, 

8, 10, 11. 
Fbeuont, General, referred to, xxxiz. 


— ocoapation of Syria, s. 

i. 77, 

, Mr., hie paper oa the proviuce 

of la Eioja referred to, xxxi. 150 

Fbxrg, Mr., President of the Oeogra- 
phioal Souiety of Bombay, %xxv. 


Bit H.BAnTLBE.,Bart.,o.c.D., 

Notes on the Rckk of Cutch and IliG 
Neighbouring Region, si. 181. 

EarlKq'iakm, I'il— Meteorology, 201 
—Fimm, IDi—Ethnolojiu, 205. 

Fbebhfield, Docai.AB W., Journey in 
the CAXJOAans, and Aacont of Kasbek 
and Elbbui!, xxxik. 50— objeut of 
journey, 60 — the Easbek mountain, 
52 — ascent of Kasbeh, 51 — the chain, 
of the Caucasus ; Kasl)ek to Elbruz, 
59— ascent of Elbruz, 72— fimnet 
ascents of the mountains ; question 
as to the true Enmtier of Europe and 
Asia, 76. 

Fbeshwater Basin, New Zealand, 
xssiv. 101. 

Buy, Newfoundland, ib. 

2S1, 265, 271. 

pBKW KLver, or Upper Nenles River, 
Australia, ixii. 105; xxxiii. 277. 

Fbipsllo, North-Eaatern Africa, xxixix. 

Frio River, Patagonia, sxsiv. 211, 

FnojT, Mr., Australian explorei:, men- 

Frobt'b Fonds, [^t Austialia, ib. 
FnriTS of the Glenelg District, North- 

West Australia, xxxv. 274. 
of the Isthmus of Telinante- 

pec. Central America, xixh. 550. 
of Japan, xssi. 355. 

'>. 210. 

Fo (oHOw), China. 800 Foa-ahoa. 
FceBTE DEI. Bbaoho, Lit PkU, xsxir. 

232 tpoaitioit of, 233), 234, 236. 
Fvuuk-LEB RlTei, an unaient chaood of 

the Indus, il. 192. 
FtJU-ifL-MizAB, Mount Lebimon, xxxii. 

FcNDCKLEE Bbl, braooh of the Giaoni 

Dugh, Turkey in Asia, iiiriiL 291. 
Fdkks, Dean, bis work referred to, 

isiiv. 237 [and note], 

, refercod to, ik 240. 

FuNQ-HWAHa-OHiNO, MaDoburia, xxsis. 

" FuNii-aiANG " Gofgo, or the Wind-bos, 

Tang-laze-fciaiig, skilI. 9. 
Fnro-TAi, Chihli, China, sxiiii. 153. 
FOHG-WHANG-TCKA, Mauchnria, l4. 

FuHK Island, sxxyiiL 279. 
FvBDZK, town of, on tbe Suifun Bivcr, 

ManoliuriB, xxivii. 225. 
FuBKA Peak, Turoo-Greek frontier, 

xMii. 284. 
FiiB trade in Alaslia, sxxviii. 227. 
FiraiTAuA, Honntain, Japan, 

. 9. 345. 
, Falai Honnlain, Japan, 


i. 179. 

-, aacent of. Bee Alcoak, 

. vegetation of, x£ii. 354. 

Fo-aoHG Hiver, affluent of tbe Yang- 

taze-kiang, China, sxsil 13, 17, 26. 

i-yrroHg, SlajDr (now Genccal) Albert, 

'" ' ■ ofthe TenftsaerimPro- 

Qabaia River, Nortb-East Africa, 

iixviiL 10. 
QABi. Bhambyl, River Nile, xjlsv. 292. 
Gabook Biver, Weatern Africa, xsxiii. 

241, 242, 249 — supposed position of 

'Qabbiel, Edmund, Obit, Notice, ib, 

Qadaba or M'Kes, city of, Bjria, sssii. 
.OADKDSa-ooNlB Creek, South Auatra- 
^ U», Kiiii 31. 
QiSB, Admiral Sir W. HalJ, a.o.B., 

Qaib, Beluohistan, ixxvii. 272. 

Gaibdneb Kiver, tribularyof theOlen- 

elg, North-West Australia, xsjtv. 

243,252,253,277, 279; sxsvi. 204, 

205, 223, 224. 
QiKBBiv-^AV, Central Asia, x1. 335. 
Gai.a mountain, bonndary bctwoen 

Lhasa and Gurklin tcrtitaries, 

xxiviii. IGl. 
Gai^afaqos Islands, PadGo Ocean, 

xxxiiL 227. 
Galileb, ssxii. 92. 
Gali^atee Plain, North-Easf Afrioa, 

xsxviii. 14. 
Oaloa Bay, Fiji, xxxii. 57, 38. 
QiLTON, Pbanow, r.R.s. ; Notes on 

Obsbbvinq with a Sextant, iiiir. 


Caloclatios, ill, 281, 


Ecopio SIafs taken from Models of 


— additional Notes by Mr. Robert 

Oamerdn Galton, 105. 
, ono of the 

Editors of 'Hints to TraTcUcra,' 

ssxiv. 272. 
, referred to, 

connection with atoreoscopio maps, 

ib. 100. 

Gauabba, General, the first Republi- 
can Prefect of Cnzoo, Expedition 
sent by, to explore the Madre de 
Dios Kiver, xsxi. 192. 

Gauasbu River, Abyssinia, xxxix. 44. 

Gaubo (Upper and Lower) Ponds, 
Newfoundland, sutiv. 284. 

QiMB, abundant on the Bivar Afiiry, 
a tributary of the Biver PurfiB, ixxvt. 

Gamitto, Major A. C. P., referred to, 
xxxvii. 201, 202. 

Gakoata, river and forests of, Quito- 

ssiviii. 214, 21&— estiiaatod die- 
chargQ of, 218. 
Ganjam, Modtas Presidency, India, 
xxxii 238. 



Gantibas, Uoliif town of, Borneo, i^ 

217. 226. 
Gabcilabgo de ta Vega, old Inca liia- 

toriun named, xxxi. 1S3. 
Gasden iBlacds, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

R. J.; DesoriptioE of DiAEBEKB, 

silTii. 1S2. 
Gae-Guns*, Tibet, winter residence oF 

the Gartokb autliorilies, siExijc. 156. 


AmiCA, Walei Snppl; in Itie Basin 
of the. By Jas. Fox WiLeoM, Esq., 

f. 106. 

Gabhett, Cnpt, Beng. Eng., referred 

Qarhieo, Lieutenant Ernncie, liia 
jonmey througli Cambodia, &c., 

'■ , Medal a- 


t, 137, i: 


Oeebe, vild, in Anstralin, i6. 475. 
Gellabat, chief town of theTnkrown^ 

North-East Afiica, raiii. 238-210. 

■■ Biver, ii. 237. 

Geubela, plain of, Abyesiuia, xxxviiL 

Geheen Bel tTonulain, Turkey in Aula, 

iS. 303. 
Gemini, ascent of tlie Etfamer, up tlie 

rivers Darling and Baiwan, XX x. 

115, HG— Hinting of the, 148. 
Geneva, Lako of, ift. 29; xixy. 14. 
Grnfel Itivor, tributary of Ihe Geba, 

Nortli-E»=t Africa, iisviii. 30, 31. 
Gent, G. W., Schools' Prize Modal 

awarded to, xL p. cxxxi, 
GeoQRAPBiCAL Dietribntion of Spedes, 

nnd Illr. Arthur Adnms' colleotions 

and observationa, xxxiii. p. cxxxii. 
— Knowledge, Eeview of 

the ProgroBB of, since tlie foundation 

146,147,150,174, 179; i 

14B, 157. 161 [note] — position 

158 [Lote]-height of, 159. 
Qasvie Bum. New Zealand, xxxiv 

67 — mountains, 64. 
Gasooyne Bivei, Weatem Australia, 

iisii, 377, Sfil, 3P2, 389, 427. 
Gashonq, Mongolia, ixxiii. 175. 
Gasiookyane fountain, nhicb givea rise 

to Ihe River Kilriiman, SouOi Africa, 

described, xxzv. 115. 
Gam, Abyssinia, xxxriii. 43. 
Gat7, Fiji, xsxii. 60. 
Gaplasitib, ib. lOa — table-land of the, 

Gawleb, Colonel George, K.H., Obit. 

Notice, xl. p. oilvii. 
Gaya Bay, Borneo, raiL 217, 219, 228. 
Island, North-West Coast of 

Borneo, f6. 217,218. 
Gasa, Byiia, zixiv. 111. 
Gazetteebs : Fullarton's, Blaclie'a, 

ixxvl. p. clii. 
Gbabi race, West Central Africa, 

xxxvii. 92, 93. 
Geba Elver, tributary to the Takkazy^, 

Abysainia, xxsviii. 29, 31. 
GiBELB I, King, a monarch of (he 

Qhristian dynasty of the Oasaanides, 

ancient aqueduct leading In the city 

of Gadai B, constmoted by, ixiii. 90. 
Gebi, Caucasus, sixls. 64. 
Geeltisk Bay, New Guinea, xssii. 


siracli of Fresideniiol Jddresies. 
EE3tLTfl of the Abte- 


— ■ — - — . of Goldemid's 

jonmey in Eastern Persia and Western 

Society, Italian, xiilx. 

p. clxsiii. ; il. p. clix. 

- Society of " ' 

ork of Admiral Bouta- 

. Central Asia, isitU. 

work in Germany, 3 

Geoloot. dependcn 

ixsviii. p, clxuix. ; xl. p. c 
of New South Wales, xxxii. 

of the part of Central Asia 

Tiailed by Mr. W. H. Johnson in his 
ioumeyto Iloh i', the capital of Ehotan, 
xixvii. 20. 

]]E0RaE Eiver (or Creek), Anstralia, 
xxxi. 91, 93; xxxii. 397, 422 ; xxsiii. 

Water, Nortli-West Australia 

(water named by M'Douall Stuait 
after George Davenport), ixsi. 87 ; 

Sound, New Zealand, issiv. 


Geohqe, Sla ff- Commander 0.,H.H. (late) 
Map Curator B.G.S.: Eihts dq the 
Pbojectioh or Eoctbs, *. 297. 

; Ke- 

mBrfcs on the Chart t« Captftin Totn- 
beb's Paper on Iho Specific Gravity, 
&c.. of Seaa between Evglavd and 
Iimr^ ixir. 301 (Appendix). 

Geobgia, Gulf of, Britisl] Onlumbia, 
xxxiv. 176, 178 ; mviii. 122. 

, Strait of, Vaucouror Island, 

miv. 170. 

Geobotd-Abuekia, Banges of, ixxi. 
1*9, 150. 

Geears, the brotherg, their mvcatiga- 
tvona respeeting anow-frontior, re- 
ferred to. ixiU. 566. 

GBKHAKy, Geographical irork in, xxxi. 

Oebhai Hill, Bt-liichistan, iniii. 193. 
Gebchtasab, mounlain in Georgio- Ar- 
menia, sicxi. 151. 
Geshes Book, Abyssinia, nxviii. 3. 
Ges Ifllanri, Persian Gulf, ixxit. H3. 
GssEDDBDagb, Turkey iu Asia, xxxriii, 

" Geyhmoi.00 " on the Suddakor Kal- 

kyt rivpr. Turkey in Asia, i*. 2B9. 
Ghatabeb family, the (Arabia), xx£iv. 

Ghab Fas3, Hasa, Arabia, ih, 137. 
Ghauts of India, Western. See Mark- 
ham, C. li. 
GHiBAHBBHSifi, Bupposed sito of tlis 

aninent, Arabia, xxxt. 182. 
GniZBEE, Bind, iiivii. 76, 82. 
GuoB, Syria, uxii. 93-95, 98-100. 
Qhorian and Bearjoon, deecription of 

country betweoo, mi. ."iS. 

. town of, .4. 47, 48, 53. 

Gbiwetr Pass, Hasa, Arabia, xxxiv. 

Ghcbbet Dacnoo (Anneeley Bay), Bed 

Sea, ssxyiiL 13. 
GavBS Mountain, Turkey in Asia, ii. 

348, 856. 
Biver (or -su), Turkey in Asia, 

<b. 347, 358. 
Ghuitanoee Settlement, Beluchistan, 

XKXiii. 205. 
Gmirr Hill, Belochislau, rt. 1S6. 
Ghczmi, city of, Afghanistan, sxxii. 

303, 305, 310 ; xxxvii. 341. 
OiAOBUBUF Camp, Indns Biver, isxix. 

150, 151, 156. 
"6!AST'8Cafltla,"Natal, invii. 51,,S3. 
GiAOUB Dagh, Turkey in Asia, xsxviii. 


QiBBOiT, Lieutenant it.b.k., referred to, 

iixi. 192; xsivii. 137. 
,Edward,the historian, referred 

to, ft, 173— quoted, 174, 
QjBBOs's 'Borne,' referred to, ib. 184. 
GirpoKB, Earl of, Obit. Notioe, xxiiii. 

p. ciiii. 
GiLA Biver, Vide i(.o Ga/ia. 
GiLBEE. Mount, Queensland, xixliLlSS. 
Gilbert Greek, North Anatralia, named 

by M'Douall Stuart after Thoma* 

Gilbert, lale Colonial Storekeepar, 

xxsi. 135. 
Eange, Queensland, ixif, 

196, 210, 
Biver, Queensland, x\xtL 



,, Labrador, i: 

OlLEAn, Mount, i*, 90. 

GiLEi Mountain, East Africa, xl. 313. 

Giiib' Land, Arelic Begions, xxxix. 

HO, 144. 
GlLOiT, Central Asia, xxxiv, 55, 

Valley, Jtl, 125, 

OiLLDw's Btation, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

GiNAUBUB, Tampasuk Biver, Borneo, I 

ixxii, 227, ' 

GiNGAt, Tillage of, Kashmir, xni, 23 

[note], 34. 
GiUK-Bu, tributary of the Tigris, xsiv. 

GiBKo, town of Haussa, West Central 

Africa, itsxyii. 97. 
QiSBORNE and Forde, Messrs,, tlieir 

route iu the Isthnins of Fanama, 

referred to, sssviii, 70. 
, Lionel, Obit. Nolice, xxxi. 

Glacial period in the Western Tien 

Shan, il, 395 [note]. 
Glaciebs, Mxiv. p, clx. et seq. 
, Cantebbubt Pbovince, New 

Zealand, Notes on the. By Dr. 

Haaht, ib. 87. 
, character of streama from, 

xsiTiii. 213, 214, 
in the Himalayas, myii, 350, 

, On Greenland Pioedb, io. 

By J, W. Tatleb, xl, 228. 
of the McBTARH Banqe, On 

the, ByCapt, (uowLieui-CoLinel) 

H, H. GOBWlN-AfSTES, lYliT. 19. 

, Obaervaliona respecting, i'6. 

of the Bouthera Alps, Pro- 




vince of Canterbury, New Zealand, 
xxxvil 331, 332. 

Glaciers of the Tien Shan, xxxv. 228. 

, traces of ancient, in Central 

Asia, xl. 393, 394. 

Glaisnook River, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

Glasenap, Lieut. -General, referred to, 
xxxii. 556. 

Glas, or white-heart cherries in the 
Utter Pergunnah of Kashmir, xxxi. 

Glenelq District, North- West Aus- 
tralia, rich in bays, river-harboure", 
and sheltered anchorages, xxxv. 277. 

, North- West Aus- 
tralia, climate, extent, pastoral re- 
sources, and general capabilities of 
the soil of the, »6. 269 et seq. 

North- West Aus- 

tralia, pea-growing in, t6. 250. 

— River, North- West Australia, 

ib. 237 [note], 238 et seq. ; xxxvi. 206 
et seq. 

, set of the tide in, xxxv. 

* Glossaria Linguarum Brasiliensum,* 

xxxix. 302. 
GNAPPAMuutra, South Australia, xxxiii. 

Gnooloo-macannie, Lake, South Aus- 
tralia, ib. 31. 
GoARANEE, Belucliistan, ib. 204. 
Goatzacoalco River, Isthmus of 

Tehuan tepee, Central America, xxxii. 

537-542, 548. 
GoBAZTE Camp, Abyssinia, xxxviii. 41. 
Gobi, Desert of, xxxiii. 177. 
, Journey from Peking to 

St. Petersburg, across the. By C. 

M. Grant, Esq., ib. 167. 

, station, Mongolia, ib. 174. 

steppe, xl. 396. 

GoDAVEBY River. Madras Presidency, 
xxxv. 70, 71, 73, 148; xxxvii. 237. 

Go-DE-BANNiE, Crock, South Australia, 
xxxiii. 25. 

GoDLEY River, New Zealand, xxxiv. 89. 

Glacier, New Zealand, ib. 93, 94. 

Godun-tau Bange, Central Asia, xl. 

GoDwm- Austen, Captain (now Lieut.- 
Colonel) H. H. ; Notes on the Valley of 
Kashmir, xxxi. 30 — Intended as sup- 
plementary to Col. Waugh*s detailed 
account of the conduct of the Kashmir 
Trigonometrical Survey, 30 — joined 
Survey under Captain Montgomebie, 
April 1857; directed to map area 
drained by Kahmil River, chieiC 


feeder of the Jhelum or Yedesta ; 
features of country, 31 — Kajnag 
range, 33 — channel of Jhelum River ; 
destruction of forests, 34 — suspension 
rope-bridges, 35— Wurdwan country 
east of main range ; glacier of Bhut 
Khol, 36— remains of large moraines, 

Godwin- Austen, Captain ; On the 
Glaciers of the Mustakh Range, 
xxxiv. 19. 

; Notes on 

the Pangong Lake Districtof Ladakh, 
from a Journal made during a Sur- 
vey in 1863, xxxviii. 343. 

f referred to, 

xxxviii. 143. 

Goesel-Dara, mountain in Georgio- 
Armenia, xxxi. 151. 

GoEZ, Benedict, referred to, xxxvi. 
265 ; xl. 48. 

GoGNU Baghase River, East Africa, 
xl. 320. 

GoGRA, Northern India, t6. 37, 38. 

GoLAB Sing, his tents, etc., swept into 
the Indus (1841), xxxiv. 24. 

GoLDAN Monastery, near Lhdsa, Tibet, 
xxxviii. 136, 167. 

Gold, in the Banda Oriental, xxxix. 339. 

, in California and Nevada, xxxix. 


, contraband trade in, between 

Russian and Chinese merchants, 
xxxii. 557. 

discoveries on the Si-mil-ka- 

meen River, North America. Extract 
from the * Pioneer * and * Democrat,' 
xxxi. 255. 

, in Eastern Turkistan, xl. 134. 

found in almost all the tribu- 

taries of the Thompson River, 
British Columbia, xxxi. 220. 

found in large masses in the 

quartz of Queen Charlotte Islands, 
ib. 213. 

found in large quantities at 

Alexandria, on the Eraser River 
Britisli Columbia, ib. 220. 

found in the rivers Tranquille 

Defont, Nicola, and Nicaomen, Brit- 
ish Columbia, t6. 216. 

Harbour, Queen Charlotte 

Islands, ib. 250, 251, 255. 

-, between the eastern and western 

branches of the Irawady, xl, 291. 
-, on the Isthmus of Darien, 

xxxviii. 88. 

, in Khotan, xxxvii. 7. 

-, on the Kukreu River, Central 

Asia, xl. 418» 

Gold, in neiglibaiirtjood aF Khj uVn 
Lake, Mancbtaia, sxsvii. 222. 

, north-eaBt of Lhiaft, Tibet, 

xjtxyiiL 174. 

, in Munclitiria, ixxix. 11, 32. 

, ill New ZealttnU, xxxii. 301 ; 

, obtained in the Province of 

Cararayii, Peru, tanucda the end oF 
tbe Bisteentli century, xxxi. 133. 

, in Piquiliri Kiver, Cwuyajai 

Proriace, Fein, xxxvii. ISJ. 

, in Soalh Africa, xxxix, p. clixvi. 

, in Soutli-Eastcin Afrieii, ixiviii. 

, in Sium. Kxunl 301. 

, by the affliienta of tlie Tersa 

Bivet, Central Aaia, si. ill). 
, at Thok-Jalung, Tibet, sxsii. 

, on tho Upper Feasor Kiver, 

Briluh Columbia, !cxxi. 235. 
of Ucognay, assaye of, S3six. 

, in tlie Uppei' "Vang-Uzo-kiaDg, 

suii. 30. 
Gold-fields of Britiah Coiumbin, ixsiv. 


-of Soutli Africa, I 

of Uruguay, ib. 339. 

GoLDEH Qttte CbanocI, depth of, Cali- 

forniu, ib. I2ti. 
GoLDiB Hill, New Zealand, xxxiv. 69. 
GoLDHUls, Oolcmel (nowMsjor-General 
Sir) P. J., c.B. ; Notes on Eistern 
i^KBiA and Webiebn Beldohistak, 
ixivli. 269— Eiiport of & Journey 
from Subrietau, south-east of Kic- 
man, to Olioubar, on tlie coast of 
Beluchistao, v:i} BLi^mpor and the 
^BB of Fanoeh, 281. 

, Major (now Majoi-Ganaml 

Sir) F, J, ; Diary of Pruouediuga of 
the Miatiun into Mesbah for Puli- 
tical aud Surrey Furpoaos, from the 
IStb to tlie 19th December, 1801, 
xx»iii. 181. 
Appendices ; — 

(A.) Temple ofHinglaz and mud 
TQlcanoea ncsir Ormara, 207. 

(B.) Mud volciinoes, 208. 

<0.) Note on ertora lu maps, 200. 

fD,) Information aa to political 
houni^eE, 210, 

(E.) Uemoranduai of plants ob- 
servable between Soumcanee and 
Ormara, 212. 

(P.) Narnea of trifaea in the Pro- 
TinoeofLua, 213. 

GOLKDBT, Beluchiatan, iiiiii. 203, 
GoLUBEV, Captain A., Imperial Euaaian 
Staff; Brief Sketch of the Results of 
the Iseye-eul Expedition, xxxi. 366 
Notoa of positions astronomically de- 
tirmined, 370. 

, expedition under, in 

Central Asia, i 

'. 223. 

relorrod to, xzxii. 

GoMBE Nullah, Eaat Central Africa, 

Goutsiii^A Bay, Epirus, xxxtx. 282. 
GoHEK, Don Vicente, referred to, 

sxiiv. 207 et esq. 
GoiiUATHADuiao Peak, near Skacdo, 

Kaahtuir, ib. 21. 
GoMiji. Bi»Br, AfghaniataD, sssii. SOSs 
OoNDAGOHDJ, Moontain, North -East 

Africa, xxxviii. 15. 
GoHDAR, Abyaainia, ib. 9; xxxix, 11. 
GoBDOKOBo, Biver Nile, xxxiit. 329. 

327, 331-333; HIT. 9, 290, 291, 297; ' 

sxxvi. Zet seq.; xiivii. 208 et aaq. 

, height of, KXJLV, 8. 

GoNi River, East Africa, Hi. 19. 
GoNjA, East Afrioa, xi. 301, 
QoNsrB River, Persia, xixi. 55. 
GoODALOOB, Bhnily River, Slatlras 

Preaidenoy. xxxvi. 1 85. 
Goodiar'b Creek, North Auttralia, 

iKxiii. 285. 
Goodwin, Mount, North Austmlia, 

xxxvi. 238. 
GooLAB Singh, tlie Maharajah, re< 

ferred to, xsxi. 32. 
GootA Goolee, valley an<l viliago of, 

Turkey in Asia, xxxviii. 356. 
Goold Island, North-Eaat Coast of 

Australia, xxxv. 200, 203. 
" GoouKODiHfi" Tribe, Cape Yorfci 

Qneenslaud, xxxvi. 82. 
GoosA-GOOMA Village, AbjBsinill, 

GooNAroBANOAKKiB Ijtke, esplaratiou 

of. South Ansti-alin, ssxiii. 30, 39. 
QouNALGAHAE Lake and Creek, South 

Auntmlia, \b. 35, 37. 
Swamp, South Australia, 

ib, 37. 
GooNNooBOOEnoo Creek, South Aus- 

traha. ib. 27, 28, 29. 
GoONi'jKiB CrcL-k, South Australia, ib. 

GooBAB (or Oorab) Hill, Beluchiatan, 

ib. 190, 191. 
GooBEE, Isle of Kiahm, Persian Gulf 


Gooboo-Cbela, Belucbialan, is; 

Qoonco, ictab of, Mckroti. Belucliialnii, 

GoBAM Inland, Malay Archipclftg" 

ssxii. 128. 130, ft seq. 
tradere, Malay Archipelago, 

ib. 130. 
QoRAKaiTTTEG llouiilaia, Eelachistan, 

xxxiii, 132-194, 200. 
GoRDEWAHE Point, ludia, i\iii. 237. 
Gordon, Capt.. quoted on tbo appcac- 

Rnce of the Riyer ZnnibcHi at Tolte, 

. 2G3— 

GoBB, LiBoL, one of tic offlcera ot tlie 

Fraaklin Enpeditioo, xisi. 8. 
GoRGOBA FeniTiBula, Dembea LaVe, 

ALyaamia, siiTiii. 9 : xxxix. 18, 49. 
G0BGCI.PA, eiplanSitioii of term, xxxii. 

271 [note]. 
GoHiLLAS, met with by M. Du CLaillu 

in Western Equatoiial Africn, ixxvi, 

GoROBAKi, mountain in Georgio-Ar- 


GoRDLiA, Weat Coast of Africa, ib. 247. 

Goto Islands, Japan, xxxvii. 213. 

GouLARd-EiGOKQ Monntalns, Fonsiilered 
by t)ie Bingphoe to be tbe bonndary 
between Buimah and Chioft. xl. 291. 

Gow Bum, New Zealand, sjniv. 64. 

GoHEN, Jaa. Robert, Obit. Notice, 

GoYAz, Prosinoe of, Brasil, ixxiL 138. 
GoYSBB, Manut, Nortb Australia, 

iniii. 31 S. 
Goa, Nubia, rt. 238. 
Gbaah, Danish explorer, referred to, 

Gbauilla, Salado Biver, La Plata, 

Gfampians, ■' parallel mountain roaiis" 
among tbe, referred to, xxxi. 239. 

GsANU Canal, China, xxxii. 27 \ xilTi. 
129, 145 ; xl. 2 et teq., 228. 

GsAiin Biver, North America, xxxix. 



Grande Caalle of tbe Columbia 

Oregon, ib. 124. 
Gbarsi: Biver, Bouth Amerien, 1 
Gbamii^ Hill, Bouth Analralia, 

regislere, drawinga, aud bolanicil 
collections, xixiii. 334. 
iBAKT, CapL (now Lient.-Gol.) J. A,, 

Medal awarded to, niiv. pp. li., ovii. 

XXJLVt. 3. 

, Capt. Walter Colqiihoun, Obit. 

Notice, 5X1 ii., p. cciii. 

—- . — . — ; Ecmarlo 

on Vascouves Ibland, prineipally 
conoeming lown-silea and nutive 
population, Exxi. 208. 

, Bpcke and, aketoh of their 

work in East Africa from Oct. 1, 
1860, xsxLii. p. clxsv. 

, G. M. ; Joumej from Peking to 

St, Petbrsbcbo, across the Dbbbbt 
of Gobi, xxxlii. 1 67 — preliminary jour- 
ney towards Manclinrift, IS7 — pass- 
port for Mongolia oblained at Peking ; 

1 March 

Great Wall, 169— 
Suen-ho-Fu (i.e. Haiian-hwa-f a ), 
170 — arrival at Kalgan ; arrango- 
monts for journey, 171 — entry into 
Mongolia, 172 — arrival at Urga, 
177 — Kiachla ; journey to Europe. 

Gban Volcan del Topo, or Ynrag- 
Llangannti, Ecuador, xxxi. 16S. 

Grass-cloth fibre in Formosa, xxxiv. 

Gbatefdl Creek, Queensland, iixiii. 

Grai's Creek, South Anstralia, xxxii. 

464, 485, 481!. 
Gray Sange, New Ze^nd, sxxiv. 90. 
Gbazjso ground in Norlh-West Aoa- 

tmlia, ixiv. 254, 260. 
Great Anthill Creek, Queensland, ib. 

206, ; 


- AuBtrallan Bight, iixviii. 378. 

- Basin of North America, shape 
ixiii, 113, 114 (drainage of, 115), 

- Britain, Ordnance Sarvey of, 
Li. 17. 

in River, Kara-tan, CL^ntral 

— of the Colorado, : 



- RarrlBon Lake, Btitiali Colnm- 
Kxxi. 219, 220. 

- Hig^hways ia Slnncliiiria, xixix. 

- Horde, the, Central Aaa, ixiiL 

V. 219. 

- Imperial Canal, Cliinn. See 
arand Canal. 

Indian Desert, k1. 183— divi- 

Biona of, 184. 

— Kirghiz Hordo, aubmiBBion of 

tbe.xiiv. 217-219. 

Lamti of Tibet (Oenaring-bo- 

che), tint to Uie, sjtsriii. 168. 

OkaniigaQ Lake, Britisli Colum- 
bia, ib. 121. 

Plain, the, Efuador, isii. 17i. 

Qneanellu Lake, BiitiBh Colum- 
bia, xzXTiii, 1-6. 

Salt Lake, Utah, Mxis. 96, 97, 

113,115, 116. 

Taamau Glacier, New Zealand, 

il. 4S1. 

Tibet, ohaervalJonB foe latitude 

taken in, zxiix. 172-131. 

or the hoil- 

Ing-poiDt taken in, ib. 162-IS7, 

Trigonunietricai Survey of ludiB, 

eitract fpum Colonel Walker'a Heport 
(1867-63), kL 119, 120. 

of peaks determined by the, xuviii. 

Willamette Prairie, Oregon, 

inii. 128. 
Obeek inseriplion on bridge oyer the 

Giaour Yazi-su, Turkey in Aaia, 

Greenland Coast, depresaion of the, 

ucxix. 122. 
, Danieli Eettleraenta in, 

EsQciHACx, on the Origiil 

andMigratiotiiof tho. ByCLEWBwTS 
E. Ha^ham, Esq., Secretary n.G.a., 

IS and Qlaciebs. By 

Lake, British Columbia, xxxl. 

.Jlfljnr (niw Major-Generid 

Henry), lits jouniey In the KeUt 

conntiy, referred to, ixxiii. 191, I9U. 
River, North America, xi 

97, 99, 100. 
Green'k Oreek, QuHeneland, xxxii. 
GnBESBPOND Harbour, Newfoundland, i 

xixiT. 265. I 

GuEENSioNE Rirer, New Zealand, i 

i'l. tiZ, 63, 66. 
Vttllaj, New Zealand, ■ 

103, no. 

Grsqublo Biver, affluent of the Juiui j 

River, Brazil, xxxix. 30o. 
Gbegort, a. C, referred lo, xxivi 
Crnek, South Australia, i 

6o, E 

-, F. T., Jledal atrarJed t<^ i 

ill. pp. V 

; Expedition lo tlia 
North-Weat Cosat of Austbalia in 
1861 (lommmiieated by Ihe Colonial 
Office), issii, 372 :— 

Api'Endis of remarks on llio gene- 
mi feat urea, productions, uatuial 
capabititioB, &c., of the country tra- 
versed by the expedition; — (iaigm.- 
phital and geoli.gical peculiaritleB, 
420— minerals ; harbours; western 
promontory; tides; decliuation of 
the needlu; climate; metenrologi- 
cal register kept at Nickol Bay ; 
■winds, 427 — beds of pearl oybteia ; 
sandalwood ; indigenous fruits ; 
palms ; tobacco : flowers; capa- 
bilities of the country fui calonisB' 
tijn ; fitness for growth of woula and 
cereals, and especially cutton, 428 — 
aborigines ; seivices of raemberfl of 
expedition, 429. 

-, quoted with reference 

to the 1 

f. 249. 

132, 147, 296, 301, 1 

ia of North- WestAustiulifi, 
, referred to, xxxiii. 

1 lo io Wal- 

ker's Journal of Exploration i 

Australia, ib. 133. 
Kiver, Queensland, ib. 84-8G 

95-97, 127. 128. 
Sbeoort's expel it ion to Northern 

Australia, riferrud lo, xxziii, S2. 
explorations in Nortli-Weit 

Australia, uxii. p, cxivili. 
Hauled, Jiast Aoatralia, 


named after AogaetDa Gicgor;, 

Gbxuosi's track in, 
Ghkt, Lieut., refetted to, xxxv. 2^5, 
, Halph Win., Obit. Notice, xl. p. 

Hiver, Nrw Zealaud, xxxii. 294, 

297-300: iiiiv,9i; isxvii.a20. 
, Sir Gee quoted on tho pine tree, 

xixT. 27*. 

, referred to, xiiii. 428. 

Obbt's Bxpiotatlona in Nurth-Weal 

Auatmliu, referred to, ixivi. 212,224. 
Gbbvtovtk, Oentntl America, xxxi'u 

242, 252. 
GBiFrrTH Island, EsqnimauK remains 

on, ixxv. 95. 
GBTGriA Trilw, Soutli Africa, ih. 126. 
GaufNELL, Coraelins, Ofait N&tiee, xl. 

Land, Atd^o Sea, xxsvi. 

283. 2BI. 
OniQDA Town, South Africa, sx\i. 107 

— foantain at, 119. 
Gnoa, BaroD, Ftenoh Ambassudor to 

China, rsfrrrml to, xx:cvi. 149. 
Gbote, Mr., quoted on tlie position of 

Eurraxa, HeBonotamia, xxxvil. lHli, 

167 — on the wall of Media, Mesopo- 

OuAVALOui^, Lagona, Sonth America, 

ixxlv. 228. 
GnALL&BAMBA, EcDitdor, temporato 

alimate of. xxxi. 187, 188. 

— — Biver, Ecuador, a>. 187. 

, Valley of the, 

Ecuador, il>. 187, 189, 
Odaha River, Braiil, xl, 420. 
Gdabbalo, Ecnador, xxxi. 170. 
0UANA lizard, in Mosqnito Territory, 

xixii. 264. 
GuANACDS, Lake of the, Patagonia, 

xxiir. 212. 
QuAPA Mountain, Qnitonian Andea, 

xisi. 177, 178. 
Gitapahti KiTer, Ecuador, t*. 170, 179. 
OcAfisoLOiA, Indian settlement, Istli- 

muB of Tehnantepeo, Oentral 

America, xxiii. 548. 
GuARAOCABBU River, Brazil, ib. 139. 
GiiARAEEaeABA Kiver, Brazil, ib. 
GuABANA-TTBA EivsT, afHueot of the 

Mttue-asail, Brazil, xL 421, 424. 
Gdarafuata, lown of, Brazil, xxxii. 

137. 140. 
GfAiiARA Biver, West Africa, ixxvii. 


GcAHATtBA Bay, Braail, xudi. 140. 

— -, port of, Brazil, ii. 

, town of, Brazil.*. 137, 138. 

GvATEHALA, Central America, ib. 200, 
536, 538, 56a. 

Guayaquil, Department of, Ecuador, 
xxxi. 181!. 

" GuiYRA," aaid by Valverda lo bo tbe 
ancient nama for a amelCiag-farBace, 
now-a-daya applied only to thenind, 
ib. 179. 

GnATnxpATA Hill, Ecuador, ib. 165, 
170, 171. 

GuBBUB Mountuin, Nortli-Weat Fron- 
tier of India, xxxii. 316. 

" GruAKo ■' Tribe, Cape York, Queens- 
land, xxxvi. 82. 

GuuDABi District, Nubia, ixiiii. 239. 

GcDDHsacB, Belucliiatan. ib. 194. 

QpEDABHF, Eaet^n Africa, xxxri. 

Ghebin, Admiral, referred la, xxxvij. 

GtozEB (Gpcceb) Biver, dry chmtDd 
of the, Punjab, xl. 1S2. 

Gtjiohioovi (San Juan dc}, Isthmns 
of Tehnantepeo, Central America, 
ixxii. 541, 547. 

GcicsiLA Monntain, Oentral America, 
ib. 541. 

GniBNOOLA, Mount, lathmns of Te- 
huanlepec, Central America, ib. 552. 

GriNATA Mountain, Central Amenoa, 

GCI.BASHEM, EarakRBi] Valley, xl. 48. 
Gulf of Carpentaria. See Jlvrie. 
:; , ssii. 132, 134; 

well adapted for sheep rnna, xxxiii. 


of Lifto-tang, xixvL 131. 

of Manaar. between Cajlon and 

the mainland of India, xxxii. 236. 
of Martaban, Bay ot Beoiral, ib. 

of Pei-chih-li (commonly written 

Pa-ohi-tiX North China, xxxyi. ISl; 

xxxvii. 244, 255. 
of St. George, East CobbI of Pata- 

gouie, xxxi. 205, 206. 
of St. Mattbew, South America, 

ib. 2U5. 

GrLp Slreani, the, sxxiv. 2G7 ; 
ISfi : ssivi. 280, 2S3, 2U3. HSi. 

— - — ■ ■ — , limita of, variablu in 

different Beasous, ll. 44'1. 
OuLiaHAB (or Jolnehira) Kivet, Centrol 

Alio, EXXTLJL 434, 435. 
GuLUtBA Fluiu, NurUi-EiDjt Aftica, 

xuviii. SG. 
GoMA, Easlecn Tntkistan, xl. 77, 80. 
OuHBAJi, Abfs^sia, xxxriii, 46. 
GrsiBELi Biver, pJaiua of Budqoo, 

HiodoBtBU, siiii. 312. 
Gum, boilcql, iilnesa of Mr, M'Duimll 

StiKttt and Mr. Waterhonso thcuagh 

eating, xxsiii. 297. 
Gcu-oopAi. iTce, East Africa, xxir. 157. 
GcM Greek, Soulh AnatMliu, ssii, 91, 

92, 94, 134. 

. Flat. North Anstrulift. sxstiti. 284. 

Qtjmub Rhann. Turkey in Asia, xxxTtti. 

297; xl. 4G4. 
GuuKBOY, Tnikey in Asiii, ft. 309, 310. 
OiJUUA, town of. West CeDttBl Afiicn, 

Kisrii. 93, 99. 
GuMB, of Gleaelg District, Norlh-Weet 

Anatralia, xxxt. 273. 
"Gfii-TOP Sliingy-brirk " of Victoria, 

xixTi. 218. 
Gun tragaoanth of Asia Minor, sxxii. 

GnsANT, Srailh Aiistralin, sxiiii. 10. 
Gdnuofa HUl and Pass, BtluchiBtan, 

«. 182. 
OtTKNAWAiinA, New Sonth Wales, xxxi. 

Gdnto La (or Pass), sxxiT. 22. 
GoBDANEE-AHEEA'TtWN, »pnr of the 

Elbruz Mountains, xxii. 40. 
GcRlil^Nee Sirdareh, range of bills 

dividing the plains of Veeraineen and 

Khar, ib. 38. 
GuHiEF, cotton at, mouth of the Uml, 

CitBlJiau Sea, xl. 379. 
GuMAT States, Baain of the Maba- 

nuddy, xsxv. 72. 
OuBKEE Valley, Beluchishin, sssiii. 

QijBSEr, Hudson, Obit. Notice, isst. 

GuBSiTF River, North-Eaat Africa, 

GuTKOTBKi, Major, referred to, ssxix. 

Guzman, Don Atauasio, xsxi. 163, 1 66, 
168, 170, 172— his mapof tlie Llanga- 
Dutl Moimlains, Qnilonian Andes, 
referred to, aaxi. 160, 167, 170, 171, 


GwABUB, port of, Arabian Sea, xxxlti. 

200 : sisvii. 269-271, 273, 274. 
town of, Beluchislan. Tn-rirl, 

205, 2(16, 209— described, 207. 
GwAEO na Ebi^, East Africa, xl. 313. 

Ngtahn. East A&ica, ib. 308, 328, 

Nyi'ro, East Afrtea, ib, 317. 

GwETTCB, port on the Mekran raraat, 

xciTii. 270, 273. 
GwiLA Pass, Dokthol Provinae, Tibet, 

xxxTiii. 212. 
GwuNDi Nigoor Hill, Belnohistan, 

xixtii, 205, 

Settletuent, Bcluchi- 

Haabt, .TuLina, pii.d. ; Notes nn tlie 
Mountnina and Glaciers of the Oas- 
Peovinok, New Zgalahb, 

IT. 87. 

; AltitudeSeo- 
tions of the prinoipal Bootes faetweeo. 
the Baat and West Coasts of the Pcq- 
Ylnce of Canteubcbt, New ZEA^ANn, 
across the SonTHEEN Alps, xsxyii. 
328.— Tables of Boules between the 
East and Went Coasts of the Province 
of Canterbury, 330— Otira Station, 
331— Harper Pass, 332— the North- 
Kakaia Route, 333 — Wliitcombe Pass, 
334— Haast Pass, 335— On the valna 
of Barometrio Observationa, takeii 
on a rapid journey, Ibr calculating; 
Altitudes, 830. i 

Table of Altitndes of the Eoad by 
Attlinr Pass, across the Province of 
Canterbury, New Sfealand, as ob- 
tained by certain observers, 337. 

; Notes to an- 

company the Topographical Map of 
t!io SouTHHRN Alps, in the Pxovmee 



Tables of Altitudes on the Bivers 
Waitaki, Molynoux, and Bangitato, 
438 -on the Rivers Ashburton, Ba- 
kiiia, Waiinakariri, Hurumui. and 
Hnast, 439— on tho Rivera Waiao, 
Weheka, Teramakau, and Eokitika, 

Tnblo of Altitudes of Lakes ; of 
PaBBHB, 440— of Mountainaj mil 
laneoua, 441. 




Haut, Julius, Fa.D., rcfcirod to, 

xiiiv. 107. 
PosB, Southern Alps, New 

ZeaUiid, xiiyii. 329, 335, it36. 
River, New ZeaUod, ii. 32D, 

336 ; Kl. 437. 
HAcm-uoNDO, Japan, xxxl. 312, 3ii. 
Uachoji, town of, Japan, xl. 340, 312. 
Hadaheha Tribe, North-Eaat Africa, 

XMii. 2ll,21il. 
Hauas River, Norlh -East Africn, 

mviii, 12, 13, 16, 17. 
Hasi^huowa Arabs, paatu re- grounds of, 

Nortb-East Africa, uiiii. 2;-l8. 
"HiWAB el Bint" ("the Maiden's 

Rock "), PDuiiiauIn of Sinai, xxxviii. 

Hauramact District, Arabia, xxxiv. 

117. 122. 
BAi-cauNG, city of, Mancbuiia, xuix. 

2. 5, 8, 16. 
HAi-TBZE,lheIffi perial buntiog-gronnd, 

near Peking, xxivi. 148. 
HAiDiNQEBMount, New Zealand, xiiiv. 

93, tJ6. 
Ha IE -u ALL AT Plain, Abjssi nia, ixi v ii i. 

Hainbs' Greek, East Anstnilia, ib. SB. 

, Ur.Rubett, cliemical uQoljser 

at Bombay, quoted ua Ihe dccajeil 
■ '' "n Kurtaebee Har- 

abeltof bills in 


intry, Arabia, ii. 
Hajj, the 
WcbI Art 

Hajb PloTinoe, Atahia, kxst. 181. 
, town (if, Arabia, ft. 180, 181. 

Hakluyt Head, sssvi. 282. 

, refeni?d to, xiiviii. 4. 

luiety, tcierred to, is 

r Pilgrim Itonte of 


Habobadi, YeBEo, Japan, Ih. S 
319, 355; xsxii. HSl; xxx 
178, 179 ; nKvii. 224. 225. 

id, 1135, E 
Range, Japan, ib. S21, 3; 

335, asa, 3+4,345. 
Hakioe River, afflueut of the Cambodia 

River, il. 299. 
Bai-ai, North- EasteiQ Africa, xizix. 


Hu.A Range, Bind, xxxvii 339. 
Haleb, or Aleppo, city o^ Horthein 

Syria, xxxii. 32. 
Hale o ka la (crater on Maui Island), 

Sandwich Islands, xixvili. 367. 
Halfway Bay, New ZedJand, ixiiv. 

63, 66. 
Halifax, Novb Bcotia, xzxviii. 258, 

259, 261, 
Bay, Queensland, xxxv. 201, 

203, 206-2(18. 
Hallebstein, miesionary, referred lo,ib. 

Hai.t.ey, Dr., referred to, ib. 132. 
, quoted on tbe lianBit of 

Tenas, sixix. 94. 
Hall's expedition in tbe Gearge Henry 

to tbe Arctic HegiDnH,xsxi. p. clxTiii. 
Inlel^ Newfoundland, sxxiv. 

Haldol Island, Persian Gulf, ih. 146. 
Halvokke Vank, or Snip Cajabet, vil- 
lage of, Turkey in Asia, ixxviii. 339, 

340, 34 1. 
Halwa, Arabia, xxxiv. 131. 
Halys (Kizzil Irmak) river, Turkey in 

Alia, xxxviiL 304 [note]. 
Ramadan, city of, Persia, ih. 413. 
Hauah, tilaioB of, xsxii. 10.'), 
IIauas Goige, Abyaainia, xxiviii. 24, 

Hamed Shtilili, xixlii. 323, 334 
Hamkl, Dr., Oljit. Notice, t6. p, citI. 
Hamebglet Range, Noith-W'est Aus- 
tralia, xsiii. aH5-389, 393-895, 404, 

HAUEg River, Abyssinia, ixxviii. 21. 

referred to. xsxii. 109. 
HauiltO!', Bucbanan, referred to, il. 

289. 292, 294. 
, Colonel Douglas, reteired 

Creek, East Australia, 

xxsiii. 54. 
Inlet, Labrador, xxxiv. 

S2-84; ixxviii. 266. 
Mount, New Zealand, 

sixiv. 80, 81. 
, Mr. Savin, an officer in 

the service of the Hudson Bay Com- 
pany, xxii. E53, 254. 

Peak, Australia, il. 139. 

Range, East Australia, 

siiiii. 50. 
^ Biver, Labrador, xxxiv. 

S2. 84. 

— Springs, M'Donald's Range, 


Saxiltos, Wm. John, Obit. NottOE, 
Medal, p. oxxiv.; Pregident or tlie 
Soaiety in 1837. 1841-2, and 1847, 

Hampton Ikiwiia, Notth-Weet Aus- 

tTBlia, xxxir. 253 ; xxsvi. 204-H0(i. 
Hasapbte, Valley of, Kaaui Island, 

Sandvich Islands, xixTiit. i<66. 
H*N-OHWAHG-QHA, ShautuDg, Cliina, 

Hahfila, Bed Sea, iiiTiii. 10, 34. 
Hamo-chow, Hanan, Clrina, ib, 58, 63, 

Hanqob-Ozbk (the modem Eanui 

Uli>n), I 

f. 215. 

BanS'iw, China, ixiviii. 5i et seq, ; xl. 
24. 278, 279. 

, NotflB on the Tang-tsze 

KiASO from, to PuiQ-BnAN. By 
LiBat.-ColonelH.A.BABBL, xisii. 1. 

, t^keffh of 11 Joami-y from 

OahtokIo. By Albert S.BiotMiiEE, 
Esq., xxKViii. 50. 

Hanle; height of, Himalnya Moun- 
tains, xzxlx. 159. 

Hanhat, Colonel, leferred to, xl. 2S(S 

I navigator. 

Uanho, Gartbaginia 

fened to, ixivL 66. 
UunoverBay, North- Western Australia, 

XXXV. 252. 
Ban Bivor, tributary of the Yeng-tsie- 

HambOS Bluff, Australia, named by 

M'Douall Stuart aftor Hon. Ilieliard 

Haneon, of Adelaide, ixxi. 110. 
Creek, Oeiitrnl Australia, 

named by M'Douall Stuart after tlje 

Hon. Eichd. Haason, i6. lU, 121, 137, 

Hange, Ansiralift, named by 

M'Douall Staort, ib. 70-79, 90, 05, 

96, 103, 144. 
Hanbteun, ProftBsor, referred to, xixv. 

"Happt Valley, the." North-West 

Australia, ib. 255, 256, 258. 
Harahat, plain of, Abyasiiiia, ssxviii. 

Hahamosh Peak, Mtistakh Range, 

iixiv. 47, 
Haramt.:)! HouDlain, Kaahmir, xxxi. 20. 
Uabat Bauge, Tigre, AbyAsinia, 

xxxviii. 27-30. 32, 34. 
HAECOUttT, Hear- Admiral Octayiiia 

Vernoii, Obit, Notice, xxxiv. p. cixii 

i. 191. 

Habdey River, North-West Australia, 

iixii. 390, 391. 39:<. 
HAimiNQ River,Nortii-WcatAa3trBlia, 

ib. 400, 423. 
Habdinob, Lord, ixii. 15. 
Habeek Province, Arabia, isiiv. 112 

Central America, : 
540, 541. 

Hasuan'b Pass, New Zealand, iL 437. 
Hahuan River, Canterbnry Pro' ' 

', Lesser, Belnehistan. i 

330, 332. 
Rivtr, tributary of the EakaiB, 

New Zealand, xxxvii. 334. 
HABKAN'Ex-AwAvni, or Harian of the 

Columns, village east of DiimaeciiB, 

xxiii. 76, 77, 80-82, 84-86, 90, 100, 
HAiiRAN (Hnran, or Chanan), Byiia. 

, in Padan Abam ; Notea on 

an Eicursioa to, and thanfe over 
MocNT GiLEAD and the Jobdan to 
Bhechem. By Cbaieles T, Bkke, 

. 190; 

— , Turkey in Asia, i 

i. 350, 3 

Hahba, town of. Japan, xxii. 339, 340. 
Haebian. Bel nub i stun, xxxiii. 192. 
HAnBis, Capl. ; On the Rainfall of the 

Mahanthdt Basin, ixxv. 73. 
, Mount, Central AuBfralia, 

xxxiii. 2S2. 283. 
— Mounlains, New Zealand, 

xxxT. 63, 70. 
Habbibmith, town of, Orange P^e 

State, South Africa, xxsix. 2a4. 
Harbisos Lake, British Colnmbia, 

sixi. 224 et ae-i. 

Lillnet route, Briti^ Col- 
umbia, ib. 218, 300, 301. 

Bivtr, British Columbia, ib, 

£20, 224, 230, 237, 244, 247, 248 ; 
xxxviii. 121. See aluiMaytu, Palmer. 

Habtet, Dr. Wm., Curator of the Uni- 
versity Herbarium at Dublin, reftrrrf 
to, I 




^V Haiu Proriace, Arabia, xujt. 112 ft 

ITa-tei. town, Jebel Shomtr, Arabia. 

xisiv, 112. 123-126. 

trade of, 138, 139. 

Hateb, l>r. Ihaac 1.: Eipeditioa to the 

RanM, .-6. 119. 

AacriG Eegionb, uij. p. clsviii. | 
— . Medfllttwarded lo. 

HA8BAKT Bivcr, BjrL». xniL IU8. 

HAiBKtTA, SyriB. ■-'.. 79. 

IXXVii. p. Mii. 

^m Habhbiy*. torn, of, Syria, ft. 107. 


^H faikeyn. Turtpy in Asia, mr. 25. 

Hatoock Island, Anstralia, ib. 202. 

^H Babgan Abdal, nsl. 3S. 

Hav, Lord John, referred to, Kxxiu. 

^H Hassak-Kal^. near Knevtm, xl. 473. 


^H Hatbm-kt-Tai. model of Arab liospi- 

, Mount, Central AuBtralia. ft. 282. 

^H toUty. liiB burial place, ixxiv. 124. 

^H HATUK-Ynsoo, or Great Vallej, Pro- 
^^H vinee of Cariiyaya, Peru, iixi. 201. 

, R'jbert Wm., Obit. Notice, uiii. 

p. cii. 

Hatquam River, tributary of the Cam- 

^H Hahoac Lagoon, Nile Btgion, xiiv. 

bodia River, il. 299. 


Hatwahd Creek, North AnstraUa, 

^H Biver, Nile Eegion. i6. 292, 

named by M'Donall Stuart after 

^B 201. 2I>5. 

Fredorick Havward, xxxi. 133, 134; 

ixxiii. 37. 38, 285. 


, Mr. a. W., Medal awarded 

^^H Hauran, BvriB, Dmzea o! the, zxxil 

to, si. p, csxiv. 


; Journey from Leh 

^^H f EP SB li>1 !""■ 

to Yaskanb and Kashgae, and 
Explorations of the Sourcoa of the 

^H ixiiv. 114. 

Yarkahd Biveb, x]. 33. 


I. Journey from Leh to Bliadola, 

^^1 nlnien nf if- 7'} t"? 

and Eipluration of the KnrakaaU 
River. 33. 

^r HAtra-KiCL-MuRVA, well called, in 

^^ Kliorassan, issi. 53. 

2. Exploration of ihe Ywkaad 

Haubsa, Weat Africa. See BaOiit.- 

Biver, 49. 

Haut Ibland, North-Wpsl Coast of 

3. From Shadula to Yarlcand, 6li. 

AuBtraiia, mil 425. 

4. From Yarkand to Eashgar,91. 

Hawaii, Islimd of, volcanic inflaence 

Rpsolta of tlie gengmpbical re- 

^H in, lunii. »67. 

seaj^h oondu<;ted by tlie Expedition, 
118— table of longitudL»sofYuikand, 

^B , Kingdom of (Bandwich 

^H Islands), iJ'. 361 et ».;. 

Kashgftr, and Khotan {nchO,adopted 

by different authorities, 120. ' 

^^V canio Rgeocy, ib. 3G6. 

Remarks on Eastern Turkist*!!, 

^H Hawakii. Bay, Bed Sea, ib. 12, Il-lS. 


^H Havea Lake, New Ztalaud. xxiiv. 

Appendix I. Main roiid from Tar- 


lianii lo KaaUpar. 135— iHneraries 

^^1 Hawkbtll Turtle, mode of talinp;, by 

from Leh toYartand, 126-Tarkand 

to Bodakshaii via Taahkurghan and 

^H mvi. 

the Pamir Steppe, 145. 

^^H Hawkeb, Mr. Geo. C, ndferred to.ixii. 

Appendix II. Tables of metaoro- 


^^B Haweeb Springe, South Australia, so 

Eastern Turkistan, from October 

^H named by M'Donall Stuart in l.i» 

1868 to Juno 1869. 146— tnwns and 

^^B Jonnie; in the vidnity of Lake Ter- 

villttRes in Eastern Turki>tan, 158- 

^H rcne, zxzi. 75, 81. 86-88 : xxiLiii. 277. 

^H Valley, Sontli AiiB- 

lablu of passes across tLe Karakoram 

^H tralia, ft. 87. 

and Knen Lnn ranges into Eaetem 

^H Hawkkb's Creek, North Australia, 

TurkisUin. 163. 

^B xsxiii. 286. 

^H Hawkish, Rev. Mr., referred to, ib. 

Mr. Hayward'fl ObservationB for 


latitade and for heighta in Eastern 

^^H Hawtbet, Eev. Edward Oraveo, d.d.. 

Turkistan, by Staff-Goramauder 0. 

^H Provost of Eton, Obit. Notice, \T%\i. 

Gtorge, B.H., (}B.tB) Map Oumtor 

^H ihcrtii. 

B.o,a.. 184. 


Qatwabd. Lieutrufttit Q. W., projooted 

eiploratioD atnth of the Hindu Kaab, 

bj, xxxviii. p. olxxrii. 
Haxabah CoDiittj, Kxxi. 35. 
Hazeboth, PcninBiila of Sinai, iixviii. 

251, 252, 257. 
HazU'Ab-Rajbe Hillfl, Arabia^ xxxv, 

HtZM, liill-rort near Boatak, Arabia, 

Heales Creek, Enst AuBtralie, zxziii, 

UotiQtnnd RangEBiEast Aub- 

tralin, S>. 8H, 96. 
WsAWi River, Arctic Zone, xxktI 2S0. 
HEARtWN Give, Nortli-WeBt Australia, 

ixiii. 398, 423. 
HEATBcOTlliLienteDaiit J. A., I.H.; Sur- 

facs CuireDts of tlic Bay of Behqal 

during Iho Bontli-Wctit Mpneoon, ib. 

to,*. 110. 125. 

ioga and observalionB Inken bj, in 
tbe Andamen Archipelago, ib. 115. 

Heat, ObsorvationB on, kikLv. 283. 

Hecate Point. North'Eaat Anstralia, 
HIT. 193, 194, 201, 203. 

Hecij, Mount, Iceland, 

with an AccouDt of a Discovery of a 
Low PoBB from Mabtin's Bat IoLaee 
Wakatipc (abridged from the origi nal 
Beport in tlie ' Otapo Proviocial 
Govern meat Gaiette ' of November 5, 
IMS), raiv. 96. 

, reforred to, sxsvii. 


MountainB, New Zealand, 

HtXEElTAU, Arabia, ib. 139. 
Hedjas District, Arabia, ib. 112. 
HEBN-Fmo, Empcnir ot Chiua, funeral 

of. I 


Heiqht of lakes in tho nimalayas, 

uiviii. 152. 
HEIQHT9, aienson for the delerminaticin 

of, bv tbe temperature tif boiling 

—TV. 225. 

~ statiuna above aea-leve), 

d by boilin's-water obacrva- 

I lk)iubyB.W.Balier, Esq.,iiiTi, 16. 

"i , table of, between tbe Chu 

. BvcT and tl.e8jfDaria, 11.402-409. 
■** , Colonel: hU Mi-inoir on tbe 

Dunguna of Western China, referred 

to. iiitI. p. clxviii. 
Hejaz, Arabia, luiv. 116, 123 ri ua. ; 

xixv. ise. 
HEi-roii. Dr., referred to, xixii. 109, 

110 [nole]. 
Hblmcnd Kivtr. Afghanistan, xxxrii. 

342, 343. 
Henakebiah, North - West Arabia, 

(. 125. 

Herat, city rf, Afgbai 

. ., .. . _ . i.37, 

45 [note], 47. 61, 53, 64; kxivu.282. 
Hebat EivLT. mi. 46, 47. 

siege of, it. 49. 

territory, nomada of tho, ib. 52, 

Valley, ib. 47. 

Uebeeiet, Admiral Sir Thug,, E.o.a., 

Creek, East Australia, iiiiii. 

Island, North- East Coaat of 

Labrador, sxxviii. 276. 
Eange, Queenaland, uxiii. 

ib. 206. 

Hebgott, Mr., Botanist, who aooom- 
panjed M'Douall Stuart in hie second 
journey in the vitinitj of Lake Tor- 
lena referred to. xxxi. 83. 

Sptinga, South Auatrulia, ti. 


Heemit Hill, South AuBtralia, ii. 65, 
66, 68, 69. 

Hkemebjwef, M. G.; On the IsTBinia 
of TEHnAHTEPEC, Central America, 
xxzii. 536 — leacrijit ion of approaches 
hi tbe lathmua and of the fiumund- 
ing country, 536 — rivera o[ Mexico, 
538— climates on the Isthmna, 512— 
iiihabitants, 543 — number of popula- 
tion, 544. 

Listofvillageaon theL,thnias,544 

Productions enumeraled, nitli re- 
marks. 549 H s^. 

Notes respecting antiquities, natu- 
ral curiosities. hot-flprlEiga, &c., on 
the Isthmus, 552, 

Table of distances from ocean to 
ocean, 554. 

Hebhon, tbe, and the Pliysica.1 Fea- 
tures of Sthta and Nobtueen Pales- 
tine. By JobnWoetabet, M.D., xuii, 

Hebodotts referred to. ixxi. 17 ■ 
iMvii. 129. 

HkHSET Creek, York Peninsula. Queens- 


HimvET Downa, Queeiislaiid, uxiii. 

Eesbei tribes of Hilly DBghistHn, Cau- 
casus, BuoD de Brod<--'B aouxint of 
the country of the, xxxii. p. clx. 

Hecqlw's journey to the Waiiiii, Cen- 
tral Afirioa, mi. p. clmii. 

HiA-HC Biver, Formofl^ zxxiv. 15. 

HiBBABYBB, Hermon, xxiiL 101, 

HiCKsON, W. E. ; On the ClimBtB of 
the North Polb, and on Ciri'umpolar 
EiploTttlion. ixxv. 12tf — remBrks 
upon the Bcietitiflc objects to lie at- 
tBtned by reaching the Pole, 13G. 

HlTH-unynuJ^n, or Lob Alniagros, 
letbmus of Tcfhusntepte, Ceutrul 
Anierii'B, xxxii. 54 S. 

HiDi triide, latlimua of TEhuantepeo, 
Oentriil America, i'l, 5SS. 

Hub LVMO-BiAKO (Btver Amur), Tsi- 
t«i-har Province, Mtincliuria, xxxix. 

Highland Dietriot, Vancouver Island. 

HiGQWATa between the eoulhem purt 

of China and the valley oC the 

Yang-tsze-kiang, xaxviii. 5S. 
HiLLAH, lo'WD of, Turkey in Asia, 

xxxvii, 160, 164. 
Hru., Mr., Director of llio Boiatiio 

Qsrdena at Brisbane, rcferreii in, 

my. 195. 
, Samuel 8., OLit. Notice, si. p. 

HiLO, Hawaii Island, xixviii, 36S, 3C9. 
BuuLATi Mountttins. zxxi. 14 [note], 

20, 21, 25-27, 30, 3Sa ; ixxii. 1, 26. 

H04, 305; xiiv, 226; ixiyii. &J, 

313. 319, 350 ; xl. 398, 390. 
HiuAi.ArAn Bimge, Glaciers of (he, 

, width of the, xixvi. 

HiMiB. Ltidakh, xnvii. 841. 
HiN<:HiNnfux)KlBlaiid,NoTth-!EaHt Coast 

of Australia, ixxv. 200, 201. 
, Mount, Norfb - Eaat 

Anstraliu, ib. 2iJ3. 
Hind, Henby Youle ; An Exploration 

up the MoieiE Bivbb to the edge of 

the Table-land of the IiAbrador 

Pmhssui.a, imiv. 82. 
HofDLBT Eidg.-, New Zadand.ifi. 60, (59. 
HniBOSTAN, spirit of the nntitt popu- 

kihra in. sxii, 212. 

HmiJOTAK Pass, Euen Lun Range, 
iiivii. 10. 

HiNDii history, XKxi. 18, 19. 

-■-■■■ KuBh Chain, nxvi. 262, 263 ; 

xxxvii. 341 ; xl. 125, 385. 
Bovercigas, ruiiia of temples 

built by, found in the Valley of 

Knahmir, xiii. 21. 
HiHOAN, cit; of, Ewangai, China, 

mviii 61. 02. 67. 
HiKQLAj, or Nauee Monntnins, Bela- 

th)8tan,xxxiii. 190-194. 
— , temple of, described, !b. 207- 

HiHdOB. otWuLM Aghor, River, Baluch- 

islan, A. 184, 191, 192. 
HiNO-FiRa, E wuugai, China, xiivtii. 55. 
UiNKA Lake, Uusaian Manchuria, 

HiNLOl'Eti Strait, Spitsbergen, ib. 110. 

Hints to Thavei.lers (revised andaug- 
menteil edition), by the late Admiral 
Sir Geobqe Back, f.b.b., Admiral 
(now 9tr Bichabd) Collinson, and 

FrAHOIS G ALTON, Esq., F.B.B., XXXlv. 


Pref..tor,i Bemaris, 272. 

Otdfit for an Expl„rer ; Esamina- 
tioQ of inBtruDieuU. 273— sextants ; 
meraurial horizon ; natoh ; compriss ; 
lantern. 274— therraometera : aneroid; 
mapping inatrumenta; additional ia- 
atrumeuts, not neoeasury, but oon- 
venient, 275 — stationery, books, 276. 

Lut'Uide and LongitMie, General 
remarks on obKerving, 277 — nattiro 
of obaervations for latitude and for 
longitude, 278— Notes by Franeia 
Gallon, Esq., p.b-s., 279. 

Aiinmih. — -General remarks; for 
true bearing, 280. 

Base Lines. — By ditference uf lati- 
tude, by micrometer or sextant, and 
shurtbase, 28t. 

Tirii/e for Jla-igh TrianQuiaUon icith- 
out the usual Inslruoients and wUhout 
Cnlculatim, by Franoia Qalton, Esq., 

F.B.B., 281. 

Ona Composition for keeping Wntohti 
or ConyiasseaWalertighl, byMr. Jamea 
Brook, chronometer maker, 284. 

Silvering Sextant Glasses, 284. 

Method of filling a tube viith meraury 
as a temporary Barometer-tube for oe- 
easiunaluse, 285. 

Altitudes by Thermomettr in Boiling 
Water, 285-tBbles, 287. 

Hfetcon^ical /nstruciion for tAe 1M« 


thermoiuetecE, 28S — montlily mean 
temperatures ; daily mean lempera- 
tars ; moctlil)' rangs ; weekly meaiia, 


Bain, Snaic, and Deic, 200. 

Wind, 290, 

Extracts from a Letter from John 
Eirk, Esq., ii,D., F.L.S.— Genenil 
remHrks, 291 — rate of imvet; ttier- 
mometrio observatioiu ; oollecting 
plants Hsd animola; phologcnpliy, 


MxHta on the Projection of Baules, 

by Stuff-CuDunaDdeF C. Georgia, b.n., 

(late) Curator of Maps k.g,8., 3a6. 
TAb Field Boot, 300. 
Method of Measuring (ifl nwnber of 

cabia fett of Water oanveyed by a ricer 

in each lecond, 306. 

Mint) on the Collection of Objects of 

Natural Hiaturn, by H. W. Bales, 

Esq., AaiUtant Seeretuy B.a.B., 306. 
HiOGo, Japan, xxxii 280, 284, 2SB, 289. 
Hbmab, town of, Centmi Asin, xxxri. 

HiTCHDooK, the late Pxufessiii EdwarU, 
I of Amharet, U.S.A., referred to, 

I xsxis. 125 [note]. 

Hoa-baka-h*ha-Ia, statneof.roundoD 

Easter Island, South Pacific Ocean, 

deaoribed, kL 177, 178. 
Eoii p£wAi]-KraQ-FC. Honan, Chins, 

ft. 19. 
UoBAiia River, Borneo, sxsii. 224. 
HoBBON, Lieutenaut, distiuguiahed by 

hla sledge joumi;ys in the TJciuity of 

Behring Strait, ixxL 2 et seq. 
, traces of the Franklin 

Expedition discovered by, ib. T. 
Ho (chow), BzHohaeu, China, ixxii. 

HocHSTETTBB Sluoler, New Zealand, 

HoDQEiN. Di. TboDiaa, Oliit. Notire, 

; Translation of 

M. Henbi Mouhot'b ' Note3 on Cam- 
bodia, the Lao Country.' i^o., xxsii. 
142. ^ee M<Mhot. 

HoDOKlNSON ijAe, South Australia, 
ixxiii, m, 33, 35. 37. 

, Mr., retBrcail to, ib. 17 et sei]. 

HoDjA-EiSHLAE, vlllagD of. Central 
Aria. t\. 456. 

HoiuEND, Ceutral Asia, rearlag of Bilk- 
worms in, ■'>. 411. 

UuEM-ao, Ohilili, China. See SaetUo. 

HopHonF, town of, Arabia, luiy. lift 
126, 137, 139-earthquake at, 138— 
enlpbiuonB spring neur, 136. 

HoGO, Joim, Obit. Notice, il. p. cslJT. 

referred to, xxxr. 7, 13, , 


; Paper on Old Maps nf 1 

Africa referred t 

Hogs, wild, in Andaman lalands, xuit. 

Ho-uiA, town of, Hupei, China. I'l 
HoH LooDibah Muuutain, Mnetakh 

Range, xixiv. 42, 43,48, 51. 
Hoi [HAi>Ho.North China, xm 
Ho-KiAKo, city of, Szethuen, China; 

niii. 17, 38. 
HoKiTiKA River, New Zealand. iixvU. 

328-331, 334, 335. 

, town of, New Zealand, (4.329. 

Eo-EOW, Kiangdi, Cbina, il. 2^0. 
UeK'KJHiA Lake, Caucautu, ixxix. 332, 
Holder, Lieut., referred to, xxxiv. 8, 
Holdfast Bay, North Aofltralia, xxxtL I 

239, -244. 

. »l.A.| On t 

— ; Noteu on the I 

Map of the Penusbula of SiHAi,' ' 

xxxix. 342, 
HoLLiNGWOBTB, Mr, H. G., referred to, 

xl, 2, 33. 
HOLLivoEl) River, New Zealand, ssii». 

101!, 107, IIL 
HoLMBs Miiunt, New Zealand, A. 90, 
, Western AuBtralift, 

xl. -iSl. 
HoMATHoo River, valley of, British 

ColQmbi8,xxxviii. 124, 
, or Bute Inlet, Britiah 

Oolumbia, ixii. 250. 
HuHBAN Arabs, Eaatern A&ioa, sxxvL 

UoHUBH, or Uubtiab, River, British 

Colnnjbia, xsxl 244. 
HoNDUBAS, mahogany works of, xsxii. 

HoNET, abundant in Weatein Abyi> 

HoNOLCLn, capital of 

kingdom, ixxviii. 3t)2, 
HoooBLT River, iisi. 27 

HoOElE, othertcise Sllnokpooree, Bula- 

chiBtan, xxxiii. 189, 2U8. 
HooEEB, Dr. ; On the Upheaval of 

HlUALAt-A, ixii. 29. 

referred lo, ixsv. 167. 


lula- J 


HooKiut Glaf ier, New Zealand, xxiiv. 

»0, 94 ; xl. 435. 
BsDge nrMount.New Zealnnil, 

XKiiT. 90: xl. 437. 
. l^if Wm. Jackaon, Obit.NutioB, 

referred to, xsxi. '■ 



HopEDALE, Labrador, xxxTiii. 272, 273, 

27fi, 27S. 
Hope Luke, Bontb AiulTBlis, xixiii. 

HoPKLEBS, Mount, Centrel Anbtrnlia, 

xixii. 431, 433, 43S, 419. 487, 494. 
EoFB Town, OcBii^ Biver, South 

Afri(», XKXv. 114. 
HoFKlNB, Mr. Evan, rtCerred to, it. 143. 
HouEK of AminianUB MarctilliiiUB, 

xiiviii 347. 

" HoBNB Lake," Tancouvet Island, 
xxxii. 330. 

BoBSBUHOH, leferred to in connecli.D 
vritb the cunentB of the Ba; ol' Ben- 
gal, ft. 234, 237. 

HoBSEFELDT Mount, QucDualand, 

; Euperiolitj to buUcwta fnr eX- 

plomtion in Anetnilia, xxxiil. 130. 
BosuK Biver, Eastem Turkistan, xl. 

Ho-Tow Biver, ttibutitj of the Yaiig- 

tsze-Eiang, China, xxxii. 13, 14, 26. 
HoT-aPBiNQS of the Isthmos of Te- 

huBtitapec, Central Amerlna, ii. 552. 
of Northern India, xl. 38,39. 


BorsBi-BHiKT. Mongolia, xxxtii. 175. 
Houses in Weatern Shantung and 

Soothem Ohihli, China, iL 17. 
(native) on EsBtei laland. 

South Pacific Ocean, Si. 173. 
HoTA Dominiuna, MadagBBcar, xxxvi. 

Tiibea, Madagascar, ib. 245, 24C ; 

xiivii. 110, 111. 
EowAEEL Bay, Bed Sea, xxxix. 20S, 

209, 228. 
BowABD, F., Master nx. ; Marine 

Survey of tlie Nortliera Territorj of 

South Ai'btbjlia, xxxvi. 227. 
Hovell's Point, New Zealand, it. 97. 
: — Poiidf, Ncrth Australia, 


HowH Sound, Britisb Columbin, xxxi. 

250, 298-300. 
■- — Boute, British Oolnmbis, 

a. 302. 
Howirr's Oamp, South Auslralia, 

iixlii, 27. 
IlowLOEE Lake, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

HowTEn, Nejd, Arabia, xixv. 188. 
HovsTLEN, or Bridge River, British 

Colnmbia, sxsi. 300, 302. 
Hpoo Loo, valley of, between the Bal- 

weeu and Silaug, xxxii, 17S, 179, 181. 
HnAoCTTYO Biver, South Peru, xxxi. 

HuALALAi Volcano, Hnwait laland, 

xxsviii. (last eruption of, 367), 3ti8. 
HuALLAdA BJTer, Fern, xxxi. 191 ; 

xixvu. 13S, 139. 
HuANAoos, Lake of, Patagonia, xxxiv. 

Provinoe, Pern, 


HuANCAvnjcA Bivet, Fern, XExriii. 

HuAVCATi Valley, Pern, i6.41i. 

Hcasoath, Peru, it. 413. 

HuAHTA Mountain^ Peru, i'^. 413, 418, 

419, 421, 423. See also Raimmdi. 
, town of, Peru, «. 415, 419, 

420, 429. 

UcABi-HUABl River, Provinoe of CJara- 

va^ a, Peru, xxxi. 200, 201. 
Hdabta River, Pern, ixxviii. 414. _ 
UuABVNTAK River, Ceotrnl America, 

xxxii. 340. 
HuATiiLCO, harbour of. Central Ame- 

IIcbl-Ibsabiu, Mcaopataniia, xxxviL 

177, 181. 
Huo, Abbe', quoted, xl. 18 [note]. 

', quoted on the Delai Lamas, 

HunnEE, Geluchi^tan, xxxiii. 191. 

Hedeibat el Hejaj, rocke of, Peninsula 
of Sinai, xxxix. 345. 

HunBON River, North America, isxi, 

Hcdsom's Bay, xxxv. 135. 

Company, xxxi 216,218, 

221, 255, 30] ; xxxiv. 162, 165, 172. 

" Hu-DU-Kow," or Tai-ping oonal, con- 
necting the Tung-tmg Lake with 
the Yang-teze-liiang, xxxii. 5. 

Bdechum River, La Plata, xxxiv, 223. 

UiTE, city of, Coobin-China, xxxvii. 311. 

(, Buddhist monk (a traveller 
3 «eveat]i century a.d.), oitetl 
m the PBiuir, sxivi. 252. 

— ; his trarela 

n Centrul Asia, referred ti>, ib, 2ti(i. 

est dexcrlptioD of the Gf^ntral Aaiaii 

Uplands to be faand in his wrilingB, 

xJ. 343, 344. 
HuFUT', principal fort of AI Ahsa, 

Arabift, xxxy. 177, 181. 
Hugh Creek, Central AoBtmlia, x\xi. 


Gum Creek, Central Auetralia, 

ib. 108-111. 

Mount, Central Australia, i4. 112. 

HrSHEB* ' Natural History of Bar- 

badoea,' extract from, sssv. 250. 
HujAHAN-BU, Central Asi>i, i.\. 451, 460. 
Hdjjauheb, Bind, Exxvii. 75. 
HuKOUNO ValleTi route followed by the 

SinKphoaonlheir ioumty to Sudija, 

xl. 2S8. 
Hu-Kow-HiE(i, Yang-tazB-kiang, China, 

Hc-LAM, town of, Chinese Empire, 

mil. 35. 
Hrajiu Lake, QaLlee, xiiii. 100, 104, 


HtmBOLm, Alex. 
TTTi 149, 164 (i 
Chimborazo), 166, 184, 260, 35ti, 

- 566; 

», 235; 

. 214,215, 219, 220, 225, 
230. 231; iss»i. 194! xsxix. 
il. 378, 383 [and note], 386, 

Ilia Isotliermal 

Sjatein referred to, i; 

trale ' teferced to, ib. 216, 22t> ; : 

Doiien Isthmus, s 
. Mountain Sys- 
tem Basignsd by, to Central AUa, xl. 

HuMEOLBT Mounlaiiia, New Zealand, 

56, 62, 70, 88. 
River. North America, 

— ~, "Great Basin" of 

NorthAmericft, .V,. 117. 
Hcmboldt's Mountain Systems of 

Central Asia, xl. 390. 

with roBpBtt to 

iluHu&ii Range, PeDinsnU of Sinai, 

£VLii. ! 

I. 343. 

Hlnan, Province of, China, ixiii. 23, 
2U, 29 ; ixiyiiL 62-65, 67, 68. 

HUK-QALOITK-BHTOUNQ, affluent Of the 

Thouli-yai-Kimt-thyoung, ixiii. 1 68. 

Huno-oh'un (Hun^iun). town of, 
or Hwan-chun-ching, Manchnrio, at 
the pondueuce of the Hun-thun and 
Tumen livers, (xivii. 215, 225, 226. 

" tributury of the Sungari, 

s Frontier, 
ill. 308. 
HiTNOOti, station, Mongolia, xxiiii. 

Hcsa-TSTE Lake, North China, il. 1, 

20, 21, 22, 23. 
HcNTER Mountains, New Zealand, 

S, 35, 31 
Hi'prn Biver, tributary of the Boifiiii, 

Mimchuria, xxxvii. 224. 
HuBDwAS, towu of, Gangoa Blver, 

xixviii. 214, 218. 
HnmuuL, on the Tormik Biver, Trans- 



?. 52. 

Hdrjille, Syria, s 
Hi'EKA Kiver, called by the Chinese 
Mu-twan-ho, Manchuria, xxxix. 19, 

e Kho: 

^lucliistao, xxxiii. 

HnHRBKAKA, district of, India, xl. 182, 

HuBEtAB Valley, Afghaniatnn, xxxiL 

HuKTOW Peiik, Bori PoninouJa, Ked 

Sea, xxxix. 20S. 220. 
HcnnNui Plains, New Zealand, xj 

Biver, New Zealand, i 

of the. 

i. 328, 329, 332, 333. 



HnnrNUi, Valley of the Upper, Nuw 

Z«akLd. xuii. 204. 
BtriDu Kivi-r. affluont of tiie Malin- 

noddy, ixsv. 70. 
VuUey, Btt^m of tlia Malia- 

nnddy. ib. Ti. 
Hvaah Biter, TranB-Indua, \sxiv. 20, 

- Valley, TranB-Iudufl, ib. 19, 20, 





for KiiBfttio r DetHiU of a Joomey 

llirougli part of the Salado Vallbv 

Bud acmoB bhidh of the Abgentjne 

PBomrcniB (ciramaDicated tliiougli 

the Foreign Office), ib. 22li. 

Table of (listam'os froai Aiiito 

Pose to San Kn-tue, 231. 

Tuble ol distaDcos from Raa Soqae 

to Fuerte del Bmcho, 2^)3. 
Table of distanceit from Fuerle del 

Bracho to Saatiago, 231. 
Tablaof diHtunoes from Fiierts del 

Biaoiio to Tucuioan, 236. 
Table of diataaces from Tuoumau 

to Salta, 239. 
Boute lor railway, witli diBtances, 

ftoni Cordova lo Cjldera, 244. 
BuxLEV, ProfBB*or, lite eiiiminatiun 

of fosBil buOalo fiom tbe ZambeBi 

T^nn, ib. 201. 
HmuREHS and Timoorces, wandering 

triboB of, oiviiiug allesiancB aome- 

timea In Fenia und aometiiueB to 

Hi3ut, ixxi. 37. 
fivANO-onow, rityof, Cliina, xixii. .1. 
HWES-tto, Ohiijli, Obioa, xxxn. 131 ; 

XMvii. 243, 244, 248. 
HvDAM'Ei, Cudar-frlDgail, or Jhelum 

River, KaBbmir, xui. 22. 
HvDi! MoQul, New Zealand, ixxiv. 64, 


ii, 73 ; il. 180, lao, 

HTDROQuiPHT of Brltisli Columbiii, 

uxiv. 171. 
Uyfurinas, lodiaoB of tbe RLV<:r 

FurQa, Amazona, xxsvi. 94, 9(t-98, 

1100,101, 10.1, 119; xxxix. 304. 
HvoAcu Biver, affluent of the Biver 
Faraa, Amuzons, xxxvi. 96, 98-100, 
104, 106,114,120,125. 

people of East Siberia, x 


Ihex, tlie, of tlie Kilian and Kuen 

I,aii Moaolaiofl, id. 69. 70. 
Ibi9 Kiver, South Africa, ixxii. 339. 
luN Uututa, referred to, ih. 94, 
Ibo, Mozambique, xxxv. 1G4. 
-, Blave trade at, 

smiii. 257, 
IBOB, East A frka,iixiv. 245-247. 
Ibrahim, PriBha of Egypt, xixv. 185. 
loE stream, Arctic Begions, xxxvl. 


ICB-FJOBD, SpitibergsD, TTTJi . 135 ; 
ge(.logy of, 136, 137. 138, 140. 

IcKLAMD, XXX T. 90. 

, Allen YouDg'a and Bae's 

visits to, ixxii. p. elxi. 
I-GHANQ (fu), Yung-txxe-ktBDg, China, 

th.^etsej.; %\. 2G9 ct scrj. 
Gorge, Yang-tezo - kinng. 

Chimi, e>. 271. 
IcuAH Biver, affluent of tlie Hucuim, 

RiviT Purfla, sxxvi, 1Z6. 
Ida, Blount. Weeteru Australia, xl, 2it9. 
ISAAN People, Borneo, ixiii. 224 et aeq. 
iDiiA, Ig.ira conntry, Kworra River, Africa, sixvii. 108. 
I-ruHG-HtBN, HuDun, China, xl. 2. 
loAPO, explanation of term, xxxvi. 89 


lOABAPK dc Bcroo, Juma River, Brazil, 

sxiix. 298. 
Jaraqui, JuruB River, Brazil, 

tt. 299. 

Fary, Brazil, isxii, 271. 

laLOOLlB, natives of (Esquimaux), 

Arctio rugiona, xxxi. 3 ; iixv. OS. 
ISLUH-nnHA, reported country In the 

north of Point Barrow, Arctio Seu, 

iBNALATA, heighta of, Ecuador, xxxi. 

lucAPE, town of, Brazil, xxxli, 140, 
Ijebu Country, West Africa. Seo 

iKS-CBiT Wood, Central Asia, il. 257, 

Ilchi, capital of Ebotau, Eastern 

Turkistan, xxxvi. 7, 165; xxzvii. 

360, 362 ; il. 48, 71. 
, EaBtern 

Turkistan, poailion of, xxxvi. 168, 

. , popula- 
tion ol, XIX vii. 8. 

Tastabt ; Keportonbis" " ~ 

By Mr. W. H. Johnbon, x 

ds journey tM^^H 



Ili, Ceutnl Asia, xxivi. 133, 1S5 ; 

xxxT. 213, 217 T ixivii, 8, IS. 
Basin, cottl fnnuatiOQ larRely de- 

velopeii thronehoat lie, XKXV. 229. 
- — Port, on the Hi Eiver, Centml 

Asia, uii. 369, 370. 
- — River, Ceotral Aeia, ib. 358, 359, 

366, 367, 370 ; ixxii. 562 ; xxxv. 214, 

217. 218 ; xsiriii. 1S3 ; xxxix. 3U ; 

xl. 245, 248. 
, Valley of the. Central Asitt, 

iKxi. 357-3ti0 ; ix*yi. 162! xl- 31)0. 
— Steppe, Genital Asia, xxxix. 337. 
Ilihisa, Ecuador, xxxt. 169, 
iLLiMANi MoUDtain, Bulivian Atidee, 

xxxvii. 119. 
Illvbamba, monifiaor,QuitoniBn Apdes, 

xxxi. 180. 
Illucbi River, Ecuador, A. 171. 
Ilovo Kivor, Nutal. xxsvii. 49. 
IluuB of Muakat, faniily of the, xxxv. 

Imbabati Eiver, South Africa, ixxix. 

Imba Defile, North-Euatoru Afrion, 

sxiiv. 205. 
"Ihbakoaha" tree. South Africa, ib. 

InEDXTon River, Britiah Ckilumbia, 

xxxi. 232-234. 
Imahbabi Biver, Peru, xxxvii. 110-118, 

130 ^e seij. 
INAOVKIB Rivtr, affluent of tie PniilB, 

XXI vl. 98. 
Imoa Indiaua, xxxi. 198. 
Ikoa'h Fountain (La Fila del Iiica), 

QoitooiBa AdiIbb, ik 180 
iMCis. the, ib. 164, 1G8, 177, 181, 198. 


iNCHiai'ABi Mountain, La Phita, xxxiv. 

Inci'luzanb Hiver, tributary of the 

Bembe, South Africa, xixix. ^55. 
lHDEB£a, or Anderea, town of, Turkey 

ill Aais, xxxviii. 300. 
iKUBx Qeographicua, Keith JohiutoD's, 

India and CaiNA, On a Communiuation 
between, by the liue of the busuAU- 
POOTBE and Yano-tszb. By flenarnl 
SirARTHuaCoiTO.i, R.E.,xx}cvii. 231. 

, ohiualioDa cultivation in, xxxv. 

p. olxxvl 

, GrBograpbical work in, xxsiv. p. 

cilvii. ; vul. xxxvi. p. olxxii. ; vol. 
IXXvU. p. oxlviii, et saj. 

, Great Trigonomelrical Survey 

of, xxxvi p. olxxii ; xxxvii. 1, 2. 


:, East Africa, xxxt. , 

Natal, ixxTii. 49. 
■ — - — - Government, mi. 14. 

Harbour, Eeitaimaui Islei, 1 

Labrador, xxxviii. 266, 269, 276, S77.,l 

lalaod. North- East foast o( | 

Labrador, ib. 263, 266, 267. 
Navy ; ceuafHi ti> exist on j 

30, 1863, xiiiii. p. diii. 
— floriicea to Gengrapby, i6, 1 

Oceu3i,B<!a[hem, gpeoifiogravitj j 

of the eea !□ the, xxxv. 147. ,|| 

, periodio winds of th^ J 

xxxviii, 380. ' 

, temperatoTB of the Bi 

in the, xxxv. 152, 153. 

trails throughout North 

America invariaiiiy foUuw the beet 
line of travel througli a wild country, 

iMotANS of Tehuaiitepco, Central 

America, xxxii. 543. 
iNliloiBKA River, Siberia, xx 



12, 31. 
iNDt's Bud Sutlej rivers, traces of 

ancient chnunefa of tlie, xL 191. 
iNDns River, xxxi. SS ; xxxii. 804, 305 ; 

xxxvi. 266 : xxxvii. 13, 19, 69, 70, 

71, 74-77, 79, 343, 345, 351, 363 ; 

xxxviii, 146. 217 ; xxxix. 147. 166. 

157, 159, 160, 161. 
, ancient cbawiel of the, 

xL 189, 191, 194. 

auoient names for the. 



, cataclysms on the, xxxiv. 

, estimated diacharge of 

the, xxxviii. 216. 
, mode adopted in taking 

observatiouB to determino the valu- 

dty of the, xxxvii. 83. 
, Notes on the lower portion 

of the. By Coloutil W. TaEHENiiiiXBft, 





iNDnBBiTM.triboturiBBof Ihe, iisTiii. 


i. 72. 


mix. 11. 
Imgblktk Indiana, Alaeka, xixTiii. 

Incezi Biier, Eaatero Africa, sxxiil. 

Inolefibld, Captain (nov Admirul), 

ralerred to, xxit. 95. 
iNflOANi, Soutli-E^oat A&ica, xxilL 

Inqrah, H?Tbi.-Tt, n.p., Obit. Notice, 

Ingdb, baain of Ihe, Cancssne, x£xix. 

60, GI, 67. 

, CBTine of the, OnuoaHiiB, ft. 70. 

, topography of the upper boain 

of the, CancaBua, ib. 70. 

Valley, CeucasiaH, ih, 66. 

Ihgwattima River, South Africa, St. 

26*, 265. 
iHGWEmasi BiTer, South Africa, xb, 

Injetesa VaUer, Turkey in Aflia, 

xsxviii. 322. 
Inhuibahi to ZocTPANBEBHO, Joumej 

from, by JoAQcm ce Santa Hita 

MONTAKEA. By Jahes Macqueen, 

iNHAMFiraA Biver, South-East Africa, 
ib. 66 ; xxiii. 250. 

IijKCMTCU Biver, Biitieh Columbia, 

xxxi. 233. 
Inheb Africa, On the Antiquity of the 

Pbysical Geography oL By Sir 


ddeut H.O.8., xxxiv. 201. 
Inonoahua, Now ZettlaTid, xxxii. 302. 
Insebbab DiBtriol, Borneo, ib 228. 
IkbthCCTiDmB to Bohert O'Hara Burke, 

Leader of the Vii-torieu Exploring 

Expedition, ib. 503-505, 
iBiBBBrrrBNT Bivew in North America, 

xxxix. 129-131 
jHTltBTlEW Island, Andaman Islands, 

xxxii. 113, IIG, 120, 124. 
iNTBAPATABrm, ruinB of, called by the 

Siamese Nakhon Luaog, and Nakhon 

Tom by tlm OiimbodianB, ssxs, 80, 

Invmtioatob Boads, Gulf of Carpen- 
taria, xxxiii. 7-9. 
latJiOHANos Indian?, Peru, Kxsviii. 

