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0ttfrgment g$tat of (E&rfet 

No. 17. OCTOBER, the 1st. Price 2d. 

Mystery of Lot and his daughters continued — of the planets 
Lucifer and Venus — shewing thereby the transition from evil 
to good — of Laban and Jacob — shewing what is meant by the 
goats being ring-streaked > speckled and spotted \ and the sheep 

putting off the mortal clothing and putting on the immortal. 
He found that he must go farther than to Zoar, he must go 
into God himself, the mountain, the Lord of Hosts, the holy 
mountain. This is the journey's end, the consummation, the 
end for which he was called out of Ur, i. e. out of the fire. 
See Genesis, ch. xi. 28, 29, 30, 31. He must go into the 
mountain and dwell in the cave, h e. in the secret place of 
the Most High, and now he is at home, he abides under the 
shadow of the Almighty. (See Psalm xci. 1.) He that 
dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide un- 
der the shadow of the Almighty. Read the psalm through, 
and hear now what it says to Lot, or Zion, the man of God. 
Here is his strong tower of defence, here is the land where 
the foot of man never before trod ; to be brought into union 
with God, to be in God, to be clothed upon with the "hea- 
venly house," made a partaker of the divine nature, dwell- 
ing in the cave, shut in from every foe, passed from death to 
life. In this holy mount he hears the voice, saying, M thou 
art my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased :"' and Lot 
answers, 4 5 O Lord I will praise thee, for though I have seen 
thine anger, though thou wast angry with me, thine anger 
is turned away and thou comfortest me." "Thou hast 
made known unto me the ways of life, mine ear hast thou 
opened." " Thou wilt make me exceeding glad with thy 
countenance, my flesh also, shall, or do rest in hope, for 
thou hast not left my soul in hell, nor suffered thine holy- 
one to see corruption." Blessed be the Lord, for he hath 



shewed me his marvellous kindness in a strong city; I said 
in my haste, I am cut off from before thine eyes; neverthe- 
less thou heardst the voice of my supplication, when T cried 
unto thee. So blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, 
whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord 
iniptiteth not iniquity, and in whose spirit is no guile. 
Lot now drinks and forgets his poverty and remembers his 
misery no more; his two daughters give him sweet wine to 
drink, and he lies down in the bed of rest ; he rests from his 
labour, and his daughters lie with him. By his faith, his 
mind, by his wife, he begat these two, i. e. he sees now that 
the decree of God is fulfilled respecting the bringing of the 
divine and human nature together. He is gone into the 
decree; in him and by him is fulfilled the decree respecting 
both, they are full, they are pregnant, they are fulfilled by 
him. His two daughters — the eldest is the state of mind 
that he was in, formerly under the influence or strange 
working of the Spirit, in preparing him for his after state, or 
his present state, by which Moab was begotten, or by which 
he became Moab. His extreme coveting, or longing after 
the knowledge of the divine name, proves him to be the 
vessel designed to bear the name of the Lord ; by this covet- 
ing or longing or intense desiring after wisdom he became 
Moab; in whom should be put the water of life, and the 
fuller's soap, which is the word of truth ; and so he be- 
comes the Lord's washpot — " Moab is my washpot." His 
youngest daughter is his present state, into which he has 
begotten himself by his faith ; he has put off the works of 
darkness and put on the armour of light. By this daughter 
he has begotten Ben-ammi — Ben signifies a son, or a build- 
ing, or understanding ; Ammi signifies mother, or the 
people, i. e. the son of God, the Saviour, -the deliverer, now 
appears in mount Zion. (See Romans, xi. 26.) The build- 
ing of God, the house not made with hands, i. e. not by 
man's wisdom or craft,) but eternal, in the Heavens. The 
heavenly truth is now come, which is that mansion of glory 
and dignity which no power can destroy ; a tabernacle that 
shall not be taken down, not one of the stakes thereof can be 
loosed, nor one of the cords broken. This building of God 
is now raised up, and the top stone is brought forth with 
shouting, crying grace, grace unto it. The earthly taber- 


