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Full text of "Kaleidoscope; The Southern accent's perspective magazine, 2000"

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the soutliern accent's perspective imigiizine 

Playing In my greatgrandmother's house off 
of College Drive with my uncle. I had some 
plastic toy 
—Kristin Stagg, Sophomore 

hitching TV in a hospital waiting room, 
\ticipating the birth of my sister 
[•Erinn Burnside, Sophomore 



\was watching two babies in the 
tursery of a hospital. One was 
llack. one was white, and I won- 
dered which was my brother 
-GinaThurber, Sophomore 

My grandmother was undergoing 
chemotherapy with me when I was lit- 
tle I remember running around with 
just her wig and my little red shoes 

on. ^ . 

—Suzanne Seeley, Senior 

My mother was changing my diaper 

while I stood on a chair in our 


—James Hanson, School of 

Music Dean 

I 'had a blue owl that would sing if 
I you puHecf its orange handled cord 
1 ' ivouW stand up in my crib and lis- 
I 'en to (he song. 
-Amber Flechas, Sophomore 

My neighbor, Sheila, running 
down the mad 10 play in my 

sanckifi^^ me. 

" illey, Senior 

/ remember the white shoes of a 
Macado performer that came to 
our apartment... I don't even 
remember his face. 
—David Haluslta, Sophomore 

Our little neighbor kid telling 
my brothers and I that it was 
his house and his ball and 
that meant we had to play by 
HIS rules. 
— lacob Merlins, Senior 

Chasing tornadoes in Iowa. 
— Nicl< Jensen, Sophomore 

Eating Baby Rice cereal 

mixed with mashed bananas, 


— Patrick Crane, Junior 

/ was playing a game where my brother and I 
would run out and lay down on the road I 
didn't gel up fast enough. My first memory is 
being run over 
-Eric Dingman, Sophomore 

St memory? 

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kafeidoscope ♦ 2000 

lydid you choose your ma 

I chose my major (family studies) because I 
want to be a very educated mommy. -Carrie 
Mercer. Sophomore 

I have this infatuation with opening an 
Adventist dance club. -Clint Higgenbotham, 

I have a great love for writing and news. 
-Daniel Olson, Junior 

I want to work with young people. I had a summer at camp 
with a terror cabin and it made me realize how many people 
need help and I want to make a difference -Jennifer 
Murdoch, Junior 

I chose my major because I want students to 
learn more about our religion and the love of 
Christ. Also, I learn how to share the gospel 
with others. -Jen Hanks, Freshman 

I chose physics because I don't like sleep < 
people. -Nick Vence, Sophomore 

kaleidoscope ♦ 2000 

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— Jason Belyeii, Junior 

Horse trainer 
—Anthony Soutiiard, 

Martial Arts InstructSf ' 
— <jregg AgUfrre, Senip 

OB-GYN. because delivering new 

Getting paid a whole lot of money 
for doing a whole lot ofn^tNnaJ^ 
—Edwin Abraham, Seniffl 

^hat requires people to 
md President." 
. Hair, Freshiman 



President of the United S 

because you gel to chan 


— Ryan IVIiller, Freshma 



i_ :. 

Thatcher Hall Desk Worker 
-Manuel De Jesus Veil, Freshman 

Personal shopper 

— Tarah Solie, Sophomore 

Talge Hall Desk Worker 
—Hector Solera, Freshjpan 

'Girl's Dean or Officer 147 
—Dan Kuntz, Junior 

Actress, they can be anything else 


Damar Ramos, Freshman _ 

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kaleidoscope ♦ 2000 

\AfC^ is tde one person in tdejjast tdat is 

Come Ten Boom 
— Ingrid Skantz, 
Assistant Director 
of Public Relations 

Einstein, because of his tiair, 
— Donnie Lighthall, Senior 

My Grandma Heisey. It was tier 
positive influence ttiat made 
being a Ctiristian something to 
be proud of. 
—Ted Struntz, Junior 

Anyone who took time to 
help me when I've need- 
ed it. 
— Paul Myers, Junior 

Joseph-he saved millions of 

lives with grain in Egypt. 

— Heath Runyon, Freshman 

Thomas Jefferson: He set 
the course for America. 
— Ian Wilkinson, Junior 

My babysitter Momma Sydney 
— David Bentori, Sophomore 

Ellen White 

— David Dickerson, Senior 

Charlemagne, because 
he restored knowledge 
and learning in Europe. 
— Danny Goodge, 

Ghandi —Stan Thorne, Junior 

Abraham Lincoln 

— Nathan Taube, Freshman 

Malcolm X 

— Raeshaun Johnson, Sophomore 

Jane Austen, she is my favorite author 
—Heidi Olson, Sophomore 

Marry Carry announcer for the Chicago 


-Jason Calvert, Freshman 

harts Olson 


I'"- ».M(l,1ii,„,,/,l\ ;«■,,,,, II,,. ,|T 

Jennifer Williams 

copy editor 
.jU-iJiRai|»: IS lllc ycai-cml |»:i>|vi.|iK nmfMm- ..ITIk SmOmx Aixoill TV -iraulK-n, >