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The Nisqually Journal 

Continued from Vol. XII, Page 303 

[March, 1851.] 

[Ms. Page 49.] 

Saturday 1st. Weather the same. Chaulifoux 1 & Tapou 2 making 
good river Boat at beach. Jollibois 8 making a Harrow (wood 
Teeth). Edwards* & Young 5 Salting beef. Indian gang, women, 
picking & sorting Potatoes. Men cleaning in Swamp. Oxen fetch- 
ing grass up from beach. [Ms. Page 50.] 
Sunday 2d. Overcast morning. Afternoon Fine. 
Monday 3rd. Fine & Clear. Califoux & Tapou at various Jobs 
about Fort. Jollibois making a Harrow. Edwards sowing Oats 
(9 Busl. quantity sown). Young looking up & preparing Barrels 
for packing Beef. Indian gang, men, enlarging (widening) river 
about slaughter house & dairy. Women, cleaning in Swamp. 
Oxen carrying rails. Two Harrows at work. A visit from Major 
Goldsboro 6 on his way down the sound. Says the Albion is on her 
way down, will reach here about midnight. An express arrived 
yesterday from Victoria.' A visit from T. Linklater 8 in quest of 

Tuesday 4th. Morning Frosty. Fine Sunny weather remainder of 
day. Caulifoux & Tapou building a wagon, intended for Plain ser- 
vice. Jollibois at Harrow. Cowlitz 10 at Kitchen. Young packing 
Beef. Edwards sowing Oats (11 1/2 Bushlh. sown). McPhail" 
with Indian gang as yesterday. Oxen hauling rails. The Ship 
"Albion" 12 arrived this afternoon. Anchored off Landing. 18 A 
Visit from Captn. Fay u & Mr. Smith. 18 Sent the Key of lower 
store to Smith who is anxious to ship Simmon's 16 Potatoes early 

I A servant. 2 A servant. 3 A servant. 4 A servant. 5 A servant. 

6 Hugh Allen Goldsborough. 

7 The present Victoria, B. C. At this time (1851) It is the headquarters of the 
department of the Columbia and the residence of the chief factor, James Douglas. 

8 Thomas Linklater, shepherd, since October 6, 1849, In charge of the post at Tenalquot. 

9 Nisqually Plains. 

10 A servant. 

II John McPhail, a servant, formerly employed as a shepherd. 

12 The brig Orbit, Capt. Bobert Fay. She is now in the control of Mlcheal T. Sim- 
ons, of Olympia, and engaged in transporting sheep and horses from Nisqually to Victoria. 
See this Quarterly. Vol. XI, No. 2 (April, 1920), p. 141, note 174. for an account of 
the first appearance of this boat on the Sound. 

13 Nisqually Landing. 

14 Capt. Robert Fay now commanding the Orbit. 

15 Levi Smith, a partner of Simons. 

16 Michael T. Simmons, owner of the Orbit and proprietor of a general store at 


58 Victor J. Farrar 

Wednesday 5th. Frosty & Fine. Caulifoux, Tapou, Jollibois, & 
Cowie as yesterday. Edwards sowing Oats (15 bushls. sown). 
Young attending at the Shipment of Potatoes on board "Albion," 
7 Barrels Beef & 3 of Pork sent down to "Albion" on a/c Mr. 
Simmons. McPhail & gang cleaning river. Oxen employed 
fetching up grass & carrying rails. [Ms. Page 51.] 
Thursday 6th. A Continuation of Fine weather. Edwards sowing 
peas, Ploughed in by Jack" & Hatal. 18 3 B. in to- day. remaining 
hands employed as yesterday. "George Emery" 19 arrived from 
Steilacoom & anchored off landing. 

Friday 7th Morning Misty. Afternoon Fine. Caulifoux & Tapou 
at new Wagon. Cowie 20 & Jollibois making ox Yokes. Edwards 
sowing Peas (3 Bis. in). Oxen fetching Fire wood, four Indians 
at work in Swamp cutting large trees in readiness for rolling. 
McPhail & gang have been for the last two days employed making 
a new Cut for river Sequalitz 21 commencing at garden, & continu- 
ing on, as far as dairy, it is expected by so doing, to lower the 
river in a small degree (New Channel being much deeper than for- 
mer one) and thus allow the Swamp to discharge itself in much 
less time. Bastien 22 finished hauling Potatoes in from Plains, quan- 
tity sent in is as follows, from Tlithlilow, 28 466 Bis., Muck, 24 371, 
Sastuck, 25 160 Bis. Grand Total 997 Bushels. 
Saturday 8th. Fine. Edwards sowing Peas & at work in garden, 
remaining hands employed as before. Oxen brought a load of grass 
up from beach. The Indians that arrived last Sunday with an ex- 
press left last night with letters for Victoria. 2 1/4 Bushls. Peas 
sown. A note from Mr. Ross 28 saying that he had, in the presence 
of Montgomery 27 & Lapoitrie, 28 warned off J. McLeod 29 from the 

17 "Cowlitz" Jack, an Indian employee. 

