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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 



The Kaleidoscope 

Volume CXIV 
Hampden-Sydney College 
Graham Hall 
Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943 

A letter from the Editor 

An Explanation of the 2010 Kaleidoscope 

Welcome to the 2010 Kaleidoscope. Since there are a number of significant 
changes to the Kaleidoscope from last year, I thought I would take a moment to 
bring you all up to speed. Truly, the economic downturn affects everyone. Because 
the student activities fee— the fund that finances all student clubs and organizations, 
including the Kaleidoscope— took a hit last year, the Kaleidoscope could not com- 
mand its usual budget. As a result, the traditional 100-page color printed book was 
not possible. Mr. Tommy Shomo, Director of Public Relations, and I decided that tc 
meet our budget, which was half what it originally had been, we would incorporate 
a digital yearbook that is much more affordable to mass produce than a big book. 
To calm the traditionalists, I put together this 32-page black-and-white book, which 
only the seniors will receive because of the high printing cost. 

But the main focus of the 2010 Kaleidoscope is the digital yearbook, which comes on a DVD that se- 
niors will receive inserted into the inside jacket of this printed yearbook, and all other underclassmen will 
receive solely. I actually think this budget cut will turn out to have been a blessing in disguise, because the 
DVD format is able to communicate so much more than mere pictures on a page. As you will see wher 
you insert the DVD into your computer, I've put together eleven video segments that capture a variety ol 
aspects of student life on the Hill. I apologize that I could not include every facet of activity, but I faced c 
limit of ninty minutes of video. 

Just a few technical notes: In addition to the DVD, I've included a pdf of the paper yearbook so thai 
freshmen, sophomores, and juniors can share what the seniors get in print. And the digital version is ir 
color and includes another section that could not fit in the 32-page printed book: faculty and senior por- 
traits. Also, just for fun, I've included the music recording of the Hampden-Sydney Choir's Spring Con- 
cert. To access the recording and the pdf of the yearbook, you're going to have to go to the DVD foldei 
in your My Computer. In other words, the pdf and the recording will not appear in the programmed mem 
of the DVD that you will access through your DVD-viewing software to watch the videos, but they wil 
appear on the data folder for the DVD. 

Please, if you think that this year's Kaleidoscope fails in answering the challenges of the 21st Centur) 
or, likewise, if you would like to express your support of the decisions made in producing this edition 
you can address your comments to Mr. Tommy Shomo, or to rising senior Adam Lees, who will be taking 
over next year. 

I hope you enjoy! 


Hampden-Sydney '10 

President Howard 
Arrives on the Hill 

A Letter from Dr. Howard 

This yearbook contains 
reflections of the experiences that 
you have Hved in your days on 
this Hill. Its pages will remind 
you through the years of those 
days you enjoyed and which 
marked your transition from the 
boy entering the gates to the man 
departing to make 
a mark on the 

It has been my 
honor to preside 
over your final 
year as students 
on this Hill. I 
have looked to 
you to tutor me in 
the ways of the Hampden-Sydney 
man... and you have been patient 
and kind as you welcomed me 
into this community. I thank you. 
I will always be indebted to each 
of you. 

In September of 2010, many 

of you were among those who 
assembled in Kirby Fieldhouse as 
I introduced myself to the student 
body and spoke to my perceptions 
of the brotherhood of Hampden- 
Sydney College. It was then that 
I first mentioned Ubuntu, the Zulu 
word that conveys the spirit of 
this place founded so long ago by 
Samuel Stanhope 
Smith. It was he 
who first set forth 
our College's 

mission to form 
the good man and 
good citizen in 
an atmosphere of 
sound learning 
and. while I 
recognize that my predecessor 
some 235 years ago paid little 
heed to the southern horn of the 
continent of Africa, the words he 
adopted as our guiding light are 
captured in Ubuntu. 