Ibaeiap^ Birer, affluent of the Aqoiry, 

ParOs Biver, iixvi. 120. 
Ibawaiit, The, and its Sourcce. By 

Dr. J. ANDKoaoN, xl, 286. See aUo 

Irbit, town of, Bussin, xxxii. .155. 

Iseh-Uabibgak Mountain e, continua- 
tion of the Tmns-Ilian Aia-tao, 
xxxi. 857, 358. 

Ibis River, or Yeshil Irmak, Tnrkey in 

lH.Kui,'(Lake), Ajr-Chatky Sands, Cen- 
tral Asia, ib. 442. 

Ibkutbk, Eaat Siberia, xxxi it 177; 
xixvii. 223. 

Ibuinger, Admiral, Eon. Corr. Member 
a.a.B. ; Oa Surface Tempera tares in 
ihe North Atlahtio, xI. 441. 

Table ahowiug Temperatures of 
tlie Surfocu in the Northern Atlantic 
Ocean, with names of Ohserviri', &c,, 

Ibon; in South-Bast Africa, xxxii. 

; in Glenelg Dialiiet, North-Weat 

Australia, xxxv. 272. 

; in Manohuiui, xxxix. 13, 32. 

; in the region of the Zambesi 

River, xxxv. 103. 

mines, in China, xxxii. 3S. 

Ibon-obe in the BoioldoidcSle, Central 

Aula, xl. 417. 
iBBAWAnnY Rirer, xKsii. 214 ; xxxviL 

235-237. See also Irawady. 
-, Valley of the, xxxii 166, 

iREiOATiON-aAKALe Iq Wuzesristan, ib. 

Ibbioation, ayxtem of, adopted in Cen* 

tral Asia, xl 457. 
liiTTSH River, Central Asia, xxxii. 

565; sixv. 64eis(rg., 214, 215. 
(Bliicfc or Dpper) River, xxxr. 

59-62, 215 — afiluentB of the, B>. 

— (White or Lower) River, ib. 59- 

River, tributaries of the, be- 
tween Lake Znisau and Fort Bukh- 
turminsk, i6. 61. 

Ibcualapa Biver, Central America, 

licuCBioA, Peru, ssxviii. 414. 
iBENDY-BrLAK River, Central Asia, si. 

Ibhaki Canal, I 

Ibhkabad, District of Nisliapoor, xxxi. 

iBiiEiBT, Turkey in Asia, xxxiii. 336. 



IijHOCO Tribe. Weatem Eqaalorial 

I-SBDi, Sbiintuns, China, xl. 9. 
IsKANDBB-KCL, Central Aaiii, ib, 450 ; 

described. 151. 
" Ibli Laroa," ialanil in Lslie of 

Nalmel-Uuupi. Patagonia, XXXIV. 2H. 
ISLAHAKAD, town in Easlimir, xxxi. 21. 
ISLiMGTB Saddle, Abyeainia, isiriii. 

45, 46. 
laLisra, Bay of, NewfonQdlftnd, xisLr. 

261, 270. 
IsFAHAM, Persia, xxxi. 54, S6, 57 ; 

XKSviL 274-271) ; xixviii. 412. 
iBBAELrrzH, probable route of Ibe, to 

Bud from Mount Sioai, xxxviii. 256. 
IsBTK-KUL (Lake), Central Aaiu, iiii 

357. 359; ixxy. 215 rf seq.; iiivi 

208; xxxTiii. 430, 433, 434; ixii« 

318 ell Kj.— deBoribed, 328— ottier 

iiacai>a far, 332 : il. 250, 2S1, 344, 375, 

885, 391, 399, 448. 

, ancient mina in 

tlie. zL p, clxvi. 

- Basil 

laTHHua of Dabies, definition of, ib. 70 

of Pamaba, On the Batanoa 

BivEB. Bt Laurence Oliphaijt, 

Esq., lutT." 142. 
of Tehountepec, Centrnl 

America, xxxii. 536. Bee aUo 

Itaiti'ba, town of, on tlie Tapajoa 

Biver, Brazil, ib. 269, 278, 279. 
Italian GeoijniphioalBoFietj ; Papers 

in their Journal, xxxix. p, ctixiti.^ 

deatb of Count LavrBdil^ x\, p, clix. 
Itarare Hirer, Bmzil. xxKii. 137, 
Itinebabies of the Second Bast African 

Expedition under Captain J. H. 

Spekc, xxxiii. 334 .■( teq. 
iTse and L»u, PrinL-e of, Japan, xxxii. 


Ituata Hiver, Pern, wxvii, 118, 122. 

, town of, Peru, ib. 129, 142. 

Itcrea, xixli. 105, 

Ituxt Biver. affluent of ihe River 

PurOa, xxsTi, 86, 95, 96, 119, 126, 

127, 129, 
iTY-A-iniDEis, Soulh Australia, xKxiii. 


Expedition, Brif,f Slietch 

of the BeanlCa of tbe. By Capt. 

B. GoLUBBF (tranelatud from tlie 

Boasian by Mr. John Miciieli,), 

xxxi. 366. 
, Notes Qo the, and tlie Bivrb 

Kobhkar. By M. W, TENinKor 

(translated by Hi. John Michbll), 

xxxii. 560. 

. See Ssmetiof. 

Valley, Central Asia, xl. 

349, 350, 356, 
Ibbik-ait Valley, Central Asia, ib, 350, 
ISTAKAB Mountain, xxsi. 6 1 , 
Ibtabtepkc, town of, Isthmus of Te- 

huautopec, Central Ameiica, xxxii. 

IsTAPA, or San Jose de Guatemala, 

Central America, ii> 537, 
ISTHUDS of Darien, Acoouut of Scienti- 

flo Explorations in the, in 1861 and 

1R65. By M. Lcoien db Puvdt, 

■^^ liminary ! 
^^^B Exploratio 
^^^1 it. p, clXXL 



liminary Survey ; M. de Puydfs 
Explorations ; Admiral Davis's work, 
it. p, clxxLi. 

IvAHY Kiver. Brazil, i 

Jaba, M., Busaian Conaul at ErzerQm, 
trnoslations of insoriptiona on the 
towera of Diarbekr by, xxxvii. 186, 

Jabbok Eiyer, Syria, xssii. 96. 

Jaoarb Kiver, a araall affluent of the 
Itiver Purfls, xiiyi. 92. 

jAOKBON'aBay, Proviiiooof Canterbnry, 
New Zealand, xxxiv. 94, 104 ; xl.434. 

River, Proviuce of Canter- 
bury, New Zealand, sixir. 104. 

Jacob, General John, referred to, xl. 
192, 202. 

Jaoobabad, Bind frontier, xixvii, 71; 
si, 202. 

Jadb quarriea. in Eastern Tiirkislaa, 



Javta, town of; 8jTin, xxzii. 100; 

uiTi. SOL 
Jioai. Moimtaiue, Eaet Africa, ixit. 

Jadbjaoha, or Ni«ibiri Biver, Turkey 


Jajbbodh Biver, ixxi. 38, 
Jaimfa, Oentml Americo, xiiii. 542. 
Jaltefec Itivet, Centtal AmeticA, 
ib. 537, ML 542. 
I jAWAMAiiya, tribe on the Elver FurilB, 

I Jaubite Diatrict, West AMca, ziiiiL 

Jahrs laloDfl, VuDcouTer Island, sxxiv. 

Bange, Aostmlia, issi. 109, 110, 

110, Ul; xixiii. 280. 2fil. 

, Sir Hemit, bb., T.B.S.; An 

Account of the Levelling rrotii the 
MEDrTEBRANEAN' to the Deas Sea, by 
C^pt. 0. W. Wilson, n.E., and a 
party of Xtayal Engineers rrom the 
Onlnance Survey, xisvi. 201. 

, referred to, xxxis. 


Jahebon, Dr. William ; Journey from 
Ql^lTD to Oataube in IS59, xxxi. 184 
— notea respecting position, &o., of 
Quito, 1846-ri)ijte followed from 
Quito; flora of oouiitrr,187 — reaches 
table-toDil at base of Eastern Andea ; 
DomerouB caltle in Ca^ambe district, 
388 — prices of agricultural produc- 
tions of CavHinbt ; ascent to snow- 
limit; eiaraination of flom; list of 
plants colltoted ou Cajanibc, Dec. 
27, 1859, 189. 

Jauiebon, Hubert, Obit. Notice, xxxi. 

Janolaohe, town of, ISrsbmaputra 
BiYtT, sxxyiii. 134, 146, 151, lt!3, 
176, 211 rf leg. 

jAMiBA,rity of, EpuTie, xssis. 285, 2S6, 
288, 296. 

, climate of, ih. 29L 

, lake of, Kpirns, Hi. 287, 2S8. 

, pl»in of, Epirus, il>. 287. 

Jan Miiyen Island, Arctic Ocean, 

Janbbm, Cummndore, of the Dutch 
NaTy, refcrrai lo, xxxvi. 194. 
I Jao-oqow-fu, FoyoQg Luke, Cbinii, xl. 

Japak, notes on the agricaltojal crops 

and v(!gatable productions of, xxxi. 

252, 354, 355. 
, anciantiy named Awadsu, 

xsxiii 162. 
— — , tlimato of, and Pacific Gulf 

Stream, rxxiv. 10. 
, explonition in, sili. p. olxvii, ; 

vnl. xiiii. p. clxlii. ; voL xzxvi. p. 

, fruits of, zxxi. 355. 

, MS. Surrey of. zixiii. p. cxxx. 

, Narrutirts of Joumeya in the 

ioteriur of. By 8ir Eiithebtobd 
AicooK, K.C.B., ixxu 321 ; xiiii. 280. 

. Keport on the Central Silk 

Districts of. By F. O. AoAua, Esq., 

Jafdba KtTer, Iributarv of the Aninzun, 
Brazil, ixivL 89, 97,'ll5; xixix.297. 

jABniNE, the Messrs. ; tlieirEipioiatlou 
of Cape York Pi.'niniiula, Quoenslajid, 
referred to, xixviii. 374. 

, John; Destription of Uie 

Netghbourliood of Souebbet, Cave 
YoBK, AiaxRALiA, xxxvi. 76. 

Biver, or Creek, Cjpe York 

Peninsula, Queensland, xxxiii. 109, 


i. 45. 


i. 249. 
Jasqk, Persiu, x: 
Jatipan, Isthmus of Tehua 

Central Ame ' 
Jauja, Peru, xxxviii. 418. H 

— — Valley, Pern, ft. 414. ■ 

Java, xxxii. 127 ; sixiii. 210 et teq. ^ 

Sea, xxxviii. 393. ' 

Jatabt Biver, South America, xxxix. 

303, 306. 
Jawlan, i>r Jaulati, tableland of the, 

Sj-riii, ixiii. 89, 105, 108, 
Jaxartes Biver, or 8 jr-Daria, Central 

A^iii, iioutakafs Exploration of the, 

, Oentrai. 

-, Central 

Asia, XXIV, 223 ; xl, 391 


Abia. Table of Corresponding Lo- 
calities, on botli banks, from Fort 
PeroTski upwards to Baildyr-Tugai, 
xxxviii. 456 ft acq, 

, Ckn- 

(Horanin) Sp4u, 

JBKBi. Aba Ma'aad, PeDioBula of Siaui, 

, the MouDt Qitead ol 
txii. 89-91, lOS. 
ar, or Greca Mountain, 
liy. 146. 

if Ambin, i5. 

GeneatB, x 

Arabia, i: 

- Akdah, ProTiuofl o 
Jj47. 150, 152, 153. 

- Aarer, Ataxia, ib. 134. 

- Atalah, MoontaiQ, ArabiB, 
[ 128. 

1 Araby, Peninaula of Sim 
el Heiach, Syria, xxxii. IC 

Eluhfem, Peniaaula of Sini 

EBfhr, Eaatern Africa, ix 

199, 200. 

Eth Tbabt, Peninsnla of Binai, 

Tibnin, Syria, i«ii. 106, 107. 

Tib, Peninaula of Sinai, xxiviii, 

252. 2S5. 

TSnio, PcninBola of Sinai, 

ib. 242. 

Toweyt (a vast calcareona 

platfan), Arabia, xxiiv. lid cl &»;. 

^- Serbal, Penineula of Sinai, 

ixivUi. 247. 248, 252, 254-256; 
xxsix, 345, 346. 

Tim Alowee, Penin«nla of Sinai, 

■6.246,256; ixxii, 343, 34G. 

UinSbaumer, Peniiiaula of Sinai, 

ixiTiii. 242, 243, 250; xixix, 343— 
dintrict ransea, 4o,, ixxiv. 1 12 si asi?. 

Tim Shake, Feniaauln of Sinai, 

iiXTiii. 250. 

Um Zoyrey, Peninaula of Sinni, 

xwix. 344. 

Jkbnii, indepeiiilrnt Sikh atato, xl. 1S2. 

jEHANQtR, a^'U anil eucceeaiii- to Akbar, 
first Mogul Enipeiat of Eusliiuir, 

Foreia, Peninaula 

Hadead (" tbe Iron Moaiitain "), 
PeoinHuIa of Slniii, spocnlar iron oro 
met vfitb near, ib. 243, 244. 
- Hauran, xssii. S8. 

Humm&m Faronn (the mountain 

of the bfttliB of Pharaoh), Peninaula 
of Binai, xxxviii. 2aa, 256— springs 

Katliarioe, Peninsula of Sinai, 

a. 243. 

Mnni'a, Syria, xxxii. 86. 

Maziund, Peninaula of Sinai, 

yiii. 245. 

Mckmol, Mount Lebanon, xxxii. 

MOsa Mount Sinai), xiiviii. 
838. 239, 242, 245, 253, 258 ; ixxii, 
S14, 346. 

Oiljmeh, Penineula of Sinai, 
Tiii. 252, 253, 256, 257. 

Okdah, Arabia, xxiiv. 146. 
Sahara, Peninsula of Sinai, 

I. 344, 34G. 

Balma, Arabia, xxxiy. IIH, 124, 

I Sal 

^^m XKxix. 3 

^ Batr 



240 ; ixxix. 26. 
Jelajel, Bodair, Arnbiu, xxxv. 178. 
Jemhi River, East Africa, xl. 324. 
Jenihset (ill Yenisei) Bivor, Siberia, 

ixKii. 565; xxxT. 14. 
Jerahh, Syria, ib. 92. 
JKKICHO, Syria, xxxtl 201, 202, 
" Jeiui.!BS ' flowing into the Kbaboor 

Kiver, Turkey in Atia, xxiviii. 348. 
JtBBuOK, River Indus, xixvii. 73 
JxanaALEM. xxxii. 100 ; sxxvi. 201, 203. 
jEBYifi Inlet, British Cnlumbia, sxxi. 

297 e! seq. ; sxsriii. 121 ; ixxix. 121. 
Jesse, Mi., agent of tbe Zuological 

Society in Abyasitiia, tLffrrwl to, 

xxxviii. 49, 
Jesuit Missionaries in Central Aaio, 

drain the Vaiiey of Mnreapala, Cara- 
vaya Province, Peru, first explored 
by, ib. 102. 

South America ceferiad to, xxxit, 839. 

and map of Ohina by lite, xxxvi. 137. 

, map of the Chin5fiB 

Province of Tttnnan by the, rL-fsrifld 



Jrsva Marfa River, Fern, isstvin. 419. 
Jew's Mountaio, Semyen Province, 

AbfssiQio, ib. 6. 
JeT91.'lkebe, the Tharr, or iDdian 

Desert, xl. 183. 202. 
Jezireh (Uifaopotiimia), xixvii. 160, 

Jhakbu - JONO (or Gynngze -iong), 

iisviii. 143. 144. 
JanLUlt (Anoient Vednstit) or Vehut 

Biver, Kaehmir, uii. 21, 22, 24, 27, 

29, 31, 33. 34. 
, Punjab, British Caotonment 

of, morke the atu of BuotpliHlia, the 

city founded hy Alexander Ihe Great, 

mi. 22; xsivii. 19. 
Talley, Dften moisture carried 

up, by west wind from the p1ni»s of 

tbe Punjab, xxxi. 33 — exc<'1Ieiit 

whtat grown in, 34 — (ymperBture of, 


effecta of glaeial action 

Been in the, ssitii. 351. 
JiAQHAM, Indus River, xxxix, ISli, 160, 

of, ib. 250. 
JiLiKO, Tartary, articles brought from, 

to LhH«ft, sxxviii. 172. 
JiuzD, Syria, xxxvi. 2i>l. 
JiNOLE Creek, QDceneland. xxxiii. 140. 
JiPE, Lake, East Africa, iiiiv. 2, 3, 5 ; 

JuxAN Defile, Central Aula, height of, 

xl. 456. 

Kivnlet, Centml Asia, ib. 

JuB Burjoa, l:eontea River, Syria, 

iixii. 106. 
Mejamie. near (ho Luke of Tiberias, 

L GaviDe, Abyssinia, 
- Biver, AbyBsinla, 

I. 37. 

ifc. 42, 43; 

JiTARs Indians, Ecuailor, xxxi. ITS. 
Jiw^Ni, Bust Afriio, xl. 321. 
JiZAKH, CentraJ Asia, ib. 448, 452, 454. 
JoBis Island, Now Guinea, ixxii. 127, 

129; xaxiii. 231. 
Jqoics Hill, BeluchtHtan, xxxiii. 193. 
Johanna Island, East Coest of Afiica, 

ixxiv. 258, 259,260-de9cribed. 261. 
Town and Penk, Johanna Is- 

laod. East Coast of Afrii^a, desoiibeil, 

ib. 261. 
John's Bange, Central Anelralia, 

named by M'Donall Stuart after hia 

f^end Jno.OhBmbeiB,xxii. 114,119; 

Johnson, Mr. W. H. ; hia Exploration 
of Kliotan referred to, xsxvi. 157. 

— — ■ — ; Journey from 

Lkh, in_ Ladakh, tn iLCBf, in 

Great Trigonometrical Survey of 
Indin; Report on Lis Journey to 
IlcBi, the capital of Khotan, in 
Chinese Tahtaht, xxxvii. 1 — Leh to 
Fangoiig Lake ; Chaugohenmo Val- 
ley : I.umknng Pais ; high latle- 
lands, 1 — Karakash Biver ; Kiim 
Lun Range, 2 — invitation from tbe 
Khan of Khotan ; Grinjga, 3 — arrival 
at Uchi. 4— tlesori^tion of Khotan; 
buried cities ; soil, n — grains; forest 
trees; minerals, 6— tonne; villagea; 
Tarkund; Ilchi" ; fairs; wild ani- 
tuala, 7— domealio animals; birds; 
eports; populatinn ; taxes, 8 — coin- 
age ; army; rentes from Leb, 9 — 
journey from Dchi to Kiria, 14 — 
retnm journey from llcbf to Lth 
nd Kashmir, 17 — geology of country, 


vey, S 

Mr. Johnson's Itineraries :^ 

Rante 1. From Leh to Debi, 22. 

Bonte IL Ftam Ilchi to Leh, trid 
the Karakomm Pass, 32. 

Bonte III. From Ilehi to Kirin, 

Boute IV. From Zilgia to Tar- 
kand, 42. 

Prom Native information : — 

Routes V. and VI. Sanju t« Kar- 
galik, 44: 

Boute VII. Eiiia to Chuclian and 
Lob, 44. 

R..uteVIir. TphitoShadnla, 45. 

Route IX. Matakbha to Eargalik, 

Boute S, Abukafcar Fort to 
Kalian, 46. 

Route XI. Yarkand to Aksn, 46. 

Route XII. Yarkand to Kasbgar, 

. , referred to, xl. 

47, 85. 

Johnston, Keith, Jun. ; Notes on tbe 
Map lo Mr. WAiErno-OH Paper on 
the Routes of Native Caravans from 
the Coast to the Interior of Eastern 
Africa, xl. 328— Authorities, 328— 
construction of the Map, 329_the 
rivers, streams, and lakes, 332 — 
physical features. 337 — the limits of 
the diiier«nt peoples, 338. 


Johnston, Keith, Jun., Pamphlet on 
ExpliirstioD ill AfricL bj, xl. p. 

, Ben.; hta Allaaea 

anil Bemc(!Bin jinpulariaing the study 
of GeogTBphy, iitsviii. p. clxi. 

— ■ ; his last works, 

xl. p. civil. 

JOHSHTQSE, Capt., Topographical Snr- 
vejoi of the Darajat, bis reponnais- 
aance of the ciiuntiy of tho Kabul 
Khel WazeertB, referiud to, ixxIL 305. 

Bftnga. Queenflland, sixiii. 


, Sir John V. P., Bart., Obit. 

Notice, xx\\x. p. oxlviil. 
Straita, VaQoonver laland, 

JouHHAN (or Gulisbaii} Biver, Oeatcal 

Asia, jcxxviii. 431. 
JuHARD, W., Obit. N^itice, xixiii. p. 

ciiv.— hia great services lo Geo- 

grapliy, ib. 
JoKEB, CJoranmilder, of the Indian Navy, 

»o, formei Survejoi iu Mesopotamia, 
Mivii. Ifi3, 107. 
, of the Indian Navy, 
qqotod on the position of tLe MLtlitin 
■WftU in Mesopotamia, i6. 169. 

, H. L. ; Explanatory Notes on 

two Maps of PATAaoNii, iiii. 204— 

BDurceB of itifonnation ; overland 

journeys from River Negro to Euenua 

Ayres; during first journey spent 

more than a month in the Sierra de la 

TentAiui.' examined coLmtry west to 

the Salinas; in IS2S formed setlle- 

ment in White Bay; Eiver Negro 

delineated &om explorations of Don 

Baailio Villarino in 1782, 20i- 

joumey up Biver Negro in 1817 to 

Choelecbel island; expedition to the 

Chnpat ; Uttak chain ; examination 

of coast of Qulf of St. Mattliew and 

peDinatda and bay of St. Josepli, 205 

^iiaoovery of the moulh of (he 

Chapat or Ghulilad ; exploration of 

the river in ie5i-5 ; statement of 

motives for endeavouring to form a, 

settlement on the river, 206-7. 

Jones' Sound. Baffin Bay. xxxv. 96. 

JoNO-LAM (or Whor-lam), Eoad by 

L means of wbioli the Chinese offleiald 

^^ keepuptheiroommunioitionaforGDO 

^^C loileB.fromLhasatuQartukhiXxxviii. 

^V 116 

JoKS River, afSuent of the Muhanudily, 

xixv. 70, 72. 
JoFlM Biver, Brazil, xxxii. 137, Ul. 
JoBDAN, Plain of the, it. 9i. 

JOBDAN, River, ih, 78 ci sej. 

Valley, ib. 97. 

JoBOBADO, or the Honchback, Voloatn | 
in Ecuador, xxxi. IfiS. 

JosHic, Japan, xl. 340, 3tl. 

Jow?-Aij-AMiv, Ambift, iixr. IBfl 

Juan de Fnoa Stratle, Vaneonver Is- 
land, xxxiv. 160, 1&7. 

Ji'BA (or Jub) River. Eastern Africa, 

r. 250. 

JliBBUi: Bhummur, Arabia, x 


JuBBiiT Tribe, near the Rivi 

V. 17B, 


tcpec, Central America, ib. M5 
Jmio, tall, solid-stemmed grass, used in 

the eonstmction of bouses in the 

Qnitonian Andes, xxxi. 17S. 
JVPAB Range, Persia, xxxvii. 281. 
JOJDT, town of. La Plata, xxsi. 157. 
JuLFA. Armenian suburb of Ispahan, 

ib. 57. 
JULQBOOB Hills, ib. 39. 
JuLiEN, M. Stanislaus, bis translatioa 

of Travolsof Hueu-Tsan, referred to, 

JuMjioo! Punjab, it. 166. 

Jt UNA llivcr, tribntary of tite Ganges, 

sxsvL;, 235; xl. 182, 191. 
JrMNAPA River, Central America, xxxll. 

JcNonoN Bay, North Australia, xxzvi. 

JtiMis (or Eeyes), Lagoon, Peru, xxxviii. 

JlTBci River, course of the, Broiil, 


— — — , tributary of the Amazon, 

Brazil, Bariimctrical Obsecvatione 

taken on the, xxxix. 309. 
. , tributary of the Amaion, 

Brazil, PoflitionB on, dBtermined by 

obseryation*, ib. 307. 
. — -, tributary of the Amazon, 

Brazil, Notes of a Journey up the. 

By Mr. W. CaANULsas, Gold Medal- 
list B.O.S., ih. 296. 
JnRUCK, tlie, Tiurkey in Asia, xssiiL 

JuBtJENA, River, Brazil, Notes o 

ixxii. 2ii8, 272, 275, 276, 280. 
JussEBPO La, Mustakli Range, : 




Rabarofsa, Atnur Hirer, xxsvii. 22S, 

Eabatuah River, Borneo, KxxiL 217, 

218, 222, 226. 
Kabbababa, Zambesi River, xxxi. 26i, 

272, 281, 266, 287. 2G6— observftttauB 

Rt, 2S2. See bL>o Kehrabaan. 
Hapfds, River Zambesi, 

Eiiiminalion of the, by Dr. D. Liv- 

iDgBbme, xiii. 256. 
Rapida. Zambesi, ib. 203, 

270, 279, 290, 291. 
Bttpidfl, Mr. CluulesLiving- 

Btona'B Report of visit to, ft. 286. 
RapidB, Mr, T. Bainea' 

Report of vieit to, ft. 287. 
Kabul, eit; of, Afgluinistan, xxxi. 51 ; 

iixii. 303, 312 ; iixvi. 266, 266. 
— Kbel Wazeeria, country of, Af- 
ghanistan, ixxii. BOS. 

lliver, AfglianUlan, ib. 307, BOS. 

Kabdt Gtimbaz, Peiaia, mi. 37, 

KAOAor, Fiji, xxiii. 57, 58, 60, 62. 
Kadebak, River of, Turkey in Asia, 

Kadbiberiit, Bouth Australiii, xxsiii. 

KADtiKO, Mount, Eaat Africa, iixv. 

KABTTKr River, New Zealand, miv. 

106-108, 110. 
Kadhna Rivur, Weat Ceotral Africa, 

mvii. 82, 95, 96, 99. 
, or Lifiin Biver, West Africa, 

■■6. 107. 
Eaitiblabd, ixxv. 119. 
Kavttb SiobpiiEMa of Bumes, xxxvi. 

262, 266, 2(i7, 279. 
Kaitkabu, South Africa, sxiv. 110. 
Ka?oob Eiver, east of Athtirt Njanza, 

Kapc River, in Unyoro, an affluent of 

the Nile, iixiii. 329, 3:W. 
Kafue River, Zambesi, ixii. 291, 292, 

ECahd-Dekq, or Deng Moantaina, Malay 

Peninsula, uxii, 151. 
Kahtah Tribe, Arabia, issiv. 122. 
KahULDI Islet, Sandwich Islands, 

inviii. 36-i, 36G. 
K-MAPOl, New Zealand, ixsii. 294. 
Kai-ohow, city of, Hancliurin, xxxix. 

Eai-fosg-to (or Pien-liang-ehing), 

capital of Honan Province, China, 

KXXVi, 1*1 : Jcl. 18, 20. 21, 26. 
Kaioibi Cataract, Albert Nyanza, 

ib. 12. 
KAii.Aa Pealia and Range, Himalayas, 

mviii. 146; xixix. 160; il. 125. 
Eaihatau Mountain^ New Zealand, 

3iiiT. 88; k1. 437, 
KainfiA Rivor, affluent of tho Tulaa, 

Central Asia, ib. 3S3, 356. 
Kai-pinq, town of North China, xiiiii. 

163, 154. 
Kaiyo village in Goolialpnr, xxsiv. 46. 
Kajnao Range, Kiiahmir, isxi. 31-31, 
Animals of 

the; characlerof the Buutbern slopes 

of the. ill. 34. 
Kai Naj, Peak in Kashioir, xxxi. 22 

Kakapo Lake, New Zealand, xsiiv. 

10>;, 108-111 — Valley, 107-liU — 

River, 108, 111, 
Kakakdhista Peak, Epirna, xxxix. 

Eakhten Mountaina, Burmu-Chineae 

Ftouticr, xl. 300. 
Kalaat el Shckeef (Castle of BeHbrt), 

Syria, xixii. 106. 
Kalahahi Deaert, SoathAfrIca, iixv. 

106, 107, 109-112, 119. 
Kala Mountain, Tibet, sixviii. IG6. 
Kalasus (anoieut Thjaraia) River, 

Epirua, xixtx. 281, 282, 286, 289. 
Kala-sebai, on the Lahore and Peaba- 

wur road, xx2i. 36. 
Kala-it;b-nbb-»oltjq Valley, between 

the Salween and Sitnnt.', ixsii. 179. 
Kaledjie, mountain of, Turkey in Aaia, 


xl. J 
Kaloan (or Chang-chia-knw), ti 

Chihii province. North China, at me 
Gate in the Great Wall oa the bade- 
route to Kiacbta, xxxiii. 172; xsiix. 

Kalhat Province, Arabia, xixiv. 146, 

152, 153. 
Kaljib Bivulnt, tribntiir; of tbe Upper 

Irtysh, ixxv. 66-69. 
Halsyt, Turkey in Asia, xxxriii, 285, 

Kalkyt-«u (Ljcus), Turkey in Asia, 

ib. 289-292, 297. 
Ealla Sheikh Baj, or Kalla Anushir- 

Ealhyk lands sarveyed in 1720, ib. i 


Kalhtbs, Nor-Zni'SU, name given hy 

thp, U) thfi Kim-Blotj-Nor, of tbe 

Mongols, ib. 59. 
of the Torgcmt anil Tartoal 

trib'S. ib. 69. 
Ealufib River, Borneo, xisii. 2ii. 
Kauaoh, town of, Tiirkev in Asia, other 

namea for, XXxviii. am, 331. 
Kiizzaa (Eraingan district), 

Turkty in Asiii. ft. 330. 
KuiBA Tribe, WvOKtu E^oBtoiial 

Afriutt, urivi. 6G. 
Kameh River, Kaflcistan, ib. STSfnotB]. 
KAMsKALGiN, Syr-Daria, iiEviu. *45. 
Kamida, TeBBD, Japin, isivi, 173. 
Kaionckjitwa, Jitpatt, xL 340, 312. 
Kauec Dagh, mouolaiii in Georglo- 

Armenia, xixi. ISl. 
Kamloop, TliompHon Biver, Britiali 

Columbia, ib. 215, 217, 318, 220. 
Kamloopb, Lake, British Columbin, 

ixxviii. 126. 
Kammabkj Valley, Persia, ib. 411. 
Kahpuh Luod, (JambodiB, xxxvii. 310, 

31], 312. 
pBwai, city of, Cajnbodia, 

xuTii. 308. 317. 
Kampot, town of, Oainbndiji, xixii. 149 ; 

isiT. 81, 87; isxvii. 314, !I18-321. 
Kamrabi, king of Unyoro, isxvl. R «( 

KAMTSoaATKA, oorn in aonthem part 

of, xxxiL 5Gr,. 
Kak, Diatrict of Subiewar, PerBi», tttI, 

Kan River. Foyang Lake, China, 

inviii. 58. 
Kamaats (Cannauta), underground 

Wflter-doolfl in Arabia, xiiv. 180. 
Kauaoawa (commonly known as Yoko- 

liQitia), Port of, Japan, xiii. 327, 

345, 355— Trade returna of, 351. 
Kanatib. Fit'on aqueduct, Syria, XKxii. 

KANDABAa. Si-e Candaluir. 
Kandt-Mygta^, Central Asia, zl.413. 
Kamb, Dr., quoted, xxxv. IHt [note]— 

refarrad to, 97, 98, 130 [note], 132 

[note]; usri. 286, 291, 292-Lib 

North FoUt expedition referred ' 

3, 284 ; 

i. 225. 

Kanoa, Priuoe of, Japun, xxxii. 283. 
Kanoab Hills, Beluoliistan, iisiii 20 
Kangaroo Point, East Auatralia, i 

Kahiqoi^sdii, capital of Wazeerii 
xxxii. 312, 314-316, 324 el seq. 

Kanoha, Abyaainia, xxxix. 41-43, 48. 

Kano, in Haobsa ; Notes of a Journey 
from_B[DA, in Nupb, to (1862). By 

KASBAsCiry Miamiiri, xxxix. 11! 
Paoiflo Railway Company 

veying expedition ocgauized by the, 

ib. 95. 
Kasbplo Rivur, Zambcai, iixi- 29i. 
Kantavu Island, Fiji, ixxiL 44. 
Kanyaka, alation near Monnt Brown, 

South Atutralia,xlxiii. 31. 
Kaomi, L-ity of, 8hunlu(]g, China, xl. 




'. 21. 37, 

I Kapaloo, TraiiB- 

I 40, 5,5. 

I Kapaboktolik, c 

I Regions, xixi. 2, 
Kapte, East Africa, xl. 31G, 
Kara-arcba River, Central Asia, ib, 

I 357, 392. 
Valley, Central Ada, ib, 

Kaba-buha Paas, Central Asia, ib. 362. 

— — River, Central Aaia, ft. 359, , 

360, 364, 3S6, 375, 378, 388-390, 392, 
KARA-DAitiA, Central Asia, ib. 454, 457 

. Kara-oudjib. affloent of the Naryu 

River, Central Asia, xxxii. 561. 
Kara-kibokiz Tribes, Ceiilral Asia 

ixxY. 221, 222. 
Kara-eol Dagb, Turkey in Aaik 

xxiviii. 295. 
River, Central Aaia, xxxU. 

561 ; xl. 353, 357. 
Eara-kdi, (the Drs^D I^kn of the old 

Chinese travellers). Central Asia, 

ixxvi. 260, 261, 276; ixxvii. 158; 

xl. 95, &S, 102 [notej 127, 358. 391, 

— table land, Cuntral A sia, xl. 
Li^JA River, Central Asia, ib. 

tiver, Centml Kaia, ib. 
388, 3U0, 392. 
VaUey, Central Asia, ify. 
ySt, a.'iS, 3iil. 
h'ABA-MiurN UiUa, xxxviii. 451. 
Baba Dagh, Turkey in Aaiu, ib. 

I Kaha-k 
1 3(i5. 


KjiBASALPAKS, nomailB in Eungioil, on 
the left bank of the Amn-Daria, 
iiivii. 155,157.1 

Asia, 16. 305, SOU, 

Hiasai, CHBtle of, 16. 293, 2! 

— , Turhe; in Asia, il 

2»l-2e3, itm. 
Kapan, mountBinB, Turkey in 

Aain, il. 469. 
Keatek Biver, Contral Asia, 

xxiix. 3U, 315. 
Takhtik Kunge, Turkey in Asia, 

Kababai DoGle, Central Asi.i, xxsi. 

, Turkey in Asia, xxxviii. 

281, 283, 284, 286, 2al, 293, 331-334 

'• ," ((enorio term for Bliiggisli 

stretuoB fed from Bprings and laamhea, 
and whioU never freeze, ib, 447, 454. 

EAHA-gu-cBtsuA Vollej, Central Ahih, 
xl. 459. 

Kaka-tac Range, Central Asia, ixii. 
368; ixsYiii. 433, 435.438,447,451, 
4fiy, 454, 455 ; xl. 366, 368-370, 373- 
376, 385, 397, 412-414, 417-419. 

, ooalfoniiBtionBintho,sl.374, 

390, 410. 

, onnection of the. with the 

Bolor, xl. 398. 

Saha-tiube, Central Aaia, 1^. 461. 

Pbbs, Shahr-i-8ubz Moun- 
tains, Central Asia, A. 460. 

Karabaili Kiver, Amu-DaiiB, xxxvii. 
154, ]5fi, 159. 

Kababalta Biver, Central A-ia, xl. 

Kababahtob River, xxxi. 62. 

Karab[ii.ak, Cuntnil Asia, xl. 412. 

Kabauba-Tau, Central ABia, A. 4f>2. 

Karaoht, tnwn of, Sind, xixii. 304. 


Kagadal Hills, Ci^ntral Asia, 16. 452, 

Karadtk HHIb, Altai Range, xxiv. 60. 
Kabaqaty River, Central Asia, xl. S58. 
Karaqvb, African Lake region, xxxiii. 

326-329— King, 327 : ixxvi. 12. 
Eabajiloa Valley, Knen Lnn Moan- 

tuiiiB, xl. 4B. 

of a dike 

by the, xsxviii. 44(i. 
Kabaeash River, Eastern Turkietan, 

xxxvi. 159,160. le.-) I xxxvii. 2, 3, 10. 

11, 19,20: xl. 31,39, 41 et seg. 
River, souros of the, xl. 46, 

61— course of, 119, 130. 
, town of, Eaatem Turkistan, 

xxxvi. ll!5, 
-Valley, sxxvii. 18, 20; xl. 

46,48,115, 116,117. 
Karakorah and Kuen Lnn Ranges. 

limit of vegetation on the high lands' 

L . .^. J, n^ 



i 157. 

160, 163. 168 ; xsivii. 3, 9, 10, 13, 13, 
20; xl. 33, 34, 45, 54. 87, 58, 60, 63, 
65, 114, 118, 126. 

Range, xxxi. 20 ; ixxiv. 19, 

20, 21, 31, 39, 52; xxxvi. 157. 159, 
161, 166 ; xxxvii. 10. 12; xl. 39.41, 

— , limit of perpetnsl 

j Eastern Tnrkiatan, ib. 163. 

I — , Hie raipilal of the Mongol 

I Khans, xxiv. 214. 
, Kararrxe, Beluchiatan, xxxiii. 1R2, 
I 183. 
Karabhahab, eitv of, 300 miles north- 

tuflt of Ilclii, fthotan. xxxvii. 13. 
Karataqu Range, si. 45, 62. 

PasB, Karakorrun Mountains, 

ib. 115-117. 

Spur, ib. 60. 

KARATALRiinge,ContrBlABia, xxxv. 68 

Biver, Central Asia, xxxi. 

367 ; xxxviii. 433. 
Karatihiin, Central Asia, xxxvi. 261. 

■ilia : xl. 102. 
Kaba-Ublak River, Central Aaia, 

xxxviii. 441-446. 
Kardong Puss, ou the Ladakh aide of 
the Earakoram. xl. 33, 118, 16.^ 
Kabbezuk, ill Persia, clooter of villages 

i. 54. 
K-AUELiN, Buijsiaa traveller 
Aaia, referred to, ib. 357 ; 
Kabeh THbes, xxxii. 164, 
parity of idiom betwarn, 214. 

B^ioe. Burmn. r "" 

Karens. Roil. Burma, 



Karbten, Dr., refci-red t 

. Ii 

Karoia Falls nnd River, Hicer Nile, 
betweaii the Viotaria and Albert 
Njanma. xxziii. !130, 331, 333; 
ixiri. 3, 8; xixvii. 20S, 209 el sbj. 

IEasbee Houutain, CuucaBus, xxx'X. 
51,76 — queBtionof first ftaoint of,7l). 
', asi^ent of 

the. See F.sahfela 

of the, sxiv. 221). 
, village of, Cnuoasus, xixix. 

51, 58,59. 
Kasobka DagU, mouofain in Georgio- 

Armenia, xxii. 151. 
Kabbkm ProTiiice, Arabia, mi?. 118 

et s^.— Plain and VallBy, 125, m. 
Kabeh, Aiah e/ettiemeat. East A&tca, 

invii. 2M, 207, 209. 
K'SBKoe, lelatid of. Lake Tanganyika, 

i. 323. 
jj, Plair 

II f, Pei-aia, : 


.;n, JoiiTDRlof a Tour to, forthe 
purpose of opening a Traiiing-road 
to tbe Shan Traders from Mi>Ii7Bt 
and the adjacent Shas Stmes, 
tiiroagh thiit tefrilory. dirci't U> 
TuNOti. Bj Edward O'Eilet, Esq.. 
.■fp. 161. 

Kaboala Birer, Central ABia, xxxii. 

KAnGKNLiNaK steppe, Central Asia, 1 
suii. 5.^5. ! 

Eabohalie, town of. Eastern Tar- j 
kifllan, xl. 33, 69, 80, 81— eIbtoI" 
iiboTe the sea, 82. 

ICaktbd, Zambesi, xxii. 295. 

Kariwab. local niime furisnlutf d putohea 
of ground in the Valley of KnBlimir, 

: Bange, Central Asia, 

Kareara Plateau, Central Asia, xi 

367. 368. 
Kiver, Central Asia, i'6. J 

KASUAEcai (Turt No. 2) o'l tlie Syr- 

Daiia xxsviii. 412-14*. 
KiBN Sartelwb, Syria, xxiii. 100. 
Kabhacha Uagli, Turkey in Asia, 

KxviiL 360. 
Kabbiapundi Plains, New Bout 1 1 

Wales, ixxii. 516, 517, 524, 62.S. 
Kabs Tnrtty in Asia, x\. 471, 472. 
Karbhu, town of, Centml Aein, xxxvi, ' 

Kaesi Rivar, West Cfnlral Africa, I 

EtBtUH, town of, Persia, xxxi, 68; 

xiivii 275, 276. 
Kashhar, city of. Eastern TurkislBn, 



tudo of, xl, 267. 

, described, iS. 97. 

, derivation of tbe name, ft. 

, vnrionB authorities for posi- 
tion of, ill. 122. 
. fort of. Eastern Turkistaii, 

ih. 96-99, 105. 
, Journey from Leh to Yab- 

KANii and. By Mr. G. W, Hatwabd, 

ih. 33. 
River (U[iper Cliu), EsBtern 

Turkistan, xxiix 322,327,330,331; 

xt. 94, 06, 97, 102, 1111, 111, 1 12, 128 

—course of, 130. 

, Ritsaian trade witli, xxxii. 



, Central A sir 

K ABBE A-D aria, Contriil A^ia, xxxL ' 
363-365: xl, 460. 

Kabheaba River, a oanie given to the 
Chii Bivi'r, Central Asia, during a 
portion of its ooarse, xxxi. 369. 

Ka^h-Koroah, IsUnd of, xxxviii. 446. 

Kabhuib, xxxiv. 22, 52, 65, 56. 

, XXXI. 15, 17— ancient aatliora 

who allude to, 17, 18 — anoiBot 
religion of, 18 [note] — the cedar 
rarely found in tbs valley, 22— the 
language, 19[note] — pasaea by which 
tbe vallby may be enlered. 21 — 
naiirly every variety of frijit to bf 
found ill the valley, 23— aea-lK aches 
at various elevations to be seen in 
the valley, 28. 

— , character of the coontry 

whioh separates it from the plains of 
the Punittb, ib. 25, 2li. 

dialict^ ib. 35. 

, Maharajah cf, ixiviii, 162. 

-, limit of hb 

dominions to the nortli, xl. 39, 49, 

, Notes OR the \ alley of. By 

Capt. H. H. AnsTEN, xxxi. 30. 

■ ; On the Trigonoraetriofll 

Survey and Physical OonflKnrution 
nf the Vall.y of. By Mr. Williajf 
II. PiRDON. Jixxi. H, 



Kashhir, uo whealed ciiiiTeyiince ia 

the Vullay of, ib. 32. 
Kashhibian fHoes, comparrd with 

Greek srl, ib. 24. 
Kamala, or OxsBnla, cai>ital or tlje 

Tftka Conntrv. North-EBst Afripa, 

xsiiii.2:l8.24i); sxxvi. 198, I99,20n. 
Kabkih Dutrict, Arabia, xxxt. 179, 

Kastbe, Central Asia. iL 3SH. 
Pass, Central Aaift, li. 252, 

343, 347, 410. 

, BiiBBian fortof.xixi. 369,370. 

Katakoa, Soutli Central Aiiica, xzxiii. 

251, 264, 269 ; rair. 247. 
Kataito, Port of, EpiruB, rail. 281. | 
Katah ProTinoe, Arabin, raiv. 112 i 

et M7.— particulaw toueliing, 14*. 
"KATOBiBA,"ChiefoftbeObbo Tribe, | 

E&st aftlie White Nile, xxxvi. 7. 
Kateet Distrjct, Arabia, xxxiv. 134, ' 

1.^— town, 112, 126, U9, 141. 
KATaAiTUii, Kilian Valley, xL 49. I 

Kathemaih, loirii of. River Tigria, I 

nxvii. 161, 162 . 

ICathehihb Creek, NiTlh Auatralia, | 

Kathuandd. CBpital of Nepal, lixviii. i 

131-138, HI, 142, 144, I4S, 153, 155, I 

156, 158, lei. ' 
, different 

poHitiune ;iaaigne<l to, ib. 142, 14S. 
Kati River, East Africa, xl. 8(J4. 
Katohoa River, Victoria Nyanza, 

East Africa, raiii. S22, 1126, 32:>, 

330; ixsv. 11, 1-,;. 
Eattt-EuroaN, town of, CiTitral Asia, 

xl. 457, 461. 
Katttwab CouBt, evidence of elevation 

and depresHion on, ib. 195. 
Katiili,! sah, Mongolia, xxxiii. 175. 
Katu MountainB, Central Asia, ixzv. 

Katuna' River. Central Asia, xixix. 

Katl'BGAN-si'. Central Asia, xl. 412. 
Kad. Hawaii Island, ssxviii. 3G9. 
Kavai Island, Bandwicb lelands, ib. 

, Gerhard {Mercator), i 

Kava luakiDg, Fiji, xxxii. 45. 
Raybbond, East Africa, xl. 308-310. 
Kawahau River, New Zealand, xxsiu. 

58, 59, 61—64, 66, 71, 7^— Vallty, 

Kat-La (Pubs), Ladakli. xxxvii. 344, 


Kay Looraba Biver, ib. _ 

Eatobok River, British Columbia, 

Iixi. 2.S3, 234. See also Palmer. 
. tiiwn of, British Columbia, 

xxxi. 233, 234, 300. 
Kazak-Dabia. Central A<«in, xxxvii. 

KA7ALT(rDrt No. l),ontbeSvr-Dnria, 

xxxviii. 444-^47. 
Easah Knia (njonntaiu chain), Turkey 

in A»i«, -b. 295. 
Kai Peak, M. zojr I>ash,Tnikej 

in Asia. ib. 334. 

, Russia, xxxii. 555. 

Kaze, iu Uuyamwezi, East Central 

&1'..:/... v«-„{!{ 'i*ii> QQA qOA ^OT - 

-, height of, 
— , longitude 

Valley, Pereia, xxxvii!. 411. 

EAZV-ErBT(?al30 Kazjuil) Moan tains, 
Central Asia, xssvi. 251, 261: xl. 
381 3a5. 

KAZt-KUBf-ATA, Central AsIb, a peak 
iMnsidercdbythepeopleof Chemkrod 
and Saomm and the neighbouring 
Kirghizes to lje the identical moun- 
taiu on which Niiaii's wk rested, xl. 
377 [and note], 378 [and note], a79, 

KsuFFBB referred to, xxxi. 321, 32S, 

Kealeessva Ray, Hav 


lBlar.d, eutrancB to 
i»cliee harbour, xxxvii, 76, 77, 
Kebban Maailtii, Turkey in Asiii. 

xixviii. 34.5. 
Keb[n, Elver, Greut and Little, braucli 
of (he Chii River, Central Asia, xxxi. 
3.19,369: xxxix. 316, 317, 325; xl. 

- Valley, Central Asia, sxxix. 

i, 336, 

(or Kabni-) 


Zambesi Kivi 

Kedje, town of, Belnchistan, xxxii 
" 96, 204, 'im ; xuvii. 272. 

Kefar, village of Jehel Shemei 
Arabia, xxxiv. 124, 

KEfriNO. Eastern Archipelago, xxxi 


', Syria, x 

i. 9l-9,t, 


iri, 368, 3-/0. 
- Valley, ». 36H. 
Kx iBlands. New Guinea, xxii!. 12T. 
""" "" dii. 222 22.5. 

. , ms in tliu Djuiiganati 
Alu-tuii, xxxi, 36(j. 
Keewios, Hr., itiembcr of Mr. J. 
H'Doaall Stuart's Explorint; Ex- 
pedition in AuatmliB, 16. 81 ft isq. 

PuiuiB. Aualrali*. ib. 131, i.-i2, 

131, 135; xiiii. 341. 
SpriQi^s, Sooth AuBtralia, 

KRLiiT-BiBHA, Arabia, 



KELABrnTAH, Arahia, &. 137., xixii. 89. 
Kblat Piutloe or Churr, Bolucliiutuii, 

iixiii. 200. 
Kai.Ba River, tribotarjofthe Syr Darin, 

ixxviiL 447 ; xl. 378 [aiid note], 381, 

387, 419. 
Kbllstt, Captain, liis Arctic diaoo- 

TerisB in tlie Heiahi in I8a0 referretl 

to, uxv. 92. 
Kkixhyr, Mtrzuor Dagli, Turhoy in 

Asia, snTiii. 835. 
Kra.cHo, FonnoBa, isiiv.— 8, II, 15— 

Horboar, II. 
Kkhbau, CoIoiieI (dow Sir Arnold), 

Political Apent of Baglidad, xxivii. 

ITS. 180, 182. 
KE-HtKO. forliSid city of, Nortli Oliiim, 

uiiii 16S, 170. 
Kknah, Arabia, xixIt, 124. 
KzHAUAHi Mountain, Pi'ru, xxirii. 

118, 119, 
Kbndai.1. Creek, Cape York Peniuanla, 

Queensland, ixsvi. 36, 37. 
EmeLT.AK Waler-bole, Kast Aiutralia, 

uxjii. 93. 
KlNiA Monnt, Kaatr'rn Africa, sxxiii. 

Ebh-Kala River, afiluBtit of tlie Tulas, 
Centml Asia, xl. 852. 

KSN-KOL Biver, Central Aeia, ih. %:^5 

KENHxnT's Cliaanel, Btitish Nortlj 
Amerira, zxxv. 134. 

eiploration of Cape York 

Feninsnln. Queensluud, referred to, 
mviiL 374. 

Kbnnedx, H. G.. of H.M.'a Consulnle. 

Bangkok : Report of an Expedition 

made into Southern Lane and Carn- I 

bodia in the early part of the year j 

1866, xxxvii. 298. ! 


Table of Cambodian veightx. . 

tneaantei, currency, &c., 326. ' 

Liet rrf the 29 chief towns ill Cnm- ', 

bodi>i, with the titles of their mlers, 

Particnlors of the map* of Cam- 

lio^lia and Cochin China, exeontad 

by the Freooli Qayemtiieot Sur- 
veyors. 328. 
Eensedv District, North- E!:ast<ni Aas- 

tialU, xxiv. 199. 
, Mr., Ilia attempt 'o trace the 

Victoria River. Quei'UBland, Auolra- 

lia. rerurre<l to, xxxiii. 132. 
River, Vwk PeiiinBula, 

Queensland, xxxvi. 76, 80, 83. 
Kenneth, Monnl, Western Auatralis, 

xl. 246. 
Kenne Than. xxxiL 160. 
Kenuicott, Major, referred lo, ixxviii. 

221, 233. 
Kkiuhdit, Baltiiitan, Kushiiiir, xxxvii. 

Kkppkl, Sir Henry, referred to, xl, 

Kkhabcnde, seaport town of, Tnrkey 

in A>ia, xxxviii. 293. 
KKR^ro Mountain, East Africu, xl. 328, 
KKrioL'ELKM Island. Snalti Indian 

Ocean, xxxix. 92, 94. 
Kebmak, oity of, Persia, xxxvii. 274, 

275, 280, 2M2. 
Kebo Loiimbtth Valley. Mustakli 

llanj(e, xxxiv. 47, 4N— River, 47. 

Qanse fJlacier, H: 48. 

Keiiritch River, xxii. 55. 
KEB9E1T, Arabia, xxxv. 187. 
KniUEESH Dagh, Turkey in Asia, 

xxxviii. 283, 286. 289, 333. 
Ueskelen Pass, Trsnti-niaD Ala-tail, 

xxii. 366, 369: xixii. 330, 337. 
River, Central Asia, ixiix. 

Ke cbkbnb Knni-taii (Little Kara-t»h), 

Central Asia, xl. 373-376. 
KETCH-KMB-KAEA-BnBA River, Central 

Ketbhwayo, ZuIq Chief, referred to, 

KEaHHAO, District of Subzewar, Persia, 

xxxi. 43, 
Keyti River, tributary of th« Kurrum, 

N Hills, 
YO, xl. 295, 


Khui, or Nfaliron);. country north- 

enat of Lhaw. Tibet. luviii. 173. 
KuAMBiBiiiCHF, Br»lunaputra River, 

A MonnfaiDB and Paea, Tiliet, 
!i. 13<i, 147, lal, 166. 
Ehaheh-bobah (aiicieiit Cambodiiins)> 

»y. 75. 
Khamti Monnwins, xl. 300. 

- Plain, ib. 2B9, 291, 301. 
Khan, Turkey in Aaia, xxxviii. 306. 

- Hailhur, Syria, iiivi. 201, 20;?. 
Khanakie River, Koetem Turkist^m, 

il. 9i-96. 
KuAMKOF'a ' Memoira Bur la FaTtie 

M^ridionaJB da TAsie Centrale," 

ri^ferred ti>, xxxvii. 282. 
Ehan-ten'OBI, an elevntion in the 

Ciileetial Rantie, uud monntiiin 

^•roup, ssxi. 3(56; xixviii.431; si. 

KuAO Donrek Mountain, Iiido-Cliiuu, 

HIT. 74. 81. 
■ — Saniroun. Monntain, Indo-ChiDe, 

xssii. 151. 
Tamonne, Province of Peclia- 

buri, Siani, ifc. H9, 151. 
Khaoul Range, Kboniflaftn, isxi. 44. 
Khab. Plain of, il>. 38, 39. 
Khahdomq Pass, Kashmir, xixvii. 12, 


village of, Kashmir, it. 19. 

Kbabj Diatrict, Arabin, xxiv. 179, 186. 
Eqakula Honrtaiiie and Pass, Tibet, 

xixviii. 135. 146. 
Kharpct Plain, Turkey in Asia, ih, 345. 

, remark i m a ronte to, ib. 

, town of, Tuitey in Asia, ib, 

311, 313, 330, 335, 341, 344, 34B, 

(deBcribed, 346)— derivation of thi; 

nnme, 346 [note]. 
KHARTm, River Nile, xxziii. 238. 240 ; 

xiiv. 291, 297; xsivi. 1-4, 14, 16. 
— , altitude of, settled by Dr. 

Peney, xui. p. tlixix. 
Kbabh RiTi^r. CentiBl Asia, sxxi 35H. 
Kbeibabad, Euins of village in Persia, 

ib. 39. 
KUEI.AT, Beluchistan, xxxvii. 339, 341. 
Khettv, town of, Bind, ih. lH. 
Eheibar Town, North Arabia, xxxiv. 

118, 123, 125. 
K KIM ABBA, Epirus, xxxix. 278. 
Eui>BA Lake, Manelinria, xixviL 215, 

Ebita and Bokhara, Slave-DiarketB of, 
' to, xxxi. 41. 

Khobahies, process of ui&kinir, xxxir. 

Khddjaili, town of, Tuikistan, xxxiii. 
152. 158, 159. 

Khouja-Niaz, xxxviii. 141. 

KHdWEND, Tiirkistan, ib. 435— popu- 
lation of, 432, 433, 447. 45J : xt 34S. 

Khorak, town of, 'i'urkiatsn, xxsvii^ 


Eulmut, Beluchistan, ii. 203, 

Ehohabean, Notes in. By Cupt. Clavcb 

Clebe, xxxi. 37. 

: Salt Desert of, ib. 37, 47. 

Khohskat, Valley of, Turkey in Asia, 

xl. 463-465, 
Ebost, Afghanistan, xxxii, 311. 
Khotan, EasterujTurkiatan, xzxvi. 1 57; 

xl. 48, 114, 

of the country, ib. 6. 

-.chief grains 

ah& of, ib. 3, 4, 12, li 


li. 16, 17 — hia reaidenci' 

, Khan of, 

ib. 14. 

, minerals 

, popuhitioii 


i. 164. 1&1 ; si. 76. 

muls of, xxXvii. 7— domestic animals 
of, 8, 

; Report on hia Journey to 

Ilcbi, tliu CapiLd of, in Chinese 
Taetaby. By Mr. W. H. Johnson, 

Shiizat, Turkey in Asia, xxxvJii. 323, 

324, 336, 337, 341. 342. 
Ehuuahdi Mountains, Central Asia, xl. 

Khcbbeb, Central Henia, i 


KuVH MiudaD, xl. 43. 41. 

Khutit. present pciit of the old dutriot 

of Kutf, xxxv. 173. 181. 182, 188, 

KswABEE Rirer, BelnoluBbiD, xiiiii. 

Khtk Kbjoung, nfflueDt of IIjb Thoak- I 

jai-khot. iVi. 20». . 

KlAtniTA, town oT, ixxii. 55B; Kxxiii. 

171, 171, 176, 177 r Mi»i. 154. 
KiA-DiKQ, tonn of, on the Min Kiver, 

Western CbjDR, xxxii. 13. 17. 18, 22. | 
Ku-R DUtrict, Formoea, xxxiv IS. I 
Ktam-Subpo VsIIbv, I'migoDg Lake 

Dibtrlct, zixviL 353. 
KusG-AN, dp or, Yang-tizit-kkng. 

KiABe-Kiiw, town of, on t)ie left bank 

oTtbe ¥Rn§;-Uze-kiaiig, ChinH, ib. 5, 

KlANGei,Prorinceof, China, it. 15, 27; 

■"i. 58. 

KiLuN Mountains (and PawX spur 
from the WoBtern Kn.n Lnn. il. 33, 
*9, 57, 69, 77, 127. 

Eivcl. EuBlem Turkistun, ib. 

■ Valley. EaBtem Turkiotan. ib 
ititain in East 

Ktlas Baiige, Him slay a Mountoii 

il, 35. 
KiLBEBlNl Moiintainti, EpiiiiB, xxii 

KiLiHA-SDJAno, mou 

A^ioa. ixxiii. H2: 

196. 202, 201 : ixxv. 15 et acq. ; il, 

306, :1I1, 3H, 319, 320. 
, Geiigiapliieftl Notes of 

an Fxpeditir>Li to Mount, In 1862-3. 

Bj Btmm Charles von der Uvi.'KBH, 

KlLTKK Rivrr, AbyeBinia, xzzii. 43. 
KiLUA, ot Kilwa, East Coast of Africa, 

ixiiv. 1, 245, 247. 249; xxxviii. 194. 
KiLwARH, Cerani Laut lalaudn, Eastem 

An-liipelagn, xxiii. 134. 
KiuANDAXi, Sulian of Mossi, newt 

Kiliua-ii<ljan>, East Africn, xixiv. i. 
KmANQELA, East A&ica, xl. SI5. 
KiMHi, East Africa, ib. 314. 
KiNA Balu MouDtain, in North Borneo, 

xxxii. 218 et leq. 

Balangan Country, Borneo, ib. 22 1 , 

> ..... ... jiain,|,nna. 

N-uiXH, Kiangsu, Cbina, xl. 
3. seaport of, Shantung, Ohinn, i 

166. 167, 173. 
(or Lhusi)Eiver, tribu- 

tarj of the Brahuiaputra, ib. 136, 

Etllil, Baetem Africa, xxxiii. 325, 327— 

people, 326, 327. 
I KiBN-OHOw, Bzediuen, China, xlxll. 

EiEN-iTBi, tonn of. Western China, 

ib. 22. 
KiENQ-BAY village, Formosa, xxiiv. 9. 
KlBPEBT, DIt releiTed to, sxxii. 95. 
KiKFSAHO trigonoiiietrical Blation, 

(»Ti). <-i'y 

Kiwo, Captftiu P. P., B. 
1-6. 377. 

ine; part; in .Australia, bis rescue 

refem d to, xxxiii. 25. 
Krao-fHow-PU, Mani-l.ur;B,xsxix. 2,8. 
KiNB Giorge'B Sound, West Aiislrftlia, 

xxxii. 51, 427. 
KlHr,-Kl-TAO (also called Seoul or Wimg- 

chiiig), capital of Oorea, xxivii. 214. 
KiNQ-KO«, town of, near the Tung ting 

Lake. China, xxxii. 2, 22, 29. 
Kino Honnt, North-Weat Australia, 

XXX »i. 204. 
, Eev. S. W., Obit. Notice, iiiix. 

William lalaud, Arctic Begiona, 

xxxi. 5, 6. 10-13. 
I — William's Town, South Africa, 

I Kwa'a ftiy, Spitibergcu, xxxix. 135, 

I KiNOB, enumeration of, of the (states 
I of HauBBa and Nupe, West Africa, 

xxxvii. 102 sC teq. 
I KlKiiBTOK Range, Au;l»Blia,xxxi. 76. 


. KiKOSTOWN, New Zealand, xixiv. 5S, 
67, 71- 
KiNG-TBN, (own of, Szecliuen, CItina, 

. KiN-Ho Kow (i.e. tlie mouth of the 
Golden Eivi r), the liver eonneoting 
the Tmig-tiug Lake with the Tang- 
Uze-fcianjc, Hi. 3. 

Kisi Taki Rjvet, BiTmeo, A. 224, 

Km-siA, Beapoit of, Shantung. China, 

KiNLOCil Creek, Capo York Peninciila, 
QueLnsland, uzvi. 3S. 

KiNNAiBi), Port, Island of Ovalau, Fiji, 
nameii afler the Hon. Arthur Kin- 

EiB-BHA-KiAKO, oc Bivcr of Goldeu 

Sand, the name of the Upper lanj-- 

tioe-kiaiig, xxxii. 19, 
Ktm-shab. hill in the gardens of the 

palaoe at Peking, xxivi. 141, 

(liien), Szechuen, Cliina, 

KniN. city of, Maiiohur-B, xxxii. 7, 17, 

20. 21, 24, 25— deaoribed, 2ti. 27, 
Division or Prorinoe of, Man- 

eliuria, ik 1, 19, B4. 
, EBlimated 

area of, ;6. 35. 
ElBiSHA, East Africa, ^. 328. 
Kirk, Dr. John, hie appointment as 

GoTirninent mediral odioer a 



i, 22, 

N-TBZK, Island of, Yaiig-teze- 
kiang, ib. 39, 
KiO'TU-HIEN. I'iiy of ConFnciiis, in the 
Shantung Provincp, China, si. 218 

KiPCHAK, town of. Central Asia, isivii. 

KiPEUBCi, East Africa, xl. 324. 
KiBASiKTB, South Aastralia, xxiiii.15. 
KiRA HiUb. near Hipon Fall.-, Kivir 

Nile, ib. 330. 
EiHAHAOWA, East Africa, xl. 314, 319. 
KlRbT'a Kange, East Australia, xxxiit 

KiROHNEB Hange, Queensland, xxxv. 

KiBGHiz Ala-tail (niountaiDs), Central 

Asia, xxxii. 561, 662 ; xxxviii, 434. 

435; iiiiz. 316, 317; xl, 318 et sen. 

Asia, <jr<igiaphy of, .'6, 396.' 

Jancal. i*. 55. t!5. 

— maraoders, subjection of, iiiii. 


~ of Ceolral Asia, xl. 70, 

- Pass, ib. S3, 51. 

Vallej, ib. 49, 62, 57, 5S. 

- Steppe, Cenlral Asia, ixxi. 


; F,xtra<'ts from Dr. W. 
B.Baikie'a JunruaU, kept r luring his 
ionmey from Bida, in Nupe. to 
Kano, in HaHsaa, I8li2, xxjlvii, 92. 

■ —:Ni.l<Bnn the Gradient 

of t)ie ZambeaiiOn tl e Level of Lake 
Nyaasa, on the Mundiiuiu Bapidr, 
nnd oil Lake Shirwa, xxxv. 167. 

; Notes on Two Expe- 
ditions up the Biver Govnnia, East 
Africa, rt. 154. 

: On a few I'dsbH Hones 

from the Alluvial Strala of the Zam- 
besi Delta, xixiv. 199. 

; On iiittrumeiils use- 
ful for travellers, ib. 290. 

, referred to, xsii, 258 

et seij. ; iiiiii. 2SB, 266. 273 ; xxxiv. 

178, 201, 203, 204, 250 ; xxxvu. 195, 

196, 197, 
; Reriott on Eipeilitioii 

np the Biver Shire, uxi. 284. 
EiRONO, town of, Nepal, xxxviii. 131, 

132, 133, 155-160,163. 
KiBifAKEA. kingdom of, Eastern Afrioa, 

xxiiii. 328. 
KisuENCDHQA Bivtr, xxxi. 31. 

KisKU Island, Persiim Gulf, i6. 153, et E^.— Channel, 254. 
KlBHT, Plain o^ xxxi. 64. 
KiHiWANi, Eaht Africa, xt, 304. 
KiBONQO, East Abiea, ib. 805. 
KiBSABAH Valle;, xxxii, 313, 315, 316. 
KiscNGE Hills, Seat Atri.a, xxxiv. 2. 
KiTAB, lown uf, Central Asia, xl. 4(10. 

KiTAKat'LE, or Luchuro Eiver, Victoria 

NjanzB, Kast Africa, xxxiii, 328. 824, 

326-328, 33U-,S33; xxxv. 8. 10, 11. 
EiTAVENi, Bast Afrioa, xl. 328. 
KiTCHL-MBALA EivpT, Britioh Nurib 

America. xssL 252. 
Bjti, East AfilcH, sL 312, 
KiTEiM-st:, Island of Karb-KurgaTi, 

Syr-Daria, xxxviii. 443. 
KtTL00p«, tlie, on the Siilmun River, 

liiitisb North America, xxxi. 252. 
IviTOSi, East Afrjeii, xl. 321. 


XiTTAUABEs, Biitiah NurtL Amsrina, Klahoub CDUotry, British CatombU, 

KiirrAiu River. Britiiih North Ameri>.B. 

■KlTTO, Dr., referced to, iisii, 103. 
KirwAchaNddTQ. Knvt Africa, xl. 321. 
Knr-KiAifs, Kiangdi Protinoe, Ctiiiia. 

a. 281. 282, 281, 285. 
KiDNQ GSati^ La, nil the boundary of 

tha Eaishinir and Radok ( 


Kiun Lun Mountaina, ib. 2, 3, 5-7, IT, 
■'" - ■ - Lun. 

-, trigonoiuetrii.'al 

sbitiona on the, ih. 2U. 
£msiu. Island of, Japan, ixiiL 2>J0, 

285-283; xxxlil 17S : xxxiv. 10. 
Kiu-TDHG-KWAN. fortified station of, 

Cliihli, Ghitia, ixsri. 152, 153. 
KlVAlTAl. Kutt Afiicn, si. 312. 
KmOA Bivef, n name fur the Upper 

Nil<^, xxEiii. 828. 
Ki-YANo, annau, Cliina, Kxxviii, 63. 
Ki-YTKN. Manchuria, xxsii. 19. 
KiZABT River, tributary of thi: Knshkar, 

Oentnil Asin, xl. 256. 
KmL-DAHiA,i)r EashgiuxSivfr.Etiatern 

Torkislan, ib. 97, 102, 130. 
Kkil-jIUiA, ib. 43-*4. I 

Kcm^-EiA EW, xzxi. 3til. I 

KlziL-EttL, OeDtnd Asia, xl. 374. | 

KlziL-Eull Deoort, Ctntral AaU, 

Indians, British Colnmbia, 

.h. 2i9. 250. 
Initt, British Columbia, ib. 

Klamath Eirer, Orpgon, iixix, 129. 
Klapboth rererrod to,zxxi.35ti; xxxiL 

5U4: HIT, 214, 216; sxivi. 255, 

"'" [n .te], 278, 279 ; s!. 28ti, 21" 

, B nf Tsi 

ferred lo, i 
Klip River (Stone HiTer), Natal,iKi 

50, 53. 

Country, Natal, ib. 50. 

'" (oanal), Bangbong, Siaoi, i: 

i. 435. 4; 

i, 445. 

^^^ . 303,30 

^^^k in Ani 
^^H 304. 

303. (River), Central Asia, xxxi. 

KmLTAOH Biin^ iron ore in, x I. 92. 
Kizil-Unqdb, or tiie Bi'il Cavern, Tit^n 

Slmn, XIX i. SB3. 

, Wood of, xKsix. 331. 

JUziL Paga,!]. 42,43, 111). 

■ , village of, Eastern Turkirtan, 

ill. 92 
— — Yart Range of the Pamir, i6. 93, 

94,95, 101,111, 127. 
KlzziLBAaB, number of, in the Deyrsim, 

Turkey in Asia, xxiviii. 320. 
of llio Korjzialian, Tnrkey 

in Asia, ib. 285, 
, the. Turkey in Asia, 

294, 303— their tombs, 323— tribes 

uf, 804 fnote] -[religion of, 318, B 

Kizzn. Dagh, Turkey m Aaia, ih. S 
— 304. 

i. River, Siam, iixvii. 

— ~ Naktnlla Omal, Siam, xxii. 

San Sepli,oaual in Siam, xxxvii. 

Kkoblechkei. Dr., miii. 331. 
KuAL, or Kara HiKsar-iu, Turkey in 

Aflia, xxxviii. 291. 296, 297. 
KoBA Rivulel, tributary of tlie Ujipcr 

Irtyah, iisv. 86 67. 
KoBBE Bay, Bpitzbergeu, mix. 138 

131), 140, 143. 
KoBi, Caneiuiis. ib. 51, 59, 60. 
RonT, capital of Kuttbiii, Japan, xl. 

342. . 
KoHALA, Hawaii Island, xixvUi. 367. 
KoHAT, Punjab, mil. 303, 310, 314. 

District, Punjab, xsxii. 307. 

KoB-KiLUG Rantco, xxxi. 38. 
KuHHiTO. Dagonta Pasa, Nortli-Eiiat 


Koh-e.Burtdh, Range, 

I Mountains, Persia, i 

KoiDJABTi River, Central Asia, xl. 

Koitoo Hissar, Turkey in Asia, xixviil. 

Koiau. Pass iu the Tians-Uiao Alii-taii, 

xxxi, 366. 
Kokand, Central Asia, Obgervatiaua on 

-, Khanate and t"vm of, Central 

Asia, ixxii. 556; ixivL 164, 260: 
xxxviii 431, 432, 435; xl. 384, 386, 

Kok-Abte, L]ike, Central Asia, xxxviii. 

KoK-DjAB, pass in thu Tira-ShaQ,ixii. 




C«ntiBl Asia, xmii 
-SAl). rirer of Central Aeh 


KoLEiB Wall, Ilia i 

Arabia, xxxiv. 12G. 
KoLOBENo Uiver, Sonth Africa, xi.xv. 

K0L11KUW.IEAUO, nr Birer Amonld, 

New Zealnod, xxxii. 297. 
Edlwa, BeluohistaD, xxxiii. 200. 
KoLYiXA River, Siberia, sixv. 91, S6. 
EoM AKAUT AEi, Voicotio aF, Yesgo, Japan , 

xsxvL 177, 178. 
KouABA, Indoa Volley, xxxiv. 24. 
KouATLi, at eutrancH to Senafe Pass, 

North-lOaot Afrioo, xssviii. 17, 19, 


Ko.v'A, Hawaii leland, xxxviii. 869. 
KOMAE, Turki'j in Aaia, ft. 303, 30S. 
KoNAKTfKTE, Plaleao of, Fars, Persia, 

ill. 411. 
EoNnDLiil, East Africa, i£xt, S, 
Kqngone, Suuth-Eaet Africa, iixiii. 

•J51, 273. 
— ^, harbonr and port of, Boutli- 

East Africi, issi. 2ti3, 276. 
EiTer, Soatii-EaBt Africa. 

ijixi. 270; zizviii. 118. 
KoHOiiiBiN(!B[ MouDtaiD, xxxviii. 177. 
KuNlLA Moantain, Epirue, xxxix. 283, 

KosouAB, Lake of, Ytsau, Japan, ixxvi. 

Kososu, Japan, xl. 341. 
K0NIIR-ULEK, Central Asia, xxxii. 5tiO. 
KoocUA-uULLA, Wjnead distiiit, India, 

KoKOjAMANA District, East Africa, 

iiST. Ib2. 
EoKBDBAT. village of, Enbtem Turkis- I 

tan, xl. 92. 
Eqk&ab Pbbb, Kaehmir, xxxi, 21. 
SoBEiiAL, or ArtuBli Range, Central ' 

Aaia, xl. 125. | 

KoEUBA, fortified capital of Bonren. ' 

Japan, xxxii. 285, 2tiS. 
KoLSiNSE Range, Central Abia, xi 

KooLhooE]i70uiig(Biv(!r), xxxii. 172, 

176. 177. 
— ■ — ■ — -, Valley of the, 16. 173, 174. 
I 180. 

I RooLDXOOLDEK, Valley of the Yarkand 
Biver.zl. 117. 
Koo-Meebb, tb ree diatricta of tjul izo war. 

Settlement, Beluoliiatan, 

204, 205. 
KooHDAH Mountaina, Maciras Prpi 

dtncy, ixxvi, 182, 183, 191, 193. 
KOONDRIE, Beluchiatan. 



■Kbyovho (Kivi-r), xxxii. 1 65. 
KoOBi.EaGB, Australia, ib. 439. 
KouELiATTu Creek, Qneeneland, 16.517, 

522, 52a, 524. 
KooacH District, AfgliaBiatau, ib. 310. 
Kiver, Af^hauislan, 16. 309, 

310, 312. 
Valley, Afgiiaiiiatan, ft. 303, 

30S, 306. 
KoosBAB, village of, Ptraia, xxxi. 64. 
KooTAHlK Eivei, Britisli Columbia, 

xxxviii. 120 i xxxix. 130. 
KoozictiANMoiiDtaina, Turkey in Aaia, 

xxxviii. 2U3, 284. 
KopAL, Bueaian diatrict of, West Bi- 

btria, XXXV. 213. 
, town of, Bueaian settlement. 

West Sibtriii, xxxi. 357 ; xxxii. 555 ; 

XXXV, 217, 218. 
Kop-Daqh, Turkey la Aain, xl. 473. 
KoFiA Ekopi, East Africa, ib. 319. 
KoPiHBKi lelandfi, Nor-ZiiiKaD, xxxv. 

KovrAB Seltlement, Beluckiatun, 

xxiiii. 205, 
Koi:AULAEjiLGA,Khirciz encampment, 

xxxvii. 20. 
KORAT, eity of, Biam, ttjj , 152, 151, 

155-159; xxxvii. 300, 31)1, 323, 324. 

, higlilauda of, Biaw, xxxv. 71. 

Ongcor Aithe, xxxU. 153. 

Proyiiice. Siam, xiiv. 87, 298, 


f, West Central Africa, 

Kdrnah, Eupbrates River, ib. 74. 
KoRNAS, near Taubki^nd, tearing of 

silk-womiB in, xL 412. 
"Kokoeega" Trilie, Prince of Wales 

Island, Torrea' Sijaita, imi. 82. 


I jKOHATOf , island o 

mv, 87. 


I Ihe Hii-kong Bivcr, 

KcuKuTAHTHagiuup, Cauaiaua, xuii. 

74. 75. 
Kofiaa Clniige, mountain uf, Miutakh 

Range, Traus-Indua, luiv. 46. 
KusiiAiuu', Mr., tutUt, reterreJ U>, xxii. 

KoSBiN talk, qiLilitf of, Japun, xl. 342. 
Kosukah KiviT, deiitral Asia, usii. 

5CO-5&1; ixxti. 249. See bIbo 

'Valley, Central Asia, anii. 

560; xl. 251, 255. 
KosHTOE. villnge of. Eastern Tiukistan, 

ib. 77-79. 
K08i, or Mkazi Biver, South Afrioa, 

TiTJi 335. 
KosEEuo Distiict, TancouTer lalaud, 

si-xiv. IGO. 
Kosoxo, We=t Afrioa, iniii. 214, 217. 
Ku** tree, Ift Abjeainia, zxXTiii. 37. 
KosoTA. Kant Afri<», il. 306. 
KosGo Amba, AbyaBiniu, zixviil. 42. 
Ko-Btitik Isle, Mekong River, Cam- 
bodia, ixiii. 143. 
KoTA-KoTA Bay, Lake Nyosea, iixiv. 

246, 247. 
KoTOBftkut'-hin trilie Alaska, ixiviii. 

KoTEDejee, Indus Valley, zuvii. 63. 
KoTKLNo:, Arctic Otean, isiy. 98. 
KoTBiiAM, Kajpuotnee Priiicaaa, the 

last Hovareigu of Eashmir, xxsL IQ. 
KoTH, Dr. J. R., referred to, ulii. 103. 
Kotrbe, Bind, ixivu. 68-70, 73, 85. 
KOTTAHABI, Sidt Plain, North-Easlern 

Africa, iis^s. 203. 
KoTOL-B-DoKTEB, mountain and [jaaa, 

Persia, xssi. H2, 63 ; Jtuviii. 412. 
Kotul-bMali;, mount.iin and pass, 

Pt.«ia, mi. 64; mviii. 411. 
KoTUL Pir-i-ian Paaa, PcrHia. i6. 412. 
KoTUBOAN-BU, Cential Asia, si. 415, 

KowAiT, Bay of, Peraiaa Gulf, 

, Port of, PcrHian Gulf, .4. 170- 

ITB, 179. 
KoWHEK, labind of KieUiD. Peraiaa 

Gulf, plain und range, xxiiv. 

the genealogy of tba Esquimani, 

MIT. 110. 

Kk*ff, Dr., MiasioDary, referred to, 
miii, 273, 3:i6 ; xiiv. 12 ; uxviii. 

Krapotkine. Prinoe ; hta Journey from 
the Biver Arj-un la Mergben, in 
Chinese Tailary, and tbeiioe to Blu- 
govBHtcheuak uu the Amw, iixvL p. 

KHABNOTAHeE RedoQbt, BdbbU in Alia, 

, town of, RuBBia in Asia, 




Caucaena, : 

KouETT Terrilory, Aiabia, isiiv 

134, 142. 
Kouis Tribe, CaniboJia, xxxii. IE 
KoDNO. Borneo, i6. 233. 

KovALEFSEi, Baaaiaa traveller, rel 

to, ixxi. 357, 360. 
Kow Wataplon, a niountnin in 

called by Captaiu Bicliarda 

" Sugar-loaf," itxxi. 308. 
KowAl Biver, New Zealand, x 


Kboouen, cases of fever amon^ tbe, 
xxxi, 261. 

KsMTUT Valley, antral Asin, il. 4.51. 

KUABATA, city of, Abysiduiii, ixiil. 
45, 47, 48. 

KuAKDo, village, &e., Trans-Indua re- 
gion, uxiv. 21, 23-25, 27. 

KiiA:!tHiH River. AbysBiniu. xxxli, 44. 

"-- ' - - ■"' itala), UlkuQ-DLtia, 

i. 157. 

Mancbnrla, ib, 
tbe Trans.Ilian 

Ki^DOBGi', pae 

Ala-tail, xxii. 3!,6. 
KoBN Lcjf, or KuenJuen, monntain 

obaiD, ib. 3&-41, 46, 47, 49, 53, 57, 

G5, 66, 356 ; zl. 39, 123-127. See 

also A'l'un Lan. 
Mountains, guld in northern 

slopes of. ib. 134. 

— . Range (EaBtem), ib, 53. 

~i passes BoroBS, into 

Eastern Tarkistan, ib. 163. 
, enow- line on nortli- 

55. 57, 62, 64, 65, 
KUFBLONO, 'h. 54, 58, 59, 62, 63, 
KuFENA Hills, Hausso, West Central 

Africa, xxxvd. 94. 
Kl'qiab, Kasterii Turkiatan, xl. 




Kc-lRTysB, Iribntary of the Uppir 

Irtysh. ixjLv. 67. 
KuiHip BiTcr. WnlTlech Bay, Sontli- 

West Africa, sxivi. 2*7. 
KCKA, town uf, West &ntral Africa, 

xiivii, 95. 
KcKL'HA-DiiNGiz, Lake, zxxriii 439. 
Kes, ur SuTan-Djarma Biver, biancli 

of the Amu-Daria, Ksxvii. 132. 
Kt-K River, hranoh of tlm Amu-Daiia, 

ft. 154, 159. 
KuKBANo Valley, Northeiu India, 3I. 

41 », 

KcEBKu River. Ctntral Asia, A 

KvLAN MimDtaiiTiB, Eara-taii Chain, 

a'Dtral Asia, xiiyiii. 447 ; xl. 368- 

S70. 373, 386, 387, 397. 
KcLDjA. Kuljft, sixi. fflie, 370; xxsii. 

655,S5B, 558; sxiv. 216, 217, 229; 

nXTiJi. 432. 
, coal oLtaiiieil in the ueigh- 

bonrhood of, SKiv. 229 : il. 3B0, 395. 
Ki-LDUN River, Amu-Daria, xxivii. 

356, 157. 
KiLLAT el Hufln, Syria, sxsii. 108, 
KrLLiK Pubs, xl. 67, 69. 

i. 201. 202. 

ErLurT, Belucbistan, : 

Bunder, Beln. 

KULSHIBH Kuh. xl. 52. 

KrLSi, Indua Rivtr, xxxviii. 217. 

KuLBPSLu Afoimtaiiia, UiitiKh Colum- 


Kuh BiTer, Persia, xxxi. 55. 

, town of, Persia, ft. 55, 5G. 

KruAON Province, EimnlajB Mouu- 

tainB, xxxviii. 130, 142, 143, 145. 
EcHABiDQE, Fiiee of, xxxi. 63. 

. Flam of, ft. 

EcuEB-BD.Tiirkej in Aaia, xxxviii. 332. 
KuHUALisH, welU of, Nortb-Kaaterii 

Africa, ixxix. 197. 
Kuuva-TAS River, Oentrat Aala, xl 


EltKAXA, MfBopotami 


EmiATHEu, Mount Xiebanon, <iKxii. 106. 
Kck-Bloti-Nob, Nor-Zaisan formtrly 

ai> odled by tbe Mongols, xixv. 59. 
ErnDi Lakk, BclnohisbiD, xxxiii. 200. 
Evmim-Shor SetUeuicnl, Uclucbixtan, 

ft. 202, 205. 
KuNOfB Dagh, nioonlain ia Oeorgio- 

Arraenia, ixii. 151. 
Kdnddz, Cenlml Asia, iiivi. 262. 
KriTEEraiH, at Kunafleh, monnrt in Mo- 

bopolamia. xxjvii. 16b, 107. 171. 

Kkno, Prince, referred to, xiiii, 11 ; 

■i^m. 167. 
KcNOB. or Kimgey. tha (north stinre of 

lesjk-kul), Oentrat Asia, xxxi 366 : 

xxxix. 325, 326, 328-330, 332, 333, 
liiTiaK-ALA-TAU, Central Asia, xl. 388, 
KnKGKB River, (ribiitary of the River 

Ui, xiii. 358. 
KntjQHAD.townof, Central Asia, xisvii. 

154, 155, 157, I5S. 
KuNO-TAN River, Iribularv of the Yang- 

laze-kiang, xxxii. 13, 26. 
ECNQDG Nullab, affluent of the Hala- 

ganizi River, Kegt Central Africa, 

xxxiii. S27. 
KcNTiiBBA-ELi (well of Kuut), Narth- 

Eastern Africa, xxxix. 228. 

River, Lenlral Asia, xxxi. 

■ — ■, fouth-west exiremitf oi' 

Iflsyk.kul, Central Asia, ft. 365. 

KiNZA River, Haneea, West Central 
Africa, xixvii. 97. 

KupTTBR, Prof., Obit. Notice, xxjtvi. 

KvR, Vnlley of llie, Caucaens, xxxix. 

54, 60. 
1\UHABA trib.', Central Asia, xl. 384. 
KuitASKA Hills, Central Asia, ft. ill, 
Ki;itDBiiH Hills, OentiBl A^ia, I'A. 65. 
Kpbdai Hiinge, Central Asia, 1*. 397 

KvEDieTAW, li. p. clix. 

— , Travels in, nith Notices of 

Eastebh end Webtebn 1'igbib, nod 

Ancient Ruins in tbcir Neigbboor- 

h.rdd. ByJ.G.TATLon,Esq,,ixxv.21. 
KtSEBBTY, pass in the Trans-Ilian 

Ala-t»&, jxsi. 366. 
KuBQAKCH^ Khivan fortress of, Knk 

River, Central Asia, xiivii. 154. 
EcHGBtiBEE, Belucbistan, xxxiii. 201 , 

B03-liill, 201. 
Kdhile Islanders and the Faoifie Gulf 

Stream, ixiiv. 11. 
KciQTA Eiver, Hausaa, Weht Ceotml 

Africa, xxsvii. 99. 
KuBKB. Euins of, Turkey iii Aaia,xxiT. 

22, 23. 
, site of, identified with that of 

Tooskan, alluded to in the inscription 

oil the Great Uanolith exhumed by 

Mr. Layard, ft. 23. 
Kl-bubty Kiver, iSrans-Ilian Ala-tall, 

Centtal Asia, xxxi. 368 ; xxxii. 561 

[note], 562. 
KtomzAK, or EurUzak Kalin (ruins), 

'i'urkey in Aaia. xxxviii. 321, 322. 
KiBRAL, town of, Nortb-Weat Inilia. 

xl. ife. 


EuRoo Clift' Bivei, Turkaj 1 

xxxviii. 357. 3S8. 
Valley. Turki^j- i 


Kritosin'o. the fjreal Japan cunent, 

the counterpart of tiifi Ou]f Stream 

of the Atlantic, ixsL». 10. 
KcKBACHii:E, xxxiii. 181, 183, 207: 

xxxvii. (JS. 73, 7li, 235, 269, 270, 338- 


Kdsbeer. See Zuiiair, 
KcBBOD, India, x\. 183. 
Keruhah Miasion - viilage, Soutli 
Alrioa, iixv. 107, 126 : xxxvi. 247. 

KiTBr, Boulh Africa, ixxv. 

lis, 116. 

Kfbhipa, vilb<geoF,TraDa-Indiis.xixiv, 

KusHKAJiAT-Tin, bill In tlie Delta of 

the Amii-Dnria. xuiii. 158. 
EusHORe, liiier Indna. xxxvii. 71. 
Ecssobkuhh, Beluuhiatan, ib, 272. 
KuTOHt Bore La, near the Biver Indus. 

KuTSMALDY Hivpr, ti branrili of thi! 

Biver EofiUkar, Guotral Asia. xxxi. 

3G9, :i70; »xiii. 361, 5(ja, 56t : 

ixxis. 328 : il. 348, 391. 
• Valley, Central Asia, luii. 

EuTHA (or Cuthn), city of, Meaopo- 

tamli. iisyii. 179. 
Ken (or Nilam), Tibet, mviii. 131. 
KrrzAB. fn^zine grounil, Trans-Indus, 

xxiiv. 27. 
KcTZUBAH, Trana-lndus, it. 51. 
KuTAN-DAHiA, branch of the Syr-Daria, 

xxxviii. 437, 441. 
KrvAN-DjAiutA, or Euk River, hraiicJi 

of tlie Arau-IJaritt, xxxvii. 152, 151. 
KuwEiK (Quoik, Kowick, Koeik) Eiver, 

Turkey, ixiii. 74-76, 

KiviT, the, an Aqueduct. By 

D, J. Maooowak, Esq.. ih, 74, 

~ { MiiUDtaios, CiDtral Abia, xl. 

KwHicHOff. Province of, China, zixii. 

14. 22, 23. 26 ; xxxviii. 67, 68. 
' KwE[-OH()w-FU, Ohina, ixiii. 9, 35, 36 ; 

Jl. 278, 279. 
EwBi-PO. Yang-ti^e-kiang, xxxiL 33 ; 
: xl. 209 Dt aer/. 
I EwEl-BWA, Eweichow, China, xziviiL 

KwEi-KONG. nr Outsin Biver, S^iuth 
' China,.*, 52, 58, .W, 61. 

KwK[-ijN-ru, papitjil of Ewangsi Pro- 
vince, Chiua, A. 52-55. 58-62, 66, 67. 

KwEE-TANO-Fc. Capital of Kweiohow 
, Province, China, ib. 58.64. 

'' KwETTEB,'' dark-bloe lines stretahiOK 
acroBS the striarn in African rivi-ra, 
betokening tlie edge of banks undar 
wafer, xxxi. 274, 275. 

