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^V^^^H THE ^^^^1 













fr ^ 


Member of Thi New Engiand Historic Gevieafogieaf Sodefy 

Vol, I, 


BUNsET r^UE ^t^D photo engraving CO, 

• • 


J 9O! 


"^ C--J 

f - :j 


SUB 'i'^ HviuD Mfllim 


iwrp «p|irrdBlliu of ll|Hr vnig 
■Ifrlliig qti«itttM 



Tb« genoAJi of thit Qofmlogj may bd found in Iho publiCAlioo hj Hon. D«y 
O^ KrJIo^* in l^^iA iin'i ASCd. of hln articln in tW AVflf £njf^ii4 UifU^ntyU and 
G'urahifi^ai BtgisUr, and rtrpnntcd in giuaphlet form. Tbfie, wiih an article 
in Vnlnrafr 4« of the Evfittfr, hr Hr< J. II. Ptfirin; i painpbla by Kr. Abraham 
LidcjoIa KelkigjE, both ui ihe line of 9amit^1 of UatJIHi^ \ eomo noka by Bcr. 
Jnftiii Perkitu Kdlojiip, uk the line of Ht«phvn, ami the Clatlc^KaUogg-Vaah 
OAWiilogy, puUiihej by Alb<-rt Clnrt in 1877, in Ui<' Hue of Daniel of Ff^rwaUc, 
eompri*- the bibli^jrraptiy of the rabjcct, and frfquent mcntioii of tlie oamv is alto 
fian4 in manv ^nealogiea. 

In ld6ti Hon. Day Otii^ KrIlogK Iran^f^Trnl bi* UAS, to Mr. William WaUfttt 
K>^o|Xi '^f ^ynn, now of Ncvrtonvilk-, Mnt;^, vho added 1o tt, and in 1873 ffafc^ 
in lorn, hit data tA Mr lliifvia Bcia KoUogi!, then of Oakland, Cnl* and nftprward 
nf Unxn Bay. Wi^,, who cisdc Ifac firrt dTort to ooll«ct the rcvordft of th« faauljr 
>a a «b(>l47, and bu durotDd yvant of conrcicntiotSA toil to the ^^tht^ring of raluabba 
«Dd irstenffTe reoocdsL Ur Kelki^ died ttuditpnly in 1891. l«aTJDg his vorlc 
ineooiplete, and shortly aftervard thcte recordd camtt tnto my bands and 
bate* hvvn of incnleulabla aaiHtaiice to nte- Tbe fnmitv onxvi Mr KcKajix a dtftit 
of gratitude for hia paiiwtakiiig and falthftit labor, ami the work vroold bare 
baoB pobliih^ by him j^ttn %^ bad be nurviv^d. It it p«^rbip« a fitting coin- 
cidcfltftr, Kinu- Mr KHUijcg mtiiini'mv<fl hi? ^'riniloginil artifity in OalifnniiAf tluit 
Uw finifht^ «ork ehovld, aft«-r nuflny yi^arft, fir«t »ce the light of publicity on tha 
ifaonA of the Qotdfn Gat«. 

Uy prt^tmlalion of Lhc vvhjcct carric*/ with it no c;laim to upccifll qunlificntion 
for the XM$k nndortakon. I have, a« indicated in the title, «iinpiy attempted to 
girv nn atcaunt of l)je Kello^ family in America, In all of lia branches, and to 
trac« It to ita ttaniatlantic bomc. 

A family ki«tory ba* lK<rn aptly d<ivribfKt ait "n RpcnnaJ type of nurrutivo 
wbkb liea between genera} history, aliich deala with public erenta, and an indi- 
ridnal bkofrraphy. «bicti pt^u a coinpU-t^f pbcturD of a ainjrlr cotiupKnovid life. ' 
AltfwHigb DO irfTort \\^% bn-n npnn'd to miki* this Grnr«ln(ry i-mujili't**, an rniWvtJr 
haa bftm made to ko^ within tbi# Umiiation of the t^nlji^ct, bat tX beet it u only 
an taadninatc record of a aturdy ra4« of men and woicon who underwent the trlab 
and priTfttion* of the imocivvt days of our country, and who hA\r takvn an tntel- 
lij^t iatcrcflt in it« welfare. 

Whim o child in New England. I van ble«(^ with th? loving <^m of Iwo 
tlder}; maiden Kelloigs gruat aunta, the \-cry 'Wit of tb<; 4!ar^/' who tuld me 
many talta concerning tlM> famiir hifiton; ; and whi?n I rcacbi^ man'* eatate, dom* 
inaled fwrlmpB by mmr ^bt]i- pKjebolo^^ionl intlii-Ticr cfjnnivt^^d ailh niy child- 
hood, iwn^ but a KellofTf: di^endanl would ml me a^ a hHpmate tJirough life. 
Thu . ■ ' r my jrathcrirp for pr<-*4'rviition t)rr ni-rmU i»f tin- farniKv but f 

am h\-- i.^ that, had I bad any conception of ihe inA^itudc of the tatk, 1 

■botttd hara faitcrcd. 

II JM Jill rHfjitiliKlu'i] |iriTu-i|>lti that, to intiTt'et others^ one muBt himBclf be 
ijili'n>Htiii, iintl IbiH ih iuu' jih Utr \^t^ my labor has boun concerned, for the com- 
[lilajiiih lit A ^'riUNito^ry i^ fjiMMimtin^, a& nil who have been engaged in it will 

A frw vi'iirn n^M i limi HU ohl nmn bori* a woll for me who would have made 
nri i*virl1i>n1 >,'i'nnihi^'iril.. Mr had IdilM nt liin bu?ino88 for nearly fifty yearB, but 
>nLh nit iLuii'U inti'n-8liHl in n\Ai niipT full of f-oW brought from below aB if it had 
hn'H bin tlr»*i, for, ni* \w tobi m\\ \w *"ni'viT knew juet what would be found in the 
\\i^\{ rk]\inM\l\\\ of kmriii^'H." Tlu- aimili' may be a poor om\ but the spirit of e.v- 
|iivttiiu\v iri (lir wuiir in bolh inirsuit^ 

Ni<vrrlhr1t'hK« nten' rnlbusiattm on the part of the compiler witl not produce a 
>>ritiiilo^y, lie mH^li* llu- aiwii'tftinv and eneouragenient of the family whoee rec- 
ortl \w labuUU'H. I haw bad tbia ttup|vort, and 1 desire to plaee on record my 
tbaukti lo the nu-tnberit of the Kello^ family, individually and collectively, for 
Ihe ivurtcsil* evtendiil to me by theiii iu the preparation of this work. 

1 liavi* t'jwrtyi*il lo ^ivc all i>htaiuable dt^aiU in the earlier generations and to 
ivudi'iiM' as far ai( t^WbU' in thi' lattT onoa^ in the bt^lief that, in the face of the 
intih'raTi\c n^^'il \*i Ki'^pin^ the iJeni^lo^y within reasonable bounds, the living 
^'ni^nilionii i»f thr frtmil^ would pn^fer (o lu^r le** of themselves and more of their 

Theft* \« enough in lUe vi^luuu-*, however, to furnish ample opporttmiti« for 
\vn\i'r*a[ien to ihiv^' of i\w K<*lh^:j; kin who may be pwxl talkerB on a Tariety of 
*ubjrt'i*, bui who never r\^llv Srvnte enthu>:astie until they talk of their family 
und thi^ir vsnmrt'li^^^iii. Their diA'our^^ l»sV. may include mauy pan* of rh-^ world 
for i\w fanisU i?l wuU'^iprs'rtd and ihorv ha* Sttmtn^ly been a teECt-noy to ketp 
abrx'aiil la nh mowittvnts of euv.Jiratio'.i. 

This u'.'^catop ha^it has addt\! to the Labor of compilation, and Las :::a.i'f t: 
dii^*\-ult avaI !4>v.utv.v.e* in':\v*iiMc le sev'ure tU:a ivc*.vTr-;r^ son;^' o: :hr z±:tliJ.-^. 
although I had sui^^y^sed unt*l the ii^n^-atciry was rtur^y dcished cha: all Sfll:^:^ 
in AuuTiv'** *vr\' cf the saiv.i- s^vvk «r-d »vrv ^.'-eAt'C-ia^c* L-'f the th:v^ s?-i :f 
UatE'^-u of Prii'.',Ttrw, VVbiU- this he Ms trv^- fc? ^et; ef ^he aicie. I ±zi 'Jm: "jl^ 
\\xiZ ^.iXy yv^Tit ^i*s brv*u^^: v^hvr K^llvbiy* ::vp: :he Old WoKd wb?gt iz^'i^izrj ii 
tutrw^w'. avd \v. a*v-v ivrfa:"\.i'* xb.-f ra*r,^ ha* been assu.=>fiL I bi^-i rji:-d ih«^ 
i^vuf'ol»."it ~>ftvt'v2js" a! l^\ <v.< ef t^.e w'?rk, i^ the h»:pe tha: serie i-e*t-7r.<iL:i:. 
aav*^' :ortuv,*:e iha:* I *'^a'-e bwt\ ■:\ Iv a'^ v a'' *::?sly :he li^ki which will :ci- 
tevt :S*.'tti *'-:h th^iT v^'i-'^-f ■"''■* -- ■'^'^^"^^*- 

I ^d*e -"^'^ep ";\v« ask'^i as :■.- :!*'.' b-:r^l"i:k; r\^zs :i ih*^ S-fll-ri^?. N':c ill 
ajjvu-<i: S'^'^iia^s \ii*i ?L* :^:^1l^-^l ^.■asc[t>K w\:h ^var* jf ir*ns -rarlaiect*! r'fr ihe'_7 
dTuiior^d^-iv ,:r :e ^"li-a^AS t"c'^- ■'-• xsr,'noil is»XLa::cc- The ?;tzie li i-:^:!; tn-* 
k^f I^'Jils v'f jce'toalo^rv-al i«a,vc^ »::«■ :: '> jaic thiii -■cl'^ -it^Ei ^<'" "*-g -— ill :z 
\,*zx'^ fe'.a* J ^Tt:j. *i"^'- .vrai'j:;' , zt^-^ tiitir ie^ifc!: back 'jl i iirwt li^e re :hii 
V-th,' ,*^ ^^ :. .a*u T:V ^Vn^iJvp^.T As t"'±7 it- I ."33 m-vr' a:-?. :hi? 5:tl':;rr> iii~: i^: 
cva- k^ii AT^j^ ''.*r. :^K*Urf;'i ^LTtt"^ \.i^ Jctc; i *'."L~ort3fa iniia_ :*ea:rv~ -:iir ^^iinn^rS 

^' ^li.vUr -vii^H.- '_:*7*.*Ui;*i ^•»."fS it'>:&* i^-i ? - T^f rt'J'rr ■^^■I•f. ro 'i;« i«r -z ±e 
iar^uvr* ■* .:i\>*.'-ad ,vc::»^k. zl:nvjrij[':' is ::ii^'- i>r. itrLiLe ir^.'^i- ir^ z»:t :i"-j 
jiil> rn^-^* .*! T^M..- -^^-r-h, vixi ^v A:-loi::r^ ^la^" tvL je pr:m£ k i: Vaist :'*j 
^f ;iK' :aai:iys*4.rvni; .'i;i_'Tii;>fcr&E:\.> *h:i:a :ncrle .? -3) iiscuc^un — kZs :!u:r:<.'c=ci 
4EM :D* ?*(U4iSia*?A' :>,^vm '"yyai Jr:-^l»?. Thtr^ htt£ ncv-^r be^^n a wir iC -mr 


coontryj from ite infancy to the present day, in which Kelloggs have not bome an 
honomble part With its men Belf-reliant, aelf -respecting and law-abiding, and 
its women conapicuona foe all the womanly virtues, cao we fail to be proud of our 
connection with the family ? 

I mnat congratulate the family upon the discovery of the will of Martin 
Kellogg of Braintree, which proved the tmusatlantic line of descent. This con- 
nection had been vainly eonght for many years previous to 1899, when Mr, Francis 
Heniy Fnlter, of Boston, Maae., visited England to continue the search. Through 
Mr. Fuller^B assiduity and good fortune^ the matter has been definitely settled, 
and we are enabled to follow the family tree nntil "its roots disappear in the 
depths of past centuries.*' 

The Genealogy eontains the records of nearly five thousand families with 
more than twenty-two thousand descendants. Persistent effort has been made 
to collect the facts set forth in their history. Town and church records, histories, 
genealogies and other sources of information have been freely consulted, and 
every Kellogg whose address was known, or could he obtained, was written to 
nnlpas the record had already been secured. Errors will unavoidably creep into a 
work of this kind, but it is my hope that the Genealogy, as a whole, may favorably 
commend itself to the Kellogg family. 

T. H. 

San Francisco, January, 1903. 





KnxoaoB dt tkb Ou» Wobii> 1 


Awwniil 17« 

Aminvx n 1801 

Avnannx in 180« 

Amonta. T7 IBll 

Af prnnax Y 1815 

InnsioPDBonASDPuon: Vol m 


Facsihile ot Maetik Kellogo's Will Frontispiece Vol. I 

Facsimile of Nicholas Kelloog's Will Fbontispiece Vol- II 

Ancient Map of Essex County, England Frontispiece Vol. Ill 

St. Hart and All Saints' CHnROH, Dkboen, England. 

IxTERiOR OP St. Mary and All Saints' Chtirch, Dbbdbn, England. 

St. Hart's Cfiobch, Great Lriohs, England. 

Interior of St. Mary's Church, Great Leighs, England. 

St. Michael's Church, Braintree, England. 

St. Michael's Church, Bishop's Stortford, England. 

Hartin EELLOoa's House, Hofpbt Lane, Braintree, England. 

Map of Brajntrbe, Snoland. 

Facsiuile OP Lettsh OF Martin Eellogg, op Beonbon, Ohio Facikg 17^S 



b bom 

bap baptized 

Co Company, County 

d died 

dau daughter 

m married 

Other abbreviatioua may be readily nuderEtood- 

P page 

reg., reg't regiment 

rem remoTed 

rea reside, refiidea, redded 

unm (inmarried 


Th*:.' puporior figure following ii naTiH' irulie:ilrs ilu' ^^►^[lorjiljon nf thnl person. 

Ill tln' family n'eonls caih rhiM i:^ ^iveii :i luiiiibiT. Tluvi^ nnnuil Kc^llugg 

or..- priiiW'il in small c.vriTALS, and thereof KcI][);;,l' iinnsslrv wlu> hiiir other 

D-.mi' ? 'irt' printed in if'iliis. The + preculiiiir n iiuznhir iiuli^.iili> tlial Ihe record 

of tiiat jKT:-i.>nV foTiiily may be found in tiie following' grmratian wilh Ihe sjime 

ii«:n/ijer iir^xrding the name. 


^^^^BF~^^ ^<^teaiZ^^ 

li ^ I 

I^^^H 'j^r ^afr 


I ^«mmm 

''." I 

1 mBRS^^sm 

• 1€ ■- 

m 1 


. ifir 1h 

■ .^j 

._rfi;^^^*r' _^ -n 

" , «■ ■"■^^ 

^^mmi^^m\ ^ 

I —is- y^ :,«-r-^ 

tf i;^- ^•*' ^1 

1 ^B ^^Kij£r^ 


1 H ^VfuB 

^vF^H^H "^ 

1 ^H ^^Huy^H 

^^ V-j -Ul^^H 


ItV ^ ^^B 

II -^^si 

P ^^ ' "'^ ■*-' 

'f ■ 

I H ^-^ 

' ^^^ 


h. -. 'J^ 


^L^v \^^^3^Bi^H 

■T^H ^ 

^^^H^^^^l ^tosli^^^^^^^^^^B^^l 


^^^^^^^^^H ' '^''^fe^f^V^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 


^^^^^V -^Ir^ " '^^^^■m^tf 

^^^^^v v ^^^^H^vnfl 


■ ^B -NT^^^L ^ 


L.H. >^^Br.s:^ 

H ^^^^1 


7 ^Hi^ 

■ ^H 

^ / ' ,"^?,V^<" " .'(•*- 


- - ' -f.'- ' 



.' ';"^ 


H ^^ 

^^^^ J-i* 


1 H ^^^5 

i / jl 

1 ^^^1 "^^^'TSP^fis 

■ ^^ ^^^^Sx^i^B^-. 


. V^ 1 

1 1 




Op thkk gnaMO aon4 ik hiitr, DKrtiKO Dilvth ind Tims " 

H, H. fk»YKHK?f. 


Tliere have been DumerDGb books vrilten on tlie origin of namra, and thiey hU 
po0»ett intcr«at to tbtwc of lu who like to trticr thinst) to their «ourci.\ A& eum- 
lOfltina of nlmoi^ tnj txUvaltt^ Hfi shcirA n l>owiMmt]^ arrny ^f numnnu^ in hm 
■t the prv«enl tiioe. One caimol bat Ivd^ syinp-iihuitt^ vtilJi \hv uuiple-iuiDded 
old Udj vbo vu b1 a Iom to acoount For tho ^rcat numbcrr of Smitlifl iu the world, 
cintil DOP day bitr myint^ry miA mlvi^d, when xhf* ditrnvoml nn inimpnsp bnilHing 
Almoflt eoTiTwd wi*h « huge sign r«adtng "Sinitli Maiiu/a<.1uring Compacr/' Thia 
«tury may hv niorx* iDt^rcrdin;? thun hitUrnoiil. but h^r solution of tlicr problitm of 
(IrriTation wmf ■ fn'mplo, nnd m^iio^ly, thi- on]}' [ilai]«ibLi.- one, not onl; for tjio 
Smtttifv but &l£o for m^ny of the vtntrtii'^ of nirioiu oomciEclature in CTidGoee 
mrfiund lu. 

Wr ftTc told th«t tlw jdvinfE of tuuDW dat^^ from the devcbpmenl of ciTiliEA- 
tion iu th<' ^liiUIc Ag'i'^ aoi Uke n«o of tho Chmtiftu k-Ti^ioil. Th^^ emI of th« 
moivrtA tiruld not Ih? inorv folly f-Xf^nvn^l tiinii hy ilrLtpiiini; Uirir I'of^iE lutmiv 
uid CQt«titiatiii£ Soriptanti one* in kociiing with tiic new fivith. Thwr ''Ohriituin 
twrni^ ■ ' in nn^ aro still called, wrre UTimratUv adopted with the 

«pn>o«l . - auO a^ aponUtfj wvvtr inauy, aiid lunitw fi?vr, cxicfuMuai 

folloved IU a reAulc of RtntUr pc^r^oTicLl nain«^ 

Imagine Ibe f^'pdincn in PoUrd, whi?T», in 1^(17, the King aod his [>eopIe 
wi: tUfivertcd to Chh^tianitv. Tho rna^ of iht people were formml into com- 
psAiw and bapf' ■ - j>no*t«. "n whok* cv>mpjiny wt n Hwic," givin^j; thi» Bimff 
Btniv IobH Uie ir - coiu|ioemg ILat couiponv. In lh(> fifat cjuipaiijr all iho 

S Tnfi KxUiOoas IX tiib Old Woielp. 

HMSi ir«n dtftJjcnfttod i'ntor, attd ftll the voitii^n C«UMTriic; in the ioeocid all be- 
TATiYv pjinU nmj MdTvnMa Thi^ wan iri<1«4^1 m&kiiij ii«tn^ on ■ vhobaudit btu'iKt 
uid DO troDilvr tba( Ihtrrr camf^ into urc ilidlin^iiihing or "^nick oamc^* to SogtO- 
gtl« Ili« indiviilnAJ from titc othvr Ix^ircn: of tko Mint^ munt. That aonan of those 
nAnt» nhonM finally fiow into hcrtftlJUfy ur fami}/ Qamn natmnllT follow*. 
Thus, IMir tlio bmail. inrliapt^ bo culled to diattnfn^ieb bim from a I'cUt tbt^ ioi 
would bpconir l*f*t*ir Sn*»ll luid hi* crighbor or rrlnlivi*, Pinter Ijong, 

Thtse fltcpfl in niuue «Tolulion took place in Britain afl vf U aa on the 
linmt, and the ft»l «uraatn«a or f&milj Damee in Ivn^^azKl Uat<? from about the 
tirw at tii*^ romiami (A, D. lOftfi), 

Sino; oil names ver; ori^piiaUy fii^ificanl, although their meaning niaj hj 
been Torgott^t in time, it U «*^ to acootml for ftu«h tiamea &« may have 
idcntifi'-d vitli tratln^ profcmocijs rvudriM''^ rtc, ACid for the d<^ritati(ui of 
Ic^ v<< vould flret todic for aem« Ttuon vliidt would have c«u£od the Ddoptii 
of the name hy \i» Sni bttrer. 

Here ariaoa the difficaltT of dciennUiijic the lirft form of the nunc* and ita 
many variations may b« illttRtrnt^xd bj thn following ««amp)4« from th« r«corda in 
Old and Kew England: EelluT*. Kelbogge. Kylljogge- Kdlyuggtv KtJhigg, Kol- 
loRKo, KclORf^, Kdlok, Kdhop?, Colo^, KcllhcfX- tLollork, KclIod{;c, Ccllod|!^ 
Kdlogoi-r Ki*l1ock» Killhir^ Kiihng, Collidgi*, O&laag, Colloid, Oilog, Kat^c^. 

We irst Sitil the EeUoggs in towDA vith Saxon namee, and if the; vere 
Saion, ve have as a powible ilerivative^ KcilhaOr the G«rman name of the mincr'a 
pkkans vbkh i> BtilE :& ifxiKb'pn- in Girmany, IVnmark and Norway. 

Aecordiiis to family tr^uiition* howv.'vcr, Urcnl Britain wa<j tho 'tingilial 
of ihf fonvilr and Ihero are a nmnb«T <^ kgenda to that dTed. The mudc 
of thtfftc is that odvan-rtd by Ron: Day Otis Kcllon* fonncHy U&i(cd States 
an] at Qlasgow, Scotland, oii« of the «arlio(t coUoctoni of Kdlo^ data (See N- 
Hirt. Oen. Rf%., 1868, G«-A^aJc«ical Itona of the Kellocx Famil;. 88). He 
Ubea the tradition thai the KcUafigfl were part&Baoa of Jamo VI. of Scoltaaidr 
eame with him to England (vhm hi^ aianndnl Uu- thmnr of Grvat Britain at 
Jamrtt I), and niinained there until their eottlcmeni in New EoglanA. Be sog- 
fp««ted that the name vaa devived from two Gaelic wordB '^Kill," a ixauitrr, and 
"T>X'h." a Ivki^-^hat ii^ thi' ''Family of flu- T^V»- Crfiu'lrry"; aad^ to. a nvuH ai 
hii Eilat*."mt"it* the belief that tho famity i* of 8(^tt»h onpin ie now widef^read. 

IMiiU* KdkKk and K<IUcb in FngUT>d, C^JIng or Cuilo^ in \7alt^ H^Ilo and 
Ketlowe* in Kn^lnnd aad Scotland are not unujtual, a diligent Miarrh oi th« pat^ 
Uc rtcof^ in Qn?«t Britun. failf to meal the name of KHlock or EalJoch lA 
«ar]r aa that of Kellogg, whidi appran^ id the \jkj Snbudif^** fvir Dehdtfn. EAaax 
Comn^, id K^-^ (althangb NichoUa Koylo^g was a witn«« to My will of William 
Hall of Debdm, in 1515), whm Xieholn^ niid Williun KrUo^. of 1>ebdm, won 
tatpd apil «1im' the namr i^ fonnd in ilu- parish rt^giat«n from IBUS to 1 
Keyiogg. the mrlim form of the namr in Englaiid, ia eoggaaCm. A "k^ 
olden tlmfS wai^ a kiad vf hobhlo for hindfrin^ liTT«coek fiuni Htisying, and 
li^g" would indkwie a m«kr-r of key» for "Ior^a" or hobhba, or pgnhly of 


Urn »a fwlr fu'K ■J ^ iMB^Iy B' 

liT ISHiai 

Md WTkd -ft «*ry Kb>m of *n*lity •«waiaf lo 

I. for IW a>!Mt iriHt— ol (W 
tW «ite* ol^a> lute or flOBdB. 

Till; KizLLoocs IX Tuc Ou> Wojiui. 


^n othcf voHa s locbnaitk, Thwi «^ Rnd a Kcllo^n; (born before 
IkAmTirlj of AmrHcfl) living in finftlAnd vtnn than lifty ^-tttrf Wfor^ tho 

IV Kollo^ bclJcTCTS in ihc ili«orv of Wd»h de»eent do not lank for a pic^ 
tnivifUi l«g«3]'1 upuTi uliich to twHT Ilif-JF fnSlii. It in Aiiil tliAt "in ifiHi>nt limes 
iftcra mrrf^ rtonn at hh, ibav wm « fonoiiJiiuf tAki'ii Troiii ihf K<.-t-l at a >tr«ckvil 
nvri aff tt? c<kA^ of Wftl««, H« epoke a lan^Qflfi^ tho ^ cJfth jj^oplc ilid not un- 
iVntifid. ]jui Uit?y lirvuglil dini up mid tuiTiin) him 'Kiv'IIdxk' fmri th(» Hitiiation 
kc ni JD when rcttcocd/' Curinuply cnonjch th<jfc i« an old Dutch or Flcmioli 
tarn, Kniwiphe. vY.^h pignttl^ii ilu^ e\* in Ihe kwd of a boat- In iIjU cobqoc> 
1m,flr uninmt DtitcK archivi-tt, Mdhp. M. G^ WiUman. oonndrTx thnt KqIIo^ 
kifntebl_v ik^viMraliTd front KcynouitlKf, aa iwcicnt FlcrmiHh Tamily vhoACOoat 
■flBu in 13iU diovs a mmter aa part of its armorial bf^riii^ Id fill Celtic 
iMfOfv* C U praDonneiMl bard ad K. In Waica, u roootcr u cnlJc^ Ccil)^)^ or 
CoZloi^, i. r, Kcilflg, whidi rnmi« to n^miirkuMT nnnr tlii< prnvnl toTind of Ibo 
UQf tUl ODC of ni> ti|}u€d ii>mtfpondai1« wrote Jue bouu- tkne bUu% "that the 
lUk^ art- Uodv of thty Walk in trdJ«f/' 


&VC3L Connty^ tho cnrltcKt hoI»1^ of the K('II»;;^':^ ic fer Of at pnwnt tracccl. 
ktrr^iD 9iavof the Knglifth ftmntins Aid il* [lOHiliun in the itfii]1ht*nitti.'rD cornnr 
did ib nuAroctfti to London hare given it no fflnall promin^c^ in tbe ^ocral hi»' 

Itsnirface la gonerQlly of a g;pntly nmhilflUn^ rhanu-trr, nnrl, nfti^r iq^ of 
odbnCicn, it rtill hi^ldti iu unciint r«pQtiition for rcriUity.' 

Emm wa* rich in it* i&onjuttic foundntiona, and vaa a atorm center for tli« 
TcSpff4» •ctivity of tl^^ PariUns Tfinny of whom cn^i^mtcd frooi within ita boi^ 
te to li<' aljorri of the newt t und broa^L-r Enjrland- 

C*icheBt*r, Panbtiry, HalflMTl. Straifont mid WHJuTKWd an? K^tt*! Iowdk 
Hut Mmca vere limiAplantcd by ^how coloni«t« to their New B^t^land homes. 

Iht Koltopj!*, tbcTi>fore. aiv firtt found in good Puritan durroundingn. 
I^ddn, tfhrra tli^ n*i-nnl« Wml hIkiw tlit? [ihuu', Vit-a dbtiuL f»rty milm rnrtli of 
Mvp, 4^t«ca Qiilce «>flth <if Carabridgt', nnd thnv milon caft of Newport, ib* 
WK(*I rvitvray KUtfon. Saffron Wali^^n Sk uhout fonr miic« from Debdon, and 
lluidru i» abwit thr tmtnc difitmice from r.itht^r Dcbdi^n or Biahop'a Stortford. 

R; rrfi^rrin^ to the copy oj an old ^nahtoimth tcmtury map {fct* in*»Tt), it 
^kwrc tJut it U tmt a aliOTt dIpUanri' fn^in rVTiJtm nrd vicinity to Rocking 
^^i Un^h* mvl Rmmtrwi; m fud. a n«!iuti of Irtft timn UuHy imlt« woulj in* 
M»kJJ of tha «arty E^^t hi>itic-A nf tbi' KHIo^^j^ luid it ntmM not HV'm improlv 
•Ub tiM( Oipy vprv all of the aamo family. 

Ii Mm i-ay Stib»idr U<4urn» ft>r Dcbden ir the Hundred of tTtUfaforcl, 
l^siftt Emj^v. SH Jannnry, 1.^2.\** Nidud^ta Ki'lb));. I'f DdnUsj, Im tnxisl on 
ftnubb* TflltiKl at 1C< fhillin^', and WilliiLm Kclbs: on tnorablct valued at 60 
<Uin|*- isin, Xirhoh- Kclbogsa waa taxod on bin goor1s> ^h. 8d. : March, 

nn. 24 M^r, 1403. 
'^[Wvt« #jv fni ivlntEly wll* f«i iMi Hririli. giving nAtnvt, b«tvi>«iii UkC do*t of th« 

tH&, Nicbdu K^U^xifge gave V&b. a^ betwvoletive; AprJU 1347, NycboUn 
on IjuuU vnltinJ tt 40b^ 


Debdru, ui vUich we fiiiil ihtfaeour vftrlttst KeUogpi, mutU. have beefi a bcftQ< 
tifal spot, jud^tij; from iu dt^^^nption in an *>\d hulory of Ei»ev Countj^* 
llM on the irwt «i<]>^ ijf Winfiitli, and U ixHiii'tnl oti llw* «i>utiiwi«t hr Widdinj 
Aiid Ncw[>ort; upon Ibe uorth by WaJdiffi. from vhicti town it is about four mj 
dktent; it it nboat Shroc mik< widu And about four uuI^mi long. "U U lUli 
from ite AitvaltoQ, from (he tiro Sai^jo vorda iMtp> N^ifyin^ doq>> Ai>d 
vuUpv; a iTTvat part of it ^jing vvry kiv; B'>!n^ilhstA!uii>ig which it ie eo 
ably iDFf'npirrwd witb r^ii;; f^ondii n* tu ttm^U'T tI h leJT plmsfiiit and lueall 
ntuatioD; th« inbsbitflnU arc fiUp|>orl«d Uy hu«b*Bdry and fpiEiniiii:/^ 

"Th« Minor of Depden Hall liatfa nn «L?gant t&d coicmodiODe maaaion^ 
lilll^f way luirtli of Utr nhurdi, about luiduay <if » pn4Ly lugehil): upon iu tfod^ 
cidc iicM tho viLlaj^ of Dt^pdcii brrtwMni vhich atid the- tii>iuic i« a «cid]L i^nrc 
Biat^ly trws. fn ihp fTi>Til i^ a Htu^ \tkx^- nf wuIat anjl n flpli^crul vi^^w of 
country ; on the otbvr 0td«d arv a tanety of pros;>ei:td. ptanulioiuc {^rdmu, 
vhtch «oiiK]Hro to ftdd to tbv beauty of tW Mtualioa. Tbu t^burch «tasda 
quarter of a mik* from tltc- vitlajfr nptm thi' drdivity of a hiU which aff< 
l^eoauiK ptvtipiHi ; both cbarch aad obaucel arv |:4rtly of hrtck azvl portly 
«twM. k«d«L Th« foniM-r hath iwo apl». (fie latltrr of om* pttcv only. This 
cfatircb «M bbitt <athcdral wu« with IW Uiwirr in thi' middtr; b«Jt which by 
le&^h of time bving dt^af^d fdl down aiMl dctnoliAhod a great part of the duuwri 
which }iaUi tn^i rvpaiml; but thi? l»v<-r LatL aoL U^^ Miuilu" ThiH maniu- 
wia weiuA bj Kiii£ ilvnry II in 1155 ; aae gtati1«<t by bun to ha aw, Kir? JohEi. 
throng vboDi it wai j(mDf4Hl tu ttv ICarl of Khwi. It v^mr \mck to the Cj 
a9 part of Ih* dowii- of Mar>- Itohnu. ^itv of llcory I\', and retuaioed ita 
ortythroufftjthereipiBof Honrj^ V, Hwiry VI. Edward IV aod H«m' VIII, wl 
granti^d it la hin favuritr L^irO Audley. 


Qrvmt l^i>.di# l> nn-c of two cotitiitumr* |)ciri»Jw>7( about term ntl W north noi 
Mtt of Chd»vford. Iivi* milra contb of BraiDlrt^. and abo«t thirty-fiw mitw 
London' ThiT name ls fruaii (bt- 8axoo word [ra\ l^vc nr l^iioh, a pa;8tvw or 
UlUsd groUBd, a condition iu which it trndouhttdlr wa» when firbt named, 
lhknc«Uy Book, X. 0. UiSb. ii i« wrtiten Ix^ or Ugra. and. in old i^cdi, 
Jii^w and U-i<». Tbc- crtHi^ in DoiL>cgdoy of hem at>d f«<)rra nrr noi dislj 
from vhfdi it may he Utf^-rroH lliat thn pari^hoa wi^rv nal ^panted. Omit 
eodtab» about two Ihouvaod acrvK Titers w tariHivii of 9o4L in thi» dj 
with n vvry coniidcrabk portion nf waj^tc ground. Ttt ownvn of Umw 
Mq)« in th^ Saxon tinn-i wrp tjlHir. Anaipr or Ecgar, Scttlptn, Oodric and 
snd at ih^ tim- nf Ihi^ Gnivral Surnt)- they bdoo^ la Hado Dapifer, Godf^ 
UaodcriUe, asd Kodo. Biabofi of Baylut. 

•!r«w aad Cevp&H» BUta*T af 

tttm tht KatliArt Xm* dowa to IT6t. 

Tiu Kklumms ty tbis Old Wonto. ft 

The fihortb, by ib icrm tani zutcruJs appnkre u old at Utc Saxod era ; it 

ktt* a roond tover of flint Mid tionvt^ at tii& WL^et md, abort vfaioh ham a IaU 

vtagrai ^n-plr. oonUimiiK f'T« belU 'flir <loar at t)u> wi«l afii3 lia* r TiamlaEoimc 

icmi^nnilar nmh, vith diCTron [nf>alc1>n]E:i^ I'bo duDCcJ flceiaB to have bc<cD 

UJL itncc Ibic body and navo, astl th*.* «^1U of tho wholo btiildiop oro of gtv^t 

fld^knca^ but «i«k in a()j>raTatiL.v. and arr >upp()rt<<J by moruiti: buitrcwi.iL Tlic 


IV pamh fif IlniinlTvr, on the Hivrr Sionr, tn thn Cnnnty of Eawx, Bng- 
khH, not of Ihe f«rtv finr?ii<« of the KHfo^^^. U aTtout forty Biik« north^odt from 
Uidan, firtivn rmin rciL-':ii-hliT. wilb vhicli jilatri- it ia ct)r]i](<i'UM by tbi^ old 
RittttfcAd (biuJl in cho Ufth cfntur>' of the ChrigtiAii on} from St Albans to 
(llJrWitfr. rh(>lniafor<l. whrn? Bev. Thomas HooVet, Ute fini ininiftttr of Ifart- 
fvd^Onia., wa' amMant mini«tcT unhl ^lilmcnl for nortonfomnty. is about 
»knQBcloiftoatfa, vMio Bockii^,4hohoim'of Ror^rnl nf Ihn titvt t^ttlinof tlart- 
ifolvT^ OH the ^rUli ill nliicb Rev. NAUiatik'l Ito^iLTK ihv fmi m'uiit^Xer of 
Iffiidii HaMt. v«« an«tf4Ant mimntrf, i» wparatcd rmm BmiiiLrc<f' by tho iridtli 
nfiitrM Tlir fnlbivin^ ilmi^HpHnn nf BmiTiinM' w tnken from a hiittoij of 
I^MI piblub^d tn rhHnufurd. 1769 ; 'The oan<<- of tlits place in aDci'?nt roc- 
aril ii vvrioiulr vhttoB, oi Blonktlr**, Hranck^rrpuv Hmiik'-trip, BratQErvo, ote, 
At til* time (if Ihr GrniTiik 8Tirvi*y, it vai^ dli^tingUL^hri) by thf aAin>?« !tnim« and 
BrndoL^ifw : iJi^ ftni of viliich ia mado up of Uic Saxoo word Itot vhidi Hjrriificft 
I linr the Ulfrr h* «rfojic«i^l of th* Olrl Knf^li^ti word Wik ulik-li tiffniUm n 
MnipoQad AJid ih^ wtml irv, a ttivii, IbaL If? a li>»a upon a biU* which dr^riva- 
tei ipcD Tdl vith lU *ula«Uoi^ it bvioj- U>tuidc<^l on oooh aid« by a river auii en 
M^fRnnd. In nnn--49dhy Bonk, all tbnl tnir<f. of j^roimd of whieh thli^ parish 
odtbtnoT callcfl Haineo, wereenlcrod iintlcr the raracof Raincv, bnt about thr 
"i^irif n^nry fll ihii town iraa niade a diitinct parii^b artd (^alhd tiruat Hutnr 
^dMioKUuii il from sooUi^r, whirS fnim timi linLr trirk the nnme of T/iUtr 
Ik^; ubd HtBiLktrco «&b thee etyled Uamlt^txiira <1(^ iCoiDce, till, in proopi« of 
t"^t rtr'in^ |in*t and ii niiirki4 buin^ kept tJicre, lhi> namo of the whole in- 
nt^U ttoir iDto BraintiTir- It i» a irrcat thoroii;;hfnrr frvMn Ijoodon into Buf- 
Uttit Xorfolk, Bnry and Snitbory rtsp*» <^njifhr'i paaii daily through it- Th* 
ftlttifii] maiiuhuJtiTi' in lung Iaia.* rliiT^Hj e.^jmrLrd Co S}»»iii ami PorLugul and 
^Ul«CTiilar0 many handA. ili^re la a markot ^rcry Wcdncjulriy wdl mppUfil 
^*ll Hmk of wofwariw end at whi(*h gfffll (jaantiHM of mm, malt, hops. 
^" ■ ->)d bj nampk-. TIil- buildin;^B an- mofllly old ain3 of UmbcT; but som^ 
irore^l uf lat*? i>y a few ncrw ono* of brick and plnri^r. 
tW fiamh of Bmiritree J6 n^H v»'ry InT^i-; the *oil \h various; a ftiir liops 
n'*fTJit, ia u; iiif Hi^r Stoiir waters tbi* parinii over which arr thro* bri^k 

oD*an till* road Ia WitPiam; anoth<<r on t3io rond to rhi*lfn*fon!, and a 
" thiiiD^ov, allof vhicharcitipportodAt therxpeHK^'of tbi?i parish" 
'^n^ «xtractii fT<?m re^9lt>rA of Kfisei parinho^ art> )iirieru>d fur th« 

1 ijjirtf lur i-ini-rali(3ii nf tbt- Ki^Unj^N liopinj^ ili^t tlwy will be of iHTrrirc 
i«lQrr invrdtttruer of the Kn$:h*h brao^di: 

'^ Auftminiujt KrllboKf. nntujt 1^ Ort. 

y..,,., L „,,.,_ .,..,,. T Un^ It Mav. 

Tiic KnLtoooB IX rns Oui Voftu». 








Rmnciu K«llhogg, caIqi 1 J>(t- 

Uvoritfiu Kftllbc^ »cpulti3« 33 Jao. 

VTilhin Rffvrr, w>mnl of Rnbrrti KHlIuqcK- ^p«)tiiB £0 Jnljr, 

N»ImI« EffUboeg^ sepoltm 30 Aup 

MaH« Kdlbogg, nstiu 30 Oet 

iiobtDfl KtUho^, natuE 17 Jab, 

JohaoaU Kellbofc;;, nmtu> 10 OH. 

llqcirtcTY froBi 1^64-70^ iixhwrc^ lUecible. 

Themis KcUhogSv iMte« 1& J^lr. 

IUibilp1ni> KvllW,c^% wpuhuA ?l -Vuue. 

Kelibo^ uxor JoliAaisim M-pultn? 22 <)iiIt. 

FlofCBtiii ^llbogg, sppnlm^ » N'ov. 

Joliannt* Kdtbogxuu] AlkU Cowanl. niairk^ 17 Hit. (Napti,) 

Lctticift Kellhogg fili* Jnc«4iai» itftlm 5 Apr. 

IVraaby Keliliogg, natiu Vi Tth 

Alicia Kt'llbo^. viilutt «i.<fTc1CQ* 2)4 Oc^l. 
DorlhcA KcUhoj:^ bnp. 30 Apr. 
Uari«* KilUiogp. sepuJtiifl 9 (M. 
RIiE«lH<th Ki*lthoj-j^, wpulliuS Ft>tx 
JnctJiv* KcUho£^» nrpa lt(» H 8«pt. 

Pndmtia aitd Aujpt»tiriiiT?i KHIUxif;;^ Hr|mltiu 14 lUr. 
Aortiii KcUbofX, tkefmlt(i0 16 No%-. 

EttHK-U from Begtffterfi of Man&ilifn. 15.11-17.10. 

Ann. dan. of Ralph, bftp. 29 Jnlr. 

Mai7, dau, of RHipb Krilog, tap. Id JqIj^. 

JoUn, eon of B«lph Keilo^. bap. 20 Uar. 

Gnu» (?), dAu. of lUlph Ki4[ojr, hup. 11 flvt^ 

TUIpli, flam of Ralph Kethi^p bap. H Jiilr, 

Wiltutn Sp<n&il aiiJ Mary KvU^'. m. W Junt*. 

ilphii Krlln^ JUtJ .\iintH Hnj, rn, 2fi Nor. 

John, eoD of John and Art&i^ Kcllo^, bap, ?t Not. 

John K«lk]g.*« ImrM T4 D«c- 

Joiu» But! Kiid Mftry Krllogf, vidov, m. M Sur. 

KAlph Kell<H-k*** sad Anna Thurp>pd, m. U Oct. 

*U*r7 HVtti |o bf] AD rrror, k> irr bsrr bui>c of Joh« K«lk0'* wif' k* .Vauv f Amtttfl 
oai A0>B ■«»■ Atta) uid U vill ol Joka KilVw^ vl .MaWrt^yrv i«fc>wnl wbp •! 
UUBMI. va And IftUwrlitUv Jncai* IhiU vVA nwtUr 4vi« BulL WUl prvird la 
P. C C« «4 on., 1«M wu <bilw1 ie Uar^ 16M, R» ttu htofaahlr tun j»f Jufcn tnd Asnt., 
vbA v>« ^jk. 31 Nov.. ICiM. 

*'rti'rov*liw CaoTt r>t fabtrrinnr, rrobalu Art BocA.. 1611^1. |l IS^r MaibUl/V' 
Hon « alAU »f J«4n KtlliiflS> btc o/ 3I«0Bden. diiMiuL ||»tllrd l# ApiM tUIkcp hi* 
%llr. At SUirtiont 1 Jttl;, 16^. 

■**Iki ifa« OrmttonuT Ciknt of L«»doi, Cm« abJ lUrt4L n*«iiltf FWi. lolU I08t 
WUl of Artaar Kclk^, oT Cliwt pAn4«« &vx Jft^ul trn »lln frwn M^uBiiHih April 
1»» IC«*. cir» to -<Ra)pb Kvlka vt Mtinrf-at uU> W 6*^ *hi|itw. tif ThcmiAA. K4»«H, 
Bkhiir^. ftjtlpb and !<«MiBm." ^*rul«U> fnntvd. J SffiU t<67. K« K«lkf^ vr* vm- 
liunM tn il« BugiiiMm «f Great IMradnu 

Tbm EkLUWOS DT the Ou> WOBUk 7 


1C44. BA^EeUogg'BirifewubQriBdtS Jul 
IWL Ji^ Kdkfig wu buried 14 June. 

Extncb fn>m the Vm^ It^iBter of Bnintree, Ewkl Th« Bcguter com* 
iQBKCt in 1660; the etrlier rolnme ia lost 

U Bw^ 1669. Nath&niel, aaa of Nathaniel Kallogg. 
n Jme, 1670. Elinbeth, daiL of Nathaniel Eelhogg. 
M Dec, 1671. Kat^umiel, «on of Nathaniel Kelhogg. 
1 KoT^ 1676. Henry, aon of Uaitin Kellog. 
aOec, 1678. ELiaabeth, dan. of Martin and Elizabeth Kellogg. 
14 Jrae, 1680. Elisabeth, dati. of Uartin and Elitabetb Kellogg. 
VlToT^ 1682. lidea, Sarah, EliE&beth and Bachel^ children of Nathaniel and 

Iddea Celog, bap. 
^Vn., 1682. Uar^ eon of Martin and Elizabeth Kellogg. 
tt Jidj, 1684. Joaepb, aon of Martin and EUtabeth Callog. 
'^ Apr,, 1690. H*Tinj>i^ dan. of Nathaniel and Lydea Keelogg. 
^ hK, 1692-93. Martika, dan. of Nathaniel and lidea Cellogg. 
^0 S^L, 1704. Nathaniel, eon of Nathaniel and Mary Kellogg. 
^ ^lUr., 1728-23. Nathaniel, aon of Nathaniel Kellogg. 
^ KoT., 1784. Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel and Anne Kellogg. 
^ ^Hl« 1787-2& Anne, dan. of Nathaniel Kellc^. 
^ Peb., 1749-50, Anne, dan. of Natbamel and Anne Kelhogg, b. on preriona 5 

* Septj 1751. Nathaniel^ son of Nathaniel and Anne Kellogg, b. on the prcTious 
3 Aug. 

"^ -^pr., 1691. Lambard Lavey, bachelor, to ElizaU^th Kellog, epinster, both of 
■^^ Peb., 1711-12. Nathaniel Kellog, bachelor, to Sarah Currington, both of 
^ t>ec.j 1718. Mary Kellog, spinster, of Braintree, to William Wood, bachelor, 
of Hatfield. 

^^ Oet, 1661, Anne, dau. of John Kellog, of Black Notley.* 
^^ Jan., 1666-G7, Robert Kelluck. 
y^ Aug., 1671. Martin Kellodge, tbe elder. 
" Sept, 1679. Elizabeth, dan. of Martin Kellog. 

Oct, 1680. Henry, son of Martin Kellog, weaver. 
'^ Jan., 1682-83. Rachel, dau. of Nathaniel Collog, 
^^ Jan., 1685-86, Martin Collogg, "an honest man.'' 
^^ Apr., 1686. A Btill-bom child of Widow Callog. 
^ Mat., 1686-87. Elizabeth, child of Widow Kellog. 
^S Mar., 1690 (probably 1691). Hannah, dan. of Nathaniel Kellog. 
^ May, 1693. The child of Nathaniel Kellogg, weaver. 

*Bbdc Notley adjoins Braintree. 

8 TuK Kellooqs in the Ou> World. 

^ti V\K 1?01-02. Tho wife of Nathaniel Kellog, weaver. 
■* M*r., 1701-03. Nathaniel KcUog, weaver. 
1? S4^|>t., 1705, Martin Ketlog, Junior, weaver 

17 Apr.. 170G. Mart\ wife of "Nathaniel Kellog, weftver. 

18 ,1unc, 1731, Nathaniel Kellog, Senior. 
Id Ua>\ 17^3. John Kello^. 

:tO Mar,. 1738, .loM^ph Kollog. 

*J5 l>v., K3S. Anne. dan. of Nathaniel Kellog- 

:U Au^.« 1739. Anno, wife of Nathaniel KelJog, Janior. 

U IXv.. 1704, Nathaniel Eellojr. 

19 Nov., 1743. Nathaniel Keluok, 
17 Feb., 174:-48. Rachel KtUook, 
1ft IXv.. 1748, Anne Kellog. 

19 i\^., 1750. Nathaniel KeUoek. 


NICHOLAS. the dr^t Kellog who^e naroe i£ found in the public records of 
Kn^tand, v^if bcm aU>at 14^, af i^ ^itvn in hi^ depo^tion in IM^: (page 10) i 
m. FU>n>iuv H«U. dan. of William Hall, of Debden. Efeex Co-^ England. 

Ho wa* buhrtl in rvUien. 17 Mav, 15^S- 

Sho wa* buried ihtrv, ;> Nov_. 1^71. 

Whotv he t^aiue frvtt3. i^r if hi& &nv\^;or& had lived for manv gi^aeradooi in 
b^isv\ Cev, ii? T^*( k:iewr.. He »»* ic iVi^en, and v^^ a wintese to ihe will of 
William Hall* ^wK^w d^u^t^r he TEiarried*, 4 (Vi« 1515^ 

1?, 1.^3>'^ he a^^l \V;:;Uc: Ki«^*^ n^ taiec in the ««rl:ee; Sofeidr Betnms 
for l\\N:eK i^*"- >o*^:id- Fion ihi? ti^t- u:i:ii hi> deith in 15^55, his name ^k 
cy^rf SI var..-'.:* ;;r.» ;7, iz< thj. zv"f^ Tzi naizof of a^ of ils ^aildttn are not 
trv»v. a* he r^x ^\<iL'r.rjL -.y^^^ i" '^* wil', arLi zh^e lar-IieK eniries in the 
iiar.^'-, TiL^i^er *t^ v.: rrx >^ar ^-: >,:» d^ii:li. The Uari.^ha: C«:r^ fietU indiicate 
:h*z r.f hi.-, a: ".^4^5 :*.* ?o::^, \V;"^.i^ i::^ Thc:::^*. Frv^: lo* frtca^er of the 

K^I'.'-Y* ^1^ "-'-*K iV'i z'z-: i::Tzi.LT:-j :i c"--'^^- ^a=l^ of Se-Uvj^yt t= sdi^ibar- 

7"^:- ,v:s.>:r: :z VT-.-ftrT; ■>.'£■-. WiV_u^ Hall :x* zL-i xc. t^ pv*: pa^soB 
,vr N.:holij N:L",^:^ r.^l^ Tif TTioi*! >^ :Iv w.V-f :t 'X -l';^^ i^ Ahh."»f KfLjoc; mnd 

tdi^ ^ ^ir hfi^ :-hni *^.- — ^»m 1 i^s ?/ -^mx ^uTl il After IM im— w «< 

Tiix KicMjootw lit niF Ou> World. 


WiLUAu, oHortMiub. ;>n, Alice He wu buried in S^Jfron 

3 Fi-ti., 1S7A Sli^ vw burirf 2^. Oct, 15^7. He ow»od n ffirm to 
10 Waltfcn uJW "Tbe Roowr," In die Manonftl Court of DtWcn, 12 M»y, 
157<^. "It VTV pnvrnLod thiit Willbm IJiill. tniuij jvftrit sgo, fiurr^nclcTod to tbc 
Qui^^ li^ tl>i' liARdfe of 'Htoiuri^ BuHvy, n teimnt, In tlie piVfioiRv af Join BidCoa 
uid Joiui Salmon, a tiuieracrtt calkxl Cocbttf, otherwiEKr Ilubbtrdtf, a« appcttrcd by 
the rcKxl ftf lh*roan for 7 Umry VIIl (iX. D. I5IR), to th-^ us*»of FJorpnce, ht« 
JAi^hter, ttui Wiliiaci Ki^lkr;:^*^ nuil Uit- litrint uf Ute niiiiie Willidm wbitU «aiDiT 
WUliom Ift kinjonan iind atat hrir of Use mid Wtllum llnlU dt^c'puf'Ct!, vk. : po& of 
PlnmontfoniwTly iTnngfatH-of said Willjjim HhI! — Willinm K^^ltoggin a^mittwl.*' 

Hu vilL datod ^0 Apr.. 1578, pravt-n in Lhu ATritdtAConrr of Colclic«t«r» 16 
Hav, 1578, mcatioTU hit iritnj AUei\ nnd (OUt John, nnd ttin'<T childrm of hit md 
Jofati, rix.: Tbovna^ Uary and JoUr. ITi^ tiKjTJi^lljr^l a »iinHll kufti to his *on and 
hi^ irrandchtldiYfi, and Iht- n»i of tliv itiUt^ to liia wifi^ for htr life and after to 
"Jufan. tlif BDn of tliB abovi- uid John my »on nnd tn thp heirt at Om Mid Jobn, 
■QCi of tl>v Mid Jolin mj KJii. forever." Phillip Dixd, gcntleniaii, wac one of the 

' r will v«ft dnltil 3<1 Mnr, IflRft, TIjp Nnru* |>rrHin* wi-n* namnl in Ii«t 
will aa in hia. AfttT aaiall beque«la to lbi> oth'-'r*. aht bijqurathed &1[ her landa, 
t«ikt>m<'DU, oU<., to John Kdbp^f. thi> ton of hor vin John tind *'to thi' b<itea of bia 
bodyr JATfullyp io br hrp^ton and for dcfniilU- i>f iwiiw of the bndyi* of the wild 
John Invrfull^ tO be bojijotli^ii then to n>main £: Co bo vntu Thomas K«IJr^ggc one 
irthiT '*f ibp conora of tbo «iid John Krlloggi' mv tonrit & to the hoiri?* of hi* 
bodye Uvfalire to he bcigottcn and toe from oiu; somic to another son oF th« bodic 
of tbo eaid John Kelloj^go my *onoo lawfuUw to be begotten lyneallye d^ftceud- 
inge Ihi- niir mcTi-Bivi'If^p fnllnwir^i- (hi* Dlbrr during n:v hmg nn ativr stimi W in 

At the Manorial Court ha Ih^cn. » Oct., i5£*4, it wai ]^ri«cnt«d that, "unco 
thr lart Co«rt John Rdlo^T hnd mrntitlrncd by tlir handx of l^dniund Wrijfht, 
In tli« proMttCC oS TKomaa Sotbio and Henry Hammond, m^do^^ land called 
ltttahni«iid« fjiiV So Ljrtoc Kitld: laud in Sliortgrave FSeld and a t«MiMii*nt 
<«nt-il Cocbw othenri><c Ilnbbcrds tothc il-h* dr,. of Itolx^ Orrmn ard hip hrirfl." 

fTbifl trae part of ihe property which was Ftirrcndcnvd by William JUU to 
hiv daUjhltT, ykirrihy KiHogg.) 

ToflkiLia. probably younger <on, b. 


; rvaided in Debden. 

At ihi* Manorial Courl of I>i*bt|pii in 1.^71, ht< «(irrt<c^1^1 hl^ mother (n pciaaea- 
aioo of the tcnt'itK-nt and hnd <«llod MoT;dt» aa appctirv in the Mnroriat Conii 
T«e0f4 *« fflUoWB: ''n'herAis Flomira EolJogg*?, widov, Ut^ vhte of Nicholas K«)- 
lofEgu^ decvtia«t, l«-ld /or Itnu of h»T Ufr, n L^ushuiiary U-nvuifjil with a houMt? 
tbw«B and 10 arrcf^ of rortomary Innd fnnncriy called WVbbn nnd nov ritllcd 
Mimdr* with a pigbt^l planted with 09if<m eio-, ripvc-rcirm thpTnf nfli>r brr dr^sith to 
Thititiu Kdlo]^ and hia hoirs aa app(-aT» by thi^ rool of 5 Hdward V] (A. D. 
IJiSl), Kowcomof thc4aid 'Hicmav anrl pruy* to b« admittod m r^v^rtion and ho 

k » admitird,** Aikd nt a like Courl. 12 Uay, ISAft. ho HrrTvnd^rvd b) William 

Mkigf tvo aurett of Wyinondo. 

)rj for Ki'llo^ data thrrv hat» Wn brtyug^t to U^t in the Court of 

B"''-^ . „.: of uquiiy for poor pcrwctfjujj in lymdoo, u unit uicainAt cur Nicb- 

^' .. wUcb ia intcreh1in}> from the picture it pret^nU of the cuatcana of 


TitK Kklumhm is Ttu Om Woiui. 

tbe p«fi<Hl ftod ihair» the Unt KcUo^ v< Imtr rrcoid of in n aol nnfaToralile 
li^bt In the thirty-dgfatli r«*r of the ni^ of Henry VIll ( 1$4S}, Ttumu 
Colflln, or ColeiDAD, <«vip)a]m that Nkliolu Kl^Iosej;:, Bobert Write and WLIILam 
GftrdiacT, witbont cHbrr rirht, or color of tiUo. vith iorw uid «rai«, frotor«d tbf 
church hoaee in D^bdoti* vhich ho hnd occupied for twenty v«an, aftd exp«lM 
turn thvn^from, ant) took certimi gftudit hdiI i-lut!rlii la the ttlict- uf CfOp aittl iroold 
not lUov bim to occtipj tli4 wd mrmtiigr, nor dcliTcr fo him th« uid goods sad 
chfttl^Jfl '^ ttw ntttf imporerlfllment of raid compkinuit fortrar, n^Ms jour 
TTi^bncw mored witJi pU^r nuke lBOln(^ oidiir henan.'* H« prayn proooft of PriTjr 
Soil Ajcninot «iud K^lloifQCf Write iittd GardiRGT» u "roar ontfir u a very poor nuiOt 
and not of 'hiiU^ylfte' to pursue anj suit against theni^ ooomiandjiig tiien to ftp- 
pMT in your Oncc'A WliythaU at WcsttmiDitcT, there to make aninrer to the 

This ift on« side of the case. In their aoitwer, tl»e fl^tfendanU aaj that the 
ittiA bill of complaint is '*Dio«t notroLy fajncd mul inkogincd by the cocnpLeyttauit 
l>y MD)st<rr ajrd^ and iDatntensiKV of ecrt&m persona" wherraf defcodaots pny to 
luivi- tv.ruL'cIy uud advtml4(f;vi, Tltut Ihi^ uiauuufjt iiusiliouLf) in t)K- bill is tbe 
propcirty of Ibf; church, and that they, as cliureh wardens, did demise and lease 1 
Jnne, M Henry VIH (154A) for a&tea yenr^ m farm the said nn««raa^ to the 
anid Nicholas Rdkc;, to hold frocn the feast of St Michael the Arehaii^il. Ih^ti 
foUovinfc. Thiry deny that thoy tool: any of ihe complainiLnt'e goods acd ch^ttt^U 
and sey thAl the raid Nirholaa Kellof>g. at tliie time of his enlry, foond direre 
goods of tJtiit coiBptainaat^ vbcrtof ^d KcllofCK ''in th« presence of direni of his 
homwt iwighbors cnutcd nn inventory to 1w tnadf," anil that tb(» said 't>mpUinAnt 
might, and luay take aod liave them without inttnrruptLcm of eaid def^mdant^ 
4?i(|ier of UiKfrn. 

And, a» a wHnmt' thiiJ Ihry 1n1i3 1hii trnth, Thonrna N^utlftVp, parvnn of 
panih church, in hia depceiUon. quaintly sara: "Fora^mUcfaL^ aa it ie a dede oi 
dlirite to tvfttifyc the trinitb in n?atti.-rt of variance* whorub>^ all dow^htw nod 
Ambyguytui Ok rrytlirr luoy W ivniovvod ^nd the fight trovth more plajnij 
mty npero and be knowtsn. I 'X^homo^ N uttakc paraon of iht pamh churdw ol 
Depden * • • rwle h cvrrtm cofij in wrytJn^ of the ordro or dnrrv madn in 
tho Rin/s honnrnbtc Curt of hu Whithall the Last Trinlte term in his 
yon of hifi moft grncioius rvigne which vas ujiaai a Sundaye immodiately after h] 
masse wTi(-n*flj> I ilyd cnlle 'Ayt1\7Li;i lisrclyniT ntiil Xt^-IkiUh Krlloggr U> hi<m 
said wrytinff roddc. • • • Aq^] the »aid partya anevoryd thay vould del; 
theaayd goods and the tirysdave ue^it itfter th<.7 d<<sired me to go With them and to 
meet ntd Colemun and to ddivrr mid giKMljs and Uiat day void Colemnn did 
come whilo I was there.'' 

And to complelely denoliafi Colman'a thw v? hjvu the tMtiinooy of our Vint 
EeUogg--''Xri die Kovemhria Anno •& Ednri VE (A. D. 1(46), Nicbt^os 
hog« of th^ ag9 of -^ {Xhx<^ ftyor^} Milh upon hiP otho th^t ho iras ready at 
iHiiiiyinj; 'it CvU-taii uiid would huiv fh-Uicrr-nl IIh' ^hhU di'innndcd but he tvwili 
giA no ranim.- to |mt t^it^ia nolvrithntundyrt;; tli<it he rvr[urri;d thi^ parMo thcr t'l 
have hnd a rowme to ptit tlw gnodni l^tit ^e pareoD ftayd that he was a beey ( mie* 
c^Kief omker) he shnld hare ooo hooae ther** 


ftmXTI'PE KELLOOti,' proUWv aon of Thomas flad grandflon of Xich- 

oUa, fir r>rbilua. ttBn th(* find of Ibp niim<-<, in En^Undr frwit whom the Kidlogjpi 

<if tlv? N\-v Worid cac, with GCTtAinty» Imcc their dcKcnt. He ftrrt nppcars in 

Bncking> Euex. a pariah a<ljoimng BraUtrofi, 15 Sept, US3, vh«ii his soo, 

TbotDAA, waa baptoc^ Twn j^mn liiUrr h« wax fouDd id Qrcal Lajcb!^ where lib 

Mm, KoboTt, vas ImptiMd in l&d^. IMi tli« record of baptiam of all of his chij- 

dr>'n lta« t^oi U^n found, b «hcvrk tj U;4« rK-onl of the burUI of hla dau^lt^r, 

Acnii, in Urwit Lcdgha. 86 Mnv, Iftl 1, 'EV r»«irf«ra of Urciit IjciKhs «xtcnd to 

1&6S. Tho nicord of the baptism of Robort i£ the firat tim« th&t the muiw of K«l- 

ki^jt appears iu th« n^blerv of thai imrislt. Thnns ih » tiuwjii^ link la (he cbaui 

of docosicntiiTy cvidcDOC connnrtiox the fAmilJca of Boddn^« Ureal Lctj^hv ucd 

&Mim. A ckwe ctadj of aJl the i^cordf> together with the tn>nd of ptnigratioii 

tn^in DtUctt to Uanuden, Thut«d. Bockiof:, Onat Ld^hv and Br&mtnv (in atl 

nf vkidi pftHnhoi tho prLneipnl occupation voa ipmniog and w<uving) in coniuo- 

tm vith tbe airuuwfV* in Grv^t LeigliA vith pen^ona of tiie ssine uarucs as in 

IMidcit, coBTtncca rw iliat the Uijl' of df ho^tbI from Xicholas la u given above. A 

mitkof tbi- Court Rolls of Orc^t IjHghs fsiM to rcvful ^o name of Rcllc^. 

Vofooordof h^ dt^th hw bwn fi>iiiid, Atid na Uwri>eord« ofOroat IjfiighA arv 

fulL it ia prDbablr that h^ iJiJ not Uil' tlieiv. Tie tiijty hn^e rtmi. lo Brmin- 

■d4 had other childn'rs, but the rcoord^ oT Briiintr^^L^ vxttiul no further than 

K'Qtiii] the ■urlii>«l knonn dati* of ii KHIog^ in [lrnintr^-i< was in 1A33, whon 

VtTI nacotionrd PlilUppo'e soo. Robert, in hi* will. 

-M'fttoMis" hap. ol Booking. EMex,U8<pUlSS3;uL (1) Annie IlAre: (8) 
iVidow 'hibilU Hilbv. 

> Aixi^ (no rro>rd of laptinia hnB bocn found), "Annif^, dflttghtrrr of PbU- 
Uppe Kello;;^'' burii^d in Orott Ixigh£, i$ Ma.v, 1^11> 

< laiOT.* Up. in <Sn«l l^rii-W. 14 Not,. Uir^T,. In rbf> will nf Mo:«^ Wol). 
of Hmintrcp, 33 Jan., 1^23^ be wae b^'qucathcd a f>maW ^^m- He 
rvni. to BrHiiilrtv^ whurc; hv bought of Mark. Mar\v Edvard and 
TboEnss St>»bbinz all their ri^ht in the parcel of lard, one and onp- 
faalf acTof . ai Mirch«'r OaV with a n)aflftiage» vhich he &uramder«d 
OH lite* 22^\ \h} of Uaj, 103'^. lu MarlitJ Kellogg and iiiH wifr. Pru- 
dcniA, "Uahtai Kdltick'^ n«ji buried in Briinir^. IS tTan.. lirfi<^- 

n*ui tjfc> .*y,%4'^! rila uf Thotud^ KolLfii^. of tirent Lrifflu> Wii* lli*r vidow of TticBua 
Jj^" ' "I p«iHU;| MiiFlin K^lTt^r «'" "f PliiHippi'. tn. Pfudi-hcc. difeVi, of Jo^ti 

IMc? 'nnfnriL Thtr* vmi ■ >l«^a Uiril in Dubdcin. p«fFL0p» toa oi Phllhppv 

"^ iiLi --i^ J ..vf-Utfld wIlTi tbr K^.hift]!* '^ ^ wjItimu^ In wilU nn vrrll «« a wipfTvur*. 
*>■' '^LUidr- ^LT<I ra la tifrtt Lel)^ in ]6IA, .Crania, daii. of Thomnii Kf11i>^- 

U The Eellooos jjh the Old World. 

5 Mabt,* bap. in Greaf LeighE, 16 Feb,, 1588; hl there, 1 lAsj, 1628, William 


6 Peudexcs.' bap. in Greftt Leigbs, 20 Mar., 1593; buried there, 24 Mar., 

+T Mahtys," bap- in Great Leigbs, 23 Xot., 1595 ; m. Prudence Bird, 
S XixnANiEL,* b. ; m, Elizabeth ; A in Sew England. For 

further account see nnder **KelloggB in the Hew World." 
9 Jonx * b. . 

10 Jaxe,* K ; m. Allison. 

11 Rachel* b- ; m. Samuel Cave: A before 20 Oct, 1666, whoi 

Samuel Care^ of Biaintree, made his will, mentioning his daa&, 
Kacbel the wife of John Parborow; Phoebe and Marv, and son, 

These last foar are included among the children of Phillippe, becanae Xa- 
thaniel Kellogg in biE will mentioned hie brother, John, and aifitere, Jane Allison 
and Rachel Care, all of OJd England, and Martinis eon, Joseph, as hia consin, 
which signified that Jo^ph w3s his nephew. Allinm w«s a Braintree name at 
that time. Edward Stebbing. called *in_v dear friend." in the wiD of Nathaniel, 
was probably the same Edward who fold land in Braintree to Bobert Kellogg as 
appears in the Manorial Court B0II& From the fact that Nathaniel mentioned 
but one brother and two si^ors in hif witJ. it mar be that the other childrtm of 
Phillippe were the children of another wife. 

Jt THOMAS* son of Phillippe,* Up. in Bocking. 15 Sept. 15S3: m. in Gi^t 
Leighf. 4 Maj. 1611, Annis Hare. In the record of hi? marriage his name was 
spelled Celoge. 

She was bnried 5 SepL, 1630 : he m. (2> 24 JuIt. 1633, as h^ third bnaband, 
Tabttha Hills- Uer Grst husband n^ William Hailcf. who d. before 1612; her 
second husband was John Hill& b. 15S5. 

She was buritd 20 Sept.- 1647. 

■"Thomas Kelloweg, Sexton of this Church, was buried 1 Dec., 1663," 

Children, biip. in tirraf LHgh^ 

1* Amma * bap. 25 Jolj, Itilo ; m- 5 Man. Ifilo. William Bjrd. Perhaps he 

waf the brother of Pmdeikoe B_vi>i. vho m. Martin K-^lto^. 
i;5 Elizabeth * bap. IS IVi-., 1615 ; buried ^t Sept., Iti30_ 
14 MirriN.' bap. 2 Feb_ I6A\ 


MAHTr?* » jM>n «f PtiUlippp/ bnp- in OTOit I^-i^fli*, n \ov,, 1>^M i m. in fit 
BiabopV Stortfow], County Hertford. 23 Oct. 16^1. Praacncc Bird, 
Ffthn Bird," of BUlu>p'ii Siortfnfil. 
Sh^d. Worv 20 Mflv. li^n, u lirr ti&mc docs not nppcar in hiff wi!L 
Hf d. in BmintK'is En^UBd, bi^tvcvn 2U May. liSTl, wh^n hm nilt woe in4dci 
to SrpL, loiiiir yvitT^ wh<.-n it wiu prwrt^i 

EI« vu « vGATcr or doth ir<jTkrr *ad rc«. in Great f^-i^li'' nnd Brtintrvc. 
ilttMgh m tli« recori) of hie mnrriagG id 161^1, he wsu called nf OtvHt I^eigl», it 
mjlr thit hr did ntkt nsidr iii Ori<at T^'igTiv iuntirHlmUK after Uifa mairia^ u 
hf U t h>n, John (tbo rcivnJ o( hikptimi bii^ nnt been found), who liftd a aoii 
TtoTM ive rear* old in 16IA, at. sppejir* in th* Msnorifll Court Rnmrd*> TTjc 
bitl^ if poi^ltirrlv koovTi of hit) Ixrini; in Gn:itt LeiehB vraa when hb eon, 
livid, vmit bA|r. G FV^, l€:iO. Oit S'i Ma>% 1»3S, ite iind liu tfif« roc«iTi<d tJi« 
nnendfr of a tenemenl in Braintree, a* appf-are in tile Court Rolls of titer Manor 

"Vhfrco^ at ttic Ooart on M^nitaj in MiioU'r wtfk 11 Jamed I A. D> 16I3« 
^■r|h1lnnn «arri*nder(Y) cue Acr<* and a half of land, parc^^l of a croft called 
HmU'i Cruft, Ijiug at Minche's Oak oa «kicb fame laiid a jijf«buii^e bad been 
lAfjWilL To tli« udo of ilaik i^kbtiin;- and ^lan' bitv wife for their live«, and 
tetv Fdvand Stubbing** thHr Mti anr) his hHrt. Nrnr Murk, Mnry and Kd- 

'Allcr>ard« th<« Aatd ilark. Mart kdO Edward and Thoinaii Stt^bbiug* au- 
Mi, rarrcoid^Tod aII their rij^l in the* afi^n^Adid prmnitfOK aft^r tlit^ dntth of 
B«dr foriD4^1> vifif of Mtt'TiJU'l \fjkriri^ lo thr iim- of RolK^rF. Rfillog nnl lii« 
iikl the »me EobfH ii adniittMi, 

"Afbrnnld Robert Kcllo^i: ftrrcndcrvd onv Urncmvni in i\ic otirupation of 

«tl TYiotiui]! Stcbbinjc and Ivro vmaU colta^ to thn vnm^ adjoining part of 

pfjprrtj" wliich ti»' Miit liolxTX punrhawxi of Kilwanl and T}iomai4 Stebbin;. 

t^M^ add on b^boof M ftlartin K^ilo}^ and Prudence, hj« wife, and tUc hdr» 

^airl Martin forrvur wbJdi ianii* Murtin and Pnidvnop ar» adtnitt^-*' 

^*TW wtn of Jolm Bunt* of tha fwonUI of Uockroll, in tbo l^i^h i>t BUita[i'% Hlcrt- 

' Qntfly of Ufrtfotil fmann. d^t^fl :il Jan , ltB-*i, nrnv*i in Iho <_-i>minM*nry Court ol 

Khci 4h'! Hmix 3? F<^, Hftin'- ymTn (llm-tA tfiat hln bnlv 4nAll Iw bTirii-r1 in th* 

lptf4 uf kM p^nth : jMVn ^>«h lo the pixir; "to llr. Bi?iidi»li, our rnlnlMcr, lOn, far 

*M^lo vuLkr A tvrcirvii as tin- X^y ul iri)' liuuul"; uiak^* liin «t(#, i'rmlrniv, |ii« low 

l»j pruTfahm f«t brr Mpi^nl dutinj; hp.t lifi^tiniir; njentions hl-^ ^oii. Jcr^n. unit wide. 

>i liEqiHi*!^ Ul *<^u Williitm £10 la W riiii wticii !■<■ fionu^ vi mci* in Wiliiuj;! Ittrcl 

j »:*».' T^i-vh- p^ttAA. tlAu. of TbonihA K^ttntrjeu i^mi, Jilrp. i^i nt Ihr ftgc «( S3, 

- 9gt t»l tU: i^ to duu. ^Inry I'^homa* WttUruian m- Uary Bird in 

< I itiiS^ h« ratntiimM Um i1iHii4»*il wif*, Vkry^ ntul hi* brother In- Uv, 

-■"[■j^, i>l MnrV Lh4. £«vt^ 4^tnl*mt, wvtvft]. ^'vhi<*U I givo bor In fQunilvntioB 

> Klf'lti vliiih 1 pronlAHl ft^r upon hnr TEiftrrlA^;" ta ilmt, Pruimfv V(3v. 

^ iimatn CJwnr^ StiMrfiit vim to CBtubriiltfv. Mm., 1033; an criminal pronriHnr M 

>W|M la i6M. 


Trie Kxu.oga« in tiik Oi*d Worlix 

In 1G3T h« recviivd the furrcndc-r of « poreul of land nitJi u cotUffa onlJed 
MiuMs ttK ji]ijH<im frrim Uir fnllnuing rrtmrt from thp ^inn (Vinrc Rolls- Part 
of this cott4gc i* ?till fetfiuding in wtat U "Martin'a Vsrd." 

''TTbcreai at tli« Coott hdil 13 April 13 Chartec £ A. a 1Q3T, Bustard 
Skinner" wn* ai^initlpil t>n tjir- mrrf-inli^T of Ric1k«rd Spftrhavrk*-, amongF^l ollit-r 
tilings, to one pored of land containing* by oslimation nine pcrdica upon whicU * 
eotU^ Itad bw?n Iat4.4y built with jmrt nf a poml chIW n I'VlIpr'* Poml ftc. It U 
now found tiuit on tiic 8th of April hat li< c- A. D. IG41) tlie t&\6 Skinner liad 
eurrandei^d the proni^eft, br tlif^ namo of one customaiT oottag^ oatk«d 'Maawe/ 
utiii-rwiw- 'Maasr's 1jrii-?-mp»t' (tlit'ii in Uii- trtiurr of John ftowrll ur ('owi*ll> to 
the ii»c and brhoof of > Kdlho;ciC of Umifttrcc wcftvcr and fctf hcira. THe 
NAmn Martin ik sdmttted/* 

Oil 3 Apr, lfH8. lie aarrt'tidiTTTtl a pnH of thii U-nrincDt to hiit Kon, John, as 
Kpprnm from the (ittrarrt of tho Court Bolls ^l^own in tho act^nnt nnd«7 his narnc- 

1t Ia found that 1ii> appnarvd in the Arctibishoji'^ Court nt Bruintrtv in 1BS9 
and '40. in tcmpany uitb tlic- Vicar, acd it la prctwblc that he va> oti« of tbe 
ohurvh WBrtJi-n»- 

He wa* taAtd in Braintree in tfiCfl for two hcartha-"** as h flhoim in tin; Tjiy 
Subfidy returns for Braintrw. 

In Hie ConouMiij of London (Haaox A Herts) 

IN Tin; NAMK OFI^^ rtOI) AMT^\ Uii* 20ty day of Max in thr ycarc .*f oui 
Lord l<>:i 1, MARTIN KELI.OCKH of Braintrc in the county of Ekcx Wcani 
b4-inga aide hi bodk lut of a porfecte nneniorie prolaed be god tfacrfor doo mi 
& ordftific Ihit my !ft*t wiH A tcnUmnitc in wntinitc in manner nml forme follow- 
Lcge that ie u> ^av ¥u^t & pnn^^pally 1 comend m}' fioulo into tho banda of fill' 
nitghtv K"*) '"/ iHAkiT [.ruBlJng<* In llu- alUit/lnxtJiiitv mi>nt& at Jivuti CliriiiLv mj 
Sauionr & rcdcmcT to obtAinc bitcnuili Life aiid Salluation and my bodic vnto the 
4<arth from whence it cani4> to be deomtly brriod by my KiceciitoT vhic^b ahdil be 
hr-ntf trr lEomcnJitfil ^ apiioinlnl lletn I giue ancl U-ifti^th vnto 8ardi injr dauj^h- 
it-T the vife of WiHinm Jiiroh fi^c poundc lawful] niotiry of England Jo b« paido 
within on yeare After n^y de<vaj*e lt*>m I giue vnf* my grandt'biW John Krfh)cko 
twi:nty nhitJini^ 1o \x pjiid rnto htm witliin tvo year^ after mr dt-oeosfte Item I 
giu^ & bc<qttciath unto my u>na Jowrpli K<>llodcn of anv: Kngland tvkvnt}' uhillinga 
lo bv paido lo hiiTi within on ye:in' rtftcr my d'.'oi^flfctj^ lum 1 jjtu** and bo^UL'atb 
ynto my »nf DantcU Kdloekt.* of luw Eujclatid fiut> pound lairfuil moDiv of Enjt- 
Und to b<^ paid vnto hun within nxt vvstrn aftiT my di<rt-«Nti; ttam I (riuo ttnio my 
Bone Samuel! Kt^llock^ in ccw England Hue pound Uk^ lawfull money of En^Iaod 
iv hv paid uiitf> tuiu withm two yoar« aftor my doceaeao Itoni I g:iiti & bOf|ovatli 
vnto mr mntt VaT-hiim-tl KiTltM^kit all my guoda in my bmt Humd«T ft my Itttli* 
copper and ell nay wtarin^c apporrcll to be dcUncrcd (o him prKntc After my 
*U-nAU^ li«m I ^uc vnto nay aone Uartln KolTocfte my cO|^io hoUd houMo 

*Jo!in fUdiutrr, an OTl^nnl j*mprlnUit nf HjuLfafd, vljm froK Bmlntrve. 

**Tbv QfoJlh Tk^. « prnjOfriit lo tbv Kinj: «t St. an rv«rv hc^r^a In all twor* pvyiw 
to \h*t thuith 0D& poor ««* Ortt ««tAblUh4^ bj £l«tute 11 And 14 C«r. If, BlUnuvh ■ -lin- 
iUr lAJt iinHpf Ihj] runhf 4>f f»inn|tr. ur Mfldtif farlhinj!*, v^* ■ <VJd(an «f pVAt aiitKiuti^. 
mmiL<«n tbcrrof b«ia^ mnJv in Donvf^ay ItooL. 1^i» Iax, vhi«h was v^coftlly Abn^xhtu* 
on acv^vnl ef jTh IniftiUtIo*!*! BAtiira* 'wtm Unnlly ftb*Jittb#d by SUtlt* ). WinAun and 

Tns Krluww ix Tint Old Would. 


Vbmn I buv AvtU with the yanj» flnci f:an!cn & witli all An<l aingukr the nppur* 
t«D«tic<^ ihvninin iTokrrtj^ED^' k my oof>pic tiokl tcnn^^nu^atu whirrcin John Wntta 
DOW ^wdlclh witl} M the uppurtiiiaEccb thi^ruLto be1uii*Lng:e aud ruy f;Arler Uiat 
1 aov lioUd in laj ovu baiid^^ vLomc 1 dov so^m^Tiate A npjtoiDtc ntakn and or- 
d^m- tu bp Div wholtr iiixl »i:V i^if^ntttir to t^ my irili ruUniUI & prforai'^rl sicord- 
toffo to tli« tru nuAainfrc A irtcotc of ii aud 1 doo mukv ordaiiie & decUrv tliis U> 
bff my rery Usl will aod t«t.*TU<iiUt* Keuokiugc all <»th*>r vilU formerly by ou 
iXA«lts eithrr in imrtif o* wrilinxv- in witiir»«H wln'r»r 1 Wmnki *i^t ii\y Jmnil &. 
€m\Uf the day & T«rr fir*t oUbo uriltcB— The marke of ilAllTIN M KELr 
1X>CEB <T^) B<«i ilgDpd M^tlhxl pnbliihod and dirlartd 1o bit tla< liu^t will Jt 
teilABinit nf the t«UtoT in the pr«ncc of u*— Signed JOHN D. DEWDAT 
Prorrd at BmintP^e ttnh Si^pWrnber 1671 
Pot 7 Oa— KK. 

I wrtifj thai thift eopy lias Imwh I'tnmincO with Uw» originitl 
Will drpcDLitcd in thi« Rq^rirr and that It i« a true copy 



15 JonN^ (no nvonl cif liaiittiim hiu Ut-^-Q fuaml) : m. Suian 

The fol- 

lovini; vitrnctn fruin thi' Miinorml Court ifoltit provu that h« vna 
in. U'fore 2!* Apr., lfi4K, arxl tbnl horh b** wnd hi* wi/v d. hpfon* ^7 
Mar, 1G54, Icarii^ a non, John, a;{Ts] ii: '^Wliereaa at th<! Court 
h«M ^!} April IC4l (r«cLto« th(» last m^ntion<Hl admiwioti of Mnitln 
Kellio^ til U£.Hv*d>. Now the afiji'^Mid Martin Kelliog^ sur- 
rvndcn p*rt of the Icrrmciit in nhich he then dwelt *iud which vai* 
lftt*ly htiilt ar th^ biwor of Littio M»j:*i**ii^ti in th** ocrupntion of 
Jafcua Kt!Uio£:t'< ^"^> ^^^ ^' ^^ ^^ MartltL namely the llall and 
tba BattoTj vithin thu i^uuic tmd thu Eatry m^xt tbc Hall, and thtr 
Shn{> i«xl tbe T!rt*nH imd nil biiilditipi upon (bo wiTru- HhII, RuI- 
tcn-. Entry and Shop, and alto the Ulowl at the end of Uif chumi(-7 
adjcinirf' the and half the fta«lE of cbiiim«y«, vix. half Ihosu^ 

wjil the Hall nnd ronm* ahovp mentioned ; aad nil thnt littl*^ y/ird 
of the faid JAartia vhicb is dc«i^od to bo sopEtratod and dividf^d 
from lhi» n-it of ibe Mid yat^ by a fttn?p of pnlf». Ufwin th** Tv>rth 
ndc thcrrof to he exccnt^xl* which fence i*tt-^nds from the pr.rt of 
the |!ard«fli gati? as far ae fte pi>«t markM for tho Division poat. 
whic^h pjtrt vtandii in thv ff-iur itEljulning tJir- Gn-nt M>e:ht: and n\nn 
the other *idc p«rt («c) of the rhuc yard in:rrcnd-:.rcd. adjoining 
the taieia«iit of tbe Niino Martin in the occupation of Tboruaa 
Cliia^jC^* towards tht? »outh ((^jux^rt U^jit tlic aforcmid Miihin hia 
bftim aad aa«igna, propHrtont and jHyuci^ton of thff m<i toncnu^t. 
nov in the ocxriipatjon of tb^ afocv-Maid ThomA# El^in;; -^hnll have 
lib«ty of tJicnj to waoh, and ttit vati^r lo carry from th<Tic«, 

^f^HrtlJDff ma in the fri'i^Uth 

"KtlMfm hBiUiuil oi JaUG Allitou, EMctlQiinl lu vUL of NatbaahJ Kellcwg. of PWw* 


\my\uu Llmtn |mrt i>f the ropaire of the said * • •) To the use 
ttt -Jnliik KolhoKff Aiid iSuHBn, his wife, and the heira of their bodies; 
Autl for dcfiLult of Huoh ihsuo to the right heire of the Bald John. 
V]itin vfhu'h th(^ Haid <Tohn and Suaan were admitted." (Manorial 
CmrU :* Ajir., U'AH.) 

"Whtwih at A Court \tM 3rd April 1648, (Recital of last men- 
lic»niHl [jnirii'diiiK)- It \e now found that John and Susan are both 
drticl uiul th»t ilolm Kclhogg aforesaid aged five years is son and 
ItHr nf Jo!mi and Suaan who Ja admitted accordingly- Quardian- 
Hhip mmuiilUii lo Martin Kclhog hia Grandfather." (Court Leet, 
hrhl l>; Mar.. HkTt.) 
U; Natii.\mi;l." nan dT Mardn (Vllodg, bap. in Great Leighs, 13 Mar., 1624; 

ni> Klixiiitrth . Ht" d. before 6 Apr., 1702, when his death 

wan [)r(*i(i'n(i<d to tho Manorial Court, in Braintree^ and his eon Na- 
thanioU ndinitlml. 

I i: JiWKP* w>n of Murtiu Ki^llojr, Imp, in Urcat Leighs, 1 Apr., 1626; rem- to 
Nou Kn>z]auil. 
IM SviiMi,** dnu. of MnHiu Ki'llo^U(\ Imp. in Great Leighs, 1 Feb., 1628; m, 
WiUmm Jaaib*, 

I {)> lUxiKi.." ikm of Martin Kolloguo. hap, in Or^t Leighs, 6 Feb., 1630; ran. 
to Now Kn^'liiml. 

t ijrt S^Mi'M.,'* |ir\ilmMy K in Braintr^v: r>>m. to Sew England. 

yi Mahvis? pry^l«My k in Brainmv: m. Elizabeth ; ''Martin Call<^, 

an tiouv^t mait." wa:^ burii>d in RraiDtree« ?9 Jan.. 1635. Hia will 
Oatrti ^hJO ,lsn„ ftiuiio v»«r. prnv^nl in Aug., 16$S. mentions his wife, 
Kfifalvih. and rhiUln'n. EIi£abeth> Martin and Joseph, all under 
;(R\\ At iho Matii^rial iVun, SS Mar» 1<5ST. Eliiab^th Keliog^ 
widv^tt i^f Martuu na^« adn.itt«>l to ihi^ u^nemeni in whic^ Martiii 
Kc4U\:>; lately dnvlt v;ilk ino ^o'.k. ^^nrvl. garden, etc. nntil Uartm 
Kri\\^^ ',wr i**r:, 0\>uUl attain th<' ajrp of 21 years, and to another 
ov.s:\*trnr> tcr..'t*,uT,( in Bra:ntr\v until Eliiat^th Kello^, her dan^ 
sC".**;:!.". ii:;A;:i tYx !»^v o: *l ■itwriiv a>Avrv.lng lo \he will of Uartitt 
K*l%^, :>.o itvUT. ^*^:^;^T^ hi^fV^ri of :h^ aiid Elixabrth, dated 
t: •'*:.,. tr^>X At :hc ?ar,:o ^v^r: oti IT Apr., IT-M, :i was pre- 
!v:',ti\; ;>*: ;>o*.r a*:i M*T:;r. »ii# ifl, arhi be wa* aimined to the 
tvr,'"' ™5 v Sov:v; 1-Arv, x.-.\l yT. 1^ Mir., 1T'>^ i\ was presented 

ir?.: -\'*Av'', \^V.*<i. '"'.s ■^:\^:Vr iTsl rscr, wa? *-£Ti:r:e*L Oo the 
:i:^ ri VjiT- IT^^C, *: :h,- <ar> ^\n;:?^, v*a«c^ K^Ca^ ^F^rrokdaed 
yv St"'. t,'-,'--.rt :,- 1^^^ -^iv .-^i NiT^-ir.^^C \-:".yg:^ a=c 1^ bare for 
f.=: :.K yv.-^\: .t.zt^c-^ ;- ;:v Mir»>rX Tviiri a$ ^*:if as 1T», 
^v^ -.m: ;>> r,v?v^rri;?r,T vr, H.'frprt l^ai^v wa^ i^i: -^ 
;V V.-^'V'Ci's '^.^ '.fT-T si^;* ma* ^taS;', 




iCIS OF BVERY AK<nSTOK MUltr «0 OK TO Tlir r^Vt) l>r THE OKMlCKATlOIfft 

«v UFL Each ov cs 3flUKT feel js' a iicoase tuk std^n'otji or wukkem or 
UcaosTKvr T1IUI." David STiER Juhd^k. 


TWPtnCatu in BftjEUoil had, for o lone period, contended for a ftimplef form 
tf v««ikip than that of U»9 eetAb1ieli«>d church. Tho roi^ of Elizftbcth wa» one 
^pOirailkiD, aodtbitof Jamu«l in;ie uf ntru^gti* fur t}iv n?LU<;iiiUoii of freedom 
^'nnlDph Tbe poriod wiu a stonriy oru;, Ijotli iri political nnd rLli^ioua affoln^ 
udlbcnntmt for rhiinrh ivfomiation tn^d freednm of tir>nfiripnci» *km3 bronil* 
otd itta ono for libort/ of ttato ai well 

JiB«t, ftiij>pcrtt<l hy tb(^ authority of tli« cbun^li. OMvinrd preTOpiUivi;ii vtbtch 
^m^r tn^ grant«il to hJm hv llir |»'i)|>l<*; l*rvi\vl i1utii>* withmit Ihr (tiniwiit 
HfUUmcDt, Add Ktci&lly snpprt£&i.>d that bulnark of En^listi IiIk^Hv for goven 
P** Tn^iMfird bv tha coitlIi(^t> during tlvt^ rvipi of Klbsabvlli ubiI tht-ir diimp- 
^TiVjit« iluriiif tliat of Jaini«, ttic ScparAtislc rvsliicd tliat ihcy miivt «ock in 
*w b&U tbat fT<«doa vhidi ihey vcrre d^'niod in their own, and the gtn^t 
■*>*w ' TL in Uiii* ri-t^ — »thi* llrwt M-ttK-im^iiL Iniing timilat in Nuw 

*|lu4:, I, l«20, 

^li- Tnanj <%m9 to America in the darkwt honiv of tb? stnigglp,* more n»- 
^'^'H ca Boglaiul to conLinUQ it, and thvir L-fTorU m»u1ti^d tn Uie urcrtlirov of 
^^^^ I tad ttu e«tablijihinotit of the CMnmonwf^tli. 

. /^I^Vba laSO 3* »jid I64<^. titf limit* o( thf PiiriL«n nmi|rT*li«ri , lTi«n iaa* ^n av«fAfC 
? 2^ T,*00 tf mtgrvnt* to tivn Kngtend in Mfrb y^r* ind it Ih md (bat iram ibt*» 
Jl^poftt Htfl 4«AC«*M morv thui oEwlaurlZi a! tlw p»4uit |)0|iuLilicii of tti« L'«ltiid 



Tbr LViiiiirjoii«i«ILh. H i» trve^ iDdutibl/ imprcMod it«clf upon ibc politi<«l 
»ml rrllgiou* lire* nf England^ liut from the aoed Mwn by the handful of p«mcvitwl 
}M|Criiu« lu «ii uoliDriwii Mluir*, IJirn' linn ilrvi^]»|M*it « mi^SLj' iihUuci, irliich bid* 
Uir it> ioacr jtUrr oil oUicT tuitions aad wlioec fr^oixi of thov^t antl Action 
ItM tt4*T«T tK«n riTjitloiL in \hn hit^U>ry at Uil> world. 

Amtiiiic in Nm flrifktii!. Uu* nrlttr-r?, Uiv grvaier part of whom ven 
fiiTKirni, lj0ciiiM> owuvT* nt tatid in tiiv filnntatiotift and, boing trncfi of fnai^ty 
ikiiil inilij4ln', %vn' noun ^Mp to 6np)ii:id themf4>N<« id ci^mpamtive conifori^ for, 
Uihtvn u|ioH th<>ir fiwii rwiunx«« llii^t ikvrlopcd t-^ly thit epirit of aelf-roliailoe 
which \uu \nvi\ the mjUTivlAy of tlin l<4iiuMic 

'rhotrifttorTwa» iliviiktl into touDb* and iW inhabitanta in Uirir town met-t- 
itig* iii*»af^ Un^r local alTurv, vobjoct to vucl) btnit^tioua as verc impoaed b5 

*^fhv fathcn of New En|e1ai>d evid^nillj lotcDdnl,^ lAjs 97lT««ter itkcl^ 
"ihat ori*Tv in<iut4rioii» man Jioukl haiv the nMADa of obtainiDg a competent 
•Uaro of thr cuinfnn* of life; ancl for thii vnd. land waa dixtxibutcd to all, and 
tiw cultivator* wore jUm proph«ton of the khL** A dMnbutioti ot Intid waj a 
tltfltri)Hiti<^n of i^iwiT Thi* Tai a vide departure fnon the eywum of Knropo* 
sbrri' iSi' UnJ van owtivtl bj a fi-v, and woHnng nwoi vcrf? poor, dcpvndcnt uid 

I'huTvl^tf*** wvre al cam orfAniM^ aod pnvriatoQ fnade for the support of 
tbair nuiMterK wbo cvistrotlfd both tbc public and printti^ tif^ of N«« Bni^had 
la |Wfr>4«nolntboaM7 dqn. It it to thpir ri>^]it. hovwar, that vhiW thejT pMcMl 
la llwlr llocika lite IwrA doirlnDi-a of C&lim atKl inra^ied afainat "bloO«nbl» 
pnde m cMkM aad teir»'' tbeir *t tka nmv tinc did not (oac aijilil ol tbe ryooe^ 
Aitjr of lluir i4iir«tkvi. fiw a* v«ir 111 tlMffi aud. '^nlov Mcbaa) and coll^ 
t^ttCvfaaiiditeleAiituAti^v.'* Booofrnkuic U>«* **iwola came Kxt iv inportnaee 
ta thi fAiuek, ar taihrr m ewtftUal t» ita ontiMvane* tnd prd«petitT. imt forlMm 
aaHl aalakbabnl fnrv n^boola vtiidi war aapportiri b; a iax oa rraij man'i 

In ICUr K««. noKva* Roofcrr. with t«v baudml other famtnfm, artitvd In 
HMhtt a»d *ttM in X««t-ir*r. Ur. Uoofctf vna ■ bBO» mtni^ of CheloM- 
ta< »MK Oanl;, Ci^aAd. «W*M mla* tn« BliMm, rtn bad bmi Alooid 

Avj vM»a» t 



TtlK KKU^Omw IX TIIK XVK Woiiui. 


'or DOimroMoniutr, und hid fled Into Uolltnd to cflc«p« pcrMculionu HU piwcb- 
inf bul Attnir^ |»coplp from ttiffcrvjit p«ri» of PW^, and tln^ ilnared, if ftocom- 
n>odsti«ik« rotJd bv eccand, to t-^mijEnt4> to tbo iJcw World ind tocarv him jU tliur 

TTjt conditions Iv whi**h th*^ wrrt Mirroundwl in Xi.?i«1ownt were not nj^nw- 

flblo to diit^ partii- of enii^ranis, who, in 1634p p«titir«tfd the GKnoral Court for p«?- 

mtsukuD tu n-move to Conorvticnu t^iving mit their n<j|Miaa Uw vraiil of accomiuo- 

ou for fhi-ir cfltll''. tnxvijnr Ibi; (own* vrfv wi n(i nuir ti)p:cthrr. tht- fruitfuh 

or PonrKlii'ol mil ihio Hin^r ihar it migfil hf* oriTtpKiit hv tin- nulj*h. 

Politicftl muoa« iH'Thiii>a al-<i hud thrir iff^t. In MaAaftchiuetta onljr nift]« 

■dmlt*. mcdibcr* of Mm^ d;urdi. toulil bp jidmitlKl an friH.-ineii in ihu colony and 

W vfitiil»l to rot? at ii« tj>»n Rir<ctir^ 

Ur. Huotc«r u-i^ t>p|Xkr4jd to a n.'lii^'iwia t^At aif n condition for tli<^ anSra^v; 
■ft) vtd£i* til iiar. Winthrop thai ''in a\) cmlti-n whiih (■omirn thr «jiiim»n good, 
■ CVMnl cottDcil. cfaoMn by all, to trinMct buHDCfuc-jL which concern oil. I con- 
mn QMiet mtablc to rul^ and mod aafu for M\ot of iho whole." 

Tkn* wi* fnd nium^latrd by Uuk Nltv Kn^Lnnd Puritjin prindphs of Mflf- 
SVitruncnt vhich wire proclaimfd nearly a century and & b&lf later by the D«Ch 
Untha of Icdt^pcndenoi-, arni. in otir own tirni:-, again t4>r>cl,v fltalt^d by Abralinnn 
liamb : "Thst jcorrmmrnt of thr pfvplr, l^' 1^^' C^p^* tnd for ^hir p*<o|jlc »hall 
DOI fmtk from t!w «aKh,^ 

h Jqm-. 1630, the Hixik<*r party Htarf*^ for Ct^nnt^cticut find nrrir^vl at and 
wUW vhit t* DOW Hartford, afti'r a t-xo Vfvk.-i' jonracf tbronjih ihr vildi^nrnM* 
bdloCdsBf^cr and hardehipE. In lf>W the fmrm^n of thjt different towne, vliidi 
Uhns pbuit«<d in Conraidiciit, lorl in Hartford, arid itdojiti<4l what, ia said to bn 
~^-' "irtkfft example of a written con^titntiont constituting a fovcmment and d^ 

i Uixikcr ojid many of hb party were Emcx people,* eomc of them lcat 
- > of 0»* Hi>tloj;^ of Brflintwe. who *cro iindonbt'>dl/ of p»d I^lritaa 
■ . nj in di'KTibirif th<»ir dianwtiTUtJPi and *nrriiundinjc* w<' tdial! arriT* at 

' " r -[jTh'-i Vtn^oi Ibcearlj Kelloggs and their enTirocmcrt, 

' v.v-^- h.-Wcf^g brothtrtf, Jowpb, D&niol and Saniuvl. (vho«^ dciccndonlA 

\fw World thi* work U inti-tLdiHl f« trnr^. likf* IJirir n-klivr, Nalbjuiid, 

^^ ihar firt;t appearance in Amirica in the ^citlcmrnte of C<>[U]f^1iciit and 

K^vhwfrttA, but wo havo no rooofd of th*ir eaihn^ from En;jhind_ Tht^y wtre 

Atlacttd perhap* by the atones of thr New World whioJi they had beard from 

*yn fn--n'J^ [& >tGw England, and from ojiplorer^ of Uk new continent, who asnt 

^lie anonntt of ih* rieliii*** of twrtb it* laitd and aj-a." 

>■' ijrtcta of land wrre jrnmtrfl to the lirrt •ettlem in nr^r pinery "that 

i'^tlMat mny \Hf popuUt»j and ibo rnajn^ endi of our coming into thMe 

Mft^my lit- '' and tiic loQjfinx to una Innil <a i!i-»iTf' uhidi could not 

'' rstifipd :; , Ji.)iaay hate been an indncctncitt for th^m to join in 

i< rnent i>f the towns wber» they lived and died, Wherover they settled thoy 

i[r ^■•' ^vir\-, ..iiJurn nf lUrtfiinl, Conn., whn i^rrii* Irotr thp vieioily of rtraia< 
.:! -H. - :- '■ WiUinrt <;iKH!wis, Ojdu (iomlwln, RlrhuM I.TTTifln. Willlmn 

I ut bmA f kjwtcfi ADOcrUiiU lit ih»^ ifiuliJi uf iUi< IImIkvii-* 

^1 J.^*fiu, H:* AiqjtuU j^i flu^uUr one* vrvrc i*! much rutl In KnubutE. Ihiit nhrn thv 

^mii« ^ikni RiH JnDBB for pgfini i ikdi to tittoc t« Anwrin, nnd thi? KIni; uktd ««hat 

'■'•'- ' *'■- lodiJ by th*lr r»lffr*lke, b* w»» At vhnJ iui*w«rv-*: 'l-'Uhiiy:'" WbwrwuwB 

Ti: "In truth ^ife *n iK-ncvt tr»d*i 'iwi* ll»p ji|>r4llpt* own nLliaif/'' — 


TtiB KBLLOaoa tsf niR Kkw Wqbu>. 

not on\y roUiitvfl thcjr original jp^nt«» tut bought otitcr IniLd, aim! tbt^ ru^oH* 
^TQvti tliat lln7 *viv abUi Ui jiroriilr- Tiiiurally for iliujr iJiUdwa, 

From llivir lionicn in Uta Coimixtt^t V'liUoy tJi<^ it(«ci>a(iiiitii ol Joioph luid 
8AinuH iHig^to Ihpjr mi^mfion tn tl^At WnAt wheiv tv) miny iir^ nav fntunL Unlil 
1733 WcetGcld had btira the uioal wtutrni towii in MjiwAdjiiAvlt^ In tliot year 
Shvfltdd nt incor|)OnLtvd mid ihc tinit loiuJ to Ibv vwt vii from Wuitfivlil. ff>l- 
Wir; Uic ItidUo pqtU cnir ihe fiills to [>nr4'r !!mi}i8U[tniokp m it n* Ihcn 
r«lLod. 84Tun Aft.^r dub tinm ire liod fiituit^j; thi- Ipidiii^ men or tlut lovn tli4 
iUEii« of K*Ut>i^. HtftT tlu^' vot* Tiwi bv tht'ir coiuir* Irotu C<»iinK-lif:ut, wbo 
Wi follow^ Ibe Ttltcy of the IIouMtouic And I'nmiiuglou river*, ftflrr hckriiw 
Arvt tTif'J All iact^m taigrtUoa tu BrookMd. Soon jifior the Hriolutioti a netr 
Wi-jJ V49I fauudf niict tbt- tkl<< uf iTiilj^nition from Vi-w Hoj^Uod u-jui ilirn-tL-d to 
Ibitf iirnT t<Triti>r>', Some of the Kdl^g^ took their r#y o%vr the nia<icitAinji And 
through thi' vaIL«i^ to the UudvoDt Atid Uihi by the fehoPM of 1.aJo> Ch«inpUin t9 
CttDftdji; othrrv folloiml tbr TkloliAwk ia tlu* fcrtilr lipids of Cfntrfll K(*vr York; 
and «ti11 atbcr^ to Ibo wild«mc*H of SaratoKu V.'uiinty< Hm- Agiin ihi-r^^ wiu a 
nie^ng ttith tome of tiie deK^ndnntd of DAni>-l uf Xorvulb, ftD<l toigeth^ tbf^ 
bAvtr coitlinui'd Ibt-ir weitlv«rd moFDh, viUil dov tbcrt U sot a ptab^ f>r trrnlort in 
tli« W^t, ftvi^a to ftikd biyoad the Psetfio, whkli bu not kad K^Hlf^^g* aiibong it« 
fiftrliMi citimu. Tbem Hrv a ft^w KeUo£|;» in V^nDuul.^ lUill fwer in Kew fTamjK 
«bfr^ and a Bmalkr diUDber in Mainr. 

Among thiidAiemdsntKof thrtr thn^o brothers viajr b« found mv^ and womm 
prwDiiMiit in cT«rj station of life. Farming u &oir. ^ it atwavfr has been. th« 
aiatD occapaUoD of th« family ; liul the iudunct to niiinvK W cbamctvhscxl Um 
diwiTndiuiU of Jonrph atxl SamuH to ■ grmti'r i*xtrnt than thaw of nnnJr-l, niorr 
of vhom nmaiftf^ ucat the boinn of Ihvir forefatbr-TA But, vIiHc irr find tint 
doieHiclaiita of Daniel luv^ monfrgtuwrally ttnhracvd thi* peof«tttoiii» yet thrrt- an 
many dcacvndant» cf Joacpb and SAntiM-l vtio Iiavo attAiDi^l fiuiiwncc in nJ! the 
prafotsionVk aad do4 a fe« of all Uio brancb«e ba^ tathdc their marlc in tb'^ '^"^pt- 
nan vorbL 

Farminj^ton wa» Mtlcd in t6-tl>liy ao4t>rof the u:^ 'i ' • ' "^ -•' ni 

inLi>qH>ratod iu 164.V Ak it wai tJK Uirtbpbcv of th- ^ v 

Kngtwl. \hv followiui; dvecription of th^ uuiukifr of bviua; nl iu tttrly Bptiirx» is 
of wprmi tntrncKt to the Ktllofj^ family. 

