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According to a custom established in 1915 The Washington 
Historical Quarterly in the January number of each year pub- 
lishes a list of all pioneer, historical and research societies organ- 
ized with the chief aim of furthering the cause of history. It will 
be noticed that the one time prominent associations, Native 
Daughters of Washington, and Native Sons of Washington, have 
been dropped from the list, their whereabouts and activity being un- 

Pioneer Association of the State op Washington. Pioneer 
Hall, Seattle. Founded October 23, 1883, at Olympia ; incorporated 
December 5, 1895. Membership requirement : Residence on the Pa- 
cific Coast forty years prior to date of application. There are 
about 800 members. Annual meeting at headquarters, first week 
in June, when, among other transactions, reports are received from 
county and other local pioneer organizations. Officers: James Mc- 
Naught, Seattle, president; Mrs. Flora A. P. Engle, Coupeville, 
vice-president; A. W. Engle, secretary; W. M. Calhoun, Seattle, 
treasurer; Rev. A. Atwood, chaplain; William H. Pumphrey, 
Leander Miller, Mrs. Rosamond S. Densmore, Rolland H. Denny 
and Edmond S. Meany, trustees. 

Womens Pioneer Auxiliary of the State of Washington. 
Pioneer Hall, Seattle. Founded in August, 1911. Membership re- 
quirements: Women who have had a residence in the State (Ter- 
ritory) prior to 1889. There are four meetings each year. Officers: 
Mrs. E. S. Meany, president; Mrs. H. A. Hunt, vice-president; 
Mrs. Hillman F. Jones, secretary ; Mrs. Vira W. Masters, treasurer. 

Washington State Historical Society. Tacoma: 401 
North Cliff Avenue. Founded October 8, 1891. Membership re- 
quirements: Any citizen of the State. Officers: W. B. Blackwell, 
Tacoma, president; W. P. Bonney, Tacoma, secretary; William 
H. Dickson, Tacoma, treasurer. Curators Edward Meath, P. G. 
Hubbell, C. S. Barlow, Walter S. Davis, Thomas Huggins of Ta- 
coma; John Arthur, Harry M. Painter of Seattle; J. M. Canse, 
Bellingham; Walter N. Granger, Zillah; L. V. McWhorter, Yak- 
ima; W. D. Lyman, Walla Walla; Mrs. Henry W. Patton, Ho- 


38 Victor J. Farrar 

quiam; Charles H. Ross, Puyallup; W. D. Vincent, Spokane; J. 
A. Perkins, Colfax. The Governor, Secretary of State and State 
Treasurer are also ex-officio members of the Board of Curators. 
Curators meet bi-monthly. Annual meeting of the society third 
Tuesday of January of each year. • 

Washington University State Historical Society.. Uni- 
versity Station, Seattle. Founded January 1, 1903. Membership 
requirements : Any person may become a member. Officers : Clar- 
ence B. Bagley, Seattle, president; John P. Hoyt, East Seattle, 
vice-president; Roger S. Greene, Seattle, treasurer; Edmond S. 
Meany, Seattle, secretary. The above, with Thomas Burke, Cor- 
nelius H. Hanford and Samuel Hill, constitute the board of 

Native Daughters- of Washington Pioneers. After several 
years of activity, this organization was incorporated on April 20, 
1918. Headquarters are at Seattle. Meetings held first Wednes- 
day of each month at Y. W. C. A. Building, Seattle. Membership 
requirements : Native born daughters and granddaughters of white 
parents who were resident on the Pacific Coast prior to 1870. Of- 
ficers: Mrs. Janet Wilson, president; Mrs. Charles E. Hill, first 
vice-president; Mrs. Clara Shoudy McTeigh, second vice-president; 
Miss Alice Calhoun, treasurer; Mrs. F. A. Bartlett, Mrs. Alice 
Johnston and Mrs. Daniel O'Neill, constitute the board of trustees. 