Ubuntu means that the 
Hampden-Sydney man is his 
brother's keeper. You have now 
joined that larger brotherhood we 
call the alumni body and they too 
engage you in the spirit of Ubuntu. 
Those who have walked these 
hallowed grounds in years past 
have your back, your left side, 
your right side, and whenever 
needed will lead you forward. 
And in the years ahead, it will be 
your fortune to mentor those who 
follow you, and to nurture this 
alma mater, this loving mother 
who has prepared you for the 

global society of the twenty-first 
century, a world that desperately 
needs the Hampden-Sydney man. 

So, you have now departed the 
gates for the last time as a student, 
but do not be a stranger in the years 
ahead. Come back often. Take 
frequent walks down memory lane 
and help to underwrite the dreams 
of those who follow. You depart 
with the best wishes of all those 
whose lives you have touched in 
these years at Hampden-Sydney. 
Thank you for the memories you 
have given me. Keep in touch... 
and always remember that you are 
first and foremost a Hampden- 
Sydney gentleman. 

Ubuntu! God bless and God 

T T G E R S r 

~by senior Josh Miller 

Entering the 2009 
football season the 
football team was 
surrounded by equal 
parts optimism and 
skepticism. Late season 
stumbles prevented the 
Tigers from making 
the playoffs in 2008, 
which left a bad taste in 
the mouth of all Tiger 
football's faithful. 

Without doubt, the 
2009 football team did 
not disappoint! Going 
into the ODAC final 
against Randolph 

Macon, the Tigers 
were an unbelievable 
9-0. The final result 
of the championship: 


Good triumphed over 
Evil, and the Tigers 
won the 2009 ODAC 
Championship. The 
2009 squad was only the 
second Tiger football 
team ever to record a 

Josli Miller 

perfect 10-0 season 

All said, the word 
historic is the only 
way to describe the 
talented group of 
players who worked 

together to achieve 
this monumental goal. 
In the aftermath. Will 
Riggenbach was named 
ODAC Defensife 

Player of the Year; 
Josh Miller received 
ODAC Scholar of the 
Year, along with a long 
talented cohort of Ail- 
Americans. The 2009 
Tigers set a high bar, 
but with the return of a 
talented group including 
two AU-Americans on 
defense and a core of 
offensive experience, 
the 2010 Tigers look 
primed to continue the 
winning tradition of 
Tiger football! 


Above: Senior defensive end Ty Condrey, senior line backer Andrew Sellers, and 
junior line backer Trevor Ikwild get ready to defend the snap. 


Right: In ten seasons. Head 
Coach Marty Favret has 
accumulated a 72-30 record while 
earning five different Coach of 
the Year awards. 

Left: Senior quarterback Corey 
Sedlar leads his team to a perfect 
10-0 regular season. 


Above: Sophomore wide receiver Sean Cavanaugh makes a beautiful over-the-shoulder 
catch for the touchdown aaainst Bridsewater Colleae at home durina w eek two. 

Victorious in THE Game 

10-1: That can't 
be right. . . 

NC Wesleyan 





Emory & Henry 

Washington & Lee 



Randolph Macon 

Johns Hopkins 


Hampden - Sydney 
College Library 


-*by senior Brett Chonko 


Coming off the 12-6-1 2008 
season, expectations were high 
for the 2009 squad, and the Tigers 
delivered with a record-breaking 
year. At 16-4 overall and 8-2 in 
conference play, the Tigers posted 
the most wms in the 41 -year history 
of the soccer program. 

Offensively, the Tigers played a 
beautiful brand of soccer, relying on 
quick balls played to feet. Despite 
senior captain Will Robertson 

succumbing to a torn ACL just 5 
games in, the Tigers constructed a 
fiery offensive line that at its best 
scored 5 goals against the ODAC 
powerhouse Roanoke. 

Key to the Tigers season was the 
water-tight back line. The Tigers 
defensemen only conceeded 12 
goals in 20 games, and tallied i 1 
shutouts— the best in the ODAC for 
both stats. Without doubt, the 2009 
squad was one for the ages. 