'Thia tovn. Fannin^un. aii tta mino Itapotta, vaa a1 trti. aod iad«od till a 
lafc prrini v< oltunL I^W in t)ir Hi-ld mnt^ altooM the oolf vsnploj* 
SM&t InduhL •oomfharvcbancivrta^ ihvinhaliitaatd; tabor btJ? bn^ 
biji] in rr^utition: xtoiw, bowwvr rl^ratnl br nffirv tir prafMuoA, batr h 
and tbanaclrcv above tL Main*int«« and mknirterk vL^n their appropri^- < ^^ 
inoM wooU permit, harv 1aU>ird in UipMH. Ind<*^ i^r PBa^rvtmcabm ai^tjiv- 
baaa taratara; have been a« UbotioDs od tbnr fanus aa otiwrs and baw ' 
tbaif Mfpofft fnaa labor, at mtich, abaoac aa tb« immm^ istufn. Tb> .. 
bMM n>nMit to c«t their bnad in thr iwv^i of tbnr hrov: and tt vat bciaar 
twiqgb to br iftcemrd lb* fir*l ajntmc vtiuaU. !■- ■ ■ ■ '"' ' " ' * r nn 
farav baa bnn perfomf**! br iktw; aoil if a f^- ilj 

luborvd with bim. and tan<bl biia tbr hatita af ujdaftU} \>% bu <»« : t^ 

««U a# bi t» auEhoiitr. L^or bavit^t boa tbo« rtuitaM.' am'^r>2 -. ».r 

ritiawia "^ bn^ almcat ocirmAl ; ju.i 
haoun* v-hftrp^tw lo tbe pc^'- =^ i.-^-rn-!- 

bw aoM uid iloviMBim tnta > i^r. aod i 

Tns Kkixooos in the New Woiui. 


iv hupjv-fie*], to rHurn at n<K)fi, Ui<^y dinrd toifcthcr on thi-ir plain furc undrr 

u^m-rt of M4D0 thicic fJi4d(% v1i«r« on tho fn>«i» gnm thvy migbt cnjoj th« 

liuurj t*r lilt frw* air. wiUi more Ktiiri-n' it(<JigliL Uuio till* gival«ri luolivn epicure 

-■t ■ <txnc ff4«rt V hilfT tKi' men hart: lici^n thoji cmpJo^-cd in Uil^ fkld, in rovsing 

i\yr 'or /oc<l find HotKiag, IW ■Y>nii>n hflxr tn*ti no \n>, mUisnwxiK in 

tbi ' ' I :tc]«. In rearing ti^^ tmxkr bmn^hva of tliv fAiiiilv« and iii dn-«eiag 

T-od for the table. The (Sn.-fu) nutron Iju* bien aLciislcimLHl to 'awik vool uid 

fl»i wnrk willin^lj »ilb Iwr hijidM; pbe UiTHb brr IwinU lo Ihr spimll'' and hvr 

^ b>P d* bold th« di^fT.' Ou Moiidaj Iher btvo been ncploycd in perfect diA- 

■ftHlIk, in vtablng thi-tr hnt^n in Iht'ir houAcA. xnd vlu^n tMt U doDi>, aI about tiie 

^HuU cf tiic aftrmoon, thoj- awumc their n^sitcM. appmntncr, and nro the per- 

M outran fif vlut tbcY vera in tho miming, prepared to ri^it cr to ivceivc com- 

(■aj. The bruUion of tl^^ fanifly rcifumlr^ fmm thrir d^ily kborv. toward estrjt'^rk^ viith (ttrrmt and dviKt and finding their idMcra neatly drr.9j^(l. nrd en* 

f ' ] shftdp, arv W pnruptimM nlmofit tt^ ivpjnc at thHr bappy lot; but 

t-' . ..__^ jrc wrrcctrti fht-Ji tliey rrtleU tbal their sinttrt are eiupJoyeil luoro 

Inaiuthcday, ami tint thi>ir labor wb«iiMmpanHlwitbtbcir«trcngtii Ui man; 

fakaaar^WTprr than tbcirown. It in tnir, hovrnvrr, thMt tb^* voting daughtpra, 

tkkto Biach to <i|n.-ct fnrm their appcaiatict, find ni^anft to «hUt oS no amttJl 

pvpmkQ of xh^ droidgfry of the family on ttie fond inotber: vtha nubmiU th# 

wmiuilil), brvadfie »Ut (wit that tbtr*' arc nTiwr> for it> tbat haw theif 

*^U; tiiAt abo bcrftilf in ycmth baa bad tbe (tanc indnlgoncc, and tbat tbcj 

«tt>t wlfliii lo thir likt- Hrvbv itt their turn. 

■^hu anci3>ii>n( bi-:*-. <ir both Maea, bave, till of hit, cla<l theiuBL-hea m Himple 
m^iuitud io ihtiT moderate circumatunctv and aj^icuttura) i^tatc. Tbc tncn 
ki" twn ct>f]tt-iit aith tvo *uitH nf tlnthp*, rflllcd th(» (>vrTTf-jlay rlnthpn and th* 
^■-' i-Ur dotbt^ Tlve formt-r were uaually of twu tort*, thcee for labor and 
far eotan>otf) wtcBrrty. Thc»* for Ubor in tbt; tuitimer vt^m u vbtvk hora^ 
liien nhirt, a pair of plain Ufw-^^^t)th troiwr^, mid a V(«t gimrrnlly much 
luiDorh witt, but mort moUeruIy without elcovcc ; or eunply a liromi tow- 
fir^ and LrouKPm, and wmelifiiRt a pair of oM ihot^ lii^d with teHth<>r 
ukI a fcU hat, or old bcATcr hat ntilTccncd iLnd worn vblto iriUi a^ For 
viaiir KAcon tb«j vtyrt* a cbwk: bltie and whito voolJ^n nhirt, a pair of buek- 
™^iWedR«,a pair it( *hit[--«r, if T»f lli« Lt-sL kint), deep bla*- hoiiLc-rnadi- wnollm 
'Mfai^ and n pair of doublr^^oleti covbide thrx-a^ blacked on the flf^nb «ido» tied 
" ■ --'' - -iringsj and, to (wtiito tbp fnift and Ir^ ngainti hiow, a pair of 
i.. for the ntort parU wre a pair of wornout *tuckingfl wiUi ibr lx»t- 
ii»l ki' of Ibe foot c«t off, 'Irawu oryr tbe ttot-'kin;^ itnd i(ho*,% and liwl fa*st to 
bnlmd nver the vnnip of thr fsbne; or if of Ihe lic^t kiml, they wtre knit on 
fp^i^ufvJiite yank and tU«y aiwvcred for booia on oU occaaiona; an old pbiin 
•Minfl viih »k<nYtf. lined irltb a e^otb called dmgget : an old plain doth gr^at- 
**dwamonly bn>wn» Tmpi*7d around tbn body, imd tied with a list ot belt; or 
•*iift<Idate for Ihoin, Ifliekhkin leath*T waintcoiU and a leailwr apron of 
^"^^ <Hfefukin fa^i«yitd nwind thi- vaIpI. and llie top of it ia|)pcirt4tl vilb 
I'ocrt tho nrek, and a hat na above, t>r a ironter cap drawn ofer tbc 

*FBr urdJDiTT mciety in »aminvr they wnr clnd in 9 cheek Imen homi^Hpun 
Mod tr<tu«cTn. or li"icn troechea, white homcapon linon stockins** and cowhide 
iinrV.j..; .v.„^_ s 7«4rt wilb dleure* usually of bwwn plain elotli, a lundkerchief 
rliHrck cap and a bnt In part worn. 


Tiiic Kki.u>wi« is tkk Nitw Woulvl 

*'Iti winter Ui«ry w«fe cUd u aboi-o doieTibed for vinUf, (Mcc«pliiif! Uut Uwjr 
AFHumrd, if ih^'j hsit i1, n Ix-ttr x'ri«' rimt, ii nivkHnth, and n HaI tliAl mijihl lie 
coaftidcnvl 8^ second hwL Their ^^bUiK-tUy euit for wiciter wa£ liVo that iA«t 
numtiooed, ftnopting that ihuir fclodtiu^-v wi^ro eonuDonlr (l«ep bli», tbeir li»tb<jr 
In^t-W vfiv H4«n atmI cf n b«ff coktr, thej add^ a. stnught-bodicd pinin cent 
and A wliitu iiolU:id oip. and wmHJnMft a wig with a ckftD bcQvcT bat- tor Um' 
nununL-r it won « ehf^ H»1knd thirt, brawn Uncn farotcfaOH 4Dd idockUi^r >iiiK^<^ 
tfdcd cf^wbide thwA with buckler, a pUia doth «tul ei>mct«itfi a broftdcli^tb aod 
vclvtA T^ without doovM; tho chirtsleerw Ucd abovo Uw dbow^ wjUj anu' 
Htriogii iif frmding of Tanfiai citlnm, it wbitr HnUand rnp nr vi^, ami linivrr Tait ; 
and on Titan ksfirin^ days a&d uUicr hi^li <hx&mod» a whit^ Holland bbirt and 
cambrir^ aecfccloth. 

''Tb? womcD luiTe bwti, till within aiioiit thirlT jean i>a»t. filotbi^ nltnisothrr 
in the !iam« tt^kv with a moduratu allowanoo for tho taftc of tho aci. A minute 
dofcriptiAn will not bo attompt<<d: a frw jmrtictilant will charaut«rbu the vb4>1c. 
They wor« home-Eoade drugg^ crape, plain clotli, and comblct jeowu in the win- 
ter, and th« «xtcTior of tboir undordrvM va^ a ganocot lm«4 anid qmttod oitoud- 
tn^ from tfm waiKt t^^ tbr fi^L Tli«^r nb^Mv win' tii^b>b««bYl, mnilr of tannid 
calfblcin. and in eomc inatanccfl of cloti). In lb<r fnnimcr thcrv worf ^lipcd Utica 
and «alieo ffowna, cloUi ilioca. and lib«n riutierdrojii : and ci^ry j^nng Udy whon 
4]« hud attained her rinturr v^ fDrnid^cil with a f>ilk i^wn and vkirt if her 
parents w<>rfi sbk, or eho contd puroliaae them bv dint of labor, llieir boaddrcm 
huv alwut* cccnpji^l a gKttt ihans of their ikttcntion white? in yonth ; it haji mTwayv 
been varying and cvci; mode aeccut in ita day. ihv mtxt becoming. Within tho 
period jusi mentioned^ Uie elderly wom^^n haT* worn eh>«(^ UoUand aprons to 
uiofUnjf ou thv 8alihiith, and Ihrmr ir nirly tifr nml of ihe bcsit fathinn wrrr nurua* 
toxaod to wear thrm in their fonnal riata, 

*Tha aamc simplicity ho* b»n conapknoiu in thetr diot, their houi«« and 
their famitUT^, l>jnipngr \hi-y h^d nonei pbiijiun- cnrrin^cf^ Jind 8lei|chfL wrtr 
unknown. In att<>ndinf: thi^ public wonJup or in short uicuriiiona. a man naually 
rode with n woman Miitid him. niouoti-tj on h pilli^m; luul evm to thia day 
practic« ii not wholly laid aside. 

'*Th^ p^plo of thifi torn, as farm<.-rd« hiivo bad tome adrantapof aboTo 
of Uunr niti^hlxiniT but ibry hatv hvn\ Ihi-ir diicadvAiitJigiw; amonjL[ whic4i 
eomport settlement is ooa ^Pwo thinga induocd this mode of wttlenwnt: Fenr of 
thk* Indianf und s wish to plaice themaelvo* in a aituatjon eonvonJecl to Impro^ 
tJifr iMmdovn, 'llx- iitbnbilflDtii luTf tli«<ir h:>Euf^lot« in the ti^wn phit; thrir ]i 
as uaufllly happens, in v^arioufl partn of tb« mofldow^v dTstnut frcm a ^oarter of 
mile in lunrly lliivp icih'*: und tlieir pastvrufi for Lhiir eattly aiwl bonex in 
hap« an oppcaitc dirtetioo, and oa far or farther distant." <lIoa. John IVeail* 
well, Qon of Connecticut, ldO»-ll. Hvvorial Hi«toTj of Hartford, Vol. 11, 

lTHAMEL kklloqq, 

Hl- wiu Ui? aoci of PhiUippe KelJo^e, of tirvAt Lcif^hd, K«vi Co. He u the 

int Kdlo^ »1]o«e name apfKvri in Ui« rvontji of Kvw Kn^Inni]. Il(> prY>hnbl)' 

VMmt from BniiDlror\iut vo Hod his fiictcr, Bftclkel Cave (vhj wna mviitioiu^ij iu hiA 

»m), had a dAUf^UUT lEachol. who ww narhcd in lirainlrc^- m l€e5, and a *oii, 

^Ubui«l. nijeutivoei! in iht; wjl! uf S«niiii:4 Cuit^ nf Bmintnv, Si vrrul of tbe 

wf; MttkTv of llAEtford wtTc from Braintrfc nnd itc immodute ticimty. In 

tl>TQinn> wua grvftt deprMSton in the weaving trai^o in Braintn^v tnd huprob- 

M; Ui tba« at About thftt Utnc. Jli* luino, '^Shtha CuLiuk," ih i\w iiintli nnme 

bilUt of «tif^h "IchjibiUuitc &« wvra grontod lotte to hav^ on^lj M The Towdc« 

CottM^ irith UbertjT lo frfch wood A keepe ewinv or t^viH % ^^rvportioD in dw 

^^K B« t!>o h«il dx t«ra en 3 Mftf-, 1640, on th^ north fiid« of tbo rivt>r b^ 
H^fcta^At Wi&dsor boirndt. llv fvmuvHl to Farminf^l'iu iwd with hii wtfit wiui 
T^ttttd to tbe CoD^RgAtion About the 30th dnv of jAnuar?, 165S/' ii4 ^tod ID 
ftp itrrvtk of 1h<> chnrch thorw-** 

lb d, bpfoEV 3 TktaTM IC^i^. vh&n UU «ilJ v» prevent^ id court, II Is not 
«*9irti when " ■. hifl wife, tL In lh*» invrntory of tho uttntc, hin home 

"t with dwi H . I urd Imni^ w*'r»r I'fllHerl al ^70, and hit *^(nendow ground^ 

••fe nli;(xl the mbr«. Among hs» perecnal j>riop(?rty wt!n- fourteen Ticfld of cnt* 
'K «n* hun«, oDc-bAlf of a mam and on^-half of a tolt Hib wIioIp f^tatp wbp 
ifpniMJ At £3GC, 5». 


1 yithudl Kelof! bomg weak in bodj but in good and perf^c^t Diomory am) 
fUnding thjinkH ht' in Almighty god dm* rocnit inv Hi^irii. iiilit tlie^ hAiids of 
^ yl five it And toy body to comLy And dt^c^nt burijUl io yr^ plACc Appointed 
A^v^otDln ffiumingtoo 

Ifaa I give Aod bec|ct«Atli my wljolc cKtAlr ival and pvrEional unto my dcAre 
<nA Lorinp wife KliKAbfrtb Kcio? dunni; tho tinn^ of hrr nntuioU lifn And At the 
*b4 Ihfrmf I give all itiy hotiten and Uindri in ffarmington iinio my Brother Johit 
K4cjgAod tomySi«tcrtfAac-\4iUininARd totny^i'^rl^lu''^*^*"^ dvreUiiig 

*1W or^ifiiwl ^tupiirU^n \i*d ri|[tiU in llii- vDiiijuiia uf undiriikd 1»n<3d, wbilc thoae 
tteilt«4 Vf cixuteaj to Iht tovn bul no Iceal cliLni to n r^atv in thf^tn, 

**TW ChttTtli in Farmtntfton wa* or>ptnjBrJ 13 OH- lfG!i- The folloTiii;^ rclcri>ii-.-o Iu 
■■''cUdkWflt tft Ibr UnDorial Hiitory of iUrU^M Cciuntj (id tliv <l««cHpU(in of Urtitol, 
^^*t* Uk«a bviu Ki>ra:ta0taQ tn I71^> U Of iiiUmt- 

T^ MVlr NkIIio* vvre all C-onffrvf'^^'^i'^l^**'^ Cvary fiuruTjty & Itttla ptvcniilon 
vVOMi^ ^^ v«adfl fifbt TnlW tc tho old rbiir«h at Farinfiifft.f>ii^ A frw f&mili«> had 
MikiiB «ftr1fl la ahJi^li aU rode injriTilii'r, lnji iTton i>fUa the lather f<n\e lai lioncbBck >iul 
••fcoiSrr bvbfnd hln» cm m pAlllAB. while ibc ^uuns propln wmitoJ. Ukinf t-rml c»rt not 
''"^ thr fiablMtk It lOiir luidu* l«vilv." 

*'*!«sv| C^i*. ol Itrslnlrr*. &n hii wilt '20 Oct,, I6f-fi, nHinlinnx hb- t^luMivfi, NuthmilPU 
A^ U«rT a^ lU^hrln >*hij vr&» th*' wift' of Jf>hn P«rb«T(TVi hrniWri*, John and Andrtw 
^^ni AbifT, l^ftk Uinta, fie did not viHition A wif*, ibv froboMy being c|(«^ nt thp 
*«*ttovill wMTu^*. WHnouca, »ftf»h tlucit A»d l>»ni*t a*rk.— Oiri, otf l^ondim, Eues 

S4 'J'lJK HyxwwtH IN THK New Wobu>. 

tn M \''f\)^\nui\ in tfi»t rondJlion that they my houBC6 and Lande ^iftl be m at 
Itiiiln LiiiiM, 1j) Ih* Kijirully ilivittufj Bznongst the three Brothr and SiEtere aforced 
AimI my Will ix Ihnt thrnt^ thn-^? my Brother and Sietera eh&l pay unto my Cosm 
<ln>iti]jli Ki<li>K>* Uin^^ (!lLil<lren tiix pounds aterling to be devided betwixt them 
Ki|Liikll,v wlii<T] ihvy kIlaI hav<^ my hoUHea and Lands and also at that time they aboil 
jm,v lllvii pttiiJidK !,(» Mr U(>(if(itr Newton or Paator Also I make my dear and love- 
JiiK wlfii my Milo KxtHmtrix nnd my wil is that she abould give nnto my adopted 
dnu^rhU^rn HiiMiii N«uri(iu and Itebecka Mcruel each a convenient part of my Ea- 
Iftln iiivtHi til Thy wife lu «ho Hhat bo wel able to apare and their obedient and 
iltillfiil t<ariii|:i' xlial ifivo oixiaHiiiu of and my said Executrix shal beare my ffuneral 
I'liurfCcH luiil pny luy dublH. And I make my dear friend Edward Stebbing* the 
Hu}H^rvimkr uf ih'xn my wil and 'IVatamcnt 

Sign : Nathaniel Kellog 

Jultu StlH^I 

JoM'pli Jo Mi^t 

■Hwi«^ IS. Nul#'V 


HT UEUT. JOSEPH* Ecn of Martin* (7), bnp. io Qrwt Uighi, CogloDd, 

1 Apr., 162ti; m. (1) prob^blv iu EngUnd. Joanra . 

^\» d. in lUdlcr, U4i«./u Sept. ISdQ. He m, (t) AIh£u1 T«TTr, b. in 
WWMr, Cme . 31 Snpt-, nUU, ^an, of Slopheai Twry,* U in Stockten, WUt- 

iUk, BuffUmJ. 25 Aug , lilOti, and EL^^ilfth . 

Ik gL bctvccn Z7 June, UOT, vlicti hiK will watt dut^ ond 4 Feb., 170&, 
^kaHiras pTOT«d; ehe d. Wtvp^n ^Q Ma;, ITJT, irhr-n hrr will wns dalud, and 
U Oct, 1720, «hm it was ]>roved. 

U ii not known in what ytnr he cnnu^ to Ami^-uM. Hl- wa^ in Farmingto&r 
Onfr, in l^-'il, wb^rp h« «'nK An euHj' tu»tt1rr und Airvi^l x^vrml trTin* ah mOj^t* 
M& Ho and hi* wife wtw "joined*' to the churcb, 9 Oct, 1653. 

Hu borov lot, eovuining of f^ur acn?#, urai purcbfised from Jolm Andrews, 
fnv tloiu lie alio bought a tvTr1vi>non* lot of plijiriiig land cunuuEiljr called 
*^E4d Und," He wid t^B property in Fob,» lf>AA» and r^moTod, nbout l^^T, to 
BovWtvbtn^ "Jodseph Kelo^. w<.nvi'n IaIl- of FHrmaitrton. in Uil* culony of Con- 
no^nii, now of Bovtoc^' bought from Peter Olircr and hi» wifcv IG Oct, 1G59, 
"ibtir Ar^Lng-lMnEc, fronting lo tbe *1rcet loading to Roibnry, fof ono hun* 
AirinI fortj pomidtt btariing/' Jowpli '*Ktlo^" uiid JaaiiJia, bU wife, cwrU 
ni4Uie«Eno pmntfoi, 18 Nor.. 165^, to Scrjft. Thomna (Uiirkc, to uH-urt^ tbe 
PfomLt^t onp bnndr«l ]>oiird« (o bp pnid ''in gtjod whentp, pork nrd pr^ojia at 
^mthi)^ ciirraDt pnce.^ 

IVr mid tlM> taiiM premidM to Johr \VUh<Td<-ii, 13 Juno, 1661. Thi« land 
(mnni-n-d, in part, by the Advi>Hii*r BtjiUHn^ on Washington streel), whii^li 
'**^b bought for £eT«n hiindrod dolUra in 1^(9. ie one of tbv^ modi valuable 
P^KeUof Uud ID Boiton. beln^ worth more than one bimdred doUan per nqnjLra 


Ro n-Tn<iT-fd frr-in Boston to Hndlot ond was one of the proprietora. In 
W.UiE' tnwii nindt an agrwjHriii with him Ui Wp ilu* ftxry la'twn'n Hudli'j and 
^''fflhnf|p^o^,■■ and be built bi.i house on a mnalj '*horoe lot" which had been 
"Wird by tbo town for a "Ft^ny lot" 

b Jttnuary^ t<*'io, a committee appointed by the Court nia<le an aKm-ment 
^*^ ^"B. He woft to ha^e & boat for horeea and a oaooi? for pcmonA, and to 
^'""'' for mwi and hiir^tr, fid. iti whrnl i>r otb-r pay, or fid- in monr^'; for wnglp 
^'"i^ij-t M., and when more than one, Sd. coch. On Lecture dny*» people paasing 
^ "Jiii from Ix^tnre^ tf >ix or more wput over logtther, were to pay Id- cacb. 

__. 'ftitpbai Twrrf. moi of Jolig Ti-rrj ant] \Urjr MTiitc. cuimw lu Atiiwriiw r>ii t!i« "Mhtj 
^Mt," io 103(>i adaihl(\l (miciAik m rpt44u<«1i<r, Ikliwss, lA May. 16:^1 ; rtni, lo WUd- 

'"'""■ Op frtv l»i llaaW B* fiiilj M l«a3, o-tuI «ji* itii fimt cooiiabk. lie i there 

"I '.' F >' r r,i, i.-JiT thif ItvffiT Mid of lli« 'Irvl. aikI Ihr Inti'lm^ wh« nt>1. f«T 

'^^ lilt Uo-^^t^ A«^ii-..L-. .4,^ajl(nv. in ]fmil«;, hftt r«i^itf<l a grr^t iLdditlon In>m >Jctfth- 
^^ nr^iJDa. aWl lb* rittt in notr fnrt^-dtv or tktty raiU witith ot th^ 4>1i1 l«tii1in|[ plaiv. 



Honh hlcbwaj to tlic viwd*. 

Samuel Gardner, 4 

Chileab Smtth, 


Joaeph Baldwin, 


Robert Boltwood, 


Prmncia Barnard, 


John HavASf 


Ridurd ehairli, 


Bdnrd Charch, 


HlddlF birbwmr la tbc mr^Aom. 

H«ary Clark, 


StepfacD Tcrry» 


Andrew Warner, 


John Manfa, 


TizuoUiy Nuh, 


John Webster, 


WUliam Goodwin, 



Samael Moody, 


Nathaniel Wafd, 


WiUiam Markfaaxn, 


SoHtb 1i vbmy b tbt mr^ttrm. 
I Joftcpfa Kellogg. 

■Hutorrof BwDr;. Ik. H. The ion 




John Win, 


2 2 

Williuu Fartrigg, 8 

Tfaoznaa Coleman, 8 

Samuel Smith, 8 

Philip Smith, 8 

Richard Montague, 8 

John Dickinnn, 8 

Samud Porter, 8 

Thomai Wdla, 8 

John Hnbbard, 8 

Town Lot, 8 

Mr, JohnRutteIi,Jr. 8 

KMdle bi«fawKy to the 

John Barnard, 


Andrew Bacon, 


Nathaniel Stanlej, 


Thomas Stanlej, 


John White, 


Peter Tilton, 



Richard Goodman, 


Wiltiam Westwood, 


Tbomai iKckinaov, 



aovtb hl|b«i*7tDtheimidK. 

I John RoaaeU, sr^ 
iwiiixtt the Bmbcr of 



1m(t¥^ |)»Kins to uoi! fniui troopdng exeit:bt«, were to jitiy mily Sd. for man 

*EV Coartr 1 Jonv. ii^7t, orden^d Itmt "Jcw^ph Kl<J]o;«% Ivrrynutn of iUd- 
I Ir fttd fnity |)Oi]ivl> for lor* of his Ic^ni iin|>n?«e^ for the coiintrj'fi service 

Tib rdcr«iie( ia lui itrrmfpi^ of aouldji>»." 

U J6»T, another ftgr««iu«iU wai* tnftdi* nitb him, and liv wai aUi>v«d tv tak^ 
JnUi pritv afu^r lUrk until 9 uVlM^k. At XaU^r liniirH, iuieI in «trirm>; ami ^ivAt^ 
tervho KouLd crow mitAt ajcrve with the fcrrjmnn. Othcri? might cot canj 
Mtr pmona mihin ^fty roda of tJie ferry place, exf^t men to thcnr da^'-labar. 
Ileiolbusaa. John, aai ffnuidion, Janca Kellogg, ki:pt tlim ft-rry until 175^^ 
ibnl a {<«otury; and j^trph^'n Goodnun, who marntMi a daTightnr of Jama* 
Edif]^ kept it still lac^r "nd from him it rec^ittd its taat nanev "Goodmani*fl 

Be aaa Bel*c*iiiaa in Hadl^y, 16*ft, "74, "17, T^, '«!, 'Sfl, '9J, In 1(«Q. Iio 
NiciLtka ooaunittM "to consider the inetbod that may be bnt for laying ojt of 
4i«DiBiiio<i landa.*' In the diTiaion vbicU follov(*d. hu atid bia Buna, John, 
SImd md SathnuuA. mcriTfil gmntft nf land an thf* "Hi^hwny whidi innn 
(Ml to Foot** Fotly from Nov SvAonp." He wa« on the connTnitt«c for the Ftar- 
'b^ fmiu the TndtAiu. of Snmpfield. From SwamplSelf! [for wliii^b the 
bdac» mxHvod £26) tare bc«i fonni;d. in vhoir or in part, ttw towmi of Hun- 
MirKl, Uontan^ aftd Lererott 

!I« aaa a laetnber of th« «eliool committaa in 1696, and oppQ«^ taking tho 
■ottgaDcnt of the Hopkint) School* from tlie comuiiitUHu After a ^lorp con- 
^ ib# CMnmittoe »ac«v^o'l m liavii^; tiic tnaniif^o&icitt of tho school rotamod In 

£utj in the history of Neir Knf^and, Ntilitaiy Companioa or "train bonds'* 
>w lonDttd to protect tho sottl^ra. An mrly as K! May, 1661, Hadley vot«d 
ftmriniald be s training. T}ie Couiily Ciiiirl uppi»ireil t!ie ^loicp of Jixwph 
bb^ B« Scr£«ant of ih^ Ccmpuny, Mur, l<:tj3. The Ui^neral Court nf MoMO' 
ctttctb ippointnj him, fl May. 167ri, KuMgn in ih** Foot Cornpsny in Uadlay« 
"»S?0;U of iW same ycsr, Lieut^nacl m lUe same company. Hv stnrd ia 
tbdcQiM until 16d3, bU military sornco thaa <Ml*adicp ovp.r tn^Trty-nin** ^^n- 
*AliTe years. Tliat he r<«eiT«i di> fnrtiirr pr^m£>Uon rnsy be iiccnuntvd for by 
*• (ta thst Aaron CooV, Jr.. wlio *a* sppointfxi Captain ifhen LkuL Tcfteph 
«ii ■»{« £nsign, held that oBk« ttiirty-Gvc yvjirt, or until 1713. 

E<i«ataiDcd his part in the ^tmif^l:- of the wrtUerfr ajeam»t the lEdions, and 
*u b conuBsndr ae Sor^oantT of the Iladley troupa at the fumona "Tuni<4^ 
^*Dri^:, 18 Uay. IG-6, uhirh brokr tli' jn^urr of th^^ hve^ tribes. 

In 1C61. vticn ht »cttiod in lUillcy, hif <?tnte no« a!<«e«cd st £100, and at 
^tasn of his death hJs petaonal estate, alone, wa« inventoried at about £400, 
^ht hid pnmoualy ^tch lariaus nutna to his diildren, 

H« ms Ibe father of twenty children (fourtoen of whom r^-acticd maturity), 
**>i*«ll eieK)plifie« the Biblioil Mgniflratirm of hk rflme 'Uf SHnll Add/' Re 
**<a k) lure brvn eccrpctic, of « etrou;^. sturdy char4<.'i<?r, an affrctioaate 

"Uinrd Hcfktns. K*q-. mid^d «oiB* y«>fA m Uirlfori; iJ. in Kogluid. 19&7- In hit 

Momp «ivmirftg*tni>nt in 
iriL; of IcafDlng. Ivlh ftt 

_. ., _.,_ ._...^_, . , ^ , _...., .. niHinlfj in fuLurn llmM-*' 

P«&T tnlvfil unp-fuutik ut Uv t«qip»i. (>r E^Os. and fnUbTUhnl (he Uopkinft Grvjniiiaf 

"umrd Hcfktns. K*q-. mid^d «oib* ycfuv m Uirlfori; iJ. in 
l^hM^ pUntatiflm* Tir t)ir tirHdIng ufi At hopeful yoDTlia, in i 


huiJiuiO Bi)il fAiLrr, imd to liAvr b(in>c A rrodiUbk pArt in tV ctni|*glc« of 

Ill* wifr, Abi^iU IK 1fiV3, WIS smoBg tboM< pimiitfrd by tlir jury At tbrf 
UakIi Coart of H*inp«liirf, %» p^nona of amail cmUCt, vbo ^'nfiC lo vtar ailk con- 
ii«r>' ttt law," Sh« vu A<^iiiti«l, but ihk§ %tUtafi to 4!iiforo« tli« «aniptittnr Ikwa 
mff&imi bri fJiovcfl llwt hrr hai^ba&il'« i.^»Ute «•« bslra tbr £Wi timktt to «])o« 
hffi- to tncttr "piM or ul?er Itcvy foM « alver bottaae^ boov Jacc Atkove Sfr per 
jAnl, or nlk haoA* or acart*,'* vbHi tbe ^gooA mtm mi tfaat fxriod kniMd vpoo ■■ 

Uu Till WK9 proTi^ in tkr ll«Bpikirt Ci>iintj Frotelfi Oovrt in Xortfauap- 

Dpon ihe twcnty-»er«tkth daj ^ Juw Onr Tbouauii! Srvim Hvndnd ftsd 
«mtt fin tiM» cixtb ratr ol lli^ B^in> of o^r ImAj Anne bt thr Gnoe of Gwt of 
EngUnd. ScotUaa.' Fwxv A Irdnnd Qorvn, Dcfcndr of tbr Fwtb & I Jovph 
Kdko f>r lUdlt'T in 7« Cwuity ol Hmprturo vitlun tl» pivrincc ot Um IUm- 
diBMtti tUr in X«t RttgUnd I hopt hnrtag n nimbfe MBoe •! Uw nnuijr infow 
aitM thr tooMdmbk old Apr tb*t I Mm mm cosw to bilfa iiifuwml me to aU 
vki(4 fi*^V "^ vmraii^ UMt 1 mtvt ibortly vhn tt plouM God t* ctU jicU to 
L>«th anJ Lov ilnvii tbis Kftrib); Tibcncfe, Beiiis ^ Pmou llirea^ the 
G mot G«)dnMi of Mod of oonnd Band ssd fvifct B^nvT aari ttoemOnp tt 1^ 
I1«4T to art tU^a Ib offltf vitli RtteMoe to ttMl Fofftn of IMto God in Good- 
«so both Oin& SM nd Thttdoio I do ^^ dkb Bt; Ias4 win t TeBtant 00 M- 

I^pi 1 «aBWt ttjwlf «vttl ud bod; into l3» ^dAk «d God «U nodt tbm 
■ftd B7 dnr BideM« Tbe lotd Joooo ChiMt ate tetk Bcdeewd than oad is 
•bflA I TVMl ft BM«o viO bo 1^ advocate vttk Iho VUkr ■£ ifar Onol dnj of 
UiJbfM^ A>d»«Bdlfan^b)C«itte*Sit^Kt>aBtoo«Mincoipto- 
liooc my IM? *^>^ 1 ^»** *» >i7 Smatow for a CWtrfm^, CoohK BvmI a 
io^ of m BImmI »Mimt^ vbn n^ sad VmI; sun bt tW Uiftit* FMer 
atOadWiiiiMiHioirf W vdi Urn Iwvm n tiW FWa^ ffi^lidiu Bol 

Ife k^ of tfe Ri^taw «« niBila^iii «d FuMtt lo God & Fo^a 
Mi HotT Uoit tevow a»d mK, Boa a> >'«w bte« 
1L I iirkiiii II Tm iiTI II ibil iB 1^ Til If r lili 
vril «id Inl7 faod a« ^ BtttoAvs knalas MA 

Mo ^ l^var an -^i* 

ToA a M R^mr N«^ oirf OS Ao 
I rms» itet ottha- «r te <n» Jioi^ « Si 

^0*4 Uc 

K Icm 




ft 1 ^m nn^ br^unttli to ciy ItyrUin ion IMwArO Kdlo^ic tlw full nm of 
WpAHQiU in Cttmrit (TAuiilry Pny wimli to|f4*lhnr iritii whit 1 Inrt aLivody 
^a luiii vliirH I ^l(«?m at S4\ie<'n PoimcU lo be to him ttnfl t]i8 hpin forei«r. 

Il I i:i«'«T aiM) >iLyiumiti to my imn ^niL Killrif:^; fi»ur «cr<« or my furi,v avK 
Auwal n< Kc^rl KhiT in thi^^Iry ih-it to thut 1 hjiv^ ;Ti^*-'* '** ">y *^^ Mnrttn 
KdlitfE tH ab<<V(tMiil vlticlj Ic^cUii^r with tivc |<nuitfl» I liAve olrx^dy girt^ him 
Il W la bim adiI )ilb tiotts fon-v^r. 

It ! iriTT tfflil l&ijcriLli to tity lUuf-hirf Jimmu Ki'lliijcic ■^■"'^ flmitli niwl 
Si.-^ Mellon; ali3f^ AdiKy trr^-tlKT with whnt 1 hnvr nlr^^dy jfivcn llipm whkb 
Itfrteian u be fifti.'0& pMiiidfi a |>ieoe 1 giv^ tht^m fi*rij »jhi1iiT)gH n pifv lo hp pnM 
Iktt bf my Rxn^lon in dtich pay immI at mich tbut^ ha it (.-an k- tuEulr |{0(h1 to 
Otn on: cf my v«tAt4v 

It 1 ^vn Afiil iH^iwsth nnto my lovinfi con« St< |)hini KollojcK ^ SnthnnM 
Edki^t DciBnderiaf thst 1 had a coit£id«T4bl« cfltate witli ihirjr irtatbf-r out of 
Fathdr Terrr** EaUU* tbetcforv 1 pve to tli^m &ii ttiat aloUaL^nt timt wha my 
FiihrTt-rrrV lyiiv: in Hor^kjiiium in Hadfi^ bnumM by Itir bind i>f John 
tiosll n:inhcut and the land of Tkomafi Horey foailivrott atniiuifr on thf Biv«r 
hlh JJortb ft SoQtb to b« eqniitly dividt^d to thom aft^^r my vife** cleoea»», not to 
hiu jv arc or posMWiion of mA bwd till tbm nnd th< n to be to them And tlwiir 
btan foivv«r. 'Hiih t^ir>^h(T trith forty Hhi!bti|i:« n piocfr I havo alimdy given 
Una I lUMuul a full |>of tton for tUt-iL. 

It I give and bMLueatU to my luvin^ daughtvra Elmbrtb Kellogg, alias 
'Ml. AMf^i) Ki-lto'^ aliaft Smitb, l*ruH4-n<-u Krlbi^'j; almi^ MrrrilL n* tn oddi' 
lontii n)iAi I Imic ftlrvady givti thiTrn wiiK^b i *T«(«*'in fUiAvn |initndA ii[iiiTj*, forty 
B^Uffiga apiect in trutib pay and at each timt* 4P my BiecutorA can m&ke it f^ood id 
frn oil of nay fi«tAif>. 

ft r givr jiTid !)i>(|itf«tb L<i my loving mnH Kbrrmvi-r Kr.llnf^g 8l Jtip^tlian 
UofKiny aiiotTMQt iii Uiv Plain in the Great McAdov in H;idlcy, boiindf^d by 
Utif ^'■thaDiel Wbitt- lhh and laud of Timothy Bastinan wc-st Rbuttiug on 
'Mmfty South and the ndjacirnt furlonjc North, lu aljKi I g\Tti (hcni ti.-n acrco of 
w^ ftrty aorc allotm^mt at Kort Kivcr n^xt, nnto my *on Soml ;rift thori*. both lotH 
^kKfually ilivtd^ tv-twu'i^ ihviu ti Ir- 1o tlit^n 4t}il iLilr hpti> foicvcr. Also I 
1^ onto thrm HjeH p<»iindj n pitxr in diLth time and in aacb pay out of my ««tatc 
t»mf^KcalOT» hDfOaft^r name-d car do iL 

Il I fcivi- iind biii|xinilh Ui iny Ioviii>[ Hon Mntlianirl KrlU>;;g four lirrm 3f 
"^ ' -allotnuitt at Fori Rivf rat the Xorth Kut end H going to the Ifloda 

i.'iutman to he to hita and hts bdn foiwer 

I pir and l^cijiUAth lu rnr Kon JiUL-fih Ki-Ibj^K *-^^ tbal njy «!lotmt>i]t in Uie 
^vy nr) Ills' 1;a^ ndc of tho Towa in Uudky, containing KiKtrt n ncron or tboro- 
'■'■ I-' u aIm I ^ive bim twenty-Uve poni^d^ out of my i^^lati.' to Ij>^ paid to him in 
***;(wl I- ' . to bo paid Od my rxinutoro can and at outh tuaf> aa thoy 

^4»iL A !<ii# my Mn Joseph Jipproving bimac<]f it loving kou id hit 

*i>and hc^pfulnttt lo mt^ in my weak condition and to my wife TU rocomnivnij 
**"wy wife lo makK> Hucb furtliOT AdditionK out of tho Housing laud or oUi*r 
1 tiai'if rtw.rrrd lif Imt dinptuv ns may Im* i^rimnt)^TitiL-ftl kind nvompi^nn* lo 
'*" Ipf hift < ■ ' '>hMp tw afoiv<>aid. 

Ic I t'l ' ^{(lofttb lo my TK^ar and lodng «if« Abigail vho bath born 

^l«rt^i viih me in all my hing continual vrcaknCBet and inrinriiLi(.<a my home 

I-- ^.,.. .,.^r] ^ffi^ f^y i^fi^ jiji^j ontfao:itfin;;« Orcharda, Uardtrns ynrdi;, citnato 

ir><juiid as aUio th%{ al»lnienl nt'lt tn Sr,ml Smiths nlolmeni a« vri* ^ 


The KEUiOooB iw thb NEtt Woiia 

to tlic Fort Mudovr ID Tltdl^w trills nil otii^ ct my IjuicU in Hju1I«-j- ot vUvu) 
not ffiTv^ ID thU id; «rill othcnn«e nitb all rigbu of ott LaodA ct Comnooft 
ftnv Uiuls that mAy £Ti>w to bo of right to ini> wiLbm ih^ boonds of the Ti 
ot Hadltrjr ur el^i-wlieri- witli hU niavr«b1v gootlA or nfnti? wiUiin 4lfiur> or without 
in Hidlf^y or Hfi^whr^rc to be for her comforlmblc Uvclyhood nthilc the lircur 
k^pmg thp llfiusirg nnl Barrv in gonA repufr ae alM 1 givf* bor fuU libwtj^ 
rvTiiuVL< tilt Barob or Ti'DCes aa t»hrr »hull juflp- b«0t and mo^l tilmnta^i 
for her und thL^m that ntuy enjoy it Mvr her dcs^^oML An also I bvrcb^ |;iTO 
ftin l)i>t-rty anH powrr pmviil^ hy gtKiJ advice fiir ivp cauhp to raakp iwU of 
HoiraiDg ftod Homeotoad, then to Jo it, provided &lm^ all the wid e«tst« tiittt 
■ball 1eat« olcbcr for ibu aforeuaid liouting and Undt and morablc ivtate 
«hc dicA it Kha]| be by hi-r di»pof«d of amon^ thoM cKIldrcD I liad by her and to 
thfrm or any of them a« ehc Bliall He m«ct to dispoeit. 

It J hereby order arjd it 'n uiy will that na to tbow gJIt T bate ^t«ii 
Ihi* vill in movcahlr f,-ociilfi i<i in-Trnil of tny cjiildnrn if my movcahLe goodi, 
tvl^rr«ditii«i[] not rpiif'h lathe pyrrent of my cEebt^, funeral «ic|WD8M »d Mh| 
chargw aod ueen I luay Imve fur it wliile J yL-L ]i\r itiiil fur mi mui^ rcat-rvL- fur 
vifo^'i ncow»ity irliilo she livou u widow that coc-h !qra:t«e in proportion to 
giftx the fiiim nf them nil Khnll ahAtp arr^ordingly^ 

It. I ordain, conitltuto & appoint my dmr & 1ciix)£ wife Ablj^ail Kej 
and my lom^ frind Cof>l. Sumui^] E'arlnd^v to bo joint cweutori cf thi« my 
will iLiid ti^tAini-nt ndniillitiK nn^^ irnking void all fonripr or othrr vill or wilK 
lo£lameiit« by nit* formerly or othenrieo tnadt^, and this to lie tol^cn unproved and 
liuldfji |j>At1 inleutiiiind pur|KitM:<fc my ]Avt will luid t«itjuurDt to whh'U I viibMrnbr 
aiid Kflt this iSTtI] Jane, 1707, the dftv and year aborc wrttteo. 

WiL— Uarfc 

NRthnniel Whito 

John QoodnoaD 

KUmb^tb Lane 

'nie will of Abigail K^llngg. dated 31> May, 1tI7; pnmd 31 Oct., If: 
mcDtio&fl childrcD Stephen. Nathaniel, Kbeoiesori Josatbiuit Joocph. Abij 
Smith, Elisabeth Xasb, and Prudtuco llerrllL 

CKiUiren ^ first wife. 

T<i Eti^ABCTH * b. In Farmin^on, :> Mat,, H«M ; d. rovng. 
2:1 JosrTU.^ h. n Aug,. 16:>3: d, letveen 168:^ and 16^4; in Mar.. l$9e, 
wnv 1lnc!<l ten thiHinpt for hn^cb of Sahbath, "tinving im^ 
IJIl iiMflnight in the iijj^ht before the Sahbnth/* 
U Natraniiu'' bap. ^^i* Oct., l6Wi d. TomiE. 

+25 Joiis;,^ lu»p. 23 I>«^ 1656; m. (1) SatttJi Moody; (?) Bnih 

+£0 ^lAKitss.* U in liofrton. ^ KoT„ 1C5S; oi. (1) Anna Uin«didc; {£) 
Samh (Uickiiuonl Uno; (3) Mrt, Sarah ^Huxley) Smith. 

^?7 EhWAHO.* b. in B(»iun, 1 Oct.. IC6<I: m. T>orothy . 

-^?S Samceu* t. m Hfldlcr. aS Sept., 1061'; m. Sarah Me-rrilL 
-T-29 JoiSKi,* L in Hndloy. h Doc, IfiiU; no. Deieon John Soiit!i- 
-i-30 Sa»ah/ ti. io lUdl^TV, t7 Aug.. 16r»6; pt- Saitinil Aehley- 

Vkiidffn by A*eo<i(f vi/e, 6* ia //aiffry, 
4*31 SitruKV,' b. 9 Apr,, 1868 : m. Lydia Bddoi. 

TllS KfiUAOQS ly TflK Nbw WOEJ-tK 


+3S ^fATOAKicu'* b. 8 Oet, 16631; m, Sorati Itoltwood. 
-t-^ AjuotiU* b. 9 iM., IflTl ^ rn. .InnnUmn Smitli, 
M EuUDCTH,^ U 9 Oct, 1673; u* Lk-ut John Nub, 
36 PiuDforcE.^ K H (M., I6T5: m. Dmmd Abraham MmilL 
■3fl Kftt^Htxrft,* h, 2S Ni>T,, tfi^T; ro, MoW Butlrr. 
-^7 J0V4TUAN>^ b. S5 l>i:!c., 16T9; m. Ann N«vrton, 
3S lUMtL.-* K ?2 M»r-, 16S?: d. 5 July, IfUvl, 

39 Joacni < K IZ May> IGfi^ ; tn. 5 Jatjr^ 1710. Bliaibrtli Colton. K h A^u 
]!>«&, <Uq. of Tbotnu and Sarnh Coltoc, of SprinfflcttS : lif«d ui 

in liat-iold* ht- iH cnlM "A Wurthv Oi^jiUrmon.'' She m. (S) 
Joeppb Biliingfl, of llntftoW, b, 1ft Not,, 1700, ton »f Samuel BiU- 
ios» oihI itcbctcn Milltr. 

4<> DfcKirL,* h. It} J«n.^ lUHfi; d. punfr, 

41 Efiiiluu,* K Z Jbii^ Ifi^T ; d- ytmng. 

11 DAXIEU" 8UII of Martiu.* <7), Up. in Grtat Ldghs, EngUnd, fi FeK. 
l&Wi la. Bn*!*^t Boulon, duu, of Jdin HoDton, Sr., atiit Alice , 

k is out knDwn vben he cuiw* W V^w Ko^bcd. but it b probable tlat b« 
niD) TjtJi bin brother Jom^, Uv v«£ oqo of Uu* uarlv i«UJt<rj of NorvaUc, 
ibih iQM incnrporat^^ 11 H^pt, lii5l, Aiid hii nani^ A]>ptiiry in tbi* list of "tliow 
l»>^praK> in TowDo Ucotine^' tO Jlarch, Idh^. In the llret book of Uind Beo 
(riaiuNonralkf bbhomfi lot bdewribed an four ucri^ bountk-d <fltft by Mattbetr 
JUtTLCw Jr/ts Maltbew U^rvin Sfji% and Tboioa^ Fitch, ScnV homt Iot«> west 
kjr J«Hfib F«m'a homo tot and a bank of common land, north, partly hy 
Xdkniri Richard*?! )iam(< lot and by ilii* "Cmin' btni-'li/* Huath hy lovn bJi^bway. 
''kivoTda of Ibc firet gKttttf in Nomralk aiv intcTFpcTOxi wjth nthcn from 1G70 
tatdOH Many of thne de«^a are without 6nU'. Ov.^t nomc of tfao records, in 
n>^er band u Uw dale 16G{. 

Il a> Mid Uiat h« vn4 tho larffM man of th<^ piom^^rA. Loing moiv than foron 
Miibfi^t.and "of proporttonate drnienHionsotherttiH^.'' 

*ilo w»« ono of NoTwoJl:'* untiquityathltftic m^n. Uv. yim inuficutiir and 
^^- Oft nau ocoaiion ha wnn viidtij^g in hi« nvigliborhoixl und fonnd tJwt two 
^I'bui^ wbo were call^iv at Ibe mullo tiiae, had to fai forgotten English proprle- 
*^» to havD «-ii^^^ in au aoKTy and nolent vraojfb within tb<> white man'a 
*Wr Ur KrllcT^if utippivl foruiirrl ntjd In a viry buxiniv* likr iTuinrnT rubbed 
*• knd« of the red iu»Tf4 nKoronely toecthcr and taiiie:ht tbcin a lc»«on/' 

Itp vafi a«1ecbiun of Xora^lk in 1G7U ; ti«pr«aenUtif^e to the General CourU 
JHt, Te. *74, ^75, ':T, '79, W and ^3. 

lie vaa on thr coiumit1c>r, 33 ApnK ICT:}, tii inrrv fin tbt^ work nf bnit4]inff 
Ut iKfitiiig bon«p. On i\^ ^ Xov,, IllM, thp tovri »rd^ivd iJn^ i-rimmit !(='>■ in rv^ 
<>^r the dp*fc, *-,'a1a and plaiUca froni ih^ old mMtinj; houst' to iho ik5tc, aiid tlic 
*wi tof the future ui iTii<ii>t '"in the «yd now mL*ctini; hou»c to weight npon th« 
m in bkB dirlnifr pnbliqiic wonihippc a« opportunitic prcsmtfv^* 

At a nk:«ciR;, fT> Dt\\. I'li^O, ibo tovm voted that all tbi' 1jlp<]^ wjihrr the 

^■^i^iif Nonralk. tlttt arr nl pn-r^nt uiHlividt-d, iluill for fuiori- hv iliviilM oqIv 

.'^ art: the prcMtat propiT inhabilant* of IhiH toivrii and at o meeting 

ti. it Bvi rated tbftt "pvpry oiia of oiir iQhabitantti that have not a;) yot 

i«tal« for thdr diihlrvn ahall bavu 5tt puumis for frvcrjr child now tn 


The Kelloqos in thb Nbw World. 


77tt Original Settlements Northern Litnitaiion Line. 

4« fttk C V fBKV 

Tint Kkuxkh» in tiik Xxw \Voku». 88 

ya^; la far addnl to thoir ffttber*i 4tfUtj>. ami tliia In to Uikn pUiH! in ihe- Und 
flat II WW to be laiif f>tU in yo IcdiAii fcihl and not bofon?*" 

Ua lifd of chikirrn of the- tovn l-Vb,, ^^^}2^ Dnniel KpUo^ tppnn to have 
8L Hr ilrfw his cibiirv of th« commi^n laoiL^ of ti^ tovD, nKlcli nude him « 

!■ IflTS, bu odAtp in NorwnlW -hh* nturci nt £]S£. 

Ii I<S8£ tho QeDi.^nl Cotiit of CocuKcticnt niadt? an order thai ctcn' tovD^ip 
dnU UtEs a patent from tbc Court. '*for Oi«^ holdltip; of itodi ImetA of T«nd lu 
Imtecs foniMtlj or vIiaU hmMfUr br jfninW t« thrtn by thi* Court, etc." In 
pmMoe^ of ihi^ onivt Korvilk took OTit ft pat^t, <]at»ct H July, ItlHiL (n tlila 
ftfof'Ur, Dauii^ Kello^' >& named an oee of \h& "^pH-t^ml proprifd^int of Uw 
Tfvn «f Nomlk." 

T)ir JnT^ntorr of hif fftnt^v innd« n«*.^ lASA, wns flWI fS March, foUovin^ 
Ij BTiifTfl Krllo^, hi* relict In tbis* it ia stated that hi* cliiMrcii varv Sarah, 
Ktfi ud Kaohfl. who ^4itt married and uway; Eli^both. ik>ut 20 yoan of ago, 
DnHldncxt Uay; 3aiatiQl,IA; l^dia* 13 nut April; BcnjnmiD And Joacph, 
uw 11 ytora old- 
Pie MtBi ton, Danld. t« bav« a double porHoii ''of the hol^ eatAto to fae 
Idsmoii ol tbc faoQSUva and lnnd«/' the other *oa% to hari- tvic^ fu much as the 
^RfhUK. The admtTLkrtratore ar^ ord^cd to htichAmt ntiA takv all prnflcnt f«r« 
«flWffUte an4l i^liildivn; marn^t) chiUln-n tti lie paid within on^ vear; eocs to 
tepud vhra 21 ; unmarried daushLer« vbcn ]K or upon tnarria^e. 

Childrta, b, in yorwalk, 

1! S*itAH.-* b. Feb., 165&: m. (1> Ibnl**! Brinsmad^; (3) -Tchn Prttft 
'« JUiT,* U FrK. 11!€1 ; hj- Joscrh PlatL 
*M ItxcuAKL,* b, F(Al, 1661; m, Ahraham XicholK. 
it EuuBtnn/ b. Ill Au^.. 16GG;: d. uatu.. about IGOO. Admimatrfttjou vaa 
tnnot^ on her etiUitc in 16I>0; Ua imaitorj- wm* iua*!e 3 Nor., in 
that }cnr. 

T^* tUsitu* U 7 May. 1671 ; m. . 

-rtt SijHTKt,* b, 19 tVb.j 1675; m. (I) Sarah PUrt; (2) Mr«. Sarah (Lock- 
wochI) HirivV. 
« Um,* h. Apr„ 1676: «, John Clark, of Milford. 

■** InJAjaN* b, Mar.» 16'8; d. unm.. l?'tt. A^rcem^T*t for the dWIsion 
of bin ff«ta(<* 10 KoT., ITCK), wa« Ki^rned by Dr^nirU BunincI and 
Jofeph Keilo^, j^bmham Nichols <'nbn i:Urk, Mary I'Utt, widow, 

-Mt Jcfltt-n,^ tarinto ll<nj«tnin. h. Mar^^ 1678; m. (1) Sarah Plum; (t^) U^- 
Mary Lyon. 

* S,lMrP-L."«mof Mnrtia" (7), b. proK in Bnuntrws Enplaiid, after ie3t); 
^-OkM Nov., 1«H, Mtk Sarah (Day) Gann, dan, of Ttdurt Day niu) Kdithn 
'*^^'^-fc, of ITaitfoTil, will wtiloir of NathaoM^l Gnnn. of ffartfcni. 

^'_ r^ «lAin hr ihc Indianiu 13 S*pi„ l*>77 : ho m. (J) 2'i Mar^ 167?, 
'^Jb Koot, h 1 m\. iUn. of Thonnw !loot> of WnttflrhL 
H-J, 17 Jan.. 1711; the d 15 Jan., ITIJ^U'. 

- ntJl kntiirn whan ho camo to N*r GngUnil. ncr wbetJior h^ £*»me irith 
* ' i-'i and I>atiicl, Tbc firat rncord found of him in Nl-v Bngbnd 
li-^ .Eiarria£%. 



Tnx 3til.UN)c« IV Titir Ntw Wonuk 

He vsLi a Urm«r ; ros- in Uddlfry, where he becoae the; owner of * four-Aon- 
limcii* lot ht 1654. Hf*, uitli Uip twrntj^-lhrr^ Mvfr culult inluLbilniitj* mi Ihr v*wt 
nitl^of the- river, petitioned the Ucncrat Court in IGGT that thc^ mi^t call ia mui- 
ibtOT to di^fKini^ thv vor^ of God to thorn. Id thiE pt^tUioo thoy said tbal for tfae 
titoft pnrt IIivT liftd Itttii nbout 93:1 yrAr» oil ilic wtnL niilc »f Uii- riTfrr. mi that 
Sarniuil iMay huvt- biH'Q in lisdtry tcrt^rnl yt^nro iH^foro hif umrnAge- In aiiAWiff 
w> thifi pMitioTi thip pTp«*nt town nf Tlntf^lH waa Mtabliihed In iiiio. At that 
Unic HdiSt^ld Imil about thirty £aimlic«* The m-honl wna esUbliahod about 1'>T$, 
and the schoolhoiuu wuv built in 1€S1- GirU ntUndtiJ tlw wl^ool, or might at- 
tend, if thv^ paid ILc samv tn boy^ The acLuol did not bwif[u<^ fnv uniil 1^2i. 

TIa' liret mmiBler waa Mr. Hope Athtrton, who d- 1^ Juric* 1<>;7, The mcvi- 
ing-hmiw- wan in Ui« *ln'i't^ It liaU (rnllrTirt;, a liirM and a hi*IL 

The firtfl pLantcTT of Nrv I'^n^land vt'-rv^ entirely TTQaccnatomod to cleano£ 
voodlanda, and they st^l«>ct«d placea where they could immt^lialelv t^^n to eol' 
tivali- iJir i«rth. TIh-a founJ (htr Ix^i kml-n j^riKTiilly Llii'i*«Lrd i>f tiiDbur. The 
int4rrTAl«, or i-joh nlluTiiil inml^ upon tlir ('OniL<-cticut and itj> tributar? fltrcftina. 
were more frpe from trec't than the adjoining nplandfi, The first aettlera of 
XortharD]itou, Eladley and IlatfivUI found plenty of Urtd rvudy to plov, and 
hngu) Iq mi^ Indian corn and other ^vAin at aoon nt Ihuy luid lix«d Ui«m«oJn« 
ill tlic8e plnn?*^ Nor did th«ir hoDic lot* upon hj^hei ground it^uire much eLaar- 
iiil^. The npland uooda on eithor aide of tho hvL<-r, above and below tbcee tovtt«, 
wt'vr pnuubh' for Tm-ii <>n horseback, iind, villi hut Utile pri*pamtton, for c«rta^ 
In Kin^ PhilipV war, ftnd in UUr ^i^r^, companieit of hortctnoo nnd Inr^r bodiec 
of foot soldiers seem to hare penotrated the troods in every diredion iritbovil 

ChUdrmi. h. %n HatfUild, bi/ fimt wifti. 

+K1 SauUKLh'* b. U Apr,, 1^69; m. Uarutah Didunaon. 

-|-fi2 Nathasim,,* h, 4 June, Ifitl; m* (1) Mar]garwt ; (5) Mnt 

cilia f^miama, 

53 KtLUMi^vuQ,^ b. i Juuu. 1671; proU d- young. 

54 JosKTH.* b. li* Si'pt-, 111:0 ; »lain hy the In^Un^ 19 Sp|d., tCr7. 

Vhildnn fty ufDjid M^/e. 

fi5 JotE»/ b> 96 Apr., K8D; re#. in lUMM ; d. nnm. 1T/V5. lli^ will, 

13 Jtily, 17fifl, proved IS Ang,» aaiTK' year. Icjneath* bis property^ 
to the vidovr and children of hie ueph«w, Exni Kdloj;^ (+$30). 

5$ TtMUMy* b, 1 Oo1.« IfiSl; d. unm. In Hatfield. hcfor« 1^ Mfly> 175^ wh«o 
hi** pr(»|H'rly was diFUibutrd to Ihe Win of hia hrolhrra, Sainvel* 
John and NatluinkL Me w&b Non Compos* and lit^ with diffi 
ent tn^mlH'n of hi* fatlii-r'a family during hin 1if«tiin<? and woa 
cared for hy them. 
4.ST SjLB^lh/ b. U Apr. Ifi84; m, Abfohun Btorton. 

rivrn generatiok- 

Si. J0!1N»* ion of Lieot. Joecph^ (17). Ijap. in Farrainfftoo, ConiL, f^ Dfte., 
lC5i; m. (1) in HodJcT. Mam.. :i^ Unc., Idm. ^anh Mood;, h. IHB^, lUv, of 

Shi! <l. in' Fumtlngtoti, 10 Si^, ISftB . Eie m. (S) Rutli . 

E« d. bettfotQ t7:»3 ati<l 17V9 ; tbe cL aftt^r 17»8. 

lU rf«idnl ta Kiirminffl^n tnd HiuIIct^ aniccri^lwl to th« furry in HAffley, 
■toch had be^D operated bv lii« father. 1U» name ttpp'^n in it lifil of Lbooi- own- 
iijtW luiEcct cMttGi ia ^dl«y, ia 173(0^ wlwn Hiii aOUts wu viUutt) ot £114^ Iffo. 
Alou'Jnielicmdflnl iu tJm H«^>kinB irlioriEIvHJW' in Hadlrv, 

ChUdrru. U. in ffadUjf, by firtt mff. 
Sa Sahak,^ k 3 Msj-, 10H2 : m. S )Uy, 1701^ Abraham, arm of KiohanJ Mowly, 

of lUtGcM. 
W Joiix » I). 21 Mfcr.. J684 J <L Mar, ICTI. 
T«J(»fi»n* k fi Kov., 1fl«5; tiL Abtgail Smith, 

tH v^AursL.^ b, 1 Apr.. 1687; bu (1) Uarv \M^ <]09); (^) Ibchi:! Ad- 
Ipv (110)- 
tt i »y • b* aod ■! ^ Sept. 168^. 

ChMrm hy mrotui vifv^ 
H Enn ■ K ft Apr.. 1«M; d, U Jfov., ITDft. 
+*iJ(u.vxi»U iaJ«n^l«SH; m. (I) SainiiH T«j^lor; (») Jiuiw Deir^. 

M Esruu,"* K 17 Fob.. 1696. 
-^U Adaaiu* b- Za Ae|)t, lfi9T; txi. (I) JonAthur AUK^rton: (S) Tuac Tlab- 
It JoBx" b, S« Oct-, 1699; il. 10 Ju»t\ 1727, 
-^JAMA,<^b. IDJulf. 1701; n^ Bxptrricncc Smith (109). 

X tfAETJN/ eon of Limt Joi«pb^ flT)^ b. in Boetoo, V^ Not^ lt>(^8; m. 
ni Ifl n„t. IftS-l. AiHM HiiwUIn b, 32 Fdj.. 1M3. lUu. of Auuml Hiiin.ltth-/ 
■'I^^riWd, tmd 5lduUblo JohnnoEi- 

.^iji>iS. JO Hatfield, 19 July, I6ft<i,aged 9^; hn m, (2) 27 FeK, lfl90.9l,MnL 
hni fDicViiuou) I^ne, ifau. of JoUd DickiiiBoiL i>f IfwlU^ and VVL-UitrrdlVM. 
'■ifiRpoff FootTt and vidcw of Samud lianc, of Hntlivlilr vrh^m chu hAr] m- I 
^C W17. 

Sbfl d. 11 Feb.. 1730; lie nu (3> 5 Od, int. m her third htub&Dd, Mm 
*mh (Hnxk)') Smith, of SiifliHd** <who*i> tint huhliand w** Jainc* Barlow), 
^<if Tbocuafr Hiulvjr, of ?^iii1i(ld, and wjdov of Kbi^iicxtrr Smith, 

Sked. 1 iMd. .inSuflldd- 

*HiaiMcl HinWaV rem. from Ita^ley to DnrtlcU. whrre lio va« killed bf thp ladloid. 
''^t^ IffJA, ni« ^ibflT, ftA6«<Tt Him«la]i«, wu an mtrij miUIiv of 1>«i[lmin, UftM, i ram. 
^lltftfA. UieiM to Uiiittti*' dcd U(«r U Pnrfitld. vher*. U^th^r with bi* tbrrv mim. Iw 
Vltlltai; Hut 1ii-IUn>. M !4«(>t. J«7V 

"diftvM viw Inaarporvtid ^ Uumfbttutti^ M^y, 1(174: aniusH to ConntiHinit. 
%H 170- 


Tee Erluhmb in the Nbw World. 

H^ ivm. from Hadl^ to lUtfirld, Ut^ to JT^rQdd, th«ncd tt* Si)ffkt]d- 

Whtn DetrteM «as detttuvi^d Iry \h^ Vtvtivh nai^ IiLOi&Db, 2^ Feb., 1?04, be 
find four ol hid duldrui, Murtin^ JuE«phr <'oaiuuk Knd iCttwcca, vert taken pn^ 
onm and mrrird to Canadii. HU ivin» Jonnthun, vaii kilU*'!, Unt KpHogg 
eecaiHxl. Thcrciea tradidonUiatattlw time of tL« attack upon the boiue <vhidi 
waa at night), Mr*. Kollo^g "I'lOApud from ber bod with b*r infant, a few doj* 
old, to the (-cllnr^ ntid n^Ut yix-nrtin/ \w infant, IcrDod n !nr£r tub otct hrntrlf ; 
tfaa cnoe of thv child attracted tbe attccticon of thf Indiace, who immediatfj; 
aiet^d iX and da^ed it a^iiut tbe vall Ttii^y afterward fiAHtMJ tipoa the atorta 
wbir.b tbcry found in ih(^ cvUnT, pitting upon thr tub vhicb concealed the vrokbcd 
motl^^. On thpir d^ipirturo, tb«T («t fir(» to ihi/ dw^llin^. Shi? ruthcd from thv 
houM^, aliiiOHi nuked aiad, witb bure feel, fled Uiruu^'h (lir deep tnow fur two milea 
to the liotuv Uitfn iiecd aa a fort," Tbe ,>^uTigeBt child of Martin KfJogK v** 
Jonathan, b, 1? Dnc, 1638, and, ax riy-on!od in the llnn^pihirv County Rooordvr'a 
book at Hatfield, he '*wm »1am m tbe fort," vtiicb aeenu to diepoee of ib« tradi- 
tion of the fnfaui, a fva- days old. oarn«d to tbe cellar and •ccretiMl b>* hU mother. 
Tlov nmcHi truLli iHi'j* in m tlii? n<id i^f Uu* LradiCiLin ih Liitknown. 

The f AthcT and hii» four children were aq^aratcd, oa the lQdiana> after their 
d^pTtMlatlons. divided into ss mary pnrties. each taking a priaoDer- It is Dot 
known when he; rvtnrnvd. In Oct., 1705. i-leven of the Decrltcld captivca otiikc 
home ; tb^? naraj-c of only Ihrvn aro known, Stcphrn WiUiAmiif Saranol VTilUama, 
find Jonathan Hcyt. In 1700 forlv-foiir English caplii't^ vere rrtamed from 
Cftoada. The namee of but few of them are known. It ia probabb that in ooc 
nf thisw' ^mrliex Ttfiirlin K^Uogij, Sr., vume. 

The t<'wii of Cotehcctcr* Cone panted to him, 4 Nov., llOft, a £100 rigbt ot 
land in that towo. he paTin^ £5 m mone^ to the tomi and to come and «cttl« tberft 
with ilU cDiivimieut MjHvd, Thiit In- failed to dtr >a uifjii-atH by ar a^mannnt niadv 
in tlXdt and the dord, three yttir* later, V^ Mar., IC'l^, by which Ebcncacr 
man took the land, rvpaj-ing to ftUrtin the £.V 

(From maniucript to tbe poeae«ion of the MaMJtchu»«1tA Historical 
found in paper* of Fits John Winlhrop, irovtmtor of Connecticut, 1^98, 1707.| 


rpom ye day of jc daij? abovp cd about t bourse before day ye FreDch 
Indian Enmij made as atlaque npon DerefielJ, entering re Fort with Little 
vovijry (though it i$ ad yt waleh ahot of an giin & eryed Arm, wch T^rry 
bmrd) jmHicdinlely wl upon brfuking open dnnn» A window*, took j<* watch 
othera Captiro A had yir men appoirtcd To Lerid ym away, othera improrcd in 
Rilleiiig houiex of proriwiiaija. money, clothing. Ar'wVj k paekin^ up ft M^oding 
away; the int«trrt part atanding to their Amu, Rrcin^ hou«c», & killing all tlktry 
could }i made any T««i£tftnc^; aln^ killing cattle, hogf^ ah^p & »ik* ic^ A waat- 
iJig all that eaiiie befoa^ jiu, Eieept ^iwv {i< tlint l^Ti|>pd In >i' Crowd*, 
MOmo by Leaping ont at windowa ft o^lt yo fortilic^ntioiu^ Home mn to C^pi. 
W^11(s) hi* Garnjaon, k aomf^ to Hatfield with I.itle or no eloathing od> J; 
footed, wch with ye bUtcmcea of jt acaaon caiwrd ym to coffne of wth f roMn fi 
& L^ L«me of ym. One hcuac, viz, Benoni Stetibina, ihey atuquod I^t.^r thi 
unmu othont. >1 thow in it were wdl awakened, being T irvm, hwijW w(n ri^-n 
children, who «tood vtontly to yir Armof, hrios upon ye Hn«my A ye En- m> u] 
ym. caasing actH of the Enemy to fall, of wch wa£ one frenchman, a QentiU 
to apptttmnce. Y« Enemy gare back, they fttrOAo to £rc jt hou»c> oar men 

TjfB KeLLooce in the -\ew Would. 


S or 1 Indioni lu tbdr attempt, yc Kncmj bds; numoroufl nboiit jrc houK. 

povflred mi:cii fihftt npon tbv bouw; ye vaUs being filled ap with brl«k, yv foro* 

of ye thai irw repelkd. vet th«^ ktlU^ >ayd 8tebb:BB, ft toudcIliI imv vum & onu 

voemAUr of wch t« lurviriw lakdo no tlincovpry to jo AHailflnt*. bvt vith moro 

dull onlinatj Couridfiu kvpt flirisg, hareing p>u[lvr & Ball RiJ1\cioRt in »(1 lioise; 

*c EflODy took 7iiiAelT«« to tbu oext bou»t (thi>Uld bidian Uouaci A yv Uia^tuij^ 

bouM, both of wch but abunl ft rorl di«Umt, or mva yvt plyul th<*iT bti»incw jt 

acodfitini: of no qr. tbou^ ofTcred by yc Eaony, nor Capitulate, but by guiu> give- 

ing little or no Requte from ye time tbey beg&n (cay 9on» of yo m«n in ye bOQao 

ibot 40 iyniR^ & Iwl Wr hhoU at yi- Eiu^^iy nil tlu^ whilr^) abtiut mo lioiir hrfoni 

4>y till XT Sun about odo hour & Imlf liijcb, at wch t)-nc they were olmoit •peat; 

j(t at thf vflTTy pintch, rot^y to yik>M or m*« from Tladl^y & llntfleld abont 30 

aa. nidMd in upoti ye Eoetjty ^ uiaiI^ a ohot upoa them, at vch tbey Quitted 

tbAt Attsilcing ye bouM & yc Fort alvoo; tbo liouw? <tf |jib«rti^ wolitu^ A ckil- 

4mi nn to C»pn Wclla hU fort, ihi* nirm wth o«r>» ».1i!l p'rutjij \hc Kncmy, alt of 

lh« Tign>rofwly, cami&g many of )« EjiKtay to fall, yet bt^ia^: but about 40 men 

ffmcd to forr, loapfudciuly, oot tltogcihar for vant of r^onduct. for Capt. Welb, 

■b>hid ted tbom» colled for ndfoato, which they Litlc n^nded, ye Enemy diwor- 

tilf Ibcir onnbee hamn^ amtmifamtfl of tavn^ caused or moo to give bode, 

Um^ to l4it^. lN*tDj{ m Mile frotii yi? Fart; la yir rlmwiiig <jf & al )v^ Fort LfMt 

llof cr men, viv, Bcrttt l^uj Waito* ISer^ SoiqU Holtwood, & b]» nuti Itobt BoH- 

to:4, ^tmll Foot, Sftmll Allioa^ Nnthl Wnni«r, Jonth Ingram, Thoma« Bfdding. 

D«id Ifoito, Jo> IngerAoll ft Jo* Cutlin. & after or max rworerwi the Fort 

ifiQt, >bo Knumy tln^w of, ImTviCf; tt ud houjtv ^ in ye Irtgtfi^t* (ai i^i Judj^c by 

}ttH| riE<-iiUtion W4< ciin fytrni* at) txi^t nhout r»0 mm, ft 12 or 1A grounded (M 

<r^ocn;itiT^ £4yd> irch they corritd of, & it i^ tb^ujrht tlivy will not «ec Oanfrd^ 

i^Du (Jt ad Cupli\-o <EMapDd nya) tlevy, v'tt, thu Kcvuiy, vent 6 mile thai night; 

■boui nudnigbt ye aam« night were ^thcrcii of or uper & Lowr Tottn« nwr about 

^tn>n vch hod tbOQgbta vith ttrat numb'er to have A^eauhod ve Enemy that 

^ £ ;, {'Hi ye irno* bdng at LiiaAl ^ foot deep & ImpAaaable vitlmut tmovr «ho«i 

' " :i ¥c htid fiot a mpply oE) & doubtfuU whether wc could at^qui^ ym briore day, 

Wni; in a capadtie bat to follow ym bat in th^ir patfi, th^ry in a Capocitie to flank 

^iFuliath o^dc*. being fitted with «nov ^oee, & with Irebli* or Numbr, if not 

Qiorer ^ tome were modi concerned fortbc Captiv<*»^ Mr. M'm'H fumyly Gpp«<*mUy, 

•Wr jrp Kiwmy would kill, if wr (omr on, A it Wd* rrmriiidM »*> should too 

^a*ii Expoee or men. Th*^ nwt day by two of the Clock Coniticnt men hcj^&n lo 

oMne in. 4 cime by p'tia till within Night at wch tyme we were Itaiaed to 350 

itfu IS Di'r^fd, but tbr afomd Objcctiunj, k thr wrnlher rprry Wafmi.\ ft 1ikr< to 

^*>i (& £o it was wth BftUMr) we j^^dgo it imposcibb to tmvill^ but on afon»d to 

illiTiDoat diAadT^uta^T?, P^pt^klly wn we came tip to ym Ig an sttaque, (Provi- 

^K^putabnrinorway) wc Jud^e we ahould K;tpoAt o'r^>lve« to ye Lomof mott 

<ni rvit be able, aa tht* rnA> waa circuirmtanood, to o^^md the Ecemy tn R^^airue or 

' "r' ^. which W8« xe KLd we aimed at id r\]l, thtxcfon; dc4ift«d, & havdn^ 

r, .1 tho dcBd» MT«d wt we Could of Cattlt, ho^ ft ^«ep, ft other E^tat^, out of 

5V?^<*" "^ >■' nFfii»ynH:i>? InhaliiUioU, ft Hitii^? ot or-K^ H^, Hadly ft Halfid 

QfliAetUtd a OairiaoQ of 30 men or opwaxdor undr Oapt Wclb, ft drew of to or 

Chiidrtn b^ first n'ly*, 

-'■•' ^^^' s'*b-26 0ct-, 1686; m. Dorothy Cbwter. 
' K 14 July. 1^9B', m. Jowph di^tcmnre- 


Chikhrn by tttond tnft, 
+11 Jotxpii,^ i). H NoT^ 1691; m, fUdul Dvvottcn. 

72 JoATiifA.^ L 8 Felhr 1693^ cftptured 1704 by the Iitdiai»; m, an Tftdisa 
Ctucf in UftJOAda^ dod had *f:*cral children. B«fon> her deitJi, eb^ 
tiogaUMr with lU'Vt'rjU of ber c4ulf)iv(i, tiBilivl her lulf*broUi«T. Mar- 
fo K«Oog|g. in NeviD^n, t>Qt «ho oonid itt>l bt indvccd to takr ap 
bn ntldenoe vLtb hitn. tho lov^ of b»T vild vood fc^ng too ctrong, 
wad dbR rctnnirr] to hfr Indinn llORll^ Her huahacd wm chief of 
the C&ughcnvnfv Tribe {hcloTtpnjr tothc Mobavk Tribe), 
+73 RtaEPcA.^b, 23 Der., Iftl»r- : m Cnpt TVrjnmin A*hlpy. 
74 Jonathan,** b, 17 I>«c,. IflDB: fcUlcd Iv the Icdiiin*, £« Feb.. 1704. 

2T. BDWABD,^ no of Lieut. Jmeph* (17)^ b. m Bntoo, 1 Oct., 16IW; m. 

Oorothjr , 

He d- -; the li. — -^,^. 

He went with bit father to Undlcy; mn. to Brookfidd;* in 1701 hod % 
grant of bnd then*, whicfa be sold to fiboiW£«r Hove. This lot wse No. 107 ii«Ar 
vh«n* the tmv jmtb fmm Hadli*v inti-nvrtr^l Ihi' pitli to Sprin^ntdd iumI BoaloiL** 
He Biffnv^ n petition to the General L'ourt- 13 0«^ 170fi, fttJcnf^ them to con- 
tinue thHf *'i34}odn^«fl «&d bmmtv to nt for the pnaiiittg je«r, elsa> w* chilli «tiim 
& piiu; avrttr for vant of that ^pirit^al food with wliidi through jotir Uonor'fl 
liberality wc irere but year M) pIcmUfully fed with." 

Ilr rvm. (« Lntsnon. Conii», b<*fi>rv the 30tb of Jan^ 1730, w1i«er, in a deed 
of land in BrookAeld to hid ton, Thomas, he ww dcecrib«d aa Late of Brookfitld. 
It iiB Dof knoiETu when li>! «)o?ed from Lebanot. and It maj be that both he and bk 
vifc dic^ there 

It Jo»c?ii,<^ b. in Hadley. ^9 Om., \*ii*'i'. vent to Brookfield with hit fAtber. 
To iuduee thenrrtuf Ihr llmf |iliirtertf to nfmain* the tovti ^n^nted. 
at aineic4inf! held 8 Mar., 1710. trjiet* of Innd, and amon^ the other 
gnuitt wiw one of "40 aete* of upland nnd SO aerea of ineadow in 
Joaeph KvUogf /* Out* of the ron<3iiiuTiH of the grunt vraa tbfll tluwH- 
reco&ring the land Fthould Iitl- m tb<' town four y(*%T% after tlu^y be 
aimi> of agr. In tJu* Hniniwhiri' Tn. He«ir<ler'A hook, in the Town 

' *Rrnokf*M wmk Uld n»t In ia7a aril invmud with th» pHTflfix^ rj « t«w« Im ITia, 
ItA Indian niim« wmk Quahttu^ «l|Eiilf^iij» rrd pond. *o Mll«d Imm ihr rcd41fli, iTon-iUltiHl 
grmrvt whioh fi>rijih ibc boLtoiu and &horw of Uw MViml pondu in T,hf (nvrn, 

"The Htliuat tiAda of tnvrl tbruUfzhrait Nrv EnfflAnd foUowni ih« Indias (jvltau or 
hU^, and tfrr* but two i»F thiw fixt widi-. • • - Xho Old C»iiQJ^citt Rosiil «r Daj 
nth «Ufl4d from CAmhridirt. tmi to Uiif Iboro, ibmce to Gtafton, Oidord w^ Woodatock, 
tatd on lo SprlBglteM, and tliroufk Wcatlald aad iln^i Harrinj^tun to th* Iludooii lUtvr 
And Athuiy. 

Tito N#v iJ<inftri?tiout Koad rtn, ■■ did tb» old road, fmm h^ton lo Jilbmiky. * • > 
It ran itam lU^inn Ui Marlhnni. UicvLrv Ut WnrpMlfr, rharltnn and hrooka^M and Spring^ 

Thv UniDu- Bat Patli. laid out in 1672. Irfl thv Old Oamn-limt P«lh at Happj Hol- 
loa. DOW n'ayloud. ^fiLBtk. and ntn through Marlboro and Worntf-r. Oxford, C^^ffIlfl and 
|tr(kttlkn«M. wfrrn H Brf^rated tn twn |miiTi<, unr— ll^f tl»dl«7 Path— ronala|{ to WaJe. Bi4- 
i4ifTl«vn aul lladtiT-, atid th« othcf rrtOfiUDjc to tho Old ronnvctlfut E^Ui and oci to 

Por many joart ItJtitf patiw wivv IratvlM. ffraduany v)fliviiiti> ffom loot r»l\i fo 
bridl* pOllH. to art lr*i-tf, lo fVrrU^ rcnrf*, untH IPm-t h»r*4Ti* Iho j»-* roadi. k.i ' 
wkth ga—r h il roiintry hortrpMi In *nrni» jrfrriiAn* nl N™ ttr^'lMnd (h*^ ■r*- aH]I UaTn,..' 
fornt thn itcmtral thOrodj^Urn, bal In maar kiorly lonma^dpt tJic old patbt «iv iliMan«4 
•lut tmClc and iMMopc onr iJw ^Hnl. (^r ujimlf 5 t^mil. U ronr f LrrFrrr. 

Tub Kkllooos is thk Kkw WoftLi). 


John UnvvitOT. HU-n<^r Ui>vt-, JuZin White. IVnjainiii aad 
Stoph^'ii JiTiiiingi ami Jca. K^llogji wvrv 'kin at Brpoklt^ld. htm 
Wright. irouDiM Aii|^. SS. 1711/' luimodutdy |tru:«djiig this Ifl 
aa account ol *'Thi> I>i«olatioQ of DoorAeld. Feby. yt luiL (Ut Aiiii4 
1703-4." It in nut kdown whi*n tlu^M' n^fttrtU UH'rv ibmiKv anJ it U 
ponibU thtt the rrccrd of thr dtfltli of Joitrrh KrlJnfnc wnr «n 
error Otte JMeph Kclk>^ fnsmo'l, in 171C, in 8jiTiD^5cM, 
lUmuiU Uorgao. (8e« Ap^endJic, SvclJon 1.) 

t-*?© [>oftOTHy»^l». 6 Mot.. I7i)0; lu, Hionuf Am«vorth. 

30 UiitT,' b. d^ Uat., 1703; ndmiUM to thi* churcli in Go«lirn, Cono,, from 
Lrf^btnoD, 7 Jofic, 1730; rem. to Norvich. 
4»3] Bphbaiu.* tiL 1*» Apr. 1707; m Lydia Sawti^lK 
■h&2 Blkjlnox,^ h. CO Jna„ 1710; m. I'homos Aiisf^orth. 
^83 EHVAID,* Ik 2A AGg., 1713; ncL J#minia iUrtk'tt. 

»- SAMPEI..* wn of LwTit Jcw-pl » (17). k in llwlli??, 58 Srpt, lCfi2; m. 
■n n>rtf<^r<l, Ti Scpl.. I(i87, Sarah Mi^mtl. b. VJ S(*pt,, IftGI, dau. of DeacoD John 
Ui'mil, of Haiifotrl. who ± IB JuW, 17U. HDrl Sarnh Wat^ju, b. 1644. 

HcfL1717; -Jiird Klff. 

Oqp of hiE (Jf^TfnrlaDlfi (O^orgc C. KcJlog^, h. l"3%d), in a Kvllo^ memo- 
fiaskdmn tAjrs: ''Whfui Satnoel nav 4wo ynvry old lie was playiD^ near the firv, 
rKit bU mothr- wii* ai)v.'Tit» ih<: croas ^mr* bmliu and ft kcttln of *onp fdJ, which 
vouki haT--< kiilrri ttir duli had not Col. SlHrtliy stintHrhf't) him up. Ci>1. Stanli^y 
vaAlb'& f I'^^>4^ lEv.ngiii lladJc}> and when he r<^ turned to Hartford, a f^vynv* 
l»t«T ijtfior to liiuv*), lt# probably took tin- d:i)<) and reared him m hii bn^y " 

Urr bought Und in Ui^ South Miiulow in Hartford in Iftdl, which ho sold iu 
17**^ ^-^u^ii land in W€!«£ Hiirtfoid, wh«T<vbowaadoaconiii the chnrob, uid 

lU- juid hia wifL- wcrr adnultcd to tJie Second Chuix^h in Ifortrord, 17 Mnr* 

tiooda Yalurd at uuv iionnd, 7 ahlTbn^E and t-ii pence, belonging to hiin, were 
f^v^pFTtaH in Ilurtfurd for mv in the expedition a^inH Canada, ^ Anf;., 1711. 

in 1717-18. }iiH pttaU- WM* ilblriHiUiHl to hin wifr and lb*- diildryri nanipd hiv 
l«w. IUt wiU «»* ptt.l>iit-\i in lUrtford :\ Nov,, 1710. 

bi Dmt., 17^^. alJ iho ^hUdnin. <iXccpt Abraliam and John, vlio were dend. 
*^r..>f Sarah Kdlo^x- di^ynw-il, *util huid in Hartfont 


'^u* h, 27 An?» lfifi$; ra. ITnnniih IVnton. 
^\in,^ k Jan., Ji>t'0; n\. Btnjamin Catlin. 

"Tbf iBTlABfnuliT' r-^tlnnpyl tti \ogt uid ffay, hnrTl^tlly and rf4<lllT huill by ihi^ flrnl 

'*^ri, vioc ^Tt< MrrT 4q bIJ lmM« is m«l «|iiinnify* nf nt^iix^ bulll wtlh [ifi)jrrilrii;{ Inrtr 

'"':*■ 'jii vii II bar nham iti or tttm or Vl^hl fwt ftam Ihr floor, u^nl b }uk- 

^Jr or B t-.n'r - mh v*4p of i^Ti^Q wiMij •nd thti" rharrii] slowly — bill, il, rhMrnl 

i.T ri I ^ i^iiii'T> of Uir t^EAt cIikniDcy fiMil. Thr dr^tnuTtK^D of « <iimi*r 

- p'.iirii'.-.i 'fiif I ill* )ii>B t^f A lifr. I^Evr thi' Tt«<i,-|k4r* wrrr ru'l^ uf ItdD' 


Tius Kruxiooff i» nm Nnw Wobia 

d6 AuuiiAV.*^ Lap. S^ Oct, lG9t; m, at Xoithamiitoa. Mow., £ Apr.. 1T18. 
MirittDi' Cook. b. :^0 Sept, UW, dau. of KmlIi C«ok uxid J^raii 
Xiixh, of NoTtJmmptmi. Hiti isitl whh probvT^ 14 Aug-, 1T1A. 
Hie cetote was irLTeiitone>d at £d7&, 7*., ^(J. Ht hmX no dul^imt 
Hii widfyv mftrri4>d (S) 11 Xov., i71d, Capt DanU-1 Wi-Wtvr, 

*4W JonN,*Kl( Dc^^.l'If^cr'dG; tzL Sarah 01mrt«flcl. 

+98 IgAAO,<* b. 17 Jflu-, 1G9?; m. lUry Wcb«tcr. 

4*89 Jacos,* b. ir Apr., 1G99; m. (1) Mutt Si^gowict; (S) Mn. Rulb ( 

+!W BBKjAUt>,<^ b. J^a, 1T91; m. (1) Abifail godgevici;: (S) Elu 
Bwwn; (3) Eliiabcth Webatcr. 

+91 JmvtH.^ b. 13 Apr., 17W; m. . 

+ff8 DaXikl * b. Apr., 1707 ; in. Deborah Uoore. 

29. JOAN-VA,* (ku-of Ut-iiL JoMpb** (171. b. in iladUt, 8 Drc.. liitl; STW 
Nnr., ItW3, nmi-nn Jnbn Smilli, li, 1^ IW-, Irtfll, urn of Lirat. Philip Smith/ 
Hftdlty, and RcAmnxs, dnn- of NatbauicL Footc, of Wcfhcrefidd, Cood. 

H« d. in Hadlcj* 1<> Apr., 1T27 ; eho survived birn. 

He va4 a dMCon in th« cliurch in HndWy. 

93 JcJ4a^MQTlA°U5Doc.,I6d4; m. Efither^dau. of Epbntim C'>lton of : 
Meadow, Mufl*, ; iL in HHiUry, 2.1 Dra;,, ITfll^ u^jed 77 ; edu d. 
about 84 ; had ci^bt chiltdrcn. 
94 Joanna Smith.'^ h. 1 Sept.. l<»8*i; m !f> Jfln., 1105, Ephraim Xaeh, 
aboiLi IGg£. fiou of Timothj Na^b and Berbeoca Stooo. 

^5 B4htccA SmiiK^ b, 5 Aug., 1688; ra. 11 Jan-, 1710, Sumui4 Crow, b, 11 
PrU, 1B7'^^ SOT of SatBii^l Crrnvr, who wa* •lain in THfucn:' PalU 
fight, 18 May. 1G7C. and Hannah Irfrwis; ehe d. S6 Feb., 171C; he 
1 IS FA, n6l; n& in Hadle^i Imd tao chndn*. 

*PliilSp Sniilb d. 10 Jaiib. 1089. "munli-tKJ niUi « hEcltir}i;e vritdiCTAfC ftca>v4in|; to 
CoUoa Uatbet'i MakuaIU tiom which the f^Uowinx dtUU> &ie Uktn; -&lr, PlUip Sciltb, 
a4[ad about fiO jmt** a ni:.ii «f uDinnntlT vlrtu^vrii |rar<ptn, ■ dcftron of * cbbrrb Ib Hxd^f , a 
monbcir ol tho <]cnrT«l Court, a }iuti« w Xhf Co\inly GziurV. n Hlfclnun for llic ■fl&kra of 
til* Imra, a Lloutdnmnt. dI lli^ Iroof. and wLU^h iroviu. aII, « nun for ilpv««ii>Ei, MOflilj. 
graptty. «hi»il ftl thai u» hoimt. Qcif^ifkD vxampIorT. Sucti a nine vk ta tlio wibt«T M 
Uuy*flr MA4. riJLirdtml alth an hldvoiu vilf^horaft, that ilU«il ull 1^fH|l p»r|H of K«« iE>tf- 
land, nilh utt^^lvhrnml. Tip «■«. by hl» offtm ccnremcd nlmil rrlicvlng thv 1ndlff«n«i 
ji wnvtcbnl wuinLUk in Uw. lown; >vliu bnlc^ dih^UhHiid ul *niiu> »t hU ju^t rur^m nbnut 
OEprfHiM] hirrHll unto him in wtuh a miiiinrr. tlist hf< dorUnd htnvtrJf Ihrnccforward up| 
hpri^itf] of M'j.Tntiit mlK'hJcf at hci LuiitU. Kuflj in jAUUiirji br Ih^i:^'! In ba \tty xt 
diaikrioHB. De flki>^nvl ftiirh wraiwt1t>vu froiD thv WforincK of the world. Mc ' 
While lie rctaiklAtd Tct of a kvand c^Ebl. tjc ■olctanlf' «hArfV«l liik brrtlhi^r lo Io<»k wP 
bioL He tun (mm ba) Co haw ■ at* iil mn. < • • rhrro ■hail b« a voadct bi 
IfiT. * * * ]q bli <llMrna ho oitflaiint'l miich irfoD tbo youoA mtaaA afftrr— ir_ 
oUi^n. M ^ine v«-n br Mtn iti ih« mocn. Smn* of iKv j^oi^i^ir m^ la tW txivn bc&na oi 
tb»ir altt at Uio tinrgp nlAinttlPt 1^n> tjpnn finr of tJirlr niut b«'1ov*d n«dgU«m, i 
thrw r>r four tlmm to ^in* dT>U]rbHiic« unia llifi vomiui t^ii» compUEn^d of; and atJ 
vbil* lliry warn dUtuitdn^ of bci. t^ vu^ ut r*H, sal «trpt u a vur^ miia ; vfa. (I 
iTFfr ibfl c^blf tfini^H Ili<ry iHrnitv^ hiai 1" iJ^kv ur.,^ >l«t|> in nil bin itlim*. iHUy 
fatcliiuDc piovMnI lur Uie nlf^ jo^tx hctp mufwUDUbtf vnjpllcd: AudiU* K^raU^iac* 
uift^e about tlie Wd, irti^n tiU h&ad* and f«c4 laj wbolty «tiL|, «nd vrrr heU b^ oi 
l*fccy bahcld Urn toaivUmT* en tJie b«J j «Ad wb«B ihe bcLoldcn be|^ t<f diKOurv* ttt i1 



» Jimtpk SmiUt.^ b. V9 Jolj, 169i>; m. Fob., J71S, R^bv^xa Smith, <Un. of 
JcMvph Smithy nna. todtixidcrUnd»4nd aftcnmrd rf«. in IMIcry; 
kftd aix diildreiL 
V[ ¥9fHn Snitk,^ b. U Apr, 1695; m. ITIft, Samh W«ir Tfio; r«c. in 

«a XImmt ^>MiA,B b. e5 Sept, 1694 ; d iinnu, 3 Oct., ITVl. 

S5 Sank Smtth!^ b. 1« Nor., 160C ; i «« Oct.. 169:. 

1W ^cTdA ^NnifA,<^b.9Nov., 169d; Ki. (1) n U&r. ]Tt4, hprcouFin, Samtifl 
Kcili>2ir (U1); lu. (!£) .'t Jan.. K4:). WUbam MobUf jl% of SoiiUi 
ilftillfT, b. lti£^, son of Jobn Montagu;^ and TlftQiiab Smith. 

m Fndfuce Smith,^ b. 15 Uir., 1701; nu (1) &Ur, irS!, hi^^r woiiii. 
TimotlLy Naub (150), of LoRg M«adovr. b. 13 Nov., 1099; hl <S) 
DMCon lchib«d UiiicJeIo/; he d 15 Mar., 1736; the d. 18 Apr,, 
SxpericAte Smiih^ b. 19 Apr., 1703; ni. Jaiuus Kellc>^K (-H>d). 
&u«Wffc^mi^,<^KldOci, 170^; n. 3^ Mar, 1738. her couna, Stephen 
Noah (IS2),orW«atadtd; b«0. 1764; ihe d. 1790. 

m Mm^*U XmiiA,^ b. es Mu>, 1708; iti. 3 Maj. 1732. Benuui 9ack«i 

ttL SARAH,* <Ud. of IJpnt, Jowph" (17), b. in Hadlrj', ST Aug., 16M; m. in 
Hifi^, IT Apr.. 16d>n. Saicud A^hJcj. U in Bpringficld, Moab,, 26 Oct.. 1864, 
n«l Dirtc Aihicy and Haiuub Qlor^r. 

6b«^in Wi'^^M, Jau., 1729. Tvro of thdr daushlen m. Samuel Kd- 

W ifory Afhl<y.^ b. C Uat-. U&t ; a. in iniiuicy. 

lOfl y*hi^( .liiAffy,^ K 3 Nor., li^S,^; m. Htntmh T><rttv\\ 

10? !)ni4i Athtfy.^ b. 7 Sep*., Ifl9l ; ni. Mrs. Thankfui Tajlor, of Deerfli^ld. 

IM StrtK Atkiejft^ b. 11 Sept, ltt*3 ; ; porlihp^i d, in inffincy. 

IW i/ury ^*A//y,» b- 15 Mar., IfiVM ; m 8 Jut/. 1714, Sanmd KiOlogg (81). 

Ua ftKifi aaAJey.** U 14 Feb., HI95 ; m, 3 Juuc. 1728, Samuel KeUogg (Ul). 

Ul J«ai6 <lA2*y," L *4 Sept.. lfi^J7; d. unin. bofor* 1727. 

'- ^F'Vfin trota Iht m&a: It ircinM ■« tin >u > fit- but Uiry could fLrvrr irrajip It. 

' '^ID|E ^ tr*& 4Q lb* Ijrtl'n liiaU. tliu' Ilip ft'*"^ innii tty wrljijIW hlill» |1ik tiv*il wtnilil 

■■"»•>» lolOHick lh«U h»ii LLncomr^rl^My. Mi. SmJtIj i|[r?i; tb« Jury that virvui bi« 

afcttil a mHiuir (til I'Tkr Lro*>t, hi* lnjck FtJ) nf ^r uW^n, itud ■cT*nI hole* Uial Acemod 
>4lb «v1l .^ft«r tlic oftini«4t ol all kod pronoufHcd ^jb dfmL bia oouat^nano* oon- 
'^■■'■iiUTvly u if h* Sftil Uin uliw; bb fffM abM«d ■« In a •lumber, itad hb noUicr Ja« 
^ ^ac dnw. Hiw t^« ri-imia'd from SatunUy norainir Obtnit mnri**. tilJ ^hh&th' 
,""TfT trTfrrw Wli*n titt** nTto iwt;: him mic c! 1h« bn^. fouml him bMTI wnmiH ThA' 
vfiuiia n« Aft rAld na hki altnoiir h*>rfi krinvn In nnj H^; inii k Vt-u Knx^KiwI winlj^r 
*■■ M «sxn fof wild. But rn llnnilo; tnnffnin^ Ihry finmrl tlie f*™- prtr<Tncl/ tqmiflnl 
v^4bnA«n4. \\ viM blatk himI bluA and fmli bkiuti MTuinl rLiTiiiJUie 'bwn hh ditek 
^■> Ua Ifllci. 1>ira> MtlMs» vpcTc ftW beard in the rcmm vJifif (ho corpse !jiy, ^ U>« 
'■Uartfcf ol riuiir* and ktoalm, irbcr#«f no tcc^iafil miilJ br irit'rn, Tiiln vab ilir ijn'l of bo 

>Ur* W<Ai*Ur, U« vomnc vha fli*£jr1>ri4 I'hilijf SmkUi, <fB)i »n1 lo Ba*ti>n, tn*^ tor 
tni^ift tr.T li^iiititrd. Tb« >«ub^ mpii »l lUdU^' tnvd an cKpur^incnt ttpMt h?r. Ituj 
ano^rt -^t IfeAUa*, ^1E1lj; hrt up valil lm wt* nr«T d*ort. 1*t liivr rinwn, rnlTM 

W «v>' r mmr, kod ml but bnrkfrf b<!T to It. ard tlw*rK )vtl bvf. Iiiit «bc inr- 

*(Tii, MHi <lif>i hn IQH Xn JnAabltAnt of flsiuintblrr Ci>- *vaj| arvr mtcutril fi:ir witfftrrafl. 
fllMy of t1Ub7. n. £18-38. t 

TbZ KcUOOOV IK TOM Kxw Womuk. 

tUJp^fH^A$hUit,^h.r. ¥9)^1^99; m, (1) JoMpb TiiyJor^or Vatidd ud 

SlwAfeld; (2) Deacon Jusm Dmj. 
Iia Mt^i^ A^lq^ (UtmL), h. t7 Apr^ 1701 ; m. Hsjioih timvold; d. in 

LouJttbtirF; Kxpcfiition, 1745. 

114 Aaron A^lty,^ k I JaiL, lToe-03; m. BcUuah Jhwf. 

115 JAtf^a J^/^,^ b 23 Mav, 1708; m. ft Not., 1732, Sttntid C^oodndi, of 

lU ^OMpJb A$kU^f b. 11 Oct^ 1709 ; m. Amu Dowor. Sbo m» a cuter i>r 
BpthUh D<rv4ry, wlio married bU krathvr, AaroiL He vas (^d- 
ut«d frosi Yak 1730^ suniatcr in WindMstcr. K, IL. 1736; n- 
mftised nnlil Ui^ iottk^wttt n» brokttn Dp bj Uw liidiuu; ««tUtxl 
in Snadcxknd. JUk., and d there, S FeK, 1797. 

3L HNSION STKl'HEN/ ton of Uout Jort^h' (H)* f»- ^ Apr^ ie£8; m. 8 
Maj, 1611-1. I^dia Beldt-Ji. b. Uar, 1075, daiL of Jobti and Lydic B(>ldiii, <kf Wnlw 
<^^ificld, Coon. 

llf^iLfi JUDT^ 17?2; hivKnvcirtoocueowptandulf; to the octmHcrr in Wc«t- 

lie va« a waver;* rem. to W««tfield In 1C97> Hta will vm dated 2 June, 
17if2, and proved 5 Fcb^> folloving. 

81i>?ni. (2) in Wf^fl^ld, 17 Jan., ]7H»lu«eM0Dd wif«, B«n>aniiD 
o/ Colcbceter. Conn, 

He <L in CoJcbi^^r, 6 Bept.. 17&S, in bis avr^tyninth jnr: »h^ d, (hfrr^ 
Jon.p 1769, in Hi'T ri^btj^fourth year. 

+117 iHKf-fiKX.^ k 3 Ptk. Ifl95; 111. (1) Abt^il Ijxiroift; {%) Uary CDolt. 

llfi Lydia,* b. U Jan., 1697. 

119 M<«»»,'^li. ZOOcU 1700; d- U Sopt, 1704. 
+130 ABiajUL,^ b. 27 Dcc,^ 1703; m. Chri4oph«r Ja«ob LdWton. 
+ 121 T>AViEL,^b. 1ft IlLV.. 1704: m. BnniuLh Kolile, 

122 EriiEiiM,* b. a Jol^. 1707; d. 16 Miir, 1728. 
+123 UEacr,<»b.30Oct, 1709; m. (1) Ri*v. JuOnh Lrwifi; (t) Dnvid l^j^lov. 

+W-1 Noah* b. 13 Feb.. 1711: m. — -, 

+1S6 SiTJS^ h. 7 Apr, 1714; m, Rulb Root. 

+1J6 Aiioe,» L 30 8<T>U IHOj m. (1) Mflr>' 8l-^l»biiui; (t) Pni<VjKt< Swl^f- 

+1S7 AaKOK,** b, ; m. SUry Lcwifl. 

'fitvrr hnner*! dau^ilitTi kuw boir to vmi* tm ia«4I h« in t\i\rk. jvt it wdpi (wt rvnig' 
nlnd M wliollj u«Fi.Mitn'A m^k u «*«* Bpliiidagt for tbm «■« « Uuilc ui hiuii! wmiiks for 
men, to whidi tlnrr ^''"'*^ HiiprTnticeEl^ Erciy (ova lijii prafrAaioiul v«»v«r0. Th^y 
ft naivtrvtlly r<9pc<t4^| «!■«•. nud bc^Ainc Ibc aiuaUrk of many of tlic «r«hVL«Bt naJ 
JnfgnilU «lti>«n« of IocIai. Iliry tank m JBf" lUi^ tl)m>4 to wnn nn Ihrir tt>'<ir* 
t^lr own hooxM %i u much o *iucl: «m tlicir rf-vn j^rn mt^ ttnfft t<> hUe )< 
tleaa to UiBlr trnda. *ild iho vpiit mit vrukinif ^y thp day *t U«ir nalifUvir*' (l^ 
tliBM fOfryla^ (bvlr looniii ihiinj milo* wMli iHcm. Wnvrr^ «-ri* ■ Ufiln'r>>Jii3' {">{■ 
njumaqt vf tlii* fimiii«n)ly. Tin- UiLf^naif wnvvr vwt. hk* %W blbrr ilhHT^nt trB4a«i< 
of thd ijAy, a •v|i«nir TunmnoDjrT , niti th' ia^'wi w^^w* tmK in v*'< - '"" ■^ ■- »flj4 * at 

to Lh door 1o Vc for b(U of nj|ort<l y*n> tbr < n thf? UB»d i' . ; ,v. ii»d aIkj 

tightly W«id«d to vtor «> ilH>f«4riiic*, hAifk<v«, fU. 

Tiiv Kellooob tv Tiu Nkw Wohldl 


It XATHAM£U«MDofLieut JoMph"(17),lxin H4dl«T, 8 Oct. lG69;m. 
ttiuM, Ifl9t. Smh Bi>)tw«uO. b. m Baillr^, I Oct, Un. lUu, of Scr^ Siuiiud 
Btttwool mod Sftmh Levi*.* 

n«vfta in Deerfi^ 6 Judc, 161)3, when dw tovD v«« atUvlud by tbL> In* 
Inni; bv oKsptHl an<t mlnniird tho tovn. Hi^ hrf ra^c nf thi* Urjfnl tjt:(fmyi^ri in 
Mi^l LieuUmnul iii Iht' miliUia; MLi<rtin&n of Ho^ikj, ITIT. t>K '1>4, ^JT, '^7. 
AtnoL. io ill* TbirJ Prvi-iiKi of Hidkv (ncn Ambont). nm;] wis one of Oie 
QTJimlEDambOTof (bcchsrchtbotY*: Nor.. 1739. lied. 30 Oct, 17fiO. 