Eastern Washington State Historical Society. Spokane. 
Crescent Department Store Building. Officers : E. A. Lindsley, pres- 
ident; J. W. Duncan, first vice-president; N. W. Durham, second 
vice-president; B. L,. Gordon, treasurer; George W. Fuller, record- 
ing secretary; William S. Lewis, corresponding secretary; the above 
with Messrs. A. L. White, J. L. Paine, J. C. Argall, W. H. McVay, 
T. C. Elliott (of Walla Walla), Harl J. Cook, W. D. Vincent, Rev. 
Jonathan Edwards and Mrs. G. Elmer Brown and Mrs. Josie A. 
Foss constitute the board of trustees; Prof. Thomas B. Bonser, 
curator of museum. The Society ( formerly the Spokane Historical 
Society) has permanently established a public museum, and receives 
financial support from the Chamber of Commerce, the city, and the 
county, and the local school board, and many local civic organiza- 
tions are interested in the growth of its museum. The society is 
now enlarging the scope of its endeavors to include the entire East- 
ern part of the State, and intends to make its work of educational 
value to that section. 

Pioneer and Historical Societies 39 

Local Societies 

Aberdeen Pioneer Association. Aberdeen. There are four 
meetings each year, the annual meeting occurring in January and 
the memorial meeting in memory of those who have died occurring 
on the first Sunday in March. Officers: W. B. Mack, president; 
Mrs. B. F. Johnson, vice-president ; Mrs. William Irvine, secretary ; 
Mrs. Charles Pinckney, treasurer; Rev. Charles McDermoth, chap- 
lain; Mrs. C. A. McDermoth, historian. 

Adams County. See Lincoln and Adams County Pioneer and 
Historical Association. 

Benton County. Old Settlers' Union. Prosser. Member- 
ship requirements : Twenty years' residence in the County. There is 
an annual meeting. Officers: G. W. Wilgus, president; A. G. 
McNeill, vice-president; M. Henry, secretary. 

Ferry Museum of Tacoma. Tacoma. 401 North Cliff Ave- 
nue. Meetings are held in Hewitt Hall of the Ferry Museum Build- 
ing. Officers: W. L. McCormick, Tacoma, president; Mrs. Eliza 
Ferry Leary, Seattle, vice-president ; W. P. Booney, Tacoma, secre- 
tary; Frank B. Cole, Tacoma, treasurer. 

Garfield County Pioneer Association. Postof f ice address : 
G. B. Kuykendall, Pomeroy, secretary. Founded July 19, 1909. 
Membership requirements : A residence of twenty-five years in Gar- 
field or an adjoining county. Officers: J. Otto Long, president; 
G. B. Kuykendall, secretary; L. F. Koenig, treasurer and financial 

Grays Harbor County. Pioneer Association of Grays Har- 
bor County. Montesano. Membership requirements : Residence in 
the county prior to January 1, 1885. Officers: Mrs. Andrew 
Smith, Montesano, president; Charles Gaddis, Elma, first vice- 
president; John Carney, Aberdeen, second vice-president; Mrs. A. 
H. Kuhn, Hoquiam, third vice-president; Mrs. Warren Wood, 
Montesano, secretary; Mrs. H. B. Marcy, Montesano, treasurer; 
Rev. Charles McDermoth, Aberdeen, chaplain; A. C. Girard, Ho- 
quiam, historian ; J. E. Calder, Montesano, trustees for three years ; 
J. A. Hood, Aberdeen, trustee for two years; William Campbell, 
Hoquiam, trustee for one year; J. E. Calder, Montesano, delegate 
to the State Association. 

King County. Seattle Historical Society. Seattle. Officers : 
Mrs. Morgan J. Carkeek, president ; Mrs. William P. Trimble, vice- 

40 Victor J. Farrar 

president; Mrs. Redick H. McKee, secretary; Mrs. William F. 
Prosser, treasurer; Mrs. Charles L. Denny, historian. 

Kitsap County Pioneers' Association. Bremerton. Founded 
October 10, 1914. Membership requirements : Those who have re- 
sided in the county prior to the year 1893. Annual meeting on the 
third Saturday in August at Bremerton. Officers: J. Pitt, presi- 
dent; L. A. Bender, vice-president; Paul Mehner, Bremerton, sec- 
retary ; Tow Lewis, treasurer. The annual meeting was omitted on 
account of war conditions. 