KwicH-PAK, iir ¥i>ukon River, Akska, 

Kbo^ha (or Ni>£.r)'Bi»er, Vat Africa. 

iiivii. 92, 95, 107, 118. See ulao 

KvAu go Tragger River, !b, 349, 362. 

, hot gpringa of, Ladakh, ib. 3fi2. 

Ktae [KiaOj- obow, city of. Shantung, 

China, xl. 210. 
KvBT-THOUNQ-KuyonKB (Hiver), xisii. 

EvE-TOt'NO, Burmandifllilctof, rt. 211. 
Kylinbei Island. Nor-Zatsau, XXXV. El). 
Kyuore Runge. India, i6. 72. 
Kyock Gyie, xxjtii. 202. 206. 
KyofK-i'A-TE-EuvoDNo(Eivi!r),i6. 164, 

Eyrch-Eiss, mountain iu Georgio- 

Armenii), xxxi. 151, 
Kvb-Djol Pass, Central A»ia, xl. 351. 

KWAl-CBOW (pu), 

ixiu- 10-12, 
KwAH (hien) Szeohoen, China, ib. 22 
KwANO-mnjHO-TZii, Mauchuiia, xxxi 

KWANOTUNQ Province, China, s 

5S, 67. 
KwAJi-KOw, Pa-u, Chilili, China, 

Kvi:ee Ohur 


KriquoT DintriL-l, Vancouver lalnod, 

xxxi V. 166. 
Kyzalpd, Lake, or Nor-Zuiaiin, xxxv. 

59. 64. 
Kyzart Pass, Cenlral Asia, xxxii, 561- 

La Cobdkidad Kivtr, P. 

La CuNSAtiiHE, referred t< 

lion with GMmborazo, x. 
'' La EecALEBA," B(«ep as 

Quitoiiiao Andes, >i>. 180 
La Mesa de Ushfa Visa. 


led, ^i 



I .A MiBA, Provirioe of Oarayna, Peru, 

A, mo. 

La pAtiNiRA. Central Ameri™, ft. 553. 
La F^kol-ee (Anakena) Bay, Eastei 

Itlanii, South Pacific Opean, il. 169. 

174, ITS. 
quated with reference to I 

tlie Aino race, ixxvi. 177. I 
referred tn, \l 108-170, | 

161, l__. 
River, Centriil Ameriea, 

xiiii. 5S7. 541. 
La Eioja, Province of, Lo Plata, xxxi. 

156 [noU-]. 
La BH0O(SHrl, tree aoii inaect in North 

China, xl. 208. 
"LaBubida de Kifalda," at(«p ascent 

Hilled, Quitnnian Amies, uxL 180. 
La Tchba Hountain. xxxiv. 2:^8. 
La Ventosa Bay, iBthnjuB nf Tehnan- 

ti-peo, Centrftl AuJE-'rifa, xxxti. 530, 

537. M2, .'544. 
, Isthmiia of Tebuantepcc, 

Cenliul Ameiiea, ib. S54. 
" La yusociLLA," erroneuunlj [iliicrd 

on DoD A. Guzman's map of tbe 

moDDlaJtiaof LlanganatiintiieQnito- 
niail Andes, xxni. 172. 
Laata Gurh Hill, Central Provinces, 

India, mv. 72. 
La-a-kine Bivei, British Colnmbin, 

ixii. 297, 298. 
. — ■- rente, British Colnmbia, ib. 

Valley, BcitUb Cnlumhi.i, 

ib. 301. 
Labah, coaaliy to the enstoFEnehmtr, 

Labbador, a viait to the noitb-east coast 
of, IHOT, by H.M.S. Oim:,el. Coni- 
niMndec W. Cliitnmo, B.H., xxxviii. 

, British North America, 

Peninbula, an Eipedition 

up tbe Moism HrvsH to the edge of 
the Table-land of the. By Mr. H. 
YonLB HiNP, M.A., xxsiy. 82. 

Lauvah, Inlend of, usii. 22B. 

Labvbinth Islnnda, Andiiman Islands, 
rt. 115,116. 

Lacak, Luke, La Plata, xuiv. 224. 

Laoerda e Almeida, Dr. F. J. M. de, 
object of his juuruey to Oazenibe, 
-■' 199. 

^mbesi Biver, ib. 199, 200. 


, enrvey of, ib, 147. 

, Notes on the Pangosq Lake 

District of, tirnn a Journal made 

diirin^aSnrvey in 18*!S. ByCaptnin 

H. H. QorwiN-AusTKii, xuvii. 343. 
LAGOONsin Central Aneri'-a.inii. .'i36. 
. ■ — -, Valley of, Australia, zxxv. 

198. See also Dalripnplf. 
Lagos, Narrative i>f a Journey from, to 

Ode, the capital of the Tjebc 

Country, in January 1862. Bj 

Ca^itaio Bedingfeu), r.n., xxxiii. 

- — — , West Coast of Africa, i7.. 214, 

249 [notel. 
" Laqvha de loa Torres," La Plat*, 

iixiv. 231, 232. 
Laqcna Quadalonpe, Santli Amerles, 

e>. 228. 

Larga, La Plata, ib. 243. 

Baladii, Mxi. 158. 

■ ■ Superior, Central America, 

xxxii. 541. M-i. 
Lahaina, Haul Island, Sandwich 

Ishinds, xxxviii. 369. 
Lai- TANG, city of. Shantung, Chine, xl. 

208, 209. 
Lailan, Buiua of, Cambodia, xxxv. 84, 

Laibd, Macgregor, Obit, Notice, zixi. 

La-Jok TQmba Mountain. HiiniUarus, 

xixviii. 160. 
1 .AH Tsung MountainB, xl. 39, 40. 
Lake Aibugir, Amu-Daria, Central 
Asia, xxxrii. 152, 160. 

Akcha-kol, nnnnei'ted with the 

Syr-Daria, xxxviii. 439, 

Ak-kul, Central Asia, ixxvii. 158, 

Alabaster, New Zealaoii, xxiiv. 

Ala-tul, Central Asia, 

Anderson, British Colunibin. xi 


of Aragua, Veneauela, xxxvi. 1 

— — Afhangi. Al^BBinia, xxxviii. 
37, 48— described, 39. 

Baikal, Rnsain in A^ia, xixv. 


' Asia vttI RKT 


r TenglB), Central 

Aeta, s«i. 857, 358, 366 ; rav. I 

213.216; xnvJ.lSS: mviii. 133 ; i 

xl. 305. 
Baringo, East Abies. I'i. 310, 323- 

325. I 
, ■ ffloenlB of, 

ft. 325. 
— - Benohae, British Colniubia, | 

iixviii. I2*-12fl. I 
Bonxitn, York FeniuBulD, Quecna- 

IsTid. ixivi. 51. I 

Bruniiei, New Ztnland, xxiii. I 


of Biitrlnto, Epiioa, xixlx. 280, , 

281, 2S9. 
Catherine, Saw Zealand, xixvii. 

Chad, Cenrtal Africa, niiii. 334 : 

iixvii. 97. 
Cliama, or Shuia, Soath Central 

Afrioj, A. 201. 

Chapegwynya, Tnrfc Peninfluls, 

Qnennsland. zxxvi. 51. 

Ohatjr.knl, Central Aeia, sx»viii. 

Cbidia, Eaat Africa, xxxv. 15S, 

. Cnleridge, New Zealand, xsxvii, 

Dabnko, ManchuriM, ib, 225. 

- Dau-kaii. Kuk Biver, Central 
Asia, ib. 152-154. 

Dembeii, Abyeainia. xxxviii. 9, 11. 

~ — - DUtriot, the, VauciinvL'r Island, 
miv. 100,162. 

- Dj-iilendtf, iienr the Sea of Aral, 
Kitiviii. 430. 

Djarik-kul, Central Asia, luvi. 

260, 261, 278. 
Doiiglaa, Biitiah Culambia, xixi. 

:!25, 230. 

Durenin-Kitcliken^kul, Central 

Humonn' (Aria Pala.). Af^han- 

islaii, xxxvii. 341,342. 

Hawea, New Zailand, xsiiv. 57. 

Hinka, Manohuria. xixis. 22. 

Hoktcliia, CaueaaiiB, i'». 3:i2. 

. — — Hfinia, Vanaiiiver Inland, xxxii. 

Howloke, New ZealHDii, iixiv, 

Hung-trae, North Ohiua, xl. 1 , 20- 

Ir-kiil, Aic.Obatkr Bands, Contral 

Asia, ixxviii. 442. 
Issyk-bul Ceutral Aata, juisi. 367 ; 

SUV. 215, 216. 218, 219, 221-223, 

2'i9 ; xxxviii. 430, 433, 43* ; ixiix. 

318, 321-324, 330-3S2 ; xl. 250, 251. 

See sUo Itssk-kul. 
Laer lasyk-kul. Central Asiii, 

tariBB of, ib. 332. 
of Jnli, the great rese 

Camhodia RiTrr, il. 299. 
Jipe, Edst AlHoa, ixiv. 18. 

— Kflkapo, New Zealand, xxxiT. 100, 

KsmloopB, Britiali Columbia, 


Kara-kul (Bliick Liike), Central 

Asia, KKivi. 2li0, 261, 276 ; ixxriL 
156; xl. 95. 9ll, 102. SeealsoAaro- 

- Eikch^Ala-kul, Central Asia, 

Kiikoha-Dengiz. ponneet 

the Bjr-Daria, xiifiii. 439. 
Kyzalpu, or Nor-Zaiean, 

Abis, iixv. 59, G4. 
Ldiig-cbo-Gonok, Tibet, 



■d with 


- Lilloet, Britiflh Oilumbin, x 
231, 237. 

~ Lob, Centnd Asia, xixvi. 164 

Loma, dry bed of thr, near 

Grand CanrU. China. Jil. 3. 

Loon, British Columbiii. mi, 

Luoy, Queansliind, sixv. 208. 

of Mabela. Madagascar, xx 

MoKeirow, New Zealand, ii 

- Mnnowui, New Zealand, ib. 60. 

— Manmrowar, Himalaya Moun- 
aiua, xxxviii. 130, 131, 133, 138, 141, 
45, I4(i. 148. 150, 1.11, (height of. 



1^3). l-A 119. 211, 216, 219 ; 

Kliiiwa. zzii. 26G. 

MariquitK, La Plata, ixify. 231. 

Maiki, Ceotral A^iit, zxxv. (17. 

MiitafBiiini, British North Aiue- 

riea, a. 8S. 87. 
■ Mofo. South Central Africa, 

MXvii 202. 

Mong.-r, Western Auatmlia, si, 


M.iora, Weatera Australia, ih. 'ii7. 

Nabring, Tibet, ixiriii. 212. 

of Nahnel-HuapL 8m; Cox. 

'Ngami, Soiitli Atriai, ixii. 223 : 

xxxy. 106, 11)7 ; xsxvi. 217. 
Niiiisig, Britisli North America, 

Nusbi bi, MaduRaKcar, xxxvi. 53, 

Njanj.i, or NjoBan, xxxi. 263, 281 , 

Nj-aaBB. XXXV. 2, 3, 6, 7, 15*, 105, 

167; xixvii. 191 « sirs.;. xixviiL 
112, 113. See >iUo LiKmjtlone. 

, leval of, xixv. 168. 

— — , Notes on tha Level of. 

By John Kibk, I'^si;., u.d., ih. 167. 

. La£e Salvator, QueeushiDd, xxxiii. 13.' 

' SBmbarn, East Abica, il. 322. 

I Sary-ku], Central Asia, ixxt 

I „,„ „,., . i 42g_i5|. 

Hjdia, X3 
New Zealand, s 
Seton (or Bpaton). British Co- 
lumbia, xssi. 218, 232, 242-214. 

Sevier, elevatiini of, Utnii, xxxix. 

— - ShTwo. Roat Africa, xixi. 256, 
266, 26S, 270, 276, 283, 281 ; iin-. 5. 
, Notea on. By John 

- Nyinjesi, Nyaiwa, Nyauja, 
Uniami si, xxxi 265, 270, 276. 

OkiiiiagHD, Columbia, fb. 213. 

Pamnlombe, South of Luke Ny- 

a.-iSB, xxsvia 112, 113. 
Pangonp. Tibet, sxsvi. 157, 167; 

iiivii. 1, 311 el seq. ; xxxix. 1S9 : 

xl. 86. 
— _ , in Tibet, Captain 

G^>d win- Austen's Survey of, iixvii. 

Pearson, New Zealand, xssvii. 


^— Fetsliikupao, British Nurlh Ame- 
rica, ixxiv. 84. 

Phippe. South Auatralia. xxxi. 68. 

Pi-nio. bbuniurig, China, xl. 20!). 

Purongoa, La Plata, ixiiv. 23 ', 

231, 239. 

, PojBog.Kiang^i Province, China, 

iiviii 58, 65. 

- Pnliaki, New Zealand, xxxiv. 8!>, 

Bakaa Til, Tibet, ik 138, lie- 
height of, 153. 

- — - Risn-knl (or Kang-kul), Central 
Afia, Turkislan, xsxvi. 260, 261. 

Hiaa, Epirua, xxxix. 280. 

Baaizi,nLTthofLake Tanganyika, 

■ "-?, 210. 

— — Sonsbwap, British Colimibia. 

sxsviii, 12(1. 
St. Lneia, South Africa, xxxii. 


Sumner, New Zealand, ib. 294 ; 

xxxyii. 333. 

Superior, isxv. 11; itixviii. 119. 

Tftmpvne'-Ayagp, Kuk Biver, 

Central Aaia, xxxvii. 152-151. 
Tanganyika, East Central A&Ica, 

XXXV. 2 «< seg.; xxxvf. 16; iitvii. 

193 ei aeq. 

Taylor, New Zealand, xxsii. 294. 

Ti'liad. See Lake Chad. 

Te Anall, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

Tengis, or Baltbaab, Cmlral 

Asia, xxxvi. 133. See alao Lahg 

of Tiberiaa, xxsii. 108. 

Titicata, Peru, xiivii. 119. 

TorrKUs, South Ausiralia, xxxi. 

C5, 66, 90-92, 99. See aUo Sla^rt. 

TaQg-ting(Tung-tiug-bu), Obina, 

Utali, xxxix. 115. 

VaJbuni, Canlial Asia, xxxvi. 260. 

Victoria (Bar J .kui). Central A>ia, 

ib. 261. 
Wai-shan (or Yii-alian), near the 

Grand Canal, Cl.ina, il. 3. 
Wakatipa, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

56 H st-q., IU6, 107, 109, 110. See 

also Hectnr. 
Wanaka, New Zealand, .6. 57, 90, 

91, 107; xiivii 318, 329, 33S, 338. 

- Win 

ipep, 1 


Laks Yamdokolio, Tibet, izxviii. 135 
(lieight of, 136), 146, 151, 152, 166. 

Vra-tna (Gtmt Honej L«ke). 

Soiitli Anierkn, ixxix. BM. 

Yii-Blian. Sea Lain Wai-tkm, 

— — ' Zaisan, Central Alia, xkxt. 214, 

215, 217. 
Lakes, North American, Elevation of, 

mix. 115. 116. 
Lakeetau, Arabia, xxxiv. 1'24. 
Laesusa Island, Fiji, xixit. 44, 48. 
Lashoh, mouDtain and peak, Epirua, 

xxxix. 284, 286, 290. 
Lalibisla, capital of Lflsta Provinoo, 

AbjHBinia, xxxviii. 31, 41, 49. 
La-lin, town of. Handmrin. xxxix. 28. 
I.AMAUION, Pass of, North- East Afrira, 

Lama monuBtery at Peking, iixvi. 145. 

templei iu China, sixii. 33. 

Lahabi, EpiroR, xxxix. 289. 

Lambton, GoloDel, releried to, xxxi. 14, 
15, 17. 

Lakpa Province, Fera, xxivii, IIG. 

Lahprbt, JoKia, M.B. ; Notea of a 
Juume; ia the North- Weat Neijjh- 
bouihood of FesiNQ, ib. 239. 

LAK-BiMa, or IJlhuug-soti, Biver, Cam- 
bodia, xxxT. 75, 76. 

LAMwiiA Mountniu, East Arrioa, il. 

Lahai IskLnd, one of the Sandwich 
iBlaiids, niviii. 362. 

Lahcjbteb Sound, Baffin Bay,xxxi. 1 ; 
HIT. 93, 96, 286, 291. 

Lan-chow, Kanau Province, Ohina, 
U TT"'- 154. 

Landa, offloei named, sent to explore 
the Modro do Dioa (auppoaed I« be 
an iiffluent of the River Puras) in 
(he laist oentuiy, xxii. 191. 

Landeb, Richard, refected to, xixv. 

Landbbobocoh's Creek, QDeenaland, 
xxxiii. 112. 

Landsbobough, Wm., codcIue 
the reBuIta of hia Journey, i 

direction of Cbktsal Hocnt BTttABT, 

peditioTi froai Cabpentabia to Vio- 
TOBiA, ih. 97. 

, referred to, ib. 6, 

9, 11, 153, 182. 

Land, Mount, Queenaland, xxxv. 201!. 

, Quoenaland, first aacent 

of. ib. 209. 
Lanoab, villago of, Eaalern Turkirtnn, 

Xl. 71. 
Lavq-cho-Oi nok Lake, Tibet, xxxviii. 

Lakolkv, Fniaer Hiver, British Cu- 

lumbia, xxxi. 213, 237, 240. 
LANOtAOEof Fiii, xxxii. 48. 
of tto (rilwB of Roebui'k 

Buy District, North-Weal Australia, 

xxxv. 287. 
Lasbuageb of Nortli-Weet Boraeo- 

i. 232. 

i. 127. 

Qneenaland Burke Relief Expedi- 
tion r Extracts from Report to Capt. 
Normun with reference to the Albert 
River, ib. 79. 

-, gold watch award- 


-, Ilia faitur 

oover the route purened by Burke 
referred to in 8ir H. Barkly's De- 
apatch, A. 150. 151. 
I.AKDatioBoij'GH, Wrii. ; Joorual of Ex- 
pedition from Albert Riteb 

^^^ referred 

^^H^ apatch, I 

^H pedition 

Cbilill, GhiDD, iixiii. 154. 
Lanjoka, East Africa,, li. 315. 
LANaDowNE, Marquia of, Obit Notice, 

Lahvn People, Borneo, xxxii. 224 ei 

Lan-tabo-bien, Senan Prorince.Chiua, 

Lanzofhbuma Hill, xxiiv. 20. 
Lao Country, lDdo<;LiuB, xxxii. 111!, 

151-154, 157, 159. See also La<ja 

and Muuhot. 

HoQiituins, Indo-China, ib. 155. 

Lao-to Valley. Shantong, Cirina, xl. 

Lao-ho-kow. River Han, China, ib. 269. 
Lao-ye-uiao (? Mian-Sbiiig-pu of 

naval surveyors, 1800), Yellow BiVLr, 

>b. 12. 
Laos frontier, Indo-China, ixxiL 149. 

, Southern. Bee Kenned,,. 

, the, lado-Chiofl, xixiLHS, 157: 

xxxv. S6. 
, white and btaok-bellied, xxxii. 

Lao Shan (Uilfs), Shautuug, China, 

xl. 209. 
Lapsista, Luke of, Epirua, xxxix. ?88. 
Lah. Island of KUhm, Persian Gulf, 


Liveii,or Household ODi]8,EBatec Island, 

Sooth Pacifio OL'eao, xl. ISO. 
Labbj Islnnd, Pereian Oulf, xxxiv. 153. 
Labrby Puiiit, NortU-Weat Australia, 

Las L1.A11AB PlainB, xiii. ISS. 
■' Lab LoaAB " River, paseage o( the 
AngaeturB ol. La Plata, ib. 158. 
-Valley, ». 139. 

- Province, Ahjeainia, s 

LKQKNBwe laland, North-West Coast of 

AuHtralis, xisii. 37i, 127. 
Lbqib, M., rofmred to, xxzvi. 61, G2, 

■ -, tttua! in MuJogaacaroutby, 

Leo, city or. i?opilal of I^adakh, xxxiv. 

" vi. 158, 159, 161, 163, 167, 

ETii. 1 H seq., S43, 344, 348, 
iviii. 216,217; xl. 33-36. 
ta ftoui, to llulii, sxivii, 9 


- Yartand, i 


Latooka Country, east of White Nile, 

mvi 6, 7, 

Tribe, ewt of White Nile, iS. 6. 

Lat, Valley of, Abyssinia, ixxviii. 10. 
Lavcala Bay, Fiji, xxxii. S8. 
IiAUVAN Biver, bnmeh of the Amn- 

Darift. xixvii. 152. 
L&DBlE, John Minel, Obit Notice, 

xxKviiL p. oiliiL 
Laitbanhb Lake, xxxv. 14. 
Lawbon Creek, Nortli Australia, xxiiii. 

I^TA Siksn Birer, Centml America, 

.12; il. 13G-144. 

, route from, to Yarfcaad, viJ 

Cliangolienmo and the Oliung Laug 
Pasa, si. 33. 

■ to Yahkand and Kashgab, Jour- 
ney from, and Eiplotatioii of the 
Sources of theYABKASDRivKB. By 
Mr. G. W. Haywabd. ib. 33. 

Lehhann, Mr., rcferied to, ib. 450. 

Dr. L., quatod, xixr. 


— , endeavours to dis- 

Cape Yuj'k Peninsula referred to, 

lato, and Party, undertaken hy order 
of the Government of Weatem Aus- 
tralia. By Mr. John Foebbst, 
Govenunent Surveyor, xl. 231. 
, referred tc 


20s, 211. 
Leas, glitleriug, met witli by Sevcrlsof 

in Central Asia, xl. 413. 
Leaee, Colonel, his > Travels in 

Oteeoa ' referred to, xxiii. 69 ei seq. 

, quoted, ib. 71-73. 

Leathbb Pass, Bocky Mountains, 

ixxiv. 176, 177. 
Lebahok, Mount, xxiii. 7B, 79, 106. 
Lkbech, M., of Manritiua, referred ti 

juivii. lie. 
Leddan Biver, Syria, xxxii. 108. 
Ledja Mountains, Bycia, i'l, 
Lee Bay, New Zealand, xxxiv. 98. 
, Dr. John, Obit. Notice, xiivL i 

Ija: [Li>HO, Chilili, China, xxivil 26^ 
Lefrot, Chas. Edwaid, Obit, NuUci 

, 74, 13.% 135-137; 
i. 25, 28, 32. 

-, Ti>markB 

f. 210 : 

ence to the search for, by Mr. John 

Forrest, il. 2*8, 249, 
Eivrr, North Australia, 4 

xxxiii. 10, 59, 61, 98, 103, 127, 118. 
t-earch Expedition; death 

of Mr. D. M'lntyre, iixviti. p. otvl. 
tree, lu Qumnsland, sxxri. 

22, 24, 25 
Letchhaedt's me/oie'icn, found between 

Port Deuison and Cape York, 

Queensland, iA. 33 et seij. 
Leila Mountains, GaDcaaus, it Ty ii, 70, 

Leja, Araba of the, xixIL 88. 
Lejkan, M., roffrred to, nxvi. 200. 
I.EKOA Biver. South Africa, xnv. 111. 
Leuos, Sir Chaa,, Bart., Obit. Notice, 

Leeti Bivar, Manchuria, i 


PlDvinpc of Caravaja, Pern, mi. 

Lkkora, Mauct, WeBlem Anstridia, 

iL 210, 241. 
LnONTES BivcT, Bjria, uiiL 106, 107. 
LvsAipesaintlie Djung-.trian Aia-taii, 

Oentral Asia, xxii. 366. 

BiTer, Central Asia, xixv. 217, 

laKANDK PJatean, Peninsula of Sinai, 

xxrriii. 252. 

South Cenhal Afiica, ixti. 

LnsoK, M., ' 

i. 78. 

Ti naturalist, referred 

LebiJto ut Basuta Land, South Africa, 

XXXV. no, 113. 
Lesctolahd, South Afrioa, ft. U7. 
lAci. Kotok, East Africa, xl. 315. 
Lketth, town of, Siam, xxxii. 158. 


to the DEii) Ska, by Capt. C. W. 
WiLBOH, B.E. By Colouol Sir H. 

jAiatB, B.B., XZXV. 201. 

Li Vebbieb, M., referred to, ib. 137 

Levi, Mount, North Australia, ixxiii. 

Levuka Harbour, Fiji, xnii. 43. 

, town of, Fiji, ib. 44. 57. 

Liwis. Bl. Hoa. Sir Geo. Comcwall, 
Obit Notice, xuiii. p. civlii. 

Sound, Labrador, uxviii. 2CS. 

LnTDENBCHQ, towQ of, Bouth Africa, 

KUix. 233, 236. 
Lbtuah, town of, Arabia, xixiv. 153. 
Lbv-pta-oycb, XJtiii. 176. 
Lettillo, farmliouae in the Viiliey of 
Leytn, Ecuadnr, inarked on Don 
AtBiuiHio Guzman's map of tha 
LlBDganiiti Mouutain District us 
San Antonio, xiii 166. 
Lbttt, VaUey of, Ecuador, ib. 1G6. 
" Lezisoa " Biver. Zambesi, i6. 288. 
Lhasa and Loh (Bhootan) lerrJCories, 
boundary between, Kixriii, 105. 

, uIho written Lbassa and Lassa, 

city of, capital of Gnat Tibet, 
mil. 1, 26 : sYXTi. 166, 167 i ixxvii. 
11; iiiyiii. ISOeijeg.; xsiii. 140- 
148, 154. 

, coimtries from which merchan- 

dise ifl brought lo, ib. 172, 173. 

, cnrrunt coin of, .-6. 173. 

, dispoEiil of the deod in, 175. 

, food of the inhabitanls of, ib, 


-, height of, above tho sra, ib. 13G. 

— , manufactures of, ib, 172. 

, obsctvationsof thi' temiictuture 

of the air at, ib. 108-204. 

Lbaba, Bajah of, ib. 162. 

, Beport of nRoBte Survey nude 

by Pundil ■ from Nkpal to. By 

Olpt. T. G. MONTGOMEWK, ift. 129. 

Biver(or Kiohu Sangpo), Tibet, 

ib. 213, 214, 216, 218. 
, standing army in, ib. 174. 

Territui^, remarks as to ILo 

weather, Ac., id, ib. 204. 

to Gartokh, Meraorandnm on 

the Great Tibetan Boad from, ib. 
205, 206. 

Iraile of, with TariouH countries, 

ib. 172. 

, water siipvly of, ib, 

LiAO-BO. river of Hiinohuria, xixiii. 

1.^9, 163-166: ixiii. 3, 6. 
Liao-ti-sdak, Slanchiiria, ib. 13. 
LiAO-TUNO, coast of the Golf of, 

Mancliiuia, xxaiii. 163. 

Gulf of, xtxvi. 131 ; 

ii. G4 : I 
- Prosi- 

I, 6, 7. 

LiBEBE-B Islanil, iiivi. 247. 

Lie HI Mountaiufi, Cambodia, xxxv. 81. 

Li CHUAM-PA, town of, Western Cliiua, 

ssiii. 17. 
Liddon's Gulf, Mutvillo Inland, ixxr. 


LiEijUE, or Niendo, Biver, East Africa, 

XXXV. 164-166. 
"Litugwib" Lake, Soutli Africa, 

xisix, 246. 
LlOAR Hiver, Eaat Australia, xixiii. 


LioDTKiNS Creeh, British Cnlumbia, 

xxsiv. 190. 
LlRAMASlA Mountain, East Africa, xl. 

S27, 328. 
LiscuE, ncgir Tfulum, Brahmaputra 

River, ixxviii. 214. 
LiKHABEF, Gtneral, liia Expedition up 

tiie Biver Irtyeli in 1720, xxxv. 65 
LiKHOTA - Altn BangB, Mancliiirin, 

xxxvji. 220. 224. 
LiKOBD, town of, Haussa, Weet Central 

Africa, ib. 96. 
LiEUNOHD. Eaet Africa, xL 328. 

L 2 




Liu. Bum, New Zealaud, sxxiv. 60, 

Gl, G4. 
LiLLOET, Fraatr River, BritiBh Co- 

lumbEti. XKiix. 125. 
, Great FalU of the, Britiflh 

Columbia, isxi. 228, 229. 

IslandB, BritUh Columbia, 

ib. 231. 

Lake, British Oolambia, ib. 

219, 229, 230, 232, 214, 245. 

RiTcr. BritiBh Columbia, ib. 

219 el leq., 297 et seq. 

■, British Colombia. &ee 

route, BritiBh Colnmbia, xni. 

237, 2*2, 245. 
" Tniil," Britiflh Columbia, 

ib. 225, 243, 244. 
, Valley of the, Brittah Co- 
lumbia, lb. 230. 
LiHAT River (the upper ooiirse of the 

Rio Negro), Pula^ooia, siiiv. 206, 

215, 220. See Hen Cor. 
Iii-iiiH,towauf, Szecliuen, China, Kxxii. 

Lihubn'b Bight, GalE of Caipentaria, 

liivL 229,231. 
Limhen Bight River, Xorth Australia, 

ib. 231, 234. 
Limpopo, Berobe, or Spirito Sauoto 

River, South-East Africa, isaix. 

237, 238, 2GU. 
, Journey of Esplohatioh to 

the Mouth of the Rivbr. By Mr. 

St. Vinoeht W. Ebskme, ib. 233. 
, or BuBH River, DiBoovery of 

the trueMoTiTii of, by Mr. St. Vincent 

Ebbkinb, (i. pp. cxciv. and 256. 
, Ouio, or Giro River, South- 
East Africa, xxxii. 65. 
River, Bonth-East Africa, ib. 

63-^55; xxKV. 109, 114; ixxix. 235, 

241, 250, 2li6. 


33 for, II 

Libdih Pass, Otago Provi 

Zeuland. xxxvii.335. 
Peak. Olago Province, Ntw 

Zealand, XMiv. 81, 82. 
Lwii River, tribntucy of the Jhelum, 

Kashmir, xxxvii 350. 
IilKOAH, Island of Kislim, Persian Galf, 

xxsiv. 251, 252, 
, KiSHH, and Bunder Abbaes, 

Visit to. By Lieut.-Colonel (now 

Sir) Lewis Allt, i6. 251. 
LlHQOM, Mount, Epirua, ixKix, 284. 
LiNG-BVH, city of, EwangBi, Cliina, 

uxviii. 59, 60, S2, 67. 

LiNGZi Thung Plains, bptvreen (he 
Changchenmo Vfllley and the Kara- 
keesh River, xt. 34, 39, 42, 53, 61. 
116, 117. 

LiHjA, Persia, xixiv. 142, 143, 153. 

LiK-TsiN-OHow, city on the Yellow 
River, xl. 5, 9. 

LiNTiNTi, Soutli Central A&ica, xui. 

LiPALCLE, or Oliphnnf a River, tributary 
of tlia Limpopo, South-East Africa., 
xxxix. 236-238, 241, 243, 253. 

List of Ordinary Marcbea betweif?n 
Gartokh and LhaaB, iixviii. 208- 

Little Fish Bay, or MosBameUrs, 
West Africa, siivi. 248. 

— llarriBon Lake, British Co- 
lumbia, mi, 220. 

LiDott Lake, British Columbia, 

ib. 219, 245. 

, Mount, liill near the Flinders 

River, Queenalntid, xxxiii. 102. 

■ O'Kaiiagan Lake, British Co- 
lumbia, x: ' 

- Tibet 


Table Island, Arotio S^iona, 
ixxv. 133. 
Liverpool, River, North Austmlia, 

xxxvi. 230. 
LrviuoaroNB, Dr. David, m.d. Gold 
MedalliBt [LQ.s., Extracts from the 
Despatches of (date^ Dec. 17, 1856: 
Feb. 14, May 12, July 26, and Oct. 
15, 1859), to the Bight Hon. Lord 
Mahnesbut;, xxxi, 256. 

I. Enamination of rapids of Kehra, 
or KiAra-basa nn tKe Z'lnieai. — Starts 
with Dr. Kirk and Mr. Bae from 
entrance at Panda Maboa (Copper 
Mountain): crosses the Luia afflu- 
ent; reaches Sbiperizioa range, 358 
— various accounts of natives, 259 — 
dilBoulties in travelling, 2li0— varia- 
tinns inheightof river; coelandiron 
ore ; sugar manufactured by natives, 

n.~lL.cploratiiin of the Shiri Eivtr. 
—Leaves Tette with Dr. Kirk, 262— 
ascends Shir^ to the Mamvera ; 
tirer beyond reported smootli ; 
n^tuniB to Tetta, 263— G. Living- 
Ktone's and Baines' visit to Kabra- 
basa Rupids during flood-time, 264. 

III. Second Visit tn the Shi. if.— Dis- 
covery of Lake Shirwa, 265— details 
as to lake, countiy, and inhabitanla, 
2t!6 et seg. 


. Itepnitmg ascent of the Blver 
re to the hitherto □□ discovered 
e Njinjeai, or Njtuua, 276. 
'tracts fromletteratoSiiThomoa 
at, 279 et seq. 
Dr. K[rk'a BEpott on the Giptdi- 
tiuii up the Bivet Bhii*, 28-i. 

Mr. Charles LivingBtane'a Report 
oF his viait to Kahra-besa Bapide and 
Moramba Cataract, 2S6. 

tilt. T. BaioBB' Ruport of hia visit 
b Kabra-besn, 2S7 el scq. 
fYL Exanuaattm of Zambesi abim 
tabra-baaii, oTtd Journey la Makatota 
Coitnlry. 290 et seq. 

TIL Vosane from Vkloria Falb io 

VIIL i/oU cu to Africaa Cotton, 
L.IVIHGBTOIJE, Dr. David ; Ezplnrattnna 
In Ihe Weat of LiKB Ntabsa in ISGS, 
xuLiv. 21S-8tarls from MurohJBona 
Calomots and ascent of tlie Shir£, 
245 — rrachea edee of Deza tiible- 
limd ; nn-ival at Cape Hacleor; after 
de'tnor to north-weet raiches luke 
again near Kota-KolSi Bay : slave 
trade, 21t)— jnurney weat from Kotn- 
Kola Bay; rivem; 247— ceporta ae 
to lake Bomba, Mofu, aud Hoiro. 
248 — eitruct from latter to Admiral 
Washington, contuining ramnrkH re- 
upecling the Universities' Mission, 
250 — and observations as lu the 
BovniuaKivcr, 251. 

Expedition to 

I.^ BF- Ntacsa i 



2. Extract fioQi letter of B«v. H. 
I Wint Bturup. 

il. Letter frwn Mr. Charles Liviiig- 
Bir R. Mureiiison (January 
1S62), 252. 

t. J:^i>or ptepiired fT the Socioty 
Dr. Livingstone (Junoary 18B2), 

JExtraet from Cap« Aryus (of May 
1, 1862} in retrard to UniverBitiee' 
:inion, 3k., 265. 

5. ExtTBot of letter from Rev. Mr. 
Stewart (March 6, 1S62), 2G9. 
Extract fr 

work on ' The Zamlwei and its 
TribuUrios,' xxxvii. 105, 198. 

■ — i Hia ' Zambesi and 

its Tributaries ' teferred to, xxxv. p. 

ZHmbefli anJ ita Tribntariea,' sixvii. 

— , quoted with refer- 


he 1 

ence to the Moaioatnnyn (ViotoriB) 
Falls. XXXV. lOS [and note]. 
, referred to, quoted. 

251, 252; 258— Paper prepared by, 
and mid, 2T4, 323; xxxiv. 198 et 
K^. ; jxxv. 2, 3, 106, 164, 160, 168, 
169; xxxvii. 48, li)3ttseq. 

Rumours of his 

deutb found to be antme by Yoang'a 
Expedition, xxxviii. p. cxeiv. 

MoiintaitLB, New Zi*- 

land, xxxiv. 60. 

,Mt. CharloB, referred to, 

xxxi. 262, 264, 2611, 270, 277. 27!1, 
2S3, 288, 289, 290; xixiii. 252 el 
seg.i xxxiv.i 203; xxxvii. 195. 

) Kabra-baaa Bapids, Biver 

ri, xxxi. 286. 

, Mrs., death of^ xxxlil. 

, referred to, iiiL 

Seasok ExpiTOiTioN, Ee- 

Livinqbtdne'b (Dr.) Lnsl Journey and I 
the probable Ultimate Soureea uf 
the NiLK. By Mr. Alex. Gko. , 

FlNDLAV, xxxvii. 193. 

LiviTATZA, Port of, EpiniH, ixiix. 282. 
LiZABn, Mount, North-Western Au»- 


Armeiiifi, xxxi. 151. 
Llanganati District, Quitonian 

Andes, no active volcano seen tiiere 

for forty years buck, ib. 168. 
, Green Lake of, Quitonian 

— , AI ineral distriota of, Qui- 

loniun Andes, 16. 170. 

Mauntuioa, Quitonian 

Andes, ib. 164, 165, 169. 
, On the Monnlaina of, in 

Ihe Eabteeuj Cokdillbra of the (lin- 




Llanqanatc, Paramofl ol 
ib. 171. 
- Peak, Quito I 111 

, Bio de los, Ecuador, 16. 

Li-iSQtiHDB lake, ChOi, siiiv. 208, 

Li.A«HENirT Peaks, New Zeahad, 

ib. 100. 
Llisda River, Ecuador, xxxi. ITl. 
Lliquiho River, Eouadiir, 16. 182. 
LLOQCEHLiA (or Ban Mignel) Itiver, 

Peru, xxsviii. 422, 423. 
UoTll, Bey. W. V., H.K. ; Notea on 

tlie BuaeiAN Harsoubs on tlie OuDst 

of Manohcbu, XXXTii. 212. 
Wladivostock (Port Mny), 219. 
Ndkliodka, 227. 
Oiga Bay (Port Sir M. Seymour), 

LOAKOwi, Eait Centrul Africa, 

xuTiii. 115. 
■ of the MerBTi, River of East 

Central Africa, niiv- 217. 
of the Nyaaa, Biver of East 

Afrien, h. 
, or Zombo Biver, tributary of 

tlie Zumbesi, xxxvii. 198. 
IiOAFOLO, or Luapula, BiVfr. Eastern 

Africa, isxiii. 2ti* ; xxxiv. 248. 
LOBATON, La Pluto, ib. 243. 
LoBB, Mr,, Natural iet, referred to, xssii. 

Loe-rdu, Centrul Asia, xxxi. 365 ; 
i. 164; ri. 83, 12.'>, 39a. 

, elevation of, ib. 128. 

Lobkabbaha, East Africa, xl. 315, 823, 
ljo-<mAVO, South China, xixviii. 58. 
LooHEE, River, the name of Ihn Onm- 

bela before it enters the plains of 

Bunnoo, xxxii. 312. 
LocHT River, Sew Zealand, xxiiv. 62, 

Locke, Joseph, h.f., Obit. Notice, xxxi. 

LooKHABT, W. ; Notes on Pekjbo and 
its Neighbourhood, xxsvi. 128— 
enrly names; bistorieal details, 12S 
—importance of Peking, 129— 
Mongols, 130— Corean erafesiy; tba 
general position of Peking, 131— 
coul ; cliuiata; eyateni of water- 
coiueea and dniiDB,132 — general state 
and tondition of Peking, 133 — Inner 
or Tartar city, IM— Outer or 
CliinesE city, 135 — civil goveminont 

-streets ; | 

snt, &o.. 

/(round, 139 — Forbidden City; 
" altars '' outside Tartiii city, an<) at 
tbe south of the Chinese city. 141 — 
Tuniple of Ooufnciufi, 144 — Observa- 
tory i Examination Hall ; Lama 
Monnal^^ry, 145 — Yaen-ming-yuen, 
146 — Imperial hnntiiiR-ground or 
Hai-tsze; elephants, mules, horses, 
conicl-i. 148 — foreign oeraetCTiea, 149 
— Ciiang-ping-ohow, Ming Tombs, 
Nankow Puas, 150 — Imperial 
futieml, 155, 

Locusts, desiruction of, by birds of (ho 
starling species, xxxviii. 359. 

LooAV, Sir William, referred to, xxxiv. 

Lo-Kow, port of Tai-nan-fu, Shantnpg, 

China, xl. 7, 8, 9, 20. See also iu.*oiB. 

LosroRlK, Sfipangar Bay, Borneo, 

" LoMA Deaeoda " (mountain), Central 
America, xxxviii. 71 . 

Lake, dry bed of the, near the 

Grand Canal, China, xl 3. 

LoMBOCE, Island of, EaHtern Aroliipe- 
lago, xxxiii. 224, 229, 230, 23a 

, Straits of, Eaatfirn Archi- 
pelago, xxxviii. SBl. 

LoaK Proviaco, Siam, ixxii. 158. 

LoNDA (or Lunda), Central Afrien, 
xixi. 269, 278, 281, 284 ; xixiv. 
247. See also Lwida, Lucenda. 

, People of, Central Africa, iiii. 


LoNO, Captain ; his Sketch of the pro- 
gress of Arctic discovery, xxxviii. 

LoNOABBA Mountains, Epirue, xxxix. 

277, 279. 
LoKGiTDDE, Oa Observation B for, xixiv. 

LoNGO, Padre, a friar, referred to in 

coniiectiou with an expedition in the 

Quitoniau Andes iu Bearish of tho 

gold of the Incas, ixxi. 165. 
LoNJDMEL, Andrd (1249), a traveller 

who passed through Djmigaria,xixT. 

LoocHtANA, town of, India, xl. 182. 
LoDKOVEB, Mount, North-West Aus- 

Iralia, xxiv. 204, 272, 278. 



Thnir, or IdiIIeui 

LOFBLOLE, Sonth Africa, uiv. 10( 
LopEPE, Soatb Afiica, it. 
Lo-nKS-HiKM, Kiangsi, Chtnn, xt. 2 
LoRETO, littoral proTince of, Pern, 

xxxTiii. 423. 
IxjHiAH, Eaat Afri(«, il. 318. 
"Loa Anteojos" (Ihe Bpeoteclea), two 

laltps called, in Eoiia(!or, lui. 177 

Cbilenos, Cliili, ih. 162. 

Mulatoa, Quitonian Anrles, 


Prabang Prinoipality, lodo- 

Cbina, iMii. 160. 
~— , town on the Me- 

bme Biver, xxzii. IS2, 162— deatb 

ofM. Moabotat, 163. 
LouDEV Spa, SoDtli Auatralin, xxii. 99, 

101, 14*. 
Springs, South AnBtmlia, ib, 

81, Bl-93.99. 
IiorraiiNA - TenrAinTPEO Cfunpany, 

referred to, iiili. 536, 540, 541, 549. 

road of the, aeroaa Ihw latbmua ot Te- 

buanlepdc, Central America, ih. 5.^4. 
Lorso (Ohoradrns) Eiver, Epirus, 

xzziz. 289, 290. 
liOvBH, Mnant, Spitzb^rgioii, i6. 141. 
'JjOW, Mr. ; hU diBCO^ery of |iart of the 

Pangong Lake, referred to, xxxri. 


Hon. Hugh, referred lo, sxxii. 

Imvibkb Crcoh, British Columbia, 

XEtiy. 190, 191. 
Low-HA Riipiil, Yttiig-tsze-kiang, xx:iil. 

IiCAJBBBl Biver, EaBtem Africn, x: 

329, 330. 
LfTAiTLA River, OentralA&ioo, xi 

199, 201, 205. 
LccEMDA, or Liinda, capital of Ciii« 

Centlal Africa, xx\y. 4; xi 
201, 205, 206. 
Lr-OHilw, city of Weatern Chins, 3 
17, 38. 
I'SjCchded, or KiEnngnM, Biver 
Valley, Nysnza region. Eiuit A 
.'Hiiii. 328; ixsv. S, 11. 

Budrs Rivtr, I 

w, eily of, xmii. 306. 
r, Rnnii of Cutch, xl. Ifi4 
- Inlet, Ruun of Culeh, ii 

LcoY Creek, Queensland, xixv. 203. 
LuoT Lake. Qoeonsland. ,b. 208, 209. 
LcPlOi (or RuHgi) Bivor, Eaat Africa, 

-vuvii. 206. 
LuFT Town, Kidbm Inland. FerBian 

Gulf, xxxiv. 254, 255. 
LcaVHE Country, East Afriea, xl. 325. 
"Ldia" Rivet. Zambezi, xixi. 289. 
LmzE River, South-East Afrion, xziii. 

63, 0.1, 68. 
LnK. village of, Yarkand, ixxyLi. 17. 
Lc-XAN (iorge, Tang-tBie-kpng, 

xicxii 9, 34. 
LtKKAtB, or Eurreer, Bolucbiatan, 

xxxiii. 204, 205. 
Lc-Kow, old port of Tsi-nan-fa, Shan- 
lung, Oiina. xl. 214. SeealnoLi-lKHP. 
Ld-li-uo, Nortli China, xsivii 251. 
LuMBWA, East Aftioa, xl. 307, 328. 
LcHEANn Fuse. Knslimir, xisvii. 1. 
LuuaDArNE, Dr., referred to, xssviii. 

LcusiiEH. Ciiptain Felor, referred to, 

xxxii. 305. 
, Colonel, referred to, ifc. 

, tbo brothers, r. ferred to, 

ih. 303. 
Lt'KAK Mountains, East Afrion, xxiv. 

13, and note. 
Ltinda, oapilal nf Gazembe, Central 

Alricfl. See Zuemrfo. 
Luua-BSs-KOW, village of. North 

Cliina, tlje diverging point of tbo 

old Hud new course* of the Yelloiv 

River, xL 14, 17-19,21,25. 
Lchq Yhgbma Valley, Ladakb, xxxvii. 

LnPATA, ZambeHi Kiver. xixL 272, 

273,281: xxxiv. 196-198. 
LiTBEin>A4 or Uueuda, capital of 

Caiembe, Ceolral Afrira. See 

LufHiNUTON'a fortheat In North-Wtet 

AuBtralia, xxxvi. 224. 
Lus Province, ISoluchiatan, xxxiii. 213. 
LcTA Nziafi, Eaat Afrira, ixiv. 6, 7,■ 
^. 3, 9, 10-height of. 8-10. 

, Liltle, East Africn. 

i. 826, 328, S31-333. 
Ltjzoh Iflle, Eastern Arcliipelago, ib, 

219,220; ixiiv. 10. 
Ltoeb, or Sudii«k-sn, Turkey in Asia, 
ii. 286. 
r Kalkyt-sn, Turkey in ABia, 

Ltdba, Syria, sxiTi. 201. 

Ltkll, Mount. North- West Amtwlia, 

XV. 1^48.250, 251, 2.^,255; xxxvi. 

4,206,207,214,219. 223. 





IiVELL, Sir Cb&rleB, rerened to, xl. 

195, 200. 
Lybll's geological theory rafened to, 

ft. 400. 
Lthru, CommBndBT, of the Unittd 


States Nav;, q^aoted, 

, T. K. ; Tranfllation of Mr. M. P. 

Bobit'b Paper on the Idcntifioation of 
tlie Mount Thech^s of Xgnofhoh, 
xl. 463. 

IiTND Biver (of I*iclihardtX Queens- 
lafiii, XXXV. 1S2, 196, 20G, 209, UIO, 
212 ; xxxvi. 20, 21, 21-26. 28, 30. 

Lions River, Weet Aaetraliu, zxxii. 
S82, 383, 389-391, 427, 428. 

Ltbiobates, moDument of, Kxxi. 24. 

Lttton, at the conBuenou of tlis 
Thompson ntid Fnuer Rivers, 
Briliab Columbia, xxxi. 217, 21S, 
S20, 237-239, 241, 242 ; xxiiv. 174, 


i. 121. 


Ma Sobert, Dr. LiriiigstoDt'B launth, 

Macauau Creek, Qucenaltind, iixiii. 

S5, SG. 

— , Mount, Queenalnnd, ib. 86. 

MiCALiBTEB Creek, QueeDflland, ib. 134, 
■ , Mount, Queeiiflland, ib. 

ISM, 137. 
Uacabtnet, I<ord ; bis embaaa; to 

Kien-lnng, Emperor of China, re- 
ferred to, jLuvi. 133. 
— — —; referred to, Ksxvii. 

Haoabbar, Celebes, Eastern Archi- 

[lelagu, iTxii. 128, IBl, 132, 134. 
Uacatesb Tribe, South Africa, ixiix. 

23S; xxxvi. 204, 214. 
Mica VL AY Gkciera, New ZeaUad, 

miv. 94. 
MacDonau) Eange, Norlli-Westem 

Aufltralia.ixw. 253 ; xxxvi. 204. 214, 
MacDonngll, MouDt, South Australia, 

MacDokneu. RnQge, North Gorge of, 
Uentrul Au;<tmlia, ixxi. 11), 112. 

, Sir R, G., ib. 145, 148 

[note], 3" 

~ (Or Richnril aad Lady 

Bltmclie, lakes named after, in Soutb 

Australia, xxxiiL 34. 
Maogowan, D, J., M.D. ; The " KcwBiK 

Biveb" an Aquuduct, xxxii. 74. 
HiCHA, town of, Central Asia, xl. 449. 
MicUA-DABiA, Central Asia, it. 
Macbado Biver, affluent of the 

Madeiia, Brazil, >6. 424. 
Uacicay, MesBiB., in New Zealand, 

xxxii. 295, 296. 
River, North-Eaet Australia, 

XXXV. 195, 206. 
Mackenzie, Bisliop, Death of, xxxii. p. 

clix. ; xxxiii. 252, 25.9, 266, 267, 271 ; 

xxsiT. 250. 
, Bishop, miaaiooary party 

— , Miaa, xsxiii. 267. 

Plains, Cauteibury Pro- 

>, New Zttaland, xxxvii. 335. 
- — - Range, QuBenalaiid,xxsiU. 

River, Arctic America, 

■.92; sxKvi. 280,291. 

>, Nortti-Eaetcru Aus- 



Macsrell Ponds, Upper and Lower, 

Newfoundland, xxxiv. 264. 
Macleab, Cape, lake Njassu, xxxiii. 

2iil; xxsiy. 261. 
— — ; Bir Thomas, Dr. LivingBtone'a 

letters to, xxxi. 279, 
Maookochik, Captain Alexander, n,N., 

Obit. Notify, ib, p. csxix ; liia 

Bervioea as Secretary to tbe Society, 

Macfhebson'b Strait, Andaman Ldauda, 

xixii. 115, 118. 
Macqcbbn, Mr. James, referred to, 

XXXV. 6, 9, 13, 14, 

xl. p. cxivii, 

Macbones, llivpr of the, Asia 1 

xl. 464. 466, 468. 
Maoubani, town of. Pern, tvX ' 

[note]; xxxvu. 117-120, 12^. 


Madagucah, East, A Boat-voysiEe 

along the Coast La^es of. By Caplaia 

W. KooKK, S.A., iiivi.B2. 
, A Viflit to tba North- 
East PiDvioDQ or. B; tbe Kev. H. 

Maundbell, xxzvii. 108. 
, Island of, ssxiii. 219, 

227; xixv. 232. 
, Notes ou the West CoBSt 

of. By Captain J. C. Wilbos, B.S., 

xixvi. 2i4. 
Madatof, traTeller, referred to, xiiv. 

Haueiba Biver, Bmxil, \\\i. 19, 8S, 

SB, 89. 92. 94-96; Kxlvi. 126-128; 

xixrii. 1H7, 138 ; xxxix. 303 ; xl. 4, 

21, 419, 420. 
Maseb-i-Soleihan, deserted Tillage 

(Cynu' tomb), mi. 60. 
Maber People, Norlh-Eaatcm Africa, 

Madbxto Tribe, North-Enstern Africa, 

ih. 211. 
Madgico-suu. Ifiluiids, Eaiit OobbI of 

Fonno^, xxxiv. 10. 
Madi Coumry, east of White Nile, 

Mxiii. B31; juvi. 8. 
- Tribe, east of White Nile,xxKTi. 


\ South-Eaat Africa, i 


■' MAiilBAma Eloke," or Great Uafonga 

Biver, West Africa, xisiii. 211— 

falls of, 243, 246. 
Madjame, on the snnth- western slope 

of Kilima-DJaro, Enat Africa, xxiv. 

HASuiis, xxsi. 275 : xxxii. £34. 

Presidency, syattm of forfat 

cooservBiicy established io, undur 
Dr. Olegliorn, ixxti. 190. 

Madbi de Dios, ur Amuru-mayu Biver, 

ProviDco of Camvuya, Peru, xxxi. 

191, 192, 201 ; iSKvi. 114. 115, 125; 

mviL 136-138, 
Uadd&a District, Hadras Presidency, 

mri. 183, 185, 186, 193. 
Havoh, Eastern Arohipelugo, xxxii.129. 
Maqdai^a, capital of Abvssinin, xxxTiii. 

11, 34, 41-43 (deaoritad. 45), 46, 47, 

48,19; xsxix. 37. 335. 
. , topogra- 
phy of, xxxviii. 33. 
Jfo^nfa, results of voyage of the, xiiiz, 

p. clxxiii. 
"Haqhbeza." short range of moontains 

called, Kiii. 42. 
Haqbian, Bek-ahtp of, Centnil Atdii, 

iL 449-151. 460, 461. 

Biver, Central Asia, ii. 451. 

Uaqlalla, North-Enatpra Africa, 
xiiii. 205,221,224, 225. 

Maonetio courses and distances of 
stations between Ant&lo and Miig- 
dalo. juviiL 36. 

irun-sand. Volcano Boy. 

Yesso, Japan, xxxvi. 174. 

Pole, ill. 280, 2H1. 

liiscovery of tl 


1 Boothia Felix, i 

r. 132, 

Y>irh PeniuiiUla, Queensland, i 

East A&iuan EipeditioQ, 

MAaoKEBO, Bouth Central Africa, iA. 
251, 252, 275. 

Stream. Bouth Central 

Africa, '1. 259. 
Maqpie Kiver. Labnulor, ixxiv. 84. 
MAGTAB,Ladii'lauB,his travels in West 

Africa, xxxvi. p. oxoiv. 
Mabu:bb, Corporal, murder of, referred 

to, iixvii. 97, 9a 
Maqunqo, village of, Albert Nyanza, 

xxxvi. n-ia. 

Mahabaleshwab, near Bombay, i*. 187. 
Ma-hai Biver, Manolioria, xxxvii. 222. 
MahaIiAfi Biver, Suutlj AliiiTS, xxxv. 

Mauakuddt, On the Basin of the 

Biver. An AlMitmot of tbc Geo;>ra- 

phical Portion of a Report )iy Kfr. 

(now Sir) R. Tkbplb, it. 70. 
Mabdeha Mariam, Abyssinia, xzitx. 

Mahela, Lake of, Madagascar, xixvi. 

-, town of, Madiigasoar, i6. 60, 

61. 63, 
Mahi, Island of, Seychelles, currency 

of, xxxv. 235. 
, Seyoheixbb, On tlie Inland oC 

By Lieut. -Colonel (now Sir) Lewis 

Pelly, ih. 231. 
Mahneb, Ruin of, Syria, xxxii. 91. 
Mahogany, export of, from tlie Isthmus 

of Tehuaii tepee, Central America, ib. 

Mahomedi Beel Settlement, Bolnch- 

istan, xxxiii. 205. 
Mahsood Wnzeeris. xisii. 312. 
Wazeeri district, Afghanistan, 

Mai-Bulae, pass in the Trajie-Ilian 



I-I-HACA9 Hivpr. ttffloBnb of the 
ILvM Purts, uivi. 113. 
Mai-Mbm*, Valley of, North-Eart 

Arricn, xxxviii. 21, 25. 
UAlMosrabTalley, North-East Afrion, 

1*6. 27. 
Haibut, Persia, iiivii 276. 
Uaidee Hill, BeluchiBtftB, dBseribed, 

sxxiii. 206. 
Maiden Point, on the Murray RiTor, 

Australia, xxxi. US [note]. 
Mailibasb, Byr-Daria, sxxTiii. 443, 
Main RaDge, QoeeOKland. xxxt, 210. 
AIaihk, Kohl's history of tlie discovery 

of, mentioned, xl. p. clvii. 
MAranALAXA Rhei, Madagnscar, 

xixvil 113. 
Mai-o-uai HtUs, Kloras^so, x^<. 41. 
Haitland Eay, North- WeiBt Australia, 

ixxv. 245, 262, 279. 
' Kiver, North-Wesl Ata- 

iralia. zxxii. 381, 398. 
Maiehdib, ABliiiTBt, Obit. Notice, 

Majuaa, Sednic, Arabia, izst. 173. 
Mtjos, Uti. R, a.; hia ''Life of 

Prince Henry the Navigator " 

referred to, xsuviii. p. ris. 
MjiJt'Niu, town nf, Madagascar, xsitL 

Maeaow Khao Mountain, lodo-Chioa, 

xaii. 151. 
" Makaranqa " Peat, East Africa, 

xuti. 285. 
Makaroela River, Nev ZpHland, xixiv. 

90, 91 ; sutii. 329, 336. 
Makata, Eafit Africa, xiiTiii. 114, 115, 

Makawiho River, Now Ztaland, si. 

Makedo Cfttsracta, River Nile, iiivii. 

Makelii. Salt Lake of, Pttaia, xixviii. 

Maebah Tslley, AhyBsinia, Oi. 87, 38. 

Makhhud, Sjna, iiiiL 100. 

Ma-hia-eow, Manchuria, xixis, 12. 

Maxiatt, lelaod or, E^ialem Archi- 
pelago, volcanic eruptions of tlie, 

1614, li 

i, 221. 

Makmala District, Central Asia, il. 

Makoa, the. East Afrioa, isiv. 162, 

Makololo acoompanj'ing Dr. I.iving- 

, number of, who accom- 
panied Dr. IjvingBtone, ib. 279. 

People, Bonth Centrii I Afrion, 

- 258 rt Kj. 269, 290, 292, 203. 

Masondii People, East Africa, sxxv. 

162, 165. 
Makoorti Peak, Nfilgherriaa, xuvi. 

Maeraka District, Africa, sisv 297. 
Maebaha, offiihoot of tlie Taibngntni 

Range, Chinene Tortary, i*. 68. 
Maesbetef, Profesaor, referred to, 

isxviii. 439. 
Makitsa Tribe, Luke Njassa, xiiiii. 

Malacca, ib. 227, 228. 

Strait, iixii. 241. 

Malaqarazi River, Lake TangnnvitB, 

EiiBt Centml Afrioa, xiiiii. 323, 324, 

S27. 330, 332 ; eiiv. 4, 5, 7 ; xirvii, 

201, 205. 
Malahbo, East Africa, xl. 312. 
Malan Cape, or Rae, Betucljislaa, 

AXiiii. 192, 195-197. 
Mala9 River, Central Asia, xl. ilft. 
Mautenqo River, Central America, 

ixiii. 539, 541. 
Malatia, Tiiikey In Asia, sxiviti. 

330, 341. 
Malat Archipelago, Mr. Alfred RuBEel 

Wallace's labours iti the, itferrcd 

to, xxxir. p. cxlviii. 
; On the Phydcal 

Geography of tl.a. By Alfred 

RUBSEL M'allaoe, Esq., siiiii. 217. 
, Table of ohicf 

islands in the, wilh lists of i-liarac- 

Icri^tio birds and manimala, xixiii. 

229, 380. 

Tribel in Cambodia, xixvii. 314. 

Malcolm, Mount, Western Australia, 

xL 241. 242. 244. 
Malhonaso, Don Fanstino, hia vnyags 

on tlie Madre de Dios River, dara- 

vaya Province, Pern, sxivii. 137, 

, seaport of, Umgnay, 

Malea, Arabia, xsxiv, 129. 

Mallau River, Haiisea, West Central 

Africa, iixvii. 97. 
Malla-poorpo-nanmie, liill in Soulh 

Australia, xxxiii. 39. 
Malo Island, Boulh Central Afrioa, 

•h. 267. 
Maloios, lands nf the, Soulh -Fast 

Malpabo, Central America, I'J. 539- 

MALrB-BBCH, M. V. A,, Tefened to. 

^^H MAL-WAsa, Aby 


Hal-wasz, Abyasoia, zxxviii. 41. 
Mamakhatoon, town of, Turkey in 

Asia. if.. 281 [described], 282, 290. 
Mauara River, Ptni, ii. *14. 
Mahbe Nsngi SeltlemeDta, West Coast 

o{ Africa, xxiiii. 245. 
Mauet-kvl (Lake), Central Asia, 

xxxvii. 158. 
MAHrsnoN Fasa, Caucasns, xxxix, 59- 

Sl, G6. 
Mahuonie Biver, tribnlary nf tho 

Iiajanog,Ceiitr»lAinerica,xxxv. 144. 
Mamobb Biver, Bolivia, ixxvi. 123, 

137. 138. 
UAHOBiA-uutm, affluent of tbe Biver 

Purtls, il. 90. 
Haweoa Cataract. SI ore Biver, Africa, 

xxxi. 263. 231. 28,^. 
Hana Paaa, Nortli-Weet ProvinceB, 

India, xxiis. 148. 

. town of, Ninth- West ProvinccB. 

India, A. 148, 149, 160. 
. Xanaab, Oolf of. between Ceylon and 

tiie mainland of India, ixiii. 236. 

V ]fAKACAPCSN,An)az<jnBiveT,xlKvi 86. 

f Manaeolaha Bivur, Mailngascar, 

f Hanal Kava, Sunthem India, propoBed 

Uasanja, high lands and villages 

Central Africa, xxxiii. 25B, 259. 
Manahzabi River, Madagascar, xzxvi 

-, tovpn of, Madagascar, 

L 113. 

F Hahambbiit River, Madagascar, 
112, 113. 
Hakaos, rity of. Brazil, xxxvi. 88, { 
103, 119, 125, 126; xxxvii. 13 
; il. 427, 428. 
— , geograpliical positbn of, ■ 
the Bio Grande, ixxvi. 126. 
MANAsBtL, Kaslimir, xxxi. ^3. 
Makohc family, the burial place of t 
(to the Bitstof Moukden), xxxiii. 1( 

" , Central auil Northei 

1 boundaries of, xxxix. 1 

lauter of the population, ib, 25. 

, Table 

of agricultural operatious, &c., iu, 

three provinces of, ib, 35. 

-, ftrtilily of the soil : 

Nortliem and Central, ib. 20. 

-, Northern ; boundaries and 


— ^ — - — — , Notca on the Russian 
Harboura on the Coast of. By the 
Bev. W. T, Llotb, k.n., iixvii. 
212. See also J?.o*rf. 

, population of, xxxix. 10. 

-, probable miueral wealth 

Mamchus, observntions on the, ib. 62. 

Mandalat, il. 292, 294. 

Mandarin orant^e-trets, Mailagascar, 

xxxvL CO. 
Mandavre, Cutch, xl, 195. 
Mandeville, JdIiq Henry, Obit. 

Notice, x«xi. p. oxxx. 
Mandi, xxxvii. 13. 
MiNDlNGA Bay, Caribbean 8ea, xxxv. 

143, 145, 146. 

— Biver, ib. 145. 

Majjbtbnbbt Tribe, Hiver PurtiB,8outh 

America, xxxvi. 100 et «■;., 123. 
MANrooHAH, town of the Aared 

Province, Arabia, xxiiv. 131. 
Manoanhoonie Creek, South Aus- 
tralia, ixxiiL 40. 
Uanqabja People, Shir^ Biver, East 

Africa, iixt 266-268, 231, 284. 
■ — , language of the, ib. 

2C5 ; ssxiii. 252, 282 ; ixxiv. 247. 
Manoanwab, Trigoaometrical Station 

of, ixiL 32. 

UlANdLKB, Captain James, b.n.. Obit. 

Notice, sssviii. p. oxliii. 
Mahoo, Soath-Ea.'st Africa, xxxii. 63. 
Mangoro Biver, Madagascar, xxxvi. 

Manhrote forests, East Africa, xxxv. 

155, 156, 159. 
MANonBG, mountain named. East 

Africa, xxxi. 263, 285. 
MAKiOA,District of, South-East Africa, 

ib. 264 ; xixiv. 196, 19B. 
Mabice River, Bouth-Eaat Africa, 

xxxii. lie. 
Manioubsa, or Manicurassa, couiitr}' of 

the. South Africa, ib. 63, 66. 
Manila, tohnwo of, ib, 36. 


IPORI Luku, New Zebkml, xxxiv. 

I Uaksahviiu. Tribe, hake Njoaeu, 
usiii 262. 

Mankend, Central Asia, xl. 379. 

Hann, Robebt Jaueb, h.d., Snperin- 
tendont General of Educatiao in 
Natal : The Plijmcal GuigrBphy nnd 
Climate of the Colony of Natal, 
ixxvii. 48, 

UAHNina Pluin, Eastern Auslralia, 

Hanosi. Urbeno Riror, triliiitary of 

the Eivcr Purfls, xixyi. 107. 
Manoso, town of, MadagafCar, ib. 57, 


I Lake, New Zealantf, i 

, Turkey i 

Uahsoh Muuctain, Biltiah Calutabia, 

xxxi. 216. 
Hantabo anit AFt'BUiAn Bivebs, On 

tlie ConfluBuceof the, in the Huanta 

Mountains. By Profesear Antonio 

Baimondi, Hon. Cotr. Member, B.o.e. 

xxxviii. 413, 
Mantabo River. Pern, ib. 413, 415, 41 (i ; 

422, 425, 427, 428, 439— course of, 

and iitbei namoa for, 414. 
Manzooi^ district of, Nialiapoor, xxii. 

I Maponda, Boath end of Lake Nyassa, 

I Uatoota River, Bouth Africa, xxxix. 

[ Mapping of mountainous conntrieB, 

obstacleH to the cotrecl, xxsv. 99. 
I Haps of Cambodia and Cochin China 
executed by French Government 
Suiveyors, particulare uf, xxxvii. 32S, 

in the guide-books of liHcJekec 

and Burlepscji, referred to, xssv. 103. 

, steraDgrapliio and engraved, 

pompared, ift, 102, 10,'i, 
Hara Peak, Bait Plain, North-Eaetern 

Africa, xxiix, 226, 227. 
Uabaqo Khalfin, East Airicfl, xl. 321, 

Mabago yft Pbu, East Africa, A. 321. 
M A EAH, locality of, poBsibly identical 

with Ain Szouweira, iixviii. 255. 
Maranhau Province, Brazil, xixiL 279. 
Maraboa River, New Zeftland, iixlv. 

59, GO, 68, 68, 110. 
Valley, New Zealand, i6. 65, 

Mabavi, or Lake N^assa, iiiv. 7. 
— Tribe, Bliire' River, Africa, 

xxxt. 266, 268 ; xxxiii, 262. 
Mabble quHrries in North China, 

i. 259. 

r.NewZealaud, if<. 60 
Hansabowar Lake, Tibet, uTTJi , 
SKiviii, 130. 131, 133, 138, 141, 14,5^ 
146,148.150, 151,155,159,211,216, 
219; xxxix. 146, 159 — height of, 
isxviii. 153. 
Hansebuh Creek, East Australia, 

~ of Faag-sliBn district, 
south-weBt of Peking, irivi. 132, 

"Marble Hooka," or "Seven Stars," 
near Shao-king, South era Gliina, 
xixviii. 50,51,55. 

MabcAfata, quebrada of, Peru, xxxvii. 

- Ravine, Soutkern Peru, 


~ River, Southern Peru, ib. 

ally fulls into ibo Maiire de Dies, it 

M ABCH ant's SpringB. Central Australia, 

ib. 279. 
Mab-coub-ganhie, Tjik e. Bouth Aus- 

workfl. A. 118 [note]. 

; hifl 'Voyage a travera 

I'Am^rique du Sud' referred lo, 

Mardin Gate of Diarbekr, ixxviii. 357 

[and note], 
, Ortokide kings of, (6. 358 [and 

, town of, Turkey in Asia, 

iS. 347, 356, 357. 
Maueb River, Abyssinia, Si, 3, 24, 25, 

27, 34; i»[iK.;l7, 
Mauei Paiei Mountain, Borneo, xixii. 

Mabenqa, East Africa, xs 

Maheta Valley, Abyssinia, 
Mabqabet Creek, South AustroHa, 

jisi, 68-70, 
Uaroasitas, GardiUcra de lus, Qi 

nian Andes, ii. 180. 

:u. J 

Mabqasitas, El Volcan de lea, Qaito- 
' n And«8, 16. 167. 168, I7B, nfl. 

- li^k, Qnitniiiaii Andes, 

Habgeiks Dugh, mountaio iti Goorgio- 

Armenia, 16. 151. 
KABOtLAK, rearing of eilknorma in. xl. 

. town of, Central Agia, 

xuviiL 432, 453, 
Maria Island, North Austmlia, xiivi. 

Mabiam Tih Mountains, Tibvt, xiXTili. 

Marimba Tribe, Lake Nyasan, isxid. 

MARiNca of Tyre (tlie Maur; of anti- 
quity) referred to, xsxv. 13. 

Habion Bad Crozet Islands, South 
Indian Oi'etiD, i'j. 152. 

MABiqcrrA Lake, La Plata, iixir. 

HABiiTBcmi, capital of the Colony of 
Natal, xxxTii. 52, 54. SS^^I, S2^7. 
- Cunty, Natal, ib. 51, 57. 

K.a.a. ; On the EOeots of the Destruc- 
tion of Forests in the Western Otinuts 
oEIsDiA oti the Water Supply, xixvi. 

land Navigation of Trj 

Acooant of the Alipkb Mcd-bakk 

and the Wuukauay Bahbieb, il>, 


; Googra- 

plucal Reaolta of the Abtbsinian 
Eipedition, iiSTiii. 12— ooaat plain 
ronnd Mnlbntto, 12— Mullcntto to 
Haw&kil liay, 11— the Tekonda 
puBs; the Senafe pass, 16 — Senafe', 
20— the region arouod Senafe, 31— 
hjpsometrioal observations, 22 — Su- 
naf^ to Antato, 25 — route of army ; 
height of Qoona-goona, 26 — obaer' 
vations at AdigKrat, 28— at Argatti 
and Adatwgi, 30— flimate ; ceeources 
of onunlry, 33; the region between 
AntlLlo and the Beshilo, and the topo- 
graphy of Magdala, 35 — magoetio 
OQursea and diaianeea of atations 
between Ant^lo and Mag^iaia, 36. 

— i On the 

Origin and Migrations of the Gbeen- 

' Ebquiuaux, xkxv. tl7^North 
Polat Exploration, 87 — historical 
nntee reapeuting Greenland, 88— 
Asiatic origiti of inbubitunts, 90 — 
lakbiita preceded by the Ooioki, 
Clielaki, Tnagoses and lukuhirs; 
the Onkilon, 91— ruined yoarta on 
Cape Chelagskoi and in tlie Parry 
gruup; intervening region, 92— means 
of passage for tri&B emigrating from 
Eibi-ria. 93— notes on remairLS found 
on Baring Island, Melville Liland, 
Byain Martin Island, Biiihurst 
Island, Comwiillis Island, 94— in 
Wellington Channel, on Griffith 
Islimd, at Prince of Wales' Island, 
and in North Somirset and North 
Devon, 95 — pnjbable course takim 
by emigmntB, 96 — suppoaed great 
Polynia, or ba^ of open water round 
the Pole, 98. 

: ThePor- 

togue^ Expeditions to AevsaiNiA in 
the Fifteenth, Siitoenth, and Seven- 
teenth Centuries, xxxviii. 1 — Expe- 
dition of Payva and Corvilham, 2— 
of de Lima ; narrative by Alvarez ; 
routes to the inlerior, 3— military 
expedition under da Qama, 5 — its 
eventnal defeat, 6 ; Jesuit miaaion- 
aries, 7 — consequencea of titeir iu- 
fluence,8; memorialsofPaez' genius, 
9— d'Almeyda'a Iravele ; Meudez sent 
out aa Patriiiich, 10--JeBuita ex- 
pelled : histories of the Portuguese 
oonneotion with Abyssinia ; notes on 
rontea fallowed into interior, 11 — 
allusion to later jcnrneys, 12. 


vinoeof Cabavata inSouTHEEK Pkbu, 
iiii, 190— region examined includes 
many feedera of the PutOb, tbo only 
groiit affluent of Amazons from tile 
south not yet explored, 190 — descent 
ofAmazooslijCondamine and Smyth, 
191 -afQuents of Vmtis divided into 
three distinct systems, 191-193— first 
mention of proviuoe of Caravaya, or 
Oolla-buaya; discovery of gold, 193- 
description of province, 195 et seq.— 
table of distances and populations of 
villages, 197 ; description of part of 
pioviace pereonall)' viaited, 197 et 
teq. — ftora and hanging-gardens of 
Cuyo-Cuyo ravine, 198— villt^e of 
Sandia ; derivation of name, 199^ 
its inhabitants : character of ravine 
below Sandia, 200— forests of San 
Juan del Oro ; character of spura from 
Andes, 201— ravine of the Tanibo- 



petaBivei; diffluultiesin traytTHing 
valley of Tambopata ; its trecB, 
anioiaJs, birda, Sn;, M02^probable 
course of united wnteta ot Tambo- 
pata and Pablu-bambo below Pulina- 
puncu ; nolee aa to map, 203. 
ARKHAK, Mr. Cli?mciits R., Ilia map 
of CarHvaju, Peru, roferreil to, 
i. 125. 

Voyages towards Ihe Ncbth Fuij^ 
XXKTi. 295. 

ns geogiapliet of the AbjEsiniaD 
EipeditioD, xxxviii. p. clzxxviii. 

Mabehah, Mr. Jobn (formerly one of 
U.M-'x Consuls in Cliina); Notc^s oq 
a. Joamey through Shantdno, xl. 
207— Kio-fu, the city ot Confutiue, 
217— Tein-lisiL-ii.the oity of Mervius. 
224 — pToducta of Shantung; modes 
of traTelliDB; in the province, 226 — 
behaviour of natives ; general decay 
of public works, 227— new Yellow 
EiVfT ; Bhiintuns well adapttd for 
rail way e, 328. 

Mabki Lake, Central Aa!ii, xxxv. 67. 

Uabkland, probably the modern La- 
brador, .6, as. 

Mabeobs, or wild goat, Kashmir, xxxi. 

Maboni, town Bud bay, CnniDro Island, 
Ea£t Coast of A&ico, xxsiv. 260— 
described , 259. 

IIaboba Ravine, Abuya-meder range, 
Abyssinia, Kxxvili. 41. 

SIarbobootbana, Boulh Australia, 


■ Lake, Suatli Aub 

tralia, ib, 35, 
MARBBMik La, Ladakb, sxxvii. S52. 
Martin, James, U.S.: Explorations in 


niunioatcd by the Goveruor of 
Western Australia, through the Co- 
loDial OfBce), xixv. 237. 

1. Journal of the Firat Voyage. 
I8G3, frnm Doubtful Bay to the 
Lower Rapids of the Glenelg 
Biver, 237 — land exploration to 
Camden Harbour, 251 — from the 
Glenelg Eiver to Culiier Bay, 2(i0 
—Collier Bay, 263. 

2. Report for the information of 
theGoTeroorotWeetetn Aoslralia 
and the promoters of the North- 
Wefatem Expidition of 1S64 on tlie 

Voyage and the Resources of tlie 
Dixtrit^ts Explored, 268. 

(L) The district of tbe Glenelg 1 
climate, extent, pasloraJ resantces, 
and general capabilities of the 
soil, 289— climate ; two rainy and 
one dry season, 269— table showing 
mean atmospheric pressure, tempe- 
rature, &a., 270 — lablo) xhowing 
liygroiiietrio oouditioas nnd direc- 
tion of wiud ; estent of known 
portion ot Glenelg district, 271 — 
mitjerid resources, 272— buQdiiig 
materials ; indigenous ren-otiiblo 
productions. 273 — frnita ; native 
Tegetables, 274 — fibres; medicinal 
plants, gums, &c., 275— animal 
products, 270— harbours, rivcra, 
and intjimal Cflmmunioation, 277. 
(IL) The district of Roebuck 
Bay ; climate, extent, pnEtoral 
resources, and general i^apabilitiea 
of the soil, 278— the aborigineB of 
the district of Eoebuok Bay, 283— 
vocabulary of their Inngunge, 288. 
IfAETis, James, referred to, xxxvi. 204. 
MABTDf's Bay, New Zeiiland, ssxiy. 
101, 106, 110. See Hector. 

Glacier, Southern Alps, Now 

Zealand, xxxvii 335. 
Mahtcbd, Ruins of, referred to, xxii, 

Mauuim- FLIES on the Jums, Brazit, 

xxxix. 299. 
Mabukqc River, south end of Lnko 
Tunj,-anrikft, Kxxiii. 323, 324 ; xxxv. 
4,6,7,14; xixvii. 203, 205. 
MABrBC,an the Zambesi, South Centml 

Africa, iixiii. 252. 
Maet Lake, East Analralia, ib. 91. 92. 

PeiJca, New Zealand, xixir. 61. 

River, affluent of tho Biver 

Puras, iisvi. 95, 127. 
— — , Nortb Auatndia, xxxiii. 

Masai Country, East Africa, iiiiii 

325, 326; sixv. 11. 
" MASAsnHAHO," town of, MadagnsL-ar, 

Mabblla, ruina of, near Herat, ixii. 48. 
Mashat River, Centm! AEiia, xxxviii. 

447 I xl. 377-379, 388. 
Mabbebbbum Mountai]iB, Muatakh 

Range, Trans-Indus, xixiv. 20 it stq. 
Masbita, Japan, xl. 340. 
Mashkclla Mountain, Trans-Indus 

sxxiv. 25, 27. 

Uasbonu^, Victoiin Nyauzai aesD from, 
, weat of Victoria Nydnm, 

XIXT. 10. 

llAiBiuA Mikomiai, Eaat Afri(!a, xl. 

UjutDB, Mallat, Turkey in Asia, 

xiiriii. 347 [and note], 318, 353, 

357, 3aS. 
IUakkat. Arul>ia, xixir. Ill st teq.; 

dewriptton of, 148, 253. 253. 
Massowa, Ral Sea, tmiii. 3, 5, 6, 8, 

10. 11, 13, H ; xxx\x- 190, 207, 230. 
, takoii pcjBseaaioTi of 

by the Egyptian Ooiernmiiut, xxiix. 

XIatabello lalauda, Eastern Arobi- 

atATAMA, East Africa, luvL 19!), 
XfATARA, towo of, Saledo Bivet, L^i 

Plata, ssiit. 233. 
mATATENGO Kiver, Oontral Aiueiicu. 

■ KX-rii 537. 
IHatadha Biver, New Zealand, ssiiv, 

58, 65. 
2Iataveb[, Easter IsIbqi], Sauth Puciflo 

Ocean, xL 172. 
HUATHiAa BiTer, Nuw Zealand, xxxvii. 

"MaTHIBOS Island," flat-lopped liill, 

forming Boutb-easl extremity of Kiog 

William lalund, xxiL 6. 
StATKO?, Mr,, topograplier, bia plan of 

Kuldja lefttrred to. xxxt. 370. 
mATRA, towu of OiuHQ, AmMa, xxxir. 

143, 149. 
Uatbhai, Yessn, Japan, mvi. 179. 
31IATTO Groflso, FrovinoB of, Brazil, 

xxiii. 137, 138, 141, 2G9, 278. 
;Maii;kitdiu Biver, New ZeaLiuii, 

xisiv. 57. 
3y[ATUiiiioKA Tribe, Lalie Nynaea, 


[. 233, Z 

L tciiveUer, rtfcrted 

Mace-abbu Biver, Brazil, xl. 419, 421, 

Uaci Island, Sundwicb lEjunds, 

xxxviii. 362— crater on, 306. 
Maulus River, La Plata, iiiiv. 208. 
Hacha KeB, Uavaii Island, zxxi 
— M7. 

^^ 867. 
^ — Lo 

Haukdekll, Bev. H. ; A Visit to tba 1 

Nortb-East Frarincea of UadA<'-| 

GABCAB(commumc(itBd by the Bight [ 

Bev. V. W. Ryan, d.d., BUlioi " 

Manritina), ixxvii. lUS. 
MArNUDEHE, Soatb-East Africa, iixii. 

MAi'Birni?. Island of, xxxii. 51, SI; 

XXIV. 234-236 ! ixiix. 92. 
Mavbv, Capbiin, late of the United 

States Nasy, refened to. xxxir, 10. 
; hta 'Sailing Dirao- 

tiona ' referred to, xxxv. 149. 
Mav^uahi Mountiiin, Mnyottu laland, 

Eaat Coast of Afri.'a. xixiv. 2G3. 
Mavoba Lakce, New Zialand, ib. 60, 

64, 60, 110. 
Mawalat VnUey, Persi.i, iixi. 50. 
MAWBEBA-iir, tributary of the Grey 

Biver, New Zealand, sxiii 299. 
MtwEA (Moka), Eaxt Africa, xl. 30S. 
Maxemowicz, Mr., Meteomlogioal Ob- 

Hiii-vations by, no llie Upper Usuri 

Biver, Manchoria, xxxvii, 227. 
. — -; hifl'La Oontrf'e de 

I'Aniour,' a moat important addition 

to the literature of the geography and 

natural bietory of Sibcntt, xxxir. p. 

Haxinoa, or Huchingna Rnnge, South 
Central Africa, i*. 200-202, 211. 


i. 57, 5 

Mayebasqi. Japan, il. 340, 341. 

Uayne, Lieutenant Bechahu C., h.n ; 
Beport on a Journey in Bbitish 
CoLDUBEA in tbe diatriots borilerini^ 
on tbe TnouFGON, FaAaEB, and Hab- 
HIBON BivBBa (1859), XKxi. 213— 
Tables ; Abetraet of nsdings of 
Barometer, attached Thermometer, 
and Temperature of tbe Air, 221, 222 
— Meteorulaglcul obaervations taken 
in April ami May, 1859, 223. 

, Lieutenant Bicbahd C, b.n. ; 

Skelcb of the Country between 
Jabvis Inlet and Fobt Fb»ibebtov, 
on tbe LiLLOET River, b branch of 
the Pbaseb Eiveb, Bbitish Co- 
LUMBIA, ixxi. 297. 

, Commander BiCHABD C, e.n. ; 

Boute in Exploring a Boad ^m 
Albebnie Cakal to Nanaiho. in 
VANi^uTEa Island, in May, ISGl, 
with a Track Chart (communicateil 
l)y the Admiralty), xxxii. 529. 

Mayoc, town ol, Peru, xixviii. 114. 

MiYoTTA, French military colony of, 
xxxvi. 245. 

Island, Eaat Coastof Afriai, 

dcacribed, xxxiv. 262. 


npya : more relica fnuiid ; Rae'a 
" Hatliiaon lBliin{l," a flnt-lupped 
hill, lies at Boath-east extremity of 
King William Island, 6 — turned 
Dorth-vest ; Ktarched south shore a{ 
King William Island; Lieutenant 
Hobson's proeeedingBi 7— on May G, 
at Point Viotory, lound Bmall tin- 
case contauiing r»»rd of lost ex- 
pedition ; facBimUe of documents, 
death of Fjankllii, &c, S9— features 
of land traveraed i remotal of cairns 
by Eaqniraaiu, 10 — Franklin's pro- 
bfthle course ; Captain Young's 
exploration of coast-lina to Four 
River Bay ; no relica found, 11 — uo 

Srobability of any aarvivorB of expe- 
ition; groonds for opinion; relura 
to England, 13. 
M'Cl.lNTOCK, Admiral Sir Leopold, 
quokd with refrren^x to tlieantiquity 
of Esquimaux remuius, xxxv. 93, 

Strait, Arotio Regions, xxxi. 

McCONKELln Mount, Eastern Australia, 
sxniu. 77, 78. 

M'DoNALD, Mr. Donald, murder of, 
xxxT. 197. 

HcDotALL, Colonel, of Logan, Wigton- 
sliire, xxxi. 126. 

Bailee, North Australia, 

named by M'Di)uall Stuart after 
C'llunel M'Donall of Logan, Wigton- 
shire, A. 126, 130, 135 ; xxsii. 370. 

MoELLtSTBa Springs, South Australia, 

Hazahderan Piorliice, Perafa, rice 

grown in, xxxi. 54. 
Hazar, a rpulak Valley, Eastern Tur- 

Mataii, it. 113. 
— Badahoh, Abubekr, Karakash 

VuUty, ib. 87. 
Mazab-tau Range, Central Aaia, ib. 

451, 452. 
Mazabo, Zambesi River, xxxi. 271, 

27,1 ; xixiii. 252. 
Makatuin, town of. Mexico, xxxii. 553. 
Maiavamba. South Central Africa, 

ixxvii. 200. 
Mazbba State, Sonth-East Africa, 

Hazqebd, village of, Mozgerd Kuzzaii, 

Turkey in Asia, xxxviii. 312, 343. 
Mazihyo River, South Africa, xxxii. 

M AziTA Island, Tic tariaNyanza,xx:iii. 

Mbcbuha's, Rapid near, on the Zam- 
besi, xxxi. 2U5. 
McAdau Range, North Australia, 

the Expedition in Sparcli of Sir Joan 
Fbanelin and bis Party, xxxi. 1 — 
suiled io fbx from Aberdeen, July 
1, I8S7 ; obJBtt and deslination ; area 
of 300 square miles to bo explored ; 
ship beset and froztn in in attempt- 
ing to pass from Melville Bay to 
Laucaater Bound, l^movemenl of 
ice due to wind, not current; escaped 
from ice, April 25. 1858, in 63}° N., 
after dril'ting 1194 geogruphical 
miles; crossed Melville Bay by June 
18, and reached Pond's Inlet on July 
27, 2 — reached Beechey Island, 
Ani^ 11; plBL'cd memorial to 
crews of iVe6«j and Iferror ; arrived 
at BeliQt Strait, August 20, 3— 
passed through, September 6 ; (\iii- 
lered at Port KKnnedy, 4 — eom- 
meuoed spring journeya, February 
17; obtained information and relita 
from Boothiuu F^uimaux ; com- 
pleted discovery of coaat-iine of 
American Continent, 5 — sledge jour- 


i. 97. 

B Like, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

McKebbow, Lute, New Zealand, xxxiv. 
106 [note]. IIL 

, Mr., of Ot^o, reftrred to, 

ib. 91. 

McKiNLAV Creek, East Austmlia. 
xxxiii. 54. 

^, John; Diary of the Bubkb 

RBLrEF EXfEDlTlON, fitted out by the 
Government of South Australia 
(Adelaide to Carpentaria and (hence 
to Port Deni<nn), xxxiii. 13. 

', |;old watch awarded 

McLaren Greek, Australia, named bf 
M'DunnllStiiaTt after John McLaren, 
late Deputy Surveyor-Qeaeral of 
Soiith Australia, xzxi. 125. 

, Mr, John, late Depnty Sur- 

Teyor-Generai of Soatii Aastralia, 

McLkan, Mr., an officer of the Hudson's 
Bav Company, referred to, 16. 215, 
216, 221. 

McLcEB Inlet, New Oulnea, ixxii. 

Mi^Bak Eiver, North-Wealem Aus- 
tralia, xiiri. 21tl, 214, 216-221. 

McWiLLiAU, Junes Ormiiton, Oliit. 
Nntice, isiii. p. cii. 

Mi (Ohow), ezechucn, China, A. 22. 

Meadows, T. T., Esq. (formerly H. M. 
Consul at NewchwHng), eitract from 
Trado Reports of, xrxix. i. 

— — , referred 

to, .-6.10, 12. 

Heandcbht, Persia, Caravanserai nf, 

Hebabraz, town. East Arnbin, xxxiv. 

137, 139. 
Mecca, ib, llfl et s/^q.; xixii. 87; 

usv. 181, 182, 1B5, IBS, 190. 
Hkdals and other awards, presentation 
of, by the Society. 

1S61, to Captain J. H. Speke 
(Pounder's), ixii. pp. vlii. ov., and 
J. M'Doual! Btuftrt (Palroirs), pp. 

1862, 'to*B. O'H. Burke (Foun- 
der's), xxxii pp. vii. ci., and Cap- 
tain Thomas Blakiston (Patron'a), 
pp. vii. cii. 

1863, to F. T. Gregory (Fonn- 
der's), luili. pp. vii. ex., and J. 
Arrowamith (Patron's), pp. vii. 
oil; also Gold Watehes to WillUm 
lAQdsboroni^li, John McEinlay, 
and Frederick Wallter, pp. viii. 

1864, to Captain J. A. Grant 
(Patron's), xxxiv. pp. xi. cvii , and 
Baron C, von der Decken (Foun- 
der's), pp. Ti. cvi. ; also 25 guineiia 
to Mr. W. Giflbrd Palgrave, p. xi. 

