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Full text of "A Kannada-English school-dictionary : chiefly based on the labours of the Rev. Dr. F. Kittel"

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chiefly based on the labours of the 
Rey. Dr. F. Kittel 


Rev. J. BUCHER. 

'=\ — ° m 


^ ^^ ^ p O 150 








The present work is designed to form a companion volume 
to the well known and much appreciated English-Canarese 
School-Dictionary, compiled by the Rev. F. Ziegler, The publi- 
cation of a Kannacla-English School-Dictionary has for a long 
time been a deep-felt desideratum, as the two smaller editions 
hitherto extant have but insufficiently served their purpose. The 
stupendous work of the Rev. Dr. Kittel, the eminent lexicographer 
of the Kannada language, whose unremitting labours have set a 
permanent literary monument to the language, standing out in 
bold features of historical, etymological and philological, critical 
researches for guidance and instruction to litterateurs sti-iving 
after Kannada embellishment and scholarship, held out promising 
inducements and marked facilities to undertake this work which 
is chiefly based upon it. 

Plan and arrang-ement : To add to the usefulness of the work 
and to facilitate its use, I deemed it fit to indicate the principles 
that have been adopted in arranging the matter and when 
launching on new methods I have attempted rather to err on the 
side of cautious adherence than on the side of hasty innovation. 

I. Orthography : a. Obsolete Letters. These are ea* and C3<, 
now universally represented by 5 and f, and have been put in 
parantheses immediately after the words in which they occur to 
give an insight into their different origin and meaning. 

N. B. The double consonant 5^ has been brought to its proper 
place and is invariably to be looked up under the letter ^. 

h. Sonne. The method of using bindu or sonne indiscrimi- 
nately before classified (^(jarglya) and unclassified (cwargiya) 
letters sanctioned by former lexicographers, grammarians and 
time-honoured practice, has uniformily been adopted, though at 



variance with the laws of etymology. These laws have not 
seldom to give way to usage and well-established practice. But, 
though this convenient mode of representing by sonne the letters 
n, n and m, when followed by consonants of their own class, and 
the nasals n, and n has been adhered to, the alphabetical order 
of words has been maintained uninfringed. Words in which 
the Sonne occurs, appear now in their proper place in the alpha- 
bet. This may at the beginning occasion a little embarrassment 
to those who are accustomed to look up this class of words at 
the head of each letter, but all difficulty will with practice 

c. Orthography proper is yet a neglected field of study.' 
The colloquial language, legitimately abounding with provincial 
peculiarities, dialectical whimsicalities and vulgar inelegancies, 
must ever differ from thfe written language. The lingua litera 
should possess a uniform system of spelling, which it has in some 
respects not yet accepted, but approving of various spellings as 
authors think fit. The four short vowels a, e, i, ii, for instance 
promiscuously interchange in words like: ^ocSo^, ^a^, ^o:5iS, ^ 

uj^, ^s:<o^o, etc or ^f^^i ^^ ^, ■c'S "^j ^ta^i ^tc or k)oa^, 

-«?o, -^, -^, etc. . . .or esL^j, e)S;?^oo, ©si^o, ©ig, etc. . . .or ^XS, ^m s, 
elA S, '<%-R S, etc. As most of these forms occur in books, news- 
papers and documents, they demand the same attention of being 
embodied in the vocabulary which is a mere encumbrance to the 
student. Hence a standard orthography is greatly desired. 

II. CompoiiiKis. This class of words is very numerous 
in the Kannada language and materially contributes to its 
copiousness. The largest number of compounds has been re- 
ceived from the ductile, flexible and infinitely copious Samskrita 
language, so peculiarly adapted to form numberless compounds. 
All compounds, irrespective of their origin, whether of pure 
Kannada, of Samskrita, of Tadbhava or of any other tongue, 
have been treated alike, and subordinated to leading words — a 
hyphen denoting the division of the members of the compound. 
Many compounds and especially Kannada compounds, as ^^j^&. 


£3^^uo , dc20©, etc., bad in many instances to be introduced as 
independent words wben tbe eupbonic cbanges effected in com- 
bining the separate parts would involve too great a task to 
recognise tbem. Botb Samskrita noun-compounds, as of e5'^^, e?^^, 
=5:^F, S)?», etc., as well as adjectival and adverbial compounds, 
as of ?sS, ^^, «?»"^, ?^-^5 etc., have been treated in this manner, 
provided the phonetic changes caused by the sandhi of the two 
words remained unmodified. Where a phonetic change or an 
elision or a permutation of letters took place the compound 
was treated as a separate word. 

III. Derivatives: a. Unusual Derivatives. It should be 
borne in mind that there is, logically speaking, a vast class of 
derivatives formed by adding to a primary root etymological 
terminations, inflectional affixes, etc., . . .e. g. ^s added to ^^ = '^(S 
^, ■^jt^=.^js'^'^; or ?jJ added to ^fj = ^^7i:i, o«>=S'^?ij; or f^^ 
added to ^oz:):i=-^osZ^^ e£)oa!o=e9os5^, £A3t5o= eroS^; or ^o added to 
as^o=(35^o^j) S3S? , Zji)=Zj6^-, etc. These being difficult to trace 
to their original constituent parts have, of course, been consi- 
dered as underived and treated accordingly. 

h. Proper derivatives of abstract and personal nouns, where 
no hazy uncertainty is felt, terminating in -^^, -^^, -ii, -tSo^, 
-7^t3, -a^Bf, -sSjsot:^, -f^J^, -cs'd, etc. have consistently been added 
on to the primary word. In incorporating these derivatives 
the same method has been employed as with the compound. 

Verbal Derivatives of unfrequent occurrence terminating in 
-f^?jo, as ^J3?b?ij, TjoiM^Tio, ?3^?So?jo, etc. have been exhibited under 
the primary words tfjsgr;, rioija?^, ;6^?^, etc., however with the 
alteration of writing the whole word in full to avoid ambiguity 
and confusion. Verbs of great importance and frequent usage, 
as: <TSiS?7jj, ^€?jo, JjJ^pjo, £3j3?9?jo, etc., have been introduced as in- 
dependent words. 

IV. Homonyms, of which the Kannacla language embos- 
oms a good number, have occasionally been split up under two 
or three heads, when they obviously and intelligibly belong to 
different roots bearma- the characteristics of distinct derivation. 


?IomonymoLis roots involving the sense of a uoun, of a verb and 
even eventually of an adverb, as '^'oyj^, ^sg., ^y,??, ^jtri^o, 5o<^-rf, etc. 
have been treated under one head with their respective gram- 
matical signs. 

V. Grammatical significations. For a School-Dictionary 
it is a most important feature to indicate the parts of speech, the 
determination of which cannot be loft to the discretion of the 
pupil. The abbreviated grammatical signs have been added 
after the Kannada word. The treatment of the* Samskrita 
different verbal derivations that have not yet assumed a definite 
part of speech in Kannada has been made subject to the same 
method adopted by reliable Samskrita lexicographers. The 
abbreviation for ''causative verb", with which the Kannada hmgu- 
age can be marvellously enriched, has been expelled as fallen into 
disuse and where necessary substituted by "y. t.'' The grammati- 
cal signs are only added to the leading word and not to com- 
pounds or derivatives being in most cases self-evident. 

VI. English equivalents. Special attention has been 
paid to the rendering of the English equivalents. Brevity and 
conciseness have systematically been aimed at in order to give 
a ready-made coin. Considerable pains have also been taken to 
contract and condense the equivalents into as fe\v groups as 
practicable to facilitate comprehension. Another effort has been 
made while arranging the several meanings in order to indicate 
their actual growth and development, beginning, if possible, with 
the primitive meaning suggested by etymology. It has also been 
found recommendable not to adduce too many English equiva- 
lents to facilitate the choice of the most appropriate one. 

VII. Origin of words. The Kannada language is one 
of the principle representatives of the Dravidian language-family 
in South-India spoken by upwards of 10 millions. It is however 
to be remembered that the language, as in fact all languages, 
being in constant transition and permutation, does not only 
comprise Dravidian elements but has absorbed various alien in- 
gredients. The most prominent and at the same time formative 


and constructive factor in the language is the Dravidian which 
forms the solid groundwork determining the declensional and 
coujugational and other inflections and supplying the more 
common, homely and familiar words, as sorJo, ^?^o, ^jb?z13, ^j3?aj; 
Sj^, ^y„ de3js?; t5o^, ^o?i: ^oed, "^^-R, etc. Next we have the 
Saihskrita element which has had a great influence upon the 
language in enriching its vocabulary, in augmenting its synonyms 
and in ennobling its composition. The introduction of Saiiiskrita 
words dates back to the contact of the Dravidians with the 
Aryans and supplied the language with almost all its abstract, 
religious and scientific terms. The Dravidian words are for every 
day events and natural feelings, while the Samskrita arc elegant, 
dignified and artificial, fitted for rhetoric, subtle disputation and 
the profound expressions of philosophy. Many have retained 
their unaltered Samskrita form, whereas others have changed so 
as to suit the Kannada tongue. The latter class are called 
Tadbhavas. Next we have a good number of Hindustani and 
Mahrati words, chiefly relating to feudalism and^ militia, whose 
introduction is due to the Moghul and Mahratta conquests of 
Kannada districts. Some few Portuguese expressions have found 
their way into the language too, as <^o-Rj^^, ^o,^??^o, etc. from the 
Portuguese period. Finally the English language has also com- 
menced to contribute its mite mainly relating to education, 
jurisprudence and revenue. Some have already become home- 
words and, as time advances and a smattering of mispronounced 
English diffuses into the masses, it is but natural that this 
process of assimilation continues at even a more extensive rate. 

To bring out this feature conspicuously it has been thought 
desirable to mark with the initials of the respective language 
the words migrated from. The carrying out of this principle 
has sometimes met with considerable difficulty with regard to 
words, doubtless of Samskritic origin, but which had come into 
Kannada through the medium of another Indian language, as 
s. rf'5'T;sS)=h. J^?Jot) = ]j:, uiTjS: s. ^o^ru = in. ^ocT5^(1 = k. ^-ioA; s. ^3jru = 
h. ^si|.=k. "^tiS- In such cases the greatest probability has 


always carried the decision, as no comparative philological 
studies could be made. It has been the compiler's aim to 
attain to utmost accuracy with pure Kannada and pure Sarh- 
skrita words, whereas with Tadbhavas such an exactitude was 

As ancient classical literature is extensively read in schools 
and colleges a considerable number of obsolete and obolescent 
words principally occurring in Jaimini Bharata and other 
poetical works prescribed have been inserted and marked by the 
letters a. k. 

VIII. Fusion of elements. The foreign words that 
have come into the language do not stand by themselves as an 
independent class but have become Kannadasised subject to 
Kannada laws and analogies. But, notwithstanding this meta- 
morphosis the borrowed words, taken as a class, have a peculiar 
character which separates them even to the feeling of an un- 
educated Kannada man from the Dravidiau stock, thus giving to 
the language a somewhat heterogeneous aspect. But a still 
more serious disadvantage is the necessity of expressing new 
ideas either with the help of Samskrita or English. The expres- 
siveness and suggestiveness of these terms are hidden from 
those who are unacquainted with Samskrita and English, and 
thus the language suffers in its power of quickening and origi- 
nating thought. 

IX. Conclusion. To secure the greatest possible accur- 
acy and perfection the manuscript copy was, before its print, 
placed into the hands of R. Ry. Bh. Shiva Rau, the experienced 
and learned corrector of the Basel Mission Press, whose thorough 
acquaintance with the great work of Dr. Kittel in having carried 
it through the press has enabled him to make some valuable 
suggestions and not a few additions, for whose liberal services 
the author is under great obligation. My thanks are also 
due to the Kanarese Pandit B. Rama Krishnaya, Munshi of the 
G. M. High School Mangalore, who assisted in reading the 
proof-sheets, and also to Mr. T. Mabeu, Assistant Teacher, G. M. 


High School, for a list of legal terms. The printer and publisher 
deserve also a vote of thanks. 

In conclusion the author desires to express his profound 
admiration for the supreme Kannada scholarship of Dr. Kittel's 

Though the compiler is more sensible of the deficiencies and 
shortcomings of this work than any other person can be, he does 
not hesitate to confidently commend it to the public, for whom 
it will jDrove both instructive and useful, and he will be amply 
rewarded for his night-labours bestowed upon it by its appreci- 
ative and extensive use. 

Hints and suggestions for improvement and enhanced 
efficiency will readily and thankfully be received. 

Mangalore, January 1899. 

J. Bucher. 

List of Abbreviations. 

a. = adjective. 

abl. = ablative. 

ace. = accusative. 

ad. = adverb. 

a. k. = ancient Kannada. 

arilh. = arithmetic. 

chr., Christ. = Christian. 

cf. = confer, compare. 

conj. = conjunction. 

Cpd. = compound or Cpds. compounds. 

dal. = dative. 

decl. = declension. 

dem. = demonstrative. 

dtipl., dpi. = a couple of words used to 

make the idea more impressive, as: 

=5^*45?'5', 53j3;^*:^, etc. 
e. = English. 

e. g. = exempli gratia (for example). 
esp. = especially. 

etc. = et caetera (and so on). 

f. = words of foreign derivation, i.e. 
Tamil, Telugu. Malayalam, Portu- 
guese, Latin, Greek, etc. 

f. = feminine. 

fig. = figuratively. 

fr. — from. 

fut. = future. 

gen. = genitive. 

g., gram. = grammar. 

h. = Hindustani. Persian, and Arabic. 

lion, = honorific. 

i. e. = id est (that is). 

imp. = imperative. 

int. = interjection. 

i7iter. = interrogative. 

lit. = literally. 

loc. = locative. 

k. = (pure) Kannada. 

m. = Mahratti words. 

iV. = Xamc; proper name. 

n. = noun. 

neg. = negative. 

P. p. = Past participle (P. ps. = Past 

111. = plural. 

pref. = prefix. 

prep. = preposition. 

pres. = present. 

pro. = pronoun. 

q. V. = quod vide (which see). 

veil. — reiteration, i. e. a couple of words, 
the first of vfhich is rendered more 
impressive and powerful by the second 
one which is however meaningless by 
itself, e.g. eja ?da . y^j^^^^o, etc. 

rep. = repetition, i. e. the act of repeat- 
ing the same word twice or thrice, 

e. a. <>ioJo3, aid O ,, oitf:3d:«o. 
" = ^ (V,' iJ id' 

z&jsz^ !3x::S, Xra ^os^. , etc. 

s. = (pure) Sariiskrita. 

s. =sub, under. 

sing. = singular. 

tb. = tadbhava. 

V. i. = verb intransitive. 

V. t. = verb transitive. 

= equal (in meaning). 

t£' = and. 

-. = hyphen, indicating that the princi- 
pal word is to be prefixed in the case 
of compounds and derivatives. 



^ — ^ ' ro 


^. The first letter of the alphabet. 2, 
a short vowel inherent in every con- 
sonant. 3, a termination denoting 
etymological functions in declensions 
and conjugations, as a. 1st pers. pi. 
imp. cojsorijs, b. gen. sing. ?^^^, etc. 
4, a negative prefix to nouns derived 
from Sanskrit, as eso^JS^rt. unworthy 
(fr. oSja^n-). Before a vowel es be- 
comes «icS*; thus «s-e5o;^= w^o^ end- 

€9o. A termination used in declension 
and conjugation in ancient Canarese. 
2, cop. conj. both, and, also. 

©c^, e5o€ s.Ji. Apart, share, portion. 
2, a fraction (arilh,). 3, a degree of 
latitude or longitude, -z^^- An astro- 
logical diagram. 

eScB'S s. n. A part. 2, a kinsman, co- 
heir, [sub-division. 

SSoaDO^ s. n. A part of a portion; a 

©0^0(=5ioZ^ 2) s. 71. A ray of light. 2, 
the sun. 3, light, splendour. 4, a 
point, -tsso. A collection of rays. 

-qSrf. The sun. -sSj^^id. The plantain. 
-SjsO, -3o^. The sun. -Sj^d. Halo. 

&o'^0^ s. n. Cloth, dress. 2, fine 

e5o?j s. n. The shoulder, shoulder-blade. 
-'^jshi. A bull's hump. 

©o?rf£) s. a. Strong, stout, lusty. 

ess k. int. expressing admiration, con- 
tempt or jest. 

55^ s. n. Pain, trouble; sin. 

©S'ti s. a. Bald-headed. 

eS^U, ©S'U^y, ©^6rok. int. Alas! oh! 

©"i^WS^U k. a. Frightful. 2, adverse, 

C9^&3O30?ci0 k. «. ». To become warped 

CS'tJ s. a. Handless, maimed. 

eS'S'sr^n s. a. Not to be done, impro- 

ef^T^or s. a. Without work. n. Crime. 
-^. Neuter or intransitive (verb, g.). 

tS'^iS)o'^ a. a. Stainless, spotless, pure. 

eS^C,^ s. n. Purity, innocency. 


'' e?^i '"' 

es#ibej^ iiJ^Tdsi)!^. '^b^i^b^ f< 'n. A gold 

or silver smith. 

e£>5'?33, §. ©5;^. ^. e5^;da, ^ s. ad. By 
6 6 (i — ^ 

chance, suddenly, unexpectedly. 

653'^?^^'^ k. n. Excessive tickling, a. 

Too much. 2, disrespectful. 
e^s'^j s. n. The letter 55. 
e55T)'dr© s. a. Causeless. 
©^O'rf^o h. a. Tain, useless. 
?£^D'ZZC^ s. n. A term with final a. 
e£)^cdor s. «. An improper act. 
©5i)e^ s. n. Inauspicious time. a. Un- 
seasonable. -^iti. Fruit out of season. 

-SJodr?. Untimely death. 
©•S-ce:^?^ s. a. Very poor. 
eS^'o^ei s. a. Not crooked, upright, 

eS'S'oZJO s. n. Gold, silver. 
^"^j&TjSid s. n. The ocean. 2, the king 

of tortoises supposed to uphold the 

world; a big tortoise. 
&^\^n s. a. Undone. 2, criminal, n. 

What ought not to be done. 2, a 

e95'\si "S^^or s. a. Guiltless. 

©^^ k. n. An elder sister. -:Sonoijrfo. 

Elder and younger sisters. 
e9^,8l . ess' 'rfJj k. n. An affectionate 

mode of addressing an elder sister. 
©'5', 2d k. n. "Wonder, surprise. 2, envy. 

a. Wonderful, curious. 

e9^,S, ?5ujS, k. 71. A furrow between 

two others of a main crop.^S'.Ei n. Deceit in words, etc. 
©S'.rf k. n The close adhesion of the 


woof and warp in the web of a loom. 
e9^,c3^o, e?^^^res3. tb. of e^slrae3. 
eSS^SO k. n. Wonder, surprise. 

e5^,IJ {(h. of ^* ^ »• A letter of the 

©^^•rf, ep^^ri-i, ©s'^St?, es^TJo (tf=e5) 

k. >!. Attachment, afi'ection, love. 
55^^^. SP^^tJo (ci=e5) k. ii. Necessity. 

2, occasion; need, want. 3, desire. 
e95^_;e'*'5 k. 7i. Anlhemis pyrethrum, used 

for coughs, asthma, etc. 

e£)^,7j k. n. Love, passion. 

es^^^dsCA. = is^^On, q. V. 

e5Sj?3D«? f. n. The workshop of a 

goldsmith. 2, a goldsmith. 
e9^,<^?jj, S9^0i'w'?jJ k. r. t. The muscles 

of the stomach to contract from 

hunger. 2, to fear. 3, to flinch. 
©S'ai'rfj a. k. V. i. To ooze, flow, run 

down, as tears, etc. 
©■§•. k. n. Raw rice deprived of its husk; 

-rt:oJ . Rice-water; for cpds. see ^^ 

©■S%?ii a. k. V. t. To digest. 

^3^0j, e9S'o,o a. k. V. i. To subdue. 

2,"to seize. 3, fut. of '^rij, it will 

e9^0ja?jJ a. k. r. i. To become small. 


693^ pas< genoid of 55^J.. May it be- 

eSSjTiis. n. Confusion, irregularity; sin. 

e5^j3j"rf a. Gentle, n. Krishna's uncle 
and friend. 

es^jsje^ itb. of ts^vS ?W) n. A large, nut- 
bearing tree. 

es^. s. 71. A die for gambling. 2, the 
axle of a wheel. 3, the eye. 4, an 
organ of sense. 5, knowledge. 6, the 
soul. 7, a lawsuit. -;S^a?odJ. N. of 
a festival. -siJseS. A rosary. 

^^. 4. 85^, i. ©Sv csS. a. Not crushed, 
whole. 71. Raw rice generally mixed 
with turmeric and used for religious 

e£)^. cdo s. a. Imperishable, incxhausti- 
ble. -sc^i). An inexhaustible vessel. 
2, the 60th year of the Hindu cycle. 

es^o^^rfo. = f^^^^ 

errs) a 

ess', TJ s. n. A letter of the alphabet. 2, 

eternal beatitude. 3, penance. 4, 

the sky. 
©■§-, s. n. The eye. -djj?rt. Eye-disease. 

-cfj5?5jj. Eyelash. 
e95^> oorS s. ?i, A largo army consisting 

of elephants, chariots, horse and foot. 
5953^ k. int. expressing abhorrence or 

eSSDorf s. a. Undivided; entire, whole. 
5f)iDorfre s. 11. Non-refutation. 2, time. 
59330^;^ s. a. Unbroken. 2, continuous. 

3, unrefuted. 
«55OT;g s. a. Not dug. n. A natural pond. 
^5J^':i.o s. a. Uneatable, unfit to be 

e£)a)?:^jS. a. Not distressed, not wearied. 
??£)£; s. a. Without a gap; entire, whole, 

©A s. a. Not moving. n. A tree; a 

e9A£io k. r. t. To press firmly, compress, 

squeeze down. 
©A&iD^ s. n. Parvatt, the daughter of 

5£)Ai^0 k. n. Viciousness, meanness, a. 

Wild, untamed, -ofj- Mischievoasness. 
e5Ar5 {Ih. of S3r(Faj) n. A wooden bolt 

to fasten a native door. 
©ArS^s. a. Uncounted. 2, innumerable. 
©a:^, ©Aii k. n. The act of digging. 
e9A®o s. M. Necessity, want, need. a. 
Wanted, necessary. -^i)f\. Necessari- 
ly, urgently, positively. 
SSaoJ s. a. Free from disease, healthy, 
n. A medicine, esrsdo^sac!. A physician. 
SSXa m. a. Altogether, wholly; quite. 

SSAyT^ s. u. The mountain supporter, 

557^33 k. n. A ladle of cocoanut shell. 
59a2^?S) s. 11. The mountain-splitter: 

Indra. 2, a hatchet. 
?£)a^ s. rt. Not going, n. A tree. 2, a 


55a^Jq s. a. Inaccessible, unattainable. 

SrAlJo 1. k. 11. Dandruff. 

^ATJd 2. s. n. The balsam tree which 

yields Bdellium, Amyris agallocha. 

-Aot^. A yellow fragrant wood. 
55 a£^ k. n. Expansion, space, extent. 2, 

width, breadth. 3, far distance, a. 

49a e3^ k. n. Separation. 
e9Ae3rjO (/"»■. Brtejo) k. v. t. To remove. 

2, to separate, disunite. 
©ACJO k. V. i. To separate from, quit, 

part, leave. ?i. = ene.>. 
e9A£io (— esri£>?iJ) k. y. <. To spread 

out; to abandon, 
?D7\7J^ ^ji^TsTs-n. A washerman, -h^, 

esrl?^.^. A washerwoman. 
esA^dse;, ?f)A?33e3A. = si^;^t), e<c. f^. i-. 

©a;6i, -aSSAOJ k. ?«. A town-gate; the 
gate of a fort. 

^7(f) 2. {th. of «f ^Aj) 11. Common flax, 
Linum usitatissimum. 2, (tb. of ^^n 
^ .) a tree with scarlet flowers, 
Sesbana graiidiflora. -oirs. Lin-seed 
oil. -36j3. Lin-flower. 

©A^ s. 11. N. of a rishi, son of Mitra 

and Varuna by Urva^l. 2, the regent 

of the star Canopus. 
©A^;^, ©A^^, e£>A^ (^^ K) k. «. A 

fort ditch, trench, moat. 
?9A<yscirio k. Vi, <. To cause to swing; 

to wave. esrt«??5o v. i. To swing, 


©A^o 1. k. «. A grain of boiled rice. 
2, food. 

e9AS;*0 2. (°^ = O) k. tJ. <. & i. To dig, bur- 
row. 2, to tear off. n. A fort ditch, 

e9AsC^ b. ?!. The front, van. ad. In 

SSa^v s. 11. A hole, chasm, a. Deep, bot- 
tomless, unfathomable. [meru. 

e97v5^3:i s. 11. The high mountain Maha- 





SfT.k. 1-. t. To dig, burrow. 2, to chew, 
champ. V. i. to tremble, shake, fear. 
2, to be glad. 

59?\r5 k. n. Water (a word only used by 
educated Lingaits). 

S£?\OJ(= e5rtcij2, q. v.)s.n. Fragrance. 

557.?i0 k. V. t. To cause to dig. 

esXot^o. = «5rtJSj, q. V. 

©AOOuIe? k. J!. Extensiveness, greatness. 
a. Great. 

SS7\0"d0 s. a. Not heavy, light. «. A 
fragrant aloe wood, agaUochum. 

«f)AJ20or, ©AO^)!^ ^' "• Terror, am- 

&5A0Sr?j>i k. r. t. To terrify. 

a5A0£)0 k. V. t. To shake, move. v. i. 
To become loose. 

e?A0;5. = e5r(?3, g. r. 

i59aO<§ (S?=tj0 (<6. of tfr.-6j) n. A bolt, 
a bar for locking a door. 

esXo^o 1. = esrs^o. 

Sf?AO<S<0 2. (^J = aj) k. r. t. To dig. 

?f)^ 1. = ^fs k. I'. /. To dig. See ss^. 

557^ 2. k. rt. A seedling; a germ, bud, 

shoot; cf. ^J32?^. 2, a suffix to form 

adverbs, e. g. ?33J^?i, ?;j^-yi. -'5'^, 

-53J330. To raise seedlings. 

^■7(jt^ ( = S3=#^) k. int. Lo ! behold ! 

S?7R;s?E^Ti s. a. Invisible, imperceptible; 

*?A 1. C<(?- of e^r) n. Cheapness, a. 


Cheap; low, mean. 
©A 2. «b. o/' esrY, g. v. 

S5A e5?JJ. = esrt ^^-^j 9- ^'• 
A '^ 

tfA li^ (= S5^^rf) k. n. "Water. 2, an 


offering of water. 
eSTv ^^ k. n. Greatness; great power. 

??A "gPiJ (= «57\ £)Xo) k. v.t.d-i. To be 
A ^ 

or become pre-eminent; to make 

great eflforts; to excel. 

S?A S? k. «. A powerful man. 

S9?\ (lb. of «5A). n. Fire. 
A ' =1.' 

A eo A ei "^ 

oV, e/c.) n. A potsherd used as a 

fire-pan or chafing dish. 
e5?\> s. n. Fire. 2, the god of fire, Agni. 
3, the guardian of the south-east. 4, 
bile. 5, gold. -=5'r3, -■o-a, -'^ocSj. A 
spark. -=530ijr. Feeding the sacrificial 
fire with ghee. -^^Sl . Firewood; 
AgaUochum. -'S'joS. A firehole. -las*. 
One who arranges a sacrificial fire- 
place. "^^'^* Flame of fire; a 
plant bearing red blossoms used by 
dyers, -s^d. The Pleiades. -as^Jc^. 
Stimulating digestion. -rS^^. The 
Pleiades. -^o6^^, -c5^3^. Siva with 
an eye of fire. -^u. A diamond. 
-CTsrs. A fiery arrow; a rocket. -Uj:):|S. 
Damaging with fire. -'JfiJi. Born of 
fire; Siva's son. -Sjqiji, -53jo:|5. 
Production of fire by friction. -ijJo33. 
The tree Premna spinusa. -siJi'icS.. 
Languor of the digestive power. -^)J3j. 
The fire's friend: the wind, -ilusj. 
A deity; Brahma. -5^s5. The mark- 
ing nut. -tf^f=i. Preservation of the 
sacred fire. -Srsr. N. of a prince. 
-aiu. Having a crest of fire; saffron', 
safflower; a lamp; a rocket; an arrow. 
-3a3. A flame; the plant Glofiosa 
superba. -^j|,?5jJ. Praise of Agni; a 
peculiar sacrifice in spring, -^o^?^ 
li. The consecration of fire; any rite 
in which the application of fire is 
essential, -^aj. The wind, -^otjj^s. 
The (magical) quenching of fire. -^>J8? 
3j. An oblation to Agni. -oSjs^^. 
Practising the agni-hotra; maintain- 
ing the sacrificial fire; one who has 
prepared the sacrificial fire-place. 5S 
?\?^. The priest who kindles the fire. 
?f aJn oSSv^ s. n. A meteor, comet. 
ejAj 1. k. n. The thrush, a sore mouth. 
e5A 1 2. (=esrt 2) s. n. A top, point, summit. 
2, the front. 3, the beginning. 4, 
excess. 5, praise. 6, a multitude. 



7. aim, resting place, a. Prominent, 
excellent, best, chief, first, -rira?. 
Foremost, principal, -ti, -tic^^. First- 
born; an elder brother; a Brahmana. 
-r5. Foremost, excellent. -^8. In front 
of. -3^ow^'3e-i. The first present of betel 
leaf at an assembly. -^tS.. The first 
act of reverence rendered to the 
principal man at assemblies. -wsj. 
An advance-force. -dJt)o?3. The heart. 
-oraeS. The cooking hall of a temple. 
-Eoiid. Villages assigned to Brahmanas 
for their maintenance. -5q30*. A man 
belonging to an agrahara. 

©T^j^oo s. a. Not rustic, -i. Un- 

e57\3j5oq s. a. Unacceptable, inadmis- 

©?\j^J s. a. Foremost. 2, best. 3, 
elder, eldest. 

«£)?N)Ocio, ©TMecdo s. a. Principal, best. 
n. An elder brother. 

es^eapsio s. n. A man who marries 
a widow at his first marriage. 

Sf^je^QTi s. 11. The supreme lord. 

^-R\^7iTi s. a. Preceding. 2, best. n. A 
leader, headman. 

iS'Rjii\^zi'& s. n. "Water used for the 
worship of an idol. 

ef) Aj s. a. Foremost, first; best. 2, 

e5yO s. n. Sin, crime. 2, pain. 3, pas- 


e9yOU?j s. a. Difficult, impossible. 

69^0^^ s. a. Not happened. 2, impro- 
bable, unlikely, n. Any wonder. 

eS^Ofi s. a. Liquid, not dense. 

©^O^J^rre s. «. Expiatory, n. A daily 
expiatory prayer, reciting a particular 
passage from the Vedas. 

&5^raU s. n. A wonder; excess. 

eSyOjse'd s. a. Not terrific. 2, terrible. 
n. A euphemistic title of Siva. 

SSo^ s. «. A hook. 2, the lap, thigh. 
3, the side or flank. 4, the body. 5, a 

mark. 6, a numerical figure. 7, a 
fault. 8, a war. 9, proximity. 10, 
place. -cfjso^'o. Excessive crooked- 
ness. -SjJ3s3. a list of titles. -cS°ti. 
A valiant man. 

©oS^Arf^ s. n. Arithmetic. 

^So"^^ f. n. The space between two 
pillars or beams. 

Wo'^^ s. n. Marking, stamping. 

Wo-&^ s. a. Marked, n. A sign, signa- 
ture. 2, a word, 3, a dedication. 
-cTOSo. a proper name. 

e£)o-&?jO s. V. t. To mark, look at. 

eSo^^orJ s. n. A sprout, shoot. 2, hair. 
3, blood. 5So*oO?;o. To sprout; to 
rise; to happen. 

?5o^Ci^ {lb. eso^o?^) s. n. A hook, esp. 
for driving an elephant. 

©c^ 1. k. n. An order, command; 
control; restraint, check. 2, (=S3'ft'^) 
leaning against; a lever. 3, trust. 

iSo^ 2. 11. {lb. of sso'5'). A numerical 
figure; an account. 

©o^.ee'^, ©c^jaee;, l-iv:) -e3j s. «. The 
plant Alangium hexapclalum. 

©CA 1. a. k. ?i. Way, manner, mode. 

efOA 2. s. 11. A limb, member. 2, the 
body. 3, the mind. 4, an expedient. 
5, a verse-line. 6, N. of Bengal 
proper, int. Indeed, true; please. -i5 
^. The heart's wish. -:^5^. Gestures 
of the body. -cj3»?i. Ceremony of 
touching certain parts of the body. 
-sSO?^, -^JS^s^SfS. Anatomy. -^cS-c- ra. 
Rolling one's body round a temple. 
-C*^, -Ci'^f=?, -^^- Protection of the 
body; also an amulet. -C=5;^. A 
body-guard, -oart. Unguents for the 
body; perfuming the body. -S^. 
A small cloth; an upper garment. 
-iS^'stf. Change of bodily appearance; 
fainting, -^i^^ij, -Cojid. Gesticulation. 
-?oo=7arf. Embellishment of body. 
-2o?fS. Mutilated; incorporeal, -coofi^. 

^.'JT't: %. iL ^bcrra from tin b&df) Tb* 
^'A 'A ivTfe, Kama. 2, lore- pa^^ 

Tfc»- dftstrcfTtrr of EJtXD*. rira, 
*fy'.7"^.jt. ». = acnit, p. r. 
*S,-r'!i k, yc A tbop, «alL -i'S. A 

market-rtreet. -s^?^, -»5w, -7»r. A 

shopkeeper. -C^^ A btfose viifa a 

kbifp. -w-JiC^. A tbop dmf. -^tr-^-. 

Tbe good* of a &bop. -S2^ , -s??-. 

To open a tbop, 
ScT'!^ ^«/, o/ 5*t*~; fi- A eourt, a 

jard, etp. in front of a hou»e: an 

«-s7'g. ^sr^, C= ^^'^-S; k-ai. riat- 

waxB, on tbe back. 
«,-7'2 B. it A braceiet ■srorn on the 

upper arm. 5- of a fcoa of Tali. 
«,:,7'^. tJ/c/c^ s. n. A woman, female. 

«,s/'5eS)o h.. n. A long coat. 
'Sj-sT'S/. ^SsT'^;, "S'-Y/'Jfv.i'^ a. Separ- 
ate, i.\)d^Ti 
«;^/i;2E*j (-^^"; k- ^- «• To -weep, 

grieve, lament. «*;r,c?;3,. Grief. 
"Ss/tid m. r<. Habitude; power, vigour. 
*£>zY ::j7'.:i a. k. c. i. To come together, 
meet, crowd, c. <. To lay hold of, 
C5oX<S^, (-?^Jj, ?50AO'E', (-'9, -'Sj k. n. 
The palate of the mouth. 2, f<6. o/" 
tio^^i) a courtyard. 
'S5'C'7Xs7. s. n. Limb and limb related 

to another. 
ef-sTX*^ k. = '^or;3 dc, 5. f. 
e;c-7-v^ (= ^ono) k. /t. Charcoal. 2, 

©07^':^^ (= asntC 1-2) s. n. 3, a sec- 
tarian mark made with charred wood. 
-cpj^j*. A portable fire-place. -w^O. 
etsr^fyo k. n. The sole of the foot. 
^o7. ■• w. A coat, frock; jacket. 

^ -*■ - E. fc. AseHt -^'rt. -'r>3. AsEeat- 
irr, ayreeir?. a^eepdnr: seeepiaaee. 

«^-;7 s=tX- E. r. t To tzTte to: to 
ae**pt, adopt- 

'S'JT./tL. fh. of s;r^, ^. r. 

2&s7!ie/ (-^ , B. re A £a?er. 2, the 
thumb. 3. a fisfer'r breadth. e;~w 
C37 zi. A fing er-prciecior, nsed whilst 
fchooting arrows. ain.C— J'C Poind- 
ing St wiib the finger. =cr..C-_..s->;=i- 
Craeking the SageTt. 

^zT'^^C^z:^ s. n. A fiager-ricg. 

'E,zYir.. e. 7i. The thumb. 2; the grea: 

Ss7'-i3X ?. m. «. A thimble. 

SsTjiC; h- n. The grape. 

^:;r:3ij*. S'cr< k- n. The palm of the 

fts^cTLs-ez^scA 6. n. The body and its 

^zfjicT^. tb. Of <i£zr,z,^. g. c. 
Kt^Lij B. n. A foot. 2, the root of a 

tree. -Si. The foot-born: a Sudra. 
fS^cfi e. a. Gentle, tractable. 
^■df»y:j s. a. Xot dexterous {f. eSS.:-). 
^■ciTL'iJ B. a. Unmoveable, Bteady. -•=• 

«5E?'d 6. a. Immoveable. 
e)t:^e^ B. a. Immoveable, fixed. 2, 
eternal, n. A mountain; the earth. 
2. an ascetic. 
eSEic; b. n. The earth. 
e)t5B^.>33j~ s. n. Want of ability. 
eSErEl k. n. Impurity, filth. 
©eloeo s. a. Incomprehensible, 
tpellj s. a. Not long, short, brief; 
recent, -zi:;^^, ^-.icsoiJ. Lightning. 
e5?S^^ B. a. Unconscious; very poor. 
©sSesS s- "■ Unconsciousness, a. Insen- 
sible, fainting. 
^■&(^'^nB. n. Unconsciousness; igno- 
ranee; matter. 



tf5^ 1. = =3- i. J. f.) k- a. -'Ti^ ('= ;5 
3. =~i:^). Proper b-icr'iarr: stiiiible 
order, size, etc. 

•5$- 2. (Ol ef 32) a. Pmre. elear; jle.- 
»»i-«-ffJ reaL i, := ssa - -f^^ 3. Pare 
KaKHada, -%*C>i. Pare and fresh. 
wuier. s3_2 . 53_:3>-j. J. 

S22- A a^ k- ■■*- BeTrii'ierTneiit. 

A scat coacn. eloih. :o ecrsr a: 2.1^ h::. 
^■^ 4. 9>. of ^^r '3- ^- 

«^-;i f&. or 55^ -r 'J- r. 

t£ L^ ?v; k, «. A Srm, sireii^ niazi. e 
:=3 ^^. Firaiaess oC a naa. 

«^~ 1. k. a. Bread (aaed caly by 
y«^ --ny ^iUrca). 3; soAer; a Mala- 
jala -wtfrnam. 3, a pap. 

S^ 2. Ik. ef e^j f. r. 

« ~ ^ k. »• PayiiLs uajoailT. 

t£=r 7". tb. -jf -i3^=f. 

555S1 I. ♦= ^?j ^ "s- Flraraeae; (bodil;) 
gyrt—rgi^^- 2, a -vdl-^^aed bosxid- 
arj. 3, a Bimli; aa uBpisaai»aL 4^ a 
cjpe, staafL », a vesr^s iced. 
-s==c. es^c A pyiggd letter, -'ri^ 
= ssjrw. -~J:~. A priatiB^ press. 
- ^\^. A eakfi ot jii?';?7- -?'^- Kna 

lo seat, ispxeas firmly. 
Sz^^ ^ k. r. t. To psj vaJBStij, as 

i^ far failed ercp. a. latuBaej. 

■ 2, (ftu «^ B3^> a. die; aa. axle. 
:- tiee asvL 
Si^Ji 3. f. ». A Pegtt pcnT. 
CiSc 2=sc::j . ^■sc J?* :r^ a. k, «. A» 

anauiiii:- jTiard. 
•E'd- f= S3_f k. «- Ticroois^. jearifyiiLg. 
•E 3- ^t.; k. %. Half a seer. 

t£::r — =3_ s. a. Prre. c'.=a.?. tra-5- 
par^nc -?^- A vidte bear. 

'5c^_^ s. a. Uabrokes, aaisjar&i. 2. 
niv. 3. d^eetleas. 

— ^ ? s. a. XTaes:, traiajired: iasepa- 

S'SC-S s. «. Fins, mperiskable. a. 

^:= s. z. Tiibora. a. Brakma. 2, 

Tli.'cL.z. i. Sira. 4, sbe soa. 5, 
r-ifn. '!. a ■irLTer. I/saHet. ', a ran: 
a h-r-jGait. S. tbe sign Aries. 
~-~'^- t£=:"?S'2. rS'xTX. g „ =i-a's 

SSrct; s. 'i- Sot ie-»-A,i, a5 a cl:dx. 
SStv s- 3. fr.peopl&i. (;.. A ie&eriu 

^2:~- s, 1. UaSi; to t^ b-:m- ;»,. A 

-00 Is. ba^ga^e. 
1£3ndrs7ls b. n. Baagb eal^ealanoe. od. 

?£ir£:ssr:. ?5;:^«f s. ». Ei3b-:p'5 TB-eed_ 

•»ay. Cofiim iiirv.i. 
S2::rj s. a. I^E.'^CrI!J5ce?able.. inrin'riljle. 

a. Defeat. 2, Tiskaa. [plasL 

SSTj 1. f'= 2'Si-^ a. k. a. Tbe Ia<l%(» 
■SSrd 2. s. 3. Agdeay ■aiifcijiai'. 
^3==^' s. a. Iad%^tible; aBdeeayia^. 

a. Fneadsbfp. 
S£r^-,c?~ s. a. Gaatfs bora: tbe shrab 

OUrna wcdier. 
tSSs^ a- «- 3fot to b« iajoznL 2, 

S3$»A^ o. a. Set awake, a. A c<:>sBoa 

vaed, £<i^pto «»«. 
'E SrSA^iA^^ a«. a. Tbe ^sate g4 beisg^ 

r.jc -raketsL 2, caub iiiiia'iiii 
Sir. A ST. - a. a. iSHppie peadiag: £c«m 

:i^ -■mk --A zQots. 2. a aaekas object. 



e9a;s3§ s. n. Cumin seed. 

i£>diz^ (tb- of a:3^ ^) n. A foolish m<an. 

^^toZi s. n. Brahma's egg: the uni- 

S93iT):^ s. a. Unborn, not existent. -S 
^x. One who has no enemies. 

e5^?\^ k. n. Ground lime. 

653?^ s. a. Unconquerable. 2, unsur- 
passed, n. Vishnu. 

?3^^ s. n. The skin. 2, the skin of 
an antelope. -Sj^. A bat. -oSji^oJ, 
An antelope, a deer. 

&9^TJ s. a. Affile, quick, n. A court, 
yard. 2, an object of sense. 3, air. 

e935»3D?i h. n. Bishop's weed. 

€935^. s. a. Not crooked, straight, /i. 
A fish; a frog. 

©^?ror s. rt. Undigested, w. Indigestion. 

es^ s. ?(. Nature. 2, illusion. 

SS^eodJ s. a. Invincible. 

©ai l.k. n. Opportunity. 2,thedryfila- 


©a 2. (<&. o/" tfodor) n. A grandfather. 

5533 (tb. of tfoijjjr) n. A grandmother. 
-tfJ^. An idle story. 

e?;^??, &did^7i(tb.ofiSU.r^). M. A great- 
flowered jasmine. 
©aiJ Aoa^o k. n. The state of being 

S93S s. a. Not knowing; ignorant. 2, 

foolish. -^. Ignorance. 
593iT) ci s. M. Ignorance. 2, raaya. -^ri. 

©3ST) Si s. rt. Ignorant, unwise, n. A 

stupid person. 
e5o£ieJ, ©ceis? s. n. The end or border 

of a cloth. 
?SoZo^ s. a. Bent. 2, honoured. 3, 

manifest, pure; beautiful. 

esoeio 1. (= sSo!^ g. r.) k. r. t. To divide. 

2, (= ^JioZio, q. V.) to lurk. 

©oeio 2. ('<b. 0/' ao^j) w. Edge, border, 

brim, selvage, skirt; bank, shore; side. 

-*yj^. To construct a bank; to form 

a selvage. 
©otS.l.k. n. A postal road; a stage; the 

post ( = U3raoj). -tfileO, -*fe3^. A post 

office, -srad. A postal officer. -cdoS. 

A post runner. 
©cd 2. (= tPzS) ad. In that side. n. (lb. 

of (^orZ) A swan. -;SjS "s*. Goose-down. 
e9o3i?i s. 71. Anointing. 2, a black 

collyrium applied to the eye-lashes. 

3, magic ointment. 4, ink. 5, night. 
-•^o3o. Anointing. 

eSoSiSi^ s. n. A species of lizard. 2, a 
small mouse. 

ef)o&ls5(= 55o2ic£i) s. >«. The cavity formed 
by hollowing the palms together; 
when raised towards the forehead it 
is a salutation to superiors. 2, a 
measure of corn. -aa^- = ®oJsO, No. 1. 

efJcaStf k. n. Fear. 

e9c^?jj k. I', t. To frighten. 

©o&fO (= «5«?rfj) k. V. i. To fear, feel 
anxiety; to be afraid of. n. Fear. 
-i5*o«?, -rijs?. A coward. 

e£)ca)0e5, = «50£i€) g. 1;. 

SPcSdjs'd h. 71. A fig; a fig-tree. 

esW 1, ?9S k. n. Motion; play; speech. 
-»3jy. Trickery, fraud; escape, -doii 
73J, -53oOs:^j. To play tricks, deceive. 

e£)y 2. la. 7i. Obstruction; a bar, lever. 
-^y. Weariness, -nj^^wo. A pole for 
lifting sacks. 

©Hs^OSorioli. r.t. To stop, hinder, check. 

©ygs^, 59U^ ii.. 71. Obstruction, re- 

e9U-S-?jO. = ey^sscOjJjj, q. r. 

ef)UT:^o4, ©ytjjsz:; f. n. The shrub Jus- 

ticia adhaloda. 
e5W^??, e?l3,^s? f. n. Addition and sub- 

traction. 2, revenue. 



?f)U.S) (= e3:^co) s. n. A wood, forest. 

©Sjse^, e5Bj3?200 f. M. Control, power. 

(Ski s. a. High, lofty; n. A garret or 
upper loft in a house. 2, a tower, 
buttress. 3, a scaffold. -SsiSj^es 
fc^,:^. A loud laughter; a pomp, 
parade. 4, (/V. e5^) cooked. ' 

e9y^(=55yj) a.n. a structure of poles 
put on stones. 2, <&. o/' es^tSo, q. v. 

©y «?• tb. of esto.aj fy. r. 



69633 £), ©633,03^ s. n. An apartment on 
ei eJ 

the roof. 2, a palace. 3, a bastion. 

e9fc) ?j r'?*- o/" es^roa?;) n. see s. 53W,. 

©Eo ?jO k. y. t. To take possession of. 2, 
to cause to pursue. 3, to cause to 

evaporate or to be wasted. 

©yo, k. V. t. To keep close to, follow. 

2, to pursue, chase, drive away. 3, 

to send. 4, to put. v.i. To evaporate; 
to be wasted, n- Closeness. 2, put- 
ting, -tfos?, -Tiot^. N. of a game in 
which cowries are put from hole to 
hole on a wooden board. 

©yo.oeO^ k. n. Gifts to the bride and 

eS&Jj ^ a. k. n. A crowd, multitude. 2, 


©S k. n. A headless trunk. 2, a sole, 


sandal; skin, bark. 3, a leech. 

©yo k. w. Mud. 2, {tb. of ete.o) a 
00 w 

stand on poles. 

©rf k. n. = 

55rf5^ k. n. Compacture. 2, piling, 

storing; a pile. 3, hiding one's self. 

4, becoming obedient. 5, abridgment. 

-(iJ3S?^j. To compress. 
«5t^^0 (= ss'S^A) k. r. <. To press, as 

cotton. 2, to pile, as pots, grass, etc. 

3, to put. 4, to subdue, control. 
59t^^ (= 55^"^) k. ?i. The areca palm; 

its nut. 
©cS^jsi^o , -7\B , k. 11. A betel-nut 

©7i7\f^?jO k. y. f. To thwart, obstruct. 

1. -rtUj,. = esca ny^,. 
eo a eo 

e9rf?\?io k. I', t. To cause to hide; to 
conceal, hide. 2, to suppress. 3, to 

eSt^AO (= 55Sor?J) k. V. i. To conceal 
one's self; to disappear. 2, to be 
quenched, humbled, contained in. 
3, to crouch, n. (a. k.) Flesh, meat 
(= sSjso^). 2, becomingness, agree- 

©757? (— esart etc.) k. n. Cooking. 

©Z^OAJ (= ^:iTi^ q. V.) a. k. n. A fort. 

©rfeisS f. n. Difficulty, distress. 

©rfsio {cf. ©rS'^j, 55;::^^^, ssrsiSo, e<c.) k. 
V. t. To pack up, close; to stufi', press 
down; to humble. 2, to hush, silence. 
3, to rap, cufi'. [clothes. 

©Sa k. n. Clothes to be washed; hired 

©cS^ (= 5o:a5j) k. n. A barber's dress- 
ing case; a betel-pouch. -3s? (-55s?.). 
One who carries a betel-pouch. 

©t5^ (= m:^^) k. n. A pledge, pawn. 

©rfeor? k. ad. Rashly, e. g. -^F^^. 

©■rfeOs;^ a. k. n. A cook. 2, flesh. 

©rioaiTi {tb. of. ^:ioviO) n. Ostentation, 

©r^orfre^ k. 71. A mark, sign. 

©ricsy k. n. A scuffle. 2, vying, 

©t^T/J k. «. <. To climb, mount; to 
pounce upon, rush at. v. i. To be 
united with; to appear; to amass. 
11. An attack; an attempt. eSO^Jj. 
To cause to ascend, etc. 

©T^'dior k. v.t. To bring together; to 
set in readiness. 

©t^aiJ k. V. i. To be shaken; to be 
afraid; to grieve, n. Tremor; con- 
fusion; fear. 2, mud. 

©c^S (lb. of esfeJ.^) 11. A forest, wood, 
iunsrle. -?^^^o. Fire in forests. -Ssiejo. 
A miserable lot. -tS?«?J. To go astray. 

©7^^ (= es:^S;) k. n. Suitableness; 
closeness, thickness. 2, a pawn, 
pledge, deposit. 3, An impediment. 

i£Ti7j& h. n. Estimate, computation. 

©Ti;^£', e9rf;dsei. tb. of e^tfjs q. v. 

©rfO (= °j3:Sj) k. r. /. To attack, trou- 
ble. 2, to enter. 3, to put into, stuff 
into. 4, to hold firmly; to cover. 
r. i. To be stern; to be filled in. 

eSii^j k. n. see tsc^sS No. 2. 

?5;25Cj k. n. Rashness, haste. ad. 

SSCJsrf f. ». Unremunerated and forced 
labour or service. 2, a foreigner. 

e?riS05JO f. V. t. To stop, arrast; to 

put before (cf. 55:S o3j?3j). 

©^^scdjori k-s. n. A scimitar. , . , 


55:3S^Ci k. n. Alarm, uproar, quarrel, 

e5ci ( = yo) k. 71. The foot; the measure 
of a foot, (aans? s3j?d zS^v'o, to fall 
down at the feet; ©a#3J, to become 
slow). 2, a verse-line. 3, a step, pace, 
(isarsan, from step to step; eao3j:3j, 
to step, walk). 4, the bottom of any 
thing, (-^srsu, to see the bottom; 
-3joSo, the lower piece of any- 
thing; -sSS., a door-sill). 5,(= t'sSj) 

©a?f (= ssail) k. 11. Cooking. 2, (= aS 
^5 5. t'.) the areca palm. 

©SaSOJ, k. M. Firewood. 

SSSXaiJ k. ?i. An anvil. 

©S^ (= aSn) k. n. Cooking, boiling; 
maturing; dinner. -S3J(5, -?33q3. A 
kitchen, -lod. A fire-place. -53J33o. 
To cook. -aj3:Sj353, -33053. A male 
cook. -odJBrto. To be cooked. -7^ 
53j3o^. Cooking utensils. 

©ci^O a. k. n. Slavery. 

©Sodo k. n. A slave. 

e)a,2. = ef^^, g. «. 

eSt^j k. V. t. To cook, boil, dress; to 
prepare a meal; to mature, n. Cooking, 
etc. -'^WJ.. Fuel. -^J3«?j. Boiled rice. 
-njsuJS, -rtjs^ejts. A woman who 
cooks for strangers. -irorsd. A 
frying pan. 

10 ^d 

?f)rij?jj k. «. Clay, mud. 

e9tf 1. (= i-:l) a. k. If; when, e. g. -n-^Sr 

©zS 2. (= JJd) k. t'.<. To obtain, get, have ; 
to shut up, enclose, confine. 2, (= esF=?) 
to strike, throw, v. i. To be enclosed, 
barred. Ji. A wood on which artisans 
put their working articles. 2. a 
sticky mass of tamarind, sugar, etc. 
3, cowdung. 4, a thin cake of rice 
flour. 5, the border of a cloth. 6, 
a. k. Trust. -rtoJ. An anvil, -o^w.- 

?s:i 1. (= sj::) k. n. The state of being 
across; obstacle, a. Crosswise, hori- 

zontal. -'^^' To fasten across; to 
thwart, stop, arrest. -'^^^> '^Hi' 
A dam in rice-fields. -fl^?Jio, -'s'AjzS. 
A profession contrary to custom. -=53 
e-ij. The leg put crosswise, as obstacle. 
-=5T)5iO, -53e>jd. A by-channel. -t3 
ssa. A kavadi carried on the neck. 
-■c-^O. A transverse bolt. -T^Jt^. A 
child carried in the arms. -€^. The 
hand placed transversely. -"^eJJo. 
Extra work. -=#J35t)J. A transverse 
bar. -T5i3.;i. A wooden cross bar. 
-esrit). Distance across, width. -A^23j. 
To cross out. -fs^Wj, -A6. A cross 
line. -=#JJo"^o. A cross branch. 
-nj3«cl. A partition or curtain wall. 
w:i o'f. A figrure written from left to 
right; the total. -JaabJo. A shelter. 
-jj^'Sr. An oblong frame; the Lii'iga 
box. -5Joj3j, esS oJ^j. The breadth cf 
the foot. -esE^, es:^ rf. The woof that 
crosses the warp in a loom. -3e5, -cSe3. 
An ill-formed head. -3^uj. To touch, 
thwart, interfere with. "■^^' "^^> 
e:3's Sa . Awkwardness, clumsiness; 
awkwardly. -Srfo^. To turn aside. 
-^ijsSdj. To thwart, interfere, -irfoa, 
-CSoarl. A scale beam; a bamboo pole 
across a palankeen to carry it. -^''^- 

^zi 11 




A slit bamboo put crosswise. -iJSeS. 
A transverse beam. -?jri. A half- 
suppressed laugh. -c3i)»3j. a surname; 
a secterian crossmark on the forehead 
of Smartas. -fj^Or^. A lying or 
opposing tongue. -Siejos^. Breadth 
and height. -ttfja. Contradiction. 
-SoT^. A side-row of people at dinner. 
-5513,. The upper or lower part of a 
door-frame. -Sj^jt. A palankeen 
carried crosswise. -IajcSj. To come 
in the way. -z2?^j. To fall across; 
to prostrate. -53jd. A cross bar. 
-dJ3;^j. Gainsaying; an evasion. 
-»3j3A~. a cross way, by-path, -^o 
a. A knot of hair. -ni;r!J. To be 
cross ; -JSah, transversely, across, 
broadwise. -racSj, -£iZaO. To oppose. 
-^Gsejo. (=.Soy. A transverse line or 
furrow. -SOS?. To pass by. -SoJ^j. To 
apply horizontally, as sectarian mark. 
-259^0. To put crosswise; to put before 
for obtaining a blessing or pardon. 
-^isa. = -33j!)r<r. -Sosodoo. To pass by; 
to thwart. -3o?Jdj. = -fsssSj. -"^ :Sj, 
S5:3^:^j. To walk about, promenade. 
-^Ko, aca-i ?1). To recline, lean on. 
-^'^■1. To put across or before, ^d ?o 
no. To make hostile efforts. 55cl pWo. 
A shot beside the mark, ^djs *, ejo. 
A new tenant, fresh comer, esdjs ^tJ. 
An indirect course. 

?£)Ti 2. k. n. Seven duddus, two atias 
and four pies. 2, a weight = j^gth 
of a varaha. 

?£)Ti 7,?io. = esS cOj?5j, q. i?. 

WZi rJ^ k. »i. A three-legged stand. 
65(5 N (= es3f3) k. ad. Across, trans- 

esrf O30?j0 (= 55:S hSo) k. «. t. To move 
ft >s ' 

obliquely. 2, to obstruct. 3, to in- 
tervene, conceal. 
SSrf e;o k. 71. An obstacle, ad. Aci-oss. 


isz^ci>T\:, (-tsrio);. To become an 
obstacle; to oppose. 

^ri StjO (= i£:i oao?dj) a. k. t). <. To 

Ch Cb a, ^' ' 

S£):30 ci k- «• Broad. 

eSo^ k. n. An obstacle; opposition; 

delay. -»3j3:So. To oppose, hinder. 

eSci ^ k. n. A necklace. 


e9w k. n. A bamboo by which one or 
two persons carry burdens suspended 

from its midst or b6th ends, -^jstfo. 

To carry it. 
©Z3tK5 (= es:^cjT)a). k. n. A perverse or 

stubborn person, 
©ci ^ k. n. A fiat basket or earthen 

©rfo k. n. Mud. 


esr® k. A suffix used in the formation 

of a verbal noun, or 1st pers. pi. 

imperat., e. g. sJjsii^OoSrs, o^dodjoSrs. 
©fvgo (= 5:srao) a. k. ad. "Whatsoever, 

howsoever, a. Small. 
©roS^ k. n. Mockery, derision. 2, (= es 

!^^) closeness, firmness. 
©oa-aTjO k. y. i. To mock, deride. 
e5r®7\?jO. = is::if^^o, q. v. 
©03aO. = ^Urij, q. V. 
©re&BTO k. n. A very clever man. 
eSPSa^ k. n. A pitcher or water jar. 
eSPad, ©PScd k. n. A mushroom. 
e9P3e;o k. n. The under part of the 

mouth. 2, a squirrel. 
«£)f®?jO k. 11. A ferrule. 2, a throng. 
?5raS (= ^E^) h. ?i. An anna. 
eSfJ (=a:ario) k. n. Joining together of 

threads in a loom. 2, fitness, beauty; 

order. 3, an array, a body of soldiers. 

-'n'Wj,. To join a certain number 

of threads, etc. -3os?. To move the 

loom's treadle. 
efrSj? (= SoE^ii) k. n. A comb. 
eSrS^O s. >i. Minuteness. 2, the power 

of becoming an atom. 




eSrSorfo'd a. k. «. Fitness, nicety; great- 
e9r3«3 k. n. (= 65«?d) Ink-nut, rermi- 

nalia chebitla. 
eSf^ s. a. Minute, m. An atom. 2,, 

?90©OA k. «. A son. isvsjp^, ^3Cij7^. A 

«5f©Jo5'o a. k. r. /. To humble; to ruin, 

e5?6 1. k. int. used in calling a woman: 

ho! ho! 
S£)f? 2. (= iszi) k. V. i. To touch, come in 
contact. 2, to be quenched, v. t. To 
strike, push. 2, to embrace, n. Ap- 
proach. 2, a dam, dike. -^sJj,, -^^i,. 
A dam. 
eSoWlJ^ (= «5oW;3sV) f. «. The soap-nut 

©cyS^ k. n. A prickly climbing shrub. 

Acacia intsia. 
©oW5?Jo k. r. ^ To evaporate. 
©cliJ k. v.i. To come in contact with, 
touch; to be contagious, v. t. To touch; 
to embrace. 2, (= esUOj No. 1) to fol- 
low, pursue, n. Contagion; impurity. 
2, gum, paste. 3, a grafted branch; a 
young plant. -dJt^n. A contagious 
?SoXi s. n. An egg (sJjsB,). -a. Egg- 
born; a bird; a fish, etc. 
^cTi6 a. k. V. t. To oppress, trouble, 

hurt. n. Oppression, trouble. 
&9c5?i) k. ('. i. To go near; to resort to. 
eSoT^O k. 7). An approach. 2, a buttock. 
SScoi k. 71. A vessel made of bamboo. 

2, (a. k.) nearness, vicinity. 
©TO k. n. An elder brother; an elderly 
male. 2, an affectionate mode of 
addressing boys, as ^t^l f.esri. .;^ 
siioarfj. Brothers. 
eSPTO Ci-R k. n. The uvula. 
eSrS k. «. Excellence, purity, -stssjo. 
Pure milk. -*eJJ,. A pebble tossed 
in play; a hail stone. 

S9f^o a. k. ?i. Friendship. 

®i^c^ s. a. Unrestrained; useless, 

esSS'n'^ s. a. Invincible. 
e9^& s. n. X. of a hell. (lit. bottomless). 
©^Cg'o^e; k. n. Tumult, confusion. 
es^r'j s. n. Common flax, Linum usita- 

^B s. ad. Over, beyond. 2, exceed- 
ingly, much, very. 3, surpassing. 
-*aor. A great sin. -tfcor. Agreat 
sinner. -=5r3eJ. Great trouble, -r^^y*. 
A very troublesome man. -^scxli. 
Gigantic; a son of Ravana. -^.^o^j. 
Very crooked. -f^sSJ. -=^s3or3. Going 
over, transgression, trespass; sur- 
passing; neglect; imposition. -^<Sj 
^. To surpass; trespass; to let pass 
away; to become excessive. -ri«?, 
-*<?. To disregard, contemn; to deny; 
to spend (time). -rre.So^. Smart. 
-tiilS. Very cold; very stupid. -law. 
Great speed. -jSeirirf. Very wakeful; 
the black curlew. -zisS . Very thick. 
-t3e)2o. Great heat; great thirst, -rfjg 
so. Great affliction. -?)SjS. Very 
fierce. -5:3^. Lapse; transgression. 
-^■s^. A heinous sin. -woqS?j. Close 
confinement, -we;. Very strong. -t3? 
rt. Very swift. -^JZ^^i. Very sweet. 
-Sjjj^j. Beyond measure, excessive. 
-txb^S. = a3^,g. -Ddojrf. A great 
fight, -rfsi. Full of juice or essence; 
rich in poetical taste; a sweet 
cake. -0^. -6^T^. Excessive. -tiJi:^. 
Commonly known. -;3eirf. Talka- 
tiveness. -;t3Sj. Fast on the day 
before performing the Sraddha. 
-sl5«?. Excessive. -Scxjo. Excellence; 
surprise; trouble; superior, abundant, 
wonderful. -ic^Xo. To become 
great; to wonder. -?ir3. Minute. 
-^iiF^. Liberality; a gift. -s:^!j. 
Great charm; diarrhoea, dysentery. 
""^■^Sv^* Very fine, minute. -'^.,^- 




Very little. -333;^. Great laughter. 

-3oSj. Great stupidity. 
e9>§5) s. 11. An invited guest. -^'^'Uri. 

Hospitality. -?d3^cS, Civilities to 

©ee!^ s. a. Gone by, past; gone beyond. 

2, passed away. 3, having neglected. 

-=ff5)U. Past time. -%^^- -^ neglected 

©§?oaiCCio s. a. Going beyond the senses. 

n. The mind. 
S£)Se^ s. ad. Exceedingly, very. 
©S^Tij s. a. Not sharp, blunt, 2, slow. 
©^^o'So a. k. t'. t. To join, cement, v. i. 

To be joined, united. 

©gjc; s. a. Unequalled. 

©Sos5;a'rf s. a. Not cold or dewy. 

©igo^, s. ?i. Dissatisfaction. 

69:^ , §93^ e^O k. ad. In that direction or 

place, aside; beyond. -*cS. = ef^. 

«S3 ^ ejij, e<c. Far beyond, es^es. Of 

that side or place, es^ ^. Here and 

es;^ 'do f. w. Attar of roses; perfume, 

e5^ Q k. /t. A carpenter's plane. 
esS k. H. The red-wooded fig-tree, Ftcus 

e£)B ^ f<6. of bS €) H. An elder brother's 

ef)^0 k. (p. p. of ^Vj) Having wept. 
e9J s. ?i. A mother-in-law. 2, (= ^ira?:^ 

di.) a father's sister. 
e^i^o^i^ s. a. Eceedingly low or mean. 
©i^oQo s. a. Beyond limit; excessive. 

2, endless. 3, absolute. -zi^%3o. Very 

great affliction. 
©encrfo s. n- Going over or beyond; 

surpassing. 2, death; sin. 3, danger; 

^^(^r s. a. Excessive. 
25San^ s. n. Extravagant desire or 

©3501/ odor s. 11. A great marvel. 
^^■:in^ 3^0 s. a. Exceedingly good. 
eSi^On^N^ s. a. Very high. 
i£)^:^0^ s- «. "Very hot. 
esSi s. 11. N. of a rishi and a star in 
the Great Bear. -K33. Born from 
Atri: the moon. 
e£)q^ s. An auspicious particle, used in 
stuti, mangala, etc, ad. Now, then; 
what? how? moreover; rather; but; 
©qi^F" s. M, The fourth veda. 
©qiwS s. ad. Or. 

€5::^ k. The termination of the relative 
negative participle, as ^J^^ui, lc^:S. 
©c^S'j (= ©nz^j, ©rf4, esSj^j etc.) k. 
?). ^ To press, squeeze, cram. 2, to 
be bruised, n. A bruise in a metal 
©rfU a. k. n. A very firm or perse- 
vering man. 
©dUo a. k. «. t. To scold, reprimand; 
to subdue, v. i. (= escirfo) To tremble. 
11. Sel'f-will; boldness; pride. 
esrfD h. a. Of counting or numeration. 
S9rff30 h. a. Low, mean, vulgar, 
©u!^ (= «5Ci*J) k. f . <. To squeeze. 2, 

(a. k.) to upbraid, reprove. 
eSdaio h. 11. Respect, regard. 
©rfTJj (= wcSWj) k. V. i. To tremble, n. 
Trembling, tremor, -riooarl. Faint- 
heartedness. -iSrfdo. Shaking and 
quaking. -sJaocJJJ. The palsy. ^^0 
Tio. To make shake, 
eSrf^Ffi s.n. Non-vision, disappearance. 

a. Invisible. 
eSrfe^aSOrfOJ, e9rf£JOeod£)0 f. »i. Ex- 

©cross:^ (/b. of esc3^3^) a. Not giving, 

n, A miser. 
©crojio (3rd. pers. sing. pres. of wrij) 

k. He may be, esc3»)t3. He is. 
e9nDe;;^0 b. w. Justice; a court of justice. 




estrorfl h. 71. Enmity, hatred. 

esaS s. n. The mother of the gods. 2, 

the earth, 
eso-rfoo. = ycS^j, q. v. 

e5a"dj (= istitio) k. V. i. To tremble, 
shiver, fear. 

eftiAFoB. ©az^oor:^ k. «. The creeper 
Gaerlnera racemosa. 

e£>0^r a. k. ?*. Trembling, fear. 

©OeSiji s. a. Indigestive. n. Bad 

esrfj k. j)J-o. That, it. 2, the affix of 
the 3rd person singular neuter of 
the negative mood; as sSjscScSj, Sojs? 
rtdo, sootJ.cSj. 

eSrion'o. = 'a3j*o, k. q. v. 

©rfOAO k. (\ i. To become soft by 
pressing. ^zi:>f\T:x To make soft by 

e9rfo:;^j3? (= 5i^J3) k. inl. Lo! behold ! 

eScio-cJj (= 'Jrfcfj) k. r. /. To tremble. 
n. Native metal. 2, dandruff. 

esrfosdo a. k. V. i. To be perplexed. 

^'d.vS s. rt. Unstable. 2, irresolute. 

ePrfs^n s. a. luvisible; not fit to be seen. 

©rfxJi s. a. Unseen, invisible; un- 
known. /(.Unforeseen danger; destiny, 
fate. -wo:S, -StsO. A lucky (or un- 
lucky) mau. 

©rS 1. k. A termination of the negative 
participle, us •S?o, d, SAJra :3. 

eScS 2. «■«/. Lo! look there, v.i. It is, 
there is. 5i:3$. That very thing. 

esdo? k. JH<. Ah ! oh ! 

?5Ti, rJ, eSrfArJ k. /;. An anvil. 
A a> 

©a ^ k. H. Immersion, dippins; dvins 

S530 k. t\ <. To immerse, dip: to dye. 

CD 7 1 ) J 

2.= (3CSj, as ?7t cSj3rf;3ti;:;:cSj t3f5«) 

69:3 f. a. Acting. -'#w=;. Acting work. 
59ujJ,ii! s. a. Wonderful, n. A marvel, 
wonder; surprise. 

ftPcfo art. Now, to-day. -3;^. Referrino- 
to to-day. - -'^J33. The aorist (imper- 

©s^ooio s. fl. Not two, without a second, 
unique, n. Non-duality. 2, identity. 

?£)&) s. n. A stone; a mountain. 2, a 
tree. 3, the sun. -*c3,. -■d. Parvati. 


-*?s3. The earth. -3^. Tableland. 
-2??Ci<. Indra. -O^Cs. Himalaya. 
-^■BCJ. Iron. 

^6^1^ s. a. Destitute of duality, unique, 
n. The doctrine of the identity of the 
Brahma and the universe; pantheism. 

e9qi?i s. a. Destitute of wealth or pro- 

©V^J s. a. Lowest. 2, vile, bad. 

eStjj'd s. a. Lower. 2. low. vile. n. The 
lower lip; the lip. 

ePqi^or s. n. Unrighteousness, irre- 
ligion; wickedness, ^sz^^r. An un- 
righteous or wicked man. 

S55 s. ad. Above; over and above; be- 
sides; upon. 

55^^ s. a. Additional; abundant; inter- 
calated. 2, surpassing, superior; ex- 
cellent, n. Abundance. -:^!3. Very 
much, -iljssj. An intercalar month. 

S955^'dro s. 11. Supremacy. 2, a recep- 
tacle, 3, a topic. 4, a category. 5, 
the locative case. cs^^O^O. To aim 
at; to master. 

SS^^SOS s. a. Over and above, very 

©ps^Ti s. n. Authority; government, 
rule, right. 2, privilege. 3, the use 
of royal insignia, royalty. 4, an office. 
-■^JSCaO. To empower. -^, esSi^s^O. A 
man in authority; an officer. 

SS^AJ^s. a. Found, obtained. 2, learned. 

esp5?rfo, &59:2s£, «?5fj'^S s. n. A 
presiding deity. 

©pc^^orfoS, eS^x!, eS^JJS s. n. A ruler. 

©^^3^ s. n. A supreme king. 
5;5?oor5 s. n. A ladder. 




©p;5^?i s. n. An abode, house. 

SSas^Ti ^ s. n. Standing by, abiding. 2, 
an abode; a basis, site; a settlement. 
3, authority. ts^^S^ ?^o. To govern. 

590?ci s. a. Subject to, dependent upon. 

55^0^ s. n. A lord, master. -^. Au- 
thority, power. 



s. a. Kot bold, modest. 

?Sv?s!) f. n. A half-rupee. 
SSi^i' ocior s. n. Want of courage, timidi- 
ty. -T^JS'-POs. To become timid. 
59^j3?AO s. n. Downward movement; 

§5J^j3?2pSA s. n. The lower part. 
S9c^j3e»5ooa3 s. ad. Bending the head; 

upside down. 
e9t3j3°e3j3e^ s. n. The lower world. 
©rjjo^ s. a. Observable, supervising, n. 

An inspector. -^^. Superintendence. 
e5i:;;oGJO?3 s. n. Reading, cap. the Vedas. 
?5v3n;^ s. n. The supreme soul. 
©9iio3j5^ s. 71. A teacher. 
S9t?Dn3jJo s. n. Instruction, esp. on the 

€5c?^ncdJ s. n. A lesson, chapter. 2, a 

eSijjJj^ s. a. Unfixed; uncertain. 
^i^^ s. M. A road. 2, time. 3, sky. 
©qjQTJ s. n. A sacrifice. 

S9!?3Q?j s. a. Devoid of sound, n. A 
wilderness. 3. misfortune. 

?5?o s. n. Breath. 

©ji^j S5?:;^3 k. prep. Till, until. 2, 

©?j;fio s. o. Sinless, faultless. 
©?jCa s. a. Incorporeal, n, Kama. 2, 

the ether. 
&7iti s. a. Unclear, turbid. 
eSfic^OcSo, e9?ic3ti,'s5o s. ?i. A bull. 55c^:Sooo, 

ssfdraa CO. A cow. 
SSS^^odo s. a. Not great, small. 

?£>^dot^^jti^ s. n. The pluperfect 

tense ('j'.j. 
&^^^:>'^J5<ZI s, a. Adverse, unfavourable. 
©jdo^ s. a. Endless, infinite, eternal, n. 
Vishnu, Krishna or Siva. 2, the sky. 
3, the earth. 4, the snake king. -^,. 
Eternity; boundlessness. 
eSj^o^TJ s. a. Having no interval. 2, 
following, next. ad. Afterwards, esf^o 
SdrfO, afterwards. 
S£)j3~o s. a. Not difi'erent. 2, unique. 

3, fixed on one object. 
e5fjsi3^0 s. a. Harmless, innocuous. 
i£>^JjXjt)t^ s. a. Innocent, n. An innocent 

i3^7\rSJ 3. a. Unfettered, free; haughty. 
e5?3^0Q?" s. a. Priceless. 
©jJtjiF s. a. Worthless, useless; un- 
happy. 2, meaningless, n. Nonsense. 
W^iZJ, &^<V0 s. n. Fire; the god of fire. 

2, digestive power. 
S9?j^rio s. a. Irreproachable, faultless. 
&^'^QT>^ s. a. Inattentive. n. -^■ 

©fj^qj s. a. Unlimited. 
SS^joSu^ s. a. Incessant. 
W^'^TjTi s. a. Having no leisure. 
es^^ {= esoJJ) k. n. Suitable place, room. 
©fj^?i s. n. Fasting. 
e£)fi?jj3o3o s. n. Unenviousness, freedom 

from spite. 2, the wife of Atri. 
©FjSo^ s. n. Disadvantage, loss. 
e9c3^53ti s. a. Shapeless; deformed. 
&^T)tST)Ti s. a. Regardless of custom, 
unprincipled, n. Irreligion; incivility. 
eSfjBqi s. a. Fatherless, helpless, poor. 
-?5?qS. A friend of the friendless, es 
eSSJ^. A widow, helpless woman. 
©f33rfTi, ©^srf^Eo s. n. Disrespect, 

eSfjaa s. a. Without beginning, eternal. 

n. Heaven. -^3^r. Tradition. 
es^rorfx^ s. a. Disrespected, despised. 
e9c33Sq s. a. Having no beginning. 




€9c3aqro'dis s. n. The state of having no 

©fis^jS', er?:awO^ s. «. Nameless; 

©f:?^^^, ©JC^^O s. n. The ring-finger. 
©fTOorfoS' s. a. Without a leader, ad. 

&t::X)aijt)7i s. n. Absence of exertion, 

ease. a. Easy. 
eSfj^crior s. o. Not-respectable; vulgar; 

tf)f3Ji^\oU. s. ?^. Want of rain, drought. 
ef^s^jO f. n. The pine-apple, Ananas 

^^1% s. n. Absence of desire; indiffer- 

e?^)^0 (= 'i£?^^y) a. k.p)-o. (remote) That 

much; that time; so much; so many. 

a. All, the whole. e^iwrfj. All 

e^oJ^^p s. a. Not everlasting; transient, 

©S)^J^ , e?5)^Ji^o s. a. Causeless, 

55^)30^:^ s. a. Not winking, vigilant. 

n. Not a moment. 2, a god. 
65^)0^0,30^ s. a. Lawless; irregular. 
©oiC; s. n. Wind or air; the deity of 

e5S)S3Ti a. Refractory; excessive. 
?5S)S3aJor a. Inavertible. n. Calamity. 

©S^ s. a. Nightless; sleepless; con- 

eSo^M. s. a. Unwished, disagreeable, n. 
Ill-luck; crime; hatred. 

W^TjO k. V. t. To cause to say. 

S5^e,§ s. n. Injustice, immorality. -So 
3. An unjust man. 

es^et:? s. n. One who has no protector 
or superior, a. Powerless. 

S5nO 1. k. 11. {cf. ^f333), iSriosS) Fitness; 
propriety; loveliness. 2, worth. 3, 
readiness {cf. esfij^arto). 4, success. 
5, scheme, device. 6, accommodation. 

7, occurrence; opportunity, leisure. 

-7\ii^Ko. To make ready, prepare. 

-;39rtj. To be ready or fit; an occasion 

to happen. 
69^0 2. = eirSo^, q. v. 
SSJiO 3. s. ad. Afterwards, then. prep. 

Along; with; severally, each by each; 

towards; like; according to. 
©oJoS'cSj s. n. Sympathy, compassion, 

SfJ^OS'TJOS s. n. Imitation; resemblance. 

-Srt, -Sw. An imitative word, es?!) 


■tfOJ^J. To imitate. 2, to accept. 3, 

to make ready. 
©NOS'sir s. n. Attraction. 
©^oS'jsiy s. a. Favourable, agreeable. 

11. (=-^) Good- will; suitableness of 

circumstances, convenience; favour, 

help. -aj«)::=o, ss^o^-'tOSo. To be 

favourable; to help. -^^^J. To agree; 

to obtain. 
25fjo5j^j s. n. Succession, method. 
©jjO^j'^ioTO s. n. Methodical arrange- 
S£)?:'o^,'dOr5^ s. n. A table of contents; 

a preface. 
ef);^OA s. a. Going after, n. A companion; 

a servant. 
e^NOA^ s. a. Gone after, n. A follower. 
eSFiOA^ B. n. Succession, order. 
e5;iOA^?i s. a. Following, n. Sati. 
©jiOTra^SO s. 11. A follower, companion. 
eSNOAO^a s, a. Congenial with. -3^. 

©jiOAj^ s. «. Conferring benefits, 

favour, kindness; aid. -sSjsorfo, -53:3. 

To gain favour. 
e9?;oA,cc?io s. r. /. To favour, grant, 

esjio&l;^ s. a. Improper; wrong. 
ef)?JO&l, e5?ioai3^ s. a. After-born. n. A 

younger brother. 
^jiosSecS s. a. Living on (others), n. A 


17 esjdosie) 

S9JoOj3 s. h. Assent, permission; leave 

to depart. 2, an order. 
&^:i'SS7j s. 71. Repentance. 2, sorrow. 

espio^tiiL. Penitent. 
e9?oO^ ^J s. a. Highest; best, excellent. 
©?jO^ "d s. a. Highest; best, excellent. 

2, low, inferior. 3, silent, without 

any reply. 
©jioa^ s. ad. Every day, daily. 
©EoOc^aJJ s. n. Salutation, courtesy. 2, 

entreaty. 3, conduct; discipline. 
©F^JXl^o s. 71. Absence of the means 

of subsistence; need. 
W^J7jti§> s. 71. Non-accomplishment; 

^TidtiJj'^^ s. a. Non-accomplished; de- 
ficient, fbest. 
W^oti-^d s. a. Incomparable, peerless; 
tPfiOTJe) .3 s. 11. The response in a chorus. 


eSc^OojDjri s. 71. Alliteration. 

e^fioeOo^i s. n. Binding, connection. 2, 
an uninterrupted series. 3, conse- 
quence, result. 4, motive. 5, an 
indicatory letter. 6, commencement. 
-■SvoSj. An auxiliary verb (as ^j3S?j, 
iti ^oc^o'^JS^O)). 

€9J?J83o20 s. n. A reflection, ^ci-^i^oi^j^o. 
V. i. To be reflected. 

©NO^i^S^ s. 71. Knowledge from obser- 
vation, enjoyment, experience. 2, ap- 
prehension, understanding. -53j3i3 
=§Ji'-i:k. To make one's self acquainted 

e5FJ0^S?jJ s. r. t. To experience: to 
enjoy, suffer, undergo. 

©J^oepsrf s. 71. Dignity, authority. 2, 

e5fiJE^j3?A s. 71. Enjoyment. 2, experi- 
ence, undergoing. 

©?iOi^;3e?s?jJ s. V. t. To enjoy. 2, to ex- 

©c^J^o s. a. Approved; permitted, al- 
lowed. 71. = ej^sio^. 

©jio^oS (= esr^ao:^ M.) s. 11. Assent, 
permission; approbation. 

e9?jO»^oS?jJ s. ('. t. To assent, agree. 2, 
to persuade. 

eS^O^JS^ s. n. Hesitation, doubt, sus- 
picion. 2, inference fm logic). -zS^^j, 
-Sj^. To doubt, e<c. 

e5cJ0^raS)?jJ s. i'. <. To doubt, hesitate; 
to suspect. 

es^O'Soecrfo s. a. Inferable. y)cio^J?oDj 
Xo. To infer. 

S9?^0^j3?rfs, n. Pleasure from sympathy; 
assent, acceptance. esc^»3j3?a:=oJ i'. i. 
To feel sympathetic joy; to assent. 

©JjOOjjSfA s. 11. A question. 2, reproof. 

e5??oo5jjea;?J s. w. a question. 2, at- 
tachment. esoSJodjs^z^JoJ w. i. To at- 
tach, join. 

©jioTJ'o- , e9j:i0O'37\ s. «. Affection, love, 
devotion. eso^!J*j?io, ss?jODe)^^Xo i\ i. 
t'. j. To love; to be fond of. 

eSc^OTDeiv s. 71. The seventeenth lunar 

es^^oejszi s. n. Tautology. ^oiJC^iJj;^ 
y. <. To repeat the same word. 

e5?ioe3?Zjci s. 71. Ointment; anointing. 
eSoj053?(LXJ V. t. To anoint. 

SS^io'd^rjj s. n. Following; concurring. 
2, compliance, obedience. 3, con- 
tinuance. 4, consequence. eS(v>^53Sr?jO 
1'. <. To refer or apply. 2, to follow. 

eSJjOSsrf s. n. Repetition; confirmation. 
2, slander, esf^ssa^^j v. i. To reason, 

esjio^ (=e5FiJ), -^;io4 k. w. Prepara- 
tion for setting out. 2, refreshment. 

e5fjj^\§ s. «. Complying with. 2, re- 
verting to. 3, imitating; conformity. 

©^ot^odo s. 71. Close connection. 2, evil 
result. 3, repentance. 4, wrath. 

e5?i0as;^fj s. 11. Regulating; instruction, 

©JjJSj;? ^ s. »i. Undertaking; per- 
formance, practice, business, tsj^j^^ij 
V. t. To perform. 





e9pj0rdc!?3?i s. n. Investigation. 2, plan, 

scheme. e?Sj?;oS)?oJ r. <. To join, con- 
nect; to meet. 
eSEJOrjdr©, S9?io?3a'd s, ?i. Following, 

imitating. 2, conformity to. Wc^JrSt) 

dCTsA. According to. 
e5JoJ?j5?io s. r. t. To act in like manner; 

to follow. 
es?j0?^s5 s. n. A follower. 
e£)?^0?ds&r5 s. 71. (lit. She who follows) 

K. of the second string of o lute. 
^^Ordz^Ti s. n. After-sound; the nasal 

sound represented by o (g.). 
^^ji"^ s. n. The spine. 2, race. 3, 

C5jojs?j s. a. Undiminished, not less; 

©c^jaT^O s. a. Thighless. m. Aruna; the 

ft?^\3;j s. a. Xot straight. 2, wicked. 
^^\^ s. a. Untrue, n. Falsehood, lie. 

2, agriculture. 
e)c3 k. Su/^x to form adverbs, as f3U,r5, 

eSjSocSo, eSfS? k. Suffix to denote ordinals, 
as 53j3cSt)f35j oiti^SfS^, sSjJsdfS^, e<iJ. 

e5c3?^ s. a. Not one, many, several. 
-^tf. In different ways, various. -^ 
S^r. Many times. 

eSo^ 1. (= esoqs, q. v.) k. ad. Such, such 
a one. 2, p. p. of ^c^-i- 

&0^ 2. s. n. End, limit, boundary. 2, 
completion; death, decay. 3, a final 
syllable (g.). 4, certainty. 5, dispo- 
sition. 6, nearness. 7, inside. 

©c^S (= aoc^D*) s, ad. Within, in tho 
middle. 2, between, -^tfra. Tho inner 
organ, the heart, conscience, soul. 2, 
(fig.) favour, love, mercy ( = ciDli, 
^jj^S). -^dcs^c^j. To have mercy. -5' 
A man whose mind is pure. 
jrf. Tho inner or 
female apartment, gynaeceum. -ioa. 
Inward purity. -nS^^. Having internal 

-f^ijU. Inner strife. 

e5c^S?d (cf. ec3;^j.) s. a. Being amidst. 
n. A semi-vowel. 

690^3^ s. ft. Making an end. n. Death, 

eSc^S;.. See s. ao^J. 

©0:^5. = eso;^!, q. v. 

?£>o^xi s. a. Inner, interior. 2, near; 
related. 3, distant; different. 4, 
surpassing, n. The interior. 2, the 
soul (5ioSOT3l^). 3, interval; distance; 
difference. 4, a variety. 5, period 
of time; occasion. 6, respect. 7, 
a surety. 8, great height. 9, obstacle 
(esoocra^). 10; at the end of cpds. 
different, another, as :o«3t)o3tf, a- 
nother country; £ic3\o3ti, S3Je)oi?Jeio 
;Sd, eSjS^^-sosd, etc. sso^ods!^. The 

©o^doTs s. 11. The inner part; mind, 
heart. 2, secrecy. 

©oi^IJAC^ s. **. A water-plant, Pistia 

©o^do^'rf s. a. Leaving a proper dis- 
tance when sitting at meals, or space 
between hills, etc. 

eSc^'GSC^TJ s. 11. The inner soul. 2, 

©oi^Ct/OoJ s. 11. Obstacle, impediment. 

©oollDe^ s. 11. Intermediate space or 

©oSb"^. s. n. Atmosphere, sky. 

e9o^5?jJ s. V. t. To leave a space be- 
tween. 2,toputoflf. v.i. To disappear. 

S5o;^Dot3 (0 = 63') k. yrep. Afterwards. 

©c^SQoajoJo k. n. An internal organ ; 
manas, buddhi, ahankara and chitta. 

&o^7\r^ s. a. Included in. 2, hidden; 

e)o;^c?sr?i s. n. Disappearance. 

^o^c^i^F^ s. a. Internal, inner. 

eSo^^road, e5csA\rSos. «. An inner 

©c^^^OOFSO s. n. Continual attention of 
the mind. 

S5o:^odor 19 



iSo^Cki^^ s. n. The interior. 2, a hidden 

e9o;^ocij3r30 s. n. The supreme soul. 
S90is?iri 3i s. M. Inward heat: distress. 
©oi^Xio r^ft- 0/ yioSS^) a. Being between. 

M. A story of a building. 2, degree 

of rank. 

'tj s. n. A secret. 

e5c:^5o a. k. = s5o3j, q. v. 

55033 (= esoqj, g. y.) ad. Such. 2, = ss 

e>o33jS, ©oB, e<c. = y>oSJ^3^(3, es(^|„, 
S9oB3^ s. aci. Near. n. Vicinity. 2, end. 
iDc^O k. ad. In that manner, thus, so. 
71. The whole, total, eso^^si , esoSSo. 
Such, such a one. esoSo^So (= ©o^o- 
'SoSj). Either so or thus, at any rate. 
aoJ^js. And so ; as for, as 2oJ3?55§ 
eo^ja ;|j5$rf05J^, as for new ones they 
did not appear. 

esoi 1., «5ciie k. acL Even so; just like; 

just as (ssoii). 
e9cii2. k. d. V. It is said ; see s. ss^Jj. 
^o^n s. a. Last; final. 2, lowest, n. 

The end. -te, -2ifi. Lowest born; 

a Sudra. 
e9o<iiis.5U, s. n. Funeral ceremonies. 

eSo^ tb. of eso;^ti, q.v. as ^S^srso^, 
sSJJioao^, e^c. 2, entrail, gut. 

eSoqi, ©oqjs {= 6503?) k. acL Such, of 
that kind, as ^i? oqi, SooU.iSoqjs, 'atfj 
SjoqjTiCjO , efc. esoqjoqjs. Such and such. 

ePod (=e3fjjl) k. «. Fitness; beauty. 
2, manner. 3, nature; faculty. 4, true 
state, -riaxj. To spoil, ruin. -tISj. 
To become ugly. -rl^S. An ugly crea- 
ture. -iijss???0. To cause to look nice. 
-Sid. To be beautiful. -n^zS. A hand- 
some man; f. -A^rf^'J, -n-iSr. 

©orfr®, iSczi^ (tb. of wocS^ra^EJ) n. A 
litter, palankeen. 

eSorf^ (fr. Brrfo) k. If one says; that is 
to say. ^0^ ssorfd'oiJ what is sandhi? 

ef)OCJ32iO h. «. Proportion; estimate. ^- 

WOj. To make an estimate. 
^cZiSij^^iJO k. n. An evergreen tree, 

Carallia integerrima. 
efoa^O'n;* k. n. A small insect that 

infests grain. 
^O^d 1. k. ad. At that time, then. 13^ o 

cSj. Childhood. «5oa?jorf. Since then. 

e^oSii. Then. esodociJ. Always. 
eSorfo 2. k. V. t. To suffer; to get at; 

to obtain, v. i. To reach, arrive. 
©o^l)^ s. n. A chain, fetter. 2, an 

©cdoAO k. H. The clearing nut plant, 

Strychnos potatorum. 
©ocS . = esorfd, (/. i', 

eSo:;^ s. a. Blind, n. Darkness. 2, tur- 
bid water, ©oqs^cidzs^cij Ix. A bad 

©czji^ s. a. Blind, n. A blind man. 2, 
darkness. 3, water. 

e9orf3t)TJ s. H. Darkness. -'5'^, -Sjjjic 
=5ja«?J,. Darkness to cover. 

iScz^j f. ?t. The Telugu country; a 
Telugu man. 

iS^^ 1. {— iSr^) a. k. ad. That time; 
meanwhile, -lorf, -Jo5. So long as, 

©?i^ 2. s. n. Food, esp. boiled rice. 2, 
the sun; water. -jrijra. One's al- 
lotment to eat rice. -tfosJ?^. One who 
hinders another's living. -t?ja?io, 
-i3?Xj. To boil rice. -rS3. Depending on 
food. -^^- A building in which food 
is distributed. -539;^, -n^S). A giver 
of food. - 33=) oi. Giving of food. -i^5^- 
Want of appetite. -SjiSfS. Digestion. 
-Sssuqir. Rice and curry. -^'?>7i. 
Meat and drink. -SJs sSfi. The cere- 
mony of putting rice into a child's 
mouth for the first time. -^?a. Green 
vitriol. -SX„. Food and clothinsr. 
-3?oS. Feeding the hungry, ^^-^^izi^. 
Want of food. -^^'S^J, -'^'^^J,, -toa^Jj. 
To serve up rice at a meal. -?3?tfj. 



-3o.'^';rto. To have an appetite. ^^^ 
^T. A beggar. 
e?jiON k. r. i. To say, speak, name. t5^ 
=;0. To cause to say, etc. w^Aj^js^Jj. 
To be called, to pass for. ( bocSj, 
eso^, «£03t), having said, for which 
often oiocSj, etc. are used). The verb 
eajiA, like o^?^, is wsed to introduce 
tvords and sentences, as »iO ^1 3oJ3^ 
rtO ao;^ 'CT5S?rfn3j, he asked "where 
shall I go?" S5o:5. Having said, it is 
said. eiociS. That is to say (explana- 
tory). ^ri^i^^^'S. Saying. • 
ef)jjv(=:yc^ l)a. k. ad. Meanwhile, until. 

2, truly, certainly. 
©f^o, eSfiq^ s. a. Other, another, 
different; foreign. -t33^. Another 
caste, -d;^. A foreign country. -Sjs?'. 
Cooked by others. -zpTi^. The mind 
of another, -zpi)^. Another language. 
©ftQ^nJ s. a. Either of the two. 
^^:n-^i s. ad. Elsewhere. 
eji^nqro s. ad. Otherwise; in a different 

©c3Socc5o s. n. Unlawfulness, injustice. 

-n?tf. An unjust man. 
©Njsoe^o s. a. Mutual, n. Reciprocity. 
2, intimacy, friendship, amity. -"^355. 
Mutual affection. -s^rtJ. To become 
reconciled. -?iC3S. Conversation. 
-;4?3o- Mutual friendship. 
^^^aio s. n. Succession; connection. 
2, race, family. 3, grammatical con- 
struction of a sentence (g.). 4, drift, 
purport, esfd oaj?ij. To construe; to 
arrange words in order. 
e9jjQ^qir s. a. Intelligible, clear. -r3=)So. 

A word of self-evident meaning. 
©jCjQsaodo s. n. Family, race. 
?5F3J)Q ODs s. a. Deposited. 2, renewed, 

as a sacred fire. 
©a^o s. a. Connected; understood. 
©N^ojs^r© s. n. Searching, investigation. 

9S7j 2. s. ad. Away. 2, negatively, con- 
tradictorily. 3, without. 
iSTi'SDXi s. 71. Wrong, offence, liarm. 2, 

wickedness. 555i=r30. An offender. 
^7!,-&^Bf s. n. Reproach. 2, disgrace, 
infamy. -sSjsocSj. To be disgraced. 
-:3orfj'^J5V<J). To incur disgrace. 
eS3j3'\^n s. n. A wrong act; damage, 

eSs3^'rfo s. n. Going away. 2, flight. 

3, (= ts^sD) disorder. 
©jj^Q s. a. Uncooked, raw. 2, unripe. 
eSsiiODnS s. n. Injured reputation, dis- 
?£)ti7\4 s. a. Gone, departed. 2, deceased. 

essirtS. Low condition. 
eSSjtssTJ s. n. Improper conduct; offence, 

mistake. 2, defect. 
©sisiB s. n. Honour, respect. 2, loss. 

3, expense. 
?3Zjdiaio s. n. Defeat, reverse, loss. 
-s;3;53o. To defeat. -2oj3orfj. To be 
?5tidiT) ^ s. n. Concealment of know- 
S9^;aN?3' s. a. Wifeless, n. A widower. 
SSsja^o s. «. Offspring, a child. 
essjqin s. rt. Unfit, unwholesome, n. Bad 

diet. 2, a lie. 
©Sii^s^o ('i-)= eao) k. ?i. Slander, calum- 
ny; disgrace. -'SC^J, -SJSCeO, -iS3=5'j. 
To calumniate. -sSj. To be dis- 
graced, [state. 
WTj^T^ {tb. of «5*Sc!^) n. A low miserable 
SSJj^e^ s. ??. A pretence. 2, a butt, 

mark. 3, fame. 4, quarter. 
WT^zf^CTj s. n. Falling away; degra- 
sf)3J?ios!)^, e93ijio83;?, essijiosoo;^ k. n. 

Distrust, mistrust; unbelief. 
©si^ocS s. n. Abuse, reproach. -SjJSO 

?io. To accuse falsely. 
e)3C!^o3j3?A s, n. Misapplication. 
S53j23)0^ s. n. Incorrect language. 





©rJ^Je)?:^ (= essiSjSc^) s. ?i. Disrespect, 
dishonour, disgrace. -»5J3:^o. To dis- 
?£)z!^\^Jqs. n. A sudden or violent 
death. 2, a minor death, i.e. a des- 
perate sickness. 
e£)3jT3 s. a. Hinder, later. 2, following. 
3, other. 4, diiferent; distant, n. 
The hind foot of an elephant. 2, 
the future. 3, the west. 
«f)z;'dceS f. M. Pure gold. 
^■^xity^. s, n. The latter or dark half 
of the month. 2, the other side, de- 
eSsi'dusSj, ©SjTjsS, s. n. The latter 
half of the night. [Siva. 

e9^Ut>22^ s. a. Unconquered. n. Vishnu; 
^tiXj^ris s. a. Sinned; guilty. 
©^iCDv s. H. Offence, crime, 2, penalty, 
punishment. 3, fault, mistake. -^ 
<SjA)23:Sj. To pardon an aparadha. 
-€j3:Sj. To pay a fine. -SJeiSo. To 
commit an aparadha. -Sojsijj. To 
charge an aparadha upon. 
^tiViDi^Tj , essSu^O s. ?i. A guilty person, 

S>3JU35o Jt. The afternoon. 
©3iQSo^ s. a. Unmeasured, unlimited. 
^tj-6j?it> (tb. es^djssi) s. a. Ugly. 2, 

uncommon, rare. 
W7j<VT)Zj s. ?i. Denial, abnegation; 
hiding. 2, an outcry. ^^<D^h7io. To 
deny ; to cry out. 
©Zj^sarf s. n. Evil speaking, blame. 2, 

refutation. 3, exception. 
e£)z!.33j s. a. Impure, unclean. 
eSSjEiS'oFi s. n. A bad omen. 
eS^jtfSO s. ?i. A harsh word. 2, incor- 

rect language. 
e5Zj?jrf s. H. An outcaste. 

&t,Ti-d. tb. of essJ^Mjrf, Q. I'. 

©3i;^-S-, s. n. 

False witness. 
n. An erroneous con- 

iSJjT^^.Ti s. n. Forgetfulness; uncon- 
sciousness. 2, epilepsy. 

eSTi^jQTJ s. n. An unmusical sound. 2, 
a hoarse voice. 

©SjSo'doa s. n. Taking away; stealing. 

esrlScQ^io s.v.t. To take away; to rob, 

ef)3iS3'd s. n. Taking away. 2, stealing. 
S3j3c33^33'3d. Defamation. 

©siSolJrfo s. n. Ridicule, scorn, mockery. 
-sijacSo. To mock at. 

8£)o3t)OA s. a. Deformed, n. The outer 
corner of the eye. 2, a sectarian mark. 

©SjD^QOiJo s. n. Concealment of 

CSjS^j s. a. Unworthy, unfit. 

©sronsfj s. n. The ablative case (g.). 

eSSIs^psS k. a. Stray, as cattle; dis- 
orderly, as a man; ill-done. 

e9S33o:iJ s. n. Going away. 2, de- 
struction. 3, evil. 4, peril, danger. 

©Sj^'d s. a. Shoreless, unbounded; 
immense. [ment. 

©S^at^r s a. Unmeaning, n. False argu- 

©SS^odO s. ?t. A refuge. 2, a fence, 
hedge, a. Helpless. 

©b s. p?-ep. On; near to. ad. Moreover. 
2, though. 3, certainly. 4, perhaps. 

esbt?3?i s. n. Covering. 2, a cover. 

e9^sj s. a. Sonless. 

eS^gjj^"^ s. H. Exemption from further 

transmigration (= Sjj*^). 
^^tXs^ s. a. Not flowering. 
eSEgfSS s. n. A cake of flour, etc. 
eS^dr s. a. Unprecedented. 2, extra- 
ordinary, wonderful, unparalleled. 
e5^e-S\?;o s.v.t. To desire, wish for; 

to expect. 
e93;?#v s. H. Desire, wish; hope. -«-) 

y.Jjj. To excite desire, etc. 
©^iJsSo s. '«. Removal of doubt. 2, 


©si. 1. (pr. -part, of tJrto. = wrSosi) a. k. 

Becoming; being, e. g. »j^o^w»j 

55^ 22 


^^* ^^o!^- As well as possible. 
ssS o^JsJ. An agreeable or fit man. 

©n, 2. k. n. Father ; c/. -^^5j , cSjsS 
^, e/c. 2, rt»i fl/^x- to proper name, 
as ^j^^. 3, (tb. of 5f^2)^ a rice 

??^v^y f. a. Pure, unmixed. 

e?ZA&3 k. ?i. Flatness. 

853^^ ?5 (<b. o/" 5^:3^ 5ioi) n. Order, com- 
mand, law. 2, permission, leave. 
-^;s?j. To ask permission. -'#j8Sj. 
To gfive permission; to order. -3^Jr\ 
9J,, -mjsocSj. To take leave. -S3J3 
30. To order. 

©^;i {lb. of sssjrra) n. Tax; rent. 

eSsivOSorio k. tJ. «. To embrace; to seize 

eaurerly. ri 

" ' [down. 

SSSi.a^^JO k, i\ «. To lift up and throw 

^SlLs^to k. V. t. To strike against; to 
slap. 2, = 93ii OsiJ. 

£5L\7i (=:es^n) k. jj. Joining, cement- 
ing. 2, a patch. 

ef^ 1. k. r. /. To join, unite. 2, to 
embrace, n. An embrace (wOortoS). 
S5<^^J39J,. To embrace, clasp. 55.^ 
^-"se^jJS, es^'fjs^j.C'^. An embrace. 

©^ 2. {tb. of ess:*) n. Water. 

SS^\^, eSA ^Tj- k. ?t. An embrace. 

©S^SSS) s. a. Not shining; hidden. 

eS^g, e)^a^O s. rt. Unequalled, in- 

59^S?! s. «. Instability. 2, ill-fame, 
dishonour. -»:Sj3Sj. To disgrace. 

©35jS?S s. ?i. Unjust imputation. 

eS^^O^ s. a. Invisible, imperceptible. 

©JiiaOJC; s. a. Stupid, dull. 

ej^'rfjsro s. a. Unlimited; unproved, 
unauthorised; dishonest, n. A lie. 

©^^je»r55' (=:e55S^5jJS£55=) s. a. Un- 
proved, unwarranted; unworthy of 
being believed. -3. Untruthfulness, 
dishonesty. (-^^^16. 

©^■^Ogodo s. a. Unfathomable, iuscru- 

e9^o3j3?335' s. rt. Unserviceable, useless. 
59^1^:^ s. a. Unknown, obscure. «S, 

Aia. M. The state of being unknown, 


^^'^io^ s. a. Unpraised; irrelevant; 
unsuitable; accidental. 

©?^ccio s. a. Disagreeable, disliked. 

©b)?S s. n. Want of love, disaffection; 

^zf^T$ s. a. Modest; unlearned. -i. 


e9^Ti, 59^^^, ©^^^li^, e53i(>5 s. «. A 

celestial nymph. 
es^ej s. o. Unfruitful. 2, barren, useless. 

Opium, -sisii'^i. An opium eater. 

€920^^^ k. ad. Hastily. 

©2035 s. a. Unbound. 2, wrong, n. A 

lie, falsehood. -a3j3?cJ, -rratf. A liar. 

-".jra^ra. Lying, -'^s*. False witness. 
esaocco'd, ©eoorfT? (tb. of ts'^Jrf) ji. 

Disorder, confusion; waste. 
e980(y s. a. Weak, feeble, n. Weakness. 

<isVi^. A woman. 
e5a:scl) f. rt. Valueless, futile, n. Tare 

in weighing. es'Jj'sci, -sSjfSjS);,. A man 

of monstrous circumference. -550ft. 

A very wide jacket. -^^,, -3j3^ 

sJjSb^j. To tare. 
©£33;^, S£)2cro;riJ f. n. Incongruity. 2, 

disagreeableness ( = 55?i33,). 
©200535 (=!iW5=)0) h. n. Revenue de- 
rived from intoxicating liquors. 
©200 ai. tb. of «sio, q. r. 
©20 (tb. esjAJta) s. a. Born in water, n. 

The moon. 2, a lotus. 3, a pearl. -t?!i. 

A lotus-like hand, -rttpr, -sa, -qSS. 

Offspring of the lotus: Brahma, -to: 

qSj, -?;iu. The sun. -asAi^. Lakshmi. 

-5^0, tsura 0, esura 00^. The moon. 
©20 s. M. A cloud. 2, a year. -Sooejj. 

The grass Cyperus rotundus. 

^t) 23 


'£i?2 s. n. The ocean. 2, pure know- 
ledge (T??»3a;s^ ?!). 3, right behaviour 
(^5^). -23, -oiocSc^. The moon. ~^od)c^, 
-SDODo. Vishnu. 

i920„ ^520,20,, e9S33, k. int. Ha! 2, ah, 
zs zj ts eJ 


SSO.'d, ^ei.'ds? k. »i. A loud cry; sound, 
report; noise. 2, desire. 

S20 8?CiO k. ('. i. To cry aloud; to bark, 
liowl. 2, to desire. 

!S20 ^^ k. n. Eructation or belching. 

Sl^jt 'S, k. n. Soot; mould. 

Se3 k. ?(. A plant from which pens are 
made. 2, (<b. of esoW) mother. 

S20Jj h. n. Honour, reputation. 

^2^^ a. a. Undevout; unbelieving. 

'32^o7\ s. o. Not breaking; without 

iS^cdJ s. a. XJnfearful, fearless. n. 
Fearlessness, peace, safety. -^, -^J3:^o. 
To give assurance of security. -S333, 
-S 533c^. Giving safety. 

6£)£pSi s. a. Unborn. 

SSepSAQS. a. Unfortunate, poor; wretch- 

e92ps&;?j s. a. Improper, n. Impropriety. 

K'sps'rf s. n. Non-existence, absence. 
2, omission. 3, death. --^oSj. The 
negative mood (3.). 

eseP s. ad. On. 2, towards. 3, in pre- 
sence of. 4, intensely. [term. 

©cpSDo, eSEpsSo s. n. A name; a word, 

eS^A^O^ s. n. Coming near. 2, adora- 
tion (of idols) at noon. 

©cp^Jei;^ s. n. Attack; injury, loss. 

©^yraTJ s. n. Ghee put on food or 

ef)£pei'd s. n. A servant. 

©EptJeiTJ s. n. Incantation, sorcery. 

eSEpftifj s. n. Race, family, ancestors. 
2, fame ; a badge of honour. 

e5Ep2d3^ s. a. Well-born, noble. 2, 
proper. 3, learned. 

?5tp22§ s. a. Victorious, n. Midday. 

©83&! s. a. Knowing, clever. -^, 5Sif) 

s? oi. Knowledge. 
ef)£p93?i, eS^J^ s. n. A name. 2, speech; 

a word. 3, sense, meaning. 4, a 

©sP^jcdJ s. n. Indication of a passion by 

look or gesture. 2, dramatic repre- 
sentation. eszpjrfo3o?jJ. To represent 

dramatically; to imitate. 
eScpco^ s- «• Quite new; fresh, young. 

esiPcitD^iJ. To become new. 
e5^S)^?^ s. M. Inclination, attachment. 

2, determination. 
©gp^-j s. a. Unbroken, undivided. 2, 

unaltered; identical. 
eSEpSj^jodo s.n. Aim, purpose, intention, 

opinion; meaning. -53j3:Sj. To inter- 
eS'dp^Oi^ s. a. Assented to. 2, wished. 

«. Desire, wish. «5iP^jS?io. To assent 

to, approve of. 
eSEp^oo^O© s. n. Calling, inviting. 2, 

consecrating by a formula (>3jo:^). 

esjpsSoo^SjJ. To consecrate; to charm. 
e5£ps:5of:^On s. n. A son of Arjuna. 
e9£p^J3?3 s. n. Conceit, pride. 2, noble 

feeling; affection, love; self-respect. 

-coQ. To love. -f^^. A proud female. 
©Sp^JSo) s. n. A person of noble 

feelings. a. Proud. 
©cp^reSirio s. v.t. To honour; to love^ 

to shelter, protect. 
eSSp^ooSO s. a. Facing, fronting. 2, ap- 
?52Pc3j3?A s. n. Application; exertion. 

2, an attack; fight; a charge. 
©ePT3a;^0 s. rt. Pleasing, delightful, 

©^■dosJ s. n. Desire, taste, pleasure. 
esepTJjsSi s. a. Pleasing, handsome. 

ese^e^s^A ©tpe^s^J. s. n. Desire, wish . 
es'cPc3ii;^j. To desire, wish. 

Respectful salutation. 53Z?Soao. To 
salute respectfully. 





8£>^rf\0 s. n. Increase; prosperity; suc- 
cess; progress. 
eS^'^Sj s. «. Curse; calumny. 

eS^s^^CA s. »j. Union. 2, attachment. 
3, debt. 4, a curse. 

CS^^a'S' s. a. Sprinkled over; inaugu- 
rated, enthroned. 

©^T^e^' s. «. Sprinkling over; conse- 
cration, inauguration. 2, the liquid 
used for sprinkling. 3, purifying 
an idol with ablutions. s3fa'9,jj,53t'5'. 
Coronation of a king. -Sjsci^j, ejz^ 
^?T?iJ. To sprinkle over; to inaugu- 

©Eprfkjr© s. a. Going towards; dis- 
persion; following. 

eSEpSoB s. n. A stroke; injury. 

e5£p53ti'rf s. n. Seizing, robbing. 2, 
an attack. 3, reversion. 4, exertion. 

eSEpf-CTv ?i3 s. V. i. To look towards. 

eSEp?^, s. a. Wished, desired. 2, ac- 
ceptable. -^^- Gaining of a desired 

eSs^erf s. n. Absence of difference; 

©£^e:r!n s. a. Impenetrable; indivisible. 

©EfinOA, ©^OOAfj, ej^'ino&ijo S. 11. 

Smearing the body with unctuous 
substances. 2, an unguent. 

eS^nJjO^ s. n. Permission; order. 

^?^no^xi s. n. The interior. 2, an ob- 
stacle, impediment. -sSjscij, s5Ui,o30 
?to. To hinder. 

©£i5o£:^rfJ s. n. Worship, reverence. 

e5^o?j s. a. Practised ; studied. 

©2p?oA^ s. a. Come, arrived. n. An 
uninvited guest. 

fflSiTOnA^So s. n. Arrival ; visit. 

esspropd s. n. Use, habit. 2, study, learn- 
ing. 3, practice, exercise, -fia^ij, 
«5q%A)?ij. To study, practise, cpds: 

eSSprnA; s. n. A student. 

e5^J^3^?r, ^2^do^^:>s.n. Rising, ele- 
vation; increase, prosperity. 

©^ s. n. A cloud. 2, sky, atmosphere. 
3, the eye. 4, talc, mica. -^ = S. 
N. of Siva. -rtarcJ. Thunder. -Sjrf. 
Heaven's gem: the sun, moon. -Sjsd. 
Succession of clouds. 

€92^^ s. n. The sedge Cyperus rotandus. 
2, talc, mica. 

eSsiotSjjS;* k. n. Tumult. 

eS^JA k. n. A fit opportunity ; festive 

occasion. 2, season. 
©dOAO (= ^ssij'e'J) k. 1-. <. To squeeze, 

55»^JOAe^ s. a. Inauspicious, unlucky. 
-*d. Causing ill-luck. -tSO. One who 
causes ill-luck. -2330. One who averts 
ill-luck. eiiSoortsS. A widow. 

eS^OOAOTi k. n. A medicinal shrub, 
Physalis flexuosa. 

esrfoB (tb. of Bow^), -^o3j. ?i. A hog- 

e?^0^ s. «. Unfelt, imperceptible. 

esrfoS s.H. Unconsciousness; ignorance. 

SfsiOcvO^.ns. a. Not human. «. A demon. 

S9j5o^O k. Y?!i. of surpi'ise and pain: 
Ha! alas! 

esdoTlJ s. a. Immortal, n. A god. 2, quick- 
silver. -cS^i^. A shrubby creeper. 
-=^J3°^. N. of the Samskrita dictionary 
by Amarasimha. -rtorl, -fia. The 
celestial Ganges. -^. Immortality. 
-sS3. Indra. -djs^*. Heaven. tsSjO, 
?s5l)3. A female deity. 

eS^OCSDj s. n. The mountain of the 
gods: Meru. 

K'rfo'Oa'rfS s. n. The abode of the gods. 

e9^&^, esdo^r k. «. Fitness, suitable- 

^'^^TJo k. V. i. To be closeh' united; to be 
linked to. 2, to arise, appear. 3, to 
be fit; to fit, 4. to fall upon; to 
climb. 5, to embrace. esSoO^iJ. To 
cause to join; to prepare; to reprove. 




^■^dti:)F ('=e5^0Q?jJ) k. V. t. To join. 

2, to apply. 3, to put on. 4, to seize. 

5, to prepare; to perform. essSot^rXo. 

To cause to join. 
^Ti^^or" s. rt. Immortal, w. A god. 

©^OSJJF" f^b. o/" 5^550^^, a- I'-.) ". Am- 
brosia. 65^0, dor rf. A god. -rsarf. 
The moon. 

©rfoodJSFcS 3. M. Disrespect, rudeness, 

esdosir s. n. Non-endurance. 2, impa- 
tience; passion. 

©rfo5 £9;^0G)J 1. b. n. Intoxication, 
drunkenness, -wrtj, -oitfj, -Soab^. To 
be drunk, -risrf. A drunkard. 

©siO!^, eS^oeJO 2. h. ?i. Business. 2, 
rule, reign. 3, an office. 4, collec- 
tion of revenue, -nsrf. A native re- 
venue collector. 

©^0£^ s, a. Stainless, clean, n. Talc. 
-i, -^. Stainlessness. 

©^Oe5ci s. a. Stainless. 

eS^JSSSJO h. a. Unclaimed, heirless. 
-tJoart. An unclaimed property of 
a person dying without heirs which 
reverts to the government. 

©^03D?3. tb. of. esSjs^s;^,, q. v. 

©^^ (tb. of oliSoej) n. A pair, twin. 

e5»^Je)0?j s. rt. Without flesh; feeble, 

?£'»^Je)^o s. 71. A minister, counsellor. 

S5^j8)c3;^0 h. ?i. A deposit, charge. 2, 

©^JSo) li. ". "What is in charge of a 
collector on the part of government 
in opposition to that which is rented 
out to tenants of the soil. 

©»ije)c^07^ s. a. Inhuman; monstrous. 

?5o^jj)Ar s. rt. Pathless. n. A wrong 
road. 2, a bad man. 

^-^7?)^z'S), es^js^S. tb. of e5Sij=)S3?3p. 

©^J3SS;6n s. w. The first day of the 
first quarter on which the moon is 

eSSOi^ s. rt. Unmeasured, boundless, 

S5.302m s. n. An enemy. 
©.SjiJc^ h. n. A petty revenue officer. 

2, the lowest executive officer of a 

civil court. 
es^oos^o, es-rfjjAO, pfj^i^oosio (= eicj^j) 

k. i". <. To press down. 
©^-)j3G)o s. rt. Priceless, precious, ines- 
e5dvi\re3£.' s. 11. The root of a fragrant 

grass, Kaskas. 
55^0\;^ (tb. esSorfjr, q. v.) a. a. Immortal. 
n. Immortality. 2, ambrosia, food 
of the gods. 3, anything sweet, e.g. 
water, milk, juice of soma. 4, quick- 
silver. 5, a ray. 6, N. of several 
plants. -*Ji. The moon; a physician. 
-;^. Immortality. -?u. The custard- 
apple, -z^^. The heart-leaved moon- 
seed. es53a3=)oz^. A deity. 

e9^0?vo s. a. Impure; unholy. n. 
Excrement, faeces. 

ef)^o?ocio s. rt. Immeasurable. 

«f)^js?;f!o s. rt. Unfailing; efficacious; 

©^J3?e35^ (tb. of ©5iJ^t>^*) rt. Invalu- 
able, excellent. 

&zSJ^<^0 s. rt. Priceless; excellent, 

©c^j'S^ k. n. An entertainment given to 
friends at their departure. 

e5o20. = e5oSJ(_3i, p. p. of ©c^J^, q- v. 

&oZd^ s. n. An eye. 

©0205^^;* (tb. of eStSo^) n. A kind of 
pap mixed with buttermilk. 

©o20K. = essiJB, q. V. 

e5o20TJ s. n. Clothes, apparel. 2, the 
sky, atmosphere. 3, cotton. 4, talc. 
5, a perfume, Ambergris. -So el). The 
sun. tfw^ OiAid. A purple cloth. 

e£)0205?^ s. n. A frying-pan. 2, the 
sun. 3, Siva, Vishnu. 4, war. 5, 

^o'i^'Z) k. n. A public hall. 




59oeOs3 (<6. of «5iSj . = {so'^T*;*, 7. v.) n. 
A kind of porridge. 

fficSCSa s. H. Tiae cry of a cow. 

SfJcS3D!io?od k. n. A whitish and frag- 
rant kind of betel leaf. 

©oKJSvi h. n. A heap of thrashed straw. 
-sysi^. A granary. 

SSoaroO h. n. A howdah on an elephant. 

S93aJS'5 k. 11. A kind of insect. ao-jrs 
rfjcj. An insect infesting cattle. 

?9o83 k. ?i. A boat. -T^sri. — ao^rt, rj. t\ 

e5cS353, ©083^ s. ». A mother. 2, 

e5c£3A, ©osSa^tJ k. n. A boatman. 

eSoaoo 1. k. n. An arrow. -n^rf. An 
archer. ^o&^ ood, esozSpS cSjsrS. A 
quiver, wej^otoo. A bow and arrow. 

esoaoo 2. a. k. V. i. To dry, fade. 

590200 3. s. n. Water. -J^rf. Aquatic. 
-Zi. Water-born: a lotus, -za^j^. The 
sun. -:3j5?rf^3. Brahma. -cS, -z^^. 
A cloud. -?i9, -Dt)3. The ocean. 
-^=)3S. A cloud. -?vCJrf. The bed of 
a stream. 

e9o200A&^ k. n. The creeping bent 
grass, Agrostis stolorufera. 

©02009 s. «. The ocean. 

fficd 1. (= '•^'^■^1) s. n. A mother. 2, 

eSod 2. = 550133, q. V. 

©ceS 3. = sSSSj . -S5°^a. Scented turmeric. 
e9o£37TO(yo4. k. «. The crawling knees, 

«ot5rraOs):eO, 5fo:5n?05'o, esozSnsOc^j. 

To crawl on hands and knees, 
©o^, e5o^c3 s.n. Water. 

s. M. A lotus. 
eScs^js?^, ef)0£^j3e^)qi s. ?!.. The ocean. 

?£i^, (<?;. o/" e3oi3) »i. A mother. 2, a re- 


spectful title for females {as «353j fi 
Sjdo); a respectable woman. 3, a 
grandmother. 4, a -village goddess 

fDurga). 5, the smallpox. See lo^Sjj, , 
:3j3S3j^, ^053j^. 5S^^ris?J. Widows. 
^'^"i,^" ■^^ affectionate name for 
a female; a coward. 55 wo,^ if$c3. 

esrfj^^js^, ©^(y^e^s (=esSjo, q. I-.; 
int. of pain Of weariness : Ah! alas! 

29^0, rS k. »i. A nipple, teat. 

as^j^, d k. n. A game of throwing: 

hand-balls in the air. 
©rfoo^ a. k. V. i. To be able; to wish, 

desire, n. Desire. 
^zi^ s. w. Sourness, acidity. 2,vine£:ar. 
S5dje) rf s. H. The orlobe amaranth. 

Gomphraena globosa- 
©50 , ©ao ^ s. n. The tamarind tree, 


Taynarindus indica. 

©oc)o* 1. ©odOq k. n. Sir. -rt^j. A school- 

©aJj<2. (=55odoJ 2) k. a. Five. -rS-'Sdo. 
Five hundred. -i3J3, -533. Five fold. 
-52ra. Five colours, -^sfj.. Fifty. -?33 
A)C. Five thousand. -K6. A five fold 
string (of pearls). 

©crio?3 s. n. Going. 2, road, path. 3, 
half a solar year. 550ij?i?io. To move, 
as the sun. 

©odOoJ s. n. Iron; steel; metal. 

©odjsoi s. a. Not moving; stopping. 
2, without a vehicle. 

©OSorio k. a. Five. 

©O3J;:^0 h. a. Original, principal, 

©O20oc3t) h. ad. Hereafter ; in future. 

©O30200 h. n. A flaw, fault, defect. 

©OSOtS (<i). of 551303). Ji. A wife whose 
husband is alive. 

©OaoOO ( = ?irfouj, (J. f.) k. «. Bewilder- 
ment, madness. 

©OSO'GD^^. = 530333^. 

©OSO'S^KO h. ?i. Property, wealth; cash, 


©crfoot^ s. a. Unfit, unsuitable, impro- 






eSodoo^ f. n. A myriad. 

€9a3j3e7\P s. a. Unfit, unsuitable, un- 
worthy. -^oS, -^. Unfitness, disquali- 
fication ; unworthiness. 

^o3>©?i^ o s. n. Oude, the capital of 

55OS0,<5 a. k. n. Cold, coldness; frost; 
snow. 2, the cold season. 

®o3o (/"r. essoJCSo- oi 3) = 55J3. k. It 
certainly is, it is. 

eSodoo 1. k. t'. i. To go to; to join. 2. 
to approach (iotfo). 3, to obtain 

f-SoJSocio). escOj ?::j. To cause to go 
to, etc. esoSj. Exceedingly, greatly, 
then, even, 

©odjO 2.'(=s503jcSj) k. a. Five. -Sd. 
Five and a half. -dsj. Five liquids. 

€£'OdJo s. n. A master, sir. 2, a father. 
3, a Jaagama. 4, a teacher, -^oj- The 
state of being an Ayya or Jangama, 
-onsrf. An epithet of respect among 
Srtvaishnavas, cpds. es^cxijj, esra odj^, 

esS 05j,, edJ.Oij,, SJJSSCXJOo, C3J530li„. 

?5oc!ooo3j3?, ©oSjso; k. m<. of (/rte/'.' 
Alas! 2, of surprise: Aha! 

SSodreirS f. n. A small vessel or vase 
used at vyeddings. 

SSOSJj f. n. A disease of the eye. 

e5)odo^^_o_^ k. see sso^*. ^^^^^_ 

©aziOJ/ (= S3ri^o, fj. t'.) a. k. ad. That 

e5Tj 1. (= sicS") k. n. A file. 

e5id 2. (—^^2) k. a. A half. -'S^^:^^^. 
The half ci when written as r. -^ cs. 
Half a moment, -nrsj. A purblind 
eye. -rvsodj. A slight wound, -ns^. 
Slight heat. -AJi^d. A low wall. 
-rlja^tij. Half of the produce of a field. 
-jSrs . Breeches covering the buttocks. 
-3^^. Half a sheet of paper. -cSe3. 
Half the head. -STss^. Three rupees' 
weight. -SJra. Half a maund. -aijri 
Xo . Reluctance. -o3od. Partial screen- 
ing; want of sincerity. -SsA). One 
half. -?? = dJ. Half a ser. 

©d 3. ahbrev. of esrf^J, </.■?;. -?\rf. A 
parrakeet. -fSO. The country goose- 
berry, -sijri. A king's son. -;3jf3. A 
palace; a court. -?3^ ri. A royal 

©'rfS' k. ?i. Washing rice. 2, the state 
of broken or injured, as a tile, esrf 
=5^01313.. A brass basin. 

Spirit, juice, essenca; 



89^^ k. n. The half. 

©oaO 1. k. ?t. A border, margin, 

eSTJAO 2. k. t'. J. To decay; to be 

S5dA0 3. (tb. of ^"^fj «. Gumlac; 
sealing-wax. ©rfhc^ ^a . A stick of 
lac. esdi^c^ 53j-2o, -SSOSj. A superior 
ink made from lac, etc. 53Jo^-. Seal- 
ing wax. 

©■rfa^rj 3. «• Disorder. 

esriSk. w. =!Stie3. 2, a reel. 

©TJrfo ( = 53ci;:So) k. r. 2. To be extended, 

eSXJfiS k. n. A nuptial present. 

©■rfrS s. n. The wood of the Ficus reli- 
giosa used for kindling fire by attri- 
tion, [lizard. 

©tira (=TjSf^) k. n. A greenish kind of 

eSTJren s. n. A wood, forest, wilderness 

©lJ^ 1. k. M. The act of grinding. 
©TJ^ 2. s. a. Indifferent to. 
e5d§> s, 71. The elbow. 2, a cubit. 
iSxini 3. a. Toothless. 

esT^rf^, esrJns^, ©od^, e£)ec:3^(<&. of 

3o033^). H. Yellow orpiment. 
&'d^'i^7i^^°i s. n. A mendicant, pilgrim. 
©TJfSsD k. ». Paralysis; also -"^?f3. 2, 

59^J20, eS'ds!) f. H. An Arab. -?3|^n, -rf?^. 

Arabia. esiSz^. Arabian. 
©T^SOO (Ci=e3). k. n. Drought, famine. 





yirfay^rt. A of 

©^:5ofj (see s. estf 2) n. A palace; a 

court. 2, government. 
est^^raosj^A siTJ^^jsosooU ii. «. A gift 

of rare value. 
©d^j a. k. ad. To some extent; here 

and there. f^,,^^; 

esd^ s. tM<. of ivonder: Well done! 
e5Tie;o, e5ds;'o k. r. ?. To expand, open 

{as flowers), n. A flower. -9stfej sSjs 

:Sj, estfOsjj. To cause to blossom. 

-^art, -dart, a florist. 

eSTJ^, SSd^k. ». Tamil. -tpTd. The T. 

language. -rf$^. The T. country. 

-f^^. A Tamil woman. 

©T3^fe3?f, ©ti^t???, S9LJrffe3^7^, ©lJSojs^ /^ 
« ei 

(tf=e3) k. n. A shed on the roadside 

in which water, buttermilk, etc. are 
distributed gratis, 
founder an aravatige 
^Xi-d^2^ (u=e3) k, a. Sixty, 
©ti^ro,?;, esiiscS. See s. ead 2. 
ePdaoa s. n. A lotus. -N?^. A lotus- 
eyed woman. -looi^Sj, -sJiu, The sun. 
esijj^ (0=65) Knowledge. 
e£)TJ5 (d=e5)k.n. Indigestion. 2, cloth, 
©ti^j, ©lisiJ (<&. o/' D3J4) n. A king, 
lord. ati:^^. A queen. -qSSor. A 
king's duty. -rtJES, -Sort, e?c. -:^~i. 
Kingship, royalty. -3ojcso. A car- 
eSTJ^ fib. o/" crata) H. A queen. 
©■d^f:;, ©-d^OS (<&. 0/" 3oO^) n. Turmeric. 
e9TJ?do (rf=e3) k. i'. «. To inquire after, 
seek, search, n. Research, enquiry. 
^t-^-ddXi. = erfi;?, q. V. 
©ds;< k. 11. Amazement, perplexity. 
©TJ^ ( = aci^SsSjd) k. ?i. The poplar- 
leaved fig-tree, Ficus religiosa. 
©d^j (= esti^jj, q. f.) k. V. i. To bloom. 

n. A flower. 2, parched grain. 
©ds? 1. k. ?j. Dressed cotton. 2, a post, 

©ds?2. (=ss£^53) k. ». The gall nut, 
Terminalia chebula. 

©d^e3 k. n. A forehead ornament 

for young children. 2, a fig leaf. 
©TO3i3^ s. a. Anarchical. 
©CsS s. n. An enemy, foe. 
©ODC; s. rt. Bent, crooked, curved. 
©& 1. (= 330) k. r. t. To cut or lop 

olf. n. Cutting oif, gnawing, 
©a 2. (= eS) k. r. /. To grind on a 

slab. -SjO. To cause to grind. 
©& 3. k. 71. A mass of unthrashed corn. 
2, excess in corn measure. 3, a dis- 
ease of the eye (-rtiTJo). 
©5 4. (0=e3-«) k. v.i. &L To learn to 
know; to know, understand. 
esOKij, e50;So. efOodjarfj, tsODdb:3 sojb? 
rtJ. To be ignorant of. «ODl)rfvS=- 
-creOrfjJ, e£0;^53. =jO:^j. To make 
known, inform. 
©5 5. s. n. An enemy. 
©5^, ©5i^, ©5^, ©5SoJ (0= 63^) k. n. 
Knowledge; understanding; informa- 
tion. esO^ ^jz)::ij. To inform. 
©5do (0 = &) a. k. V. i. To bawl, 
^^r^^^- [tree. 

©5&ras? (<&. o/' 650^) n. The soapnut 
©5:^ s. 71. An oar; a rudder. 
©5::ij a. k, a. Impossible, inexplicable. 
©5^0 (0 = ea--). = aOT, q. I'. 
©56 (Ci = e3) a. k. ?i. A star. 2, mud. 
©5i;i. = y0^, q.c. 
©5^, ©5,3 (0 = »-•). = esrf^. 

©5?A, s. a. Unhurt, n. Good or bad 


luck, misfortune. 2, buttermilk. 3, 
the neem tree. 4, the soap-nut tree, 
Sapi7idus t)-ifoliatus. =^^0^. A very 
heavy calamity. 

©5?ijOJ3?j s. 7i. An unsuitable composi- 
tion of words. 

©5,?j?j. = esrfAjfo, q. r. 

©5;:i0 k. c. t. To cause to cut off. 2, 
to cause to grind. 3, (0=e3') to in- 




£95?6 (tb. of e5^F"?5*) n. Piles. 

©TJo 1. (rfo = e3J) = e:?cio. k. a. Six. -sia. 
Six-fold. -5i:SJ,. Sixty. 

©"do 2. (cSj=e3J) a. k. i'. i- To be cut 
asunder; to cease. 

59:^0X0. =?stfr!jl, q. V. 

©TJosI s. ?;. Aversion, dislike; disgust. 

^-dciijio. = aO'^o, q. V. 

©dof*S s. a. Yellow, ruddy. 11. Aruna, 
the dawn. 2, a ray. -?o3tf^. The 
sun. BiiJr3J3?rfo^. Sunrise. 

ejrfooi^S s. n. N. of the wife of Vasi- 
shtha. 2, N. of a star. -^sqS. Vasishtha. 

eSTJos^ (rf = e3;) sees. esO 4) a. k. v.t. To 
make known. 

^■dozdd^.tb. of ^"^A^; 9- ^'• 

&'do'£:0 a. k. M. Love, affection. 

?Si3ooZ:)i a. k. n. A flower-bud. 

?£)TJot>d (rfo=e3J) k. n. Mud. -7li| ■ A 
muddy paddy-field. 

©docJOsio'doOo, ©xio^s^o^j'do^j k. n. 
Bewilderment, dotage. 

efTio4 (cij= esj. = esO^) k. n. Know- 
ledge. -53JrfJ5^. Silliness, dotage. 

eS'doSoJ {^= es) k. v, t. To make known. 
)i. Knowledge. 

eSI^jB^ s. a. Formless; ugly. 

©t5 1. k. V. t. To grind, pulverize, 2, 
(d=:e33) to strike, beat. n. The plant 
Grislea tomentosa. 2, a. k. stone, 
rock. 3, the back. -cxijUj,. To pursue. 

©t3 2. (= esrf q. f.) k. n. A half. 2, a 
little. -TiS>. To cut into halves, -rtrso,. 
A loose knot of hair, -rtjo^rl. Half- 
heartedness, timidity. -iiej?d. Un- 
fiuished work. -:56. To open half. 
-cSoa .Indistinct utterance. -cSj3?W. A 
leer, side glance, -ssajo. Half apart. 
-z3?5S. The Persian lilac. -zSO. To 
be half opened, as a flower. -Sotij",?. 
A half-mad man. -So3. Hesitation, 
doubt. -s30). Half the body. -SjscSajo 
hS, -5jj35j5?d f\^. A spinous shrub, 
Randia dumetorum. -30Xj. To leave 
unfinished, -^d. The half moon. 

e5T5j3?A s. «. Health. e5dj3?P\. A healthy 

e9T5jse2:^5, e9T3j3e&l# s. >i. Want of ap- 
petite; disgust, indigestion. a. In- 

?£)^~ s. n. Radiance. 2, the sun. 3, 
crystal. 4, Indra. 5, swallow wort, 
Calolropis gigantea. -^75^. Sunday. 

?f)^r k. ft. Weeping, lamentation. 

©AFiy, &7\r6 {tb. esri^) s. n. An 
impediment; a bolt, lock. 

iSXf^ a. k. 11. Greatness ; a great man. 

eS^r s. n. Price, cost. 2, an offering 
to gods, etc. 

eSsjjOor s. a. Valuable; venerable. n. 
A reverential offering to gods or 
venerable men. 

Wzi-F s. n. Invocation, worship. -'^. A 
worshipper. -fS- Worship, homage. 
asi^F^j. To worship. 

esslr^j s. 11. Flame. 2, shine, lustre. 

eseior (='<sOJ^j, q. v.) k. v.i. To cry 

eS^r", ^©aior) h. »i. A written petition. 
-wdcxJjj, -ros^j, -^J3:«J, -SJccSj, eic. 
To petition, -nsd. A petitioner. 

eS^FTjO s. I', t. To acquire, gain. 

esaior^ s. a. white. n. Silver. 2, 
the tree Terminalia arjuna. 3, 
the son of Indra and Kunti. 

©ror s. «. Moving. n. Water. -s3. 
The ocean. 

&Bf k. 11. Love; desire. 2, pleasure, 
fun. -i1a?jj. To spoil a wish. -^^rf. 
A man of pleasure. -^. To be 
pleased with. 

eSiijsFeS {fr. esd-JjseS) k. /t. The weight 
of half a rupee. 

eSq^F s. n. Aim, purpose; cause, reason. 
2, meaning. 3, advantage, utility. 
4, a request. 5, manner, sort. 6, 
wealth. -^30. Useful. -=#J3:So. To 
mean; to confer riches. -^^ odj. As- 
certainment. -sSo^. A man of pro- 
perty. -3?cS. Explanatory remark. 




-C?gO. To explain, expound. •3^^. 
The science of polity. -^?si. Pun. 
-^^^. Meaningless; poor; failing. 
-5i?s*J. To interpret. Efca-oStf. A 
different meaning. ^^^~^^. An 

e??)" s. a. Desiring, n. A beggar. 2, 
a plaintiff. -^. Entreaty. -Ko. To 
desire; to ask for. 

©qir s.a. Half, halved. 11. A half. -=J?S. 
Half an Anna. -rlja^sj. A hemi- 
sphere, -'^ori. A crescent. -rf,i),. 
Purblind, -cre^. Midnight. -.:j033j. 
A semicolon. eaqraForl. Half the 
body. -o3j?io, es^rxo. To halve. 

iS;^jr (= ssjj) k. „. ^ file. 

eS^irPQ s. n. Placing upon. 2, offering 

delivering, consigning, ahr^. To 

offer, deliver, consign. 
e583r a. k. n. A torrent checked in its 

course. ^iXj~^. To roar. 
^ZdOF k. n. Crying, esra^jry. Crying 

?5200F"oi s. n. A serpent. 2, a hundred 

millions. 3, swelling, polypus. 
as^r^ s. a. Small, weak. n. A child; 

the young of any animal. | 

SSeJor (= 55dj£^, q. v.) k. >i. Mud, clay. 
S9sir s. a. Vile, low. n. A horse. -S. 

A mare. 

5955^^0 . See s. sj'dj. 

tS^FQJ s. «. Piles. 

SS^r s. a. Deserving, worthy. 2 

proper, fit. «. A Jaina saint. -r§. 

"Worship, -s*. Veuerable; a Jaina 

i56 a. k. n. That place, direction, as in 

2, state or condition, in verbal nouns, 
as wz^^, ^,odj^o<. V. i. To be fit, 
right or sufficient, 
©e; (=e523T)k. inf. 0/^ Assent- Indeed; 
of surprise : ah ! 

SfXyS' s. H. A curl, hair-lock. 
ese;^^^ s. «. Kubera's residence. 
©e/S'o. = aortj, eturSo, q. v. 
ese;* ^ s. ,1. Red lac. 

®'^S^^ s. w. An inauspicious sign. a. 
Unfortunate. ^^Z.^- Unseen; un- 

®<^^?iJ s. i\ t. To disregard, slight. 

^"^^^ s. n. Disregard, contempt, a. 

©e^Arfr s. M. A water-snake. 

e9e;A0 (= aejs'j) k. v. i. To move about; 
to be agitated. n. The blade of a 
knife, sword, etc. 

9S0-^:i a. a. Not light; weighty; solemn. 

©eiC^TJr® s. n. Adorning. 

S5e)c3'Q?Jo s.v. t. To ornament, decorate. 

S9eic?faij s. n. Ornament. 2, elegance. 
3, a rhetorical expression. -S3?c! . 
A text-book of rhetoric. -S3vJ33Sj. = 
esoo^BsSj, q. V. ei£Jo*, ;g. Ornamented. 

S9<aCA f. H. A rampart. 

SSe^c^n s. a. Insurmountable, invio- 

©G'S^, ^SZjB'i (tb. of ^J^jf,'^) n. Lac, 
used as red ink. 

e;e)^, e9£)3je3 k. n. Weariness, fatigue. 

iStiZdd k. n. N. of different species of 
Alysicarpus. (casual. 

S5eJ£{Sp s. o. Unattainable. 2, rare, 

Sf)£;c;5 a. k. h. Beauty; ornament; 

iSVXlo (= efrftjj, g. r.) k. 1-. t. To spread; 
to open, blossom, bloom. P. p. saocSo". 
M. A flower, bloom, esej^rcw. A 
flower-like eye. -ij;?dra. A festoon 
of flowers. -S*. The large black 
bee. €5053-?3. A bed of flowers. 
-zo«?,. A flowering creeper. S5tjO=3j, 
eso'^cor. To cause to blossom. 

i£}iS)6 azThzdo h. n. Pay given before- 




ese;^??, ?3<V^ (=05053)) k. n. Fatigue, 

W<Si7i s. a. Lazy, idle, weary, faint. 

-a!.. Idleness. 
55e;?C)oa, e£)e;?joa^ k. n. A species of 

pulse, Vigna catjmig. 
©£1^^, 5?eJ?jO k. w. Fatigue; idleness. 

-^7\j, -^zix To be tired. 
S5©rjO k. V. i. To become weary, tired, 

vexed, v, t. To shake, agitate, as in 

water, n. Weariness; idleness. -n?>^. 

A lazy man. 
©E/sS s. n. A fire brand. 2, a rope, 

e9£;320O h. ?i. Mahammadans' Moharam 

festival. 2, the bottle-gourd. 
e?£^3COorf, ese;303ujli. a. Distinct, apart. 

©£^sOSJ80£)sO30 h. H. An affectionate 
greeting, embrace. 

e9sD( = e£)) k. ad. There, as i^J^i rfO, 
St^oljO, ?i;5j,0. r. t. =e50o. Must, 
may. 2, pr. imper. as sjtsO, 'adO, 

©sSS' s. n. The forehead. 

©eS'^c^ ?\c^ k. n. An aquatic plant, 
Aeshynomene aspera. 

?f)ti5oA s. a. Genderless {g.). 

i£>€)czi s. ?(.. A terrace before a house- 

©a'O^'o, ©eijAO, ®£;jcaO k. v. i. To be 
agitated, shaky or loose; to shake. 
eiit)jn9;:So. To shake, tremble. ©£J0 
;=rJ5j, esejoh^jj t). <. To skake. 

eSOJTijs?^ b. n. A whistle, pipe. 

?£)'^:iZi:^ a. k. r. f. To wash with water. 

©e3 k. r. ii. To move about, shake. 2, 
to roam, wander; to dangle. v. t. 
To shake, n. A wave, billow. 

S?e5e£0 s, n. A blank book. 2, a deity. 

eSeBo^jei?) f. M. Allemagne, Germany, 
Europe. -*^' A dragoon sword. 
-^tio^. A dragoon troop. 

S5e?jsTiO S5e3i3rlf2 a. k. cotij. When; as. 

e9e3j3e^ s. n. Not the world; the spiri- 
tual world. 

©£/^-ct3^ s. a. Not worldly; not secular, 
unusual. -^ri. Unworldliness; un- 

e9e;s,20o h. n. A title; titles, honors. 


e5£^, s. a. Small; little; insignificant; 
mean. -^^. Smallness. -a^. A few 
days. -Sj^ra. An unaspirated letter. 
-loja . Weak-mindedness. -So3. Weak- 
minded, stupid. ■^i'^- Small rain. 
-?3.t). Rather little, eso? o±j*!,. A 
short life. "■£€) «j . Very small. 

©ei ^TJ f. n. An almira, a chest of 
drawers, wardrobe. 

?£)t> 1. (fr. esc* No. 2, q. v.) k ad. Not, 
no; its opposite is ofScSo. -iT?. To 
reject, deny. ^^ ^ int. Is it not? 
55^iS. Being not good, fit. -53?^. A 
useless or bad man. 6saj i3. Besides, 
except, unless. ■aciej^rS. Moreover. 
esd oSo^. To deny. 

©£^ 2. k. n. Green ginger. 


PO 00 no ro 

Great agitation (as of water or mind), 
confusion, disorder, tumult. 

?£>t) A^ k. V. t. To deny, reject, refuse. 


590 A S50 r^;^ a. k. ?i. Mirth, merry- 
making, jest. 

©(yd k. n. Separation of lovers or 

©<y 5 k. n. Trouble, disturbance, harass. 
e£)£^? U, ©ai^ S^ k. M. Moving about. 
©ais tIo k. V. i. To move, shake, swing; 

to be loose. esej^a^Jj. v. <. To shake, 

move about. 

55^3 (=esO) k. ad. There, in that place, 
-3oj3°rto. Go there. «*«J®- Here 

and there. esO riO <i. Here and there. 

-:^c^*. So far as that place; till then. 

2, Msed to form the loc, as rfjfSodjO^, 

etc. 3, also added to rel. part., as 

^ ro' an' 

e£)e5 7^^7\ k. Ji. A washerman. 




252^0 k. r. t. To join, knit, plait, braid. 

CO m mm' 

esrfl., eSsifSo k. pro. He, that man; f. 

es3s?o; pj. aSrfj. eaO'^do, Both of 

S)^ 2. s. ad. Off, away, down (implying 

8£)»553^ s. n. Place; opportunity. leisure; 

eS^S'xSj s. n. Displeasure, disfavour. 

©^S'j s. a. Not crooked; upright, 

SS^Arf f. n. An obstruction; jeopardy. 
2, inaccessibility. 3, monstrosity. 
4, impossibility. is^ri^Ko. To de- 
press, slight, suppress. 2, to hurry, 
hasten, become impetuous. 

©S^Ar?^ s. a. Disregarded, despised. 

&Ti7\@ s. a. Gone near. 2, known, 
understood. e5;3r!.l. Knowledge. 

eSo^^AS^Oci s. «. Understanding, compre- 

ef^A^So, efJ^T^^ji s. ?!.. Diving into; 
bathing. 2, comprehension, ^sins 
coJij, 6iSjrtco?5j. To dive into; to 
enter into; to comprehend. 

esdAOf© s. 71. A vice; an evil effect. 

e9S^7u5c, ©^7^.50 s. n. Separation. 2, 
obstacle. 3, drought. ^^?\h:>Ko. To 
lay hold on, attain. 

?£)rf^J?)i^ s. 11. Striking, killing. 2, a 
violent blow. 

^^tio (= anzSj, ecS^j) k. v. <. To press; 
to confine, embrace. 2, to hide. 

^^2^7^^ s. a. Cut off, broken. 2, predi- 

SJ^eS prf s. n. Any thing cut off; portion. 
2, distinction. 3, discrimination. 

©d&! J s. 72. Negligence. 

S£);:i5S s. «. Disregard, disrespect, con- 

59^^c?j s. n. A garland of flowers. 2, 
a crest. 

?£);:i^0® s. n. Descending. 2, annota- 
tion. t5SodE5=#. = «55j3el0^. 

e5;^;^&?j0 s. f. t. To descend; to become 

e5^gs';j s. n. Descent. 2, incarnation. 

-oiafjj, -g^j3^e?j.. To become incarnate. 
esrfgiJ&^a- s. n. A preamble or preface. 
iS-^i. tb. of as353, q. v. 
?Srfd€ s. 71. Misfortune. 
^'^Tss^ s. a. White. 2, pure; beautiful. 
SSrfcD^ s. ji. A great act, achievement. 

S5o:i::in s. o. Low, inferior; disagreeable. 
SS^yQsiJ s.r. i. To think upon, listen to. 

^»^q37);i s. 71. Attention; care; devotion. 
«9SJqreSi. Attentive, careful; a title. 
e5S3n3S>?iJ. To mind, pay attention. 

S£'d93TiC©(-ri)s. n. Affirmation; empha- 
sis. «9S3qraOXo. To ascertain. 

Sf)^^^ s. n. A limit; period, time. 2, 
opportunity. 3, engagement. 4, 
extremity; misfortune. 

SS^^v-'^^ s- '^- Shaken off; rejected, 
separated from worldliness. m. A 

S9:iqio s. a. Inviolable. 

SSrfjd s. n. Favour. 2, joy. 3, satis- 
faction. -^. Prostration. 

S5;i^ s. n. The earth. -■■£, -^o^. SIta. 
-z^i. A mountain. -*j, -s:!.^, -s;5ej5', 
«5aS)?^. A king. -do3o. A tree. 

eSz^xJijio s. 71. An error in diet. 

eS^£j5\i^ s. a. Removing. «. Purifica- 
tion by bathing, as after sacrifice or 

esd^jB s. 71. Dislike, disregard. 

©j5^o?->sS {tb. of 55»Js!J3cif3). = essisio 

eSsSsSoodJsrd s. h. incivility, disrespect. 

e5^;ire?i(=«55j3Sj3BJ) s. Ji. Disrespect, 
dishonour. -;3J3;So, -sJaKJ. To treat 



<59;dajj^ s. n. A limb, member; part. 
-TiotCioz^. The relation of membership. 

©rfoSjseA s. n. An inauspicious omen. 

©^rf 1. s. a. Inferior, low; posterior, 
following. -13. A younger brother. 

esrf::^ 2. k. pro. Their. 

esrfdjaSj;^ s. a- Misshapen, deformed. 

&-^t3 {tb. of essJjS) 11. A species of 
pulse, Phaseolus radiatus. 

&'^'6si^i^ s. 11. Obstruction. 2, seraglio 
of a palace. 

©^^j3?3o s. n. A shoot of a plant, a 
pendent branch. 2, the climbing of 
a creeper. 

SSs^AF s. 11. A non-class, a. Unclassi- 
fied. e5rf/^?raJj. Not belonging to 
the classified consonants {(j.). 

©rfSjr f. 11. A day book, ledger. 

©^dwlFC© s. 11. Drought. 

?£)'dz)x^^ k. n. Rice scalded, dried, fried, 
and flattened by beating it in a mortar. 

©rf(S;^r© s. 11. An unlucky sign. 

^;de;A> s. a. Hanging down. n. The 

e9de;o20, ©^OoSOn s. n. Resting on; 
dependence, support; a prop, stay. 
^^^oi^Tid. v.t. To hang on; to de- 
pend on. 5S5it)oz3^. Supported. 

59^e3ee3 s. n. Sport, play. ad. Easily, 

&Ti<t>d k. n. Pounding in a mortar; 
cf. essjej*. 


©rfdjaeS", ©^e3j3e3^?j s. /i. Seeing, 
looking. 2, sight (rSjS^U). 3, obser- 
vation. esSsSjs^-o-^tj. To look at (c5j3? 

69^5^ s. a. Uncontrolled. 2, necessary. 

©sSaS^ (/■(•. ©32!) ad. Unawares, sud- 

•^e°ly- [mainder. 

S5o5&?:l s. a. Left, remaining. ?i. Re- 

ef)^^n s. a. Inevitable, n. Necessity, 
urgency, ad. Necessarily, certainly. 
-tl;s?j. To become necessary. 

&Ti7i,o2f^ s. n. Relying on. 2, self- 
confidence. 3, a pillar. e5oisl,o:p?ij. 

To lean upon. 
iiP^^jr! s. n. Occasion, opportunity. 2, 

haste, speed, urgency, hurry. -^:^ 

iS^S. Don't be in a hurry. ■5'W,53?Jrf. 

Great hurry. y>s5<0^o. To make 

haste, be eager. 
W^Titi^ s. 11. Conclusion, termination, 

end; deatli; limit. 
e£)^?JaocSj s. n. Conclusion; certainty. 

2, remainder. 
WtS^ s. 11. State, condition (as.- jotc3p»S 

?3 , childhood; cxi73d^3Sj?3, manhood; 

siOT ^;^, old age). 3, trouble, strait. 

-iS?s?o. To come into troubles, 
©^5o?£;, esd^eOj;^ s. n. Disrespect, 

es^"^, r/b. of odiSjoO) ©53s?jirfs;?. m. A 

pair. -Sj'??,°i?o. Twins. 
Wd'^O k, pro. She, 
©^S^TJ s. ?(, A mispronunciation, 
©jsssi s. n. The south, 
©ssei^n s. a. Improper to be uttered; 

©ssKO f. n. Voice, sound; report. 

©ssc^^lJ s. a. Intermediate, n. Incur- 
sion; havoc. 

55S3O30 f. n. A report or rumour. 2, 
bustle; alarm. 

esSDTJ s. n. The near bank of a river. 

593 1. k. V. t. To hide, conceal. 2, 
(= es??) V. i. To rot, perish; to go out, 
be extinguished. 

©.3 2. s. 11. A sheep. 2, the sun. 3, a 

5935^2^ s. a. Perfect, entire. 2, con- 

©S^Jn s. a. Unhindered, n. Safety. 

©.SEo^Dd, S9323-s-dra s. n. Inconsidera- 
tion, inadvertance, promptitude. aSiO 
2330. Inconsiderate; an indiscriminate 
person. e5»0«30;^S)£9F"ol). Prejudice. 

^^ts^€>^ s. a. Unshaken, unmoved. 

S3 ^2^0 



SS^iid (= ^^<^, «5sSao) k. r. t. To hide, 

iSOzi ^N, ef)^e§ ?d s. rt. Unseparated, 
undivided; entire, incessant. 

e9.3::^n s. a. Unwise, foolish. e<od^. ?i. 
Ignorance. 2, illusion. 

€5,30 s. n. Irregularity. 2, misfortune, 

?£>S)^°oi~i s. rt. Disobedient. -^. Disobe- 

g9S2f)^ s. rt. Undivided, joint. 

Sf).D2p3A s. rt. Undivided, n. Undivided 

?5^^J03^ s. rt. Unloosed. n. N. of a 
tirtha near Benares. 

©^■rfif, e9.3d^ s. rt. Close; thick, com- 
pact. 2, not rare. 

©a^orf s. rt. Unobstructed; proper, 
consistent with. 

©aeioeo, e9S£Jo20j:i s. rt. Not delaying, 

©S^?^ s. n. Want of discrimination; 
ignorance; indiscretion. ^Z^^ir. In- 
considerate; short-sighted. 

©S^eSjv s. rt. Uniform, alike, n. Uni- 
formity, equability. 

e£)S'33Q?j s. n. Distrust, unbelief (= essJ 
oSowjii, q. t).). e5,S33^A). An un- 

believer, infidel. 

ef).3co^s. rt. Unprescribed. 2, improper. 
e93?T3 s. w. A woman who has neither 

husband nor son. 
eSiS, e94A^0 k. pvo. They; pi. of esrfj. 
e>;d)^«i, es^AO, ©^oS'o (=e5ciB'o, esss 

J^J) k. V. t. To press, squeeze, sssji- 

^J. To cause to press, etc. 
es^sio. — es^^'^J. 2, to hold firmly. 
e9;jT50, e94rfe;j (tb. of e^'SJoS) ji. The 

castor-oil plant, Ricimis communis. 
&^Zio k. V. i. To chew, champ, n. The 

jaw. 2, the lower lip. 
ePiii^re (= JJcSr?) k. Ji. An invitation to 

dinner. 2, a festive dinner. 

594^ k. n. A coat of mail. 

©^ k. pi. of ^^. (They) are. Cpds: wrto 

5£)»5?;in s. rt. Unascertainable. 

eS;S<'Q3' s. rt. Not vedic. n. A man 
not versed in the veda. 

?5^o^ s. rt. Indistinct, imperceptible. 
2, inarticulate, n. The soul. 

ess^n^ s. n. Ease, happiness (= ^^jsj). 

©^oodo s. rt. Unchangeable, imperish- 
able. n. An indeclinable word, a 
particle. 2, heaven. --TjOdjasScS. A 
form of verb used for all genders, 
numbers, and tenses. 

?£)r>'o'j^;6 s. n. Disorder, confusion. 

e£)>^o^Sco^ s. rt. Adjoining, contiguous. 
-^f3Sir?=)0. The time just past. 

S5S^o3jt)^ s. n. Recess from work. 

©ssnX^n s. rt. Peculiar. 2, not per- 

©si^, S)^^ {lb. of ^o'^) n. A mother. 

2, a feminine title of respect and love. 

3, an elderly woman, ejlsi Ji odJati. 
A kind of children's sport. 

e5»S^^?jO a.k. i.i. To jump up or upon. 
©S^^ k. Imitation of the note of the 

e53'3' s. rt. Unable, incompetent; weak. 

-3>, -^, efi-r . Inability, weakness. 
59^^o s. rt. Impossible. 
e9^f3 s. n. Eating. 2, food. 
e9^?jvi?Ir" s. ?i. Maintenance, ration. 
W^^s^^ s. ?t. One who is desirous of or 

asks for food. 
eSs^S?^ s. a. Bodiless. n. The sky. 

2, Kama. -s«)^,, -sraeS. An oracle, 

voice from heaven. 
©aS^j ,, Wat^ .eo^o s. rt. Unscriptural, 

_£)' -0) 

©•^•o-, s s. rt. Untrained, unlearnt. 

©&?§ s. a. Eighty. 




©B'oSa s. a. Impure. 11. Impurity; 

«^«o -^. [Impurity. 

eSS'jrf s. rt. Impure; incorrect, ss^oa. 

©^0^ s. a. Inauspicious. ?). Ill-luck. 
©^fSjv s. a. Without remainder, entire. 

2, infinite, endless. 
S9^jse^ s. a. Sorrowless. m. A deity. 

2, the tree Jonesia asoka. 
SS^js?^;^ s. a. Unpurified, unrevised; 


S9^j3p82i^ s. a. Not beautiful. r 

^^^ [ness. 

e9€.®es^s. n. Absence of beauty, comeli- 

69'^t^ s. n. Impurity. 

69^. s. n. A stone. 2, a cloud. -=ffeirf'5'. 
A stone mason. -rtipr. An emerald. 

-0. The disease of the gravel. -^S'arf. 


e9'3s,'5.ra?3ir® s. n. A ceremony at 

eStfijS s. »i. Unbelief, distrust. 2, dislike. 

©■^^jc^ s. a. Unwearied; continual. 

iS^Oj s. n. A tear. 

e5s?0j;^ s. a. Unheard; inaudible. 

ef)^ 5ai s. a. Ugly; vulgar. 

e9?^Q s. 71. A horse. -rtoqS, -rio^). The 
plant P/ij/saZis /Zexitosa. -3ci. A mule. 
-5J3t). A groom. -oSj^qS. The horse- 
sacrifice, -tisl. A carriage drawn by 
horses. -D^is. A royal horse. -^^^^ 
Richness in horses, -^^^^.g- -^ veteri- 
nary surgeon. -5e)e3. A stable. es3S. 
!3j8?3o. a horseman. ^^- A mare. 

eSSQ^ s. w. The holy fig-tree. Ficus 

e£)S<^e^ ■rfo s. «. N. of Drona's son. 

e5§iQa s. «. A goddess, mother of the 
twill sons. 2, the first of the 28 
nakshatras. [rank. 

SPSa'CS^ li- n. Noblemen, persons of 

^zX^ s. a. Eight. -^. Eightfold. -5^^. 
The eight troubles; much trouble. 
-^ji^rs, -rfaj. An octagon. -TioZ^. The 
eight perfumes. -3t)aJ. A mode of 

beating time in music. -a^J,, -fts*. 


The eight cardinal points of the com- 
pass. -SjS. N. of a Kannada metre; 
N. of a poem. -s^cS. Spider, -z^tin,. 
The eight requisites to the regal state, 
as: D3t5,,, zrfora^rf, ?3>r!,, si'rS, ^jrfjd, 
ejj;^, i3-3rfo!5, wodjs^ajsS. -j^js^ri. The 
eight pleasures, as: SofS, S:^, tJt^irfra, 
e<c. -Sj. The eighth. -SoGi. The eight 
kinds of pride, viz. of esN,, ssqSr, <D!3,, 
■tfju, dJ3K,e<c. -s3ojt)3r. Eight-formed: 
Siva. -»3?oj. Eight demigods, as: 

-.aqS^;^. "Worship of an idol with 
eight things: ^0^, ^^^, z^JS^i, etc. 
-tOS33S. The eight kinds of marriage. 
S5S|,or!. Eight parts of the body for 
performing obeisance as: hands, 
breast, forehead, eyes, throat and 
middle of the back. e5S|,or(o3j3?rt. 
The eight stations of yoga, as: oijSo, 

qs'srfcc), z^oci, ?553jti^. 
^Z^jSiC) s, n. The eighth lunar day of 

either fortnight. 
©SjJS 2^rc3 s. 71. Eight daily observances 

to the household gods, as: ^^n, Sro^ 

tfjdrs, rioqS, ess' J, ^sj' , cjSjaS, a^sS, 

ef)»j,3.Sj^ s. a. Eighteen, -ts's^. Eighteen 
castes. -S53P". Eighteen books of 
Mahabharata. -^Dsra. The eighteen 
Puranas. ess^.ScS. A spider. ^^^ 
Sj*. Greatly deformed, ugly; N. of a 
saint. es^,-Oqj=i?i. Eight kinds of 
service to an idol after the puje. 

ef);c^>i k. n. That measure, pro. That 
much, so much. ©^djsVii, es^djsVo. 
Meanwhile. essJ.rfo. So many persons. 
t?cSsjj,, a6$s?rf*ij,, oid^s^j,, etc. ^^?- 
Even that much. -luodJ, Sf^J3,orfJ. At 
all events, a little. y^J3j?^ci2i;^=g'. 
One hundred and eight. 

S£)oU s. ?). Seed; a kernel, stone. 

5£)?j a. k. H. Slenderness, weakness. 
2, fitness; order; strength. -5iej 




rfsi. An energetic man. -rfjsd, -S^. 
Strength to fail, be exhausted. -53SJ. 
Haste, speed. 

eS;rfo^aJO s. ?J. Doubtlessness, certainty. 

essj0?33id s. ?i. The state of being 

ef)?Jocon. tb. of es?ii^^. 

e9?jooo?:iJ. = «5So2o?ij, q. V. 

e9?jX k. n. A washerman. 2, N. of a 
Kannada author. 

©rfoSOn. esxioa^sn^^ ©riosSnoodo s. a. 

e5?jCA© s, n. Non-attachment. 2, impro- 
priety, incongruity, a. Not attached. 

eS?jOA''^ s. a. Unassociated. 2, uneven. 
3, inconsistent. 4, imperishable. 

©?j?Sk.n. A stupid man. 5i?da. A stupid 
woman. [c^jg, e^c. 

es^jt^ok. H. stupidity, stubbornness. -^J 

e5?Jl33 ^ (<b. o/" eji!3) n. Contemptible- 
ness; ugliness. 

e9?jtS f<b. of «5^c3) n. Dislike, con- 
tempt, scorn. -53j3:^j. To despise, 

e??jS s. w. An unfaithful wife. 

©xI^Q s. a. Untrue, n. Untruth; false- 

^Ti^i^ {tb. of e?3=)qSj) n. Impossibility. 

©?jO^0m s. a. Displeased, not content. 
iSTio^^i^,. Discontent. 

e£?ice\b s. n. Dissatisfaction; discon- 
tent, [tent. 

©rio^jsfs:; s. 71. Displeasure, discon- 

eSsiorfSjSr" s. n. Hinderance, inconveni- 
ence, [vulgar. 

e5?dcj5ri s. a. Unfit for an assembly, 

e9?is^0 s. a. Unequal, uneven. 2, odd. 

e)?JdooiO s. n. Unfit time. 

©TirfOtj^?" s. a. Powerless, feeble; in- 
eSrJ^^tf s. "• The five-arrowed: Kama. 

eSSJ^Jsqrafi s. n. Displeasure; discon- 
tent; indisposition. [equalled. 
e9?j^Je)rJ s. a. Unequal, unlike; un- 

^7j-^TSi^%'b h. n. A ceiling cloth. 2, 

an ornamental brush of peacock's 

25rJ^re3i^ s. a. Unfinished, incomplete. 

-^o3j. a participle (g.J, as, ^Jt^fs, 

oSdSj, etc. 
SSrJC^r®?" s. a. Incomplete, imperfect. 
K^rJOEOciji s. n. Non-connection. 
efPcJocjjrf s. a. Inconsistent, improbable, 

unlikely. ?i. An extraordinary event. 
^rjozpiitio s. a. Incomprehensible, -s! . 

Incomprehensibleness. [from. 

&7jTio,^ s. a. Disapproved, diflfering 


S5?j»5j, B s. n. Dissent, disapproval. 


ef)?joajo. tb. of es^Sso,, q. V. 

S9?j£^J h. a. Original; legitimate, well- 
born; exactly copied. ?(. The princi- 
pal; an original. 

eS^JS^cxJo s. a. Friendless, lonely. 

©?j§o?jO s. v. i. To be intolerant ; to be 
disgusted with. 

§5?iCon s. a. Unbearable, disgustful. 
n. Disgust. -ScaO. To be disgusted. 

e£)?3393'd02 s. a. Uncommon; peculiar ; 

e5s3sqjo (= sSJCcSs?) s. a. Impossible; 

©A; 1. k. int. of disgust: Fy! 

55^ 2. k. V. t. To scatter, disperse. 
V. i. To shake, move. n. That which 
is laid on the ground. 2, a. k.) thin- 
ness. -'S'yJ. The lower stone for 
grinding curry-stuff. -cS^. That is 
thin. -riSj. A tender waist. -^. A 
delicate flower. -iJij^o. A thin finger. 

©Ai 3. s. n. A sword, knife. -5^^- The 
blade of a sword. [glio. 

©r^j-^N s. 11. A female servant in a sera- 

e5;^0 s. n. Life. -^, -t?jscSj. To give 
life. -.iS:^, -5je?. To give up one's 
life, die. -qsadrs. Existence, -cs"^. 
Escaping with life. 
e5?ijc200 k. V. t. To shake, agitate. 




©?Jo5 a. k. V. i. To feel disgusted ; to 

be impatient, n. Fatigue. 
^TidX^ s. n. The sun. 2, a demon, an 

Asura. -0^, -55)0, -3od, essJocraO. 

Vishnu, Krishna. 
e9?jj30cSo, ©ri^'ScSo s. n. Displeasure. 2, 

envy, jealousy. 3, aversion. -Sjc^o. To 

bear malice. 
e5;6. = esA). [disease. 

e9?;f3£0(i s. n. Ailment, indisposition; 



&973^;iJo s. a. Ugly; disagreeable. -^C 

Having a croaking voice, 
©xl s. a. Disappeared. n. Sunset. 

-oSJci, -3JoDd), -s3j3f^. Disappearance; 

setting, as a heavenly body, sunset. 

-^i,,S. Disordered, es?^ tSo^o. To set. 

li)-S -0 

e97j 150, ?5^ li. n. Linino- of a <rarment. 

_fl ' .^5 on 

©^ rastj, 55,?; S3sd s. n. A foundation. 

S9?jO s. UiL Be it so, let it be. 

e5?j s. «. A missile weapon. 2, a bow. 
-rt,(^. An arsenal, -t^^ci. A soldier. 
55^. A bowman. 

e5^ s. M. A bone. -r!^. Seated in the 
bones. -Sjoiaci. A skeleton. -t(j»i^. 
An urn. -^?^. A skeleton. •r^'Syi. 
A kind of consumption. 

^Sr^'d s. a. Unsteady; uncertain. -^^. 

e9rJv5C^, s. a. Indistinct. 

©?jjj(=ss^a) s. a. A tear. 2, water. 
3, an eye. 4, blood. 

eSrjQ^c^^j s. a. Dependant, subject. 

e9?J^ spans' s. a. Unnatural. 

©SjQtJ s. a. Indistinct; having a dis- 
agreeable voice, n. A consonant (g.). 

®?jQ?j s. n. Illness, sickness, ailment. 

e5?3sQtJ;;jn s. a. Sapless, insipid. 

e5;d3Q^r" s. n. Disinterestedness; gener- 

e5Sd (=5555 (][.«., eirtos). a. k. ?3JoOrfo, 

So^rfj. Tes. 533o0Co3r!j. To be yes or 

true. e53oo:3o^. To say yes; to 

assent, affirm. rthus. 

S5So^ (= o^eirl) a. k. ad. That manner; 

SS5oc?5>)-rf, e5530^§, es^CYjcSo s. n. 
The sense of self; egotism, pride, 
haughtiness. ssaoo^O^^j. To be ego- 
tistic or proud. ©300^5=^ ddo;S, esaoo 
^^0. A proud man. [manner. 

ef)5o07^ (=;^3rt, 5. i\) a. k. «(/. That 

©So^i (Dual: day and night) s. n. A 
day. ©SflsoS). Day by day, daily. 

e55oSo s. pron. I. -esso^j'^. Conceit. 
-ipssj. High notion of one's own supe- 
riority. -SjO.1. Conceit. 

©So5, eSSoco s. n. A day. ?3ooa~i. Day 
and night. 

eSSoeSss'd h. H. A public servant. 

ePSoSse'O li. «. State, circumstances, 

©SoSjiBo li. ?i. Attendance, retinue. 2, 
a number of coolies. 

©^50, ©50533 s. JM<. of joy or sorrow. 

6900 s. n. A serpent. 2, the demon 
Vritra. -n^y^s'. A number of serpents. 
-=g^o^, -Sj, -iiS,. The lord of ser- 
pents: Sesha. -i^JSi^tz. Siva. -^o3j». 
A couch of snakes. 

eSco^ s. a. Not beneficial, unfriendly. 

n. An enemy; damage. -=5*0. Adverse; 

unwholesome. -^. Enmity. 

SSSoocjO. See s. esS. 


e95o?^0 s. 71. Causelessness. -^. Cause- 

SP^jse'OS^, ©SojseUsS) s. -«. Day and 
night, from sunrise to sunrise. 

?9^ a. k. 71. Contact; nearness. 2, 
fitness; propriety; comeliness. 3, power, 
strength. 4, possibility. -na=#. Join- 
ing; bringing about. -SSa^J. To 
join; to tie; to attach; to bring about. 
-S:^J. To be closely joined; to be at 
hand. -Ss?. To be depressed, to faint. 

iS^"^ k. a. Neither thick nor thin 

iS^^d'k. v.i. To fear. 2, (= ss'-^o^J) to 
prick, throb. 3,(=:ejeJ^J) to move 
about. n. Fear. 2, the pricking of 
a thorn. ^'-fy^J. To frighten. S3^ 
=5?™c^j. To shake as water, to bubble 



e9^U0(V<= K) k. V. i. To be in anguish, 
es^ii k. n. Measure; extent; measure- 
ment. -5Are:SJ. To measure. 
eS^TJJ (dJ=«j) a. k. r. i. To foar. 11. 

Fear, anguish. «s<!?0?io. To frighten. 
eS'S'e/O («^=t3) a. k. r'. ?. To grieve, 
be afflicted, n. Grief, sorrow, afflic- 
tion. «s^£)0. To grieve, harass. 
e5Sye3 k. )i. A squirrel. 2, = 6a£^e3, q. v. 
55^^ (= «sV, q. V.) a. k. m. Nearness. 

2, strength. 3, combat. 4, trust. 
65^4) k. w. Measure, -t^js^wj. A mea- 
suring rod. 
^i^-£i (<f—a) k. «. The bar; the ebbing 

of the tide in a river-mouth. 
^^■S^€. = es^jd^O, w-?jd;0, q. v. 
e9^?j0 k. V. t. To measure or cause to 
be measured. 2, (—^^KS) to efface. 
59^ (^ = C0') k.t-. i. To be ruined; to 
perish, decay; to disappear; to die. 
V. t. To ruin. 2, (= e5«?) to measure. 
n. Ruin; waste; damage. 2, remain- 
der of liquids. 3, a void, nought (ex- 
pressed by the sign <o~). -^Sfsj. A 
bad eye. "^'^- Miserable poetry. 
-r(<D, -ri'iS,i^. A bad poet. -»*:. Useless 
prayers, -odj:)^. Vain hope. 
eS^-CTPrfj k. v. t. To oppose; to harass. 
2, to frighten. 3, (v° = CO-) to efface, 
59'^^ k. n. An earthen vessel. 
e9<?^ 1. a. k. V. i. To be addicted to; to 
long for. n. Desire, attachment, love. 
^<v'4 2. {%'=^a^) k. r. (. To destroy. 
V. i. To be destroyed. «. Ruin, 
destruction; death. 
K'^oli k. /(. A son-in-law, a nephew. 
-s;o3?r5. The law of inheritance 
according to which a man's property 
descends to his sister's son. -^^. 
Being an ess-'odi. 
e?<S'£^J (=ei^d) k. n. A squirrel. 
e9'9?rfj (6?= CO') k. v. t. To ruin, destroy; 
to kill. 

^Vo (VJ = KU) k. V. i. To weep, cry. -^'§, 
-oj. "Weeping, -rijajjj. A cross child. 
-■s'je?. -iojajTf. A crying or fretful 
person; f. -io^Oj-t. e^Xj. To make 

ee^oS^J. 59^0i k. r. i. To fear, be afraid. 

n. Fear. 
eS^OAO (s<j=C3j) a. k. I', i. To decay. 

u. t. To love. 
e9^Jc30 a, k. n. Excess; greatness; 

?f)^0(yj (==J£^ejJ) k. n. A squirrel. 

e5s? (=es«? No. 3) k. v. t. To measure. 

n. Measure. 2, buttermilk. -wJ^jsSj. 

To measure out. -ciJ Soo'^^JsSj. 

To give heaped measure. -cSj oj'stfj. 

To ponder. -oSjooto. A Golla. 
e)^,Sd ('i=^) k. «. Envy, jealousy. 

-=5tid. An envious man. 
eSS?,^ k. ad. Suddenly. 
eSVitJo (^tiJ=C^e3J) a. k. v. t. To love. 

2, to fear. n. Love. 
ft9S?J, 1. = eaVOTB^s). 
?5S,-'a. 2. («?4 = M4)a. k. y. i. To be worr 

out, digested, n. The state of being 

worn out or digested. 

e£)^, k. n. An embrace. 


2A% = ^^ 

weeping. 3, boiling. 

e50j (^^ = COj ) k. V. i. To be dissolved 
A ^ a' 
to decay. 