ChUdr^n^ b, in Uadlfj. 
+it$NAnfiKlKL,'*lKt2Sept,lG93; nu ( I ) Smnh Frortoa ; <2) Mt^ HjirtlM 

(Allid) Hammond : <3) Mrs. KHmIHS Smilh. 
^USBBCfUCBk.'^LaiUiY. 1C05; m. fl> Mn>. i:!i/^Uth (Ugrain) PdaOipni; 

4.1ME»««iku* b. la Apr-. 1697; ni. KUtaEHtb Firtrjagr, 
+mS4iitiu,.^k 4 Apr, lfl»S; m. ^nh HimLli (100), 
*m Sajuji • K 12 Mar., 1701 ; m. Uwicon Hbmt-icr Didcinton. 
-tUI AsitiAiu* b. 19 M*r.» 17W1; tn. t^Titjomm StuiUloiL 
IM MiBT.B k 9 Mar., 1706; ni. Dr. Richonl Crouch, 14 Nov., 173J; d 211 
!>«■,. ITflS, nptni fiS; bud no <'biMr4-n Pr. Crouch in bi* will, 
proved 13 (kt. IT61, modioli^ hie viiv Mary, hia nopb^^AP Snmucl 
SbdiJon, soil hii rii*»ci' KxiH*ri*De* DidciriBon. hi» iM-jihi^w Rio.hjiril 
Croocb, ten of Edwotx) Omuch. of ibc i»lc of Wigbt, in 01<i Iit#:- 
-i:^"» KniEJUM,*b. 2 Aug., 1709; m. Dorothy Hftwl^, 
tVK liiptHiENrK.* h. : nuTiiiuiLhv Nimh. 

U ABIGAIL.^ dau. of UtsKtU JowjAi'^ {17), b. id lladlt^y, 9 Oct. J671; m. 11 
W. mt^ Joiuthin Smithy b. utxiur 1 f»i(3, ton of T*hi]ip itnd brotii<rr of Dfacnn 
MaSiiuih. vbo imttW Watflt«r, Jooona <£!>)' 

ll«r>i. ia HatSoM; d. Oct, or Xov., 1737; ehc waa li¥i»e m Anihorftl in 

ir JohmLUh 5»»iiA* L 10 Aug-, ISfiO; in, 6 Jan.. 17£S. lUnmdi Wnrht, 
dan. of Benoni Wrijiht, of HatUHd. Muu. 11? wn» a potUr lijr 
tcmdr; captain; iirm, to Amhcrtt: d. about 177^, lu wlmt it D0« 
Oranci', ^laM, 

Itt ItetifJ^tnitA,'* fx a Mar.. Ifiwa; d. in Amheral. 16 Nov,, l7eo. 

Il> iK|wr S«iil&/ b. 20 Apr, 1695 : tn. JonatlL^ti ParKin^. 

^^0 aUfktu Smitk,^ ]>. ^ Dec., 1G97; rcnj- to AmliATtil; d, in SundrrUoJ 
about nso, 

HI fhirf*n*# Swi/Ji • k 16 May, 1700. 

^•i JfM« Smth.^ b. 8 Sept.. 170^; la Kary Mawih. T^rhapi he motcd to 
Wan' Hivfr and d. about 17VJ. 

^-*h XfU 411 lli^ fljiifl M ^^ llllini l^^it, ar«T Knvirit'^ of KamitriplPTi, Conn , IfUA. 
. it<iinu|Ehlf^ nf William I.fiti4, un uriji^njil wtlW of Vt«rtrtiid. 1(V^. t^r^ Bol^ 
'^ *»■ ■ niAn ct rovHrknbAr ttrrnfith avd lirnfrry, unit w-u ftliUr^ M DRHIcld by Ibc la- 
»*^ 3 r^. 1701, 


This Eklumw« ix tiui Nkw Worlul 

143 Rluh^ Smilh,^ b. 10 JnU% l?Ofi; ni^ 8ani1t, dnu. nf Jo»ph Smith and 

Cuiack Waitc> b, U Oct, 1T07; tW d, IT OcU 1795. lie raD. to 
VihAU^tim^t} ir&£ called ""GMdMaDSnitb/' d-inWIiftti^j 

144 mht^M Smith,* K fi ^fny, 1706: m. 6 Nov.. 17M of 1799, BiduH 

Chiuaecy; d. in Whitply, 22 May, I7S0, aawJ ««, 

145 ^phrviim 5mli.<^ h. 24 Mar, 1711; di. Mnrtha Scott, itan. of Jowpb 

Scott and Lvdit X^cmard; t«& in AtlioL Maaa. 
14S aowi Sfiiitk,^ b. T Fcb<, 1715 ; m. (1) l?3<i« Abi^aU Scott, dao. of JoMpb 
Scott ud T^rdla Leonard. Ho waa deacon of tli« church in Aibol, 
vh«rc 1i« d, 9 iUr^ 17dS. 

S4. EMZAHKTII,-* dnu. of Lieut. Joi«ph» (11), b. 9 Oct> l«73j m. 2^ Not, 
1^91^ R8 h\fi mivoud wife> LietiiI^ John Na^h, b. 21 Aug., I1S6T, ton of LiffBi, 
Timotliy No^Ji, of New UaT<in, Unrtford and UadlcVi and Uebtou Ston^ dan. of 
Rcr. SaRini:! Stone, of Hjirtforrl. 

Hr wn« a hlai-k^^mith; Krjm^^UtiTit from Hadt^y, 1707, 'Id, '19, '20, 'H 
^28. '3L 

He d. 7 OoL, 1743, Ag«d 76 : flhe d, in W*€t Hutford, 4 July, 1750, a^ 7«, 
iiHil U buried beaidt! htx *iAlvr, PniiltiCLv- Mtrrill (3*1). 


147 R*J*«^f^ iVffijfA^ »). 27 Feb., 1333; iL 1 Xot., 1703. 

148 JoAn.Yi«A,"*b. 2 Julj, 1694; m. Nin., 1716, llaiirwh Iiigram, b. i» HaJ- 

k.v. 1- Ocrt., lGfi7, don- of John Inffraia nnd Mchitabln 1>]4. kiuon ; 
rem. to Ainl>-rEt. )Ta«^.. where he wo^ rlescon in the Con^r^tionnl 
Cbnrch; d. about 1778, 

149 JfosrjAiuA.^thS Julr.iefiO; m. (1) K«bcooa Gram, b. 4 May, 1700, 

dniL at Julin Univi^ Rnd Strah Whfti*; *he 1]. in Wivl Hartford, 6 

Oct.. n43; m. (i) 30 Oct, 1744. Marv Cook, ividov of faiacottttD, 

&ti^ph«n Kdlogi; (117); ro. in Wc^t B&rtford; d, tbvrt, 26 Jan., 

liLO, atjwi fl3. 
UO £iu«6tfift :SWA.^ L 15 Doc. 1G96; d. 31 Doc, »nmc jtar. 
1£1 r>iwo*Ay .V<vJi,» b. n Xor., 1C9!); m. ( 1 ) Mar, 17^2, hi* Maain. 

d<T»oe Smiih (101) ; seMM in f^ni; Me^nw, Mau.; d. 1^ Ml 

152 vlttjfli/ iY-wA« k 10 Apr., 17Wj m. 1 IX^;., I7J5. hif louain. Dvei 

AbtKlum Mc-rrill (159), of ttWt HaHfonl; d. 3 Ai»f., 1782: 

d. 17^3; hod iiTc children. 
1» St^tn AWA,^ U 2U S<;pt, not ; m. 2S May, 1729, bia ooumm Kliinl 

dcnitli (10:^); Bf^tled in Weitfleld: d. 17fi4; «h(id.ab(uit 171N}., 
IM i)aiifcl/raa^,*b. 8 D[?e,. KOG; in, Ablgnil ; rv«. lq South Oadl 

until about iht^ timv of \hv Ani^miin K^'otubon, wb/em hn rtm. 

ShMlmmi.^ Ma^; d. 24 Aufi-, 17:^]. a;^! A.I: »h* d. in Conwajr, 

Mftfa.. € Sept, IS^03. o^ 93; bad fl^; childrtm. 
U5 Saravfi Siuk,* b. 29 Jntr. 1'7W>; m. (1) L'i, n54, hU oouaib, Mftr- 

garet Merrill (lf^i'>; hf* m. (2) Mrs. DickinHm; rem. to 

iBtftoa and Owbtn. Conn. 
U^ Phintat SnjthJ^ b. IS Jan., 17i:i: d. 21 Mar.. Hiini-iYftr- 

Tns KBixoooe isr thb New Woaux 4& 

157 £ii«« AaM,^ b. SI Apr^ 1714; m. 18 F<-ls 1736, Joaoob Ban&rd, b. I 
(Vt. Hid, dAiL of Xh. John B^mard^ U 19 Nov.. IGTd, and Bri^a 
Cook. He vaa « bladc&nuUi in Uadiey, Uftae. ^ dt^acon in tbc 
tbmtli; d^^AtiK-, 1708; sbed. 10 Mnr^ ITftS^tgcd Se; hid ftw 

3i PBUDENCE/ dau. of Utui. JoMph* (17), h. in n^dloy, U Oct. IST5; m, 
XL lUrtf«d, 16 Apr- Iflsy, Doaeon Abraham Mrrrilt, b. ai Dec, IflTO, con of 
Ttatmi Inlm Mmill, iif Wi-j^t Hnrlfurdp Anil Bamh Wnlsiiii. 

Sht d, 21 SopL, 1747 ; he <L C Sew, Mine yur. Kcfc in Went Hartford and 

U hb vill, 11 Di*c.f 1735, ht^ inf-»tioni,i! all of Uir followiiis chitdrtoi, t^tce^i 

U» fWm^ V«rni/,^ b. 2? Bw., 1700; ra^ SO June, 17tO, Eb^escer Sedg- 

U9 i&r4ltfm .Vtrnil,^ b. 3 Doc., 170:^; m. 1 Doc, £725, hi* raiuiii, Abigad 
XjwJi (15?); H. iTSa 

IGO i^oiJ M^mU,^ b. 141 Jan,, i7UG, 

Ifll J^pfc ir#mfi» b, aft Itftr., 1707. 

1^ Jforytrtfi M^rriU? h. Jane, 1700 ; m. 24 JaiL, 1734, hfx cotiib, Samuel 

Nft«h {nb). 

m ShuAHk iitrriU,^ b. « ftcU ITll. 
m JmaKo Merriii;^ b. lH Nor.. 1713. 
mt /MrR4 Merriil.^ Up. Apr, 171i> 

* EBKXEZER,^«onoi Lieut JoBcpU» (I7).b- in Hftdlcy.SS Not., 1677; m. 
aCUr^EHEer, 6 Julv, 170$. Habel BnUer, h 168?. dau, of DaoUO Bullcr, of Hart* 

f&od, 3 8«pC 174lf; ho d. 22 Au;., 171^ 

Itvniia. to ColoIteneT, Conn.. wtifTf^hehad been arc^ited a« an EnhnbiUiil of 
I** toni ami recc^iTed a jrrant of a home lot, 16 Mar,, 1703-04, 

Kb viJl, 1^ S^t-f 1745. provcrl 3 June^ 171^^ bequeathe all hh rtal octaU to 
'ovdj too, EbtiwivT, to irhom ho also bequeathed *^hJs Kcgixr CKcar,* ouly with 
i^otcdition Ihatif C««ar ta u mind to choose a nov ina4t«r thou my vUl ib that 
■VFaB Kbfn<>:a*r iJiall irl] !iim to nui'l) a maKU-r nn yn rM OcMir »hall i-htmrn^J* 
^^ifttioa M^ that Cmor, who d. H Auj^., 177l.aji:cd 5A, Tcuaincd with hiajoung 
ia*«. iitfl dl«d from dnnkir^ cold vat^-r nfi^r moning. H« also maition« In 
^ hhrfl^ Mary Mtrrill ami PruJoiici" lit^Scrl*; also {granddaughter*, 

^ T'-' '-. -lUo and iCU:uilM;tfa iCcbprtii, who»c mothers were dead. 


1&I AaiQAlu* b. 25 Juu^- 1707; nu Gillette 

^H7 EnEVEZEX.^ k 90 Jan., 1710; m. Abijeail Rovrlrj. 

*%m ««fv more f-lrailful Ld CtTmitrllrut hjkI RTkhJ^ laUad than in MBnuuhuveUtt 
*^U U* cmIr. New h^njiluid aUw* vcri.- not uTiliuirtii, fer tiicrV wen; Ucvtcd nclT. uid 
'W PKr I jri T ^^ f ift tir }i* DiPTT 1q Ibr wtml aI i-irriini*ldr,ii*«, fiavtllivrac tAj* of thcw- 
■ cxdii^lfd fK-D the W«iiie9tlc ilTnTtieinA , U Jamilirt oj nilddl« rank, tbey 
4 - at Ot« bnhi<l ^ «ad tfhcti tlm drclit rt^Mrxl nnniEid tho «T«ciiop hMuth il» 
^ut |-w«w) va tfjcir dAPl:. thinir^ hcM. inUrmii^d ftmihirlv with tkvii iDiut«r't ehll' 
<!>& It mttt'. hflTtf wAlfflnit^l T« rwAnfllk thmi xa iht^r InL that U117 «aw vhlte luen tiki 


The Kiuxoooi i» tiir Xkw Voun. 

tCit RuxAarrn ■ b. 2^ Sept, 17IU; m. fiobM». 

169 MA«v*b. :? JLTie. 1713; m, ft Nm„ KM, TinwUiv Mwrill, vtm ol 
f\aUuiiiicJ UiorilL 

170 rHiTi>]:Kr-K,>k«4n(e.,171T; m, C Mar, m«, WilliAm R«b«rU, Jr 

JOKATHAN'.* ™d <if Lic«L Joerph» (1T>, k in Hadkr, 25 D<^. UW; m. 
a Jau,^ 1711, iVnii XcttloD, b. in Colebi^ftlrr. 13 Apr, U92, tUd. of Jnm%« X«vb>n, 
of Kingston, R. I. 

Sited, U Aug.. 1769; bed, S Aug.. 1771 : both in Coklttt^ter 
Hj» bvoth«Tii, Ebenoicvr anil Xtthuiitfl, ubd otbu»^ ^d t^ JiwjitliBti Ki llof^' 
of Wc«t5«1<1. Xhtif £100 nghC> ^mnW tl^cm fnr the eiici>uni£««ii«itt of tLi- Ittild* 
mg of a aavmiU in Colclioat^, and it u probabl<y that he rfmarcd to CoUfitater 
about tbn tin^. n^ paiir to liU vtf>. Nm^K V^ Apr. 17ft5, nn orvotinf of "Ion- 
rm^ p>oA will thftt 1 hnw tot my woll bcloTnl and clutifiiL "^u* UnA of Coldic*- 
t«r, a negro boy. about lU ywrs old, nsiDod Ktua" 

+1T1 JoxATttJiy,^ b, IS S<pt» 1713; m. Mary Xiltf. 
-)-17S Joarpu." b. 6 Jone. 1714; m. Sarah Clart:. 

1T3 Uabokht.'^ h. 10 Attf.. 1715; d. 30 July. 1736. 

174 Av*r.^ b. aliout 1718; tn. Jobn WelU, Jr. 
H-175 liUAXU^ b. about 1733; m, Abigail Korthnin. 
+176 STBTttHK.^ b. 13 Mot.. 1734: m. (l) Mnrtha Wdb: (t) Mn. Sai 
(Prnl) Hart. 

177 .SiL*s-* b. 11 Jan.. 173*-J3 ; d- Sd Jaly» 1739, 

17$ MAB^rtK,* b. 15 F(ib.p 17:m-35; d. :f6 July, 1738. 

179 U?tKAMK» IsrxKt,^ iL 9 Mur., 1737, a^l 8 wMfk*. 

€8, f^AHAH.'* dau. of Oaokt^ (19), b. in XorralJ:, Fi^.. l^Q; m- Daniel 
Briiumac^ of Stratford^ son of John and Mary ftHn^nude. fli^ d. Oct.. 1709: 
abe a. (Z) John Betts, of Konrallc. b. 10 )Ui, iciJ3. mu of Tbouia^ BotU vIm <1. 
1688, and Uarj, hU vifc. 

tfunn l!mpor(«il hwo £<»rop«. u t^cj ha^ been tmn AlHda. add mU, ibrmah m^f ter a 
I'm of jHTv, yH a* •vliml iiUtm to tb« hifbHt bt^tW." Konw of tboH UMIe »«a 1«t 
aahU hvm In Hrr^n. H w r*M Uiut ike rwordt ofi Ibc4r toinlM*ftH. HOb tfliKMit 

^Ood villa u» frw; num willn iu> »lAtf«^ 
I wfU HP Ood villfl, God'a nill l» d«np. 
Umt Uh thB bwly ol 

A aativ* flf Airiim, w^ 4i«t Slirfh. 1773. «^ alnue nBOf JPBan. 
Thi>ii)(h bnrn in k UiihI of klBTMy 

Hf wn* bntn frw: 
TliLniieh he littd ta « l«*J irf litirny* 

lie Uwd A «kTl. 
TiQ br 111* hiHiivt flkoiijE^ tli^lraft lftb<v»« 
Uc HiJifcd th» n«H of flWvniyp 
Wklrh j[ftn biM frwdom. 
Thao^ sot iMir b»f«r« 
Dfttlb. Ib» fnud tyrant. 
<r«t> [iIb hi* BiVit piranfitsndflti. 
Ami put liim cm a Ibotlnv with Kfac^^ 
Th'i<iiEt> a «liii« (tf ^itT. 
It« pnctifird Uct« rtrtvM 
tVllteat wbicfe Ctnfft arc Uit Umi^'* 

— Odiobm and rk>bJonii i* OM K^w SaalB 

TiiK KcLLOQOfl i» THE New WoaLD. 


Chiliirra, 6, in Sitaiftnd. 

180 jVffry Erinnttu^^ h. nlinui \^<. 

181 ZJltntr-f IfriV^m^i'/r^ (Lirut), b. about 1687; ic. 

Fltb MD. Bev. 

L>4mo] Brinema-je^ k 31 July, 1718, vfts T&r fonyfour yi«T9 tbr? 

ptttor or the chunrli, in whfti U noff Wtfthtngton, Conn., «rlH*rv hi- 

IM Apr^ 179Su 
18? Abisail lirinsmade? b. nliont 1«91. 
Ig3 SiuituW AnfUfiuflf,' tk about 1691. 
im /Ifiri Briitntuic/#,^ b. nWut ITOa 

U. MAKV,« duu. of IMnicI* (19), U I'cb., 1661; m. & May, lOdO, Jo«eph 
riatt, oon of D««4ioo Gidwrd Piatt t&d Mftfj . of Mitfor^, 

At A lovo mmtiiij|r ia Nonrnlk, 1$ Jsa, l(>Tif> it wb« rot^ ''in coDsiiJeratum 
oC lli« good et-nico thai lit t^uldiera acnt out of tin-* (f^wno uigap^l and pt^rformod 
by thorn in Uu? Iiulijut wurr, uUt of rtw^t and tiiujLlcfiiliii<M to tlir- itny<.<d Kouldicn, 
iIim; witb ODc CDRtccit and frcdy, give and grant unto *o mmiv fouldi«ni m were in 
th«* wrrice at the direful ewamp t^jflit, tvi?lT«?< aoocv of land; fin^i eight acora of 
btDi) to HO tiLaiiy »Di]|d]rr-i aa wi-rt' in i\\v %w\\ ujitAtilrrablt- Mrvjiv; uluI fuun* 
aeon to tboffC iotildit.Ti an wore in tbt- nvit ci>njiid('mbtr nr^rtfico/' Ftrb. 2], tG98, 
tb* b>wii gnjitfd 10 "Jo«pph I'btt, si: b<^ vra« « jwulditr out in th^ »rvi<^ against 
(he eo&UDon cnrruy. aa a gmtl&cA^iou for hia fsqu^A Mnricu, do ^i^ ^Q^ grant uuUi 
htifl t^^ acnsi of UnJ, to ulci' it up n milL* from town, ond ^liuarv it hvn frue not 
Vet jritvht upon [>) 4m f^tbiT pi*nh>nii/' 

U<«. IB MiKord/bc ^. before 10 Not,, Unn. 

1«& ifory Pi^H,^ b. — 

ISft fftrAtff4f fi«fr* U. 9 Aug, l$8t, 

187 JowpA riu(/* I, I Fik, ifisrj. 

188 BpfHctM I'htt,^ h, i: May. LG96. 
1^9 .^iomii /'A^a. K 3» AUr. 1702. 

JUary Piaif,» b. ti Slay, 1704- 

K RACIIKU* dou. of D&mt.-P (19). b. FeL. 1^^; m. Abrahain Nichols of 
NoniuTT] ^traifordr U Jau., 1^6^. &oti of Caleb Nichols ajid AldIc Ward, IVr^ 
ltt|n thfj n^dod tti Ihut pnrt of i^tnUfurd Vf\uch vtaa iucvtimnU'A ha TruTiitmll 
in 1?&7. (tiantiitftoo and Brid^rcport were alfo ^ct off from Stmtford.> 
It i« ao4 IcDown vboD Ditbor dUd- 

l»l 7«j-pA A«Aob,» b. 21 Sept, I«ft5. ' *'*'-' Crf/-^;f# 
152 />,i.iiV/ SuUU^ b. «; A(>r., IdST; hl Honiuih r«^. 
il*:t W^fr AVA<'>-»,* b, 31 Ocu 16S^'; m» Kdiathan Pe^rt 
191 ^«Mi^f ASrAoiN.^ U 9 Kor., Ittm ; m. %hrarui Booth, 
1 .^« b. 15 A'pt, 1*106; 1XL. Abipiil Walker. 

■." hap. 7 0w„ liifl?*, 
Itl lfi*rA ^'tii'At^ \\. Mar.. 17M : m- St4?pk-ii Bun-wKh*; their win Tan Ihe 

tulbr (if thi? IX-cmiul CuriviL^' Sy^ti'oi of tho United Statcv^ 
IVft ri»^V SichiiU^ k tJ Jxilv. I7i«; nL Vh^itu Tbwiia.-i P«t, 


Tub Keli.ogo« ix tub New Worjj). 

40. DANIEL,^ ton of Danid' <19). K tn Nomtk. 7 May. 1671: n. . 

Ho wojL a farmnr; nt^ in Korwalk. lie cL tJierv, before 28 Jntr, 1709, wbim tiM 
inrentor^^ of hit aUt^ wa« tAkm. At this time, the o^Etx of the childmt ^rvxt 
aUU*d. Dank-1* about 10; John, about S; Benjamiit, about 5; Johannib, Dear 3 
yavrvoM; EluuMph, abuut oTUf vwk oM. 

"Un 18 Axtf; ITOOt Daniel Colbfic and Jowph OUokc pmv^tcd to the Pn>- 
balo Court in Fairfield, th« ijivcntor; of Daniel Collo^ late of Xonralk, d^ 

Tlie csMfi wia appniiaod at £50-t, 8a., 9d., and wn difftribnt«d to !ua foitr 
MD3 and one daughter, 4 Apr., 1710 

DiKiEL.** b. 7 May, 169d ; in. Eunice Jarvte. 
Ji>u>'.^ h. 1701; m. Ann Colcjr. 
J^i:n'jami^.*> L 1V04; m, KUwibcth ^ , 



SOS JoAXXA,* K 1T0«; d. tiefore Mar,, 17$0. 
-4^S03 EuAaAPn.^ L about SI July, 17(19; m. Itacfad Buwdict 

47. SAMUEL/ t^n of Pantrl^ (19), Ix in r^onratk, "tbo htN^r onik of F«b-, 
1073, it beifk^ ye 19 day, S&C«nla> ni^ht ju&t dark/'* a6 it is r««ordf^^ in th« Tomtt 
Hecordsof Norvttlk; m. |I) mJvonvalk, G Stpt„ ]7<H, Sarah Platl, b. in Nor- 
vn\k, tl Mav, 1678, lUa of Hi^wm Johr PUtt, him! Hanmih Ctart. 

8he d. 10 Nor^ 1750, aged 73; he m. (S) in Wilton, tl Mar, 17:^5, Mr»- 
Sarah (Lookvood) Htckok, b. 1<>7S. widow of BeDjamin Hiekok, d^u. of Joaa- 
Ihnn r^iocrkwom!, b. in \Viili'Hj>wii, Mn»., 10 S^jit, 1034, mid Uarj Ferri^ of 

Sbebadm. (1> ^5 Jan.. ]70i>, Nathaniel Selteok. who d. U Atig , 1712; <2) 
IkfLJaiBto nickok. At tSc? timt? of her marriage to Bamucl Kf^llogx. ihe vaa in 
hor faronty' third year, ard he wn* in hi» eighty third, and it may wcU hm eailed, 
as it u in S^1teck*B Nonralk, ''.the mod remarkaDe nt^dding that ever took place 
in NorwaU/* (Wilton was* Uiktn from Norvulk irt i^'i.j 

Hit d. 13 Oct, mi ; thi' d 17fl5, hrr will bt'iriK duti^d 10 Jliii., Kfi.S; prcvwl 
93 Feb>, some yaar. In ihi« iD&trameot the cncntivDod children Jiamed ScUeck 
and Hcooz. 

Hr owrv*d n^nvidrrnlik land m vrliat ih now New CaanHc. ari! hrri! mamy nf 
hia dMCcndanta iiv(?d. Uc bought the JArd vi^t^t of Whitncir'n mill bnck almoat to 
Povkaacua Path. 

Hv coDvvjod to hia childrm homoe on Manin'a Hlilgc, Clapboard llill and 
other parti of How Ctoaan^ but aomo one haa laid that tha "KcUojoe* didn't own 
all of Clapbofml Hill" Tie g%i*r to "Tx>iiiu' m-ii SAtntKU one-half of hia home 
"lot," rewrrin^ improvement durinbC his natuml \\(ry. 10 Apr, 1H9. 

Afl*-r til* doftlh of hU loii Saiuiu^, ht cunveied the ether Imlf of hla bofOti lot 
to '^Ijoviog grandchildren, daii^^trnt of mj aon Samneli don^ucd,'' whkh waa de- 
acribed as ''wren Acr«a vith dwdliri^ houf«^ botindod rovth by conntry ro*d ; M 
other aidt-fl by highway and common land," n^ervinf: improvrvn^nt of saioe dtiring 

*"Tn the irtvntrentli fvnIiiTj Iht^ trinket cf nncillr^nv liAri imt whnlf; cut ftcandrr trem 
ftBlrrilDjfT 41141 jtrirriirrmnf/: HHil llii* tniHUri|[ Oiifttiuii *L)n lM'|j#tHf in iioav nvalt Isflii- 
■nipjt, iLlf^lly ^Uni'lJir^', vlilcli i^citrn^J mtt iiuly t«ik <:rii]>i S'lC liLi (itilib aihI llfr- Upmv 
tbr fttlfin v^ biitlm jii (Jiv l^iHi' ir>iuUj r^** thv Utntr juil ri'tmjti-, an wrll «« tins 4aj* 
ngnUi Asd jwr. That <vnM !>? nrciirAtflv mkiilntf^) nliat Itvoiinf «r niiHiiW-bm4ia£ 
pUitttb wm in vrrniki>r> ni it" linw ^f t&j^ rhlldS Mt(h i nliul ihflDMu.ta bo vnnU buT* 

Toe KELUtoaa m thk Mew Wi>ki.dl 


IKJ and 1714; mcm^ of the Couiecticut A»cmUy ; on c^mniittoc to Met Uir 
flffff mMtisg bouw, 3 Jon^f 1773.* 

Ckildrxn, b. tn Koncnik. 
^ HaIu n,' U 2C fl(rpL, 17G,'i ; m. — - — . 

Sajiuel* b- S3 IVc, 1706: m. Ann . 

UAftT « b. 99 Jan^ ITOtL 

UikTix,^ b. 23 Uar., L711; m, (JJ Uftnr Lockvood: (2) tfcrcy 

t&i AklOAiU^ b. t£) Jan., 1713, 
+» Ltdu.a b. 30 Oct., J71A: m. 'llieophiIti> Fitch. 

-flio GtDEON,^ b. 5 D9C,, 1717 ; m. H&ntiali . 

fSn &>ftXKn.'S,^ b, 2fi June, 1719; m. Jemiin& Rogei& 

a JOSEPH/eonof Pmiipl* (IS), V in Xomalk, Afar, tftrft; m. (t) M 
^rT„ nCH, Sunk Plum. d^n. o( Jolm Plum, of Milford. Coiu, 

SIimI 17 Aug., 171S; bona. (?) 10 Oct., Mmoyimr Mix Uan- Lyon, widow 
*t JUdnw Lyon, of XonraDc. 

Hi* d. before ?1 Juu, IT^I, when bia C9Ut« wa£ di^rlbutcd to hie wid^^w, 
Uu); ADvu, JuM-pli, E>avid and Bi'njiunin; djuigbber*, Rliialwthf Samh, Radai-I 

1!» rot. in Korwalk. hie hom«it«ad being doscribed in a do«d from hte 80B> 
DiAl, IT OcL, nZiif AH foJIovit: "Seirji ucrvK riun< »r liw nmr ith? (rmif Brid^r^ 
t««M n. and w. by highway ; c. br hijfhu-Av or romiDon land ; f. by honif^ lot 

Egwu the owner of oon^dcr&blc Und oa Appcum in tht; dtrmon of hUf«tatc 
n I'll. SovMt of bi« rblldm, m vHI ah Uioao of hip brother, Snmucil, uvrp 
tm|; (be eirly fvttli^rfl of ''CanaAn pHrith/' 

ARcr his detth ebo nL Bcnjoniin Sctiddcr, of HQntiu)rt'>n* 1<- 1- Mr. Sffod- 
4riWtarf 11 Jbd., irSfi, nftuht witN filled '-^Vidow Beudilcr" !ti n dn^ nt thit 

^m EuxxuL-Tli,*' b. 5 OcL, n03; m. Itonid lUrd. 

fan 8*tti}i"b, Ji Apr., 1706; to, Samnel Rwd. 
ni J«irmt.'* b. S€ &?t., 1707; d. num. about 1750-35. 
[..'* b, 15 July, 1710: m. WaUuin K«sA 

tK.^ b. I Aiig., ITl^i in. Waring. David and Benjamin 

Ivflloi^, DaniH, Somuc] and William Uccd made a divieion of the 
bndiiof our fnthcr. Jciiirpli Kt'1k>j;j,\ dK'tUM'dr And (}io mtnk' "of oUr 
HAtcTt Ilftunoh Krilojrjr, *iliw \Vftrin#(, d«r'd, 1'j Not^ 17*17." 

-^'f )urii>.<^ *>. 2X S^pt,, 1715; in. Jodith noimond, 
J r^cxjAiiiN » U ;'rt ft'i'l., ni7; ni. Mrt. Ljdia ffhiloej. 

'Thr chufdi tjipfiei vTt« tlicn p^d by fcncnd l«kolloa, «nd Mcb ye&r ■ n3iiiiLtii,u<Q 

t^fna^ rk' M^-^ iv n eajt Hi* u0nbn» *A th* cttDpYfewtion uoordinjr io Ui«&r wulih. 1b 

V >^T*r mtptvX to afC4 aitil i>fllclil rank, il wan pruvi'lnl th»l cxffry 

.. 'j-«il SuL fur m^ ivaf i}l liik a^. mil that a mplam ihould bf* nllon^ 

If *■*! f fcu UX li (junuiBBl (tuand an KkIiivi IV Thli m»Uiin feiu rvtlcd dlgnifytng tlia 



Dicki&fon, b. Id Ja»., If^^it, datk of Nathaniel Olckin«nt3, of IIiiilK. b. AngH 

Hi* iL it] OvU-'lMultf. Cona, ^ Aq?., nO&; *h« «L tl»i<n>. 3 Aug.. I^I^j. 

Wlini hut luotlier Aiiit yutinger bn>llkt>ri Jo^iTplw wrre lE^t' .' Ti ' 

in the aUocfc oo llalfidd,' IS Scpc. 1677, he w»« lAktTi pr; 
Ctofldii, lit* r^m. lo Ci^Mu«tor nfttrr HOI -. l>oi]f;tJ Lmul t}ien% fmin iiU brothrr. 
NaUiftnieLtG Mft>. 1707. 

Ill Uu^ invt-iiUiry of hh enUUr. lUW tl Sept, KOtI, hi» prnoiul projKTly WW 
tppniM^il At £%AT, Uk Hlt will. <lAt«0 ]» Apr-:. 1*'^^ proriMl 7 Jad.. followi 
laentione nil nf the chiMri'n niinuvl bduv. 

+31$ Samuel,* U IS Milt, 1CQ1 : in. Abitrail Strrlin;:. 
+W0 JoaEpji" b, H JuBo. IBflfi; m. AligAil MtlW. 

+8?« EuKlCK* b. 3 Ang^ 1701; m. BcnjEinin ^uitorftold. 

1671; Ri. (1) MiLrK«r«t 

tfon of Samuel^ (-^0). b. in Htttftctd. 4 Ju&r, 
; sho d 15 Puc, 174;, agvd 71; Iw m. («» 2? 
Hsj, 174d, Mk. Friscin& Wmjams, of Colchosh^r, 

Ho d. 2^ Aug., 17^7, ncvd hC ; thi: record of Ww detth ftaton that hfr had boon 
that morning in town, 

-Un tlrfi lUib of S«|if., la::. tU* ImlisnA ilUtlvd fUlSvl'L bufiinl b-tvin r 

■III* lt>r imKbiJlf*. fJU'l kiJltJ or raptnrr*! oicHt nf IliPir firrnpiiiil*, aeiJ h« r: 

tr I iiiiipl] . Till* xunUiniji wi-tr Inrljini fmm (^iiadm muAm A^lifwlon, aAiI WltJi 

llirj rctrvAtpd TLUThnlly up tfir^ rlvpr. .^nruuf ^^tv n]itiiiiil m-ii* *'*""T1 BrilMffi "jp * Ty 
^'IC^V ji^ UJ? v id, Auil Ahullj;! Uir <vi^ nf nriijAniin W■t^^ nrlfi Si^V dllllaftft. Jj«ty, UsrUUI 

tlHt llfitt froity t»f nliilj*^ rrrr t^kvn ehi ihr -ai ]i>iiriitfjr bi nflm lTitVf1?il ill htt-t rr^rt. In 
i»r4Ui!ri>J lyr-Ut ihcy tnrCMvl the wx-xl". ihc lajJiqiK iuoUjitin;; tW »<►!"■ *>i TifAMH av4 
Ifirits lljfll lime hhfuld iu,t Iomt ^itf *iM>t^ip't-, fr W ^&M-i>rarM! by Uw trt^flnh. If folkrWDd> 
Thft" hnhnl fnr Ifii^ ni^ht tif>«r thv irlolith of llr^rlh^loiv Itrm^lf^ niihl iit il^ilin^tk L-rA^MVl 
<'4>nntviii-u[ tiiVMt tU Sht*M»n'A H/vkn- hVoni Vn* ^li^iv tmi rt'i-n uprt «,-iir TuM; ro tfcr 
tndil atiii r>^arnj4! vit>i nktrit |rn rtnr*M loawlrH utilfi iHtm anil iiirirr (iiYriiaHin*. Hvt* 1|i*y 
iziartMl on Ufra, an wn> ihHr rti'tonK Ifii^ nunibtr 'jI UI1*»I ovC oaptiifrt. CVniltiuInK 
Lhutr rinrcti. t'ley rnHtr^l tli^r riivt ii/iun nt h^k(mriL]i»^»i jiiuL tdiriimj fr^ thn nic^ii » fm 
ruJIa jilKivr, Heir lli<? ui|i[t>n were ftukrj ilu^«u nuJ toU Utv hidj^n Uw vu <o ih> iUa 
fur dJnr »ur*™»irr nijcfvU- iWy iinf fpftti^ ovil <m lh«r l*rl&, liiir imiM mnd U)it *tr*lcb«d 
cut kiui fjuteiMd to lTi« cruucd with Jvtidc*, And * c^rd tiH aWii> the M<k so Ikal th<y 
Ooitli 'i^r DE> wAyjiJ About Oct. ±0. Oiv viboli* ptrt mnni lunnrLU C^iindA. Twc^ vrrr 
kilted by the way. thu tvmK irtr3[r^1«il iMt Krrrifh or tn^iiui tiyA-Mii about tht ftrKt oi J«>- 
Tti« |ivi]plc* r>f 114. lUy fiiimtiwl I<jt «i>mc ifiKUn^rn. but rolunstit uit'i tii> tiding* of tb* eap- 
Ikv^. II v\* gcnrrnlfj^ l^oii^il ibit llip atlnck nak nuul^ fcy lf*ii Mohiwln. and Dmjamta 
Wvil', «)ic«ff fp-riiL^ n^tM muvttt »W4iy. i1#li*nrilE]t<d U* ni^ri tliiT* ifi**ivid'd, H» ImtnTM tb» 
Tildrrnna oTcr Uip lloour Mouniaia* UoL fc<uiiil nn tnuv uf the lujtravdFri. Up tomib* 
WliiAnt tliJil Vif Mc.'hunk.« ivvir iiuiUviit, ^VIlL ^triilitin Jriiiiiii|;»., aIiuh* wif* dvd fllll' 
dTrn vnrt kito tnf>tiir>^d, he Tn«u]c ihr jauic^y t/> Oirurbi in 11-r mnt^^, AH th' |BrlKi(Mra 
wuro miiiHdDfit 1^ Ui* livlp -I <^<iVrtnor >>oo1r*w»r uf<on I't |*A>i4En( -■! !**» fimilrvl 
Moada, On ttio iSd of .l^n,^ lif-fi>rv W^iln rould hat* rrt'irnM fj^m QurS*r. "kit uif^ f;mT* 

birth to « ehilJ nh* wa* miinf^l Ca»>»'i- "' » .*..i,. i^va in <T»|-Uvity. iiii^H#a 

-fotqih Smiitin nf llndli-y. aitd tlioir > S. H <M„ l7iV7. m. ClUbA 

SmiU fU.lKli. 10 -Inly, ni»:*. M^n pf i. sMk-i'M f< -It-rr ■ TW.' m.- 

malnril jb Al^iy Ilri> day^, H l< uid ib^y v<it,iT. tvriii:^ 

ir!i«r« tlin atrl mra od bctx* fmo lUtttfrM. Tlkrv rvdi^ 'A : ' K 

and wjim rrvrli*'.) lUllWM \u mtvly, Tiw ^inf of ihi-'tr ^ 

diyn ll«t4tld, t**i kii'*. Kiily <loip» Ulft ■ xirl rt,*i i r 

tlvity. On 11» ^ i^f Mojr« the whoU party tUfa«J ll^ir .:.r... i^ih^i rt^r^ ttir t«<ji",«LU|r 
wak v^nt frmn Alboay t 

Till KxLEj0009 IK TOE Ncv WoniDi. 


TU towQ of C<Ach^t9T granted* 1^ Uar.. 1703-04, to **NaUiAniol Kellonr 
UflStniucl I'cJM Hhvtty Ui $>fl up u ^vriniU ■>» vr bmok Calnl jv goavtvnon 
Indc & ihttv to hdTc je etrciuse bo Itmj; Uiuj maLctomc a awmilt there & to bite 
ilptDfir Hi or bt^forv jro Ust of Jjrptc^b-^r nwrt" 

^odiA&icIl K^Wg^ wu dicacn Wa; Wftrd«ii* 38 Dt£., 1701. Hi- niu dxMCti 
CilkcUT 171 1; OD cosaintU«o to lay o«tt conT«nionC "i[i4;hwa]»<' 31 i)vc^, IT IS. 

Al ft mrvtiiig ! Oi^L, 1511, •"llii* lowii iiinKi^Ji'Hn;! (he ^n>Ht r]M*<*Fity of s 
Rbab faovtCr'' flppotntciJ him octcr of the committer lo flDiAh a fmmv gtvea b3r 
bft Gi[b?T^ lo the to«m« t&d /'lo hire a Bchool ma^er sb ^p^dy on they can con* 
nsumtlt for Uu» wtnter."* And At th« nmc mc^tiuc he vs* appomUil, with Sorft. 
9rt% (r> l«v otit ■ hiifhwfty Trout north Mid of tQo towo tmco Jen>niiAh« A mtlw 
lArti to Ibe tovm,** 

H« vft8 nm^ a joint propHctor of Colcheeter, B Apr, 1713, 

Thi- Uwrn pniiitrd lo him \vrn\ Uiivi' otJu-m, 2:1 Spj>1-, 1720, Uhrrty of thi» 
rtmm nainimf; tfan»tgh Jonathflti KcUoggf'i mcn<iow, with ten Acm of land for a 
VBiQ df gTuteiill. 

H* ■*» appuibtml 14 Sept.. 1730, wiUi TupL Wn^hL a I'orrirftiltj-i- U> umni^ 
Bi1iC«i LtaaG Ijothropi, of PI>-moutli, Uniiit., for cxchaufco of bin Ifimi fo iw to 
ait[fa4f* agropfiumt imio Ijttlwirnn Hnimdnry, 

HiftTUl,dat^S? Apr., 1756, pro vt^d m 17ST, maitioT^H hia wife Pn«dlU. b&B 
tcaJdiD, daus. Uar{pirv4 CampMd. ^dith TruK nnH lAflm llopfon, aDd f^nuid- 
^Om, OhArlm Krllo^iK. of IklUm, Niithiiiii>! Krllnc?, KHiwhdh CUrt. Sirwh 
ftfifbsa, Di>L|>bt Andnte, Harj^iirct Webb, Ann K^llo^^, David, l^zra, Abji«T> 
BmM^ lAda. Margrtrrt. SamK Oliver "nd Ru*fif II Krllufy^. uiul Sarah rrorkeTj 
ndbJi daijghtcr-m-bw, Lydio Kcllofjf. 

Ckiidrfn, first firo b. in fiadlty, oihtn in CoMntiAr, 

tta MiftOAHKT* b- 15 Vvh., I«97-»8; m. C*nipii*ld. 

itU Ewtba* U 13 Nov.. irjy^i uu Jowph PratL 

-i-tU NaTHaxiel,'* h. m Colch««ter, tf May, 1703; m. Blitabctb Witliama. 

+ft< Sakah • bL 27 Ufc, 1707; m- Ili^v. Jwhih t^-wu. 

-ftn LYii]A,^b. d£»MAy. 1710; m. (1) John Uopeon; <S) Henry iUJM. 

i% AavKK,^ b. about 1716; m. Lydi« OtiiL 

*'*rnm Alhanr, May S3, 107$. 
^ -To Uj Lflflng KrUDdi A K&ndnd «t HatAalil. Th«M l«v l(n-t itP la l*t pit 
NititmJ 'Jut ■* nn* mntvsd ti AHmnj n^iw •nth th» f«ptlv»*, auJ »* nfm «Unjl m nwd 
■tMHuwr, with ny iHur;« U v^t; gmlA ftnil IkrAvr; and Thifrpfrirn »n,T 1)la1 hnth itny 
Wbflv ocadHlo^ It^ It mwfr ttiam lu came and ridpt m iti t1ii» BlruJL'ht TLtn* la ^ 
*^«f<lt^fB lli*Ljir« inafilnriij— t^U CkuJiamii PI>i»(ri47n. Stumid Kmit't itnujchtcr. ^muol 
witL All Ihr ml tiv Jtlivr nnd wrtl ur/« villi irir nl Al^jnnt* nrntiivl)'. OluJiAb Dick«a- 
■Mid hb «bUiJ. M»f f KwU And lirr rhiU, Hbuoah Gcnnbfe* Ani her 3 ehildrt^. Ablgftll 
■BtlL AUipLlI llATthni^VMV, Goo^mmi Oilfirutn'n chttdrrn, --^tnu^l Kulln^^ my yrltit utd 
vr^lUran ^9^ <Jiiiii|ln l4Uiekw«l[. I pmj jcu hiiit^n llic niAttor. fi?r it ftqiilntfi jg^vAta 
ta^ Way hM far r* tinlil^Mi, nir Hhwinv of horuiL H* nhitl tiid*itTniiT tn mM>i* yad 
tt&McrhtHle. II my hr nt lloiisnitoiioek. Wv Tnunt ftf'nir vpt^ wat\\y Ivnuv nf lur wlnii 
n| 4iUraii. t itntjf fati. hHni*n ttii>m, Atfty nat nl^l^i nfjr ilay. for w (nfliti>i rnqmn-tli 
fVtbuL Unni prmtHlo'^u vltb JVU fsr Ul Yoitr ti^Hntf kfnrtniBn. 

"'IIKNJAMIN tVAin:.' " 

'Al ftllMaj, ■fJtUri ftua uijae nunc litifuL An I hf vb Uvn lUTcvtnl tu irour*^ alt Umt 
*"< lft1tiFTfe», bv nffMtfif lo njp Dov, KTid hA»Un >« m*ltfir «nil tUy not, itad tAti^ dla of 
Ajikvtff*. V«« ihall nol pfcd lo hr atniti uf »nf *ti«ii;««." ^Tbe (3cn*raor rtt*fc¥*d the 
WA U" 2I11T1 'if ^Ut sib] tbfi ni*it dnv iwtit a^iv* ol VVAitf>*4 li>ltrr lo nil Uir nhriTAihiu ti> 
^ ' 'it* on ihat oiv^'iori v-jth tb? r<t'mTivi«ipIalUD that a r^ntribuLion Uft 

Vv !.fiTt-« l>#- tiU*H «!> th i»wri' i'<mnT*irmiirtn. Tliit faiiohSnH ii|>|H>jil of 

^0 ' txv HTid minr nn ryiorln^ ilropp«tf on Um? aitaf □! rliartty 

52 The Kelloggs is the New World. 

+329 JoHH,"* b. about 1717 ; m. Mary Newton. 
+230 EzBA,« b. 6 Sept, 1724; m. Ruth Welle. 

57. SABAH,^ dftu. of Samuel^ (20), b. in Hatfield, 14 Apr., 1684; m. 8 Apr^ 
1701, by the Rev. Isaac Cbaimcy, Abraham Morton, of Hatfield, b. 16 May, 1676, 
eon of Richard Morton and Ruth . 


231 Ahraham Morton,^ b. 2 May, 1703 ; settled in Athol 

232 Richard Morton,^ b. 1 Oct, 1704; was of Athol in 1750. 

233 Sarah Morton,^ h- Apr., 1707; m. Samuel Smith. 

234 Samuel Morton,^ b. 8 Sept, 1709; m. 1731, Lydia Smith; waa of Athol 

in 1750, 

235 Abigail Morion,^ b. 6 Jan., 1711 ; d, 1 Tab., 1716. 

236 Moses Morton,^ b. , 

237 Daniel Morton,^ h. 23 Dec., 1720, 

238 Abigail Morion,'^ b. 1 Feb., 1723. 

239 Noah Mortonj h, ; m. Rhoda ; settled in AthoL 


9) JOSEPH,'* 800 of John* (U), K m Hadley. Mtw-, 6 Not,, Ififtfi; id. 15 
3Ur, i:U, AlHj]:iil Sttith, b. ID Ckl, 1692, datu of Ebtiwui Smith, b 11 July, 
b%ad Abifnil BnmfhtoiL 

lU was a VAvcr; k«. m S<iiiib Ho'lJ^!/. In 178% «*T«Tt] ymrt ftft«r hit 
Ml. hib loa. JoIuIt «ud appoi&u-d ailrnitiiHtrator of bb estate. 

CJbifiJron, b, in South HadUy. 
+etO AaiOAtL* L 8 Dea, 1711: u^ Col Cbarle« BttrraU. 
-^ 8jaAH,« b. S Jtn., 1714; m. Jo*«ph Moody. 
+W bunzjnL* b. SG Dec., 1715; m. Mn. Saish 8wnr. 
+W Both,* b. It* Jan., 1717; m. Uenjamin Chorch. 
-f^ )LxTHA,* h. 21 M«v. 1721>; m. Nntlmuia lograuu 

m toliu,« b. 19 Sc^U L722. 
+M Joix?H^^ ti 34 Doc., 1724 ; m. DoTOthv Tavlor 
«TJoHK*b.l3 0ct, IT87. 

143 Eacitkl,* b. 15 Sopt, 1730; m. (int. ui W<«t SfiriDglkld. 9S Mar., 1759) 
KbewMJ Mofgnjj, k 24 Apr,. ^34; d, »? Srpt, 177S,jipsl 47. 
+W»Jisiz*b, 11 F*b.. 1734; m. Abi|f*U Culia 
*MEr)CKTr,^ h. 4 D«., 17:i€. (Int/^tiorv of marriage wcp* cuUrod Es 
Spriti^S^d, £4 Sept., 177l!, bctvcra Cbarlc» CbApin, b. 24 Scpt^ 
171V. and SlIi'ikv KuUo;:;^. of South Hadley,) There being noroo- 
ord nf anj SiUrc".- Kl-IIoj^ in ?iotilh Hmiloy at tliU lime, it U pOf*- 
&ibl« th4t there vnn an error in the nim^. cither in the intention 
of niamagc or th^ ivcot^ of birth- 

•t OAPT. SASn:rr» «m of John* (^.-i). K in Hadley, 1 Apr., 1687; m. (I) 

^Ji^t,n]4, bi« coiuin. Mfirv iWiIry (l<*^>i b- 13 Mar., 1694; «hc d. S Apr., 

''Wifctm, (2) 3Jwe, 1728, his POtifnn.nflrhi-l A.ihlRy (110). h, U F^^b., I*fl5. 

9c d. S? May, 17G1; wae buried in W^Alfleld, vhera hia gravntoQC i» still 

II? rem. lo Wwtfl^W, whi^* lie wa» flnit mi-ntiornd in Un' r^-i>r»ls 10 Mnr». 
II1l>Thcii the tovQ, at a m<wtii^ of its iiihabitant^, nnado him a ^ant of ten 
•ttwof Uod in ■*yi? Utik? pliiin iwit to Sflmucl AiliftjV not hmdriti^ » way 
''Mid) that may be timlfull. fin ^^ndinnn raid KAlt*j:x (It> fmcic and improvoaaid 
■idvittaa three year's time, proTidM hp wtll? in to town/* 

X\ a tJfvo cueL'ting. 1^ Mar., 1713, it wha ifott-d to give lu 8aruur?[ Kdlofg £12 

'•''-v.'x- OS coi>dition thnt "Mid Kcllo;^ buiJd rt ^iubcttantiai t>ndj^ over 'too' 

■ik by ye ™iddb> of Apr-, iKntt, if yi» WH(<Tdr nr.t pn-^pnt, if he has a gonri 

4{^ia be li to abate, if a hard bargain, 1bt< town to alov him more.*' At a 

?"^f, 11 Jan., ITH. b«-. with Capt Jodq»h MaixdUo)' dtid Skmuol Buhop, waa 

t-f to build auw iiiill am) \pit>i mill at yr half mtli^ fnli anil thry an; 

rty of the»tn>AmnoloAgvrthan tb??kocpami]loTinill8 in repair 

I town * 



]!«■, vitlioat ifciibtf built Uio h^iotkI fiin-ting-hi>a«o in HSL Hf* v&v ad* 
milled tu ihf^ <hurvli an WVtilfivli), lu 1712^ auJ hU wifv «a8 iJiiiilUid iii ITIG. 

He i^rcUbiT L'iititijiiKiL hji iv^idt^utx.- at tliu Lmk Plain ptoi'C (eo oitk^i tu his 
Ami grant of Utid], until Lhr tuwn gmutt.<d In Kim, £0 Jui„ 1721. "lOKn^mf Innd 
oo the E^Urly aide of Mann'^ brook* over oj^ttinM David AMhky't farm brtv^cn 
Mid A^le/iBnd j« top of T(>hi1l/' This 1a»t lot vu granted in «c^T]g« for htf 
oU\ pUce, Korth of OnraL Itit-fiv Ilr took np rtt-'^'ural liurdrvd acrta of JuimI near 
th;« broolc. TlitJi sn>v and niountiunoaii cotinin abouodcd m gamo, aod Capt. 
Samnv-lr a flliE- ithot, took grvfit i1>?l]ghi in the chRm. 

•J5!f Samitkl,^ b, W Xov., 1717; d. in W^Htfipld. «1 (fct, 1744. 
+:;G3 D\viii • k 30 Ma\, nSl ; ni. KliiabKh Joii*h 

2M SKTil,*" b. U Mnv! i;s;i ; d. unm. 21 Nor., 1763- 

2^h A Dadoiitkh/ b. 16 Jan,, 17^; d. camu day. 

^K A DACoUTeii,** U 1^ Jan., iri*4 : d. some ihT. 

:^67 A SOS-,' ti. V5 Jan., K'JS ; d. wm* day. 
+2nA Jiiitx * K 5 Jitlv, 1727; m. <1) Anni? Trrrt-; {t) Anni> Ijonl; (3) 
Bird. Jemima Ward* 

259 Jt-tTTTs* U 17 Mnr,, J7J9; d. unm.. (1 S^, 1747, 
+£(» MaftT.^ L U Oct, 1730; ni. Samuvl Terry. 

<JG) SiiKM.^b. 1 Jan.. int', d. umn.. 3 July, 17A7. 
+26t 3iK*n«b-2ft July, 1754; m, Nathan TnnDar, 

«. JOANNA,^ dau. r>f John* (S6), b. in UidJcy, U June, t€94; m. (I) L?, 
Dec., 1719, Samuel Tnvlor, \>. 3 D«c., ICSS. son of John Taykr and Mary Selil 
HriL befon? 12 May. in^: mo. sb vflrly as 1731, to SoutJj Hadky, vhi 
Ikt d,; idic m. {2) Jnmn Uiruiry, 

2G4 Jooftn^ Tcfhr,^ b. 9 Oftt., 1723. 
«6S Jonathaif Tuytor,^ b. SI No*., irS6. 

2G7 Pouf Ta^or,^ I . 

n AlllOAlU'^dAu. ofJohn* fSS), b. $ti SopU l^E^; m. (1) 1729, Jonathan 
Atborton, of Aniherfl, Mkkr 

lit d. abo^l 1 Apr., 1744; ftbe tu, (1t> aa hU accond vift, S4 Jan., 174fi» 
lunc Tlubbard, of Sundn-Innd, b. II Jan., 1^95, eon of I;aar TTnbbard, b 16 Jan., 
10«7, and Ann Warmer, 

Hp Uh 5 JUv, 1763 ; rfic d- MX Apr., 177t 


X(*^ Jonathan Athtf tan. ^h. : vent with bla ntolbor to SvTidi-rlind; d- 

unnu, ti May* IT49. lie beqncntlKd mm! of htn propi.r(i 1v hi* 

Tin: Kiajjaoof ix rax Nicvr WORu. 


«. -lAMES* wn of John* (W), U in Hadlej, 10 July, 171)1; m. II Aaj;., 
ni?, hift rouMii. Ex|>rr>viMV Smith <10e), b. 1$ Apr., ]70fl, din. nf John Smith 
ud Joanna Kello«f; (+^)- 

ti«iL l!k July, 17&$,«furni) lUiwwof buta few days; &lie<L e3 An;., 176S; 
1kir{nre»toi>o«aTC b the Oli3 Bur^in^ Orxruixl Jti IlAdbry. 

U» no. tn HAittxy in thv Iwuu- of l.ti^ut. Jo«uifk)i Koll<^, vlMrre he d 
Ifi nss, cbi' litiitni) ("rtun or MnArachuiipTt* m4(!e him innkeeper of Htil- 
U5. a ^hcc of ^^tl:1>hcs Kellogg, JccoiahL 

\U n»otd«d liin father fn t-otidui-ttng the tnrry v/hith h^d brco hi« fathor^a 
aidU»(ttCidfAth«r« for alino«l a oentiiry. 

m JnHS* b, 1730; *L onni., 7 Sept., 1771. 

::e«ciT,*b, 1731; m. Lkut. Eli floot. 
!. ..i:,"lx- — ~; m, Jofibuu Batknl. 
m Jekuia • b, 1737 ; m- 23 Feb, I7fi?, Doacwi Stppbwi Xaih, Jr, of Sioclc- 
bridjfc, b 22 Kov.^ 1T3S . she d. 17 Feb., 1790. ageil ^S ; hid her- 
eral childr^u who vivrt nther rtiU born oir d. m mfaccy. He m. 
(2) 13 Mar., mU uitiow Miir>' (Bnidlf)) IVwry. 
n4 Jncttiu.* h. nbotit 1739; m. he hU teonttd wife, 14 Nov,, 1771, Bliakiia 
Stnith. lie d. in the anny nl Watertcmi, Mas^, S7 Aiig,^ 177^, 
a^ 40 ; ttlir d. Sf 8t-i»l.. 18:^:1 : Imd no thiltJnai. 
4'U JouffXi.'b. abottt 1742; en, tit^phcn Ucodman. 

tK Mm T* h, ; prohahly m, Ifl S^pt, 1777, P<1ot Strong, of ChwUr- 


• nVT MAimS^sonof BlartiD* (C6).b.mDt*rfieM.2eOct.ieSG; m, 
« Wttii^r*lWd, Const., 13 Jan., 1716, Uorolhj Clirtti^r,' b. in \VctbLT*ficld, 5 
^. IflSS, daa, of fitflphm Chcrtcr, of Wothor*fipld, b. $fi Mny, ICilO, and 
/<nioa TfMt, b. 16 Mar, 1668. 

flrd. 13 Not., 1753: iht- .1 ^0 Sept, I7M. 

TVt rwt in NotHRjcton, whcrr both ri. Mr won firirt tnmtioncd in WrthrT^ 
"•t )0 Dfc., 1716, when he wa* chosen packer, ganger And walpr of mf^nret 
^f^bgloo wa* u pannli in WifUn-rBfiehJ until 1871, whtii It was. i^icwrpornleil »» a 
*>*IL Sor. Klijoh Wjlliatnf berAmc it* fir*t pnrtor, in 17!0, Hip wiU, dated 7 
'■■Etf IMS. mentioiif^ nU his childrpit Mr hrqTipi*the(l a niiviT-hiltiPfi *iwon! to 
^*»* Martin. Huvatat-; va^apprajaed at 11.750. incrltiding one-<^uart«rof the 
'^'crkif and MwmiU in Litohfield, and orc^-quartcrof the iron wr^rkF in Cnnaan 
"**t IkuMtonk' Riivr a1 foot of the flrvjit FhIU, I'tlltil ITnrtfird Iron WorltK** 

He «aa otptitrfd at iho flack of Doerfit'Id, and earnod to Caiia<la. In Mny, 
Ml ho mod threw oihcrv (Thosuu Baker, John Nim» and Jou-ph Prtly). mnda 

'tMflud €:v«M*r, DOB of Ibft flnt itllLtin af \Vtth4f1it)^ b In BL«bT. ICi:tfliui(l. 15 
J[h. Win. tta4 ■cm <4 John nmJ Pomfhy (fit^tpr He m. Mm. Mnry Wflrtn. dnii r»( Mr. 
JJ»Hb fOurpfi. Tl*ir *nn. -t^lan. b- In Wntflrtown. Muit.. ^ Aug.. Ifl.lA, ro- Sar*Ti W^fll**, 

^■MhJT nf Coiinivlfcul, ffUiithvtt, Atm of Ji>bii jifid ^/aI; Ctii>*trt. b, £(1 Mat, iriAO, in. 
J^tei Tzv«tv <1«1L of LiTTit. Juinr- Trml. of W^lWr-tipId, Th*-;? *!au Dorothy, b, in 
^flfliMl. i S^TiU !♦*-'. =^ C*pL MMliii Ktllov^f. Mn. I>or<.1?ij Clioicr. wiJow of 
■MiCWatCr. fli DUlij< C*>u«ly jy^oi^Ut, »r, wiix bh mripriiicil propriH^r *t Jlonford in 
^; bvr botov k< w>» on tk« wHt aiifu ^f Mnin ttrr^t, nr^r Onltncl Ibll, Sht- il. 1603; 
l^nlrrr ltife>*D M%f VI> laa^, tH lUr, Hil. KdW4f<l ^S<Ukmv ipfminlAl i/i ariminitUr tbf> 
"Tj ' ^ ' I AB^ to pay i^f* dt')!*, T,|if rrmilndrr tn tv al 111* di>fii:i«ir^ SK** vu a dai). 

*( ~ ■'..•*r, nl "MarlvM ('41 , Lrttntn, ami a litLtt nf Hiw. ThonuLH HookrT- 



ihvkr t^impv, aiul, afUfr WiSttring iut^r^ibUr banWiipu. jimtrd. murv dirad LbjiD 
alive, in Dccrficld. 

JoMph Potty vrote the ioUowin^ account i>f their jotuoej tbrwigh (be 
wild^ruMa: <Shel<loD'i Uiitory t>t DMrtIdd, roL J, p. 353.) 

Upon ytjui duftire, I naw pnamit jrou with a Narnitivc of mj cKiipr from 
CaiuidA, iht> it lA nov m> long Smc» vt 1 trmv po«i«bly for^ iomc ptrtitnilon. 
But the a(^l ha n^ar as I can nrmi^mhiT U as foflriirs visrl About Lbirtcen vaopthK 
after J waa taken from Deerticld (wc jati vtrII r:ni>?7nbcT) four of ha consulted 
mMhodi to roftkc our c^aiprv Somt>1imj> in ^iny upon vr grmt prDemHon flAj vn 
had liberty to go in & alout yv i:iiy of Muul Real A ihett' «p liappemed all to uiwt 
l«£«thcr & John i^ym^ & I inforaipd 7<^ oth^ tvo of ikit dcei/^n to nuke oar w- 
capL\ ThiM ira* on a tlltrttUy (May 10) ft wi* ii^r«<t jt jv ntlvrrr lhrp<- vfr* to 
comcdoTolo where I lived vc waa about !) inilc6 from y^cilv A vrt ti» MiDcthin; 
ranatkahU 59 guni & Provisions vc ] had desi^ixl to bring wlh ua wab in another 
room from where I Lod^i-d «c iTXi.^ci«vd mj mitid vcrv mucli hnfw 1 nhauld coin*? 
at jiD Mcc 1 Lodtgcd in another room with jc pooplr of ye hoiuc ft wt (till op- 
precM>d ra/ epirits mor»> was, yt mmirg in from wvrk »t r»oon ! found 1 l>^ * 
ttidt p«nx>n placed in yi rovm vhcrv yv gyms St Promions wi!re: & T tliot now it 
was impoudblc to c«-ap<f but upon my ruttiro At ni^rht I found w Kick pprM>n rv- 
moved & my lui^d brought into yi room wi^ much mvirpd me- 00 3^ Sabbatli (Mitv 
13) following;: i vts to ^ to ire oiij aj^ia to conclude furtlior about onr c«capet, & 
having o^ufinniHl nil matlt-rn I r4>tiirni*d al night A found m^ Litndlortla »oti thi*n> 
wc was de*i^L'(l to Lotjjct^ "^"th jnc wt tgcain dmshcd my tpiriu much for now I 
thoC it in^potflihle for mo to K«^ape fr>m hioi. 

Bui whih> 1 Mt paufiiti^ ut In dn 1 n^incinhprisl ft I vnjt to wd tip a Hgit by 
yo Ritor for yc other throo to know whu^ yc iioufre wa« ^ 1 thol 1 would go & do 
yC wc wn I had duno upon my return I found my I^ndlord'a son morjc^- off & 
would not M^y ttio much jwrivajulf^d to Urry Sl allho it wn> vrry Diirk d hr did go ; 
wc ogain roviT(d me & about brotk o£ day yc other thrc€ mcti came ft I liandod 
ym two guna ft eomi? Provision & we took a Cannoe A passed ye Rivit by Aun ria- 
inc ft tho JO peopt« Lived on yc other Bido we panwd by them vuducovcccd. Thia 
vrm on monday mominf^ (M>^y ^'^) ^ ^^ vi^dntiaiUy about tun two houri high at 
night ire airiicd li ChaEi1>b>.> Itivtr about ff nilK^s below )v fort yre ve made a 
raft ft tfimt orer ft jo next day wc truTdled up against yj fort ond vto))ped to ^t 
tomw Prjvuion killHl u taJf ft drvKl it^ liut friday ft Saturclay raiiuHJ mi liard yt 
«« could not travel wn yn vr judjced madfv ogain«t v» but in Ptxividcoce we found 
it otbcrwiw, for thoLii> yt puraiiod i:g wir^ in this time returned, on yo Sabbath 
following wr m-1 out for ye I^kt- il arri^vd yrv Wfidnfttday aliout uu (torn) iherv 
wc found two cnnnoo* wa wc jud};«i our pursuers (torn) ud Lio/t one of thc*c wo 
;oo^: ft rame a?oi^ with our jourii(rt»-, ft ramr along yt d*y ft all nig:ht ft ye n^rt 
day ft at night Left our Cannon we came along ou ye f^iX eiic of ;Te I^tkc until! wc 
cama to y* utoatii of MiaiMCOQ Hivvr wt^ went up tht<^ tltft all night for ft crunr* 
along y«ntnr€ann«naycca«lKhinM)fyr Ijnkrft :u^t morning wc found > tmall 
runn vathcr vo Led out of y^ Rlyvr into yo l^k» wr wr madf^ aM of to wafi tw 
tnti>r«f Liki' again: then* is eilraordoaiy good Land on each eideorthU Rirrr all 
ye vay v^ wxiit ^ fur ni^ ^r could petociv^. thia day we trarulted on yc ldk'<r till 
night ft Ijiy byyt* Tjl1:>\ Ijut n^^^t mmiriTi^ yr wind wiu *o high a^tnti n^ yt vf 
JjtH tnir CaiuuHT ft trawlled on yv Mv of ye l^k^r yt dny: ft yc uexl diii hping 
Saturday wc »trael: acro«a fur Fn^ncb river falJe ft arrired Ui<?re on Sahhnth uhout 



9 xn T» Boomofi. thU we Irtvolvd uf> About S ov 'd dais $ Li>ft it A alruck ftvtj 
f«r T*» bi«i»rf>pa «r irliilrf* Kivpr and on y^ weit SA^hath about *J in >e mofoli^g wr 
OUDC b> ^Mtite Birrr Nov oar Frovielon wna spviit i.<xicir|jliiie pome iqnnJI tniit- 
l«f> wft bftd U-fT to fijiii vithol, & 3't day wc »pi>Dt in ;:uttiri^ Troyiiiion & supplied 
•urwIirA f*ir yl nixht & pnrt of yc nrxt day vc w*fc itU _vp Provi<»ioii w»» liad iintill 
v« Dtme lo I>c«Tfl«[<l (xcoptiBf^ vtr [Qg of a tortoise A a &iiial) hook Htli wc vr 
broQfflit aIou^ h I.illirt way. y« tieit tjlght tfc came to yv moLilIi of wbitit rir^ & 
midc ft fire & dcsijcnod to Lod^ livens Jc w<- iwtcDC to f&eh for ns; but by ivaflom of 
y« Um b« vu «ooD dUconi«^«d ft »« foon ts Jio catn« up I vu going dovn to yo 
riirr to dnnk & «i»pi«^ an ludmu ou jr Eitht eidtf of ye flnrnt rivi-r comiri^ lo 
ilnnk ve nuidc iu« «tO|> tnd tiidc luyttcJf uctiU he itaa ;*on<- olf & for fiinr of die- 
€inm «rr fiwW i)(f Tt ni^t A' yi^ ncit <ljty oiir ikmrinion liring Npriil nomctimfl ft 
«e imk ftud flint we tliot beet to niake a raft u(>on tc we came down vl day ft yi.- 
ru3Et Dig^t on Cooneclicut ICiiv^r ft re next day also ve ccnttcuMl our Couri« ost 
ya mft ft on thorsday about 9 or 10 id ye morning vre catnr tn vr gmt fnlK tJu?n.< 
wft Let go our raft ft vont below 70 falls ft made another ft vAmc yt day to yo 
Lover «nd of t& grmt nrndowB of ve place now called ye Cannoe place there we 
l^idjfu] yi niciit ft ye next morning we canic on our raft to je mcadom wherv ye 
fort u now thcTT wo Ijcft our raft ft CAmo on foot yt day into PoorfioLd about 
tvili^bl iii vii eveuiag ft 4baA Itiro the good Iiand of divine ProTidence (we 
matched oT«r oa all yc way) we Aufely anived to our natirc Land again ft were 
joj'faJly rrmrrd ft well toUccfi imrc of by our fniMidii upon vo I fhuiiot \mi )uy yt 
we hare rcnaon to prai«c God four otir df Inxninc^, ft ncrer forget his be (torn) 
i*. tbu£ Sr I have given you a brief ft as exact a relation (tarn) can well, sinoe 
t*U lu Iaii^ a time paiaed ainoe% ft if it may bu <if iiriv vi-rvi^-c I nr;jiivt:>i ft »ub*- 
^ribc my tcU yx»«r» to Command ' JU^HPH ViiVTY 

(Thic letter waa addrc«*od to) 
'Tbe Rwl 

Mt. SU-pluni VnUiama 



Jo Aug^]70tMiG waa again eapturvd while on a frMut about 100 mtlo* up the 

Tlicw ctifoTec<l a- -'is mafic turn familiar with ihtir 

latt|pn|fe and. like bir . , . -. si^r, Joanna, hia ^rvicea were 

iifU^n cuH-ful Ui tJif i>i>b>ny in lU lulirrcouiwr wilti tli^m. In ITM he at^complnnM 
Stoddard aud Wiiliamn, comniiaAtomitv, to nMwrcr cf^pxirt^ fr^m (.'amidu, and 
prDV««5 a rery nnefiil a^utittnnu In 1718 tbp Oeiii*ral Am^mhly r>f roiin(<<t,ii;ut 
fiHi^ Kim a grant of une hvndrAl acrvp of land- In 17'jii be wod appointed one 

•Tt»n- K ■ 

UoMd M 

riulaf Uvt pr 

I < iirfi;i lii« nwitn. C^tib dny irVilv Ahhfippin]* vood, )i# itdi ep' 

MKid Mkad If hp ktwv vFinT thii ur^iiil Iw nnh c-utHnfr vru 14 

\HT ,111' hm:p*i jd Hn" ii'fcrit^ii^ "In* *a^tl I*'"! i< *^4i to bo ut*d to bTtm blni 

n*Bl mooA, TLrri? k** n^r m\U-[ ritciti.' but »iiiiir. oHhoiigh Ita* ptiHpcvt lur 

■t^'.r-^ \i niE^t \,r ^Unlih'itj Wr*n Fiii? ticivkw fllcbt, and aUiteJ 

rtrW. At iMit* diiWj] hr iriiiw-|«l iiiL*» » hulluw lui; fur iraL 

>, in-ell kfiriwinj^ ih*t hw w-«™M be punocd. Wli«i he *iro4te 

I. J-v #oniiiJ ^ir^c li> kira la thp loi;. <cil«I up *Alrtp, a ruttloADHLf. 

I TUTty ut UL> fiur*uun( BfitC*!! tlurntulviu upva tl>e }(f Eor rvtt aqJ 


TtijB Kn-Loodft IN TiiK Kkw Woiiuk. 

of theooiiuDiUcctttamiO£cti)c tcmaof Mr< Williuu^' runovd froin llii: Kevti 
toll Chiifch lo Vuk' CoU^.'^^■- After tlial t'vi-»(. he avikxI, Incd oiid iii*'«! in Oif 
tniiiiMim hiiill b>' ttir rlmn^li fi^r llr. WiiliEitTiii. Hr ^aha tti^- »r<Yrnd i^|iUin r*f 
tht >Jt^iBg:l'>n Tnininj; Band, hAvia^ b«ii BppoinU^ in i;3v. In Mav, 173SP, 
the O^nenii :\sHLiiib1y apf<ilmtd Captain Martiu oot^ oi p ctusmiittiv lo viait tlw 
tovu flf HuriA'jntoii 40il vrkvt a Htr for Ibirir innrtin]t-lM>u>4% at»i in l?40, the 
saiiw anthorily oiHl^rrcd hici to "tii^pair to the team of Tfivcntn to diridi* il 
two divttnct KK'i^ii^H," f^tr. In 17411 hf vah a *\Qpiit\ from Wr-lhi'nfij'id. 
1T46 tlL^ A^f-fiiblj of dDnmfTQliciiU Iniruiii^ tliat hi' *Vu4 AujuainW vriUi n 
^idt*rablp part of the niivi^'ation of (he Stv liAwn-noo/' (Tng;«g<<(i him to tfvrvo 
pilot OQ UmltO nb Uajofty^F tlccrt. Bvt the var IiavJog cm<1>^3, his t^r^jcni ni 
ijol ryt|UiK'<L In 1751. hi* wa* pont a* (."dlonifll n^tni with clolliuiir tif Ilvtitlncl 
t^hirf nf the- Mobnwkit- Tbc ivlotij iitLtl jihn»)i rfc-^m!^ Jiuv that hr wu s man, 
alT^re, wlio*o ecrviw* were often ni&dc mk of* 

In lT4t^ twolvo Indian boyt of Uie Ilallifi School wort! p«t into bt? t«re 
wrrr in hi^ hou>c At Nefwinsiun. Conn., Uircv >i3mi. Capt. KiJlo):^ wah a \n1u< 
able frontier otfici-r; mw iruvh rarrvtcv and wn» « man of note in hu ilay; rcmari- 
nbk for m«D£th of hodj^ ard mind. 

4 !37: UojiOTiiY* b. I IJcc, 17l*>; m. KhphfiU-t Whittloaey, 
+27a U^mv.^b- 2 Aag,, 1718; m. Uarr BoHtvlmftiL 

+«^9 AtJMA « k 19 tVK. irSO : m. n«v. Rogf^r Hooker, 

>t-38<J JtuiMA^b, Zi Au^., 1723: lu. Elijftli Kx-ct 

-t-aSl \1j>uv«Ul?JOrL,i:25; ni. (1) Kphniim Wc>l«itt; [2) Policr-. 

H-SeS SAKAn,* b, ee Aax-. its?; m- Coipt Joeiah Kiaif, 

-j-tS3 STEFB3N CmsTEK,^ h, 94 8ept, 1721»; m, RlJE^beth BnssfrU. 

+2^4 HvtotcCA" b. 11 Jun(\ 1T3S; m, fiiunalid Deiuming. 

»M Joseph, " U *» Oct, 173G; a unm,, S Oct., J769. 

70- ANNA*dau. tif Martin* (S*!>. h, in DwrMd. U Jul/, U»9; m. IT S* 
171S« Jovcph Svvcrun<i\ b. SS Oct,. I6S:^, in Suflield, Conn^ wn of Jcdui 
noct^ b- 24 Kov„ 1647. and Mary . 

ncd.10 Apr, UO<i; shei 15 Mar^ i:3<X 

Ba was a lailur; iiYod ui Oiwrileld* on lot numbered Ihirty-aixr vhi«h 
briughit fniMi Martin Ki*llogj-, Tliit^ hit miu (inginnlly xnii)b*d ta f^nmuL') fittw- 
dale, and Mnrtin Kfllojcg t»-mi living ih^rr wlirr all of hi* fnntily. j«vc hij wife, 
w*ro kill^ or captiirod, Sevf-ranco wap livmg Ihcrv &» Inic aa 17i>fi. Jt is now_ 
owntHl \rt Gto, A, Ami». 

H«TWAA in tbi? Mitadowfight in 17&1; M^lccbnan, 17SS; cuTponJ itndnr Caj 
Jfnnph Kolbe;^, tT^X Hp |Hitil,ionpd thv Gimi^r^tl fVitiTl> 27 N^Of^t 17,14, a»ling 
"for domtf couaidoniHon on account of hi» vaunds and diMibililifa," cayinj; 

LV>n>u1l4itjan, Maitin lay in tnrnttilrv* tii^prriPir, mA v>cn tlw ln<l>i»a* wDi nn tbrir 
nf rtTLfriiniV' }ltf iBLtliojifily Irfl Sin hirlirikf j>)'L«'. iiri<l nixr^tfil w«y iB uiwIlrfT ilifrftj 
fr«ii» the one tJ»cv hfl4 talun> For nin*- <l4j-i J* pwi^nivj nan jmir'ifT'. Irnvr-Unp nDrUy 
luvht. jiriil hJdiiL): cltiftog liiD day. Durlvtir nil IliU lime like >>aty b..i.| Ju. >evJ ttftA a i^k« 
twk«J in Irdinn fft^bioii, >nd whdt hv ci^iild ffinricr nf riKiU m-d ln-triH m thp fijr««1 
Finjilly, wMtv if**d Ihiin ittv*, h*» fM*h«l tiomc, inid wm «-*|pf*n*d liy til* pin-nt* » 
v|4> ««■ kiKt trtif ftrunH attain. <Tml. pH nnvf* apiin. TtrTv rr>or-r} truth ltii-rr i» tn ih* *ti 
nf hi* fwftt|V, il># 4LitJior !■ iinnhTc lo tny. I'rnlnl'ly hr wai mn*oni(fl fnva UiLi (npUvll 
ftt thf (^hrrnl Coiiil ol Mrf^uiTciiH:!!* ihi llir S*! i-f Ni>v,. ITL?. :iiiti"Frttrfl :« |viyiu'*(it 
Mm of j(S4 fur riuiBOiu pattl to wrvic lib litmty frvn the Imlium Jiuiu^ a |i«rtM of 
U\ity al Qlvbel^ 

Tut Kklumos in Tilt \irw Wcbux 


'*«lM>tu tiTf-nty-Giiu- ymr* ngo h? wat voui>d<d t>y an liulian ^]i«<m/, b«iDg a Bolill^r 
in :^ of Lh« provinri', k hMt htva o mpplu m-r iinvv, A \'i\r Id U< Ull lii« 

^vai .. :^ --. i^juitcU oe b(* haa titrvef h^it viTlLirfC froBi tJiiii jri>vL for hi» nupporL'' 
Aa ci>tcpi?a<ttioii tbi- fk'fti-nl Court grnnlnl hiin, in li.'SAr tvro hurjdrcxl aon>(i i>( 
Imnd, CM of XorthSrld, boaBtkd ^'nmiIIi on a moUDtaic c$XM Grace." He K'iil 
to Moutflgtio, where both uU«d. 

Mt JMifft Snentncf,^ K T Oct., 1713- m. 31 Oct. 173;, llarv C^ttMa; lio 
vs.Hn MjlttitT in FiDinr HjiaJu'tt irsr; in KrviL'i? bjitlcr C^pL Krilnf^ 

ts: i4iuw >Vrmi«^,-« U ^^ Dpt-, 17 IA- m. 31 Ort., 173:, Seimiol BBrfwoll 
He n.m. to Hoatogit^ aloul 1750, aaii liflpttl tu cii-i'udiitu Ihi? 

I town tc Ui* firit to^tru tnwluij^ ITSL The ohnir ahidi vlui o<xtip:i>cI 

in ihe iiM^iD^-bouw in Wkt old h^ is now in Mi?niorial Hall, Dat- 
t«« ifcriift ^rr^rcw^v* k 10 Sept., 1718; ra. P*ti«wu FaJHieW; nhv d. :&5 
iU,*, IJ?'»t). iijcr*! ftl ; h-* <L Apr.. IftlO. He was a K»ldicr at Fort 
Ttammor ntid^r C«pf . K«IIogg, 1T3H*9; of Ilmedfllts 1739; uD<lcr 
CupL ClrsHii, 175G; ihuIit Cn^rt. Prttlia, 1756; one at RoR^r'i 
[UQf:4<ni, 1758; did valuabU? i«rrvLrmi,»a iHri>Tit In loth ItVcQcb vrara^ 
wae ca|jUnv;l At SnliWrhrlftv Tmnt, Sfi Jure, 17ft8 ; wbh on^* of lln> 
firml »Hticr« al SIilUkjuiui- KaU«; li&d (w<?3r« cliUiinu ; Wiv'n ajxih 
cbild, Soboiil. v«« h, in Duvrfield, 28 Out., 1766, while linr fath'^r 
wa* in mplivify. 
m Jtt» .S-T*ro«rr* b. 20 Oct,. IISO; soldier in tJie Frencli war*: nrttlM 
in BcnuTdvlori/ wh^-re he «■»• a pTOmtm-ut mau; ffWUiian four 
>««r»; living [n 178ti; ni. 15 Mar.p 1741, KAttiur Aiuus. ^au. of 
IMnid Anna. 
W Bxpmma flawfanr** b. 14 Mar, 1753; m. Pfunma NotPr*, of StJiffftrd, 

?51 JtnofJkan Stretwure^h. 12 Jnn^. 1725: m. 30 Aug.. 1719, Thnnk fill Sr-^l^ 
biiui, b^ 1 Apr., 1720. dau. of Julin SicbliiiiH; hr wait aa KnHJ^, 
Town Clerk, «4tM in Grernfidd ; d. £ Apr,, 1»^S2, n«cd t*T ; she d. 
«nw, IMOfi, afw^ 7fi. 
*** Wfoca i?rj rmiK* * b, 1 Mar. 17S7-«8; rru S8 Not., 1743, SainuH Sm-^cl, 
b. I71D : r^iiiL to MonU^r; hv atj;ijit(i[1 in thi> orgnntxatlon at llul 
town in 17M ; i«rv in the rMolnfion ; rt'Ui, to Shelbiirnf. 
W ifwa iTffrffrdfl^* • U 1'3 Map., ITSfl-aO : m. "^8 Oct., 17«2, Joanna FrecoU; 
b)w d.. n widfjw. r M"T-. 1S12. Hi' w«h in Oipl. Hiirbi-'H ircimpnny 
of ran^r-T*, 1757; of {ji\*mfirld, 17*1?*; of Moutflguc, I770i lopr in 
1775; R«i)rG«cntfitivo to Gmoral Coart, i;8tf. 

n. CAPT. JOSEPH •«« of BUrtia* ('^<J)jbL«:Nov., 16111; m. 10 Mar., nail. 
*itW Drrntiao, dau^ of Rn\ KU-m'/iT I)eTation^ of Suffii-lcl. Conn. 

^fr (L 17S€, in Scbmcctadyr N- Y., while with Uovcraor Shirley- en hii: «n 
r^ Oiw«f!o expedition. 

Ai the aack of Do^riSelil, lie raa takt^ captive and carried to Cauaik. whciT 

lliminfilvtflii vm lEkvrpouii*! tTCTJ. It bd* Or*! «Ucd Fkll Town. buTlniE Irfo 


Thb Kkujdoos IN' ruH New Woaux 

hv r^traaincct vrith the Indiine ft year and was th^ d(>Uverod to tb« Fraicb with 
tfliOEu bt! flpeitt tlii^ U'Ci vttird fiurceL-^ing. I>unu<^ tJiifl tim**, lie Lravtdird witli 
tmiiertt and ac<^Qnxd the i-V:^eh lanKUOf^ w vcU a« that of nil the triba of In- 
tMitnn with whic^h thii Vmurli wpnt rn^gi'd in trtffic. Of th^ iliftln^ nf thr- Uo- 
liawk» Ll* knowldgc w4* e^pocially thorough. In thi* jcanner, to ox* hU own 
etprcaaion, h^^ *'got into a t*:^ jrood way of bii^ini^w 00 ftfl to get 00DB[d«nble 
rni>no>» ^mi olhrr thinjp^ nrcl !ian(l»nin(1y Lo nupjHiH bimHrlfr ju;<l wii^ iinfk'r no 
roetraint at oXV DmriD^ his cnpUfity, he made a toyt^ in 1710 to the Miwa- 
dif>jn riivr, biding probably the firat Trative-born wbite ^fir Bnghndfr U> lee that 
rircr. Tlic follnwinjf account of thut if^^v^ ia token from the rc|nat^ book of 
tbd Royal Society of fiondon, n£2-S4, foiio^, 13E.13ti: 

"A rfiort account oS a tradiiig Voyage perfonood by Joiepb K^Uug, aa Kag* 
linh maa of Nirw I^nxUnd, in Compnny with t\x Fnmch mrn from Oftaad* to. 
Alifeiifippi in the >x«r 1710, in t\rt> Caiioo« made of Biivh BarL% with ^Oltie 
Ri*niarkti zoiu]t by the eald Rellu^. (tteAif May II rl7:M.) 

Hia dqmrtuK wna from mon-real vrhi^h ift an Iflaud In Canada Bivei 8Uty 
LuaguCa abovo Quebwk (it would be beat to have a map of oorth dmcrtu bcfor^E 
you vfhWe you arr rrmlin^) fnHu tbi<nt-i< tb«!y wiiit rot tip tbr Hivr*r Iriifttoift and 
eo to the foils of Niaj^ro, but a northve«t Cour?^ ^p the Rnnd Hirer, aa Uigb mB\ 
MatUwau. and then carried their rornirtos a shr»rt League offi'T land to the aicaUi 
LakfT Nippiflin;; (which should be plarrd itcan^r to Mattawan and thri g^raiM) nrrr) 
:ind from thmco by a vmall itivm calli^d thv fn-ncb Kivcr^ they wont into one of 
the great Lakes, vix,, the T/ike Huron, 

The countr)' fronii Muttuw^ui b> Lake iluron is aa mJacrablc a« you can Mp- 
pofio. llo obsorvod no pino or i^pruco trom Canada to Miftioppi, but abundaw^o 
at black waUiat Mr. Stoeita Majj of ^ortli Ameiica calla the Lake Huxou by 
the name of UiehiKaii, but thi« Mr. Ki-Uitg offinna to be a mUtAkOf uud the aUaa 
dirt, nf Mtebi^Tin {ar iilbrrwi*!' rJilU-d Michi^in) xhoiiM U- plar^d upnn Ihr Tjaki* 
lUiioift ; for ti^at IB often caMM by the nnmc of Michigan, llcTe also it may be tc- 
mark'd onee for all that these great Lakes are nerer frozeiL (unlefa roDDd tbo 
Fd)([v) Ijnl the niain Irody of tJteir walerv are alway« o]h.-u likt^ thi< A^n, htiag near 
lifty LcA^cufTf; in Icnjrtb, 

Raving enti-r'd llie UikL' Huron tlw' ooiBlvd U along 011 rh^ north side of iV< 
Island Jkfanrtaralin till they eitmr {0 ibc tinithiro«t end of it. kneping always 
pretty niear the Shoar ; for there is no venturing far oil in a Binrh Canoo. Tb<'>' 
vriutL-fixl iu a Village iff lite Outawas au Indian TriU? not rerv ni.iiitei'oiw, fettled 
beLvc«n the three Lakoa; tlic nante of the Villaj^e woa I^lichatinnkinaa, whieb in 
Uw laDguagOF of Ihr Ouluwa^ vtgnifi^ a 'IVrtU'. Here tigtin Mr Kolluj^ haria^] 
Ur. Senexee Map Upon ihe Tablet oit&fd anotlier CorKctioD n« to Ibo ditoatiaQ' 
of tba Loko Superior, for hu ae^m'd confident that tlie Map had placed that Lake 
too ni>ar tW olbirr twi> lakiv, by nt IniKi tv^rfily ur ihirlj Ijfajfutii^ 

TlieStreij*htaor Comniuiucalion betwtvit Hi^ tvo Lake* Huron and Hinois or 
Michijfan an- ubout two L«ftgU4ii OVcr^ and troxtn tviry winter, Htrr tJicy found 
v>*ry ^nod Ivh'itig for Trouti^ ami i^nflrmed M\wr Jk^nyftin* a^-coLinl iit tlicir 
pTodipoQS bignofa. Mr. Kcllng himaelf hatl'd up eGverall of rnony than fifty 
pounfl weight. The Wai^r eWr, nweet and ttvah forty fathmn dwp. Ilafing, 
pfifjf'd Hmvc Strei^it^ they entrr'd the lake Uinoia or MidiinJi: Hrrc afiin 
5Ir. Kellng ob^ene^ n miftAkfi lu to tho Situation of the Lake; for whcr^we, }%• 
inapplaceailirleDf^th t>f ii north aod ftoutU. beafjinrtf ioa that U liw omr Nivtb 
North ca»t and SotitJi Houtb-we«t, or a* hia t>hn*c wu^ the Soutli Knd ahouUI be 

The KcLUMKkB ix nu NHv WofiiD. 


mon to the iroetwftrd. Thi« ^r«at Lake al«a tbcy cxMidcd till thoy casw 
the aumtU «i<at ead tif U, unci ihrn c-Jirrinl UiHr mnoo* nvgr Lund a falJ 
e to • bruncb of the R;v«r UiDoijf, And tluA L# c&Ucd Chi^qru«a» 
About the Ik«<1 of Uio Rir«r Hinols arv^ fine ^nTfrc^ SavanuAhn or m««do«< of 
fortjr milt* i& Lmgtli »om« of Uip rkhnt I^ruid tl]<? world nlTords. Thifi Riier 
llinoif u ooo of tbo f^mt Hircn that falln into UifnUippi and nms a Coiir^ of 
<nte hapdrrd ft thirt/ f^^gtiPM More it empitio* itwlf int-:) Mif'ii^ippi. Into thi* 
RiT^r Hinoif comce ibo Bii^r Miamb or St JoMph. as the French c%\\ it. ifvaiug 
from tbii iMk* HinoJa. 

Hr. Kdlug ill bix n-l'jni wi-nL up Uint rivLT iali> the TjhIei?; tlipn- thiry met 
wttli StsTgvon of t«!ji foot loDff. 

Tbe SawAiuubA bvtcra mcfltion'd arc thu nubUr pai--tuntt of tJiounndf of Bctf- 
Uowand wild cflttk, uid vhich i\wy mv id grefli herdf^, and U> their eurprise in 
mm of tlH) feeding or lodging plaoea of thcac vild cattle thoy diworojr'd lunobua 
of tna CloT4'r ^rnh. 

Aa thcj weal to ll:r ttivpr Hiiioi* thiTy nii»M ui icillriiU' nunibt^r of wild fuwl, 
iv^ a« CraJMs, Gocsc, I>ack ; aad Swnits Id fro^t abuadoccc Ihnt food upon wild 
Ikb^ aw *»ird br th** fiidi«tis Mauthomine. by the Fren^^h Kn!-aToinf, and nve 
i«T g«od pnuju attd may be boild &nd «t am rice, and will hwiII from one quart 
IC UQ or iw^lvu; The)" ffrow in *uch ubuTi^limcc by the* b*nk* of tiw Kiver as it 
nm throogb Sntvniuilia that a man may fill a Canoo with thr* gniin in a few 

Cpon tliU River nSnoia ih^ fbund wild Appli^ Ttvtw ami riumb tivea, the 
Af|4n bitter And »oar, bat the plumbv good: asd n fmit much tike Cucumber 
lkt|Tev upon amall Troee or Shrub^t. Tboy call Ihcni Uaieiiuine. 

Bvfnn- ibi> Hivrr HinaU falbi i:it(i i\u'. MifHbipjii^ it ih jornM hy Ui«' Citfn- 
■ui. irhicb in tiio Imltnr nsm^t^* tcnrillion. and so mav be namt^d upon the 


IV next Staire down thih Rirer was Ibc Fort LouJa. aliaa Cr^w Coeur. 
BiRtfinin happt^)' a ^m^idrrablc minUikc in thi> map: for vh<Tca« thtr Fort ia 
^MnJat ili« loa^ Ertd of the lit tl*- Lakir rim^Awi, it really i^lnnda thir^ 
Isintt abovt tbc Lake, Bdov tb( Lake PimeUvi, the Jtivcr Hiooia ia joined by 
(^oxuid#raMp RiTi*T«, and at U-iij^lh !»mpti*?*i all it* wal*T into ihi* ;rn«t rircr 

Hie Rirrr BfifuMppi, whm- Ow Rivrr Hiiioi^r jtiiun it, in mciri' ihan hM nii 
b^iA mile broad, and very deep water- 

lltfr Mr KoUvg found bimvelf in a new world, compar'd nith the Hiver 

IV rlimato Tdnpemture, evorythiajr gay and pleasant* abundance &f fine 

^nil Ttvu^ Btivi[< of vmall Parrots iii Hit- wuod^, ihHt which ho rtmark'tl of Uiem 

-- thcbiadcrpartof the head woa yellow, the forepart KTCcn, and at the end 

■^'iii^ltilln ring as r^ afi blcod. The Wint«r ishf^ n caodftrate, that the enow 

*'*fcB lio aboKe 84 hotini, and no motf than two or thr*t iu^^^hta dwp. 

r.Tt Lcacnea from the month of Hinoia bring you to the mouth of another 
r»l Jtirer that join* Uif^iaippi from Uve west tide, the name of ii is Mifaonris, 
*Ckli»a TVfy grait rapid Rirer and much hiaoi^ than HinoiA. Below Mifrouria, 
^ ^- on th<^ >Up i« the Villa^ Tamaroa aliiu Cawhukah. The little 
I'aniaroA ia eulbN) Me^ifiamme, and cteM^rv^^ a name in thc' map ; for 
*W [fl a Jn^ndi Viibyc ivtttcd up(u; it. where th4!y rajK^ excellent Whcnt, rery 
1^ Indian Coi^, have a windinil], and have a filoek of Cattle, mnbr a rtry good 
•Ml of vinr. 


VlllC K^LLiMkia IX TJI£ XEV WofEUk 

Hr. KtUu^ M>a ihcy hud kjvctsIJ Iiojt«hcad« of it vrlirn kc wua Uierc; it ttof 
A red cyiinur And hiwi a ron^h bwUv 

Thr knnd pmdniva /-iMIrrt Mi?lnr8, gond DeonA. tumepi: snd til nirt^ nf 
Garden hcrld ; Ui« vooda Oak and E»vvcr»l aorU of nllnuU. 

Juiet ovvr tljt^ lUQuUi of Tanarc* Uirer on thv oUier *ido of tbc BiifaWppi are^ 
ahundnntv of rliilt S[^riiiSN wlicnp natncj" niv vupplk-d with Salt. TUey lyr juat 
above a «nsl] KivcrrcaUod LaSaLmo in Uiev&p, D<«r tavLich tiUle Hiwr it mijflfbt 
br* niid ^U S|trm^v 

The nrxt itivcT t->WAnU the Sc^ Lhat falU iuto thr MifAj^ippK U Quebofitpf- 
Thifl Hmr QtirWh^ (taking tji Ih^ ttivof Aciifi««ifl which jomt it near tbA 
Mifriiuppi) IP agrvdi Rivvr iif at li^fiL GO Itud ljrfj:id,a»ijiieof ih^ Urgvat that fatb 
into the MiliuHip^i- Tilt J£iTr-r Acar)ji«tt ^o*^t amonR tho tuitive^ by the naxQO ot 
Ohivrw which witli Oi<'in Mij^'^ifloi fine or bi-^icliful Kivt^T. Ilrri! alNU Mr. Ki->1- 
lug aays it i^ a noble countij, vaat Dumbcn of vild Caitle that cnAkc gtmt and 
opcD roadB for JOAny iiiil^ iog>.<hi»r; Jt bereabouU Id. KfrUug'a Conpany ended 
Lhi^ir Irjulinx Vtiji^cr, oiid m rtdunu^d Iwck t4» Canada.^ 

in ITM hie broUier, Mnrtin, wfiit to Cannda lo induce Mid to Mum to Hvw 
England and two yeani lnl*'r lie wa^ placod in the paj of tW goTemmflot H** 
made tittveral journeys to Caimda. ALbanj and other diatant plaoca. lb 17^ th<^ 
C}<incral Court of MawadiUb'tbt votod to hm]d a block bouiHr above Xorthfic^ld 
nnd lo post in It fort/ abk mfn, Rn^lifth nnd ft'i-st^ru Imiiiuis li tie MmjJoy*^l in 
HOOtttioi; at a fiood distanco up Ccnnoclicnt HiTrr Wt^t Riv«ri OUtr CnHik, ai 
BaatwarOly, ab<nv Qf\«t Monuidnodc^ for tbi? diKCovL-ry of tJ:t enony coiaii 
toward any of th« frontier toinw, etc- A fort voa built on the vcat bank of the 
CoanivTtictit in th^ #outhoa«t comer of the profont tovn ot BrattleborOt VI., aai 
vmi liilkJ Fort Dummer. The fort tMHA built of jtKort piuH and vaa about 
hundrvd and viifhty feet iM^uaro. Il<! waa rrtaxionod at thi» tort for more than 
twenty yean*, t>ith*r in mmraanH nr iih intprprrt^T. 

He vaa lieutenant in 17?^, under 3amueJ Bamarl; acted alaoae interpreter. 
From that Utin^ until hiadMlh h&wa«cr>LBtnnt1y oeciipted aaaaoout or interprets. 
Thi' (ti^iirrAl ('ouH in 1^27 ifrantinl him two biindrcd icnw of the unappropriated 
land in the Cour^ty of Hampahirc^* fiia akiU in Indian eignal^ mode* of ombi 
ODd varfare enabled bim to meet th^ savage foe tm terms almoft equal Th^ HI 
tory of Northficld »aya : "Capt^ Kellogg woa one of thoav brAve, true nnturo that 
ar^ luit apprrciatcd nhib living nnd receive littlo mnnirn whim dead. Vn\ 
fearLtut8» conMrLcniioue, alwa,te nAtly to p> nhfiv duty <;altvd. he gave the ati 
of hiA manbuod to the defend of tUe»e frenttem. Hl* lived U> jev doubtful br^ 
^inningit bworiie aturdy f;rowUu; ho Inml to imw thi* i^m^ion aidtlHl tliat thaj 
French rule woul<l nerrr be dominant in the Connocticat ralley* North! 
owefl it to him that it waa not a third time destroyed, ^* 

Rr wjiH i-iuployifd OH iiittrrpn^kr iu Itw. SiVLrj^ntV Iiidtiin niiiwioii at Stuck- 
bridjtc for ncarlv two yean. In ItSG, though broken in health, he vnr- pt-rauaded 
by Ooromor Shirty to accompany bim to Oii'A'f^ nn interpreter, but his 
vma not equal to the ioumey and he died and vae buried in Sclieti«cta«]y. Re 
legardod oa tbo beat interpreter of hia day in Xew England. 

+2H Jokathas,* h. in NorthQeld, ^ Aug.. 1731 \ m- Lucy Kent. 

ThU binil wu on IO|> vf Coy* HitL *htn Ike line d| Ibe vml »hAr vt 
zt a mvk tkc i«ad tndliir Irodi lUdUrf to iVntoiL U «w flurreycd by T. DtttfVt^ mad 
pUp J* ID iiOMfsvIoa of Un. E. P, Unttrr, nt Wsnen. 

Thk KjXrJMWa iTt THK KcW U'dRLD. 


^ns Racubl,* b. U JulT, 17?-^: m. Ufftit. EUjnh Kctit 
+OS ^ovKNA,"* b a<; 1).^'.. 17;; ; m. Si^ Dui^-ht. 
hltt Kan:cCA.* b- in tort Uunimcr, 8 Apr. U'^'J ; m. l£bh« Kcst, 
+»a Ma»n^,*l>^fiMn>-, JT34; m, Phylix Kmii 

73. REBKCCA." dau, (>r Martin* {36). !>. n D«., 16e«; m. itt SiifficH, 13 

of JiinftUuU) Ar^hlrTKTtd Aliigi^il Stt^bMti^ 

Sbcd, I7fi- in Iho ln%bAii nttn^c, Uikiui^pi, nt>v Wir.<Uor, N. Y,; hcd. . 

< ■- *iHt of tho ^hildn-o cap^^^rt^ hT ihi* TniJinnji, whrti lli»pr- 

6c3i '3 Tir*. with thnn in Cnnada until a ;^u'& ironuui. 4Dd be- 

cait^t^ tequAintPii rith th^ir lan^a^. Sho rvtamvil U> New Kii^iund about HZd. 

Hi^* t)roi1i«r, Juirarpli. pn't^'ut*^ a memonal lo Hw (ivncnl l-gurt in ihjtt vrar, 

ahifWiiMr th«t: ''Witli much pt-rtUttdion. lit; hit« brou^M fun eifili>T from C'Unada, ^^' 

obtigcil to tskr ab Indian m-tr »ud Nn vith wIiotii nhr- IivkI eo inakf her 

TaftDd to promise that he ny^uld uk no force with tier to kn-p Zmr from return- 

Ifl^ to Canada, nbe U-idj; bugotu^ to ttic Boman Catholic r«ligioa, praying tJiat 

Indiunit uiav bi^ H-nl nwiiy 'in r\n-h nuuiittT an nitty lie for thvU Mtitfai^ 

tiM- Cmirt raay um their atithority to provcnt hu AutcKA nturiL" 

TbeOcnrral Coart vot«ii :f 1 June. U28,ihat: ^'IIU Tiftnnur, tho Ijiriitpniint 

Oovanur. be dcurHl to rjuploy tbir Indian mau and boy mvcitiou-;! in th>.- men^o- 

naJ on an «rnind or me*«M^ to th« St. Franc-iM Tribe, or to tbe Cflnavaga Tribe 

Ibey belong, dt lioth ititv.^ In1>»^p by tbo vny cf thi- Knstiin Oimntry and 

KelloKK be auiU'jIv provided for. and taken cnn? of. during thn tnid 

IndFa&i' flbf^^^, itnd tbo^r U'tuTit with aii nii^wer: and that the 4um of £40 be 

ldTanci?d and paid out of ibe pnhlit tra«at> for iKitt purpocie, to be irapromi so 

Htomaki* tljenM«0eii^'ra t^ont^ntandeuy." (CoL Record* nf Ha*A,, VoL 14, p, 

m.) , -* ** 

y In 1753, «bf mm an interpret^' in the Indian Sohool in 8todcbrid;;e^wber<r 
(/ipL AHhley Wiu^ t* t4«rH<>r, In the following ynur, thcv aroomjiiinird Kit. G^d'>cMv 
HattleT lo the liulian vilUgf* of OiK;ua^'a. whttv ibcy wiabli*hcd a minion. The 
|r«tb Af Mr*. AfiliJ^y in 1T57 brc»k» up thifl niiuion. Captain Aahley i» lald to 
liavB rrinmrd in 17A4 In f^oelcljf^dgi', hut in AippOHij to huvc goniT bock to thi' 
lidana and dkd m their Tilla^ 

Sho vn« buried In the eemeterj near Windsor, bat the eiaet lo(VLtfr>n nf ber 
flair U ankn^nm. 

n THOMAS.^toaof Kdward* f??), !x in lUdlo'. 1" Llw-^ I<1'*': '" 1* D«r., 
ITtO, Kliabfitb Liv, b, 13 Aug., IG9«, dan. of Sti-phi-n Ui-* iitvl laiiflbL-tii Wood* 
ird, or Goflicti rarieh, LctAnom Conn. 

n? bo«i|>bt lan^I in Lebanon, and joinvd t.^iL- L'Eiur<'L Oicre and was bap. It 
Km., l'::i!'J; mi». ti> HbHfii'ld Irfon- U.'**'*. wh*-r> [ir dr^ilni Imid Ic iMftii'l l*-iMjf 
LobaniTn, ^viti/ but lyim residence a») ^boftiuld, Hcfo^:- h:nio%'in|f tc' Hh'Jltrld. he 
ItTol in lUbroft, Conn,, tt-hor^ Hn bought, 31 Mar, 1731, a hou^ and orchard* for 
th>^ lie pAid X330. 

Uu wtfa waa admittod to tho chun?h in IxbanoH, 1TS5l 


t» -HiBtu^b-ll iw.,im. 

'fi£#fthra Ijv ifti niarfai!k Wnodwara «w(» n. lB ^'MtlfH. AIk-h, tS D«r;. IQSI 



+300 EuflHA.* k 27 Mar^ 1743; m. Bcbncoi — . 

m\ Jiflos,"* b. « Mar., 1726. 

+:503 I.r«t'Kiv* b 4 Nov., i:27; Dl , 

303 ItrfOiiA* b. 2^ Jan., 17^0-30. 

Sfrl Bkolah,* k 3 Jon., 1731»S2. 

WW IvLiXAHtTW,* K 51 Jan.^ 1734-8&. 

306 Zebxiau,^ b. in Sheffield, d 8«pt, 1737. 

7& DOROTHY.'^ dau. of Edward* (:!7), b. C Uar. 1700; m. Thomaa Aiiw- 
wortlL (Soo -f^ Etouior.) 