18 S. Hatal, an employee or servant, possibly a kanaka or Sandwich Islander. 

19 The brig George Emery, Capt. Layfayette Balch, passed Fort Nlsqually on April 
4, 1850, headed for Olympia, with a cargo of merchandise. Balch apparently thought the 
townslte owners would make special inducements to get him to locate there, but this was 
not the case, as Simmons was already in business there, and his reception was not friendly. 
Accordingly, he decided to found a town of his own, at Steilacoom. 

20 A servant. 

21 Sequalitchew creek. 

22 Isaac Bastien, one of the Red River settlers of 1821, now living on the Plains 
near Steilacoom. 

23 A company station near Steilacoom, originally settled by the Red River immigrants 
in 1841 and called Tlilthlow. After their departure in 1842 the place was taken over again 
by the Puget'B Sound Agricultural Company and later a Mr. Heath was permitted to settle 
thereon. From this circumstance it received the name "Heaths." After his death Mr. 
Walter Ross, clerk, took charge, and this place was called Ross Ville. A journal kept here 
has been preserved. 

24 A company post maintained by the company near the present town of Roy, Pierce 

25 A company station on the plains. Precise location has not yet been ascertained. 

26 Mr. Walter Ross, clerk, now in charge of Tlilthlow. See note 23. 

27 John Montgomery, a servant. 

28 A servant. 

29 John McLoed, a former servant, who has jumped a portion of the company's lands. 

Nisqually Journal 59 

P. S. Co.'s. 30 Lands at Muck. Flocks of geese seen, proceeding 
from the Southword. [Ms. Page 52.] 

Sunday 9th. Dull Misty weather, packhorses in from Tinalquot 31 
with Sheepskins. 

Monday 10th. Rain all day. Chaulifoux making wagon Box. 
Jollibois making ox Yokes. Cowie, Steilacoom, 32 Tumwater 83 & 
Secaille, 34 sent out to Tlithlilow to put up a new dwelling house for 
Mr. Ross. Tapou with three Indians sent off to the Puyallop river 
to trade fodder for the Cattle. Edwards in barn thrashing & other- 
wise employed. McPhail & gang at new water cut. The runaway 
Kalama 35 here from Vancouver. 86 Oxen employed carting dung 
& fetching firewood. 

Tuesday 11th. Fine. Chaulifoux making blacksmith's Forge, fix- 
ing bellows &c under shed adjoining Kitchen. Jollibois making 
Yokes for Oxen. Edwards sowing seeds in garden. Young clean- 
ing up Stores. Indian gang as yesterday. Oxen hauling rails & 
Firewood. C. Jack & S. Hatal, commenced ploughing new land in 
Swamp, intended for Potatoes. 

Wednesday 12th. Cloudy with occasional showers of rain. Chauli- 
foux preparing Iron Work for wagon, remaining hands employed 
as yesterday. Oxen carting up grass from beach. 

Thursday 13th. Cloudy. Signs of rain, hands employed as yes- 
terday. Oxen carting dung into garden. Rabasca 37 off to Cow- 
litz 38 with letters for Vancouver. 100 lbs. Biscuit sent for Mr. 
Roberts. 39 [Ms. Page 53.] 

Friday 14th. Showery. Chaulifoux at wagon. Jollibois variously 
employed, remaining hands employed about new water Course. 
Tapou returned this morning, having with him a good supply of 
Prele. 40 Oxen employed carting up same from beach. 
Saturday 15. Gloomy. Squally, rainy weather. Chaulifoux fin- 
ished wagon which was forthwith sent out to the Plains. Jollibois 
jobbing about Fort. Edwards thrashing wheat. Tapou carting 
firewood. McPhail & party at new watercourse. Oxen hauling 
Firewood. 2 Bis. Peas sown & ploughed in, in Field in Swamp Park. 