59(9 (^ =C3' . = aSr) k. rt. Love. 2 
pleasure. -S:!). To feel love. -530 
A lover. | 

eS^O (^J =COJ) a. k. r. t. To witheil 
fade. 2, to die. 3, ( = erfj^) to dip 

©1^0 k. «. Shaking, trembling. esvSjSj 
(=e5Cs» :Sj). To move, shake, tremble 

^^ k. n. What is shaking. 2, th 

sides of the abdomen; the weak spot 

tenderness. 3, the flank of an anima' 

-mJSIoj,. Feebleness. -Ajioii^. 


slender branch. 





€5. 1. k. The second letter of the 
alphabet. 2. a remote pronominal 
adjective: That; those, as: ^ ^o^o^.. 
That man. W *d. That side. W 
=g^dr3. Therefore, ef ^rs. Instantly. 
ej ior^,. On that account, w lo^^'s'. 
Thereafter. y 53j?s3. Afterward. 
'J Sd.i. Until then. wssrt. Then. 
3. a final particle in friendly conversa- 
tion, as: co3, D?33J3l Sjj^^dd! 4, an 
interrogative affix, as: woao? ? Sojs; 
rtjS 50ji ? 

C 2. s. ad. From. '2. towards. 3, all 
around. 4, till, as far as. 

£?c (= c3^, c33c^J) a. k. pro. I. 

<i?= k. int. of surprise and sorrow. 

Ci'S'rf s. ?i. A multitude. 2, a mine. 3, a 

e?3^tif*3, e?g^T5£? s. n. Calling; a 
challenge. y^O^ij. To accept; to 

0'3'^^?■Jjs. n. Hearing, listening. tf^E^" 
^0. To hear, listen (c/^. ^O^o, ^^"^J). 

Cj'S'm'^ s. m. Drawing, attraction to- 
wards one's self (= etf ^irra). 2, a 
die or dice ; playing with dice, etc. 3, 
temptation, allurement. -"5*. A magnet. 
Wg*-iw~^j. To attract, draw. 

S?^,?J^^ s. a. Sudden, ad. Suddenly; 

efS's;*, SS'^^O k. n. A cow. -=tcI. A cow's 
calf. -s3jo:3. A herd of cattle. -^^,. 
A cowpen. 

e?5Vv?j k. n. Disgust. 

ej"3^§^ (= ys'js?=f) k. ». Yawning, 
gaping. ^"^'-PKo. V. i. To yawn, gape. 

Cy^ocS^, s. w. Desire, wish. 2, requiring 
of a word to complete the sense. 3, 
suspicion. S:?=5^03r ?ij. To desire, wish. 

ey^Ti s. »i. Form, shape. 2, a hint, 
sign. 3; the vowel t?. -S,".::^. = aoJsSr 
^■5^. -rui)., -rl,'505j?-. Dissimulation. 

Ci'SS'rfr© s. n. Calling; challenging. 

efSDH? (<&. ?5=s^?j, "jt;;^) s. n. The sky or 
atmosphere; an empty space. 2, the 
ether, -rtort. A cascade. -r(„'3;:^j, 
-a;5i. A lamp hung on a pole, -zn-irs. 
A sky-rocket. -z2ejo. The rainbow. 
-;j^rl. An aerial voice. 

£?53;c!, tb. of ^SD^, q. v. 

Cy-CTjPSr" s. a. Scattered; crowded; con- 

Cy^J a. k. n. A leaf; a herb, filament. 
-d^cOj. a file. 

CfWOceiFj s. n. Bending; contraction; 
curving. W^s'jozi^. Bent, contracted. 

ey^oe), ey^OsS;^ s. a. FlUed with, full; 
confused, bewildered. 

ef g'js?^. = ■'j'^^'^, q. V. 

eyS^yB s. n. Forpi, shape. 2, the body. 
3, tribe, species. 

Cy^ 1. k. pro. That woman, she. 2, 
she, the married wife (lion.). 

^y^ 2. a. k. M. Power, valour, -^n'-?. A 
valiant man. 

£y3^,c3?i s. n. Lamentation, weeping. 
^'c^o&Tio. To weep, lament. 

Cf^j'dJf^ s. n. Approaching. 2, at- 
tacking; seizing, grasping. 3, over- 
powering, j-xo rise. 

©"^jSO^^O s. V. t. To seize, grasp, v. i. 

^'S^\z^ s. a. Possessed, obtained. 2, 
subjected, overpowered. Cpds: rfj8533 

Cf^'jjj'j^ s. n. Calling aloud. 2, revi- 
ling, abusing. 

£y^. ozJ s. n. Tossing. 2, abuse, taunt; 
reproach. 3, objection, doubt. -wJS 
Sj, 5f^?iij?oj. To reproach; to object. 

©"SOO h. n. The end. fc?a^dj. =t?s3jdj. 

^ST^ii, s. ?i, A natural pond. 

CSDJ s. n. A rat, mouse. -n, -OqS, 
-;3e)Sci. Ganeia. 




tfajoy s. «. Chase, hunting. 2, fright. 
©"jSj^I^j h. a. Last, final, n. The end. 
?SDJn s. a. Named. 2, making known. 

n. = ^s5,. 

C?i3;)ns s. a. Made known; famous. 2, 
conjugated, n. A verb, predicate (g.). 
-Srf. An inflected verb (g.). -tSifj^. 
An affix of conjugation (g.J. 

<ZjSJ^nB s. 71. Fame, name. -?iJ. To 
make known. 

efsJSo^ s. ?(. Saying. 2, a tale. 3, a 

CfsSo s. n. An appellation ; fame; a name. 

(3'a, eyXe^o, ey^^o k. ad. That time; 
then. wrRrt, errart,, ejhonail,,. From 
time to time, occasionally. ^f\^. Of 
that time. 

£?/\rf a. k. n. Sport, fun, mockery. 
-??)rf. A scoffer, teaser. 

efAc^oC^yn) a. k. nrf. Then. 

Ci'Ao s. a. Come, received. -Ksj^S. 
Reciption, welcome. tfrtS. Arrival; 
return; income; chance. 

£?A^0 s. 71. Arrival. 2, precept; a 
work on sacred science. 3, an 

augment (g.). 4, knowledge, science. 
-^. Cominar. sjtISjssjJS, oIj. The 
sastras and vedas. S5rti0js;j. To arrive. 

^7\':i (tb. of tfnaC) n. An abode, asy- 
lum. 2, a garden. 3, a saltpan. 

e?A^, ^XSJO. = ^n, q. V. 

efXe?. See s. ^no. 

^7\7i (tb. of '^^ni). -Sje^. The sun. 

e?A^O (= ^T\) a. k. ad. Always. 2, that 

cy/NSA, e?A3/^o. See s. fc?rt. 

Z97^^o s. ?i. Pretence of agony or injury. 

GJ'ASSO s. a. Coming; future. --bIjOSo. 
The future tense (g.). ^rxd^O"^. Rela- 
ting to future. 

<Z97sX)'d (=fcjri5i) s. 11. A house, dwelling. 

2f aO k. I", i. To come into being. 2, 
to take place, happen. 3, to grow. 

4, to become. 5. to be. 6, to be done 
or finished. 7, to come under. e, 
to be suitable, fit; to agree. 9, to bS 
possible; to be related. e353?ij ^rir^ 
^^j?i .^nj^S)V^, he is not related to 
me. ecicJj ycOj^, what is done is 
done. Mrtrfjscej. To allow to happen. 
Wrtrf. Not coming about, impossible. 
WrtrfiJrij. An unfriendly man; to'# 
ertcSa^jj, an incompetent man. ^rizij. 
It is unfit or forbidden, as: sSjscioa 
rtrfo. wriO. (3rd. pr. sing, imp.) May 
become or be; be it (so) (s^AsrSO, 
be it so). Rep. to express: whether— or, 
either- or, as: 'axsrlO tfcariO, either 
this or that; wzaSoDrtO s:JJ oijrsjo^ 
UDriO, whether poor or rich, t? Ajsj 
(pr.p.J. Possible, practicable. t?r!j 
5io:i SjsSj, "^frtJij assrl djs^ij. To 
accomplish, bring about. ^^. (p.p.) 
Having become, happened, being 
finished, etc.: 1, affixed to adjectives 
or nouns it is used to form advei'bs, 
as: '!^cje>^, 5Sj,nSo;y?h, ^dejjsah, ?ioJj3» 
^Sejft, etc. 2, lY ?s Mscd to convey 
the idea of "voluntarily", "of itself", 
as: eSttS^fN or s^^f\ loocijl), he 
came of his own accord. 3, icith the 
Dative it signifies: for, on account 
of, in behalf of, as: ^^mh, Sod ali 

"cr "3" 

rfj33rf^?»\, 'ScSrf^^ft. 4, j< signifies 

a s<a<e or quality, as: fcfcjitjrsssf^jjjjj 
worrati; wags? s5^=5'Se>A!jjSrfj. es/s 
^JS?r(o. To be finished; to die. tfcStf-S 
(wcSdDijJ, wd;5d3l)j). Though; so- 
ever. fc?rf3. If it be, if so. wrtJ is aiso 
ttsed to form a kind of passive, as: 
^?«?J55r3;3i)oSj3o; '5?js:|j3or3s^o3j:ii. 
wh^Jo. To bring about, perform. 
t?7l)<J,'#. Becoming, happening, 
e?;^ k. ad. In, into. 

e?A = Sir;, q. V. 
'^^ocdo s. a. Re 

south-east quarter. 

£f^v?cdo s. a. Relating to fire. n. The 



©•t^o (=sjr!, q. V.) k . «d. Then, wfso 
crai^o- From time to time. "^riJS^. 
Also, then; notwithstanding, though, 
as, JjJ^a^srtJS,. Thouffh he did it. 

C?7\j^ s. n. Seizing. 2, earnest solici- 
tation. 3, violence (toS3^3^, cJ). 4, 
anger, "^o. To become angry. 

ii?^:ra)0.3 s. M. Smelling, ei^^^ti^^j. To 

Q'o?\'d?d s. ?t. Brihaspati. 2, the 6th 
year in the cycle of sixty. 

Cfi^cnDj^^r s. a. As long as moon and 
sun endure. 

Z^ii'^0^ s. n. Rinsing the mouth or 
sipping water at a religious ceremony. 

CPe^'dro s. n. Observing. 2, conduct, 
practice; performance. -Sja^j, y°^ 
0?oO. To perform, observe. 

C?t5STJ s. n. Conduct; good behaviour. 

2, an established rule of conduct; 
custom, usage, practice. Cpds: 51, 3^ 

ej'£539 (<6. 0^ e:?i3=)CXijF) «. A title assum- 
ed by Brahmin co oks, idol-makers, 
smiths, artificers, house-ptijaris, etc. 

C5'£53aJor s. ?*. A spiritual guide. 2, 
a conductor of religious ceremonies. 

3, a title of learned men. 

e?e5 k. ad. That side; beyond. 2, after, 
afterwards, as: Wcloi) sSj^sj, t^zi&^Ss. 
-*zl. That side. 

'^UT) Vj(i s. 11. Covering, concealing; a 

covering. "J'iZ^ a^o. To cover, conceal. 

= ep 

0*3i s. n. Relating to goats. -*. A 

flock of goats. 
CJsSs. n. Going, running. 2, war, battle. 

3, level ground. 

^S^'sS, ZSdi'^, s. n. Livelihood, ad. 
As long as life endures. 

£?3:3 ^^ s. n. Ordering. SiJ-^t) ^^o. 

To order, command. 
^"S. (tb. Si'H) s. n. An order, command. 

2, permission. 3, verdict, punish- 


irarodj. A penal decree. 

-"ijitio. To order; to allow. -^ 
=#j?, °A- To take leave. -SjSu-j. To 
order; to condemn, punish. -tDjscio. 
To transgress a command. Wts^ ns 
ci^. Obedient. 
eyy k. ?t. Motion. 2, play, sport, 
amusement, jest. 3, a dance, stage 
performance; gambling. 4, sound. 
Cpds.: =^K'^,hi, ^jaocssfeJ, ^jso^-sy, ^js; 

-5:?:^j. To play; to act, perform. 

-=ff5)3r, -rra^r. A dancing girl, -rrad, 

-r!je?, -orios?. A player; a gambler. 

-sraU. dupl. -<S^. A player; an actor; 

a cheat; (s.) a woodman. 
Z^kio"^ s. n. Obstruction, obstacle, ^^o 

■SrTij. To hinder. 
ii?&S^ k. 71. A person given to play. 
©"faas^^o f. n. An extra servant. 
e^i! k. n. A player. -#, -r^ {cf. wa^). 

Play, wli^o. To long for, desire. 
e?yo k. n. Motion; play, (f.) a. Minor; 

C?l3j3eXJ s. n. Ostentation, pomp. 2, 

control, power. 
efrfo'A k. n. A female. 
e?rfo20d s. n. A drum. 2, roaring. 

8, thunder. 4, pomp, display. 5, 

expanse; a heap. 
C?rf«?;^, £?rf^o k. H. Administration, 

£?a k. ?i. That moves or plays. t?a#. A 

holding, motion; play; a holiday, wa 

rt. An actor, -^ri- Moving, playing. 
yr^J 1. k. V. i. To be in motion; to 

wag, wave, shake. 2, to play, sport. 

3, to dance, act. 4, to speak, utter, 

sound. 5, to abuse. Cpds: is^do, 

^;3i)::^j, ^odizraafo, t?j3osdSj, ^lOn^^^J, 

tt;??33:^j, oojsrfvs^o, ^js^ds^Sj, etc. n. 

Motion. -^OS?. A playful person. -<a'^, 

-3o, ya#. Moving, playing, ^asjo. 

To cause to move, play, dance, etc. 
e?::j 2. k. n. A he-goat. -t^^fs^- A 

herb, Pliyllanthus madraspatensis. 




-sSjjfej.cS hS, -?;j3$n-. A shrub, Justi- 

cia adhatoda. 
CJ'L?e<^J k. n. A screech owl. 
Cfi]^?' s. n. A measure of grain. 
©■i^-Sr s. 7i. A kind of pulse. 
Z^Tf.n s. a. Rich, wealthy, n. Arrogance, 
(^f^g (=&?«?<) k. a. Male. n. Priority. 
e?r©S 1. k. n. Singing, praising. 
e?reS 2. (/&. of °d'2i^) n. An order, 

"SfrJ 1. k. H. Roundness. 2, excellency, 

preciousness. -53JJ^J^. A costly pearl. 
Q'rJ2. a.n. The linch-pin; a nail. 2, a 

limit. -^UJ. The base of a pillar. 

-53iS. A nail-raaker. 
£?r??io k. r. i. To crack or burst. 
<yro^eJ:3 k. )i. A hailstone. 
£??! 1. (/b. «/■ e^^i) H. Command. 2, 

oath. -"a^J, -T?^Jj5 -ojJelSJ, -333^0. 

To swear, -wa^^o. To free from an 
oath. d?3D^?i. By God. aortcrarl. 
By my son. 

C5's32. k. n. A crack. -wCSo. To crack, 
burst. [cant. 

CyoS k. n. A Saiva religious mendi- 

it?P© , £?r©, (fr. 5J'ra) a. k. ?*. A ruler, 
lord, master. 

<i?©, ^f^o k. de»n. pvo. That man, he. 

<i?^c3^ (= Clio's) s. ?^. Obstacle, hin- 
drance (ea). 2, disease. 3, fear. 
fcj:3o3-?iJ. To hinder. 

C^SSOSO s. n. An assailant, felon, 

C^Zj s. n. Sunshine. W3S^ a. Heated. 

<3'o3i^, s. 71. A parasol. 

^Bt^o s. 71. Hospitality. 2, a guest. 

-=fjs:^o, -SJ5::Sj. To entertain a guest. 
CSerar s. a. Crossed, passed over. 
^oo. = tf o;So k. jj. p. of wpi), q. v. 
ei'SJ'ds. jj. Longing for. 2, excitement; 

haste. -3. Desire. -sS3o, -j25°-?J, -»3:^ 

?;o. To bo hasty. «^3jOXo. To feel 


£?^^ s. «. Complete satisfaction. 

<ifii, ^ilSoO^ k. n. A cockroach. 

ey^, s. «. The soul. 2, the self. 3, 
nature, character. 4, intellect; mind. 

5, the sou] of the universe. 6. effort. 
7, wind, air. -W. (in cpds.) Having 
the nature of. -^33^. Suicide, -ts, 
-^333, -'^sS. A son. -^, -S3i, -"^s3. 
A daughter. -2:^. Self-knowing; a 
sage. -d-^^Jo. Fretful, miserable. 
-S)^?rffS, W39^Src3. Offering one's self 
as a sacrifice. -fS^Sci. The middle 
voice of a verb (g.). -V^Ji. Self-born; 
Brahma. -53o:S^. Self-deceiver, -sio 
t^fS. Self-delusion. -C)t3*. Self-know- 
ing; a sfge. -5^0.3. Self-praise. tJsa 
J|j=". One's oira sake; reflexive (g.). 

Cvds: SStiaijS^,, J5PS33, , ^?53n3, , SJ3 
sJ3^, CiOD3o^, etc. 

ZyB,"^ (=W3.T, q.v.) s. a. Having the 

d s. 

nature of. 

£?S, eorfj s. a. Own. relating to self. 

£fifi?cdO s. ?i. Durvasa. 2, the moon. 

£?C3 k. (re/, p. p. of ^rio, q. v.). Affixed 

to noims it converts them into ad- 
jectives, as: zpn^'sui, heavy; <S?33_d 

^^vi, extensive, etc. -'9^^^, -ciOoci. 

Therefore. wt33rio. He may become. 

wa^^J. It may be; yes. 
O'c^'d O'3'dfo s. n. Reverence, homage. 

2, kind treatment, kindness; consola- 
tion. iSi::iO'^. A helper in trou- 
ble. 'JtiO^o. To respect; to treat 

Z9i:i-djt (fr. t?rtj) k. conj. Either, or. 2, 
any. (DiJ3D3:3dj5, any one; o2c33drfjJ, 
something; oiCTjCid-o, anywhere). 

3, at least (dtrtC3CStfJ?, at least now). 

4, though (sijsarfrfjs, though he did). 
Zfzi'S (fr. wriJ) cond. conj. If, if it 

be (ocsrrecid, if it be so). 2, but. 
ZyzS^y s. n. A mirror, -n. Showing; 

a mirror. 
£y::ae3 (A'- ^-^^ k. n. Forehead; front. 




efusodJ s. n. Gain, income, profit; 

e?D s. n. Beginning, a. First, prior. ( 3 
oraa, without beginning; esFSsaoSjoiirf, 
from eternity). C07i. And so on, etc. -t?^ 
xivs. A primary cause. -:S^d. The 
creator. -^?sS. The sovereign of the 
serpent race. Cpds: esc^a, oJoJAiia, 
a^Seia, jdrtsraa. 

e?a^n s. n. The sun. -;73Ci. Sunday. 

©"a^J s. a. First, prior, original. 

Ci'a^S' s. n. Profit, gain, income. 

(^iIj. = eodoo . P. p. of ^o±o, q. V. 

©•cSecdJ s. n. A gift. 

e?c2?^ s, «. Information. 2, precept. 
3, an order. 4, a substitute. 

^:in s. a. First, initial. -*=S. N. of 


Ci'qjajo s. n. Placing, depositing. 2, 
a deposit, pledge; a surety. 3, a 

ej^^-d s. n. Support, aid. 2, authority, 
sanction, foundation. 3, a receptacle. 
-S, tjq330. A man of property. -^^1, 
zSsSc^J, ^iOtiqraO, a destitute man. 

<i?5 s. n. Location. 2, a deposit. 3, 
thought; care; anxiety; cf. ^\&, 

ef^i^n s. n. Excess, abundance; superi- 

i^ypji^n s. n. Supremacy, authority. 

Cp?^ s. a. Subjected, dependent, n. 
Subjection, control, charge. Cpds: 
ro3^?fj, odDS^??^, iS^sra^^c^. 

Q>ji. = ^zi. Rel. p. p. of 5^c^, q- v. 

Ci"^^ s. n. A large drum beaten at 
one end. 2, a tambourine. 

<^^:^ s. a. Bent, bowed; humbled, sub- 

Zy^^ s. 11. The mouth; face. 

e?Ncd s. n. Happiness, joy, delight. 
2, the 48th year of the cycle, -^c!, 
-=snn=^. Gladdening. -wo. Tears of 
joy. -SCaO. To rejoice. -z^^JjiS. A 
kind of tune. ^rioSiXJ. To rejoice. 

£?^^j s. n. Bending. ^N^OJ^iJ. To 

salute reverently. 
0'o)3'£'-> (= tfrii'5'ejj ) k. n. A hailstone. 
£?fJo k. I', t. To touch, join. 2, to rest 
on; to recline on; to lean. 3, to 
lay hold of, put on; to receive; to 
bear, endure, v. i. To be slow. (P. p. 
^:^S). t?;^jeAJO. To burn slowly. 
fc?a^o. To cause to touch, elc. n. = 
eiSi=f. Leaning on. 
GPrJo^oSJo s. n. Suitableness, conformity. 
ei'>:^OA0r®o s. n- Congeniality. 
e?63 1. k. n. An elephant (=r!ia, *0, c3sn). 
Cpds: =s-3:3i>(5, Ji^o^fS, i3v?)f3, c^Psa^fS, 
eic. -^sajj. The Cochin leg, elephan- 
tiasis. -'S's^o, -dj:^J. An old copper 
coin so called, -rits. A troublesome 
kind of itch. -J4o^. Ivory. -^JjSrtoJ. 
The entrance gate of a palace. 
-SjoSj. a bad kind of small-pox. 
.3ioj?ioap5 c3ri°^j. The long-nosed 
alligator. -^jtJj,. The foot-print of 
an elephant. -riJO. An elephant- 
killer. -2o^, -'iJB"^. A pit for catch- 
ing wild elephants. 

e?^ 2. (= 355^5) He is. 2, aff. for 3rd 
pers. sing. masc. present; as: ^tiJB^^, 
iodJ3^c3, etc. 

e?o^cdO" (fr. ©o^^rf) s. n. The inside, 
heart; the mind; secrecy. 

^o^j (^■yso) k. P.p. of Wcdo, q. v. 

£?o^j s. n. The bowels, entrails. -STOoijJ, 
-3S a. Ingual hernia, rupture, [-(j^i. 

£?ot5A (= !f:l ??:»->) k.w. The white screech 

ei'o^.oeeJ, Cfodjsee^fo s. m. Swinging. 

e?or?j3es55^ s. «. A palankeen (iSso-or). 

£f oi^-Do' s. M. A cook. 

GPoc^j s. M. Telugu. -d^si. T. country. 

£?Sj 1. k. Rel. pres. p. of "^o*- Being 
strong, able or possible. -ri3o, wsra 
Wj. As much as possible. ysJcSJ. 
It will be possible. 

^t) 2. s. n. "Water. 

<i^7j-R s. 71. A river, stream. 


w ojCS 



iS?3jOS s.)i. A shop. 2, a market, ^sijii?. 
A shop-keeper, merchant. 

Trouble; misfortune, calamity, dis- 
tress. -^A), -•Jj°^j. To be in distress. 
tfS3f> o. A time of trouble. °JSrf wor. 
Practice allowable in time of distress. 

ZfZjri^. s. rt. Gained, acquired. 2, dis- 

'Z9ZM>^s.n. Rushing on; throwing down; 
happening. 2, the instant, 

S?SDd, 'ifSjDrfjj s. ?i. Accusation; puni- 
shment. Sf STsOsJo. To charge, punish. 

Cfsjvji s. w. A drinking-party. 

e? ^ k. n. An object to lean upon, refuge, 
protection. 2, a kind of bulrush, 
Typha elephantina. 

Z^^^r s. a. Full. -:3. Fulness. 

<^-£^-&y'^ s. a. Expecting, -wishing. wsS? 
•B^^ rt. Wished. 

Cy^e^^i s. «. Sipping of water at the 
beginning and end of meals. 

^5"::; s. a. Obtained, reached; apt, 
fit. 2, trustworthy, n. A friend. 

0*333 ?\8 f. n. An ornamental umbrella 

— D 

borne over rajas. (tude 

^h s. n. Reaching; obtaining; apti- 

C?sin s. rt. Watery; consisting of water. 
2, obtainable. 

£?oj3q(x5jfj s. rt. Causing fulness; satis- 
fying. 71. Satisfaction, pleasure. 

Z9'^Ti, ^Tj-^^s. n. Bathin?, ablution. 
-^5. A Brahmana who has taken the 
bath after his period of study. 

CfSDTij, e?20oi^o, efaooj h. n. Honour, 
character, renown. -ri^a. A man 
without honour or character. 

ePSTOiiJ h. rt. Flourishing, cultivated. 

e?K33?d {tb. of tjqra?;) n. Fallacy; 
failure, defect. 

C?83 tS' s. rt. Annual, yearly. 

C^cJr® s. n. An ornament. 

e?2pD^ s. n. Manner, mode. 

CPapSciir® s. H. Addressing, speaking. 

■^CiTO^d s. n. Splendour, light; appear- 
ance; reflection. 

Cf^e'd s. n. A cowherd. 

^^^oSTi (ft: ss-^^o^^tf, g.r.) s. rt. Inter- 
nal. «. Obstacle. 

<i?^ 1. s. rt. Raw; uncooked; unripe. 
71. Constipation; passing unhealthy 
excretions (mucus); sickness, -ti^ , 
-Sot. Dysentery. -?5j306jo, a sour 
sauce or seasoning made of tamarind. 

e?rfo 2. k. n. A potter's kiln. 

25* siOuio h. jj. Coming; income; import. 

£?^0c^, e?^oog)TO s. n. Welcome. 2, 

lydoorfo s. 71. Sickness, disease. 

O'^jejS s. n. The plant Emblic myroba- 

lan (= r30^. 
£fs:5j^zS {<6. o/' S:?5iJ5Sa) ?i, A kind of 

cake made of split pulse mixed with 

spices, fried in ghee or oil and soaked 

in curds. 
^"^TS^o s. n. A minister, counsellor. 
Q'^TOB'cdo s. 71. The stomach. 

ey^ojc; s. n. Flesh. 2, a bribe. 3, a 

gift. 4, desire. 
^Ojg?:^. = e,DJ3ri, q. v. 
^S)7st) h. n. A native revenue officer. 
^Tio:>SJ^'^ s. rt. Belonging to the other 

Cf 550.(8e; s. ad. By the root, entirely. 
ef^So k. )i. A tortoise, turtle. 
CJ^jsorf s. rt. Gladdening, n. Pleasure, 

joy. 2, fragrance, w^^ao. To be 

glad; to smell at. 
e?o20d (tb. WSJ,) «. Pepper water with 

ei-osfjso-g Sec wrfJs::i. 

^^■:i . e?aj ^ s. n. The tamarind tree. 
2, sourness, acidity. 

efodo 1. a. k. M. The inside; the vital 
part of the body. 2, detail, particu- 
lars. -*yo,. Structure of tenderness. 




<i?odO 2. k. n. Measure, dimension, 
extent; rule, order; fitness. 2, 
craftiness, deceit. -'^'W^- Properness, 
suitableness; measure, extent. -rs=)d. 
A clever man. -^Wj.nDd. A man 
who does his work properly. 

Z^yiJ 3. s. n. Revenue. 2, profit. -?o=) 
»3J(,, -?3d dj^. Corn given by the 
villagers to the hereditary servants 
of tlie village as their established 
fees of office, -nsrf. A hereditary 
village servant. 

e?odO^ 1., £?oda;^ 1. k. 7i. Fitness. 2, 
readiness. 3, ease. Fdiffuse. 

^350^ 2. s. a. Checked. 2, extended; 

Ccrio^ji s. n. A place, seat, home. 2, 
an altar. 3, a temple. 

CJ'xiO^ 2. s. a. Dependent on. 2, docile. 

^z6jt)7j s. 11. Efi^ort, exertion; trouble. 
2, fatigue. -rtj3°-?j), -~s^no, -t,zio. To 
become weary. 

lifOSJ 1. h. n. A mother. 

£?05J2, CfcdJJ 1. k. n. Collecting, v. t. 

To collect, gather; to select. P. p. 

wcSo. -f, -<2€. Selecting. ejirfo^^JsVOv. 

To select for one's self. ei'oSj^ij. To 

cause to choose. -^JS?, A beggar. 
e?Oajgo, COSJ^O k. (3rd pers. sing. 

past t. of ?irij). It became, it is done, 

O'3rf00 2., Corfoo^q, C?ixioooJ s. n. Life; 

age, duration of life. -»So3, tsoijj 

55~o3. Long-lived. tfOdojD^djj^rt,. 

Long life and health. wcxJjjn^rodj. 

The term of life, -co^c^, tJoijooo^FoS. 

^oSO:^:^ s. n. A weapon. 2, a tool. 

-StieS. An arsenal, -s^rs, -qsaO, -^, 

yodoj^B'. A soldier. -qSO'ij. To arm. 
©"orfoj^errf s. 7i. Medicine. ?fodjJ53°ra. 

A physician. 
£?a (Inf. of tJO* <o be filled, teem) 

k. a/f. To the full, as: *?§?> ^J, ^^oljs 

ti, Sjj?j?c^rf, eic- -ADcSo. A perfect 

wild; a place never cultivated- 

£?L^5 a. k. n. Publicity; infamy, scandal. 

£fkjr®q s. a. Relating to a forest. n. 
A forest. -^. A woodman. 

(i?rfS, e?aF r<6. of WDS^^s') n. The cere- 
mony of waving (around an idol or 
person) a burning lamp. Cpds: a^ 

-li^rijf -Sj3:^j. Arati to wave, -'ijizio. 

A. to offer. 
©"■deo s. a. Begun, n. Beginning, fc?^'^^- 

Beginning from. 
e?do20, e?:io20J k. H. Tillage, cultiva- 
tion, -rrarf. A cultivator, farmer. 
©•doSji s. M. Beginning, commencement. 

2, effort. -;33rO, wrfotp^ij. To begin. 
e?da2J?jJ, £?5/?jO k. V. t. To expect, 

look for, take care of. 
ZS-ioioCi, ©"iJodoOqk. v.t. To search; to 

investigate, consider; to look to; 

to nourish. ydo3j. Searching; 

Ci'dsB'd k. Ji. Bawling. 2, (f.) a mort- 
gage with possession. 
e?a^W (rf = 63) a. k. n. The anxiety of a 

sick man. 
<i?csS s. n. An enemy. 
^'Jix^'^ s. H. A worshipper. 
SPOS^jJ^ s. «.. Service, worship. t?03^?oo. 

To worship, adore {^ntZ'KS). 
Z^07)L^Q s. rt. To be worshipped or served. 

11. A class of Saiva Brahmanas. 
CyoD^J s. n. Repose. 2, pleasure. 3, 

a grove, garden. 
£y&^k. n. The Indian millet, Panicum 


C?&?ij k. V. t. To collect, gather ; to pick 

out, choose, 2, (0=a) to quench, 

allay; to heal. 
<i?do 1. k. 11. Fullness, abundance, ad. 

Fully. Cpds: o^jaostfj, ^s^^Sasrfj. 
efdj. 2. = odo^dj. 
<2i'XJ0 3. k. n. A pair of oxen yoked to 

the plough. 2, a frame put on the 




neck of cattle, v. i. To cry aloud. 

-s^iio, -^'Wj,. To yoke oxen to a 

efrJj 4, (rfj=C3j) k. D. t. To go out, be 

extinguished. 2, to grow cool. 3, 

to dry. 4, to heal, fcf O3oj3or(j. To dry 

up, etc. wd!3Sj. trOcio, ^S'S'i.. To put 

out to dry. 
£?do 5. (dj=e3j) k. a. Six. tJCia. Six 

feet: the dark blue bee. yCjJcxJj. 

Sixth. Cpds: -rtoWo, -cid, -cssd, 

O'T^jsT;;^ s. a. Mounted, ascended. 

^'3 1. k. n. A shrub, Bauhinia racemosa. 

e?z5 2. f. n. A shoemaker's knife. 2, 

Mahratta. -=?3i3. A Mahratta man. 
e?-3 3. = 5:fCi. 2,2^/. of tJfS 1. 
Zf'8ji^7\f:> k. n. Eating; a meal (= 2^j3° 

ia?i). -Sj3::Sj, t?i3j3;n?;j. To eat. 
•iy^jseAO s. ?t. Health, a. Wholesome. 

-Aji'^Ko. To make healthy. -^ci, 

-B^d'5'. Healthy, wholesome. 
SPtSjsdZj, £?TSj?)oz;r© s. n. An accusation, 

charge. wSjs^o'j. An accused person. 

-^cJj, ?5dj3^!L=oj. To apply, ascribe; 

to accuse. 
©"iSjse^, Ci'T5j3e5or© s. ti. Rising, 

mounting, ascending; a ladder. Wujj? 

oj^j. To ascend. 
ePeior k.f. *. To cry aloud. 2,(='^0K\) 

No. 2) to quench. 
£?3iFN s. M. Acquiring. fcfJ5r?Rjj. To 

^n^i'^- [flattery. 

<y&;r^ s. n. Honesty, rectitude. 2, 

ey^Fs.a. Afflicted, distressed; unhappy; 

-3. Seasonable. 


full of desire. 

Cry of pain. 
CySr s. n. Pain, sickness. 2, desire. 3, 

= fc?C^, q. V. 
£Prfjr s. a. "Wet, moist; fresh; soft. -*. 

Green ginger. -*. Green ginger. -Ajs 

«?So. To moisten. -^ . -z^^. Moisture. 
^Sjr a. n. The sixth lunar mansion. 
ZS^'^ a. k. n. Might, force, valour (JJoa 

SJ-eOor, yeory k. n. Crying aloud, 
roaring. t?tor5J;^j, etora^^j. To cry 

G?oiir s. M. A respectable, venerable 
man, an Arya. 2, a man of good 
family. 3, an elder. t?od)ara;^r. The 
abode of the Aryas, the country bet- 
ween the Himalaya and the Vindhya 

Si'si.r s. n. A certain form of marriage. 
«:?d$rcxij. Venerable; very ancient. 

eye; k. n. The Banian, Ficus indica; 
eiejrf 5jJd. 2, the red water-lily. 3, 
(s.) animal poison. 

'Z^^CiO, ©"SioSOn s. n. Depending on. 
2, support; assistance. -sJjsct), &jt>o 
i3;^o. To lean upon; support, -^jscso. 
To give support. -St^ ^Ji)S?o,. To 
patronize, srfoo-cl^. Supported. 

Si'e/'cEfJ s. n. Seizing; killing. 

Cfaiodo s. n. An abode, house; an asylum. 
Cpds: d^s^ejoi), &3^je)yajj, efc. 

£?e;o2o?jo, efspcdoo; k. r. t. & t. To 

listen, attend to, mind. 

i3'£»S3£i s. w. A trench for water round 
the foot of a tree. 

'Z9^7in s. n. Idleness, indolence; weari- 
ness, languor. -Asd. A lazy man; 
sickly man. -^>. = 5:?^=^^. -srarij. 
To be slow. -s3j33j. To delay. 

Z^OSJ'j, ePe/szlN s. n. Speech, conver- 
sation. 2, lamentation. 3, the prelude 
in music. ^9jsSj^, To converse; 
to lament. 

£?e!) 1. k. n. The pupil of the eye. 2, 
an inflammation of the eye. -^'CO . 
(=W£i5^t)j) A hailstone. 

^ en' 

e?eD 2. s. n. A bee. 2, a female friend. 

3, desire. 4, a line. 5, a bridge; dike. 
Z9€'C7\7i s. n. Embracing, clasping; 

an embrace. -sJjDtej, e:fOo^^?5J. To 


S?£Jo s. ?i. A small water-jar. 2, an 
esculent root, Arum campamUatum. 




3, one who possesses, as: 'B'rfjrajiejj, 
dcdb^ejj. -rid. A potato. 

£?e3 k. n. A sugar-cane mill. 2, the 
lobe of the ear. 

£?e3j3e^, e?e3js?^N s. n. Looking; sight, 
aspect. 2, light, lustre. Sidja^-i-^^j. 
To behold, ydjs?-*^. Seen. 

e?e3/de2ic3s. n. Thought; opinion; inten- 
tion; counsel. -5iJ3:^o, t?e3j3^^3^o. 
To think, consider. --iJS^iJ, -^?°i?0. 
To give one's opinion. 

e?dj3er^?j s. n. Mixing; stirring. 2, 
acquaintance, experience. 

iJi"?^, e?rfo (=01:^^) a. 'k. pro. What? 
which? WSic^N-raw^. Whoever. tJSSO^ 
(=oiO). Where? tJ^srt. When? ^^ 
COTfSjsodj. Whatsoever, ws^rfo. What? 

e?^AO a. k. ad. Whenever, always. 2, 

Cfdrioa s. a. Covering; veiling; enclos- 
ing, n. A fence, railing; a bolt, w 
sSOsJj. To cover, conceal, enclose. 

e?rfa. = wta i, q. v. 

ef^Sisr, GysS^r li. n. a head in the 

<Z9^^f s. n. Turning, revolving. 2, a 

Z?^^F^ s. n. Turning, repeating. 
£?^Sr" s. 71. A turn, time. -53j3:i>. To 

repeat, as a lesson. 
Zy-^fD, e?;^^ s. n. A row, range, line. 

2, a series. 3, a heap. 
C»5^o3^ s. a. Necessary, inevitable, n. 

e?SDA (/■/■. wS) k. ad. When. 
t?;ro:j s. n. Scattering. 2, a trench for 

water at the rbot of a tree ( = fcf eJ 

S3Dt)). 3, a bracelet. 
Cf S3S?j s. w. An abode, dwelling. 
•^Sw^^s. n. Inviting; invoking a deity 

to occupy an image. 
£?,3(= ^S30) k. n. Steam, vapour; heat. 

2. a potter's kiln. 
^^S^Fri s. n. Becoming manifest. WtS 

?ijr<2^j. To be manifest; to be born. 

£?S^j3r"^ s. a. Become visible. 
C?^ k. n. A cow. pro. We. 

0's:^\:^ s. a. Enclosed, covered. 5:?5i>S. 

Covering. 2, an edition, as of a book. 
ZS'^\^ s. a. Turned round, averted. 
Z?'^\8 s. ?i. Repetition. 2, revolution. 

3, an edition, as, of a book. 
ZyS) (= wsjO) k. n. A turtle, tortoise. 

-loSy). A tortoise shell. 
£?5?A s. n. Hurry; agitation. 
C?^f^ s. n. Entering, taking possession 

of. 2, demoniacal frenzy; excitement. 

3, pride. -^Joioo, -locJj, -fisno. To be 

possessed by a demon. 
£?^er^ s. n. Pervading; visiting. 
e?^?s^ J3 s. n. Surrounding, wrapping; 

a Wrapper; an enclosure. wS^oi^r^J. 

To surround, wrap. 
e?^. tb. of ^S, q. V. 
ey^ioriN s. n. Wishing. 2, declaring. 

W5Jo?3. Wish, desire, hope; decla- 
ef^orfo s. n. A resting place; an asylum; 

a receptacle. 2, meaning, intention. 

3, will. 4, property. 
ey^sro^, e?3DeOotii s. n. The snare of 

C?B38iJOA s. >i. Disappointment. 
i£?2)?jO s. I', t. To desire, wish. 2, to 


e?§)e^r£i?i, e?§i?^;)rrf s. «. a bless- 
ing, benediction. -'^j3:;Sj, -oSjsSj, ejS? 
53~asjj. To bless. 

'i?3'0 s. a. Quick, fast. n. Haste. -K 
The wind; the sun. 

£f€ s. n. Wish, desire; expectation, 
hope. -A'J?}^':^, -S:^j, -rfJscSo. To 
desire. -'SjsSO. -Jj3?0SjJ. To hold 
out hopes. -=#a?^0. To disappoint. 
-?io3j sSjs^rtj. To despair. 

Cf^ei fA'. ©ioia) s. Ji. Impurity. 

SJ"^ odor s. a. Curious, marvellous. 
«. Wonder; surprise, astonishment- 



-rtjsVA, -KSJ. To be surprised. -^cJ. 

eS'S' (fi: «=ij s. a. Stony, made of stone. 
S??ilij s. H. A hermitage. 2, one of 

the four religious orders, i. e. ^^^ 

CfSjCxJj (<6. w'tf, fcf=:!3) s. n. Depending 
on; a support, shelter, refuge; protec- 
tion. -'Sj:.^. To afford help. -r^^J,. 
To have recourse to for shelter. fc?S, 
c£j=fj. To join; to obtain; to follow; 
to approach for protection. 

ef5'jT5 s. n. Stream, flow. 2, distress. 
3, a promise, a. Obedient, compliant. 

efc^ s. a. Kesorting to; having sought 

the protection of; protected; being 

dependant on- n. A dependant. 

ef€ ?si s. 11. An embrace. 2. y. of the 
9th lunar mansion. 

efS^cdooSrr, SfC^rf. e?a^eai s. n. The 

7th lunar month (September-October). 

e?3vQ7jS. n. Breathing. 2, encouraging, 

consolation; also -ri. 3, a chapter 

of a book. ^STj^^J. To breathe; to 


^Z^T^ s. H. The 4th lunar month 

(June-July). 2, an ascetic's staff. 

-:~>sS. A cheat, scamp. 

&z^Ti (lb. fc?=;3) s. ft. The plant Aspaia- 

giis racetnosus. 
^Ti"^^ s. a. Devotedly attached to. 2, 

zealously pursuing. 
^Tivr s. n. Attachment; dilisence, zeal. 
w^-i-.03jc3:Jj. To be ardently devoted 
e?;^a. tb. of «s??, 5. V. 
efjj^i s. w. Sitting; sitting as devotees 
in peculiar postures. 2, a seat, stool, 
chair. Cpds.' '^J3^iss~X^, rtdj3^=^=^. 
2ic^_^si?j, Ajo3o9s;=d, etc. 
Cy?i^-j s. a. Sat down; closely united; 
near. [disease. 

e??3E3^ (tb. of ?;?sU3r5?) /i. Aphthous 

Cf^is^s ~ s. ». Gasping, panting. 
G^Tii, Z^^iZ. tb. of e^ijOii, q. v. 

^7f:i:i (So= SJ) k. r. 1. To be weary or 

fatigued. P. p. w?:3j . n. Weariness, 

fatigue. -« = JCd. dupl. Fatigue. -S:Sj. 

To be tired. ^-.t\~^. To remove 

fatigue, to rest. 

e?x^ s. n. Distilling. 2, spirituous 


Cfris:i> s. n. Laying down; meeting 

with; obtaining. 

©"T^D^j h. n. A person or individual. 

Cf pdo^d s. n. Incursion. 2. a heavy fall 

of rain. 3, provision, food. -S-Jrs 

I e^J. A kind of hall. 

i 2f ?jO k. n. The sal tree, Shorea robiuta. 

i ef?iv'd 1. a. k. n. Increase, abundance; 

strength. 2, annoyance, trouble. 

j e?;^j;j 2. (fr. isKjt) s. a. Relating to 

I evil spirits, n. A form of marriage. 

I eyx (tb. of vt, q. V.) -rtaclx).. To shelter, 

I protect. -iiJS«?>=:j. To allure. -loSB' 

o=i. Avarice. -SJ3:«j. To desire. -A5tf, 

-ViS?. A covetous mau. 

, e?;^e^>, Si'Xe'S s. n. Attending to; 

assiduous practice; commerce. 

I ^7j "dre s. n. Spreading. 2, a carpet. 

\ 3, a layer. 

'< ©"Aj s.n. Property, wealth. -sr^A:.. reit. 

I -*. A believer in God and another 

I world, a theist; a man of property; 

pious, faithful. -tB*,. Theism, -rrsd, 

I -Sc3. A man of property. 

I ef^a ^ s. »i. Place, site. 2, an assembly. 

fcf^^*. A courtier. 

^t, s. n. An assemblv. 2. care. 3. 
\ ^ ■ ■ ■ 

I effort. 4, condition. 

I ^-s.^1 f- «• The English "hospital". 
2f?iv - s. n. Place. 2, position. 3, 
business. 4, basis, occasion, opportu- 
nity. -'^.'XJ. To allow. 
Z^tj:s<^li. 2?X.;\?y^ s. u. Moving to and 
] fro, flapping; clapping the arms; 
knocking, as at a door. fc??i.3^^ySi. 
i A gimlet. 


Cf ;:t<n. s. H- The atoath; tiite face. -z:3s^. 

(=e'7z3«) Sore ■Boaiii. %rn^^c. 

Ef!£« k. ««it »/ 4i»Ute-- Ft ! 
E^S E. a. SCTKC^ 2. msMp]!led. S. 
kncTx. K. Sew cSoEk. S. a 4mB. 

E?'^^, t?S'3?e B. «- BriBjiB^-, ietiefaiiig'. 

2-. seazB?; rofcibliLr- rfS't?^. T« rate 

2. v&r. loKi^&e:. 3, saez'ffiee. f?£Se7l£< 

2^ To ekslkng-e. ss^. A -ararnoT. 
£f 31 ^ ««£. «if fttrprist, piif w mrrmc- 
£f 3Sj t. «- TsMb?- 1ot*2. 2. food, 

a^tj:. To eat. 
E?^wS (©. 'S54.S. E. V,,.. C'i.&.:.X':Lf 'jf.*r- 
iBg': sa oiilK.k-.x »■;;• -i*- deitits. -5', 

'^^■r-- To reeeiTe sat ■t-'ferriig', 
^"zEsc^ s. 'K. CaQiBg'; eaauBuninig;. 
^Ica* k. tNi. jif cuoHder tw cwprise. 

S? x^? E. fl- DaOj. «. A religiwBS «er£- 
atoiEy to lie performs* ereay *«y- 

■e? ^ (« = O) k. ■«. ItejBh. 2. Ltiii:^^i.:ii>B. 

-=i5*'Su^ -i&Si, To MKnmd iibe aepii.. 
-Z'Su -s*jr A &esfp taask. 

'^ £-^^{2^ k. H. A BBiiakroom. 

t?^ 1. k. ^M affix fw fwatun^ nmaut. ait 
L.3?*. fii^:=?*, CJ5T3"?. T-,33^; tfe. 

0>§' 2. (^= C?) a.k, «. Depih. 2, firs.flt5- 
a£S£, xricS^er;'. -^jsalt. To dee^Te. 

2f e 3. (« = r^^y a. k. «. Otmbemt^ *i»- 

5T8«£, -r^"«*. To ^eiBjKsiie. 

ey®^ k. «- B.mle; reign, 

'5'^-=m (f = 2») k. «. TmmulL Efflasa. 

'£?^Hs£- (= ©#«ju> k. '»- A fti^DirreL 

•EfO 1. k. X. t T*f«L S-tokol*. 5, to 
ffirrerm. ntle., x&aaase- P. jp- S^J- 
w^^i. To esiLBe to rule. -Sti, -iff. 

€£^^. A roler, master, 

Cf ?^J 2- k. «- A Ber^ant: a esASier; a 
m:GssG3Bger. 2. a grows vp pexsoK ix 

•work doBe Irj- serraBi^ -curL. A 
serrmK. tfif,^-. Maaalj strEaagtit- 
ef «ji 3, (ffJ= ffij^ a. k. T. i. To msak xb a 
£oid; to immieree. drre; to be deep. 

&. «. A mterli)!. of a lort. 

l.<iifcc*, J- ■He-, &t.- r»^.'s-^ 

a, ?w^ -'- : ' -_ i€^. «lc 3, aprsfj^ 
pnn. «^- «w wi 'S.i^.jS)^, "ssiij "3^ file. 
- 'iw lenMMiaCMM tf Oup. p. (garmauS) 
aim emUmg iw^ 0^ ««.' ^^^ cSj^e_. 

- I 

p k. Jbi wuailiarir tgUaMi: lb farm tke 
gemiUct, datint. UtcmiiiM mtngmlm; prt- 




respectively, as: r<jdj.s^, !ij;;«tSN; 

/■orw (he instrumental sing, and plur..^ 
either following the shorter or the 
common longer form of the genitive, as: 

cJj3»jriorf, =530sionJ, linei.oJoOocS, etc. 

rsj^(t='aj3<, -as*, '3sij<, etc.) a, k. Two. 
'a^Wj.. Two ways or parties; narrow- 
ness, strait; dilemma. "a^Wj.Sjj* 
WJj. Many difficulties, 'a*,:!, 'a^t). 
Both sides, '^^rsj. Both eyes, 'a* 5. 
Both banks. "S^^oj. Both legs, 'a^, 
olJ*. Both arms. 

0£)5S"d s. The letter ^. 

r^'ff 1. k. v4?i affix for the formation of 
neuter nouns, as: SojSorvBii^, wja 

CS)^ 2. (= '3^) k. ^M a/^a; to form the 
dative of the infinitive with final «seJo, 
as: 5jj3SO€, 58j8^rtOf, oS^^O'f e<c. 

<T£j^j3, f^^js?, f^T^jse k. in<. Look here ! 
lo! behold! 

rSl^Uo (sees. 'ae*). k. n. Strait, dilem- 
ma. ^'^IJ.o^ 7i^, A narrow passage. 

'a^eas^rij. To be strait. 
rsi5^^S?jO k. V. i. To sound, v. t. To kill. 
<TSlS^^ («?=C;) k. n. Tongs, pincers, 
ogj^j, la. v. t. To put, place; to beat; 

to serve, as food; to give, as money, 

alms, etc.; to abandon ; to be put. 

2, to kill. 'af^So, -^i O^io. To put 

aside, lay by. ^af^sij. To cause to 

put, etc. 'a^J 5o. Putting, etc. 
rsj^, 1. k. n. Abiding; an abode, a place 

of rest or refuge (= S:?^oii). 
<iq^^ 2. (= 'a^^ 2) k. An affix of infinitive, 

as: aj=!:iO#, coJs^rtO^, etc. 
f^^.oS k. n. The residence of the kings 

of Bidanur. -53tiao. A gold coin of 

that name. 
'^^J?.?. = ■aifjs?, etc. q. v. 
CSjS'Oy s. n. The sugar-cane; also -cio::^. 

-d?J. Sugar-cane juice. -Soa^opi. 


OS)^ ^^0 s. ?«. A bitter gourd. 2, X. 

of the first king of the solar dynasty. 
f^A k. An affix to form masculines, 

as: ATT^rt, Cj5oart, c3=)S?r(, sojsdart. 
f^AT^O k- V. i. To be evaporated, dried 

up. 2, to shoot, sprout, n. A sprout, 

germ. 2, the gums. 
^A33r( = 'ao2j?i3No. 2)f. M.A church. 
f^/^je!?. ='a^^$ etc., q. v. 
<^o, f^83< k. n. Sweetness; agreeable- 

ness. 'aortCiC*. The sea of milk. "So 

T^Jt^ejj. The sugar-cane. 
(^o'S^'^0 h. n. Refusal, denial, abnega- 
tion, disdain; also 'ScS^^cJo. -»Jj3:So, 

'^o'^OKj. To deny, refuse. 
<^o^ k. n. A little. 
<^OArf (tb. of ^^j'i}. = CortS, q. V.) s. ?i. 

Separateness. "aiorsaJiJ. To separate. 

f^OASSS', (^OAS!)?^, O£jOA0s5^ (<6. o/" 

coortjt)) ?i. Vermilion. 

nSjOA^ r<6. o/' tsoAsjtf) n. Heated char- 
coal; fire. -rtr?. Siva. ^oTiVoAjs^x. 
To catch fire. 

f^oT", ^ s. n. A hint. sign. 2, aim, 
intention, covert j)urpose. -sa . Under- 
standing signs, etc. 

osjCT^O 1. k. c. «. To be imbibed; to 
soak into. 2, to dry up. 3, to boil 
away. 4. to give. '^Qf\^J. To evapo- 
rate; to cause to give. 

o£)OAO 2. (tb. of coorto) n. A perennial 
plant. Ferula asafoetida. -3o;:^j , 
-cs-Wj. To deceive. 

oacT^I?^. o£jo7\ ?s:;o f. «. English. 2, 

— ^ no 

(='ar!ii-") an "eglise", a Roman 
Catholic church. 
cS(i^ a. k. An affix to form masculines de- 
noling "born of", as, esjO'^S (flower- 
born), Brahma. 

f^2i =<^85 . ^d^ c^. A random figure 
Za-' ^ ep &3- 
the third term in the rule of three. 

razi 3^, <~Qti a {tb. of '^^.'^) n. Coaxing; 
flattery. 2, a flatterer. -Sfi, Flatter- 
ing. -53^:^0. To flatter, coax. 




rgei O30?j0 (tb. of -^tMcQoTio) v. t. To 
desire, wish, covet. 

cqeS f^b. of 'Si^o f/. y.). -rtjss^sSo. To 
allure. -=5'3rf, -n^d. One who wishes 
or wills; a willing man; f. -nsSr. 
-l?tfo. A wish to be gratified. 

oQeS (//). "^iS) s. 11. Wish, desire; in- 
clination. 2, a question in mathema- 
tics. "^tSji c^OoSSCi. According to one's 
wish. '^i57i,^^r. Full gratification 


of one's desires. 
r£|^ k. a. Two. -1*:^, -J3j3;f, -jgjs^c^j. 

Unlikeness, dissimilarity, oddness. 
r£(3i3Sj h. n. Increase, augmentation. 
fGiSiST:?, r£j3jsTJoh. «. Trowsers, breeches. 
oqaiS'5 h. n. A contract, monopoly. '^233 

roniid. A contractor, monopolist. 
f^U^O (='aca^j) k. n. Narrowness, 

straitness. i'. t. To come within reach. 

f^Uj?6, f^y^ a. k. >i. A crowd, throng; 

eo eo 

abundance. 2, hindrance, strait. 'aW, 

rf;<o, '3y,e??;j. To be close, crowded; 

eo ' ' 

to throng. 

f^&5 , f^U o?\ k. n. The vomit-nut tree, 
Stryclinos mix vomica. 2, (<b. ojf odo^) 
a spear, lance. 

f^fe! /^ r^ft. o/' '^^(^) n. A brick. -e3tSj_. 

A brick mould. -rtjs:^j, -2*^53.. A 

brick kiln. -rfjsc^o. Brick to make. 

-odjrf, A brick-maker. 

f^U,Z§, o9637§ k. n. Narrowness; a 
eJ ' M 
strait, obstacle. 

f^T^S'o k. iJ. t. To pinch; to press, beat, 
cuff. 11. (=:'3Wb'j, (/. t).) Narrowness; 

fS^c^TJO (= oiCildj) k. 11. Hindrance, ob- 
stacle. 2, trouble. 3, enmity, v. i. 
(dj=e3j) To stumble. 

<^5 k. V. i. To be close, heaped; to 
crowd; to abound. 2, to be powder- 
ed; to crumble, v. t. To pound, n. 
The state of being close. 2, the whole. 
3, a collection, mass. 4, cement. 
-T^otJj. A treasure. -^J. To cause 
to powder; to cause to put, erect, etc. 

osjc^o k. V. t- To put down ; to throw. 
2, to put, place; to give, as a name; 
to set, plant. 3, to put on ; to lay 
by, keep; to preserve. 4, a< the end 
of certain words: to produce, make, 
etc. n. (= '3Sa<3T?). Putting; planting. 
t>Ujl=^j3°i>Jj. To take into one's employ; 
to lay by, as money, etc.; to put on, 
keep. Cpcls.: yraoSjc^j, to adjure; 
tfj^^iSo, to cry; :SJti!\:So, to amass; So 
oiAj^cSo, to mind; »3j3!3oao;:^j, to invoke; 
53oja Sj, to kiss; WpiCaJ, to prop. 

oat^O^O, <^rio7\d (='3 3*J) k. n. Nar- 
rowness. 2, a cattle-disease. 3, 
freedom, r. t. To unloose, set free. 
'acSotrdo. A throng, crowd. -sijoc^o 
^j, 'acS053jj:So=5^J. A narrow curve or 
passage. -JjasrtJ. Full of difficulties. 

f^c^o^ k. n. Putting on. 2, an ornament. 

e^xios^ k. n. A crack, hole. 

o£(c§ 1. = oici 1, q.v. 

o£jZl 2. f. n. The earth. 2, heaven. 3, an 
oblation, food. 4, a cow. 5, speech. 

f^Ti e5, rgrf e3^, cor^ ^^ k. n. A kind 
of sour pudding. 

(^CSSa k. n. A squirrel. 

f^rf, <^?6 k. 11. An ox's hump. 

0S(Cco a. k. »i. A crack; a piece, lump. 
2, a wreath, garland. 

osj§ k. a. Two. 'a^Wo,. Both sides. '3^ 
a. Both banks, "a^oc^. Both portions. 
■^^d. Two lines, both sides. '^^^3 
Two or both heads. 

(^:^a3D& h. a. Trustworthy. 

oq;^^ s. a. Other, different. 2, low, 
vulgar. -^. At an other place, '^^d? 
;^d. Mutual. '^^d?:^d -dv^oSj. An action 
of two or more persons. 

<^^ 1. f^S k- ^n affix to form feminines, 
as: ra=)f^S, CJdOn^, i«^?jn^, ^<c. 

rsiB2. s. co/y. Therefore. 2, in con- 
clusion, here ends. -s2. Thus indeed. 

f^§553?i s. n. A legend, traditional 
account. -=5t)d. A historian, narrator. 

'3,^ J 



o£i^ k. A tcrminalion of the third pers. 
sing, neuter of the imperfect, as: wJs 

09 i^ (pj-oa;. o/" «S) k. ad. This side; 

O — ° . i 

in this direction or place; after this, 
further; also 'a^«JJ. -^^- To and 
fro. -'^d. This side, '^f.^- >"ep. 
Nearer; in course of time. -Cei?v, 
-esart. To this side; afterwards, lately, 
recently. [it was. | 

ro^j k. P. p. o/" ■^- Having given, i, 


f^i^oqjr s. 71. The -whole matter; settle- 
ment, decision. 

o£(33ra s. ad. And so OU; etc. 

0£)35, f^a;^;3, rga^js? k. i/i/. Lo! look 

'aa'do (= »^ciJSJ, g. v.) k. n. That which 
is opposite; the front; opposition. 
'aSOB.'lo. To face. 'saDW^, 'aaOiSo. 
To put in front; to oppose, 'sarfo^ 
d. Contradiction. -c5-?.p:^J. To look 
straight ; to expect. 'aatS-^^cs. The 
hostile army. -aaiS^S^. To oppose. 
'sQAJsr^o,. To come to meet out of 


respect or love. 
f^a&?jo (= oirfjosij), 'saiijr k. v. t. To 

face; to oppose, withstand. 
<^do k. prox. dem. pro. This, it. 
f^zii'rfo. = ^arfo, -;3=!a. A defendant. 

-S3t)aSo. To contradict; to contend. 
oqiS k. 3rd pers. sing. pres. neut. of 

'3dj. It is, there is. 2, lo! just now. 

<^rf e5. f^cj OO k. w. Charcoal. 

o£!3ii , (os^ajF) k. P. p. of ^!Sj, to be. By 

means of 'aciJ a subjunctive mood is 


formed, as: '^^^> if- 's^-s-J^^^an. 

Just as it was ; without any apparent 

CQ^ (='35< cic) k. n. Two. 2, sweet- 
ness. '■3rd..'3j^3J. Two hundred. 

c^fj s. n. A master, king. 2, the sun. 
3, a husband. -■tJwjDC!. Saturn; 
Tama; Karna; Sugriva. -0*3). Rahu. 

c^JjStJj, o£iN3^>5'^ li- »!• -^ present, gift ; 
a grant in general. ^oS^SjJS. Land 

assigned either in favour or charity, 
or in compensation of the duties of 
hereditary office, -n-sd. A holder of 
an inam. 
f^c^cxJOeO h. n. Favour, grace; a grant. 

-coTiSj. A letter of favour. 
t^5)a.k.n. Sweetness; loveliness. '3S>rfJ. 

That is sweet; ambrosia. 
f^oi^, ^^TJd (='3Jijj) k. prox, dem. 
pro. This much, this measure. 2, all 
this or these. 3, a little, a trifle. 
'SSilotfj. So many persons (as these). 
t^o^ 1, <^ ce3. k. An affix of comparison. 

Than, as: 'scJ-x^o;^, CojotSfioS, etc 
riao^ 2, f^cSSc. = 'So'^. 
f^oS, <^o^0 k. ad. Thus, so; in this 
manner ; {at the end of letters:) in 
conclusion, as: 'SoS Ji?^5i, "^oS 
XSjjJO. 'aoSS , '^0333. = ^oS. Being 
of this kind, such. 'So^iiJ,. So and so 
many or much; very much. 
f^oi?, f^cqro ( = 'aoa:c) k. ad. Such, 
like this, of this kind, 'ao^oqi. Such 
and such. 
o£(orf (= '30) k. An affix to form' the instr. 
or abl. case, as: «553S>oirf, pS^ocS, 
wjfij5S,Oo:S, jSS d^::&Jo:^, etc. 
r£(OS)'d('<6.o/"'aorfj, q.v.). -^oaoa, '^oad. 

f^cSe'^i^li s. n. The blue lotus. 
nsjorfo 1. k. ad. This time; to-day. 
rsoaii. For to-day. -S?l*, -sJSt^. Till 
to-day 'aoaSiorf. From to-day. 
f^cSo 2. s. n. The moon. -?«?, -v3?a3. 
A digit of the moon. -=53o:S. The 
lunar gem. -lifi^. The ocean. -sSjoSo. 
The disk of the moon. -;3=)ti. Monday. 
c^czij (tb. 'Soad) s. n. Indra, the deity 
of svarga, and the regent of the East 
quarter. 2, a prince, a. Best, excel- 
lent, -u^ej. N. of a mountain. -=tJ3=^. 
A platform, terrace. -mji^S. The 
cochineal insect; the firefly. -:3^eJ. 
Indra's net: deception, fraud, trick; 
jugglery. -^33*. Conqueror of Indraf 




a son of Ravana. -lfS?io^*, -iSbiSj. A 
rainbow. -oi?w. A sapphire. -K^^, 
-sjJ3?^. Heaven. ^orajvtJ. Indra's wife. 

f^oQjcdO s. n. Relating to Indra. 2, 
power ; faculty. 3, an organ of sense. 
-Sirvao. Restraint of the organs of 
sense, -rirt 35 sjjsSo. To restrain them. 
-?iiTVia. One who restrains them. 
Cpcls. : 13^ f5?oS,o±), *^j$ro a,o±), etc. 

f^cqifj s. n. Kindling. 2, fuel. 

os(j;^o~> k. ad. Further, yet, still ; more- 
over ; hereafter, n. The current time. 
nafi, ^j,. So much more. '^?\^ . 
^0 more, no longer; not yet. 
-SjJod, -wO^d. Henceforth, hereafter. 
rseS £» . Where else ? 'Sr^j?, odo. Another 
thing. ^nJ3 1o. Another man. '3(5j^ 
c3j. Once more, again. 

o£5?j, a. k. ( = ^tij53) P;-es. rel. part, of 
'adJ. Being, etc. 

<^Xa^o k. a. Twenty. Cpds. 'asS ^js ocij, 
'as :S 0:So. e<c. 

OJ— C 

<^Sv, rasi.odo ■rfjTJ k. n. The tree Bassia 

<^^ (=t>^). k. a. Two. '32^^. Two 

divisions, ■aio.oa. Mongrel: of low 

descent; double-tongued. '^^^-^• 

Two persons. '^'^^- Two balas. 

'3.'jy5,c£o. Two mouths, double edge. 

' Two and two persons. 
f^aD5 OQ20 5 k. n. A kind of blackwood 

f^20S), f^20 ^) k. /;. Fog, mist, dew. 
^ZZTi A (f}-. ^c3*-i?Dr!). k. M. Two parts. 
rSiclj s. «. An elephant. -»yo. = ^ro^^^ 

f^So 1. (— '^cJ'*) k. a. Sweet. 'Srfjs^^. A 
sweet mango. ^dJ3,d. An entreaty in 
sweet, humble words. 

f^So 2. k. a. Two. 'a So, a, 'arfjra. Two 
fold, double. ^sSJ.a SJsSo, -asSo^asSj. 

To double. 'a.Do.hc*. Twice as much. 


'asSaolj*. Two sides, as of a cloth. 
<^^0"do, oqao-rfo, osj^ootio k. y. t. To eva- 
porate, dry up; to wane, waste away. 

f^'rfre'd^J h. n. An edifice ; a palace. 

osj^J a. k. w. The eyelid. 

oaosdi, f^^OJ, k. n. Sweetness; agree- 
ableness, pleasantness. -5jd. To 
become nice. 'SossPv, 'SojOj^fS. Sweetly 
(■3-cSr\oS'3fi, melodiously). 

r£jo20 k. «. Expansion, width, breadth. 

f^c20o 1. k. ft. A resting place ; a home; 

aplace; space, room (y^ocij). 'aocrario. 

To become a shelter; to give room. 

-AjiZ^o. To give place; to afford 

shelter. -r^J9S?;^o. To place. 
t^oSOo 2. (= oiowo) k. n. A saying, word. 
f^T^O, cJ k. art. In a sweet, agreeable or 

proper manner. 

radoo, (=^53j«1, ^o^, q. v.) k. n. 
Sweetness; ambrosia. 

f^^J, k. a. Twice. 

f^cdo^ f. n. Quantity. 


f^'ds^o, oqdoS'j, '^■rfoG^o (:i = e3) k. «. «'. 
To be compressed, squeezed. (='3rf 
■*?Jo) V. t. To press, squeeze, n. The 
state of being squeezed. 2, butting. 

0SjTi2i<yj (cl=:e3) k. n. A driving rain. 

<^,tiUo. = 'ads'j, g. «;. 

oqd^co/^ k. a. A kind of jasmine, 
Jasminum sarnbac. 

oSi'diJ a. k. w. Being; staying; support; 
condition, system. 

(^■d^J^aio h. n. A remittance to the 

(^■d^jO, f^Qeio k. n. An iron axle-tree. 

oQ-CJ^O (='atfj°^o, q. V.) k. n. Night. 

f^t33C3D, rgfOsS li. 11. Purpose, design, 
intention ; accord. 

^a 1. k. ^ honorific affix, employed in 
addressing a superior, as: tS^ao, es^ 
ao, 7z-3i0, etc. 2, an affix of the 2nd 
pers. pi. past, fut., imper., and neg., 
as: sjsaao, 33j33o»jO, 5jj3i«aD, sja 
ao, etc. 

rsjS 2. (9 = £3') k. r. t. To beat, strike; to 
pierce, stab; to butt; to kill. 2, to 




fling. -:z^^j. To stab mutually. ^36^, 
'SOi, 'aO:^. Piercing, stabbing, etc. 

c^^zi<vj. = ^^:^zx>, q. V. 

k. M. An ant. -rlj^CaO, -SdJ^j,. An ant 

t^9^e;o (0= es*) k. n. A pit-fall to catch 
elephants, etc. 

<^5;rij k. r. t. To cause to be or to stay; 
to place, put, deposit. 

oSi^J k. V. i. To be; to exist; to remain, 
stay; to hesitate, delay. j(. (Cj=e3j). 
Goring, butting. P. p. '^cJjr (='3cSo, 
q. v.). ^riAj&:io. To allow to be. '^3 
^l^. Do not be ! With a dative or 
locative case, it expresses possession, 
as: c^fiii sSjtS '^i:^, I have a house, 
'adejj. Being, remaining. 'arfj.OT?, '^ 
tiJ3o. Being, existing, etc. '^^ 'aSj 
^, "^dj^tio^. In course of time, 

f^-^j^o (="3c!«^j, e^c. g. ?;. dJ=e3j) k. 
V. t. To compress, etc. n. A narrow 
place, thicket. 

'^■:jjd (dj = e3j) k. «. a throng, crowd. 

f^TJOSDOSjS'yj (/■>■• ^ScSJ KSOSj '5'^J^) 

k. Ji. Constipation and stoppage of 

<^diSiiTi k. n. Two shares: both the 
landlord's and cultivator's share of 
the produce. 

r^Tio^o (^'as^^^j) k. H. Night, -^djs? 
ci^J. The moon. -3°v;3Dd. A night- 
watchman. -3onejJ. Night and day. 
-33j33j. Night time. 

osjT (= 'a**) k. a. Two. 'a?'rWj,=-a* Wj,, 
q.v. '^ssrejj = '^^a ejo, g. I), rao-rc). 
Both ears, "af ro±'< (~ ^^odo*). Both 
hands. 'acS'^d (= 'a^d). Two heads; 
two generations. -^23;ij3:s, -^23/iJ3 
«Jti. A grandfather, 'a'^rti. Both 
forces. 'aioDT'?. The second cultiva- 
tion. 'StS^rtS. A complicated disease. 
-53jra= ^»3ja s. 'aSj«, g. r. 

<^^r?Jo (= 's^^Jj) k. r. t. To cause to 
put; to cause to kill. 

<ys(^or (='^B'^ k. v. t. To put down. 
2, to destroy, n. Killing, destroying. 

OSj^jr a. k. ?i. Loveliness, desire, charm. 
a. (='^dj) Twice. 

(^sarrJj (= srusrorcSj) n. A sort of 

rSje^BsS li. 11. A claim; a village under 
a township. 2, department; district; 

f^aisSo h. ». Cardamoms. 

f^ais3iO h. «. A remedy; a resource; a 
means. -^JS'Ai. To attempt. 

f^aisOJ h. n. A large torch. 

0£(eD k. n. A rat; a mouse. -■^^. Rat- 
ear: a small-leafed vegetable, -sra 
Ssira. Rat's bane, arsenic. -t^jeS, 
-i3j3??Jj. a rat-trap. -ol3e)W, -srsej. An 
aquatic plant, Salvinca cucullata. 

f^sS^j k. V. i. To be squeezed, bruised. 

f^CSa k. «. The jujube tree. 

rSjeSSoosJ k. /i. A lemon, the lemon tree. 

'^(^O'S^O k. 11. Cramp, sprain. 

r£je3 (^533), 'S'? s. ?i. The earth. 2, a 
cow. 3, speech. 4, Budha's wife, '^cs 
c^ej. Earth's surface, 'aos^si, 'ac^ 
^?2i, ^d?i. A king. '^aejs^^. The 
planet Mars; a Sudra. 'aers^^. 

(^SJ k, (^/"r. defective verb 'as:*, to be) 
:Z'/iJrd person of the neg. mood, used 
for all persons, genders, and numbers : 
It, he, she is not or exists not, 
etc.; there does not occur or come. 
2, not; no, as: rijrfotasj^, sijri?)ej^, 2»3 

^, ^x^au or c3J3?SC)ej^; t^oSa^ej^, 

Not being, not existing, without. '^^ 
zi. Uel. part. neg. 'aurf:S=i. Nothing- 
ness, poorness, 'asjciapij. A poor 
man. 'ao z:j Sosri sSj^CaO. To destroy. 
'aej n-)rtJ, ^^ ssrto, 'aca rtj. To cease 




to exist, fail, disappear. "a5J^»3, '3ej^33°. 

Is there not? or not? or. '3eJ,»3» 

■^u. Certainly not. ^t^^^, 'SsSjs^?. 

Or not? is it not? 'Sidf^Jj^. To say 


rqai r® k. n. Soot, 

oaZl 6, rovS), f^&D . See s. ''aej. 

or) ' OO ' CO 

oQ£)a^Js3 k. n. A tell-tale; backbiting. 
00 CO 
-ofj. Scandal. 

roil k. ad. In this place, here; this 
place (opi). o/' es^). -ri© rf. From 
here to there. -S^Stt. So far as this, 
up to this, -z^, -adj^rij. A man of 
this place. 

<^'d k. prox. clem. pro. This man, he; 
also -frfo. -^-). This woman, she. ^^ 
awd ^^ are wserf as substitutes for '^si 
a«fZ '3 5Si?j respectively when speaking 
of a respectable person; of. ^^ and 

rE(4, o^^7(^d k. pi. of "arfj, 5. ??. 

rg^S k. /jL 0/" '^^5. 

<^Jm>'3 f. /i. A sign or signal; a hint. 

cg^z^o s. n. An arrow. -9. A quiver. 

cq^tX s. a. Wished, desired; agreeable; 
dear, beloved, n. "Wish, desire; love. 
2, a husband. 3, sacrificing. -=rsO. 
A person who confers what is desir- 
ed or agreeable. -r\oz^. Fragrant; 
a fragrant substance. -d^sJJ. A 
tutelary deity. -Co^dj. Friends and 
acquaintances, beloved friends. -3 
sS.tfj. Dear good people, -^^j '^^l* 
^■Sr. The fulfilment of one's desire. 
'as?,qj~. Anything desired or agree- 

f^^o { — ^?i^S) k. prox. dcin. n. & pro. 


This much, so much as this; thus 
much or many, etc. '^si.sij,. This 
much and that much. esSfJ 'S^ '^^^ 
^,ej , his trouble is excessive. '^5^^, 
30, etc. ^^js.ocSj. So much as this; 
little; much. 
f^?Jt?j3S^o k. I'. <. To take. imp. '^Ti'ijti ! 

(^;d80o h. ?i,. An itch which attacks the 
wrists. -rljs^ejj. An annual plant, 

<^7j^J0 h. n. A name; an individual. 
-^■srf. Name by name, -^'sdsjll. An 
individual account. r^-^ Qp^_ 

osj;^ali. a. Christian, n. The Christi- 

osjxJj 1. (= oi^o, q. V.) k. r;. f. To throw, 
shoot, as an arrow. 

r2(;dj 2. k. il/^x joined 1, to Samskrita, 
tadbhava (and Hindusthdni) themes 
to form verbs, and 2, to Kannada 
themes to form (transitive or) causative 
verbs, as: tsoh^^O^o, ©foO^O^o, i^zi 

rfjoS ?io, =se:c5^j, 30?^j, woso, do?^?ij, 


f^^ S'sssCO h. n. Reception, meeting 

and receiving a visitor. 

OQ^ 00^5 h, n. Proclamation. -oj'^sSj. 

A written notice; advertisement. 

osj^ J h. ?i. A smoothing iron; ironing. 

rsj.'j; k. mi. Fie! '^^^- rep. 

r^i^ 1. (= '^S , '^rfoS, e/c. pres. ret. p. of 
^^j, to be), a. k. ?i. Being; stay. 
'aaorfj. = 'adjsjdj, 'asicio, e<c. 

0£j5o 2. s. ad. Here; at this time. n. 
The present state, present world, -sid. 
Earth and heaven. -^Ji^^. This 

osjSoT^, f^^O/^ (= «'?'i, c<c., q. V.) a. k. 
ad. In this manner, thus. 

o£j^ ('^ = CO) k. n. Coming down, descend- 
ing. -3d. A going down, declin- 
ing, as in age; subsiding, as anger, 
disease, etc.; reduction; aslope. -33d, 
-S5i3. A slope. -^j33j^. Midday to 

rst¥3^o (s' = C;) k. V. t. To cause to go 
down, to lower, v. i. To go down, in- 
cline. ^"^^s'eJ, '^^^ejj. Sloping, a 
sloping ground. 

fg^i^, f^"?^ (V = K) k. n. Descending, 

descent. 2, ebb. 
ogji^ (?? = 0') k. r. «. To come down, 

descend, alight; to set, as the sun ; 

to become less; to subside; to be 

abated, as anger; to be dispelled; 

to slope. -STitfj. A declivity, slope; 

to slip down. -3:^rf;35Ci, -^jB^rt^. A 

mortgage with possession. -d^^j. 

To fall downwards; to fly away. 

-oSjOb'j. To suspend. -tSSo. To let 

down. -iS.Xi'-f'^T^o. To dive completely. 

-odjj^'^. Descending, -if. Descent 
elc; fading; degraded condition. 
-rtjaV-V To humble one's self. 

S^V7JJ 1. (V = C3') k. V. t. To cause 
to descend; to let down, lower; to 
take down, etc.; to dispel, 

<^<^?ij (V°=C5') 2. k. n. Stopping, thwart- 
ing. -fl/So^j. To thwart, oppose. 

PSf^ (= 'ad) s. n. The earth f^J3CJ). 2, 
water (6j«j). 3, food (a?^). 4, sound 

■©?, The fourth letter of the alphabet. 
2, contraction of '^Ddb: (1) m </ie ace. 
sing., as: jssa? oo^^'j, rra^?? S€j?^«?j>; 
(2) in the gen. sing., as: c30^? 5e)03o, 
35)0l)j3 s3j3s3; (3) m </ie ioc. sing., 
as: aoo^oo, araa^O. 3, contraction 
of 'acOj: (1) uj tJie imperat., as: 
fSa^O! ^JsaoO! (2) in the third per s. 
sing, impf., as: Soj^^cSj, sSjoO^cSo. 

^ 2. dem. pro. (substitute of ■^cSo). 
This; these. -rasO, -?raO. This time. 
•d» =ff3dra. This cause, on this account. 

oSj^tS. In this manner, -d* siO^, -Sjd?^. 
Till now, thus far. ^J33ri. Now, this 
time. ^s3(?^J , -Sojsab^. Today. 

^ 3. k. *i. i. To give, bestow; to allow. 
P.p. 'a^. v.i. (=^o;1jo, ^c3*, g. w.) 
To bring forth, -d-cxjoctrio. To be 
brought forth;. ^02jSj. To cause 
to give; to cause to bring forth. 

^5D^J s. The letter ^. 

^^ k. hon. pro. This woman, she; cf. 

^^^5^ s. «. A spectator, beholder, 
^^i TO s, n. Seeing; sight. 2, the 

eK.\ o' o ! 

eye. ^^c^^. A male fortune-teller; 

^^© s. ?!. Looking. 

^\ ^ s. a. Seen, regarded, considered. 

^■T, SJ s. c. t. d'i. To see, behold, look 

at; to consider. -.S^. Seeing. 
^"^ s. n- Sight, viewing. 
#3X, ^AcSo, ^Ae;o, ^A^ k. ad. 

Now; at this time, ^rtujs. Also now. 

■dfrteS^. Just now. Cpds.: 4tfs^^j., ^f\ 

ri^tio, etc. ■d«ii». For the present; 

now. ^r!J3,. Still now. 
^d(y, ^zie'oi, ^eid, ^ele; k. «. 

The wild date tree. -ft?dJ. Toddy. 

-nsci. A toddy-drawer or -seller; 

f. -nsSr. 
^eiejj 2. k. n. The white ant when 

^siJ 1. k. n. Dryness, saplessness, 

witheredness. -5?ji:^rtJ. To become 

#3£io2. {tb. of ^^) n. The pole or shaft 

of a plough, cart, etc. -*odj*. The 

staff or handle in the shaft of a 

^sS k. ad. This side; on this side. 

^:3(i, ^f'JA. To this side; afterwards, 





^a:;o, ^KST^O ( = ^^0) k. I'. J. To swim. 
n. Swimming; also -dt^SDU. 

^^ f. /;. A lance, spear, javelia. 

#3ci k. n. Toddy. -r(. A man of the 

toddy-drawers' caste; f. -f''^- 
^cisJ s. a. Praised. 
^rio 1. (fr. "SZaj) k. n. Putting, throwing. 

^raojnj. To be exposed to; to become 

an object for, to incur. ■d'ra'33Sj. To 

scatter, disperse, expose. 
#?rfo 2. k. n. Increase ; strength; means. 

2, proportion; a prop, support; fitness; 

equality; an equivalent, compensation; 

a pawn, pledge, security, -^srf, -Aeitf. 

A powerful man. -dtrasrlJ. To become 

equal; to suffice; to become bail or 

bondsman, -'ac^o, -'S^yj,, -iss^o. To 

pledge. -:£ji5So. A good match. 

-;3jt):^j. To make equal. 
^d^xio (fr. ^3^0- ^cJj) k. v.i. To be 

fulfilled. ■d.d^OJdo. To fulfil. 
^o'eiO a. k. I', t. To drink, sip. 
^^ k. hon. pro. This person, he. Rel- 

past part, of ^ 3, «. i. 
^B s. w. Calamity from rain, drought, 

locusts, etc. 
^^Jk. An affix for Srdpers. sing. neui. 

pres. of uncertainty or possibility, as: 

^rfo k. P. p. of ^ 3, V. i. and ^53*, q. v. 

-<2=f. Bringing forth. 
^^0 (= ^ 3, 11. «.; k. V. i. To bring 

forth young, yean, cub. 
^b k. 71. The dung of flies; a nit. 
^£l a. n. Desire, wish. ^^^- Desired. 
^200 f. n. Difference, 
#3aJoo. =-d», Q. V. 
:^5 (=: ra^, e^c.) k. a. Two. ^da. Two 

feet, -dfrfodbj . Ten. -dtrfoJjo ?3^A)rf. 

Ten thousand. ^O^rfj. Twelve. ^ 

Dejrfj DdS. The twelve signs of the 

zodiac. ^!3?s?J. Fourteen. 

^TJO k. ('. <. To pull. 2, to comb ou 

nits. n. A nit. 2, (tfj = e3o) the 

^■rfrS;^ k. n. A comb for removing 

^^0^ (= i^?rfj^\) k. n. An onion. 
^5^r, «^7^nr s. «. Envy, spite, 

^e5 f. ». A sort of weapon: a short 

sword, a cudgel. 
^£|J k. n. Attachment, as that of 

animals or children. fa^-o. 

^rfrSo (rfo=e3J)a. k. ad. A little while 

^^3A (= ^n) k. ad. Now, at this 

^^ s. »i. An owner, lord, master. 2t 
Siva (^^tf). -3. Supremacy. 

^■S3?i s. )(. Siva; the regent of the north- 
east quarter. 2, the sun. ^3^ri^. The 
north-east quarter. 

#?CiQ'd (tb. -dt^iC) s. n. A lord. 2, Siva. 
3, the 11th year of the cycle. 4, the 
universal soul, -lo^, -iS^tio. A twining 
shrub, Indian birthwort. ^'^Qj ^^'^• 
Durga. -dtS d^S) u. The lord of lords: 

^?iO© s. n. Desire, wish. -3,aij. The 
three dominant desires: rasd^^ra, ^ 
S^iiV3, <sJ_?sjra, the desire after a 
wife, a son and riches. 

^41 s. ad. Slightly, n. A little, -^s! 
cS.Pd. A slight difference. 

^4 (tb. -dtiSJ, ^^J) s. n. The pole or 
shaft of a plough or carriage. 

^?j-rf. tb. of ^^^^> g- *-'• 

^rio 1. (=-o'UJ)k. v.i. To swim. n. 
Swimming. 4i^7\€)Xj. To teach to 
swim. ^^'3n!j.= ^^0. -'^'Joto T?'5'3o5j. 
A dried pumpkin used in swimming. 

^?jo 2, ^oeorfo rf'"- ^) k. V. t. To 

cause to give. 2, to yield, allow. 3, 
to cause to calve. ^Aj^js^J.. To take. 
^?jJ 3. (='a?i;Sj, q.v.) k.pj'O. So much 
as this, this much. 




^7id 4. tb. of -^oS, q. V. 

^So ^^ s. H. Effort, exertion; wish, 

^ojDsiixA s. n. A wolf. 
=^^^ (<b. o/"^£>*) ?i. A sickle. 2, a 

blade set in a stock for slitting up 

vegetables. -'^^, -dj^a. The stock 

wherein the blade is set. 
^9;^ {^=a') k. n. Disentanglement, 

^S? k. n. An orange, etc.; cf. ■^^.e'?, 


CfO. The fifth letter of the alphabet. 2, 
</ie final of many Kannada ivords, as: 
's'cij, "rso^, tfv'sgi", ^j3:Sj, f3j3?So; oidcSo, 
e<c. 3, a?i auxiliary letter added to 
words ending in a consonant ni 
classical language, as: tS^J, *^^) 
ooeVj, ^?s?o, e^c. 4, an auxiliary 
lellei' to form tadbhavas, as: tftso 
J?K?iJ, sJOcrf?iOj, e<c. 5, an auxiliary 
to form the nominative of nouns 
ending in "^or oi, as : ^z^odiJ, i:ic3(.odoj, 

CA)3 1. k. conj. = eso. 

croo 2. k. int. of displeasure. 

UOl k. int. of joy: hey! ah! 

CfOS' k. ilw a/^x to form masc. nouns, 
as: '^^^'^, ^^Jj's', etc. 

CrtWSTJ s. n. The letter SA). 

CrOS^jT? k. n. The outermost part of a 
town or village. 2, an entrenchment 
about a camp; a match; a guard- 
house. 3, a piece of rope tied 
to the end of a well-rope, for 
fastening the vessel. 

O^^.orf k. ?i. Swell: abundance. 2, 
a narrow board or piece of bamboo 
tied between two beams used for 
hanging clothes, etc. on. 

CX^-CT,^, £rO^,^ k. n. Cunning, fraud. 

CroS^O, 1. k. r.i. To rise, swell, as the 
sea ; to come up in boiling ; to foam ; 
to boil, as rage; to be elated, n. 
Rising. 2, spume, froth. 3, pride. 

4, power. -a?ij. To lose one's power. 

-C=CT. Rising, tnj^^rfj. To rise up, 

CAJS^o, 2. k. n. Steel. -:<ora. Ashes of 

calcined iron. 
CA)^^ k. n. Ploughing. 2, remainder. 

-3jj3d. To plough. 
irO-& s. n. Speech ; a word, expression. 

-?dj. To speak. 
GTO^i s. n. An ox. bull. -r^. One who 

rides on an ox: Siva. -S^,-D3Ji. Siva. 
ea)s5 s. n. A pot, caldron. 
£A)7\^)20S? k. )). A shrubby creeper, 

the heart-leaved raoonseed, Cocculns 

cordifolius. 2, the creeper Lettsomia 

CADa^j {th. of SAJri do) n. Source, origin. 
eA)A5?jO k. V. i. To gasp, breathe hard. 
CA^Asa. tb. of oiijnsa, q. c. 
ifOt\ 1. k. r. t. To pull, draw off or 

out. 2, to hurt, rend, slit , break. 

3, to fear. n. Pulling. 
enj'A 2. (= 6A)rtJ«?0) k. V. i. To spit, spirt 

eA)7\ 3. k. n. Steam; vapour or reek. 

-=5=)^. The heat of steam. -53;<J. 

To warm by steam. -^^'ScSj. To fo- 
ment, -olio^. A steam-engine. 
CTOaJ k. V. i. To become loose; to flow, 

trickle; to be shed; to let loose; to 

throw. ^s\^f\X^. To let loose, spill. 
eA)Ao5, CA) AO'rfo k. n. A nail ; a claw. 

-tfcw . The quick of a finger-nail. 



-oiottj. Poison caused by scratching. 

-:^z§ 7^. Luke-warm. -?oJ3o . A whitlow. 

eA)njO?io. To scratch asunder. 
erOAO^O ("^J=&!ij) k. •«;.«. To spit out; 

to sputter, n. Spittle, saliva. erurtje^Xo. 

To cause to spit. -dj3$rt. Salivation. 
CTOa k. n. A rope or cord attached to 


anytliing, as a handle. 

erOA'rf, erOTi'rfro a. k. n. Repeated 
A ' A 

sounds, as in dancing or music; 

noise, clamour. y\ir(a^j. To sound ; 

to cry out, proclaim. 

CA37^ ■rf. tb. of erun? ti, a. d. 

CA)?\ k. = ^oJf^ . 
A -^ 

CA) AJ k. V. i. To stammer, falter in 


speaking, v. t. To throw as water. 
n. Stammering. 
eA3Aj s. a. Terrific. 2, cruel. 3, hot, 
sharp. 4, angry. n. Siva. Cpds.: 

Bishop's seed; carroway. -i. Vio- 
lence, passion, anger. -S3?CcS. A 
severe command. -?5?(^. N. of Kam- 
sa's father. 

CTOaSj^S k. Ji. A storehouse, granary; 
a treasury. 

CrOA3)r5, erurra^E^B' k. ?*. A store-keeper. 
2, a village-peon. 

CA^^J k. m<. Hurra! huzza! 

CrOc^ k. ?i. The warp spread and starch- 

CrOo-&?jJ k. r. <. To consider; to observe. 

CA)cajU. <b. o/" esorijji,, q. v. 

CrOOA'd, eA)OA0'rf k. «. A ring, -rljjrfejj. 
A ringlet. -t,3d°i?j. The ring-finger. 
55jo^ol)Joriod. A seal-ring. 

CAitJ3O30?jJ s. I', i. To go beyond; to 
overstep; to transgress; to pass or 
elapse, as time, etc. 

CTOilg s. a. Delightful, agreeable. 2, 
usual. 3, right, proper, convenient, 
suitable, n. A gift, present. -k. 
Knowing what is proper. -^e)A. 

erog^ (= eA):^) s. a. High, lofty, elevat- 
ed; tall; deep. n. The apex of a planet's 

erOEi TJw s. ?i. Uttering; pronunciation. 

eA)2i a?Jo s. I', i. & V. t. To utter, 
pronounce, speak. 

CAici e^rio, Wzi ^?CiJ k. v. i. To come 
forth, proceed. 2, to separate. 3, 
to penetrate. 4, to run over, as 

CAJCJt) y?^ s. n. Scaring; expelling, re- 
moving by means of magical incan- 

eA)tJD siS f. n. Taking of goods upon 
credit. -Si'h. On credit. 

trOiSiTiTi eA)£JS "dcS s. ?t. utterance, pro- 
nunciation, articulation. 

OtSa k. n. The top or crown of the 
head, -■an'^x The fontanel. 

eA)8a ^ s. 11. Diarrhoea. 


eA3£:^o k. V. t. To pull out, draw, as a 
sword. 2, to untie, loosen. v. «. 
To become loose; to fly off, as an 
arrow. 2, to become free. 3, to be 
purged, n. Looseness, etc. -AoUj. A 
loose knot. eA)i3 ei:^j, enjz^ oo^jB'v). 
To strip off. 5AJZ35> r!j, eaiiS locij, enjz^ 

^ la lo l3 

23?v*J. To become loose. 
aX)S k. n. Urine. -*WJj. Stoppage of 
urine. -Ji^O. The bladder. -t3^^^, 
-tL^d, -djs^rt. A urinary disease, di- 
abetes. -iti^^J, -c»;;o1jv To void 

Wd (S^i^oJ s. n. Indra's horse. 

erae? (^Jjse^^AS. «. Neighing. 

£A)8a M. s. a. Left, rejected. ?i. Leavings, 

orts; remainder. 
(yOeSjs ?sif® s. n. Drying up, making 

eA:)t53 Q?j s. ?i. Breathing, breath. 

£A)a!arfo li. ffl- Desolate, depopulated. 
C\)"^jh'dd li. »i. Deference, respect. 
ifOdi orfo^i s. H. N. of a city in Malava, 




CA)a;o k. V. t. To rub. n. Rubbina-. -=5^0 
105^. A kind of blanket. -"S^^- A 
smoothing stone. -'ijstiZij, -rlJsdcSo. 
A carpenter's plane. 

croaij A. tb. of vx^dji-in, q. v. 

CrcJ^ '\£' s. a. Blazing up; bright, 
clear; beautiful, lovely. -^.Splen- 
dour, erota SO. To flame, shine. 

CrOoei 1. k. n. A bamboo basket used 
for covering poultry. 

CAJoei 2. — eA)'^ . 

CrOU s. n. Leaves, grass, etc used in 

thatching, -w. A hut made of leaves. 
erO&5BOSO?;jO f. c. <. To raise, 
eroy, k. «. A net-work sling for sus- 

pending pots, etc. 2, ( = Sj5J,) a 

erOUJ, 1. k. ». An anchor. 2, (= sSjWj) 

a paddle. 
CTOWJj 2. = SoJsiJ, k. 2, P. p. of yucij, 

g. r. 


au&j;) y, croyo 20a k. n. a play in 
which any eatables or vessels con- 
taining them are suspended and swung 
and persons attempt to get them. 

CA)T5=yua2. k. -njtf (= enjacTOrf). A 
■waist-string or zone; a woman's girdle- 

eA)7:^A0. = eroso mj. 

CAirfsio k. >J. A venereal boil. 

erotijgi k. n. Clothes, garments. 

erOZ3t)y b. >i. Denial, rejection, scorn. 

er0c3«)O307jJ b. V. t. To reject contemp- 

ifOZSSTi b. ?t. Causing to fly or wave, 
-5j3>3S, -tfjSjtisJ. A silk cloth used as 
a fau in ceremonial processions. 

£A)Cj 1. k. V. i. To be shattered to pieces; 
to crush, bruise; to pull asunder, as 
dough; to twist, as a wick. 

CrCti2. k. n. A pouch made by females 
(or males) by folding the front part of 
their garment for putting in eatables, 
money, etc. 2, the hip, waist (-siad, 

-?ij;oo. = enj5^::i)tJ, q. v.). 3, (= vua=^ 

a garment. 4, a kind of disease. 
0\)a^, CroCi^ k. n. Putting on clothes, 

wearing, clothing; raiment. -^.i&f{. 

Apparel and ornaments, 
croae^o. =eA)a 2, q. v. 

CA)c^o 1. k r. t. To wrap round the waist; 
to put on the lower garment, as the 
stre, dotra, etc. P.p. wyj,. n. (=yvia) 
The waist. 2, a garment, clothes. 
-iiu, -rlJsS. A present of sire, etc. to 
the bride and bridegroom at the 
celebration of their marriage or on 
any auspicious occasion. -cred. = 

eA)T^,j 2. k. n. An iguana, Lacerta moni- 

erOcSo 3. s. n. A star. 2, water. -S, 
-*j.S, -crets. The moon. 

£rO?^0:&?jO k. V. t. To straighten, 
tighten, compress; to vex. 

CAJtiOAO (= yy^nj) k. v. i. To shrink, 
shrivel ; to abate; to fade; to disappear; 
to desist; to stop; to remove ; to 
leave, quit. v. t. To sweep. V'^zi^ 
f^sdj. To cause to shrink, sweep, etc. 

irorh-R. = yua^^, q. v. 

erot^oi k. n. A squirrel. 

Zrorioi!: s. H. The moon (s. sajSo 3). 2, 

a raft, float. 3, the bird called cataka. 

4, a serpent. 
aX)'d:i^. = eru::a53), q. v. 
ZrOZictXij k. n. The bellowing of an ox 

or a bull. 
TdTio'S) k. 11. A jungle. 
coil (= «Aia 2, q. i\) k. «. The waist. 
£A)S k. ?i. Any set of three, as marbles, 

seeds, etc with a fourth set on the 

top. -'^^'i' -'3:30, -2o=)*o. To set 

erore^S-o- a. a. inferior, lower. 
erorf, (C^OrJA) k. ?i. A person who feeds 

on. -'i. Taking a meal. -^o. A meal, 
Crooyo 1. k. (Third pers. sing, of the 

pres. of eAJ«?* to be) There is; it is 




etc. 2, that exists. 3, tvilh the 
dative it expresses possession (as: 
esSSirtJoWo, he has). n. Existence. 
eroobtjiij. To become; to happen; to 
be born; to accrue to. eroobDrtJtD^. 
Becoming', etc- -53j33o. To cause to 
be, to create, produce. -SjJSC^o^^. 
CrOoyo. 2. k. = yuc!jyj. ero tesSj. To roll- 

OX)oXi€i7( k. n. A kind of rice cake. 

£rOociA s. n. A single, solitary man. 

erOoS^ Is., n. A stamp. 2, a pass, ^ 
ticket for free passage. 

erOoT^j k. P. p. of ^^^^, q- V. 

£A3oi^ k. n. A ball of anything, as of 
raw sugar, tamarind, etc. -rsyj.. To 
form a ball. 

SJX);^ k. n. Taking a meal; a meal. 2, 
a tick. 

OX)P©j k. I", t. To eat a meal (or uta), as 
anna (kul), holige, etc. 2, to enjoy, 
as riches. P. p. erJo:oO. e/ura zoasjj, 
erure^B'a, SAjrsOiSj. To serve up a 
meal, eruocs^a, -rt. A glutton, e^jra 
S^odocij. Much, further; in vain. 
dvssSodojraj. To suck. 

CADra r<?J. o/' anjTiE^r-) «,. Wool. 


£rOp®J, a. k. V. i. To go up; to break 
forth; to issue. 

OVJSXJlio s. n. Subsiding; alleviation; 

diminution; descent; cheapness. 
(!A)©3rf^ f. )i. Haste, impatience. 
Cr02!,y s. n. Excessive; important, 

superior, high. 2, proud. 3, mad, 

furious. 4, difficult, n. Eagerness; 

0\)£i,o&o s. a. Desiring, longing for; 


erC^,OT§ s. n. Longing; regretting; an- 


xiety, regret. 

ero:^ ^r s. a. Raising; drawing out. 

n. Excellence. 2, joy; pleasure. 

erOS!,e3^ s. 11. Longing for. 2, fear. 

3, a ■wave. 

erOo, \7i, s. a. Excellent, eminent su- 

perior. -3. Excellence. 
erO^,,^0, erO^,,'S:5or® s. n. Going out or 

astray; transgression. liAJo^ tSO'vJ. To 

depart, as life; to exceed, transgress, 

as an order. 
£A)^ , erogs , CA)® o k. j4 termination 

of the pres. participle, as: f^^srtj^, tj? 

iS^J^, c5j3$CSJ33, wtij^ o, e/c. 
ero^ , CfU:^ 6 k. ad. To or in the middle 

side or direction; cf. «s^ and '^^. 
ero^ ot? s. n. A gold necklace worn by 


CA}ig 1^0 s. a. Uppermost; chief, best, 

excellent. n. The first person (g.). 

-^rfj5i. An excellent man; the first 

person (g.), -Sj!> ^^. A man well 

spoken of. ^(^3 Sjj3or<. The head. 

yu:^ SjSujSij. Good and bad. erua •So'^. 

Excellence, superiority. £Aj^ wjS?:^ Sj- 

The very best. 

STO^ l! 1. s. a. Higher, upper. 2, supe- 
— c 
rior, excellent. 3, northern. 4, left; 

posterior. 5, subsequent, following, 

latter. n. An answer, reply; a 

mandate. 2, a defence, rejoinder. 

3, future consequence. -w3o, -iJjs:*), 

-^, -ao?°i?j. To give an answer. -S)0, 

'^J. To silence. -*:!. The northern 

direction. -*s5jr, --frjOSj. Funeral 

rites. -5^3. Benares. -qSj^sS. The 

north pole. -^^' -^ defendant; the 

dark half of the month. -^'i'S. 

Worship at the close of a ceremony. 

-^^a. A defendant. eaj^o^^jt^O. 

A successor; an heir. eru^o^oijcs. 

The summer solstice. y\)3ifj3$^rf. 

More and more; success; welfare. 

eru3 OXj. To answer; to order. 

erO^'Ci2. s. a. Crossing over; coming 
out, escaping from. -C9. Crossing over. 

<!A)^ "dri k. 71. A common weed, Achyran- 
thes aspera. 

erO:^ C^aS s. a. Relating to the north. 
-3^?«3. A female's ear-ornament. 




ero^ "osepsi^js. n. The twenty-sixth lunar 

Zn:^ T:T)-^fi7< s. u. The twenty-first lunar 

ero^ Q?jJ s. V. t. To cross: to come out: 

to escape; cf. eA)^tf2. 
ifO^ 5?cdo, -S' s. ero^ S;^ {its tb.) n. An 

upper gjarment. 
VO^ t5 s. n. The north. 2, the twelfth 

lunar mansion. 3, N. of Virata's 

cross ?j s. a. Lying on the back. 2, 

shallow, -sraci. N. of a star; N. of 

a king. 

D ■- ° 

£0)33 -d s. 11. Rescuing. 2, remission; 

giving back. 3, land given rent-free 

by government to an individual (sana- 

bhoga, gauda, etc.) as a reward for 

VC-^ti e;, VOS^ ^ s. a. Formidable; 

arduous, difficult; speedy; high, tall. 
ifOB erer s. a. Crossed; rescued, 

liberated, released. 
eroi^o (=eru3jr). P. p. of 5AiciJ, q. v. 

2, p. p. of eA5s?o. 
erO;go S (= sm^l^) k. ,i. Dried dates. 

erOo k. j4n a/^x- for forming third pers. 
sing, iieut. as: tJrij^ (= wrtj^d), 

0\)ii ?di'-^ s. a. Stimulating, stimulant. 

OXiS o3ifj s. n. Incitement; an incentive, 

. c 

inducement, stimulant. 

erOST) r? s. ?;. Rising ; resurrection. 2, 

9 » ' ' 

manly exertion. 3, starting on an 
expedition. 4, a courtyard (ssorts?). 
Sj joy. -:3> rf3. A feast of the 12th 
day in the month of ?^.Sr^. 

ifO^.B s. n. Birth, production, origin ; 
produce, profit. -^ rS. The source 
of anything. 

CX^^X^ s. n. Error, evil. 2, the air, sky. 

CA):^v?js s. a. Born, produced, n. Pro- 
duce, profit. -J. Origin; production. 

0\)e,^e; s. n. The blue lotus, Nymphaea 
caerulea. -Sjsd. N. of a vritta. 
-Cj3^. The moon. 

lyOgSsg s. /(. A portent, prodigy or 
phenomenon; any public calamity, 
as earthquake, eclipse, etc. -*. 

Zn^Dyi s. 71. Coming forth, producing. 
-ri. Bringing forth. 

0\)3SvD;cJo s. v. i. To produce. 

CrOifv e^s. "• Overlooking; indifference. 

2, a simile; comparison. 

£rO^/7\r s. n. Emission. 2, excretion. 

3, quitting. 4, gift. 5, a general 

ero^/ajrfj s. «. Letting loose, quitting; 

CA:^<[£Sr;s:o s. r. t. To let loose; to quit^ 

ifO^lT^ s. n. Elevation. 2, joy. 3, a 
festival ; a festive procession. 4, a 
libation, ^r^^^^o. To make merry, 
be glad. Cpds.: a=^°3j3, S^js^^sS. 

erO;^/^ {th. of yus^oD, q. V.) n. A feast, 
a festive procession. 

CrOS;5/5o s. n. EflFort, perseverence, 
energy. 2, joy, happiness. 3, hero- 
ism. -:^?i. A sound of delight. eros^So. 
Active, persevering; a happy person. 
«AJ3j^2os;j. To rejoice. 

eA)^J<'^ s. fl. Restless. 2, eager. 3, 


longing for. 4, regretting for. n. 
Ardent desire. -^. Zeal; affection; 

erorf, eA)3j5' s. n. Water. srjrfii. The 

CrOrf^i s. n. A reservoir for water; the 

0\)rfcdJ s. n. Rising. 2, the eastern 
mountain behind which the sun is 
supposed to rise. 3, light. 4, crea- 
tion, production. 5, becoming visible- 
-^•sej. The time of sunrise. -o^rt. 
The dawn; a morning carol. e/ucS 
odraJiSej, s/ucScdjT3j. = e-oj^rfodo No. 2. 





The rising sun. SA)rf 

oSjsij. To rise; to be born. 

erOuj'C s. n. The belly, womb. -SiJTsriS. 
Sustenance of life. -^ti. Till the 
belly is full. -^?^ri. Feeding the 
belly. -^J3e3. The colic. 

erO:35 s. «. Having a belly. 2, = 5A)c;o. 

0\)d8?jJ k. r. <. To cause to fall or 
drop down. 

£rO::iTJj, aXidtOTio k. y. i. To fall, drop 
down. n. Falling. 2, the state of 
boiled rice or pulse not sticking to 
one another. 

£0)03:^ s. a. Elevated, high. 2, gener- 
ous; illustrious. -icO^. A man of 
noble behaviour. 

erOnsjo s. 71. Breathing upwards, -^nodxi. 
The vital air which rises up the throat 
and passes into the head. 

CnJasTJ s. a. Lofty, exalted; generous, 
liberal; proper, right. -3ri, -^. Libe- 
rality, generosity. -B?t). Generous- 
minded. eA!S3!)3. A liberal, generous 

CrOnsdo h. n. Debt ; credit; cf. erucS 0. 

€A)n3?j s. n. Indifference, apathy. 

CrOns^eJJ s. a. Indifferent, neutral. 2, 
despised, n. Indifference; contempt, 
disregard, -^js^d. To disregard, dis- 
er0c3336^ro s. n. Saying, declaration. 

2, an example, illustration, instance. 

3, a reply. 4, an opposite argument. 
enJnsSOijO. To declare, explain. 

eroa;^ s. «. Bound. 2, said, spoken. 

3, sprung up, born. 
eroa?j>.\ = erocSoSj^j. 
ewrfo a.k. clem. pro. (cf. e^rfj, -scS-) This 

(between the two). 

eroaTJo, eA)rfo-rfo (= eA^rirfj, q. v.) k. v. i. 

To fall down, drop, as fruits or leaves. 

erOi3.ra? k. int. Behold (what is between 

the two)! ho! halloo! 
CAJsS^O (=:eror!wJ) s. n. Rising; source; 

origin; production; a flower. -sSJotaO. 

A flower bunch. -^30353. A flower- 
wreath, arori too^o. To rise; to ascend; 
to be born. 

erOiTO TJ s. H. Spitting out, vomiting. 2, 
eructation. 3, an ejaculation ; an 

interjection. -:33 2;S?'t43o^. The sign 
of exclamation. 
aX)^M s. n. A kind of vessel. -co- 
Unfastening ; revealing. 
erOcr.oy s. n. Watch or guard-house. 
-^. An opener; a key. -n. (= ^^^ 
hi^). Opening, revealing; raising, 
lifting up. 
erOcj.^o^.ro s. n. Crying out ; sounding. 

erucSJS ^ii^o. To cry out, sound. 
CrOrf (tb. of wsqS P-) n. Height; tallness; 
length; depth, a. Long; tall. ^O^ 
rtej. Length or height and breadth. 
Cpds. : -=ffe>sJO, -=tfJ5cSejj, -f\S, -nsjD, etc. 
-Sjjejrto. To lie down lengthwise. 
mzi'-f^. Height; length. erud^OjtJo. 
Very proud behaviour. 
CA)^ oZi s. a. Having a raised staff. 2, 
powerful, violent; proud, -^n- Pride. 

CrOrfj:;, 0^)d?i^s.a. High, tall. -iiJ3?£?o. 
a CD °i 

A long neck. 

erorf .30. = eA)a oj, q. v. 

ero?; S. = eroa 0, q(. r. 

© '^ 

eroa k. «. A low ridge in a field for 

a , _, , 

irrigation purposes, -n. The pole 

of a carriage. 
eroa S, eroa, (tb. of enjn^C) «,. Credit, 

purchase on credit. -^jsSo. To give 

on credit. 
ewrf so, enja <30, eroa do (tb. of erucSedJ) 

71. Business, profession, -n^u, -C350. 

A trader; a farmer. 
eroa to s. prep. Aiming at; with regard 

to, on account of. 

eroa e^i, -^ s. n. inflaming, exciting; 
animating; stimulating. 

er^a ^t> s. a. Lighted; shining; inflamed. 

Q -O 

erOciJ 1. (= eAJtjO, q. V.) k. V. t. To rub. 





CA3c5o 2. k. n. A. common pulse, Pliasc- 

a ^\ 

olus mungo; also ea)a ?3 "u-^sa. 

EAjd ^^ s. ?(.. Object, motive; purpose, 
meaning, intention. 2. an assign- 
ment; a previous statement. enid ? 
S?cj. To aim at, intend. 

CTOj:! y s. a. Rude, impudent. Ji. Rude- 

CA):::^^^ s. ». Raising, lifting. 2, de- 
livering, rescuing. 3, final emanci- 

erOci 5?i0 s. v. t. To lift up. 2, to re- 
scue, deliver, save, release. 

erOii 5j1?^ s. n. Great joy; a festival. 

CrCC37)Td s. n. Raising. 2, deliverance, 

redemption. 3, obligation. -'5'. A 

deliverer. -Sjj3:^j. = iAjci 0<j. 

CA)u$j;i o s. a. Roused up. 2, exalted, 

CTOcj \;s s. a. Dravrn up. 2. raised, 


CA):::5'rf s. ?i. Birth, production, origin; 

existence; manifestation. 
To be born; to exist. 

Radiance, splendour. 


VX)UT>Jj S. 

Croa,?^ s. a. Sproutinc 

11. A plant or vegetable. -'^js^SJ. The 

vegetable kingdom. 

erot),;:'^ s. a. Opened, budded. 2. differ- 
ed ^ 

CA)::j, ■jSj s. n. Whirling; agitation, an- 

xiety. eruj^ <3j?ij. To be perplexed, 
Crorfo-rfo ((6. sruc! ^j, e<c.) s. w. Under- 
taking; exertion; business. 
eA3in3J s. a. Active, diligent, -'to. To 

undertake anything. 
eWnso^ s. H. A garden, park. 2, motive, 

purpose. -o3ci. A beautiful garden. 
erOcTOn^jd s. n. Accomplishing. 2, the 

concluding ceremony of any religious 

erOroOo'S' s. a. Zealously active. 
Crofj?q?A s. n. Business; an occupation, 

profession; an office, situation. 2, 

exertion. -o^a^to. To follow a pro- 
fession. -3J?3iJ. To work; to execise 
an office. -S?3r. N. of the fifth book 
of the Mahabharata. -*. A man of 
profession; an official. y\);5^,?h. 
Active, diligent; a person in office. 
eru!3j?^5f\Xj. To undertake anything; 
to be busy. 

Crorfj s. n. An otter. 

erotJi. = enjcS q. v. 

erodj?^ s. n. Excess, increase, abun- 
dance. 2, enjoyment. 3, forwardness. 
^t^IxtKo. To be excited. 

CAJrfQgr, -pj s.n. Going up, 2, rubbing 
and cleansing the body with unguents. 

£A)3jQSo?j s.n. Lifting up. 2, carrying. 
8, leading home, marrying. 

erODt)QeircS s. n. Concluding ceremonies 
of an idol-worship. 

erjcssQ oofj s. 11. That which raises. vm:zs_, 
to?'. Matrimonial. enjsy^coXo. To 

CA3£Qoa s. 11. Rashness; agitation; 
anxiety, fear. yud^°h?to. To go 

erOo) k.r.i. To be soaked; to soak. -kJj 
3o3^j, erosi'^o. To soak. 

ero^^o a. k. a. So much as this. 

CXic^O k. arf. In this (intermediate) 

erOorfO k. ad. This (or at this intermedi- 
ate) time. 

ZPO'^^^ s. a. Raised; elevated, high; 
eminent, n. Elevation, altitude. -^, 
-^.Height; sublimity, greatness; emi- 
nence; majesty. yVr^ij35(^3. Very 
high, the highest. 

ero^iN'rfo. = 330 c^ do. 

erO^>?jO a. k. V. i. To think, consider. 

in^,^ 1, eA)?j, rfs. n. Intoxicated; mad, 
furious. 2, haughty, arrogant, erofi 
^ J, en;c33 cJ. Madness; intoxication; 



^Ti. ^ 2. s. n. The thorn-apple, Datura 



STOl^ ?o, -^^ s. a. Excited in mind, long- 

ing for. 

Ot)c3s. c3 s. H. Madness, extravagance, 

s. n. Winking; awaking; 
0X>7j s. ad. Under; inferior; towards; 
on; near to; with; etc. 2, prefixed to 
verbs or noims it denotes approach, 
vicinity or inferiority, as: -*,33J, 
-rra^oSj, -^03 re, etc. 
tPCTj'S^ s. n. A short story related in 

a long one. 
WXJ^tJpS s. n. Helping. 2, an imple- 
ment, instrument; a means. 
CTJsi^B'd, s.n. Help, assistance; benefit; 
a favour, kindness; also erjsj^s^yS. 
-esO, -Nc^^o, -^^O^j. To be grateful. 
-sJjtiSj, eruS's'O^o. To benefit, help; 
to do a favour. -^.tif^. Gratitude. 
-odjjO^. To put under obligation, 
to oblige. erosj^^O. Gracious; a 
benefactor. snjSj^sO^. A protectress; 
a palace. 
^d'ty6\^ s. n. Approach. 2, commence- 
ment. 3, a design. 4, a means. SAiSJ 
=^Cj^o. To commence. 
eA)Xl3^v ^J s. n. Patience, forbearance. 
CA)3iA^ s. a. Gone to, approached; 

occurred; granted. 
erC5iA\3d s. n. An inner apartment. 
eWsiAjSo s. n. Confinement. 2, a minor 

£A)7j^ra^ s. n. Injury, damage, hurt. 
CA);i£iodos. n. Collecting; accumulation; 

quantity, heap. 
erOsisi'dro, t^O^iJS'rf s. n. Service; 
attendance; homage; attention, cour- 
tesy, civility. 2, pretext, metaphor. 
3, physicking. eruiiiysO. Serving; a 
polite person. 5A)S'L^0;=ij. To wait 
on, to treat kindly. 
CA)3i^e^?j s. n. Living; subsistence, 
livelihood; maintenance. -?73?S?ij. To 
maintain one's existence. SAJSjii^S^. 

Living upon; a dependant, srusjti^ 
;D?dj. To live upon; to get one's 
livelihood; to live. 
CrosiU^ (tb. of erusj^.) n. Annoyance, 

£r03jg^3d s. n. Heat. 2, pain, trouble. 
3, disease. eruSss^j^ij. To feel pain; 
to be sorrowful. 

eA33i:3?3' s. n. Instruction; teaching; 
information; advice; initiation in a 
mantra. -'tf, eA)Sd;3. A teacher; 
a spiritual guide. -=#ja:^j, -s^jsc^j, 
eaiSc3?S?ij. To iustruct, teach, advise. 
-;^^j^^A. To take advice. 

er03jrfi (th. of SAjS^d) n. A calamity, 
disaster; trouble; annoyance; a 
disease or affliction; a national di- 
stress. -^J3c3o, -53j»):^o, -sia^^j. To 
trouble, afflict. 

CrOsitjJ s. n. Imposition, fraud. 2, a 
penultimate letter (g.). 

croz^EJA'd s. n. A suburb. 

£A)3i?jodo?J s. n. Investiture with a 
thread to be worn over the left shoul- 
der and under the right. 

eA};ias:ics*s. n. The knowledge of Brah- 
ma as the only existent. 2, the 
sections of the vedas which treat of 
this knowledge. 

erO^iNeSij s. n. Spectacles. 

erosijaDoTj s. n. A statement, suggestion. 

2, an introduction. 3, lecturing. 

tK)7!il!iB s. n. Production; gaining; 


a theory ; proof; means. 

iSOtiti^^i^. a. Produced; gained; proved; 

suited to the occasion. 

ifO'tiZSii^'^ s. n. A sin in the second 

degree, us killing a cow, etc. 
erO]d2^j5?A s. n. Enjoyment; use. 2, 

pleasure. sroSi^JS^h^^J. To enjoy, etc. 
Ot)3idj5)N s. n. Comparison; analogy; 

illustration; a simile. 
£rO:ri5o s. rt. Resemblance, similarity; 

a simile; comparison. 2AJii<^J?^J. To 






CWzIodOO^ s. a. Adapted, suitable; 

convenient; useful. -3fi. A proper 

CA)3jo3j3oa s. n. Application; use, service; 

utility. eAJSJoSjB^nsw, To make use 

of, to use. 
Cro^TJSs.n. Ceasing^, stopping; refrain- 
ing from sensual enjoyment. 
CTOZlD s. ad. Above; upon; besides; 

beyond ; after. 
Cn7i'8jij^T^ s. n. Hindering; obstruction; I 

impediment. -i?. One who hinders, [ 

etc. enjSdjs^^^j. To hinder, etc. 
eA)3J<y20 s. a. Obtained; perceived; j 

well known. [suburbs. 

VOt^-^^ s. 71. A grove, garden in the 
CA)^»33?i s. n. A fast, fasting. -"arfj, 

-iti^'^j, -sJj3:So. To fast. eajS^sAj. 

One who fasts. 
eA)3j,3^?s:ir® s. n. a word used to modify 

an adjective, an adverb (g.). 
eA33i<3e^ s. n. The sacrificial thread 

worn by the three first classes. 
ef03J^?u) s. 71. Writings subordinate 

to the vedas, as on medicine, music, 

erOtl^^J, VOti^-dj^ s. 71. Calmness, 

composure; patience. 2, quieting; 

appeasing. 3, anodyne. enj5j^^o?io. 

To abate, become calm or refreshed; 

to take rest. -SjJscsj. To calm, 

ir07j3i)oB s. n. Calmness, composure, 

CTOsS^jaF s. 11. Connection; nearness. 

2, trouble, misfortune. 3, a cala- 
mity. 4, a preposition; a prefix (g.). 
CA)^j?j7iri€ s. «. Approaching (for help). 

srasj^ijTsy. To approach; to have 

recourse to. 
CrLZj?3SAd s. n. A bay. 

£A3x;^ 1^ s. ad. Approached, near, at 
qt - ' 


Cr03J5dS s. ?i. Destruction; vexation; 

disturbance; infatuation. 

0\)t>^srS s. 71. An oblation; a tribute^ 
present, gift. 

CrOojDS'ziir s. 7\. A ceremony perform- 
ed once a year before reciting the 

CrCoj3A»5j s. n. Approach; agreement. 
2, a minor againa. 

^OZJtU^Ti s. 71. Abstraction; withdraw- 
ing the organs of sense and perception 
from the outer world. 2, material 
cause. -?=)tirs. Immediate or proxi- 
mate cause. 

ZrOZjSt? s. 71. Virtuous reflection. 2, 
deception, disguise. 3, a peculiarity. 
4, an attribute, epithet. 5, the natu- 
ral character of species, quality or ac- 

tnzit^ns.ii. Teacher. 2, a priest that 
conducts the ceremonies, etc. 

CrOsDzprQcdo s. «. A schoolmaster; a 
preceptor. eAJsjtjqy^^oDj, eA)3:t)qm,33j. 
A female teacher ; a teacher's wife. 

OV)Sj3cdo s. n. A means, expedient, way, 
scheme, stratagem. -n^iS, -s?0. A 
schemer; an expert. -26?S?o. To point 
out means. -'S'O t^o, -SjscSj. To 
devise, contrive. 

a\)3j^?j. th. of iiv^^^^, q. r. srusj^i;. = 

en:sjs?j^ s. «. Service, worship, adora- 
tion. -oJje):SJ, erosjsiAi^o. To worship. 

O'OSIiBr^ s. ?i. Worship; meditation. 

easS?^, s.n. Disregard, neglect; indif- 
ference. erosj^^?^). To disreg 
disdain, neglect. 



s. 71. Vishnu or Krishna. 2, 

a king. 3, N. of a man. 
i!rOe§ponSv)« s. n. An example. 2, a 

beginning. 3, analysis. 
erO^'^e^^C©, -^[o s. 7i. A fast, fasting. 
tn^Tj.zi k. H. Salted and dried vegetables. 
en:;3."rf {lb. of erj5:0) ». Height, loftiness. 
CrCJj.S/^ r(b. of WV^SrsO'^) »(. A palace,- 

an upstair house; the upper story of 

a house. -»30t3. An upstair house. 



cro^.BpiJ k- r. «. To rise, as the soul; to 
jump up. V. t. To extend, increase, 

£ADZ;y?57\ k. n. One of the salt-maker's 

0X.7j-.€>'R k. H. A small tree, Macaranga 

0\)o33v'd (tf = £3) k. ?i. A bricklayer, stone- 
mason. 2, a salt-maker ; f. -S. SAJara 
0=^. The business of a bricklayer or 
a salt-maker. 

CrOsQv k. n. Salt. 2, doting- affection. 
3, a game at which the women play. 
€A)S ^i^5. A thorny climbing shrub 
Monetia. saj^L ^ ^'d.. A salt pan or 
depot. STO^fS "^^^^ Rock-salt. eA)»j fj 
=&303j. Pickles. -=ff3S. Salt and other 
spicery. -7ld. Bengal gram parched 
and scathed in salt. enj& Wj,. A kind 
of cake with various ingredients, -eru 
£90, -h^q,. To be in one's employ. 
-53ja. A salt — bed. -wjrw. Salt 
earth, enj^ So. To salt. 

£A)20 Ba.k. H. Swelling; elation; power; 
boldness, heroism. 2, crying aloud_ 

£r020,r© k. n. A wooden beam for locking 
a door. 2, a kind of weapon; a club. 

CTCSO.'rf k. n. Swelling; increase; 
abundance. eroio.O?jO. To swell, be 
swollen; to rise; to be full; to be 
elated; to be joyful. 

er020,Oo (=eni.oo,, ea)o±><) k. /t. The husk 
of paddy. 2, fallen hair or wool. 

er020,?j. eroeOo,?j k. n. Asthma. 2, fret- 
fulness, envy. 3, difficulty, trouble. 
-SSj, -:i5S?j. To become asthmatic. 

erOSO,^^ k. /i. Nausea, qualm, eructa- 
tion. eAJW,°^?jO. To nauseate. 

0\)800, k. v.i. To swell; to rise; to 
be puffed up. n. The state of being 
swollen; elation; pride. 2, crying. 
-ifi, erui3^=#. Swelling. -rtJodj. Pride 
to fade. -rtjsioJ^. Excessive pride, 
-^r^. Hill and dale; unevenness. 
• 3oJS«?. A swollen river. sroio.sjj. To 
cause to swell, etc. 

erOeS, k. n. Heat; steam. 2, rain. -t% 
Sosi^b'j. To expose to steam. -So^. 
A washerman's hut where dirty clothes 
are steamed. 

CTOsIa (lb. of enjcSj^ri) n. Anxiety, fear, 

Cro^cdos. a. Both. -=8^:^,!^*. Two agents. 
-3do, -^tfo. Persons of both sides, 
both persons. -^. In both places or 
times. -SJD^r. Both sides, -zpt^. 
Both languages: Saraskrita and Kan- 
nada. -Oort. A word of common 
gender. -sSja^'s'. This and the other 
world. &"ULijOlj3ojOwJ:S. Mutually 
agreed to or accepted. eru!jjoij3oiJao.S. 
Mutual agreement. 

CrOcdra, ero^o s. n. Lin, flax, Linum 
nsitatissimiim. 2, Siva's wife. eAisjJS 
si^, eai55jo3j3clodo. Siva. 

£AJ^O?rf, CrO^'Oerfo h. n. Confidence, 
assurance; aptitude, inclination. 
-srotf. A candidate, volunteer. -^jdO. 
Expectancy, volunteering. 

erOo20^, £A)020j^ («?-»') k. w. An 
enjoyment-gift : the rent-free grant 
of a land. -mxi. The holder of an 

crOoSOo k. A vulgar form of SAjreo, q. u. 

iro-dciM . <b. «/■ yvfis, q.v. 

6—0 S-' 

ero^o, a'J k. )i. Phlegm, mucus. 2, 
difficult breathing. 

erorfo, s;* (<&. o/' ero^^*) n. Heat; grief' 

trouble, anxiety. enjsSj s?€. Heat; 

distress, anxiety; fatigue, enjsij <!??;o. 

To be hot; to grieve, be distressed. 

CA)^)Oj, erocdj*. = 6^)10^ uo, g. V. 

£A).So, 7^, eros^oo,^ k. n. Milky grains of 
6 c 

wheat or barley fried for eating. 

£n.)^0, k. '«. A stone used to remove 
juice. 2, {th. of erui^, ) heat, steam. 

eroajj* k. I', t. To restrain, check, bind. 

£roodoo£;j, erocdje)ne;j, eroodjeind k. h. 
A swing. eAiodL5923j;?^52. A festival 
at which the idol of Vishnu is swung. 




VOXi (tb. of eAja;::*) «. The breast. 
crOTJA s. n. A snake. -ii^Jt^t^. A 

mung;oose;a peaoock. -S^^r^. Vishnu. 

-sS3, erodrtoorf,. The kinsf of snakes. 

Wdyrf k. w. Rolling-play: a play of 
a newly married couple. 

CA^lJ&a h. a. Inverse, upside down. 
-0&j?Sj. To reject, deceive. 

Crodyo (= wtJoyj) k. v. t. To roll. n. 
Coarseness, as of cloth, thread, hair, 
etc., thickness. -^u'jrSwj. A coarse 
skin, -ri-rawj. Stout thread. rtjon 

erO'dg (=Jf^Sj^) k. w. Burning; irrita- 

VOrj^ (=2njdj5S) k. V. i. To inflame, 
burn. n. Burning. 

Cr0tj£)0 1. (=yurfjt/j) k. n. A running 
knot; a noose, snare. 2, rolling, 
crumbling. -^^- The potato. 

croiJejj 2, cmcide; k. n. Fuel. 

CrOTidrf k. w. Crying aloud. 

erOTi^?? k. ?i. Haste, rashness; impulse, 
urgency, enjdari^ij. To act hastily 
or presumptuously. 

erotic k. n. A ball, as of dough, etc. 2, 
a bulb. 3, a round vessel. 

0013^0. = erJdjs?j, q. v. 

CrO& 1. \L.v.i. To burn, blaze, glow; 

to burn from rage, envy, fever, etc. 

n. Burning; flame, blaze, etc. -fc?0'Co, 

-^a'oj, -cJjsoa^. To quench a flame. 

-'^'i^- A burning itch. --a-a. A glowing 

spark. -'i, -^. Burning. -^o3. A 

burning coal. -rtrso. An inflamed 

eye. -hzSj, -do^. A flaming fire. 

-"J^^J. A reddish kind of scorpion. 

-rCoiiJ. Morbid humours of the body. 

-c3s)€/i. A fiery tongue. -S3J30. The 

furious Durga; a passionate woman. 

-J.ia^, -»3^. A burning wick. -SjjsSj, 

-oijj-i^ . Morbidly heated urine; 

strangury, gravel. -Sjs^, -^d^. A 

sharp word. -:iot^ , -aSS ?oj. To 
to -° 

kindle a fire. -^, -^o. To cause 
to burn. 

eA)& 2. (0=63') k. w. A coarse network 
for suspending pots and other vessels. 

0\)'3o 1. s. a. Great, much, excessive, 
eminent, precious. -3:i. Greater, 

Crotio 2. (cij= eso) a. k. v. i. To be; to 
stay, stop; to hesitate; to come about. 

Cro^jS;( cJj = eaj) k. h. Standing, stopp- 

erOdOAO 1. k. «. Passion, anger. 

erOOOAJ 2. (dj=e5o) a. k. i-. /. To be 
crooked, distorted. n. Crookedness^ 
-=5-!U). A crooked leg. -r3303o. A wry 
face. -j5c(<?j. A crooked finger. 

eA^rJoyo (=eA)Ciyj) k. r. /. To go beyond; 
to be overbearing. 2, to roll. n. 
Pride. 2, coarseness, as of cloth, etc. 
3, rolling; roundness; a plain ring. 
enjdjtosrf. = srurflJEi, q. r. 

erO:JoaX) (dJ=e3j) k. «. Violence; ra- 
pidity; force. 

erO^otS, erotij^ (cb=»j) k. n. Mass, 
multitude, excess; excellence. 

erO'doCio(= i^JSejj) k. ?;. A noose, snare, 
gin. -3o^*=#weVJ^. To haug one's self. 

C^'do^??. = STOdSri, q. V. 

enjrJopio h. n. Offerings at the shrine of 
a Muhammadan saint. 

e."0'do«?o k. i\ i. To roll; to be turned 
over; to revolve. n. Rolling. 2, a 
noose. yx!do«?3;:»J. To roll about. 
€AJdj8?;^o. To cause to roll, etc. -^l^. 
A religious vow or penance which 
consists in rolling one's self round 
a temple. 

CroS (6~Si) k. ad. Abundantly, well, 
nicely, fully; much. n. Abundance. 

erOTjo k. int. Bravo! well done! 

cros'or. = ero^j . q. v. 

erodor. = ^130 , q. V. 

iPdzidF. — SA)iiJ , q. V. 

ero20jr. = eA)u»j^, q. v. 
eros^or. = yjdJ«?o, q. v. 




eroe'S'o k. r. i. To start up, as a tiger. 

2, to flash on the mind; painful 

thoughts to arise. 3, to be sprained. 

ti. A sjrain. 
CrOs? k. v. i. To sound; to cry, utter, 

speak. /(. A sound; a cry. -5j, -^, 

-5^. A sound; a cry. 

enxyoy (= eruS)^) h. n. Gratuitous 

supplies or presents given to great 

persons on a journey. 
erUt'js'S^ s. n. An owl. 
CrO<y,, SAid^ s. n. A flame; a meteor. 2, 

a firebrand. c/\,C3^57J!3. Falling: of a 


£A)£) c?\ k. n. A snipe, 

Croe; orlofS s. n. Passino: over; trans- 
gression. eroej^o4j>sjj. To cross; to 

o\)(y y, crco y;i(y w (= yud&ra) f. a. 

Inverse, upside down, topsyturvy, out 
of order, 

£A)e;3 Xl s. H. An outcry. 2, change of 
voice in grief, sickness, etc. 

OXxys rJ s. n. Sport, joy, delight. 
-rratf. A gay man. ?ros35 AjJ^o (=:eAj£i 
oj^o). To delight, be merry. 

£A)«3 k. ad. In this intermediate 



erUeS ^a), £A3e3 ?33?i s. m. Scraping; 
writing, description. 2AJs3 ^sS^Jo. To 

CO ' -^ ^ 

£A)^ k. v4n a/^a; of the present rel. part, 
of the future, and of the imp., as ^^ 

aijj5i, iodo53, =#^s?j53. ad. This (inter- 
mediate) man. 
ifO^^Ti (tb. of eAJ3ipi?3<) n. The planet 
Venus. 2, Sukra. 

Cr0^3^;d Tift. 0/" «^23|j^^) «. Breathing; 
inhaling; breath, -^s^^i. Inhaling 
and exhaling. 

tn^, ZrOZ\^ s. n. Morning light, dawn. 
SAJ^gfl'^^j. The dawn, daybreak. 

ifO^.. s. n. A camel. 2, an "ostrich". 
2A)<^ , -^. A she-camel. 

CrOsi s. a. Hot, warm. 2, passionate; 
sharp. H. Heat, warmth; also -i. 
-SAjrf'S', SAJ^JB Prf^. Hot water. 

£A)?JeD h. n. Boiled pulse seasoned with 
salt, chilli, etc. 

eA)?d80o, erujdos'o, ero^joaoo k. h. Sand. 

ero^jeij. == sro^Sj^j, q. r. 

C^Js33ai5 f. n. Business, affair. 

erOso'OO k. r. /. To speak, say ; (to 
breathe), h. Breath; life. 2, taking 
breath. S/^j^CoD'sa^j, u^i^^o^^, anisjo 
0:ij, sru?oJArc3, eru;5ocDr::^j. To breathe. 
-?^Wo,, -coa. To hold the breath. 
-*l3,?ij. To choke. -^«?, -iS:::^J. To 
exhale; to expire. 

£r05oj3 k. int. A sound used by cattle, 
drivers in calling their cattle. ad. 
No, no ! 

ero^ k. ('■ t. To have, possess, o. i. To 
be. Pres. rel. past e/Ms?j. Being; pos- 
sessing ; affixed to nouns it turns 
them into adjectives, as: #£j?irf)^, 
employed; loja oijjs?), wise; c^d^s^, 
feverish; ^^^ai>j°-?,, lovely; etc. 

eA)s;i(s? = a) ( = y\>?? 2) k. n. Remaining, 
remnant. -^Ji'fo.. To remain, stop; 
to escape. -Tid, -Sa, -5^, -Boo. The 
remaiDder. -i. Remaining. 

CrOS? 1. k. v. i. To conceal one's self. n. 
A thief. 2, a chisel; an awl. 3, 
hiding; an ambush; a hunter's hut. 

ero^ 2. (^= CO') k. V. i. To leave, quit. 2. 
to be left, to remain. 3, to be left 
out. 4, to be saved. 5, to remain 
behind. P.p. enj^cSo, eA)«?;3j. w. Re- 
maining, remnant. -'#. Remainder. 
-rt. A bird of omen, -o), -^. To 
spare, save, keep alive. 



SAjt do 

m)«0 (S<J= C5j) k. V. i. To plough, P. p. 

5A)3j. eAJS^zjJjSwO, ploughed land, -tr, 

-dj, -w€. Ploughing. 
£A)s;ijAj (Vji= Oj) k. r. i. To be attached. 

eAJ«?. Attachment. 

Crjs?j, k. r. i. To shine; to blaze, n. A 
shining substance, a meteor. 2,= 6A)oj . 

009^ k.«. A bulb; an onion. Cpds..- =ff3!Jj 
^> Si?rfj5?„ "^*J,«?,. -rid. An onion. 


SA/D The stxth letter of the alphabet. 

2, a copulative conjunction signifying: 

and; and... and; also; at any rate; 

even; though. oiOodoj?, everywhere; 

»JoCiJ3, always. • 

eAn?F»-d s. The letter ws. 
0\n^, en/)o^ k. n. The warp of a loom 

spread and starched. 
^Mt^, OV)do {Ih. of ^:s ) a. Superior, 

costly. -esOS. Costly cloth. -^I^ZS. 

Superior and inferior. 
^f\f)S k M. An insect that infests grain_ 
U\S)li (ft: earaSj) k. )*. A meal; taking 

a meal. -i^jshi. A dinner party. 

-^jsSj. To give a dinner. -'§, "SS. 

To invite to a meal. -f\?y. reit. -5iJ3 

So. To take a meal. -^^JsasSj. To 

give a meal. -nad. A great eater; f. 

eA/)Uo h. n. Rising. -tS^sjJ. Rising and 

sitting down, as on haunches in quick 

SA/^S5 k. ». A natural spring of water. 
eanrfo k. v. t. To give to eat, make 

eat. 2. to join, yoke. 2, to smear. 

V. i. To eat. en/sa^j. To cause to 

eat; cf. °nj?y. 
eTLOg (fr. eruBrfj) k. n. Firmness, 
eand, CaOio h. n. Frankincense, -lo^, 

-if a. A stick covered with frank- 

incense, pastille. 
CAD35t3 k. n. A kind of corn-tares, Pas- 

palum pilosum. 
tn/)C30, CADa h. n. Lilac, sky-blue. 

enn^jj k. v. t. To blow. 2, to refine 
metal, r. i. To be pufi'ed up; to swell. 
«. Blowing; swollen state; also: «ria 
cS^j, erusa^. -iij3s?s3, -rtjs?^. A 
blow-pipe. -nw. A swollen cheek. 
-rvBOj. A swollen leg. sa/js oo^s'j. 
To say distinctly. 

CAO^i s. a. Lessened, deficient; maimed; 
defective, n. A defect, maim; deduc- 
tion; also -i. -^jdSj. To maim or 

eAT/eOJk. «. The awn of barley. -3Sjsjo. 

A common fodder grass. 
CA/)SJ k. n. A dumb man; a taciturn 

en/^dj l.k.H. A village; a town. -'Jrar<t>j, 

erusSrf?;. A town gate, eorads, ervraO 

cSS. A villager, townsman; f. erLOtfaVo. 

en.(SOsiV*j. A villager; village-people. 

-T^'^.. A raised seat round a tree in 


front of a village. -^?0, -/"i^O. A 
village street. -t4?^0J, -sJjoQ. Towns- 
folk, -aosd. The neighbourhood of 
a village, -ri. A rustic, vulgar man. 
-rS?Jja. A vulgar expression. 
eAO:io 2. (dj=e3j) v. t. To lean on, as a 
stick. 2, to put down, fix, set firmly; 
to plant ("cSedjjiJo, to root), v. i. To be, 
exist; to settle; to stay. 2, to leak out, 
to spring, as water. 3, to be soaked. 
n. Leaning, etc. -"^J^^tw. A walking 
stick. ^DS.'JSO ao;Sj^J3°i?Jj. To stand 
firmly. srutiO^. To cause to lean on, 
penetrate, etc. ; to steep, soak. 



tfXTi&SF 3. n. Power, energy; effort, sajs 
&3r"^. Powerful; well established; 
mighty, excellent; much. 

€A/)y9^F" s. a. High, raised up. n. Ele- 
vation. -riS. Going upwards, ascent; 
moksha. -^oS^. A perpendicular 
line on the forehead of a Vaishnava. 
-53j35^. Heaven. -3^=3. Expiration. 

CTinSjr s. n. A wave. 2, a fold in a 
garment. -e3. Janaka's daughter and 
wife of Lakshmana. 

OVli^, OXTsi'd s.n. Salt ground. 

Cnnsi. s. H. Heat; steam; passion. 


aV)?iTj^<9 , eanrirJj^ k. «. a kind of 

lizard, the Indian monitor. 
CADSo (''ft- of 5ru33S) «. A guess, 

conjecture. 2, reasoning; reflection. 

-53033^0, »njtiio?oJ. To suppose, reason, 

CAD^A ('i?=C3') k. ?i. Work, business; 

service. -rfS, enjDe?ft. A male servant. 

-f\^. A female servant. -3oj. Service. 
CAD^O a. k. V. i. To call; to cry out; 

to howl (p.p. 5njs°i?j ,eAj-3^). «,. A howl. 


orfj. The seventh letter of the alphabet. 

Sj5i5S"d s. The letter J>ij. 

tXSi^'o,. /b. o/" 3io"^<, q. V. 

?5i:i7vQ?rf s. H. The rigveda, the first of 
the four vedas. 

SiSiSa {th. Jrfj^A) n. The rigveda. 2. a 
verse of the rigveda. 

Sdi&O s. a. Straight; right; honest, up- 
right. -<S?rf. An honest hero. 

SJir® s. n. Guilt. 2, debt; obligation. 
-^j3:Sj. To lend money. -S^O^oo, -SjO 
aoOSj. To pay a debt. -5ijj):Sj. To 
borrow. -aojstfj. To incur debt. 
-n^cJ. A debtor, -ws:^. The trouble 
from debt. -sjjo'^. Released from 
debt. -sSjjtS-, -»3j3$b;. Discharge of 
a debt. -^. A creditor; a debtor. 3)ij 
?5e)fjjwoqS. The connection of in- 
debtedness in some preceding birth 
for certain sufferings or enjoyments. 

SSi^ s. a. True, right, n. Truth. 2, 
gleaning. 3, an ascetic. 4, the sun, 
moon. 5, water. 

SJi^O s. n. A period; an epoch; a period 
or season consisting of two months : 
a;^og, ^^^i^, Siir, ^d::*, Sj^Sjo;^, 
SSd. -»^^- A year. 

S5^:)§Q^ s. n. A priest who officiates at 

Si^ia s. ?i. Growth; prosperity, welfare. 
2, excellence; c/'. »^\^) 9- !'• 

Si)£^0^ s. »i. Indra. fdkUHffCL 

tdis'n s. n. The white-footed antelope. 

t^'^t^ s. n. An inspired poet, sage, saint, 
hermit; seven principal rishis are 
enumerated, see ^^^r. 2, the seven 
principal stars of the great bear. 

^^i^n ( = 3dj2!g) s. n. The white-footed 
antelope, -^ojstf. A mountain in the 
Dekhan, known as the temporary 
abode of Rama with Sugriva. -^^o?^- 
N. of a personage in the first book 
of the Ramayana. 




si® ^ ^ 

The eighth, ninth and tenth letters of 
the alphabet. No words begin with 

these letters, and the use of them is 
extremely rare. 


oi. The eleventh letter of the alphabet. 
2, the final (a) of nouns, (h) of 
verbs, and (r) of adverbs, as: ypS, 
oid, i«s3; ;3r^, Jjs«?, 53d; 53j J , dj^eS, 
sSjej rS, z..s?;^, T?s?r^, e^^-. 3, a particle 
of emphasis or vocative, as: c^seS, 
t?;^f3, 3Df3; =^5^d, ^doSjd, e<c.; d^ScS, 
StirfjfS, ojJrtfS, eic. 4, « particle used 
in doubtful questions; as, wodoaoSj:^? 
?33^? 5, termination of the 1st a. p. 
sing, of the future and impf. and of 
the neg. verb, as: Sjsz^od {=:^js^j 

oDO a. k. A termination of the 1st p. 
sing. pres. fut. and impf. and of the 
neg. verb, as: z3d°^ Sjo, tra*? o 's:-^'^ o, 

CO UO 9j 

'^'^°- [power. 

oa^S^nTio h. H. Authority, control, 

oD^trotJOli. n. A confession; a deposition. 

oD^BTi s. n. The letter oi. 

cO^',. lb. of ^"^. -^. Alone, in private; 

a single person. -i3^i3. To call aside. 

-SS*!*. = ^=5^3D5J, q. r. 

o3^,yA k. n. A superior, noble man. 

«0^,63 k. u. Greatness; wonder. 

oD3\7^, oD^.^T^ f. «. A kind of leathern 
o o 

oDt5\S3S? k. n. Ridicule, mockery, jest. 

-»Jj3::io. To mock, jest. 
oD^.B;cio k. V. t. To mock, deride, make 

faces at. 
oj^.e; a. k. n. A wild hog. a. High, 

tall, huge. 

<,y&.7i'5., <ot5\j65^, k. n. Confusion, doubt. 

2, ridicule, mockery. 
oDtt, k. 71. A piece of timber forming 

one side of a cot-frame. 
oOtS'j, k. V. t. To divide; to dress cotton, 

to card wool. v. i. To come up, 

stand on tiptoe. 2, to ourare. oii-, ^. 

To cause to dress cotton, etc. 
<0^^ {tb. of e^=-) /(. The swallow-wort, 

Calotropis giganlea. Cpds.: -^s^oJo, 

cOaBj k. H. The jujube tree, Zizyphus 

■OATI^J k. v. i. To rise; to fly; to jump. 

2, to fly away; to be spent, as money. 

to wear off, as gilt, paint, etc.; to be 

ruined, as commerce. oinO^ij. To 

cause to rise, etc.; to pilfer. 
<oao k. n. Rising; embarkation. -siJ.S. 

Dues for embarking. 
<0A , <OA0 ^ a. k. 71. A rude, rustic, low 

man. -^jrf. Rudeness; stupidity. 

<oa '^. = 53rs s*. 

A '^ 

oDao k. n. Shame. 2, disgrace', blame; 

harm. -«?. A bashful person. -S?grj. 

Bashfulness. -2oQ. To find fault with. 
oDO? k. n. A stupid, silly person. 2, 

fraud, deceit, -oraf^c A counterfeit 

<oeS k r. ^ To shoot arrows; to expel, 

as water through a syringe. 
oD£i ^0 k. P.p. of oi'^ clj, q. r. 

? J — D W 

^viri oDEi &^ (d= es) k. n. 

£j 5 P.-r 



fuluess; watchfulness, caution, pre- 



caution, care. -rt^a. An inattentive 
or negligent person. -T^^a^fd. Inatten- 
tion, negligence. -Ajs^Tio. To awaken. 
-iid^^j). To be awake; to make provi- 
sion. -^^ . -oSjd. To lose one's self. 
»i'c^ daori -adj. To be watchful, -iido. 
To be cautious. -ariJ, -'^'sri^. To 
be awake. -=#j3c:^j. To call attention; 
to give caution. 
oDPi "do (dJ=e3J) k. I'. J. To awake. 
roJS D?;o. To awaken, wake; to caution, 
forewarn; to put in mind. 

oaSi (tb. of 53?qS) jj. A bore, hole. 
oDoaid', oioteuj k. n. Food or drink 

which has come in contact with the 

mouth and regarded as impure; 

spittle, saliva. -SiJti;Sj. A past word; 

repeating another's words. -2qo^. 

An insect living in orts. -sSjSi^j, 

oioji©?ij. To defile. 
<oy^0 k. V. i. To come within reach. 

2, to be sufficient. oiW^fSjB^cSo. To peep 

standing on tiptoe. oiU-S-^io. To stand 

on tiptoe to reach anything. 
<oW k. n. A bush-harrow. "^^ BojjzI, 

To roll or flatten sown field. 
cO&j, k. n. An obstinate person, -^fo. 



<oUo, k. V. i. To be accessible, n. A blow. 


oD'rf 1. {= <^u) k. 11. Place, ground. 
-3S^o. To go and come frequently, 
to frequent. 

ojT^ 2. k. n. The left, the left side. Cpds.: 
-rid, -rtr?j, -Asisjj, -h.^, -SJ/^ sjj, 
-Sjrtwj, e<c. -wej. Left and right. 
-33JJO. To turn to the left. -2^. A 
left-handed man. 

oDT^ 3. (= oid) k. ». Place between, 
interval; inferiority. -'S'JoS. A smal- 
ler kind of weeding machine. -3d. 
An obstacle, -i^d. A middling sortj 
mediocrity. -*^^^i "*^^^- ^^^ state 
or character; stupidity. fspeakino-. 

cO'rfeij k. 11. Difficulty, especially in 

■oc^Tj;)^ k. n. A foe, adversary. 

oD'rf'C^O 1. k. n. Strait, trouble. 2, an 

impediment, obstacle. 
o:t:^I30 2. (do =630) a. k. H. Poverty; 

ruin. 2, crookedness. i\ i. To be 

crooked, to be dishonest. 2, to 

stumble, trip. 
oOt^4, ^j'rfsoo {cf. <>i:^do2, r. j.) k. r. j. 

To stumble, trip, to strike with the 

foot against. 
oOZS 1. (= oiiS) k. n. A place, spot; 

ground. 2, room; interval, distance. 

3, inferiority. -t\. A good-for-nothing 

man. -it)3d. Uninterruptedly. -*yo,. 

A small dam. -Ad. To fall down. 

-f\i%A. rep. Here and there. -tIjbcSo. 

To give way, submit. -Ajt^\. To 

take place, occur; to come to a stand; 

to obtain; to resort to. -53^0^0, -sSdoij. 

The middle age. -WSo, -oiraSo. To 

move, wander, roam. -eA):^orio, -aioo 

:ijT\:i. To leave room; to stop, cease. 

-z«3[o^, -a3j33(0^. To compress, squeeze. 

-~«?. The inner velocity of a river, 

-mJ33!o^. The time between sunrise and 

oOZ§ 2. {th. of '3d) M. An ofl'ering; meal. 

2, the leaf, etc. on which food is 

placed. -^3*0 , -'3 3:^0, -t?j3:^o, -SJ3:1j, 


-539^0. To present food to a deity or 

^xi k. H. A cheat, liar. 2, [= ^:i) a 
stupid man. -3ro. Falsehood; stupidity. 
-^. A stupid woman, oi^ ?^. To abuse; 
to mock; to cheat. '^'^^- Cheating; 

oSf^"^ k. n. Counting, reckoning. 2, 
thinking; thought; notice, observa- 
tion; opinion. -#^rtJ33o. Thinking 
to succeed, -rtoii*. To think, etc. 

oOf^;r;o k. V. t. To add together, to count; 
to reckon; to estimate; to consider; to 
compare, v. i. To think of. oorfA) 
fJ^ra^cSo. To number. 

<0?€ 1. k. n. A couple, pair; connexion; 
fellowship; equality, similarity; a 




match. -T«?, -n«?. To become loose. 
-rtoMj. A woman's braid of hair. -f\Ji 
S'Jj. To become equal; to face. -^\i 
-a-^. The ruddy goose. 

«3S3 2. = 3gf^. 

oioWo 1. k. n. Arrogance. 

o2cUo 2. k. a. Eight, ^o^^. Eighth. 

»iotoc3oWj. About eight. »ioli;3535. 

Eight and a half. o:iofe3oUo. Eight and 

eight; eight times eight, -a^^, -d;^. 

The eight points of the compass. 

-'^js^cs, -»i>J3s3. An octagon. 
oDrJ ?jO. = »i£4?io, g. V. 


oDC®J k. I', i. To count; to think. 


odB k. «. Oil. -=5Ti'iJ. To heat oil. 


-?1o^. Dark brown, -jii. To extract 
oil. -toSo, -Sos'tfj, -sS-'soijj,. To pour 
oil; to spoil as another's afifairs. 
-ooti =#J5i*J>. To anoint one's self with 

oil. -rraes. An oil-mill. 
The sediment of oil. 

■nk, -*d^j. 

<of»3 Tio k. pro. Eight persons. 

^^ 1, <0^ lyj k. ad. Where ? which 

place or direction? -=5*^. Whither? 

oiS SJJo. Everywhere. oi33 c^Jo. In 

whatsoever direction; occasionally. 

i>i:^_;S ejjo. Everywhere. 
o3^ 2. (c/^. oi3b) k. n. Lifting up. 2, 

undertaking; finding out an item in 

an account. 3, deceit, cunning. 

-rid. A means, device; a trick. 
o3^ 'rf, oi:^ xio k. M. Height; tallness. 

-rScS . An elevated rice-field. 


<o;^j 1. k. r. t. To lift, raise, take up; 
to collect, as money, alms, etc.; to 
assume, as a form (avatara); to 
mention, as the name of another, n. 
= oi^ 2. oi^'^. Lifting, e<c. oi^ lo3. 
To copy, as a manuscript. oi^'^JSoSo 
aojs^ro. To take away. oiS SoJ5?rO. 
To ffo to attack. -:^P65Sj, 5l);t)^, 3o. 
To lift up. oi^J^J. To cause to raise, 
e<c. -nd. = »i^riii. -ritu. Lift-stone. 
-'^^arl. Rent that is raised. -iue3, 

«oij3^55. A moveable stove. -■L'i. 

Lifting, raising, etc. 
o3oO 2. k. n. An ox, bullock. Cpds: -rra 

a, -"^oa, -7i^30, etc. -jSsOrl. Bullock's 

tongue, Trichodesma indicum. 
o3^0 ^i? k. H. Collecting money. 

oorf'do, o^aijo, oiiooo (= 'aado, q. r.) 
k. 71. The front; that which is oppo- 
site. -ssceJ, oicJjD'?:io. To outbid; 
to contradict. oirfoDDCSjJio. To oppose, 
contradict. oicSjOs*?. An antagonist. 
-?1jss?J), oicijr1jsri?j,, -wdj. To meet. 
-•^a, -s3j3;^j, -ojcijdj;^ O. A contra- 
diction. -:lo^J, oicSjt;S="oa5tJ. To 
contradict. -^-SjESj. A counter-claim. 
»iCijii3^ryo, oicio^ra. A document 
given by the purchaser of land 
stipulating to give it back on repay- 
ment of the purchase money within a 
definite terra; a counterpart. »iJSj 
53 r^?,. A note of hand given for 
another that is lost; the counterpart 
of a deed or lease. 

oDc3 k. n. The chest, breast; courage. 
-ssCj. The breast to become dry; 
courage to be quenched, -tud. The 
heart to break: courage to fail. 
-*drio. The heart to melt. -S*, -^j;So. 
To become courageous. -^b'jocSj, -njo 
cSj, -ndo. Courage to fail, -rtjoari. 
The pit of the stomach. -njssjj^ 
S)ejJ . To stand boldly. -^-'tsJ . -f^*.^J . 
Heartache, -rrarf. A bold man. -rioa. 
The heart to be agitated; violent 
mental agitation, fear, -rijorfj. Cour- 
age to fail. -rIas'O. To dishearten. 
-!ijso3j=5*, -loS*. A man who dis- 
heartens another. -53jjO. To labour 
to weariness, fag hard. -eruO, -cxLoO. 
The heart-burn, -jests'. A coward. 
-Si!dJ. The heart to palpitate. 

.Ddj k. P. p. of i^iVj. 

oii>)c^J, oi^):go a. k. pro. How much? 

how many ? 





<oS520'rfo a. k. pro. How many persons? 

o3^0 k. aff. The common form, of »io 
for the 1st pers. sing, past., ful., and 
neg<, as: SjaSiSpiJ, ojjsisSj^Sfja, Sj? 

oDo^ 1. =e3o3, q.v. A common p.p. 

of »i?!J^, q. V. 
oDo^ 2, <oo:g^, <003D. = oioqi, q. v. 
.OOI^O k. pro. In what manner or way? 

how ? oio:3Jo. By all means. 
oDo^olio. = o:i?icSj, q. t'. 
o3oqi, .ocqja (=i>io^ 2) k. pro. What 

kind or sort ? i«<. What a kind ! how ! 

as: oioqS :Sj33 dJfS ! f3j3?:3o, d^Sdj 

<oorfo 1. k. (p. p. of oiF^A) Having said. 
Used to iyitroduce a sentence, when it 
is equivalent to '-that", as: t^ozitj 
oiocij 3o°s?nSr3J, he said '-they came". 
oiO 3oJ3$r(0 siodo €^°,'ciri), "where 
shall I go?" he asked. 

oDOiHiO 2. k. ad. What time? when? oio 
ciJ3, oioarJjB, oiocSoSrtjei. For ever and 
ever, always, continually. ojoSnarfrfas. 
At any time soever, once. eioapioJ, 
oioa^^aSpo*, oioaoS Bo'srl. As usual. 
oiocSoo, oiorf,©. Ever, always. 

<0?i> (^o^fS) a- k. pro. Of me, my. oit^ 
cSj. Mine. 

<o^0^ (= esoS^) k. 11. t. To say, speak; to 
call. P. ps. oiorfj, oio;^', pres. p. »ioio. 
oiocSiJ, (oiocSjBii). = esodd. 

<OJj.^J k. a. Seventy. oi5j3|^t>J, »i5i 

:^c3«)5JJ. 74. 


<O?0rf k. H. A foolish, silly man. -^c^. 
oD83 ?jO k. r./. To rouse, awaken; to lift 

up; to raise; to enliven, give life. 

T?j3?5jd:3,Sjj. To provoke. 
o3200 a. k. i'. i. To rise. »^^j^^- To 

follww, pursue; to harass. [indeed. 
oD^j 1. (= oisSJ,, q. V.) k. int. Well, 
o3^o 2. jk. pro. Our. ojSjtI. To us. 

oi5ij:Sj. Ours. [ornament. 

o3rfj^. oD^J^ k. n. A bone. 2, an ear- 

oD^O, <o£ k. M. An eyelash, eyelid. -^ 

=5*0 . To shut the eyelids. 
oDoeOo k. V. t To say. -^^. Saying. 

oioio, -»3. (pres. j-ei. parL o/' <>^nJ^). 

That is or are called. oioi^53-)ft (oioio 

rfj-":??^) used as »iorfj, q. i;. 
<oo20;^o k. a. Eighty. 

oD'rfo. k. 7jro. Of us, our. »i53j,cSj. Ours. 
o ^ 

oD^j, k. ?i. A female bufifalo. -"J^s^o. 
A large black scorpion. -^^^. The 

plant Convolvulus argenteus. -3jJ3?0 

(-5^50). A male buffalo-calf. 

o3criJ0o a. k. ?i. A porcupine. -Sjjs^j,. 
A porcupine quill. 

oDTi^ k. n. Any metal infusion; molten 
state. -3oJ30J)j. To pour melted metal 
into a mould, to cast. farm. 

<OTi'^ (d= 63) k. n. A wing; a fin; an 

<o"d7\0 (d=e3) k. t'. J. To bow; to make 
obeisance to; to alight, perch; to 
fall upon; to join; to accrue to. n. A 
bow, an obeisance. 

<0'd2^0 (ti= 23) k. V. t. To sprinkle; to 
scatter; to strew; to sow. -<a=#. 


o^ric^o k. a. Two. oid:^^ sSja^rio. To go 
to void excrement. -SiJrtJ, oirfra-srtj. 
To become separated. -^CAoij'S. 
A double tongued, deceitful man, liar. 
-c^ja. To speak two things: to be 
insincere, -wii. To play tricks, act 
deceitfully; two ways. -^JSt^o. To 
split. -sSd. Two and a half, -^JS^^J^. 
Morning and evening. oitid!J::Sj. Two 
and two, two times two. oidSjs. Both. 

oO-d6, <ode;o (= sSdv*) a. k. n. 2, wind, 
air. 3, playing. 

oD'dsS, oOTJS? k. n. An antelope, deer. 

o3TJ4 k. n. An object of desire; a 
thing borrowed, as a book, e<c.; 
a loan. 2, difference; damaging; de- 
ficiency; harm. -'s^-i, oicJc-^o^. To 
grant an object of desire; to lend- 
-i3?:Sj. To ask a loan. -sSjoWJj ;^i?j|^s?j,. 
To borrow. 





<OTJ020J k. ». Dun^, muck. 

oJtS 1. k. n. A dark-brown colour. 2, 
black grease for wheels. 3, black 
soil ( = -f3ej, -^.^,^0, -corw, -^jso). 

4, a worm that lives in orts; a bait, 

5, food for animals. 6,= rar1. 
oDt32, a. k. r. <. To beg, ask. solicit. -S. 

A beggar. 
c^-63. {6 = &^-) k. r. «. To pour out; to 

cast, as metal; to cover with water. 

V. i. To bathe. n. Pouring. 2, a 

master; f. oirf^. oiSodoS . A sweet 

cOi3r. = oicS, g. r. 
ojC^sJ k. >i. The jujube. -"^^V The 

oD£J20o, <c£>020J, oDiS/'04 k. )i. A bone. 
oDCJ^O a. k. n. Wind, air; breath, -aro 

rf, oit)rtjrf. Air-eater: a serpent, 
o3£J»5 k. n. The silk-cotton tree, Bombar 

^^^t^'k. htt. (strong, rough) B.o\ o! oh! 

oje;s, o36e k. int. {familiar and friendly) 
0! oh! 

cOe3 k. w. A leaf; the blade of a knife. 
2, the betel leaf; a leaf-plate. »ie3 
cxO djod ^.raStfj, To sit at dinner. 
-?5a=#, oisja=#. Betel leaf and areca 
nut. oie^a^ ^3-r=TJ3S?j). To chew ela- 
dike -nsd. A betel-seller; f. -rr?S~. 
-^SjJ. A fomentation with a heated 
leaf. -'5'^) -'^^- A thorny and milky- 
shrub. Euphorbia nivulia. -SJotoj, 
-Jjsfei),. The stem of a leaf. -Jjsoti. 
A betel garden. -fs^riO. A small 
dangerous snake found on leaves. 
-zSSj. To sprout. -<0oa3. A green 


-53^0,. A coloured handker- 

chief. -33a, -Sori. A drop on a leaf. 
<oe5j3? k. int. 0! etc. 
-OGJ , oiO di. cOe^ k. «. All; everything; 

the whole. ojsj^sJj^. N. of a goddess. 

eiw dj3. All persons. »iO sjjt. All things. 

oiOe) rtv*. Always. 

o2s5 k. (xrf. In what place? where? 

whither? -oliS. A man of what 

place? -oijcSj. A thing of what place? 

-odjticJSj?. Wheresoever; everywhere. 
<0«3 k. H. A limit, boundary; also -^Wj.. 

-tfWJ. A boundary stone. 
oDi^ k. Termination of the first pers. pi. 

of past, fat., atid neg., as: =^?6?j3iJ, 

CD'S. = ttittSj, q, V. 

^^d ( = oiSiSj) k. i»/er. p>'0. How 
much? how many? oi^.c;^. To what 

extent? »i^.tf, oi^.dC , oi^.dv^Vrt, 

oi^,=ff, e<c. -sJoei.ii, oiSd ajli.ri. To 

what extent ? how long or far? 

oi^JS^^ How (very) many (one does 

not know). 

oiTi'^ (fr. oi?3) a. k. n. Shine, splendour, 
beauty; form; delight. 

o:;rf7\0 a. k. r. t. To engage in, under- 
take', to do, perform; to commence. 

<o?j^, o:,^;^ (fr. oi?3 1) k. »t. A throw, 

cOrJ'rfj k. n. The boiling water in a cook- 
ing pot; the water strained from 
boiled vegetables, etc.; pepper water. 

oDri^o k. ft. A flower-leaf, petal; a small 
twig with leaves. 

oOris? k. n. N. of a jungle tree. 

^TiO, -O^ 1. k. r. /. To shoot an arrow; to 
throw. P. ps. tti^tcij, oi^rfj, oiJoO. 
n. A shot; a throw; also oiJ^-i. 

oi-S 2. k. r. ?. To shine; to be brilliant, 
beautiful, distinguished; to appear; to 
become manifest. 

oD5c^, o5oc:^ (= Soi)^^, Co?^or^) a. k. ad. 
In what manner? how ? 

oDs;*2, oDi^;^.), <o^io k. P. ps. of oi«?, 
q. r. That is tender, young, etc. 

.o^A k. H. A species of sheep; the ram 
used by boys for riding. 

oD'^^al. = oiuio, q. r. 

oD'S'cJO, oD^tli k. H. Unsteadiness, fickle- 
ness, ad. Unsteadily. 



<O^?j0 a. k. I'. «'. To desire, long for; to 
take pleasure in. ti. Desire, etc. 

o3S?l. i = ^°-f) k. «. Tenderness; youth; 
weakness; moderation; lightness in 
colour, etc. a. Tender, young, etc. 
-rtoa, -rtocSj, -rto:5. A newly calved 
cow, a milch cow. -n^oSj. A tender 
fruit. -ni>^. Gentle wind. -riJZKo. 
A tender infant, -"^o^, -rlo^. A light 
red, the colour of the dawn. -^.ra^. 
Faint moonshine, -^f^. Tenderness; 
youth. -^s?o*, -ds?D*- Tender foliage. 
-(ir^. A smile. -c3=)tio. A tender fine 
fibre. -?i?cJo. The water of a tender 
cocoanut. -sj's.oij. Youth, -tors. A 
faint colour. -z3A)U0, -<DA)SJJ. A morn- 
ing or evening, sunshine. -^JS^. 
A tender mango. -oliS. A young 
man; a boy. -oSj^j. A young 
woman; a girl. -^jajJ^. Tender 

<o^2. («? = 63^) k. r. L To pull, draw, 

drag; to seize, take forcibly. P. j)s. 

oi'Jrfj, oiS?^j, wVcij. ^'■?'§js°-fo.. To 


pull towards one's self; to lay hold 
of; to absorb. '^'•PiZ^Zi^. To pull 
mutually, ^i'^s^j. Pulling, drawing; 
spasm, cramp. oiS??ij, oiS??3o. To 
cause to drag; to put off; to thwart. 

„j^ 3. r'l^CJS) k./t. Thread, ^^oij^j 
^ii. To spin. 

ojS;^J, k. ('. «'. To go upwards, rise. 

oD^J k. M. The gingely-oil seed of 
Sesamuiii indicum. oi'v^ri??. A blackish 
kind of linseed. -I3ii. A chatney of 
sesamum. -Si^rfj. Sesamum seeds 
and water offered to departed ances- 
tors. -i3ej. A mixture of sesamum 
and jaggory given as an auspicious 
present. -»ij^ , c,j«?,to, -'S>^. Sesa- 
mum oil. -iS^aa. A sweetmeat of sesa- 
mum and sugar. -aSjrl. A dish of 
milk, rice, and sesamum. 


oD. The twelfth letter of the alphabet. 
2, a particle of eritphasis, as: 3!o^rfc^o 
?iPd?! z«5jj,s3p; ;Sa cSp tj^h; c^53o, oo;:^cS 
?o«jjr33f\33j;. 3, a contraction of <^o^ 
a, in the genitive, as: sSJfS? rasrjejo, 
?3Be3? ^fS; b. m <fte locative, as: 
=^d^€, etc.; c, m the affix esfScxii, as.- 
oi!j:^c3? 55^=5*; d, in the infinitive, as: 
=5*3? tf^oco^jj. 4, = »:)f^, etc., q. v. 
iirtolij. What to do ? i:)5j?s?o. What 
to say? 

iD5^ s. a. One, alone, solitary. 2, unique, 
pre-eminent. 3, one of two or more. 
-53t). The same time 
undivided family. 
SjSS. a supreme sovereign 
Once-born; a Sudra. -3o. One of 
two or many. -3i!e-i. Keeping time. 

-rt.aS'S',;^,;. An 

harmony. -^. In one place, together. 
-2f . Oneness, unity. -C33. At once. 
-i^^S. Of one or the same country. 
-:3?3o. Having only one body; closely 
united in friendship, -si^. Only one 
wife. -SjJ.^, -dOcu^o,. One mind; un- 
animous. -s3jci>. Concord. -rfX. Per- 
fect assimilation. -53^?^. The singular 
number (g.). -Ci^^ji. Agreement of 
meaning. -^^ h. 71. -^. Standing 

together; unanimous. -K'?Fi. The 

place of a unit. oi59 i^i. Suddenly, 

all at once. ■^5^*. Alone, solitary. 

Sj'oS'^ d. A monosyllable. ^'^-^ . Oue- 

eyed; a crow. Si'5'3^. Intent upon 

one object. i^'S^ofy. Of one member; 

solitary, alone. oJiJscS^. Eleven; the 

eleventh, iii^s's^a. The eleventh day 

OJtf DC 



of the waxing or waning moon on 
which Brahmanas use to wake and 
fast. &>^^^^^. A sole monarch; an 
astrological term. oSb^o:^. A lonely 
place, solitude; secrecy; a secret; 
alone, secret, hidden. ^'S'so'S^^^, A 
herniitaffe; a harem. ^'S-iiS . A heifer 
one year old. oi^sqir. One meaning; 
synonym. ii^g^^oSj. The protection 
of one deity only. ^'S'S^. The period 
of one day; a ceremony performed 
on the eleventh day in the course 
of funeral rites. 

i^W^Ti s. n. The letter i^- 

oO-^?^ h. n. Honesty, uprightness. 

»D'&e8p3'rf s.n. Becoming one; association. 
oi-D-^^^;^o. To become one. 

o0^j3?io f. n. Sum total. 

a^jseQ tX s. n. The sraddha performed 
CO ej 
for one deceased individual. 

aUo k. n. A blow; a throw. 2, a kind 
of gambling with dice. -rreo. A 
shooter. -=aJ3Sj, -loa, -3&jsa. To 
strike a blow. 

oDci k. n. A crab. 2, a coward. 

»D5riJ k. I', i. To speak ill; to mock. 

ao© s. n. A kind of deer or antelope; 
f. ^d). 

arfk.M. A ladder. -aoiSlir^. A number 
of flambeaux fixed on a horizontal 
ladder and carried in a procession 
or before persons of distinction. -aiCo, 
-2o3j. To mount a ladder. 

«Or®0 k. n. An edge, border. 

^^ (/v. ^cSj) k. ?(. Ascent; rise. 2, 
a lever for raising water, picotta. 
3, an instrument for pounding rice. 
-^JB^OJ. The bamboo by which the 
bucket hangs. 

a^??. = cd;9;^=#, see s. ^^j. 

eOSaCjNT^ s. ad. Such like; of this kind, 

oDC30 k. n. A porcupine, v. i. To pant. 
oOSi^ k. pro. Some, a few. 

a?io k. inter, pro. What? dat. oj3=#, ; 

instr. ^:sOcci; gen. &>3Ti, etc. i^^m. 

To become what? »ic3^citij3, iifraoijo. 

Whatsoever it may be; anything. 

^^^^' To say it is nothing. »i=3j;. 

a^ k. alf. for the 1st pers. sitig. pres.. 

e. (J. StfjJ^?^, Sojft^j^ofJ, jiao3oo 

3,?fS, etc. 

iOocij*. = »i=:o, q. V. 

JCCdcTi s. n. The castor-oil plant, Palma 

a5 k. n. A raised bank, the bank of a 
tank, etc.; also *y,. 

aDlJo 1. (= wdj) k. n. A pair of oxen 
yoked to the plough. -^oCTJOii, -Xjc^. 

i:)Tio 2. (ciJ=e3o) k. v. t. To ascend; 
mount, climb, v. i. To rise; to 
increase. P. p. ■^^iO. oidoS^, o:>dJ^=T, 
eiO'f. Rising, mounting, etc. ^tf 
?rWo,. To tie on high, hang down. »i 
tioio,3d. Hard breathing, osdsrsi^'j. To 
pile, oidso^t^o. The lime from sunrise 
to midday. iD^sS^rfj. Poison to take 
effect. ooO?ij. To raise; to place upon, 
etc. ^0 wdj. To ascend. 

oOJjF'rfj k V. i. To be arranged, settled, 
fixed, established. o:)^ra?tJ. To ar- 
range, to set in order. o:)»:?P"yj, 
o:>5r3~:Sj. Arrangement', decision. 

^O^j. f. "• Large cardamoms. -f\^. 
The cardamom plant. 

aaiBO h. ?i. An auction, public sale. 

a<yo k. V. i. To hang, dangle, osc^cij. 
To swing. 

a^ k. M. Disgust, dislike; ugliness. 

a^o s. ad. Thus; certainly; even. 

a4 k. pi. of ^t^. 

a^ k. pi. of ^cJ- 

a^r« s. 11. Seeking; wish, desire. 




a?jJ 1. k. ('. t. To throw. 71. A throw, 
shot. o:>^'3:^J. To shoot arrows. 

iOrjO 2. (= oi?i;^j) k. pro. What quantity ? 

a'¥?jO (= ^a^J) k. w. <. To censure, re- 
prove; to throw into shade, ^^d. 
Contempt, blame. 

»S?7?, »^ (°^= ra) k.n. Rising; growth, 
increase; greatness, magnificence, 
glory; haughtiness. 

&<^0 1. (°i?o=C3j) k. V. i. To stand up, to 
get up, rise. P.p. oirfj . oicSo Sojs^rlo. 
Get up and go away. »a^?;iO. To raise. 
-^=#, ^^j€. Rising. .as*j3 ^^?'!'o^. 
Rising and falling. i3«??s*o, oii^?<!?j. 
Rise, rise ! arise. 

atfo 2. (s?o=COo) k. a. Seven, ^"i???. 
Seventh. oi^JoWo. Seven or eight; seven 
times eight. oS«?«?^te3.£:4. A necklace of 
gold beads composed of seven strings. 


SQ. The thirteenth letter of the alphabet. 
The initial so in Kannada words has 
arisen from esodj*, eso3j, and those 
words may also be looked up under 
this spelling. 

SO s. i7it., as: 50?3ti=erj. 0! enough. 

SdS'^O^q s. n. Unanimity, agreement. 

SD'SSo s. n. The letter SD. 

SoS'q s. n. Oneness, unity; harmony; 
identity. -tp=)5a. Oneness. 

S^X^O (= e5oij*r!°T?o) k. n. A Jaiigaraa. 
2, a school-master. 

SD^'Oo (= esoiJ^rfj) k. r. i. To come, ap- 

SoSSon s. n. Oral tradition, a legend, 

Sorfj 1. (= escxjjj , q. v.) k. a. Five. 

SOCO 2. (=S3 0lx) ) k. r. «". To join; to draw 
near; to reach, obtain, get. 

SOjli) k. n. A mirror; spectacles. 