The Twipile Thiweat 

Sophomore forwards Brian 
Wharton (far left) and Brian 
Hughes (left), in addition to 
ODAC Rookie of the Year Nick 
Deprospero (above) represent 
the young and talented Tigers at- 
tacking line. Wharton followed 
his stellar 14-goal freshman year 
with another 14 netted this sea- 
son. Deprospero led the team 
with a formidable 10 assists, and 
Hughes' frightening speed will 
continue to be a threat. Watch for 
this lineup to terrorize ODAC 
defensemen in 2010. 

The Starters, left to right: Junior John Robert Plyler, junior Sam Turner, freshman Nick Deprospero. sophomore Brian 
Hughes, sophomore Brian Wharton, junior Matt Svvany, junior Matt Hampton, senior Christopher Tait, senior Will Rob- 
eitson, freshman Curran Blackwell. and senior Brett Chonko. 

Above: Since his arrival at 
H-SC in 2004, Coach Josh Laux 
(far right) has made the Tigers a 
formidable force in ODAC soccer. 
His overall record is 62-40- 1 1 ! 

The Best 
Season Ever 

Senior defenders Brett Chonko (left) and Chris Tait (right) were the 
bookends of the Tigers defense— the best defense in the ODAC. 


















Virginia Wesleyan 




Emory & Henry 












Mary Washington 







East. Mennonite 














Washington & Lee 







Washington & Lee 









Above: (left to right) Freshman Sean Gatz, Lorcan Duffy, and 
sophomore Ronnie Fultz putting in the foreground, with juniors 
Mike Dowd and Curtis TomHn squatting in the background 

i^n^ TIGERS 

P>^>m1 cross-country 

Top: Sophomore Nick Bowling 
Above: Senior David Burley 

Above: (left to right) Junior Daniel Isaacs, senior David Burley, 
freshman David Barrett, junior Tommy Lions, and freshman 
Andrew Graver. 

Above: (left to right) Freshman Matt Josselyn, junior Tommy Lyons, 
freshman Sam Smith, freshman Andrew Craver, junior Jay Artis, freshman 
David Barrett, junior Daniel Isaacs, Coach David Hodge, sophomore 
Nick Bowling and senior David Burley. 

Above: Freshman David Barrett 
digs deep and guts it out as he closes 
in on the finish line late in a race 



~by Steve Cuccia and Brett Chonko 

Coming off Head Coach Dee 
Vick's first season at the helm of his 
alma mater, the 2009-2010 Tigers 
looked to make a run at their 11th 
ODAC title. Returning from last 
year was 3-time All-ODAC guard 
senior Turner King. Accompanying 
Turner were sophomore Ben Jessee, 
who averaged an excellent 15.1 
points per game during his rookie 
campaign, and senior Jonathan 
Mudd, the heart and soul of the team 
and elected co-captain with King. 

In the face of an immensely 
difficult schedule, the Tigers 
suffered some nail-biting losses, 
most notably to Randolph Macon , in 
which Macon scored a buzzer-beater 
for the come-from-behind win. 

However, at 6-9, the Tigers went 
on a winning streak that put them 
back in ODAC title contention. Led 
by Turner "Superman" King, the 
Tigers went on a tear, winning the 
next 5 games, 4 of which were in 

At 13-13. the Tigers made strong 

steps on establishing a high-powered 
basketball program. Next year, we 
will look for Coach Vick to lead the 
Tigers to another ODAC title. 

Above: Senior Hakeem Crooml 
protects the rock. 

Freshman Harrison George gives Freshman point guard Randall Ward 

Eastern Mennonite defender a facial. shows his intensity. 


Kirby Krazies! 

C: President Howard and sophomore Kirk Rohle. 