rrncle is taken down and the ark of the covenant is rested 
upon mount Arrarat, the same is mount Zion. The creature 
who endured the trembling, (the meaning of Arrarat,) the 
mother now is come; the Am mi, that principle of light and 
love, that shall bring man forth to a new life, or into a new 
world. This is the true light that lighteneth every man that 
cometh into this world ; this world of light and glory, this 
world of right reason, and of just and true and righteous un- 
derstanding. The people are now gathered together, i. e. 
the beauties of the Scriptures that were scattered abroad — 
(See James, ch. i.) The twelve tribes are gathered toge- 
ther in one, to whom the exhortation in the above chapter is 
given. Count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations, 
or trials of the mind, or tribulations; yes, we count it all 
joy, because the tribulation has worked patience, and pa- 
tience experience, and experience hope, and hope maketh 
not ashamed, because the love of God is shed abroad in our 
heart, by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us. And 
what is the Holy Ghost"? is it not the apparition of Jesus 
Christ^ he that is risen from the dead, he that liveth and 
was dead. And behold, I am alive for evermore, and have 
the keys of hell and death. 

Now Lot is lost in the contemplation of his two daugh- 
ters; he sees now that the work has been carried on while he , 
was as it were asleep ; and this union of God and man in 
love (which is the true Adam) was brought about while he 
was asleep — just as the Scriptures say, (Psalm cxxvi,) 
" When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion we were 
like them that dream, then was our mouth filled with laugh- 
ter and our tongue with praise; then said they among the 
heathen the Lord hath done great things for them ; the Lord 
hath done great things for us whereof we are glad." Again 
see Mark, ch. iv. v. 26, so is " the kingdom of God, as if a 
man should cast seed into his ground, (the man here signi- 
fies God, the ground signifies man, the creature in whom the 
word is sown) and sleep, and rise night and day, and the 
seed should spring and grow up he knoweth not how." Thus 
Lot, the pleasure he derives from the contemplation of all 
that has taken place in him, before, and of what he is now 
come to (as it were) intoxicates him; these are they that 
give him the sweet wine, the new wine of the kingdom. He 


is the only man on earth that could have to do with these 
two daughters. His first state is Moab, his after state is Ben- 
ammi; Moab is the human nature, Benammi is the divine; 
and these twain make the one new man, Christ Jesus. Here 
are the two mighty and strong nations, Moab and Ben- 
ammi, or Amon, i. e. the faithful and true witness, the 
Amen ; the bright and morning star, the beginning of the 
creation of God. So Moab is Lot and Lot is Moab ; it is all 
one thing. And now Moab is full of the water and the soap, 
i. e. the word of righteousness, to wash the filthy garments 
and make them clean, to wash the filth from men's under- 
standings and sprinkle clean water upon them ; so you see 
Moab is the Lord's washpot or washtub, in whom is the 
suds to perform this. So now we have found the tub and 
the suds are prepared, let all go to washing, and you will 
soon be cleansed from the filth of superstition and religious 
ignorance, and the mummery and mock worship of crafty 
priests, who lie in wait to deceive ; whose object is to fill 
their pockets with your money, get themselves a great name, 
to be called Rabbi, Rabbi, and keep the people in ignorance, 
and threaten you with excommunication if you dare to en- 
quire into their principles or doubt their pretensions; all they 
say you must hear, you are not allowed to think, enquire, or 
judge for yourself. But we tell them that we shall see them 
all in the ditch together, for God has not sent such ; and 
now is the time that men shall know it, and men shall know 
the truth, and the truth shall make them free from their 
delusions and bondage. 

Well, we must now come to Sudsbrown and shew how 
the dark dragon over Sudsbrown had his head in Stafford 
town and his tail in Ireland. 

Now there is not any thing in nature but is all ordered and 
directed by the God, or source of nalure, and formed by 
that invisible, infinite intelligence to represent how he should 
become man in the end ; manifesting his own beauties in the 
human character. True he has been in man always, as God, 
but not according to to the fulness of his name, i. e. good ; 
there was one letter wanting, one O, one world was not 
found. He was known by his name God Almighty, but not 
by his name Jehovah, good, (see Exodus, vi. 3,) and the 
words of a certain poet upon this point are very true : 


Every plant and flower 

Sets forth God's mighty power. 