SDtSjse'do (= ©33j^°CIj) k. H. A school- 
master. 2, a respectful mode of 
addressing a Brahraana. 

SO'dns^(= esoi^CTOS?) k. w. The marriage 
badge tied round a female's neck. 

SO'Dnri. = esoijs^e^, q. v. 

SDCD^:^ s. n. Indra's male elephant; f. 

SoeJSe' s. n. Kuvera. 

SD'^sB h. ad. Instead of. 

SDzSSdO h. n. Property, wealth: cash or 

SD^^O (= yiodj^3fJ ) k. n. Fifty. 
SO^QoJjr s. n. Power, might; wealth, 

riches, opulence. -3o:S. A rich man; 

f. -Soi. 
S:^&. lb. of sc^oijr, q. v. 
SO?jO. = esoajKo, q.v. 
SOOo^ r/"*-. '33o) s. a. Relating to this 

world; temporal, secular. 




Z}. The fourteenth letter of the alphabet. 

2, a particle employed in common as 
ivell as doubtful questions, e.g. ?5c3o3js? 

3, in admonition and calling, as: w^?i 

2ooCX3J k. n. The cry of buffaloes. 

3j^ k. a. One. 2, short p. p. of z«?^. 
Zu^Wj,. One bond; unanimity, 
concord, harmony. "^*,r3. A one-eyed 
man. 1o^j^:Sj. To throw, cast away; 
to wash and give. 

2og>)^ k. n. The letter x^. 

Zj'S^pi^, aj^^.sS s. n. The honorific 
address at the top of a letter, etc. 2, 
style of composition. Zw* CS^io. To 
tell, say; to describe. 

Sj3',5;^0 k. V. i. To spit out, vomit. 2, 
to retire. 

•Sj^.e;, 2o^,e;^A, SjS^^sSa k. n. A 
farmer, husbandman; f. 'oj^OfN^, 

Sj^jeS^Oj k. ?'. t. To thrash down, des- 
troy; to trouble greatly. 

Sm^cJO k. n. Residing, tenancy; a home; 
residence. 2, a tenant, farmer ; a 
subject. JuT^OiJrtJ. To become a tenant, 
etc. -^c^' Husbandry, farming. '^'^^ 
SjrS, Vi* wa. A tenant's house; a 

Zj'So^ k. i". /. To tread out corn; to 
thrash, n. Thrashing. 2, an omen. 
-rtjs^ejj. A thrashing stick. 

Zj'§.'6 {tb. of 5iS 0) n. A pond. 

Zj'SoXt'.O k. V. i. To belch. 

a^AUo, CoaS k. n. A riddle, enigma. 
Sjacjt^ (= Ij'u'Ot?) k. n. Vomiting. 
SjAci^jJ. = :«=i?^0^, q. V. 
Zja^ k. n. "Washing. 2, throwing. 
Sjaj^cJ k. «. The harmonious life of 
husband and wife and their manage- 

ment of household affairs; the affairs 

of life. 
SjaSjO. = '-^r^rfj, p.p. of i-rl. 
8oAdo k. n. An astringent taste. 
2u'h. = i^r^ 2, q. c. 

2oaO a. k. ?(. Running over, excess. 2, 

(^^ ^rO) to enter. -Cort. Abundance. 
2o^ 1. a. k. V. i. To come forth, be born. 

2o^ 2. k. i'. <. To beat wet clothes on 

a stone for cleaning them, to wash. 

2, to throw. P. ps. urszio, lortdj. 
Sja k. n. A follower of the mailara 


Sj X IJ k. n. A heap, mass. 


2oA "rfro k. n. A kind of seasoning. "^T^ 

Q^o. To season, spice. 
2o A J k. y. i. To become one, unite with. 

2, to agree with one s constitution, 

as water, etc. 3, (= tSjarij) to bow; 

to be submissive. i\ t. To join. n. 

An assemblage, heap, mass. 
ZjO'& k. «. A hook. 2, a gold armlet 

worn by females. 
ZjZ^ ^ a. k. n. Equality, harmony; 


agreeableness; pleasure. 

Zjsi- cdJ, SoeS cxJo a. k. n. Disgrace; 
aa- ea- 

impropriety; contempt. 

Sj3ifi h. M. Gravity; dignity, influence. 

ZjZiTi a. k. «. A spring, fountain. 


20-5 (=a:£) f. J!. A weight, load, burden. 

Sd '"=^ ^ ' 

2jy (= ^W) m. /h<. An imitative sound. 

— 5i-D3330, -rtotiJ,. To talk much; to 

prate, gabble. 
Soboii f. n. The compound round a 

Zj-^ (== ay.) h. M. Discount. 

SjU d, 2oU e;j k. /(. A heap, mass, abun- 



^'eiJ, k. V. t. To make one join; to put 


together, pile up. v. i. To come to- 
gether, assemble ; to become a mass, 
be united. )i. Union; a heap, pile; 
sum total. 2, the close adhering 
of a lump of clay. i^^^ (dat.), tukiTijd, 
all together, on the whole, -^rio, 
-^s'jsrSj. To come together , convene; 
to become one in mind. -'Jh^o. To be 
united, as a family. -Wjb^Xo, -5ij3:^j. 
To join together ; to add up. -^^O^CdJ. 
The whole amount. -^%- Sum total. 

ioy.T?. Heaping. 

Zj& k- n. A crack, hole. -2Jj;°vJ. To 
be cracked, to get a hole. 

■aj§3, (x;o, Sj&5,?jO k. r. «. To collect, join; 
eJS) e3 

to heap together; to convene, v. i. To 

become one; to come together. 

2o'd k. n. Union; being together, com- 
pany. -rtjscSj. To join, be united 
with; to be obtained; to happen; to 
obtain. io,"3r!j3asij. To cause to be 
united with, etc. -rtJsW. Close union. 
-3oj&Jj,. To be born by the same 
parents; birth as brothers and sisters; 
brothers or sisters. -UiSj. =io3oio:^j. 

2ot$5^, ZjX?>^:> k. n. The state of being 
cracked or broken; a fracture, crack; 
disunion. -^S ft. A broken voice, -kd 
olid. One who cannot keep secrets. 

ZS(i^<V k. n. Broken state; broken paddy 
or split pulse with chaff or husk. 

ZSd>§) k. n. A mistress. 

So^rfj. = twdrfj. P. p. of i^d. 

Zsd'^ (fr. lotS) k. prep. With; together 
with. ad. Forthwith, immediately. 
ioCi^c^^U. Company, intercourse. Ju:^cje) 
a. A companion, friend. lui^^aSri. 
Companionship, friendship. t^^fS'SC^J. 
To associate with. loS^JS^cS. All at 
once, etc. 

2orfo20'rfo(= io:aio:3j) k. i'. i. To agree, 
assent; to consent; to covenant. 
luCiOwa^j. To cause to agree; to 
persuade, convince. t«::iowa=#, lu^o 

101:^0^=^. A covenant, agreement, bond, 
treaty, compact. 

So'rfDrio, Sor^eij!^ k. v.t. To join; to put 
to. V. i. To enter into, engage in, 
undertake, begin; to perform; to en- 
deavour, try. 

Zj'i>iSJ:> k. n. The body; the b;Ily, sto- 
mach. ZuI^ojO. Burning of the belly; 
internal grief. 

SoTi^, Sjci^ k. 11. A thing, substance, 
possession; a jewel; property, wealth. 

Sj&I. 2ol§ 1. k. V. i. To be broken, to 
crack, burst; tobreak forth, as a bud' 
etc.; to bud; to turn, as milk; to fail, 
as courage; to branch off. 2, to 
trickle through, ooze, sink. v. t. To 
break. -rt^J^, -o^jb^Wj.. To strain off, 
filter through a cloth. -rtej^^j. To 
break; to destroy; a broken mass. 
-Z^a, -sSjoO. To bruise. -s;o. To cause 
to break, etc. 

SoS 2. k. n. Heat. 

Sow 3. a.k. af[. If; when; to; as: 5A)«?a 

2uzf 3. k. ». Possession, ownership; rule, 
sway; also -^ri. -cxij. An owner; a 
lord, master; a chief, leader; a ruler, 
king. -cxJjdjsJl^dj. Lord of lords. 

SjT^ 1. k. n. A class of people who cut 
Stones, dig tanks and wells and speak 
a Telugu patois. 

Sot^ 2, 2oTi r® 1. k. n. A pile, heap. 2, 
an assembly; an army. 

a, * 

ZjTi oB (tb. of S^'oS, q.v.) n. A birth- 

day festivity. 

ZjXi:> k. v.t. To place, put, lay; to fix, 
set; to catch; to array. 2, to oppose, 

resist. 3, (= ^^^ to heap up. 7i. A 

heap, pile, mass; a bank; a large 

gathering; a stake at play; host, army. 

loa 7ij. To cause to place, etc. -"^^ 

r!, tu:ljJ ?ejri. A great assembly, a 

royal audience, darbar. 

ZjZi^o^ k. n. A gold or silver belt or 





Sjf*0 k. a. Dry. 2, sapless, profitless; 
empty; false. -*. An emaciated man. 
-=#«j?i. Useless business. -n^cOo. Dry 
fruit. -VjJS^j. a senseless word. 
-aSx^d. A sad countenance. -dr!«?, 
-Body. Useless talk. -^oioi). Ground- 
less suspicion. -^sJo^. Vain pride. 

2or®A0 k. f. t. To dry, become dry; to 
wither. lursn^J. Dryness. Jor^n^iJ. 
To dry. 

Soots 1. k. a. One, single, alone. Cpds.: 

Zoofe3ejJiSois3. A man of mere bones, 

a weak man. -rS. A single man. 

-ri:^pi, -:^^. Loneliness, solitude. 

-fs^ . A solitary woman. 
2oo&3 2. k.w. A gold earring. 
2ootiO k. V. i. To agree with one's health, 

as water. 
8oc63 {lb. of ^%) «• A camel. 
Socrf-) k. )i. Sediment, deposit, dregs; 

mud in rivers, tanks, etc.; turbidness. 
So^ y, k. n. The nightmare. 

So:^ yj k- /t. One side. ad. Aside. 

— o d 

So^ Xi. Zi^ e* k. ?i. Fomentation. 

3o^ Ti k. n. Impetuousness; force; speed. 

2, one layer or division. to3 0?dj. 

To increase; to be or become lofty, 

haughty, impetuous, quick, v. t. To 

join closely; to subdue. 

2o©3 odo k. 71. Force, violence, com- 


pulsion; impetus, 
8jgt) ;6 k. H. Help, assistance. -rred. 


A helper, assistant. 

Sj^O k. r. t. To press, squeeze; to sliam- 


poo; to press down; to impress, as a 

seal; to overpower; to trouble; to 

use unusual force or power, as in 

speaking, calling, etc.; to stress, 

emphasize. 2, to foment, v. i. To 

give way, step aside. n. Closeness; 

thickness; a pile; vicinity; pressure. 

2, an under letter. t«S^^. Pressing. 

io3 Tio, To cause to press, etc. t«^ 

■i^ti, ^j^^d. A double consonant.^ 
-Ajztio. To prop, -erooriti, io;3o end. 
A thin finger-ring or toe-ring to 
tighten other rings. 
2o^ k. n. A pledge, pawn. 2, a single 
or one of a pair. -4<, -"ij^A), -3o5^J, 
-"30^, 7MS_:i~i. To pledge, pawn. -zS 
a^o. To redeem a pawn. -3=#J3 s?j^. 
To take a pawn. 

Zj^ "d k. n. One kind or sort. 


SjuJaJ k. r. t. To come to hand, be got; 
to be effected; to be ready for; to be 
at hand; to be of use; to thrive, in- 
crease. 2, to give way, step aside, 
n. That is at hand. ^cif\7io. To cause 
to be obtained, to make ready, etc.; 
to fulfil. 

Zjlido k. «. The lip. 

SjrfrJj (cJj = e3j) k. r. J. To shake; to 
cry aloud, shout, shriek, howl; to 
shake, move to and fro. n. Shaking, 
etc. -cS^, toCSosy. Crying with great 
noise. -yz^J, :odD?Sj. To shout with 
great noise. t^ziO^J. To cause to 
shout, howl, etc. 

Sorf^i. = lorfrtJ, q. V. 2, to gain, obtain. 

3oa, ZjS k. V. t. To kick; to spur. P. ps. 
Io^ScSj, lucSdj, luCiJ • loa €. A kick. 
tun? eJ. Mutual kicking; kicking in 
pain; struggle, trouble, hardship. 
j«;y3 Ai. To kick mutually; to kick in 
pain; to struggle in difficulty or 

2oa "^ k. n. Union, concord, friendship. 

Sj5 k. »(. Wetness, dampness; moisture. 


a. Damp. wet. Cpds..- -3e3, -jSeJ, -t'i^. 

Sj^ k. a. One. -t3??. One direction. 
2o^€, Sj^)^ k. H. A large wooden pestle. 
8o?i^ =z«tj^, q. V. 
3jj3 k. r. t. To winnow, fan corn. i^jriO. 

A sieve. 
SjCi^J k. 71. A turn, rotation, time. 2, 

a share. -r1wra«?j,, -?^^Ko. To take 

one's turn. 

-zScSo. To miss 




one's turn. -S^O^J. To finish one's 
turn, loo^c^d. One who takes his turn. 

2uOti^^ 2oot)'^ ^.prep. Together with. 
essScS^oart, etc. 

ZjOCjJ 1. (= SoJSorfo) k. V. i. To be one 
or united; to be linked to; to come 
to meet; to be fit, suitable, v. t. To 
obtain; to get; to use. i«oa;^o. To 
join; to place or fix on; to grant. 

Soorfo 2. (lus:*) k. a. One; a, an; a 
certain thing, loorf^ ^Jt)?rtj. To go 
to make water. loocStSol). First. z«jo 
Tid, i^joCiJSSd. One or one and a half. 
luoriiSo^. Like one; at the rate of one, 
per one. -tsTiJ, tuoCj^rSj. To become 
one; to unite. Ioo575c3j5ocSj. Some or 
other; a certain — ; once upon a time. 
ZuoSn^o, luoasiJ,. A little. -rtJ3:2o. To 
be joined. -;^ii, -^^jid, -lorl. One sort 
or mode, an unusual manner. -CTaO? 
-?iw, -^odO, looCTsSSr. One time; 
once. -ojJScSo. To join, unite. -»3 = «?. 
One time, once; perhaps. -Sojac^j^, 
iu^'3 ^0 . From morning till midday, 
or from midday till evening. loociJS 
53JO^^£JO. One and three-fourths. 


-'ao, luorfja 'aej^. Nothing. loo^. 
One only. -oidd), ZuodcJcSo. One or 
two; a few. -oi£jr(, Zoodairt. A herb, 
Hydrocotile asiatica. Zuoz^jsocSj. rep. 
One — the other; one another; 
separate; own; each by itself. 

aj;5. k. n. Fitness, properness, neatness, 
elegance; beauty; lustre, polish; 
correctness. -33:^0. To bestow the 
last honours (on a deceased person). 
-"aii^o, -^A), -^=5^^, -<a^4. To embel- 
lish, polish. -S^^J. To sign. 

2o^.orfk. M. An agreement; a contract; 
a treaty; a covenant. -siJSrfo. To 
make an agreement, etc. 

So3j3v?3 k. w. Fitness, propriety, ad. 

2o?.\^, 2^t\;^, SoLx^ k. m. Consent, 

agreement; admission, lui^ ^ So's's'j. 
To sign. 

2o1\?jO k, V. t. To deliver over, give in 
charge, commit, to give. 2, to de- 
liver. 3, to prevail on. luiL k'Sji^dy 
To take over a charge; to comply 
with. ijh A) 'SjiZiO. To give over a 
charge, as: ^%-, 53DC5-, enjcS-'Sj^rt-, etc. 

SjsSv k. ('. i. To suit, be fit, proper 
agreeable. 2, to agree to, assent 
consent; to admit. 3, to be mani 
fested. n. Fitness; consent; beauty 
elegance. j«sJ^oJ. in a suitable 
manner. -?5J3^tf, Zusra esacJ. An agree 
ment. -T^Ji°-?7id. To persuade, -oi^ 
z«^^. To appear to great advantage 
-:S=f. Aggreeing, etc.; cf. i^h^i. 

2o20 k. a. One (m. or f.); a, an. n. A 
certain man. iut^(5. Only one; he 
alone. tuW^rfj. Some; the honorific 
plural', somebody. ZAjio^djsi^rfo. These 
— the others, one another; these and 
others; every, each; also i.j^i SfSj^ lo, 
CjJ, lo'LAOr'LOio.rfj. hjZc.^o, :o2;3^ =^. One 
woman; a woman. z«ra^.f3j3w,. A 
certain (man or woman). iudjg,W . 
rep. Every or each (man or woman). 
lutfjatACJo. They mutually; every one 
or each of them; they one by one. 
z»jio, oUrt, :«zo,i3rt. A single solitary 

2j20 Wo k. n. A sweet cake, holige. 

2oeS k. 71. A bush, thicket. 
SjSo k. a. One. luoio^O. Nine, ij^oji. 
One mind, unanimity, 

Sj'So, k. ad. Once; one time or turn; 

together. Zo<Dj.r1. All at once. tj^Oo 

z3j35jj,. Suddenly; at some time or 

other; sometimes. lodj.sS. Together. 

looJjB, 53j,. rep. Now and then, occa- 

sionally; by turns. 

2oodj«, SuOSO, Soociooo (=So±)j,, f/. y.) 

k. V. t. To carry off; to conduct, 




convey. P.p. i-odbJ. lo^i^,. Convey- 
ing, etc. 

n^3o?,«?) n. A ride on horseback. 

-n. A rider on horseback. -wcxJoJ. 

A jilain used for horse-races. 
2oociJ^?!k. ad. Slowly; gently; leisurely. 
Z^yijsoxi (=aodj^^tJ, <(>. of ^^so) «. 

Parade, coquetry. 2, beauty, grace. 

-mh, -?A^. A coquette. -n=)S, !»»odj=)-D. 

A showy man. -3~i. Showiness. 

-53j3:^j. To be dandy or foppish. 

3od7<0 (ci=e3) k. v.t. To be bent; to 
recline, lean upon; to lie or fall 
down; to rest. n. A bend. 2, a 
cushion. J-SA?^ To cause to recline. 

aj-;JUJ (= SAidyj, q. v.) k. n. Pride, 
grufifness. 2, coarseness. t«tit3. A 
rough man. i«d&37!::Sj. To speak 

ZjTiS (d = eS) k. n. A spring, fountain ; 
a flow ; a fluid. 

2o':J£;o2, ajaiJ?" (^ = S3) a. k. v. i. 
To cry out or scream from pain, elc. 
n. An outcry, scream. i^^OK^. To 
cause to cry out, elc. 

3j-^e3 (d = es) k. n. Soreness with watery 
humour, -rsri ?iS. A blear-eyed man. 
-nnajj. A foot afifected with elephan- 

2jri?jO, 2oO;rfo k. r. <. To rub gently, 
stroke; to scour, brush; to wipe; to 
rub off or out ; to blot out, efface. 2, 
to annoy; to crush. 3, to separate 
by friction, as grain from the ears, 
n. Rubbing; friction. 2, teasing; 
gj-j^O (=i>jCJejj) k. n. A large mortar. 

^ejj-. A stone mortar. 
ZjTic^T^. = sSrfj^, q. V. 
aj-3 1. k. V. U To rub, smear. 2, to rub 
on a touch-stone. 3, to try, examine; 
4, to grind, make thin. 5, to draw, 

pull. V. i- To come in contact, to touch. 
2, to sound; to utter, speak, n. 
Rubbing, elc. 2, a word, an expres- 
sion. -nt)J. A touch-stone. -'^^'^ 
^:3o . To apply to a touch-stone. 


SjtS (d =e33)2. k. t^. t. To ooze, spring, 

drip, flow; to be wet, moist. 
SjtS (3= 633) 3. \i,n. A sheath, scabbard. 
-n«?, -•T^«?J, -^ri. To draw a sword, 
-rrad. A sheathmaker. -Aj^'-PK^. To 
SoSOr, gj^ir. = !«t^, q.v. 
3j^r. = iwsSi , q. V. 
ZjVs^ k. 11. Affectation in walking; 
foppishness, coquetry, -natf. A fop, 
dandy. -rradi?J, -n?3r. A coquette. 
aj£;4 (= '->i«JJ55j, ios3, ) k. n. Pleasure; 
kindness, favour. 4<ij6^.-. The grace 
of God. -»^^ij ioej^:^Jj,. To be 
Sj£j;6. = S«J??, q. r. 

2os5k. v-i. To be pleased, favourable; 
to like, love; to be apt, fit. -^J, t^^ 
dj (= ioW5§, i-«3 ). Pleasure ; affec- 
tion, love, favour; royal protection. 
-?ij. To please. 
Zj6 \. is..v.i. To swing; to shake, 
tremble; to move. 2, to hang or 
bend to one side, as a wall, etc. v. t. 
To shake, i^^zz^:^^. To swing or 
move about. 
C^eS 2. k. n. A fire-place, furnace, an 
oven, hearth. -nja::^J. The three 
stones of which an ole consists. -'33j, 
-sJjs:!), -ooS^J, -3oJ3::Sj. To form an 
ole. -^JZ^^o. To kindle a fire. -A 
'i5oi 353*0. To put fire into an ole. 
Zj°3.. = iuOjSj s. j-^, g. V. 

2o»3 k. «. A small dotra. 

Cjiyo k. (d. v. To will; to like, love). 

:od. 1st pers. s- neg., as: s3J3:Ss3jas3^, 

o5j3$r(s3^d, I will not do elc Neg. 

part. i-«J,^. cdJ?=ffDn4teJ,i:SJ. (t'J^. 

oi3«)^B^r(siejciJ). Why not? 




ZjTj-R k. n. Joy; feast, festival. 2, | 
speech, news. -^^Jco'dj. To send 

ZjTj^, ZjTjXio k. n. The gums. 

ajTJ'Cio (cf. iu!3 2) k. ^'. t. To ooze, trickle, 
flow gently, n. Oozing, etc. tjSrtrc*. 
A kind of crystal. -?i?dj. Trickling 

2oA)(— 53A)) f. n. A little. 

2j^ 1. (— enjv*) k. H. That is true, 
good, nice, etc. Its final is doubled 
before a folloioing vowel. t«s*J^ra. A 
good quality. -:fj3s3, -!5j3e3. A beauti- 
ful beam. -?!)&, -Sjs^j. A true, good 
word. -53jj3o . A real pearl. -iSv^rio, 
-o3^r!o. Beautiful lustre. -oif^. iu«?^ 
??. Good, eatable oil. 

gj^i (= loS?, qf. r.) 2. k. j)rep. In, into, 
among, at, with; as: rS^Sdjas"*, sJofS 

5o=f, ZuS?o^. Control. -t9i3.. 


iuS?B,. The inner sole of a shoe. 


2oS^ k. n. The inside. a. Inner, sub- 
ordinate. -^ej53oo. A subordinate 
paragraph. -^ocJj*. The palm of the 
hand. -rtc^. The inner side, Inside; 
meanwhile; afterwards, later. -riJ 
Wo,. A secret, -rtoa. The inner part of 
a temple. -i^jso'ctJ. Bending inward, 
concave. -csO. A bye-path. -iS^s!, 
-o?5:^o, -A)?»3o. An inland country. 
-^zid. To yield, to be subject to; 
to be merged. -Sa^. To make 
subordinate; to inclose; to seduce. 

-tp^rt. An inner part; a subdivision. 
-53j^. The inner side, as of a cloth. 
-?ioJ^o. A plot, intrigue. -?iol3jrv3rf. 
An intriguer, plotter. -?UDej, A secret 
debt. -^rf?1o. The tail end of a 
woman's cloth. -c^J?^,. The inside 
of the belly ; the stomach. loVsodj. 
Intermediate space. 

Sj^^^Xo k. n- The inside, inner part. 
p?"ef». (= io«?rt, q. V.) "Within, in, into. 
-wrij, ioS?rrario. To get into the power 
of; to submit one's self ; to be subject; 
to incur. z«s?f\odj3V'r1. Secretly, pri- 
vately. -T^Ji:id, -zSjs^dj. To give out 
a secret. 

Zi'^'R (= iu°n?rij) k. prep. Inside, within, 
in, into; as: eA)ao3j3Vii, cSejcSjs^rl, 
?)?5j3S?/1, etc. -'atfj, w-ffs^o. To be 
inside or in. -^^do. To go inside; to 
sink, as an eye. Uj«^?ij3^rt. rep. 

2o^^ k. n. The inside; a secret. 2, 

2oS?;^J, Sj^ ^0 k. n. That is good, nice, 
handsome, excellent, well. ioS?33f\ 
Sjj);::Sj. To do a thing well. 

2j^,rf k. n. A good, nice man. 

2jS? k. n. Goodness, handsomeness, etc. 


fsee iu^:^J). a. Good, nice, fine, excel- 
lent, proper; geri . :«.«?) cdj or lu*?)?. 
Cpds.: -=#ei?d, -rijra, -jScSJ. -cSo. = 
lo^;^, g. I'. 2««?,5do. Very good, well. 
-odoSol). A good man. -^fd. Good- 
ness, good conduct, propriety, etc. 

4o. The fifteenth letter of the alphabet. 
2, a contraction of s^>-53; as.- W7lj3?z:ij, 

Z,interrog. affix, as: rfjjS^d^JS?? itci 

4, iwi. of admiration, etc., as in oioqra 

s3j3;::ao;S d! 5, in/. Ij ij{—lji£S)^), o, 
oil! 6, int. of calling, as: Ij :SdJ3 , Ui 
:S?S5. w. j. To be attached to, fond 
of. P.p. io^. IoSjo. a beloved man, 
husband; f. luSSv*. 

oj'O' w 



§j?^5 k. »i. Vomiting. - sJj (= t«?^ ^, 
etc). To vomit, retch, spit out ; to 
emit. -^. Vomiting. 

Sj^'9. Sj^O'S' k. 71. A red liquid of 
turmeric and chunam sprinkled upon 
persons at the holi feast or other 
auspicious occasions. -tfc^j. To 
sprinkle tlie okuli on one another. 

SjSS'd s. n. The letter io. 

Soa63. = 2oaUo, q. v. 

§oA^k. ?i. Boiled rice; also lortdrf rtoii. 

2jyO s. »*. A stream, current. 2, a 
heap, multitude. 

Sjoss'd s. n. The mystic syllable 6m. 

Zodi k. n. A teacher, guru. 2, a car- 
penter, blacksmith. 

SjSioJ, §J3i?jJ^ s. n. Strength, energy. 
2, light, splendour. 3, manifestation. 

§j^ a. k. n. A row, line, range; regu- 
larity, order. 

§jU ^/"r. i.jSj) k. H. Running; a run, 
race; speed. -n5tf. A runner, racer; 
f. -n5)tfs?j, -ns^r. 

SjfeSl. k. n. Tho tree Garcinia pictoria. 
2, a jungle reed. 3, a crack, hole. 

5oB 2. f. «. A half of a cocoa-nut shell. 
2, the shell, as of the wood-apple, 
almonds, etc. 

ZiTi k. »i. A boat, ferry boat. -rrarf. 
A boatman. 

§jTli 1. k. «. A fragment, potsherd; an 
earthen pan; the skull. 

SjT^O 2. k. f . J. To run; to flee. Ija 
3oJ3?rto. To go quickly, decamp, lo 
CfsU, tjras)|.y. Running about. L>ZiD 
aj, i«ra?^:Sj. To run about, skip. 
LseisJ. Running about. laa^cJ. To 
causetorun; todriveaway. ioSrotSc^J. 
To drive off. -Ci,li^'i. Running. 

§juj k. n. An earthen hoop used for 
walling the inside of wells; a large 
store-vessel. 2, a fried cake, 

§orQ k. A verbal affix, as: sSja^r^jsgrs, 
cJdoSjs^cs. 2, a(l'. of verbal nouns. 

as: c3j;r(«?J35r3, ror3Jrtoajs.5r3, SdJ 
^dj^^cssS- 3, off. of the 1st p. pi. 
imp., as: ioiijs^rs! ao.«??1j55f9! tS^s? 
:3^?r3! elc. Let us run! etc. 

§jrf k. ?(. A line, row. 2, a lane, 

Sj§ k. n. A kind of lizard or chameleon, 

Sj3j {of ioCjJ) k. n. Reading, study. 

corfo k. I', t. To read; to recite; to study. 
ioft^, -<S^. Reading, etc. LcS^O. 
To learn to read. \»zii\Ji^, LcJrl/a 
a?3j. To let read. La z5So. To read 
off. lo:Sioc!j. To be able to read. iocSj 
53 ^JcSjrt. A pupil. iua^So. To cause 
to read; to instruct, iunt)^. A reader; 
a learned man. 

2oc33^o s. n. The name or mantra that 
begins with lu, i. c. i^ oiSjs av^:x^. 
2, a N. of the alphabet. 

SjSjDQ k. n. Likeness, similarity. 

So^i^o, £j;^00, &J^, 2j^ k. n. Bishop's 
weed, Liguslicum ajwaen. 

SoOSJ k. int. 0! ho! hallo! 

£ow (=lo3, g.ti.) k. ?t. Declivity, sloping. 
2, side, edge, margin. 

hxi'P^B (= S3^dhSJ k. )i. A husband's 
brother's wife. 

SjTJ^ \L.n. Equality; similarity; a 
match. -oijS. A man of the same 

So:JS k. n. Sloping, declivity; variance. 

5o'df>3 a. k. ?i. A line, row. tjrfrfjSJ. 
To be or put in a row. 

SjTJo k. 11. A hole. v. i. To think; 
ponder; to consider. 

Sot3 k. n. Leaning, sloping, bending ; 
declivity; crookedness. a. Slant, 
oblique, crooked. -=^J3?d. veil. -'^^• 
A tie bending to one side; a way of 
tying the turban, -rtrsj. Asquint- 
eye; a side-glance. -i^S^d. A pent- 
roof. Other cpds.: -ir^, -%, -53->jsrO, 
-E3js^d, etc. -odjsrto. To become 




§jejA (= STswri) f. 71. Service, homage, 
an assembly; an audience; a durbar. 
2, a haut-boy. -^, -=^js:^o. To hold 
a public levee, to pay homage. -33s3. 
A hall of audience. 

§j<2;7\?jj, Laocsoo/, §oe;s;rfj f. v. t. To 

serve; to assemble, to bring together. 
Eo£Jt)i3 k. n. Affection, friendship. 2, 

§j(a3c^0 k. V. t. To love. V. i. To sport 

in water ; to swim, bathe. 
2j£^0 k. 1I. A bail, security, pledge ; a 

hostage. -°-:?rio, Lcsrtj. To become 

bail. -'^'5'i) -"SiO^o, -=#J3Sj, loC:Sj. 

To give as a pledge, security, or 

hostage. -n^d. A bondsman; f. 

■god k. n. A leaf of a palmyra-tree, a 
cadjan leaf used to write on with an 
iron style. 2, an ear-ornament of 
gold or of palm-leaves. -tAo^'i. A 
coil of palm-leaf. -2^s?3ooloj. A 
pendent of an ole ear-ring. -.BrfrtrJ. 

The screw of an ear-ring. -^?i=5^. A 
book of cadjan leaves. -zp^rt.. A 
female's good fortune to wear an 
ole as a sign of her husband being 
alive. i«e3ocJj djtf. The palmyra tree. 

&J053lJ k. n. A government servant who 
carries letters, etc., a porter. 

Sj^^ s. 11. A plant, herb. 2, an annual 

Sj^ s. n. A lip. lo^^. A labial. 

ioti'6 k. a. Sloping, slanting. n. An 
unsatisfactorily balanced burden. 

Sj?i5?j0 k. V. i. To go to one side; to 

turn aside; to give way, yield; to go 

away ; to hesitate. 

SoXl.'rf (a. k. ij^or!) k. n. Cause, reason 
sake. "prep. On account of. "Syj^SKj 

=f J?, p?o, rf, oSjjiijs?^, d, io«?,PCj^js, 97i Ti, 
■A^ ■* ' ^ ^ ■* ' V -& is 

Sj^jae, 2o^J3?ooj3e k. int. of wonder, 
admiration, etc. Ho! stop! oho I 

§j^ (= LjeI) k. n. A continuous line ; a 
row; succession. 

1? . The sixteenth letter of the alpha- 
bet. In Kannada words it is another 
form of «S5S, or of S5»J (as: eisi):S6J= 

?SU^i, 55;^^^= Spiffs, 35jdj=: 3^do), 

a7id therefore for all Kannada and 
Tadbhava words with initial 5? not 
foxmul below see under initial ^^ or 

gpsarJ s, n. The letter S?. 

fpS'o (= essS^o) k. V. t. To press down, 
squeeze, shampoo. 

g^AJ (= jssjrio) k. V. t. To yield to 
pressure, as a ripe fruit. 

^Zj^n (fr. ^2^:3) 3. n. Fitness, pro- 
priety; pleasure, delight. 

S?3i?j s. 71. Lustre, shine ; gold. 

SFeio. = essS-^J. g. v. 

^:i<^ (= e^s^cSaj, tb. of eidoo:^) n. The 
castor-oil plant. 

gp;^ f© (= es5j3r3) k. «. A festive dinner 
2, an invitation to dinner. -wJScSj. 
To make a feast. 

gj^o^j3S;*o (=e3s§3ji?v;3s?j,, fr. ^^) k. 
V. t. To hide one's self. 

g?sfo^i5^n (/■)•. eAJ30*) s. n. Anxiety, 
uneasiness; eagerness, zeal. 

gjo^cdor (fr. erusj^d) s. «. Generosity, 
nobility, greatness. 

gJcJS^^Nn (/■»•. eAJC3-?,ljPo5) s. ?«. Indiffer- 
ence, apathy. 

^fj^^o (fr. yuc^;^) s. n. Height; great- 
ness ; haughtiness. 

t>j 55e)rOfS 



Ps^D^dN (/■»•. yvsra^ioi) s. w. A kind of 
adoration of Agni. a. Devotional. 

?ti (= aS^d) k. n. Lightness. 

?li;rf s. a. Legitimate, n. A legitimate 


§?^z;j s. «. Medicine, drug; a herb. 

-^jsSj. To administer medicine. 

-53je):3j. To prepare medicine, apply 

§j^, ^ s. 11. A herd of camels. 


The seventeenth and eighteenth letters 
of the alphabet. The first is generally 
called anusvara or soune, and the 

second called visarya, is found only in 
Samskrita words. There is no word 
beginning tvith either of these letters. 


^^ The nineteenth letter of the alpha- 
bet. ^. The letter ?* pronounced with 
the short a. 

S', 'S'o s. n. Brahma. 2, the soul. 3, 
the sun. 4, the head. 5, water. 
6, pleasure. 

^cOSJ. = *co, q. V. 

^Cri s. n. Brass. 2, a metal vessel, a 
goblet. 3, a king of Mathura killed 
by Krishna. 4, a bracket; an arc. 

^c;dos? (lb. of 'si>qX,-3-5^) n. A gong; 
a triangle. -=t. A gold- or silver- 
smith; f. -f^3. 

u'ss'rf s. n. The letter =5^. 

^^Orf s. n. A peak, summit. 2, a bull's 
hump. a. Pre-eminent, chief. 

^S'o^ s. n. A region, quarter. 2, the 
tree Tcrminalia arjnna. a. Chief, 

^S'oe;;^, 'S'^'oe^^f k. n. Love ; compas- 
sion; vain desire. 

?5^3^ f. n. A father's younger brother. 

3^^,7^ f. n. A piece of twisted cloth 
dipped in oil, lighted, and used as 
a light. 

'S^'^.w k. 71. N. of a weapon. 
^^,835^,5, ?f5',&835S5 k. n. Crooked- 

tf^.eisi. =*^jui, q. V. 

3^3\?dl. k. n. Trouble (heavy breathing, 

etc.) arising from an overloaded 

stomach, from running, etc. 
2r^,jj2. lb. of =5^*~2i, q.v. -rrerf. A cruel 

man; f. -t\zi^~. 
3^^_i?jJ (= ^'^js ^=;j) f. M. A cac-hus: a 

^5t),83^^ k. n. An affrighted or timid 

man. -0, ^s'^^il-fr, =5'5?,wi5'J. Fear, 

^•CTj (cf. ^^) s. n. A mother's younger 

sister; uncle's wife; step-mother. 
^^J^l. (= ^s'a^J) a. k. n. A notch, 

dent; the rough or toothed part of a 

millstone, file or saw; roughness; 

sharpness. 2, a splinter, shiver. 
^^Oj 2. k r. i. To vomit, n. Vomiting. 

■??*(_ ^. To cause to vomit. 
S'S'o^ 8!)?rO,. = is'^^zS^O, q.r. 
^^, k. «. The pudding-pipe tree, Cassia 


^"^jSjfC; S.71. N. of a plant bearing a 
berry containing waxy and aromatic 
substance; a perfume made of its 
berries; also -'^. 

^?fj3,?rf0. = '5'=^?iJ, q. V. 

^"^ (=*^ ) s. n. The hem of a garment 
tucked into the waist-band. 2, a 
girdle. 3, the armpit; also -sijjsej. 
4, a forest. 5, an objection or reply 
in argument. -3J5ej. A bag carried 
under the armpit. 

^•o\ s. n. One party as opposed to 
another; objection, contention. -Astf. 
A party (in a civil or criminal case). 

^F\ (==5^:^05 q. V.) k. n. Hardness; 

strength, etc. -rtoWj (=^^:aJrtciMj). A 

fast knot that cannot be easily untied; 

a hard knot in wood. -rt^d. Thick 

darkness. -^ejo , ^^ri ejj . A verv 

hard stone. -s^Caj, 'g'rre So. An im- 

pervious jungle. -=g^o3j, ■g'rra o3o. 
An unripe fruit. -=s=Dtfj, ^na tfj. 
Great dryness, drought. -=ff3aj, 
-■tf nD ej. Famine. -'5'Jow^, ^rtj oio°^. 
A hard gourd. 
^A k. 11. A long, tedious speech or 


literary composition. 

^o (=:B'rjj) k. Ji. The eye. -tfra. An 
eye-drop, tear, -^d, '^orid. A side- 
glance, leer. -w=)raj, -n^raj. To 
perceive, -"^dd, '^oA:^^. To be blinded, 
confused, vexed; to be afraid. -A& 
?N>J. To blind, bewilder, confuse. 

^o^r®, '^c'^^ s. ?!. An ornament of 
the wrist, bracelet. 2, a waist-tie. 
3, a crest, trinket. -w=)!3. Borax. 
-rtjtSK). A partial eclipse. -^^- -A. 
man tying a kafikana round his 
wrist for any auspicious rites. 

^o'&'6 h. n. Gravel, a pebble. 

S'o^'^0. = ^o^'j^, q. V. 

^c^sc; s. 71. A skeleton. -zpti. Who 
carries the backbone of Vishnu : Siva. 

^cu k. n. An ear of corn stripped of its 
grain, -wa. To thrash out corn. 


T^O^O"^ (^ = CO) k. ?i. The armpit. 

^OA^, 5^oa5« k. ?i. A blind man. 

'So7K^xio k.n. Displeasure, anger. 

5o7\«)^ h. a. Poor ; poverty-stricken ; 
weak. ■B'onsej. A pauper. -3?:. 
Pauperism, wretchedness. 

^OAO. = 'S'orracJj, q. v. 2, the heart- 
pea. 3, the Indian millet -'jrio, =5*0 
mr\j. To become angry or annoyed. 

'^o'Rzij^ see s, 'S'o. 

'^oUsi^'d m. n. An ornamental cordon, 

groove, etc. 
'Si;^ s. n. The hair of the head. 2, 

matted hair. 3, a binding, a band. 
3^£i3viN k. ad. Smartly, forcibly. 2, 

with the sound of treading or any- 
thing falling into mud. 
^£^5^ k. n. A dish of boiled vegetables 

or fruits seasoned with salt, pepper, 

"dtijjD h. ji. Rubbish, dirt, straw. -=!?ej?i. 

Worthless business. -iOii. Municipal 

5'£S?& { = ^iSjO) h. 71. A hall of 

audience, a court for administration 

of public business; an office. -33jsSo. 

To open a court or office for business. 

Cpds..- -€ej?i, -133*0, -eru^js.^n. 
"a'd f. n. The long Zedoary, Curcimia 

^si ri (= =5*!!^ d) h. «. Filth, rubbish. 
5^2:^ 5 k. n. A kind of vegetable dish. 
g'ei S? (^=0=) a. k. «. An honorary 

^2J^7> h. a. Unripe, green; raw; rude, 

rough; tender; minor, less. -?353o. 

A seer of only 20 or 24 rupees' weight. 

-'^ej'S. A clumsy affair. -rfjfij5i>. A 

mean man. -e3=^. A rough account. 
^£^0 k. r. «. To bite; to sting. 2, to 

gripe, ache, as the stomach, v. i. 

To join. n. Biting ; a bite, an incision; 

a notch; a wound. 2, washing; 

water in which rice has been washed. 



-t?y, ^i3Ti y. Quarrel. -^:ij, ■ts^'.St) 
2*3- To bite one another, as dogs; 
to quarrel, -'^li ?to. To cause to bite. 


A leafless plant, Kaemp- 

ferin galanga. 
T^d (lb. of ^ff* & ■5''^,) n. The hem of 
a garment tucked into the waist- 


2, a female's cloth, 

'o'e^. (='5'ij no. 1) s. n. 2, marshv 

ground. 3, the bank of a river, 
4, a tree. -^ja. Chasteness. 

'S'aiSi^ h. ?i. The sash worn by peons 

or sepoys. 
"^^isiPi (= sjiaJS-d) f. n. The date fruit. 

"S^ai CJ s. H. Lamp-black; a collyrium. 
^3i3 odJ /". ?i. Bread. 2, a kind of 

sweet cake. 
'S'^ fib. of szi'ii^'r) n. Scab (the disease), 

itch, -ioorfj'5'. One infected with the 

itch and always scratching it; f. -loo 

rfj*. -SoO^. Parasite in the itch. 
tS^c^s k. «. A marble. -5:?3j. To play 

'S'cEa 1. k. n. A kind of bitter and sour 

^oeJ 2. (<&. ©/■ =ff«)o"^) ?i. The town 

Conjeveram. -ijo;'^. A small white 

"^o&^S) h. H. A dancing girl. 
3'o2.333tf s. n. The mountain ebony, 

Bauhinia variegata. 
"Soi^O (tb. of ^^o^A n. White brass, 

bell-metal; a vessel made of it. -m^o 

TSDPiJ. To appear or come suddenly or 

like a flash. -erodtf, -0«?. A round 

vessel of "S^olSj. 
^otio'^ s. n. A bodice, jacket; an 

5^o3i s. a. Water-born. n. A lotus. 

2, Brahma. -riqjr, -cra'.fl, -dj3?J3p<, 

90 =^ii 

*o;^j;ocitf. Vishnu. -a, -uis, -eru 
:3o±), ^o^JB^ciol). Brahma. -sJ^O. 
The moon. -Ksj, ^^osejS. The sun. 
3^U 1. (= *:!) k. »(. End; corner. --JjSZQo, 
-^eioSj. The two corners of the mouth ;. 
a cheeck. 

"^y 2. s. 71. A twist of straw; a mat. 
2, time, season. 3, the hip. 4, the 
temples of an elephant. 5, excess. 

^yt? 1. k. n. A butcher. 

3^y5'2. (<f). =aZir{) s. 11. A bracelet, 
anklet. 2, the side of a hill; table- 
land. 3, an army. 4, the ocean. 5, 
a tusk. 

3^U5'&S. = 5Ji5'y, q. V. 

S^W^feS, 3^y^63 1. k. n. Trouble, annoy- 
ance; grievance, distress. 

^y^S2. k. n. A railing, balustrade. 

^yStSjs^rJ, ^Uo20'5 s. n. The medicinal 
plant Helleborus niget'. 

"^^■b k. n. Irony; derision. 2, a shrew. 

^^yS^O 1. k. n. A sort of white or 
reddish clay. 2, dryness, crispness, 
as of bread. 

5^y3^j2. (/b. «/■ *y^) n. An ear-ring 
set with precious stones or pearls. 

^ybfeS ( = ^W^13) k. n. Annoyance; 
teasing. 2, gabble. 

S'&o^'a s. w. a side-glance. 2, kind 
regard, favour, ^sjs* So. To look at, 
to favour, regard. 

^&!Do3i?j s. n. A railing to lean 

S'&SOSJ^jO b. V. t. To reap, as corn. 
2, to deduct ; to finish, ^^ts^- Cutting, 

'^foD0(='5'350) h. 7i. A sort of dagger. 

S'&sSo (=^3SCOo) s. n. A boiler for 
oil or butter; a frying pan. 2, a 
hemisphere. 3, nearness. 4, opportu- 
nity, season. 

?r^l, ^63 k. V. t. To cut a stone with 
a chisel. 2, to keep the mind awake. 

S'^'j. s. n. The hip, loins. -ioo:;3. A 
girdle; a zone of the earth. -^5)3. 




Lumbago, -Jdjs^. A waist-band worn 
by females. 

?rUO, ^Uo^ s. a. Pungent; strong- 
soented; biting; bitter; fierce. 2, 
disagreeable. n. A pungent taste. 

S'feS.eed h. n. A bowl or cup. 

End. -'gd. 
Ttie farthest end; at the very end. 
-sro:3 d, ^s^Uj,^ d. A final answer. 

^W.'rf, ^U,C® k. n. A building. 

S'y.eS, ^y,^ (A-. *Uj,) k. n. An order, 
command, rule; rate; a case. 2, a 
weight used by goldsmiths or jewel- 
lers. 3, thick butter-milk. -i<3°ej. A 
bag for keeping weights, etc. -SjsSj. 
To order. 8>^-. Daily. 

"^^ /R (ib. of ?3mi €) a. Wood or timber; 
fuel; a stick. -?^^^- reil. -nsc!, -odosi. 
A wood-seller, -rijra, -»3jfS?SJj. A 
hard heart; obstinacy. -^S^. To cut 

^yol. (='5'^, (l-v.) k. ?^. Intensity; 

excess, etc. ^w,3;S, ^2J,dra(.. A thick 

jungle. ^^WjOioO. A thick kind of 

porridge. *^^) '^^'^j see separately. 

*&39,^. A strict order. 'S'fea.ol). A 
w a? eo 

firm resolution. '5'&:|,^j. A strong 

^i3,=^jti«?o,. To obtain merit. 

tO V 


*e3"?,s?^oi- Great valor. 


S d. A strict order. *Wo,33 ci. Rerais- 

— e ej — = 

sion of land-revenue on account of 

loss by failure of rain, etc- -»5jAj^. 

Excessive pride. -:;j;^-). Strength. 

-eroajjooj, ^Wj.sjjSo. A ffreat noise 

-5oJS?. A strong acid, -sara^rt, 's'W^^rt. 

A hard task. 

?ryj, 2. k. V. t. To bind, tie; to affix; to 
yoke; to construct, build, form; to dam 

in, as water; to shut up, as a door; 
to lay by, deposit, as money; to re- 
strain; to apply to; to determine, as 
price; to collect; to obtain; to bewitch, 
charm, v. i. To be checked, stopped, 
formed. {=niir§JiVx. To embrace, ^rs^ 

■ifjsoSj 5jj3^rtj, To conduct away 

with one's self. '5'l3.2ot)B'j. =t&Jj,1, v. t. 

eo eo ' 

*^So. To cause to bind, etc. -^'i. 
Tying). n. Binding, fastening; re- 
straint. 2, a band, tie; a boundary. 
3, a pack, bundle. 4, a frame. 5, 
build, form. 6, a regulation, rule. 
7, a fiction. 8, bewitching. Cpds.: 

■* cO' E^ eo 60' eJ' 

oi;:^j^Wj„ rSaSrfWj., Sorf)=^Wj,, etc. ^W, 
ej' eO' eo e«j 

:iT^. A binding written agreement. 
's'y.t^. Boiled rice tied up for a 
journey. =5'to|.rto. To become a rule; 
to stop; to be shut, as school. 
?r^|,a. Rightly, positively. '5ra|,ri, 
■Sseirf. A necklace of small gold 
beads. -=5^:^. A fiction. -siJSCaJ. To 
bind, tie; to restrain; to regulate; 

order, -rfjoyj,. Great embarrassment, 

eo ' 

strength. -;3D?i. A wrapper or cover^ 

-^zo. A fictitious term. -B'eSjs.d. To 
CO eo 

break a rule; an association to be 

dissolved. -*. A man who ties; a 


g'yjS. k. «. Soup of any pulse. ^^,c4. 
eo k J 

Boiled rice mixed with it (cf. s. ^wj^). 

-ti?d, -?ratfj. Such soup seasoned with 

salt, pepper, etc. 

5^63 k. >i. A structure; a guard-house- 
2, a dam, dike. 3, a bridge. 4, a 

basin round the foot of a tree(=wt) 

^Tsw, q.v.). 5, a pond. Cpds.: esE^-, 

y^j^t)-, S>?tf-, ?iJo^cS-, etc. 

^K ==5iy.«?, q.v. 2, a law-suit, case, 
oo* ej ' ^ 

3^-5S&. = ^^'''0; q- V- 

^a^S, ^©fo s. a. Hard; stiff, inflexible; 
violent; cruel, harsh. -^, -^. Hard- 
ness; cruelty. -ro^rfoiJ. A hard 
heart; hard-hearted, cruel. "'^^^5 
-SJojXJj. A cruel disposition, -djs^rt. 
A dangerous sickness. -aj9cSo. To 
harden; to vex. 

'SSji^Ti s. a. Hard; stiff; sharp; cruel. 
2, full. -^o5. Hardness, severity. 
Cpds.: -siJB^J, -^3*^, -'^'^« 





^rf 1. k. M. A debt. 2, a loan. -tS«s?o. 
To incur debt, -niirf. A debtor. 

"GTi 2. k. 71. A ferry, ford. 

^tS 3. (=:^Co) k. n. End, corner. 

5't^ 4. (==5':Sj) k. )i. Churning. 2, 
cutting. -tIjb^OJ. A churning stick. 
-^3^, -rt^. A chopper-bill; a small 
crescent knife. 

^Ti7\0, S'c^CAO k. n. A channel leading 
/ water to a tree ; a ditch. 

^Tidi k. n. A wasp, hornet. 

S^rfs (cf. '^^) k. Ji. A book made of 
folded cloth covered with charcoal 
paste. 2, cutting; a cut, incision. 

^c^jJO (fr. ■^a) k. a. Steep; upright. 
2, hard, rough, severe, firm. n. Steep- 
ness; uprightness; hardness, etc. 
-Txs^. A powerful man; a harsh man. 

'^xizjO. P. p. of ^5*3 or "^d. 

^S^TiSO, S'rf^ k. 71. A species of deer. 
^^200, 3^1^:200 k. M. A cake boiled in 

?5^t^(yo k. 71. The sea; an ocean, -esrsjrt, 
is'ii^ejrsjr!. The moon. -id. A wave 
of the sea. -^€)7^. Cuttle-fish bone. 

"Sxid. = *J|,, q. V. 

^?S^?j. ==5'aD??o, q.v. 

^■rf^ (= *Sio) k. w. An elk; the Indian 

^iirj^ k. 71. A young cow or buiTalo not 
yet calved. 

^ZSS^'a ( = iuc55aja) f. ?i. Strictness; 

^rn)050 (<b. of ^fc-1^) ?^. A large, round 

'^ZSS^'R, ^t3^4 s- n- Wooden shoes. 2, 

a lathe; turning. 
^Z3ti?jJ k. n. A skin (to sit or lie on); 

also ^tSi)^^. 
?*& k. V. t. To bite, bite or cut off; to 

sting, as a bee; to pain, as the 

stomach; to gnash, as the teeth. 2, 
to cut, hack; to chop; to dig, as a 
well; to pull. V. i. To itch, as the 
body. P. ps. ^s'S, ^ziuio, ^acJj. *S 
araW. Altercation. ^s^ansSo. To cut 
down; to fight, wrangle. ^a, '5'a:^, 
'^:^^. A cut, bite; a chip, piece, bit; a 
potsherd; an oblong roll of cotton 
thread. -3d. A leather-shield. -^ 
Wo^. The impression of a horse's 
hoof. -oi);j^. Grits of rice. 

5^a^0 (= *:S^J) k. II. Deficiency; 
want, defect; inferiority. -sSjscSj. To 
make less, decrease, -odj^rfo. To be- 
come less. --vl^Vo. To fall short. 
sSz^j -. More or less; difference. 

^a^rore, S^aodjsr®, ^'aodJif^ k. «. A 
bit, bridle. -23^=5^0. To bridle, -si*?, 
-J2?s2»a. To pull in the reins. 

^ili ( = tfyj.) k. 71. Firmness; intensity; 
vehemence; swiftness; abundance, ex- 
cess, ad. Greatly; swiftly. '"^^i- 
Great trouble. -"S*^. A great thief. 
-^5^j. A heavy loss. -^JB^sj, -r^JS^Sj. 
Great wrath. -'n's.d, -ri^d. Great 
darkness. -riO. A great hero. -r\sk. 
Great trouble. -^JcSod, -rijciod. A 
swift horse. -r1°a. A very mischievous 
person. -J^s?. Severe cold. -traOii. A 
talkative tongue. -clra^sS. Acute pain. 
-5J33^, -5je>5j. A heinous sin. -srs^. A 
notorious sinner. -sixasj^. A big 
fool. -53?rs. Great swiftness. -Sjs?^. 
Great grief. -SoCe. A very stupid 

"^Ti^^o k. 71. A cut, piece; a bit; a 
headless trunk. 

^rfj^ ^- "• Force, vehemence; severity; 
pride; great valor. 

^1^0200. = T?StOJ, q. V. 

S'cSl. (— ^U 1) k. M. End, termination; 
limit; direction; place, a. Last, low, 
ulterior; inferior. -rir^^Jj. To look 
upon as inferior, slight; to end- -rra 
rJ?;j. To finish, accomplish. -r(js. To 




the very last; totally. -ii. Aside; 

towards; in the end, at last, finally. 

'^dA :if,. To rescue. -ri 5oJ3°rtj. To 

go last; to go aside, -^ci"^. Until the 

end. -cSjs^y. A side glance. -Cje)i3^j, 

-3o305j;^o. To cause to pass by, 

through or over; to save. -nji^o, 

-SojWj,. The youngest child. =^d^€. 

A common form of ^dcxl)©^. oiSri:^. 

The left side, toortc^. The right side- 

^zfs. h.v.t. To churn; to stir; to rub 

together, as two pieces of wood to 

excite fire. 2, to turn in a lathe- 

3, to pass over; to get through. 

V. i. To fall down, sink. 53j3=irf-. To 

churn curds, n. Churning. -r^J3?t)J.= 

=5'3rtj3?ajJ s. =5^cS4. -'JSajj. Turning 

a lathe; also tfraso^. 

^c^ k. ?i. A clown, blockhead; an un- 
polite man. 2, a pitfall to catch 

elephants. -sSjaSj. To make a dolt 

of one. =D^C3^ W- Obstinacy, pertinacity; 


'S'cSS odJ k. n. Force, compulsion, ex- 
action. -n'Sii. An outrageous man. 
-jjvjsz^j. To force, constrain. 

^5 (tb. of =5=tiS) n. A small stick, fibre 
of a leaf or a bit of a haulm. -53tj 
no, -oijtfrtj. Stick lac; a stick of 
sealing wax. 

^S ( = =s^:aej) k. V. The Bengal gram or 
chicken-pea, Cice7' arietinum. 

^^ (= *C3J, q. V.) k. n. The eye; a 
mesh. -^iJar^, -^si . A collyrium for 
the eye. -^'jei. The socket of the eye. 
-^jc3if. The inner or outer corner 
of the eye. -r^a^oJ, ^orla^r'o. To blind, 
bewilder, confuse. -'•^^- ^ smile 
of the eye. -isisc^j. A faint notice. 
"^c^ d, ^r^^ c3. Distinctly, clearly. 
^d Sj. To fix the eyes, ^d e^o. Tears. 
=o=j3J loj,. An eye-brow. 'S'raj 0. Smart- 
insT of the eve; envy, '^n dj, 

^f^ d. An eye-lash, eyelid. -Si6. A 
web or film of the eye. -c3d, -zSi^J. 

To open the eyes. -5jJJ"^j . To shut 
the eyes. -^^., -?5o3j. A wink. 

^0© 1. s. n. A grain, single seed; a 
particle, a granule; an atom. 2, a 
drop, spark, a. Small. 

3^ro 2. k. n. A piece of cloth for a 
female's bodice, as dsSu?-. 

^f*3 3. C<&. o/" ajej) n. A thrashing floor; 
a battle-field; a misty halo round 
the moon. 

^reS' k. n. Dough, especially of whea- 
ten flour. 

5r®5^5is a ( = ^raJtfS e3) k. ?J. A flitter- 
mouse, bat. 

S'roAS;, ^^TOTse) k. «. a shrub yielding 
Tapioca, the bitter cassava plant. 

T5'o®T\e3 k. n. Fragrant oleander, Nerium 

S^f^S^i s. n. A corn-bin, i. e. a cylin- 
drical structure for storing grain, 
a granary, barn. -Sjt?. A wasp. 
-sstfj. To store grain. 

S'f'S So (— T?rf)53j, 15^^55) k. n. A hill-pass, 
gap, ditch. 

u^?53 k, mt. Lo! indeed! 

^rJ 1. k. ?(. Sight, spectacle; ominous 
sight; divination, sooth. -'^^^J. To 
ask for a divination. -i^i'-PJ. To 
divine. -nsC. A fortune teller; f. 

^rf 2. k. n. A knot, tie. 2, a stone. 
^f^ 3. (lb. of sj?j) n. A ditch; a mine. 
^fj 4. f. n. An atom; grits; a trifle. 
^rf^ k. H. The stalk of the great millet 

deprived of its ear. 
^rSSo, S'f^S. =^f353o, q. V. 
S'f^so^rl^^J. ^ tfrs^S a, q. V. 
3^5? k. M. A stick; an arrow. 2, a 

wooden roller of an oil-mill. 
3'oy r^?*- o/' TS'od) n. An iron style for 

writing on palm-leaves. 2, the neck 

of a vessel. 
"dok^i 3. n. A thorn; the point of a 

needle. 2, a foe. 3, annoyance, 



obstacle; danger. 4, a hunter. -^O. 
A jack fruit. *oiJ*. An awn; a 
troublesome woman. 

^oUssQ -'^. s. n. A sort of prickly 
nightshade, Solarium jacquini. 

^oUe3, 'S'cB k. ?(. A double bag carried 
across a beast. 

S'cto s. n. A species of Solarium. 2, 
the Acacia catechu. 3, any thorny 
shrub. 4, a kind of gold ornament 
for the breast, a. Thorny", annoying. 

xS'oUj k. n. An offset in the wall of a 
well or at the foot of a wall; a 
flight of stairs leading to a well. 

^O^ (tb. ^osJ) s. M. The throat. 2, the 
neck of a vessel. 3, an iron style 
for writing. 4, guttural sound. 5, 
the body. -sjsgJ. Learning by heart. 
-Sj3e3. A necklace, -ajrt,. Embracing. 
-^J3^^. Vain talk. -^JtS^. The thread 
worn by wives round their peck; the 
sacrificial thread. 's'cSjs^^ <.. The 
vowels lo, io, and ?o. 

S'o© s. n. A collar; a necklace. *o9°!iS. 
Roaring from the throat; a lion. 
^oS^dsiDBCxio. N. of a Mysore king. 
=5^095^5309 KJOFi Bora. A gold fanam 
(4 1 Anas). 

^oTi 1. k. n. Flesh, meat. 

'ucTi2. (p. a. of =s^V5o). Seen; he saw. 

^cTS 3. {tb. of ajo:^, q.v.) -3jo:So SJeiS'a 
2^0. To speak so that further argu- 
ment becomes futile. -^^, d. Sucrar- 

S'o'rfFj k. »• Final settlement, treaty. 
Cpds.: -Sj^, -sSra, dc. 

^©■rfeS k. «. A kind of bill-hook or 

S'ccil. k. «. A chink; a hole; an open- 
ing, gap. 

^o5 2. f. n. A measure of capacity and 
weight. 2, a certain timber-measure. 

^cci^ k. n. A ball of thread put into 
the weaver's shuttle. 2, (fr. 'ffQ) 
a piece. 

?roa^ (= soo&t, fr. =^cij) k. n. Firm- 
ness, positiveness, strictness, certainty. 
-53j33o. A decisive word, 

^oa?jO (= ajoa^^j) k. v. t. To settle, as 
the price of a thing. 

^orfo k. P. p. o/" r^"5rsj, q. V. 

"^cZioTi k. H. A measure of capacity 
equal to twenty kolagas. 

S'otSodJ k. /(. A kind of sword. 2, 
large extent. 

^OcfjseeJ f. n. A basket for holding 

grain; a store-room. 2, a weight 

from 20 to 28 maunds. 

^rJ k. n. A rope, cord; a neck-rope. 

'S'r? pXio k. n. Tears. -??j3?uJ. Tears 
to flow. -'a:eO, -3rfj, -KoOKo. Tears to 
shed. See s. '^t^. 

^r>S.i { = ^FS^, q. c.) k. n. The eye; an 
eye-like knot in sticks, etc; a small 
hole, an orifice; a mesh. -'b'Wj,. To 
shut or bewitch the eyes; to deceive; 
jugglery. -^li^ci^. A juggler. -=?=> 
rso. The eye to see. --i^. To assume 
an angry look. ^s^cS ^bj. An evil 
eye. -B'jtfo, . The eye to be dazzled, as 
by the rays of the sun. -n^s3. Faint 
ing, swoon. -nj3o. The eye-ball. 
-As^o'^. The pupil of the eye. -tS-'?? 
5^, -lS^cS. Pain of the eye. -»jB8o , 
-h^xij, -r^'-fJj. Rheum of the eye. 
-iJjotiJ, -^JioJ,. Dimness of sight. 
-53jj;S3 e3. A kind of blindman's buflf. 
-Xf^. A sign made with the eye, a 

rtoWo 2o9t-=#j3^Jv To frown. 


-2oJS5^. A 

white spot on the eye-ball. -sSjs^rtJ. 

To lose the eye-sight. -oi^^J . *ri ^ . 

To lift up the eyes. -sSj6 sSjbcSo. 

To hide from view. -^jsd. To 

twinkle the eye. 
S'roj "^7^.^. ~ '5'ra*53 a, q. V. 
??f? k. n- A clot, lump, as of jaggory, 

flesh, etc. 
^:^^ s. H. The clearing nut tree, Slrych- 

nos potatorum. 




^^£3 h, «. A writ of agreement, written 

^S'^^sSr (=f^zizir) h. n. Strife, conten- 
tion; controversy. 

3'S(=aj>3) k. n. Anger, wrath. 

S'i^ D ( = *^, /b. o/' TS'drO) H. Scissors, 
sliears; a rat-trap. -^°i)- A pick- 
pocket. -'J3353!0. A gold ornament 
worn near the top of the ear. -?iJ. 
To cut with scissors; to cut; to shear; 
to pick, steal. 

^^ «3 (^^ <ziS) k. n. Darkness. Sjoort 
^eS. Darkness after sunset. cooTi^ s3. 
Darkness before dawn. -yrij. To be 

'^'S^ ^ k. ?t. The Barbadoes aloe. 2, 
the small aloe. 

^B (tb. of v^) n. A knife; a razor; 

a sword. -'^^^' To gird on one's 

sword; to be hostile. -So^. A religion 

established by the sword or force. 

-?3e)t;Stf, -?;e)qSc^. Sword exercise. t3 

J^-. A naked sword. -23t;^j. To draw 

la iQ 

a sword. -zi^izLi'^o, -^^. To pierce 

with a sword. 

^i^o 1. k.?i. The neck, throat. -^^JSOdoj,. 

To cut the throat. 

^gO 2. k. V. t. To inflame, kindle. 


S'^J 3. h. 11. "Writ; a writinjc. 2, a 

kind of hand-writing. 
^^.0 &. tb. of ^Sj3,0, a. V. 

D — 

^S k. n. An ass, donkey. --o-Ouj, -=5*J 
dJlo. The hyeena; a kind of deer. 

tf'Sj. =^3 0, q. V. 

^q^jj s. «. Telling, relating; narration, 
tale. ^^^. A story-teller. 

3^^ s. n. A speech; a tale, story; nar- 
rative. 2, affair. -^?^o, *^?iJ. To 
relate a story. ^g'ip^oSd. The course 
of a story or conversation. 

'S'rf k. n. The leaf of a door; a door. 

^Sj^d k. int. Ha! ha! ha! -?irtj. To 
laugh loudly. =5*CjS^3^j. To shake, 
be asritated. 

"^zizio k. V. i. To be shaken, stirred' 

troubled; to become turbid, muddy, 

impure, v. t. To stir. n. Turbidness; 

mud. 2, commotion, tumult. 
^rf^ s. n. War, fight. -riO. A hero 

in battle. 
^'rfoeo (= ^:Sot^) s. n. The tree Nauclea 

cadamba. 2, a multitude. 3, mustard 

seed, turmeric. 
"^ti.TJCi k. n. A spindle. 2, lustre. 
S'cieSr. = ^323r, g. v. 
^c3e3 s. n. The plantain tree or banana, 

Musa sapientum. 2, a flag, banner. 

3, Siva. 4, an elephant. 
^cSaij (= ^'cSSj, q. V.) k. i'. i. To move, 

shake. ^cSsJii^^o. To move about, 

shake, be unsteady. 'S'cSO^. Motion. 

=^riQ7ij. To cause to move or shake; 

to cause to become turbid. 
^a k. V. t. To steal. P. p. ^rfj. -*, -rS. 

A thief; f. -*. 
5'Q'dJ^ "^zixSo k. ?i. A spike of corn, 

ear. 2, a spindle. 3, splendour. 
3^ae^00 h. a. Old, ancient. ^a^sJj. An 

old servant, veteran. ^a^cDo. Long 

S'sSoeOJ a. k. i\ t. To press; to distress, 

'uuioTio. = '^ddj, q. V. 
^S a. k. V. i. To join, approach. 

^'cij k. P. p. of *a. 

^rfOj s. a. Brown, tawny. n. N. of 

Kasyapa's wife. 
^^ k. n. Blackness, ^f^::^. The black 

country: Kannada (Canarese), the 

country and its language; Canara, 

the Carnatic. 's'fS, iSa?^. Canarese 

g'fi k. n. A dream. -^O'i. Talking 

in one's sleep. -SO^^o. To talk in 

"^^"^ s. 71. Gold. 2, the thorn-apple, 

Datura metel and fastuosa. 3, a N. 

-:3d?;. N. of a Vaishnava devotee 

who composed many dasapadas. 


-3-^. A shower of gold. ^ci'S^JpsS^'s^. 
Honouring a venerable person by 
pouring gold-coins on bis feet or head. 

tJjici. = *f3_a, q. v. 

^(iXi"^ k. n. A pair of spectacles. 

^^"do k. 71. A disagreeable smell, as 
that of burning oil. 

S'jieJj k. c. i. To chafe, be angry, n. 

??r^?jJ ( = ^rS) k. 71. A dream, vision. 
-"rsnj, -^oSj^jsVj,, -jS^Vo. To dream. 

^^>k. «. Tender-heartedness; pity, kind- 
ness. -'S'cJ, Pity, compassion. -"^^ 
sJ^j, -T?0?3o. To have compassion on. 

S'^jsi s. n. The smallest or least, the 
last or worst; inferior, base. 2, the 
youngest. -^, *S)^. The little finger. 

^o^, 3'c^o h. n. A fixed term of pay- 
ment, instalment (s^cOjn). 

^cSO 1. k. t\ i. To set, as the sun, etc. 
=5*0.^^. To extinguish. 

S'c^O 2. s. a. Happy. n. The heart. 

2, a granary. 

^c^ k. »i. A bundle, as of straw, etc. 
'&o'$ s. n. A rag, patched garment; a 

thick cloth made of quilted rags. 
^crfl. k. n. A young child; a term of 

endearment for grown-up children. 
S^osS 2. s. n. A bulbous or esculent 

root, bulb. 2, a lump, swelling. 

3, a kind of metre. -s3.>Jiej. A radish 
and other esculent roots. 

S'crfS' h. n. A ditch, trench. 
^'cdd s. n. A cave, glen; a valley. 

T?oS£;o k. )(. A small earthen water- 

^oc^)ts^Ti h. n. Military; police. 

"^cuDoio h. 71. Tribute; tax, land-tax. 
2, a space of four months. 

5ca k. n. A cow that has calved. a. 

S^cat? k. n. Fading, faded state. 

'S'ociJ 1. k. V. i. To be burnt or scorched; 
to turn black, as the body. 2, to wan, 

fade, wither, wane. n. Discoloration 

by scorching; blackness; want of 

lustre. 2, lowness of spirits, sorrow. 

-^jo:ij. Stains and deficiencies. -'^%- 

Impure silver. 
75^0^0 2. k. n. A calf. 2, young plantain 

trees. 3, the foetus of beasts. 
^c::io 3. f. n. An iron plate for baking 

"S^odselo h. n. A money-bag, purse. 

^?^j k. n. A hole made by burglars in 
a house-wall, -'s's?^, -:5j3?0. Burglary. 
-riS^O. A burglar's instrument, -nsd, 
^s'cSji^?:^. a burglar. -€js3, -3j3=tfj. 
To break a hole in a wall for burglary. 

^?i^'rf. = ^c3*, q. V. 

S^Rqcj ( = ?'?ia) k. n. A looking-glass, 
mirror; a pair of spectacles. 

S'c^^Sa k. n. A man of Kannada coun- 
try; f. ^c^a?s3. 

S'fr^Sjdo k. r. t. To translate into Kan- 
nada. 2, to mirror. 

3^Sh^, 'S'^lfn^. = *f3,, q. V. 

^c5o s. n. A girl, maiden, virgin. 2, 
the sign of the zodiac Virgo. -^?i- 
Maidenhood. ^o5«'i<^J»S'J30. Cape Co- 
morin. '5'o5'?';^3??i. Giving a srirl in 
marriage. ^oS=>c^3- A vow of 


3^^'jJ s. n. Fraud, deceit, hypocrisy, 
disguise, dissimulation. -nsS, -;^, 
=5^5513. A deceitful man, hypocrite. 
-^^, -^_,. Deceitfulness. -33^^. Dis- 
guise. ^^5iy. Sincerity. 

^jj."^ h. n. An article of apparel, cloth. 

^rsirf f. n. A sort of cloak dyed with 
kavi and worn by lingayita priests 
or ascetics. 

^3ie3, "^hfi k. n. An apparatus for rais- 
ing water, consisting of pulley, rope 
and leathern bucket, worked by oxen. 
-rasfS. The leathern bucket. -3oJt3, 




^sroy s. 71. The leaf of a door; a door. 

2, an almira. 
^ajS<S) s. n. The skull. 2, a cup, jar, 

pot; a lid. 3, a potsherd. 
^2: s. n. A monkey. -rfJOwi,. A firm 

grasp. -»3jjM),rratf. An obstinate 

"^h^ s. n. The wood-apple tree, Feronia 

"^hti s. w. Brown, tawny. n. N. of a 

rishi, the founder of the sankhya 

philosophy. "tf^sS. A brown coloured 

"^h^ s. a. Brown. 71. Incense. 
"S^^e^ k. 71. A dove, pigeon. 
S'^ea' s. n. A cheek. 
^3ivl. k. n. Tribute; also -'?^rJ=#. 
^3j, 2. k. n. A ring of wire for the wrist 

or feet. 
"^A"^ (tb- of^^rbi) n. A tattered cloth. 
^3j,Ti (tb. of'^^T^) n. A large potsherd. 
^sgv 1. k. V. t. To dig. 71. A hole in the 

ground, pit. -tfjs?. A hole for catch- 
ing elephants. 
^s^v 2. k. ?i. Blackness; the black colour; 

collyrium. a. Black. 
^4\ 3. = 'S'^ 1, g. w. 

??33^^ k. 71. A frog. -^s'rsj . Tory large 
eyes. -=5^Ji5. A frog-shaped boil. 
-z^^ . A bivalve shell. -2oJE90. A 
spreading sore in the palm of the 
hand or sole of the foot. 

=tf^ s. n. Phlegm. 

^80* k. 71. Blackness. 2, a stone, ^'w. 
■k' A rose-finch. ^io^?ioO. The wave- 
leafed fig-tree, Ficus infectoi'ia. 

S'SO^,^ k. ad. In a snatching manner. 
-^J^j . To bite snatchingly, as a dog. 
-pioorio. To gulp quickly, as beasts. 

^aOoqi s.n. Water. 2, a cloud. 3, a 
headless trunk. 

S^EO'd h. M. A Muhammadan tomb. 

^20Q s. m. A knot of braided hair. 

^20TjO h. «. News, information. 2, 
attention. -:3e!Ci. A careful or strict 
man. -niio*. Take care! mind! 
-l3^0. Carefulness, strictness. 

^5^200 f<&. of *53ej) M. A mouthful; a 
bolus, pill. ■5'loO;^j. To eat, devour. 

3'S37):^ f. H. A bullock or horse-load of 
grass, etc. ^losa, -rS. A person who 
brings and sells it; a milk-man. 

^eOjaiOJ h. H. Agreeing to; consent, 
agreement; also ■s'wjsO. -e^rij. To 

^tSjae^ k. »i. A blind man. 

•3^20 . <b. o/" =535S», q. V- 

3^20 •&, k. w. A rose-finch, starling; see 

S. ^23*. 

^83^A (tb. of '^^) 71. A poet. 

^83,0® ■5'20J,?J k. n. Iron. --n-W . Rust 
of iron, dross. 

^200, k. n. Sugarcane. "s^tS,^ So^oo. 
Juice of sugarcane. 

S^^JUJ, "S^^JOWj h. H. Rancidity, smell 
of burnt oil or ghee. 

^j^oor^a), "S^docc^eJO s. n. An ascetic's 
water-pot. FLno-. 

^o^o^)oojo s. a. Desirable; lovely, pleas- 

"^"^yda k. V. i. To be burnt, scorched. 
n. Scorchedness; the disagreeable 
smell arising from burnt oil, etc.; 
also '5^SjjO=#, -rl. 

S'^Jfi) s. ?i. The lotus, Nelu7nbiu)n 
speciosu7n. 2, water. 3, the moon. 
--3^, =tfo3oC3'5;. Vishnu; lotus seed. 
-orazji, tfsSjd^S. Vishnu. -rstjJF, -js, 
-:fi53, ^dos3j3$ris»i. Brahma. -'J33o^»i, 
-^^^, -^sj. The sun. -sS^O. The 
moon. *tt5jCt)Uo3j, ^s^sijeS. Lakshmi. 

S'^rec^J h. ?i. A bow; an arch, a vault; 
a spring, as of a watch; a fiddle-stick. 

S'^JsOSOoU na. n. Collection of the 
revenues. -CJtitf. A sea-custom super- 
intendent; a toll-collector. 

^o3i, S'ozj^, S'ossoJJdJs^ s. 71. Trem- 
bling, tremor, quaking. ^oh^^j. 
To tremble, etc. 





^o^ k. n. A bad smell. 2, fragrance. 

3*080, tb. of'^ov^, q.v- 

^oaDS) k. 11. An eye-drop: tear. -ijsd. 
To wipe tears. -'3 So, -'^'S^i, -rtO, 
-rijO. To shed tears, weep. 

^'oWe;, 3*020^ s. n. A blanket, cumley. 
2, a dew-lap. -3oj°^. A caterpillar. 

^OSOS;' k. n. Daily hire or wages. -A^tf. 
A day-labourer. 

^o83 k. ?i. Wire, an iron band; a bar, 
rail; the bridge of the nose. 2, a 
stripe running parallel with the 
border of a cloth, 3, a thick bamboo 
laid across the shoulder for carrying 
burdens. 4, a club, mace. -rt. A 
mace bearer, doorkeeper. -'STit. A 
karabi bearer. -oijzco , "b^ow^o , A 

la la 

plate with holes for drawing wire. 

^oEj5 {tb. of 5)°"-i^) "• -^ post, pillar. 

-5gpc3. Worship paid to the first pillar 

when erecting a building. 

^zij.TTOTi. ='5^5iJ3,tf, g. v. 
i, e ' ^ 

5*^0^, ^^^^k. ad. Fragrantly, deli- 

3»5j, y k. n. Coinage; mint. =5^530. 13. 
'6 " e. 

A coiner. 

'^'^\'^:i h. n. The loins, waist, -i^oxi. 
A waistband, belt. 

Sttijj.'d {tb. o/'^53jF'ffe)d)w. A blacksmith. 
-rrad. The workshop of a blacksmith. 

S'.DO, h. n. Deficiency, -■s.'^k . More or 


T^o5oJ, k. »i. Fragrance, r. i. Breath to 
be fragrant. 

^odj< 1. ( = €o±i«) k. V. t. To do, 
^odj^2. (^•cojo*, =^^) k. ?i. The hand. 

^cdo*3, 'S'OSO (^^, g. 1-.) k. )i. Bitter- 
ness; a/so =tfo3o, -i3^d). Neem or 
margosa tree; also t3;d;. 

^■61. ^..P.p.of ^d. -=^J3°^J). =^3cSj 
'^j5Vj>. -"^JSoSjiotfj. To bring along 
with one's self. -"^JSoSo SoJS^rto. To 
conduct away with one's self. -SdJ, 
To calland bring. 

^■0 2. s. n. Doing, making (* ^.). 2, the 
hand (i^^, "^oij*). 3, the elephant's 
trunk. 4, tax; royal revenue. 5, a 
ray of light. 6, a cloud. 

^"dS^T? k. M. Grief, trouble; worrying, 
annoyance. -SjsSj. To vex. ^d^ 
Osii. To feel remorse; to be grieved. 

^■rf^O k. n. Cinder; the crust formed 
on cooking pofs. 2, calcined drugs. 

S'iJA {tb. of *d*) n. A kind of water- 

S'-rfAPi (=r!rfr!^, <b. of =^^:^) ?i. A saw. 
-ci sowo. The teeth of a saw. 

"ST^aO k. I', i. To be dissolved; to melt; 
to melt away; to become softened to 
pity or love; to wane, as the body; 
to pine away for grief; to languish. 
^s'dA^Jo. To cause to be dissolved; to 

"^TJlS^ZiOS^ k. n. A small pancake. 

^•dU s. n. The shell of a coooanut. 

^jiii^ s. n. A crow. 2, N. of a jackal 
in the Hitopadesa; a backbiter. 

"^"dzi k. n. Dried fodder-grass. 

S^'dS k. 71. A bear. -SjO. A bear's cub. 

S'riS:^ (tb. of =5*^0:0=5) n. A basket 
or covered box; a casket or small 
box of metal or wood. 

^■dc^O 1. k. a. Rough, uneven, hard; 
waste, useless. -=5srij:S. A waste paper. 
-io3. To write roughly. -jJoj3j^. 
Rough, inferior pearl. 

3*dt^0 2. f. a. Rough, as an account, n. 
A day-book; scrawling ; a scrawl. 

^dr® s. n. Making; causing. 2, an 
instrument, means. 3, an organ of 
sense; also ^dri^oa^ol). 4, cause, 
motive. 5, a scribe. 6, a rhythm; 
dramatic action. 

^TJrJ s. n. Doing. 2, =^:i^^. 3, a 
mason's trowel; also '^Onf. 

'Sxi^'^, '^Tid^'S s. n. A writer; a 
village clerk; the head native official 
of a district collector's oiBce. 




^rS 1. k. n. A clot, lump. 2, a ball 
made of iron filings, nnd rice flour 
and rubbed on tambours to make 
them sound well. 

S'ldro 2. h. n. The large brass trumpet 
which sounds the bass. 

^■dSO s. n. The palm of the hand. 

^■dsse;, -^ a. n. A cymbal. 2, beating 
time by clapping the hands. 

T^-dzio. P. p. of =^6 1. 

"^"^ihf^ s. n. A flat piece of wood for 
cripples to rest their hands on. 

S'TJeOoa^O h. n. The musk-melon. 

S^'d'doSo s. n. A finger-nail. 

^d^etJ s. n. A fragrant oleander. 

^t^5o k. n. Calling, inviting. 

S^oasijab f. n. A sword. 2, a man of 
positive speech. '^O'si^Jstj. Positi- 

u^troS s. n. A class of Brahmanas. 

^Tj^TJ, 'S'cB'rfo h. n. A promise; an 
agreement. -^sSo. A written contract. 

S'Tjtie), 5d3^ s. a. Great, large, 2, 
formidable, dreadful. 3, crooked. 

^ODCJoSO?:^, ^'CXiT^eJoSO^ s. h. a helping 
hand; helping; support. 

^T^B^'t? k. 71. The seacoast region or 
that of the banks of a river, 

^5 1. s. V. i. To be scorched, burnt. 
2, to fry, roast. 3, to dig. P. ps. 
^Ocij, 's'O^j. ^0;^. To cause to fry 
or roast, 

^a 2. (= ^d) k. 11. Blackness; a dark- 
blue colour. 2, charcoal. Gen. =5*0 Dd) 
or *0?. -^, -Ti. A black man; f. -i-, 
-l^. -:3^0, A thorny shrub with 
fragrant flowers, Acacia farnesiana ; 
the babool tree, Acacia arabica. 
-J^rl. A disease of the cotton plant. 
-i^^Oii. A potherb, Nigella saliva. 

-^Ooii3. The Malabar cat-mint, Aniso- 
meles malabarica. -:^J°vA). A small 
shrub, the holy basil, Ocimum 
sanctum. -aS?S. An unpropitious day. 
-cSj. That is black. -f3A. A wild 
shrub, Gendarusa vnlgaris. -^^^. 
The curry-leaf tree, Murraya koenigii. 
-sjjri. A black bead worn by married 
women. -Sotf. The ebony tree. -cd)J 
^CPrl?s:S. A Jamaican plant, Stachy- 
tarpheta jamaicensis. -odojsj). A kind 
of black sea-salt. -00^. The American 
cotton-plant. -»0. To tear (i. e. do 
away with) unpropitiousness. 

T^b S.s.n. An elephant, -nooaj, -sSrfri, 

^D 4. (= ?*e3») k. n. Vegetables of any 
kind. 2, flesh, curry. 

^5 5. = *i3, q. V. 

S'Bigo P.p. of *0 1, q. V. 


?r&T^ (0=63^) k. n. The Huriallee 

"uSeTJ s. n. A tender shoot of bamboo. 
2, a thorny shrub, Capparis aphylla. 

'^'do 1. k. n. Embossed work, bass-relief; 
a puppet. , 

Z'-do 2. (ciJ= eSJ) k. n. A calf; also *j. 

"^xioC^ ^"don s. w. Pity; compassion, 
mercy. 2, favour; pardon, a. Merci- 
ful, -So^. Compassionate, pitiable; 
a compassionate man. =^tioc^^ji~. 
Pitiful. -T?S, =ffrfjf^=)OJ. A person who 
possesses pity ; compassionate. '^tJc^ 
=^d, =5'C!jf^l5, *OJto=)0100, tftfo^ssSd 

rs^AioqSj. An ocean of mercy. ^s'tforS 
^0. To be merciful, to show mercy to. 

^■do^o k. n. An entrail ; the bowels. 
2, love, pity. -:aJB^Q3io. To be open- 
hearted; to show mercy, -oi*?. Bowels 
to yearn. -"g^iJo. To restrain the 

5^^0200, ^■rfo 3200 (:iJ = SJ) k. r. <. To 
envy. n. Envy. 

^iS 1. k. I", t. To call, invite; to sound. 
P. pS. =5'dSj, ^tiCiJ, -^e?;^J, -=5'e?Jco?ij. 




To send one person to call another. 
*d^, ^0^.0, ^3cej?ij, '5'd^j. To 
cause to call, send for. -oljj^'f. 
^t3 2. k. n. A bank, shore; a boundary. 

2, the border of a cloth or blanket. 

3, a cow-house. 

3t3 3. (= tfO, q. V.) k. w. Blackness; a 
dark-blue colour; also 'S'^rl. Cpds.: 

^ ' ^' 2/j' a' ' 

-SoO, e^c. -sSj. The black dame: a 

^tS 4. (d=S33) k. I-. «. To milk; to cause 

to flow, to rain; to give milk. 
^'Sjt^Ti h, n. A crore, lakh. 
'S'^'ry, S'^sry^ s. ?i. A crab: the 

sign Cancer. 
^"Sf^ s, a. Hard, firm. 2, rough, 

harsh, severe, violent; unkind. -^. 

Hardness, harshness. 
3^jse?"y s. n. N. of a serpent; also -'^• 

S'Si^F-TJ (=tfiiJ3rf) f. ?i. The fruit of the 
date tree. 

^P9?" s. n. The ear. 2, a helm, rudder. 
3, the sun. 4, N. of a hero. -ri:^. 
Come to the ear. -^jS3i3. A demon 
forced to communicate by whispering 
in the ear. -^.rae3. Ear-ache. =s^fi°Fo 
a^olj. The organ of hearing. 

5f5Dry (=^*t^C4) s. n. The Karnata 
country. -*. Belonging to K.; the K, 
language; (also -v^^)', the Karnata 
man. -^J3?<ij. A matchlock. -^B.'s^rfrs. 
Agrammarof K. language. -tS^S. K. 
country, -qrado. A K. verbal root. 

^rJr, "^riF^. tb. of TS'rfe^, "tfdrf^s', q. v. 

"S^F. tb. of *^^r, q. V. 

'i^Ft) (= ^^0, '^^, q. V.) s. n. Scissors. 

^^F'^r s. a. Fit to be done. n. Obliga- 
tion, duty, task. 

^^\r s. n. A doer, author, agent; a 

creator; a master. 2, an agent, 
the active noun, subject (g.). -3. 

'aZjSFTi s. n. Cotton. 

^sgrTJ, ^^r"d s. n. Camphor. -^^• 
Thick-leaved lavender, Lavendula 
carnosa. -acs!^:^, -Soscp^c^j. A cry- 
stallized gypsum. 

^»l)r s. n. An act, action; performance, 
business; duty. 2, the accusative; 
the objective noun (g.); the idea of the 
passive voice {g). 3, any religious 
action. 4, sin. -=5'5tf. An artisan, 
mechanic. -r!a. Fate. -c5. Skilful 
in work; scrupulously exact in per- 
formance of a religious rite. -:3^?«i. 
Sin, vice. -q;!)dcxjj. N. of a class 
of compounds. -SJSrtr. The way of 
works. -:^33D*. The consequences of 
actions. -?3i!-3- . The sun. -AS. 
Success. 'S'SJsroSa. Fuseral rites. 
tS^Cof. Acting; a sinner. tcDot^ . Very 
active; very sinful. =5's5j$roa,odo. The 
organ of action. 

'S'sSorrf s. n. A verb in the passive 
voice (g.), 

^ziF ^ '&'^Ft^ s. n. Drawing, dragging. 

"^^dF, = tf dj^J, g. V. 

^6 (==5'oj^) k. n. A stone. -^jUrt. A 
mason, -tj&ki,. A stone-trough, -era 
dj. The bastard aloe. -SiSfS. A stone 
quarry. -So«?. Hail. 

^<V s. o. Dumb. n. Gold. 2, a musical 
time; a melodious tone, as humming, 
etc. -'S'ocS. The cuckoo (^J8?-^e3); a bee; 
a swan; a pleasing tone. -^tJ. A 
confused noise. -tfcstJ. Twittering 
of birds. -tis3. A low sweet tone. 

'S'Oo', "^O, k. M. Mixture; a mixture of 
unboiled ingredients; infusion (mcd.). 

^O'StZ^ k. n. A very long time. ad. 
At all times, permanently. 

tJOS^O k. V. i. To be agitated, shaken, 
turbid, etc. v. t. To agitate, shake; 
to stir up, disturb. 11. Turbidness. 




-SjsSj, T5'ej=5e):aJ. To make turbid. 
=5'W3-?3o. To disturb, stir. 

^t>o'^ s. n. A stain, spot, mark. 2, a 
fault, blemish. 3, fierceness. 

^(yAEi^o k. n. The water in which raw 
rice and other vegetables have been 
washed and mixed with strained rice- 
water, etc. and given to cattle. 

S'^'oaS f. n. The water-melon. 

S'ly^i s. n. A wife. 

e'cao^^o h. n. A mortar and pestle. 


^eJeSD^ k. ?t. Mixture, as of cold and 

hot water. [water. 

u'a'aio f. n. White rice growing in deep 

'S'a'rfoo, S'eJo b. n. A reed pen; a pain- 
ter's brush. 2, a paragraph; a 
distinct head, item. 3, a graft. 
-CTO?). A standish. 

^($j(SJO h. n. Ruin, loss. 

T^£J^ s. 71. A water-vessel, jar, pitcher, 
vase. 2, an ornamental or rounded 
pinnacle on the top of a temple; 
a dome. -cdps^. The rite of worship- 
ping a water-pot. -^.S^ . The rite 
of fixing a dome on the top of a 
temple, etc. -^s3c3. A rite prelimi- 
nary to ^v^^^. 

^£i?jj k. V. t. To mix, mingle, n. Mixed 
state. '^t)^^ . Boiled rice mixed 
with tamarind, chillies, salt, etc. 

^£;5d s. n. Quarrel, strife; war, battle. 
'^^ioTij. To quarrel. [swan. 

"^e^Soo^j s. n. A kind of goose or 

^£^^53oS s. n. The moon. 

^£/35°3^(«;n s. n. Cleverness in the 
elegant arts, as singing, dancing, etc. 

^SJ^Tj s. n. Quarrel, contention. 2, 
a collection. 3, an ornament. 4, 
a quiver. 

^£»320;^j h. n. Silken thread covered 
with gold or silver. 

^4)30:50, S^e^sOSO h. n. The tinning of 
brass and other vessels. -rrarf. A 
tinner of vessels. 

^£;S(y h. n. A distiller or vendor of 
spirituous liquors. 

^i)t>A) h. n. A seaman, lascar. 

^€> 1. k. I', t- To learn, study, v. i. To 
be mixed; to come together, to meet. 
P. p. tfO^J. n. A learned man. -"§, 
-;^. Learning, skill. '^OTio. To teach; 
to mix; also *wXo, q. v. 

S^sS 2. s. n. A warrior, hero. 2, the 
fourth age of the world, the age of 
sin; also -cxJjjrt. -^5^. Valor, hero- 
ism. -=53eJ. A time of sin and misery, 
the age of vice. 

^e3;^J. P. p. of *£>, q. v. 

'S'tyosjl s. a. Turbid, muddy, m. Sin. 

^e3 1. k. 71. The scar; a stain, taint. 

3'e32, 'SCJi) s. 71. A small part; a six- 
teenth of the moon's orb. 2, a 
measure of time. 3, a fine art (there 
are 64). 4, skill. 5, grace, lustre. 

'S'O, s. «. Dirt, filth; a kind of paste. 
2, sin; pride. 

^e5, s. «, N. of Vishnu in his tenth 


and last avatara yet to come. 

"^SJ^ s. 71. A precept, injunction. 2, 
one of the six vedaiigas which 
prescribes rituals. 3, a day of 
Brahma or the period of a thou- 
sand yugas. -:^tfo, -!rfa,5io, -^^"g^- One 
of the trees (-w^, a creeper) of 
svarga granting all desires. 

^©sN s. 71. Making; fabrication, in- 
vention. 2, a fancy, idea; an imagi- 
nation. "^O 3. Fabricated, artificial, 

^eD.7J0 s. V. t. To make; to fabricate, 


invent; to assume, feign; to give a 


^ei, r^ s. 71. A stain; a blemish; sin; 

^eJaqO® s. a. Beautiful; happy, au- 
spicious, lucky. 71. Good fortune, 
prosperity, welfare. 2, a marriage 
festival. tfc?„t5. Sarasvatt; Parvatt; 

=5<D orid'S 


Lakshmt; N. of a tun6. -?cto5j. A 
kind of sweetmeat. 

?r<y OA'rfeS k. II- A shrubby plant, Sida 




S'eS k. n. A kind of coarse net-work; a 

bag made of it. 
^e^j k. H. A stone. -esraiJ, ^sj^raiS. A 
mushroom growins in rocks. -'3rf O. 
Mineral coal. -"^A, '5'ej^^fi A quarry. 
-T^jy^. A stone-cutter or mason, -rsjo 
u!j. a boulder. -cisCo (=s^e::|i^dj). 
Asbestus. -z^od. A rock. -ra=)«?. A 
•wild plantain tree. -So*?. Hail. 
-SJJ0S?0,. Stones and thorns. -sJo^J . 
Stone steps. -^i^d. Sugar-candy. 
.?iJoi3. Wild ginger. -;<Jf9 . Stone- 
lime. -3oe)^o. To throw a stone down; 
to destroy another's business. -3oJ3^. 
Lichen on stones. -»ij3, "S'^JS. A 
stone-like or firm heart. ^^doljSi. 
A man who has an unfeeling heart. 
-oi?3, 'tfeS ?3. To throw stones, aiso 
-lurt, -oojsd; a stone's throw, -lu^^s' 
's'eSJSi^J. Stone pressure; a kind of 
hard boil on the heel. 

S^eSja e"^ s. n. A surge, billow, wave. 

'&'d k. ^rt imitative sound of anger' 
- - SjscSj. To sculd. 

^Titi s. w. Armour, coat of mail; a 
jacket. 2, an amulet. 

^^2:^0. = *Ci^J, g. v. 

tS'^tS ('ib. 0/' *SW) -'s'oW*. An ugly- 
looking puppet of dough. -rSoWv. A 
great cheat. 

^^a, ?5'si:§ (<^. of ^Srfr) n. A cowrie. 

3'^2i^ k. n. An ornamental, stitched 
binding of a dotra. 

^zixio k. 71. A bifurcation. -SjsSo. 
A word out of place. 

^f'dfS k. n. A sling for throwing stones, 
-is'uj aojsa, - - oi'J. To sling a stone. 

?rrfQ. = ^4a, q.V. 

5^?j s. n. Composing; a poetical com- 
position; a fancy, -rrati. A poet. 

^rfe^, ?T^« (=*wti) s. n. A mouthful, 

morsel; bolus. 2, a gargle. 
S'^e;^ k. v. i. To become forked, to 
branch off. n. A forked branch or 
stick; divided state; a couple, pair. 
-lud, =^si^jsd. To get branches. 
^s:5e3. tb. of *^53, q. v. 
S'^'^ k, ?i. A swoon. 2,--*3«?. 3, = ■5' 3 

^A 2. 
^d^Al. r<b. o/" =3^30?e=#) ?i. Siva's alms- 
pot, a skull. 2, a metal vessel. 
5'^^^2. f. n. A pack or bundle of 
betel or plantain-leaves. -s3j~. A 
house with a gable-roof. 
^^^ f. n. A spinous shrub, bearing 
black eatable berries, Corissa caran- 

S'ssy. = i^sc^W, g. V. 

"^Zj^zi. — ^23^^, g. V. "tf^tiari. A cow- 
herd; f. -nS. 

S'sira^^o, 3^353030;^ h. ?i. Military ma- 
noeuvres; parade. 

^S) 1, k. V. t. (& X. i. To come upon; to 
attack; to cover, overspread. (P. ps. 
T?;3, =5^^, ■s'.ScSj). 71. A rush. -2^, 
-=-j. To put upon. 

^,3 2.8. n. A wise man; a poet. 2, 
Sukra. 3, water. -€^^iJ. The 
cleverness of a poet. -^, -^. Poesy, 
poetic style. -oajs, =5*^?^^. A very 
eminent poet. ^ti-. A taught poet. 
^ri-. A born poet. 

^Zd-:) k. V. i. To be turned upside 
down, to be upset. 

S'aodo s. «. The bit of a bridle. 

3^Se3. /b. of =^3^^, q. V. 

^;io'^o^':>. = *o^js<, g. r. 

S'^aiO, ^'^SdOA f. n. The wood or the 
oriental partridge. 

^4a k- n. A quilted cover for the 
night; quilted rags. 

"^^n s. ?i. An oblation of food ot 

3^^ s. n. A whip; a string, rope. 




^"^.iSJ s. n. Consternation, alarm ; faint- 
ing, a. Foul, dirty. 

^^oz) s, n. A tortoise. 2, N. of a 

^3j;3odo s. a. Astringent. 2, fragrant. 
n. An infusion, decoction of medicinal 
herbs. -'S'S^o. To decoct. 

^^, s. «. Trouble, misery, woe. 2, 


bodily exertion, toil, hard work. 

3, difSculty. a. Bad, evil; severe. 
-^J3Zio. To give trouble. -^rSo. To 
suffer trouble. -Sa?iJ. To afflict, 
annoy. -33J^aA)=^J5^o^. To get one's 
self shaved. -SjscSj. To toil; to shave. 
-i^co^o, -?3j3??oJ. Patiently to bear 
trouble. =tfsi),ejj. Painstaking. 

^?j 1. k. n. Rubbish, sweepings, off- 
scourings; impurities in the body; a 
weed. -^s'raj . An inflamed eye. 
-rtoajjj, -Sojsd. To sweep, --szjo, 
-toOrl, -^otf^JJ. A broom. -cisi. A 

^g'^j 2. k. P. p. of i?Aj. -'iJS'-fo,. To take 
away by force, snatch away. 

^^5^:6 h. n. Poppy-seed. -rs:^. The 
opium poppy, Papaver somniferum. 

^r^ASOSO k. n. A hard, unripe fruit. 

^?j20o b. M. Business, trade, profession. 

"^rid h. ?i. The chief town of a district 
or taluk; also ^?o"J3d. 

©?jr}jl. k. n. Astringency. 2, unripe- 
ness. 3, bad humours in the body. 

4, dust. 

T??j:ij 2. h. n. Deficiency, defect; profit 

or loss on the exchange of coins. 
T??j^,^, "^^iSi^ k. n. Uneasiness, as in 

the bowels; disquiet. 
"S^jJoeO, 3^s)oorfO, ^jJsOSOh. ?«. A butcher. 
xS^idsS?? f. n. Indisposition. 
^r^ 1. k. V. i. To slip down from; to fall. 

2, to ooze, trickle. n. Fine rain, 

"^^i 2. h. a. Pruned, castrated. n. 

Pruning, castration. -SJ3::So. To 

prune, castrate. 

o^?jO^ f. n. Strength, power; the nutri- 
mental principle, as of soils, etc. 

"dTijiii h. n. Embroidery, -ir^, -sto^j. 
To embroider. 

S'fS f.n. The tie of an ai'igi, e<c. -SJ^sS^!. 
A petticoat with strings attached. 

'SXi h. n. Violence, force, annoyance. 

S'^jj h. 71. Cares, trouble; fuss, ado. 
-n^tf. A painstaker. -cgn=id. A 

peremptory demand for payment. 

"iS'^jj? S s. n. Musk. 2, a scented mark 

put on the forehead. -^O^ri. A kind 

of scented turmeric. -is'a . A stick 

covered with musk. -r1J3t*j,s?. A kind 

of Acacia with fragrant flowers. 
-Sj.r!. The musk-deer. 

3^50^ (tb. of =5^Bo23) n. A metal trumpet. 

^00 k. 71. Bitterness; also -^. -ft3. 
A bitter shrub. -SOj. Bitter greens. 
-^J3»c3. A kind of bitter gourd. 

"^^ 1. k. a. Sound in toeeping. 2, a sound 
in boiling, as of rice. 3, sound indi- 
cating agitation. -=5^^. rep. -^^'4^ e5S*o. 
To weep and sob. -o3n?. Agitation; 
distress, anxiety. -»S»*r1j3^o,, -s3s*5j:So, 
-53^?io. To be agitated; to grieve, 
to be anxious, perplexed. 

^s^ 2. ( = *^) k. n. A thief, rogue. 2, 
a battle field. 

5^S? 3. P. p. of ^^, q. V. -€j3S?J). To put 
off, let drop; to spend; to lose; to get 
rid of; to break, as a promise 
(SjscSj); to give up, as a friendship 

^^ 4. (tb. of sov) n. A threshing 

^^£^0 s. V. ^ To put off, let drop. 2, 
to shake off; to pull off. v. i. To 
become loose. 

^s?^ (^ = C3) k. n. Purging. 

^S?^ . = 5*6;^, q. V. 

xS'^rfo. P. p. of =5^«?, q. V. 




^•^rio. = ^oSo, q. V. 

^^4 k. n. Theft. 

^'s?^ h. a. Rejected, adulterated; base 
{as coin, fruits, etc.). 

"^•^Tj. tb. of *ejjS, q. v. 

'^^Aj'^ f. n. A -water-pot. 2, a corn- 
measure equal to J of a mudi. 

^S?5oJ. = =^'-fOoo^O, q. v. 

^<g(s?= ca'; 1. k. v. <. c& V. I. To end, die. 
2, to loosen; to remove. 3, to purge. 
n. A great distance. 2, sour gruel. 

^'§ 2. k. I'. J- To ripen well. (P. p. 
=5^s?;^j). n. Ripeness. -Sofso . A ripe 

^'i?OA f. H. A cunning, bad man. 

^¥e3 {tb. of "^0^^) n. A tender bamboo 
shoot used for pickles. 

^^?jo, 3''§>2o;c!o, ^s?oSo;^o, s^^jSco k. 
V. t. To send, despatch, delegate; to 
dismiss. tfs?j5oA) :^0?ij. To send for. 
3o?e?-. To send word. ^t3?-. To send 
one to call another. 

tS^SJ'o a. k. V. <. To steal. 

^S? (= "s*^) k. V. t. To throw away; to 
abandon, leave; to reject, pull off; 
to leave out; to get rid of; to subtract, 
deduct; to spend, os time or money; 
to draw out, as a sword; to remove, 
do away with, destroy; to extinguish, 
OS a lamp; to lose. v. i. To become 
loose; to go, pass, be spent. ( 
^s?, * s?cij, tf «?cij). n. Removal, -^ri. 
The yoke fastened round the neck of 
the bullocks. -ci -S-^tij. The pegs 
used to fasten the yoke. 

^^ 2. k. n. "Weed, -rr^^:), -ia To 

^^ 3. {tb. of =5'°-3^) n. Shine, lustre; 
a ray; beauty. 2, the fine arts. 3, a 
part; a digit. 4, the number sixteen. 
-r(«?. To lose one's lustre. -rtoorfo, 
-^So. Lustre to fade. 

'^i^ {=z 1^^ 2) li. n. A thief; a rogue, 
bad fellow; f. -3>, =5^«^. -if^rici, -zi^lio, 
-^^.. A forged document, --i-oa. A 


hole made by burglars. -=5^jrf^. The 
hollow above the chest between the 
larynx and trachea, -rtoWo. A sham- 
bundle; a puzzle-knot. -Ja^. Thieves. 
-cJoJ. Thievish straying cattle. -nt)0. 
A thieves' path. -sSjsSj. A lie. -rfjzaJ. 
A forged signature. -sJoiS. A disguise. 
-?ra^. False witness. -CoOoa. A forged 
cheque. -SoJSriA. A counterfeit coin. 
-eAirJjioj, ■B'v'aj^o^x). Quicksand. 
-WoJ, =5^«?1)y, -^^. Thievishness; theft. 

3*^ k. n. The mitk-hedge. Euphorbia 
tirukalli. 2, a wicked person. 

^S^^o k. n. Toddy. 

n. "White brass, bell-metal, 
any amalgam of zinc and copper. 

^trS {tb.'S^A) s.n. A crow. 2. an impu- 
dent fellow. 3, N. of a rakshasa. -w^ 
tf. A quartan ague. -^"J^- Three or 
five locks of hair left over the temples 
at the time of tonsure. -uO. Offering 
of food to crows. -looa. Insolent 
notions. -9^t3ri. The crow's portion; 
waste, ruin. 

53t5^o2!>, ^3^a f. 11. Molasses. 

SS^rfjsS s. n. A twining shrub, Cocculi 

53zfs5 s- n. A soft, sweet sound. 

?re^ (=*'^) ^- n. A paternal uncle. 

gs-o- (= =s^r\) s.n. A (female) crow. -r\:i. 
A common spinous shrub, Canthium 

^B'S'ol. k. n. Overheat, excitement, 
tiredness from the effects of sun, 
trouble, etc. 2, sharp smell, as of 

52^0 2. s. n. Change of voice, as in 
fear, anger, grief, etc. 2, sarcasm; 
perversity. 3, stress. 4, patois. -»3oS. 
A perverse mind. -SjJS^j. A perverse 

g^'S'orf s. H. The palate. 

waiS^O'doe^J k. n. Dry cowdung of forests. 





53^ja?cS'rf s. n. A serpent. -sscOo. 

tfaTsS k. >i. = =ff^5Sa. 2, a kind of 

537\rf h. /i. Paper; a letter, note, docu- 
ment. -5i^. Letters and notes, corres- 
pondence. -1^6. To write a letter. 
-^U^ A letter to arrive. -^J^o . 
To affix a public notice. 

'Slit\, WS^R (tb. of =5'3*) n. A crow. 
-rtrao . Small eyes, as those of a crow. 
-lors. A black colour. -ioont)S. Talc 
mineral. -Sjs^ri. A disease (con- 
sumption) by which the face becomes 

SDAOrS^ k. n. Spelling, putting letters 

iTOo'jf (= ^3=5*0) k. 11. Heat of any kind. 

^o"^ s. n. Wish, desire. 2, a disease 
of the eyes. -5?0Ai=i?J3«?j.. To fulfill 
one's desire. =ff^o-c- Xj. To desire, 

?53Ei ( = =^£iO, n=)tao) s. n. Glass; 
alkaline ashes. 2, a sling for sus- 
pending things. -odE^. A medicinal 
salt. -^ejj^. A fragrant grass. 

??-3£a. ==f^ajot^. -n^. The plant Soto- 
7ium indicit'in- -^juj. ==gDoz<3^oejo. 

^Ssio k. 11. Cashoo, catechu, solidified 
juice of Acacia catechu. 

'S^2^ZStT5 (=5t)S=5^F) k. 11. The tree 
bearing the nux vomica. 

53^ h. n. A Muhammadan priest; a 

Tn)&;o. tb. of =ctd2^, q. V. 

'SSosijj s. ?i. Gold. 2, a tree with fra- 
grant blossoms, Mesua ferrea. 

SDo8a s. a. A girdle, a woman's zone. 

=SDc2o SooeiJ (cf.'esii^:)^:)) k.?i. Lemon 
grass, Andropogon shoenanthus. 

^^czi^S^. = '^ol^^D^, q. V. 

m>o<S>'^ k. n. =?nMs-3rf, q.v. 2, a 
species of gourd. 

'Siiki {fr. =s^jSo I) k. n. Trouble, annoy- 
ance, plague. 2, a forester. 3, a 

strong smell, as that of tobacco, 
chillies, etc. -^is^xi, =g3fa3t3?tf. Good 
behaviour to avoid annoyance. -"5^. 
A forester or fowler; a troublesome 
man (f. ^^shi-h); trouble. -=5^3;^. An- 

^uyssodo, s^sy^sCOo, tfsyT^cdo k. 
n. Plundering, marauding, pillaging. 

5SW0 k. n. A bite, cut. 

5sB k. 11. A kind of fermented pap 
of jola or ragi. 

^Sf®o s. n. Hardness; firmness; se- 

SS'rf. = mi'da 2, q. V. Cpds. : -f^^^, -oiSJo^j 
-^jB^ra, -^5)cOj, -fSjsra, -io?d»Jra, etc. 

tSSc^ f. n. A blade of grass, a bit of 
straw, etc.; a stick. -'5^3^. Caustic. 

WsQ>7\ k. 11. A troublesome man. 2, a 

'SliL^'R li. "• Lampblack; a collyrium 
prepared from it. -^J3?V. A blackish 
iola. -lora. Black colour. 

ffat^o 1. k. V. t. To treat harshly; to give 
trouble; to tease; to plague. 'S'sSi^J. 
To trouble, plague. 

sarfo2. (=^5^^) k. n. A forest; a jungle. 
a. Wild. Cpds..- -=tfocSj5, -=5^00, -'s'jcIjw, 

-53j,rt, -5Lra?r(, -sSoa, -eosrtu, -2o?j!jo, 

e<c. Wild or jungle— , etc. 
3=sZ§ 1. f. n. A decoction. 
^3cl2. (<&. of "S^o^) n. A stalk. 
53PS k. n. One who does not see. 2, a 

crow. a. One-eyed. 
5Dr5 1. k. n. A sixty-fourth fractional 

part (jL) of any coin (c^£7s. .• e5-, 

f\sS n^rf, rfjnD £^, siJJ^^E^). 2, gift; 

property; hereditary right. ^■3f53w. 

Hereditary right to lands, etc. 
'5Sf<5 2. s. w. Unevenness of scales. 

2, that which is put to counterpoise. 

-^Wo,. To make scales even. -;^JJ=tf. 

A weight put to balance scales. 




50rf?? k. n. A present, gift. 2, sight. 

-^^3fj. To make presents. -'^^^ "^^ 

ttJjjft. To give a present and worship. 
'S^tiria k. V. t. To show. 2, to show 

one's self. v. i. To become visible; 

to appear, 
^srsj k. I', t. To see, regard, perceive. 

V. i. To appear; to be apparent. P.p. 

'^ozij. ^eirarljsrSj. To let appear. 

■fftirawdo, tfo:Sjtorfj. To appear, come 

in sight. =5^ri (for f.), =r3f=!j3? (/'or 

male) emph. See! lo! 's'oir^o sojs^rtj. 

To visit. =5*0:^0 f3j3^A). To examine. 

=ao:Sj o3j3:^j. To imitate. tS^ocSo Sjs 

3sSj. To have an interview with. 

'S^V3J^'§, 'ff^??. Seeing; appearing. 

5=ira#, 53f^, . Sight; a present, 

gift. =5T)ra^. Great valour. 
5301^ s. n. A stalk, stem. 2, an arrow. 

3, a part; the section of a book. 

4, a bundle. 5, season. 6, water. 
-^hi. A curtain, screen. 

53c;U35<^ s. n. A granary constructed of 

^acci^ s. 71. N. of a plant; a kind of 
a gourd, Cucumis utilissimus. 

3=3^^, 'S^^^ s. a. Confused, agitated, 
perplexed. 2, timid, afraid, n. Con- 
fusion, perplexity; also =5D^ti± 2, 
alarm, fright; ?3g0;<j. To be agitat- 
ed, perplexed. 

^33D f33'S^b\ h. n. Assurance; guaran- 

'5t>B a. k. n. Coir; cord made of it. 2, 

3S^J. =5=)o±o, P. p. of 'SDoiio. 

=S^zi6, 5SS$e3. a. k. n. Aflfection, love. 


=5'3dej. A dear man; a paramour. 

■ffsdd. A sweetheart. 
^Srfo 1, 3=303750 k. V. I. To war, fight. 

=53nsy. A fight, quarrel. 
3=3550 2. P. p. of =53 & 'ff^odoj. 

33fi h. n. Ear. -K^siO. An ear orna- 
?F3fi?5 s. ?i. A wood, forest. 

33cJJSrJJ h. n. A rule, regulation. 

S=30^ s. a. Dear, beloved; beautiful; 
agreeable, n. A lover, husband. 2, 
a stone. 3, a house. 4, the moon. 
■ffaod. A lovely woman, wife. 

'S7>o^B^^^ a. n. A forest. 2, a difficult 
road. 3, a kind of sugarcane ; also -'^. 

53c^ s. n. Wish; loveliness, beauty; 
splendour, lustre; personal decoration. 
-^S) , -s3jj"^j . Lustre to be obscured. 
-AjoiSj. Lustre to decrease. 

iSDtikin (fr. *SW) s. 71. Dishonesty, 

^3Sj3c^j, see s. =r3^. 

t533J3e; s. o. Relating to the skull. =533Je) 
©=5*. A religious mendicant; Siva's 

?f3?j 1. li. n. Cofi'ee. -rs:i. The coft'ee-tree. 

53L) 2. f. n. N. of a tune. 

'ush 3. f. 71. A copy. 

535^ k. n. Guarding, preserving, pro- 
tection. 2, a preservative ceremony 
on the 7th day after a child's birth. 
^"ssraa^oO. To make watch or guard. 
=51)333:^0. To guard, protect, take 
care of, defend, nourish. =s35383oc=t. 

= 15=3^. 

53eij s. n. Wish, desire; love; lust. 2, 
the god of love. -cS "^^J,- The rain- 
bow, -ri ^ioc^SosScSo. The burning of 
an effigy of Kama at his annual 
festival, -ri Sojrao dj. Kama's annuae 
festival, the holi. -=3^^. Following 
one's own inclinations. -=5'?;j3^0. Sweet 
Basil. -=#APt? du'S?'^ ^js?2o ^jci 53j 
^d. The six vices. -2st3?=. Vishnu 
or Krishna. -^^r^o. The cow of 
plenty. -3S . Rati the wife of Kama. 
-urara. The (five) arrows of Ksima. 
-i053d. Unnatural desire. =5'^5jj3t^. 
Durga; a kind of lute. -y^Jrf, =53 
53J3;^jd. Excited by lust. -s^^O, =53 
53J30. Siva. =53i0o. Lustful; a libi- 
dinous man. 53tDJ^. Wished, desired; 
a wish, desire. ^^C^^3^':^r. A desired 




object. ■ff^'ioJoi. A loving woman; 
a woman in general. =5=eitSos;j. To wish, 
desire. =s^^o,. Desirable; agreeable; 
optional. =5s)»3jD»4jr. An advantage 
desired from observances or rites. 

tTO^OT^Q f- "• Work; workmanship. 
-^^,. Imprisonment with hard labour. 

ffS'rfjosi k. n. The lemon grass, Andro- 
pogon schoenanthiis. [jaundice. 

53^0r5, 53^Js3, SDSoeS k. n. A kind of 

5'3^3e)&3 f. n. Labour (for wages). 2, 
a day-labourer; also ^s^^J^hi. 

'Sf>oid s. n. The body, 2, a multitude. 
-23. -S3^. A son; Kama. 

tfSODOo h. a. Fixed, permanent, con- 
firmed. -5iJ3::SJ. To confirm. 

SSodo^ s. 71, "Work, profession; pursuit; 
rite. a. Relating to the body. 

esodOiS, 5^aa90i3 h. n. A rule, regulation. 

SSOSO 1. ==ff^o±)0, q.v. 

S303J 2. k. ?i. An unripe fruit in hard 
or nearly full-grown state; any nut, 
pod. 2, hardness, callosity. -t?r?o, 
=5r^odj=)r(o. Fruit to grow. "^^^Ij, 
-rtWj. To form or become hard, as 
a boil. -^Srfj, -=5^Aj. Various vege- 
tables. -So., -Sd,, -^^j'S^ . Pod and 
leaf vegetables. -wSj. To get fruits. 
-3osi5Jj. The milk of a cocoanut. 
S302Je3 h. n. Sickness. 
^aOSOrJO k. r. <. To boil, make hot; 
also 5ei^o. 2, to watch. 

tJacxJOO 1. ( = "5^5 ^303j, q. ?'.) k. V. t. To 
guard, protect; to take care of; to 
tend; to watch; to keep in check. 
V. i. To wait. 55CiJ, =ffD0ijJ^. 
53cd00 2. k. w. t. To grow hot, be 
heated; to become angry. P. ps. 

' CO 

tJBOcioOv ( = Tf35^) k. ?i. Heat. 2, wrath. 

53Tj' k. a. Black. n. Blackness. 2, 

rainy season. -riS^sS, -sS.'SioJ^. Sable 

darkness. -Sojf^sjJ. A black cloud. 

-^!3j°^j, =^03j°^j. a dark night. -<>i 

^j,, =g^o';'j>. A mole. 

SDlJ 1. (tb.of^^^) n. Pungency, hotness 
of taste; a pungent, hot substance. 
2, an alkali, as soda or potash. 3, 
wrath. -rosioOj. A kind of vermieelli 
531^ 2. s. n. Making, causing. 2, a 
maker, doer. 3, a term used to 
designate the sound of a letter, as 
esssrf, 'S'ffarf, etc. 
SB'dS' s. a. Making, n. An agent. -scS. 
A noun on which the case of an 
adjective depends (g.). 
VSXi^j!)^ h. n. A clerk; a tollman. 
3^3'd^oafj, tfs^osrfj h. n. A manufactory, 

5=^'dA\5o, c'S^JSAnSo s. m. a jail. 
^^^o^ f. n. A playing fountain. 
53TJf«3 s. H. Cause; reason ; motive, 
origin; a means. 2, agency, instru- 
mentality. 3, need of. ad. For, on 
account of. -^tJjs;. A deity; a great 
man. -z3?^o. To be necessary. =5D^ 
cS|^. Causal, investigating the cause; 
an examiner; performance. 
SBT^ra k. 71. The red stripes or painting 

upon the walls of a house. 

SD'dafre'd li. 71. Business, affairs; 

o-overnment. -53j3:?j. To manage. 

•ssTizpiO. A superintendent, manager. 

5SiJa h. n. A kind of red cotton cloth. 

ffoQ 1. k. n. A backwater; an arm of 

the sea. 2, a ford. 
3^35 2. s. Ji. Making, causing, etc. 2, 
an artist, artificer, actor. -'S. A 
female who does ; a doing, a business; 
a comment, gloss. 
S^sO;^ f. 71. The dried date-fruit. 
S^stJj 1. k. 71. Blackness. -ri^s3. Sable 

sa'rfo 2. = =ff=)D*. -3oJE^ d. A feast in 
the third month. -Sooe^J. Grass in 
the rainy season. -r(j5 . "Wet culti- 
vation. -t3«?. The wet-season crop. 
53TJ0 3. (tfo= eso) k. V. i. To vomit, n. 
Vomiting. fl^iiDf. Vomiting. =530^0. 
To cause to vomit. 





tfS'rforen s. n. Compassion, kindness. 

-?59. A treasure of compassion. 

-^oeirSd. An ocean of compassion. 
?re'dos33tfo. = ?t)dipt)d, q. v. 

^■5 1. k. M. The spinous shrub Webera 
tetandra. Cods.: -n:S, -53jjs?j>, -sotsj . 

ffSo 2. f. M. Confinement ; a prison {cf. 
'^^^^^)' 2, pain. 3, a gold collar. 

53t3 3. <b. «/■ ^ffe)0±ir, (J, u. -nad. A work- 
man. -nsO^. "Workmanship. 

saajorfS. = ^scSiDSiS, q, v. 

5baf^ e3, see s. ^^rfj 1. 

'SX>B>F'S a. n. N. of the 8th lunar 
month (October-November). 

^D^jfren (fr. ^vSSrs) s. 11. Poverty; 
imbecility; pity; parsimony, niggard- 
liness. -^:Sj. To be in distress. 

^SjSFrJ s. a. Made of cotton, n. Cotton ; 

troodor (= ?=)d) s. n. Affair, business, 
act. 2, object, purpose. 3, cause, 
origin. -sJtiA), A good state of affairs, 
-zpsrt. A division of a work; plot, 
intrigue. -^os^^^o. To accomplish 
a business. -k8>. Success, fulfilment 
of an object. -AiS sjj. Work to be 

!fS(y s. n. Time, the proper time. 2, 
a period of time, season, life-time. 
3, death, Tama. 4, fate. 5, power. 
6, tense of a verb. -=5'«?. To spend 
time. -'5>^^' Spending the time; 
delay; livelihood. -^JsW. Deadly 
poison. -ajo:^. The liver. -rtr3?3. 
Calculation of time. -rirsfiC)^.. 
Astronomy. -r(3. The lapse of time. 
-tS^. The wheel of time; vicissitude 
of life. -K . An astrologer, -s^i f^. 
Knowledge of time or futuritv- -12^ ^ 
So?s?j. To foretell. -~.3^ ?i. A prophet, 
-^orfj. The three times: past, present, 
and future, or morning, noon and 
evening. -;3joioj. Time to be fulfilled; 
death to come. -ci3r. A seer, -^rfo^, 
-ajjsSr. Time personified. -z^^dd, 

-tfjrt.. A terrible form of Siva. 
-5lra?f. Measurement of time. -^^, 
=5^c?s^?i. Subject to time or death. 
-»3^2S^. A term expressing time. -!orf 
ra. Passing away time; delay. =5DOt) 
cio5eie->. From season to season; once. 
=5iio-)oJj?C3rf, =g^C3?ij?ddri. Conformity 
to the times. TSCtJo^rf. Interval; 
period; process of time. ^ssosS^). 
Fixed time; the end of a year. 

^siy^y, ffse/^a, -5?jJ, see s. ?^UJ. 

53e3 ( = =5D^') s. M. Blackness. 2_ 
Durga; aiso =fft)O^^c3^i0. -C3^?j. N. 
of a celebrated poet. 

53e3oA (=?^-)^on) s. n. N. of a country 
or people. 2, the black snake. 

saSoa s. n. The river Tamuna. 2 
fern. name. 

53e3'S, ^3£^J^ k. H. A water-course, 

ffsCJj k. «. The foot, leg. 2, a strand 
or lock of hair. -aW;, ^sobj,. A 
bench. ^sod^o. To take a walk; 
cans. "ctiCtja^J. -wa, =5^Ct)a. a fast 
walker; a wanderer, roamer. -ws^o, 
'CTt)Css?j. A foot-soldier. -'3'5'j , -'a So, 
-yvsrfj, ?e)0^j , 5e)0:io, -ff^axedj. To 

' tr' 

take a step ; to walk. -'b'Wj,, ^'3ej sJj,. 

To tie the leg; to embrace one's feet; 
a shackle; marriage. -'!^:ir\. A plain 
anklet. -^05j ?i, -'s'owsJ. Trowsers. 
-yuortd, =5'3sjjoricJ. A ring worn on the 
second toe. -n:^. A ford. -i3?o. 
Stockings. -^f\, ^rseS ?1. To retreat, 
flee. -ro50, -53^. A footpath. 
-rfj3V*J. Dust of the feet: an evil 
{as belly-ache) supposed to have occa- 
sioned from contact with one's feet- 
dust, -riarl, -oSd. "Walking on foot. 
-wu. Foot-soldiers. -ii^^J. To fall 
at one's feet. -sioa. To bend the leg, 
/. ('. to make water; urine. -3od, 
-sSjyj,. A sandal or shoe. -»3j3:Sj. 
To make for, begin. -Titi^A. A chain 
ornament worn above the ankles. 




^aOO 2. k. n. A quarter or fourth part. 

'S'S<i):)7in (fr. *SJJ^) s. M. Foulness, 

filth; sin. 2, want of harmouy. 

^se3j3?Sai^ s. a. Opportune, in season, 

suitable to the time, n, A suitable time. 

^a^o&7 k.M. The lemon grass, Andropo- 

gon schoenanthus. 
3=a^5 k. n. A bamboo pole with slings 
at each end for carrying burdens 
across the shoulder. 
tfS'dr© a. k. n. A shed, pandal. 
S'S^od h. n. Lord, master, owner. 
3'S^d a. k. n. Passion, anger, wrath. 
'ST)'sSt>, =s^^^tl■^ k. n. Guarding, watch- 
ing; a guard, watch; custody. 2, a 
pasture ground. -nsrf, -zi>j, -S. A 
guard, sentinel. 
3=3^s3 k. n. A frying or baking pan. 
^3^e3. = '^£'^, q-v. 
ga^^ k. n. Darkness. 
3'3^ k. w. A red earth or ochre. 
5ad) 1. (=53aiio^, efc) k. ?t. Heat; glow. 
2, cauterization. -"^JSt^J, -K=)=3*J. To 
cauterize, foment. 
©S^2. k. w. A stalk, stem; a handle. 
ga^ h. n. Ringing and turning of a 
horse whilst at full speed. -Sdj?^;^o. 
To longe a horse. 
^a^eO s. n. N. of a river; N. of a fem. 
sa^o (fr. *tS) s. ??. Poetry; a poetical 
composition. -'SrS'ST'i, -'5'^^. A poet. 
-tfi^N. Composition of a piece of 
g:^^ ( = ?3A)) s. ?i. Benares. 2, N. of a 
people. cS*- ra-. Hampe near Bellary. 
ero^tf-. Benares. -=ff3nrf. Good white 
paper. -330. A marriage badge 
attached to a female's necklace. 
-S^j. Fine silk. -^i3^?^$ci^. Water 
brought from Benares. 

=57)%. ^^rf s. n. N. of a country. 2, saffron. 

sasiijaodo s. a. Red. n. A red cloth; also 

^a;ri s. n. A piece of wood, a stick; 
dry wood. 2, a blockhead. -oS-?ici, 

Vain ffrief. =5=3iJi) =#. = ^l3,?i. 

sa^^ s. 71. A region of the world. 2, 
place, site. 3, a measure of time. 

4, excellence. 

g^arf s. 11. Cough, catarrh. 2, asthma. 
-Sodr. A cough-medicine. Cassia 
sophora. [groom. 

"S^TiT^xi, sa?jaad, sa^Ja 'd b. ?),. A 

5a?j7\ h. a. Private, not public; own. 

?5=a7Jd, 5>3?33^r, 3^a;da'd^ (=5Sti:39tf. tb. 

of ?'3ti'id) w. The tree Strychnos 

mix vomica. 
^a?3a b. a. Good, fine; legitimate; own- 
^o=jl. =533, q. •(). -S33SjS?. a soft 

woollen davali. 
53,^ 2. (<b. o/' ^333) n. A cloth for gird 

ing the loins. 
^tTiol. (=u303j^o) k. V. t. To warm, 

make hot; to boil; to bake as bread, 

5a?jO 2. k. m. The smallest copper coin, 

a cash; a coin in general. 
xST)^ s. a. Black. -rt^eS. Sable dark- 
ness. -tS^Oii. Black cummin. -03^. 

A dark night. 
m>^7\ k. n. Fight, battle, war. 
S^a^o^ k. n. A spittoon. 2, a vessel 

from which scented water is sprinkled. 
5aS? ( = =5s€)) s. n. Durga. -essSJ^, ^3s?53j^ 

N. -f33qi. Siva. 
?faS?o7\ s. w. The black cobra, Naga 

=5T>^di, ^^oS'di f. n. The liver. 2. the 

breast, heart. 
^as?0 (°VJ = COO) k. ?i. A corn, single grain; 

seed; a pea; a bean. 2, (='ff'3^o) a 

forest, etc. -'jriJ, ^ffsvsrij. To be 

ruined; to become troublesome or 

hostile. -z^^tJS. A ferocious Bhairava. 
■b^.'bTj:) k. V. t. To make small, to 

reduce. v. i. To be closely united 
or thickset, as fruits or leaves on a 

■S-S-.S k. V. i. To be close together, 

dense, n. A crowd, throng. 
•S'Tv' Uo, k. n. A small tie or band. 

A " 

^o'^xi s. n. A servant, slave. -^, -^. 

Servitude^ destitution. 
■S-ei, -^bI k. j4« tmjfaiu'e soimd. -rtjfeJjj, 

-eSfS^. To chirp, chatter. 
•CTtiS, x!fi 5 h. «. A mixture of boiled 

rice and pulse. 
■5-£:^0 k. n. Fire. -sJjs^d. A wrathful 

countenance. Ssjs^-. Envy. 
•S-cSc?:^ s. a. Somewhat. 2, a little. 
•&W^, ^&o-CT, xfd-^ h. n. A window; a 

wicket, -rrortsjj. The window-opening. 

-K5J30. An ear-ornament. -^5. To 

open a window. 
vU 1. k. w. A gajuga (Molucca bean). 
•§-U, 2. s. n. Secretion; excrement; dross 

of iron; rust, eic. ; cowdung kept in 

a pit. 
•S-feo, k. n. A kind of torture in which 

the hand, ear, or nose is pressed be- 
tween two sticks. 
•0-3 k. n. A spark, --^a. rep. --o-aodrerto. 

To be enraged. -rtraj. A fiery, 

red eye. -i3o*. A little fire. 
■CT&^?ci k. 11, A mischievous boy. -^^. 

■3tJ k. An imitative sound. - oifl), , -noyo,. 

To tinkle, tingle. 
■S-oc^ k. n. A chink, gap, cleft. 
•o-sDeOO h. w. A title. 2, a book. 
•S'^ 5 k. ». An ascetic, a rishi. 
■o-^ ^, -Sof^O k. M. An orange. 

— D Fp 

■§-St> h. n. A time, turn. -vstt. In 


•0-3S y (==5^'^^ M) k. n. Strife, quarrel. 
■&g^ ^, -S-cS^c^ ^- n. Canvas, linen. 
•S-;^o k. I", t. To pluck out. 2, p. p. o/' 

•&ji^^, -CT^^eOO h. ?i. Silk stuff inter- 
woven with gold or silver thread, 

TT^IJ, -CTc^DiJ h. n. Edge, border. 



x;'^^ a. n- A human figure with a 
horse's head; a demigod serving 
Kuvera. -^h, Kuvera. 

■CT^^S s. n. A lute. 2, f. of -D-pj ti, 

■&^aioB xa. n. Profit, gain. 

■§F^.xi'^o, ^tSjz^^, k. n. The little finger. 

■S-osgjtijsX. = '"C^^j i' V. 

•&si3. ^0 h. 71. Price, value. 


•S-'df*S s. )t. A ray of light. 
■S-TJuj (a = e3), see s. ■6-0 2, q. v. 

■S-TieO, T^i:i20o (b=e5) k. «. A hyena; 
a leopard. 

■S"ti^oo3j f. n. Cochineal; cochineal 

•Susrf m. n. Grocery, as sugar, spices, 

■&'CX)^ s. n. N. of a savage tribe in- 
habiting woods and mountains. 

xrusoio h. n. Rent, hire, fare. 

■S-5 1. k. V. i. To grin. 

■o-a 2. (ti=es) = ^dj 1. k. rt. Small, little,, 
short, young trifling; junior, -'s'oej^^" 
•*-!Jj=5'oej. Cpds..- -Ho^, -rirjo, -f\.S, 

■J-rfrfj, ^rior. A small insignificant 
afi'air or state. -?l>a. To use mean 
language; a disrespectful word- -fSC^ 
A:S. The plant Flacourtia cataphracta. 
-(5j8?M. a leer, -tf rfs?j, -iSjsWj^. The 
little finger, -oiifdo. A young man, a 
junior; f. -rOcxijs^o. -Sort. The youngest 



The abdomen. 

■S-B-S-^jsor^O (0 = 69') k. n. A pair of 

creaking shoes. 
•S-S-ctQ h. 71. Annoyance, trouble. 
rr^a (0=635) k. n. A small stre worn 

by girls. 
trD::io, see s. ■=•0. 
■CTQorfre^O f. n. A kind of gentian, 

Agathotes chirayla. 
•S'SfU s. n. A diadem, crown, tiara. 

^^ti^-. A crown of nine sorts of 





■S-'CO l.=-o-0, 5. V. -'s'^isS, -^J?3?e3 A kind 
of potherb, -tfoej, ■&d?'o^. A low or 
inferior caste or kind. -rt^s3. Slight 
darkness. -rt^. A short sword. 
-Ajs^'^o. a short neck. -djad. The 
shank, lower or upper part of the leg. . 
-oSii. A smile. -^sOt^. The uvula. 
-i3rf^o. = -S-Oi5ds?j, s. *o. -3jcIji3. a 
plant that stings like a nettle, 
Tragia cannabina. 

■CTtJo 2. (rfj=esj) k. An imitative sound. 
-rtjWj,. To cry, scream; to creak, 
as a door, 

■&as=" h. n. An account of receipts and 

•S-£)200. = -^-OOZOJ, g. tJ. 

•o-£», -CTeS k. int. An imitative sotmd. 
--fJ/To. To titter from pleasure. 

O'£J0200, -S-OO^ ( = *ejioo) k. w. Rust; 
verdigris, v. t- To get corroded 
or covered with verdigris. 

■&e3,sl s. n. Fault, offence, sin; disease. 

•6-e3 h. n. A fort, -n^irf. The comman- 
der of a fort. 

■o-de:^o k. r. <. To crush and squeeze 
with the hand. 

•CT^rSo k. n. Deafness; also -^^. -h^U. 
A deaf man ; f. -n-sia. 

•6- ,3 k. n. The ear (^rar, ^>J3 ?;^, ^Sra); 
the touch-hole of a cannon; a handle, 
as of a frying pan. -^jsrao. To listen, 
pay attention to. -^J3Wj.=CT5e?j. To hear 
attentively. -^js^o. A perforation 
in the auricle. -^jsSo sSjs:^. To bore 
the ear. -^5. To open the ears. 
-»jj3:^j. A whispered word. -siiJJSo. 
To shut the ears. -aJj 53o?e3 'aso, 
-oda dj^d 303=^0. To make known, 
to communicate. -cxi3!)d. Attentively. 
-3od=5'. A man whose auricle is rent; 
f. -*ci*. -oooc^j, -oOh?cJ. To twist 
the ear. 

■S'^'rfj. ='fr»SCaO, g. tJ. 

•&7J k. »i. Putting astride; grinning, 
-rrawo. The legs put astride (in walk- 

ing). -trooSo. A grinning raouth. 

-^j)Ol). A grinner, simpleton. 
■D-;:i^,j3 k. ad. Suddenly, unawares. 2, 

XTTj'oiXi h. n. Kind, sort. -JScjrfj. Sorted. 
•b-^ k. u. t. To put astride. i\ i. To grin. 

■&?jO k. n. Redness; a dark-red colour. 

2, = *;^, q. t). 
•S-rfjlio k. ^1. 2. To be disagreeable. 

n. Disagreeableness, disgustfulness ; 

strife, quarrel. 
^;6 b. n. A pocket. 
•D"^ ^?jj h. Ji. An instalment; pay- 

ment by instalments, as of assessment. 

-woa. Settlement of revenue by instal- 
ments. -!3si-5-. Arrears of instalments. 
xy^'6d a. k. v. i. To neigh. 
•D-? 1. k. int. An imitative sound, v^ 13-5. 

The cry of certain birds. -^^- The 

•S"? 2. k. v. i. To become pus. 
•D-esiS' s. n. A hollow bamboo whistling 

in the wind. 2, a chief of Virataraja's 

•S-eU, -S-^ys^ s. M. A worm, insect, -n-^&i 

^:^oi. Mischief-making. 
•CT^UeS k. n. Mischief-making trouble. 
■S'?frotf s. a. Poor, wretched; small, 

little. 2, sick. 
^^xi k. n. The mungoose. 2, (f.) a 

parrot. 3, (tb. of ■^'i^) milk. 
■D-e'rfo 1. (do=e3o) k. v, i. To scream. 2, 

to rage, fume. i'. t. To scrape, scratch. 
■S'f'do 2. f. w. A dish composed of rice, 

wheat, etc. 
■S-jigrfS s. n. A praise, song of praise; 

eulogium. 2, fame, glory. 
•o-eSr s. n. Fame, glory, renown, 

report. 2, praise, worship. -ri»,'':^o. 

To acquire fame. -So^. A famous 

man. -Sa^o, -?iJ. To praise, laud. 
■5-?(y. = -3-?wj, g. t'. 
•cre<y5^ s. n. A pin, bolt, wedge, etc. 

2, the forty-second year in the Hindu 





•&es3 s. n. A lock; the spring of a 
watch. -=^odj«. The key of a lock, 
-iii. To unlock. 
■deOO (lb. of T^u) n. A pin, peg, bolt, 
bar, wedge, joint, etc. 2, device, 
contrivance; a secret. ir^€7io. To 
bind, fasten, fix, pin. 
■S^e^i (/"r. -n-?) k. n. Pus, matter of a sore. 
■S-friO a. k. r'. ^ To make thin, scrape. 
2, to pull out or off. n. Scraping, 
scratching. 2, a coil of palm leaf 
put in the ear-hole. 
■&^^ol. (<i*J = C3J) k. «. Lowness, mean- 
ness. 2, a low, inferior, base, mean 
man. 3, a veranda. -s^S. A low 
caste. -53j?iJ5i(,, -n-?"-?. A low man. -jSJj. 
Lowness, inferiority. -^d. An in- 
ferior kind. -^J5t)J. Evil and good. 
-oijB^j, -jgja. A low, improper word. 
"S-p^o 2. k. V. t. To pull out; to pluck 
out or up; to uproot, eradicate. 
P. p. *^o . 
5*0 s. A particle implying inferiority, 

wickedness, etc. 
S^O-B-OO k. n. The cuckoo. i'. i. To cry 

as a cuckoo. 
^O^jsC s. 11. A smoking fire- 
^05^S f. n. The quantity of thread 
spun in one ball. 2, the ball-like 
swelling produced on the upper arm 
from being struck. -o:>«?J. To swell 
"^O^jOrio k. V. t. To put down with 
violence or destroy, as vessels; 2, 
to squat, 
^0-S',20<? k. «. A creeper running wild, 

Passiflora foetida. 
^O^Ojl. k. f . t. To peck; to strike in a 
pecking manner; to hack, dig up. 
2, (fig.) to urge. 3, to beat gently, as 
a cloth in washing, v. i. To wink, 
be dazzled by the sunlight, etc. 
^OS'J, 2. k. n. A heron, crane. 2, 

^03^0,U s. 11. A cock. 

=5^o^ji3. A hen. 

'^j^-^bi'SXri. A certain posture of an 
ascetic during religious meditation. 
''SoJ^ s. ?i. A doer. 2, a veffctable 

3*0^, k. n. A small basket. 
^0^-«)jeU k. n. Trot, as of a horse. 

i. A cavity. 2, the belly. 

^s'jj^^o'^iO. Selfish, greedy. 
5^07\0 k. t'. «. To become low. be de- 

pressed; to crouch; to decrease; to 

cease or stop, as voice or speech. 

^JA 7io. To cause to be depressed, etc 
^OaSj'^O s. 11. A hamlet. -^n^. A 

petty villager. 
"^OO^dTio s. n. Saffron, Crocus sativus. 

2, crimsoned saffron-powder applied 

by married women to their foreheads; 

a kind of cosmetic. -=^^^0. The 

saffron flower. 
"5^00?? k. 11. The nape of the neck. _ 2, 

the shoulder. 

^■:iQ7\0.= '^ono , q.v. 
a' ■" 

S'ozi s. n. The female breast; a nipple. 
5^02^3^ f. 11. A bad disposition; jeering, 

! '^Oti^ k. 11. Whispering. - -rfJSSti:!). 
j To whisper. 
S^oeSeM, s. /). An evil design, wicked 

contrivance; reviling and defaming; 

wild tricks. 
'S'jsSjs^So s. 11. Ridicule, derision, mock- 
ery; an evil thought. -n?ci. A 

mocker, reviler. 
S'oeJ i^. tb. of ■s'j^^, q. V. 
"^OiiCi 1. k.i'. <. Toboil. -u^. Rice made 

from paddy slightly boiled and dried. 
^jsio 2. (lb. of ^JE'^r. ==5^001^, q. v.) n. 

A bunch, bundle, cluster; a tassel; a 

^oa; s. a- Earth-born, low-born. n. 

The earth's son: the planet Mars. 

-J33d. Tuesday. 

^0^ k. n. An unripe jack-fruit. 




"^OOZii- (=5*02^0 2) s. n. A bunch, cluster, 

tassel; a brush used by weavers; 

also =^JoiiT^. 
'S'oo&js. n. A hooded cloak for children. 
^joEa/! (tb. of *J3iaF=#) n. A brush 

used by weavers for cleaning the 

"Sbo&i s. n. A place overgrown with 

creepers; a bower. 
^Oo&Cd s. 71. An elephant, a. Pre-emi- 
nent, excellent. 
'^okio'^ (tb. 'ijsii,!^) n. A roof; hut. 
^oy^O (tb. r!j:3-)d) n. A tent. 
S'o&BOSOPrfo h. V. t. To mix. 
^C)kl, s. A curve. 2, a hut. 3, a nosegay. 
^O&SS', ^oISa k. aff. One who beats, 

etc. Cpds.: *aJJ-, ^oii-, t^owo-, etc. 
S'j&oia s. a. Bent, crooked, curved. 2, 

curly. 3, dishonest, fraudulent. n. 

Insincerity, dishonesty, -^f^, -^, -^^. 

^ofeog'd s. n. A hut, cottage. 
^0Uj3^0 k. tJ. <• To gulp, swallow. 2 

to sting. ?i. A draught, morsel. 
^oUooSO s. n. A household, family; a 

wife. -^ . A housefather. 'S'jWjoiS. 

A householder; f. =s'jeJoot3?i. 

^Jfei.r^ k. M. A metal mortar to pound 

^oU.rS, ^oy,S) (=*otJrf) s. n. A bawd, 

"^OUo k. w. t. To beat, strike, pound, 

bruise. 2, to throw. 3, to prick, 

ache. 4, (at the end of cpds.) to 

utter, etc., to do (as: rioraorioWj^, 

loj^SortjUj., ?3j3S) rtjyj,, etc.). n. A 

blow; a piercing pain in the bowels. 

-<S^, =5^013,^. Beating. 

S'ofeS k. n. Decay, the state of being 
pulverised by wood-worms. 

^0T33T:i, "S^OT^bO s. «. An axe. •^^. 

Ganapati; Parasurama. 
"^^Hi k. 11. A staff-like iron roller for 

clearing cotton from the seed. 2, 

a cauterising iron. 3, a stick of 

sealing wax. 
^'orf^', S'oSg'k. H. A drinker, drunkard. 
^Ot^'^, 5o5;^ k. Ji. Drinking; a draught. 
S'oT^S^, 'S'or^S f. «. A jacket. 
^o'rfii, S'oc^^ k. 11. The hollowed palm 

of the hand. 2, a liquid measure in 

S. C. =1 sheer. 
5^0ti»i s. n. A measure of capacity = i 

S^Oci 1. k. V. t. & i. To drink; to inhale. 

11. Drinking, -^-i. To cause to drink. 

-?i?dj. Drinking water. 
S'oS 2. k. n. A point, top; a bamboo 

shoot, the end of a lamp's wick; the 

lash of a whip; the point of a flame. 

2, a flag. -cS.'S^W. A side glance. 

-<Dj3?3. a mustache with pointed 

extremities. -^Srfrto. The extreme 

point of a cloth. 
"^oS^ k. 11. A small vessel; an inkstand, 

bottle, etc. -'^tfj^o. A kind of fire- 
^otio l.(= ifvJS^^J) a. k. V. t. To give, etc. 
^OT^J 2. k. 11. Croockedness. -riejj, 

-rtjs^wj. A sickle. -^ooJ^j. A zigzag 

^'oc^jS'o k. w. <. To wash (a cloth) gently. 

2, to peck. 
'^.:iTi:io^ k. 11. A stick for beating drums, 

etc.; a fiddle-stick. 
^003:^ (= =s^jfli;^) k. «. Dancing. 
^orf 1. k. ?i. A hole, a pit; a grave- 
pit, -riraj. A sunken eye. -oiO. A fox. 
^arf2, ^^jrfcdJJ, ^jrfnsr^o k. «. «. 

To dance; to jump, frisk, hop. -^, 

-nay, -odoj.a=#. Dancing. 
^orf 3. s. a- Crooked-armed; having a 

withered or crippled arm. -*. A 

^Orf^ k. n. A loop, noose; a clasp; a 

link; knot. 2, a hollow, cavity. 3, 

a finger. 4, a corner. 
^orf^, ^orf5o. = 'B'osa;^, g. v. 





B'joy k. n. A cripple, lame man', f. 

*jol3. 2, tb. of ^Jod. -rreoj. A lame 

foot. -rs^. Hopping. .rf^cxJjDbJ. A 

S'ooUrf {tb. of *jW^!:^, q. v.) k. ?i. A 

procurer, whoromaster; also -rs: /". 

^Ooyo k. 71. Lameness; hopping; a hop. 

V. i. To limp, halt, hop. 
5jo6S k. n. An instrument for levelling 

ploughed ground and removing 

noxious weeds. 2, the web-beam in 

a loom. 3, a pool, pond. 4, a broom- 
^Oo'd s. a. Blunt, dull; indolent, weak; 

foolish; cf. ^ooW. ?*JoS^. Blunted; 

lazy, stupid; confounded, 
^joci s. n. A pit. 2, a pot. 3, a pool, 

pond. 4, a son born in adultery; 

also -T^Jti^^"^. 
^Ooci'do. = '^Jo:^<x, q. v. '5'ootStf:5?s?o. 

To fall or sink down. 
iJoorSai s. n. An ear-ring, also one 

worn as a badge of honour by Pandi- 

tas, etc.; brackets. 2, an astrological 

diagram; also ^^-- -^o^^. A scholar 

who wears a pair of such a badge. 
^OorfeS s. a. Circular, spiral, n. A 

snake. 2, the herb Mollugs cerviana. 
^oozl k. n. Buttocks; the posteriors; 

the bottom of a vessel. -'!^t^ . Tight 

^^oot^Oj ( = ^oo!::^do, *j3:1x, etc.) k. v. i. 

To sit down. =CTJoa^?iJ, = *oe?)Ds-o. 
"^-ii^pi, 'S'o^a, ^0^ ^> h. n. Satin. 
^O^o^j s. «■ A wicked design. -rraO. 

A man of wicked devices. 
^■:i^^F s. n. Fallacious argument. 

fallacy, sophism. 
^J^ f. n, A leathern oil-bottle. 
S'o^SO^ f. 71. Eagerness; desire; curiosity. 
^0^083 h. n. The Muhammadan Friday 

sermon and blessing. 
^o;^js3o£) s. n. Eagerness; curiosity; 

desire. 2, sport, amusement. 
^0^ k. ». Defect, deficiency, fault; 

sickness; trouble; adversity, danger. 
?oo.. A sickly female. 

^oB "R k. n. The throat; the neck. 

3*0^0 k. V. t. To beat, strike, bruise; 
to push. n. A stroke; that is small. 
-©a, *o^a, A small foot. -A. Strik- 
ing, is'j^sjj. To cause to beat. 

^oS^^ s. a. Reviled, despised; con- 
temptible, vile. 

^oa^c;o. = =5^J"^0 , q. I). 

^'ocSTJo. 'S^jrfj'do k. n. Low ground; a 
hollow; the bed of a stream. 

^OStS- ==5^orfjd, q. V. 

S^oa k. V. i. To boil, bubble up. 2, to 
suffer pain, to grieve (P. ps. ^oacSj, 
^Jdj ). 91. Boiling; grief. =ff^JCi?io, 
-%:>. To boil, e<c. 

S'orfjS'o a. k. V. i- To trot. n. Trotting. 

^Oir^JoTio k. V. i. To recover from illness, 
be set, arranged, etc.; to come to 
hand; to fit; to become quiet, firm; 
to prosper, succeed, n. Settlement; 
symmetry; health, family. 2, a garden- 
bed. 3, a rim of a mortar. -SjsWj. 
Success, as of a business. -siJ3:So. 
To fix, establish. 

'^'^Ti^'6 k. n. A horse. 2, the cock of a 
gun. 3, a knight at chess. -*^r1fi 
o3jd. The tree Terminalia tomentosa. 
-Heirf, -oij3. A horsekeeper. -2aS. 
The hair of a horse's tail. -JiJ^rseS. 
A perennial fodder plant, the Lucerne 
grass. -s30Jiu. N. of a sanitarium 
on the "Western Ghauts. -s3oos;jar3 
riS?o. A kind of crocodile. -crssSJc^. 
A horseman, --ado, -333^. To mount 
a horse. 

S'ojS a. k. n. A fetter. 

S^ocro <y {tb. rtjrf O) s. n. A hoe, a kind 

of spade. 2, mountain ebony. 

5'03ij . P. p. of *oa, q. V. 

^oajT^e^^^; k. m. Envy. 

^o?i;rio h. n. Rancour, spite. 

^Oo) a. k. V. i. To bend, bow, stoop. 




n. A curved ground, -^ejo. A sack, 
baff. -^j. Crookedness; insolence. 
^'oo^fi' s. «. Hair; cf. *ja:SejJ. 2, a 
mode of dressing the hair. 3, N. of 
a country. 
"^■^oB s. n. N. of the daughter of the 
Yadava prince Sdra and mother of 
the Pandavas. 
^Jo^O. =*-)S?;^j, =5'J3:^J, etc. (P. p. of 

=5^os?tfO). Having sat down. 
^S'ooCj 1. fe. n. A pillar of bricks, etc. 
^ood 2. s. ?i. A kind of jasmine. 2, 
Olibanum, a resin. 3, one of Kubera's 
3^0orf^ k. M. Defect; hindrance. 
^Jorfr© k. »i. Setting a precious stone 

with gold. 2, fine gold. 
^oorirf/?, S'ooci^T^ k. «. The rim of 

a mortar. 
3^0cC0 k. n. To become lean; to wane, 
decrease, fail, sink; to faint, cease. 
n. Decrease, deficiency; defect, want; 
fault; emaciation; grief. -'^c^J, -;Srfj, 
^JoaSj. To find fault with. 'tfjorfj 
cD=#, ^Jorfoso. Decreasing, decline. 
^joa=;j. To cause to decrease, etc. 
?ro^)N k. n. A cub, puppy, etc.; a young 

^Oob^ s. a. Provoked, angry, n. Anger. 

-53j^. A passionate person. 
?fo^65, ^osj^St? k. n. A portable 

3^035,?j (<&. of =5'JB33=)r?S) n. A bodice; a 
jacket; a cuirass. 

^J3:j.^?jO k. r. «. To heap; to be numer- 
ous; to jump over, 2, to be injured 
or scalded; to blister, v. t. To amass, 

^eap. [bottle. 

^o'\ (<6. ©/■ iS'JSii) M. A vial, flask, 

^Js^s k. V. t. To heap, lay up. v. i. 
(= *jS «?;^j) To leap, jump. n. A kind 
of disease. tS'jIj ?;o. To cause (an 
animal) to jump; to jump with joined 

5^0^ k. n. A pile, heap; a dunghill. 
5^020^0 k. V. t. To dig up the ground 

3^J20oa s. 71. Evil-mindedness. 

'S^otSjseqiS' s. n. A bad teacher. ^otSjs^ 

JiSrS. Bad .instruction. 
5*0^ s. a. Hump-backed; dwarfish; 

^0^0-&, ^'orfjS'o, ^o^J^o h. w. Help; 

^o»5oS s. n. Evil-mindedness; weak 

"^.i^iot:) k. n. A piece of forest land 

cleared of its trees and cultivated 

for one or two years only. 
^Jeijai'd s. n. A boy, youth, son. 2, the 

heir apparent. 3, Skanda, the god 

of war. -rtoOj. Siva. -^=)£), P-*, The 

author of Kannada Ramayana. -Top?;, 

The author of Kannada Bharata. 

-r3^wJ. Skanda. 
S'j^jsS, ^o^js'd^, '^oriji)!§F s. n. A 

young girl, maiden; a daughter. 

^jSjsO^ijjjsSd. Cape Comorin. 

^J^JOWo k. w. Nauseousness; musti- 
ness, damp smell. 

'S^'^:iXi s. n. The white water-lily, 
ISymphaea esculenta. 2, the blue 
lotus. 3, the elephant of the south- 
west quarter. 4, the moon. 5, cam- 
phor, a. Brown, tawny. -rid. A 
fragrant garden flower, Kaemferia 
rotunda. -^odo, -woqjo, -KjioqSsi, 

^odojaS)^ "FSo^. The moon. 
^e^jsJjjnsO. The sun. 

T?JC3jrf f. ?i. Company. 

^J'oosos? (<&. o/' =5*w©SD 03) ?i. The pump- 
kin gourd. -=r302:j. A pumpkin, -los?,. 
The pumpkin-creeper. 

=^oo2:yziJi (tJ=e3) (<&. o/" ^oozjis^D) «. 
A potter; /". -?\^, -S, -53J3S?. -Sno. 





A potter's wheel, -^y, '^Jo:z^Qf. The 

business of a potter. 
S'joaio k. 71. Bowing down; an obei- 
sance. 2, decay. 
^'joeS k n- A wall on a roof that 

serves for a balustrade, 
^oo^ s. 71. A water-jar, pot; the sign 

of the zodiac Aquarius. 2, N. of a 

demon. 3, a grain measure. -=tf. 

Stopping the breath in yoga, -^^fsr- 

N. of a rakshasa. -5?c5. A potter. 

-'§j>'^cS, N. of a town in Tanjore. 
'^oz?^?^ a. 71. The earth. 
^Jo^eSjS^ s. 71. A hell in which the 

wicked are baked like potter's vessels, 

^0^00^ k. V. t. To beat with a pestlo 

pound. 71. Pounding. 
^OOaofi'O k. n. Cutting, reaping. 2, a 

tenon. -e#s?j, 'ifjcQjcsP^. A reaper. 
^OOcioO'S' s. «. A wicked device. 


S'oTiA f. 71. An instrument of goldsmiths, 

etc.; a sort of anvil. 
^O'rfoA s. 71. An antelope, deer. 

g'o'dsJ (ti=a).= *orfj:^j, q.v. 

"^.iJio^ {tb. of *JdoCorf) 71. The corun- 
dum-stone, Spatum adamanticum, used 
for cutting diamonds. 

^01^63^,. ^^oxik^-R. = 7?odjii^, q. V. 
'^■ydxi. = '^jd^izi, q. V. 

^0^80. = ^orfjw, q. V. 

"^OTJTJ s. 71. An ospray; f. ^JtiO. 

S'j'jDr©. = ajJO^oJO, q. V. 

tfo5 1. ( 0= 63') k. 71. A mark; aim; an 
object of aim. v. l. To mark; to take 
note of, regard, mind. P. p. "^jO^j 
(used as a particle). With a view to, 
respecting, regarding, etc. *oO^. 
A mark, etc 

3^05 2. (0=C3') k. ?(. A sheep, ram. -*J3 
KSax), -3J^y^. Wool. -^S, -ns53. A 
shepherd. -ft:S. A creeper said to be 
an antidote for snake-bites, -^c^. A 
sheepish disposition. -ajo:3, -5ooSj. 

A flock of sheep. -SoO. A lamb. 

-^^t^■ A sheepfold. 
^'obsl (=*oia-) h. ?i. A chair. 
'5'jBsOj sec s. 'S'jO 1, q. v. 
"^cri^ 1. k. u. A protuberance on the 

body; a boil. 2, smallness. 
^OTJO 2. s. ?i. The ancestor of the 

Pandus and Dhritarushtra. -"S P3. 

N. of the field of battle between the 

Kurus and Pandus near Delhi. ->5^0. 

SJTiJoArS (tij=e3j) k. n. The state of 

being diminished. 2, the serum of 

the ear, ear-wax. 
^oTiJjEio (dj = «j) (=*jdi3) k. «. 

Smallness; dwarfishness. a. Small, 

^OTiioaio k. 71. An artificial frame-work 

used to put idols in, etc. 
iS'j'OJiS^, ^O'rfjfeo^ h. 71. A plant used as 

medicine for the eyes, Odina wodier, 
^orJoti (=*od:g) k. o. Blind. n. A 

blind man; f. 'S'jrfja. -3?^, tfJdj:Sj. 

Blindness. 'ffjdj::^j i55°^J. To become 


S^OTrioa^ (do = e3j) k. «. A mark, sign; 
a characteristic; acquaintance. -"acSj, 
■ffJcJjiJjSo. To mark, define; to con- 

^OTiosO (dJ = S30) k. n. A shepherd. 

2, a foolish man; f. -S, -hS.. -?i 
rtd. A perennial creeping plant, 
Lepidagathis cristata. -3?i. The pro- 
fession of a shepherd; foolishness. 

Srfoceo (dj=e3j) k. ?j. A caste of 

mountaineers; f. 's'jdjot^S. 
^OTJoiS k. «. A tender, young cocoanut. 
"^Otio^^ s. 71. A crimson sort of 

amaranth. 2, a species of barleria. 

3, the red cedar. 

S'o'djaoa (=*Jdoi5, g. t\) s. M. The 
fragrant grass. Cyperus rotundus. 2, 
Vermillion. 3, the corundum-stone. 



^^JtioScO (do = e3o) ( = *jdjsS) k. «. A 
sign, mark, etc. 

^OTJOS^io, S'os^or k. n. A curl or lock of 
hair. 2, a cake of dried cow-dung. 

^JT^js^j s. a. Ugly, deformed, n. Ugli- 
ness. *JC5jt)^. An ugly person. 

^oeJr (=*JOia) h. n. a chair. 

S'o&lr^ k. H. A weeding hook. 

"^OSJ s. n. A race, family, tribe, caste. 

2, a crowd, herd, troop, multitude. 

3, a noble family. 4, a house. -*. 
= -£i. -'5't^r. A village clerk or ac- 
countant, ■'^°>^' Extinction of a 
race or caste. -=s'soii^, = -^.h^. -rt^s 
*. A spoiler of caste; one whose 
caste is spoiled, also -?1pa; a bad 
rude fellow. -rt:Sj. Caste to be spoiled. 
-ii^a^rS. The act of spoiling caste; 
an act disgraceful to one's family. 
-7iuS5#,. Caste and family, -k. Well- 
born; ancestral. -:3$tt3i, -d^sS. The 
tutelar deity of a caste or family. 
-^sSjr, ^oOtJiStirf. Duty peculiar to a 
race or caste. -cS'aO, -\^. A woman 
of a good family. -^^- A son of a 
noble family. -Zji^j. An outcast. -cD 
co^fi, -oo^c^. A man of low birth. 
-s3^S. Caste professsion. -^,e«i.Emi- 
nent by birth. -?iowoqS. Family con- 
nection. -^. Belonging to a good 
family; f. -^. ^JO=)i5^ij. The esta- 
blished practices of caste, ^je^^ns 
tf=5^. A man who elevates a race or 

^'jCJ^o. =:^jejo^o, q. V. 

S^oe^sodo, ^oe^soso, ^oai3.3 h. n. A little 

tfo£ra030?i> h. V. t. To open, expand, 

to increase; also sojeJSODoXo. 
3^oe/sai s. n. A potter; f. ^o^s€. -t^^. 

A potter's wheel. 
^oe)7)?i. = ajoera^, q. v. 
'^o€>'^.:). = *oejo=5rj, q. V, 
'^o€)'^o. = ■s'o&^jjSo, q. V. 
S'o^Seci s- «• Of high descent, well-born. 

'^Ci<S):i'^:i k. V. i. To shake, as a vessel, 
body or voice, n. Shaking; a shake; 
trotting. ^oejJ-c-'^J. To cause to shake; 
to agitate. -n?^. A coquette. =3^ouo 
€j3?W. Trottings, trut. 

'^CiQO'Si'^, ^Oe3, k. n. A fire-pit or furnace. 

' 6 

'SoZ) h. n. A male buffalo. 


^Oii^T) tX s. n. Sour gruel. 2, a sort of 

phaseolus. 3, a species of dolichos, 

Dolichos biflorus. 
^Ofi'o s. 71. A canal. 2, a ditch; a dyke. 

3, a river. 4, a bad habit, a. Of a 

good family, well-born. 
S^oe^a h. a. Expanded, opened; also 

S'oc;.; h. w. The whole. 


tfj^'d 1. <6. of ^'jsSjsc!, (/. t>. 

^0^:51^2. k- w. A potter. 2, a veil. 

S'osiiycirfo s. ra. Any water-lily. 

^JS35*, '^OSTOts* s. n. Speaking ill of 
any one. 

^J3orf, -"^ 3. n. A weaver. 

S'j^?^^ (=*023?tf) s. M. The god of 
wealth and regent of the north. 

^O^Q.^tS'jsSj, q. v. 

^J^ s. n. The sacrificial grass. 2, a 
son of Ramacandra. ^ossirtj. Point 
of kusa-grass. ^osart^tooa , -SoS. 
Acumen; shrewd, intelligent. 

^O'^Z) s. a. Right, proper; prosperous; 
clever, expert. •«. Cleverness. 2, 
well-being. 3, virtue. -n^rf. A 
clever man; /'. -nn^F, =5*0^0. -^fi, 
-i. Cleverness, ability. '^%_- -^ 
friendly enquiry after one's welfare. 

'^O'S^^^ h. n. Ease; fun, frolic, pleasure. 
-Sjiiof\. Salute firing. -5iJ3:So. To 

"^•jh, '^ott, h. n. Pleasure; will. 

^'j^Jo) f. n. Kitchen. -n^cJ. A cook. 

^o^ji, h. Ji. Dry land not artificially 

S^osi s. n. Leprosy; also -cJjs^rt. 




^'oSjS'oxio k. ?i. Whispering. -^JS^^SL, 

B'jXJrtjUj^. To whisper. 
S'osSop s. ?i. An improper union of 
letters. 2, an unlucky conjunction 
of stars. 3, a narrow space. 
^^rJ k. I', i. To bend, stoop; to sink, 
give way, to tumble, n. Bending, 
sinking. 2, the peg or pin of a 
door. -2i?s?J. To give way as a wall, 
S'jTJoSok. t'. /. To strike. 2, (=^J?a) 

to wash by slightly beating. 
3^0?jJ20o k. V. t. To wash (= uh) clothes 

by beating them on a stone. 
^0?JJ5J0 s. n. A flower. -^W 3. N. of 

a metre. 
^OXloo20a (=:€j3o?iowO) f. n. Raw 

fruits, etc. preserved as a seasoning. 
5o?jw>oe3 (tb. of ^jjCjoijJ) n. Dried flowers 
of safflower. 2, the red dye prepared 
from them. -rfoS li. A deep red 
cloth. -U)r9. A deep red colour. 
^J7jdo2^ ( = =5^0 350013) s.«. The safflower 
Carthamus tinctorius. 2, a student's 
^0?jJ5, ^Orioiio k. n. The pulp or soft 
part of some vegetables and fruits. 
2, the sticky filament of flowers, -ns 
o5j. a very young unripe fruit. 
S'o^ h. 11. Wrestling. -i3Sj. To set on 
to wrestle. -odjsiiSj, -2oa. To wrestle. 
^0?iO O20D, ^0?jJ oeOTio — ^J3^J oloO, 

g. V. 
^05c^ ( = =Sjaij^) s. vt. A cheat, 
rogue; a juggler, (/". ^OoGS-);. decep- 
tion, legerdemain. 
5*0 s? 1. (=is'jej, q. V.) s.n. Family, race. 
2, a tenant. 3, a tax-payer, -ssa. 
An inferior village-servant. -S3?a=#, 
-;rea:Sci. The business of a kulavadi. 
-s^tfj, A settlement made with the 
farmers individually. 
^0^2. (sr = CD)'k. n. Confusion. 2, a 
ploughshare; a cauterizing iron. 

3'o'9 1. k. n. An affix for the formation 

of nouns, as: lo:^-, sijd^j-, etc. 
?S'o'9 2. (S?=C3') k. ?(. A hollow; a hole; 

a pit. I'. /. To dig, make a hole. 
?rOS?;gO (P. p. of T5'jS?tij) k. Seated, 

sat down. -=!?j5^0v. To sit down. 
Sro^do 1. ( = *J030,, =5*0^?) So, *jbSj,) k. 

r. 2. To sit down, squat; to stoop. 
^O^lij 2. k. H. Coolness, coldness; cold; 
snow. *ja?n3r«?. A cool wind. *j 
^53="Uj.. The snow-mountain: Himti- 
^0^ k. )t. A dwarf; f. *J«?,. 
^0<»^. = *J^3j, g. t'. 
^0^ rio (= ^j°^Cj) k. V. i. To sit down. 

^j??,Oj;j. To cause to sit down. 
S'OSP'J k. n. A cake of dried cow-dung. 
2, shortness. -3=)^. A pile of kullu 
for cooking. -u:=>ci. A stack of kullu. 
S'j^^'rJ, ^j5aS, ^jSArf k. n. Ear-wax. 
S'jsaO k. f. i. To cry aloud, to cry out 
{also -3oDB'j, tfjsn^:^, *j3?»:;gj). n. 
A cry, clamour, shout. ^j^rs^J. The 
distance at which a loud cry can be 
heard. -Sy§. Crying aloud. 
?^js2^J 1. k. n. A post in a wall for the 
support of beams. 2, smallness. -f\S. 
A small, stunted tree. 
'g'jBKio 2. h. «. March or decampment 

of troops or people. 
S'jsaj ( = 3oJS^) h. «. An earthen water- 
jug; a goglet. 
^jsMl. (/">■• '^Ji^^) k. n. A junction; 
union; an assembly, crowd; a quanti- 
ty; company. -^s^jshSj. To assemble. 
^jsU 2. s. n. The summit of a mountain; 
any prominence. 2, a plot; fraud, 
conspiracy. 3, an astrological term. 
"ujsyjd s. n. The male representative of 
a family. 2, eternally the same, 
as space, soul, etc. 
^jsZi, "Sj&Zi^ {inf. of ^'js:^) k. prep. To- 
gether with, along with; with. 2, 
also, likewise. -^:1), fl'Jsa::Jj. To 
heap, pile up. 



^jstie^O. ^jtirfo k. n. A iunctlon: con- 

' 1-10 » ; 

fiuence. ^jbSsS, ?*j3:I . At the very 
moment; forthwith. 

^jsS"^ k. n. Joining; meeting. 2, 
marrying a. widow. -rioCo. A man 
who has married a widow. -3io:a3. 
A remarried widow. 

^j35?j0 k. 'V. t. To join; to mix; to add; 
to amass. -^"S. Adding; addition. 

^^js'rfo k. V. i. To join, unite; to meet, 
come together; to be possible; to 
take place. 2, to bo fit. v. t. To 
join, add, as numbers. '5^J33S, inf. 
•^JS^ iS?s?o. To be accumulated, -aos 
■tfJ. To heap up. ^Jsa lodj. To 
come together; to prosper, as a 
business; to assemble and come to a 
place; to astrologically agree, as the 

^'jstf k. prep. With, together with; at 
the same time; further, also. ■ -^J3cS. 
Mutually, all together. 

^jsr^Oj (=*j^rfj) k. V. i. To sit down. 
^Jsa^^vO. To cause to sit down. 

^jstf . = ^J3:^d, a. V. 


^js^J k. P. p. of =5'j^do, q. V. 

S'jsrfCJO k. w. Hair of the head or 

^jajrfo k. V. i. To bend, stoop. n. A 
hump. 2, a mark, sign. ^JS?^. A 
hump-backed man; f. ^jsa. 

^j3Jj s. n. A hole; a well. 2, a mast. 

'S'jsB^ (0=3') k. H. A sowing machine. 

'S'js'rfol. k. w. Sharpness; acuteness; also 
'B'JSO^. ^J5D3S*o. A brave soldier. *iJ3 
Orf. A sharp, acute or brave man. 

'S'iS'do 2. k. ?t. A tenon. 

^ja^do 3. k. V. i. To mind, be attached 
to, to love. ^JSSr, =5'J3Srs3?ij. A 
lover; beloved man; a husband. 
■B'js^F". Love, 

^vD'do 4. k. t). i. To sit down. 

=^js6 (!3 = &) k. ri. A kind of cloth- 

S'jseir s. n. A bunch, bundle. 2, the 
space between the eyebrows. 3, the 
beard, mustaches. -^, ^jaz^r^. A 

^jsT^jr s. n. A tortoise, turtle. 2, the 
second incarnation of Vishnu; also 
'S'jsrfjsrsisstf. -sSo^ra. The purana of 
the said incarnation. tfoS»3J3r?dtv. A 
stool in the form of a tortoise back. 

S'js^or a. k. n. Attachment, love. 

^'jse'o^M, ^jsa^o^os^ s. n. The whole, 

from first to last. 
S'j??? k. n. Hire, wages, esp. daily 

cooly. 2, a day-labourer, a cooly. 

-'=§wfi. Daily labour. -»3wra:^o, -'S^^K 

53j3C^o. To work as a day-labourer. 

-=5r^!j, -odosi, -odJt)S?j. A cooly; f. -=5=) 

S^jsOjl. k. ?;. J. To fall down; to be 

overturned, ruined. ■s^JsO^do. To 

cause to fall. 
^j5©0 2. k. M. A tenon. 2, a sloping 

flight of stairs leading down to the 

water of a tank. 
"^j^tS {tb. of ■e'jssi). n. A mast; also -=tfow. 
^^5 (==5*0^) k. M. The East-Indian 

arrowroot, Curcuma angustifolia. 

^jSoOT, ot^ s. n. The pumpkin gourd, 

^j33jO k. n. An infant, babe. 'S'jSnra 
W, Children's play. =5'i/3?3=):3j. To 
play like children. =s^jt!?3t)a?ij. To 
amuse a child. -3?^. Childhood. ^JS 
?73S*J. A weak, useless person. 

5^j3^ (^=C3) k. n. A vulgar, rude, 
stupid, vile man', f. 'Stjs'?. a. Vulgar, 
etc. -^c^. Rudeness, meanness. 

'S'js^, ^J3^ 1. k. n. A basket for fishing. 

^ji^^ i^o=aj) (tb. of '^Jsrij) n. Boiled 
rice, food. "^^5 -tSjs^, =5'-ra>'jC^rt. 
A glutton. -Aj^d. Food and clothing. 

S'ja'^ 2. k. 7J. The stump of jola; stubble 
in general. 

"dvii, s.n. Distress. 2, difficulty. 3, 


pain. a. Bad, miserable. -Sjjsgjo^ 
0?sS^. Difficulty in the evacuations. 
S's^ s. a. Done, made, wrought. n. 
Deed, action, accomplishment. 2, 
the first of the four yugas of the 
world. 3, a kind action, benefit. -'5'. 
Made, artificial; simulated, false; hy- 
pocrisy. -* 3,. Contented, satisfied. 
-c[^. Ungrateful. -^~^- Ingratitude. 
-23. Grateful, -fa i, -w ;^. Gratitude. 
-cxJbor!. =:^,;^ No. 2. -adjr, -so^S. 

Dexterous, skilful. 

'5',3D=5'v3. Done 


?r\§ s. n. Hide, skin 

^\B/§ s. 

and not done. ^.sa^iF. Successful; 
satisfied; clever. 

s. n. Doing, action; a literary 
work, poem. -SJS. An author, a poet, 
the birch tree. 
The third lunar mansion 
containing six stars called the 

5^\^n s. a. To be done, proper, h. Ac- 
tion, act, deed; business, duty. 