81. Brin{A[M>"Minof Edwflrd* (V7)tb. iO Apr, 1707; m. about I7:n, l*)'^^ 
SawtWIe. dAiL of Jo«nli Sautrlle adJ I.j/djH PHikt^r, 

He d. in the anaj dunni; the t'rcndi and iDdiao w^ before 14 Fc^-» 17&6f 
wlM-n litM Mffi, JoRAh, chow a guardian. 

He ra. ID KortliGold, Bhut'jsbui?; Sunderland and probalilj otiwr towns in 
that vioiDitj He v/ti m the parTtaon at lort Dumni^r. undt^r Cap! JoMph £«!- 
Jogg, fmm 23 D^^^, 1733, tj> 30 Xgv-, 17<0; al«> in Cajit Ki^nrB mnipiriv, Ci>L 
Kvf^cfl' regiment* in the expedition o^nit Crcmn Point, Oct ,17&4i; iras dia- 
ebaigod at Albsiiy. 

She; watf granted a dhtrroe in 17Afl. 

Her mothur convoyed toh«r, II May, 176&»httTh«itio in So&dorUikd for £100. 

307 JmtiAH,* b. about 1740; IgiIImI in th« armj-. 7 Julir, 1759. Hp m1i*t<Hl in 
Licni Cbodvhfc'a Company, CoL lic^lfs* B«frinwiit« 6 Apr., 17&9, 
for M^ce under Q«ti. Amheret for the Inraalon of Canada ; vaa 
reported apprctitic«^ t« Joseph Smith, 

+30S WiLLMU * b. about 1743; bap. in SunilrrLicd, SO Attf^., 1749; nu Botb- 
shoba KAiirv, 
809 Joyxruhy S^vTELLr/' bap. in Sunderland, W Ang., 1749. 

310 PEESKirVKD,*' h. ■ 

Sa. CLEAKOR.'^ dan. of GdvraH* (SH), b. probably in Brookficld, 20 Jan-> 
1710 ; m, as hii ftMond irifo, Thomas Aiiuwotth, b. in Woodrtoclc, Conn-, 15 Apr.^ 
17n^. He biul n^ (1) tier H»ta-, OoroUiy. ![«> to. (3> Rath Uaeon, who sur- 
vived him aitd administered upon hi« i)6tat« in 1794, 

Tn hit old Age }ve tJiotighL that he vaa the kel fiiinlvoir of ihv MtU\irn in tbv 
fami^nn I^iewdlV nj;ht In thiB he wiu probably miKakm, an no Ainiwortli is, 
mimt3on«d in tho li^t of Lovcirdl'a ni«n. Th«^ it a tradition that h<tr at ooil 
lime. livt>d vith tho Namganantt Indiana. He vat^ rf-ry ctron^ and reDttirt^omf^v 
and ti)frr«ar«o)dadec(Sot«cof histninuing in I h^ hunt and Indian ligbtinji^ It is 
not knovn vrltir)] of (lie aivi% n^rv the mothera of ilwee children, nor ia tkn' nnlrr 
of their l»rth known. Dorothy Binned a dc<yl io 173S, and it i« probiU)!'- th^t he 
was a widower 5 Jum*. 1743^ wlien he gnve a fticct] whieb hiul no vif«^a li^gnature. 
It iaknown. bowrcr* that Hannah wcf th? dun. of Klf«nor. 

311 rAooi«« Ai^itct>rlh,^ b, 3 Feb., 1731. 
313 Smith AintmorihJ^ k ■ ■ 

Tjtn CBtLOOos ur me Sew Woujx 

318 Sfhmm Aiiuworih,^ b. 

; m. Nftth&nie] Abbott 

317 Dcni4l Awm^Hk.^ b, , 

3jfi ifijfiin JiiiMwrrA • b. . 

311* Siiv^rd Ainsu-orih.* bu — — ; pn^bflbl; be wm» tlift coldier of that name 

ia Idc^it. Stephen Txickcr'ft Co> of the JSlcrtotb CoatKCticuti 1776. 

Hw poMibTy d. tti tbe e^rncei 

3«1 Voifj AinfworlA,*' b. ^ 

322 BruioA jtiruiroHA * b, — — -; m, R^ben Burt, 

323 //«ndi Ain9te<frth,^ b. 11 May, 1747; probftWy d. unia, in Bro<Afield, 21 

Feb., 18S*. 
3J4 Jfory AiM1P<Mik^ b. -- ■ — ■ 

St. EDWABD," iOD of Edv^rd* (37), b. W Atig.^ 171S ; n. in UibaiioQ, Coon.^ 
4 Jan.. 173T-ad. Ji^miuia BarlltiL 

TbrT vrcfE< ttdmilUHl to Ibe chtirch in Go»h<^ji« 8 Oct., 1738. He d. probAblj 
bftfora 17*3; tbo dl (2) IS Not., 1767, Thonrmn H^t*, of Colchert^r. 

-f-3S5 JosErn,* b. 13 Au^, 1788; iti. Moiy Cashmin* 

3Sfi I-yr»ti« L 16 S*pt. 1740; m, UoAe« Kpllogg (+111H). 
+327 pEiaKtrBD*U25 0eul742; in- Tvucv Puiintr 
4-398 £ujaii,^ b. 1731 ; m. Tr^-pbunu Wc^torcr. 

329 Einr*w>« b. . 

830 Jemima,^ bsp. 7 Jatu. 17^a. 

.131 Akma « bap- 7 J«L, 1753, 

332 AMdSi* b. ; wv. m W. Orwivillc, N. Y. 

BC S.lMUKL.*Mnof DcflcoaSamcd* [96),b> in I[artf<»rd. S7 Au^.. 1688; m. 
11 Uay. 1711. Bumah B*:-iitoD. b> sbont 16.S7. daTr cf Sannid Benton. 

He 1 Wore 18 Jto.. 1712; »tw m. (2) 20 Oct» 1715. Joicph Root; d. 19 
IfAr.. 1771 ; h>d Berm cfaildroii by bcT luicond husband. 

Widow Hannah Kellogg vss admitted to 1hi> 3«cond Cborcb, in TTartford, 18 
Jail, 1718. 

-1-333 SAftAn«b. 21KOT..1712; m, Mo«cv Peck. 

M. MARGARET,"* d«. of De&oon Sumud* (28). b. in Hartfora, Jan., 
1888-90; m- « May. 1714, B«ijflriin OfctUn. k in Hartford, 1 F^b., 1C80, *on of 
JoIa Ottiin, of lUrtforri, and Alary llar^nl). 

He d- in Earvintoii> 17I1A ; she d. thfrre 1788, sgcd 97. 

334 Ji)fi<3fAAri Catiin.^ hop. 13 F(r^. 1715. 
3»5 ^tfraA C^tiin* bap. 22 Jtin*-, 171ft, 
33^ Abraham CaUui.^ bap. 14 An«:., 1720. 
337 Jo#J r«(;ifl • bap, IS FiiK 1'22- 


Tub Kxlloogs rx Tns New Wokld. 

33S ff*n;"iimm roi/irt,*> bap. 8 IW., irSS, 

399 Jac4>b Vattin,^ bap. 4 June, 1727; to. HiL&nah rhdp«. 

a4D Amoi CattinJ* hap, 29 Junci, 1139; m. M^rlhi Djvti^ 

341 DmUl C^Un}^ b. ; nu Doraa WaiH>n- 

342 Owrj# Catlin,^ b, ■; ro. ilimlwai Thilpfc 

87. JOHN » »n of Deacon Simud* (8^). K 16 Dec.> ISW or *»«; m. 3 Jwx., 
1719, Sanli Olmid^^il. b. 1 Jta, 169B, a«ii. of Tbonu Olcwtod and Haoiuh 
Mix, cf W«t HMtford. 

He d. Vi JxJy, i7U, in H&rtford ; she d. . 

+343 Saiuii.® b. 30 Oct, Kit; m. John Bcldcn. 

344 Hankah* b, 10 Feb.p llit\ d- yocng. 

345 HiiiNAH," I, 30 Apr-, 1753. 

346 ]{ttTiiu * b. I Jtily^ 17S5. 

Sa CAPT. ISAAC,*^ »on of Dmcdd Saroud* (£8), b, !□ HtirfoTd, 17 Jul* 
1697 ; ni. thw. 26 IKc . 1717, Mary \V*trt«, b. 31 May. 1697, dm. of jA«epb 
WcbttCT uid Uiry Judd, b- lOxxit 1GT&. 

She d. 3 Jan., 178<i, a^ 89 : he d. 3 3u\j, 1787> aged M). 

Ht? KA. lit Kl-vv Kartfi>ri1 ; t/afi the RM R^prvsenUtli^ rrom tliat town tr> tbp 
Comikccticut A»cRtbiy ; va> rkctcJ t^ thdt office tvcnty-thfr« tiiiMA, He wu a 
Joctico of tlx* r4fAC4> ; Litfnt of th^ Fourth Co, of the Train Band, by ordrr of the 
Q«9teral AamuMjt and in 1774, Capt 

Ht; waadwttti doocoD of Ihv Fir«t (Tomi Hill) Churdi ii N^v Hartford. 
In Um Huiory of liiU'hUi'kl Cuunb. hr in ilrwrltHn! n* a mati nt vi-nerabk; apiJCBir- 
ftliet^ tughty respected by his collcngvof^ Mor^ y/how. bf va» oftcfi («Uod to pray. 
He vaa distinguiihed for hia pi«ty, good judgmettt, flmiDen and ability aa a mag- 

Hia do(C(*Ddanb are now a email nalkfL Hia ion, DoacoQ Nonh, and grand* 
■DM. Ukliaiel, lived on the old hoiw^Uaft. 

Samcel," b. Nov., 15. 1T18; 0. Mmtj Storfc- 

AsaitiAU,* b. 17 Jan . ]72<i : m. Sarah Harsh. 

Maky," b. 12 Mar. 17^3; m. John Bire«. 

T]iri>r>ociA,^ b. 7 Jvni% 1724-35; m. Jonalhaa Marth. 

Isaac • b, « Oct, 1727 i m. Martha McniU. 

Noah* b. 13 \kc., i:Si>; m. Cl«n«n« MwiU. 

Juau-u • b. 14 Oct, 1731 ; u. Ealher Porter. 

AaiiBix,^ b. \^ Oct, 173^: m. (1) Sarah Loou^; (S> l^u 8t«^; 

(3) Lucy Cotton, 
&AmAH« L IG Feb., 1735; m. William McmlL 
MAitOA<trr* h. U June, 17:i7 ; n. Joseph Uota^ 
Axx* k 2 A11K-, 1733; m, KiigtT Cnj*. 
EantEE.*!)* ^1 AllJ^, 1739; m, Birr*- 



llou>AB,"b, 30llar,, 1742; m. Jam*** IVcfcaia, 

B0L LlET7T.JAC0B.*fonof DeaooDSarauct* f»Kk IT Apr^l099; m. <1) 

Maiy Scdffwi**. ^- 1 J«l5- 1^*^» ^'«"' ^' C"' ^ ^ -^^ •' Hartford. K 

IGIS7. and Mary Hi^kins h. dboot 1670. ^^:M be n, f 2) ITGti. 

Thk KmujMO^ EN mr Kew Wobldi 


[ICn. Rulh (L«e) Jcidd, b. 14 Jnn^. 1T03, widow of William Judd, ol Forminj;- 
ina, ilnu. of Jol^ii I^*" Aud KlbmlHli Ixnnub, b. 21 Jm,, 1604. 

Hi:il.3lJul^l76$; «hp <i. 2Q l>^c., L:91,nxL^d 9L At tiic time of his boo 
iond aurrUge W rw. in Farmingion, although bt ep^nt most of Us life in Wett 

'3G0 TiHoriET * b. Z5 ^&t., 17S5 or '?ti; til Kexiah Jociti. 
1 EuzA&ta-it * b. £d Attg., 17i£T; m. Jofr^ph iliiutdalt?, 
'+363 Lytiu.^ b, 72 July, 17^; nt (1) Timothy Sevntoui; {2) Matthow 

Cbrk; (3) An^Mbold McN\-iL 
-1-3S3 Jaood,* Up. n Jul/. 1731; m. Mun,- lUnnoEL 
34U AxAKiAii,^ bL 1733; m. lUntiali Cxtlin. 
366 OziAS." i*ap. 4 Sept. 1735 ; i unni., 3 Jtice. 17Ji9. 
J+366 Gkowie • K 7 July, 1737 : m. SanUi CUrk. 

r Uamxaii* Up. 13 Mns n.lS, m, C-iIcb Crowwdl 

fH BENJAMIN.* j>iti of l>(^ci>n Sflfnu^l* <SS), b. in Hnrtf<»rd 
I., lTOI-02: Tn, (1), in Unnfwi. a Nov.. i:2l, Abignil Sn^gwii'k, h. fl 
., 170^. 6aiL of Capl, Saniuvl ^^cdgwick, and aietcr of Miif>- Sod^'vick, whc m- 
tiuDt Jft«>1>KdIo|7g (+^}. 

Shed. ; be m. {Z) Eliinix-th llrown; she d, ; he m, (3) 

nbltwUi ffebtft«'; d. in Cacaan. IWn., :;:; Au;,',, 1757. 

lit wu ftdmitU'd to tbvcburt^L in Cuiuulei. Conn,. 1712; cboK-n dcuic^ou Ihunf, 
iS^tx, 1753. ilin wife, probably tbc Kcond, wo# admitted in 1743. 
He vw a wlectKiaii in Cadaad, and a pro&porou« fanner. 

CAiirfr4w fry }ini mf4. 

UB UanoAAfiT,* bttTK in Wc«t Hertford, 17 Fob., 1723 ; admitUd to church in 
Canaan, 7 July, 1741. 
tM9 BcffJAUt^v * bap. in W<«t HaHford, U Oct, 17:^1 ; m. Comfort Thompw!!. 
fn« JoBX,* bap. in W«cc tlartfonl, 4 ScpL, I72i!; m. Union Stoddard, 
-M71 AkiOaiu* b. Sept. 172^; m. Charlc« Ilurrall. 

17? Ujuua,** b. about 1731; d. VI Aup:.. 1718, tn Harwinloii, Coau- 
-rVZ 3*iii;it(^»li. ft June, 1734; m. CJilcx? Bitctm. 

<T4 Thaskpuu* b. ; m. Danid HcpkiniL 

3:* jEBirsi]A,^b. ; m. her oounn, Dnniel Kellogg (+38T). 

Ckiidrtn hsf second wift, b. in Canaan. 

^Ui!«k4Mjir..l74T; m. in P^ltncy, Vt 

«;a ijij.\.«h J7 JoiL. 1749; d. . 

J:!» EwsuAi,^b, in Canaan, Conn., 25 Oct, 1750; m. Fikna FuUrr; *hc d. 

; had no chtklrvn, Ilo eettJ**-l *om(iwhore in wpfti^rn pdrt of 

Maai.ichn<H.'tL?«> bui to the ea«t of Williamstovn, After the deAtfa 
of ilia vifc hv camt "ofvr the mountitntf** und madL^ hid hontu for 
ni*nj yenre irith hk l»lf-brothffrp Snn'xiel, at Willianjuiown, living 
ta tiitrvoie old ag«^ 

"tlo w%& a man of no ordinarr intelligeneo, in h^gbt above the 

jind wrll prr«^r\ml in lH>h nod tniml. Hi' wiw a 

<'id fithomian atid daimt^l to hra skiUful root doctor. 


The KCLIOGG6 db the Jffrw Woaux 

I boTQ kaovn him to Imtc hin fAthcr^t hi>ii«o and bo abutit for i 
wwk al a time in the woo^t nnd moiiFitaiiu^ hnntin^^ flstiiog md 
MftTchiog for rooU," (HccoUectio&a of GUce R K«)loeg in Penj^ 
Origbit of WiUUnutom : pp. 443, 449, 44t and 578,) 

He wftFi a jEoUifr in tbc revolutaom aad & pensioner. In Hi« ftp* 
pltcatMB fcr iL pvnsioix in 183^ ho ea5« tliat li« vaa LiTin^ in Wil- 
Immidowti, Mam., a^ 81; b. Id Canaan, Cann. ; rem. to WIl- 
Ltamstown dnriDg the TcvoLutioDory war nitd continued to rciidc 
tbcre in that vicinity; is May, 1T?£, ho ToluDt^erod with Capt- 
LqhLi;, to go tu Tintnderuga aud waa prvwut wbeil tbe Bntiali Oo«a- 
ntondcr tab furpnicd in the nigfat and Annmoned to mncDdrr hf 
Ethaa Allen; in Jan,, 177^^ hv mnrrhrd^ nndcr Cnpt. Zrbr^iab 
Sabine, to Canada, and aft«r ^e dtath of Captain £1. wa£ At Qacbfc, 
under CapL Stephen Darla; tho company won attacliod to the ro^ 
iirmnt vf Cnl. St-tb Wamcr, and wn.i stjitiflnoi on tho biftork pUinn 
of Abrabain ; then followed the uneu^ic^Mfml n^go and wattenug of 
the troops; the arriTAl of enforcements to the British br wajr of 
the rirer, and. in May, 177$, the disaotroiu rctTOaL In Jane h« 
join?*^ th« army in N. Y. City* under Capt 01iT«r Root, and after 
the retreat tc ^V'kito Plains, eerred tmlil Dec. 1776. De wsb At 
the hatUc of Bt^nin^n, t€ ^ug., 1777 ; was previouely one of the 
vol^nt«c!ni who ruihi^d to Uie front, at thi* call of Oen. Sehoyler for 
more troopB to oppoM tbc odraDcc of Oca. Burgoyoc from Canada* 

380 Molly,** b. ; m. Joel Dimming. 

+381 EjjxAiifcTH*L15Uar, 1753; m. (1) Ebenez^rSsniDi; (Z) David Clark. 

91. JOSEPH,* son of Deacon Samuel^ (28), k 33 Apr., 1704, in Hanford; m. 

Ha waa liring in FanQiDfi:ton in 1730 ; in Wcat Hartford, 173M1 ; with 
wife WW admitted tc the cbiirch in Canaan, 1743. 

882 Stbil.*" bap. ia Wert Hartford, U Jan., 1738; m. 1784, Jonathan 

H-38C BliJait,*' hup. in Ne^ TTartford. 17 Apr., 173T; in, Anne narlburt 
+3W4 JosKPii,* bap. in New Hanford, 15 Apr, 1739 ; m. Pnadptice Anetim. 
-)-3S£ A^itDN,^ h. 1742; in. <1) Tahitha Hancoi; (2) Hannah Bobbina; <3; 

Mrs. Rhoda (Dam) Powers. 
+366 A»Aii«L* K ; la. Naomi Oajlord, 

«. CAirr. DANIEL,"* fion of Dewoo Samuel* (U), b. in Hariford, Ay,., 
1707; m, in Hnr-forU, 27 Noir., 173*), Drborah Moan% k abotit 1710, dAU, of 
Capt- ThomAS Uoorc and Deborah (^riflirold. 

Ho a. 91 Sept., 1773; abe d Sept, 1801, ag^ 91. He r«a. in Vc«t ITart* 
ford, where he voa a member of Um cburcli, 173^. In May, 1755^ hi* trafl made 
Liout in tbo Fonrth Vo., in Hartford; in Oet., 1756, Capt. of the fame oompany. 
His will menlioDs bH the children named below^ excepting Deborak 

In t^ diatribntion of the widow's Bitote, in 1&03, there were mentioacd: 
"Huin of Danielj dcooued, Seth, deceaacd, Jo^ deceuec^ £no«r dc««uad, Uosm 
and ChaHei.*' 


iMf* b. 3 Nov,, 1730; m* Jcro^hn Kdlog^ (37^), hu coiisiiL 

l-Swru* b. 7 July, 1733 ; m- Lois . 

H-389 JOBL,^ K le Oct. 17:13: m. SujtoDD&h IIoameT. 
-t-SfO Motsx.' b. 23 Nov., 1T3G; in. JcmiAlu Spencer 

$91 Dkk»aii,^ \u th June, 1740; m, 14 Maj, 1782^ Oidoon Dficming, of 
Fanniogtoo, C^na; l^d one dau.» Uamct^ wU^ tn. Hark Eameft. 

2St CnAHLia,* bap, 30 Jul^, 1746; d. ; wan gratliifttiMl from Ynte, 

1^67; pafmut«r of the Cocmccticiu Militia in the r^voIutioE. 
3V3 EKoe" b*p. VJ Sept, 1751; nu 17 Dk^., 17:3, K»>mh Eeiaing, (San. of 
Jobn Bi-Min^; Iird. Imfom 14 Apr., 1S03, wIilhi hiH mutlier*H 4*iiUU 
wa« di«tribttt«f- 

m. 8TEPHEK» »n of Krfiign Stpph<?n* (31), b, in Un^li^; Z Fob,, lft95; 

B. <1) lla3r, 171&, Abigail LcomiB. I. 3 May, 1701, dau, of Nehtimlab Loouub, bu 

U Jiily^ 1670, and Thankful WtUcr. 

8h^4i. 13 Jnn,, IT.^*; h* rn. (?) t?l Jun^, 1734, Mary Cnak, b- 20 May, 1700, 

UiL of Gapt Mom Cook, b. 5 May. 1675, and Mary Barnard; d. Jl Dec, 17$$. 
Ho vas an innVoopef and trader in Ha Jley, 
Ik' wrrrml 7 vtv^n, A dayn in Capt, Dvwcy * Troopcm, 1723- 
He and hU wifo, Abigail, wore adcuttcd to tho church in Wc^tficld, 179S. 

nkvidmr, Mary, m. (?) 30 Oci, 1744, Mows NVh {HS).<if W<at Hartford, a 

muin of bcr fir«t huibaQd : she joinod the church in Wc«t Elartford, 174£ i d. 21 

+394 Uoaia* b. I Apr^ 1730; m, M^iry Shuldoo. 

+-M5 STTrnr-K^ b. l« Oct>. 17«; nu Mindwdl Baden. 

S« JoHlAH^h, 15 Jtin<v 1723; d. Oct, 1749. 
+3$: William « L 2S F*b„ 1784; la- Kcaah Dewey. 
+WS TbjO.kfcl,*' h. J6 Dec,. 1726; m. Richard Jaoobe. 

3» Er-waam* b. 11 Oct, 1728; a 23 Juiii-, 1731. 
+I0O NATaAKlcL LooKia^^b. U Jnnc, 1730; m. Drndrnnia Austin. 

I»)I MAHv^b. 3 July, 1736; m. Thomae ShL='pBrd, of West Hartford. 
-HfVS AuoAlL,** b. 10 Au<., 1736; m. A*hbel Welk 

IW. ABIGAIL,* dtu- of Eoai^ Stophon* (31), b. in W<^atfield, 27 Dw., 1702; 
m- 1731 (pah. li Junv, in Wcstficld) Clhriiflophrr Jaci^b JjiwUm, of dpnngHeld, 
MiA., aou of John Lavion, of Siiflkid, Conu. 

Sha 4 11 Jan., 1734. He jtn. In Suffidd. Conn. (Sofflold was inoorporated 
Uay, K?4. by Moml; aoDcxcd to Conn.. May, 174U). nntil afb>r tW death of hia 
wtf«, wbra ba rem. to l^ioMt^rr, Msi». ; admitUd to ih« tur of HampiBhiTv Co., in 
Uaji 17$S. "Cbrbtoplwr J. liavrtoii and John Tliggiria wt<re iiotti] lavyeni and 
hy thidr knoirk-d^ anJ vortiiy exumplc ^vc worth and hononbk character to 
th» I'rnvineial harj" (lliittt^r^- at Ifw^inT.) Ha vaa Coroner of HnmpihiTo 
Co^ 1734-d5, and Qfv^^^^^^^ ^ Oencral Court 173f^ *40 and '41. 

1113 Ftitty Laviof*** b. 1732; m. 18 Juna, 1750. Lticictia Sargent, b, 19 Oct, 
1734.'nit-trwiii, WilUani, K9 Apr., 1709, Uvi<d Uiitiatunty and wau 


Tnu Kjrii.dww ix ritx New WoBLn. 

h mrgeon in ^e r«vokliouarjr anuj ; in 17dl m. Abigail Forming- 
ton* of FltjKltir;:.. I-^ I' Fliny nta a phynidtn oiut d. 17f>I [>f tmnll' 

HcT, Benj. Conkiiii. She tL 3 Mar., 1»»3. 

PUnj-'fi dcBCCudanu, cvvn to tlilt Ofl>v tT« wtkl to luve i)i« poco- 
lijirily of Itnvin^ ^ix fm^rH on pHch HjiiuI nn^l nx ifi<f on i^<Ji foot. 
Fliny nsd Lticretm loet four chiMrvo id infsncv nod tb« motfacr 
Uiijiijr}kt tl)i-ir di^thti Div rva^ilL of l)ii^ rtinovul of the eiLtra flngc*n 
■Dd toci. She refujcd to bare? the opcrntion performed on WilUsn, 
■Ad ha livo^ 

1«. DRACON DA^ITRU* ton of Knaign St<i»h^* (31). K ir IVrslfirU!, IS 
Dec, 1704; m. in W*etfldd. 13 Ma>, 1731, llaanah Noble, U in Wc*tfiold, 11 
Oct, 1707, dam of M«ttht-u- KobK',* Uie (inrt tMUr of Shtiffiell 

He d, in WcfltfiuW, II Jun., 175fi, 4nd hi* gm^iwtom' i« *til! itUndiiijc there; 
dli? d. bofom 4, ]?1'5» 

Ife WHS one of the four Kellogg brotli^ra, irbo iv«. tiotween STieffleM nnd 
Great Bftrrinj^on, At a pkce called '^KcUo^ff a Tonrn." lie niu one cf 1b« first 
dctoontt in tho church in Sh^iTinldr h^ing choi^on to that 6^^<s wh^^n it wa« guthvrdd 
in 1735. He vas choMu selectman and trea^urvr at the drat town meeting held 
in iiheffidd. 

Hit rfttati' vu( invrntorird lU £1,040, In 17fi4 hitt i^cUtc va» dtctributrd to 
hi« childrcD, Stephen, DaaicU Qidcon, Mercy and Hacinali. 


404 nAKKAH,"* b, in Wo*tli«»Id, 16 Mat, 1732; d. 25 Mav, ITSS. 

405 Hannail* I. in W™tfield. ?5 Juiie. IT34; d. 10 Si^pt,. 1738. 

406 Abioiil* I. m ShHHHd, S9 Oct., 17:eC; d. S Nov., 1T:(6, 

407 DAxna." 1j in Sh.'HIii-ld, 11 Nov,, 1737; d. 1ft Oet, I73S- 
+408 Misiicv* b. in Sheffitld, 3S Apr.. 1740; m, Jowpb Callendtr. 
+40f* Stefhes,'' h. 'Zt^ Juiiu, 17it; m, Mary Aurtiu. 

410 Uak^taii* L 10 AtiK-. 1744; ni. I>aniH Johnuin; 4 Jittir, nf)5, T>an1 
JobiiAon and Hnnnoh, hip wif'^t of Schuyicrtown. Hcrkinwir C<».> 
X. Y., conireped fbj?ir interest in estate of father and moth^, Daniel 
and Elarnah Krllnj^, dtvctUBtd. of Sheffield. 

+411 Pa»ik^» b. 6 Nov., 174^; m. Rhodn Callondor. 

+412 GiDKOJi • h. 6 July. 1761 ; m. Electa Wait 

Ifld, U£KCY.« dau. of Knti^ Stcplien-* (U), h. in Wc^tJldd, 30 Oct, ITDfl^ 
m, an hi* luvrird wif*», in W™jtflr»ldT S4 Dfv^, 1734, IIpv. JurUh l^ntrxa^ of CokluM- 
ter> h. ill ralmoiLth. Maw., 4 Jitni.'. 1703^ hon of Bt'DJamin Lewid, h. in FalinonOb 

*Alr. Mntlhrw Nulil*? wmi Hit flnt vbitc mftn wIid nine (u realdc! io SfapfBrld. 11* «a« 
Irtim WwUlHtt urn! I'liiui' nmt >]>*nt the MtiI iHiittn h"iv witti un uilirr ]jiitEu.n AHwcnte 

ifU« of Dfwcua l^i:ilct Kr^l]-^-^. rctiinuiil here wilh Lnn- ^r \>*« tl^t firt^ wlilu vdntMl 
that rajD* into tV tAwn. Shi? inm-livl fron Wc«tArJd whm ftbout 14 jfarn of >^ on kor«e- 
^mtU. brlnplnff o t^ vith tfi. ood Ifwlccd oci« night in \ht wildfrmoH Iq what U ftov tbo 
»«t ^lart M lytiTiHfiiitn. 'Rii« Mr. K<^1* conimvntDd Utior Jind hvwl upodt IW plua vmt 
v^r# Snmucl ShwTii trnv \tvf*. 

ThH *^y fftirn TlftiHTMhli* Tix ftnd Hflnfnrd to AlTmn^, In «ul£ €kfR, ^h-. ihrrmu^ iho 
Tiling of S^'«lUcId anil Kh?(J(rTliiHik. 4itd tbf IvirikHr? novr tn Bt«firlforil, Sh(4brl(l, Mr. 
A]mo»t4i11 tlJV 1»m1 Inl^n-ri lUiiitnliUt C4>- «ii4 Allwhr. fvi ii«uK h cvnti<r*» wat tkmich 
W*»tl^.— Ulfftotr •! n-df*>, p. 3«, 

TnE Kkllogob ix tsll New Woujx 


1<?T5, and ± ia Co^^bce^^r, 6 Sept. 1^5:^. ap.-d 7S, and Eliaabcth Crowcll, his flrat 
'vif«, K 3 Aug.. 1^?. acd d. in Faltnoutb. S Mar.. 1706. 

Rw. Jwbih Ijeve'te^ first pwitor of th« church in Wcetcho^ter Pftndh, f^AA grtd- 
uW from Yale mC: M. A. U29. HcfltiHliinl UmhjIokj wiUi Ri^v. Mr, Biilklvy, 
atvl viu onUtn(>fl fimt po-ttor of the Second Church in Olchcfitcr ( Wrtftchr«tcr), 
It ihf tim*' of iU nrgi nidation, 21 IVc, 1727. TIk^h? of hiit mflni]4cH|>t eennone, 
LiU trunt. wt-re viitteu out in full on a half sht-et of tap paper of snmll sixf, 
foMnJ tn St«i. «hap«. but in lo fino a hanO ax tr> bo rvaU witfi di^k^it}- by modem 
rjivL Tbrrr i« mdf^cv, finvrnvrr, thnt he vtjib h gorxl n^holar^ nTid n fnitbful 

She m. Ot aa his aeconU tvife, fil Jan., 1747. David IJJedow, baj*. in ITart* 

E2? Sept, 1706, ten of Lieut. Bij^iilow and Hannah ; she d. !> Jan^, 
; bed. 2 Jane 1199. 

ChMrtn btf firtt Ait^bonJ, b. in WiJ§Uktft^. 

418 Spkr^fn Uu-is,^ k 4 0<rL, 1735; gniduuW iti^m Yilr in 17M; M, A, 
1761; in. 15 Anjc., 17iiJ>. ljoi» ilanwm, b. lf> Aug., lT43t tti Coi- 
chest^r* dflu. of Jarne^ and SArab (Treadway) RanaOTn. Bo was a 
teacher and mrrchfiut; rrm. to Spruigfitld, VL, where he d. 18 
Jink, 1SQ6; iuid two or mcirc ohildrrn. 

414 Ls^ia Ltvia/' h, 21 Fek, 1737; (i 12 Sppt, 1748. 

t4U J<iAi4 /,*««* b. 14 Mar, 17.11* : m. 4 Feb., ITfii, Sarah Brainard, k 30 
Apr. 1744. daiu, of Stqjh<n and Supannab <<juti^») Britinard* of 
W««ti;ho*t*»r; h^ d. 4 July, KflO; hU^' bj. (Si Eionry. ton of CoL 
^- llenrv and Mehitablo (ttowley) Chanipi<>n, of Wefctcheeter . he d, 

^ '44 July, 1797, ai^Hl 73; alio d. IP Jaa, of 17 Jnn<r, 1818, 


CliUnui fry ««POi«cl Afu^ind, proh^hly b. in ihat part of Colc^imter whifJi became a 

pari of Marlboro. 

41C St^phM Biffio^? b. SO Oct. 1747; d. 13 Sopt, 1718. 
417 SUphfn Big^ifSt*^ b :> Jhup, 1749; d, 5 Aug,. 1T51 
416 Jfw** ^i^fltfKT,'* b. 4 Ocl.. nSO; d. 23 D«., »[re y«r. 
419 .<i«Tra ^f7rft*„ .« b, 20 Nor^ 1753. 

Itt. KOAU,A v>Q of KuNi^ St<^hL«n-« (31), b. in Wcctfiold, 13 Ft^h, 1711; m. 

He rem. to 8hdBdd, on the east ddc of tbe Hou«atonio. He waa a private in 
i:W-30, unlpp Capt- JoM-ph Kcllo^ (l'l)> at Fort DumiiLt-r ucd ittutinel in 
apt WilLiid'« Cou at the mdic fort 1740 to 1742. He inu a Stret. in Cap! 
Zoiftfl Buj;£in'a Co., from 19 June lo 4 Nov, (vear cot elated, cndoraed 1760), 
ivobably 17d&. 

+4«0 JCWEPO « h. ^ 
«! Noaa^b. — 
4S« CuAhirT." b, 
4S1 Ln«i.* b. — 

poaiibly in. 4 Feb., 1784* Phinc<aa Chapin. 

iW^t Pu»r«b. 12 Nuv„ 175S; in, Mary Kdlogg (901), 


Tns KxLLooos IS tue Ncv WoitLa 

W5. DEACON SILAS" wn c.f liiwign SUphcn* (51), b. i» Wc*tfidd, Mub., 
7 Apr, 17H; m. iia Wcrtfidd, 10 May, 1739, Rath Root, b. 25 Mar^ ira«, dfttt. 

of Jn^UA Itoot^ b. 3 Not,, 1G82, aoil Mfirg&M. . 

n^ a. S4 J&n,, 17S^^, in Sheffield, a^od 714; the d. 21 Jan., 1817, same pUo«t 
ftgnl i^G; bi^r (li«Ui wan i^aitw^l (a* wju Kup^Hun)^ m tih<f wiia a]<ini- in hrr room) 
by htT falLn^ ;d a faintir^ fit into im opi^n fircpl&c* and being eo badlj burned 
that niur d. in few hours. 

II« waa a farmt^r; rea. in SltdHetilr Maiu. Hia bommtmd atood oppooile 
where G^drgc Kcllp^roa. in 1874. A man of htxh (octaL and r^)ipoofl character^, 
a dnuMFi in t}n> chnrtih • a drlpgat^ to the TOfiTpTitton in Stwkbridg^, 6 July, 1774, 
to take into coneideration the nghi of th« Bnti^ ParUninetii to tax America. Hfi 
was €lerk of the land office tsUbtialivd by thif proprietor of SheSdd and Oi 
Uarria^n, Ruth, his vifc, i^ dcfcribrd ax a di^iRn) lady of impoain; app«ai» 
otic^j a godly woman, and vithal poacMecd of great oncrc^ of i^haractor. She i^ 
tained a clear raLnd and mi^iory until the day uf Ii4fr death. After hIw waa SO 
yean of a^^ tAxc frequently Ttaitod, on honx^back, her dau., tj^lcanon who Uvod ax 
laikaaway. Shu often nOulid t^ ht^r ^T'^^'^ildiVD howthaiode thioiighth9foTwt 
from Weatfield ti> SlifffiL-M following "blawd" tree«. wliea ther« whw oaly two 
frune houses Uiere. Th<tir furniture waa packed oa hotMSj and her bone corri^ 
ft tfiiDm tml on rithrr m^p, She xait! wbi* knrw »1t(> wim ifm ynuag to b« nunied 
(boinf: only 17] but thought bcr husband tiocdcd h^ then m mtich a« he eret] 

Childrm. b. in SkcffUld. 
•f-lfiS EwaAiK* b 5 Ocrb, 1740; m. Ruth noamer 
+42fi KsOtt," b. 54 Dec-, 1743; m. Abipiil Se>'moQr. 
+427 AaA,'' b- Ifl Fe-b., 1745; m. Luey PoweU> 
+483 ELR.INOH* b, :n Auir-, 1747; in. Joab Auntie. 

4?9 RuTii.^V. 20 Oct^ 1749; m. Solomon KflUogg {4-»63). 

430 RHoDi^^b. 10 Jan,, 1763; m. Moeea Kellogg <+9^)- 
-f 431 MiniAM,<* b. ^4 May. 1T55; ir. Dr. Lt-^n BeebcL 
-f 4a3 Sll-A*," b- 7 Aug, 1757; m. Rhwiii Hoot 
-f 433 Axs,^ b. ^3 June, 1760 : m. Jamea Oickok. 

ISe. A510S,» BOD of Eoai^ Stephen^ (31), K 30 Sept, 1716; m< (1) (!»>>* 
in Sprin^rfirld. Mdhh., 13 Prb., 1744), Varf Steblana, <ku. of .Tnw-ph SlRbbios and 
Rebecca . 

Sh« d. ; he m- (2> «7 May, 1747. PmdciK^ Sedgwick, b. 14 Sept, 

1724. dan. of Hbc^leieT Bpilgwick, k in llartford, S5 Feb.^ 1G05, and Pra< 
Morrill, b, 22 Dec., 1700. 

He d. iu 3h*fl1p!d, 2fl \ov,, 1 770. Tie wuh oni> of th^ first four M^ttlpni 
of the Houaat'^mc; abc m. <S) 23 Jan., 1783. Capt Stephen Itoey, of SbcSkdd;' 
d. in Sheffield, 11 Sept., ISIJ, aged 77.»* 

■Of Aorlr marrtoffiF*, At4<tiiiiio Knipht t^ftT^tJB|| through Ooone^tffUl la 1704, vrol 
.thna in hn cliary ckf Coriri(>iTli<-Lit ynrithT TliAy fpiunthr nftTTy wrv yoDOff; |h« oulw^ 
i«*r, «■ I Am told, Qfider twraty yrar* IbAit aboiv.'*— CuMocm ftod rft«hloni ta Old K«« 
rlnod. p. TOl 
Thne jTDuihfiil maiHiEr^ m«y la part 1>r flnmtinW for tj the fi»44 that up ta tbr rrri^ 
lutLcn boy* rtAchnl luan'ii nUU At 16 joan «f a^c. bfcune Uixpiy^ct mtil mrwl in Ihe 
uUUiH.— Child Lif« fai Ccl4aial Daji. >. IQO, 

■*!^ih4ft hcT graToBtoae hi ShfUUH. b^t tbU i* crotaUy aa crrairt It ««aU tiiak« Icr 
but 12 ynr* of iiao irh#a tha m. Amoa Kallogg. Uoodwlo'a U«Dealogl«al K«<*a, k 111, clva 
dat^ of bar MrUi 14 »«pt, ITU. 



+AU Eacn-ezd,* b. 29 Fok, 174S; in- Sar^ Austin, 

435 JofiUH,* U 15 Apr,, 1750; d I? Dw„ shiuo \mv. 
-fUC Jvfi»,«b. 23 Acjr., 17.^1; m- Miv, Khodn (CnUcndcr) Kd[o|cfC (-111)- 

4i*t Aii«Mi.,*b,23 KoT„ I7flt; ra, nbout 1802. Hftrdfi snci went v««t. 

+4S« Pbcwxch • b, «3 Sept, 1754 1 nu Noaii Ely Hubbard. 

-f I3» MABt." b, 'Z D«L, 175fl ; m. Dr. WiUimn BuIL 

-4-440 TiiANPin/u^kAOct^ 17;&8;in. <1) AAmiiCiilliTDder; (^> EliJAk Stuiton. 

+441 Auoe,** b. t7 BeipL, 1760; nt Knchc) Porter. 

-fMl AaOOK,* b- 19 Jul}', 17G2 ; m. Siiaan Hanlington Bnirch- 

-M43 JoaiAU * b- IS Aug., 1764; m. A0iA Ilotfomb. 

JOA>."XA*b. 4 July, 17$6; m. Nflthnniol Wiiulow. 
445 Joseph,^ h, Ebenezier Kellogg, jerkninn^ of Slit^ffieli), vru ap- 
pointed hu f^urdiAD in 1T8S. TrotvibU- lie d, yoitni^. Mm. Badul 
Stronfr, a daxi. o( Araw (441), nnt] Hfv. Htram Huntinpt^n Kfl- 
lDgg> fOD of Aftroa (443), wroto, in 1^70, that they had cccn the 
otbet thildran of Ainoe (1V6), but had never h«>ard of Jo^pb. 

.; m- to Jrtly, 1740, 

in. AABOK,* MO of Ensign Stephen* (31), b. — 

lftl7 Uvi». K ia ColchL-btt^r. 17 J-anc. ino, tUu, of Bcttfamui LewU^ b. 1608, 
KDd HiHimh Hiockloy, b. 15 Mnr, 1675. Hoimnh Hicckloj vta dau, of Ensign 
JqIu nincl:kj» of Banifitsble, Mus,, and Bettiis I^thrDp. 

He d- 10 May. l7Ti ; tfac d. ; roe, in Wc^tchoeter Parish, ColclioBter* 

Be vu fl^miniitntor of th« catiU of Bi>njimin hewa^ 5 Di?a, 1753. In the 
distribution of the cttate neither he no; his wife frcn mentioo^d, probably bccauM 
[r. LttVkt had cofLT«yed, 3f7 Sept., 174:f. to *'eoii and daughter* Aaron and Mary 
llogg, ttiilj ain«^ pnrt uf the farm on utbieh T iiuw Oudl/' but on 24 Jnii., 
1756, Aaron and bi§ wife joiiud with the other children in a conrc^yuicc of land, 
ia CofehMter, belon^tig to ih^t father, Benjamin h^-wU, rleceaeed. 

Hb wiU, ]$ PdU, l7Ctf pn>vod 4 Au^.. 177?, DL<;nti(mn aoim, Aarno, 
I>aiu«I and Snl^^mon^ and daua., I'Ucy, ilnir, LrcLa Hutktj^y, Ili^Tmah and Lovind» 
pnvTidfv that the «jpen«m of Solomon's i?iJiication shall be paid oat of thd 

Her will, datt^ 14 S«pt,, 1773, provcvl 17 Tkc.f 1773, nwntioiu lana Aaron 

Danic-I, Kranddao^hter Samh, the cldrvt child of Lucy Cliamb^rlain, dau, 

\cj Ch^mb-'rlaiE, dau. Mart Day, daiia, Hannah and Lovina KcUogpr* and '^I 

"jfijf. to ilif> r-litldrr-u of my JaLifTiler, tIsL Lydia BulfcWy, l*uey Bulklf^y and 

Claric^^ Btilklry, one-fifth part of all my c*talc" 

Children, h~ in ^ft$Uktlittr Paruh, Cotck^tt^, 

Ue LrcT.' b. HI %Ur^ 1741 ; d. 8 Apr., eamc year. 

17 LccY," b. 19 P**-, 174i; m. EUphalet Chamberlain. 
448 floix.Moy," »>, 14 Jub, 1744; d, 9 Aug., 177:1; hu will S3 June. 1773. 
]iTgv«l )7 iScpt.r mno year, roentionM hU moUitirf Moiy, brothcra 
Aaron aud Daniel, fufJcr Lacy Chamberlain, and hc'r eldest child 
Sarah, aiftcr» Ly^a Bulkloy, Mafv Day, Hannah and Lovina Ktlr 
lojig; ha waa an bononry gmduatv of YaU-, 1. tO. 
+113 Aahoic.^K 9 Aag.» 174fi; m. Ithoda Jonn^ 
^ 1W> Ltou,* b. ^3 July, 1749; m. WilHam Biilkle>-- 
4M M*w\.''Kta AcK-,lT51; m. 7 Mar, 177;, Jet«f Day. 


453 UAXKAn,*b. 17 M^r.^ 1754; a^ini«tra(ioD granted en ber ortat«^ 5 Hay, 
17>4T ; one Wflm in tlie inveniory «we a legtcy dne from the enCato 
of her broiiier. Solotnon. 

UZ Daniel* b. 3 Sept, ITSS; m. H Jan.. 1778^ Klinibcth WclU; adinmi»- 
Intion jcnntcd on hii: C4UU* S Dec., HSd; r«pn4aaUd iatolf^nt; 
DO iuiii4« cf Ti«^r» appear^ the inventory of liia estate, 2S Dec, 
1781!, tncntioDii "hie and I^dia BoIht-k^A »harc in tht l]«aAG in 
town^** and a Tann in WcatcfaccCor. 

-f454 Lor:>JA,* b. 10 Uar., 1760; m. Am Worthia|rtoiu 

12fi. LIEUT. NATIIAKIKL.* bod of NaUwuel' (32), b. in HadW, 22 Sc] 
liJyS; m. yi) 4 Mar., 17U, Sarah PrcriOD, b, an Hadl*?, 8 Nov.. 16ii3, dao. of 
Joltn Ppt«ton and Sa«fc fiftrdn^r. S\v d. 15 Sept., 17M; be m. {%) (pnU) I 
Jtily^ 175S, Mn. Uortha (AHij^) liamciond. of HarJirick. b, 19 Not,. 1703, dai 
flf Ichabod A)Us of HstHeld, b, 10 JnW, 16T5, and Han Beld«n. b. 27 Xng., i 6' 
She J. 13 S(>pt.. 17G4 : he m. (3) in Ware, 2Si OcL, ]?A\ Mhl Kliabah Smilfa, 
Ware, wbo emrvivvd hini. 

!!r rl, in UndSry, « Ang., 1770. 

He wad a survevor of land ; lifioL Ed the ntOitia ; Ackctman of HadleT 1' 
;39, '41, '41, M8, '50, '53, '57, '59, '61, In 1738 the Central Cwirt of' 
thuN'tU nllnwf^l him and WilliAm CImiidLrr two hundiHvl and dght acn» of 
for a map of the Connecticut Itiver. 

In ^fr Thorns G. Ford'i^ old hmtM> in Ha^Iley, tt!iri.'jitly fjikai d^^wn (1901), 
an old »tonc that m* nacd a> a hcarthvtonc had on it the folLoinTij: infcriptioiks: 
"In ncznory of Mr«- Sarah, the wife of IJent Netluviiit^l Kellogg, who di»d 8«pt. 
ye ICtii je A D 175*? tn the C3d year uf her age. On die left, Ijiod Ue6 the body 
of thcar DjtutT Abj^^uit wlio diul Scj)!, yv ISih yu A 1) 175fi in her IVth yvar. Oe 
the* ri^t hand fiiflc Ik** tiu* biwiy (jf th'»if «jn NaUiuTiU'l who dipd Srpt yv 
Th« atone it^a here broken. It is Hid that Jo§iah Kellogg bnilt thia old 

VMtdren, b, in H^dley, 

-f4A5 DaxiKL.^b. about 17t:; m. (1) KcthiT Smith; (2) Mn<. Thankfnl (A^ 

eiander) Ifavley; (3) Sarah PfLrtom, 
+4W AsiLUtA».^ b. about 171P; m. Sarah Cowlea. 
-4-4A1 PKuntiNctr.* h- »bont 17J3; m. Ja«inh I'nrwirLX, Jr. 
+4G8 JotL* b. about 1734; m. Joanna Clark. 
4-459 GABDK£H.''b. about 1730; m. Thankful Chapin. 
4-400 MotfiMt,^ b. nhoQt 1733; m. Marr Sheldon (600). 
-Hfil PuEBK,* b. ; nu UtuL Kl^ixrt- Xaah, 

46t Saiiah,* b. ; d, nnm.» aged uiorv than fiO, 

4G3 AinoAiu* b. ; d. IB Sept.. 17C6. agwi Iff- 

4tU Katiianui^^ h. ; d. jyning. 

1». CAPT. KRKNWKR/j^n i>f NaUiamel* (S«). k In Hadtoy. 31 Mar, 
lfi95; m. (1) ly Dw.. 171ti. Hi*. l':iiMU4b (Ingram) Fanlborn. k 15 Mar, 
1G91, vidovof rhlUp Pantlkoni and dam of John Ingram, k $D Jaw^, 1661. and 
Mehitabd nit:kin!"on- 

Shc d- ; h« BL (2> (pnWiArf In Stow, 18 Sept, 1756), Mm Sarah 

Stertui^ of Stow, Uam 

Tux KBUXNiee V9 tue Xevt Woexii. 


He d nt the Ivdqmt of hi* niitcr Mar> (Mr«. Crcmch), in AinJifint> 17 Aug., 

ITfr rM. hi nadtcT. AnbpTft, Kew Salom and Stow ; Capt. of miUltii, 1731 ; 
Vith hi« lirrt vifc. wajf u member of the firvt church in Anihcrtl at it» CT|Fa&ixa* 
tion, 7 XoT^ 1739; in 173S b« had tvicii^ %t mncfa cleaned land in Amhortt as any 
cither Bian ; ira» thv firet iiiak««por in Amherst ; in 1745 on^ of the commiUe« to 
Uj out Etr«et« io Amherat. 

Chihlrtn hy first tti/t^ 

465 Uaktis,^ b. 24 Septp 171^ in Sundefland 
+^W ^JZABcni * tx Ih Dec., i:!9; m- Capt. Samuel Nourax 
•f«7 Ew»TOt«»*b.a^ut 171M; □). (1) ; («) Sarah Clapp. 

UO. CAFT. EZKKlEL,^nmof Xathaatiti^ (3S),b. in Fladloy, Haw., 15 Apr., 
1M7; «u aJioat 17tJ> Eliaabetli Partndg^ ^. in HadT^>7, 22 Sf^pt.. 1701, dnu. of 
SamacI Farthdin!. Jr-* b. 21 Jaiu, IG7V. an<i Marj Cotton, dan- of Rev. Seaborn 
Coiton and Dorothy Dudk-y. 

He va>« a vroavc^ il 17Z0, a trader in 1731 ; rco. in Iladlc^ and New Sairm 
■od bacantf procprr<ni« ; traded with lh& Indiana. He waf a »oldier m tho French 
and ludiaj] war m CoL Villiania' Ri?gimr?iil : wrvn] li-n ^irt_\^ . trnit-K-il fiffly-fuur 
tvilon diuinK the dci^ of tort Wiihain llrnry. In the- Indiar war, hv com- 
nusdpd a company sgainn th« Indians; had chaf]g:i* of th» fort in Ncur Salem, 
bmJt for the prtH^ction of the familiid of the eettlera. In thete potitioiu he 
ihowed cour^^ and ikilL 

CuzjuttTK,* Ix 1734: d. 1 BiT|>i., 1726, ttgtd t; ^mivtiUnit in Hadley. 

UsvaWBif l>Au:<liiTi:»,* b. i d. 1726. 

470 MAKiA*b. ; d. 171Jfi; gmveetono in Hadley* 

+471 ESEKIEL." K 2Z SepC. irCS ; m. Hannah South^i-idc. 

472 Cortox* b- 3 Kov^ 1732; win pHrftt* in Capt, Samuel Horn's Cd, on 

rxpeditioD to Crown VoM, vn^A 13 Aug, to IS Dec, 1755; A. 
unni.. 1766; re«. in Kutlani, MaM, 

473 Goes Caoucn • b. 4 May, 1733: graduated from Harrard College, 1751 ; 
voa a phrvJcian; W9 m lladley; d. unm., 2B Aug., 1793; hin will, 
dated 7 July, 171^3, boqneatbe bU property to William Shi^ldoD and 
PoUj K^o^. who were the eli^ldren of h)h hcuaelceeper. Mary Oat- 
lin, and order* that WiUiam Sheldon nhall be educated at one of 
"onr eolk-gPM." Th* ^ravt^fttonf* of tbt* dan, ntanda nrart to hia and 
haa Ihe following inKription: '^ary. only dau- of Dr. Gilea Kd- 
tos?:, d. Not. 11. ims, affOd 31*.'* 

[T4 WiLUau" h 1 Frh„ I73D, m. Xaju-v Holton. 
il75 Savpkl,* b. 1 Feb., 17311; B. (1) Lucy Snow; {%) Ure. Sally (Fiak) 

476 CuuBETiT,* b. 20 Dec^ 1740; admitted to the churdi id NifW Salcm, 13 

FlIx, 1762, 

477 PaBTRiMe,^ bap. t^ May, 174S. 

•Kami*'* PiirlrM;^ "'r. "■* th* ■''Ti «( CJt} Samnri Putinrtp*, nf HuTllrM. M*iw . irhfi 
«U StvprcHHtJitiTr LiSMW: t'oL of the R*(?.: Jurifrr of I'robfiEo; nne of thp <VnindI; 
Ula Ibv ikalli vl Cul> P/atbos in lT03i Um aawV iiitpuriaul mitQ «t tb* w«*leru ]nt\ of Uw 


Tub KELLOOoe ly tns Nkw Woiu>l 

131. SAMUEL,*' «" of Niilluinkl* (38), U 4 Apr,, 1(J99, in Hiidley; m. tt 
May, 1T2I, hi« oouain. Surah Smith (100), K 9 Nov., 16&S. dttn. of DeMoa John 
Smith %n<\ JoAnnA Keltngg (^'0- 

He d. in South Ettdlej-, May, 17-41. I!c rnn. to Soutfc n*aif7 in 17?7, mnd 
wfi« OD th^ comtnLttoo to «M to tiie building of yv meelic^ honw in S. H4dl«j in 
1739. lie vftn probably the Samuel Kellogg who aceompaiiierl tlie PepperiU ex* 
podilion iu 17V4 ; in Oapt Bamard'e Co., July to Nor,, ITSS. Sh* m- (2) S Jui„ 
IT 19, WiUiiOT Montague, of South lUdlcy; h* d- S2 Doe-, irS7, a^ 75- 

+478 Samvel* k ir Mar., 17J5; m. Mary Xaah. 

47S JoA«vx« b. i d. 19 Doc-» IIH. 

+4S0 Gap* b. ; u. Lucy Sackrt. 

4«1 DAsnsL^^b. 
482 Hui-iurt* b- 
488 iUttT*b,— 
484 Lucy * b, — 
4£fl Sarah,* K * 

d. in Lonpncidoir, 39 QcpU, 1753, MgbA 80. 
d. S Oct, 1756. 

d. 12 June, 1747. 

laS. SARAH," anu. of XnthHuia* (:)2). b. in Hndlc?, Viuk., 12 Uar., 1701^ 
m. ^ May, 17^0, PefKOQ Ebcuf^tcr DickinMn, md of N^catuh tibd gnodaon of 
Nathaniel Di>?^in»n, of Wetherafleldr Conn,, and Hadley. Maia. 

Slic d. tZ Mar., 1743, in Amlimt. IEhnu; lie ni. (2) Widow Huaitton, of 
Brook6old,Ua«.; bod. abovit 1780. lU n:tii. about 1731 to Amboivt 

466 Gid4cn fHrkinsoH^ fa. 1 Dvic, 1720; m. Hamuli Fdimrdii; rca. in Am- 


457 Ebfntttr /JirWwort • b- ; m. CfalM Holton; r€«. id Ambent. 

4SS /frui'4'11 IHck\nM>n* It, -* ; wbb Capl in the rcTolutionary araaj ; no. 

LB Tbclford, Vt 
489 JoMph iHekinMn.* b. abont 1731 ; m. Martha Mc1tiD«cn. 
400 Mojy DiMnKm.* b. aboot 1737; m. Noah Dkloiuon, of Amheret 
491 Ahi^il Dickisttcn,^ b. ■ ; m. Samuel Ingnua, of Ambcisc 

498 S<mh />KiriiuofH* L ; na, A«a Adima, b. m Ashford, Uaaa., 4 ApT^ 

172tf, ftonof Thomas AdaiM, L 11 F^b., l«»5-96, a&d Abi^ 

Finbw; rfwd. 23 Mar, 1770; l>ei 15 PebL, 1881 

493 -rfTusAo />iVlia*»ti • b. — ; m- (l> Uorid B^odcclt of Ambunt; (8) 

19 Mar, 1304, >*atbAa Dickinaoa, of Ambnm; d. 27 Oct, IM^. 

494 EspcrufiC4 Diciiiuon^^ bap. 88 Jnjw, 1741; d. ftvo., in HadloT, 7 iUr., 

133- ABIOArU* dan. of Xathaitit-I* (A2), h. in Hadlr7, 19 Mar., 1703; m. T 
9«f)t, 1780, Benjamin ^lehloiu of Doerfldd. h, W Attg., 1705, ton of Jo««pb Sbd- 
don,* b. IMd, ond Mary Viliittng, b. 19 Attg-, ^^^ 


•J«««pli SM6em «u » vNa o| b«A« SbAldoA. «| Wlmd^r. Omh^ b. ftbonl IMi, Ri 
t« K«rlhuipto«i. la^l t it ^ Jaty. I'oe, H« «L f I » laU, U±rT \Vo0dfah]- 9tm d. 
AnnL IVM. H* m. {2} Ui-kltaklr Envln. H* iMd ffKirtwn r^l^drriL 

Mary Whtiiiv <™ *l*ii^ '^f JoufA WhlUv^ ■wrebaai oi WHtOtld, Uam^ >vt irvinrttad 
to H^rttord ta laiA or TO^ Ha i>aa trcaAarrr uf OjooKtiml, nicTHiiiif kU Ui^cr. frtitt 
ma till Ua dcaia r^hiny-ala* ^«ar*K «bea U* mo JoIa Mucndci hbn a*i ff U Biiawi J in 
Iba ^ba tblrty^vo yvatm. IkaL Ih fi Ocu >•■», Mary, ^m. ri Ba> J<Ab fjiifciii aad 

Tas KxLLOOOS ik tbs Kew Wobid. 


H« wt« ft AoUicr in C«pt. Bcnjomtn Wnghf e Co» i& Father Uaal«'a var ; ftt 
the otptiire of Cap« Bret'>n aod cfime home sick ; d. Aug., 1752, 

i»6 £»^W £A#Mon,« bL 6 Dec., 1729. 

•197 WilHaa. SkfMtfn* b. 16 Jxiiy, 1731; m, IlaiiDth KoU«; d. in Sbeffleld. 

498 ^fr>^«iJ ffktldon,^ h, IG Uct, 1733. 

499 TTfcilWtf ***/*I«»m« k 2B Oct., 1735. 

$00 JVary^«f<fM*b.lSMar. 1736; m. 17£8. HoeiM Kellogg (+460). 

501 fifiAia f,4Wion,^ b. 7 M&r, 1740; id. Capt BmveU Dowiiiag, 

509. ffaniuf SkelJort/^ h. 15 Mar., 1743; a rrvulutitjiiui'v wIOil-i: waa c&DihI 

"^cphtw" ia the vill of Dr. Hiuhaid Cfoudj, wLu lu. ^urr KcUo^g 


185. EPHBAIM * wn of yathaniel* (3«). b- in Hadley» Maes., 9 Aug., 1709; 
in Amhent^ Uaa*., 1 May. 1711, Dorothv lUvtey, b. about 1723, dau. of 
LBinrl HAvlf^r And Mr-hiulilr Bi'ldi^ti^ of lluUiiUi 

He d 16 Mar., 1777 ; ebc d Si> July, 1812 ] both are buried in Amberat 
H«ma. to Amli«nt before 1745. Jud^e Loyal C K^llo^^ wrott: "Hii »ifD 
k about 1725, «a* tirit nmnin of tbt- ctlrbnitnl Maj. iTaw-ph UnwW, of Nortti- 
«bowaaoaooft]3«for«nio«tof thupatriotfl and public men of Uaeeaobu- 
fat tbe tfra of the rprolutiiHL" 

+^03 Bphuom,^ bap. :^ Jan., 1743 ; m, Kathor Hatftiu]^ 

+504 MA»TiJt,« hap- 8 Jati,, 1744; m, (1) FUiinnh Cnjckn-; (2> Wi^, Lucy 

(POmcroy) HaatingB* 
+506 DoaoTBT* bip. 23 Feb., 1746; m. William Field. 
+906 Abioajl,* bapL 10 Oct, 1748; m. (!) Itood, (2) John Tjjicboa. 

B07 Jom;,*bap. Apr*, 1761; d, 13 May, 1753. 
+fiOd SasaH,^ b. 10 Sept, 1753 ; m. Jonatb&D Fidd. 
+ 509 Jo«£>*n.* b. S8 Syr., 1758; m, Jcru:^ Ingram. 

IK KXPERIESCE.' datu of Xalhnnwl* (3^), k in Hadley, ; m. 15 

Oct, 1736, TiDiuUij Naal*, iif Orajilj (foriocrly a (art of a lltdUij), b 26 Jati.> 
1707, aon of Kpbraiin S^j^h, b. about IGH2, and Joanna Smith (94), U 1 tiopl, 

He wae an innlLCepfr; n* in Qranby uniil about 1I5C ; rtm. to Shut^flbury. 
IL, 1760; 1767 boU out th«r«; not Itno^n wb«r« ho went from Shutj»bufy; 
rben and whoi hr or bit ir'itv d. U mit kninrii. 


510 Jwms .\ash* b, S8 Dec, 1737; m. 1768, Jacob HastiDf:^, of Warrick, 

~ ^ Ao«^ dflU- af lion. Hco- l\f llTL H* m. f ^ ) IfiTO. Anno. dau. of Cot, John AI1«n, icn 
UfttUw AlVn. Hi^ i1 1717,— (i«Ti. Nolm. Gooilwln, fi, 1144, 
WIlUuD MliitiPf. "jrcQllennLn." jql* of t)ic rarly trilkrfk of nirtfcril. larutlcmtd In tb4 
nrtn «f Chi> ovaoUy *a wlj u 1(132 or '3:1, A iiinti uf oluratiim kjmI nmltli, H* wi^ 
0| Uiv Kait reiyccviblc of u« vrtLlerv in 1030— "onr <>f the civil and iclicioun Fftthcrn 
rf Ooancakul." vtf. TrMMirer «f Coloar, IQII, im dcaUb, ]<47t nuf^^tc.— Ccn, S'otB. 
tvi«. p. 219. 


511 Samnfl Nash.^ b. 29 Jan., IT30; »«tU^ m LuAoabuij^b, Vt 

512 Ttmnl^^ NiLih,* h. lA Or.L, 1?4Q; m. Mary Pownm, And *«tt,l«d in I>iiii«n- 

burgh, Vt 
fil3 BxpsHener Ntuk,^ b. U Dw.. 1743; hl 1764, George Vhedcr 
614 Marg Croiuk NaeK^ b, eO May. 1747 ; m. 17Gfi, JnniCft Ljinno, of S'ortb- 

fiold. Mam-; d. S:^ Mnr^ ITT?. 

167, KBKNKZKH.^ wo of Ebm«or^ (35), L in C^>kh«lOT. C*)i»n.. 30 Jan,, 
irirt; m, 10 Hay, 1752, Abigail Eowl^, b. J Oct, 1730, dan, of ElDathan Row- 
Ii;y ttcd Abi^il Cou«. 

110 d. in CoLcbatvi, 9 Fttb^ I?S8; hU wiU U nooTdod in Colcbwtorj «1m 
d. , 

He wa« added to tbe cburob iii Cokhester, ti J»u 1743* 
Vlim Abi^^fl Sowl«5 vom a baby. Mm. Rovrl^y wju visiting a n^-ighbcir of th« 
Kdloggi and Ek-nczcr called her the luncJKimcst iioby he had crcr mc&. He 
Joklllgly ask»>d Mr*, Bowley if he might manr the giil if he wi>iild wail until Ab 
win* of |>n>i»trr a^L-, and Mm, Rgwl«y gave htT touai-nt 

When Kbrnrjx^r vra.^ old and intirm biti wife wru in the habit of fJianng him, 
and one day he t\^\im\ to W AhnriMl »t im imnfliml tiini>, Shewil: **WTit, to-day?" 
H« nplicd: ^*S(^caurie )'cu con «bavc me blotter abra than d^od.** She aakod: 
"What do you miNUi?^' "1 incaiL that 1 am to dto to-fiij^t." Slio TaDi(?d him a« 
Wing iJiipcT^titioim and ivIU^I in a. nnghbQr U> diccr ^lim, but Iw died that night 
aitting in his ch&tt 

Children, &k in Co^rJiMtBr. 

515 AbiOjUL* b. t7 Jan., 17B4: d. IS Dm, I7C$. 

4-^10 EnnvuKco*^' b. IC Mar., 1756; m. Amy Ftantioni. 

+:>n AniOAiL^fa, sy Doc, 1753; m. Klijib Fnller, Jr. 

518 M4MJL,«k3 Aug., 17C3; d. 3 Mav. 17:^. 

519 BcTLcit.^ b. 21 July. 17G6; m, 9 Jan,^ 17SS. Sally Tratdvay, dan. of 

Jt>hn Trc'adway; d. in Colchwrli-r, 1813; nh^ d, 9 Jan., 1848, ogc-d 

7d; had do children, 
+620 Elsathas,'* liop. -4 Apr., 176S>; m. Sarah Fullor- 
+321 0«A»i.K«* Ix 33 Dtc, 1713; m. Lydia Trwidway. 

171, JONATHAN,* wm of Jouathnu* (37), K in C<>l**i»«trr, Conn., 1ft S^, 
inS; m. £ May, 1?35> Mary Nilco. b- 20 Jniu;, 171G, dan. of John Kiles. of 
Lyme. Ocnn. 

111 1739, he nnd liia wife gave a r«ctipt to Dtocon Skbanl Kly, vf Lyiov, who 
had Wf^n hrr pjjtrdian. 

Red. li>.liity, 1745, 

Administration oti hia catate VOB linked to Ceon;e Brown and Jo*eph Kd- 
'oggt 10 Sqjt., l^-iS. Jonaihan KelJoj^jf wa* ai>roint4.d guardian of Martin, 7 
Oct., 1746, and T*rael Krllo^jc ;^'a^ appointod guariiian of th<' otb<T two, fi May, 

Sh<> m. (i£> 7 July, 17441, B«y&old Marrin. 

588 TT.vs.otFD CiiiLT* l>, and d. Mar, 1737, 
+543 llAJKirCT* U <i Sept-. 173S; m. (1) WUHam Smith; (2) Dr. Willinm 
] looker Smilh- 

TiTE Kellooos IX xns Nrw Worlex 


4 KASinr^Up. 29 U&U1T41; m. (1) Sarah Troftdvay; (8) Tlaonnh 

172, JOSEPH,** wn of Jonathtn* (37), b, in Cokhwlcr, C ,Tmi^ I7H; m, 15 
Jui., 1741, dinh Cturk. k Mar., 1721. (i&n. of Norih Ckrk hiiJ ^nmli Tnintor. 
Hcd- II JuAc, 1763; daU of h«r(l«ftlh unknown ^ her brother, Elihu Clark. 
«. Elinbfftb KoUogg (689). 

7-^^ SiLAft,^ b. Si Au^., IT42; tn. Sanh CooV. 
5lf: ReriiEE.* U £1 Ma>, i:-lfi. 
5SS 8aka|i.*< b. 11 A1lf,^, ITIV ; m. Abncr KookwclL 

17& iSHAKL,^ Aoa of Jooiatbui^ (97), Ix about 17S2; m, 31 Hn„ 175j, Abi- 
^U NonhAin: the a. 9 Jui>e» 1780; h« d. Id Fetx, 17S4; r«& Id Colebcdcr, 
Conn.; both d. there. 

■5.10 JoyATiiA?r,* b, 10 Oct., 1764; m. Anna Kortham. 

031 latASL* b, LS 5Uy, 1756; m. IhmU Lcomie. 
+535 A_Mo»* k !i A(ig., ITiS; jil Wary Pomero_v. 
4-633 AfiOAil^' b. 15 Nov., 17G0: m, AlpbutiEi Loomiec 

17«. STEPHEN* *on of Jonalhun* (37}, b. in Colchert*>r, 15 Mar.. 1724; m- 
<1) in OoktiAU-r, 24 A^ii,, 17j;i. Marina Wullt^ djiu. of Juimlli^iii Wl4U hiiiI 
Miry Xdrton, of Co)cbvc:«r. 

Shed, 17r»or^79; hp m. (S) Mr»^ 3*irrth Hnrt, dan, of Pool: he d- 

itpL, 17fl7, in Middlehury, K. Y. ; ttv cL at the hou«e uf ht r tcu, 3iUii» in Perry*- 
Uir^, Cattarao;^* Co., N. Y.. Jfln., IH^ ag^ 8L 

He rem. tram Cokltcvkr mxi& nfU^.r 17(t4 Ui MnHULchiiAfrtU ; later io Albaav 
Co^ N. y.; to the Mohnrt Valley; to Mi<ldlobur>-, Wyoming Co., about 178L 
H« «iu a lar^ man. weighed abovi 300 poimda. 

ChiUrcn t*y firsi wift, 

+&» Ua^t* b«p. 30 Jul/. 1733. m- (I) UeuL Jacob Tool; {Z) CupL John 

fiU Mimu* l)a[>. 30 Jnlr, 1753; <!. yi>tnig. 

53G Lkh." lap. ^^ July. 1758; d. 31 July. 1759. 

>$3T Steppes,* t»ap, 24 Sept, 175S; m. Comfort Fiak. 

>«3H JnjtKVii • bap- Ifi Oel., U(;3; at. HuraliH NidioU 
+fi3i» MauTI!*,** bap. Ifi Oct., 17^3; m- John Njthola. 
-4-54(1 JdMATB*v%*bap 1<^ June, IT'U; in- ArtTin Reynolds. 

Vhiidrtn by second wif^, 

+541 5iLAS>* k 3 KoT., 1791 : m. Silvia Ohapniau. 
+541? Adioui,* b^ ; m. Jarod Chapman. 

119. nANTKT^<^ -oTi flf TlKnii4^ (4fi), K hi Norualk, 7 \fny, li^^A; m. iti Hunt- 
;i ' ■ V 1-, by Rct, E. Prime, June, 1734, Eunice Jarvi», of Huntingtoo, b< 
: . of Thonuf Jarri^, who d. 19 Nov., 17S7. 


Tiis Kjaix>OG« JK TiiK Nkw WoKm. 

He i. 3 Dec., 1762; ehe d. 19 Nov., I7$7; both tre biiried in Town HouM 
Ccm«Tl«r7, Konralk, 

Tiv^ re*, in Konralk. Hie will, 4atol U Jvu, 17<S, proTcd 39 Doc. 
y«ar, in Fairfldd, fnentioiiH nil thp children ro^nboned below, &nd bejUMtbs 
er(y to tii« hem of bia JeceAse^ (!au. Kunice* and pTCvidf^ thftt hit dAOfl. Eli 
imd Abig&il «bal! have u iowu room in hit houm wliilo ojiglcL Bii ttUtc wm 
praiB^d at mora thau £600. 

+543 I)A]rai^'*b.iQNomlk,n27; m. (1) HAiukAb Furcbild ; (2) EHal 

644 BUZABZTH • K ■- 

+515 JAime,« b. in Nonrclk, 1731; m. (1) £Ui&b«^ Smith; {t} Baiuuh 

S46 MiLLicK?^,* b. ;m. <1) JohnTnylor.of XorwAlk; ftft«r bu dcotii 

ehe m, (2) in Qr^enddd Hill, Oliver Whitlock, ss his second «if<; 
he d, ill KiinraUc in 17fi4. Mr. Whitlock in hirt vill mentioiiA s 
child, *'ML?ict«n KclLoj^, who htut bCH>n ondcr mr ure for tbc put 
At? ypjir^'' ThiR child wbs pmliRhlj th** dAti. (571) of KIttiaiph 
KoUo^ (-^303). She d,, probably, without iwuo, 
+S47 EsisncKKB,^ b. in Norwalk, 5 Apr, 1737; m. HanuAh Wri^t 

'fi4d Eu^fiCB,^ b. ; Ti;. nml hnd one (xr more cbiidrtn; d. before 

father'a will wbb made. 

&49 SiWAH,* b. ; Ba_ 175f*, Moaea Ferris, of Horae Neck- 

B50 AniGAtL*"^ U • 

800. DEACON JOHN,** son of Daniel* (4<i), b. 1701- m. 1 Jia, l7?«-30, Add 
Culry. diiu. of ^inuji'l Cidi-j, of Fiurfii^ld, 

lied, IT Apr., 1740; Biicm. (£) jAinc* lIny^ of Danbnry, 
Jbdmi Htfi and Ann, bia wife, both of DfLnbi]r>% conm^d to tbdr 
^Mroi, EiTH and SirLh K<?llo£g. of DanbuT>\ John Kellogg and Mary Smith, 
Norwalk, and Ann, wife; of Klnathnn Knflpp, of Danbur>V thoir riRht of dower in 
the land ofhpr 1ntj> hntd tan d, John Krllrigp, 4 Jnn,, 17(10. 

There wad b^ off. 7 HepU 1739, to John Kellogg. Und ti KlUs Neck, ttlnfsd 
■t £9, A^, ed,, and on *7 Dec, 1739, **8 acre* at ye uppw «id of SSItct Mine HilL" 
In 17^1, th<f ParifJi of Cnnajin in Konralk wah ntablichi'd, nnd John** botifw^ wu 
includod in thie poriah, but in Oct-, 1738, ho voa nUowf^tJ, by act of the G«novflI 
AsM-nibly, t& leavv the Pari?ih of Canafln and rejoin Norwi^k^ His eUate, ap* 
praiMd at 0,300, wutf di^tnbatcd in 1750. 

-1-651 Eeoa « b. 3 Apr., 1781 ; nt Anne Jndd. 
AA2 Mahv,* b. 23 Jan., 175£-3$; m. Hulx-H Sniitli, of Xonralk, probably 
of fteb<^rt Smith aod Judith t'onntain. 
-f 553 Ass.^ V 16 Hur., 1734 ; nt, Etnathan Enapp, 
4-£Jfr( JoiiN.<* b. 2rt May, 1737; ul (1) Sarah Bmlth; (2) Sarah Biibiip. 
-i- 55fi Sbtii,* \x 8 Fob,, 1740 ; m. Etinioo Jud<L 

801. BEXJAMIX * Hm of Daniel"* <4«> > 1 rai ; m, Eliiabeth 
He d. about 1749. 

Tns KcLU>GC« IX TUB Ntw Worjjd. 


He wu a farmer; rom. from Nonrftik to the Wdtcrn part of WnIUngtord, 
CoDiL, in that pttrt vhidi «ti» «ot ofT and incorpomtix] ttt tho town of CliMhir«. 
He bffo^i ]aad, ? Dec, 17^, on tbe nfFt lidc of tlie river c«ar ttie West RocUa, 
Peifaftpe hi£ fflUter, Duiiel, &Uo ovned land m Wntlin^fori], fein«« Itenjamin 
OKnnl Und thL-n% jointly villi liin Uim- brulht-rs iiiiil tioti^ht lli^'in out A Mnr^ 
n3S, Hr 0Ti>cd b Iat^c tract of lord in the cnntcm part of Chctihirc snd appcan 
10 have be«a pfoiperoufi, for at hi^ death hi« cetAte inTeatoried, perBonal prop«Tl;» 
f1,517, uid mltj. £1,195. Tbt ouJy tradition tluit runttinv of Kim wa« hjti Knnt 
dllUkc of tb? Indiana. Bhc m. (2) before 11 Jan,, 1766, Thomaji Andmn. 


W6 DAWnx* b, 13 Atjj-^ 172B; d. ucm., dbout 1753. in WaJlinfifori His 

«ri11 wni prvbattvl in Jan., 1754; hiK propvrty wju ilivUi'd tmon^ 

hifi brothers and ii«tcr& 
£57 Samobi,^ b. 1$ Oct, 1731; vat Hviug in WsUizigford a& bt? as 1 Mar, 

iS8 Jonrua,^ b. 13 Apr., 1733: d. tjnm. in the camp nt Ldkc Ocotko, 17 Not.^ 

I76JJ. Hifi will, dat^ 11 Jar., 1755. names his mother, KlT/»heth 

Andmi, a» his sole 1c«atc«. 
i&9 Bknjamiv,* K is Doc., 17^4 ; d. 1 Feb., 1737. 
+ifiO IjOIb* b. «3 Oct-, 173^1 m. Joeiah Smith, 
*61 EuxjUJETfl* b. 31 Maj, 1738; m. *5 June, 1758, Elijah Hotchkisi 
AG2 Biyj.tiiiN,'^ L SI D«?., 1741 ; M»ld bi* homi'ntt'itd in WnlliiiKf^rd, 13 Jan., 

1789, to tether Beach, vrih of Samuel Dcoch; he wa« thru of 

taaa Saeuh * b. 2B Jan., 1746 ; rti. Job WLududl. 

m. EUASAPH,<» ion of DanitH (46). b, in Norwalk, Conn., $1 July, 1709; 
13 JuDi% 1734, Rjii4itl Bi*n^i«t, K 27 S^pt, 1710, dau. of I^UBi^'n Thornaa 
ict* and lUchcl Smith. 
Red, ^ May, 179^ in K^ Canaan. 

He r*»- ID llio Parioli of Cauaan. afl^^^«a^d Hi* town of New Canaan. Four 
vere aivijnM^d him b^' tlic town. 1 1M-..1737; ^1 Mar., 1739, he wa^i^mat^ 
scr^ "on holh virW of Five Mil*- Rivrr,'' 
+«* JOAKKA « b. 1!7 Mflv, 1735 ; m. Jewe Abbott, 
565 Bacubx,* b, 25 Apr. 1737; d 30 Nov., 173$. 
Wa Raciixl,^ b. t IV., 173R. 
+167 Ltpia« h. U Mar.. 174C; tn. John IJickox. 
+(06 Ebthkk.^ b. ?S Ort., ] 741 ; m. Noah Foolc. 

BAd TiToyAar b. 1 Anx^, 174;l 
+570 KuiSAPa * b. 9 Sept, 1745; m- Adah Bwiediet. 
671 Miusis • b, «S Mar, 1747. (See 54G.) 
57S DBBOftAii * b. 24 Apr., 174£l. 


W 8AMURU' aon of Samuel^ (47), b. Z3 Dec., 170«; m. Ann — 

H«'a.4 Oct, 1754- 

*Ba*l|tP Tleama ll«a*d£ft mui nen of Tliomiu Bpn«i!lot. <d Junrnioii, If. Y.. kriI 3d*>7 
Mbmci^, U« v. 13 Uiij. I<}U7. KftPbaJ. <)au. of Ktirtiul Smitb. and grindilAughtvr of 
IfcHlaw UftniiL Br. If» w»a h Anrrtjror Riid icrtfd aifntral tKim a^ ■elMTtiuAn. 

t Tits Kjcllouos in the Nevt Woujk 

He rea. In Uic Pariah of Ganaftu* Nonralk, luveolory of hi* olate atawt In 
I j^Ml, pemoiul clT(>ct« ctx^ funiituro indioAtinj; comfortiibl^ if twt Ivxnhoo*, 
nTtTouiiJIingi^ AenAn^ othrr prnpt^rly in^'nticmni) jirp "Svgm boy, JnnaiL, ««]iJo 
£G0(>, find Nc^ro boy. NimiNxI. £450."* The vholc o«tate n&t valued at £11^00, 

HU widow m. ('ij, before 8 Mar, IIH, JaTiia,aiidS Mar., 178^ooni- 

TiTjcd to hei children '''all tlit.* ri^liL E Imtu in the Uud of mj late hiubood, Ssmtttl 
Kellogg, docoMod, oxcopt what was laid out to mo in the hoimo ploe*^" 

-J-A73 lx>i»*b, ; m. Brnjumin Whilnpy. 

+674 Ays,« b. 1738; m. Kathaa Jorri* 

•1*575 Bdth,^ b. ; m. Am Hoyt 

576 STBPincK,'' t». about 1742; <L 2 Dec, 174S. 

+577 EuxAifwrn,^ b. ; m, Mntthew Iteed (CM). 

+578 Maby,** b. ■ ■ ; m. Blaokleach Jwiiji. 
+579 KttTliBIt,* h. 1748; m. Timotby Kctler. 
+5^0 Saoau,^ b< } m. Bobort Wai^n. 

207. MARTIN,»80Dof Samuel* (47), b.mN6r«lk,«3 Mar., 17U; ». Mary 
LockwooiJ, daiL (iT Dtuton RlipbuH IsHiVwfJod, tt SIT Feb., 1AT5-76, awl Mary 
Gold, t Jfi7l, of Stamford- 

Sha d, ; ho m. (2) Mercy dwrfaapa daiL ol Samuel Wood, of Nor- 

waUc who had a daiL Mercy, K 30 Mar. 1717). If« d 7 July, 1756, 

Ho and hia wife Joined thi> church in New Canaan I'ariih. S Feb., 1743. Uia 
will, (InU'i) S J"ily, KAfi, pri^riMl 30 July, mmp yrar, Titvnt-i<>nii htK wtfr^ Mrrc^ 
dou, Mercy, eone Bliphalct, Martin, Samuo] and Nathaa. Hifi brolhcr-io-lai^- 
TbeophiluB Fitch, and hia brotber, Ep^^ui E^Uogg (SU), were the execvton. 
Beaid«(» on^quart«r of bijt real estate* he ffircit to "Rtiphaici in oaDddoratioQ of 
hia bcinjf my cJdmt (Mn and cthor conoid prntions tbe following articice vbidi wore 
his own iDotber> * * al^io two cona and a calf, — Uie 4m»w« are tboae wbidi Ida 
gnndmothoT Lockvood ^vc 1o mc^'* 

Sbo m. (2) 22 Marv, 17A7, CupL Samui^l Hnnford, of N«v Caaaaii; d, £8 
Doc.t 17€3f aged 6G. 

+GS1 EuPHALET,* b- Icforv 1740; m, Sarah Brown. 

+G«2 Mahtix,** b. 10 Ud., 1710; m. (I) Mercy Bcnwlict; <2) Ahi^ail Kna) 

583 S*M^T^Ll.,''b(^p- Ifi Out-, 1743; d, young, 
+584 Meect* bap, 1 Sept., 174C ; m. Moae* Hanford. 

+585 SxuCEt,** b. -29 jLioe, 1749; m. (!) £U;aa>eth Waring; (2) Mn. Lydia 
(StuiOi) Cruiv. 

*fi1«TiiTj wnj^ at thiti pttrlnl, Ibi* nninrital pnut-irA of all OirUiUft lutkim. and 
althouirh thtf vftrljr pluiUncainf! tu New Enfldhct to DbtJila«n4 maiiiuin Ubrrty. aikd '^msd 
ji]h>riip. vilUiiu^" ftad uUtfli (i!tjdul *rrfiluOi* werv urub3iiL«U, Uim ntw*«filJM nwde 
nri^ro tUvrr'r *pp«ar a« ah «lTrcluiil ny in "ulw thv wbor qucaUun- 

iCmftQtwl t>i>iniiiiK, % brother in- In v cf Gov, U'lvthrop, wrou En 1045 tkkt ha lbou|(bt 
ft "mrniio in ti4 banniji poivor ip out hand to uiStr thtm (lh« IndiuM) to iranttyiw tW 
vonblp of tho dovttl," and niegiiatc tbc n:«haac« of IndlBiu for nagnNit; fnUonaft t^ 
•a^KHtioii thrt Indian way-prliCTiiBni, wlifi praTMriiioh timtt^nmm ItoLi^r^fvvtnu. trrwttii a 
«»nvefil*nt. c>iPnp and GKl-vfif fnHnpt of fntrtmnip* (or ""Moor™." ai thry vtn atllid. who 
iri-r« fuT rwri«r ufnuitl*. Wf Unil ffviea ffirntlr tto^r WlltlKliiA uklu); f<ir "aiif nf lk« dtov* 
af AiiAm'i dcL'<iLctnl? md" ks n nUvr. iJOwHl Xhat ccrinmpDi* upon nirh mfnUtnilivu r 

^LK *uy livuHtrJfe vt "nr dAj wW doM not And Ibr Kcllk rkniriit ^ donintk life oa 
rvfttaliina u to Mr. Arnold in liut^UiT^ ima^ae a b«iu«ho]d vitb «idc nitiL V^mt 

Tub Kkuxh»6 iv tub Hbw Woau)< 


+^&$ Natuak * bap, ^ Apr,, If^S ; m< lUcboI Carter. 

sot. LTDIA," dau- of Samuel* (47), h. 30 Ol-L, 1715: m, ThMphilus Fitch,* 

tk , »a of John t^uU. b. iJiJ Stpt, 1577^ ani LvUia BtusliQtT;!^ wlio u ^aid 

to hftre tivAi to be 1&3 jMn old. 

nMQ^ultta Pitch w» a promiDODt and Wdin^ citlscn of New Cftooan. 

0«7 Comfort ^»(fJi • b- 30 Jw.. 1737. 

«8ft Bmik FitclJ* h. I Apr., 1739. 

fiS9 ^oAa f'ifcA « b. HA Auj;^ 1710. 

Jl»0 Mflniib FiUh,'* b. 10 Srpt^ 1742. 

m Mvy FiM» b. 11 Julj, 1744. 

552 £^mii#/ FiifA • b. %$ J«IL, 174$^T. 

5?3 Santk FiUk,^ b. 9 Jim,, 1746-49. 

A9t X4«opAi/iu F(M.* b. 1 Sopt,, 1761 ; m. 7 Feb.» 1781, Ann Orcgory; had 

thne ckildreu. 
6W J»rt PUch.^ h. 2$ July. 17JS6. 
59€ J(iM^ FtfjA • b- SI Oct.. 1758; m. 12 Oct, 1784, Haniwh Spcrry, b. in 

New MUford, Cooii., td Juiae, 17C0. 

fia Glt>KOX»»n of SimHK4* (47). b, in Norvulk, Cfinn,. S IW., 1717; m. 
Hvmli : bed- 10 Sept, 1771; hi* iriU boar* data 9 Sopt, 177L 

44JS7 IflAAC^ b. 14 Jan., 1715 ; m- (1) Hannah Filch; (2) Mrs. Sarah (Bur- 
gnu) Oardncr. 
+»8 Kxoa.'* b, ; au Lvdia Fitch. 

+M0 StaAXSTA « b. 

-, in Konralk^ Coul ; m. Da?id Naeh. 

21 Feb., 1772, IiE>r bn>th<<j«, luac ovd Enoat a^ ^^- 

tOl RnoD^* d. Dntn.: 

ccotoTB of Gideon, sold her land id NorwAlk. 

WMnaa, «nniaDnlrai#H with hy *ipi>. f<ir Itn mjilflH^f-MU»rTlr» iirirl uk« m)ur*nt. Tlifuw 
wra HttoUB tlmt* Indrrd rhtn ;nur «»k might gtvn warning bj taking ^ui mLp cr chlg' 
Bod, ■• tW CPM mislil b«. vnd ciAkin^ oiT wttfa ii LiiUi Uiv irtHNlp," 

In tdUOf tiloe fndUfi cAiiUm mttt ilarery, tbc L-uUmUtJi were but toWowiaa^ the ck> 
anfl» of o4Wr ovtiOfM^ f^r rsampLvp lit tb« time iff Uifi CnfflJith iit»ni, numlicr* af 8cot« 
»m bmngM to J^crlrA and iii>M- *M ope tUuD. in fact, ^Scota, Indiana xttd Kfl«r««A" 
nrr vol ajlair^ to timin In Ui# aiililtJi in M«A«iirT)iiti<ittJi, 

Si&wff ba^im4 in Xov Kn^kuid until Bttvr romliititinarf dn^iL, ind it i< nid that lt« 
dMta blow v&K gtvitt in WnroHt'rr. MaM., In nH3, vhfm % I'ltic^ri vm trt«l far bMtIng hU 
igrn nmniail, and tonvivtHi, v^nt^*^Xh'tt<^tv\^ng h1« pl4« that t)io l>tiwk man wft« n mUv«. 

Tb* D«Hjint&3« nf lnd«pRndf-ni?r snri thr ft^lLtlnn nf aUvafj diet nnt hwoi ta bcrlUiT thA 
■apapt of the Mrraat qimtkm. Tbv "Providcmv Gnxette'' pubtbLed a uotkv In 1790 whlcb 
«!»■• tbai nad >a(uab«alt« **Lip Iq date:" 

■MSm kuU>4 or t&kfn av»jr bv miMlakf. «aon »flrr th* forniAtirjn of the aWlUion 
— eW ty. fnnii Ihc anrmnt rirli In thit tonji all Ln^UnatloD to do anv kind of vi>rkp and l«tt 
In II*? t^rvAAf ui inflfpniJWitt oj^pMralin, a utrong and f'<mtinupd IhirhL Icr hiji\t wntctn, n 

C. , <itkA foir vi^cry oort of nmUHmcnt. a (wring and hankering afUr pcrvon* of 
ft 4|«ajra at ftntrj and laoldnnt. a nuv^r rttudnii trni afUr iww plaro* man 
ndmnit^-^ ii4 tor AUtthng. vitn a nianiHrT nf n^ntlfi^nt trv^oirrlUlinurntA that dn not mlt 
tlM manriL*— RxlractftTfrani CarbtV ''(\iHimiL* itnil !<^HAhhj]ifl in Ohl Niw KnglHnd " 

*nnnia* T-'-'' "' ^Vrirftlk, «-b* *oti of l^iuum* Fitch and Aimt I\ir. o( Bwkini;< 
BflWft« a pofi*^ "liiEi l^iittulHx, ibr lurmr uf Xlw K^lluifiE* lu Kiiuln'id, tli* Jkt livM 

la Kn Ka^Ur . ad ^b* in Kanvulk tv cuily *t 1i^A2. Ilia vidovrcd motlirr came 

■llfa him. -Id^q t iu2i. iiU lOn^ ni^ 1 Ofxr. lACl. UcticL-rA Lbtdall, dou. «| Hvnrj and Rooa- 
unbd U»i*ll. ttf Xr« ifar*«. Jdha FittK *cci of lohn, !>. in Norvalk, 30 Scf t., 1077. at, 
l^4a DivbhaJL dati. of PraiMi Sujihiwll nod Itannah Hajjocfir. 



211. KTRNRTrS,* wn of Samuel* (AT), h, bi Nomlk, ComL, »0 Jmn, 1710; 
DL alfout 1740« Joniina Bogere, of Hontlngtoi], K. T. 

H«<1 19 JuDc, U74: ihed 9 Jnn^ listi; tlwy tre borted In Ihe ceme te ry 
Dotr the Town ni>iiM> Norwstk. 

He wae a farmer: r^m, to Long Idan^ And ftftorvard TCtnraod to XorvaUi 
and lived in "While Oai Sh^" NV-w Canaan, Dear Podbmob Ptth.* 









S«iuH*1i. About 1740 or '41; m. Etn Rnvl (621). 
PiisDs,* b. about 1743; m- Capl Natbftnld Scribficr. 
JiTMiMA,** h. about 1744 ; m. Stopliwi Hanfocd, Jr. 
Ma&tiia,* b. about 174S ; m. Ichabod MAnrin, 
ErKNtntTe*^ b. in Apr., 1746; m. R^^booctt BJ^iarda. 

DEnonAit,* b. ; m. Comatodc- 

jVn»e" b. ; m- W«d. 

; probably d. lumi. 

Mahy <Pou,\) • b. ~ 

Jamea.* b. 5 Apr., 1755; nu (1) Lj^ ^uh ; (3) Hrt. Mutha <CUrk) 

STKfHttN," ti- 1 iTuly, 17M; in, Lvdia Bottbin. 
ImaiA*^ b, fibout 17C^; d. unm., 7 Mot, 1779; buried is Xonrilk, Towit 

Houw Ceinot«ry. 

'.W- KUZABKTK * dan- of Ji«cpb* (GO), 1), in \»nr«lk, 5 Oct, 1703; m. 
IbinicL Kc«d, BOO of John ficcd •* of Norfolk, and filieabcib Tuttk- 

Shod. ; he m. <S) Suttnnna , 

Ut d before 1 Jan,, 177fi, when Hi* wilt, dated G FfUt 1774, w« prOTtd- In 
hill will ha montioned wife, Sii«anna, d«ap. Elmb^th and Joanna; eoim Bonja- 
min, Abraham, Kltakim, Jaiiiea, Exro and Hlijafk. and ^randsoDfl OonliDm and 
Jonathan IL^ed. 

He owll(^d knd in Stamford and Norwnik, by "yif pcnnnbulBtiosi lint." Tha 
pcrambnlatioii Hnc wn^ the line betwctn Xorwalk and Stomford. Hf W9* ad- 
mittod to thQ CoiraiiuziioD table, to|;(-tbcr with hia vrUe (not iiumod), uj Uiddlf- 
8«yi ParifK miw Darii--ti, :ES Det, 175S, THt? rhuitJi in Midi1h*wt Pari»S ua* or- 
ffiiniacd 7 Oct, 1711, and "Klimbcth," wife of Hnnitl Kcvd, wa* admittH that 
dav, lbi» making it <vrtiiin that Dtniel m. Snuannnh later than that tim?. (DaTkn 
wts incorporate If ay, 1630: token from St&inford, but the paritJi of Midclkaex 
indadisd a port of Norwalk,) 

Children, h. in Norojo^, and all prohahlt/ ht/ firxi hu^httnd. 

$13 Daniel ntJ?df b. S8 Dec., 17S1 ; m. 22 May, 1746, Jfarj, daa of Jott- 
athaii am! Eoukc (R«*ll Btll. and bad nev^^ral tbitdrvn ; lia d. be- 
fore 6 Due., 1757, vrhim biv fatlici van f:ranto<i acln^tniatratton im 
bia niatp, and guardunii «rn^ njipniTit-^ for hia childr>>n, T^ydU, 
PhlDOs; Joseph, Gewhoni aad Ddcuei; hia widow ttu (2) ^ 


*An Irtdian Infl frnni Xor^^lk to • mIdI nboul tvu mllAn wmJ i»f Knr Caiuaa vIlL 
**Jcibn End. Ik ta Cortinnll. E^l^UoiL latt, wa« a aoldler under CrontrtQ- afur 
nvUiratauri (if Chmln It !"' ar<l to >'fw BnaWnd; ai. la rrDvtJracr, R. J.. Aan. widow 
PnuDfU Derbj; rfln. lo Rttl H. Y« nad nbcul 10$4 rtim. 1c Norwilk« vbtre be mm. «i 

Tm KMLhOOm is tub Kbvt Woeia 


£14 JfrrdUin J?Airf,* k £8 Nov., 1733 ; nu ll&nnalk Bt^II, Hinti^r nf OfuiMaV vifi^ 

uid had UTVCQ cbildrai ; rem. to GnuiTiUo, ^. Y. A «o&, KitcheU. 

m. It) Mr^ KrUngg, (if GmiiTitl>>, 
GIG fJ^irim ^f;«f," b. B Sept. l?3fi ; cl Sar&Ii. dau. of g&mud and Elixobcth 

(LflthASi) Bicbardfi: had nhno <:hildn?iL 
016 SHiahftk A«ttJ* b. M Mu-!, 1730, tii, JoH-ph Ambler. 
«17 ifnj<}m>« ifftuf* b. 3 Fvb-, 1732; d. yonag. 

fi18 Aft/id ff*wl,« b. 15 Pelx, 1734; tn. — Oavenport. 

619 •/ofliM Rf€d* li. 18 Har, 173tl; id. Joanmi. iUm. of Danid Cuttc; hftd 

fourMu children; twin^ tvri(-c. 
S80 Bm^i^mw R^M,* b. 3 Feb.. 1737 ; m. B«Uua W«ed, dau. of Cliatl» 'VleoiU 

iri SUmfonl; bad m children- 
fttl Stm Bffd,^ U Mar, 1740; m. H*r»h Kt^lUiflK C+flO«). 
S2:e JoannA «<«f » U 1713; m. SUrphcn Wnrrrn. 
(93 ff^/dt AKrf,*b«fv n July, 1'45. in Midd]«<ex t^rish; m. Deo., 17S«, 

Ertber Bam, of StuufonL 



ftll SABAB.^ [bu. uf JcM-pb-* (50), b. in Norwull:, 5 Apr, 1706 ; m. Samuel 
Kccd, «oo of Jahn Kocd tnd Biisib^th Ttittlc. 

09 d. before 5 Hay, 1760, vrhen hie vl1l, dat^d 19 Jan., same year, wa« proved 
ij3 rairScId; afae d. in New Cauaftii, SO Dvc., lTd3, agc-d 7$. 

She wv admittod. with her husband, to the otiurch in New Cannimf by Lettor 
from Mr. Didtinmn (pastor of Nnrvalk), .1 3i?pt, 173:4. 

In hid will be iw^lioDeii, wife. 8ar&h. aon« Samuel. Abijah, Timothy. Na- 
thaniel tod H«3i>kiah,a«d d^iu. Hannah, Baclich Sarah and Eathjjrinu and grond- 
dao^ter Fh«i«, daiL of Mary. To hif ion Abijah h« ^re a pnecc of land "on 
ttorth tld« of cotmtn' road, tumt my houae, bounded woat by my broker William'e 
taad; iMrth by brotber Dnnicrl; vaat by Sauiuel Kklurdi; iiuuth hv cuuritry 

She waf admitted to th» church ir Mid<ll«i;rx Piin«h, at it* organixation, 7 
OcL, 1744, but htr lui«laad'« E&me doea Dot appear in tU recorda. 


: Timolhy Kwd ^jarted ad mini strati on on hla 

crtatc, 4 Apr., 175L 

TuKOfJiy Htfd.^ b. ; m. ; she d, in Nct Canaan, 22 SopL, 

1793, aged 50 ; be A H Sept, 1794. aged 85. 
$87 .VoJAanifJ ^W • b, , 

62$ ^joruJb BerJ* b. . 

S90 Mmry Hecd,^ b, ; m, 9 Not,, 174». ia Middlotox PariiJi, John Moio- 

houu*; fliw d. bi-fon! biT fatlirr'tf will w4h dutud, t««riug a daiL 


C3:f ATalAmnf £«^,« bap, in Uiddlvcn Ponih, 15 Fob., 1749. 

'"TIEU* daii, of Jwtfph^ {50J. b. 15 Joly, 1710; m. SB Not., 17«9, 
1, b le Nov., 1705, aOB of John R^ed and Eiivalpth TnttI*, 

\ Thk KsLUHm IN TttK Nbw Would. 

He d. S Auf ., 1793. hklhI 1(5, in New CaDtto ; tSe^.U D«c., 1793, aged 6S. 
B«C0Tds of fic^tKn and ug^ in rooarlt of churcfa in Nnr Cuuad. 
Thijr vcn^ adioitt^ii to ihM diurch in Neir Canaan, 27 Jan., 1734- 

^34 Joseph ft**rf • tL 30 Oct. 1731- 

635 /Mrt<f Recd,^ U^ 27 Jnn^ 1733-34, tbc daj bis fnth^ and notbCT wm 

adrniltLil tu tile (?hurcli. 
33S iri/iMm iiri?«^« bL 20 Mar., 1734; m. 29 Sept., 176S, Hannah Edlogg 

G37 ifn/iAfv /?»<f« bap. 4 Sept. ]?3«; d. jooBg. 

6SS MaUk4w Hf^d.^ bap. ^1 Jan., 1738 :;9; m. £3iaab«th Edlo-;^ <+577}. 

e*> fffi R«(t«Up. 3 Julv, 174a; m- At^piil Ww!, b. M Jono, J739, daa. cl 

lt«ubtn and Lrdia (Holly) Wc«d. 
UO Rceh^l R«^* bap. 4 Apr., 174:e. 
Ml JlTaiy iIoKi«ha[K 16 r>ct. 1743. 
&i9 /auk if(wtf,<^ bap. 91 Dc<.. 174G. 
643 JoMpfr Ritd,'^ bap. ^1 D«c., 1746; d. 21 Hajr, I74». 
944 Jmtb Rt^.'^ bap. 21 Mav, 1749. 
Ub Ahi$^t RMd,* bap. % Jnn*, 1730 ; 4 t Jm^ 17dL 

ilT. DAVID* aon of Jcm^^ (&0). U in Norwalk, Ono., 28 Sept, 1719; &, 
SS Feb., 1714, Judith RajiMod, dan, of Pankl Eaynwod, bsp. in Sakn, Itaia^ 
17 Apr^ IHU, of KonraJk and L^mr. ComL> and Rebeoes Bag«; be d. 1745. 

Be ivk in Noraalk. In Uir diiArtbatioa of bia faUnr'a mtalf, be mwtved 
tiM hnvertnd and m-tgtr1 loU m N«w Canaan at KcUoflg'a Em! Bid^ Oom tiie 
d»da reoard«d m Xormlk, it vo«ld anm that, to pntat hi* tannlj, laoet of Ills 
property vaa placed in Ike Mnea of fricada and r^atiTea and later reeooveTod to 
kin. Thv laft mention of U» on tko land r«cord» of Xorvalk la a aale of c^kt 
actwof land, 10 Uar., l?3S-<39. Hi* dcvcmdanta rUUibatfacwntoa the (^ft 
Bnta tB9«dition. I74ft-I7| and d. thora. In tba JcnttmX ol tiw Chaptain of Ito 
fleat of ttttit aapadlOon^ vwiIIoq b awde of Ifaa d«a0i of a mm named Kdkg; !a 
Ca^ Okapman'a Co, whkk vas niaed in Ki>rvmlk aod Tidaitj. bat do liat of 
manbira ha« btan fa«sd. Cftpt Cbapman van a naidnt of TliiT4iiiiiH Noab 
Tijkv« vbo vna litvt in tbia company, na. in NorvaDu 

She m. 19) aabi* aeoond vifp, in kbddkaex hrah. nov Danen, Conn., 16 
Oet* I7M Nathan Vaad, of Sianforii 

I^rha^ tkr; nn. to Sosth SaWn, X. T. 

la Stamford Prabato, 3 Apr^ i:». bar Imbnd. Ktfkan Vood. t^n bond 
to 'TnfU K«lk«^ a minor, a« ol DwU Cdl^( Ma of Xorvalk, 


«a«U |o tDvaid nbitaBliatinc tlM familr tnffifciaft of Ui latv 

644 HaftT * K «3 Scft^ 17H. 
•4T ftacnu* k 17 Apr. mt- 
<4e Jcvni.* k » Anf , ITSV. 
t49 Jocm.^ k 13 Uar^ ITCl 
«*IUnii.*kala«t1744; m- Ura. 


Tax EELLOens in the Xnr Wo&l& 


118, BKNJAMTN ■ *rm of Jnwph* (flO), K in Nftnralk. tfi Sqrt-, 1717; n. 
•ftcr 1767 and More 6 Mav. 1783, Mr*. LvdiAWhitcfy, widow of J&me»Wbit«7 
of Bldi:«Sdd {Jftjii«4 WbitDvv wiu b, at K., 6 Uttr., 1735, and wa« von of Haty 
ttod Kliubrtb (OliEutfiui} Whktncy- lU 0. a^ <«r]> a» KfiT.) 

Scttlod in 8oaib £ui,* J>utchc<6 Oo.» }J. Y,, but in 1793 wa« again in Ridgo- 
fieU, CoiUL 

tl9. DEACON SAMrEL,«*onof Samuf*!^ <^i)>1>< in HatOdd, 18 Uaj, 16»; 
BL B Jjto., 17;)&:ia, Abigail 3trTliit& b. about 171(1. 

He d. 31 JuIt, 1783, t^^ S»D; «be d. 93 AUf., ISUf, ai-ixi 93. 

He n?nL wilh hi* father lo rolph^I'^r al^mit ITOr, vhtrv he wnji duiicon in 
U« Coi^n^tional Clinrcb» and itm clocUd to »cvrrat town oiHcc*. 