1865, to Captain T. Q. Mont- 
gomerie, B.B. (Founder's), xxxv. 
- -'r.,and8.W. Baker(Pation'H), 

'"' lo Dr. A. Vam- 


a Dr. Thomas Thomson, 

w.D. (Founder's), xxxvi. p. oxii., 

and W. ChandlcBs (Patron's), p. 

. also 100 guineas to P. B. 

du Chaillu, p. cxv., and a Gold 

a Admiral Alexis Boutar-'.| 
kof (Founder's), s 
Dr. Isaac I. Hayea (Patron's), p.-' 

1868, lo Dr. Aagnatus Petsr- 
mann (Founder's), xxxviii. p. 
nxxvii., and Gerhard Rohlfa (Pt 
tron'a), p. oxiviii. ; also a Gold 
Wut^h to OapUiu T. G. Monl- 
goinerie's Pundit, p. cxxx. 

1869, to Professor A. E. ffof. 
den^kiiild (Fimnder's), xxxix. p. 
□xxxii., and Mrs. Mary Somerville 
(Patron's), p. oxxxiii. 

1S70, to Lieutenant Francis 
Gamier (Patron's), xl. p. cxxviii., 
and G. w. Haywird (Foonder'a), 
p. cixiv. 
Medals, SoliooU' Prize, and Educa- 
tional PriKea, presentation of, by the 

1868, to John Wilson a prixe of 

i869. Folitical (^agraphy, to R. 
Richmond (Gold Medal), and J. 
D. Wilde (Bronze). 

PhysKal Gtographu, to W.Qmndj 
(Gold Medal), and G. W. Geut 
(Bro[ize); also to J. Kidney a 
prize of 51. 

1870, Political Oeography, to Q. 
W. Gent (Gold Medal), and J. II. 
Collins (Bronze), xl. p. cxxxi. 

Fhi/aical OeoijrapKy, to G. O. 
Butter (Gold Medal), and Martin 
Stewart (Bronze), p. oxxxi. ; alwi 
to T. B. Clark a priai of SI., p. 

Mbd:an Wall, position of the, Meso- 

potitmia. xxxvii. 169, 171. 
Medioinai, Plftnts of Glenelg District, 

North- West Australia, xiiv. 275. 
Medika, Arabia, xxxiv. 124, 125, 134 ; 

Meditebhakean Sea. xxxvL 201-203. 
MBni[D, Muola Abdul, Gold Watch 

awarded to. xxxvi. p. oxii. 
MBERAnBE Emigo, Khorassan, xixL 





Ubhhege. Dialiiot. AreHii, xixv, ITS. 

, towDBhijia of, Arabia, i"6. 175. 

Mei-liho or Nan-ling Range, Soatli 

China, iTitiii. Gl. 
Pass (Great and LeBaer), 

South Cbina, ib. 58. 
(Lessor), Soalh China, 

il: 67. 
Mkimoke, Captain, referred to, luiv. 

10, 11. 
Meincol'biasnui, South Australia, 

tiKiHAA, town of Sedeyr, Arabia, 

xxxiv. 131. 
MEENimmr, robber chief of Abyssinia, 

xisiiii. 239-241. 
Mkklonb Bivtr, Siam, xxxL 307, 309, 


, town of, Biam, 1^304,307,319. 

Mekhbl, Moant Lebanon, xxxii. 103. 
Me-eons, River of Cantbodia, 3uxii. 

142, 143, 149-164, 156, 160, 162, 168 ; 

use. 74 ; ixivii. 236, 237, 310, 313. 
, bnain of the, Cam- 

bodia, ib. 158, 159. 

» of the, X 

. , valley of the, Cam- 
bodia, xxxy. 86. 

Hgeban, Bulucbistan, xudii. 185, 192. 

-, Diary of Proceedings of the 

Misaioniato, for Politioal and Survey 
PnrpoBea in 1861. By Major (now 
Major-General Sir) F. J. GoLDsms, 
ib. 181. 

Mekbeh, Syria, xxxii. 78. 

Mbl Island, Brazil, iS. 139. 

UELANiA AIoDtitains, South-Central 
Africa, xxxiii. 251. 

MELBonnNB, Victoria, ixiiL 42, 61. 

Melgnd^ Fatliei, hia expedition to 
Tjifr fl Nabael-Haapi, Patagonia, re- 
ferred to, xiliv. 20B, 207, 

Melozbcabodt River, tributarj of the 
Youfcon, Alaska, iixviii. 230. 

MELviLtB Bay, Baffin Bay, xrxi. 1, 2 ; 
- ixxv. 97, 98 : xxxvi. 286. 

Island, Atctio Oooan, xiiv. 

i. 291, 292. 

— , Arctic Ocean, Esqni- 
18 on, sxsv. 94. 

North Auatralio, 

isiviii. 371. 
Memido IsIo, Eastern Archipelago, 

xxxit. 128; iixiii. 225. 
Mbha River, tributary of the Endayly, 

North-East Africa, ssxviii. 15, 24, 

Ubham Chao Fhya River, Siatn, 

ixxvii. 298, 804. 

Memam Ghio River, Biitm, laxii. 159. 
Memahah, town, ^hreyn Island, Fer- 

siun Gulf, descriptioti, &e., of, xxxiv. 

141, 143. 
Henahlae, Province of Saniburl, Siam, 

Txxii. 156. 

MBNCHnEA,Valley of, AbyBBima,xiiviii . 

MiiHCics fLimily, oemeter; of the, xL 

Mehdi Klinr, village of, Trana-IudoB, 

xxxiv. 63, 54. 

, rope bridge at, ib. 53. 

Mendoza, La Plata, xxxi. 167; xxxiv. 

237, 245. 
Mevesb Kive.'r, Soath-Gust Africa, 

sxiii. 67, 68. 
Mesqqatai., town of, Bomtw, ft. 222. 

River, Borneo, ib. 223. 

Menq-teii, Shantung, Chiua, xl. 9. 
Mekisdie, New South Wales, xziii. 

430, 431, 438, 487, 500. 
MEBCARA,Coorg,xxiTi. 187 : xxxix. 88. 
, rainfall and tKiupera- 

Mercatob's Projection, method of con- 

Btructing a map on, xxxiv. 269. 
Meeiewittheb, Oolouel (atlerwarda Sir) 
Wm.L., hia ExpeditiotLfmrn Malbntto 

referred to, xzxviii. 3l. 
, referred 

to, mix. 38, 188,191. 
Mehgen, city of, Manchuria, ib. Ha. 
Mbeqiti Archipelago, India Ocean, 

xxxii. 241. 
Mebj Ayun, Syria, ib. 107. 

— el Shemeiseh, Syria, ib. 

Mbbjah Boghaz or Pass, Mezoor - 

Dagh, Turkey in Asia, xxxviil. 331, 

8U, Turkey in Aais, ib, 335- 

MaiurAicK, village of, Turkey in Asia, 

xxiviii. 344. 
Mebee, Central Asia, ixxvilL 483; 

xl. 350, 351, 353, 355. 356, 31)2. 
River, Central Asia, ib. 351, 

MBBEnA Plains, Peninsula of Sinai, 

iiiviit 256. 
Mermaid Strait, Naiib-West Aastralia, 

xixii. 376, 379, 427. 
Meboe, JCIXV. 9. 
Mekra-daboo-daboo Lake, Boolb 


Merkick. Mr. Uoibert, refcrrad to. 

Mebc (Meru) Mauut,EBBt AlTioa,xiKtv. 

3; MXT. 20; xl. 305, 
Mehv, Central AaU, ssiviii. 450. 
Meba Conntiy, Nortli America, xxzix. 

or teblp-laBda of North America, 

Dr. Newberry quoted on the, ib. 101. 
Uebhid Alee, Tuikey in Asia, ixiIt. 

123, 126 
MxBjn>Verdali,G&ideDB of, Ptireia, xiii. 

Mesofotahu, canals in, isKvii. ISl. 

■, Lower, ixjtit 76. 

, Northern, xxxv. 22. 

, On Part of, ooiitBinBd 

between BBEBiAT^ni^BBTTaA, on the 
TiaBis,aDd TelIbiuhim. Bv Lieu- 
tenant J. B. Bewsbeb, xsidi. IGO. 

, Bcula of the survey of, 

lb. Ig2. 

, lombfl in 

. e Tanlor. 

ItaBOFOTAKiAR Plain, mviii. 359, 360. 

Hktizo Tribe, lethmus of Puniuna, 

XXSY. 1M-I*(i. 

Uetawileh, CoDQtry of the, Syria, 

xsiii. 104, 107. 
HrroaA, AbysBlnia, xkiik. 45. 
METCHoam Diatrict, Vaiiconvar Island, 

siiiT, 160, 164, 
Mbtemha to Dahcht, Abybsinu, along 

tlie Wester^ Bboree of the Tana 

Sea. By Dr. H. Blanc, ixxii. 86. 
HxTSOBOLOQlOAL InstmotionH for the 

use of inexperienoed Obaervera, 

xisiv. 288. 
• obflerrationB on the 

baiika of the Apurimac Biver, Pi'ru, 

ooa, table of mean mcratlly reaulls of, 
ib. 129. 

, Table 

of, ahoning degrees of temperature 
in BemlpaUtinsk, from Ootobpr 1854 
to January 1860, xixii. 559. 

taken at 

the junctiou of the Rivers Mantaro 

and Apurimac, i 

i. 421). 

UsiBOBOLoaiOAL t^leB contained In 
theappendizte FroFi'SsorBaiiiiondi'a 
Paper on the Bivera San Guvan and 
Ayapata. Coravaya Province, Fera, 
ib. 146, 151, 

Mbteoholooy ; progrtea in, xxxi. p. 
cli.— increased interest in, xxiil p. 
cxxii. — daily weathet reports, p. 
ojtsxYii.— Eeport of Committoe on 
qaeatiuoa relating to the Meteorolo- 
gical Department of the Board of 
Trade, uivi. p. ohi. 

of the Thurr. or Indian 

Desert, xl. 201. 

Methosqou Eiver, North -Eastern 
Africa, mil. 205. 

Metina Mountain, Tnrkey iu Asia, 
xxiriii 356, 361. 

Mbtinan Dogh. Tnrkey in Asio, 
a. 348, 356. 

MenzcHART, Mountain in Qcorgio- 
ArmeoiB, zxzi. 151. 

Meto, Prinoe of, Japiin, ib, S33. 

MsmAHA Island, Tana Sea, AWssinia, 
Kixii. 48. 

Meeioo, elevation at which potatoes 
will thrive in, xisii. 566. 

Meyer, Captain, referred to, xjLiviii, 
438, 439, 443, 449, 452. 

, Dr., Ruaaian traveller, referred 

>, Village aad Moantaina ol 

Mbtbobk Valley, Feyrlek Kuizaa, 
Turkey in Asia, mxriu. 342. 

Mbzar, Syria, xsxii. 92. 

MtTTRTlH, Tprkny in Aflin, xxxviii 

Mbzoor Dagb, Turkey iu Ada, ib. 317, 


Peoka, Turkey in Aoia, Si. 305. 

BU, the, Turkey in Asia, ib. 330, 

336-344 [note], note on 326-328. 
Mfuusiho Mountain, East Africa, 

xiiiii. 326, 328; xsxr. 6, 13: 

XKSvii. 210. 
M'GllJ.iVBAY, Mt., naturaliat, referred 

to, xxiTi. 78, 82, 83. 
MlACO, capital of the Mikado, Japan, 

xxxil. 289. 
UiAFABEEVN, towQ of, Turkey in Aeiu, 

issv. 23-25. 
MiANi, M., referred to, ib. 12. 
; his travels beyond Gendo- 

knro, TTT J. p. elxxix. 
MiANEAL, Central Asia, si. 449. 
MiAN-TAU Islands, xxsix. 17. 
MiANZiNi, Enflt Africa, xl. 316, 317, 
MiBCYDNi, East Africa, it. 314. 
Mica Bum, New Zenlnnd, isKiv. 61. 
U 3 



□ of B 

13 of 

InformatiaQ for tha paper, 430 — 
Ruaaian ailvancea in Central Aitia, 
431— Bouth-easlern frontier, 433— the 
Jaxartea or Sjr-Durifi, 434 — tribn- 
lariea, 447— ruins, 448—" Arjka " or 
canals, 4S0 — climate, soil, animals, 
and natural products, 452— inbtibi- 
taDls, 4S4 — Aral flotilla ; dlBcover; 
of coal. [QOte] 455. 

Table of poaittonB and plaoea along 
till: JaSHrltB, from Frrt Perovaki ' 

MiOA, lull of, bet^n the Bnrcbun and 

Kuba Rivera, Central Asin, : 

Micuicx, AndrS, referred to, x 

81 [uotc], 
MiOHSLL, John ; Tranelatiou of ] 

Abbauof's Paper on the (LaJie) 
- Nob-Zaisan and ita Neigbbourhood, 

HIV. 58, Bre A. Abramof. 
of M. N. 

AbhAMOf'a Paper on SEMiPiLATUfSE, 

xiiii. 555. Sei? N. Ahraimf. 
— ■ ofAdmiral A. 

BouTAKOP'e Piipet on tbe Delta 

MfiuthB of the Amu-Dabia. or Oiua, 

saivii. 152. Bee Bmlakof. 

Husaian of Capt. A. Qolcbbf'h ' Brief 
Sketch of the Beaults of the lasvk- 
kul Eipeditioii,' xui. 36li. See 

from the Rus- 
sian of M. P. P. Semenof'b Aec<iant 
of the First Aaeent of the Tien Rhan 
or Celestiai. MocNTAisa, and Visit 
to the Upper Course of the Jaxartbb 
or Syb-Dabia in 1857, ib. 356. See 

of Paper on 

DjrNOAEiA and the CelebtialMoi-m- 
TAIK8, by M. P. P. Semenof, XSST. 
213. SeeSenwiui/. 

of M. Vehid- 

edf'e Paper on tlin BtxoM and their 
Countrj, iisvi. 265. See Veniukof. 

of M. Veniu- 

ROf'B Paper on the Pamib and tlie 
SourocB of the Amu-Dabia, ft. 218. 
See Veniikof. 

of VEKirKCIF'fl 

Bail I lyr- Til gal, detcrauned by Ad. 
uiii'al Boutatof, 456. 

Table of Cnrresponilicg Localitifs 
on both Banka, fioia Fort Perovaki 
to Baildjr-Tugal, 156. 

MicHELL, BoflJiET ; Translation of 
Pmfi'flsor A. Fei>chekko"h Topo- 
gra[ihical Sketch of the Zabafbhas 
Vacley, x\. 448. See Fedchenko. 

. of M. 

Sbtertsof'b 'Journey to the Western 
portion of the Ci-leBtial Range (Tii?n- 
Sliao). or " Tsun-Liti" of the Anrient 
Cliineao, from the Weetem Limits o( 
the TranB-Ili region to Tashkend," 
xl. 343. See.?™™/, 

MicBBLaEN, Dr. ; The Geoqbapht of 
Brkad-Plakts, xwii. 5B5. 

MicHi, East Afrioa, xxxv. 161, 165. 

MicHiE, A, ; Nurrative of a Jonmay 
from TiESTBiN to Mocedeh, iu Man- 
ouviOi., in July, lasl, xsKiii. 158— 
Slarla from Tientsin, July 6, p. 163 
—paaseB Great Wall at Bhati-hai- 
kwan or Ning-hai-hBien, 166— notes 
on the Wall and conntry, 156— 
croBBea the Liao-ho, reaches New- 
cbwang, 169 — Ting-teze, 160 ; starts 
for Moukden ; high road from Cores ; 
arrival at Moukden, 161 ; description 
of city; induBtry, 162— notes on 
Cores; retuma to Ying-tsze, 163— 
general observationB on Manchuria; 
Novation of the land ; dry climate, 
164— inhabitants : trade. 185— food 

, Robert; The Jii- 

ABTES or Stb-Dakia, from Russian 
Sources, uiviii, 429— early imprea- 
sioiis HS to Ihe river, 129— labours of 

MicuAo Indiana, the. Newfonndland, 

Middle Cordilleraa of Chili, formation, 

&c., oftliE, xixL 160. 
— , Plateau of the, i6. 

Middle Island of New Zbaulhd, 

Journal of Two Sxpiditiona to the 

West Coast of, 1B59. By Joan 

ROCHPOBT, Esq., IIXA. 294. 
■ Straits, Andrnnan IsUmds, 

■'6. 111,116, 118, 119. 
MiSDLETcni, Mr., lefeiTed tn, xxztii. 

11, 20, 26, 27. 
Mies (CbowJ Szechuen, China, mii. 

MiOHATOHY settlement, a system of, 
might be adopted iritb advantage in 
Australia (Extract from a Despatch 
from Sir G. Bowen to the Du!be of 
Nowoastlo). xiiiii. 152, 

East Africa, il. 320. 

^^^'Mthinasi. East Africa i 


VRnBUBQitst Biver, Eaat AMc&, ih, Sii. 
•'Mthinasi, East Afrie«^ ib. 304. 

HrEADO, the, of Japan, his poeition 

rtferred to, iixi. 334. 
UiKABANGO, Soutli Ceutml Africa, 

iisjii. 275. 
MtEZHDUNi, East Africa, xl. 305. 
WtKBTUNi, Eaat Africa, ft. 3U5. 
MiLiQno lliTer, CRntral AiDFlica, 

3I11.AIIJE Mountain Eange, East Artica, 

mi. 268-270. 
ItfcLBANE Sound, Britisti Galatnliia, 

SKXviii. 12a. 
3lTU)RBn Bpringa, Soutli Austmlia, 

xixi. 97. 
SIiLro&D Sound, New Zealand, xxiiv. 

61,63, 72, SSsfsej. 
THrt.i.gR , General, referred to, xxxi. 

H11J.ET, cultiTfttion of, in Nortli Oliina, 

IhliLL StrsBui, or Milletone Biver, Vnn- 

coarer Island, luiL b33 ; ixxiv. 164. 
UiLHE Springs, Soutli Australia, xixi. 

97, 99, 101, 144 : Kxxiii. 277. 
UiLTUH, Viscount, and Dr. Cbeadle, 

referral to, xxiii. 125. 
Mimosa bushes, Ambla, ixxv. 174. 
, or Bhitliui-troe, sxiviii. 

MiHoeKE, obstnictiim of tbe iiavi|i;nitioD 

of the Huailaga anil Pdetasa Rivera, 

tributaries of the Amazon, caueed by, 

nutvi. ]09 [note]. 
MiNAO, town of. Persia, xiiiv. 257. 
MjNAS de Pinel (north-east from Los 

Mulutos), Quitonian Andes, xixi. 

^^L hu 
^^K S3 

River, Brazil, xxxiL 140. 
ilDTATiTLAK, towti of, lathmuB of Tc- 
huantopeo. Central America, ib. 53, 
'"1, 540, 548. 

liNAO Ihland, Philippine Islanda, 
ib. 225. 

reBources of Glenelg Disttirt, 

North- West Auatridiii, suv. 272. 
wealth of Japan, xzxi. 34S, 

, diutribut 


Asiaimd America, 
[BBAU : of EpiruB, 16. 235. 
; of Mamharia, 16. 12. 
Channel, JunmBiver, Binzil, 
298, 299. 

UiNES of Ser&bit-el-Eadini, Peuinsnin 

of Sinai, xzxviii. 251, 258. 
Wadj Mnghftra, Peninsula of 

Sinai, 16. 
Wmly Nnsb, Peoiuaula of 

Siuai, ib. 251. 
MiHQ Einperurs. tomba of the, near 

Nnukiuft, xxxii. 28. 
MraoAH Muuntaina, Labrador Rivtr, 

MiNCT-Taii (the top of Elbruz), Caa- 

MSUa. ixxii. 71. 
MiNiNDECBB, New South WdJes, xiii. 

145, 146, H8. 
Mis-KIANG, an afSoent of the Upper 

Yang-tsze-kiang, xixii. 13, 17, 18, 26, 

33, 40. 
Miocene Rocks in tlie Valle; of 

Kashmir, mi. 27, 23, 
MiPAi. Valley, Pangong Isite Dielriot, 

luvu. 361. 
MiRAQE, freqnent on the coast of New- 
foundland, xxxiv. 267. 

; in Arabia, ib. 121. 

: in Australia, nxii. 168. 

: iu tha Buna of Cuicb, il. 

186, 187. 
MiRAjraA Tribe, New Granada, xxsvi. 

97. 115. 
Minn, East Africo, ixiiii. 325. 
MmzA Mahmood Kozeroonee, (iovcrnor 

of Eazerun, referred to, xxxi. 63. 
MisHEULt-KVu Sands, Central Asia 

irrigation Bvetema on the, xixviii. 

MiaBE, Annaaley Bay, Red Sea, xxxix 

ericau, in Kurdistan, 
— . French, in China, sxxii. 
Biver Basin, area of tbe, 

MKTASSiNin Lake, Labrador, xsaiv. 

85. 87. 
Mi-tan Gorge, Yang-l6«e-kiatig, xxxii. 

9, 31, 35. 
MlTCHEU. Biver, Queensland, ixxii. 

21, 24, 28, 30, 33, 35. 
, Sir Thomas, head of (he 

Barcoo Biver discovered by, xxxiii. 

, referred to, 16. 

MiTTEE, TuduB Valley, iixv 

Mount, KpiiUM, x. 


Mrnarai, Eoit Africa, il. 316, 320. 

H'EHBnow, Jambj ; RoDonnaisanace 
Surrey of tllB IdOce Diatriols of 
Otaqo and Soctblakd, New Zea- 
land, xxiIt, 56 — monntaina and 
lakes. 5fl — rivera, 59 — poiture, 64: — 
agrianltaral coontiy ; the Wabaia ; 
foreelg, 68 — barren mouutaina, 69 — 

Table A. Estimated Areas of the 
Natural DLyieiona aurvejed, 73. 

Table B. Altitnde of Principal 
OWectB in fBPt above Bea-lcvel, 74. 

Table C. Register Dttbe Weather, 

Nate on details couQeoted with the 
Burveving opeiatione, 60. 
Hkuzi Biver, eouth AMoa, iixii. 33S, 

~ — — Sottima, East Africa, ib. 

MoACH Plain, Bcluchiatau, xxxiii. ISl. 
MoiKBA, Momba, or Monmba Falls 

(below the ViotoriB FalU). ZambeBi 

Biver, mi. 292, 294. 
McpBYAT, Bhan State, xuii. J64, 173, 

198, 201. 
MoDELfl of mountain dietriota ; manner 

in which the; can be photograpbeii, 

mv. 103, 105. 106. 

in which thej can be seen, ib. 103. 

HoEBO MoELO Lake. East Central 
Africa, xiiiu. 251, 264; iiiiv. 248. 

HoFFAT, Mr. : his endeavours to pre- 
vent the wljolcsulu destruction of 
limber in South Africa, xsxv. 12C. 

, quoted on the windB 

and BtorujB of South Oeatrttl Africa, 

Uoro (oi Hofne) Lake, South Oentral 
Africa, xxliv. 248, 249 ; ixxvii. 202. 

MoQOLLON Mountains, Aiiama, North 
America, xxxis. 10O-I03, US. 

MooouNO, North Burma, \\. 295, 296. 

River, i5. 290, 291, 295, 300. 

. Valley, ih. 288. 

MooDL dynasty, Emperora of the, 
referred to, uxi. 19, 23, 29, 30. 

MoHASNA, Nejdean chief, toeachery of. 


r. 119. 
UoBABXEE Island. Persian Gulf, i' 

141, 153— description of, 143. 
HoHAWKS, the, i'^: 87. 

MoBDJiA Island, Euet Coast of Afrioa, 

ib. 258, 259— doBciibed, 260. . 
MoiBiE River, British North Ameriea, 

MoiTALA 01 Moitawa, Itivor, Sooth 

Central Africa, ik 247. 
MotAVE River, Oalifoniia, ttti t 116. 
HoKAD Musa Qorge, Peninaula of 

Sinai, ssiyia 253, 254. 
MoKA (Mawka), Ea^ Airica. il. 308. 
Moke Creek, New Zealand, xxxiv. OS- 
Lake and Valley, 67. 
HoKEHAi, Indo-China, cndi. 164. 
MoLACAN, town of, Istiimus of Tehnan- 

tepeo, Central America, zxxii. 543. 
MoLAMBA, Lake Nyaasa, xixiii. 261. 
MoLAHNT Creek, Bouth Australia, if>. 

MoLnA-Asn Pass, Central Asia, xl. 257. 
MoLOEAi Island, Saudwioh Islands, 

xxxviii. 362, 366. 
Molucca Islands, East«ro Archipelsso, 

JUCKii.128,130,135,136; xx«ii.222, 

224. 225, 230-2-J2. 
M01.TNIUX, Lieutenant, qaoted, xxxii. 


-, referred to, ib. 


— River,NowZealand,x 

MoUBA or Moumba Falls, Zambesi. 

See Moanba. 
Mohbab, Mombasa, East Africa, xxsiv. 

2, 5 : xxsv. 13, 15, 21 : luvU. 212 ; 

xl 314. 
MowBAT, India, xxsvi. 190, 
MoMirai, Yiinnan, China, xl. 297, 298, 
Valley, YOnnan, China, ib. 

MoNASTEBisa in the neighbonriiDod of 

Lhasd, ixxTiii. 169. 
MoNAV, Indo-China, sxxii. 164. 
MoNSEB, Lake, Western Australia, xl. 

MONOOL embassy at Peking, xzxri. 

MaNtH>i,u, TTTjii 167. 
MoNQONE River, Central Amerioa, 

iiiii. 537, 641. 
MosG-YiN-H9iBN, Shautnng, China, sL 

Monsoons in the Java Sea, zixviii. 

MoKTAriK Rebellion in Mesopotamia, 

referred to, xxxrii. 161. 
MoNTAGSAis Indians, British North 

Americo, xniv. 86, 87— Oanoe wnte 

of the, 82, S3. 
Mont ABA, or forest of Oaaelop, S^uador. 


Mohta»ha's (JoAQum i)E Sasta Bita> 
Jonniey irom Inhahbasb to Zout- 
pAKSBsno. B; Jaubs UAcguEBH, 
Eaq.,xsEii. a. 

Mdnt-Blakc, Granite of, curried ocrosa 
iiie Lake of Geneva, and deporited on 
the flanks of Uie Jura, ixxi. 2U. 

Uonteaoij:, Ixinl, Obit. Noliee, ixsvi. 

Monte Aguara, SalaJo Biver, La Platu, 

xxxiy. 227-229. 
-- ■ - ■ Bello, on the Inambari Biver 

Booth Peru, xxii. 19S. 

Flores, La Plala. iisriv. 239. 

MoimiiBa, Major Joae Manoel 

Oorrea, referred to, xuiii. 2UI, 

UoNTEBioo, Farm of, Fein, xzzviii. 

119. *22. 
MoNTooMKBnt, Oapbiin T. G., b.k. ; Hia 

proposal to train natives of India 

tor eiploration approved ; ita good 

leaults, >£>. p. olxxx. 

-, of the 

Oreftt Trigonometrioal Survey ; Be- 
port of tile Tbahs-Hihalayan £x- 
PLOBATioNs during 1867 (from the 
original joumaJa, &c^ of the Explor- 
ing parlies), xxxix. 14G. 

Botiie SiniVBT. — Badrinath to 
Totiing; Tolling to Thok-Jalung, 
163— Giaohnroff to Gartokh, 1U4— 
Lnjan-Chiimik to Dumohok ; Dom- 
ohok to .Totiing, 165— Barku lo 
fihipkl, 166— Shipki to Nilung and 
Mukpa, 167— Gartokh to Duntliar ; 
DoDkhar to Totiing, 169— Giachurufl' 
to Jiarban np the Hivei Indus : 
Milam to Gartokh, 170— Gartokh to 
Milam. 171. 

Table of Obeervationa for Latitude 
taken in Great Tilial. 172. 

Table of Obaervationa of the Boil- 
ing-point taken in Great Tibet, 182. 

. ; On 

tha Geographical Poaition of Yakk 

Obhtbai. Asia, xisvi, 157— Hough 
BUiYeya north of the MnatakU and 
Karakoram Eanges : project for 
survey nn tbo Varkund road by a 
--'■--- - lit, 157 — the Moonshet 

Hameed aelected ; hia outfit, 158— 
notes on bia route, 159— urrivai at 
Yarkund, IGD— his return joomaj 
and death, 161 — hie map and obaer- 
vationn, 162 — approiimate poailion 
of Yarkund; ita height above sea- 
level, lti3— Tarkund Biver, 164— 
Ilebt, Karakash, Chinese jiule-a tone, 
Kiuibgar, Aksu, two otiier natives 
trained and sent to Lhasa, I6&— 
enormous width of the Himalayan 
Range, 166. 
Appendices — 

A. Captain Montgomsrie's letter lo 
the Bengal Aaialic Society, 166. 

B. Note on Routo'Survey, &c. 

0. Latitudea <loduced from atar 
observations at Yarkund, X67. 

D. Compariaonon tlieoldand new 
poaitiona of places in Eaatem Turk- 

F, Abstract of the Moonahes's 
Marohea, 169. 

G. Abstract of tlie Moonabee's 
Hoiite-Survey from the Karakoram 
Pass to Yarkund, 170. 

UoNTai>K{;B]B,CuptainT. G,, a.E.; Be- 

girt of a Boute-Survey made by 
uniiit , from Nepal to Lhasa 

and thence through thv Upper Valley 
of the Brabhapctra lo ita Souroe, 
xiKviii. 129— origiu of employment 
of nalive aurveyora, 129- resiUla of 
tlie expedition, 141. 

Extracta from the I'undit'a Diary, 

ObseivationB for latitude taken in 
Nepal, Tibet, &o. 180. 

Obaarvationa of tbe Boiling-point 
in Nopal, Tibet, See., 190. 

Obsecvationa qf tha temperature of 

- --"- at ShigitzB in Great Tibet, 


Obeervations of temperature at 
Ui&a&, 198. 

Bemarka on the weather in the 
Lh&B^ territory, 204. 

Memorandum on the Great 
Tibetan Bead from Lhasa to 
Garlokh, 205. 

Liat of the 22 tarjums or halting- 
plauea, between Gartokh and Lhasi, 
with diBlancea, 207. 

Liat of ordinary marcbca between 
Gartokh and Llidai, 208. 

Memorandum on GOU miles of the 
Brahmaputra River, from ita tource 


Moreno, Dod Josb Antonio, referrod 

to, mi. 157, 158. 
MoHETOll Bay, QuesD Bland, xzxiii. 

to the janction of Ibe LhAaa River. 

poBidon of Yarkund deduced by, 

from the papers of Mahomet Homeed, 

xl. 90. 
I UoNTOoUEBT Island, Andaman 

laUnds, iiiiLlie. 
lalandB, North- Weat Alia- 

tralia, hit. 237. 
, Sir Rubert, referred to, 

isiri. 158. 
lIo^FTREAL lalujid, Arctie Eegions, 

mi. 7. 
MOSTT, Port, Chili, iiiiv. 208 ei scq. 

— Qennan oolonj at, 207, 213. 
T/Losx Cape, BelucbistaQ, ixxiii. 181, 
"Moody's Look Ont." a high roelty 

bluff on the Lilloet HiTer, British 

Coltimbia, xzxi. 2'28. 
Hooi River, tributary of the TugEla, 

NatttI, mvii. 50. 
MooLA Koi Tcihai Giver, Turkey in 
' Asia. MXViii. 357. 

UooLtONHOOBBANA Lako, Soutli Aus- 
tralia, KKxiii. 30, 39. 
MofiLiON-DHUBCsmE, Late, Bonth 

Australia, ih. 16, 20. 
HoOLLAH Birdeh MoaDtniii, sxxi. 62. 
HooLLANET Water, South Australia, 

MOOLTiN, ISJtTii. 73. 

MonNOOHYANi, GhbC Africa, zl. 321. 
MooHLiOHT Cteek, New Zealand, 

HooNiiaEE (Mabomed-i-Hanieed) ; his 

journey from Leh to Yarkund, ixsvi. 

159-hiadealli, 161. 
UooRE, Liike, Weeteru Australia, xl. 

Mount, East Australia, ixiiii. 

Moobg's Pimds, East Aii«tr<ilia. <^. 
MooBMOCSH Range, New Zealand, 

raiv BO, 94. 
MuORMAP, India, xxxix. B3, S9. 
Mdothbb River. Slad, xxxvii. 75 
HooTBAUUDiiY Blver, Coocg, xixvi. 

MooTWAH-HO (Huika), Manchuria, 

mil. 2>. 
MoQTTifl Country, North America, ib, 

McRADABAD, Nurth-W< st ProviuotB, 

India, lixviii. 131, 144. 
MOBAUBALA Mountain, Shirf Hiver, 

Eust Africa, xxxi. 281-286 ; xxxiv, 

197, 250. 
HoBATiAN Mission, on Nojtii-Eatit 

Const of Labrador, xsiviii. 272, 27i. 

Ash, York Peninaula, 

Queensland, ixivi. 51, 77. 
MOHEToH, Rev, Julian, Colonial 

MosoAN, E. Dbijiab; Translation of 
Baron P. R. Ostkm Saokkn'b Aciwunt 
of ail Espedition to the Teabs-Nabtn 
CouDlry ill 1867, *1. 250. 

Translation froi 

the Russian of Seuehop's Narrslive 
of an Elxploring Expedition from PoBT 
VsatlotB to the Western Shore of the 
IssiK-Kui. (Lake], Eastibh Tcbkib- 
TAN, mix. 311. 
MoBi, ti^vm of, Yessa, Japan, xxxvi. 

17S, 179. 
MoRiABTT, Mount, Vancouver Inland, 

xxxil. 529, 530, 533. 
MOBIBN, or Cow Bay, Capo Breton 

lalnnd, xxxviii. 259. 
MOBLEY Bank, South Africa, ixxji. 

MoiLNiNO Inlet, Queensland, xxxili. 

147, 148. 
MoBO Morokodo District, Central 

Africa, zxiv. 29G. 
MOBOMA Hill, Beluohistan, xiiiii. 182. 
MoROBO, African chief named, referred 

to. xxxi. 270. 
MoBPHETT, Mount, Australia, ixxiii. 

Morphett'b Cteek, North Australia, ih. 

MotiRETEs, town of, Brazil, xxxii. 137, 

139, 140, 
MoBTi, Central America, xxxviii. 94. 
MoBTON (Dr. Kane's stetiard) referred 

to, xiiv. 98, 09, 
— , Mr., Ci'pe Constitution 

TPaoheil by, xxivi. 284. 
" MoBUMBA " Palls, Zambesi River, 

xxxi. 289. 
MoBUVBALA Moaotaiu, South- East 

Africa, ib. 231. 
MoBCHBANii, Soath-East Africa, xxxii. 

MoBtiUBCA Cataract, Zambezi River, 
xxxi. 260, 260, 286. 287, 291, 29G. 

, Zambesi River, ib. 286. 

MoavBN Hill, New Zealand, xxxiv. 58. 

MosAMBiQUB. See MoeimbiqM. 

MoscHiQVGS Mountains, Tui 
Asia, xl. 4G4, 466. 4b7, 472. 

Moscow, xxxii. 555, 55U. 


MosEYLEUiH, tho Nejde 

prophet, iiiiv. 129. 
Mobilieatbb'b capital, latituHe of, 

South-EsBt Aftim. irxtii. (18 [uote]- 
— , Chief, referred to, xs.\i. 

292. 293, 295. 
MoswiBAD Biver, tributary of the 

Herat, ii. 4G. 
MososAUBCS, foaeil bnoea of, foiiad m 

i. 119. 


the United States of Coloci) 
p. oluiviii. 
Mosquito Flat, North Aiutralia, ih. 
243, 244. 

loiliftna, Centrttl America, 

xziii. 251 et seq. 

— Narrowfl (Chuahpi Pongn), 

QiiiU)iiian Andep, iixi. 179. 

Eiver, Briiieh Colmnbia, 

I A. 231, 232. 

— Territnry, Remarka on the, ita 

■climate. People, FrnductinoB. Sta., 

Bj Chables N. 


ir Little Fish Bay, West 


m, Eatt Africa, xxxiv. 
4, a. 
MoHDL, town of, Tigris River, siiii. 

78 : ixiT. 188. 
UoTAMm Bnnge, Auatrolia, izxii. 509, 

MoTLET, Mr., rtfcrred to, <h. 2S3. 
MoTONTi River, East Africa, il. 320. 
MonnuEi latund, Fiji, iixii. 44, 67, <J0. 
MoDAT, F. J., M.D. ; Narrative of an 
Espedition to the Andauan Islands 
in 1857, sxvl 109— position of the 
iglands ; flraC siirte; ay Lioutenant 
Archibald Blair, i,n., in 1769-90; 
Colonel Colebroote'a yiait; bis ao- 

»DoaDt in 'Asintio Eesearcbes,' vol. 
It.; islands taken poBsesaion of 
-in 1789 ; penal culeny eetablished ; 
'ifiaited by Colonel Synie in 1795; 
lint mentioned by too Mabom- 
medaD travellers ; their aeooant 
in Femberton B ' General Collection 
of Voyagea and Travels'; Dr. Hei- 
fer's visit in 1840 ; bis mnrder, 109 
— expedition oodcr Dr. Mount in 
1857; report published in 1859; 
basis of present paper ; starlof expe- 
dition, 110 — diftioultiea from juugle, 
Ac.; Great Andaman first esamiuod; 
other islands visited. 111— Andam»n 
1 Arehipelago, 113 — Barren Island 
Lflrolcano, 114 — west ooast of Great 
■.Andaman, 115— deEcriptiou of Great 

Andaman; section of island, 117 — 
geolosy ; dense vegetation; produots, 
118 — zoology; accuracy of Blair"*.; 
chart; coral reefs. 119 — geneml 
oliaracler of inhabitants. 120 — antho* 
rity for inrommtion respecting them ; 
thfiir numbers. &C., 121 — marriage 
oeremony; tattooing, 122— children ; 
funeral customs, 123 — diminutive 
weapons ; 

MoECHAMODLi, town of, Comoro Island, 

East Coast of Africa, Xxxiv. 250. 
MouHOT, Hbnhi ; Notes on CAMBonu, 
the Lao Cocntbi, &o., translated by 
Dr. Thomas Hodokih, h.d., Foreiga 
Secretary u.QM.. xxxii. 142— Letter ta 
McStevens from Brelum, among the 
savages of Slicn, 11° 58' N. lat^ 
107° 12' E. lung. : difficnlties of 
transport, 142 — ascent of the Me- 
kong: rapidsandcataractaSOleflgaes 
north of island of Gii-Sutiii ; com- 
mencement of land journey at Pemp- 
ticlan ; nature of r^dg, 148— arrival 
at Brelum; Catholic missionaries, 144 
— notes respeotiug the Stieus or 
aboriginal inhabitants of the country, 
145 et seq. — fauna of tegino ; shtUs ; 
natural history collections, 148 — 
Letter to Dr. Norton Shaw from 
Khao Taraoane, Siam, 13° 4' N. lat., 
100° E. long. ; summary of explora- 
tions; mountain chain between 
basins of the Me-kong and Menam, 
149 — Booonnt of journey, with 
drawings, maps, and plans, sent to 
his family for commnnication to Mr. 
Arrowsmith ; richnesa of Menam 
basin ; rich mines of ooal in Pbn- 
Quoc or Koh-tron, an jaland belong- 
ing to Coehin-China, 150 — extinct 
volcanoaa in proviuoe of Pechaburi; 
projected joiiruty towards Chinese 
frontier, 1,51— Letter from Western 
Lao, 152 eJ seq. 

MouKDSM (also F^ng-tien-fu, Shen- 
yang, Shflng-jang, and Bb6ng-kin«), 
capilal of Manchnria. xxsvi. HS; 
xxxvii. 240; iixviii. 64; xxiis. 1, 
7, 8, 16, 18, 19. 20, 27. 

. city and trade described, 

xixiii. 16], 162. 

, Mamohcbia, Narrative of a 

Journey from TiENTsra to, in 1861. 
By A. MicHiE, Estj., xsniii. 153, 

MoL-LMEiN, xxxii. Ill, 125, 126, 
183, 199,207,2.14,298. 

MouHO Diiio, xxxii, 172. 





Mount AhiUgoD, Ecuador, xxxi. 176. 

Aleiander, Wt-Btetn Auatralm, 

il. 234. 
Algidns, New Zealand, xuvii. 

— Arraaa (Burton Peak), ] 
BninnuJn, Ei d Sea, itixii. 208. 

— Ararat, usi. 151 ; »xiii. I 

- Arrowsmith, Vi 

), 53*. 

ity or Loke 

Arthur, i 

TorrenB, Boutb AnBtralia, x 
Arthur Soott, Quetnaland, 

zxxv. 206, 208,211. 
Atuactirai, South Auatralia, 

AnguBtnB, West Austmlia, 

jixiii. 391-393. 

Badlikaki, PiDdus chain, 

xixii. 281. 

Baker, Cascade Bange, North 

Amerint, ixiviii. 121. 

Barkljr. Central Anslralia, 

named by H'Dtiuall Stuart after 
Hie Eiceilency Bir Bcnr; Barlily, 
GovBTnor-in-Chief of Victoria, x. 

Batten, North- Weat Australia, 

xxxvi. 205. 

— . — - Beddome, AnBtmlia, named by 
M'DodbII Btoart after Samuel Bed- 
dome, of Adelaide, szxt. 106,107,142. 
— Bemer, York PeDiDsuta, Queens 

vi. 47, 
- Ben, Auatralifl, xxsi. 104. 

I Beaaon, Vancouver Island, 

MXii. 533, fi.'SS. 

BeTon, Western Anflttalia, si, 

■ Bitterant Hill, Sonlh Australia, 

^BlaBe, North-Weet AoBtraliu, 

MTKii. 416. 

~ Blytb, North AuBlralia, xiii. 

125 ; ixsii. 340, 371. 

Bowen, AnBtralia, hit. 200. 

Brewaler, New Zealiuid, iL 437. 

lirowD, hill near the Flinders 

liiver. Auatralia, ixxiii. 102. 
Biflwne, Anatralia, nnmed by 

M'Douall StUiirt lifter J. H. Browne, 

of Port Oawlei, icxKi. 79. 
Bruce, North - West AuBtralia, 

xixii. 393, 126. 
' Burnett, Hincliinbrook leland, 

Queensland, xxxv. 200. 
Carmel, Syria, ixxii. 93, 104. 

UouHT Oayam[>e. Ecuadur, xxxi. 188. 

Charles, AuBtralia, ib. 87, 88. 

Chica, EpiruB, xsKix. 277. 

Clarendon (Msngaru), East 

Afriia, xixi. 263, 

Cook, New Zealand, xl. 434. 

— — - Oowle, North-West Australia, 

insTi. 219, 220. 
DalMin, South Auetmlia, xxu. 

Dalj, North Auatralia, xxxUi. 

Daniel, Australia, named by 

M'Douall Stuart after Daniel Kek- 

wick, of Adelaide, sisi. 107. 
Deeeptian, South Australia, 

ib. 67. 
Denison, Central Australia, 

named by M'Douall Stuart after 

His Eseellency Sir William Denison, 

K.C.B., Governor of New South Wales, 

Djnmerka, Epirus, xixis. 2S1, 

Double Cone. North-West 

Australia, ixxvi, 219. 

— Drysoo, Epinra, xxxix. 287. 

■ Dutton, South Anetralia, named 

by M'Douall Stuart, xixi. 77. 
Elbruz, Cttuoaaus, enow-line of, 

siKv. 22<i. 
— Elvire, Western Anstralia, xl. 

Ef«hr, Eastern Africa, ssxvi. 

Vigg, Australia, ib, 125. 

Porbas, Queensland, vrrij , 472. 

Freeling, AuHlralia. named by 

M'Douall Stuart after the Hon. 

Cnloiiel Freeling, Sntreyor-Geneial, 

xxsi. 112, n:-l. 138, 139. 

Gilbee, Queensland, xssiii. 138. 

Gilcad, ssxii. 77. 86, 89. 90, 92. 

- Glenns, Sonth Australia, xzxi. 


- Goydtr, 
"l 315. 

— Goodwin, North Auetrolin, 
North Australiik, 

- Quiengola, Isthmus of Tebuan- 
tepec, CentnJ America, sxxii. 552. 

— — Gwjnna, Auatralia, named by 
M'Douall Stnart alter Justice 
Gwynne, xaxi. 122. 

Hokoni. Jiijian, ib. 352. 

Hall, Nortli Australia, iitxii. 

^■^ VOLUMES XXXI. TO XL. 171 ^^M 

Mount Hnmilton, Bonth Anstralia, 

UocHT LebauDu, Syria, xiiii. S2, 103- ^^H 

xisL 68-70, 100, 1*5. 

105. 107. ^^H 

HamilWn Springa, South Aus- 

Leichbardt, Central Australia, ^^M 

tralia, ih. 82. 

named by M'DouaU Stmrt, xxxi. 1 15. ^^M 

— Hams, Auutralia, iiiui. 282, 

Leonora, Western Atutralia, ^^M 



Harvey, South Anatralia, nii. 

-■ -■ Lesnenr, West Australia, xxxii. ^^^1 

77, 97. 


Hawker, North Aastralia, 

Levi, North Australia, xxsiii. ^^H 

TTTJi 365-3b7. 


Hay, Aastralia, earned by 

Lin^u, Epiros, xzxii. 284. ' ^^^M 

M'Douall Stuart after the Hun. the 

Little, hill near the Plindort ^^H 

Bivar, Australia, xixiii. 102. ^^H 
Lizard, Australia, ixxv. 263- ^^^| 

xxxi. 110-112, 139; isxiii. 282. 

-^ — Hetla, loolond, luii. 140. 

265, 267. ^^H 

— — Httmit, South Australia, iisi. 

LookoTer, North-Weat Austra- ^^H 


lia, ib. 272, 278 ; luyi. 204. ^^H 

Hemon, Syria, xxwi. 92, 100 et 

Loven. Bpitibergen. xxxix. 141. ^^H 


. LyeU. NortU-West Australia, ^^M 

HUl, West AuBtralm, ik 372. 

xxxy. 248, 250, 251, 254, 255 ; xixvi. ^^H 

Hinohinbrook, Ncrth ■ East 

204, 206. 207, 214, 219, 223. ^^H 

Australia, xixy. 203. 

HolmoB, Weetem AUBtralia, xl. 

136, 137. ^^H 


Malcolm, Western Australia, ^^H 

Hooker, New Zealand, ib. 437. 

xl. 241,242,244. ^^H 

■ HopflBBH, Central Anatralia, 

Munn, Australia, named by ^^M 

sssii. 431, 433, 438, 448, 487, 404. 

M'Douull Stuart after the lab) ^^B 

■ — ■ HoTBeteldt, QuBBualand, xuiii. 


- Hueh, Soutb AnBtralia. isii. 

69-71, 84. 113. 139. 

Margaret, Soutb Austrnlia ib. ^^^H 

73,76,81.86-88.93.98,99. ^^M 


—Masius, Turkey in Asia, xxxviiL ^^| 

Ida, Weatera AustraUa, xl. 239. 

347 [and note], S48, 353, 357, 358. ^^| 

. — Iiiiibara, Abyssinia, xixix. 44. 

Uern, East Africa, -nxy. 20. ^^H 

^ Mitxekcli, Bpirufl, xixix. 287. ^H 


Moriaity, Vaneouver Island, ^H 

Kadiaro. East Africa, ixiv. 

xxxii. 529, 530, 533. ^H 

16, 18. 

M'Douall Stuartafter the Hon.Jolin ^^H 


Morphett, M.t.c, xxxi. 122, 137; ^^H 

ixxiii. 284. ^^B 
Mortis Bay, North Australia, ^^H 

Kay, East Auutralia, usiii. 87. 

Kenia, East Afrioa, xilv. 13. 

xxxyi. 229. ^H 

Kenneth. Western Auatralia, 

Muller, North Australia, xiiiil. ^H 

xl. 246. 

301. ^^H 

King, North-Wcat Auatrnlia, 

ixivi. 204. 

145-148 [note]. ^H 

Kingston, South Australia, 

Nane, Indo-China, xiiii. IGO, ^^ 

uained by M'Douall Stuart, ixit 76, 

North-Weat, South Anatralia, i 

77, 80, 96, 102. 

XJtii. eS, 67, 68, 82. 

— -O'Halloran, South Australia. 

tralia, ik 96. 
kouilo, Greece, xxxis. 283. 

named by M'Douall Stuart, i6. 77, 78. 

Olitzika, EpiruB, mix. 286. 

— Lakmon, Epiius, ib. 2S6, 290. 

of Oliyes. usvi. 201. 

Lang, Queensland, xxxy. 206, 

Olhrye, xxxij. 284. 


Palmer. British Colombia, 

xxxTiii. 125. 

of, a. 209. 

Peake, Australia, named by 

Lewh, Quetusland, ib. 206-208, 

M'Douall Stuart after E. J. Peake. 


xxxi. 119. 


Mount PhiUipB, Weat Atutralia, z: 

PinduB, xxxii. 276, 281, 286, 


Pitt, Hincbiiibrook leLim], 

Queanalnnd, xixr. 200. 

Politzft, Epiros, xxxix. 2H6. 

Pullj, South Austrftlia, named 

bj M'Douall Stuart, mi. 67. 

PrimroBe, North Auatralia, 

Pring. Quetnaknd, xuiil. I Itl. 

Bankine, Darling Rivet, ib. 

131, 132. 

Eennie, Australia, named by 

M'Dotmll Stuart after "" 
Beimie, o( tba Indian Arm^, 



— ■ ■■-- Kaynolds, South Aaetralia, ib, 

65, 6fi. 
Eodnty, on right bank of Alice 

Botleston, New Zealand, xl. 


Sale, Southern Alps, New 

Zealand, iixvli 334. 

Samson, Nortt-Weet AuB- 

Samoel, Aoetralia, named by 

M'Douall Stuart after liis brother, 
ixsi. 126; ixxii. 340, 370, 371; 
ixiiil. 28S. 

SoopuB, Syria, suvi. 201. 

Berle, Australia, xxii. 113. 

Shaata, California, xxxix. 130. 

Bhillinglaw, North Aubtralia, 

Sinai (Jebel MQaa), xxxviii. 

237, 251-253, 256. 

Sinclair, Australia, named by 

M'Doaall Stuart after James 
Sinolsir, of Port Lincoln, xxxi. 126. 

Singleton, Western AuBtralin, 

xl. 246, 247. 

Skjet^en, British Columbia, 

sisi. 215. 

Snip, Sonth Australia, lb. 6S. 

Sowayra, Abysainia, xxxiiii. 

22, 23— ;?o™ of, 25. 

. Stephanie, Zawbeai region, 

sxxi. 258, 259, 286, 287, 289. 

Stevenaon, South Australia, ib. 

81, 87, 88, 92, 93. 

Strangwaya, Sonth Australia, 

■^. 66, 68, li9, 71, 111. 

Btrzelecki, Australia, named 

by M'Douall Stuart after Count 
Strzeleeki, iS. 122, 123, 137. 

Stuait, Oenlrul Auotraiia, 

I'fr. 113, 111; xxKlii. 127. 


MooNT stuait Station, Austmlin, 16. 

- Torleaae Bange, New Zealand, 

Tumbull, Austmlia, named by 

M'Douall Stuait afti-r the lata Gavin 
Tumbull, Surgeon, Indian Anny, 
xisi. 117. 

Waterloo, Nortb-Weat Aus- 

Watls, North Australia, xxxiii. 

— — Weld, Western Australia, il. 

Woodcock, Australia, named by 

M'Douall Stuart after tho Yen. 

Aiclideacon of Adelaide, xxxi. 126, 

— Young, North Australia, ixxvi. 

231, 234. 

Yonnghunband, South Ana- 

tralia, named by M'Douall Stuart, 
xixi. 76, 80, 87, 88, 91, 97, 98, 101. 


Australia, ib. 99. 

Ynle, Auatralia, ixxv.251, 259. 

— - — ■ Zomlia, between tha BItst 
Shire' and Lower Shirwa, Eiut 
Africa, xxsi. 266, 276. 277. 

MovNTAiH Ranges, prevailingdiieotion 
of, in Manclturia, xxxix. 20. 

, On Typioai.; an 

appliostion of the Culoulua of Proba- 
bilities to Fliyaical Geography. By 
William Spornswooiie, Esq., p.a,a., 

which f^iriD the great plittean of 

Oentml Asia, ih. 149. 
^ — — of Central Asia, iL 

MotiNTAiNS, height of, in Australia, 

ssxviii. 378. 
of the Moon, ssiv. 14. 

iiup lij Captain Sjwkt, 


HouBtTiErF AmuTHki PromcmtoT;, 

MsDohima, xxxrii. 220. 
— , Ganeml, late Gorernor- 

Qenentland Onmmniider-in-Ohief of 

Eastern Siberia, rofetred to, 16. 223. 
MocRTZO iDlBt, EjiiruB, xxxix, 282. 
MovilstlttBNtl, niitive name of the 

Inhnnibane River, 9outh-East Africa, 

iziii. 63. 
HovrESAH Diatricl, West Coaat of 

AfricH, xxziii. 245. 
HoYA, farm of, Quttoniun Andes, xxxi. 

177, 178. 
MrriAAB BiTer, Madras Freeideui^f, 

ixsvi. 182, 1S3. 193. 
MozAMBiQCB, ixii. 207, 278, 284; 

xxxW. 245-247: isiv. 158, 16*. 
— — -Channel, sixv. 152-15 1; 

iiivi. 2J6. 

M'itooi.1. Ripitol of Kamnui's conntry, 

Uiiyoro, East Africa, xisvi. 9, 10, 

M'sARAiu, Eiiat Africa, il. 317. 
Murao, EaM Africa, ib. 307. 
M'HWAKisi, East Africa, ib. 321. 
Mtanganyieo, East Africa, ih, 323, 
MTA1I60SI, Eaat Africa, Ib. 320, 
Hteba, King, of Uganda, Victoria 

Njanzft, HIT, 11 ; xisvi. 14. 15, 
H'to wa Agnata Tna, East Africa, xl, 

Gognn Bagbase, East Africa, 

ib. 320. 
— — - Ngarfe MuionjV, Eaal Afiica, 

t5. 320. 

Mvgangani, Eagt Africa, ft. 321, 

Meangla or Munila, Iramady River, 

ib. 290, 297. 
MuANZA, Eust Africa, xixiii. 325, 

Mdohingiia, or Maiingn Rnnge, Sonth 

Oontral Africa, ixsm. 200-202, 211. 
UvcuiH River, affiueuC of the Rifer 

Pnraa, xxxn. 94, 95, 113, 117, 126- 

Hod Volcanoes of Beluchiatan, xisiii. 

18S, 189, 200. 
Htsala, Toonga River, India, xx\yi. 

McDAMTliJJT forest, Wynaad district, 

India, ib. 182, 191. 
HuQQCR Pur, nine miles from Kurra- 

MuQUB, Ladakli, ib, 34.5, 363. 
HcKEEEN. Trans-Iadus, ixiii. 313- 

Mdkola Stream, Beluchisfan, xsiiii. 

I, Ecuador 1 
I, EcnadOT, i 

MnLATOH, Oordilloia d 

xxxi. Ib7, 109. 
, El Volcan de los 

ib. 167. 

^ , Bio de log, Ecuador, il 

MlTLOOoN. Karakash Valley, il. '. 
Mt'LORAVN Islaudele, Torres StraltBi,! 

jjKivi. 84. ■ 

Dortli-vest □eighbonrliood cs^ 

PekinR, iiivii, 203. ^ 

MuLxuTTo, AnnL-eley Bay, Red Sea, ■ 

iiiviii. 12-14, 17. ' 

Mull River. Bind, iiivii 7B. 
MitLLER, Dr. F. von, of Melboorao, 

refarreil In, >xxiii, 82 ; xixv. lH' 
Glacier, New Zealand, i: 

90, 95 ; II. 435. 
— — , Mount, Nnrlh AuHtralia, 

jxiiii. 52, 301, , 

MixLEit's Creek, East Aostjalia, fB,. I 

52. f 

Lnkp, East Aastculia, i4. 82. 

McLjrm,, Ecuador, xxxi. 170. 
MnLuDc Mountains, Borneo, x 

t. Hills, India, iiit-. 72. 

Mundmcu) Tribe, 1 
Brazil, ixiii. 278 ; si, 424, 425. 

villagBB, Brazil, xxxi!. 

McNQO GflBor Peak, Muslakh Bangs, , 
TrauB-InduH, iiiiv, 28. I 

McNHEJGE, Beluchistan, xxxiii. 191, 
195, 200, 

River, Bolnobistan, ib. 194, 

i. 180, 188, 

MuNJHDONEK River, Belucbiatnn, 

xxxiii. 191. 
McNSANO, betveen the RivL>rs Sal ween 

and Sitang, xxxii. 199. 
Mbnoba Head, Sind, ixxvii. 76, 78-80. 
MoNziNOEE^ W., his aervioes to the 

Abyssinian Kxpeditinn, ib. p, clixv. 

, Hon. Corr. Member 

Narrative of a Jouniej 

tbrough the Afah Cddntbt, sxxix. 
188 — depitrture and arrival at Am- 
philla, 188— stay at Amphilla, 189 
^Frldcllo, 192— journey to the Salt 
Plain, 197-cro6sing the Salt Plain, 
199 — general obsorvatinns on the 
Salt Plain, 203— from the Salt Plain 
lo All, 2fl4-Htiij at Als, 200- 




general geographical obeer'aliona, 
207 — ethnographical obaervatioiis ; 
tribes. 209— political stale of tlie 
AfarB, 211 — their mBnnerB aod 
cuBtomB, 216 — the inhabitants of 
Daga, 221 — letani joomej' from Alu, 
224~aniTal at Buu Glierar, opposite 
MnSHOns, 230. 

Table of Tbermometrical and Bar- 
oroetiicsl ObBervatioiij, luado on tjiu 
journey through the Afar Country, 

Itioerariei, 231. 

MuNznsoEB, W,, referred to, issvi, 
199 ; xuviiL 34, 35. 

; his Esploratiooa in 

AbyseiDiit referred to, zl. p. clxxv. 

UuKAU-BD, Tuihey in Asia (Moosh 
bmnch of the Enphiates), xxxviii. 
315, 317, 326, 341, 343-S45, 

MuRBCL Fasa, Kaabmir, xxxi. 21. 

MiiB(!Hi80N Creak, Eaatcm Africn, 
ssxiiL 329. 

- Fells, Albert Njanzo, xxxri. 

- Glaoier, New Zeoland, 
xiziv. 93 : il. ISS. 

Haiige, Diitrj of Mr. J. 

U'Daoall Stnart*a Explorations to 
the Nortli of. in 1860-tii,iiiii. S40. 

— , North Anstralia, 

iisi. 124, 12S. 135 ; isiji. S40, 371 ; 

SUir^EaatAfrica,xixL.2<i3: xixiii. 

259, 260— lettur dattd at, from Dr. 

Livingstone, ixiiv. 245, 
Rivet, Weet Anatralia, xsxii. 

381, 427. 
, Sir Eoderick Impey. his 

Presidential AddresBes to the Society, 

xxii. p. eii. (in the ahsence of the 

President, Lord Aaliburton), vol. 

vol, xnv. p. cviij. ; vol, xixti. 
p. civiiL; vol. usvli p. oxv. ; vol. 

csxxv. ; vol. si, p, cxjtxiii. 

MCBDUSHT Plain, Persia, ir 
Hdbek Biver, Jlaochiina. :i 
MuHQAH Fbbs, Kavliniir. XX 

MtTBiE, Dr., referred to, xxxiii. 331 ,- 

AloituoN, East Africa, xl. 315. 
McBow Dagh, monntain in Georgio- 

Anuenia, xxxi. 151, 
Mi:hphy Creek, South Australia, sxxiii. 

. Hy. 

143 [and note]; xsxii. 459; luviii. 

, New Zealand, xixiv. 

Mt-BBEE, Punjab, xL 33. 
MuBBi Mnrri Ando, Lahe, South 

AusCrBlia, xxxiii. 17. 
MuRBL'MBiDOEE Rivor, AostniliB, xxxi. 

147,148; xxKiii. 137. 

Flaine, Australia, ib. S2. 

McmrK, Syr-DarJB, 

Mcbum, New Zealand, ixsiv. 70. 

MuBAEiA, Plain of. Epiros, xxxix. 2SB, 

MusABHi. Japan, xl, 340, 341, 
MrsQi Kiver, Abyssinia, xxzviii. 36. 
MnsGT, Talley of, AbyHHini% ib, 36. 
MuHHALiuz Valley. Cauea,aua, sitxix. 

Mgbhed, capital of Khorasson, 

37, 42, 44, 45, 53, 54. 
MusKiT. family of Imama or SultAna 

of, ixxv. 184. 
, Imams of, founder of the 

family of the, it. 

, Sultan of. JCSSY. 187. 

MuSB-(^, tradition among the " Anilio 

Highlanders" regarding, ii. 98. 
MoSflAHT Paes, tlie. Tien Shan, xxxi. 

McsBENDoif, Strait of Ormnz, PetsiBD 

Gulf, xxiT. 188 ; xxxyii. 273. 

bark, in New Guini.'a, xizii. 


1 the Island of Stysol, 

Now Guinta, i6. 
McssDORiE, Dohra Doou, xxxvjii. 21L 
MtTSTAG (Turkish name for the we«tem 

portion of tbc Tien Shan), ssxv. 222. 
McBTiKH, or MuKtagb, Glacitr and 

FaBs, Trana-InduB Region, Xixiv, 21 

el ssg. ; xl, 57, 60. 126. 
Mountains and Range, iixvi. 

157; xl. 53, 57, Sti. 
— — Kange, On the Glacikbs ot 

the. By Capt. H. H. GoDWiN- 

AusTKN, xxxiv. 19. 
Mi^l'^ELLUH Batmn Mriuntnin, Turkey 


MoTcr River, South Central Afma, 

ixxiii, 251. 
Uuzo, minoB o^ United Statoa of 

Colombia, xxxviii. 83. 
MyaTAGU Mounlains, Bee Mastakh. 
Ui.'ZZRNOON, Diatriat of Bubzewnr,. 

Persia, ixxi. 43. 
MWGSAKOO River, afSaenC of the Nile, 

ixxiii. S29, 330; lur. I. 
MwiBHO wa Mlima, East Afrion, xl. 

Downs, Lynd Biver, Queens- 
land, siiv. 196, 
Mtall Creeb, Santh AastTnlia, xxxi. 

MYCHTuraAW, moantain in Oeorgio- 

Anoenia, xxxi. 15L 
Utn-bulix DiBtrict, Central Asia, xl . 

367, 368. 
Biver, Ountral Asia, 

Myn-edi^k-tad, Oontral Aaio, il. 
3U, 369. 

Mso Gyec, SiUng Biver. xxxii. 164. 
- JlMoi. Iflland, New Guinea, sxxii. 
^.127,130; xisiii, 23J. 

Nasba, independent SikU stato, xl. 

NabIiCS, the SLeohem of B<iri|iture, 

xsxii. 93, 100. 
Nabbiho Lake, Tibet, zxxviii. 212. 
Na-ch: (liieii), Weatera OhinB. xiiii, 17. 
Kabacu town of, Fiji, ih. 59. 
Naoabasi, Japan, xiii. 329, 330, 355 ; 

iixii. 230, 231, 285, 288 : xxxvii. 

212, 213. 
to Ykddo, Narrative of a 

Journey from, in 13SI. By Sir 

Naoayb, Trans-Indus, xwiv. 22, 42, «, 

Naobba, mountain in Georgio-AnoGnia, 

mi. 151. 
NAOoaHi Falle, Eembo Eivei, Western 

Eqontorial AMca, xxxvi. Gti. 
Naopoob, Central Fiovinces of India, 

inv. 70, 71. 
Nahr Aeesa, Ucaopotamia, izxvlj. 164, 

165, 176. 
Malba, or Flumen Begium of 

ancient geographers, Mosupotaiiiiii, 

ib. 171-173, 176, 177. 
Nahr-el-Kklb, BjTitt, ixxii. 77. 

NAJicKL-HnAPi. I^e of, Patagonia, 

ixiiv. 206 et seq. 
Nain, Paraia, xuvii. 276. 
Nairi Beet; Fiji Islands, ixiii. 42. 
Naivahha (BiiJiblili), East Africa, xL 

307, 316, 320. 
Nakhodka Bay, Japan Bea, !:xiviL 


orNakhon Tom, Cam- 

■ Vat, Camlxjdift, sxsv. 75, 76, 
82, 83, eft 87— description ot the \ 
tumple of, 77-79— soulpturuH at, 78- 
SO^woodwork in lemnlo of, xxxvii. 


299, 324. 

NAKaoNBonr, town of, Siam, ih. 303. 
Nakoko Kaisi Province, Siam,xxii. 30S 
Naltscuie, Transcaucasia, xxxix. 74. 
Namanoan, Central Asia, xl. 357, 358, 

•'"" 386— rearing of silkworma ii 

1 of, Siam, xxxriL 


i, 432, 4 


- RangEL Central Aaia, xL 

363, 365, a»i. 
Namaqoalahd, South- West Afrioi, 

xuv. 110, H2, 113— oharftcterofthe 

storma in. 111— trees of, 127. 
, Little, South -Wert I 

AMca, ib. 125. 
Nambcqliaha Indians, Brazil, xxxii 271. 
Nahein Biver, branch of the Irawadv, 

x\. 288. 
Naulanu River, afSuent of the eastern 

branch of the Brahmaputra, ii. 287. 
Nammot Biver, New SDuth Wales, 

xsxi. 146. 
Namosi, fiji, xxxil 58-62. 
Nameanq or Shuaymai Biver, xt. 296. 
Nauthabkt Hiver, tribntary of the 

Irawady, i6. 295, 296. 
Nasaeho, Vancouver Island, xxxL 

212, 250, 251 i xxxii. 530-532, 335— 

district, xxiiv. 160, 164, 170— river, 

\h. 164— coal, ib. 165 [.note] ; ixxtiii. 

22. See also ifayne. 
~ Biver, Vancouver Island, 

xxxii- 535. 
Nan-chano, city of, (capital of the 

Kiangei Province), Foyaug Lake, 

China, xl. 281. 
Nan-cqino, aity of, Szeobuen, China, 

xiiii. 21. 
Nanct Bound, Now Zealand, xxxiv. 


NANDTBEBrNOA Crcek, New Honth 


Nakfb, Belunlifilan, miii SOO. 
, or Hinglnj Mountalna. Bee 

Narg Bruk, MaBlakh Range, hiit. 27. 
Nakoa Purbet, ib. 27, 55. 
, West Cooat of Afrion, miii. 

Nangahabt, Madras Prcaidenoj, xextI. 

Nanq AS CHE-JON o, Tlllttge On Vamdok- 

clio Lake, Tibet, iliyiii. 16B. 
NAsjAJBmr, Weatem Australia, xl. 

yAK-Kl (hien). Western Cliioa, xxxii. 

Nah-eow, Tillage of, at the nonth of 

the KwBB-kow (paaa), North China, 

miii. ItiS: mvi. 152, 153. 
NAN-LUfo, or Moi-ling, Btutge. Sonli 

China, xizviii. 61. 
NAN-LDfo-QiEN, Anhwuy, China, Bilk 

trade at. xl. 284. 
Namoobe Haibonr, Vancoaver Island, 

miL 532, 535. 
Hills, Vnncouver Island, 

ib. 532, 533. 
Bivei, Vanpouvor Island, 

ib. 533, 535. 
Nau-pai, affluent of Ihe Salween Biver, 

Burma, ib. 184, 188, 206. 
Nan Shan (MoUDlains), China, ixxi 

Nan-hhah. tonn of, snulh bank of the 

new Yellow River, China, il. 5, 19. 
Nan-vang, town of, near the summit 

level of the Giand Canal. !)U miles 

south of tlie new course of the Yellow 

River, China, ,b. i. 
Naphtua-Bpbings, Island of Eishm, 

Persian Gulf, miv. 253. 
Napo River, Ecuador, xiii. 189, 175. 
Napoleon ChBmiel,^pper Nile, ixiiiL 

Nahaiwa, Don Nioholaa, engaged by 
Mr. W. Wheelwright to take barome- 
trical obBarratiotia. and report on the 
nature of the ruad across the Andes, 
mi. 155. 

Nakdoo-plant, Australia, xixli. 433, 
494, 495. 

Nam Country, Tibet, mviii. 211. 

NiBiCHt) (the Brahmaputra) River, 
ib. 134-136. 

NABt-KHOBBiiu. Wet tern Tihit, mix. 

NaeI'Khobsum Province, Tibet, niviii. 
129, 146— slight earthquakes in, 2l>5. 

Ni^BRA, Eastern, Sind. xixvii. 71, 72; 
xl. 189-191. 

River, Bind, xiiviL 72. 

iNABaAGOONHoo Mooku SwHinp, South 
Australia, ixxiii. 2S. 

Nabro Dhaerria fiwutnp. South Aus- 
tralia, ib. 29. 

Nabyn Eiver, Central Asia, xxxj. 363 ; 
xxxii. 563, 564 : xsxv. 61, 62, 68, 
222, 223 : xxxviii. 434, 435 : sL 109- 
111, 125, 256, 257. 258, 300— Monroes 
of the, ft. 250. 

NABQCAPKBTiibeoftbe Labrador Tabl e- 
lai.d, xxiiv. 86, »7. 

Nasbsbawa, eubwb of Kano. Hbob^ 
West Central Africa, nsviL 97. 

Nabsioc suggested oa a euitaUe localit; 
for the capital uf IndLi, ib. p. cli. 

Nat Toung (MonntaiD), between tlie 

Natal, miv. 202; sxxv. 119, 150, 
See also Sanderson. 

, colony of, xsxvii. 48 el teg. 

, The Phjsioal Geography tod 

Climate of the Colony of By R. J. 
Mann, Esq^ h.d., xxxvii. 48. 

Natijbal Hutobt, Hints on the Collec- 
tion of Objects of. By H. W. Batbb, 
Esc),, Assistant - Secretary B.O.B., 
xisiv. 30H. 

Naun River, Manchuria, ttttt , ]. 

Naubcz River, Central Asia, il. SfiO. 

Nadsbbbi, Bt the entrance of the Tallej 
ofKsehmir. xxxi. 28. 

NAvtcHA, S^ado Biver, La Plata, 
xxxiv. 23a 234. 

Navma, town of, Viti Levn, nii. 
xxxii. 58-GO, 62. 

Nazabbth, town ot, Ryria, ft. 00, 101. 

Nda Sekera, East AFrioa, xl. 312. 

N'DAPTDK, East Alrioa, ib. 313. 

Nbaba Seriau, East Africa, A. 828. 

Ndei Ngw£lle (Nandi), East AJHcft, 
i6. 308. 

Ndoho, EsEt Africa, ih. 317. 

Neale River and Creek, South Aus- 
tralia, mL 77 « srq.i ib. 90, 31, 
94-96. 102-104, 144; iixiiL 277. 

River Gap, Hanson Range, 

South Anstralin, iixi. 103. 

Neaubaba, b. district west of Oondo- 
koro, Upper Nile, iixv. 297. 

KxBBAanDiir Torrent, North-Eut 
Africa, ixxviii. 17. 

Stblirta, or Mist, in the Caravaja Pro- 
vince, Peru, xxxvii. 121. 

Nediwottum Chinohona Plsntations, 
Nailghprries, xxjvi, 187. 


Nefood Belt, Arabia, ih. 178, 18L 

, the, Desert iif Arabia, xi. 

UGetsaq.; IWT. I7t, 
Nept, AlyiBinia, xiiviii. 46. 
Neobo River, La flata, ixxiv. 20, 


-, tributary of tlie Amuzon, 

inii. 137, 1*2 . , . 

Neobohato Biver, Peru, xxxvii. 142. 
NeuiGUEbries, India, ixxvi. 1S0-1S3, 

188, 190~lti3. 
HeiLaov, Jons ; Iietter on Runtes from 

the Dahlinq Biveb to tlio Babcoo 

BlVEB, xExiii. 131. 
Nejo, AmbiB, MXT. 170, 174, 175, 

178^1fl0, 13S-187, 189, 191. 
, export of hnrsea froni, prohibiled 

by the Porte for a period of fuur 

yeaia, ib. 188. 
, frontiera of, Atabia, id, 186. 

horses, Arabia, xxxif. 133; 

iixv. 183, 183. 

b1j-'Aai,a (Upper Nejd), Arabia, 

ixiiv. 128, 135, 137. 

PropiT, proviiiiwa of, Arabia, 

•b. 112 el seq. ; hit. 171!, 

Nejuean pilgrim route, tlio, xxxiv. J2S, 

Nejha. on the Awaj Bivtr, Syria, 
xxxii, 8G, 

Nejran, Arabia, X3xv. 188, 

Nelkmbooe, Malabar, ixxri. 190, 191. 

■ Biver, Malabar, ib. IM. 

Nblialum Hilla, Wynoad District, 
India, ;^ 181. 

Neliamfatt, Cochiu, Madras Preai- 
denny, ib. 188. 

Nelbon District, New Zealand, xxxii. 
294, 299. 

Nehsbtvisa Bidge, Epinu, xxxix.285, 

Nefai, lo Lhasa, and tlience thmuiL-li 
the Upper Valley of the Bhahha- 
FETBA to its Source, Kcport of a 
Route Survey made by Puadlt — — 
from. By Capt. T. Q. Montoomebie, 

riii, 1 

i. 131. 

Nbuhateb Valley, North Australia, 
Nbtada, yield of the gold-fleldB of. 

[. 117. 
Ketado del Atilis, Ecuador. 
Nbvw Kiver, New Zealand, xsxiv. 
New Bay, East Coast of i'atngo 

ilii. 20ti, :i07. 
New Bbitain, Island of, Australi 

!. 16f 

New Caledonia, 

. 213; 

, Galf of, xixsiii. 385. 

— — , On the Trade of the 

Easti>hh AiitiBiPELAGo with, nud ita 
lalaniis. By Alfbed B. WALi.A(ni, 

a of olimale in, 

i. 223. 

New Mexico, change 
xxsv, 124. 

New Bieebia, open water met with 
north of, ib. 98. 

New South Wales, xixL 146: xxxii. 

New Westmisstee, British C-oIombia, 
xxxi. 298, 299; xixiv. 178, 1^ 1S2, 
194; xxxviii. 121, 122, 124. 

New YifAR Island, North AQstralik, 
ssxv-i. 230. 

New Yobk, siii. 211. 

New Zeaumd, xxxiii. p. oln. ; vol, 
ssxiv. p. ell ; vol. iixvii. p. clviii. 

■ , Altitude Sactiorie of 

the Frinoipal Routes between the 
East and West Cousts of the Proviaoa 
of Oastebbuby aorosa the Southebm 
Alps, By Junes Haast, E^., ph.d., 
xxivii. 328. 

, Expedition to the 

West Coaat of Otaqo, with an ao- 
count of the Discavery of a Low Paw 
(Tom MAKTiN'a Bay to Lake Waka- 
TiFD. By James Hectiib, Eaq., m.u., 

, Journal of T«fo Ex- 
peditions to the West Coast of tha 
MiDiiLE Island iif, 185SI. By Jdhh 
BoGHFOBT. Esq., XXXtL, 294. 

, Holeg on the Moun- 
tains and Qlacien of Cantebbuby 
Pbovinok. By Dr. JuLTca Haabt, 
xxxiv. 87. 

, Notes to accompany 

the Topo^ipliical Map of the 

— , Reconnaissanoi Sqf- 

, RiBemblaiiccofpenplB 

at the east end of tlie Fiji groap to 
the nativea of. xxxii. 43. 

Nbwbebbv, Dr. (goi))o5i8t), quoted, 
xxxix. 98, 99— quoted on Mesft, or 
Tubte-laods, in tlie Great Basin of 
North America, 101. 

Newoattlb Ba;, York Penmiuta, 
QneenBland, mvi. 47. 76, 83. 

Caunty, Natal, 3Lx:(vii. 


, Dnke of, Obit. Noliee. 

— , (liitB) Dnke of; Estraot 

from Deapntcb on the New Settla- 
meuta in Nortb-Eaet Auutialia, ib. 

Water, North Austmlid, 



'N(3ARB na Njuki, Eaet Africa, ib. 


Niiogei, East Africa, ib. 321, 

Eongi-i, East Africa, ib. SI9. 

Nqari Munalain, East Alrica, ib. SI2. 
Nqatiua hoi TriE>e, New Zeulaad, xxxli, 

NaoHAKO, OD the Burnma Biver, Eosit 

Africa, ixxv. 165-167. 
Nqohoisne, East Afri™, si. 310, 312, 
Nan Hills, Esat Afrioa, it>. 31S. 
Ngulcoo Liknria, B^iift Afiira. ib. 322. 
NuDHUHAHt, East Africa, ib. 30B. 
NawAi-Tor:N(j, Shim Town, suii. ISU- 

101,195-197. 200.204. 
NnuNDiACDABA RivEi, Brazil, ib. 139. 
Ni Shan Eange, Shantung, China, zL 

NiAEo Glacier, Mustabh Bange, zxxIt. 

NiAii-BKE, fort on the Chirehik Biver, 

Central Aeta, xxxviii. 448. 
NlCAOMt^N Rirer, Britiuh Culiunhia, 

gold and silver found in, isxj, SI 6. 
Nicasaqua, Ceutral America, xxxii. 

■iaa, :ii9. 
Newchsbanq, Msnehoris, Table ot 
annual tempeniitiire for the port of. 

Onatom-houae Betnms (or 1 

. town of, 

Manchnria, ixxiii- 158, 159, 163, 104 ; 
ixiii. 1, 4, 6, 7, 9. 
NEwrocMBLAilD, Some Account of the 
Physical Geograplij of. By the Rev. 


, fidhiiig statistics of. 

i. 281. 

rt of bread-plant 

. River, tributary of the 

Yonkon, Alaska, ib. 2S0. 

Kewlans, Captain, of the Champion 
of the Seas, his log qaoteU Ui pnive 
that the tliermometer nnt only iucli- 
catee the approttoU towards iis, but 
also the amunnt to be expected, 

XXXV. 151. 

Newiinq, Mr. William; Notea of a 
Jonrney on Horseback from Aliwal 
on the Orahoe River to Pieteb- 

, refiirred to, 

Neybib, Salt Lake of, Shimi! Province, 

Persia, xxKviii. 412. 
Nezwau, town of, Oman, Arabia, xzxi v. 

148, 149, 153. 
Nbii Monntain, East Africa, xl. 3(16. 
NaiMi, Lake, xisv. 106, 107; xxxii. 

Ngas-kinq-fc (also often written Gau- 

king), CHpital of Anhwny (Ngaii- 

hwuy), Cbiaa. si. 283--iS5. 
NsAN-NAN, Kweicliow, China, xxxviii. 


is lilonnt. New Zealand, sxsir. 

Nicholayefbe, Bussian Manchnria, 

iixvii. 22,% 224. 
NiUHOisos River, North Australia, 

ixxiiL 83, 84, S7, 127, 129, 152. 
, Sir Cbarlea, Teferred to, iL 

pp. clxvlii. clxis. 
NicEoL Bay, North -West Anetralia, 

ixxii. 380, 33S, 395, 398, 421, 423, 

426, 427. 
— ■ Bay, Nortli-West Australia, 

ttiermoraetric obaervationa at, ib. 427. 
Bivar, Nortli-West AuBtraiia, 

ib. 378. 398, 42S, 424. 
NicoL, Mr., High SlieriCf of BriUsh 

Col umbia, referred to, xxxi. 237, 238, 

240-242, 245, 246. 
NiooLA Lake, Britiah Columbia, ib. 215. 
(or Smeehaatlon) Biver, British 

Coluiiibin, 1*. 215-217., of Porapey, Turkey in Asia, 

mviii, 298 [note], 299, 300, 302. 
, Ruins of, Epirua, isxii. 


PHR, lilfi notes on Arabia, referred 

NiENtiE, or LienJa River, East Africa, 

XXXV. 164-1H6. 
NiE3i-FBi insurgents Iiave alwayi bwn 

the inbtLbitauta of the nortl) of 



Kiangan, Anhwuy, and HonaD, and 

of Southern Shantung, ami originall; 

Imi) DO poUtioal dement in their 

movera^nt, xl. 30 [note]. 
NiGES Expedition, referred to, sxii. 

— — ^HiTor, IIS.L 372, 275: ilx». 

U, 157; I3sni. 92, 05, 98, 99. 
NiGiT, MoBtukb Bange, XtanB-InJns, 

ixiiT. 13. 
NjiQATA. Jiipan, xl. S42. 
Nijsi-Nqtgohod, x![siL 556. 
NisoLBKi, Cuptaiu, rcfi-rred lo, iL 412- 

Ndebab, town of, Turkey in AaiH, 

ixiviiL 297. 
NiLAM, Great Tibet, ib. 155-157. 
NlLABO Pass (on the route from India 

to Khotan), Himalsya Mountains, 

xxsmi. 103. 184, ISC, 197, 210 

xxxriii. 29, 34, 43. 
, Bouroe of the, xxjciiL 322 ei seq 

xiiTii. 207. 
, Upper Basin of the, by Inaperli n 

and lofpTmation. Bj Coptain J. H 

6PBKB, iiiiii. 322. 

, Vallej of the, xxsi. 276. 

, On lake Tanqastika, Pto- 

LEHv's WeBlem Lalte-Restrvoir of 

the. Bj Captain Kirhard F. Btjbton, 

— , Bltie, ft. 14: xxxvi.l; xsxviti. 

35; Mxix. 43-45. 
— -, White, Land Juurney Westward 

of the. By J. Pe'isbbick, E!!q,,xxxv. 

Baker's expedition lo discover 

tLeEouroes of the, xxxvi.l. 

tlibutaries, U>. 1. 

; On LiYiHQBTONE'a lest Jnnrnpyj 

and the jirobaljlu ultimate Snuni« 
of the. By Alex. Geo. Fikdlay, 
Esq.. xxxvii. 193. 

River, length of, froir. Gondokoro 

to its month, ib. 21 1 [note], 

liiver, BouthernmnHt reservoir of, 

ib. 21 1. 

Nile Tribe, Borneo, xssii. S30. 
Nii.cNG, Gauges Biver, xxxix. !57. 
"NiHEK Khor," or Salt River, Belu- 

ohialan, xxxvii. 272. 
NiMiiotin, Tariey in Asia, xxxv. 23. 
NiSB Pin Rocks, Vftucouver Island, 

xxxLV. \m. 

NiNETEB, Mr Cno" Sir) H. A. Layarii'a 

noraunt of disuoverlea at, refi'Tred to, 

iixi. 317, 
NiNo-Kwo-FD, Anhwuy, Chian, xl. 281. 
NiNQPO, China, xxxiv. 17. 
NiNGUTA, Qu Uie Harka River, Man- 

ciiuria, xxxvii. 225; xxiix. 19, 22, 

25, 28. 

Manchuria, xxxiii. 


NcPieia Laki-, Labrador, xxxiv. 85, 
Nl^ON. oiiiiiule of, xxxL 349. 350. 
NiKBisi, or Jodnar plant, the root of 

ivhioli is held in great esteem tbroagU- 

out India for its bealiag pn'perties, 

xssviii. IGO, 161. 
NisHArooB, town of, Ehorasnan, xixi. 

13 41 

Vallej and Province, Kho- 

raesan S 13 [note]. 
NiEHNi r gilsk, near Ekaterinburg, 

mines of the Domidof family at, 

\it > 177 
NisiB N (r Jnghjftihtt Biver, Turkey 

in As a x-^xviii. 348. 
— town of, Turkey in Asia, iist. 

NiSQUALLV. Plains and Praiiie, Nortb 

America, xxxii. 128. 

NiVE River, Queensland, xxxiii. 132, 
133, 137. 

NivELLB River, Qupouslaud, ib. 133. 
Njahb Distrii^t, East Africa, xxxv. 

NjAvi Trihe, Weetern Equatorial Africa, 

NjEMSi Volcanic Mountain, Eust Africa, 

si. 317. 32.1. 
Nboomptcu Falls, Eraser Biver, British 

Columbia, ixxi. 242. 

River, British Columbia, 

V*, 244. 
No, Nuvier, or Bahr el Ghazal, xxsT. 

NoBEOR (?) Sottlemrnt, Beluchistan, 

ssxiii. 205. 
NoBCNiJi Bobi^ndi Gla-iar, MiulaUt 

Range, xxxiv. 33, 36, 44, 49, 
Noqlia River, Queensland, xxxiii. 133. 
NoH, village of, Nyak Tbo (Lake), 

NouATAH. DUlriot of, Vancouver Is- 
land, Kixi. 210. 

" Son AH," or tlie " BIfwJib' Fiuhing- 
tfruunds," Barwan River, Aastralia, 

<A. ns, 14U. 

No.iHi Rirer, Haiiclinriii, ziiix. 20, 

27, 35. 
Noocoo River. WynoadDiatrint, Boutfc- 

emlnilin, xxivL lli2, 
NiWHBiAHa, burial gronnd, Bcln- 

ohiBtao, sxxlil. 183. 
NooyABO Hille, Belnohlstan, Si. 203. 
" NooNDTE," Wetiteni Auatralini, xl. 

231, 23a 
Noo'.t Hahal, Empreas of Kashmir, 

NooTHA Boaod, Vanoonver Island, 

ft. 210. 
NoroBi'HT, dlj of, Siam. izxv. 75. 
NoHDEMaRibLB, A. E., and Fr. W. toh 

OtTKB; At«nunt of tlie Sbxdibh 

North Fouib Expedition of 18G8, 
uDiier tlie command of A. E. Norden- 
abicld aod Fr. W. von Ottet, xxxix. 
131 — previous BvediHli expeditione, 
131 [note] — Nurdenskiiild'a proposal 
fur a nam expedition; plan of the 
jonme;, 132 — mcMnliera of the expedi- 
tion; aniral of Itie Sofn at Bt^orcn 
Island; description of Ibe island, 133 
— arrivBl at loe-fjord, Sjiitzbergen, 
135— gmlo^ical features, 136— (;ls- 
cieri, 137 — arrival at Amsterdam 
Island ; arraQgements for zoological, 
botnniaJ, and pbysiological re- 
aeurclieB: Snfia sailB ton'aiSs Green- 
land. 13S — reaches Liefde Bay; 
sonndiDga tn^Q: party left at Liefde 
Bay for topogiapliical imd geologii-al 
wort, 139 — Sopi unable to ranch 
Gile^ Land, 140— scientiSo work 
stopped by snow; return to Ameter- 
dain Island; colleotjona eent to Nor- 
a asain eails nurthvards, 


r of 

SpitEbtrgeu ; remark on chiirts, 142 
—accident to the S-fa, 143— Kiiijj'a 
Bay; return to Norway, 144— Pofar 
Baaio ; latitude reached by variuus 
expeditions, 145 — obaervatioiia on 
possibility of reaching a liigh latitode 
by ship; the only way to approacli 
the Pole, 146. 
, Nils, Obit. Notice, 

-, Prof^B 

■I A. E., Medal 

, Commander W. H., 

Roport and Jouiual oD bis Expedi- 
tion to the Gilt of CARPEKTABtA 
(Burke and Wills Relief ExpeditioD>, 
ixxiii. 5. 

NonMiN, Commander W. H., it.s., re- 
ferred to, xxxiii. 129, 149, 159. 15-i. 

NottHAH's Qnnip of Islands, East Aua- 
Iralia, ib. 82. 

NoBRiB, Admiral Sir J., referred to, 

Norsemen of Qreenland, ib, 00, 9S. 
NOKTH Americs. See Amerira, and 

List of Papers. 
— - — American Colonies, Dr. Che*.- 

dle's Fore<«st of t)je Future of. 

i. p. clx. 

- Lakes, Elevation of. 

xxxix. 115, 116. 
— ■ Atlastic, On Sorfaco Terape- 

rnturo in the. By Admiral Irhik- 

GER, Copenbagen, Hon. Corr. Member 

B.(l s., xl. 141. 
Bentiiick Ann, British Cidnm- 

b[a,xxxviii. 122. 

Cape, Spitzhergen, xxxix. 140. 

■ Duvon, Balfin Bay, Esquimaux 

reniainB found on, xxxv. 95. 


New Settliiincnt in Rocsraotun Bat, 
and advimce of ColimizHtioo over; 
inc lading Mr. G. E. DALRVKPLB'a 
Report on his Journey from Rock- 
ingham Bat to the Vallet of 
Laqoonb. (DocuinentK ftirwarded by 
Sir G. F. BowBN, Quvemor ol QaeeoK- 
land.) Comninuioated by tbe Colo- 
nial Offloe, i6. 191. 
Nosih-East Madagascar. Bee Maan- 

NoBTH Icland, Seyohallea, xxxt. Z11. 