Not in the mere formation and growth of the plants and 
flowers, but what every plant and flower was designed to 
represent ; because they are all correspondencies to divine 
things, which of all sciences is the most delightful to contem- 
plate; to climb, (as another writer says,) from nature up 
to nature's God. The wonders of the sunflower or turn- 
soul are very great, and its virtues and power in removing 
disorders from the human body will scarcely be credited; we 
know however that the flower of this plant always turns 
towards the sun ; it is faithful to that planet even in a cloudy 
day, and follows its course directly. The author of the 
Chymical Hercules, Planis Campy, says that the dew from 
the sunflower or turnsoul will cure all diseases. We will 
notice first its following the sun so faithfully. It is designed 
to shew how the humanity of Christ should be faithful unto 
God, and that is why it is called turnsoul ; because the time 
should come when man's vile body (vile mind) the body of 
sin should be changed, and he should bear the image of God. 
As the sunflower is like the sun in appearance, and turns 
towards it all the day, so should man, in due time, turn to 
God and dwell in the enjoyment of the divine life, and bear 
the likeness of his Creator, whose wisdom, power, love and 
influence should be so shed abroad that man should be at- 
tracted by it, ever to live in the divine life. But in parti- 
cular it is to represent (in the first place) the first born in 
wisdom's day, as we have said above, the humanity of 
Christ, the one in whom he comes, to represent the faithful- 
ness of the creature, even in the cloudy and dark day. 

The dew coming upon the sunflower and having such 
virtue in it, represents the word of truth, the word of con- 
solation that cures the mind of its disorder and disease, con- 
tracted by falsehood, by false doctrines, which has set forth 
God in such a manner as to make men tremble at the 
thought of him instead of loving and adoring him. How 
can that man be at rest that believes that God hath made a 
race of beings to live here for a short time, and myriads of 
them having to struggle through the perplexities and trou- 
bles of the world, and after all to run the chance of being 
everlastingly damned, to live and die in fear and terror, 

s 2 


which has been the case of millions of the human race, 
through the doctrines preached from the Bible by men who 
were totally ignorant of its true meaning"? how can men be 
happy while they are told by their teachers, (which is a doc- 
trine widely prevalent of late) that God hath by an eternal 
decree destined an infinite number of men to damnation, and 
a certain number to salvation ; and others that do not hold 
this doctrine immediately, yet the way which they have 
planned by which men are to get to Heaven, and escape the 
awful pit of fire and brimstone, where hope never comes, (as 
they say) the road they have filled with such briers and 
thorns, and so many miseries, and so many things there are 
to perform in order to please God, that the poor beings who 
receive their doctrines, and work by their rules, spend their 
days in gloom and die in misery ; and although they tell us 
of the numerous converts they make, and of the happy 
deaths of their believers, yet we do know that they do not 
enjoy that pleasure in their religion that they tell the world. 
They, even the preachers, have a secret fear ; yes, even the 
most pious of them, that they may yet fall into the lake of 
brimstone and fire. How can a man be happy till he sees 
that God hath not ordained such a state of woe for man, 
that there is no such a place at all. It is an abominable de- 
lusion, but it has been very profitable for priests, and the 
grand prop of priestcraft ; and now if the word of God is 
given to the sunflower to open the mystery of hell and 
death, and shew that (by the power of God) he has swal- 
lowed up death in victory, and destroyed both hell and the 
Devil, then is not this the dew from the sunflower or turn- 
soul the word of truth, that disperses the clouds of error, 
ignorance and superstition % And throughout all the Scrip- 
tures the word of truth, as it should come to mankind through 
the anointed one, is compared to dew. See Genesis, xxvii. 
28. Exodus, xvi. 13. Deut. xxxii. 2. Ditto, xxxiii. 13. 
II Samuel, xvii. 12. Job, xxxviii. 28. Psalm, ex. 3. Ditto, 
exxxiii. 2. Proverbs, iii. 20. Ditto, xix. 12. Isaiah, xxxvi. 
19. Daniel, iv. 15. Hos. xiv. 5. Zech. viii. 12. 