30 The Puget's Sound Agricultural Company. 

31 Tenalquot Prairie, Thurston Co. 

32 An Indian employee. 33 An Indian employee. 34 An Indian emplyoee. 

35 A kanaka or Sandwich Islander, formerly employed as a servant. 

36 Fort Vancouver. 

37 A servant. 

38 Cowlitz Farm, a company post on the Cowlitz River. 

39 Mr. George B. Roberts, in charge of Cowlitz Farm. 

40 Prele, the shave grass or esquisetem hyemale. 

60 Victor J. Farrar 

Sunday 16th. Showry. Afternoon Rabasca arrived from Cowlitz, 
bringing with him a packet, also a small requisition from Vancouver 
for this place, 50 lbs Beads & a few assed. 41 Files. 
Monday 17th. Fine, mild weather. Edwards morning sowing 3 1/2 
Els. Peas. Afternoon with all hands at new water course which 
was finished & water allowed to run in this evening, shall be able 
tomorrow, to judge of its usefulness. Oxen employed fetching 
fodder from beach. A Beinston sent to a Mr. Doherty (who has 
lately jumped one of the Coys 42 claims at Steilacoom) with a tres- 
pass notice of warning to quit. Blue partridges seen. [Ms. Page 54.] 
Tuesday 18th. Fine. Severe Gales from S. East. Chaulifoux & 
Tapou morning sharpening pickaxes, afternoon moving & rebuild- 
ing a Cow Shed. Jollibois attending on his family, all of whom are 
severely attacked with influenza. Edwards with gang of Indian's 
delving in garden, remainder of gang variously employed. Oxen 
morning down after a load of Salt. A. noon off with 2 Ploughs & 
fodder for horses, to small enclosed field Treehatchee midway to 
Muck, which is to be ploughed & made ready. The new water 
course works well and gives complete satisfaction, water running 
rapidly out of swamp. 

Wednesday 19th. Fine, mild weather. Chaulifoux & gang employ- 
ed as yesterday. Jollibois sharpening Pit Saws. Edwards with 
five Indians planting trees &c. in enclosure behind large house. 
Indian Mob Cleaning in Swamp. The convict Presse 48 (who has 
by some means escaped from bondage at Oi. City) 44 lurking about 
the Fort. Oxen off with a load of fodder to Treehatchee, they will 
stop there one or two days to haul rails for making good f enceing 
around field there. A visit from Dr. Haden. 46 settled Offs mess 
a/c for last Qr. 4 * 

Thursday 20th. Morning Frosty. Fine all day. Hands employed 
as yesterday. Last Evening J. McPhail made a reengagement for 
the term of two years, to serve in the capacity of Shepherd & to 
make himself generally useful wages £30 per annum. [Ms. Page 55] 
Friday 21st. Heavy showers of rain. Chaulifoux making a step 
ladder for use in garden prunning fruit trees &c. Jollibois prepar- 
ing material for a new necessary in enclosure behind large house. 

41 Assorted. 

42 Company's 

43 An Indian thief. 

44 Oregon City, former capltol of Oregon. 

45 Dr. t. A. Haden. resident army Burgeon at Fort Steilacoom. 

46 This much-abbreviated line Is "settled officer's mess-account for last quarter." 

Nisqually Journal 61 

Edwards in garden. Tapou with 9 Indians off to Puyallop (per 
Canoe & Boat) to trade prele. Young repairing harness. McPhail & 
gang darning river below slaughter House preparatory to deepening 
it & to bring on a level with new water cut. 3 Indians to Treehatchee 
to assist at fenceing. five Cows mired in a Swamp (behind J. 
Ross's. 47 

Saturday 22d. Cloudy & Showery, hands employed as yesterday. 
Tapou & gang returned. 

Sunday 23d. Overcast, rain toward evening, a Canoe of Indians 
despatched to Victoria with a mail, Mr. J. Ross going as passenger. 
Monday 24th. Cloudy occasional heavy showers of rain. Chauli- 
foux & Tapou repairing pick axes & sundries. Edwards thrashing 
wheat. Jollibois off duty in consequence of indisposition. McPhail 
& party deepening water course. 16 Bushels oats sent to Trehathee. 
A Visit from Messrs. T. J. Simmons 48 & Sylvester. 4 * The "Orbit" 
is still a fixture on dry land. 