A: The Basketball Abuntu: The 2009-2010 Tigers prepare w* r^ , x, ^ t^ , , , ■ 

.- . , o r r g^. preshman Kenny Fryman m signature Teletubbie 

0: Junior Colin O'Neill gets sky high to protect this 

costume and Junior Ken Simon attend the game. 
E: Shorty (Walter Simms) laying down the law. 

A Winter Wonderland 

Snow Hits the Hill Hard 


A Black Tie Ball to Remember 
Dancing in a Blizzard 

The 2009-2010 winter in 
Hampden Sydney was one of the 
worst in recent memory. The first 
real hit came on December 18th, 
just as everyone left the hill for 
Christmas break. Shortly after 
returning to the hill though, we 
were slammed again. On the eve 
of the Winter Ball, January 30th, 
the Hill was blanketed with a foot 
or more. 

Despite the snow. Student Body 
President Pierce Robbins made 
the call to move forward with the 
evening. Although the 21 piece 
swing band couldn't make it, 
an excellent jazz quartet out of 
Farmville and Wren Williams on 
the turn table saved the night. 




"After an entire semester 
spent planning for the Black 
Tie Ball, all of the Student 
Government officers and Ball 
committee members were 
extremely excited to make the 
Ball happen. When that snow 
came falling down, we just 
decided we had to go on with 
the party. I think the snow 
made everyone a bit more 
adventurous, more excited 
and ready to have fun." 

Senior Olander Fleming 

"I had a blast during the 2010 
Black Tie Ball. The 24 hours 
leading up to the ball seemed 
to indicate the Ball would be 
a bust. A huge snowstorm 
was approaching, but The 
night turned out to be a good 

^.' (left to right) Lorcan Duffy, 
senior Orlander Fleming with his 
date Ashley Stovall. Sabrina Davis 
with junior Mohsin Fazlani 

C.' (left to right) Seniors Brett 
Chonko and Cooper Anderson 



SCRAP Sparks Environmental Debate 

~by senior Brett Chonko 

In the spring of 2010, the 
campus was divided by one of 
the most passionate debates in 
recent memory: whether or not 
to go green by going Trayless in 
the Commons. 

The movement was started 
by SCRAP, Hampden-Sydney's 
student recycling organization, 
headed up by senior Miguel 
MogoUon. scrap's argument 
centered on the responsibility 
of protecting one's environment 
by conserving resources. Many 
colleges around the nation have 
gone Trayless in recent years 
because data shows that not 
using trays saves energy by not 
having to wash as much and 
substantially cuts down on food 

On the right hand side of 
the argument stood most of 


Why we should be part of the trayless pilot program? 

The purpose o( Ihe Traylesi Pilal Program is to gather data over three 
dayi about the practicality of going trayless This proposal was made 
by students, campaigned for by students, and approved by the Student 
SenaieThisisourchoicetobegood men and good citizeiso'ouiCollege 
Think none of your fnends are interested in going trayless' Thmli again 

Spencer Conover 

I Will gladly sacrifice my Iray in 
service to my college, country, and 
my planet! 

especially if that si 


the Hampden-Sydney student 
body, who built their defense 
on individual rights. Not having 
trays of course is more of a hassle, 
causing students to return to the 
food lines multiple times. Some 
even went as far as to condemn 
the policy as tyrannical! 

The debate sparked student 
involvement from both sides 
and inspired discussion sessions 
at night and even a debate 
among Economics professors 

Dr. Kenneth Townsend, who 
specializes in Environmental 
Economics, and Dr. Anthony 
Carilli, who is a right-wing 
libertarian. The debate climaxed 
in a Trayless trial period shortly 
following spring break. 

Ultimately, Aramark and the 
Student Senate found that the 
data gathered did not provide 
sufficient evidence to overturn 
the popular stance of remaining 
with trays. 

Dr. Kenneth N. Townsend 

Not all (private) benefits 
are worth the (public) 
costs! Go trayless; 
limit a tragedy of the 

Jim Pohl, Director of Dining Services (standing) reviewing the data 
gathered from the Trayless trial period with the Student Senate. 