Lincoln and Adams County Pioneer and Historical Asso- 
ciation. Postoffice address: Charles E. Ivy, secretary-treasurer, 
Davenport. Annual meeting at the Association's grounds June 15- 
17, 1920. Officers: H. W. Thill, Ritzville, president; N. C. Laven- 
der, Espanola, vice-president ; Charles E. Ivy, Davenport, secretary- 
treasurer ; W. H. Vent, Sprague, historian ; H. Rosenof f, St., Ritz- 
ville; Lee Long, Harrington; William G. Danekas, Ritzville; Wil- 
bert Dobson, Harrington; J. M. Miller, Sprague; directors. 

Okanogan County Pioneers' Association. Conconully. Of- 
ficers: P. H. Pinkston, Conconully, president; George Hurley, 
Loomis, vice-president, David Gubser, Conconully, secretary-treas- 
urer; William C. Brown, Okanogan, historian. 

Pierce County Pioneers' Association. State Historical 
Building, 401 North Cliff Avenue. Meetings are held in January, 
April, July and October. Membership requirements : Residence on 
the Pacific Coast prior to the year 1870. Officers : Mrs. Clara M. 
Wilt, Tacoma, president; Mary Jane Dougherty, Koch, vice-presi- 
dent; Charles H. Ross, Puyallup, chaplain; Mrs. H. L. Malcolm, 
Tacoma, secretary; Celia P. Grass, Larchmont, treasurer; C. S. 
Barlow, W. B. Blackwell, W. P. Booney, of Tacoma, trustees. 

San Juan County Pioneer Association. Richardson. 
Founded October 31, 1915. Membership requirements : Residence 
in the State for twenty-five years. Officers: C. M. Tucker, Fri- 
day Harbor, president ; L- B. Carter, Friday Harbor, vice-president ; 
R. J. Hammond, Port Stanley, secretary-terasurer ; Mrs. G. B. 
Driggs, Friday Harbor; J. Stanley Kepler, Orcas; Mrs. Kimpler, 
Orcas; Mrs. Hannah Bell, trustees. 

Skagit County Pioneer Association. Sedro-Wooley. An- 
nual meeting place selected for the different years. Founded Aug- 
ust 13, 1904. Membership requirements: Those who have re- 

Pioneer and Historical Societies 41 

sided in the County prior to January 1, 1886, are admitted as 
"Pioneers" ; residents for twenty years as "Old Settlers." Officers : 
Nick Beesner, Anacortes, president; Mrs. R. O. Wells, Mount 
Vernon, vice-president; Frank A. Hall, Mount Vernon, secretary; 
P. Halloran, Edison, treasurer. 

Snohomish County. Stillaguamish Valley Association of 
Washington Pioneers of Snohomish County. Arlington. Annual 
reunion and picnic at Clum's Grove, the second Thursday in Aug- 
ust. Membership requirements: Persons resident in the State for 
twenty-five years, admitted as "Pioneers" ; for twenty years, as 
"Early Settlers"; fifteen years, as "Honorary Members." Officers: 
W. F. Oliver, Arlington, president; James Blackie, vice-president; 
D. S. Baker, secretary; C. H. Tracy, treasurer. 

Pioneers of Southwestern Washington. Rochester. Of- 
ficers : J. W. Lieuallen, Rochester, president ; E. E- Hunter, Aber- 
deen, vice-president; J. B. Stanley, Rochester, secretary and treas- 
urer ; Thomas McCleary, Centralia ; T. I. Dodge, Eittle Rock ; J. E. 
Calder, Montesano, trustees. 

Spokane County Pioneer Society. Spokane. Membership 
requirements: All persons, their families and children who came 
to the County on or before November 21, 1884 ; members of other 
pioneer associations in the State may become associate members. 
Business meeting on the first Tuesday in April; annual memorial 
meeting and annual picnic on dates selected by the Society. Offi- 
cers: W. W. Waltman, president; Henry D. Kay, vice-president; 
Mrs. Robert Fairley, secretary; W. S. Eewis, treasurer; the above 
with E. I. (Billie) Seehorn, Mrs. J. M. Grimmer, Hattie Eund- 
quist, D. T. Hane, H. L. Baer, Stanley Hallit, H. J. Cook, E. 
Graves, L. Nash, comprise the board of trustees. 