'^s^in s. n. An act, deed. 2, a female 

3^\Sj'^ s. a. Artificial. 2, false, deceit- 
ful, n. Guile, deceit. 2, bewitch- 
ment, witchcraft. 'i5^,.S,<aj. A deceitful 

S'xrfo^ s. n. A word ending with a =^3* 

S^\3jC® s. «. Pitiable, miserable, poor. 
2, avaricious. -^n, -^. Wretched- 
ness; avarice. 

^\Sj3 s. n. Pity, tenderness, compassion, 
mercifulness; kindness; also '^-.^^ 
-■tftoa^, -^A»V A kind look, the eye 
of favour. -?^^>, -^^rartrf. An ocean 
of tenderness. -ejj. Compassionate, 
merciful. -2o?o3. Pitiless. 

^\'S0 (=*j<So) s. n. A worm, insect. 2, 
a spider. -^. A vermifuge, Erycibe 

3^\tf s. rt. Lean, emaciated, thin, slender. 

^\2jv s. «. Agriculture, husbandry, -tf, 
*.<Jii?53ej. A husbandman. 

'^j^^(=*)%. t>^) s- a. Black; wicked, 
n. The dark half of the lunar month. 

2, one of the incarnations of Vishnu. 

3, a crow. 4, the black antelope. 
5, Indra. 6, a river so called. 
-■tfsjjr". An evil deed; criminal. -to 
olioS. Krishna's birthday. -^^• 
= 'ifs^ n. No. 1. -3jt)S». The first day 
of the moon's wane. -^%- Black- 
faced. -K?i. A disease in which the 
tongue turns black. -Xsi^. The black 
cobra. -:o rSoli. A wicked disposition. 
* 35t) rtdj. A black variety of Agal- 
lochum or aloe wood. =5^,sa tajj. The 
skin of the black antelope. 'S'-sa 3 
3atf. An incarnation of Krishna. 

^ suffix to form the dative sitig., as: 
S?:#, »3jd#, e<c. 2, a nominal or 


pronominal suffix, as: i~as?^, sSja^, 

^S.'dai^ k. 71. The melon vine. =^^ 

0^. The musk-melon. 
tf^,?j k. «. Insult, insulting language. 


^t5^,^:do k. V. i. To be excited from 

^o, ^33054 (==§^^, =§^, #SvJ*) k.7i. 

Redness, a. Red. -^f^g*. Red or 

fiery eye. -/sa. A red spark. -Tti^. 

The red sprout: coral. -?ioS. A 

shining live coal. 
^ei ?3 (=^0, q. r.) k. ad. Redly, n. 

^si ei, ^2i £)J k. «. The udder of 

^do 1. k. I', t. To join the ends of two 

threads by twisting them with the 

fingers. w. The knot formed by 

^iiio 2. k. «. Core, the heart of a tree; 

essence, strength. 2, pride. ■"'^^^* 

To become strong. 'iiiJH ^s^ai?. Pieces 

of hard areca nuts. 




^c, ^fgoo' k. n. Redness; also -^7^, 

-iSfS, -1^0. =§01^. A red or brown 

man; /'. t?oc5. -UTi -tir^. A kind 

of red ant. 

t?U, fpasf »-ei. part, of ^:^J) k. a. Wiek- 
ed, bad; foul, rotten. 2, mischievous, 

injurious. 3, abominable. 4, fierce. 

-3^. A bad, wicked disposition. 

=^Wj,. p. p. of =if:So, q. V. 

turfs' k. )«. A mischief-maker; a bad, 
wicked, mean man; f. =^3*. -^^fo. A 
bad, depraved nature or conduct. 

^rfS'o k. n. Corruption; ruin; fouluess; 
evil. -^oJ. =:=#:^^^oi. 

^ri^ ( — ^:^^, -idsod) k. V. t. To make 
fall down; to fell; to throw to the 
ground; to pull down. 

^Z^i^. =Tf3^, q. V. 2, to pierce 

through, as a hole. 

^ZSScO. = '^i^^', q.v. 

^5rio (fr. =#:^J) k. r. t. To destroy, ruin; 
to spoil; to deflower; to extinguish, 
as a lamp. Cpds.: oid-, ^rac*-, rtS-, 
rid-, e<c. 

"^T^o k. V. i. To be ruined, spoiled; to 
become foul, bad, vicious, vile, low; 
to be extinguished. P.p. '^^- Cpds.: 
a3>-, !3^-, t3e3-, 5jo3-, etc ^Wo^3oJ3? 
rto. = ^::So. -i?j. = =^c^^o, g. v. -iSt?, 
-S. Ruin, destruction. 

^zS a.k. iJ. ?'. To fall down, drop, sink. 
(', t. To let fall. n. The act of drop- 
ping (words) thoughtlessly. -^Joa. 
To speak thoughtlessly; a thought- 
less word or speech. 

^ f»S^O k. V. t. To irritate or provoke. 
=#ra=g^W. Provocation. =^ra*?ij. To 
cause provocation. 

^ori k. H. A live coal. -rtr?o . A fiery 
or red eye. -SjsU,. Bread baked on 
coals. -^o»jr1. A red sort of sampige. 
-?3?53. The ceremony of walking over 
burning coals. 

^^ ^ (==§^^ ^Aii) k. n. The act of 

D — ° -° 

setting, as precious stones, etc.; 

^i^o k. V. t. To chisel, carve, engrave, 
cut; to scrape; to chip, as grass, plank, 
etc.; to make thin. 2, to enclose; 
set, as precious stones. =^5 ?oO. To 
cause to carve, engrave. '^^'^, '^^^• 
The act of setting, engraving, 
carving, etc. "^^i^ TZC^t^. A chain 
set with precious stones. 

^ J k. 71. A chip, paring. 

^s^g'o k. V. t. To stir, scratch. 

^rfTJo (rfj=:e3j) k. V. i. To scatter, be 
scattered about; to disperse; to swing 
about; to scratch, as fowls, dogs, 

=§^ {==§0, q. V.) Red. Cpds.: -c:=)»;!3, 
-53=)'?, -praOii, -a?!ij, -N^tfj, -f3o3j d, 
-c3«J, etc. 

^fS k. n. The cream of milk. 2, beauty- 

-=tfeJo,. Cream to set. -Aozi" The scum 

of boiled rice. -53j??irfo. Creamy curds' 

^ocio ( = "^^3*) k.?i. Redness. 

^fSi k. n. The upper cheek. 

^So ( = ^c3*: eic, 'i- t'.) k. a. Red. Cpds.: 

-wfeS., -lora, -t3s?rio, -sJjrao, -53j3?d, 

"^oTj-R k. «. Red. ad. Redly. 

^osgi k. n. Redness; red colour; a ruby; 
also -"S^WJ. -'gooks^izjh^. A medicinal 
shrub, Gomphia anguslifolia. -iijs?tf 
e3. The red species of Barleria. -Jao 
tAio?3;d£JO. The fruit of the tree Eugenia 
malaccensis. -rSejrioows?. A water- 
plant. Polygonum glabrum. -wort!^ 
w^. The creeping plant, Ipomaea 
biloba. -i«i?=o«?. The vegetable Basella 
rubra. -53joC3=)C!. The red flower of 
Bauhinia variegata. -c^sSri. The rock 
bush-quail, Perdicula argoondah. -^o 
Cr\zS. A small shrub, Phyllatithiis 

"^ozy^xi k. n. The redness of evening. 

^^00, k. ?t. A cough; coughing; also 
=^530, ejo. V. i. To cough. 'i^JJ^J. To 

cause to cough. 





^orfA = ^, g. t>. and its cpds. -^, -^, 
-»3j. An act, performance; deceit, 

??ocJOJ ==#)rfj. -53rf. A soldier. 

"^050. (=■«§, q. I'.) k. >t. A field. 

^dl. ^JJ:i) k. «. A leather sandal; a 

^d 2. = i?cJdo. p. p. of =#3 m 'Sri'Ssi^Os. 

^d^'o k. w. Roughness {as of stone). 2, 

'^'dio'ii:^ a. k. r. J. To scratch. 

^Tif) (— rtcJ^S) k. n. A flat bamboo 

^■rf^J k. t'. J. To cry, shout. 2, to 
become angry. 3, to increase, as 
pain, etc.; to spread, as a sore. 

"S^ 1. k. i\ t. To scratch, scrape. 2, 
to shave. 

??^ 2. ([3=63') k. /i. A tank. -^^. The 
bank of a tank. -o3j5:SejJ. The inner 
part of a tank. -=sdu^^. The channel 
of a tank. -^j^xm. The sluice of a 
tank. -ro=)rf). A water snake. 

"S^ 1. a, k. 71. Side; vicinity; the right 
or left side. -^t). rep. Both sides. 
-c33r(o (-a#r(j). To go aside, -^radj. 
To get out of the way, retire. 

'^C 2. k. a. Some, several, a few. -wrfj, 
-Sdj. Some or a few persons. -^S, 
-Sj. Some or a few things. 

t7£;?j k. n. Work; occupation; business; 
affair; employment; act; use. -'§, 
wdj, --^ zS?°^j. To come to work; to 
be serviceable. -rt°^. A lazy man; f. 
-r(<!?,^, -r!«?>. -3fj3^J,. To exact 
work. -^^s?o. To order a work. 

"52;^ k. n. A barber and hair-dresser; 
also -rt. 2, a person who works. 

^^ k. r. i. To cry for joy. 2, to cry 
out abusively. -^. Abusive vocifera- 

^e3 k. n. A shiver, splinter. 


^ririo (tiJ=e3j) k. M. "Wet soil ; mud, 
mire. "'^^^' -^ foundation stone. 
^XOa. The drain of a bathroom. 

^7i^ k. n. A mushroom. 

"rrfj k. »(. A stemless plant with large 
leaves and eatable tubers, the Cocco, 
Arum colocasia. 

^^ ( = i?i!SrtJ, q. v.) k. a. Lower. -n:S, 
-^^J,. The lower side; downwards, 
beneath. -^oS?*. To the bottom. -^Ji3. 
The lower lip. -d^d. The molars 
of the lower jaw. -zp'iA. The lower 
part. -^J8^. The abdomen, pelvis. 

^«A0. ^^^ ( = '*^) k. n. The state 
of being under, below, down or in- 
ferior; the bottom, ad. Under, down. 
Decl. =#^A^od, T?*^, =#^n?S, cU. =#«??^ 
&0. To lay down. ^S<?^<i?. To descend. 
-35°S?J. To fall to the ground. -^J?UJ 
ajscSo. To make the lower side 
upper; to turn. -^J°d. Topsyturvy. 

■a"^a (= 7^'-?^) k. n. A female companion. 

^^5 (^^d'-^J) a. k. r. i. To gape; to 
open, expand; to blossom. 2, to cry 
out; to dispute, wrangle. 

^(^ (=:?i«?) a. k. w. Union; friendship; 
a companion, friend. -^. A male 
companion. -Soi. Companionship. 

^?^TJ s. a. Squint-eyed. n. A leer. 

'^e^'QriJ k. V. i. To hawk in spitting. 
■#?*0^. Hawking in spitting. 

^eS'o, ^?A0 k. r. ?', To cry as a peacock. 
71. The cry of a peacock. 

^?5 k. »i. One who ruins or is ruined; 
also -rt, =i^:i^ri. Cpds.: *JW-, as?-, 
rssodj*-, loja-, SjJa-, i^jISSd-, 53,^-, 
etc. -rt^?i, -;k?j. Destructiveness, im- 

^e<5j k. »t. Ruin, destruction; mischief; 
disaster; loss. -rr?ej. A disastrous 
period. 1??33^. A mischief-maker. 

=§^^ k. /?. Envy, grudge; anger. 2, 
deliberation. -5=)d. A grudger. -^^. 
Envy; stubbornness 

^eS'S' s. «. The fragrant screw-pine, 
Paiidanus odoratissimus. 

^?^;:J s. n. Summons, invitation; also 
■^^S. 2, business. 3, a place. 4, 




^e;^0 s. n. A ray of light; brightness. 

2, a comet. 3, the descending node. 

4, a flag. 
?f ? j^^, ?f eQ/^. tb. of "S^^^ir, q. V. 
T^ensTi s. n. A field; a park. 2, a 

temple. 3, the body. -rf^^. N. of a 

^?orfj s. n. The centre of a circle. 2, 

a planet's distance from the first point 

of its orbit. 
'^?3Ja' k. n. A shrub with red or white 

flowers, Ixora coccinea. 
T?eJ^ f. n. A periodical supply of mer- 
^fi m. n. Rubbish, refuse, etc. a. 

Inferior. -s3j3o§. An inferior mango, 
^eti©, ^eTJ^ s. n. The Malabar country. 
^fS k. n. A street, lane, 
^sdj 1. k. n. The tree Semecarpus ana- 

cardium, which produces the mar- 
king nut. -iS^w. The marking-nut, 
^?TJo2. (dj= esj) k. V. i. To winnow. 
^eu k. M. The rat-snake, Plyas mucosus; 

also -»«i^. 
tf eiS'j k. n. A large earthen water-jar. 
^?^ej s. rt. Alone, only, mere. 2, 

entire, whole, all. 3, pure, unmingled. 
^e^ s. n. The hair of the head. -sSjs 

23r?i. A comb. 'Sl^, ^^S^. Having 

much hair. 
^?^s3 s. n. Krishna, Vishnu. 2, N. of 

the author of the Sabdamanidarpana; 

also €5Sa=)to. 
^errfTJ s. n. The filament of flowers. 2, 

the plant Mimusops elengi. 3, saffron. 

4, the mane of a horse or lion. 
^oTjli-^-^ov:^ h. n. The empress of 

Hindusthan, title of Queen Victoria. 
=^?pd£) s. a. Having a mane. 2, saffron 

coloured, n. A lion. 2, a horse. 

-i:^^. A kind of paddy, -if^^. Rice 

seasoned with saffron, sugar, etc. 
^?rJO a. k. n. Redness. 'ilriir. A red 

kind of rice. =§1XjQ. A red flame. 

^?Jvj*). An onion. 

(^=C3') a. k. n. A line, series; a 

^e^O k. j;. i. To hear; to listen to; to 
heed, mind. v. t. To hear, mind. 
2, to ask, beg; to demand. P. p. =^°^, 
^5°^o. -C.^^, €$T?^. Hearing; asking; 
hearsay. "i^^^O. To cause to hear 
or listen; to be heard; to hear; to 

^<; (=^aij*) k.?t. The hand (3o^). 2, an 
elephant's trunk. 3, a branch, spatlie. 
4, a staff; a handle; a key. 5, 
means, instrumentality. 6, handiness. 
^> 3ij is used for the genitive or dative ; 
■^^oSjocS instrumental, and "^^aJjO^, 
locative or dative, as: c^c^ '^^^ '^s'rl, 
under me; ssSpS =fjOli 3o?*J, tell 
him; sss^oi =^^oajoX503j;gj, it was 
done by him; ^^^ %^^^ ^?e?r3, 
I told him; ?i^ =if^odjO iifj^S? what 
have you got? etc. -*^. A kind of 
ornamental bracelet. -*dra. A me- 
dical treatment. -=5'^ . -=#ti5i. Handi- 
craft. -5srSrf. A note of hand; a bond. 
-=gDejj. Hands and feet. -^ssjj =^'^ 
•uJtiVx. To make obeisance. -5»)eJJ 


z3?^^j. To fall to one's feet. -*j3©. 
Working as a day-labourer; wages 
for such work. -tfjsOrrecS. A day- 
labourer. -'SJiTij. A child in arms. 
-'i^A. Under one's control or author- 
ity. -=#J8i:SO. A small axe. -'#j3:^j. 
To help; to deceive. -=#j3^Jj. To 
seize; to receive, obtain, accept, adopt; 
to undertake; to mind (Aj^^^O^Jj, 
«sof\?'c3?do, etc.). -"^ja^wo. A walking 
stick. -'#®$^. Hand-stock, -rsc^. A 
temporary loan given without bond 
or interest, -riotjj. A purse of money 
for one's own use. -rt^. A small 
knife. -rtirf*. A male pilferer; f. 
-riziir. -m!if. A present given with 
the hand, -nacdjo. To protect, -n^n. 
A clever man. -rraO^. The arts of 
industry, manufacture. -r(jd ©. A 
small hoe. -riotfjoj. A person's signa- 



ture. -Tt/sa^. To accomplish, -rtjsa 
wdj, -rijszio. To be obtained; to 
succeed. -ncSo. To lose, be defeated. 
-T^rSo, To give the hand; to stretch 
the hand for help or promise. -^^^■ 
A shrine wherein idols are carried 
about. -z^iS e?, -tS^«?. Clapping the 
hands. -iS>'*. Dexterity, sleight of 
hand. -iif=^~i. Cramp in the hand. 
-Z532^j. To stretch out the hand, -z^ 
13t#, -zasJa^j. A snap with the fingers. 
-za?Uo. A note of hand. -zS^^. A 
glove; a small bag. -:£j8?a?ii, -»lwf\. 
To join the hands in greeting. -'^^. 
To clap the hands; to touch pieces 
of money in counting; to beckon. 
-^3^ . A mistake; a slip of the pen; to 
fall from the hand. -3=)°^. A kind 
of cymbal. -3j)Vj. An instrument 
to move the inner latch of a door 
from out-side. -^j3j. A handful of 
food. -JjsaTl. Ornaments of the 
hand. -d^iJ^. A deal of cards for 
games. -cSjcSj^o. To grasp; to thrust 
the hand intoj seizing. -:3jsS cio 
53J3::iJ. To be liberal in giving alms. 
-?i?:«j. To stretch out the hand. -Si?t3J. 
Water poured over the hands of 
the marrying couple. -fSdsJ. Help, 
assistance, -srasita. A handkerchief; 
also -»3M,, -S^. -*ja. A handle; 
a looking glass; a handbook. -i^^J,. 
A small cup; a scoop, -wrtejo. A 
loan (of money). -wS^. Handwriting. 
-lo«?. A bracelet. -rz^zi. A small 
adze. -KS^j. A sickle. -zScSo. To 
lot loose one's hand; to cease to 
assist; to desert. -Sort. A hand-loom. 
-Sod. To be confounded or amazed; 
an attitude in dancing. -oio?;i?o. 
Black dirt on the hand; a slow poison. 
-djejy. A hand-gesture. -SjaiSo. To 
make signs with the hand; to rebel; 
to brandish; to bargain. -53o«)rfj. A 
fathom; offering of goods for sale 
at the doors. -<SjrO. To become 

excessive. -CJSdJ. To exceed, surpass, 
go beyond; to get out of one's power. 
-SojUj,. To touch with the hand; 
small utensils. -53ojO. The hand 
to break: fig. a plain bracelet, 
also -^mOA -KJb^'i (-^'t.^y "^'■i^' 
hand-writing; signature, -cdrsas;^. 
To move with the hand; to rub 
gently; to stroke. -olracJ. "With full 
and open hands ; with a prompt 
baud. -o6j!>6y€. Nursing with one's 
own hand, supporting by one's own 
means. -Oij??? (-i}^). Bribery; a 
bribe, -cxjjs'^j (-efSj). An assistant, 
servant. -o3jf^. Oil extracted by 
hand. -o3j^j^. To raise the open 
hand. -oSjs:^ (-t«:io). To hold out 
the open hands to receive anything. 
-OeiriJ (-wrto). To be produced by 
the hand; to be practicable; to be 
able, useful. -oSs!. Actual possession. 
-S^;3tirtj. To come into one's power 
or possession, -ss^d. A pair of compas- 
ses; praise, eulogy. -saO^Jo. To 
praise. -z25?Jo. To swing the arms 
when walking. -^?|. A sign made 
with the hand. -^arSo. To be possible. 
-?c3e3. A veranda. -?3j3i3. Spoil, 
plunder. -?S!3. Arrest, captivity. -?5j5 
c^do. A small lamp. -3oJ3j , -srs's'o. 
To put the hand to. -ii lodJ. To bo 
obtained; to become useful. -oiiO. 
In the hand, elc. -c&Jh'4i^. In or 
into the power; under the control. 

"Si 2. k. n. Bitterness. 

^i^ji^a see s. ^^. 

^^oS'aJor (fr. TO^f^tf) s. n. Service; servi- 

^(ti h. n. A prisoner. 

T^^rfol. k. n. A weapon. 

^('do2. h. n. Imprisonment; restraint; 
arrest. -33^t3. A prison. -Sjsso. To 
put a stop to; to arrest. 

^^^odJ^O h. n. Statement; an affair, 
case; a suit, plaint. 




^(£/t)rj s. n. N. of a mountain in the 
Himalaya range, the seat of Kuvcra 
and paradise of Siva. -rt^. A lost 
debt. -^"sA). A deceased worshipper 
of Siva. 

^IrSQo {fr. =i^^v) s. n. Perfect exemp- 
tion from further transmigration, ab- 
sorption in the supreme soul. 2, 

"ijs^^bi^^^^ (=^^0:27^0) k. n. Crook- 
edness, as in writing. 

^j3S',&;!io k. V. i. To chuckle, giggle. 
2, (fr. tfjc^o) to shrink, shrug as from 
cold, fear, etc. 3, to menace, abuse. 

^.(S^'.tS k. n. A crane. 


^ja^OK (fr. =5'J3o*jj k. n. The beak or bill. 


^js^, k. n. Crookedness; a crook; a 
hook. -^?eJJ. A hook; a walking 

stick with a bent handle. -sjjpij^,. 

A perverse man. -^Jh'^. A hooked 


^jaA (="^^5071) k- n. Crookedness. 2, 


a man with uncouth voice. 
^Sd'h , "^JS'A e5, '^jiii k. n. A very 

A A A 

common under-shrub, Tephrosia pur- 

^jiiC'S^ k. n. The Concan country of 
the western coast. -ri, =#j3o'5^E^, 
=^jt!o^rart. A Concan Brahmana. 

^j3o5^0 k. I', j. To be bent, crooked, 
curved, deformed; to become perverse, 
untrue, etc. n. Crookedness, etc. -t?j3 
rf^. Wrongs and defects, -rljrfj^j, 
-rtjscSejj. Curled hair. -oiia. An 
altered voice or speech. 

'§:ilO'$^^^■^ (=:=5'o^o^j) k. 11. The armpit. 

??;30A. =^-'8rt , q. V. -Sjori. A buffoon. 
-^0^. Buffoonery. 

T^jdO'R (='^J3oi3) k. «. The branch of 
a tree. 

^js&l k. n. Cochin on the Malabar 

^Jiiiio 1. k. V. t. To sift flour on a 
small fan. 2, (=^J3Z^jr) to cut up, 
to chop. Jt. Cuttings, chips. 2, powd- 

er, dust. =^J3i3 ^. The act of cutting. 
^jssij 2. k. w. i- To speak much, prattle, 

^jasS k. n. Mud, mire. 

^j33i h. M. A eunuch. 

^jsosi k. «. A little; littleness", inferior- 
ity. -cSd. An insignificant man. 

^jihzTi (==#J3to|i,d) k. n. A threshing 

^jsU 1. (= ii>JsWj) k. n. A bamboo tube. 

2, an extremity. -"^jafS. The extreme 

^jsy 2. f. w. A fort. -TOti. A man of a 

T^jsW 7^ C=^jsi3ii, =!?Jiy,!i. tb. of ^:>hio^) 

71. A stall, out-house; a barn, room, 

^jaU r® (fr. =5*0^0,) k. n. Beating the 

husk from paddy, etc. 
^jt^^Ti (tb. of 'iJ^^^^rvsJi) 71. A thresh- 

ing floor. =^J3to^0. The officer in 

charge of a granary; a steward. 

??j3B h. a. False, counterfeit, forged; 
vicious, bad. -^^t3. A forged bond. 

-cSSd. A bad conduct. -rfjssjsoaj. A 
counterfeit rupee. 

ei '^ 

^;3UJ, 1. P. P- of Tfj3:^J. 

^jsUO 2. k. n. A point; a nipple; a crest, 

a head-ornament. 

"^j&fSi k. n. The stone or kernel of fruit. 

'^js'SJ^ b. ». A chamber, room. 

€j^ri (tb. of ^J^ n. A pitcher, pot. 

-33j)Fi. A koda of copper or brass. 
^jat^^, ^JS'J^o^a. k.n. The ear. -sSjjtfj. 

An ear-ring. 
^jsT^AO k. n. The Coorg country, -^a^. 

A Coorg-knifc, abroad sword. =^J3:^r(. 

A Coorg man. 
^j&zi-R k. n. A gift, grant. 
'ijsri^'hri k. n. a large prickly shrub, 

Zizyphus xylopyrus. 




^jBcaEJo k. V. t- To remove, rub off, as 
ear-wax or impurities. 

^^rf^ k. n- The pain of a sore. 2, 
severe itching-. 3, a stick tied to a 
dog's neck. 

^jiXiB (fr. ^JCeJ) k. n. A wooden hammer. 

^jsTlag, ^jsT^^ k. t'. t. To scatter or 
throw about; to shake. 

^j&ri€> (= ^■Jsa. tb. of B'OOTrf) n. An 
axe, hatchet. 

^jsTS,^^ k. n. The small tree Cluylia 
colUna. 2, (<&. o/' *jWia*) the medi- 
cinal tree Wrightia antidysenterica. 

?r.®S k. H. Strength, stoutness. -*t>J. 
Stone-like firmness in one's health. 

^jiL^'R. =:^j3Si^, a. V. -5jJ3ri-. Land 

free of rent. 
^j2c^J (cA *j3j) k. V. <. To give; to 
present, bestow, grant. P.p. =^j3Uj . 
t?j3:Sj j's o/"<eft added to other verbs 
without altering their meaning, as: 

:So.= ^iiref\?3o, etc. Affixed to in- 
finitive forms of other verbs it denotes 
to allow, permit, as: sSjsSiijBSj, 
^itiT^Js:io, to allow to do, come, etc. 
=#J3a?;o. To cause to give. °iJsAi, 
-iS=#. Giving. -=^jJS?Jk53:5j. Giving 
and receiving. 

?rj5ZS k. H. An umbrella; a parasol, v. t. 
To hollow, scrape, scoop. 2, to ache. 

tfjsT^ k. ?(. A stupid man, a clown. 

^jbTO ( = ^v3S?) k. n. A pond, tank. 

^jaf®;^ k. M. A club swung in the hands 
for exercise. 

"^fjsr^S^^ k. n. A round wooden dish to 
knead dough etc. in. 

^jscrf 1. k. n. A hill, mountain. -SJJ 
?5oa. A large black-faced monkey. 

^JSOZ^ 2. ^ft. of *JoS, q. y. -^lo,. A 
feast in honour of Virabhadra. 

^j3Cl33Tio (sec s. ■#J3<?J,) k. t\ <. To ap- 
plaud, praise, glorify. 

'^ji,Ci% k. n. A hook; the link of a pad- 

lock. 2, the sting of a scorpion. -s:o. 
To slander, defame. 
"^jscxio. P.p. of 'i?J3S*0,, q. V. 

?fjactf k. 71. A chaplet of pearls. 2, 

a tassel. 
^jsczSa, "^jsczfccSok. n. Calumny, slan- 
der, defamation. 2, a slanderer, 
defamer; also -rred; f. =#JSod?>3.. 
^JS3' Sse; h. M. The chief officer of a 
town police. 2, the overseer of a 
travellers' bangalow. 
"tjs^ ^ k. n. A bulwark, bastion. 
tfjjS k. n. A cat. 

"^ji^' k. f. /. To chop, mince, n, A 
bunch, cluster. 2, a mark for a 
liquid measure. 
^js^o C205 (<6. o/' *oXj.o"^0) «. Corian- 
der seed. 
??;3rf£0 k. r. i. To hesitate in speaking, 
to stammer; to mutter, n. Stammering. 
^jSrjTJj a. k. V. i. To sprout ; to arise, 
extend, n. A shoot, sprout; the film 
of a lotus. 
^.OcS k. V. i. To succeed in an object. 
n. An extremity; a point; a top; an 
end; a branch. Cpds. : SoJurf-, scscSci-, 
3jyo3j., wOfi-, e<c. -r^dKo. To 
accomplish. -rrecSO. To be accom- 
^j30i^ (tb. of ^Jo3) H. A spear, lance. 

-=53d. A spearman. 
^J3ocd0. P. p. of '^jz^o^, q. V. 
^J3C:3 k. n. The tree Cassia fistula. 
'SjsXy ^js^.'Z) k. n. A hamlet, village; 

affixed to village-names. 
'^jiTi.^Ti {tb. of *srtf) n. A metal 


^J3S\ k. /t. The notched extremity of a 

bow or horn. 2, a woman's knot of 

hair. 3, an ear-ornament. 

^js^x k. n. The hood made of a cumbly. 

^JS205, ^J320 a k. H. The kernel of the 

cocoanut. -iolJ. A kind of chatnov. 

C»9 •' 

-3j5j. Congealed cocoanut oil. -lobJj. 



^J3ej £^A 

Half of a cocoanut kernel. -oir5. 

Cocoanut oil. 
"^jaSOO, k. V. i. To grow fat, thick, etc.; 

to be rank, luxuriant; to become 

proud, insolent, n. Fat; luxuriance; 

pride. 'Sj&C)7\. A proud man. 
^j^^J k. I', i. To begin to burn, as fire 

or anger. 
^jso^ 1. k. n. A small bundle or load 

of thorny twigs. 2, a thorn bush. 
"^Jiicii 2. k. n. A small hamlet; cf. €j3^ . 

^jso800 i.k. t). <• To seize, take. ^J3oio.= 
'^js^vXS, g. ». ^jJo;:3j3?r3. Taking. 

^jaoSOo 2. k. n. A horn of animals; a 
tusk. 2, ero or its embodied form o. 
3, a branch of a tree; aiso ^JSoto. 

^jaosS k. n. A branch. 

??j8JSo, k. n. A corn-bin. 2, hog-weed, 
Boerhavia procnmbens. 

^jiO30, S'jscdOOo k. V. t. To cut; to 

pluck, as fruit, etc. v. i. To crop, reap. 

P. PS. =^JBOaodO, =5j301)J . =#J303j'5i. A 

cutter. =^a303jB'3?i, =#j303j3. Cutting. 

-5JJ. Reaping, plucking. =^Jt)COj?io. To 

cause to cut. 
^jsTi 1. k. n. The sound produced by 

hoarseness; the pur, as of a cat {see 

'€j!)^). -oioi^, -rijUj,. To pur. 
"^js-d 2. (ti=85. cf. =#J8c3 1) k. »i. Cutting. 

-'S'ejo . A rugged stone. 
??j3TJ5^£)o (ii= es) k. n. A cut, channel, 

the bed of a stream. Tfjsrftfo. To bite. 
^jsTJXfS k. n. Sorrow. 
^jsT^AO k. V. i. To become sapless; to 

shrivel; to wane; to sorrow, n. Sorrow. 

T?j3ti^?jj. To cause to be sapless. 
^^jaTJsi (ti=e3) k- n. A thievish wander-' 

ing hill-tribe. 
?fjsti£:^0, ^js'dtJDT^O (Ci= 63) k. w. <. To 

upbraid, revile; to speak much and 

uselessly. ^j3:ii39W. Upbraiding; 

mocking; reviling; useless talk. 
"^^sTiUj k. 71. The state of being stunted 

or checked in growth. -it)?s?o. To get 


'^js'd'rfj k. n. The trunk of a lopped tree; 

a stump, lop. 2,' a clod-crusher. 
^jsTDcS (Ci= e3) f. n. A whip. 
"Sjsli^ (Cj=e3) k. M. Deficiency; want; 

loss; defect; fault. -SjSj. To feel 

a want; to be poor. -"^orfo, -'Ji^^o. 

Deficiency or loss to come about. 
'^js'dcjDQAZS k. 71, A kind of sedge, 

Cypei'us hexaslachyus. 
'Sji'dTj k. n. A curry-comb. 

^jiX^6 i^—a) k. ?i. A kind of millet, 
Paiiicum italicurn. 2, a kind of ant. 

=^.®TJd (i3=e3) k. w. A man. of a tribe 
so called who make baskets, mats, 
etc.; f. -h, and ^^jbcJcSosxj, who is 
also a fortune-teller. 

^.©■ds^O k. n. The throat; the neck; voice. 

-=s'5J,^j5«?j>. To embrace one's neck 

from love. -=^j30!)jtf. A cut-throat. 

-Sii,. A collar. 

^J35, ^j2t31.(0, £3 = 63' 63^) k. V. t. To 
cut, as wood, letters, etc.; to break, 
bore, as a hole; to excavate, as 
running water the soil; to pierce as 
cold. 2, to diminish. 3, to whirl, 
rave. n. Cutting; a cut off piece. -3, 
€jt)d3. Cutting; piercing of cold. 

"^.ffiSLiS f. 71. Annoyance, trouble. 

^j3t3 2. (tj=e35) k. M. Smallness, defi- 
ciency, defect. 2, rest, remainder. 
3, a rambler. P. p. -cSj, ^jsOcij. -Sf^. 
A day of absence. -SJa^Cc). The point 
of death. -Tio-ui^. The rest of pay. 

^jseS"?? k. 71. A clasp, hook, etc. 

^jseS^o, =^j3<yo^J.=*o053j. k. n. A forge. 

^jss3 k. n. Killing, murder, slaughter. 

-71, -ria^, -(iSJ^, -nad. A murderer. 

-SJt)^^^. Manslaughter. 
^j3(y ^A k. 71. A pole-dancer, rope- 

dancer; A T?J3e^§Jh^. 
"^jaa* rf^ a. k. w. Playing, play, perfor- 


€vJ3e5^ d 



^jsas Ti, ^jscjo Q, ^jse;3 -dj k. n. A 

cart drawn by oxen. 
^jseS k. ■«. A bend, curve; a nook; a 

gulf, bay. "^JS^. Bend. 
'^jbC^J k. r. <. To kill, slay, murder. 

P.p. ^j;ocij. -ii'S. Killing. -dS, 

-s?. A murderer. 
^jSrrfdo k. r. 2. To spread, as a sore; to 

become overbearing; to disentangle 

one's self forcibly from another's 

hold. V. t. To desire; to demand an 

article gratis or into the bargain. 

II. Anything given to boot in buying. 
^ji,^ (=^J3ra) k. w. A pond. 
^ja^^o (^=C3) k. »i. The state of 

decay, rottenness, putridity. =#j3^^. 

A dirty man; a decrepit man; f. 

=#J3^*. -»3jo:^t), -ms^. The chain 

viper. -3Fi. Filthiness. 
^jss?^, ^jsS?, k. «. The third crop of 

^jss?A 1. k. M. A measure of grain = 4 

ballas. 2, a large metal vessel. 
??J3S?A 2. k. ?(. The hoof of a beast. 
^js^AOS?^, ^j3^:5<9^ k. w. A spiny 

herb Barleria longifolia. 
^J3^8a, ^j3S?E§ (^ = 65) (cA ^J3S**J) 

k. n. The state of being impure, 

stinking, muddy, etc.; soft mud. 
^./i^^j. =T?w®6?:^o (s?=C3). P. p. 0/' 

^j3'S<£;o (s?=a) k. n. A flute, fife. 

^j3S?5, ^j3«^ (s? = C3) k. n. A tube, 

^^jaS^'pio. ^-^jasJ^ij, q. v. 

^J3S;*0. = ^JSS?A, q, V, 

^J3^ («?= C05) k. V. i. To wear out, as 
cloth; to decay, rot, spoil; to spoil, 
become putrid; to wither; to become 
lean. P. ps. ^js^c^j, =^j3s?3j. n. Dirt; 
impurity; mud; bodily excretion; 
hinderance, detention. -335=tfj. To 
rot; to detain. "Sjss^^ij, 'Sji^Tio. To 
cause to rot. 

^ja^ k. n. A depth, the cleft of a rock, 
cave, etc. 

^j3"^ k. 11. A fire-brand. -:33 , -^S'Sio. 
An j(/«ts fa tuns. 

^.0^0 k. ii. <. To seize ; to take; to 
accept ; to take for one's own use or 
benefit; to obtain; to buy; to under- 
take. P. p. =^j3o:2j. Imp. sing. -^js?. 
Pres. part. '#j8°^j,^, ^jz^s. =i?J3S<A as 
the .second member of a compound: 
to get, obtain, acquire, hold on, as: 
rel. pr. part. wS-, sSJsa-. ^^orfj-. To 
buy. ^JBoSo torfj. To bring. =^J3o3o 
sSjs^rSj. To take away. =^JSoC5sy. 
Praise. '^JSoi^a:^. To praise, rever- 
ence. 'iJS'-fo^^'§. Taking, etc. 

"CTjdS? k. n. Pillage, plunder. -rred. 
A plunderer. 

"^jse k. yln imp. sing, of 'Sji'-?^.. 

^ja?5^firf s. n. The red lotus. 

^ja??\«3 (</7. o/' =#J8?*w) M. The Indian 
cuckoo, Cucnlus indicus. -I ftS. A 
plant of which the leaves are used 
for plates, etc. 

"^jaeTxetJo h, n. A cushion used as a 

z^jseeio (=5'j3?^) k- n. -11^^^ A foolish, 
stupid bhatta; a N. 

??j3eU s. n. Crookedness. 2, a shed, 
hut. 3, a fort. -a. A room; also 

^jaeUTJ s. n. The hollow of a tree. 

^jseUe3 k. 11. Trouble, affliction, pain. 
-^:ix To saflfer pain. =^J8?sJ£)r(. A 
troublesome man. 

^j5?&o s. n. A crore or ten millions. 
2, the point or extreme part. 3, the 
edge of a sword. 4, an angle. 5, 
a countless number. -sjs^. A 
rudder. =#J3?l3?rf. A crest. €js?li?S. 
A harrow. '#J3°W,?ij^.'3;l3, =#J35fa5,o3c3. 

tfjseB (tb. of '§J&(^) n. A wall round 
a town, rampart; a fort. -^iS, 



-=^JSoc3. The battlements of a fort. 
-rtA)^. A fort patrole. -n^sSuj. A 

'^j3?Sj3.'cJ f. n. A stronghold of thieves. 
2, the steps of a pond. 

^j3?8 f. n. A granary; a factory, 

'^jii'dX k. n. A monkey, ape. -^?^- 
An apish trick. 

'^j5?'rfo7\ k. n. An apish man; a buffoon. 
-^?S. Buffoonery. 

^jsec^eO^ k. n. A kind of fried cake in 
the form of a ring. 

"^jsjS 1. k. n. An outlet or weir of a 
tank. -^'Wo,. To stop the outlet. 
-^a. To open the outlet. 

^j3?ci 2. k. n. Deficiency, defect, want. 
2, number 20. 

^ji^^ 3. k. n. A kind of a flag with an 
image of a demi-god set up on a 
post before a temple. -^"^' A festival 
in connection with it. 

^js^rfo 1. a. k. v.i. To be cool. 2, to 
fear. 3, to shrink, n. Coldness. 2, 
fear. 3, shrinking. 

^j3?T^0 2. k. n. A horn of animals; a 
tusk. 2, the peak of a hill. 3, a 
branch. -^«^. The milkhedge. -^wo. 
The peak of a hill, -djorfj^lo^. The 
creeper Cynanchum pauciflorum. 

^j3?zS k. n. West wind; the hot season. 
-rii3. A field yielding crop in the 
hot season. 

^J3?f*3 1. k. n. A male buffalo. 2, a 
foolish man. -rf w??j. A leafless, 
shrubby creeper, Sarcostemnia inter- 
medium. -.Scfj , -^SeitjS^ sSj3:Sj. To 
train a buffalo. 

^jseC© 2. s. n. An angle, a corner. 

^j3?ra k. n. An inner apartment or cham- 
ber, room. 2, a kitchen. 

^;B?g k. n. N. of a low-caste tribe on 
the Nilagiri. 2, (f.) deficiency, reduc- 
tion. -f^0. N. of one of the Nilagiri 

3^j3?:^c20Q (tb. of TS^J^iOjOloO) ?;. Cori- 

??j35^0J h. n. Saving, laying up. -?oo 
tos?. An extra pay. 

^j'seS k. n. A monkey, ape. "^5^' -^ 
monkey's trick. 

^j3?:^o m. n. Farming, tenanting. 2, ( = 
la's rf=#J3 5(^0) barracks. 

^jaei^o^ k. M. A rope for punishment, 
suspended in schools, on which a boy 
is tied up with his hands clasped and 
which he is not permitted to loose. 

^jae^i (tb. of =^JS?ra 2) n. An angle, 
corner. ^JS^fS^O, ^.©^fS^dj. A stone 
built tank with steps on all sides. 

"^Jti^Tj 3.11. Passion, wrath, anger, -ns^. 
A passionate man; f. -naS. €j3?»j^. 
Very passionate; an irascible man; 
f. =§Ji^h^ ^J. -S3o3 53Jt):^o. To pacify, 
appease. "^Ji^h^J. To become angry. 
'^J3$^?^?'5'. Excess of passion. 

'^jse'rfo&o k. n. A Vaisya shopkeeper. 
2, a miser; also -r!; f. -fs^. -^^. 
A Komati's profession; covetousness. 

^jse^SoCJ s, a. Tender, soft; sweet; pleas- 
ing. -^. Softness, etc. 

^j^^ojoSa, s. n. The lapwing; the paddy 

??j3?Ti. = s3j3?c5, q.v. 

??j3?'rf3' s. n. A bud. 

^vSj'doTN s. «. Small cardamoms. 

^jse'rfoSO f. n. A frontlet of idols. 

^js^T^OaOrjO k. V. i. To be dazzled. 

^j3eT3D f. n. Unbleached cotton cloth. 

a. New. =#J3?D3c^. Undressed corn. 
^.®?6 (0=23') k. n. A rag; a worn out 

blanket. -^i3.. A Lingayta hawker 

or tradesman. -Sorsj. A ripe mul- 
cts ^ 

berry. -Soj^. A caterpillar. 

^j3c5^ (0=e3') k. n. "Wish, desire, long- 
ing, hope, -dfcl^tfj, -.^^rfj, -rSfi»3?cij. 
A wish to be gratified. 

^j3S"do 1. (dJ=a3J) k. V. I. To wish, desire, 





^jse'do 2. {fr. ^Js5) k. »i. A part, por- 
tion, share in cultivation, etc. 

^j3;t3 1. k. /(. Crookedness', perverseness. 
-5iW. A small flag. 

^J3e62. {t=&, fr. ^Jti) k. H. Cutting; 
sharpness. 2, a tusk; a long tooth, 
fang, -crjid, -sot)J^. A pointed tootli. 
-»t)J3??. Pointed whiskers. -dJSjJSOJ. 
A turban with pointed foldings. 

^j5?Uor f. n. A court. 

^jsef k. ?i. Decoration; figure, form, as 
of masks, dresses, cic, as used in devil 
dances. 2, public procession. 

^jseifs'd k. n. Colar. -3^'^- A country 

^j3?e;s5o<i' s. n. A loud noise; an uproar. 

^jsee3 k. n. A stubble of jola. 

^j^eaiJ k. n. A stick, staff, rod; a 
measure of length. =^JS5e./tirO. A stick 
of sealing wax. ^-/s^Otiy. A children's 
play with alternate motions and 
mutually striking small sticks. "^js^CD 
El). To play as above, -snratfj. To lean 
on a stick. -iS'orfjS. A stick on which 
boys ride; a crutch, -i^^. A species 
of leafless milk-hedge. 

^j2e£J05S'3 k- n. A peon. 

^j3?^ a. k. M. A potter. 

'^jae.S k. n. A tube. 2, a gun, match- 
lock. -3osOsjo, To shoot. 

^.(seSri s. a. Skilled, experienced, wise; 

f. =^J3?C^. 

^j3?'5 1. k. /I. Dyspepsy. 2, a boil on 
the head of children. 3, the climbing 
plant Bryonia grandis with red fruit. 
4, a crucible. [milk. 

'§ji^'S 2. h. n. A kind of condensed 

^jae^ "^jse^A s. n. A case; a sheath, 
scabbard; a pod. 2, a storehouse, 
treasury. 3, a vocabulary, diction- 
ary; cf. asJjti-. -r(yS. A treasury. 

^.®?5i s. n. The intestines. 2, an 
apartment; a granary. 3, (=*0^) 
leprosy. 4, a square, as in tables of 
calculation; also "Sjii^"^. 

"Sjd^rj^ 1. k. n. The state of being 
crooked or curved, as that of a walh 
road, etc. -ncsJ . A squint eye. 

^.®??jJ 2.h. «. Cabbage. 2, (<[;. o/" =ctjS,= s;) 
a distance of 3 miles. 

^j3?;c!jo205 f. ?t. Raw fruit, c/c, preser- 
ved as a seasoning. 

^JS^S? k. n. Stocks for criminals. 

^jse^ (S? = W) k. n. A cock; a hen; a 
fowl in general, •"^^-^■h- To set cocks 
a fighting. -^js^Sj. Calicut. -nO. 
A quill. -rtj2:aO. A hen's nest. -;^^. 
A fowl's egg. -3oooJ4. A cock. 

"^jz^^-i k. n. Seizure; pillage; calumny 

^j3?S? ('? = 653) k. n. Thick phlegm. 

^. For words beginning with this letter 
and not found below, see under ?ra or 

^OAO (tb. of =^,dJJW) «. The betel-nut 

tree, Areca catechu. 
a^^e'n s. 71. Crookedness; falsehood^ 

deceit, etc.; also =&°3l3t)ji. 
W^cd^n, s'SoBr^o s. n. X. of a sage; 

N. of a grammarian. 
ff'S^oS' (fr. =5^0^^^) s. n. Curiosity; a 

wonder; surprise, astonishment. 2, 

eagerness. 3, joy, pleasure; sport, 

5^^.ffi(3c2J ("/"'■• 'S'jcSJsaoaj) s. ?(. Eagerness, 

vehemence; curiosity. 
g^o^oodo ('/'?•. =aJcS) s. n. N. of Sahadeva, 

Yudhishthira, Bhima, and Arjuna. 
5^?^??j s. n. A small piece of cloth 

worn over the privities. 2, a wrong 

^rfraTJ {fr. ^jSj3d) s. rt. Juvenile, n. 

?f3rfooa (T'". *J5ijjd) s. «. Moonlight. 
S^d^ s. «. A descendant of Kuru. 
3^s5^ {fr. ^'JW) s. a. Belonging to a 

family; ancestral. n. A heretic, 

impostor. 2, (=5^0??i) rumour, report, 
^€°Fi s. a. Belonging to a noble 

family, n. A good report. 



qS OrO. 


^<yo h. tt. Agreement. 2, safeguard 
to pass, as granted to an enemy. 3, 
stipulated tribute, -^oudo. An agree- 

€^^<V (fr. ?'03!ej) s. n. Well-being, hap- 
piness. 2, skilfulness, cleverness. 

5'3§>t5' s. n. Indra. 2, N. of Visvamitra. 
3, a snake-catcher. 4, an owl. 

3^?je?o s. Ji. The v?ife of Dasaratha 
and mother of Rama. 

^?dJ ^ s. 11- The jewel suspended on 
Vishnu's or Krishna's breast. 

e'S^S' (tb. of €^ii^) n. A butcher. 2, 

'§, k. A dative affix, as: cSri^, sDC"^, 


Sj^gj s. «. Sacrifice, offering. 
Siva. -sS^osj. Vishnu. 

^jcrfji s.n. Crying out, calling 

'^j'^0 s. n. A step; the foot. 2, order, 
series; regular course. 3, method, 
manner. 4, a sacred precept. -?3. 
Going, proceeding, advancing. Cpds.: 
i£S>-, eSoSo-, =S3£J-, e/c. -3Sj). Order to 
be missed. ^cDj?7j. To go, walk; 
to cross. 

'^j'oiTsTs^ s. a. Descended regularly 
or lineally. 

^jSiOq^ s. a. By degrees, gradually, 
in order. 

"Sjorfo s.n. Price, value. 2, buying. 
-'3:ajj -'^^■^. To fix a price, -^jsz^j. 
To pay for. -i5?s?J. Price to 
fetch; to cost. -<S'^odo. Trade, 
traffic. -i3?Wj, -gs?^^. A deed of sale. 
^030=5^. A purchaser. 

"ujVin S.n. Raw flesh. =^S33^cS. Carni- 
vorous; a rakshasa. 

TOjoS s. 71. Going; the sun's course on 
the globe; the ecliptic; also -J^'^, 

rr\S>o (=?'><Dj) s. n. An insect, worm. 
-ta. Produced by worms: silk. 

■ojodj?^^ s. a. Having the nature of 
a verb. 

■§• ajje! (-SjoSj) s. n. Action, work, busi- 
ness; an act. 2, time, tense; a verb. 
3, a literary work. 4, bodily action. 
5, a religious ceremony. 6, expiation. 
7, a means; an instrument. -ScS. A 
verb. -^t;. Consequence of acts. 
-S3j3s3. The conjugation of a verb. 
-esqJF. The meaning of a verb. -Sog. 
An active man; a truthful man. 
-;3DJ^*. A verbal noun. -^z^-^ . An 
inflection of the persons of a tense. 
-tS^^Srs. That which defines an 
action: an adverb. -^SSjsSj. A 
verbal compound. 

'^\^ , "^IM, . tb. of 'b'nS', q. V, 
-^ re' -J ^K)' d cvs' ^ 

■S-i?j n. Christ. -^=^. The era of Christ. 
*,Ai' Christian. ^ff^Aj^odo. A Protes- 
tant Christian; f. -Vo. 

^?tj s. n. Play, sport, amusement. 
■c^^a;!jj. To play, sport, -^^cstj^oi. 
A pleasure garden, park. 

^0)33. tb. of *^Sj, q. V. 

Sjsj^ f. w. Across, -ri wa, *j3^i3;^o. To 

"^jSjXi s. a- Cruel, fierce, pitiless; hot; 

sharp; harsh, terrible. »i. A scoundrel. 

-'B'tSoF'. A person who performs pitiless 

deeds. -z3^. A cruel-minded man. 

-SoJ, -^. Cruelty. 
TTje^^^o, SjoaJJ s. a. Purchasable. 

?fi^?j f. n. A Christian, a. Christian. 

-S^, -:;35ior. Christianity. 

??j3j?t^ s. M. The chest, breast, bosom. 
2, Saturn. -tfJ3<L. Vishnu. =#ja,?a?=5^ 
OXo. To abridge, write briefly. 

^jSj^z^ s. n. Anger, wrath, passion. 

^jsjevf^ s. n. The fifty-ninth year of 

the cycle. 
?r.(3j?^ s. a. Angry, passionate, n. The 

thirty-eighth year of the cycle. 
T^jsjeS' s. n. Calling out; a cry, shout. 

2, a measure of distance, a kos, ~ 





S'Sjosi s. n. A curlew. 2, a mountain 
in the Himalaya. 3, one of the 
divisions of the world. 

T^^cdor (/■»•. ^^JS;^) s. n. Cruelty, 


■& Ti. B. a. Fatigued, tired. 2, put to 
po ei 
shame. 3, contradictory. 

•& pZO s. a. Idle, slothful; mean, miserly. 


n. The neuter gender. 
3*0 7j (tb. of *53,), a. Arranged; fixed. 
^ 0^ s. n. Affliction, pain; distress, 


-33^0. To suffer pain, to grieve. 
S'QSo^ s. ad. Anywhere; somewhere. 

2, sometimes. 3, very little. 
^^OTJ s. n. The syllable * . 

"^^ fig s. n. A moment. 2, a measure 
of time equal to 4 minutes or A second. 

3, leisure. 4, season. -c3. Leisure- 
giving; night. -^^- Lightning. 
-;ifior(Jci. Transient, perishable. 
* f^cSr. Half a moment. *, rf^. 
Momentory, transient. 

^ ^j, ^BjOiJ s. n. A man of the 
military caste, Kshatriya', f. "^^o3j. 

5', ZjO® s. n. Fasting. 2, A Buddha or 
Jaina mendicant. 

^. •rfj s. a. Patient, enduring, putting 
up with. 2, adequate, competent. 

"5-, ^0?do s. V. t. To endure, bear pati- 
ently; to put up with; to pardon, for- 
ffive. 3j35S =5* <DoAj z3::ij. To pardon 

^■^0 (^s3j3) s. h. Patience, forbearance, 
indul- gence, long-suffering; pardon, 

^'i cdJ s. 11. Wane, decrease, diminution, 
consumption; loss, destruction. 2, 
pulmonary consumption. 3, sixtieth 
year of the cycle. -^^. A lunar 
day beginning after sunrise and 
ending before that of the next. 
-S^. The fortnight of the waning 
moon. -tJjs^rt. Consumption in 
general. ^oSj^iJ. To wane, decrease. 

^Ti s. a. Perishable. 

3^o;g s. n. Enduring, patient. =5^ o.S. 
Patience, forbearance. 

5Si '^s- "• Scorched; emaciated, wasted, 
thin. 11. Emaciation, debility; famine. 

Sgx'd s. a. Salty, biting, acid, pungent. 
n. Salt, any saline substance, alkali; 
soda, nitre, saltpetre; essence. 

?g, e;, 's^<iJ^ s. n. Washing. '^^^. 
Washed, cleansed. 

■S\§ s. n. An abode. 2, the earth; 
a field. 3, decrease, wane, loss, i ^. 
Decreased, wasted. -?5o:^, -?r?qj, 
-5j, -^h, -ocso, -Cojjrs, 5^-^?2S. A king. 

■o\ 3jj s. a. Quick, swift, speedy. 

■o\5r® s. a. Wasted, worn away; ema- 
ciated, thin, slender; miserable. -^ . 
Wasting, diminution, decay. 

■S\ eTJ s. n. Milk. 2, water, -zs. Curds. 
-Si^d. Milk and water. -?i. Essence of 
milk. -JisiJjrfj, 3^501)1^. The sea of 
milk. * ^osnstf. A dairy. ^^dshbO. 
A dairy-man. 

3^0, rfj s. a. Small, little. 2, poor, 
miserable. 3, low, vile. 4, avaricious, 
niggardly, n. A fault; slander. -*, 

ous person. 

^Oxi:^ ('S'j^^js) s. Ji. Hunger. *jqre;^r, 
^0 5''3- Hungry. 

^0. tJ s. 11. A razor. -*, -Soa^", 'S'J 0. 
A barber. 

S'o, e;^ (=*jrf,, 'i?ocS,«') s. a. Little; 
thin. 2, poor, indigent. 3, ava- 
ricious. 11. A man of the lowest 

^eiSj 3.11. A field. 2, place, country; 
a place of pilgrimage. 3, the body. 
4, a diagram. -ii?53. A husband- 
man, -fci . Experienced, skilful; 
the soul. -srao. A deity protecting 
the fields: Bhairava. -^ej. Area; 

^.^tiS. n. Casting; pushing; depressing; 
passing away. Cpds.: =ff5ej-, ft-, Soo-- 





'^^'^0 s. n. "Well-being, weal, happiness; 

health. -^tf. Promoting well-being. 

-?C»3j3233ti. News regarding a person's 

^^erS S.71. The earth; a field. 2, a 

certain high number. -SjS. A king. 

^^fSjJ s. n. Agitation, commotion, dis- 
turbance, emotion, alarm. 

©"^■rf (fr. ^^i^) s. «. Shaving. -Sjaa^o 
^wras?Jv. To get one's self shaved. -'^^' 

A razor, -^tf. A barber. 


33*. The twentieth letter of the alpha- 

SO s. n. The sky. 2, an organ of sense 
Caoa^odo). 3, perception (woa). 4, 
mind {^~i). -r(, -t^tf. Moving in the 
air: the sun; a bird; an arrow. 
-rtsiS, -ii^^d. Garuda. -iijs^ej. The 
celestial sphere; astronomy. 

SdZa^ s. a. Bound; inlaid, studded. 2, 
joined. 3, positive, true. 

Sddi s. n. Stirring, churning. 2, a 
ladle. -=5*. An awning, canopy. 

SDSds'?? s. n. A ladle, spoon. 

S03i3^ h, n. A treasury; treasure. 

JOtSti^) . A cashkeeper. 
£0&!3 h. n. Quarrelling. -a3j3?c(. A 

quarrelsome man. 
SOU^, SOfeS^ s. n. A bedstead, cot. 2, a 


SOT^ s. n. A sword. 2, a rhinoceros; 

a/so -sJJvrt. a:>ra^ loa , eic. Sword to 
a A 

sword; a sword-fight; also ajcs^aja. 
SOoT^ ( = =5*0::^) s. a. Broken, divided. 

n. A fragment, part, piece; a section. 

2, a division of the terrestrial globe. 
SOoT^ro, SOot^frf s. n. Dividing, reducing 

to pieces; refuting. 
SOo^:^ 1. {—^0^3, q.v.) k. n. Firmness, 

strictness, certainty. 
a)o5^2. s. a. Cut, taken to pieces; 

SOcl^iTjO s. v. t- To break, crush, cut; 

to disappoint, etc.; to refute (in argu- 

Sd'S'STiri m. n. The paper on which the 
items of the day-book are abstracted. 

joH (==5^^) k. /(. Anger, wrath, rage. 

Sdtid s. n. The tree Acacia catechu; its 
resin called catechu. 

9L>dj!>n^^ a.n. A fire-fly; the sun. 

SOJJ^ s. n.'A digger, miner; a house- 
breaker. 2, a rat. 

S:)^^ s. n. Digging; burying. 

SO^ ( = =5'cJ) s. n. A mine, quarry, -ta. 
A mineral. -^. A spade. 

Sic^Ti s. n. The betel-nut tree, Areca 
catechu. 2, the mouth. 3, a bufifalo. 
4, disgrace. 

Sy6 3. a. Hard, sharp, pungent. n. 
The twenty-fifth year of the cycle. 
2, an ass. 3, N. of a rakshasa. -*tS. 
Hot-rayed; the sun. -ssra. A grind- 
stone; a sharp saw. 

SDTJzS Ix. «. A foul copy; a day-book; a 
scrawl; also =5^cij^j. 

SOn^rJo h. n. A currycomb. 

SOS^a h. n. A purchase; price, cost. 

£05l. f. a. True, correct. -^?°t?j. To 
speak truly. 

SDt3 2. s. n. The grass Andropogon 

SO^dF (=:^i5r, q. V.) h. w. Expenditure, 
expense, costs. -^iS . dji/)?. -road. 
A spendthrift. -z3?^J, -coa. To 
cost money. 

a)3dor s. M. Itch, scab. 

SOa^jsF'd (=*taJ3rf, e<c.) s. w. The date- 
tree. Phoenix dactylifera. 




Sdzi~ s. a. Maimed; short, low. n. A 
dwarf. 2, ten thousand millions. 

a)^r3i ( = *".oJ3rjs) s. M. The water- 

SDSJ s. n. A rogue, scoundrel. 2, a 

threshing floor. 3, sediment, dregs. 

4, contest, battle. 5, a mortar. a. 

Low, base, -tfdrs. Threshing corn. 

-S. Bald-headed. -^. A sweeper. 

SOS) s. n. A leaf or paper rolled into 
a cup. 

SD^. = loej, q. v. 

3J'9s3n (^ = C3') k. ad. Loudly, roughly. 

53DTi. = Sizi , a. V. £3^33ia5a. A wrestl- 
ing match. 

5JDf<s h. n. Food; fodder. 

aJ3eO. = ^dSO, g. r. 

5J0ii 1. s. M. An artificial pond. 

<5JD(i 2. f. n. An account on the day- 
book. 2, province, department. 

SJZZi^ a. n. Eating; food. ai)a3. Eaten. 

<5Jsa f. n. A thick cotton-stuff. 

5:30 J3 h. n. A prince, chief; a title borne 
by Mohammadan nobles. 

a3sj3 h. n. A place, house, as in ^^O 
lO^fS, »Jj?t4JS3r3. 2, a sliding box, 
drawer. -sjjSjsO. A census of the 

SJS'rfoa^a h. ad. Positively, certainly. 

sasQ f. n. A measure of capacity equi- 
valent to about three bushels. 

53353 h. a. Empty, vacant. 2, unemploy- 
ed. 3, useless. -wrtJ. To become 
vacant; to be disappointed. 

5JZ)7i^. = «^^ q. V. -^^- The 
equipage or procession of a chief- 
tain; the chieftain in person. 

&)3i^0^ h, n. Service, attendance. 

ij^^s.a. Depressed; distressed, wearied. 

i)z> s. n. A piece of waste land. 2. 

a supplement. 3, anything empty or 

£)£/0^0 h. n. A robe of honour. 
SOJrf f. n. God. 

SOorfo h. a. Own; in person; self. 
SOo-rf (=15*3^) f. n. A hoof. 
SOJ'OBtS'j f. n. Rich, nutritive diet. 
SOjT33f:?J (= *oo^5i) li. ?i. The Koran. 
SOJubraiocSjr h. «.. Embezzlement. 

£Do?3Xirsj, SOo^)eF";do h. ?t. Obeisance, 

SOoaiSrJ h. n. Openness; emptiness; 

evidence, clearness; freedom, a. Open. 

SOoe) s. a. Small, low, mean; wicked. 

2, (h.)=*JC3. -3oi. Meanness. 

SC):>^T)'aio^O f. n. Flattery, fawning. 

SOos^BS^J. = ^OdJ'swj, g. r. 

SOO^. = =5*03, g. r. 

SDjs^S h. Ji. An indication, sign. 

a);3S) li. «. Murder. -d.ti^S, -nsd. 
A murderer. 

S0j3 200 h. ad. Well, finely; copiously. 

sS^siTJ (fr. sj) s. a. Moving in the air. 
n. A bird; a deity. 

sSelSorfJ, s5?c^o s. «. A shield. 

s5^ji s. /?• Sorrow, grief, distress, des- 
pondency. -T^Jt^J., £3;a?gj. To feel 

a3?5^i s. n. A single time, turn. 

suoO s. n. Moving to and fro; also -c^. 
a3;e3. Play, sport. 

a3j3?S s. w. An evil disposition; a vice; 
a mean, miserable wretch, a. Ill- 
disposed, having a bad habit. -3^. 
An evil disposition. 

ajsni^s.a. Well known, famous; also 
g,-. S3^»l. Fame, celebrity, glory. 




7^. The twenty-first letter of the 

Al. k. An affix to form tvords denoting 

time, as: ^A, 4>Ti, etc. 2, a7i affix 

to form masculine nouns, as: ^o:^-)r<, 

losOtI, ajrt, etc. 
7\ 2. s. a. Going, moving. 
7\'ST>'6 s. n. The letter r(. 
aS'.cj k. ad. Quickly, suddenly. 
AAfi s. n. The sky, atmosphere. -dJrJ. 

The sun. -^ti. A bird; a planet. 
A A "d k. 11. A hollow silver ornament 


filled with pebbles for jingling. 

A A & k. n. A hollow ring of brass 

containing bits of metal, etc. to pro- 
duce a jingling noise. 

AoXt?j3rf<;^0 f. n. The dewlap of an ox 
or bull. 

ADAS (= ^ot\, q. V.) s. n. The Ganges. 
-2asi00c33. The Ganges and Yamuna 
rivers; a cloth with different coloured 
border on each side. -:3?;3. A water- 
goddess. -'^^, -Jf3?^d, -^5^, -»3 
^oJj. Siva. -riocSc^, -^3^) -^oS. 
Bhishma. -oij^d^. Pilgrimage to the 
Ganges. -?3ti, ?i. Bathing in the 
Ganges. riorljsjd^. Ganges water. 

aoaSS;* s. n. A circular metal vessel 
for holding water, etc. 2, a metal 
plate for eating from. 

AC^ s. w. The river Ganges. 2, Sat- 
yavati, the boatman's daughter who 
became Bhishma's mother. -c3j3rt 

7\&:7 h. n. A chunammed floor. "'^^' 

AEio h. n. Mortar, plaster, cement. 
aCS 1. s. n. An elephant. 2, N. of a 

rakshasa. -tfra^. Ringworm. -cSo^. 

Elephant's tusk. -FinO, -^tf. Delhi. 

-s^,'^. A kind of alliteration. -sSooaj, 

-sSrfc^, rt!Si>?Jfi. Gane^a. "^J,4' -^ 
picture of Lakshmi with elephants on 
her sides. -o3>0, rits^O. A lion. rt:3?o 
ci . A large stately elephant. 

A&!2. h. n. A measure of three feet; 
a yard. 2, a ramrod. 

A3d A. = rtwjrt, q.v. 

X3io) k. n. Poor rice lands. 

7(diXlo (cSJ = e3J) a. k. y. <. To roar; to 
scold, w. A loud sound or speech. 

A&f^d^O f. n. Loud idle talk. -n^rf. 
A chatterer; f. -Ati^. 

A^sSsS k. »i. Confusion, disorder, in- 
tricacy. -loiiSo. An illegible writing. 
-Sjartr. A rough road. -Sjsi^. To 

ASiOA, a35 A, Ai'O A k. 9i. A prickly 
climbing shrub, the Molucca bean, 
Guilandina bonducella. 2, a pro- 
tuberance from the eye-ball. 

A3:) 5 f. n. A sweet carrot. 


a3B . = *t5, Qf. t;. 
X^ . = ii!^, g. v. 

a; =* 

Ao3d f. n. A store-room, treasury. 2, a 

Ao3i£', AO&is;^ k. n. The urine of cattle, 
etc. -rf sdjsjo. A species of coarse 
grass, Eleusiiie indica. 

ACSS (lb. of ^^oM) M. Conjee, rice 
gruel; starch. -=5'?^. A creeping plant, 
Indigofera linifolia. -'^^- A starch- 
ed cloth. "^^^- ^ cloth used in 
straining boiled rice. 

AOSS"^ h. n. A pack of round cards. 

AoSio f. n. A set of round vessels 
that are put one within another in 
the form of a cone. 

7\U^ (tb. of ^W^) n. A powerful, able 

aW. k. n. A ghaut, mountain-range. 



7\U^f? (tb. of ^^fi) n. Beating down, 
as roads; loading a gun. 

Afej, k. n. Firmness; hardness; the state 
of (fluids, etc.) being thick, solid; 
strength, ability. 2, a lump. 3, an 
ingot. 4, smartness, fineness. 5, a 
strong, smart person. a. Firm, 
strong, solid. -ws<o. A strong, able 
person. -'Saj^. A strong work. -rt. 
A strong, energetic man. -sSjaSdo. 
Thick curds. -S5s^x Thick milk. 
-53^. A toilet woman. 

AfeS^^^J (= ^i'^^) f. V. t. To strike, 
beat. 2, (k.) to make effort (to speak 

^ ^°"'>- [paper. 

aB, (=rt^)f. «. A bundle, ream of 

A'rf 1. — ndo, q. V. 

XtS 2. h. «. A small fort. 2, a liquid 

aZ^ 3. k. t»i<. expressing quick motion 
or disorder. -rizS. Quickly (used of 
walking, reading, eating, etc.). -ri:;^ 
oit^. To rattle, as thunder, carts, etc. 
-w:^, -zoa, -O/a. Bustle, confusion, 
tumult, ado. 

7\Zi 4. = riSo, q. v. 

ArfAC&l h. n. A stand, shelf. 

XciOA h. n. A godown, store-room; a 

Ac^eio, =n:ij?oj, g. r. 

TvoP® a. k. ?i. A mass, heap; a multi- 
tude. n:ScJ^j. To join, heap, pile. 

Atif? (tb. of T\n^) n. Reckoning; mean- 
ing, sense. 
for, etc. 

Aci^d (=rtSj;Sd) k. n. Massiveness, 
stoutness, strength, a. Massive, etc. 

AQCJ, 7\tiu3J f. a. Thick, as darkness; 
sound, deep, as sleep, study, etc. 

A<is^ li. n. Disappearance, hiding. 

7\Xi^. = nSo, q. V. 

7\Ti7iti k. n. A stout, robust person. 

AZSSO3Z7i0 f. 1'. «. To hide or fix 
firmly in the earth. 

-Ajz^j,. To regard, care 

AXSSb h. n. An iron crow-bar. 
aS 1. (=n:g) k. 71. A term, limit; a 
frontier; a place, -tfejj. A boundary- 
stone, --s-d, -■^js^a, -C30r5r, A hill 
fort. -3Ct)!Jj SjJScSj. To banish. 
A^ 2. {tb. of ^13) w. An hour of 24 

minutes; a gong. 
A^:^ (tb. of ^ifet)) n. An earthen vessel. 
AcisSa (see s. rt:g3) k. h. Confusion; 

Aciobre-d, 7<acdjs£)h. ji. An hour-glass; 

a gong; a watch, clock. 
A(^0 k. M. A limit; a period, term^ 

instalment; also -lo, -sj. 
AT^j^^r^. =r(33d, 5. v. 
Xrijrfo. =n:^cS, q. V. 
Ac^orio (=rt:S'L3j) k. n. Hardness, brittle- 

ness, as of iron; difficulty, as of 

work ; heaviness, as of rain. 
AW 1. k. n. A bamboo pole. 2, match; 

comj)arison. -=5=^0. A man who carries 

a pole with a flag; an oarsman. 
AW 2. (<f*. o/'^ii) 71. A wheel for raising 

Ac^ k, n. The beard; the chin, -"arfo, 

-z^ia^So, -i3°^Sj. To let the beard 

grow. -:5j5$s?Xj. To have the beard 


Acf k. K. A mass; a lump, clump. 2, 
any bulbous root. 3, the root of the 

ear. 4, an island; also ^:io-. -'^^„ 


To freeze, congeal; to grow in clumps, 
as grass. rlcsAiji-. A sweet potato. 
sSjssSOoi-. A clot of curdled milk. 
A?© s. n. A flock, multitude, troop, tribe. 
2, a body of troops equal to 2 7 
chariots, 2 7 elephants, 81 horses and 
135 foot. 3, the attendants of Siva. 
4, a syllable foot in prosody. 5, a 
number. 6, a group of lunar mansions. 
-?', nti^. An arithmetician; an 
accountant; an astrologer; f. -~, -^. 
-r3. Reckoning, counting; esteeming. 




-s5S, T^m'S^^, ri??3^^^. Ganesa; Siva. 
-cQj;^o, rtei^Jo. To count, reckon; to 
consider, regard. 
7\re^e3 k. n. Hogweed, Boerhavia pro- 

acmbens. 2, the chicken-pox. 
Afvse^O (=r!c5^) k. n. A knuckle of the 

fingers; a knot or joint in a cane. 
AfTO2ir?j s. n. The homage paid by the 

Lingavantas to the Jangamas. 
T^f^^ (=:ri£i5JJ) k. n. A knot, joint. 

-^JWJ. A sore on the finger joints. 
Ar5^ s. n. Calculating, the science of 
computation, arithmetic, a. Counted, 
-n'srf, -is . An astrologer. -<D^-,-33^. 
The science of computation, compris- 
ing arithmetic, algebra and geometry, 
ricJ^J^j, r!rfa?ij. To count; to 
7\r? k. n. The stalk of an onion. 
Af?7v)^ k. n. A boatman; a tumbler. 
AsS?^, A;?e^Q'd s. »i. Parvati's son 

AoWci h. ».. A small bundle, parcel. 
AcWe^, Aoye^J, acWj k.n. The throat. 
AO&3 k. Ji. A kind of small gold ear- 
AOUo {tb. of rt)°T^) "• The knot or joint 
of a reed, bamboo or a cane. 2, a 
knot. 3, a bundle, parcel. 4, 
money, wealth; capital in trade. 5, 
swelling and hardening of the veins. 
rtofeu^S. The desire of becoming 
rich. -i^^' One who falsely 

assumes the appearance of poverty; 
one who does not return a loan. 
-iijsaJA. A pick-pocket. -3ooi3. The 
herb Leiicas urticaefolia. -rasdoA. 
An under-shrub, Clerodencb'on serra- 
tnm. -z3?^J. To get knotted; close 
connection to spring up; union or 
harmony to take place; to run counter 
to; to attack. -^Ji°6. A frowning 
look or countenance. -^'Sj.tii,. A diffi- 
cult lawsuit. -SoS^s'o. To make a 
knot; to knit, as the eye-brows; to 
employ capital. 

7\o& (tb. of ^0^) n. An English hour. 

.ra^O;^o, -SoxcS. To ring a bell. 
AoUo . =rioWejj, q. v. 


AOti 1. k. n. A strong, male person; a 
husband {pi. rtoSdo, rtoi^oarfj). 2, 
(=:rto3j)strength, greatness, -"i?, -sSj, r<, 
A rhinoceros. -rsO. A strong hero. 
-rtJ3^o, rioc^jrlj^^^j. A male person. 
-sSjj^sjj. The Pimento tree, Eugenia 
acris. -SooSdo, -aoo^^Sodorfj. Husband 
and wife. 

AOTo 2. s. 11. The cheek. 2, a boil. 
3, the force of any disease, rain, 
wind, etc.; the baneful influence of a 
star (cf. rto£3^o3d). a. Chief, best, 
excellent. -sSjssj, rtoa^SJ3e3. Scro- 
fula of the throat. -^ «->■ The temples 

of an elephant. 

AOc^pd, TsoXiTid k. 11. A male person. 
-^^. Virility. -SJ^^j. Male persons. 

AOI3SA0o5 b. n. Impudence; audacity. 

AOi33o^TJ s. 11. Danger, peril, jeopardy 
{cf. s. rtoS 2). 

ACZSa^re«3. See s. rto:^ 2, g. y. 

AOc^J k. n. Strength; manliness; firm- 
ness; bravery. 2, the male sex; a 
male. a. Male, manly, riozt^d. An 
aspirate. rtocSD^^j. A he-goat. r!oc3e) 
^J. A male cooly. -^eJ?J. A superior 
work. -=^?^w. The shrub Memecylon 
amplexicaule. -/iJ3<!?.^,. To become 
impetuous. -zScirfj. A solid bamboo. 
-n:^^. Manliness, valour. Other cpds.: 
-r!J3?io, -rfJ^5?^e3, -s^^, -tao^, -^sJj, 

-»3J=5' ^J, -dOO, -53J,rt, -rOOCo, -SO°t? 

-SoJcSjri. A boy. 

AO'rfjSM s- "• Rinsing the mouth. 

aTO h. n- A division of paddy land. 

aPSq s. «. Calculable, numerable; wor- 
thy of esteem. 

a;^ s. a. Gone, departed; past; disap- 
peared; arrived at; gone to any state; 
belonging to; relating to. -7lJ3?o^. 
Stale words; indefinite postponement, 




as of a law-suit, riss^n^'^. Succes- 
sive, in rotation; following custom, 
imitating, nsri:^-. Unmeaning', non- 
sensical; deprived of an object. 
aB s. n. Going, motion; gait; march, 
progress. 2, a path, way; refuge, 
resource; an expedient, means; course 
of events, condition ; happiness. 3, 
the diurnal motion of a planet in its 
orbit. 4, transmigration. 5, delibera- 
tion; knowledge. 6, sin, vice. -A:^. 
Progress, state, etc. to be destroyed. 
-rta^o. To destroy the course, condi- 
tion, etc.; to check, --i^a. A person 
destroying his own or others welfare. 
-r'\^:^. Ruin of welfare, etc. -^o. 
To go; to die; to pass, as time. 
-tO^o^ci, -So?^. Remediless; forlorn. 
^^■S- Good fortune ; heaven, ciorir^. 
Misfortune, poverty; hell. 
A^J^ (tb. of rt^) n. Beating time in 
music for dancers. -n^tf. A time- 
7\^0O^xi s. n. Another remedy or re- 
source; a way of avoiding. 
Arf 1. s. 11. Speaking, speech. 
Arf2. s. 71. Disease, sickness. 
ACS3. k. n. Shaking, quick motion, 
-nd oStSjrij, -rtrffS ^ziorL) (v. i.). To 
shake, tremble violently; also -r!a?Jo. 
TizjTio k. n. The smell of cattle-urine, 

burning chillies, etc. 
ASirlo (do=e3j) k, y. J. To thunder, 
roar, cry; to menace; to exhort ear- 
nestly. r\ti0^o. To exhort earnestly; 
to scare, frighten. r!cJO^. Reproof, 
ACS, Ac3 s. n. A mace, club, rtura 

^tSrf. Krishna. 
Ado k. n. A swelling, tumour. 

Arf rf, A a a^ s. n. Stammerinsr ; indis- 
A* A ° 

tinct utterance, as sobbing, etc. 

7\zi k. n. The chin. 


Xrf^5;rfo=rtcS03Sj, q.v.v.i. To thunder, 

ACi e; k. n. Jfoise; din. 

A a;? Acij ^ k. n. A throne; a seat: 

Co CO ' 

a tomb monument of Jaho-amas. 2 

a basis. 
Ai3 k. n. Afield, paddy-land. -iScSo, 

-ud. A ridge between rice-fields. 

-53ja. A paddy-field. -53jadjSJ3e3. 

A turban-cloth with square stripes. 
AS^o s. a. To be spoken. «. Prose. -Srf,. 

Prose and verse. 
ADSnr® s.n. A silver weight equal to 

about a farthing. 2, a small gold 

Api. tb. of Sjj'oj, q. V. 

AOi^ s. n. A way, course. 2, moving 

Aorf. <6. o/" rJoqS, g. v. -313,7^, -^^rf. 
The cross bars fastening the planks 
of a door. -^a, -sja. Perfumed 
powder. -r(oOrt. A perfume-seller; 
an oculist. 

AOy (= rtoci) s. n. Smell, odour. 2, 
a perfume. 3, sandal-wood. 4, 
arrogance, -cS oif=i. Sandal oil. -* 
i^''55d. Zedoary, Curcuma zedoaria. 
-^?4. The curry leaf-tree, Murraya 
koenigii. -^jrs^j. Cubeb, Pipe?- c«&e- 
ha. -^rf^o. Spicery, perfumery, scent- 
ed drugs. -?^=iJ3^0. Scented musk. 
-ci i^t). Sandal oil. -?ci. Fragrance; 
perseverance: manifestation; intima- 
tion. -^O. A medicinal plant and 
perfume. -3ij^w^. A fragrant gar- 
land. -o3jj3m), -ajJ3«i^. The musk 
rat. -cJS. Myrrh. -aS. The earth; 
a kind of perfume. -;:-3ao. The wind. 
-<:)?:S. Black salt. HowS^s. The 
pigment called akshate and sandal- 
ACy3^ s. n. Sulphur. -^S- Sulphuric 
Prepared sulphur. 


a singer. 3, a ghost. 4, a kind of 
deer, -d^^^, A marriage on mutual 
agreement of the parties. 

acid, -sija 
ACiji^r s. n. A celestial musician 




A^islioh. a. Silent, still, int. Silence! 

XrlASi, AXiASj^S, ^^^^' ''''^- ^' '*'^' 

Quickly, greedily. 
T^ji jS (=^Sf3) k. od. Suddenly, all at 

once. -coa. To seize suddenly. 

A^v, h. ?(. A lie, falsehood. 

AJ^v h. n. Deceit; falsehood. 2, invisi- 

bleness. 3, stillness, muteness. 
a20a20. =rt5SrtS, e^c, g. «. 
a20 . <b. ©/■ ritfiF-, g. i?. -^^rtJ. To 

become pregnant (used of cattle). 
aS3 (tb. of rtcDr) a. Proud, haughty. 
a20j k. n. A bad smell, stenoh. 
AEpe'cJ (= rtotp^rf) s. a. Deep; profound, 

grave, solemn. 
AJ^O 1. k. n. Strong scent, fragrance. 

-rtsjj ^Ddj, -rt;DJ?^J. To smell sweetly. 
A^J 2. s. Ji. Going; march. 2, flighti- 

ness; thoughtlessness, rashness. 
Ao^O^ s. rt. Making clear, n. An 

evidence. 2, a kind of consecutive 

compound. 3,= rt53J2, No. 2, lofti- 
ness; exertion. 
A^J?i 1. k. M. Odour, fragrance. 
atS.^^ 2. s. a. Going, walking; march. 

n53JS>soo, ri<SJ?^o. To go; to walk. 
AOs3 k. 7U A basket. 
/JoePeT:^ (= rSip?d, g. ti.) s. a. Deep; 

solemn. -^. Depth; profoundness, 


Asio. ^J li. n. Game, play; amusement 

o — o 


A^, ^ k. ad. Quickly. 

A^Oo s. a. Accessible; attainable; in- 
telligible, suitable. 

Aorio, Ao3o s. 71. N. of a place of pil- 
grimage in Behar. r^odjavSV. A begg- 
ing Brahmaua at Gaya; an extortion- 
er, rtodj?^. A weak-minded or vain 
man. Tloijs,<°.?. A shrew, scold, vixen. 

ATJl. s. n. A drink; poison, venom. 
2, an astrological division of the day; 
see ridwsTs^rfrs. 

Ad 2. (tb. of ri J^, g. •«.) n. A planet; 

an evil spirit. -wd, -3ov.racl. An evil 

spirit to smite any one. -sSl^ii, -sy,?i. 

Possession, frenzy, torment. -Sli^o. 

To become possessed with an evil 

spirit; to rave, wander. -cdS. An 

evil spirit to seize. 
ATJ^J k. n. Unevenness, roughness. 
A'dX, ATJOA k. n. A common weed, 

Eclipta alba. 

a^aB 'k.n. The tree Ficus asperrima. 

ATJATJ {Ci=e3) k. ad. Whirlingly, 

smartingly, quickly. -rS ^CjrJj. To 

turn around, as a millstone, etc. 
aTJaO?^ a. k. n. Pleasantness; beauty. 
ATJAri (tb. of '^^"^) M. A saw. -zi s3Jtf. 

A tree with rough leaves, Ficus 

A^Xo (rf=e3 ^ridjrto) k. n. The state of 

being scorched by heat. a. Fragile, 

brittle, dry, as flowers, leaves, etc. 
ATi3i S3 5'-d0©, Ati^ s. 71. The fifth of 

the eleven astrological divisions of 

the day. 
Ad3iO h. 71. Need, necessity; pressing 

A'da. = rtc!ja, q.v. 

A^S (tb. of rt)^-^) n. A decent and 

reputable woman. 
ATi'rfj li. a. Hot. n. Heat. rttitSj. Heat. 
A^ie; s. ?i. Poison, venom. -^?5i, -<?rf, 

rtds^s^oi. Siva. -^d. A serpent. 
ATJ^jJ (=rtc!osoO) k. w. Gravel. 
Aii;6 k. Ji. A measure (of salt) equal 

to 400 marakals. 
7\'0T)C^o^TJ h. ?i- A respectable man. 
Aa(0=S3') k. n. A feather; a wing; 

the feather-like leaf of a palm, etc. 

-rt^j.. To get strength; to improve. 

-Sod. The two side-portions of a wheel 

of an idol-car. 
a8^. = *0^, q.v. 
A 5^, aQ^O, aD^O s. n. Heaviness, 

weight. 2, dignity, worth. 





A&e20 h. a. Poor. 

AQoodJoJ (f'>'- '^^J) s. a. Heavier; dearer. 
Ai^orf s. n. The feathered vehicle of 
Yishnu; an eagle, kite. 2, a building 
shaped like Garuda. 3, a military 
array. -*o:o, -rtoio. A pillar before a 
temple on which at festivals an image 
of Garuda or Nandi is set up. -^?3-)V'. 
A medicinal herb, OpMorrhiza mungos, 
said to be an antidote to snake-bites. 
-^crara. N. of a small purana by 
Garuda. -^w. The tree Hydnocarpus 
venenata. -JTssoji. A kind of idol- 
A^j^ (=nda) k. n. An abode. 2, 
a fencing-school, gymnasium; also 
-sJjfS. -^^z^=^, -Ai^qSfS. Gymnastic 
ATJO^eS {=n^^°) a. k. «. Wind. 
A'do?do. = rtd?:o, q. V. 
AdjcJ k. n. A sound in loud belching or 

in creaking. 
aaFQ (lb. of ^^jtO) ?i. A churn. 
-l^:i. A medicinal herb, Wedelia 
A3irj3 s. »i. Roaring; rumbling. 2, 
wrath; reproach. -SjJSSj, rttirsij. 
To roar. 
A^r" k. n. 'N. of a tree of which the 

sour fruits are used for pickles. 
a3~. = AdS, q. V. 
7(ti,F2^ s. n. An ass. 
7\z;if c3 s. «. Greediness. 
A2[Sr (= rSio.) s. n. The womb. 2, an 
embryo. 3, a child. 4, the inside, 
interior. -rJja, -'^^o. A lying-in 
chamber; the sanctuary of a temple. 
-^O^dj. To conceive, -i^^ts. Preg- 
nancy, gestation. -35. A pregnant 
female. -3^553jo3. Born to riches and 
honour, -^o^d. A jiurificatory rite 
observed by pregnant females. A'i^r 
cJ. Pregnant; a pregnant woman, 
nzpra. Pregnant; inclosed, riipr^ 
^OKo. To inclose, comprise. 

A^F (=r(zo^) s. n. Pride, arrogance, 
conceit. -co^^i. Prideless. 7\z~. 

Proud, haughty. rtcrsd. Most 

haughty. n<::rKo. To become proud. 
a4^' tb. of nar, q. v. 
Ai^AO (=^tJ'5'e-) s. n. Clamour, confused 

chatter. -sJjacij, To chatter loudly. 
a£JaO 1. k. )i. A kind of reed for 

7<£)A0 2. k. n. Loud chatter. 
Ae;S. = '^^S^, q- V. 
a£^20B?? k. n. Rinsing. At>ivO=?o. To 

Ae^83e3. = AQitO, q. v. 
7\S)i3 f. n. Hubbub, uproar; clamour. 
yi^S)SS'A h.. n. Mustaches curling over 

the cheeks. 
a£)?3sv(5 s.n. A kind of jugglery con- 
sisting in swallowing stones, etc. 
A«5£3s3 k. n. Disorder, confusion. 
AsS^&J h. a. Dirty, filthy. 
AiyjScO k. n. Tinkling, jingling. 
Ae3^^ li. n. A case, as of a pillow, sofa, 

ACPyS. s. n. A wrapper round the 

throat, neck-tie. 
At) k. n. The cheek. -3riJ. A dimple 

in the cheek. [rSt)l. 

aV ^ b. a. Astray; misplaced; also 
oo _o 

aC;3 h. »i. Corn. 2, =rte3 , 5. r. 
Ae3 s. «. A lane, alley. 


Ae3 ?1) k- V. t. To shake, as the boiled 


contents of a pot, etc., or as corn, e<f., 

on a fan. 2, to trouble, annoy, v. i. 

To be troubled, etc. 
7\Sj:> f. «. Hanging, as a culprit. 

nc^nj. To be hanged. ^^^ =i?J53j, 

-srs^o. To hang on the gallows. 

n© ^ S^ . Punishment by hanging. 

-Sod. A gallows. 
Ae3 k. ?j. A lump, clot. 2, (=noM a 

money-hole in the shop of shroffs and 





TstS'k.n. Smart itching'. -rioS oirjJ,. To 
itch very much. 

7(^Zi. = n^:^, q. V. 

Asifi k. n. Attention, care, heed. ri53 
S>SjO. To heed, mind. 

AeiorfJ s. n. A species of ox, the Gayal. 

a^Ba (0= 65') a. k. n. A basket-maker. 

A^£iO. = rtj^j^jj, q. V. 

A^?jrJ, -"^5 -7^ k. n. A cover, wrapper, 
case, sack. 

A^^ 1. = r!sj^, q. V. 

X^S? 2. A^^A (=rf3^r!, rtj8?S^r(. <b. 
o/" ?iJ3?3Jj)£), -^) »i. A man of the cow- 
herd caste; f. rtd^A^. 

aSs3^, s. ?i. A small round-window: 
an air-hole. 

aSDlJ h. a. Rustic, clownish. 

A^ k. n. A cave, cell. 2, covering. 
-SjO. To heed, pay attention. 

X4^ k. 71. Noise, hubbub. 

A ^r^ (=7^:^) s. J!. The chief officer of 
a village. 2, a title of honour among 
peasants; /". -f^^, -?33fi. -^^!, rts^a'^. 
A Gavuda's business, rts^a. A maid- 

A^eS f. n. A flour-paste made into 
threads and cut into small bits. 

A^iyo (= rt53ejj) k. n. A fetid smell. 

7\4'9 Ji- 'I- The house lizard. 

Azios. a. Belonging to a cow: milk, 
cheese, butter, urine and dung; also 

7\7i7\7i k. n. A sound like quick rubbing. 

-is'j' . To rub, as the teeth, clothes on 

a stone, etc. 
A?jr? k. n. Care, concern, grief. 
A^ k. n. The sediment or dregs of oil, 

melted butter, or pickles. 
7\r% li. n. A patrol, going the rounds; 

also -S^d. 

aSoaSo k. ?i. The soimd of 

r!aor(uo?<o. To laugh merrily. rt^rt 
20=^. Hilarity. 

X5o^ s. a. Deep, dense; inaccessible. 
2, difficult of comprehension, pro- 
found. 71. A thicket; a wood. 2, a 
mystery, secret. 

aSoQtJ s. a. Deep. 2, contiguous. n. 
A thicket. 2, an abyss; a cave. 3, 
a deep secret. 4, a jungle. 5, 

A^ 1. (=r!u) s. n. The neck, throat. 
-^ji^A. A neck-ornament. -nsV. A 
hook for the throat. 

AS? 2. (=?1C0) k. 71. Quick motion. 
-r!^(3. Quickly. 

X^S^ (^=C0) k. V. i. To chatter, prate, 
n. Idle talk. ri^si. A loquacious, 
lying man. ri^^:^_,. Idle prattle. 

A^:^, A"^:^ 1. (tb. of Jh'W^) 71. A high 
bamboo-basket for storing corn. 

At^O'B^ f- n. An inner chamber. 

A^^ (S? = CO') f. ?i. Acquirement, ac- 
quisition; gain. 

TivR 2. (lb. of ^^^'S) 71. A fold, as of cloth. 

X^^;^ 3. ('■? = 0') (tb. of ^i3T?) n. A 
period of twenty-four minutes; a 
short time. 

aS?;5J (tb. of v'ii^j) y. <. To procure; 
to acquire, obtain, gain. 

A^O k. An affix of the plui'al, as: »3Jr3-, 

Xs? («?=G3^) k. n. A bamboo rod; a 
pole, staff; a churning stick. 

AS?e^ ^- w. A complete agricultural 
apparatus; a set of implements. 

TTOaS? k. 71. Noise; hubbub. 

T^o^eodo (fr. rton?) s. a. Belonging to 
the Ganges, n. Karna. 2, Bhtshma. 

7\3&(0 (tb. of =532^5 (J. ti.) n. Glass. 

7\Sc;^ (=:rioM) s. n. The dried heads 
of the hemp-plant. -?\:S. The hemp- 
plant. Cannabis saliva. 

T^sU, A^UJ (=5=3W) k.-«. A sharp, strong 
smell as of tobacco, burnt chillies, etc. 

7\X>ti, m. H. A load-cart; a carriage. 
-:Syj,. The inner seat of a cart. -fi^J. 




A round nose-ring. -rretf, -odjS. 
A cart-driver. 

TVsSa (= n?tfj3n) 3.71. A juggler. 

7\t>T^ s. a. Hidden or absorbed in. 2, 
tight, close, firm, compact; deep, 
sound, as sleep; intense. 3, excessive, 
much. -S^^' A sound sleep, n^t^o 
CjS'SDvi. Thick darkness. 

7^r® k. w. An oil-mill; a sugarcane- 
mill. 2, (=rre<!*) a hook; a fish- 
hook. -ya?dj. To work a mill. 

7s«)rfA k. ?t. An oil-miller; f. ^re^5?^^. 

AScS'rf, 7\Sc5;^ s.n. Arjuna's bow. 
At)oatD, rraoa^iD. Arjuna. 

T^oZio m. M. The posteriors. -rioaii, 
A bump with the knee upon a boy's 
posteriors; an aching fever. [^3^. 

7vD^ (tb. of S3=):^) n. Depth. 2, tb. of 

TTO^rf, aS^ 1. (=:rt:^;^d, g. t\) k. n. Stout- 
ness; thickness. 

TtoS (= rv;^") s. il /'em. a/^ia" of nouns, 
as: "Sii., ifjs^si-, sari"^-, ^t5j3?d-, e<c. 

Tv)^ 2. s. n. A limb of the body. 2, the 

^°^y- _ [proverb. 

7\S^ (= nt):S) s. n. A song; a suying, 

T^uJQ k. ?i. The mark left by a whip, 
by the bite of a musquito, etc. 

7\T)a h. n. Cushion. 2, the seat of an 
eminent personage. 

7^3 (tb. of rrei^ n. A saying, proverb; 

also -53J330. r^f gj_ 

7\5^ s. rt. Fordable, shallow, n. Bottom. 

7^?j s. n. Singing; a song. 

T^oq-STi a. 71. The third of the seven 

primary notes of music. 2, Candahar 

and its people. 
TIDc^Jsa s. n. N. of the wife of Dhrita- 

rashtra. 2, N. of a raga. 
7N320r^, 7^205 (=^3Wd)h. a. Overcome 

by terror, grief, etc. 7i. Terror, 

7^200 k. n. Fear, alarm. 
TTOc^ri k. n. A rustic, simpleton. -^^. 

The behaviour of a rustic. n=)o^. 


7\30^eo:ior s. 71. Deepness, profundity, 

earnestness, sagacity. 
7^o:!o (=^oii) k. n. A hit, bruise, 

wound. 2, {tb. of rreu) straining, 

TsSCXJO^* s. n. A singer, musician. 
TvBOdjSj s. w. A song. 2. N. of a type 

of metres. 3, the vedie verse repeated 

by every Brahmana. 
At)Orfo?j s. n. Singing; song. -rrao. A 

singer, musician. 
7X6 s. A masc. affix of iioiins denoting 

agency, profession, etc., as: =5^oJiio-, 

^jrfjd-, etc. 
ADrfrf, 7\3TJa. <f>. o/" rrado:^, q. v. 

TCsdr® a. k. n. Tale-bearing, calum- 
A3&^ k. 71. A flat cake made of wheat or 

black gram and fried in ghee or oil. 

n^O:^. To fry. 
Tsji'do k. 71. A sharp eruption on the 

body from internal heat. -iSj;;^. A 

AS'do'rf (fr. riJijzi) s. a. Relating to 

garuda. n- A charm against poison. 

2, jugglery. -^^, n'stfoa. Jugglery. 

AtjOjart. A conjurer, juggler; a 

poison doctor. 
aSTj m. n. Lime, plaster, mortar. -"#«-> 

X. A plastering work. -n«)rf. A 

a3c3F£{5 s. a. Asinine. ?(. An ass. 
7\3<y (= rreoij No. 2) s. n. Flowing; 

straining; swallowing. 
A3e5 k. 71. A wheel. 

A3e3^ s. a. Strained, sifted. [hurry. 

A3£^0^0?£)0 m. w. Disorder; commotion; 
A3^3i, AS^rf (<b. o/" ?^^£3) n. An 

Indian league. 
7^») (=^A)) k. /i. Trouble, annoyance, 

fatigue; pain. 
A^^ k. n. A fish-hook. 
7sD<§| (= ^5?, (J. r.^ k. »!. "Wind, air; 
emptiness; a demon. Cpds.: ^'^-f 3c-, 




A mass of lies. -^^w%«i*Jv To take 
an airing. -SW. A paper kite. -^i3. 
Demon worship. -:SSj. Wind to begin 
to blow. -SJ3;^j. An empty word; 
abuse, slur. -?ioa. A false report. 
-Sot-^o. To fan. 
7\'^'§7i:> s. «. «. To strain; to sift. 

?>.8ct k. n. Peffffingr one top into another. 

So- "'' " 

-asjsd. To peg likewise. 

7,3S k. A sound denoting confusion. 

-f\'i^. The state of being crowded. 

-rtjWj,. To be crowded. -i5t3. The 

chirping of birds; confusion, dis- 
7\o&fo k. n. Being full of seeds and 

disagreeable taste. 
^W3^, 'hki'do k. n. The kernel of the 

cocoanut when still in the nut. 
?\yo, (=*Wo,) k. V. i. To be obtained. 

2, to be closely pressed. ?>feJ.rfS. A 

useless man. 
V\Zi k. n. A plant ; a small tree, shrub. 

-r.d,-noii. dupl. -SJjJsOf. Medicinal 

plants and roots; a herbal medicine. 
7\t^A, 'A'rfoA k. 71. A hawk; a falcon. 
?\5 k. I', t. To devour by mouthfuls. 

n. An imitative sound. -iSa. A small 

drum like an hour-glass. 
'hzio. =h:S, q. V. 
t\Ti k. n. A short, small man; a dwarf. 

-fS. Short, small. Cpds. : -=5^ejJ, -'S^. 

TnT^J k. 71. Shortness, smallness. 

'}\^(=f\i?) k. n. A parrot. -Sojsrto. A 

parrot's beak; a Roman nose. 
f\c\i k. 71. Gingham, stout cloth. 
7\o5 k. 71. A small round water-vessel 

with or without a spout. 
7\r® , f\^J 1. k. 71. The milk of a lately 

£0 EC 

calved cow or buffalo. 
7\^ k. 71. A cancerous disease destroy- 

ing toes and fingers. 
?\P©0 2. (= rtraj) k. M. A knot, joint, as 

of a sugarcane, finger, e/c. 

f'^ k. ^ /'e»i. «^x of nouns, as: ^j13u-, 

tfjo'^sid", djsiowri-, etc. 
?\rf k. >i. A quarter ({). -^£4, i 

of a kani. -c^. The fourth part of 

a solige. 
7xij. = ncS. -ssejo. ^L part. -ss^^. ^ 

part of a measuring seer. 
^Ti^^o (3 = 63) k. 71. Being close, strait, 

?\IJ3^, ?^a^ k. 71. The ankle. 
TsdrS f. ?i. A cotton-press. 
'h'dS f. M. A round cushion. 
Tx'dSJS b. n. Distress, penury; fate. 


"KOZTT h. 11. A buyer; a customer, a. 

1\Ut7\§> {lb. of r!,2or!S) n. One's private 


?\& 1. s. 71. A mountain, hill. a. Re- 
spectable, venerable. -=tfrir=f. A 
species of Achyranthes. -St), -ssi, 
-sS, -Xo^. Mountain-born: Parvati. 
-Z^6. Krishna; Vishnu in the form 
of a tortoise. -DSJi. The Himalaya. 
-^.ort. A mountain peak. 

t\t> 2. h. Aff. denoti7ig office, busi7iess oj* 
p7-ofession, as: a^SoS-, Ajs:303o-, ^m 

?\5 3. (0 = 63') k. n. Whirling, buzzing. 
-f\ii,. A kind of rattle-box. -AO^rfo 
ri^^. To turn round with speed. 

7\Xio (55j= esj) k. H. Creaking. -rtS. A 
sort of castanets; a child's turning 
rattle. -rloWj,. To creak, as a door. 

J\Tij^ k. ad. Quickly, speedily; with a 

?\e;^0 k. 71. Tinkling, rattling, etc.; a 
jingle. -hiJ'^J. »-ep. The sound emitt- 
ed by the gejje. 

?\£reocio, "haisCXSO h. M. A plaster of 
lime, water and sand. 

7\e3 k. n. Fear. -coa. To be afraid. 

?^.s5t? k. )i. A child's rattle-box. 




f\QJt> h.. n. A complaint; slander. 

7.<9 (=-.nrf) k. H. A parrot. 

7-?cssTJ k. ;;. The roaring of an 
elephant; also ■^j'Po^esrf. 

^?2iO'oa33d£'o (= h°:^jTz^'^j) k. n. 
Scrawl, scribble. 

^NfE^^O, ?\e3:;o, 7>o:ij k. v. t. To scrape; 
to scratch, scrawl; to draw lines 
with a pen; to erase. v. i. To scrib- 
ble, n- A scratch; scrawling; a furrow. 

7\?aJA, ?,?aiOA k. 7(. The bottle-bird, 

Ploceus baya. 
?\eUo (=A?c(o, Qi. w.) k. n. Aline, stroke. 
7'?^, ?\e^ s. »i. A song, hymn. f\^^. 

Singing; a song. 2, the Bhagavadglta. 
?\?20j k. n. A house, abode. 
?\5^j (=n?e3j, ^s^i^j, q. I,.) k. V. t. To 

scrape or rub off, as butter; to draw. 

as lines, n. A scratch; a line, streak, 

stripe, groove. F\^^ i3^ , -AjoIj. A 

striped shell. -rioqS. Sandal streaks 

on the body. -cTSSo. A sectarian line 

of gopi on the forehead. -lo«?. A 

fluted gold bracelet. 
?\?3s?"fv3 s. n. A god, deity. -zp^^. 

aOcCOj k. n. Whizzing, buzzing. 

-r!joo3j. rep. The sound of some insects. 
a05^0^ 1. k. V. t. To draw a deep breath 

whilst speaking. 

falter in speaking 
AO^'jj 2. k. «. An inarticulate sound. 2, 

a mouthful. 3, palpitation of the 

7\oX 5 k. n. Grain boiled and seasoned. 


2, shrinking. 3, = riortJ 0. -"s*^- An 
annual weed, Hedyotis aspera. -Ajz^ijj. 
A mode of punishing boys by tying 
the hands round the knees in a 
sitting posture and fixing a stick 
between them. 
aOa '^ (= rijrtj ejj) s. n. The fragrant 

A '^ 

gum bdellium; a powder made of it. 
AOAO 5 k. n. Curling, bristling, as 

A n OJ 

the hair of the body. 2, = rtort 0. 

r(j*\ 53js33:^j. To 

-rl/s^j^. To become erect, horripilate, 


AOA J e'O, AOAO <?*. =njA <f, a. r. 2, 

, A ' A n ' ^ ' 

the tree Amyris agallochum. 3, 

Morunga hyper anther a. 
AOCAsrf, aJcTujS, AOOT^rS k. h. A 

A0o7\ k. n. A large black bee; also 

AOOAO k. ??. The husk of paddy. 
AOOAJ^Jo 1. k. n. Curling. -*JSCisjj. 

= enjorlorf tfjscJtu. Curled hair. 
AOOAOTJo 2. k. H. An eye-fly. 2, a 

musquito, gnat. 

Aoei. s. n. A bundle, tassel, bunch, as 
of flowers; a cluster. 2, a bush. 3, 

a necklace of 3 2 strings. 
AO&T^Dijj (=ri02i 03^. <6. (,"/" notiJ^cJoa^ ) 

n. The district of Gujarat. rSotsoti^. 

An inhabitant or language of Gujarat. 
A03iU3cvO 'h.n. Livelihood, subsistence. 

7?o3i5 (=r!o:s 0) f. 71. The evening mar- 
aO&!x! h. a. Past, as a year, e<c. 

AOSdOAOKO k. «. v4 sound in rohispering; 

whispering. -»jj333:aj, rtjisjrij:^?!). 

To whisper. 
AoaiorJo, A0 3i 1. a. k. n. Shortness, 


A0&! 2. k. 11. A dwarf. 


Aoa; TjtJi,. . = r(oto03z!, g. r. -Sfe3,. Fine 

aj 6^ / "^ 

cloth from Gujarat. 
aO&» S. = rtJtsD, g. I'. 
AOSiS 5 k. ?i. A dwarf; f. T\o-£ . 
AOSio k. n. A small perjiendicular post, 

to raise short beams; a queen-post. 

2, shortness, smallness. 
AOo3i503oSj^ h. n. Illicit profit; excess 

of the area of the land under assess- 
7\^cdi7)^/i)Zid s. n. A sweetmeat of Bengal 

gram-dough formed like Abrus seeds. 
XoosS s. n. The seed of Abrus precato- 

rius; also rtjois. 




AOo3iO k. r. /. To be entangled, as 
thread. 2, to pull, contract, as mus- 
cles, n. Particles of cotton sticking 
to one's cloth; nap. 2, the coir of 

aoIjS'o, aoUj^j k. n. A single gulp or 
draught of any liquid. AoWo^O^j. 
To drink in a single gulp. rsj^jrioWj 
■s^ja, rioWj-D-^j. To drink in gulps. 
rtjtJj^rS, With a single gulp. 

7\0li7\'6 k. V. i. To grunt, bellow, as a 

/\01j^ s. n. A pill, bolus. 

aoU. = nozi , q. V. 
ei "^ 

7\>i&j, k. 71. A mixture of medicine for 

Tsoyo, k. Ji. A secret; a hidden thought; 

one's private affairs. 
AJ'rf s. Ji. A ball, globe. 2, molasses, 

jaggory. -sj^fj. A beverage made of 

jaggory, etc. 
Aor^?iCJ, aJc^o^jO:), etc. k- n. A hut 

with a thatched roof. 
Aorf^jJ k. n. A round thing. 2, (=nja 

?io) the round mark ' used for the 

vowel '3, and the round mark "* used. 

for the vowel oi. 
AOi33^o f. )i. A preparation of tobacco 

for smoking or snuff. 
A0I33r© k. 71. A large water-vessel, 

7\0Z33Ti s. n. A tent. 2, a thick coarse 

Aoa 1. {=nj:i:<o No 1) k. n. A 

circle; a halo. 2, a mass, cluster. 

-*Wo,. A halo to form round the sun or 


moon; to form a ring; to come to- 
gether, as people. 

ao5 2. (tb. of *ji3) 71. A house; a 
temple, -'^'^^j* ^ group of houses. 
-A3rf. A turner and cabinet-maker. 

y\0&?\ b. 71. Breeches. -S^rs. A sort 
of breeches. 

TvOc^rij k. I', t. To sweep. 2, to heap 
up. rioariejj, rtjaAiOJ. Sweeping. 

aoI^oaO 1. k. V. i. To run when playing 
at tip-cat or ball. rtjSjns:^j. To 
run about. 

AOtiOAO 2. k. f. J. To thunder, n. Thun- 
der, roar, etc. 

AOTiOAOc^ m. 71. A smoking pipe; a 

AO'rfoAoSrio k. V. i. To grumble; to roar; 
to growl, grunt. 

AO'rfoTjeJO. = rij35:^t)0, q. v. 

7\0Xi 1. k. H. A boy, pupil; a dwarf. 2, 

AO'rf 2. k. n. A mountain; a hill. -rstiSo. 
dpL -ADi^jJafi. Jungle-people. -rf 
rSjs^rf? s3jrf. A shrub, Alaiigium 
laniai'kii. -5j(5^?!3°t?j. A small tree, 
Eugenia zeila7iica. -do^iJojrf. The 
tree Elacoca7'pus serrattis. 

Aorfo k. ri. The eye-ball. 2, an egg, 

spawn. 3, shortness, sraallness. 

aOI§ k. n. A heap, pile. 2, a piece of 
cloth used by men. 

AJfS s. tt. A cord, string. 2, quality, 
property. 3, the three fundamental 
qualities: satva, rajas, tamas. 4, a 
good quality, virtue, merit, excel- 
lence; wisdom; energy; dignity; good- 
ness; temperance; recovery from 
sickness; favourable issue; benefit. 
5, political wisdom. 6, flavour, taste. 
7, multiplication. 8, a secondary 
gradation of a vowel, the vowels 
a, e, 6. 9, joy. 10, protection. 11, 
at the end of a compouTid: fold, 
times. -=5*. (Tnath.) Multiplier, -^tf, 
-=5^d. Profitable. -n?jCo. One who 
appreciates good qualities. -^. A 
scholar. -^. Dependence; virtue. 
-:3-ra?^. Virtue and vice. -:f^OF. The 
virtue or duty incidental to certain 
qualities, as: clemency is the virtue 
of royalty. -fj. (math.) Multiplica- 
tion. -cTOdJ. A name that expresses 
the nature of a thing, person, etc. 
-Si^, An ocean of virtues. -sijrf. 




A jewel of virtues. -cCo^J. — rijrf^ij. 
-aioF;, -;t?1o^. (j/.) An adjective. 
-53o3. A g-ood man; f. -c;o3. -^°'^' 
Pre-eminent in virtues. r!jf^e)53d. 
(math.) Multiplication. 7\j^. Endowed 
with good qualities, rijc^:^. (math.) 
Multiplied; multiplication. 

AOrf (=^5^^?^) k. n. A hole, pit. -rirw . 
A sunken eye. -'^^- A sunken cheek. 

7\Or5?iJ s. r. f. To multiply; to enumer- 
ate; to calculate. 

AOrf^. tb. of rijSJ^, 5. V. 

AO0eJAJUo,k. r. i. To murmur, grumble, 

aOoU 1. k. M. Proximity, ad. Near; 
along, as CjsO-, siJfS-. 

A0CU2. ( = njs6J) k. n. A peg, plug. 

AOOfeS f. n. The J^ part of an acre. 

AOoci (=:riooa, riooziCi) k. /j. Roundness, 
hollowness and deepness. 2, a N.; a 
servant. -'^TitO. A temporary well sunk 
in the dry bed of a stream. -loW,£J. 
A small round and deep metal vessel. 
-A. Of a round, globular form. -Ori. 
A round water-vessel. 

AOOtTSCi^TJ k. n. A foundation. -SjsSj. 
To lay a foundation; to ruin com- 

AOg5 (=r<joS) k. ?(. A hole, pit, hollow. 
2, = riooaii, q. v. 3, a large round 
vessel. -'5T)03j. The physical heart. 

Tico^vi k. n. The pit of the stomach. 
2, the thorax, heart; courage. 

aOctSo 1. a. k. n. A heap, mass; a crowd, 

AOcZio 2. k. w. Anything round, as a 
boulder; a stone for grinding or 
constructing an ole; a globe; a ball, 
marble; a bullet, cannon ball. 
-'Jd, riooSti. A round file. -*e->J. A 
grinding stone. -30©^^. A kind of 
jasmine. -»j^<^jr(. A diving water- 
bird. -33TOO, -iSjid. To shoot a 
bullet; to fire a gun. 
Aoreo s. a. Endowed with qualities, n. 
The multiplicand. 

Xoe k. n. Closeness; tijrhtuess. -'oo«?. 

A tight bracelet. -fS. Closely, tightly, 
AOS? , AJe . = rtj^ r1, a. V. 
aoS a. k. ?i. A bunch or cluster of 

flowers. '-', a bush. 
AoS "R. 7\oS k. H. An exclusive right 

of sale, farm, monopoly. 2, rental 

on land. 
AOrfA k. H. A fat, stout man; f. riJZifs.. 

2, a prop behind a door to keep it 

AOrf^. = rijart, q. V. 

AOa 1. k. )t. A rope for the feet used in 
climbing palm trees. '2. a bunch. 

AOa 2. k. V. i. To jump; to stamp. 

AJQy^, rijrfoTi (= rijcSr.) k. n. A club, 

AOrf e3, Aoa (/?;. 0/" i?Jo:r^t;) n. A kind 

CO ro Ci 

of pickaxe, hoe. 

AOa k. n. A clog tied to the neck of 


AJCjO 1. k. 11. A hole, as of a mouse. 
snake, fox, e<c. 

AOsSo 2. k. r. ^ To strike with the fist, 

fist, cuff, box; to pound, n. A blow 

with the fist. Tio^z^ ^W. Fisticuffs. 

nju3? ,So. To box. -;3-ras?. A short 

cubit. -iS'f. Fisting; pounding. 
AOSi k. H. A small crest on the grain 

of jola. 2, the husk of paddy. 
A0?o k. n. Smallness. 2, a raised spot. 

rtjc3^?3. A dwarfish elephant. 
aOJ33^c^8j k. n. Paper gilt with tinsel. 
AOsi s. a. Concealed, hidden, secret. 

2, guarded, preserved. -"S. A spy. 

rtJ^.. Concealment; protection; a 

AO^N k. ad. Silently. 
Aoaj^do, AjaOOT^o k. w. Thickness, as of 

a foliage. 2, veiling, covering. -*^''^) 

-riyj. To become thick in foliage; 

a cover over the head J a cloak. 
AOeostJo k. n. Noise of a crowd. 2, a 





aOS3 1. k. n. A knob, protuberance. 

2, a button. -53j5«?. A stout nail with 

a pommelled head. 
A0e3 2. k. H. A sparrow; also rlo'Uiii , -i^ 

"»*?5- A small grass whose seeds stick to 

one's clothes, Lappago aliena. -i^jejj . 

A common grass, Sporobolus diander. 
aOS^oao^j?)02j?jO k. V. I. To send forth 

a fragrant odour; also rtjoSorioSj ^^A- 

AJ^jy, A 0^0. U h. 71. A copula or 
dome. 2, a huge figure of stone, 

representing a Jaina saint. 

AO^OD f. 71. Fight of children. 

7\0lijt>^ h. n. Heed, care, consideration; 
suspicion, surmise, rtoijjsisi. Suspi- 
cious; suspected, 

Xot^TO?:j h. n. An agent, deputy; an 
accountant. -hO. The post of a 

aOo;^ k. n. A mass, heap, crowd' 
number, -'s'jsc^o, -?ij3s?o>. To assemble. 

AOo^fl s. a. Stringing together; arrang- 
ing. -o5. Winding, arranging. 
rioo^j:^. Strung together; arranged. 

AOO20 1. k. 71. Mysteriousness, obscurity. 
2, reservedness. 

A0O20 2. ('ib. o/" ^Joijij n. A pot. 2, the 

nave of a wheel. 

AOT^o. k. 11. A bugbear, devil. 

AOrfo. ?j. = '^oozo 1., q. V. -rO^to^tf. ditpi. 
Reservedness; a reserved man; f, 

aot5o. ?5 k. (id. Quickly. 

AO^OO. k. r. t. To cuff, box; to strike. 
I', t. To push one's self along, as a 

baby. n. A push forward, as in 

swimming. 2, recoil. rtJ^Sa*^. To 


AOtJT? (!J=e3) k. «. Snoring; growling. 

rtotf=5e)OS^?cO. To growl, snarl at, as a 

dog, etc.; to turn upon one in anger. 

Aod^j (d=e3). = njdo^. 

AJTjSri s. n. A shield. 

A05 (0= 63') k. M. An aim. 2, a mark, 
butt. -533. A man skilled in archery; 
a headman. -"tiSj, -fSjB^c^j, -2oa. 
To take aim. -S'S^J. To hit the mark. 
-oljsnj. To become the butt of; 
to fall into, as into sin; to be 
stricken, as with sorrow. -sSjscl. To 
aim and shoot; to hit the mark. 

aOl^o 1. s. a. Heavy, weighty; venerable. 
n. Any venerable person ; a religious 
teacher. 2, Brihaspati (Jupiter), the 
preceptor of the gods. -ifoejnti=J. 
Stay in the house of gurus, -tfjo 
sJsAi. A disciple, pupil. -^^. Heavier, 
larger, more important. -3^. Weight; 
dignity; worth; a teachership. -viv- f=f. 
A present to a teacher, -ljj-s-. Devo. 
tedness to one's teacher. -ojJ!3. A 
guru's residence. -ajoS^. The counsel 
of a guru. -SoJS-Sr. The visible 
shape of a teacher; N. -:3?id. Thurs- 
day. S^^. The orts of a guru's meal. 
-^?^^r33d. Distribution of the orts 
of a guru's meal to his devotees. 
-w^. A Lingavanta. -coOoIjCj. dpi. 
Preceptors and ancestors. 

7x0^^0 2. (do=e5j) k. 71. A sound in 
snoring or purring; also nocJo^o. 
-tIjUo,, -r!oO:^j, -rtodfuJ. To snore; 

CO -i ' 

to pur. -rloSofS. Silently. 
AOTJd^&o. — rijrf^, q. V. 
AJ'do A c^ (= rtJejrio a) k. n. The creeper 

Abnis p7-ecotorius, wild liquorice and 

its seeds. 
AJlJo^ AOuO^O (d=e3) k. M. A mark, 

sign; a characteristic mark; any sign 

used by illiterate persons for their 

signature. 2, knowledge, rtjdj^c^^. 

A male acquaintance. r!jdj.Sw cJS. 

An unacquainted man, a stranger. 

-ooi^J. To point out; to note, record. 

-nJ^^Sj, -io^. To notice the peculiar 

features of a person or thing ; to 

recognise. -3j = ^o. To tell the peculiar 
feature of a person or thing. 

I', i. To growl, snarl, as dogs, etc. 
AJ:^jr. = rtJtij^J, q. r. 
AJ&7~k. M. The camboge tree, Garcinia 

7\ddi^Ti s. 11. Gujarat. -^^- Woven 

silk or fine cloth from G. 
A0^~, AJ<2ir'rf s. ?(. A pregnant woman. 
AoeiA s^. = riJOorioM, g. i\ 
AOCJasS li. n. A rose; aiso -3o.J3. a. 

Rose-coloured. -f\:i. A rose bush. 

-tors. Rose colour. 
aO£^D^J h. Ji. A slave, menial, -^ji. 

Slavery, bondage. 
AOe^BCJO m. 11. The red powder which 

the Hindus throw about at the holi 


aOC, s.n. A shrub, bush; a thicket. 
2, a disease of the spleen. 3, a body 

of troops consisting of 9 elephants, 

9 chariots, 27 horses, and 45 foot. 

-»l,a. Ague-cake- 

Xoe^J k. n. A loud noise, hubbub. 

AO?j AO?j. = ^j^tj;^, q. i\ 

AJ^' (=rt<D) s. n. A cave, cavern. 

A05oq s. rt. Private, secret, n. A secret, 

aOS? 1. = rtj::S, q. r. 

A0^2. (V=0) k. n. A horse's or ele- 
phant's trappings. 2, (=^J:^) a bar 
of iron. 

AO^ k. a/^x /"or /fte formation of nouns, 
as tfU-, e.^o'.3-. 

AOSJS* (<h. 0/" -soO^) n. N. of Ketu. 

A0«7^ {lb. of rtjy^.g. u.) M. A ball, pill, 

TvO^OAO^O k. n. The murmuring sound 
produced by rippling water. 

Xo'^, AOS?n k. ?i. People leaving a place 
en masse from invasion or famine. 
-5r1, -Mjs^rtj, People to remove en 
masse, etc. -r!j«?fdrtj:S. N. of a 
place in the Bijapur district. 

148 7i^^ 

AO^ k, n. A stout herb, Solanum ferox. 

2, a round kind of brinjal. 
AO^ , AOS?, k. «. A bubble: a blister; 

a small round shell. 
7\J5%, 7\&'R (= T\Ji'>i) k. 71. An owl. 
AJ2U (= r(j3otJ) k. n. A peg, pin. 
AjStio k. ?(. A nest; a dove-cot; a fowl- 
house; a recess, niche; a cage, trap; 

the pit of the stomach; the hollow in 

bones ; a frame. 
AjszS k. n. A basket. 
7\J&<$s. a. Covered, hidden; invisible; 

secret, private; occult. -I3e)0, -;yrfj^. 

A spy, rSj?:5?orS. A tortoise. 
A®oU. = rSj3y, q. V. 

Ajs:3 1. k. n. The love-apple or tomato. 

Ajsa 2. k. 11. Prolapsus of the anus. 

AjScC'J k- «• A hump. -"^>3^. A hump- 
back. rtJSri. A man with a hump; 
f. riJ5S). 

AJ3&2 (=rtj3n, etc.) k. n. An owl. -rirsj . 
A rolling eye, or one of deficient 
sight. -a5S*J. An idle life; lougivity. 

7\si^<V^, Ajs'dj k. 11. An asthmatic 
disease; also rtjsdjw^sj. 

A.®'do(Oo=SJ) k. V. «. To root up the 
earth with horns. 

Aja^jrpjja. k. r. i. To murmur or roar, 
as the water; to sound. 

AJ3^ k. «. A bull 2, a big louse, -lo^ 
5i, -36^t50. A bull allowed to roam 
at liberty and dedicated to a deity. 

AJS^. = rtj«?, q. V. 

A\oa!?j s. 11. Garlic. 

A\vjS. a. Greedy, n. A vulture. 

A\^ s. 11. A house. -^ejas. Domestic 
dissensions, -^^x^^i.. Domestic duties, 
household matters. -^, ol>. The ruin 
of a house. -^^. A family folly; a 
private foible. -^jS, -»jJ?^. A house- 
holder, a Brabmana who is married 
and settled. -^d^S. The ceremony 
of occupying a newly built house; 
a female's first entrance into her 




husband's house, -rfjsd. A mother- 
in-law. -»3o = q3. A domestic sacrifice. 
-53oS. Purificatory ceremonies of a 
house. -^1^, rtvCSsSiSj. A householder; 
a gentleman, patrician. -P^^^.dj. 
The second of the four religious 

stages of a Brahmana 
ness, gentlemanliness. 

- A) ^. Polite- 

--J . A house- 
V , 
wife; a matron. r(,0o5SrV^c9. The 

threshold. n,2of5. The mistress of a 

house ; a wife. 

7^\5co, 7\\^&i s. a. Domestic; domes- 
ticated, tame. -?Scra:^. A class of 
ritual worlvs containing directions 
for domestic ceremonies. 

^ k. il sufjix for the dative, as: asrfAjii, 
c33S?rt, tf3r^, e^rt, etc. 

as (= ^1^) k. n. A spherical jingling 
bell. 2, the groin, -rljs^ejo. A stick 
to which gejjes are attached, used in 
music or by post-runners. -!oje>.). 
A common grass, Andropogon acicu- 
latus. -rrad. A maker of small bells. 

'R'S (=r{d, q. V.) 'k. n. Any bulbous 

:^reS k. n. A female companion; also 

^f©?io, ^rfrio k. /(. A bulbous root: 
a species of Yam dioscorea; the 
sweet potato, Batatas edulis. 

'Rti^fi, "RA^^, ^^i^jjk. ?t. Companion- 
ship, friendship. 

^rfe;o (=:iid e3, f/. 17.) k. »i. The white 

ant, termite. 
7^a (= r1£i)k. i\ /. To conquer; to gain. 

via Qj.~ T^ciejo, g. c. 

^^030, ^0000 k. V. t. To perform, do; to 
prepare; to work, till. Cpds. : €sj?^o-, 

To cause to perform, etc. rlooJS.'s', Ort. 
A husbandman. 
■R-d^, Rbfj (==^rf?;, g. r.) k. 71. A basket. 

^tS k. H. A scratch; a line; a streak. 

-KD^j. To rule; to mark; to draw 

a line over. 
-RiV^, Roj^ k. n. Gain; victory. 2, a 

happy, sprightly air. -?3j35eJJ. Gain 

and loss. 
R.€>, Roo, RQd k. V. t. To win, gain, to 


overcome, conquer; to triumph. P. p. 

A^jo , Az^j , riejjsjjsri. A winnina" coun- 

o CO ° 

tenance. rttkjrl, ?1ejOo":iT?, Winning. 
r^sj?^o, ?lO '^-'' To cause to win, etc. 

R^B (= #va, etc.) k. n. A female 

7^^( = =^»?, q,i,_-) k. ,j. ^ friend, com- 
panion. -3oj. Friendship, compa- 
nionship, etc. 

R^ k. V. t. To perform, etc. P. p. r^^cij. 

^?r5k. H. Rent, contract. -iS^Wj. A 
lease, oijoso-. A permanent lease. 
i3^ej-. Annual lease. ^raoSod-, A 
lease for a fixed time. 

^PC^Jk. w. A span. -raj3^,. The stomach 
that is only a span in length or 

R^oXi, :^?o"'3t)»^0\ A f. 11. Rhinoceros. 

/^e?j. tb. of ts^ ri, q. V. 

7^ee3k. H. A morbid swelling, -djs^d. A 
swollen face. -^JS^,. A swollen belly. 

T^e^O k. n. Work. -^ddcJj. A labour 

7^?odoo. = iiodiOg, g. «. 

^e'33COJ?jO h. y. <. To surround, hem in. 

R^b f. 11. Giddiness. 

R^TJJ 1. k. n. A phlegmatic sound pro- 
duced in the chest. 

R^JJO 2. k. n. The marking-nut tree; 
the cashew-nut tree. -zS^Js. The 
marking nut, Semecarpus atiacardmm; 
the cashew-nut tree. 

/^?e3k. H. Ridicule, derision. -oSjsc^O. 
To ridicule. 

RL=7^c^o, etc., as: fi^Srl^, to sleep. 
o3j3?z^f3i^, to reflect, etc. 

RljS, Rlp^ h. pref. Dis-, un-, extra, out 
of. -sjl^oF. Extra expense. -5jJ3»Jjjb 




5JJ. That is against custom or usage. 

-sseiiat?. Unreasonable, improper. 

-!Se3. Out of order; lost. -SJSJadj. 

A.®CAcih. H. A cloak or blanket worn 

over the head and face. 2, a cumbly. 
AjDO^ a. k. Ji. A mass, heap. 2, the 

large grej' babbler. 
^jsSJAOk. r.i. To speak indistinctly. 

71. Indistinct speech. 
^jsSi (i'J k- n- Mud, mire. 
^J3&(5 k. n. A thick mess of boiled 

brinjals, mangoes, etc. mixed with 

tamarind, chillies, etc. 2, acidity, 


^J3l3 k. 71. Putridity; mud, mire. 

Si .1 ' 1 

^posiaiO k. n. A bunch, cluster, as.' 

^osUi^Jk. ?i. A hole, hollow. -:3°^o. A 
hollow to be formed. 

^jeiy, k. ?(. A bamboo tube for admini- 
stering food or medicine to cattle. 
2, a mango-stone. 3, a corner. 

"RjeliO, k. M. Scarcity. 2, dryness. 3, 
obstinacy. -=s'30. Drought. 

y^Jt)C^AO. = f\Jihidj, q. V. 

'Rj^Xi'S ii. n. Connexion; intercourse; 
concern with, care about. 

^jsTSo (cf. rtjsyj,) k. n. Barrenness, 
sterility; saplessness. -tf?^s?j. A bar- 
ren cow. -?isJ, AjtiZiTi W. Nonsense. 
-^dX. Useless work. -Oorf. A barren 
tree. -SjJsSj. A vain word. -roSCJj. 
A broth without strength. -3odS. 
Useless talk. 

^jsTOaO k. V. i. To nasalize, n. Nasali- 
zation. 2, grumbling, murmuring. 
rtjarsrS. One who nasalizes; f. njsrsA. 

;^jsf®;^0 k. H. A link of a chain. 2, a 
loop. 3, a bunch of 5 pearls. 

^j30w k. ?i. A cluster; a tuft; a tassel. 
2, a thickset state. 3, an amaranth, 
Gomphrena glohosa. T^Jto:5^^^|.. An 
impervious jungle. 

:Rjs>A Is., n. Mucus of the nose. 2, a blot 
of ink. 

:Rj^^:> (= rJjrfj^Sj, q. r.) k. „. x mark, 
sign, token. 2, knowledge, acquain- 
tance. 3, appointment, regulation, 
order; a place of resort or shelter. 
-nsti- A male acquaintance; a person 
of distinction; a headman. -SjsSj, 

-aS'.oO , -ass ?;j. To find out. rtj335 
^3 — ° -" 

r(j. To be known; to be found out. 

Ajsrf tJ'o, ^jsiAJ k. 71. Mud, mire. 

^jsrf^jsrf k. M. Thickness, as of ambali, 

^.orfrfok. n. A bat used in leading the 

course of an idol-car. 

^.arf k. 71. A large black ant. 

"Rsdzii k. ?i. Pig's dunff. 

:^j3f3 k. ?i. A cluster or bunch of fruit, 

as of cocoanuts, plantains, mangoes, 

7^;3orfP®, "Rnoziri a. k. «. A mass; an 

assemblage; a crowd, throng. rljsocJ 

E^^io. To assemble, etc; to be plentiful. 
^j30S3<y f. n. Confusion; bustle; tumult. 
:^j3oa k. n. An alley, lane. 2, a strait. 
"RisZdji k. H. Manure. 2, the measles. 
^j3oe3 (=i5jso".5) k. )i. An image, idol; 

a puppet, doll; the pupil of the eye. 

-SjrfjoS. A sham-marriage made by 

children with dolls. 
/^jSTJS'j (3= es) k. 71. Snoring. 
'RfiTjAJ k. H. A kind of hood made of 

leaves or grass. 
7^j3^^ k. n. N. of a plant. -°^^^- A 

common potherb, Dtgera arvensis. 
^js'de? (rf=i3) k. 71. A kind of termites. 
'Rjs'^i'^ k. «. A class of Saiva beggars; 

f. -S, rtj5!3<s3. 
/^.©"drfc^ k. «. The common Maina, 

Acridotheres tristis. 
"RsiTiS) k. 71. An evergreen tree which 

makes good torches, Ixora parviflora. 
■R.t'dTid, -Rjtb^, T^jslio^jJ k. n. A hoof. 
7^j3e3 k. 71. The notched extremity of a 

bow. 2, a cluster. 





^jtO (tb. of rtj3$S3aj) n. A cowherd; 
f. -^. 2, an assistant cashkeeper. 

:^J5S?y^jsS?^ k. n. The yellow thistle, 
Argemone mexicana. 

'Rsii^€> k. ?(. Husk, chaff. 2, the rind 
of a tamarind fruit. 

.^js? (= iij3?53) s. n. A cow. 2, a bull. 
3, a ray of light (i-Cra). 4, heaven. 
5, the earth. 6, water. 7, Sarasvati. 
-tffsr. A cow's ear; a place of 
pilgrimage in North Kanara. -'SrJej. 
A herd of kine; a cow-house; a 
-village on the river Yamuna, Krishna's 
residence. -=5fja3^ iDj. The birthday 
of Ivriahna. -'^^^^' The plant Astera- 
cantha longifolia. -a^S. Cattle; 

cattle-like nature. -C33?i, Gift of a 
■cow. -^N. Property in cattle. -Sqi. 
A cattle path. "^^- -^ cow's tail; 
.a necklace of 2 or more strings. 
-doaJj. Cowdung. -5jJ3o?i. Beef. 

-3J30. A disease of cattle. -Sjjjaj. 
A cow's mouth; a round platter with 
a snout used for placing idols on. 
-»ijj3j;j7j^ . "A wolf in sheep's cloth- 
ing." -»l)5Zi3. Sacrifice of a cow. 
-rf'^, -rf^r*. A cowherd. -TiTi. Cow's 
milk", buttermilk. -33s3. A cowpen. 
-53:^. A calf. 

7is&^7\'8 k. v. t. To beg loudly, n. Bellow- 
ing sound of a bull-frog. 

J^isee^d s. n. Range {til. field for cattle). 
a. Being within range or reach of, 
accessible, attainable, perceivable by 
the mind, sense, or the eye. -S3^rtj, 
r^J3$:S0;^j. To become perceptable; to 

■^J3?8a f. n. A cloth to cover the privi- 

^J3?ai0 k. ?i. Interference, entanglement. 
2, intercourse. 3, embarrassment, 

i^ra?sJj 1. k. n. Fringe, ribbon, edging, 
trimming. 2, a stunted tamarind 
fruit. 3, the state of being full grown. 

but hard; as r^JS^Wa^^. A hard, in- 
ferior kind of areca nut. 

^/jfUj 2. h. n. The border or hem of a 
garment. 2, a cloak of broadcloth. 

T^jsj'rfo k. u. Sediment from the bottom 
of wells, tanks, etc. 

'Rjt^'d {lb. of ^'-iS,) 71. A wall. -rtc^. 
A hole made by burglars in a wall. 
oo5«?j-. A dilapidated wall. 

:^j^?r® k. M. = ii-ra?rao. 2, a man with 
a neck. -r^JSCxJj. A cut-throat; f. 
-?1l©o3j . 

z^jserS 1- k. n. A sack, pack-sack; also 
-i^^tj. 2, a confluent kind of small- 
pox; also -rtra-stf. -zJ^a;, -^Wo.. 

-Rsd^pi'2. (= <iJ3$^) k. 71. The tree called 
Fictis elaslica. 

"Rji^t^^ k. n. The nape, neck, throat. 
-?1u'30da. A cut-throat. -SjjOcSj zi?«?o. 
To drop the head and fall, as in 

T^j^ed 1. k. 71. The fetid urine of cattle. 

7^j3?;^2. k. n. A ruinous business; loss. 
-eo3=5^j. To die. 

"Rb^^j s. n. A cow-pen. 2, family, race, 
lineage; kin; offspring. 2, the 

family-name. -^. A relation. 

7R.^?3jTO, T^jsetoe?, ^js^tdd k. 71. A crib 
for cattle. 

7^,Q?t3a^5 s. n. The Godavery river. 

T^jjoa {tb. of iijs^qSjBSjj) 71. Wheat, 
Triticum vulgai'e. -=ffss?j. A grain of 
wheat; wheat, -fssrtrf. Naga Iripudi- 
ans. -tfj3, -?^t3 (i. Granulated wheaten 
flour, rolong. -2oWj,. Wheaten flour. 

7^j«fVJ?e5 s. 71. Dust raised by cattle on 
the road when coming home. 2, 
evening twilight. -^'l- Marriage 
performed at godhuli. 

7^,3^9 s. 71. The forehead. 2, an 

7^,^?^"^, ^j3?J^ s. n. A large kind of 
lizard; an iguana. 

:^j3?c33^ a. k. n. The throat, neck. 




:^j5?oS, /RjseoSj h. n. Gum. 

"Rsi^tL s. ri. A cowherd. 2, the head of 
a district; a king. 3, Krishna, -h. 
A bull. -'^. Guarding, protection. 
-JjTiSoJo. Indra's vehicle: Airavata; 
Brahma's vehicle: the hamsa; 
Vishnu's vehicle: Garuda. -^°- A 

^j^?3jS£J (= ^JS^Si, q. V.) s. n. A cow- 
herd; a caste of Vaishnava mendi- 
cants. 2, alms. 3, a Jf. -^^' A. 
mendicant's bamboo basket. 

:^j3?S:i s. n. A cowherd's wife, Krishna's 
foster-mother; a milkmaid. -zSocirj. 
A species of white clay used by Vaish- 
navas for making sectarian marks. 

^:D?4 {Ih. of rfjs^S) n. N. 2, a neck- 

/^jsi?^'rf s. n. A town-gate, gate; a toAver 
over the gate of a city or temple. 

^jsesios. a. Secret, hidden. 

^j3e^J?:sS?, -Rji^Ti^^^ etc. k. n. The 
neck or throat with Adam's apple. 

:^j3e^Jodo s. n. Cowdung. 

-Rj^i^zijso^^ s. n. Goa. 

^j3?oSjj f. n. A bad mark in a horse. 

:^.®e^oorf^, ^jae^J?ti^ s. n. A precious 
stone of a reddish colour. 

tijoU) ?i. The prickly flower-plant 
Lawsonia s2:iiuosa. 

^JS?DS b. a. White ; of fair complexion. 

j^jajQ !• h. w. A grave, tomb. 

^J3?Q2. k. n. Drawing together; attract- 
ing, decoy. 2, a kind of rake. -?305j. 
Dolichos fabaeformis. 

:;^j5oTio 1. k. r. <. To draw; to gather 
pile; to fish with a net, etc. 2, to 
scratch. ;;. Drawing, etc. -wJrl. 
A kind of rake. 

'Rji^xid2. f. n. Trouble, annoyance. 

'^ji^'6 k. n. A shovel. 

'Rji^'dst^zi^ (tb. ii-BodJS^Jsfi) s. n. A 
yellow pigment prepared from the 

urine or bile of a cow or found in its 

■Rji^O (= rljs^ejj, r,j3=s?) s. n. A ball, 
globe, circle, sphere. -rf^. Gum- 
myrrh. rt.'5?Ot)^3rf. Globular, rijs? 
csqic". A hemisphere. 

'Rjt^ti'u h. n. A money-box, till. 2, a 

^js?a'^j30'rf s. «. Golconda near Hydra- 

^jj?«5 s. n. A small ball. -^^■^- A. 

^j3e£ij r^b. o/" ?1j3ot), g. t\) n. A circle, 
ring; a globe. rtjs^ejoorirf. A plain 

'Rjt^Tif'^'d k. n. The guava tree, Psidinm 

'Ra^'ziT^'^'^ s. n. A hill in Vrindavana. 

^.;3°SQCi s. n. A chief-herdsman. 2, 

Krishna; Vishnu. 
/^jt)?4' = '^■^°, (/• I'. 
^j^o^ s. «. Goa. 
^je)?s:i3 h. n. A veil, cover used by 

Mohammadan women when appearing 

in public. 

^j3e»-\, xn. w. A word; a story. 

^J3(?si s. ft. A cow-pen. 

^j3?iU s. n. An assembly. 2, a convcr- 
sation, discourse. 

Hsii^'S^z^ h. n. An abstract, summary. - 

g. f. 
^.®??jOce3 k. n. A chameleon. 

7^j5?:dc^SJ ( r= iiw-s^^cijoSj) s. n. The 
master of cows. 2, a religious mendi- 

^^i^^ (tb. of rljsee-i, q. v.) n. A ball; a 
globe. 2, (k.) clamour, tumult. 

:^j3?sro3J k. r. i. To bewail, lament. 
T^JSiVsii. Lamentation, weeping. 7*\J&t 




^j5?^k, H. Any kind of fig tree which 
bears no apparent flowers; the banyan 
tree, Ficus bengalensis. 2, a small 
potherb of the genus Portulaca. -^%.- 
A teal, water-duck. 

T^Zt, 1. (=ri55cS, q. V.) k. n. The head- 
man of a village; f. -hS>. 

7\'^7i 2. s. n. Sweetmeats. 2, the district 
of Gaur in Bengal. -S.'srSr, -0^1. 
The gauda style, -loonn??. Trickery. 

Tf^C^ s. a. Subordinate, secondary. 

7fe):^^J s. n. N. of Buddha or Sakyamuni, 
the founder of the Buddhist sect. 

Tf^d^O , Tx'^rf^^ s. & k. n. Parvati. 

7\'^'dri ifr. rtorfo) s.a. Relating to a guru. 
n. Weight, gravity. 2, importance. 
3, dignity, respectability. 

Tf^S s. n. A virgin. 2, Parvati. 3, a 
yellow pigment. -53o^, -SS. Siva. 
-Sjassra. A kind of mineral, -sy)^. 

7^€) (= rt40, q. V.) f. n. A paste of 
wheaten flour cut into threads. 

7;'?sp (= rlws?, rtcl^rS) k. »i. A milkman. 

7^0^. tb. of t3^ ri, q. V. 

7\joqj s. 71. Binding. 2, a book or 
composition in prose or verse; a code; 
a religious treatise. 3, wealth. 4, 
great knowledge. -^B'Sr, -?sd. An 
author. -€)aj. One of the characters 
used in writing. 

Ajcp s. n. A knot; a tie; a joint, gland. 

Alri s. a. Devoured, eaten; seized. 2, 
imperfectly pronounced. 

7\iSo s. n. A planet. 2, an imp, evil 
spirit, demon. -J3^rf. The bad influ- 
ence of unpropitious stars; fate, 
destiny. -^^. The sun. -h^d,-vj^^. 
Trouble from unpropitious stars or 
demons. '■»3j3s3. The planets, -sad. 
Propitiation of the planets by offerings. 

AjSoO© s. n. Seizing; taking, accept- 
ing. 2, seizure of the sun or moon: 
an eclipse. 3, understanding, com- 

Aj^f^ s. n. DiarrhcBa, dysentery. 2, 
rickets; marasmus. 

AiSori . tb. of ri.ra^, q. V. 

AjS^^s. 71. Understanding, compre- 

A,co?jJs. V. t. To accept, acknowledge; 
to comprehend, understand. 

7\3jt5STJ. tb. of rt|3ol33i3 s. rt,Bo, q. V. 

TtSj^O s. n. A village. 2, a multitude : 
collection. --i^y^. Village vermin; 
a mischief-maker, -rf). The headman 
of a village. -d^cs;^. The deity of 
a village. -Sjjfi'^?^- A Gavuda, 
a village-munsif. -n^Aj. A villager; 
tame. -3'3o^. Purification of a 
village from infesting devils, etc. -^. 
A villager. 

ASj'rfons. a. Rustic; vulgar, coarse, 
rude. n. A villager; an uneducated 
man. -SSo. A domestic beast, -zpssi, 
A vulffar dialect. -Sto • A vulgar 

7\tij?j s. ?i. A mouthful, morsel. 2, 
food, nourishment. rsT^'^Ji^^^oSi. 
Means of subsistence. 

T^Sj^S' s. a. Seizing, receiving, accep- 
ting, perceiving. -S-n-. The faculty of 

aSjoo s. a. Seizing, accepting, etc.; 
holding; perceiving. 

7\3i5cos. a. Perceivable; acceptable; 


"hi^Ti,. .^^DCJ s. n. The hot season from 
^ 6' 
the middle of May to the middle 

of July; heat, warmth. 






5?*. The twenty-second letter of the 

^55Ti s. n. The letter ^. 
«j02Js. a. Coming to, reaching, joining. 

n. Collection. 2, a troop of elephants. 

3, the body. 4, an earthen water- 
vessel. -K^~. A large serpent. 
^fljUS's. a. Strong, powerful; forming 

a constituent part. 7i. A manager 

between parties. 
JjjjyrSs.H. Joining, junction; arranging, 

effecting; effort, exertion; accomplish- 
ment, success. 
^j&3s. n. A small water-jar. 2, a 

period of 24 minutes. 3, a gong. 4, 

a sinking cup for measuring time. 

-Di)o^. A machine for raising water. 
^jI!^ (— nsi'ris, (J. c.) s. n. A period 

of 24 minutes. 
^oL°:gs. a. Joined, united; planned. 

devised; occurred, ^lisai^ir. Practi- 

7^0^!^ (=n'-?Kj, q. r.) s. V. i. To be 

gained; to happen, e/c; also ^yc3j?;j. 
^oK s. n. Effort, endeavour. 2. an 

assemblage, collection. 
^OU (=riWj, q. V.) k. n. A range of 

mountains, ghaut, defile. ??J3^3;^oi-. 

A staircase, 
3jvU,^ s. n. Beating down, as a road; 

folding by beating gently. 

sioU ;j(=^y ??)s. n. Touching; rubbing, 
ei '^ 

beating, striking; compressing; prac- 

sio^ (= nSJ,, q. V.) k. a. Firm. 2, loud. 

3, solid. 4, able, clever. -r(. A 

strong, able man. -^^. Strength, 

energy, ability. 

sjjt?,x;o. = nl3,;^o, q. v. 

ei '-^ 

^U-s {lb. of v'ij) n, A drum formed of an 

earthen vessel. 

yJiZS? 030:^0, =ria?caj^j, q. v. 

r!o!icdra:J, ;;i:;Ci3:Jree;. — r^a^ij^rf, q. v. 

y00&j3, yicB(=rtoa) s. n. A bell; a 
gong, ^-"oiin^csr. An attendant on 
Siva. ^os;?f3DCJ, ^'='^5:33. The sound 
of a bell, 

^::fis, a. Compact, solid, hard, dense, 
full; large, great, much; auspicious* 
11. Any compact substance, 2, 
respect, honour, dignity; greatness, 
2, an assemblage; solidity. -'«5S?i. 
A cubic measure, -3d, Uncommonly 
hard, thick, great, elc. -J, -^. 
Firmness, solidity; greatness, excel- 
lence. ^?i^^J53. Thickened, compact. 
-:i^. Water; a decoction; camphor. 

^O^J. = rtdJ 1, q. V. 

^j:3y s. n. A grindstone. 

yO^jr (=rstisjj) s. n. Heat; sunshine; 
the hot season. 2, sweat, perspira- 
tion; also -ii?j. 

^0j:^^09 s. n. Rubbing; grinding; fric- 
tion; furbishing, 

■^d^-R. = n'vrl2, 3, q. v. 

^j^S, 5;i:.^2;?2 (v"=C3-') a. k,«d. Quickly. 

yJeiU. afireB s. ?i. The nape of the neck. 

T^-n^ZiT) h.. a. Thick, coarse, as cloth. 

yj^^ss. ?i. Striking; wounding, killing. 
2, destruction, ruin; a blow, -^, 
Killing, felonious; a murderer; f. -t. 
-?S. Killing, striking. d^X-. Breach 
of trust; ^S. Killing; a killer. 
S'3S<o. To strike; to slay, elc. 

ZjJS^~:)^ s. a. Killing, destructive, mis- 

:f!jii208. = nsioO. q. v. 

:;jjso:io(= ?T9 0i;, q. v.) k. n. A wound. 
-;3t)r!j. To be wounded. 



^3^«) (=n^A), q. I'.) k. ». Harass, distress; 
fatigue; pain, hurt. 

^J2^ (= n'B^, q. V.) k. n. Wind, air. 
J3dj-. A hurricane. ^o-. A cool 
breeze. -3^j?/^''j„ -^^J,. To take an 
airing-. -;3t)irj -Xja. A false report; 
a rumour. 

^OocssTJ (="\?o^=id, q. V.) k. n. The roar- 
ing of an elephant. 

SfioJ^^ s. ?(. The ankle. 

^jjOsr?, ^A^ s- "• Heat; ardour; tender- 
ness; disgust. 

yj\^ s. «. Clarified butter, ghee. 

^J^IJO f. n. A circumference. 

£oji)oXi s. a. Terrific, frightful, terrible, 
awful, vehement, -^o. Very terrible. 
-v!jj3.Br. Bhairava. 

Sjjj;?5C^ s. n. Sound, noise, cry, roar. 
2, a station of herdsmen, -ra. Speak- 
ing loud; crying. -Srar, ^js^sjstf^d. 
A sonant letter. ^J3$«i^J. To make 
a great noise; to cry out, proclaim. 

^jt)j^3 s. ?i. Smell, odour; the nose. 
-aSFrs. Fragrant substance; a per- 
fume. ^SjC^Xj. To smell. ;p^E^;o 
S,oij. The organ of smell. 

ZP^. The twenty-third letter of tlie alphabet. No words begin w^th U. 


t5^. The twenty-fourth letter of the 

E^S'siS' (=d4jrid:pr!) s. ad. Glitteringly. 

Ei5'z33 (tb. of ^=tf eJ). = 13*. a, q. w. 

ei'S'doO'D', 2^5\'rfjJ-a', li. «. A flint and 
steel for striking fire. -^^- Silk- 
cotton tinder. 

eiss'Ci s. n. The letter "-S. -sito. A word. 

o^-S-^ s. a- Shaking; afraid, timid. 
::i€j^^4 (lb. of "^^d^r), :S^j3?^j. = ;iS 

■^•^5^5 q-v- 
Ei^jSftJ s. »t. The bartavelle or Greek 

partridge. 2, = 'Jifjs^^. 

ii'^.tsT)^ (=:t3K^=g') <&. a. Square. 

c CO 

£5^,ci (=taWc3-?. <b. o/' 2i*W) «. A Cart; a 

travelling cart. 
ei^,^ a. k. ad. Quickly, suddenly. 
t:^^orf k. M. Idle talk; happiness, 


t^^^'d. /b. of J^'^,, (/. f. 

a.^T?,e;AO^ ej-u^s^aO'v' k. »i. Tickling 

o ' c 

another. -SjJsSj. To tickle. 
Ei^^eS, eiS'OjeS (/b. o/' 53^4 O) n. A cake 

made in the form of a ring and 

fried in ghee or oil. 
e:^^j-rf-S-,. = i3^;3^t5' s. tS*,, q. V. 

ai^j^ 1. k. n. A cot or seat of cane or 


-eos', ^, -Sjjtfs?, Sitting 


ii'u,'^ 2. f. ?i. Skin, leather. 

eiSo^aioO h. n. Defining of the bound- 
aries of an estate; jurisdiction. 

2i^ (='^^, ^%. tb. of 2!e^) n. A chip 
of wood or of stone. 

tS^S^r) n. The pumplemose or 
shaddock, CAtrus decumana. 2, an 
esculent vegetable, goose-foot. 


£i^ (=lS^rf) s. «. A wheel. 2, a 
potter's wheel. 3, a discus. 4, a 
circle, diagram. 5, a plaything for 
children. 6, a realm; rule. 7, a 
circuit. 8, a multitude; a form of 
military array. 9, the horizon. 10, 
an ancient coin; a quarter rupee. 
-qSrf, -s:7>Ti. Vishnu or Krishna. -S 
^. =.^3^. -ojSr. A sovereign, emper- 
or. -aSrS). An empress. -33-?3j3 
^. The pot-herb, Clienopodiitm album, 
the goose-foot. -^=)*. The ruddy 
goose. :3^^ or(. A gander. z^'ST'ors 
A goose. 

ti-& k. »i. A cultivated tree, the Manilla 
tamarind, Pithecolobum dulce. 

E^^^A s. n- The eye. -OoS cdj. The 
sense of seeing. 

e^aeS ( = zf-ranz^) k. n. The plant Cassi/j 

sicA. = 2^ort, g. v. 

eioADT^. = tlortarf, (jf. V. 

tioAc3 k. od. In bounds, with agility. 

eioAC;^^?e?i,, k. «. A sort of Costus. 


eioAO 1. k. n. A jump, leap, etc.; agility. 

V. i. To jump, etc. -t^onfS arstfj. To 

jump with agility. 
ticAO 2. h. «. A Jew's harp. 
iio7\j5€) K. n. A day-labourer. 
EioAn (=JSor() k. n. Crookedness, per- 

verseness. -s3jort»;ifj. Apish pranks, 

frolics, sport. 

^^ xj (=z3:^ ti) k. n. Haste. 2, wake- 
s' Za ' ' 
fulness, care. 

titJ^S' (="^^:J'3^, 5. f.) f. a. Square. 

Eit§ k. »!. A kind of grain, Holcus 

sicsieJ s. (I. Shaking; unsteady; fickle, 

capricious, n. The wind. -3(^, -3[^, 

Unsteadiness, fickleness. -Sjfi^J. 

tioE^eS k. H. A small cultivated tree, 

Flacourtia calafracta. 

Jiosie? s. n. Lightning; fortune. 

£ic8o m. ?t. A bag with pockets for 

betel, etc. 
eio?iJ s. n. The beak of a bird. 
sic^. = TioiS,, q. c. 
£iy s. n. A taste, taking; an acquired 

liking or fondness; an ill-habit. -3? 

OA) ■#-t:°^J). To eradicate a habit. 
tilJ^ k. n. A ceremony in honor of 

the departed ancestors; also -sra.cS. 

2, a sparrow ; /". iStJ^. 
eiUS'SOSoriJ (= :^l:z:Qj^:>) h. r. (. To 

cut or knock off, cut short. 
siWS'o. = ZoW^o, q. V. 
siys^^jS k. ad. All at once, suddenly. 
aiU^y k. n. A snapping or crashing 

sound. 2, (f.) fretting and grieving. 

ad. Quickly. 
£;^Uoifeo^ f. ». Quickness, smartness, 

sharpness, briskness. 
2;^&333'o h. K. The sixteenth part of a 

pakka ser. 
Ei6jSO3J?j0. = tSW^^soSjsoJ, q. V. 
tiiS'R {cf. 2^53,) k. n. A small earthen 

pot with a broad mouth. 
2iU07i&3#. = tSWSJJ=#, q. V. 
eiy, 1. (= tStij) k. n. Flatness. 2, 
the frame or bottom of a cart, bed- 
stead, chair, etc. 3, a bier or litter. 
tiU 2. k. n. Order, regulation {in law); 

neatness, fineness. 
eiy cJ k. ad. Suddenly, all at once. 
d^, (= J5i3) k. n. An earthen pot. 
2^130, 1. =2iW, 1. q-v. 2, (=z;S^J.) the 
flat cloth-cover over a palankeen. 3, 
the seedless pod of beans, etc. 

Impurity. 2, destruction. 
-53j«)3j. To kill; to ruin. 
Eiyo 3. k. n. The dried fruit of nelli. 

eiS, k. n. Flatness, levelness. 2, Euro- 
pean dress. -^riti. A man dressed 

in European fashion; a Eurasian. 

siUo, 2. k. 




jil? h. n, A seasouingf prepared of 

chopped chillies, etc.; chutney. 
iiXiS h. n. Jealousy. 

iiZi'sOSOTi.i h. V. t. To tighten, fasten. 
2, to increase, raise; to lay on ; to 

tizSSiS ^- '*• Ascent, rise; increase, as 
of assessment, value, etc. 2, a kind 
of shoes. 

2i& 1. f. n. A dovetail {in carpentry). 

Eiti 2. li. n. A cane. 2, a staircase. 

ti(^0;5)c5^ k. ad. Quickly, rapidly. 

eiSi k. w. Breeches reaching- to the 

£ir©3^ .s. }(. The chick-pea, Bengal gram. 
2, = JSa , q. V. 

£ir©7\ k. n- A sort of pulse or lentil, 
Cicer lens. 

s^c'rf s. a. Hot, fiery; passionate, wrath- 
ful; impetvous; mischievous, n. Heat; 
passion. 2, Siva; N. of a demon. 

eioI^eSas;* f. n. Earnest money, a hand- 

Eioonxf s. 11. An outcaste; a man of 
the lowest and most despised of the 
mixed tribes. 

eioci 1. s. n. A passionate and violent 
female. 2, an obstinate or mischiev- 
ous man. 3, obstinacy, etc. 4, 
Durga; N. of a female. -=ff3, -=^. Durga. 
-SfS. Obstinacy, -^o. To be obstinate 
or angry. 

£ioa 2. (= ^oa) k. n. Wetness, a. "Wet, 

ticTh'S k. ??. A tuft; a crest; a tuft of 
hair left on the head at the tonsure. 
-zSc^j. To leave a tuft on the head. 

sicT^O 1. (= "Joc^j) k. n. A ball to play 
with; a bunch or cluster of flowers. 
'^oci^rfj. To play at ball. -rfJ© ?1. 
A variety of jasmine. -^jssJ. A 
flower like marigold, a Chrysanthe- 

sio'rfo 2. k. n. The nape of the neck, 

ziozS s. n. Durga; also ^oa, -'§. 2, a 
certain perfume. l^od^sJ, JSod?^ !j. 

eif© k. n. Short breeches. 

zi^yo.— dti^CtTil. -Sjci, -SJacS. A quadru- 

^^:>xi 1. s. a. Four. -''^%- The triangu- 
lar spurge, Euphorbia antiquarum. 
-^>^h. A commander of four districts 
or of constituents of an army. -3,. 
Quadrangular; a square; a bound- 
ary. t^^^JD^o^Fi, zi^ioxTi^,. Four-faced: 
Brahma. tS;^jdJ3PS33CX3j. The four 
expedients or means of success. lA^i 
^oT\. Four-membered : chess. JScSodo 
riuej, z^^jwru. a complete army 
comprising elephants, chariots, caval- 
ry and infantry. 

Ei;gOT:f2. (=iSrfc, J^rfjd, etc.) s. a. 
Dexterous, clever, ingenious. 2, 

charming. n- Skilfulness, dexterity; 
shrewdness, also -^, -^oJ. 

e:^^oif5r s. a. Fourth; the fourth, i^^o 
^P". The fourth case, the dative; the 
fourth day in a lunar fortnight. 

zi^jrfrs) s. a. Fourteen. t3:^JcSr3. The 
fourteenth day in a lunar fortnight. 

2i;^0Qf^€ s. n. The four points of the 

z^^j^orSi s. a. Foui'-armed. n. Vishnu, 

ei^J^ioo^SO s. H. Brahma; Siva. 

£i;^JodoorA s. n. The four yugas or 

ages of the world. 
E^^O^roS" s. n. The four castes. 
Ei^sJSro^S s. a. Twenty-four. 
£i;^J.3Fqj s. a. Four-fold. 
Eii^O^e^ci s. 11. The four vedas. 
t^^j7i.,cx:!j s. a. Four-fold. n. An 

aggregate of four. 
eii^j-^.j^i^r® s. a. Square, quadrangular. 

n. A square. 
■d4::)7i,.n^ £i^osj;^^5, tii^os^Svrf s. a. 

Four-footed, n. A quadruped. 

za^ sr^ 


ti^ D/^. lb. of £?S^€. = ejj^, q. v. 

Eiigo m. )i. A ceiling; a covering iu 

iiBj, -■R (tb. of efS^) n. An umbrella, 

sisQTi s. /(. A quadrangular place. 

2^35^5 s. n. Four. "^^S-^OoScS. Forty. 

eidl5(<b. o/" :S:S-itf) a. Square. 

eiSrJj (Cj=e3J) k. v. i. <£• (. To scatter, 
disperse. i3:;0?ij. y, t. To scatter, 

ticSod. tb. of t^^jd, 5. I'. 

sicrf 1. (<b. o/" ejjoci) a. Pleasing, beauti- 
ful, lovely, n. Fitnees, niceuess; 
beauty. 2, appearance, shape, form; 
manner. -;ic^J. Beauty to be gone. 
-Ti^a. A mannerless person. 

ziorf 2. {lb. of "^ortj) n. The moon; 
also -S , -»3J35JJ. 

e^od?::', i:idz) s. ?i. Sandal, Siriuni 
myrtifolium: either the tree, the 
■wood, or its preparation. 

sioa f. n. A gable-wall. 

eioad. ib. of '^od,, q. t\ 

i^oti\ 1. s. a. Glittering, excellent. 
M. The moon. 2, gold. 3, the red 
colour. 4, camphor. 5, excellence. 
-^aoS. The moon-stone, a fabulous 
gem. -5i)oa. Moonlight; the moon- 
flower, Ipomaea grandiflora. -^js^.oj. 
A head-ornament of gold. -rtsSrs. 
An eclipse of the moon. -:3j3.p^. 
Moonlight; a kind of firework. -Z^u^ 
toei. Propitiousness of the moon and 
stars. -zScio, -5jjo:Su. The lunar disk. 
-ipii?i. The Chenab river. -dja??*. 
The sphere of the moon. -JioS. 
The lunar race of kings. -SseS. 
An upper room, -^jaolir. Moon and 
sun. -oostf. A necklace of raoonlike 
gold beads. -oS'^'K. X. of a prince. 

eiorfj 2. k. n. Red lead, m?«a(»i. -^d^ 
A)$3, -p.-3^A)°d. A kind of sire. --JS-S"?. 
A reddish kind of plantain. ->jj55J). 
A reddish kind of raanso. 

e:^CO^s. n. Moonlight; elucidation. 

2, a coil of written palm-leaf. 
sic^jSjfSicxJO s. n. Moou-rise. -Jjjsi. 

A cooling bolus. 
e^Nj k. n. A beautiful, handsome man. 

2, N.; also -^, -^^- -SsJ. Madras. 

-lo^jSj. N. ; son of Basava's sister. 

-W^JSeyOTJfS. A poetical Kannadawork 

about Cannabasava. 
tifTO^TN k. ad. Nicely, well; see s. ^^, 
^i^)^A k. ». A handsome, fine man; 

f. -*o. 
sijio-j k. n. Beauty, grace, niceness; 

excellence. Cods.: 2^^, td-r, lo^, »ijr!, 

iS^ 53J330, etc. 'ii^'^f\. Nicely, well, 

properly; correctly. 
£ic3> k. w. A beautiful female. '<^^%_, 

Z^N, 3 . N. 

2io3 h. mf. Hush! silent I 

ziTjO s. a. Moving to and fro, wavering 
unsteady, fickle; wanton. 2, active 
quick, agile, swift. 3, inconsiderate 
4, momentary. -3?i, -o, -^. Fickle- 
ness; inconstancy; smartness. tSSs3. 
A fickle woman; lightning. 

aiSjSiS m. «. A slap. -wa. To slap 
with open hands. 

EissS b. n. A hand-made cake. 

E^Sj^OSOSjO h. i\ i. To hide. 

ti^T)'^^ tisj3ii h. tt. Hiding, conceal- 

ti7^^7\ k. 11. Insipidness, tastelessness. 
ad. Insipidly. 

£i7J,Bl. k. ». Flatness, a. Flat. -Soj^rio. 
A flat nose. -*^- A flat stone. 

2iz!,63 2. (=2^5=)^) h.n. A smart slap, 
-coa, -sSjsd. To slap with the palm. 

i:i7j.ti, {cf.l^si^\) k. M. A large flat 
stone. 2, a dodge, trick, -oi*?, -ss^j. 
To drag or put a flat stone (on 
another's business): to ruin. 

dT'j.Ti (=2^^) k. ». A shed. 2, a 
court-yard. 3, a thatched or tiled 


roof. 4, a trellis. 5, the canopy of 
a bedstead. Cpds.: SoasS-, a?;oj-, 
SoJUJ-, ^olipi-, etc. -rfJo::^. A cano- 
pied bedstead. -»3Jn. a shed. -^^^J. 
To put up a thatch. 
tiSjv'dj? k. );. A smacking of the lips 
used by peasants to stop their cattle. 
i^T^.^tTiil. k. r. i. To chuckle or cluck 
to an animal. 2, to smack the lips! 
to chew with a noise. 3, to chirp. 
£i3jvQ7jj2. (=iSS^?oJ) k.y. «. To slapj 

tiTjyC h. n. A shoe or sandal. 
iit\i§' = 2o5j a 2, a. V. 
t^Sj^v^k. n. Clapping the hands. -'a^A, 

tSsS^ifj. To clap the hands. 
eisSv 1. k. Ji. The hip-bone. 2, insipid- 
si^-, 2. f. n. An impression, seal, stamp. 
ii-^.z='!^ii^:i, q. v. 

sieOS^j, £:^2003^J li. n. A horse-whip. 
-ooJS^, -^«?. To whip. -Sjrf, The 
Casuarina tree. 
si^ossOSOXlo, ei^J'^;^ f. v. t. To lash 
soundly; to frighten, rebuke. 2, to 
make to flash or brandish. 
£:^do^^, ti^oiS'R. = JSrfjJJri, q, v. 
t^zSdXi h. 71. The skin. 
ei^ogSiTj, ei^j:^,. \B, s.«. Astonishment, 
surprise; a show, spectacle; a won- 
der; skilfulness, cleverness. 2, wit, 
eloquence. -ci lo^f^. Ambiguous 
eis^O'd s. n. The yak or bos grunnieyis. 
2, the chowry or long brush made 
of the yak's tail; also "taSjjO. 
Ei^J, ■d>Ti:>ji, s. H. An army. 2, a 
division of an army consisting of 
129 elephants, 129 cars, 2187 horses, 
and 3685 foot. -Sj, -^h. A general. 
e:^'rfo h. 11. A spoon. 
eicSj^ s. »i. A yellow fragrant flower, 

Michelia champaca. 
£^o20o (=2^0100, q. y.) k. n. Copper. 
2, a globular vessel used for drink- 

ing; cf. ^oitT^. -'s'jiirt. A copper- 
t^^oj^:^ ( = vi^M^. tb. of :^^or^iij§, 
tSaJFodb.^.'f) 3. a whip. 2, a sledge- 
hammer. 3, a leather backgammon 
board; also zisioji.^. 

ci^j7,'d(<b. o/" l^sJjF^sd) n. A shoemaker' 
a worker in leather. 

ii'd 1. k. An imitative sound. '"^J^- 

"With the sound of '^^. l^tfiSrf. rep. 

The sound of scratching with the 

nails or with a pen, etc. Z^dt^rf??. 

With the sound of Z3d'^c5. 
2:^1^2. a. a. Moving, walking; movable; 

living. n. Locomotive, any animal. 

2, a spy; cf. KscS. "^rfc^jra (j. e. iStid 

cija). News brought by spies. -^. A 

wanderer; a spy; witchcraft. -5^^, 

-?gj3gj. Movable property. -cAio:353t). 

Live stock; capital employed in 

business. -03j:^j. To walk about. 
sr^LSf^S s. n. Moving. 2, a foot. 3, a 

sect, school. 4, a verse-line. -3ej. 

The sole, -oiwrt. Both the feet. 
ziijoB s. n. A jangama who has taken 

the vow of celibacy. 
2i'dS337v?jJ s. &k. V. i. To go away (used 

in lihgavanta mathas). 
Z^Ti^ {= lACjr) h. n. Fat, suet. 
Eiudo s. a. Last, final, ultimate; Aves- 

ei-dST^, eiSa?; k. ?i. A large copper or 

brass pot for carrying water. 
EiT332^d s. a. Movable and immovable. 

n. Animals and plants; all created 

2:^03030 f. «. Pasture; pasture-ground. 

sib/^. = z^ciilrt, q. V. 

L'iD^ s. H. Going, course; conduct, 

practice; deeds; story. t^Ossqi". 

Attaining one's object, successful, n. 

Accomplishment ; welfare. 
zib^i s. n. Walk, behaviour; exploits', 

story, history or account of one's 




deeds, etc.; nature, disposition. -ni>d. 

A historian. 
iibSj, = ISO^, q. V. 
iibTx) (cf. "^d) s. V. i. To move about; 

to walk; to wander, roam; to behave; 

to set about. 
ii'i^i s. 11. A caldron, pan, pot. 2, 

(='^dj^) an oblation of rice, etc. to 

the gods or manes. 
eiliJA k. n. An offering to Demavva. 
ei'rfosri). = i^dj iSo. 2, q. V. 
eisSr s. n. Kefiection, consideration. 

2, investigation, reasoning, inquiry, 

logic. 3, a word. 4, idle slander; 

ridicule. 5, a quarrel, dispute. 6, 

perfuming the body. I^ior^io. To 

consider; to investigate; to discuss. 
£ic:ij~ s. 71. Skin, leather, hide, bark, 

etc. 2, a shield, -^stf. A shoemaker. 

-t^^j. The material, physical eye. 

to e.U ^ ^ 

£io5jr s.n. Going; behaviour, conduct; 

practice; occupation. 
£^;3rre s. ?*. Chewing, masticating; 

solid food. 
eieJl.s. a. Moving, stirring; unsteady; 

movable, n. Agitation. 
ei© 2. (<6. of efjaj) ?i. Firmness of 

character, resoluteness, obstinacy, 

self-will. -nuti. An obstinate man; 

A resolute speaker; an obstinate 

tiG^, iiO^ s. a. Moving; wandering. 

w. Going away; setting out, departing. 
?i£)^0, £^e5^o s. n. A small pit; a 

spring of water or a fountain head, 

ii<SJZ05:i7jd (fr. a^). V. t. To make 

go, to execute, v. i. To go beyond; 

to be finished. 
?i£)3rfr5^ EiOS^fS f. a. Current, as 

coin, etc. n. Currency; practice. 
Eie5g s. ?!. Moving; trembling, marching. 
sie5?io s. V. t. To move; to stir; to tremble; 

to go astray; to start. 

F^eio^t?, 'cie;o4 (= -doj;^, J^^a,) k. n. 
Beauty, handsomeness, elegance, 
grace; niceness. JSoj3, tSu. A hand- 
some man; /". t^ejj^, J^ejj;3, o^sjjdS. 

tidjs, t^6.z^ k. a. Beautiful, nice, 
elegant; also t3s3j5. iSsSjs^cSj. That 
is nice, well, etc. Cpds.: -loja, -Cj 
f^'^' -?^5 -f^Jra, -nC^s, -3j33j, etc. 

£^£J 1. k. w- Fun, amusement, pleasure; 
smile. "t^O ;3-5Sj. To sport, gambol. 
jSc^U. Sport, fun. '^c^W;33:^o.= 
cS«j^ns:^j. -53^. A jocose man; a man 
who gets his living by coaxing. 

sia* 2. (in/, of z^oj . q. v.). -W3. To 
drive off, disperse, scatter. z^cssSO, 
^^ '^® • Disorderly, confusedly. 

eie; ^ f. 71. A challan, voucher; an 

d£J r®(— tSw) k. n. Breeches of differ- 
ent length. 

eie^s U. see s. '^t> 1 a«d. s. iSejJ 1. 

OO "^ "^ 

£i£;o 1. (= '^ejJ, g. r.) k. v. ?. To scatter 

OO "^ 

about; to pour out, spill, as milk; 
to squander; to throw away; to sow, 
as seed. '^^-^ii. Throwing about. 
Z^csc^j. To throw about. t3€^iZzio. 
To spill, throw away. !^0 3jj;=r(j. 
To be spilt, 
siaij 2. k. »;. An idle person, a srad- 

OO I- ) o 

about. -:^cd. Idleness. 

q. V. 
ti^^'cr (= ^5^0-) h. ?i. A low seat, stool. 
2, a guard-house; a matha; the inner 
veranda of a house. 

t-^^a^ (= i3^a^. <&. o/" issojoa'^) «. A 

kind of lute. 

zi^b {= Z^O) s. n. A kind of head- 
ornament made of the hair of the 
yak's tail. 

Ei^e; f. H. Two Anas; cf. ZiSo^O. 

Eiijo'. ='^3^5^^ q, c. 2, cheap. 

2^4^-^ (= zs^^-^) li- "• Careful inquiry; 




ii;i^-^ (fr. tb. z^"^) n. An ear-ring 

with four pearls. 2, a ciiequered 

zi^^ati f. n. Soap. 
ziiSa, ei^ca {lb. of laarfJJoa) n. N. 

of a female demon worshipped by 

2i.3)S. tb. of lA^^^r.—i^h, q. V. 

£i4rfb(=ts^cS0) f.n. A village officer. 

2, the officer of a royal guard. 
t^^Q^ = t3^^, q.v. 2,=i^^. 

!3-^^-^ (= JS^^o) k. n. Brackishness. 
-SA)^ , jS53)°i?j^ , -^3d. Soda-saltpetre- 

■2:^503 ( = Z33, i33oo) h. ?i. Tea. 

2^^3x3 f. 71. Features, complexion. 2, 
green fodder. 

2:^^^ a. k. n. Expertness, dexterity, 

2:^s;*5'o (= '^v*ot5*o) k. n. The cramp; 
rheumatic pains, i'. i. To be painfully 
contracted, as a muscle of the body. 

sis?;^0o20o f. 71. A kind of ear-drop. 

£i^ 1. k. V. i. To become tired or fa- 
tigued; the feet to pain from walk- 
ing. -^.^. To cause to be fatigued; 
to trouble. 

.ii^ 2. k. n. Coldness, cold; chill, frost, 
snow, etc. -rraw. The cold season. 
-K d. Ague. -c3^3j. a cold country. 
-5:?r<j, -zS?^o. To become cold. -2oa. 
To catch cold. 

2^s?o3^.:. = i^^^o, q. V- 

si^ k. V. i. To abound, as fruits on a 
tree, e<c. w. Sprinkling; also 23«?oij. 
-=^j3:Sj, -3o3^j. To sprinkle. 

2^W k. »i. Along flexible twig. l^s?, 
Sd. A cultivated pulse, Dolichos 

ii'^ . (lb. of ^^uo) H. The Sepistan plum 
of a gummy character; aiso -Sort. 

gJD. = tS33^, q. V. 

zsz^ e. n. Chalk. 

z^"^ f. M. Neat, tidy, trim. -^*^- 
Acuteness; agility, speed. 