Lake Turrens, Boath Austnlis, 

iiii. 65, 66, 68, 70, f 3. 

PoLAB Expedition of 1868, Ac 

count of the SwEDrsu, under the 
oummand of A. E, Nordcnskiold and 
Fr. von Otter. By A. E. Nobdbhs- 
K[5u> and Fb, ton Otteb, xxxix, 

Region, On the Eipiont- 

tion of the. By Captain Shebard 
OaBOH-y, B.N.. C.B., ib. 279. 


NoiiTK Pole, Advftntagea of an Expe- 
dition to the, XXXV. S8. 

, On (lie Climate of tbe, 

iind Du Ciroiimjiolar Exp1i>ration. 
By W. K. HicKsON, Esu., id. l^il. 

, Projioacd Eoute tu, 

luri. 289. 

—, Table otVoyageslowards 

— , Wida field of reaearoh 

VBiting for investigHtloii in Iho 
Boicuce of Etliuolo^ty in the legiaa 
of the, XKXT. 99. 

Rntfiia, Pass, Soutliem Alps, 

New Zealani), jixivii. 32S, 32S. 


- Hirer, Biitish Columbia, xxxi. 

(Pell- kill ng), Kwiing- 
tung, China., xxxriii. (iC, B7. 

Sentiael Island, Andaman 

lelands, xxxii. Il<>. 

Somerset, Arotis BegioiiB, sssi. 

^^ ninmui remums on, 

Table-top, South Auatralia, 

~ PdIeu' boundariea of Biend- 
xxxii. ati6. 
- Siberia, the cradle of the 

Territory of South Austh.*- 

LiA, Marine Survey of the. By Mr. 
P. HowABD, Maater BN., xxxvi. 227. 

Kobtb-West Bay, Vancuuvet laland, 

Cape, Weelem Australia, 

Monaoon, irregularity of 

. Bj Jahbs MjUItin, Esq., 
IV. 237. 

— , Joomal 

.ef an Bxpeditiiin from the (.iovem- 
mmt Camp, Camden HAiiBouR, to 
tha Sooth ward of tho Gleneui 
RivsB. By B. J. Show., Esq., sxkvl 

NoiiTHUiiBRiu.AND, Duke of. Obit. 
Notice, ixxv. p. «ii. 

Sou ml, Arctic Ocean, 

ixxv, U3. 
NoHTON PluiUH, North-West AuBtralia, 

Journey from, to Fort Yolkos 
tjuiiclion of PoRCVprSK and Yockon 


Esq., ib. 219. 
NoBWAV, Prof. Hoist's Aecount of 

Surveys in, since 1779, xxxii. p clix. 
, Up|)or, ffiri;st timber fimnd 

groiviug in lat. 70° N., xiiv. 13a. 

, t<.'m[ierBture of, ib. 

Nob-Zaman, 1 

a of headlands o 

Nobsi-Be, Nos Bell, French military 

colony of, xxxvL 245. 
, lalftud of, nurth-wost coast of 

Miidagaacar, xixvii. 109, 115. 
• Lake, Madsgasoar, ixxvi. 

53. -51. 
Nonso Bahd, xxxii. 193, 19i, 196-201, 
NocHBE, or Cuiieiie Kiver, South 

Cenfral Africa, ixxvi. 217, 218. 
Nova Zcuibia, xxxi. 14; xxxvi. 283, 

NovocoROD Harboor, Monohuria, 

xxxvii. 214. 
NovocoKODSKi (Posietfe), Mancbnria, 

Russiun mililary settlement of. ib. 

211-218, 220-222— advaatages of the 

position of, 219. 
NowAcoTB, Punjab, xxxvii. 71, 72. 
IT — Kiver (mRin Indua fi«i!er). 

r. 19 et 

i.343; xl.6 
iv. 24; xxxvi. Iffl 

— Valhy, I 

xl. 49, 59. 
Ni'cLL'BATETTE, YoukoD Rivei, Alaska, 

NnoGBT Point, New Zealand, xxxiv. 97, 
Mucous, Miidraa Prasidenoy, xxxvi. 

180, 187, 188. 

, teak plantation in, S. 191. 

~ Pnrkw, India, xl. 183, lh8. 

NcuAU Island, t^imclwich Islands, 

sxxviii. 361, 363. 
NuKB Hawy, Peninsula of Sinai, 

ixxviii. 244. 
NuERAH of Uuuritn. tho, xxxii. SO. 
Ni'LATo, Yoiikon Kivur, Alnaka, xxxviii. 

220, 221, 22<i, 227, 223, 230, 232-23*. 

Obbo Oonolry, east of Wliite Nile, 


NrLLET River, Beliwhiatun, uxiii. 205. 

Settlement. Belucliiptan, 16. 

NrHA-Cuoi, town, Muhilla Idlaad. East 

Umst of Africa, xiiiv. 250. 
NuBAuen, town ot^ Jupun, mi. 339, 

NuNEE Hill, Belnohifltan, iiiiii. 191. 
NuNaA-PowBET (or Niiked Muuulain), 

Kaaljm'Li, xxxi. 31. 
Ndmtueiiukoa, New Boatli Wales, 

xiKii. 430. 
-Oreck,New South Wftles, 

NnfB, West Central Africa, xnvii. 

92-91, 98. 
NcBAPAi Cftnal (" Arjk "), near Kattj- 

Kargao, Central Asia, li. 457. 
NuBi-TAc Eangc, Ceutnil Asia, xjtxviii. 

132,435; xl. 458. 
NcBBCKonB^ NuUab, Eastern Africa, 

NcsHiE Ltt, Muslakh Rnnge, Trans- 

IndoB, jcixiv. 42, 47, 48. 
NliTUBOS in tlie AjiclnBian AroUipekgo, 

xxiii. 118. 
, Wild, in New Gnineo, ib, 

127, 130. 
NryiEE, No, or Bahr el GhaTal, sxsv. 0. 
Ntak Tbo (Dike), Ghiucie Tiliel, 

xjtsrii. 348, 353. 354. 
N'lAKASENYE Biilge, Eaal«m Africa, 

Nyanea (Lake), ixxy. 10, 13; il. 303, 
323— heigUt of, Kxxv, B, 9— otUcr 
names for, si. 309. 

NiABSA, Lftke, Dr. Livingstone's Expe- 
dition to, in 18ei-63, xssiii. 250. 

Laie, East Africa, ih. 251 

et Kg. : ii£iv. 198, 200, 201. 203 ; 
MSV. 2, 3, 5, 7, 154, IBS et aeg.; 
xnnyii.idietae,!.: sisriii 112, 113. 

, Lake, Esplonitioiis to the 

West of, in 1863. By Dr. Livmo- 
BTonE (addressed to Sir R. L Mnieh:- 
Eon, Pres. B.Q.e.), xxxiv. 245. 

Oahu Island, Sandwich Islanilg. 

xxxviii. 302, SG6. 
Oabm, Oapt., Engineer of the Tanjore 

DiviBiua. referred to, xssvi. 193, 194. 
Oakdvbb RiTer, North-West Auatralia, 

xxsii. 407, 408. 41(M12. 
Oalte District, Central Asia, xl. iOO — 

Till^oof, 4<;i. 

MounidiiiB, Cpnlral Asin, ifi. 461 , 

Oaxaca, town of, Mcj 


A LLEN, Citpl. W., a N., sixiv. p. ciiii. 
AsHBURTON, Lord, ib. p. ex. 
Atkissou, T. W., v^TJi p. ey. 
Baisee, Dr, XXX r. p. cxxiii. 
Barclay, A. K., il. p. oiIt. 
Bareett, Lucas, xxxiii. p. osxiii, 
Barth, Dr. Henry, xiivi. p. cxxxir. 
Bates, Joshua, xxxv. p. pixt. 
Bebbrugoet, Adrien, xl. p. cxlii. 
B011.BAU, Sir John P., Bart., xxxix. 

Blitfield, Beriah, m.p., xxsir. p. 

Bowles, Admiral of the Fleet Sir 

William, KOJI., xl. p. cxI, 
Brand, Geoi^e, xxxl p. oxt. 
Brant, Jamea, c.e, xxxii. p. cvL 
Ubbadalbahe, Maii^uis of, rg»iii , 

Bbooke, Sir James, Bart., K.O.B., 
Rajih of Sarawak, xxsix p. csUi. 
Bkooking, T. H,, I'i. p. ckItL 
Brocorton, Lord, q.oa, xI. p. 

BRoHNiJohn, xxxl. p. cxri. 
Bmsr, Dr., ib. p. cxrii. 

Bubchell, William John, xiiiii, p. 

BuHNEY, Arolnieaeon, xikt. p. cxxvi. 

BuTLBB, Key. Pierce, xxxviii. p. oxliv. 
Byroh, Hon. Fredtriak, xxxi. p. 

Carbasco, Admiral Don Ednmdo, 

CEAWTunD, John, r.B3 , uiviii 
ffii William, ce^ ixxii 
William, k-p., xxiiv. 

OuNABD. Sif Edward, Bart^ xx 

Cdhm:nohax, G. G., xxxi. p. m 
Daikbll, Dr. Willinoi Freun 

ravL p. exlviL 
Daubst, Pierre, Tsii. p. ciii. 
Se Ahgei.19. OlieviUier. ib, p. bxi 
De io. Uabmoba, GeoeiBl A., xx 

Se Bos, Rcnr-Ailmimt tlie Hoti. J. 

F. F, isiii. p. evil. 
Derby, Eiirl of, ka^ xl, p. cxliii. 
DiOKiijsON, JohD, ixxix. p. cxlri. 
DiLKH, Sir G. Wvntwortli, Bart, 

ib. p. eilv. 
DoDD. GeorKe, snv. p. ciiviiL 
DONALDHOV, Ke¥. J. W., D.D., xisi. 

, Sir Slunrt, wxvii. p. 

DoKOuaHWOBE, Earl of, sixvi. p. cslv. 

Ddndab, A<imiral tjie Hon. Sir 

RicliBid Baundeis, H.CB., xxzii- p. 

Ddpebbt, Capt. Louis laidore, xxxvi. 

Euns AND KiNCABDiMH, Earl of, 

EU.EB1IEIIE, Kurl of, ixxiii p. oxxiil 
Everest, Sir George, xiivii. p. cxri. 

EVEBBTT, Hon. EdwBld, XXXV. p. 

Ewer, Waiter, xxxiii. p. cxivi. 

Palqinkh, Dr. Huglj, xxxv. p. oxv. 
Fellows, Sir Charlea, xxxi. p, ciiii. 
FiTzRoT, ViavAdininil Robert, o.b., 

FoBCBHAUHEB, JoLd Geo., xxxvi. p. 

_.fOBBEifTEB, Joseph Jamea, 

^ Forreslerof Oporto, xxxi. p. cxiiii. 

BRwTBHotE, Hugh, Ear' - - " 

Grant, Gnptain Waller OolqubouQ, 

rail p. oviii. 
Orey, Ralph Wm., xt. p. rxliv. 
Qhihhbli., Cnrneliiw, ii. p. cilvi. 
ficRSB^T, HodHon, xxxv. p. ciiiv. 
Habel, Dr., xxsiii. p. oivi. 
Hamilton, William John (fiimcx 

President of the Societj), xxxi '" 

p. ciixiv. 
HABu>DitT, Renr-Admiml Oof a visa 

Hawtret', Rev, E. C, djj., xxxii 

Hebbkrt, Arlmirul 

•6. p. oil. 
Hill, 8nmuel S., xl. p, Mllv. 
HoDGKis, Dr. Thoa.p xxxvi. p. cilvL 
Hoao, John, xl. p. oxiiv. 
Hooker, Bir Wm. Jaubaou, xxxvi. p, 

Ingbak, Herbert, u.p., xxxi. p. cxxvi. 

Jahiesoh, Robert, ib, p. rxxri. 
Johnstone, Sir John T. 
;i. cxlviii. 

F., BarL, , 


KiNQ, Her. 8. W., xxxix. p. oxlvH. 
KupFFER, Profeaaor, xxxvi. p. cxlir. 
Laird, Macgregor, xxxi. p. czxvl, 
Lansdowne, Marquia o^ xxxiiL p, 

Lal'RIC, Juba Minet, xxxviii. p. 

Lbe, Dr. John, xxxvi. p. cilv. 
Letboy, Chas. Edward, xxxii. p. rxix, , 
Lemon, Sir Chus., Bart, xxxviii. p, 

Lewis, Bt. Hon. Sir George Oorne- 

LocKE, Joseph, U.P., xxxi. p, cxxvtiL 

Haconocbib, Captain Aleximder, 
B,N., foroierly Secretary B.o.B., ib. p. 

Mangles, Captain Jaa., i 

p. rxUiL 
Mosteaole, Lord, xxxv 
Murray, Hbhj- Admiral 

Henry Anthony, xxxv, p. • 
Newcastle, Duke of, ib, p. p 



Willis, O.iptain W. A., b.w^ «xiiv. 

p. ciiiii, 
WoLBT, Eev. Dr, Joseph, xxxiL p. OT. 
WyLiE, J. W. S., si. p. Eilti. 
TouNO, Thomas, uxt. p. ciivii. 
Obsebtatiok HUl, North Amtralio, 

Island, Victoria Kirer, 

North AuBtmlla, sxivi. 239. 

Obbebvationb of the boiling-point in 
Nepal. Tibet, Ac, raviii. 191-195. 
□f the boiling - point 

Pahkeb, J. W,, mi. p. cxsx. 
Paslkt, General Sir CiiurleB W., 

K.O.B., ib. p. rxMt. 
Pkabodi, George, xL p. oxlii. 
Fhilli MOKE, John G., xss». p. cixvii. 
PoBTLooK, Maj.-GeDeriJ Joseph 

Ellison, B.K., iiii¥. p. txv. 
POLLEB, C. G., 16, p. cxivii. 
Benmik, Gect^, nivi. p. exlii. 
Eknouabp, BeT. Geo. Cacil, xisvii. 

p. csviii. 
ItiCHABDsoH, SIi John, o.H„ xxxvi. p. 

BooEBs, professor Eeniy, xszvii. p. 

BoQET, Peter Mark, p.b-b,, xl. p. 

BoasE, Eftil or, xxsviii. p. osuvii. 
St. I^bb, AothiiDy, ^tuiii, p. cutvi. 
gOBOUBCBEK. Sir Bobert Hermann, 

SIST. p. oxii. 
Sbaw, Dr. H. Norton, formerly 

Acting Siiorutar; of the Society, 

ixiiK. p. oiWii. 
SlLLluAN, Beojamin, xxxy. p. oixvi. 
BiHfsON, Sir George, xxxi. p. cixxi. 
SwTH, B. Osbame, xxxiv. p. cxxri. 
Emtth, Antral William Heniy, O.B., 

SoraBBT, Samuul Leigh, sixi 

Sfeke, Captain John Hanning, x 

p. cis. 
BriaLVNQ, Admiral Sir Jus., I'l 

Stort, Captain Charles, xl. p. 

BwABT, Jacob, xxxvi. p. cxlii. 
'I'HoKtTKJK, Kicbard, xxxiv. p, cxxiii. 
UziBLLi, Matthew, xxxi. p, txiiiL 
Von deb Decken, Buron Charles 

Claup, xxxvi. p. cxxsix. 
Von Mabiids, Charles Fred. P., 

Walkee, James,, iisiiL p. 

Wabbe, Jolm Ashley, a. p., isxi. p. 

Wabhisqton, Hear- Admiral John, 

O.B., xxiiv. p. cxii. 
WuEWELL, Btiv. Dr. W., d.d., ixxyi. 

taben in Great Tibet, x 

, final reault of Consul 

Petheriok's, iiiv. 300. 

tor heights in Eastern 

Turkiatan. by Mr. Hayward, ro- 
eompntation of, by Staff-Commandet 
0. George, B,N., xl. 165, 16G. 

for latitude in Kastera 

Turkistan, Mr. EayiTard's, recompn- 
tation of, by Staff-Commander C. 

and magnetic beariuge, ftbstract □( 
Mr. 8t. Vinrect Erskine's, in Sonth 
Africa; supplied by Dr. B. J. Mann, 
Kxxii. 372-276. 

for latitude taken in 

Great Tibet, ih. 172-181. 
Obsehvatobt Point, coast of Labradiir, 

nature of the rock at, xixyiii. 270. 
OCOABIONAL Harbour, Labrador, 16, 2G4, 

265, 279. 
OoEAH current of the South Pacific, 

its direttioQ, ft. 401. 
or Grand Pond, Newfonndland, 

xsxiv. 261. 
O'CoNNELL Creek, Flinders Biver, 

Quoonaland, xxxiii. 106. 
Obawaba, Japan, ixxi. 332, 33*. 335, 

Oni'l, the capital of the Ijebc Conntry, 

Notes of a Jomney irom Laqds to, in 

Jan. 1862. By Capt. BEnmorsLD, 

B.N, xxxiii. 214. 
Oqeen, Mr. Peter, rcRrred to, xxxi. 

OnMBiLU-Ti, pass in the Trana-Bisn 

Alataii, ib. 3liG. 
OiTOOBOS, village of. Eastern Turkutan, 

xl. 79. 
Ojiewatb, the, of Bainy Lake, Labra- 
dor, xxxiv. 86. 
Okaib, port of, Persian Gulf, inv. 

171, 177, 181, 182. 
Okanagan Lake. British Ooliuabio, 

xsiiv. 184, 193. 
Oeari River, Nlw Zealand, xxxJL 300. 


River, SoDtti Central Africa, 
17, 248. 
<Z>KiTiKA Kiver, New Zeulaud, iiii». 

<ZDld Harbour, South AndoinaD iBtuitl, 


<IDldfield, Capt., Dr. Eirk aroompanied 
by, up tliQ RoTuma Biver. East 
Africa, ixiy. 157— tefurred to, 'iSt, 

ItJi.ENDA, village, Asliira-land, Western 
Eqniitorial Arrioo, xiivi 65. 66. 
Oloa Buy (Port Sir M. Sejmoor), 
RuBsinn Mancharia, xxxvii. 229, 231. 
r^^LiPHANT, Lauhekce ; A ViBit to the 
' Island of TsuaiMA, iixiii. 178— Pa»- 
\ sage thrciiigb Inland Bia of Japan, 
[ 178— portion af the Island of Tatt- 
r Bima; arrJTal in U.M.S. S<a;idoct, on 
I An);. 27. 1861; aingulnr two-pointed 
peak; town of Tatohio, 17B — de- 
Boription of coast, ISO — proilucta of 
island; trade with Corea, 181. 
— ■ — , appointed 

of tbe Searetariee, i 

-, tltttej Seorefary 

B.Q.B. ; On the Batanos Biver, Ibth- 

Hna 07 Panaua, xxxt. 142 — i<l]i[)- 

ctual projccta, 142 — unexplurtd 

region between Allsntio and Bay- 

anoa Biver; failures to explore it; 

reconnaisuance of the BayanaeBivor, 

OuPBAjrr'a, or Lipalule Biver, tributary 

of the Limpopo, Soalh-EuBt Africa, 

mil. 2.^6, 237, 243, 253. 
Olitzika, Mount, Epirus, ib. 286. 
OursiaA, Mr. Benjamin, his bequest to 

the Society, xxxvi. p. cxlix. 
OuvEB, Mount of, A. 201. 
DiiiTB-TSEB, wild, deHtruction of in 

South Afrieft. xxxv. 118. 119. 
Ollachea Biver, Peru, ix.tvii. 119, 

123-126, 130. 138, 1*5. 
, town of, Porn, iJ. 118 eC 

Oltt Biver (the ancient Harpasua), 

Turkey in Asia, si. *72. 
Olyupia, Washington lenilorv, xxxi. 

Olthfiab Bange, Vancouver Island, 

nxiv. 157. 
Oh Jenaib District, Arabin, xxxv. 172. 
'Oman, Province of, Arabia, ixiiv. 112 

et ieq. : xxxv. 184, 186. 
Omekorto Biver, South-Eaet Africa, 

^^V Cuu, Omio.monaB 
^^H OiiOA, Honduras, 3 

Dusk, town of. Aeiatio Bussia, xxxi. 

365; xxxv. 62. 216. 
OHC&EEMrB, site of the ancient city of, 

EpiruB, iixix. 27ii. 
Ondosg*, Ovumpo-lnnd. Soulh-West 

Africa, Kxxvi. 2*7. 218. 
ONE-THoUBABt) PeatiB, billa oF, Ofar 

Hai-obung, Manohuria, ib. 19. 
'OSETZAH, town, Kuseem, Arabia, 

xiiiv. 112, 12,% 126. 
Omooob, Sinm, xixii 154. 

Boreye, Indo-Ohina, iJ. 150. 

Oo DistricI, Tibet, xxiviii. 166. 
OoHERCOTK, town of, Bind, xl. 189, 190, 

OuMEanT. Mongolia, xxxiii. 174. 
OoNURPOOB, Inilus Valley, xixvii. 68. 
OoHQHONJ, AfgUiiniBln.n, xxiii. 312. 
OoTfi, Mongolia, xxxiii. 175. 
OptBO lalnnd (Bapu-iti), South Fai'iBo 

Ocean, xl. 167. 
Opbn Bay, Now Zealand, iisvii. 323. 
Polar Sea ; BDOh an idea a mere 

hypotheaia. xxzii. 146. 
Ophib (or Sofala, Sonth-East Africa), 

, supposed site of, xixviii. p. 

Opidm in Manchuria, xxxtx. 30. 

Ohasqe, or 'Gabiep Biver, South 
Africa, Water Supply in the Basin 
of the. By James Fox Wilsom, Esq. 
sxxv. lOU. 

Kiver, desiccation in the basin 

- Basin, importance nf 


Froo Stale, South 
i, 48. 

, Snutli Africa, : 

338; xxxv. 11!), 122, ] 
Oh ATuNQA .South Australia, xxsi.70,71. 
Obawka Biver, New Zealand, xxxlv. 60. 

Track, New Zealand, xxsiv. 70. 

Orcab Icland, De Fuca Strait, Van- 

couver Island, S. 

I. 128. 

Obdsanoe Survey r plans of North- 
umberland and Cumberland being 
published, xixi. p. clvi. — publication 
of Trigonometrical Survey of Great 
Britain completed, ixxii. p. cxii.^ — 
connection of triangulations of Eng- 
land with those of Belgium. Prussia, 
Bnd RuHsi;!, ih. — deterininalion of 
differences of longitude by tele- 



graph, p, en. — caiiatwl survey, 
ciii. — progress, ixxiii. p. cssii». — 

" Great Domesdiij Buck " copied by 
photn-iineoKrnphy, p. ciiiv. — map 
of England aa<i Wnlea pmcliaill; 
fimebf^. xxxiv p. cxixiii.— piDg~~ 
ID Sootlund, ib, 

Oregon Graaaee in British Columbia, 
iixi. 21*. 

Territory, !b. 212. 

Orenbubo, ixsy. 65 — naestion of a 
railway from, to Tashkeud, xxxviii. 

Orestes, H.M.S,, HIT. 236. 

Obeti RiTer, Now Zealand, xsxiv. 59, 
64, 7(1— Vulloy, 65, Gti, 70. 

OiifA, town of, Turkuy in Asia, xxxviii. 

OanocHOBHiU, Cenlrul Asia, xxxi. 362, 

'OrigJneB Biblicffi,' by Dr. Beke, le- 
Teri-ed to, issii. 97. 

Obiostaldt, TraDBvaBl, >'6. 65. 

O'RiLEY, Edwahd: Jonruid of a Tuar 
to Kahe)i-n[, for the piirpo^ of open- 
ing a Trnding lioad to tlie Sqan 
Traders from Mouyat and thu ad- 
jacent Shan Statfia. tbrougli that 
'J'erritory, direct to Tusau, i6. 161 — 
iiati:s OD truda and other mattars, 

OiiiKOCO Kitet, Sontb America, sxxi. 

Ohmah District, Arabia, xxxv. 174, 
175, 17S. 

Obmaba, Beluchiatao, notice of mud 
Tolcanoea near, xxxiii. 207, 208. 

promontory, BeluoliiHtan, ib. 


, yOlage and bay, Beluoliistan, 

ib. 194^19(i, 199, 200, 203. 

Ohhdz iBhknd, Pemiaa Gulf, xxxiv. 

Orohutze La (Paae), Ladekb, xxxvii. 

Obteoa, Senor Salrador, of Ambafo, 
tlie poBBesaot of tlie original of Don 
A. Gazraan'fl niBp of tbe Monntsins 
of Llanganati, in the Quitonkn 
Andes, ixii. 166. 

OfiTUOOBAFHT of native names and 
words in Mr. W. H. Johnson's Re- 
port on ins Joninpy to Dohf, Khotan, 
sxivii. 47. 

Obtoohal Tseuma, Mongolia, sxxiii. 

Osaka, Japan, iiiii. 280, 2S4, 286, 

Oebobn, Capt. SoERAHii, xjr. ; Ob tba 
ExplnraliuQ of the NoRrQ Pdlab 
Bboioh, iA. 279. 

, referred to, 

nxi. 2; iiiv. 92, 94, 12!t. 134— in 
connection witli North Polar Explo- 
ration, M7. 

OsH, Centra] Asia, xixviii. 432. 

O'SBANAMir River, East Australia, 
xxxiii, W7, 90, 97, 128— explored, 91. 

Oemu, ailk district of, Japan, si. 340. 

Obhokwas, Eastern Tnrlristttn, ib. 79. 

Ohhuh, Hiver, West Africa, xxxiii. 216. 

OsoRNO, Moant, Oliill, xxxiv. 207, 2U8, 


Expedition to tbe 
CouNTBY in 1867 (translated from 
the Rnssian and comiiiuiiiualed by 
Mr. E. Delhar Morgan), iA. 250. 
OgT:;TA River, Oontral America, xxxii. 



, New Zbaland, Expedition to 

the West Coeat of. By Dr. Jab. 

IIectoi!, xxriv. 96. 
, Siitvey of Lake Distrioia. By 

James MaiveaBow, Esq., ib. 56. 
Otakdo Conntrr, Western Equatorial 

Africa, xixvi." 67, ee. 
Ote, Pangong Lake, xxxvii. 349, 351- 

353, 35S, 3t)0. 
Othrth, Mount, xixix. 284. 
Otira River, New Zealand, xsxvii. 

329, 332. 
OTJlMBBNauB, Walvisch Bay, Kxxvi. 

Otrak, town of, Central Asia, xxxTiii 

Odjelly, King of Od^, West Afiioo, 

iith, ) 

i. 216. 

OcBET River, North-Eaat Africa, 

Odroa, Urgft, capital of Mongolia, 

xxxiii. 177; si. 396. 
OcBiANUA, Kirghiiain-Ala-taij, Central 

Asia, ib. 375. 
River, Central Aaia, ii, 350, 

351, 389— Eastern, 3S4. 
OcRD, or Limpupa River, Soiith-Enst 

Africa, ixxii. 65, 66. See also Lim- 

OuTTiT for ai 


iv. 273. 


OuzuH Agafoh Hiver, Central Aaia, 

Jtuii. a 14. 
OvALiu, Island of, Fiji, xttjj . 43, 44, 

57, 60. Gi. 
OvENOA River, Western Eqnalorial 

Africa, xixri. 65. 
Otiqdi BirtT, WcHtem Equatorial 

AMca, •'•. 6G. 
OwAJiK Piaiti, Turkey in Asia, Ksxviii. 

32S, 326, 335-337. 
OWBKA, New ZcBland, xxxii. 302. 
OWEH, Captain, referred to, ib. 335. 
. ProfesBor, referred to, iixi, 262 ; 

i. 281 . 

i. 124. 

Oxua, Hiver (Amu-Daria), ixavi. 249, 
250, 261-263, 207; xssviii. 429, 
435, 439, 450; xl. 102, 391, 393. 

— , sources of the, il. 122, 123, 

- Greet, North Australia, 1 

Pa Luen (Pbbb), Paneong Lata Dis- 

triot, Ladakh, xxxviL 359. 
Pablo-bauba liiTur, Bouroa of the, 

in Pern, on the Bolivian ftonlier, 

"Paoaya ■' (Pnrfts) River, South 
Amerloa, xixvi. lOG. 

Pachacraca Kiver, Peru, xixviti. 414. 

Paohadjjoa, Hiver, Ecuador, xxii. 

Paohkoo, General, Expedition of, re- 
ferred lo. isxi. 205. 

Paohim River, Siam, xxiv. 74. 

Paobine Biver, Central . 

(. 10, 11. 

Paoia BiTBr, Brazil, is 
Padihc GnlE Stream, x 

OoMiH, communication batweel 

tba, nnd the Amazon, xxxi. 175. 

— , tropiial forest ir 
extending to the shores 0: 

Pack, Lienlenaot, referred tn, xxilv. 

PA0KH0HBE9, mode of equipping. In 

AiistraliB, xxxiii. 121). 
Padan-Abah, Syria, xsxiL 76, 77, 89, 

100, 87 [note]. 

See Beki 

Paddock Qill, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

Padeb Zhur, f r West BayofOrmara, 

BeluobiHtan, xxxiii. 19S, 200. 
Padlv, or BWuet bean of Auatralio, 

xsxii. 493. 
Pa-ee-loo Sliyoung Bivei, Burma, 

.■6. 172. 
Paez, Patlier Franciam, labonrs daring 

hia icEideDce iu Abyaeinia, xxxviii. 

Paoan. Borma, xsxv. 80. 
Paob, Captain, l!,s.s,, referred to, 

KxxiT. 236-228, 233, 238, 240. 

hydrograuhi'-ot de- 

Sound, Vancouver Island, xxxiv. 

Pagoh Tribe, Indo-China, sxxii, 169, 

Paimoh. Ponunfttigchu River, Tibet, 

xxxviii. 215. 
Paipoib Gate, Chili, xxxi. 159. 

^ Valley, Chili, rt. 157. 

Patca in Madi, East Central Afriea, 

xxxiii. 332,833; xxxv.8. 
Paieley Ponds, South Aiutrolia, ttv] . 

pAiwAH Kotliul (Pose), Afghanistan, 

ixxii. SOS, 306, 310. 

-, town of, Afghatjialan, ft. 310. 

Fajodzi, Biver ^uubWi, xxxi. 259. 
Pakahpikoa Cataract, on the Ruo, 

bmneh i:f the Shii^ River, East 

Africa, iixL 270. 
Paklaii, Mekong Biver, Cambodia, 

xsxii. 160, 161. 
Pal, Nyok Tbo (Lake), Chinese Tibet, 

xsxvii. .149, 352^354. 356-358 
Palasa, EpiruB, xxxix. 278. 
Palavcb, Bowany River, Madras 

Presidency, xxxvi 193. 
Pal-coo B-A-QANm«, South Australia, 

xxxiii. 23, 29. 
Paleno Biver, Cambodia, xxxv. 76, 

Palebuo Point, Epiius, xxxix. 277, 

Palestinb, Norlhero, See Wortobef, 




pointa on Ihe route aa oompnted by 
Liuuteimnt H. Bpeneer PblaiBr, b.e. ; 
Table of DiBtances ; etiLira distance 
from Queen borough to Pountain, 
216'4HmUea. 236. 
, referred to, 

Fai«hat, Bonth of the KeilgherrieB, 

xxivi. 183, 184. 
Falgbavb, sir. W. Gifford, referred to, 

and Residence in Central and Ejuteru 
Arabia, ' xxiv. p. clxxsiii. 

, ObBerrations 

made in Cemtrai, EAiiTEiur, ami 
SocTHBBN Arabia during a Joume; 
Ihrongh tl.atCDatitry in 18G2 and 1S63, 
zxziv. 1 1 1— ennmeration of diatricla 
Tisited ; ubserrations on the gengra- 
phical onlline of the Aiabiaa Petiin- 
Bula, 112 — remarks on the Desert, 
113-tlie "Nefood," 116—" Dalma," 
or Great Southern Desert, 117— tlie 
Bedouin tiibea of tlie destrt. 121- 
the Central Dislricls of Arabia, 123 
— Knseem, its pupulation, natural le- 
Bourcoa, 4e., 126, 127— Toweyk Pia- 
teao, 128— Nejdean towns, 131-the 
horses of Nejed, 133 — Wadi Dowasir, 
I3i — inhabitants of Najed, 135 — 
fiiad, the capital of Nejed and the 
Wahiabeo empire, 136 — the pro- 
vincea; Hasa, 137— -vegelation, 138 
— tlie ieland of Babreyn, 141 — the 
island of Moharrek, 143^Eater pio- 
■vinoe, 144 — 'Oman province, 146 — 
Maskat, 148— Bohar. H9— Dahinih 
province, 150 — climate of 'Oman, 152. 
-, testimonial 

awarded tc 


, village of, North China, 

Fallmeb, CapUin, referred to, xixviii, 

Palm Island, North -East Coast of Ana- 
tralin, xxjiv. 200, 2U8. 

Faluas Settlement, Brazil, ixxii. 141. 

Faluer, J. LiHTOH, Esq ; a Visit to 
Easi-eb Island, or RaVa Ndi, in 
1868, il. 167. 

, Lisutenant H. Bpenceb, ft.E. ; 

Remarks upon the Geogruphy aod 
Katnral Capabilities of ubltish Co- 
lumbia, and Uie Condition of its 
principal Gold-Gelds, xxsiv. 171. 

, Lieutenant H. Spencbb, b.k. ; 

itepotton tbd Haoblson aiidLiLLOiiT 
Boate, from the Junction ot the 
Fbabeb and Habbibon Rivera to 
tLe Jmictiun of the Fbaseb and. 
Katosch riv^a, nitli Notes on the 
country beyond, as far as Fottniaih, 
isnL. 224— T^.ble sliowing the Aa- 
tronomical FoBltions of important 

PALMBtiSTOK, Tisoount, Obit. Notice, 

Palmyba, xxxii. 79. 

Palomping, town of, Cambodift, ib, 143. 
Paloba River, Quitonian Andes, xxii. 

Palten's Creek, Qneenaland, usii. 

PAuAMORoo,DarlingRiver,New Soulh 

Wales, W. Wright's Diary dated 

from, jiiii. 507 rt seq. 
Pamasas, Tribe on the Ituxj Biver, 

Briizil, xKxvi. 96. 
FAuBtT Plateau, height of the, ib. 271 

FAUcaALAU, GhlingQlienmo YoIIey, 

Pakib, MS. narrj.tive of 
travels in the, ixsvi. p. tlsii. 

lake-Byslem, drainage of tlio, 

il. 94, 

, the. Central Asia, xiivi. 249, 

252, 354, 260, 261 : si. 51, 90, 101, 
102, 111, 125— configuration of, 122 
— mountain system of, 127. 

Range, Central Asia, ib. 112. 

, the, and tlie Sources of the 

Amu-Dahia. By M. VEHirKor, 

i. 24S. 

L 127. 

Pampa of Chuani, Peru, xmiL 126. 
Faupab River, Peru, mviii. 414. 
Pah, Temple of, Hennon, sxiii, 101. 
Panaii Knot, Mountain, ^do-Chiua, 

lb. 151. 
Panama, xxiv. 143, 146, 147. 

, Isthmus of, it. 142, I4a 

Panbaeba Creek, Bouth Australia, 

ssiia. 40. 
Panda Mabiia (Copper Mnunluln), Eant 

bank of the Zambesi River, xxxi. 

257, 258. 
Pandasan River, Borneo, ixiii, 224. 
Pandj River, Central Asia, xiiyi. 279. 
Pando Creek, Soutli Atutialia, uxiii. 




Hope, Lake, Sooth AiistiolU, 

Lake. Tibet, iixri. 157. 167 : 
i. 344 et ifq. — cliange nf levtl 
8; beigbt of, zxxix. 1S9 ; xl. 

District of IiAdaeh, 

~ Notes on the. By Capt. H. H. 

GcMiwm-AcKTEN, iKxvii. 343. 
Hill Survey Station, Pangong 

Lake, xxxvii. 346. 
Panihie, village of, Niobra Biver, 

Ladakb, ib. 19. 
PwjOM SoK, Cambodia, iiiv. 74, 75. 
PsNTBB, Mr. P. K., CommaTnlec of 

Eipeditioii to North- Weet AuHlralia, 

A. 268 [nolo]. 
PANTTa-wL-BLACQiB, BodUi Angtralla, 

xxiiU. 38. 
Pao-nqan, North China, iixiii. 169. 
PAo-TiNO-Fn, CbiMi Provinoe, North 

China, ssivii. 252, 258, 264, 2H7. 
Papahaoa Hill, New Ztulaud, ixxii, 

Paparoha Bange. New Zealand, xxxii. 


lufactiire of, in Japan, 

PiPKB-STLBKBRT {Broassnnclia) on 

te£aete^ Islund, South Pacifie Ooean, 
il. 171. 
WUA, ixxviiL 382, 386, 387, 390, 393. 
Onen. New Gainea. isiii. 130. 
Talanjong, New Giiiuoa, id. 131. 

^AFDAN Race, isliiuds inbubitod by 

tlie, i< 


Paba, Brazil, : 


B8, 04,122: xl. 

- Province, Brazil, xixiL 274. 
Pabaquay, ixxiL 140. 
Kiver, South America, 

xixii. 137, 138, 269, 270, 278. 
Paeialubi. Creek, Eiiinasleigh Kiver, 

Qaeen^^land, zxxvi. 23. 
"Pabamo" the, or pastnre-groQlld of 

the Andes, xxii. 166. 
"Paramos dePillaro"Hange, Ecuador, 

lii. 137 et 


Fabana Province, Bi-azil, i 

Province of tlie. By the Hon. H. P. 
VauEKXB, H.M.'n Conuul at Bio 
Grande do Sul, i*. 1.^7. 

River, South America, ft. 137, 

138, 140. 141 ; iixiy. 227, 230. 235. 

pABANAGUA, jHirt of. Drazil. xxxii. 139. 
— -, town of, Bnwil, it. 137, 

138, 140, 142. 
PARAHA-uinui de Cimunia, Brazil, il. 

419, 420, 427. 

Eivtr, Brazil, ixxii. 

137, 1 

.8, 141. 

Pabana-itxvna, Biver, afflaent of the 
River PurfiH, xxxvi. 89, 92, 11*. 

Pabanaby River, Brazi!, xl. 421. 

Pardclli. South Australia, xxxiii. 27. 

Pare Range, East Africa, xxxiv. 2; 
iixv, 18. 

i. 272. 

Pabqa, pari, Epirue. xxiii. 282. 

Paki, Caucaana. ib. 68, 71. 

Parish, Sir Woodbine, his work ' On 

the Provinces of the Bin da la Plata' 

quolad. xxxiL 138 [note]. 

□icoted by, with Introductory NoW 
and Bapph'mentary Observations 
(' Cox'a Kxpedition aoross the South- 
ern Andes of Ciiili "), xxxiv. 206. 

, quoted on tha 

Province of Conlova, La Plata, A. 

206, 225, 226, 228. 238, 239 [note]. 
Pabkeb, Captain (the late), referred to, 

iiii. 271. 

, J. W., OI)it. Notice, >b. p. oxxx. 

Parry Hilts, South Australia, ib, 81. 
Islands, Arctic Ocean, xxxv. 

92, D3, 90, 99. 
, Sir Eklward, Esquiraaus ra- 

matns found by, xxxv. 98. 
■ , point reached 

by, in bis IxHtt expedition from Spiti- 

hergeu la 1827. 
, referred to, xxxt. 

133, 135. 
Springs, Soalh Australia, xiiL 

87 ei seq. 
Pabbt'h Island, Bpitzbergen, xxxix. 



ixi, 24. 

Hroviiioe, Peru, xixviii. 414. 
pARVADE<£a Mouutaiiis, Turkey In Asia, 

si. 464, 407. 
Pasajk River, La Plata, xxxiv. 235, 
Paschink Eiver, Central Amenctt, 

xxxii. S37. 
Pasley, General Sir Oias. W., e.c.b., 

Obit. Notiee, xxxi. p. cixx. 

Ponds, South Anstralia, i6. 70. 

Paso de Vinal, Salado Valley, Lb 

Plata, iiiir. 228. 



Passes bt tobh the Karalioram and Kaon 
Lun Rangfa inlo EaBterii Turtifltun, 
xl. 1C3. 

170, I 

■, Vnlley of tlie, Ecuador, il. 

Pabui Blacso, speciea of graea railed, 
fuund nn the plateau of the Middle 
Cordillfrns, Andts, ib. IHI. 

, New Granada, xxuvi. 115. 

pABTtBB Hill, New Ztalaud, xxiiv. 

two Maps of. By Mr. H, L. Joneb, 

uxi. 204. 
FiTATK River, Ecuador, xxii. 1G5, 

169, 170, 178. 

, town of, EcTiador, ih. 16S. 

PiTBS-TAPuaoHM, ruins of, Cambodia, 

pATKHBOS, Wm., referred to, xxsviii. 

Patience Cteeli, Queennland, xiiiii. 

Patigobbk, CaucaauB, xxxix. 71. 
Fatdiik Fiver, Central America, six ii. 

256, 258. 
Patos, Bio de, tributary of tbe River 

PurQs, South America, sxsvi. 107. 
PiTMicK Cre*t, Queensland, xxxiil. 

134, 135. 
PATtilKSfioBD, loeland, il. 447. 
pA-TiNU (-BWi) Hapiii, Yaug-tBze Eiser, 

PArcABTAMBO, foreata of. Province of 

Caravaya, Pern, xxxi. 203. 

, regioo of, ft. 195. 

aystera of the affluents 

of.the Biver Purds, disooTered by 

tlie Spanish cocquerorB, ib, 191. 
, TnUey of, Southern 

Ppro, ft. 191, 192, 203. 
Paukoh River, Kashmir, ib. 26, 27. 
pAtTHlKa, M. : his vrnrlt on Marco 

Polo and Mcditeval Travellers in 

Cbina, xxxvi. ]i. ris. 
PAOYNtB Biver, tributary of the Kiver 

l^irllB, ib. 87, 96, 98, 9ti, 104, 114. 
Payillon Ciwt, or Biver, British 

Columbia, xxxl. 219; sxxiv. 1S4. 

Pi\iLLOS Lake, British Calumbia, 

Txxi. 217.218. 
Paiton, Mr, Hy. P., refeired to, xxxli. 

Paya Indians, Central Ameiico, ft 

25S ; xxsviii. 73. 
Kiver, tributary of the Riv<r 

Tuyra, Central America, ft. 72, 81, 

83, 85. 
, village of. Central America, ib. 

94, 05, 98. 
Peabody, George, Obit. Notice, xl. 

193: X 

r, Briliah Colmnbia, 
i. 127. 

South Anttralia, ixii. 77, 

KU, 95, 101, 102,114, 144. 
Pearl Fishery iu Persiuu Gulf, xxxiv. 

142, 153, 
- — — Key Lagoon, Central America, 

ixxii. 243, 244, 248, 230, 259. 

Market of Bagdad, ssiiv. 142. 

Feabsb Plain, Vancouver Island, sixU. 

~ , Eev. Horatio, referred to, ft. 

Pkarbon, Lake, New Zealand, xxxvii. 

Peat; in Mnni^hurla, xxsix. 13. 
FacHAiiURBi Province, Siam, xxxi. 303 ; 

xxxii. 149, 15t. 
Eiver, Siam, siii. 308- 

, town of, on the wcBtern 

shnre ot the Golf of Siam, ft. 302, 

309, 312 el seq. 
Pechiu. See PeichMi. 
PECmNOBA, volranio mountain c(, 

Ecuador, xxii. 1S4 185. 
Peel Inlet, or Bound, Arctic Beg^ona, 

ib. a, 6, 11. 
Peeruede, Travancore, xxxvi. 185, 

Pekbpittta, Indus Valley, xxivii. 

Peou, Burma, xxiii. 164, 197, 204, 

and Avft, ruins of, reftrrett to, 

ssYv. 75. 
— -, Piovince of; Burma, ixxii. 185, 

13tl, 191. 
Pbh-kiano, or North Eiver, Kwang- 

tung, China, ixxviii. 58 
Peh-tanq Biier, North Gbina, xxxiii. 

, village of. North China, 

xxxvii. 245. 
Feichihlt {fiIso written Pbuhili, 

PKCinU. PtTCHELl), «niMt of Gulf 

of. North China, xxxiii, 163. 

PnoBiHLi, Giilf of. North Chinn, 
ii. 244,^55; 

1; iL3. 
Fii-HO, titer at North Cbinn, iiiiii. 

IS3, lfl9— valley, 1G3 [ uxvL 131 ; 

xixriL 242, 243 ; il. 1, 19. 
Pm-ko, North China, snri!. 267. 
Pm-Ko-Ho, river of North China, ik 
PEiaHAUBE, Central Asia, xL 458. 
Diatrict, Zarafahan Vallty, 

Central Asia, ili, 454. 
Wheat-fielde, Central Asia, 

ib. 456. 
FEi..eHui Creek, YaDg-tsze-kiang, xxxii. 

pBSMa, sstL 367: isiii. 23, 27 r 

isiiii. 168: MIT.21,'J,2I8: uxvii. 

213. 240, 241, 247, 252, 253-2K1 ; 

isniiL 64 ; xsxis. 1, 7, il, 18. 
■ — ■ — , olwra Bt, xxivi HI, 142. 

Bunual range of lempurature 


i, 395. 


i, 136. 

— , execntion-groand in, ib. 139. 
— , EHtea of, ft. 135. 
— , general poBition of, I'i. 131. 
—. general atate and condition of, 

— , historical note of, ib. 128 eJ seij. 
— , Jounioy from, to St. Peterb- 
Q.aoroBatbe DESEUTuf GuBL By 
L Grant, Eaq., xsxiii. leT. 

H , Notes of a Journey in the 

i^brUk-'WeBt Neighbourliood uf. lly 
Jones Laufbbt, Esq.. xxxvlL 239. 

, Notta on, and ita Neiyhbonr- 

hoad. By W. LocKHABT, Esq., sssvi. 
■ — , public offices of Government, 

Pekkaheej Vulley, Turkey in AeSu, 

Pelican Luhea, Qneenaland. \xxv. 209. 
Peuleo, Eeuiuior, xxxi. 171. 
Pellulah, or Lepuliila fiiver, South- 

Kaat Africa, xuii. 66. 
Pbllt, Lieut.-CaloDi^l (now Sir) Lewis, 
. Acting Political Resilient, Pereinn 
[ Gulf; Visit to LmaAH, Eishh, and 
UNDER Abbass (coinniuiiicateil by 
le Govcrmucut of Bombay), xxxiv. 

Yisit to the Wahabee Capital Cek- 
^oJlI. Arabia, xxxr. I(j9— Notes on 
icutuia qutstiona relative to the la- 

t«rinr of Arabia. cli^'USS' d bcfoie tho 
Boyal Geographical Sooicty, li 

the Selabah or Behiib tribe, 

Pelly, Lieut.-Colonel (now Sir) Lewis; 
On the IsluQiI of Mahi, Peychelles, 
ssiv. 231— numlter of i»lauda in the 
gmnp; derivation of name: eound' 
ings, 231 — letund of Miihi ; products ; 
olimnte ; coco-du-incr, said to be the 
loftioat and longeel-lived of tlie palm 
lube, only indigenouB in Prmtlin 
lahrad, 232— cenBiiB ; Port Victoria, 
chief town of Hahi. 233— comiiiei 
governmirnt. 234 — aurrenoy ; laboor 
235— great huiricune, 236. 

— ■ - Kiver, AlBska. nxriii. 233. 

Feubebton, town of. British Cotnmbia, 
sui. 231, 2112. 244, 243, 301. 

" " ■ North-West Coart 

of Australia, xj 
Feubertos'b ■Geuernl Collection of 1 

Voyages and Travi-la ' referred to, A. j 

109. ' 

PEMBnOKE Penk, New Zealand, i 

100, 103. 
Penanq. Island of, Stmitu of Malacca, J 

ill, on acoonnt of roii oval of jungli 
from the hill summits, ixiv. 122, 

PENANANOCHV BlTCF, tributary of thfl 

Brahmapntra, xxxviii. 134, 135, 116,' 

164,213,214, 317. 
Penet, Dr., referred to, ixxvii. 208. 
Penoatabban Bivcr, Borneo, xzxil. 

Peninscla Hill, Now Zealand, ixxiv. 

58, Gl, 67. 
of Sinai. Notes on thn Map 

of the. BytbeRev.F.W.HoLLAHB, 

Rev. F. W. HoLtANB, m.a, ib. 
Penokok River, Borneo, xxxii. 224. 
Penomvein, town of, Mekong Kiver, 

:iixvii. 308 et seg. 
FissEiaA, Gondii) Gaetano, trading 

missions ^ent from Tette to Cazenibe 

by, i':. 198. 
, Manoel Gnetnno, his joumty J 

fmm Tette to Cazembe in 176^ [ 

referred to, ib. 198, 199. 
Pehese Biver, Peru, xisviii. 429— trl- | 

bnlariesof Ihe, 428. 
Frriodhiii, South Amtralia, zxiiii. J 


Fbrihcico, Lake of. Chili, xxxiv. 224. ' 
Fei ON Islands, North Auhlraiia, iixvi. I 

23C, 237. 



Pbbrt, Commodore, refetred to, sxxir. 

10, 12. 
, Mr. Gerald, rererred to, isiv. 


River, East Auatraliti, ixxiii. 


Pkrrtadr Kiver, Madraa Presidency, 

uxtL 183, 18.T-187, 193. 
PBHSETOiJa, Ruing of, Persin, ixxi. 61. 
Persia, Khobabsan, and ApanAMisTAK, 

Notes in. B; Captain Claudi 

Clere, Si, S7. 
, Nolee □□ Easterk, and Wk8T- 

BBH BBLComsTAN. By Cdlonet (nov 

Maj.-Genpifll 8ir) P. J. Goldbbu), 

Pehsiah Qovenuneiit rcIeiTed to, sxxi. 

~ Gulf, ib. 64— XXIV. 170, 171, 

179, 180, 1B6. 

tobacoo, xxxii. 79. 

Periian, H.M.S., rofened to, xni. 283. 
Peeth, Westeni Anstralia, ib. 372, 426. 
Pebu, advice b) intending travellenj in, 

xzxviii. 420, 421. 
, elevation at vrbich maize is 

growu ill, xxxii. 566. 
, flora of prls of, xxxTii, 120, 125, 

XXIV. 75. 

, On the Rivers Sas Gavan and 

Ayapata, in tlie Province of Caua- 
VATA. By Professor Amtonjo Eai- 

HOKDI, XIIYii. 116. 

, SouTHEEN, the Province of Caba- 

VAYA, Bv C. B. Marsham, Esq., 

mi. 190. 
Peruvian Qovcmment, expedition 

bt tbe region of the Madre de Dioe, 

aided bj the, ft. 192. 
independence, declaration 

of, ift. 
Feshah Mountain, Tien Shan Range, 

Central Asia, xl 895. 
Pebhawor, city of, Punjab, xxxii. 303, 

307,308: ixxvi. 249, 266. 

VflLey, Punjab, xxxiL 307. 

Pbtano. 8bb Feh-timg. 
Petobeli. See FeicUikli. 

t-BoTTE, Qc eenaland , xxxviii . 374. 
Peteb- THE -Great (Victoria) Bay, 

Bustjian Mancbuiia, xxxviL 218. 
pKTEituANN, Dr. Augustus, Medal 

lited on subject of 

Petebmahh, Dr. AnguBtus, referred to, 
~ Mount, New Zealand 

Pbtbhses, EtqniuiBus interpreter, re- 
ferred to, xxxi. 2 et aeg. 

Pethehick, Jolin, Eaq., late H.B.H. 
Consul, Soudan ; Land Journey West- 
■warJ of tlie Whitb Nile, from Abo 


Tables : — Obacrvations computed 
by Mr. E. Duokin, Gieenwicli Ob- 
servatflryr separate results fur longi- 
tude, 298— final result of obierva- 
lioTis, giving approximate positions 
of places, nitli tempera tare and 
heights, 300. 

, referred to, ib. 8; 

xxxvii. 208, 209. 

, Mia., referred to.xixv. 290, 


Petris, town of, Siam, iixvii. 398, 

Petbohub River, Chili, 

Pbtbuleom Weill 

' Yablona 

'. 209, 

ormosa, ib. 17. 
[, Kamtscbatka, 


Siberia, x 

PETSHiKTjPAn, Lake, Labrador, xsiiv. 

Petty Harbour, Labrador, ixxviii. 264, 

Pe-tu-NA {.'tniea, Siug-cbung), city of, 
Wanehnria, xixii. 18, 21, 2i— de- 
scribed, 28. 

Pbtrtek Kuzioa, produce in, Turkey in 
Asia, xiivlU. 342. 

, town ol Murad-sn, Turkey 

in Asia, ib. 845. 

Pha Kok Sai, forest in Siam, iixvii. 

PuANARl, Port, EpiniB, isxii. 282, 
PsARi, village of, close to CliumulBri 

Peak, Hianalaja Monotains, xxiviii, 

Phaepab River, Syria, xxxii. 7G, 77, 80. 
Phayhe, Colonel (now General), re- 

Philadelphia, 1*6. BO."). 

Philiffi, Dr. ; his eiploiatiouB in 

Cliili, xl. p. olxx. 
Pitn-iFPiNE Islands, iixii. 127; ixiiii. 

224, 225, 227, 229, 232, 233, 
PntLLiMOBE, Jubn Geo., Obii Notiie, 

THiLLiPa Creek, AoBtralio, named b; 
M'Douall Stuart after Jno. PhillipB 
uf Eanyakft, ixii. 130. 

— Hount.Wcst Aiutralio, 

JPrntfAr, Rnins at, Siai 
IPhixaib, Binm, xixii. 161. 
ZPhob, For, or Poori, Belurhistan, 

ixiiii. 187, 18B. 
Thutooraphy for Tkaveli.erh and 
TorBiHTH, byProfessotW. Poi^,r.n.a., 
iiiiv. 233. 
ZpHkA-tMKoai Vat, Dear Siemrab, Cam- 
bodia, iiiv. 73. 
Z»iiBi.^iii.BONO, city of, Siam. xiivii. 

, Provioce of, Siam, ib. 

IVHONOttouKQ Tillage, Biabmapatra 

Eiver, siiviii. 163. 
^^Phd-Qcdo, or Eoh-Tron taland, Gulf of 

SUiD, ixxii. 150. 
-Vbvbbook Bay, Fangong Lake, xixvjL 

347, 349. 
ZM-BTSiOAL Changes nf the KaTtWa Sur- 
faofj, cnroiBiriBon of fni-iner and pro- 

Gengraphj and Climate of 

Natal. By Dr. R. J. Mann, nivii. 

PiSa-pina River, Province of CatBTaya, 

Pern, xui. 203. 
Rhchahd'b or Filcbanl'a laland, New- 

founrllatid, sixiv. 265. 
PiNDC River, Ecuador, ixii 17*. 
PiNDis, Mount, xuii. 276, 284, 288, 

PlNE-TBEB {Calliiria cemicesn^ a 

valuable timber in the Glenelg 

District, N'orih-WflBl Auatralin, sxxv. 

273, 274. 
PiNQAu, Eara-an, Turkoj in Asia, 

1. MCBCHieON, E.C. 

t*lAHTKjoNB, Tibet, xixviii. 141, 145. 

PlANjAKENT. toWD of, Zamf^mu 

River, Central Aaia, xl. 449, 452, 


PiABAn Idaan People, Boroeu, xxxii. 

Picas IsUnd, Braiil, A. 139. 
PiDOHE, Island, Eastern Archipelago, 

.6. 128. 
PiB»i-i,i.*NO-CHtKQ (or Kni-fung-fu), 

rapilal of Honan, Cljinn, il. 18. 
Pi ETKRHABlTKBCBO, Natal, xxxii. .338; 

xxxix. 265. 
PiOBDN Island, New Zealand, ixiiv. 69. 
PiEE*H Creek, New Zealaiii), ib. HI. 
PiLLABO, town uf, Ecuador, xxxi. 169, 

no, 177, 178. 
Puc Captain Bedford, referred to, 

xiviii 220. 
Pinti Con: I try, North America, ixxii. 

PiNQ.KBA», Notes on the YANO-Tsza- 
KUNS, from Uaneow to. By Lieut.* 
Colonel H. A. Sahbl, Si. 1. 

, on the Yang-lsae-kiang, 

Chinr -■' ' " ■° 

:, 13, 1 

PSiPiSi Kiver, Ooravaya Province, 

Peru, ixxvii. 137. 
E^NNACLB Island, Formosa, iiiiv. 11. 
Pi NOG AN A. Tuyra River, Darien, 

xxxvui. 83, 94, 
PiNYiNYi, East Africa, xl, 308. 
Pitmeer, the sttamer, ixxiv. 196, IBS, 

199 — on Lake Nyaasa, 245. 248; 

iiiv. 154, 157. 160, 161, 169. 
PiQViBT Kiver, Brazil, xxiii. 137. 
PiQCiTiBi River, tributary of the San 

Qavan, Peru, ixivii. 129. 
Pjb Panjal, oonaidered by Colonel 

Cunning ham I- one of the worst passes 

in the Himelnya Mnuntains, xxxi. 24. 
Peaks, Kaahmir. ib. 16, 20 

— Past", 21— Range, or Mid-Hima- 
laya, 26, 27. 
PiRAFO, Brazil, xxxii. 141. 

River. Braiil, ib. 137. 

PiBGHrL Mounlain, Afghanistan, ib. 

312, 315. 
PiBmrri, mountain on west side of 

Lake Shirwa, East Africa, xxxi. 266, 
PiBA, Mount, New Zealand, xxxiv. 80, 

Pisort River, EruaJar. bat! iU origin in 

Cay am be, xxxi, IKS. 
FiEHFEE, Central Aula, xl. 350. 
PiTiTi (the Cleft), cottages called. 

Bouftdor, xxxi, 171. 
PiTNiAB, town of. Oasis of Klioreum, 

Central Abib, iixvi. 263. 



i. 284. 
Pi-TBZE-woA, Eeeport of, MaDohuriti, 

xsxii. 10, 13. 
Pitt, Mount, Einohinbroolt Island, 

QueoiiBland, iixv. 200. 
PiTTOK^ BeluchiBtBD, isiiii. 196, 197. 
PlTUK, Ladukh, ixxvii. 343. 
P:rH-FLiEs un the Junm Bivei, Brazil, 

xxiii. 299. 
Pla SiWAi, n name Riven to eevenil 

TarietiGB at fish in Cambodia, ixxvii. 

3ai— mode of curiQK, ib. 
Plains of Promise, North Austnlla, 

xixiii. 127, 131. 
Plantais, largely consumed by the 

inhabitants of Uie coast in Ecuador, 

uxi. 185. 
Plants oollected on Cayambe, Ecuador, 

Dec. 27, 1859, ft. 189, 190. 
, list of, between Bonmeanee and 

Omum, Btilnchistan, xxxiii. 212. 
met with in the neighbonrhood 

of the Qlenelg River, North-West 

Australia, siivi. 210. 
Platana, town of, Toikey in Atio, xl. 

«:9. 470. 
Flataria Bay, Epirus, xxxix. S82. 
Platb Hiver, Sontb America, xxxii. 

I. 237. 
Platjaie, Dr. Geoige, Bengal Army, 

referred to, xxxii. 110, 111. 
Flehit. tlie Downs of, East Anettalia, 

Plotkb Bay, Behriug Stniil, ixiviii. 

PoBLBTE, two brothers named, diaeo- 
Terj of gold in the CaiBvayft Pro- 
vince, Peru, by, xxxi. 193, 19*, 19(i. 

FoHeavA Lake, New Zealand, xxxii. 

PoiBT Agnilii, Guir of Uraba (Darien), 
xviii. 74, 86. 
- Blaze, Koith Australia, ixxvi. 

- Caiman, Gulf of Uraba (Dari 
Liviii. 86. 

- Dale, Kortli Australia, xi 

• de Gallo, Ceylon, xxxii. 236. 

Gantheaume, North-West Coaat 

«f Australia, xxxv. 282. 

Kaoadoni, Epirus, xxxix. 278. 

Larroy, North-West Anstrslia, 

xxxii. 415. 
Palermo, Epirus, xxxix. 277. 

Poiisoiiier, North-West Anelrn- 

PoiHT San Bias, Central America, 

Siauro, Sea of Japan, xxxvii. 


Spit, North-West Australia, 

xsiu. 417. 

Val lack, York Pen! Qaula, Queens- 
land, xxxvi. 51. 

Victory, Arctic Regions, xxxi. 


PoissoNtBB Point, North-West Austra- 
lia, xxxii. 415. 
Fo-LA-DiEN, Manchuria, xxxix. 13. 
Polar Area, advaiitaieB to be derived 

lh>m exploration of the, xxxvi. 2^0, 

Baaiu.Iist of certain expeditions 

to, and the latitude reaeljod by them, 

xxxix. 145. 
Pole, distanre to be traversed by sledge 

to rpach the, xxxvi. 290. 

, North, xxxv. 129 el se?. 

, Professor W., r.d.B. ; Photoobaphi 

forTRAVELLsea and TonBtSTB, xxxiv. 

PoLlTXA, Mount, Epirus, xxxix. 2S6. 
FoLEOH (the NolchoQ of Capt. HaiDe's 

chart), Mektan, xxxiii. 193. 
Polo, Marco, qnuted on the Pamir, 

Poi.vGAMT among the Hypuriuasof the 

Eiver Purfis, xxxvi. 97. 
PoLVRONrH Flats, Anatnilia, xxxii. 

PoLTNiA, or Open Polar Sea, x 

f. 98, 

FoKA Greek, tributary of the Claude 
Rivet, Queensland, xxxiii. 183. 

PoHtruNDA, East Africa, xxxviti. 112. 

Povotty Town, Johanna Island, East 
Coast of Afrira, xxxiv. 261 — harbour 
described, 262. 

PoHANT, Malabar Coast, xxxvi. 19G. 

Fond Bum, New Zealand, sixiv. 66, 

Pond's Bay, or Inlet, Arctic Regions, 

, Esiiui: 

. 95, 96, 

Island, Labrador, xxxviii. 26i 
River, South Africa, xxxi 
264, 263. 
Poole's Creek, East Anstralia, xxxi 

PooLWAB Eiver, xxxi. 60— Valley, 6) 
Poor Ali River, Bcluohistan, xixi 
186, 187. 

1 of, 

I looB Soont l^flB. ] 


ioov^ Soont FasB. BelnobiBtaD. ib. 1S7. 

FooBNAo, ai Poordad, luin onlled, on 

(he right bank of the Tigru, xixv. 

PopuLATios of Cwobodifl, uivii. 32 1 . 

of the dUtiictfl of North- 

Weat Borneo, mii. 230, 231. 
of the Great Andamiui, Si, 


tepeo, Central Americs, uiii. 514. 
PoBccFiNB Hiver, tributary of tlie 

Yookon, Alasko, xxsTiii. 230, 232, 

PottiA Creefc, Qneendand, xxiii. 439, 

PORONGOS, Lake, La Plata, XX x I v. 230, 

Augusta, South Amitmlia, mil. 


Blair, Aodattian Islands, ib, 115, 

118,120, 211. 

Breraei, North AustrHlin, ixxvi. 


Campbell, ADdiiman IslundB, 

rail. llfi. 119. 

Clarence, Behring Stnuf, xwviii. 

219, 223, 2SS. 

Cooper, Middle laland. New Zea- 
land, xixii. 294, 297. 

— Core wall] B, Anilamau iBlanda, 
xxslL 109, 111, 114, 117-119, 241. 

— Cnrtifl tiBn<lalwoi)d, Queenilaud, 
xxxiii. 109-111, 113, 116. 

— DeDiaon, QueenelaDd, ib. 150; 
uxr. 192eiKg. riixvi. 19;ixxviii. 
370, 374. 

Heads, QueenelaDd, 

xixv. 200, 

to Capb Yobk, An Over- 

laod Expedition from, under Messrs. 
F.andA. Jardine. ByMr.RiCHABiv 
BON, Surveyor to the Expedition, 

— iJouglaB, Britiih Columbia, ssai. 
219, 220, 229. 245-247, 299, 300. 

Hill, British Colombia, 

xxxL 231 [note]. 
EamngtoQ, North Auatralia, xuvi. 

23a; saiTiii. 371, 373, 371,377,403, 

4Mk— tsnperatuTe at, 39G. 

MSTi. 204. 

Port Hinchinbrook. Nocth-EaBt Aiu- 

tmlia, XXXV. 191 et acq. 
Jai'fcaoD, New South Wnlea, ib. 

Kennedy, Arotio Aineriea, xzxL 

4, 13. 
Kinnaird, Island of Ovalan, Fiji, 

ixxii. 44, 57. 

Laiaref, Core», xxxvii. 214. 

Leopold, Arotio RegionB, xsxi. 3. 

Level), Madagasonr, xxxvii. 109. 

Lilloet, British Columbia, xxxl. 

219, 302. 

Lincoln, Aastralin, A. 70. 

Louis, Mauritius, xxxvi. 52. 

Lnquez, Madagascar, xxivii. 109, 

113, 111. 

Mackar. Queensland, xiztL 19. 

May, BusDian Manchuria, xxxiz, 

Mouat, Andaman Islands, xxxii, 

— - Mount, Belnchistan, xxxiii. 187< 

NaUl, xxxii. 337, 339. 

■ ■ Palermo, Epinia, xiiix. 278. 

Parga, Epiros. «. 282. 

• Palcrson, North Australia, xxxti. 

Pcmlxirton, British Columbia, 

xixi. 218, 219, 231, 299, 300. 

Phanari, Epirus, xxxix. 282. 

St. John, Epirus, i6. 282. 

St. Jnan, Vancouver laland, xxxi. 

San Antonio, South America, i'4. 

Smith, North Australia, xixvi. 


Union, South Amorica, xxxi. 204, 

Vioforia, Island of Mahi, Sey- 
chelles, ixiv. 232-234, 236. 
William, How Zealand, xxxii'. 97, 

Wladiniir, Gulf of Tortory, ixxyii. 

PoRTKOoa Creek, Queensland, xxxiii. 

PoBTES, Bev. J. L., his ' Five Years in 

Damascus ' referred to, xxxii. 77. 

his ' Bibliotheoa 



Sacra ' leferre* 
Pass, Mount Torlesse Kange, 

New Zealand, xxxvii. 831, 332. 
PoETLOOK, Major-General Joseph EUi- 

Bon, B.B., Obit. Notice, xxxiv. p. oxv, 

— hJB service* to the Ordnance Bur- 

o a 


PoBTO Velho, Bnizil, uiii. 2ii9, 270. 

PoKTiGEKO EivM, Cenlml America, 

PoHTVGuESB Archives ciamined by 
Bowdioh in reference to the know- 
ledge ol Lake SMrwa, East Africo, 
mi, 267. 


in Ihe Fifteenth, eiltfiaitlh. anil 
S8veiiteeiitli_ Centorita. By C. E. 

AbfasiniB. ib 12. 
QoveriinieDt and the Afri 

onn MiasioDB, iKxiv. 250. 
■ on the ZiimbtBi, xxsi. 2f!a 

PoBOAB, town of, Ea.-:teni Turkistan, 

xh 81 — elevation above the sea, 82. 
Fo-aHAN, cit; of, Blisntnng, Chinu, ib, 

PoasESBioN Island, CiozetGroup, Bonth 

Indian Ocian, xxxix. 93. 
PoaaiBTTB, PiiBsiette (Novi^nrodski), 

Enssian Manchuria, xsxvii. 220, 229 ; 

xiiii. 22, 32. 
PoTANiN, M., his description of Karo' 

fcnl referred to. nl. 358. 
PoTCHBTSiBOOM, TranavBal, ik 23i, 235. 
PoTTBay in Japan, suit. 290. 
PoTTiNQEH quoted OD SDOW and rainfall 

in the mounbiiDaiia portiona of AF- 

ghauiftan and BeluchisbiD, zxxvii. 



Louni; Munntains, between the 
mvera Salween and Sitang, xixii. 
164, 170, 17:-t, 211. 

Ngay stream, afflnent of 

the ^ulweeu, Bnrma, >i. 162, 183, 
20!, 206. 

Pow-BlNG (Pai>-king>, town in the in- 
terior of Hvirjan, Chinu, from ■wliieli 
cnal U conveyed lo Hankow in 
ronKhf; - made boi^ts, afterwards 
broken np and sold for tlie wood, 
it. 2. 

PoTjuia Lake, Kiangai Province, China, 
ixxii. 27: xixviii. 58, 65; il. 268, 
269, 279, 282. 

Fbaohlk, District o^ Siam, iiivii 2!i9. 

, to«n of, Biara, ib. 298, 299. 

Praibies, on the formation of, xxxix. 

of Nortl] America, ib. 126, 127. 

Prabat - Keoii, tample-monastery of 
Paten Tapbtobui, Cambodia, xxxv. 

Praslin, Island of, SeyelitlleB, ib, 231. 
232, 235. 

Pbatt'b Creek, Sunth Anstralio, iixiii. 

Pbeoiocb atones of Gleoelg District, 
North.WcBt Australia, liiv. 273. 

Pbesuiuhb and Testiiiionials awarded 
by the Society.— 1863 : gold walchea 
to MesarB. Wm. Landaborongb, Jolm 
MiKinlay, and Fredk. Walker. 
XKXiii. pp. viii. csii.— 1864: 26 
guintas to Mr. W. Gifford Palgrave, 
xxxiv. p. xi.— 1865 ; 40 gnineaa to 
Dr. A. Vamtjery, ixxv. p. cvi. — 
1866: 100 guineoa to M, P. B. du 
Cljaillu, xxxvi. p. cvi.. and a gold 
watch to Moola Abdul Hedjid, p. 
rxvi.— 1868 : a gold watch to Capt. 
T. G. Montgomerie'a Pandit, xxxviii. 
p. cixx, 

Frendeboast, Engliah artist named, 
engiiged in an unsucceaBful expedi- 
di^Qu in 1856 to the Faiicartaniho 
Valley, Caravnya Province, Peru, 
xxxi. 192. 

Fbbfabis Islam!, Bay of Bcngal,Tixii. 

Fbesuott, capital of Arizona, xxxix. 

Preservation Islet, New Zealand, 

xiiiv. 72, 98. 
Pbbito Bivec, Brazil, xxiii. 270, 275. 
Prktobia, Transvaal, xxxix. 2S5. 
Prevailiko winds iu Epirua, i6, 293. 
Previsa, town of, Epirua, xxnii. 69. 

, Straits of, xxsb;. 282, 283. 

Phevost, Captain (now Admiral), a.s., 

referred to, xxxviii. 70, 71, 
Prihrobh Springs, Eoulli Australia, 

xxxi. 90, 91. 
pRiMCB Alfred Glacier, New Zealand, 

Consort, H.R.H. the, Vice- 

Palron, Obit. Notice, xxxii. p. civ.— 

hia Bervicee to all branches of science, 

Pftlrick'a laland, Arctic Ocean, 

Regent's Inlet, Arctic Begiuns, 

Australia, i 
xxxvi, 206. 

if Walea Island, Arctic Begions, 
■ on, ssxv. 95. 
, Torres Btiaits, 


i. 49, 82. 

Fbincr of Wulea Lund, iiuularilf de- 

tenninod, xxxi. 11. 
PsiMcn'K, (owii of, Biozi], 

FniOB ttangeB, East AoatraliEk, xxxiii. 

pBrBoiLLA's Creek, North AuBlralia, 

ib. 314. 
Pbitchahd, Mr. W. T., H.M.'b Congul 

in Fiji, refeired to, xiiii. 13, 44, 

51, ST, 5S. GO. 
Pbizeb. See under Medals, 
Frooteb, Rev. L. J„ of the Zambesi 

MisBton, refcrted to, ixjtiii. 271— 

letters of, 274-27G, 
Pbojeotioh of RocTEB, Hints on. by 

StafT-Cominiiiider C. Geobqe, b.n., 

(late) CuiatiJi of Maps : 


Pi!NJ*LS, Northern, Kashmir, xxii. 36. 

Pbome. Irawady River, xl, 2&i. 

PtNMAU Glaoier. Mnstakh Bnuge, 

Pbokibr, Plains of, East Anstralitt, 

HYxiii R, HO, R9 

. old camping spot, i'-. 36, 4.'i. 

Pcsa. Department of. Pern, iicsi. 193, 

pHOBOPls Tree, best canoes marje from 

the. by the natives on tlie Bovuma 

19li; iiiriLlie. 

Photsbnko, Captain, his journey in the 
valley of the Chu River in Il{63 re- 
ferred to, xl. 350. 

PaucsEE-quE Creek Ci^on, Oregon, 
xxsii, 120. 

Ptolbmy referred to, xxii. 18. 

; hisWeelem-LakeResprvoirrf 

the Nile (Lake Tanganyika), sxxv. 

Pdbb Monntains, Belucbistan. ixxjii. 

181, 186. 
Pbbucationb, GleograpUical, niiticod. 

See Abstrttcta of Preaidential Addresses. 
PcoABUHi, Cordillera de ( Bedaloae 

Ridge), Eouador, sixi. 17i. 
PuoBO Biver, tributary of the Tuyra 

Biver, Central America, luviii. 72, 

81, 85, 05. 
Pdela, Eouador, xxxi. 171. 
Pbella Biver, Chili, xxxiv. 209-212. 
PuBBTO del Principe, Central Ameri™, 

iixviiL 70. 
Eacondido, Gulf of Uraha 

(Darien), ib. 75, 85, 86. 
PiTKAEi Lake, New Zealand, xxxir. 

PuLK-sD, Turkey in Aaia, luviii. 283, 

PuLi,BR, 0. G^ Obil. Notice, luiv. 

PuNOH-BOWL Hill, Oahn Island, Baml- 

wioh lalanda, xiiviiL 366. 
Pdnut, important eiplorationa by tho, ' 

id. p. clxxxi. See also Montgomerie. 
, Oapt. T. Q. Montgomerie's, 

gold watch awarded to, xxxviii. 

pp. cixx. clxxxii. 
Pundits, geogmpliicol Borveys of 

Bonth-Wesfem Tibet by the, xi ' 

p. clisvii. 
trained for Trana-Hiinalayait I 

(-iploration, iiiviii, 120. 
Pcn-hi-bt:, Maachnria, JUtxix. 12. 
PtKiLTci River, affluent of the Hiver , 

Ituiy, Braail, xixti. 127, 128. 
Punjab, sui. 15, 17, 22, 24-27. 
, failnie of uprings in tho, fol- 
lowing the destruction of woodti 

xsxv- 122. 

(iiied), Bzoohnon, China, 

I, Moiiot, Chili, IX 
■* PtJNTo del San Franciflco," South 

America, xxxL 158. 
Pub Ghozec, near Sch wan, Siod, xxxvil. 

PuBDrE's Poods, North Atutralla, 

PuRDON, William H., Executive En- 
gineer. Punjab ; On the Trigono 
trieal Survey and FhyBieal Cnnflijn- 
ratioo of the Valley of Kabbhib, 
xxxi. H. 

Pubs. Turkey in Asia, xxiviii. 208 
[note] SOO, 301. identified with Pom- 
pay's Nicopolis, 299. 

FuasuT Batige, Indo-China, x: 

PcaCs Biver, affluent of the Amazon, J 
xxxt 191, 195, 197,201. 203; ixxvL 1 
86 et aeq.. 119, 120-123, 125-123; ] 
xxivii. 137. 138; xxiix. i" — 
301, SOS, 3M, 307; il. 423. . , 

Ascent of the. By W. J 

Aquibt, the principal affluent of ttie. 
By W. Chandless, Esq., ih. I "' 
, sonrces ot the, x; 



(if un expedition up the, 

p. clxizvii. 
" Pdbht-i-Khar," or Ass' Ba«k, Knra- 

horam Bange, x1. 61, 66, 125-127. 
Fu^iu Village, Braldo £i>er, Tiana- 

Indus, xsxiv, 42. 
PuMETEB, town ol, Belochiatati, xxxiii. 

200, 203. 204. 
Po-TAi-HiEN, Yellow Siver, il. 8. 
"Put," diviBion of the Great Indian 

Desert,!!. 18*. 197. 
PcTiATiK (Foreytb) Island, Japan Sea, 

ixxvii. 227. 
PuTiNsEif, a BuBBiau Interpreler, re- 
ferred to in connection niih Kaldja 

and Cliaguelia]!, xs\t. 216. 
PuTTULA, independent Bikh state, xl. 

PUV-PI3I.IJN1 Biier, tributary of the 

Eivei Eaquilaya, Peru, xxxvii. 143. 
-Valley, Province of Cara- 

vaya, Pero, ib. 145. 
PuYTiC. cBTe of, Peru, xiiviii. 417. 
PcYn Biver, Kcuador, xsii. 167, 174. 
PiEABA cliincbona-pIantation,WjDaad 

Difitriot. India, ssxvi. 183, 
Ft-li Biver, Moncliaiia, xxxix. 14. 
PyooN-KiTYocsa Biver, Sitong Basin, 

xixii. 164. 
pTBAMiD, Great, ProfeBsor Piazzi 

Smyth'a work on the, xxxvii. p. cliii. 
— Hill, New Zealand, iixiv. 

Pebbhees, Buow-line of the, xxxt. 226. 

:r, British Colnmbia, 

xxii. 299. 
QuAiacHEK Diatriul, YancouTer laland, 

KlxiT. 160, 163. 
QuAxnoABaluBA Country, South-Easl 

QcANQ. Sea Knang. 

Qdabquah Biver, South Central Afrira, 
xxxiii. 252. 

QOABM Hill,Weat Mount BIytb, North 
Anstralia, sxxii. 340. 

QirATHiAUB.1, or Dtakenbergen, Natal, 
ixxT. 109 ; xxxix. 233. 

Qdatbdjo Inlet, Vanconver Island, 
xiiiv. 166, 

QuATouG, Fraser River, British Co- 
lnmbia, xxxt 241. 

EiTor, British Columbia, ib. 

QiEHBAcHo, La Plata, xxsiv. 229, 230. 
Q-uchrmias, or narrow valleys in the 

Caravaya Province, Porn, jaxviL 

116, 117. 
Qdebn Oharliitte Islands, British Co- 

lonibia, Kxxi. 213, 250, 251 ; xxxiv. 

Queensland, Exploration of the Lower 

Course of the Biver Burdekin in, 

and itB IdenttSoLtion with the Biver 

TViOKHAB. By G. K. Dalbtmpi.e, 

Esq., xxxiii. 3. 
Government, arrangementa 

made by. for farming a settlement 

QuEENSTOWN, Nflw Zealand, xxxtv, 58, 

67, HO. 
Ql'eeny Biver, Nile redon, xxiv. 297. 
QcBM-QUEM-TRnKiTer,La Plata, xxxiv. 

QuENi, Lake of, Chili, ft. 225. 
QuESNBLLE Blver, Britiali Colombin, 

xxxiv. 175, ISG, 193, 194; iixviu. 

119, 124, 125. 
Lake, BiitiBh Colnmbia, 

QuiBuo, Province of Ohoco, United 

States of Colombia, xxxviii. 94. 
QuiOHO Hiver, Peru, xxxvii. 124. 
QciOHDA lan^uagf, xxxt 67— where 

terms which occur on Guz- 
man's map of the mounlaiuB of Llnn- 
ganati, Quitonian Audes, xttj. 182- 

QuiLiMnANA, the name given on some 
maps to Vnloan de Iob Mnlatos, Qni- 
toniau Andes, ib. 167. 

QniLUABiMBA Blver, Peru, xxxvii 126, 
141, 142, 144. 

Valley, Province of 

Caravaya, Peru, ib. 145. 

QctLLlUANE, Mozambique, xxxi. 268, 
275; xxxiii. 251,274-276; xxxiv. 
196, 250. 

Biver, Mozambiqne, 

xxxiiL 251. 

QuiLOA, Kilwa, port and town of. East 
Coast of Africa, xxxvi. 245; xxKvii. 
212. See also ffiJixi. 

QrjLON, Travancore, xxxvi, 197. 

QoQiCHiLLA, Chili, xxxiv. 223. 

Qdin6i;i.o River, Sootb-Eaat Africa, 

QuiNPjE, value of, in remittent fever, 
XXXV. 159. 



, UniTerBJlj of, ib. 

Qditohian AndeB, Bprnoe'B remat 

on, xxiii. p. clxix. Scs also .'/in* 

K Qooi'' Ifilaad, Nortli Auetralui, sxi 

Babba, Kvoira or Niger River, xxxvil. 

93, 107. See also Mjar. niul A'rnrr.i. 
Badaha I.I King, Modagaaoar, xiivi. 

Badde, Herr, quottd on the Oaucuaua, 

xiiijL. 67, 08. 

Eastern Sibeiini, xiiiv. 
Bab, Dr. Jolin, h> 1 

Arctic Americ«,rai. S 
Baepoob, Oentral Frovin 

._}, 230. 
BAa<;t^ Islands, Norlh-Eaat enast of 

Labmdor, xxifiii. 276. 
B&COJ.AY River, North-Eost Africa, i'6. 

21, 27, 29, 3*. 18. Sea Sagwili. 

Bjtiem, Noith-EuBt 

Baguali Onsi^, Nortli-Eant Africa, 

mix. 209. 
— -Bivur (or Awra), Nortli-Eiitt 

Africa, ib. 201, 226, 227. 
Baba - OOTDv, North - East Africa, 

xilviii. 18, 19, 22, 25. 
Rahao River, tribntary of the Nilf, 

ApBBtiiAo, In the Htjanda Mouir- 
TAiNs, ib. 413. 

Table of Meteorological Obsejrva- 
tiooB on the banks of the Apurimao, 
near the mouth of tbe, in 
1866, p. 126. 

Table of Meteorolof.'ieal Observa- 
" > the junction of 

Baimondi, Proftaaor Astonio, Hon. 
Corr. Member r.o.b.; Oh tlie Riven 
San Gavan and Atapata, in the 
Province of Cabavava, Peru, xxxviL 
Appendix: Meteorological Tables, 

Inboura in Ihe Provinoe of Caravaya, 
Peru, ib. p. cliT. 
Bain, in EpiruB, xixix. 292. 

id snow-fall at Shigdtsee, Tibet, 
iii. 152. 
BiiNiTiLL at Albert Nyanza, xxxvL 12. 

and Temperature! in Mer- 

cara, Uoorg, Table of, xxxix. 90. 
^— atCapeComorin, xssvi. 187. i 

at Maritzbmg, Nal^ 

at Somerset, Capo YoA, 

Queen sland, xxxviil. B97, 101. 

, decrease of, from Bombay 

to Cape Comoiia, xxxvi. IS7. 

in Coorg, M^rae, xxiix. 

78, 79. 

in Bind, xssvii. 311. 

if alHocbing the, in 
- cxvi. 192. 




vi. 1. 


Railboad Pass to Camp Grant, result 
of eurvey from Colorado Butiiii, 
North America, xkxix. 113. 

— — — , pcoposed route for, between 
CaotoQ and Haukow, xxxviii. 6C, 

Raim, Syr-Daria, *. 415. 

Raihonih, Professor Antomo, Hon. 
Corr. Member R.G.B. ; His Eiplora- 
tioQS of the Andean Valleys of Con- 
. ttal Peru, ib. p. cIzxt. — his examina- 
tion of the Biver Fulperia, an 
•ffinent of the Biver Apunmac, ib. 

, Hon. 

of tho Mahanuddy Basin, 

n the coast districts of 

tvii. 62. 

1 the Ncil^bercies, xxxvi. 

on the North-Eastera Ooaat 

of Australia, xxxiii. 192. 
Bainit season <ia tho coast of Tehnan- 

iepec, Centrul America, xxxiL 542. 
Kaj Diangan Pass, nenc the &ontier of 

Kashmir, xxxiv. 56. 
Bajib, Wadi, Syria, xxxii. 91. 
Baju Frangrini, the most ancient 

Hindu history extaol, xxxi. 18. 
Baka Sangpo River, tributary of the 

Bralimaputnt, xxxtiii. 116, 151, 

Rabaia Fasa, Now Zealand, xxxiv. 88. 
Biver, New Zealand, 16.88; 

xxxvu. 328-331, 333-335; iL 437. 





Eakas Till Lake, Tibet, xxiviii. 13B, 

1+a— iieigbt of, 153. 
HAi.nKO,Nabring Luke, Tibet, 16. 13*, 

151, 212. 
Bam A, tribe of Indians, Central 

Amerira, iixii. 242, 259. 
Bavnad, Soulhpni Indi^ xnvi. 193. 
EiMOTE, North-Eost Afri.-a, xxxviii. 

14, 15. 
Bampcb, Benjjal PreBidency, ssivK.l. 
Banco or Lifen, Ptiss of, Oiili, xxiiv. 

Bamdbll, W. H. ; Ascent of tlie Mtjb- 
BAT in his Bteamer, the ifori/ Anae, 
to Maiben Point, xsxi. 1-tS [note]. 

— ; Voyage lip the Dab- 

LDiQ »nd BiBWAN, xxxi. 145. — 
Leaves jnnclion of Darling Bnd 
Murray, Feb. 2, 1859, 145— reaohes 
Nonah, or Biacks' Fiahing-grounds, 
Ftb.24; rapida at low-water; blacks' 
mode of fishing : highest point 
reacbud, about 29° 25' S. Lat., 147° 
E. Long., 146 — numerouB blacks 
above Hoant Muruhisoo, 147 — starts 
on second voyage up the Darling, 
March H ; snggestiona for improve- 
ment of (he navigation, 148. 
Bakqe HouniAina, British Colnmbin, 

ixiii. 123. 
Bahoeb'h Creek, East Aastralia, xxxiii. 

EANorrATA River, New Zealand, xsiiv. 

89, 95. 
Bano-kci.. Sea Hian-ki-i. 
BASaoON, siiii. 211, 234; iixv. 81. 
Baukike, Mount, Darling Biver, sxxiii. 

131, 132. 
Baktein'b Range, Australia, xxii. 147. 
Bapa-iti (Oparo Island), Bouth Pacific 

Ocean, xl. 167. 
Bapa-Nui (Easter Island),South Paciflo 

Ocean, "6. 
Bafidb and Palls of the Jnruens, 
Brazil, luii. 274, 275. 

on the Tapajoi Bivei, Amazons, 

ib. 278. 
Bab BusBole, Belnchigtan, xxxiii. 201, 

EL Am, Turkey in Asia, xxxviii. 

346, 348 (319, 350-352 described) 
[and notes]. 

, noticed by Ptolemy, ib. 

352 [note]. 

EL Fkkl (of Bmoe), i. e. Gellahat 

District, North-East Africa, 

il-Hadd, promontory, Arabia, 

Kixlv. 145, 147, 151, 153. 

Gberar, North- Enstero Africa, 

Ras Roocberi, Btlnchistan, xxxiiL 

187. 190, 208. 
-^ Kopph, Beluchistan, ib. 204- 

Mesandom, Persian Qnlf, xixiv. 


Mohammed, Peninsula of Sinai, 

Kixviii. 250. 

■ MoTaiee, Beluchislan, xxiiii. 

Sheid (or Shahid), Belnohistun, 


Bbemal Bunder, BelncJuatan, 

i'6. 203, 204. 

Soonie, Belu<-hiritan, ib. 201. 

eufiAfeh, Peninsula of Sinai, 

xiiviii. 256. 

Basa, village of, Hawftkil Bay, Bed 
Sea, A, 15. 

Rasheiva, Syria, xxxii. 101, 105. 

Rass, Kaseem, Arabia, xxxiv. 126. 

Babsaho Tribe, North-East Africa, 
xsxviii 14. 

Babwagabhi, Himulaya Mountains. 
xxxviii. 155. 

Rats in the Andaman Islands, iixii. 

Rattan Pir Pass and Range, Kashmir, 
XXXl 21, 24. 26, 27. 

Eatlksnake, H. M. 8., Observations 
made during the voyage of, xxxviii. 

Rattbat, Dr. ALEXAsnER, b.n.; 
Notes on tbe Pliyaica.1 Geography, 
Climate, and Capabilities of Soueb- 
SET and the Cape Yobk PiniDiSDi.A, 
Apstball*. xxxviii. 370.— Table lo 
show the Temperature of tbe Sea 
(surface) and Air, according to Lati- 
tude (Dayman— "Voyage SC SaiUe- 
snake), 388.— Table showing Annnal 
Range of Thermometer of tropical 
places (littoral and insnlar). 395. 