Tuesday 25th. Heavy storm of Hail. Edwards winnowing wheat. 
9 Bis. cleaned, remaining hands as yesterday. Dr. Tolmie 60 rode 
out to Tlithlilow to choose a site for new house. [Ms. Page 56.] 
Wednesday 26th. Overcast frequent showers. Oxen in from Tree- 
hatchie for a supply of fodder, two extra hands sent to assist 
there. Indian axemen in from Tinalquot having split 5000 fence 
rails which is the number required, hands employed as yesterday. 
Thursday 27th. Fine partial Sunshine. Chaulifoux previously em- 
ployed about Fort. Tapou with 4 Indians building Cow Park. Ed- 
wards sowing grass seeds. McPhail & gang clearing in swamp. 
Young making Candles. Indian Sam, lately taken on, harrowing 
with 2 Oxen, new ground lately ploughed in Swamp. Jollibois still 

Friday 28th. Fine mild weather. Chaulifoux beating out old gar- 
den Hoes &c. Jollibois building a new necessary. Edwards sowing 
vegetable seeds in garden. Tapou & 4 Indians repairing fence 
around large enclosure. McPhail & gang, ditching in Swamp. 
Men & Improvements returned from Treehatchie having completed 
operations there. Dr. Tolmie rode out to Muck. 

47 John Ross, formerly a servant, now, probably, farming on shares. 

48 Probably Michael T. Simmons owner of the Orbit, but possibly his brother A. J. 

49 Edmund Sylvester, proprietor of the townstte of Olympla. 

ISO Dr. William Fraser Tolmie, chief trader for the Hudson's Bay Company and sup- 
erlntendant for the Pugefs Sound Agricultural Company. 

62 Victor J. Farrar 

Saturday 29th. Lambing commenced. McPhail & Tapou have 
taken charge of Fort bands. Indians picked out to assist in the 
Plains, hands employed as yesterday. Mob variously. Mr. Ross 
reports, that he yesterday in the presence of Montgomery & A. 
Beinston 51 warned off as trespassers, two Americans J. Lowrie & 
Brownfield, 52 who have lately commenced building opera- 
tions on P. S. Co.'s Lands at Salatats 58 place. [Ms. Page 57.] 
Sunday 30th. Fine. Agreeable weather. A Schooner named 
"William Kendall" belonging to Crosby & Co. 54 is reported to have 
arrived off Steilacoom. 

Monday 31st. Fine. Chaulifoux jobbing. Jollibois at new con- 
venience. Tapou & gang of 10 Indians fencing a space of ground 
in Swamp Park intended as site for new Stables. McPhail at- 
tending Sheep. Edwards hunting for his wife who slipt off last 
night. Young sick. Indian gang planting Potatoes &c. Oxen 
hauling rails for Sheep Parks. 8 Indians sent out to Mr. Ross, an 
addition of 6 to Indian Gang. 17 bushels Ladies Fingers" planted. 
2 Ploughs & 1 Harrow at work. 

[April, 1851.] 

Tuesday 1st. Fine pleasant weather. Vegetation advancing rapidly. 
Chaulifoux beating out Hoes, remaining hands employed as yes- 
terday. Edwards excepted, sowing Oats. Oxen hauling Fence 
rails. Mob variously. A Packet arrived from Victoria in charge 
of J. Pike, who is on his way to Cowlitz to serve as agricultural. 
Sat? [Ms. illegible] received the pleasing intelligence that the ar- 
rival of the Co. ship "Una" must be expected in course of a week 
or two, with a good supply of goods for this place. The "William 
Kendall" arrived and anchored off landing. 7 1/2 B. Oats sown to 
day. [Ms. Page 58.] 

Wednesday 2d. Fine. Hands employed as yesterday, a packet ar- 
rived from Cowlitz. Young still on the sick list. 
Thursday 3d. Fine. Chaulifoux & two Indians fixing gate to new 
Stable Park. Edwards with gang of Indians delving in garden, 
two Indians employed sawing planking, gang of women hoeing 
land in Swamp. Oxen carting home firewood. 5 Bis Peas sown 
& ploughed in. 

51 Adam Beinston, a servant. 

52 Probably Daniel F. Brownfleld, later a settler In Clallam Co. 

53 Spelled "Salatal's" Plain In the Tlilthlow Journal. 

54 Owners of the mill at Newmarket or Tumwater. 

55 A. variety of potato. 

Nisqually Journal 63 

Friday 4th. Fine all day. Rain toward night. Edwards sowing 
Peas, 4 Bl. in. remaining hands as before. Oxen carting dung. 
Jolibois despatched to Victoria with a packet. 
Saturday 5th. Forenoon Rainy. Afternoon Fine. Chaulifoux 
finishing convenience. Edwards thrashing wheat. Gang employed 
in Swamp. Lambing progressing rapidly. Cowie advancing with 
new residence at Tlithlilow. Young still sick. 
Sunday 6th. Fine Sunny weather. 