£J33^tf h. w. A servant; f. -^J. 

tssS'Q h.»i. Service; employment. -2^J3 

•^ -odoa. A servant; /". -odo»3s*j. 
tJSS'o h. n. A penknife. 
2J32;^j k. «. t. To stretch out, hold out, 

extend; also 2SSI^Cj:^j. J33t^^0. To 

cause to stretch out. 
t5t)C£ie;n (/"»•. zSoJ^ej) s. n. Fickleness, 

e^syS^ s. n. Jugglery; incantation; also 

J' t 
s^'S&o k. ?i. A whip. 

tJ^Uo 1. k. n. A refuge; a shelter. 

£53 Mo 2. s. n. Pleasing discourse; flat- 
tery; clear speech. -:3oS. Agreeable- 
ness; flattery. 

t53<^ h. H. Slander, backbiting. -^atf^ 
-aSja^tf, -rt, -HticJ, i3=)3. A slanderer; 
a talebearer. 

£53:^5^ s. n. The bird Cuculus mela7io- 
leucus (supposed to live upon rain- 

£33S3S;*S^ k. n. A so-called Sarternee, 
a man of a SAdra caste that worships 

°J^X>^dTi {fr. J^^Jd) s. a. Dexterous, clever, 
ingenious. -^^, tssSjoljr. Dexterity, 
cleverness, shrewdness; pleasantness. 

t33;^oq>r5^ {fr. iSc^jqi!^). s. a. Quartan, 
as ague. 

p^3dTJ h. n. A cotton or silk sheet or 
a dotra worked with gold or silver 

ejgjj (=23=)?;) k. ?i. A small chisel. 

£530SSr5, tjsod^i h. w. An awning. 
tJSorij (/"r. 2^0^) s. a. Lunar. -siJScS. 

Lunar measurement of time. -sSja^S. 

A lunar month. -ojJ3?S3J5r, -^ooSs^d. 

The lunar year. zsson^cljra. An 

expiatory observance regulated by 

moon's phases. 
t?ojj 1. s. n. A bow. 2, a rainbow. 


:^^t. 162 

tsxit. 2. = 15553 2, q. V. 2, = tSD^ 2, q. v. 
i^ztiV, ej^3j£)n (/■}-. eSsSo) s.Ji. Mobility; 

unsteadiness; fickleness; agility. 
t?sb^j h. V. t. To stamp; to print; 

also epDiJjXj. 
t3TD;^ 1. k. >t. Stretch, length, extent. 
e3>);g2. h. n. The cock of a gun. 
t5i33 1. k. H. A mat. 
s^sS 2. (= tT35j) h. «. A stamp; a type; 

an impression. -stsn. A printing 

E^'B'djd (=Zj55jti) s. w. A chowry, the 

bushy tail of the Bos grunniens used 

as a fan. 
^S'sSoocS s. n. Durga; also i?3Sjoo 

tJTJcdo (<b. of epscdj) m. Colour, shade, 

etc.; aZso I3=ioSj. 2, the madder plant. 
t3>)lJ 1. s. n. Course, motion. 2, a spy, 

messenger, 2, a prison. -zah . A 

tFS'D 2. f. ji. Green fodder of cattle. 
tJSTJ 3. (d=SJ) k. n. A line, streak. 
tJ^'dro s. n. Wandering; a strolling 

actor, bard; a celestial singer. 
tJS& s. n. Acting. 2, course. 3, a 

■way, manner, method. 4, stratagem. 

5, intention, mind. 6, cheapness. 
E5T>t)^j s. n. Conduct, behaviour; a 

EJsQrio k. V. t. To grind, triturate, as 

sandal; to mix by rubbing, as medi- 
cine, ^ful, 
tysTio 1. s, a. Agreeable, lovely; beauti- 
tJslJj 2. (dj= e3j) k- n. Sap, juice; broth. 
tsoaror j5 f. n. A square. -Aj^d. A female's 

cloth with small coloured squares 

in it. 
^arfjairci f. n. N. of a ghaut. 
£3^aS3or^ s.n. An atheist or materialist; 

a sceptic, 
tj^e^ s. a. Jlovable, changing. -Ti^ri. 

(Movable rent); rent for one year. 

-h, jsbO. That is in use; current. 


£o20^, tJse;?^ h. a. Smart, dexterous^ 

tnjC^ji s. 71. Causing to move or pass 

through; sifting; making loose. tss- 

t)S). A sieve, strainer. 
t^cyj (=::?3sj, q. v.) s. n. Moving; custom,. 

manner. 2, currency, as of a coin, 

order, etc. 3, a pace, as of a horse. 
t^rfS h. n. A court; a village-hall; » 

t^S'rfr? h. n. Cantonments, temporary- 
erections for troops. 2, a roof, roofing. 
tTS,S h. n. A key. -^j3Sj. To wind, as 

a clock or watch. 
tTD^^ f. a. Mischievous. n. A man 

full of tricks and pranks. 
t3>)^ {th. of Vzz^) n. Conduct, practice, 

habit; a silly habit. -^J. To be 

fickle, etc. 2, to sift. 
£3>3^?jO (fr. zsaeJ) n. Dimness of vision. 

2, the age of 40. iz^^iK^. A pair 

of spectacles. 
sis (=iap, ^%) k. int. Fie! for shame! 

Zu^ti h. a. Hard; thick, rich. -aa^, 

-oiiS^^. A fine kind of betel-nut. 
ZoxjSl s. n. The science of medicine, 

therapeutics. ^3^^=5^. A physician. 

3 o • 

Zux^^zIj^F s. n. Will, design. 

SctS', k. a. Little, small; young. -iJi^, 

13^=^. A younger of the elder sisters. 

-?3Q , i5is;r3. A younger of the elder 

brothers, -^od. =z5^s3, 


The youngest brother. -3i!03j. An 
aunt; a step-mother. z<3^rfj. That 
is small. i&% orfj. Childhood, ca^si . 
An uncle, -ss?,©!). Age between the 
7th and 16th year. -53j^S?j. Small, 
young children. -3J3:^j. An insignifi- 
cant word. 25*530, , Zo* 53 = -33Dio. 
-cS?:. = i5*ortJ, q. V. 

SaS'jO® k. n. A small bodice. [iS^ . 

els'.ro, el?,^;. , sJs'.'rfo. , eI^,^^. sees, 

&?^,l1o, el5i)£^ k. H. A flea. 

sls^r ?jO k. «. A small cash; a trifle. 




&7^, £§^,1. k. n. A spot, speck, clot, 

as that of a cat, cloth, etc. 2, a star. 

3, an aunt. -t^Jsk^J,. A black dot 

applied to the forehead between the 

bI^, 2. k. n. A flat-nosed woman. 2, 

a mouse. 3, a betel-nut. 
8aA^J. = liF\^X P. p. of l^rs. 
sIaSi, sJatS k. 11. An antelope. 
ZaX'di. = iSnorfJ, q. V. 
SaTi^. = ^no, q. V. 
eJaS? k. n. A ball made of fried gingely 

oil-seed mixed with jaggory. 
&l?\ 1. k. r. t. To throw with the fingers. 
sir, 2. (=iarijrfj). k. r. i. To sprout, 

shoot. 2, (= i3f\) to jump. 
sIaOoO (= ^a^idJ) k. v. i. To sprout, 

shoot; to bud, blossom, n. A sprout, 

shoot. i^riodeS. A young betel leaf; 

a fresh leaf. 
&IU53O3:;rf0 h.. r. t. To loosen a thorn 

in the flesh with a needle; to cause 


elu-S-. = tai]^ 1. 2, g. V. 

sly^o (= i^yj^j) k. n. Oracking of 

the finger-joints. 2, a quantity of 

thread wound upon a reel, a skein. 

-dJoO. To crack the finger-joints. 
EaUAOyo k. V. i. To throb, as the head, 
el&ok. n. Smallness, littleness. -€j3S?r!o. 

The hind hoofs of cattle. 
£5&j^ 1. k. n. A snap with finger and the 

thumb. 2, a little; a pinch, as of 

snuff; also lAiii-. 3, a eastenet. -^3=5^0. 

To snap with the fingers. 
£o&o?? 2. k. n. Cauterising in any part of 

the body to cure particular diseases. 

-Eoss'j. To cauterise for that purpose. 
Z^ki.:)'^^. = 25^=5^0, q. V. 
8513 ^ k. ad. With a scream. 
&l&3S,'doo&o, k. 71. A perennial plant, 

Pavonia zeglanica. 
ZukS, k. n. A measure of grain, equal 

to four seru or solige. 

alyo (= isJJ) k. ?i. Smallness, shortness. 
2, disgust. ^^®. A small rat, a 
-Sods?j. A herbaceous shrub, 
a small kind of 


Sida cordifolia ; 

castor-oil seed. 


ioUj3.s?r!. A small 

8al3 h. n. A roll of lands under culti- 

sJk (= iShi) h. n. A rough daybook. 
&Iz3sO3j?j0 f. I', t. To excite, provoke. 
alfj, zipi (= i«i3) k. M. Smallness. 2, 

the bat in the game of tip-cat; also 

-^ra^ejo. -=^J3^e3^M, -cdJ'aM. The game 

of tip-cat. 
gJo© k. n. A little one, a boy. 
siss, SaS 8a:f s. u. A funeral pile. 

tosiid?^,. The ashes of a funeral pile. 
2a^ s. a. Perceived, n. Thought; 


intention, aim, wish, will. 2, the 
heart; the mind. -r^usc^j. To agree 
to. -i^^d. Inconsistency of purpose 
or will. -4J sJj, -cSt^ dj. Madness. 
"^\^* Disposition of mind; feeling; 
the mind; the attention. -^->^. Purity 
of mind. tS^^ti i3^. God's will. 
eJs; osopdo, ali^ cdoo/, eJi^ ^tjo s. v. t. 

D D rO — D 

To attend to, notice, consider. 
8a^ "d. tb. of ^3,, q. V. 
elss T^ (tb. of 2^3^,=ff^D) n. A portrait; 

any picture. zisa^Ort. A painter. 
eJS oi s. n. An intelligent woman. 


el:^o h. n. A blot, obliteration, correc- 
tion iu writing. 

sli . <b. of t^i , q. V. 

eJgj ( = ia^ti) s. a. Perceptible; bright- 
coloured, variegated, n. An ornament. 
2, a painting, picture, sketch. 3, 
variegated colour. 4, a wonder, 
marvel; also .S- (esrfo,:^, y?s! 0±i=-). 
5, a mark on the forehead, -^rt, -lo5. 
To draw a picture. -'^. A painter; 
a leopard or chita. -?i)Ol>. A tiger, 
panther. -=5^C, -rii)!5. A painter. -'S'JsW. 
]S'. of a hill. -nj^. N. of the recorder 




of the vices and virtues of mankind in 
Tama's world. Sli. A picture, paint- 
ing. -93c^->- The sixteenth year of 
the cycle of sixty. -sSj^sj, -dJJsO'^. 
An under-shrub, the Ceylon leadv^ort. 
-23;s3. A portrait; N. of a daughter 
of king Vana's minister. -S:^. Horrid 
torture. -^ti^. Variegated, multi- 
form. i53a,=ff3d. = i53») ti. 



s. n. Boiled rice mixed with 

various condiments. [Kanara. 

eJs^j^TJ s. n- N. of a place in North 

8aSs,?j?i s. n. A square carpet of a 
variegated colour. 

8aSj, 8o.§j^ s. n. A painter. ''-^•^^• 
Variegated, painted. zi^'^j. To 

draw; to paint. 

gai^j s. n. The fourteenth lunar man- 
sion. Spica virginis. 2, a sort of 
cucumber, Cucumis madraspatanus. 

8aSj3^o k. V. t. To peel the skin of soaked 
avare pulse by squeezing. n. Peel- 
ing of the skin, as of soaked pulse. 

SarfoSO'd s. n. N. of a place of pilgri- 

£aC33?iQrf s. n. Intellectual happiness. 
-sijjsSr", -tfjsS. Siva. 

8lrfi?j3j s. a. Intelligent, thoughtful, 
amiable, good-hearted. n. Krishna. 

Zu:^ k. n. Small pieces, -^a. To mince. 

S3?30O3j s. a. Relating to or coming 
from China. 

Zu^^DXi, Zo^^'S'V k. /(. A money-chang- 
er; a jeweller. 

SajSo^OTJO^ k. n. Soaked and germinat- 
ed gram seasoned with salt and 
chillies and fried. 

ZuO^^, 8ao^c3 s. n- Thinking, consid- 
eration, reflecting upon; anxious 

Saogs'S^je; s. a. Anxious, solicitous. 

SacsS^^Q^ s. a. Overcome by anxi- 
ety or care; f. lios'se^joJ. 

8ao3ti'rfjri s. n. The philosopher's stone. 
2, N. of a work in Kanarese. -^^'s'. 

A book on omens. -slio^. A talis- 

8ac®S2;j h. >i. Large scales for weigh- 

Z^oB^ s. a. Thought, reflected upon. 
n. Care; intention. 

ZooBtjO s. v. t. To think about, re- 
flect upon. V. i. To be anxious, 

Zoo4 (10033) s. 11. Sad or sorrowful 
thought, care, anxiety; reflection, li^ 
3ej. Never mind. -Tio^jj,, -r^JS'^j,, 
-sijsrij. To be anxious. -SjsSj. To 
reflect, consider, lizi:^,. To be thought 
of, reflected. 

8aoa f. M. A shred, strip; a rag. 

S^cJ^ k. n. Gold. 2, smallness. -SCd 
(=c3?iS3d, q.v.). A dealer in gold; 
a shrofi". 

&I^KSS<:i. = 1A^^^^, q. V. 

&7w^, 8a^ (<b. o/" 1333^) ?i. A sign, token, 

Sa^oio s. a. Full of knowledge. n. 

eJl\A 1. (tb. of ^0^)71. An artisan, 

sJlvA 2. (=^3o^^<, fr. s. ^^ to sew) 

n. A tailor. 
8c7;^. k. n. A shell, cockle, crust, hard 

coverinar; the skull. -rtUo,. The 

shell to form, as of a cocoanut. 
alai e;, sJeO.e/O k. «. A bamboo lid. 
alaiJ, fib. of AjqS, ) ji. A reddish or 

blackish spot on the body, freckle. 

•^?ij) k. I'. <. To sprinkle. 

z3-^:>ii, eI^jIj^ f. n. A pair of tweez- 
ers, pincers. 

SarforS e. n. A chimney. 

sJ3J&I<DO?jO k. t'. i. To prattle, as chil- 
dren. 2, welter, wallow. 

elrfjo^ f. n. Nippers. -^^- Pluck- 
ing out hairs with nippers. 




8a;^Ooyo k. V. i. To twinkle, wink. 2, 
(f.) to squeeze, pinch. 

elolbA ( = iacSj r\,fr. s. Aj^) ?;.. A tailor. 

el^OO. k. V. t. To propel with the finger. 
2, to push forward; to cast, fling; to 
butt or toss with horns. 3, to squirt. 
4, to break forth; to gush out; to fly- 
off. 5, to brandish a weapon. 

eJoSja?^ f. 11. Zion; the Church of God. 

allj s. a. Long, lasting a long time. 
■ otiSS, ~t3?<S, -025?:^. Long-lived; a 
term used in epistles when address- 
ing or referring to a younger relative. 
-^ti. Uncommonly long. 

elj^^ (ii = e3) k. n. A cheeta or hunting 

sJoB^O b. n. A lamp. 

sIdsCOO:^ (03= ea^^) k. w. A kind of 
gentian, Agathotes chirayta. 

eJcaoriOJ s. a. Long-lived, n. A crow. 
13050^0. For a long time; a long time. 

^d>:i'!^. = i3cJ J, q. V. 

8a£)5' k. n. A hasp or small chain for 
fastening a door. 

8a<SJSS?0' k. 71- The odd money over a 
round sum. 

8le3'# k. n. Small pieces of wood used 
for building a flat roof. 2, the pot- 
herb Hingtsha repens. 

eJsS^O h. n. The bowl of a hukka. 

&li),Li m. n. A very irritable person. 


Z^€>,7i, (=-3-£>. rf) s. n. Malice, roguery. 

-Asrf. A mischievous fellow, 
alai 1. k. 11. The clearing-nut tree, 


Strychnos potatorum. 
ale; 2. f. a. Blear-eved. n. The Bengal 

kite, -rtrsj. A bleared eye. 
elorS, slei^ (rf^es) k. n. Smallness, 

OO 00 

pettiness, trifling ; cash under one 
rupee, -ait^or. Petty expenses. -"& 
r^?oO, -?3t)»Sj3?iJ. Sundry small articles 
of commerce, as grain, etc. -Sjs^j. 
A triflinff word. -tji'^,. Small money, 

00 "^ n "1 ro 

alco k. n. A piece of wood holding a 


8asSyo. = lasooWj, q. V. 

ziziTJO. = la^dJ, q. V. 

sJ^iUo 1. k. V. i. To cut off, pluck off 

or pinch off with the nails. 
al^WJ 2. = z^SjjWj, q.v. 
Sa^'do (= z^Stfj) k. V. t. To scratch 

with the nails or claws, n. Scratching. 

-rvsciij. A wound made by scratching. 
&5r4^ k. ('. t. To shave or scrape; to 

peel or bark ; to trim; to smooth or 

&^5 (= lA 8, q. V.) k. int. Fie! shame! ^5^ 

2.3^. rep. Fie, fie ! 
slefeo, sleWoi. h. 11. Printed cotton, 

chintz. -SJeiii. reit. 
Z^^k^., 8a?UJ 2. "h.. n. A chit, note; a 

bill, bond; a lot, ticket. esoria-. A 

note to a shopkeeper. '^^-' A. forged 

note of hand. dson^O-. A passport. 

-Eoeis'J. To cast lots. 
&l?cf k. n. A fried sweetmeat in the 

form of a marble. 
eJj^ f. n. China; Chinese. 2, a kind 

of cloth. -:3;S. China, li^?^. Chinese. 

i3?Si^'303j. The squash-gourd. lAl?^ 

?o^d. G-ranulated white sugar. iS^^i 

iSi^y Pure silver without alloy. 
elej^ 1. k. I', t. To suck. 
eJesgi 2. f. n. A piece of stone or wood 

used as a supporting prop. 
sle'dr® k. 11. A small chisel. 
sleTJO 1. = i^5Sc!j, q. t;. 
eleljo 2. (rfJ = esj) k. v. i. To scream, cry 

out. w. Screaming. 2, raging, fierce- 
eleC; k. n. A bag, sack. 
£:i05^sr?, eio^.ra h. h. The helm of a 

ship or boat. 
£i05SO5J?i0 h. V. «. To settle, adjust; to 
fix, as the price; to discharge. 

£^j-3\ 166 

eio-S-, (tb. of ^-)*j) n. Sukra, the planet 

Venus. 2, = "^5%^, q. r. 
Eio=#, (='^t) k. H. A small mark, dot, 

eiocAS k. n. Pettiness: small money, 

change; a trifling sum. 2, interest 

on money. 
E^OOAarS k. n. A small smoking pipe. 
tiooAO k. n. The end of a turban; a 

dangling tatter. 2, the fibrous tuft, 

as of a pealed cocoanut. 
tiosio k. V. t. To insert. 2, to pierce 

into, as with a knife, thorn, etc.; to 

pierce or bore, as the ears. 3, to 

incite, as to quarrel. n. Piercing. 

Z^jia Toj. To cause to pierce. 
g^^ocei, £ioo£^J 1. k. n. A bird's beak. 

tSjoJaO. A musk-rat. 
E^JOZ^^J 2. k. a. A projecting ledge on 

a house. 2, the hair curling round 

the forehead. 3, red or brown colour. 
eioU^O h. n. Shortness, brevity. 
2:ioy3^^?j k. ad. Fiercely, painfully, as 

a scorpion stings. 
Eioy , zi.^ki k. n. A cheeroot, cigar. 

sio;^ (<(;. of ^^^5) n. Slander. -:^ci- 

£iOc3S'2S h. n. Side. 2, majesty, excel- 

K^ojJDOaj^, 2iof33rf?? h. n. Choosing, 

do?:303J?jO h. V. t. To choose. 2, to 
plait, fold. 

£ioj:?N a. k. /i. Blame, censure, abuse; 
scorn. -F^ja. A word of abuse. 
-;33C^j. To blame, censure. 

sio^jdo-^^j k. rep. int. With intense 
brilliancy, used of the rising of the 
sun. 71. Throbbing or smarting sen- 

E;^0O20?i s. n. Kissing; a kiss. 'oSjolo^. A 
loadstone. [softly. 

siJOSSrfj s. V. (. To touch lightly or 

dO'dsJ. = ^JtilA, q. V. 



ziOTJJ^O (rfj=e3J), ^oOB'jr k. «. Quick- 
ness, speed, haste; heat; keenness, 
smartness, sharpness. 2, force, vehe- 
mence. 3, dearness. a. Quick, sharp. 
-Zoja. Quick understandin"-. -ot. 
Keenness; smartness. 

EioiJOS.iO'dj k. ad. "With violent smart- 
ing, -'^->^^r -^>:ji^. To smart 

eioe;^^, £io£^J3^o k. n. Lightness of tem- 
per or conduct, levity; also -:00a , 

-^'^- [with. 

eio'^^ k. n. A stout stick to beat cotton 

£ij3&o k. n. Aim. 2, a device; scheme, 
expedient; also i^jjjJj. -natf. A 
contriver, schemer. 

i^jiZi, zi-jiZSt, EijszS s, n. A single lock 
or tuft of hair left on the head at 
tonsure. 2, a crest, plume. 3, a 
kind of bracelet. tSjszss^sJjr. The 
rite of tonsure. cS J5 :3d 53J si. A jewel 
worn in a crest; any person or thing 
pre-eminently excellent. 

eijsrf a. k. H. The foremost part, front, 

ti-jio^ a. k. n. Sight; a look, glance; 
the eye. 2, pointedness, as of a pen. 

iiji'dC^. tb. of Z^Jttsr, q. V. 

£ij35 (lb. of ^JSO) 01. A penknife; a 
knife; a table-knife. 

E^jsTJol. k. n. A frame thrown over 
houses to form the roof. 

eij^TJO 2. k. n. A part, portion, piece, 
fragment. tSjDcJa^. Betel-nut in small 
bits. -!^J3do. rep. Bits and pieces. 

Eij3oJ?C'o5 (=3jdJwoO) f. ?i. Cleaned rice, 
soaked and parched. 

zijs^ar ( = ?vjr3) s. n. Powder, dust, 
crumbs. 2, chunam or lime. 3, 
= ^jtra". a. Powdered, pulverised. 

£ij».rfr^ s. n. A kind of easy prose. 

£ij3«io s. ;(. The comb or crest of a 
cock. 2, the front. 

eS-o^o,. = iS^J , q. v. 2, an oil-press, 



el^,. — 2^^, q. V. 

eIoaO (=:l3'orto, q.v.) k. t'. «'. To jump, 

skip, caper; to run away. u. A 

siei "d (=!3:^ d g. r.) k. «. Quickness. 

2, certainty. 3, carefulness. i^^ 

Ori. A zealously active man. 
zSjIj (=kkj, q. V.) k. w. ^ To crush, 

grind, etc. 
E3y. = "^y,2, Q. i;. 


cl&o k. Ji. A hen-sparrow. 2, = 'lSJJ,. 

8J "J 

sSoIiO (= 2^o3o, g. t'.j k. n. A play-ball. 
eSs^do. = sSrftfJ, g. V. 
zScoj. = tcorf 1, q. V. 

tS-o^jd, aSoad. = i3orfj ], g. r. 
tS^Ov = ^r^A, g. y. zlo3|^h. =::.=c3^?^. 

a^oSS^ (=^ot3n) k. ?j. A brass vessel, 
used for drinking water, etc. 

tSd23. = zi:i&, q. v. 

eSzS-r (<&. of J^i^r, g. r.) s. ?i. Kidicule, 

sSeSr. = 2;^!it3, g. v. 

?Se;o4, eSA*. =15^^05^, z^sSjs, etc., g. t). 

jScjs U. = ^^^^ W, g. r. 

tSe;j (='^oj 1, g, V.) k. w. f. To 

CO <" ^ ' 

scatter about, shed, spill, etc. ^O ^o. 
To cause to scatter about, etc. 
zSe;^, £|£ij^.:=:^e^, e<c., g. u. 

2l?A0 k. n. The heart or core of a tree; 

zSeeS? f. int. Fie! shame! 2, not so! 
E^eU, sSfU^ s. M. A servant, slave; f. 

eSji-i f. n. A goblin summoned to har- 
rass people. -JjJ3::^j, To practise 

zS?^^ (/■)•. ia3*) s. a. Conscious; intelli- 
gent; alive; living. n. The mind, 
soul; a living and sentient being. 
2, power, strength. 

eS^'^jjo (tb- of z%^?ip) n. Power. 
eSeS8?jJ (i. e. zS^^^Kj, fr. :l?^?3) v. i. 

To re- cover consciousness. ii^Sdc^. 

Con- sciousness, strength. 
eS-?^^ s. n. Consciousness; intelligence; 

the mind, intellect. 
sSoiQ k. n. A gush, as of milk. 

zSed k. n. The Cera or Kongu country. 
sS?© s. 11. Cloth; a garment. 

zSeM, s. n. Gesture, grimaces; action; 
exertion. 2, mischievous tricks, deri- 
sion. "5^^-. A ridiculous grimace. 
-Atirf. A man full of tricks and pranks. 

eSo^j (s?o=aj) k. n. A scorpion, -fjsoa 
rsTi, -TZ^^TihTi. The Indian turnsole, 
Heliotropium indicum. -ODrs. A rocket 
resembling a scorpion in its move- 
ments. -^jWjb^j, -loa. A scorpion to 
sting. -^JZo^. A scorpion's sting. 

£S(^>n {= 'Si^i^) s. n. Intelligence, 
consciousness ; sensation, the soul. 
2, power, strength. 3, N. of a Vai- 
shnava reformer. -^. A rich man. 

eS/ ;^n {fr. 1333) s. a. ' Relating to a 
funeral pile. ?j. A monument, tomb- 
stone, temple. 2, (fr. lAs^) the mind. 

Sl^j s. n. The first month of the lunar 
year (March-April). 

eSjsS', k. n. Niceness, elegance, beauty, 
charm, etc. 2, purity, cleanness. 
-erusW. Au excellent meal. -^3^. 
Pure gold. -?i^dj. Pure water. 
-t3^. Pure silver. 

eS.ra3jU, -UJ, 2^J3^^=^. = iSj3*, , g. V. 

eSjsaK k. n. The annual herb Cassia 

sSosoA (= :Sj5o^, zIjsozSj) k. n. Crooked- 
ness, perverseness. 2, a perverse man; 
f. tMjsoFs. Cpds.: -=ff?4;j, -Aodj^, etc. 

eS^oei e)0, eSjseJ e^J k. n. The first birth; 
the first offspring. -Sort. A first-born 
son. -s3jr!s?j. A first-born daughter. 

eSv-sosi, aSjaoeio. = z3-raort, g. v. 

eljsy,. = '^JJort, g. V. 




sIj3?25a ( = ^Jif^n. tb. of tSjs^cs^) w. 
Surprise, wonder; a marvel, wonder. 

E^jspyj k. n. A span. ;:5js?ynt>. A span's 
breadth. dJS^U"-?^. A span's measure. 
:5^?yjri . A span's lentcth. zI-'SpB^ rf. 
A span's height. 

zSjserfo (=2«-'5?2i-^j «<c.) s. M. Surprise, 
astonishment, wonder. 

£Sj3?XJt3D'd f. n- A mace-bearer. 

eSjaj^d s. 71. A thief, robber. -;^(\J, -^, 
23j3?0. Theft, robbery. 

cS.oe2P, -"5 s. )i. A short jacket; bodice. 

tSj3?s3 s. n. A kind of chignon made 
of some hair of the camari. 

zSjseS^ k. n. The coast of Coromandel; 
N. of its people. -i^°^, -sSjoSo. 
The Cola country. 

t3?^g' (= zssj^. <f). of zi^Mo^) a. Four- 
sided, square, n. A four-sided linga- 
box. 2, a square handkerchief. 3, 
four rupees. 4, a square in a town 
where four roads meet; a square in 
the centre of a temple or house. 5, 
the number four on a die. 6, pro- 

lixity, worthlessness (as in 2f^^:i 


E3'9SUJ, h. n. A frame. 


t3'a5^o:i (tb. of '^;Sj^ & s.) n. Whole 

t5^S9_ = igs^j^s?, q. V. 

ej^B- (= 2^3c-, Jc53)-T, f|. V.) n- A group 

of four houses. 2, the square in the 

centre of a house. 
t^^^enaTJ h. n. A watchman. 
zs^r^O. = 25^T, q. i\ -•;'. Four castes. 
ts^S (= iSsSS. tb. of J^^^^-) n. The 

fourth lunar day. 

tr^sjrf (<b. of t^^g.srcS) «. A class of 

es'^d. <b. o/' €^^, q. V. 
Z3^Q (='^^0. tb. of "tS^Sjtf) n. A 

t^SJ s. «. The tonsure of a child. 2^ 

( = JoSo) a silver coin of two Anas. 
ijf^-^O. = 2^5SS?J, q. V. 


63^, The twenty-fifth letter of the alpha- 

ejjSD'rf s. n. The syllable ^. 

^y k. HiL >1h imitative sound. -sfSW. 
>Tp. The sound of snapping or clash- 

efizssefiS h. ad. Quickly. 

^^j 1. (= iSSj s. «. A parasol, umbrella. 
-iS'. A mushroom. -CS. A regal title. 

ejJ^ 2. s. «. A choultry, inn. 

^rf, -?i s. n. A covering. 2, a wing. 
3, a leaf. 

ejiaoJ s. ?(. A covering. 2, the thatch 

or roof of a house. 
dzif, ;3 s. 71. Disguise, fraud, deceit. 

^oc5. = jSozS 1, 5. r. 
ejJorf;^^ s. w. Metrical science, prosody. 

2, the ■vedic hymns. 

ejiar h. »i. Sickness, vomiting. 

2^£) s. >;. Fraud, deceit, deception, dis- 
guise; pretext; device. "2, (= ^^ 2) 
firmness. -;T?a. An obstinate man. 

jjj^ s. n. Skin. 2. colour; beauty. 

3, light, lustre. 




epD?j?J (tb. o/'sp^orf=c) 11. Loitering, delay, 
-rrarf. A loiterer. 

epsoCuXi (fr. ^orf?j*) s. a. Relating- to 
prosody, n. A Brahraana conversant 
■with the vedas; also epsocSA)=5^. 

epsoSo^ epocSra (= i33o5o) s. «. Shade, 
shadow. 2, reflection. 3, a screen, 
protection, respect. 4, splendour. 
5, faint appearance. epi!Cdj'33Ficdj, 
ejraolJsfrfocSoj. The son of chaya : the 
planet Saturn. spsJOirecdjoS^. Shadow- 
instrument: a sundial. 

£)Zi\ s. n. A hole, slit, rent; a defect, 

flaw, fault. epj^ra fS^^iira. Searching- 
for faults. 
a!)^-, s. a. Cut; divided, torn, broken. 
-ep^, -O^' Shattered, piecemeal. 

e^eS^ s. a. Tame. 2, shrewd, clever, n. 

A kind of alliteration. 
e^erf s. ?i. Cutting; chopping; tearing 

off; a section, piece. 2, a divisor, 

denominator of a fraction; also -ri. 

-Sj«>3o, e^°a;^o. To cut, make an 

incision; to cut asunder. 

S*. The twenty-sixth letter of the 

2i s. a. Born. n. A son, as: esrlw, ef ;^ 

Si^aS h. Ji. Customs, excise. 
SiSBTJ s. n. The letter Js. 
Si^eT? h. w. An old store or hoard. 
^"^^ {tb. of cdj?;, q. v.). ti^ca, Js^S . 
N.; /•. w^sSj. 

&l3^,C^0 k. n. Obsequiousness, fawning. 

3tl^r5 (tb. of odj* ri) ?i. A woman who 
dies in the matron state and receives 
divine honours, i.e. sires are dedi- 
cated to her, etc. 

dixr^Ti:) (= tii^ ^J) k. V. t. To pull with 
effort. 2, to press down. v. i. To 
be rude. 

ai^^OjsSk. i\ Ticklishness {cf. tS=^ejr{j^). 
-KJ. To amuse, divert; to jeer at, 
deride; to tickle; to touch; to play 

&A 1. (=±pr!) s. n. Glittering; noto- 
riety. -ZiTi, -tirtN. Sparkingly, bright- 
ly. -tori^j3«?. To shine brilliantly. 
-tof^JiJ, To glitter, shine. 

AsO (= tart) s. n. The world, 

.riAS'T, ^At^.r. The 

a:A2. (tb. of tirts*) /t. The world 
-Js pi. Mankind. -tJjs ,?^. The ligh. 
of the world: the sun. -djadol). The 
lord of the world. -tooS. The greatest 
liar in the world; the most shameless 
man. -djsoS. The most stupid man 
in the world. 


creator of the world; Brahma. ^7i 
S„odj. The three worlds: svarga, 
bhumi, and patala. sarta?3, Krta? 
S tf. The Lord of the universe, tart 
cio do. The guru of the world ; Jesus 
Christ; an eminent guru. iirtd^=g^^. 
The Saviour of the world: Christ. 
fcsrtoS^i?. The Lord of the world: 
God; N. of a town near Cuttack. 
iartc3^odo^. The governor of the 
world: God. JdrtcTO. ^. Durga, 


ZiXB 1. = tiri€, q. V. 

fefA-S 2. (= ^n^A s. n. The earth. 2, 
the world, universe. 3, the king and 
his subjects, -^siwodo. Earth's circum- 
ference; the terrestrial globe. 

S:(7\^P. tb. of &irt3«, q. v. 





3i7^o5 (= tirtS) k. n. A raised, open 
veranda; a seat of mud, etc 

3iAS? k. H. A quarrel; fight; war. -rtoU, 
TVziti. A quarrelsome man ; f. -(TbS". 
-Srfo. To rouse a quarrel, -i^. To 
pick a Quarrel. -asz^J . To create a 
quarrel. i3n«?D:ij, -dJ3:aJ. To quarrel. 

3iX^ (= 23^7-!^) tb. n. A gong. 

gi7x (= t:h) k. i\ t. To chew, «s betel. 

SiAoVo (°^o= W-)) a. k. v. i. To go off; 
to slip; to drop down. 

SiAJ 1. k. f. /. To bend down, as a 


tree with fruit; to sink, as a wall ; lo 

hang down. ?;. Bending. 

&;7\0 2. k. r. <. To pull, drag, draw. 

2dc-o-pc!j a. k. r. <. To scold, chide; to 

despise, v. i. To cry. wo^re. Scolding. 

sao^. Crying out. 
SiCAS^O s. a. Movable; locomotive; 

living. /(. A Liiigavanta; f. -h^. 

-5j ?33Ci. Any favour from a Jangama. 

-Cort. A Jangama; a linga worn by 

&iCA(y, 9ioAe;J h. >i. A forest, jungle. 
&ic7CD6 1. f. n. A platform with railings 

placed on two boats, used at ferries. 
&lo7\a^2. b. n. Zangar, a greenish 

blue dye. 
aiOAO k. n. A bell worn by a Jangama 

3riCA0"^k. »i. A mass, assemblage, herd, 

ZioH k. n, A stride. 
£ycyJ s. n. The shank or lower part of 

the leg; the leg. &io^3S)5J. A swift 

wind, tao^awu. Power of legs. lao 

^30. Running, fleet, swift; a runner, 

3d3i &®. <&. of aw-03, q. r. 


aj&j k. I'. <. To bruise, crush, souash. 
ft! ■ ' 

n. A bruise. 

3rfo3iIJ h. a. General: consecutive, not 

specified or classified, -ficloti. Conse- 

cutive number. -"^oa. Running 

numbers or papers. 
^odiXi, &lc3i3y f. n. Trouble, bother, 

2iio?^^^:^ h. n. A swivel gun. 

&!y5D03J?jJ f. t;. ^ Tc scorn, treat 
scornfully; also JsW^rO^ij. 

dikitj'zi f. art. Smartly, quick. JaL'^li, 
J4J35Sii. Strife, scuffle; angry dis- 
cussion, [hair. 

&!&a3ijs^ s. n. A quantity of twisted. 

3d63S^3?)OA) s. M. A herb growing on 

the Himalaya, the Indian spikenard. 

3i&33cd0J s. n. N. of a fabulous vulture. 

3i^5, 3id:3(=^:l, g. c.) s. n. Twisted 
and matted hair; a tress of hair; 
2, a pendent root from the banyan. 
etc. 3, the fibrous root of trees, tih-) 
qsTiO. Wearing matted or braided 

K^ (= :3i3,) f. n. A professional wrest- 
ler. -»3JeJ^. dpi. An athlete among 
wrestlers. -^^>*n, -■o^jAj , -r(jC3^ ,tJ, 
-ocJjjri. A wrestling match. -5jjjs?j,. 
Steel of boxers. 

ai'^TJ s. 11. The belly, o. Hard, firm. 
Jsdo3/\. The gastric juice. 

airi s. a. Cold, frigid, chilly. 2, slow, 
dull, apathetic, stupid; foolish. 3, 
hard, solid. 11. Cold. 2, (=ti:^J) in- 
disposition, illness. -5D£J. The cold 
season, -rtjra. A sluggish disposition. 
.coJ3$r!J. To be difficult. 

&!T^3i (= 2it)22) s. a. Water-born. n. A 

&!ti^ (/">•. !aa) k. ?i. Beating, driving in, 
as a nail. -3J3:lJ. To drive in, etc. 

aitiS f. n. A close and narrow search. 

SitiiS, Sic^sR s. n. Coldness; apathy; 
stupidity; inertness. 

SdUSOOSorio (= '^ra3o:u5io, q. f.) k. V. t. 
To drive in; to fasten or bolt, as a 

ai&l. k. v. t. To threaten, menace; to 
frighten; to blame, chide; to urge on. 




2, to wave, brandish, as a sword, etc. 

3, to beat; to pound. 4, to beat 
into; to drive in, as a nail. -^o. To 
cause to beat. 

diii, 2. k. ?i. A long-continued, fine, small 

rain; also -3J«?. 
3i&e2pDsi {fr. tizi) s. n. Dulness, 

apathy, insensibility. 
SjT^O^ f* '*• ■'^ fl^P (attached to a 

paper kite). 
afzS. th. of 2a^, Q. V. -=5^^Y A kind of 

Euphorbia, triangular spurge. -=5*0 

2Sj . An ornament attached to a tress 

of hair of women. -^^riti, -j3s3. 

Ornaments worn by women over 

their plaited hair. 
SiS e. 71. The judge. 

&(rfj 1. (= "^^i) k. «. A callous spot; 
a wart, scar. 2, the disagreeable 
smell of sheep's milk, etc. 

SiZid 2. (tb. of ca3) ?;. Slight indisposi- 
tion ; sickness; dulness; also -^jS. 
-Wja. A dull understanding. 

cyoij h. ?«. Joining; meeting; partner- 
ship. -Asrf. A partner. -*J^* Title- 
deeds in the name of two persons. 
-Sjs)3j, -ss^'s^j. To join, tie. -?ij. 
To join; to annex. 

3iozS h. n. A flag, banner. 

3i^^ (=Ddo:SoS. <&■ of cd;j:^) n. Care, heed. 
Si^ (<b. of cdoS) H. An ascetic. 2, 

harmony in music. 
diS (= K3J_, i3;s5!J^. /&. of cdjj^) n. Union; 

intercourse; company; a pair; a 

fellow. -neiiS. A male companion; f. 

-naa". -d^s^j. To pair, accompany. 
3j^ ^ a. k. ?i. Fraud, deceit, hypocrisy; 

QiB :R. = t3j3^ A, q. r. 

3ieO (=24^) <6. n. Intercourse, friend- 


Qi^ s. ?i. Man, mankind, people; a 
person in general. -JsrJ^. Known to 
all. -^. People, mankind; birth. 
-cSStji, -Sj, -^3, -d>3Jc3. A king. 

-rfotiFi. Gratifying people. -Srf. A 

community, people; an empire, 

-^i)S~. Rumour, report. 
di^^ s. n. A progenitor, father; Sita's 

father. -!^, -Si?jo5j, tifi'ss:^.^. Sita. 
gijiij:; ( = tefi, ) s. n. Birth; production. 

2, race, lineage. -*^^) -^•^^- Horos- 
cope, tii^a. A mother. 
ajj:5^J?5dcciJ s. ?(. N, of a king, Parik- 

shit's son. 
&ifraoA s. 71. A nation, tribe. 
aifSS^i h. a. Made for women, m. A 

seraglio, harem. 
QifJiiO^ s. Ji. An uninhabited place. 

2, a region, country. 
aif33rf!^c^ s. n. Vishnu, Krishna. 
3i^l. s. M. Birth, production. 2, a 

woman. 3, a daughter-in-law. -^. 

Born, begotten. -03j?^j. To be born 

or produced. 
di^2. k. u. 8. To flow; to drop. 
Sd^sSTJ (= sa^^j^d. lb. of oij!^j5 ^^^^:M) 

n. The sacrificial thread. 
&ff3 a. k. n. The yolk of an egg. 
8io^. tb. of rio^, rj. t'. 
3jO^J s. ». A creature, living being. 

2, any animal. 
Sdoii f. n. A short small beam or rafter. 
3do^j. tb. of ajjo:^, g. u. 
ai^N (tb. of odjiB) ?i. A sacrifice. 
di^^-R (tb. of odj^^ *) 71. That belongs 

to sacrifice. 

&ljj (=:ia£j,) s. n. Birth, production, 
origin; existence, life. -ujscSj. To 
give birth to. -c3#^ s?J,, -533J . To 
be born. -:3?ai. Native country, -rif 
3j. The natal star. -^^, -S^'^. Horo- 
scope. -333^;. Original sin. -"^JjScoJ. 
Birthplace. -OsS. The sign of the 
zodiac that contains the natal star. 

GdjoS, oSTJ s. »i. Another state of exis- 

teuce; transmigration. 




2J^, s. n. A creature, man. 

dir^o s. a. Born, produced, n. Rumour, 

report. 2, war, combat. 

jy?j s. n. Muttering; muttering a Tedic 
verse, names of a deity, charms, 
prayers. -^Jszij, tih^o. To perform 
japa. -53j30'#, -3Jt)s3, -^d. A rosary. 

yb h. n. Seizure, confiscation, attach- 


ment (law). 
&!L\S!o f- (■• i- To wait and watch 

patiently, to lurli. 
DieOrJ, SieO'do h. n. Powerful. -d=jJ^. 

Oppression; force; violence. 
diZd^Tjd k. i'. t. To chide, scold. 

Sieo.ei k. ?*. The state of being weak, 

infirm or frail from old age, etc. 
3i200 1. (= ssw.eJ) k. m. Weakness; soft- 

ness; slackness. 


jO^o) k. ('. t. To scold, 

&! 200,2. 

abuse. 2, to suck. n. Weakness; 
frailty; softness; slackness. 

3i^03TOf3 h. M. A sitting carpet. 

&:Tidzi'hy. s. n. Blazing fire. 2, N. of 
Parasurama's father. 

Sitt^j?) (= ws3j) h. ?i. Receipts, income; 
collection. -sjz^jr. Receipts and 
disbursements. -loc3. Settlement of 
assessments. -o3j=jo. To assemble; to 
collect; to succeed, as a business. 
-a^JSOJ -ura*. The collections and 
the outstanding balances. 

Si^jsnD'd h. M. A commander of a 
body of troops; the head peon. 

ai^:r?c3STJ (=:tS;DJ3;^c:i)d) h. n. A zemin- 
dar, landholder. 

StiSjarjJ h. n. Land or ground. -C3stf. 

a;o;^ f. n. Drowsiness, sleepiness. 
aic^gss;*" f. n. Slow time in music, 

Sicao (=;3ioA, :So:u. »;. of rio:p) «,. 

Ostentation, pomp, -rssid. A man of 


SioSOTJ k. ?i. Affair, business. 

3ic83e'rf s. H. A lemon. 

afoSDj 1. k. n. Length. 2, a kind of 
reed, Typha angustifolia. 

&!o20o 2, s. n. The rose apple, Eugenia 
jamholana. -^°'3- The central divi- 
sion of the world, including India; 

&:c20j^ s. n. A jackal. 

KcSOoa^a^. = tiS3jsj3f3, q. v. 

&;c£ij s. ?j. A lemon. 2, N. of a demon 
destroyed by Indra. 3, the jaws; 
a tooth, tusk. 

&(o30 s. n. Victory; conquest; winning. 
2, the twenty-eighth year of the 
cycle, -wodj. rep. Hurra! bravo I all 
hail I glory unto! -^jsorfj. To gain 
victory, -cp^js^^, -?j?>. A shout or 
cry of victory. -S^,. A record of 
victory. -SJjoriaj. A cheer of victory. 
-t>* ,, -S,?. The goddess of victory. 
-Sjo3, -SeiO, -a^o. A conqueror. 
-?!). = taoOjs-o, q. V. 

3daJooS s. n. A flag, banner. 2, the 
day on which a deity assumed an 
incarnation. 3. the plant Sesbania 

SiodOSJ^. tb. of !%<So?i, q. V. 

&(cdo:iJ, 2J05jriJ> s. r. t- To conquer, 
defeat, overcome. 

2iTi 1. k. n. Sliding. -^ooQ, tirfrtooa. 
Sliding on the posteriors, as children 

3s-rf 2. tb. of ^3, g. y z^s?-. Ague. 
-r^od. Ague-cake. 

SiTJ 3. h. «. Brocade. 2, a little, some- 

&!73 4. (=tidl) s. H. Growing old; 
decaying, wasting. 

K^^AJ (= tecJonj) k. r. i. To slip, slide; 
to roll down as sand from a heap; 
to pass, elapse as time; to be done 
as a business, n. Loose texture as 
that of cloth. tt:iF\Ko. To cause to 
slide, to push or carry on as work. 



Si'd'^ b. a. Worn out; old; hard, solid. 
2, bent, drooping. 3, harsh, cruel, n. 
Old age. 2, mud, mire. 

Sd'dT^O k. w. Unsubstantiality; useless- 

fclTJzf (= ^iSJ,^) k. ». A sieve. 

aido© s. a. Waxing old. 2, promoting 
digestion, n- Cumin-seed. 

KuSSTJ, SiTJStnS h. 11. Silver wire co- 
vered with gold. iid3sO. Worked 
with jaratara. 

aidrfj (= tiO=So). P. p. of taO 1. 

SddaOJ (= csdjwj) h. ?i. Terribleness; 

SrfUSCXJjj s. ?i. The womb. 2, the after- 
birth, -ti. Born of the womb. 

af&l. (^JCO) k. 1'. ?". To slip or fall; to 
slide or slip down; to shrink back. 
2, to fall away; to lose flesh, n. A 
ravine worn by a stream, -F\zi. A 
fern. coonQ. To retreat, retire. sJjjo 
JiO. To advance. 

dib 2. h. 71. Gold or silver threads, a. 
Worked with siich threads. taO^SiWtf. 
A laced belt; a grand flag. 

aiS 3. (0= eS'; k. n. A centipede. 

SiB 4. (0= e3?) = iad2, q. w. 

aiQe^j h. ?i. A giraffe. 

3i&?20J h. H. A land-measure. 2, 

&ITJOAO. = JirfriJ, q. V. 

dixSoiio (cij = esj) k. v. i. To talk much, 
to be loquacious. ?i. Garrulity, vain 

&i'do20J. = 2aCJWJ, (/. (!. 

aidjaTl/j h. ad. Necessarily, urgently; at 
all events. 

&!t3 1. (=2i!5 4, 'cSD^) s. n. Old age; de- 
crepitude, grey hair. 

&1t3 2. ( S= 233) k. i'. <. To rebuke, abuse; 
to disgrace, disdain, jeer at. P. ps. 

a!3dr-cS s. a. Old, infirm, decayed. 2, 
broken, shattered. iswrOa (^lasa 0^). 

Torn, broken in pieces; infirm. ts^~ 
0?oO. To become infirm. 

aiSOor k. V. t. To scold, rebuke. 

di<Sj{= ti,'-}) s. J4. Water (uus*, a^cJo), 
2, fraud, hypocrisy. -=5*. Relating to 
water; a batli, bathing. -?^ra. A 
water-drop. -^oW^. A crocodile; 
danger from water. -^n<.. A water- 
nymph. -%^^. Sporting in water; 
bathing for pleasure. -55ajF3. Wash- 
ing or cleansing with water, -n^sd. 
One who searches for gold in drains, 
etc. -^^- A shark or crocodile. -iSd. 
Aquatic; a fish, -ta, -23=);^. A lotus; a 
shell. -ajo^O. An aquatic animal. 
-^30. The moon. -3do?1. A wave; 
harmonicon. -rf, -^Sd. A cloud; 
a fragrant grass, Cyperus rotundus. 
-nsO. A drain, kennel. -iSjs ^rJ. A 
bucket. -Sd, -S)3. The ocean. -S*, . 
A water-bird. -S^. Varuna. -sSuS ^. 


A water-course, a gutter. -^^ . An 

aquatic flower; a fish. 


uoli. A 

deluge. -^^33^. The current of water. 
-WJrfjloJCi. A water-bubble. -SjodJ. 
Watery, -odjo;^. A syrins^e; a water- 
engine. -osS. The ocean. -rfj3o. 
A lotus. -djSQ^. The moon. -^30i> 
?i. The diver-bird. -So=S. Fear 

arising from water; making water. 
-Sj-t^. a bivalve shell. -<o^. Straits. 
-SoO. A small vessel with a channel 
for conveying water. taOsqyDrf. A 

&!e;a (= zaO) h. od. Quickly. 

aiHiDOSOriJ s. V. I. To burn. 

2AiSJ7)€> h. n. A sort of masquerade at 
the Moharam. 

&!£^^rfi^r s. n. A whirlpool, eddy. 

Si^ia^oJO, a(£)3^a:Jo (/■/•. waj) s. m. A lake 
or pond. 

SdC'js^ s. n. A leech. 

Si«3j3?rfTi s. n. Dropsy. 

&i«!) , = &it)a, (7. I!. 




SiSJw diC-.'^ s. n. Talk; chatter; discus- 
sion. KC^=5'. Talkative; a chatterer; 

2i£;, . tb. of 'ari., q. V. 

CO * <») 

&!ci N k. ad. "With a start. 


Si?5 1. (= ti53) k. n. A round bamboo 

basket used for storing corn. 

aieS 2. k- H. Broken stone. 2, falsehood, 
en ^ 

lie. 3, tassels; hangings. -T7J3iSj , 

-soJ3:3. To lie. 
&«!! riJ k. r. «. To sift. 
3J£|J f. »i. A boatman's pole. 2, the 

state of being torn, as cloth or 

3i°3 k. n. A bamboo pole. 


Oi^ 1. s. H. Speed, velocity, swiftness. 

-tISj. Telocity to be impaired. 
&(rf 2. Ih. of o;J053j, g. i\ 
ai^SJ-rf (/b. o/" oAj53=ff^O) n. Saltpetre. 
diri^"^ {lb. of cdo3?)€) n. A curtain, 

screen, veil. 
di:^V 1. k. «. Cloth of any kind. -*, 

-'ffcic!. A cloth-seller. 
diTi'§ 2. (<b. of odjJioO) ?i. A pair; twins; 

sameness, -r^ja. Two words. 

3iS522, assa {— tA^-?^'i£) h. n. Civet. 

2. musk. -Lo^o^. A civet cat. 
3clnX)?o h. n. A peon. 
^rf^3^)^io (= li-JSiitAjj) h. n. An answer, 

reply. -;:33d. A responsible man. 

-nsO. Responsibility. 
aio3s8 f. a. Produced in one's own 

country, as cloth, wool, etc. 
Si^sSoo^o h. n. A jewel; jewelry. 
diS) k. n. The hair of a horse's tail. 
&ii2)A0, ai4s?o (= ;i53s?J) k. n. Swampy 

ground, a swamp. 
35^. lb. of o3oS, q. V. -rtjs^a. Barley, 

Jlordetim vnlgare. 
Srf^i^^. //;. of oiS^^y, q. v. 
KS3DQ2§. = ti^^ti, q. V. 

8i3?^«3 (= SAJcdc?,??, :£.o=^^d) f. n. A 

diTi. lb. of o±i3!, q. v. 

fcSoT^.e'do (= !3^h?c!j) h. n. An assign- 
ment by government of lands or 
revenues. -wTd. The holder of a 

2i5o%0 h. n. A. ship. 

SjSoO^ s. n. N. of a king who adopted 
Ganges as his daughter. -3?io±i, 
231)33^. The Ganges. 

di'^ s. n. Heat; hot vapour, -w^. Shin- 
ing brightly. 

die^'g (= tiej^, s. a^) s. M. A bath, 
bathing. -dJSSo. To bathe. 

&ls?o (= ia!i::^o, g. ;;.) k. Ji. Emptiness, 
hollowness. -^B^o. An empty grain 
of corn. -5JJ3;^J. A vain word. -oiVOj, 
ti«?)Va. Barren sesamum. 

ai3, &S5aCX20. = SSt^, S'31s?=30S0, q. V. 

&la A h. H. A place, spot, room. 

3dliAl3 (<b. of ^acxij^shS) n. A gong used 
by religious mendicants, in temples, 

dizXxi, KSA^ro (= -^^rt)"^) s-"- Waking, 
wakefulness ; keeping a vigil. 

diZA^jd"^ s. a. Wakeful. -J. Wakeful- 

aOTN^tJo. = JaaoA^dj, q. v. 

dit)AO a. k. n. Silence, taciturnity. 

3iDAj^ s. a. Awake; attentive; also 
■^srt ;3. 11. = t3^rt^i. -^::Sj. To pay 

fclSAjo s. ?i. Wakefulness; attention, 

carefulness. -?1j5n?o,, -^^J3«? ^ To take 
v' V 

care. -»3jdSo, -5j3j. To be attentive. 

KsoAsS^', aJsoAOsStS' s. w. A snake- 
catcher, juggler. 

&!S35 (<b. o/" !3e)S) H. Nutmeg, mace. 
2, .Jasminum grandiflorum. -^soSj. 
Nutmeg. -53^. Mace. -53jO^?i, -i3oj55. 

Ksaio k. w. Red colour. 

ai3SrQe-'o^'je)cJ s. a. Shining, resplen- 



23 1)0 

SrSwtJ s. a. Stomachic, abdominal. 
d:x>Ti {=^^d) k. n. A weaver; f. -^^, 

-S^. 2, a spicier; also -^j«?. -^ riLrarSo. 
A spider's nest. 
&i3T^E? ( = !±pti3f3) f, n. Shaking', 

sweeping; throwing; discharging; 

8d;)ri^je)s5 h. ?j. A sweeper. 
SdDZSS la. ?i- A general clearance of 

accounts; also tSsicS. 
3dsa 1. li. n. A discharge; a flood; an 

outburst, as of tears, wrath, etc. 
Qi7)ii2. k. H. A common cumbly. 
Sds5 3. h. ?j. A jar. 
3i3ci?j0 f. r. <. To sweep; to dust. 2, 

to shake off, as dust from cloth, etc. ; 

to jerk or throw out, as an arm, etc.; 

to purge. 3, to reprove. 
SdDcS k. n. The mark of a footstep, 

track, trace; wink, hint. 
diDT:o{fr. S3^) s. 71. Coldness; apathy; 

indisposition, disease. 
fctiP'S (tb. of t3ri frf) ?i. A skilful, knowing, 

or clever man; f. -Vo, isarS. -^5i, St) 

el)s3j, SDfS^. Cleverness; knowledge; 

&!3ig s. a. Born, brought forth, produced; 

possessing; manifest, n. A son; birth; 

a creature; a race, kind, sort, species; 

a mass. -^. A horoscope. -'asSor. 

A ceremony performed on the birth 

of a child. 
aiSe^seoS'S' li. n. Balance, remainder 

after deductions. 
5i7)B s. n. Birth. 2, lineage, race, 

family; tribe, caste. 3, kind, sort, 

species. 4, superior breed. 5, (= ^3^l 

ti) nutmeg. 6, the great-flowered 

jasmine. eroS sj-, z««?)5-, sSj^ejj-. A 

high caste; a good family. -t^S^j-, 

=#y^-, ?^9"~^-, oo°=j-. A low caste. -!5 5^. 

Enmity with one's caste. -qS^jr. The 

law or usage of caste. -2^?ci. A dis- 

tinction of castes. 

An outcast. 

-sloS. Of high breed or rank. -^o 

^s^d. A medley of castes. -hj^zi. = 

-"^_^%, (1- V. 
QiZ^c s. a. Belonging to a family, or 

caste; of noble descent. 
QisSj. tb. of cdj-5^, q.v. 
Qilt-ijz7\b h.. n. Magical arts. 
3is?j^? s. n. SIta, the wife of Rama. 

-iih, -ddJcS. Rama. 
gda^o s. n. Tbe knee. 

aissjS^uj ^aOSO f. n. The croton-seed. 
:3tiSj3V*cS h^. Croton tiglium plant. 

diT)tQ (tb. of ai3D5j„) n. Loitering; lazi- 
ness. 2, a sluggard, lazy man. a. To 
be muttered, -n^d. A sloth, sluggard. 

di^2^S, diX>2^'B^ To., n. A passport; a 
memorandum; an inventary, cata- 

&S20J (=ii^3i^J) h.. n.. An answer; a 
letter of correspondence. 

3i^idj3^\ s. 11. A son-in-iaw. 

3iT)<3j5)?j, 3ia.SJ3^0 h. ?(,. A bail, secu- 
rity; surety, sponsor. -:3i>C, tSDCus 
rS"^ d. A surety, bondsman, -ti?^ 
ttj^ZiJ. Surety-bond. 

SiS^JoaJO s. H. A sister's son. 

3d3oE0 f. n. A sort of goblet. 

SJDOEO^ s. a. Belonging to the jambu 
tree. 2, = zsdoWwoS. 

3i3O20^o;^ s. w. N. of the chief of the 
beai'S. J35ozo»3^. His daughter. 

&iaodj^jt)?j s. a. Being born. 

aisodji) s. n. Loss, injury, damage. 

&i3O50. = ^3 £5, 5. V. 

aiSodJO s. «. A medicament, medicine. 

aiSTJ s. «. A paramour; an adulterer. 
-^. Adultery. -^dj^. = ~.z^6. -^5, 
J3-;C?. An adulteress, harlot. 

ai3& h. n. Relieving from a state of 
sequestration, as land, 2, currency. 
3, enforcement, execution. -S3J33j. 
To execute. 




aiBtJj (dJ=3j) k. r. i. To slip, slide, 

2, to steal away; to withdraw, retire. 

3, to go off ; to run away. 4, to 
flow down. 5, to become loose, as a 
knot. n. Slipping; disappearance; 
a slide. -Cj'^. Sliding, etc.; flowing. 

Si'SV s. n. A net, snare; a web; a 
net-work. 2, a lattice, loophole. 3, 
deception, illusion; conjuring. 4, 
pride. 5, a pretext. 6, a multitude. 
7, a cover, covering, film. 8, an un- 
blown flower. 9, an organ of sense. 
10, the sky. -n^rf. { — ■avTTsO) A 
deceiver, conjurer; a fisherman; f. 

^D<S)^ s. n. A woven texture; a web. 

2, a loophole; cf. zs^C'^. 
3i3<i;8 h. n. Net-work, fringe. 

■ 2^'SZ)7>b k. n. A tree yielding a kind of 
lac, Shorea talura. 

ScOsS 1. k. 11. The thorny babool tree. 
Acacia arahica. 2, the thorny shrub, 
Acacia farnesiana. 

2i3s5 2. s. n. A species of cucumber, 
Trichosanthes dioeca. 2, a fisher- 

3iSe3!? s. n. A fisherman. 2, a spider. 

3, a conjurer, juggler. 4, = J3D©^ 
Nos. 1 & 2. 

di't>€^ s. n. A net. 2, a chain-armour. 
3, a leech. 4, woollen cloth; cf. 
S!)^*. ;s?)0^j (= "^=ie?33j). To cleanse 
rice etc. by washing in water. 

Siorf {tb. of odj'Sj) )(. A night-watch; 
the eighth part of a day; also sss3j. 

SiD'rfs? {tb. of ?;i)SJ35i.) a. Common, vul- 
gar; insignificant. 

diZiZ'R f. n. The match of a matchlock. 

2dz^. = :3=iS, q. V. 

Si's A) h. n. Excess; oppression, force. 

a. More than, additional, extra. 
di'SCo^ZT)^ h. n. Proclamation, 
aiscoe'do b. a. Published; public. -553 

»Sj. a written proclamation. 

SisSojS (/■>•- ^^^) s. M. The daughter 

of Jalinu: the Ganges. 
SiBtf. = J33ei, q. V. -tfOd. Cloth of a 

thin texture. -'5'. = :330*, q. r. 
ais^y^l. («). o/' -^^ej^ or ts^Css) h. A 

net. 2, a lattice-window. 3, a purse. 

4, an assemblage. 
&S^^2. (e?=C3') k. n. Cloth, raiment. 
&!3^0. = !a>5:SJ, q. V. -FvJ3, -aj33j. An 

empty, vain speech. 
SsA^iJ (= ^'->:is-ij) k. »!.. Stickiness. 2, 

gum. 3; birdlime. 
22Ar3, 2Sa??, cSa* f. n. A leech. 
^?\ 1. k. n. Thickness, viscidity. 2, a 

kind of blight or mildew falling on 

the cotton plant. 2, gum. 
^?\2. k. V. i. To jump. 2, (=tah) to 

chew, as betelnut, bread, etc. 
asAOsSf tb. of tijriJsS^, q. v. 
sBo^ k. n. An antelope. ; 

^o7\ s. n. Intoxication. 2, the plant 

Riibia )ininjista, madder. 
3§3;3 ;6 s. 71. Desire of knowing; inquiry) 


g?feo k. n. A grasshopper. 2, a sty. 


^a .= as, q. I'. 

a, ■^ 
sSt^o k. H. A greasy or oily substance. 
2, rancidity. 

e§0® AO, 25p©jao. = ii^ro, q. V. 

22(^1. s. a. Subdued, overcome, won, 
-=ff3S3j. One who has subdued desire, 
lust, etc., an ascetic; f. -5t)^J. -^^• 
One who has conquered his enemies. 
ti3^'^ , t3^?oajOl). One who has con- 
quered his passions. 

^^2. (tb. of Aj ^) a. Fixed, firm, stable. 
-sia^j. To make firm; to commit to 
memory. -S3j. To become firm, to 
bo mastered, as a lesson. ->3J33j. = 
-Sa^J. -Wja . A firm mind. 

^rfo h. n. Affront; contention. 2, spite, 

^ji s. a. Victorious; steady; brave. 
n. A saint of the Bauddha sect; a 




Jaina saint. -S.'wja. Jaina doctrine. 

-SjJci, -oijS. A Jaina saint, ascetic, 

■22:iAO (= wrartj) k. n. Fineness, as of 

texture, tliread, e/c 
2§?i?J0 (=-;?N^J) h. ;i. An article; wares, 

^2S)'^'?JJ k. t'. «'. To become insensible; 

to faint. ('. t. To liquefy, melt, as 

2§?iJA0 1. = lioj^ij, q. V. 
^^07\0 2. k. r. i. To drizzle. 2, to 

mutter, hum. 3, to melt, as butter, 

ghee, etc. n- Drizzling rain. 
:^Ou37\, 22oa?\ h.,n. Goods and chattels; 

one's estate, (movable) property. 
^sir®, ^5^re {th. of *j5^f3) n. A miserly, 

avaricious man; f. t^syrf), 

^SOTrio k. ri. Rheum of the eye. 

^eos?. = 15WJ,. iaw«?a^. Tender areca- 

nut, cut into pieces, boiled and dried. 

G§200, k. H. Stickiness, sliminess. 

aSrfj?) ?i f. <& h, ?(. Gymkhana, an asso- 
ciation for the competition in gymna- 
stics and sports. 

2§(3a k. /I. A prickly tree, Zanlhoxy- 
lon rhelsa. 

aS^J, li. H. Charge, trust of a thinff. 

^■C^OSJ^^O h.?t. Land fit for agriculture. 

2, cultivation, 
^lid (ci=e5) k. n. A centipede. 2, a 

cockroach. 3, a kind of earwig, 
^sD8!)e?, ^des!) h.?;.. A sort of sweet- 
sSe??^ f. n. Glitter, gloss, shine. 
22e;3 , sSeB h. n. A district. -S3t)tf. 

The governor of a district. 
32e;j k. n. The sensation produced by 

touching cold water. ti^S^fiJ. That 

sensation to be produced. 
23^:^0 s. a. Victorious, triumphant, n. 

An arhat. 2, Indra. 3, Vishnu. 

4, Siva. 

sBSo^, sBsjs^ s. n. The tongue. 2, the 
flamo of fire. tiSo^ rfjjsaj. The root 
of the tongue. tJOo? dS. A word. 

^?^^ k. n. A squirt, syringe. 

3j?Wj k. ?i. A prop, stay, as for a wall. 

23?:g (<6. «/■ t^..e<S:^) n. Living; salary, 
wages; work. -natf. A }iaid servant. 

sBsn 1. {th. of Si^cvi) n. A niggardly, mi- 
serly man; f. J^^Ri. a. Decayed, old. 
-^^. Niggardliness. 

^°^ 2. h. n. A saddle, -n^c!. A saddler. 

sSjSS h. w. The area between the inner 
and outer walls. 

2S?cdo f. n. Sir, master; a particle 
expressing assent. 

^e&7^ {th. of Zi5?d=5^) n. The cumin seed. 
-53J5oJ. a kind of fragrant mango. 
-^ranr, -?3e)e3. A superior kind of rice. 

aSeTJO (Cj = e3J) k. n. Screaming; shril- 
ling; cf. lAi^d. -iioiS. A kind of bee. 

35e^;3r^,S (= ^?=g'°^) k. n. A syringe. 

^er*3r s. a. Grown old; worn out, 
consumed, digested. -^J3?2l. The 
stomach. -53?^. Old, tattered cloth. 
J5?r5r?ij. To be digested. to^Pajtj^r 
ra^d. Repairing of what is worn out. 

^e^ s. a. Living, n. A living being, 
a creature. 2, existence, life. 3, 
(=ti?;3^:a ) the principle of life, the 
living soul. 4, (= -fi) livelihood. 5, 
Brihaspati. 6, water. -*. A servant; 
a usurer. -=5'«?. The glow of life, life. 
-'§js:ij. To give up one's life. -rt^. 
A coward. -^A. To kill, -zi A4o6i. 
A very dear friend, -rf t^odj. Fear 
to lose one's life. -cS wj^Cfi tf^, 
-na^. Love of one's life, -zi Socrtj. 
Obligation with regard to one's life. 
-S3Dfi. The gift of life, -aoci 'sdo. 
To be alive. -aoCo eros?. To remain 
alive. -CjScS. Live stock, cattle. -»iJ3?3. 
Life-time, life. -Dt)3. The animal 





kingdom. -2oo?3. Destroying life. 

-?;r5 ri. A vital organ. cJ?533b' d. A 

2§?^'§, 25e:jo^ s. a- Living, alive. 
^o'd?j s. n. Life, existence; means of 

subsistence, livelihood. 2, water. 

-^3£». A cloud, la^s^c^^o^, :4?»i(35ijir. 

Maintenance, livelihood. t^?5if3;3?3j3 

odo. Means of livelihood. 
^pT^tC'j, -S- s. Ji. Liberation from further 

births and from ritual acts. JJ?d 

^"Ij- -^ "i^'i purified by knowledge 

of Brahma. 

£S?nD:^, . = 'i^i^ No. 3, q. v. 

eS^ns^ (<b. o/' :S?St)) ?i. A vital mem- 
ber or organ. 2, a chip put in the 
mouthpiece of a musical pipe or 
drone. 3, substance, pith, essence. 

sSjSs. >i. A living being. a. Living, 
alive. -^. Living; life, existence; 
wages. -^ 53t). Lifetime. -SJ. To 
live, exist; to live by. 

aiog'0050?:jO h. I', i To stoop, bend; to 
reel, stagger. 

3dOAS'do f. n. Gambling. 

did7\0'£>l s. n. Censure, reproach. 2, 
aversion, disgust. 

3iOo3:^0 k. n. The comb of a cock. 

Sijyj, k. n. The tuft of hair left on the 
crown of the head at tonsure; a crest, 
as of a cock. -"tSa^o. To produce a 
juttu at tonsure. 

SiO&o k. n. A kind of pigeon. 

SiOciO;^ li. n. A bush; a thicket. 

aior^JAO k. V. i. To shrink, contract ; 
to withdraw, n. Shrinkage. 

SjO^O-& h. n. The pendant of an ear- 

aio-doeia. = tiosSja^, q. V. 

a!o:rfj. ^ k. ad. Quickly. 2, with horri- 


2iO>^J?,~io,^ea h. /(. A mosque that is 
visited on Fridays. 

Sriosija h. n. Amount, sum, total. 

cd^fS) h. ?i. A fine, penalty, punish- 

8:'O£^D20o h, 71. A purgative; a purge. 
2, diarrhoea. 

3d0£;sO30 f. ?i. A weaver. 2, (e) July 
(7th month of the year). 

£aos^^ h. n. Small locks of hair kept 
on children's head as ornament. 

aioe^odrejio. = jiJt)Sj3ci, q. v. 

&je)0^j (= tsJuSj, liod ) h. ?!. Oppres- 
sion, tyranny, injustice, compulsion. 

3iOS^^od k. 

The wavy-ieafed fig- 
tree, Ficus infedoria. 

aij3AS?;c;o (= ^Ji^Q>KS) k. V. i. To nod,, 
doze; to move on or proceed slowly, 
as vehicles or work. 

SijaTvO- = 3J3rtJ, q. V. tsjarraSo (=::Sjarr5 
cSj). To waddle. 

&!.?>2iO. (tb. of^^_^s) 71. Gambling, game. 
tsJ3i2e)3j. To gamble, game. -*^- 
To wager. -n?cJ. A gambler. 

&!jsUl. (tb. of teJa:^) n. The matted 
or clotted hair of an ascetic. 2, 
bodily strength of children. 

aijsU 2. h. 71. A lie. 

3ij35 f. n. A favourable quit-rent on 

inam lands. 
dijlB h. «. A shoe. 2, (f.) impulse, 

energy. [year). 

&iji^O e. w. June (6th month of the, 
Zi^'iTjii k. 71. Thin, drizzling rain. 
£«j3e;jl. k. «. A tatter. -fracOj. A dog 

with long hair. rg^^. 

aijiit'J 2. h. n. A body-cloth of horses, 
3dj3^ k. u. The spout of a vessel. 
^ s. a. Born (/■.). ». A daughter, as 

fcf^,-. e<c. 

sSTno .= Jarto q. v. 
A '^ 

;fio'A h. a. Relating to war. n. Petu- 
lance; dunning; besieging. -^xio:zs 
^.i. Arms and ammunition. 



!6l§. = 2a:i, g. r. 

5§oiocSoS e. n- January (1st month of 
the year). 

sSgrf. = J3=)C^, g. V. 

^?5 k. n. A sort of pipe-clay, chalk. 

t5?fJo k. «. Honey; also -^J^- -cSJsrs. 
-iSos?. A honey-bee. -SooMj^, -rtJaSo. A 
honey-comb. -sSo^ra. Wax. 

^?E0O h. n. A pocket. 

^e'rfo 1. h. ffl. Feeble; exhausted. n. 
Weakness, indisposition. 

^e'do2. k- w. A wall. -r!oa, -f\oa. An 
embrasure for guns; a loophole. 
-sSoo^fi. A close siege. 

^e^r^;^ k. M. Sweetness, pleasantness. 

sSs^i 'rfozjjO s. n. Liquorice. 

^l^ (/■»■. tScS) s. n. A Jaina. 

SiS)0?^ s. «■ N. of a rishi and philoso- 
pher. -tp«)d3. A Kannada metrical 
translation of a Samskrita poem. 

^J3^,. = tadc^j, q. V. 

!Sjsc5a k. n. A cockroach. 

^j30T5o k. w. The scurf of the head, 
dandruff. 2, a filthy mass of scum 
floating on water. 3, the elephant- 

SjtS (=J3i. tb. of odoj;^) n. Union, 
company, pair. -?ij3^?ij. To join. 
-TTsd. = za^A^d, q. V. 

jSjs^O . = Js^J , q. V. 

^J3?:|3^-S-^ (<6. o/" 5^-«5?^ *J* ) w. The 
Greek partridge. 

!Sj303J a. k. n. A cluster, bunch. 

^jsobr^o a. k. V. t. To cause to tremble. 
I', i. To tremble; to be aroused. 2, 
to get intoxicated, stupefied. 

^jso;^ a. k. n. Inebriation, stupor, 

'SjJ&'V:) k. n. Saliva, slaver. 

sSjaV'o, ( = tas?J), q. w.) k. n. Emptiness. 

^j3? k. int. Hush ! i£j3? 2€j3^ Hush, 
hush ! used in lulling infants ; cf. 

^J3?^3e3. = t3^^s3, q. V. 

Sj&^'^o m. n. An affected manner of 
speaking, walking, dressing, etc.; a 
scheme, trick. -rrarf. A man of af- 
fected manners; f. -r\sSiF. 

!5j3?^ k. 71. Attention, caution, care. 2, 
beauty, harmony. -Sjbc^j. To take 
care, protect. -odJ■^?^tfJ. To be atten- 
tive, cautious; to be safe, well pro- 

tSjs^A. tb. of oSjs^ri, q. v. -S>. A female 
beggar dedicated to Ellamma. 

!Sj3?aS;* ( = ^J3er!os?) k. n. A lullaby. 

jSj3??\. tb. of o3j3??>, q. V. 

sSjseAO k. n. A waterfall. 2, benumbed 
sensation of a limb. 

djse'rfEo f. n. Joining, junction; pre- 
paration; readiness. 

sSjs?^ f. n. A pair or couple. 2, a sheet 
of paper. 

^J3?5rj0 f. V. t. To join, unite; to put 
to; to collect. 

^J3?T^0 f. n. Junction, union; company", 
a pair or couple; a match. 2, a 
pair of shoes. 3, a suit of armour. 
4, close connection. t3j3?:S^ti. A 
double letter, diphthong. 

^jseS. tb. of sSj^g^S, q. V. 

^.??Ssc;.= 23j?g?35S, q.v. 

^jseeO. = ■Sjs^zjo . P. p. of t3J3?UJ, q. V. 

tSjserf (lb. of a3j3^^ .) n. An elephant- 
driver. , 

^j3?Si k. n. Fluidity, as of jaggory; 
also -tSej . -Ti. One of a SAdra caste. 

^jse^iS f. «• A hut; a cottage. 

cS.f3?SJDcJ f. n. Taking care of, looking 
after; fostering. -sSjacSo. To take 
care of. 

^j3?20, -rf) k. n. A dull, lazy man. 

^js^'rfjs^S k. n. A gold necklace. 





^jseOSJri. tb. of ■dsi^i^ii, q. v. 

^j3?T3a^5 (=t3i3=rfj2, q.v.) h. n. Vio- 
lence, force. 

sgjsjTio 1. (=?3js°cij) k. V. i. To trickle, 
drip, leak. n. Trickling; a flow. 
-rtWj,. To tie up in a cloth for strain- 
ing, as curds. -3ot)^j. To strain, as 
soaked grain. 

^.ra?'dj2. h. n. Strength; force; vio- 
lence; stress; oppression, compulsion. 
-305^. Dunning hard for payment. 

^j3?e? 1. f. n. Concern; business, affair. 
2, connexion, intercourse. 

s2js?e3 2. f.ii. Hanging, dangling; oscil- 
lation; evasion, delay, -wJSC^j. To 
delay, -nad. A loiterer. 

^.©fiyo k. r. i. To hang down from; to 
move to and fro; to swing, oscillate, 
dangle; to droop; {also ;:3j3?ej5^j. 
P. ps. s^JB^SJJ , dJS^^:>). n. Hanging 
down, slackness, looseness. -/^jS. A 
long, flapping ear. -tsasiO. A kind of 
ear-ornament. -iS?°-?o. To bang down, 
etc. -SjJJS-). a downcast countenance. 
^JS^VO dJloj. A loose tuft of hair. 


23.®?^ {tb. of oiJ%ic33tJ) n. One of the 
several species of millet. 2, {tb. of 
cxjjjrtaj) union; pair. -^332?, An 
associate; a partner. 

Sj^io^-R {tb. of rf4J^£)5') n. A small bag 
for receiving alms; a wallet. 

ft! s. a. Knowing; intelligent, -i, -3,. 
Knowledge of. 

a; h s. n. Knowing, understandinsr, 

c^ o ° S)' 

3J3 ^ s. a. Known, understood, -k^'^ 

^. Versed in any science or sastra. 
&0 S s. 11. A paternal relation; kins- 

Sis ^ s. n. Knowledge; cognizance; in- 

telligence; religious knowledge. -z^ 

^J , -^xi^' The eye of intelligence, 
intellectual vision. -SjoliS. A prison 
{ironically). -s3j«irt~. The path of 
wisdom. -wo;S. A wise man; f. -sSo^. 
-S.cJ. Advanced in knowledge. 

3is ^) s. w. A wise person, sage. 2. an 
astronomer or astrologer, -t?. Know- 
ledge, perception. -^J- To consider, 
reflect. s^ ^?o3 cxSj. An organ of 
perception; the skin, tongue, eye, 
ear, and nose. 

SiT) Tj"^ s. 11. Bearing in mind, remem- 
brance, recollection. Z3? h'K:>. To 
indicate, notify. 

"& fOdO s. a. Cognizable, perceptible. 

tSo?^ s. a. Most excellent; oldest; 
•D © 
elder-born. n. An elder brother. 

2, the third lunar-month. 

eighteenth lunar mansion. 

brightness, clearness. 2, fire. 3, a 

ray of light. 4, a star. 5, the eye. 
-§33^. The science of astronomy (or 
^poeS?:; (= t3j35cOo?c, q.v.) s. n. As- 
tronomy; astrology. 2, an astrono- 
mer, astrologer; also !3j3»?S»a^, ^^A 

3 ^ . 


tfj^o?ac^. = ^-e^?'^, q. v. 

tSjsooS/^ s. n. A moonlight night; aiso 
:iJ3,pi ,. 2, a species of cucumber. 

aiQ'd s. a. Heated, inflamed, n. Fever. 
2, mental pain, grief. 

3dQe; s. )i. Flame, blaze. -3^. Burning, 
blazing. -S 5jr3. A volcano. -^• 
Shining, burning. ^^OcS. Kindled, 
blazing. Js^^C)^. To burn, flame. 

aisQs3, &;sQare s. n. A blaze, flame. 2, 
fire. s^caajjlO. A volcano. 




d>3^. The twenty-seventh letter of the 
alphabet. It occurs only in a limited 
number of Kannada and Tadbhava 

TJJ^O'SDTi s. n. The letter dqj. 

OL^O/^ f. H. A robe extending to the feet. 

D^ocscij (= Sjjj^os^d) s. n. Buzzing or 
humming, as of bees, etc. 

'CL\0oXJJ^TS'^7>^ s. n. A violent storm 
■with rain, 

Ci^oron^OOS s. 71. The jingling or tink- 
ling of ornaments; also -'3^^, -^ Si. 

XJJ.dO 5 s. 11. A sort of drum or cymbal. 


2, a curl, lock of hair. 3, tassels, 

fringes; of. ra^wO. 

oUjsD k. n. Tassels, fringes, hangings. 

xi^dTi, s. n. A fish. 

TJJ^d^hTid s. V. t. To make glitter or 

shine. 2, to brandish, as a sword. 
Tlj^reOOo s.»i. A. sort of drum; also zstioaj. 
£icpc63 s. n. The shrub Barleria cristata. 
Ecp?3 ??, ScpeS e^, &ao?-do^ s. »«. A 


To hum, buzz. 



"^SC^ . The twenty-eighth letter of the alphabet. 


h^. The twenty-ninth letter of the 

U53O30?j0 f. I', t. To put in mind, 

remind. 2, to deceive, cheat, v. i. 

To be exhausted. 
U^-DTJ s. 11. The letter U. 
US', (=:Gi^) h. «. A cunning fellow, 

y-g- ?io. = W5=)o3j?io, a. ?;. 

o ' ^ 

yS'o, (= ^^-i) f- n- Cunning, trickery, 

hypocrisy. -dfj- Cunning, deceitful 

behaviour. -Wd??. dp/. 
UaTjJ k. n. A ram. 
Uc^ s. M. A stone-mason's hammer. 2, 

pride, conceit. 3, a stamped coin. 

-jresS. A mint. 

Uo3^r© s. n. Borax; also -=ff=)rf. 
Wc'53'd, ycS'sS s. n. Howling; a sound, 

clang; the twang of a bow-string. 
Ho^ k. n. A staff. 2, (s.) the leg. 
UCAO h. ;t. A saddle girth. -5d0. To 

be reduced to poverty. 
U<^^e5 k. n. An aquatic plant, Aeshy- 

nomene aspera. 

UP3^, ^ k. ad. With a bounce in leaping. 


U?g5O30?jj h. V. t. To stop, detain. 

Uojsaio. = fe-c^ejj, q. V. 

U3jDk li. M. = Wsj , (/. r. 2, a variety 
in song. 

Uss^e^J h. n. The post, mail. Wct Oii 
Cos^o. To post. WsjB OfjJJ. The post- 
man. -^^,. A post-office. W5J3 C3 a. 
A post-coach. 



y^, h. n. A stage; a halting place. 
-^jrfjo. A relay-horse, 

yosC>3J?io h. V. t. To settle, fix, decide. 

yosrfra, Uossj li. n. Settlement, deci- 

We^aOaOrJJ f. v. t. To lead, as a horse. 
V. i. To walk about. 

y<y3?jJ. — ^^^^0, q, V. 

WsSs? k. 71. Simple and compound addi- 

U^'9 m. n. Guile, trick, deceit. -Asrf. 
A deceiver. 

U4i* (= ^"^°^) k. n. Armour, mail. 

6o3^P3 h. )i. A pony. 

&a5S t.n. A stitch; aJso bstfj. 

foa^'o 1. f. ». The nib of a pen; a 
steel-pen. -^Jsd. To nib a pen. 

&33'o2. k. n. A support; a vault. 
-rtJSSj, Arches with niches on the 
walls surrounding big temples. 

633^0^5^0 f. ad. Orderly, neatly. n. 
Neatness, order. 

633^j3e&35^0 f. ad. Speedily. 

&are, 63sr^orfj. = i33f^, q.v. 

&3i3 (=3^5j) f. n. A place; room; an 
abode, bi^^'i. Knowledge, acquaint- 
ance with. 

^53?5 f. n. A place; spot; an abode; 
seat; destination. 2, means, opportu- 

&5^,a1 s. n. The bird Parra jacana, the 

ijSjt)05J?jJ h. V. t. To shuffle, as cards. 

y^ivf^, ^°^r5 f- «• A gloss, comment, 
commentary. 2. a note, memo- 

randum. -At)d. A commentator. 

y?i(yj k. ?(. A forked or lateral branch. 

tSe^'o 1. s. n. A commentary; a gloss; 
also ii^^a, ii?"^. iJ^^^'affSiJ. A com- 
mentator. i3»u-?3j. To explain, inter- 

yeg'o2. (= '^i^o) h.. n. Right, just, pro- 

13??? f. n. A necklace of gold wire. 2 
a gem. 3,= ii^^J 1. 

Uj^^'ct f. n. A tom-tom. 

B^, 1. k. M. A banner or standard. 

Bit, 2. (=;St?,) k. n. An embrace. 2, 
wood, e<c. grasped in arms. 

BO'S. = Wo^, q. u. 

BSJX)5^ f. n. A lid. 2, striking off 
excess of grain in a measure. 

Bjjo^ k. n. The hip and loins; the 

B,^o^ ( = ^J3o(i) k. )i. The branch of a 

&j5Pst, f. n. A fat dolt, blockhead. 

BjtresS f.n. A cudgel, mace. 2, stout- 

Bj3j? a, k. V. t. To cheat, deceive. 

SjsS f. n. A stout dull woman. 



, Bjil\^-R i=^J>A^, q.v.) 

f. n. A cap; a hat. 

feSjaS^O, (= ^-^'-^oj) k. n. Hollowuess. emp- 
tiness. -SJiiSJ. a vain speech. -3J3 
Sj, -'^jsd. To scoop out. 

^J^S? k. H. A hollow, cavity; a fistula. 
2, a perished eye-socket. 

B,se^O h. a. Whole or round, as a 
number; wholesale; also SJt^^J. 

B.-5eL\=^-ra<^, q. V. 

^•99. = W42?, q.v. 




^. The thirtieth letter of the alphabet. 
T^^zxj S.71. The letter 3. 

"^^^ ~ '-^^' I- V. 

"^pS/ h. n. A stamp. 

oSS'js'rf s. «. An object of reverence; an 

honorific title. 
^3X)r€)a, oSro (<b. 0/" ^^.^) n. The head 

station of a district; an encampment; 

a police station; a garrison. -A 

ojD'^o. To capture. -CTstf. The officer 
in charg-e of a thana. 

i3tl3. = b^ij^^, s. ^5)5^, q. V. 

VJD^. = -ras^j q. v. 

SssrS. — JJ^urf, q. V. 

Se'S^O. = y?*0 2, q. V. 

©?3 f. «. Style, fashion; grandeur; 

ornament. 2, an air, manner. 
'^?;:5r5, i§?4 f- M. A stock (of money). 

2, a deposit («s securitj'). 


Z^. Thethiity-first letter of the alphabet. 

Tj3=5"rf s. ?i. The letter :^. 

■rfssCOO^. = C35?903j,S, q. V. 

■d^^ (tb. of q^^2). = :^o*, q. v. 

-d:R (=rf,i) t. n. Deceit. 2, heat, 

tio^ (= :^^) s. n. A pretty large 

double drum. 
Zic7\'d, TioXo-d f, n. A public procla- 
mation by beat of tom-tom. -lo^, 
-^Jtd, -(^J3cc5j«. To proclaim by beat 
of tom-tom. 
Z^OAOTijEJsU k. n. A kind of 'hide and 

seek' play. 
Zio-R (—- rforl) h. 71. Tumult, uproar; 
dunning. -^j3:^j^j5°-?j., -53j3:^j. To 
dun. -A'SCi. An uproarious man. 
t^SOZSo ^^ h. H. Showiness, an empty 
display of greatness or authority; 
an imposing air. 
T3205 f. n. A cylindrical saucepan. 
rizjDC^ f. 71. A pair of kettle-drums. 
73£!)e& h. 71. A moonshee, writer. 

'^%-' "^"^ ^- "^'' Suddenly, used of 

vessels, etc. falling f7-om above. 
^^L ^' "■ ■'^ small box, as a snuff-box, 

pill-box, offering-box, etc. 
T^SOo^l. (= djsioj^) k. t). t To shove, 

push, thrust. 2, = Sio, 2. dio^riStSj. 

:Sz^S9'3'j. To put upside down. 
TizdO 2. f. M. A kind of drum. 
t^20J 3. f. n. Showiness, ostentation; 

bragging; falsehood, lie. 2, a dub 

or copper coin, four pies, -rrarf. A 

showy man. 
c^d h. n. A large tin box. 

rf^OXJ s. M. A riot, tumult, turmoil; 

T^rfodj^ s. 71. A kind of drum. 

xi^j?!^^ r^dje):^ f. «. A pair of kettle- 

clo20, TioS^ (= Koio. <b. of irfo:;j) n. 
Pomp, ostentation, show. ;Soi33i5s)!J. 
Vain display. -*. Arrogance, pride; 
an ostentatious man; a deceiver, 
-n^tf. A showy man. 

ricdo^ s. n. Flying in the air. 

T^TJ^, ri-d^:, (cS=e3) k. «. A belch. 




7^£/t)OSJs h. n. A peon of a district 

Tiv!)^ a. k. /(■ A spittoon. 

Ti-rf?? f. n. A kind of drum shaped like 
an hour-glass. 

tisse!) h. n. A peon's belt. 

Xi^T^ k. /(. A thick bamboo. 2, a 
skeleton's skull; also :^^rt. 

■rf^jc^O (=d5J)::3j) h. ?i. A race or run. 

Ti^E'J i— ^5JJ) h. ?t. Shape, form; 
way, manner; indications, appear- 
ance. 2, estimated revenue ; probable 
produce. 3, a pompous air; empty 
display. -=#j3'^j. To brag, boast. 
-:3'3'2^. Too high an estimate. -:35rf. 
An ostentatious man. -Sjar^j. To 
make a show. 

Z3S3=sa20s (= :^?7)C0j^) h. n. Dacoity, 

ZSDtTS'i k. /(. The sword of a female 

73t)-3"S) k. n. A kind of female demon 
attending Kali. 2, = J3ii^E^, g. r. 

Z3a^0, Z3t)A0 h. n. A spot, stain; in- 
oculated cow-pox. 2, an attack. 
3, dawk, post-office. 

Z3S7\e3 a. k. n. An anvil. 

CJSC® (=n3cc). <b. o/" qj9%o) 11. Horse-gram. 
Z3Sr5, Z33£? a. k. n. A staff, club. 
^33200 1. {lb. of craiJo) n. A woman's 

■233200 2. k. n. Intimidation, menacing; 

awfulness; also -Jarfzoj. 
Z33^JtJ. = c^53J!3, (j. y. 2, dammer. 
I33ce3^ «/>. of C3-5o'^^) (t. Deceitful; 

ZSSiyj (lb. of :?=)ej) M. A shield, buckler. 
t33^rf (tb. of Cj'^SjR) n. A long rope 

for tying cattle in a row. -^Wj,. 

To tie cattle in a row. 
ZSfrfQ^j.) a. k. r. t. To whirl about; to 

flicker, as flames; to rave. 

30^5 h. )i. Spite, malice, hatred; re- 
venge. 2, (=ra3^d) desire. -S^S^jJ, 
To revenge one's self. 

334^ (=335dd) f, >i. Burning thirst: 
desire; need, want. 

Z33^. = i3?5^, q. I'. 

Z33S?, cS3^ f. ?*. Lustre; beauty; grace- 
fulness, -ojjjo, :s-5s^?;j. To shine; to 
be beautiful. 

Z33^rfj,Z33^C20, I33^C£3. = n=)a5iJ, q.v. 

^53,, ^■CT, k. ?t. A push, butt, a^ffa a^, 
a^a 3jo^. dpi. -f-'S^j, -3oJ3cl. To butt. 

5oA^ s. n. A servant, slave; also aort 
Ort. 2, a rogue. 3, a fat man. 

So&^J s. H. A kind of small drum. 

5ceO s. n. A scuffle, turmoil. 2, calam- 
ity arising from excessive rain, 
drought, locusts, elc. 3, a globe;^ 
an egg. 4, a child. 

5c20o k. n. A lamp-stand. 

So£j5 s. n. A new-born child, young^ 
animal. 2, a fool. 

civ* a. k. n. Tottering state, agitation 
of mind; fear. 

a°-5 , ^<^ s. H. The town of Delhi. 

See;, ^°€) h.. a. Loose, slack, n. Delay. 
-T^zio. To slacken; to delay. 

xiaZdb (=cSJ^^, ii^JWJ,) k. n. The hump 
on a camel's back. 2, ourvedness, 
roundness. Fruin. 

tloa330SJ?jO f. V. t. To immerse; to 

1^020,. 1^0200,.= cSjwO, q. r. 

T^OT^-& (u = ©) k. ?i. The bellowing of 
bulls and oxen, -ajb^j. To bellow. 

t§o5r®, Z§c^rf a. k. ». The flag-staff 
on a bastion. 

tSo"^. = :So^, (/. r. 

zScT^rixio f. V. i. To be overcome or 
stupefied, as by grief, terror, etc. 

zStS, (= :Sz3j) k. «. A blow. 

Z3?^ k. «. A hawk, falcon. 
w?TJ3, cf ?t3 h. w. A tent. 
Z§j35','d 1. a. k. n. Thumping, striking; a 


zfj3^^'d2. = c3jsric!j, q. v. 



)?jO k. r. <. To choke, stifle. 

cSjs^, k. n. The body. -oSjwjioj. A rib. 

zSjSArJo (!Jo=e3j) k. n. A hollow, hole, 

as in a wall, etc. 
'Sjs'R k. c. t. To make a hole. 

Z§j3/^ k. H. Thickness, as of butter-milk. 

oijso^', tSjso^J k. M. Crookedness; a 

bend, curve. -^tJUJ. A bent leg. 

-?ij3^c9J. A bent neck. -^^. = cljso'g'. 
tSjaOA^ f. n. A steep rock; a precipice. 
Uijin k. ?i. A small pond in rocks. 

2, a hollow, hole. 3, a quiver. -rl 

CSJ . A sunken eye. 
Z5js?€ k. H. A cudsrel, club. 2, a cha- 

meleon. -^s^. N. of several kinds 

of Agames. -Sjjsrtj. A huge nose. 

-53jr3A)>i ^aoSj. A large kind of chilli. 

-^jS?. An insect living in cowdung. 
Z§j320j,. = djzuj q. V. 

I§jao20, cf^soSOTJ f. n. A caste of tum- 
blers; f. -n^. 

Z3jic£3 k. ?(. A mass, multitude, crowd; 

iSjsVB ?j a. k. ?!. Trick, fraud; a fan- 


tastic form. 
zljsS^o (=&JZ^o,) k. ?i. Hollowness; a 

huge belly; also -xJ->^.. a. Hollow, 

huge, -n'sti. A boaster. -53j33j. An 

empty speech. 
iSjse^S li- »• Danger, peril; injury; 

loss in trade. -0. One who cries out 

when he is not hurt. 
^jS5f-3 (=!5j3PK). tb. of dJdj^d) ». A tub, 

trough, etc.; a boat. 
lSj3?'rf li. n. A man who colours leather. 
zIj^^Qcoo h. «. A sort of striped cloth. 

zfjseeS i^. >i- A dooly or litter. -Jj?yj . 

A swinging cradle, 
Z§j3?eJ0 (<b. o/" i^JS^U) M. A large drum. 


C^. The thirty-second letter of the 

T^'S'S'^ s. n. The letter ^. 

r^3=3,^00-o', li. w. Shoving and cuffing; 

c o 

also Ss3, »jJJ* . 
t;^"^, 1. h. M. A sudden push; a shock; 
damage, harm. -Sc^o, -zS?s*o. To re- 
ceive a shock. 

Tpt^, 2. s. M. A double drum. 



Z33^'^0 f. n. Cast, muuld; way, style. 
t^^T?. A clever fellow. 



ra^. The thirty-third letter of the alpha- 
bet. It stands as final in many 
Kannada and some Tadbhava tvords. 

as: eA)E^<, =5'r5*, ?^3f^*, n^ps*, 
0®53I^ s. n. The letter vs. 





3*. The thirty-fourth letter of the 

oOXx3^0 h. n. A note of hand. bond. 
^^ (=:3iidj). P.p. of ^A, in c^^J| 

^g'i^. = ;^^, q. c. 

^^'OD'do, ^^GerJo h. n. Starting objec- 
tions; making difficulties, contesting. 
-is'iif. An appeal; a counter-petition. 

;^3^2)?;JJ ('=^?:j°^'') 1^- "• -^^ offence, 
fault. -n-)rf. An oflFender. 

^53'd s. ?i. The letter 3. 

3?f3S h. 71. Advances made to culti- 
THtors from the public treasury. 

^% (P.p. rel. of ^rtJ) k. a. Fit, proper; 
right, .suitable, good; worthy, deserv- 
ing, n. A good man, friend, ^^c^o. 
That is fit, etc.; anything proper. 
^;?Sj soJS^rt .s^rfj, you ought to go. 
;SW. oi, 3^ ootir^. As is or was fit. 
-Si3J, -»tJ,. As much as is suitable. 

^o\(!i f. n. A b lance or pair of scales 
-^'e3, -^t)j . fceale weights. -^^^ 
-23s3. The scale-pan. 

igS'.S??;^ k. v. t. To sprinkle, as water. 

s.'S^.'&XT.'h.n. Fraud, dishonest doings 

^g'S,"? k. 11. The tomato or love-apple 
Lycopersiciim esciUentum. 

^^■'o, a. k. ?i. Greatness, largeness. 2 


love, affection, desire. -^J. Fitness. 

g:^, (=i3#2) k. n. Embracing. 2 
wood, etc. that can be once grasped 
with the arms. 3, joining; a mate 
4, an accumulation, heap. 5, a 
number of persons, etc. assembled to- 
gether, [etc. 

^^ja.^J (fr. ^5*, q. v.) r. I. To take, 

;^^ h. 71. A tabular statement, etc. ; an 
account, as of receipts, expenses, etc. 

^3*0 h. ?i. A pillow, cushion, pad. 

^o'j s. li. Buttermilk. 

^"S, ^ s. n. A cutter, carpenter; rt/so 

».»^ III 

^^. 2, the principal serpent of 

i^AiS k. V. The under-shrub Cassia occi- 

dentalis. 2, the Indian mulberry 

tree, Morinda citrifolia. 
i^Ac^J f. n. A flat i)iece or sheet of 

metal; a metal plate. 
^Arf, ^Af3 k. n. A bug. -il?^o. To 

have bugs. 
^7\t {= 353CI. th. of ^^OTi) n. Tin. 
;^A<io (= tJrtdj) k. Ji. A ram. 
eACJo, ^7\0QJ.j 1. k. r. J. To come in 

contact with; to touch, hit. 
^aC^J, i^AOCJo 2. f. 71. Trick, fraud; also 

zi7~\^x -narf. A cheat. 
i^AooJ a. k. n. An obstacle. 2, connec- 
tion; continuous line; order. 
©7u>:3 h. 71. Urging for payment. 2, 

a claim, dispute; a suit. 
oAO a. k. V. i- To be fit or proper; see 

^7(:>^0 a. k. r. /. To be joined together; 

to approach; to commence, r. I. To 

chase, pursue; to drive away; to 

push back. 

Saj^o a. k. V. t- To joi* 2, to get 
to. 3, to undertake; to employ. 4, 

to set on fire. 
^■R a. k. 1-. t. To stop, arrest; to stun. 

71. Stopping. 
^■Rlri:) h. ». Dismissal. 
^7\ 1. k. X. N. of a tree. 2, a largo 

shrub, Clo7-ode7idro7i phlomoides. 

;a7\ 2. h. 71. Thuggee; the practice of 

3?\ ?jj k. V. t. To make low; to bow, 

as the head; to lessen; to appease. 




^AO k. V. i. To be low, depressed; to 
stoop; to be humble; to decrease; 

to bo appeased, etc. n- Low ground; 

a declivity; a hole; a valley ; do- 
crease ; scarcity. Shd S?j. A dwarf. 

-rtcS. A low paddy-field. -rfoj?o. Dear 

grain. -Sin^^. Dale and hill. -t3u, 

-Z^JS^O. Low ground, -doortj. Ups 

and downs. 
<^oaQ'^o a- k. ?;. A cool ray. :Sor!arf. 

The moon. 
^07^ ^0 ko n. Any cold or stale food, 

as rice, bread, etc.: also 3oris?^, . 
^07\3^ k. «. A cool breeze. 
^o?\ k. /I. A younger sister. 2, an 

epithet of endearment for a female 

younger than one's self. 
^OaO k. I', i. To stop; to stay, sojourn. 

n. Halt: a day's journey. 
^CAO'Ti k. n. A horse's or elephant's 

^o^eS k. H. The plant Cassia auricu- 

^CS.3^, ^33a?3iO h. H. Investigating; 

planning; arranging. 
i^oKsi^'do k. n. Tanjore. 
;^y s. n- A declivity. 2, a bank or 

shore. 3, a field. 4, the sky, horizon. 

-^. Standing still; awaiting intently ; 

^135^0 k. n. A drop, as of water, e<c.; a 

small quantity. 
^Uu'.N k. rtrf. In drops. 2, quickly, 


i^UaoUj, {fr. csy, -=s^jyo,) k. v. t. To 
I eo ^ 

hammer, v. i. To wander about. 

^UrfU k. n. Fraud, trickery, -n^rf. A 

deceitful man. liar. 
^&7)ccio« (i. e. da3^!oD0:b«) k. v. i. To 

pass by or over, as a river, etc. 2, 

to pass right through. 
^fos'djS. = aWi^fS, q. V. 
i^&oi^o s. n. Lightning. 


^y, a, k. n. Flatness, levelness. 2, a 
thin, emaciated fellow. 

^M,c3 (= ^y^ rS, q. V.) k. ad. Suddenly, 
all at once. 

g^ (= ;^a^, g. «.) k. n. A frame-work 
of bamboos, plaited palm-leaves or 
straw; a tatty. 2, matting. 

^yj, 1. k. V. t. To tap; to touch; to 
pat; to strike; to clap; to knock; to 
drive; to remove, n. A slap or pat; 
a blow. 2, (fig.) a blow, as of disease, 
danger, etc.; fatigue. 3, the measles. 
4, flatness. ->3jjyj,. A jjrreat strait 
or dilemma. 

gyj 2. k. H. Side; direction. 

;^yo 3. h. n. A pony or tattoo. 

^yj 4. f. n. Sackcloth. 


;^S 1. (= 3M,, e<c.) k. n. Flatness. 2, a 

y Ej 

fiat, lid-like basket. 3, a platter, 
plate. 4, a flat, beanless pod. 

^K 2. k. n. A bamboo split in two. 


;^K k. n- A woman's shoe. 

^ri (cf. c^::^^, ad) k. n. Check, ob- 
stacle. 2, delay. 3, perplexity, 
confusion. -riWj,. To stop, as water; 
to charm, as snakes, etc. -^. Stopp- 
ing, restraining; lasting, wearing 
well, as cloth, -^a^o. To impede; 
to perplex; to turn the wrong way, 
-53Jt>:^j. To delay; to be slow, loiter; 
to delude, perplex, -^srtj. Delay to 

^t^S'o k. I', t. To grope for, seek. 3t^ 
■J-^j. To cause to seek. 

!^Zi7\ri k. n. The pulse Vigna catjang. 

^t^^k. n. Hindrance. 2, a small cloth 
like apron. 

^rf^&?jO k. I', t. To grope; to seek. 

^:^4 k. V. t. To touch or rub gently. 
2, (=:^c^530-^o) to grope. 3, to stop. 
11. Delay. 

;^ti^ k. n. A time, turn. 

;^r^?je;o f. ?i. A water-fall. 

;^t^?jO a. k. I', i. To stay, wait. v. t. 
(=3a3dj) To stop, hinder, n. Imped- 
ing, hindering. 



^ti^j k. u. Stop, cessation, v. I. To 

t^ZoSS'o f. n. Smartness, shrewdness. 

^a 1. k. n. A thick staff, cudgel. 

^Ci 2. k. /(. A saddle made of woollen 
or cotton cloth ; a mattress. 

^5 3. k. a. Damp, wet. -Sja. Imper- 
fectly moistened, as clay. 

®5.4. {lb. of ^ii) n. A bank, shore. 

^ci?f (=32^) k. n. A frame of bamboos, 
straw or leaves used as a screen, 
tatty, etc. 

^cirio k. I'. /. To stop; to detain; to 
keep off. 

^c§ k. ('. i. To delay, lose time; to 
loiter; to wait. 2, to last, as cloth, 
r. I. To stop; to detain, check; to 
endure, bear. n. (= S3, q. v.) An 
obstacle, hindrance, impediment; a 
charm; delay. "^^^- ~ SSriWo., 
s. 3:3, q. V. -^^- A dam. -eos^j. 
To stop; to raise objections. 

^C<SWZi02Z7i:> ifr. SF-0) h. r. t. To inquire 

SOSiE^O k. n. Glowing coals. 

^T^Tio k. n. Coldness, coolness; wetness; 
also 3ra^. 

^ri k. r. i. To grow cool; to be refresh- 
ed; to be calmed or appeased. 2, 
to get feeble. {P.p. Srfi^J, SricSo). n. 
Shame, modesty. -?^J. To cool, re- 
fresh, appease. 

^rfe^, ;srf4, ®f^04 k. /(. Coolness, 
calmness, appeasement; satiation. 

^fS7> <g = 3on-3S?, a. V. 


i^ctS h. n. A quarrel, dispute; trouble, 
annoyance. 2, connection; interfer- 
ence. -nscJ, -sSji^d. A quarrelsome 
man. -5jj?3J. To annoy. -siJtiO. A 
troublesome person; also ^SoW ajsO. 

;gcr^ k. n. A mass; a multitude; a 
crowd; a party. 3ocSj555J3o3. Crowds 
upon crowds. 

iMoXiTi f. n. Pincers, tongs. 

^cS (=:t^oa) k. n. Cold; wetness. 
^oT^oe; s. n. Rice cleaned from the 

^c73 k. H. A foot-ornament of women. 

^Ct?eC^ f> "• The master of a boat, a 


<^r© k. n. Coolness, cold, -n, -fS. Cold, 
cool; cooling; refreshing; calm. 

^rf p'dj k. n. Cool or cold water. -3^. 

To sprinkle cold water. 

i^fSTJaJj, efo <S)Ti3 k. n. Cool breeze. 
ro fo 

^1? ^(^0 k. 71. A cool shade. 

^f®o, . = 3os3)5 g. t'. 

^ri,n.'£JJ k. n. Assuaged sunshine or 

e;^ s. a. Extended, spread, n. A string- 
ed musical instrument. 

^S 1. s. n. Extent; a series, range; a 
crowd, troop. [season. 

gS 2. (lb. of 33*) ;(. A proper time or 

^'S'!>,<D s. n. That time; present time. 
ad. Directly, immediately. 

^©, I r® s. •«. The same moment. ad. 
Instantly, forthwith. 

^^ "d 1. f. n. Trembling, shuddering. 
-njWj., -rljavo,. 3;^ Djoj. To tremble. 

^^■d2. (rf=:e3) a. k. Ji. Perplexity, con- 

^S (=:ia,) k. ». An egg. 

sS^^xlJ s. a- Intent upon, wholly devoted 
to. -^. Entire devotion. 

^^:)^dM s. ?i. The supreme soul. 2, a 
class of compounds (g.). 

^^j?s'df 3. a. Prior, former. 

^^3^1 s. ad. There, thither; therein; then. 

^S^Q s.n. The true or real state; reality, 
truth; essential nature; the very 
essence; a principle; Brahma, -ta . 
Knowing the true nature of any- 
thing, understanding the principles 
of a science. -J3^ ri. Kuowledsre of 
the truth. -J3^-?i. A philosopher. 
-ss^. Philosophy. 




i^SsQ'rf s. n. Want, lack. 

'^^I'dd s. a. The same with it. n. A 

word that exists in Kannada as well 

as in Samskrita. 
^q3? s. ad. So, thus. 2, it is so. ~^^- 

May it be so. 
J^qio s. a. True, genuine. «. Truth. 
J^dS'o k. V. t- To strike, beat. n. Strik- 
ing, beating. 
^rf^joi^'d s.a. Next to that. ad. Tliere- 

upon, then. 
^c3£)J. i^rfo k. H. A frame of thorns, 

etc., used as a gate in a hedge. 
^C3atj£jjn s. rtd. Thence, since then. 
^QS'o, ^rfjS'j k. n. The gum olibanum 

tree, Boswellia thurifera. 
^a?\f© k. !i?i<. So^mds used in beating 

time in music. 
^ti-R. tb. of ^,>S°odb, q. V. 

^O ^ s. 71. That day. 2, the day of 

mourning for deceased relations. 
^rf'rfjr s. n. That business: that re- 

(^a ^ s. n. j4n af/?a; <o form nouns, or a 

noun formed by it; a derivative 

noun (g.). 
i^rf/rf s. n. A word corrupted from 

Samskrita or any other language. 
^cSQ§ s. ad. So, in that manner; also, 

^^ k. An affix for forming trtie Kannada 

words, as: Iu=^dj-, ^O-, *^-, u:^-, 

dJ^-, etc. 
^fSS' k. prep. Till, until, as far as. 
i^ji-CT h. n. Ascertaining; examination. 
i^jo'cdo s. n. A son; /". ^fdo3j. A 

^o) a. k. V. i. To thrive, develop. 

P. p. ^Si^J. «. The state of having 

thriven, full, developed, matured, etc. 

-rtosj. A rich fragrance. -rSwjr. 

Juicy sugarcane. -i3ej. Delicious 

jaggory. -rf^. Essence, excellent 

flavour. -iii$dd^. Great heroism. 

-^jsj. Great pleasure or joy. -?3j51o 
rtj. Great beauty. -Sorf€. Great 

^?5ol. s. a. Thin, slender; small; deli- 
cate, n. The body. 2, the skin. -23, 
-.3^^, -i;)53. A son; f. -ra^i, -:3. -SjOfi 
hS^. Body, mind, and property. 

^?jO 2. = 3o^, q. i\ 

^c2 k. n. Pregnancy of beasts. 

^o^Xi. tb. of ^0^, q. V. 

^oS (tb. of 3oS) M. A string, cord; a 
wire, as of a lute. -Wsjs «jj. The 
telegraph. -;:dCj<.. A stringed instru- 
ment. -3^~53j3Fj. a telegram. 

^o^O 1. (= ^oasj) k. Third pers. singl. 
impf. of ^ciJ. 

^o^J 2. s. «. A thread, string, a fila- 
ment; a wire. -=^^^. Weaving, spin- 
ninff. -SW. Cotton cloth. -J3^ci„. Any 
stringed instrument. -wsxij, A 

weaver; a spider; a loom. -2i;3dJ»3. 
A thread Brahmaua. 

^o^^ 3. tb. of ^0 3,, g. V. -n^rf. A 
cunning man. 

^o^i s. n. A thread. 2, a loom; ves- 
ture. 3, a system; ritual. 4, an 
established doctrine. 5, magical and 
mystic formularies. 6, a charm. 7, 
a design; cunning, trick, intrigue, 
plot. 8, a curse; plotting. -n^iS. 
(= :^o^jn^rf) A cunning, crafty man. 
-Zoo:3j s3J33j. To contaminate, adul- 

(^oSj s. n. = ^0^. 2, a pujari. -Tid. 
To use an expedient. 

;^oCj6 a. k. n. Water-drops, spray. 

;^orfj. P. p. of ^tfJ, q. V. 

^o£ k. n. Fatlier. -rt ^od. A paternal 
grandfather. -3^o5j. Father and 
mother. -33oajr!s?j, Parents. -si»a. 
Relationship by father's side. 

^oQj s. Ji. Fatigue; sleepiness; exhaus- 

^jiv k. pro. Gen. of s^foJ, q. v.; dat. 
^t^^; ace. ^r^^ij; abl. :Sa ocS. 




^^i^ k. 2nd pers. pi. imp. of ^i-J- 

^^ z^n s. ad. Meanwhile. 

!^33 s. n. Heat; burning. 2, the hot 
season. 3, austerity, penance. 4, 
a demon. -rtoiiJ,. To perform a 
penance, -ri. Heating, burning; the 
sun; mental distress. SvSji'lz^^. Rich 
in penance; ascetic, pious; an as- 
cetic, devotee. cS^Sj'S^djs^tf. One of 
the seven Hindu worlds inhabited by 

is3j^,c2 k. ad. All at once. 


eSjK f- n. A tambourine beaten with 

^Sj'CDSOO h. n. A slap on the check. 

iSsieS f. H. A round metallic cooking 
vessel. [tiou. 

^3i§>e£J0li. «. Details, minute descrip- 

ori'5' -do®, eSj^' -d??, e^;^ odor (/"r. 3*j) 
s. «. The practice of penance. 

^Z^, ;^jj?j0' if): 3^) s. «. Heat. 2, 
austerity, penance. 

eSi^Jl., ^Ti^l (tb. of ^SjAiJ ?i. An as- 
cetic, religious mendicant; f. -S). 

S3j^2, f. n. The wild maugosteen, Vios- 
pyros embryopteris ; also -?^:S. 2, the 
plant Caesalpinia bonducella. 

^ZJX)t)0. = ysJ'seJJ, q. V. 

^h^ s. a. Heated, burnt. 

Sbtio s. I', i. To be hot; to burn; to 

suffer pain. 

^ti s. a. Heated, burnt, afflicted. 

^^i>. = c^rfjs:, 3Sjr, Pres. j-eL |)a>'<. of 



5. = :^5ie3, q. v. 

(^3rfvc3 k. ad. Quickly, all at once. 
^t..Q, ^t.^d k. n. The level ground 
on the top of a mountain; table-land. 

fyJsTi, = dSjAjfSS, q. V. 

;^?-\?jO k. r. /. To cause to miss or pass 
by; to let slip; to avert; to evade; 
to avoid; to escape, etc. 

^^\ k. V. i. To make a false step; to 
slip; to mistake or blunder; to be 
missed or lost; to fail; to disappear; 
to miss. n. Slipping, erring. 2, a 
slip, error, mistake, blunder; an 
impropriety; a fault, misdemeanour. 
3s a. A false step. -Ui>j =#-■?'=? j.. To 
acknowledge one's fault. -^5Trf'#. A 
gift to make amends for a misdeed. 
-^ej?i. A misdeed. -^ ^o^io, -jSoSj.^Co. 
-^cosij. To overlook a fault, -rioiio. 
A wrong knot or connection. -s:'30. 
A wrong road. -:2$S?J. A mistake to 
occur. -3jti3J. To make a mistake. 
-Srfj. To correct a mistake. -K^ 
tp^. To charge (a man) with a fault. 
-coa. To find fault with. -^'d. = 
3Sa. -mJtOx^. To accuse (one) of 
a fault, -d. Erring, missing. 3»b 
^JS^rio. To be lost, as an employ- 
ment; to go astray. 

i^^B^^O li. u. Difference; deviation, 
variance, as of accounts; failure; 

^eOtJ', igaog'o h. 71. A plate for betel- 
leaf, etc. 

5^2065. = :^Sii, q. v. 

^200^0 h. «. A packet of papers. 2, 
a string which binds a packet. 

^sSftxiO^O h. «. Constitution; disposi- 

isc3?e5 h. n. A stable. 

1^80, 0;cb k. V. t. To be overcome by 
terror, grief, etc; to be amazed. 2, 
to slip, stumble. 

^20 e?. = ^t-^O, q. t'. -^J5^o. An orphan, 
child. -^OS. "Vile action. -53J?iJsS,, 
A vile man. 

ScSaiO k. n. Bewilderment, maze. 

^83 eD (= :Sjo,€) k. «. A child's bereave- 
ment of its mother or parents. 2, a 
wretched, mean or inferior person or 

^200 k. V. t. To embrace. 2. to clasp 
in the arms, as a quantity of wood, 




etc. n. An embrace. -^joj^. An 

armful of grass. ^A^o. To cause to 

embrace or clasp, 
^s!) ?«3 h. )i. Exchange, transfer; 

^^0 s. a/f. of snperl. Most. 

^Ti^OT^ k. pro. (dat. of sss^) To them. 

^^o^j, ;^rfo:^j . ^^j, ujO k. pj'o. Theirs; 

' — d' o 

yours (honorif.J. 

i^oi3?ij33'0 h. n. A note of hand, bond. 

^"^^TiJl (tb. of :^5io;^) n. Darkness, 
gloom. 2, mental darkness; sin; 
ignorance. 3, Eahu. fentirely. 

^rfresi'oo h. n. The whole, ad. Wholly, 

i^oSra^ h. 71. A farce; tricks of con- 
jurers; sport, fun; a pantomime. 
-Htid. A showman, buffoon. 

^So^ K. n. The Tamil language; Tamil. 

^c^ (=^£c!0) k. )i. Coolness, coldness; 
wetness; a cooling, gratifying or re- 
freshing quality or thing. a. Cool. 
ad. Coolly. -siJScSj, :^oh:^o. To cool: 
to extinguish, as fire or a light. 
-T\5^. A cool wind. ^OiLoS sSjO. A 
shady tree. 

^oSOS 3iDe3 k. n. A shrub with long 
thorns and fragrant yellow flowers, 
Acacia ehurnea. 

®o80^ (s? = C3). = ;S<2o°T?, q. V. 

^o£3S'5^, ^oZ5^^^ li. H- Tobacco. 

^oeS h. n. Chastisement, beating. 

^oeS/^. = lio'&f^, q. r. 

^o83yo, k. n. The flour of fried rice 
mixed with milk or water, jaggory, 

^cZ:)^ h. n. A tent. 

^oeOoO. tb. of 3^oWJ30, q. V. 

^oZd^V k. n. Yegetables ground with 
cocoanut scrapings, mixed with curds, 
salted and seasoned to taste. 

^oaOjaTJ h. n. A kind of guitar with 
three to five strings; also ^OWJSO. 

^^J, 1. k. pro. (gen. of 3ei4) Their; your 
{honorif.). -cSo. Theirs; yours. Ace. 

:Soij, ?io, ; instr. ;^<0j, orfi loc. c^sSj.O. 

^^J. 2. k. n. A younger brother; also 
a word of endearment ; pi. ;3i3a on,Oo, 

isaj^oadj. [^rine. 

txid, 13 (= ^s$^, (T. V.) k. M. A tambou- 

i^^O. ^ k. ?i. An attendant on an idol. 


^^J. k. w. The lobe of the ear or 
gristle of the nose. -f\:i. A cultivat- 
ed pulse, Dolichos lablab. 

i^cdjij'd, ^odjsdo h. ft. Prepared, made 
ready, waiting to do, etc. ;^odJ30. 
Readiness, preparation. -Sjsc^j, 

^odjaO^^o. To make ready, prepare. 

gd 1. (= Sdflo, ^03) h, n. Kind, manner, 
fashion; rank, class; sort; succes- 
sion; order; equality. 2, a layer, 
stratum; a heap. -T\h. Classification; 
sort, kind; condition; grade, class. 
-nDrf. A bricklayer, -^tf. rep. Va- 
rieties. ■T?'?*-. Low rank, inferior 
sort. 53j?C*-. High rank, good sort. 

^d2. k. An imitative sound. -rtjWj^. 
To tremble. -^^ = :Sci3rf. 

i^rJS. s. aff. of comp. degree. More; as: 
659^-, ^ol)-, ej^j-, etc. 

^"d4. s. M. Passing, crossing; also -ts. 

^r!^£)J (=3d^j, ;^rf?iJ 2) k. ?i. Rough, 
ness, unsmoothness, unevenness; as: 
-*oio«?, -'s's-'J,) -fSw, -53j^, etc. 

i^rissS h. n. Esculent vegetables. 

i^TJS^o. = ^ciB'ajj, fjf. V. 

^^A °J k. ?«. Cassia tora; cf. ^rtz^. 

gTJAO 1. (=^rio) k. n. Diminishing; 
wastage. 2, customary deduction; 
brokerage, commission. :^dfifiorSa. 
A broker's shop. 

^Ti7\d2. (i5=e3) k. M. That which is 
dried: dry or dead leaves said to be 
eaten by ascetics. ^diieS. A dry leaf. 

^Tio A s. n. A wave, billow, surge, ^^o 
Tici. A river. 

i^tiW, ^TJUo a. k. ». Baldness. -cis3, -Soo 
:«. A bald head. 




^TJr® s. a. Crossing over. 30rl. A 
float, boat; the sun; the plant Aloe 
perfoliala ; a kind of rose. 

^d^^, -N. k- ad. Tremblingly; quak- 
ingly. -?i:^ortJ. To tremble, quake. 

^rfcSjtilij h.. n. Getting ready; improv- 
ing; effort, labour, exertion. 

^TJs^ k. n. An inferior stone like a 
diamond; also 3ti^. 

^rf^ h. n- Side, direction; party; a 
division of a district. 

^T^eOj (= ^rfjWJ. ci = i3) k. f. i. To stay, 

©titS?:^ h.. 71. Education, training. 

STJSJ s. a. Moving to and fro, unsteady, 
fickle. 2, liquid. 3, sparkling. n. 
A' child, infant. 2, the central gem 
of a necklace. -^, -^. Unsteadiness. 
:^d«3. Rice-gruel. 

s^sa-rf, ^dsaO (= 35j^-3d) f. ?i. A 
sword, scyraitar. 

©■d?j s. ?!. Meat, flesh. 

^xi7j:i 1. = :^0;^j, q. v. 

^TJrio 2. (= lixi^zjj) k. M. A field 
lying waste or fallow. 

gdS;. = ^i 1, q. V. 

^TJ^d k. n. The exercise of patience, 
forbearjince ; also ^SSoO^. ;^3co0 
?iJ. To be patient; to bear patiently. 

^rji$. = 3Co, q. V. 

^d^O k. ■«. A ripe dried fruit, as a 

;^'ds?(S=a) h. n. A useless business. 

-sSj^j^S,. a sood-for-nothing man. 

-SjsSj. a useless word. 
1^03 (= ^rf 1). -3d. rep. Various kinds 

or ways; differences of rank. -^'■?. 

Various kinds. 
^cti^oS (lb. of :^^a7)-:^^0) n. Speed, 

^TjDSjO (= 3^^J) h. ». A balance, scales. 
^5l. (= ^cJ^oj) k. w. Roughness; grit. 

:^0 2. (0=i3') k. r. <. To strip or cut 
off the leaves from a bough, etc., 

to pluck: to cut. V. i. To be chafed 

or grazed. -?jJ. To cause to cut. 

^8?jj s. r. /. To cross over ; to float, 

«t:^0 1. k. ('■ I. To bring; to give. P. p. 
SocSo; neut. sing, past Soft^j, 3o3j. 
imper. 2nd. pars, siyig. ss; pi. 3^, 
30j. 30j:j. To cause to lead or 
bring, -35?. Bringing home, as a 
girl for marriage. -!S=#. Bringing, 

edo 2. (tJj==)j) a. k. r. i. To join; 
to approach; to engage in. n. The 
state of being joined, fit. or settled. 
-^3901), q. v. 

^do 3. s n. A tree. -^ol3. A squirrel. 
-d;3dr*. The foot of a tree. 

LOOP'S 1. s. a. Toung, tender, juvenile; 
fresh, lively, n. A young man; a boy; 
f. ^cJjrS. -3, -3. Tenderness, youth, 

^■dor© 2. (!Jj= SJ) k. n. Fit or proper 

^dJ^i. = 30^, q. V. 

^doSOO. = jrfwj, g. V. 

^cJonacxJo (/*-. 3rfj 2, g. r.) k. ad. 
Afterwards, subsequently. 

^3^r s. ?i. Supposition, conjecture. 2, 
reasoning, speculation. 3, delibera- 
tion; dispute, discussion. 4. doubt. 
5, logic. 6, wish. 7, motive. -^, 3 
•s-"?*. A logician, disputant, reasoner. 
-^Tsd. Disputation. -<od,, -s?^. The 
science of logic. ;^3-~^j. To reason; 
to speculate, dispute. 

^3i?"jj s. n. Threatening, pointing at 
in ridicule; putting to shame; wrath. 
^^rS). The forefinger. 3ijrSj. To 

^^iOF'Soh. H. A translation; an abstract. 

^Sj^C© s. ?i. Satisfying, pleasing; satis- 
faction ; an oblation to the manes or 
gods; a libation. :ihr7ij. To please, 
satisfy; to offer an oblation to the 
manes or gods. 




^e3r {=3:i4) k. n. Idle talk, 
i^^f, ^^"P3 s. J(. Thirst ; desire. 
;^e; 1. (= ;S°^) s. /I. A level surface. 2, 
the palm of the hand. 3, depth; the 
lower part, base; a pit, pond; the 
ground. 4, the palmyra tree. 5, 
cause, origin, motive. c^s^aSej. One 
of the seven divisions of hell. 
:^(V2.= ?-ti I, etc., q.v. -cS03o:Sd (= 3o- 
3eJ-Sfo3rf). Generations upon genera- 
tions. 3C5o3rf. A generation. 
^©^ k. t'- i- To reach, come to hand; 
to arrive. ^^^hKj. To cause to 

reach, etc. 
;ge;20j h. n. Pay, wages; a summons. 
^V^T)Ti (=3ti^3rf) f. n. A sword. 
^<ysD. = S°T?J33d. q. V. 
^ei34 ^- "• -^ tank. 

^e;s?jJ li. M. Search, quest. -53J3:^J. 
To make inquiry into; to get, obtain. 
Sd k. n. The head; a generation; that 
which is uppermost or principal. 
-^^J,. A head-tie; the head or top- 
dash of a letter; an adjoining field. 
-=#s?nj, -'i'-PA. The head downvvards; 
topsyturvy. -^^jsW 53j30. A brawler. 
-ria. To behead. -n^cdbj. To pro- 
tect, -howo. A pillow. -;i33oJ {~r\a). 
To decapitate. -T^^tij. To rise to the 
bead, to affect it, as poison. -r1j33o. 
To risk one's life in. -Ajzoioo.. To 
decapitate, -rijsoij. A murderer; a 
ruffian; a cheat. -SdjrSj. To become 
giddy. -3J3rtj. To nod; a nod. -So 
Zoj. = -AoWJ. -i3j3?rfj. To spring up, 
appear, -njsjxjjj, -^a. The head to 
ache. -FjJS^s^, -Aj^o. The headache. 
-5ji3,. A piece of wood over a door. 
-SWo,. An application for headache. 
-Keinuj. The entrance door. -Wjrfjd. 
The skull. -^ejrto. The ridge-pole. 
-i3?c3.= 3e3c3j3?5S. -i3»=3d. Tiresome- 
ness. -■!^JS^^:=ij. To shave the head. 
-t3j3;s?A)=fj3VJ<, -SjsaAj^v'aVJ . To get 

the head shaved, -cdj sSj^d ^jscSj,. 
To trouble; to be forward, -odj dj^d 
cSjt)3j T?J3°vJj. To take upon one's self. 
-odj^iSd. A chief, headman, -cdjsrfj. 
A kind of yoke for cattle, -^j:^^. To 
rise from a poor condition. -^Sjs^^J. 
The skull. -Uj^n^o. To bend the 
head, obey. -:33riJ. The head to bend. 
-2!j3e3. = -fSjs^o^. -3oot3j. a ridge tile. 
-Soa. To affect the head, as a strong 
smell, etc. -^-S?^. A very dissolute 
man. -coxd. A load carried upon 


the head. 

^(t)^ s.n. A bed; a couch. 2, an upper 

^e; r»3 eC; ^ k. n. Agitation; alarm; 

i<o in 

fear; grief, e/c. 32j^rfiSj. To be 

agitated, alarmed; to be anxious 

i^d s. pro. Of thee, thine, thy. 
^Ti"^ s. n. Love; desire; eagerness; 

haste, hurry. ;^33-jXj. To be eager; 

to hasten. 
^d^?rj {tb. of Sj^^** ?d) n. Manna of 

bamboo. 2, an extract from wheat, 

^rfUo (= 35^Wj) k. V. t. To sift pounded 

grain, etc., on a bamboo fan. 
^^t^J, ^4)<i^ k- n. Bran. 
g^TJ, i^S^I^ol. f. n. Tin. 
^^TJo2. k. ?i. The house of a woman's 

own people; also -SjfS. 
^n^OSO h. »i. A fine; ill-luck, great 

trouble. 2, detention. 
;^;;J a. k. t'. t. To decrease; to waste 

away; to perish, v. t. To diminish. 

n. Decrease; rain. S^I^jO. To cause 

to decrease; to destroy. 
■■g^Uo. — 3SMj, f/. y. 
^^^'hxi k. n. The gooseberry bush, the 

red myrtle, lihodomyrtus tomentosa- 
;^^ 1.= Si^, 5. V. 
;^5 2. a. k. ad. Abundantly, wholly, 

^5 3. h. ru A metal lid of cooking- 







^?j^(2;o, o?j^0 f. n. Cheating, trickery. 

o?jD?3'o ( = 3Ai ?*:) h. ?!. A fixed allow- 
ance paid by government to a pa- 
goda, mosque, etc., in lieu of assumed 

i^;t'83o'dJ h. n. A picture. \-i^ A 

. /(. A thief, robber; theft; f. 
- 3X^ejj, q. V. 

^^e?ro. = 3^a?*0, q. V. ^^^^^ 

^rfi h. 71. A metal ■water-vessel; an 

S5o 1. a. k. /id. pres. part- of 3tfo. 

^00 2. li, «. Peace; agreement of opinion. 

-cSssSj. A written treaty, agreement. 

^So'&eS'o h. a. Correct, true. , 

^ [ness. 

^^i^^ k. n. Anxiety; distress; eager- 

^5oAj?2^J (= S'sAi^OJ) h. n. Collection 
of the revenue. -Ctirf. A Tahsildar, a 
native collector, the head of a talook. 

^^ (= 3ti 1, q. V.) s. n. The bottom, 
eic; the hand. -^ejj. The lowest 
step, as of a ladder. o«r?O^J. To 
dry what is at the bottom; to rest 
the feet after much walking. 

<^S?'5'o k. n. Shine, glitter, flash. 2, 
coquetry. 3, = 3^,. -j3i;=to. To tie 
two beasts together. 

^^^^ k. n. Brightness, gleam, glitter. 
-rtjWjj, 3s*3s??iJ. To glitter, flash, 

^^3i, ^^si) k. n. Splendour, lustre, 
shine; a dye to colour the hair. 

^"Siijas;*, ;^^^^ k. M. Agitation, alarm, 
fear, -rtoWj., 3v*Sjs??:o. To be agitat- 
ed, alarmed. 

^^5 a. k. r. i. To move; to totter; to 
set out, depart, n. Moving; tottering. 

^^■rfd, is«?S3:J (lb. of Ji o^iiC!) n. A 
watchman, beadle. -?J w°V). A climb- 
ing herb, Vilis setosa. 

3^5cO, evaa f. n. The foundation of 
a building. 

^'b']. k. r. <. To strew, sprinkle, n. 
Strewing, sprinkling. 3s??Jo. To cause 
to sprinkle. 

^V 2. k. V. i- To shoot, sprout. 2, to- 

unfold; to appear, n. A race, family; 

a stock or breed. 
e^3. k 71, A fence; an asylum; a 

choultry for travellers. 
^^4. (^:=C:-') k. n. A clog, cudgel; a 

^'^'R f. n. A metal plate turned up at 

the rim. 
i^'^^J a- k. V. i. To sprout, put forth 

leaves. )i. A young shoot, sprout. 

3s?nijri3. a bud-like lip. 3^;3j3-e 

tira. A festoon of young leaves. 

Se.'jSrc^j. To put forth shoots. -3s? 

Sr?3. A bed of tender leaves 
^^?3o ((/. s. 3s? 1) k. V. t. To pound, 

^^OAO (=:3orSc) k. V. i. To stay, halt. 
^%"*0^(= 3:^4) a. k. i'. i. To stay, delay; 

to be slow; to be bewildered, n. Stop, 

t^ 1. a. k. f. /. To hold; to bear; to 

carry, support; to obtain, get. n. A 

tie, halter, fetters. 
;^s? 2. («?=C05) k. n. A parasol, an 

^^J, k. r. t. To smear the body with 

an imguent. n. Anointing; lustre. 

i^VO («^o= Kj). = 3r(o . n. v. 
/^ ^ r\ tx IX ^ 

^^ c^ a. k. n. Embarrassment, fear, 


i^^ k. n. Connexion; association, com- 
pany; intimacy. 2, raising quarrels; 
slander, calumny. -sSjs^cS. A sland- 
erer. -SjsSj. To calumniate. -SSiJr, 
An anonymous petition. 

;^s?o (= ^^-5) k. r. t. To push, shove 
away, thrust, drive; to dismiss, reject. 
n- Pushing, etc.; dismissal; also -S^S, 


30], SaO. = 33i^0, (/. t\ 

so 2. k. 2nd J3<'rs. sing. imp. of 3rfj. 

SD^^^o h. «. Power, strength. 




SC'&ea, ©S'S'erfj h. «. injunction, direc- 
tion. 2, a letter from a superior to 
a subordinate government officer. 

SDS^O (= S'srij) k. V. i. To join, touch. 
0. t. To come in contact with, to hit, 
strike or dash against; to collide 
with; to attack, n. Touching, hit- 
ting. -^JS^'S^o. "Wear and tear. 3e)^ 
?oJ. To make touch, etc. 

'ST)^:>'^, = 3=)rtos?, q. V. 

^^7^Qsi^§> b. prep. Until; up to. 

©SAO. = SB'S'J, q. V. 

©3ao5 a. k. /I. An ambush, lurking 

SDAO'^ (— 3s'5'0t?) a. k. n. Ardour, 
passion; formidableness. 

S33jSj SS^? h. a. Fresh; green; new. 
-B^odo*. A fresh para; a postscript. 

3523?rfoo h. n. Treating with ceremony 
and respect. 

§sy li. 11. A dining plate. 2, stiffness, 
tightness; pride; also ssU. -f\^ . A 
quarrelsome, wicked woman. 

SDU'S-, S3135 s. n. A female fiend; a 
vixen; a hideous woman. -^^. A 
wicked, quarrelsome disposition. 

SBUj l.k. y. <. To strike against, touch, 
come in contact with. 2, to strike. 
n. Striking against, etc. -Sojsa. To 
knock one against another. 

SsUj 2. f. n. The sloping frame of a | 

eSU0 3. = 35 W, q. V. 

^^kio 4. h. n. Pomp; show. -nsti. A 
showy man. -Sj3::^o. To make fine. 

^7)7i^ s. n. Beating, striking. 39a?iJ" 
To beat. 

SSf^. tb. of ?;gjN, q. t\ 

SDCcItS s. 71. A wild dance, esp. of the 
god Siva. 

Sscrfsss? k. «. Cast iron; also ^o:Sj3^"^. 

gs;g (=;So:5) s. /i. A father. 2, a 

S;)eS^js!^o k. a. Full of holes. 

SbS. = 3s)0!)jS, (JI. v. 

ssss,e!3'5^ (fr. ^3^ej) s. «•• Contempo- 
rary, instantly appearing; immediate. 

gsavCdOr" s. n. Aim, object, purpose, 
intent. 2, meaning, purport, drift. 
3, explanation. 

^ti'S^lp f. n. Slight, disrespect, contempt. 

aSSvE^ s. ad. Such like, such a one. 

3S?^ s. a. Drawn, stretched, n. Ex- 
panse; a thread; a tone; the key-note 
in music. 

SDfjO 1. k. pj'o. He, she, it, in the 
reflexice or reciprocal sense, pi. 3D5$, 
3=)c3=)^. Of himself, etc, voluntarily. 

■33^02. h. n. A web or piece of cloth. 

^ScSj'S^ s. a. Relating to tantras. n. A 
man versed in any science or system; 
a scholar. 

SSX!s. vj. Heat; torment; distress, -^,ti. 
A burning fever. -3^01:. The three 
sorts of affliction, i. e. udhidaivika, 
adhibhautika and adhyatmika. 

33ojSS;*o k. n. A bar, bolt. 

S3b s. a. Oppressed by heat. -^, Heat- 
ed, distressed, pained. 

sslbrdo s.v.i. To be hot; to burn; to 
suffer pain. v. t. To warn, admonish. 

33J^ k. n. A pimp's house. 

SS33 li. n. A set of dancing girls and 

3533? b. n. A kind of silk cloth. 

g320j3£0 h. n. A bier carried about at 
the Moharam by Muhammadans. 

gsaS h. n. Dependance; charge, -cstid. 
A dependant. 

S3e3sao (= 3t)oi3?ejJ) k. n. A turtle. 

SS^OtS ( = 333i3) a. k. n. A lotus. 2, 
the ring-worm. 

SS^ri (/"»•. 3j3o?3*) s. a. Of darkness, 
w. Slothfulness, slowness; darkness. 
2, a villain. -rrsrf. A sloth, slug- 
gard. 3e)oiJA). Night; a vicious man. 

®ScS32f*S f. n. A metal dish. 






SSoeOjse; (=3oijj4j) s. n. a betel-leaf 

roll with its ingredients: betelnut, 

spices and lime. 2, the areca-nut 
saosSee^o. ^ 3^"^?tjj, q. c. 
St)'rfjj s. u. Copper. a. C ppery red. 

-^3^. Oxide of copper. -^M'^. A 

coppersmith. -:3r(3j. Sheet-copper. 

-St'Sr. N. of a river or a town. -53-)0 

sQ. A European. 
S803J k, n. Mother. -3od. Mother 

and fatlier; pi. -Sodrt^j. Parents. 
SSOSjS f. n. A small box or tube 

containing an amulet and worn on 

any part of the body. 
535 k. I', t. The base for the neg. of 

30*; as ararf. (He) won't bring. 

S'sdd. Not brought, etc. 
SBTJ 1. f. n. A copper coin of 2 kasu. 
SBrJ 2. s. a. Crossing, floating. 2, high, 

as a note in music. 3, clear; white; 

good, excellent, n. The ether, sky. 

2, a mountain. 3. a star. 4, the 

pupil of the eye. 35D!>:oa;. The 

influence of stars. 35D3»3jo3t). The 

starry region, zodiac; a large well; 

a kind of fire-work. 
5D"d3. h. 11. Tare (in trade). -S^a. 

Fraud, deceit. -3*ar<. A deceiver. 
S3TJ5^ s. n. One who helps another 

through a difficulty; a protector. 

2, a star. 3, daitya; also 33d5'3J;jrf. 
SBTJO® s. n. One that enables to cross; 

crossing. '2, the 18th year of the 

33Tii^siO(i (/">•. ^rf more, and ^Sj most) 

s. n. Gradation; discrimination. 
SarJcdoo/, 33'darijf. r. «. To sing in so- 
prano; to exorcise the voice before 

sstj,^ h. n. Work done with bricks and 

eroB. = 3^(3 2, q. v. 

BbSoSDO, 33&ecJ h. n. A date. 

3sQe^ h. H. Praise, applause. 2, fun. 

satio (oJ=e3J) k. «. t". To become dry; 

to wither, wane. n. Dryness- 2, a 

bunch of areca-nuts. -rid. A double 

door. -Sj5:Jj. Disorder, confusion. 
3?rJjron s. n. Youth, youthfulness. 
SaT3l.= 3DC(2, q. f. 2, Vali's wife. 3, 

Brihaspati's wife. 
3Z>t3 2. (!3=e32) k. n. A large timber 

tree, the Beleric myrobalan. 
satfri? s. n. Personal observation. 2, 

aa-o-rg^ (/■)•. :i'g-) s. h. A sophist; a 

gac) 1. (^S?-!?) s. )i. Clapping the hands. 

2, beating time in music; musical 

time. 3, a cymbal. 4, a short span, 

the palm of the hand. 
ga^ 2. (=3310 3, 33°^ 2) s. n. The 

palmyra tree, Borassus flabelliformis. 

-S^. A palmyra leaf. -Sj^jJ. Toddy. 
BScJsio (fr. 33«jj). s. a. Palatal. 33ej 

^■J^cJ. A palatal letter. 
saeSl. ( = 3^e?3) ij. „. A golden neck- 
ornament, as a marriage-badge. 
sas3 2. (<b. of ?3^£) >;. A kind of metal 

SaeSs. (= 35°^2) s. «. The talipot or 

fan-palm, Corypha taliera. -, = 3^o 2, 
5ae3e;:^00 h. )i. Gymnastic instruction; 

a gymnasium; also -233c5. 
ga(yj s. n. The palate. 

Sae^js'S'o h. n. A talook, division of a 

Sa^rf k. n. A necklace of lotus beads. 
SarfiS (=3^Sj3. <5. o/' 33S3jLi:<) H. The 

lotus. Cpds.: ejans53d, ■^oSj-, fSo-, 

z5^-, J^y^-, SiJCf-, eic. -*oinS. Brahma. 

-ntS. The bulbous root of a lotus. 

-r5ra. Vishnu. -sSors. A lotus seed 

often used as a bead. 
S341. k. pro. (pi. of 33?Sj) Thoy. 2) 

you (honorif.). 
35^2. (=^34, q. V.) k. )i. A place, 

SaiJ3. h. /(. A sheet of paper. 




©a.?}?£)0. = ^aSAj^ejj, q. v. 

33?jO h. n. An hour. -°-oa, -tJ-eOXj. To 
strike the liour. -Sjjs^J^. An hour's 

S3;6 f. n. A flat drum. -Cis. A drum- 

S3^. = ssej 1, No. 2; e<c., q. v. -ri-S. A 
mode of beating time in music. -H^ti. 
A time-keeper in a musical per- 

SS^rf k. n. Boiled and seasoned vege- 

go^ 1. k. n. A pile of dried cakes of 

©S'§"2. (lb. of 3-30 2) n. The palmyra 
tree, Borassus flabelliformis. 

&S^3.~3-3€) 1, q. V. 

S3^^. = 3«)^s3j, q. V. 

SS'^^0 k. n. Patient endurance; pati- 
ence; forbearance; also 35»?,. 

SB^siO k. ■«. t. To season food. 2, to 

temper, sharpen. 
SD^o 1. k. r. t. To hold; to take, get; 

undergo. v. i. To suffer patiently, 

endure; to wait; to wear well; to 

bear with. P. p. Si)"^, 3?s?j . =^^3^^-. 

To get angry; to suppress anger; to 

Sa^O 2. ("-?o= C3j) k. n. The bar or bolt 

of a door. 2, a corn-stalk. 3, the 

SD^O^O. = S^^Sjj, q. V. 
SD^ 1. f. n. Tallying, agreement, as 

of accounts, etc. -fSjs^cSo, -ssifj. To 

compare together. -ii?^J. To agree 

with, tally. 
®»S? 2. = 33ej 2, q. V. -Sjc!. = 35S? 2. 

-o3j3?e5, -^?ej, -s^od. A hollow coil 

of palm leaf worn by married women 

into the lobe of their ears. 
§SS?3. («? = C0') k. n. The fragrant 

screwpine, Pandamis odoralissimus, 

S3^, . = 3tis?dj, etc., q. V. 

SDSr^O (f>-. 3D?J2) k. n. The bottom 
of a tree or hill. 

■SSci, ■S^,c3 f. ». A mason's level; an 

instrument used in spinning thread. 
§>^,<ti:> k. n. Confused mind (cf. a?^eJO). 

2, stuttering, stammering. .S^CtifeJ. 

Confused behaviour. -S^Cl5/^ dJSSt) 

cSj. To stutter. 
Ss'o, k. II. <. To rub, scour; to wipe. 

2, to treat harshly, annoy. lif^fM, 

S=ffs, U. Rubbing, scouring; annoying. 
■§5^ s. a. Sharp: bitter, n. Pungency; 

bitterness. -^. Bitter; the plant 

Trichosanthes dioeca. 
^aWj, >§7\B, SacSj, SAorfok. ?t. Rind, 

SaS h. n. Fraud. -il<-ia. dp/. 
■§AoS (lb. of ^^^) M. Indian jalap. 

-W2^. Its creeper, Ipomoea turpelhum. 
Sa^, SaOS;^ k. n. A Tamil man, esp. 

an emigrant; f. -h^ , ^r\^&. 
SaoB k. ?i. A potter's wheel. 
Baoj^O {cf. •^^•Jl) a. k. I', t. To rub; to 

annoy, n. An unguent, perfume. 
©AS T^jJA^i k. ad. In a very rou£rh 

A A J s 

■§07x^0 k. M. The moon ; a month. 
^or!s?533. A kind of avare bearing 
every month. -t3°^tfj. Moonlight. 

ekio, k. n. Rising ground, hillock. 2, 


abuse, v. t. To abuse, scold. 
•SP'5'^0, Sf^BJ^'o k. f. «'. To strain. 2, 

to undergo trouble. v. t. To press, 

to make violent efforts. 
Sc&k w. Food. 2, itch. -=#j3^d, -K3*, 

-mJi^'^, -cojj?^. A glutton; f. -nua. 

-'S3J, -o3e)^o. To set food before one. 
sP© a. k. »i. Thickness; greatness; 

weight; excess. 
SS^, s. w. Forbearance, patience, 

§S^(=S3. /&. of m^^) n. A leather 

bag. 2, bellows. 
i>§> & s. ?i. The francoline partridge. 
§5- s. ?(. A lunar day. 2. an annual 

ceremony performed by Brahmanas 

for their deceased ancestors. 




Sa C= S,^. tb. of CS^S) ?!. A pair of 
bellows, -enjscij. To blow bellows. 

SeSo k. V. I. To make straiglit; to cor- 
rect, rectifj', mend; to improve; to 
reform; to train; to break. 2, to 
settle a debt. n. Correction, etc. -^&, 
-CTitJ, -5J!)yj. A corrected state, 
improvement. ^Ss rf. Corrected ; train- 
ed. as: -'S'jEJjd, -oit^j, -vSjfS. AS ?co. 
To cause to correct, train, etc. 

§^?j, §i^7j3 1, 3?):^ k. n. Food. -rU^. 
A glutton. j 

■§?i;rfj 2. k. n. Irritation in the skin, \ 
itching; the itch; irritability. 

3?iri0 3, 'B^^J2, Sc^N^O (cA .SfiJ^) k. 
V. t. To make eat, feed. 

SjjO. = •^?iJj_, q. V. P. p. -lorfj. 

BoBsi k. ?i. A crowd, multitude; a 
row. -^J. To be crowded. 

aos:;o. P. ^(. of '^nJ^- 

Sf3tKS? k. ?i. A glutton, gourmand. 

Bcio^ k. V. t. To eat, as things requiring 
biting. 2, to suffer or undergo, as 
blows, etc. 3, to take, as bribes. 
P. p. Sorfj; part. neg. ■Sf^tS; rel. 
part. ^ci^S, .Sod, So'lo; 5»yZ pers. 
newi. sing. imp. .So^j. 

Sjj^ s3 k. n. Piper longum. 

SA (— S^J,, q. V.) k. »j. A heap, hil- 
lock; a pile; a dung-hill- -=5^jri!, 
-sS^,. A dunsr-hole. 

S20^ ( — h^^'-?^) k. n. Understanding, 
knowledge; sense. 

§83 b.. n. A manner of stitching. 

§203, k. n. The string of a bow. 

3^0Ti, S^^O'rfo, S~jOJ^^0 k. n. Irritation 

in the skin, itching. 
3aol. = ^^,9.r. ^g^^ 

Sd.)2, QS.io7\£' s. ?(. A large fabulous 
^^■i s. w. Darkness; dimness of the 

eyes. 2, ignorance. 3, sorrow. 4, 

Rahu. -05y), -53^0. The sun. 
S^TJJ k. V. t. To rub and clean the 


3o20j (=S?iJ^, q. V.) k. /« </ie pres. and 
fut.,, as: .Soioj^:3, So'.3^?r?, etc 
-^'i. Eating. 

^Xi=&. = .Sdj*, q. r. 

§,::jy(^ (=Srijridi, .^djrSjrf) k. n. Turn- 
ing; a wheel for raising water; a 
■windlass, roller; a screw. 

©■drii&TjO s. V. t. To put aside, disre- 
spect, disdain, scorn. 

STiji^.Ti s. H. Setting aside; disregard, 
disdain, reproach, abuse. 

IS'd^j (=.SOj«?j, .3V<uj, q. ti.) k. »(. Pith, 
core; pulp; kernel; essence. 

Sb 'k.v.i. To turn round; to wander 
about. 2 to beo- alms. .SOcSJCaj, 
.SOcSjocOJ. To live by alms. 

S5?\ k. ad. Again, once more. hO-. 
Again and again. 

^m^7i:) (-sSrfAXj) k. ;•• t. To turn; to 

©Qao ( = 3:ijr!o, g. r.) k. r. ;. To go 
round; to turn; to roll; to go back; 
to change or shift, as the wind; to 
cease, as a disease; to wander or 
ramble about. .SOrStiW. "Wandering 
about; also SOa^iz^j^^. .aOn^So. To 
■walk or wander about. ^Of\'Sjt<^j.. 
To turn round. ^Or\ tAjrfj. To return. 
^Qr\ &^'^J. To turn round and fall 
upon, to affront; to revolt. ^Oh »SJ3 ' 
s^zio. To contradict. 

SBsio k. V. I. To twist, as a string, etc., 
to wring off, as the neck of a bird. 

Stjj 1. k. vi. Turning; a bow-string. 2, 
(=:^rf5J, etc.) begging. -i3jj?t. A 
beggar; a mendicant's bowl. -So;c(o. 
Turnings and windings; reverse ord- 
er; deceit. 

§T:io 2. {tb. of Sj?) a. Holy, sacred. 
-^jsVo. Holy, i. e. sacrificial food. 
-^SiZ^~. Coloured powders used for 
the sectarian mark by votaries of 
Vishnu. -SS. The town Tirupati in 




the Arcot district. -SoraJ. Sacred 
clay to make sectariau marks to the 
right and left of the forehead. -"-^J3 
rsr, -cSjs3. The sacred hill with the 
Vaishnava fane at Tirupati. -s3j3S?ii. 
A guru's house. -sSJJa. A holy tuft 
of hair at the back of the head. 
-n3o'^j3?:So. Travancore. 

^ ' ^ [beggar. 

S^J^(=>S3^) k. H. A wanderer; a 

§d0A0. = 30rt0, q. V. 

^TJO!^ k. ?i. A screw. 2, changing. 
3dJsjr^ ijs3. A gold ear-ornament with 
a screw. -SoJt, ^tijh^i raJ3. A head- 
ornament with a screw. 

B'd:^'^ (=:.Bc35j) k. n. Wandering about 
(for alms); begging; alms. -oi^^, 
-i3?::^o. To beg. 

Sdo4 k. V. t. To turn, as the head, key, 
screw, stone in a mortar, n. Turn- 
ing; a bow-string. 

3do^O. = ^iJ5S, q.v.' 

S6-t?oo^ s. a. Covered, hidden, lost. 

iBcxiJF^ s. a. Going horizontally. «. 
An amphibious animal; a bird. -:;y)0 
^. A horizontal sectarial line on the 
forehead of a Saiva. -kooJ, -K^rf. 
An animal. -sSjS^^i. The animal 
creation. -'sSjs^?'. The earth. 

Sj^r f. n. Assessment, duty, tax. -nsd. 
A person paying assessment. 

§>Zi s. n. The Sesamum plant and its 
seed. -i^t)^^. An oilman. 

SoS' s. n. A freckle. 2, a sectarian or 
ornamental mark made on the fore- 
head with coloured earth, etc. 

'SeS.eerf s. n. A strong smelling annual 
herb, Gynandropsis pcnlaphylla. 

B<VT) ^ k. II. A series of sounds used in 


humming a tune. 
SS (=^<DJl.) k. I'. I. To strike with 
the fist, box. 2, to pierce, stab- n. 

Piercing, etc; also -^. 3<S?jJ. To 

cause to strike. 

.§7^ s. 71. Staying, standing. -Sei^J. 
To stay, lodge. 

i>^, S^o ( = ^^cSo, ^^do). P. p. of 

§S? k. t'. t. To become clear, pure. 

2, to be plain or known, ii. t. To 
know, understand, perceive, learn; 
to feel as pain. ^riA S°vO±.o^d. I 
understand, know, etc.; ^^^ ^s?c0j3j. 
I understood, etc. -cdj(ij33j. To lot 
know, -cxjosj^^ij. To make known. 
.cxJoioc!j.= ^^, No. 2. -odjjc^, -^^=#, 
-^=f, ^°^jrfa?#, .Se?o,Di?. Knowledge; 
understanding, intelligence. -^?=?0, 

S^ 2. k- n. Clearness, pureness. 2, 
knowledge, understanding; also -^^ 

3, clear substances, as conjee water, 
etc. -fl^a. A stupid person. -f\^&:M^. 
Ignorance, stupidity. -^^. -A- light 
sleep. Other cpds.: -S)?tfo, -"^5 -^^j 

S^TjO k. V. <. To make clear or known; 
to let know; to inform. 

a«05oO, a^ooorfj k. I!, t. To make 
known, to let know. 

^e k. n. Fire. v. t. To burn. 

§0^, s. a. Sharp; hot, pungent, fiery; 
harsh; zealous; energetic, n. bnarp- 
ness; heat; haste. 2, poison. -'^^^' 
A keen mind. 

§eS k. n. Itching; irritation; an itch- 
ing desire, lust, lasciviousness. -T?t5. 
To scratch an irritation in the skin, 
-ssrtv'. Useless quarrel. -k^oSj. A 
blabber. -^^^, -ood. To bo a ected 
with the itch. 

Sj'rfo k. V. t. To press, squeeze, rub; 
to scour; to smear on, as unguents 
on the body; to sharpen; to rub out, 
as insects; to strike with the palm of 
the hand. v. i. To touch, as air. 2, 
to blow, as the wind. 




Sf^ k. n. Food; feeding. h^^D'-?. A 

SftJ 1. s. 71. A shore, bank; margin, 
brink, edge. 

S^^2, Bo^t {fr. ^^Clj]) k. ad. Fully, 
quite, very. 

B^'b'S (= •Sv'^") k. ?i. Conclusion, end; 
decision. 2, leisure. ->3j33j. To 
finish, complete. ^\oSi-- The judg- 

^»:^0 1. k. r. i. To be finished, come to 
an end; to end, cease; to be done, 
accomplished. 2, to cease to live, die. 
3, to be paid, liquidated, settled. -C^. 
End, termination. ^pO;^j. To finish; 
to accomplish, carry out, execute; 
to fulfill, to settle, decide; to clear 
off, liquidate, pay, as: SAjS^^stf-, §5)0 

-^ ' ^ ' -a ' -b-i: t> ' 

(3?,03o-, S)°!ja^-, ;39eZi,-, pijat)-, AiWo,-, 

To finish off. ^^OSj. Ended. s?drfo. 
Can't be finished. 

SotJj 2. k. w. Conclusion. 2, settlement. 
3, finish; beauty; manner, mode; 
peculiar habit; also ^'i.^. -rfcl. End, 
completion. -Sa, -5j?yj. Leisure, op- 
portunity. -53je)oi. Conclusion; settle- 
ment, decision, sentence. -SjJSSj^j. 
To finish, determine, decide. 

S?'dj5 k. n. Dues, fees, customs, tax. 

S^lidF. = ^^3^0, q. V. 

So^ir s. n. A passage, ford. 2, a holy 
place in the vicinity of streams. 3, 
sacred water. 4, a sacred object; 
a school of philosophy. 5, a worthy 
person. 6, an ascetic, -^rf. A Jina. 
-sjeid, -tijaS. A title for a venerable 
man. -odjsJ. A pilffrimasre. -'Ssji . 
Funeral ceremonies observed at a 
place of pilgrimage. 

S?^r {fr. .SoOo) k. w. Settlement, 
decision, sentence. -tfr(j. To be 

§?Sr^ ( = ^?0t?) k. ?i. Ending, end. 

S?^r. — SocJo^, q. V. 

■Se^ a. k. r. J. To become full; to 
abound, r. t. To fill. 

^^"^j s. a. Strong, severe ; fierce ; sharp; 
rash, quick; excessive, much. -jIjiVj, 
-SSj. To be quick, -c^, -3^. Sharp- 
ness; severity; rWja. A keen mind. 

i^oS^ci, sotJ'.oh. H. A bit; a bit of bread; 
detachment. '2, a district, province. 
-nsti. The headman of a district. 

^^^0, 1. a. k. V. i. To crowd, throng. 

i^oS'o, 2. k. n. Rust of iron; canker. 

i^OOA 1. s. a. High, lofty, prominent, 
chief. -z^iS,. The river Tungabhadre 
in the Mysore territory. 

^JCA 2, i^JoX k. n. A species of grass. 
-ncS, -Sjj;^. The bulb of Cyperus 
rotundus. -Sojejj^. The Cyperus grass. 

^0£^, s. a. Triflino^; contemptible; low, 
mean. 3-)t-3 ^^'JS. Contempt. -Soii °^ 
0^0. To contemn, disdain. 

eoSjv'd f. »i. Inconsideration, indiscre- 
tion. Sjb?0;<j. To be indiscreet. 

^Jk2 k. «. The lip. -tssOd 5ioj3|j^. A 
slip of the tongue. n:iKo-, 3ooa-, 
tSjsr?-. A large lip. -?3?53. Lip- 
service, hypocrisy. 

(gj&o (/b. o/" ^^? ) n. Dearness. a. Dear. 
ad. Dearly; at a high rate. -qn)dr=f. 
A high price. -^~). To decrease in, 
strength or power. 

i^Jc^A. = 3j3jn, q. V. 

^JTiO (= ij3::aJ, g. r.) r. t. To join, put 

on as clothes; to cover. 
i^orfo^O a. k. V. t. To grasp quickly, 

seize, snatch. n. Grasping quickly. 

-eru°^. A grasping thief; cf. ^^rfjSj^j. 
^dXiOA (=cSj3n) k. »• A thief, rascal; 

/". 3Jo=jh. -ws§, -rf%. A thievish 

cow. -3^. Theft, thievishness. -loo 

a. A wicked mind. 
eOtioAJ k. n. Theft, stealth, rascality; 

a stolen thing. -jJjszcJ. To steal. 
^OT^Osgi k. ?i. An oar; a flat wooden 





^^t^=^, gjre^o 1^ ;gjo©o3^o 1. a. k. n. A 
fragment, piece, bit. ssOsS"-, djjJJ-, 

i^res'je, ^jr^j^j2. (=;^js?^j, cSjvj^j, 

e<c.) k. ?\ i. To shake or be agitated, 
as water. 
^Jr5. = :Sj^, q. V. 

sijcy k. «. A mischievous, wicked, in- 
solent, lewd man, rogue, etc.; f. 3joIj. 
-^orfjd. A wicked horse. -BojiSjr!. A 
wicked boy. -=#ej^. A mischievous 
business. -3^, ^JobsW. Wickedness, 
mischief, impudence; also ^joeJj. 
-lojo&j. reit. 

^Jorf s. «. A beak; a snout; the point 
of an instrument. 

^OoQi s. n. A beak; the mouth; the 

^OOiiTjO k. r. t. To cut or break into 
pieces, make piece-meal. etc. 

^■:iaTi:i k. ?i. A fragment, piece; a bit, 
a little. 3jo3o^i. A small jacket; 
a cockroach, -^i^ejj. A maimed leg. 
-;Sjo;:Sj. rep. -J^jsd, -soseJrsad. A petty- 
chieftain. -53-re:so. To cut into pieces. 
-toBj. A rag. -(^oo^tin ae°i?-i. To fall 
to pieces, -^c^. = 3joW;So3. 

^Oi^.^&, ^Jojs & f. H. A long trumpet. 
-erjsnjj. To blow the trumpet. 

^03^ = 3ja, (ji.ii. -gja. The very 

So^ (<^7. o/' :Sj|^) ?i. Blue vitriol, sul- 
phate of copper. 

^■:)^:> k. 11. A mouthful of food; a 
morsel; food. r. /. To take by mouth- 



eJnD {—KdZZ-^) s. rtrf. Or, perhaps, how- 

^oa k. 11. An extremity, end, point, top, 

tip. Cpds.: CjoX-, sSjjdol)-, iS^'o-, 

-=ff30«. Tiptoe. -=5^00^. The hip, loins. 
'^^^a '^° ^® hazardous. -r<oo::?j. 
A summit. -ri ivrfj. To be nearly 
ready. -c3?0r^. The tip of the tongue. 
-vs^v. The end of a tail. -Sjjil. To 

the end, completely. -SJ.'sr(j. The 

tip of the nose. -^JSCiuj. The foremost 

point; the very beginning; beginning 

and end. 
^JO^sdTjO (dJ=e3J) k. w. Drizzling; spray; 

a drop. -dJ«?. A fine, drizzling rain. 

-oSoccSoj^. Viipour, fog. -SS>. Spray. 
^^oclo s. n. The belly. ;^Joa. Gorbel- 

lied; corpulent; also 3Joa*, SJoaej. 
tgj;^-, s. a. Hit, stung, hurt. -^9Cdo. A 

^03j520S? k. 11. A creeping plant much 

cultivated, Luffa aegyptiaca. 
^OSfCT h. ?i. A musket, matchlock, gun. 

-*Jorf, -=5'?3,!i. A gun-stock, -zstisj)- 

A gun-look. -■S-.D. The touch-hole 

of a gun. -'^DhFi ir^iio. The trigger. 

-ti^. To load a srun. -soZ^j , -co30;^j, 

-^.ea. To fire a gun. -i39<Sr$. The 

match of a matchlock. 
^JSS?jO h. n. A storm, typhoon; slander) 

calumny. -Sos^^i, -ooj?OSo. To accuse 

^07i. h. 11. Clarified butter, ghee. Cpds.: 

mJSX-, ^eiA;Ci-, ^d^>A)CS-, 2€$o5-, etc. 

-rlra^j. A species of sweet potato. 
-co?S, ^gj^^^d. A kind of Luffa. 
^jr;,U, ^OTJ.^ k. n. A feather; the 
soft plumage or down of birds; the 
soft hair of rabbits, etc. 

^JEJStT. = SJSa-o-, q. V. 

^OWO, k. V. t. To point out a thief, v. i. 

To be found out. n. Detection. -s3j3 

:4j. To detect, find out. 
i^J-rfo-S- k. H. The wild mangosteen tree, 

Diospyros embryopteris ; also 30doO. 
^:)Tio.i(t) s. n. Uproar, tumult. 
^OceO. = 3jo"J33, q. y. s. 3jol^. 
gJoeS 1. ( = rijot:) k. w. A large black 

bee. Cpds.: oi«?-, =#o5y)-, o3je)d-, eic- 
^Jce3 2. f. n. A kind of long gourd, 

Lagenaria vulgaris. 
^0083 3. = 3jod, q. v. 

gJcEOo 1. k. V. i. To become full, be 
filled up; to abound; to get plump. 




2, to possess, as a demon. c. I. To 
fill. n. Becoming full, etc. -orfj^aci. 
Blooming youth. :^JoW, dJoK3. Ful- 
ly, all over, much. :3jo'^#. Reple- 
tion, elc. ^Jo'^^:>. To fill; to cause 
to fill. 

^C80J 2. k. >i. The foot-stalic of a leaf, 
flower or fruit, stalk. 

^0o200 3. (=^.s:oJ) a. k. n. A tube: 
the wheel-nave through which tlic 
axle passes. 2, an outlet, sluice; also 

;^Jo^iJ■d, ^joeoodo i. s. n. N. of a 

•■^JG20,^Tio 2. k. »i. The wild mangostecn, 

Diuspyi'os embryopteris. 
^Ood k. H. The herb Phlomis indica. 

2, the very common weed Leucas 

^0050 k. V. t. To pull, draw, stretch. 

-3. Pulling. 
<^OodOoe;o k. n. A dish of rice, milk and 

^dXi s. a. Quick, swift. 
i^O'dS'. = 3otij^, q. r, 
^OTJA s. a. Going quickly. ?;. A horse. 
^OTJCA 1. = 3jdrt, q. V. -c^, -oSdfS. 

Horse-faced : a Kinnara. 
^jXicX-. f. /(. A prison. 
^^"^507^ s. n. A horseman, rider; a 

J^OTi&l'Ari (u= £3) k. H. An annual plant, 

stinging like nettles, cowhage. 
^oiJos!! h. n. A tree so called, a. Excel- 
^O'O^ (<b. of ^03) ». Haste, urgency. 

ad. Quickly, soon. 
^,>USodJ, SO^^OSJ h. n. An ornament 

for the turban; a plume, crest; a 

tufted head of certain flowers, -wjci. 

A cypress. 
^05 1. (0 = a') k. «. Itching, scratching; 

the itch; lust. -*ii , -rJii. Scab, 

herpes. -'^. Itching, scratching. 

-^fs:i. The Nilgiri nettle, Urlica 

helerophylla. -:^J, -?dj. To scratch, 

oO& 2. k. n. Grating. 2, scraping. 
!^0&g. = 3jcJ3, g. r. 
^j::Jj (C!j=3.) a. k. «. A cow; kine. 

-S^, -5il3,. A cowpen. -Sjc^S, -6jo:So. 

A herd of kine. . -rreti, -3'?. A cow- 
herd; f. -T\-ih-, -5i^. 
sOTZfoS' (= SjC-t) h. n. A Turk; a Mus- 
sulman, a. Turkish. 
^JTJJS^O (C(j=sj) k. V. t. To force into, 

cram, stuff; also SjtfJloJ. 
eorJjA (tiJ=e3j) a. k. «. A throng, 

crowd; also Sjdjns:;*. 
SJ-dOAO (do = 65^) a. k. r. J. To be 

cramraad, crowded, amassed, n. A 

throng, crowd. 
^0"Oo^ e. 7). A "troop"; a trump or 

winning card. 
;^or5020J (Sj= eso) k. c. ^, To tuck in, 

as flowers in the hair, also ^JdJ's'j, 

q.v. n. The bundle of hair of the 

^^J'rfjii k. V. I. To scrape, bore, hollow, 

as fruits or kernel out of its shell. 

n. Grating, scraping. 
i^O'dosS (dj=3j) k. n. The country 

mallow, Sida indica. 
^OTJOS^, s.n. A Mahomedan; a foreigner. 

2, olibanum, Indian incense. 
^O'rfj^jJ. = SjO?;j, q. V. 

eoe;^ s. H. Lifting, raising; weighing 
^J£J,?J (= 3jv*Aj) s. «. A small shrub, 
the holy basil, Ocymum sanctum. 
-'S^,. A square pedestal in which the 
holy basil is planted. -^'1. Worship 
of the basil shrub. -S3jc)s3. A gar- 
laud of the basil shoots. 
^Je3, ^OVS (= ^J3s3, oJ3;ej) s. n. A 
balance, scales. 2, weight. 3, the 
sign of the zodiac Libra. 4, equality. 
5, the beam of a balance. 6, a 
rupee's weight. 3j?3?"^3d. The weight 




of gold, jewels, etc, against one's 
person and distributed to Brahmanas. 

^J^D. = 3jJrtO, q. V. 

i^osae; e. 71. A towel. 

^oz^ s. 71. Tlie husk of grain. 

gjS3;BXi s. a. Cold, frigid, dewy. n. 

Cold, frost, dew. 

^oz^s.a. Satisfied, contented, glad, etc. 

^o\ s. n. Satisfaction; pleasure. -^& 
Xj. To satisfy, gratify, appease. -Si 
C^J. To be satisfied or contented. 

^J?j, ^J7io k. n. A little. -c^j^d. j-g/i. 

^JOD^j s. n. Mist, dew; cold. 2, moon- 
liglit. 3, camphor. -^0. The Hima- 

SOSes' J, ^o^jS^j (=3jr3j^j) k. t'. i. To 
be agitated, to shake, as water, etc.; 
to be scattered in drops; to run over; 
also 3j^53:So. 

^OS?,^. = SJtJrj, q. V. 

^0^ (s?=K') k. t). t. To tread on, tram- 
ple; to crush to pieces with the feet. 
2, to annoy, harass. v. i- To be 
trodden down; to be abject. P. ps. 
:Sj«i?cio, Sj^cSj. 71. Treading, trampl- 
ing. e<c-; aJso oJS?c:By.- rto:^. "Walk- 
ing on fire. :^jT?;a. Treading, etc. 

^0^6 (v°=CO'j a. k. n. A salutation, 
obeisance. 2, valour. 3, work, ser- 
vitude. ^j°-?a5S?j. A valorous man. 
gj^ejjW*. To be valorous; to be a 

sJ^O k. 71. Tulu, N. of a country on 
the western coast of South-India. 
-»3. Relating to Tulu; a Tulu man. 

So^o a. k. r. !. To roll; to jump; also 


^ji k. int. All imitative sound of spitting 

or of flouting, -^-s. Flouting with fie! 

hoot! -3J3 oi^SOj^. To say fie. 
^j?3^ (=3j3r!j2) k. «. Weight; worth; 

the weight of gold varaha. -rf 'S'eJJ. 

The measure of weight. -»Sje):Sj, 

-SoTJB'j. To weigh. -Sjsa^j. To get 

^ja'^o k. 71. Weight. 2, nodding, ^jas'. 
af. Drowsiness, lassitude. SJSB'a'dJ. 
To doze. 

^j3AJ 1. k. y. ^ To weigh. 2, to swing 
or rock, as a cradle; to wag, as the 
head; to hang up. 3j3A'33^j. To hang 
down, swing; to rock, as a cradle; 
to waddle. 3j3?=i fJja^Sj. To weigh 
and examine. ^J!ii^\'K:>. To cause to 
weigh, rock, etc. 

^jt7\0 2. (= Sjs^', 3;3tj) k. 71. Weighing; 
swinging, etc. ;^i3rta;<j. = Sjjtfa^iJ. 
-=#j3;ejj. A kind of balance. -8)^^A. 
A hanging lamp. -djo"^. A swinging 
cot. -sijfl. A swing. -SjS. A gal- 
lows. -^'3. A nodding head. 

^.©i^O k. 71. A hole. g-'3'33r(j. To get a 
hole. -^:35i). To pierce a hole 
through. -^jad, -Jii, -SjJsSj. To 
bore a hole. -tj?i?J. To become 
holed, be spoiled. 

^j$7j'6, ^jii'id'd k. ?i. The wild mango- 
steen tree. 

S^-sSOO k. «. The nave of a wheel. 2, 
the sluice of a tank. 3, the hole of 
an axe, hoe, etc., into which the han- 
dle goes. -oS^e^j . To shut up a 
flood-gate. -id. To open it. 

^jsTJJ 1. (cSj= eaj) k. v. t. To winnow. 
V. i. To be shaken off. 2, to run, bolt 
away. 71. Winnowing. 

^j3"rfj 2. (dj =: S3J) k. r. i. To enter; to 
go through a hole, as a thread, etc.; 
to penetrate. 2, to drizzle, n. Drizzl- 
ing. 2, penetrating. 

^jaOS" s. a. Quick, fleet. 71. Rapidity, 

i^jsodJ!^ s. n. A musical instrument. 2, 
a bugle. 

^jsCJ s.n. Cotton; the down of birds. 

^js^O a. k. V. i. To go ofT; to recoil. 2, 
to rush forward; to chase. 3, to 
originate, m. Attacking. 