Childnn, U. in Cot^hetUr. 

+653 AwftAiL^* U S» Oct, nSG; nu Jo^oph Gillm. 
654 8amuei.«1». 20 Dec , 1736 . m. Marj Pratt, who d. 23 Feb., 1813, a^td 70; 
h« d, St .Vo^., lf*^S, ftp«l 87, JmviBj- no ohildrta, EsUtv valued 
mt about $fiO,000. In hi* will he U^umthi'd to tbr tf»wn $3,000 for 
thic fopport of the poor, asd to the tHrtt Society $700 for tbe Rip- 
port of the Ooflpel Umiitry- 
+C55 Haxkai!.* k 30 S<pt„ I?40; ai. Danid Wool 

65e Ajis^b. 30 Nov., 1742; d. 9 July, 175»,«iwd Ift, fipfldiitone wtttd^. Mrt. 
Attn Kdlogg. (It WA4 a profound dietance between Mr and Good- 
man. Utatrnm and Goody nnnifd a ditttinrtion il> poiitivt? if not aa 
gTMt B# Mvr^^ a duch«i« and n mill^maid ; unruArh^ women and 
girb. if deeca«d vorihy anj title at all* were not (ermed Mihs but 
wero alao Mw. Ret, Mr. Thompaon wrote a funeral tnbutc to 4 
littlo ffirl of «U. tntitlwj : ''A rCfiHliborV T«r» drof>t an y** Orave 
of an amiable Virgin; a pleasant Dnni cut down in Moouuug of 
her Spring, xii : Mrs- ifebecka Sewall, August ye 4lh 1710,'* Child 
TJf«:ColomaL Dar»,2£a) 
-4-W7 UiftY,* b, 27 Apr, I74fi; ra. Nathan tiond/pwd, 

«« Et»ic«,« b. In CokhpHter, Sii F^h , 1747 ; m. in Cokbest^r, U Jan., 1777, 
EbeKoer Carter, h. S3 May, 1743, aon of Ki^ra Carter of Marlboro^ 
Conn., and Jvru*}u White, b. :37 July, 1703, j;rcat ^nddnu^htcr 
of EWpt John Wliit**, of Hartford, Conn-. Ifl.lB; he d. 23 Dec., 
18^, Aged &G; f^e d. 11 Oct., 1834. a|rod 87. 
+€Se IXiKiKL,* b. 1 June, 1749; sn. Ellaabeth WdU. 

»•. DEACON' JOSEPH • son of Samuel* (51 ), b. IS June, 16fi6, in lUtfieta, 
^Ufc; m. ?3 OcL. 1717, Abifrail MiHcr, of Colch«t*r, 

HeiL tkhouX 1765 in Hrlnrii. Cmiii-. bit* will being dated 20 Aug^ I76fi, 
Ucrcm. with hit father't family to Colehcdter about 1707, uid 28 Fcb.» 17^ 
■W hli rlgTila in his falb^« hnm«tti>ftd in Tolt^bprtpr to hia bTOth«T, Sflmu^l, for 
fit; nm. from Colebeater to Hebron, Conn., and lived in tbe part now called 

*0«fe>luilf 9l the ''OblcjaH.** In ivhkh SoiithfUt fend AmrtiU were comprlwdH vu 
*<l|Macul cDloDtfrd ^ Ng?nlk people, b^t, u* IaUt nifvcrn icavv it to Naw York, m&ny 
aUfannUiraei u ConooetJent 



Marlboro, «her« he res. until hid death- Uia homettad w«8 ibout o&e Uhd ODe- 
L&lf mi!<s»outlit*JLJ<t of MHrllMirn ChuriTli. nurlhuf ttir nwJ, xad lir iiiovihI into his 
sew houitc^ mxiy or eighty rotU sway frt>n hi* li»t one, Id K36. This bo«*c u 
■aid to hnT« b^^n ono of ihe principal iv«Jdeiic«« in Hobroo, and bU «r>n DmimI 
ati J gnu J^ou Charleei are auppoaed td bar^ tirud tbcKL lie was dfiaooa ia Hebnm 
Aud Marlboro- 

+660 .To«Krii ■ K S Aug,. IttS; m- Sopmnna Kin^, 
+W1 Dakiel." t. 6 May, KSO; m, Ann Dcwcy, 

66^ MEtOY,* (cftIM MaT7 in h«r faiber'a wiU>. b. 20 Uaj, lTt3, in Hebnm, 
find ^incd tbc draich thcrCt ui 173T; fbe bl ? Jul, 1747^ Joho 
Wriftht, ii H«t»roct 
+6^ UoKts,^ k 10 Uay. IT:^.^; dl TKnali S^ars. 
*f m EuJah,* U 15 Jaiu 17^; m- Hannah Adama. 
-f6<ft EtttriKL,* h, 24 KoT,, 1735; nw Ann Owwi, 

M6 Abioail.'* b. t7 Not., 1734; nnn- 1765, 
-^WJ S^MU^L,^ b. ; m. Hannah Strong. 

66ft BuiJAUj^,* b. ■ 

Sai. HAXKAH • dan. oi Sam«dt« <5I), k In Hatfldd, Haaa, U S«pt. 1699; 
m. Xathanid Clark, of Ufaanom, Coon^ b. Apr., 1693. 

He d. 20 Uav, 1737» in LdMinon; slw vaa lifin^ in Lobanoo in 1747, vbao 
dM nld bnd to h«f bnrttKr, aamnflt 

669 ifalUiHW CW(« b. 6 Aug.. 17«0; m. in L«4>aaoci. S Xof., 1740, Martha 


670 JaaM CJorit.* b. 11 Mar^ tr21-SL 

671 ^Ua« Vhrk^ b. 30 Jrao, 1724 ; d. 1$ Apr^ 1806, ^m1 64, i& Li^ 
6n J?6MwA Ckri • b. U Not.. 1727 ; bl in Letwoa, 98 Dec, 1749, J< 


673 J«rarf Clari^ bu IS Jnbr, 1T29; a. in Utuon, 12 Dtc;, 17^ Hnvj 

Abdl; d. 11 ScfL 177&, In Lrtaaoo. 

674 Ui$ CJart * L 10 $<^, 1731. 

675 £«a Ckrit.* k 6 Apr. 1TS4; d. 9 Har^ lUl 
6Ye -iMi Clvft«« k 26 Apr.. 1736; d, jxranf. 

tH EtrXICK,* dan. of Sanmt< (51), b. in HatiMd, 3 Ai^, 1701; v. 11 
Jnt?. 172e. Bc4}aaun QviteriMd. ol OitdMibir, K U A^^ l^K pcofaabl/ th* 
MB af CbwBt QutnMd, of Cbldwatv. 

Hed^aMg^lTTl: ^ d. In Cefehntar, 34 Uar, 1794. 

6n A«>a«U {M'^T'^* ^ » Apr. 1729; d. P«ti, ISOt 

SIS X«M^ QmUrfM.^ ^ 26 FtIl, 1T3M1. 

679 J«i P^fay^ifJ* k 96 Jmne, 1733. 

6» Jai«d ffwIaqbM,^ b 2d Ang. 1TI5; 6. 19 JiB^ IIM, 

6SI H«—^ »rfaf iM* b. J Xnf , Utt : d. 11 tbiL, 173& 

682 iM%d QmyirfM^ ba^ 17 Ft9^ 174»; d. 28 Fvd^. 17441 

Tuc EBUiOooe tx thk New Woku>. 

683 Jo^ Quit<rfi4ldJ* h. 12 A^n-^ 1741 ; nt. £5 Oct, 1759. Rliiabcfth ECilborm; 
d. 38 Maj, 1777; h« t4« pg«tor of Cho chun:h«fl ia CDlcho*l«r tud 

ITHA,"* diD, of Ui'ut. XatJuniM* (flS), b. in Hjimry, 13 N'(»v , I6*ft; 
:, i:£T. Jcpwpb PfftU. U JO Jums 1693. «on of Ser^ 'jo««pb Pratl aiul 
Sanh CotytT. 

Childrm^ L in CoUkmttr, 
eSi lifu Prttiif" b. 13 Dec.> 1797. 
6«5 ii^itd Pratt* h. 3 M&r. 173a 
6S6 «^Mtf^ rratf^** t>, S Aag.^ 1738. 
&87 /'*lrr /'iiif( • h. « Fob., 17M-»5. 

SU. CORP. KATITAXrKM f^n of Lieot. NathauH* {HZ), k Jn Colch«Ht«r, S 
Ua.V. 1703: m. 1 July. 17S6. Ktiubetb WUIiAmti. S, 13 Fcbu. 1703, dau. of Chflrlci 


Hu iL fiboat 1753 in Wiudior, Codil ^ ebe d. 1 Apr., 176S. 

IC«iv in Ct>IcbiMX^, Ue wiu a f>vrm<^T» ftnd in IIH^. a rat< j^thcir«T, Ud 
maj bavr hrVI ntbiT nITh^nt in tlu- tcivin, l!ir n<cimU thit lilwuy? making diatioction 
b«twtca bu ffrihrr and htmn^ir 

The Unta vot<d, 10 Dec , 17^^, to pay him "1:5 filiillin^ for tho year eniiuag 
lo bett the drum on Sabbath D&ya for Mcctiiiga * * he finding himself a 

Ilofvn. in bu old Kge to Windiu>r, Corn., wliE^re be d- 


+®» Cn4»ti«,« b. 17 Sept. ITtfi; m. Samli nitchcock. 
+fite EuxABOTii • t 8 July, 1729 ; m. EUhu Clftrk. 

^•0 aiMiH* b, as FWv, 1731-32; tu. *- — - DingUmi Blogh&m vnu ft|H 
pointed admLructrator of ber fatber in 17£fi. 
+^9! DEUaUT* h- 5 Ckl. 1734; m- Holwrt Andn-WK. 
<« M*iOA»CT» b, 17 Jan.. 173C-37; m. 20 Mar., 1756. Nathan WVbb. 
■S93 Njiihaxiel," b. 10 July, 1739; m. (1) Uannab B. Hutingft; {%) Ur«- 

Lydla (Sar^i^t) WaUon. 
«9* Aw," b. 28 Jan, 1712; bap. 31July, 171B ; wo* livinjc unm. 1757. 
6» hBk*h. 14 May, lT4fi; d. 19 l)w-, XUiV 

W- SAlun ■ dau. »f LiLut Katbnrjk-]* i^Z), I), in CokK«*«, t7 D«,, 17i>7; 
»L iaColcWto, 19 Feb., 17!9, K^Tf. Jmlnh Lu^ri*, 

SWl7Apr,17Sa,aged«fl; hom. (2> Mercy Kdlogg (+123) ;d, 10 Apr., 

we 5ofBi f.ftii* • b. IS Jan., 1730, in Colehertw; m. 10 Nor., 1748, Jwopb 

2» LYPtA," dan. of UluL NmhunkO* (B*>, h. in Cokli^kr, S9 May. 1710; 
«. Il> 2« Mnj. 1730, rapt John llnpwm, K 12 Xor., 1707, in Coluhwttw, imn of 
J*bi Ho^tco OBd Sarah Sortham. 

Be d. 6 Aofr. 1761 ; «bc jn. (V) Henry BUm, of Lebanon ; abe d- 31 Mar, 


Thk Kkluhmw Hi THB Nkvt Wobxp, 

mr JtfAfl Ucff9on? K J& Not., 1731; d. U Jaly, 1738- 
M8 Jo3m Uc^on* b, «3 J«l, K34; m, 19 Apr-. 1159, Mai? W< 

ba|v SI June, 17:^9, dan. of Elijah And Uarv (^clle*) W< 
tftn.of Colr!wrt«r; •bod 19 July, 1?93; had flvc chUdrHL 
€99 ^I'Uy ifojMon * b. 16 Feb., 1735 ; ta. JohuoD- 

700 S^Mh //o/VMi « b. i9 Jan., 1737. 

701 LfdiA Hoprnt* b. SO Au^-, 1739; <l S Jutj, 1740. 
?0( /.ydtfl l/opM«i«K 24 Oct, 1741; d. 6 Oct, 1761. 
708 Jl«ry ffoMta,* b- 16 Apr., 1745. 
TOI i/uAol i/op«»»* b. 29 Sqit, 1747, 
70fi Prudtne4 Ji^pMH,* bL 10 Doc^, 17S0. 

Stt. ABNER » »D of U«vit XathanieH <ft$). b. in Col«hMtpr, about 1716; 
». 36 Jnn^t 1740, Ljdia Oti#« b. SO Jan., 171€^17, one of tbf dgbl««a dkildf«a of 
Natbanu^l Otii, of Tannooth, Ua«t,, who d is Colcfanstav, 17 Apr, 1771, aged 89 
(a doKiEiiilaiit of JolkD Otie, b. in BanulabW, DvT«iisUn^ Bnglaiid» wlw drew tots 
ID fii^tdiTiMOKi of Uiiif^haiu, MaM^lA:^, afrd|:«r^liiaikaBeto''OtiaUiU''),aod 
lUnnah Tbatrhrr, vhn d in Cotchntrr, B Maj, 17M, agvd 90. 

Bed 18Not^l7&4,«««l3a. 

Hia book of acmuitB lua b««D pgtingd and ia nov owned by Kn- Caroliaa- 
(Sdlcn) B«vlwi <+USl). of Tbe Valkj. R Y. Abka; tke iUnifl may 
qttotfd; "Tikck Tbooaaa Kallagg liTfd vith ow thn* vcda in tb* rear 17S1 
boQf^t for him on? pint of Bnpwi, ^ To Fatbrv Otis 3 Iwis ISL « Fab.,! 
1753, t^ro QiK*l tbomaf vent to Joec^ &«Uogg and Ukotl Etaid thare forteen 
vaaka A q>* dar." 

Frofn haitj rtcord* kqH br bim, manr of the foUovin^ datca an takca : 

Ste m. (t) 19 Mar.* 1761, Capt Anwa Tbonn, of Labaaca. fa. aboct l«M. 

Hoa.l7Ikc..l7ftl.a^83; ib* d 1 Jan^ ld07, a«ad 91. 

CAOfrM. b. M CoUaater, 
m OttMn,* k i Apr., 1741 ; d 8 N'fit^ 1749. 
m bnu^^kUJaA., 1742-1^; d 14 Apr.. ITM 
+709 lUTm* bw K A^. 1744; m. (I) EUnar ViUkw; <t) Satab lUdiag* 

4-T09 Aixn.^ W. f Koa.. 1744; n. Lvdia BaKktL 

4-TlO bMKitU^k 17 Srpt. i:4S; i^ <1) EU^J^bU Willi; (2) Mra. PUko4te' 

+711 Mauaut* k 16 Jan^ 1751-^: m. John EUk. 
+7U Eaa^« k 4 Se^ ITU; n. Mart Vb^tns. 

UK. JOHX.»aonelUiaLXa^uk|4(4SKWtaeek^«C«.abovtl717; B.9 
Apr.. 1735. Maf7 N««liMb. k 1 Mar^ 1719. ifan. ^ Ih}. htad Xt^tao. of r<d-! Uan»k , «bad 9S Mar. 17^aci4«L Ma^landvvakS 

Mar^lCM; d U May, 174\ at iiy of Capg flirtaa. 

Brdt9Jan^l»*; «k d 4 Jah. ITK, ^al m 

n^ ma. te OikhBrtvc, «bm back aifd 

+n» Jnax." k $ Haa. in»; m Mm? 
4^7U M«rr,* k tl JasL Itai: ». An OtWK 

The Kellooqs in the Ffew World. 


-)-71& John/ b, 20 Dec, 1743; m. (1) BethU Williamsi (2) Mfb. Margai 

(Foote) Bigelow. 
-t-716 IflftABL,*" b. 31 May, 1716; m. Hamiflh Ingrahfim. 
+717 Mary,* b. 19 Dec., 1749; m- Nsthan TifTHiiy, 

718 Ha^-nah* b- 8 Dec,, 1751; m. Beebe, 

+719 ELieui,** b. 15 Nov., 1755; m. Snsflima Day. 

230. EZKA,"* son of Lieut Nathankl* (53), b, in Coklie8t€r, 6 Sept, 17S4; iik 
in Amheret, 14 May, 1747, Rutli Wi.-l]s, of ^*WeUHtowii/' 

He d- 5 Jan-y 1754; his e&tatc waa uppraieed 13 Feb., 1751, 

He rea. in Hatfidd, Mase,, and Colchester, Conn. 

She m. (3) 4 Nov., 1757, Capt Hcnrj- Stilee, of Whatcly, on officer in the 
rtYolnrionary arniT, b- in Windsor, Conn,, 1730. 

He d- SO Apr!, 1810; die d. in Whately, 5 July, 181S, aged 86. 


+720 Sabah,« b, ~ — -; m, (1) Torry; (2) Elihu Strong; (3) Soger 


+7S1 RiTS6ELL,^b-16 July, 1750; m. Aaubah -, 

722 Olivkh,* b. ; eoliHtwi in revolutionBry army from Colchefltej; 

eeired in PeekekUl, 28 Apr. to 6 June, 1777; in Col. Moeele/fl 
Beg,, 17;8 ; in Capt Hodges' Co., Eighth Conn- Reg., 16 July to 8 
Dec., 1790. 



MO. ARTOAIU^ daiL of Jmrpli^ <«0), b. in Santli HiuUi^, a Dec, ITU; n. 
D« hu KT«>nd wife. U OcL, 1T4G. Ci>l ChftHcf Bamll^ b. :^ Mar^ 17^0, t>vAy c^n 
at WillUm VvmU* mnil Jorhiu WeeloTer. 

9h« d. 98 Jtiu. nSi); he d. 7 Oct, 1803. 

Coi Ikimll, tbo Htvf of tlk- nnmu bora in Afocviet, tat^ht ill tfafo«gb the 
rovo1ulioiMr> var aod wa» Ajt(>okTit4tI» in ITTA, to conmand a n^uncsi lo the 
Biigmdo of Qnk Wtdworth; arrrvd xinder n'Mluii^ton on Long ftUnd ud New 
Jwnvyt and vaa with hi« rvgiraecit at Tiraodivcva, Ciwn Point and Uw baLile of 
Sante^ Hie children all oocu|>i«<d hononblc pocitioua, oae dan. marrrinf Got. 
SiiiM^ of VtfmoftL "nia daigbura van boiad baanCiaa el Ifaaar tiaa. 

TU ei«f«a A«n«a« b. IS Fth,, IT&l. 
TH ftinaati Avmai.^ h, 10 Maj, 1T&3. 
nt JTary Atf««ll,* b. S8 Jone, 1755. 
Ttt rU»» BmrJiy V 97 OcU 1757. 
ra» ^aMlio-t ^.rrTtt^.T K It AtlK^ 17^. 

T30 0*a AvrraU.* k *3 JqW. 1T6L 
ni Jtftfy a«mlL* k i Oct, ITSX 

tAL SARMI.* iUu. of Jawpfa" (<0), k is 8o«lh Badlr. ^ Jw- 1714; b. 
abo«t 1737, JoMiptt IIoo4t, k » Ja&^ ITU, aob «l Efcaniam kUodf, k 33 Oct, 

IttX and Editka , k 1C3MS. 

EiWd.Juf.tTS9; l» 4. U SffCl«IS. ^vd »L 

CUUv-. L w Sa«a HaA^b 

T33 l4Mjr«a^*kt>CkUi;<#; d.3>Ftfeul7it 
TM XMh ir««dk-' k » Ha>^ 1743. 

Tsi jis^n Mt^y k » Dk. ir^; a, trie 
T»i «abM jr«.J^* k Ha:*. tt«: A I7t9. 
m ^5h«iraiady*kl<Ja.lT»: d. ITSt. 

a^^* k as &fL. iTn. 

N«4l« k 17 Jw, ItU. 


The Kbi-j^ooos lv ths Xiw Womjx 


Btt KBENEZER,* von of Jo«oph^ (60), b. m South HaAL«y, Se Dec, 1716 ; m. 
15 Btc. 174B. Hhl Sftmli ^utw, widov of Joalftli Soow^ uf Norwidt, Cunn^ and 
Somh ilftdky. 

Hnw to SouOi TlAdlc^. Hi* nninp App'-^rK in MtiRtrr ItoU of Col Dnight'B 
B<i^ on the w«et«rn frontier, Ang. 11 to 31« 1T4£. In 1B69 }^b«Q«£er'e fficAt 
gnndMO, Anoa, vu living od boxncetead. 

+740 Aii08,^K I Oci, 1719; m. Ruth Church (756). 
741 Loi8,^ K 4 Mar., 176^ 

74t Sabah/ K M Aug., 17M; m. in South na^Wey, 21 Jnlv, IWl, Leonard 
UiUer, of Lu<3W. 
+743 Jo«uu/ K 21 Nov., 1760 ; m, Jcrutba Ta>'1or. 

744 Ebssixeb,^ b. ; d, ^ ; w&# * blackfimith; peihAps rem, to 

New Yoric. 
+74^ SCTit,' bi A Scpt^ 17B7; m. Niomi PantoDiL 

746 RcTH.' K ■ ; w&s a milliner in Lcwutoo, Canada. 

747 SjUXIB/ b. 

748 RirnT«,^ k 

M8L BUTH.^dau. ofJotcph^ (60), b. in South lUdloy, 18 Jan., 1717; m, 21 
Dnc, \t3S, BcDJatBLii Church of «ame place, b. S6 Decv» 1709, eon of Benjamin 
Cbnrdi, b. 1 Sept, 1680, and Miriam HoveT» L 27 Aug:., K^^^t and i^rcat grand- 
•oo of Rieh«ril Chufdi, of Hartford, 1S37.' 
Sea. in South Hadl^. 

74S J«JCi««A,'b, leJkpt, 1740; m. Hamiah ; i«. in South Had- 

7W B«»/anu» Church.'' b, 16 Apr,, 1742; m. Hiriata ; d lO Oranbj, 

HOM., 1ft Dec., 177^. 
7St JMiA ChtirtK'' b. 9 July, 1744, 
7» JKnwi Church/ b. 31 U&r., ]T4(;. 

753 John r*ttrdh,' b, 13 Jan.. 174T; d. unm. la South Had!ey, 1831, 

754 lFfli<*«« Church,'' b, 9 Feb., 175$. 

765 yMtM ChurchJ b. ^7 Jaly, 1754; graduate from Dnrtinoulh Collf^c, 
17A4; •ettl&l aa a ininttfler In Brid^on, Me., 1789; d. 14 Nov., 

75« Ruth CkuTfh,^ b, 10 No*.» 1757 ; m. hw cotiMn Amon Kellogg (+740). 

757 Dorcva CAurcA/ b. 7 Att^, 1763. 

144. UARTHA,* iku. of Jo»^>1i<^ <60>, b. iu 8<mUi Hndlr.v, Z\ Mti>, 1720 ; in. 
11 Nov., 17ie. Nnthonid Lnffratn^ b. 18 Uay, 170S, ton of Nathaniel Inj^rom, b. 8 
Oct, 1674, and Lsthvr Smith- 
Be*, in Soulh Hadlej. 


75S Noihrntifi In^mm/ k W Anjc-, 1745; m. Ilann^h — ; rw. in South 

Hadkv; d. 19 Au2„ 1815; she d. 3 Jnlj, 1838. 
75t 5artA JneramJ' U 13 SepL^ 174&. 
7M iriirlA#/«sjra«.'b-S3NoT.,1747. 


The Xellogos ix the Kew Wohld. 

M€. JOSEPH* wn ot Jowp^* (60), K in Sooth Hadlc?, ^4 IXc, 1724; m. 
27 Dec.. 1:54, Dorothy Taylor, dan. of JoM|)b Taylor, of South Hadley. uid 
Dorothy Hooker, b. ZO Apr,, 1737, 

She d< ec Aug., 1803; hccL L4 Oct, ISIO; lived on bin hiUcf% homestead, 
ill South Htdlev. 

Chiidrw, b, in South Ucdltjf* 

+:01 El!,' b. 3 June, 1757; tn- Tr>-|>hmia Smith. 
4-T62 EuxkimJ b. 10 Sept^ 1T59; ni. Loia EftACmu. 
4.76:1 EujAi*,' I, ir Aug., ITfll; m. Kunitr McLtaiau, 
+T64 Jobkj'Il/ b. 1 Mo-r, 1773; m. Elisabeth BuroJuua. 

348. JABEZ^^Bonof Jo^ph" (60), b. 11 Feb-. 17M; in. Abigtil Cifttlin. 

She d. ITHS^ in the houee of her aoQ, Jabtiz. Id Hanover, N. B- He r«ni. to 
HdnoicT, 176^ ADd d. iW'iVTi I7DL 

H<f voAaprivutcinCoft. Samuel Smith's Co.; marched front i^ntU HAdlc^r 
for the rebef of Fort WilliftTU Hltitv, Aug., 1757 ; wrved ihirteen daj**; tr»v*lod 
180mi]vti; sloo io Cupt. Elijdlt Sm'itb*d Co,. Col. Idrac) WitliAiuA' Reg. in the ex- 
pedition a^ifiMt Cnxuida at Crown Point, 3G Apr. (o T Dl^., 17£9^ and furaitbod 
bimA«U Hith anufl' He wrTed in the ri-volutiocar)' arm^ aa Corp. in Capt. Rco- 
dfick^A Co.. CoL LoTcU'e B«£, in Chark^town, Ma^, 1776; Soi^ in Capt. 
Chapin'i Ca, Col PoK-t'* R<«., 84 Si^pt. lo 4 Otl., 1777 ; private ui Capt. Waif* 
Co-f CoL Woodbndgc*« Keg, on Bco&inffton Alarm, Aug., Li77. 

Children, b. in South Ucdley. 
-|-:65 PniVfUtf.' b. 6 Jaa, 1759; n. (1) JcmiBut ^now; |£) Mn. Uobel (Fox) 

+766 Exo6/b. $dJuIy.l7Gl; ni. (1) Lydia Alvord; (fi) Demnud W^IU. 

+7fl7 JABEZ^'b. 3$ At>r-, 17113; m. (1) Tt-mpv Wa!tOG; (2) Ruby UU«y. 

+7ft3 J1FI.IK,' b, 37 ScpU 170:>; m, Molly Ttx*! (162^). 

+7^9 NOAUIAH.^ b. Se Ott, 1757 ; in. Pollma Stebbina- 

+770 JMWiT.'b. t4 Fc'b, 1770; m. (1) Mro. Mvrcy (DaW») Bowen; 

Mitry Chaac. 
+771 Aai<J.iiL.' b. St> Mar, 177S; ra. Hon. John Walton. 

772 EK**iTirii,'U2T Oil, 1774; d. U M*y, 177fl. 
+773 EBA«Tu»/b. 1 Apr„177G; m- (1) i:!i»bctli Smith; (2) Judith HalL 

774 Joux,' b. ir NoT^ 1778; d, unm. aboot U^Ofi, in Savanoah, <H., v\wv^ he 

vftH tJigageO in buildia^ a factory wbui t&^t hoard from. 

775 Racitsl,^ b. 23 July, 1781 ; d. unm. in Cambridge, Mau,, about ltf40. 


U3. I>AVtD,«iMiiof Capt Samuel" {Sl)»b. ia Wcftfiold, 30 Uay, 1781; m. 
(pnblithed 11 Apr, 1747), FliTahrth Jones, of Enfield, Conn., d&u. of Li«iit. 
Thomas Joncn and Mary Meacbani. 

lU d. C Hot.. 1776 ; dio d. about 1804. 

Rca. in Wntilrld, MaM; beferrod under G«a, Amher«l in the 4>xpMition for 
the invttalon of Canada; wae imprmwd 6 Apr., 1759. Hi^ boaeo atood (1873) 
nbout l*'n rod* rnrlbrhvl fnati r>"*idimLV of Fn-il^rifk 0. Kellogg. Mr*. KMUigg 
ia reBicmbcrcd u a woman of tnc ^t£urc ond larj:e in fonu. 

+77fi Mjlkt/ b< 13 Jun^t, 174S; iOp Xeheniiah Catt$f. 

TllR Keluhmm Itf TlIK XlfV ^VOKU^ 

S^urffL,^ h, ^ An^, 1?49; soLdier in revolutlonai^' aimy; d. udiil 

I>Avro/ b. 16 Svy-. 1750; il. 22 A]>r, HTJ, onm. 

KuzARirrn.^ b. 15 Aa;;., il&2 ; tti. Pliii)' Socket 

Skt«/ b, 14 M*r, ItM; m. Ann I^oomTs, 

Peuskab/ b, 6 Apr.t 1?56; m, Jediah Li>rtl. 

KcTH,' h. 3 SopL, 1757 ; m, fto»wdl Brown, 

Enoch,' b- 18Jn!j, Hflfl; i1. 31 Aug, IMfl- 

EuifiA.' b. ; Qo. Eneif^n Cliarlod JotuuwiL 

LucaBTU,' b. ; m. A*tilwl Fowler. 

K:toc»J b. 9 Oct.. ITSS; m. Cunicij Vict*. 

toa. CAPT. JOHN ,• son of Oapt. Sairnd» (61), b. 5 July, 1727; m. (1) 
(pubtiflbed 15 Sf^t.. 1750), Anne Ti-rrv. L IT Aug., 1732, dau. of E{>hniim 
T&ty, Ol BnftcM. Conn^ b. $4 Oct. 1701, and Aan Collins, b. SO DtK:,. lTOti< 

Slw d. ID WMEii^lit, Miuui., fl Oct, 17^4; hv m. (!) <piibli>ih«fll 21 8^t, 
1766) Anne LonL b About 1725. d&u. of EZtv. DvQJftmm Lord, B. D., of Korwicb, 
ConXL, And AnD*^ Tajlor febu d. in Wwtlidd, "J Sc^t, ITHl ; he m- (3> 7 July, 
1791. viilow JrmimN Whrd, iif Nr^w Mnrlliorougb, Miijwl; d. 27 T}ni., 180(1, In 

H« ne. in W«t1l«ld. In 1761 he built ft houfte^ whfoh wa^ the boet house in 
WflsCAeld. Il is «4il1 t^tt^piiHl aa a midcncc and uppcar» to be gooti for many 
p!^n ta come. He cut a tf^mh in tho tolid rock, and aftor his mnova! to Sandie^ 
Add in ITR") the knd whi^ pun-ha^d and a ohurch DrectE^d over Uti* i^pol. 

II« vu a soldier iu tlic i'nmdi and Indian war; enbetui € Apr., li>5!l, iu 
licuL Cbadvidc'i Ca, CoL Rob«Tt«' Rf^v, unJur Gen, Amht^ntt, "for thn toUl r»- 
dtictiott of Cnn^da.^ lie ^rv&l uutil 3 Dec. He v&6 &Iso a Mldier in the i^vo- 
inboii; OCffv«d on the Le3n&gt4>n Alann; alao m tho duft^ujiv of thi-- town and har- 
bor of BobUmi, aad Jin- oiptnriT uf non-'bnitvr HrigbU, In 1777 \iv wan Capt, is 
Col Lcotiard'4 llc^ "io go to Ticcudcroj^a," 

Vkil4r4ii by firgi uifa, b. in Wutfield. 

+78? Ayx,» b. IS Oct., 1751; m. Jan>d Hotidlcn,-. 

+7KS I-OTifti/ b, 22 Aug, 1753; m. Samuel Nolle, 

+781* Josian/ b. 31 May. 175G ; m. Loie Day. 

-|-7»0 BAAaoHAii,^ b. 22 St-pt, 1757; m, Rimbi^n Tbtpp. 
7^1 LcoT » K 26 !><■-, 1759 ; d, I Oct, 17G3. 

+7M Aamox,7 b. 5 Sept., 17*1^ ; m, Man- Wilcor, 

7V3 DjkCVHTEt.^ K ; a. 5 Oct,/l704 ; btirii?d witlj ha fuotlicr. In thu 

old comctcTT Ln W^ttii^ld in a ffraru^tonn vitH tht? follovinj; iniiorip- 
tton: "In mi^troTy nf v\nnr, wifp of Capt. John Kellngg, daughter 
of Ephraim T^rry, E»qr.. who d. Oc=t. C. 1:^4. in the 33d yeur ot 
het age AUo h«r infant babv lying by ht-r br^^oat" 

MO, MARY • dau. of Capt ammcl* (fll), b, 24 Oct., 1730; ui, 21 Apr., 17i8, 
Samuel IVrry, b. in EaMd, Conn., 18 Oct., 17:^^, son cf Kphrnim Terry, U in 

*Oa ham urvrntont* U tb« follovtait: 

"Dear frWn^p br vw. 'tU titna to kaav, 

litlb RiiMh V. K uhmjn | mukf mir ItMr, 

Uak« good uiw of what I \vnvv, «Qd for iSealh prepa/c." 


Tm EsLLOOOS ik tbk Kbw Vo&ld. 

Enfield, 34 Oct, 1701, and Abo CoUjn«j b. 20 Ddg., ITOS, a ^ivAt grim4dau;btcr 
Got. Bradford of the '"Mavflower." 

He ^ in KnUcld, 5 Mny. ITDS ; hHc ± 11 Fcb^ I&dL Her actiocnaottU aw 
Dotod for PUpt>rior mechanical in^i?nutty, at «h« U oaid to hava bran. 

TliE liuiufTiLt-iiil if near t|je village uf TliorapaonTUlo, axitl ifl owned and occu- 
pied bj gTftrdiJau^titc^rK of h\» dau. Alictr, named Kin£#iur>\ 

TM Samuel TerryJ b. 21 July, 1T50; m. (1) 1771, ITaldah Burnham, li. SO 

Apr.. lt^2; nhc d. 1$ May, 1609; he m. (9) Dorcaa Bucklaod, b. 

17ft9; eJi^ d. Itf34; he r<«. in Kast Wtndiior, 1S3S; waa a tanner. 
TSfi jiJice rwry/ b. 1S6 Juiip, 175!; m. 33 Dec., m3, Lciunfl Kin^bory- » 

farmer, in Kntidd, b. about 1753; e)i« d. VV 51ar.. 1»30; he d. U 

Sppt, IS-lfi. 
796 Marj/TenyJh.7 Ayr.,l7M; nu 1774, David Sbaw, of Earf Winder; A 

1 JaD,, 1808. 
rW jIffipA TVttj/ b, IS Nov., 1756; ru. «1 July. llTft. Peuelope Grigga, 

b. about 1758: the d. 30 Mar.. 1818; ho m< (£) 5^ Mar.. 18eS» 

Nancy AtweU, b, 22 May, 1793; eho d- fi Jooe, 1875; bo waa a 

faiTOW; d. lOMav, 1839. 
798 RhodaAtiHTerfyJh,l\ May,lT5U; m. 11 31ay, 1778/rhaddcue BiUiofic^ 

Jr., of Uirg M<*iidow. vhn d. 17 Apr,, IfiSfl; ahi* d, U IVc.^ 1783^ 
?99 Lcti Terr^J b. 30 Mar^ 17(>1 ; d. nnm, in the Amencan army in Ni 

Tendon, Conn,. 2 Mar,, 1777. 

800 Solompn Tm^y b. 31 OcL, 1763; m, (1) HI A«p^ 17ft8, Haninli Ptf», 
b, t& Nov., n:0; »bc d 5 Mar,, I80S; ho m- (S) 6 Sept, 1810. 
Margarel Pcffjw, b. 2 July, 1776; d ?5 May, 1839; ihe d 7 Sept, 

801 Bih^t Ttfty^h. 23 May, 17G9; m- (1) 1786, Natbani^il Billinpa; (?) 
Simeon Peaw?: d. 1944. 

80S fzfjhf-f r«rrvJ h, I Mar, 1776; m. 3705. Mary Gruurotd; bo vna a 
Biiptivt c!<-rKyniaTi, a poet and vritcr of bymna; d in IfonaoD, 
Maw., 7 Apr., 1829. 

S82. SARAH,* dau, of Capt. Samuel* (60,b. 25 Julj, 1734: m. 11 AT»r.. 1755, 
NatliAn Tromau. L 18 Apr., 17^8, toii of Philip Tniiuan and Bvbc-om Granger, 
Be*, in Wi^Cildd. Maae. 

6C:i SoraA TrnT^an^ U 16 Junr, 17£7. 

80-1 Shtm Trumtxn? V \t Jaa, 1769. 

M5 f^in Trumrtri^ Ix 5 3m.. 17<5l. 

B0€ £«Urr rrvm^r)/ b 8 Ai:f;.. irtI3; m. Aabbd MoiW. 

e07 TTaeian Trunwn / b, 8 Apr, 17A5. 

608 EUiah Truman? h. 1 Jan.. n€7- 

609 EdA Tniman,'' b. 19 July, 1770. 
810 Marhw TranaitJ h. 8 Frb,, 1773; m- 30 Apr^ 1793, Aiiron Root 

271 EXPHRIENOB,<i dan. of Oan<ifi (68), b. in HadUy, Hoas., 1731; m. id 
PittaMd, MiH.. aa hia sf^ond wif«^ (pub. U June, 177$), Lleat Ell Boot, b. In 



WcAfldd, Mmm^ S7 Fvb^ 1731, Km of 

Eaiij^ Joftt^b UooIt of Weatiicld, iiad 

n«^ d. 38 Oct, ISM ; ihc d, 2? Oct, 182C. 

He ttan. lo Filbdidd, probably in 1757, with hi* brother Anio«. He vu ap- 
poutcrl highvny iwrvojor st a tov» mwting, 11 Mnv. 1?6I. At the flnl ftalc of 
pewv. J hth., 1766, Eti Boot bad Xo. l-L Ic Uie XlUu^r^ of 1MU11-:M^ 1k^ i» <!»>- 
igiutcd Bi ODC of lh« richer renidcnt* of Wuiddl Striurt;^ and ftftor the rcvoJutioa 
A vortJij iDB^Kttst?. He woH B iVTohUoTisry tidier. 


811 Eiptntm:* Bool,' bH|3, 22 Mnj, 1T74; m. £0 May, ITSS. Ttjomas H- At- 
wUJ,b. Klxlj ran- to Onrtlcton, Vt, whrrc he d, ao Jac, UU. 

272, Rirrn,*»d«(i,of Jtm#s»<€»),b, 
Baltard. tan of Jeremiah Ballard. 
»ked.3Mft;r, 17T6l 

m. (pub. £T Doc., IVflT), Jothoa 

H*- vju h fjuMW; ma. in Nrvr Snlrm, Mam. 

812 i?iif;b Asi/^rii.T ^, ^ [K^,^ i75g ; m, Wii>t#till Cook. 
»13 JU>titftf BoUardJ b. W Feb.. 1761- 
814 PoUy BaSlard.^ k 16 Jan., 1704. 
8I& J^«wA4 Ik^lUfdJ b. 2G D«c., 17G5. 
810 ITtf^m BeliardJ' K 1 Nov., 17l38. 

27fl. JOAKNA^dftu. of Jftci^'* (r,R),KiD Had ley, about 1742; m. aehiawc- 
ood vife (puL 28 Feb., 17C5), Su-plieii fiuudmm;, b. Sfl Dec.. 1742. son of Jamt^ 
G^odmui, b. 7 Feb., 1707, and Annu I'hilptt, and t^viU prondiMn of Deacon Kich- 
ard Goodman of Cambridgo K>a2, llnrtford U1\^ and Ilwilcy ICGl, snd Mar; 
T^rry. who« fitter, Abti^aiU au lieut- Joseph Kelloj^ (17), 

Bt il. 28 Jim^ 1SD2; «ho d. 31 Aug., 1S31, a;:rd i»9. 

liwd an homoU'ad of 1jLc*at Jnwph in H^idle)-, nnd mnnjif^dd th^ ferry 
whkh bftd been conducU^ by Joanna'e father, Jsni(«, and grandfLthor, John, aod 
grvftC gnndfatber Joeq^h. 

ChUdren, h. in UcdU^. 
817 Joimna O^edman.^ b. 1 D«i:„ 1735; d. 3 Dt-c., 1795. 

SIS Jdmtv GoiNlman/ h IS May, 17fi7 ; d. in Mobile, Ala. 

8ld ^ooAtui Qotfdmnn,^ b, 20 Feb,> 17fi9 ; m, PerM Jones, of Wuidaor, Vt 

820 A^pA#» Oif^maq,' b. 1<* No^.. 177t); d. in the Wo**, 

821 Jfeivy G^orfiflifln,' b. 17 Kov.. 1773; d. 13 Sept, 1776. 

822 -JeAa KtUo^s Goorfman/ b, 18 Jul*» 177fi; Km-, 1802, tc Jeracy City; 
d. 2£> Oct. J8&3. 

823 Byh^JiUr Gondtnan? k 10 Kov,, 1778. 

824 ^fnnct.r G^odn^u? b. 5 June, 1781, 
62$ 3ftf^Goorf«Ba«/b.l8Aiig,,1783; m. Cotton Smith, 

»77. IX>KOTHY • rJna, of Csipt Martin^ (69», b, in Wothcrtfidd, 4 D«-. 171C ; 
m. \r, \Mx.. 173f>,E]iphat4't Wlilttl^^py, b 10 Mav. 1714, grandson of John WbiN 
tlrwy, b. 11 Dec. 1CC5, of Soybrook. Conn., and "itulb Dudley. 


Tbb Eslloogs IV ri£K Nkw Woblo, 

Slur d. U Apr., 177S; hcnL («) S2 Joiw, l?n. Widow lUnnah Mallorj; d. 

lie vru A i^TTotx in Wulungton, Conn. ; n-m. to New Preaton, Coan. Ser- 
ai&l defiCocdJLQt* wen R«pr»««nUtLTc» in Coitgra& 

836 iforlifl H'AiJ//«««y,^ b. 3 Oct, L737 ; m. 77 Not,, 1760, Stnh Doming. 

837 Lmwi WhUUe^:' h. 16 Uaj^ 1740 ; m, 1^ Nor^ 17fU^ Haniuh W«ll«. 
8«g /dftn Vriir/Zftf^yj b. 23 Dec., 1741; bl 14 N<.v,, 176fi, iUry B<al«. 

8S» ^nna n'ArtU/irj,^ b. 27 Jan., 1744; m. ffiUUm Cogiwdi 

8S4> JiVii^ irA>fJ/f--.vrjf/ b. 1 3lay, 1746; m, Uath WAd«wortb. 

831 SHph<iift »'Ai(rfcs*y/b, -JJoiy, 174S; m- 25 I>«^ 1771, Comfort Wtlkr. 

839 David WhiUlrMty.'' I, Auf ., 1750 ; m. Do-, 1779, Abigan Jud»oiL 

83$ il«9|>i n^WClMiy,^ b. IS Uaj, 1753; at- Abijc«il Skicbi 

894 £>^f9tAy irUUfMtfy^' b, 8 S«pt, 17dd; m. n Svpt, 1774. Col. P^tt? 

83jft ifiUJka trJUUi^My^f b. S Jtn^ 17SS; m. Mu7 Tack«t; bo wu Comptroller 

United SUtM Treiuarj. 
636 Ao^rr B^im^^y,^ b. 6 Oct, 17^; d. d3 Jcac. 1761. 

tra^ HABTIN.** eon of Capt. U&itm^ (69), k to WotbenSdd (Xowington 

roriadi)*^ A«it., 1718; m. IJolj. 1749. U&rj Itwirdrnkn. k 19 Srpt, 1719, dw. 

of liotit Richard Bo«rdmflJi, b. 1 Svpt, 16^, and S«nh Camp, b. 1693. 

Bed. tDtbePBfialiof NiTWiTigtoti.7l>ec., 17$1; dhed. 8 Apr, ISOS^a^ ftC 
At a tovD tneetiikf beld m Wttberdfidd, ^ Sept, 17TT. be waa cboaen ob the 

Dommittj^ Co prociitv commisoiry icupplica to bo tnntmittod to Uw ooQunuMrw 

of th« batlalions of tiko CoDtiztenul army raiMd in this State; aod 19 Juqp, 17dO. 

m%A on the oomnuttec to borrow money to pay tlw bounty oSoed bj tb« Iowa, and 

avttte with the «^ifttMl pervojiia. 

Bo oerrcd m the rcvoUitioDiTj wmr; waa a Capt of militia, and ■ hmh of 

woiltti and influ^nc^ HU ortate vaa appraia^d ot iifiOO. 

iM8T Mabt,' K in Newiagtoa 18 Apr.. 1743; m. TTnnl RoHlna. 
-feSS Mabtik.^ b. IS JiUt, 174f>; m, Haaoah Kobbiiu. 
-4-839 AxxA,^ b. 16 Apr^ 1T49; in, Jurph Caiop. 
+a40 BLB4K0K,* b. 10 Mar, 17(S; m. Capt Sa&l Alvord. 
+841 Jbhuu,^ b. «3 Aug., 17A7 ; tn- OoL Ibfcr ^'dlu. 

■Bl AK^''A5 daiL of Capt Uartin" (G9). b. in Ntrwrn^tDn. Cana., 19 Pah,, 
#nb; nLaab>iaaooBdwiffi,30Jaly^]7t7, Hofccr Hooker, b. 17 Sept, ITIO, m>d 
of Hon. John Hooker, b. 10 lAvh-, 1664*65, noil Abigail Stanly, b. i& ^nninf^an. 
Cobb., U Joly, 1668. Ho woa the tenth child and fifth »od of Hon. John 
Hooker, of Fkimington, Jiftdgo of Iho floprtaie Cowt of OocaocticBt; graodaoo 
of fU^. Samoe! Hooker and gnot graDdKnn of Rev. Thooia« Hooker, fonikder of 

Ho had pratiooaly n. t9 Jao., 1T40l Uttvj Hart, dau- of CapC Jodab aad 
Sarah (Bvtl) Hut who d. S6 Atig^ 1745, a^ed M 

H» d. 25 say, 1774. aged «5 : »hi> d, 17 Feb.. 1797. &g«l 77. 

TItfj rce. in FanniiigtOD, wbcrr all their children wero bora. 

^BB £bLL0006 in inZ SZW WOBEIlL 



Si2 Martin IJccktr,'' b. 1?4S; d, SI Aug,, IfSh 

843 fi/iwtt^« ff<)[)4:er/ Ix 17«; m. (1) J3 Dec., 1774, Amy NeweU, K In 
Bmtu]/ 28 Aujf.. 1T5I3> lUu. of IIct. Siunud Ncwdl, HM ntinirii-T 
ia BhAtol, and Miry (Hnrt) Root; «fai> d, 23 J»., 1797; bv in< 
(2) NsDcj Painf ; h&6 no childreE. 

^U Bcstr Booker,^ h. 19 Ju&e. 1751 ; m. 17 Apr., ITSS. Mary TrCBdweU. dau. 
of Got. John Tmidn'Rll, of FArmizt^on. He commoncijd ilfis mC 
sett before the rvvolkJlionary var. On receipt of tb«r ueva from 
LescingtOBp be join^ Ibo company raiK-d by hia ooLiain Capt. 
So*dUb HaoluTr ihr lint men from FHrmin^Ettui for the u^r, and 
tlic firrt ccIijiUd mcs from Connecticut to reach the army eollcctin^ 
Wfore Bo«toQ. At flr^t a Sergt,, Eoon promoted to Ensign, and, 
vben Wae}uii£ton took comrDand of the urmy. <:i>iiiiuiti»ioiii?J a Sec- 
ond Licnit^ in tho CcntinentaL lint:, and cvnntnaliy twcumi^ a Maj. la 
177fl^iipoti WftAhlngtac'H order, he fltU^ out the flri*hipfi wiJh whirh 
WaAhin^toQ ecdearored to deatroy the Britiah Jleet A« a Brigade 
iiaj^ at dilTcrent timot, hn hixd chergt of iha oorn-Kpoodf^uPo of that 
OciL. on whole staff he KiTcd^ He wa« scat with a Hn^ of tnjcc to 
coiniDUPicaic to the Bntiah Gca. at Nl^w York the neve of the war- 
rendt^of QpiL BurgoyFiL^. Throughout th«? war hL' wha heli in liigh 
tatccm and confidcnee by Wafdiin^ton. After the war Mnj. Hooker 
vaa boDond by hin f^^Unv ritiKwid with mnry plaoc« of tn:et Ho 
was a ncmber of the SocL-ty of the Ciucioimtl. 

^5 Mary lU^^ft^ b. ; m- U Sept., 1772, Simeon Newell, b. 5 Fet, 

1748, win of Isaac NpvII and Rach<?i Pomproy, Th^y rem. to 
Sodua Bay (novr Wokott), N. Y. He graduated from Yale Col- 
kgo; «a« a CapL in rL-vobtiooary army; after tho var, a rotnnbeT 
ef tbe Soeiff^y of the CintiniiAti ; had no childrca. 
Ma Uocket,^ b. 1754 ; d. U Mar,, 176S. 
17 larinc //ooJt#r,* h 14 Mar, 1753; m. 17S1, r»aae Cowlea, of Farrnington, 
b. S9 July. 1756; «he d. b Apr, 1817, in Farminfften; be d 5 
Jnne» 1837, Rged SI. Ha was a Lient in the revchitiomry vnr 
,Bia C^ynlAio Bcifkcry h. 1760; la 11 Jnne, 1T9S, Bav. Alien OkxftL, »f F^st 
Hartfofd," Conn,, b, 5 Oct, 174<J ; be was a mini*U?T and farmrr of 
Faimingtoo and Manehiwtrr, Conn,; was gradnat^yl from Yale 
1768; he d, 19 Apr, ISll; she m. (3) Sammcl AJvord; d. Jane 
1827, a^ttl 67. 

*» JEillMj\,» dau. of Capt- Martin" (69), K probably in Nevin^n. Conn., 
**Ait(t, 1733; vi-aabiau-^ud wife, 56 Ot!t» 1748, Tjeut Elijah Kti^f, \t. fi Jan., 
I'n^, aoQ of Samuel Kent, of Suflicld, Conn., b, 14 Dcc^ 1098, and Abia 
^■i|ht, b. in NorUiAinpton, 17 Feb., 1704. Ha had preriouAly m. Rachel Kel- 
hSI (ttfl), a niacin uf Jemzutf, 

Bed,7 Mar., 17t^; ihc d. !W Nof., 17^L 

fica in Suificld. 

*Bdalo1 Wis eiUblulwd m a parUk 1744; Encorporkt«d a« a town 1TS0. U vm 
b<att|y ■ pMi of Pana),0f!l0B- 

"E_ UArtfoH wu Ukdn tr^m Hartford. »^nbliah«d » a pftriib In lADO; Ml^blUfifd 
iilUva ITKB- Kift;b«UT taken erom E. Hartford IM3, 

100 Tm KEL10008 ix tbb New Wokliv 

g(0 ^ujriufiif iTcnl/ L 28 May, ITU. 
&Jjt ^oniJi A'ciir^ b. 9 May, n5€. 
8£t Scmuil Kmt,'' b. 4 Apr, 1760. 

S8L MABY « dan. of Ctpt Martin" (C9), b, 19 Oct. 1725; n. (I> I« May, 
1768, Kpiimim Wolcclt> b, in Windwr, Conn., 13 Mar., 1714, aon of VTilliain Wol. 
oott, b. 6 Nov.. 157C, Anil Abiali lUwkj. 

He d. Id Dec, 17fi3: n^ in Ktui Windaor- 

Sh^ EQ. (s) Poner, of Eatt Windsor; d, 8 Jan.j ITSf. 

$53 faraJb WoU^U;' h, 25 Fc^.. 17Ct); m. Joaiab Biaadl. 
H54 fp^raiflf WolcoH,^ b. U F«b., X76S; m. (1) ElitabHh BicMO; di« d. 
■ ■ - ■; <2) Umry Buadl; tbf^jr v«rc daiu. of Jerijah Bi«aIL 

SARAH • dax of Capt Martin* ($9), b- in ffcthcreficld. Conn,, « Aofr, 
1727: tn. llJuly, nfi2,CApt. Jo^ah Kin^of duSeld, Conn, b. in ftnUirtd, 5 
Aog^ 1731, aoo of JueUh Kin;. L Au^^ 1093, and Mindvell Burt, b. aboiA 1700- 

Sbo d. 4 Uar^ 17->% in Safficld ; h« tu (2) 5 Apr., 171'7. Uar^ret Kant; d. 
21 Jnlj, 1815, a|:Hi f;4. 

tic waa B fanner; res. m SufBeld; vaa a rerolntionary aoldier; prinU in 
Capt. Eiihu K<j)t'a Co., in the Liexinf:ton Alarm, Apr^-Maj, IT7S, vith tcmcc of 
nuir dajK. 


a«5 f^lA Kins J ^ ^ U«r- 1'^; ^ ^^^ Bykm, of SofTield. 
«5fi if^rfin ifi«j,' b. 5 Oct, 17*5, 
S57 tfimi iTuiy,^ b. 2C June, 1770; n. Saimwl Riaing. of SuAald; he d. fl 
Nov., 1819, OfiiMt 54 ; had acfen duldrcc. 

98&. STEPHEN CHESTER* mi of Cap*- Martin* (69), b. in WethCTafieM, 
Conn.. 24 Sept-, 1729; nt bv Hiri. Jam** Tj^HcvixkI, 9 ?foT., 1749, Rlimbrtb Rum 
#ai, b. in Wctfacnfidd, 17 Nov., 1729, dan. of Jdm RqmcU, Jr., b. Q Oct, 1$98. 
and Etiiab«tb Cran«, K 2d S«pt, 1701. 

He a. 24 Aa^., L767, a«ed 3d ; ilia d. 14 Mar, IBIT, af«d 68; both arc baried 
in Nevinglon. 

**Dnt. 16, I7d0, Sb-phm Kdkigg and hin wife oviMd th« covenant, in Kcv* 

He TBI probably a farmer ; he U nid to bava baan a npanor natural finger ; 
wAf killrd by fAUtQ^ undrr tbe wbrtl of a loaded cut; vaa a Con$T«gaUoaali«l. 

Stopbeu Cbn&ar U tho fint inatanc« of a middle nana in the K^lofcs family. 
With the eicepUoo of PDriUnka! nann^ dovbla CbrbUan namv wi^rv T«ry rata 
^Vntil after tha rerolution, aa ia Acnm by the naniea nj^ed to ihc Bedarstaon of 
iitpatdimee, and thoao of oScvra and men in tha Continental anoy. 

ChUdttn^ b. im TPevwi^foa, Ca«M. 

+858 S.UA1I7 L 18 Dec,. 1750; cl Eli>ib WaHa. 





GLEUBrm,' \u 7 July, 1752; in. JpIiti I^hIc. 

CnstTEJu' b, SO Apr,, 1755; wu a «oIdicr ia C4pt AJlc&'i Co,, CoL Fd* 
loirs' B«g., LiexiKigti>ii Alarm ; served eight dfiVE; n]li»t«cl in CoL 
Putnaiu'i Fifth Contiarntal Itvg, for ihTT^ jcnr7» 27 Apr.. 1775^ 
bod tn order for a bount)* coat, datod Dordieabsr, 3£ I>ec-, t77fi; 
name on the depreciation roll« ; d. in the irEDji 4 Dec-r 1779 ; fcfk 
in the army n>\U is ^vien aa NorthainptoiL 

STEpnKx/b- : Apr., 1758; m. Ur*. Cjnthia (Andnis) Stephens. 

SiMt)ON\^ U n Uaj, 1760 ; d 2£ Uay, 1700. 

SiMEOK,' b. 16 July, 17*Jl; na. Uohitablo Andrea. 

Crs-nii*/ h- 2ft Mar, 1764; nu Danii^l Wamti. 

JonEPuJ b. S3 Fcb./l767; nu Sanh WilUrl 

2$C UB13KCCA* daiL of Capt. Uaztin* (69)^ b. 11 Jane, 1732; m. Gamaliel 
DemmiEg, b. 17;;U. 

Hi- d, 19 Dtta, ISOJ ; abc d. n Aufr, 1816, 

llvrr r<«. in Wcibci«field untiJ 1771 ; rem, to Walpo)^, N. H. lo 1778 ram. 
to Arlitifton, Tt, wh»n> both d. 

Childrffn,^. m WetKerffield. 
$66 Idanf D^mtniny,'' \t. 17^4; m. Timothy Kilburti; n^H, tn Wrtbmricld. 
667 B4biCM Demf^in^,'' b, ITSG; m. Joseph Curtie; d U Mar., 1633; r««. in 
EgrmnoDtf Maaa.; bad 1iv« diildrm. 
8§TMk DemmnifJ b. !6 Fc^, 1756; m. Jofiq>h Batca. 
Mcriin Demtnins,^ b. :f ^ Feb-, 1T(>3 ; m. Rboda HawWy, wbos# nothrr was 
aiidvr of Setli Vanier. Wberi UiirU*u yeara old bu eaterwl tlie re?- 
oJatiozMiy army oa Fife Maj, ; ffcrrod Jivc years; wan at th<^ battlea 
of Hunker Hill and BetiQingtoo. After ihe war bf». with his hmthrr, 
Sjlvertcr, bought cattle aud drove tbea from ArUogtou to PhiU- 
6T1 i^Ktitr PfiRwinf,^ b. 18 fvK 17flS; m. Gblop TTart; u^. in Arlington, 
Vt- ; vaa an citon^ire farmer, and a Lender cf money : Jufltioo of 
tbeP«a««; cnemljerof the Legjialatnrei had two children, 
^ Z«t£u Praamin^,' U Julj> 1767 ; m, Aoxcn Stone; it^ ic CheDaDgT> Co-, 

ST» Ah«^ Prmmiiiy/ b. !5 Jain. 1770 i m. Dnniel Clark, b. in Colchialjsr, 
Conn., 15 Mav, ITCil, Aon of I^r. Abv ClArk; he d. in Arlinj^n, 
Vt, 7 May. 1631 ; «He d. 1P> Feb, ISW; h* vaa Adj, 0^. of Uaa- 
ttchuavtta at ib« 4ime of Sha/a rebellion ; later a merchant in 
Sbaftabory^ Vt. 
Wi>>«jp^fl,i,imjr,^b-i8FH»., 1773; in. IVncon Erastua Kellogg (+1057). 

*H E.VSIGN JON.ATIIAK • aon of Cap*. Jo*rph'^ (71). b. in Northfield. S3 
At^, i:2l; ai, in SufHdd, 13 Jan., 1741, Lucy Kent, b. 27 Sept, 1721. daa of 
^ta^K rat.* b. 14 Dec,, 1C9&. and Alia Plight, b. IT Feb., 1704. 

'^•Biipj K'*' r ' *■ 'T(fW, OnTJ.. "in Ihi^N* m t ( I ) b> Adia Dvlght f!nii_ of VaUinntnl 
kl, f4 5t>i Mj>«.. :£« Feb.. UZt. She tj. i*« Frb,. IT4fi, ■j:«a 4n, AnKinv th« 

ofttr n I.iiri K»Til. b, 27 rtfpt, i:;4j IT. JouikUiftn Ki'llo^M (*Sft*j. 


SSue v«B appdnted adminiaimrix <ti his t^Ute* Apr^ 1748. 

Ilu father in hi« will, dated 2 Ucc.* 1751, gwt* Und to *'my itrutdMOi Joseph 
Edlog;^, Niti nf my *>an Jntinthan K<*ITrig^, prrhjipA dpCFttHvl, vie" 

In 173^-3^, pm4t«; i:3S-3ii KnMgn nnder hie faUi^ At Fort Pummer; 
C&pi in Firtft MaMAobiuottH Uv^ in <t<ML ?cpp«t«ll'> expedition Agiinst 
burE,lT4i^. DtttpofcoKimiMiom IC Oct., 1744. ^c dl (£) Ticwttgr Matiwr* 

+871 Jo«irn,' b- 14 Oct. 1748; m- Uc>- Woraer. 
-i-^75 Lvct7 b. ^ Au^., 1744 ; xo. Timothy W€lla. 

8M. RACHEU* dtn- of Capt, Jwpli* (71), K 14 July. 17*4; to- 2t PMk, 
17-15. Lm-ul EUj&h K^ntf »ocl of Samtid Koit, &fid Alia Ihrieitt (See aote oa- 
Ucr JoiiAthdn (?94), 

Btitd.17 July»1747; hem. (S) 26 0ct,174S, JecumEdkeg (+3dO). 

S7fi JTJtM iSr«A</ b. 3 July, 1747. 

MC JOANNA • dfl&. of OipL Jogepli* (71), K t6 D«c, t7t7;B. «0 Oct, 1743, 
Beth Dwif^t. b. t4 May, 17ti cf Somn» Codxl, mi of Sftxnnel Dwi^* of Eo- 


3hedl3 Apr,17Tf.; bed 7 So?., 1777, 

H^v«tf i lUD of good abUiUee; eoet^Uc in huiiMce; vte f or ainy jpcut 
SlbvHlF of H&rtfant Col, Conn. 


877 ff^Ufr i)r£^UJ k 30 &q)t,1744; m. (1) 27 Dec 1770. u bis MC<ma 

wife. John AUk, of SoDWK, b. 8 Ati;., 1734; bod. 14 Xot^1774; 

riw m. (t> 3 Jan.. ITS?. Dvmdb Aanm Hortoc^ of Somsh, vbo d. 

13 Aq;.. 1^00. 
ST8 JomUm />nf Af,* b. 7 Aug., Ii4<; a. (lorad dmd in b«a>, m Enfield, 

Id Apr,. 1763. vbOe attmdiA; i^>»l tlicfe, 
379 ^^««l«W /VifU,* b^ ] Jvw, i:4t»^ 1 ion. tn Sown, 34 Oft, 177S. 
aikJwmfkDmifkt,''h.9 0et,r.hO: nu 3 KrtL. 1780, Si»aiah Uvmcv, of 

StaAnL CooA. ; m. in Ba»c> \'U and Cbaapkin. N. Y. 
t$l Jo^mA thrifkl.^ h. 1» D«c., 1T33; m. 13 Jan«, i:^3* S^ Bnituk. 
883 ftadUl Dvi^L' b, »4 Jal, 17U; m. Sccl, 1774, Quid Borba&k, k 

1749s uiSufidd; t famwr ta Somn; b« d. 3tf Dvc, 1S31 ; 4m d. 

93 Jan., 1^44, ft^ft$; bad tvrlfv dtildin. 

883 &a Z^>4I.' K 3 Apr. i:S7; m. (1) ^ Dn^. 17T7, &Cli«r Vmc, K 8 
F«b., 175S; [t) aboQt I7»7, Abifnil Eastran, of Gruby, Hul, 
b. 17«6; be na A coopct iD W<«t SpnafMd, MaaL, cad Senea; 
d. 10 Apr« 1891: «b«d. 3 Not^ nax 

884 AtiiftMS Dvif&l,^ bk 7 Apr. \7&k 
$9$ A ClkM^ U ud ^ 31 OcC 17C1. 
888 OmUU Dm^t^ b. U No*^ 1743; & (1) JL« OlHtMd, of BafliU; 

Wd. ; «l»m.(3)MUaa(CMdviKAWa&s;d.IJa}T. 


Tbe EKLLoooa IV riiz Nsw Woiux 


887 Lou Dtci^kt,'^ b. 9 Hftj, 17Gfi^ m. AM 3;1te^ uf SomexB; d Aug., IfiOZ. 

897. REBECCA • *laa- of Capl Jo^pS* (71), b. in Fort Domtn^r, BmttlcboTO, 
VL,ft Apr, K?9; m. 10 KiK, i:57, Uaj, F.lihii K*^b, in Stiflield, lJniie,1733, 
0OO of Stmucl Kent <&^ note oiider H-tdi.) 

She d. '^1 Aiiir^ 1761 : bo to. ($) 9 Nov,, 1763, Snunttt Lynun; the 11 
Feb.. 1770; hr m. (3) 2 Frb., tlU, Sybil Owi^l; d U Feb,, Iftl4, ag«a 81; 
tbe <L Julv, 1339, Aged 7€. 

He k^ ihe inn about balf a nule vtnXh of the village oi SoiBc^d, vben tlu 
vidow of Udckiah Spcncc iw. in IBTIX 

Ho wu a miQutc duo ia tbc revolotion ; ho vu ploving vhen the dotb of 
the bnttle ai LexingtoB srnTeJ in SuflleM : Mi hh inm &n t1i« Helil and iB an 
boor ▼od on the vay to Booton with a compiuiy i>f one hundred ond fourtocn men ; 
hia wma th^ finti company of rrrolutionary toldient to pncs through Sphng6old, 
UaiL Tbe muaket which he bore ooi that oocfifcioE ta a highly prised HeiTloom, 
tad ia DOT in poiaceeion of Um Enuim C. Kin;;, of Xciua, 0. 

Childrrn, h, \u> Svf^rld. 
888 Siikit Ktnt' (CafL), b, 15 IWc^ 1757; m. 1780 or '81, Elimbi'lb Pitch, of 
LcbuMn, Comx.» b. £0 Sept, 1T6L She va« a descendant of Kc*. 
Juftoc Fitch (one of the religious founders of the colony of Comi-), 
and of Unj. John Mai^Em ianv nt it* uiTit fouuih-rA)- ITi:^ vtit a 
TCvoIctioviaTy soMit^; entitled in hi* (iilhrrV company of mintitf 
men and ciarcht^ to Boston on the Lexln^^n Alarm; KTred ae 
fifcr; promoted to Serj^-; taken pritoncr at TTorw Neck and coal- 
fined in the "Old Sugar tlouw" prison in New Y.:»rk, vhervi he mif- 
fered iuU-Ditdy, He tea. in Sufficld, wliere \iv was engaged in farm- 
ing and kept a tirvt-claM hotel; d. in Sulli^'ld, 13 May, 1IJ13; she d 
28 Mnr^ 1^50, agfd J<A; hud Hve ehildn^n. 

^ huihcm Ktihgs Ktnty h. 2i Stpt.. 1V>3; m- U Oct, 1787, .\naa 
I'bclp*,b, 5 0tt. 1705; iho d. --JK Jan., l*<3tl; he d, *> Aug., 1^46; 
wan 1 fnnM-t ami miller in SutTit^M; hnd iwvrn childrrn. 

Wl JforfMA'tfnf/ b. U July. 171U; m. 1-1 Apr., 1T8»« Abigail Hak; »bc d. 
tl Apr, 18^:; : he d. 1^ Nov., ld4fi: rem. In 1&07 from Hanover, 
N. n,, to Boffield, and d. there. 

*81 UaIITJN • ion of Cflpt Jowph** (71). b, 26 May, 1731 ; dl 7 June, 1759, 
iUiiulleit, daa. of Samne^ Kent. (See note nnder Jonathan (-I-294-) 
HeilUflj, 1786. 

ChildTtn, h. in ^ufftcld. 

+SW Uoau,' K 8 Aug-. 17fifi; m. Tlinma* Pembcrtoiu 

^ MiBi^.T K 8 Nov.. IJtil. 
-f3W Jflid-ruiSj^T \^ 7 jgn^^ 17C3; m. Temperance Adams. 
+*W JotBPU,' b. 15 Mar., 17C7 ; m. Mary Norton. 

63* HtticCA,' K «l Apr,, 17e9. 

W AjDKx/b. 13 Jan.. 1771. 

<5? Suah/ h, 23 Oct, 17T*. 

W FLISUA,« aoD cf Thcmn^ (77), b. in Lebanon, Conn., %1 Mar., 1783; 


Tiis KiXLoar>8 ix rue Nbw U'obux 

Uc and hiB vriU vcrf admitted to the churcli In Lft[i««baro«eh, Ua«s.» 11 
Apr.» 1773, Four of llitir ehildrvn, ttebccca, JiHaima, Jolm tod Lticr, w«e b«p. 
tbcrc> 23 Ma>, Mice year. The only time tbat hiB luuae Appctrs ia tha town rco- 
orde of L&ikMboro^gh is "^Dea, ti, 117D. Town IMite bUotvL Th« foUoiniig 
ftcoouiita tture alltm'i^l lit Ihin mw-Ucg: To SUshIia Kcllugg (W2*[X*' 

Ut? mn. to Sbi^l7lL<lit ; ma lAxod then!, 17T3, bnng the Ont time thtt hJi 
nunc ftppc«rcd iu tbc tax Liita ^ that t^xvn. {Tbe Amemof^ booJci in S&cffietd 
«rt«iid to i7<>^ onlr.) Ho wfl« taxiM Ln thftt tovn «f«t^ yetr antil 1779. Ia 
the tai oM Uar, 1777. for tluit |mrt uf tlx? tonn of "-^bi^JtU and TaicoonftdiL 
Mountain adjoining thi-n^to," hi% tuuiM? appcort. 1*bc cam^ also app<*ar* in the 
tax YitX nf 17?^d, but the Town Clerk thLnka this an error for EUsba Kelsey, irho«a 
aame appvan ia 1700. 

+d9S Joseph,'' K 1749; m. (1) Sunnna BaU«y; {%) Hn. Elitatoh (BwUd* 
rrr) SUmt^ 
899 Eusha/ b- 1?51; it ii ntd that he vas a rcrohtiouirj toldicr, and d. in 
iho tntij^ 

+900 Ja«)k/K tl Kit, i:W; n, <1) Miriam Dcttpj; (f) Mn^ Martha (Ben- 
edict) Sac^ett; <3> Mt«, Ucrrt» (Dart) BockwvlL 
901 Mabt/ b. 10 UaT> 17(5; m. Plinv KcUogs t-1-^4}. 

+9M JicxiHA,^ b. in Stieffiold, 5 F**>., 1757; at (1) Aaa Warron; <S) 

903 ELiJAnJ b. 1760; be wa« a *oIdicr in th^ r^volntioc, and ia ttid to bare d. 
in the artay. On a roll dat^ Tioondrro^ ?5 Ki^h,, 1777, Capc 
Fitch> Co.. CoL Symond^ B«Tk«hJrv Co, It^-» In viuch he coUfted 
to ustve until 15 Mar., 1777, be &a tvported aa boiiig ai«k in camp. 
He vast a jiriTaliT in tht^ mmt* n^mml; marrhivl tn King^nnr, 
N. Y. ; utrrrd from 7 Juh to 15 Aag-, 1777 ; wae a prirate in tha 
mn« regiment 19 Sept to 19 Oct., 1777. In a dtftcnpciTs roQ ba 
b repottol in Slki^erM or Tacooic Hilla; <silut«d in Capt, Wbeder*! 
Cow, CoL Afth]^> llttjT't to MfTC nuia acMotha frovn arriral at Fiab* 
kill, whom h^arrivvd 31 May, 1773. H«Tafi13yBaraeUp5 lM>t,< 
iacbea tail, H^t complexioncd. He vaa a private im Col A^U^y^a 
R«g., Gen. Ft^ltowi' Bn^cadi*, 17 Oct., 1781. niavd by G<n. Stark. 
On an undated roU bo i> rppoiri«d d«Mwed, 
WH BnsocA,' b* ; m, JaoKa McUitcbtU. 

+M5 JoHV,^ bi S Ang^ i:«d: HL BlttabHh TkMd. 

'^$0G Ucv,^ b. 11 Sept.. 1771 ; bl Blijab WiUittoa. 

+907 9ncriit^-7b.ab9m 1771-74; m. Xa^ WaUen. 

aOl. LEMtTEL.«wooni>ama^(77).U4K<Mr^lW; BL- ^. 

lie d. : ^BL (3) Lidingtoa, wlMbad a loci Lcmod Lod- 

tn^tofi, b. ia 1759. 

+908 Tbomju,^ b. » DHL, I7A7; b- Viil Balbcr (Bigfiaa) nifar. 

VlUJAM.«««oof Epbniv«<80,Kabaat 1741: m. BatbriMla CatL^y. 
He d. In FerrijibnrT, Vl. !i May. 18Qt: fthe iL abvtit ISIO. 


IK Ti£K Kkw Would. 


Rtk. in Hutfi^, UtMi^ wbcrw Uu? oldor cliiHrcii vera K ; rem., afU>r 1778, to 
RatlADd, Vt-» vli^fc he enlUkd in Second Coiuuxtic^t tlq;., ft Dec, 1780.* 

He tjouj;hf land in Kutluid, (> An;., i784> William KcUo^, of FtfrUburg^ 
nU Und in RuUatu), 13 Juhv 1790. 

HO William,^ b. in Hutfii^ld, 4 Jiint, 1T68; d, b VbatcLy* Uu«.. Uflr,, 1774. 
4-910 J06IAiiJb. inilAtfictd. 7 Aug,, 1770; m. (1> ClitriiMa Alford; (%) 51iimb 

.+9U SOLOUOIV 7 b, 1773 : m. Vwhti HoLbe- 

112 Wfi-UAM,^ K in RtitUnii, Vl., 2 Dik^ 1779; m. Bfimli Cduhiiik 
M-9t3 Ltdu,^ bu ID ButUivl. 16 Joo^ i;»4 ; m. Sftmucl Uo^. 

8£5. JOSEPH.* too of Edntd* (d3),b. 13 Aii;-> 173^; m, in Bomb, Cooa.. 
31 M*T, 1759, Mary Ctiftbman, b, ^ Sept., 1740, dsu. o( Thomu Cushman, of 
LefattiicD. Conn., ami Ntnry lljirvtj. 

Sbe <L U> Mar,. IHtS, ogeA 88; he d. W Scf)t, ISSS, df:ed 90; tt^y Urcd to- 
g«1ber iwarly aev^ctj y^ara. 

H« waji in Geo. Wolfe'i nnny vbcn it captured Qu<^^^ 

Thf firet ««v«ii childmi vr^rv bap. io Gothen I^ri^, Lebanon, wbt^ro liia vif« 
ackuowkfl^ Uitf cot ofutut, 19 Apr., 17A1. He rem. in 1780 to Henmagt^Tu Vi ; 
thtacK to CafftlcloQ. Wcjbtidge and PitUford; ibonco, with hia ^f>rt Jo«eph, to 
Hvnderfton, X. Y., in 1818. 

+914 AMOS/b. 7 JtUy, 1760; m. LiicwUa Harwood. 
laxAc,' b. 9 Apr., 17C3 ; m. 

Uakt,^ b. 8 May. 17t!5 ; prohaWy tt youTig. 
JoaEFJi/ b. 5 Apn, 1707 ; m, PamcHa Diinham, b — 
Duniuun, a Qaaker, of Caiu&i^ Conn, ; r». 

—, dau. of Jamca 
in Wcybridge, Vt, 
Toa bari4.>d on hit 


179ft; d in H?n<!*reon, N. Y., ahoui 18M; 

bnn; bad du cUUdr^Op 

Cn^LEa CcshMak/ b. £1 Auj;., 176g. 

firr/k 22 Jak, 1770, 

E^WABB,'' b. U Kor., 1771; ro. Soaaonoh Ocrry. 

Eujia7 bL ? Mar, 1775; ro, (1> Rachel Prrfenburg; (3) Deborah 

PottY,Tt,^ july^lT^e^ 

Tea/ b. 32 Feb , mfl, 
+9:e4 Lccy/ b- 23 Mar. 1780; m. Thomaa Sanlord, 
+92^ FftKDiuucx CwniWAx/ b. IS Nov., 1781 ; m. Btisey Jjtvlt. 

«7. I'HESEBVED* wn of Edirard^ [83)» b. in Lebanon, Coiul, 2Ji 0<^f 
174i; tu. ltti:-y Paloirr, b. iu Conm^tcul. 

flbc fL 1 Mar., 1^13; he d. Nov,, 1S35» as^M 93, m Cifitlctoc, Vt-, whrro 
both am buh«d, 

Urm. from Concecticiat to Bennington, VL, about 177^ ; from Bennington 
to CiatktDO. about 1785, 

'Judc* F'llnL^k K'^ltcsx- i^f CwnTrjiR. Conn- hiu ibc muitcr ron of Ccn, ^*itVii ^f 
la iihldi Wiilwis i« 4«4vtiwai tt«igit, 5 f««t. 6 in<4i««i hair brovn^ oonipl»xii>a dark. At 
tlM AftOT ti»* hit (iiMrtp. Jciu«b, Bgcd 10. «iillvtBd 01 HfoTp and 8i>loraon. «a*<I 7, a* 


TnK Erllooos ix Ttts New Worlol 

lie wiu ■ buldicT. He W4f blind for many vcArs before bt» death. 

lie iscrrorl in CcL Woofl'6 B&^. of Vormoat MiLitia, in revot^tioiury vat. 

In hi» itpplicHtimj tut firuvlou, it i» icUtiid tlinl bcr wcut Uini in LebaoOfW 
Coniu ; nHL in Bcnninfrtcn in titnc of rcvolxitionarr vrnr, ond four or fire jcttn 
tb«mftor; Uum in Cnstlptoti ; enliHted under Capt BbeneteT Wanl, ttifl v-mt to 
Hubbftnlitoii in 1TT7, but did iwt arrive until After llie battle, Wa« «oon &ft«r 
It the bnltltr of Bconingtcin, 16 Aug., 17T7; vw in other lerriccf u giiar<t at 
Uaiuhnftrr uul OastldciDf \'u 


+ne SaXTO)?/ U 25 Uar., 17G9 ; m, Saiah Fulkr. 
+nT Skvhu^v* U ^fi Mar., 177G; nu Sarah Hunt 
•t-&S8 Sinni,KY * b. IQ Jiaue, 1777; m. £liabab Craaddl 

919 JAro]i,^b. ; liring m Cua1(4on, lfi03. 

-f-930 KliauaJ b. 15 Jan,, 1780; nu Ljdia Dikemaa. 

931 DAnoJ b. . 

93) UftuT b. ; IQ. n SopL, IW»0, Aaroa Foi. 

933 Jbmiua,^ K ; tti. QniBi. 

934 Lcniou,^ bi ; m. TyrriL 

9i5 l->THi«»b. ; m. KcndalL 

3S8. KTJJAH.^ «nD of Edward" (63), b. ]7ftl - m. TrjpbpiiU WestOTcr, h. 1753, 
dau. of NatkAUkl Wrttotvr. 

8bo d, V9 Mar, ]S1\ aj^nl 62; bi^ d, 14 FvK 1S19, a^ 68. 

Ho na. in Sheffield; ie said to have gone t4» Sborchatn, Vt« in 1760, vith 
tvrir« or fourMo othan* amoni^ vbom v«n Co). l>oolitUp and Paul Uoor^ Ha 
ntanwd to SbeAdd and liml tbrrr until aflt^ thr rvratntMnMry var; afUrward 
TVtlJlied to ShoithaiD. vrhcrt^ be (L He va^ a (oUluc in tb^ rvTotutioaanr war; 
iarrad at varion* timen in 17tT, *7d and '91. H« waa oD« of Ethan Allm*s P^^ty 
vhm Fort Ticoodrrc^'a wa^ captarod. Tbe Veraoot Gaaetle, voi I. p, 94, sajra 
that ELiaii Krllofo;* of Sborehan^ waa th« firrt, aftor .Ukn and Anold, to mtcr 
ihf fort (RliaiiBprafaabljrancfTorfor KUjah.) Dnris^thf var be natatai 
pnMSktf and contfned three montha in Fort Tkon^enfa, froan whkh be ceeaped 
with tro um iMiii«d Halt 

CkMrm, fint Um h. m SkefiM: pikm v ^endkaau 

936 M&MT ([\>u,t)/ b 11 Oct, 1T76; rl TWai^l Krilugg (+ltM)> 
4^3? STLTOKBU^ki&SbffAeJd. Ua»k.?6JaiL, 17S0; m. S(^^ Crawford. 

938 Su7 b. ; b* wnt to Boatoda a&d was ot ^rwer in the er«ctiaa df. 

the Stair priaon in (liaricitovn; vaa arrcfaJ jtu* cwntniiMty 
tbat pri^m; vent toXpwOrU«&HaBd vaa aogi^vd in ohippiD^ 
to ^ain, Tbe foUovin^ ootjci^ of btf dnUh i^ppK^nd tn t^ 
nM!tk«tCoafant,lSD*c,l«n: ''l^Md in U'aahn^rtn Ca, 
ttppi Tnritor? on the ISih uf Oct, hue, Ur. ffK X^iUn- 
foeae part of Nev ^^t^**^ He w va^ 
laawilrf by Ukaw vbo ^n«w hist HU dnth wi 
■etifOCttM, caa j^ ta a «f*vt« itona to vluch he 
fctiMT vith a fall tram Ua hoTM, at tW tiJM, vfakb «««wM hist 
ntaraallT. He aar^imd ihs» fall b«t a lev d^p. Ba «w ii 

wfth awT aaifc af w^«A ty tea mlRm fnoA. Tm 

ttew hmAn4 dolkra. it a anna^ aanr b« eaOacaad lor hia balrx 

The Keluhmw is thk Nkit ^orld. 


from the property h« has left In that Territory, which vaa left \n 
on uiMttled «Ute. Tfc« Above infomfttioa yran rocvivcd hj th« vub* 
■cribfT in a letter from John Culk*r, Kt^., Chief Justice of W&sh- 
mgton Coanty (UiHiMLppi Terriloij), to be comiauzucated to 
dw fiieDda of Kr Kdlo^ and vho bcioi; nnkBowo to mc^. thie 
method It adopted to curver ia Uuin the melaneholy intj^ltiftiTicc.'' 

"Chariwton. November 29, Iftll." 

*ddd DAxniL Newton/ U 4 May. 1785; m. Sarah Newton; (2) Sarah 

940 fiiTCRcTU,' h. ; m. Philtp T^ntniLnl; ntm. to Ohio; had twu dauM. 

+HI HruuH^ h. 1791; m. Scyrooiar Woloott 

S33. 8AKAH,« ^il ol Samiid* (S4), k in HaHforf, VI Nov., nit; m. U 
Aug., 1732, MoiCTi Perk, b. Apr., 1703, wit of Bnmupl Tcck aitd Abigail CollW. 

fie d. 3^ Dec., 1759 ; she 4 12 Jim«, 1770. 

Bet. til KnulngioD. Cmui. 

Sl-iS Kkoda Ftek? b. 15 Dt^^ 1733 ; d. 18 Apr., 1734- 

94S R^tKfo PiYi:,^ (twin of abov^ Rbo<U) ; m. TUiibcn Cbrk. 

944 yaiif«i'eci,'b.34 June, 1T3£; m. RoMnna ; ^.1610. 

SI45 OKwP«JtJb. 13 Mar-, 1737} m. Palit^coi- Clark; d. 4 Nov., 1810, 
»40 ^tfmA PfcA/ b. 1 1 Apr., 1741 ; m Tiiin^Uiv Clark, 
HT AM F9Gk? U fi May» 1743; nu 17Gd, Ucborab Ourtif. 

'^. SARAH • dan- of John* (87), b. 30 Oct, 1719; in. 1738, John Belden- 

W% S9f^ BMm? h 2 Apr,, 1731), 

949 Join fffficj^ BeldmJ' k 17 Mny, 1740; m. 18 Sept, 1769, Mercy Web- 
rtcr, b. 8 Not.. 1740 4»i«tcT of Koah Webster, LL. D.), dau. of 
NoAh WflietCT', of Hartford^ Cone., &nd Marcy St^e ; r^a. in Hart- 
iat%\t Conn, 

M7. SAWUKL^ BCD of Capt I«oc» (68), b. in New Hartford, 15 Nov,, 1718; 
m. 6 Jttlj, 1741, Mary Stool^^ of N«w Haveo, Conn., dau, of Ehencier atrph" iiai3 
Bvdanittb Uemll. 

Hrd, 1770 in Poaltmy, Vl.; *h^ a. 13 Apr.. 1813, a^Dt. 
Ilr wEt9 a I'IrjIhirr; a man of piitilic i^fpjrit, niid of toTdt* noii* w Knf]p]il, nArt* 
ff^rd and Doaht'n, Conn., to which lfltl4^ place he mn< in 1769. Thr<rc of hin ttons, 
EhvoeciT. Liwerctt aod Helmont. t^m^ in the revolutionary army. Abmit thp 
ir 1796 nhc and bcr dau., ltbi:>da, riHitcd Rath in New Ilaitford, N< Y. (tbcD 
Whito<to«ii)» an^ i»«de tho jonmcy on hor»bick. 

OkU<Sr^H, aU imi two b. in Enfield^ 
MO RuTllJ U 20 Mar. 1742; d 3 Sept., l:^S. 
H-^ai BhodaJ b, 24 Feb-, 1744; n. Timothy CBdwell. 

■MaJ7 BbMla otu flftS im dMomt from Gov, BndforJ. of PtjvmMatb. b«|qt fiaB^ 

liar ot J«ba HtHl* aod MAlatlab Brftdford- Shu vu fmirUi m di»<>pnt tivm Hoa. 

8f«l>^ who vu* '>CTit to |fi7Vfni IV roloBi«a of Conaitriloiit,'* and ram* to Harifixrd 


Tits KsLiooofi IS TOE Nev WOfitD. 






Ruth/ b. 13 Feb., 1717; id. HcsdcLah Scyiconr. 

Samukl/ b. 3 Fob., K4«; d. about HAL 

EBEPTfiJtEit,' b. Stpt, 1751 ; m. MuUitr BisftaU, 

L^KBErr,^ b. 2^ Junt;^ 175^; d. in nvohitionarjr armj* in 1776, in Ticoti- 

di^riign ; wuh aijjturrd iind !■ tnid in bnvr HUnrcd to d^dh in priMiui ; 

•onx>d tn Capt' John Sedgwick's Co. ; iuiiq. 
Samchl/ b. 20 Julf, 1755; m. (1> Sarah Hogen; (S) lira Katb 

(R(i^i») Pirrce. 
AtfAPiu^ b, 20 Aug., 1757; d, about 17»0> unm- 
BRAiiroKD/ b. S4 Mar,, 1759; ra. Marj' ThompfiOiL 
Rachel/ b. 1 May, 1760. in New Hartford. Coon. 
IlvLUOSfr/ b. 17 Mnr.f 1^62^ in Now Hartford; m. Sufannoli Uoor«. 

348. ABRAHAM.OK^nof C&pt Imac^^ (88), b. in Hartford, 17 Jaa., 1720; ol 
in N<'W Hartfcirii, Ci»iin,, 17 Junt, 1747, SAnb Mareh, Kap. 'ZH June, 1724, dau. of| 
Jon;ktbiui Mar«Jik of llurtford; ahi: vra4 huLf'»ii(tcr of Jomulhan Murali, who UL, 
Abrahnm'H mtvr, Thuodoeia (350). 

SLv d, 1791?, aged about 72; he d. 13 Jan., IflOIV, 

Ho ri?*. in New HaKford, 

CharU'ii Kmi«*r Ki^llngf wmb- in 1859: "I wrll mpollrct iiij ^rmndlftther 
Abrabam ; in pi:r«on b« wo^ about C fctrt, 8 or 9 inchcrs hi^h ; orcot, iritk a baa^^ 
appetraDcc and quick in gesturo, Tbo last time 1 utw him Tfta about 179S or '97.'* 

Rcr. Frvdt^ncL Mamb vroto in 1350: '^1 nrmciubcr huu iAhnh^ot) trell, a, 
vcncTttblfl old man, chwTful, pious and np^^ic-abltt. Ho d. Sunday, 12 o'clock. 
Town Hill about om^third of a mile S. of Mwling-bouse-" 

+$^l EsTiiKu/ U 94 Mnr^ 1743; m. Judge Aaron Anrtin. 

+968 Abbxuau/ b. £7 JaiL, i7A0; cl (1) Sarah Sejicoitr; (S) Hr<i 

(Cowl«) yemll 

+963 SoLOMOir/ b. 10 Ucc., 1751; m. Rutb K>^loju; (1^I>)- 

+964 Mo«K47 K 23 Fob., 1754; n. <1) Ithc»3a Kdlogg (430); <t) Mabri 


+965 Elias/ b. at3 Fcb<, L754; m< (1) Matj Mcirill; [^) BetMj Dorr. 

4-9Sfl PniN'Tt^jK 7 Junr, 175fl; m, (1) OU^p Pnwri (2) Ruth ^. 

+9f>7 MiiiriK/ b. 16 Jttly^ 1768; m. Lucy Seymour, 

+96S Pbbi»hrick W}iB&Tt:(c7 b. :^1 Jan., ]7f>]; m, Margaret Moor« (1033). 

+969 SAaAtt,^ b. 3 June, 1763 ; ni. Gttn. Mnrtin Smith. 

+970 TituUAK,'' b. 6 J&a., KCf^; m. HannAti Mcrrilt 

+971 EuXABBTH,' b. 17 June, 1768; m. Ji»iah lUbL^-h. 

S49, MAliV daa of Cflpt. laaac"* (68), b. 12 Mar, 17i3; m. John Blrge, 
S5 Apr., n£3, Mn of Jc^romiab Birfft, of Vr'irdM>r, Codd., K 22 8«pt., 16d&> 
Marv Griawold. 

Hn d. S3 Fvb,, 1776, agc^ 53 ; »h*> d. IC Mar., 1817, a^^ 94. 

Ue lived on th« farm now occtipicd by hii graadMOr Bc«wcll BiT|:c, in To^ 
ringtoB, Conn. 

Sbff in nainnbunHl iut tall and hlij^lt iu funu vith blue or gtny eye^ 
WHS totally blind for «cvcnl ycara bcforv bcr death. (Torrinftford woa aottkd i] 
1737, bj a colony fron VitidAor, Conn.) 

TfrK Kri.LO0G« iv ths Nbv WoMLa 


972 ir^ryfiir^e/b. 310<rt.]r63; m. Silu Wliito, fk joiner of Ntw H^irtford; 

<L jibout 1800; hftd four «onA. 
d?3 /oAa Bir^t? b. 15 Uar., 1754^ m. Lydlft lloplciiu, of CftiUAD, Conn.; 

liTid in Tomngf Of d i d 36 Apr.. 1834; (he d. i» Sept.. I8SH, agod 

fl3;bL-w»A4r»^o1i:timiarvar>lE)kT; wauin th4Tlittlt1i-of Lhi^CowperuL 
9T<I t$9e€ Bifttf7 h. About 17^5; a nkute; d. S$ Feb., ir8<l, a^ 39. 
97A 5iiii«>0f« Hir^e.'' b. $6 Dec-, X7^i(; m. Oct, lTd3> Kxpencnc^ Hamlin, of 

Mid^lMoMii, Coitii.; ntc on Uii- ulil liomebtead inTorriugford; be 

d. 8 Jan., )851, iijEcd 97; $}tc d. 16 Mar., 11^11, AfcM 8^; had two 

&76 <iitpw BirgeJ K ; m, Joha ElawortK a farmer of Tcrriogfotd ; d. 

16 Dm., iaS8,4g«d61; bitt eight children; bom. (Z) ,Aitd 

rr-m. to Hudwn, 0. 
977 BBtmil BifSt7 b. 

eorvod i& rcrvoloti^nary army; d. 1777| 

MO. TIIE0IK>C1A.*' dAu- of Capt I«ac« (86). b. in Hartford, 7 June, 17J4- 
35; m. in Ncir HBTtford, 4 Apr., 1745, JonnUinit Mnrah. bap. 1 May, 1715, ^n 
of Jonnthan Mnrsh; ehcd. 6 Msr, 179,1 ; he tl, 13 Jiirr.. 1»0?, ngr^d 87. 

TlieT are Lun«d in eoutbcaat part of bur^in^; ^rrojcd in Now Hftrtford. 

Hfl wm* A fjirinvr tnd curpi-nter. H*-t chit-f tmplovmt^nt for msTiy jears waa 
WMTiAg; tbc7 ItTcd in p«trlftrcbai nrnplicity during $\xtj ycara of numcd ljfe> 

978 rAw^M»aifai-«;k,^k 13 July, m?; m. about 1737, John Gilbert; r«e. in 
thie northern part of Now Hart.forrl. Thr pn-scTit hrit'k mi^liitg- 
houe stonds on wbat wae tbt north end of his gardon. In 1793 

ht rem. to Hvrkim^r Co., N, Y,, whcm he d, ; she ra. (3) 

1796, Capt Coolt, and for many ycfir* titi^ in Sullivftn, lrI«diftoii 
Co-r >«. V. AfUT death <1 hoT sdcond husband she lived with one 
of hor «onji in CaiL'UovLt, K. y>, whfre ahc* d in the winter of IM'^i?, 

97> J?«tik jtf(tr»%,^ V 14 J11I7, 1749 ; d nnni. 7 Mar, 1813 ; buried in N«v 

980 WToc J/fl«A,' b. 15 N'or., 17B1 ; m. Elijah Floww, eon of Elijah Flo»«r, 
of N«iif Hartfrircl; h^ wh» Hjjpt in n'^olutionurj iirmj; nhp d. in 
WhilMloira, Oneida Co,, N. Y.. Apr., 1(113. 

9S1 Mary Mctth? b. V2 July. 1754; m. about 1770, Elijah Seymour; ho d. 
180fl ; aftT his rlmlh shi- p-k. wilb licr yo^jjgput mi\ M flii*, mid with 
her dan^ Mrs. Kdvardi^ on the cavt fiHc of Skanr4tel<« I^aIcc, N. Y.» 
one mile Boulh of it? otiJM ; she d. 3^ June, 1^3fl, aged about 8fi- 

M2 JoA<iMa/t Jlfar^/ b. 1 Mar.. 1757 ; m. DaniariH T^tkin; (L 27 Jan,, 1838, 
aged about %\ \ b«» wil» mi'mU-T of ConKtitutional Convention of 
1818; farmer in New nnrtffird; fatJicr of Rct. Fredrick Mareh, 
of WincbeeteTt to who^ notes tiie author ie indebted for much ma- 
tj-riai rHatiug to th*- deaenndanU of IwiLe Kdlogjr- 

983 81itab*lh Jtfcraft.^ b, 13 Oct. 1759; m. Ilogcr Sheldon, b. in Windior, 
Cozul; d. S6 Sept., 184&, Hnron, X. T., ag^ about »4>; he was a 
borne carpunter Ui Nt*w IlaKfurO luitil 1S09. 

110 T&z Kellooqb tsr thz Nbvt Woald. 

»S4 JrJ^«J.Vm^,''L llJulj, 17fi3; m. Abigiil W&rd; d. in New HvtfcHd, 

19 Not-. 1815, 
9S5 CsmCAia MorthJ b. 13 Afr, 1765; id. Etifns Xorthinix; tL tt Itfaftca, 

N. v., 3 Mftr., 1840 ; rch in New Hartford for a iUoc, uid Ticntoii, 

»86 ^it^frr J/orfJh * b. Id Au^., I76S; d. 1ft Aug., 1789. 

351. TSAAC.^ «oa of Cipi Imc^ (88), b. n UftTtfonl, 8 Oct, 1797; m. 2S 
Jmcl, 1748, M^rttu HonilU b. S4 Jul, 17:S7-fi6, dui. of Jduthftn MomU udn 

He d. about ISOa 

At the Rntt town ni««iing hrM in Winrifd (WiniC^tatbrr), Coctn., Txon Kol- 
logg. Jo«Uh Stxiitli wd John Balcom were cbcwD "oiranuttee mea" His fathATi 
Capt leuujr waa one of the cnglaal proprietor* of Wisited, although he n^ver 
liTcd Uicrc. It i> probable that hi? g;kv« bia son Inuic the Und in WioAicd, for 
wluch ivafton tho lattctr rom< there a little later than l'Jb-%, aa the birth of Paaiai 
U recorded in Ni^ Hartford- 

Re rca. in New Hartford, in a small hooae a few rods cflat of lue brotbcTj 
Noah. R<>nutorarisOt^cidaCo., X. V. Bie will, dat«d S^ Ai^, 1800, meotioitf 
hia wife, Martha, aons Daniel aod Gleaxer. 

+9S7 ELiuaaa/ b_ 10 Apr,, 1749; m. Eath^ Fuller. 

988 Mastiu,' b- 19 Sept. 1751. 

989 Mabt,' b. 17 Jan., 1751; ± S3 Jan., 1751. 

$90 MAaY,' U. 9 M»j, 175rt; prnbublv m. f8 No*., 177^ Dft»id Bwtler. 
+991 DaiiiKL,' b. 5 Apr., 1765; IQ. Abi^il Crow, 
+992 R*chkl/ b- 1 Hay, 1760; m. PrtMrred Criaaej. 

993 MftLA,^ b. le Prb., 17S3. 

991 SiT«A.^>fAii,T b. S5 l>ce., 1765; del JoDathaii I>aahasu 

35«. CAPT. NOAH « «m of Capt laaat* (8S), h. 13 Dot, 1729; bl 18 Nor. 
1754, CkEOcrtce Merrill, b. 12 Sept., 1734, dau. of Joseph HmilL 

He i ; 6h« d. about 1819. 

He waa a duacoo in the chur;^ in New Hartford ; Capt. in the revolotionarj 

+995 NoAn/K8 May, 1756; tn. <1) Dvborah Knovlt^n; (?) Lacy Crov. 

+996 Clbvkkcs.^ b. 18 Feb., 1758; m. Matbiaa lludMirt 

+997 3isbhJ' K S5 S«pL, 1759; m. (1) dun&na Griawold; [Z) Urs. \Urf 
(AubkII) Pariih. 

+998 SaBAHp^ b. 98 Sept.* 17^1; m. Darnel W, Saadcforth. 

+999 HtruuH Latixa/ b. 13 Sept, 1763; m Samuel Nariaa. 
+1O0O HtBUu7 h 6 Sept., 17ti5; m. Noah Seymour. 
+1001 JtyKSSA,'' b. U Jan., 17«8; m. VTillUni HiraU. 
+1IHW MicHAEi,,' U 4 Mar,, 1770; m, Sarah flillett 
+1003 CLkBlsBA? b. 19 May, 1777; m. (l> W. F. \Vhedcr; (J) Pftck- 

353. JOSEPH* xm of CapL luac* (S8), b. 14 Oct, 1731; m. Ksther Porter, 
of Farminfton, Cowl 

TjtK Kklloogs in tuk Nkw W<»u». 


Roi, ia New B&rtford, Coqc ; he soM Und iq Ncv Hartford, ft Sept. 1755. 

lOOl AZCBAH,^ b. IS Aug^ 1751. 
a005 BBN^iUlN."' bap- 3 Mb^ 1''5G- 

1006 Joftipn/ bap, 11 Nov, 1769, 

1007 EiH^HER. {op Hrstek), bftfL 9 Jan., 1763; m. ^ May, 1784, Avofis 


1008 MjiMAiLcr^T Up. 10 F«b., 17(fi. 

3H. ASirBEL«ftouof CapL Ibhw* <8S), K Ifi Oc!UlT32; m. (1) ui Xeif 
Hartford. Ccan., 5 Apr, llS\>j Sarah i^Mimid, b. 5 Jonc, l'>39, dau, of Doacon 
laravl Loomia; *li« d, 22 Jiinp, \7t\&; gnvofltODue in N<^ Hartford ; h^ m. ($) 
l7Julj,176S. in KewHarUord.Ljdia Steele; «fce d. «G Not., 1771*, aged 31; he 
OL (3) t*} Svfit, 17S0, Lucy Cotton, b. 9 Stfpt, 1747, in Middtetovn, Conn., dan. 
of Williwn Cottom, b. 1ft EWpL, 1720, ant! Ri^bwrn Warn, 

He d. 7 Feb., IdOG ; th<s d. 30 Oct., 1817, io Claridon, 0., ajx^ 1€0. 

He lived In New Hartford. Conn., half a mile norlhwBst of HiT«riuft DouglaA 
farm, where ODce >tood an old crintiniU. 

Children by firti un/«. 
1009 AniOAiL,^ b. 16 Mar, ITGO; oi- Kliai llopkina. 
+1010 Hast Amv,^ U 9 Oct, 17«t: m. Joaiah Oaybrd. 
+1011 Aahbsl,^ bw 18 OcL, 1769 ; m. Uariiu Baeon Wud 

1012 S*hah/ b 19 Mav, 1767; d 5 Oct., 1776. 

+1013 LiDia'b. 19 Dec, 1768; bl Smittu 

H-lOU ElUjui/ U 19 Jnly, 1770; n. (1) Peboiah Ward; (3) Hra, Zodio 

+1015 LcoT,^ b. £« Feb., 1773 ; m. Silas Donglaa. 

1016 Chlob.^ b. 16 Mar., 1774; d. 5 S^t, 1776. 
+1017 Samct,' b, S Apr., 1773; m. Gamaliel l/iofma. 

+1018 finoDOicic,* b. U Ucc, 1777; m. (1) Sabm Clark; (3) Uary 1^0^^ 

1019 WiixiJac CcrrroyJ V ; d. 17 Aug., 1785, 

+1020 A*AHSt,* b, 13 Supt., 1733 ; ro. Amanda Spincur. 
+1021 CcTTO^/ b. 18 Aufr, 1785 i m, Kliinhtth Moact, 
+10«« SanAH' b. 21 Fob.. 1788; m, Elidia Strong. 
+10$3 AHAjnu * L 8 Sept, 1790; m. Unra CowIm. 

3181 SARAH • dau. of Capt Iwac* (88), b. 16 Feb.. 173^; m. atont 1752. 
WOliam Mcmlif b. about 1732, «ldert «on of Jonathan Merrill, h. about 1S98. 
Sbu d. about 1801; be d. about 19aa. 

lilted oo tbe lAOuntaifi one and one-half milt^ aouthvf^t of the meeting' 
booH* of VTeat SlmAnry (now Canton), Conn. ; he was a farmer, in Canton, to 
whkJi place liia faiher rera. in 1739-40. 

10^ Sarah Merriti,^ b. about 1752 : m. OliTer Bron»on, 
1035 Bliisb^ Vem'l/.* b* 17U; m. Aaahel Benham; d* about 1738. 


The KsuLoaoi is thk Xew Wobul 

lOM J»c<r« JJffraf * h. 1T5T ; m. Plifiv Com; d- 17&S, 

low Z)iin«l«*rri//Tb. 1759; m. DkiUm MLlls;d I8t5. 

lOSH Willufli irmia^T b. 1761; m, (IJ KUab^^ Wilcox; (») Tbcto Bnwn; 

d. 1S»0. 
10» Sibil Mtrtiti7 b. 17^3; m. Am Cow1««. 
lOTO ifiirfflr^F Mfrhn:^ K 1765; m. WUIiam 3ob«Tta. 
1031 Itwu MrrriU/ K 1767; iti. Kliabrtb Sr^mour; d. 1846. 
low C(m4m 3f*m/;/ b. 1771; nu BaW Wiilcy. 

•M MAIlQAnrr.** dau. of Cvpt IfMc" (88), b. in New HutfoTd. Conn., U 
Jmb, 1737 i n. JtMcpt Uoore, of Fittsfidd, Uws. 


1033 Marf^rtt Jfoor«/ b. 13 Jnly* 17^; m- FndericL WiJMter EdlocS 


SB7. ANN • dUL of O^px. Tn«c> (88), b. in Nev Hutlord. Cctm., 2 Aa«,, 
1739 : in. Rogvr Crow, of X«« tlArtford. 

ilr vma ah ocxyntric mta. of Tor7 linutod AttnA. 

Sh« vta an cxictH^nt vonum; wta beUrod br all; Ubored ndcT grtnt d>»- 
AdvaBU^Cv* in brin^iii]^ up hvr chitdrai. and in oUmtt re^wrla. Bht lirrd Co bft 
old and d. in Inr tutm plaosb 

lOM JiuM cy»v.^ h. . 

1034 JfoMlMtf Crov.f b. t\ Uar-, 1788; ». G«orfc Flowr, of New Dntfanm, 

N. Y^LSftApr.ncO; b«»a. 8 Jan, 18S7; *b<- d. M Jiilj, 11138; 

had ten childrtiL 
1008 Shmhm^i Cr^my h. 

1087 JSCy Cfw * h. . 

1038 a«aM Cn^,^ k . 