Of the vine much is said in Scripture, and naturalists say 
that the tears shed by the vine after pruning, if you know 
how to use them, will cure all diseases. This is designed by 
the author of nature to shew the sorrows and tribulations 


that the man of God should go through, in having the wi- 
thered branches, and that that was superfluous (in the spi- 
ritual sense) and of no use but to prevent the growth of true 
knowledge, cut off and cast away. And these are nothing 
else but erroneous principles, the falsehood, called in Scrip- 
ture, sin, flesh, the letter, evil, iniquity, transgression. Now 
just as the vine must be pruned to make it flourish and be 
fruitful, so the Scriptures abundantly testify it should be with 
the creature who is selected above all others of the human 
race to bring forth the truth of the Scriptures, which are 
called grapes and wine ; he above all others is the man of 
sorrows and acquainted with grief, < 4 Tears, (says the word) 
have been my meat day and night," again, " They that 
sow in tears shall reap in joy." He that goeth forth and 
weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again 
with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. These and nu- 
merous other texts point directly to this character, who is made 
the vine, to bear the word of truth, that now at the harvest, 
viz. the end of the world, the wine might be enjoyed by man. 
In the writings of Joanna Southcote there is a prophecy 
which says, I will prune the tree downwards. Some years 
after Joanna was dead this prophecy was explained to Miss 
Townley, who lived with Joanna for many years, and was a 
lady of education, and great sense and understanding, and 
was visited by the Spirit, by which she foretold future events 
which are in print. The above prophecy of Joanna's was 
explained to this lady by the Spirit thus : " My saying that 
I would prune the tree downward was a prophecy that I 
would cut down the highest man in the nation to make him 
an instrument in my hand to carry on my work. 1 ' Now 
Miss Townley no more than Joanna, knew the meaning of 
the Spirit, and Miss T. and her followers thought (that of 
course) the highest man in the nation must be the king, 
and having as well as the former prophetess, many proofs 
of the truth of the Spirit, yet not knowing the way of 
the Spirit, she set it down that the Spirit did certainly 
mean King George; and the error went abroad that King 
George was the character spoken of as the man child 
throughout the Scriptures and Joanna's writings. Here she 
made as great a mistake as Joanna did with her child — how- 
ever King George the Fourth never came forward as they 


expected. Yet the prophecy is true, for the person that the 
Spirit intended now appears, who was the lowest of all men 
in his own estimation, yet was designed for this high calling 
and standing in the decree of God, for this, he was (in the 
sense of the Spirit) the highest, counted worthy of so high 
an office, but had to undergo a pruning and cutting, which 
cost him many tears and led him into many temptations. 
Before he could come into it, he had to be cut down in all 
his belief about Christ, and to renounce it all, (in the way he 
was brought up in it) which was all false, and which we have 
several times mentioned in the course of this work; and this 
was a painful operation indeed, for a man to pour out his 
soul unto death, to give up that by which alone he thought 
to be saved as all Christians do, which now he was to learn 
was all false and delusive, and that what is said in the Scrip- 
tures about Christ altogether was not reality, but prophecy 
put in the shape of histoiy, to be fulfilled in Zion ; this to a 
man so firmly riveted and grounded both in the belief and 
practice of religion in which I walked with the utmost de- 
gree of rigidity, and as Paul says, profited in it above many 
mine equals, to unlearn all this, and to cast it away as an un- 
clean thing, and as hateful filth, (which it is, ) must be cutting 
work to one so conscientious and scrupulous in the observa- 
tion of every Christian doctrine and practice, which all my 
family and acquaintance can testify was the case with me; 
I would sooner part with my life than omit a duty, or deny 
what I thought a Christian doctrine, and the cutting and 
pruning that I had to endure to produce the change, and to 
bring so obstinate a being to the true light, caused me to shed 
abundance of tears, and brought upon me the agony and 
bloody sweat mentioned in the Scriptures. But this must be 
borne to bring forth the true light ; so the tears of the true 
vine is for the healing of the nations, that is to say, these 
mental tribulations have brought forth the truth of the 
Scriptures that shall heal the minds of those that read them, 
because it is here shewn what hell is, what sin is, and what 
the devil is, and that these bug-bears are now no more. So 
by the stripes laid upon the Lord's anointed, whereby he is 
instructed into the true knowledge of the types, figures, and 
allegories of the Scriptures, ye are healed ; you wno believe 
are no longer terrified with hell and damnation, hell fire and 


everlasting torments, the devil, &c. &c., because you see 
that the Lord's anointed one was made all these things, and 
in him they are overcome and done away. Then blessed is 
he that cometh in the name of the Lord, blessed the kingdom 
of our father David, Hosanna in the highest. 