S\f>3 s. w. Any gramineous plant; grass; 
a reed; straw. -^jii. A tliatohcd 
hut. -n?,oo. Amber. -?j!a. A bamboo. 
-Sjji.odo. Worth a straw, worthless. 
-D3ii. The palmyra tree; the cocoa- 
nut tree; bam'oo; sugarcane. 

g\Seo:50 s. H. The third. 2, chunam 
(being the tliird ingredient of tambula)- 
-^rf-D- . The instrumental case. 3,^; 
o3j. The 3rd day of a lunar fortnight. 

^\7j s- a. Satisfied, contented, pleased. 

eJ — 

^\h s. w. Satisfaction, contentment; 
pleasure; gratification, -i^J3s?Jv, -Sj 
Sj. To get satisfied, pleased, -ss^^jo, 
-^jszij. To satisfy, please. 

^\iU>3, ^\^. 3^ s. a. Thirsty. 

^\^ s.n. Thirst. 2, desire. 

^S,^ a. k. arf. Greatly, very much. 

^•S-,. ^^, k. n. An embrace. 2, a coil. 

c' c 

-i' ^'-.■^j. To clasp in the arms. -3o'3tfj. 
To embrace. 

iXnio, ^T^vdi k. P. p. o/' sn, 3r1. Jni:ij 
^..raVJw To take, receive. -xDvJ. To 
put away, remove, dismiss. 

<i7\7iO. ~ ^.S^^o, q. V. 

i7\§ (S'^=C3=<) a. k. 1!. «. To rebuke; 
to blame, abuse. 7i. Blame, abuse. 

i'A, ^-R k. f. <. To take; to buy; to 
take away, steal; to seize; to exact; 
to put out; to prolong, as a note 
in music; to obtain; to open, as a 
door; to undertake; to pick up, as a 
quarrel; to assume, as a birtii; to 
employ, as a grammatical form ; to 
vaccinate (SjoSj-); to draw, as a 
line, map, elc. (^t3-); to boro, as a 
hole; to find out, as a means; to 
ask about; to dig, as a channel, etc. 
V. i- To be taken away; to become 
less; to disappear. 2, to retreat, 
flee. P. p. drtdj, :inrfj. 3di:ij^JSo:3j 
lodj. To bring. irlcJj^jsocSj o5jtiorSj. 
To take away. ifidoco^g^j (see s. 
^T^dj). To throw down; to raise as a 
siege. dr^oLrljaSJ. To allow to take. 

ooocJ^-, SoodA. To draw back, re- 
treat, retire, prazi^?-. To dishonour 
one. -K:), -oSj?;3j. To cause to take, 

e/^ 2. k. i'. t. To grind, as sandalwood 
on a stone. 

^o'S^, scS'os k. H. Tlie south; also ^o? 
ejj, -rre^, ions^?. South wind. -tS^JJ, 
e<c. -d?3. The southern quarter. 

^cSo k. r. i. To float, swim. 

JoXeS k. H. A certain Vaishuava mode 
of putting the nama. 

4o7(o k. n. The cocoanut palm, Cocos 
niicifera. oofSf^ =5e>oDj. A cocoanut. 
:io}\^ aocJ. = iortj. ioh?S ^?c!j. The 
coir or fibre of the cocoanut. Other 
cods.: i:hri ^ri , ^orsri Pid . liomi 
no, :io!S^ i3ej , etc 

JcUo a. k. V. t. To winnow. 

€cl3 k. ■«. A small bundle, as of grass, 
e<c. -^J30^. To tie together, os grow- 
ing sugarcanes. 

i,§> . = 3a , q. r. 

D — ° 

©>§ A a. k. n. A servant. 2, a connec- 

tion, friend. 
;ii§ ?jj a. k- r. <. To bring into close con- 

nection; to insert; to pierce through. 

t4:> 1. P. p. of ^tfJ. 

^«0 2. k. V. <. To twist. V. i. To be 

twisted, connected. 
^o^TjO e. M. Tennis, a play in which a 

ball is kept in motion ("^0:33^). 
;i?j k. n. A spike, ear of corn. 2, the 

coping of a wall; the top of a ram- 
part, a merlon of a fort. -r.zS. The 

Indian miilet. 
St!,, k. n. A float, raft. -i$ejo. To float 

a raft. -i"3J,) -nSj;?'J. To push a 

iisi.y^, iti,^ k. ad. At leisure, at case; 

<f3i.&?jj CO = 63') k. V. i. To become con- 

scious; to start up, awake (with 

^J3s?j)); also ^^^- 




StU. (0=0) a. k. n. An opening, a 
way, course; manner, sort, cfcio. In 
a manner, etc. 

iid2. (ciz=e3) = cidrto, Jorfj. P. p. of ^6 
in 3d#Jti°i?o,, to open. 

iStiS. (ci— 63).= idsj. q. i\ 

iitJUo k. V. I. To tuck up (a garment 
when passing a river); to join, unite. 

^xi^ (0=65) k. n. An opening, a gap; 
an interval; room, place. 2, ces- 
sation, as of rain. 3, leisure. 4, 
opportunity. 5, the state of being 
empty, as a house, box, etc -iiJ3°i?J,. 
To occupy more place; to leave room 
(for others). 

iiti4 {d=S)). = ^ci^, q. V. 2, the price 
paid for a wife; also 3^. -53J33J. 
To empty. 

^TJtfol. a. k. V. i. To move, stir; to 
tremble, quiver; to proceed; to set 
out, depart. ^^"I-' Moving; quiver- 
ing; setting out. 

ESrf^j2. a. k. V. i. To join; to assemble. 
ic3«?,. A mass, multitude. 

^ds? k- ft. A round lump. 2, sap, pith. 
-od) Soo«?. A silk-worm; an insect in 

i&^ (0 = e3') k. n. Tribute, tax; aiso 
Jcin;. -»i;SJ^. To levy taxes. -^^>^' 
To impose a tax. -^SrtcS. A written 
lease. -^J3:aj. To pay taxes. -zJi^aJ. 
To free from taxes. 

<!&.= ^5, q. V. 

^&?:o (0 = e39) k. i\ <. To cause to open, 
etc. 2, to cause to pay, as taxes, etc. 

ido (d=e3) k. I', t. To pay. P.p. ^3o^. 
-^'^. Paying. 

^5l. (0 = 633) k. ?J. i. To be uncovered; 
to open. V. t. To open; to uncover; 
to unfold. Jrfrfo, dorfo, idirfj. 
n. Opening; tribute, tax. 

^752. k. n- A wave, billow. 2, a fold; a 
wrinkle. 3, a curtain, screen. -'^JSjS. 
The crest of a wave. -^f\. To remove 

a curtain. -ilzSj. To let down a 
curtain. -ccSjjO. The roar of waves. 
-loS, -Sojsa. Tlie waves to beat. 

^ai7<:, ;ie;0AJ k. «. Telugu; the Telugu 
language. oSjjr(, ^sjjort. A Telugu 
man; /■. sejnS, JoJP\,S, dsjjoh^. 

<ie3A?ij^00 e. n. A telegram, a message 
by wire to a distance (3o.s^3rdJ3F:). 

iie3A3i^e.M. Telegraph (c^oS^Jsis^e^J). 

oe3^??jO e. 11. Telephone, an apparatus 
for transmitting sound to a distance. 

^Z) Ij a. k. 11. A gift, present, esp. to the 
bride and bridegroom at their mar- 
riage; also ^w yj. 

JrfWJ. = 33Wj, g.t'. 

^^Z^ k. ?t. A small dam in a field. 2, 

=: Sod. 

^^5, iirfdo k. «,. A hillock; a balk. 
('. t. To rub; to tease. 2, to rob; 

®*'*^'^'- [desire. 

^dao, isdi<fO (=jSjd) k. w. An itching 

^ri^O k. «J. J. To creep along. 

;is^O (=S2?2) k. n. Thinness, fineness, 
delicateness. -B^aricS. Thin paper. 
-r1^::S. Fine or perspicuous Kannada. 
-^>^dj. Clear water. -Sjj, -sJ. Thin- 
ness; watery state. "'^^- Fine cloth. 

-iors . A li^ht colour, 
gentle breeze. 

-rfuD*. A 

iivi,7? Ji^^ k. a. Thin; delicate, e(c. 
ad. Thinly, e<c. ?*. Thinness. 

i^o . = :^^J„ g. w. 

^?. = 3°oijJ, q. V. 

o?AOl. k. n. The teak tree, Teclona 

;§^7\d 2. k. V. i. To belch. n. A belch 
-C;^. Belching. 

;^e3i s. M. Radiance, splendour, brilli- 
ance. 2, power, might, energy. 3, 
majesty, glory, fame. 4, the sun; 
also ^?Jir3*. -S^ote. A mass of lustre; 
a learned or virtuous man. -k. 
Brilliant; powerful. 3°ii. A horse. 
d't^JS^sSjoli. Full of light, energy, etc 
i5!^J3?53o3. A bright-faced man. 





S^kio h. n. Genuine, pure. 

^eS k. n. Purity, clearness, as of water. 

-Sa^ij, -3J330. To clear up. 
ie;3 (= 3'3>53) k. n. A patch. 
^e»5o (= ^?5j, 35(,53) s. >i. Wetness, damp; 

moisture. -^. ^Moistening; a sauce. 
^"■^jsn k. n. Loss in assaying metals. 

2, waste from want of work. 
^sodOO (= ^5, q. r. j k. v. t. To grind or 

macerate in water on a slab. P. ps. 

^^Tlio 1. k. n. A chariot; an idol car. ^? 

D^W. An idol car-festival. -r>^'?, -ccS. 

To draw a car in procession. 
S^'^O 2. k. r. I. To reach. 2, to be 

successful. 3, to recover from illness, 

as: Tios^-, t3j3°r{-, ■s'S,-. -ntl. Suc- 

cess, as in an examination. 
^?£;ok. r. «. To be afloat, to float. 2, 

to slip, glide off. 3, to become loose, 

as the roots of young plants. P. ps. 

J^O, ;i;sjj . ^e^^yj.. To suspend. 

^??33:^j. To float about. ci^.O^o. To 

make float; to open the eyes wide. 

^fe!) (lb. of ^^€) H. An oilman. 

<ie>i, <fe4 ('^- o/' i^So) «. Wetness, 

^eij^ k. w. A disease of falling off of 

the hair. 
oi'jtoS h. a. Stipendiary; placed at the 

command of; assigned. 
^/Q s. 71. Sesamum oil; oil in general. 

-Sr3~. Sandal; turpentine. -sja'tf. 

Any article of food fried in oil. -s=g^J , 

-^Xj, -:Bi3o . To apply oil, anoint. 


^0*. An oilman. 
SiCi'h.n. A bag, purse, s. = i^O. 

^ja^O. k- n. Fruits pounded and mixed 
with salt, chillies, etc 

iijSAUo, o.'^aB k. «. Bark, rind, peel; 
a pod. 

Sji7\b (tb. of c^ocSO, (/. ('.) n. The pigeon- 

^JSATJJ k. /). Red colour, scarlet. 

Sjs7\VJ k. n. The skin; a hide, leather; 

peel, as of an orange. lijzn^TZDaiO. 

The flying fox. -:3j3ot3. A leathern 

puppet. -sjJO. To flay, skin, 
ojs^ k. n. A dish of boiled split pulse. 
ifjaOA^ a. k. n. A cluster; a bundle, 

bunch, tassel; also Jjsort. 
SJ3OA0 k. r. f. To hang down, swing. 

2, to stoop (as in S-isoTs f3je$3j). 

ijski <t)^ (= iJStJj) k. ft. A cradle. 

ei '*^ 

^jst! k. n. A trough, font, tub. 

iljsUOj 1. P.p. of :iJ5Sj, q. V. 

iijsUo, 2. k. n. A nipple 

2, the foot- 
stalk of a fruit, flower or leaf. 

ijsUo, 3. (= SsJ^j) k. n. A drop, 

^j?^ k. n. A bees' empty cell, 

CO* £0 ' ' 

^ja'rfu'j k. I'. ?. To get entangled, as 
thread, a horn iu a tree, etc. 2, to 
engage, as in work. 3, to be in 
opposition, v. I. To commence (=^Jt) 
Cirtj); to entangle; to hinder, inter- 
fere, n. Entanglement; impediment, 
hindrance; objection; perplexity. -zS? 
V^J. To become entangled; to be 
hindered. Sjizi'^'sno. To be hindered, 
as work. 

^jsciAO (= ^J3:S5^o, r. t.) k. r. t. To 
engage, as in work; to begin; to un- 
dertake, t'. «. To be begun. 3.^3AO. 
To cause to commence or undertake. 

^jsciotS a. k. n. A cluster; a bundle, 

^jsc^'dj k. V. i. To be linked to, connected 
with, etc.; to join; to fall in with; to 
be arrested, checked; to be caught. 
V. t. To encircle, as creepers round 
a tree. n. Connection ; a badge of 
honour; an impediment, a check. 

^jtt^&Tij, ijsrizia^ k. r. t. To tie, link, 
insert, fasten, fix. 

ilj^c^^, ^jtXi^ k. n. Apparel, clothing; 
an ornament. 2, the beginning; the 


— '-rJ, 



;Sjsc^?jO k. r. t. To wipe away; to efface, 
destroy. 2, to cause to smear, as 
chnnam, cowdung, etc.; also :Sj?:Q7io, 

lijhL^'R k. n. Apparel, clothing; an 

^jsrfj (= ^0:^30) k. r. t- To put on, as 

clothes, ornaments, etc. P. p. ^jshix. 

:ijc>&^0. To dress another; = :iJiS 

?oJ, q. V. 
iijsw 1. k. r. <• To smear, anoint, rub on, 

as oil, unguents ; to whitewash. 2, to 

wipe, as tears. 3, to efface, destroy. 
ijstS2. k. n. The thigh. -^^^. A bubo. 

i^sS^sal ^jsr>3?5 k. ?(. a gadfly, dogfly. 

ii.©E? a. k. n- Likeness, equality. 

§jsoZiz)d k. n. A chaplet of pearls. 2, 

(f.) — ?iJoc^ajo, qf. V. 
ifjaorfo k. w. Insolence. 2, straying. 

3, chatter, prate. -tiOOJSjiifo. A fine 

for the trespass of stray cattle. -zi?i. 

Stray cattle, -^n- Strolling, straying. 
(fjsccS 1. k. n. A chameleon. 2, the 

upper part of a sugarcane. 
Sjsc'd 2. {tb. of ;3Joa) n. The tiny 

gourd Momordica monadclpha. Cpds.: 

(fjs^^J k. ?r. A female servant; a mean 
woman. ^-(5a^=o 53jrt. The son of a 

i^jarrf k. ?;. A Tuda of the Nilgiris. 

iijzzi'VJ k. V. i. To stammer, falter. n. 
Stammering; faltering; speaking in- 
distinctly. 2, untruth. -fiJa, ~sJj3:So. 
Stammering speech. -oJ5£''i. A 

stammering tongue. 

iijScS a. k. V. i. To swing, wave to and 

if .sc^O k. V- t. To wind one's self round. 
2, to instigate one (to quarrel). 

^jsorf^S, ^jsodi k. 11. Intricacy, embar- 
rassment; difficulty, trouble, vexation, 
impediment, drawback. -T^-Ji'-f-x.^ -^jOaO, 
-ili^^o. To get embarrassed, etc. 

-r1j3??^j. To embarrass, etc. -^aj?^, 

-B'BCdjr. A troublesome affair. 
;fJ^;^0^ k. n. Leprosy; white leprosy. 
iija^J.i'O k. n. All small leaves of plants 

in general, 
iijsS, \i. 11. Fresh cow-dung. 
;ij3o20;^j k. a. Ninety, 
^j3oe3 a. k. n. A cluster. 2, a host; 

multitude. 3, a large bamboo 

JjECcioo, ©jsoJooo (= ;ijsjoijj) k. r. i. To 

become wet or moist. i\ t. To moisten. 

To make wet; to steep in water, 
ffosTJoO (!5=:e3) k. n. A hook for taking 

down fruits from trees. 
^si6^ k. n. The spleen. 
i.eT3 1, k. y. 2. Milk to form in the 

breast, a. Mature, ripe. 
^jscS 2. (!3 = e35) k. y. <. To put away, 

quit, give up, reject. P. ps. ^JSti^o, 

iijBT? 3. (d=e3') k. u. A hollow, hole; a 
cave. 2, a stream, river. -SJSS^). A 
mango-tree near a river. -sJjoJ. An 
undershrub, Indigofera trita. 

^jstJaJJ k. JJ. A salt-maker. 

(ijse^AO k. I', i. To go away, depart; 
to go aside; to retire; to be separated; 
to fail. tjiijfs ^Ji.^r\o. To forsake. 
Jjsaji^^jO. To separate, cause to go 

@S&S (tb. of 3J5r^) 71. A beam of wood, 

2, a balance. 3, a rupee's weight, 
^.©s? (= ^JS'^rfj, :ij3«?cio). P. p. of ^JS^, 

in J.9V^Ji^o,. 
iijsSvAO a. k. V. i. To shine, be bright, 

71. Splendour. 
:ijt^<t):> (V = C3) a. k. y. J. To move 

round. 2, to roam or wander about. 

3, to get perplexed. v. t. To roll. 
?i. Moving; roaming. dJ3S*£». Moving 
round, :§javO^WJ. A wooden hand- 
mill. djsv'O'a, djss;*^jot=f. Roaming 
or wandering: about. 



iij5^?j£^0 k. n. Pounding. ij?=^^ej^. 
Rice cleared of its bran. 

^j3S??jJ 1. k. y. /• To beat, pound, as rice 
80 as to deprive it of its bran. 2, to 
box, fight. 3, to cause to wash; to get 
washed. n. Pounding; boxing. 2, 

^j3^;c1j2. ('■?=C3) k. f. <. To turn round. 
V. i. To nauseate, n. Revolving, roll- 
ing; wandering. 

ia*, ^js^ 1. k. V. t. To wash. P. ps. 

<IjS^ 2. k. n. A hole. 2, one of the 
divisions in an orange, jack fruit, 
etc. -€3j3:Sj. -3i^uJ. To bore a hole. 

i;s^-<J ^ (^o^=OjC3') a. k. «. Poor, 
miserable, dejected. 

^jj^ k. n. A hollow, hole, cavity. 2, 
deficit, debt. 

€jt°." BJficxi^:). q. v. 

#j3e^ a. k. 71. A tail. 

iljsesio ( = oJ3;c!j) k. V. i. To appear, 
seem, occur to the mind. ia\fi Jjs? 
J3j3^d. So it seems. 3JS?to€. Appear- 
ing, occurring to the mind. 

^js^y k. n. A garden. -n^O, ij5;i3rs. 
A gardener, florist. 

^jS?^ k. n. An inferior village servant, 
sweeper, scavenger, etc. -', a scuffle; 
a quarrel. 

^J3?fe3 li. n. A cartridge; also ^JsritS. 

^jaecS k. n. A kind of white rat that in- 
fests crops. 

iij3?ci k. n. N. of a tune. 

ijs?r^J 1. k. u. i. To go out. ('. t. To 
bale out water; to wind thread from 
one spool upon another. 2, to dig, 
excavate; to burrow. n. A water- 

^js?iij2. k. n. An expedient. 

^jse^ li- n. A ring of gold, etc., for the 

wrist or ankle. 
^j3?cU. = ijJ^y, q. V. 

5;j?©3o:'0 f. ». A counterfeit; an im- 

^jse^Jo k. n. An expedient. 2, p. fj. 

o/" ^X°. -rrai. A mun clever in 


ojseitS k. H. A carpenter's plane. 
iijseL). = ^-^=b , q. V. 

(ijaosg k. n. A clump of trees, grove, 

iiJ^?^ h. n. A cannon. -stbfS. A depot 

of artillery stores. -Sostij. A gun to 

be fired. -^j:3o, -stsO^j. To fire a 

^js?200 f. >i. A horse's mouth-bag. 

ej5?odo s. n. Water, -ts. A lotus, -sa 
c332fi, -a^^. Yishnu. -Ja^JS^. The 
sun. -t3?0. The moon. -^9. The 
ocean. Jjs^odj3rlcxjo. A lake. 

Ji5?aJ00 k. r. «. To become wet or moist. 
P. p. ^jsooOjcSj. djEooSjXj. To mois- 
ten, wet; to soak, steep. 

^jssTJ k. n. Bigness, largeness, stoutness; 
greatness; a stout man- -3s3. A large 
head. -3S;, -Sft. A big drop. -Jo, 
3js;02o. Being large. 

^/dSlJo^ f. >i. The pumplemose or 
shaddock tree, Citrus decumana. 

iijsj'df'S s. 11. A festoon suspended across 
gateways, streets, etc. 

ii.(3?Q?? (0= K') k. »t. Appearance; sight. 
2, conjecture, opinion. 3, exhibition; 
also ^%€~. 

SjnoVCi (dJ = i3J) k. V. i. To appear, 
seem, be visible; to come into exist- 
ence; to occur, v.t. To show, exhi- 
bit; to evince, n. Appearing, show- 
ing. iJ3°ij^S^. A mortgage without 
possession. -i53Vj. The fore-finger. 
:iJ5l0^j. To show; to evince. ijs^OAi 
€j33j. To point out. ojjoQXjC^-. 
Showing. -Ci^. = ;5je?0^. 

^js^S) s. n. Weight; a weight of gold 
or silver amounting to 210 grains. 
2, (= 3Jt^) a rupee's weight, a Tola. 




^jseC^O k. a. Much, plenty, n. A way, 

Jjs?e3 k. n. A cataract. 
•<ija?5. = ^J3ii, q. v. 

^js^^s.n. Satisfaction, contentment; 
joy, pleasure; also -ra. Jjs^^Jj^j. To 

be delig'hted, pleased. 
^jaeSA?^^3c3 h. n. A treasury. 
^jaes3o ?3o h. n. A leather pouch. 
■€ji?7i:> e. n. A toast. ijs?Ai fj djsli,. 

A toasted bread. 
<fj3eSoJ a. k. n. Deceit; a lurking- place; 

an ambush. 2, decoying. 3, a hedge; 

a thicket; a crowd. 
^jtio^ k. n. A wolf. 
€jae^J k. n. The arm. -»iS^:SJ3nj. To 

dandle a child in the arms. Jj3°V 

djsan, -looa. An arm-bracelet. -toaJ. 

Strength of the arm. -'Jj?;=;j. To 

swing the arm. 
gf«) Fo>' ivords ivilh this initial see s. ^^ 

or 3sS. 
S^do. = ^Stfo, q. V. 
^n^ s. a. Left, forsaken; thrown away. 
^o3i?j' s. n. Leaving, abandoning. 
^o^icJj s. V- t. To leave, quit, renounce; 

to dismiss; to shun. 
B^OA 1. (= ^^n) k. n. Teak. 
SDoA 2. s. n. Abandoning, renouncing; 

resigning; gift, donation; generosity. 

-z^-O^rt. Generosity and enjoyment. 

3^^f^. Leaving; liberal; a donor; a 

Bt)o""o s. a. To be left, avoided, 

abandoned, shunned, n. An unlucky 

hour. 2, giving up, resigning. 
B^osS. = ^;5j, q. V. 
BSo'rf. = ^?rf, q. I'. 3!>jtD?iJ. To moisten, 

^cxJO s. a. Triple, threefold, it. A triad. 

3j03J3?rtai. Thirteenth. ^aSjs^cSS. 

The thirteenth day of the lunar fort- 


i^;^ s. a. Movable, moving, n. Animals. 

^TjXJ s. n. A weaver's shuttle. 

SSjf^ s. )i. Protection, defence; help. 

2, strength, vigour, might, ability. 

3, capacity. -rtjocjj. Power to be 
impaired. -riooSi^j. To impair power. 
-?ij3«?j), -cojsocio. To become strong. 

S3)^ One who is strong or powerful. 
?CS3r3^£:^. Almighty; the Almighty, 

S3j^ s. a. Protected, saved. 

SSjirf s. n. Fear, anxiety; vexation, 
annoyance. -^JSdj. To vex, harass. 
-?ij3°i?j,. To be vexed. 

S3j?jj (=:^aD?^J) f. M. A balance. -siJJ 
^Jy The needle of a scale beam. 

33 1 So s. i7it. Protect! save ! 

Sj s. a. Three. -'s'cJrs ( = ^rfra^oi;). 
Mind, speech and action, -tfdra^ja. 
Purity of mind, speech and action. 
-ifeiaj. Past, present and future; morn- 
ing, noon and evening. -'^JS^rs. Tri- 
angular; a triangle. -rtJra. The 
three qualities of nature, i. e. satva, 
rajas and tamas; threefold, thrice. 
-tirts*. Heaven, earth and the lower 
region. -:^odj. A triad. -3t)5j. = 3s5j 
i^cdj. -rfoA The triple staff of a 
mendicant Brahmana who has re- 
nounced the world. -cSar. Seeing the 
past, present and future, omniscient. 
-cJ2!. Thirty. -cSjs?^. Disorder of the 
three humours of the body, vitiation 
of the bile, blood and phlegm. -i3j3? 
;5)3oCi. Removing the tridosha. -?ra 
dJ. = djjsrfj 533530, (/. I). -Sjqj. The 
three paths; the sky, earth, and lower 
region. -tsd^t^, -ii^. The Ganges. 
-^3. N. of a metre; a tripod. -sSW. 
Triangular; a musical tala that re- 
quires three beatings. -sSoJj. A 
sectarian mark consisting of three 
lines made on different parts of the 
body by Saivas and Vaishnavas. 
-^tf. Three strong cities. -^dj^. 





Brahma, Vishnu and Siva; three [ 
generations. -'^jSn- Heaven, earth i 
and the lower region. -5jJ3. Three 
systems of religion: smurta or ad- 
vaita, madhva or dvaita, ramanuja 
or visishtadvaita. -53jJ35r. The triad 
of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. -o:Sjo 

lo'B'. = 3, jOlo*. -dS. The three c^ems: 

Oil ■=<• 

Buddha, the law, and the congrega- 
tion. -09^. Three nights. -Oori. 
Having three genders: an adjective. 
-s3j5?=5^. = Sj^jdfi, q. i\ -53rtr. Three 
objects of life: religion or virtue, 
wealth, and pleasure. '^^i; ^'^® 
three branches of knowledge. -5j°r5. 
Triple braid; the junction of the 
Ganges, the Tamunii and the Sara- 
svati. -3!j5ej. A trident. -J^o^nSjCo. 
One who understands and remembers 
a sloka hearing it three times. 
ifj535, ^5^ s. n. A triad. 2, the second 

of the four ages of the world, ^?3t) 

?^ . The three sacred fires collectively. 
ojlws€i=^ (ft: ■Sj'ese^) s. «. Relating to 

the three times, i. e. past, present, 

and future. 
Sjl-cii^^ s. n. The rule of three. 
o ooSi^ (= ^^otou) s. n. Triocular. 

n. Siva. 2, N. of a town. 
33i oCo'^ s. a. Tertian, quartan, as 



bamboo, tabashtr. 

s!Q5;^ s. a. Quick, swift, speedy. 

i^QtJ {tb. of ^3) n. Haste, speed, velo- 
city. -5j3j. To be quick, hasty, etc. 

©aC^Cs,, s. n. A man of very dirty, nasty 

2, bark, rind, 
(. Manna of 


q3*. The thirty-fifth letter of the alpha- 
bet. In Kannada it occurs only in few 

qi^s^rf s. )i. The letter qi 
yj;, a. k. n. A mass, 1 
(=:-5AjO) To blaze up. 

SjUj; a. k. n. A mass, host, array. 


C3*. The thirty-sixth letter of the 

zi. The terminatio7i of the affirmative and 
negative relative participles, as: 'f §^ci, 
SjJ3JJcS, cS5^°cS, oSv;3!;rf, S^Orf, etc.; "^{^ 
zi, sjjsacS, ^^vcS, sojf^ricJ, S^dcS, etc. 

zio^ a.n. A bite, sting. 2, a tooth, 
3, a gad-fly. -tf. Biting; any tiling 
fit to be chewed, as pickles. 

xioZ\ s. n. A large tooth, tusk, fang. 
cSos;|, ol)jqS. A wild boar; a monkey. 

zi'SDXi s. n. The letter rf. 

C55^,r<3, rt-CT.r® (<b. o/' rf*rs) «. The 

south; the upper Dekhau. 
zi^Oj. k. I', i- To be obtained, got, acquir- 

ed; to remain as in one's possession. 
2, to remain; to be saved", to become 
well. n. Acquirement, possession', 
property, f^ri^ cS^^J. I have obtain- 
ed it. -Sjt)* "Sji^Js. To obtain posses- 
sion. :StT^Aj^jaVJj. To appropriate to 
one's self; to keep in one's stomach. 



ri3*\ s. a. Skilful, able, intellio'ent. n. 

N. of a son of Brahma. 2, ability; 

fitness. -^S^N-. Durga. -^. Cleverness, 

C$-&, re (= Cj^rs) s. a. Rigbt, not left. 

2, straightforward, sincere, upright. 
n. The south, country of the south, 
the Dekhan. -JjSJ S. The south-pole. 
cSu- fS^oijfS. The sun's progress south 
of the equator, winter solstice. cS^S- 
f=?J3^^ fl. The south and the north; 
right and left. 

CJ-gv j§ (=Kisj?5?) s. M. The south. 2, 
(money) presents given to Brahmanas. 

3, a fee, gift. 

CJSOP©, TiSd re, rfSOFJ {tb. of a-irmi) n. 
' so ' ^A ' 

The upper Dekhan. diurf), cJaj?i. 

Tlie Hindusthani language. 
c5"a5 f. n. A rude woman. 
ciA(yo h. n. Trick, fraud. -nsia. 

Roguery; a dishonest person; also 

rf7\e3 h. n. Armour, a coat of mail. 
riTTO, ni^ li. M- Deceit, fraud; imposture. 

cirrss3j3^rf. A dishonest man. -s3j3?!i 

Sfj. Deceiving, 
rf^ f. n. Heat, glow. 
cSA^k. afZ. With a blaze, -eroo. To 


burn brightly. 

rfA s. a. Burnt, scorched. -3o^.- A 
luckless man. 

cjc^ (= Son) h. n. Tumult and confu- 
sion, as of a mutiny. -^v'J. To become 
rebellious. -sSjsSo, -tS^Vo. To rebel. 

rieJ k. n. Half of a split tamarind seed. 

-nud. A kind of backgammon. 

riy k. a. Thick, stout, robust; crowded 
together, thick-set, dense, n. Quilted 

rags. -=5*J3CJaJ0. Thick, bushy hair. 

-7^. Densely. -f=3. The state of being 

thick, crowded together, close, etc. 

-o3j;^o, .o3oj. To grow thick, close, 

dense. -s3, . Thick, dense, etc. 

rf&o, k. n. A waist-band; a sash. 

rii? ?jO k. t'. <. To rub out, obliterate; 
to efface. 2, (f.) to scold, menace. 

dUJ, k. n. Stumblinjj. cSW.a. A totter- 
ing, waddling step. 

rfti 1. A sound imitating the rattling of 
thunder, etc.; trembling, quivering, pal- 
pitation. -ti:fi, -to^. rep. -rfco, -rfcSfS- 
In hurry and flurry. -to3 53j333i:^j. 
To speak rapidly. 

rfrf 2. (<b. 0/^ 3M) n. A bank, shore. 

dxicZdti'^ k. n. Impetuousness, force. 

n3Z33^ (<&. o/' z^cSOj) w. Measles. 

rfft 1. ( = cSo.'^) k. n. A staff; a cudgel. 
-T\. A clubman. 

C^aa. f. n. The border of a cloth. 

Cj'rfjsS f. n. Of close texture, as cloth. 
2, respectability; wealth. 

c£(^ h. n. A weight of ten sers and 
equal to i of a maund. 2, a weight 
to counterbalance. 

rfrf k. n. A blockhead; a stupid, igno- 

rant man; f. -^J, c^a . 2, a double 

consonant; also -^^' Cpds.: -=#o?5, 

-rtjcs, -dori, efc. -^^. Stupidity, 


rf& (=:3a=#) k. n. A tatty, screcH. 
2, a cage. 3, a stable. 

diJiCsS k. n. A profligate woman. 

25re ( = cSrlKi) k. P.p. of csrfi, «w rfra 

ulre^ k. »i. Fatigue, weariness, exhaus- 
tion. -WO^J, -S^Oj^j. To take rest. 
-?:fhdj. To be weary. -rljs^jj. To 
be fatigued. 

rfrJ 1. k. I'. ^. To be fatigued or tired. 
2, to be satiated, cSri^^o. To cause 
to be fatigued; to satiate. 

ti,ri2. tb. of t^?i, q.v. 

rfri^', rfreo, rfreo^. =:dr33S, q. r. 

cooWo k. n. A stalk. Cpds.: 'Ijs^'fci- 
ssSdodj-, ::ij3dracS-, etc. 

rfcTi (=:tSo3j) s. w. A stick, staff, rod. 

2. a stalk. 3, a staff or sceptre. 4, 

the oar of a boat. 5, punishment; 

a fine; imprisonment. 6, a form of 




military array; an army; also cSo:^. 
-■SWj^. To set a fine on. -€j3 3j. To 
pay a fine. -*^?s?j. A fine to be 
imposed upon. -^. N. of a vritta; 
a pole. -Si?.^. Administration of 
justice; ethics. -oIjtiJj. A bridal 
procession; conquest of a region. 
-sS.rsdJ, -S,?53dJ, -s3:^, f^sarfj. A pro- 
stration of the body. 

dotJ^ s. n. Beating, punishing, inflict- 
ing punishment; torment; also rfo::^?^. 
-S3i=". A penalty-clause in a docu- 

rfoS 1. k. n. Greatness, might; abund- 
ance, excess. 2, anger. 3, cruelty. 

rfo52. s. «.. A doorkeeper, porter. 2, 
a religious mendicant carrying a 
staff; an ascetic. 

rfo5^ (th. of cSoaf) n. The beam of a 
balance. 2, a kind of palankeen. 

rfo&?dj s. I'. /. To punish, chastise; to 

rfoT^J (tb. of cSo3) n. An army. -■^3*0. 
-"ahi^^^ji'-fx. To keep an army, -^s'jsa 
?oO. To assemble an army. -^zio. 
To encamp an army. dod^J^. To 
levy an army. rfo^r^ SoJJ^rtj. To 
enlist in the army. 

aoZ§ I. s.n. A string; a garland, wreath- 
2, a kind of gymnastic exercise of 
the body. 

rioZ§ 2. {lb. of ^y) n. A bank, shore. 
-rtJoU. Along the shore. 

rfor?j3?d. = 3or!d, q. r. -3o?*^o. To 
be proclaimed by beat of drum. 

tii^ s. o. Given, granted, made over. 
-sji-^' An adopted son. rt3^5Ja5t)C(. 
The resumption of a ffift. ^sr! :i. A 

rf;^j3 -rf, u^^^js & {lb. of c;3^-ra d) n. The 
thorn-apple, Datura alba. 

rirfj 1. k. n. Being cracked, as an 
earthen vessel. 

rirfj 2. (lb. of ^^^) n. Cutaneous erup- 
tion, herpes, rash, ringworm. 

d^ s. ?(. Curds. -^o. Wood-apple. 
-Sad. Butter. 

uj^ (<b. of 4$^) «. Cattle; a cow, bullock. 
-ATiolijajJ. A herdsman. -d 53.)oc3, 
-cS 2oo::3j. A herd of cattle. 

dS) (<b. of c^ ^) n. A sound, voice. 
-rljsiSo, -Aj^'^j). To echo. 

ujrjJ s. a. N. of Daksha's daughter 
and Kasyapa's wife. -<a. A Danava. 
-toSjqJ^i, -jsaocJ, -:3i;0. Krishna. 

rfo^ s. M. A tooth; a tusk, fang. 2, an 
elephant's tusk, ivory. 3, an ele- 
phant. -:3j3°d. An 6!e of ivory. -:p33 
fcS. Cleaning the teeth. -a.\.©5J. The 
root of a tooth. -3^. N. of a D;inava. 
-ScJ. Acidity, sourness. -^S. Wood 
sorrel. -oo??i. Toothless. 

rfoS a. a. Having teeth, n. An elephant. 
2, the croton plant, Crolon liglium; 
also -^. -sSojaj. Ganapati. 

ujO^n s. a. Dental, as a letter. 

3jc;de3 li. n. Vexation, chicanery. 

rforfOA k- n. Intricacy: trouble, annoy- 
ance. -Aji'-fJs, -Si3 (-lod). To fall 
into trouble. 
rfz!, k. ?i. Thickness; stoutness; coarse- 


ness. Cpds.: -\, -oJjaejJ, -f5oo3j, -:Cie3, 
-c^jl3, e<c. -rS. -ri. Thick; coarse. 

u5^^0 h. ?i. Burial. 

d^3, 3yeli. H. Time, turn. 2, a party 
of peons. rf^^nDCJ. A head peon. 

rfr! d h.n. A record, register; a bundle 
of records. -nsrf. A head native 
revenue officer of a collectorate. 

d20d20 k. ?;. A sound imiUiting Ihe pal- 
pitation of the heart or any heavy fall. 
-°3cii- To palpitate. cJwcS'wS. A water- 

rfSosdJSS f.n. Unfair dealing, cheating. 

rfa3303orio f. I', t. To force down; to 
menace; to slam, as a door. 

rfao 03, rfa5,^ f. n. A pack-needle. 

d200, ( = i5jsioj,, d.rawj.) k. v. t. To 
£J to w 


ziiS ( = c^i3^) k. )i. A slip, split, strip, 

esp. of bamboo. 2, (f.) a blow. 
rfj^O s. a. Taming. n. Self-restraint, 

subduiog the passions; also -fi. 
rf-doa (=cS5ija) h. n. A kasu, the 

fourth part of a duddu. 2, a small 

rf^o?i^ s. n. N. of jackal. 
ci^oodocS s. n. N. of Nala's wife. 
rf^iJ^^O h. «. The large sail of a boat. 

a. Leeward. 
r^o^re?jJ b. n. Damask. 2, a wooden 

rfiJJsS s. a. Subdued, conquered, -ss^, 

cSi^oSD^. One whose sin is subdued. 
xictiB s. n. The master of the house. 

2, (dual) man and wife. -r!<;?p^o^ ^ja 

asjj. To join in marriage by repeat- 
ing certain formulas, 
rfc^ s.n. Arrogance, ostentation, pride. 

2, deceit, fraud, hypocrisy. -=5^. 

Arrogant, etc. rfozpstssd, -a^o. 

Arrogant, ostentatious behaviour. 
ri^O,. lb. of qj3o-, q. v. dsio^odjg. 

Generous master ! 

rf;:^o. £i. ^rfcj^, q. V. 

cSdoo, li. n. Breath; panting; asthma. 
-wSJo,, -coa. To suspend one's breath; 
breath to be choked. 

cJoSo {lb. of cSoijs) n. Sympathy, com- 
passion, tenderness, pity, mercy, 
clemency, love. -5js€);^j. To take 
pity on; to grant graciously. -S3J3 
iSj. To be kind, considerate; to grant 
graciously. -^o^. A compassionate 
man. Cj0d:'35b3=^. A side-glance 
full of mercy, kindness, etc. cSodra 
ipstf. A very compassionate man. 
cJoij^rijrs. The quality of compas- 
sion, etc CjoSJiCIa:. The feeling of 
compassion. cSc<i;sioWj^, vi<xio'5K^x> 
iS,, zi oAis '^ . Ocean of compassion. 
cScdj-3«jo, -«?j. Pitiful, merciful, kind, 

Z$d f. n. Eate, price. 

213 c!>Z^F 

rfd^O k. n. Roughness; hoarseness. 
rflJa33?jj h. n. An application, offer 

for a rent or farm. 
uki/i h. n. A Mohammadan place of 

ziTJSdzK) li. >i. An extra tax. 


rf'd^ (=rft5F) h. ?i. A tailor. 

rftjr® «b. o/" qSdrs) n. The weight and 
value of one-fourth of a varaha: 11 
anes 8 kasus. 

CjtJrfo h. n. Care, regard; need. 

rf'daSD'd, rfdeas'do li. n. A royal court; 
a hall of audience; a levee-room. 
2, the people assembled. 3, govern- 
ment, rule. 4, pomp, show. 

rf^dos^ h. n. Monthly pay. a. Monthly. 

Cj'dw^j&iZi h..7i. A gate or door; a gate- 

rfD s. 71. A cave; a hole. 2, a valley. 

cSQo^OT) h. ad. In this case; at this 


time; hereinafter. 
rf&rfi s. a. Poor, needy; distressed. n. 

A poor man; f. -^X 2, poverty, 

want; also -^c^, -^• 
rfScdrab ( = cicxJOBr*jJ h. n. Investi- 

D — 


rfTJo,^ (lb. of ?^53) 71. A song in peculi- 
ar metre. 

rf-rfo^jji. tb. of d^Fti, q. V. 

zL'S s. n. A cave. 2, barren soil. 3, 
a wall. 

Cjt3js?a h. 71. The chief native officer in 
the department of abkari, salt, eand- 
al, etc. 

rfT3j3?20~O h..7i. All without exception. 

rf&SF, zfSr h. 71. Rank, order, grade. 
jtegr. = cSti^5, q.v. 

Jizir s. 71. Pride, arrogance. 2, bold- 
tiTJrr® s.n. A looking-glass, mirror. 

crf^'ir, uiE^c- s. n. The kuca grass, Poa 




rf^r s. X. Looking at, viewing; sight, 

view. -"CT. A spectator; an exhibitor; 

a savant; showing, displaying. -^ 

?i53~c3D3j. A demonstrative pronoun. 
zi^F^ s. n. Seeing. 2, sight, vision, 

appearance, observation; perception. 

3, exhibition. 4, a visit. 6, view, 

theory. 6, a system of philosophy. 

-'ijiSj. To favour one with a visit- 

-iri, -sij33j. To visit. 
ri5~ s. n. Seeing; showing; a seer, 

spectator; f. -^. -^. Seen; shown; 

apparent. -=tO. To see. 
rfS a. k. ad. Certainly, to be sure, 

de. = ui'-f3, q. V. 
ziZlcS s. n. Splitting, breaking to pieces, 

rfe)3e5, d2)0 ^ h. n. Brokerage; com- 

mission. 2, a broker. -Sn- A broker's 

rf^ s. n. Fire. 2, a wood on fire. 3, 

a forest conflagration; also cS^sjit). 

rfttSlI k. ?i. The jaw bone, mandible. 

-raejo . The molars. 
rfs^S, rfii<§, cr^S h. M. An inkstand, 
rf^fo (/b. o/' crfSjsi) w. The plant ^>7e- 

misia indica and its flower, 
rfdri (<b. o/" ol)3Sj) jt. Corn, grain. 

C5^S? s. n. A conch-shell used for blow- 
ing. 2, tb. of t?at>, q. V. 

cinD h. n. Medicine. -S33c3. A medicine- 
shop, dispensary. 

rf^^J (-=cSS:Sj, ct3:^j) h. ?i. A race, 
run. 2, a military excursion, expe- 

rfsfs. a. Ten. -t?. Tenfold; a decade. -*o 
g!, -'"^jeS, -S3JJSJ, -^d?j, -3d. Ravana, 
-rtjrs. Tenfold; penalty for not affix- 
ing a stamp to an official document. 
-c33n. Ten gifts: cows, land, sesa- 

raum. gold, ghee, raiment, betel, 
grain, j^ggory, daughters in mar- 
riage, "^'^'i- The eight points of 
the compass and the earth and sky. 
-s3j. Tenth. -53J3o3i. Decimal. -Oj. 
The tenth lunar day. -c3q3. X. of 
Rama's father. cJsao^. Ten parts; 
the tenth part. cSS3ort. Ten members; 
an incense composed of ten ingredi- 
ents. cSS3S35S. The ten incarnations 
of Vishnu. cSs^oa^oSj .The ten. 

organs of perception and action. 

rf€ s. n. Tbe skirt, edge or hem of a 
garment; the wick of a lamp. 2, 
age, period. 3, state or condition of 
life. 4, fate. rfs^So:^ A fortunate 
man. ciss^o^oi. An unfortunate man. 

dX)U^:^0 h. n. Hand-writing; signa- 

d?j5^0 k. n. A thin, dust-like coating on 

certain grains, as jola, ragi, etc., a 

kind of husk. 
rf?j?io e. n. A dozen, 12 pieces; also 

rf?irfjei^ s. ?i. Ten months' pay given 
for twelve. 

ii^j-:^, z!^7i-S {lb. of a^on^) n. The tenth 
day of the suklapaksha of the 
seventh month (asvina), the last day 
of the navaratri; also -^iA- 

rf^J k. 11. A stake; a wooden peg. 

rf?S. lb. of rf^, q. V. 

so -i -^ 

rfris ^p3iO, rf:6 (■rfaJj h. ;(. A docu- 

ment; a bond. 
ri^jj h. n. A quire of paper. 2, a pack 

of 3 cards. 3. money withheld by 

government to an official. 
3j?jjs Q h. n. Custom, fashion. 2, cus- 

— D 

tomary fees; postage; tax. 

iSo^; s. n. Consuming by fire, burning. 
2, fire; Agni. -Joo^s^O. The rites 
of cremation. cSSo'So. To burn up. 

ti^ 1. C-^=0) a. k. w. An army contain- 
ing infantry, cavalry, elephants and 




chariots. -5jS, -^jjsj,,, -;330!)j. A 

general. -^jJSj. The van of an army. 
d^ "2. f. ?i. Thickness, solidity. -^^. 

Thickness; compactness. 
sjss* 3. (=dsj) f. n. A leaf, petal. 2, a 

part, fragment. 
o3S?S^. = ti^^O, q. V. 
lS^ k. r. t. To seam. v. i. To become 

abundant, as fruits etc.; to spread, as 

small-pox, etc. 
nsu" "do e. n. A doctor; European 



nss^, cdJr5 s. n. N. of any of the 
daughters of Daksha. -^^- Ganesa. 

CS'O-, f<Sn (/■}•. cS-3- ras) s. M. Civility, cour- 
tesy, politeness; honesty, candour; 
obsequiousness. -n^cJ, -»3og, -ssO. 
An obsequious man. 

CSSDS^B^^O h. ?i. Proof, documentary 

CJaSDe;o h. a. Entered, as into an ac- 
count, etc. n. Entry of an item in an 
account or register. -rfj3:So. To enter, 
as a name into a register, etc. 

c33aS20S? k. n. A winding half shrubby 
plant, Cocculus villosus. 

nsT, ?j h. n. Jewels worn on the body; 
personal property. 

Cj^aoiJjsSS h. ?i. Repairing, doing up. 

a3&o?jJ k. V. t. To make cross, etc. 

cisyj k. y. f. To cross, ford; to pass; 
to go beyond; to escape, v. i. To die; 
to expire or pass away, elapse, as 
time. n. Stepping, passing over, etc. 
-=ai^. A summary. -53?JJ. A far-stepp- 
ing foot. -SoJSOr^. Sewing with long 

■croJ^ h. n. The beard. 

as^^j, cji^ceo s. n. The pomegranate 
tree and its fruit, Punica granatum. 

C33Z§ (lb. of ^o^j) n. A tusk; a fang; 
a molar. 2, a jawbone. 

C35^3 (<6. of cp5N„) ?i. Grain. 2, 
( = Cj3Cc5) a rope. 

C3Sf»33 f. n. Thickness, stoutness. -rfa. 
A very stout man; of. 533oa?1. 

nscyj. — Cj?Wj, q. V. 

ViDo^X f. n. A stout, strong man. -3rf. 

c3d;^, cBSO'rf /b. of i^s:^,, q. v. 

nsi^N, s. n. A giver, donor. -^ . Liber- 

C33d {tb. of s^^, g. V.) n. A respectful 
term of address for an elderly man. 

cjSCi (tb. of <?3-^) n. A nurse. 

c:3?j s. n. Giving; a gift, present, do- 
nation. -^3^J, -siJ3:iJ. To make 
gifts, etc. -rtJcQ. A liberal disposition. 
-:i. Liberality. -rjSdjr. Almsgiving, 
charitable acts. -*j^, -3i)^rS. A deed 
of gift. -^js:^. a presented vessel; 
an object of charity. "^^- -^ 

presented cloth. -3?w, -sijscj. A 
generous person. 

C3S?j^ s. n. Danu's descendant; a giant. 

133^ s. n. A donor. 

uzo:^ s. a. Subdued, enduring. 2, end- 
ing in ^. S39o3. Self-restraint. 

C53orfe3. = rforfsS, g. i'. 

C33J^ k. n. Stretch, etc.; the measure of 
a stride. -Soti=5^J. To measure by 

C33eOP®50S f. n. A certain border of a 

nsSOJ. = ^»>!^-> 1) 2, g.i;. 

DS^J (=C33WJl, g. y.) s. n. A string, 
cord, thread. 2, a girdle. 3, a 
chaplet, wreath for the forehead. -?i. 

as^Ji)?:;^ li.n. Proportionate distribu- 
tion, equitable allotment, dividends. 

□S^jseS''rf s. a. Having a cord round 
the belly, n. Krishna. 

usaoSpS' (fr. cSoJ^) s. a. Deceitful; osten- 
tatious, proud. n. Ostentatiousness; 
also i33ojp=tf. 

C33oJj s. n. A gift, present. 2, a part, 
partition. 3, share, inheritance, 




patrimony. 4, property. 5, a throw 
of dice. 6, an opportunity, fit mo- 
ment; a means. -?r. A giver; heir, 
kinsman. -Czp'srt. A portion of in- 

croocirea (lb. of ra^odj^rf^) n. A descend- 
ant from a male stock. 

iTOOOJ (tb. of cp^S^) n- A wet nurse. 
2, (s.) giving, granting. 

aaoSJA (lb. of u33odo*) 71. A remote 
kinsman. 2.= nsoi3?a. 

CSBIJI. s. 71. A rent, cleft, hole. 2, a 
wife. -^. A child. 

C33tj2. /6. 0/" n^d, q. V. 

aaiJ 3. («&. of q5^ci) n. A string, thread. 
2, (a/f.) holder, possessor, as.' eSjy-, 

ns'dn f. n. Rate, market price. 

ns'deOo;::^, usij^crf (lb. of n? tiiooqS) n. 
A doorframe. 2, the panel of a door. 

C33& k. n. A way, road, path. -^Wj.. 
To block up a way. -=^J3:iO. To let 
pass. -fijsyij,. To start; to make a 
■way for one's self, as water. -^id. 
To go on foot; to travel. -^^';^:^j. 
To look out for, wait for. -zS::ao. To 
go out of the way. -^js^?^. A stroll- 
er, -^=)rf, -7~i. A traveller. 

CDbrfj, asQrfjns. n. Poverty, indigence, 

D3TJ0 s. n. A piece of wood, timber. 2, 
= d53n"3dj. -3o^, -so^B*. A wooden 
spoon or ladle. 

DS'djr® s. n. Cruel, horrible; hard, 
rough, n. Cruelty, horror. 

rra-c^l, .^JV k. n. The fruit of 
Averrhoa carambola. 

□0^32, tb. of cpt>!3, q.v. 

CTO'T'qr' s. n. Stability, strength, energy. 

nac;So^)>, cra?5 S) f. n. Cinnamon. 

nseij h. ?^. Split pulse, dhal. 

055^2. (— rfS) s. n. A forest confla- 
gration; also tovJ3eif\, n^^jsji^. 2, a 

C3D7irf (<b. o/' JTOSSo?;) n. A rope for 

tying cattle. 
cro^S f. n. Labour, toil, exertion, 

trouble. -?^-^v«j„ -sS:sx To toil, etc. 

-5ias;j. To give trouble. -SSjscsJ. To 

take pains, 

nssiti f. «. Thirst, desire; need, want; 

also Ca'SoJ. 

cross, na^ (= :335j) h. w. Enmity, spite; 
a suit, complaint. -?3-'33j^. Property 
in litigation. -CJSti. A prosecutor; 
complainant, plaintiff. 

t3D^ s. n. A fisherman. 2, a servant. 

aas'zj^ (/v. cisldqj) s. ?i. Rama. 

na^ p^ (<b. 0^ c?=>'i),f^^) «. A bold and 
influential man; boldness. -^^. Bold- 

asri s. n. A male servant, slave; a de- 
votee; f. zzTiro. -nw;^. Servile work. 
-ip.iS. The attitude of a slave, -odo,, 
A (Vaishnava) devotoe; f. -^S . nasrrf 
5dciris?o. Songs composed by Vaishnava 
devotees. -^^. Servitude, slavery. 

nDXi^, caxlssps, C30?j3a^^ etc. f.n. The 
shoe-flower or China rose, Hibiscus 
rosa sinensis. 

tstrixi., cstjS (lb. of n^^?d) n. A 
Vaishnava religious mendicant. -3o5 
s^. The boa. 

CX),?J s. n. A female servant or slave. 
iTOI^jsec^ (fr. C33^8 eeoo I am a servant) 

s. 71. Self-subjection; devotion. 
DD?Js -^ (cf. :3js?=J3 =i.) h. 7i. A deposit;: 


reserve, stock, 

caSo s. «. Burning; internal heat. 2, 
ardent desire. 3, thirst. -T^fS'-f-x. 
To become thirsty. -^i^J^dc^, -SSofS, 
-33c3. Quenching desire or thirst. 

C33a?s, CSS? (v° = C3', <?;. o/' qral3) ?/. An 
impetuous assault; an attack; a rush; 
an inroad. -"SSj. To make an as- 
sault; to rush up to. oT3«?t)C3t)«?. 
A mutual assault. 




cro^o20, cs^csf, etc. (lb. of n^iaaj, 
g. v.) 71. A pomegranate. 

BS^O {tb. of as*) «. A point of the com- 
pass, direction. 2, refuge, protection, 
help. -a^ii. In every direction. S>^ 
^d. Refuge, etc., not existing, a^^ 
ej^dS. A helpless man. a^a^53eiaAi. 
Dispersion in all directions; ruined 
condition. -i^^„ ^J '^,- The horizon; 
a mariner's compass. 

Cj^^vO, -^ s. n. The regent or guardian 
of one of the quarters of the world. 

Dao^ s. 71. The visible horizon. 

DACSO'd s. a. Sky-clothed, unclad, nak- 
ed, n. A naked mendicant. 

DaTJO h. ad. Also, additionally. a. 
Another. -Ji^uioj. Another or con- 
tradictory answer. 

Q7\£;o k. ?(. Consternation, horror, 
alarm, fear. 

OTs^^O a. k. V. t. To let down, lower. 

qac£;j. = ahwj, (/. I'. 

aX 3j s. n. An elephant of one of the 
eight quarters of the compass. 

Ga w k. ad. Suddenly, all at once. 

D7^ ?E? s. n. Various regions, distant 



aX o:;;^ s. (1. A general charm to keep 

off all evils. 
aX s5 s. 11. An offering to the regions of 

the sky. 

aA ^0, a7\t), c§ s. 71. Consternation. 
Z)J ^) 

a7\,e e. n. Degree. n. Division or in- 
terval marked on a thermometer or 
barometer; also 3Q^?. 

aAS^s^^ s- '*• A- term denoting direction. 

aT^.QSaociJ s. n. Universal conquest. 

ao^O a. k. «. A jump, leap. 2, gam- 
bol, ao*:!). To leap, jump. 

ay (lb. of a^) n. Truth. ad. Certain- 
ly, truly, -^y. Courage, stout, robust. 
-SJ3:^j, A true word. 

ai3 (lb. of ^x?j) a. Bold, courageous; 
Strong, powerful, -rratf. A bold man. 
-^cS. Boldness. 

a&o . <?^. of rf>«i., (T. I'. -=fj3c3, -r^J5?3. A 
side-glance. -i^j3«??ij. To appear. 
-Xj. To see; to look at. 

arf (<&. of clz^) a. Firm, strong, etc. 

n. Firmness, strength. 

Q(!5. f. n. A wicket; a sally-post; also 

ar^o k. w. An eminence; a hillock. 

acciA k. 71. The tree Anogeissus lali- 
folia. which yields a hard, white 

ao'rfo k. n. A heap; a big stone; a 
bundle of wood or grass; a bale of 
cloth. 2, the handle of a plough; 
a log. 3, the trunk of a tree. 4, 
the centre of an orange; the core of 
a plantain tree. 5, thickness; strength; 
pride; nutritiousness. -^. A stout 
man. -=^^. A stout arm. -sSjcOjg. A 
stout, strong body. -r^js°^^, -53:^0, 
-i3?°^0. To become stout. 

Qf? (—8i^,q.v.) k. «. An eminence; 


a bank. 

a§ s. 71. N. of a daughter of Daksha, 
wife of Kasyapa. 

a^ s. n. A day. -ri^. Daily. -'^^, 
-n«?. To spend a day. -^Jj£>. Daily 
hire, -rfoi, -nS msfi. As usual. -aoS. 
rej3. Daily. -a?i=#,. Day by day, 
daily. -J:So3jr. The daily observance 
of rites; an official journal. -^cj, 
-^1'^, -ST. The sun. -d^3. = aFdotf^S. 
-53j3oS. The length of a day. acSo 
51 5. Daily. -sSco. A diary, day-book. 
-w;3-53Je)5i, -^a^F": -'^ja. Daily news. 

a?j,^ (^tSr^'^o) f.M. Grain; also a?i 

a?33 s. ad. Daily; aiso -r!, -rtuo, -uo. 
aao k. H. An eminence, a hillock; cf. 

a?3x = ara, rt. V. -^rio. Hill and dale. 
aao r^ k. n. A nuptjal procession. 2, 

a wooden stopple. 
a^Ji)3'o h. n. Haughtiness, inflation; 

arrogance, pride. 





aoeOJ k. n. A pillow for the head; also 
323-. 2, the pericarp of a lotus. 

ado,/?, B'rfo^w k. ad. Strongly; loudly. 

GSj^ k. n. A log of wood. 2, a bulb. 

B^jj 1. k. n. Giddiness. -3o:Sj, -^^ij. 
Giddiness to come over one. 

a^JO, 2. k. V. t. To push, shove. 


a^ s. n. Heaven; the sky, air. 2, day, 
a day. -0=>^. Day and night. 

ad?j (= Sb^, q. V.) s. n. A day. -*«?.= 
05:r!«?, 5. r. -^ cos^j. To procrasti- 
nate. -S^:^. j-cp. =a?i a^S. -co3j, 
-coa. Days to be required (it takes 
. . . days). -J3?,3:3rf. = afi-^o3or, g. r. 

as35''d s. n. The sun. 

assr®, a;3a;i h. ?«. A minister or chief 
officer of state. 2, a royal hall; a 
court of justice. 3, the sarkar; also 

aS3?:a h. a. Mad; foolish. 

BSaSpfS s. n. A person timid by day. 

2, an owl; a thief. 
asaon^, assTj^Sj s.n. Day and night. 

ass'? 1. tb. of ajs^si^, g. v. 

a:33S? 2. f. n. Bankruptcy. -vi^ oSjs? 

no, -3r1. To become bankrupt. -s3j5^ 

rf. A spendthrift; a bankrupt. 
a.S s. n. Heavens, the sky. 2, a day. 

-li- A deity. -teSrf. Svarga. -c33 

o3j=5*. Indra. 
ao^o s. a. Divine, heavenly; charming, 

beautiful. -^«?. Divine lustre. 

The guardians are suraraja, agni, 

kala, niruti, varuna, maruta, artheia, 


a^, a€ s. n. A quarter or point of the 

compass, direction, region. 

as:; s. a. Appointed, ordered; fixed. 
n. Assignment, decree; fate; aim. 

aoU. {tb. of cSA»g[ji -5. I"-) ». The eye; 

ae^S. s. n. Preparation or consecration 

for a religious ceremony; initiation; 

dedication; devotion, e. a. <Jj^.-. 

S3Je)^-, ^^Dm-, S^^-, e<C. a°T 3. 

Initiated, consecrated; a conductor 
of a sacrifice; a family If. 

aelJO k. ». Similarity, equality. 2, va- 
luation, -wndj, -Tijsyjj, -SSj, -'i2)o^j. 
To be equai. 

a^Fi s. a. Afflicted; miserable. 2, 
dejected, downcast. 3, poor, indigent- 
4, humble, -rjjra. A humble disposi- 
tion. -3^, -i, -^, -"^3d. Humility. 
a?i5j35q3^0. A deliverer of the 

ao^; s. n. A lamp; a light. (2, lb. of 
^?5j. -n^^. Imported raisins). -^ 

-:§r1, -!3j33 cSj s3jj)3j (superstition). To 
extinguish a lamp. -cS ^a . A match. 
-^:3j . To light a lamp. -'aolo. = -?oo 
J«i, (J. I'. -ci w-^. A female image 
with a lamp-cup. -cSi~rj. Looking 
upon a lamp as in an adoring atti- 
tude, -^olo. A lampstand. a^s^rfS. 
A kind of lighted arati. a'Sj^sSe? ( — 
as3D-;?, q. v.). A festival with noctur- 
nal illuminations; also Si^^i?^ ^. 

a?^ s. a. Illuminated, briffht. ajij. 
Brilliancy, light, lustre; a ray, flash. 

a?^or s. a. Long (as space or time). 2, 
long, as a vowel. -^sw. A long 
time. -=#JS;S. A cockle. -S. Length, 
longness. -cSSr. Seeing far, wise; 
a seer, -rf.ii,. Far-seeing, far-sighted, 
shrewd; a sagacious man. '•^5"^' 
An old grudge. -^^, -^3l)=j. 

Death. -iJS^ri. A long illness. -S5o 
•S. Long-suffering, patience. a^^ar 
oijj, aP3?5rccLu;i;,. Long life. 

ae^S^, ae^B/^ (<&. of a?533i3*) «. a 
torch, flambeau, -rt, -ccJjsj. A torch- 
bearer. -?is3SSjJJ. An honouring 
ceremony performed every evening 
by waving lighted torches before 
a noble personage or an idol. 

aescs?. tb. of a^st'Sj'^,- q. v. 




Qe^. th. of a ?5j, q. V. -siv^^. The 
breadfruit tree, Artocarpus incisa. 

a?5y^ [lb. of S>°ij'§) n. A lamp. 2, 
brig'htness, brilliancy. 

rfj k. A termmation of the p. p., as: 
=5^jarfo, ^orfj, fidrfj, c5c3cSj, "^jsorfj, 
e<c. 2, tb. of a^. 

rfOo s. pref. Evil, bad, difficult, hard. 

C^OSSO s. n. TJnhapplness, pain, sorrow, 
grief, affliction, distress, misery; trou- 
ble, difficulty. -^j3:Sj. To give trouble. 
-rtjjs?jj, -sJ3j. To be grieved, etc. 
-5ja^j. To cause trouble, etc -SjsSj. 
To feel unhappy; to grieve, etc. -^3. 
Causing pain, sorrovr, etc. -;^?oj. 
Living in pain or distress. -^»3j^, 
-SaoB. Allaying or cessation of pain, 
grief, etc. 

rfjSa) s, n. Sorrowing, afflicted. -3. 
Pained, distressed. -^J. To be un- 
happy; to grieve. 

rfOo^20 s, n. A bad souuJ or word. 

sijSS?e^ s. a. Badly disposed, ill-natur- 
ed, reprobate. 

rfoS^ B s. n. Ill condition, unhappiness. 

CjJSDf^J h. )i. A shop. -~j3d. A shop- 

sijCTjsai s. v(. Woven silk, very fine 

C<OATi, rfJAOTi (lb. of dJjT^) ?i. Grief, 
care, anxiety; uneasiness. 

C^A . tb. of niJrt^, g. v. 


rfJTv) rJ (A'- <^J-^^ri>) s. /(. Two kanis, two 


rfjA s. )i. Milk; sap. u^on^ipsS^s'. Bath- 

inff with milk. cSorssii. The sea of 

ci)7\ ^ s. n. A sort of ^scJepias. 2, a 

kind of gourd. 
CJ07^ (<b. of rfJ,^) n. Doubt, suspense. 

2,' ill will; envy. 

rfoci k. ('. i. To labour, work, toil. 2, 
to throb and pain, as a boil. v. t. To 
acquire by one's labour. -S, -»3j. 

Acquisition, gain. -sSjn^rf. An econo- 
mist. -^J. To cause to labour. 
ujJT^J^'o k. i'. i. To act raslily, violently 

or wickedly, n. Rashness, insolence; 

also -3fi. -loja . A rash mind. 
ajtiorfj* k. ^ sound of suddenly falling. 

-^^^S. Entering headlong upon a 

work. -^JfS. Suddenly. 
cSocio^o. = cSjadj, see s. cioa. -nstf. 

An economist. 
rfJT^o k. n. A copper coin, ^- of an Ana- 

2, money. zij:s'?S. Covetousness. 
uJocyj k. n- Rocking, unevenness. cSoo 

toscSj. To rock, to be uneven, as a 

table, e<c. 
ddcXi'R, rfjoci/^ k. or/. Roundly. a. 

Round. n. Roundness; also cSjo:Sf3, 

doc^AO k. 71. A shrub from Brazil, 
used for hedges, Jatropha curcas. 

TidoXi:> k. 11. Roundness. 2, a plain 
bracelet. cSooa^dj. To round, move 

rfogT) & h. 11. Worked muslin. 

rfo^ja Ti, -Q (<&• of qSj?Jj3 !j, g. w.) n. 
The thorn-apple. 

rf:idJ k. n. The pulpy mass of a cu- 
cumber or pumpkin which contains 
the seeds. 

rfjorfj k. 11. Excessive expenditure, 
waste, prodigality. ciJocijJ:^-^. A 
sumptuous dinner without occasion. 
-o3j3:^j. To squander, -n^d. A spend- 
thrift, prodigal. -n3S3?i, -n?0#. 
Spendthriftness, prodigality. 

(iJouJoep s. n. The fifty-sixth year of 
the cycle. 2, a large kettle-drum. 

rfOX;^, rfjA^, ^^^^ C^- «^ ^^^^^) 
M. A double cloth; a sheet. 

rfoS3t)Qli. a. Double; excessive, -ajt^jr. 
Double expense. -^■^- -^ duplicate. 
-3^. Prodigality. 

rfo&33,^ ((b. o/" arp^)^) n. An interpreter. 

3jJ20 k. n. A very stout man; f. !^->2^^- 

CJO dooms' J 



^•dod'do, dO^O^S^O, k. r. «'. To leap or 
jump down. 

riocZOO k. n. Dust. 

cJo^ra. ?i (tb. of ciJ5iJ3P'r2) «. Distress, 
sorrow, grief. 

ciiccJO^O* h. rt. Secondary, subordinate. 

nii5, u!o^, c:olji, rfoco{=cS-8) s. pj-e/". 
Evil, bad, difScult, hard, etc. 

zioxi a.k. 71. A battle, war. 

cS0TJo7\ (tb. of a.tfoA) a. Double 
coloured, as cloth. 

rfj'dc^ f. n. The custard-apple, ^?iona 

riO'drfx^, s. n. Bad luck, misfortune. 

rfj'deSj^o h. n. A telescope. 

rfO'd^SjSjCXiO s. /(. An evil intention. 

rfO'dfP^j3?j s. n. Offensive pride, pre- 
sumption. djtitpSJori. Disagreeably 

rf.)'Ci£prn;cl s. 71. A bad practice or habit. 

cSo'd^?3 s. n. A miserable condition; a 
bad situation. 

rfo"d;ri-:) (=j::Sjuo?^j) h. a. Right, fit, in 
good order- -SSjsZaO. To repair. 

cioiJooc^S'd s. «. Offensive egotism, pre- 

siiCvAjSo s. «. Foolish obstinacy. uJjcre 
Tlco. A head-strong person. 

tfOCDzi'ds? s. n. Bad behaviour, evil 

rfOTJDS.JS'd s. H. Bad conduct, wickedness. 
rioosiSsO. Loose, licentious. 

tiozX)^, s. 71. A malevolent person; a 
rascal, scoundrel; /■. cJJD^-S-o-. 

rfO'jSe'aij s. a. Difficult of attainment. 

C^ir;»e?jse£:^j3 s. a. A bad tliought or in- 

rfoCD^ s. n. Bad hope or desire. 2, 
groundless hope. -n~rf. A man of 
bad desire. 

C^GeS s. »i. Bad desire. 

cio5<! s. n. Evil ways, sin. -Sorf. Re- 
moving sin. 

cJoSf?::^?? s. n. A bad wish; curse. 

ciO'dO'S s. ?i. Harsh, offensive speech; 

rfj^doTjO .= cSocJsro ., q.v. 

_D -= ^ 

c^Otfo^ (<b. of i?JSof) ?i. A cunniug, 
dishonest or wicked man; /". cijdj«?. 
-3fS. Wickedness. 

tfOAF ( = cijr!) s. a. DifBcult of access. 
n. A stronghold, fort. 2, a forest. 

uiOAF;^ s. a- Unfortunate, distressed, 
poor. z:ijn-S>. Ill condition; mis- 
fortune; misery; hell. 

:tz7iFo^ s. 71. A bad smell, stink. 

oiOAT^O s. a. Difficult of access or at- 

T^T^F^ SiO s. )i. The eighth lunar day 
of the month of asvina, the birth- 
day of Durga. 

Cj07Nr. = djr^r, q. r. -i5?r3. Cholera. 

rfOAOrr® s. a. An evil quality; a vicious 

rfo^r, ziOT^F s, n. Daughter of Hiraa- 
vat and wife of Siva. 

tfo^jry s. a. Difficult, unattainable. 

ziodiF'^ S.71. A bad man; a mischievous 
man, villain. 

rfoSircxiJ s. a. Invincible. 

rfjrfr^ s. a. Disagreeable to the sight; 

cSorfr€ s. n. A bad situation; misfor- 
tune, calamity; also c3jdr?3. 

LoOarN s. n. A dark, cloudy day; bad 

zio^lF-^ s. 71. Hard fate, bad luck, un- 
lucky destiny; misfortune; also -o5j3? 
rt. 2, a bad deiiy. 

lioT^FXi s. a. Difficult to be borne or 
suffered; irresistible; difficult, im- 
practicabl*; dangerous. 

zidz^F7i,F s. a. Difficult of being assail- 
ed; inviolable; intolerable. 

rfojirrfi s,-k. 91. Bad conduct. 

tfOJCOr^j S.1I. A bad name; piles. 

::l::ic:^F^:)^ s. n. A bad omen. 2. a foul 
— o 




rfj^ireS s.n- Bad conduct; impropriety; 

bad etliics. 
ciijSr^ {tb. of rfJSJF"^) n. A bad excuse, 

poor pretence. 
rfoeOFT^ s.-k. n. Evil intention; wicked 

rf020P<y s. a. Weak, feeble. 

cioeoora s. n. Folly, silliness. 2, evil- 

rfjdjsr^qifS, oiJeSjaF-?:^ s. n. Evil 

counsel; bad, harmful teaching. 
rioEjSrcriJ s.n. Fear or painful appre- 
hension of evil. 

ao^FTJ s. a. Burdensome, intolerable. 

cioaro^A n s. n. Ill luck, lucklessness. 

dJ8p3r^ s. n. Ill will, hostile feeling, 

i±)2^rz[^^ t£02p^rA s. «• Bad, abusive 
speech, opprobrious language. 

rfoEprS', s. 11. Scarcity of provisions, 
dearth, famine. -iS^^J. A famine 
etc. to come to pass. 

rid'^OF^ s. n. A ba4 opinion, doctrine, 
or tenet. 

Ziii^jrS s. n. Evil-mindedness, malig- 
nity ; foolishness. 2, the fifty-fifth 
year of the cycle. 

SjO'o^jrj^, -c3 s. n. A bad disposition, 
evil mind. 2, bad advice. 

rfo^ortir^ s. n. Any violent or unnatu- 
ral death. 

rfo^JsTcTJ s. 71. Proud flesh that grows 
in a sore or wound. 

sio^rarAF s. n- Misconduct; offence; 
wickedness; also -^?i. 2, a bad man. 

CJOt^OOra) s. n. The thirtieth year of 
the cycle of sixty. 

cSo'SjaFeSo s. 71. Bewildered, infatuated 
or enamoured state. 2, ignorance, 

ciiociOF^ s. 71. Ill repute, dishonour. 

rioo3.orei:;ic^ s. n. N. of the eldest son 
of Dhritarashtra. 

doaiF^r^ s.n. A bad sign or symptom; 

a bad character; a vice. 
CuJe^'^QS. a. Difficult to bo observed; 

disagreeable to sight, n. Inadvertence. 
di^ZiFS^ s. a. Difficult to be obtained; 

scarce, rare; excellent; dear. 
tfOT^Fg;^^ s. n. A harsh expression; 

abusive language, insult. 
dosBF^ s. n. Evil speech; inelegant 

ujJSTjFlJ s. a. Difficult to be repressed, 

siOo39r"!ir s. n. Bad news, sad intelli- 
u)0S3F"?j, -c3 s. w. N. of a rishi. a. 

rfjStiFSco s. 71. Bad smell, stink. 2, 

an evil recollection of past actions. 

rfj,3FCjA s.a. Unskilled; stupid; wholly 

zioS^iF ^o^s. a. Ill-trained; ill-mannered. 

rfO^FSasi s. n. A bad contest at law. 
rfjaFsiaJJ s. n. A bad thing or affair. 
ziOTi\Fid s. ?i. Bad conduct, mean prac- 

tices. a. Vile, wicked. 

t±)Ti\FS s. n. Disreputable conduct, 
eJ _D 
bad practices. 

aj^oFcdo s.n. Useless expense. 

^:)ZioF7j^ s.n. An evil habit; bad de- 
sire. cSjS,r?o?i. A man of evil habits; 
f. djS.FSfS. 

rfjSSo^^S'Ci s.n. Evil action or oper- 

rfj^ssQ^ f. n. Rapid course; a run. 
-So. To make run. 

rfj^. = J^->o«, q. V. 

sJo'gs e3 s. «. A wicked, impious or im- 
moral conduct. -^?j. "Wickedness, 
iniquity, immorality. 

rio?) ^ s. n. An inauspicious sign; an 


ill omen. 
rf:)^ pT^l s. n. Naughtiness. 

rfOH^^Oci s. 71. A bad omen. 




cSo^TjOo s.-f. n. Two shawls; a double 

rfOaD,Xl?j (=:Ci:83^=Joi) s. n. Intractable. 

n. N. of a son of Dhritarashtra. 
SSOZv'rfo' s. n. An evil act, crime. cSo 

^<Dj~. Sinful, wicked. 
ciOoCp.'rfo s. H. Inordinate passion, lust, 

tfOo::;D,a' s. n. An evil time on account 

of sin, famine, etc. 
ziOzL, \^n s. n. A misdeed, sin, crime. 

uSo^i s. «. Corrupt, bad, wicked, vicious, 
depraved, noxious. -rtjrs. A wicked 

disposition. -3fS. Wickedness. -^J^- 

Evil-minded; an evil mind; a N. -53a, 

7\. A wild beast. 

nature, w-ieked; an evil spirit 

ciJoSti.S, . Of a bad 



cuj^eA s. 

Bad use, useless 

purpose; foul aim. 
CSOSi.\&' s. n. A bad fruit or result. 

riO?j520^ n. A winding half shrubby 

plant, Cocculus villosus. 
cSo?i "d s. a. Impassable; invincible. 


Cij?j0 f. n. Dress ; a suit of clothes. 

ciori^OA s. n. Bad inclination. 2, bad 
company. do^oh. A person who 
associates with evil companions. 

ziOTilosB s.n. A bad progeny or family. 

cJjS^So s. a. Intolerable, unbearable. 


-VS'S^. Bad association. 

vid^l^ti^ s. n. An evil dream. 

rfOTj/^eps^ s. »i. A bad disposition or 

ciiSo (tb. of Sy) n. Discordance; hat- 
red, ill-will. 

n50a>^\ s. n. A daughter; tb. cSo2oJ. 

cJj^?"rff. a. Doubled; double; cf. cSjuj^O. 

n<j3T^0 k. r. L To push, thrust, shove 
away or aside, throw out of, as out 
of a village, caste, etc. ciwraa?!). To 
cause to push, etc. 

ciacUJ k. V. i. To walk on one leg, 

Zjji^ 8. n. A messenger, envoy, ambas- 
sador; f. djtS,. -sj^ r;. Tlie char- 
acteristic mark of a messenger. 

3j^a (tb. of ^Jt^) n. Cleaned cotton. 
2, siikcotton used as tinder. 

ciesi. tb. of ^-'SC, q. v. 

rfjsdod {tb. of ZfJl^Jj) n. Fine drizzling 

djsTJ s. a. Distant, far from; remote. 
n. Distance, farness, remoteness; a 
long distance. cSjsO'^. To a distance; 
from afar. -s3j3:^j. To remove. -CJSr. 
Far-seeing, wise; a prophet, -zi^ii . 
Far-sightedness, foresight, discern- 

rfjsO h. n. An axle-tree. 

S^JSTJO (tfo = e3J) k. t'. <. To bear tales; to 
report evil of others; to blame, re- 
proach, abuse; to slander, n. Blame, 
slander, calumny. -Aji°-?j.. To get 
blamed, etc. -So^^j. To tell tales, 
slander, blame, etc. -i^rfo, -Sojsdo. 
To bring blame upon one's self. 

ds^r, rfj^sror s. n. The grass Panicum 

TijiiiSJ (tb. of ^oc-j) n. A beam of timber. 

^jhZ^^ s. a. Dishonouring; reviling; 
blaming. n. A reviler, seducer, 
abuser, blasphemer. 

rfjSaA?? s. 71. Corrupting; contaminating; 
censuring, abusing; blame; guilt, sin. 
-OJiinSj. To abuse, blame, etc. -bS^^o. 
To tell tales, etc. -^J^odj. To get 
blamed. cSjsii^o. To blame, censure, 
abuse, etc. 

zijiZ^o s. a. Censurable; condemnable; 
contemptible. n. Cloth; cotton, 


rfjs;^, zij^Tio (lb. of as,^^) n. Cloth. 
djiAirt. A cloth merchant. zij>^r\ 
3^3. A cloth merchant's shop. 

rfj^Xldo a. k. n. Reason, motive, cause; 

u>jsV, rfj5<s*J (tb. of ^-'i^) ». Dust; powd- 
er; pollen. -srocS. A dust-board. 




rf\5'j, (lb. of ^n'*) >i- An eye; seeing. 
cS.-c- n^) o;^. The science of astronomi- 
cal observation. cS.r? E^;^. Calcula- 
tions founded on observations of 
heavenly bodies. 

ziy^ s. a. Firm, strong, solid; tenacious, 
compact. 2, confirmed, established; 
certain, reliable. 3, powerful, mighty. 
n. Truth. -J^^- A strong will. -r1j3 
^Ov. To become firm. -Sa;^J. To 
strengthen, confirm. -iMSi , -^o^i^^. 
A firm mind. cS, ssort. Firm-bodied, 
stalwart; also ^-.z^'^ofs. rf.^^T^rfra. 
Making firm; confirmation; an act 
of becoming a member of the Church 
of Christ. 

Z^\^ (=ci,S*) s. a. Seeing, viewing. 
n. The eye. cS.sic. Visible; to be 
looked at; beautiful. -3J3:^-). To 
show. Co S3,-. Visible and invisible. 

<i\si, s. a. Seen, beheld, observed; visi- 
eJ ei 
ble, apparent; decided; known. 

C^sSjjt) o^ s. n. An example, illustration, 
instance, evidence. 2, a Sastra: 

Xi\Sj^ (=013,, ail,) s. n. Seeing. 2, 
sight; look, glance. 3, the eye. 4, 
intellect. -'3 3J. To look or aim at; 
to look after. -=^J3::aO. To pay atten- 
tion to, etc. -'"^ iXj^'-fj. To appear. 
-rtJS^S^rf. The range of the sight, in 
sight, visible. -cSj?^^. A blast from 
an evil eye. -'^J. To see, look at. 

j^sjT) ^ f. n. Greatness, pomp. 

6^^. = rfiS^, q. V. 

:3^^ (lb. of cS^si) n. A demon, evil 
spirit, phantom. -i^^d,. The gri- 
maces of one who is possessed. -^o&. 
A glutton. -U^. A demon to strike 
(or possess) a person; also -^Jid. 
-Cj^^j. To exorcise. -^^js^^j. The 
touch of an evil spirit. -2oa. A 
demon to possess a person. 

tS^oSO'd e. n. December (12th month of 
the year). 

!3;5 (tb. of a^) n. A point of the com- 
pass. 2, (tb. of tiS) condition, state. 
3, luck, etc. esjoS cS^cCjo::^. On his 
account. -nDrf, -53oS. A fortunate 
man. -rlcSj. Refuge etc- to be lost. 

iS^ACJ, c3?Aoej (tb. of d^sj^'jw) n. A 
temple. d°rtjOr<. An attendant on 
an idol. 

d?UJ, cSeoUo f. n. A stem. 

d^zi h. a. One and a half. 

:??P©, Cj?r®S, c2?ra b. n. Money due, a 
debt. 2, mercnntile transactions. 
L3;f^353^r3. Lending and borrowing; 
mercantile transaction. cS$f=i:xi?Cj. A 

i3?a?s!Q'djs?j s» rt. Brilliant, splendid. 

^?^ s. a. Divine, celestial, n. A deity, 
god. 2, a king. 3, an honourific 
title; his majesty, his honour. z3?3cJj. 
Your honour; pi. X^^^rif^, d^sStfo. 
The pi. honourific form is used also of 
men; but when used of God the predicate 
is put in singl, -^K)f\t;j. A white 
sort of oleander. -^scrfj^. Any act 
of worship, any religious rite. -"ctJ 
SjJ53j. Cloves. -3333, -SDi>:i'S. A natu- 
ral pond. -rtort. The celestial Gan- 
ges, -nra. A class of nakshatras. 
-Sc^, -J, -S. Divinity; a deity, god. 
-3Sj. a celestial tree. -s^odjpj. A 
temple. -S'siSf^cS, djJj'SDSJlSro. Divine 
worship. -rt:3. God-given; N. of the 
conch-shell of Arjuua; N. of any one. 
-nsodo, -53J35J(,. Lands allotted rent- 
free to pagodas. -ra^rf, -S35C!j. A 
species of pine, Pinus deodora. 
-533^. A servant of god; N.; f. -j^sAj. 
-zijs:^. An angel. -c3Dri3. The 

character in which Sarnskrita is 
usually written. -?3?^. A kind of 
reed. -^J3. Worship of gods. -'^^./^cDJ, 
-eSjj?^. Heaven. -cjoSrf. =i5»J35ejcxij. 
-^jsui'-f. A large kind of citron, 
-53j3?^j3. a divine man; a harmless 
fellow. -Sjsrtr. The sky, ether. 




-oSjii. The lioma sacrifice. -kJj^^. 
The vehicle of a god. -rfqi. The 
car of a deity. -03:a. Indra. -Oii. 
A divine writins^. -53^0- A. rakshasa. 
-^t?. An assembly of gods. -\^. A 
celestial nymph; also don^ortfS. 
-^?i. A temple. :3;d:j3o^. A part 
of the deity; divine, d^^iia. Mount 
Meru. rf?S3^:3oS. A god above 
all other gods. d$S3£j3±). A temple; 
church; heaven. -^. Property endow- 
ed to the service of temples. 
do'S^'O" s. n. Krishna's mother. 
cS?^ci f. ?i. A porch; the threshold; a 
house. -r(. An attendant upon an 
c3?^5s5 s. n. Going, motion. 2, sport, 

play. 3, a die. 4. grief, sorrow. 
oje^'d s. n. A husband's younger brother. 
cSe^w^r s. 71. A heavenly rishi, as 

Narada, Atri, etc. 
:2?^£J, -S' s. n. An attendant on an idol. 
d?330A s. a. N. of an emanation from 
Sadasiva, held as the inventor of 
weaving. 2, a kind of cloth. -cSStfj. 
A class of Saiva weavers. 
de^ 1. s. n. A goddess. 2, Durga. 

3, a queen; a princess. 4, the small- 
pox. 5, art honourific termination of 
fern, names. -5Joa;S. A vaccinator. 
t3e<S2. h. a. Giving. Sj^st-. Borrow- 
ing and lending. 
:3e^e:rf) s. n. The chief of the gods: 

(3?^ s. n. A place; a side; a country, 
district. -B^^ej. Place and time. -sJ 
oAj-yoJ, d's^y^. Travelling abroad. 
-".p->^. The language of a country. 
'i)Hi Expelled from a country. 
""'5^^' Expatriation. -S . Resident 
in a country; a class of Brahmanas. 
iSjsaea^rf. The customs and manners 
of a country. :3«S9^S, des^^sSS. 
The ruler of a country. d?sso:Srf- 
Another or foreign country. d^sa 

t?rfj3oi. High opinion of one's 
country, patriotism. dess'^ajsa. A 
person who has this opinion; a 
tSeaDOSO. = d^^^oSj, q. V. 
□eaBooa, Lof'SOSS'iJ s. n. Begging alms 
from country to country; foreign 
countries. 2, alms. 3, imports. 
c?a s. a. Belonging to a country. n. 
The dialect of a country. 2, a 
certain raga. -^. A guide; a teacher; 
a traveller; a stranger. d'S^ol!, 
d»^^. Local; provincial; native. 
i3?;dc02J f. iu The head of a district; 

an hereditary officer. 
6^^ (=dA)) a. k. n. Beauty, comeliness. 

-nau. An artist; f. -^sa~, 
jS^^a. lb. of doS^, q, V. 
t2e^ s. n. The body. -^ri. Death. 
-doSfS. Mortification of the body; 
corporal punishment. -rtjrs, -qjsjr. 
The constitution. -qj?0. A living 
being; an individual. -Sja. Bodilv 
purification. -SsqSfS. Bodily exercise, 
as bathing, etc. d»:o3c3. Death. 
o^ca s. a. Having a body, corporeal, 
embodied, n. A living man. 2, the 
di^^O s. n. A demon, asura, rakshasa; 
also d^i^oij. -t^oA), -sSjO, d^s^.o. 
Vishnu. -rtjdo. Sukra. 
^1<^Q iff'- ^^ri) s. n. Feebleness; depre- 
ssion, humbleness. -*jSj. To be low 
spirited; to be humble. -3,^. Miser- 
able subsistence; humble behaviour. 
c3/^ (fr. d^si) s. a. Divine, n. A deity, 
god; also d^a;^. 2, destiny; fortune, 
fate. 3, property, wealth. 4, a 
demon or devil, -tf. Divine. -Ja . An 
astrologer. -iJd. Fatalistic. -n3, 
-oS-'S^ri. Fortune, chance. -ssO. A 
fortunate person. d^;3t;^°=i. Depend- 
ing on deity, subject to fate; death. 
d(^5^ s. a, Divine, providential. 
c5^ eels' s. a. Corporal. 




^js:^*. The elder of the 

la -ii- 

dja:^ ra. The eldest of 
cSjs:^ cio. A thing 

z3j37^ k. ?^ <. To dig or excavate with 

the nails, etc. 
^SjiZi k. a- Large, big, stout, thick, 
great; extensive; important; chief; 
loud; old; as: -ss^O, -*«JJ,, -^JSrto, 
-'Sz^^, -35j) , -33'?,, -ii(i, -:3j3E=i , -rS^ 
■6, -c3505j, -fSJsra, -t3?a, -2^^, -SjcS, 
-rfjd, -SJ3:Sj, -BoJ3^j, e<c. A large, 
big, etc. 
elder sisters. 

the elder brothers. ^ 

which is large, -^od. Father's elder 
brother; great aunt's husband. -33 
cQj. Mother's elder sister; great 
uncle's wife. iSjSJ^ 5j .= -3or3. -f^cS. 
A fast walk. -^^- Long sleep; 
death. -ojOnS^j^. A generous mind; 
generosity. -^otizit^^. The tree 
turmeric. -Sjjsrtr. A high road. 
-cfcgrto^. The royal Gool-mohr, Poin- 
ciana regia. T^Jizi S. A great, noble, 
old, rich, tall, etc., man; f. -»3«?o. 
:Sjs:Sj3^t;o. A well-to-do inhabitant. 
-c^c^, -2( , -^fi, -^'^. Exalted position, 
greatness, dignity. rSjsa So. That is 
large, etc. 

t3.ffi5 k. »;.. A cow-pen, fold, stable; a 
stockade for impaling wild elephants; 
a settler's first house. 

i3jst§ k. n. The bat used at tip-cat. 

i3jara k. '"• A cudgel, club, mace. 


djstj a. k. »i. A mass; a crowd, mob; 
tumult. 2, indistinct speech. 

j3j3C:5 k. 71. A bundle of sticks, grass, 

etc, used as a torch; diminutive 


^3J^^3^ k. n. A leaf-cup. 

jSjsEOO, (=cij3W0, g. u.) k. V. t. To shove, 
push, thrust, throw. 

z3j3020 (=:IJ3oio, q. r.) f. n. A caste of 
tumblers, mountebank. -rira. A 

tumbler's pole. Jo^owosiJ. Tumbling. 

t3.BO£3 k. n. A crowd, mob; riotous mob, 
afiFray, quarrel. -Jarts?. A street 
quarrel. -sra^iO. One of a company 

of stage players. -"^""s;' -^ confused 

testimony, -nad. A rioter. 

wj3'd'a-;rfj k. V. t. To cause to obtain, etc. 

^Sjs'dS'o ( — t3-ra3) k. V. i. To be obtained, 

gained or found; to accrue. P. p. :3j3 

d*. l/sed impersonally with the dative 

case, as: oidjrl rSjsrf^j^tS. We get. 

tSjaQ, cSj?"!? 1. = :3j2d=5^o, q(. i'. P. ps. wjs 

03o, c3j3dcij, zSjsdcSo. 
djsT32. a. k. »(. Resemblance; likeness, 
equality; propriety. 2, gain, advant- 
age, use. 
r2;3-6 3. (<&. of qSjodoF) ?i, A chief; a 
king; a master; a man of the ruling 
class; a gentleman, -^fi. Kingship, 
government, rule. -^>! s3J5:aO. To 
rule. -?33?i, A lady. 
cj;3?^ k. n. A pole with a hook for 

plucking fruit, etc. 
Bjs?rf (=clJ3?rfi. «&. of :S^?f?)) n. A 

cSjs?®^, :Sj3e^ f. n. A Hindu-male's 
garment worn around the waist or 
over the shoulder. -enoMj^^js^J,. To 
wear such a garment. -MJiZiJ=§Ji^J^. 
To put on a garment. 
if!j3?£3 f. n. A washerman. 
uiJi^'&O k. n. A musquito; a gnat. 
;5j5?t:Ji, ;5js?i3 1. a. k. w. Full-grown or 
mature state. -n^cOj. A full-grown 
i5j5?-d2, c2j3?-!5 2. h. n. Thread. 2, a 

kind of bracelet. 
ujseSJ s. n. Swinging, rocking. 2, a 

t3;3?e3 ( = :s-ra?£>), i^x^d s. ?j. A swing; a 
litter, palanquin. c3jt)?e3J5e^5i. The 
ceremony of swinging an idol. 
Cjjse^ s. n. Fault, vine, defect; a 
blemish; blame, reproach; badness, 
sin; morbid affection, disease; spots 
on the tongue foreboding death. 
-sfC^j. To blame. -^:io. To put fault 
or blame upon. -^iSo . To lay or 
bring reproach upon; to find fault 




Fault-findinff, censorious. -^. A 
discerning wise man; a physician, 
-^oii. Vitiation of the three humours 
as wind, bile, and phlegm. -Sdra. 
Removing blemish. djs^ss^d. The 
moon; faulty. dji^S^djs^Scs. Accu- 

iSiEeiA s. a. Faulty, guilty, sinful, -^o. 
Morbid affection to arise, as in fever. 

(3.1;?^ s. n. Darkness, night. 2, the 

(3j35^ k. n. A flat, spongy cake of rice- 
flour, uddu, etc. 

Sjs^A) h. M. Friendship. -iTsrf. A friend. 

(3j3?Sorf, i3js?^^ s. 71. A longing of a 
pregnant woman; any morbid desire- 

tSpf^o (= dJS^sjJ. tb. of :^J3?i)) 11. A 

o'SB (=:rfS^, q. V.) f. ?t. An inkstand. 
ifd.^Q (/■;•. :ij3;S) s. n. The function of 

a messenger. 
c°3~ee^ o (/■»•. cijoss, ) s. m. Evil-miud- 

edness, wickedness. 
zf?>ZdF&n s. n. Weakness, infirmity. 
c'SapoFAn (/"»•. cij".p3r,^,) s. n. Ill-luck, 

c'lieJ^J h. n. Wealth, affluence. 

c'?^ n (/■»•. cSj^,) s. ?i. Depravity, wick- 
ed '^ 

cT^So:^ (/■/■. cij^:^ ) s. n. A daughter's 

OT^n'rf. ib. o/" ^;Sj, q. V. 
tdOn s. n. A day. 2, the sky. -c^a. 

The celestial Ganges, -iiooic. Dawn, 


rfOo§, ri~o§s. >i. Brightness, brilliancy, 
1) "J 

lustre, light. 

rfj?q^ ( = fciJ32aJ, e/c.) s. n. Gambling. 

-=ff3C5. A gambler. 

s. n. Shine, light, splendour. 

oi. Shining, enlightening; seeing. 

t3j3.;S?;o. To shine; to appear. 


u) o3oo e.n, A dram; a dose of liquor. 

rfjrf s. ?i. Dripping, flowing; liquid; 
fluidity. 2, moisture; essence, juice. 
3, melting from pity or tenderness. 

z:jjS:)'d s. M. N. of a people and district 
on the east coast of the Dekhan: 
Tamil. -q;?^. A family of langu- 
ages in South-India, as.- Tamil, 
Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and 

njj<3?j0 s. V. i- To become liquid. v. t. 
To melt, as the mind. 

rfj^n s. n. Substance, property, wealth, 
money. 2, a substance, thing. 3, 
the receptacle of properties, etc, ele- 
mentary substance. -53o3, -^. A 
wealthy man. ^;j?,cio^jaej. Help of 
money towards any business. ^°^i: 
^. Covetousness. C3s,^n, s. n. The vine. 2, a 
grape, grapes. -i^S rf. A vine-pandal. 
-sT3^. An accomplished style of 
diction in poetry. -W^. The grape 
vine. -xi'T-.. Grape juice. -^io'soij. 
Wine, -ojrjj . A rine grape. 

nSid {tb. of iZ^S) 91. A blockhead. 

2, wretchedness, feebleness. 3, trash, 
rubbish. 4, a wretched and poor 

cjijrf s. n. Liquefaction, distilling. -"3*. 

A drug prepared by distillation. 
aSj^T^ (fr. ^iSS) s. a. Belonging to 

■ddy^ s. a. Run, flown. 2, melted, liquid. 

3, quick, swift. 

rfOj3jrf s. n. King of the Pancalas and 
father of Draupadi. 

;5jSj?P9 s. n. A trough, bucket, cuji. 2, 
a measure of capacity, equal to 4 
adhakas. 3, Dronacarya, the teacher 
of the Kurus and Pandavas, 

d.£j?r5 (=clraoc5, q.v.) s.n. A boat. 2, 
a valley. 

dja.e^c s.n. Injury, mischief, treachery, 
treason; rebellion, wrong. wo-^^is. 




Spiteful, treacherous; a traitor, betra- 
yer; as: notfj-, h3-, aijs^-, O03^-, 
?3» dij-, etc. 

d^ 3ia (/■/•• cSj sizi) s.n. N. of the daugh- 
ter of Drupada and ■wife of the five 
Pandu princes. 

C'QcciQ s.n. A pair, couple. 2, any 
pair of opposites, as right and wrong, 
heat and cold, etc. 3, strife, contest. 
4, doubt, uncertainty. 5, a form of 
compound (^.). -odjjz^. A duel, single 

CQ cx5o s. a. Twofold, both, double. n. 
A pair. 

c^Qrfs' s. a. Twelve. -, the twelfth. 
Cj?id3. The twelfth day of a lunar 

□r^r;:?, as^3jS"d s. n. The third of 
the four yugas of the world. 2, 
doubt. 3, war. 

G^^TJ s. n. A door, gate. 2, a way, 
means, medium. Jo3 cs. By means 
of, throuffh. -s3ii,. The threshold; 
the panel of a door. -5;^ej, -SJSSJ^, 
A door-keeper. -looqS. A door-frame. 

CD^TJ^S^'rf, odQu#, ud^tz^tSB S. m. 
Dvaraka, the capital of Krishna. 

&Q s. a. Two. -=5^s3jr. Two accusatives. 
-riJ. A grammatical compound, -rtora. 
Two-fold, double. -riofS^jj. To multi- 
ply by two. -!a. Twice-born; a man 
of the first three classes: a 
Brahmana, Kshatriya, or Vaisya; 
a bird; a snake; a star; a house. 

-tp^c'i. = c^j'jjdA), q. i\ Cpds.: -^J3^, 
-SjOJJD, etc. 

aQSeorfo s. a. Second. -^sssaS. A 

second marriage. -■^"4^*^. The accus- 
ative. a^.S?a3j. The 2nd of the lunar 

D^^^ s. n. Doubleness. 2, a pair, couple. 
3, reduplication of a consonant. 

aQcjT) s. ad. In a two-fold manner. -rsS. 

a^^ s. n. An elephant (lit. drinking 

a'vSrfS s. n. A biped, a. Two-footed. 

DQ ZjQ s. 71. A kind of metre. 

a^ud s. 71. An elephant. 

C^vTio-S^ s. ?i. Repetition, tautology. 

QQ?jQ2psd s. a. Having a double nature. 

aQeSj s. n. An island; a sandbank. £1 ? 
^Do^d. A foreign island. S^°>j. A 
tiger, leopard. 

cSQ^si s. 71. Hate, hatred, enmity; dis- 
like. ^°"^- -^ hater, foe, enemy. 
:|^?«i?;j. To hate, dislike. 

ui^ l^ s. 71. Duality, dualism. 2, du- 
alism in philosophy, as of spirit and 
matter, etc. 

w^ <* 9 s. n. Duplicity. 2, disunion; dis- 
pute; doubt. Co );p°"lP7)S. Duplicity, 
fraud, doubt. 

CjQ^Sj^cdJ^ s. 71. The island-born 

C33Q ncou' s. a. Returning every second 
day, as fever. 


Z^. The thirty-seventh letter of the 
alphabet. In Kannada it occurs only 
in a fetv desiya and tadbhava 7vords. 

E;i^s"d s. n. The letter qS. 

z^7\ f. n. Fire, blaze. -qSrI. Blazing, 
flaming; being very brilliant, glitter- 

ing much. -LjSrSfS. j-p^J. With a fierce 

glow, etc. -q3f»?iJ. To burn fiercely. 
d^js ^ (=cS3J3 S) s. n. The wliite thorn- 

apple. Datura alba. 
z^jj s. n. Property, wealth, riches, 

money. 2, wealth in cattle. -'^ olj. 
2 9* 




Loss of property. qSjSoKOdj. Con- 
quering wealth; fire; Arjuna. -33jit). 
A guardian of treasure: Kubera. -^oej. 
Power of wealth. -wjci. Pride of 
wealth, -^^t" I^iches. -^Ss^^i. Covet- 
ousness, avarice. -53o3. A rich man. 
-4o»oJ- Poor. i^S?!^^'. Wealthy. 

qifSDsJD s. 11. N. of a tune. 

qi^, .'5' s. n. A rich man; an owner, 

yoisj s.n. The twenty-third lunar man- 

i^^o, z^^oB (= c^SroJ^) s.n. A bow. 2, 
the sign Sagittarius. ^jS^jqssrO. 

Bearing a bow : an archer. zjSn-^ 
'J35rf3. A bow and arrow. cpc^vJjsr^J. 
The solar 9th month. z^^i^s^r^, 
:pv0^3~cxJjj. Tetanus, a disease which 
bends the body like a bow. qSnSo^r 
So.. Archery. z;Sc^Js3~?d. The science 
of archery; N. of a treatise on 

tj^^OoJ ( = 4S?io, q.v.) s. n. A bow. 
2, the sign Sagittarius, 2, an arc. 

r^^o s. a. Opulent, rich. 2, fortunate 
happy, blest; lucky. -J. Opulence; 
good fortune. qjN». A fortunate 

woman; Emblic niyrobalan. 

cj^N^Q h. 11. A rice-field; also z^^?i^&. 

qirfQo^D s. 11. The sun. 2, K. of a 
celebrated physician. 

^»5oji, Z^zio^ s. ?(. A reed, pipe. tube. 

'dSJ:>,<V s. «. A braided and ornamented 

C i-rt 

hair of a woman. 

Z^xi s. ?i. Holding, bearing, wearing; 
having; sustaining. 2, a mountain. 
-C3. Bearing, holding; a support; a 
weight for gold. 

X^'dri S.n. The earth; the ground, -^i, 
-233^. A tree. -^o. Earth's sur- 
face. -S), -dS, -sTsti^, -ad, -St) ^, 

-^i, -?^'^. A kinc 

-?qSd, -?^. The 

serpent sesha; a mountain. 
t;i::r^z;, qirs^^B, y"?^?^ s. »!. A king. 
4i&Bj (=qScl:^, fj. r.) s. H. The earth. 

Z^^Tj^ s. f. ^ To hold, bear, carry; to 
contain; to put on one's self, as 
clothes, etc.; to obtain, get. esaSssd-. 
To become incarnate. rtljir-. To 
become pregnant. 

zf^i^f s. 11. Ordinance, law; duty; right, 
justice; charity; liberality; a pious 
act. 2, usage, custom. 3, virtue, 
merit, good works; religion, piety. 
4, almsgiving; alms; gift. 5, harm- 
lessness. 6, sacrifice. 7, nature. 
8, the god of justice: Tama. -?=^~. 
The manager of a temple, almshouse, 
etc. -'^-'SCoJ, -53jt)3J. To give alms. 
-;i3?:l). To ask for alms. -?=)cd)r. Any 
pious act. -{3°?- -^ code of religious 
laws. -35^r(. Apostacy. -aei^h. An 
apostate. -d^sJ. -cS^tS. Virtue perso- 
nified as a woman. -?)o3 . Devotion to 
religion or charitv. -SjS,. A lawful 
wife. -loja . Virtuousness, charitable 
disposition. -3j5rt~. The path of 
virtue. -w, -^'^, -D'JiJ, -ODOi). 
Yudhishthira, Tama. -Sjo3. A virtu- 
ous or pious man. -S353. A building 
for travellers ; a poor-asylum ; a 
school at which children are taught 
gratis. -3^^. A code of law; juris- 
prudence. -S°ej. Virtuous, pious. 
-?j^. An alms-house. -^^- ^- of 
a place of pilgrimage in S. Canara. 
tjSSJsr^. A just and pious man. 
r;3jjJ3~^Wt)0. A judge; the almoner 
of a prince. i^SvSJsrjA^. An admini- 
strator of laws, king. qSdJS'qiF". in 
charity; as a gift, gratis (esp. as 

ySOF s. a. Virtuous, religious, just. 

-si. Most pious, very virtuous, etc. 
Z^riti^ -^ s. a. White, dazzling. 2, 

beautiful. n. A kind of camphor. 

z^^^. A white cow. 
qjsij s. n. Assault. 
55^. ih. of v-^N5 Q' >'■ 
ip33J s. n. Natural condition. 2, an 

element, primary substance, primi- 




tive matter, as earth, water, fire, air 
and ether or akasa. 3, an essential 
ingredient of the body, as blood, 
marrow, etc. 4, the organs of sense. 
5, a mineral; a metal; an ore. 6, a 
grammatical root. 7, origin. 8, 
strength. 9, the pulse. 10, the 
tenth year of the cycle of sixty. 
-^Jodj, -rtJorfj. Strength to decrease. 
-(3js5::^j. To feel the pulse, -r^s^,, -o3^ 
Sfd. Loss of strength. -sjsieJ. A list 
of verbal themes. -^«j,. Nutrition 
or strength of the body, -aj^ra. The 
state of the pulse. -J3^irf. Mineralogy. 
J?j>^\ s. n. A founder, maker, creator. 

2, Brahma. 

nfsBj (=:n3a) s. n. A wet-nurse, foster- 
mother. 2, the earth. 3, Emblic 

qsB^n s. n. Corn, grain; rice. -J??S. 
Property in grain. ri^-. Nine kinds 
of corn grown in India. 

4j3^J s. h. A house, home, 2, the body. 

3, radiance, light. 4, dignity. 

tfDXi {— narf) s. n. Holding. 2, a holder. 
3, streaming down; flowing; a vio- 
lent shower, gush. 4, a wave. 5, a 
hole. 6, a thread, -"a. A receptacle, 
box; a post. -K>. The act of hold- 
ing, bearing, undergoing, preserving, 
protecting, assuming, etc.; keeping 
the mind collected, holding the 
breath suspended. 

!?3tJra (^qs'srfra, q.v.) f. n. Rate, 
price. 35?fe3-. Market price. 

paDSAxCo?;^ s. n. A present received 
from the donor by pouring water 
over it; also qjsosrf^^. 

^>DX^^ s. n. Profusion; freedom from 
reserve; liberality, generosity. z^t 
o^^. A liberal person, -vi 53j33o, -d 
?l)a. Eloquence. 

t?J)& s. aff. A person who holds, wears, 

V'!>'^oti {lb. of q:=)Orf) n. The earth. 

^T)'8 (= qj'srf) s. n. The dropping of any 
liquid; a stream of water; a shower. 
2, the pace of a horse. 3, the sharp 
edge of a sword or any cutting 

J?sSjr^ (fr. qSSoF") s. a. Righteous, vir- 
tuous, religious, -^oi- Righteousness. 

t?ssi Or" {fr. ?^'^-J) s. n. Impudence, 

tps^";^ s. a. Washing, cleansing. 2, 

^Ti'^ s. 11. Rubbing off; cleansing. 2, 
running, flowing. 3, attack, assault. 

tpssc^^J h. n. Boldness, courage, impu- 
dence. 2, dread, awe. 

qj^ s. int. Fie! shame! -^0:^0. To 
reproach, censure; to treat scorn- 
fully. -5e)ti. Reproach, censure; 

a^ n s. a. Intelligent. n. a thought- 
rot) " ^ 
ful man. 2, Brahma. 3, a star. 

^1? s, 11. Thought; understanding, in- 
tellect. -SOS* {tb, ^^^0^, tp^rfoog). 
Intelligent, wise; an intelligent man. 

^^TJ s, a. Firm, resolute, brave, daring. 
2, intelligent, prudent; sensible. -^53, 
-i, -3f. Firmness, energy, courage, 

^e^'d s. n. A very intelligent man. 2, 
a fisherman. 

pes' s. 11. A very intelligent man. 

VOS) s. a. Sounding, roaring. n. A 

i^O'rf. = riotf, q.v. 

t^dTioi^'d s. a. Bearing the yoke; laden 
with good qualities. ii. A foreman, 
leader, chief. 2, a man of business. 

i^oodor (=^J53, q.v.) s. a. Able to bear 
a yoke. n. A beast of burden. 2, a 
leader, chief. 

z^jsTj (^tiJi^) g. n. Incense, frankin- 
cense, perfume. -a^Sc^^d^cSo. The 
three essential constituents of idol- 
worship: the burning of incense, the 




waving of lamps, and the offering of 
boiled rice, etc. z^Ji^ii'^^, ;?J3s;s^^. 
A censer. -cS »3jd. The white dam- 
mer tree, Valeria indica. -b'j^^jj, 
-J^^do, -ai^J,, -ajt)*o. To ofiFer in- 
cense. :jSj3i?j=iJ. To incense; to per- 

i^ijsrfo s. n. Smoke, vapour. -t??3j. A 
meteor; a comet. -S'Sfi. Smoking to- 
bacco. -eJ. Smoky. -^uW. A railway 

^jstSoj s. n. Smoke-coloured, grey, 
dark-red; dark, obscure. -S:^,. 

Tobacco. -5:?cS. = tt^JSSJjjj^^S, q. v. 

qijsSir&o s. n. Siva. 

yje)^?" s. rt. Cunning, crafty, subtle, n. 
A rogue, cheat. 2, a passionate 
man; f. X^Ji'^~. -S . Passion, wrath. 

rf\^OS^„ s.?i. Dhritarashtra. the eldest 
blind-born son of Vyasa and the 
father of Duryodhana. 2, a blind 
man. 3, a kind of bird. 

^jyB s. n. Firmness, steadfastness, ener- 
gy, courage. 2, pleasure. -?i^j. 
Courage to lose. 

i^^jar^O^S e. n. Thermometer, an in- 
strument for measuring temperature. 

^ec^o s. n, A milch cow. 

Z^^odjr {fr. 9?c3) s. n. Firmness; steadi- 
ness, constancy. 2, fortitude, cour- 
age, -^s^orlj , -^jorfo. Courage, eic., 
to sink. -^t^J, -r":^j. Courage to lose. 
-?1j3S<a, -sii'-}^, -S3j, -SJSCaO. To be 
encouraged, to take courage. -?iJ3S? 
0)0, -Sa^J. To encourage. -:5So. 
To lose courage. -ni?rf, -do:S, -S'sO, 
-^. A courageous man. 

^jsf'rff^ s. 11. A vehicle in general. 2, 
aim, bent, tendency; manner, style, 
course. i^JS^drS. A good style of 
composition; disregard, inattention, 
-rratf. An inattentive man. 

^4 s. a. Washed, cleansed; bright, 
pure. -^^- Washed cloth. 

^<)o?i s. n. Meditation, thought, reflec- 
tion; heed. 2, an abstract religious 
contemplation. -^^ w5j. To come 
to the mind. -rSiSv^ii '3:«j. To con- 
sider, mind. -5jd. Absorbed in medi- 
tation. -o3^^r!. Profound meditation; 
meditation and abstraction. q3?(,^)=:o. 
To think of, contemplate, meditate, 
reflect upon; to counsel with one's 

^Ji^ s. a. Firm, immovable, fixed; 
constant, eternal, n. The polar star; 
the north pole. 2, the introductory 
stanza of a poem. 3, N. of a king, 
the son of enja-g sdsracS. -nj?; ^^. The 
polar star. -e3j35^. The region of 
the polar star. -»S\^. A polar circle, 
arctic and antarctic, -^v. An extre- 
mity of the earth's axis. 

vQc?rf s. n. Destruction; loss. 

rfQa; s. n. A banner, flag, ensign. -'^ o 
"^. A flag-staff. 

rf^^a s, J*. A standard-bearer; an 

ijiQ^l s. n. Sound, echo, noise, tone; a 
voice; a word. 2, allusion, hint. 
-?i)Odoj,, -r^JSSj, -SJ33^J. To sound, 
roar, etc. ^^-- -A.n echo. 

toQo^ s. n. A crow, crane. 

!7DQ?3 s. n. Sound, noise; humming. 





q3*. The thirty-eighth letter of the 

^"^€1 h. 71. Ridicule, joking, jestiug, 

satire; mimicry. Cpds.: -SjsSo, -^^53. 

-n^itJ, -odosS. A bufloon, mimic. 
^^e;j h. n. A copy, transcript. -^(i, 

-53Je):^j. To copy. 
jj^sj (=^^^A), ^^) h. 11. Ornamental 

representation; engraving; embroi- 
dery. 2, a picture; a map, plan. 
^^sd s. n. The letter f^. 2, denying, 

denial. n^^iO^J- To deny, decline. 
?i5S& f. a. Inferior, bad, useless. 
^"StirJ. =^ ^"^^1 q- V. -^(i, -sijscSj. To 

carve, engrave, etc. 
^5^0© s. n. The mungoose, Vivei-ra 

ichneumon- 2, the fourth of the 

Pandu princes. 
7:'-S- f. n. A ring of wire worn on 

fingers while playing upon a stringed 

fjS'o, k. V. t. To lick; also fS^a'A. 2. -p. p. 

o/" ci'^-^. 
Jo5^ s. )i. Night. 2, fasting on certain 

nights. -o"^rf. A thief; an owl; a 

cat ; a goblin, 
^tf 1 s. n. A crocodile, alligator. -'^j'<a. 

Krishna's son Pradyumua. 

^^ (=?j^A), eic.) h. ?i. A 


^3^> ;g| s. n. A star. 2, a constellation 
lunar mansion. -t\^. The motion of 
the lunar mansions. -Etira. A sky- 
rocket. -53jo^5j, -e3j35^. The firma- 
ment, '^fi-. The star on which a 
man is born, natal star. 

^% = ^t' 3- I'- 

fJSO, fiSOd s. 11. A nail of a finger or 

of a toe; a claw, talon. 
JJA !• s. )i. An ornament; an article; a 

piece. 2, a load of articles. 3, a 


^7\2. s. n. A mountain. 2, a tree. 

-ts^J, -w. Parvatt. 
jjAti h. 91. Ready money, a. Fiscal, 

financial, -rtjdjs:^. A cashier. 
?i7\rfo h. n. Ready money or cash. 
^Ad s. 11. A town, city. -^j^Aj. A 

citizen. -^JS^qj's'. A town-watchman. 

-^JS^qSc^. Inspection of a town. 
^ACTJ, jdASS b. n. A large kettle-drum. 

-a:3f3. A place where the instruments 

of a band are kept; a band-stand. 
wAO k. *'. i. To laugh, smile; to laugh 

at, deride; to open (P. p. o^tf^). n. 

A laugh, smile; laughter; derision. 

-iSjart. A smiling face. 
^}^ (= c^no n.) k. n. A laugh, etc.; 

blooming, etc. -siCaJ, ^nD:io. To 

laugh. -r1?::SJ. A laughing-stock. 

-sjj3;^j. A joke, -rfjoio, -djs^d, = 5^r(J 

sSjsrt, g. «. -n^rf. A joker, ridiculer. 

A ""^ 

?iAJ k. V. i. To become bruised, as a 
metal vessel. n. A bruise in a metal 

vessel. -i5?^o. To get bruised. rO^^ 
ooJS^rto. To go stooping. 
^7\^ s. a. Naked, bare. n. Siva; naked- 

-(£,^0 1. ( = c323j , 0. t\) k. r. <. To confide 
go- lo 

trust, put confidence in, believe. 2 

to desire, love. n. Confidence, trust 

faith, belief. 2, desire, love- c^tj3=# 

cSzi !i (=j3i3^, -f5(i). Confiding, trust 


fieij 2. k. n. Doubt. -^J^^J. An un- 
reliable word. 

^ad-CsrS, -€ h. 11. A forced tax levied 
on all the people, an unjust fine. 

J^j&'rfj h. n. Favourable look, sight; 
a present to a superior, -^scs^. = 
tuJsDDf^, q. V. -looa. Temporary con- 

ci&iSfJ^O f. n. Js'azaret, natis-e place of 

Jesus Christ in Palestine. 
^&;oao k. V. i. To squash; crushj bruise 

as dry ginger, pepper, etc. 
ci3io k. n. A crushed state. -rjjjsj. 

A completely crushed mass. 
Sc&fol. k. V. (. To take a little, eat a 

little of any thing as a relish. 
J00K02. k. n. Poison; impurity of the 

blood; paralysis of the brain. -rtJ3 

ds*, oiotaooS, oSotJJod?^ d, oiots. 

Siva. -:3j5§f\. A dealer in antidotes. 

-SJS^n. Paralysis of the brain. 
cdM s. ?i. An actor, dancer, mime. 

2, the tree Colosanthes indica. -jS. 

A pantomime; a dance; hypocrisy. 

?ii3. An actress; an actor. pJMOlD 

7io, fiiiijo. To dance, act. 
^k^^ k. n. The cracking of the finger 

or other joints. 

k. a. Middle, central. 





CatS. The middle of a forest, -oi^o, 
-pj:^j53. The very middle, ci^,'i^°■fo. 
Midnight. 53^jUJ^. The backbcne. 
fiU^A, ojWO.T^'d, J^Wj,^ s. n. An 
actor. 2, a dancing-master; f. oJLb^ 

jiUo k. n. Grass, its wide spreading 

Joo 1. (= N^J^J, ?Scirf^) P. p. of ri^, in 

(i:i^JiK'j^. 2, (=^f.) walking etc. 

crftJ 2. = ?JSo, q. v. Cpds.: -^yj,. = S^o 

-jpsrt, -D3i„ -3533, etc. -?S;So53. The 
very midst. 
^Tis, fi'd'S k. ?i. Trembling. 

JjT^^ k. H. Walk, course, conduct, be- 
haviour, -ijo^. A man of proper 
conduct; f. -5So;i. 

^"d^Z-,"^, ^zi^^, ^'d-^^'^, f:z3Drf'?, 

^Ti'^V^ k. n. Conduct, behaviour; 
custom, usage. 2, proceedings. 
jicii^. = c^3j 1, q. V. c^SCo^rf. Interval, 
intervening time, middle space. 

^"d^ k. n. The house-floor opposite the 

jsa ( = S:^, Q. r.) k. r. i. To walk, etc 
-rt. Pace, walk. -Kj. To cause to 
walk, proceed, go; to carry on; to 
manage; to treat; to carry out, ful- 
fil, as a promise; also SSoSj^. 

fiT^ol. (=fSSJ2) k. n. The middle, cen- 
tre; the waist; the flank of a horse, 
etc.; also -sj. "*^^^- ^ waist-band.- 
girdle. ■'^^- -^n island. Cpds.: 

-r!j:S, -353, -SJ310J, -oJ3l3„ -cSii,, 
ta' ' 'to' eo' 

-cSdSj, -il^a, "^^^' -^^'■f'^i -^o^j 

-DDti,, -D-s^, -Bo?-it)j, -esdodo, e^c. 

-oSSjsJ. The very midst, -d. Between. 

-53oarf. = ?j:S53o3i3. 
f:c^O 2. (= f3:«o, q. v.) k. i'. <. To plant, 

fix firmly, etc. 
^c^O^ k. n. Trembling, shivering; tre- 
mor; fear. 
?;'t^jao ( = oiSrtj) k. r. i. To tremble, 

shake, shiver, quake. 
?jZ§ ( = o3S) k. r. i. To walk; to march; 

to go on, proceed; to goj to be 

current; to continue; to come to pass: 

to behave, conduct one's self; to 

succeed; to be obedient to. (P. ps. 

rizizio, riddo.) -:3^^j. To walk about. 

ti. "Walking; going; walk; course; gait; 

march; going; conduct, behaviour; 

also oiS^. 2, cattle. -rta^J. To 

cause to stop. -ridA. At every step. 

-crfja. Conduct and speech. -»3j3. 

A clean cloth to walk over. -^JtiZi. 

A self-moving chariot of the gods. 
crfcU (=:nojJ, q. V.) k. n. A relative, 

etc. -3?j, -'^^. Relationship; also 

fjofejj (= tSoyj, q. v.). 
^:^0 1. (^fS^J^ k. v. i. To stutter, 

stammer, i^^ Sjj^sSo. To stammer. 
^^3 2. (= rSjjalj.) f. «. A nose-jewel. 
JogQ s. /*. Doubt, suspicion, uncertainty. 




jja s. n. A river {personified as male); 
f. fia. 2, sounding. ?5a. A river. 
-^;:ii2o. The current or flow of a 

^^. = ^Dcio. Gen. ^^, ri^, f^c^*- Dat. 

loc. ci?i€), ^^^, ci^l^- 

?j^ 1. a. k. r. i. To become wet, moist. 
-Sjj, rjfi^J. To moisten. 

cjf3 2. a. k. Ji. A flower-bud, opening- 
bud. V. i. To bud. -iijsoloj. A 
brancli with buds. -sSjari. A bud 
and blossom. 

?jorf s. n. Happiness, joy. 2, N. of a 
cowherd who was the foster-father 
of Krishna. -^. Gladdening; the 
sword of Krishna. 

^od^ s. n. Gladdening. 2, a son. 3, 
a garden, grove; also -sSoj. 4, twenty- 
sixth year of the cycle of sixty. F^o 
cSc3. A daughter. 

or a^aj^l) k.-s. 71. An ever burning 
lamp; c^o^ocij. 

?Joa s. n. Joy, delight. 2, Siva's bull. 
a. Happy; gladdening. -wyoh:^. 
A shrub with fragrant white flowers, 
Tabernaemonlana coronaria. -^Joy 
So. A Icind of angular diagram. -^^ 
Mo3. Siva. 

fiorfo (=r3-J3oCjJ, q. V.) r. i. To be 
extinguished, to go out, etc. 2, to 
disappear, vanish. fdoa^j. To ex- 
tinguish, quench. 

?jc£ s. n. Delight, felicity, prosperity. 
2, the first, sixth or eleventh day of 
a lunar fortnight. 

fifjj k. pro. Gen. of ^^, ^n^x 

JC^^K k. n. Truth, certainty. 2, love, 
aff'ection. -aj3::lJ. To verify, prove. 

^3^07i^ s. n. A hermaphrodite, a 
eunuch. 2, the neuter gender; also 

ci'£>K k. 11. A bruise in a fruit or tree. 

jJ^IJ h. n. A mean wretch. 

^^Yi..n. Profit, gain. -wa. (24 per 

cent.) interest. 
jJeS? h. n. A prophet: the prophet 

Mahomed. ^t^,-. Jesus Christ. 

Jj^, j3^cJ s- "• '^^^^ ^'^y' atmosphere. 
-?iori^o. A bird. f^i^-ra^tsoi. A god. 
cie^JS?53Jo:^aj. The firmament, sky. 

N^* k. pro. We. Gt'?i. fSsio*, f^sSj, ^^o^ 
Dat. (Assort, ^cc c^sSj oio, ^^:)^^. 
Abl. fdcDJ, oci. Loc. Fi53j, 0. N55a©. 

?idOw s. n. Bowing, obeisance. 

^^J£)J k. V. t. To chew, masticate, to 
chew the cud. n. Chewing the cud. 
-ScD^j. To chew the cud. 

ji^ofo s. 11. Bowing; a bow, salutation, 
obeisance. -^0?ij. To bow, make 
obeisance, adore. -=&atf. Obeisance, 
reverence, adoration. 

jidj»)3J0 h. 11, Worshipj divine service. 

^,SO?jO s. v. t. To bow; to worship, 

jjj^OjsrfJ h. a. Declared, shown, men- 
tioned, recorded. -sJjsc^j, cSsSOwQa^J. 
To record, mention, show. 

Jjdo„^^ li. n. A specimen, sample; a 
model; a copy. 

^^J k. v.i. To grow lean or thin; to 
wear away; to become less; to be 

jioeO'rf e. n. Number; a ease, lawsuit. 
-cS ^IJJ,. The proceedings of a law- 
suit. siJJSeJ-. An original suit. 

fio83^, t'02^-R, ^QZdo-R k. n. Confi- 
dence, trust, fidelity, faith, belief; 
faithfulness. ?io:Sri^. A faithful 
man. (ioT^ri^'^. Faithfulness, trust- 
worthiness. -eAJ^A)=^J3^>\, -5ticij€j3 


s*J>. To remain faithful. 
^oZ:):) k. I', t. To confide, trust, put 
confidence in, believe; to suppose. 

-^S"^. = ?ioi^=#. fjo^^-^-^- To cause to 
confide; to coax, persuade. 

?jO2007^. = rio^^, q. V. 

N^o, k. pro. (pi. of ^M) Our, ours. 

6 '*• 





^do,^ h. n. Salt. -=^-^=,3. A salt factory 

cioiOj s. a. Bent, bowed. 2, lowly, sub- 
missive, humble, -o, -^, -"^jssj. Meek- 
ness, humility. 

jiorfo 1. k. w. Softness, fineness; mild- 
ness, gentleness; cheapness. -rrai5. 
Smooth plaster. -fio^, -SJSi^o. A 
gentle word. -^^- Fine cloth. 

^cdj 2. s. a. Guiding, leading. 2, fit, 
right, proper. n. Behaviour, con- 
duct, way of life. 2, prudent conduct; 
reason. 3, polity, policy, political 
economy. 4, plan; principle. 5, 
opinion. 6, right, justice. -rtors. 
A proper quality. -So;3, -3^0. A 
prudent man. 

?iodO?j s. n. Guiding. 2, the leading 
organ: the eye. -%^- -^n eyelid. 
-Jit), -^330, ?iaijj3t)Sx, (ioi^^ji^zi^. 
Tears, -djy^rt. An eye-disease. eAJjj-. 
Investiture with the brahmanical 

'^'d 1. k. n. A sinew, nerve, muscle; a 
vein, artery. -3ojO. = o^rfjsO. 

jitj 2. s. n. A man. 2, Arjuna. -tf C, 
-rtiS,r!. A profane poet. -i3$o3, -cJSJiS, 
-^s, -ss^ej, -533, Fioa?)^. A king. 
-5j?:^. a ghost-like, lean man. -loO 
A human sacrifice. -I^S^'S*. A can- 
nibal. -sSjfdj^n. A human beius. 
-sSjs^'S'. The earth; mortals. -=#?^0, 
-Aiort, -^oS, -odO. Man-lion: Vishnu 
in his fourth avatara. -^^sS. Best 
of men. -^oS^. Manslaughter. ^6^o 
^. The lord of men, a king. 

^TJ"^ s. n. Hell, the Tartarus. 2, a 
mass of filth. B, N. of a demon 
slain by Krishna; also t^d=ff3?dj!3. 
-^JSij. A pit of filth. -l^CajrfrS. A 
festival in the month of asvina to 
commemorate the destruction of Na- 
rakasura. -'Jj"^:^, -cdj3:Sr3, -53$:ii3. 
The pains of hell. rdtf53?)5ji. Tama. 

Jj'i^S'o k. V. t. To bruise, v. i. To groan, 

c^JtiUo k. r, i. To become stunted in 
growth. n. Stunted growth. 2, 
grumbling. -n^d. A discontented 
man, grumbler. 

cJ^SyO k. r. i. To groan, moan. 

ci5 k. 11. A jackal, fox. -'s^jsrij. The 
howl of jackals. -2^0:^0. A perennial 
creeping plant, Lepidagathis cristata. 
-asocS sijt;o^. The plant Hemioniles 
cordifolia; the common grass Selaria 
glauca. -tooS. Cunning. 

NJlio (Cij=e3j) a. k. ?i. Fragrance, scent; 
smell, -rtosj. Fragrance. 

fo'djAO k. ?i. Grey colour.* -r!oio«?. A 
eumbly with white and black stripes. 

^Tijs€i k. n. A wart, mole; also ?irf2oj£). 

ritS k. I'. ». To become grey, as the hair, 
n. Grey hair; hoary age. Cpds.: 

-o^, clc. 

^^r3^ s. M. A dancer; f. ri3~is: 

w^r^ s. H. Dancing. RSa~?ij, To dance. 

fjrfjr s. M. Sport, play, pastime; joke; 
wit. -ni), -d. N. of a river. -=o2j, 
-?ij5rf. An associate of a prince. 

fi^ a. k. n. Goodness, fairness; loveli- 
ness; dearness. Cpds.: -rtjyjs'o, -rtj 

good, dear man; a friend; /". Tiz^^J. 

^Z>1. (—^^^, oiO, oiOrf), oiejjj a. k. « • 
Pleasure, delight. 

^£J 2. s. n. A species of reed. 2, N. of 
a king and husband of Daraayantt. 
-'s'jssSrf. N. of a son of Kubera. 

fjO/NO (=?ieJor!j) k. r. t. To become 
rumpled, os cloth, paper, etc.; to be- 
come flabby by heat; to droop as 
vegetables, etc.; to grow faint or 
feeble from sickness, etc. 

JoO^. = ^t)l, q.v. 

^i} a. 'k.v. i. To rejoice; to be pleased; 
to be fond of. n. (=riw 1) Pleasure; 
also -^. -:o5:^j. To be greatly de- 



cJe5^ S.71. A lotus; a water-lily, -niplr, 

-J3. Brahma. -'j:-io!;Srf, ->3o^, -?dsj. 

The sun. -'^^Q- The moon. c^OS). 

A lotus as f.; a pond abounding in 


jde;0A0. = ci"=^-', q-v. 

?je3, a. k. n. Fondness; goodness; wel- 
fare, prosperity. 

^^SJ {fr. f^c*) a. k. n. Goodness; beauty. 

•_', a good man. Cpds.: -s^sj, -dJJi^J , 

^<V^^:> k. a. Forty ; also c39«j^s!j^. 

fjd 1. s. a. "New, fresh, modern. -"5^. 
Freshness; novelty; = fj^tf. 

joj5 2. s. a. Nine. -5. Consisting of 
nine. -iuoS. Nine fabulous conti- 
nents. -<\^- The nine planets, namely : 
Aditya, Soma, Mafigala, Budha, 
Brihaspati, Sukra, Sani, Rahu, and 
Ketu. -r!j3oC3ac^. Nine-fold gifts to 
the nine planets, -rt^s^o^. Propi- 
tiation of the nine planets. ■'^^' -^ 
fever continuing for nine days, -i^^^- 
The nine outlets of the body. -Jp^oi. 
The nine grains: godive, bhatta, 
uddu, hesavu, kadale, togari, hurali, 
avare and tllu. -Sj. The ninth. 
-»jjt)£^. Arabian jasmine. -<3J. The 
ninth day of the lunar fortnight. 
-dort. The middle hall of a temple. 
-d^. The nine precious gems: vajra, 
valdurya, gomedhika, pushyaraga, 
nila, marakata, manikya, vidruma, 
and mauktika. -rf^. The nine tastes 
or sentiments. -03.S. Nine nights: 
a nine-days' feast of Durga, Indra, or 
Vishnu. -odSi'^. The double rule of 
three: proportion (arith.). -^Z^ ^i-^. 
Nine modes of devotion. 

cJ^oSOTJ s. n. November (11th month of 

the year). 
fidrt k. n. The Italian millet, Panicum 


^^^^^ s. 71. Fresh butter. -"^. Clari- 
fied butter. 

jJsS'dj. = c^^tfJ, q- V. 

ZTi'^j e.n. A novel; a peculiar style of 
writing. 2, novelty. 

^'di7ds7\'d s. n. Sal ammoniac. 

ji^TJO, = F^sjcip, q. V. 

?jrf,%)A k. H. A tormentor, molester. 

?jS3^ h. n. A Nabob. 

?it3S05J h. ?i. Novelty: unusual beauty, 
grandeur. -=ct^cJ. A grandee. -3. 
Newly made: one of a class of 
Konkani speaking Mohammadans. 

jo^DTJ b. n. A broad tttpe. 

?i,3"rfo k. n. Hair. 2, — fis^^J, q- v. 

^SJlij k. n. A peacock, pea-fowl ; also 
c^rf^uj. -riO. A peacock's feathers, 
-tijiio,. A peacock's tuft. 

jia^ji s. a. New, fresh; excellent. 

^^"oiii^^^^) h. n. A servant; also 
?jj3tS^c3. ^3jwO. Service. 

JvdSOi^O b. n. A large kettle-drum. 


^^ido (= ^Sdj) k. H. That which is soft, 
thin, sm-all, as grass, hair, etc. 

^^<SJO k. n. The pea-fowl, Pavo cristatus. 

Jj^ 1. (= fisjj, q. V.) k. r. «. To become 
thin. P. ps. ciScSo, fjSSrfj. 

?j5 2. k. n. Itching; the itch, -odisrtj, 
-oq:^j. To itch; to get itch. 

^'iTio s. V. i. To vanish; to perish. 

ji^?800. = ?iAietoJ, g. |!. 

^s'Q'd s. H. Perishing, vanishing; transi- 

jo^A s. a. Lost; vanished; perished, n. 
Loss; damage; ruin, destruction, -is^ 
3t. The casting of a lost nativity. 
-K?^. A sufferer from loss; a lost 
life. -^\hi- -^ blind man. ■^^^- -^ 
lost thing. -^jSn. Lost riches. firf^?o 
S) txij. Loss of one's organs of sense; 

^?j5 k. n. A good kind of honey. 

^^ 1. (= fi^J, eic.) k. V. i. To wear out, 
wane, wither, decay. 2, to faint. 




3, to become poor. P. ps. ri^tio, 

^,^2. (tb. of (i^^.— ^^, q. c.) Snuff; 

also -^a. 
eS^^^, T^^aO (=ris5o*o) k. n. Dawn, 

twilight. fjAi^sS. Early in the morn- 
ji^JeSOJ h. n. Fortune, lot. 
^rJ^oi^i^o ^- n. Chastisement. 
ji?jj a. k. )i. Minuteness, smallness; a 

little; a trifle. -n^d. Early dawn. 

-rrae?. A litrht wind, breeze. -^J^. 

A plant stinging like nettles; cow- 

hage. -iio^. A tawny colour. -?5r!j. 

To smile. -^A A smile. -iXi^do. 

Grey colour. -ejj£. Modesty. -?^oi^ 

f=3. A little patience. 

F:??Jj?i5 li. n. Slight fever. -locij. To be 

^■^ s. n. The nose. 2, (=si^j2) snuff; 

a/so -^a. Pi^p. Relating to the nose; 

snuff that produces sneezing. 
jjS?. =,ci^, q. V. 
J3'«=?ji^^ a. k. H. Softness, tenderness, 

beauty. ^'-f^^Ti:). To be soft, tender, 

nice, bright. 
^o?7< (tb. of rio*) n. A tube. 
Ti^^. = fiO^, q,v. 
:^'^ k. n. A crab. 


F33 k. pro. I; also joeio. 2, four, -a'^oj. 

Four feet. -nudvja^y. A canter; a 

f333^ s. n. Heaven, the sky, atmosphere; 

the abode of the gods. 
{0353 5, fTOSSlS. — ^520, q. v. 
fjS-§- s. H. A deity, god. -oi'S'rf, A multi- 
tude of gods. 
fro^O k. a. Four. 2, (f.) an ant-hill. 

-sSoa. Four-fold. 
f33^i(?j b. f. 7t. A Non-christian, un- 

fj3£Oo»A b. n. Dissatisfaction, discontent; 


^ro"^^ s. a. Belonging to the stars, 
sidereal. -52J3?i. Sidereal computa- 
tion of time. 

foSA s. It. A snake, esp. the Cobra capella. 
2, a fabulous serpent-demon. 3, 
an elephant. 4, any great man. 5, 
fire; cloud, darkness. 6, water. 7, 
lead. -'^^^- -^ female of serpentine 
extraction. -^oosej. Siva. -^j^ . 
A kind of leprosy. -'^?s;d. The tree 
Mesua ferrea. -dol. A species of sun- 
flower; the Indian jalap. -SjoIS^o. 
A feast on the 5th day of Sravana 
for the worship of serpent-images. 
-S^.S^, Placing a stone-image of 
cobra for worship. -i3^. A snake- 
coloured cane. -s3j£) rt. A tall, shrub- 
by plant, Rhinacantltus communis, 
-SjoOr^, A serpentine bracelet. -^S,- 
A jewel supposed to be found in the 
head of a cobra. -53js;?r. The world 
of the serpent demons. -JjoSii. A 
shelf, peg, hook. -»35ior. N. of a 
Kannada poet. -^s^. Abode of the 
Nagas. -^oiioi, -sscOj. Vishnu. 
-oS^ns. A woman with snake-like 
tresses. -TiohA. A middle-sized flower- 
tree, Mesua ferrea. -^ ti. A kind of 
pipe used by snake-players. 

jTOaTJ 1. {■=^'^Ti, q. V.) s. 11. A snake, 
esp. the cobra. 2, an ornament with 
the image of a cobra; also -3jCo 
c33ridj. -'gDW. A disease of the skin; 
childlessness. -siod<DJ. = c3'5rtSol3:Do. 
-Jot)5S- The cobra. 

:^7\'d 2. (fr. ^riti) s. a. Belonging to a 
town, civic; polite; clever. n. A 
citizen. 2, —d^^^'sriO, q. c. 3, dry 

JTOaSS', cTOAQeS' s. (I. Town-bred; 
polite; clever. «. A townsman; a 
citizen; a cockney. 

^3A^s5 (tb. of ^^n^O) n. Betel-nut: 
the first chewing of betel-nuc at a 




f3SA?ie3 (=o5^r!5iO, q. v.) s. n- The betel 
creeper, Piper held. -Jo^ zi. A clotli 
given to the son-in-law on the last 
day of his marriage. 

pjSaDS'n s. n. A peacock. 2, Garuda. 

?3S7^?Oo^ s. w. The serpent Sesha. 

(o3£^o k. ■>'• Bashfulness, shame, modes- 
ty, decorum; grace. -=#:So, -ricsj. 
Shame or modesty to be lost. -rl^a. 
A shameless person, -n^^;^;^, -rl^So. 
Shamelessness, impudence. -r1j5i?j,. 
To feel ashamed. -ficSo. To give 
up shame. 

?33£:^jl. k. V. i. To become ashamed or 
embarrassed. fssio^^j. To cause to 
be ashamed; to disgrace. 

c3yEio2. f. w. A nautch, dance, dancing. 
-slreSj. To dance, act. 

^!3&;r}o f. n. The sheriflf of a law-court. 

f3s3ijt)^0 h. a. Delicate, soft, tender. 

f35y h. n. A stem or beam of wood. 

NSy^^ s. n. A play, drama, dramatic 
representation. -qjsO, -^dj^. An 
actor, mime. -S5s3. A play-house, 

?jS&3 k. 11. Young plants, csp. of rice, 
fit for transplanting. 2, transplant- 
ing. 3, (f.) a kind of raga. 

fjayo ( = ^ziS) Ts-.v. i. To get within, to 
be pierced or stuck into, as a thorn. 
V. t. To fix in the ground, plant; to 
pierce into. n. Planting; depth; also 
oSalif. -=§js?ejj. A planting stick. 
o33i3So. To make plant. 

cjlibio 3. n. Dancing, or dramatic repre- 
sentation, -rsarf. An actor. -Asd, 
-mh'^. An actress. -55ooatf, -Sort. 
A theatre. 

coS'rfcoO k. n. d- ad. The day after to- 
morrow; also c33arfj. [person. 

fj3c3t)5, -A k. n. A rustic; a common 

c3Sci s. 11. The tubular stalk of any 
plant. 2, any tubular organ, as an 
artery, a vein, a nerve, etc. 3, any 
pipe or tube. 4, a fistulous sore. 5, 

the pulse. 6, a period of twenty- 
four minutes; also -"§. 7, a juggling 
trick. -■ySj, -Ttd. The pulse to beat. 
-S)5J0. The pulse to cease. -i^js^cso. 
To feel the pulse. -SSpt?. Examin- 
ing the pulse. 

c335a k. 11. A village-superintendent. 
2, one of a caste so called in Canara; 
f. -f\^. -&ri. A nadiga's business. 

c33t^J k. n. A province, district; the 
country, -ri^,^. The headman of a 
village. -A^i5. A common proverb. 
-33(^2^JS^--i. The accountant of a 

JoDlS a. k. ad. Further, moreover, much, 

f33?*3 (= o3?ia#, etc., q. V.) a. k. ii. Bash- 
fulness, shame, modesty, etc. 2 
= 5jT)I^j. c3^c50. Shameless; a shame- 
less person. o3^r50^c^. Shamelessness. 
-?iatf. A shameless man. -rta^j. 
To disgrace, reproach. -fjJJa. Popu- 
lar report, common talk. 

foSOSo 1. k. 11. Fineness, goodness, good 
quality, as that of cloth, grain, etc.; 
honesty, truth. -?^, -oio^. A trust- 
worthy man. 

fjeron 2. f. n. A coin; money. -SiO?^. 
Assaying money. -53eJ,. The agio on 
money. -533tij. The detailed account 
of various coins. 

fj3^ (= 533iJ) ^.n. Smell in general; a 
bad smell; stench. -i^J3S?o,, -wrfj, 
-2oa. To smell; to stink. 

nS^O. P- V- of ?5^rfj, g. V. 

cOSqi s. 11. A protector; a master, ruler; 
a husband. -^^. Dependent, subject. 

coSrf s. 11. A sound, a tone in general. 
2, a note of music; as: Jji'oijt)-, iS^r^s- 
^j3T?ej-, A)o3o-, etc. 

?:srfo) {tb. of c^cssorf ) n. A husband's 
sister; a brother's wife. 

c3SC338 h. n. Insolvency, pauperism. ^3^ 
iZzt^. Insolvent; a pauper. 

c3Z)DS). = j:trfoi, q. V. 




cC5a?:;J s. V. i. To sound. 

^Bsij k. V. t. To knead, as dough, etc 
V. i. To moisten, soak; to cool. o3^a 
^. To knead. 

pDrfJ'dJ/^ ti- a- Out of order; unrepair- 
ed, unmended. 

cSadjodJ s. a. Aquatic. c33:3?o3j. A 
species of reed, Calamus fasciculatus ; 
the orange-tree; the shoe-flower plant. 

j3Sc33 s. a. Of different kinds, various, 
manifold, diverse. ad. Variously, 
manifoldly. Cpds.: -^soij;^, --^os, 
-33, -S.^'sd, -wr?, -OP-i, -jSi?, e<c. 
-rfjaS. Various forms. c3^c3^4^". Ho- 
monymous; a homonym. 

c35^0 1. k. pro. I. 

p3^0 2. k. i\ i. To get wet, moist, damp. 

P. pS. c35 30, cS'SCSJ. 

f:3^^rij k. a. Four hundred. 

jjryoQ s. n. Joy; prosperity. 2, eulogi- 
um or praise of a deity; a prayer 
recited at the opening of a religious 
ceremony or of a drama. ->:oj£j, 
-S?,rf. A commemorative ofi'ering to 
the manes before any joyous occasion, 
as marriage, etc. 

^Tih^ s. n. A barber; also ?)^3ri, riDtJjri. 

J33^ s. ». The navel. 2, the nave of a 
wheel. 3, the centre, focus, middle. 
4, a near relation. 

fTOoSo s. n. A name. 2, a noun. 3, the 
sectarian mark of Vaishnavas. ad. 
By name. -', possibly. -^Jil'-?. The 
pigmy cormorant. -cS i3?rfj. The 
country sarsaparilla, Hemidesmus in- 
dicus. -'uiiz's. The ceremony of nam- 
ing a child. -cp^O. A Vaisbnava; 
renowned. -c^^oiJ. A name, title. 
-sSrf, -;35)J^B'. A noun. -X^cJrs. Bearing 
in mind the name of a god. -cB^^o. 
To put on the Vaishnava marks; to 
cheat. craaj3o-c-3. Renowned. 

c33»5oc&;j3TJo h. «, Disapproval. -SjsrSj. 
Disallow, disapprove, r^ coward. 

fJS^onsr h. n. Unmanliness, cowardice; 

nSSO s. 71. Bending. 2, a N. for all 
vowels, except ^ and ei. -^. Having 
a name. 

f:3^j^?^, b. n. Disgrace, shame. 

?;s^0 h.. n. A deed: letters patent. 

^SOjO (lb. of c3^'KS->) n. A lawsuit. 

fjsojou^ s. a. Pre-eminent, chief, jj. A 
guide, leader; a chief, head; a 
general, commander; a husband; f. 
c35Cxl)*. -3. Leadership. -S'aS. A 
chief, headman, as of a caste, 
village, etc. 

f35aj020 h. n. A deputy. -AjS^^i;:d j. A 
native head clerk of a subordinate 

?3SCOo k. n. A dog. -*-'^5 -CoO. A 
puppy, whelp. -'^jecS. A mushroom. 
-=jSjo, , -tIsjjj. The hooping cough. 
-dJwA). The herb Ocimum album. 
-■^rfj^j, -23tis?o. A wretched, miserable 
existence. -l3»?A:S. An annual herb, 
Cleome viscosa. -i3;ej. The plant 
Flacourtia sapida. -zSjsA^^, -^s'jsrij. 
A do? to bark. -OJoo*?,. A bulbous 
plant, Scilla indica- 

p^OSJod (<b. o/' c33i)3) ?i. A barber. 

^D'doX s. n. The orange tree; an 

jTOd;i s. n- N. of a devarshi. -C?;=s. 
Narada's lute: a kind of lute. 

f3SOS7?j3e^ k. n. A very meagre man. 

(TO7:;trf s. ?i. A long arrow; a style to 
write with. 

fJSrssodor^ (/"»•. n^ divine spirit and 
°5o3of3 pervading) s. n. Brahma. 
2, Vishnu , Krishna (sometimes the 
deity ivho tvas before all ivorlds). c3=> 
ODOdjca. Lakshmt; Duiga. 

^sQ 1. k. n. A bow-string. 

f:D5 2. s. n. A woman, wife. 

^'b'§i'6, rjsS^je; s. n. The cocoa- 

fSDTr'ol. k. «. A fibre: fibres of plants, 
strings in mangoes and other fruits. 




2, cloth made of hemp, or linen; 

also -53oa. -Ai^S. A female's linen 

garment. -^eJo^. Fibre-like pus to 

form ill a sore. -rt. A dealer in 

fibres. -:?Pdj. Fibres and roots. 

-rajrsj. A £:uinea-\vorm. 
?33lJo2. (rfj— eaj) k. 71. Smell, v. i. To 

smell; to stink. P. ps. fS'sO, fi9^j. 

-»i zt°4, c3^c!oi55«5. A strong smelling 

herb, Cleome peulaphylla. 
cCse; 1. (=c33°^) h. n. A horse or 

bullock-shoe, -rrarf, -woa. One who 

shoes a horse or bullock. 
?38£^ 2. h. n. A drain, gutter. 

f3D£;scxJ0£O0 h. rt. Unfit, ineligible. m. 

^De5(=c35«?) s. n. A tubular stalk- 
2, a tube. 3, a period of 24 minutes. 

fj3s5/^ k. M. The tongue. 2, the clapper 
of a bell. -"€^0. Appetite to be lost; 
a promise to fail, -^sy . A promise 
to break; a slip of the tongue. -.Sdjrij. 
To be able to speak fluently. -sJ,Sj3 
t3. Confidence in one's words or pro- 
mises. -2S5°^o. To become unable to 
utter. -^to^Kj. To keep one's pro- 

mise. -StiAj. Trustworthiness. 


^e5?jJ h. n. Complaint; censure, sneer, 
reprobation. -»JJ3:So. To disapprove, 

fjS£)J, k. a. Four. cS^e^a. Four feet. 
cra£:!,t5. Fourth. ?itiej, oSocSj. 9. r3^ej 

"C "^ •& 

^J,. Four times as much. c330? tfo. 

Four or six; several, some. -#ej?j. 

Every kind of work. -lapi, -osf^do. 

All persons, every body. -I33.S, 

-53C3F. The four castes. -atfo^^, -z3;=5. 

The four points of the compass. 

-SjsSj. To divide into four. -siJsSj. 

Some words. cj"5ej-^^^^-). 4j. c3«iej 

3|J,. Forty. c3^ej dj. Four persons. 
cjD^sSa (<b. of fj^so^) ji. A barber. 
f:sST)ciA f. «. A boatman; a helmsman. 
^assd ( = ojS:3d) h. n. A broad tape. 

fjSS"^ s. n. A sailor; steersman, pilot. 

f354) k. pJ-0. pi. o/' c3^nO. "We. See 87s 

deci. s. oi»3o.. 
o33^ s. n. A boat, ship, vessel. ^^^^. 

f3S^ s. ft. Destruction, annihilation, 

ruin, loss; death. -(ij3S??ij, -^•js:^o. 

To destroy, ruin, kill. -ooJSocSo. To 

be ruined, -ci- Destroying, etc.; ruin. 
?:s5c;, h.ti. Breakfast; luncheon. 

f33?33 s. n. The nose. o^sA). Snuff. 533 
A;^, c33?3. A nose; a trunk. 

cj3<^ s. It is not, there is not; non- 

— D 

existence. -'^. An atheist; an infidel. 
-^3^, -'g'ci, -^3^, -T^,,. Atheism; in- 

c3SS? (= fssej, q. V.) s. n- A pipe, tube. 
etc. 2, the clapper of a bell. 

?33^. tb. of cSDa, q. v.; also a water- 
channel; a weaver's shuttle. 

f3SS? k. ad. To-morrow. 

^i. = 6)0*, ?)3*, as'', ?i?;«, g. W. 

^)g^o^ s. H.. Fearless; without hesita- 
tion or fear. oiSio^, Boldness, 

oiS^SO s. rt. Noiseless. n. Silence, 



S)S^?^ s. a. Without remainder; com- 
plete, entire. 

oi2?JOA s. a. Unattached", indifi"erent; 
disinterested. n- Unattachment, in- 

^SxiodoSo s. a. Doubtless, certain. n- 

fjSrjrasc^J s. a. Helpless, unassisted. 

ojSTJs'rf s. ft. Sapless, insipid; worthless. 

^J'S^U s. ft. Near, proximate, n. Pith, 

^'v'd s. ft. A heap; a flock, multitude. 

S)5S li. n. A Mohammadan marriage. 

olS'OSio s. ft. "Wish, desire. 




cdS'Stxio s. 71. A heap, set, flock. 2, a 

house, dwelling. 
^)5se^;rio h. a. Plain, blunt, open, as a 

person, speech, etc. 
^^ooit s. n. An arbour, thicket. 
pi^odoaD s. n. A flock, multitude. 
?^'^\Bs.n. Dishonest practice, deception, 

^5x7:^, s. n. Drawn down; low. base. 

^^?:^N s. ». A house, dwelling. 
ri^j,rf a. k. n. Truth, certainty, ad. 

Truly, certainly. 
pi'^eSj s. n. Placing; a deposit, pledge, 

trust. 2, a hidden treasure. ?>=f ? 

^j^^j. To deposit; to bury. 
^)a)ej s. a. Complete, all, entire. 
^7\a h. n. Fixing, as a hire, salary, 

etc.; decision. -5jJ33o. To fix; to 

^)A^0 s. 11. Insertion. 2, a passage of 

the yedas. 3, the veda; a sacrod 

precept. a. Issued from; liberated, 

set free. 
^A^i 1. (= ftrtJdj, q. r.) k. a. Straight, 

erect; also !%irtjrf. -f\-3. An erect 

car. ojrio^. Straightness. 
aAd2. (tb. of i^^rf) n. The best of 

oiAdo. = ?irtjrfj, q. V. 
oJA^r (=SirirSr) s. a. Prideless, hum- 
ble, n. Humility. ^irttSr. A humble 

^7\3, S>a3»3S^, S)7\S^ h. ?i. Cure in 

looking after; tending; regard to. 
^lAOlJo k. ?'. i. To be stretched forth; to 

spread, expand; to become erect; to 

rise; to swell, become proud, n. Ex- 
pansion. artoO^^j. To stretch forth, 

S)AJ3^ s. a. Hidden, secret; profound, 

^)A\2oo s. a. Punishable. 
a^?;55^. ■= oina, q. v. 

^A Xi (tb. of ?>[<j53) n. Coercion, com- 
p)A rf a. k. n. The tusks of an elephant: 



S)7\j5o s. «. Keeping in check; coercion; 
restraint; subjugation; humbling; 
punishing. 2, rebuke, blame. 3, 
aversion; dislike; a mental pain. 
arlSoJW. To restrain, subdue, keep 
in check; to punish. ^>rt.oo?JOw'^. 
Keeping in check. 

^^OcUo s. 71. A vocabulary, dictionury. 

^^ori.rr® s. u. Friction, grinding, trit- 

^i£ia5J s. 71. A collection; a heap; as- 

^d- . tb. of Si^„,., q. V. n jj 

Za- • t ^ [ladder. 

^Ei r?, -^, -/^ (tb. of ?:8l^ri) ?i. A 
Zs- ^ ' 

^■c^ odJ. lb. of S)3l oij, a. V. 

^3i s. a. Innate. 2, o«-n. 3, real, 

true, actual, genuine. «. Reality, 

truth. -rtjt9. A truthful man. -dJ3 

rtr. The proper way. -tJi^. One's 

own shape. -xii-h- . True evidence. 

-;^.= ^iiirtore. -Sjja. A moorah of 

42 sheers. 
o)3d3^0 h. ?i. Ruler: the title of the 

native sovereign of Hyderabad. 
^Ijiy s. 71. The forehead. 
SiUJ «&!>r. of ?j^:i^ {in SiCeJ, q. v.). 

-^tfj. A drawn out, deep sigh. 

--Z530. To sigh deeply. r^^ujs^. 

The spine. ftb3j|,^U. A long run. 
^a 1. = Si:Sj, q. r. -zio. That which is 

long; length. 
S)ci 2. k. «. A strong stifling smell, as 

that of tobacco, cayenne pepper, etc. 

2, scum, froth. 
ojdo a. k. H. Length; cxtensiveness; 

bigness. Cp(7s.." -'e^.i, -rlvJro, -rtjsowj, 

fi:^o . = ao;^j. /'. ;). o/" ri«JJ , q. v. 



cisa s. a. ContiBiial, perpetual; endless, 
eternal, everlasting; necessary, essen- 
tial. -=tfy.«?. Daily observance. -^ 
oijr. A daily rites. -rfoJ. As usual. 
-tiOrf^. An always poor man. -^, ^. 
Eternity, -zz^ri. Daily alms-giving. 
-Si^,ni. A daily sraddha. ?13?>^^,. The 
eternal soul. 

^SSjP® (lb. of ri^^^ra) n. Weakness. 

oirfsT^ s. 11. An example or illustra- 
tion. 2, a view, vision ; omen. 

^ctoFjI. s. 71. A first cause. 2, end, 
termination. 3, pathology. 

^C33?i 2. <b. of f5q3S=:S, q. v. -So;^, 
-;^, ^i^^^i. A patient man. 

^c3?^ s. 71. Command, instruction. 

^c3. ib. of ?i:S, g. i:. -rtrej. Sleepy 
eyes. -Sjscsj. To sleep. -sSw'SJajo.. 
Drowsiness. -o^J^ ^J. To awake. -3o 
^J^. To be asleep. -oo^?rio. To fall 

^c3j(=Sij3) s. m. Sleep; slumber. 2, 
sleepiness. -'§^0. Sleep to be spoil- 
ed, -iicdj*, -^03330. To sleep. -3o:^j^. 

^tf)^ s. H. End. 2, death, loss. 3, = Ri 
o5!?Dci s. /I. Laying aside. 2, a recep- 
tacle; a treasure, wealth. 3, a 

place of rest. 4, effort, work. 5? 

slowness, patience, pausing. -rtj3°T?a. 

-s3:aO, -:3;^o, -JSjt):«o, To consider, 

^^1 s. n. A receptacle. 2, a treasure, 

wealth; a store. 3, the ocean. 
^^ k. p7-o. Thou; also oi??iJ. ?i(^. Thy. 

^i^cij. Thine. 
^)c;^0. = Si3io . P. p. of ?ito , g. D. 
S)oa"do. See s. ria^j , q. t'. 
^o:3 s. n. Blame, censure, reproach, 

abuse, scorn. ?iod'5'. A scorner. 

Sioa^ij. To blame, abuse, etc 
?)orfn s. a. Blamable; despicable. 
^Jj\ pro. Gen. of ?i?ci-), g- i'. Of thee, 

thine, thy. Ace. ?^^?^- Dat. Si^drl. 

^)^N k. ad. Yesterday, hish: -o3jorf. 

Dai. -rt. Gen. -odj, ?)»?;. 
^)SS^ s.w. Falling down; dying, death; 

ruined state. 2, putting down as 

irregular or exceptional, as a word 

in a compound ; exception. 3, a 

particle (g.). -sJjSiSj. To destroy. 
oi^ro s. a. Perfect; accurate. 2, clever, 

skilful. -^cS, -^, -:^. Skilfulness, 

oiSOrf s. a. Bound; caught, fettered; 

conSned. n. A fixed rule. 
^iZdoz^^ s. ri. Binding; a rule, order. 
S)83rf s. a. Thick, dense, tight. rjZ^a? 

■jS'.S. Made close, dense, etc. 
aSO.C® k. n. A marriage festival. ?icO> 

rfirt. A bridegroom's companion. 
^>ep3O30?jJ h. V. t. To endure, suffer, 

bear, succeed. 
^)^J7^^ s. a. Immersed; sunk in; de- 
oi^oo^ire s. n. Invitation, cs/j. to a 

^^J^aio. = oJsiJSteO, q. -y. 
^)^jeioi.SO li. «• Exact, quite correct; 

ad. Exactly, etc. 
^)SO!s , ^iiSJ^o s. n. A mark, aim. 2, 

sign; omen. 8, cause, motive, reason. 

-Se)?^. Because of, on account of. 

-rrarf. A fortune-teller. 
^30X^0.= ariJdo, q. V. 
^)aJ^io^. = JirtjO^iJ, q. v. 
ciS)d^ s. n. Twinkling, winking; the 

twinkling of an eye; a moment. 2, 

a minute. 
S)oeo s. 71. The Nimb-tree, Azadi7-achta 

indica. -^rfJ. The coral tree. 
^cs3(=:*o"J) k. n. The acid lime, 

Cili'us medica. 
^^j^ 1. (jjL of ?ic3^) k. pj-o. Your. -rfj. 

Yours. Ace. ?)53o, ?ij . yl&Z. oiOJ.ocS. 

jii, 2. s. ?i. Di 

a. Deep, low. 

^)^iy 2. s. ?i. Depth; a slope; a gap. 





(n)CXJo^. s. a. Checked; controlled. 2, 
fixed, permanent. 3, certain. 4, 
positive. n. Restraint; a religious 
duty. ftoiJ^. Restraint, restriction; 
rule. 2, destiny, fate. 

?)0dJ^0 (lb. of S>oij:^) n. Truthfulness. 

^ajos:^^ ( = c3^5iJ) s. n. Ruling. 2, a rule, 
law, precept; a regular practice; 
appointment. 3, agreement, contract. 
4, any religious observance. -?^^. 
Regular and rigid observance of 
meritorious rites or vcorks. R>OCij 
<£>jS. Regulated, prescribed ; fixed. 
aoliiDj^oJ (=(5?<Sj?io). To restrain, 
subdue; to Lay down a rule; to 
order; to appoint, fix; to nominate. 

^)OCij3'rfo3^ s. n. Guiding, governing. 2, 
a ruler. 3, a charioteer. 4, a 
bositman; a pilot. 5, rule, order. 

S)aJj3ao?io. = Sio±>wj;^s) s. ^icxijjjj, q. v. 

oJcrfj.i'S' s. a. Fastened to; appointed; 
employed; assigned. SicdoJ^. Injunc- 
tion, order; charge. 

ftorfJO;^ s. n. A great number. 

o)oj.©?7\ s. n. Application, use, em- 
ployment. 2, order, command. 
3, trust; business. ?)o3j3??^. A func- 
tionary; a minister; a class of Brah- 
manas. ao3j3?h?oj. To assign; to 
employ; to command. 

Sic£j3p&f?i s. 71. Uniting; ordering; ap- 
pointing to. S)j3j3°;5?;j. To assign, 
appoint, etc. 

ci5, ^)oJ» ^»Ji (=?■§) s. pref. Certainty. 
2, negation, privation. 3, out, without. 

a'rf^v'd s. a. Illiterate. -^o-S-,. An il- 
literate person. 

^I'dSOO h. H. Current price- -*^^- A 

c^tXio'^Ot s. a. Unchecked, uncontrolled, 

oi'dcSifi s. a. Unstained, untinged, pure. 

^i^sJ s. a. Engaged or interested in. 

^Xi:§ (d — es) k. a. Beauty, charm, 
elegance; cf. ?-3 1. 

^J'rfo^TJ s. a. Having no interval; con- 
tinuous; without interstices, compact, 

dense; uninterrupted, constant, ad. 

^5T3^JC^5 s. n. A faultless or guiltless 

^iTJ3j3o:5o s. a. Imperishable; infallible, 
ol'd^e^v s. n. Absence of desire or ex- 

cjXix^r'S s. a. ^Nonsensical, useless, un- 
^"i^^ s. a. Unlimited, interminable. 
S)^dcdjrf s, n. Without limbs or 

Sjlitfju s. n. Fasting; a fast. 
ol'dSoc^s'd s. 71. Absence of selfishness. 
^X^^c>^\^ B. a. Unselfish. 
o)C3o^"rfro s. n. Repudiation, rejection. 

SCsi^S^dj. To put away, repudiate. 

^)T:^tJ^3^ s. n. Desirelessness. 
^TJZlSiiTi s. a. Formless, shapeless; ugly, 

also RiOD^s.^. 
o)'OS'^« ^7j s. a. Unblamable, unobjection- 

able. -r=3. Unobjectionableness. 
oiTjtisB h. a. Furnished with kalabatu, 

as a cloth. 
ol'Dsps'd s. 71. Groundlessness, poorness, 

etc. ^oszp^O. A poor person. 
riTj^oiynTj s. a. Kot causing trouble; not 

requiring efforts; not fatiguing. 
^)'GST5 s. 71. Hopelessness, despair. 
oi'35tfi0do s, a. Supportless; friendless, 

riTM)<^t)Ti s. 71. Foodlessness, fasting. 

SiOtiJosO. A fasting person. 
^iTTO^ {tb. of r^O's^^) )i. Doubtlessness, 

certainty; calmness. 2, the sky. 
^)&l. (0=63") k. V. i. To be arranged, 

to be ready; cf. f35 3. 7i. Orderly 

oi&2., ?iQ^ k. n. Foldings: the folds 

of a garment, as of a dotra or 





Si8?jJ t 0=e3». = '30^0) a. k. v- t. To put 
down; to arrange; to adjust. n. 

Arrangement; display. 

i>)&?^ s. n. Looking towards, expect- 
ation, waiting for. ^iO^^ra. Looking 
at; expecting; a look. ftO^d- ^J. To 
look at, gaze at; to behold; to 

^^e^^"!^ s. a. Godless, atheistic, -^-^zi. 
Atheism. -^3a. An atheist. 

^xi^'R (!3J=e3o) k. ?4. Orderly arrange- 
ment; properness. 

^Tio'^ s. a. Uttered, explained, a. One 
of tlie vedarigas. 

^"do^ s. a. Undoubted; true. w. Un- 
doubtedness, truth; unfailingness; 
rectitude. [reposed. 

Si'rfo^ xi s. a. Without a reply; silenced, 

^■doi2j?oeA s. a. Inactive, lazy; without 
employment. S)tfjc5js.?h. One who is 

oiTJOSdrfj, -■rf s. a. Undisturbed; harm- 
less, inoffensive, n. Undisturbedness. 

SiTJosi^o, a'dosjdrefi, ^I'dojjao^ s. a. 

Matchless, unequalled. 

^■dosJorfoo^ s. a. Useless. 

S^'tfosjS!?, -^ s. a. Free from cares or 

^iT^OSDcdo s. «. Helpless, remediless. 

?i'6j5i\ s. ?t. Fame. 2, skilfulness. 

^iXijaS s. H. An order, command; a 
written order, -ra, -rS. Eepreseuting; 
investigation; determination, defi- 
nition; sight; telling, narrating. 
^itfjBoj^o. To order; to make known; 
to define. Sitfjssj,. SjSt^, Being defined, 

o)^ja?7\ s. a. Free from sickness, heal- 
thy, well; also ?i?i3js?rt. S)!3j3$h. A 
healthy person ; also ?i^3j3°h. 

^T3.s?qj s. ?i. Shutting in; check; coer- 
cion, restraint; hindrance. Sii3j35^:<0. 
To obstruct; to restrain, keep back. 

^itSjs?^! {lb. of ?jtfj333) ».. A message; 
permission to depart. 

?^7\f4 s. a. Gone out, disappeared, ex- 
tinct. 2, freed from. rj. 

?)A^>§ s.n. Helplessness, misery, pover- 

?i7\F'^0 s. n. Going forth, setting out, 
receding; departure; also -^. 

^AF^F. = ?ins^r, q. V. 

fiAjrros. a. Without qualities, n. The 

supreme soul. 
S)A0ro5 s. n. A shrub, the five-leaved 

chaste-tree, Vitex negundo. 
^lyJjssFs^, -OS s.n. A loud sound, noise. 

^)SdF?i s. a. Unpeopled, uninhabited, 
desolate. ^^ g„j_ 

oiSiFd s. a. Undecaying, immortal, n. 

^3iFe^ s. a. Waterless, dry. 

c^^^F'^ s.n. Lifelessness. a. Lifeless, 
inanimate. r^tejr^S. A lifeless being. 

oiPSFodo s. n. Decision, determination; 
precise definition. 2, sentence, de- 
cree, verdict. 3, final settlement. 
-33J3^J, ftK)roaj?ij. To settle, decide, 
come to a decision; to give a 
verdict; to decree, order, oi^s-. Justi- 
fication (Christ.). ^■S: Damnation 

^rfFcdo s. a. Pitiless, unmerciful, 
unkind. ftcSFoSo. Unmercifulness, 


^)QFoJ, s. a. Assigned; directed; de- 
scribed, ascertained. 

S)CoJF^, s. n. Faultlessness. 


^c3?Fi^ s. ti. Pointing out, denoting; 
directing; order, command, direc- 
tion; description. ?i:3eF3?5j. To 
point out, show; to specify, etc. 

^BiFTi s. a. Luckless. 

oi^js^FZj^ s. a. Faultless; guiltless, in- 
nocent. ^jd^^FKj. A guiltless person. 

^)^;iF^ (=?)q3?i) s. a. Poor. n. Poverty. 

ci^jFQlrio s. V. t. To determine, ascer- 
tain, settle, make sure. 

^)93F'd s. n. Particularizing; determin- 
ing, defining, settling; certainty; 
judgment ; also -ra. 





^q^jsTis s. «. Shaken off, removed. 

o5c3t>r»5j s. a. Nameless. 2, ruined. 
n. Ruin. 

ft^rao^ s. a. Causeless, groundless. 
n. Causelessness. ad. Causelessly. 

^iSOroqi s. n. Restraining; hindrance, 
obstruction; also -^. 2, force, vio- 
lence. 3, a rule. -7lj5°^?io. To use 
force, oiwro^sij. To restrain, hinder; 
to urge, force. [jjegs_ 

^saireJ s. a. Powerless. n. Powerless- 

oi2ZtiFz^ 3. 11. Freedom from trouble or 

^200ra s. a. Senseless, stupid. n. 

^£[5rodo s. a. Fearless; secure. n. 
Fearlessness; freedom from danger. 

^spurAO s. n. Unluckiness. a. Unlucky. 

5)2Pe~^ s. a. Fearless, undaunted. 
^):p°rS. Fearlessness. 

^rfjrrf s. a. Sober; humble. 

a^rfordr^ s. a. Deathless. 

^rfjre)(=: SiSj,«?)s, a. Spotless, stainless; 

virtuous; clean, pure, serene; shining; 

charming. -sSjsCdO. To clean, as a 

house, etc. -i, -3. Purity, cleanliness. 
SJZ^Jsro^j s. a. Fleshless, emaciated. 
?)o5js5^C®s. n- Forming; making, creating; 

creation. -Sjs^j. To produce; to 

^)■^Ji)r■^^. s. n. A maker, creator. 
^)e5J«>^(t'ns. n. Stainlessness, purity; the 

remains of an offering to an idol, as 

flowers, etc. 
S)(3or?jO s. r. t. To make, form, fabricate, 

^)rfJJ~5 s. a. Set free, liberated. 


^^Ojsre; s. a. Rootless; unfounded, n. 
Eradication, extirpation. -sJJsiSj. To 
eradicate, extirpate. ?jVi:yJei'r€)'^. To 
uproot, pluck out, extirpate. 

oJ^jsef^So s. n. Absence of love. 

SicdJSFra s. n. Departure. 2. disap- 
pearance. 3, separation. 4. death. 

oltxijsr;^ s. n. Exudation of trees, as 
juice, gum, resin, milk, etc. 

^^~§> s. n. Disregard, contempt. 

^)£^^t§ s. n- Shamelessness, impudence. 

oie3or3i s. a. Stainless, spotless. «. 

^s3jser£jS s. n. TJnavariciousness, un- 
selfishness, ftdjs^rz?. Unselfish. 

^■rfroti^fj s. n. Fraudlessness. 2, sin- 
cerity; also S-5jF'o"lS5'3[,. aarolS^r. 

o)s5r3r7Jo s. V. I. To complete, finish. 

^^r2orio s. r. <. To carry out; to 
accomplish, effect. 

a»3Drro s. a. Extinguished; liberated 
from existence. n. Extinction of 
life; the delivery of the individual 
soul from the body and further 
transmigration. 2. death. 3, high- 
est felicity and reunion with the 
supreme soul. 4, vacuity. 5, im- 
mersion. 6, a kind of penance. 7, 

^)S3r^ s. n. Extricating one's self 
out of; a way out, an escape. 2, 
accomplishment; doing, managing. 
3, supporting; subsisting on. 4. 
sufficiency; competent means of liv- 
ing. -»iJt)3J, a^?~co?to. To accom- 
plish; to live frugally; to be content 
with what is absolutely necessary 
to sustain life. -?39fN?;j. To obtain 
or supply the means of sustenance; 
to maintain. -S50. An accomplisher. 

S).3r"^(y, s. a. Changeless, nnalterablc. 

^).Srg57J sj. a. Unchangeable, immutable. 

^)3^■^io^s. a. Unobstructed, n. Absence 
of impediment; also -^. -rrscdj*. 

S>3r33rf s. n. Absence of contention. 

^StfU^T^ s. n. Absence of difference. 
a. Without distinction ; indiscriminate. 

^Sr;d^. s. o. Poisonless, innocuous, n. 
An antidote to poison. 




^^F'si.aJo s. a. Unattached to any 

S)^\ri§ (= ?i5l 3,) s. n. Bliss; final 

^^?r^ s. 71. Entering into. 2, expia- 
tion, atonement; also -c^. 

o^'^n'rri^ a. n. Unconcernedness. 

^SSnFai s. a- Without deceit, candid, 
honest, plain. 2, without a pretext, 
cause or reason. 

SiSoer'^OS' s. a. Causeless, reasonless. 

^e; (=^uj) k. w. Standing. 2, the side- 
post of a door. 3, remainder, balance; 
also -izs-k. -^bl, -r\d,. Attitude; 
leisure; patience; composure. 

S)ia)3^0.= oi6ij=5^J, q. V. 

^)£)orfo s. n. An abode, residence. -^D?:*. 
A householder. 

^Z)^ (= r^^) k. n. Standing. 2, 
position. 3, height. 4, cessation) 
leisure. 5, a seat, place of abode. 
a. High. ?>eJ5SoJ^, A long garment. 