RAWLTsaoN, Major-General Sir Henry, 
referred to, sssv. 23, 177 ; xsivU. 
160, 164, 342. 

-^ Remarks 

by, on the Exploration of the Nobth- 
■Wbstebn FjioNTiKaa of limiA, xl. 

Raxabeba, cftpi(fll of the Province of 

Korat, Biam, xisv. 87. 
Raydit, vUlage of, Persia, sxxvii. 

Razorback, Mount, East Australia, 

ixiiii, 76. 
K'BcjnjocH La, Mostakh Range, xxiiv. 

r. 17. 

i. 273, 

ItecoBD of the FraDklin Expediiinti, 

Facsimile of the, iix[. 8. 
Redaip, renLBrkitblo ^nd - moatide 

palled, Arabia, iist, 172. 
Red Indiana, their Uat retreat in Kew- 

fouudland, xxxir, 2C4. 270. 
" Hedonda " Isktid, BritiBli Columbia, 

mi. 250. 
Bed River, Ornwii of the. North 

; where crossed bj the 

Israelites, ih. 2SS. 
Bees River. New ZealaDd, uxiv 62 — 

VBlley. m. 
Eeo*n, Persia, ii.iTii. 283. 
BEOBnyfl Iniet Arctic Sea, 
KBur-DEER, domBBtioaled, i 
BKuaiON of the Fijians, xxxU. Sli. 

' " I Knrds inhabiting 

fiii. aaa. 

the dislriot of Sassooo, Kurdiatau, 

lUT. 28, 29. 
ol'the Bflloib Tribe, Central 

Arabia, ib. 190. 
of Hie Tribes of the Rivtr 

Be HBO River, Weatem Eqoatorial 

Africa, mvL 66. 
Hkhecbb Hill, Belochiatan, uiiii, 186. 
Rehuhat, Abel, referred to, xixc. 211. 
Benhie, George, Obit. Notice, ixxvi. 

Bbhouabd, Rev. Qeorge Cecil, Obit. 

Notice, ixxvii. p. exviii, 
BensseljiXK Earbout, Arctic Bcgiona, 

isxyl 291. 
Befhidih, Peninsula of Sinai, xxi 

253, 256. 
Bepobt of miaeion to CEinilahar, 

tract fruin, giviug description of part 

of the country traversed, xi: " 

Reptiles of Manchuria, xnix, 
Refdlbb Bay, Acetic America, 
Bss, village of, Terek Vallej, CancaBos, 

xxxii. 61. 
Rbbaoa Grande, Juru^ Biver, Brazil, 

ib. 2S8. 

of, for 

a tlic Western 

BBSEBvoiHa proposed in the Distriota 
of Coorg and Wynaad, ib, 193. 

Revubcb Rivei, Zambesi Biver, sxii. 
262 ; deampsH of coal from, 263. 

Rbvuno, Diatriol nf Nialiapoor, ib. 43. 

Kbwa, Fu"i, xsxii. 48. 50, 58. 

— -, King of, ib. 43. 

Biver, Fiji, ih. 58. 

REYEa (or Junin) Lagoon, Pern, xxxviti. 

Betnold's RauKc, Central AaBtralia 
(named by M'Dnnall Stuart after the 
Hon. the Treasurer of Sonth Auatra- 
lia), iixi 112, 138, 139 ; xiiiii. 283. 

Bhages, aocieat ruins of, in Persia, 
isxi. 54. 

R HA NAT, North East Africa, xxxiii. 

Khe (the ancient Bhagie), Ruins of, in 
Persia, xxii. 38. 

Rhine, Biver, ixiv. 14. 

Rhoke, Biver, ii. 

RhubaRb-pljINT (Rhmiin rhlzosta/Jiium) , 

if ancient gi 

£■', Japaneae, length of, in English 

jardii, xl. 339. 
BiADTH, capital of Nejd, Arabia, sxsv. 

170 et seq. 
Bias- (Bang) kul. Central Aaiti. xxxvi 

2C0-262; xl. 344, 386, 391, 400. 
BiBE. Eaat Africa, xl. 315, 318, 324. 
BiBURA River, Brazil, ixxii. 140. 
Rice, cultivation of, in Biam, xxxi. 


n the Island of Formma, xxxiv, 
u the Island of Mahi, Seychelles, 

the Island of Forte. _.., 

EioHARDB, Captain (now Admiral Sir) 

George H., B.N,, referred ia, ib. 138: 

xxxvi. 283. 
HIOHARDBOS Mounlaina, New Zealand, 

Range, York Peninsula, 

Queensland. xxxvL 43. 

, Mr,, An Overland Expe- 
dition from Post Dbnison to Capb 
YoBK, under the command of MuBsra. 
F. and A. Jabdink, ib. 19. 

■, Sir JOHK; Popularity 



^^H niOBARDaOH. 

^H UiCRARDSON, Sir John, ob. ; li[a Arolic 

Bio de las ViTOraa, tributary of tlie 

^H Explonttiona, xxxvi. p. rxiiili. 

Saladn, la. Plala, ixiiv. 229. 

^H , Obit. Notice, 

lo9 Perros (Dos Biver), Central 

^^M ib. p. cxxxii. 

America. xsxiL 541. 

Tuttegaa, La Flalt, uiiv, 


^H lA. 291. 

i BiOHiE'8 Beef, Nortli-Wert Coast of 

del Giro, or Om-o. South-East 

' Aostralia, xxxii. :m. 

Africa, nxa 63, G5. 

VaUo, Ecuador, xxxi. 169. 

Asia, ixiv. 227. 

— Dulee, La Plata, xxriv. 231, 240— 

BiDBB, Hr. William, leforrwl to, ixxii. 
335, 336. 

empty beds of, 241. 

ib. 231— old bed of, 232. 

BiQACH-WANZ, Abyaeinia. SMviii. 41. 

— Prio, Central America, xixiL 259. 

HiGBr, Colonel (now Mnjor-General) 

— Gila, Arizona, North America, 

c.P.; his elaborato Report on Zanzi- 

xxsix. 97, 102, 103, 105, 112. 

bar Dominions, pablislied in the 

the, a.. 118. 

Bnnibuy Governmeat, iiiii. p. cl.iii. 
BiNOKE, Maaimik Pasa, ChaDgchemmo, 

Grande, North America, i5. lUO, 


si. 36. 

HraiHCE, Lake of, Ciiili, isiiv. 224. 

xxxi. 169. 

Eio BUneo, Ecnadoi, siii. 172. 

Colorado, North America, xxiix, 

xxxin. 95. 97-area of the baain of. 

39, 104, 105. 115, 116. 

SB, 118. 

do Bui, Province of, Brazil, 

ib. 95— area of, 96. 

ixxii. 137. 

Hondo, La Plata, xxxiv. 239. 

Mapdlo, Eonador, xxii. 172. 

Das Trepas, BraiU, xixii. 277. 

Darien, xixriii. 71-83. 

do Acriyan, Ecuador, xxxi, 171, 

Llama, 8outh America, ixii. 156. 


Mapoto (formerly called tbe Bio 

Amaloya, Central America, 

Colorado), Broad beach (PUya de 
Mapoto) at the mouth of the, ib. 

mil 5*1. 

Jattepn, Central America, ib. 


510. ' 

Morto, Brazil, xixii. 275. 

la EocarnacioD, otherwise tlie 

— Negro, Brazil, ib. 137, 142; xii»L 

Limaj Hiver. flowing from Lake 

92, 94. 

Nahnel Hnapi to the Rio Negro, 

, La Plata, xxxi. 204, 205; 

jsxiv. 206, 21S, 219. 

xxxiv. 205 ei Beq. 

la Paz, Central America, mviii. 

— - Pinto, La Plata, ib. 241. 


— Pilyn (River of mists), Ecuador, 

- — - — ■ k Plato, Sonth America, xxxiv. 

Kxxi. 175. 


San Franciflco, xixiv. 238. 

Pelies, Brazil, xixii. 271, 272. 

Juan, North America, sisis. 

Sail, La Plata, sixiv. 238. 


Tarifn, Central America, xxxii. 

Pedro, North America, ib. 105. 

^^ 541. 


^^K Tehnaotf pee. Central America, 

— SSo Jotto da Barm, Brazil, xsiiL 273. 

^m ib. 542. 

8. Manoel. Braal, ib. 273. 

^H Uloa, Ecuador, iisi. 171. 

— Saeardi, Central America, xxzviti. 

^H . — ^_ las Calnadfla, Central America, 


^H xixli. 

Seco, town of, Cordova Province, 

^M ConohaB,LaPlala,xsxiv.339. 

La Plata, iiiiv. 241. 

^H Flechas, Quitonian AuJos, 

Verde. Arizona, North Amerioi. 

^H xxxi. ISO. 

xixv. 124. 

^H Piedras, La Plata, xiLxiv. 

, Central America, xxxii. 

, Ecuador, xxxj. 168, 175, 

^^m SaiigurimaB, Ecuador, xxxi. 




Eio Vetdo GraiidB {oc Hio Verda 
Segnndo), Ecnodor, 16. 167, 172, 

friniHio, Ecuador, i*. 171. 

BiOBAHBA, town oF, Ecuador, ib, l(j4 
[uotel 165. 

RiojA, La Fliita, xKiiv. 245. 

RioN, BaBin of tlie, CnucaauB, zx:[ii. 

River, Cancasns, I'ft. 60, 6G, 67. 

■ ■ MurceB, Peaks north of the, Cau- 
casus, ib. 63. 

Valloy, CaucaauB, ib. 59, 60, 64, 


BtfOK Falls, TicCoiia Nyanza, xxxiii. 
329,330; jcixv. 8, II. 

laliind, Du Grar Eiver, Nortli- 

Weat Australia, luii. 415, 41 6. 

EiEi Guddj, Nortli-Eastorti Africa, 
jLSXix. 201, 205. 

Blfl*, Lake, Epima, ib. 280. 

EiTTKB, Carl, referred to, xxxi. 356, 
366; jnii- 94, 95; KXXv. 214, 2le, 
219, 221, 230, 231; xuvi. 249; 
iiiTiii. 348, 350. 

— Bauge, New Zealand, ixxir. 



' Asia,' referred to. 

to, xl. 


HiTEB liasiDa between the Rooky Moun- 
laina and the Sierra Nevada of Cali- 
fornia, xxxix. 96. 

bods, dry, in Cordova Province, 

La Plata, xxliv. 230. 

da la Cache, Britinh Columbia, 

iixi. 217. 

de Pontes, ttibotarj of the 

Aqairy, River Purflg.ssxvL 120, 126. 

Pragaa, tribulary of the 

Aqairy, River Purfls, ib. 122, 126. 

Hi, Central Asia, sixi, 366, 367. 

Koahkar. Sea VeaiaAof. 

Negro, La Plats, xsii. 204,205 ; 

IXliv. 205 et seq. 

Plate, South America, iixii. 

137, 138. 
, United Frovinces of the, 

ib. 137. 
XiTESA de loB Llaoganatie, Quitouian 

Andes, xxii. 179. 
XivxRa&llitiginto the lE5yk-kti](Lake), 

, Intermittent, Formation of, 

RiiALA Bivor, tributary of the River 

Purfl?. HKSvl. 105. 
Roh-al-Khaj.i, or Great Desert, Arabia, 

, Dr. R, quoted, mii. 78, 

, Lieutenant, of the Indian 

Navy, referred to, xixi. 327, S37, 
3)4, 349. 

BoBSoy, Bev. Bmylie, American Free- 
by teriiia Miseiooary, hia visit lo 
Harran referred to, xxiii. 85 [notu]. 

BOGHFOBT, Jorm; Journal of tvto V.X- 
pcditiona to tlie Wast CoaBt of the 
Middle Island of New Zealahd in 
tho ytor 1859 (communicated by Sir 
W. C. Thevblyam, Bart), ib. 294. 
First Eipedition, 294. 
Second Expedition, 299. 

Book Creek, British Columbia, xixiv. 

BocELKsaAM Bay, North-East Aas- 
traUa, xxxv. 191, 193, 196, 198, 199, 
201, 206, 210, 212; xxxvi. 382; 
xxxviiL 405, 467. 

., On tha New Setlle- 

mant in, and ndyancB of Colonization 
over NoHTB -Eastern AijarBALiA, in- 
cluiiiog Mr. G. E. Dalrymple's 
Eeport on bia Journey from Eookino- 
KAM Bat to the Vallet of Laooonb 
(Documenta forwarded by Sir G. P. 
Boweo, Governor of Queensland), 

I. 191. 

, Noctli-Eaat AuE- 
is of those composing the 

- Cliannel, Nottli-East Aub- 

- Range, North-East Aus- 

tralia, ib. 208, 
Rocky Creek, York Peninsula, Queena' 

land, sixvi. 32. 

Mount, New Zealand, xxxiv. 64. 

Mountains, North America, 

xxxi. 211 ; xxxiv. 87, 172, 176, 188, 

193; iixviii. 118,119, 121, 122,128; 

XYxii. 96, 97, 100, 103, 127. 
, "Benchea" on the 

bankfl of rivers in the, ib. 125. 
, North Americs, 

Suow-liue of the, 



BocxT HoantsinB, OAinea of pasaes in 

tlie. iliviji. 127. 
■' Springa," Ncpilh-WoBt Aub- 

tralifl, ixiy. 256, 257. 
Water-hole, North-Eaet aide 

nf M'Douall Kange, Australia, xxx.t. 

BoiiNET, Mount, on right bank afAlioe 

River, qui-eneland, xiiiiL 135. 
BoEBccE Bay, North-Weat Australia, 

Mxv. 267, S" 

i. 226. 
-, DiBlrict of, North-West 
Auitralift, olimafe, extent, paatoral 
reeotircea, and general capabilities of 
the soil, iiiv. 279 et «<?. 

■ , NiTth.Wtat AoBtTftlift, 

Aborigines of tbe District of, ib. 283 

KoHAHio, La Plata, ixii. 156 ; xixIt. 

227— ItBde between the innt-t Pto- 
vinoe and, 243. 

, on the PiBiNA, PmpoBed 

Railvay Route t'l, from Caldeba, in 
Chii,:, vii CfjBDOTA. Bj W. Whbkl- 
WHtGUT, Esq., ixxi. IS5. 
RoficBBR, Dr„ murder of, in the vicinitf 
of lube Nyaata, referred to, xxxiv. 1. 
, referred lo, i; " '"' 

, Prof. Henry, Obit. Notioe, 

mvii p. cxTiii. 
RooBT, Peter Mark, F.B.B,, ObiL Notice, 

Range, South Australia, xxxiii. 

RosKMABT Island, North-West Cnoat of 

Anatralia, xxiii. 427. 
Hotel's Drift, a current in the Coml 

Sen, North-East Australia, xxxviii. 

Ross Greek, Booth Australia, xxsi. 106, 

BoooEWQi. hia visit to Easter Island, 

South Pacific Ocean, referred to, ' 

168-170. 172, 174. 
RoHtLLA Biver, Persia, isxi. 64. 
BoHL, a district north of the Albert 

NyanzB, ksxt. 290-292, 204, 295. 
RoHLTE, Ooibard, Medal awarded to, 

Txxviii. p. cxsviiL 
RoLLEBTON, Mount, New Zealand, i1. 

EoMBKO Mines, Quitonian Andes, xixi, 

EoKDu, Muatakh Range, xxxiy. 22, 

BoNTCc, Muatakh Range, ib. 24. 
RooKE, Capt. W., ILA. ; A Boat- Voyage 

aloDg tlie Coast-Lakes of East 

Maoaoascas, xxxvi. 52. 
BoDUBRA Biver, Belucbistan, xxxiii. 

185, 202. 
Boo's-el-Djbbal, Prorince of Arabia, 

xixiv. 146, 152. 
BopBR River, North AaBtralia, xxxiii. 

302, 303, 305, 318, 321 ; xixvL 235, 
BoBEE, Indus Biver, xl. 189, 202. 
BoRiT, M. P. ; Idantificatiou of the 

Mount Toshes ufXENOFiiON(trauti- 

lat«id by T. K, Lynch, Esq.), ib. 463. 
RosABto Channel, VancoOTer Island, 

iixiv. 168. 
, Hydmgmpbical description 

- Island, Andaman Iblatida, x 


Islet, Arctic Begiuns, xixv. 133. 

, Sir James, referred to, xzxi. 11 ; 

XXXV. 88, 98 ; xxsix. 93, 94. 
, Sir JampB and Bir John, Dis- 
covery of tbe magnetic pole by, SI»T. 

, Sir John, the " Arctic Hifrh- 

laiiders," discovered by, xnvL 28ti, 
HossB, Earl of. Obit. Nolioe. xxiviii. 

p. cxxivii. 
Host AK, town of, Oman, Arabia, xiiv, 

BoTTi Island, near Timor, Eastern 

Archipelago, xssiii. 218. 219. 
BoiTNEHT Island, West Coast of Aus- 

Boi;nd Island, North-East Coast of 

Labrador, siiyiii. 265, 279. 
BocsvAiNK (Buthwaniyeh), Mecopo- 

taraia, xxivii. 179. 
Route acrosB the Isthmus of Tehunn- 

tepec, Central Amerii», xxxii. 554. 
from Abukakar Fort to Kalian, 

xxxvii. 46. 

from Aktigh lo Sli£dula,xl. 145. 

fromBida kiKano,West Aiiic«, 

xxivii. 100. 

from llchi to Kirii, S>. 41, 42. 

to Lch, via the K6x&- 

koram Fafs. if>. 32-40. 

- to Shadnlft, via the 


Rohtb from Kli:& t<i OliaFan and Lob, 

ib. 44. 
^ from the Koshbar River to the 

Tnlfts, xixii. 564. 
Trum the KutenuLlily Biver to 

Knrlta, Central Airiii, ih. 

the Son-knl, Ceatral Aiii&, ib. 564. 

from Lake Bun'ngn lo Ndira 

EWria.1 along tlie Weaterri Bank of 
the Kirer Nj^mai, Eut Africa, xl. 

[ana Leh to llolif, sxsviL 22- 

frinD Leydpnliurg (o Ihe mouth 

of the Limptipri, Bouth-Eost Africa, 

xixii. 2ti7-271. 
from Uulakxhii ki Kurgatik, 

ravii. 4S. 

lu to TuboHco, 

— to Vera Orui, 

from MomhasB to Dhaioho, East 

Africa, xl. 314-318. 
from Nyanza to Lake Baringo, 

Bast Africa, ib. 823. 
from Babristan, Snnth-Eaet of 

Einoan, lo Choubar, on the coast of 

Bclooliiatan, slirii. 28t-297. 

from flitiijii tn Kargalik, ib. 44, 

from BfRirilri to Somhurn, East 

Afriis, iL 3IS-322, 

Oentral Ameiioa, ixxii. 5A3, SSI. 

Uexioo, ib. 553. 

from TittigB to Nyanza, East 

Africa, xl. 30R-3I2. 

, -^— Ukara (Nyanza) to 

[ « Aniaha, Ea-t Africa, ib. 3J2-3U. 

~ Yarbaiid to Aksu, xxxvii. 

Mexico, %■ 


• to Badukhahao, 
- lo Kuebgar, 

~ Zilgi'a to Yuckand, x 

I 42, : 

to Antalo, ixxviii. 2G. 
of Mr. F. 0. Adams through 

the Central Silk Districts of Japan, 

xl. 843. 
EoDTB-SuBvET, Badiinath to Tolling, 

izxii. 163. 
, Barku to t^bipki, ib. 

16(1, 167. 

BoiTTK-BuBTEV, Demchofc lo Tolling, 

' ib. 163, loe. 

, DuDkbar to Tolling, ib. 

, Gartokh to Dunkhar, 

to Milam, ib. 

-, Bhipki tu Nilnng and 

1^. 170. 


Jalung, ib. 163, 164. 
BouTKB bctneen the Eaat and West 

Coaati of the Province of Canterbur j, 

New Zeahind, xxxvii. 33n. 

from Leh to Yarkand, xl. 136, 

, Hints on the Pbojbotion of, 

by Bis (T- Commander G, Gequgb, 

HovBMA, Kiver, East Central Alrica, 
xsxiii. 251, 264, 2G9, 274 : ixiiv. 
198, 250, 251 ; xxxv. 162. 164, 167. 

-—- , East Cehtkal Africa, 

Nolea of two Expeditinns up tlip. 

By John Kiek, l 

RowEYDiH, Seileyr, Arabia, xxxiv. 137. 

KowLEY, Mr., of the Zambesi Miaaiuii, 
referred lo, sxxiii. 275. 

BoTAL Society of Victoria, Extract 
from 'Proowdinge' of, giving Mr. 
Landsborongh's concluaiona as lu Iho 
results of his jonrnsj from Carpen- 
taria to Victoria, xxxiii. 127. 

Ro-iiUist, H.tLS., referred lo, xxxii. 241. 

RoTAN Biver, ti'ibutary of the Nile, 

RuBBur, Euina of. Turkey i 






BCBHIQCIB, Willielm (1252). a traTaller 

vho passed tbrough DjungoriB, 

iixv. 2li. 
Eiww, rfibat. ixsvil. 10-13, 355, 357 ; 

Rrru River, Eoat AfHcs, xx)iv. 3. 
Rrrx'TA Moiintama, Eiut Africn, 

ixxTii. 204. 
BuDia OD the banks of tlie Sji-Daria, 

i6. 94. 
RUKWA lagoon. East Afrioi 
Rvu Tbo, Cbioeae Tibet, i*. 
UvHAKOWA or Maninga Ei»e(, south 

end of Lake Tanguijika, xxzv. 4. 
BmJDC-UMTi, Ecaadar, xxxi ItiO. 
BcNDD-VMA-uRCDjOr SacliB-LJaDganBti, 

BcnodoT, if'. 168. 
BvNQVABi Bivcr, Kaabmir, ib. 38. 
RcNJEBT Singh, ib. 19. 
Bunk of Cutcli, condiliona of the 

atmOBpbcre on the, xi 186. 
, desctibed, 




Lake, placed b; Captain J. H. 

;e 111) miles nortli of Lake 
linganyikfl, xxivii. 20H, 210. 

Bivcr, north end of Lake 

Tanganyika, s^iii. 323, 324, 3 

Aleppo' quoted, xxiii. 75. 
RusatA, Keview of Geographical Work 
and Progreea uf, XKii.p. clix.; vol. 
uiii. p. cxl. ; vol. xxxiv. p. oxxxviii.; 
vol. iiKv. pp. oli., clxxxiv ; vol. xl. 

BrssuH American Fur Company, 

xxxviii. 220, 227, 234. 
authoritied referred to in Mr. 

Miolieli'a Paper on the Jaiarles or 

Syr-Daria, ib. 430. 
. ■ boundary on east coast of Aaia 

(Tum^n River), when fiied, -" 

BugUAK Djungaria, ssxi. 367. 

Factory at Knldja, ib. 370. 

Geogiaphical Society, Im- 
perial : otganiiation of an expedition 
by, for determining astroDomit^al 
points in Rueaian Djungaria, nnd on 
iHBvk-kul, iixv. 323. 

— — ~ O eographical SoolBty, Ira perial , 

referred ta. xisi. 357, 3il7. 

. — HarbouTB on the Coast of 

Makchcbca, Notes on the. By the 
Rev. W. V. Lloyd, r.n., ixsvii. 

Iflland, Peter the Great Bay, 

Russian Mancliuria, tA. 220. 

— topographical surveya in 

Ci^ntral Asia, xxsi 367. 

Topographical Department 

referred to, ib. 

— trade with Western China, 

iixu. 556. 

TurkiataD.Map of, referred to, 

BuTHVANilBll Canal, Mesopotamia, 

ixxvii. 171, 172, 179. 
Rutland laland, Andaman IsIaDds, 

xsiii. Ill, 115, 118, 119. 
EoTTDNPQOR, Central Provinces of 

India, xssv. 70 
Rtrvu River, East Africa, xl. 304. 
Bczui;k Pluin. Trans-Indus frontier of 

British India, xixii. 313, 31& 
Byak, Higlit Hev. V. W., d.d.. Bishop 

of Mauritius, Paper communioatird 

by, ixxvii. lOS. See Madagaaear. 
R'ZoHQ Lb, Mnatakh Range, xxxiv. 42. 

Sa Lam (I'ase), Fungong Lake District, 

Baanich, North, District of, YancoaTer 
Island, ixziv. 160, 162— South Dis- 
trict, Vancouver Island, ii. 160, IG2. 

Sabaxi River, East AMca, xL 315. 

Sabalb Bettlemant, West Coast of 
Africo^zTxiii. 245. 

Sauba Bivei, Narth-Eastem A&ico, 
xxiix. 204, 205, 22S. 

Sabbllon, Chili, xxxi. 155. 

Sabi Biver, South Africa, xiiix. 260- 

Sabine, General, associated wiQi Boss 
and Parry in their explorations of the 
Arctic Zone, xixvi. 292. 

.. ■— quoled, ».. 293, 294, 


SiBEiHA Land, Antfttctic Ocean, iiiii. 

Sabbdtan, Persia, ixxvii. 2S0, 2NI. 
Bacalata Tribua, Mada^ ascar, uiTi. 

Bacbafata. CaniTa7« ProTiaoe, Pern, 

invii, 145. 
Sachehtelontir, Indiati Ashing ril- 

lags on the Toukon Hiver, Aladkit, 

i. 169. 

i, 229. 



Sadsli Island, G>Mora Group, Eust 
Coast or AiriOB, xxxiv. 2G2. 

Mountain, Andanuiu lalandH, 

Saw Bin Ahedi. See Wuh-j!eld. 
Sadck Snduli, mouDtain in Bamca, 

ixiii. 21S, 224. 
Sadtx, a partisan of (he Ameer of 

Bokhara, rsfcrred to, xxXTiii. 444. 
Saeed, funndcr of the fninil; of the 

Imams o! Mnskat. xxxv. 184. 
Sabbt, Turkey in Asia, ib. 23. 
SArA, MoBDlaina of, Syria, xxxii. 92. 
SiriD Koli {RanETe), ACghanLslan, ib. 

30», 805, 310, 312. 
Safet Monntaina, Bjria, ii. 106. 

, Bjria, ib. 107. 

Saqahi, Japan, xl. 340. 
Saqo produced in lai^e qnanlitits iu 
the Island of Mjsol, New Guinea, 
xiiii. 130. 

in Now Guinea; oooonnt of its 

growth and mannfaclure, ib. 134-136. 
Baqbaix) River, Brazil, ib, 139. 
Sagcbbaf, Abyssiiiin, xxxviii. 41. 
Saodi, form of, on the frontier of 

Bolivia, sixi. 197. 
Saodn Biyer, branch of the Euphralea, 

XEdi 74. 
BAHALAK.raountain in G eorgio-.*.rmeni a, 

xxxi. 151. 

Sabamfaho, MaJagHsoar, xxxvii. 113. 

Sabaha, Desert of, idea conceived by 

the Frenoh Qovemment nf Turniing 

stations across, provided with ar- 

, Desert of, line of maximum 

heat in, ib. 129. 
Sahel, NoTth-Eestem AOicti, xxxix. 

Sabil Haarakeh, Byriit, xxxii. 106. 

Cona, Syria, ib. 107. 

Sabt Biver, BraxU, ». 140. 
Baiasa Bay, Epiras, xx:iix. 281. 
BAisoif, French Cooidn-China, xxxii. 

162; xxxvii. 307,311.313,314, 3I!I, 

322, 323. 

St. Abb's Island, Si'ychelles, xxxv, 231. 
"St. Aqses' Well,'* Lilloet Biver, 

British Colmnbia, xixi. 245. 
" St. Ajjcb'b Well," British Columbia, 

XKS.i. 247. 
St. Ai'QC»mE's Bar, Madagascar, 

xiivi. 245. 
St. Beckeit's Pool, South Auatralia, 

St, Catkerine, Jebel Musa, Penininla 

of Sinai, xxxii. 343. 
■ — — ■ , Province of, Braiil, 

boundary of Province of the ParanS, 

Brazil, ib. 137. 
St. DiuoTBt, BpiruB, xxxii. 286. 
St. Dohihuo, Central America, xxxii. 

St. Geobqe Eiver, South-East Africa, 

*. ca 

St, Gborqe's Bay, Newfoundland, 

xxxiv. 2G4. 
St. Jons, Major O, ; On the Elevaliou 

of the Country between Busuihe and 

Teheban, ssxviii. 411. 
, Mr. J. A,, referred to, xsxv. 

, Mr. Spencer, H.B.M.'s Con- 
sul General for Borneo; Obnervatioi^a 

on the Korth-Weat Coast of Bobneo, 

xxxii. 217. 

Fhytkal and Political Ofogrjph^ of tha 
districit lying helumen Qay/i Bay and 
the Tmnpuu* BlTtr, 217 et seq. 

, Port, Epirna, mix. 282. 

St. Jobk'8, Newfoundland, xxiiv.269; 

xxxviiL 280, 281. 
Biver, Central America, 

xxxii. 242, 259, 
Wort (Ayperioim) grows as 

a large tree in the Defat Mountains, 

Notth-EiBt Afriea, xxxviii, 40. 
St, Joas Valley, British Columbia, 

iiiiv. 184, 
St. JosEFn, Peninsulaof, East Coast of 

Fatagooia, iixi. 205. 
St. Lawrenoe, Golf of, xxxiv. 82; 

St, Lewis' Inlet, Labrador, xxxviii. 

2G2, 279. 
St.Lcoia Bay, South Africa, ssiii. 335. 
St. Michael's, Island of, Norton Boaud, 

Beliring Btrall, xxxviii. 222. 
(or Michaelovaki), Norton 

Sound, Behring Strait, t*. 221-223, 

225, 234, 235, 

Salihb character of inlund lakes and 

Bcaa, uxvii. ^06. 
Sat,khad Oistle (the aaoient gikloha), 

Sjria, xsiii 108. 
Sallas lElaad, VnDcouver Island, xxz i y. 

mo, 161. 
Balui, Ambia, xiiiv. 123, 127. 
Bai.hon in the Skeeim Htver, Britiah 

North America, xxixi. 253. 
BiTei, British North America, 

.6. 252. 
Salt ; obtained by solar evaporatioii in 

Oentrul America, xxxii. 53(j, 515. 

; ill China, xxsviil. 53. 

; in Norlh-Eaalern Africa, zxxix. 

— ; in the Bunn of Cutch, li. 187, 


Bt. Paul de Loanda, West Coast of 

Africa, xixiv. 203. 
, Island of, etereogcopio map 

of, XII¥. 100. 
, Province of, Brazil, mil. 

Bt. Paclo, Brazil, ib, un. 
Bt. Pedbo Island, Lake Nalmel Hoitpi, 

Patagonia, ixxiv. 211. 
Bt. PKTEBgBcriia, Kuii. 556 ; xixiii. 

177; jwxvii. 223. 
, Jonme J from Peeing 

to, atTous the Ueaeri of Qobl By 

0. M. Grant, Esq,, isxiii. 1G7. 
Bai-tahs, Hunan, China, coal mined 

at, isiviii. til. 
8ABA1.ATA People, Madagascar, uxvii. 

Bakhalin, or Sagbalien, Island, East 

Coast of Asia, sxxvii. 212. 213. 
Baki-kawa (nc river), Japan, xxxi. 3 
Bakkal Taltan (Beard-seizing Pai 

Mezoor Dagh, Turkey in As 

luviii. aas. 

Saklawtxeh CbobI, Meaopottin; 

ixsvii. 162-161. 
Saeracl ^Aitabasia saisaul), coniferoue 

trtie of the Kirghiz Steppe, x: 
So! fureata on the Jotik Bivei, afHueot 

of the Mahanuddjr, usv. 72. 
Salaam River, tributary of the Nile 

xisiii. 237, 23K ; ss ' ' 
Balamlu), La Plata, . 


VALt.ET, Details of a Journey 

throtigh part of the, and across s 
dC the Ahqestimk Pruvincos. By 

THOS. J. EUTOBINSOll, I'^sq., H.B.M, s 

Cooaul for Roaorio, ib. 226. 

Solamander, H.M.S., ixxviii. 370 et seij. 

Salamis, H.M.S., il. 268-270, 2' 2, 283. 

Balatina, La Plala, xxxiv. 'j32. 

Sale, East Africa, xl. 312. 

Glacier, Bouthem Alps, New 

Zeaknd, xxxvii. 335. 

, Mount, Soutliem Alps, New Zea- 
land, ib. 334. 

Balkek village, Island of Kishm, Per- 
sian Gulf, xsxiv. 254. 

Baleu (Shalem), Plaici of, Syria, xiiii. 

Bali River, La Plata,zxxiT. 239— other 
iismea for, 210. 

Balika de Sanla Cruz,Ceutral Ameri(», 


1 any quantity 

i. 12. 
; to iie ohtuined ii 

from Atebi, AbyssiniD 
Baain or Plain (Ragad), Noith- 

EasteiTi Africa, xxxix. 197 et seq. 
, (Ragad), North- 

Enstem Africa, Gieueral Obaerva- 

tioiis on tlie, ih. 203. 

caves. Island of Kishm, Pereiun 

Golf, xssiv. 253. 

desert at the Eastern fuot of the 

Abyssinian Alps, il, p. cliiv. 

hilla, Inland of Kishm, Persian 

Gulf, xxsiv. 253. 

mauufKclories, Shantung Proviuoe, 

China, xl, 11. 
marktts at foot of the Abyssinian 

Chain, North-liislem Africa, xsxix. 

221, 222. 
— — Spring district, Vancouver Island, 

ixiiv. IKO. 

trade of Dogo, Nortb-Easlem 

Africa, xxxix. 222. 223. 

Balta, La Plata, xsxi. 157; ssxiv.235. 
, Provinoo of. La Plata, xixiv. 

2.S5, 23S, 239. 
Salto Aogusto, River Tapajoa, Briizil, 

iiiii. 269, 273. 
de S. Bimao, Hiver Tapijos, 

Grande Falla, Bivtr Parana, 

t of, c 

Uruguay, Si.uth ALucr 
Saltobo River, Mnstakh Range, x; 

the River 

SALrT Anba, I 

•'Salvaje," certain herba tho 

Quitouiun Aodea. ixii. 177, 179. 
Salvatob Lake, Queenaluiul, uiiu. 

SiLWiTTT Island, New Guinea, xtiii. 

127, 129. 130. 
8*i,wBBN Biver. Burma, ib. 179. 183, 

181. 187, 188, 198, 203, 206, 208. 211- 

214; ixxiii. 237; xL 288,297-299, 


i. 190. 

Bahah-su Valley, Asia Minnr. xl. 473. 
Sauaha Itnnge, Trooi-lndui, xxili. 

Sahara, tovn of, nt the janetion of tlie 

Kiver Ssmaia with tbe Volga, 

xxiviii. 447. 
Sauabkahd, town of, Geutral Asia, ib. 

432, 450: il. 453, 454, 456-462. 
, nnmber of odificea 

in, il. 459 [note] — elevation o^ ib. 


c, Eoat Africa, xl. 318, 319. 

Luke, Edit Africa, ift. 322. 

Mountain, East Africa, ib. 

, Sonthcm, East Africa, ib. 

Same, Eaut Africa, ib. 304. 

Monaster}', east of Lhaea, xxxviii. 

170, 171, 175. 
Sambb People, Cambodia, iiiv. 81. 
SAMBorN, Iilount, Siam, Tusii. 151. 
BAtiBoa, Mount, Norlh-Wealeru Aub- 

Iralia, H. 393. 
Bahcei., Mount, Aastrnlio, ib. 301 ; 

i. 283. 
San Aksbes 


BeBHARDlNO Mountains, California, 

— Blas, Centrnl America, iHTiii. 

, CordillerttB of, Oontial 

America, ib. 71, 72. 
— Foint, Central Amertoa, ih. 

-^ — — , BiTcr of, Central America, 

isxT. 202. 

Cablob Fort, St. John'a River, 

Central Americii, xxxii. 259. 

— Douisoo. villiige of. Isthmus of 
Tehuaiitopeo, Central America, iV>. 
546. 547. 

Franoisco, California, ixxviii. 128, 

2a5; mix. 112. 

!.<v Francisco Moontains, New 

Mexico, !b. 09, 102. 
— , PnsB of, Andea of 

Chili, mi, 157-159. 
— Gatan, Pern, deBtraction of, hy Ihe 

Chuncho Indinii(>, lA. 193. 
Biver, Pero, ixivii. IIC el 

Pt-ru, ■'1.121,130. 

— Jebostmo, Brazil, ixxii. 141. 

— JcAs, La PLita, xixi. 157; ixiiv. 

del Oro, Province of Cara- 

vayn, Peru, xxii. 193, 201. 

GuichicOYi, Mouotains of, 

Central America, xiiil. 541. 

Islnixl, De Puca Strait, 

Tancoiivei Island, iiiir. 160, 108; 


— Manoel Riirer, Braiil, i=rTii . 2fi9. 

— Matko, New Meiico, ixaix. 101. 

— MiauEt, La Pinta, xxxiy. 238. 
(St. Miohoel), Gulf nF, 

CenlrnI America, ixxv. 144 ; sssviii. 

(or Lloquohna) Biver, Pern, 

ft. 422, 423. 
, town of. Central America, 

Ecuador, sisi. 170, 180. 

— Nimioi,Aa,Ta[DbociLlled, Quitonian 
Aoden, lb. ISO. 

— NioOLAS, town of, Parana River, 
iixiv. 227. 

— Pkdko de Alcnntom, Tibagy Biver, 
Bruiil. xixii. 141. 

Mountain, La Plata, ™iv. 


River, North America, 

xjEitx. 103, 105, 111. 

— RoQL'B, La Plata, xx\W. 230, 

— ToMAs River, Pern, xxxviii. 411. 

- — Teifon Biver, tributary of tha Sun 

Gavnn, Peru, xxivii. 138. 
Sanaa, Arabia, zxxv. 16S. 
Banaheim, Syria, xxxii. 87, 88. 
Sanoa, Sban States, xl. 298. 

Valley, Shan Slates, ib. 2Q7. 

Sandalwood Island, Indian Arehi- f 

Sanveusoh, Mr. Septimus, referred to, I 


Bandebson, John, Eaq-jNoles to acoom- 
puny Sheteh-Mapa of the ZcLu and 
Amatoso* cunntriEa, nnil of the 
country between Aliwal Nobth, and 
NataIi til. — MtmorBocimn of infor- 
mation teeuived from Mr. WilUiim 
NewlinR, of a Journey on horaabock 
from Aliwal, on the Oran«;a RiTer, 
to PielenilRrltzburg. Natal, S3». 

Sahdhuj. Creek, North AuBttolia, 
xzxvi 2:^ 

Bakdia Bivei, Frovinco of Caravaya, 
Peru, xxsi. 198, 201. 

, Valley of. Province of Cara- 

Taya, Peru, ib. 197, 198, 203. 

, Triage of, Pwvinoe of Cara- 
vaya. Peru, ib. 201. 

Sakdwioh Islands, On tlie Geography 
and Beount Vulcanic Eiuptiona of 
the. By the Right YLev. Thos. 
Stilgy, ixii.. Bishop of Honolalu, 
xitfiii 361. 

SaNdT Cape, Queenglftod, ib. 3Si. 

, Great, war chief in West Africa, 

ixxiii. 244— viilage of, ib. 

Banetch, harbour of, Vancouver Island, 
ixxi. 209. 

Bangai, tlie, Atido-GordlUerna rangs, 
Kxsv. 229. 

Banqaia, Hausea, West Central Africa, 
xiivii. 97. 

Bangari, San Gavan River, Peru, ib. 
12S, 129. 

Bahoav, or the voloano of Macaa, Qui- 
ton ian Andes, Ecuad(]r,xsii.I63-i65, 
171, 182. 

Sangpo, the term npplied by the Tibe- 
'1 all large riverx, xxxviii. 


1 with 

Sasgutb Hiver, Soatli-East Africa, 

Sakjab of Kara Hissar, Turkey iu Asia, 

xxxviii. 296, 
Sanju, Eastern TnrkiBtan, sxsvii. 3, 

10. IS, 17, 20; sL 7(1-78, 80, 

District, Eastern Tutkiatan, ib, 

71, 73. 
Diwan, orWalagot, Pass, load- 
ing to tlie valley of the Karakaah 

River. KXSviL 17. 
Pmb, Eastern Turkiatan, il. 33, 


Hiver, Easlem TurkiataQ, ib. 


Valley, Eastern Turkistan, ib. 

70, 71. 


Saskev, Major 

bis Report on 

the state 

of the roads 

in the Cour 


referred to, 5 

xsvL 189. 

Sas-bino, city of, Snngari Rivi r, Man- 
churia, XK^is. 19, 21, 22. 24, 28, 32. 

Santa Ahva, San Jose, a Portugue^a 
named, sent bj Major Sicerd aa guide 
to Dr. Livin^tone and hie partyin 
the Ziiiuhcsi Valley, Txxi. 238. 

Cbuz, Bay ol. Central America, 

— — Fe, f-ity of, T^ Plata, ixxi. 157 ; 

xxsiv. 227-229, 235. 
, Province of, La Plata, ib. 

Mabia de Chimalapn, town of, 

IsChmns of Tchuantepec, Central 

AineKca, uxil 546. 
— — — — - GuLnayate, Central 

Americn, ih. 541. 
. ■ — — Petapii, Islbmns of 

Tehoantepeo, Central America, ib. 54 G. 
La Reale, Tuyta River, 

Theresa, Brazil, xxiii. 140. 141. 

San-ta (Sntida), Viinoan, China, groat 
accuracy of the surveys by the 
Jesuits in the neighbourhood of, x.1. 

Pantaba, AbyBsinia, xxsviii 43. 
Santareii, BriLzil, xxsi. 174; sxsii. 

27fl, 275, 279. 
Santash, pass in the Tians-Dian Alo- 

taii, xxsi. 3SG, 368 ; xxxii. 328. 
-, Plateau of, Trans-Ilian Al»- 

tah, nsi. 359-361. 
Bahti Quaranta Buy, Epiraa, isxis. 

279, 280. 
Santiaqo, Chili, xxxi. 155. 
, city of, La Plata, xniv. 

231, 232, 241. 
, Province of. La Plato, ib. 


Thome River. Brazil, a. 21 

Bapanqar Bay, Borneo, <i. 217. 
Sar Aniba, Abyssinia, ixxis. ii. 
SARA-Boans Tribe, Cuntral Aaia, 

300, 361, 367, 369: ssxv. 219, 

223 ; iixii. 312, 316, 317, 320, 3ZiJ- 

327, 332-SS4 [ il. 349. 
Sakabuei, Siam, isivii. 299. 
Province, Siam, xiiii." 15t 

155, 156. 

140. , 

Ih, i^^^^ 


i6. 2(2 
tiABiWA, villaRO of, Yeaso, Japan, 

xxxri, 175, 178. 
Baeawak, Borneo, luii. 230. 
Sabatact, tovn or, Soutli Ameriea, 

uiYi. 87, 103, 104. 
Sabcb Tchitchek Dagb, Turkey la 

Asia, ixiviii. 309. 
S ABEL, Lieut -Calonel Henry Anurew ; 
Notes on Ihu Yamo-tsze-kiahg, from 
Has-kow to PiNQ-anAN, isiii. 1 — 
Expedition Blartei] oo February II, 
IStil : originttl intention lo pene- 
trate thiougli SzeohiipQ to lAesa; 
txpedii iou oonaixttd ofLieut.-Colooel 
Sorel, Oaptaln BlakUton, Dr. Barton, 
and Bev, S, SohercBchewek; ; rivei 
from Yod^how to Ping-shim turveyeil 
by Captoin BlakiatDn; coUeetiona 
made forwarded to England ; nature 
of coun trjaboveHan-kiiw,! —breadth 
of rivet ; Loso-kow; King-kow and 
Sing-ti, 2— Kin-lio-kow ; Yo-cLow ; 
entraiice to Tuog-tiDg Lake ; ueigb- 
bonting coaalry, 3 — Shi-sliovr; 
Ho-hia; Sha-azo,portof Rin-c]inn-fa, 
4 — nature of Iradej K in -chow-fa ; 
Tai-ping Canal ; Kiuig-kow: Yang- 
olii; limeebiua quarriia, 5 — CUi' 
kiang;I-lu-hien; liilla bt-IowI-chaDg, 
6 — I-chang-fu: its position; diatanoo 
fiom Shanghni and Haokow; neigh- 
bouring country and partioutara aa 
to tifer, 7 — gorges; Sret rapid at 
Pa-tnng-^e, 8 — Kwei-chow ; coal- 
mine ; Wn-shau ; priiduufBuf country: 
tuDg-Bhu, &c,, 9 — Kwai-chow-fu. 12U0 
milea from Bbanghai ; land-route to 
Ch^ng-tu; eiohnnge, 10 — Wan ; pro- 
dncta, 1 1 — Hu-I in Native Chriatiana : 
Rt, George'a lalund; grand Boenery; 
Kong-tan-ho, 12— Liniin; Chnng- 
king-fu; admirable poailiou fnrtrade ; 
notes about eity, trade, £n., 1 3— trade 
■(atistics, 14 tl aeq. — town of Kiang- 
taie, 16— Ho-hiang; Lo; No-chi; 
Kiang-an ; Nan-ki, 17 — Sii-chow-fu 

tPBui-fu]; ptoducta of ncighhoiir- 
ood, ]8; Kin-sba-kinng, name for 
the Upper Yang-teza; ajrive at Ping- 
Bhan; obliged to torn back; Muo- 
tszs tribes, 19— rapabilities of llie 
country; people quiet; nbela, 20-23 
— Overland route throujib Burma ; 
descent of river; rapida almost dis- 
appeared and country flooded in 
parts. 23. 

Begiater of Thenuomctcr {March 
17 to June 28), 24-5. 

Sabel, Lieut.-Colouel Henry Andrew, 

referred lo, uiiL 26, 38. 
Saiuirak (Yanghiaear) River, EaBtem 

Turki^tan. i!. 'J3, 94, 
Sari Chebir bills. Central Asia, xxiii. 

Knia Do^li, epnr of Knozicban, 

Turkey in Asia, siiviii. 283, 
Sabieeb Valley (Barka of Moiircruft 

and tlie Chinese itLneranea), xl. 4li. 
Sarihol District, A. 55, 57, G5, 83, 109. 
"Babiswati" Kiver, the aaored rivet 
wiiioh in Eirinur times iaaned from 
tho Snb-Hiinalayan Mountains be- 
tween Xho Hullej and the Jumna, i%. 
Saritah, town, Kaseem, Arabia, sziiv. 

Sarea, north-east of Lh£s£, zixviii. 

Sabeajoko, town of; Tibet, ib. 134, 148, 

182, 103, 

Sarkan Kivtr, Central Asia, xxzt, 217. 

Sabiy-t*n, tliu name given by Ilie 

Kii^bizea to certs,in ruina in tbo 

Altai Bange, Si. 68, 

"Sabs," looal name for teinpomry pools 

or lakes of rain-water in the neigli- 

bourhood of Jeysuimere, Indian 

DoBcrt, xl. 183. 

SABiiiLraas, Knabmir,iiivii.l2, 13,19. 

Sabt-tan Uoimtain, Altai BuDge, 

two peculiar minernl rpriiifiiB near, 

held in bisb eoteem by (be Chinese, 

of wbioli the water of one Is drunk 

by men, uud that o[ the other by 

- Biver, Central Asia, xxxl. 

Sasabdi, Central America, ft. 94. 

Baseatcuswan prairie tribes, British 
North America, ixiiv. 66. 

Kivi t, British North 

Americii, ixiv. 14; ixxviii, 119. 

Sasohq Lake, Cambodia, xzzv. 84. 

Sassaronglu Alp. Caucasus, xxxix. C6. 

Sasseb Pass, on the Ladakh side of the 
Karakomm Hange, il. 118. 

SAKSOOti, mouutainauH district of, Kur- 
distan, XXXV. 26, 29, 

Sabyk Kiver, tiibnlnry of the Badam, 
Central Ai-ia, xl, 379, 381, 414. 

- V,itley, Central Asia, ft. 3 
SATcar, South CeuliBl Aliica, xxxiiii 



, U Plata, 


&AUCB. militaiy cnntoTi 
xniT. 229. 

Bauqcib, Island or, EaBtein Archi- 
pelago, ib. 222. 

BADOAir-an, affluent of tlie Byr-DariB, 
luviii. 447. 

Satannab River, Dnrien, Vi. TO, 71. 

Savubn Hi»or, BelupliiBtan, 

Sawo Hatboiir, FormoBo. xxxlt. II. 

SoAAKLDX Kivcr, Biitish Columbia, 
xxii. 219. 

&0A»DBi(0OH, Northern S^ria, ixxiL 

villiigeB, ruinB of, si. 

BcKNATOTo Hiver, British North 

America, xiii. 2.'i2. 
BouAMAKi, towu io the CaaoaBua, 

xxxliL 235. 
ScHAMOOM-Ba, Turkey iu Aaia, sssyiii. 

SoHBDDL'ja Peak, Cancasas, sxiix. 5G. 
ScuEiLAB-DEBE, Great plain of, Turkey 

iu Aeia, zt. 465-467. 


American Miseionarj in Cliiua, re- 

Terredto. sssii. 1,26. 37. 
BoBiMFUt, M., referred to, xxsviii. 4^. 
ScHLACiNTWBiT, Adolpli, murder of; at 

■" ■ , referred to, xl. 82. 100, 


ScHRESK, Aieiftoder, baromttrical ob- 
servations of, in tbe Djaogariun 
Ala- tail, ib. 111. 

ScHWABTz" Map of the Amur Rivpr- 
ajatem, xssir. p. oxlii. 

SooPDS, Mount, Sjrio, xxxri. 201. 

ScoTr, Abthur Jebtoiee; Letter to 
the Governor of Qceenbland on the 
Foundation of Wifl Settleraent at 
Rockingham Bat, jumy. 103. 

■ referred to, 


, referred to, 


— , The Brothera, referred 

143; xl. 118,122. 

ScHLAOiMTweiT'a ' TrayeU in ! 

Central Asia ' referred to, ih 

ScHODA Mountains, CauoBBU 

Exouraion from Bahgeoe, in Sjam, 

to the Peo&abubri, on the Western 

Shore of the Gulf of Siam, ixxl. K02. 

, Ohit. 

BOHOTT, Ur., Ameriean moteorologisl, 

qnotad, xiXTi. 291. 
ScHBENK, Alexander, a tinveller in 
. Pinngaria, referred to, xxxi, S57 ; I 

Hills, Canlerburj ProvinoB, New 

Zealand, xxxvii. 334. 
Ranges, East Austiulia, sxxiii. 

ScuoAMOBE, Eb¥. H. C, death of, 

in East Africa, xxxiii. 274. 
Bcr^Ll^UBED Stones on Easter Island, 

South Paijifie Oi-ean, xl, 176, 177. 
ScuLFTL'tiES at Nakhon Vat, Cambodia, 

sxxs. 78-81. 
Sea View Range, Queensland, ih. 208. 
Sea-beacbes uu ttiu coasts of Siud and 

Mekran, xl. 105, 

Temperature of the 

searehes by Dr. Carpenter and Sic 
Wyville Thoraf 
'o\. xl. p. dis. 

IVyville ThoraBon, xsxix. p. cl. ; 

BsA-roBTB of Manchuria, sxxii. 9. 
Seal Islands, Notth-Eiiat CoiiHt of 

Labrador, xxxvii i. 265. 
Eooka, North -East Coaal of 

Lnbradiir, ib. 276, 
Seako. See Siimg. 
Seatok Rivor, Britiali Columbia, ixsi. 

, town of, Btitieb Columbia, ib. 

SECLATqri, or Bridge River, Britiah 

Columbia, ib. 242. 
" Seoube Bay,"' North- West Australia, 

iixT. 265, 267. 
Sebair, Arabia, ib. ITS — townships of. 

town of, Arabia, Hi. 175, 171!, 

179, 182. 
Sedte District, Arjliia.xxxiv. 112oi S07. 
SlKS, town of. Eastern Arabia, iii. 112, 

Seeeabah Mountain, Afghaniatan, 

xxxii. 307. 
Seeuann, BebthOLD, Esq., PH.n. ; R&- 

martis on a Govemmsnt Mise' 

the Fiji Islahiw, ib. 51. 

N Hills, Buluohiatan, i' 
Rekna Suffocd, Porsin, etcep i 

called, xxxi. G2. 
Sebton Monnt, New Zealnni), kxs 
S£iniE-TAz, fiHsB ill tLe Truns 

Ala-tati, xisi- 36S. 
Skibtan FroTJuce, AfghauislaD, x 


a, villnge.DjowfVallBy, Arabia, 

Answer !□ tlie Letter of Her Majesty's 

Government, ih. 293. 
Sekwan, Indna Vulley, sxsvii. 68. 
Selatb Tribe, note on the, sisv. 180- 

Sblabhtx Mouutoin, Abyssinia, xxiviii. 

45, 46. 
Bblbt, Coinmaodei", referred to, mvii. 

160, 161. 
BBLBUEETAHiYcuiBniah district, Arabia, 

ixiiv. 131. 
Sbleucia, city of (founded by Belenona 

Nicator), sxxvii. 17a-170. 
" Selbucideb," or " Seiucidai," deatrnc- 

tion of InouBta by birds anppoHcd ta 

be tlie Bumeaa tlioBecalledbyFIiuy, 

xixTiii. 359 [note]. 
6BLFE, Lake, New Zealand, ixivii. 

Bblkibk Hangs, Goeky Mountains, 

iKiviii. 120, 127. 
Seuenof, M. p. p. : erroDoona position 

aaaigQed to Issyk-kul in hia mnp, 

; Djunsabia and the 
Celestiai. Mddntaihb, being tbo 
preface to tbo second Tolume of hia 
Bttflsiftu trauslntion of Bitter's ' Erd- 
knnde toq AsIbo ' (tranalated for the 
Boynl Oeographical Society by Joan 
MlCHELl., Esq.), xxxT. 213. 

; Firat Aaeent of the 

Tien Shan, or Celestial Mountains, 
and Viuit to the Upper Conrae of the 
Jaxabtes, or Syr-Dariit, in 1857, 
xxii. 35G — List of Mountain Passes 
shown on Map: — 1. Djungnriao 
Ala-Uu ; 2. TriiaB-Ilian Ala-loii ; 3. 
Tien Shan, 360. 

, President of the 

PhyaicBl Section of tlie Imperial Ru&- 
Eian Geographical Society ; Narra- 
tive of an Exploring Expedition from 
Fort Versote to (ue Wostern Biiore 
of the lsi3TK-KUL (Lake), Babterh 

Seiiilkamen Valley, British Oohunbm, 

xsxi. 215,216. 
Semitalatishk, ib, 365; ixiv. 6S 

216, 217. 
. By M, N. Abbahc^ I 

, Caravan Eoutea frotB,.J 

(6.558. li 
, Rttsfcian fort of, uuWJ 

65. fl 

SBMiBECUtxas region, Central Ad(|,^V 

ixxi. 358, 366, H70. • I 

Skhntn, town of, Ehoraaaan, ib. 3S 
Senado Hill, North-Eaatem Afrioa^v 

xxxii. 197. I f 

Sknafk, Abyssinia, raviii. 11, 12, IJ^ I 

IG, 19, 20, 23, 3+, 35, 41, 47, 48. ] 
— , Physical Goo- I 

graphy of tbe region around, ib. 21 ' 

— and AnULlo, Abyasinin, chnraoJ J 
!r of the c-ountry between, 16. 30. I 
-, climals J 



, St. 25-i 

-, prevailing v 
papulation of, 21. 
Senae-sh, Turkey in Asia, ib. S 
•' Senkrai, Annuairo dv," xx 

Biver, Boo Moghdad's journey , 

fraiii the, to the Coaot of Morocco, , 

Senna. Zambeat Eiver, ixxi. 262, 2G3, 
281, 283, 285, 295 ; ixsiv, 196, 197 : 
sxlviii. HI, 113, - , 

Sensed, PLdn of, Peninsula of Sina!, , 
ib. 246, 2.56; xxsix. 343, 345, 346. ^ 

SENTiNai. Peak, Queensiand, xxxiit. 


ir King-ki-tao, capital of Corco, 

sxsvii.2l3, 214. 
Sbpakatios Greek (of Leiolibardt), 

Qaeenaland, supposed lo be identical 

with the aoQioes of the Herbsrt, 

XXXV. 206, 207. 
Sepattniu River, afflueut of the Itivet 

PnrflB, xxxvi. 96. 
Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 referred to,' 


Sepfaha, or Sopharvaim, ruins of, Meso- 
potamia, XIX vii 170. 

Sefliltiras, Sunliago Province, La 1 
Flntii, possibility o( making ths ^ 
NortbtTii Salado River navigable " 
far BB, xxxiv. 22S. 



B2BABIA Rirer, CcDlml Amerira, xxxii. 

63a, 54L 
SiHABiTel Ehadim.PuTiinBuIn if Sinai, 

xiiTiii. £51, 255 ; ziiix. 345. 
Berafiu, Brazilinn ezplonT, referred to, 

xxxvi. es ri2» uote]— bLj ascent of 

tlio PurOB Biver, 86. 
GEH:HO*rArAu, mi. 14. 
"Sebjjis Bonk," or Great Ico Woll, 

Arotio Regions, kxxvl il8G. 
Sero, East Africn, xl. 812. 
Skhoob, Peraia, Kxxiv. 257. 
Berfa, RWer Negro, Bruzil, sxxvL 


'. 172. 
BiHBA do Mar, prorince of tbe PanmA, 

Brazil, xuii. HO. 
Negra River, Paranagna Bay. 

Brazil, ib. 139. 
, an oifBet of the Bcrra de 

Mar, BrazU, ib. HO, 
GKBaEB Canal, Mesopolamia, xxxviL 

164. 165, 176. 

, tuwn of, Mesopolaniia, ib, 165. 

Ebbi Islanil, Violuria Nyanza, xxxr. 


' Journal of the Itussian Imperial 

Oeo^^|ihi<^ Soc^iet;,' 1867, by 

ROBEHT MlOHE!.!., Esq.). lb. 343, 

PljyHico-gBugrapliical Summary of 
the Trsna-Cliu region, 381. 

General dedactiotis from tho ob- 
BcrvntiotiB respeoling tha traces of 
ancient glaciers. 393. 

Tableof Heigbta.rofQBnred in 1S64 
between tbo Cbu and the Syr-Dalia 
Birers, 402. 

Bupplement to K, BevertsofB 
Mainuir (Copy of Report to Ibe Etat- 
Bevieh Lako, el^Tation of, Utali, xxiiz. 

Saw-CHow-rr, Anhwuy Pro inco, 

Cbina, si, 284, 285. 
Seioubile lelauda, Indiao Ocean (ao 
liained after a Frenub Minibtoi), 
xiiiir. 231-233. 230. 

, admin istnition of 

-, oost of Ibe adminia- 
tretioti of the, t6. 234. 
Bi^TCHELLES, On the laland of Mahi. 
By Lieut.-Oolonel {now Sir) Lewis 

PiLLT. is. aai. 

Betf Kar Valley. Turkey in Asia, 

Beton Foot Settlement, Bntisb Colitm- 


Brt^tua Monntain, East Africa, xl. 31G. 

. 237 e 

Gbttitk River, Nnbia, i 
aeq. ; ixsvi. 1. 

Skobn-hwa-fd, or Ta-lmig, Chihli, 
Nortb China, ib. 152. 

Sbtallob, Dr., referred to in connection 
will) Ibo exploratiOQ of the Madre de 
Dioa, xxxi. 182. 

Bbtek Islands. Oulf of St. Lawrence, 
Labrador, xxxiv. 83— Bay, 82. 

Isles, Spitsbergen, thIt , I4Q~ 

142, Hi. 

Bbvbbtbop, M. N,, referred to, xxxviii. 
433; xl.252. 

; A Jonmeylo tbeWestem 

Portion of tbe Celestial Range 
(Tien-Buah). or ■■ Ttos-Lis " of tbe 
Ancient Obinese, from the Western 
Liinita of the Tbaks-Ii.i region to 
Tashxend (trunalated from tbe 

tbe, ib. 234, 235. 


i. 290. 

— , Chihli, China, x 


i, 131, 

150, 152. 
Bhaab District, Arabia, xxxv. 175. 
Bbabko Village, Nepal, xxxviii. ISG, 

158, 159, IBO. 
SrahbCi, Nepnl, ib. 132, 133. 

BuADi Kbor Biver, Belucbiatau, ^TTJii 

203, 204. 
Bbahi'LA, Euen Lun Mountaina, 

xxxvii. 11. 12, 17. 13,20; xL 34.45- 

47, 49,62-64,66, 114. 
, fort of, ib. 49-52, 54, 53, 

Shah Hyder Mountains, AfghaDiBtHn, 

ixxii. 315. 
SfiAUABitoDLAZDEEii, boly shrioe of, 

Xiii, 38, 54. 
SHAH-uo-caiNQ Creek, Yang-tsie-fciang, 

sssii. 9. 
Bhahoor Valley, near the TraDs-Indiu 

frontier of British India, ib. 31*. 
Sbahfoob Valley, Pnnjab. xxxrii 68. 
Bbahb-i-Sdb2 Monntains, Central Asia, 

xl. 452. 453, 460. 

-, defllea o£, 


Shabdood, t()vn of, Khonusao, xxxi 

4l(, 11, 17, S3. Si. 
Sqabruq Uouiitain, Puma, ib. 61. 
EuAKlUB, lawn, Nejoil, Arabia, xxxiv. 

12S, li8, 131. 
SHALiMiB Ganlena, completed br_ Jc- 

liongir, emperor of Kn8hiaLr,lxxt. 2S, 
Shaloobah, Plain uf, EoBhuiir, ib. 31, 

Shasil Nnddi Kiver, Trons-Inilus 


SoAMBi Pa»a, AleiaEdrofBky mage, 

Central Asia, xl. 253, 25* [noteB], 

235, 260. 
- — — Hiver, Central Asia, ib. 350. 
Bhan Poopl ■, trade of the, isiii. 211. 
8 tttlasitributary to Barroan gavern- 

Qieiit, S). 
BaAH-Auv Mounts iriB, MaDchuria, 

iiiTii. 214, 217, 221 : luii. 19, 2tl. 
Shanasir Fir, hoi; rock of, near Dunso, 

Trana-Indua, xixiv. 13, 
SHAM-Toso-BKAy, Buddhiflt monastery 

of, Cbihii, Cliiaa, xxxiiL SS6. 
Sbangalla, land of the, noutb of Gaa- 

gala, North-East AMcn, xxxvi. 198. 
SuANOHAi, xisL 351 ; xixii. 1, 7, 10, 

31,36, 11; ixivii.'J50, 268; usviii. 

66,67; 11.2.3,282. 
BflAB-HAl-KWAN, otfermw Nin<r-lini- 

tiien, at tbe Eastern end of the Great 

Wall of Cbiua, desartbcd, xxxiii. 15S, 


t, 7. 

fiBANat Province, China, imvi. 153. 
■ Bban-tow-fien, 12 milBB abovu I-ohang, 
I on tbe Yang-ts;fe-kiang, ixxii. H, 
W 23. 

, Rapid, Tong-twe- 

kiang, S>. 3*. 
Bbaktuno Frorince, China, zxxtL 
130; siiis. 21,35, 

— , BbBonce of watei- 

mnioation in, xi 228. 

of railroads 

226— mode uf tmvuUitiE in, 226— 
state of the roads in, 227. 

, Bilk cultivation in, 

Shao-obao, South China, zxxviil. 58, 66, 
I^AO-HAO, tomb of tbe CbineBe Km- 
peror, lo the east of Kio-fu, Shantung 
proyioce, China, doscribci xl. 22;i. 
I'Bttio-KiNa, city of, Kwangtiing, China, 
' mviiL 50, 51, 55, GO, 62. 
Sbapoob, mine of, Pcram, iixi. 63. 

SnAPoon Valley. Persia, xxxviii, 411. 

SuAB, tonn of, Central Asia. xl. 161, 

BuAHAWAREB HiU aiid Btieam, Beln- 
cl.isCati, xxxiiL 188. 

BuABJA, town of, Oman, Arabia, xixiv. 
J 12, 143, 117— province, H6. 

SaARUD liiTcr, nmuoiit of the Biver 
Osufl, uivi. 261, 279. 

" Shaebi " River, tributarj of the Lim- 
popo, mix. 239, 

Shasta. Mount, Gilifornia, ib. 130. 

Bha-sze, port of Kin-ohow-fu, Tang- 
teze-kiang, sxxii. 4, 5, 31 ; zl. 270, 

SUATV, poEB iu tho Trans-Uian Ala-tab, 

\. 366. 

Sbatabli estnar; of the E 


it Yarkand, ib, 

Turkietan, i< 

. River, Norlh-West Australia, 

xxsii. 40,'i, 413, IH. 
Shawl Ooat, in Chang Tbang,iti wool 

the niain article of trafBc sent to 

Kaalimir, xl. 36. 
SuAWNiQAN District, Vancouver Island, 

xsxiv. 160, 163. 
SuAYOK and Karakaah Rivers, wator- 

shed between tlie, xl, 61. 
(SUeilk) River, branch of the 

Indus, sjlvi. 159, 160; xixvii. 19, 

313, 351, 863; ixiviii. 216; xl, 33, 

37, 13, 126. 

— Valley, Lodjikh, xxxvii. 344. 

SHBcnEU, mountains of, Syria, xxiii, 92. 
, Notes on an Excursion to. 

By CuABLES T. Bbkb, Esq., fhj>., 

ib. 76. 
Sheep, rmployment of, in Ladakh and 

Tibet, si. 36. 
of Northern Queenalaod, sxxv . 

i, 51. 


Shkeztkaz River, Khorassan, i 
She-kciso, Western China, sxxli. 21. 
SQE-LiKa, one of tlie Impeiiai buriul 

places in China, meutionod, xxxvii. 

258, 261. 
SuELKA River, sfBnent of the Amur, 

ib. 223. 
SnEOsATLi River. nfRuent of the Maha- 




EN, Puuinaula of Sini 

Bbytha, TiKiTB Eiver, 
utxyii. !tiO, 168. See also BritrjAn-. 

Sbsblook River, North- Weat AuHtralia, 
siitii. 397, 401, 103, 407, 414, 420, 
421, 42& 

Shebm, Peninsula of Binai. siiii. 344. 

Bhb-shi-pp, North China, xsiiii. 170. 

Bhbwitddr, or 5hah UjrdeT, MouDtain, 

Bbeybo DiaUict, silk pn>daced in, Tur- 
key in Asia, xxxviii. 311, 

Bhib'a, Hiirmoa, xsiiL 101, 

Bbibadda, or Two Clianoul Fall, Zatn- 
beai Biver, ttti . 288. 

BHiBieA BiTer, South Centrol ACries, 

lUiii, 252. 
fomocA Country. Bmt Afiioo. sxxi. 

257, 259, 260, 279. 
Sbi(ii.b Loombah, TianE-Iadne, xxxiv. 

IjUggo (Paasage), Trana-Indua, 

it. 23. 

■ Eiver, TranB-Iadus, ■?.. 24 etseq. 

Village, Trans-Indus, ib. 10, 22, 

24, 27. 
BaioAnTHANG. at the junction of the 

Dura Loombab, Ma'ida Loombah, 

aud Alumpi Loom hub, which unite 

and fall into the Biver Indus below 

Bkardo, ib. 54, 55. 
Shiqatzb, or Digareha, oity of, Tibet, 

ixKViii, 130, 134, 135, 137, 141. 144, 

146, 149, 152, 163-165, 174, 176, 213, 

215; sxxix. 154. 

Iho tomparaloi 

, obserrationa of 


, snow fftU at. 

BniH-sAN-Lraa, the thirteen tombs of 
the Ming Emperors, sssvi. 150. 

" SHiH-TJitn-PBi," or HillB of Seven 
[?TwalvB] Gates, Hupei, China, 

SEiMaA MouutaiOiEaBt Afiica, si. 314, 
L fiHiNDsnAi., north of the Ear^lcoram, 
I 3xsvii. 18. 

I Shinobn River, affluent of the Liao-bo, 
I Manchuria, xxzix. 8. 
iBHivaHin.Distiictor, Japan, il. 310-312. 
" — YANo (MoufcJaQ), city of, Man- 
iria, mil, 1,2, 8. Beo iloukdm. 

Shinzaneb River, Beluobiatan, sxsiit. 

Ship Island, TancoQvei Island, xxxif. 

BscERiziOA Range, Zambesi Region, 

xxxi. 268. 
Shir Eoomb, Beluchistan, xxxili. 193, 

Shibahba Dembe, width of tho River 

Zambesi &t, xxxi. 272. 
Skihaz, city of, Persia, ib. 61, 62; 

xxxvii. 282. 

-, Valley of, Persia, xsii. 5*. 

Sbibb River, afSuent of tlie Zambesi, 

sxxiii. 251 eJ sag. ; sisiv. 196 tt tcq. ; 

xxiT, 2, 3, 5, 154, 169 ; ixxvii. 194, 

-, Dr. Kirk'a 
. By the late 


Valley of the, ib. 2G9, 270, 277. 
zsa, 28a ; isxiv. 196, 198, 

SaiBRAT, MongoUa, sixiii. 174. 
Shirwa Island, Lake Shirwa, East 

, or Tamaudnft liiko. East 

AftiL^a, ib. 267, 277, 278, 283, 284 : 
xxxiii.2e5; xixv. 169. 

, Valley of the, East AfriOB, 

mi. 2G9, 27J. 

Sh[-bhak (Si-shun), or Western Moun- 
tains, North China, xxxvii. 243, 250. 

Shi-show, town of, China, xxsii. 3, 4, 
23, 30. 

Shoal Bay, North-Weat Australia, 
Xixv. 264, 265, 

Bhoobkh Plain, Turkey in Asia, xxxviii. 

Bhuho Tribe, North -Eastern Africa, 
i6. 13; ixxix, 209. 

Shoix, R. J,, Journal of an Expe- 
dition from the Qovemment Camp, 
Camdbn HAHBora, to the SouthwariC 
iif tiie Glbneuj River, in Norlh- 
Wcstarn Anslralia. xixvL 203. 

, T. C. : His Explorations in 

Australia, xxxviii, p. clixv. 

Bbomeb region and mountains, Arnbiai 
isxiv, 123, 127,132. 

SaooA, east of White Nile, xtxvi. 8, 
Shoomab River (Shuaymai or Sliuemai- 
Klijonng), Burmo-Chinese fi'ontier, 
remarks as to tbo identity of the, &&. 
x1, 295, 290, 


BuooTtniGTiBLicM FoBB, A^htuiEstaD, 

sziii. 310. 
BaoBE'DniKEOLO, BelDcbibtoD, xxxi[i. 

Bhoh-bheb Hill, B:>kcliistaTi, iL 
Short Range, Norib Auati-alin, uamed 

b; M'DouBll SluBrt after the Lord 

Bishop of Adelaide, xxxi. lil, 12S, 

ISO, 131; sxxii. 841; zxiiii !S5. 
Ehobta Sangpo BiTer, ttibatarj of tho 

Brahmaputra, xxxviii. 212, 214. 
Shoshcenco River, Cbili, iniy. 22i. 
Shutovkb River, New ZEoland, i<>. 62, 

63, 68, 70— Valley, 67. 
Bhuatbai River. See SAoomae Bktr. 
Bhdedouqovbe Hilb, Irawady Baeln, 

xl. 291. 
Shio District, Arabia, xxxv. 172. 
Saul-Li (Shuelee) River, Soutli-Wo«t- 

ern China, ft. 297, 299. 
Bhcltjrah Valley, KaBbmir, Laouatritie 

depoaita in, xsjti. 33. 
Shckazano Valley, Abyssinia, xxxviii. 

23, 2t. 
Shitka Bivei, Ecuador, xxxi. 173, 

SnuNowATA, Eaet Africa, xl. 312. 
SKrN-KLSQ, Weatem China, xxxii. 21. 
Bbl-fanqa, Zambesi River, xxxi. 281 ; 

xixiii. 271-274; ixxiv. 19G-198, 

249 ; xxxviii 111. 
SmniK District, Turkey in Asia, xxxviii. 

Bhushwap Indians, BritisJi Colombia, 

xxKi. 221. 
Lake, Biitiah Colmnbia, it, 

216. 217. 

Chins, xl. 
Shwang-okuno-pp, town of, Manehu- 

" Saw AS," in the ravines of the Mutitakh 
Range, described, xxxiv. 28. 

Bhwat-otben Disti 
the Slian traders vitb the. 

8iA>i,xxxii.l50; zxsiii.227. See also 

Bangliok, dmiml/a, and Sc/iomlmrgk. 
, Exploration in, xxxi. p. olsvi.; 

yoL ixxii. p. clxii. 

, Gulfof. xxxT. 74. 

, King of, xxxi. 314-31 B. 

, sublerranean templa in, ib, 316. 

■ and Cambodia, cbaracter of the 

country bet\¥een. txw. 74. 
Siamese fomulcB, appeariucc of, xxxi, 


, Pojaug Lake, 


BtAUEas-CHiHEaE, trading 

oflbe, i6. 314. 

BiANQ River, discharging into the Tung- 
ting Lake, China, xxxviii. 61, lj2, 
64,6.-;, 67; xl. 2t;9. 

— Valley, China, ib. El , 

and Kweikong, or Casida, Bivois, 

China, canal connecting the uppejrl 
coursofl of the, ft. 61. ■ 

SiANo-TAN, an iaiportanl trading mait^B 
30 ndles sonth of Chang-eha, HunoO' J 
Provinoe, China, ib, G5. I 

SiANa-TiN, near the Tung-ling Lake, I 
China, ft. 65. I 

BiAo-BiN-BHAS, oT the Little Golden | 
Hill, Yang-lszc-kiang, xxxii. 1. 

SiAo-Er-SHAN ; isolated hill saulh-n 
of Kirin, Manchuria, ixxix. 20. 

SiAO-TBiNG-uo,8hantnng,Chiua.xl. 228. 1 

Bun Lde, Eosteru Archipelago, xxxiij. f 

the, referred , 
SiCABD, Mnjor, heights of the Zambesi 1 

observed by, xxxi. 258, 258, 273. 
Si-CKANO, Hunan, China, southern 

poiut from which a seriea of coal- 

flelds stretch northwards to Moukden, 

in Manohntia, x: '" *' 
Bi-cHcsQ, town of, Szechuen, China, 

xxxii. 21. 

74; s 

i. S23. 

-. fort of, Indo-China. xxxv. 81. 

. town of, Indo-Cliina, ft. 77, 84. 

SiEN-KEu-mAO, trading pinoe near 

Chiukiang, Kiaugsu, China, xl. 283. 
SlEUBA Calitro, Arizona, xiiii. 105. 
de Chimalapa, Central AmBcioa, 

xxxii. 542. 

de Bslola, Central America, 

xxxviii. 72, 75, 80, 81, 85, 88. 

• de la Soledad, La Plata, ixxiT. 


da la Ventana, Buenos Ayret, 

xxxi. 204. 

- del Chilco, La Plata, x: 
stal, supposi 
B. Western 
i. 212, 249. 

de Mali, Central America, 

xxxviii. 72, 75, 80-82, 85. 

Madre, Mexico, xxxii. 537, 538. 

Plateau, Kew Mexico, 

ixxis. 97, 103. 

Nevada, North America, ft. 96, 

100, 118. 
, or ridgB of Niquc, Central 


6IETE-B0CAS, volcano in Ecnador, zzxi' 

le^, 176. 
SiGiLLTE, ruinB of, Penioflula of Sinai, 
sxviii. 247. 

Volley, Peniniula of Sinai, 

.ixix. 345. 
SioiSARi, ErtBt Africa, xl. 314, 319. 
B^KANDAB, a Mohammedan prinoo who 

floarisheil in Kashmir in the early 

pati of the fifteenth century, xxxi. 24. 
SiKHB, the, in Kashmir, ili. 19. 
Bi-KIANO, river of Sontb China, xxzviii. 

60, 68. 
SiEOK, Ltland of, Japan, tttji , 2S5; 

ixxiii. 178. 

BlLDOUEiTE Isle, Seychelles, xxxt. 
231, 232, 234. 

Bl-Liso, weetcru tombs <if the Emperors, 
Nortli Ghina, uxvi. 150. 

Bu-K onltivation in North China, il. 9. 

Distriots of Jai-an, Report on 

the Central. Bj F. O, Apami, Esq., 
A. 339. 

in Maochuria, luii. 12. 

in Yezd, Persia, sjtxvii. 277. 

SiLK-woBMS, northern limit of tlie rear- 
ing of, xl. 411. 

i. 23e. 

SiLUNQ, Pangnng Lake, xxxiii, 353. 
Bu-UBiAN System referred to, xxxi. 26. 
"SiLVEa THAW," common on tlio coast 

of Newfonndlanil, isiiv. 267, 2ti8. 
SiLYEBUia Sextant Glasses, S>. 284. 
GiUAiuBA, Apnrimac River, Peru, 

KxsTiii. 428. 
SiHBOLAB Range, La Plata, zxxiT. 242. 

, rn of, Japan, xxiii. 288. 
BlUFSOS Cairn, on t&pe Uerochell, 

Arotio BegioQS, xixi. 7, 10. 
, Sir George, Obit. Notice, 16. 

p. cxxxi. — his EeTTicea to the cause of 

Aictio Exploration, ib. 

S™. or Bim, Tillage of, Turkey in Asia, 

xwtriii 340. 
BlltA, village of, Province of Caravayn, 

Peru, xxal 202. 
EiNAl, Mount (Jehol MUsa), xxxviii. 

237, 251-253, 256. 
, Notes on the Map of the Pen- 

IKSL-LA of. By the Rev. F. W. 

Holland, u.a., xxxix. 342. 
, On the PENrascLA of. By the 

Rev. F. W. Holland, sla., xixviij. 

SiNAina Ineeriptions, theory of the, 

ft. 257. 
SiNAHSiTE, Zambesi River, xxxi. 286. 
Bin-chow, uity of.on the upper (wnrae of 

SiNOLAiR Crock, York Peniusulft, 

Qneenaland, xxivi. 37. 
— , Mr. Jamea, of Port Liuooln, 

xxii. 126. 
Bind, *, 17. 
, modes of irrigation in, xxxvii. 70 


River, valley of the, isii. 27. 

, Western. See Barms. 

Si-NQAN-pn, capital of Sbenai province, 

China, xiivi. 142. 
SiNOiPOllK, ixsii. 128, 131. 
, "blight" on tho nutmegs 

SraQH-Qi-OHU, or Indna River, ib. 150, 
BiNOLETON, Mount, Wcrfern Australia, 

xl. 246, 247. 
SiNO-Ti, (own oF, near the Tuog-fing 

Lake, China, xxxii. 2, 29. 
SlNJOON, Valley of, Persia, ixii. 57. 
BiN-SHAH-SRAN, a lown of Manchiiria, 

SiN-TD Religion, xiii. 345. 

, Western China, xxiii. 22. 

SiPAHis, the, of Eastern Tur]<i8tBD,sl.72. 

SiroL, Ladakh, sisvi. 159. 

Bib Dcsht Bettlemenl, Beluchiitaii, 

xxxiit. 205. 
RlCHADD, Lake, South Aualralia, 

ib. 34, 35. 
— Rodney Mcsdt Inland, North-Enst 

coast of Labraiior, xxxviit. 276. 
SiuBiND Provinoe, India, xl. 182. 
BiBiA Country, west of the Shire Bitot, 

East Africa, xxxi. 268. 
Smixt:L, town of, Eastern Turki^toD, 

sxxvi. 162, 
Si Shan, or Western Mountains, North 

China, iiivii. 243, 250. 
618DPHON, or Tasavai, lodo-China, 

xxXT. 74; xiiTii. 203. 
SisuRo Point, cOaet of Manohnna, ih. 


SiTAKQ Riser, Burma, tctU , 179, 181, 

20S, 213. 
, VbJIoj of the, Bnmn, ib. 165- 

167, 17*, J86, 190, 209-2X1. 
Sitka, BriliBli North Amciion, mi. 

SlTTAKi, position of, lutxrii. 16S, 170. 
.supposed Bite of, Mesopotainift, 

SiD-HWA, on tbo Ts):e-kiang, Hotuin, 
China, Coal funnci nt, xxjtTiii. 61. 

Siu-TKN, dty of, Manchuria, xiiis. 9. 

SiTA Lake, Sontli Aualmlin, iiiiiL H. 

SiTKEB, Buasian traveller and botanisl, 
referre.1 to, iisi. 3IJ6 : xxxt. 215. 

SiWALiK Eange, Himalajae, iixviii. 

SiwAsa, Turkey in Asia, ib. 297, 34G. 

Plain, Turkey in Asia, ib. 3M. 

SiwoKUBi, Cape, Yeaso, Japan, invi. 

I Skabco, River Indna (400 milea from 

[ i(a soarce). sxxiT. 19 et jm. ; xuriii. 

' 217, 348, aSO, 351— plain, luiT, 24, 


Bkiena Biver, Britieh North America, 

nxriii. 122, 126. 

■ , PorkB of tliB, British 

North America, usi, 253, 251. 
SllDEQATB ChaiLiid, Queen Charlotte 

Bsippeb'b Creek, New Zealand, 3 

Range, New Zealand, ib. JOT, 

Skoro La, Mustakh "Eange, Trana- 

ludua, ib. 28. 
SoBiKLLiNoa of the fouit«onth century. 

' Slate-tkadb at Zanzibar, ii3 

in Eaet Africa, s 

n Arabia, uxiv. 15 
- TorkiHtan, si, 7*. 


Bloabk Creek, Fliadera HiTer, Queena- 

land, TTTiji . 107. 
Bloop iBland, Labrador, imiii. 267. 
Blopinq Head, Nortb-WcBt Australia, 

lixii. 374, 427. 
SMiLL-NOB Kuiige, Sonlh Australia, 

BUTB, E. Osborne, Obit. Notioe, ixiir. 

, Major Murdoch, be., referred 

to, xixTii, 274— quoted on Yezd, 277, 
278~OQ Keiiu.,nn, 279, 2B0. 

, M(., B.N,, referred to in oonnec- 

tiou with the eurvey of the eatnary 
of the Burdekin Riser, QueeuBlaud, 

Sonnd, North of Baffin Bay.xMs. 

96, 134 ; xxxTi. 282-284, 286, 288, 

289, 292, 29a. 
Smiih'h Range, Eaat Auetralin, xxxiii. 

Bmitufield, South Africa, siiii. 337, 

SaiTHBONUN loatitutiun'a Expedition 
to Tropical Boutb America, xl. p. 

" Smokeb, Tlie," name of holtert srftson 
in Western Africa, ixii. 277. 

Shoo Indiana, Central America, rsxti. 
255 tt seq. 

Smyth, Admiral Wra. Henry, c.b.. 
Obit. Notice, iixvi. p. essTi,— bia 
servicea to the Society, p. csivii. 

, Major, referrtd to, xisviiL. 129. 

SuYTHE, Col., B,*., referred to, xxxii. 

Snake River, North America, xxxix. 

BNAKEsin the Mosquito territory, xxxii. 

of York Peninsula, Qneenv 

land, sssvi. SO. 

Sketblsjakcl, Iceland, xl. 447. 

Skbdibef, miner, referred to in connec- 
tion with his journey from the Altai 
to Chuguohak, xxxv. 216. 

Snimmo, at the coulluence of the Zana- 
kar River with the Indus, below 
Leh, Ladakh, saiviii. 216. 

Snowuon, New Zealand, s 


1 the Altai, x 

6. 226. 

a. the Himalayan range. 


. lie Pyrenees, ib. 2 
; in the Pyreneea ; 

Mounts Elbruz and Kazbek, in 

Caucasus^ on Mount Ararat; in the 

Rooky Mountains, ib. 226. 
Snowbuob Mountain, Briliah Coimubio, 

jisiv. 186, 189. 



Bnowt MonutftioB, British Columbia, 

SoANS Biver, India, xxxv. 72. 

80BAT Rirer, tributary of tbe River 
Nile, TTTiii . 326. 931 ; xxxn. 1, 2, 7. 

"SocABOH," ntuns given in the Andea 
to aaj tunnel, natural or artiilciHl, 
also lo the mouth of a mine. xixi. 179. 

BooALLACocHA Lahfl, Peru, ixxvii, 120. 

BcHXUirsoo, Istbrnna of Tehuantepei!, 
Central America, uiii 547. 

600OTEA, Island of, isxis. 153. 

BouA Leke, North America, xxxii, 116. 
- Tribe, Indian Desert, si. 207. 

SoDAl, Japan, A. 340. 

SoFALA, or Inbambane (the snpposed 
locality of Uphir), South-Eiist Africa, 
niiiL 263 ; lEsiv. 249 ; iisis. 266. 

Sofia, ateam-Bhip, fitted out fur Arctic 
exploration, 1*. 132— plan of tliejour- 
nej, 132, 133— names of ttiose who 
took part in the S«edish expedition 
of lS<i4, 133. 

Bods, Central Asia, xxxviii, 450. 

SoQHAiiEYBiE, Or Ziaret, Pass, Mczocr 
Dagh, Turkey in Asia, li. 329, 

BooHAOLi-DAGH (MouDtaio), between 

Enwrllm aud Ears, xl, 471. 
Squab, (own, Oman, Arabia, xtlxIt. 112 

BouoNA-WAliZ, AbyBsinia, xxxvJil. 41. 
Ban. uf the lathmua of Dajien, 16. 87. 
BoBK Harboor, Vancouver Island, ixsL 

Bo(.EYTBi., Diatiict of.Arabia,; 
"SotrATARA," or smoking apertu 

Djungaria, isiv. 229. 
BoLiTABY Eange, North Australia, 

SOLOUON' Islands, South Pacific Ocean, 

ixxiiL 219,223, 232. 
BoHABAie, Mountains of the, Inilo- 

China, xxxii. 150. 
BOKAS Biver, Vancouver Island, A. 534 ; 

xxxiv. 167. 
BoHBANB River, Lake Shirwa, East 

Africa, xxxi. 266. 
BouEMOiB District, Vancouver Island, 
■ ■ BO, 163. 

Cape York. Anafraliu, 

average anoBal temperature of, com- 

pued with that of places eitoiitiid 

abont the sauie distancn south of 

the equatoi . 
.CateYobk.Aibtralia ; De- 

goription of the Neighbourhood of. 
■ By JoBN Jabuine, Eaq. * "■ 


SouERSET and the Cafb To&e Pbnib- 

suLA, AcsTBALu : Nott's on thu 
Phjaicai Geography, Climate, and 
Capabilities of. Bj Dr. Alex. Ratt- 

BAT, B.N., XXXVJii. 370. 

— , Cape York Peuinanla, Ans- 

Iraiia, xsxvi. 46, 50, 51, 85 ; xxxviii. 
870 et Kj. 

, Cape York Peninsula, Aus- 

tialia; canses which modify the 
climate of, ib. 402 — high annnai teta- 
pcrature of, 403-405. 

■ , Cape York Peninsula, 

Australia ; prevailing winds at, ib. 

, Cape York PenioBnla, 

Australia; rise and fall of the baro- 
met«i at, ib. 397— lainfall, 397. 

, Cape York Peninsula, Aue- 

trolia, salubrity of, ib. 407-409. 

■ Settlement, Cape York Pen- 
insula, Australia; probable future 
of, ib. S72,J73. 

the Victoria 

Nyanza, xi 
River, a portion of the Nile 

ivhich flows from the Victorin into 

the Albert Nyanza, sxxvi 8 [note]. 
SoMBRViLLB, Mrs, Matj, Medal 

awarded to, xxxix. p. cxxxiii. 
Soun-HcmiT, Fiji, xxxii. 44-46, 48, 54, 

BoNAXTK, North-EBsl Africa, xxxviii. 

17, 18. 
SoNOHOPOSA, military canton of, Salada 

Eiver, La PlaU, xxxiv. 234. 
SONJO, East Afriea, x1. 312. 
SOM-EUL (large Alpinu lake), Oantml 

Asia, xxsii. 563, 564 ; iL 250, 251, 

356, 391, 399. 
Pkteau, Central Asia, xl. 252, 

255, 256. 
SoHMBASBB, Belachislan, xxxiii. 183 rf 
■harbooi described, 184 ; ixxvii. 




America, x 

"Bon-ttb" (518), Neuemann's trans- 
lation of, refertL'd to, xxxvi. 262. 

■ , reforrod to, ii.. 256, 


Soo, Valley of, Petsia, iixi. 56, 57. 