We might go on to speak of many plants and trees that 
are mentioned in Scripture, the nature, quality, and growth, 
and virtues of which afford matter for the most happy and 
blessed meditation and contemplation, to see how they w r ere 
types of the Lord's coming in Zion, in this latter day. In 
the willow, the exact form of the serpent is found, and in 
the misletoe the exact form of the sun, in which there is 
great wisdom concealed, which we will pass over here, but 
no doubt shall show for what purpose trees and plants of all 
kinds are formed as they are, and possess such wonderful 
virtues ; it is set forth in the Scriptures, and will be unfolded 
as we go on with this work, for the truth of all things are 
now discovered, and the beauties of nature will be all 
dilated unto the human mind in a way that was never 
thought of. We have just mentioned the sunflower or turn- 
soul (as it is called,) and the vine, merely to shew that 
nature has brought forth nothing in vain, neither has there 
any thing happened among men, in nations, kingdoms, 
states, cities, or towns, or families, that came by chance, 
but were all under the direction and guidance of that 
infinite source of wisdom and life, that we call God, and 
the understanding of all things, and the contemplation of 
them in their right order, and seeing their real use, will 
constitute the happiness of the enlightened mind, in this latter 
time and henceforth, for nought but shadows of this glory 
has yet been known, and therefore God in the new creation 
forms the mind to comprehend, and calls is expansion, or 
the firmament, all which is beautifully set forth in the book 
of Genesis, not the creation of the outward globe, but the 
new creation of man ; therefore says the word in the psalms, 
4 ' praise God in the firmament of his power." 

Now Nixon was an idoit, but a prophet, even as much 
as Isaiah, or any other, and it will be recollected that he 
lived in Cheshire, and was called the Cheshire prophet ; and 
many predictions of his were fulfilled in his lifetime, and 
several afterwards, predictions concerning many circum- 


stances relative to persons and families, and many other 
things ; but his prophecies are exceedingly deep, those which 
speak of the latter times, which some have tried to explain, 
as they have the Scriptures, but they have not had the key ; 
but his prophecies, like the Scriptures point to Christ's 
coming, and have their fulfilment in his human nature, (Zion) 
of whom, and the state in which he should be found, the 
Spirit speaks very mystically, which was impossible for any 
to understand, but he that has ears to hear (to wit) he in 
whom they are fulfilled, whose ear is bored, who should 
be afflicted by the powers of darkness, which the Spirit by 
the prophet calls the dark dragon. There shall be a dark 
dragon over Sudsbrown, 

Shall bring 1 with him a royal band, 
But their lives shall be forlorn ; 
His head shall be in Stafford Town, 
And his tail in Ireland 

Now this dark drag-on, is the Spirit of error, which has 
passed for truth among men, which has dragged us on 
hitherto, and made men submit to it, by representing God 
as some terrible being, who was more like a dragon than 
any thing else, for if he had prepared such a state of horrible 
punishment for the poor human race after death, he may 
well be compared to a dragon ; but these false doctrines 
preached to us have been indeed an horrible drag-on, and 
popes, and bishops, and priests, and parsons, under dark- 
ness have dragged on the human race till all are in the ditch, 
as the Scriptures say, " If the blind lead the blind, will not 
all fall into the ditch ! " Now we have before shewn what 
is meant by the suds, viz. that it is the word of God, and 
the character, in whom the word is, is brown, yes, it is 
true we assure you, and we will shew you from the Scrip- 
tures how, and he it is that is come (to use a plain phrase) 
to do all the clergy up brown. The self righteous perhaps 
may find fault with this expression, but we use it as a 
parable, and to a certain class of people, in particular, it 
will convey a strong meaning, and the highest will under- 
stand it as well ; but we know how many there are that are 
ready to make the writer an offender for a word, but these 
that are so foolish as to stumble, let them stumble. 