Patience; composure; leisure, -riraj. 
A staring eye. -rt^a. A full-length- 

Si£;o'5^J k. V. t. To stretch one's self. 
v. i. To reach; to stand upon one's 
tiptoes. 2, to come within reach. 
3, to begin. 

^)ejjo£0o a. k. r. t. To heap up, amass. 
V. i. To crowd. 2, to jump. 

^£)oa^. = ?^^^, q. V. 

oi€> tj:) k. V. t. To cause to stand, stop, 


cease, stay, etc. 
^CJo k. V. i. To stand; to stand up; to 


stop; to stay; to be; to wait; to re- 
main; to stand or last, as colour; to 
remain without injury; to cease, as 
rain; to rest; to endure, elc. P. ps. 

It stopped, stood. ^loSOsSj. To cause 

to stand, place, etc. ?ic3rfj. To stand, 

o^'^TJo k. V. t. To stroke or rub gently. 
S)530^o. To cause to stroke. 

^^^F?j s. 71. Accomplishment; turning 
back; ceasing. ^i5Jlr?io. To turn 
away, repel; to leave off, remove. 

oisaT^f^s.n. Keeping back or off, ward- 
ing off; averting; preventing, hind- 
ering, checking. Cpds.: ^0^-, zss^-, 
cSjsaj-, ^So-. ^s^O?jj. To keep 

back, ward off; to avert. 

^)S3?J s. H. A resting-place, abode, 

o)»33,^ s. 71. An inhabitant. --^o. To 
dwell, reside. 

S)o3;)S? f. n. The act of waving a thing 
in front of a person or idol to remove 
any evil. -Sjat^o, -sjj. To wave any- 
thing to avert any evil. 

S)rf\^ s. 71. Return; disappearance, 
cessation, inactivity; leaving off, des- 
isting from; abstinence; rest. 2, 
felicity, bliss. 

^^SCSjj s. n. Communication, announce- 
ment; information; delivering, offer- 
ing. ?i»3^a??J. To make known; to 
present, offer, ?id?Cj,,. An oblation, 
gift of food to an idol. 

S)^?'3' s. n. Entering; a settlement; a 
house; a camp. 

S)irol. s. M. Night. -J^ti. Moving about 
by night; the moon; a thief, -hi^. 
An owl. -a. Evening. -oS^*?!, -S.S. 
The moon. ^isaoS. Break of day; 
quiet; a house. 

^"Bt^. f. 71. Intoxication. -aSjs^d. A 
man taking intoxicants. 

S)^^ li- n. An ensign, flag, standard. 

S)'3S?j ,5332^ s. w. Deism; natural reli- 

oiSl., ^^ (=^,3=), q.v.) S.71. Night. 

o)§i 2. h. ad. Together with, along with. 

o>^ oeiO s. a. Fixed, firm, steady; also 
^-. -.^_, 





^'i ui^ (=fjiS oAi) s. n. Ascertainment; 
certain knowledge; conviction; cer- 
tainty; determination, resolution, final 
decision; design, purpose. -SBoloJSO. 
The ceremony of betrothal. -»3j3::Sj. 
To ascertain, arrive at a decision; 
to resolve; to appoint. ^)^ oajsco. To 
ascertain; to settle; to determine, 
resolve; to appoint. 

^^ CJ s. a. Immovable, invariable. 2, 
fixed, steady. n. A mountain. 2, 
an ascetic. 3, the earth. 

^)2> ® s. a. Settled, decided, certain. 
ojS 3t)qSr. A fixed matter; a certain 
kind of betrothal. 

o)^ o^ s. a. Thoughtless, careless; un- 
concerned; free from care or anxiety. 
ft| 0^. Thoughtlessness; freedom from 
anxiety, care. 


s. n. Motionlessness; want of 
s. n. Want of strength or 


^aS\?j s. n. Inspiration, inhalino 


;^j3?t3s _,Ji. Inhaling and exhaling. 

?iS^:^, q. V. 

S)'^, Q ri s. n. Breathing out, expiration. 
2, =riS^?i, q. r. 

^^,7)d> s. n. N. of a wild aboriginal 
tribe; a Holeya. 

Si^rf s. a. Prohibited, forbidden, pre- 

oiSij3C5?j s. n. Killing, destroying. 

^)S^oqj s, n. Prohibition, forbidding, 
hindering; negation, denial. -cJjbsj. 
The negative form of a verb. Si^^ 
?is3j. To forbid. ["ship. 

o)5j^?o^re S.1I. Waiting on; service, wor- 

^)odLx;u s. a. Guileless. n. Guileless- 
ness; also -^ri. -^, ?i;i,Si3. A guile- 
less, candid person. 

oi^TJofV s. a. Pitiless, unmerciful, cruel. 
Si^rfors. A pitiless, cruel person. 

^Svrf.r s. n. Ascertainment, decision, 
settlement. Si^liiFSj. To determine, 

Si^le^o?' s. a. Stainless, spotless, sinless. 

^)3::ro,3iMn s. u. Guilelessness. 

^o^f^.'rfj s. a. Desireless, disinterested; 
unselfish. h. Absence of desire, dis- 
interestedness, ass <uJ. A person free 
from desire. 

SiSi^a.'dOJ s. a. Causeless, groundless. 

^J^OiU s. n. The hollow of a tree. 2, 
a garden attached to a house. 

S)si, \ei s. n. Expiation, compensation, 
discharge of a debt or obligation. 

^)^ s. a. Stayinsr on, grounded on; 
devoted to, practising, n. Intention, 

NSiotJ, ^^^■d(=?jyj^tf) s. rt. Hard, 

rough; harsh, unkind, cruel, severe. 

-^c^, -i, -:^. Harshness, etc., severity, 


c^;3 s. n. Position; condition. 2, devo- 
tedness; uniform practice, religious 

duty; faith. 3, excellence, perfection. 

4, conclusion, the end of a drama, 

etc. 5, death. 6, certainty. 7, 


oiriv"^ 3:3^ s. a. Impartial. n. Im- 

^s^ts^T) s. a. Sinless, guiltless. 


^7^.^7i,t^ s. n. Grinding, pulverizing. 
^7X\ oSjaeSi^ s. a. Useless; needless. 
o^Ms o3jse&!ji s. a. Causeless, groundless; 

useless, n. Uselessness. 
o^^\<V s. a. Fruitless, barren; unprofit- 
^jiXr s. n. Relinquishment; evacuation; 

2, giving away. 3, the natural 

^),^ k. V. I. To squeeze between 

?^7j "dr^ s. n. Going out; crossing over; 

passing time. ,%j^O?ij. To spend, 

pass, as time. 




oi;d5 ©r. tb. of rj3 3e>4jr, q. r. 

^?;.? 3^ s. a. Weightless, light, pithless, 

weak. n. Weakness. 
^73 e3d s. a. Devoid of energy; dull; 

impotent, n. Want of brilliancy. 
o)?Jv \3o s. a. Desireless; indifferent; 

content. «. Absence of covetousness; 

also -i. 
oi?Ji'oB'ocio s. a. Undoubted, unerring, 


r^TilOA. = oiSSJort, q. V. 

oirJ^sfQ s. a. Pithless, sapless, n. Want 

of energy; weakness; also ?i8^^. 
o5rj/oS3oi s. a. Childless, issueless; also 

^ri^SoSOCiO. = Si8=oco-30dj, q.v. 

^7^^1-6 (=a§=o^cJ, qi.?;.) s. a. Sapless; 
insipid, pithless; worthless, vain. 
n. Saplessness, insipidity. 

^^0,, = (^oo*J, q. V. 

^o k. pro. Thou; pL ^o^. See Us 
declension s. ?j^. 

fieAO k. V. t. To quit, leave, abandon, 
get rid of; to lose; to remove, take 
away; to squander. 

^)?E^ s. a. Low, base, vile, mean. -c3^. 
Meanness, vileness. 

^>eU k. n. Length. -?33uj. A long row. 

oi?WJ k. n. Straightness. 2, properness, 
neatness, beauty, tidiness. -r\5ti. A 
tidy man; f. -nDS>r. 

oi^'rfo k. V. t. To extend, stretch out, as 
fingers, arms, etc. 2, to offer, present, 
give; to serve out; to put. ji. Exten- 
sion, length. 2, presenting. ad. 
Abundantly, much; further. -Sj3:^j. 
To raise. 

oieS s- n. Leading, guidance; moral 
behaviour ; political science, policy, 
statesmanship; moral philosophy, 
ethics; prudence; acquisition. 2, 
righteousness; justification (Christ.), 
•ri. A well-conducted, virtuous man. 

-Sjsrtr. Moral conduct. -»jo:^. A 
moral, just, prudent man. -tDcJ,,, -33 
^. The science of ethics or morals. 
-S32^fi, -;3ei^», -5iJe):Sj. A moral saying. 
^e^o k. pro. Thou. 

^?5.= a?5iJ, </. f. o)?!iaf. Thirst. ^?S 
asio. To be thirsty. Ki^tivso^^. The 
moon, -lo'tfa, -c3i)03j. An otter. -niiO. 


ri$!3zje3;. A water passage. -Sjjsr^j. 
To liquefy. ft^D^irSj. To melt, as 
metals, sugar, etc o)?D?y. Sporting 
in water. Si^ossSj. A turtle, roosdo, 
oi^osao'^. Abundance of water; soil 
fit for wet cultivation, rJ?cl->a?,. The 
onion. ft^Si. To pour water. ft?!? 
^rfj. A kind of plain pepper-water. 
^?5j3sO. The tide. ^j^dJS^W. Stream, 

^J^TJa; s. n. A lotus. 2, a pearl. 3, 
the garden plant Costus speciosus. 
a. Free from impurity. 

oijlJo^)! s. a. Coarse, thick. 

^■dejo. = c3?tiwJ, Of. v. 

ai3Do&;ji. = o:i?e33otic^, g. w. 

oie^do (=?i?D«) k. ?i. Water. 2, the 
lustre of a gem. ?)?O^Sj. A water- 
man. -^Uj,. To turn water. -=ff3?i, 
-n^rl. A kind of cormorant, shag, 
diver. -?s)SJJ»3. A channel. -=#j3^, 5. 
A curlew. -rton'SY'. A basin of water. 
-rirfftuj. The water hog-weed, Bar- 
ringtonia acutangula. -rSrao . A water- 
spring. -^J3?^- A water-fowl. -r^J3?^ 
?^3^. A small potherb, Portulaca ole- 
racea. -li^v. The bladder, -ijs?^^. 
A water-trough, -drt. Thirst. -CosO. 
A water-course. -cTOOSj. The river- 
otter. -N^. A water-shed; the crest 
of a hill adjoining cultivation. 
-'^30. To let water. - 23=5^0^.= ?)$ciJ?ra 
oOj, Qi. i;. -^H^ The Thyme-leaved 
Gratiola, Herpestis moniera. -53j«?. 
Rain that brings water to fields, 
tanks, etc. -5jO. Stream, current; 
water-cess. -^^' The Indian or 




Siberian crane, Ardea sihirica. -^oa. 
The skate fish. -sg:3.. The water- 
reed, Calamus fascicnlatus. -sjtsjj. 
A water-snake. -^Jir^. Fog arising 
from water; steam, vapour. 

^^•5 (d=S3°) a. k. M. A damsel; a gay 

^jF". = ?)?tf-!, g. t'. -*oa, -rtoa. Water 
to drink. -nj«?). A water-bubble. 
-Sa;<j. To soak. -^j?jA. To draw 
water. -Sjafo;^. A mermaid, nymph. 
-^tjj,. A paddle, -j^sj. A lotus, etc. 

^)^£J s. a. Dark-blue or black; dyed 
with indigo. 2, bad; vile. 3, slow, 
lazy. 71. The sapphire. 2, N. of a 
monkey attendant on Rama. 3, sin, 
crime. 4, indigo. -'S'oS, -*oqSd. A 
peacock; a quail; Siva; N. -Asd. 
An indigo-dyer. -f\0. The Nilagiri 
hill. -Sjc5. The sapphire. ^i°s^3oto 
0. !<■. of a raga. 

^^ZfSOdi^ s. n. A small lamp used for 
waving before an idol, etc. 

^ee5 s. n. An indigo shrub, Indigofera 
tincloria, 2, indigo, the dye. 3, a 
female evil spirit that speaks lies. 
-rSrso. An eve with a bluish pupil, 
-rratf. An indigo-dyer. -^SjJSSo. A 
falsehood. -;3«)Jr. A false report. 
ft?23j3$d o. The blue water-lily, ISym- 
phaea cyanea; a blue lotus. 

^)o»3S'd f. n. Rice growing wild. 

S)?S s. n. A cloth worn round a woman's 
waist. 2, capital, stock. 3, a wag- 
er, stake. 4, junction, union. 

^e4 !• k. pro. (pL 0/' oi??io) Tou-. See 
its decl. s. rjSo,. 

^)e^2. k. u. <. To rub softly, stroke 
down, as the hair* cloth, etc. 

^??jj {tb. of ^C^^J) V. t. To manage; 
to fulfill. 

oi^^ (=ri^:i:) k. jf. Extension, length, 

oie'S'o {cf. ri^:^J) a. k. v. i. To grow long, 
extend, be stretched out. 

^0 s. m^ Now? what? indeed? 
fio'A ( = oSoriJ ) k. V. t. To powder. 
5io?\£io k. t'. i. To slip. 

A '^ 

^lOAO 1. k. r. i. To force one's self into; 


to enter without permission, as a 
house, etc.; to creep into. 

jioXo 2. (=sio;^, ,;. f.) k. r. <• To crush, 
A ^ ' 

powder, grind, n. Crushed or crum- 
bled state. =^rra r!j. To be crushed 


to pieces, crumble. 
^0^^ (=^f\) k. )(. The horse-radish, 
Moringa pterigosperma. Cpds.: -=ctd03j, 

c^ocT^o k. i\ <. To swallow; to devour 
^od-o (=?5ortj2, etc.) k. n. Fragments, 
bits: grits of any grain. 2, wasting 
away, ruin, etc. oSJJa ^. Broken rice. 
-rtoij. Ganji made of nuccu. 
?jOi^ k. I', i. To utter; to speak; to say. 
«. A voice; speech; a word; a pro- 
mise; a language. Cpds. : oid-, iSj;^-, 

?oO-, 53jrfj«?e)feJ-, dc. -=#J3aj. To pro- 
mise. -oSj'-sJ . Assent by word. -^. 
Speech. -Ko. To cause to utter, 
speak, etc.; to perform music upon, 
to play. 
?io5a a. k. ?i. Smoothness, softness, 
gentleness; also c^orsj, o^jcajsj. -nsid, 
riorsonsiS. Fine, smooth plaster. -K 
n£). A soft seat. -eO^ijcS. Fine tur 
meric. -jioa, f^rsJ a. A gentle 
word. -i3^r!j. A delicate lustre. 
-dJ£«. A delicate gem. -sSjsSj. = 
-cdoa, g. V. -3jj30j. a fine pearl. 
i^w rt, oSoK! f3. Smootliness, baldness, 
a. Smooth; bald. ad. Completely. 

^oreoy = f^rjoss, q. v. 

jio§ s. H. Praise, eulogium; worship. 

-^0. To praise, etc. 
?:?oorfo. = cSjSocij, q. V. 
cioa (0= 63'. = pjJrto 2, g. ?;.) k- v. i. To be 

crushed, etc. 2, to be harassed; to 



be inured to; to become familiar 

^O'do (dJ = e3j) k. n. The state of being 
harassed or exercised. -Sia. Famili- 
arity with, etc. 

^orio^o (rfo=e3J)k. v. i- To wane away. 
V. t. (= fijrij 2) To reduce to powder, 

NO'doSyj (tfo=S)j) k. 7t. Gravel. 

^o€> k. I', t. To twist, as a rope, etc.; to 
wring, as clothes in washing; to 
curl, as the whiskers, etc. 2, the 
intestines to gripe. 7i. A twist, cord. 
2, griping pain in the intestines; 
also c^jO^. ^j€)^o. To cause to twist. 

jdoeSt^, ^O^i'R k. tt. A twist, cord, thread, 
twine. -wjs^j. To twist. -©r!rf, 
-oiiriE:^. The twisting pin that ele- 
vates or depresses the shaft of the 

^oA) 1. k- n. Powder, dust. 

^OrJ 2. k. u. An insect that destroys 
cloth, grain, etc. 2, an eye-fly; a gnat. 

J30/V 3. {—yOTio^S) k. V. i. To enter a 
door, etc. P. ps. c^Acij, ^^^i,- 

^OTjO^'^ ( = c3jA)3) k. V. i. To enter a 
door; to get into; to retreat, hide 
one's self, slink, n. Entering a door. 
2, evasion, falsehood. 

JJO^ . = c^jA)CSo. p. p. of rio?i 3. 

^j5'So k. V. t. To shove, push; to push 
away or aside; to push on, urge on. 
2, to spend, as time. 3, to fare. 
n. Shoving; a push. ^iJSir^o. To 
cause to push, etc. 

JojS^^Jo s. a. New, novel, recent,' fresh, 
young; strange. -nuti. A schemer. 

cija^ {lb. of £J-'5^) n. A cancerous dis- 

i^js'do (tij=e3J) k. a. A hundred, rlfld 

cSodj. Hundredth. fl®cras2S:3J^. 150. 

cdJS07)'^3 J.)rfj. 125. o^jSDsdj. Fully 

a 100. -SjsJo,, -5jja. A hundred fold. 

fijsOO k. w. Yarn, thread. v. I. To 
make thread, spin. P. p. jiJB^J. -'s'o 

i3i?, -^oa^. A ball of thread. -toS^. 
Cotton cloth, -oojcsdj. A festival on 
which tbe sacred thread is renewed, 

jijB^do k. ad. Much, exceedingly. 

^\ s. 11. Man. -^, -5j^, -sj^a^tf. A king. 
-^C:^.. State policy. -sS^odj. An 
excellent king. -SoO. Vishnu's in- 
carnation of man-lion; also f^tiAio^. 

^\^n s. n. Dancing, pantomime. 

^^j (= t^SJj) k. V. t. To lick. ;3^?cJ. 
To cause to lick. 

^Asio ( = t5r!So) a. k- «. t. To cause to 

j3a5 k. ?i. A cold, catarrh, -wrfj, -coS. 
To catch cold. 

eSa^ k. w. Leaping, jumping. 

na4, c3a5oo a. k. V. t. To raise, lift 
up. n. Lifting up. 

j3a?jO. = r5'^'^J, q. V. 

fj7\^ («?<=C0=*) a. k. V. t. To undertake; 
to engage in; to perform, do. v. i. 
To come; to be used. 

^A^o 1. («?j= «J) a. k. y. «. To become 
manifest, well known, famous; to 
shine; to appear. 

j3a^0 2., cjaS? k. n. An alligator. 

f3A^ a. k. ». Action; work; conduct. 
2, fame, accomplishment. 

^■R k. V. i. To be purified, to be clear, 

to shine. 2, to jump up, to bound. 3, 

to rise, ascend. ;;. t. To raise, lift up. fSrtrfj, fSiirfj. f3^^. Leaping. 

^A e^J, c3'^ e^O k. M. The small caltrops, 
A ' A 
Tribulus lanuginosus ; also -53oj°-?J). 

^AJ 1. k. V. i. To be curved or bent in- 


ward; to sink in; to disappear; to 
get a bruise. [troy. 

jSao 2. k. V. t. To crush, smash, des- 

jSe^o {= Fjz^o 1, q. V.) k. V. t. To believe, 

trust; to confide in. n. Confidence, 
trust, faith, reliance. fJ^^ # -rt. = ?^ 

13 7^ s. o^iSO 1, (J. I'. 

nW /^ nU.w k. a. Straight, erect, ad. 
eo ' eo 
Straightly; orderly, regularly; right- 





ly, distinctly; well, in good health. 
(3U.nj)rto. To become straight. -sijs 
30. To repair; to do well; to arrange. 

^y ?jj, ?26C3S^^, ?26>:s^ k. a. Straight, 
regular, proper, etc. Cpds.: -f\6, -Cjj)0, 
-sJjs^^j, etc. 

^rio (=?J3o2, etc., q. v.) k. v. t. To fix 
firmly, plant, etc. P. j). ^3^0,. 

^f-O k. n. Fat, marrow. 

^cU (=noW, q. r.) k. n. A kinsman, 
relative. -tfj'S^tfj, cScWO^Oj. Rela- 
tions and other beloved ones. -3;^, 
-?3c5, -A)_^. Relationship. 

?3oyj. = ~oWj, Q. r. 

^;^ (<b. o/' ?353j) 71. The eye. 2, a die; 
a cowry used in gaming. 3, 

gambling, -rf coOrl. A play-board. 
rSS^n^y. Playing at backgammon, 
etc. (53 r!, A gambler. 

55s lJj (==^3„) k. M. Blood. -^Jdo. A 
kind of bleeding boil. 

c3S k. ?i. The forehead; the crown of 

the head. -Sjj^j^. A pearl in the 

fjjd. = fSc^rfj. P. J). o/" fSfSl, JH, rSc^ 

?5j5]. k. I'. 2. (£•<. To think, imagine; 
to think upon; to be mindful of; to 
wish ; to remember; also f^crf^J. tSfj 
Sj), f3^5^. Thought, reflection; re- 
collection, remembrance. -^ 'ticaj, fSfi 
ajcSj. To think about, remember. 
-^ '^rfo, fSfjlidJ. To bear in mind. 
fSjisSOi?. Recollection. 

c3c3 2. k. V. i. To become wet. P. ps. fSjd 
cij, ^fScSj, tSorfo. -odoj^^. Becoming 
wet, e<c. -^ei^J. To put for soaking. 
-95-^, fSrSodj:^. Soaked rice; a kind of 
sweetmeat. c3cirt:^s3. Soaked kadale. 
-?Sj (3rrfsoJ. To make wet, moisten. 

cSsSis i~ r^c^^> c'C') k. ?i. Recollection. 
2, acquaintance. 

cS^O^a f. n. Serenity; comfort, happi- 
ness. -^0^, -^. A happy man. 

No^OJ, a. k. y. i. To lean on ; to take 
for one's support, n. Leaning upon; 
a support. -A.^^oiXi'u. ^iJj^Kj. To 
charge with, attribute. 

cSoiiw*, nOSO k. r. ^ To weave; to 
entwine; also ?3ol)0,. cSoSjrt. "Weav- 
ing; a web. -r^o6oS, -v^xi. A weaver. 

^cdo e3, fjOSO e3 k. n. A water-lily. 

cSxil. (=n31) k. Ji. Nearness; joining; 
assistauce. a. Adjoining, coming 
near (to assist). -fi^CaJ. An adjoin- 
ing district. -SiOcS (= jSd-), A neigh- 
bouring house: next door, -oijjj, 
-»30c3cxi)d. A neighbour. -3Sj;do3.>vS 
dJ. Next door and other neighbours. 

^rj2. (cS=e3) k. n. A vital point or 
organ; a secret. -^. Fullness, com- 

cS'rfS ( = fSOv) k. ?i. A fence of bamboos, 

N!:irfo. = cSdrfj. P. p. of c53, (J. I'. 

j3digij wd;!jj a. k. r. t. To bring toge- 
ther, join, collect, convene. 

^-dripi-R (ti = e3) a. k. n. Fullness; ac- 
complishment; nicety; goodness. 

cStJcS k. n. A union, mass, crowd, mul- 
titude, etc. [help. 

cSt^^ !• k. ?i. A mass. 2, an assistance, 

cSd.^i 2. (tJ=S) k. «. Fullness, com- 
pleteness. -^OKo, ^dd^O^J. To 
fulfil, accomplish. jSiJd^Sj. To be 
completed, fulfilled, as a word, work, 

^vJ^jTio. Sec s. fSti3^2. 

j3ij«?0 k. n. Shade; shadow; shelter. 

fSa^. = ?5rf^, q. r. 

^Ol. k. r. «. To join; to come to- 
gether, assemble; to associate with- 
P. ps. fSSrfj, ;5rf:oJ. n. Proximity, 
neighbourhood; union, company. -Sj 
c^.= fSd3Jc5. -ol)S. A neighbour. 
-yvstfj, fStScdoJBdj. A neighbouring 
village. -2o°A. A neighbouring hamlet. 

jStS 2, 

id, q. t'. 




^■8 3. (d — es5) k. n i. To become entire, 
full, complete, ready, perfect, mature, 
sufficient. P. ps. i3:JcSo, (5dciJ. «. 
Completeness; maturity, cic. 2, a 
flood. ad. Completely, perfectly, 
fully, exceedingly. -^jira. Replete 
with wisdom. 

j5(y k. n. Ground, soil; land; floor; a 
country, kingdom; the earth. sss^rSo-. 
Swampy ground. ;^53rfj-. Rising 

ground. -'s'^sS. The earth-nut. -■5't). 
A miser. -^oic, -f3t)OoA. A small 
shrub, Naregamia alata. "'^^^• 
Pavement. -rijows*. A creeper, 

Ipomaea digitata. -rlosSo. A kind of 
bird. -rt>^^' -^ prickly nightshade. 
-3333d, -cStiSd. The plant Hibiscus 
mutabilis. -f^®,- -^ small herb, 
Phyllanthus madraspatensis. -J3?5^. 
The plant Gentiana cherayta. -SofS. 
A cellar; a dungeon. -oiJS^T^. A 
granary. -s33 (-SfSd). The plant 
Cassia abovata. -JjsrtJ. To take root; 
to become a protection. -?30, -?553JS5J. 
Level with the ground. -^ohA. A 
fragrant garden-flower, Kaemferia 
rotunda. -^■^. To settle; to stay; to 
stand. -Soaj;^j. The ananas. -333^. 
A land-way. F3?;^rf5. The Senna 

^<y4, cj£)^J k. n. A net-work of rope 
in which pots, etc. are suspended. 

j5e3 k. n. Standing-place; a place of 
residence; an apartment of a house; 
place; ground; footing; basis; cer- 
tainty; certain knowledge; a mystery. 
-=g'Wj,, -riyj,. = ^ajriWj,, q. v. -rtraj . 
A penetrating eye. -tI^Sj. Ground to 
lose, etc. -M./sv'j). To take footing; 
to take root, as plants, etc.; to be- 
come settled. -rtj3a?Xj. To place, 
establish, etc. -Sjn. An abode, -sijs 
cS. An upper story. -oijsrij. To get 
a firm footing; to be in use. 

fSeS k. n. The emblic myrobalan, Phyl- 


lanthus emblica. 

^<^o k. 71. Paddy, rice in its husk, -ss 
•S-. fSo*. Rice, -nd . A paddy-field. 

-Kj^j_s;tf J. A band of paddy straw. 

^'^, N^ri (lb. of n"^) ?t. A pi-etence, 
pretext, plea. -^A, -3J3:oJ. To pre- 
tend. -^5S?J. To utter a pretext, to 
plead an excuse, 

cj;6 (== rS'"^; q. V.) k. r. «'. To jump about, 
etc. 2, to give one's self airs. P. ps. 

Jumping about. j^r^^^iiaJ. To jump 

^?Ae3, f5?A£;o, ?Se'?\a'0 (<&• of oaortu) 
n. A plough. -4iZi:>. A plough-shaft. 
-?^3ejo. A furrow. -Sojsj^j. To yoke 
oxen to a plough. -sSjsd. To plough. 

c3?^ k. ?!. Young plants, esp. of rice; 

N^yo (=~?y-), I- ■*^'-) k. «. Straight- 

ness; truth. 
fjjC^SJ k. H. A cord, rope; a noose. -^3 

■c-^jJ^o,. To bans: one's self. 
^e^j. P. p. of c3;ejj, q. n 
jSe^j s. n. A leader; leading, 2, the 

eye. -^odo. Siva. -»^^5- An oculist. 

<5?33,ot^j. Tears. fS?33 5iS, N, of a 

river in S. Canara. 
?S?SjX)(1i, njSjDS?! s. ,j. n. of a country, 

Nepal. 2, = S3o3S?. 
jSorfo (<b. of ftcrfjSj, g. V.) n. A rule, 

order, appointment. -^, Ruling; a 

rule; an appointment, etc. -3a, To 

lay down as a rule, -do;3. = rCiCdj 

^='doO®J35', ^fT^Jfvsjs-D- s. n. Appoint- 
ment; allowance, stipend. 

^j'S-i s. n. The circumference of a 

fSe^JTjJ. <b. of ?ioij,DjXo, g. •(;. 

;SeO50^ (=?So5jii, q. r.) k. m. Weaving. 

??ocrfjo. = ^ol)j., q. 11, 





cj?^ k. ?i. Straightness; propriety', har- 
mony; Tightness; fitness; order. f3«!i 
ro^C rep. Quite proportionate; face to 

c3e&SJ a. k. H. Propriety, rectitude, etc. 
fS^Orf. A Brahmana; f. f5?0rfV'*. 

jSeTJe^j, f2?Ti^, jSobOJ (d=S3) k. n. A 
common tree with purple berries, 
Eugenia jambolana. 

fje'!? f. «. A breakfast. 

fj?£Jj k. V. i. To be suspended, to hang, 
swing, dangle. P.p. fS?^. (5°3s:Sj.= 

^e^S?J-5 k. r. L To make straight or 

smooth; to rub gently with the 

c3?^^ a. k. n. A necklace of silver or 

gold ; a girdle. 
cj?4''^ ('^' of N-SJyrf) n. An anklet. 
'^^7j'^:> (cJo = eaj) a. k. n. The sun. -'^^;i,. 

c5?sj , N?So (<b. of ?3, 53d) ji. Love. -iTStS. 

A male friend; f. -mh. 
n/ ein (/"?•. oi?'^) s. n. Lowness; humility. 

c5^&; (/■>-. ftK) s. a. Real. n. Reality, 

cJ(i^J3)?3i?iJ e. n. Nitrogen, an element. 

cS^^O!^ "^ s. a. Accidental, occasional. 

jS^SO^i s. a. Momentary. ?(. N. of a 

c3^^0?cx:Sj (=?idocAij) s. h. Barter, ex- 

co^ocijsOS.jT?' s. «. A dialectician, logician. 

NjJdoB (<?;. 0/" fS^Drfjr^) n. The south- 
west quarter. 

:§l'Skir^ s. a. South-western, n- The 
ruler of that quarter. r3^J>djrS. The 
south-west quarter. 

cS^^OFi^o (fr. ftsSjre.;) s. n. Stainless- 
ness, purity. ^^^^^^ 

c3^£)n {fr. ?^%%>) s. H. Bluencss; black- 

j5(^^ec5n (fr. cSs3!;cl,) s. n. An offering of 
eatables to a deity. -4<, -=#j3:Sj, -sJjs 
JSo. To present a naivedya. 

voted. -^^. Constancy, steady adher- 
ence to rules; firm belief. 
^J3A {th. of oljjn) n. A yoke. -*Wj,, 

-So^^j. To yoke. 
c5jt)2^ ^ k. n. Agreeableness or pleasant 

feeling when eating, hearing sweet 

wordS; etc. 
cijsr^ k. H. A fly. -^K. A common plant^ 

PlectrcDithos cordifolius. -w. One of 

the Knruba tribe. 
cSjaE? k. V. t. To clean the teeth with the 

tongue. 2, (a. k.) to swallow. 

FjJSOEirJO (=:cdoa=l), cSJoS^O, f/. l'.) k. 

V. t. To extinguish, quench. "lSot?-. 
To quench fire, zi.isj-. To alleviate 
sorrow. S33Bo-. To slake thirst. 
?3jsorfj (=oSo!:Sj, njoocij, (/. r.j k. r. i. 
To be extinguished, to go out. 

^JSOiOOn. = rSJS?, f/. r. P. 25- ti-oocSj. 
^jsTJaio k. n. A gnat, eye-fly. 

^^6-6 k. H. Foam, froth. -'^^^^^ -^^' 
Foam to be formed. -tJ-soSj. A frothy 
mouth. -3o"3t)j. Frothy milk fresh 
from the cow. -ZoSj s?. A kind of 
rice-happala. -w^^o, -rSja^tfj. To 
foam at the mouth. 

^i57i<SJZ k. n. The forehead. i^JS^iw^rf, 
fSjsSoiocJso. The writ of destiny on 
the forehead. fSJSoiutSjtWj,. A san- 
dal mark on the forehead. 

fSjs? (=f3J30dljjg, cSj3?o:Joj) k. v. ?'. To feel 
pain, to ache; to be afflicted or griev- 
ed. P. p. roJSorfj. 

^jDjy (fr. c3x?:Sj) k. n. Viewing, behold- 
ing; a sight; a spectacle; a look; 
appearance; examination. -*, -rsid, 
-naO. A spectator; an eye-witness; 
an examiner: a shroff. 

{5js?ljerjO e. n. Notice; information. 

cSj3?tSj k. c. t. To look; to view, behold; 
to look after; to examine; to consider; 
to take care; to sec. tfjic-. To taste. 
nsSfS-. To smell. =#^-. To feel the 

pulse. ^E^d--. To peep. ■SO.'^-. To 
look back. oirforfj-. To wait, look 
for. ?3x;a^j. To cause to look, etc. 
-Ci€. Looking-, etc. 

c3j3?^ {fr. ?3-'3°) k. n. Ache, pain. 

c3j3?ciO k. ?'. <. To observe a vow or per- 
form any meritorious act. P. ps. 

cSjs?olb k. n. Any meritorious act of 
devotion, penance, or austerity. 

jSjs^KJOO. = ?3-©?, etc., q. v. i^j^^cOj^io. 
To cause to suffer pain; to pain, 

cSjsj'do li. n. Fare, freig^ht. 

cSjs?^ (/"/'. rSj35) k. n. Ache, pain; afflic- 
tion. -^J3:^j, -djrat^j. = c3js?o5j?io, 
q. I). ;^e3-. Headache. sSjsS.p-. 
Stomach-ache, colic. 

(ft) s. n. A ship, boat. -^. A small ship. 

ffSSxS. = ^^=^6, q. V. 

efi)<SJO. = c^^tiJ, q. r. 

^(yRjij^T^ s. n. The Indian fig or banyan 
tree, Ficus bengalensis. 

<TOnodo (=c330±i) s. n. Method, way, 
rule, manner, system, plan. 2, fit- 


neas, right, justice; law; a lawful 
act. 3, a lawsuit; dispute. 4, a 
logical argument; syllogism; logic. 
5, an axiom. -^^O'^. A case; being 
settled {also -^t^oO'i. Last judg- 
ment). -.S^O^ij. To decide a case; to 
judge. -S^O^o^:,^. Deciding a case. 
-cS *^^- A system of rules. -=gt)d. A 
quarrelsome man. -Sjfoirod). A sen- 
tence or verdict. -^3>J3r3. A stand- 
ard of law; decalogue, the ten 
commandments of God. -djDrt-. 
The way of justice. -53o3, -?i. A 
just man. -r^zs^^i'^. A judge. -i5i33 
tif^. Investigation of a lawsuit. -Ciqra 
o^Jj's'. Legislative. -Cqjsol)^^"^. Le- 
gislative oounciL -?3j^. A court of 
justice. -'^SjC^' A court, cutcherry. 
cS^jOdJ-jqiSS, c3e)»aSj39sai. A judge. 
o33pCxi33^(^. The judgment. seat, bench. 

f3So;rf s. n. Depositing; consigning; a 
deposit, pledge. 2, certain religious 

c^jsooj s. a. Deficient, defective, want- 
ing. -^. Defitiency, waut. 


53*. The thirty-ninth letter of the 

33 k. .4 letter used in reiteration, as: 

"i^ ^^ , ?ijs«j) SVJ), e/c. 2, a. k., 
a Zei^er to form the future tense and the 
present rel. part., as: '3^r, yucS 

02)J5j, =ff^5j, 3=)5S, ^pSj, LoSr, »3J3S?. 

Zl5'<g f. n. A petal of a flower. 
t)'S7>xi s. ?i. The letter K. 
o3^s^ h. n. A double water-skin carried 
on a bullock. 

33-o-?'rf. = ^*?d, q, V. 

Ti'ij, (lb. of S* ) n. A wing. 2, the 
flink or side; a side, party, faction. 
3, neighbourhood. 4, support, -a. 
The flank or side. -ci=^, -0^ (tb. of 
^'^ti'i). The armour of horses or 
elephants. -SJ3e3. Pleurisy. 

zjg' fS (=: ^^fS) k. arf. Suddenly. -?5r(j. 
To burst out a laughing. 

3j^,e3 f. n. A kind of vessel. 


3j53, (/&. o/" ^^,) «. Mature, ripe; per- 
feet; shrewd; accomplished. -so^d, 
Tiie regular account compiled from 
the diary. -wirfoi, -rfS. A shrewd, 
canning man. -slra^J. An apt word. 


-dorO. Lasting colour. -A)!;^oJj. An 

accomplished soldier. -^ = rfj. A large 

measuring seru. 

t.-^, f. n. A manner, way, means. 2, 

= SSir , n. V. 
■a' ' 
7;^, 1. a. k. M. . Lying down; reposing. 

2, a dormitory; the lair of wild beasts; 

a nest. 3, a cow-pen. 4, closeness, 

i^, 2. = Stj^ , etc., q. v. n. The side. 

2, the page of a book. 
ZS^ (=o3t^, q.v.) a. a. Cooked, baked. 

2, mature, ripe. 3, accomplished, 
perfect, fully developed, ready; 
shrewd; stron<'. SjS'S.^. Cooked 
food; a dish. -53Jsi3j. To cook; to 
make fit. -yrtj. To grow ripe or 
fit for use. 

Sj^ ( = s3^, q.v.) s. n. A wing; a 
feather. 2, the side of anything; the 
flank. 3, a side, part; a party, fac- 
tion. 4, a follower, partisan. 5, 
partiality. G.a case; an alternative; 
supposition (w Ji^ciO, in that case, 
provided). T, the half of a lunar 
month. -»3je):So. To be partial, -doa. 
To side with. -33t);S. Partiality. -Sjsia. 
A partisan. -!3^txJj3 ^. An expiatory 
act performed at the suklapaksha. 
-tjS?ci. Partiality. -t?=cSSJ33j. To be 
partial, to show partiality. ^d^'s o 
3S. Another way or manner. ^=S'=> 
Sit}-. Siding with another party. ^^-^ 
Against, opposite (party). 

j3^ s. n. A bird. 2, siding with. 
-rSjaSo. A bird's nest; a bird-cage. 
-ODH. Garuda. -^JeiaScd. Vishnu. -515' 
0^0. To espouse a side. 

~^ , s. n. A wing. 2, an eye-lash. 

3, the filament of a flower. 
ZjAt^ h. ti. A turban. 

^jAuj 1. k. H. A frequently cultivated 

tree, Mimusops elengi. 
ZjaZ? 2. f. n. A mark on a die ; a cowry 

for playing a kind of backgammon. 

2, the play itself. -:^ ^jsp^. The 

centre of a dice-cloth. Cpds..- -o^ 

it^a, 'Oii 53Jc5, -oii ;!:5it)j, etc. -olra 

i>3. The pagade-play. 
T^TsTifj f. a. Cautious, as in speech; 

painstaking'. -A?rf. A painstaking 

3iACi k. n. Tribute, tax. 
3i aCJO, = Sorter, q. V. 
3j7\»Tj f. n. Pay, salary. 
3j7\?:ij. = So^o^J, q.v. 
7^1\S a. k. V. i. To be sticky, viscid; to 

adhere. 2, to be afflicted. 
ti'R. = ^rt, q. V. 

Tjo'^ 1. f. n. A large fan, punka. 
3jc3- 2. s. n. Mud, mire. 2, sin. -ta, 

-Sel3. A lotus. -toA^r", .2Sc33Jf. 

Brahma. -ta»3^0. The moon. -:3t)*, 
-:^js$citf. Vishnu. 

3J0-& s. n. A line, range, row, series. 
2, a row of people at a meal. 3, a 
flock, troop; a company. "{S^^' 
Ravana. -2?$ci. Partiality in serv- 
ing guests, -rfq:. Dasaratha, Cpds,: 
crati-, K'^f^-, etc. 

TjOa k. n. A fork, a forked branch. 
-oraSj. A large forehead-mark. - -2os 
*J. To deceive. 

7jo7(zi k. a. Apart, distinct, n. A party 
of people. 

^CAO s. a. Lame, crippled. 

TjtiT^tTjJ. = Sl3,)0?iJ, q. V. 

3::£ia. = SSla a, q.v. 

Silti^, sieicS s. n. Cooking, roasting; 
maturing; digesting. 2, fire, 

TjtF^'d f. n. Reproach. St3?0^o. To re- 
proach, chide, jeer. 

7ji^ 1. k. n. Greenness; an emerald. -'S' 
^'arrf. Superior camphor. -rJ. Green- 

^Ei 2. (?6. of ^tS rf) »i. Dress, adorning; 

an ornament. -c«, -o3::S (=:SoJa:S). 


A large wrapper; a stout cotton 




Privacy; consulting' in 

cloth used as a cover at night, 

-»33?oJ. To decorate, adoru. 
Tjii S (=5ji^a) k. n. A kind of pickles 

made of green vegetables. 
^eJ k. n. A precious stone set in gold 

without soldering. 
ti2o p-^o h. a. Twenty-five. 2, a kind 

of play. 
sJeio a k, 


3jel (=5jJ^)k. H.. Greenness. 2, yellow- 
So- 2/3 

ish colour. 3, young sprouts; grow- 
ing corn, etc., and their colour. 4, 
freshness, unripeness, rawness. 5, an 
emerald. 6, N. of a plant with fra- 
grant ears; also -S^h:^.. 7, any 
tatooed figure on the skin. -^sioSj 
h:3. A climbing herb, Cucumis 
pubescens. -Jjj^drs. A festoon of 
green leaves. 

Tj'i, . = ^'4 , q. V. 

tioti s. a. Five. 2, incomparable, n. 
A jury. -tf. Made of five; a pack of 
five, as of paper. -=5^^ oij. A sweet 
meat made of five ingredients, as 
avalakki, ellu, kadle, kobari and 
bella. -#^'3?ra. A pentagon. -s?3 
odo. The five wounds of Christ, as 
of hands, feet and heart. -rtw,,. 
Five things from the cow: milk, 
curds, ghee, urine and dung. -r^:^. 
Brahmanas of Bengal and northern 
provinces. -^°^- ^- "^f ^ collection 
of stories and fables in five chapters. 
-3.. Pivefoldness; death. -SjsSr. Five 
days in a month on which Brahmanas 
perform special worship. -s^ioc^S. 
The five sons of Pandu, who are 
worshipped by peasants in the form 
of stones. -3333^. A metal vessel, 
-Sjs^rs. The five vital airs. -i^ijs^. 
The five elements : earth, fire, water, 
air and ether. -wO. The fifth; a SA- 
dra; a candala. -Sij3J'3 3J?^'^, ->3JCoe) 

5j35j. The five heinous sins: killing 
a Brahmana, etc. -oSJCSsodbti , -oSjta . 
Devotional acts performed in re- 
ference to the veda, the gods, the 
manes of ancestors, men and all be- 
ings. -3jo53J:3Co». Five musical in- 
struments: a horn, tabor, conch-shell, 
kettle-drum, and a gong. -0->. The 
5th day of the lunar fortnight; the 
ablative case, -^oo^ . Five gestures of 
fingers made in presenting offerings; 
five sectarian marks of Saivas. -cio 
rtJ. ^-Srar. -03^. N. of doctrinal 
books of Vaishnava sects. -CTsa, -OiiS 
*. The double rule of three. -dj3?^. 
An alloy of 5 metals, viz. gold, silver, 
copper, tin and iron. -»2^. A lion; 
Siva. -5jii. N. of a place where 
Rama resided. -SK)r. The five 
colours: white, black, red, yellow, 
and green; five letters or castes. 
-^s^zi.. The bheri, sankha, kahale, 
gante, and vine. -iSsSodJ. The five 
objects of sense: rasa, rupa, gandha, 
sabda, and sparsa. 

't}Oi3T)o7\ s. n. A calendar or almanac. 
-cia. An astrologer; a poor man. 
-2o°«^j. To tell the things from an 
almanac; to tell verbosely. 

^otTaT^O-.s s. n. The five nectarious 
substances: milk, curds, ghee, honey, 
and sugar. 

3jo£530SJ'S la. 71. An assembly to settle 
a matter by arbitration; arbitration. 

-sSi^ejJ. An award of arbitrators. *jo 


KDoajS. An arbitrator. 
SjOt53£j s. n. N. of a tribe and their 

country in the north. 
l^ov^D^f) s. n. Five states of humanity: 

childhood, boyhood, youth, manhood, 

and old age. 
7ici^^W> s. a. Fifty. -^5:io. Fiftieth. 

sSot3'3Sa S s^K- Pentecost; the pour- 

ing down of the Holy Spirit on the 

disciples of Christ. 




riotj;)?' s. n. One of the five classes of 
artificers: goldsmiths, carpenters, 
blacksmiths, braziers and stone- 
cutters, 2, a goldsmith. 

x;cs5 (= ^o:3j f. n. A small dotra. 

sJoESfOO^od) s. )i. The five organs of 
sense: the eye, ear, nose, tongue and 

t.c^°':io (fr. Jio'^- ?5°:Jj) s. h. ». One- 
eighth of a maund. 

TjodiTi 8. n. A cage. 2, a skeleton. 

Sc3it)20O (<6- o/" SjoiS-wsi) 71. The Panjab. 

3isw^ f. «. The cotton-ball from which 
the thread is spun. '-, an almanac. 
3, a journal; a register. 

S^DSiO f. v. A torch. 

3JO!5 1. k. n- A poor, weak person. -^ 
fi. Poverty. 

^0^ 2. = sSoio, g. f. 

3iU (=^^1) s.n. Cloth. 2, fine cloth; 
= sSyS, q.v. 3, a veil, screen- 4, a 
sheet ; an expanse; vastness. 5, a 
tablet or plate. 6, a thatch, roof. 
7, a sail. 8, a paper-kite. 9, a 
picture. 10, a basin for watering 
plants. 11, a plat. -'ct. Cotton cloth; 
a camp. -'S'si. A weaver; alum. 

-tfoU, -r(,jS, -;33Sj. A tent. 


A perfumed powder. -?oo"Jj. A mast. 
liii^ {tb. of ^ii'ss) n. Sulphate of alu. 

mina or alum ; also 5jW?=t)rf. 
3iU53'dj k. n. Tongs, pincers. 
ZiUf?. /''. of 53ci^, q. V. 
Tj^sj s. «.. A roof, thatch. 2, a cover, 

veil. 3, a basket. 4, tb. of S^JS^t). 
3jU5 8. n. Silk. -^t)S, -nD^i. A man who 

dyes silk yarn, makes silk tassels, etc. 
ZjSob f. n. \ stripe, streak. -^ii. 

Striped. -oajS. Striped, as a tiger. 
XJ&JSTT, wSoD'^ h. n. A cracker, squib. 
Z^z&a^t) s. H. Ostentatious display of 

one's dress. 
Jj&rore h. ». a Pathan, Afghan. 
~63Ct':Jj* f. n. A battalion, regiment, 


z5^S>5^ s. n. Stripes, lines. 2, woven 
silk. -'^?!?. A stre with coloured 

7jB3'. = siU^B', q. V. 2, tb. of ^U^. 

SJeoOA f. ?i. An unprincipled fellow, 
a lecher; a prodigal; an adulterer. 
-S?i. Unprincipledness, profligacy. 

^&oe^ s. n. Sandal wood. 2, the belly. 
3, bamboo manna. 

sJyj 8. a. Sharp. 2, fierce; pungent; 
violent; active; strong, great. 3, 
clever, skilful; crafty. 4, eloquent, 
talkative. -SjsSo. To kindle. •^. 
Sharpness; cleverness; eloquence. 

7j&^iv h.. n. A village officer. 

TjSj&^SJ s. n- A species of long cu- 
cumber, Trichosanthes diocca; the 
snake-gourd; also »j:Ss3o. 

^y, s. n. Cloth; silk. 2, a tablet, 
plate; a royal edict or grant. 3. a 
frontlet with which a king is deco- 
rated at coronation; royalty; a royal 
throne; dignity, office. -'^^■^^- To 
invest with dignity or authority. 
(-^ or) -cS 53j^s3 *jf?;^j=f jsVo,. To come 
to the throne. -^ *-'33,?;o. To 
place on the throne. -Sorf Jr!nJ.)3o3 
*j, -aod ^^^A- To dethrone. -rf^JAi, 
-rf oarf). The queen. -ciE=i. A throne. 
-W7t),-s.irJj. To be enthroned. -S>aj, 
-oS^dj. To ascend the throne. -tort . 


A king. -s3jco«j. The queen. -di:;Sr 

cd. A vaidika Brahmana of much 

reading. -3!)s3. A reading hall. sS 

fezjjoi^^. The coronation of a king, 

ordination of a priest. 

3iU,ci, ^U,Z§ k. n. An anvil. -SJrS. A 


Siy C® {tb. of 5j3 ?5) ?*. A town, city. 
e3 , ^ 

SW.rsrS. A townsman. 


Sjii S? s. n. A ffirth, martingale. 

r!&a, f. ». A long broad sword: also 

Tj^JS oa f. n. Idle talk. 




TikS, 3. n. A stripe, line. 2, a strip, slip, 
strap, as of lace, cloth; a narrow 
and long' piece, as of cloth, leather, 
metal, wood, etc.; a bar of iron, a 
rail for a railroad; a piece of timber 
of a door-frame; a squared rafter, 
joist; a female's zone; a dog's collar. 
3, a roll of betel-leaves. 4, a fold, 
as of a turban. 5, a bed in gardens 
or fields. 6, a roll of a general 
collection; a list of collection, sub- 
scription or contribution. 7, pay, 
salary. 8, a roll or list, as of 
names, etc. -s3j3?d, A slanderer. 
-^?^,. = 5315, No. 3. -ao^*J. To 

collect money by subscription. 

.'*j|o,'ff s. «. A tablet; a kind of necklace. 
2, a document. 3, a bandage, liga- 
ture. 4, a frontlet. 

3iUJ 1. k. I', t. To seize, catch, take 
hold of. n. Hold; a firm grasp. 2, 
persistence; resolution; pertinacy. 3, 
an application to a swelling to allay 
pain. 4, a callous spot. 

■^ilix 2. P. p. of a:^Jl, q. V. 2, (fr. 
53^0 2) lying down. 5Jl3.0?do. To 
lay down, place. ["tion. 

k. M. So much as; time, repeti- 


3dS,l. k. n. The bark of trees. 

plantain fibres folded up so as to 
hold snufi", etc. 

3d^ 2. (=5^^, q.v.) s. n. The pate, 
i. e. a head without hair. 2, a stripe, 
as of colour. 3, a broad tape. 4, 
a strap, girth, girdle. 5, a zone, 
sash. 6, a plat. 7, the outer iron 
rim of a wheel. 8, a roll of assess- 
ment. -*oW2?. A striped kambly. 
-J?i. To shave the head in stripes. 
-SjjotS. A cot with tape bottom. 

3jB 3. (=5jy, No. 1) s.n. Silk; woven 


Tjy . = SjWk>, q. V. 

zi'djj s. n. Reading, reciting. sjSJora 
hdS. a school. ^S?ij. To read; to 
recite; to study. 

^73 1. = Sjc^do, 5jcl:ij. P.p. of 5jd, in 


t>-d 2. (tb. of sjy) n. Cloth. 2, a thatch. 

-?3^53. A veranda, balcony. 
^r^AJ (= 3o^rtj, q. V.) a. k. n. A ship, etc. 

3jt^:5(=^0^) h. n. A curtain; a veil. 

^■rfoSpjr^J h. ji. Inattention, carelessness. 

Tjc^^o f. n. Coarse cotton used for bags, 

^:i(^d k. n. A lying or falling down. 
oiSOd^j. To fall down here and there. 

TjTiziQ, = SjKjs^o, q. V. 

tiZi^'SJO. = SS^J53, q. V. 

^33^5 li. n. Wholesale merchandise. 
-C33rf. A wholesale merchant. 

^3 1. a. k. «. Manner, way. 2, incur- 
ring, obtaining. -s;^Wj. Troubles. 

3it!i 2. k. n. A measure of capacity 
= I sheer. 

;5S 3. k. n. A leaf or panel of a door. 

7j^ 4. k. n. An allowance in food. -^ 
5j. Daily allowance at a temple. 

5iS 5. (tb. of ^3) j(. Equality, like- 
ness, comparison, par. ad. Instead 
of; beside; against. "'^^^' To pro- 
duce equipoise. -^^il,- -^ stone used 
to produce equipoise. -rfjoc^o. A 
round stone used to break another 
one. -Jj33j. An extra servant. 
-5iJoaj. tb. of o3,S53jjsj. -sSji^j. 
Doubt. -cdjJ^o . A puncheon with 

la '■ 

which impressions are struck. 
S5a (tb. of ^^rt^^) n. A spitting-pot, 

zlSsi (=^:^z^) h. 71. Clearance (of a 

debt); consumption (of articles or 

provision); ruin. 
zlS^^ a. k. n. Effort, exertion. 53^3 

2??3o. To make effort. 
JJSodra'd (<??. of ^.Scojid) ?i. A door- 
keeper; f. -^. 
3i5?jJ k. V. t. To cause to incur, get, etc. 

-<S.T?. €ausing to get. 



zJrfjl. (=Sdl) k. f. ^ To get, obtain; 
to catch; to incur, undergo; to ex- 
perience, feel; to suflFer. Affixed to 
the infinitive of verbs it gives them a 
passive signification; as: wdcxJj-, io3 
ajjc*-. To be written, etc. 

7irfo2. a. k. r. t. To lie down; to go 
down, set, as the sun; to wear away; 
to die. n. Setting: the west. -=!?:5, 
-rd. The western side. -o3, -dajj. 
The region of sun-set: the west. 

t.'^ 1- ( = ^"^ 1) k. V. t. To get; to incur, 
undergo; to experience; to gain, ob- 
tain. 2, to beget; esp. to bear, give 
birth to, as a mother. P. ps. sSszSo, 
sSddj. -odjjiO^, -d. Obtaining, 
incurring; experiencing. 

zlui 2. k. H. A multitude, force, army. 
-S3S?, -53V,. A general. -oSjt;. A 

TjZi «9 (tb. of S,S»3?^) n. The sweet- 
scented oleander, Nerium odorum. 

:rfrel. f.v. Any tribe; a sectarian divi- 
sion. -*^- Caste rules. 

sir© 2. ( = 8S£9) s. n. Play, playing for 
a stake. 2, a stake at play, a wager. 
3, wages, hire. 4, a fanam, a small 
coin. 5, a weight of two tolas. 6, 
price. 7, money, wealth. 8, busi- 
ness, trade. 9, a shop, stall, -^^iij.. 
To wager. 

t>^4 (tb. of ^^53) 
shaped lamp-cup, 

x!rJ k. n. A stick, bat. 
with a bat and ball. 

3jf?. = «f^, f/. i". 2, tillage; a quarry. 

3jo5^ s. n. A Pandit, scholar, learned 
man, doctor; f. -Vj. 

ZJPCJ 1. a. k. V. I. To make ready; 
to array; to dress; to trim. 
Arranging, equipping; an 
mental mark on the forehead. 
sJj. To cause to make ready. 

t>^i 2. = 3SC90, q. V. 

7j?? odo k. n. A farm. 

A saucer- 

-"JoSo. A play 


zJrSn s. a. Saleable, vendible, n. An 
article of trade, wares. 2, a shop. 

Tj^oa s. n. A bii'd. 2, a grasshopper. 
3, any flying insect, esp. a moth. 4, 
the sun. 5, a sort of paper-kite. 6, 
an arrow. 

7j^odi€i s. 11. N. of a muni, author of 
the yoga philosophy. 

3j^jj s. n. Falling down. 

Tj^t)^ B. 11. A standard-bearer, an 
ensign. -?). An army. 

tt^s^ s. n. A flag, banner. 

TjS s. n. A master, owner. 2, a gover- 
nor, ruler, lord. 3, a husband. 
-Sj^. A virtuous and faithful wife. 
-5^4. Husband and wife. 

t,B^ 8. a. Fallen; wicked. -bL. "Wick- 
edness. -STarffS. Purifier and restorer 
of the fallen. 

3i^ e; f. M. A lower garment of females. 

Sg V"^ ( = w^«?^) s. »i. A quiver. 

t,^X> Q h. ?i. An examiner of tax money 
and measurer of public corn. 

siS s. n. Going, moving. 2, a footman. 
3, a share of some joint concern, 
-rt, -rrsti. A partner. 

TjB "R k. »i. A hold: a wall-shelf. 2, 
{lb. of ^^"S) a sword-blade; a knife. 

3i^j 1. (=aS;Sj^ 1, g. V.) a.k. v. t. To hold 
to, stick to, etc. n. Hold, adhesion. 
2. a grapple in fight. 3, friendship. 
-»3«?. The amount of frauds on 
government charged to a public func- 

^;^j 2. = s23!j 2, q. v. 

3ioJ 3. f. ?!. Credit, reputation. 


zio h. ». Tidings; trace, clue. -^i? 
.sjo, -Bojy,?io. To trace. -Jo^d. A 
detective. -i./E?rfj. Traces to appear. 

3i^ p^toS f. M. A Pattimar. 

SBj s. M. A wife. Cpds..' rijrfj-, a?:s-, 

3j^n. <b. O/" S5qjg, (J. V. 



Ti^j S.71. A wing. 2. a vehicle. 3, a 
leaf. 4, a letter, note; a written 
paper or deed. 5, the leaf of a 
book; also -'^. 6, a knife. "^^• 
By means of a letter. -^ii=€. A 
basket of leaves. 5j3^ort. Sappan 
wood; red sanders. -5l55ro«)d. Cor- 
respondence. 5j3Sj5i??. A plate made 
of leaves. 

7i&\ f. n. The coat of the nutmeg, mace. 
a. Having wings or leaves. 

tiBt'§ s.n. A letter; a leaf. WcS,-. A 
paper containing the horoscope. 

ZJ ^ [traveller. 

T^Lji s. n. A path, way, road. s;^^. A 

zJqin s. a. Proper, fit, suitable, as diet. 
n. Diet, dietetics. -53Jei:Sj. To observe 
dietetical rules. -=!?rf. "Wholesome. 

3irf l, = Sci, q.v. 

7jrf2. s. M. A step; footstep; a trace, 
mark. 2, a verse-line; a verse, 
stanza. 3, a footing, standpoint, 
position. 4, an abode. 5, an object. 
6, cause. 7, an inflected word. -r<. 
A pedestrian; a foot-soldier. -rtS. 
Gait. -zS ^ti. Parsing. -SJ-)CS. A 
peculiar method of reading and writ- 
ing vedic texts. -^(sci. Expletive. 
-E^d*. An expletive. -<S?i,S. The 
course of a verse. -?5otp3?i. Combi- 
nation of words or composing of 
verses. ^ijjia. The beginning of a 
word. Snso^.. Final. sinsoS.^oS). 
Euphonic coalition of a final letter 
with the letter of the next word. 

TjrfS' s. n. An ornamental breast-plate. 

zJrf;^ a. k. n. Zeal; pleasure; charm. 

^rfdo 1. f. n. A fold, as of cloth; a 
division; a thin layer of stone; a 
coat of an onion; scale of a fish. 2, 
the lap, as protection, as: igio^ni?iA 

3Jrf-do 2. (So =630) k. r. t. To be over- 
hasty. 2, to blabber. JJrfuSCiJ, 
Scitfj. To talk nonsense. sJcSo^U. 
Loquacity; haste. 

^Sj5 s. n. A path, road. 2, situation, 

rank, office; wealth. 

as^-, s3js5 

Heaven. ran. 

?jCTO^, sSanS s. ?i. A footman, pedestri- 
x!ct)i^r s. n. The meaning of a word. 

2, a thing. 3, a head; a category. 

4, a dish of any vegetables; curry. 
3ja. = ^a, q. V. 

TiujO'^ i= ^^y-?) a. k. n. Well-being, 
welfare; safety. ^iio^ri. A happy 
man. Sjrfje?do. To cheer up. 5Scij°i??ij. 
To become well or happy; to feel 

^cS a. k. V. t. To desire, wish. n. De- 
sire, wish. 

3Jl3? s. afZ. At a step. -SiS?. At every 
• step, on every occasion. 

3jrf S s.n. A way. 2, manner, mode, 

usage, custom. Cpds.: s3js^5^-, «=?-, 

3e)S^, etc. 

3i::$, s. n. A lotus, Nelumbium speciosum. 
2, the water-lily. 8, a species of 

fragrant plant used in medicine. 4, 

the moon. 5, a particular posture 

of the body in religious meditation. 

6, thousand billions, -rttpr, -ts, -t^^, 

-SooZjioJ. Brahma, -fl^'tfi. Vishnu -^^• 

Costus speciosus. -s^,rf. Lakshmi; 

Parvati. -SyDSCS. N. of a Purana. 

-W04SJ, -i^sj. The sun. -SjJJ^. A 

certain intertwining of the fingers 

in devotion; a sectarian mark on the 

forehead. -osri. Lotus coloured ; a 

ruby. 5iCj\^. Lotus-eyed; the seed 

of the lotus. SjCj%^53^. N. of a woman; 

the town Patna. sScjS.Sofi. = sJrf,. No. 

5, q. V. 

3jrfn s.n. A verse; metre; poetry. 
Ti^Ti s. 71. The jack tree, 

S^iSD'd k. «. A sweet cake, fritter; 

also suSJoSjsra. 
;rjS)oTJj f. n. Cheese. 
3ic^ 1. {tb. of ^d:^ n. A bet, wager. 

2, a promise or vow; a challenge, -'s' 


Uj,. To bet, wagrer. -SJ3:jJ, -sdb'j. To 

challenge, vow. -rpd. A wagerer. 
tiO^ 2. B. n. A learned man; Pandit; 

a schoolmaster. 
TjoB. tb. of sSor^, q. V. 
tJo^. tb. of 3Soq5, q. V. 
TjoSs,?^ f. M. A schoolmaster. 
sio^j s. n. A path, road. 
Xlorfdj, tioXi^ k. »*. A pandal, shed, 
zioa. = !x5oa, q. r. 
3ioi3 (=35od, g. c.) a. k. n. A coward. 

-3fi. Cowardice. 
3i^il. a. k. «. Pride. 
Zj^n 2. h. H. The breadth of cloth. 
zJv-jX s. ?i. A snake. -z^JS^vs. Siva. 

-!!3Jj=i. Vishnu. 52^, n-)o3^, SjrinD 

irrf. Garuda. 
Zj^SnoX (<!^. of ^^,0'^) n. The canopy- 
over a palanquin or couch; also ^ 

t) on. 
zIJjnS^ a. k. n. Valour, courage. 
3Jf:3^tS k. 11. The web surrounding the 

lower part of a palm-tree leaf. 
3iS5N k. n. Boasting; self-conceit. 
3Jri^?tio k. ?i. Rose-water; perfumed 

3if3^ h. w. A funny way of trimming 

the whiskers. 
3i?3^?■d^J, -■;3j'd k. n. A small tree with 

very fragrant flowersj Guettarda spe- 

tit,.'^^. — sSsfO^, g. V. 
3i^^. = !S^^, g, V. 
xiscJ.*:? s. n. A chequered garment; the 

stuff called "poplin". ffruit. 

zJ»:d,OSJ f. n. The Papaya tree and 
7jZ\ k. /i. Split pulse, almonds, etc. 
Tjc^,^ k. 71. Beating bushes in hunting. 
ZjOT!) a. k. n. Equal division. 
TjO^S (= ^od, q. V.) s. «. The river, lake; 

or town of Pampa or Hampe; also 

7;D205. = «owej, g. V. 

cloud. 5533j5$^. The ocean. SjoSjs? 
^^, 5jd3j3;ouOJ+)- The milk-sea. 

^:):JJTO (lb. of ^o±ie)ra, g. i'.) n. A jour- 
ney, e<c. 

sioJOcO e. n. "Water. 2, milk. 

ziOSJ'd.), 3iai3Jj. = 55^tio, g. r. 

zivj s. a. Distant, remote. 2, ulterior, 
beyond. 3, subseguent, next, future. 

4, another, different, foreign, alien. 

5, hostile. 6. excellent, best, supreme, 
chief. 7, intent upon, engrossed in. 
n. A stranger. 2, final beatitude. -^ 
3.^. Another agent. -=ct3dSj. Another 
body, --S-^oij, Another's; a stranger. 
-3o^. Subject to another; dependent 
on. - 3o;Sj3^. Dependence. -^, 
Absoluteness, distinction; priority. 
-3,. Elsewhere, hereafter. -3^. = i. 
Influence, sway. -c|^aocJ, Through. 
-nsii. Another's wife. -;5=S. A foreign 
country. -^S^^^. A man from abroad. 
-c3^3. A foreigner; a poor wanderer; 
a wretch. -?io:3. Reviling others. 
-^fy- The side of an enemy. -^ 
!iJ55i. A stranger. -toa;. A hostile 
army. -"^^f The supreme soul. 
-"^■srt. Excellence. -u:?d. Foreign 
language. -vSoo:^©^. The ruler of 
another province. -53j3. Heterodoxy, 
heresy, -csoi:). Another or hostile 
king. •^^'^ • ^ hostile country; 
another kingdom. -djs;^. The next 
world, future state; paradise, heaven. 
-a^. Subject to another, dependant. 
-sJ^o. Dependence, -s^a. A contro- 
versialist, dissenter. -;td:^. A foreign 
place or abode. - ^"^^ 5iJ?Sj. To 
stay in a foreign place, -j^?. = -n33. 
-riu. A foreign place. "'^Ij^- R^" 
moving the baggage for a journey 
on an auspicious day to another 
house, when it is not convenient 
to start immediately. -^^- One 
another, each other, mutual; mu- 




tually, reciprocally. -^^^^fS. = 5io5) 

9?o5. -coo;^. Injuring others, -to^. 

Benevolent; benevolence. sSoso 0. 

Higher than the highest. SjcraqiF. 

The profit of another. 5jD^^(xb. 

Dependence. SjosS^d. Dependant, 

subject. 5jD!)3o . The afternoon. 
iJirfSe^o (c! = e3) k. n. The state of being 

emaciated or lean. 
ZjTj^3^?6 h. n. Proving coin, shroffing; 

also Sj3 d^ i) sS f^. 
ziTJ^S^ f. 71. A long cloth. 
xld^j 1. = iSrf^o. 
ZJTJS^O 2. h. n. Distinction, difference; 

^TJ'^ (=':o'i'€, q. V.) a. k. n. A benedic- 
tion. 2, a vow. 3, a broom. 
Sj^asS h. w. A district. 
Tj'dc'h f. ?i. A Frank; a European. 
Sjdeio (= 5jti3^J) k. y. ^ To scratch with 

the finger nails. 
7^-ddiO (tb. of SjcSok) n. The blade of a 

sword or knife ; a sword. 2, a sward- 
si'dOiSjsosS s. 11. The supreme light. 

2, God. 
ZjiJSf. «. A platter, pot; the blade of 

a hoe. 2, an enclosure around a 

TjXili t. 11. A kind of dish. 2, the nape 

of the neck. 
zidtio 1. (= corfc^j) a. k. I', t. To spread. 

2, to scrape out; to scratch, v. i. 

To spread, extend. 
TjTJc^O 2. a. k. n. The ankle. 
si'rf^i. =!od:S, (/. V. 
3jti:3 (= siSd) h. 11. A curtain, veil. 
^d£(f ?jJ f. n. Paradise, the garden of 

Eden; heaven. 
TjIJo^O f. ad- But, yet, however. 
XJTJ;^ a. k. V. t. To spread about. 2, to 

be divulged. 
Sj^depsb, 7j'^zpi)'8 f. ((((. Elsewise, in 

some other way. n- An assignment, 

transfer. -5^3,. A deed of transfer. 

Zj^^o s. a. Highest, most excellent, 
best, greatest. 2, extreme. n. The 
supreme soul. -Tih. Final beatitude. 
-Ss) c^. Supreme wisdom; knowledge 
of salvation (Christ.). -23^ ?i. A person 
of superior wisdom. -^. The highest 
end or aim. -^zi. Final beatitude. 
-^:io^. The supreme soul. -^o^. 
An ascetic of the highest order. 
sJdoSjsrsj. An atom, odsjjs^j^. The 
supreme soul, the soul of the universe; 
God. sicJsjJciciori. Supreme felicity. 
Siti^j^ni. Best food, as.- rice boiled 
in milk with sugar. SjCj^j^qSr. 

Reality, truth. StiSorf^. Utmost 
term or limit. sid^j?^, 5jtf»3j^ 

^rf. Supreme lord : Siva; Vishnu; 

sclTJ^O (tf = es) a, k. n. A black bee. 

^'dcsj'd s. a. Successive, repeated, sitfo 
Sjd. A series, succession, order ; race, 

tiTizih^F. tb. of ^o-s^oSr, q. v. 

7jT5^t} h.. 11. Care, concern about; anxi- 
ety. -'~^^- Never mind. 

3jTis^?33, sri'dSDfS h. n. An order, pass, 

ZJTii^o s. n. An axe. -^d, -oaSo. Rama, 
the son of Jamadagni. 

^Ti7jO, = ^ti^o, q.v. 

TjTifj (=sS0?3. tb. of SOs^ss*) n. People 
assembled at an idol festival. 

^"d;6, (Zjrf s. 11. The active transitive 
verb (g.). 

TjXjIi'^o f. int. A.ttention ! take heedl 
listen! n. Carelessness, inattentive- 
ness, forgetfulness. 

TJZTi'^xTio s. 11. Heroism, valour, courage; 
power, strength. 2, exertion; eiiort, 
enterprise. -5j0. A valorous man. 
-4°-^, 5ja«i=rjiSo. Powerful, valorous. 

TjCSTk s. n. The pollen of a flower. 2, 
dust, powder. 3, the nectar or honey 
of flowers. 



sacrifice by faith; Christ. SjOjoOsJo. 
To abandon, leave, reject; to take 
away, remove, set aside, remedy; 
to clear ofif, as a debt. 

Zibsrorf, 3ri&SoS?:^o s. n. Jesting, joking; 
a jester, bufifoon; also -*. 2, mirth, 
sport; laughter, deriding; mockery. 

siSpir, s. 71. Investigation; examination, 
tebt, trial. -Wrto. An examination 
to take place. -'Sj-ir^o. To undergo 
an examination; to pass an exami- 
nation with success; also -5ra?a37lJ. 
-nsti. An examiner. -:ir^, -Sjsso, 
^0?5^^J. To inspect, examine; to 

3j&59aa. = ^OqjStS, q. V. 

^dTJoy^, -a (tb. of S^^KOci*) n. Spread- 
ing; prolixity; verbosity. SiCjycDJiJ. 
To spread about; to give details of. 

siTJO^ (lb. of wSr) n. A yearly feast at 
which villagers take a common meal 
before an idol. 

sSdo^ s. a. Knotted; rough, rugged; 
harsh, cruel, stern, rude. n. A. 
touch-stone, the philosopher's stone. 

7i'6 1. (= s^i3, q. V.) a. k. v. i. To spread, 
disperse, n. Extension, stretch. 

3iT5 2. k. n. A scale, coat of an onion; 
a web on the eye; slough of a snake; 
a thin layer of stone; a spider's web; 
scab of a sore; scurf of the head. 

Zi6 3. (3=63') a. k. n. A drum. 2, an 
eyelid. 3, leanness, thinness, feeble- 

z;-!5o?->.= i^^oTS, q.v. 

7j-6(xio (3=633) k. «. A Pariah. 

3jT5e3', Tj^S^t^ s. n. The supreme lord. 

zItS.©?^ s. a. Invisible, imperceptible; 
absent. ?i. Invisibility. 

3j^j3?7j?fSti s. n. Doing good to others, 
benevolence, charity. sidjS^Jj^sO. A 
beneficient person. 

Zj&!F;dn S.71. A rain-cloud. 2, Indra. 
-2aE. A prayer for rain. 

Tj^r 3. n. A leaf. -^ol3, -33e3. A hut 
made of leaves; a hermitage. -J^? 

t3?i, ^t^FS^, SJf^rsi^tf. Feeding on 

ti7jFii. = ^^ ^, q.v. 2. = -?*. 

^sdry^ s. n. A species of medicinal 
plant, Oldenlandia biflora. 

TjTjF^'S (—^"i^Of) a. k. H. Roughness; 

SjojSHr^^ f. n. A herb, Mollugo cei'viana. 

3i20or (=sSwj^, q. V.) a. k. v. i. To 
spread, etc. 

JjOJorUci s. 71. Roaming, wandering. 
-sSjSiSJ. To wander about. 

TjCd^Fo^, -ij s. n. Limit, border, edge., 
end. ad. As far as, until, unto. 

SjorforodJ s. n. Going round; revolution 
of time. 2, change, mutation. 

^iodOF'^^fe^ s. n. End, conclusion, issue. 

TjfjiysFli^. = sJorfjrMcj, q. v. 

tioijsFh s. n. Obtaining. 2, end, con- 
elusion. 3, competency. 4, satis- 

3Jod3eiForfo s. n. Revolution, course. 2, 
repetition. 3, succession, turn. 4, 
order, method; style; manner. -cS^ 
CO. A synonym. 

siorfoor^A^ s. a. Stale, not fresh. -'.^JS? 
^ci. Eating stale food. Sjoioj^on^^f^. 
Stale rice. 

SjoSosF^I? s. 71. Search, inquiry. 2,. 

3i^r s. 71. A knot of a cane. 2, a sec- 
tion, chapter, book. 3, a division 
of time: the days of the four changes 
of the moon. 4, a festival. -So^. 
The full and change of the moon. 

Tjzif'^ s. n. A mountain. -'SD^. A 
raven. -?raqi. The Himalaya. sSijr 
3^0. Indra. oSo^rfj-. X. of a mountain- 

Sj^f^. = ^loor, q. V. 

t>6. = !^^^, q. V. -hO. To grin, show 
the teeth. -?^a. To gnash the teeth. 

ZJZil, t,t)^ ( = 5oe;4, q. v.) a. k. a. 
Many, several, various. Cpds.: -353 
X, -Wrt, -SJS^J, -tfJ3^, etc. -tOD*5 
-So*, -tiJ. Several persons. 




7j& 2. s. 71. A particular weight or 

ttt)-R (=^1^7^. tb. of v^^) «• -^ plank; a 

tabor; a shield. 
tiVOA. tb. of ijSJ^o^, q. V. 
Zi£^S3S"rf, 7i<^V^. tb. of ^C33j5d, q. v. 
^ie^sodo^ s. ?i. Fleeing, flight; a run. 

siOD03j3. Fled. 
zleJS^ h. )j. The dish called Puliio. 
3j©3^ s. n. The tree £a<ea frondosa. 2, 

a leaf. 
Zjs3^ s. a. Grey haired; old, aged. n. 

Grey hair; old age. 
ijdrJ ?fiJ f. n. Palastine, the Holy 

— o 


•<ri<yq (=^^^) ^'^) k. n. Any garden 
green, any vegetable. 2, a vegetable 

35£)qo5' s. n. A bedstead. 2, a palan- 

li<V a. k. w. An elephant. 2, the black 

zic; -S-, (<ft. 0/" s^aj.o^, g. ?;.) n- A palan- 
quin. 2, =:^ri.oT\, q. v.; also si^ori. 

JjCJ y (tb. of Soij-odj) ji. Inversion, ir- 
regularity, change, confusion. SjSJ 
i3?5o. To change places. 2, to invert. 

zJa* ^ s. n. A sprout, shoot; young foli- 
age. 2, a vocabulary. 3, a refrain; 
also 5jej^. -3J^ci. A hand like fresh 
shoot. 53aj <D??J. To sprout; to spread. 
5iftj^3§ia?^53. A yearly feast at which 
young foliage is worshipped in a 

7j(SjS h. n. A measure of capacity of 


100 or 120 sers. 

jjcQ (=cij©, q. V.) k. n. A house-lizard. 
CO '"' 

3je3 . = 5jSJ(., etc. q. v. 2, = 3os3 , q. v. 

IV) " '^ 

35rfa?JO (=55S5?Jij) f. V. i. To lie down, 

recline, repose. 
zl'rfo©. </j. of ^oSjsra, g. r. siSrQjS, Exact 

proof or certainty. 
Tj'dti'R. k. n. Being threaded. ^Tj^Ti^i. 

To thread, as a needle, bead, etc. 

^'A'^ s. K. "Winnowing. 2, wind, air, 

-te, -?do^. Bhima; Hanumat. 
3i^S?. = 2553V, g. r. 

Sj^nO e. Ji. A "pound" in money, gold 

TtzytiZi s. n. A determination to effect 
an object; fanatical, pompous or 
marvellous words or acts. 

3iS^j s. a- Pure, clean; sinless, holy. 
11. The kusa grass; a ring made of 
it and put on the fourth finger. 2, 
the sacrificial thread. 3, the middle 
finger. -^, -3^. Purity, cleanness; 
holiness. ^.53?^:^,. The Holy Spirit. 

zJ4)aio. = 5:'^S30, q. V. 

XJJ^c&7 h. n. An ornament for the wrist 
of females. 

7j^^ h. a. Deceased, defunct. 

Ti:^^ (=^^) t.n. An enclosure; a ram- 

7j€o s. 71. Cattle; any domestic animal; 
a brute, beast; an ignorant person; 
a victim. -^^. Siva; a bull. -Sjsej. 
-Sj3ej=g'. A herdsman. -^n. Brutish- 

3j^3§s. fld. Behind; afterwards. sSs^ 
S^^;^. Knowledge that comes after 
an act. ^'Sf 3^^. Sorrow, regret; 
repentance, remorse. -T^JS'-fJ., -^dj, 
-ao^&Jj,. To repent, regret. 

3ril) Tio s. a. Hindermost. 2, western. 
n. The back; the west. -r!W,. The 
western ghauts. sSS djsp:^ cS. North- 

3i?jrf?i. <b. of ^^qSoi, g. r. 

zj^dorfj h. rt. Agreeable, comely, pleas- 
ing. -Sjje)::^j. To make pretty, nice; 
to approve. 

3j?jTJ. = ^^rf, g. v. 5J?iO?io. To spread, 
spread abroad. [ao-e. 

tj7i^ k. n. Young, green grass, pastur- 

ziid^rf, ^T^sodo. (6. of ^^^■Brf, g. w. 

zlidsS (tb. of ^?j^rf) ?i. Things spread 
about; a grocer's shop. 





X^\ — Bool, q, V. 

tiTio a. k. I', f. To divide, cut; to share. 
2, = *S2l . -rt. Division, portion; 
share; arrangement. 

tiTJ^tS (=S'to"w) a. k. ?i. A long bag 
with an opening in the middle; also 
SSj^ooiJ. -5is?. A merchant. 

Sj^OlJo. — soJitfo, q. V. 

TiTiO'^ { = ^^J^) a. k. M. A child. -:^?i. 

3J;6(=^?5) a. k. H. A bed, layer. 2, 
a meaningless word. 

?;?i f. n. Easter, passover; commemora- 
tion of the resurrection of Christ; 
also -3oZ^. 

srfSolS {tb. of ^3oCi) n. A period of 
three hours, watch; a watch or a 
guard. -ssodoj, -=^j5^j. To watch. 
-^dortj. To go about on guard. -odj53. 
A guard, sentinel. 

tj^. = 2o°^, q. V. 

ZjS?3^ (s? = 0) k. m. Use, practice, habit, 
custom. rfji?-u-'do. To accustom, habi- 
tuate, train, practise. 

ti^7\0 (°^=C3) k. r. i. To become used 
to or familiar with; to bo trained. 

si^oeio a. k. v. I. To strike or dash 
against; also ?j^o^j. n. Opposition, 

Zj^i5. = ^^^s, q. V. 

z;^O307?, si^5;^r*=C0. <b. 0^55^3=^) a. k. 
n. A banner, flag. 

3i^O30X!j, 3:;s<,3?jj (<b. 0/" ^eji>;^j) y. i. 
To cry, lament. 

;:iS?l. ( s? = C3'. - 3Ss?) a. k. t\ <. To 
revile, scold. n. Blame; fault; 


t<9 2. C-?=CS\ tb. of 5^, q. V.) n. 
Equality; counterpart; amends. 

3:l'9:::^o {=siKid, q.v.) n. Boiled and sea- 
soned vegetables used as sauce. 

^^0 (=!5S<^05i) a. k. H. A forest. 2, 
rubbish; weeds. 

Z.'^O^O (tb. of ^ li^) n. Crystal. 

sJs?, = 33«?, q. V. 

^% ( = ^^) a. k. n. Depth. 2, a pit. 
3, a stream. 

t,<9^ (= ^ V^ ^" "• "^ hamlet, village. 

S3^ s. H. Cooking. 2, maturity; ripe- 
ness; completion, accomplishment. 
3, syrup. -SjsSj. To cook. -S3s3. 
A kitchen. -S3^.. A book on cook- 
ery; cookery. 

SjStt f. n. A side of a roof. 2, a cook. 

SJSa^oS (^Sj^iioa) s. a. Heterodox, 

3jDa (tb. of c^cS) «. The fourth part of 
a pana: 1 ano 2 kasus; also ssrt. 

ZJ^T^Ji (tb. of SJ3?3rf) n. An encircling 
wall, fence, enclosure. 

3jt)Aj h. M. A kind of turban. 

SjDoaO a. k. n. Manner, form, shape; 

SjDsiS' s. a. Cooking; maturing; diges- 
tive, n. A cook. 

Sj3&7 k. 71. Green stuff on stagnant 
water. 2, milk, in children's langu- 

SjSS?^ s. n. A die used in playing. 

Sj3e^ b. n. A king, Pasha. 

SJ33§ h. a. Low, mean. n. A scrub. 

;jD0t5S<y (fr. 5J01535J) s. a. Belonging to 
Pani-ala; the country or ruler of 
Paucalas. 33301^0, 3Jt)oi3t)23. Drau- 

^Tiki 1. (fr. 3;'?:Sj) k. n. Singing; a song. 

say 2. s. n. Breadth, expanse. 2, tb. of 
sad, q, V. 

oj3y<a s. a. Pale red. n. The trumpet 
flower, Bignonia suaveolens. 

S3M2353)i^ s. n. The capital of Magadha, 
Palibothra, the modern Patna. 

SjSUd (fr. 5iWo) s. n. Sharpness, 
acuteness, energy; harshness. 

SJ3630 li. «. A. line, as drawn through 
a letter, 

3jD^ 1. (=^3^0) k. n. Manner, sha;Te; 
degree, size; fitness; likeness. 2, 
downfall, ruin. 




^jS^2. s. n. A gang of workmen. 

SjbWO ifr. sSiSj, q. V.) k. n. Experiencing, 
obtaining, undergoing; feeling. 2, 
(— S5)33j) nature, manner, mode; 

srotii s. n. Recitation. 2, reading, study. 
3, a lesson. -1u<5j ^■i- To recite a 
lesson. -^JScSo. To learn by heart; 
to teacii. -=5^. A reader; a student; 
a teacher. -:Sjj?S. A false reading. 
-S=)e3. A school, college. 53SG?o3rf. 
A variation of reading. ^^0. One 
who has read and studied. s:'?S?do. 
To recite; to learn. 

SSt^A (tb. of 3C^nS^y^) n. An anklet. 

sro5 k. n. A hamlet, village. 

SjBc^o 1, (= ^TiAi 1, q. V.) k. V. t. To 
sing. n. Singing; a song. 

oJ^rfo 2. (= SoDC^J 2, g. r.) k. n. Suffer- 
ing; trouble; manner, mode; fitness; 

SJBT^o {tb. of ^.SSS3«) n. The first day 
of a lunar fortnight. 

533?^ s. w. The hand ; holding in hand, 
-rt Bora. Marriage. -Svxraej. The wrist. 

srorfS) s. n. N. of an eminent gramm- 
arian. [Pandu. 

SjSct^^ s. ?i. A descendant or son of 

SjScS^o ifr. Sjoa^) s. 11. Scholarship, 

learning, erudition ; skill. 
.SJBOt^o s. a. Yellowish white, n. Father 

of the five Pandavas. 2, jaundice ; 

also -djs^rt. 
ojDot^O'rf s. a. Pale. ?t. Jaundice. 2, 

the white leprosy. 
oJ^Ct^O'dcA s. n. N. of Krishna. 
Zit)OXin s. n. N. of a country and people 

in the Dekhan. 
SjS^ s.n. Falling, fall; a throw; a 

stroke; an attack; defect, fault, a. 

Watched, protected. 
ZSt)^"^ s. n. Sin, crime. -5jO^O?oO. Sin 

to be removed. -^?i. Sinful state. 

-ooa. To incur sin. ^"s^i. A sinner. 

casid {tb. of Sjti^, q. V.) n. Performing, 
dancing. -^■^. A butterfly; a danc- 
ing girl; also -rfSs?j. 
5:X)53£', sasas;^ s. n. One of the lower 
regions, the abode of the serpents and 
demons. -ncS, -r!da, rttfo:^, -i^?a. 
A hooked drag to catch things under 
33aS k. n. A basin round the foot of a 

tree, etc. 2, a garden-bed. 
SljsS^^o {fr. 53S3j-3^) s. n. Loyalty to 

a husband, conjugal fidelity. 
3jt^j (=5J9:Srf, SJD^j) s. n. A drinking 
vessel; a goblet, cup, etc. 2, a ves- 
sel in general. 3, a receptacle; a 
fit or worthy person; a recipient of 
punishment, blame, etc. 4, an actor. 
5, a disguise. 6, performing, dancing. 
a. Fit for. -^, -^ • Fitness, worthiness. 
-cJsSv'o. A dancing girl. 
3ja^.= sj=)^, No. 1-2, q.v. 
sai^jssrf, Sjai^jse^^Jri s. n. A cloud. 
Sjarf s. n. A foot. 2, an honorific affix 
to proper names. 3, the foot of a 
mountain. 4, the root of a tree. 
5, a verse-line. 6, a fourth part. 
-=ff'3£^#, -HsirJ^. A gift placed at 
the feet of a guru. -JSsO. A foot- 
man. -24. A Sudra. --S^qir, sadja? 
d*. Water in which the feet have 
been washed. -Srf. A lotus-like 
foot. -iJj?c5. A foot-stool. -^fB^. 
Homage paid to the feet of a guru. 
-^rf?3. An expletive. -^^. A sandal, 
3ja3'rf;d f. n. Quicksilver, mercury. 
sa;:o& 1. ( = s;aa^) f. n. A padre or 
Christian minister or Catholic priest. 
3ja:i5 2. tb. of ssWej. 
s;a::$o5', sarfo^ s. n. A wooden shoe; 

also «J=>zSo. 
3jai5d00^J ?\t^ k. n. A perennial herb, 
Polycarpea corymbosa. 


2, washing the feet. 





z:t>^ s. n. Drinking. 2, a drink, bever- 
age. 3, a canal. -=5*. A draught, 
beverage; a beverage made of jag- 
gory, sugar, etc. -A<J5^^^. A drink- 
ing party. -r.t^, -jj^js?;. A drinking 
vessel, ^ci-- Meat and drink. 

ZjS?i s. n. Water. sSsiSi^Oi). Drinkable; 
a drink. 33^oi?odos30^. A shed on 
the roadside for providing passengers 
with drinking water. 

ZjS^O f. n. A leaf; the leaf of a book; 
the leaf of piper betel. 

oj^c^ji s.n. A traveller; also -^. 

ZJliTj 1. k. n. A small child. 2, a doll or 

SJS3j 2. s. a. Bad, wicked, sinful, etc. n. 
Sin, vice, crime, wickedness, guilt. 2, 
a bad state, misery, srasj. misery! 
-^ CiOr-i 2^:^o, -s3j3^ ttSjt)::!). To for- 
give sin. -^wjr. An evil deed. 
-^oij, -frasifd. The destruction of sin. 
-piSsidrs. Averting sin. -?)^,^. 

Atonement for sin. -iS»5j3?i^c^. Libera- 
tion from sin. -SOSosti. Forgiveness of 
sin. -^jstfj. To bring sin upon one's 
self. sra3j3;^j_. A sinner, a wicked person. 

S33i§3, sjS^^jS, oj^rl'd (tb. of sSsSrW) 
n. The bitter apple, colocynth. 

SbS) s. a. "Wicked; sinful, n. A sinner, 
criminal. -^. Most wicked; a sin- 


ojtJsS (=33353 1) k. n. A puppet, doll; 

an ensign; the pupil of the eye. 
ojJ^S?jJ (=C3sj3?3o) h. n. A shoe or 

oTO^O {tb. srasSj) n. Herpes, scab. 
SjiiTiOTi s. a. Low, vulgar; stupid. ii. 

A vulgar man; f. sja^ioO. -:^(^. 

Lowness, rudeness; heathenism. 
3j3odv* (=3it)OiiO) k. f. i- To jump over; 

to cross, leap; to step, advance; to 

butt, gore; to knock against, n. 

Going; course; manner; fitness. 

^L^. A 

ojX)odo (tb. of s;dcS) n. Foot. -Sj^fS. A 

privy. -cSs?. Infantry. 

badge of honour for the foot. 
3JScdo?i (fr. 5io±>?:<) s. a. Made of milk. 

n. A dish of milk, rice, sugar, etc. 
z:T)OiTSi f. »■ A foundation. 
Sj5CX3o. = ssacdj, 5. t'. --.a^sSj. Trowsers. 

5jSCX30C33, cdOS0;5 h. n. Advantage, 

SJS'b s. n. The opposite bank of a river. 
2j the limit of anything, ad. Across, 
over, through. -n»rf?l). To cause 
to look through; to help to cross, 
-rrerw. To see the end of. -SjsSj. 
To help out of. sTSDsrtj. To be 
saved from, to get out of. -rt. Well 
versed in. -ri3, -ons. Adept, profi- 
cient. -dSr=5'. Transparent. 

SSTj53^5?. = Sjrf^^drf, q. V. 

ojfdZi, ZJSJiui a. n. Quicksilver. 

SJD'df^ s. 71. Breakfast. 

aJt>'d'si^^y'S (fr. SjrfoSjBqir) s. a. Spiri- 
tual; real, true; spiritually-minded. 

SjBT^csJocior (fr. SuosSos) s. n. Heredi- 
tary succession. 2, tradition. 

3jt)'d2/t>'0'3' (fr. sid'Sjz^'c) s. a. Relating 
to the next world. 

SjB'CZ). = S;Sd, q. V. 

ZjtXJiioi^^ s. n. Reading through, per- 
usal; study. 

SjZlUD'rfjg (= STSOSSrS, 3T?0:33°i?, etc.) s. ». 
A pigeon, dove. 

^ST>5S3'd s. n. The further and nearer 
bank or shore. 2, the ocean. 

Sj5&S0;^j h. «. A partition-deed; a deed 
relinquishing one's claim. 

33;)&3i3:g, -^ s. «. The coral tree Enj- 
thrina indica. 

Sj35^jse»>,^ 9. n. A reward, present. 

s:D53i'rf (fr. SOSj 3) s. a. Moving to 
and fro, shaking; unsteady. 

ojD&spsS^,^ (fr. 5jO"^?*is) s. rt. Common. 
2, technical, as a terra. r^ dove. 

;j353;)r*8, s:ra5:3s^ (/b. of 3330?^;^) «, 

oJiJO rO 



3j3Q^ h.. a. Persian, n. A Parsee. 

SjS'do 1. k. «• Looking to or after. -^3^. 
Local administration, as of a temple, 
alms-house, etc. -si^^n^ti. An officer 
in charge of a temple; a subordinate 
collector and magistrate. 

ZJT)TJo' 2. tb. of SJ!)tf, q. V. 

oJ^rJj 3. (rfJ= eSJ. = 3o9dj, g. i;.) k. r. i. 
To leap, jump; to run; to fly; to 
palpitate, m. Running, flying; a kind 
of boat; a flying vehicle. 

3jD^. = 5^^5, q. V. 2, a crowbar; also 

5j34jr s. n. A king. 2, Arjuna, 
Sjt):fi"»^ s. 71. "Width; greatness, immens- 
ZJi^F"^ s. n. A prince, king. 2, the 
nineteenth year in the cycle of sixty. 
3, Siva. a. Terrestrial. 2, ruling or 
possessing earth. 

S3S^F0S (fr. ^^^) s. n. The general 
funeral ceremony offered to the de- 
ceased ancestors. 

SjS^rS (fr. ^^~3) s. n. The daughter 
of Himavat, Durga. -crforffS. Kartti- 
keya. -?2i, -?^^' Siva. 

5j3^^r s. 71. The part of the body below 
the arm-pit; the side, flank. -533". 
An attendant. -;3do±j. Partial pa- 
ralysis. -^.rasS. Pleurisy, o^:^-. The 
left side. wsj-. The right side. 

S3s5a ^ s. 71. The heel. 2, the rear of 
an army. 

oj5£^^ s. 71. A guardian; a ruler, king; 
f. -Vj. as*-. The guardian of one 
of the quarters of the world. 

Sj3e;6-, ZJTiejr;^ (tb. of siu^o^) n. A 
palanquin. -sSjOSe^tI. A procession 
in a palanquin. 

Sjse'pi, 5j3£^c3 s. 71. Guarding, protect- 
ing; keeping. -SjsSj. = sj'sOSj, g. v 

oj3e3 s. n. A line, row. 2, a dike, bridge. 
3, a wall. 4j a part. 5, a margin, 
edge. 6, beginning. 7, the tip of 
the ear. 8, the lap. 9, green ginger. 

3j3e3;!JO s. v- t. To guard, protect, 
nourish; to rule; to obey; as a 
command; to observe, as a rule; to 
present, give, as an order. cStxJj-. To 
grant, vouchsafe. 
Slistyj 1. (= aotiejj) a. k. ?i. Milk. -od. A 
kind of sweetmeat. -=5^3. To milk. 
-S3^. A small owl. 
5jD£^j2. k. «. A division; a part, share; 
joint property. -n^t. A partner in 
business; an associate ; one who enjoys 
or suffers with another; f. -n-i^i^o, 
-rraSr. -nsB^^, -Sc^ji. Partnership. 
oj3e3 k. n. A large fruit tree, Mimusops 
kauki. 2, the blue jay. 3, the lobe 
of the ear. 
Zj^'^'^ s. a. Purifying, pure, clear; ap- 
parent, manifest. ?i. Fire; a fire-poker. 
2, religious custom. 
Sjt)dij^ f. M. A step, stair. -oidj. To 
ascend the steps. "'^^A* "^^ erect 
^D^ri, Sj-5^c§ {tb.of Sj^si^^) n. Cloth; 
a girl's petticoat; a woman's gar- 
oj3^5a. = i^jisSar!, q. v. 
SjSrffi s. a. Purifying; pure, holy. «. 
A means of purification: penance; 
cow-dung; fire. - J, -:^. Purification. 
SjsdeS, 3jade3 f. w. A quarter of a 

3jSs5r6 (= 5G5).2o, 2oti53?3, q. V.) k. 71. Algae 
produced on stagnant water, etc., 
lichens upon stones, walls, etc. 

SC^ ^•— S335^, q. V. 

s:s^ 2. (lb. of 3J3ci) n. A quarter. 

Z3^>^j7i. tb. of 333rfJ*, q. V. 

SjS^t^. = S3^5i^, g. V. 

SjS^ s. w. a tie, cord, rope, fetter; a 

noose, snare. 
s:a^^ (= ^^lif) s. 71. = 33s^, g- v. 2. 

a die used in playing. 
ZjZ^ h. n. A rope (for the gallows); 

hanging, -'ijs^o, -asti^j. To hang. 




SjDHiOs;^ (/■)•. ea!jSS) s. «. Relating 
or sacred to Siva. ?i. N. of a weapon; 

also 5J3S0Si333J . 

ojfsi^ozi a. n. Heresy. 2, a heretic; 

also 353 ^oa, SJSSiJOa. 

S3Do3fDre s. ?i. A stone, rock. 2, arsenic 
and other poisons. -z^^a. The plant 
Plectranthus scutellarioides. 

SjD^ e. »i. A pass. -yrto. To pass. sJ 
0;^ Sjs^^rarlo. To pass an examin- 
ation. -53j3:3j. To make pass. 

oj3?j§o a. k. n. Likeness, resemblance. 

Sj3rje3 h. n. Distance. 

ora?3as3 k. «. An earthen saucer-like 

Zii)^ k. ?j. An ingot or a bar of gold or 

sro^^ f. n. Spying, searching out, lying 

in wait. -cSjs^Sj. To spy, lurk, -rre 

tf. A spy. 
sro^. = ro£), q. V. 

aJ^'^O. = 3otl^J, q. V. 

Sj3s?, s:DS?ocij, S3^s;*n (tb. of sniwodo) jj. 
An encampment, camp; a settlement, 
hamlet. -asS. A Poligar, a feudal 

h"^ s. n. The cuckoo, Cuculns indicus. 

L)^(ya\, h'aO-sb k. n. The Madras bul- 

h^XiTjj e. n. A pickaxe. 

^b^Sj h. rt. Faint, pale; weak; pallid; 

obfS'Oj. = wj's'i, 5. 1'. 
IboA s. a. Reddish-brown, tawny. -SJ. 

N. of a fabulous naga; the 51st 

year of the cycle of sixty. -0, -e3. A 

kind of owl. 
hoT^ri f. "• Crockery; porcelain, China 

ware. -toyj. A China cup, mug. 
t)OA0. = 5oo?lJ, q. V. 
beissO h. 71. A syringe. 

bsioti s. n. The belly. ^;Soa. The 

lb£;^oa, Ibe^S h. m. The hinder parts; 
the heel-ropes, as of a horse. -^h. 
To pinion, to tie the hands from 

hii U f. a. Pressed flat. n. A cake. 2, 
an inflammation of the eyes. 

Sj&7 e?jO e. 71. Peach, a sweet stone-fruit. 

ht^c k. 71. The rheum of the eye. 

h^ k. 71. Deficiency in measure or 
weight. Cpds..- -;3j3s?. -??»tfj. 

hZ-j (D s. a. Slimy, slippery, smeary, n. 
A miry place. 

bZa,6 s. 71. The silk-cotton tree, Bonihax 

bal, f. 71. Scum of boiled rice. etc. 2, the 
gum of the silk-cotton tree. 

L)o33 s. a. Confused, confounded, bewild- 
ered. 2, injured. n. Injury. 2, 
power, might. 

oboSiTJ s. rt. Tawny. ?). Gold. 2, yel- 
low orpiment. 3, a cage. 4, a 
skeleton; also sSotstf. fcotton. 

boSia'd b. ?!. A carder or comber of 

EjOS§ s. »i. A skein of cotton yarn. 

IjcaiJl. (— iootto, q. V.) a. k. i\ i. To 
divide. 2, to card cotton, r. i. To 
go asunder; to be rent as cloth. 

hodi^2- k. 71. A very tender fruit. 

bki'^ s. M. A basket, box ; also -^W. 
2, a boil, blister. 

LfeofCO e. n. A "fiddle", any stringed 

obZ^A f. ti. Trouble, affliction, disease. 

ba (=2oa) a. k. v.t. & i. To seize, 
catch, grasp, etc. 2, to begin, as rain, 
etc.; to be required, f/s time, etc.; to 
hold, as in a sack, etc. «. A seizing; 
hold. 2, a grasp. 3, the fist. 4, a 
handle, hilt. 5, a female elephant. 
6, a broom. -3. Seizure. 
LtSjAOa. k. 71. A thunderbolt. 2,=:*jS 
ri. iSjSort. A dauntless, bold man. 





he'd s.n. A lump, clod, ball. 2, heap, 
cluster. 3, a bite, morsel. 4, a ball 
of boiled rice offered to the manes. 
-^. Incense, myrrh. -cs. Embryo- 
born: men and beasts. -^C33?i. The 
offering of pindas. &oCoi)o:S. The 
body considered as identical with 
i>i.^\o:S. !?joclj3Pc^ ^ . The formation 
of the fetus. 

lbo5 s. n. A bundle, pack, mass. Cpds. : 

-^yO„ -SoJ5^J=#J5°i?J,, -ooJStfO, e/c. T?. A 
so' -= V ' 

swelling, protuberance. 

oboSrSjSogiv k. n. Deckanee hemp, Hibis- 
cus cannabinus. 

hoZio. tb. of Sjo:^, q. v. 

obfSSn^ f. 71. An oil-cake. 2, incense. 

h^, bi^'d. tb. of li^s, q. V. 

h^€^ a. n. Mother and father, parents. 

obsD^JSo s. n. A paternal grand- 

Ib^jsS h. n. Revolt, plot, perfidy. 

h'^\(~^^, ixj jrf) s. 'H. A father, -rt'-^j. 
Forefathers, ancestors; the manes 
of the dead. -SSirra. Oblations to 
the manes. -^^>, -^^. The death- 
day of a deceased parent. -^^ 
Fatherhood, paternity. -sSj^i^S, -oijti. 
Obsequial offerings to the manes. 
-c;S?5. Patrimony. -^%- The dark 
half of the J^arf^sirf month. ->Sc^. A 
cemetery. -<253js^ri. The loss of a 

h^ s. n. Bile. 2, foolishness, irritabi- 
lity of temper, -^o. Bilious fever. 
-ZjiS 55j. Biliousness; madness. -w. 
Bilious; roguish behaviour. -caW. 
Trickery, deceit. 

^N^^'rfo e. n. A pinafore; an apron 
worn by children to protect the front 
of the dress. 

bc^J, ho4, Ijouio, ho^ (= ooo:3, q. v.) 
a. k. ad. Afterwards, backwards, etc. 
2, formerly. 
SjId???^ s. n. An ant. 

h'sis^Zi s. n. The holy fig-tree, Ficus re- 

bodjsfjjs? e. n. A piano, a musical 
keyed instrument. 

hxio7\ b, n. A great gun or cannon. 
2, a Frank or European. -nsa. A 
gun-carriage. -tzis^o. The muzzle 
of a gun. 

|)& (=2oO, g. t).) a. k. 71. Largeness; 
advanced age. -ciJ. = 2oOcSo. 

E)&^ h. 71. A range, division, jurisdic- 

h'd (= SjO^) k. 71. The posteriors. 

L)e3 k. n. A silver ring worn by married 

no " ' 

women on the toe. 
h'St^ s. n. A fiend, goblin; a devil; the 

devil. -^dor, -'^ajsj. A devilish 

affair, -tooa. Devilish mind. 
b§)i^ s. ?i. Flesh, meat. <5j33s>s!, -pj. 

Flesh-eating: a rakshasa. 
h^OT^ s. «. A betrayer, tale-bearer, 

backbiter, slanderer. -Sj^,-^. Slander, 


h^i, s. a. Ground, pounded, n. Flour, 

hTjTJO 1. h. ?i. Foolish pride, arrogance. 

-^A. To scold, reprove. 
h7i'^02. k. ?j. Filth of the body, rheum 

of the eye. 
bpioS'o k. i\ t. To squeeze; to knead; 

to shampoo. 
SiriOLJo. = ^^^:> I, 2, q. V. 
hTjji £10 e. w. A "pistol". 
hV. = So^, g. w. 
b^o^'o a. k. «. The lower part of an 

arrow; also '^''^• 
Ib^, k. w. A sound as that of a pipe. 


2, =h'v., q. V. ^jS?jor!jJ5cD. A pipe or 

flute. fmals. 

h^ k. n. A child; the young of ani- 

ho^ h. n. Spittle. -c:=)?i. A spittoon. 
be'S^'i k. V. t. To pull out; to wrest, tear. 
^j=^C3W. Trouble. 




Lietio k. V. i- To squirt, syringe. n. 

Squirting. 2, shortness, 
bfd s. n. A stool. 2, the pedestal o^ 
an idol. 3, a basement. 4, a pul- 
pit. ^KoT\-. The Christian pulpit. 
IbeS^ s. n. An introduction, preface. 2, 

a seat, bust. 
h^ri-^ s. n. Squeezing, pressing; vex- 

ing, annoying; hurting, injuring. I 

hiZii la., n: A generation. 
LftS s. n. Pain, torment, affliction, 
trouble. 2, a plague, pest; devil. 
-55:^0, -oo;^o,. To suffer pain. -Sja:^. 
To give pain. -o!-t?no. To be re- 
lieved of pain. ^?a?dJ. To torment, 
trouble; to squeeze. (Jj^^s. Pressed, 
pained; hurt, injured. 
h^^ a. a. STellow. 2, drunk, imbibed. 
n. A topaz; also -?t)o^. -c:=)rfj. A 
species of pine, Pinus deodora. Ij?33o 
"uo3. Clad in yellow: Vishnu or Kri- 
shna; a garment of yellow silk. 
Ibefi s. a. Fat, fleshy; thick, plump; 

obgNri 3- n- Cough, catarrh; purulent 

deflection in the nose. 
Ibe^i, IbeSJSOSJ, h^s^ f. n. A cask, bar- 
rel, tub. 
b?odOj3^ s. ?i. Cow's milk during the 
first seven days of its calving. 2, 
obeTJo. = 2o?di, q. V. 
beeS (= ^^®, q. V.) a. k. «. A peacock's 

L)?ejj) f. n. The tree Careya arborea. 2, 
a flower. 3, an insect. 4, an atom. 
Ibe«?7^ f. n. A series of generations, pe- 
digree; ofifspring; also SjI&. 
ego, sijOTi s. a. Male, masculine. -^, 

^0^. . Manhood, masculine gender. 
Eg^73s63. = «S^^, q. V. 
BgiSado h. n. Loud bawling; crying out. 
5^^, 1. {tb. of o)if , q. V.) n. The tail of a 

jg)^, 2. k. ?i. A timid man, coward. 

e<c. f. ad. For nothing, gratis. a. 

Free; worthless. -n-ioij. A liar. 

-SJc^S,. a good-for-nothing fellow. 

-»js?rtj. To go for nothing. 
J&'S'o, k. n. Fear, timidity. -:^^. Cowar- 
dice; cf. !^%^ -. 
s^Xo ( = sSjsrtJ, q. V.) a. k. v. i. To enter 

in. n. Entering. ^?>c*. Entering; 

s^aO^O ( = 3oj?1j°-?o) k. n. A blister, 

vesicle. 2, a sore in the mouth. 
c^ACi (= ^rtjr) h. n. Pride, arrogance. 


sgjOAsi s. n. A bull. 2. an eminent 

sgo?\ f. n. A sort of musical pipe. 

5g)2i (<b. o/' «SJiS) n. A tail. 

^e5 -rfc^ {tb. of SO;* cs) M. Trial, ex- 
amination. 2, manliness, valour. 

5g2i ^ (e?= CJ') a. k- «. Ruin, destruction. 

agiji^ s. n. A tail; the hinder part. 

^oSi 1. (=^JoK) k. Ji. A cock. 

^oSi 2. s. n. A heap, mass, collection. 
^os^sjO. To be heaped. 

;gy 1. k. n. Leaping up, jumping, -tco 
:io. A kind of play. -^f\. To rise 
with a bounce, -^arfj. To bounce. 

jgjy 2. s. «. A fold. 2, a concavity. 
3, a cup. 4, a basket made of 
leaves. 5, a folding. G, a cover. 
7, an eyelid. 8, a single applica- 
tion, as of fire, air etc., as in prepar- 
ing medicine. 9, a casket. 10, the 
leaf of a book; a page. 11, a layer 
of mud in raising a wall. 12, a 
footprint. -^ 3j?=ffj. To put into a 
crucible; to refine, as metal. 
I ^bofS f. n. Bengal gram soaked and 
^^ k. V. i. To bounce; to spring, ooze 
in jets, as water. -^. To cause to 
bounce. -3. Clasped, folded; bound 
together; reduced to powder; con- 
tracted, spoken. 




iiy, k. «. Shortness, littleness; a short 
man. a. Small, -a. The small step 

of children. -rfj. That is small. 

.»3ortJ. A little child. 

^13 k. H. A basket. 2, a (honey) comb. 


k. n. Salted dough baked in 
steam. 2, a wooden ladle. 

ig)5 k. ?i. Powder; dust; pollen. 2, a 
small packet of powder, -oja sSjsc^j. 
To reduce to very fine powder. 

^^saS k. n. A dust-like dry soil. 

^oeoAO k. n. Civet. ^csjftcS iS'ff'a . The 
Indian civet cat. 

^otS f. a. Turbulent; refractory. n. A 
free-booter; a rascal, rogue; a low 
man. -nstf. A depraved man. -Sri, 
^ocsaW, ^oraslii?. Refractoriness; 
lawlessness, brigandage; wickedness. 

^orfbe^ s. n. A white lotus-flower. 2, 
a sectarial mark on the forehead. 
^0305?=)^. Lotus-eyed: Vishnu or 

^oa k. n. The Deckanee hemp, Hibis- 
cus cannabinus; red sorrel. Cpds.: 

agotSo. = ^0^ q. V. 

3go^ s. n. A red sugarcane. 2, a 
sectarial mark. 

igC©p s. a. Fine, brigTit; good, pure, 
right, righteous, virtuous, just, holy; 
prosperous, lucky, n. Virtue, moral 
merit; religious merit (real or erro- 
neous). 2, a good, meritorious act. 
3, purity. 4, fame. -'s'iSjr, -=ffsodor. 
A virtuous act. -?^£j. An auspicious 
time. -53u3rtr. The right way. -1^1^, 
-sSoJsSr. A virtuous man. -eSjs^tf. 
Heaven. -SjoS. a virtuous or 

fortunate man; a rich man. -^OoC.= 
^Es^sio;^. -35U. Good, virtuous. 
-g^?*. Well spoken of; N. of Nala. 
-co^pi. Virtueless. -^t)q3S sijs:^. To 
persevere in good works. sSe^j^s^ 
Righteous, virtuous, pious. 


^^'9 {tb. of ^^^) M. A puppet, doll. 
2, a gold coin worth about four ru- 
pees; pure gold. 

e^^o . = c«jSj, q. V. 

^^ s. n. A son; a child. -2^?53. The 
wild olive, Putranjiva roxburghii. 
-S3. She who has a son. -SqSj. A 
son's wife. -SoS. One who has sons. 
-^cSooS. A sonless man. -^Jossj^. 
Male progeny. -^?53rf. Adoption. 
*^^RjS-.. Adoption by God through 

4§J, ^^^ (=5y)^??, q. v.) s. M. A 

daughter. 2, a puppet, doll. 
^a ( -- J^ja, g. y.) a. k. ?;.«". To enter 
into, etc.; to combine. 2, to be hidden. 

^a?i f. n. Mint, Mentha saliva. 

^QOAO e. w. Pudding, a dish of soft 
consistence, variously made. 

^■:io (=:ojcS-), q. V.) a. k. n. Union; hold- 
ing in common. -^s'-^o. To live to- 
gether, -^sy^fj. Joint living or con- 

igrfOAO ( = OTjcSjrij, (jf. i!.) a. k. v. i. To 
enter, v. t. To hide, shelter. 

4^3 a. k. H. A quiver. 2, a cover; a 
roof, thatch. 3, a bush; also sSotS. 

^Ti ei s. a. Beautiful. n. The body. 
2, the soul or individuality. 

^rio(= ^f\io*, sSc^S, 5J)oStS«') s. arf. Fur- 
ther; again; back; in return. -^ri 
^. Again and again, frequently. 

sgjji'd?:! s. ad. Even again, also. 

^c^^^A^Jci s. n. Returning to the 
place set out from. 2, second advent 
of Christ. 

^^■do-S- s. n. Reiteration, repetition, 
tautology. ^oStfo*.. Reiterated; re- 

^cSt^JBS ^ s. /(,. Resurrection, esp. of 
Jesus Christ from the dead. 

^=i&;r?^ (^fSts'^'W^) s. n. Regeneration 

(Chr.J; transmigration. 
Born again, regenerated. 
c^jrfsirs'rc^ s. n. Seeing again. 




33) ^rf 

^c^c^r^ s. n. Becoming' new again. 2, 
a finger-nail. 

Sg)ji?Jr^ s. n. Hogweed, Boerhaiia pro- 
cumhens. [bj^jj 

^'^2^F'^ s. a. Born again. n. New 

^{d^jsT s. a. Born again. ?t. A virgin 
widow re-married. 

s5iJ3^r?jj s. n. The seventh of the lunar 

^ji.SrS3^ s. 11. Re-marriage. 

J^ji^, sSinSiS. <b. of s^ois, g. r. 

4^1?^ s. a. Made pure or clean. 

^^nSiCTjtS' s. a. Masculine and neuter. 

e^c^SjA s. n. A distinguished man. 2, 
a white elephant. 3, a buffalo. 

J^£3 (=:iSoi3^. tb. of ^55r) n. The ele- 
venth of the lunar mansions. 

;rf)OdJo^(=^JOdigSJj, g. r.)k. ??. Lament- 
ation. 2, solicitation. :yoij(.03So. 
To lament; to solicit. 

^TJ 1. k. n. A stream, brook, rivulet. 

^"^2. s. n. A fortress, castle; a town, 
city. 2, a house. 3, the body. 
-5331 d. The gate of a city. 

55)"do, J^^dc^ s. ad. In front, in the pre- 
sence of. -KTj. Going in advance. 

j^tioti'd s. 11. Indra; Siva. -tsa?:. N. 
of a Canarese poet. -<dW u. N. of 

jSi'dri^ h. n. Leisure; interval; time, 
occasion. 2, relief. -'acJj. To be 
at leisure. 

i^didsj'd s. n. Reverence, honour. ^Ji 
rsOSo. To honour, exalt. 

cdiTlifds § s. «d. Before, in front of. 

e^DSOS s. a. Ancient, old; worn out. 
n. Legendary history, legend; a pur- 
ana, comprising the whole body of 
Hindu mythology; there are 18 ac- 
knowledged puranas, as: «5^-, 5:ji,-, 
to,33,-, t;j,;DS,3*, Sort-, ^^j-, Ssj-, 
etc. -5$tfjS. Vishnu; Rama; Siva. 
oicraci^*. A man well read in the 
puriinas; an expounder of them. 

e^^3^?j s. a. Old, ancient. 2, a man 
of the past age. 

E5i5 1. ( -— 26jO) k. I', i. To parch, as 
grain, pulse, etc. 2, to roast, as 
coflfee, etc. 

:riiQ2. (=SjO) a, k. n. Twist, twine, 

^5 3. a. k. «. Strength, courage. 

srijQ 4. s. n. A castle; a town, city. 

sgdoriol. ( = sSjcij:lj, g. r.) a. k. »*. Ri- 
valry, envy; jealousy, emulation. 

sgiTJOT^O 2. k. n. Uncleaiiness after child- 

^■rfo^ s. n. Mankind; a man, male; a 
person; a husband. 2, the soul. 3 
Brahma. -S. Manhood; valour. -C 
^. A perennial herb, lonidium suffru- 
ticosum. sJdJsaqSr, Any of the four 
objects of man, viz. dharma, artha, 
kama, and moksha. s3)!ij53.^?3 53j. 
An excellent man. odoss-. Christ. 

sgido^ a. k. 11. A young parrot. 

4do^J (=:Sotfj°^o) k. n. Fitness; mean- 
ing; power, strength. 

o^'8x>i7\B s. 11. Preceding; precedence. 

s^'jSjsespSA s. n. The front part. 2, for- 
wardness, obtrusiveness. 

^■5j3?Soi^ s. n. The family-priest. 

sgiAjr. = sSrto , g. r. 

5^20or (=aSJioJ. <b. o/" *4^*) w. An eye- 
brow, brow. SjtoT's'j, . To frown. 

^(y^ s. M. Bristling of the hairs occa- 
sioned by delight, etc. sJutS. Thril- 
ling with joy. 

^°5 ( = 5ooO, g. V.) a. k. n. A tiger. 

cgeDosJ s. ■«. One of a barbarous tribe: 

f. ^^oSt?i. 
ciiC CA s. n. The masculine gender. 


jrtiyo . = SooejJ , g. tJ. 

^e3 ( = 3ojs3 , g. c.) a. k. «. A deer. 

;g^0 (=r3oJ3, ^JS,^, g. l'.) a. k. (I. A flow- 

er. 2, a disease of the eye. 
^tIl! s. n. A lotus. 2, the leather of 

a drum. 3, the Indian crane. 4, a 


sword. 5, the sky. 6, water. -Sjjs^j. 

A garden plant, Costus speciosus. ^^ 

Od. An artificial tank. 
e^'^,<V s. a. Much, many, abundant; 

excellent, best. 
S^Ti s. a. Nourished, well-fed; thriving, 

strong. ^'%" Fatness, plumpness; 

growth, thriving; strength, power; 

nourishment, support; backing, aid. 

^M),=ffd. Nourishing-, stren£rtheninff. 

^<>ji,?a*0?dj. To nourish, strensrthen. 

£0 ^ 

igi^v s. 71. A flower, blossom. -=ct. 
A flower; calx of brass; heat of 
the sun; a self-moving aerial car. 
-'f^^oi. Kama. -rfo^. The elephant of 
the north-west quarter. -^o. The 
wood-apple tree, Feronia elephantum. 
-o3j3£=^, -53j3s3. a garland of flowers. 
-55ji)=i. The spring. -553*, -sio:^. 
Flowery. -sssej, -;33s3^. A flower 
garden. -au^ifS. The fragrance of 
flowers "^"^- A shower of flowers. 
?is3jod). The spring. ^■^ ;S. Flowered' 

i&MO s. n. Blossom. 2, the 8th lunar 
mansion. 3, the month pausha 

(December-January), -oar?. A topaz. 

sgi^^C^SOSOrJO h. I", t. To cajole, coax, 
wheedle, fawn. ^=;cao3j^. Cajoling, 

^^ ( = sojA), rji. (!.) a. k. V. i. To prove 
false; to lie. i\ t. To bear no fruit. 
n. A lie. 2, bearing no fruit; not 
attaining ripeness, as fruits. -rt, A 

s^;^ s. a. Smearing, anointing; writing. 
-'5'. A book; a volume. 

^^ . tb. of ^^,, q. V. 2, a paper of 

_D to 

school-boys showing their progress 

in writing. 3, a book or pack of 

paper to write upon. 
^^ (¥=C3). = !!SJV<, q. V. 
5^^ (=3oj^, q.v.) a. k. n. Acidity. 
^s^o^o ( s«o=: C3j. = e^js?j^o) k. 11. A 

pock-mark. 2, decayed state. 3, a 


275 ^d 

jQ'^ ( = 3So«?^) k. n. A small bit of very 
dry wood. -53JS^. A useless word. 

^ ( = oiJS, q. v.) a. k. n. A flower, eic. 
Cpds.: -r\V3, -rij^. -Jjac^oiiS, -Jjs^y, 

rij. To blossom. 

^A s, n. The areca or betel-nut 
tree, Areca catechu. ^fsp^u. A 

^tfi 1. s. /I. Honour, respect, reverence, 
adoration, worship. ^w^. A wor- 
shipper. oiOJS^F^Js^. An idolater. 
^<ari. Reverencing; worshipping; 
worship. ^"l3^0. The officiating 

Brtlhmana or other person of a 
temple. ^i&^. Honoured; respected, 
adored. ^J^?iJ. To honour, revere, 
worship, adore. Sjj5.S~-. Idol-wor- 
ship. r3e)o;^-. Saint-worship. 

igj3^, o^'S, 2. f. 11. A dot; the nasal 
sound; a cipher; also sipiii,. 

^3jn s. a. Honourable, respectable, 
worshipful. -S. Honourablencss, 

venerableness. ^'b^s^^ir. Honorific 

^yj 1. h. M. A bit, small portion. ^W 
'it~. A summary arji. 

^Uo 2. e. ti. Foot, a ameasure of space. 

^T^O ( = sojsc^o, q. V.) a. k. v. t. To 
unite; to put to, etc. 

^^ a. k. V. i. To begin. v. t. To ad- 
mit; to promise; to challenge. 

^:^ s. a. Made pure or clean; threshed, 

^3^, ^ocJ s. n. N. of a female demon 
killed by Krishna. 

^B s n. Purity, purification. 2, stench, 
fetor; eiv|t. 

5^i^0 a. k. int- Bravo! well done! 

^ij (ilJitia^) s. 11. Making full. 2, a 
swelling of rivers, flood. a. Full, 
complete, whole. -ra. Filling; 

filling out; completing, accomplish- 
ing; fulfilling; completion; fulness, 
mass; a cake; the ordinal. ^o=d'3o^ 

tfra. Gradation number. 


o^dOSj rjO 


^-STiOSJXlO. oSlJjocSoo,; s. r. <. To fill; to 


fill up, complete; to accomplish; to 
effect; to fulfil; to blow, sound. 

^tZTS ( = 4^S) s. ad. Fully, completely; 

sg|S5 f. n. A thin cake of wheat-flour. 

cQi^F h. a. Full; full of. 2, fulfilled, 
finished. 3, complete, all, entire, 
perfect. 4, strong, able. -S. Ful- 
ness, plenty. -333;^,. A full cup; a 
measure of capacity; a ghee-vessel 
used at a homa. -slJsA). The day or 
night of full moon. -sJj. The full 
moon. -<Sa3S3o. A full stop, ^fis^ro 
■E*. An integer. 

sgf^r s. a. Full; complete. «. Fulnessj 
completion. 2, satisfaction. ^^r. 
Fulness; satiety; perfection. 

^•s^r. tb. of ^'53", q. r. 

qJiSeir s, a. Fore, first; previous to, ear- 
lier than. 2, former, prior, preced- 
ing. 3, initial. 4, ancient. 5, 
eastern. 6, preceded by. n. An 
ancestor. 2, an ancient tradition; 
ancient times; former events. 3, east. 
-*. Accompanied by, with; as sSJo^g-? 
<S?Sorfj-, eic. -5^sj. Former times. -23. 
An elder brother; an ancestor. -ta 
fi. A former birth. -rS^S. An east- 
ern country. -^^- The first part of 
an argument, proposition, thesis; the 
first half of a lunar month. -5S* Ai 
C3^o3. A demonstration that rests 
only on the proposition. -^tij a. 
The nth nakshatra. -tfori. The 
prelude of a drama. -03^. The first 
part of the night. -^o:ij^^^. Youth. 
-S3?od. Yesterday. 

^rfrrf s. n. Continuation of a series. 

^STOrSj'd s. a- Before and behind, 
antecedent and subsequent, n. Con- 

^^r£p3rij3j:3, JgissDFepoiS, s. ». Tlie 
25th nakshatra. 

^^^■Sr7jfi-$ s.)). The 20th nakshatra. 
^jJSjorSc s. 71. The forenoon. 


^Sr^ s. a. Previous, former. n. An 
ancestor, forefather. 

^Sr i=<SrA) s.n. The 11th naksha- 

^i^oF^ (^'J53r-y\)^) s. rt. Aforesaid, 
before mentioned. 

^4/3?^"^ "^ (^'sar-ero^ti) s. a. Korth- 
eastern. 2, antecedent and subse- 

^Z) h. H. A bridge. 

^o^5a, sgs^^ k. 7i. A florist. 

s5P?jO (=Sj3Xj, q. r.) a. k. r. t. To smear, 
etc. n. An unguent; smearing. 

^^0. = aoJS'^o, q. r. 

3j\?S s. ?i. Asking; a question, inquiry. 

33^^^ s. ad. Separately, singly, posfp. 
Apart from; except, without, -ifcira. 
Separating. -^. Separateness, divers- 
ity; individuality. 

:ix^3. 3i\?»^ s.M. The earth. -'.£. Sita. 
-5i.S, -333e->. A king. 

7j\X^0 s. a. Broad, wide, spacious; nu- 
merous; important. -^.= asjej-:-. 

Zj\7^ s. n. Asked, questioned. 

3i\si s. «. The back. 2, the rear. 

iX (= ijori) k. «. A dolt, fool. 


^A tS, ^aFi^ (=^nd) k. n. A head- 

man; a chief; a superintendent. 
sSoA k. n. A simpleton, fool; n/so Sjrt . 
^£^0 1. = 3o2Sj , q. I', 
■Azij) 2. ( = iJSjtSo , q. r. tb. of ebS ) n. 

CO" ^ "" 

Foolishness. -3?^. = sSj'^j g^i. 
SUifOs^v k. n. Saltpetre; also sS^J ^ . 
^iroS f. •». A large box or chest (of 

^y r?^ k. n. A road tamper. 
^y £JJ k. n. A popgun. 
;3b3^, 33^J 7^ (/b. ()/• d^y'i?) «. A box, chest, 

trunk, etc 

33yj, k. r. <. To beat 

a hurt. -^JSZij, -jSj;a. To beat 

«. A blow, stroke; 




rio, -SoiJ,. To be beaten. -zS^^o. 
Blows to fall upon. -Sj?l. = ^W.E^r^. 
-aoaiJ^. To be hurt. 

^yj ^. k. M. Saltpetre; also 3jWj 4- 

^t^ (=:SS) a.k. H. The back. ad. Back- 
wards. -s3oMj,. To retreat ; the back 

^rf?jO k. n. Hardness; stiffness. 2, 
brittleness. 3, harshness. 4, diffi- 
culty. -5Sj3;3j. An offensive word. 

TjTOao ( = 5oK)r!o) a. k. v. i. To wrangle, 

^f§ ( = e6?^, q. r.) a. k. v. I. To twist, 
twine, etc. n. Twining; union. 

^cBl. (=^oe3) k. ?i. A clod; a lump. 

33cK 2. f. n. A bundle. 

33oT^ (=:3oor«*, coo::^) a. Is.. 71. A female, 
woman. -^ ( = ^oSS). A wife. 

^OojsQ f. »• -A. Pindaree, a freebooter, 

^oti. = ^o^2, q.v. ^j^^^_ 

sSozlocio f. n. A badge of honour for the 

^P©0 . = aoPSJ 5 q. y. -^c^. A feminine 
CO oa ^ 


^?jE^?^0 e. n. Pension, an allowance for 
past services, -csurf. Pensioner. 

■A^^iSJO e. n. Pencil. 

33o<f ??j3?jJ e. n. Pentecost. 

ioig] a. k. /(. Greatness; abundance; 
grandeur, sublimity. 

S200j»iQ e. n. February (2nd month of 
the year). 

33tJ (cJ = e3.= ^rf) a. k. ?i. Hind part, 
backside, ad. Backwards, -rto. The 
back side; afterwards. 

^t3 (6= 235. = co5, q. V.) a. k.n. The cres- 
cent moon. 

Sr a. k. H. Largeness, greatness. Cpds.: 

la »J 

i?i'do (=OT?gdo, q. V.) a. k. w. A name; 

'A^Tio a. k. y. I. To tremble, n. Fear, 

alarm. Sj^O^cj. To alarm, frighten. 

;3?o'5o'? a. k. n. A demon. 2, madness, 

iSeEJ^y f. n. Trouble, difficulty, strait. 
-5iSj, rf^zs^o^j. To take pains; to 
be involved in trouble. 
^oM h. n. A small kind of turban. 

2, a basket ; also -'^. 
Sj?fe3 h. n. A pettah, market-town, 

s3?t5 h. n. A sweetmeat of milk and 

sugar; also s3?ci. 
^?^0 k. n. Confusion; a demon. 
sSenD, ^?;5 (=sjSg^) h. n. A foot-soldi- 
er; a peon; a pawn at chess. 
^??io I.e. n. A pen. 
^ec^>i 2.( = ^?t^-^) a. k. ?J. A louse. 
33?ocio s. a. Drinkable, n. A drink, be- 
33e5. = 53r, q. ij., as.- -e^'rS, -tfu, -si?53j, 

-ijfej, -LiWrt, -5j3ij^, etc. 
Sje'drS f. n. A sword-dance, -ri. A dan- 
cer, actor. 
35?"d<y f. w. The guava, Psidium guvava. 
;3eS f. M. Galloping. 
^?"dol. f. «. Diflference in scales. -'*^'^- 

To remove it. 
33eTJ0 2. =^?rfo, q. i\ 
33?£J>3 s.a. Delicate, fine, tender, slender. 
'£>^(VTi7\0 e. V. i. To fail in an examina- 
53?e3 f. n. A cup, bowl. 

3jp553,'rf h. ?t. A revenue officer. 


Sjj^Q h.. ?t. The Peshwa, the head mi- 
nister of the Mahratta empire; also 

33^ f. n. A copper coin; a pie. 

33/3^ f. n. Money, cash. 2, a division, 

^(xr f. ad. Of, out of; from amongst. 
33^7\c20rJ la., n. A prophet. 



^(7\Aj h. H. A superintendent; a pat- 

^^AO f. n. Pegu. 

•S'oAC; (/■»-. wort e.;) s. n. The 51st year 
of the cycle of sixty. 

;3/3if® f. n. A small tinkling ornament 
for the feet. 

sSj' SiS"dj h. n. A shoe. 

sS^fej f. n. A summerset. 

^/■jir® f. n. N. of a town, s^i^f^. Manu- 
factured at Paithana. -^^6. A kind 
of silk garment. 

^i^)"^ s. n. Paternal. -:^^j. Patrimony. 

'^1^0 {tb. of ^^) n. Bilious humour; 
cboler; foolishness, madness. -nuti. 
A foolish man. 

33/^33OS02a li- n. Surveying and mea- 
suring of lands. 

^(^0 (=S3dU|) k. «. Green corn, grow- 
ing corn; any green, growing crop. 

'£>l<Z)ZiT>^ h. n. An athlete, wrestler. 

xij^o^?is^ h. 71. Endorsement on a letter 
specifying the date of its receipt. 

'£i(-S^d- (fr. &3?J^) s. a. Infernal, demo- 
niacal, w. The lowest form of mar- 

^^B'o^o (/'»■• ^^^^ci) s. a. Tale-bearing, 
backbiting, calumny. 

iJTi f. n. A copper coin, 4 pies, or 1 
duddu. 2, money. 

'£i7i<Vd h. 71. Decision of a dispute; 
settlement of a debt; judgment. sSj^ 
■233^. Final settlement. 

33^?daOJ h. n. Crop, harvest. 

^^'o.sJo. = '3jja*j^s?j, q. V. 

sgpA a k. «. Tribute ; tax. 

^ATJO a. k. ?i. Shine, lustre, colour. 

£§(? A^O. = i^jsn^j, q. V. 

^t AO. = sojsrlo, q. V. 

^■R (=3Sjsrt, 5. r.) a. k. ?i. Smoke. «'. t. 
To smoke. 

^0, s^8S* a. k. «. Gold, as: -*33z3, 

4'5:;X£;o k. w. Boiled rice mixed with 

milk and sugar. -'^''^- A festival in 

honour of the sun entering the sign 

of Capricorn. 
^OAJ a. k. V. i. To boil over. 2, to 

expand, blossom; to exult, n. Boiling 

^W.C® (=dr.W. ^-ihi. lb. of SdW) n. 

A small cup or packet made of 

leaves, paper, etc. 
^k!i3 (= 5^^) k. n. A hole in a tree. 
^Wj (= cojsijjj) k. fl. Empty, useless. 

n. Chaff, husk. 
^t& (— :^J3^, (/. r.) a. k. h. The belly, 


4'^T^l. (<&• o/" ^&i) »i. A hollow form- 
ed by joining the palms of the 
hands. -SjSo, -»3:So. To salute 

respectfully. -3^=^. A respectful 

^c^ 2. (<b. o/" ^J ^i^) M. Appearance, 
form, figure. -t?0;^o. To come in 
sight, appear. 

^'iiTjO k. V. «. To tremble, throb, quiv- 
er; to flash, shine. 

^Tisjjf a. k. H.. Glitter, shine; glory; 
power. -rtJoS^J. To cause lustre, 
etc.; to decrease. 

^■:iS) (lb. of slj?,, q. V.) n. The earth. 
-5j, -5jS, -oSjsdodo. A king. 

^'Sl. (=00^53. oojsd, q.v.) a. k. r. <. 
To strike, smite, etc. 

^tf 2. = ^^) q- I'. 2, a full ear of 
corn. 3, extension. 4, pregnancy 
(of beasts). 5, a pouch formed by 
folding the front part of one's cloth. 

^TOlJo a. k. V. i. To join, couple. 2, to 
fight, n. Union; a couple. 2, a fight. 
^w^r. Fighting; a fight. 

^j? {= 33jif^. q. V.) a. k. n. Bond, bail; 
a surety. 

^sO (=3oja^, g. t'.) a. k. r.i. To be 
kindled. 2, to be burned, as rice. 




etc.; to be overdone, n. Flaming. 2, 
the sun; time. -ri«?. To spend time. 

^z!)"^ {=:^Ji&)f) k. n. A cover, wrap- 
per. 2, a roof, thatch. 

^cidj (dj= esj. = 33j?(Xirfj, q.r.) a. k. »i. 
A bush, thicket. 

^:3 1.= 33jSt3, q. )-. 

^£2. k. M. A quiver. 2, a thatch. 
3, a bush. 4, a bundle. 

^^ (=53)3°; q- >"•) ^- k. n. Gold, as; 

^b.^ k. M. A diffuse shrub yielding a 

yellow dye, Morinda umbellata. 
^5o(=^o, Q' V.) a. k. n. Gold; as: 

' to' -»' ' 

^o^^ (^=C3') k. H. Increase, growth, 

^^ (d= a. = scjstf, q. V.) a. k. «. The 

outside. -Sj:Sj. To set out, start; to 

quit, -rtj, -ii. = :ajs:3;i. 
^;j^ k. H. A broom. 
^kj^o (=33j3d°T?o, q. V.) a. k. v.i. To 

roll, welter. 
^8^ (0= £3^ = ojjsOrl) a. k. «. Burden; 

business, work; also ^3. 
^■rfo (dJ= esj. = ojjarfj, g. ?;.) a. k. v. t. 

To bear, as a burden, etc. 
^5 1. (= ^J3d 1, q. t). 5 = &) a. k. n. 

A load, etc 
i§p32. (=33js5 2) a. k. v. t. To nour- 
ish, cherish, invigorate, etc. 2, to 

join. V. i. To be joined. ?(. Invigor- 

ation, refreshment; union. 
^5 3. (=-oJS!5 3) k. n. A fold, layer, 

^^4. (=o§j5d 4) a. k. H. Choking sen- 
sation while eating or drinking. 

-iidJ. To feel a choking sensation. 
^riCi'T (= ^jsdj) p.. k. r. ?'. To join; to 

agree; to reach. -r> (=33j3aT?). 

Joining, contact; harmony, proxim- 


^£J. = 33i3t>, qi. V. 

^S)20o (= 3j.rauioj) a. k. ?i. A way; a 

^d. = ojjaeS, q. t;. -ol). = ^ojsdodb; f. 
5§p£) (=3oJ3ej, q. I'.) a. k. n. Meanness, 

CO ^ 

etc. Cpds.: -Sjsc^j, -sSjsr;, -^s^^r. 

e§P?i. = 3dJ3^, q. ti. 

^fiTiOSiOTjO, ^rJ^7i:> a. k. v. t. To join; 
to apply to. 2, to churn, shake 

^;5 (= Co./???, q. V.) a. k. t'. «. To shake; 
to rub. 2, to twist, plait. 

^fi^s^ (= ijSjsv*^) a, k. M. Radiance, 
brightness. 2, shaking, rolling; a 

i§pi;<£)J (=3j.^Vyj. ^=a) a. k. n. A 
dwelling place: a town, city. 

^^1. ( = oojs«?l, q. i!.) a. k. V. 2. To 
shine. 2, to roll about. 

4'5^2. («?=K^ =c3j3«?2) k. n. A river. 
2, a path, road. 

^^j (=GoJ3°^j)) k. w. Hollowness; emp- 
tiness; trash, worthless stuff. -tfja 
rtj. A false report. -SjsSj. A vain 
word. -^a. A groundless report. 
-^^•^. A hollow tooth. 

E§p=^, 4'a?3 k. M. A dissolute, pro- 
fligate fellow, villain, rogue, prodi- 
gal. -3oi. The ways of a ^?^0, 

^oXo. = coja^rtj, q. «. 

E^eU k. ?i. A coward. 2, = ^'3?'5^, q. t". 
-3ri.= oI3?=5'^oi. 

;§Pefcj k. «. Competition, rivalry; also 
^;&!3-. -nad. A competitor. 

^og (=,^e^!3, q. V.) k. w. A hole in 
a tree. 

j§|t)?Li f. n. A slice, bit, as of a nut, etc. 

s§p?rfj k. n. Combination. 2, splitting. 

sgl3er3?JO k- V. t. To couple, unite, string 
together; to thread, as a needle, etc. 

j^po:^, -'5' s. 11. The young of any ani- 

^jS-S' n. The potherb Basella lucida. 

j§|3j^j3A^j^ e. n. Photograph (i3^JfsaJjo 

53 5i). 

^erf. Rel. p. p. of ^?rto. 
^^Tj. Rel. pres. p. of ^$r!j. 

^e3j?jO e. n. The Pope, the head of 

the Roman Catholic Church. 
^fTJ f. 71. A child; a little boy. -3?J. 

Childhood. ^^0. A little girl. 
^^TJo. = o3j3?CJj 1.2, q. i\ 
s5pj»5 (=4'5°5Jj) k. n. Ruin, destruction; 

waste, stray; profligacy; wickedness, 

2, =^$r^0. -JijBSo. To waste, -d^. 

Stray cattle. -3?i. = ^^^O^oS, q. v. 
^oeDtf s. n. A flat cake. 
^^€)7io. ~ ooja^Oi^-o, q. V. 
B§j3ee3??io e. ». Police. 55o;©°A)?iS. A 

policeman, -fosi. The duties of the 

#e'2^^i (=55j3ȣ)) k. H. Ruin; wasting, 

squandering. 2,=3oj^ot)j. -SjsSj. To 

^?e5 ??jj e. n. Poultice, cataplasm, an 

application to sore part of the body. 
;§l<)e^O0, ^jsi,?! s. n. Nourishing, 

cherishing, bringing up. %)l^=^. 

A nourisher, supporter. ^^o;^^. 

Nourished, cherished, fostered. «jj5? 

M)^o. To nourish, cherish, etc 
^;Sji3^, ^osj^z'^o h.. 71. Apparel. 
^?:^ T^rari 5 e. /;. Postmaster. 

—0 _0 

zf^dio (= sJsSjso, ^kj) h. H. An army, 

e?c. -c:^tf. A native commander, -ere 

0^. His ofSce. 
S?e)S h. /(. Death. -y?c^tSj. A deceased 

zff>^ a. n. A grandson; f. ^^• 
ojt)'d (fr. S)ti) s. n. A townsman. 2, a 

species of fragrant grass. 
Sj^dsP© (/■)•. s^DDTJ) s. a. Relating to the 

past; old, ancient. sf^asrJtf. = sjas 

Sj'^dosi (/■»-. 3500^) s. rt. Belonging to 
man. n. Manliness, heroism, power, 
strength, vigour. 


oj^^jaeoo^ (fr. sS^JB^co;^) s. «. The 
office of a purohita; the family 
priest. 5?33js?cc.3^. The office of a 

3f3p©r^0 (fr. ^ziF^js) s, ■«. A day of 
full moon. 

zf^€> 3. n. A sort of cake made of grain. 

SjSoi3. = ^?j3, q. V. 

^ s. pref. Before, forward, in front, . 
forth; pre-eminently, excessively, very, 

^^ki s. a. Evident, clear, manifest; 
public, commonly known; published; 
notorious; visible. -7^j2S??5j, -sia:^. 
To make manifest. -Sijszio. To 

publish. -rl, -f3. Notification; also 
-^3j. ^=5^y?ij. To manifest; to dis- 
close; to publish, proclaim. 

7jJ^Ti(^ s. n. Expounding, discussion, 
explanation. 2, a subject, depart- 
ment. 3, a section; chapter. 4, 
occasion. 5, a prologue, prelude. 
6, a drama. 

TjJSScZi s. n. The stem or trunk of a 
tree. 2, a branch. 

'Sj,'^'SX5 s. n. Sort, kind. 2, way, mode, 
manner. 3, similitude, ad. Accord- 
ing to, etc. ^-. Thus, in this way- 
fc?-. So, in that way. 

TjJST)^ s. «. Brightness, brilliance, lus- 
tre, splendour. 2, elucidation; man- 
ifestation; fame, -rtjs^sjj. To illumi- 
nate, make bright; to develop. -T^JS 
^^. To obtain lustre. ^^f?33. Mani- 
fest; displayed; enlightened. ^?3S;^o. 
To become manifest; to shine forth, 
be full of lustre. 

rij^sS s. n. The original or natural 
form of anything. 2, nature, cha- 
racter; constitution of the body; 
temperament. 3, reality. 4, the five 
elements. 5, the material world; 
Nature, as opposed to Purusha. 6, 
work to be done. 7, cause. 8, a 
pattern, model. 9, the crude form 




of a word, ^'s', 3. Blade, accomplish- 
ed; original; natural; real; the 
present moment. 

TjJ^jspTj s. n. Violent anger, rage; pro- 

3Jj-&jcSj s. n. Conduct, manner; a rite. 
2, precedence, prerogative, dignity. 

7jyS'S^&, -ji s. n. Washing, cleansing, 
bathinff. ^,'S'S €^o. To wash. 

s. H. Throwing, casting, de- 

7j\SJSn^ s. a. Celebrated, renowned, 

famous. ^Sjs,,.^. Celebrity, fame, 

SjiaO, s. a. Bold; resolute. -i. Bold- 

ness; energy; resoluteness. 
sijAjSd s. n. Holding forth. 2, a rope, 

bridle, halter. 3, a captive. 
Tjit^oXi s. a. Excessively violent, furious; 

fierce; intolerable; bold. 
zJjtJS'd s. n. Coming forth; becoming 

public; being in actual use; currency. 

2, conduct, behaviour; custom, usage. 

-Aj3^7io. To make public. 
srfitio'd s. a. Much, many; plenteous; 

frequent; prevalent. -^. Increase; 

prevelance; publicity. -sasij. To 

SJjjsSjaeSjcrf s. n. Animating, exciting; 

directing. ^iij3?a3. Impelled; de- 
creed; prescribed, commanded. 
Jjisii ?jN s. rt. Covered; hidden; clothed. 

2, private, disguised. 
Jj&'SlKTi s. n. Waking, being awake. 
Sjj'iS s. n. Offspring. 2, people, sub- 
jects. ^kdS.S. Lord of creatures; 

Brahma; a king; also ^iZ^^ji. ^ 

^js;:^^. The raising up of progeny; 

the fifth year in the cycle of sixty. 
sJiai s. a. Wise, intelligent, learned. 

S.s^'^tfq?;*. The mental eye. sj^^^ , 

vJ f^ 

^ '^' 

^,^. Intellect, wisdom; also 5^,s^ =o. 
7jjai^<li, -J5 s. n. Blazing up, shining; 
kindling. ^K O:^. Being in flames, 
burning, shining. ^2^£>?ij. To be 
in flames: to shine. 

^f©^ s. a. Bent forward; bowed; hum- 
ble. 2, skilful. ^raS. Salutation, 

^r®o3o s. H. Confidence, familiarity; 
friendship, affection, kindness. 2, 
affectionate solicitation. S.rsoSj. A 
friend, lover; a lord; a petitioner; a 
humble servant. 

3rf\r©^ s. n. The mystic syllable ora. 

3i)553rf s. ?i. A loud noise expressing 

sijf53^'o s. n. Prostration, obeisance. 

sijrSi^DjJ s. n. Respectful conduct or 
behaviour towards. 2, profound me- 
ditation. 3, great effort, energy. 

srfjrSSJS^ s. n. Falling at one's feet, salu- 
tation, obeisance. 

Tjj'S'STj s. n. Splendour; majesty, dig- 
nity. 2, ardour, energy, valour. 
-fj. Burning; a particular hell. 

^jS s. ad. Towards, to; against; oppo- 
site, contra; before; on a par with; 
as, like; near, by, at, on; in favour 
of; in each, at every; every, each; 
with regard to; on account of; ac- 
cording to; back, again, in lieu of; 
in return for; in the place of, in- 
stead of. 71. A copy. -1^6, -Sj7)^j. 
To copy. -tuocSo. Every one, each 
one. -iwlo . Every man, each man. 
-^c^, -ri:^,-. Day by day, daily, every 
day. -?i=DJ^. Every moment. -^^~. 
Every year, annually. For other cpds. 
see below. 

TjjQ'S'S'd s. )i. Retaliation, retribution; 
revenge. 2, counteraction, remedy; 
also ^S?5^tf. 

3J ©"ojjai s. a. Contrary, adverse; in- 
auspicious, -i. Opposition; hostility. 

TjjS'^sB s. «. Resistance; requital; re- 
venge. 2, an effigy, image. 

^S-SjoSo. ■= ^S=ff3tf, q. V. 

XJi^AjSo s. n. Receiving, accepting; 
friendly reception; marrying; favour- 



SjiStJS ojJ s. /i. A reflected image, pic- 
ture; a shadow. 

7j]B'£ s. n. Admission; consent; a so- 
lemn declaration; agreement, engage- 
ment, vow, promise; a vow; a state- 
ment, affirmation; a proposition. 
-n^oiiJ, -Sjaraj. To make solemn 

7j)3t;;jQpi s. 71. An echo. -"^Jtzio, -SjsicSj. 
To echo. 

z-jS^)^ s. n. A substitute, represent- 
ative, proxy; a deputy, vice-regent. 

Tjj'Ssi^ s. /(.. The opposite side or 
party. ^SSjt^. An opponent. 

^Btj^ (tb. of ^3S5S«) n. The first 
day of a lunar fortnight. 

ZjjStjS s. 11. Perception, knowledge. 
2, intellect. 3, statement. 4, as- 
sent. 5, action. G. elevation; repu- 

3JjSzirf s. n. A synonym; each word. 
■§zlai s. 11. The first day of a lunar 
fortnight. 2, preferment, regard. 

3i|'§3j3rfcJ s. 11. Explaining, declaring. 
2, establishing, proving. ^,Ss;Da^o, 
To declare; to establish; to accuse. 
SjSsszin. Fit to be explained or 

^Sojixlifo s. n- Protecting, cherishing, 
nourishing. ^^sjj)©^. To protect, 
guard; to nourish 

3jjS^eJ s. n. Reward, remuneration, re- 
tribution. 2, reflection. -uJ3:3o. To 
remunerate. -SoJSorfj. To receive re- 
ward. ^^^€>sjj. To be rewarded. 

^BsDOv s. n. An obstacle, hinderance, 
impediment. -^. Obstructive, hind- 
ering; an obstacle; a demon, devil. 
-N. Obstructing, impeding. Sj .^Joo 
^'So. To hinder, stop. 

3j SsSoSO s. 11. A reflection; an image, 
a picture; a shadow. S,Si5o:oXj. To 
be reflected; to reflect. 

3j.S£;jtj s. n. Vying with, rivalling. S^ 
S::^l3s;j. To rival; to oppose. 

3ijS£pjD s. n. A surety, security. 
3ij'§rfjs)c^ s. n. A likeness, image, pic- 
^S^o s. n. A likeness, image', an idol. 
»^3^^ s. n. Echo; also ^■Si;S Si, ^h 

3^3"d-j33j s. n. An image, represent- 
ation; a picture, a. Similar, corres- 

3ij§6jse^0 s. a. Reverse, inverted; hos- 
tile; low; left, not right. 

^iS»^E^?i, 3jiS»3s3'p s. n. An answer, 



§S3oO s. n. A counter assertion, con- 

tradiction. siyS^'sS. An opponent; a 

3J,3^20 s. w. Echo; also sJ.^dsi. 
3j.Sz?.?4j s. n. Forbidding, prohibition; 

denial; negation; the negative mood. 

-■o^oSj. The negative mood (gr.). -i,^. 

The imperative mood of prohibition. 
3j SsaS £;o s. «. An illustrious person. 
ij§?5 s. n. Setting up; lionour, fame; 

pride; installation, as of a king, etc., 

consecration, as of a church, temple, 

idol, elc. -So:^. An illustrious man. 

^.^k^x To establish; to set up, as 

an idol; to install, consecrate. 

3diS5o;rf s. n. A depntv. substitute, 
J _o r . . 

TiiB^^Ti (=S,3?co5)d) s. n. Repelling. 

2, a door. 3, a porter. 4, juggling, 

disguise. 5, a place near a town. 
7tjB^'SZiXi.= ^^^n^, q. r. 
T^^Bf'^x s. n. Looking: forward to, wait- 

ing for, expectation, hope. ^S^^sjj. 

To expect, wait for. 
si §?8a s. n. Western quarter. g^^?t3?^;, 

^.^^tS.. Western. 
7j\B^^ s. a. Gone towards; proved; 

known; convinced; pleased. ^a$a. 

Going towards; definite perception; 

knowledge; conviction; faith; fame; 



3e25s^.= ^^3;^c(, q. v- 




Tjj^siSo. tb. of ^SsSj, q. V. 

^ ^(X^\ s. a. Perceptible to the eye, 
visible; clear, distinct, evident, real; 
cognizable by the senses. ?i. Ocular 
evidence, distinctness. ad. Verily; 
distinctly. -J33no. To appear. -^ 
sSjsra. The evidence of the senses; 
axiom- -^. Appearance. -^? *^- 
Epiphany, in commemoration of the 
appearance of the star that led the 
magi to our Saviour at Bethlehem. 

7j\^o~<^^, s. n. The individual soul. 

Zjji^QoSTJ s. 11. Another copy. 

^jgoociJ s. 71. Belief, conviction, trust, 
reliance, confidence. 2, certainty. 

3, knowledge; apprehension, intellect. 

4, idea, notion. 5, motive. 6, an 
oath, ordeal. 7, a suffix or affix. 

3J :^o^3cdO s. 71. Decrease, privation, 

harm; separation. 
Sji«n5o s. ad. Day by day, daily. 
X),aao-3 ^ s- ad. Yearly. 
7j ssn';jje)~,ajj s. ad. Instead of, in lieu 



Jx^sziB. The j5j^' ^^s 

5 0»JJe)> 


SjjSSo^'O' s. n 

:^33o?j?i> s. a. 

Sj.SBqSoS'd S. 71. 

of sense. 

Great attachment or 
Near, proximate; im- 
Restraint of the orojans 

Tij^Jng^TJ s. 71. An answer, reply; also 
^3J,-T^. -s^^^ oo°°-?j. To say in reply. 

3j.^0o33 c^ s. n. Rising to welcome a 

3i ^Jo^^s^ s. >(. A return of a kind- 

3i\^OoJ:!^oJ s. ad. Every morning. 

^jeq?^ s. a- Separate, dififerent. ad. 
Separately, severally. ^3g°*?;o. To 

3jj:;;^j s. a. First, chief, principal; 
most, excellent. Ji. The third person 
(g.). ^i^^jsCjZ^-t^. The nominative 
case. 5i qjdj^^SiScj. The nominative 

CjiJ in the month of SiJS'sqi. 
Tjj^A 0©j ;rf)d:3\E6 s. 71. Circumam- 

buhition of an object (as of an idol, 

person, etc., by way of reverence). 
TjjrfsT^ s. a. Showing, exhibiting; ex- 

hibiter. S^^i^irfj. Showing, pointing 

out, exhibiting; an example. 
sijCJDFj s. n. Giving away; an oblation; 

a gift, present; also ^^• 
zij^S?^ s. n. A place, region; a country, 

3ii(3;seSA s- «• Corrupt. ??. Sin, etc. 2, 

the first part of the night; nightfall. 

3, a vrata in worship of Siva. 
7jI^^ s. a. Chief, main, principal, 

pre-eminent. «• A chief object. 2, 
intellect. 3, the minister of a king. 

4, the primary member of a com- 
pound (g.). -^^'s'j. Principal sent- 
ence. -odj323=5'. High priest (Jewish). 

ti 3j02i s. 71. Development, diffusion, 
display; expansion; expanse. 2, the 
visible world or universe. 3, the 
business of life. 4, manifoldness, 
diversity. 5, error, illusion. -3J3::ja. 
To carry on the business of life. ^ 
Soio^j. To spread, develop. 

Zi,33^> s. n. One who seeks for refuge. 

li S35^ s. 71. Rushing forwards. 2, a 
steep rock, cliff, precipice. 3, a 

3i bss^ood s. 71. A paternal great- 
grandfather; f. -CO. 

3iiSj'3^j s. n. A great-grandson. 

3ii3ji<y s. a. Blown as a flower; covered 
^^ no 

with blossoms. 

XljSOOv s. n. A connection. 2, a con- 
tinuous series. 3, a connected dis- 
cussion. 4, a literary composition, 

33i80£i s. a. Predominant; strong; 
abounding with or in. -5ja:=iJ, ^wO 
KJ. To increase greatly. 

3i 20ori s. o. Awake. 2, clever, wise, 
learned, ^oi^-. Adult. 






sijSSjsoy s. Ji. Awaking; vigilance; in- 
tellect, knowledge; wisdom, intelli- 
gence, -ni. Instructing. S,:ij3?^?oj. 
To instruct. 

3ij£j5:S s. n. Origin. 2, the first year 
of the cycle. ^;}JcDXo. To come into 
being; to become manifest. 

^jSps^ s. n. Strength, power. 2, ma- 
jesty, glory. 3, splendour. 

sijSps^^ s H. The halo around an idol. 

^j^^o s. a. Powerful, mighty. n. A 
superior, master, lord. -^, -3. Lord- 
ship, supremacy, power, rule. 

TjjB^js^ s. a. Much, abundant; high, 
lofty. n. An oblation of rice, etc- 
on the tenth day after the death of a 

^^, Sj.epD s. n. Light, splendour, radi- 

3jj^0o s. a. Excited; wanton; drunk- 
' en; impassioned. 2, careless, negli- 

^joiioqi s. n- An attendant on Siva. 

Tjj'^uZi s. n. Joy, rapture, a. "Wanton; 
impassioned; careless, -sirj. A royal 

zij'rfjeiO© s. /(. Measure, scale, standard; 
quantity; extent; weight; limit. 2, 
ground of assurance. 3, proof, au- 
thority; support; testimony, evidence. 
4, an oath. 5, a correct notion. 6, 
statute, law, etc. 7, cause, motive. 
-53J«):ij. To swear. -S33/S ^^'-fj. To tell 
correctly. -;3o)^». Authoritative state- 
ment; a formula used in taking an 
oath. ^SjsrliB'. True, fair, equitable. 
SjSjbe^s'SK). Truthfulness, honesty. 
^5SJ3c5??j. To discern, examine. 

zJj^JS^i s. n. Stirring about. 2, the 
13th year oi the cycle. 

T^jo^jarf s. n. Intoxication, madness; in- 
advertence, carelessness; a blunder, 
error; distress, misfortune. 

^■rfj5)D?2^ s. n. The 4 7th year of the 

^^0^ s. fl. Measured; understood; con- 
formed, as by some rule. ^wjS. 
Measure, true knowledge. 

^^ojSD s. a. First, foremost, chief, 
principal. 2, at the end of cpds.: 
headed by, accompanied by; and so 
on. 71. A chief; a respectable man. 

Tjj^^aio s. a. Demonstrable. ». A 
subject, topic in general (= C^oiS). 

^^jj?c; s. 11- Joy, delight, happiness. 
2, the 4th year of the cycle. s3,;5jso 
O^J. To rejoice, be delighted. 

srfj'5j3?rfja^. tb. of ^»3js$rf, q. V. 

^cdo^^ s. n. Great exertion; an eifort; 
an endeavour, essay. 2, difficulty. 
-fiaSO, -SCeJ, -sjsSo, ^.c^:^7i^. To 
make effort, endeavour, try. 

3ijodjt)A s. n. A sacrifice; a celebrated 
place of pilgrimage at (Allahabad) 
the confluence of Horra and odDviJJcoS. 

sjjodjeioa s. n. Setting out; a journey, 
march. 2, departure, death. -djs 
iSo. To start; to journey; to die. -^, 
S^cxir?c5'5'. A traveller; a voyager. 

ZjjCdjeiXi s. n. Effort, exertion, endeav- 
our, labour, pains; difficulty. -5j:aJ. 
To labour, take pains. -S'srij. To 
be difficult; to require pains. 

7j\Oi00'& s. a. Used, employed; connect- 
ed with; endowed with; occasioned 
by. prep. On account of, as: enj^y 
zi-, "tOXcs-. S.odjJT. Use, employ- 
ment; cause; result. 

TjjOiCd^ s. n. A million. 

3jjo3jsoa s. n. Application, employment, 
use. 2, undertaking, beginning. 3, 
an order. 4, a design, device, plan. 
5, use, usage, practice. 6. cere- 
monial form. 7, force or usual form 
(of a word). -SjdSo, ^a3j3»hs;j. To 
I use, employ; to throw, as an arrow. 
I 3jjo3j3?33^ s. a. Useful, beneficial. n. 

A useful man. 
j ^o3j3?Sy^ s. 11. Application, use. 2, 
I cause, motive, origin. 3, purpose, 



object, intention, design. 4, profit; 
gain, usefulness, advantage, benefit. 
3jjG)3j?i s. n. Speaking forth; prattling; 
crying, lamenting. S^ej^^ij. To 

speak; to lament, wail. 
3ij(2;coo (=:^s?o3j) s. n. Dissolution, 
destruction. 2, the destruction of 
the world at the end of a kalpa. 
3, the deluge of the Bible. -'ssu. 
The time of universal destruction. 
3jj(*ro3j s. n. Senseless talk. 2, prattl- 
insc. 3, lamentation. -?da, . A sanni 
that produces delirium. ^S33»jSjj. 
To talk incoherently; to lament, wail. 

JjjT^'d s. 71. A family, lineage. 2, off- 
spring. 3, one of the 49 gotras. 4, 
verbosity, prolixity. 

3jj^:^r s. a. Engaged in, occupied in. 
-^. Setting in motion; promoting; 
an originator, founder; a promoter; 
f. -ir. -ri, -rS. Moving forwards; 
activity, action; business; course, 
proceeding; behaviour; conduct, way, 
manner. n^s3.^F"?ij. To proceed, go 
on; to come to pass; to engage in, be 
occupied in; to act; to carry on, 
perform, l^as a business. 

Tjj'^z^F s. n. Increasing; also -^^ 
Augmenting, increase. -sSjSoi. Grow- 
ing, increasing. ^S^F^jO. To grow, 

ZJ.^sd s. 71. Flowing, streaming. 2, 
wind. ^53oo?ij. To flow; to draw, 
as a carriage. 

^ ;rasl s. n. Speaking forth, uttering; 
proclaiming, declaration; discourse; 
popular talk, rumour, report. -rS. 
Prophecy. ^^9a. A prophet (one 
■wbo speaks by God's order). ^;3tia 
^. To prophesy; also -f3 Ss^^J. 

tijZ7)t) s. n. A young shoot. 2, green- 
ness. 3, coral. -M^'^f Ashes of 
coral, used medicinally. 

Tjj^SSTj s. n. Sojourning abroad; a 
temporary sojourn; a foreign abode. 
-oijaoSj. To go abroad. ^^sA). A 

sojourner abroad. -^. Dwelling a- 

broad; exile, banishment. 
3j 33sSo s. 11. A stream, current, flow, 

course. ^so'Soo^do. To stream, flow. 
TjtS^Ti s. a. Entered, gone into. 
^jj^oO© s. o. Skilful, clever, proficient, 

conversant with; f. ^^^f^. -J, -^. 

Skill, proficiency. 
3jj4^. tt>- of Sj^i^, q- V- 
7jjri\i> s. n. Proceeding; purging. 2, 

progress; advance. 3, active life. 

4, prevalence. 

3ji^\::j s. a. Grown up, increased. 

sJ,53 a . Growth, increase; prosperity. 
^— ' e) 4i 
sij^erS s. 71. A braided hair. 

ijjoj°!i s. 71. Entering into, entrance. 

2, commencement. 

To enter into, enter, go into; to 

interfere; as SjfS'i-, 53Jf3cxij©_-, ^Jt5 

,riidi^. TJi^rir 

Going abroad. 

migration, wandering about, esp. as 
a religious mendicant. 

jjiSDjaiS' s. n. A religious mendicant. 

3j,^o?6 s. n. Praise, eulogy. ^SoA);^j. 
To praise, eulogize. 

3J ^do s. n. Calmness, tranquility, 
peace, composure. ^^:Dj^. Appeas- 
ed, quenched. 

3J,^ri s. n. Praised, extolled; com- 
mendable; admirable, excellent. 

^■g'^ s. n. A question, query, interro- 
o-ation: also ^t,. -ife^J. To ask a 
question. -SJ3:iO, -co^'tfj. To question, 
ask. -la^. A sign of interrogation 
(?). 5i.S2i i^iP'^s'. Interrogative. ^ 
ijn^^d. Questions and answers: a 
dialogue, catechism. 

3J ?j-S- s. n. Connection; the topic of 
conversation; energy, effort. -an 
To take up, as a topic of conversation 

7ij;^CA s. n. Connection, intercourse 
meeting. 2, topic, a subject of con 
versation; discussion; a sermon (C/w.) 
3, incident, event. 4, the fit time 




season; an occasion, -^ia'ij, -»3j3:^o, 
-nicxJjj, ^^oASjj, To discuss; to 
preach, proclaim, ^sjoh. A devotee; 
a discusser; a preacher. -»j?tiS. The 
Christian pulpit. 

Tjjri^^ s. a. Clear, bright; tranquil; 
soothed, propitiated, pleased; gra- 
cious, propitious, kind, pleased with. 
-^. Pleased. -i, -^, -t;:^53. Clear- 
ness; favour, kindness, propitious- 

TjjrJTi 3. n. Spreading; extending, ex- 
tent; diffusion; dispersion. 2, expan- 
sion. 3, flow, current. 4, speed; 
force. 5. affection. -rs. Spreading; 
surrounding an enemy. -rsS^ej. Ex- 
tensible. ^JoO^oJ. To be extended; 
to be diffused; to spread. 

3jj7J^ s. n. Childbirth. 2, offspring. 
3, a flower. 4, fruit. 5, opening, 
budding. Sj?i^?^o. To beget, bring- 

3jj?J3d s. 11. Clearness; brightness, pur- 
ity. 2, calmness, repose, composure; 
good humour. 3, graciousness, pro- 
pitiousness, favour, kindness. 4, 
sacrament, a pledge of grace (as the 
Lord's Supper and baptism). 5, any- 
thing presented to an idol. G, a 
free gift, gratuity. -^. Rendering 
clear; tranquillizing; gratifying; a 
gratuity. -fS, Service, worship. 

33j?3aCi s. a. Calming; showing favour. 
2, come from a king, guru, etc., 
as a blessing. -^. Purified; worship- 
ped. -?jJ. To grant graciously. 

3rij?JS'rf s. 11. Going forth, spreading, 
extending. -rs. Causing to go for- 
wards, spreading, diffusing, expan- 
sion, increase; exhibiting; dis- 

7j\r^Tfi s. a. Accomplished; well known, 
renowned, famous; celebrated, public; 
adorned. -Sa^o, -53.ra:Sj. To make 
known, publish. -3?3, -^. Celebrity. 
-5J3,. A notification. 

^,^D s. 11. Accomplishment; celebrity, 
fame, publicity. -A lotfj. To come 
to fame. -Sjacej. =s,/2ocJ ssjssj, q, v- 

"tjyiji)^ s. a. Begotten; born. ^Ks.h. 
Birth; offspring. ^?;>J3i. A woman 
in childbed. 

^?j {Ih. of s^ji'S) n. An auspicious cere- 
mony, festive occasion, as: the eroS^ 
aJjrti-, fj^oJo^rfra-, iS^e)3o-, etc. 

t^Ti^ t) {lb. of Sj^^a) 11. Speak- 
ing, saying; introduction, preface. 
2, beginning. 3, introducing a topio 
for conversation; the conversation on 
a topic, the topic itself; narration, 
news; affair, pursuit. 4, occasion, 
opportunity; a favourable moment. 
-fi.=:^^^a^. ^?33_^°o?3j. To intro- 
duce a topic and converse on it. 

Zjjida "rf s. n. A plain. 2, a jungle. 

3!ji?3t) ^. = 5jy^?) S q. V. -f3. Introduc- 
tion, preface; the prologue of a 
drama; introducing a topic for 
conversation; the conversation on a 

^i;do ^ s. a. Praised; declared, said; 
ready; proximate, n. A proposition. 
ad. At present. 

l?j s. 11. Table-land. 2, a measure of 
a. Goins forth. 


four kudavas. 


?33 fj s. 11. Going forth; a march; a 

journey; a method, system. 
3j rij^ s. n. A flow, stream; a fall of 

water; a cascade. 
3jj5oTi s. n. A watch; the eighth part 

of a day. 
jii3o?j;i s. H. Hearty laughter; mirth; 

mocking', sarcasm, satire; a farce. 
3j|S3t) uj s. 11. Pleasure, gladness, happi- 

-J CO 

ness. 2, sound. 3, N. of a daitya 
persecuted for his devotion to Vishnu. 

;i)'^odo. = SjO0±i, q. V. 

ZJk>Ju- {lb. of sraj'^*) ad. Before; for- 
merly, a. Previous, former. 

SJ^jS^yq s. n. Publicity, manifestation. 



Sj^j^STJ (=s:5nt)d, q. v.) s. n. A rampart, 

fence, enclosure. 
SjSj'S^n,^ (/■;•. ^^yS) s. a. Original, na- 
tural; ordinary, common, unculti- 
vated, vulgar, low, base; vernacular. 
n. Any provincial or vernacular dia- 
lect akin to Samskrita. 
ZIjSj'^o,. = sj^=ff*, q. V. tb. of s?ji3*. 
Sj^jS^ 7j s. a. Former, prior. n. Fate, 

SjDjS'v'^ s. n. The first member of a 

53S)7^^f,Jo (f''- 33^=5*- wtf'Jj,) s. a. Be- 
ginning from the past time. 
SjSiAOujcdJ s. a. Rising in the east. 
SjSjSj?^ s. a- Former, prior, ancient; 
eastern. n. The doings of former 
births and their consequences. 2, a 
hedge, wall. 
STOjaissis'n {fr. ^^s-diiS.) s. n. A kind of 

marriage. 2, a mode of penance. 
Sj5|K s. a. Intelligent, wise, clever. 

n. A learned man. 
3JDjf*S s. n. Breath, respiration. 2, air, 
wind. 3, a vital air. 4, life, vitality. 
5, the soul. 6, strength, might. 
-"ijizij. To offer one's life for the 
benefit of another; to die. -ii«?odb, 
-<2j3^. a dearly loved friend. -:S'§j?i 
s<J) (-SA). To take away life, kill; to 
commit suicide, -aorf ooLO^rlJ. To die; 
to go alive. -^oW^. Danger of life; 
a dangerous man. -=ff!!o3, -fSDEl, -533, 
-5Jt)^J^. A dearly beloved husband. 
-^D3^. Killing; money. -35,r!. Sui- 
cide, -zz-^ri. The gift of life. -?i^, 
-SD?i. Loss of life. -5i,S^. The rite 
of bringing life to an idol, -^odj, A 
dearly beloved man. -sjoi^y. Jeo- 
pardy of life, extreme distress. -^° 
^. Very intimate friendship, -^^j- 
Murder. -coo?^. Injury to life, sc^ 
5530i33wj. Restraint of breath during 

SjSjrS s. n. Any living creature; an 
animal; a person. -i^JS^ii. The ani- 
mal kingdom. 

Sj^l^^S, ojS);^5 s. ad. At daybreak, sja^ 
SoffeJO. The early mornino-. s7?,3 8 
oj'^oi. Morning ablution. E^-^^^?'^ 
iioS. Breakfast. 

Sj^jSeps^TS' (fr. 5i Sz?5?i) s. (t. Existing 
only in appearance. 2, looking like. 

33Sjc3?^ (/■»•. ^cS;3!) s. n. The span of 
the thumb and forefinger. 

ojDjPD^r'n (fr. S.qjSoi) s. n. Pre-eminence, 
supremacy; prevalence, ascendancy, 

3j3)0;g, oj^o^n s. M. Edge, border; 
boundary. 2, a country; a region; 
a place. 

SjSjSjoei^ s. a. Worldly, secular. 

ojaiSj s. a. Attained to; obtained, jrot 
acquired; fit, proper. s;^ »j^. Attain- 
ing to; obtaining; acquisition, profit, 
advantage; lot; good luck. 5j9>^^j. 
To be obtained; to come to pass, to 
come to; to meet with. 

oj^jSOCn s. n. Powerfulness; preva- 

SjSj'djtjrfS^ (fr. ^Sjsrs) s. a. Authentic, 
credible, true, just. n. An upright, 
honest man. -Sri, -t scD.siJSc'S,. Au- 
thenticity, credibility; truth, vera- 
city, honesty. 

3jT)\3J0 s. n. Any period of life, age; 
prime of life. -3jo1oo. A period of 
age to be reached. -cSSj. A young 
man. -^ejj. Age to pass, decline. 
-t%. Generally, usually; to all ap- 
pearances. -^. A young man; f. 




Sjaicdo?) ^ s. 11. An expiation, atone- 
ment, penance, compensation. 2, the 
atonement Christ made. 

SXirfsO s. a. Begun. n. Fortune, des- 

SjSj'do^ s. n. Beginning, commence- 
ment. 53'3,doips;j. To begin; to com- 





ZJSj^f'^ s. 71. Requesting, begging; a 
prayer, entreaty, request, applica- 
tion, petition. 2, a vow. -tfjsy. 
Prayer-union. -sad. Prayer-week. 
-s3j3Sj, 3j^^r"s-o. To ask for, beg for; 
to petition anything; to pray to. 
3C5j^f;^. Requested, asked for, prayed 

SjHiT^rJc® s. ?i. A cover, cloak. 


n. Eating, feeding 

G^^^ S. 

r?.3:^. Eaten, devoured, 

drunk. ^"S,^.. Eatable; edible. 

3J3i?j s. n. Alliteration. 

ZjS\7iof\'^ (fr. ^Xon) s. a. Belonging 
to any topic, relevant; opportune, 
seasonable; occasional. 

3j3ir3orf {fr. ^?^zi) s. n. A temple; a 

333100 s. n. Forenoon. 

^jCdJ s. a. Beloved; dear, valued, ami- 
able, agreeable, desirable; loving, 
kind, affectionate. 2, dear, high in 
price, n. Favour, love; a husband, 
lover; f. ^JjOSj. -^acS. Giving plea- 
sure. -333j. Most beloved; a lover. 
-Ss)a. One who speaks kindly. 

lbi?S s. a. Pleased; joyful; dear. 