SoooKOW, China, xxxiii. 102. 

fioovAiD, or Ssfed Koli mnge, Afghan- 
istan, sxxii. 307, 309. 

SooaET Puss, Aktagh range, si. 33, 49, 

Valley, ib. 48, 52, 64. 

Sooa Island, New Guinea, xxxii. 127. 


SooKE Diatript, VaDconver Islam], 

xxsiv. 155, \6-l, 161, 170. 

River, VanroUTBC Islnnd, ih. 161. 

BooKEAK Eiver, one of tlie HiteH huh^b- 

ted for n port fbr Britiali tiwle in 

Formoea, ib, 15. 
Soobe-i-Sbooe, Euphrates River, exit. 

SoDEiA Indians, Cential America, 

iixii. 26(1. 
SooLiHANi Monntaiiia, ArghaiiistiLD, ib, 

30:l-30G, 309. 312 ; ixiviL 68. 
BooNiB RnrkK, BelucliiKtnn, xxiiu. 201, 
SooBOO (Lowei), HorUi-EoJit Afrioa, 

xxxTiii. 17. 
{Upper!, North-Eiiit Afiico, rt. 

17, 18, 20, 23. 
Bob Daijh, maaDtain in Georpo-Ar- 

meniu, xxxi. 151. 
BoBATA Peak, Andes Mountains, 

xxxvii. 1 19. 
EoaooBiTi River, Sonth Africa, siiii. 

SW, 253. 

B:ITAL1JE, Ijl pints, SSXiv. 210. 

BuTHEBT, Samuel Leigh, Obit. Notice, 

BocNDisasi, result of, between Norway 

mid Spitzbergao, xxxix. 139. 
SonsDWAF lAke, Brilisli Columbia, 

SonTii Afriou, extreme drougbta in, 

XXXV. 113. 
, matoornlogical zones of, 

ib. IW, 110. 

. Bee WHsoii. 

Americft ; Geographiial work 

and exploration, xxxi, p. clxzii. ; vol. 

xzxiii. p. olviii. ; vol. xxiiv. p. olvii. ; 

vol. XXIV. p. clvi- ; vol. xxxvi. p. 

clxixT. ; vol. xxxviL p. civ.: vol. 

xxxviii. p. clixlii. ; vol. xxxix. p. 

p 1 ITT y, ; vol. si. p. Clxs. 

, Physical Geography 

of, xl. p. elsx. 

of, I 

See Amerk 
u googrupbei 

\, labours 

AuatrHliun Oreat Northern 
Exploring Expedition ; Notice of 
arrival at Van Diemon's Oull', North 
Australia, xxxiii. 320, 321. 

AUBTBAX.;*, Marine Survey of 

the Northern Territory of. By Mr. 
" HowABD, Master B.N,, xxxvi. 

South Lake, Non Zealand, xj 

TorreDS, Sooth Auatralia* 1 

Pacific, principal ocean current I 

of, xxxviii. 404. I 

Parry Springs, Anstralia, xxil. I 

91. I 

Beef Island, Andnmnn IslaDdl,.! 

xxxii. 110. ■ 

Victoria, Antarctic Oceiin,x3 


Waijgats Islands, Bpitzbergelv 1 

ih. HO. i 

SorTH-KAST Monaoons of North Ans- 
tmlia, xxxviii, 382. 

Soi'TH KiiN Alps of New Zealand, si 
fields and glaciers of, compart with 
the European Alps, xl. 436. 

, New Zealand, 16, 433- 


Akdes of Chili, Expedition 

Acroas the, with the nbjoct of Opening 
a Nf-w Line if Comm^inicalion from 
Oie Pictnc; to the AtLastio Ooeaw, 
by tlie I^ake of NAuUEL-HcAn and 
the Riven Limat and Nxono. By 
Don OuLLiEBHo Cox, of Cbili (trans- 
lated from the Spanish and ooia- 
niunicatcd by Sir Woosbise Pabibh, 


le Pali/rai 


~ Cspe, Spitzbcrgen, i 

1. 135. 

Laos and Cambodia, Notes 

of an Expedition made into. By 
H. G. Kbnwedt, Ebu., xisvii. 298. 
SoDTH-OAT. Spitzbergen, xxxix. 142, 
"lOCTHLAND, New Zealand, Survey of 

Lake District of, ixxiv. 56 et seg. 
SocTHFUBT Harbuur, New Zcalanil, 


SowATSA, Mount, Abyssinia, xxxviii. 
22, 23— ^urn of, 26. 

SoTAN Etver, Ceniral Asia, xi. 412. 

SPAts, Coello's Provincial Atlas and 
Map of, xxxii. p, exli, 

, E^oya on the Ancient GoogTa- 

phy of, ib, 

, Surveys of, ib. p. cxxxviii. 

Spanboo Village, doutroyod by flood, 
xsxiv. 45. 

Si'Ecmo Gravity, Temperature, and 
Ourtenta of tha Seas passed through 
daring Voyages irom Enolakd to 
India. By Mr. Henkt Toynbeb, 
Master Mariner, ixxy. 147. 

Sfeke and Grout, Captains, arrival at 
GondokoTO, 16. S!97. 

n tlie 


Speke and Grant, Cnplains, departure 

of, fioiD Goudokoro, Kxivi. 4. 
, referred 

a of ^i< 

1 Jobn Hnnning, elsTit- 

awanled U 

1. [ip. V 


Up])orBtbmDf theNiLE, from inspeo- 
tioD aud informatiDQ, zxxiii. 322. 

Itineraiiea of thu Second f^t 
African Espedilion under tlie com- 
mand of Captain J. H. Spake, oom- 
piit«d by Mr. E. Donkin, Greenwich 
ObBetvfttory, 331— laiitudes of aU- 
tiona between Jiwa la M'koe and the 
coast ; longitude of statioiie between 
same uDiiite,33t;— lougitudeof Kaze, 
337 — latitudes and longitudes of sta- 
tions near the soureea of tbe Nile, 
S33 — heights of Btalions between 
KaxS and tbe coast, 341— heights of 
stations between Kaze' and Gondo- 
koro, 345 — magnetic variation ob- 
sarvod by Captain SpLko, 3-16. 
; Obit. 

ferrod to, xiiiv. 202, 203 ; xsiv. 3 et 
«rg,,29<l; iiivii. 193, 194, 1%, 203- 
Bpbnoeb Mountains, New Zealand, 

Sfknoeb's Oulf, Queensland, xsxt., 

Bfbi River, New Zealand, isxiv. Gl. 
&f:llen'b Cretk, Nurth Anstralia, 

iUTi, 232, 23J. 
Bpit Point, Nortb-Wcat Australia, 

ixxiL 117. 
Bpitzberoen, ms». 90, 130, 132-131; 

xxivi.2M2, 283, 292-291; si, 417. 
, soutli point of, Bcce98ible 

throughout the year, xxxv. 13S. 
8POTT19WOODK, William, Esq., p.r.b., 

appointed one of the Secretaries, 

bibilities to FhyBical Geography, 
mi. 149. 
SliiATT, Captain (now Admiral) ; bia 
EOundiiigB between Maltaaud Candia, 
referred to, iixri. 20? 


travels and researches In the lelam) 

of Crete, xxxv. p. cbv. 
Sfbingb of Hope, Siinth Anslralia 

(named by M'DouaU Stuart), sixt. 

Sprvcb, Mr. BiCHAns ; bia p^ograpbical 

work in the Valley of tho Amazona 

and in the Andes of Ecuador, nxir. 

; On ibe Moontaina 

of LLiNQiKATJ, in tho EiffTEBN CoH- 

DiLLEBA of the QurroNiAS ANnaa, 
illustrated by a map oonstmeted by 
tlie late Dun Atanaeio Guzman, xxxL 
163— nia^ifleent view of the Cordil- 
lera from Faca-yaou on plateaD above 
Kiver Bombonasa, 103 — ^ visit to 
Bancs in July 1857, 164— Tungura- 
guB volcano ; first view of Llanganati, 
1C5 — Don Atanasio Guzmans dia- 
coveiy of mines ; his map of Llan- 
ganati, IGG — explanatory remarks 
respecting his map, 137 — ila hydro- 
graphy, 169~audont taravitn (aerial 
ferry) across tbe Topo, a tributa^ of 
the Pobtasa, 172, 173, and note— dan- 
■ing tbe Topo, 173— 
B Fop - - " - 

climate of the J 

t of Caneloa ; 

man's map. 175 — eiplanation of 
signs, &c., used in tbe map, 176 — 
traosiatioaof the 'Derrotero' of Tol- 
verde, 176-8 — endeavour to trnofl 
the attempts to find by means of 
Guzman's map, and by tbe aid of the 
'Derrotero,' the gold of tho Incas, 
178 — mines of Ltanganati ; gold re- 
gion of Canelos, 181 — esplaontion of 
Quichua terms on Gnimsn's map, 

■i. [123 note]. 

Spbyb, Captain, referrtd to, sixvii. 
23S [note]. 

Spuzzub, Fraser Biver, British Colum- 
bia, siii. 237. 

Squak Prairie, Washington Territory, 
xxxix. 128. 

Bquauisii (Squamlsbt) Kiver, British 
Columbia, xxxi. 250, 297 et seg. 

BsiHAaAR, Kashmir, ib, 23, 31 ; sziiT. 


Btaaten Eiver, Queonaland, isivi. 26, 
28, 30, 31. 

Stalky, Eight Rev. Thouab, d.d., 
Biflhop of HoDolnlu; On tlio Gto- 
graphy ami Kecent Voloanic Erup- 
tion of the Sandwich laLiSM, 

Btanoish BaQgcB, QuecDBltiiid, xxxii. 

Btanlet, Dr., referred t<\ with reRrird 
to an inBcriptiDD at Harran, ih. 65. 

Stabs Creek, Thomson Eiver, Queens- 
land, iixiii. 114, 115. 

STAnrwELL Blufl^ Qaeeneliuid, sxxvi. 

Stawell Eiver, tributary of the Barkl j 
Eiver, Qtleeiialand, niiii. H2, !13. 

, Sir William, refemid to, 

™ii. 136. 
BTBEPLEBum, New Zealand, niiv. 64. 

Stekina River, North AraotiEO, xisviii. 

Stkreoscopio Mapa, advantage of, 
lEtv. 104, 105. 

, On, tatcn from 

Models of MouQlainnns CountricB, 
By FkANcIS Galton, Eaq., f.k.h. ; 
illustrated hv Specimens pbotO' 
paplicd by K. C. Galton, Eaq., 
ib. 90. 

Steven Burn, New Zealand, xssiv. G4. 

Stevenson Creek, South Australia, 
ixxi, lOfl, 141-14B. 

Stewart Colooel Patrick, rflforred to in 
oaaneclioD wilh tbo telegrapli cable 
in he Persian Galf, uxvii, 270. 

, Dr. John Lindsay, Bengal 

Army, referred lo, xssii. 313. 

, John Llndbay, m.d,; Notes 

on the Flora of the rounlry passed 
tlirongU by tlie Espcditioiiary Foroo 
under Brigadier-Goneral Chambeb- 
LAIN against theMABSoon Wuzebbih 
in 18S0, ib. S16. 

, Martin, Schools' Pri;ie Medal 

awarded to, x1. p. cxxxi, 

, Rev. Mr., suiii. 273. 

Eirer, New Zealand, xxzvii. 


Stewart's Island, New Zealand, luiv, 

Strait, Andaman Archi- 
pelago, xxxii. lis. 

Stiaebod Branaa, Muatakh Bauge, 
Tranfl-InduB, xixiv. 48. 

Stibn Tribes, east of the Mekong Bivi'r, 
Indo-China, ssiii. 142, 144-148, 150. 

Stikbn Cafiona, Alaska, xxxix. 123. 

Stirlinq, Adiuiral Sir Jamea, Obit. 
Notice, XXXV. p. cxxviii. 

Stielimo, Captain, of H.M.S. Was, 
farred to, Xniu. 257. 

Creek, Central Australia- 1 

(nameil by M'Donall Stuart aflraT 
Hon. Edward Stirling, ii.i..a.), xxii, J 
122, 137. ■ 

Stock, LaJakh, iixvii. 344. 

Stok La, Trans-Indus, xxxir. 52. 

SiOKEB, Captain, referred lo,xxxii. 

i. 148 ; 

- Moi 

i. 241. 
— (New Zealand), referred a 
-2. ' 

t. New Zealand, ib. 9 


Eaugea, Australia, xxxii. 

442, 45S. 
Ston'ehbhoe, veatiges of atone-work la ] 

Arubia resembling, xxxiv. 126. 
Stony Creek, New Zealand, ih, 63 
Stoeihbebo Mountain, South Africa, 1 

xssii, 338. I 

Stbabo cited on the position of SitlakI, 1 

XXI vii. 168. 

, referred to, ixiii. 82, 

Stbadhbdee lalund, Moreton Bay, i 

BiRAiN, Lieoteiiant, r.a.A., referred to 
in connection wilh exploration in 
thelsUimusof Darien, ixxviii. 70,72. 

Straitb Settlements, xixiL 118, 126. 

STaANOEORi), Lonl, Obit, Notice, zxxiz. 

STRANQWATa Eangc, Oentml Anatnilia 
(named by M'Donall Stuart after the 
Hon. the Attoraej-Genrral), xxxi. 

— ■ ■ Eiver, North Australia, 


Btbellet Eiver, North-West Australia, 
iiiii. HH, 41*. 418, 419. 

Strohc, H.. one of those who accom- 
panied M'Douall SCnart in his tliird 
journey in the virinity of Lake Tor- 
rens, xxii. 88 el seq. 

Stbute, M, 0. V. i Table of Aslronomionl 
Points fixed in Turkistan from 1665 
to 1868 (oommunicated by M, Alex. 
DE Bbro, Consul- Qtneral fbr Russia 

, M, O., rtfurrt'd lo, sxxv. 137. 

, Prof. F. G. W., Ubit. Notice, 

ib. p, cxix, 
Strzelecki, Mount, named by M'Douall 

Stuart after Count Strzelecki, xxii. 

Stbzeleoki'b Creek, South Australia, 



Btcabt, Capfaiu. referred to, xisi. 250. 

, Jons M'DorALL, Gold Mo- 

dalliil B.o J. ; Diury or Explor&lioDs 
to the North of Mcbobison Range, 
Australia, in 20° 8. Lat, 1800-1, 
xxiii.3iO—QuarliHill, West Mount 
Bljth; Anil Creek; G™dia.r Creek, 
310— Teonatit Creek ; BiahopCreefc; 
Hujwaid Croelc; Attack Creek, 311 
— Morphett Creek, 312 — Onatj 
Plains; Tonikinsoo Creek, 313 — 
CHimlhera Creek; Htrnter Creek, 
344— Stnrt Plaine: WatBon Creek, 
Aelihurt"!! Raatte. 346— Blurt PUina ; 
HswkerCrctk.Aahbiirtotj RaTige,313 
— Ferguson Creek ; Lawson Creek ; 
Start Plaini, 351— Loveday Cieek, 
3Utt— Mount Hawker, 367— Buika 
CrDek, 368. 

Return Janmey : — Tomkinson 
Creek ; Morphett Creek ; Attack 
Creek ; Haytraid Creek ; Bishop 
Creek ; Tenoatit Creek, 370 — Mouut 
Samuel, Ann Creek ; Thring Creek, 
UurchiaoD Ranges; Moolooloo, 371. 

; Jonroal 

of AcsTRALiAM Esploratiou, sxii. G5 
^^tarted from Mount Hennit Ajiril 
22, 1859, 65 — returned to Adelaido 
July 1859. 83 (Second preparatory 
joumi-y In the vicinity of Lake 

; Joomal 

of AraTHALiAN EsplonLion, ib. 83 — 
Left Chambcra' Creek Nov. i. 1859 ; 
ret-u'ned Jan. 21, 1800, 100 (Third 
preparatory journey in the vicinity 
of Lake Torrens). 

; Jonmal 

of AusTBALlAN Exploration, ii. 100 
—Left Cliumbers' Creek March 2, 
18G0; returned Sept. 2, 18ti0 (Last 
Eipedition into the Interior of Aub- 


i. 270. 

neya in Anstralia, referred to, 
p. eilviii. 

— , Major H., H.M.'a Conaul at 

Yanina; On the FhjBical Geography 
and Natural Keaourcea of EpmrB, 
mil. 276— the coast, 277— u>(.iin- 
titins, 284— rivers, 2k9— lakes, 290- 
climate, 291- rainfall table. 292— 
fauna and flora, 293 — miiiemlii, 205. 


&TUABT Lake, New Caledonia, xxxi. 

, Moont, New Ztaland, xxiiv. 

Stcaet's Creek (named after M'Douall 

Stuart), East Australia, sxsiii. 68. 
Kange, South Aostrulia, itxxi. 


Veeek Paas, Cnumiu?, 

SiTrap Lakp, or Lake Ilamea, Britiali 

Columbia, xixi. 215. 
SinjBT, Ca])tain, his Expedition into 

the interior of Aastralia in 1844 

referred to, ib, 113, 
; referred to, ii. 70, 1 06, 

117,127; xxiiii. 33, 37,ll,43,29.'(. 
Chas., Ohit. Notice, 

xl. p. Mxsiii. 
, Mount, North-western Aas- 
tralia, sxiv. 358. 
■ Plains, Nortb Australia, xxsiL 

346 ei acq. ; xiuciii. 286 ti leq. 

Ronge, Australia, nxi. 127. 

Stubt'b Deeert, Australia, xxxiii. 151. 

Ponds, South Aualrulia, ib. 34. 

Styx River, tributary of tlie Uokitika. 

River, New Zealand, ixivii. 329, 

ScANETU, GaucnEQjg, sxxis. GO, 61, 67. 
SuBANaiRi River, tributary of the 

Brabmapntra, its Tolnmo in the dry 

senaop, ixsviii. 218. 
Sm-HlMALAYAS, xl. 182. 
ScBTKBHANEAN Seam of Rlo extending 

Irom Kamtscliatka, lhroup;h tbe 

Kurilea and Japarieae group, to 

Formoaa, the Pliilippinea, and Java. 

of WlBTEBN SlND. By J. W. Barhks, 

SunzEWAR, tonn and proTince, Persia, 

ixxi. 42, 43 and [note]. 54. 
Sl-ccoth, position of, uiii. 96, 100. 
iScdEiiL, town of, IstliiDus of Tehuan- 

tepec, Central Ajnerioa, ib. 537, 539- 

541, 553, 554. 
SiJ'CHow [?Soi-)n],onthe Tang-taae- 

Mang, ■*. 13, 15 e< ir?., 38-40. 
BC-CBOW-Pc, on the old course of the 

Yellow River, il. 22-24, 26. 
BuDDAK or Kalkyt River, Turkey 

Asia, ixiviiL 286, 287, 283. 
BcDivA, Asanni, xxxvii. 231,235; 

2S7, 21 





SuELiNG [?Sui-uing] (hifin), Szechuen, 

China, xxxii. 22. 
" SuEN-HO-Fu *' (i. e. Hsuan-hwa-fu), 

Ghihli, North China, xxxiii. IVO. 
Suez Canal; Society represented by 

Lord Houghton at the Opening, xl. 

p. clx. ; R port on, by Captain j 

Richards, b.k., and Colonel Clarke, 

b.Em t6. 
Sup, Syria, xxxii. 91, 92. 
Sugar in Fonnosa, xxxiv. 10. 
Sugar-cane, cultivation of, on the 

iBthmud of Tehuantepec, Central 

America, xxxii. 549. 
Sugarloaf Mountain, Siam, xxxi. 308, 

318, 314. 
SuGBT, Karakash River, xxxvi. 159, 

160, 165. 

River, Central A^ia, ib. 165. 

Valley, Central Asia, ib. 157. 

SuGMEi(, town and ruina of, Turkey in 

Asia, xxxviii. 341. 
Suhmai Kha, Pougmai, or Linmai Kha, 

Burma, xl. 288, 291. 
SuiFUN River, Manchuria, xxxvii. 222, 

224; xxxix 22. 
SuK el Khan, Syria, xxxii. 106, 107. 
SuKiT Diwau Pass, near the Karakash 

River, xxxvii. 19, 20. 
, the point of divergeni'e of Hindo- 

tak RoBud from Kamkoram Uouto, t6. 


Valley, ib. 19. 

SuKKUR, Sind, ib. 68-70, 73, 74. 
Suk-Wadi-Barada, Syria, xxxii. 78. 
SuLAMAN Creek, Borneo, ib. 217, 218, 

SuLi Range of Mountains, Gretce, ib. 

SuiJOTEs, scene of the resistance of the, 

to All Pacha at the beginning of the 

century, /6. 72. 
Sullivan, Commander, r.n., referred 

to, xxxiv. 226. 
SuLLOiTA, East Africa, xl. 307. 
Sulphur Baths at Ataiui, Japan, periods 

of ebullition, xxxi. 355, 356. 

in Formosa, xxxiv. 14. 

mines of Formosa, ib. 13. 

spriuj^s in Japan, xxxii. 287. 

SuLT, Arab tribe of, Syiia, ib. 86. 
Sultan Tezek, one of the three chiefs 

of tlie Great Horde, Central Asia, 

xxxi. 361. 
SuLTU Tribe, Central Af?ia, xl. 349, 350. 
SuMAAN District, Arabia, xxxv. 172- 

174, 178, 180, 181. 
SuMAMPA, La Plata, xxxiv. 232. 
Sumatra, Island of, xxxii. 118, 241; 

xxxiii. 219 et seq. 


Susibawa, Island of, Ea tern Archi- 
pelago, ib. 224. 
SuMBE, or Alvaii River, Central Abia, 

xxxi. 368. 

Plateau, Cential Asia, ib. 

SuMBULPOou District, produce of, Ma- 

l.annddy ba.-in, xxxv. 72. 
Su3iii)0R0 River, Brazil, xxxii. 269-271. 
SUM3IARY of pastoral and othtr landa 

explored on North-Wcist Coast of 

Australia, xxxv. 283. 
Summit Lake, l>riti6h Columbia, xxxi. 

219, 231. 
Sumner, Lake, New Zealand, xxxvii. 

SuN-oiiu (fu), Hunan, China, xxxii. 2. 
Sunday River, Natal, xxxvii. 50. 
Sunderbunds, the, India, xxxii. 238. 
SuNDUGU River, Mancliuria, xxxvii. 

SuNGACHAN, Manchuria, xxxix. 21. 
Uiver, IManchuria, xxxvii. 

222, 224, 226, 231. 
SuNGARi River, ntfluoiit of the River 

Amur, xxxvii. 224 ; xxxix. 1, 19-22, 

24, 26-28, 32-35. 
SuNG-E-TocHTER Peak', west of Herat. 

xxxi. 48. 
SuNGUL River, Beluchistan, xxxiii. 190. 
SuN-KiANO, a small canal falling into 

the Grand Canal of China, xl. 14. 
SuNNiN, Mount Lebanon, xxxii. 103, 

Sunstroke, Observations on, by Sir 

Bartle Frere, xL 201, 202. 
SuNTLA Range, Central America, xxxii. 

Suok-Tiube Pass, Trans-Ilian Ala-tau, 

xxxi. 366. 
Peak, Trans-llian Ala-taii, 

xxxix. 314, 315, 318; xl. 347, 348. 
SuoNADA, or Inland Sea of Japan, xxxii. 

284, 285, 288 ; xxxiii. 178. 
SuFEiiAGUY, Brazil, xxxii. 141. 
SuPERiOT?, Lake, xxxv. 14 ; xxxviii. 119. 
SiPPiT, Beluchistan, xxxiii. 188. 
SiQUONViLLA Mountains, Alaska, 

xxxviii. 230. 
SiRATO Island, Syr-Daria, /6. 445. 
SuRiQriLLA River, Durien, xxxviii. 76. 
Slrp Carabet, or Halvoree Vank, village 

of, Turkey in Asia, ib. 339. 
Surtokii-La, Pangung Lake, xxxvii. 

345, 349. 
SurO, or Sur Butan, country of, Kash- 
mir, xxxi 36. 
SuRUNGO, Mubtakh Range, Tians-In- 

dus, xxxiv. 42. 
Survey of Lake Zaisau and the Upper 

ar.d Lower Irtyah in 171 *, xxxv. 64. 




*HTB liiver, Onlrtil Axin, xl. !t&7, 
SuSTENBiOK rnpe-bridfii-B ovi-r llic Jlie- 

lum Hivtir, Kii»liiiiir, xxii. 35. 
giiTHKBLANU'g Cretk, AtutraliM, xiiiii. 

SuTLEj Rivei, Punjab, xxivii. 71, 235 ; 

xxsviii. l;«, 14n; xxxii. 147, H9, 

157. )5», ItiO; xl. ISi, 191. 
, nimarkriblB iron auspen- 

aioii-bridge over Ibe, mix. HB. 
and Indns, tnicm of ancient 

chiinneU oftlip, xl. 191. 
St-rK Pbbs, Centrnl Anin, <'A. 2G2, 2Ga 

Hiver, Oenlnil AbI', ft. 266. 

ScvA Bay, Fiji, iixii. 68. 
— Point, Kji, ib. 58. 
~ — -, Viti Levn, Fiji. ib. 57. 
BuvucBA, Eait AfrifB, xl. 331. 
SciBBAKi, Capp, Yesso, Japan, xxxvi. 

175, 178. 
SczAK, Central Asia, si. 375, 37G. 
SwAKOi- Kiver, Walfiwli Baj, Soaib- 

Weiit A'nca, xixvi. 247. 
HwAKT, Jncob, Obit. Notice, I'ft. p. ciliL 
BwAT Ooantiy, TranB-ludus, i ' "" 
BwATOW, CliiDft, ixsiv. 16. 
BweiiiBH Arotio ExpiilitianB of 1858, 

18111. and 1861, xxxix. 131 [note]. 
.■ North Polar Expedition, 186f 

ib. 131. 
BwEEB'a Island, Gulf of CarpentariE 

SfiNnoi], RoBiHT ; Notes on tlie Inland 
of FOBMOSA, xixiv. 6— Govcrnn: 
cliart of Taiwan, or Cliioena Form 
C— tlie city of Taiwan ; diiDgt-rs of 
IUb ForriioBaD coast; eoaat mo.-tly 
unknovm ; reported existence of gmd 
harbours at tlie Sontb Cape, 7- 
Tniasnf RiTer ou norlh-west v-onst . 
landniBrks ; up^ier purtion of tbe 
rirer; visit t» interior in search of 
the aborigines, 8— oonatruc 
ntgnedu'^; rainy scaiEOii at Tanmuy ; 
intlutiice of Pacific Gulf Stream, 9 
— <kiminiinder Ferry's remarks on it, 
10 — rorai in "Kidung harbour ; Ape'a 
hill, 11— Kelnng coal tnines. 12— 
sulphur miiiea, 13 — selection of a 
port; tea on Tamsny hills, 15 — rire, 
sugar, jute, ^rassclotb libre, riee- 
papur, oariiphor, l(i — wood-', petro- 
leum, 17— Borvey of const neceasiiry, 

H.Vl.'e in China) ; 
Miasion up the YAH»-7azE-Ei. 
268 — two delegates of Shangli 

Chamber of .Conuneroe appointed tn 
iiccnmpany bim; arrangtmentB with 
Admiral Sir H. Keppel, 268 -start 
from SI angbai;reaohHaiikow,269^ 
surveying ofGvers; Sba-ie; Jcbang, 
270— jonmoy in native boat to Kwei- 
fu, All., 271— anival at Cbung-kiiig: 
commei'Dial inquiries, 274 — titart on 
return voyage, 275 — curioua procla- 
mftlion at I-cliang, 276— Mr. U B. 
DawBoo'B survey report, 277— ■Lieut.- 
Cominauder Stokes' report, 278— 
Hi. Ambler's report on native coal ; 
commercial refiort, 279 — notes on 
Foyang Lake, 280— reniarha on the 
proposed landing stations on tlie 
Yung-tsze-liiaiig, 282 — ioformatioD 
as 10 Woo-hoa (Wu-I.u) andTa-tung, 
SwiTZBBLAND, mupa of, referred to, 

, Prof. Piiul Chaix' Ao- 

connt of BuTveya for Great Federal 

Sta;i of, xxxii. p. clix. 
SwoRD-nBH(PrisW8penrfeitii) ; anattva 

of lioth aaltand fresh water, xxxv. 165. 
Starke, Buluobiitan, xxxiii. 188. 
SmoTA laleia, Kpirua, xxxix. 282. 
SviiNEY, Cape Breton Iblaud, Bliti»h 

North America, xisviii. 260, 261. 
— - — — Harbonr, Car* Breton lalaiid, 

Brilith North America, ib. 259, 260. 
Wale^ xxtii. 42; 

■. 199; . 

i. 47; 

L. 372, 

and Central America, xxxiL .'>7. 
SVEES, Colonel, referred to in connection 

with tbe ancient eity of Wullabah, 

xl. 195. 
Svue, Colonel, Iiis visit to tbe Anda- 
LJunda refirred to, xsxii. 109, 



f. Lieutenant, n 

Svb-Daria, or Jaxai tci, ssxi. 357, »e5 : 

L 51J3; 

I. 218; 

i. 153, 

155, L-ie, 158; xxsviii. 429 et ae^.; 
xl. 343, 344, 348, itff!, 370, 376, 378 
[and note], 384-386, 418, 417. CS«i 
also Jaxartea.) 

■ ', Climate, Soil. Animals, 

and Natural Products of tlie Ci>nntry 
bordering on the, iixviii. 4.12, 

, Delia (,f till', ft. 44ii. 

-, lakes nupjiiied by tho, i' 




Stb-Daria, fertility of the valley of 
tjic, i6. 453. 

, head-waters of th-s xl. 


( Jaxartes) ; Table of Cor- 
responding Localitit'S, on both banks, 
from Fort Perovski upwards to 
Baildyr-Tugai, xxxviii. 456 et seq. 

-, or Jaxartes, Visit to the 

Upper Course of, in 1857. By M. P. P. 
Semenof, xxxi. H56. 

-, table of heights between 

the, and the Chu River, xl. 402-409. 
— , tributaries of the, xxxviii. 


— , upper course of (Narym), 
Central Asia, xxxv. 222, 223. 

Syria, occupation of, by the French, 
xxxii. 77. 

and Northern Palestine, 

Physical Features of. By John 
WoBTABET, Esq., ib, 100. 

SzE-CHiNG, on the Bi-kiang, South 
China, xxxviii 68. 

SzBOHUEN, province of, China, xxxii. 
1, 9 et seg, 

SzE-HO, a rivtr of Shantung, feeder of 
the Grand Canal of China, xl. 226. 

SzE-SHUi-HSiEN, ou the Sze-h'>, Shan- 
tung, Chi:ia, t&. 


Taban (station), Mono^olia, xxxiii. 172. 

— ' Talloghai, Monojolia, ih. 174. 

Tabasco, town of, Mexico, xxxii. 538, 

Tabistanee, or samnier route from 

Leh to Yarkand, xl. 33. 34, 49, ()3. 
Table Bay, !?'outh Africa, xxxv. 149, 

150, 301, 302; xxxvii. 65, 66. 
Mountain, Cape of Good Hope, 

xxxi. 276. 

, East of Miiritzburg, 
Natal, xxxvii. 53, 66, 67. 

of Agricultural Operations, &c., 

in Central and Northern Manchuria, 
xxxix. 23. 

of altitudes of the road by 

Arthur Pass, across the Province of 
Canterbury, New ZtaUnd, xxxxii. 

of altitutles of place?, lakes, 

passes, mountains, &c., in the Pro- 
vince of Canterbury, Now Zealand, 
xl. 438-441. 

of annual temperature for the 

port of Newchwung, Manchuria, 
xxxix. 4. 


Table of astronomical observations 
west of the White Nile, by Consul 
Petherick, xxxv. 298, 2. •9. 

points along 

the Jaxartes, from Fort Perovski t» 
Baildyr-Tugai, xxxviii. 456. 

_^— fixed 

by M. C. V. Struve, in Turkistin, 
xxxix. 338. 

on the 

Rivers Maue'-assil, Amana, Guarana- 
tuba, Abacaxis, and Canuma, Brazil, 
xl. 426. 

of atmospheric pressure, tem- 
perature, &c., in Glenelg District, 
North Western Australia, xxxv. 270. 
of authoriti< s on the |)ositions 

of Yarkand, Kashgar, and Khotan 
(Ilchi), xl. 120. 

of barometric observations, 

from Bida, in Nup^, to Zariya, in 
Huussa, West Central Africa, xxxvii. 

of tho chief Islands in the 

Malay Archipelago, with lists of 
characteristic birds and mammals 
found in the Indian and Australian 
regions, xxxiii. 229, 230. 

to construct Maps on Merca tor's 

Projection, xxxi v. 299. 

of Corresponding Localities on 

biith banks of the Jaxartes, from Fort 
Perovski upwards to Baildyr-Tugai, 
xxxviii. 456 ef seq, 

of the direction and force of 

winds between Champion Bay and 
Camden Sound, Austmlia, xxxv. 283. 
of the direction and force of 

the wind in Glenelg District, North- 
west Australia, t6. 271. 

of tho direction and force of 

tho wind, Roebuck Bay District, 
North-West Aubtralia, »6. 280. 

of distances from Anita Peso 

to San Roquc, La Plata, xxxiv. 

in British Colum- 

bia, xxxi. 236. 

and elevations 

acrot'S the American Continent, from 
the Misseuri River to the Patcific 
Ocean, about the 32nd parallel of 
lat tude, xxxix. 119, 120. 

from Fuerte del 

Bracho to Santiago City, La Plata, 
xxxiv. 234. 

from Fuerte del 

Bracho to Tucuman, La Plata, t6. 236. 

on the Jurua River, 

Brazil, xxxix. 310. 

Q 2 


[ Tabi.e of dialanres fmm Uie mm-h of 
ths Birei' Vuidt, xxxd. 116. 

. ill Mr. IleKbie'a 

jniimey inlo tlie intciior of liritLih 
CulnoibiB. xxxL UB. 

■ to SoQlarcni, Broiil, xixil. 279. 

— rr<.ni QQePii1>nr.msli 

to Fonnbiiu, Bntieh C latiiliia, 

from TiicuiQtin lo 

Balta, La Plata, il """. 
.^— of rstimiited arpiia of the rialuml 

diviaioiu survey^ in New Zealand 

(1. Pailurg; 2. Fon-s's; 3. Lnh-S 

4. flarjvlO. ib. 78, 74. 
of ileTatlnna in tb.^ Ziirafalin 

Valhy, Cenlral Aala, xl. 402. 
. of the fiii!.l result of ConHul 

Pelherick'a □bactvatiooa in hia luiid 

joiuTieT wratwanl of the WLi ro Nilp, 

giving detailed re)<iater of tho 

weather tit diSireiit places in New 

Zealand, from Se|iteniber S, 1862, to 

ApfiilS, 18e3.xsxlv. 76-80, 
. of hdghla between the Bivtr 

Cbu ai.d the Sjr-Daria, il. 402- 

. of stitioDB betwt'cn 

<n Kaze' and the East Cnoat of 

Africa, (2) Knze and GonJokoro, 

iMiit 344, 345. 
of hv^ToiDetrii! eonditiona &c, 

Roebauk Bay District, NuTth-WcBt 

Auatraiia, sixt. ST" 

■ of latitudeB deduced froiu a 

obserratiutiB taken at Yaikand, 

nnd luiigitudoH of 

jJacea near the aourcii of the Nile, 

D ubflervoliniiB made by Captain 

1 the Rivtr Purlla, : 

Second East African Expedition, ib. 
346. ^ 

Cable of mean monthly ii'sulta of 
meteoTological oljservitliona modo at 
MatiioB. Bniiil, xl 42S. 

of uieteotologio.d observntiona 

on the banks of the Apurimao River, 
Peru, iKiviii 420. 

of meteorological observationa 

in &emi|>ulatiniik, xxxii. 559. 

of the NeoiiiinnB uud olher 

diiilecls of East Afiicn. xl. 31 1. 

of oblerviUiuns of Iho boiling 

point taken in Great Tibet, xxsii. 

for ItttitiiJa 

Ukeii in Great Tibet, ih. 172-181. 
of pnailionson tin) JuriiilHiver, 

Brazil, dclermiiied by ubaeri'ationH, 

ib. 307. 
of rainfall and teniperature in 

Mercara, Coorg, ib. 90. 

fur E..I- 


rr Caiculation, By Fbasols 

Galton, Ksq^ r.B.a., xisiv. 281. 
of Mr. !■'. O. Adaiub' ivnite in 

Kipun Island, Japan, xl. 343. 
flhowing nllituile above aea-Ievel 

of lakes in New Zealand, xxxiv.75. 

jii-incipal objects in New Zeahind. ib. 

71, 75. Note on iillitnileB, 80-82. 
■ tlieatiuualrangeoftem- 

perature at vnriDua placed, ixxviiL 

lurnbia, x 

i. 236. 

iniporlant points on the route fmtn 

Qui eubnrough to Fountain, Dritisli 

Caluiutiis, ib. 
— — - — —^thedlffereiipo inheiRhla 

in tire Nile region, from obatrvHttfiDB 

by Blr B. Bakir and by CoptoJa 

Speke, sxxvii 209. 
— — tu allow l]>e lempemtare of the 

sea (aurfiioo) and air according to 

latitude, ssiviii. 388. 

- BliDwmg the temperature of tile 

- of Bt«l 
I of tho Chronnraeti , 
observations niadii by OiiptiiiD J. H. 
^ te, bctweeu Jlvit la M'kon. and 
the uoaat of Euat Africa, ih 

of magnetic i ariiilinn obaeri'ed 

by Captain J. H. Bpeke duriiiu the 

lea (Biirfwe) n 
Lititude. (Da) 
RitHesaakei, ii 


aasigued to places iti Eastern Tur- 
kialaii, xxivi 160. 
— ~ of temperatures of air and srw 
in tlu' Soutli Atlantic, South raciSe, 
and Ttares Slraita, xxxviii, 389. 




Table of temperature, &c., in Roebuck 
JJaiy District, North- West Australia, 
XXXV. 280. 

in South Man- 
churia, xxxix. 4. 

p— and specific 

^^ruvity of the sea on tlie Equator, 
XXXV. 148. 

of the surface 

of the Northern Atlantic Ocean, xl. 
444, 445. 

of Voynges towanls the North 

Pole. Compiled by C R. Markham, 
Esq., Secretary B.6.8., xxxvi. 2U5 
it seq. 

of weijijhts, measures, currency, 

lieights by boiling point, xxxiv. 287. 
of heights obtained by Mr. S. 

W. Baker by boiling-point thermo- 
meter in Eiist Africa, xxxvi. 18. 

illustrating application of the 

calculus of probabilities to Physical 
Geography, xxxi. 151 e^ seq. 

— of meteorological observations in 

British Columbia, i6. 221. 

of temperature and specific 

gravity of ti;e sea, xxxv. 150, 151. 
of temperature of tlie nir, of 

vapour tension, and (if humidity, 
vide Mr. Chaudless* notes on the 
Rivers Mauc-assu, Abacaxis, and 
Canuma, Brazil, xl. 431, 432. 

Taboada, General Don Antonio, re- 
ferred to, xxxiv. 228, 232, 234, 23l>, 

Tabrbez, Persia, xxxiii. 235. 

Tag Wilten Creek, South Australia, 
ib. 26. 

Tacazze River. See Tahkazyv. 

Taccosa,# Province of, Abyssinia, ih, 
41, 42. 

Tao-durrie Water, South Australia, 
xxxiii. 28. 

Tacu Keupru, Turkey in Asia, xl. 

Tacuarembo, department of, Uruguay, 
xxxix. 339. 

River, South America, 


Tacunga, Corrcgidor of, Expedition 
headed by the, in search of tlie 
treasures of the Incas, xxxi. 1G5. 


&c , used in Cambodia, xxxvii. 326. 

Tables, meteorological, of observations 

in Ladakh and Turkistan, xl. 14, 


of astronomical obs( rvations in 

Western Equatorial Africa by liL Du 
Chaillu, xxxvi. 72-76. 

connected with calculation of 


Tactnga, town of, Ecuador, ib, 

166. 170, 177. 
Tadbulgatt, pass in the Tians-Illan 

Ala-tau, ib. 366. 
Tadum, Tibet, xxxviil 134, 141, 144, 

Monastery. Tibet, ib. 133,138, 

141, 146, 148, 15^^, 161-163, 177. 
Ta-fu-sze (Monastery of the Groat 

Buddha), temple on the Yang-tsze- 

kiaiig, xl. 275. 
Taga9aba River, Brazil, xxxii. 139. 
Taqhalma Peak, Kizil Yart Range, 

Central Asia. xl. 94. 
Tahiti, xxxii. 15. 
Tahungko, Mongolia, xxxiii. 173. 
Taiko-Sama, referred to, xxxi. 822, 

Tai-ngan-pu, S' antung Pi"ovinc^, 

China, xl. 215, 216. 
Tai-ping Rebels, xxxii. 13, 21, 22, 41. 
Canal, connecting the Tung- 
ting Lake with the Yang-tsze-kiaiig, 

t6. 3, 5, 29, 31. 

tea districts, Anhwuy, China, 

xl. 284, 285. 

Tai-ping-fu, Anhwuy, China, ib, 283, 

Tai-ping-wan, Yellow River, ib. 1.3. 

Taipo River, tribulary of the Tera- 
makau, New Zealand, t6. 437. 

Tat Shan, sacred mountidn of China, 
in the Shantung Province, »6. 212, 
215, 216. 

Tai-ung-gono, on the River Cassia, 
Cliina, xxxviii. 67. 

Taiwan, or Chinese Formosa (as dis- 
tinguished from the portion held by 
the Aborigines), its governments, 
&c., xxxiv. 6. 

Tai-wan-pu, chief city of the Island of 
Formosa, ib. 14-17— described, 7. 

Tak, Trans-Indus region, xxxii. 305, 
317 et seq. 

Kesra, River Tigris, xxxvii. 175. 

Takasaki, Japan, xl. 341. 

Takht-i-Suliman Hill, Valley of Kash- 
mir, xxxi. 23, 28 — crowned hy the 
most ancient temple in the valley, 23. 

Ta-kin-suan, or the Great GoMen Ilill, 
on the left bank of the Yang-tsze- 
kianar, 20 miles above Hankow, 
xxxii. 1. 

Takitimo, New Zealand, xxxiv. 65, 68. 

Takiwa, Japan, xxxii. 287, 288. 

Takkazte River, Abyssinia, xxxviii. 
6, 29, 35, 37, 38, 40, 42, 43 ; xxxix. 37. 

' , source of, Abys- 
sinia, ib. 41. 

Valley, Abyssinia, ih. 42. 


Takkb Uan Biver, Af^liunistan, xixii. 

30S. aiS, 3!6. 
TaKLa MakSn (GoU) Desert, Eaatpm 

TorkUtun, ijtiTii. 5; li. Ua. 77, 78. 
Ta-so-ho, river of Shaatiing, China, 

.(1.203, 210. 
Taxd, Ttllago and f(ffls of, on the Pi'i- 

h'<,Ni>riliOhiitii,xxziiLlij3: zizTi. 

13V; xxxvii 24.'): xl. 10. 
Ta-ku-bhan, bolaled Iiill anatb-weEt nf 

Kirin, Manchuria, xixix. 2(1. 
. , town of, on the Tu-ynng- 

lio, Miniphuria, ib. fl, 17. 
Tai.anta Plateau, Abysiiiiia, xxxviii. 

43. 4.')-47. 
, Xalab BundHilk, Bolucliibtan, xxxiii. 

rTALAS Biver, CBiitml Asia. xxxv. 2tS; 

1 xl. 344. 3fl2, 3S3, 355, »57-3.iO, 

305-367. 37(i, 377, 385, 388, 390. 

. -■ - Vulley, Ceutrul Asia, ib. 364, 

Taloa, town nf, Chill, xxxi. 15a. 
'I'alht-bulab Riverp, Central Asiii, k1. 

Taldtk Kiver. Amu-Daria, xzxvii. 

ISt, 155, 157, lUO. 
Tale Sap. Great Lake of Cambodia, 

ib. 309, 313. 
Talqab Mountain, Traua-lliau Ala- 
tab, xl. 348. 

, Valley of the, xuv. 218. 

Taloabnvn - tai. - CUEK, Tiling - Iliau 

Ala-taa, ixiix. 334. 
Ta-libn-wah (Bay), y.llow Sea, il: 
L y, 13, 1(1, 17. 

I Ta-li-fit, Yunnan. Cliina, xx\i>. 22. 
tl'iLl.A Labroiig. Tibel, 



i Bivoi 


Lake Shirwa, East 
Lake Sbirwa, Katit 

Africa, ib. 276. 
TaU ABH t»-Ta irTim RKr , 

Central Asia, ih. 3S1). 
Tamabsk, Ihu morth of Tamerlane 

from, to (be valley of the 111, referred 

to, ft. 3i;0. 
Tahatavb, port of, Madagascar, mtivi. 

52-55, 63, 64. 
Tahbalan HUl, Borneo, xxxii. 217. 
Tambo del Ucco, Province ol' Caravnya, 

Peru, xiii. 196. 
River, tributary of (he Ucajali, 

Pern, xxxviii. 429. 
Tjhbopata Bivor, Province of Cara- 

vaya, Peru, xxxi. 203. 

-, Ravine of the, Pn> 


of Coravaya, Peru, ib. 202. 
X of the, ih 

TiMBOPATA Valley, Province of 

vaya, Peru, ib, 202. 203. 
Tambob Island, Gulf of Umba(DftriBnX 

ixsviii, 75. 
TAMBoa, cnvi rpd reeling - places n 

shelters of the Hnaittn Monnlnins, ii 

thoCaravaya Province, Peru.xxxvii 

Tahfasik Biver, North-West Const 
of Borneo, sxsii. 217 rf "eq. 

, Valley tif tile, Borneo, ifi. 228. 

Tahfyne-Ayare Laic, Kuk Hiver 
(or Kuvan Djarma). delta of tlio 
Amu-Darin, nivii. 152-154. 

TAxany, Formosa, xxxiv. 9, II, 15-18. 
, producU and exporto 


irienX I 

of, ib 
— -^. coal and Bulphi 

mines nf, detcril«d, ib. 12, 13. 

- — Harbour, Knmioaa, ib. 

Kivev. FormojB. ii. 8, 

Tasx Sea (Abtsbinia). Fnoa Metjiw. 

UA to DauOt alou^ tbo Vfeai, 

Bhoreaoftho. By Dr.HKNBi Bla 

sxsix. 36. 
Takajcb or Tana Biver, Turkey 

Ana, xxxviii. 331, 

Valley, Turkey in Asia, «. 

Tanana Biver, tributary of IbeYoi' 

Alaska, ft. 230, 2?" 
Tahakabivo, Mada;, 
Tandachiha Plate lU, WuzeeriBlan, 

vegetation of, xisii. 327. 
Tavel Valley, Turkey iu Aaia, 


Tahbla Indiana, Darien, ib. 76, 78. 
Biver, DariBU,ft. 74-76, 78, 7»^ 

81 (observationa on, 82), 6 "" 

, village of, Darien, i 

Tanoa, East Africa, xl. 303. 
Tanqanyika, Lake, East Central Aftiolt'" 

xxiui. 323-334, 364: xxxiv. 248; 

xxKvi. 16: xxxvii. 193, 194, 196-198, 

, East Central Africa, 

geneml character of, i 

question of an outlet, 20ti. 

. East Central Africa, 

a native of Unyamwezi 

Western Lake-RBBervoiroftbeNlLB. 
By Captain Richard F. Bcbtok, 
Medallist R.0J1., lb, 1. 

— ■ ~ — , water named Zaire, < 

Zembre Lacue, ooireapnnding wit( 





Tang-ohuen, mineral spring at, China, 

xxxiii. 167. 
Tang-shan-hien, on the old course of 

the Yellow River, xl. 23. 
Tanjoke, Madras Presilency, xxxvi. 

Tankal, Abyssinia, xxxix. 48. 
Tankse (Tangse) Peak; Ladakh, 

xxxvii. 344, 353. 

, Ladakh, height of, xxxix. 159. 

Tanta Plateau, Abyssinia, xxxviii. 45- 

Tag River, Chihli, China, xxxiii. 153. 
Taotst temple, on the Tai Shan, Slian- 

tung, China, xl. 216. 
Tapajos River, affluent <»f the Amazon, 

xxxii. 275, 279, 28i) ; xxxvi. 89 ; xl. 

421, 427. 
(one of the tributaries of the 

Amazon), Notes on the Rivers 

Abenos, Juruena, and. By W. 

CuANDLESS, Esq., xxxii. 268. 
Tapalisa River, Darien, xxxviii. 95. 

, village of, Dari n, ib. 94, 95. 

Tapanhona Indians, Brazil, xxxii. 271. 
Tapaua River affluent of the River 

Puras, xxxvi. 89, 94, 114. 
Tapeng River, Burma, xl. 292, 298, 

Taphan-hin (the stone bridge), Lam- 
Seng River, Cambodia, xxxv. 75, 

Taphan-theph (the celestial bridge), 

Lam-Seng Kiver, Cambotlia, t6. 76. 
Tapirs, on the Purfis River, xxxvi. 108. 
TAPPA,a chief of Kosoko, West Africa, 

xxxiii. 214. 
Ta-pu-t^, port of, Shantung, China, 

xl. 210. 
Taragatai Springs, Central Asia, xxxi. 

Taraigyl, the. Central Asia, xxxviii. 

Taramakau River, Now Zealand, 

xxxii. 295. 296; xxxiv. 89, 91 
Taranari, New Zealand, xxxii. 300. 
Tabanta Mountains, Abyssinia, 

xxxviii. S. 
Tarapoto, Peru, xxxi. 163; xxxvii. 

Tarauaca River, affluent of the Jurud, 

Amazons, Brazil, xxxvi. 103, 114; 

xxxix. 303, 304, 309. 
Taravtta, an aerial ferry for crossing 

rivers, used in parts of South 

America, xxxi. 172. 
Tarbagatai, Central Asia, ib. 366. 
Mountains, CJentral Asia, 

xxxv. 67-69, 215, 227, 228 ; xxxviii. 



Tarbagatai Disitiict, Central Asia, 

xxxv. 213. 
Range, names of the spurs 

of tlie, ib. 59. 

-, trigonometrical measure- 

ment of, ih, 217. 
Tarena Island, Gulf of Uraba(Darien), 

xxxviii. 75, 85, 86. 

Peak, Darien, ih. 75, 85. 

Taripa, Portillo (Gap) of, Central 

AiJierica, xxxii. 537, 538. 
Tarim, or Argol River, Central Asia, 

xxxvii. 5 ; xxxviii. 435 ; xl. 125, 


, water system of the, xxxi. 365. 

Tarjum-5 (halting - places in Tibet), 

xxxviii. 205 
, list of, between Gaitokh and 

Lhasd, 207, 208. 

-, between Lhasd and 

(iartukh, t6. 147 (described, 148). 
Tarrangolle, chief town of Latookn, 

East of Nile, xxxvi. 6. 
Tartarra Peak, near the Khyber Pass, 

Afghanistan, xxxii. 308. 
Tartary, Chinese. See Johnson, 

, Gulf of, xxxvii. 224. 

, steppes of, proof of physical 

changes having taken place in, within 

the historic p« riod, xxxv. 122. 
Taryn-Gol, or Ergeii River, the most 

remote of the considerable rivers of 

Asia, t6. 223. 
Tasavai, or Sisnpl on, CRmbodia, i6. 74. 
Tasgam, village of. Eastern Turkistau, 

xl. 96. 
Tashburik, town of, Yapuar River, 

Eastern Turkistan, xxxvi. 260. 
" Tashes " in Eastern Turkistau, xl. 

80 [note by MMJor-General Sir H. O. 

Tashilumbo, Tibet, xxxviii. 141, 144. 
Monastery, Tibet, t6. 134, 

Tashkend, xxxii. 555, 558; xxxviii. 

432, 433, 438, 447, 448, 452-454 ; xl. 

253, 365, 374, 377-379, 381, 382, 410- 

412. See also Severtaof, 
, question of a railway from 

Orenburg to, xxxviii. 447. 

- Valley, Russia in Asia, xl. 

Tash Kurg&n (Stone Fort), Sarikol 

District, »6. 91. 
, mountain pass, Central Asia, 

xxxi. 367. 
Tashkurgan Valley, Central Asia, xl. 

Tashrobat Pass, Central Asia, ib. 

(height of, 261), 262-264. 


f Viavsn, Abel Junscii, Dulah i 

galor, XMii. 42. 
— — — GLicier, New Zealand, kj 

92, 93, OS: xl. 431. 
Biver, New Eeokml, xi 

neoiitHi witli tlie working nf eoul, 
dUooTereil in tliu el ipasi'ttlio Koii- 
tnn, nil tLe Gniit Bu;,'tiii Ritet, i',. 
■■ 'Tatohio, mpibil (if TsiiBiina laluiil, 
Ja)»D. sxiiii 17i>. 
TA-TdiNQ River, 8hantirng. CliitiH, xl. 

2,fi, 14. 27,2.1. 31, 2U, 228. 
Tatta, Strnl, xxxvii. 73, 7S. 
TATTOOiRe, in Itritiali North Aiiiciici), 
sxxir. SB. 

, praelice of, in East Afiicn, 

" isxi. 2(i8. 
P Ta-ti'-hah, town (if, CliiiiK, CLina, 


\ 'Ta-tun Mnmitaioa, Fonui«fl, xsiiv. B. 
rA-TUNO, town uf, AullWHV, Cliiuo, xl. 

TAtiKAnE, n village on thu 
. Bivcr, China, xxxviii. G2. 
I TADiiiiODTii Tatten, fliglit 
I aiina, xxxvi. 133. 
F TAD-ToroMAi. (or Tetnuld). 

of. Caucnaufl, xiii:!. 70-6^ 


Tawano, Bhiitao, xxxviii. 173. 
Ta-wan-ho, Khanliing. China, xl. 217. 
Tawasan BivE'T, ISorneo, xxxii. 217 il 

1 Taiacaca Province,Peru,xxxviii.414 
I i'ATAH.IiencI wiiterBofthe,Centml Asia 
I xl. 41S. 
V ^A-TAHQ-so, Manohutia, xxxix. 6, 

K Tayleb, J, W., Esq., On Greenland 

■• FiOBDS iin'l Glaciehb. xl. 229. 

ITatlor, J. G., Eei)., H.B.M.'b Couaul 

ntDiarhehr; 'iVavels in KuBniBTAN, 

nilb Notli'eR nf the Snurves uf tlie 

Eabeebu and WssrEHN Tjcm?, and 


Ani^itnt Ruina iu their N>.''j,'l,lionr- 
IknhI, XXXV. 21. 

Floti of Ihe Itnins of Arzpn (Em- 
porium ArKmcnorutii), 26. 

PlAQofUiaL Church, near Dibcneli, | 

Table of nsjncB and Bouroca of tho I 

different riverB fonuing thu Upptr 

Tiflria, 49. I 

PlanofHatemTuiC»Blle(ttniii-nt • , 

Sisauronon). 52. , 

Namts DDil uiitnberB of eulijei't 

Bedouin and Fillohcen Iribee in 

Northern Mesopotamia, 54. 
Tubular Htiit>'nu-nt IB lo population 

undi'f the Diorliebr GovummL-nt, 58. 
. H.Ii.M.'BCon!ml 

fur Knrdi»tan ; Joumiil of a Tour in 

Armenia, Kdiidistah. anil UfI'BH 

MEaopoTAMiA, with Noti'a of Bo- 

BearohcB iu the DEVRBni Dagu, in 

18G6, xsiviii. 2RI. 
, Monnt (San Miilpo), New 

Mexioo, Kxxix. 101. 
Tchad, Laku, tViulral Africa. 8iu 

Chad, Lola. 
TuHALT(orTfflat)-au, Turkey in Asia, 

xixviiL 3(lfl. 
TciiAMOOK Ravine, Turkey in Abui, 

ib. 285. 
TottETCHKo River, north-west bonndary 

of the WailoLi Plnteniu AbyBcinio, 

ib. 42. 
TcBWTUK, Turkey in Asia, i"6, 286, 

M. P. de, iif.iwd to, 

TcniLiE Bivcr, afDuent i>r llio Hi 

River, xixi. 359, 3«7, 308. 
TcHiMRH Daeh (lUngi-), Tnikey in 

Asia, xxxviii, 289-291. 
TiiHiuiBHDEZEK BivcT, Turkey iu Asi;!, 

». 315, 317, 324. 

Asia, ib. aioVand nolel 317. 330. 
TcHONBULAK, nwuntaiit piwa. Central 

Asia, zxxt.SUS. 
TcHOBOuK-en, Turkey in Aua. question 

of poBJtion of Gyinnia nenr, xl. 472. 
TcHu River, See Ckii Riwr. 
TcHUKTOUl people, North - Eagtem 

Siberia, xxiv. 02, fl7 ; xixviu. 223. 
TcHUSsovAVA River, HuBsiu, ib. 55, 
Te Aubu Lake, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

57 "( S(^.— Downs, 60 «* sei/. 
Tea, tiport of, from ChugucLak, 

Central Asia, ixxii. 557, 558. 

in Foinioea, xxxiv. 15. 

Spring, Queensland, ; 




Tea-tree Swamp, York Peninsula, 

Queensland, xxxvl. 40. 
Teak trets; in the. Basin of the Ma- 

hanuddy River, xxxv. 72. 

in Burma, xxxii. 184, 206. 

Tech Achmet, mountain in Georgio- 

Annenia, xxxi. 151. 
Teoiiado Peak, Cliili, xxxiv. 210. 
TEcnsiTLAN, Central America, xxxii. 

Tedorop, highest jwint in the Tar- 

bHgatai, determined by, xxxv. 227. 
Tbek-tsan, or Chu-tsan, Formosa, 

xxxiv. 15. 
Teeraii Kiver, Trans-Indus Frontier, 

xxxii. 308. 

Valley, ib, 307. 

Tefp, the staple food of Western 

Abvssinia, xxxix. 50. 
Tefpe, Brazil, i6. 308. 

River, Brazil, xxxvi. 94. 

Teqyina, town of. West Central Africa, 

xxxvii. 93, 99. 
Teheuan (Tehran), city of, capital of 

Pi rsia, xxxi. 37, 53, 54,. 56, 57 ; 

xxxvii. 274-276; XXX viii. 297, 413. 

See also St. John. 
and Meshed road, Persia, 

xxxi. 53. 
Tehrat, East Africa, xxxvi. 199. 
Tehoantepec, Isthmus of, Central 

America, natural curiosities of the, 

xxxii. 552. 
, Isthmus of. On the. By 

Herr M. S. Hermeshorp, ib. 536. 

Plain of, Central 

America, t6. 542, 553 — climate of, 
ib. 542. 

town of, Central 

America, t6. 542, 544, 545, 552, 

Tekapo Lake, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

Tekes River. Central Asia, xxxi. 367, 

368, 370 ; xxxv. 223 ; xxxviii. 434. 
Tekes-Bash, pass in the Tien Shan, 

xxxi. 366. 
Tekke, Turkey in Asia, xl. 469. 
Tekonda, Abyssinia, xxxviii. 19. 

Pass, Abyssinia, ib. 16, 18. 

Tek-Turmas Point, Central Asia, xl. 

Tel Besmeh, rains of, Turkey in Asia, 

xxxviii. 355 [and note]. 
, village of, on the Deyrik 

River, Turkey in Asia, ib. 359. 

es Sipfr, or Paaker Maaden, 

Turkey in Asia, ib. 356. 

Ibrahemieh, Turkey in Asia, ib. 


ten ASS. 

Tel Ibrahim (the Kutha of Rawlinson), 
Mesopotamia, xxxvii. 160, 177, 178, 

. See Bewsher. 

MuNEYTEB (ruin), Mesopotamia, 

xxxvii. 173. 

OiiEB, mound in Mesopotamia, 

»6. 175. 

— River, Central Provinces of India, 
xxxv. 70, 71. 

Telal Ebn-Rashid, region of Arabia . 

subject to, xxxiv. 123-125. 
Telegraphic line to India, via Timor 

and Java, xxxv. 212. 
TelEe Pass. Central Asia, xxxii. 561. 
Telekul-Tata, Lake, Central Asia, 

xxxviii. 445. 
Teletsk, Lake. Central Asia, xxxv. 66. 
Telhuet Indians, Caciques of the, 

xxxi. 204. 
Tellare River, affluent of the Tak- 

kazye, Abyssinia, xxxviii. 35, 40 41. 
Telli, or Tees River, South Africa, 

xxxii. 338. 
Temamma Hills, Arabia, xxxv. 175. 
Temimber, Easti ru Archipelago, xxxii. 

'• Temongo " fruit, South Africa, 

xxxix. 241. 
Temperature in British Columbia, 

xxxi. 221. 
aj; Marilzburg, Natal, 

xxxvii. 58-61. 

and rainfall in Mercara, 

table of, Coorg, xxxix, 90. 

of the sea (surface) and 

air, according to latitude, table 
showing, xxxviii. 388. 

— at Somerset, Cape York, 

ib. 403. 

in the valley of the 

Syr-Daria, ib. 454. 

of the surface of the 

Northern Atlantic Ocean, xl. 444, 

on the coast of Tehuan- 

tepec. Central America, xxxii. 542. 

Temple, Mr. (now Sir) R., Chief 
Commissioner of the Central Pro- 
vinces of India ; On the Basin of the 
River Mahanuddy (Abstract of the 
Geographical portion of a Report 
made in 1863), xxxv. 70. 

Captain Harris* notes on the Rain- 
fall of the Mahanuddy Basin, 73. 

Temples at Peking, xxxvi. 141-144. 

in Fiji, in Mexico, and 

Central America, xxxii. 56. 

Tenass Lake, British Columbia, xxxi. 


Tenqbi-Khan Mouuteia, Tkii Shan 
Baiige, ib. SSS. 
I TENciHi-TAQ, pnit of tbe Tien Bban, 
, xixv. aiS, 223, 

. l'£NarH Valley, PiLngong I«ke 
District, xxKvii. 35a 
TENEAsar Taluq, Mudnta Presidency, 

Tbn-Hilk House, Lilloet River, Britixli 

Tenhant CrEOli. Australia (Dameil by 
M'Donnll Stuiirt arter Mr. Jolin 
Teiinant, of Purt Linisilii), *. 126 ; 
s^txiii. ass. 

, Mr. John, of Part Lincoln, 

Atutralia, xxxi. 126. 

Tent Hill, Sautli Aiiu1rai:B, ib. 68. 

Tbhtek, para in tho Djungarian 


I. 217. 

Teogue Siver, South Afriue, xxxvi. 


Teob IxIbhiI, Eaatem Aicbipelitgo, 

Tkfpa, Tillage ot, TiiTlley in Asin, 

i. a57. 


Tbramakau Hiver, New Zenland, 

xixviL .^28, 32!), 332, 333; xl. 4H7. 
rEHAHO Kan, great trat^r on Easter 

Island. Houth Pacific Ocean, ib. 167, 

TBHATEi-NTE-HonNG Range, xxxii. 169. 
Tehceeo River, La Plato, xxiiv. 243. 
Tebek Pass, Central Asia, xU 112. 

Kiver, CancnBOa, xxxix. 61. 

— — — . tributary of the Narjii, 

Central Asia, xl. 2!i\). 
, valle; of the, Caucaeas, xxxix. 

51, 55. SO. 
Tehek-tac, an offshoot of tbe Tiuu 

Shau, il. 335. 390. 
Tebeb-ti, affluent of the Riier Chu, 

Central Asia, xxxix. 321. 
Tkbinea Itiver, Abyssinia, 16. H. 
Tehjan-sc, Turkey in AJia, xtxviii. 

Valley, Turkey in Asia, 
Tesnez, Central Asia, xxxvi. 263. 
Teriiination Hill, South Australia. 

__ii. 67, 83. 
Tebnatb Island, Malay Archipelt^, 

lii. 123-130; xixiii. 225. 
" Tbrba finne," " varaea," and 
" jgapo." ex|jlanatioD of the terms, 
UECd in South America, xxxvi. S'J 

Tehbewhatta River, New Zealand, 

xiiir. 104. 
TEBaj Morro, proniontoiy of yellnw 

rwIe railed. ItHbmus of Tehnautepeo, 

Central America, xxxii. 5!I6. 
Tersa River, affluent of tbe River Asa, 

Ceiitrnl Asia, sxxviii. 433 ( sL 367- 

(Upper) River, Centnil Aaia, 

Tesuooloomboo, Prnanangchn Biver, 

Tibet, isxriu. 130,215. 
Tessik-taeb, outpoBt of. Central Asia, 

si. 2(i7. 
TEETiHiisiALa an-arded by the Bociety, 

See Pntnituns. 
Tkt«, Tette, Bonth Central Africa, 

xxxi. 260, 262, 263, 267, 270-2T2, 

275, 279-281, 2B3-287, 230, 293-296 ; 

xxsiii. 259 273, 275, 276 ; xxsiv. 

190-109, 203; iixv. 165, 168; 

xixvii. 198. 199,201. 
■ — , iibservutionH at, Zambesi 

River, xxxi. 2S2. 
:-, coalfield al, Zambesi Biver, 

I'A. 291. 
Tetstjld, snow - cona of, OauoaHus, 

Tbxhaba Peak, Vancouver Islaad, 

I at Diarbekr, 

, xixiv. 118. 

Teyksoom Dagb, Tnrkij in Asia, 
■■■ "'JO. 

r Katfldaii Valley, Turkey 

Texieb, quoted on pal 

ixxvii 188 [note]. 
Teyhah, SItonier, Arabia, 

— , village 0^ Turkey in Asia, 

. 160, 

Thadija, Mekong River, : 

Tbakambau, King, Fiji, 16. 44, 43. 

Thalbat (frozen lake and spring of), 
viaited by Mr. Hayward in bis jonr- 
ney ftom Leh to Yaikand, xl. 40-43. 

TuiLBSAB, baain of the, Cambodia, 
XX5V. 74. 

, or Sweet Waltr LakcOam- 

bodift, ib. 86. 

TuATGHDj Canal, Siam, xxxi. 307. 

Thayktmyo, Buima, xl. 294. 

Thkches, Mount (of Senofhon), Iden- 
tification of the. By M. P. Romt, 

Thelah River, Kashmir, x 

TnEOWJiiK, Kingof AbyBHiiiia,rarcrrad 

to, Kxxix. 3S, 45, 48. 
, rood miido by, 

iiiviii. 42-M. 
Theotonio Falls, Mnciemi Kivw, SuHfh 

AnKTica, ixnTi. 127. 
1'herhdueteb, tringe of, ul Dcgvit (in 

AllxTr River, Gulf of Ciirjieuturirt, 

Mxiil. 130. 

nnrke on the. naod 


iiiL' H(.>igliiA By SlaftXonimBi 

■'' ■ ), Map Our 

iiii; Hf'iglicA ByS 

:. GEnSllB._R.N.(lHb 

THt^BtiouETiac obacTvntinns on tlio 

Yflng-taze-kiang, xxxii, 24, 25. 
TuBssAUAN Findiia, height of the, 

xxxix. 2S6. 
T»rAN Slian. See Tim Stian. 
Tmisbt. See Tibfi. 
THiKTREN.MiLt: Buali Bang!', Now 

ZeHlund, xixvii. 3H]. 
Thu Brok. HiiHtakh Bange, Trana. 

IndUE, xxxiv. 45. 
TiiOK,nnrtb-BaBtQfLliasn.xxxvili. 174. 
TiiOK-JAi.v'NO, Tibet, xxsix. 159-lfi2. 
, difficultiea of gold dig. 

gittg at, I'A. ISt. 

- Bolil-fielda, Tibet, *. 151- 

TuoHAT, Eaatfm Afrioa, xxxvi, 
Thompson, Mr. J., referred to, : 


lliter, Britial. Cob.mbia, 

ixxl. 214, !ilG, 217, 220, 231, 235, 
289: xxxiy. 171, 175, 177, 193: 
xxxYJii 121. 

, Forks of the, Britiah 

S'lunil, New Zealand, s 

10 Kiinl- 
i. 20. 

'I'HOHSON, Dr., His asec 

kiiram Piua rafened 
— Thoa., 

awarded to, xxxvi. p. exit. 
Mounlains, New Zealand, 

xiiiT. Ga 64, TO, 
Hiver.tribn^ry of the Cooper, 

Qntenaland, xxxiii. 112, 115, 127, 

128, 132, 136-138. I.m 
THOOiiVRlJikkL-e Hill, BcluchistHn, ib, 

Tboohabikdoasijib, South Australia, 

ih. 80. 
Tboob-pa-unsie, Lake, South Aus- 

tT;<lin, ib. 31. 
Tbobntok, Mr. Bcchahd ; Nofes on a 

Joarney to Kilima-ndjaro, uiude in 

i-ompany of tiio Huron Vos deh 

Delies (couipilcd, after his duitii, 

from Mr. Thorntoii'n Journals), xxxT. 
15 -Memlipra of expedition : atart 
on June 29, 1861, p. 15— tboentof 
Mount Kadiam, 16_itB altitode ; 
diffloulties with the Wn-teita, 17— 
Kilimn-niljtira sighted on July 14 ; 
arrival m ar the Pare Monntnina ; 
discorery of Lake Jipe; the Daffi-tHS, 
1«— approBOh InKLlinift-ndjaro; Iha 
villnge of Kilenia : Diitive m^liod of 
cbnin-miikiiig, 10 — Moant Mera ; 
mareii to Madjame : further difBcul- 
ties with nutivca, 21)— prevented 
from Teaching tup oF KiUma-ndjftra; 
iU hoigiit oaloulatod at 22.814 ft. ; 
nature of lower hUla; ralum to 
Mombaa. 21. 
,Obit. NotiiH", 

gr-ngraphy and geology in Africa, 

xxxiv. 1, 201-203— his deatli, 199, 
201- his jiiiiratJa, 109 ; iixv. 13 

,tlielateMr.RTCHAHD: Nolea . 

on th^ Zambi»i and the Bhir£ (ad- I 
dressed to Sir It. I. Mubchibok, ' 
President aj;.B,), xiiiv. 19H. 

; Nofft I 

of bia Jonmiila, preserved i 
Society's Libmry, ft. 19!!. 
River, Eaat Anstralui, 1 

Thouk-tai-Khat.Khtouno (River^ 

tributary of the Bitang, xixii. 16^ | 

166, 168, 169, 172. 179, 209. 
Thotband Isles, Spilebergon, xixix. I 

135, 144. I 

Thoweyneb Ebn' Sa'eed, Omanita ] 

Sultan, referred to, xxxiv. 145, 149. 
Thbinu's Cnek, Auatralia. xxziii 318. 

Pond, Auatialia, ib. S84. 

Spring, Auatralia, ih, 

TaCBKR Oincler, Cancasna, iixix. 70. 
Tbullb Valley, Kaabmir, ixxiv. 19. 
TBUNBEBa, referred to in conneclian ! 

with the botany of Japan, xxxi. 321, 

Thube, nr Indian Desert (east of tha 

InduH), xxxvii. 75 : xl.l81,184,18a, 

189, 196— how farmed, 197 ri seq. 

in the. X 

. — . frequenoy of 

;nithqiuikea throughout the, il 193. 


Tbl'hr, or InJinn Deacrl, fanna of the, 
ib. 204. 

, ratteomlogy 

of the. ib. 201— flora of tliE, 203. 

ToYAHLL-Ka Peak, Ktubmir, ezxIt. 22, 

23, 51. 
Tun Bhan. See Tica Shan. 
TiBAGY RiTrr, Brawl, xxsii. 137, 138, 

TiBERrAS, Lake of, ib, S 


- Otter 


I fiir kti- 
tude taken in, ib. 172-lSl. 

, LUt of hnlting-plaoiB between 

Gurbbli rmd Lhasa, xxxviii. 207, 208 
— li«t of onlinarf mnrclipa between 
Ga,rtokh nnd LbaSH, 208-2ID. 

, Paodita eiijraged for Ihe ex- 
ploration of, ii. 129. 

, anow-line in, ixxi. 25 [note]. 

, trade of, witii vjirioua conn&iea, 

xxiTiii. 172. 

TlBirrAH bridgea, ib. 215. 

-: mode of Jeeping, xxiii. 155. 

Tibetans, mit-rationa of the, xixii. 

ixxLi!. 30. 

TiK-LiNn, Manohoria. xisix. 19. 

TiEH-BEN-swAH, fioct of, Yellow EiTcr, 
itL 8, 10-13. 20. 

TiKM Shan (also written Thian Shan 
and Tinn Slian), or Celestial Monn- 
"^ange. Central Aaio, xxxii. 
5e0, 562, 564 ; xxitv. 219, 221-223, 
225-280; xxxii. 261; xixrii. 13; 
sxxviii. 431-436, 446; xxxix. 319, 
321,323,328-331; xl. 102, 111. 112, 
125, 250. 252, 259. Bee also Celaalial 

—, AiBasan Spring, xiii. 862. 

— , ATaJiincheBiD,U[six. 319. 

— , Baron KanHiara' Soryeys 

eeutnil part of Ibe, xl. 

TiBK Shan, or Celkstial MorsrAiNs, 
Firat Aacent of the. and VL^t lo liie 
Uppir Course of the Jaxaute^ or 
Syb-Dabia. in 1B57. By M. P. P. 
Sehenof, xixi. 356. 

■ ■ , CiLEBTlAI.- BANHE. Or 

"TscN-i.lN" ofthe Ani'ifnt ChineBO, 
A Jouriii-f to the Weal«m portion 
of the, from the Western limits of 

Ihu TrAHS-I|.T K«gion to 'i'ASHKEND. 

By M. N. tiiEVBBTEUF, il. 313. 
Chu, formerly an ftfUiieiit 

nftlie Jaxactea (.Byr-DBrin). and now 

loaing itself In the St^ppe-lukea of 

the deaert, xxxix. 319. 

Glaotera, xixr. 228. 

, flora of the, xl. 260. 

liu&dian Surreys in, xxxis. 


-, M. Si'menofs esploniliona 

in the, ib. 395 [notei. 
TiBy-cHOW Pagodii, two milea below 

I-L'hang, Yang-tBze-kinng, xxxii. 82. 
TiBN-OHWANG TAi, Manchutin, s«ix. 

f. 213. 

Lc, Cliinese province of. 

city of, Chihii Province, 
uniua, xxxiii. 162, 163, 167 ; xxxvi. 
131 ; xxKvii. 239, 242-244, 249-252, 
2(il, 265, 267, 269; xixix. 18; xl. 
10, 24. 

Treaty, unknown lo the offi- 

dnlflofWestemChinainlSKl issii. 

, NarralivB of a Journey from, 


MiOBiB, Esq., xxxiii, 153. 
TxBsex^, the (south shore of Issyk-kul), 

Central Asia, xiiii. 825, 326, 328, 

329, 332. 
Tibmb River, Braii!, xxxii. 138. 
TiflEES on the Amnr, xixyii, 220. 

in Cflmbodia, ib. 310. 

TiOBSETaKi BtlkE, the. Central Aala, 

XXXV. 227. 
TiOBE Biver, Buenoa Ayrea Proytnce, 
"r, 227. 




Tigris River, xxx\. 76, 77; xxxvii. 

160 et seq. ; xxxviii. 295. 
, slope of the valley of the, 

xxxvii. 74. 

Valley, the, xxxiv. 138; xxxviii. 


TiH Plateau, Peninsula of Sinai, ib, 


Bange, Peninsula of Sinai, ib. 255. 

Tiik-Tash, a small mountain pass in 

Central Asia, xxxi. 367. 
TiKSEE, village of, Indus Valley, xl. 35. 
Tjlt Cove copper mines, valuable ore 

shipped from, xxxviii. 281. 
Timber on the Darling and Barwan 

of superior quality to that on the 

Murray River, Australia, xxxi. 147. 

in Fiji, xxxii 51. 

in the Mosquito Territory, ib. 


of North-East Australia, xxxv. 
194, 204. 

- in province of Nakhon Siem- 

rap, Siam, xxxvii. 305. 

traders in Burma, xxxii. 207. 

-trees of Beluchistan Coast, 

xxxiii. 212. 

of York Peninsula, Queens- 

land, xxxvi. 32 et seq. 
Timbuktu, xxxvii. 95, 108. 
TiMOOREES, the, in the valley lying to 

the North of the Koh-e-sureh, Khor- 

assan, xxxL 51. 
Timor, Island of. Eastern Archipelago, 

xxxiii. 219, 222, 225, 232; xxxvi. 

244 ; xxxviii. 381, 393. 

tribe, Madagascar, xxxvi. 56. 

TmoR-LAUT, Malay Archipelago, 

xxxiii. 225 ; xxxviii. 381. 
Ting-yuan, Szechuen, China, xxxii. 

21, 22. 
Tinker Island, North-East Coast of 

Labrador, xxxviii. 276. 
TiNNEVELLY District, Madras Presi- 
dency, xxxvi. 183, 184, 189. 
TiONETi, mountain in Georgio- Armenia, 

xxxi. 151. 
TiPANDRANARA Lake, South Australia, 

xxxiii. 14. 
TiROZ Togluk, Tartar King of Delhi, 

canal cut by, xl. 182. 
TiRSULi River. Nepol, xxxviii. 156. 
TiTiCACA Lake, Peru, xxxi. 194 ; 

xxxvii. 119. 
Tito, Major, referred to, xxxiii. 251, 

TiUBA River, Issyk-kul, Central Asia, 

xxxi. 361, 367-370 ; xxxii. 561 ; 

xxxix. 8:^>2. 
Tiumen-Aryk, Syr-Daria, xxxviii. 438. 


Tiz (the ancient " Tizu "), Beluchistan, 

xxxvii. 272. 
TiZNAP (TiSNAP) River, a tributary of 

the Yarkand River, which rises in 

the northern slope of the Kuen Lun, 

xl. 55, 59, 60, 65, 69, 80, 81. 
ToAQUES, Plain of, Turkey in Asia, ib. 

Tobacco, cultivation of, in China, 

xxxiL 11, 36. 
, on the 

Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Central 

Aiiiciica, ib. 549. 

in East Africa, xxxv. 163. 

Epirus, xxxix. 289, 295. 

Manchuria, ib. 12. 

Natal, xxxvii. 49. 

North • West Austruliji, 

xxxii. 428. 

Syria, ib. 106. 

-, use of, by the tribes of 

York Peninsula Proper, Queensland, 
xxxvi. 83. 

-, wild, abundant on banks 

of the River Aquiry, tributary of the 
River Puriln, South America, ib. 120. 

ToBAOCO-SMOKiNQ abhorred in Wadi- 
Dowasir, Arabia, xxxiv. 134. 

Tobolsk, Western Siberia, xxxiii. 177 ; 
XXV. 64, 65. 

Tobulgut, mountain pass in Central 
Asia, xxxi. 368. 

ToDOS Santos, Lake of. Chili, xxxiv. 
207 et seq. 

Toes River, British North America, 
xxxi. 252. 

ToGRASSU, Kuen Lun Mountains, xl. 67. 

Tokaido, the, or great high road of 
Japan, xxxi. 330, 339. 

ToKMAK, Central Asia, xxxviii. 433 ; 
xl. 352, 358, 388, 394. 

ToKROWRis, the, people from Darfur 
settled at Gellabat, xxxiii. 241. 

ToLLOGO, east of Gondokoro, xxxvi. 5. 

Tomat, Upper Nubia, xxxiii-. 239. 

Tombs on the banks of the Syr-Daria, 
xxxviii. 448, 449. 

Tomkinson's Creek, North Australia, 
xxxiii. 285. 

Tone River, Japan, xl. 341. 

Tonga Islands, Polynesia, xxxii. 52. 

ToNGAATi River, Natal, xxxvii. 62. 

Tonli-Sap Lake, Cambodia, xxxii. 149. 

ToNO River, South Peru, xx)ti. 192 ; 
xxxvii. 137. 

ToNQUiN, or Tong-king, xxxii. 162. 

TooMA-THOO-GANiE Crcck, Soutli Aus- 
tralia, xxxiii. 40. 

TooNDOw-LOw-ANNiE, Lake, South Aus- 
tralia, ib. 33. 


Southern India, 
xixvi. ISO. 

, affluents of tlie, 

■ IriiliB, 16. 192. 

TooNOLA Indians, Ceiltr.J Aineiicu, 
xxjLii. 258. 

— River, Centrul America, 16. 


TOOBABINGANBE, Boulh AuBtrnlia, 

ixxiii. Iti. 
Tixifioo, Mongolia, ih. ITS. 
TijFQ Biver, titbutai; of the BJveT 

Pagtoao, Ecnudor. xxxi. leS. 172-174. 
, Gran VoL-an dtl, Eoundo]', A. 1 (18, 

ToPOGHAPBiCAL Depaf tmeiit of the War 

Offloe, xisviii. p. ctixxix. 
Survey of Buenoa Ajras, 

xxxvl. p olnxxix. 
Ton, Gulf of Suez, Seil Ben, sxivlil 

241, 242, 250. 
, villaii^i of, Pi.niii8ula of Biiiui, 

xxxis. 344. 
T{iBi.EaaE Monnt, New Zealand, xixiv. 

TORMiK Eiver, tribufary of thr River 

IiiduH, ill. 52. 
ToHowoTTo. New Soutli Wali'fl, xxxli. 


despatch from, to Dr. Macadam, Be- 

crefaiiy of the Exploration Cauiniittee 

of tliB Rojal ouciety of Victoria, 

&. 505, 50G. 
Swamp, New Suulh Wales, 

ToRREa Blraits, xxzr. 212; xixvi. 
82-85 ; nxviii. 372, S73, 376, 377, 
381, 38», 386 et seg.. 403-105. 

, «mlh-eaat inunMon 


ToHTCK Chal Biver, Tuikey 

xixiii. 236. 

Lake, Turki-y in Asia, ib. 

ToHAHA Biver, Central Asia, ixxil 

TosiJK HilU, Boluchiatan, ssiiii 1B4. 
Tom-FHU, hill north of Lhiaa, rapnrted 

to contain immeciae qnantities of 

ToTi.iNB,ISulli-jBiver, xxiix. 149, 157. 
ToraooEA, town of, Japan, xxxi. 332. 
TouNQD, oily of, Burma, xxxii. li)4 

TowAU Banee, Arabia, sxxv. 175, 176, 

178, 184, 186. 
TowAHAH Araba, xxxviii. 239 — tenta 

of. 240. 
TowKm. Elbruz range of monntainB, 

xxxi. 52 [nolel, 
TuWEH-Hiu,, Queensland, miii. 111. 
'I'owiTK Range, Arabia, xxxiv. 119, 

128, 130. 
TowNaviLLE, QaeeuBland, xxxviii. 370. 
TowaHECJROUT Biver, tributary of tha 

Yonkon, Alaska. 16. 230. 
ToweoN, Mr., quoted, tviv. 1S3, 
Towson'b pampbliton -Itebergs in the 

Soutlieiu Ocean,' referred tii, 16. 149, 

ToYAHDA Eiver, Centra! Aeia, si. 265, 

ToYNBEE, Uemby I Ou the Spetiflo Gia- 
vity, Temperature, anil Currents of 
the Seaa paaseil through during 
Vojiagea from Enolasb to Inoia, 
leaviag England July lat, and »- 
turning al.ont the middle of April, 
XXIV. J 47. 

TozBE, Bitthup, rofi-rrud to, xxxiv. 

['hade betweeu Centnil Asia aud the 

Punjab, Buggeation for imprnvomeot 

of, xxxvii. 11, 12. 
betwteo RubbIh and China, 

xxxiL 555 et si^q. 
of 8Lini|a!atinBk, Siberia, ff'. 


Tbaditioss of Eaattr Islitnd, South 

Pacific Ocean, xl. ISO. 
Tbaqube Bur Tao, l^adaJtli, xsirii. 

1'RANQuii.LE River, Britiah Columbia, 

- Rtgioo, Central A»ia, xl. 

Tbans-Hiualatan ExrLORATtONB. Re- 
port of (he. during 1807. By Caplam 

T. G. MONTGOHKBIB, B.K., XXxix. 146. 

Tbanb-Ilian Ala-tsii, Central Asia, 


Tbasb-Ili4S KK(;ioii. isai, 358 ; ixxt. 
219, 368. See also Severlsaf. 

IsniA, Notes oii the Highland 
BegioD nilJHcent to itie. By Major 
Jahkb Walkeb, xxKii. 303. 

Peaks, xxsiT. 28 ct seg. 

Tebhitoribs, ire, Notea 

on tlie FJura of tlie connlr^ imaBcd 
through by the EipeiiiLlonary Porte 
uuder Bngodiei-Coneral Chaubgh- 
LAiN, BgninBt the Mahboou Wuzbei>i:s 
in iseo. By Dr. J. L. Stewabt, 
3xiii. 316. 
I ' Tbash-Nabys Cocntet, Expedition to 
' the, in 1867. By Baron P, E. OarEH- 
Hacken, k1. 250. 

\ TRiNBlT0fVEN09inl882,0n ASTABC- 
TID DlKOFBRY Bod ItS CoilDetttioD 

with the. By Stafl'-Couiiiiander 
J. E, Datis, H.N., uxis, 91 , 

f Teapakbe, Braiil, sxxii. 139. 
"luvAiLLOT, Capteiti, referred in, xsxi. 
239, 242. 

[ Tbavamcori: Hilia, India, xx^vi. 11^3, 

'■ , On the Inland NitvigBtion 

, of; on Act-ouQt of the Alipee Mud- 
bane and tliu Waskallav Bivgr, 
' By C. B. Mabkham. Ecq., ib. 199. 

XOATELLEBS, HllltlS til, dlHWH U[l h; n 

Comniittee of the Society (Revised 

eaidon), Kxnv, 272. See Bmla. 
TuEBizoHD, Turkey in Anis, miviii. 

287; xl. 46.1— Bozttpc' of, 4li3, 4W, 

4e7, 469, 470, 473. 
Tbebdsdi, Mnuut, Epirua, xxxix. 285. 
TBBE-FKBNa(flefe«A(w) in Eouadtir, xxxi. 


^^M to d 

• on ttie Ixfhuina of DLiriert, 

, limit pf, in the Cancaaua, xsxis. 


of Manfhnrin, '6. 34. 

of the River Aquiry, Iribntary of 

^ the River PurQu, South Ameiion, 

xxivi. 123. 
■ • i and ahroha in Wynaad Distriet, 

India, ib. 1S3, 
of York I'eninBuln 

Proper, Qutenaland, i6. 77, 
Tmmenbiserh, Col. 0. W., d.e , en. ; 

On the Lower Portiua of the stiver 

Ihddb, xxxviL 68. 

Appendix. — DeBcription of tlie 

luode luloptcd in taking obatrvat ion ii 

to determine the vulncify of the 

Induri, and the amount of aultil 
mutter in its water at different 

Keconl of observatinns to deler- 
mina the amount of sdt in the wiitur 
of the Indofl, 87. 

TsE3 Cmci s, Plains of, divided from 
the Laa Llumaa plaiiia bv a spur uf 
the Laa LlamaB niouiitHina, Snulh 
America, XKVi. 158, 

.' Puntaa," Ciiili. ib. 161. 

— , mining dialrictuf, Cliili, 


HaUway, Clifli, ib. 1S7. 

Thuhble iHknd, Van^'oiirer lelaud, 

i-vey i)f the Abys- 

Tbihfie Yawbah Range, Queenalauil, 

. — ■ and Harbonr, Newl'onnd- 

land, xixiv. 265. 
Tristan d'Acunha lattiDd, South At- 

hmtio, sixv. 302, 303. 
TntvAHSEBru, capital of Truvancori', 

i. 187, 19.% 190. 
Tboupce, Islnnd of Eormuz, Persian 

Gulf, xiiiv. 256. 
Trdnador Muunt, Patagiinfa, i*^. 20'.', 

210, 212. 
Troonvk River, Btitiah ColumbrB, xsx!. 

TnouT Lake, Labrador, sxsiv. 33, 8r>. 

Truxillo, Honduras, xxxii. 244. 
Than-fax, 30 miles eiist of Tai-nan-fn, 

Shontang, North China, cual mincn 

nt,xl 8. 
TaANKAL Mongolia, xxsiii. 174. 
Tbavo Eiver, East AIni-a, si. 315. 
T(«HEnEK Rivei', CaucusuB, xxxix. 7i, 

Tbemqa, Lake Nyaaaa, East AfriCH, 

xxiiii. 261. 

Hills, xixiv. 246. 