Now perhaps you know the agreement that Jacob made 


with Laban, Genesis, chap. xxx. about his wages, viz. that 
the ring-streaked (or grizzled) speckled, and spotted goats 
were to be Jocob's, which Laban should give him for his 
wages, and all the brown among the sheep. Now we do 
not mean just now to go into all this account of Laban and 
Jacob that is here in this chapter to explain it ; but merely to 
say, that Laban and Jacob are two strong figures, designed 
to represent how the principle of bondage did (in God's 
creature) oppress the Spirit of life, which was struggling in 
him to come forth, for Laban and Jacob are only the one 
man, but in a state of warfare inwardly, between the two 
great powers. Laban represents the creature's state while he 
was walking in his own religion, still with the divine principle 
in him, that was ever looking to the fulfilment of the promise, 
as Jacob always during his long stay with Laban, longed 
for his father Isaac's house ; but the principle of self- 
righteousness (Laban) continually oppressed the principle of 
divine understanding, always keeping it down, loading it 
with religious observances and doctrines of men. So Jacob 
complained that Laban changed his wages ten time, and 
this is the tenth, or ten nations of evil that God required to 
be given up to the divine Spirit, and this is all that is meant 
by tithes in the Scriptures, to give up the evil or dark 
Spirit that oppresses the good. So if the Scriptures were 
understood, no one would pay tithes to parsons, it is to 
God, the Spirit of truth, that they must give up themselves. 
As- the principle of life, or faith in the Lord's anointed, 
(called Abraham,) gave tithes of all to Melchesidec, i. e. — 

fave up the human nature to the divine pleasure, gave up 
is own wisdom, preferring the wisdom of God, and now 
the elder serves the younger; "here are they that follow 
the lamb whithersoever he goeth," but in ignorance and 
self- righteousness, the creature ran on in self will before the 
Lord, and so became a thief, and a robber, Lucifer, but 
being cast down from Heaven, being broken in his purposes, 
by mental tribulation, and learning obedience by the things 
which he suffers, he is Venus. 

You see in the visible heavens the planet Venus in the 
morning going before the sun, then the planet is Lucifer ; 
but in the evening it follows the sun, then she is Venus, the 
sweet and charming goddess of love ; this planet was set in 


tfe "heavens, to stand as a continual sign of the man of God 
(Zion, ) who should be the bringer in of light, which the 
word Lucifer signifies; but as he would run before God, 
through ignorance, his character was the devil, but when 
he submitted to the office designed him, and becomes 
obedient, then his character is Venus, the son of God, and 
as the day is always preceded by this planet, it shews that 
the true light of the word could not come before the charac- 
ter appeared to stand first in the evil, i. e. — to run on 
furiously in selfwill, thinking that he was doing right, for 
which he is cast down to hell .* As Venus or Lucifer takes her 
transit, going down under the globe, then rising as the 
evening star, and then following the sun, this represents the 
same person brought to obedience ; so the same who was 
the evil one is now become the good one; and here is the 
devil destroyed, and the son of God lives for evermore. And 
herein lies the whole of the Scripture mystery, and the 
mystery of the heathen mythology, and of all the mysteries 
of the Egyptians, and of astronomy, and of all the pro- 
phecies that ever were written ; and a notable passage on 
this point appears in Joanna Southcote's prophecy book, 
called Strange Effects of Faith, page 221. 

Because my sword you'll find it is my word, 

And the two stars upon the glittering 1 sword ; 

It is the morning star that doth appear, - 

And in the evening star doth now shine clear. 

Now as Laban an Jacob are figures to represent the one 
man, under the operation of the the two Spirits ; so the 
goats and the sheep represent the same thing, first, he is 
the goat, Capricornus, the one designed to bear the iniquities 
of the people, ring-streaked, speckled, and spotted, he had 
on him the mark of the everlasting covenant, though doomed 
to endure the curse, and to be made a curse, he had the 
earnest of the incorruptible inheritance in him, and walked 
with God in a degree, he was the Enoch, and had the testi- 
mony that he pleased God, according; to the disposition of the 
mind, for in all that he did, his aim and object was to do 
that that was right in God's sight. He believed in God, and it 
was imputed unto him for righteousness, while he was yet 

* As the word saith, " How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, sun of 
he morning. 1 '