Stevens County Pioneer Association. Colville. Member- 
ship requirement: Residence in the State prior to June 30, 1895. 
Annual meeting on June 30. Officers: P. H. Graham, Colville, 
president ; L. F. Ledgerwood, Rice, vice-president ; John G. Kulzer, 
Valley treasurer ; Mrs. Clara Hofstetter-Shaver, Colville, secretary ; 
John B. Slater, Colville, historian; W. T. Ferguson, Kettle Falls; 
Jacob A. Meyers, Meyers Falls; F. W. Bickley, Chewelah; Mrs. 
John Ehorn, Chewelah; Mrs. P. Betridge, Valley; Herman Zwang, 
Marcus ; George Thomas, Colville, trustees. The Minute Women of 
the county were invited t'o the successful annual meeting to hear a 

42 Victor J. Farrar 

returned soldier, C. J. McKellar, of Kettle Falls, who had gone to 
the front with the Canadian forces at the outbreak of the war. 

The Tacoma Research Club. Meets on the evening of the 
second Tuesday of each month. Officers: Mrs. Charles E. Hill, 
president; Professor G. A. Stanley, vice-president; Senator Walter 
S. Davis, secretary. 

Thurston County. Pioneer and Historical Society of Thurs- 
ton County. Olympia. Organized on March 2, 1910. Annual elec- 
tion of officers in March; annual picnic at Priest Point, Olympia, 
in the summer. Membership requirements: Those who have re- 
sided in the county forty years or more. Officers: Mrs. J. W. 
Howell, president; N. S. Porter, vice-president; M. D. Abbott, 
secretary-treasurer; Mrs. A. A. Phillips, Troy, George N. Talcott, 

Walla Walla County. Inland Empire Pioneer Association. 
Walla Walla. Membership requirements: Arrival in the Inland 
Empire or on the Pacific Coast prior to 1885. Officers: Benja- 
min Burgunder, Colfax, president; J. C. Lloyd, Colfax, vice-presi- 
dent; W. D. Wallace, Waitsburg, second vice-president; Marion 
Evans, Walla Walla, secretary; Levi Ankeny, Walla Walla, treas- 
urer ; W. D. Lyman, Walla Walla, historian. 

Whatcom County. Old Settlers' Association of Whatcom 
County. Ferndale. Annual gathering and election of officers at 
Pioneer Park, Ferndale, in August. Membership requirements: 
There is a graduated membership ; persons having been in the coun- 
ty ten years are admitted as "Chechacoes" ; older residents receive 
other Chinook Jargon titles; the oldest living member in point of 
residence receives a special badge of honor. Officers: J. B. Wil- 
son, president; T. B. Wynn, vice-president; Edith M. Thornton, 
secretary; W. E. Campbell, treasurer; Charles Tawes, John Slater, 
John Tarte, Godfrey Schneider, Porter Felmley, George Baer, 

Whitman County Pioneers' Association. Garfield. An- 
nual meeting in June. Membership requirements : Residence in the 
state of Washington prior to October, 1886. Officers: William 
Duling, Garfield, president; P. W. Cox, Colfax, vice-president; S. 
A. Manring, Garfield, secretary ; William Lippitt, Colfax, treasurer. 

Yakima County. Yakima County Pioneers' Association. 
Yakima. Annual meeting on the first Saturday in May. Member- 

Pioneer and Historical Societies 43 

ship requirements: Citizens of white or Indian blood who were 
residents of the original county of Yakima prior to November 9, 
1889, and their descendants ; others may become associate members. 
Officers: David Longmire, president; James A. Beck, first vice- 
president; Mrs. Jennie Shardlow, second vice-president; John H. 
Lynch, secretary; Mrs. Zona H. Cameron, treasurer; Mrs. A. J. 
Splawn, historian. 

Yakima Columbia Association. Yakima. A Catholic or- 
ganization having for its object the care and preservation of the old 
St. Joseph Mission in the Ahtanum Valley. Since 1915 a caretaker 
has resided on the premises. Officers: John Ditter, president; R. 
E. Allingham, vice-president; John H. Lynch, secretary; H. A. La 
Berge, treasurer ; Pat Jordan, general manager. 

Victor J. Faerar.