SHARC Saves Lives 

ll-SC^ Alcii Scnc (.uiiuiiiinilN l)\ doi! and cat ouUcacli 

~by Prof. Julia Palmer 

SHARC stands for 
Sigma Nu Hampden- 
Sydney Animal 

Rescue Community 
and is open to any 
student at HSC. Our 
mission is to aid in 
the rescue, fostering, 
socialization and 

training of homeless 
dogs and cats in Prince 
Edward County. Our 
activities include 

taking pictures of 
dogs and putting them 
up on the Petfinders 
Website, going out to 
the Southside SPCA 
and walking dogs, 
teaching humane 

education lessons 
on the proper care 
of dogs and cats to 
the local community 
and organizing 

fundraising events 
that will raise money 
to support our cause. 
Sometimes we even 
have the opportunity 
to foster dogs on 
campus. When this 
happens there is a 

Al Professor Julia Palmer, 
the founder of SHARC and 
faculty advisor of Sigma Nu 

D ! Junior Wren Williams 

C ; Freshman Chace Grogg 
L); Senior Brett Norrington 

Above: Three Hampden Sydney students, (standing 
on right, left to rig^ht) Slade Weldon, sophomore Mac 
Garrett, and junior Rob Love lead a dog education course 
to elementar}' students at Fuqua School in Farmville. 

team of students who 
will walk, feed, play 
with and train each 
dogs. To date we have 
fostered and adopted 
out 9 dogs. If you 
love dogs and want 
to help we'd love to 
have you join us. You 
can contact Chase 
Grogg, President of 
the SHARC club for 
more information. 

Above: 2008-2009's SHARC group on campus (left to right): First 
Row: senior Brett Norrington holding Jack, Rivers Evans '09 holding 
Cheddar, and Ollie on the leash. Remaining Rows: Mia and Joe from 
Good Dog Stay in Darlington Heights, senior Spencer Conover, Tony 
Ralls, junior Wren Williams, Chris Tangard '09, senior Pierce Robbins, 
sophomore Pierce Beach, CJ Bowman, senior Michael Overman, 
senior Blake Salmon holding Sparkle, and Jordi Breidenbach. 




President Howard created the Tiger Walk to 
boost support of the Basketball team. 

Senior Will Moss zooms by in his scooter. 

Senior Pierce Robbins delivers his first speech as 
Student Body President at Opening Convocation. 

Sophomores Allen Luck and Charles Parrish repre- 
sent H-SC at regional fishing tournament. 

Students take biology class to the forest. 


Student Theater Production 

The Importance of Being Earnest 



Juniors Justin Smith and Jav Anis doing 

Capoeira, a blend of dance and martial arts. 






1 ^ 

■ *»'■ 




Senior Greg Dear performs reggae during the 

Jamaican performance evening in Chairmans. 

We Can Do It! 

Sophomore J.B. Potter doing a Ukranian dance 
to music by freshman Jenya Goncharov. 

The 2010 Senior Campaign was 
named in the honor of Ms. Dottie 
Fahmer, Administrative Secretary 
to the Dean of Students. Campaign- 
ing on the slogan, "Do It For Dot- 
tie!" the seniors raised over $5700 
to benefit a sophomore next year. 




The Hampden- Sydney 2010 Fire Department. 

Members of the Minority Student Union plan and 
attend the 2010 Black Alumni Weekend. 

The 2009-2010 Hampden-Sydney Rugby squad, 
coached by Economics professor Saranna Thornton. 

^^1 \'^«HI - - I — — t' i W— — — — 



~by seniors Will Moss and 
Brett Chonko 

111 the world of ODAC Tennis, 
Washington and Lee is Goliath and 
all other ODAC schools are David. 
In 2009. the Hampden-Sydney 
Tiger Tennis team took on the role 
of David and was able to triumph 
over Goliath ending W&L's 27 
year streak of consecutive ODAC 
Conference titles. In 2010, the 
Tigers looked to continue their 
dominant role. 