THEKBliUW Ravine, Mnatakh Rang.', 

hot spring in thi', ib, 52. 
Tbekena River, tributary of the Bellesii, 

Nortli-Eiiat Africa, xxxviii. 24. 
TstrrsE fly, xixa 65; iixv. 5, 10(1. 
■ , desprihi'd, sxxix. 239. 


Tat-BO-HiBJi, Yellow Hiver, si. 6, 13, 

Tai-HTA Valley, Slittaluns. Oliiua, a 
diatrict in wbicli tlie AilanlhUB silk 
(Sdumu Cj/nlAii) is largely culti- 
vaM, lA. 2U8. 

Ta-Ki, city of, Shantnng, Cliina, ib. 

or, 8 

B Grand Canal, 


Ni)rth Cliiim, .'.. 4. 
Tffl-TiJi-ioji, city (if (Sinia-pu-kwhe), 

in the >Blley of tlie Nouui Hivtr, 

Munchurin. xxxix, ;li). 

- ProKiiicg, pHtunated ai^ea of, 

il>. 35. 


l;iaDg[iraviDce),MauctiuriB, i7i. 1, 10, 

Tm-tdsq, port or, PhaQtang, Cliina,xl. 

Tai-TUNQ-HIEH, Yellow Kiver, li. 9, 
TBi-VAsc-tmsN, Yellow Bivcr, ib. 
Taaia-OBov-rv, fonnerly llie capital of 

tlie ShaDtongproviDce, Noctli Chiua, 

iisix. 26; JLL212. 
Tsiso-EiAiiG-FU, Oil the olil eourse of 

the Yellow BiTer, Noitb China, ili. 

2-4, 22, 25. 
Tbinq-tah EuplJ, Yang - taze - kiuDg, 

TsiN-BBiKs, city of MentiuB, Sliantnng 

proy^noe. North China, xl. 22-1, 225. 
Tbsbnm Bquali Valley, Cbucobub. Sae 

TsDH-UM MouQtaina, Otntral Asia, xl. 

3*4, 385 [and note], 387, 31i2, 8U3, 

399. Beo alho Severtaof. 


the hounduriia of tlif, by Uuen- 
Ttizaa, Baddhist MiBsinnarv, ih. 301. 

■ , HumbniJl'a ap- 

plli^tion of the term, ib. 385 [nolo]. 

CSoutl.eni), ib. 


mountain iiBe, Central Asia, 

ib. 345 fuole]. 
TstisiuA, Island uf, Japan, dtai'iibcd, 

xssiii. 17M-1S0. 
, Japan, sxsvii. 213, 

, Japan, Prince of, sxxiii. 1711- 

Sound, Japan, ditciiliLd, ib. 

180, 181. 
, A Visit to the IbIbuJ of. By 

luVDREKCE OUTHANT, Esq., lY). 178. 

TrBARivLT, Cintral Ar ■'" 


Tubbub, town of, Peisia, 16, 42 — JiBtriot, 

TuBiRl River, East Africa, hit. 15. 
Tc-OHA-TAT, Mauclniria, itriiii. 159. 
TvoiiMA Ciiannel, Jurua Rivtr, Bi-szil, 

TrouBAK, city ef. La Flatii, xisi. 157 ; 

xsxiv. 231.236-339. 
. Province of. La Plata, ft. 

TunAM Monastery, Kxxix. 162. 
TviiLCHEB, tribe of IndiiLiiB in South 

America, icixi. 2117. 
T):gela River, Natal, xsxvii. 51, '" 


TuGou Nuggu, Pangoog Iiake, 16. B47. 
TuoonBT, nudsFground Beaoftlia Plain 

of, refeiTod to, ixxv. 1 16. 
TUHAN District, Borneo, xixii. 228 
Ti!EA, the Blream,WeetCuiietof Afiicft, 

£ixiii. 245. 
TuEHT-i-BooLtuAN Mountain, TrauH- 

iQduB frontier, ixxii. 304, 312. 
Tusi'HEi'H Rival', UritiBb Columbia, 

xxii. 218. 
TtLiP, varietioa of, on the alupci of tils 

■lien fhan, xl. 34G. 
l\-LLo Hill, Belucliistan, TTTJii , 20», 

TuMBO la Mlinia, East Africa, xl. 321. 
TuMEN, WeBtem Bifaerin, xxxii. SS.*!. 
, articles sent 

from Eastem Turkiatan, i,o^ to Iho 

fail of, xixiii. 177. 
HivBr, Corea, ssxvu. 212, 213, 

Tl'no Yai Range, Indo-Chiiiu, xxxii, 

TuNG-taow, Oiiihii, China, xxxii. IB 

Canul, Cliilili, Cliinn, 1 


i. 6H. 

. Sliensi, China, xL 25. 
T(n.G LING, Imperial Tombs uorth-nrBt, 

of Peking, srsvi. 1.50. 
TuKo-PO, KiaKgBD, CLiuB, xl. 284. 
TuNOSHAO, petrolenm wtlla of, xn 


i!-TtHiLiN Puas, Prrsia, xsid.63. 

N MoiintBin,CaucaauB,xxxii:. 

71, 72. 
TtTMOBig, Dnmam Land, 
TuNQDBMAYo Rivtf, tributary of tlie 

Esquilaya, Peru. IS. 

Tnpioj, North China, 
TtiFTtwrrooLAOHAi, Mougolia, i6. ITS. 
TCBAOAT Pass, Central Asia, xl. 265. 
TnnAiQiR Pasa, Trans-Ilian Alii-toli, 

TuBAiaiB-BU, Cenfml Asia, xxxii. 361 ; 

TuHBO Kiver, Central Ameiica, ixsviii. 

TDRBtTT to Tubhes, track from, Kho- 

Tdhcohans, muuuding tiibce □(, ib. 

41, 42, 45-48. 
TcRGEM, mouutam piss in Central Asia, 

TiJBBHiB Mounfaira, Trans-IndUH frnn- 

TrnKiSTAN, Province ot, sixviii. 447, 


, Alpine Bora of, si. 260. 

— — , AHtronomica! pointa Bied 

by M. 0. V. etruvo in, (roni 1865 to 

— — - River, bi»ncb of the Prin« 
Awttlii, Centrid Americn, ib. 215, 258. 

TwA-LOO-TBA, near Banco, Foriiiuaa, 
conBlruetion of aqnednct to, sxslv. 9. 

TntLLiKOATB Harbour, Kewfuundland, 
<b. 265. 

or SoigouQ [Shognn] of Japan, 


Tyh iCanga, Arabia Petnea, xssviiL 

Tyniiall, Monnt, New Zealand, sisi». 

89, 95. 
Tybe, isiii. 82, 107. 
Tyrwuitt, Major Qeorgt; sperimnu 

of stone carving l>rought tioax tile 

Indian Desert by, si. 194. 
TziKURELi Peak, £pirua, xxsii;. 2S4. 
TzKENia (TsEBNia) Stjuali River, Oau- 

coKua, iV>. 59, 67— Bouroea, 61, 66. 
TzooBYzBivor, BritiBhColumbia,sxxi. 


TcBEiBTANi trailers, commerctol enter- 
prise of, si. 63. 

TUBLAN Paaa. Central Aata, ib. 370, 
374-376, «3. 

TuBKBOLL Mount, New Zealand, nxxiv. 

TnKSBB, Captain, quoted on the Pe- 
nananf^hu and Brahmaputra Kivera, 
inviii, 215. 

Tdbhet Hill, South Australia, sssi. 
66, 68, 69. 

TtiHTLB ot York Peninaulii Proper, 
Queen;lanil, sxsvf. 79. 

TuBTLica in North-West Australia, 
sisr. 265. 

TuBHE-EAB Bight, Ami Sea, sxsvii. 
152, 153. 

TuTAi-KUEi, source of the, New Zea- 
land, zxsii. 294. 


Uatsamaby Tribo, South America, 

issvL 100, 
Uajaeatcba, Island of, Kiver PnrllB, 

ib, 89, 91. 
Uba Valley, Syri'ft, sxxii. 106. 
UcATlLl Biver, triliutary of the Anu- 

zan, ixsi. 191, 203; xssvi. 87, 89, 

101, 103, 106, 112, 125 : xxKvii. 138; 

sxiviiL 418, 429 ; xwii. 303, 307. 
UoH Talffilar, monnlain in Georgio- 

Armenia, x\xi. 151. 

Udonq, city of, Cambodia, xxxv. 

87; sssvii. 309, 311, 314, 318, H; 
, eaored hill of, Cambodia, si 

Uqanda, Victoria Nyanza, xixiii. 

UooGi, on the west flank of the I 
African coast range, elevation 


Ugoho HountaiDfi, EaeX Central AOii'ii, 

ixxiv. 3, 19(1; xjiv. 20. 
, East Oen tml Africa, 

ironvorka in the, xxziv. U. 
Uaiiz-BAaH<ltu1lDuk'ii HmuIj Moantain, 

TioD Shan Raiigir, C«Dlmt Asiu, 

ixxi. 8(i2. 
UiKNo, (own of, Jbp»ii, xxxii. 291, 
UiOKM-Tiaa, pass in Ihu Djangaiis-n 

Alo-tsh, ixxi. 3tJ6. 

UlL-GO-DABRANNIE, La]te, Souttl AqS- 

tnilia, iixiii. 31. 
Ujui, Lake Tangunyikn, East Contrnl 

Africa. i6. 32:1, 324 ; xsivii. 20i, 2C5. 
Ukaba, Ea«t Afiica, d. 310, 312. 
UuBBBWB Inland, Violoria Nyatizu, 

xxxiii. 32.'). 
Laka, or Viiiloria Njanza, 

isiv. 7; xixviL 207. gw) uIm 

Kirto'-u Niianza. 
Ukonso Nallab. Hnligarazi Biver, 

EoBt Afriun, xxxiii. 327.'HGilB Lake, Chinetis Ttirtnry, 

Ui.KUN-Di.'B['LMnniitains,CeDtrul Asiii, 

il. 306, 307. 371. 
Ulkun-daria (Great River), Amu- 

Dai'Ja, xxxvii. \!H, 156-158, lUO. 
Ullv Poor Batine, Turkey iu Abia, 

xxtriii. 311. 
Ulukuk Hauntains, Alaska, ib. 226. 
Ut.VA, Rin de, Ecuador, xxxl. 167. 
Um Rnyllicr, Puninaula of Sinai, 

xixTiii. 252, 257. 
U«BA River, Eaut Africa, xxxiv. 2 : 

itl. 304. 
TJwBOLcMi River, Soutli Africa, ssxix. 

235, 263. 
Uhbrella Mountains, New Zealand, 

uxiv. 64, G8. 
Uhodlabi JCivcr, Bouth Afii<», xixix. 

Umchlasinqivaka, or Elands River, 

tributaiy of tbe Limpopo, Soutti 

Africa, il.. 236, 237. 
UuFiLoai River, South Africa, xxxii. 

Uhqeni River, Natal, A. 335; ixivii. 

49, 52, 53, 55, 56, 62 ; sixis. 261 , 2113. 
Chkohangi Hiver, Natal, sxxyii. 49, 

51, 53. 
DusouOGAzi, or Umknmali, River, 

Bouth Africa, xixix. 250, 261, 263. 
Umkonto Biver, Boutli Africa, ib. 264. 
UttLAZl Hiver, Natal, xisvii. 49, 55. 
Uvli'IIa:!! River, South Aftioi, sixix. 

^^— 261, 262. 


UuTABLTi, or Umtueeera, River, I 

Afrl™, xxiiJi. 239. 
UMTeuAH-iiuuN Hills, South Africa, ib. 


Ukvoloosk River (Wbita), 

Africa, >6. 264, 265. 
UuTOTi County, Natul, xxxvii. 51, 54. 

Rivet, NaUl, ii. 49, 54, «2. 

UuzuniA River, Natal, ib. 55. 
UuaiMKDLU River, Natal, i " 

xiivii. 49, 51, 53-55, 60. 
UHziuvrEO, or St. John's Biver, South 

Africa., xxiii. 3.19. 
Unalachleet, Norton Bounii, Behring 

Strait, xssviii. 220, 222, 223, 225, 
River, Norti.n Sound, 

Behring Strait, H. 223. 
Uhdaoanfe, South Auttralia.xxsiii. IB. 
UiinALB F^k, Abynsinia, xxxviiL 28. 
■' Uneooyamo" Tribe, NewcBBtie Bay, 

York Peninanin, Queensland, zixvi. 

Unoal Tzar-a- 

', Mongolia, 

(.Bay, Hu.Iaon'H Strait, xxsiv. S.S. 
Unoh'Oi Kaj-aini (rock 80 uuued). 

West Central Afrii'S, ssivii. 93. 
Untamwezi, Ea£t Centrul Africa, 

TJntohi), kingdnni near Victoria Ny- 

auza, ixxiii. 325 et seg. ; xxxvi. 3, 8, 

Upbshavik, the most northern of the 

Danish settlements in Gi^enlanil, 

ssii. 1; xxivt 90, 98. 2S8, 289. 
Uppadae, or Camel Lake, South Ans- 


i. 14. 

Ui'PER Cordilleras of the Andes, refer- 
ence to the geology of the, xxxi. lUO, 

Fraser Biver, Britiah Coluiubia, 

ib. 225, 235, 249, 301. 
Hutunui River, New Zealand, 

', Valley of the, New 

, Valley of the, British 

Columbia, ib. 231, 232. 

Punjab, shellB found in tbe 

allaviura of tbe, ib. 29. 

Bind, xxxii. 303. 

Yaug-tsze-kiaug, ib. i, 10. 29. 

Upshi, Tibe^ xixviii. 212. 

Ui-sTAHT Bay, near Wickham River, 

Queensland, xxxiii. 4. ' 
UpiTKEaoRA River, New Zealand, xxiiv. 


Uralib Trilifl, Maib'aa Fri'sfilBnoy, 

mri. 185. 
Uiuyim Kungone, Etut Africa, xxii. 

UHASQBAeH, Khoban. iiivii, 4. S, 14. 
UbA'Tiube. OuatJul Asia, xl. US, 
Urbano, Maiicu'I. uci^iint of liis aseent 

or tlie Muouiin and Ituxy Jtit'crs, 

tributaticH of the Kivec PurOs, ixxri. 

126 el leq. 
,hiB expedition up the 

Kiver Purfls referred to, ih. 86, 87. 

-, his TartheBt point on 

b, 30, 9* 

Ubojar River, Central Asin, Haasina 

settlement on the. xixii. S.'iS [iiote]. 

Uhqa, Ourga, eapltid of Mongnlis, 

xxiiii, 177: xl. 30ij. 
Ubqct, town of. Central Asia, 16. 4GI. 
Ubi, town iu KsBhtnir, xxxi. 21, 27, 

28, 34— halting plnce al, 8.^. 
U&uii Lake, Eaet Africa, xxziii. 327. 
IIbibind, JapHD, ixxii. 2S7. 
Uboitdogaiii, Upper Nile, xxxiiL 330, 

Urpi Canal, Eastern Tnrkistan, xl. 91, 

Ubbapat RWer. Madras Preaideney, 

xxiTi. 185. 
UBTAtt-TAr, Mountains in CboIjtiI 
Asiii, ixxviii. 432, 435, 447, 448 : xl. 
855, 358, 359. 361, 3H4, 365-367, 368- 
370, 378, 388-391, 394. 

(Weatem), Central Asia, 

ib. 377. 
Ubu Territory, East Africa, xsxiv. 4. 
TTbcbh Punga Foil, on the Birei' 

Paraa£, Brazil, ixxii. 138. 
Ubuob Birer, CaucaBue, xxxii. 75. 
— , Vallayof the, CaueajOB, 16. 64, 

UaroDAT, On the Gold-flelds of. By 
Mr. H. BAHKArrr, ib. 339. 

EivHr, affluent <if the Bio du 

la Plata, Soulli 
140; xxxiy. 22- 
XJbuhcht, Tien Shan Begian, ooal 
Beams at, xl. 39S. 

— — , '-Solfatara' 

of.xxxT. 229. 
Urdndi Mountain, East Central Africa, 

xxxiii. 327, 328. 
TJuuBPiKB, village of, Bnksan Valley, 

Caacssiie. xxxix. 71, 74. 
USAUBABA, Ea9t AfrioB, XI 
Ubchba (Beaotch Mountain). dimWe- 

UsEitDA. Lnacuda, Lucenda, Lutida, 
pital of CHzemhe, Centrul Africa, 
rxr. 4, 6^0 Lacendn. 
UsERi, Bast Afriea. xl. 315. 
Utia.CeutralAaia,ixxri.260: xxiTiii. 

UsHiCBu YAH A, Volcano uf, YeSBO, JupBD, 


Uboga, Viot'iiia Nvonza, xxxiii. 325^ 

327,330,331; xxxr. 11, 12. 
Uai'ANATA Bivcr, Ceulrul America, 

UsT-iLAMEsosoBSK, tiiwnof, EoHsia in 

Asia, ixxT. 62, 66, 68. 
Usui, East Alrieu, ixxilL 327. 

To"e, Japan, xi. 341. 

UansAV Bay, Borneo, xxxIi. !I7. 
Uburi Rivtr, utfluent of the Amur, 

sxxvii. 215, 217, 222-227; xixii. 1, 

,cxploralionof the, bytlie 

BuBsiatiB, xxxvii. 224. 
(Upper), MeteoroIogiOBl 

observations on the, 16. 227. 
(Kapoleou) Bjj, Buauian Uau- 

cburia. ib. 222. 
Uhutu Biv<.'r(Oreat and little), Bonlk 

Africa, xsxlx. 264, 26S. 
Uta, Eaattm Archipdagn, xxxH. 131, 
Utah Lake, xxxix. IIS. 
Utahata Eiver, New Guiiien, xxxiL 

Utch-Kayuk Fort, Cenlr^ Asia, 

lI Biver, Central Asia, xl. 

Utimi. East Africa, ib. 307. 
Utschkul, CuuunauB, xxsil. 89. 
"Utt*k" CordiUoni, Palagonia, xsxL 

UlTEB Perguunah, KHBhmir. ih. 32. 
UviRA, nt«r north end of Lake Tan- 

g.inyika, h^t Central Africa, xixiiL 


>. 3, 4. 

UziKZA, Emt Africa, x: 

Vaal Eiver, Soath Africa, xxsix. 2.'!4. 
Vacovia, Albert Nyanm, xsxvi. II. 
VALBDxr, Luke, Central Asia, identical 

with eary-kul, 16. 260. 
Valdes Island, Vancouvet Island, 

I. 166. 

R 2 




Talk of Herbert, QueeuBliind, sxst. 

206, 208, 212. 
Valkscia, Luke or, Venczueln, ib. 124. 
Vali.aok Poiut, York PeniuBula, 

QueenelBlli], xxxvi. 51. 
VAija Vicioso, Ecuador, uii. 1G9, 
Valuit of Logoonfl, Nortli-EBst Aiia- 

tralia,xixv. 198. 199, 20S-211. 6ee 

&1bo DalrympU. 
Talpabaiho, Cliili, iixi. 155 ; xixiy. 

Valyebdk, Translationa from tho Der- 

rotero of; xiii. 176, 177. 
, Kftrred to, ft. 164, 165, 

178, 179. 

., Socabon of, .6. 181. 

Vamb^bt, Dr. A., Testimonial awarded 

to, xiiv. p. ovi, 
Vab, town of, Turkey in Asia, jiiniii. 

237 : siiviii. 823. 
Biemen's Gulf, Noith Australia, 

xsxiii. 319, 320. 
TANConvBB Iflland, sxsi. 252 ; \ssiv. 

-, formation of Fjotds 

— , Route in exploring 

a road from Albbhnii! Oanal 
Nanaimo iu 1861, with a Traofc 
Chart. By Commander B.O.Maynb, 

Vandaiia, corrette, commanded b; 

Captain Binelsir, sent to the Fiji 

IfilandB, xixii. 51. 
Vanh, Turkey in Asia, sixiii. 333 ; 

sssTiii. 334. 
Vamka Leyu, Fiji, xssii. 43, B3, 56, 

VARAjjonao Biver, Brazil, ft. 139. 
VABaAMiNAB, Central Aeia, xl. 450. 
Yarxka, explanation of the tfim, xxxvi. 

89 [note]. 
Vaeoun, tbe, stream of tepid water, 

Ecuador, xxxi. 171. 
Vasbon Head, Noith Auatrulin, xxxvt. 

Vat £k, Buiua of, CLimboJia, xxxv. 

Vathkb {" the deep ") Pliiin, Epirus, 

Tato Mandri, towu of, Sladagasoar, 

Vavooo-Daob, mountain chain, Turkey 

in Asia, xl. 465, 468. 
Vegetable productions of Glenelg 

DiBtrlcl, North-Weatem Australia, 

ijtiv. 273-275. 
ptodncta of J^pan, xxxi, 

VmirTABLES on Easter Island, Sonth 

Pacific Ocean, xL 170. 

the Isthmi 

of Tehunntepac, Central America, 
ixxii. 549. 
Vbuetablk-ivort palm, note on the, 

Veobtatton of British North America, 

xxxiT. 85, 86. 
, effects of forest deatruc- 

■ of Mahi Island, Sey- 
chelles, r£x(. 232. 

Ve[toh, Mr., Lotunist, referred to, xxii, 
327, 336. 

Vklasco, The Abb^, referred to, ib. 168. 

Velbby-mcllah, Wynaad District, 
India, xxivi. 181. 

Vblillb Biver, Peru, ixxviii 414. 

Venaso Port, Lake Nabuel Huapi, 
Patagonia, xixiv. 214. 

Veniueoi', M., hia * Exploration of 
the Usuri ' refeired to, ixivii. 224; 
xxxix, 22. 

-,hie article on tbeBolor 

referred to, xl. 3 

the Lake of 
IssYK-EUL Knd the RiTer Koshiub 
(translated by Mr. John Mjchell), 
xx3ii. 560, Itineraries :—l. From 
the Kutemaldy to Enrtka ; 2. Same 
Jouraey across the Djuvan-aryk; 3. 
From the Kutomtildy to Son-kul on 
horseback ; 4. From the Koshkar to 
the Talas, 564. 

, The Belohb and their 

Oounby (translated by Mr. John 
MiCHEu,), xxxvi. 265. 

, The PAMtR and the 

Sources of the Amu-Daria (trans- 
lated by Mr. Joaei Michell), ib. 


Vrhus, tranait of, object to be gained 
by obaerving, xixii. 91 — metlinda of 
obaerving the transit, 92 — Hallty 
qnoted, 04. 

Tebawow ("Paliee Nngget"), town 
of, India, il. 19*, 195, 

Verson Creek, EoEtem AQBtntliii, 

Vebeeeb, Hon. H. F. ; Beport on the 
BruiUiftii Ptrivince of the Pabana, 
XKxi], 137^Boun(]aripe ; divisions ; 
towtia;riveta, 137— lakes,l 38— ports, 
139 — topography; two-tliinls of pro- 
vince unexplored ; Guaiamiava, 140 
— FalniBS ; S. Pedro de Alcantara ; 
Pirapo ; Yataliy ; S. Ji-ronyino ; 
Chaga; Sanla Theresa; Superiiguj, 
141 — varioos amall setUements of 
GermaDB and otliecs; promotion of 
immigration, 142. 

Vkbsoye, Fort Sea Semmof. 

Vebbaiu^ at the mouth of the Chal- 
lama Rirer, an affluent of the Upper 
Ynamlari, Provioce of Cferavaja, 
Pern, iixi. 201. 

Vktbas Sliehr, town of, Turkey in 
Asia, XKiviii, 353, 354 [aod note], 

VlAHNA, t 

', his reeiileDce oi 
i. 274. 


ViBOKONi, East Africa, xl. S16. 
Vioioso, Valla, Ecuador, xxxi. 167. 
VlOTOHlA, Atiatralia, ib. 94. 

County, NalHl.xsxvii. 49,51. 

Di-pot, Nortli AualraliB, 

arrival of Wallcer'a Expedition at, 

Mliii. 149. 
, Exploring Expedition from, 

to the Gulf of Corpeotaria, under 

Mr. R. O'H, Bnrke, Jtxiii, 430. 
Falls, Zanibeai Rivor, xsxi. 

290-292, 294, 296 ; ssxv. Ifi7. 
of the Zambesi Biver, 

Livingstone's description and map 

I, .-6. 11 : 
zxxvi. 2S3. 
Lake (Ssry-kul), Central 

— Nile-source, hooonr of dia- 

covering Qie, due to Caplaiua Speke 
and Grant, id. 15. 

XXIV. 1,10-12; jcwvi, 8-10, 13, 16 I 
xxxvii. 205, 207, 210. See also 
Ukerewe Lake. 
■, elevation of the. 

ViOTOBiA (Peter Ihe Great) Bay, 
Rnssian Uanchuriu, xxxvii. 2 IS. 

District, Vanoouver Islaud, 

xxiiv. 155, 160, 161. 

Harboar, Vancouver Islaad, 

i*. 162, 168. 

River, North Auatrolia, xxzi. 

129, 136; TTTJi. 348, 349, 352, 361, 
367 i xxxiiL 132-134, 287. 288, 292 ; 
xxxvi. 229, 23a, 243, 244. 

Strait, Arctic Re^iona, xixL 

10, n. 

town ,VQnconver Island, ixii v. 


i. 208- 


Viatoria, steamer. Captain Norman, 
return of, fiom exploring expedition 
tn the Oijlf of Carpentaria, sxxiii. 

iv. 19, s: 

VioHEa, Lieutenant, of the French 

Novj, referred to, xxxvi. 203. 
VlKKA_River, Beluohistan, xxiiii. 191. 
VlLGANDTA mountain chain, Aeoosiri ' 

spur of the, South Peru, xxxi. 194. 
, the grent mountain knot 

of South Peru, xxxvii. 119, 120. 
Villa Alta, Central America, xiiii. 


Bella, town of, Brazil, xl.4!9, 420. 

do Diamantino, Brazil, xxxiL 

Maria, Paraguay Elver, ft. 270. 

VlLl^pRO Lagoon, Peru, xssviii. 414. 
ViLLAGi^, description of Ihe, on the 

Isthmus of Tehuantepeo, Central 

America, iixii, 644. 
ViLLABO River, Quitonian Andes, xxxL 

VrLLABENO, Don Baailio, referred to, 

iixiv. 205, 216, 217, 222— his diary, 

; the Elver 

Negro, from near its source in the 

Cordilleras to the Atlantic, delineated 

by Mr. H. L. Jonea on liia map of 

port of Pntagonia from hia exploin- 

tions, xxxl. 2U4. 
ViNDORB River, Belucliiatan, xixiii. 


ViNDYA Mountaina, India, xx 
Viossi River, Epirue, xxxix. 
, tiibutoriea 

!S5. ^H 

LLe, ^^H 



ViHi Tribe, Brazil, xisli. 141. 
ViKBAT. Kaahuiir, xiii. 23. 
ViTEHl Mines, Quitoaian Andes, ib, IBO. 
VlTi Leva. Fiji, ix:clL 4a, 52, 53, 

6fr-68, 60. 
VtZAQAVATAU. IndiB, ib, 237. 
Vlauikateaz, TiaitBcauc»«B, issis. 

74, 75. 
Ti.AKGAi.1, Baesinn traveller, his travels 

ill Central Ahib. refarred tu, ixsi, 357. 
TocABULABiEa, lifll of, ciilkcted by Dr. 

W. B. Brtiliie Hmoiig eniall or pr.;- 

tioubI; little-known tiibea in West 

CentTBl Africa, iKsvii, 108. 
VocABtLABY of longuflge of iriiiea of 

Eoebnck B»y Diairict, Nortli-West 

Australia, xxkt. 2SS, 2H9. 
VooBi., Dr., bin viait to Zarijo, We»t 

Africa, reforred to. iisvii. 95, 97,08. 
VoiuuARK, Bay of, Madugiutuu', ib. IOj, 

, Nortb-EoRteni Provinoe of 

UadagasciLr, ib. 10S, III. 
' 1 port of, MadagoBcar, I'A. 113, 

ToHiitABiN*, or Antsidgy, town of, 

UadagasL'aT, ib. 115. 
VOKHAN, Province of. Central Aeia, 

xxni. 250, 259 [nolb]. 
Biver, Cuiitral Asia, t6. 253 

, town of, Central Aai», ib. 260, 

261, 2(i3, 278. 
VoLCAM DEL Topo, QuitoniftD Aadca, 

xssi. 178. 
,VoLCANl0 eraplitms of the Sandwldi 

iHlunda, xxKviii. '661. 
ToLCASO Bai, Yessii, The Weeteni 

Shores of. By Couiinauder C. S. 

yOKBBfl, B.B., XXXVi. 173. 

ToLCAMOES ( mitd ) of Beltichistan, 
sxxui. 188, 189, 200. 

Tdloa Biver, effect on, thrangh de- 
struction of forests on tho wtBtem 
slopes of the Ural Mouiifains, ixxvi. 

Voba Peak, Viti Lb>u, Fiji, xxii [, 52,60. 

ToK BBB DecKKN, Bamo Charles Claus, 
referred to, ssiv. 13, 15-17 ; si. a04. 

; Qet^Tftphieal 

Nnles of an Expedition to Mount 
KiMMA-NDJABOiu 1ISH2-3, ixiiv. 1— 
Previous joumeja ; starts frumMom- 
buB in company tvith Dr. Kirsten, 2 ; 
rooi-'beB Lake Jipe; nature of soil; 
soundings taken of lake, 3; arrival 
at ArushaMounlalns ; Mount Meru ; 
visible; terrilory of 
Uru, 4; DJagga; parliii] ascent of 
speoimeiia collected, 


I. pp- 3 

, Notes 

5 ; return journuj by Daffeta and 
Laku Jipe, over Ibe Bura bills and 
by Enilora to Hombas; tribes cn- 
CDunten.'d; Dondero bo insect, fatal 
only to fnsta and asaea, 6. 
ON debDeceen, Baron Charles Clans, 
bU lalxiuM io Afiiea, sxxvi. p. otl. 
— — 1 Medal award- 

joumey to Kiliua-mdjaho, made in 

cimisinyof. By llmlatoMr.RioiiARU 

Thoukiom, sxst. 15. 
, Obit. Notice, 

siKvi p. OKXiix. 
Hedolib, Baron, sxsiv. pp. 

UiniEi., Bnron, his work on Kash- 
mir referred tu, xxxi. 19 — bis map, 
20 [note], 24, 

Humboldt, Bftmn, bis deeoriptiun 

of Kashmir, ib. 20— observation on the 
character of tbe Hindu mind, 24. 
Bee qIbi) Bumboldi. 

Kbockow, Count 0, ; Exploration* 

in East Afbica, between 14° and 16° 
uortb latitude, xxxvi. 188. 

LiEBiG, Dr. 0.,rt.furred to, ixxii 


. Maktics, Oba». Fred. P, Obit. 

Notice, issis. p. oxisix. 

Otteb, Fb. W., and A. E. Nobdeb- 

SKiiiLD; Account of tlie Swedish 


under tbe command of A. E. Nob- 

DENBKioLD and Fb. W. vom Ottbe, 

ib. 131. 

Bitter, Carl, refirred to, xzxL 18. 

River, New Zeslaiid, issiv. S2, 

<a, 66, 68, 71— Valley, 66. 
> Wkamobll, Admiral, his oonvio- 

tion of tlie existeni-e of open wator 

at the Pole, and his bLUof of the 

poBBibility of reooliing it by way of 

Spitzbergen, xxxv. 133. 
VoNoo Biver, Mancburio, sxsvit. 226. 
VoHOBiN, Mr., topographer, referred to 

In connection witb tbe lesyk'kul and 

Fort Vemoye, sssii. 660. 
VoucaoMATi ("oi-eye") Eivct, 

Epirua, xxiii. 284. 
VHADfTTA Ridge, Epirna, ib. 285. 
Vbaha, Plain of, Epirua, ib. 280. 
Vusi-WAt-viiTL-KU, town of, Fiji, xsaii. 

VuRAMEBlc. Plain of, Persia, tbe Jaje- 

rooil River lost in tbe, SKxi. US. 
VuTo (Cocjtaa) BJvor, Epirus, xixii. 

Valloy, Epirua, ib. 289. 


Wab, waters of, Hnfhoof, Arabia, 

xjtsiv. 137. 
Wabasi Tribe, Laku Nyaaaa, xxxiii. 

WiDA TCige, Japon, xl. 342. 
Waddinoton, Mr. A. ; On the Gco- 

giagiliy and Slountaiu PaseeH of 

Bbitisei Coluubla io cotiDectlun 

with <in Overland lloute,xxsviiL 118 

—Table of gradieatu un Bentiuuk 

Arne Trail, 12:j. 

Table ahiiwing poaitiuns, altitadea, 

and cmpa on Fratter Bi lute, 1 2G. 
Tabic of namoa of Fusbos, with 

positiona and altitude of riilge ur 

diTida, 127. 
WAiibLA Plateau, Abysnaia, ill. 11-43, 

Wadqaeoho (inliabitanla of tlie 

Dbuiolio Uills), EbhI Africa, xl. 318 

— liiitof w(irAi,319. 
Waw Abyat, Peninsula of Sinui, 

Baba, Peninsnia of Sinai, 

ixiriii. 247, 251. 

Djobtin, Arabia, xxxit. 147. 

Dowaair, Arabia, ib, 117 et seq. ; 

ixiv. 180. ise. 

— ~— El Aiii, PeninRuIa of Siuai, 
sxiTiii. 251; X ' "'" 



Er Bym, Peoioaula of Sinai, 

xixviii. 247, 248. 

Es-Slieikb, PeuiuHuln of Sinai, 

ft. 23J, 246,25;!. 

— — Edimed, Feninsnlii of ginai, 

- Baiiifah, Arabia, xixiv. 118, 128, 
9; nx». 175-177, 179. 

- Hcbr&n, Funiusula of Sinai, 
.iviii. 244, 233. 

- lioinmai', r<:uiusulu of Siuui, '0. 

Wadi Hiubthobbak, PeuiuBula of Binaf, 

i*. 246. 
I14k, Paninsula of Sinai, ii, 

Kyd, PeDiLi..ula of Sinai, ib. 245, 

250 ; xxiix. 244. 
Leia, Paiiiuaula of Sinai, Kxxriii. 

Maylonra, Peuinsula of Sinai, 

xxiiE. 34S. 
Meliiadjo, PuuiaBula of Siuat, 

sxxviii. 250. ■ 
Moaeylemah, Arabia, xzxir. 

Mughira, mines of. Peninsula of ] 

Sinai, xsxviii. 251. 
Nejran, West Arabia, i 

Itahabeh, Peninsula of Sinai, 

ib. 344. 

Kajib, Syria, xsxii. 94, 90. 

— — Siil>aizeli, Peniniinla of Sinai, 

Sheikh, Punineula of B: 

xsiix. 343. 
Slieilale, Syria, xxxii. 89, 

108 : xxxviii 23)). 
Sidri, PaoiuBula of Siiiai, u 

Siihan, Arabia, xxxiv. 

Soluf, Poninaula of S 

xxxviii. 244. 
Soley, Province of Ambia,x: 

119 ft stq. 

Suleiman, Syria, iixvi. 201 

— — Taiyibeh, Paninsula of Sinai, 

xxxviii. 239, 256 ; xxxis. 343. 
Tarook, Arubia, xsiiv. 115, 

Tellegor, PaninHuln of Sina 

xixviii. 251, 252. 
—^- Tliil, Puninanla of Sinai, * 

Tinia, Peninsula of Sinai, i 

Uaaeit, Peninsula of Sinai, ib. 

239, 255. 
Zerka, Syria, tiie Jabbok oT 

Bcriptare, sxxii. 96, 99. 

Peninsula of Sinai, 

, SXX11. 96, 99. ^H 

rttn. Peninsula of Sinai, ^^^| 

B, tlie, Algeria, called by ^^^| 

de Nicolai (1587) the Savo, ^^M 

k, the (tribo), Eoat Afriua ^^M 


MountainB, AbjBBiaid , 

Wahabee Amir, Tribes ander direct 
ooufi^deratioD oC the, xxxv. 187— tri- 
bute paid t« tbe, 187 and [notej- 

— ■ — — tribute alleged to be 

paid by, to tbe Torkiah Govemment, 
ib. 18S. 

Capital, Central Aeabta, 

A Visit to the. B; Lieut.-Coloiiel 
(now Sir) Lewis Pslly, ib. 1U9. 

Q uud go? eruuiBut, 

K 135, 137. 


jxteoBioa oE the. 

— Territory, Arabii 

'J'lilie, Arabia, ili. las, iwsi, 

WAHABBSa in Arabia, aamniaiy of fauts 

witb refCTcncB to the, ib, 185. 
Wahsaidh Mountaiua Oregou, zsxix. 

9B, 97, 105, 112, 113. 117. Diatriut, New ZoaluDd, sxxiv. 


ib. 57 

— Valley, New Zealand, xxsiv. 

66, B9. 
Wai-dina Eitor, Viti Lern, Fiji la- 

landa, sxzl). 611. 
Waioiou Isiand, New Guinea, ii. 127, 

129, 130. 
Wai-ho, a riser, whieh entera Iho 

Grand CanaljatLiu-tBiu-nboWiCliilili 

Province, Cliina, xl. 5. 
Wauioh lalnnd. Eastern Archtpelago, 

xxiiii. 222, 251. 
Waikato Biver, New Zealand, xiivL 

Waihahibiri Blicr, New Zealand, 

Biver, New Zealand, 

Waimba, Plain of, Hawaii, xxxviii. 

.■)63, H67. 
WAto, or Ajawn People, East Africa, 

ixxv. IM. 
TVaibaka Kiver, New Zealand, sisiv. 

GO, 61. 
Wai-8han (sometimea called Yii-aban) 

Lake, North China, xl. 3. 
Waitajki Kiver, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

89 ; SKivii. 3ai. 
Waiio Tribe, AbjMinia, sxxix. 46. 


Waitooi GurKe, New Zealand, xxxvii. 

Wasaia Forest, New Zealand, ixiiY. 


— Island, Fiji sisii. li. 

— - Biver, New Ztalaiid, xxxiv. 


VsUey, New Zealand, ib. 67, tiS. 

Wakahabia. peuplB liviog un the top 

of the liltaouuia Mountain, Euat 

Atrial, xl. 327. 
Waeauba Tribe, East Atrica, xxxv. 

15, 16. 
Wakatipu District, New Zeaiwid, 

sisiv. 70, 71. 
Fuieati, New Zealand, ib, 


IVakekikij), Rev. T., MiBaionaiy at 
Uuniboaa: Brmtes of Native Carnvana 
fiinn tlie Cooal to tbe Interior of 
Eastehn Apbjca, cbieQy Erom io- 
formatioo given by Sadi Bin Abeili, 
a native of a distriut near Gazi, in 
Udigo, a little north of Zanzilwr, xl. 

No. 1. From Tansn to Lake Nj- 
anza (or Nyanja), 303— Liiku NyanTB, 
309— the Wo-Ukira (poopio of llie 
Ukitra region, Lake Nyunza), spcci- 
mens of their laii°:nage, 311. 

No. 2. Beturn Boulo: from Vkara 
CNyanza) to Arnaha, 312. 

Na 3. From Mombasa to Dlinicho, 
314— the Wa-Dbaiobo, .118- speui- 
mens of their language, 319. 

No. 4. From Sigir&ri to Sambdru, 
319— tbe Wa-Snmbdru, 322. 

No. 5. From Lake Nyauza to Lake 
Barin;>;o, 823— Lake Ilaringo, 324 — 
tlie people of Baringo, 326. 

No. 6. Down Houte : from Luke 
Bariiigo to Ndara Selion, along thu 
western bank of the Biver NJenixi, 

ly Mr. Keith .ToHKSTOH, 
1 the Map (oMr. Wake- 
IJeld'e Paper; autbortliea, '626 — con- 
struction of the map, 329— the routes, 
330 — the rivers, streoras, and lakes, 
332 — physical features, 337— the 
limits of the diffoicut ptopiua, 33B. 


Walcott Island, North- West Coast of 

Aostraiia, xuil 424. 
WiLTiscH Bay, South-Weatem A&ioa, 

mv. 125,302; itxvi. 247. 
Waliqevo. people or LaJce Baringo, 

Gatit Africa, xl. 326. 
WALisrNoNO, people of East A&ioa, ib. 

WiUCEH, Oolonel {now MBJor-Gt'neral 
J. T.) : tiew IiifottmtioD in liis Map 
of Turfcislan, ssxix. p. cliutis. 

. Superin- 
tendent of the Great Tiigono metrical 
Survey, referrud to, isnviii. 129. 

. Major (now Majur-Geneial) 

Jakes T,, Supeiinteudent of the 
Great Trigonomclrital Survey of 
India; On the Hiehland Hegion 
adjacent to the Teans-Indcb Frontier 
of Bbiti»!i India, xxxii. 303— deQcii- 
lion of tiact of country; enlered by 
the brothers Lmnsden in 1857-8; 
inliabltiiDts, 303— peuks of Ihe Sooli- 
roaoi range; tbo Tultt-i-Soolinifln, or 
Throne of Siilomon; peculinritieB of 
range, 304 — therivera; the important 
additions to ceographiL'al knowledge 
btyond the Traoa-Indua frontier; to 
what due, 305— the great mutiny ; 
theWuzeeris; General Cham btilain'B 
oipedition against the DitrweBljkel 
'Wnzeeria, 306— itu results; the moun- 
tain range known as Soofaid or 
Safcd Koh ; direction of its uflshoots; 
Teeruh Valley ; Valley of Bara ; 
Khyber Valley ; heightof the water- 
Bhedof the paaa, 308— oai-ful nera of 
local knowledge of gaidee in survey- 
ing; Teerah River, 308 — peouliaritieB 
of limeatune and Bundstune ranges; 
Biver Koomm ; its source, 309— 
Koorum district ; extract from Report 
of misaiozi t-i Candahar, 310— the 
Khoat aod Dour afSuents nf the 
Koorum; Khoet Valley; tribes be- 
tween Khoet and Britigh boundary, 
311 — Durwesh Khel Wazeeris; Dour 
Valley ; Pirghal and Sheweydur, or 
Shah Hyder Mountaiua ; Ihe Bit- 
tuQnies, a Pathau tribe, their onun- 
Iry, 312— notes as to map, 313— 
country otMahaood Wmieeris, 316— 
plainof Buzmuk, BIG. 

- Creek, Flinders Biver, Aus- 


i. 107. 

Frederick, gold watch 

leader of Burke 

Journal of Pru- 

tha Alhicbt 

Belief Expedition 
ceedingB, tlie NoGi 
BivEB, GuLf of Cabpentauia, 

, James, t.k^^ Obit. Notice, ' 

, R.. a.s, ; bis journey in Wert 

Africa, ixxvi. p. cxeiii. 

Wallace, Alfbed Ui;BSEL,Eaq.; On the 
Physical Geography of the Malay 
AofHiPELAOO, XKliiL 217— definition 
of the Aiohipelago ; position ; extent 
and magnitude of the chii:f islands, 
216 — lieadfl under which the chief 
islands are considered, 220 — vol canoea 
—of Java, 221— of Bnmatra, 222- 
differenoe between voloaoic and non 
Tolcanio region, 223— contrasts c 
vegetation and of climate in th. 
Aroliipelago, 224^ geological and 
zoological relations to Asia and Aus- 
tralia, 226— list of chief isIatidB, with 
their extent, &c., 229 — lists of cha- 
racteristic birds and mammals in the 
Indian and Amtlalian regions, 230 
— inftrenoes to be drawn from the 
distribution of animals, 231 — reasona 
fi>r limiting the Archipelago ou tlia 
East, 232 — indications of a vast con- 
lineiii broken np, 233— Important 
bearing of natural biatory researches 
on study of past biatory of tlie world, 
; On the Trade 


New Guinea and its Islands, xixii. 
127 — portion of New Guinea with 
which the trade exists ; articles of 
oommeroial valnefrom interior,ui>aats 
and ialandsi tbeir destination, 127 
— description of a Malay prabuw ; 
Great Gei-lvink Bay, 128- BalwStty 
aad Waigioti; produotions; inhabi- 
tants, 12a— Mysol, or Misool ; pro- 
ducts ; description ; coast south of 
McLuer Inlet, 130— Aru IslaDds; 
praducta ; customs of people, 131 — 
trade; religionn, 132 — Ke' Islands; 
biHit building ; timber ; Matabollo 
Islands; Goram group, 133 — Kil- 
waru, great rendezvoua for New 
Guinea traders; situation; natui 
trade ; sayo, its growth i 
facture, 134 — dill'troiitc in hubiUs of 






sa^ Rnd Tice-growiDg popnlatioiiB, 
136 — notes cullected diiring three 
vciy&ers to New Guinea and ils 
inlands, 137. 

Wali.acb, Alfred Busael, Esq. ; hin 
* Travels on tlie ArnsKon and Hiver 
Negro ' referred lo, uxvi. 9+. 

— . — , referred to, 

iixii. 275. 

Wallaibchibb Mountainfl, Oanoaaua, 


', letter of, a 

necessity of remoyal of the Btation of 
Ibe UaiTertiitieN' Mission in Enst 
Africa froni Chibisa's, ib. 272-3. 

Walli Dabba Mouiitaina, Abjiasinia, 
xuix. 40-43. 

Wallih, Mr.; his travels in Amliitt 
referred to, xxiiv. IVi el s^?. 

Wallis, Hr., a, German naturalist, re- 
furred to in ooniiectioD with the 
aliortiye expedition to the Eiver 
PurHs, sent by tlie Brazilian Govern- 

Walnut-treb (•TuglaoB) in Ecuador, 

xui. 176. 
Waldbbwa, the (tribe), East Africa, 

Wabau, tlie (tribe), East Africa, .'6. 

Wauaebai, the (Iribe), East Africii, 

Wa-i C-hien), towo of, Western China, 

xssii. 10-12, 21, 26, 35, 31;, 38. 
Wahasa Lake, New Zealand, xxxiv. 

57, 58, 90, 91, 107— forests, 72; 

nxvii. 328, 329, 8S5, 336. 
Wakindi, a people livine on the mm- 

mit of the Nandi Manntain, Eset 

Africa, xl. 309. 
"Wamdaj Pass, Abnja-meder Monn- 

taiiia, Ab^BBinia. xixviii. 40, 41. 47. 
Wandamem, District of, Geelvink Bay, 

New Onineu, visited every year by a 

veeeel from the Island of Teraate, 

sisii. 120. 
Wandiqe, Province of, Abyasiiiia, 

sssix, 42, 43, 48. 
Wanbo Binannia Swamp, South Aus- 
tralia, zsiiii. 29. 
WANDaA-BBis-NANNiB Plain, Soulh 

Australia, ib. 26. 
Wanha Port, East Africa, siiiv. 2. 
Wamoasiji, New Zealand, xxxiL 300. 
'WAKO-UHiNd, Si>ou1, or King-ki-lao, 

capital of Crea, SJixvii. 213, 214. 
WANti-uAi-TtEtt, Manchuria., KixiiL 157. 


( Mombos, East 

Wasjka Tribe, 

Africa, skxv. 15. 
Wahjeusi Tribe, Lake Baringo, East 

Alrica, xl. 326, 327. 
Wankaslidiik Water, South Anstralia, 

Wantula Depot, South Aastnilia, ib, 

15. 22. 
Wabx (or Wanks) Hivor, (i^nlral 

America, ixxii. 250. 
Wabtassa 'I'ribe, Iioko Nyaasa, xiiUi. 

WAliBCBTOlf Creek, East Auetrolia, 

ib. 54. 
, Major, tefemsd to, xxxi. 

65, 66, 69, 70, 73. 
Wabbubtok'h Salt, Sooth 

Australia, ib. 72. 
Wabu Mount, New Zealiind, swtiv. 90. 
Wabi La, Ladakb, sssvii. 344. 
WAftKALLAY fiiVBT, An Aocoutit of the 

Alifbe Men bane and the. By 

0. B, Mabshah, Esq., xsxvi. 195. 
Wabk-waha (" Golden wa1er"X Valley 

of, Abyssinia, ixxviiL 46. 
Wabu springs neur the Yunkoii Biver, 

Alaska, i^ 226. 
Wabua-go-la-dbaiue Lake, South 

Australia, ixxiii. 39. 
Wabueb Creek, South Australia, xxiL 

WAHBa, John A8hley,ii.p., Obit. Notice, 

ib. p. cxixiii. 
Warrmo Eiver, New South Wales 

and Queensland, xxiilL 97, 121, 124, 

125, 129, 131, 132, 151. 
Warren's Tier of Table-tope (range), 

East Anstralia, ib. 4S. 
Warwick Bange, Anstralia (named by 

M'Dousll Stuart afterMr. Warwick J, 

xxzi. 141. 
Wasa Water, Weet Coast of Afnca, 

xxiiii. 245. 
Wasaba, town of, West CJenttal Africa, 

KXXTii. y3. 
W*-S*MBUBU (people of Bamburu), 

EHst Africa, xl. 322. 
Washtngton Land, North Greenland, 

xxxvi. 291. 
Roar -Admiral John.o.B., 

Hjdnigrapher of the Admiralty and 

formerly Secretary of the 8o«ietv, 

ftum Dr. Livingstone to, x: 


WiaaiNSToy Teriilary, i 

iJtKiv. 173. 
Wabhm, Nejii, Ar.ibia, i: 


Wabukd (people of Suin), Lnke 
Buringo. KbbI Afriva, il. 323, 32fi. 

TV AT MoiiKkong, Siam, xsxi, 319. 
Fohoh, Sium, ib. 320, 3-21. 

Barabon, SIbid, ifr. bBO. 

■Wa-tbita Tribe, East AMca, sxsv. 1 6, 

"Watbb CftstleB"of North Cliiiia,Kl. 

, fresli, Bop|>ly of, on Easter 

Island, South pHcifio Ocean, ib. 168. 

Waterpaktino batween tlie AtiHUtio 
Hnd the lake of Titioooa, Suiitli 
Amerim, xxsi. 198. 

Wateb-Sbpplt, On the Effect* of the 
Dt-atructiou of ForeetB in tlie 
Western Qhautb of India, oh tJie. 
B; C. H. Markbau, Esq., saxvi. 

WATBBHorsB Range, AuBlmlia {named 
by M'D»uall Stuait after the Ootonial 
Beoietary), xxxi. 1014, IID i xxsiii. 

EiYer, Nortli AuBtralia, 

xxxiii. 308. 

Waterloo, Monnt, North-Weet Aus- 
tralia, xxxvi. 219. 

WATeBSHED of tlie Bnrdtkin and Lyud 
iliveis, QoeeilBlanil, lisv. 206. 

of the neutral liiglilandB of 

Arabia, ib. 179,180. 

dividing the basin of tho 

Indus ttom the Turkietan rlverB, kI. 
65, G6. 

Watsaka, town of, Biam, xxxvli. 299, 
302 325 

Watwik, Dr. Forbes, referred 202. 

'■■Watthie-qiibtii}" Creek, South Aus- 
tralia, xxxiii. 31. 

Lake, South Aus- 

WATTi-wmnw), Late, Soutli Auslcalia, 

ib. 32, 33. 
Watts, Monnt, North Australia, it. 

Wattt-garooiii, Lake, South Aub- 

Iralia, ib. 35. 
Wakub, Major-General Sir Andrew 

Heott, Survejor-Uenenil of Imlia, 

referred to, xxxi. 11, 15, 17, 20, 30 

ixxiv. 19. 

WA-i;(ioso, the (tribe), Eaut Afriua, ' 

Wa-ijkara (people of the Ukara j 

region), East Africa, x1. 311. 
WArx Kiver, Central AmuiCB, lixii. 

Wawa River, Central America, ib. 213, 

WAX-PA!,ii (/'.((nw lie Jtamos of tli» I 

Quitonians), sxxi. 176. 
Wax-tkke, called "laurel" iMyrica 1 

ceriferu), found at tlie ntoulb of the ! 

Mnpoto (formerly called the Bio j 

Colorado), ib. I"'" ' 

Wazeeui Tribe. 
Webkck, Capo Harrisou, Labradnr, 

xxivui. 26i, 267, 2tj8, 270, 27a 

Island, Labrador, ft. 269. 

Weeneh County, Natal, xxcvii. i 

Wei River, Shantung, China, xl. 2*, 1 

210, 22S. I 

Wei-ugkib, ShantDQg, China, i^. 210— 1 

described, 211. 1 

WEl-KWBl-FU(WB-kjunXHonan,Chi[im 1 

ib. 21. ' 

Weld Mount, Western Australia, A, 

Wellinotoh Bar, British Colnmbia, 

xxxi. 211. 
CliBQnel, Arctic Sea, Eb- 

, Arctic Sea, 
ascended by the j 

ffretusB'id Term 
Wells in Arabia, i 
Wellwed, Captain, hia acoonnt of his 

tiiivels in Arabia referred to, ixiiv. 

Wkn River, Shantung, China, xl, i, 

WliKltiDt Muraia Creek, South Aus- 
tralia, xxxiii. 20. 
WEeuiYAH MiBsinoB, Australian Com' 

mitteeoftlie, sxxii. 51. 
— Missionaties in Fiji, ib. 17, 

WEasEL Islands, North Australia, 

T Ma<lug,,8car. See Wih. 

- Monnt liljtii, NOTlh Austral; 

isii. 310. 


istralis, ^^^1 


West Ntale Hiver, Sonlh AttBttalia, 

xaii. 104, 103. 
Kiver, ErilJBh Columbia, uxir. 

BoBil BiviT, BritiaL ColumbiB, 

ixii. 2:;0. 
Wanganui, New ZcnUnil, XKxii. 


WesTESS BelHchistml. See Ooldainid. 

Eqdatobiai, ArftiOA, An Ac- 
count of an Exgiloratiou of the Ele- 
phant KovsTMs in. By K. F. 
IliiTtTON,Eaq., Medalliat a.o.a., Tiiiii. 

-, Becoud 


Jnampy into. By ! 
Chaillu, xxxvi, 64. 

Ghacts of India, On the 

E0pcfa of tbe DeBtruction of Foceeta 
in the, on the Water- supply. By 
0. B. Markbam, Sgq., a. 180. 

Iran, xxii. 149. 

Lao, IndoChiua, xxxii. 152. 

Siiid, Hill diatriclB of. Sea 

Uaion Telegraph EipoHition 

(" BuBBo- Ameiican," or "Collipa' 

Ovpriaud Telegraph"!, xixviii. 219. 

WesTLASs, Cuouty of, Nuw Zialand, 

xi. 433. 
■Wkbtbobelani), Wetrt Cinist District, 

New Zeitland, xxsii. 2&S. 
Wetzstein, Dr., for ronliy yeara PniB- 
^^^^ BJun Consul at Damascus and aller- 

^^^^ wards Professor of Arabic in tbe 

^^B UniveTsity of HuUe, ruforreil lo, ib. 

^^H iiO-82, 86, 90, 96. 
^^^F WuKAT culture in Manobnria, ssxix. 


I in East Africa, xxxi 270. 

WiiEATLKTt BoBRL', North-West Aus- 
tralia, xxxvi. 207, 209-211, 213. 

Wheelwb:oht, Mr. W. ; hia proposed 

I line of railway to connect Rosario 
with CordovR, referred to.xxMS. 243 
— Iiroposed extcaslon of, 244. 
; importanoa of 

is proposed railroad, ib. 245. 

-^ ; Froposeu 

Railway Konte aoroes the Andes 
feom Caldera, in Chile, to Rosabio, 
on the Parana, via Cordova ; with 
Efiport of Mr. E. A. Flint's Survey, 
* 155— Drill NioUolaa Naranja'a 
Btrioal obaenations along pro- 
route, 156— First section, 
to Cordova ; seoond section, 
Cordova to the Eastern base of tJie 
Andes, 150— third siolion. Eastern 
bane of the Audes tu tho junction 



with the Tres Puntos Kailvray ; 

Eltrnct from Report and Burrty, 

157— Table of dislanccs, 162. 
, referred to, 

XXIV. 143. 
Wheweli, Rev. Dr. W., Obit, Notice, 

WmnBi'B Island, Do Fnca Strait, Van- 

conver Isknd, xxxix I2M. 
Whirlwind Plnins, North AustnUia, 

xsiVL 240-242, 244. 
Whitcombe, the lalo Mr., his travels 

in New Zealand referr»J to, xxxiv. 

- Pass, Southern Alps, Now 

, Bast Coast of South 

America, xxil 204. 
Nile, Land Journey Weatwanl 

of tbe. By J. Petbebick, Eeq,, XXXV. 

Whitebtonb Creek, New Zealand, 

iixiv. 60, 68. 
WHrrNEy, Profeasor, referred to, xxxix. 

Whittington Range, North Anafralia, 

ixxii. 341, 343, S70; xxxiii. 285. 
Whyupeb, Mr. Fbeuebick ; A Joomey 

from Norton Souitd, Beubinis 

Fort YouKos (Junction of Purcupias 

and Youlcon Rivers), xixviii. 219. 
Note on the Geology of tlia 
country, 236 
, Mr, Eilwanl, referred to, xl. 

WiCHHAU, Captain, referred to, xxiiii. 

4, I3:>. 

River, North Australiii, i'&, 

296, See Hali-ymptt. 

WicESTEAD Creek, Central ADstralia, 
xxxi. 139. 

WuDB Bay, Spibtbergen, xsxix. 140. 

WiLBEHifoROB Rivcr, New Zealand, 
xxxvii. 329, 334. 

WlLOOX, Captain, referred to in con- 
nection with thrj Irawarly and its 
sources, xl. 2S6 el seq. 

WiLDEBEESTH Vlachle, or Gnu Flat, 
South Africa, xxiii. 839. 

WiLQB River, tributary of the Orange 
River, South Africa, xxxix. 2.S4. 

WiLEES, Commodore, of tha United 
StatoflExploiingEipeilition, referred 
to ill couneotion with tbe survey of 
tha Fiji IbIoikIs, xxxii. 42-44. 

WiLKlB Creek, Queensland, ib. 459. 

WiLLAMEiTB Praiiies, Oregon, xxxix. 


WiLMAH Creek, Auetrulia, iixi. 131 ; 
xixiii. 56, 312. 

WiLLiAU Springs, South AuBtratia 
(named by M'DodbII Stuarl after 
the youDgeet son of Mr. John Ohnia- 
bots, of Adelaide), xxxi. 35, S6, 101, 
104, 144. 

'WiLLUue Creek, British Colombia, 
iKxiv. 100-192, 194. 

, Dr. OlBmstit, hi a wurk, 

' Through Bnrmah to Wtatoro Chiua,' 
referreil to, xl. 292. 

— — , Dr. S. Well», hia Map of 

China refarrpd to, ixiviii. 64, 

, Mr., Missionary ia Fiji, re- 
ferred to, Mxii. 46, 48. 

Willi AM SOM, Kev. Alexamjeb ; Nnlea 
on M\NOHUHrA,xxJiLs. 1 — Gieographi- 
cal limits of the region. 

8ovTH«BS Manohueia. — Surfaoo 
view^ in tefereiioj to its natural 
' obai'Boteri slice, 1 — climnte. 3 — bible 
oF temperature at Newchwaug in 
1885; fannaandflora,4— rivers, 6 — 
the great highways, 7 — chief cities, 
8 — seaports, 9— vilhiges and hamlets; 
popuktioD, 10 — indmliial pntauita ; 
wheat, cotton, II — silk, indigo, to- 
baceo, minerals, 12 — pent, iron, 13 — 
gold, silver, copper, and lead, 14 — 
ooiumurce, slatistica of trade at New- 
ohwant; in 1866, Hho«irig amount of 
imports and exports, 15— the de- 
Telapment of the country, 16. 

Central and Nobtbebn Kas- 
DBURiA. — Extent and boundaries, 18 
— Central Hanchoria or Kirin; sut- 
faoa ; the mountain ranges, 19— tlie 
great rivers; tlie Sunguii, liO— the 
Uauri,21 — theHnrka ; configniation 
of tbecountry ; climate, 22 — table of 
agrioultural operations, Ac, in Cen- 
tral and Nortliern Manchuria. 22 — 
the great higliwnys; the general 
sspeot of the country, 24 — the charac- 
ter of the populBlioii ; cities and 
oliief towm-, 26— the fertility of the 
soil ; food and plants ; beans ; millet, 
29 ■ — Indian corn ; wheat, barley, 
potatoes, opium, 30 — indigo; indus- 
trial parsuita ; probable mineral 
vealth, 31— the fauna; tigers, black 
bears, panthers, foxes, deer, aqnlrrela, 
&a., 32 — domestic anlnmla ; birds, 
33— fish : the flora ; trees, 34. 

NosTHERN Mahchtibta. — Bounda- 
riea and extent ; the future of the 
country, 35. 

lors given by, roapecling the tomb 

of the Emperor (of tbe febulnna 
Epoch of the Five Dragons) Siiao-pHo 
(n.c. 2597), near Kio-fn, Shantung, 
North China, xL 223. 

WlLLW, Captain W. A., H.M., Obit. 
Notice, xxxiv. p. cxxUi. 

Wuxa, W. J., deatli of, in Australiii, 
xxxU. 436. 

-, grave of, near Fordulli, 
South Australia, xxxiii. 27. 

Banges, East AuBtrslia, rt. 46. 

fFiLgoy, Capl. J. C. bjt. ; Notes on the 
West Coast of Macaqasoab, xxivL 

. James Fox : Water Supply in 

the Basin of the Biver Oramue, or 
'Garibp, South Africa, xiiv. 108. 

innt of Dpsio- 

ontion in the Basin of the OKANnE 
Bn-BB. xxxvi. 195. 
, John, educational prize award - 

Wind, hot, at Maritzhurg, Natnl, 

ixxviL 65, 
WrKDLBT Kiver, New Zealand, xxiiv, 

64, 70. 
Winds and climatology of Cape York, 

Queensland, agencies operating on 

the, xxxviii. 387. 

of the Indian Ocean, ib, 380. 

preilomin&nt in Biistern Tutki- 

etan, xL 112, 
prevailing at Somerset, Cape 

York, Queensland, ssxviii. 405. 
prevailing in Epirus, xxxix. 

prevailing over South Africa, 

XXIV. 110. 
Wine, Chinese, See Wmg-o/iti. 
WiNiFDO, Easter Island, South Pacific 

Ocean, xl. 168, 170, 179. 
WiTTK Waters Eand, Transvaal, xxxix. 

WnTEBBBGENMonntains, South Africa, 

WoPELA Plain, North-East Africa, 

WoKHAB Harbour, Persian Gulf, xxxiv. 

143, 144. 
Wolff, Rev. Dr. Joseph, Obit. Notice, 

xxsii, p. ex. 
WoMBA, HauBsa, West Central Africa, 

WoMBBRAT, of, North-East 

Africa, xxxviii. 39,40. 
WosB-cHu [i.e. hivaiig-ohin, or yellow 

nine], the most higiily esteemed of 


Oliinpee wmrs, miule in thePrDTinoe 
of Cliihli, North Clilaa, ixsiii. 169. 

WoNO^mBOO Pl-in, Nortli-Eaat Africa, 
oitriohoB and aatel'ipes seea un, 
xxiviii. It 

Wood, l.ieut. (1838), referred In. xslvi, 
252, 253, S60, 261, 265, 2Tl^, 279. 

■, Hajoi' Herbert ; refi-tunoe to the 

. SchligiuweitB* troulmL'nt of his ob- 
aervatioDs, iL 122. 

WooiicoaE. Ten. Archilenoon, of Ade- 
laide, iixt 126. 

WoouroRDB'B Creek, AuaCraliB, xxxiii. 

WooDB of FonnoBa, coUection of, pre- 
eeated to Eew Huseniii by (fbo Ute) 
Ur. Bob^ Bwinhoe, xxiiv. IT. 

of the Sundwich lalimils, 

xxxTiii. »ei. 

Lake, a long, narrow mere, so 

named by Mr. Laodahnrougli, near 
tiie Barkly Hive]', North Auntralia, 

Island, xxxiv. 

WooLGAA Bivsr. Queeobland, xxiiii. 

Wooacua. Sea Wa-sing. 
W OH A BIB Tnrri-nt, North-Eastem 

Africa, isiil, IDS). 
WoHoszow, Prinfe, Boasian Doblenian, 

hie opinion aa lo wliat whs vrunti^d 

tn improve tlie condition of Wu»ti:tu 

Tarlary referred to, «xv. 122. 123. 
WoBSLBY Kiver, New Zealand, ixiiiv. 



and the Pliyaiml Features of Srnr* 
nnd NoBTHiiiis Palestine, i;xsii. 

Worth, Mr. Jna, refeiied to, xxxi. 253. 
WosHEai Diatriot, Arabia, ixxiT. 118 

WOTTA Tribe, Salt Plain, North- 

Eft6tetn Africa, xssix. 199. 
WR.uieKii, Adiniral, referred to, ixiv. 



Wddqabbha Bivor, North-East Africa. 

ri. 27, 
Wu-HU, nity of, Vang-laio-kiang, isiii. 

28 : il. 28:^-295. 

WraDwAS Biver, tributary lo the 

Clitnab, IX xi. 3(j. 
Valley, ft. 85, 36 — wild 

nnifflalfl at, 37— inhribitiinta tdi'utieal 

witli those of Ka«hirtir, 37. 
WuRKAi.nir Barrier, Travanoore, xxxvi. 

195, 197. 

for cutting through the, ib. 197, 198. 
, village of, Travanoore, 

■6. 197. 
VcRBEAH Diatrict, Arabia, xxxrv. 172. 
Vd-shan Gorge, Yang - taze - kiang, 

xxxii. 3.5. 

— (hieii),yiiug-taM-Idang, ft. 9. 

Wc-susa (WooBung), estuary of Uie 

Yaiig-teze-kiang, ih. 36, 38. 
Biver, estuary of the Yatig- 

tsze-kiang, Chinii, ib, 27. 
ffn-TSE Biver, PurmoBa, ixxiv. l.'i. 
ffcTTDHVuIley, Arabia, xsxv. 175. 

B,or WaieeriBiPnniab frontier 
xxiil. 306, 307, 311, 312, 31S, 


E, Mount, South AuBtraIia,xisii 
i, 3. W. S., Obit. NoLiee, xl. ] 

Xapkco Biver, Brazil, xxiii. HI. 
XsvuraoN, ' Auabasis ' of, refened to, 

il. 4*13 et asq. 

, qauteii, xixvii. 168, 170. 

XEBovotJNO (" the dry mouutain "), 

Epima, xixix. 285. 
XmiBiCA, Braiiil, xixii. 140. 

northern tribes of Asia, 
Wbeck Boy, Labrador, jxxviii. 261, 
Wd Bivar, one of tlie foot great liigli- 

waye !iDm the south of China reachea 

the Yang-t«ze-kioug by the, ib. 58, 68. 
WUBBA WeUn, ArubiB, xxxv. 178. 
Wr-OHASO, capital of Hupei, China, 

Wr^jHiNO, town of, on the Poyang yAAWaAU fatiiily (Arabia), xxxiv. 148. 

Luke. Chinn, 11.269, 28(^281. "YAnATOAN" Tribp, Newoaatle Bay, 

Wu-cBuw, Kwiiogtung, China, ixxi iiL York Peninsula, Qutenaland, xixvi. 

52-54, 61, (i2, 66, 67. | 83. 


Yaimow Galla Coaotry, Eari Africn, 

"Yak Sbnniba" Bftzam, Eaateni 

Turki8taii, il. 61. 
Yaks of Tibet, inviii. 163 ; il, 37, 67, 

Yabbti, quoted «uid (eforred to, sixTii. 

IG*, les, 176. 
Talk, Fmser Kiver, Britinh Columbia, 

xxiIt. 178, 183, 194; ixxvJiL 121. 
Yalno. nuintiiaiti in Genrgio-Antieiiin, 

TTTi , 151. 

Talwa Mountain, Nortli-East Africa, 
Tama Diigh, Turbey in Asia, siiviii. 


YAHAir Yfki Biver, shown on our mapa 

as isEuing from, the Kam-Kul. mo^t 

cloei^l; repTeBcul«il by tlie Kliaiiuik 

Biver, xl. 95. 
Tamdoecko Lake, Tibet, xxxtUL 135, 

(hBiglit of, 136), Ufi, 151, 152, 166. 
Yaks in Australia, xxilL 175. 
Yana-cocha (Blat-k Lake), Eenitdor, 

ixii. 109, 178, 179. 
Tana-mayu Biver, Proyince of Cara- 

vaj-ft. Porn, ib. 203. 
TiSA-uiioi', Cordillera de, or Llnngan- 

atis of tlie Cummy, Ecnador, ib. 

YAMGHisBAtt (Sargiak) Biver, Eaitera 

TnrkiHlan, xl. 93, 94. 
, towa of, Eastern Turki- 

BtBD, xxxfi 2(90 : xl.92,H2— fort,93 

^pnaition of, 94. 
Yjujo-Ho, river in NortI i China, nenr the 

t«£tern torminua uf tlie Great Wall, 

zixul 155. 
Ya>'gi FaEE, Euen Lun Bange, xl. 55, 

57, 69, U7. 
Yani^kiao, Honan, China, xl. 20. 
YA»a-T8Ba-KiANQ, xxiviiL 61-66, 68, 

2!U-237; si 1, 3, 21, 802. 
, ascent of the, by 

Sarol, BlaMslon, Batton, andSehere- 

flhafsky, xxxii. p. cxlv. 
— - — ■ , Lieutenant ami 

Commander Stokes' observations on 

the, xl, 278. 
, Mr. L. S. Dawson's 

obaervatiuns on the difGeultiea of 


n above I-oiiai 
, Note 

b, 277. 

By Dr. Alveed Bahton, 

, Notes on [be, fium 

Hankow ta Pinr-shan. By Lieut.- 

, Special Mission Dp 

the. By B. Swjnhoe, Esq., ib. 2S8. 

,\'aliey of thp, Cliiua, 

xxiiiL 164, 165 ; xxxviii. 5S, 59, 

the KuvaB-Djarma or Kok bntnoh 

of the Lower Amn-Daria, xxxvii. 

152. 153, 160. 
Yasuca, Fiji, xisii. 60. 
Yant-KDeGAN, Central Asia, xxiviii. 

435, 451, 452; ll. 376, 457, *.')«. 
Yapuab Biver, Eastern Turkislan, 

isxvl. 278. 

Yabebeb Tribe, Oman, Arabia, xxiv. 

YAnKAND, Eastern Tarkistan, xniv. 

29 et seq.; xxxY. 64; ixxvi. 2tl0, 

26.5, 267 i xxxvii. 4, 5, 10, 12, 13, 16; 

il. S3. 34, 50, 51, 69, 75, 79, 80, 82, 

83, 91, 94, 109. 
, city of, Eastern Tarldslan, 

deserihed, ib, 84. 

, EaBtera Turkistau, 

heigbt above tlie sc 

i. 164. 
-, latitude and longi- 

tude of the, X 
and Kahboar, Journey from 

Leh to. By Q. W. Haywabd, Esq., 

ib. 33. 
■ ■ . On the Gongraphicsl Posi- 
tion of, and some other [ibioeg in 

CentbalAsia. By Capt.T.O.MoNT- 

noaERiE, R.B., xxxvi. 157. 
, taost direct roitte to, from 

the North-West Provinces of Indis,, 

li. 117. 
, position of city of, isivi. 168, 

169; xl. 12L 

, prinoipal towns ift, xxxvii. 7. 

Biver, Eastern Turkistan, 

iiivi. 164 i sisriii. 435 : xl. 117. 
, course of the, ib. 128 

— tributaries of, 129. 

, true course of Ibe, ib. 

— , Eastern Tnrkislan, 

alinns on the, ib. 82, H3. 

, Exploration of the 

« of the. ByG.W.HAYWABD. 

, head soutce of the, ■*. 



yAHEAKD, route from, t( 


— — ■ Kai-ligiir, ib, 

Khotan, ib. 

, routea to, from Leh, ib, 33, 


, trftde of, iiivii. 7. 

Tai>-kio«te-t9aspd River, Bapposed by 

Bome to lie identical with tlie Iiawod; , 

xl. 302, 303. 
Tahhck Biver, Bjiin, xxzii. 88, 89, 

Takra Wirta River, Soutli AuBtralia, 

xxsi. 67. 
Yakkinaakoo language, blacka apeai- 

ing the, met witli bj Mr. Walker 

iluringhisexpedilio'i Irom IheNogoa 

to the Qulf of Carpentaria, xxxiii. 

"If innowANDA, South AoBtralia, rt. 27. 
TAflBUDYE, Abysaiiiia, iixviii. 43. 
Tabki-chd, Ceulnil Asia, il. 369, 370, 

372, 377. 
Tataht Colony, Brazil, xxxii. HI. 
Yates' Point, New Zealand, xsxiv. 

Tai'BI, Kworra. Eiver, Wast Africa, 

Tavisa, Cliocunaqne liiver, Darieu, 

sixviu. 83, B4. 
Ybab, Divuion of the, by the natives of 

Cape York, Queensland, ib. 380. 
Tbddawah Backwater, Travancore, 

xiivi 197. 
Yedo, or Yeddo (now Tokio or TGkei), 

Japan, ixxL 326, 329-331, 333, 33(i, 

337, 343, 345, 349, 350, 356 ; ixsviL 

213; xl, 339, 341, 343. 


. . -jNarrativo of a Journey 

from Naoabaki to, in 1861. By Sir 


Ykh Shan, Shantung', China, river- 

sourtes in the, xl 210. 
" Yellow Head Pass," Eooky Moun- 
tains, ixxiili. 119, 128. 

' Bivor (Hwang-ho), xxxvi. 
235,244; xxxix. 26. 
., breadth of, xl. 32. 
-, capabilities of, foi 
b. 19. 
-, coal on the, ib. 8. 

181; I 

Yellow Bi*er, cultivation of tha mul- 
berry on tlie, ib. 9. 
, nnvigability of the, ib. 

Net Eliab, E«]., il 

, old bed of the, ib. 3, 

, visit to the old bed of 

Yemauak Province, Arabia, xxxiv. 112 

Bt seq. ; xxxv, 179. 
Yemen Diatriot, Ambiu, xxxiv. 112 ct 

Yen-bfuu-hbiem, Shantung, China, xl. 

Yesam, Cape, Yesso, Japan, xxivi. 173, 


Teshtl Irmak, or Iris River, Asia 


i. 297. 

Ybseo, Island of, Japan, xixii. 281. 
, The Western Shores of Volcaso 

Bat. B; Commander C. S. Fubbes, 

H.N., iixvi. 173. 
Yezc, tiiwn of, Persia, ttti. 42, 52 ; 

ixxviL 275-278, 282; xxiviii. 413, 
Ygdapk Biver, Bmzil, xixii. 137. 
YanAsan Biver, Brazil, ib. 137, 138. 
Yra Shan Baage, Shantung-, China, at 

the foot of which Tsin-hsion la 

situnted, xl. 224. 
YlNQ-TSzB, or New-kow (port of New- 

chwang), on the Liao-ho, Stan- 

cliuria, xxxiii. 159-161, 163, 164; 

xxxix. 3, 7, 9, 16-18. 
Ynaubahi Bivcr, Province of Cara- 

vaya. South Peru, xxsi, 192-196, 

201, 203. 
Yo-oaow-FO, Tung-ting Lake, China, 

xxxii. 1-5, 7, 20, 22, 29, 34 ; xixviii. 

05,66; xl. 270. 
Youen-Tash, mountain pass. Central 

Asia, xxxi. 370. 
YijBOHAMi, Japan, xl. 311, 343, 347. 
YOMAH Mountains, between the Sitaiig 

and Salneeu Bivers, xxxii. 171-174. 
YouDTZ, bat Lb of, Japan, xxxi. 337. 
YooN-zA-LEN, on the DOTdeni of Karen- 

ni, xxxii. 179. 
York Mount, New Zealand, xxsiv. 68, 

Peninsula, Qusensland, trees of, 

xxxvi, 34 rt scq. 


YoHONGOZO, East Central Atrico, s 

the, s 

i. 23G. 

— , Fort (Junotion of Porcupine 
ami YoQkon Riveis), A Journey 
from Norton Sounh, Bkbrino Sea, 
to. By F. WHVMPaB, Es]., ih. 210, 

(or Kvfich Piik) River, Alaaka, 

ib. 219 et stq. 

— ■, mouths of the, 

ib. 23S. 

', tribntariCB of 

, Indian mode of fishing on the, 

ib. 227, 
YouNd, Mr. (now Sir) Allen, Eaqui- 

maiiK remaiuB obBerveil by, in NorCli 

SomeiBet, xxxv. 95. 
, Mr. E. D., R.S. ; liis Etpedilion 

in search of Dr. Livingetone, xixiiii. 

p. oxoiv. 
, Report of the 

Livingstone Search Espeuition, 1667 

(T*tter to Sir R. I. Murol.Uon), ib. 

lU— Arrival at the month of the 

Zambezi, 111— at tbe Shir^ cataracta, 

112 — entera Lake Nyassa, 113 — dis- 
covery of articlea btloaging to 

LivingBtouo, 114 — lidinga reapecting 

his movements, ItG. 
, Expedition 

commanded by, referred to. xxzvii. 

, Mount, North AuBlraJia, 

xisvi. 231,231. 

River, New ZealaniJ, xiiiv. 91. 

, Thomas, Obit. Notice, usv. 

p. csxvli. 
TouMoscsBAND Range, Australia, 

iiiiii. 285. 
Tourls of tlie Eaquimaits, trnPes of the, 

in KuBsian Siberia, sisv. 91-93, OS. 
Tpara Ravine, Province of Caravaya, 

Pern, nxi. 200. 
Tba-ocu, Lake (Great Honey Lake), 

South Anierica, sisis. 30*. 
TuBK-MiKO-TUEN, near Peking, xxivi. 

13!,13B. 14e-148. 
TuLCHAK Canal, Eatilem Turkiatan, x1. 

TcLE, OoloDol H., O.B., his vork 
' Cathay, and tiio Way Thilher,' ro- 
fon-ed to. .i. 120. 

, quoted on 

the subject of the solitcee of the 

OxuB, A. 123. 

, referre<l t(i. 

xxxviJL 1 ; xxiii. p. clixviii. 

YuLB, Colonel H., c.B., hia obBervB- 
tiouB on Wnllier'B map of Turkintan, 
it. clxsis.; Xl. 303. 

, Mount, Aubtralia, smv. 2iil, 


River, North-West AuBfralin, 

Kixii. 402, 417-420. 

Yti-LiANO. Chibli, China, sxsiii. Hi9, 

Y UK ABA Peak, Abysainia, ixxTiii. 37. 
YesAH. Bee Tiinmn. 
YCN'Chow, Siang liiver. South Cliinn, 

siiviii. el. 
YuNOAHATO Biver, Peru, xsxvii. 122, 

126. 14.1. 
Ycjio-PINO, near the Qrtat Wall, 

Cbihii, China, niiii. 155. 
YtN-LiK Hiver, tribulary of Iho Yang- 

ttze-kiang. xxxii. 17. 
Yunnan (-fn), capital of the provinco 

of that nnme, China, xxxviii. .18. 
— , Province of, China, xxiii. 14, 

15, 20-23, 2fi, 39-41, 160 ; xxxwl 151. 
YuRACOAoA Biver, Pern, iwvii. 129. 
YtKAO, Llanpnati, height given by 

VUlavifenoin, xsri. 168 [note]. 

(White), Llanganati, Eouador, 

YuBAG-cnoD, Cordillorn de, or Llnn- 

gaiintiB oflbe Topo, Ecuador, ib. 
YusKFFiiEH, or Nahr Malka, JleBopo- 

tamia,isivii. 172,17(1. 
YC-SHAN, Lake WHi-shan, North 

China, somelimes oslle<l, xl. 3, 
, Yellow Biver, ib. 6, 7, 13, 

19, 20, 29. 
Ytenhbima River, Bmril, xxxii. IPS. 

Zararah, Arabia, xixiv. 114. H 

Zabdicene, Kurdistan, iixv. 23. ^ 
Zaoca, vlll^e of, Ardon Valley, Cau- 

aiana, ixsix. 61. 
Zach Island, Norlh-Esst Const of 

Labrador, peotil lead found nn. 

ixivii;. 275. 
Zauran Bango, Afghanistan, xxxii. 

" Zaflax Lacna " (the Zambesi), xssv, 

Zaob Peak, Abyssinia, xxxix. 48. 
Promontory, Tana St-a, Abys- 
sinia, ib. 47. 
— — , town of, Tana Sea, Abyssinia, 

ib. 48. 
Zagosbin, Lieutenant, referred to, 

xxxviii. 220, 222, 223, 227. 
Zahleh, Syriii, xxxii. 77,79. 


Zavu~.ti, Lalce, Centml Aaiii, ixit. 214, 

215,217. See also ^rumo/. 
ZAKHABor, Ur., Ruisinn Ctmsul Qt 

Kaldja, lii« map. Sic, p( the Iteyk- 

knl region, compiled from Oliinese 

sources, referred to, xiti. :j6T, 370* 

Zalono", monaatery of, Qreeue, •><■ 68, 

69, 72. 
Zau, uame of rivets ia WozeeriBtan, 

ib. 315-317. 
Zambesi, Zambezi, River, mi. 257 ct 

Kg., 270 : zniii. 251-253, 262, 2G9 ; 

xxKiT. 247. 248,250; xxxv. 2, 109, 

154, 155, 158-161, IBS, 165, 167; 
■;. 247: xxrrii. 196, 198. 201, 


i. 111. 

- Dblta, On a few Foaeil Bones 
from the Alluvial Strtita of the. B; 
John Kiok, Esq., h.u., ixiiv. 199. 

, Dr. Livingstnno'a Bxaroina- 

tion {if the, above Kabra-bssa Rapids, 

MiBsion, xxxiii. 2U7, 268, 271. 

, Notes on the (irmiient nf the. 

and on the Level of Lakk Nyabsa, 
on the Mdechibon Hatow, and on 
LakbShibwa. Bj JuiiN IviiiK.Eaii,, 
11.U., XXXV. 107. 

— ■ — — , Report on the Nad^tion of 
the, by Dc. DAvni Litingbtose, 
ullI. 271. 

■ Biver, Dr. Lacerda's observa- 

tiona on the, xxxviL 199. 

, Livingstone'H dcBorip- 

tioD and map of the Victoria FrIIb 
of the, referred to, xxxi. p. olxxvii. 

and Shire Rivers; Estiaota 

from the Despatcliea of Dr. David 
LivingstoDO, M.D., to the Forei^ni 
Offloe (Dec, 17, 1858, to Feb. 9, 
1861), a. 256. 

the. By the Into Mr. Richard 
Thorstoh (ttddreased to Sir ?" " 
Miirvbiaoa, E.o.a, Preaideot a. 

'. 196. 

Zanzibar slave tmde, xxxiii. 208. 

, Sultan of, XXXV. 184. 

Zapala Lake, Ecuador, xxxi. 1(iQ, 170. 

River, Eouadoc. Ib. 179. 

ZtRAFSHAN, Zeravshan, River, Central 

Aaia, ixxvi. 26:11. 345, 448. 449 

[and ntitej 450-453, 457. 


Aiiia, chnmuter of the countrv uorth 
of, xl. 454. 


Central Ana, ib. 395, 398. 
Distriot. ti^srapbicalBat- 

veys in the, ib. p. olxv. 

Tslley, Central Asia, 

ixn-iii. 432. 435. 

, Table of olevatioDB 

_-, Topngrnphical 

Sketch of the. By Professor A. 

170. I 

route from Leh 
i, 54, 58, 62, 63. 
a. Weal Central 


to Yarkand, xl. 33, 
Zakqo, towQ of. Hbl 

Africa, xxxvii. 96. 
Zan^sar River, Tibet, xxttiii. £ 

Zanzisab, TiTJ 263, 275, 293 ; ixi 

324-327 1 xsiiv. 153, 196, 198, 1 

245; ixsv. 13. 234; xiivi. 2 

iiivii. 115. 203, 200. 
Dominion ; Report by Colonel 

(now Qeuaral) 0. P. Rigby, xxxii. 

Fedchemso, iA, 448. 
Zarate, (own of. on the Bneiios Ayrea 

Biiie of the Piiranfi River, xixiv. 227. 
Zabita, city of, HiLusaa, West Central 

Africa, XJtxvii. 94-96, 98, 89. 
Zadka, the. Syria, xxxiL 89. 
Zarrain Hill, Beluchistan, xxxiii. 203. 
ZA9KAB, Ladakh, xxxvili. 138. 
Zacdzi Island, on the east side of 

Zauka, Zaukii, PasB (Tien Shan 
Range, sonth of the Issyk-kul), 
Central Asia, xxii 363, 364, 366; 
xxxii. 563 : xxxv. 223, 225 ; xl. 250. 

Kiver, Central Asia, 

V. 219. 

xxxii 560, 562, 563; 
— Valley, Central Aiob, 

Zadkkchak Kiver, OaDttol Asia, xxxi. 

Zeghaneoo, district of Nishapoor, ib. 

Zknaqa Valley, Caucasus, xxxjx. 65. 
Zgnakik Plateau, Peninsula of Sinai, 

ft. 345. 
Zbnperood, River, Persia, xxxL 57. 
Zbsidu, Plain of, ib. 62. 
"Zbnondo" Butelope, South Africa, 

ixxix- 242. 
ZEitBKEBE Plateau, PeninsuU of Binai, 

iixviiL 253. 
Zhaba, Enussa. West Central AA'ica, 

Zhan Buwa, HauBsa, West Central 

Africa, ib. 
ZtABET, or Soghameyrik Pass, Mezoor 
Dagh, Turkey in Aiia, ixiviii. 329. 
: ZiEDDQj, Central Asia, si. 457. 




ZiMMARA, Turkey in Asia, xxxviii. 

305, 307 [note], 308. 309. 
ZiMMERMANN, of Berlin, his map of 

Central Asia referred to, xxxvi. 255. 
ZiNCHiN, Kara-tagh, immense moraines 

near, xl. 45. 
ZiNDER, West Central Africa, xxxvii. 

ZiRGAN-su (River), Turkey in Asia, 

xxxviii. 347, 348, 357-359. 
ZiWA la Mbu, East Africa, xl. 321. 
ZoAH Mountain, Trans-Indus, xxxiv.20. 
ZoALELEEN Hiver, affluent of the Lilloet 

River, British Columbia, xxxi. 219. 
ZoALKLiNCKT Lake, British Columbia, 

eaid to be the source of the Zoalkleen 

River, ih. 
ZoBEiR Creek, Arabia, xxxv. 182. 
ZoBEYR, Zobeir, Zobeer, Arabia, xxxiv. 

118, 126, 139 ; xxxv. 172. 
ZoBUL, Plain of, North-East Africa, 

xxxviii. 40. 
Zojji La, a pass into Kashmir, xl. 51. 
ZoMBA or Dzomba Mountain, between 

the Sbire River and Lake Shirwa, 

East Africa, xxxi. 265, 269, 283; 

xxxiii. 258, 259. 
Zoology of York Peninsula Proper, 

Queensland, xxxvi. 78. 
ZooRMUT Mountains, Afghanistan, 

xxxii. 312. 
Zoroaster, traces of the doctrines of, 

xxxvi. 279. 


ZoTOOH, Mongolia, xxxiii. 170. 
ZouGA River, Lake 'Ngami, South 

Africa, xxxv. 109. 
ZouLA, Abyssinia, xxxix. 36. 
ZouTFANBBEBO (or Salt Mountain), 

Journey from Inhambani to, by 

Joaquim de Santa Rita Montanha. 

By James MAOQUEEif, Esq., xxxii. 

, Transvaal, highroad 

from, to Natal, xxxix. 235. 
ZuLLA, Annesley Bay, Red Sea, 

xxxviii. 34 ; xxxix. 207, 214, 230. 
ZuLPHA, village. North Arabiei, xxxiv. 

126, 127, 131. 
Zulu and Amatonga Countries ; Notes 

to accompany Sketch Maps of the, 

and of the Country between Aliwal 

North and Natal. By John San- 
derson, Esq., xxxii. 335. 
ZuMBO, Zambesi River, xxxi. 290; 

xxxiv. 247. 
ZuMMEND, district of Subzewar, Persia, 

xxxi. 43. 
ZuNCHU-URCU, volcano in the Quitonian 

Andes, Ecuador, »6. 168, 178, 180. 
ZuNGOMEBO, on the east flank of the 

East African coast range, elevation 

of, xxxiii. 333. 
ZuBAA, Turkey in Asia, xxxviii. 304. 
ZuuRBEBG Mountains, South Africa, 

xxxii. 338. 
Zymookht Afghans, ib. 311.