Monday 7th. Fine. Chaulifoux finishing necessary. Edwards, 
Forenoon sowing Peas. Afternoon employed in garden. Gang at 
work in Swamp. Ofecen fetching Prele from beach &c &c. 4 1/2 
Bis. Peas Sown. [Ms. Page 59.] 

Tuesday 8th. Fine. Chaulifoux making door latches. Edwards 
sowing garden seeds. Young putting Store in order. Indian gang 
at work in Swamp. Two Indians handling Hoes, recently pur- 
chased from Mr. Simmons. 1 Plough & 2 Horses in charge of Sam 
lent to Mr. J. Ross for 1 day or 2. Indian Jack ploughing in Peas. 
1/2 Bl. Sown. Oxen carting dung to land in Swamp. 
Wednesday 9th. Fine. Chaulifoux making window sashes. Ed- 
wards employed in garden. Indian gang, men ditching & women 
making potato drills in Swamp. Oxen carting dung. 2 Bis. Peas 
sown & ploughed in. Four Indians making good fences. 
Thursday 10th. Rain all day. Hands employed as yesterday. Mob 
clearing a fine peace of land in Swamp. Oxen carting dung. 1 
Bl Peas sown. 

Friday 11th. Fine clear weather. Chaulifoux at window sashes. 
Six Indians repairing fenceing. Mob clearing in Swamp. Oxen 
carting dung. Dr. Tolmie rode out to Tlithlilow. Mr. Ross con- 
fined to his bed with sickness. Edwards also off duty. Sick, a 
visit from Dr. Haden & Lieut. Dement. 66 

Saturday 12th. Fine all day, towards night signs of rain. Hands 
employed as yesterday. Oxen carting firewood. A Canoe pur- 
chased and sent out to Tlithlilow. Edwards not at work. [Ms. 
Page 60.] 

Sunday 13th. Gloomy. Dr. Tolmie rode out to Tlithlilow. Mr. 
Ross slowly recovering, early in the Evening arrived Jolibois & 
crew from Victoria bringing as passengers Miss L. Work 57 & Rev. 
T. Staines. 

56 Lieut. John Dement, 1st Artillery, TJ. S. A., stationed at Port Steilacoom. 
57 Letltla Wark, daughter of John Work. She married Mr. Edward Huggins, keeper of 
the Journal. 

64 Victor J. Farrar 

Monday 14th. Morning heavy rain. Afternoon fine partial sun- 
shine. Chaulifoux employed about large house. Edwards resumed 
work, sowed 2 1/2 Bushels Peas. Young cleaning up Stores. 
Indian gang clearing land in Swamp. A gang of 8 women sent to 
Muck to commence potatoe planting. Oxen sent with a load com- 
posed of seed Potatoes & Prele to Tlithlilow, at which place they 
will remain some days to haul the squared timber for new dwelling 
there. Dr. Tolmie accompanied by the Revd. Staines rode out to 

Tuesday 15th. Fine weather. Hands employed as yesterday. 4 
Bis. Oats sown. Dr. Tolmie & Mr. Staines gone on a trip to New- 
market 68 per Canoe. 

Wednesday 16th. Cloudy, Gloomy weather. Chaulifoux off to 
Cowlitz on his own business. Jolibois reroofing small room adjoin- 
ing large house. Edwards sowing Peas (1 1/2 Bis. in). Young 
variously. Indian mob clearing in Swamp, renewed with Sergt. 
Hall 59 the Exchange of Beef for Pork after the same rate as be- 
fore. Finished sowing Oats. Quantity sown is 91 bushels. [Ms. 
Page 61.] 

Thursday 17th. Fine. Hands employed as yesterday. Dr. Tolmie 
returned from Newmarket. 

Friday 18th. Fine, Clear weather. Edwards sowing Peas. 5 bis. 
sown. Indian gang clearing in Swamp, two ploughs ploughing in 
Peas. Dr. Tolmie accompanied by Mr. Stains rode out to Tlithlilow. 
Saturday 19th. Fine. Jolibois! jobbing about Fort. Edwards sow- 
ing Peas. Indian gang superintended by McPhail making Potatoe 
drills. Afternoon arrived Mr. Heatling a Company Clerk on his 
way to Victoria. 

