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Full text of "Kaliflower Power To The People: The Intercommunal Newspaper"

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^ 5inteov*(oo^ K\cjK woodew Wd -putted 'cavt cvrviru tke let 

Tewpfc Dirties to ike 
WV W fcVAla*. "Vk« car wrt) U p/)le4 up W&vjjkt St. ar>d -ftroi/oH Go)(fe n & a t c 
p b -to^Ke be&cV wrtk TnVSK, cWttna'&ua^ood on tke way. AHerw&nJs 
r tKeve vW be mov e cWW a*<) dancmo and feas^ &> tke F&mSW 
JVq o* tke Great Hi^Wav. Ykva will be At tHW RaftUj«tr& F«sf»y^ ^ r 
>X Franusco. U>^ V«r tW< were. Uow&VNds of p<op)e tWtitva -tW way 
^Ke MauM a*d tWo^Mk* pwk. 

Tkt R^W^ rB Fetf »v^ KdsWn Held atm^j faftovsthAs of- years 
>Yv V4, I* Co^vJevnwftYioK of tk« Vu*t uikeK Kris^M u<M His »i*4<V . 
SiVUra a^ WKv, W*™*. -To tkt dam c* Kuri/VskeYra ok tW occas.ow 
oi a *air eclipH ^irvcjt tk4Y We W devotees Karc taVeKXvisW, Subkadra, 


ay4 $*\a<a*NAJ{>r ax\OV/tirvQ tVfry Vfa<- 
Wtt£ PSCM~ * ftrm KWh-HhKC HAKE 

ort VVvsWa. lev*o\e 





up V« 

Ti/e^&VS aw) Tkv/rs^av$ 

at SRK 


I 1 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2013 


THE MESSIAH'S WORLD COMMUNE ("The One World Family") has opened another health food vegetarian 

restaurant in Marin at Town & Country Shopping Center. It is open 6 days a week, 11-9 Monday 

thru Saturday. It is called "The Mustard Seed'.' We serve fresh grains, fruit, vegetables, 

clean raw cream and honey ice cream, yoghurts, breads and juices. Please come and see us there 

to get turned on to Natural Foods. 

We are also serving Natural Foods at the Family Dog at 

Beach every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday in the 

evening hours. Come turn on to fine music, high vibes 

and fine food. 

If anyone has a flute they can donate to us 

sell, trade or whatever please get in touch 

with Ray the Red at our house at 1387 Oak. 

S.F. Welfare Rights - 392-8076 

4s i^** Jvr 


full-time W.R. counselors - 
Switchboard 1830 Fell 387-3575 
3rd Eye Books Haight & -Cole 
coordinator table 431-7934 

Social Service Comm. 
585 Bush 3rd Fl. 
mtgs/*2nd Thur 
every month 
next mtg.- 
July 10