1038 Jitff^ni Cf^y K ■ ; d. jmn^ 

WOfctfarCVw^^K ■; d. ronas. 

tm. HrLI>AlI*dau.arC^pLlMac^(88).k»Mar.l713; m.Ji 
kaK^Uf^ttiNcv Uartfoni,C«tt^l8IH^i:40»Ha«f Sam«l 
3W d. In Bndcmtrr, N, T^ 31 A^;-, IStt^^adiT; bid. in 

t^ n& t» DiiElMtt On, K. T^ IT8S» and la Bii^iialai.Onrida Ctti. 
\m. B« vn» a &nMv- 



r.N. Y.; d.8)lar^ISa»^odnL 
*kUA^^lT44; m 
; d. C Jul. ISVT. 

J«^ ISm «ti 8» T«U9 oftJ M Mvte, 
1844 r^»— r»l^.^M7r7; nLlAGM;,kn 
d.H An^tlM; ^atl ISSbr^ 1M8; fed 




340. DEACON TIUOTUY.* •oa of Lit-tit. Jiic6b^ (89>, b. in Hutford, Conn., 
tA NcjT,, 172A iir '£it; ni. Kt^iih Jnn^ K f^ Apr., 17^^, dun. of JdRiah Jonns of 
Wtkrtown, Mm*-. K 1701* and Ann Brown, b. 54 Dec., irO-L 

He i 17 Sept.^ 1797, a|!C<i 71; grtvettcixe U standing in the cem^tvry bo- 
twttn BfadMd cod Bgrcxnoot. 

The fint cbtncb of Ej^remont vtc oriCAHiwd SO Feb,, 1770. la ths fotlow- 
in^ Jan. U« and Ephraim Pik'h «*■]« c^om-o ileacunrL 

Ho ree. in the cattcm part of Ejnxmont ; van c^liofcn one of the aclcctmcn of 
EgivnoDt at it« 6ntt meeting ; r«pr»Mntod Egnmont in iha Congntt of Depudw 
tD BfoclbrI<!^if. MuBk, G Julv, 1714; a'aa comuue^oui'd lieutenant kn the Berk- 
fthirt? Co. UUiba m ('apt. Jcba Aahlcyt Co., Col. Wilimm WilUuma' Itvg., JaiL, 
17M; Ckptof ihrEgivmontCa, CoU John Arfilpy'* Rtg., July, 1771- 


1048 A9»a7 b. r^ Jan,^ l?at: m. Simeon Willard; had ten chlldroL 

I0« I«a«l/ b. 30 Apr., 17,1^; tl Ifl Sept., 1757. 

H*60 Mary/ h. n Sot., 1765; d- 1 Sept, 1757. 

+1^61 TiMOTHV/b. 23 Aug..l757; lo, (1> 

Mn. Elranor (Looxnia) Colo. 

lOM lfi«Y,»b. II Feb., 17fl9: 4 nmn. . 

+10Aa OztAs/ b. 17 Dec.. ITftD; m. Inabel Williams 
-f lOM TueMAV,' b. 95 Oct, 17IH ; m. Abi IJirjcbam. 
4-1055 Ouvxa,^ b- IS Aug., 1767; m. Abigail Benjamin. 
+105G JoflJAH JOXBS,* b. «5 July, 37tl5 ; ni. Polly Ta.^loi, 
H-1057 EiuBTce/ bap. S JnJy, 1770; m. (1) DoLlv Dcming; (S) Un. Rhoda 
(Tttllpr) Van Dpnspn. 

lots CitloeJ b. ; m. Ebenezer Smith; d aged 19. 

lOfiS James/ b. — ■ - 

(2> Eunice Covka; (3) 

Ml. EMZABI-rrH,* dan, of Lieut Jacob* (89), b. 28 Au^., 1727; m. € Nor-, 
1746, Jo^ph Hin«calc, of Canaatt, ConiL 


D60 JowpA Qinidch? b. 14 Sept, 1747, 
D61 L^ia IliwiaU,^ b. TJ Mar.. I74». 
MS ifary ^iit^jfr/ K 12 M«r., 1749. 
D63 i/w« BinsdcUy K ?S Maj. 17M. 
0e4 JrK.-ai»ffA Hintd-jh;^ b. 15 Dfc., 17M. 
W5 /.t»^y UiiXAd^i,,'' h. S Aujj:,, 1759. 
Dee Acrt^n Uintd^lu^ b, 5S Mar.* 1751, 
067 Jotab Hi^sdalt^ b. 23 Mar., 176& 
ifWB aA># Bit^^Mc? b. 17 Dec., 17€9. 

363. LYmA « dan, of Liwt JflPol»» (SH), b.a2 J«ly,17S9; m, (1) 1 Dw.,1748, 
CapL IHmothy Bc^iDOttr, of W«at ELoitfoTd, Conn., b. 1 Feb., 17S8, aon of Rneign 
Tiniotbf 9c!^onr, b. in Hnitforcl, ?T June, 1696, and Ha:.-hH .^llf^vn, b, 20 Aug., 

He iL 1784; ehc m. («) Matthcxr Oark, of Fannington, b. 19 Diss., 1719, 
-rho had prcriou^ljnt- Sarah Merrill; hod. 1 Nov., 1792;Khciii, (3) Srpt> 1^04, 


Tux KlOLOOM IS TU6 N£1T \rour. 

Gapt Archibald McNcU, of LitdUidd, Co&n., m»q of Aicfaibatd M^til uul Sarah 

Sb« d. G Kov^ ldl<». aged 81 ^ be d, 31 JtiL, 1813. 

1069 TVmofAy iStfymour' (Co^.), btp. 7 May. 1T4<J; m. in Wc^ HaHford. 
irtS (pub- Julj B), Aliiffdi Skinmrr, of W*<rt HartftJftl, Oail of 
Timotbjr 8kin]i«r and Both Coltoo; d* in VTevt Hartford, 6 Apr-, 
laiB; iti«d.STUa7r^l6l9.A^6$; had c-i«!it rtiiklrviL 

lOrO Norman ^«yiwrur/ Up. 10 IW., 175?; iiu <1) Har? Uc^lal, of Lllcb- 
tif^ld; ^cd. 16 Dec, ITTG; be m. (8) 15 June, 1779; hu ccunii, 
Catherine Seymour, dau, of Hobm Ss^ftncmr an^ Radtot Goodwin; 
be vaa a batter ; learned bk trade of Uoaea Scjmoiir, of Lit^fidd ; 
d. 1793; bad tix chitdrun. 

1071 Rcdtrick Stymour,^ bap. 3 Nov., 1754 ; A, jXKtag* 

107« Annr S^ymoMrJ bap. 17 OcC. 17&6; m, Bichard Ooodaan, of Wc«t Hart^ 
font; htt d. May, 1834, a$n! M; had w«n cbUdmi- 

1073 Rodrrick S«ya*ottf,^ bap. Aug., 173$; «erT«d in the rerolatiooarj vu; 
waaabattor; d. nuo. in Wm Hartford, l$9a 

1074 TVwaoa StfmnrJ l«p. 9 Nor., 1760 ; m. 1790, bi AlU&f , S, Y^ ZebCali 
Packard, bapu 19 Dee, 17SS, in Uillon, IUm; be n« a soldier in 
Litat Cbarko S«rmonr'a Co.^ 0«fL Wokotfa Bri^adi^ 17T7, in 
Fta^ildlL N\ Y.;'«eUkd la Albanj. ITSfi; be d. H Jolj, iSlt; 
«b^ d. ?r May, 1336, In Otatr^ N. Y.; bad fiva cbildroL 

Ml JACOB,* foa of liraL Jacob* (AS), lop^ in 7n4 fUrtfonl, Conn^ 11 
Jalj, 1731 ; n- in Sbtfidd, Ap^^ 1T&8, Harr Haraon. daa. of Samnd Hannom 
of 8MM1 and Hatinah . 

H« d. before 1793. 

Hit aaoH ^paan aaoBf tbo« wba reonwd boantj for Mrrm oo tba »«l«ra 
frantiaf, and tot prwndiag tMronftna, Apr^ 1785; ma^ad la OapL Eanm 
WUBamf Cd, vitfa dttacbacM nader CapL Elijab TOikina. af StocUdd^e, ?3 
)lajtoSNoT^1737; tarv«ET-foor ««^; bt wa« alao in Capt. Jobs FcOov^ Cow, 
vbkbnarcbMiontbcalaR&foctbf rdtrf of Fort WiltiBBHcai?, in A^^1T&7; 
■aiffciil triw nbJIiid III Full rilmi T. trarcledlMMkt; •OT^dog^dsr*; 
■lliiaiillliii liiiiiiliiaiM_ li till 


1073 XavcT * b. 1 0?U ITIKL 
KM, lUxVAH,* b. » A^, 17C3. 

m A£ARIAH«raalLMLJiae4^(a9).klT13: ■pUDM^lTSC.Hn- 
Mk Cktttn. K 13 S«f)t^ 1738;«aa. of Abijib CMf&, k b HfltfM. Cou^ 6 ApfL, 
1713. and Hannah C\»k* b. in Haitliwd. M Jur. 1T17. 
Had.i^9V^ldO<£; ibed. ; botb d. in 

-^lOR AtanLftja.* b II Kov, 17X7; m. Boacaaw C«3k 
-^107$ [UxxjUL'k4Al^l73»; m.JM|tllAMn. 

Thb KELLOOoa rK the New Woujx 


lent Akwa/Ik 1 NoT^ IT3I. 
4-1080 Alulk,^ b. d Oct, l?r3: m. JliDdvell CutliB. 

t-hlWl JAOOS/b.2iau£.«I7^t3; IG< (1) IM»OTUbUnswold; (3J Mn. ISUzabeth 
(B»k«) OuvlonL 
10S2 AWJAU.' K ? Oct, ITCS; d 7 Maf-, 1775- 
lOfta Aeciubaui/ i>. 13 S<rpL, 17:0 ; d 19 Jan., 178(X 
I 1084 ALEXAwn,^ L 13 Sept, 1770^ J. 11 Oct, 1782. 
r 1085 CffLOB * b- 33 Jul}', IT72. 
+108* liow,' b. S Dec,, 1774; m, WilHam Benton- 
+10S7 Amjab:* b. 1 Maj, 1777; m. Pim«aia Waiar^ 
366, GEORGE,^ mii of liout Jacob^ (89), b. 7 Jolj*, 1737; in. 25 Doc, 1760, 
Ssimh Ckrk. b, n Apr>, 1739. 
HeiM Aug-, 1803; eii« d. . 

Hcfc at Wert Bartforl Wm m Lirutpnnnt in fh** n^vnltiUnnan,- amy, bore 
bi« oini cxpfiihin, aii<I ncrer tftkcd for pay or pcntion. Ilia will was dated 17t^l 
and usenliooa hia wife and all tbe following; children, oxocfit the Grat Lydia. 

+10M S*BA0* L 3 Dk:.. 1701; in. NalUawI Ss/mouT, 

+10JJ1I Mauv.' b, A June, 1764; m. (1) Anrcm 9Wlc, of W»t Hartford; (t) 

G«L Hyd*, of New York, 
+IOM Jacob.' b. 16 Mar,, 1766; m. Cathctbe SU*le. 
4-101*1 Clltot' b. tb Au^., 176»; m. Jot^h CddwcU, Jr. 

lODa !,int*^'b-ft Juno, 1773; cJ, 31 Mny, 17T«. 
+1093 AiiAN&A.^ b. tS Apr., 1775; m- Jeremiah Ixamiog. 
+109i Ltoia.' b. 29 Not-. 1778; m. Timothy Merrill 

367. HANNAH.* <1ab. »f Ucrut. Jaeob^ ($9), b. 13 Usj, 173fi; m. £0 F^i., 
1767, Caleb Cro«wcil, of Wort Hnrtfnrd. 

H« d. 1 Oct, 1904, aged T3; die d, 9 Apr,, 1829. aged Dearly 90i 

109$ 4^ijr«i7 CrawvtfJi/ b. SO Jml, 1774 ; m. 12 Au^v 1798, WUIUtn Goodwin, 
b. IJV Oct, 177fi. aon of Ebeacsor Goodwitt and Amo Wcb«t<T, datL 
of laubc Vebstor, of Wett Hartforci. He wn« a <'lr>thipr; tpr in 
rin« Muulow, Uiwn of North Hartfurd. He iL 20 Apr., lS4d ; aho 
d. m Juiit% 1852. 

■ rr«wBTfJj/ k ; m. , l&5fl; wh rector of Trini^ 

Church, Stw Hari^, Comu 

1097 Ar€kib^d Crwt>rWi,» b. ; t^ 1856, in Gilboa, N. Y. 

». BKNJAMIN • wn of D^acoq ItcDJantin^ (90), bop. 11 Oct, 1721; m. SO 
XoT„ l::.^, in St Paur* iTiurch, Wa»ingfftrd> Conn,, Comfort Thomp»oii, of 
WsUicgford. b. , dau. of Abd THomp^m and Comfort Pwter, 

il» d. la a BHtihh militan privoo in 1779. 

"After tbucBinpBJgnof 17 '#5 Ijird Amhirr^t Irftifnrrifwui^ atTiwndempiBiid 
Crown Pomt nni Benjiimijt Kf^llofi: wb^ Amons xho^ who remained in 17l!0. In 
tliU matiiter hi^ l>eeati^ acqiuirtted with the larme^^ on the eost 8hore of Lake 
diaoiipUin. abandoned by the Fn^ch wttlcr* on tlu; rdreftt of MonteaLm. la 


Tub Kin-Looflfl i» xni? Nbw Wottm 

1748-60 bo obiUined thn« huDdr«<l acres of Ui^d in Addiwn and UiTft btindrcd ia 
pAnton. He <ffft« tli« Daait^l Boone of AddiMm Ooustt,^ (Vermont Gax«lMi', 
v«l 1; iJinp. Vr.) 

Thit foLlowiD^ memorandum w(u ic^dc bT hie yonnficfi child, Mr*. Markh&m: 
'*l think mr fiilh^riUH^doD his list lour from Bennin^n. Vl. the Inctof Svpt^ 
KTT, for hifl fanri ia Ailditton. Kiniitf thnju^h IttitUcd iu Chituney Point on L*ke 
Clmmpljun> n<comp#nxod hy Brnj^irttn Kvirr^t. who oviwd a farm adjoiiun^ bit 
mod wan tm old huT:tinf;r ci3n:ipanian (afUTWArd Limit Evervst of thr CoaiiooDtal 
atmj). Tlic> wi'Tv diiKrovrn^l b> a pirty of Tori^. who had ampped their fimi 
of cAitK Thqy w«rf> zvpatied to th# Bntiih, wbo hid poiMMdon of th« Ltkc, mad 
Wfm takvu pdMiiori tbo lul of October. Bverf«t made hia G«c&p« t; jtiiDpi&f 
ovtrbCArd a«d ewimminf to Acvt, Mj father waa oarried priaoDur to St Jobau, 
vherv he d, tlu" fimt of DonfmliiT from wvpt* innimetti of the imany. Ai the 
b«ttk of Bennington bo foujcht durii^ all tlic ctifra^cmant*' 

ChMrm, 6. IA VotMon, Coma, 

+10W luuo^^k n Sopt, 1T&5: Ku EUtaboth Harwood, 

IWa SlHlTSL,^ U 17 Not.. ITAt ; d. \^ Tkc^ 1759. 
+1100 Fhiu>uk1a,^ b. ^^ Apr^ 1760; m. IJenL Lemuel Cisa. 
+1101 PaUEU4.*k ISOcC 1TA2; m. (1) liumno Cav; (2) Imac HamUii 
+1109 CoMron,' b. U Har.. i:«S; m. Q«n. Evkid Duntoa, 
+llfi3 Saiuh Oou^*k»S^^ UU: m. Capt EboMMr HvUiua. 

tfOi JOUN.* aan of Dcttraa BenjaaunF <)0>, bapL in VM Hartford. Conit,^ 
SapL, ITWi at in N^wia^oo. Cou^ II Jan., 1731. UaMQ Sloddaid, daiL ol 
flahmwtt Stoddard, of Nrwin^um. Il aboat tT3A. and Acs Andnv. 

9^415 Mar- irri; hr d. V3 Apr., 17^. 

11n7 ja£»od ihr church in firat Barrin^taa. It Aug.. 1773. He waa dla- 
aiiMvd b«oi Um dtorvb ia Qtf«t Barnn^tiaa. aa^ U Aft^ 17S5, jou^ 
cbvrdiia Kftvttoat 

+1101 Joiuv.^ k 17 Apr. 17&5: at L5& Cbank 
UOa A8•aan«*ki^Oct-.l7^S: m.Dtftwt Cmhir,k]7 JaiT,17ao; b» 

aU]r «eovd ia thft naalatMttaffv w; m ia ViDtr» Titn Oo^ 

+110? NatuxJ k » Ja&. ITit; m. Cki» 

+Ua? rst:*«»k:JmlT,17«; m vD Looam; <«) Xix: 

r« a««; (4> H«at7 Wh^i^r. 

. AamAIL*teL*(Dma«B^SM»>(»KkSifUI7»;M,wi 
vilk C4. CWrW l^mBL* k « b^kad, 4 Mar-. ITM 
t^d.t6J«iL.tT^; ha4tOcCim^WttaEvbvii 

L \: 



Tax Kwr,r.^inf iv tue Nkvt Wciliv 


1109 A^ijdt/ Burrotl^ b. io Canaan, & Dec., 1747; KL about 1770, Dr. Bdwanl 
SnttOQ, of Canaan. He waa a eur^^a in Col Bttmll's Bcff. ; <L ia 
8tUl«at«r, X. V., f^i-i^L, I77fi, on hin rttiim from Ticondproga. Sh^ 
ID. (S) Oct^ 1786, i'&pt Kcbcmiab Lawrence, of CaDaac, k Mar^ 
17SS, H*» d, 2 J11I5, l&gtj. She had two oMIdrea by her fir»t h\i»- 
bandauil tiifllTlu-TW<uuDiI; d in Cukliruok, Oontt^ 33 Apr^ \S$% 

UU ffa/iflw RurmU,^ b- 18 July, 174S; m. KltKabeth Mofgmn, of Killing- 
Tortb. CocuL, b. Marp, 17&li tr^t a graduat« of Yal«; merchant; 
rci. Id Caooan; d. 8 Od, 1S25. 

UU CWIat ihtrrvU' b. Id K^ 17M ; m. Anita BeeW. II« wa8 a farmer 
and iroD manufactarer to CanaAn ; d. IT Jan,, 1^90 ; ahc d. 3 Mar, 
]8tl, aged 80. 

UlS SvMnmU Bvrreiiy h. IB May. 175.^ ; m. Comclm ViLIir. a nimhaiit of 
Ndir York; d, 11 Feb., im2, in the hooae of h«r brother Charles, 
ia Canaan* 
Mif^ BwraUy^ U :»8 Jun«, 17$5 ; d. SS June, 1759. 
CAIm BwmiJJ,^ K in OatWRM. 27 Oct, 17fl7 ; m. in Canaan, S Nov., 1779. 
Noab douth. Chief Juaticc of Vormoat. *oa of Daniel Suuih, of 
Snflbld, CaniLr ind Rupert, Vt^ and Anna Kcat He vroi b. :S7 
Jan., 17^0; d- m Milton, VL. 21 Ihx., IBIS. Ilu wm a ^lULtir 
of Yale : a oUwnuitc of Noah Wcbitor; practiced lav in Bomning- 
ton> Vl She d. 1 Mar, lAIO, 

ll^,/^)M/^an fiyrro/^^b. IS Au£-, 1759; lu. (1) Chorlottc Dari*. of Poufih- 
keepeWt N. Y.; m. (2) ll^^^r Boari^man, of Mitford, Coul; d. Sti 
Feb-. ISOfi; gnuluat^ of Yak'. 

lUt Olid ^arrflJi,' b. «:i Mar., 17^5^ ra. Luoy \\lIU 0?:^*^). ^^ 23 Mar., 
17W; d. » Oct-. l*i.17, mid van buHM in Stm^khrid^^, Mas*. Sh« 
d. 13 Jtilj, 1814. He liFed on the homcatead of bia f&tUer fn 
CanaATL, and tvelr*? jmf* in MUlon, Vt 

UU Jfoi^ flumJJ,' h, in Cnnann, n O.^t., 17^!; m. (1) 1793, Timothy Rock- 
ir^ll, b. in Eftet Windfior, Conn., 7 Apr., 17(?1, »on of Samuel Rock- 
wdl and Hepvibah Pratt. He waa a farmer and iron manufacturer 
ia Colobrook; d. 7 Ocrt, 1794; ahe dl (S) 1706, Martin nockffcU. 
of CoMrook (broth^-r of hor £iyt hufthand)^ b. in Colobrook, 33 
Mar, 177:*. She d. ^2 May, 1813; hed. 11 Dec, 1351. 

^ '^APT. SASfUEL," 400 of DeaWB Benjamin^ ($0), b. 9 June, 1734 : m, 4 
5^^'HCblof Ba<xi&, b. Dnr., 1741, dnn. of Daniel D aeon, of MiiliUirUiwu. 

^fce4T0(?t,, 17S7; he d S Sept., 1788; liwiiii^tone* at Williamntnwn. 

ir^r^t (0 liVilliarastoirn. Mans., whi-re, 24 Sept,. 17CI, ha Tfae cboeen one of 
"•«»ia»tti» to "i!iw a gr<»d ortliodoi Pnuchor" 

'^^^ ILtt date to thia." tajs Dr. Pcrr>-, in Ori^os in WiLliamatown, '%e 
"^^••Idott] bocnnhai^t from tbe current reoorda of tJie lovo, the church imd 
****^»Ce/' ITe with. olh*-r Krlloj:^ *ho have Hvwi ui WUliamjdown "Iuito 
"• (tit iii^Q 2 DOtable one in ctcit jcnertttioD and in many rtUtion.^" 
, ^« ovn#d wreral farms ; vaaa Jiutiee of th^ Peace ; a coldier in ihe revoln- 
^"•"■iWiriJi A taaa'wjr of the Committed of Safety, 


Thk Eelixkms in TtiK New Vouc. 


Hid Lociri,^ b. 3D Jftn., 1735^ a. 10 VLny, lTd5. 

-hlll^i Samckl/ b, 29 Sept., ITS'J; m. {l)*Aiina Bliir; (2) IfobdU BUir. 

UVO Lots,T b. 2(> June, t;^tf;)]|. SG F«b.^ 1781}, Jirah t^&]Q,of SbelbiLni^yt 

+ 11S1 CHmE/K 20 JamsirrO; m. John Campbell 

11^ OuvB,Tk4Jiily, i::e; dnnm ^ May, 1:88- 

+11S3 DAXiRU'h. IS Apr., 1780; m. Utirs Hjt3«^ 

Co,, N. Y. 

8S1 FLIXABETH • Han. of nHiron Rpnjftinin" (?10), b, jn Connan, Conn,, 15 
Mwr., ITS;^: m, (I) KhtiHitr Smith, of SheffieW, Muw,. b. 57 Ftft.. 1748, *on of 
KlKTicairr Smith and Suroh Sliujlor. 

H*? (i. a Sepl., i;:9 ; ehf m, (5) D^vid Glmrlc, of ShrfTkJil. who d. 12 l>ec, 
18^ t. a^<J t»0 ; «he d 1 Oct., 1837, aged Bl. Qravedoncfl at Sheffield. 

n-45 rfttV^fr 5wiA,' l>. l-l June, 1775; i ttnni. at &fA 

n^G Miriam Smiih.'^ b. 14 Mat. ITTT; m. N&thoiiid Bovning, of (hieidft, 

N- Y. 
1127 iiiitai>etk Smiik,'^ K la Nov., 1T:i>; m- Knua Kellogg <-(-12dft>. 

Ckildr^n btj $cccitd husband, 

11^8 Utnrtf n*irt,' b. . 

J129 ryiieAw CkrJt,' U ; m. Xoflh HuWmrd. 

1130 SartjJi Clark,'' U 6 Doc.. 1783; ni. Hobert Torn-Jico, k 13 JUy, IWt, io 
Middlelurv, Vt; he d 11 May, 15*35; she d. 30 Aug., l«7a 

383 KLIJAH • «ii rf Jo-i-ph* (91), b«|K Sn W*«t Hnrtfon^, 17 Apr, 1737 ; ra- 
in Cnnann. (^?iin.. ft .\"irT. 17fi4, Anne Unrlburt, h. in Wctbcreficld, 4 An;:.. 173J, 
daii, of Charier IlurUiurt, k 4 X<iT., 17UT. and Martha . 

Ht- <1. 1803; rfic d. 7 Feb,, 1815. 

Uc roft. in Cnnnnn until 1793, wh^rn h«< rvta. tp Stnrknboro* Vi, vherc bo4h 
d. In SUrlCH^mro tb^y Vi\*h\ with their mn Kli]*h, nwir thnr aon Pavid, 

Ho wflf^ of medium hdgUt, blue cye^ fair hair, rather stout and a rerr plca^^ 
ant mar. 

Hi.' WW admitted to the chiirrh in Canaan^ Id J»nc» 1770, 

VhUdrmf b. in Canaan. 

1131 S.\iLAii/b. IflSflpt, 1****^; probably d- youas- 
+1132 PiriD,' h. 1 Jar.. 17fiB: m. Cbriftiann Trav^, 
+ 1133 ti.MuH.'^K 10 Sppt, 1767; m. ComelluB WiUmroe. 

1134 £LUAir7b. 1773; m. E'hobv Ma«oD, ?0 Jan., 1800; d. 5S«^, 1835; had 
no diildrtn- 

384. DEACON JOSEPn* son of Joseph* (01). Up. in Sow Rartfoid, Ifi 
Apr,, 1739; nu 10 Mar., 1774, PrBdi-rKv Au<tin. of TorriTi^ford. 

Hc d. ? Mat.. 180!); «hc d. 4 Scft., 1804, n|:M 94 TombHonci in Ci 
EUfl* in Cnnaan, Conn-, on the aide of Csnoan ^lonntain, about n mile 
(if thp Sinslh Corifirrpitimmt riiun:li. Ho wa« atliuitU^ i*i liic t-biirrh in Canaan.' 
3 Bqkt, 17t>9, I'rudeco: Krllo^ from Torringford wa4 Ddmitiod aft^r 1770. 

Children, biTf. in Sotitk Cttmutn Cot^tgrt^ationd Chtirck, 

4-13^ EuxAnsTn/ b. 59 Jad., 1775; icu Jeremiah BelJcn. 
-rll^> JosKPH,' h. IS Sepl- HTS; m. Martha Bc^-bc. 
-t-lU: Ffitn^cx.' L U AnjC'- H^O; Etijnb Eli-vmi. 

Stt. COl* AARON* «>n i.f Jnw^ph« (91), K 1U2; nu (1) 22 Apr., 1702, 
T«hithi fl&ncox; ebcd, 30Oct. 17113, in Cflnafln, Conn.; ho m. (3) about 17fie, 

Haniuh Robbfis; sho d. : hi.- m. (3) Mrs. Hhoda (l>i?flD) Pow<^r«p uklov 

ol GwL Powers of Aii*ti.-rl]t;t, CV>]iimt]iA Co,, N. Y. 

Hv d 3 Apr., l&'JT; lott<^K tif a<iiiiimelrfttion were granW on hi* ^Ktatp in 
BirrLahirr Co., Uiua uulicatzog that lit- hub a a^itltrni ot tijat CL>Ltiitj at Uiat ime, 
at that he owned property tlicrc. 

Ho rec ill C&imuui. Conn. ; wa*. nn'ffiiirT coinmiiuionrT of higkwnyft, fv^it^ft 
TicvT«r, orerwer of the pooTt etc. He vaa a m^rmbor of the Committee of Sttfcty 
in 1778 ; A 0oldi«r in th« rcrolutionAr^ Army, «<^rvuig under Capt Webb to Col. 

Ub va« one of the grti>tot^f of Two Hcroce Uland, m Ijakc ObntnplAin, with 

m Alloc ftnd ot^fen, wlio "ha^l hazarded thdr 1iTC« in time of extreme danger 

i1 ilmiinjhhL-il mach of chi-iT milmbuicr in ilf^fi^dtng it aj^not tbe ^vrannicftl ia- 

ttoa of Htvtit Britain." H<- ivm. tr> CanAnn, Colombia Co., N. V.; vns cboficn 

of the Finft Pr«t)jleHftn Ch^ir<h tbere in 17H4. 

+1138 TAMTitji/ b, in CftnaAn, ConiL, 10 Oct. 1T4!3; m. BeJdcn. 

ChUdrfn bt/ second wif^, 

IIM R*i.Lv,* K ^^ 0H„ ITM; m, OhnrUw 

1140 JoaEFn,' b. 4 Jan.. 177^ ; veiii Aoath : d. unm. id WihDiDgton, N. C. 
+1141 Aadok7 b. 13 Au;;.. 17:3; nt (1) AnieUa Nove»; (-J) Bernlce Whiting 

KrlloKJ^ (2(>9»] ; (a) Mr>. Man (BHIxj DarflrtL 
+1142 HAmy/ b, 30 Sept, I77fi; m. Mnry Lo«k, 
+114.1 HAXN.*ti,' b 16 Feb , 1778: ni Gen John ^\T»lting- 
^1144 AwiiAiu'UBO Apr.. 1780; m. Ffvilirick Kinp^ley. 
+ 114!^ R<ni>IXti7 b. 20 Juno, I7S2; n. Kvdinn Dinmn, 
-*-114fl CuvTov,'l». Sf>Jfln„17dfi; in. Anna ArnoM, 
+1147 Jonx Dexs/ b. es Oot„ 17^8; m. Rulh VondtrpoftI, 

AKAHKU« MD of Joseph* (91). b. 

; m. 10 Sopt, W7S, NsoiDi 

i, II rory piotu woman, ^U- of Dvficon Neh«m^h Qaylord. of Tofllngfor^ 
CVtnn-. K 15 Junc« L7^, and Lucy fjcninin. k t Auj;.. 1T27. 

H« d. in CuiAAii, Conn^ 5 Nov,, \^i>\ ^ht* xc. (^) 2? Nov., ISIO, Junicf 


4-lHI* A\viTl>, 1 Apr. 17:0; m. .1«vl Miner. 
+1149 Naoui,' b, « Not., 1780; m. I)co<on Biirar Curtia 
+nS'> WniTlvw C4TLfflin,^ b. 23 May, 1783; m. (i) CliiriWi F^Wpq; (t) 
Fiiuiv Bt^o. 
11M AfLUiat.* K ^ July, 17S5; 6. 3X>ung. 


The Kellooos ik the New Worij>, 

SSr DANIKU* itan of Ctt|d. Doniol^ (9S), b. 3 Not^ 1T30; m. SO Ao^, 1759, 
his cotuiD, Jenulu K«Uogg (37^), ol Hfirtfoid, duL of Bcajunin EcUogf 

H« d. 9 Aug., nrS; >bn <L Mon ^ftrr. 

He titcd abont a mik flcm^ of the center of Wost Hartford on tbc vc«t sldty 
of the 9XTt#i^ 

[Ti-r will, pmlihlt^ It) Jitn., ITTfr^ mi^iitiun* aII Uiar ctiildtvn oajoed beloW 
oicopt Abel, Lac; Atid tho firtt Etcldcl, who vnxv probably dood. 


nut DxxiKL,^ bap. 14 Jan.. 17:^9; d. in SontJi CarolinA, IV*., 1TS3. 
+1153 OLtVEE.^ bap, 9 Mar,. 1760 ; m. Fatcmcc Beldc<L 
+ 1154 Hoiucic/ bap. li Fvb^ 17fi?; tn. Hannah Sod^wiek. 

1153 Ai^klJ bap. 17 F*b„ l7fiGi d. M Mar,, 176«. 

115fi LucrJ bap. 13 July, 176«. 

H&r EzBKiRT,^ bip. 16 Oct^ 1789; d. 19 Oat, 1768. 
+1158 Ekeeiku^ b. S Apr., 1770; m. EUtabcth Stanly. 

ll&y Thete/ k rj Aug., 1771. 

lino BhTTK,'b. 1773. 

11^1 CilAJtUft^T b. 1:75. 

388, SETH ■ Boa of Capt- Daniel* (5!1, K 7 Jul^, 1732 : m- Loie 

Hcd. abcut liS?; bUi'itutv wa« dictnbutvd 1791^ to the tfcroe childrea men- 
tioned below; he w«» mllod "late of llnrtr>rl.'' 

He ejiluted in Hojaatonic No- I (now Monterey)* Ubm., aod fcrrfd from 5 
Apr., to 25 Oct, 1758, in Capl. BaU'i Co., Col. WHliiro WUUami' Rog., for the 
toUl redaction of Cdnnda. 

K« W9B a rE»(-olutionary ^ldi«r; Mrvod three youv* 1777-80» in Cc\- WebVc 
C-oiuivcU^'ai Itt^K- < n^-i^D|i>tt4l ujid M-rvi^l uiili! iJie eiid of the* wnr. 

Iruc Smith and E'armclia, bia wife, and Kesiali Ki-4I<tX£. all of Sonthbtgtovt, 
Conn,, ccnT«y«cl» 6 Maj, 1 793, all thr-ir intcrMt in a t<^rtain ptccir of land in Hart- 
ford, iliat de^L*nd«^ to them from theii ''Honored Father, S«tb EcUo^gi late of 
ttoid Uortford, d«:i*aiK4^*" 

ITfid Pakui^ua,^ k in TyrinRhani Nix 1 (ntrw MonC^ivj), IT 3faj, 17A1; m. 

laaae Smith- 
1183 Kstua/ bap. 25 Apr., 17^, in WeM Hartford. 
Itr^ SKTu^Up. in Ebrtford, 15 K or.. 1764. 

389, JOKI-.^ wn of Capt n.inid» <fl2i, b. U Oct, 1733, in West nartford. 
Conn.; m. Sujonnah Hoemcr, b, 1737, dau, of Thomas Hointcr and 8uunnab 

lUd. llOct^lTS^- 
Ho W04 a w0flT<ir; rot. id Hootvny. Mbsl lit bon;^t land in Mont«r<>j, 4 
OrL. 17511, of John Ki^llogg ar>d TTninn, lii^ wife, mid was at thftt time call^ of 
HuTtfonl. Hcprobahly rvrm. to ShefEdd about 1770: wntt Utixl there in 177L 

}lct van 4 fioIdicT in th** rn'olttion: *'n"ml on thf Iri-xinftoii .^larm in OapL 
BdcoD*sCo.; marthol SI Apr., 1775; served one month and four davs; rea-girun 
Ai&^1t«flW]d; wae ft private tn Spurr'a Co., CoL Simond'e iCep., :rii Apr.toIfO May, 
J7t7; ■Tvirr at SanloKn; in Ciipl. N'oliVa Co.. Cal Brawn'* Ri%^.» K» Jtim* 
fil Jul;. 1777 ; ordcTod into tcrvicc of the United States by Ocn FeilowK and 

Tbk KxLLoom tii THK New VToaLo. 


Ut«e of Sttfetf, bv desire of OeD. ScfauyW; In Ueut. KtckocVa Co.. Col. 
^Iet'o Bcg.^ 6 lo IS Jul.v, 1T77 : omrcltrd to Ku^lury. K Y.*; in Capi Kui^% 
Co., Col AiUy'* R«g,, 31 Jialj- w i& Aug., 177:; pmatv in Capt Noblo'e Co,, 
Col jLfihlvT'a Reg., 15 to 1? Oct, 1780; nuiTclied to FarU Qwrge uid Ann; give 
« receipt for bounty paid him for six mt>nth^ »en-icc io ttic Contin^Tatiil armT, i 
Aug., I'dft, to 1 JflU-, ITSl. At Oiin Urap hi» u-rtilrTier wun s'*"'"" '^'' Sbitffleld. 
Pcrlupa a part of the Hiricc «tAtcd above wiuf p^vform^ by boa eon Jod 
(-)-U67)^ there bciag nothing tQ the lec^rda to indicate eitactly vlikili 010 larrod^ 
AltboDgb it a|i|)mm tliat both wirn^ in the ju^rnce in Julj, 1777. 

Sbc m. (2) S5 Apr, 1709, 1tichan3 JfLcobct, vboee BM wik waa Thankful 
Kffllogg (39f^);(inu. of i>t*>pUrn 44.117); a. 8 Mar, LdlS, egod 7fi. 

CkMrtn, find eiffht bap. in Tjfringham^ JV?. 1> imv MonUrep, Uau, 
IIW DiBORin,' b, 7 Not,, 1757, 
J 165 Cr^'T^JA.^ h. 97 Mar, 1769, 
+1167 JoKu'b. 10 Kor,, 1760; m. (1) DeMroOUn; (2) Miry Brown. 

1163 Sv9ANNAii/b. 10 Apr„ 1763; m. (1) Ler\ Page; (S> as hie second 
vitc't EphTaini Tctinior. 

11«9 WiarnicA.' U 2ft Not., ITftS ; m. 30 Oi-L, 1791, HubUira, of Win. 


1170 Aifi|r,» K, M JIov,. 17«5. 

1171 LucT,^K 8 May. 17G7, 

1172 Ca>.1ucx/ b. S5 Fi'b., 1769. 

4-1173 LTDU,'b. 17 Mar., 1771; m, (1) St^pl«?n Winnlow; (2) Amoa Blooi 
-I-1L74 TBOUiLaUo0UEE,'Jj.:iir Apr., 1773; au (1) Uarr Budlmt^U; (S) Eunice 

+1175 William/ b. 21 Dec., 1775; m, Ann Elizabeth Sbelhearse. 
+1176 Amxa,' b. 16 July. 1778; m- Epbraim Towner. 
+1177 9i«i!Os/b. 30 Ocl,17ftl; m. Pliebe Kiiigsl^, 

390. MOSiLS." BOD of Capt Daniel'* (98), b- S3 Nor., 1736 ; m, 31 Dec., 175ft, 
Jvimftha SpTDitpr. 

Slw d. Feb.. lftL7, 0|Ecd 7it ; U d. Feb.. l&eo, o^ 83. of diojKj. 

Bit WW reared at W«t Hartford; va* a huttcr by tradt*. Wion Continental 
moatf hccvme l^onhU^ h4> iry^t all. Hr> ivm, n^iout 17^1 to that part of Hobron 
vbicH waa made a part of Marlboro in 1303 ; ivaa admitted to th^; diurch m ilcb* 
ron 179i;, 

Hi? wn«d thrco davf tn tbc? Tfciington Alarm. 


im flHorc/ h, 9 July. 1759; was in the araijr »f tiic revelation; d. ubiq. 
Dnc hira on \my roll July, 178U, i4a, 11a., E*!^ and ctlU uapaid. 

1179 JfrrtrniiA'i, 37 Hnf. itnj : <!. Ifi OciL. 17ft3. 

IISO DebBa,' b. 1*; Mar.. 1763; d. S Oct., 17:8. 
+ 1191 MoaisT K 6 JlIv. 176G; m, AbJgttil Jlnrnn. 
+11»2 .TAUn»7 b. 23 July* 1766; in. L>xlia Kcllufcg (2033), 

llj*3 JE86E/ b. 32 Apr., 1771; d- 23 May, 1773, 

llpsi jESfli^^b. 1 Vvh, 1774; d. 6 Oct, 1776. 
+11$5 JcBi'?iifA,'b, U Apr.. 1777; ti^ Josvph Bumbam. 
-f UJ*6 Je«jsb,^ b. 4 F^'h., 17»0; m. Anij Strong. 

Ilit7 E)vMu,* b. 35 Ait^., 1783. 


The Ecllooos tk the Nsn World. 

SH. M08BS*Kin of Stephen" (in),ixl Apr, 1730; m. 30 Apr., 1740, Mwy 
Sheldon. "Hnth nf Xnrthfl^t^." 

Skc d. 14 D«c>, 176$, a^ 44 ; beadfttooe in the cttMi*ry <m tbe line between 
Egraoont tnd SholBold. 

lie timl for a tim^ Mvmd Sbefflftld And \pt Marlboro, pf^r the 1in«^ ITU 
farm, ut tht time oj th*] n-votnticrDurr war, was in Alfort), )mt finAliy «b£ r«t o9 
to HillHUIt*, X. Y, Ijiti-r he Tvm~ tu Ggmnont In th^ latter pari of hU Itfi^ be 
iv«. in UcDcVB Co^ N. Y. 

CAibfftfA, jfirri Un h, in Wmtf4ld. 

1IS8 Asi<:iiL,Tb.3Sept., 1740; tn. Wright; d. 28 F«b-, 1817. 

+llftfl LccY,^U 13 AjiT., 1742; in. Jacob Karaer. 

1190 l\iA.SKn:L,» U 21 Jan., 1711; »- in Amcnia, N- Y, S4 Dee., 1760, 
eikranah Cook. 
+11D1 MoeE87 b. tl Feb-. 1746 ; bl LjdU Kellog; (3tO>. 
+1L9S ABXBft,' k 9 Xov., 1747 ; m. Ph«bc TVr»1ot«r. 

1193 Mart,* b 29 Xot„ 1749; m, ft SrpL, ITlM^Xpbpmiah Cart«-. 
IIM PuyTj b. 10 Xo^., 1751 ; (L 17 Oct. 1752. 
+11M ElTTirp,' b. ?S S-?|)t, 17W; wu Aroo« OraT. 
-fllM Akxa.^U? Dca, 17^^: m. Reuben Fam^onh. 
+ 11»7 Katiiaxiew' b. t\ Fc'K. 1T&8; tn. (1) Ptthn Havkm; <fi) Amfet 

4-119S ?U.ST.^ b. 7 Xot., 1759; m. <1) Phi<iciDcr Lake; {%) Un, IkUTsaret 
1199 DoiXT*^ K 6 Jan.. 17G2 ; d nun. 18 Apr.. 178d. 
4-1900 Tm«,'b.4 Jiijwvl765; m. (I) Uliod* Karner; (S) Rftebcl Sootfavdl; 
<3k CbW Harwr. 

1^1 KuJiii/ K ; wa« aprcAcher. Tha bit kn^ra of him h^ wutD 

Xortbem New YoHl 

889. LIEUT. STKIMIKX • ion of SUT^hpa* <1 17) A 12 Oct, 1721 ; nu 7 Ai 
174«. in WeelAebt Ma^. MLcditvtl Balden. 

ile d. 9 Aug.. 17H:. in Egn^oDt. Mma. 

lie livnl in Ept-iDoct; ««• a^itW to tbv cbnrcb in Wcvtfidd 174T. and 
fTlwieBnl to Sb^Md n 1749. IWton of ^mAM tvM, 4 M«t, 1749, U boild 
n Ibrt aranod ^^Slepiim Kdkfg'a tumbowb** He wrrnl in tbe akgr of Lovia- 
biinr, and wna % Totanteer with hi* brotber, WilUuiu aod forty olhcn Ui altiu^lr 
the Idand Battvrr nnd«T CapL DnnUI lUcoa. H« vma rttmniaMOfid I.)eat. in 
Ifae Beriuhb« Ca MUitia. UpL Robert Jo^iKir'a Co, Col Williim WUliaou' 
BeiC^Jan.. 17St. 

TTb tvtati- mu <lii4rihmbd at ITSS to all tl» rlnldryR nunfd btlmr. Ta 
1801 lliat pvt nf bie eetate wUch htti] faeca «l vff la bb lau T>dov. an do«vr* vas 
diitrCbatcd 19 X«4)eviUi Kinofi;^. vbn ww* ^ tm parts : t^ ihe hrfrt of Revbi^ 
baiofir. a«M«d ; UomU KeUc^v. Steuben K«]lc«x- Brld^ K«Uoc|;. Uinri^i-U 
PUmsm^ tb« vifir of Jolm Tnman, and to the betra of P™^*^*^ kte 
^m\H of Benjamin Tofliba. 

Shew. 1>> Aht}ak Loonb. of E^rnnwwt, and bftd aevenl dnldfviu 

ie02 UnnwrEix.' k in WiwtiMd. 3 Jul. 174«-47; mm \M^ tn Climnck, 
N.T.*ini;SC; n»uiin.l$04. 

The EELLOOGe is toe New Wobux 


pATlKxrK^ ti- >D Bheffidd, 8 OcL^ 17^9 ; m. John Trrmjiin , rvji. In CIjif- 

+1»4 Xebe«uh7 !>. in SKefBeJd, 11 Oct, I75t\ m. . 

-t-l^M LooutFj b. 1^ Mnv, 17^9; m. (1) AaiiA Tranum; {%) Barbarft Jerome; 

(3) Ptwii BinglttDi. 

+1207 t^KTUBN^^bL ; m. ThuoJcf ul Buttini. 

1S4& DjAJMUiA,^ bop. in Grrat fUrrin^n, 9 P»K, !T63; m, BAnjfunin 

Toicb*. reft.ia Stillwatur, X. Y.;d. Lcfoic 1 Od„ 1804. 
-f 1SQ9 BnUttN/ b. 1 Nov., 17S6; m. (L) Talitha Kottiot; (V) Jemima Bm- 


3W. DEACOV WILUAM* «cn of Stephen* (111), I. ia W«Btficl(l. 53 Pek, 
ir-W; nu 11 Not., ni:, Kodth tkureVf \%. in W»tfidd. ?0 Oct, ir^^, daiL of 
Dncna Jaimv IV^x^y uuJ KliEnbcth AvKlrjr- 

Hc n?& in E;frenK>at fini HiUoflAlff. At tho nicpj of |joni(burji; h^ wa« one of 
tbe volanl^^riv wiih his braibor, Si^hti^n, snd forty oDit^i^ for the nl^bt atlack 
upoQ the IiJ*Dd Bftttc:?^ In 17115 h<^ pvttttoned the (k'uenl Court of MaMachn- 
p«Ua for a brief to colit*ct money for »i]pjH>rt of ihc (lovpd nt Nobl^owo (now 
HUlaJaW). Columbia Cc, K. Y. 

Prwioufl to tlio rotolulionarr wnr he wat appomtod a^ent to eccHTC a title to 
civav UndK oiul wa^ mi hi* vav to t'li^land wht-[: hv picWu-il and d. jn Boston.* 
Hia family pube^iKUtJT ran* to W yominj:. Pa., and mffcrvd the horror of tlie 

1210 Jo&iAiT,T h, 26 0<1., i:50; d. nnm, 
+lil1 EiJJAiv K 29 Fht, nSZ; m. Rliwlu'Lh WntruuiL 

ltl2 Kexlui/ b. 4 Apr,, 17SG ; ni. Iknbcn Fnmawortlu 
*f 1213 WiLLiiM,' Ix 6 MayJ753; m, ITrama Bi^op. 
+1214 Elijah/ b, 2:^ Frb,, nfl4; ra. PolK Karner (3867). 
— 1S1& AfitOAiL,* b. 9 Feb., 17CV; di. Michaol HoUmlioGL 

lt!6 THEOOOTii/ bi i d. nnm, 2^ Fph., ir72. 

1S17 IjOIs' U ; waft a teacher la Elimbcthtown, S, Y. ; d. lutra. 

1SI& Eluuiktu^ (BiraKv), b- ; m. Andru*; roL in W««tcni 

Xt^« York- 

38& THAKKFUL* daa. of Stfpbon'* {117), t». in Sh*aeJd. Haa*,, 36 Doc, 
IT^fi; m. Richard Jacttl)*, K in Vermont, 1715. 

Shr d. «fi Jfay, 17&T, in ShdHcld ; hr m. (2) 95 Apr. 1 70% Snwmnah KH- 
Ic^, vidov of Jod 1 31^11): d. llJan.. 18<^^, 

H^vAfi a farmrr; n-K. in 8Ji(-ffield, on lb« "Under lifiviuiUia Road;" was on 
C(niiiiutt«« of Saf«tr in in?. 

1319 ifirrjf Jaroii*.' b. «4 S*t>t. i:47; d. II Nov,, 1748, 

1W» J'Mfpft J#f«fr«.^ U 3G Aug., 174B; d. t Auj!,. 1749. 

i;;i^l iTury Jac^h^? h. 1 Apr, 1750; m. Jo<iathnn Curtt^s of WaLiicgfordi 

Cocn.: d. 7 Ai»(r. 1A13. ir ShpffleW. 
12^ JWiri»7 ^atefcj,' b. C FrU. 17fiL 

*AiiotABr aivmiat mtv br il^ In PtilMelphiAL nblk a member of the Asembtj. 


The Kkijaoos in thr Nkw VTokui. 

1*23 Jo<^pA JoccU/ \>. 14 Feb., I7W; d. ?0 Dw., 17M, 

1M4 ^Crpftm Jacobs? I, 7 D**,, 17M*55, 

1395 H^Qthmid Jac<jb%? b, 6 hxig^ 1758; d. T Sept. 1753. 

USfi Ar«w JflfVjft*/ b, 20 Nov., ITftl 

15S7 n^inJt/u/ Ji^^W b, IC OcL, 1765. 

400. NATHAXIKL tOOMlS* u>n of Stflplwai* (117), K IS Jtme, 17S0; m. 
Aug., 17fl2, UiuUmia Austin, h- 3 Jnnc, 1737, duu of N«Uuini«l AuAtin* b. 23 
BUjr, ITOS^ tod AgiLM Adaiua, b. 4 Fob^, iTia 

He d, txt Sbi^d. 30 Au^.» 1757, aoou after Ua retvni from Uw an^j. Hb 
eetito vu mvcntorwd At £COCI. 

Hif wiw in Cnpt. Jnhn K^IIogg'ft Co,; nisrefwd from SluiWId to Tbrt K^- 
vrardi travvLcd ^04 uiilce; wft^ cri^hX. dajs; al[i>vnl for horso-kecpiog, 4fl., 
dd., probftbl;r in Adj;., 1757. 


\tn HI104I1/ b. 10 Dta^ 1753; d. 12 Sopt, 1757. 

1230 N^ATitAMKi-,^ k 1 0<-t, 1754; d. 3 S«pL» ITfl7. 

IMl AoytsT bw 30 Jaly. 1756; d- 5 SepU 1757, 

1232 Uhoiu,^ b 2 Apr, 175$; Bkbard JAcob* waa appointed bar giurdun 

in 17^7 ; pcrhapft die m. Darid Crippcn aod lud a »□&, who m. Maj 

LorintU Kollogg t+?474>. 

4(tt. ABIGAIL,* dan. of Suphen* (117), b in Hftdley, Vim., lO Aag., 1T3II; 

at 21 Apr. 1757. AubSt^l WdU. of We«t Hartford, Comi., L 23 Aiv-, 1734, a de- 

Maadast Id th« &flb gowntkiD of Got. Tboom VToUm, of CouMctKct 

Before hi» doftlh he mid helplctt Mue jean from paraljai^ 
Sh« w«a dntin^ialwd for bor pM; uid iJitdli^mnL It U nid that Wr Uf« 

ttAA pttbliflbtd «a 1 Svndtj School bociL 

1233 A9kM VFtlh,^ b. 
1S34 J«-w« WttUJ b. - 
1235 ArutfJiu 1IVUj< * b. 

Ii3« ^^A-y^ v«n#,' h. 

; McteU, Hartford, C^hjl 
, mcnkanL HaTlfi»d, Cunn. 
-; acB captain ; d^ in Ifaitfocd. 
Ufthodiat cl«rg[}iMn. 

1»7 ilK^ ir«ri«r U 17^; m. 8 June, 178S, Henr? WUliam INri^t, b. 1$ 

S«pL. 1:5?: d.ibStodcbHdge.Maaa.,15 &-M.. 1S04. 
1S3S Ucy WdiM,'' k S3 Mar^ 1705; tn. Grid Burnll (1114). 

1239 Smktfa WriU,^ bi ; Bk PhiiMa* Ajfamim. lavTvr ot 


1^10 fi«dkWirea#Jb. n.8teiilmVoodbrUr^<>f 3tocUndr^UM& 

1241 Jf«fy ITfTif,^ bL ^; BL H«Bnr Brovnw a marcfaanL 

Ift41 ffffMi ITatlv.^ b. ^ m. 3«tli PMvpmr, a bWfanilli, of Vorth. 

MCQrY«teLorilMaoDatiGd«(l^l).b.iBSMUitt ApT^i:40; u. 

tie, 1759. X^erpbCalloMlrr. b. Frb, tT^ 'if J<^ OaQttdvr. 


Shrd. n Ort^ 1797; lw d. 2llUr, UUL 
Bi«, in SbdfirU, *hm both d. 

Tub Kklloogm ik tbk Nsvr Wobux 


1843 Ifwy CoHoiilfrJ b. I M*r., ITfil ; ra, Ahijjih Rii»h, of Nmwh. N. Y. 

1244 i/aiii«J Oaiiendtf/ h. Ufir., i:£;4; m. VicnikA Owcc. 

1245 ^Itfpt/n CaVender,^ h. 16 Sept, 1T65; m. Hflimth SlidiBDii^ hQ wm ft 

deacon in tlie dmrch in Bhrflidd. 

1*« FiKMw C^i^l^nderJ h. U i^U 1763; m* Carr. 

12-17 iforjt CoOmdcr/b. Se Jith, 1772: tii. (1) TIl'I^^ Ho^rim; (2) Un. 

Pftt^ (C«r«v) Good;' rw. in Shdtitia, Mow! 

1248 iltrfcfl CaJi*nder,^ K 9 Jw,, 177a; m. irSJ (pnK in Jant), S^Uy gftT- 

A^; n«. in SbcdGcld- 

1249 Led CaJienderJ b. J Apr., 1777 ; ra. Liicy Cottle; ht waa a JmUic- 
1?50 ir^ncim CoUmdff.^ k 10 Fuk, lt^9; tn, Dnvicl (tUrk; n*. in Sheffield, 
U£l Ucnruih Vailtnd^r? b. ; Di. Abmni l>ndlej \ reft, in Ea*t Blotjm- 

field, X- Y- 
1$^ rfit-i^oil CulhniUrJ k ' — ; m. Am Saia]^; rcv^ in Sont XftAau and 

40ft. STEPHEN,* md of Dmmoi Danid* <121), K in ShuffioM, Ma^, 3fi Jnn^, 
17-12; m. 28 Jaii.> 1706* Uaiy Atutin, b. 24 Aa;., 17^, dnu. of Nathaniel Ahek 
tin, b- 23 Uaj. 1704, aad AgD» Adani». b. 4 Feb., i:iD. 

Hk <1- bvfori! 6 Mar. 1796, whm bi^ wiilow mid Moahm Stoekiu^ were ap- 
poisM admrntftraton upoci bin cetatr. 

In 17d!», his C6tal« ir&s sold and di«tributod lo hi« vidnv: und the children 
cami-d b«low. irho wvrtt "all Ihe children and heira *jf the anUl drt^eaned St«pHai 
KfiUc^Qb ^r t^bdHeld.^ In 179S Mowrvi St^^ckin^ vair appointed ^^mirdian of 
ffrnian aod Hald*h> otw fonnwn. Jind Polly, under fnxutppn. 

He waa a aoldifir in tbe revolution in Lieut Elickok'^ Co., Ccl. AaUley'a Utg., 
610 17 July, 1777; in CapL Nobl*'* Co., 15 to 17 Oet, 1780,and in Col Portcr't 
B*g-, 6 An^ to 8 Nov., 17*^1. 

She m. (S) !■ Uar., l»J6> Timothy Baokoa; d befon 31 Au^., 18S9, whra 
her dower in tlie e*utt of fltiiphen Ki;llogg waa oonveii-d by lunnv of ber litiflt Slw 
rttonud to the old honcctrad, and tpcnt bcr Inrt day* with hrr brother, Qidcon 

ChUdrrn, K in SAeJfieW, 

1253 LcTftAinrrJ K ; m. (1) 20 Dtt!., 17D1. Ira Corbin; he d. before 3 

Joly, 17^ ; «bo m. (S> aftri 3 July, I79if, and before 1 Oct., IS03, 
Bayley Hubbard Tbey were living In Egremont, I Oct., ISOfl, 
when they conTr-ye<l tbcir intcmt in the catate of htr father, 
Sltf^})!*!! Kellogg, dcr^-jiacd; in Sang^rHfld, N- Y., 31 Aug., H2% 
vbm they cocYcywl their LDturaht "aa heir* at law iicto any part of 
the thirds of doir«r wi oft from th(^ <«tatr of ^'tephrn K(lloi07> I^^tc 
of SbrJBiiU), drtcTriw-dt to hi* widnw, Mary Haekim^ ft>rni(*rly the 
Widow Kdlo^," 

Agvjcs.^ b. : m. Kphraim Hubbard; *ettlod in Bridip?walcr, S. Y.; 

Iher couvcjrd tlicir intcn*t in the o^Utr of 3t**pben Ki^llogg, 9 
FcbL, 1804. 

125» DiADAittA,' b. ; m. 1« May, 1^05, 01iT«r TonngloT^. In a dwd 

of hci interact in her fatbtrV r^tato, 1802, »Hfr was called "wuaster," 
and «p(*llcd Ikt iuiin« D^isdanue Eello^. In IHlb she rev. in 
On!a£ Barringlon. 


iifl THB New Vo&ui. 

1S56 HfiMAy/ l>. About 1T78; had gtunjjan uppouitod 7 Nor., l^fl; 19 Jnar. 

cvt&tc or hi£ fitbvr ami hb claim to the third* of tli« Widow lUiy 
KvUo^ No tjitrr rvcord of him lm>^ hnm fnuncL ft ix Aid that 

libl Him>jLU,^ b. ; bad m guardiaii appointtfd 7 Kot,^ 1798; bl thax 

180% VfnioT Oillfit; m. in rowtml, VL, in 1306, wticti ihc; 
deeded thoir iDtcfcet in the roal o«tatc of her father. 

IJM MiBY ^PoLLT),* bu -^ -■; ha4 a tpianliao appoiBlal 7 Ko^t ITSSj 
vu UIUI1. 1799. 

iir DANIEL.* M«i of Deacr^u Dankl^ (Ul>. K in Sheffield. 5 Nor.. 174€rar 
ftboda CaUtitikTr. K «5 No*^ 1751, Oao. of John Calksder and Ujlit Smitiu 

H<- aonrnpanldl AnioM to QuJav in 177ft, aa fait orderir, ajiil d. fn>isi «x- 
lioanrf and diaeaia on the ittmL 

Slwn-(«)SJftiL.l77S,J«ttaaEeUo«f (436); d. H Sfpt, Hil3. agri 6X 

+US» OUTK,^ k 29 Feb.. im. m. Nathatuel Cklkodcr.^ 
+1160 DaxIKL,' bL fi XoT., 1771; to. Uur Kellon (>»). 

ill tilDKON • 000 of l>«M>ik Dankl* (l^l), b. i& Sbcffidd. 6 Jnlj. 1T51; «.' 
Eleeta Wait 

H« d. about 19S7. 

JUrtc iaSlMfficUoakiafatbcT'atanD; vaa ■ deaf omla. 

IMl tUxisu* U £S Maj, IdM; ««« a iMrAiaoK' in BnaiUra, K. Y. 

Ilea Cwaaua.' b* ; d. rau^. 

lies JutJ b. ; BL ; «tBt WM. 

«M JOSEPH* an ol N<Mfa« (tHK k ; m. . 

H«d. .iBLn^KT^v^mheraL; te^avttani 

a twcraoK. 

+1M4 kAm^y k SO Uar. ITffT; m, Ab^dl S^ttMw 
-t-l«CS Uncu.^ k : a. Tte&kfal Wanwr 

UM Xaaii,^d.ttn.lmW«aCmNv« Vart; bavMSfaiBbtt. 
+lMr«OMB«*k$ Apt. 1788; ».KvtfoaOiWK, 

tmLTVx'k ; p«teraM.MM»Ctap^te 

mi Cm»t<PTTm-^k ■ ; i ' m K 

tn^J^xnM. ; m I^raOtv; m. 

-t-l*n ltaiT*h : BL TOktan; t«a.j* 

ItTt TuBorm.'k ; d.«BB,^idfQi 

«1 FUXT.«MiWNdab^\$«ivmt:i 
HaT7 K«U3n «9n). W 14 Haj. 17U. 

Br d. t«t3. a U Qn^UmiB Ca^OL ^ai ff 



Tnz KKLL0006 iii tub Kew \foeui. 


Bo wftfl a i^TolutioDary soldier; wsa prwott at Uic mirroidcr of Ocd Bur* 
fojmt ; w» bIao In tfae battle of Uonmouth. llicK^ vtrv two nii^n of thii iuum in 
Shf&U u>d to dtrtbguuh them ODC vm called "^Big PIid** ai»l tliti other "Utile 
?tin." This ww ^-Big flin," 

lu liflS hi- won iu Chiuiii-ttiti, JL-ffrnNin Co., N. Y. In 1^2 hv rvon. to Lor- 
ftio C<»s 0., to rtf*idc near hi* *on<- 

Childrtn, h- in Shtfftatd^ 

■i-ins IlK^Hirm,' K 21 July, lJ*3 : m, Bartlett 

-1^74 MabthaJ b. 4 Mat., Kti5; ni. Dfliiirl JatkBum 
*U;5 AMANDA^ b, IS Ikx^ 1787; m. Am Itockwood. 
*az:« M*it*it:u* Dk \.\wstrrT%^ k 21 May, 1789; m. Eluabetli M- PeritiM- 

1?77 Ltdu»' L 93 JuDc. 1T!>1. 
tJSTft \OAif J b. 1? Nov., IT>3: m. Jortubn StttWarf. 

tl«79 ILiiiY (PaiXTt,' L ir> F4Tb^ KSfii m. (1) IviihrRim llooa; \t) Eukiel 

OOL £PHRAIM.^4on of X>msm SiU^^ (125), b. in Sh<>mi^d^ 5 Oct., 1740; hl 
ID Wcit nartfonj. Conn.* ^? Oct., ITCS. Bnth !Io«mcn b. 1^0 Sopi, 1T44, dfto- of 
Itft^BMA HovmoT, of Weet Umtord, and Snaannah St«<oL Bb^ waa deK«n4ed 
fronu Sl«|jlttfci Htniu^r, ValcBliue Prentice am! Gov, Wjlltaiu BmiirDrO, wf tlw 

Sbn cL ?5 Jan., 1818, as^ 74; be d. tl Fet>, 1619, aoed 7d; gnTMtooe* «t 

Thej ret. on Uk farm in Sheffield, afterward occopiod by htB «on, RUtha; 
.'J>g1-«3 many public udinv in Sb^^^ld, amnn;^ tbnt) Ihnt of wbicrtnian frnm 1776-92. 
.'He virrred in tbc army it the time of Barf ovnt-'fi »urrcnd<^r aad left liome ^u tbat 
^4<^:^aj|oa in htrvest lira^. It i^ rekti^d itiat bt^lp «&£ ao tH.^nri> chat out of a Urga 
'^'^^^bii family M?cared hardly mocxh to Utp npo& durinjt thi? fnlloiring jtar. 

BiFi vHI, dated SV Not., 181^ moitiocfi aU t)ic childrai named t>clow. 

W Children, b. in Sht/fieid, 

•f- X^O VivaJ b, 11 FeK. 1767; m. Sinwift OMle. 
^ ^:8Sl Effmra/l. aOOct.. 17^; m. (pub. 24 Oct, 1790). OliTCr Porter: ree, 
PI in PariK. X. Y.; Itad nci children. 

^^ ^ 2ft3 HoBMOi.* ix t^ Aug., 1T70 ; m. Amy CowN* 
+ ^ -VhCJ Saeuh/ b. 1^3 JiaU, 177« ; vu Uo«e« BilL 

3.2A4 PoLLT'b. tOAuK- 1775; d. ft Aug., ITIft. 
"*" 'l. tas Kriitatu,* k 19 NoT^ 1770; m. Jaiw A^hkv. 

^ -06 Mjlst <Pollt)/ b. JO Jaa. 1779; m. Edmond B. Fellowfi, of W«t- 
» port.N.V. 

■J*^W7 Eul^J^»l. 19 AaJ^, 1781; m- Jane Hartoa. 
V^X?}^ UnATeiA^^b. IS No?,. 17«3; m, Amos BoroB. 
m^ 1 2i$ Dokste/ bu S Jazu. 17&1 ; m. Auron CnrtiA. 

**© ENOB^wnof Dcocon Slia^ (l*"*)- ^' ^4 l>cc., 174?; m. II Jiumi, 1766. 
A.V,: - I - Tnour, laip. 19 Jan.. 174fi. dau. of FJiftha 3p>-mour. of Wp*1 Hartford, 
^^ Se>d|r"icic. who iraa a di4e«Qdarl m the iftb generation cf Jtobcrt 

ik, an early u-it]«r in Cturlt^torn, Kau. 
._jd, 13 fkc., Id0:t; aho d. Id Dec-, 181S, of on rpidcnik that pr«i^ailed in 
w amy and tlirwigbout tbe coontrt. 


TitK KEtutOG* IX TUi Nsir WoBia 

Rem. frcm SlidK«ld to Uubbardtoiu Vt; tbcDC« to BauvU; wai a fftnxur. 

In IdOS U' Anri liiM wifr- hhiI min» Onuniiis nn^l llx* thn« iIjiuk,, Abi^U, Httl- 
dftb Mtd Sophia, rem. to the Holknd Purchaw in New Voric. 

Ho WM A rvrotutlonuy ioldler; ««rt«d in Cipt Dovning^s Ca. CoL Afihkj^ 
Rif*., Jnly ^-^7^ KH; mArdied to Einpbury at r«<iiir«t of Qeu- Schajrl^; ftbo 
MTTfd in Utt Mine comiMUijr and nginuait, Oct, ITStX 

•f ISftO Iatctxa/ b. 91 Aug,, I1A6; ia. JoMthsn Burrdl. 

11«$ EiXAXOkT b. 4 Fvti» irro; d. yocuf. 
]!93 AjiiGAtL.'b. IS Juoe. 1774; d. unu. 3 Jour, 18&4.4^ 90. ller snv^ 
Mone ura : "Suur of Ura. Bath CIatIl" Jo«I Oltrk'a tombitaiw 
iUnd« bi-tsn-n Abi^il'* toid Hutfa'> in tike Nortb Burving Oroimd 
tD Sfacffidd. 

mi Brrn,^ b^ IS June, 1774; dl 4 Jstw, 1796. Jod Ckrfc. ms of THvid 

rUik. Hr d. » Apr^ ISM ; -Iv d. 39 Jjl&.. ias9 ; bad bo cfaUdrai. 

+U» £K0»/b.UApr.,K7e; tt. (1) £tia«bctb Smith (1127); fS) Umey 

+19H SiTMOCt.'KfilUar-,]T79; ib. <1) ErtKcr Iawtvik* ; (S) Ktacr WO- 
1»7 Hbxit7 U 31 OiA, i:*tl : d. 1 TW., 1785, 
+1f»6 RruuH,* b. 31 Od^ 17$l ; m, Anb Wri^ 
■+m9 SusRA,^ b. 30 KoT,. i:ft3; m> (1) BliMWth Dvtidc; (S) Vr«. Uarr 

+1300 Soraii.*b.]«J«M,l7S6; n- rOtiui M. Wn^ 

4-1301 IitA.'k14 Mu.,i:S9; tn. <1) HurMTfempm; (f) Ln!U Uarpm. 

ttV. PBACOV ASA,< MB of Omttm Sik^ (1»>. k If P^ 1T45: ta 
FMk^ 1T««. tjorr ro«*n, o« SvAM. K 97 Feb., 174«. 

»i» d. 9 KoT^ ISl^; Iw' d. 4 J«bcl l&Sa 

B»i«ttMmtiftl««T, S4tU«8bOd^N. Y^«b«uih«tiaeaf tlMRirolatiioa; 
«■« 1 kvMT; i l wTdg KB PrafavkriaB nsmfa; f^t. of th* fluKtk; Jutw of 
&« Pmm; h^^ TCi^Mted. 

Ho «u B Sm^ IB Oh*. Xobk'« Oq^ CoL Bron. S9 Jaw tft tt Jttlf, 1T77 ; 
Bt^Hid into amte by Bri^dfer Q<s. Ft&B9 Md G^KBitte of &l^. b7 d 

dlWt k«< fBv II » a«#ML 


. a> FtArFk^; (1) Tn^dMH Eh 
f n i w iil) Bnra. 

vbi%r; (S) Hn^C^flOTV 
-f IVa Ebu,* k n Jbv* it*; a. M 
+13M 1lABiccTk«*J«9ewim; ^.ttttfeS^I^ 
+1V« C«»njs.^k aOrt^lTTS; m, HvTAMOtiB. 
ISM Vuisx.*W11A;«^17n; d. M Ape, I73£. 
+lJ»r A»w^K M V - - iDMMywK ^ w M ; 111 

lM«LrcT*ki: il 0> T^Hd VoifeBft^: ft* 

d. II Ayr, la^l. m Q^w> (M^ Ou K. T 
|3» Kmmctk^ k 11 Jte^ irS9: C 9» Sit. ItSS. 



-fl31t £lecta/ k in lialTsj, ti Ui^, i:S8; bu Aluuon Kam<d:r- 

428. ELEANOR," UxL of Dc«o» Blbf^ (KS). K 31 Aug., 3T47 ; m. £4 Unj, 
1TG£). u hia 0««ond wHv, Joitb Aurtio, b. 29 Ju]^, 1740, ftcn of Onpt Ntthain«l 
A&hUn, L z:^ Mh>, i;04^ mu] A^t#i Ailanis *>- 4 Fub,, 17]0. 

Ui' d. b Mat., 1H^ ; nho d. 3 Au>r-' 1^^- 

^Im^ nra. io tli4t pun of 8hul9L-ia^ M«j«., cdlwl ''Klonkupot^; rein, to 
Homrr, N. Y., »*hpCTc he 4 

il»' v^ A T^i^olatioiuiy «oldi«r. 

Siw waft of full ute^l-UEii wEt'HinI ftrll |Tfp|pjrtiiJin'cl ; liinJ *Urlc bniwn linir urn! 
<liHG-6Jae or blue ^r^r zm.^ a« had dipo her tirot^itTv ami itij(tcr!i and tDOthcr, Itnth 

%ms He-nty A^tin;^ U £ti Dec. 1770; m. 10 Nor^ IT^L Pnidaio; EiwgD, b. 
?t Muy» 1771 1 «u a farmer; d. 2t Auft, 1839; die d. 31 M%y, 

IZH AarQ* A^^mJ U & Mar. 1773; m. SO Jan., 1795. Marr (Follr) Eello^ 

(3V«9>. bL 10 IW^ 1776. U« WR4 a famcr cjiJ ololhk-T it) SUni<a- 

tdt^mK.Y.; il. £:iJmu^ l»:St; ^d. e Uo^, tddfi; had tcti chii- 

131A l^ui j4u4h'n/ b, 'St Maj. 1775; itc. 9 &epu 17d4, John T>aT, of 3h<?f- 

fidd. Ua«.. b. 3 Feb-. 1774. H(^ d. 8 Oct.. 1»27; «bii d. 9 Oct, 

1S54; bad 1«olf« chikln-a. 
laii £licttu>r Aw^/ b. IG JqIt, 1777; m. ^ JftiL, ISOd, Abijab Dlie, b. 6 

Jui»e,]776:be«&BBfarTii^inGaIva5, Kabiiu wd Howard, X.Y.; 

93H-<r2 Jiih, I^HS; hiML flJiilr. IA51 : Imd eifrhl (hJl.ltin. 

1317 AmA«j^VU If) May, 1730; m. (t) 11 Xot., 190^ Anna Fcrn«, b, ^3 
Mar, 17flT;, who d, 8 Jul*, 1>11!>. He m, («) 4 Feb . l^n, Su»tr>- 
noli 8le*arl, b, to Aug./l7tiG. widow of CbatltA Forb^t. wbo d. 18 
May, 1^3. Ho vnif a farmer in lloincr, X. V. ; Iati>r in ^IcGmvr- 
xi\h\ whpni he hjiil a Honrmill; d. 17 Mar., 18A3; had rltrvrn chil- 

1318 Aanw Jii**m.^K4 Au«,,17S2; m. ?7 Aug. ISW, J*'^'>tiOtift,b.Sl Aag., 
1777, a clnthi^r and mrrchant in >1ny£c]d and TmitoD. N- Y.; 
he d, e Oc£^ 1»L31 ; ehe d. 8 Aug., 184H ; had g<rv€& children. 

13W ffKy«A --^itf^'it,' K li* Mar., 17Hr»; ni. IS fl^'j.t., It*l0, Ann Allen, b. C 
AujT-, 1787 : van a fanurr in Semproniiitf, N, V. : d iO Apr., 1&46 ; 
din d, A Aug., 16r>8; bad «ix children. 

13%0 JUtiiniAt»ftFi/K9 Apr^l7S8; in. t& Apr.. 191^. Eleazor Sheldon, b, U 
Mav, 17II-J* in N\-ir ^Urtboron^h. )Jai»_ u fanner of P*rn\ Wyom- 
W(Erfl.. X, Y. Hrd. 2 Fi4>., 1J*:8; nia- d. 31 Mar., IftS-l. In .Iiim> 
1811*. ibcy mc, from 8hcfti'*id to P<rrrr. in a lumber vitfon. Thcr 
ircre a verk on the vray. Although r^nm vH^ed only fonr and 
om^hnlf p^Hinds at hvz birth. i>hi- aUainrHl the fuU tixe of vouan- 
hood ord inhcritol mui'b of thj- cattTf^y of h«r frtaBdmothcr, BuEIl 

1$}] Jttmeii A^tif^y f^ ^ -TAn,. 1791 ; m. SA Jnii.. If^lS, Tniniir Ohapin. K ^ 
JtilY. 1735; a fam^r in Slnffield, Ham.. Bennett. X- Y., ami Rb^^f- 
6iJd,0.; d.l7Attg., IS&t; ftbe d. 3 Dw., 1$79; lud t«n cbUdmt 


Thb KzLLOOOfi sv Tns Ksw Woeld. 

431, MIHIAM « dAit of DcMoti &ln«» (1^^). b. 94 3Uj. irSd; m. I>r. Uwia 
B*^be, of P4wletj Vt 

She il. j:i I^Atbiiij^lntrg. N. V. After bin Unt uutrriaK*^ lie stntlkd 

theoUijEy ; ne. m Piwlt-t and LaiudiiKbuix* Ht m. (2) » and rem. to 


1$£3 X<utt^ Bt^nr h. 
nu ithoda Bttbi? b, 
1323 ietfiw B**fre/ Ix 

488. SniAS.o MD of Pi-aco» Sik** (UR), k ib SbrffiHd. Mjisd., T Aug.. 1757; 
m. 'Z^ Apr., 176?, Hhodn Hwt, K ^fl Jnly, 1T58, dau. of Aatoq Root, of Sh«0eldj 
■nO RbotU Kin^. 

She d. 7 Mflr,, 1^3, ftgod 75; h« d. 28 Nov.. 1S3& 

H» mtt a prominent bvuiiwM tDan; wiu nppotnUHl adminifttmtor of many 
eftHc^ ukd giiArdi«ik of luAn^r rainon. 

Hifi tnuiiMSfl papcre btvo been prffie^ved by 1u« de^cCDiUnte, snd hflre bMO 
of ;n«t uaUUuDe iii Imtiing Hunt? i>f Uil- k.iUUi^ Iribm. 

He vaa ftdecfanui 1791; Mvcr*! yvnta in tbe tjcKMbtare; member of 
ttitutionni Convimtion of UajB«actinMit« ISSJ ; much in pnbLic \if% 

He vu & TCToLutioDaLTy pouioner ; waa en^aired in Lbe ai<^ of Beaton* 1' 
afCor tbo ^racTution hu raorcbcd to th« dty of Nov York, Tctorncd hoaw, 
AK hii fHthiT mil mck, idartud out on tJii- '^itd vlXivt taiK^l" duifc for BoBtbXL 
I'hcT went bcforo Ocn. Wa^ngton, who aaid *'if it veno not a <wc '>f nccoauty, L 
thonld urge bofh of yen to remain.'' He tamed ont in 1777 on the call of Q«a. 
Schnjicr to r&'enforoc t}i« northern anny in oppoHing Qen. Biirgoyne ojid 
Sttinvd until the icrTtn<ler, 

Ckndrtn, h. in ShtjgieU, 

+1936 VinoRxJ' b. Id Jan., 17dd ; m. Conader MorgAM. 

1387 FxsyrJ b. 5 D«.. 1734 ; d, SI Dec., 1785. 
+1328 CiiAU-MKY.'b. ^ Nov., 1786; m. Loii Turripr. 
+I3W NoBMAS^ b. 8 Apr., It99; m. Mnn- Sh^r*, 
-1-1330 Fiances (Fanxt),' b. IS Apr^ l?ik]; dl Jonathcn Cbarcb. 
+1331 OeodqkJ k 1 Dec.. 1793: m. CjnihU Hoot UeirUL 

1392 Joiiy,^ L «0 FelKr i:S6; d, unm. In New Madrid, Bfo.. Oct. 1819; 
hurird in Sluffirtd. )Iu«. He hnd a phuitatioo nmr N«w 
+1333 Jaxe Maeia,* U «0 M4r, 1798; nu JrtT Sbeara. 
4-1334 Sn-L« Boot.* b. 11 June, 1799; m. Hr«. Lccy C, (Hale) ChutThnL 
+1335 Axxs Etoor/ b. i( July, 1805 ; m. Jamee Pvitnam Flint 

438. ANN* dAi. of Deacon Silos^ (l=o>, k j-i - 17*;o; 

Jan., 1783.JBn.*»Uickoat,ltl NoT„i:37.w>n(ir I iT»oW. 

and ElitaMh . 

He (L 5 Apr^. 182^ ; Hh«> d. in thp «xitnnirr of l^^ti. 

He w an indamtkl and ne&ltlrr dtuen; a merchant In Ijm^inj 
ran. lo Lasaingbnrich from Sheflteld, Ifaan, in 17SS. 

TOB ECLLOOOa Of THE Xkw \Voeui> 

1336 AVmM UkHk? b, 18 Apr, 1783; d. unm. 


Hq lif«d oo Um old bomtf«t«ad of hia fatlier, Re wm a BtlectmaB of Shef- 

laa: ^a^ ffif IoAT b- l Apr., 17S6 : d, 14 Jiine, 1787. 
Janw /iwl'<»i.- U IS llAi., 173S; d- SO Sept., 1785. 

IJ» ^niit Uiclcnk,^ K 13 Feb-. i:i»0; m, 3 Fch„ 18;*, John Bonrdmnn Cliip- 
Diftn, b. in SuDc^rbuitlr Vt, 1 Apr., 17dA. H^ ntJiL to I^ntiii^- 
bursh, N. Y.; s^md u cL«Tic for Jomc* Hickok, 1804; with bifl 
brotii^ hflij a bi^ memotil^ tnuiDOM in Orwell, Vi, tbongh h« 
natiEiaei) to xt^klt iu Luksioglbtufb. Ed 164IJ be rvoa- to CUnton. 
N, Y. She a, i:* Di*^, 11*63 : hu d, ?» Nov., 187L 

1340 C^ikiH Amanda Wiriot,' b- 21 M»r., 1792; m, 1813, Draicon Willimni 

Pfl^, banker. 

1341 SHzabM tli^hak.'^ b. 35 Mftv, 1795; », Bowl Goald, 

13^U //--iin^ //, Hirk^,^ b. W Oct., ItiOO: d, 3 At4C„ 18(K?. 
1344 Exra Edmo^td UuJkck,^ ti. S A^ir-, lfi03; d, 10 Apr., 1877, 

481 CAPT. EBKXBZRH,* wn of Amo*"^ {12C), K in Sheffield, 8B Feb., 1748; 
n. 3 D«c.. 177S, SatvlIi Auftin, b. 3 Kov., 1751. dau, of Zephaniah Auttin, of Shcf- 
Sdd, and Sanb GgKWUia. 

She d. 1 Uar., 1S19 ; be d. 10 May, 18S7, ajcc^ 80 ; botb arx! buried in Sbcf- 


Hi- ■TVi'il lit till' n-vnliifuifuirj Hrmr on iM-Yrnil <MTnsinn!i, Wiu n Corp. in 
OiiJt. X(>bl(^"i: Co.. CoL A*hlcr> lUg:. : woa ailed out wIke Fort Ann vaB cap- 
Rinid by tho Britisb; aloo wrvcd under Gen Gates at Saratov la IT77. 

CkU^rtn, 6. m ShcffUidy 
3346 AiusA.^ b. ? Apr., 1774: A 4 Not,, 1775. 
'IJie WeaLTIU/ b. 13 l>»^, 177^; m. Ephrftira lUrt. 
ai47 Auj^kJ b. 5 r^., 1777; m- Abiah CHllmdnr. 
1318 Amo« a.,' b. 18 NoT^ 1778; m. Liicy WiUinma. 
^34^ EnsyMEfl/ b 15 Xov., 1780; m. Ennlc^e Callender, 
3350 SAaAH.^ b. 21 Maj, 1783 ; m. Milton Bia^dl. 
1351 ntxav^U G Junt, 1787; i «nm,^ 19 Mar,, 1813, agod 2C, 
a35S ABicmi.'b. Sii Xov-, 1788; m. Cnlvin Juliiit Pope. 
3353 MiLO,' b. U Juct. ITiJS i m. Matv Aiui Jaculia. 

[^« JESSE • *on of Arnold <lt8), b. in Shc-miJd, tfi Aog., 1751 ; m. 8 Jan,. 
^■^ TS, Mra. Rboda (Callendtr) Ktlloeg. widow of Danid Kellogg (HI). 

Sh«d- 11 8<^t, ]«<l6:!: bed. in Albanr, N. Y., 10 Jan.* Id^; both 
'Orebnriw! in ftb-r^irR 

ile WM a farmir; rc». in Kvllo;3;rtown» ShrfHrrM, Miw. 
Hp AffTdd in the rprolttlion ; marchoi! on L^iin^ftcn Alarm, ^1 Apr, 1770; 
|««klktoa in Uiearmj 8 ^fay. 1775, in Capt. Bacon'a Co., Col Fdlowa' Beg.: h^d 
^T^ for a bountr t«at dated I>ordi««tvr. 19 Doc, 1775. 

Hif ^rved 8« » priwlv m»lri Capt. Fi'Uo*r>, l^i rki^hirr Co^ Rcg.j 9 to 18 Julj, 
^^77, and marcbed to Kin^^Surr, X. Y. Also manhcd on aUrm «hi>n Porta 
Q*nrR» and Ann wcw taken bj the CDemy, 178a He sen'ed 17$1 ia Col. Aili- 


Thb Kkllooos i^ TUB New Woiaa 

Childrru. 5, »* Shtgitid. 
+IS54 Pahiou/ b. VA Uaj-, 1780; m. WilUam B. Diminick. 
+iafi5 8vLTUTiiR,^ k 13 A[»r<, 17^5; ni. Cdia EL Et^gn- 

13^6 Uatil^a/ U SlE Mar., \1W\ <L unm. 25 Apr^ ttj5tf, in MmdrUl«» Pa-» 

tSa. l'UUl)EMli;<> dAtL of Amo«« (U6>, Ix in SlM^t^d. :^3 Sept, 17&4; eil 
1T:a, N\Mh VAy IIiit>hird, k hi Shir^ld, lA Prb.. irM, mni of B^. Jcmitlub 
UutjUnt. fir«t paMor of the diurcfa to ^heflWtd, bu m DccHkld, 3Iom^ 80 Dee., 
170^, tnd Raclvot El>. 

ESbctUdMar^ mo^ Um. (^) Uary Bo»wortb. dau. of Xithuikl Buevorlh 
and Uary Smith ; d. 4 Aixg- IS44, in thi> bouvp in vhlcli h» vac Ik^ttl 

H« wua firmer ; lived oci tlwold ilobbud liomeelttd in SbeMd. 

1347 Prudtnet HulUrd? b. 1777; d- ItW. 

13&9 A'odl i/uti^rtf/ b. f Oci.. 17T8 ; m. C/iitU« CUiIe ; d «d A«g., 184«, 
in Covnd) BloJT^ U 

1360 Bit Uuhl^ttd? b. 13 Jujie^ 1783, la (t) Ibtd. Rboda WaH, U t Oct, 
179«. Slit d- SO Ani:,. IMO; be nu (S) 1(^ Mar-, l^tf, Catbcrittft 
BauDoiu, bL 30 Jan., 1007, vldnv af Afarmtn Van Abiinr : fVDL frt>m 
SkdAokl «nd Mitk^ nou ToMo, (X, and Utcr in Stl^AnU, Lucu 
Co.. 0. ; «tac a faniMr; d- 9 Uar., I»36 ; the d. 30 Jolj, IMS, 

13dl Lw^ liMhhard:' U aWal 17S5; m, t Apr^ ISIl, Jaml Botvorth. «ba d. 
in l'>c&Mi[UTU)e,O^S^pt^ 11^19. Sbem. (?) 1 Frb., 1^0, SamtMl 
AgR«w,Bfunwrnf Uoomvind Bnr, Mick, wbo tl 22 Ukt. 1827. 
»i» d. 8 Nk, 1&C». 

1S» l>teMla ilftUflnt^ k 1187; d <i Avg., 17M. 

iSft. UARV^datt. of A»o^ (l^K^u SbafiiUl V IW&, K^; sl 1703. Dr. 
Vlttra BnU. K ft SeF<.. 17», MB oT WUlim Bnll Ik S D«^ 11*9. vfaD ■)- a dait 

8h»d.»SfpUI6«S; Wd.lTJiM.l«4i. 

Bv na a |lk5»cMn in ShtfSd^ Vaaa, v^n Ua d. 

ISO VWm J^ JVaJl^ k fi J«1t. ITM; n. t» Uar^ ltt9, hu oooon, D>a- 
dam&aCdlcttdcr (U7«>; d. Jn^lMS; ii ■ fiiiBii riifTtrfHiTil 

1K4 Ja^^JM<ML^kJ«Ml7K;&«w.; Wi gniaakd Aran Wit 
iMm CoU^vi l»t*; mdk^ fcr A* nteiMi?; m. in OcOdd, 

Um i i di J Iw br kit UAs. 

13U Jtt«f« Wwpw «A^ k S Unr^ tSW; m. 1» Xav^ 1M4. I^^ A&fi~ 

6hi«»it]fidi|pn;v«»«fccBtr; flo. in Irvinf . UkL ; «na Ekrt 

li« W bMia a^ d. in Grmt Bama^to^ f Mv^ UH-, ted ao 

TS4KKFITU*A«.af Jdm^ f 19«>. k. i» 
r. k » S«^ ITU, «a al 

^ OcL, KM; 



H^ d 7 Jtn., 180S; she m. (?) 1881, CoL Elijah Stantoti, of SAlietmry, 
ConQ.; a. inftalUbnn-. flJolf, 1831: h«dl353. 

»«8 £utt C4tUn4fT7 Ix 13 Feb-, 17:i>: m. Hcb«rt HaMn; d. in tbe W«4t 
'13<7 J6i>ttr CoUentftt,^ t>. 5 Dixl, ItSO; m. SilftM Wri^t, u dothiur of 

OuHun, Conn. IT** d 18^; ; ^e ± 18JVa, 
2S^ Prucfmc* CalltfuUr,'' b. 36 Mar.. 1T83 : 6. in mfouffv. 
I3fi^ ^iirvn C<dU9^44r^ b. 2T Oct, ir84; m- Mur, 1S08, Kaacr K«e|»; d, 15 

Juir, 18$0; wu a fumcr m Sheffield, Hikm. 

1370 Jiory C^I#nJ(v» b, 19 Oct, 1786; d- in infAHcy. 

1371 n\oda CatUnJer.'' h. JS Dec , i:8S ; d. uiuii. 15 lUy. 181t 
1373 frudtni^ C*/J«Jfr,* U « A«i:^ 1791; d. num. 1? Oct^ 1833- 
1375 Amot CatUnd^,^ h 2S Juno, 17B3; d in mfaDc/. 

'I A$a CQilmdrrJ b. ^d Jnn^-. 1703 : 1 in infancj- 
Pd Amot Cciie^erJ b, 13 Jxin«<, KI^S; d. in isfanc^. 
P3 i>ufJEimJa CoiZit»arf*r7 K 19 (krt, 1798; ni. 29 M«t^ ISJfl, brr cn»m. 
Williun Joj Bull (13«3); d. 9 Sept, IMS; be rts a farmer in 

ISr? CAorff^ CiUlender.'' b. ?5 Jan.. ISOl; d. £6 Jas,, 138S, unm. 

441. AMOS,* <on of Amo«» (136), K in Sbcffwld, 27 8opt» 1760; m. them, l« 

Apr., 17A7. lUdi^ PorM-, k in Lenov, Mub., ]« Od, 1767, dau. of Anioa Porfer 

and Joanna Allen- 
He d. 30 Jan.. 1S06, In Clinton, N\ Y. ; ibo d. Sept., 1S53, nt the home of her 

dan,, Fluiny« in Clintoo- 

Tlw7 pom. to Clinton, K. Y-, 17S7» when the eoonlry vras a vildemeae ; joined 

the chilli at KirtluiO. 3 Jan., 18f>2. 

ChMrtn, cll, <^fpi Amtf, bcp. in Clinhn, iV. Y^, SO Jan., 1S09, 
+1378 F4viffT/ U. SI Fob., 1781" ; n>. Omi Gridkf\\ 
+137^ Hfxitt/ b. 1« June, 17»0; m. Sorrna Bi«i*. 

13S0 AMfts,' b^ 13 An^,, 17SJ ; d, unnL vibiW traTtling in ihe Welt 
+1381 RActiEU' b. 90 Auf.. 17SM ; m. Ber, Salmon Strong. 
+1389 Cu*B*»A»^ U 30 Oct, 1797 ; m, ftrth Hnslon. 
+1983 AaBOIcJ b. 9 Oct, 1799; m. KUta. Shnn- Dodj^ 

1384 Awr,^K 19 Mnr., 1801; d, 5 S^pt,, J81W, 

1^8^ Ku.- U 19 Mar, 1801 ; d. unm. in Clinton, t Apr., 18$4, ag«d S3. 

1386 Amt,* b. ni Jan.. 1803, 

442. CAPT, AAROX • «.n of Amos* (12«), b, in Sheffield, ID Jul/, 176S; m. 
abmji 1780, Scuue Uimlic^n Branch, b. in Vttrmonl, about 1766, dan. of 
Amaiiab Drandi, of Sh^fUbury, Vt. b. in Pre«ton, CL>nn., 14 Jul;, 1741, and 
Sarah RtintinfitoD, b. in Norwich, Coon., 1733. 

He li. in Clifilfin. 8 May. 183A; «h<- <1. Jaa, t838. 

In ih? ngtuma of 1787 he rem. from &Mft<^Id to vhat is doit Kirtljind (Clin* 
toD VilUg*), y. v.. in cwnpaoy with his t>njil>«', Amo«, wh^iv he r?*t until hi* 
dflvth. lit vas a fanm^r and known as Cnirtatu from hia position iu ibe militia. 

Ue «ma a retolutionaty aoidier, ai-rt'inj£ in Cajrt. itoavrell Uoimic^'e Co^ V9 
J<t' T779; in Otpt John Carpciil«r'«CoL, gtjnnlingctmiMiii Spnn^ 

ri ,, W Doc., 1779. 


Toe Kellooqs ix thb New WoEia 

+iad7 ItittAM HnxTixirroK,* b. In Clinton, K. T,j Se FpIk, 1803; m. MarT 

Ml J0STA1I « wn of Amc^ (U«), b. U Aug.. 1TA4> in SbdBrld, Miub.; m. 
le Scivt, 17^!^, Ailk Uolootob. daa of Mi«Wl HoLcomb, of StiofficEtL 

llv d. 14 Mar., 1807; ^T«i(on« at SbdBeli!; »li<^ <L io Erie, Pft., t8 Oct, 

Bern, from ^Mffield to lAiuiiigbuT:gh before marriAge, but rabirnod to Sb«f- 
il<4il tti 1793; «»n Uuix4TrAii(1c'urrii-T; u pud ufiui^iuoi bei^lil, wiUi blue ^jrcs; 
WM n mbtcribcr tor the croctioa of a Conrt Hoii«c At Troj, 17V2. 

13^8 JiTUVt/ b, aboue 1V90; d. unuL 18 Uny, ISIS. 
+1363 Jo«uu7 b. IG Dec.. 17^ l i»< Ottheruie Ihun^^. 

1390 OrtB^v b. 19 Jnno, 1795; d. 19 S«pt., l?!'^. 

1391 Maht (l*<»>-t-^>>'*»"l'"^i^ TW-, 1797; d.aJuly,l30K 
+1393 ArriA Habt,^ k 16 Sept, 1800; m. HjpSfh Goodwin. 
+1393 Gkoroe HoLooyBT b. 5 Apr., 1S04: oi. Jane HAya. 
H:13S4 Catrauke AflcsrATi!.* b. 29 Apr^ l&M; hl TbomAft Colt 

444 JOANN'A,^ ^an, of Amoi^ (Iffi), b. in SttiMA, )fa««., 4 July, HAfl; ul 
13 Mir , i;d4, NAthanieL Wiiulo*. b. m SalUbnry. Coam., 9 Apr.» 1761, ton of 
Ntthauita WituJrra- and Uann«h Fitck* 

Slird, ;h<>ni. (2) II^IS, Amui HxtmAh; iL 30 Apr., 183 L 

Bca. WiU«ton. Vt 

139i JImfrt irfBjJw,' b. 7 Mfti., KS*, 

13H Jfirvn irin^tt/ K in Willit^toD. Vt, 11 Dw., 1789; m. (1) Hururt 
Widworth Uthrop; (8) ; (3) ; (4> ; (5) 

; W8i> A mittnoiiAi? to Osylon ; <t ^ Oct., 1884, on bovrd 

ahip on his vay bom« fnm Cejlocu Hia dio., Joanoa, b^ in Codo- 
Tille, Ceylon, wu odc^ttod by ProfocMT £cUo£g, of WiUitiutowii, 

1897 CkritM Wirulow,'' b- IS Jmc. 1703 ; m. DeAooci Jura B. Skinner. 
1398 I^tNpy SMrtt VFituhtr,^ U 9 Dec., 17<>6 ; m. Aera BrftdU^-. 
13*9 n^bhard WimhmJ b. 30 <ki-, 1799 ; in. 8BAn W&rd Cutlrr- 
1400 (/ort^ ITmc/oitJ b. 13 Sept, 1S03; m. KAUMrin^ a Fith. 

tt7. LUCT^dtn-of Aatoo* (U7).b. InCoWiwl^r C»Hm.,l9 FA,17«; u. 
ia OoMMtftcr, 2« Haj. 1768, Ra^Jalri CbjimbrTUia. 

la Sept, 178A, th« Second Clinrch <\f ColchwtoT rK«inn«Bd«d b«r to tbe 
dnmli in Tklton. Haas. ; tn 1787. ebe And her koAboDd, tbeo Loth of Dnltan, «old 
nn islerat in tbc «rinU of b«r fttlKr to EIUmi CUric. 

1401 5«ma r4(r«ihrrki»/ bop. 2t Kor^ 177*. 
140e /^l« CktvmbtttM.^ Up. 6 Jnoc, 1773. 

'Hu*>A rUA mm IW lUu. «f IU«, Ui . FifA. of Connt/?. Ctaon. Sbe m* LsvUatN 
kilM Ik «vmkC«^ Vt, An^ IMC froo > Ut «kO> 

TitK Kelukx;)) IK TUB New World. 


1403 £oJmimm (?J^4Mii&tfWdrt.' b. - 
UV4 BUf^^Ut Ckamb^rhin,'' L 

449. AAitON^MAof AAr<.at^ (1»T), L in C^ld»tt«T, 9 duj^, 17-1$; 0.3 July, 
Itf'i^, Hbnrlii Jntii'K, h. 4 OcL, 1750, dAU. f^f AmHKR JoTfv, of ColcbcBUfT, Coiui.j 

l-HM AMAftA.^ k .1 Pi-b., I7fl7; nn^ hi Coldifiitirr, 1752. 
-f-liOG Euz^mrTTt (Hkt^ct). K 11 I>cc>, 176S; na. Ccl Lcbbcnn LMnui. 
HOT Makt (Pollt), b. . 

450. LVniA,'' dan. of Aaron* (1»7), b. id Colcbort*r, S3 Jalj, 1749; m. 28 

1408 i.yjM UfilkUtf,^ b. : Ja^. 1768. 

1409 Luc^ HulkUy? b. 

1410 CinWcfl au/Kry7 U 

T-OVIXA* *lnu- of AnTon* (127). b. in Cdchcrtcr (Wwtrhrrtdr), Codd,, 
10 Har. 17&0: m. An Wortbiogh^n. K 11 Oct, 17^5. ton of Elkd WorthuM^tooo, 
b. 31 Oct* 1727. and Bbodft CbAmborlain. 

flcil IftS?; sbe rl, J(itK% 18X4, in Colrhwtor, 

He rcffb in Cf>IcheAler. lo vliich pUc« 1i? nin. from Ifonlville, Cooiu whcK he 

!411 JnfAony U'orMl^Jto^/ b. H Jnn.. 17S4; d. Apr, «rao T«r 

IIIS /^ufo M'orlAifiyfon,' b. 2:^1 Jan., ]7$6; ni. lUlph l^hoin, b. 25 Junfr, 

l7Tfl; a. June, 1847. in Colrfn«ter. 
1413 J« ITorrttfiijtof*,^ b. 8 Ati^., K»^; m. Fmncoe Mtadowcroft; 

Not.. 1S7A, in Irrington, X. Y. 

d. 116 

465, DANrEL.« boq of Sflthaniei^ (I'W), b, io Hadt^v. abont 1717; m. (1) 
t7M dmb. 21 Si-i^.), F^ltMT SniiUi, b. 27 Xor., 1726, dnu. nf John Smilh, of 
Soath lUfllry. und KMbcr Colton. 

She ri. l^ IK^?,. I7;'i; he m, (2) 1758 (paK 15 Apr.), Mm. Thankful (Al- 

cx;tndcT) FlavrW. iriduv of Jowpb ILiwlci'. of Aniljerrf, And dau. of Alei- 

andirr: idled. ; hem. (3) Samh Pftr^on^ b. S!» May, 1723. dnu. of Jo^Ub 

pflrwmfi. of Xoflhftmpton, Hp d, 14 Jtin**, 1799. a^ed 87; nbr d. 2fi Fob., IftOT. 

Hr n^m. l<> ArrjJifivl. wlntre ht d. He wa^ recODimended io th* cburvh in 
Amhrrtt. 4 July. 17G^; hU firvt iiifj> wms diinatMod from (bi± church lu Socitb 
Ua^iltfj to the churdi in Airjhrat* 3 Not., 17ir4. 

He vme a H'U<iman of Amberet. He wa* a Tory duhnp: Ihe is-rolution. con- 
6n4«) In bii fami and ortl^-n.-d to drlifer to the CommitU-F- of Saft4y nil hi* fir*- 
ann^ ammnnition, etc 

H-1114 DAKiin..' bap- M Jtilv, 1753; m- M**rrY F.nHlman, 

1415 AjUioy.' b. S May, 17fi4; bapu ]G Nov.. 1755 ; d, nnra., in Amhmt II 
D*c., l&SO, 11^ 7tt; gnkduaUd from Vale, 17€S^ res. in Amhcrfit, 

ISC Tfis Keujooo^ IV 7Uit Kkiv Wokld. 

1818. To hid opplictttioo for poiuioa h^ fUtea Uiai ho vccl to Bos- 
ton, N'oT., KTA; pTiliKhnt iw a ruiniiiTr on board tlui fngftte Dttcev 
CUpt NicboUon. ^btr Wh port for the West Jndiv* snd toucbod a4 
the IsUnd of Mareuilqne; tailed nonb. ttopping iwo tnontlHi «t 
rhUuld]ibiA; cnii»<xl aloim tlie cootft of Xevfoundl&nd; ivtumed 
to Borton («Hy in Xov^ KT5>, whvfi ho ww dUcfa&T^. 
-)-14U DavidJ U 10 Not.. 1^*^; m. ^lli« flhdge. 
1U7 JoXATlLix,' b, 10 Not,, KW; d, yownft 

Ue. ABHAHAM.Xton of NaOiuucI* (leS). b. in HftdUrr. Mm., 1719; nu Y 
D«^., 1T5.<, Sttnh CowU«, U io BfltfioH, Uts«.» ^ Dee., 1732, d«u of Jocuthui 
Cowlcs. k 30 JuDt>, 1703, aqJ S«nli Qajbrtl U 1 FeU, 1709. 

Uc d. , in A hospital in N'rw YoHc, wtulc in thi^ rcrol«tioatf7 &nnj ; 

^ d in L^iT^'tt, Mfti*., tS Oct., 1819, ognl f^T. 

He «-« ft f-^ntiDel ID Capt Isn«l WUIiftnis' Co., boni 17 lUi., 175C. io 23 
JftiL, 1757. pjLrt of iho tiiM «Utho«i«d witli tiu> 3i-tKluiMnt fo C)url«B>oiit, Hwa., 
pnrt of tlip limr* w^uUng wndwanl; i-n)ij*t«d in thn reroluUdiuin- army ftbuot 
I7T&; FOIL ID Amhent 4od BftdJcT- lie And hU vifc vnc nccifcd mto^illfiooi- 
aunioci tn ibetthBRh ia AmhtrA, $ Utr,, I7r>0. 

+U\S STWt/h.^S«pL,1761; u. EnoftGnvM. 
+1419 DiATvjuu/ k 1763; m. TKoiMtf CUpp. 

UtO Sxiuil' Up. in Amltrrrt, 15 Apr.. 1764; J. tixim. 

+14*1 Ku,» h. 1« KoT^ n«8; OL Mw- Umj (Ptkr> Um^nj. 
+im ^AursL.' btt|k » Hbt, irro; bo. HuBfth lUnk 
14» AwabimJ bAp. 13 D«c-. 177«; 4. 70«^ 

Ur. PRFDKNCE.«d»tt. of N«lliAnicl* \l2?i), k id [UiUft. J'^i "»- ^^ ^^tr, 
17S1, JoMh r4rw>n«. Jr^ of NorteMptaB, lUi^ k 9 Jnae. 1713, ma of Jonfth 
FtnwftBd £linbKh Stnwg, 

Slit d- 17 Jn», in>l, Jifvd £8 ; br d- 13 lU^ ITWL 

Bt«^ in Xot^A^Cdfi, Mml 

14«4 JVoMN P i W i M j b. 3 A«;, 1739; d. un. 15 $<|>C. ITM 

)U3 Pni^tf«^IW»M.Vk.» Apr^UM; a. 1» Di«^ ITH, Dr. 5luuri FW- 

kr, of TriTTiiiifciBii Um^ 
14H J5^^ Pwfwu.^ k U lUj, 173:^; m. ITU, HUifca Gn«^ 

4BI. JOEU*WB«rXslKuW^^L3«>,ki>B*dWr.ftboctl7t4; s.n4d(pQk 
T A^ ). JouM Clut k in NoftlmflM. » 3Iat, 17^7, dn. of Swad CUrk, 

Skt ^ U JOA. lINf b« 4 SI (Vt-. 17M n? tm. IB T^^, 

a«ta^tti9.; MidMliiPifltBilvndiBakmftvAiiAf «f FivtmUMs 

tirVrr ^•r^ *^*. — *->>^ '^^^n^^ 

Ihn KvLLOOGfi rx thb Xbv Wobld, 137 

+1UT UmiA3( » b. «« Dec-, 1751 ; m. C'«pt. Klwim Krar}"- 

+ H2A Sin-Ji,' b. 1734; m, (I) Jenttha \%Tiite; (t> . 