LjisS s, n. Gratification; satisfaction, 
2, grace, favour, kindness; affection, 
love, -SJjSCeO, To show affection, to 
love, -'a:^o. To bestow love upon; 
as asJo^O or esSfo ^J?d S^^h ^^Sj, 
-5io^, -s-!©. A man full of love, -^o. 
To love. 

7t p'^v s. n. Looking at, viewing; also 
^^'^ ^- 2, a public show. 3, con- 
ception, intellect. 

)(. A dead per- 
son; a corpse. 2, a ghost, -=5'»3Jr. 
Funeral rites. -loO. Food offered to 
the departed spirit. -?io?:?^tf. The 
cremation of a corpse. 

;3ie^0 s. n. Love, affection, kindness. 
2, joy; pleasure. -iJ5«0O. To show 

S ^^ s. o. Deceased. 

love, ^t^x Loving, affectionate; a 
^oTJij s. )i. Urging, impelling, incit- 
ing; a pusher. 

sSjj'd??. = dj^dfSj??, q. V. 

^e5e s. a. Driven forwards, impelled, 
instigated, urged, 

^o&x!j. = d^?6e^=:j, q. V. 

s3j?'5°^E? s. n. Pushing on, inciting, 
urging, instigating; direction; im- 
pulse. SOSjns o^-. The prompting 
of the Holy Spirit. ^^6^hKo. To 
persuade, impel, urge on, stimulate, 
sSjOoC^O® s. /(.. Commissioning, ordering, 

35j?iU>^ s. a. Commissioned, sent forth; 

ordered, directed. n. An apostle. 
"Aj^z^n s. n. A male servant; a mes- 
senger; f. ^?^j^. 
5§Pj7^j^00 e. n. Programme, an outline 
of the order of a performance or 
^'3j63;cl c§ e. a. Protesting {against the 
doctrines and rites of the Church of 
Rome); pertaining to Protestantism, 
n, A Protestant (opp. to Roman Catho- 
lic). -^ ?^ . Protestant Christian. -^ 
I?. Protestant church, 
^j,?;oaoA{ e, n. Proceedings, course of 

measures or dealing. 
sSsJio^ s. a. Announced, declared, said. 
^(DjD^p© s. n. Sprinkling with water 
for purification. 2, killing animals 
in sacrifice. ^?^^- To sprinkle. 
^.?©D^ao s. H. Great effort, zeal, ar- 
dour. 2, stimulus. -r^JsCXj, -5ia^. 
To incite, inspirit, encourage, 5^?^? 
ara oo'a. Stimulated, encouraged, 
^'a.:^ (=^5jS) s. a. Grown up, fully 
developed; mature, adult; proficient; 
grand, mighty, dignified- -3~i, -3. 
Grandeur; maturity, etc.; arrogance, 
s:^^. Growth; maturity; elevation, 

0-J ^ 


' A 

grandeur, pomp; proficiency; self- 
confidence; zeal, enterprise, exertion. 
5j3 ^^, d^^sSj. Grandeur; proficiency. 

7j ^, s. n. The waved-leaf fig-tree, 
Ficus infectoria. 

rlT^ s. 11. A float, raft. 2, the thirty- 

fifth year of the cycle of sixty. 

3j "doii s. »i. The forty-first year of the 


cycle of sixty. 
h ?(5o s. n. The spleen. 2, disease of 


the spleen. 
jg s! s, a. Floating; lengthened, pro- 

tracted, as a vowel, n. A long vowel. 
ojn jdS e. n. Flannel. 


^. The fortieth letter of the alphabet. 

:{j5arf s. n. The letter ^. 

^•S^e'd (= s^T^d) h. n. A Mahommadan 

^^jN. == ^"^fS, q. V. 

^^eS, ^^°i^ h. n. Disgrace; annoy- 
ance, harassment. 

^Xitf«^r^- = 5j^^?A), q. V. 

yt^ s. Ji. The hood of the cobra. ^?s^ 
So£^. A hood-gem. 

^r5 s. n. A snake; a cobra. -:^^. 
Siva. -5j?e^. Braided hair resembling 
a snake. 

^7i h. ?i. Annihilation, ruin. 

y L^^Jeic^s, ^'doSSfja h. n. A royal mand- 
ate, order; a firman. 

^■d:^Js05J§ li. a. Made to order. 2, 
very excellent. 

^ddjsOSJTiO h. r;. t. To order, direct, 

^oa^j3?5j4 h. »<. Forgetfulness, over- 
sight; negligence. 

'^XjSQ h. ft. Absconded or emigrated. 
2, (f.) a sail. 

^ej s. n. Fruit; a fruit. 2, produce, 
crop; profit, gain, benefit. 3, off- 
spring. 4, recompense, reward. 3, 
one's own learning or merits. 6, 
product, quotient. 7, final liber- 
ation. 8, a tablet, board; also -'^. 
-^w. The fruit-season. -fJSzSo. To 

yield or produce fruit. ^O^rartJ. 
Fruit or gain to be produced. -2oa. 
To bear fruit. -rasro. A present of 
fruits. -CjDOdjtf. One who rewards 
or retributes (used of God). -sSjirar. 
Full of fruits. -"^0:g, -rf3«. Laden 
with fruits, fruitful. -^Jj^. Advantage, 
profit. -AjS. a prosperous issue. 

jjiV"^ s. n. A board, plank. 2, a slab, 
tablet. 3, a shield. 

3jj£;s^, ^e;s^ b. pro. Such a one. 

^tiv'^tl s. n. Profit and loss. 

^jieissstj {= ^zjoos^) s. n. Feeding on 
fruits; a slight repast. 

^€^ s. a. Bearing fruit. ^OssqiF. 

^eSrio s. V. i. Fruit to grow; to grow; 
to bear fruit, become fruitful; to 
bear good or bad results; also ^O-. 

d«3jB5rforfo s. 11. Result, recompense, re- 

rie;o Jj s. 11. Arjuna. 

^xieD f. 11. The official revenue-year. 

^SieJJ li. w. A crop, harvest. 

^Z'S>€ h. ti. Excess; surplus or spare; 

^SOSJDS h. a. Advantage, profit. 

^sOSjIa h. a. Published, proclaimed, 


nse^O ^ s. n. N. of the twelfth lunar 
A , 




20 ri 

^aa h. 11. A servant. 

^■d^ h, n. A part, sub-division; a de- 

^Scdrea h. ?i. A complaint, suit. -C33d, 
A plaintiff, complainant- -^Jzi:Sj, -Sjs 
c?vj. To complain; to file a lawsuit. 

^■!3j3?^0 h. «. Sale, selling. 

sJiC; s. a. Expanded, blown, as a flower; 
^ no 

also ^€> 3. H. A full blown flower. 

£eC53, y?r5 s. 7(. A kind of sweetmeat 

like vermicelli. 
ye?j s. n. Foam, froth. ^?S;ej. Foamy, 

frothy; the soap plant, Sapindus de- 

^(j&?io h. n. A list, catalogue, roll. 
y;«5, o^?55^, yes3 s. tt. Remnants of 

food, orts. 
;ffe)&!j (=:3i^iiO, f/. r.) h. ?i. An army, a 

body of troops. 


33*. The forty-first letter of the alpha- 

203^ s. n. A heron, crane. 2, a cheat, 
rogue. 3, N. of a rakshasa. -^^. 
The tree Sesbana grandiflora. -^:&o 
"Ui^. Hypocrisy. 

20^t5, SO^'.tSI. k. 71. A potsherd. 

20^t5 2. h. n- A goat; aZso w^os. 

203'^(=w^) h. n. A general; the head 
of a department. -^0. His employ- 

SO^STi s. n. The letter to. 

20gt);^0':i. =10* No. 3, q. v. 2, a voracious 

SO^a^'Ejro^O f. n. Rice mixed with 
curds, butter, and milk. 

to^O^ (=53=5^00) s. n. The tree Mimu- 
sops elengi. 

80^,, 203%y a. k. 71. Bareness, voidness. 

80^,& f. 71. Bread. -Soot;^o.' A platter 
for baking bread. 

20^0,5, 205'o^I§ a. k. 71. Agitation; 
amazement; alarm; grief. 

20t?, k. n. Sweetness, goodness. 

Si-S\ . = lo*«i, q. V. 

SC-S", ofj li- "• -^ present, gift. 

205jo5 h. 71. Contention; a troublesome 

20a£0a k. n. Blazing, crackling of 

flames. -t3 «a;o. To blaze with a 

crackling noise; to burn, as the eyes, 

SOaUo a. k. V. i. To open the legs, to 

20aZ§ f. n. Rice roughly cleaned. 2, a 

species of pulse, -odj* . An inferior 

kind of rice. 
20a5 h. prep. "Without, -toa , -*^dO, 

-rf;:3S, -SoJB'jo, e/c. Without — . 
ZdX'd'R a. k. 71. A temporary well. 2, 

a kind of vessel. 
SOaS ( = tSJSrtO, q. y.) f. 71. A boy's 

spinning top. 
SiAtio k. r. <. To scratch with the nails 

or claws. 
20A<y h. 71. An Arab boat. 
SOaCJO h. 71. The armpit; a side. -t3? 

W. A bag that is put over the shoulder. 
20a^/^, 20a;6 k. n. The palms of the 

hands joined so as to form a cup. 
eOA^O. = iortos?J, q.v. 
Zd'h k. V. t. To separate; to tear; to 

scratch. 2, to scrape and remove. 

■UifsTix To cause to scratch or scrape. 
20aJ^0 (="c3j3nVo, q.v.) k. V. i. To 

bark. 71. Barking. 
E0;^1. k. r./.&i. To think; to consider, 

mind, think of; to opine, suppose. 




conjecture; to know. P. ps. wrido, 
wr^dj. n. Thought; concern, regard; 
notion, idea; intention, object, aim; 
the mind. -rtoorfj. To get disap- 
pointed. -7i:Sj. To be bewildered, 
confused. -f3J3?. To grieve. -53d. To 
think, reflect. -3oO. One's thought 
or purpose to proceed without any 
20^ 2. {cf. lof^) k. n. A division, kind, 
sort; a class, caste; a manner, mode, 
way. -Wi^. rep. Different or various 
kinds. -aoO. To be settled. -^O^j. 
To settle. 

20a (tb. of ^'^?v'.) n. A tiger. 

A '^ ^ 

20a li k. ■«. Sediment, dregs, mud, mire. 


20a n k, ad. Quickly. 
20a 5 k. n. The thorax. 


20ao 1. a. k. n. The crying, cooing, 


chirping, etc., of birds. WPv ?;j. To 
cry, coo, etc. 
20 AO 2. k. V, t. To bend, bow; to be- 
come submissive, lo?'* ■^J. To bend. 


207^ , 207^0 {fr. wrt 1, n.) k. n. The very 
A u 

thought or purpose. conj. On ac- 
count of, for; with regard to, con- 

20c^ (lb. of 53=^) a. k. n. N, 2, a bend; 
a corner. Wo'S'J. To be crooked, to 

20o^ k. n. Gum, glue, resin. 

20o7<c520^ k. 11. The creeper Ipomaea 

20oAe3 h. n. A bungalow. 

20CAt)ti ( = "^JOHeiC. <b. of sj, orreti) h. 
Gold. -^soaoSjrf. The Arnotto tree, 
Bixa orellana. -cS dJJC,)53oj. Gilt. 

20oas^ s. n. The country Bengal, wo 
TVS'-?. A Bengalee. z»iorra^^oj, -iS^S,. 

20o7\ 1. {tb. of i:^of\, q. v.) n. Appearance; 
likeness, similarity. 

20o?\2. {tb. of tjJon) n. Hemp; a potion 
prepared from it. 2, a crazy person, 

20oA0 f. n. A disease of the skin. 
2>it3F34 ^- w- Protection; deliverance, 

20e-^ {tb. of 53^) n. A young one; a 

boy. -^'3(3. A cloth for boys. 

202:^ CJO k. n. A drain from the bath- 
er , 
room; the bathing room. -?^jr9. The 


- oj J fS. A 

bathroom pit. 


20Ei 6 {id7i6\ k. n. Spinage. -^%- ^ 

small annual plant, Portulaca quadri- 


202^0 1. 20BI T^o k. V. t. To deposit; to 
2<r So- 

put aside, conceal, hide, cover. 

20£io 2. k. V. i. To grow lean. 

20aio^Q h. M. A musical instrument. 
2, a bajantari-player. 

20ai3O30?jj h. V. t. To beat, play a 
musical instrument. 2, to achieve, 
execute. z»js'3dfl. A musical per- 

203^31:^, 20SyaTJo h. n. A market; the 
business of a market. zos^O. Relating 
to a market; low, disreputable. 

20^ (tb. of S3t^) «. An aromatic water- 
plant, Acorus calamus. 

203i li. tb. of 53w^, q. V. 

20^ {tb. of M^,5S*) n. A catni made of 
roasted brinjals, chillis, etc. 

2003^X^0 h. n. Waste laud. -i^i^^J. To 
become waste. -zjjJacSj. =iootoc!j. 

20O5S {tb. of sio^n) n. A childless 
woman. 2, barrenness, sterility. 

-yrij. To become barren, unproduc- 
tive, -^^j. Barrenness. 

20y {tb. of ipM) n. A brave warrior. 
-^^. Bravery, valour. -oSjajJ;.. A 
free land granted to a Brahmana. 

20y5 f. n. A draw-purse. 

20633 (='^^) ^' *• Void, empty. -w 
odoejj. A wide, open plain; emptiness. 

20MS33zf h. n. Distributing of wages. 

20&5SB e. n. A potato. 

206:sr5 b. n. The common pea, Pisum 





20Uj4' (lb- of ^jj^ «• Roundness; a 

eOUl. (=w^, iots* W) k. n. Bareness, 
voidness. -^s3. A bald head, -locxjj 
t)j. = 'u0 3:3ZAiol)Sjj. -cJ. Whirlingly. 

ZOki, 2. (<b. o/" a,;^) ?i. A circle, disk; 
that is uniform, regular or beautiful. 
2, a circular mark on the forehead. 
a. Round, circular. -*otSjd. A chest- 
nut horse. -rt::^^. The round pea. 
-?1. Roundness. -f\^, -rfd, -a^, 
-Sjj^j^, -djsn, e<c. A round — . i^^4r^. 
Round, circular. 

80W^ 3. ((&. o/' s3Wj) n. A learned Brah- 
mana. 2, a plijari. 3, a panegyrist, 

20y (yo (lb. of S;^orej) ti. A bowl, cup, 

basin, goblet. 

solo 1. k. n. A rupture, hernia. 

aiB, 2. h. ?i. A kiln, furnace; a spirit- 


--^^^io. To distil. 


i^2, q.v. 2, a round thing 
used for weighing. 
20e, 1. (tb. of ^W) n. A path, road, 
way. -n^sao. To see a way. -Ado. 
To lose the way. 

toB 2. {tb. of ^K) n. Cloth. 

aj '^^ 

307^ k. M. Poorness; weakness; miser- 
ableness; humbleness, a. Poor, weak; 
miserable; humble. Cpds.: -^oMjoto, 

-iSjoa, eic. -S. A poor, miserable, 
weak man; f. -as?o, -d. -:^^, -^ ri, 
-A^. Thinness; poverty. -^, -5*0. A 
thin, feeble male. -'S'ejo. Weakness, 

eorfX. eOT^AJ k. ?i. The north, ad- 
In the north. 

eOTi?\ (=lon5>cDj, toart, toaf»,g. v. tb. of 
ojZ^F-ir) n. A carpenter. -3pS. Carpen- 

SOtSi^ (=wa3) k. '«. Beating; a stroke, 

aOciaorSf. n. Gabble, prate. ->Jjei3?:Sj. 
To gabble, prate, babble. 

2C;3305J 2. b. ?i. Greatness, vain pomp; 

bragging. -s3.ra?S, -narf. A braggart. 

-=^. To become great; to grow; to 

205 (=w:l) k. f. /. To beat, strike, 

thresh, bang. 2, to sweep away. n. 

Beating; a blow. -^. Beating, etc.; 

trouble, as that of old age. -r(. One 

who serves up as a meal; one who 

beats. -oaW. Fighting, wrangling. 

-zs^iSj. To fight, wrangle. -rtejj . 

A stone-trap. -siJri. A levelling 

plank. -^JilO. A gelded bull. 

soax, 2oa?\. = W3>>, g. t\ 

205/^ k. »i. A stick, staff, cudgel. 

SO^SSli f. n. Brag, bragging. 

20a?jJ k. V. t. To help at meals, serve 

up or out. 2, to cause to beat, etc. 
20z§i. = wa, q.v. cozScij, uddo. 

wdcs^y. = wara^y. W!3n3::^j. = wa 

20^ 2. k. n. A stick, pole. 

20w 3. h. a. Great, bij 

??^5^. Anise- 

ZdZi k. n. A blunt, dull fellow. 

20 C^ (lb. of S3 a) n. Interest on money; 

usury, -o^tfj, -l3«?o1)j. Interest to in- 
crease, -^jsc^j, -?1 "^Jizii. To lend 
money on interest. -^^OXj. To pay 
interest, -coaodoo. To charge interest. 

201^0 k. n- Barrenness, vainness; blunt- 
ness; dullness. -e^rf^So. -tf£., -^j:Sjc3, 
-SjJrioS,, -So^. A dull, stupid — . 

^0^^A0 a. k. n. A wretch; a poor per- 
son. -'5'iD, -^SA), -i3)S3, -tji'^, -Sj3=: 
S3. A poor, wretched — . -^-5. Wretch- 

20re^7\, 20r53SA (<?>. 0/" Sirita^) «. A 
merchant: a merchant caste. -Sfd, 
wcsti;S?i, Trade, traffic. 




20f«e3, 20r©od, 20ro^, 20r5^ k. m. A 
stack, rick. 

Zdoki 1. (<{*. of 5io3) M. A servant. -^ 
jS. Servitude. 

SOcUS. (=wy. tb. of ifiW) M. A warrior, 
soldier; a hero, 2, the farmer-caste 
of the Tula country. 

ZOotSI. k. ». Wool. 

20cr^2. (/■>■. ioo::^J) f. n- A shameless, 
dishonourable, profligate man. -^n- 
Shamelessness, profligacy. 

aOoT^ 3. (=»JocS) s. a. Maimed, defect- 
ive; impotent, n. A tailless ox. 

20cc^4. (tb. of if^ozi) n. Capital, prop- 
erty; wealth. 

20oT^?© {tb. of z^o:iri) n. A battle; 

z^ori-^sj, 20orfs3O, 20oc5:3D^ (tb. of 
ip^oio) n. Capital, funds; stock, store; 
cf. wo:^4. 

20cZ3t)cdo, 20CZ3DO20 f. «. Quarrelling; 

20 Co k. n. A wheel. 2, a bandy, 
cart, carriage. -odoS, -Kij^°i?j. A 
driver, cartman. 

20otio 1. a. k. M. Honey. 2, the pollen 
of flowers. ' 

ZOcTio 2. (==100:::^ 2) f. n. Shamelessness, 
impudence, obscenity, lewdness. 2, 
awkwardness, trouble, disgrace. wo 
55!)W. A disgraceful position; a very 
awkward or troublesome affair, etc. 
-iA3 . -^rS, -txra^o, -SjJsSj. A shame- 
less or obscene — . -3?^. = wo:S3oS, 

20oZ§ k. n. A rock, block or slab of stone. 

20r€ (tb. of Star) ?i. Colour, paint, 
-<»irfj, -iScSo, -iSD'^j. To dye, paint. 

-oitfo. To become brighter. -*^^' 

To fix a colour. -rrorf. A dyer; a 

painter. -f=?. ^= Cr3~f3, g. u. -^tf. A 

necklace of gold beads, corals, etc 

20r5 ;rfo ((&. of SJ^r^^o) t\ <. To colour, 
paint. 2, to describe. 

20;^^ e. n. A button; a knob to fasten 
the dress. 

20^ l.{=i^^) f. n. Paddy, rice in the 
husk, -ijirfra. Paddy and other arti- 
cles of food. 

20^ 2. h. n. Batta, an allowance be- 


yond pay, extra allowance. 
20;^ Oo (fr. io3j,) k. n. Dried fruit. 
20^ e3 (= j3^ d) k. 71. Bareness, naked- 

20;^ e§^ (=^S^^, q. V.) f. 11. A quiver. 

20B3 rJJ h. w. A kind of sweetmeat. 


20S (tb. of aSr) n. A wick, the wick 
of a lamp; a candle; a cigar. -=^^3:^0. 
To cheat. -?3?cSj. To smoke a cigar. 

20 oO k. V. i. To grow dry, as a stream; 

to dry up, as water; to grow lean, to 
fade, wither, n. Drying up, etc. 

20^ ?£) e. 11. A battery. 

. — o 

20i^ 5 e. n. A butler: a servant who 
has charge of the table. 

20rf. = WJ^os^j, q. V. 

20^5^0. = •Uizio'^o, q. V. 

20sj7\Jk. M. Drudgery. locSrS. A servant. 

20rff3saj li. n. Ignominy, infamy. 

20rf^ k. n. The brinjal or egg-plant, 
Solanum melongena. 

20dD s. n. The jujube tree, Jizyphus 
jujuba. 2, the cotton plant. -=ff^^s3j. 
N. of a hermitage in the Himalaya. 

20u;£i^ li. n. A convoy, guard on the 

20u!£^0 li. ». Changing; change; alter- 
ation; exchange; retaliation, a. Other. 
ad. Instead of. wcScartj. To change, 
be changed. -'^JBSj. To give in ex- 
change or as a substitute, -ssjscaj. 
To change, alter. -Sj3^. A word 
in reply; a contradiction. -^?s?j. To 
reply. iociOi)ioriO, tocJSj^srf). Ex- 
change, interchange. lociCtioajSoO, 
i^zi€>^. To change; to alter, make 
differ. locSO. A substitute. 

20a 1. h. n. Mud, mire, slush. 




SOaS. k. w. Tho side, flank; nearness, 
vicinity. loSii sSj'3:«j. To put to one 
side. -oiSJJ. A rib. 

20nio3'o (= wS'B'j) k. v. t. To live, be 
alive; to subsist; to live by; to revive, 
return to life. n. Leaving, life; 
livelihood; property, things, goods. 
-Gra^j. dpi. -ajeiSj. To carry on a 
business. torfj^^jO. To cause to live 
or subsist; to save from death; to 
bring to life. 

80rfo4 (= wcSj k. n. A raised bank in 
fields, a low ridge. 

eOrf (tb. of UiZi, q. V.) a. Firm, true. ad. 
Firmly, certainly. 

80a^ (tb. of 100^=5^) n. A band, tie. 

2, comparing anything with a stand- 
ard, as weights, etc. ^&i oJj. To 
compare anything with a standard; 
to be bound or obstructed. 

80C^ f. n. A hole in the ground into 


which children play marbles. 
80rf (= tocS ) s. a. Bound, tied, fastened ; 
fettered, checked, connected, confined; 

constructed, firm, true. 

constitution subject to costiveness. 

-SoorJj . Close-fisted; covetous, miserlv. 

-cStijcS, -^^tf. Deadly hatred. 
ao^iTi s, a. Deaf. -3 . Deafness. 
Zi^. tb. of 5j?i, q. V. 
aDjiogi k. H. A large timber tree, Termi- 

nalia tomentosa, 
20?j3;^o h. 11. Broad-cloth, woollen. 
80f3X)O30?j0 h. r. t. To make, fabricate. 

JOo3.iS3f=f, I0c355^. Making, bringing 

about. 2, mutual agreement. 
80^) h. n. Substance, as of grain, 

milk, etc. 
20^cdO^ h. n. A waistcoat with short 

SOo^o k. {3rd pers. sing. neut. past of 

wSj) v. i. It came. 
80o^. = tJjsoJ, q. V. 
aDorf (tb. of Wo:;5, q. v.) n. A bond, 

etc. -^^:- Moderateness; caste-rules; 

security. -rfSjd. The wild mango- 

20oul?\ h. n. Slavery. 

SDorffS^ (lb. of aons^) 71. The par- 
asitical plant Epidendrum tesselalum. 

SOorffj. ib. of too^SfS, q. r. 

20o3t3 h. 71. A port; a port-town; a 
landing place. 

20oa s. «. A captive or prisoner. 2, 
an obstacle; stop; confinement, 3, a 
tie; an armlet; a neck-ornament of 
females. 4, plunder, booty. -ocio»3, 
-Jjei^. A prisoner. -soTtS. A prison. 

20crfo (tb. of 1009) n. Any tie, bond, 

fetter; confinement. -*L'o,. Well 

regulated or compact state. -i3J3:l). 
To close, shut. % 

SOosSjs^O h. n. A musket; a matchlock. 

aDot3j3?20,?j , 20c:5.epa:?jJ h. «. Settle- 
raent; well-ordered or firm condition; 
order; security, safety. 

20oqj ( = ioorf. toorio) s. »i. Binding; a 
bond, tie, chain, fetter; imprison- 
ment, check; agreement; a border. 
-*. A binder; hindrance; a pledge. 
-?j. Binding, fastening; confinement, 
bondage, imprisonment; a bond, 
chain, fetter. too^^j. To bind, tie, 
fetter, confine; to bind on one's self; 
to connect; to infiict punishment, 

2004^0 s. 71. Connection, relationship. 
2, a kinsman, relation, relative. 3, 
a friend. -ttirS. Kinsfolk, relations. 
-3, -3,. Relationship, affinity, -w^n. 

20ov-3'd s. a. Uneven, wavy. 2, bent, 
crooked. 3, pleasing, beautiful, n. 
A goose. 

20oqJ o. = sSo:?,, q. v. 

^^\ (tb. of ^0^, q. V-) n. Sufferings, 
etc. -loa^So. To cause to suffer dis- 
comfiture. -tAirfJ. To suffer ruin. 

25o)^ 1. Imp. pi. of i'jcfj, q. 7K 




80^)->2. k. n. A prickly tree, Acacia 

20200 S? {lb. of loiojsrd) n. The thorny 

Babool tree, Acacia arabica. 
20S[Jji s. a. Brown, n. A large kind of 

mungoose. -S'saoo^. N. of a son of 

20o4 k. n. A vegetable luiieilage used 

as soap. 
aDo20S a. k. «.. A heap, mass, swarm. 

20o20j k. n. A hollow bamboo. 

20aJo< 1. ( = ioodjj) k. n. The evening. 

-^ri'^. Till evening. -SjsO. Evening 

200CSO* 2. = ioodjo,, g. V. 
eDodo'^ ( = ioo3ot?) k. ri. Longing, wish, 

desire, hope; a desired object. 2, a 

deposit, trust. 
20oliaio, 20aJOJ k. n. An open space, 

field or plain. 2, publicity, conspi- 

cuousness, distinction; a vacuity; 

disappearance; vanity; uselessness. 

t3?S*J. To come to light; to become 
public; to become fruitless. -sia^dJ, 
t«icdjO?i 3o?'tfJ. To make public; ot 
show. -'^d. A public privy. -IjiJScSo. 
An open plain; a public privy. 
-A)os3j. An open country, a plain. 

20oDv;?io, 20a30:tO k. v. t. To desire, 
wish; to long for. -Ci. Desiring. 

20O30 k. n. An open spot, a parting. 
2, = iooi)jg. -3e3. Parting of the hair 
between the sides of the head. 

20O3J^, 20o30i. = WC)±>=#, g. V. 

20o;joo (=:ZJC>:ij<l) k. ■«. The evening, 


SOdSon k. w. The bastard sago tree, 

Car y Ota urens. 
20odoOo k. V. /. To abuse, revile; to 

use bad lanffuaofe. wcxij?) r^o. = 

» ° CO 

looiiJg. tooijos?j. Reviling, abuse, 

bad language, cursing. 
ZiOS^-R f. n. A kind of gimlet. 
20odOJ . =ioaijt)o, q. v. 

207^1. (cl=e3)k, «. Dryness; dearth, 
famine, drought; scarcity; hoUow- 
ness; ruin. -n^ej. A time of famine. 
-locij, -ta^Vo, -oitfj. A famine to 
happen. |-tiii. 

20IJ2. (<6. 0/" sS!3) n. Limit, ad. Up to, 

20'd3. = iotfdo, lodcjj. P.p. o/" to5, «s 
in ^oCl=^j?i?j,. -ojpSfi. Writiuff. -co^, 
-i^. Writing; writ, scripture, written 

20'd5'^o h. n. Success; successfulness; 

20TJa33?do h. a. Risen, broken up, as 
an assembly. 

20'dAO k. w. A kind of grain, Paspalum 
frurnentaceum. 2, a kind of hill- 
grass used for writing pens. 3, 
Indian millet. 

20dB (!3=e3) k. M. Dried cow-dung. 

SO'rfrfo (d=e3) k. »J. Bareness; vainness; 
barrenness; dullness, -^osj. Useless 
work. wrfc^. A useless man. lodd 

o3j,. a barren buffalo. 


ZjJipi f. ?i. A small box, casket, China 

20^1^1^^ h. a. Dismissed, discharged. 

n. Dismissal. 
20T^B. <&. of ipSr, (/. t). 
20drfo. = todcSj. P. 2j. 0^ io3, 5. V. 
20'rf£)0 (lowJF") k. 71. A broom. 2, (tf = ea) 

bareness. -»iJ3:^o. To make bare, as 


20CS20S b. a. Equal; correct; proper, 
fit. locraioO. Equality; evenness. 

20O^O30?j0 h. V. i. To fill or enter 
(items into a book). 

20Tro;^rfjr b. n. A monthly statement 
of payable amounts. 2, a list of 
public servants. 

20& 1. k. n. The side flank. 

205 2. = !Ai5, q. V. 

205 3. (0=0') k. n. Bareness; naked- 
ness; emptiness; soleness; worthless- 




ness, uselessnesB. 

•'^^,. Nothing but 

trouble. -=#JSiOJ,. Nothinfr but fat. 
-rtoUj. An empty bundle. -rrs^o. 
A naked foot. wOcJj, loddo. Empty, 
vain, idle, -cio sSjsc^j. To empty, as a 
box. UOd. Vainly, for nothing, idly. 
-■o^sJjr. Mere sin. -r(ot)j. A useless 
noise. -vsscQj. A person who only 
speaks but does not act. -i3j33J. 
Mere words- -5jJ3o3j. Nothing but 
tricks. -?io'^s. A barefaced liar. 
-^J3^. An empty stomach. 
20D?jo k. r. t. To cause to come, etc. 

2, to cause to write. 

20do k. V. i. To come; to arrive. 2, 
to accrue, fall to one's share; to 
come into and be in the posses- 
sion of; to become an acquisition. 

3, to be a matter of possibility. 

4, to be under control. 5, to be 
becoming, fit, suitable, useful, proper, 
or advisable; to be allowed. 6, to 
suffice for. P. p. wodj. Imp. i3^; 
•pi. loS), wft^O, WO^. rel. part. wrfosS, 
io»3r, W5j , w3o. tAidrtjsSo. To allow 
to come, tod lotf. More and more, in 
course of time. wtilodjS^. In course 
of time, by and by, etc. iotiSJe)::So. 
To make come; to recover, as money, 
etc. todjs^rs. Coming, arrival. l^jocSj 
Sojs^rio. To come and go. t/jrfos^ wtio 

3D . = tjdWd03^. -C#, 1005^. = ^ 

20t3 1. ( = 2oO) k. y. i. To write, draw. 

P. p. wdcSo, loddj. 
20t3 2. = wo 3, g. t'. 2, dry soil. -?i-ra 

ejj. -r3d, -5jli,(i, -loodoo, -sSjsSj, 

-SosJejJ. A mere — . 
SOaIr h. «. A sort of spear. 
SOC'jr a. k. V. i. To die. n- Death. 

2, increase, greatness; skill. -r(. A 

proficient man. -f\. Death. 
20;^r h, n. Snow; hoar-frost; ice. 
2020r"rf s. ?;. A man of low origin, a 

non-Arya, barbarian. 2, the thorny 

Babool tree. 

z:)Z^j?,'r-6 ( — io^oj^^") s. n. The thorny 

Babool tree. 
SO^or {lb. of i-^^iJ n. Burma. 
20£;or. = WrfejJ, q. V. 
SOcor s. n. A peacock; also -rs. -^. A 

species of fragrant grass, Andropogon 

muricalus; the resin of Pinus longi- 

206 ( = touj, q. V.) a. k. n. Strength, 

firmness, greatness. Cpcls.: -^d^, 

-tAid, -loo, -iSA), -s3j?3, -sJjtJ, -o3od, 
-^jja, -53j3n, -?3js°f?, etc. -woti, wej^i?, 
"uoc^ VI. A very valorous man. loo's 
s< ?i. Great valour. 
20eJl. k. 71. The right (not the left), 
right side. Cpds.: -*:S. -rirsj, -rreoj, 
-rtoi:*, -3J3:I, -^0^, -"j;?n. 
200 2. s. ?i. Power, strength, might, 
vigour; force. 2, violence, severity; 
daring. 3, help, influence. 4, bulki- 
ness. 5, forces, troops, an army. 
6, body, form. -*^. Strengthen- 

ing, -n^d. A powerful man. -n)o 
cSj. To decrease in strength. -r1J3^>i). 
To get strength. -=ff^o!>j?;o, -?ijES??:o, 
-Sia^o. To strengthen. -t3^s3, -'-ji^, 
-Dt)So. N. of Krishna's elder brother. 
-03^5' A). An under-shrub. Pavonia 
odorata. -s3o3. A powerful, mighty 
man; force, violence. -ssO. Strong, 
vigorous. -2o°?j. "Weak, infirm. - co^j^ 
:^, -co^rf;^ . Weakness, infirmity. ^3 
CT^qS,. Strong, powerful. wct>3^d. 
Doing anything by force; force, vio- 
lence; compulsion. wa^issd Sjb:^, 
locsc^O^vO. To do by force, act with 
violence; to compel. wsJaww. Strength 
and weakness; relative; importance 
and insignificance. "^©^. "Very strong 
or powerful. 
20e2 1. (cf. loc*) k. r. i. To increase, 
grow; to become abundant, strong, 
big, tight, or full grown. r. t. To 
increase, strengthen, etc. P. J)S. toOrfJ. 




20e5 2, s. n. Tax, tribute. 2, an obla- 
tion or religious offering. 3, boiled 
rice. 4, N. of a daitya. 5, a soldier. 
6, a crow. -'3'5'Ji , -'iJi'^o. To present 
a bali; to sacrifice, -rtejo^. A stone on 
which a bali is kept. -^rij^. To eat 
a bali. -^^^o. To offer a bali. -»j? 
c5. An altar. 

20£^J (=:oa«, Qi, V.) k. n. Strength, firm- 
ness, greatness, etc. Cpds.: -?£J^, 
-rtjrfj, -rIejS), -7%Jz)^ij, -t39r3, -^o:^,, 

(A) ^ 

Strength, power, vigour,^ ability; 
firmness; force, violence, compulsion; 
also tosS^. 
20e3 k. n. A net. -nstf. A fisherman. 

20 SJ k. «. A man who possesses ability, 
skill or erudition; a man who knows. 

2, {used as a rel. pres. p.) knowing, etc. 

-S, 10C3 eg. A man who knows. -3^, 

-orf, -1^^. Ability, knowledge; good 

sense. ^9i^" ^ ^im who is strong, 

able or clever. Z^s3 . I know. 

eod , 20j3 odj f. ?j. A spear, lance, 

20rf s. n. The first karana of the day. 

20^^. = tooii^, q. V. 

eO^rJ, 20Ti^ (<;>. of t^33jdi) n. Vertigo; 

SO'^nS'^ f- «• A mendicant's vessel for 
receiving alms. 

20si"d f. n. Battle, war. 2, tb. of "^~orf. 
loSOrt. A warrior. 

80t55 (tb. of 2^5300) n. Turning, swing- 
ing; revolving. -■=IJ. To move about. 

80;C;D ( = ioA^. lb. of S^.S) w, A Jaina 

20rj5 k. n. The waved-leaved fig-tree, 

Ficiis infectoria. 
20?ido. = wXorfa, 5. V. 

20?je3 (=io?i«?) k. M. The plant Basella 
cordifolia. 2, the plant Basella lucida. 

80?j^ (<6. o/" 53n^'^) h. a bull; its stone- 
image worshipped by the Lingaytas; 
Basava. 2, N. of the founder of the 
Lingayta sect. 3, a shameless fellow; 
f. loSjiS. loSjdrd ("fjSozScj or =#J3?afi) 
3oJ°T?. A snail. WSjd^^C. The bull on 
which Siva rides; its stone-image; 
the founder of the Lingayta sect. 

20?jS? (= loJosS) k. n. The Malabar night- 
shade, Basella alba. 

20,?j k. V. i. To drip, trickle, ooze. i'. I. 
To pour off the water from boiled rice; 
etc.; to strain. P. ps. ioAiCSj, Zo^O_. 
10^ r!oi5, w^ rCscJj. Conjee or broth 
strained from boiled rice or vege- 

20;^J^0. lb. of IJjXy q. V. 

20?jj"dJ ( = ioJ3dj. c5j=:e3j) k. /t. The 
belly; the womb; pregnancy. -^->^- 
Diarrhoea. w?jja^r(j. To be preg- 
nant. loSoO. A pregnant woman. 

20;6 (lb. of 53^) ra, A barren cow. 2, 
(<;>. 0/' 5j??) fat. 3, (k.) a stubble. 

20^ . = W?ia, q. y. 

SOriJ h. n. A bale of goods; a packet 
of letters. 

205o a. k. Pres. rel- part, of 'i^^o. wsoJ 
do ( = zodjdcio). It will come, etc-; it 
is possible, permitted; it may, etc 

20^^ h. n. A false plea, pretext. 

205O2?, eOSoC'O h. n. Establishment in 
an office. -lorfSd^. Appointment and 

aiSoS? ( = ra3°i?. tb. of lo^ej) a. Abund- 
ant, copiouSj much, many. n. Abun- 
dance. -;3J3a. Usually; likely, pro- 
bably; almost, nearly. 

205o3rf.a5 h. n. A title of honour given 
to the nobles of the court or to 
persons of respectable station. 

20O0O s- ad. Out, outside; out-of-doors; 
except, apart; also looj^. toijdorS. 
The outside; publicity; notoriety. 

To make public or known, uiouori 



20 «? 

;3T!rSj. To become public. -c3;^, -z^Ji 
<Sj, a public necessary ; voiding excre- 
ment. -sJjJSJ. Indifferent to, averse 
from. -S'Soj. An upper garment. 
loJoSiO^oJ. To expel; to excommuni- 
cate. wSossrarf. Expulsion, exclusion 
(from caste, etc.), excommunication. 

SOSoO s. a. Much, abundant; many; 
large, great, mighty. -3d. More, 
very numerous; for the greater part, 
chiefly, frequently, often. -i^^o'. 

Many a one, several. -^. Abun- 
dance; plurality, majority. -zpTi:.. 
The twelftli year in the cycle of sixty. 
-c3DcdJi5=:^. Polyarchy. -33553*. The 
Indian fig-tree. -z^svi^i. Talkative- 
ness, garrulity. -ipSc^. A great talker. 
-SJSoJ. Respectability, dignity; great 
respect or regard for; honourable 
reception; a present. -53oj33^. Dia- 
betes. -w'lSjS. The plural number. 
-arar. Many coloured. -iSqS. Mani- 
fold, various. -^Pco. A relative or 
adjective compound. 

aOSoosio (/■>•. '.oso) k. d. V. It is possible; 
it is becoming, fit, suitable, or advis- 
able; it is allowed; it may (one may), 
e. g. LkJ-, lod-, S3J33-. So^^-, 3oj3°rt-, 

SiSdoe;, 203oJ^ s. a. Abundant, mani- 
fold, many; frequent. 2, spacious; 
ample; comprehensive. »i. Abundance, 
frequency; also -^, -3^. 2, the dark 
fortnight of a lunar month. 

eOScO'^, 20^Ja3 (lb. of W3SJSl?3<) ad. 
Much, generally speaking, for the 
most part. 

eDS^S'O. = U^J^^i, q. V. 

80s?^(=w^^. V<=C3) k. M. Use; custom, 
practice; exercise; familiarity, fami- 
liar intercourse. 

80^A k. n. A multitude, troop, etc. 2, 
the family circle, relations. 

20S;*£:^0 (^=«) k. V. I. To cause to 
smear (a floor, etc., with cow-dung). 

ZOS^'si k. n. A whitish pot-stone, Lapis 
ollaris, frequently used (as a substi- 
tute for slate pencil, etc.) in writing. 

e0^e)o («•= C3) k. V. i. To become weary, 
fatigued; to droop, fade, to be cast 
down, distressed. 2, to become slack 
or loose; to dangle, slip. n- The 
state of being loose. w-fCt'S, wVd . 
"Weariness, fatigue, distress. cOV'OJtj. 
To exhaust, weary. 

"S^^riCi l.a. k.r. i. To go round; to wander 
about; to turn round, as in serving 
dinner. 2, to be wrapped up. 3, 
to surround. 4, to be in one's company. 
n- Surrounding. 2, circuitousuess, 
as of a road. 3, one round or turn, 
as of a rope, dotru, sire, etc.; a 
turn in serving up dinner. 

20¥?rfj2. (°^=C5) k. f. t. To use; to 
spend, as time; also t*iS?0. 

80^1. (°-? = C33) k. n. A way, road. 2, 
a place, spot. 3, vicinity, nearness; 
company. 4, way, mode, proper 

course. 5, race, lineage. 6, succeed- 
ing time. prep. After, afterwards; 
further, and. -rt- To, towards, near. 
cO=^oi), to^cdbO. Near, by, beside. 
-Sejj. To follow. -336?. Different 
ways; presents to one's daughter other 
than those given at the time of 

20^2. (^=£3') k. n. A gift, present. 

80^3. («?=C39) k. r. t. To sweep, wipe 
off with the hand. 2, to apply, as 
lime, mud, etc. to a wall, cow-dung 
to the floor, ointment to the body^ 
etc-; to besmear; to anoint. P. ps. 

20^5^ k. prep. After, afterwards, fur- 
ther; also lo^cxjo. 

20 S?^. =10-^^, q. V. 

20^::;j k. n. Slopeness; gradual ascent. 

SO^oS'o ( = w°^*J) k. r. «. To shake, 
tremble; to bend. 

20^( = 'c3«?)l. a. k. v.i. To increase, 
grow up, prosper. 




20S? 2. (tb. of aejol)) n. A ring; an 
armlet, bracelet, arm-ring. 2, a 
bangle. -A^d, -oijrf. A bracelet- 
maker or vendorj f. -A3^~. -rfjcsrf. 
A bundle of glass bangles strung on 
a string. lo«?odoJ^. A sort of salt. 

SOS? k. n. A measure of capaciti'. 


£0^ {lb. of »J-) n. A creeper, vine. 

-»SJe)5^. A kind of mango tree. -wJo 

iSj. Lightning in zigzag. 
20^0 k. n. A jackal. 
803 !• k. /lup. sm^. o/' Ja^Sj. Cornel 
sro 2. (= 'jssodoj) k. «• J. To swell, tumefy. 

P. ps. i^sjcij, t;j33j. 
sroS' (<b. o/' ?3^) "• A glutton; also 

^jsS,-. -3?i. Gluttony; f. vj^ir. 
2^fu h. n. Remainder; balance; debt. 

a. Remaining. -C3^t3. One who is in 

S333^0 b. n. A dagger. 2, a bend, 

curve, 3, a bench. -:^. The husband 

of a pariah woman. 
aSD^O^, SJaS'oS? k. ». Excessive desire. 

2, a covetous person. 
STOAe;, BSBaCJO. = t3-3hejJ, q. V. 

SOTaSScJ li. m. a gardener; a seller of 
vegetables and flowers. 

sro7\30doS, S3S7^odo^o h. w. Garden- 
land; a garden. 

8J37\ k. «. The tree Calosanthes indica. 

aTO?\?i (<&. of ssoiicrf) ?i. A present, gift. 

a33?\eJ0 ( = '.surSo, etc., q. v.) k. w. A 
door, gate, door-way. i3«!Ao»S. A 
doorkeeper, warder. -J3?:^. An up- 
stair-house over a gate; a door-frame. 

ajSAO k. I'. *. To bend, bow, incline, 
stoop. n. A bend, curve; a bow. 
tSeif^^j. To cause to bend, etc. 

K33AO'^. tb. of ^3^T?oej, q. v. 

ZS^'R k. n. The tree Acacia seeressa. 

ZSto-§F h. n, A kind of bugle. 

S3So7\ h. n. A pole with slings, attach- 
ed to the ends for carrying pack- 

ages across the shoulder; the package 
so carried. 2, the bangy post. 

ZJS?ivi-R k. n. A comb. -^^^- The 
tooth of a comb. 

SOBbI 1. k. n. A bodice; a coat of mail. 

£038^2. (tb. of S333) n. An adze. 

803sio 1. k. V. t. To comb. xzsiiTi:). To 
cause to comb. 

S3S2io 2. k. V. t. To scrape together 
with the hand, etc., and gather up, 
as sweepings, elc, to spoliate. 

SroSiS (tb. of S33i;i,) ?j. Playing upon 
musical instruments; instrumental 
music; a musical instrument. -^i2ao 
30. Music played upon all instru- 
ments. 233i5?ij. To sound; to play 
a musical instrument. 

S333i3'rfj saawSTJo (=i/j:3=)d, c<c., (/. v.) 
h. ?i. A bazaar, market. kdj^sO. Of 
market; a prostitute. 

SODcyo h. n. A side; either side of the 
body; verge; party, -wrlj. To go 
aside. -'uioci. A bracelet. 

a33t§? li. <J. Miscellaneous. -i:3e)t«iJ. A 
miscellaneous head in accounts. 

£03 S li. n. A road. 

S33ci7^ (lb. oftp^aJ^) /t. Hire; rent; fare. 
-(i =#j3Sj. To hire out. -oij»3. A man 
who has hired. -oi^J^, -^jrfjS, -woQ, 
-»3jn, e/c. A hired — . 

203^0 1. k. V. i. To wither, fade, as 
shrubs, etc.; to grow dry, as wounds; 
to become weak; to pine away; to be 
downcast or sad. "jssa^j. To cause 
to fade, etc.; to eat any pungent food 
to excite appetite. 

eos'rfo 2. k. n. Flesh. 

203r^ s. n. A shaft, arrow; a rocket. 
2, an asura. -oi?3, -t3:^j, -^J-id. To 
shoot an arrow, -n^ti. A maker of 
fireworks; an archer. 

a03P®B, 833^3 oS f. n. A lying-in- 





2ZX)T^€, S3DO®?3 (th. of ¥3%) n. A 

frying pan; also "i^'S'^. 
ZSvT^ri {lb. of ajCoD?j5c) n. A kitchen; 

cookery. csraAj, ^oiirsAjrt. A cook; 

eCTOoT^O e. )i,. A bond. 2, a musical 

esSi^^O h. ?i. Intelligence, news. -iJratf. 

An intelligencer, correspondent. 

g. t'. 

eOD^O f. n. A duck; a^so -^J>.^^. 

8OTC3T33aJ0P« s. w. Vyasa. 

arorf^Sc, eoSuJssSo h. rt. A Mohammadan 
or foreign king. 

803Cj3^0, S3sa3^oo f. 11. An almond. 
13^C3'3<Sj oire. Almond-oil. 

803a f. H. Weight, load. 2, a patron. 

eosc^J li. a. Deducted, n. Deduction. 

STOjjo {lb. of tSDoqSoS) n. A relative, 
relation. 2, a man who has a right 
to; an heir. 3, a right to possession. 
4, property, inheritance. -3ri, -^, 
-:i , -ni/i. A right or claim to posses- 
sion; heirship. -^. The rightful 
owner; an heir. 

SOSqi. = Z3i):p, g. I). -'5'. An oppressor, 

Sjai^ s. Ji. Pain, suffering, grief, sorrow, 
annoyance, trouble; opposition, hin- 
drance; objection; a contradiction; 
injury, hurt. -Sia^J, eis^^j. To op- 
press, harass, pain, torment, trouble, 
vex. -ii^o. To suffer distress, etc. 

ECS3?j a. k. n. The sky. 2, a pile of 
earthen pots or of cowdung-cakes. 
-a^J. Cloudiness. '■.Z's?i, KSfS. A large 
earthen pot. 

SOaoa h. n. A female slave. 

EOSOuO f. )i. A dam; a heap of stones, 
etc. used as a landmark. -*OJ . A 

a33e^ 1. k. n. Boiled-rice. 

SOSJ^ 2. h. n. A father. 

2a3:g&. <b. o/" n^soJ^O, q. v. 

20320^0 h. n. An article, item; a point 
of view. 

S33200 h. n. An article, item; c/". iznt^^j. 

8C!3odre^0. See s. rascCj. 

SJaCXSJ 1. k. »i. The mouth; the mouth of 
a vessel, bag, draiu, etc., the head 
of a drum. 2, the edge of any 
cutting instrument. -"^^Jj^. To shut 
the mouth; to restrain the appetite. 
-^J33o. The growth of teeth to be 
complete, as of cattle; to become con- 
formable, -n '^Jtzij. To give some- 
thing for the mouth, as betel-nut, etc. 
-rlwdj. To come to one's mouth, as 
words in speaking. -A Wort o2^A W 
o;ij->. To abuse inconsiderately. -A 
jS^vJ. To fall into the mouth (of 
people, wild animals, etc.). -rt uj^^j. 
To put into the mouth; to bribe. 
-"^Ji^^. Saliva. -3^]. A slip of 
the tongue, -^i, -il^i^ ■ To open the 
mouth. -5js>cS. Learning by heart. 
-c^ci^^rtJ. To be learned by heart. 
-353GS ^js^^Ji'-fo.. To learn by heart. 
-w3^. One who talks much and 
foolishly; f. -ui:S-3-. -io^j€>^v<o,. To 
beat one's mouth from fear or grief. 
-z3:^J. To open one's mouth; to 
humble one's self; to speak, beg; 
to divulge as a secret; to crack, 
burst. -s3j3:Sj. To use abusive 

language, chide. -53Jt)3J. A mere 
word; a vain word; an oral tradition. 
-O^jej^cSS. A dumb man. iraoijDD, 
K'sodu'sS. Much, to one's heart's 
content, as in 'Jsacxlrstf aj33s)iiJ. era 
olj^dj. To become thirsty. trsolra 
0'€. Thirst. -^^. Savouriness. -53e) 
^j. To put the mouth into anything 
as dogs; to utter, speak. 
803030 2. f. n. A term of respect for one's 
mother or an elderly female. 2, an 
affix of respect to names of females. 

803odoo(=i3B2, q.v.) k. V. i. To swell. 
ZS^Ti k. Masc neg. mood of '^^^. 




S335 1. (th. of tpsO) n. WeightinesS; 
importance, greatness, abundance, 

203&2. h. }). A time, turn; a season, 
year. -raT3,i. Again and again, re- 
peatedly, frequently. 

ecroS 3. h. )i. The slope at the side of a 
great well for bullocks to run down 
in drawing up water. 

S33&?jJ 1. k. V. t. To cause to tremble; 
to set in rapid motion. 

ecssSrio 2. (0 = e3'. = i33i2=jj) k. v. t. To 
sound or play a musical instrument. 

a335?j0 3. (=ssOJij) f, V. t. To ward 
off, restrain, remove. 

SCraTJo 1. k. n. A strap of leather, thong. 

aSSTJO 2. h.. n. A charge (of a gun), tssd 
ifjs^^^j. Infantry barracks. iraOfdoj. 
A foot-soldier. -^J3:«j. To load a 

833^^0 3. th. of '-psd, q. V. -^J33j. To fill 
into a book {as items). 

23a'C?j3?^oS5 e. n. A barometer, an 
instrument to measure the weight of 
the atmosphere. 

EoSeSr e. n. Barley. 

S33<y s. a. Young, infantine; newly 
risen, as the sun, waxing, as the 
moon, e<c. 2, childish, ignorant, n. A. 
child, infant; a boy. 2, the young of 
an animal. 3, a colt, foal. 4, a tail. 
5, the cuscus grass, -=#?©. Children's 
play. -r1j3;sn)8j. Krishna. -r^^- 
Convulsions of children. -z^ocS. The 
waxing moon. -t^^. A comet, -^i^, 
-^. Childhood; boyhood, -locrfj. The 
Devanagari character- -i3j5?c^, -tJjs^ 
^f3, KreeSjs^ScS?^. Instruction for the 
young; catechism. -'tpus^. Children's 
language. -^j::55iJ. Cubeb, Piper 
cubeba. '^^' ^ preservative 

or charm for children. -£)?23. 

Juvenile pastime. -^o3j^. A cradle. 
-3#. Punishment, or instruction of 
children. -3oS^. Infanticide. 

S33<yS^ s. a. Young, n. A child, infant, 
a boy; f. t/"5ej-n-. 

eoseS"^, a:se3 s. «. A girl. 

Saaa'O) SOaaiSo';^;^ s. ?*. Childhood, in- 
fancy, youth. 

eos^ ({tb. of ipsSo) H. A sister's hus- 
band. -pSosJ. The relative, as a sister's 
husband. ra^^sSjodoj f3. A wife's or 
husband's brother. 

esa^B. = 13^4^, g. V. 

EOarf^^ a. k. n- Sandalwood. 2. (h.) 

e0X)rf«!) 1. k. n. A bat; the flying fox. 

S33^£) 2. f. n. A gold ornament worn 
on the tip of the ear. 2, a doll. 

s:3^'¥'?j0 (ib. of ^?»^o0sjj) «. i. To be 
confused, bewildered. 

S35,3 (<&. of SsiIj) m. a well. 

£33^ k. ?t. A swelling, abscess. 

&3S^A k. n. A male cat. 

Sjs4^ ( = w^a^) h. ?i. A flag. 

S33 4 e3. =139550, g.t;. 

eos^Xx s. n. Tears; also -!a«J. 

SaSTjrS a. k. n. Covering, -^x To cover. 

eoS,%)A f. 11. A chaplet of flowers; an 
ornament of pith worn on the fore- 
head of the bridegroom. 

aSD^Cio h. n. Stench. 

S30?jJoZ§, a3.")?jjs;< k. n. A wale or mark 
caused by a blow or stroke. 

S3o;6 {tb. of ip9^. q.v.) n. Speech; a pro- 
mise; an oath. -'§J3:ij. To promise, 
swear. -ri^y -rtiSj*, -oDjej^cS. A 
promise-breaker. -»So^. Faithful; 
one who keeps a promise. 

S3SSo. Pres. rel. part, of wdJ, q. v. 

SOBCo'd {fr. t^loti) s. a. Outer, external; 
excluded from, devoid of. n. A 
foreigner; an outcast; f. -?^|^,. 

S3S^J s. n. The arm; the upper arm. 
-w. A Kshatriya. -^0, to^^O. A 
bracelet, -dojso. The armpit, -odoj 



zi. A closo fiffht, wrestling, -d^. 
An armour. 
SroSooe'o s. ?(. Abundance, plenty. 


Outer; external; cf. :^2od. 

00 S. rt 

n. An outcast. 
2OT^ (<b. of T^iJ) n. A boy. 2, the 
cuscus-<jrass. 3, (<f). of i?^^) the 

233^0 1. k. n. A sword, knife. 

Sro^j2. ('^j=:C3j) k. V. i. To live; to be j 
alive; to subsist; to live by; to live 
happily; to be preserved, as fruit, 
etc. 2, to be worth, sell for. n- Liv- 
ing; life; livelihood; property. P.p. 

'a ■* 

I3-3°£^oS, 133^, ''^^^J^, ^^ti' ■'-'^''^"o' 

livelihood; profession; household. 

803^j5'(°n?J = C3j) k. ?t. Sliced vegetables 
dried and fried. 

233^ 1. k. n. The plantain or Banana; 
the plantain tree. -=5^^caj. An unripe 
plantain. -r^Ji^. A bunch of plantains. 
-Jj3°W. A plantain garden, -^rej^. 
A ripe plantain. 

20DS? 2. a. k. n. A sea-iish. 

e!)^ <b. o/" t?^, q. V. -o^A). An avari- 
cious person. 

23^5 {tb. of C=^oij) n. Selling, sale. 
-Z3^rf. A seller, vendor. 

8!)^?i. «&. 0/" zpf^, q. V. 

83S3& li. M. A beggar, poor person. 
-:^c^. Poverty, wretchedness. 

83^, OO. •= i'*^, q- V. ^%«J- A stam- 
merer, stutterer. -^SJSSj. A faltering 

^T^,v€ k. n. Hiccough. 


83^0, k. I', i. To sigh, pant; to sob in 
crying; to hiccough; to falter, stam- 
mer, stutter. n. Sobbing; stammer- 
ing; hiccough. 2, the heart. 

833^0,9 k. n. Throwing up; vomiting. 

-?Cj. To throw up, vomit. 
83^,1. k. n. N. of a small forest tree 
with eatable fruit. Gardenia gumtni- 
83^^ 2. tb. of 2?^, q. V. 
eSAcjSOSJitIo f. i\ i. To be out of order, 
as one's health; to disagree, as the 
mind. zSnis-ioJ. Disagreement. 
83?\ k. V. t. To bind, fasten; to tighten; 
to compress; to restrain, as desire; 
to amass firmly. v. i. To be tight, 
stiff or full. 2, to become proud. 
71. Tightness, tension; firmness; well- 
ordered condition. 2, a girth for 
horses. 3, pride. -cxJjsrtj. To become 
tight. -o3j3^r1 ^:^. To keep under 
control. -SjJSSj. To tighten', to order, 
enact; to behave arrogantly. -^. 
Tightening; tightness. -^. To cause 
to fasten, tighten. 
837\o5 a. k. V. i. To be afraid; to get 

amazed, n. Fear; amazement. 
83aj4, SOaOScO ( = lSft, q. V.) k. n. 

Tightness, etc. 
83 0^ (cf. iSA «.) k. H. Pride; pom- 

830^5^0 k. n. Dishonesty, guile. 
83oA, 83oAJ {tb. of "4^07^) n. Talc, 

83t3T>?i h. n. A mattress, mat. :5i3=io2j 
^J. To spread, as a bed, etc. 

83e:^ t^TiX 83e:^ ^?io k. r. t. To extend, 
&T 8.3- 

spread, amplify. 

83£i e^, 83ei S??? a. k. «. Expansion, 
extension, spreading. 

eSeio k. t\ <. To loosen, untie, open, 
undo, fls a bundle, etc.; to lay open, 

as the mind, e<c.; to solve; to draw, 

as a sword. v. i. To become loose 

or open, as a tie; to be cracked or 

broken. n. Loosening; unfolding. 

■&'Ji 7ix To cause to loosen, etc. 23^ 

Ti&r4o. To tell plainly. -"s'S- A 

drawn sword. -i^-J ^^' A rolled up 




palmyra-leaf put in the ear-holes of 

sSSrfodO (tb. of £iiAO±) n. Going-; com- 

ingr: also &^. -ortodoj,, -SjsiSo. To 

walk, to go, to come. 
eSSiSAD f. n. A jointed hinge, jummers. 
sSk oe, 83;^ rJ/^ {tb. of ^^■^^) u. A fan. 
833=; e;, 83:3 l. a. k. «. Greatness. 
£3£yo k. /)• A voracious bird, Palla's 

paradoxiirus. 2, ruin. 
23:S 2. (<6. o/' "SiS™) n. Knowledge, science. 
-^n. Sarasvatl. 

-»3H?. Ganesa. 

£3ij (tb. of ^■^,) 71. Compulsory and 
unpaid labour; press-service; also 
-■^ejX. -rtoWj. A load carried without 
hire; that which is worthless; money 
obtained without labour. -^S^Zaj. 
To perform bitti. -oijjsW. A meal 
obtained gratis. -co^. To exact 
forced labour. 

83l3o^. P. p. of CizL), q. v. 

S3r;;i k. /). Interval; space; cessation; 

eS'rfSi k. n. Lodgings provided for 

sSr^cdo 1.= '^ao:3o, q. v. 
83oodo 2. k. n. A mass, flock, swarm. 

2, anger, wrath. 
83rf4). = ".XiZiS, q. V. 
83z33'rf k. n. A halting place; a dwelling 

place; lodgings. 
83(3 (= zi3o, q.v.) k. a. Loose, separated. 

-'5'5J,rt. Loose pieces of wood, -^'i^ 

OJ 1. Looseness, laxity, freedom. 

-2oJ3. A plucked flower. 
83ci^o k. n. Separation; a crack. 
83ci^ k. n. Interval. 
83a^. = tSc^i, q.v. 
83ciorfo (= ■Z:ioi^, iid) f. n. Respect, 

regard, consideration; deference for. 

2, shame, bashfulness; also -3?J. 
23c!i;^0 k. V. t. To loosen; to cause to 

leave; to remove; to cast out; to 

liberate; to pull out or off, pluck; 

etc. etf^odj^J-, cssOodoc^j-, :5rf;^s-. 

£3rfo k. t- <. To let loose; to discharge, 
throw, as an arrow; to emit, as 
breath; to let drop; to let on; to 
let down, as a rope; to let hang 
down; to set to; to quit, leave; to 
abandon, give up; to leave out; to 
set aside; to take ofi', as from the 
price; to quit, as a debt; to leave 
ofi", as work; to allow, let; to spare 
or let live; to let grow; to drive, as 
a horse, etc.; to send, as a servant, 
etc.; to put forth, as leaves, flowers, 
etc. V. i. To be loosened; to cease, 
stop; to halt; to settle; to go away. 
P. p. zSUo,. zSiSj, esp. in common 
language, is often joined to a P. p. to 
lay stress upon its meaning or to 
express the completion of an action, 
e. g. 53jt)0-, oo^s?-, 5oJ^5^^-, ajj)a-, 
^jsctcSo-, =#jsWj,-, iS"c^ -, etc. n. {=■ zia) 
Loosening; looseness, freedom, etc. 
-rid. Release, freedom, liberty. -rtoS. 
A flood-gate. -(ijS'^j. To scatter 
about. -^55, -3^53. A head of dish- 
evelled hair. -k^oSj. An open mouth. 

83t^o5o. = aais^j, q. V. 

83r^j^:, sSt^Ow^. sSr^oSoO k. n. Leav- 
ing, giving up, etc. 

83zf. — iSaodo, ii^crfo, q. V. 

23roo. a. k. n. Largeness, stoutness; 
hugeness; gravity. 2, a metrically 
long syllable. 

e3s( f5, £3^ 7? k. n. Sowing seeds. 

_D ' _X> 

83;^ jj. tb. of iSrSB rf, n. v. tS3 O'^j. = £ifi 

0^0. q. i\ 
83^ ^-R f. n. A throne, 
83 S . <{;. 0^ J?^. 2, support. 
83:^0 1. k. r. t. To put seeds, sow. n. 

Seed; a seed. z^S^^^j. To cause to 

83^j 2. T/itVfZ p. At/(9'. o/" the imp. of 



S^S A f. n. A clever, well-educated and 

polite man. 
83:3^0 (=:'i;arfj) k. n. The bamboo, 

Bambusa arimdinacea. -^rr, eicSdT.. 

Bamboo seed. -3ii,. A bamboo-screen. 
sSq^ (<b. o/" a^^^DSj) n. A crescent new 

moon; the second day of a lunar 

sSaTio 1. a. k- V. t. To scatter about; to 

open, as the mouth; to unfold, as 

tiie wings; to loosen, untie; to throw 

about. V. i. To be spread about. 
sSaT^oe, £3:::;5j'do. = tisSOj, a. v. -n^^ . 

A bamboo knot. -»5j«?. A bamboo 

bush. -53jt:«?. a bamboo shoot. 

e!)S P®, tJsj ?i a. k. «. An invitation to 
Q O 

dinner; a banquet; a feasting. 

83a ^ a. k. n. A guest. 2, a relative. 

83ciJ. P. p. of &^'^J, q. V. 

eS^ioAO k. w. A low, base, mean person. 
-oJoa. Whispering words. 

83oQ/^ f. M. A metal water-vessel. 

SSoCjO s. 11. A drop. 2, a dot, mark. 
3, a cypher or dot. 

8J?Jn 1.= iS^.sS, q. V. -53j33j. To invite 
(for dinner). -3^«?, A petition. 

83?^% 2. tb. of ij;^, (ji. V. 

83f:^^7?, E^J^^^ k, ad. Silently. 

8^J;i^f'^. = "tSc3|^c3, q. V. 2i?s f^. A learn- 
ed man, a proficient. 

sSj^nSo, eS^jZJ {tb. of <D^ SS5J) M. Re- 
spectful petition. -nj33o, J3^oDj?ij, 
j3f^<:)?oJ. To make a humble petition. 

83?35;j0® (tb. of ■Ss^oS) n. Knowledge; 
skill, dexterity; art; device. -n^rf. 
A clever man; f. -n^^, i^^^^. 

83o20 s. n. A disk, ball. 2, a mirror. 
3, a reflection; an image. 4, a rain- 
bow. 5, the fruit of Momordica moua- 
delpha. zSozS;^j. To be reflected. 

83^0^7^. 83;io^j3k. ad. Firmly, tightly; 
loudly; powerfully. 

83-d. P. p. of -^0, as in iZ^'Sj5^±. 

sSrf^'o, &3d;5. = :30*j, q. v. 

83dc§ k. n. A peg to tighten the strings 
of musical instruments; a cork. 

83;i;g0, 83ds3J. P. p. of tXjO, q. v. 

83djS (ti—S) k. ad. Swiftly, quickly. 

83iri0 (d==S3) k. n. Hardness; rough- 
ness, coarseness; harshness; brisk- 
ness. 2, a rocket, cracker. Cpds.: 

^0, -*JeJO , e/c. 

83d353 f. M. A grain, as of gunpowder. 

sSostroQ h. n. A band, company, herd. 

83Q i. 'k. v. i. To burst; to be rent asun- 
der; to split open, cratsk; to break 
away; to burst forth; to expand, 
open, blossom, blow. P. ps. ^OSj, 
ioOdj, iXit^i, "cidcSj. 

835 2. (0=63') k. n. Firmness; tight- 
ness, as of a door. [cr&ck. 

8355*0 (== a rf^'J) k. H. A cleft, fissure, 

835rfo. = iSdjdo, q. V. 

836?i0.= zicJSj, q. V. 

83^0 (!iJ=e3j) k. n. Hardness; rough- 
ness; vehemence; swiftness. -nss?. 
A hurricane. -red. A brisk walk. 
-c^a. A harsh word. -c5j5?U. An 
unkind look. -5jj«?. a heavy rain. 
-liikua. A great heat of the sun. 

83dOu$0 {lb. of djzi) n. Praise. 2, a 
badge of honour. 3, distinction, 
valour. "cidjcS. A brave man. 

83'dj?jO. = -l^^:>, q. V. 

83£) s. n. A hole, cavity; a gap, chasm. 

832;s'd k. n. The Coromandel ebony- 
tree, Diospyros v\elanoxylon. 

83e)o,^ f. ad. Never, by no means 
{alioays negat.). -ajs:^ j3?:S. Never 
do it. 

83£;j k. n. A bow. ztt) 5J. A bow-man; 
CO " ' 

N. of a low caste in Canara; a toddy- 
drawer, -n^tf. = t3t^»J. iieSAjrI. A 

83s3 h. n. The breast-plate of a belt, 

as of a peon. -oij>j. A peon. 


83£^^ s. n. A thorny tree, the Bael tree, 

Aegle mannelos; also -^^^ 
2^?jd^ {lb. of ^j^^.o^) n. Surprise, 

83?jeJO.= t^AiejJ, q.v. 
^"^odci k. V. t. To throw away. P. p. 

i!)A (=::S5^Jl) k. H. Heat. a. Hot. 

Cpds.: -=534^, -Z3e>, -r!i?dJ, -fS^uJ, -"^3ej^, 

-Sjsori, etc. 
sS^aiJ k. n. The heat and glare of the 

sun, sunshine. -'5'jcSjd, -Jj33. The 

mirage. -tSS rf. A screen to keep 

off the sun. 
2!);dol.= J3^, g. f- -^ooijj^. To sigh 

£3rfj2. ( = :5;^) k. r. L To unite firmly, 

solder. -r^- Soldering, composition. 
85;^J'rfo (cf. i5^=):l)) k. v. t. To throw, 

fling away carelessly or heedlessly; 

to leave apruptly. P. p. z3?SjMo. 
8!),^,eUo e. n. Biscuit, a kind of sweet 

sS^T^sr} k. n. Borax. 
2i^s^.= tt)^o^j, q. V. 
8!)<S<e)J (V=t3) k. n. A pendent root, as 

that of the banian tree. 
23^, 83^ k. n- "Whiteness, a. "White; also 

' 'a' ' 

' ' ' rg 

rs^io, -^Ji^zi, etc. A white—, -rto^. 
Pale red, pink. -s'sO. ilcacja leuco- 
phlaea. -ciJ. That which is white; 
the colour white; also z^s'Sj), z3s?j^. 
-do^. The timber tree Terminalia 
panmilata. -SoonDrf. A flower plant, 
Bauhinia acuminata. 

^^^^t5 k. n. A large forest tree, Albiz- 
zia odoralissima. 

85? a. k. V. t. To cease; to fail; to pe- 
rish. P.p. iX,^:Sj. -*C«. Ending. 

83? A 1. k. n. A lock, pad-lock. -cS ^. A 
key. -d ujO. The tree Elaeocarpus 
lanceaefolius. -wJO^. A seal upon a 
(closed) door. 

83?A 2. k. n. A relative by marriage. 
-^?d. A relationship by marriage; 
f. -^. 
83?AO a. k. 'v. i. To swell. 2, to be 
elated. 3, to retreat, n. A swelling. 
23?3i s. n. Seed (of plants, etc.), seed- 
corn, grain. 2, source, origin. 3, 
algebra. -Aaryj, To be sown with 
seed. -SO. The amount of seed 
required for a land. -"fjS^Si. The 
pericarp of a flower. -=#J3?3. A 
pod, legume, -rirfs. Algebra, -^d. 
The citron. z^o^^^cS. The principal 
syllable of a mantra. zJi^tOT^ssi. 
Sowing seed. 
83?&o, 83?B 1. k. n. The blackwood tree, 

Dalbergia latifolia. 
83efe3 2. k. 11. A chink, crack, crevice. 

-t3?s?j. To crack. 
£3eci b. n. A small shiroot, cigarette. 
eSjt^o 1. a. k. n. Leave; halting. 2, a 
halting place, camp, abode, house. 
^a^issrSo, -rtj3°i?j), -iSSj. To encamp. 
z3$C53d. A halting place; a house, 
lodging. !5?a^. Halting i a halting 
place; a camp. 
£3?tSo 2. k. n. A waste, uncultivated 
land. 2, a pile, heap. -iliU:^. To 
let remain waste. zi?C3^rtJ, -t3?S<J. 
To become waste. 
83?a {lb. of tS?^) n. A street, road. -« 
r\'4. A street quarrel. -S3D. To run 
at one's pleasure; a run ad libitum. 
eSj^OO e. 11. Beam, main timber. 2, (f.) 
insurance. -^•^- A policy of in- 
sSfSjj e. n. Beef, the flesh of an ox. 
83?e3 h. n. A Mussalman lady. -?33^?lo. 

A lady; a wife. 
£3?^^^ s. a. Loathsome, disgusting, 

hideous, detesting, n. Disgust. 
eSe'd {tb. of <S?tf 1, q. V.) n. A hero, etc.; 

f. za^O. 2, N. 3, heroism. 
83$'do 1. e. n. A bureau. 2, beer. 


2:)^ do 



e3e-do2. (do==e3-)) k. v. t. To fling, 
throw, OS a stone, stick, etc. 2, to 
give liberally, n. Flinging. 2, spend- 
ing profusely. 

£3^2)0 e. n. A bill; an account, note. 

8!>srirf^ (/■»-. 23?-->) a. k. H. A fan. 

e!)e^'7^ O/^.o/' ot-oSS) a. Twenty. 

83e?jO k. r. I. To swing, whirl, wave; 
to mill, grind; to cast. v. i. To fan; 
to blow, as the wind. n. Swinging, 
etc. iS?=3DCiJ. To fling, throw. -53 's'fiJJ,, 
-n^^. A millstone. 

£3e^0l. (^J — C3j) k. v. i. To fall; to 

happen; to turn out; to become; to 

slip. -, to go to ruin; to die. P. p. 

zScSj ; pers.n. sing. H^^s,- ^^3-- To 

slip. erosSo3js5n'#-, ^oSjs^tofi^-. To 

be of use. aSsitfo-. To be named; to 

lose reputation, -^ol)-. To cost; to 

fall in price. iSrfo ^i-JS'-f^^. To lie down. 

zSrfj zScSo ojrtJ. To wallow from 

a a 
laughter. &°'~ff\:i^X To fell. i5?°-^ 

Xd, -53js;3. To beat down. i5?s?;^j. 

To cause to fall, to knock down. 

-^'i. Falling; a fall. 

eSo^O 2. (s?j= G3j. = iS?3o 2, q. v.) k. h. 
A waste, etc. 2, badness. 3, prostra- 
tion. 4, leaving. -=fS5$. To leave 
fallow. -zi^JBCJ. A waste. -^JsrSo, zS? 
«?ja ::^j. To give leave to go. -€j3°^a, 
t2^«?j3i^s?j,. To take leave to go. 

8!)e<s*e;o, c!)eS?eio. = "^Jis^uj, q. v. 

aiO^rS h. n. Powder. 

SDO^, f. n. The heart. 2, a goat; o^so 
•u^f.. 3, =toj*. 

•17 ■* 

aJO-S-, f. n. A fragrant powder; also 


•» eo 

2D07\a, eCOAOei f. n. A female's ear- 

200A& (=i3j3r<0) f. w, A spinning top. 
2, (k.) the porch er tree, Hibiscus 

eOOAJJ^O k. n. A swelling, protuberance. 

ZOoii k. n. A spring of water, fountain. 


2003;. tb. of "^Oii, q. V. 2, lb. of tjij^tir. 

-Si^. Birch bark. 
20j3c: O30?J0 f. V. t. To cajole, flatter, 

200 S h. «. A flower or other figure 

worked or painted. -C5?rf. Decorated 

with flowery work. 
20013,, 20oB, k. n. A basket. 2, an un- 

trimmed object. 
2007^ {(b. of WJ? ) n. The bottom of 

anything; the foot, as of a tree; 

the roof, as of the tongue, etc. Cpds..' 

Sodrf-, -c-ciodo-, c3^Crto:Sj-, fszizi-, j:^. 

cS-, 5^^Sid1)-, etc. "'*^^" -'^ clan, 

2001^^0, 200T^O^O k. n. A sort of cu- 
20Ot^O20oS^ k. »i. A small rattle-drum. 

2, untruth. -oijS. A fantastically 

dressed Mahratta mendicant with a 

2000^ k. n. An ink-bottle. 

eoo'rfj k. n. Roundness, curvedness. 
W03. A bandy-legged man; f. ^J^- 

20oS (tb. of s^oy n. Food (prepared 
for a joui'ney); travelling provisions. 
-rtoUj. A bundle of travelling pro- 

200rf ti-R, 2003^ €) f. n. A skin bottle 
a Q 

for oil, ghee, etc. 


71. A learned man. 

Buddhist, woni 5i33rf. The ninth in- 

carnation of Vishnu. 

2003 s. n. Perception; intelligence, 

intellect, judgment, wisdom, sense; 

j knowledge; opinion, notion, view, 

idea; purpose, int. (in accosting) Well? 

right! -oo^^j. To advise, instruct. 

exhort. -^a~=5r. Purposely. -"^w. 

The power of intellect. -Soo, -;3s)?j. 

An intelligent, sensible man; f -So 

:S5?o, -s3o3. -doS^. = WJa. -^s=)d. 

Perverseness of intellect. -STiO. Ai 

intelligent person. -sresJo::',". = loO'' 

a. Known, understood; wise. 
2, Buddha; a 




WD, q. V. -co^~i. Ignorant, foolish, 
stupid; a stupid man; f. -co?=rf^j, 
-2ci5?3. woa ^oa oSj. The perceptive 
organ of sense, as: eye, ear, nose, 
tongue and skin. 53^-. Insolent 

Z^ozio rf s. H. A bubble. 

200v s. n. The planet Mercury. -;3»)rf. 

^oov^. = wjS, q. V. 

20051)0 s. ad. Purposely, designedly. 


SOO^AO, 200?jOaO f. n. The rear. 

20J?3SQ h. n. Foundation, as of a build- 

eOOoa h. n. Fried granules of gram- 
flour. -ej3J. Sweetmeat of such 

SOOOsSj h. 7i. A coffee-berry; also wjc^^. 

20o2j5o^ s. n. Appetite, hunger, lojqjj 
■0-3. Hungry; needy. 

SOji^tS" h. «. A veil; a cloth covering. 

200'dA<»;o, SOj^JaOO k. n. Parched rice. 

eOoTJol, eOOTJozS (cJ=e3) k. n. A gourd- 
bottle, calabash; an inkstand; a 
snufif-box; the skull; dim. wjrfa. 
2, a lie, untruth. -SjfjJsI.. A liar. 
-siuDao. A lie. -oojszi. To utter lies. 

Zic^'^CtTid a. k. n. Foam, scum. 

SOOT^OS^O h. n. A bastion. 2, a drawn 
play at chess. 

SOO'dot^o k. n. Roundness. -n^ejj. 
A round, beautiful heel. -^jsrt. A 
round, handsome face. 

SOtio^ k. n. Mud, mire. 

SOOtoOr f. n. A gimlet; a small borer. 

20op3r?do h. a. Nasty, worthless. '-', 
decayed, spoiled. -Sj^sj,. A worth- 
less man. 

20o^r;do f. n. A kind of felt. 

20o£)35^0 h. n. A jewel worn by women 
in the centre of their nostrils. 

200 e;o^ h. n. The Indian nightingale, 
Pycnonotus jocosus. 

200 CJ 0507^0, 200£; Sjrfo h. V. t. To coax, 
beguile; to fondle, v. i. To be elated. 
WJ4J »3f=3. Flattering, coaxing; elation. 

200?j f. n. Chaff; refuse, rubbish. 

2oj;^ k. 11. Hissing, snoring. -rtJSJJ,. 
To puff, hiss. 

SOjsS'o e. 11. Book. -iS^oSo*. The book- 

20j32a k. 11. A worm, insect, 

20js£io f. 11. A stopple; a cork. 

aOj^aiO, 20j3^ ( = wj3^) k. n. Mould, 
mildew, mustiness. -rS&i),. Mould to 
form. -coa. To be mouldy. 

20j3Uo' k. 11. Trickery, deceit; a lie, 
falsehood; also -3oi, lojsto^y. 

20j3S. lb. of l^i-raS, q. V. -Af^a. A 
magnifying glass, microscope. 

20j3;^0 a. k. 11. Obscenity. 2, an obscene 
man. 3, (e.) a boot. -A. A shame- 
less man. 

eOjsa {tb. of t^j^raS) 11. Ashes; ash-colour. 
-rtooios?. The white gourd, -lo:*^. 
A man who smears his body with 
ashes. -rtrS'5'^. An ash-coloured 
herb, Aerva lanata. -wrs. Ash-oolour. 
-233'?. A kind of plantain. -3oJ£^ s3. 
The Holi feast. 

20:5^0. = toJ30, q. v- 

20j3Orf0. = WJorfj, q. V. 

20j3aj. lb. of "^JS^o, q. V. 

20j3'dA, 20j«TJJA k. n. The silk-cotton 
tree, Bombax. 

20.© ^A. = W-B23J, g. V. 



20j5?j f. Jt. N. for cerial grains, 

and esculent culms. 
20\5o§ s- a. Great, large, vast. -^■^^• 

Corpulent. w aoJSiidra,,. A large 

20\So?js'§ s. n. The planet Jupiter, -^a 

^. Thursday. 

^"^.Tj a. k. n. Astonishment, surprise. 


eSS'o.k. 11. A cat. Cpete..- 5=)SJ-, ?)?!ij-, ^raj 
f^?d-, SjJoW-, etc. j34 oi 3o!5. A wind- 
ing herb, Ipomaea palmata. -^^- A 



23 ^« 

cat's eye. -SJS'v/l. An opening in the 
malige for the egress of smoke. 

t27\Zio a. k' n. Amazement; fear. -T^Jt 
f?7io. To frighten. 

do (i3a=^) k. 71. The back. -n^^io. 
Body-guard, -iijszeo. To flinch, re- 

eSo-S- k. w. Heat; fire. -Tfis . A match. 

-53?3jii. A match-box, -tXi^^O. Fire 

to fall upon. -SJjeiSj. To make a 

fire, -oijtjrtj. To become very angry. 

-do^j , -SoS ?Jj, -303=5^0. To Set fire; 

to kindle. -ao:^j_,. Fire to kindle. 

Heat; warmth, a. 

Hot, warm. ad. "Warmly. -SjsSo. 

To make warm; to beat soundly; to 

give a bribe. 

iSt^ d a. k. w. Haste, speed. 2, be- 
wilderment. 3, straying, ad. Quickly. 

daio k. V. i. To be frightened, scared; 
to fear. «. Fear, dread; a scare-crow. 
-w?Vj. To be seized with alarm. 

dSi {lb. of »3$z?) n. A bore, hole, as 
in a gem, e<c.; the eye of a needle, etc. 

d&f -d (= i3jS d) k. n. Fear. 

dc£;^o e. n. A bench. 

dosS- a. k. n. A small pond. 

dy 1. k. ??. A big hill, mountain, -d 
=g^jc3jw. A class of Kurubas. - Jjtd. A 
mountain-stream. -i3?!i. Wild fire 
in hills. -?3d. A rock-snake. 

dU 2. (=i3i3) k. n. Firmness, hard- 

ness, as of metal. -:3?^n. A severe 

hot season, -d^ii. A firm soldering 

or union. -(3. Harshly, fiercely, 

dlj (=i3W, 2) k. n. A rude person. 
eJ w 

rt. Hard, -"'^^- Hard, brittle gold. 

-l3rS^. A kind of crustacean articu- 
late. -^J. That is hard, firm, elc, 

dUJ 1. a. k. V. I. To strike forcibly 
into; to impress, stamp, coin. n. A 
tool for making impressions. 

dUJ, 2. (=toWj,) f. n. A finger, toe. 
-s3jjO. To make the finger-joints 

d61. = "c3y^2, g. i\ "^y^^^. A hard, 
round areca-nut. -'^ri,, -it^^- Hard, 
brittle gold, silver. 

dT^AO, drfoAO a. k. ?i. Novelty, beauty, 
grace, pleasantness. 2, showiness, 
airs. l3:3ri. A showy man, 

dr©ea, dr®£io k. «. Quartz, white 
spar; also -*^J,. 

d?? k. n. A peg, plug; a cork. 

doTlj k. n. The white corky wood of 
the bendu kasa, cork. pith. iSocSJ) 
r(J. To become like mere pith; to 
faint. -=$~:. A tall annual plant, 
Aeschynomene indica. -wsj^^J. A 
porous kind of sweetmeat so named. 

dvt3 k. n. The esculent okra or edible 
Hibiscus, Hibiscus esculenius; also 

dcw?^0 k. n. A large timber tree, 

Lagerstroemia lanceolata. 
d?S k. n. Butter, -n^orirs^. A shrubby 

plant, Sida rhombifolia. -^^• 

Krishna. -nsOrt. A kind of soft 

cake fried in ghee. 
d^ (lb- of »3?^) k. n. A cane, rattan. 

j3;g 53- = W3 d, g. 2), 

d3i k. n. Heat; also t3:3. ad. Hotly, 
fiercely, -t^d. Very fiercely. 

diloS'O k. *'• t. To seek, search for, 
look for. 2, to strike with the olaws. 
n. Search. 

i2(:iu.:i (rfo=e3J) k, v. i. To be agitated, 
confounded, alarmed, frightened; to 
fear. n. Alarm; fright. 2, a scare- 
crow; also c3:SC€. jJcSOsJo. To alarm, 
frighten. ^rfO^oC^, Frightening. 

d;3 k. n. Sowing, sowing seed; seed. 
2, heat. -nae;. Sowing season. -5ij«?. 
Rain at the sowing season. 

d^ k. n. The back. :3o;^yj^. To pat 
one's back, encourage, persuade. 
tS^yj., J3i^dJj. To follow, pursue. 
:3^, A,, The back-bone. t3a^. To 
turn the back, to retreat, flee. e3s^? 
^. Flig-ht. 




SjOSSo. p. p. of t3? 1, q. V. 

e5?iJK(=i553<) u. n. The back. tScS^rij. 
To become accustomed to carry 
loads, as a bullock, horse, etc; the 
back to get sore, as of an ox, horse, 
etc. i3c3|j^?g!3. Support, help. t3ft 
^53^. A younger brother; a follower. 
-=TJ3:Sj. To flee, retreat. -i^^'^o. To 
follow; to take refuge. -3oo:iSj. A ridge 
tile. -^30.. To follow, pursue. 
-aoo3, t3r|^e;jtoo. The spine. 

£?3j^ k. n. A confused, stupid man. -°^. 

Alarm, fear. 

sSjg). k. H. Wandering of mind, confusion. 

i2z:i^^, d20^s? a. k. n. Alarm. 2, 
confusion, distress. 

g3^6. = t3;>*, (/. f. Looio;^. (=i3?^ 3J.) 
To pursue, -wej (= t3o5*-"-oej). Rear- 
force: help, aid. -l^'-?. Following; 
company; association. -w^^j. To 
follow, -t^tirt. The back part of the 
body; the ridge of a building. -'wS 
(-hd). To follow. -i5:gj. To with- 

d^OTJo (=i3acij, q. V.) k. V. i. To per- 
spire, n. Sweat, -t^'^. Perspiring. 

eS^O. th. of ''^'^^i 'i- 'V- 2, desire. 
-7^T?j). To become confused. -f-^Ji^ 
^0. To confuse. 

25d^ (= :30^ /•»■. ■d'5 1) k. H. Mingling, 
mixture, combination. 2, touch; con- 

sStiXo 1. (rf= S3) k. n. Amazement, aston- 
ishment, alarm. 2, confusion of 
mind, lorfn^grio. To become amazed. 

tST^AO 2. k. »i. Haste, speed. 2, rudeness. 

dCUo, tf ucyj k. c. t. To scratch with 
the nails, claws, etc. 

tSdeJO, dTJs;*0 k. «. A finger; a toe; the 
tip of an elephant's trunk. dtfVtia 
?3j. To move a finger about. -f\C3J. 
A finger knuckle. 

eStJ^jJ (=t303;o) k. V. t. To mix, mingle, 
join. r. i. To be mixed, united with. 

ad. Together with, combined with, 

dD^. = tScJif , a. v. Cpds.: -23^1., -aorsj, 

£S5rfj. = zS^^, q. V. 

diS 1. k. 4;. J. To be joined, mingled, or 

mixed; to associate, etc. P. ps. iSSrfj, 

zScicSo, J3ci3j. 
s362. (!3 = e33) k. V. i. To become stifi', 

as from cold, rain, death, etc. 2, to 

be proud or conceited. P. ps. 'dd'cio, 

j3rfjSo, i3rf:^j. 
tScsiij. <b. of ^ej^^iJj, fjf. v. 
£3«3 k. n. Price, cost. -t?j3;:Sj. To pay 

for. -T^^£^o. To be sold for. -3rij. 


Price to fall. -:^rfo. Price to fetch. 
-ia?>*0. Price to cost; price to fall. 

t30 k. n. Coarse, dark sugar, jaggory. 

sSeSjs piS, f. »^. A shrub with yellow flow- 
ers, Mussaenda frondosa. 

tS^TJo 1. ( = i3Sjtfo) k. u. «. To perspire, 
sweat. n. Perspiration, sweat; also 
-^)?cJo. -rtJ«?), -^553. The prickly 

did'dj 2. k. V. t. To take away, as rub- 
bish. 2, to stir a heap of grain, in 

iS-^Tisoio. tb. of s3^d?;3o:ij, q. v. 

i27i (tb. of '^^) n. Making; act of 
worship; an order, injunction; ask- 
ing, inquiry. -^^, -f'^. To perform; 
to worship; to obey. -r^JsVo,. To 
ask, demand; to solicit. -Xo. To 
order; to declare; to request. 

i27i-R ( = j3A)r1) k. n. Soldering. -s:s=g^J. 
To solder. 

£3?id. = t3^, q. V. 

d?j?j (tb. of tSqj-ifS) n. Order, com- 
mand. 2, tb. of 53.?^oJ, q. V. c3XS;?. 
To order. 

iSrJ^ a. k. n. Birth, bringing forth. 
I.3sjer3rtj. To bring forth. 

e3Aj (tb. of <S«353o) a. Odd, not even. 

iS^-R, d?jJ7^. = ^KA, q. V. 



tSfjl. k. V. t. To solder; to unite firm- 
ly, r. i. To be in use. 2, to be 
proud. P. ps. t3^cij, e^SjcSo, t3Xo. 

£3;52. k.-«. A stroke with a whip, etc., 

a blow. 2, a bow for dressing 


£3pd k. n. A fisherman. 

tSf^ (/"»-. A'^dS) a. k. w. Whiteness. Cpds.: 

-natfj, -rra;so, -(i^cl, -aoriVJ (tSssao 
ns?j moonlight), -sjscrfj^ (white 

leprosy), -fS.rad, -;DjoiSj, -Sj.rj, -Sjjj 
nejj, i3°^-d;^ (the white heron); J^v^ 
c3, z3s?0j«^ (garlic), e<c. 

gS^^J k. n. Light; a lamp. :3^^c5. 
To dawn. -2S;:aJ. To stand out of the 
light. -^jsao. To light. t3s?^oa. 
A window. 

ef^AO k. 1'. t- To shine, become 
bright. V. t. To cause to shine; to 
manifest; to kindle; to scour, polish. 
n. Shine, lustre; the dawn. :3t<A^J. 
To lighten; to cause to scour. 23 
s^rtpi^s'. Till dawn. 23s?rioS353. The 
period of dawn. t^s^nnrtJ. To dawn. 
iSVn^S, L3°^n3c33. At dawn. -sSjoo 
tssjS. At day-break. -^^. Shining. 

tS^S;^, ^^o§,-R k. n. Whiteness; 
brightness. -^\- White rice. 

gS^iy k. n. The wood-apple tree, Fero- 
nia elephayUnm. 

tS^si k. n. A wild pigeon. 

d^SSSTJ k. ?i. An outcast, low man. 
SoS??jJ (="c3^So, i3«?;^o) k. t\ «. To cause 

to grow; to raise, as a crop; to rear, 

foster; to increase. n. Growth; a 

crop of corn, etc. 
i2^:R , zS^-Rn ifr. t3s?rtj) k. ad. When 

it dawns, at dawn, 
tS'STio. = i3s??;o, q. V. 
eS^ k. V. i. To grow, as corn, grass, 

trees, etc.; to increase, v. t. To grow, 

raise, as a crop. P. ps. iS'^CjJ, c3°-?cSj. 

ii. Growing; growth; crop; standing 

corn, etc. 2, seedlings. -/i$:«j. A 
failure of crops. -n3j. To plant 
seedlings. -'^3_J,, -"a^SJ. To plant, 
sow. -53J3SJ. To raise a crop, -oljo 
<0^. Growing, etc. 'dvadf\, '.^'-fo^zif,, 
iSs^^/i. Growing, growth; increase. 

eStfOy = iX,vj^, q. V. 

6^,7?, d^K* ^., dvD f3 k. a. White. 

tS«^ SSTJ, tfi^aTJ k. ?!. A snare, noose. 

%' ' V 

d'9 k. n. Silver. 


gSol. (=23ooiij) k. r. t. To be burnt; 
to be cooked, boiled; to burn with a 
fever, grief, etc. P.p. docSj. 

eSe-. k. V. t. To beg with an humble, 
pitiable voice. P.p. zt^S). -^d. A 
crying beggar. 

doS. h. pref. Without; dis-, un-; as: 
-^rfz^j. Insult. -°5"^jjrfj. Defamation, 
dishonour, -loj^is*. Careless, stupid. 
-^3D5^j, Untenanted, desolate, as a 
house. -c35<^o. 'Nrd ameless, fictitious. 

sSe^^J (/■>•. iS^SJ) k. 3rd vers. sing. It is 
wished, desired, requested; it is neces- 
sary; it is wanted; it is due, it 
must; he, she, thou, you, they are 
desirable, etc. t3°-3-t) , for i3p3. i3? 
5Dr5j. To be desired, necessary, etc. 
13?*^. To say '-it is wished or 
desired", -'it is desirable", etc. 
oraf^j iS?^oS (intentionally) io3:5f5J3?? 
j3°=s^o3 (purposely) 3:S ^js^ui^x 

^^^j^iZ:), d?£0j220 h. a. Foolish, silly, 
w. A fool; see s. tS? 3. 

s3eA (tb. of d^n) n. Speed. ad. Speed- 
ily, quickly. -^. Quickly. -»3j3:Sj. 
To hasten. 

e3?At§ f. n. Talc mineral, mica; a thin 
plate of tin covered with some colour- 
ing substance. 

£5e7^5 h.. n. Compulsory labour with- 
out wages. 

«3?AJ (=:3?3oJ, q.v.) k. u. Sjiying. -rra 
tf. = E3:3jjrst)d. 

dfAoa k. n. Affliction, distress. 




fS^'R k. «. Fire; heat; wild fire in jun- 
gles. -iL^'^O, -SjS^j^. "Wild fire to 
break out. 

sSjo'S^O e. n. A bank, place where money 
is deposited. :3?ot5J»3. A dealer in 

e5?3i3 h. a. Meaningless, groundless, 

£3?3j3'rfo li. n. Weariness (from fatigue, 
pain, etc), annoyance. 

delS (=j3?oS) k. n.^ Hunting, the chase. 
2, game. -odJDZix To hunt. -md. 
A hunter. 

sSjT^l, ."rf^ k. 71. A huntsman; a 
tribe of forest people living by the 
chase; f. -^. 

tS^zi 2. {abbr. of '^^:^vSj, neg. of 25'Sj, 
contrary of jf°=aJ) k. clef. v. It is not 
wished, desired, requested; it is not 
desirable, required or necessary; it 
is not wanted; it is not due, it must 
not; lie, she, you, they (are) not de- 
sirable, etc. Hon. pi. zi°:iO, t3?a. 
j3?:SoS^, £3?:loio^. To forbid, etc; to 
refuse, etc. z5i:ay>r\0. To be undesir- 
able, etc. 
t5e5 h. n. A chain, fetter. 

zS^Xio k. V. t. To wish; to beg, pray, 
entreat, request. -'^=#, t3?a=#. Asking, 
begging, entreating. 

^f ofeS. := c3^fe3, g. V. 

e2?gDS? (tb. of d?330) n. A ghost, goblin, 

sSo^o h. n. Plan, scheme; purpose, 

£3?c3 k. n. Pain; sickness, disease. 

-wrfj. Pain or disease to be brought 

on. -a?s*o. To become sick, -cxjod. 

A sick man. Cpds.: ^e)t)J-, ^23-, Sorfjd-, 

tSeSj^d. tb. of S3u33^!S, q. V. 

do^srJooh, n. Heedlessness, negligence; 

£3?20oao h. a. Confused, n. Disorder, 


deodoo. = t3p, etc. P. p. tSocij. -jjrfo. 

Boiling. t^^cQoTio. To boil up; to 

prepare, as food by boiling; to bake, 

as bread; to pain, afflict. 
dfU. tb- of ^^,5J3tf, q. V. -Sjsr^o. To 

d?S?aio m. n. The total assessment of 

a land, village, etc. 
Soe'do k. n. A root. -ri. A root seller. 

-■6-e>"*o, a3°fi.'3oari ^?°-?J, To uproot, 

eradicate. -!iJ3s3. Utter ruin. 23? 

tfjsrfj. To take root, be established; 

to spring up, originate. iS^Ocd Sd . 

Roots used for curry. -23:Sj. To begin 

to root. 
dj-iS (d=i35) k. a. Separate, apart, 

different, other, else. ad. Separately, 

further. -iS^d. rep. Separate, different; 

one by one; various. - -"^^sj, - -'a 

0;^o. To place separately. -rfj3:^j. 

To separate; to change, alter. -(XSja 

rtJ. To become separate or changed. 

l3?;3j3oCij. Another thing, something 

else; another. iSpdjsto,. Another man; 

zS^^FZio (fr. :3?d) k. v. i. To be separ- 
ated. z3?^ra^j. To distinguish; to 

tSjO (= :3ve;) k. n. The wood-apple tree. 
aSesS k. n. A hedge, fence. -=5=^0,, -fss 

yj, -iSei'tfj. To put a fence. 
E3e^;d (/■>•. t^l) k- 9i. Grief, anxiety. 
sf jSS'drio h. a. Without heir or owner, 

£Se4 k. n. The neem tree or margosa 

tree, Melia azadirachta- 
tS^'Sj^o h. a. Good, proper, well. 
iS^Ti'R, ='.3?Aj7^, q. V. 
deri^o . P. p. of i3??ddj, q. t\ 
£3??3T^, t3e?i&!?, sSeST^o (c(=e3) k. ?i. 

Weariness, fatigue; disgust, vexation. 
V. i. To grow weary or fatigued; to 
be disgusted. P. p. itiK^^. -?ijj«?j,, 
-5j3j, iS^JCo^rtj. To get tired of, feel 
dislike, etc. 



tS^TdtXxio {tb. of s^Ssreol), q. v) n. 

Agriculture. -zSjsziJ, -fS'slS^. To 

cultivate, -nuti. A farmer. 
d?^^( = i3°«rt. tb. of ^^3DSj) k. n. 

The hot season. -?tiej. The hot 


deTjj. = tS^oajJij, q. V. 

deSoJ ( = i3?no, fj. r.) k. n. Spying. 

-rracJ, iS^adS, tS^SooS*!. A spy. 
£3?SoOS:\3'dj h. n. Want of attention or 

care. 2, indisposition, 
de^', e3?^0^ a. k. n. Bewilderment, 

confusion, madness. t3?«?3rij. To 

grow bewildered. 
Sjo^cSO k. n. Desire, extreme anxiety. 
de^O a. k. V. i. To offer into fire, as 

ghee, animals, etc. 
£3?s? 1. k. n. Split pulse, as of "^d-, 

^jsrso-, c5?-dj-, etc. 2, the half of a 

csari (=:). 
e3e^ 2. k. n. A common potherb, Cheno- 

podium album. 
tSL = looljo,, q. V. 

tSl^ {lb. of i?^%) n. Charity, alms. 

eS^isSS' k. arf. Till evening. 

s3(f20e;jf. n. The Bible, the name given 
to the book that contains the Christian 
sacred Scriptures, Word of God. 

di^^'^^ {tb. of ^^u^r\) n. One of a class 
of mendicants. 

s3((yo. = io33jsjj, q. V. 

^IA>'^<5 e. ?;. A bicycle, two-wheeled 

^lAj'^ h. n. Sitting down and rising 

in alternation (as an exercise or 

punishment at school). 
t3*??jO. = waSj;^o, q. v. 

s3.o3s 1. k. ad. With a turn or bend. 

-tSjscJejj, -i5j5?Cw. Headlong, flatwise. 

- - il^VJ. To fall headlong. 
e3j3^, 2. (= '^jsJ3j 2) f. 71. A toothless 

man. a. Bare, uncovered. -wdoSj. A 

toothless mouth. 

£3j83'_jr® k. n. A pocket in a coat; a betel 
pouch; horse's gram bag. 2, tb. of 

sSjSo'iri h. ?i. A coffer, treasury {as of 
a king, rich man or temple), -d sSjfS. 
A treasury. -rfSjio, A treasurer. 

tSjs??, k. ». A pimple, blister, boil. 
2, any round small hole made by- 
rats, etc. 

£3j5A& (="oijriO) k. n. A spinning top. 

dj3A;6 { = '!^ri^,q.v.) k. ?i. The palms^ 
of the hands joined like a cup. 

eSjsX'^o, sSv'SAJ^o ( = wrsjs?j, q. v.) k. 
u. t. To bark, clamour.^ 

jSjsao (=t*jnj, g. V.) k. p. J. To bend,* 

stoop. iSjoS rSjsec^j. To stoop down 

and look. eSj^h kj. To cause to bend. 

tZj5!\ oos^j. To humble, 

d.-jOu^O k. r. I. & t. To lie or speak 

falsely, deny. 
e5j3£iJ 1. k. a. Wool, fine liair, down. 

£S;f3i (<&• o/" J?-''35240 w- -^ feast, etc.- 
the last sraddha ceremony perform- 
ed for a deceased relative. 

s3J^3rio k. n. A pot-belly. 

sSjsUo (=c3yjj, q. I'.) f. «. A finger; 
a toe. 2, a small quantity, drop. 3, 
{tb. of »Jx3) a circular mark (of 
sandal paste, etc.) ou the forehead. 

£3jsi5 (<b. of WJ^^, q. r.) h. The trunk of 

a tree. 
djsot^J^ k. H. An annual herb, Phys- 

alis indica. 
iSjscS f. n. A cloth made of quilted 

rags. -^%- A. largo leafless shrub, 

the triangular spurge, Eupliorbia 

tSjsSO^zS k. n. Rind, bark. 
djs200 <9 1. (<6. of "towrd) ?j. The thorny 

Babool tree, ylcacia arabica. 
djsaDJ "9 2. a. k. n. A bubble. 



sS^sf.k- M. An outcry, shout, bawl, yell; 

a great noise; loud sound. j3-raz;yay. 

Bawling, etc. -"fjsSj, -SjsSo, -Stifl'j, 

-3oj;d, iJjitt^cSj. To bawl, sliout, etc. 
iijsciS {—f^JSo"^) k. n. An image, figure, 

a puppet, doll; an idol. -oc^jdW. A 

puppot-show. -^'S^JJj,. To curse by 

sSjarfo, . lb. of to,2o, , q. v. 
tSjarJcyo k. n. A broom. 
eSjt)^. = ios?3, g. V. 
£3jt)e"S' k. M. A potsherd. 
eS^ssa. ib. o/" 2?J3?r!, q. ik 
s3j3?Ar5, £3js?7\OrJ f. n. A metal vessel. 
eSjseABTJ (tb. of ^M'S!)ti) n. A black- 
smith. 2, a coppersmith. 
eSjseci k. n. A toothless man; f. iSjs^S. 

i3j3?Sj. Toothlessness. 
?2js?pi, djsjrf^ h. »t. The first sale of 

goods at dawn; handsel. 
£3je)e0Z3t) f. «. A fried cake made of 

horse gram, salt, chillies, etc- 
sSj^oQ^ k. n. The cornice or capital of 

a column or pillar. 
tSj3?rfo k. 71. Luxuriance in growth; 

rank fruits (as badane, savute, etc.) 

without substance or taste. 
t2^^°do^R. = t3js°a7l, q. v. 
s3.ooc23coaj k. 11. The Roussa or ginsrer 


grass, Andropogon martini. 

zSjsjqi, sSja?:^ s. 11. Making known; in- 
struction; awakening. 2, under- 
standing; perception; knowledge. -15'. 
Instructing; an instructor, teacher; 
preacher; indicating, signifying. -^, 
-rS. Making known, explaining, in- 
structing, teaching; instruction, ad- 
monition. '^)^-' Christian teaching. 
<Ss^sJ-. Dogmatics. J^JD*-. Bad 

advice. ^o-. Good advice. 23j3o^^. 
Explained; instructed. i3j3?9?dj. To 
make known, explain, teach, instruct. 

£3jB?ji 1. k. n. Boiled rice; food. -AS, 
A female cook. 

£3j3??i 2. f. n. A metal vessel for culinary 
purposes; cf. c3j5?o). [trap. 

£3j5>?^0 k. n. A trap. ^O?-. A rat- 

&3jt)efjO;clO e. n- A bonus, an extra divid- 
end to shareholders out of accu- 
mulated profits. 

djseOaj li. n. A class of palanquin- 
bearers and fishermen. 

£5j3?OSoe;5 e. n. Boiler, a vessel in 
which the steam is generated. 

e3.ra?"d2J, -CJo ( = i3js?sjr) k. ad. Upside 
down, topsyturvy. -Op°^j. To fall 
on the face; to be upset, -otd^o. To 
put (as a vessel) upside down. 

sSjSftSl. k. n. A hill, hillock; a swell- 

e3js?'!52. (tb. of WiiiO) n. The jujube-tree 
and its fruit. 2, chestnut colour. 
-=fft)0!)o. An unripe jujube. -mESO. 
Its fruit. 

£3j5e2Jr. = t^js^^Jt), q. V. 

£3js?^. = 23j3503j, q. V, 2, a foreman. 
-^N- Leadership. 

tSjseTjd f. n. False courtesy, flattery. 
tSs>°KO^O. To flatter, coax. 

£?j3s,^. = i3j3?oi, q- V. 

£5jss^ (°^=C3) k. n. A man with a bald 
or shaven head. a. Bald, shaven; un- 
covered. -5jS. a roadside plant, 
Erigeron asteroides. -^^, -SjoJ. A 
shaven or bald head. -5jJ3S?ii. The 
flat roof of a house without a 
balustrade, djs^s?. A shaven widow. 
t3j3^s?^j. To shave (esp. the head). 
t3j3$S?ro=#JSV*J)-. To have one's head 
shaved. "^JS^'-fo. A bald, bare, roofless, 
leafless, treeless state. Cpds..' -^e3, 
-2;3W,, -Sjf3, -Sjd, -sijjod, etc. 

d.raes?O3Jrj0, £3j2?^cdoo/, dj3?*S?jO k. 
V. t. To coax, caress, fondle, court. 

ST^Oj (/">•• 2^-®??, loJcS) s. a. Relating 
to intellect. >i. A Buddhist; a 
Buddlia. -qSSjr. The religion of 
Buddha. -^JSrtr. The Buddhistic 



20j5o;ds§. <6. of W)*'^'^, 5- t'. 

20i(5o, (=o3.'3S5j, ) s. n. Brahma, the 
first deity of the Hindu triad, the 
creator. 2, a vedic text. 3, the 
vedas. 4, religious knowledge. 5, 
liberation from further existence. 6, 
the soul of the universe. 7, 
the supreme soul. 8, a Brahmana. 
-*ej. The age of Brahma. -"^;cur. 
Religious studentship; abstinence; 
chastity. -'^a^^. A young Brahmana 
student; a bachelor. -2~2,~- Know- 
ledge of the soul of the universe. 
-S5 Si. One who possesses that know- 
ledge. -,1. = -So3,. -^.. Brahman- 
hood. -S33Clo. The Indian mulberry 
tree, Morus inclica; the tree Ficus 
religiosa. -^^- N- of a river; a 
vegetable poison. -doJ^S . An aperture 
iti the crown of the head through 
which the soul is said to escape at 
death. -DT!^ K. A fiend of the 
Brahmanas. -s3j3$^. The heaven of 
Brahma. -SJlS~?5. Divine splendour or 
glory. -^c3,. The veda and vedanta. 
-<2PE^. A sort of lute. -^M- The tree 
Buleafrondosa. -s;T)Odjjij,. Union with 
Brahma. -^JS^. The sacrificial 

thread; the vedunta sdtra. -^^. 

Property belonging to Brahmanas. 

-3S3.. Killing a Brahmana. lo,35ei,oii 

O. Joining the hollowed hands in 

token- of homage while repeating 

the veda. :o^5, o3. The universe; a 

great quantity, excess. to^uiB o:^ ^od 

cs. N. of a Purana. 'ii.aos^^=§. The 

monkey-bread tree, Adansonia digi- 

tata. W^j33^5jrc2. Dedicating to 

Brahma, as ceremonies of a eraddha. 

tOj2o. The plant Aloe perfoliata. 

lo.oD 0^. = lo.S.soS,). t^ 33, e.^n9tf. A 
O fe> vJ a '5 •^ k, 

killer of a Brahmana. lo Sajs o53d?S. 


Instruction in mantras, esp. the 

a3,ca e, n. Brandy. 

SjOi^, s. a. Brahmanical. n. A Brah- 

mana. 2. a form of marriage. -rs. 

Brahmanical; a Brahmana, a priest, 

f. TZ^SojA; a portion of the veda 

containing the saorificial ritual 

with legends and old stories. -^^^■, 

-rJf, -rs.. Brahmanhood. 

S33)So, s. n. The personified energy of 
ZJ 6 
Brahma. 2, Brahma's wife. 3, the 

moon-plant, Asclepias acida. -JSjj 

3Sj&S~ {tb. of u33,3o ,siJjS-ra:^r), The 

hour preceding sun-rise, dawn. 


Zp^, The forty-second letter of the 

EjiS'S'd s. n. The letter "^i. 
ep^jS. tb. of "^j\^, q. V. 
2j3^ s. a. Attached to, devoted to. n- A 

follower of, worshipper, votary; f. 

-sJj, ZfS^. -S3jO. Kind to worshippers. 
£j3^ ( = zi'^j^) s. n. Devotion, devoted- 

ness, loyalty, loving faith; love; 

homage, worship. -".p^S. A devoted 

mind. -sSsJsrir. The way of loving 

faith. -^^. Sense of devotion. -53o 
^. A pious, religious man. -2o°^. 
Devoid of devotion or piety, etc.; a 
man lacking in devotion; f. -co?5Js?J, 
-a)°(3. -ojOc^i. Devotionlessness, etc. 
^^ s. n. Eating; an eatable, food; 
drink. -"^. An eater; voracious, 
gluttonous. -=53tf. A baker. -^sO. 
A glutton. -C3. Eating; an eatable, 
esp. a sweetmeat. tji^^oo. To eat, 
devour. ^^^- Edible; a cake. 




^A s. H. The sun. 2, fate, good fortune. 
3, dignity; glory. 4, strength. 5, 
effort. 6, radiance. 7, love. 8, 
knowledge. 9, law; religion. 10, 
final emancipation. -t^ ^. A car- 
buncle. -5j3«. Venerable; a deity. 

-SS. Durga, Parvati. -da P3. N. 

of an episode in the Mahabharata. 

-JioS. A god. 
;^?\oi s. »,. A sister, -w. A sister's son. 
^7\eTJqj s. /J. N. of a king who brought 

down the Ganges. 
^T^eo^ (tb. of tiinoziJi) n. A carbuncle. 
^An s. a. Broken; defeated; destroyed; 

disheartened, disappointed, -Sjsi^Jo. 

Discouragement, disappointment. 

-53j5fi^. Discouraged, disappointed. 
8,1 DA s. n. Breaking. 2, a break. 

3, fall, downfall, ruin. 4, defeat, 

overthrow; distress, trouble. 5, dis- 
appointment. 6, flight. 7, bowing; 

a bend. 8, a wave. 9, falsehood; 

deceit, fraud. -sia^Jj. To ruin, defeat, 

etc. -sS:Sj. To be ruined, defeated, 

troubled, disappointed, etc. -S ?^. 

A kind of pun in rhetoric. 
^07^'d. tb- of 2Jor{t)S, q. v. 
Spz'h, s. n Breaking; a wave. 2, irony, 

wit; pretext, fraud. 3, a way, manner, 

mode. -^0. To break, ruin, destroy. 
2^c7\otS s. a. Frail, changeful; variable. 

2, crooked, n. A bend. 
2^0-R(=hjQr^, q. V.) s. n. The common 

hemp plant. Cannabis sativa. 
^j&i:^, ^3i?j s. n. Adoring, adoration, 

worship, devotion. 2, dividing {arith.). 

JjJjai?. A worshipper, votary. V^t&Tti. 

To adore, worship. 
^o^^i'S s. n. A breaker, destroyer, '^o 

iSc^. Destroying; routing; afflicting. 

tjiot^^j. To break; to humiliate. 
Spy (= toy) s. n. A warrior, soldier. 

a hero. 
^U. (=tAiyj3) s. n. Any learnedm an, 

doctor or philosopher; tised also as a 

title. 2, a bard; f. ^'^l^^ 

2^ot37)-&j 2^ozs^-u s. n. The egg-plant, 

Solauum melongena. 
^locS (=l^o:^2) s. n. A jester, buff"oon; 

a mimic. 2, N. of a mixed caste. 

^0Z33'd (tb. of zpt)ora3A3rf, q. v.) 11. A 
store-room, magazine, treasury. ^io 
C3^B. A treasurer, storekeeper. 

^;3i s. n. Bengal madder, Rubia 

SpoSai s. a. Fortunate, prosperous. 
n. Fortune; welfare. 2, a messenger. 
3, an artizan. 

SJ^cii s. a. Good, well. 2, favourable, 
gracious. 3, pleasant. 4, safe, 
secure; firm, strong, as a cloth or 
rope. 71. Happiness, welfare, good 
fortune. 2, a bull. -5^0, -^d??. 
Parvati, Durga. -3;D0±i=a. The be- 
stowei- of welfare. -ntirfo. A sort of 
pine, Piiius deodora. -Sd. N. of the 
3rd and 4th asterisras. -^Johi^. A 
nuptial shed. Sjj^v, -dOJ??. A 
kind of sedge, Cyperiis hexastachyus. 
-3j^. Sandalwood. 

2^US\ s. n. N. of the second, seventh 
and twelfth days of the lunar fort- 
night. -*!Jra. The act of shaving. 
tfjn^Jj^j. A splendid seat; a posture 
in devotion. 

^nSj"^ s. 11. A kind of seed used as 

8f)5) s. '«. The 7th astrological division 
of the day. 

cjj'jdOs. n. Fear, alarm, dread; dismay: 
fright, terror; danger, risk. -W^CS. 
Reason for fear. -rtJ3V\. To become 
afraid, alarmed. -?1j3°-?,^, -sSi3?3j. 
To frighten. -0=5^^. Fear-causing; 
fearful, terrible. -3Wo,. Fear to 
seize. -Sc^J. To fear, to be alarmed. 
-ijS^. Fear and devotion. -^ ^ . 

Trembling for fear. -^^^- Fleeing 
for fear. -^J^- A voice expressing 
fear. -ijj^,. Put to flight in terror. 
-ips.oS. Confused from terror. -'^ . 




A man in fear; f. -^, -^^o. Jfioiii) 
t^^*. Fearful, terrible; fear, terror. 
s;iodre;^e". Alarmed. CfJaJJt)^^. Alarm. 

^■d s, }i. Bearins:, upholding, support- 
ing. 2, a burden, load, weight. 3, 
a large quantity, multitude, plenty. 
4, desire. 5, exacerbation. 6, haste. 
.=# z3(;s?j. To be irritated. -ZjicSiS. 
7-ep- In great haste. -cs. bearing; 
supporting, maintaining; wages, hire; 
filling; filling stuff. 

SjidrJ. = wSf^, q. V. 2, the second 

^Xi^ s. n. An actor, dancer. 2. N. of a 
muni. 3, N. of one of Dasaratha's 
sons and Rama's younger brother. 
4, N. of a monarch. 5, the flux of 
the ocean, flow. -'^^^. Flow and 
ebb. -loo's, -aS^'T. India. 

^dc33Q&l s. 71. A sky-lark. 2, N. of a 

^"dttirJ f. n. Confidence, trust. 2, quick- 
ness. -"SiSj. To believe, trust. 

^5;g s. a. Full, filled, full of. 

^^r, ^g^rd. lb. of ^3^~: q- v- 

2^Bf (— tjiOS) s. n- Loaded state, as of 
a cart, vessel, bag, etc. 2, the flux of 
the ocean. 

S^^\F (=:Zii3r, CjjsaFO) s. /(. A cher- 
isher, supporter; a master; a husband; 
a chief. -uZ'sti^. A crown prince; 
f. -n=)0#. 

^e;, EjSe^^, ^e;s f. int. Fine! well done.' 

2^<t) s. n. A kind of pointed arrow. 

' 00 

S^iSJT) ^=^ s. n. The marking-nut tree, 
Semecarpus anacardium. 

2$zid ^, Z5e;j» 5^ s. n. A bear. 

^^s. «. Becoming, existing, existence. 
2, birth, origin. 3, transmigration. 
4, life. 5, the world. 6, welfare. 
-cSjsti. Far from the world and its 
misery. -looqS^, -ss^S. Fetters of 
worldly existence. -PZ^rixi, :^J3i)i5. 

The ocean of transmigration. '^;js)o 

^ci. Another existence. 
^^^ s. «. Present time. 2, you, your 

honour. tjJS^. Your ladyship, lady. 

ldSa?oij. Your, your honour's. 
2^'^7i s. n- Existing; production, birth. 

2, a house, dwelling, mansion. 3, a 

Sjisaa s. n. Parvatl, Siva's wife. 
£ji5 s. n. Living; a living being. 2, a 

worldling. -Xo. To produce. 
'd^S^zXo s. a. To be about to become, 

future, imminent. -3*. Future; 

futurity, future time; the future 

tense. -=5i)ej. Future time; the future 


2iTi (=:W7io»3j) s. n. Ashes; any 
metallic oxide. -^W. Application to 

fire in order to make ashes. u5^3^=CJ 

tJ. N. of a demon. 

^^■8., 8j1<9t5. = ^"U, q.v. 

epDA s. n. A fraction; a part, portion; 
share; a division. 2, lot. luck. 3, a 
place, region. Sjoo-. The front part. 
2oo-. The hind part. '■^srys'zsri, '^t» 
nsti. Division {aritfi.). 

efJsX^^ {fr. t}S~5S3*) s. n. A whorshipper 
of Vishnu or Krishna. 2, N. of a 
Purana; also -^O'jrs. 3. the manager 
of a dramatic performance. 

epaT^, s. a. Having a share. , n. A 
partner; a co-heir. 2, a possessor. 
zpi)f\?dj. To divide {esp. aritli-). 

2p3?\e'rfqi s. n. The Ganges. 

2p3An s. n. Lot, luck, fate, fortune. 2, 
good fortune; welfare; riches. -^2\fe* 
Goddess of good fortune; welfare, 
riches. -5io3, -33©. A lucky, fortu- 
nate or rich man. -&o?oj. A luckless 
or poor man. cf^O*-. Ill-luck- ^-^ 
Good luck. 

Zp^di'^ s. n. A divisor (arilh.). tpaasoJ. 
Dividing, division; a vessel; a re- 
ceptacle; a recipient; a tit, clever 
person. t?32*,. The dividend (arith.J. 




e^roro s. n. A kind of dramatic enter- 

eproot^ s. n. Any vessel, pot, pan, cup, 
plate, dish, etc. 2, auy implement, 
instrument. 3, horse trappings, har- 
ness. 4, goods, wares. 5, mimicry, 
buffoonery, -ri^d ( = qiora^rf, q. v.). 
A store-room, store-house; a treasury. 

epSojj ifr. ^^) s. n. The month Bhadra 
(August-September); also -sScS. 

epsjrfj s. H. Light. 2, the sun. -ts. 
The planet Saturn. -spasSo. The sun's 
wife. -SjJ3*. Luminous, splendid. 
-oSjS. Duryodhana's wife. -^J'srf. 

eps^ h. int. Hurrah! well done! -ip-) 
0,6. rep. 

2ps^0 s. n. Passion, anger. 2, splen- 
dour; the sun. 3, a sister's husband. 

zpziSx:)?^ s. n. A passionate woman; a 
woman. -Stj a. N. of a metre. 

SjTO^J s. *(. A wife; a woman. 

epsOSO h. a//". Person, fellow, man, 
chap; brother. 

ep^TJ s. w. Bearing. 2, a burden, load. 
3, heaviness, weight. 4, gravity; 
importance; influence. 5, heavy 
work, labour, toil. -^O^o, -oSjsSo^ 
^J5'-?j^. To take up a burden, bear 
the responsibility. 

epsti^ (fr. i?rf;^) s. n. A descendant of 
Bharata. 2, India. 3, N. of the 
Mahabharata in Kannad.i. -^i^S'^Wo. 
N. of a small vocabulary to it. -SJtij 
^. India. 

spaiiS s. H. Sarasvati. 2, one of the 
styles of dramatic composition. 3, a 
learned man. -^. An actor. 

epsdcDQai {fr. tjiciSjSjea) s. a. Coming 
from Bharadvaj. n. N. of a rishi. 
2, a sky-lark. 

epsQ s. n. Bearing; a bearer; abund- 
ance, a. Heavy. -"5*. A porter- 

SpsA"^ {fr. ^ti^^^o) s. a. Coming from 
Bhrigu. 71. Sukra, the regent of the 

planet Venus. 2, Parasurama. -sra 
Jj. Friday. 

epscSjF, epsoijti^ s. n. A wife. 

2po^ 1. {tb. of i3;)SJ) n. A brother- 
in-law, sister's husband. -^J^S?!, -o3j^ 
cSJoj. a wife's brother. 

Sps^2. s. w. Becoming; existence, ap- 
pearance. 2, origin. 3, state, condi- 
tion. 4, truth. 5, manner of being, 
nature, innate property, tempera- 
ment, disposition. 6, affection, feeling, 
emotion, passion. 7, sentiment, idea, 
thought, supposition, conjecture; in- 
tention. 8, meaning, sense. 9, the 
soul, heart, mind. 10, behaviour, 
action. 11, an abstract idea. 12, 
the eighth year in the cycle of sixty. 

-iS?^. Emotion. -:a, -s^ig. Kama; 

to ' 

love. -23. Knowing the heart or 
aim of others. -^, -rS. Reverenc- 
ing, treating with respect; imagining, 
fancying, supposing, thinking; imagi- 
nation, fancy, reflection; thought; 
(in rnecl.) saturating any powder with 
fluid. -i^JS^Z^^. Indicating a feel- 
ing or passion. -SjI^oS, -^"st^^. An 
abstract verbal noun. -sJJiiC^j. =:ZpD 
C)^o. tp^^sqj'. The simple meaning 
of a word; the obvious purport 
of a phrase, letter, affair, etc. 
£paS s. a. About to come, future. n. 
The future tense; also -^e^v. -B*. Full 
of feeling or sentiment; a prophet. 
-^. Obtained; manifested; conceived, 
imagined, thought about, happy, 
well. -^J. To conceive, imagine, 
fancy; to think, consider; to think 
of, meditate on {with ace, as cS^sS 

epssi.r© s. H. Speaking; speech, talk. 
spsSjtDo^TJ s. n. A translation. -Sjjac^o, 

2j3«)5J9o;SS^J. To translate. [talk. 

2p^^ s. n. A speaker, -^o. To speak, 
ep^;^ (=".~«)?5) s. n. Speech; language; 

a dialect. 2, a promise; an oath. 




-ys?, -Si°rtj. To break a promise. 
-?:fSj. To speak a language. -'P3j. 
To swear. -*, -=#j3Sj, -SJ^- To 
promise. -^fc^J, -tISj. A promise to 
be broken. -3jjU:=j->, -sjO^To. To 
fulfill a promise. -So3. Faithful. 
-coa, -^JSSo. To make a promise. 

2iSt)Zi,Q s. n. An exposition, gloss, 
commentary. -ySJJ. A commentator, 

2pt)?j s. ?t. Light, lustre. 2, a vulture. 
3, a cock. -3J3fS. Shining; ap- 
pearing; lustre, brightness. 

2j3SrJJ'd s. a. Shining, splendid. 2, 
terrible, u. Splendour, beauty. 2. 
a hero. -:3cS. Uncommonly splendid 
or beautiful. 

2p5?:;|,ti s. H. The sun. 2, a N. 

^^, ^^^ s. »i. Begging. 2, alms. I 

3, wages. 4, service. -'a^J,. To i 
give alms. . -:3?:^J. To beg. -n?:u. | 
A beggar. zp^^tic^. Mendicancy. [ 
zJIt^SjJ. To beg alms. Jp'sO. A beggar; i 
a religious mendicant. zji's'o ^. A 
male mendicant; f. tw^J-r. I 

^§ s. 71. A bit, fragment, piece. 2, I 
a rent, fissure. 3, a wall, partition, i 

4, an asylum. j 
^orf^jsxy s. n. A short javelin; also | 


^fjj s. a. Broken, split, fractured, torn, 
rent; disunited; expanded; destroyed. 
2, separated, distinct, other, dififerent; 
deprived of. n. A fragment, bit. 
-^3,r, -tf;^ ~^, A causative agent. 
-ifs^. Another mind, incongruity of 
state. -"-?i^. Various, -zj^ci. Differ- 
ence. -5j,3. a metrical fault. -s!w. 
A faulty term. ^cTO^-. Separate and 
not separate. 2?.a i^. To break, split; 
to loosen; to alter, change. 

a!l£) s. n. A wild mountain race. 


ipT^'S, iPz^di s. n. A physician. 
^^"^Ti s. a. Formidable, terrible. 

2pe^ s. (I. Frightened, alarmed, afraid. 

"cJi^S. Fear, alarm, apprehension, 

dread; danger. 
£pe^j s. «. Fearful, dreadful, n. Bhlma 

the second son of Pandu; also -^??J. 

2, a strong man, hero. -riS, -li^. 

N. of a river. 
^e^O s. a. Timid, cowardly; shy. -3,. 

Timidity, cowardice. 

^iZ^, s. a. Terrible, fearful, n. Fear, 
horror. 2, the grand-uncle of the 

Pandavas. -^. 'N. of Rukraini's 

father; Daraayanti's father. 

Sj5j^ s. a. Enjoyed; eaten, -r; 35. A 
dining-room. ^Yj- Enjoyment; frui- 
tion, possession; food; the daily 
motion of a planet. -»3jj^. Fruition 
and final emancipation. 

S^Jdi (=loo&i) s. n. The arm. -^flSr. 
An epaulet-like ornament for the 
upper krm. -ri, -ori. a snake. -ri 
sSccSjcv. Vishnu, -"^oej. Strength of arm. 
qjjzasn,. The shoulder. 

SfjO^pio, ^oo^SjJ s. r. ^ To eat; to 
enjoy; to suffer, experience. 

^jrf;i s. H. A living creature. 2, the 
world; the earth. 3, watar. 4, the 
sky. -53J33. Parvati, Lakshmt. ifOw 
c3t)^. The sun. 

^O'rfc^j ^0»55 s. ?i. The atmosphere, 
sky. "^J3e3j;«"i?. The space between 
earth and heaven. 

2^jt s. n. Being. 2, the earth. 3, land, 
ground; earth, as a substance. 4, 
a country, district. -5^oK, -'^o^y. 
An earthquake. -rss. Destroyed. 
-na sJjdSj. To destroy. -tIjs^o, 
-n.;??s?. The terrestrial globe, earth. 
-i^JS^ej^zS., -rtj3?t>3=):^. Geography. 
-iSts*,. The earth's. orbit; the equator; 
an umbrella attached to a throne. -t3 
tf. Moving on earth; a man. -SiJsoSj. 
Darkness. -aui. Sfta. -So. The 
earth. -cssioS. Donation of landed 
property. -:3^. The regions of the 




earth. -^S^S. A Brahmana. -c33rt. 
An earth-worm. -^':^, -^, -z^, 
-SJDV, -5030^, -"^Je3*. A king. -^ 
ziir ra. Goino- round the earth. -'Z^sO. 
A wicked man. -d^^tS. The composi- 
tion of a soil. -Cj^. a tree. -sSjb? 
=5*, -sJooSo. The terrestrial globe. 
-3d, A cape. -rosd. The strength 
of a soil. -?iocJ. A Brahmana. -^^ 
SjS. Putting in the ground, as money. 
--^■S, Landed property. 
cpjsig s. a. Become, produced. 2, past, 
gone, former. 3, got, obtained. 4, 
right, fit. n. Past time, the past, 
the past tense. 2, a living being, 
creature. 3, a goblin, demon; a 
ghost. 4, an element, as earth, 
water, fire, air, ether. 5, in laiv: 
fact, matter of fact. -=fft)SJ, -=59^;*^ 
o3o. The past time; past tense. -rSra. 
The aggregate of beings; a class of 
demons. -fS^o, The bhuta-imp. -ia 
■*i,. The science of administering 
antidotes for demoniacal possessions. 
-rfo3j. Universal benevolence. -sSod 
^a. The ascgregate of the five elements. 

-u,0. An oflferin'j to demons. 


Demonology. -c333j, -5JS, ijiJS^^^S. 
Siva. -^o^. Doubt arising from 
demons. -'Sssj. Demonolatry. iJjJS 
3D^.. The vital principle; the indi- 
vidual soul. i^JSSti^iP'. A matter 
of fact, fact. ljjJ33^i3s^. A demoniac 
possession. ;^J3o°:^. Lord of beings; 

2^s,s> s. n. Being, existence; birth. 2, 
well-being; wealth, riches. 3, power, 
dignity. 4, ashes. -"S*. The plant 
Gentiana chirayla; lemon grass. 

^.?50 (=JAiJ3CJ) s. n. The earth. 2, 
soil, ground; a country; land, estate; 
a place, site in general. -S, -533, 
-353W, -STsej^, -sjsj^i, :^J3^J3:S, ij^jh^jzi 
^d. A king. 

^jbQ s. a. Much, many, numerous, n. 
Gold. 2, a gift of money to those 

present at any festival or funeral; 

^j3^r® s. H. Decorating; ornament, 
decoration, embellishment; a trinket, 
etc. ziJSii^M. Decorated, adorned. ZjSJS 
Mi^^O. To decorate, adorn; to praise. 
tjijss^. An ornament, jewel. 

d^v^Oki s. n. A frown. 

^\A0 s. n. N. of a rishi. 2, Venus. 3, 
a cliff, slope. -;:Dd. Friday. 

^\0A s. n. The large black bee. 2, 
the bird Cuculus melanoleacus. 3, 
woody Cassia, Lauras cassia- 

ejisOAO'd ( = tjion5d) s. n. A vase used 
at a king's inauguration or at a 
marriage. 2, gold. 

^s^ s. a. Borne, carried; also -*. 
Zji,^. Support; wages, hire; capital. 
1)5.:^.. A servant, minister. ^^'^5'^' 
Servitude. J+^.^c Service; hire, wages. 

2^y . = 2?°.i3, q. V. -^S^JI^i-v To visit. 
-cxJj'BriJ. To meet, encounter; a visit 
to take place. 

e^e&o (=:!^y., q. v.) h. n. Meeting; an 
interview, visit. -A lodj. To come 
to visit. -^j33j. To favour one with 
a visit. -SiJsaO. To introduce. 
-53j5)3j. To visit. 

S^jrf s. n. Breaking, dividing. 2, divi- 
sion, separation, portion- 3, discri- 
mination. 4, distinction, difference, 
variety. 5, change, modification. 6, 
dissension, disunion, disagreement. 
7, creating divisions (among confed- 
erates). 8, an opponent. 
Idea of a difference. -^. Bre 
distinguishing. -?j. Separating, loos- 

e^?D s. n. A destroyer; loosening the 
bowels, purging. '^^ii- To stop 
purging. -^0. To break, split; to dis- 
tinguish; to separate; to destroy; to 
disclose; to be broken, as the heart; 
to separate. i^^^^- Breakable, frangi- 
ble, fragile. 




i^oQ s. II. A kettle-drum. 

ty?^^ s. /). A remedy, medicament. 
2, (= ^^') hypocrisy, deceit, -rrsu. 
A. hypocrite. 
Xfi^'d (fr. "cpjtfJ) s. a. Formidable, 
awful, terrific n. A form of Siva. 
i^jS:^. N. of a tune. 

2^;5e^ , £?-se^5 ^ ('b- of ^-"-1%^) "■ An 
enjoyer, eater, feeder; enjoying, eat- 
ing. t^JSt'^d,. Fit to be enjoyed. 

t^j8?A s. n. Enjoyment; eating; use,, 
application. 2, possessing; protect- 
ing. 3, perception of sorrow or joy, 
4, pleasure. 5, feasting, a banquet. 
6, money, wealth. 7, fullness, --r a, 
-uJj?C-\ A place of enjoyment. :?J3?ft. 
Enjoying; using; suffering; an enjoyer; 
a happy person; a voluptuary; a 
king: a barber. -5j=>Sj, t?-'3?.'^35j. To 
eat; to enjoy; to experience, feel, 
suffer, '^-t'n.. Enjoyable. t^JS^rvNS). 
A pledge which may be used by the 
mort£ragee until redeemed. tSjaerre-S 
SJ3,. A mortgage-deed. 

£^.3?3ijJ s. n. The act of enjoying, eat- 
ing; a meal: food. -Sj?3j. To eat. 
-ziir f4. Money-presents to Brahmanas 
at a meal. E^je^tapraqJf. On account 
of a meal. t?J? = aj3?^~. A stranger 
who asks for a meal. tfJS^ii.. Eatable; 
food; a dainty. 0?S-. The Lord's 

S^-9?T3f3 k. ad. Swiftly, quickly. 

tSji^Ti^ s. n. Decorum, decency, honour. 

S^s^S (fr. "^.^3) s. (J. Relating to 
existing beings; material. 

2p°e>^ (fr. ui.'S^) s. (I. Earthly, terres- 
trial. /). The planet Mars. -n^t. 

EjSc^s. (I. Falling off, declining; losing; 
straying from. 

^9oU ( = -Jl9'jl3) s. It. A frown. 

3^»5j, ^"Sj s. h. Roaming about: 
whirling, going round; a whirl; a 
whirlpool; giddiness, dizziness; con- 
fusion, perplexity, mistake, misconcep- 
tion, delusion. -rtjs*^. To become 
confused or bewildered. ^cjs^. To 
roam about, wander; to be confused, 
perplexed: to act foolishly, ui^aors, 
:;5,53jH. Roaming; whirling; revolu- 
tion; wavering, staggering, unsteadi- 
ness; confusion, giddiness, dizziness. 

^^■rf s. II. The large black bee. 
Bombinatrijc glabra. 2, giddiness, 

^j'^, s. ji. Fallen, ruined, lost; strayed 
from; fallen (as from dignity, power, 
caste, virtue); depraved, vicious. 
-^, -i. Depravity, viciousness, wick, 

ep?!j^\ s. «. A brother. --, -^3,, -H;- 
A brother's son. nr?jS,eai). Fra- 

e|ro c^ s. a. Whirled round. 2, confus- 
ed, perplexed, bewildered, -i. Con- 
fusion, bewilderment. 3?,oa. Roam- 
ing, etc.; confasion. perplexity, be- 
wilderment; mistake, delusion, false 
idea. tp^cSrtj;*^, -Bil). To be 

2jS^ s. n. An eyebrow, the brow. -?. 
L\ = "J.^jli, q. r. 

SSJ^ . The forty-third letter of the alpha- 

idj'T'd s. n. A sea-monster (crocodile, 
shark, etc.). 2, tenth sign of the 

zodiac: Capricornus. -^-5^^;. A kind 
of ear-ornament, -^-jj- A mortar- 
piece. -o-t=tir8. A makara-like 
festoon carried before idols. ?urus. 




and kings. -^J^- Kama. -Sj3?j. The 
teuth solar mouth. -Xo^530c3, -?do 
=ffj\oS. The sun's passage from 
Sagiltarius into Capricornus. 

'^■:)'^'d o'oi s. n. The nectar of flowers; 

^OSS, -^ s. H. Figures drawn with 
fragrant pigments on the breast, 
arm, neck, etc. 

■si^SSTJ s. n. The letter SjJ. 2, dishonour. 

^OS^OU (=s3jji5^jy) s. ti. A crown, crest, 
diadem. -»SqS~rJ. A crowned sove- 

■sio3^., ^rfjS's, f. »i. Mecca. 

^o^jD k. n. A basket plaited of stout 
bamboo slits. 

■rfo5\0 k. n. Children; pi. of Sort, s3j 
ri'-Po, ajrtJ, etc., q. v. 3j'^«?-35J#, rfj 
*«?jil37^. Children's play. -^jOn\-<o. 
dpi. olrao-. Grand-children. 

■S^JtJj h. «. A copy. -^"305jJ^, . An exact 

'siJTT.AcS k. n. Rice-field above the level 
of a valley. 

■^■§,^ s. n. A fly; a bee. 

■s^SO s. n. A sacrifice. 

rfo£D^je;j h. n. Velvet. 

^Oa k. n. A son; a male; f. -S?J. P/. 

»Jj'^T?j. sijri^-, s3^o-. A grandson. 

?o3?j-. An adopted son. 
zijAeio, ^oaOe^o k. V. i. To turn 

round; to return {as in »jjri2i loocSc^j). 

2, to fall upside down. v. t. To turn, 

as the leaf of a book. 2, to turn 

upside down, overthrow. 3, to 

grind, whet. 
T^OaU f. n. A silk or linen cloth with 

borders worn during puja or meal 

and considered ceremonially clean. 
^OAy s. n. N. of South Cehar. 2, its 

■rfoTx^JSi^ s. n. The monkey-bread 

tree, Baobab, Adansonia digitala. 

TiOAO, -4 (cf. ^or\) k. n. An infant, 
child; pi. Sj^Vj. -&^. Childhood. 

^AOS?j (s?j=Oj) a. k. D. 2. To turn round, 
to be turned upside down; to recede, 
retreat; to happen. 5jJrtj«?. Again. 
Sjr!j«? 5ijrtJ«?. rep- Again and again. 

^Oa k. n. A weaver's loom. -n =g^ori), 


-rijoi^. A hole in which a weaver 

puts his feet when at work. -cS53. A 


^A c;o, ^j?\ e;o (= Sorto wj) k. »i. Side; 
A a r» ' ' 

the side. sJjrt ej3o7)A)7i. A coverlet. 


^as t5 k. n. The thorny shrub Vangu- 

eria spinosa. 
Tid'f^ k. n- Multiplication-table. -riJE^ 


3. Multiplication. 

tSjaCi a. k. iJ. i. To become pale or 
sallow; to grow dim, as gold; to 
wither; to vanish away, disappear; to 
grow dirty or rusty; to perish. 2, to 
roar. n. Subjection, submission. 

^0 AJ OJ. = sJjrt ejj, g. V. 

^Ja^ s. a. Plunged, immersed; sunk 
into; absorbed. -^. The state of 
absorption, despondency. 

^OyJ s. n. The 10th nakshatra. 

^Jo3^r5 f. n. A frame-work set on 
beasts for carrying pitchers, etc. 

Z^JO'S'o k. n. Dimness, want of lustre 
(as of pearls, gold, etc.); obscurity 
of intellect, silliness, stupidity. sSootf. 
A stupid fellow; f. dJo*. -zS^^o, doo 
?!)rtj. To become stupid, etc. -3oj, 
53jo?s)W. Silly behaviour. -3Uj,. =-co 
9, g. V. -J^J^- A dull understanding. 
-ajdjs?j. dpi, -53j«?. a furious, heavy 
rain. -coa. To become perplexed 
or stupid. 

^OOA (<6. of Sj^r) ji. A monkey. -:3? 
^. Apish grimaces. -n=!o§. Mumps. 
-3?j, -cJ^W, djorraW. Apish behaviour. 
siooii^sl. Hanumat; N. 

^JoXrieOS? , ■^ooatSjs?^ k. /J. A climb- 
ing shrub with eatable stem, Vitis 





^OCaS;, ^oca^ s. a. Fortunate, auspi- 
cious, prosperous; beautiful, pleasing. 
n. Good fortune, success, prosperity, 
welfare, happiness. 2, a good omen; 
an auspicious prayer; benediction; 
lines at the opening or end of a 
poem in praise of a deity. 3, 
any lucky object. 4, any happy 
event, as marriage, e(c. 5, the planet 
Mars, -'^^r Trouble arising from 
Mars. -=CT3^r. A festive occasion, j 
-&,cS. Bestowing welfare or prosper- , 
ity. -;33rf, Tuesday. -TiJi'A^. A 

marriage badge worn round the neck 
by a wife. sJjortaDJ^dfS. Benedic- i 
tion; lines at the beginning or close 
of a poem in praise of a deity. »iJ» 
rtvatiS. Waving of a burning 
lamp; the lamp so waved. ajonve) 
S=);^pj. Benediction. ;JJor!s?J3tiJ. N. 
of a sea-port in South-Canara. 
■^ZOTi^-Q k. n. The thorny shrub 
Vangueria spinosa. 

^OEi , ^zS k. n. A black speck or 
So- 2^ . ^ 

scar, mole, freckle. 2, a piece ot 

gold or silver kept for a sample or 


T<0£i -d. tb. of sio^ti, q. V. ^^Oi^J. To 

be envious, jealous, selfish; to grudge. 

^OEio 1. = s3j2^j, q. V. 

^eiO 2. k. n. A bill-hook for cutting 

bushes, etc.; also -W3.. 
•;5o3d5.^'rfo h. a. Above mentioned, cur- 
rent, n. Afifair, concern; an oral 
communication; the contents of an 
T5o&!20jjigo h. a. Strong, firm, fast. 
T3oaie;o ^- n. a stage, halting place; a 
day's journey. -"^. A paddy-field 
* yielding two crops, generally higher 
than i3)«jjn;3 and lower than tStJJ^- 
tSoSS^, ^jaJs^'j h. n. Flavour, taste. 
^0&!j35 h. n. The wages of a labourer; 
his business. -«^^o. A hired cooly. 

^j3i s. n. The marrow of bones. 2, 
the pith of plants. -^sd, siJt3|_s3^c!. 
Pith, substance; that is most im- 
portant; flatulence. 
^J&! ?j s. n. Bathing, ablution; water 
for bathing. -'^^^, -3*^- ^ bath- 
^0^7^ k. n. Buttermilk. 2, whey. 
-S'ocij. Buttermilk mixed with water. 
-^jt/,. The yellow wood-sorrel, Oxalis 
corniculata. -sS^cSg. A kind of sour 
sauce. -soJ'OJ^. The lemon grass, 
Anirofogon schoenanthus. 
^jC2i {fr. SourtJ) k. n. A bedstead, 
I cot. bed. 2, an elevated shed. 
1 ^oc8a^, -rfJcely^ k. n. A stand in a 
! field, jungle, etc., for watching the 

crops or the chase, etc. 
\ tjOoSsS) s. n. A cluster of blossoms; 
i a flower-bud; a sprout, sprig, stalk; 
also -^. silo-. A cluster or glossary 
of words, a dictionary. 
■rfjo&iS? k. n. Indian saffron, turmeric. 
•;5ooSrf2a {tb. of s3jo2^^) n. The red 
seeds of the red-wood tree which are 
used in weighing gold and diamond. 
^oc^ k. n. The bow-string hemp, 
Sansevicra zeylanica. 2, a coasting 
rioc'&T^ s. n. The Bengal madder, 

Rubia munjista. 
;^OccS?TJ k. n. An anklet. 2, a post 
round which the string of a churning 
stick passes. 
^oc&fJ 1. k. n. Dew, fog, coldness, cool- 
ness; dimness of sight; obscurity. 2, 
a N. -n-)W. The cold season. -r^Jote. 
N. of Siva or of any male; f. 53ooSi. 
^ooS3J2, ^:>o3:0£; s. a. Beautiful, love- 
ly, charming, pleasing; sweet, melo- 
^c&js-rfoli.H. Approval, confirmation^ 
sanction, a. Approved, confirmed; 
-5jjj)3j. To approve, sanction, con- 



T^y. tb. of ^^^, q. V. 

^jy 1. (5JJ^?3) k. n. Levelness, 
equality, regularity, exactness. 2, a 
carpenter's level. 3, (= »JjWj,) 

measure, extent, limit, -rfja^ejo. A 
mason's level. -f^. Levelness, even- 
ness, smoothness. -^ SiJSSo. To 
make even or smooth. -sSjsciej!). 
At the very beginning. -»07^. A 
carpenter's ruler. 

Tioli 2. k. n. Shortness: abating, as 
wind, rain, fever, price, etc. ; inferi- 
ority. 2, a pony. -;s^^. An inferior 
caste. -3!S. An inferior kind. 

■rfoU, 3. k- II. Illusion, phantom, ruin. 
-sjjsol). reit. Perfect disappearance. 

T^oiS (tb. of 5Sj,u5*) n. Earth, clay. 

^oWo (=53jy,]. No. 3) k. n. Measure; 
extent, height; bound, limit. Sjjl3,ii. 
Till, until, as far as. oisiJ, sioeJ,?^. 
How far? Cpds.: 3^,-, ^csci-, T^sws:^-, 
etc. 55^0.-, ss^d-. So far . as that. 
na^Oj-, 's^^i-. So far as this. ^ 
Si^zi-. Until this day. 

tSoB 1. k. 71. A bough of the palm, etc. 
2, the fibrous coat of a cocoanut. 

TioS, 2. f. n. The bucket of a buUock- 

tSj^ s. n. A hut, cottage; a hermitage; 
a residence of a guru; a convent, 
monastery; a temple; a school. 
Cpds.: iorfjjj-, r(odj-, rlja^i^Bioao-, 

tiortSO-, ?o533,Aj-, etc. 
■^Zi. = Soa 4, q. r. 
xiozi-B' f. n. A much cultivated annual 

pulse, Phaseolus aconitifolius. 
Ti^ri"^ l. = ^o^'§ 1, q. V. 
■sidri'§ 2. (=sioa^2) k. n. A pot; a 

TSdZi7\j k. V. t. To lay down, place, 

put {cf. 53osjr!j); to take into one's 

service; to procure, as a horse, etc. 

2, to hide. 
i^orf^ a. k. n. Folding; a fold. 

T^DTSo k. 11. A woman. 2, a wife. 

Tdoc^^ k. 11. A fold, as of cloth, betel- 
leaf, etc. 

TidZisj^ k. 11. Thick foliage; a thicket, 
bush; a bough of the cocoanut tree. 
53j3£)::^o. To spread, run, as a 
creeper; to prevail, increase. 

T^oS 1. k. 11. A fold. 2, the pouch-like 
fold in front part of the garment 
to put in eatables, etc.; also sSjiSsjo. 
3, the bed of a garden. 4, fold, times, 
as: '^0-, Sjjo-, c3=>«3*-, etc. v. t. To 
bend; to fold. 

^0& 2. k. V. i. To die, perish. 

^S 3. k. n. A washed, clean cloth. 
2, purity. -rSjs?:^. A washed, clean 

^o5 4. (= sio:^) k. 11. The heel, in oo 

•^ot^^ 1. (=550^^1) k. n. A fold; fold, 
times. 2, the warp ready for the 
loom. 3, a kind of harrow or rake. 

doa^2. = 5Jj:g#2, g. V. 

^oJisi^, ^oas3^ (fc. aoa 3) k. n. A 

washerman, -f^;!^. A washer-woman. 

-Sosriajws?,. A climbing herb, Momor- 

dica dioica ; also sjjaas^rlejzo^. 
^oS^io (fr. 5iJa 1) k. t-. I. To bend, 

fold, fold up. oSoaAjrf S3^,. A folded 

^orfo, ^Ocli^ k. 11. Deep water; a 

■;Sotf k. ». A small dam or dike. 
^ot^ k. n. A stupid man. -S^S. Stupid- 

:rfj5 1. (=:»3jc^j) k. ti. Dregs, lees, as 

of oil, ghee, etc. 2, =*ejrs:So . 
■;^ci 2. k. n. A tree yielding a soft 

gum, Ailanthus malabarica. 
TiJti 3. k. n. A stupid, dull person. 2, 

awkwardness, rudeness. -'S'snzi. A 

coarse paper, -n-d. Rough plaster. 

-^?i. Stupidity, rudeness, 
^■rfo . = 53oa 1, q.v. 




5^0 ;^ 

T^JP®, _4 (= Sjrsj) f. n. A measure of 
capacity: a maund, quarter = 28 !bs. 

Ti^C^u k. H. A young cow or buffalo. 
-c3. Quickly. 

•;1dp©<2;o. = s3js?ejj, q. v. 

siofJ 1. k. V. i. To bend, bow; to make 
obeisance, n. A bend, bow; an 
obeisance. -'^'sJj,. The wrist. -^J. 
To cause to bend. 

^r5 2. s. n. A jewel, gem, precious 
stone. 2, an ornament in general. 
3, a bed. -Jjaod los?.. A creeping 
herb, Bryonia scabrella. -rraS. A 
jeweller. Cpds.: -cisS-ra, -:5j3°3S, -^? 
S^, e<c. -3e3. A reddish mineral 
used for medicinal purposes. 

^orScxiJ k. n. Superintendence of temples, 
luatbas, palaces, etc. -ristj. A 
inaniya-offioer, superintendent. 

TioT^O, -4. = sSjJ'S, (ji. v. 

^O?^ k. n. A stool, low bench, seat. 

^OrocxiO. = 53j!^cxij, q. v. 2, a religious 
performance or vow. -^'13 ^Jj, -So3t 
^. To have this maneya performed. 
-rrsd. = Cors/Tstf, q. v. 

riooki. = sSjW, q. V. -zS^j^. A wild cat, 

^ooyr; s. n. A halting place for 
travellers; a temporary shed erected 
on festive occasions {as marriage, 
munji, etc.); a sacrificial shed; a 
structure for carrying about an idol. 

^JOc^ s. n. The scum on the surface of 
any liquid; cream, barm, gruel. 2, 
the castor-oil plant. 3, the head. 

Serfs'. = 530oa?1, q. V. 

^JOzSfi s. 71. Adorning; ornament. 

o3ooti3j. = SooWsj, q. V. SJoS^rl. A 
small shed, shop. 

■;l)07^ej s. n. A disk (of the sun or 
moon); a circle, globe, ball, orb; a 
halo. 2, the visible horizon. 3, a 
district, territory; an empire. 4, a 
multitude, group, body, society. 5, a 

period of forty-eight days. -SBSS- 
A kind of snake, -t. White leprosy. 

^ot^«5, djori'? s. n. A circle, orb. 
2, a multitude, company, congrega- 
tion. 3, whirling. 4, a kind of 
snake. -Xd, To whirl, turn round; 
to be amassed. -=5*, oSjorS^S^S ti. A 
ruler, prefect, superintendent. 

^oSl. k. n. The knee. -'azaJ, -=,'\j^rfj, 
-^Ti'ffo, -Sojizij. To kneel. -rseij. = 
53ooa 1. 

Zi^OcS 2. h. n. A wholesale shop, ware- 

iSoccsS. t. n- Gout or rheumatism of 
the thigh. 

Tiioh-R {tb. of ^Cioa^) 71. A sugared 
cake of wheaten flour. 

^Occi^jo k. i". i. To sit down; to be set 
or turned towards, as the eye. 

^oo'rf.,Bt5' s. «. A frog. -Swr. Bengal 
madder, Rubia munjista. 

^Jocijt/'d s. n. Rust of iron, scoriae. 
-''^%. Calcined iron. 

doc:§ (tb. of 53003) rt. The head. -j3j3? 
5j. Headache. -=io;^J^. A turban. 

^r®0 k. n. Earth, clay, mad, soil, 
ground. Sjra a=#. The Sepistan plum, 
Cordia myxa. =3J?r3 rtj. To become 
earth, be soiled; to be ruined. »-o 
ws t. Desire after landed property. 
-^c^jsa^^j, -^j3:3j. To bury, -rtd . A 
clod of earth, -rlji^cl. A mud wall. 
-3raJ^. An earthen vessel. -sjssjj. 
Destruction, death. -:2?Vj. To get 
disappointed. -SJ3:Sj. To bury. 

-iJoD^j. To put earth (into a person's 
mouth, i. e. to deceive and ruin him). 
-Ooos?, Sorsj si. An earth-worm. 

^0^ s. a. Thought, considered, intend- 
ed, n. A tliought, idea; an opinion, 
view; a doctrine, creed, sect; design- 
-d o^. Sectarian enmity. -'4 ^i- Fal- 
len from one's creed; an apostate. 
-^:5j)d. Examination of a creed. -A 
OTo3. The doojma of a sect. -^ . 
A man belonging to a sect. »3j3Ti 




z3Drf. The customs of a sect. '^ ^-. 
Christianity. Soorfj-. Hinduism. 

■^^O^aiaoo b. n. Purpose; purport, as of 
a document. 

■rfoss^, ^oS320o h. w. A kind of fire- 

rS^B s. n. Mind; understanding, intel- 
lect, will, judgment. 2, thought, 
idea, opinion. 3, counsel, advice. 
4, wish, inclination, purpose. -/iSJ. 
To lose one's wits; to be perplexed; 
to become stupid. "^%' Devoid of 
sense; foolish. -no^, -^^c^*. A 
sensible, clever man. -^j3n^, -co^ji. 

Z)Oi^o,P® s, n. A bug; a flea. 

•rfj;^ 1. s. a. Intoxicated, drunk. 2, 
mad, furious. 3, lustful, wanton. 
4, delighted. 5, proud. -31^. Intoxi- 
cation; also -^. 

^O^S 2, 'S^O^ C (=:53J^J3, 55J J OlXS) a. 

k. conj. Again, further, moreover, 

■^S 1. k. M. A freckle, mark. 

- ^ 

^oa 2. k. ?t. N. of several species of 

timber trees of the genus Terminalia. 

rio^:^ 1. k. conj. Other, again, further, 
besides, and. sJoS^crf. Of another, 
different. sJoS SiJ,. Twice as much. 
^j^J5^. = 530^2. »3oi O . Where else? 
anywhere else. sSjJ O ol)j?. At or to 
any other place. 53ji ^^J. What else ? 
what more? 53j^?o5j3. Any other 

' thing. ojji^ocij, eic. See s. »3j^. 
5303^ j^. For what other reason? 
sj03^ -dj. Who else? who more? 
sj033 ,^. What other thing? etc. 
rf03?^ (■S'sn-irftfJS. At any other time. 

^d^o 2. (<b. of 5jO^, doS) n. Intoxica- 
tion; pride. 

^^ (=3030, q. V-) k. ad. Other, 

— D — * 

else, again, further, besides, after- 
wards, and. »jj:§J?^orfo. Another — , 
a different — ; another thing, etc. 
SJoJ^to,. Another one; f. ^o^J^l^^o. 
5jjJj3 sJj . Another time, once more. 

^j^n s. n. Exercise of knowledge. 

o2^-. Concord. 
^J^<[TJ (=: So;^!5, q. V.) s. a. Envious, 

grudging, jealous. 2, selfish, greedy. 

M. Envy, grudge; jealousy, hostility; 

greediness; anger; also -zpsid, -wja. 

-iij3S?j,, -sScaO, dJ^.QJ^o. To be envious. 
^o^.'n s. n. A fish. -sSsi. Kama. 

-^usvs. One of the 18 pursinas. 

-^0^?-!^. A shoal of young fry. Sj 

39, (.SS'sti. N. of Vishnu's first in- 

T^Otj^^i s.n. Stirring; churning; rubbing, 

friction; crushing; injury, trouble. 

SjqSa'^j, 5ij^?dJ. To churn; to discuss; 

to quarrel. 
^orf 1. (= sSoa^, sjjwjd, q. V.) k. n. A 

wedding, marriage. -53o^^j. The 

bride and bridegroom. -SSori, -Or!, 

-OorS, -rfrirt, -S3S?r!. A bridegroom. 

bride. -S?d. A husband. 

^orf 2. s. w. Intoxication. 2, madness. 
3, ardent passion, love, lust; lascivi- 
ousness. 4, delight. 5, pride, conceit. 
6, bloom of youth. 7, honey. 8, 
musk. Cpds.: ei^-, e^qir-, qS?5-, aii=3 
SjS-, <Dn3,,-, efc. -'X)0?jo, -oS^Orij. 
To raise intoxication, etc. -^Oj. To 
be intoxicated; to be ruttish, proud or 
furious, -risa. An elephant in rut. 
sSonsocjS, djro^oqS^. Blinded by pas- 
sion. s3jdj3??i. :S . Intoxicated with 
passion or pride. [o-ate. 

^JC3a, 7^Jc5aO k. Ji. A sluice, fiood- 

^orfT^O k. 71. Dullness, stupidity. s3o<XiS. 
A stupid man. 

^jrf;^ (— 53jirf :Sj) h. n. Aid, help. 

;:5jrf?i (-= 53Jirf 2, q. y.) s. a. Intoxicat- 
ing; exhilerating. n. Passion, lust. 

2, an intoxicated, mad, haughty man. 

3, Kama. 4, the thorn-apple, Datura 
vietel. 5, bees' wax. -'^^. Ornamental 
supports of the eaves of a house; a 
crutch-like stand. -^^^- Siva. 




^orfdoA, -?\ s. 71. The Henna plant, 
Lawsonia alba. 

T^OSb (<b. o/' 3jq3ju) n. N. of a town in 
the Tamil country where rod cloths 
are made. -tfjdosuj. A red turban. 

eioaeg {fr. 530.1) s. H. Estimation, valu- 
ation, rating. 

■^OQT?, ■dja'33 s. n. Spirituous liquor. 
Sjjaoe)rt,5o, A tavern. 

»5oSi^, ^ioj^j^ k. n. "Wedding, marriage. 
-ajsa =#j3::Sj. To give away as wife. 
-sSjsa '§Ji°-f^. To marry. -dJsa^Jo. 
To cause to be married. -SjJdSj. To 
perform a marriage. -Sfrtj, -cdjsAJ. 
To be married. Cpds..' -JaSj d, -sSjfS, 

^oaTjJ (/■>-. sSjcS) s. v. i. To be proud. 

2, to grow fat or plump. 
^Orfj. = s3oci 1, 5. V. 
^jrfo-5. <&. o/" noqSjd, q. V. 
erfocSjsfrf ;^ s. a. Arrogant, haughty. 


^Orf ^J ^jrf ^0 (=53Jrf3J)h. M. Aid, 
help; succour. 

kind of drum, a tabor. 

^osJj 1. (= SjcJor) k. Ji. Any drug, 
medicine, whether a powder, pill, or 
fluid; a remedy. 2, gunpowder. 
5jja ri iA^%i. A powder bag. 

T^J^^o 2. (ib. o/" 5jJ^ f. n. Intoxication, 
madness; an intoxicant. -nocs^. 
The thorn-apple. s3J3^ c3. An ele- 
phant in rut. 

■jSorfo s. a. Intoxicating, gladdening. 
n. Any intoxicating drink, spirituous 
liquor. -sS, -sraa. A drinker. -55ei?3. 
Drinking of intoxicating liquor. 

";^oa;)|;:jo f. n. Madras. 

T^.)q5o s. a. Sweet; pleasant, n. Honey; 
the nectar of flowers. 2, ambrosia, 
milk. 3, mead, spirituous liquor. 
4, liquorice. 5, the black bee. 6, 
spring, the vernal season. -*, -^^• 
The liquorice root. -5i*F. A mixture 
of honey, and milk; the ceremony of 

receiving a guest, -crf". The creeper 
Cocculus cordifolius. -ssc^. Spirituous 
liquor, sipping it. -<L^odo. The black 
bee; a voluptuary. -CijS, -*j. A 
bee. -d. Sweet; pleasant, pleasing; 
melodious; sweetness; a kind of 
sugar; the red sugar-cane. -^S. 
Sweetness, -ti^. Honey. 

^Ji^JtS s. n. Madura in the Tamil 
country. 2, the plant Anethum sowa. 
-cJoriJ. A purple colour from that town. 

'^'^0 s. a. Middle, central; intermedi- 
ate. 2, middling. 3, right, just. 
n. The middle, midst, centre. 2, 
the waist. -osa,, -D=)i,. Midnight. 
-d^sS, -d^d. The equator. -3«~. A 
mediator. -^, -^. Central; medi- 
ation; a mediator, arbitrator; also 
-o) rrarf. -?3$,oi. A middle place; the 
waist. -Aj^. Mediation, mediator- 
ship (Christ in the work of redemp- 

riOLjjn'^^J s. a. Middle, central; inter- 
mediate; middling; moderate, n. A 
middle condition or quality, medio- 
crity. 2, the waist. 3, the second 
person; also -5j)tiJ5i!. 

^opcQ^j s. n. Midday, noon. -53jO r^. 
The marvel of Peru or four-o'clock 
flower, Mirabilis jalappa. 

^jji (=;3Joi'^, Sj^jSoJj. q. v. tb. of 53Jci 
?^) n. Mind, etc- -^ scSj. To take 
to heart. -=^ lodj. To enter the mind; 
to be agreeable. -=^ ^S. Mental affli- 
ction, -nscso. To observe, apprehend. 
-Hjozio. To grieve; grief, sorrow. 
-r^a?io. To ■ spoil the intentions (of 
another). -t^cSo. The mind to be 
spoiled or altered. -?1j33o. To pay 
attention. -o7lJ5S??Jj. To fascinate, 
charm. -ot^jh^x. To be fascinated, 
charmed, -^^-^i '^^^j- '^^ touch the 
mind, be known. -i£j5^7^ '^So. To 
consider and remember. -CjHj. To 
be baffled, disappointed. -Sjjyj.. To 




apply one's (whole) mind to. -»3joO. 
Inclination to disappear. -^0. To 
know the mind. -=30^. Knowledge. 
-SjsS. With one's whole mind. -^cSj. 
To feel a desire for. -^^. To be dis- 
couraared, humbled. -^'^•i- To be 
elated. -ddrij. To make hearty 
obeisance. -5^©. To rejoice; to 
long: for. -3^0X0. To gain one's 
favour. -??J3?ejJ. To suffer a mental 
defeat. -s-sO. A fool. aof^S^^Sr^s*. 
With the whole mind or heart; deli- 
berately. oSJcvS^jS. Sincerity, sjjfis 
^sir ( = Sj?rf^'3 •£■ ). Conscience. 53J 
fSjS^rt:^. Notion, wish. SjfSJSeris. The 
heart's desire; the speed of thought. 
55jf5j3^J3Ddj. Conquering the mind; 
pleasing, agreeable. SjJcSjs?^. Pleas- 
ing, lovely, charming; a wise man; 
f. 53JrSj3?"^. »l)F3j3^rfo§aj. Heart-ache, 
anffuish. 5jJfSJ3PCi,d. Firm in mind; 
firmness of mind. aocSjs^qSSor. A 
faculty of the mind, as thought, 
memory, etc. s3Jf3j3$o>{T^. Restrain- 
ing and governing the mind. So 
r3j3=doti^. Pleasing, lovely. 53JnJ3? 
uoJ3%;. Pleasantness; diversion, sport. 
Sjf3j3?rfqi. A wish, desire, purpose; a 
desired object. -AjS . The fulfilment 
of a wish. 5SOc3vS?ti»3j. Attractive, 
pleasing, agreeable. »Jjc3j3SJ39?^, cdj. 
Mind, word and body. »iof3j5°i053rf. 
Passion or emotion of the mind, be- 
wilderment, etc. 5jJcSj3?S3,-|^. — SjfS-O? 
ZjSSor, q. V. siJc3i5?53?rt. The speed of 
thought. 5jOr3j355j,i^. Mental pain, 
anguish. »3of3^?Sj?^SJsid. Mental oper- 
ation. »ijf3J3?a3ti. Captivating, attrac- 
tive, delightful, charming, beautiful. 

^rfofijj s. a. Thoughtful, careful. n. 
Thought; understanding; knowledge; 

Tio^S^ ^0?j^ s. n. A petition, request, 

^?j?jJ, ^^rjo; (=5iJoJ, q. V. tb. of 5JJci 
=3*) n. Mind, intellect, conscience, 

will; the mind; the heart. 2, inten- 
tion, design, purpose; will, wish; 
desire; liking, choice. ^d^^nisrio. 
To be suitable for one's mind. sSjfJ 

= sJjci^ w55->. do^A)=i€ hij.=§JiSfOy To 

n to V 

keep in mind, remember, etc. s3j55Aj?1 

co^J. To remain in the mind. rfJ 

oSAiii coa. To touch the mind; to retain 

in the mind. sjjpiAj^j. = 53j(^tD:^o. 

SJojA)?j dj^d :^€^V3.. To mind, attend 

to diligently. 53j?3^f5j3°^/i totfj. To 

enter the mind. -^drij. The heart to 

melt. -^j33j. Opinions to agree. 

To change the mind, repent. -c^js^cxJjj. 
The mind to be pained. -c3j35COj)=oJ. 
To pain the mind. -lodo. To desire, list. 
-wod o33?i SJ3:io. To do as one 
pleases, etc. -CjzS:^ . To open ones 

^ Vz 

mind. -iSia siJ3333j. To speak out 


one's thoughts. -»iJe)^J. To make up 
one's mind; to resolve, -sds^j. To 
engage in. -co;?^j. The mind to feel 
disgust. »3Jo^=o^OXj. To be inclined, to 
will. rfJN?3^d. Full perception; per- 
fect consciousness. 53Ji5739 Sj. Mental 
pain, agony; remorse, regret. 

^o?j,?j^ s. a. According to one's inclin- 
ation. 2, capricious, fanciful. 

^Ojjj s. n. Man, mankind; the father 
of mankind; one of the 14 successive 
progenitors or sovereigns of the earth, 
to tlie 1st of them is ascribed the 
code of Manu. -w. A man; f. -'S. 
-?3 v3. The code of Manu. 

^Ofio^c s. n. A man; f. 53j?3j^^°t?j, s3j 
?rfj^,. -:i,. Manhood. -qSdor. The 
duty of man. -53J5^. A mere man. 

^OfS k. )i. A habitation, abode; a 
house; an apartment, room. Cpds.: 
lil, rid-, &i^fi-, ajwrtjS-, ^jsccioj 
5i-, ?323 odb-, 5o;S-, etc. -^u?^. Dome- 
stic work. -luiSj^. Household ex- 
penses. -^N. Household, household- 
life. -3cS Sjsc^o. To keep house, to 

doo^^ 328 

support a foinily. -3^c!3, -^ri^. | 
A householder; a worthy, honourable 
man. -:ij^^j. A house-maid. -:3;53, 
-t^5i. A household deity. -wdJ'rJ, 
-^j'sir. Household affairs; domestic 
property. -SjaQ'^JS^'J,. To settle. 
-5jJ3Sj. To build a house. -»3j3dj. 
veil. House and its appei 


-5iJjU->,, To reach the house; the 
furniture of a house. -sJjjrfjT. 

One who ruins a house. -53joOj^3c3. 
Ruining a house. -cxi)2a53j3?j. The 
master of a house, f. -odoJ3SSj3c^s?o, 
-cx5jia5jJ3Si. -oliS. An inmate of a 
house; f. -o±>^s?j; pi. -cOiadj; also 
the master of a house (in the 
wife's language); f. -oi)53°i?J, -oSot^. 
-cxSj5S*J. A domestic servant. 

"^c^^^ ^oc33?^. = »3of3S?j, q. v. 

»5oo;^'d. <?*. of o3jo3j, (jf. i\ 

^o^O {tb. of SJoqi) >^. Churning. 2, 
a churning-stick. 3, a fault, an 

z5jo:^j s. »i. A vedic verse of prayer. 
2, a magical formula, incantation, 
charm, spell. 3, secret consultation; 
counsel; secret plan. -mxS, -^^Si. 
A magician, conjurer. -fci . A 
learned Brahmana, a priest; a secret 
agent. -3o^. Spells and devices. 
-i??cS. Breach of counsel; a parti- 
cular magical incantation. -saa. 
A magician, conjurer. -33:^. Magical 
science, ajos^^:^. Akshate conse- 
crated by mantras. aJ03?jS3j3?J^=5^. 
A councillor. 53jo33,dj3$t^c^. A 

private consultation. 33J033je3j3?2^ri 
^2?. A council. 

^JC^ s. M. A king's councillor, 
minister. 2, a conjurer. -*. A 
magician. -^ri, -&. Ministership. 
-'30. To counsel, advice; to enchant 
with spells or charms. 

frSooip (= 53jo3j) s. n. Churning, agita- 
ting, kindling; a churning-stick; also 

-rfo:^. -^. Churning; kindling fire 
by friction. 
^Oorf s. a. Slow, idle, lazy, apathetic. 

2, dull, heavy, stupid, silly, foolish. 

3, little; dim, faint, as light, etc.; 
mild, as a smile; low, as a tone; 
gentle, as breeze; feeble, as digestion; 
thick, as a cloth, plank, wall, curds, 
cio. n. Indigestion. 2, the planet 
Saturn. -5?0. Causing indigestion. 
-nh. A slow motion; also -rsao?S. 
-nsCiO. Marching slowly. -tj. A 
lotus. -^. Slowness, dulness, stupid- 
ity. -J^J^5 -53jS. Stupidity, dulness. 
-Sjsdo:^. A gentle breeze; also s3oo 
nsaw. 53jo:oti^. Weak-eyed; bash- 
fulness, -^^i -353?;. A smile. sJjo 
:z'sf^. "Weakness of digestion. sJjona 
sjci. A wooden chest. s3jo:3j3?^. 
Lukewarm, tepid; gentle heat. 

rfjodU:. (A*. 53J?i-3yjj) k. M. Knowledge. 

^OcrfTJ s. »(. N. of a mountain with 
which the ocean was churned by 
the gods and asuras: also SJocSasiSu. 
a. Large, bulky; thick. 

^oocn)-&S> s. 71. The Ganges. 

^occt)":^ s. n- The Coral tree, Erylhrina 
indica. 2, a white species of swallow- 
wort, Calotropis gigantea. 

S^Jca k. n. Persons, people. Cpds.: 
efS^T-, lo*?)?-, wsoo-, 7^-i^Ti-. <&:A^-. 
-^3°T?. Impertinence, arrogance. 

^Ocad s. n. A habitation, house. c3?3-. 
A temple, o^w-. A palace. 

^orfj k. H. A hamlet of the Todas on 
the Nilagiri. 

^QcS s. n. A flock of sheep or goats, 
herd of cattle. 2, a fold, pen. 

^oc:S^;c!j f. i\ i. To thicken, coagulate, 
to form a mass; to become pleasing. 

;^0Fo> f. n. Manna, the (bread-like) food 
miraculously supplied to the Israelites 
in the wilderness. 

^OJ^nJ? {tb. of 53J3r3f:') n. Veneration, 
reverence, 53o^?oj. To honour, rever- 
ence; to sliow kindness, treat kindly. 




T5o?3^^ h. a. Forbidden, stopred. n 
Prohibition, stoppage. -■artJ. To be 
stopped, to cease. -SjsSj. To stop, 

■d0S)^?J0(A•• s3-c3y To.. V. t. To bear with, 
overlook, excuse, pardon. 


Love; Kama. 


wood-apple tree, Feronia elephantuiu. 
■rfj^-.n s. n. Anger, wrath, fury. 2, 

sorrow, distress, 
■rfo^n s. n. The nape of the neclv. 
■rfjjcQ^oi^TJ (/"/•. ^