After starting off with a 5 game 
winning streak, the tigers entered 
their first real challenge, facing 
W & L's Generals at home. After 
a drama-filled match, the Tigers 
emerged victorious 5-4, thanks 
to the final W garnered by senior 
captain Will Moss. 

After the huge win over the 
Generals, who were #22 nationally 
at the time, the Tiger's continued to 
their 6 game winning streak, rolling 
past Roanoke, Guilford, and Emory 
and Henry. The 2010 Tiger Tennis 
team was off to its best start in 


school histoi"y with an impressive 
9-0 record and also was able to 
achieve its first national ranking in 
school history at #23. In fact, during 
the regular season, the Tigers only 
dropped three matches, and entered 
the ODAC championship at an 
amazing 13-3, after picking up a 
very closely contested match 5-4 
against Washington College. 

After beating both Virginia 
Wesleyan and Roanoke without 
dropping a single match, the Tigers 
unfortunately went down in the 
final against W & L. Nonetheless, 
the 2010 Tiger Tennis squad boasts 
a 15-4 record, one of the best in 
the history of the program. Head 
skipper Murrie Bates took home his 
second ODAC Coach of the Year 

The tennis squad only loses two 
seniors. Moss and Holzapfel, and 
will be looking next year to knock 
the Generals off their stoop once 

Will Moss 

Senior co-captain Will Moss 
has been a dominating presence 
on the Tigers temiis squad for 
his four years on the Hill. In fact, 
his loss in tthe 2010 ODAC final 
was his only loss ever in four 
years. This year. Will took home 
his second straight ODAC/Farm 
Bureau Scholar Athlete of the 
Year Award and his fourth straight 
ODAC Player of the Year Honor. 
Moss's four straight ODAC POY 
honors makes him just the second 
athlete in any sport in ODAC 
histoiy to win the POY award in 
four consecutive years. Hampden- 
Sydney was honored to share in 
Will's success during his tenure. 

Above: (left to right) Kneeling are senior Richie Holzapfel. junior Zach Pack, sopho 
more Kevin Calhoun, sophomore Ian Slammer, junior Shad Harrell. junior Matt Mac- 
Farland. Standing are Assistant Coach Bill Thompson, junior Rich Pugh, senior Will 
Moss, junior Tal Covington, sophomore Ryan Davis, freshman Franklin Bowers, sopho- 
inore Barrett Polan, and Coach Murrie Bates. 



~by senior Brett Chonko 

The 2010 Lacrosse 
team had high hopes 
entering the season. 
Coach Rostan and the 
squad looked forward 
to a winning campaign 
after the growth of the 
young, inexperienced 
2009 team. The 2010 
schedule would be 
long and grueling, and 
would include 6 teams 
that finished Top 10 in 
the nation at the close 
of the 2009 season, 
most notably the #3 
Gettysburg College and 
the #8 Roanoke College. 

The program got 
started with a bang, 
delivering a closely- 
contested victory over 
Mary Washington in 
week one. 

Upon facing 

Washington and Lee 

away at the half point 
in the season, the tigers 
stood 5-3. Three losses 
all came from nationally 
ranked opponents. 

Nonetheless, the Tigers 
posted great wins over 
Marymount, Washington 
College, Elizabethtown, 
and Greensboro in 
their non-conference 

On April 14'\ with just 
two weeks before the 
first round of the ODAC 
tournament, the Tigers 
had truly hit their stride. 
Having gone 7-2 in a 
winning run that would 
ultimately amount to a 
13-2 streak, the Tigers 
were one of the best 
teams in the country. 
This convincing win 
over Randolph College 
demonstrates the height 


of the Tigers' skill. 