-f 1459 JoASifA^'b, ; TO. Jocatl^an Ingraiu, 

+1430 AwoAii.' b- 18 NcT,, 1757; ra. Moam Croft*. 
+1431 Lsn,^ b. S Oci, 1750; m. Cjnthia Wright. 

459. GARDKEH,^ wn of yith»i:JcI» (1S8>, k in HftaiE>v. nboiit 1730; m, J9 
Apr, 17(re, Tiuokful Chtpin. of Wait Spiingfldd, L SS Feb.. J? « 7. diiu. of 
Joa0|)h Ch*pin, b. Iti Mar.. 16*J7, of Chioopt^o, Uace.. and ThAakful Diddn^onp of 

She (L ^t FcU, 1305; he d. to UDdlcy, € Oct, U14 ; their frmvoAtoncf ore in 
HsidlAr nniH'tory- 

£i«Dtin«^ in C&pt Iftxae) Willlam'« Co.» in CokniD Aod Cluu1«!inoat« 9 &«pt-» 
17M, to U Mar.* 1735; pnvutc* in Ctpt William'* Co., in oxpcditiou agwost 
Cnvti Point, I'i^G; mtvl^ fortj-four wi^-k«. 

+143! XATiuxfio,/ b. 1 Oc%, 17^3; m, (1) Chloc Drake; (9) Mm Bctoer 

(Cowie?) Uoodjr. 
+I4» nAUilXEEj K ^2 Svpt, 1705; m. Abjptil Wliito. 
+1434 Joeuu/ b. 1^ July. 17S7; m. Hannah Smilh. 

143Ji T-rnr7 U 2 Not,, 17*©; hl, as his seccnid wiTe, 27 Jtine, 181$, TlMir^ 

Chopin, of Sprin^dd. b. $S Julr, 176$ ; d. 10 Dtc-, !S43 ; be d. 

in rroTid<!ti«, R. I., 2C thse,, 18?5: h«d no childroiL 

CAIT. MOSKS« ?rtr of N'nthsnicl=» (I?ft}, L flboat :733, in Hadlcy, 
; m, 3 Aprv 17i^ Mary SheldoB, of Shtffieid. M8», b. Ifi Mar., 1738, datu 
of B<mjttmin ShcWt>ti, b. W Aug., 1705, and Abi^J Kello^'s (+133). 

Shc>d. ?3 Doc, 181^,0^75; ho(^-3» May. 1815, agH 82; both vcro bnriod 
in iladW, whptv lb*ir gruTfctonra are slill liUuilkTtg. 

Ho vac a farmer m Hadley ; eclectman. 17:577. 

Ho »»rr«d In Capt. Em Clip** Ca, of W«4£ilvld^ in th« South Hc^., of Uainp. 
■Iiirt Co., fortbordiff of Fori Williim Ilenrr, 1757; fcrvcd fonr dayt; trarclod 
foT^-fir* m]lf«. 

Hi; vatt a TJiTuL irt CapL Kliliu Siiulk'n Co.; uian-Urd im thi* J/t-xiii^U>n 
AJarrn and 4«flT0d Mfrt^ti dayn ; enliatted in tbo army, 27 Apr., oamr yi«r ; commijf- 
aionrd Ui-ut 25 Jlar, 1775, Capt. Smith'* Ca, Col. Ward** R^-g. ; Limit, Jn Capt 
I^muiV Co« CoL Dikt'* BcgM ST \c?- 177(1: Copt, in CoL Porter** Reg., t3 
S«pt ; marebed undiT licn, Gato* to ro-«nfore<-* tb* northimi armr, IS Out., 1777- 
flia rumi- nppvnm in "OiBtvm of tbr Cnntini'nlnl Army.'' 


IMA Wnni^o7 1), about 1758-59; m. KliiaU-tb Croil. 

I43T Mo*K»/ b, Ifi Fob,, J7fil; m. EHTaboth Xpwton, 

+I4M BzxjjOTK,^ b. 25 Aoir, 1753 ; m. Patty Smitlu 

143V MAiit (PoLtv).' b. 176S; d. iinm, I Au^-.. 18U, in Hadloj-. 

+ 1440 AvKuit Siin.oo**,* h*p. 4 Xov,, l*l>fi ; m. Kli^ba Tl<-Miti< 

+1441 HxreBtcyri*.' bap. IZ Mnv, 1771; m. Arijitobulua Smith. 

l«? Electa,' b. Not., 1773: rik a« hi* second wife, Wn. EUhu W*if, of 
WhAtdy. Mo**,, b. )4 Auje-. 1758, Aon cf Elibti Wait, of UatAeld, 



uid llftrtiift Wclle, of Uard^ck. me^ He d. Vi July, 1998; <tw 
d n Xov.. 1831J; bjid no chliaren. 
+1443 SAVrcu^ b. S] Oct,. 17T: ; ic. Manr C&llcfidcr- 

4ei. PHEBK* iUn. of XatlinnW (12ft), b- in Ht^lpy ; m. ft \m-.. 

liJS, hieiAt EIcazCT- Nash, of Graubj. b. 10 Feb,, IISO, sod of Bphraim Natli, of 
South Hadl^v. snd Juatina Smith (M). 

Hrd. EU May, n:.^; hIkmI. ntmai 1777; Wlh d. in Gmnb/. 

Ho vtm ft tnrrcyof and a mm of coosidcMble imflaeiKe; i«<. in Granby. 


1444 i4tey Na^h/ b. 1ft Sept, ITCO; m. (1) :& Unr., 178<l, Aumh Alvorel; 
m. (») 31 Oct, 1813. John Btickoej? d. £4 Bee, 183$, agod Bfi. 

1445 J4^Hm Xtnth,^ k Hlout 175:e; d. unm. l«t Mav, 1316. 
144'* ^pArciraA"rMA,^k Mar., 1754 i m. 2 Feb,, ir^C, Hsnnflh Wells; rem. lo 

BrtnJcboro, Vt.; d, 16 Dec-, 1816. 
1447 SiMztr Sa^hJ' k Aug-, 17M ; n«. in Grnnby.: in. fl Apr, 1793, Ahtgail 

Bn>ini, of Amherst, Mam*; d. 9 Ji«ic, i83<i, a^cd 80. 
144S yaiheniti ^ash/ b. 1767 : d. u&ni. 6 July, imH, a^ 77. 
144^ P/br&r.Vu^ATb. U Jail,. 176^; m. 13 JxiU, 17S9, JumjiL SmUli,«iF SuoOi 

Uadlo: <l, 11 Jan., 1817, n^ 78. 

466. ELIZABETH," dau. of Capl. Kbi-ii«3*r* (Ifi$). b. Ifi Xhc, ni>; to, «5 
.pr, 1710.. CapL nad IKhio*mi SamuL^ Konrw,* b. in Sak^ Villagu (no* Dan- 
i), Umu^ 2Ti Apr., 171.V wn nf SamuH N'mirwv b. lA S*1piti, 7 *lHn., 1A7^ and 
Donjtby FanUmcr, dan. of Fraucia Faulkner 

She d. is Bolton. Mui., 14 Oct., 1751 ; ht- m. (?) Abigail Baruwl, of Uul- 
bcro^ Masf. ; d. S Haj, 1790. 

In 1740. the voar of his fath^F ilc^ih, \t^ K-m. to Bolton, loa^njc bu brothor, 
Fraikdti, in }iOi^^.-««iot] vt Ihi' IvinKi^tmiJ in DniiT^-n, wKidi Imd btvn tN4|ui?Btbed tl 
thtr two brother* bj their fnlhrr. it CDiitiuncd three hnndrcti nonA. lie waa llw 
fnthor of «irtf>«<D rhjldrvn, e?v^ by hU first wif>? and nine hj the secood. Thm 
of the diildr^D ntn? named Ahigul ami Ivo Klbabctb. 

CAii^f«n, ^, in Bolton* 

1-150 JdU JtToiim/ b. 17 Nof^ 174a 

1401 Dmid Nmme;^ b. 19 Jnii<^, 1 742 ; d. SA l>i<4^. lAta 

1 152 A'^idiWA \i>tfr«,' K ^ ,liuL. 1744 ; d, 174*. 

1453 iteitjonin Xqutw,^ h. Feb.. 1746. 

1454 Eiisahdk Souru,^ L 4 Jan.. 1747. 
1155 Jonaa&n .Sc-yw,^ b. 19 tkv.. 174S; m. Unth BuTretL 

467. KNSIGX EBEXGZBB,* wn of Capi. Ebm^vcr' (199), b. In Anih^Lrrt, 
Mriw.. about 1722; ro. (I) -■; <2) in AmbTnri» U Jim., KSl.flarDh Clapp, 
b. 4 Oct, 1733, dau. of Pnswrrcd Clopp, b. «S Jul>% 170(t, and Samh W«l. b, 9 

ftnJ Rm«a Tov-dp, hU «rtf«. Slie anil her viitor v*r« kanp^l aa vilohot 10 Jnae, ll 
It «*• eUliDcd thut tiEvf ««rc but tvl4«iio» vi (h» ]Wv*r ol )4«Un. 

TllK KL-LUKWft IV TUB Nkw WoftLO. 


B^d. uitii«ariDjrlnTknoi!vrogi4, $2 Kot., 1776, ogifJ 54. 

H« Tea. in Amhcrrt. where he and hi* wtf« wvtv admltt^^ to the chorcti^ 13 

It ift ttid Ihtt he W4« au Eustgu in tJw EigUDi UaH«adiiWTtt!<, Col. ChoaU'^ id 
So. Peppcrdi's ^^pcudition a^inHt Ixiniflbnric, 1713. 

Bd imaaMoidjcr in thdrmy of tht? i^rrotiitiotir and ««rv^ fis ft Corp. in Cftpt. 
Didci&aon'fl C«., Col WoodLprid^'s E«^, Lexm£:ton Al&nn. &ler«n daye; in die 
•tme toiDpADV 1 Slay to Aug., 177^; rcctittd nn order for a bounty coat, dated 
Proipect nil]/ 21 Oct^ 137^; a [>rinitr in Oajii. Aanin Tliv/np«' Cn.^ Ool Am 
VThitcojDb'e J^ti,, iird id a roll dated Fort 'I'icimdcrcgii* 1 l>3Cv, 177G. enlisted 1 
May. ntfi; d, 2! Nor., 3r7«. 

She m. 13 1 ^ Apr^ 177S, Jotn Na^ih of Amhcnd, ron of Dcocod John 

JCaih; d. -. 

ChitJ. h^ in A.mherst, by first urife, 

-f-1457 BftEXEZKK.' b. fibo-n ed Mat. 1741>; m< <1) Eliubeth Croc4c«T; (2) 
TanwT Wng^t 

Children by tKCnd tiAf*. 
+ia&8 SAftin7 Inp. 13 May, 17W; m. Jo*L-ph Bulk-a. 

1450 EuiAbtrii (Betset).^ b. ; ui- ITTS. Beiib«ii DickinsoD, Jr-, o( 

Amh«nt, *bo rem, to ThetforJ, Vt. villi hi* fathi?f. 
H-146<» .ToN'iTiiAS,^ hip- 24 Oct, 17110; m, Mnr\ Hf)IUinjl. 

471. EZEK1I;L.« wa yf Capt. Eitkkl" (130). U 35 SepU 1725; m- id New 
Salem, Maaf., lij May, 175U; ilaunah Houtlmck, b. 15 Sopt, 172tf. 
Sb-iLlNoT., Ifi07; hifd. ^1 DtH?., ISIO- 

^rbcy fcftded in New Salem, \1a«a., vbcro all their {children ir<^rc hom^ 
He WAaa aotdin in ifae Frcneh and Tndian war; served tn IJ^at. Ani^s Fod- 
t*/# Co., Col. Icrocl WiilinmiE lirfr.; di^flchcii and mnrvhcd int«> the wrstcm 
irootier danng tiic fiiegv of Fort William Henry, 17^*1 ecrvod ten day»; trav- 
eled forty-fmir mi.lee. (CatlE*d Kzddel^ Jr., in ivc9n1 of lerrioe.) 


1461 AfliHEL.^ b, ; d. aged $ weeka. 

-H14«a EixKiEt,' b, ?3 Mar, 1763; m. (1) Mr* Eimiee Fortif ; (a) Urn 
JclicU (Tarkcr) Cnhoon. 
a4«3 BcKJAMix,' b, »3 !>«,. 1735: d. Mar., 17*». 
14IH Bevjihis.' K 23 Ftb., 1759; d- 16 F*V, 1775. 
+11S5 Uavnuii.^ b. 3t Jnn., 1761?; m. Inrad Kichaniron. 

14<« Ajiioau7 b, U Msr. 17<;9; m. 2» Dee., \^U\ navid Whitacn>, of Wftn- 

dell; had no children. 
14C7 fiuiABrrn/ U 1 1 May, 17€s ; d. imm.. after lJil7, in which year her 
niimi' »ppi-an tn a ViMt of nunmunkanu in Ihv rhunih in Nrw 

474. WILLIAM,*" aon of Capl E^ki.P (13ft>, K 1 Feb.. 1759- m- W FeK, 
I77£, N'annj llnlt^n. dau. of Jam(^ Mohan, <]f Nt^vr Salvni, Man*. 

aiod«2 Aug-. 18ne; h<'d-7Uet-, !82H; holh 4. io Amharft^ Ma**. 

n^ WB*a pdv»t-» in CapL Conflal*-** Co. Col, Oavid W^lln' Reg., ^4 S*pt,, 
to IB Ott, 1777: marched 1o join the northern anuy> 

*rTOv|«it Hill WAJ Id ChiultttowQ mpd vai foi^tlflvJ ntiti tliv butlJc cf BunLtr HUl. 

TitE Kellooqb ih the Xbip ff obld. 

He owacd Q farm of ««T<^tx or aghty screi in Nirir Snlctn. but i^xchjuigcd it 
for millt in Amheret, own«d by Maj. P«ck, throe mib« Dovtb of Pr. PnnioQ't 

140S Bltiumi (BstSST)7 tk «*- — ; m., a« bi» icooiid vifo, S Jail, 17^, 
Jfwph Church, Jr., of Ainhcra*- He d> in AmlirnFt* 20 flcpt, 1840. 

146^ Nakct.' Is ; m. 3 Sopt-» 1818, C^pt Jams CummirifK 

1470 3ybiu^ h. — : iiL 1*1 Frk, IKOtv AbraliBin {^mManL of Rraltleboro, 

Vt, who, wiili tvclTf other fnmilicf, moxvd from Ambcret to 
Stuk^ly, Ijovct Caoflda; h^ wa>i a btacksnaith* biit bought a firm 
iu Caiudu; (Jit 0. m Cuiia'la, ItaiTiiig Mevenl cluldrvn. 
-f-14TI Utu:3 CitocoiiJ b. 2» Sept,, 1783; m. Knnioi^ I'alm^ CoUntL 

475. SAMUEL,"^ eon of Capt EzcUd^ <13l>). k 1 Feb.. 1739; m- (1) Uo7 
Sqov, ptrrhipe dau. of Jacob Snov »od Abigail WytUD^ vbo wen n. In Vohonif 
MttM.. f* Apr-. 1741). 

8hc a. - ■ : h»^ m. {2) 22 Apn. 1805, Mf& Sdlly (Fisk) Swithwkk, 
widow of BenJaiDui Soiithwicl:, of New -Salem. 

He TC& in Kev Sah^m. wlit-re hut childrtrn were bom. His so^Oiiul wife was 
dlnoififod fTom tho ehuich in N«w Snliint, and Tecosijnocdod to tbv eharch in 
S&n^rflel], K. Y., tU Apr, 181fi> at nljout whidi linte h** |»ro1iAhly r^i, to that 
plftw- U(? ifl said to have h*>en a solditr in the resolution and wna one of aUt4->en 
uii-Ti who timrebM to re-«Dforcr the army al BL^miii^itoii, but «)J<1 not arritv them 
until tft^r ih« battle. Ha often told hia dii1dr«n of the awful >ccdc» whidi bo 
vltn«8Bod on that field of blood. 

+14T'i BEh'JAMixJ bap, S» Auff.. KTU; lo- Pcnneii* Traak, 

4-1473 8amit^i.7 Imp, Hi Jiilj, 1771 ; m. SumrinaH PHhwi- 

+Hn LccT,'b. lajnly. 1773; tn- Kwn Allen, 

+14T5 Sauaji/ b. 17 Jiin^, l"7j; m, Peler Sampfon. 

+U7G nA!ryxi! Snow/ U 39 May, 1777; m. (I) Jo&ei>Ii Patoam: (8) Syl- 
van uk Ward. 

+liT7 NATlt-^VIKI,.* b- 23 .luly, 1781 ; m. Samh Slow^-IL 
1473 JoSATiiAx/ Up. I Aag,» 17^4; d. unm. about 1814; he was Uie only 
Kellogg mi^utioned a4 a pew renter in tbo ehun-h in New Sal«in, 
18D7 ; he was vrttlinj^ thf* mtatc of hi* brotheTr BarnaiNU, whrn h<t 
wa« tak«n nek And dird within a >'(«r of hu brotbcr'« d^th. 

1479 DABSfAara.^ bap. f) July, ]7JiL'»; ailmintstrtlion wa^granlol t^i hi^ broUier 

Jonathan, in Troy* X. \\, 8 IJt^.. 18H. He newr inami.-d> It ia 
md th:»t he diid vuildcnly at tbr salt iprlngi^ X. V. 

1480 ExPsaiESCt.' b. ; d- in New Salvni, 50 Nor^ 1806- 

+1481 WAfiREK.' b. 30 Dw^ 1^5; m. Molima Pact 

+US>i r)Aviat PnK,*fcL in KewSalem, 12 St'pt.. IftOT: m. Emily l>ufihajn. 

+1483 KxrKiLiKSCK (ExPKB»Y).' b. 18 Apr, 1«11; m. AranM T^vamore. 

478, SAWrEU* Mn of Sanioet* (131), b. in Hadtey, Mnw.» 17 Mar, 17tfi; m, 
i2 June, 1751, M.iry Naj>h, k 7 July. 1731. dan. of Emikh Daniel XiuJi (IS4), 
of Sovth HAiiIvy anil ShvlburiMt, !klaM., and ^anddaaghttrr of Jotin Nash and 
EUzabelh Kellogg (+34), b. 8 Dfc., 170i!. 

Tnz EcLLOooa tx thb New WofiLAu 



ii« vu A <«lHiict mokcr «nd jomct m Weet^ld, Ma(«. ; rem. lo Chealcrfidd, 

ehera. (S) 

L«; d. June, 1811, 

+14tH S^tun,^ L. 16 Aug., 1731; m. Ashtr Socka. 
-rWS-'i RHon*7 b. 23 Niw., 1M3; m. Abctr Snckct 
-HHd6 IViMiiiNA,' K U Mar., 1758; m. Samud Root. 

14»7 UOLUt^T b, ^u Stft-, lim; m- 16 Ik-c, 17**:^, SU-pben Miller, of W«rt 

1486 Sortux,'* b. al)QiJt 17^; m. 2Q May. 1790, Kbcnmr Elli^ of OrftDfiUOt 
M«ml; c1. ^T A-ng., 17^0, in WestfidJ; had no children. 

US? Eu£ABCTl!7 U 29 Jul;, 17G^; m. <1} Iiu^tl MHIcr, bUckunith; (t) 
KloUi-r Taylor, of Long MmOov; bfld do chUdr9Q« 

1490 DAroiiTi::^,' b, ; d. b^ J4. 

+1491 £u/ b. mS; m. Qmce Koficn. 

460. OAD,^ Aott of Scmnc)'^ {131>» b. 

m. in Wp&tflpid, 14 J\ui^ 175' 

Lucy Siick«t, b. 15 NoT.j i;;^6j davL of John Sackct, b. in Wt«tfiel<i, S Mar., Iti^, 
and SamIi McCnuiey. 

He d. Atf^l tbo4t 83 ; «hc d. «ffcd about 60. Itcft. in 1Vc»t£cId ; was a ctr- 
ponkr; m twi hig\i, li^t hair *nd eres. 

Qc w«9 Avntiud in Cajit Colton'n Ca, 3 to 11 Sept., 1754, atu) e printc in 
Cftpt Em cup'* Co., o£ Wc«tGcId, the South Rtv- of lUmpahin^ C^,, for the rc- 
lirf nf Fnrt WilUimi Wintry in 17.17 ; nerroil fniirtwn dajs jtud Iratel^d one Iran- 
dnd iiiiJ«& 

H« WAH a rc^ytlalJoOAi; aoldier; )>rlvat4> in Ctpt. Pjirk'i Cc^ CcL Dftaittl*on'« 
tlr(j, ; r-ji1i4n] in the arrny for i-irfit month*, 4 M«y, ITTft; hud ordw- for bounty 
coftt dAt«d Hoibory, S3 Dec, 1775. 

149$ Ht-uiAll,^ K 15 Doc, 1757 ; rl «s hi» wend wifc^ 1 Apr., 1787, Eli Fflr- 
eons, of Euftdd, b. 239 Jan.. 17&6. He vae a Unner and farmer; 
•erved Id thic ntohition&r; war; be m. (1> in Kufield, 10 ^ov., 
1775. TtHi.vrji Atlm, whn d. 12 May, 17ft5; rnn. in IROO fmtn Kn- 
Ecld to U<^hunbk Co.. Pa,, vhcrc he d. 11 Nor., 18^; vaa buried 
in Troy, Pa. j sUe d- S Jaa. 1SS9, 

Conox.- U 22 D«^, 1759; m. Ly<litt Williams 

Sabaii,? b. 11 Oct, 1761; f!L in Foedmg HilU, Ma«fr, 17 D«c^ 1780, 
Tvivi PitU. 

PaaJiru' b. 2A Dtt, 1T53 ; m. , 



DnotAli,* K 7 Jnnt^ 1766; m. 19 Sept., 1790, LoH Strnvter. 
G.iD.^U 17 Oct.. 1770; d. unm. in army in the wtr of 1919, 

BoitA.v7 b. 17 >Vb,. 1772; d. nnm. in Wcitfidd. 

Havtix,^ h. $ Mar., ]7'74 ; pmliabty <L yonnf^. 

103, EPHRAIM,* rni of Ephraim^ (135), hnp. in Amhmt, MtAt., 3 Jaa., 
I74t; in. 17«I. Eeth^r na^tini:^, of Ilnlflold, Ma«-, K 1 Feb., 1743, dan- of 
Haitinir*. h. G Nov.. ]7> :f. and Matr Bilden, datt. of Jo«ep1i Bdden. of 


The KELUHHfl ne the New VTobld, 

HedLSd Jan., 1815; »^c cl. 30 N' or., ld&3» agr^J 30 ; tw«<litoflifV ia Amhmt 

Thiey were raeniben of Dr Parwna' diurdi, in Amherst; rei^ a ouarUr of 
B cnik tfoutbcAst of hU brother, JDntpL lie ha/i\ Mndj bur and lij[Kt blue cjca, 
of m«diiun umt erect, qakk ic hi« morvDMnU. Slw bad blade hair and eym, mbA 
TO a tiue-looking womaa. 

Bo waa a Tovr dnrinc the rerolntion, and vas oonfined to hU on farm aod 
ordafad to aumod^ ha flTuamu and eiamuDition, 17T>. 

CkiUrtn, h. id AmhafMi. 

+1500 JobkJ b. ^3 Sept, UGS; ni. (1) Uonnna Mattoou; (S) Mrv. Martha 

(Brldpti) ItignuiL 
+1£I>1 EucTA,^ b. G Au;., 17m : m. Deacon Nathaniel Bau^ 
+U03 £PHitaDC,' b. 15 Jane, 1766; m. Martha ^^miih. 
+1503 SSmiBli,' Ik 2 Mar,, HOS; lu- Klii«h Projty. 
1501 JoA^XA,^ Ik 1 Deo., 17$9; d. yootii:. 

1505 pHiLASi J h. 53 Mar , 177^ : probaWj d. yom^. 

1506 Abigail.' b. 19 May, 1774; d. jomg. 
+1507 Klija«,»^ k 17 Mar^ 1T7«; m. Kaiinah mrrick. 
+150d EusBi.' b. ^ Uar.. 1778; m AlagaU Uvreoce 
+ 15W JoEL/b. 19 Jan., 171^; m. Ehiaheth Akxudar. 
+ 1510 Wahwiu^' Ik 19 S*pt, 17£1; m. <1» OUt« AjUiUiy; (2) 5i 

1511 Pbilohsla.' b. 15 Jan., 17S4; nu 1& ABkhcrtt, 27 F«h., ISlO, 

3iiu«dr of VTia^rklge, VL; d ^ ; probahljr had no fliihlnti. 

604 MARTIN* mn of K^nivfi (1S5), bap. H Jan^ 1744; m. (1) 
Crocker, b. 1743. datL of Zacchcaa Crocker, of ShoteaborT. Uaa«. 

Sh<^ d. 9 Aug , 1611. agvd 69; be bl ($) Hri^ Liief Hifti^a, k 2t JasL, 
1753, widow of Sanuirl ]fariin|:B a^d dan. of Simfoo Poowroj aad AUflBil 
Ha d. m Hadla^, Ifaaa^ 7 Nor., 1897, a^ 84; tMBdatooa is Aabont oamaieiy: 
tlw d. 23 Drtu, 1839. age^ eS. 

Ho m^ in Avhmt; wao aelMtmao 1T6(^<S3. 

aUdrm, 5. Ill AmhmL 

ISU STLvaxra.^ Up. » Sapt, 176»; d. 30 Not^ 1774, 

1513 EunttCTiL' L 1771 ; A 4 Dtc, 17T4- 
+1514 DoKOTiiv/h. SOMar-, 1774; m. Cbc«tFr Hvhbai^ 

1515 EUXABSTH (Bn^ET) * bap. 2€ Hay. 177€; d. 15 Ftb., 1814. 
+1516 MabtivJ K 2T Ort., ITTd; m. Bannah Hiitt^t. 
+1517 Bai^y h, S4 Aat^.. 17:40; m. L^ia CaDdon. 
+151S CiAttEsaA.* b. 15 3iv. 1-^*^^ nt. Otie HaatiBefc 
+1519 HA^rAB CnncKtSL' K 14 JoIt. 17^: in, Amos Oidr_ 
+1520 Sabaii BxAi£.' bajv 23 Ju1t/i7^; m. Sannd Uorsan. 
+1521 AonaAS,' bap. 30 Man 17P0; b. TImmap Banw. 

QOIl DOROrnT," duL of Ephnin* (135), hap. n F*lk, 1T4€; n. WilUaD 
VMl of LamHt, b. 27 An; . 1745, aaa of JoBathu PM4, b. 1«9$. and Ei 

SItfrd- 1 Aof^ 1773; Um- (2) IT F«L* ITW, Edilha Frmrr, of Bal 

The Kkluxkm ix the Kkvt WouLt>. 


K 17 Apr, 17M. d«u. of Phinau Fnu-y, of WLauly, Ma**., und Mary Bill- 
tngi; d. 21 J&d., ]3£4 ^ sbc d. 7 Oct, 1655, 

Ho bftd &tn<? chi]dr«n br hifi second vif^, end of vhoiB« WiUiaB]» m- Boi^ 
Uatt^»D Kellogg (+-I103). * 

152? Luttrr FiWd » K Sepl., 1771 ; m. Bcukh Broad. 
15?3 £rwfTtf Fiel4J h. 2? July, 1773; m. Sulr>roc A*hlty, 

606. ABIQAIU* dau. of EpAmim^ (136). bap. 16 Oct, 1748; m. (1) Exra 

Ua d. ; the m. (S) 1« Feb-, 1801, John rjTichoc, of Springfield, 

iU«t, b, :fu S^t., i:4:i,*onofW;lliani«nd Sarah P)^!^^©!!; d- 1 Mar., ItWtl, 

15S4 E^h§r Rood!' b. $ Dec, 1769; m. SO May, I78d. EbniGwr Ingmzn, of 

501 SARAH,* AoD. of EpHraim* (n<^), b. 10 S*>pt, 1?^^; m fi Si>pt,, 1773, 
Jooathab Field. U 15 Apr.. ITfiO. «oq of Jcnatbau Fkld, of Suod^itaEid, BIus., b. 
ie9», and Esther Smith. 

Sht^d. 14 Jati.. 1832; he a 32 Xov., 1833. 

Ho «&« a famer ui LoTerctt, Mom. 

15M Zjirtw ^'i^W,' b. 31 May, \11\ ; d. 8 Fob.» 1775. 

1520 S^t^fitu FitU? b. 26 Fek. ITTfl ; m. Ua rausiii. Cyatlua Field, datu of 

Wm. Field Jird Kditha Frary; farmer in i*4;T*rttt. 
Ifi27 ffU'itu ^I'/di^b C Jnti-, 17?^; 71^, Virtue Aflbky, of Sundirrland, dau. of 

Qideon Aabley; farmer in Lererett, 
15JS Ltvi F%MJ b. 13 Feb., 178(1; m, lUchel Klagaloy, of Northampton; 

Uwjir in WilEiiin^on, Vi.; d. 12 Jiily, IflSO; grAdunt<? of WU- 

LiaciA CoU^e. 
15W Samh Ff*W7 U 83 Juae, 1782: m. hw conaiiu RMfiu Field, fameT te 

IjC\Tnit,acin of SoU) Fidd; bed. 23 Mnr>, 1813; ^1? surrircd him 

luanv r^r^ 
1530 Al^heus FiMd!' K 26 J»ui?, 1764; in. IfS Ncn., 1811, Oarobiitf Adauia^ 

dan- of Nathan Adama; a fanner in LcTCii*tt; d- in Bcnnnda, 28 

Hay, lS5fi, 

JOSEPH.* BOT of Ephraim* {Uh). b. in Amlieret. 38 Kot, 1758; el in 
Bddwftoim, MoNi., 16Dec., 1761, JeruUia Ingram, b. 7 May. i756,dhu. of Eiiaba 
Ingram, of AadicfTft, b. 7 &q^, 1717, and Elixnbcth (Smitb) \jtmK 

dhe d. 5 Dk., 18S4; lie d. 1« Uar,, 1838 ; both ver« buried in :Korth Am- 

1fi.^l narJOfTTtR.^ k and d- 178«. 
+ 15^:2 WiLU.^K,'' b. 13 liny, IT84; m. Snuannah iDfrram. 
1W3 Mart* K 25 July, 17Sfi: m Luke Wait 

153-1 Jo9zni.*b. 16 Jnly. IT&e: ra. (1) Joanna Krlloss (4103) ; {$) Emuco 
H. Porter. 


TmI- KkLLOOW 1^ THE NkW ffoHLH. 

+l&3fi LrcY,' b. H^ Oct. 1788; m. Rufw Cnfte (3854). 

1&37 Jseuftnx lKOftAii,*^b. 13 0ct., 1T98; iL u&nu 27 June, 1826, wliIkYMk 
ic^ her nster, Lucy, in VThately. 

516. BBENEZER* ton of Ebvocnr^ (167), b. in Colcbc^tor, Conn., 16 lUt-^ 
K60; m. 10 June, 1778, Amj Rflnwm, b. 17A^ 

He <l 17 Apr., l$U, la GcncNO, N. V. ; the d 183S, ofi«d 77. 

It«i, in Qfiuwo^ N. Y. 

; m. Pradoncc Fnlkr <154(). 

+ 1S38 NATBAyiKLjb- — 

+1539 Amob*,^ I), n Dor., 178-*; m. EUuibylh Danbfi, 
+1M0 KiusTUflJ b. S7 Sept, 17D3; ». EHwbrth KUis. 
+1541 SAHCSL/b. ir»7; m. Uorr Ann BloMom. 

«17. ABIflAIU" »l*u- of ElH^ne«-j» (Iflfl), U «i CttlcbrOrr. tB Ott., 1758; m. 
Klijoh I'^ullrr, Jt^ L in tJist llndd&tn. Conn. 
Rc«. in AxoAp N. Y. ', botb d. tfaem 

1542 J^iiaAttn F^l^r^ K ; <L vli«n » young ni»n, 

1543 J0^ F}ditf? U ; m. UahiUbel Spynk*; hai) ivo children- 

15« MQFf (Mi^U^j FulUf? h. — : d. in CocBtrliciJt, a^irf 1& w 20, 

1SI5 Pnui«nr>T FuUiry k ; tiL NAthuiM Kt-lki^ (+1538), «n of 

EbcocwT KeWofs; 1+516), 

6fiO. RLNATllAN.'xon of Rbrjic««t^ (If!?), h«p. in Colcbmtcr. Conn., % Api., 

1709; m.S*rfth (Sally) FuU<jr, diu. of Jonnthu Fuller and HtnnAh »of 


Hi^ d. 8«pt, 1&43, nUinir id hitf cbair, after a hard dar« work thraUiinj^; ofaaj 
d. in Avon, N. Y,, June, ISfiK 

Th^ rvt. in SUflord, K. X. 

+1516 RirtxLL,' b. Oc*.. 1798, in Coanwticot: m. Harriet Milkr. 

1547 UaIUA,^K ; m. Wottlraff VALJirWB. 

+1548 Jttstix,' bu ; dl Julia Loomii. 

1W9 AUi«A/ b, ; d. . 

l^wO Riiooi.' b. ; m. (1) Scth IGlkr; («) Grant; wa, ia 

1551 RtJEAmmi (Bkthi:t)/K 

1W9 OBOwre.'b. ; d. - 

IWS DisitlT Ii. : n* in Jackeoa 

1M4 Soi-iiu.'k • 

: d. uam^ a^ aboat t<l- 

fiftt CHARLES* «oa of Eb«rttT> (187), b. in Co4A«lcr, OonL, 23 1>ml, 
1772 ; m. Jnnr. 17^1, LvdU Tiwdway,* iUn< of John TnttJny, k. Jdj, 1773- 
Ba^SSDie^l849,agtdT7; ibf iL «U Mai., 18a0» i^ 87. 

Tbe Kcllooo« is 7HU New Woru), 


Baku from Colcbe^Mr to Kevr York m Ittlh Tb«T wJd lacd in C(dohoAt«r» 
1AI4, u beira of John Tn^dvay. B«s, Ln Avon, N. Y., wlierv b« d. 

1555 JowsT b. JS> Not., 1758; m. Martha Deming, 

aSSC floftACB.' b. Jtims 179d; tii. Al^igail riirKjLli. 
"^Ift^? JdAWn./ b. JuT^o, KI>7; m. Jercnkioh Ki^i:^, 

H-195d Vart^t k 1^ Oil., 1799; m. (1) Sama-.l Bflmum; (IS) IM^r Paint 
-{-1559 llAMtiKT.^ b. 1 Oct, 1801 ; m. Mcrritt W'ooclniff Elig^h. 

1660 Giii*woL»/ b. ; tn. Ord^lia Parkt; 4. in lodinna. 

H-1561 Jcure,"^ U Oct. 19Cfi; m, Maij Aim BeutliJe}. 

156V Tirce » U atiodt 1807 ; cL 1 Dec,, 183& 
H-15fl3 Cakvwxk/ b. 10 Apr., IftlO; m, BimJAmln Foirk. 

JHE3. UABGERT,* dau. of Jonilhaa" (]71)» b. fn Colelicfltcr, Coqil, 8 Sept, 
ITSd; BL (t) WilUnui i^mUh, ntn of SnniiiM Smith. 

He vnF a »)ldi{rr in \hc r«T4>latJonar>- aniiT. Ee rem* t^ Wyoming Valle7> 
Bitd Tftfi there at ibe tinu* of tbo maAftaerY, ^^Sr 1778; aide hli eicape frooi tbe 
Indiaoi and d. hom exposure to bard^ip*^ 

At the time of th« WyotT'in^ niaf«flrr«, sh^, tbni a widow, oK^aped down tba 
Hrer in a canoe. i«itli hir i»f»nt Ami. ; ttlUTtied Ju the \h\U'v w^mc iiiifLfhM latvr. 

Shcn. it) lu hU AiK-^nd wife. $2 Xnv,, i:79. Dr. WiJlinm Hookrr Smith, the 
vidl-kDOwu jibjrikiAD of \rvD>niog, b. $3 Mar., llisy It is not known whether bo 
ma rtUitd to her flnL hDaband. H^ d. IT July, 1815; nhe 0. IC Jan., 1814. 


1584 F<7?»tfrt SmUk.^ U ^. 

lfi65 i-iW SmiVi,^ b. . 

lOClt jQnaihan Smiiky b. . 

1»? i:/u«iir«rA iBeUty) Bv^Uh^ K l Apr, 1709; m. Jonathan Kellogg 

1568 5((#onM v'^rtiiA.'K ; m, (1) Iwu:r Oiis*i*rhr>itt; (3) Gnj; 

reK in Wyovuini: ValkVi on the f^nn where the IcdiaziA nnasMcred 

the vhii4<d 8Dd wt«e the moTinDK^nt now Uiin^t. 
1689 Xtmion SmM7 L in New London, Conn-. EG FcK, UTO; m. 15 Jan., 

t;»ft, Dpborab Kc«^<rr, b. 31 Aug., 1775; d, 8 S«pt, 1838, in 


1670 Oht^i SmM'' b. ; m. Nuptlt*!j Ui:TlLut. 

IftTl BM^r Smith;' K 1771 \ m. 2t Si-pt, 1795, Dt- CharW E. Gajlorrl, h. 

?1 Mot.. 1770. in Bristoh Conn, lie was the tint Kttled physician 

in Ilvntin^D^ 1*8-; in lH'i% n?m. to PInnoath. Pa., where he d 4 

P«li., 18311 ; *lie d. 8 Od^ 1854. 

U4. MABT!N,«fon of Jonathan* (171). bap, 2!> Uar, 1741; i& (1) 4 Feb^ 
17<i2, Sarsh Trf«dw&y, b. 31 )]ar.. 1742, dau. of JoiJab Treadway and Buike 

Shr* d. ?f- .Tun . 177fi: hrm. {t) 5 Not., i:7ft, HftnnabOtJajb. t9 Feb.. 175?, 
dan. of John Otis and Prudence Taintor, of Colche»t<T. 

Ha d t8 Nov., 378!i ; tbi* d lTt»0, 

Kp n^ if] L>nii'. Cthdii., vhi-rt^ bU will wa» jnnbated IS Apr-, 1 7dO ; his eiitatei 
vai appraiMd ct £r^^0, lOf.. Ud 



TitK Kku^ogck IX THK New Woklo. 

UT3 Uahtix/ b. 3G lUx„ VGA; d, tmm. 

vai in (he ivroIntioikAi? 
anny and drove a bif^gti^ vtgon Ifou Connecticut to Virgiaift. 
4-1&n JoMATUAlff.^ U. 4 lUy, 1767; ni. liiji ooimlii^ EUnMh (Bt4«e>) SmiUi 

4-1AT& Rte;^ k. 4 Fob., 1770; m. Haner Banlctt 

1^76 JaUES,^ U(i. 19 ^t, 1773; <L tiiim. 
+1677 SiiEAnJ b. ; bl htrr con^n, Anum FooU (15d{^) 

ma Asju' K ^. 

599, IIABV* dftu. of JoDAtluc^ (171). U in Cokbtfter. Coofu 1744; lo. 31 
Msy\ 1768, Hon, Iwiac FooU\ t. in CaU;luMt«r. 4 Jail, 1746, Aon of DAtud Foott 

She d. 1& Kov^ 18V6, tg«d S9 ; h^ d- V7 Feb., IHIT, t^ »6. 

Hv VAA s molultofiarj loUUor; vsa viih Ws^uiigtup ni Vslley Forg«; 
in Ookhcftcr until 177S ; ran. to Stafford, Conn. ; Ut^ to Smyroa. N. V., vl 

lit v»« A member of the Qenent Aa««mblj of CoiuwcticiU ; v» 8 delegate to 
the ci>nrt>j)tioti vhidi ntified the Coiuututio& of th« United StAtv« in Hnrtfort3« 
1784, Froia Smynm be «u clccUd in ITS^mmssihrr of the lovrr bntw, tfod in 
1910 A racmbet of the SciiAtc of tbc UfulAtm of S'rw York, in 1810 be VAt 
tppobt«d First Jodge of Cbeittnp) Col (vhii-b At thai tin^ Iccluded th.^ Countr 
wJlA^iAon). and bold thAt office uqUI ho reA<JKd theCc&stibitioitAl liimL 

U81 Mmrf F^uy b. n Vth^ 1769; m. Dmcou Jowph AdAAf^ of HAinUlOB 

ADd SmjmA, N. V. ; liAd four ^ildtrtu 
I5$9 iforyortfl P«rvffiu /'Mf«.' b. i9 Dee^ 1T71 ; m. Beco^r O. CAdj-, of Hon- 

Mk««UAei«; bAd uiite thItdrvD. 
15S3 /mv Fo#I«/ b. » Feb.. 1774; d. in infAttqr. 
l^!^4 /moc FMf«.^ b. Apr. 1:T6; m. HAinrt Hjrd^ of LiaIa. X. T^ snd Kor- 

vidip Ooaii. ; hAd ««Tak chiklr«iL 
15S5 JMM/'^MAr^l?:)^: hl SAnh EeUogx (+15TT). 
USA Astkft fUC#7 K 19 Aii&. 1TS3; d. H F#h. ITSa 
lff$7 /Mn fWI«.* k At CokbMtcr, 30 Apr., ITW; m. U Jail* Idld, llj^ B. 

JohaMQ; AtionftoT ADd ttfiniwAlor; f«A, BAa0te&, X, T,; ^ S3 

Jii)3r.l8d4: b^dtvvlTocluldna. 
103 fftniAi roACf,^ K n Aoff. ]7$»; u. 3 Juc* 14917, Uatt Yonv StnB&j 

of En^ X. Y^ i. S3 Mav. 17M; bAd ivrcbiUmL 

CM, SlUKS*MorJo«ph»tl^>.l>-taOaeiMl»,Ontt,f3Ao(t^l742; », 

tl Jusr, 17C3, SAnh Oiolt. H. 175L 

Il«d-11D<^U1«; «bAd.LSepL,lSSS. 

H» vAft AQ inMkeqHT in OaMnctkvt; nn. to Oabavim,* Ibm, ihHifc V 

U«mA«°Mi<*tottef«v«tati«os lafcti 4 g Rbn 1 TTg, i» Aa ««w 

n«L la im |Art i< 



CoL JmIaIIuz) BftMwiu't Beg.; vu (le«crib«d a* boioj^ $.ix ttxt bifch; ItfEbt 06m- 
blue t^rt mul Isnivn hiitr H<t wiix h fftrinrr> hut (^i:1c] txint htii hjinil 
tbDOCt ADJ pcchanicaj vork- 

-fl53d MjitY (Mou-Y)/ tk :£€ Attf', 1769; m. (t) Capi. John Uommn; (2) 
£beiKitf Baker. 
1$90 JOABPttT t. 2 Dim*,, LT70; d. 9 Mar., 1?T2. 

1(99 Eatubs,^ b. ; nu WUJab« liillaxd ; <L ; had McfaiidKii; 

beDL (?) 

+15&3 JaicpHT L 12 Jan., 1778; m, Sarah Voorhif* 
+l^94 B£Kj4.uis%7 b. :;:f Nov., n^; m- Huldah Goodrioh- 

CeS. 6ABAH,* dan. of Jncph^ (172), L pmbablj in Cokhotrr. 11 Auj;., 1749; 
OL 5 Dot, 1770, AbD«r Eockwdl, b. 17-*2, son of I^^wtoh Danw-l Hocki^vll, of 
Wiiu!*nr, CoDD^, and Mar^^ret Tjoonnt'L 

H« d. S8 Jvne, 1813 ; ehc d. S4 June. 1830. 

H» waa a termer; k^o. froon Cornvcticrut about ISOl, ti> ITadl^r, Saratov 
[Cob, N\ Y., a« is sboim bj a kase of a farm in that town. About 1603 be rfv. in 
vy, in the same couDiy, with a j^tovq family; run. about 1S06 to Xeir Ltsbon, 
ttiM^ Ca, N. Y^ Dttr Tlien GarmltaivUle nov Atandu aivl tuok up a farm a! n4*c 

1S95 9<ra& BoH':t^n,'' U S Auf., 1771 ; m- ^ Uar., 1700, PhmtAS BclJ, a tct* 

olutjonary aoldier; had tfieYtn chiLdr^n. 
1696 Eiihm R<^UfIlJ K 2 ra»., 1778; m. CMoc GrepnT, h. 7 JIaj, 1765; d- 

39 Jut]4s 1844; eb« d. 10 Mar., 1970; n«. in OarrattAville ; had 

nine chEIdrm, 
1«7 JiTdiKy Rof*aW^' b, — ; m. (1> Sylwrter Kark: nu («) • 

Hi^tohirvtft^ of X^rtb Eran*, X. Y-; had two chtldi^o, 
3598 jQstpk RofWtUy b- 1780; cl (1) Oli»e Wilder, b. 17 June, 1776; d, 

1»05; ho nL r^) Kdther Wtldor, of GutUotd, VL; d. ia 

1H%', N. Y.; hnd m-vi-n rhildren. 
1599 S^pkiij fiofHtU,'' b. 30 July, 1783; m. (1) 1805, Eliapbaa Day, of Day, 

y. Y.h. 9S*pi., i::r>; h*d. Ifl Apr, 1S«7; the m. (t) Sehenilab 

Win£, af Dbt; had *rrrn chihlmi. 
IGOO Baiph nt^kufli,'' b. nx.S; vn. Polly Mix, 1x 1791; d. lSt9; ibc d. ISSS; 

re^ in OarralUvtlle; had focir childnrn. 
!601 5am*(rf Hi>fku-fU,^ ii. 17Kfl; m. ; d. ISZ9; retu m GartBttflvUle; 

had awen chiidnn. 

JOXATOAX," Aoo of Imel* (175), b. in Colch^rtar, 10 OeL, 1754; n. 
KoTtJianv b. 1761. 
H« d. 1 Apr.. 18^7 ; abe d. Apr., l^'i^^ 

II117 Tvm. to nnlifax, Vl, cixin aftrr tltvir maTriagp, when all t^r cbU- 
drca wi^rf bom. 


1C02 JiMtQAiu' b, about 1783 : d. uua. in Eochoetcr, N% Y., July, 1820. 
1603 IsiuEL.*^ h. n Aug,, 1784 ; ta. 13 Dec.^ 1S?0, Lydia Si^en^ b. 19 A»j., 


The Ksllooob i^ the New Wobid. 

ebe d, SO Apr, Idftl ; b« d, IS Jan., ISfi^ ; bad no diildxai, 
]$04 Axva/ b. 6 FclXj 1TB9 ; d. utun. 73 Aug., 187$^ in Aduns, Uua. 
1609 AjUftA^ h, Ahcmt 1791; m. * wklov, wb««c nam^ u cot lakawn; d. in 

Rochf«t>?r, 16 M&T, 1830; bad tm chiMrfH. 
ie06 Jmbth.' b. AhMX J7»;; a. uum. iu Halifax, Mar., ISU. 
KISOT AftA » S, 13 Oct,. 1:^5; m. Sarah ilawn- 

IMS SopuiA,^ b, J€ Mar, 17*9; m. 31 l>v., I*i3^ Jcwrph Montagw, 

Omubv, Maas., K in Gmubj. 2 OcL^ 171)o» eon of John Montaffoc 

and Ml^Iulda Cbapm; d, in Gnmbr, 24 July, 1^36^ bad no ohil- 

-hl609 Jobl/ b. 1803; m. Belinda ScctL 

BSl ISBAKU* «n of Nrnrl* (ItA), b. IS Ma/, 17fi«; m, about 17^6, Bimla 

iniu, daa. of Israel Loomi», of ColchefiUr, Cocul, Wamo, K. T.» and UiUadak, 

ich,, and Irene CbajoberkiB. 

Ha> d. in Ji-ftrTKic Ca.^ X. V., iip<d about fiA; sKi- d. about 1829. At uue 
tfacy rca. in UichScld, Ot«^ Co*. N. V. 

TAiJJfTit, /Jnif four h. lit faaoan, .V. Y. 

+1810 IxaaEL^' b. &i Ktfb. lT9d; bap. in Bichraor^l. Mme., «1 Nov^ 1800; n. 

<]) Harriet 8B0aaSinbfthS]v:(^) Mi«. Innr (Loonua) B^wIil 

1611 CHArKcer,^ \x Oct, 1900; bap. In Bkbinoiid, Ma^, 6 Not^ 1900; m. 

Almirit AngtU. 

l«ia CiiAiare,^ t l»u2; m, O'Connor. 

1613 Ikekie/ b. 1804; in. Woodward. 

16H LAriu/ b. 1806 : m. John Bi^iiop. 
161^ Edvajid,^ b. 1308; m. Uar> Wrvt 

i»3t AMOS." eoo of larad^ il7a). U $ Attf,* ITCS; m. U Jos^ 1761 
Fomaroy, b. 15 Ndt„ 1760, dan, of Joabtu Foidctot, b. 19 Fcb^ 1737, and Max; 
Oavis K 90 Apr., 1736, of Somm^ 

Be d. Apr., ISli: alw d, 9tf ScpU 18U, a^ed HI, Wb bcadetone me tba 
ftnl one of vbitc marble ar«ct«d in Somon. 

ITo ran- froaoa OokhMttr to Soncrtt Cona. Apt., 1794^ and pnrchaaedl 
farm of th^ Shaken, the ho««e vbere Ann Lw fii«t nada ber appearance in tlili 
rt^kw. 'The Sbakcn birld tbt-ir nsnrtinga tn oav of tbi^ frooC roonu, tbc Boor 
wbkb «a« vora mootb by tbcdr dancing. 

ChUdnm, ait, tatt^t Eno», ^, im CoXWtMfar. 
E16 AxosJ b. 5 Jnn^ i:$9; n. Lydia Smith. 
1817 Pcixt7 b, 8 Frfi, 1734 i d. tmm. S TVc. IStt, 
-f 161ti KiAM.' b, 30 Dec.. 17«(;; »l Ura HaH 
-fl619 CitiHLKft.' tL U Jan., 17^9; m. Uafy Olmtvad. 
1620 Anouu^b. 3Gt-\L, n&l; d. «nra. m tbefaooKof herbnOff^ 
Atj:.. HTJ- 
H-1G21 luLUtu^ k 14 SoT^ 179$; m. J^raftha rMn-. 
+169$ EKoc,* b. 2 FeK, I79B; m- Btiiabotfa PattML 

£33. ARIGArU" ilaii. of Ibiw-I" (175>.l.. la Km., 17M; m. 1? Jn»r 1 
AlpbfUf Loonvka, b. 10 Nov., ITSS, ion of tiK&iel Looiui, Jr^ and Aim Cbambt 

Ties Kell^xigs in mis Nnw ^oild. 


He d. 1813 in Bkhfield, N. Y. ; ah« d. 

Hd bid pnrioiulr m. Mary Ktllottft, vthtMs pirf>ntag« ifl Dot knoviL De 
Lired for a timuio nichmmid, Bcnt«;iirtr Cix, Mnw. 

1923 /ni Lo^iV b. 178:?; m. M«rthfl Prinik. 

I6e4 J^/jAo Xoomi'4/ Ix 1791 ■ Eliubeth TuckCTmao. 

l^Za AIU4 Loomii.'' h, 1798; d. 181C. 

1996 S/firio to^mit,^ h, MnT., ISOO; m. Gwr^ t'arntiam, of leva. 

1627 ^(^1/ Xc^mu/ b. l^i>$; m. AUdbod Fi«k^ of Chcuatigo Ca>, K< Y. 

834. VART,« iU^ of St«ph«ii> (176), bap. In Co!ehMt«r, Cotul, 20 July, 17$S; 
m. iD Lirat- Jscob PooL 

Be d. of smallpox, in Ehe r«ToluiioDan' army in th? «arlj put of th« v^; 
dbem. (2) CapL John rcllowd, b. in Uanard. MaAS., 1751, aoa of D»«io& 

ind Folliow*,* and Eunice . 

Ctpc Jfthn FeliowB iN?m. to Shplbiimi*, }d»m., nbont l77Ci n cnrpeflt^f by 
; seUcliD&ii for ni&ay y^nv *^ ^^^^ m«]iib«i of the LegtaUtvire. He d. 

Chiid hff fir§t K^iahfirbd. 

1628 Msrs (MoU^J PooJJ^ L Feb, U;i ; hl Julie Kollofig [-f7C8>. 

IGV9 fiwin /"tfilcii'i^ b. 177S; m. Z^oai BardncU, of t3)u>lbumi.% Maai. 

1530 Jd^ii Ffffi^wtf,^ b. 1780; m, Ai^riHtli RnnUdl; d, in hhcV Rock ab«at 

1831 J^UAiVr iVrfor*.* K 17^3; m. (1) Uobort Bftrdwdl; ra. in GcEicva, 

S", v.; ($) Nothanifl Merrill; d. about 1800. 

1632 if^rMa FtUow^? b, 17^6; ree. in SheLbunie. Maae.; L unm. V5 Oct| 

1633 «/o«f j'efi^^ff*.^ b, 1787 ; m- ZcbtDiv Rice ; tck in Pl^D&cld, Mom^ GawT« 
and ]t%a. X. T. ; d. about J8V0, 

1634 /ffttJ Pclhict:^ b. 17y3; m, Hftnuati Wliiluey. 
I6ilfi ^IfpJh^ Felt4tm!' b. 30 Dec, 1797; m. Abij^L AUm; rca. in 1875 in 

ShelbtiTTW, Mu^ 

W7, STKPHEy," Hon of Stephen* (ITS), bapL 24 Sept, 1758; m. Comfort 
Pi^U 17&S. 

She d. in Windaor. Alaa^. 14 Mar.. \%&\ bo d. there, U June. 1834. >^ed 
warij 78- 

IVv wcn^ admittod to tbe diureh in Windior, 7 Div.. 1917, from Q^h^. 
Bp K*. in Sbelbtinie. Ooshen and Windsor; wa« a powerful mati, veigMng 2'Z^ 


He wa* a TcrolutionaTT «oIdi<^r and p<a]McncT; »-n'id under Capt McLel- 

^- ifi C«l WiJliiini'e Reg, T-ptin^n Alann; marrTipd 20 Apr, 1775; cerr^ 

^ dfij» nuil raliitcd ia Ifae army for eigbt montlia, 1 May, 1775; had ordtrr for 

™'fttycoftl dntod Profltpect Hi!U 20 Not,. 1775.: rrt, in CoUrnin ; dmimncr in 

^^P^ Wt-U*' CiK, CoL Robiiifon^* [l«g, ^3 Dw,, 1770 to 1 Apr., 1777, HamjwMre 

. *At t>« uiklaij of 4^«'(«v, dAinu*l P«lta«« tra« Mutrr of Aiiillrwn uul Uia Bioonil nuui 
'^*rrb InLo tlv (ilj. vilL brooiLuu on bb abouUer, 


The Kcllougb ik tus Khw HVoBLa 

Co. Itcg.; nuTchc^ lo TicoiwUrc^n; piivntc uniler CoJ- Vr'dLi, 82 Bcpt^ ir?7; 
one month in Hampshire Co. Keg-; march^l northwmd* 

III \un Hp[i1jijitiuti fur n yvnaittu hw dUtHl timt be waa boni «l Cokhfttier, 
Conn,, AiiX'> 1757. 1& HSR rom. from Sh^Hhume, Mucl.« to Go«h«it, ManL ; obmtt 
l»in to Windnor^ MniT*i. ; cnliii^il m Sh^'lbiin^e. Apr, 17*5, and «og«gcd in tbft 
»icgr of Budtmi; ju»t bcfui^ lli<^ LmUlt^ uf Buiiker El;!) W, with (Ahen, liad per* 
roifi^on to Att4-&(1 thp fumfral of n ft^llow mUIjct at Walthun; on their r^tnni the 
somn] of baitle reedkMi ihvD] Ami they hurnnl fnrwnr^ lo jcin th*^r n«pective 
COC1IJM1UC4, bttt wrrc unable to do ao: t)i«j followM to ChArleatowD Xcck, vhcrft 
ib«y Joinml Ci>I- ^r^vcvfti Uvg., Ktutionr'r3 in «>m4? wariu croctod them; th«y vor9 
vxpoeed lolhtotnmuiadoof iwo British ye*«'l* of war which ktlltd eer^ral ftoHi«r& 
In 1776 he went to Cuioda, bat after ooo nioitLb'» aorrkv hired a rabttitutc Is 
tht- IftttjT pnrt of t<7i^ hf^ m^gtvl dm a drtmuner to go to 'Saw fjondon, but wmm 
fiufllly ni4rche>l to the nortlitrn annj, wh*re he aetvcd % short time in the liciiu^ 
of Lttkc Gvoru^e and Saratoga. Ho al»o lurDtsI out at tbo Bctininjtton Alarm. 

AITidaiit in pnrt vulncnbcd bcfon; l^lom Killog^ a Justice of tJw TrnGe, 
|»robably of Sh<'ibBrae. 

+1636 David,' K in Bhelttume. Mau., !d Apr., ITdl ; m. Sophia BoMctt. 

+1637 SAK.OI,' b. & July, 1795, in Goitbt-n, Mtuiit.; hl John Eldnd^ 

+1638 IjOittNnA.' W ; m. lliniin Barkrr, 

+163^ CL*Ris9iJ b. i;b8; m. JonoUian Lilly, 

4-1640 H*MVi:v,^ b, in Omhin- 1.1 Frb., 17TI0; m. r-»nw'lm Qolding. 

-flC4l IhtDY,' b. ; m. Preelon Tnvlor 

le-ia SxEPHEK,' b- [ went lo South Am«nctt. 

1C4S EuFCfi,' h. ; killral hy a fall wbiltt youii^. 

iSS, JOSEPII.'' »n of SUphen^ (176), bap. in Colchester, Cotto,, 16 Oct, 
1763; m. Uaraba Nlcholi. 

He tL ; ehc d. in ntisbford, n^cd 95; tt^ in II uld Icbu rjr, N, T., the 

Utter part of thcar IivoA> with thar son-in-law, Amo« P«ck> 


; n- (1) JcTuaha ITtintlcT; (!) Ennkc Btihop^ 
; m. Sophift Janp Storey- 

+1644 Lim7 b. — 

+1645 Joan-Ji/U 

+lf4fl Mart (Polltt)/ k in Home, N. Y., 12 Apr., 1T98 ; m. Amo* Peck- 

1647 NaKot.'L ; ra, Soelei,-. 

+ie4a Pirrim/b, IG Drc., laOl- m, ^TilHiwt Olnutad. 

1649 SiLAaJ b. . 

1650 Loouia/ b. ; 4. nntt, in Oni^Tillc> X. Y., aj^ TO; no. in 

1651 UaeabI,' b. — 

; d. a^ IS. 

539^ MAETHA.^ dan. of Stephen" (176), hap. 16 Oct., 1763; m. Jolin KicboU. 

1651 Siffli SichcU,^ . 

1653 SUfh^n yUhoUJ' \k — , 

1654 HitAm Nichoti.'^ b, . 

165^ f ronMfi Jfif Aofj,* b. , 

Thb KzLLOOOd IS THE Nbw Woioix 


MO- JOKATHAX." soa of Sfcpben* (1H), b. 10 Juoe, 11G4; ni. Adm Hey- 
ildK b. ITTSf dAa, of Bcnoni Rc>'Ti«!d«. 

Sh<^ (1- 11 Jan., ^M^j ill Glt-gunn'* CompTM, Hnl<1imaii<l, Cnii^tcln. 

Ut WM « merchant in Bonn;. S. Y. ; in Fclx, 1T5!*. he wa« living in Hooflidc, 
K. v., wh«rE hv bougbt laatl; in 1806 r«A, In CoiUtom, OnL, Cnnflda. 

+1«S« Jau».^ U 3t Mbv, ir09; m. 01m- Tolnmn. 

-t-lM7 ifcAj b. ; ni, • 

H-1^$ Acreua/ b. VI Not., 1803; m. Almirin Or«v». 

+1G59 FkANKUTf.^K ISJnncv ISOS; m. (1) ^^77 (Pollr) QaUowaj; ($> 

IfiOT Polly,' b. . 

1661 EaxnEB.'b. in VennootorSew Yorfc; xn Tnunau Hinmaa 

l«fl2 EX7i:«UW4:ir,' b- ■ 

1653 Jonathan.' b. ; d. ymms. 

541. SILAS •*oB of Sbrphco" (17€), L in Middlobury, >\ T., 2 Sov., 1791; 
m, .Inn., 1JW5, Stlrifl Cbftpmmi, h. 13 iVpt., 17^, ilitn. nf ITHrf* Chftjunrtn und 

K* d. 6 Au^^ 1^17 ; «be a. 11 Apr.. 1850. 

Herw-in Aobuni^N, Y.i Utrr in Miilillrbury, S. Y.; 1825 In Pirrrysbjrgb, 
K. Y. He vAi a floldier in wftr oi 1819 ; a verv hitge loaBy we^liin^ 300 poundg. 

1664 OUTS^ k 19 Deo., 1B05 ; m. Horatt Sny6f^, ot New Albion, N. Y ; tud 

four childrfiL 
3G6S Stefbsv,' b. 2tr P«t>,, 1807; d. 8 Apr^ 1808. 
•t*]A66 Ez£Kieu7 b. to JiizH. 1310; m. Lv<liri RrtHikft 
H-1M7 RCTL,' U 13 Aur, 1312 ; m. Horrid Mnydtr. 
H-l«>68 SAix)Mt7 h, 20 Dec., 1816; m B*>njflmin P, SnrdeT. 
-(-1W9 JoflRyii^ K IC Ma>- leiS; DL FamiT OliufLt^ail 
-I-1G70 Lyman.^K *^0 Scpt„ IMO; m, (l> Mar>- Ann Anierean; £?) MnrgAKt 

At^n RnfUnri. 
+1671 MAflT(PoLLT),^KS7 Nov., 18*3; m, (1) BobcrtL Andereon; (S) An- 
drw 1, FnllertoEL 

HS. AB10ArL.«iIiti.DfStpphm« (i:6>.b. 


1S73 B^nrtak tttapman,'' b* . 

1fi73 Utit Chapmany k . 

1974 Siia4 f^hftpmcn.'' b. 

m. Jarvd niapmon. 

H576 3/01^ L<^i-ina Ckttpmcn? h. 

1(l7fl Sina* r^/'Mo/*/ h, 

1877 OKm CAfljrmdrt/ h, 

943. DANIEL* wn of DnniH* (I<»9), b, in Nanmll: nbmit 1«7; m. (1) in 
FtJHlrlil. Cotuu IB Mtr.. IT^^l, Honneli ytirrbiM. of Fair&ld. 

8b<- d. — — ; he vx. Vi\ E1iub«tb Boall, dai. of BichArd Bo*U, U 90 Apr^ 
Ifi^fi, sDd Hfjisrihiih - 


ThC KaUXXtOft tlf THR Xkw Wosu}. 

She d. 19 Feb., 1909. agod 6< ; h« d- 11 FeU, 1B17, a^ed 9IX 

He uart H fjamiT; iviu- fmtn \oriralk t(» Rtilge(t«-1i1. roiin. On 4 JaiL, 1TT2, 

he bought fort>' A<?rcc of Und vitb buildiogs tkcar Bc«toT Brook, in Hid^fidd, aad 

IK dpf«-rib(>d us '1flte of XorvflUr, now of Rid^fi«Ji1/' bo ih«t he prohiblr r«BL 

ftboul that Lmc. HU f^nn wa» in tbu oouthem part ol Didgcfivld At N'cv ["oQHtl 

III hi* will, i]jit4^1 4 Jiiiw, ISIO, hv ninitLcined tit his childmu cic^t T>iiiiel 
ftCid Kfltie, wbo v*rv dead 

ChMun fry jTr** irifp, 

-flitTd Xatiian Faisoiuld,'K about 1752; m. Mrs. HAtmnb (Wusoa) Uoor- 

-f icr^ ElUjUI,^ b. 3 Jtiii«, n&4; ra. Sftnh Jone*. 

4-1630 Uaskl.^ b. About ]Ta8; in, Deoccm Em Nuh. 

+1(31 EuKtCB.' b. about 17G0; itu JouatltAn No^b. 

16SB Ph«bk/ b. ; m. as hi* su^fiud wJ/iv Jacob XAih, h. 50 Atig., 1T31- 

Ho hfld prcvioiMnlT m. Fn>:ioTfv Kwltr, Soon After tbc dr*Ui of 
his flnt wife he ram. Co &sUet(»ii Spa, X. Y. Sood after bU second 
mAiriAgi* bi^ nrturnoJ fnnn BaUiiou to Ridf^i-fiebl, ^^id, fiivi) wiUi 
the fptrit of 'C6, 0£k«d to help proUsrt hiA fotbcKf old town (Nor- 
VAlk], when Ti^on InvAded iu Tho fiti«i^«r^ i^dtion vaa gnnttd 
Aitd he brAvdj AA«i[it<^l lh(' NnrwEtlx tlrfc^LiIrr;^ Duitox the frmy 
ho r*cotvcd a morUl wound. C'ajis. B0tt« ordocxd bim to bo tt oacc 
carFid for. but the li^-ro replied, *It ia orer with me; help enmebodj 
tHat,' ABd died. He ta burW in hia i)amttd' ad<>i»t«d town, Bidge- 
Sold.^ Sh« m. ($) Jcwe Smithy of BnlUton, X. V. 
2993 Qa^fXAHj b. ; bu U Feb., ITSd, Kfttban Bmsdife. 

-fIBSt EuiiBvtn.^b 19 Dec., l'€S; n. Benjamin Kcol^. 

ir>dd Esi'iiEH ' b. 4 MAr., 1771 ; m. lA Julj, 1dA5, Jarv^ S^moun of Bldgl»-' 
Odd, ^ 3 Aug.. 1U9> He d. in Bidgefldd, 10 Au£., 1S33; abe d. 
thor^, tl J^m^ 1&44 : bod do cbOdKiL 
+2«89 BBKBTKxnt^ b, 9T Drc.. ITTd ; a. O ) UArtht Xorthnp ; (2> lira. Bet* 
«er (Baldwin) Doud 
]5JtT DjhMtL.^ b. iu Ridj^-Grbl. Conn.. Au;^ 1774; d. udbl. in BaUidan, 9 

-1-16S8 SamfilJ b. U Nov., 1T9A; v. l<nn Diincbj. 
16«9 Eatu/ U ; d. jom^, 

545. JARVrs.* non of Tkaftiel^ <1M)» b. in Xomlk. Conn., 1T31; m. (1) 10 
Jnit,, K^a FUiiaU'lh Smith, 

8hu d. l.'S Nov.. i:;s; h« &L (8) SS XoT,. ITRl^ EUniiAh ySt^kw, b. 1741; 
d. tt Mar. 18U. ng^ ^ ; hUi: d. 19 Jnnr, tH3e. Afred >19. 

Be amvd in Li^t Cartvr'a Co. in th» rarolntion lbr«« roontha. 

*l^ ftbrntj^a^B driwn tl«ir ffftnv fp«M ibr norih to vllhJn flirt BlIaB ol [Uvv«'« lU^tPw 

n( thai piNiiit lo Ivilioii&l ih* pr^. H««M tW dvtgvAllioa o4 thai ««vfioCi. *tc,L iNmad 
Kti'op It it M btahlT rmnurtlc |«vtlia *f tlw AMtoat OU«m. Is «B»tbcr part oT Kor- 
qalic vu *n ox pouM. * t wr> tlia wUte Mttln liapniininl tbdr cKttb. 

ThS ££1X0006 IBT TBS SfV WOSU), 


He vas a famwr; to*, in KorwaUc. His i^thtir iMi^uMthcd to him» € Blar, 
175£l^ "For the comidoTdtidn of PsrcDul 1or@ about four acres inth building and 
fruit trvc* al the upp^r vud of Puddiog Uitv." 

Chilircn, b. tn Narwalk^ 
1Q90 Saiih,^ L 15 Mir., 17tI6 ; d. unin. before 30 Jiuir, 13a£. 
-f 1*>^1 Ja»Vis,^ b. '^0 Apr, I76&; m- Mercy SclJwk, 
IfjVt OLtru^^b. 30 Jan., Vtit; m. JamosMsiOD, oaciffiaer intfaeOftT^^aoci of 
Jolin Ikf juoiL 
+IWJ EuiABrxa/ b. 25 Prb., ITSfi ; in- Il<ai«mlii TjocWooi 

Mr REV. EBENK2KR« *du of Danid* (199), b. in Xorwalk, Cona., 5 Apr., 
173T; m- 20 (kt, I7fi3, Honiuh Wright, !>, in Stamford, Cooe., U Jan., 1740, 
datL of Bev, Ki>>ncEcr ff n|;ht, bu in MV-therfifidd, Cozut. 3 Oct, I70e, and Hannah 
AHjTO, k Sn W«lKT^i4ji. n May, K05. Jjiu. of Jo« jih mil Marv AJKn. 

Sl^cLT JuiK^ 130T,aK?J 37; he d. 3 Sept. I^17,niP?d 90. 

H# graduated from Yale CoU«^e, 17fi7 ; wae oi\3ain«d se first pastor in Kortb 
BoUocu Cowl (tiftir Vemon), il Sow. 170S, Hiti !i(imrt»l«nl^ aWut Uu^ quar- 
ten of a iiiil« cad of tiic pivt^c-iit church in Vcmon U<iit«r, wa» oocupjcd by hia 
■oa, Thnnuw W-, until 1^37 ; Ihrn hy hU gmnd^on, Hnhbarfi, tintil 1^74. 

He ci>iitjnited neoilr flft)-Gie yeBT« in the work of Uie nuniatry In Venum. 
Hia aalary waa tU*d at £70 ycariy^ «<iuival«iit to «V33.3:f^ vhich he drew for forty- 
firr napt. Id nuly life btr waa of iilriirlr.r rrjnAtitution, but bocninc vigornu* nnd 
atoittiT badt; hia labon riifferis^ but httXc interruption from itjncw unli! a fcv 
raontha prertotis to his deatiL Acix>rdii^ to th« custom of the tlmea he* had a 
farm vluch be mcccnfullr n^^na^cd. He held a rrsipectahlc ponition amonjc tho 
rwniatora in hi« vidUuty, boiit^ known aa a poacoraakcT and fut^mod as '*a tboo- 
logian of soUDd iudgment and of a diicnnunating Qund-" 

ChifJren^ b. in Vfinttm. 

H-1G94 EAEKKtea^T bn Oct, 1764; m, (1) Abigail Olioat^; (?) Hannah 

Olimt-:^; (3) EliTsit'ptJi BhrMon. 
H-li>$5 DxsitL.' b, 85 Jun^ 1766; m- S'Jaonna Grisra 
4-16*6 HAK^^UI,'U^4May, 17G8; m. PWneai Tolcott 
+1697 TiioMA* WaioHT.' b- U June, 1770; in. Uary Hubbard. 
+16&8 KuxiCE,* b, 15 Xov., 1773; m. Dr. Scottoway Hinkley, 
UM EuiiWrn/b. dKor, 1781; d. 15 Juljr, 1784. 

651. KZRA * ran of Draroo John" (200), b, in Norwatk, 9 Apr., 1731 ; m. AnBO 
Jtidd. of Danhury. 

He d. in Bethel I'aru^h, Danlurr, before 20 ^lar., 178ti, vhen hja Mtat« waa 
dratrilrtstnl In hiii wklnw and thilLlniL nauinl Wlcur; phe d. lu Hope, Fultoti Co., 

The c^ilrirrt). k>o:i aft^ hb dnnth, rtm. to different part« of thie ^ountTj and 
thiir dcatirniUntfl haw b««oine widely 8caltrT>*d, 


1700 r^^J Up. in Bclhd. 3 Sept., 176L 

1701 Joiisy bap, 34 Uar., 17$4; m. (1> EltiatMh Phtlratt; (3> 
; (4> ; (5) Erth^Pixkj. 


lU The K)£lloo«8 rx thk Nsvr Wo«ld^ 

+irM Phii-ip Jio»>^ b. « Beo,, 1768; m, <1) IlvldAb Dik«nttii; (2) Mri. 

EliiaWtli Bcmton. 
+1703 ExNiEL,' b. S7 Fob-, i;70; m. (1) Abigail Picktai; (8> Shod* S«U;_ 

<3) . 

17UI JoANNUJ h. : n. Lotiior Holocrmli, befbro ^U Mar., 1780' 

+ 170A RjcHix' b, 1< Sept, 1775; m- WilUain Lorf. 

1706 LvctJ b. ; to. Jtmri Thwmpwm; rc«, IdOfi in WHhiiiftaOt 

rister Co , iV, Y. 
17fK Annb/ ti. : m. Jwianiah Smith; wa 1605 Im Wuhington, K- Y. 

i». AXN.<^ <}an. of Dcflccn Jofao<> {900), b. 10 Ui^r., 1734 ; m- 10 ftlar., 17^2, 
Elnathnn Knapp. 

CAifireri, &. ill Danbury. 
1708 XarfAa^t Krmpy.'' b. Ifl Mar.. 1755. 
I70S^ Jfti>fl/t Knapp,'^ b. Ifl Oct, 17—. 

SK JOHN," Bon of Deacon JohD<^ (^00), b. S5 3laj, 17d7; m. (1) SO Uay, 

1764, Sarah Smitb. 

BKc a. A Sc'pt. 1773; btr m. <2] U Apr., 1774, BiiTAh Btftliop; d about 1821- 
llc wa* a fanour snd ^hovnmk«r; rvf, in NorvaJk, Coim. Part of bU laiMl 

iTEiH cK-cTi|i]e(l. in 1873, by t}ie South Korvalk Vt^yoi itni! hi^ boiDfvtend «» vwocA 

by C J. Gruman. 

Ho eras Ilk tlu> Fri-tt<!h war: vent 1o Canada ; Mufft^vd ^rtat privaUoai : v«a 

a revolntioa^aj; foldicr; Bcrvcd in Xinth Conii«>cticut Militia, in Capt Sejcuoor't 

Co., 11 Sept, 177(> ; alio from Xov., 1777, ei^rved three monUu in th* flome wgi- 


+1710 Jekf.uuiiJ U- 30 Apr.. 17fl5; m. Calb^rin* Summift. 
+ 1711 JopMiiJ h. G June, l7fiB; m. Cath^ne Slei^rht. 

17AS Sailvg,^ L ^7 Mavr 1775; bl Jonathan John^oDr a abip carpeDter, of 
Qi'wiLwiHi. Cimii, ; had no chilUwn. 
+1713 KnoDi,/ b- 6 DiNj., 1777 ; m. Jo*cpb Uoyt 

U6- 8BT1I • don of IVacon Jcbn* (^00), L m Xorralk, Conn., 8 Fek. 1740; 
m. Bnnicp Jti<ld. 

He (L nc^ CentCTrille^ 0., S6 Juii«v 1^19- 

Kc'*, in Wirwtod, Com:., 17fi5-78; wnfl in DanHun% Conn^ 1760. 

IV-rluipfc }\r w'n>Hl in Gin. Wa<c*TbnrT*»4 Conneccieut Brigade In tka nwli* 

+1714 SaR-M!.' k ; ro. Dr- Jacob Uo>t 

1715 F>TiitR» b. ?3 Feb., 17*15, in Winflti^d. 
+171fi Et^KX.'h. \^ AoiT,, 17ilT, in Winfttcil; m. G<«. Edmund KuDgar. 
+1717 JKMiMA>T K 6. Sofil. 17«^; m. Noah Tibbak 
+171S MwtT b. n Jnne, 17: 1, in WinniH] : m, Ilw>l Ir^. 

1715 Olitk,' k 6 Mar., 177^, in Wio^titJi m. Jamtb PojUt; llwl \n Krw 
York Statu; il. id Contorvillfl; bad DochildiviL 

The Kelloggs in the New World. 155 

1720 Ann£,^ b. 2S June, 1776, in Winsted; m. Samuel McGahan, and lived 
and d. in Centorville, 0. 

1T21 SETH/b. 17 Oct, 1778; d. unm. 
+1722 Ethel,' b. 27 Oct, 1781; m. Charlotte Munger. 
+1723 Elihu7 b. 11 June, 1784; jil Phebe G. Grey. 
+1724 Ezra,' b. 24 Nov., 1786; m. (1) Rhoda Blackford; (2) Electa Waite. 

SeO. LOIS,«dau. of Benjamin* (SOI), b. 29 Oct., 1736; m. 7 Sept., 1752, 
Joeiob Smith, who had m. (1) Esther Hall. 
They ree. in Cheshire, Conn, 


1725 Lois SmttA,* V 16 Dec., 1753. 

1726 Lohe Smith,'' b. 9 Oct, 1755. 

1727 Josiah Smith? b, 17 Dec., 1757. 

1728 Jvatus Smith.'' b. 15 Feb., 1760. 

1729 Luci/ Smith? b. 15 Jan., 1761. 

1730 Jared Smith? b. 1 Aug., 1763. 

1731 John Smith? b. 23 May, 1766. 

1732 Ira Smith? b. 6 June, 1769. 

«3. SARAH* dau. of Benjamin"^ (201), b. 28 Jan., 1746; m. 9 Jan., 1765, 
Job Wincheil. 

Shed. 5 Jan., 1770; hem. (2) in Vermont and res. there. 

He enlisted in the revolutionary army. Before his departure for the service 
he left his children in care of one Atwatcr, with six hundred dollflra for their sup- 
port. The money was spent for other purposes and the children fared badly. 


1733 David Wiiichell? b. 24 Oct., 171-5; m. Sylvia Atwatcr; res. New 

Cheshire Pariah; was mate of a vo^o&el; lost at scft. 
1T34 Ezariah Winchdl? b. 16 Aug., 1767 ; for a time res. with his father in 
Vermont; rem. to New Cheshire; d. th<>ro. 

1735 James Winchell? b, 5 Sept, 1769; probably d. young. 

664. JOANNA,* dau. of EliaFaph"* (203), b. in Norwalk, 27 May, 1735; m. 
Jesse Abbott, son of John Abbott and Eunice Judd. 

Children, b. in Pawling, N. Y. 

1736 Seth Abbott? h. . 

1737 Je^Sf Abbott? b. . 

1738 Mary Abbott? b. . 

173!* Eunice Abbott? b- 
1740 Olive Abbott? h. - 

567. LYDIA,^ dan. of Eliasaph'' (203), b. in Norwalk, Conn., 26 Mar., 1740; 
m. in Norwalk, 29 Mar., 1757, John Hickos, b. 28 Apr., 1734, 
Res. in Norwalk. 


1741 Huldah Eickox? b. 1 Nov., 1757; m. (1) Epb. Waring; (2) Rev. Lewis. 

1742 John EickQx? b. 24 Sept, 1759; d. Sept, 1776. 


Tub Kelloom itf the Xcv Voua. 

1743 LydU iJickoT.'' b. 3 Jan^ 17$S; is. Jcmc lUdtttrii. 

1?44 5*iJfe iiirkox,^ h fl Jan,, 1764 ; d fi Mar, 1773. 

174* BHogoph hulox/ b. 31 JwL, 1766; d, 11 Jime. 17«7. 

1746 Jitst nUHt7 b, 4 NoT,^ 1769. 

1747 £«A.ff /J. //fnLor/ h. SI Julf, 1771; m. Stephen Cam]L 

1748 5(r*A JJicLtaJ b. M Scpt, 1773. 

1749 EiioBaph Ilirkoz? b. 2» May, 1T76; d. T OtL. 1777. 
neo Pmfna^ HUkox,'' b. 15 Fcbw, 1778; m. Bin Uoyt 
1751 Jlfi7/iV^f //kI'ox* b. 14 Sept., 17S0; m. Jou R Bffwikt. 

<68. KSTHKH." dau. of £liu«p!^ (St03), k 3n Oct, 1741; dl 18 Apr,, 171 
NoftU Ff»Dti\ b. n.'^ft, \a roU:hry6% itin uf JcMJih Po(i(r muI Simili W^]«l 
Slic d 13 Dec. 1771, o^ S9. 

1755 5<Jfi5A fcctej b J7fi9, 

17£3 C7itiKiiiici CAiM7 b. and a. D«c^ 1771. 

B70. Fr.TASAPn fl son of Eliiwaph* (Sft3), b « Sppt. ITW; m, 12 IVc, irfT 
Adfih BtnMict, bap. i^ Juim, 1751, dau. of Caltrb Bci](;<iict ai:d Meldtablo Bo;rtt 
of Nurwallc. 

Uv d, in PniibuTj, SO Srpl., 18:^3, ngoci 78 ; »!>o d in Punhufj, \2 Fwb,, 18t3» 
aged 78l Both ai* banod in Miry Brook Ccmot-^ry, Danburv. 

ThL'v Tt^i^ in DHiibiiry. Cciqd, ; hia will v&s probated m Danbory, 1 D^e^, 1823. 
He voa a aoldici in tho rcrolubon; tcTVcd thnx montbd in 1776-77. in Capt 

.ToEL,' k 17 Oct. 17T:t; m- BluabetU Foi, 
lieTniut,' b, 4 Mar., 1777. 



Mkiiitahlk/ b- sa Mar, 1780; m. Comfort Crofoot 

RicnzL,' b. 9 Oct. 17Se; m- JoelStww. 

EuzABFjm.' b. 13 Nov., 17^ ; ra. aa hii *4!eoiid vifc^ Potcar Hoyt, b. 9 
Dim*., 1772, mm ot Eicc Hoyt, b, £1 Oc>L, t7dO, and Throdo«ia nib< 
ble. i^ d 194 Oct., 1858 ; Jis^ near Uanbuiy ; had no cbildroi. 
1759 MKLESAVT/b. 4Mar.,17$fl, 

17aO E^HA a.'LtD Aiig., 1791; d 5 Aug., 1959; was a anuudan ia Um vu 
of ISl!; *cTvwl from 30 Oct to 23 Not^ 1813, 

+1761 lKA,^b. iaMar.,i:95; ni, (1) Sanb ; (J) Raelid ; (3) 

Sail J , 

673, T/>TS,« ilnu. of damod^ (205), L 

^ m. 3 Jan., 1757, Benjamin 

S1l« d. 6 Aug., 1769; b^ d. 17 Jnly, 1770. 

17S2 Ilont^h WhiUuff:^ b. 4 Jane. 1757 ; nu Moea Krift 
1763 Mcrth^ Whitnf^y b. S Mar, 1759, 
17fVl i^amveX Rttlo^ff WkitnfgJ' b. S FrJ?., 17A1; bu Greiv FairvcntliFr. dao. 
of Joecpb yainx^thor. 

1765 li^ff WhUnty,^ b. SA Atar, 1763- mcrdidQC; movod to Atbony. 

1766 Annt WkUnty.'' h. «S J«lj, 1765. 

The KxLLOOOft m vrb Nxw Woua. 157 

1T<8 BM^ofliin ff%i«ii«y^* b. 4 Uar., 1771. 

ffi ANN»* d&iL of SuimeL* (S05), b.iiL Norvalk, ConiL, 1788; hl m Kots 
iiD[, 1 Jan., 1757, NftthAn Jarrifl, h. H Feb., 1737, eon of CapL Samuel Jarvu 
ntdNAomi Bnuh. 

^ d. 81 Jvljt 1808, and vaa bujied in St Fanl'B churchyard, New Yoik 
Citr; lied. 16 Apr., 1820. 

He vu a &nner and blackranith. 


17^ Ann JorvitJ^ b. 5 Oct, 1758; m. her cousin, 'Ren.rj Jarria, of Aubnm, 

K Y. 
17T0 BtUy JarviiJ' b. 10 Sept, 1761; m. Capt Jeeee Betts, a Bea captain of 

South Norwalk. 
im May JtffvitJ b. 11 Jirne, 1765 ; d. Oct., 18S7, 
im^flmiwIJoiw/b. 16Sq>t, 1768; m. 1798; d, 10 June, 1852; 

res. in JeffexBOn Co., N. Y. 
1773 WaHam Jam*/ b. 12 June, 1771; merchant tailor in New York Citj; 

d. % Apr., 1847. 
im Naihan Jamt? b. 19 June, 1778; m. 16 Nov., 1802, Betaey Sanford, 

b. 85 Not,, 1782; d. 16 Aug., 1869, in Norwalk. 
1770 AOtfT JarvU,^ b. 27 Aug., 1775; m. Samuel White, a BilTeramiUi; na. 

in New Torir. 
1770 Eannah Jctm^ b. 25 Feb., 1780 ; d. unnt . 

171 SUTE," dau. of Samuel* (205), b. in Norwalk, Conn., ; m- 26 

OA, 1766, Abb Hoyt, b. 23 Aug., 1744, son of Nathan Hoyt, b. 29 Apr., 1718, and 
EHvbeth Lockwood, b. 23 May, 1721, a descendant in the sixth generation of 
Simeon Hoyt, of Oharleetown, Mass., 1638. 

He d. in Norwalk, 14 Apr., 1806; his wife survived him. 

In 1768 he was "Collector of ye church of England professors.'' Res. in 


1777 Henry Hoyi? b- 11 May, 1767; m. 14 Nov., 1787, Maiy Conklin; a 

farmer in Southea&t, Putnam Co., N. Y. ; d. 9 Apr., 1839. 

1778 EiiUr Hoyt,'^ b. 9 Nov., 1769; m. 2S Feb., 1789, Mosee Gregory. Ad- 

miral Francis Gregory, TJiiited States navj-, was their son, 

1779 Ata Bi/yi? b. 28 Feb., 1772 ; m. Clarissa Crane ; res. in Southeast, N.Y. ; 

d. June, 1831. 

1780 Francis Hoyt,"^ b. 19 July, 1774; res. in Norwalk; d. 18 Apr., 1800. 

1781 Ruth Eoyt,'' b. 21 Feb., 1777; m. Stephen Bouton; d, 10 Sept, 1852. 

1782 James Hoyt^ b. 5 Dec., 1779; lost at s*;a, June, 1808, coming from 

NorUi Carolina. 

1783 Lewis BoytJ b. 24 June, 1782; m. Abigail Mygatt; res. in Danbury, 

Conn., and Canfield, 0.; d. Oct., 1838. 

1784 Anna Boyt,^ b. 26 Oct, 1784; m. Nathaniel Raymond, of South Nor- 

walk; d. 10 Mar., 1855. 

1785 Eli Etryt^ b. 30 Apr., 1787; m. Mary Ann Camberlung, in North Caro- 

lina, S4 Dec, 1810; ree. in Washington, N.C.; d. SS Feb., 1864. 


The Eslloooa uf the Ke« Woiuk 

S7T. ELIZABETH * dan. of SAtnuelB (SOA). U 

(€3d), BOA ot WiUiam lUed tnd Bftdiel Eello^ (+^1(>* 
Ho rc«. in Xcw Omaan, Coam. ; vu a deputy abeiifl. 

; n, MaUiicv Q«d 




SUpk^i Rf^dJ h, 17«5; d. young, 

Ucm^ Retd^ b. ; m- Asa Benedict 

SU^htn Rud? b. . 

Sal!^ Heed? b. 

KtthcT Rftd,^ U. - 
Frcdtrick Uttd? b. 
ilntia Rtt4? b. — 

m. Joe«ph Ua^koU. 
; ni. Tsiwc Bi^ldon. 
^ ; d, Toung. 

m. Jomb Th&cker 

ft7r llAttY* dau. of Sflmtwl* tSOS), b. — — ; nu in Wiltoo, Conn-, 3 JTot., 
1*A$^ A« hUwi'iinil wifr, BI»uL]i^ich JcAUpr k 14 DrtT.^ 1T3A, imi of luliritni Jiviipr 
b, in KairBcld. Codd.. T Mar, in»7. &zt>i Sarah BUckl«a«h, b. about iG89. 
Shi; d, 3 Fob., i:U6 ; be d 23 War., 18Hi. in Wilton. Codil 
\\c9^ in Wilton, whun? kHc anil htr lm»biiti:l itltu admitted to the Congrega- 
tional Church in 1770. Ho wd« afipointcd, Dec., 1)74, one of a comnuttM Co 
&p;>rove Action cf t}ie Corlljieiitsl CongTuw, nnd 13 Jon^ 1778, was dimwD in 
impplj tbc familirs of noldi^rB of the Coutin«ntal amy irith food. 

Uo ra. (1> 33 Fvb.^ 1757, Saruh Sichbiiu, who £ 17 Uay^ 1768, toaving >lx 
ibildnn; hl (3> sbout 17^8, Mi^ Jlary Stur<«^of nidgcScld, CoaiL 

1797 Afat7 Jrj»iif7 b. 9 l^,, !7«9; m, Abij»h Abbott, of Xfw York; d, 14 

Apr^ 17^0, in Sew York. 

1798 SomM^l J^up? b. SS Apr., 1771 ; d. 7 Jnlr, 1774. 

1799 5ofaA Jt^p? b- SJ Jan., 1773, 

1800 Amo Jtmp? b. 11 Uw,, 1771; d. S3 Jnlf, 1775. 
IflOl Anna Jrmp? b. U May, 177fl; d. 22 Ot-t, 17S0, 
180d J?^M^ t/ffvp,^ b- ? Nov., 1777 ; cl Ddavan; d. 1899 ; had l«n 


1803 S(imv<l J<^up? b. U Jnlr, UTS. 

1804 ^i<Sbdfd ./^vtip,^ b. S» Jan , 1781 : d. 30 Jan., 1781. 
1801^ RidMTd Jitup.^ b. 9 Apr., 1 7^?. 
180$ F«nryy«^pjb.$0 Feb..l7^; in.GaritTUuU; had fl^^ chitdraL 

1807 RHtabHh Jivu^/ b. 15 Fvb., 178« : d. ?1 iUr, 1794. 

1808 Isaac JrtopJ b. 3 Oct, 1787 ; ni- Albcittn*; Scherinerfaonu daii. of Cor* 

neltns I. SchennorhoTD, of Scbodack. K. Y. 
1609 GeorjT' -rAtiff^T h. S) Dec, 17»l>. 

878. ESTHER,* dnu. of Snniuil* («05), k 1748; m- 6 !)«., 1770, Timnihy 
Ktekr. b. in Rid|c?fldd, Conn., 10 Iklaj, 1748. >on erf Timotb; Keekr and Uuj 

He d. 1 PvK, 1813, aged $7 ; flie iL 4 Oa., 1818, Hgid 70. 

The Kblumaos ih ths Xew Wooui. 


TT« wm> propriHor of th^ K«*l^r Tavern in Rl^ti^Id. A cat of the old sign 
botrd n^ W swu in ilra. Alirn Home Earie's Tuvi-ra DavK. [«. a*>5. During lh« 
raTolntioiMiy var tbe briiuh attAckud Hjd;;cticLd, £7 Apr, 1777, and a cacnoa 
bftU btriivk tlw InttM luid ntnnins inibedd^l in th^ post where it struck. 

1810 I>(irid KtteSif,^ h. 
1511 HWIfT fffWtff / b. - 

ism Mtiry A'*W*r,' k — 

Chitdren, h. in Uidg^ft^id. 


— Crawford. 

1811 SsVufT K<4i«r,^ K — ~; n. - 

lSt5 Anna Kffir.r'r y^ ^ jf(j^ I7»r; m. 1 Fe!>., 1S29, AMJali R«Wf^e. sod of 
Jacob BcM^gui^. b. h Jutie, ir5S. and Sanili FoUictt, L L740. Slu; 
d, ?3 Doc., 1S6V. tJt von n carrum^o nrnkcr^ and aucG<]C^4'd hor 
fatbrr v proprietor ot \h^ KevkT Tavorn, in Itidg«fleld; had oue 
dan., dnoa, vho l# living, uninH* in tl^e old iiouic, 

MO. SAilAH • da«, of eaniud'* <J05), K in Norwnlk, Conn. : m. in Komftlk, 4 
Nov., 1770. Robort ^Vawon, b. 17«. 

She d. 87 &cpu 183d,Agodfd; hod. Id Au^., 180^, a^ed 8<». 

K<«. in Norwalk; dioee leoac Scudder IilT ^aniian in Supl., 1760. Sho 
umI her husbaod were* lovioUTr^ uf tbi* Cnugrvgatiuual Chureb in Norwalk. 

CJiiUtrpn, b. iib Norwaih. 
1815 Bobfrt »rw«r».' b. 30 Apr.. 1771; in. :iO Apr. 171)7. Rebecca RayiuuniL 
1S17 S^mtifi! lVast<m,'' b. 4 Doc., 1712. 
181^ 6*4irujb VTiUSQnJ' b. 13 Julj, 177fi. 
lUli* £jrA#r ffflWft/ b. 5 Nop., 1777. 
IM -**ifi If-UK'ft.' k 27 Nov., 1779. 
ISSt /.oordlo Ha^on,^ U 24 Jan., lU^. 
IW2 Jfim*4 Jtfflwn n'<uut>f»/ b. 15 Oct, 17M. 
1823 ffunnjA IFo»oti/ b. Sfl Feb., 1767. 
iei4 Annt IVa4»it,^ b, la Oct,, 178». 
lASa r^'irf'ji Wt>AtJ*n/ h. 22 May, 17f^. 
1S«6 CA«r/<.fi* ird*«n»,' b. «« May, 17flS. 
I$t7 JoAw iraMOfi,* b. 4 Jaa, 17»6. 

L ENSIGN EUPHALET,* Mn of Uurtin* («07), b. about 1735-40; m. 
Sanb Brtiwn, of NDrvalk, b. ^H l!ar., 173&-40> dau, of Jonathan Brmrn nnd 
lUry Slaeon. 

H« d. : fth« d. , 

lie cbo*c 5 Otl., 175flt hia nnclc, Prt^r T»ckwiwd, of Konralk, ita bta gnar- 
d^Aii, and va« iheT«fnr« 14 ymra of kg? or ov«r. 

He rviM. ■bout 1770, froai K^vr Cannan, and ««Ut«d «ii the east shore of Ball* 
aton or LoEifT l^r iri Balbton, X. Y- 

ne wi)« an Entigo in Capt 'llmil^k'U!* MnuJ'M Ca, 1760; C^rp. in Col, 
Wri^ii'a Niir York Reg, 

^1815 EuPHALBiJ b. in New Canaan. 19 May, 1703; m, Ljditt Alk-u. 
1829 AXM,^ bap. UA Biay, 17(k5; d. yoiuitf. 

IM The Kelloogs in xhb New World. 

+1H30 StiiAS,^ b. in New Cftnaan, 7 Sept, 1767; m. Mary Mumford. 

ISrJl Sarah,'' b. ; d. young. 

+lfi:i:J Jonatuak/ bap. in Now Canaan, 35 Mar., 1770; nL . 

-("IHill* Mahtin,^ b. ; m- Patty Gibaon. 

-f 181U AwiaAiL/ b. ; m. Seth Cogewell Baldwin. 

58a. MARTIN • eon of Mnrtin* (207), b, 10 Oct, 1740; m- 13 May, 1762, 
i[on\v Ri^Jiwlit't^ b. 13 Apr., 1T42, dan. of James Benedict, of Danbury, Conn., and 
Mon\v Knajtp. 

Slu^ il. 8 Apr.. lt*ll; he m, (8) (ant€-ntiptial agreement filed 26 June, 
ISUKAbipiilKnflpp, of Xew Fairfield, Conn.; d. 1 Sept, 1824; she d. 2 Jiily, 

Ho Tvm. from Xorwalk and purohased a lann, 13 Mar., 1762, in a part of 
Nt*w Kairfii'bl cullwl the *" Apple Trees," 

.Kkltn Jarvi^ 1^ Oot. 1776. for comiduration of £?5, deeded to bim s d^to 
^irK rhilH8« a^'il tiro and one-half years. 

+ lf*:?,i Martin,' U 3 S^-pt-. 17G3: m, Kachel Stevena. 
-|-IS;U! Mkhcv,' K 1^ Mar„ 1767 : m, Israel Osbom. 
I8:i7 Zaixhk.' K 55 Xov„ 17fitl: d. 3S> Dec.. 1768. 
ISnS ZiKirKjlv:i S<-pt. i::0; d. nnm, 2: Feb., i:?6, aged 55. 
lS;i5* M.vryT b, 3 Nov,, 1772; m. 9 Nov,, 1791^ Benjamin Beor^e, Jr.; d. 25 
MHr.^l7!i2: had no ehildren. 

M4, MKRCY • drtu. of Martin^ Vii^^). t«p, 1 Sept, 1745; m. 1 Oct, 1761, 
Mi^^s H:uiford. prvkbaMv ^ni v>f her $u^pfaiher. Samuel Hanford^ of New Oaaaan, 
l\>nu» who haU a son, Mo!j<^ b, 10 Sepi,, 1737. 

1S40 liyiftn^th }\—.:J Ivip- 31 July, 176;V 

ISll Mc-szs /ja%vri,' Va'.\ -7 iVi.. 17^5: prv^baWv d, Tonng, 

1:^*^ ,V.^*:.< ii,;/JV-:7 K 1 July, 17^7. 

l:S4;; _V,;;\.:': IL-.^\ ri,^ b, 1,», i:7*>_ 

l,*i*4 T\.\w.ii.s ti^r:-. 'SJ \\ 1 Nov., 177^: m. 4 Oer,, 1797, Sallr St John. 

IS4,^ M^trii^ !{a'^':'-J^ K IS J^W, 1775, 

lS*t. .Vf-^,* ::,^%V'-.f,' K ? M4T» 17:>. 

tSt: :<.r^ ::\!'^v-.:.' b- i:* Auj:.. 17S\ 

lSi> S:rt ■^i^-'i-V-iT b, ^S >Ur.. 17S^. 

SS& SAMIKU* s<v, of >lAr::v,* t'7 ,Ki- S,» CarAan. C«e- » June, 

r*=^, :v. v'^ '^^ M*>,i:7l, V.V..-3>.:> Winv. >- -:o Arr., 1751- iax of Dacon 
Jo".a:>a:- VVirv-*: *v./, Msrv Hx-rjiT-.t^v .",a\:- ,'f Sjlti:!:! Stc^rcs* 

^>; .■ ;y,.. IS::^ >J ,v, i ^.V:.- :>:t, M:^ Lt^ ,?=iz±1 Cnne,of 
S.'v-.,7>. WW , o.:f,i -f r,::T Srv:> 

U^ ,\ t; \V:., :Str. i^v > , -^ -.>: > iT: T2i:i ^f w^as Ve=: e1i« d. 24 
Avr . 7S=;\ V'V- " -'- " »"*> * :*T:"':r — N ^* C^ri^^ C:c=- 

V:: ry.<i\\ \ :y-^. :7>\ -■ :>.- r:V>, v .r-^v:^"-:^ ^^c-iiirysii 4 IVe- 1760, 

— 7S>: SvV,T-.' ^ ';' .'i'^^. 17:t- ^ PiTTy Wia-^ 

— *^I Sycu Sr.O^T,' K ^ rVv"., ir7J; 3.. Ua:::^-^ LiVi^wiL 

TttE Relixigom is TitE Niw World. 


lesx Mjar.^ V. ai Dtc, 1:75; J, e May, ITTfl. 

lAV Wakiikn/ 1». 7 A(ir, HSrt; m. 


H-lii55 Hahy," k 10 Apr, lisa ; m. David Lockwood. 

586. NATHAN,^ >oa of Martic* (2<W), b*p. 36 Apr,, 1752; ni. 23 Apr., 1774, 
BmdirJ Ciutcr, b* 19 Not., V'>(K (Ihu. of Jolm ChtUt, of Xotualk> rbi] Ilfliiniili 

H«d_ ; elwd ■'. Ho rfjoiw Tlieo|rfk Fitch tia guardian, 7 Aug., 

17CG; roi. in N'l-w Can*an Parifh <Norwii1k). Conn., vhorc; th^y ircrc admitted 
lo tb« dmrcb, & Oct, 1781; r«m. from N<>«- Canaan, after 17^1, to Bctimnr, Ta., 
>nd later to JaoMiilK Wia.; ««a a n?TviljUuiiar> »oldirr; fHfrMed ia Lieut. Car- 
tvr'a CX 95 Oct. 177$, b> 11 Jan., 1777; in Col. CuoMdV Militia U<k<, at Wv«t 
Point, 17SL 

H-I8W Haxn-afi Starb,^ bap. 23 Apr, 177«; m. Judd Baymond. 
m57 JOUN CrBTUi.'" bap. a3 Man, 1777. 

1858 JUiwil' b- ; m. Kdmuiul W.iii; wmt VTrait 

1859 Du>oa\u,' k ; dl Sbadrach HaywanJ. 

+Um Xa7BJJE/bflp.v4 Apr, 17&6; m. O) RodaUnda Woodward; (^) Sanb 
Qoidoiv. ' 

1881 Aio»/ bap. 11 ¥A,, 1787; d. cinni. . 

+1862 UiBU,^ K 1789; m. Spangenburg, 

»?. ISAAC • ion of Gideon* (filO). b. U Jan., 1745; m, (I) 11 Or,t, 1766, 
Hanaah Fitch, b. «4 Atig., 174^, dau. of Mnnhw ¥\Uh and L/riiii Olmet^^d. 

Sbe 4 Hi IXr-, 1781 ; ht nu (2) Mr^. diirati (Buri;™) Qanlurr, of Plul- 
lippi, N. Y., b. IB Bamcttablt?, Maa*., 5 Fcbu, 1715; d. h Apr., 18S9; *h«.< d. June, 

Ho WM deacon in tbe rrefrliTteriaD Cbuich in New Canaan, Oooa. to whicb 
bcattdldiifirflt vUvv^r^admitUHl II Jttni.\ 176T. Hu aocood wif« irafeadmitU*d 
by ^-Ltttitr fn>i» PhiUippL" Hck In Coniwall, Vt,, 17W-87l in Stillwat-r, 
K. V^ n07, and later in Malta, N. Y^ where he d, 

A grandchild Colla tlie following anecdote! 'Ther« was a p«ny lav-tnil be- 
twn:n tvo of laaac Kellogs'a ndghbotv and )ic waa called tis a witiWM lij one partr. 
Wb*B he came fonmrd to be *wora« the oppnvii^^ pnrtT •ni'l to ttic JurticCr 'You 
nml iMvt adniitiiMtT the unth to Mr- Ki-llo^g ; nv will a€C4-pt wliat he Mys ac teati- 
moar without bia taking the oath.' " 

Hm M'TTcd in Um? rvrolaticnurv war in IJMit Cartw'ii Oj., frocn 2S Oct, 1778, 
to ^ Drc^ laBia jcar. 

Ckildrtn, h. in Npip Canaan, by first ttif^^ 

+1W3 GiaD0?f7 b, M Oct, I7fi7; m. \\) Mrs- Sarah (Httbbdl) Towner; (S) 
Mnk Phel« ( HarHnglon) BrockwRT. 

-^lAf^l JkiPUa,* b. 3 Jaly. 17Sff; m. Abraham Najib Middbbrook. 
1865 laAic/ b- 13 Tivc.. Itro; m, in Gnvnfi<»Ui, N. Y.. 31 Dec,, 1800, Sdirah 
Vcvd; wa^a tliriU) fanner iu Malta; d. 31 Aug.. 1831; bad i» 
fbildrrri. At tUr; tiiDo of bts niarr]jL4>i> bia rca. waa pvon a« Ball- 
wian. Ifrr will, dfttrd 7 Apr, 1>^.%-t, gtVFa her ngfi lu 7^; shv bc- 
quaalbcd her »tatc to the chilirt-n of her broth^eiv and Mm. 



Tkk Kelijcxhis lx thk Xkw Vokid. 

-i-ld^a TIavmah/ k ^\ Apr., inS; nt A&dreB Seymoar. 