Sunday 20th. Gloomy with slight showers rain, divine service 
was performed this morning by the Rev. J. Staines. 
Monday 21st. Fine clear weather. Chaulifoux making window 
sashes. Jollibois squareing timber. Edwards sowing Peas & at 
work in garden. Gang making Potato drills. Oxen morning haul- 
ing pickets. A.noon down after a load of lumber. This afternoon 
Messrs. Staines and Heatling took their departure for Victoria. 6 
B 90 Peas sown. 

Tuesday 22nd. Cloudy & overcast. Chaulifoux at sashes. Jolibois 
clearing site for new stables. Edwards sowed 3 bl Peas, afterwarffs 

58 A former name of Turnwater, Thurston County. 

59 First Sergt. James Hall, Co. M, 1st Artillery, V. S. A., of Port Steilacoom. 

60 The numeral "6" was orossed out by the Journalist. 

Nisqually Journal 65 

at work in garden. Mob making drills. A gang of eight in charge 
of Gohomee 61 making good fences. Oxen brining [bringing] lum- 
ber from store on beach. [Ms. Page 62.] 

Wednesday 23rd. Fine a strong wind blowing from S. West. 
Chaulifoux as before. Jolibois repairing roof to Shearing house. 
Squally 62 with 6 Indians making good fences. Edwards sowing 
Peas & jobbing in garden. Five Indians sawing Planking. Gang 
making Potatoe drill in Swamp. Oxen took a load of lumber out 
to Tlithlilow. Pere Leclaire has been residing here the last three 
days. An old Indian woman murdered at Sastuc, she was found 
shot through the head, in a lake at the back of house at Sastuc, 
she was employed as a grass cutter to A. Beinston, perpetrator, as 
yet unknown. 2 1/2 Bl Peas sown. 

Thursday 24th. Fine. Chaulifoux making sashes. Joilbois pulling 
down old Stables. Edwards sowed the patch of ground in American 
plain 63 with 3 1/2 bushels peas, ploughs at work at same piece. 
McPhail & gang breaking up land in swamp, nine Indians setting 
up fencing, two hands delving in garden, wagon broke down this 
morning coming up hill with a load of grass, rendered useless for 
the rest of day. four hands draining in Swamp. 
Friday 25th. Fine. Chaulifoux as before. Jolibois with six hands 
commenced rebuilding Stables. Edwards in garden. Mob Fore- 
noon pulling down & removeing old stables. A noon in Swamp, 
ploughs breaking up land where cattle park formerly stood. Oxen 
off to Tlithlilow with a load of Shingles. A visit from Dr. Haden 
& Major Goldsboro. received from the latter gentleman the intel- 
ligence that a port of Entry has been established at the City ol 
Olympia. finished sowing Peas. Total quantity of Bushels sown 
47 3/4. [Ms. Page 63.] 

Saturday 26th. Gloomy, signs of rain. Hands employed as before. 
Edwards again on sick list. Dr. Tolmie rode out to Steilacoom & 
paid a visit to the Brig "Una" lying some two or three miles below 
Steilacoom, waiting for the arrival of the Customs Collector. 
Sunday 27th. Fine, this afternoon arrived the "Una" and anchor- 
ed off landing. Captain Sangster is present master. East evening 
John Ross arrived per Canoe from Victoria bringing a packet. 

61 An Indian employee. 

62 An Indian employee. 

63 The plain immediately north of the Sequalitchcw Creek, so called because Her. John 
Richmond, the American missionary once resided there. American Lake, further north, pos- 
sibly takes its name from the Plain. 

66 Victor J. Farrar 

Monday 28th. Chaulifoux at window sashes. Jolibois with Indians 
commenced building new Stables for Oxen. Young with Indians 
unloading Una. all out of her but the Salt. A gang in charge of 
Squally, setting up fences. Edwards & McPhail with Indian gang 
planting Potatoes in Swamp. 12 bushels planted, ploughs plough- 
ing up old Cow park. Oxen hauling fence rails, two hands sawing 

Tuesday 29th. Fine. Chaulifoux & Jollibois employed as before. 
Young with Indians finished unloading "Una", remaining hands as 

Wednesday 30th. Fine summer weather. Edwards employed ht 
garden. McPhail & Co. planting Potatoes in Swamp 11 1/2 B 
planted. Mr. Ross & party in with a band of horses for shipment 
"Una". Dr. Tolmie rode out to Steilacoom to visit the sick there, 
Dr. Haden being absent. 

[To be continued.]