The dominating 

win over Virginia 
Wesleyan College in 
the quarterfinals of the 
ODAC tournament 

was a great start to 
post-season that would 

ultimately be cut short 
by a tough Lynchburg 
squad. Nonetheless, the 
Tigers lacrosse team 
finished at 13-5 and 5-2 
in ODAC competition, 
one of the best seasons 
in the program's history. 


Kyle Jett 
& Daniel Martin 

Standing out from the pack were 
senior midfielder Kyle Jett and senior 
defenseman Daniel Martin. Martin led 
the unit with 26 caused turnovers, and 
also grabbed 42 ground balls. 

This is Jetl's second selection to 
the All-American Team. His 68 points 
set a new H-S record for points by a 
midfielder, and were tied for the third 
most at any position in program history. 
Jett was also selected to the Scholar All- 
.'Xmerican Team. He is just the fourth 
player in program history to earn that 
honor, and onl> the third H-S student- 
athlete from any sport to ever receive 
All-American and Academic All- 
.Xmerican status in the same season. 



:™'« II I 

; ./ «>» 1 III 

2010 Season 

Mary Wash. 

11-7 W 




6-11 L 


14-8 W 


17-8 W 


13-6 W 


10-22 L 


15-5 W 

Wash. & Lee 

13-8 W 



VA Wesleyan 

13-8 W 


17-8 W 


15-1 W 


19-8 W 

Christ. Newport 

16-8 W 

Rand. Macon 

12-8 W 

VA Wesleyan 

18-9 W 


7-10 L 


T I tr£"^^ 

~by senior Ben Brawley 

Following a 20-19 
2009 campaign, the 2010 
Baseball Tigers were 
hungiy for improvement. 
After losing only 3 Seniors 
from the 2009 team, a 
more experienced Tigers 
squad rallied from early 
mistakes to finish 23-10- 
1, one of the best winning 
percentages in the history 
of the program. 

The void left by 
the 3 seniors was 
immediately filled by 
capable underclassmen, 
most notably junior first 
baseman Justin Herbert 
and outfielder Jordan 
Wind. Junior Herbie 
Williams once again led 
the team in stolen bases 
with 34, and hits with 
60. As a team, H-SC's 
offense led the ODAC in 


homeruns (37), triples (19) 
and slugging percentage 

While the team was an 
offensive juggernaut, the 
pitching staff was equally 
as effective. The pitching 

Ben Brawley 

staff was first in the 
conference in opposing 
batting average (.287) 
and second in earned run 
average (4.95). Seniors 
John West and Ryan 
Daniel anchored the 

weekend rotation. On 
the year, West was 8-2, 
and Daniel was 7-4. West 
was a tme workliorse on 
the mound, leading the 
conference in innings 
pitched with 75, wins with 
8, games started with 11, 
and walks per game with 
.96. West also ranked 4th 
in the conference with 
an ERA of 3.12, while 
also throwing 8 complete 

Overall, this year's 
team ranked second in 
team batting average, at 
.335, second in team ERA 
at 4.95, and first in fielding 
percentage at .969. 

At the helm of this 
machine was Head Coach 
Jeff Kinne. Kinne was 
named ODAC Coach 
of the year in 2010, for 
the third time in his six 
seasons at Hampden- 

The Tigers look to 
repeat the 2010 season's 
success next spring. 




Leads the Charge 

The offensive charge, however, 
was lead by Senior Matt Brown. On 
the year. Brown earned Second Team 
All-America, First Team All-South 
Region and First Team AU-ODAC 

The senior was twice named the 
ODAC Player of the Week, while 
breaking a slew of H-SC records: 
single-season homerun record (15), 
RBI (53), and total bases (118). The 
^ senior slugger had an impressive 
.439 batting average and rode a 15- 
game hit streak into the season finale 
against Washingto n & 
ODAC Toumamen 

Head Coach Kinne 
it) strategizes with 
Slant Coach Wobkins. 

J^ Junior catcher Zach 
Hanelson at the plate. 

Cl Senior pitcher John 
West fires a fastball. 

D: Junior outfielder 
Herbie Williams led the 
team in steals with 34. 

JcjI Senior slugger Matt 
Brown takes off for first. 

E: (left to right) senior 
John West, junior Zach 
Harrelson, junior first 
baseman Justin Hebert. 


Spring Break 

H-SC Students Bring the 
Abuntu Spirit to Belize 

~by sophomore Barrett Polan 

Over spring break, seven 
Hampden Sydney students. 
Dean Mladen Cvijanovic '08, 
and Drew Prehmus '08 ventured 
deep into southern Belize to 
the town of Punta Gorda in the 
Toledo District. The group 
was led by Charlie Joe Green 
in conjunction with the Rivers 
of the World Ministry and the 
Beyond the Hill program. 

Rivers of the World (ROW) is a 
not-for-profit Christian ministry 
founded and 
directed by 
Ben Mathes, 
a great friend 
to Hampden- 

College and 
the Beyond the 
Hill program. 
In Belize, the 
group met up 
with Charlie 
Joe and began 
the five-hour 
journey to the 
Toledo District 
in Punta Gorda 

The main goal of the group was 
to continue work on the Maternity 
Annex at the Punta Gorda Poly 
Clinic and Hospital. The building 
process of the Maternity Annex 
began in January of 2010 with 


in southern 

a group of Hampden-Sydney 
students. During the January 
trip, the students built the walls 
and poured the concrete for the 
second floor of the building. 
The spring break group began 
furiously mixing cement and 
assisting in the building of the 
walls, laying more than 1,500 
cement blocks. 

Jacob Newton '10, a student 
trip leader and the most 
experienced member of the 
group was invaluable in teaching 
the group 

members the 
intricacies of 
mixing cement 
and general 
job site skills. 
Dean Mladen 
Cvijanovic '08 
kept the best 
interests of the 
group in mind, 
while mixing 
in a heavy dose 
of humor that 
kept the work site lively and 

During the middle of the 
workweek, the group ventured 
farther into the pristine Belizean 
wilderness to the village of Santa 
Teresa. Although unannounced, 
the group was received wannly 

Above: Senior Tommy Ribaric 

by the residents of the village and 
spent the day giving out school 
supplies, hygiene products, and 
clothing, which were collected 
prior to departing for Belize. 

The trip was truly an eye 
opening experience for Beyond 
the Hill rookies, and both Dean 
Cvijanovic and Jacob Newton 
considered the trip on of the best 
trips they had ever been on. The 
Beyond the Hill program is yet 
another example of the types of 
unique opportunities provided to 
Hampden-Sydney students. 

Above; The students in the group included (left to right) junior 
Matt Carter, senior Tommy Ribaric, Lorcan Dufiy. senior Jack Ruddy, 
sophomre Barrett Polan. senior Alex Howe, and Jacob Newton. 

Above: Lorcan DutTy.bekncd exchange student from Ireland, 
volunteered in Belize over spring break through ROW. 

AbOVeC Senior Spencer Cono\er on Spring Break 
in Kev West. Florida. 


? ^ 

■ ^ 1 



id 4Sd 

Above: H-SC guys unite on the top of Jackson Hole Mountain during spnni: hic.ik in 
Wyoming: (left to right) Junior Tosh Bance. sophomore Adam Baker, senior Brett Chonko. 'U9 
graduate Chris Tangard, "07 graduate Bobby Thompson, and '09 graduate Ben Marchettl 




pk in Greek Week Chariot Race. Senior Jon Mudd taking tickets. 



Graduation 2010 

Seniors Finish their Four Years 


Al Seniors David Burley (left) and 
Kyle Martin stand by the Bell Tower 
in preparation for graduation. 

dI Senior Hakeem Croom 
celebrates his graduation with 
Vice President Paul Baker at the 
Bacheloriate reception. 

L-C Senior Thomas Price received 
his commission during graduation. 




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Brett Chonko 
Hampden-Sydney College '10