ISftft A&iLviTH,^ b, 27 Oct, n74; iL S<*pt, 1776. 
ISfiO OciA«,^ b. 30 Jul/. 1779; kft home aUrut the titnc the Tripoli cxpedi* 
tion iifl£ £ltod out and vu net^r beari frooL 
+lfi:o M.^iTHKw/h. 2^S€pi_, 1781; CL {\) SamliSwlrt-; (3) Electa CrofooL 

ENDS « ton of Qid<OQ> (SIO), L 

; QL 10 Uu^ 1774. L^^ Pii^ 

b. in Xonvalk, CcmB,^ i Apr. 174i>, daiL of lUithcir Fitch and Lvdia OLnutcd. 

lU- <J, ; she a. U Div.. 1833, ag«d Sfl. 

ilv wa«a faniu-r; i\^ Uitvv milc« nst ol XonraJk, m Um first hoosc moth ol 
N^vr Cantati vuid. 

CAOtfrtn, 6. in JkTofvaft. 
1871 AjUK>iff.*b.lOFi^k,lT75; <L U 8^, 177^ 
187? E^TuriL' t, 13 Jan., 1773; d. XS Apr. i:7». 
WU E»Tiiii>,"' L .10 Oct, irtfl ; ro. Aaroo C^uvtvk. 
1874 JUxxaii/ U. ^ Uar, 1784; ul in X«v Cauau, Coan., 10 Apr*. 1891, 
ULnol A^Tva. 
+187^ Rksscca.' b. 1« Uar.. 1787; m- Janr* ETatifl. 

5M HAXKAH«daQ.ofQidc<n^[S10),b. 

m. in Nov OraaAn. CiMm^ 

ti* SrpL. ]7(>2. Wr cvu»in» Vi'ilLiani ICc«<d (636), bap. 20 Uar., 1734, wm of Wil- 
Ikn U«c4 b. IS Nov., 1708, and BacU KdlocB (+918), b. 15 Jaly, 1710. 
llM]rnia, in Hrw Caaaaa; oroed tbt covnant tbor*, 10 Jana, 1T84. 

1876 SmcktJ £«»if J Up. 14 Oct, 17(», 

1877 /a«^ EHi^ K » Nov^ 1766. 

iDO^ srSAXXA*daa.offlidw»»(JIO»faNorwatt,ConiL, ; m. in 

Nomlk. n Apr.. ITfi?. David Naih. ton erf Edvaid Nai^ k 81 Jalj, 1710, and 
lUrr Warmi. K M One, 1706. 

She4.10Dcc.,l?71.»NoT«alk; bam, (t> 19 Jttlj. 1772, BadMa BatiK, 

Bni^ln NonnUc,CaaiL 

18TS ^ittaMJh JCaah.v b. tS F«lk, 1768; m. SI Dhl, 1788, Iwe Ch^^ Jr^ 
of Norvmlk; had fiTi« cbildron, 

1879 Jara8Aaak,tk»>JnMsl77i>; d. anaL 18 Nov^ 17VL 

«!& SABAU.«daQ.«f ^HaMttti^<«ll),kaboatl740; a. 89 Vaj. 17fi3, Etra 

Biad f631), h. 16 lUr^ 174<^a»ol iltaml Baal and BlfaafaA EdOw (4-SlS). 

He d. 4 Apr^ 1807; ihr d. 18 Afr^ 1818. 

Cind fii, frmhtkif Mhim >'«■ Caa^a, 

1880 Jtea Vm^^ h. S4 Fili^ irtft: d. 8 Apr. 176S. 

1881 Anl JItMf,* K If Apr. 1766; d. tT J«l. 18M. 
lS8f Xaa «#!<' k 10 StpL, 1767: d. 83 Jue, 18iX 
1681 bavaS Am^^ K » No*. 1769; d. 4 Uar, 1638. 
1661 1mm AiA' b. t> Apr^ inL 
lfU7MtMjr«ad.^k»Aaf^.l7Tl; d_ 9 SipC 17TX 

Tm K£LL0O0ft DT TBS }fEw WosLa 


Epmrttt* Ettdy K t^ Aug,, lt?3; d 1 M»r^ IRIt. 

,J8KS Ayrfid /?«rf » Ix S8 SqA, 1:77 ; d, 3 July, X^U, 
htiidak ^rnf/ k 23 S«pt., 17&0} d. Jan., Ith^. 
Etn fi^crf/ h, 20 Mat, 178», 

603, PflEBR^iUa. of E|wn«*ws» (sn>,b. in Xonralk, about i:43; m, Cnpt 
Tfithaiiic] ScribLtr. h. in Nuiwntk. S3 Drc^ IH^, sou of Malbui^ Si:ribi3cr and 

He it, 4 S«pt, 17^9, In LoiUftTille, Go., where he had gone U purcbaee horec«; 
abc »rnT«d hira. 

BcUL after marrn/ir to Putnani Co., N. V., to ft point obout ten imlc« veti of 
thv prua?nt HrrwHl«-r'K Stntion- 

laLhc'-OUniclarof ni«loTk»1Uanu«TipW*At AlUny, tqI 1, pp. 48T, 4d8» 
564, boiiofabk moitmi » a)a4« of Capt Scribnor; also in Blaku'e Hi^torr of 
Potnam County, po. $44W; ho \ott the uai? of an arm in lattk>; a musket ball 
atrack hi* im*l and pttfvcd out at tbr vWiOW. In 1 790 he frm. to Nonralk, Cotin., 
wborv ho bniU a miU. Later h« bailt a tido mill in Conpo, near Wofitport, Coan. 

He vaia a revolntionarr aoblier During Ibt^ irar he waa abiM^nt ho ninch that 
he wma r|«ite a Jtnn^ro' to tlic youn^vr cbildron. On one occasion be rcturucd on 
A furloujE^i "f *Jf^^y twontr-four ho\i» and niur-hi-d horn*- atmoitt drEtiLiitJ> of clotli'^ 
ing. Ilia wife look in the aitiUktion at a flancv. The eheep were driven into a 
oonker of the paatttro; one «aa caught and ehom; the wool woe washed naA driod 
hy thr hbuaug fire; tbi^ cnrdn) njid »pun into ynm; Ihon (with tbi? brip of tfio 
d«njrht«T«) knit into a p.kir of lonjc »tocl:inf:«, whidi were wufacd, dri«d ojid ironed 
before the expiration of the twenty-fonr hours. 

After the dnth of Capt. Scribnf^r. hi^ wife and <Uu4; EHicabcth. lather and 
JUtna atftobliahcd a boarding cchool in Morrifttown, N. J. After the death of 
Aaca, they vrre induced to jmn the family in going to New Albany, The emi- 
gmtion of the family va« made in 18)1 or *14 on hoiwhack, and by WDKon4 and 
flat boala dova the Ohio. 

Th« newly purchased town titc *nji a dcnw fort*!, tut trw* wert fulled and 
log bou«ee LqjU, tiu flrrt on^ beJn^ for Mrf^ Scribn^r, In thi^ liouee v&a organ- 
ard what im dov (lie Find Pmbyterian Ohunrh rif Ni<w Alliony; Ihc Hmt fnur 
Bumfacn were Ura. Scnbner and thnx of hi^-r cbcldren. Ijoi* vortb l^.VflOO were 
wt ajid« by the »ne and ranatitute the bnnii Af thr prei^ert ^cribncr High School 

ElUabvtli nude the jonraey betvocn Philadelphia and New AEbany. — i hone* 
fc«ck, thrw timua, 


18»1 Jama Srrihntr,'' L 

1«M ^fipfcof#r 5rnifl*r,^ b. 


-. in New Albany, lud, ; liail lhn« 



Bmdler, He vu intCT- 

««ted With hit father in the mill at Coiopv. but aftLT their failure 
ho wimt to Port an Prince, Hayti, and became a proflperoot mer- 
chant, fn the mawacrc of tlic Fnmch he waa one of the five whit« 
men MTcd ; food waa broujrht to him by the blacks in hia conceal- 
ment He c«nMd the fnijtire of hi« hmthen In New Albany by 
drawing on them for IS^^OOO, which they «coepl«d; he d. raddculy 
in HajrtJ. 


Tnz KxLLOGoe ix tub Nbw WoBLa 

1893 Jtiit»i$ua SmhnerJ^ h. 

-J m. ffnmnul Pmny. Up wai a mi^mber of 

the tina of Stmud Penny & Sod, tnorcli4at«, Ntv Vorfc; rcc ia 

^uthesAt, N. Y. : had t^D childi^^ 
Jotl Scrihtt^r^'' L ; m- Mary Dull. ^^- of Deacon Bull, of MU- 

fonU L'fion- ; r<*, in New AH>uny ; Imd tij^t cluldivu. 
3f<irfft4a iScni»B*r/ b. ; m. Urmh ScrLbocr, her ootuiii. wq of B«t- 

lUottbrw Schbnor. 

Esther Scrti/H^? b. — 
Itaikmi^ £fcn^fl«r7 b. 

; m. Ebubi'tb EdmonO^ hUcoiuin, 


d while rrtnming from i mcotiikf of X\\<^ Ixxi^Litan? at CoTjdoQi 
having secured tlM> foroution of Hit Count>- of l-'luyd. Sba m. (2) 

Blifok f cnfrwrr.' b- ; mw a merduat in New York ; a partner o( 

idniia Scribnttr^ b, - 

tcAcher* a^ about S?. 
BliMbtUi Scrihnrr^ b. - 

d. in ^lorriftovn, K. J,, tib«re ibe v«d a 
BL I>r. John Wood; d. in l^ikk-na, lU,, 


from inJiiHee roct^ired by being tliromi from a sMgh vhil« rtrtam- 

LD^ tvniM Lhurtrli At m^ht; lui) tn\i children, 

.4ifit'r ft'friftHi^r,* b- ; res- in Nct AIUny« Jad. ; liad ivo wns> 

Lucinda ScTit>n^J' b- ; d- yonn^; buried in Gr««iL« Famu, Coniu 

604. JEMIMA,^ d&u. of Epciictt:^'^ (9tl^b. in Nev CaiiaaD, 1744; m. in K«v 
\i*r^. m Ni-w OnAJin. 

1904 Dinah Umford,'' bap. 9 Jiin«, 17«5, 

1905 AuEA Hanford;* bap, S7 Aog., ITQH 

d05. MARTHA.** d£v. of Epen^tii:a<^ (^11)> ^' ^D Korvrftik: to. Ichabod >Unrin. 
b. 15 Dec.* 1T45« ^n of lildUhcir Marrui Anil Rlinbeth CUrk, of HuntiDcton, 

llv d In SnuthiKutt, N. V., SI Jftn,, 17!^ wherv nh^ ii; btirk^, 

1906 ^p«nWri^irtfrm''U15 0ct., 1760: m. 97 Uar. 179-1. Marj Smith; bad 

four chiMiva. 

1907 JfHR'e Marvin,^ L $9 Oct. 1771 ; vl 2^ Dec., 1795. Irai« Sim|ikiiu; bad 

twelve children. 

1908 MaHha nfnrrinJ^'U. tC S^rpt., Itr^; nu Zptum Smith; d. 1809, 

1909 tyci^ Jtf«rvi*»,^ k 27 Apr,, 17*6; iti, IG Fob,, 1905, Danivl McJTiilty. of 

Q»rgt>toim, S. C. 

1910 Asron ^frtmrt^ b. 19 IXi:., 177^; m. « Div., 1A07, Ktia Brown Prior; 
r«- in G"^>rffoto«ni» 8- C; d- in MoDttc^mo, Flo-, Xh July, IW^; 
a1i» d. 3 Apr.. IHSA; bad eigbt childmi. 

IHl Mahod .V*inn».' b, ^J Stj^., 17^2; d, noor Brvw^t^Vs fiuiion. K, Y.. 
14 St^iiU 18i>5; m. in Ffb, L906, ElimtH-Ui Car), «bo d. 18 Apr.» 
t&tfi; r«A. in SoullM4»t, K. Y.; had tKirtt<:u chUdtUL 

Tns EBIX0008 nc the Nsw Wohld, 


1919 SUpken Martin;' b. » Jvtj. Km ; m> 1 tVb., LB16. Snrah Smith, who d- 
in Lockport, N. V.^ 13 Apr, 1877^ n»- id Ogi^ N. Y-; bad cix 

11*13 ^tte* MnntnJ h. 1 Mav, irSC ; d IROO. 

IHM JJ«ry JZ-rrWif,' b. n Junr. It8*i; m. IftfU, Philip Tfta^Jock, 

1SI6 Ator b'miik yurni.' l-. 7 NV., HDl; m. G Jaii.. 1&17, DelU Maria 
Pmnv; iib« (L 1 Jvnst, IS59, >gi?d 01 ; he J. in Havann, N, Y., I 
Do:., l^Tf); i«iih a iiiirrehiint sdiI uwrnfariDrvr in Georgetown, 
S, C, «o(i Nfvi York City ; Lad twtlve t^UUUrvn. 

606 EPENETUS* son of Epcnutu** (211), b- Apr., 1746; ra. 16 Sc.-|>t, 1773, 
Itrbcccn IlTrb«rdA, b, at<iut 1748^ ilau. ot JuHii HlcLai^Ji) and IIi'l)ecca Fitt1i> of 
Ml4l4Ui«ex (Dimt'o), Conn. 

Uf 'L 10'l^5. in Korvnlk; kW harriti^ him Auit d. nJ tlit^ boniN; of her dftu., 
Ann A J 00144, 

lie vflH a farmer; n-s. in Norw^fllk, 

''H^KI by vbi^rr ATpt-nlJuf'-uouml Um rniijuiii Inilian way, ili<iir>miiui£ed from 

f»]d, •l'on(iHf*|*ftib/ nn-l wmr t^o miicii iiorihwci^ of thr ftrifWTit WhitufV Mill 

rrnrH'T of M*in Ami VYnU Strwl. l8H*i)f rtrwd ih'} *>M-tim^ hom*? of Kpfnctne 

Kiiiog^ (mu of EpcinrtUi orid Ji^miniA {Rogcrj) Ki^llof^g). Thv dr>imcik tt- 

tuatOL-d, browatd, bent atiiI Uciwcd by rvry aj;v/' (Ncrw^lk, p. S'iS.) 

1«6 EPEXtrroi » b. I? Apf^l77a; d. 23 Jan,rl7:5, 

iai7 j^HW'ti,' h. ,% rw,, nr."^; d, s* xup, i::<». 

+ 1918 Saraik^ ix 3<' May, 1777; m, Suruud Dikcraac 
+1519 Aksa » L ZS Sf>\\, 1776; m. Dtntd Jani^a. 
-rl»^ Kicstn^r^i,' I. J Oct, ITfiO; tn, Mnrb Cmyn- 

1031 Brrnv.' h» 21* Apr., 178^; m, ^ t-ocJtwood. 

1922 JijsisJ U ^'( Apr. 17IH; drtiwritnl wliett a jrouag man; num. 

19Ki HiiotiA,' U la Jan., 1786: m. 

I»^ PiiKWt,' b- I !>«■-, i:8: ; m- , 

1»20 Ema.' b. 15 Oct-, i:89; d- uiiui- ; graeaated trom Yale CdJc^ 

18^7; a phv-uii-^aa. 

19M Polly/ li. 4 Mar,, 17112; m, ■ — - — St John; n». in Pt?ru:»j Inula. 

610, JAMl^S* Hfa of EpeDctDfi-'* (SU), b. in Norwalk, S Apn. 37^5; iil (1) 4 
Xo».. I77^». Lrdla Nash, b. Juk, 1751, daiL of Edwnrd NMh, b» 31 Joljp 1710, 
and Man- Warrra K 22 Thx^ 170^ 

8bu d. 19 Aajr., ]7ti^; he m- (9) I'Vb., 1795, Mr-. Mnrtlm Jolinnon, b. II 
Apr., 17<U. wMftw of T^evi Jobrton and dan. of Hrafkinh Clark, of Mnfiird, Conn, 

HeA 2H Dk;. 18:38, in Xc^rthfiMd. Cona; sbi- <l fi Nov.. 1844. 

Hit rt^. in Xorwatt until !7r.<;j : mu. to Kmcklin and XorUi Saleni, ]iutch*iw 
(V, X. Y.,and in \m2 to Xort^fi-Ul 

His vilt dal4<f 3 Sept* 1898, mcBticoa the fcrai coiu and Uto daiiglitcre, who 
wanr llim Uring. 

+I^t7 SkUvs^K in KnrT^alk. Conn-. 17 dulj, 1781; iil (1) Boxaaua Turner; 

\2i SuMnnah C. K. Camp. 
+1»W MiHY (in»tLY>/b. 29 Ifer-, n?*i; m. Pw-k CkA, 


Tub KcLLOOOd ix the Kbw Woouk 

+Ll»2!) Kt.uiATi.' b. 19 Oct, ITSI; m. (1) Ada Usrifl Wooantff; (2> Uj 

K Crtno< 

+l»aO RtTiTB-^ U Ifl Ot-L, 178C; ii». B*?t»ev CUrk. 

4-11^31 A&io^L^ b, f^ Jan., 1789; m. licvi Mcmjim. 

+193a EDWAiiu,*h. IftOrt, nfifl; m, Esthpr Fenn Warner. 

+1933 Fbedehick,' b. II Aiig., 179^; m, Minerva Waiuur. 

+Ht34 Ltou,' b. J8 Apr, 1794; in. Wcrnit Cloik, 

Childrvn hjf it^cond tt'i/f. 

1935 Davii>7K in Fmriklin, IS Mfty, 1798; i3. 30 Xot., I8U, in Benri(4, P^ 
-f 1936 CKAiiurnJ b. W Ati|r., \WS; m. Honnah Drake 
+1^37 Ci.JLKK,*b, UOijt., imm: m. Catharine Serg^ent. 
+1938 AxxA W££d7 K 2G Mar., 1603; m. John Ytkim SmiUi. 
+1939 Julia/ b. ti Mar., It^S; m. Ogdt^n Smith. 

1!M0 MBttttin/ h. 17 Dec:, 1808; d unm. fi Apr, 1^37. 

61L STEPHEN* »n i>f Epeueluft* (311), b. In Norwalk. Conn., 1 July. 1757; 
m. U Xi>T,, I77S, Lyd'in Bouton, b. in Xorwtlk, 21 Jan^ 1759, dau. of Natlianid 
Bouton and LjdJa P'^novpr, 

He d. 3y July, IS as. aged 85 ; ate d- XH Jane. 184^ aged 80. 

Famivr in Norwalk; memlit*T uf Bl. PaiUV Bpiittyipal Church in Nnmlk; 
rem. to Troy, M- Y.. where both d. 

Children, h. tn A'urvalfr. 
IHI Jdkiaii.'' b, 20 Mar, 1730; m. 14 Apr, IfW, Uargarat ScoMd, of 
DaiitTD, ConiL' b. 31 Mar, 1739; »bc d. $d Jan,, 1946; ho d. dO 
May, li*(JU, aged 8S; rea. in Troy; had no childpon. 

1942 Ltdia,^ b. 19 Ntiv., 17S2; d. unni. in Ma!d<m, IHiiUt Co., K. Y., U Ma^, 

18CS, 8^ S3. 

1943 Abtdrbw/ b. S9 Sept, 1784; ta. € Dec, 1808, Hannah Hc^ b. 8 \i%j, 

1781, dax of Joatua Hovt anti EliiaWlh Fit<?h; d. 14 I>ec-, IfilC. 
from tho offccU of a fall from a lofl in hw tXt>Tt in IVoy; «h<»> d. 
May, 1858. 
+1044 Ebbk,' K si Nov.. 176G^ m. Maria Oebom. 
4-1345 Maiua/ b. %l 0/»i., 1788; m. Dantt! Rioljardi- 

1940 Natuax,' h. «C Doc., 17*0; d. untn. 30 Oct, 1814; n* in Twj^ 
+ll»17 JoiiUA,' b. SI Mar., K93; m. AViUinm Oibom. 
4-1948 Elizabeth,* 1j. 19 Feb,, 1795; m. Rnfua ItichanU 
4-1949 tintriiEK^ t^- 20 Apr, 1707; m. Sna^o Km^linc B!j;:eIoir. 

ID50 Mary Anm,"' k 8 Jum\ 1799; d_ unni, 3 1 May, ia39. 
+lt>5l FnAXCEfl Ba;.T<»x.' b. M Mat. 1801; m. Stcisbca Fidd. 
VAh'i Geoeoe/ b» 13 June, 180;*; d. 5 Oot. 1SL4. 

660. DAVID.* iM>n of David^ (317), L in Xonratk, abojt 1744; m. ITST 
fiunici) Brown, vhoa& Snt buaband may hai'^' bwit of the Bronn fiuailj, of t ht 
Oblongt where mairy Notvalk faJniUcn had lanil. 

He d. in tlie army, in torchcirter, MoaA. 1776. 

Ho VAM a Farpenier; rea. in Stoningtoa; norkud at hia tradv of fihiphmld- 
iii^ uutil the commencvmenl of tlie war for ii>d«pciidenc«, when be enUated and 
served in tite a:«^ of BoatoiL 

Sho m. (3) EbdMOcr Williama. 

Ths Kellooos ni tbk Nbw Woau>. 


ChilJrifri, b. M OtoiOfh CoHtK 

-fl951 T»aru>7 K mbout ItTl ; m- <1> Rndgot Xpwton; (!) Xnrify FhTinttw. 

1J54 Uait.^ U ; tti. Olircr White, of StOEin^OD; d- ; had no 


MJ. BEXJAS11X« Bon of Beniarain^ (S18). b, proUiblv in Southt^a^t. N. V.; 
m l/>irt Kt*li»r, lifti>- in ^vUif^Oict, S3 Oct., I7fli, tiuu, of TjioI Ku'br Ant] ftaruli 
Voo4, <Uit. of OUdJAb Wood.* 

Hf d. tbotit 17U; abe d in Sooth Sakw. N. T., 1 Jiidi.\ ]^V9. 

II« liv«() in Soutluttat; iL Ibt^rt? (fnll dmd in \u» g^rdtfri). 

CA»^J^en, ft, m Sovth Sttltfm. 
BuiriCE,^k 3d June, 1789; d. UJim. 30 M«v, Iflfla 
+1$56 JaSO?*,» b. 2 I)oc-. irflO; m. Catherine Miller, 

1957 SAXOY,*b. 8 Jan, iri»3; H, nnFn, x? Mftr, 187^, 
,-j-195d Lois,^ b. IC Jul, 1790; m, tiilbcrt Joui^. 

652. JOXATHAN^k about 1730-53; m, in Npw rnniun, SD Mnr., 1750, 
SoMona Clucb»t«r, b. in Stamforvl. £1 Dtc. 1733, dnvu of Daniel Cbichc«tcr and 
Abijcul Bivbop, who vcrc m^ in Stniriford, 4 May, 1722. 

He<l, inGroeaflpld, N, Y., before Iitl3; sli'e d, Ixrtwivn IfiUand 18!6- 

Hc wea a toldkcr in the evolution; ecrvv^ in Litut. Curler's Co», 2f^ Oct to 
U Dk., 177«. 

Ut v«« 1 chainnakcr and whcclvri^ht ; rcA. in New CannAn after iuA mai- 
riage. Both ver? admitted to th« church in Canaan Parish, ^7 Nov., n^(^ 

Uv btinght, 27 Apr., 17A3, Ud<1 wilU rlKrHui^-huiL^r in CiLiiajiu Parish, anil 
In 1799oi»acnadjoinin0tbcflrftt Lot» Thifi irnKon the ClupboaM HilLroiul aui 
UiU p«th. He paid for this latt lot £10, 9e., 6<1-, in Tr^amry noliK, and nx 
dttifSw On 24 Uftr., 1738. BUfdlH^tli Wood of Norwa1)< convtyo-l to him aereti 
now vitJi dvcUing-houKi and idiop on Clapboard Hill road^ bounded uaft Uy 
SanDnel KcUogg's lan*J; sonlh by Kpliraiin LrK^wond's Innd; mvt by Jacqb 
Lockwood'e liaad; north by liigbway. Tlie <tiiiftidi'mtif>n was ^'Parcnlnl love I 
batt tovtnl mj bolovod voa Jonathan Ktltoj^^t ^ "^id Norwntk." He sold this 
Uod 7 May^ 17d9. His other land, with tlie dw^linphouM^ h^ void SG Scpi^ 
ITi^l, and, aa hia nami^ appears in tbo n>cord« of the ohnrch in Gr^onfiold, X. V^, 
aa one of thow prK*pnt at ti imT-liii^- 20 Df>&, 17f^^. it u-onld appear that he rem. 
to tbftt pUoo tfoon after ac-Uini: hin homc«tcnd. Thtc land i» now includr>d in the 
nnrwrka of Hoy; Bros^ Xfw Canaan, and the "Mill Path'' ban Ijom rnndo into a 
read for the conv^nLotce of their buatne««» 

Jonathan KctlDor, "btc of Norwalk, but now of Stamford^" choee Elijah 
Gnvn. of Stamfnrdf «a hi* ^ardinri, 4 Srpt,, 17pV1. Hr wnn thm nmrr thnn 14 
jMra of age. aa that W4ft the «i;e at which cliildren could chooac their own ^ar- 
^AMi's ytmai^T than that the Court appointed a anitable p&raon, Elijah Green 
vma nn of Jvoob nnd J^lixaU'lli <!l<<nl) (Jn^r^n and biK mother waa iiat^rr of the 
throe Beed fcrothera vho m- dana, of Jofcph Kcllo^. 

*ntiflidkih Wood vrt3 bom am TjOCS Ettnnd, lfl9§P9£ rr^- trith bti paronln to Pimpr- 
Viuf> iKTfr ^Villon, la N<ii<AAtk. in ITUO; m. bvfurv IT3U. Hi? }Jii(dihL>TF<] UdJ Jn Ri^Urv- 
~; Ut<? pufchonl LibkI in Soutli Salpm. where he d. 14 Pt^b,. HttL ITc juid !ii> wire, 
me, «rrr *4ttdU*d to the chiifrh there, T July, 1754, 

Tns KtLLOGOfi tx TUS Kkv Wokld. 


+ 1116a 


Chiidren, Jf. in iVdv Cofuuifi. 

AKmili.7 I'np. If- Jan., 17S7; m. Mow^ JolLvon- 

AHiMKi.,' up. 4 Feb, i:W; m. in Wilton^ 30 Sept> ITtB, Ann Fiiuh, 

of Nevr CuiaAn; reTolaUt>iittrv aoldii^; B^rvJd Id CoL Watcrltuiy* 

itvKV 9 Ua>-, 17T5; n^-^rnlixU^ 17 Xor., 1775; a1«o in findki/t 

ilnlUilion, I Jwlv to 1« Nov,. 17:^. 
JOKAitiA>,^ Utp. 3 Auf*., 17S0; ecrrcd in tbo Kvoktioo, ftnd ia wd to 

liHvr diinl «'hilr< in Oic iwrvEe£- 
Esroni,^ U 3 I>cc., I7fil ; m, EluebrUi Wood. 
St-s^s'XA/ b«p, t> Oct, 17i;3 ; m- Joittthdr. Wood. 
EuiiniaH^ lnijK 9 FrU, 17flfl ; m. iu r.m^iiHtU, U Jau., 1795. B«ojft- 

min WoocI, 
f^Ei-ttKK,'' b. l{\ bap. :tf9 Apr*, 1770; m. Hur^h yHWm. 
DxauxJ Up. n Feb,. 1773; m, Poliy Chililo. 
Sasjui/ Up. ?6 F«4i., 1775; lu. IUtIc Uop^itu^ 


«53. ABiaAIU* dAii. of Dmcou SamHcP (Sli*). ^ -» Colditttcr. Cobil, «9 
Oct. K3«: m. ^ Doc., 1767, Jo«eph GiUvtt, b. 30 Dct^ 1725, ion of JoJiathu 
Qillrtt Add S^nb Ekj. 

11« d. in Coloh<«UT, 4 Doc^ 1814, ftgoa 8ft; iko d. 14 May, 1839^ mgod 85. 

Rm, In Colchrolrr. 

IKS JoMfA (rVi^l.^ b. e? AttjT., 175$; m, 10 Jon^, 17t^ Qmh Root, of 

Hobron; <L 2!» Apr., 1$38; rac in Co)cbo<4«T ; had o^ ctiildiva. 

1»$ i5^i7 OilM^^ K t9 D«c., 1759^ d. unnL lO Kof.» 1S55; ra. in Col* 

1U:0 .<?(»,' k t2 \uf., 17fil ; d. n Aug., 1761. 

£.»r5 iSinttt^ h. \t Apr^ 17&4 ; d, una. 91 Doc^ 1^6 ; ra. In OoMMitsr. 

11»74 Jtm*tU^ V<HrU,^ b. 21 U>r> n«8; b. B«Imv ; riu^ d. 19 Uu-., 

1310; faf'd. in C-ikh^CT.$SU>>. IftSO; ns caUed 'HUbpUia.* 
1975 Jfcni ffiff/ff * I. 93 A«g., 1759; d. 15 S«p4., 17G9. 
1?:6 .4iifii) OUlfti^ b, 13 Nov., I77a 

1977 fin {viOill,* K II 1V% 177$; d- anm- IG Jiiu 1791 

1978 Smkk GiOMU^ b. IS Uar, 1773; d. miu. <i Maj» Itill; Kb ia iM- 

19T9 J2^^ Gtfifll.* K 4 JvwN 1777. 

]9>i0 ^mmfi OittftU^ \i, ts Xxt^-, 1T79; d, vmm. 9 A1^f-, 184$. 

6U- UANXAU* dttt. of Dmmb Samn^T* <:fl»}, k Is Cok^Mltf, » Sept, 

1740; m-SDrr, 1 T 04. Duml Wood. «X Sonet*, Cotui. 
Sbo d. Doe., 1789. 

mi ffitiifi ir«w * u ?i s>^p<-. i7«T. 
1965 iitaiUi v»w* b. «o Ftk, i::o. 

IB88 nbv^Oli W9^J b. 5 Jul. 1777. 

6S7. UABV « da«. of Dwra Saamal^ (819). L a CUetatcr. Cteb, 97 Apr 
1745; m. 9 Ju.. 177t, N«&m Owlip«d. b^ 7 lUt., 17S5. ot BM 

Toe Kellogob in the New World. 


Coac^, wra of Mosea Gooikpeed, of Barnatal*!^, Msbs,, b, 34 Nov.j 1704, and 
Hannah Allen. 

Shed. IGMay, IftlS: ht d *J(; May, ISIS, agt-d 83. 

lie rem. fram BamBlaUi', \rass., ii> Eaflt Haildam, Conn., between 1775 and 



I9S4 Samuel Gooffspeed/ b. IITS; d. 1774, 

19$5 -VojArt/i (JoodspcedJ h. 1774; d. 177G. 

:9S6 i/o/y Goodxpeed.'' b. 1776; d. young. 

1987 Anna GoodspeetiJ b. 1779; m. Saumd Gilbert; d. 1860; had two chil- 

lSt88 Nathan Goodupprd,'' K 1781; Tn. 1S02, Judith Higgine; d- IfllS. 

\9S^} .Sarah VoodspcedJ' k 1?$3. 

lana Mofrs GoodJippt^dy h. 17S6; d. same vear. 

1991 Josfp/j QoQd9ptfd7 b. 23 Apr., 1737: m. (1) «6 Sept., 1811. Laura 
T>']or, b. about 1790, daiL of Sprint. Nalbaniel and Eather (Shailer) 
Tyler; m. (?) Mrs. Roiy (BigelowJ Robbios; d. S3 Bee., 1847; 
iiod sis children. 

flW. DANIEU** wn of Deacon SamucP f 21i^), b. in ColcheMer. Conn., 1 Jun*?, 
I74fl; m. 14 Jan,, 1778, Eli^beth Wt^Us, I:*, 1753, dau. of John WellB. 

She d. 33 May, 1815, ageil G2 j he d. 28 Mhi., 1829, aged 79. 

He ree. in ColcheetGr. 

ChiJdreit, h. in Cohlie^er^ 

11»9« Son/ h W Oct, 177S; d. ?5 Det'., fismt vear. 

1993 DAinBL/ b. 27 Nov., 1779; d. nnm. 28 May, 1822, 

1994 Chaeles,' b. 4 Apr, 1781 ; d. 6 Feb., 1786, 

1995 Samuel/ b. 10 Feb., 1783; m. 27 Mar., 1810, Elizabeth Worthington, b. 

14 Apr., 1783, dau. of Dan Worthington and Lois Foote; rea. in 
Colchester and Lenox, Mass. 
+1996 JoHN,'^ b. 30 Nov., 1784; m. Betsey Wright. 

1997 Chtld,^ b. about Jan., 1786; d. 6 Feb., eame year. 

1998 Child,' b. ; d. 6 Mar., 1787. 

1999 Chables,' b. 6 Nov., 1791 ; d. unm. 19 Nov., 1831, He was a Corp. and 

Sergt. in the Connecticut Militia in the war of 1812 ; eerved 8 June, 
to 14 July, 1813; 11 Aug. to 16 Sept., same year; 11 Aug., 1814, 
to 26 Oct., same year. 

660. JOSEPH,* eon of Deacon Joseph'' (330), b. in Colchester, 8 Aug,, 1718; 
m. 15 Nov., 1739, Sneanna King. 

Res. in Hebron, Conn; admitted to church there 1741. 

Perhapa he m. (2) in Hebron, 6 May, 1762, Jane Fuller. 

Children, b. in Hebron. 
2000 StJSAKNA/ b- 12 June, 1741. 
+3001 Benjahik/ b. 35 May, 1715; m, Phoebe Stark. 

H-2002 Joseph/ bap. 21 Sqjt., 1740; m. Mars- Niks. 
3003 A Umi-D,'" bap. 7 Man, 1756; d. eame day. 


Tits Cbllooob ik mz Nbw Wobld, 

661. DAKIKL.^ eon oi Dctcon Joecph" {2Sf>), b. in Cclchcfto-, Corm., 6 Mftv* 
17VU; m, :iT U(kT, 174^ Aon Divof, oi Hobron, k 1716, dait of Odipt Abjjab 

He d. I>cc., 19a?, nzcd Bt ; »hc d. ISIT, afxd 92, fit the bouM of her Ma 

B«. in tErbrcin iwd MatUiofo, Conii., on hi» fiiLhi!rV lit^nimluoii ; n:ni. about 
17M, with bi* wn, Charlw, to llnrtford. 

Children, h. in It^htQn^ 
-^2004 AxK,^ b. 1ft Apr., 174r»- m. Solonion !Vma 
+500C DaxielJ U :0 Sqit, 1747; m. BflcWl Taylor. 
+2006 Maby,^ b- 3 Sup!., 17*9; m. Adonijah Strong. 

^007 HAXNAit.'^b. 143 June, 175$; d. Hi Au^.,. 17:». 
+«)06 HanvabJ b. 7 May, 1756; m. Jonathon Hall 

8009 CHABLCfl^bHp. ScpL, 17R0; d. Mar., KfiJ. 

2010 C»Anuw7 b, 8 Auic.. 1763: d. 15 Mar., 176ft- 

2011 AmoAiu^b. ; d. ^ Mar., 1775, a|E*d 11. 

+2013 Chablkb,^ k 13 Julv, 1772; m, Lvdi* Hii*f«r<L 

663. MOSE^,* Km of D««<uiu JnH^jiTk^ (^^0), h. in Ouli!Sif«t«r, Conn., 10 U^y^ 
1725; m. 3 8cpt, 176S, Dinah Scare. 

She d. Feb., 1817. aged 75 ; he iU Feb.. ISW, ag«d 94. 

Bvft. in II<tbiX)n, ifhc^rv both d. 

C^tfcfffn, ft. lA //(!E>rT}fi. 
-1-2013 William,' b. 28 Jnn., 17fi6; m. ^. 

2014 Sawui,' b. 22 F.'h., I7fi7. 

30U EiEKiEL,' b. 16 JuW. 1758. 
+S016 AAifoV b, 7 Oct., 1760; m. Phobc Bnttc. 

eon Omvk,' l. 12 Sept, 1768. 

S018 Ersice.' b. ^S May, 1764. 

2019 AnoNUAH/b. , 

fl026 Jaoou."' b. 38 Moy, 17C6, 
-|-90iei Jo«EPH/b. 1 m. . 

20n Joiis7 b, . 

6M- KEJJAH • t^m of Dcjiwin Jt)*pph" (530), h. in TMrhrttrr, Cofin-» 15 Jan., 
17S8 ; m. 3 June, 1745. Haimah Adams, of Cokbeetcr. b. ab-iut 1734- 

Ho d. bofoK Oct, 1601 ; abo d. 15 Oct, 1607^ in Marlboro, Coiul, a^ 73. 

Ucs. Ui MaHboro. 

CMhlrtu, b, in Hebron. 

+S0e3 Luc7jb.lMay,]753; in, (1) j\saPoote,Jr.; (S) Benjamin SmitlL 
+20U David/L about 1757; m. Abigail Wa&bbauL 

666, EZEKIBU" wn of I)«icon Ja*>i>h" (?20), b, in H.4iron, Conn., U Xo»., 
173S ; m. $ JuJjr, 1758, Ann Qwcti. 

Sho d 31 JuDe> 1773; be d. 1^ June, 176G- 

Hc wan udmitW t« llw diundi 14 Not,, 1773; r». in fliHinine. MasK., 
Hartland, Conn.; woa a rcTolvtionarr totdicr; wrrrtd a« a pnvutc in CoL Mi 
ClGEDnan*a Reg., om^ yestt, 177d-7D. 

The KfiLLoorj! tv toe New Woildl 171 


+J«:>fl Outer/ K 30 Nftr,, Hftl ; m. Molly Wtlj«k<r, 
202? tUi;iitu*1i- 10 Jan., IfOO^iu K]i«t lUrtlnn^; prrhap*i d. >nunff- 
X4?d Avk/ b. $3 Jnn^ J7C(! (bap. in FU^i HArtlart^. V J&n., L;74) ; pcrliAps 
m. 1 Mfiy. irai, Oliver PLeI|)t*. 

+80t9 EztsiEL^ b. 14 June, 177^; tn. l^na CUrk. 

W7, SAairEL.* *on of Dwioon Joseph* {«30), Kin Holiton, Conn., abwit 1740; 
m. 31 Hay, 175$, Uhmiah Strung, of Cotdii-ciUT, Conn., thui, t>t Hzm nnd Aliij^uil 

H^rd.itlHitit iTdO; ilipm. <£) in Hebron, Mann; hail thm^cTiUdr^; 

d. in ToUuid, Coon. 


-f SQ30 SaUcku' b. 6 May, 1761; m. ElJMU-th Snptinm Lothrop. 

+20:11 niNV^ti,"^ b. 27 Mb>, Mtm, m. (1) Bliwhi (2) BowcfB. 

303? Jed-vdmii,' U ; prc>1«bty d. voong; not mcntioni^d in hi* fatber'A 


dl>33 Ltdea/K 17$d; m. J&nir« Kdbg^ <+]lS3), 
-I-X034 MAfiTtK,^ b. neif; m. Bachcl Hoaford. 

E035 Joel.' b. .; probuhlj tj. vmm^; nut m^nttonml in lu» fnlher'* »ill, 

+«tt« Ey^iiA,' k 9 Nov., i;T3: m/Emily Slmtton. 
-1-2037 lcBABOD*b. 1774; m. Famelia Bc-tt^. 

2038 Abioail/ b. ; m. Eliiilu Bradley, of TuIlAud. 

688. CHAKLKS," wn of Corp. Nathiinid'* (SS^). b. in Colchc^lcn IT Sept., 
1726 ; DL 24 Apr. 1748. Snrfth Hitchcock, bnp. 173ri, dau. of John Hitchcock, of 
CoScbAter, b. 1 Not^ ICSH, and tniubuth Jonra, L 2 OcL, 1665. 

H^d* 23 Not., 17^4; h\a widow rom. to Williflmctown, Mji*«. 

Hr resL in Bollon; his father iHiEjght land vslu^ st £500 in Bolton, and, ld> 
Feb,. 1750, cocktcycd it to hia '*Dutif^ son Chftrle», of Bolton, on account of 

ChUdfen, h. in DoHon, 
+2035 hB^? b. 21 Jan., 1749 ; oi. Anna Webster. 
-(-«040 CnABLSa,' b. 10 Apr.» 17SI; m. Mt>rfy Simonde. 
+204! Brsairu./ b. \t Nor., 1753; in, K«tlu-r BrifJ^-Mi. 

2042 SaeabJ b, 10 Sopt, 1760; m. Ichabod Gay. 
+V(H3 Natbavulu^ V 17 "H^f^ 17G3 ; m. Mehilabel Simonda. 

668. ELTZARRTH* dam. of OorjK Nathftntd* <225), k in Cildu'r^trr, 3 July, 
17S?: m. ff May, 1760, Elihn Cloric, b, 14 Oct, 1727, eon of Ncah Clart and 
Saab TalntoT, of Colche«tfT. 

N*o r«ionl of iktxr dnatbti hntf bwn fuUTid. 

Ho TV& in Col?^o«tor; w« a d««>mdLirt in tho fourth ^cnoratioo of Danul 
Chiric« of Windwr, Coon- His nat^r, Sarah, wa« the wife of Joseph Kello^ 

0Ai7cfr«n. 6. in Coldifyttv. 

2044 KtAmm VUirh,^ b. V6 Oot^ 1751 ; d. U Dec., 1757. 

2045 EWJ^u CUrl\^ k 7 Sept.» 17M. 


Tjik Kullooos %n tuk Nkw WoKLa 

20-lfi BiUnhtik Clark,'' U It Mftr., KM ; <L t Aug., wrou year. 
8047 Vwktie T/ari/ b. ^ .Sept,, ITfiO. 
9i>48 Elkabm dark,'' b, iU I'eb.^ 1763. 

»I. T>ET.10TTT." ^aii. [»r C(*ri>. VatlrHTin-l* (?25>, b. i« Mdi»la-^ 5 Oct, 
1T34; m. thcTc. I Mnr,, Kf-G, Lii^ut. Hnticrt Ardivwc. b. in Eiut Qlutoabmy, 
Conn-, 19 June, 173^, »e of Elisha Andretvg snd Rnili . 

Ht d- iu PituionI, VC Iti Aug.. 1811 : vIk d. 3 May. 1817. 

lit TtA in Qoxanirjj LTonti., Brinilicid, Mas*^, And PitUfgnl, Vt- ; t» n LiicuL 
of « (fotnpjtn^v nf Miniil4» mm whk-li murvhed fmni llnmlleldj on tho l^xiugtoo 
Abnn, 19 A|>r., 1T;;>. 

S0^9 Liitiim AtidrfWAf^ b, in Wiudnor. Cone,, 17 Qd, 176C; m, Loit IMtIil 
SflflO Ihbft Atutr<:H:f,^ h- in Covcntrj^ 17 Mar., 17fl9; nr Kiirio.* Xei^lliam- 
:f(l51 Pfhfjht ArtdrfKsJ b, in Coventry, ^6 l^cb., 1761; m. ^\ftn<ham Abbott 
WS2 ApjJHfm AnftroTA,^ b. in Brimfi^ld. 11 Mar,, 17113; m. Rhi-iu Corbta 
20J3 Kvlh^y Andrsviy'h. Id July* UfiC; m, Cjothi* Houifbton- 

26fi5 /,i^/<j<:iij ,4«i/rr'tf j^J b. 6 Apr., 1777. 

663. LII-U'T. NATHAXIKV »oti of Corp, Nithftricl^ (9^^), fc. in CoUHnter, 
l»i Julv, j:39; m. (1) 12 Jnfi,, 17^9, Hannab Rimard HflstmgB, b. IG Mar-* 
i:-i^, Jan. of Dr, WaitAlUl lUslbg^, uf lUtfivlO, b. 3 Jan., 1714, »»<! Abi 
Uiu^, dun. of Jolin .MATnh And Hannah ItuniArd. 

Shid. \t n«-,, 17fiK; lirm, (2) 1 Jiilj, ITflR, MriL n>«Iia (SiitSPtil) WBtaon, 
b. S3 July, 174S. widoM' of JohitfiO& Watson, id L>.ncc«ter, Ma«a„ and dau. of 
Naibiin Sarg*.*Dt. of Lt-iw^tir. and Mary . 

lied, in OnUon, rt Aajr, I^fffi; sWd-Sn Mav, IfilC. 

In hh will, datdd ^ JiUy, 180S, proved li Sept., same ;«ar, bo mentiocfd bis 
vffL' LydlB^ 8on Cbar)«A, dati8. Polly Hill. EilxnWlb Sarkcli and Sophia Hull 

He rciD. from OoJcLmUt 1o Dnlton (Dalton nue iTicorpnmtnl in 178i) aboist 
1771>. Hv h<t!(! tuvi^ntl town nitici*; n-ni; a inrvinYir of ^uurl atid htvihI ai^ LifVL 
in Capt Strong'* Co., CoL DrownV Beg., 30 June lo 26 July. 1777. to Ui« Berk- 
fthirc Co, Ucg- 

ChH4rett, fir&i four b, iu CoitheMicr, oihfrx in Drdtou. 
90^G Hakxau BAitVArto,^ b. $5 Aug., 17fi»; m. i^ Nov,, lTd7, Reuben Qunn; 
d, Id Daltuu, Nov.. 178^ ; luid no duldran. 

2057 Brttk^ lj^ ; d. jourK, 

205ft EMJ^4nmi,^ \m ft n.v,/nT2; tii. 12 Jpn , 17^3, Salomon SUcfcrtt; d- ti 
Jnlr, 184i», a^ 7G; had no cJiildrcn. 
-t-SOSft NATHiyiEL,' b. IS Sept, 1774: m. Pniden« KDOwl«t. 
-|-«<IGi) M^nr (IVaLr) HA^'ri?<t»fl7 b. 26 Feb., 177^; m, (1) Lem«d Baldwin 

+3081 SopiiU,' b. lA Jan., ItiilO: ni. Jobii Hall 
+8062 OiiAitua,' b, 5 Mifi^ 178J; m. Martha I-Wc 

70S, DAVin," «Mi of Abn(^ (5?8), b, in Colcbwrtcr, U Ang., VU. whrre b4i 
wnA bap. :f 3£-j>L, 1744^ m. (1> Elinor WiUiama, b, in Lebanoik, U! Mnr. 174T, 
d»Q. of Uaiah Williams> of Lebanon, and J^roidu '■■. 

Tb2 Eeux>008 is the NbwJWNPI^ 


Sbod-ioEcMK, Vt.»li}May, 1895; bom. (2) ISO Jan., 1801, SanliBodiiifr- 
tooTT!^,of Verg^tiae*: d lit M«r. 182»i, sgrii Jil;&lip<l. 12 Aj»r, 1^44,]igi>il Afi, 

Hi' red- in Ci>kbi*»U!r until About !T7U v!icn he ivm. tt> Lte,' Ma«. In 1773 
btf liTcd on Ihc GUm Work* Unuil, in La*i, inMt of Sto^kbriJgi.>. In 1"S6 he n*m. 
to Rah'JE> Vl, «1jrrv h^ d. 

UuefitaUf was diatnliDUd 17 Mny. 182^^X0 tfcc foUowini;: Th^hoireof Ira 
llf^gc- Rhodfl IjiwrMitt-, kiiub-ll Krllu^-^, Adcnin Tost or bidra, Nan*'V Tliomp- 

We&lUiy Aubctf or hcir0, and Ilonnah Aubcr>'. 

S0&3 LtdiaJ K 4 Oct, 176B; bap. in ColcbtwtOT, 5 Judo, 1768^ m. 


-2ftfi.l Ri ^%T.wt.7 b, t Juhp, K:*!; m. KliTJiMb AllvTtivn. 
'+S(Wfi AJx)flu.^ b. Sr Mar. i;;S; ui. IcUWi Toet 
+*0(n mnp,' b. S J»o., 1775; m- MarU Htnrktt* Welta. 
-fJOrK^ WtUTiiY.' ly If. Mnj, irtt ; in. John V. Aolw ry. 
+30CT HiSNAU,^ b. 18 July, 1770; m. John K. Aiiboty. 
-|-S«70 Isi,' b. 10 JnlT, 1781: m. Xancy Mattbews. 
+tOn On»7b. &d Mikr., 1783; ni. (l) MatM^l Thompson: (S) AlmiNlft Biit1«r. 

«0T» UtBA,' b. ; d. unm. 

+2073 Nahcy/ Ix ; m. Ebenexer E. Tham\ison, 

CAIT, ABXTCH* *ori at A»m.r« (2?3), b. ifi fokhi^l^r, 5 Nrv,, 17Jfl; 
ifi. I<> Nov., Mmr jenr; m. in Lvbaoon iDozrahvllio**), ?4 ^or., lT€d> Lyi^ia 
BirUctt b. 6 Mbv, 1748, dau. of Idiabod Baitlm, of Windsor, and Dwir<> Olie,'" 

He <l ai JnlT. 1821 ; she d. —. 

ProBi the fomily rvconl, in hh Bihh, kept in hi^ own bfin>1. ip\>re taken the 
d&t««of bu UttrrUse&nd thi^UrUiflof hiAchildn^n. Tht^ fii^lrnlry in; *'Vo¥cn> 
t»*r tlvc 2ttli day 176$. 1 Abnrr Kdlo^^ wni^ tnarripil to Lydin HnrtlctU'^ 

ITr> v^a^ a Udiigt. liivM] or the hord^-^trntl nf h)^ fnt.lnT, n rthort ilititance east 
of Colch^lvr village, vlwre Mr WUIiam K. Gilitit built bis new rr«idcnce in 
1S7-L !d 1823 bU i-iUU* nuk dE^ltibutoi) to hU ivtj!<iw. Lvdia, and tljo chU(ln>n 
umfd Wk)ir> 

Chitdfrn, ^. in Ci^lch^ift^ 
iViA IcnABOO,^ U, 21 SVpt.. 17fii»: d. S Msr.» 1770; 
2m5 DjirmirKiL' b. n Jatx., 1771 ; il. neit day. 
20Tft Son/ K nnd d. 30 l^cc, 1773. 

«077 MoLJ,T J b. 30 Atig., 1775; m. U Apr, 1^17. C^pt. John Ackley, of Col- 
cbeslt'j : d. in or near Cc>klie*t<*r; W! noiLiWiiji. 

2076 MA»o*aia'/ b, 7 Oct,, 1777; in, a^ hi* nueond wife, 1«47, I'illot- 

sr>n; d- in riinrnovin. 
+9Q7d Srrn BAhTt.BTr7 b. 6 Apr.. 1730; m. Fannv WiitU««. 
20ao Abkeb,' b. J J July, 178S; d- 1 F*b., 17OT. 

*L#0^ MuA, v»« tftki&n fram Gnnl BArrlnftAD, W'lMliinjtton. th« GUci Work* Qnnt 
Mil i«rt M Wllh«v« f.irmpt, in rTTT 

"RAcnih wtjL ft of (mm Xonrli^h In ITSfl: It (wljnlTi* Ijihnoon. 

"^■-iLiilinil BaHliiU hha ■ irrauilorti of RvVvH BinlKL Dndre OUa vul Uir Jail, af 
-rcl l]Aftii*li Oti*. «f OolchnU*. Htr wtiMInK 4liWM Mir tu |fu**ffnt(iii ot hvr 


Thk Kklloooa i:r the Nkw Worldl 

+206] 0t]k7 b. to Ju1v> 11B5; nt. Uavj Witrmis. 

«08S Lucy/ b. S3 (M., 17M ; d, unm- . 

2083 Lydu/ b. 15 SupL, 17$$ ; d. 8 F*t»., 1789. 

20S4 Soi-iim/ b. 1!» Sept, ITl^O; d uom. 8 Feb.. 181d. 

no. EZKKIBL,^ SOD of AbDcr^ (iifg), K in Coldi«flter, 17 Sept. 1748; b^p U 
aAni<> munth; m. (1) in CoHiL<Hti-r, ^(i Uav, 1771, Kli-hnTu Wells, b. S Sfpt, 
175], dau. of i;]i«hA W^^#, who d. 31 Aug., IT^L 

She a. ^ Jon-. 1777; ha m. (2) in ExeUr Parifih, Leb&Bon. 1 Apr^ 1779, 
Mre. PUiMlm (Clark) Tnicr, b. Ifl SirpL, 17iS0. d*ii, of Clnik. 

il,' d. in UUojCo. 7 July, 1^25 ; *hc d. J3 AuR., IS3^ 

Hp wbs fl fnTrtrr; Ti?rn, ficm Cftkht^ter to Qrent Burrington, Mii(«., in 1771 
or 177^ and buill a bomv ihew iu 177$, the cellar of wbich v-ao viMibk a few y^r^ 
§khtt. Ha R-m. in Miir., 1786 or 'S7, to Cot^ii^rtftotrn, N. Y^ vitb icvcn] oUh-t 
Gnvt B«rrln^n fumilit*. wliirc tiii\v w^lltd on 'The (ireat Unrrington For- 
cbasc^'* hid i^rm being lot four. He buik a lo^ cabin, vfuth wo^ in time, r^lft«i?d 
by ft frfime hoti«e, tlk« lumber of vhich was aair«d in tlie old one. Uis desfvodaaU 
lived on tlir old homt^tcfld until 169ti, wbon the gruidion* vho owned U dW and 
the plAC« wftfi «old, hnving bc«n for dii« hundrvd and ton T«An in Iho ftxiiily. In 
Au^., 1880, a CtMitoLmifll CL-lebralici; of thv H'ltlrnii-itt waft hdd OH thifi fana at 
which tht-re were represented four i^uicratiora of Exvkiid'* dctfccndanta 

HiM ^rui^dB^iTi lur] in bJK pomiivsion an old aotTount tir>uV of Rn-kii^rft which U 
intcrf«ting a* fhowinic the different kinds of cmptoymcDt the Kcllo£]^fl aemaed 
capable of turning their hande to. tt nms from 1 Jan.j 1772 to 1<^7 (probably 
the i-nUrc pi^rioi! uf hin btin^ in Grvtti Barrin^tou), and ttinuinn the aoinK* of 
Jowpli, Uavid and John K^Uoj;^ be«idci; that of hiit brother Kira. Among Ui« 
chargipa sgainiit David Kellogg arp: "For Etrn nnd thp maix (o go to >frtir hoaw 
fa.," and he is cre<Uled with 350 feet chuart boarda, il, ICe,, 8d. TlieTe arc alao 
ttcnm for tanning leather^ mending, a^ wv\) aft makioj^. ihoL'a, and for ^pianing. 

Kxnt^H fterount vnf< fnirn 17T^ to ItT7, ntirl wim t^hirily for boatd and wggrk as 
an offaet n^epcctiFcrly. Al the pnd pf ihv two >var§ the aoooont vaa acttlod and 
Bim had due bim &^, 7d. 

lie WA» a aoLdicT in the rerolutiona^j annj and Mrved : Aa n private in Oapt 
Spoor'e (Spurr) Co., Ool. Simond'* Reg., 26 Apr, to 20 May, 1777, at Samtoga; 
priviiU? ill Capt NobVt Co, Col BrownV Bi^., SI* Juue to il July, 177T ; onl*-ml 
into avrvicc by Contnuttw of Safety at deaire of Uen. hchuykr. In Capt Fitch'a 
Co-, Col Aahlpy'* Hep., 21 July to 14 Aug., 1777; private, in Capt Qoodridi'ft 
Co,, Col A*hley'* H*^-. ^^ ^ ^3 Ai^^ 1779, BcrJcahirc Col Keg. ; served m a4!tion 
at Hennington under Gtn. StarL', and discharged b^ him; private aervrd Ev^-ph-c 
daye ni Stillvntrr, 178L bj ordrrr of Gva. Fvllowt, in Capt In^rmirs Co., Col 
Aehler'a Reg. 

Children htf fintt Tviftt, h. in Grtfii Barrintftou. 

-f 20a5 Wkll«7 h. 10 Mar-, 177t; in. Miiry Sagi-, 
-f SOSfl SiLAft.* U 15 Feb„ 1775 ; m. Sophia Umb. 
2087 Sox/ b. and d. 3 Jin-, 1777, 

CKMrtn by B^fi>nd an^f, firii four 6. in Ortmi BvrringUm. 
-fSOSK l^usncBAj b. n Feb-, 1780; m. leaac Willjanid. 
-f20ft3 TKArv.' b. 31 Aug., 178*; ui. E>tli«r Dniw<rr, 
S09a Joiilff,^ b. 8 Poc, 1783; d, S8 Har., 1788. 

Tub KstxoGQff u* the New Wohux 


tost Chieles,' (>. in CnMgo, it Jan., I.j^T ; m, LH?y WillUmR, Aflo. of Price 
Willinin^ H« vua btAchasiith; d. $ OcL. ISGT, when: hi- rco. aU 
hit lift-; tthvd. 1 liny, 18^9^ sgtvi iO; had cocbtldnm. 
-fM91 Jowsy k In OU^o, S5 ^fay, VXWt; fa. llunifth Watxlce. 

711. UABGAiEKl\" dfttu of Abaei* (S!f6), L m Colchotcr, 10 Jail, 1751-58; 
nL ID LptmnoB (Go«hni Parish), 2^ Jnn., 1771* John ELliA, of Xorwidi, «oa of 
Duuel Etlift. 

"^Mv^uH KUifidcpftrt«dUiielife December 2 Ith A. D. 17941n£hc llth;^ttr 
bcT iV^** nadjt l^c ncord in biT fiillwT*» Biblt. 

£994 iXamnu ffl/u,' ^ ^3 Nor., IfTl. 

to<ia AhHtr irrJu,^ b. is s«^, iriz. 

712. UEUT. £ZUA«*oiiof Abr]cr"'(^S8).b. tnColchcfltor. 6 Sept, 17M; », 
in Grwt Birrin^on. Mtw., 30 Apr., im*, Mary ftliUing. U U Dw, 1758, dan. 
ol LietiL GaowHcI >\1iitii]f:,* of Ur^t lUrrioxton, b. 17 3i^pt.. L7£7, luid Ann& 
GUlvtt, b. 18 Feb., n3». 

He il in Omt Barringioa, SS Sq>L, 18^3, aged 79; she d there II May, 
1837. a#r«l 78. 

Ho rem. 1o Grcttt R«rrizi^toB m 1771 aril bocumc a promiii<iit citixcn; nmt- 
tmacd nuioti« otficec and rae long iht principa) dcpvxy ahmff of the town. Uc 
wu &Q honest and ^ra^f^htforward man aod bi^^y roapected. 

mi^^ attcf&pW to capture and ''Hnndlo-" him, hut he wwyippt! ntid they attacked 
hw IkOUf? and tlireiitcQcd lire. EtUogg, They diHohargwi a gtin throtigh the ciir- 
lAhtft of 8 b(d oo vbich alu? «aa Iriug, eetting them on Art. and through tlit valb 
of the bouic Somo of thoM? mon vere amatcd and at their eiaminnUon Dr. 
BittUl tntiftcd; "I wnt down to Mr. Kellogg't hou«o; DitnEmm and nth^rv^ had 
tbdr b«TOoHB at Ut^ K^Hogg's brcut, and aworc they would kill her; 1 tfaouffbt 
Ura. Kellogg would fiint away.'^ 

In bifi api>hcation for a pennon, lS32r be stated tliat he wa* 77 years of age, 
bota in ColobwteTr Conn., :i S«pt., 1754; reK tb^n? and in Lebanon until 1771, 
when he irniovisl ti> Orml Bnrriagtwit, Ri^Ioh^-h] I^j h tymiiJhnv of MinixU- men 
and niBrched in Apr., 1775, to Botiton undf^r Cnpt. Kinjc and M'rvrd iti the mogc 
until D*<wtnb«T, Eariy m I77fi waa at Saratoga and vipinity prot«-tmg the in- 
habitants fnm the hostile Tonee and Indiana who vsttv constantly icift-attng Uie 
Moliawk Valley; Ut*r he wu< in Col. Samaal Bri?«cr'tt H<'g. at Tiranderoga dur- 
ing thfl iVHiHipdprfjf thd/i^r Ahoiil. the imdiUf-or July. (Ji*ti- Ktirgnvni* vna nd- 
va»ctng and hr again volnntoi^red under Col. John Ashley to go to Fortfl Ann and 
Edward, but tlie Ajnirriean army relwnled before the enemy to Stlllvater. The 

IMmU G*bUE#I WbitlAB. If. 17 Frtt.. IT27[ tu. 19 Junc^ 175Z. Anrm fllllrtt b. IS 
Mu l?3B- llr h«ld ■ coDiDutMon frum <]dt. Jdhb U«EiLiH<k, Lrt the rrrolutlonary 
nrmy, anil bad cvnupftnd of « coDpany luwr B««t<iii, H»n kfl« the bnttU ol T^Kini-tuiL, Bb 
mu Uc ■*« of GbartM IVliilia^ wl«v iHflti Elimlwth Bndfcird, wu tlir djiu. of Saeuu«J 
Bradford, «f t>uib«T7, Uai«„ and BnJkdda&gKtcr »J Oar. Wininin Cradfori. of Plvmoutli, 
NUbMK BntdforcT* nKiUttr ir«a U&naali KOgoF*, <Ui), of Jolm Ku<i«rii iLod f^iubcth 
Pabpfia. EltnbtU FftMdto vii « gnml'lmigtitrr of John Ald«a Mud l^ttadtU JJsLlw, 
nb« Puritan iUUn of PlTWAnih,'* 


TfiR Kkixooga ix TBK Ncw WoKLDl 

call for ftdiliUoul troopri wa« fti wdden uid urgent tltit ilii»tf of tlw Totonteen 
who liftd horte* oiouqUmI tbcm in order to rnich th«: front otf soon aa pod^ible* Hi 
wtMi in lli«- niAT gvird uid tho ]Hv«piQr<» wm« m> grvnt that h« ind otbcn lo«t horM^' 
ftftddlca and Lridlcs. quil« a ^tivntioo m IJmwl* dajK Arriiinf in Stillwater iLc 
coflupaay vu ppnuttM to nrtura boau% but Ittd oc«Kcly amved there wticn tkeT 
TCTv again ordmMi to inan^fa, at onop, to Benningtoiir Mt which place $hty arritnl 
ODtliecTCBiD^of the 1^^ \^s^', 1TT7. tbc day on trbkhtbo battle wa» fought. Tb 
«e» detailed thai oigti to guoixi the priaoacr» and tho neit diy to bmy tfao 
In Tkx^ l7Ti, ht waj* dt^uilcd by hi» Ca|>t, OiXKlrioh^ to guard, iby aad lUgbt, 
Uid«D Smith, who had btvn a^piAged, by the Coramittrt: of Snfcty, an eointty to 
hia country. Smith and aim*^ iirhert w^r* haniiih^Ml. Capt Walt^ Py&chon, 
D^uty Quartcniiaakr at tU« poat of Greal B^rrio^ton. who had hia office m Eirra*! 
houae, ai>pcmt«d him, 1 Uar., 17S1, an awktant in the dcpaitncnt under him^' 
aangning him dntica a» '%ago« coivluctor^ for tU* oiaiugkrinrtil of the timsmKii 
tmiupoTUtMMi tnina ; alio fii|iGriittecukDt of cuttiiig, wi^tghinp, packing aad n- 
packing m»t quuititlc* of be^ «h(di wer« fvratdu^ to the army. Ua Mntinncd 
in the KTTicc until the end of th^ var 




ChSdrmi, h, in Qf<4U Barnngi<m~ 

AvAS-TJSix LcKKya,^ h. tS Fob., KSO; m. Mark Hopldn». 

TIknev.'^U 7 FHx, i:ft3; ra, Ifi A|>r,, 1905, Uicy Ril^j; wvnt tu ff wl^rrn 
Nev Tork« with lii» brother- in-law* Muri: Hopkina, and on hie 
tura d.. U Oet, 1805, iti Alhanv. X. V.; had i>a cbiMrou 

t^Kcm^^b. 11 Apr..ndl; d. u&ni/&T Apr, 1827. 

Berkice VHiTivo*b.i^ July, 1?^; m. Aaron Kellogg (H-im)iBOE)^ 

UAKT.^k 17XOV., KK'J; d. unm. S6 June, 13:2 ; admitted to Coni 
tioDal Chiiirh in Gmt Rarringtnn, T X'>r,, 1813, 

SuiuH.^ twin toMarT,b.l?Kov,. 1789: d,uiini.$S«pt, Id'?^; atdmitted 
to the church dame da* with hor aiiter, Uarr. 

AroiTjmiis^kSaSrpt. 17^; d, U Ort. l»93. ' 

Ltma Ank/ K U> Oct, 17^3; m, WiUiam Sherwood. 

Nascv/ bu 17 Oct., 1795: d_ 13 Oct. 17S6. 

Nascr/ b. ?1 Xov., ir!>8; d. raun. 2 Mar* WTT. a^ed T5. 

713, .HTDAIT < wn of John* {2Kf). h. in Colchf»tcT, B Mar- 1T39 ; nu al 
17t>S. ^Eary Tomlineon, ba|x Xot^ 1711, dan. of Zachanah Tomltn^m and Sai 
)f<mp> of Stratford, Ooqd- 

Hc d. in Cornwall, Coniu. SO Apr.. Idl9, aged 80 ; ihe d. tfacie^ £1 Aug., 11 

After fh? was ninety tcur« old she frvqumtiy walked two nUe* bo churchy 
being linud about riding. 

llr wait gruduatci) frucn Yalt-, ITfTl ; jmrtked law a fra- ymr* tn fUrvtfni 
Couft.* bot abandoned it oq aecoiint of rr]iiri<m« nrrapba. l[i>r fathrr garia thi 
•even hiindr«d and tlflyarfrAof land rn Lilchftfld C<v, and they kesl to Contwal 
whn* tbry >\teik\ Uir rn»t of their live». He m a fanner; vo^ rifctrd T( 
Clerk in ]7:r>, and held that office until 1810: waa thot^ itcffvwntatiTe to 
CoDiief'tinit As^inhly flfhwi t ; vuk a Jngtioe of the P*a<?e; 

dt^con in the Cflneregational » &^u» of hti liberal rdiii:*- 

tiofi hU adrkv in lagul taattcn wv orten ao^ght. 

Thb KcLLOGoa ly the Nbw Wo&La 


+S1IM; WiLUAM.' b. ID Stratford, i;09; m. Dumu Svift 
+VIir7 JoHxJ b. m CViroimll, « Sepl.» i:77; m. Mary ClorlL 
-f'Sloft Luciiw,' L in (^omiTAll, ItftS; tn. Hnrnrt Wtiilm-v. 

714. MKRCV.^ dau. of John^ («<9), b. in Coldi«stvrp 11 Jun«, 1741; m. In 
Coldtf»tvr. 2 Mmn, ITB«, Ami Gmtwi. K 8 Mnv, mV, »on of fVtrr (Jmrra flnd 
Stnh Wrd^i. 

H^d. iJbUy. 1»00: ahed. SOCC, IdOS. 

n^ wu a toldicT ip ihe var of tbc nrralotion; tm on the list of mcmbcn of 
thftchnrdi io CoIcbe«1vr, L787. 

JlID X-Mfy Ofoi-«,» Ix 2fl Apr., nfifl; a. unm. Mar., IflU- 
«1U Ciarf« Oravr^,'' b. M Jii»«^ 1788. 

715l DEACOX JOn:X,* mo of John* (^^>» b- in Colcfaerter, Conn.* tO Doc., 
1743; hl Bethia Willijju^ U 3^ Jup<-, 1742, dau. f»f Wiltiam ^iUtam^ of Col- 
ADil Deborah Cone, of l-^«l IImIiUqi. 
(I, 7 FobL. 18ia; h* m- (2> Mrn, Mar^M (Foote) Big^low, k about 
174^. vMov of Auriali BifvJov and dau. of Xathanitrl Fooie and ratieoc^ Oat«4. 

Ued. 15 JvDC, 1S19, aged 76: ftliod. ^ Jum., 18SU, aged 90; bv uad both 
whvH an' buriv^l in the Iroa Worlm CmM4«r;^ in ColrWicr 

*'MArfEarH Kdlof:^, wife of Doacon John/' vat r>^>Mvod in the cbnrcb in 
WcttdkMt^r. 4 Jnlv, 1813. by leti*r from ihediuwb In Msriboro. 

Ut now in llcbrvn, Khrre be wi^ a dtmcon in 179^ 


+311? Joiix,^ K 7 Juk, 1767; m. Mary IJny- 

SI 13 TiiEOiKieiA,' b, 4 Apr., 1770; d. uddl 8 Dec, 1795. 
«14 ilttor.'b. 3 A»jr..l772: ol WUliamOukky.of ColcheeUr; d 15 iUr.» 
1S61; l«'(Lapjd60; Eti ou otiildrviL 
1+^115 T]TU&.^k?C Mnr, 1779; m. Eltubcib Clirk. 

iTM. ISBAKL^^BODofJolm^ (V79),b.inColchwt«r,n Hay,171S; m. lJtln^ 
1775, Hannah Ingrabtn, k nifout 1756, dan. of Dr. TBgrvham, of KnIUld, Cotui. 

lUd.31 AiUmIBIA; #bcd. 11> Aii2.M33C.aH90. 

n« was a fanner; r». in Wv^tcbwter until abont ITtit, wben be r^m. to 
Bebroo, nbetr he Whu admitted tv th« cborch in 1799. 


+«116 Lots/ K In Wwtcb^kT. S4 Nor., 1776; m, John Poet 
4-2J17 DobothtJ b. ?7 Sept., 1777; m. Robort McEm. 
+S1W M^iy/U 19t**i»i-, i::9; m. (1) Hnrond Mann; (2) C. Van Ci«L 
+«Hff iBftAWV b. « Ao^, 17ft*: m- Honor Burt 

«1?0 SurcEu* bu U Am^., ir84: d. ?3 June, 1787. 
-f-S1^1 L^-nu,'^ k U ^^. \rt^€: m. Jo#<^h Pcny. 

' rv 30 Dw.. 17SS; d. num., in Hc^^ron, 3 Jan., ISSfi. 
_../ ih 7 Jiuits 1791; d. num.. m Ilebron, 31 Dec., 186<>; the ind 
bcr brother Sainnd lived ucnt tho old homestead untii their doitb. 



Tnt £bllooc« IN' Tiic Hkw Wouo. 

4-SLV4 LavuJ b. in Hebron, 23 0<it., 1793; si. Stephoi Ini^rthaiM. 

-^tlU AuBED/b. 21 Feb., 1796; m. (1) Cor^>^£a ICdkgg (4111) ; (S) SoiUl 

+J13W Jibab/ b- ID May, 17W; re- Ljdift Mapcj Uttoy. 

riT. MASV <^'<u. of Jnhn^ (229), U in Colduster, Cbtiii^ 10 Doe^ 1749; m. 

8h« cL n Apr, 1831, in Bflflt F^UowfloM, Pa.; be d. and la ban«d In 

Eeopiu, tn-to Co , N. Y. 

In 17T1 nhc unci her hunbnnd cooTcycd their intcrctl in her father** intaie to 
h^T mother, wad rtrm, to Lym^, Coiin,» whrn^ they r^nnained until 1814, in mhvh 
^ear t3)«,v ran. to Oiid. N. T>, and Ured four >ears aod then vvnt ob to Cravr- 
ford, Pa^ whcTO thoir ton, Stlai, had purchatcd a larga tract of Unl in *hai arc 
DowOrfHOiwoodand Fallowfletil townvhip*. All oftlicirGhtldreii »i;ttU^ in Woit- 
cm PooD&jIviuuar fiicept >J&than, vho remained in Connccttcnt 


Sia? ;\;i)tft<iji TiffanyJ K . 

Bte6 £tf<u S^tjfcirjff J b, ; m. (l) £exUb Bmith; (&) Susan Tumer. 

%Vl$ John TiSanyJ* b. ; m, Elixaboth Nivur. 

tl30 Sila Tiffnnjf,'' h. ; m. Solomon Ivjn]. 

ai31 Mary Tiffcny,'' b. n Oct. im ; m. U Ftt*,, 18H J&onoa ELias HiUer, b. 
£r Mur., 1775; ht* vimh rtilin;^ ddcr in tbe Pre«bjtrrian Church In 
Evan^burgh, 0., for many years ; ha d. G Dec, 185? ; abc d. S Jan., 

tlZ2 Haitnuh Ti^tmy? li. \t Mar., 1780; m. (1) Rufua Hoircy; (2> Bidiard 
Stat^v, who <i. 3 Au^., 1K60 ; tthc ± in Atlnntic, Crawford Co., i'o,, 
at tbc hnujw of R. Clinton Ux^t^^:^ it Oct, U73. 

719. ELISnA.^KD of JoKn^ (999), b. in Colcli«<tcf, U ^w., 17G& ; m 9 Juno, 
1T76, SuadQna Day, b, ST Jan., 1T5&, datL ti Joieph l>ay end Suwinnah 

She d. \ Not., 1832, affcd 78; he d 23 Feb.. 1844, o^od 88. 

He was a farm^; re». in the house in which hie grandacm, EllBha K«Uogg, 
aftcnrard lirtd, in Wefttchi-stcr Pari»h, 

-(-J133 Joseph Diif/ b. 8 Aug., 1T7B; m, Sadi«! Comrtock. 
-^ZXU TAni-niA,^ b. 27 July, KBD; nt. JanntJian WilliAma. 
-hS136 Sr^AMNA.T b. 30 Jan., ltU\ cl John Smith, 

720. SARAH," dnG. of Ezra* (!l3rt), b. ; m. (1) Tony, 

He i ; she m. (Jt) u hia ftocoad vifc, BUhu Strong; he d. ^^ 

ehom. (3) Roger CU[ip. 

8136 ^oe^p* Siting:' b, 11 Oct, IHS; m. 170i». Phcbe Pomoroy; md. from 
Southampton. Ma», to Iht* vkJnit-/ of TJifw ToHc City about 1S2S; 
d. 17 Apr., 1649; abe d. 4 May, 1638; had thcve children. 

gcTfcinl; Dui«miA Pribiutil am <1aii, c/f Aupbn Britiaiil Biirl t^cManaa n«t«& 

Tns KxLUXKts ix tiek Nkw Wokjjx 


CkiJd hjf third huabaiui. 
2137 RtmiU CUtpp? h. 1 Mar., 1T8S; m, Oct^ 1SU> Louisa Strong, K. U 
liny, 1766, dau. of Ro*vfcU Stnjnjr iind Nuicy Poiacroy; <L in 
Lib«Ttj, 0^ !>(«., ii^M; »ti« d, V Apr., l^b^. 

78L CAPT. RDSSKLL* scm of Bm» (230), U 16 JnJy, 17W; m. Amibili 

U« d, hctoTti 15 tkpt, 1806; hie wife ffurrivcci him. 

H« rf*. in WUltAnvburg,* Mfic«.; wa* tithing ni4n*^ tb«re in 1771- H« 
and ks wife wer* ailmiltetl la ihi? ulmrvli lu WilUitmsliur^v 13 Nov., 1774 

He acrvcd in the rc^rolutionary army, a^ appcorn m the rcconU m the office of 
Ihff Svcrvtary vt thw CDmnionwmUh in Bo*l.on, Sprgt in (**pt Thiiyqr*ii Ca, 
CoJ. Fellows' It«;g.. on the Leiinerton AUnn. marched SI Apr., 177G : fl^md flcve]! 
dftTb; enLrU^ lo the army for (*if^t month*; f^&ve hU r<AtdeBC«^ Wiltiamaburg. 
CcuDnuMciontd LkxiU in Second llampelurc- Co- R*^., 5 Apr., m'i>; ('npt in OoL 
Woodbriiljre'e Rei;. ; tcrvcd fi^c d^j-a, 17 Ani-,, 1777, on eipe^iilion to Brnninirton, 
lavnt in CoL Ma/s Reg.^ ZO S*'pl- to 14 Oct,, 1777; service at Stillwaier and 
Bartttoga; ins a Tt^-olationaiy pcn«ioncr- 

Ho Ttm. to Hudson, N. T^ when? he bought a house lot, S4 F«b., 1790. He 
wme an mnkeepfrr an^ merchant in HoltMin. T\\e records in Hiidwn tipeak of 
him in oonnwlion nilb wma of tbo early proprietora of that city, and he traa evi- 
dently a man of conEidurable proptfrtv- It i« probable thnt hi» rem. from Hiidion 
about 1804, whec h« ef^d all hia land there. He eold land in Cbeftterfield, Uasb.^ 
9 Oot, 171^7, vhicb may be the time thai he rem, to HudooB. 

«138 JoHH.* hap, 13 \ov., 1714. 
J139 ilatniA/Up. 13 Nor.. 1774; d, young. 
tUO Tiwuil7 bap. 2€ Feb., 1775, 
tl41 Ua»tha,^ bap. 11 Aiig., 177*J. 
tl4« LnuK,^ b. -. 

*Wil|a.Buburg w*« t«km from ITntfiild And in^rporfttod in 1T71| H adjaint Cb**- 

**Hun Wfr* mikBr pri^lit* o^TifVH in ivlnniti fimrA uhMi v^ do mt hitvi* tnAny, for 
«ne 4o MA BbbI tWm^ (te cf Utn* vu thai af T.Jih1n|7 man i ht^ vat n t/iwn AlUfi^r- vxl hoil 
B^Mbaiinjf CuiiH£f«i vinilfr IiIr clihrirr, ur-iiulW ten, ah Uir wuril "rJtlkliUf'' ttOUlit 
■ifaiJjr, He vaJorcnl the bwTiUc cif ihe cLurcb uiE^hbm In that U-a hoiu», Hiiltvd the 
■1 brnrd UiV flbiMrrn rrriU ihrir «at«chuin, T]t«v* tm fftaiitim hv iratchvd 
lBj •■ BtiMiUy* to KC vhtth«r Ui«ir Attended pTkurrli. oM did a«t loiter oa the 
la ■on> llAMMi&UMtU i4WD« bv wtfbrd oa wc«k dnjii to leoip '^m knd all p«T*aiw 
•aiiUHia^ in tlw ««t«r. ' Tioi fDinilif* with kdbhv boyv cnuat n4v« \cpt htm buoy on 
EAopUt dJi^v. He lameUd lavcru, reportt<t AitorHtTiy p«Hon«. Mod iMbauia Ihft mI* 

Vmnwl Bftriiifw hb vlvluin ind wmnitpri-n to Imtv lh« town^ Ha fould nrrut p cnan* who 
raa or rode al tw («ti n |t4fi? ulii'ii pctkjrir t^j m<:T-lJrij£ un 8und>y. or Mio Uwk uutiooceau'y 
ri4M Ott BiiBiiitf. or otlicrvtlH brokr the tund^y Iawi. 

VFilti&n tlt« mrrtini^lxmtc Ihi Lrpt ufdrr iv lunliiiif out 'loir4> corrKtinjE aiimly and 

bojK ftsi irnkkiv t^^i*c vtio ilrpt. llr i4nicliii>-4 valkf-1 up «od dovot the chureh 

rBrr^Bir k •lirk vblcti hnd a knob oo odf ciuL nod a iLnnj[liag foxletl cm tba otber* 

lhi« hoj^ «n tW hMd wUk UiF knofr «iid of ih4 itick. and ti^^kltng the fooe of aUep- 

lATcb attvBpdAnu vitb tb« IbxtftO. 


T40, AMOV »i* of EtwTrt*?* (242), b, l Oct^ 1749; m, Jun^, IT8T, hi» 
cousin. Kuth Church (7GQ), U 15 Nut., 1T57, ilau. at Benjamu) Cborch and 
BuUi Kdtof*i: <+2]Sl. of :Jouth llacUov, Mow. 

!ri<rL;0 FHx. lS:Ei. n^84; i^hpil. >4 Jolj, 1^42, Agpil H4. Both arr bonDd 
in Ihr cemet^iry io South Hadle)'. 

He wBJi a fftrmcr; rtti. in SouUi Hadl^r, H^ wo» » rei^olatioMjy wldier; 
priratr m Onpt. Montii^ic')! Cn,, Col Wondbridgi^n Rrjr-, 2f> Apr., 1T7^, im iha 
Loxii)|:U>n Ataim; ccrvcd thirt^r-twci^ye; in Capt Cook's Co., CoL Woodbridg^s 
Reg.,ir Aug. lotfJNov., 1779. 

814J AMOft.*" h. »0 NoT^ 1738 ; d, tinin. . 

+8144 JoiiX* b. 29 OcL, i;9l; ru Uum Ch*pirL 

743. JOStAH,^ icoi ol EboteaKt* (S-U), b. in South H«dk7, liUm., Si Xor, 
1760; m. 6 Julr, ITSl, J.^^urful Ttylor, b, m Spruigfidd, Mim., 2T Apr, 1763, 
dau. of Taylor, of Cbicopoo PMi*h, 

He rf. n Pw , IS3,^ ; sHe d- SO Oc( , IMfi. 

He v«B & ffttiner in South Jladlcv; rem, to DunuDentoa ftod Btattldioro, 
Vt, th«n«e 10 Juuia in tbo mtn^ StAta, in ITSd, vhoro both d- 

H« vu a reroditioaiAi? soldier &ud pcL^ioDer l enlisted for nSiM motdbs Izk 
1771^ in Capt. UoBti|:a«^ Co^ Col Parvr^^ B^; laUr for three noDths ia CapL 
Alvoid'i Ocv, Col Mttmr'it Rrg., tod war^ at Wmt Pdiit 

n« vas dcscnbrd a« 5 foct, 8 iDchca m height, vitli brown hair. 


4-5145 AlmifpsS b. 88 Dflcv, 17S3; oi. Angnrta Dtx. 
+SU€ JonK,"UTNoT.,.lTa&; bl <1) Naoc? Cbftpin; <2) Abogaa UBpr. 
+9H7 J£Rii8aA,*b.UOct^l7!j7; nu Robert HcCormklL 
SUd Siaau.* July, Kftft; hl JanH* HUM.of Lodlmr; d. 3 Jaljr, 1861; 
bid ao childrco. 
-f$149 Jocixii.^ b. ^ XoT„ 1791; m. PtrlJua Tbomptoa. 
-t-SlM aoujsrKinBtmttt«ban\tdKoT.,1793; m. Un. rtritm (TbontpMii) 

?1M Tjo«* b. to Oct,. 1795: il •! Julr. IT**. 

+tU^ Fkbocbick."* K 91 Mar^ VW\ m. Sophia Banner. 

81$,^ EBcyiZD,* bL 10 Feb.. ISOS; d. 11 Dn?.. 1311, in Jamaioa. 

21M Btciun\' K in JanMioa. ft Dvc. ISn4 ; m. ; d. S6 Mnr^ ISSift; 

waa tb« publi^bftr of th« Chaqunqua Rt^blicnn. of tTnaatans, 

N. Y.,aUwt 1>«0: had no diildtML Shorn. (?l . 

4-^1U Amo« RonxvT,*< b. to An;.. 1808; n. lUrj Stralton Goodalv. 

KBl SKTH«* MB of Ebeswt* (949K b. to Sottth H*dleT. HaMu 5 S<?pt-, 1767 ; 
«u 3 Ua^. 17S7. Kanni panoui. b. )] Aug.. n<a. 

Ths Ekllooob m the Nkw Wobuk 


Hv rl. T Jan^ 15147, in W<«t, tifthrftf, N. Y.; *hi- d. 1 Fibu, l&'JS, in Spnng. 
wiUrr, N. Y, 

He wft£ a ?4ri)«^i«r ; re«. la We«t Oolwav. He is taid to hAV^ been alioiit 5 
ffvi, 8 uuJir» in Itrifht, vith dhik hair, broAiI forchtrnd, blAck t-ytir, now ali|;bUy 
BoottiL AfUT hrr bu^bind't df^Ath ^«^ mt. vriih her tiovt, Joncpli, in SprJngwaUr. 


+215C N4SCT«t-l£lMiir.,lT8d; m. John Iloaghn*]. 

^'21^1 SL-rrLiNU,'' U :(T Not,, U89; m. Husan A, Aldrich. 

-)-n56 Rvs«u.,"l». 16 Jan., 1794; m. (1) M*>Ii[ida Hamtlton; (Z) Mary Am 

-hUA9 Xiowi,^ U VS J«lj-. i:9iJ; m. Natban Al<3rkb. 

-)-tl<SO JoftfTH," b I Jan. 1802; itL lUrntl Aklriih, 

21C1 grLRyce.*^ b. 7 Aug., 1801 ; d. from being scalded, ST Dt^.. 1&06. 

4-?lll2 Bkxjahin FnAwxjjK,^ U H Dpc„ iJ^Ofi; m. DUntha n<ip!rin«. 

+2HJ3 Jobs." U IT Mar.. ISOU; nu (1) Samh Vanaukeri [*) Mm Loam 
(Rkx) Hi^pina. 
3164 JAum Miuiwiv* h 25 Si^jt, 1818, in AniKl^'nlnm, N. \.; m, 4 Mar, 
1851. Mra. UmirA Fowler, b. 21 Fek, 1810, id Bmnfidd, Mflfi*.. 
dau. of Sainiid Tarbell. h. 10 St-pt_. 1784. of Brimfield, and Alice 
OnlcN b, Ifi Mat., 11S7. SJir *h 18 Ftb,, 1888 ; h^ d. 3 Mnr., lS»ff. 
Hr Ftudifxl law And was admittiyj to thd bar in Hnth, Steuben Co-, 
}f. Y.^ LD m39; for Home fifte«n y^an he lectured ou ptirenolo;^. 
Tirinj^ of conatant Iruvcl, he twitlcKl, in 1ST7, in Woodworth, 
KoBMitt Co., U'iM.; adi>pt<*d a child. Union Mary, b. 7 Nm\. 18r>9, 
who m. $ May, 189?, Willkm C. Mi'Vii-ai-. Atid rtt. in WuoJworlb, 

7^1, EU J 9on of Jot^h* ( t«). b. in South lUiMty. 3 June, 1T57 : ni. el Oci., 
178?, Ttvphofia Sinith, bap. $ ScpL, 1760, ch&. of Capl. Kli^a Smith and Kcntca 

He A about 180A ; administration wa? jmttiu^ cm his eetale. 5 Feb., in that 
y«r; ali« wirrSwd him; he r*«. in South HaJley; wat a rerolutionary lioldior; 
HTTcd ■# a pTiTate with the northern army in Lient. Jndd's Co.; Col. Portage 
fcv,. 8 Jnly to I'i Ai;f.>ir:7; pnvnte m Capt- IjiniVs Co.» Col. Nathanii?J 
Wadr's Br^. ; mUMciJ ir» Sept., ITT'L wr»(^d llmT nKniths aiul twuiity-wim davit 

CkUdrtn, b. in South lladley, 

21C5 PHCsrarrD Smith.* h. IC Sept.. 1783 ; rn. SaUl* Davia 

ncc Dotoniv," b. th Si-pt>- 1785; m, John Silica. 

21C7 WJU>i*ia RooKKH.^ ti, 37 Mbt, KSft; ih itlirnit 1R20, in nhieh yi^r 

Matlbor Kdlo;^^; was adminiftrator of hia e«tatc; rcft. in South 

SICS MirSHT Ar.tV*.Tt[<*l. IS Dte^ 1739- 
iflSf VlLG^TlNlt 31dmii;w," b. ; had n guardian in 181C. 

Tta EL!AKra,^MOcf JCTq>b''(?4ni,KinSoi;thnadIcy,10Sepl.,17W; m. 

SO rVc.. 17S6, L4>JeBftfltnttii. b. 8 J(i3y, 17^1. dan. of I>^o>n Williara Eastman, of 

Sutrih UailWv. ami BlJMlu-th Mrw-U. at fiWlouhitiy. 

He d. U Apr-. UhX ni^'d i>n:"iJic d, 38 Jn!_v, ISSO, op^ 8«», 

He WAS a farmer: re*, in South HadW; i< bunw^ in Snnih Hsdiej cemeterj. 


TuK KklijOOQb is the Nkk Wokui. 

ChildT^n, h. in South Hadtftf, 
tl70 Faxxt,* tx 8 JdkT., ITSS; m. (pub. 25 ILir., 1810), Alpbeus Ingrtm, of 
Soulh Hadley; d SO Nov., 1860; tud no cbildiccu 
+J171 EtUAH,* b. 1 Apr, 17W); bl Ruth Churoh. 

5178 WiLUAM * b. 31 Mar, KSa; tii. 10 Apr., IS?7, Al>:K»il Rruin*-rrV b. in 
UAddca i^iKk, IT Apr., 1795, d«u. of Robert IlraifirTii nud Abi^mil 
Speoev; d. Zt Sept.. 1H34; ghe d. 2S Oct, 18jS; iw. in South 
^dlej ; hid no dulOrun. 
«i73 lUvLEr,^ b. 2 Oct., 1T»I ; d. mini. 8 Apr., 1821. 
+Sin \Anriv,*^h ft Ffb,,171>:; m, KlciiHir VTrigbt 

nib EdliiEa," b. ^7 Jim<r, 1799; nu 3 Apr.* 1896, OfaAdiah UootAffiie, of 
South Hftdlev'; d. 18 Aug., 1831; liad DodiUdKiQ; he was flubs«- 
qQi-tiilj' la twkc snd h*d chiUlnm. 

763. REV. KLlJAll,^ ma of Jo-'pb* («46>, b, io So«Ui Hidlry, 17 Atig., 
K^i ; m, in PorU&nd. )1o., I Jnlv, 17'J^. Knnioo Mcb>llaii, b, in FortUad, U«., 

1 J»a, 1770, dau. of Joa^'ph UcL«lUa and Marv . Hor grandpafvata^J 

IIiii^ McLrllau and inie, come m lt34, from Antrim, [rc-Und» and frttUd in 

He H in FurUaiul. 9 Mar., 1842; ahe d. in Harp-vfOl, Me, 17 Ott, IftM. 

lie worked on hi* fatbcr^e farm until he waa about 1^ ycara of a;rc; waa a^ 
TOrotutiooarraoldi^andpcniioMr; r«c«iv«d an ord^ for a bonn^coat,* 25 Oi 
17t£. Aft«r Ihe battle of Lcudngtoai be marched lo Cambridfe owl cn^a^ in 
the ftkge of Boaton ; enUclod id Coi t^nundtf' Kcj;., &[aMachaacata lino, and vao 1a 
thn battlo of Vfaib' FlatiMS and other fUpigvfnimbL Tn FVh., 1777, thn n^pmeni 
Diarcfaed for Ticondfan^ In the retreat of 3t CUir hia cowpa&v vaa U tiw 
reari^iiArdaiid vaaattadredatR<«dlfcorobyG«n Frater. Col FrancU waa lJD«d 
and moot of his rvjciroent dectrovrd. Thr remnant joined GrtL OatEa and rae 
ongaj^ at Bctiu»' Hotfcbta and StiUvator. Mr. KcUojjEg med to coj h« aav Sir 
Jamm Claris inortallT woui»d«d, taken prisoner and carried to the rear in a hand 
barrovn AfU-r Btin-oync'a ^arrvtid^, nunhed eo»th and JoiDcd Oeo. WaahLog- 
ton'* oral}- and apint tlie vintcrat V^Jc^ Foigc. In 1780 hUturai of enlfistment 
hoTinf expired, he was offered a commiattOQ to Tesiain in tJie arrrice, bnt boiik|E 
d«airoa« of an edantion, derlitked, and waa honorably dlaohar;^ receirin^ at t!ie 
hmd of Uir tvf^iauiat lliv thanks of the CohMiel for hia food ixindoii and faithrul 

He fitted for oolloge at iroorv^ School in Hanover, N. H-, and vaa gnd«al«tl 
from Darttnouth College in 178fi. T^ cvn part of hie colk^ cxpenaea he taofht 

•"■Btoatr OMta^U tb> mammtr af IHS, «Wo IW ptvfuMlMe Iw tie «mr «l th« 
rVT«4utioii wvn la » ra-M «ikM«tl*4 ua iiif p ■■■>!« r^mdit^tm. ««p*ei«t}T t^ MVfliBi ler 
Ito 0Mtl»«la1 armr, tW rrortpfto] Oemgnm w^^ * drmt^ oficn tte pM^ W thtt- 
t*M ■*'*"*^*** vmnK cvkU to W rMdj- for Lb* loMkn ^j coll am t >i<- T1)«r* wvr* mi ri— | 
fDkftfaMdn tW« «• now U> aupplr tbe ftab and iii>k> 1^ BHVMibk bal by kvadnS* d 
bf thalo—i ^ tJmjmtiiinl tin nuat^ m>a\ nbw ti aad Wsd Tiioii vttv atMitfd euarly U 
wiHk.a>ithv«v4fe«a«i1WdbrtkrUadJ««kolH>uMk A««rkBn«v«Ba. la Ik* »»- 
«ra W^ «t MMM Vrr Eau^t^ t*«m va; vlHI b» fand ta* btt «f uar^twiw Is iha 
lB^a*aif «v«4«*lwa*««atb*Ma*of tkatomAvlMdHe, Ervrj wiaWr votHaiMtlatf 
U^ flabt awtfci' vrHM m* fleaa ea* of thM* ticw w iy ii . >■■■ wafc «(«to m a hontr. 
^ hiff^l; wpt tiMM 'Boust; CmW ^H»d. t!ut tb* k*in aC tft* MUtan w^ wtv UIM 
■t Umbpr Hin Wlor* rMOlT&ff thnlr cnsti «*?■ riTiti m mm «f ttoMv IwtM^ Tlw B«| of 
of aaUbn vhe thM calUid b taivva to Ibb ^ ■• Uw -Osat Roll.- unI tbc mm* 


tb* ««ab ahlfbt lana 

nU «« kiapr." 

Tim Kkllooqs iv the Kew Woslix 


tcbool doruig the rtcttioiu, alio woikcd tn thv Mwmill vrhich wok otudiod to tha 
oolite to autiat NtucJi^iiU- 

ilc «tadkd throL-iKy iritii Bor. Mr. UnrrfiV, of Ncwburrport, Man., by vboni 
hff MM recooni«nidcd to the Second CoDgregatioc&l Chun^ of PortUod, Mc, and 
wu tfaero wttlfd 1 Oct.. 1T&8, He vas JiMHarj^d from thi« church tn 1B1 1, and 
Uborvd iA tbo Clupd Chorch in Portknd until 1S2L Krom 1S18 to 1838 ho vaA 
ongvgcid m luiAJtiomry libore, Ihi* winU-rii oulv \mng tpent in PoitlAnd. He or- 
gftniftsd chnrcbtA iu Lul«c IVirj* Ucmiyaviilc, C^ia. Itcbbinfttou, VVdhi nnd 
Sang^ivviUi-. He was tli^ Uj,-viit of tb« United Stitoi in promoting driUxtnon 
•mooiC the PiJiftaisqiioddy IndUrii; vu tovcn ymxv ChApUIu of Ihu Uaihc Seo- 
«1«; viu ftetiv« in Mtabltahiog Bovdoon Colkge» au^ one of its Loerd of ovcn 
•n-r^. In tier aulaiim of 1»37 hd WA« attacked by a IieiuorrliEi^e of tbi? lim^cVf and 
contintitf^ to disdinc until he died. Thi.^e if a tradition amon^r his dcfccndant^ 
that wfivn hv ran horrt hH gmmimolhrr took him in hpr aniL« and ULJd, "W« vill 
luTc ooe prophrt iJi Iht famil/." 


21T€ Joux LrcAB." k ^ May, 1793; d. the itejct day. 

21T7 Mart McLella-v^ b, 1» July, 17^4; d unm. tt I>oc. I«l«. 

+1£I78 JoiEJ-ii McLaLLAS," k 27 May, 1796; m, Bciphk Bnuii-r. 

8179 Kusioa McLtLLAW." b, 27 Nor,, 1800; d, a»m. 13 May, 1938, 

$1*10 DiwamiT Pix» b, «5 Nov., 1903; d. %B Nov., 1S23- 

£161 JcuA." b. flbott :e04; d. nam. iJ July, 1S71. 

'nils? CAROLlJfB,'* b, 3 Jun*. JSOti; d. 2 Uar,, 1807. 

2183 I':i>w4irii Patjmix,' h. ^ Mnr, ISfrfi ; il, U Aug., tbr wtinp ii^r. 

9184 CaqOLLye," b. abotit ISOO ; d. unm. 4 IX^, 1893, 

+2)95 EuJAa,"bv 90 May, 1613; in. Hannah Peareon Pomeroy, 

m. JOSEPH/ aon of Jo6eph« (UG), b. in South Hsdley, 1 Hay, 1773; m. 
Eliiabc-th Bumhara, b. , dan. of Itcubrn Bur[Uiaoi and Hazmali Ptrrtey 


n« vu liring in Idl0 ; a dyer and fuller ; re^. in BiidgtoD, Me. 

He va« a charier member of the Lod^e of F, asd A. M., orf(anii«d in Bridp 
too, 2€ Mar., ISOt, and vaa iU fteoretarr from ISIO to 1813. 


+2IS6 DoROTHy,** b. 10 Aiig.f I8C4; m. Edvard Robbii»» Mono. 

2167 JcafiPH " b. ; went on a vbaliug iroyage and waa nerer heard 

tlSS ^ABan.^ b. 1807; m, in Kn:(bury, Mnwk, 1 Dw., 1^47^ Rmxrh Piitniiin 
Poeter, aon of Enoch and Sutannah l^'oetfr; ks, in Ljan, Maea., 
where both d. He d. 11 Sept. 18S7, aged M j.. 7 m., «6 d.; the d. 
9 Nor.» 186d : had no childrtiu 
-(-9189 Uabt,^ b. 5 Apr,, 1900 ; m. WiLUaca Davi* Adams. 
+&IIH) Ki.i • h 30 Jan., 1813 ; m. Fanny JaioMon. 

Te5. DEACON PHINEAS.* ton of Jobca* («49>. K « Jm. 1759; nu about 
1783. Jemima Siww, dau. of Eben«^T Snow, of South Harllpy, 

9hpd!l May, 1^20; bn m. (2) 19 Di^.. 1827. Mm. Mabd (Fox) Andrav^b. 
ItBS, vidcv of BU^ Andrews, a revolutionary aoldier 


naX|Unp IH Till; New WokLD, 

Be d. 19 Apr» 1840, in Broo^Se]<i. Vt ; is Mid to bare wttW io Vcnuinit 
sboQt irs-l. He was 5 fn-U ti inchod id h^:^}^. 

Hf vf JLS A rrvolutifiTiAry wlihfr iiiul pirriMJonfr; rnlintnt ia 8oiith llAfilpjr^ 
Jftn-tl77f; •crvcd Ihroc year* ; wm dwchargwl in West Point in 1780. 

+31*1 IlooACK* L 10 Oct, i:»4; m. JJartlia Wdbrid^ 
•1-219^ riiiNiUH,^ b. to KoT.> ITlifi; m. Anna Abbolt. 
+91d3 jBlltU4*U 1^ Auj,', 17K!>^ m. KuFua BaniArd 
-i-?194 RACacu*^t. n Ju&i>^ i;*'!; ni, Nrftd Guild. 
+2195 Sally,** b. $ Aug,, i:9J; ni- Calvin Uuild- 
+«iyG EfcKS'sam Snow/ b. iTlt: ; m. Koxanna B«d, 

£1&T William,*' U ; d. uiim„ urih} !9. 

+81GH Li-L'iMiu,*' h. : Oct, K»0; m, HirhnTfl Stolen* 
+2199 Abui.,** b. 1 Apr,, 1»05: m. r^^^ifl Hft><l*ii Pratt 
+35CKI JoeCTH," b. 21 JuOf. 1803; ni. Elvira Pcmn. 
+^^1 Bkxjauik,^ b. 23 FL-b., IbOS; m. Rni^ic-I KcitotciT l!24^)- 

7M F.\'0,S."' firtn of Jnbei* {S4<»), b, in Scmlh Hadlev, Maw,, 58 July, 17« ; 
m. (I) Lr.Ua AlvoM, It. S6 Apr-, 37e«. 

Sh* d, ; hc' m. <S) in SJn^ibumc, M«il, 10 OcL, 1192- Dt-mU Wdlft, 

of Colcbi^ftU-r^ C^n- ; <\, ** in Enofimrig^ Vt. 

He WW a »**ver; Ttm. to llADcver, N. H., ITS*; 1T»1 r«4iinied lo Shcl- 
burni%iiiiil Inu-rri'm, to Lt'lianon. N, H.. acxl to Mo4itp«-1i4*T ani) Kiw*^t»rp, Vl 

lie v*» A rcrolutioiiiary toldivr and pcjwoacf. In thr snaj- rolls in UcfO be 
via dcaoribod Ab 11> tvare oM, 5 foot a&d 'S iDcbM id height light cocnpl^JcioD. Ed 
his AppliLiitiuii for priiaiuu hv tArnXv^ that !>c vaa |iK«t^ At Aod ttilucawd t^ ez- 
ccutMn of Maj^ Aniirv, 

+5202 Puprr»k 15 S^t, n««; m. Wwltby Smith. 

+SS03 Lti>u,*' b. About 1788 ; m. Abocr Srcmd. 

+«a04 Naxcy." b. *6 Eke, 17»5i; m. iEemcmbnocc XA*h- 

+i20ft Ksw« K ; m, Uat^M WcAllwl«r. 

+^06 Jabex," b. ; m, (1) UAUIdA McXAb; (3) Matt McNab. 

+?S07 Elus Wells* K 3 Feb., 1735 ; m. Ab^da HoTl^rool:. 

fia08 Ci-iiiWiA* h. n F(4i., 179$; d. umn, in Monlpf^Iitr, H Kor.. 187-L 
+?9i>i> SlUJX>s,'» b. 38 Pvb,, ISOO; m. l^r»ndd \VhvlpIc>-, 

+5210 Apaiia * b. ; in. Dt, B<'njnmin Wiilton {tUt). 

+2211 lhiMi9,*b. ; m. John Wileon. 

+2912 RrKKKix Allbk * b. UM; m, An^iae StttdtttATL 

7«7. DEACOX JABEZ.^ «n of Ja1«'" (249K b. in Sotith nndlcr, Mji**.. St 
Apr., IT&S^ m- U) Jao.. 1792, T«>npjF ValtOD/ of LctMOO, N. H., b. ui Sooth 
Hgdl(iy, xm.irn, 

Sbe d. in IlAiicmr, 9« OH.. IK'S : he m. ( 2 ) LO Apr.. ISOe, ttahi« UUi^, k 
in CoABMtiCTt. ^4 Oirt. 1778, dan. of JrwrpU HUor, b, « Uar, 1732. and J»ruha 
Martiii. !>. ft iuDr. 1734. 

Hv d- in Uaniover, 95 Dee., 1831 ; iIm 1 in Coocor^, ^, Y,, 1 Jan.. 1862. 

•Sm aaU a»4«r +771 AU^L 

TllE KELLQ0U6 12^ TItS NsW VOKtZ!* 


wad a deacon in tlir RuiinTr P^Ain Clitinh ani] hrUI tKnl ofBcc twm^ 
jr«*r« «T more. 

C*iiif4 fry j^r*i Ml/*, 

+2213 SiB^n » U 5A Doc. IVM \ uu Wamn Dttj. 

+22U LroxAXD MAaTiN,** h. Fcb^ 1807 ; m. Loui» Spencer. 

221* IIaiikiet Waltcv," b- « June, ISO!); m. 16 S*jit., 1S33, Stepbtii Xoyi'i 

^IdiuiUEf,'. of Hnmni-t; d^ S Nov,, iSSfi, in C'civInpUin, Ky. ; had no 

2216 GKOHur Walton,^ b Id SopT>. Ifilt : m. Kllu June Perkins, b. fa Ualoe, 

1S4«. He d- in Napn, CaL, So Not.. liTC; «be m- (S) 

^•yU*iTy; bad no «}iiMrcn. 
+281T Cakoune PKiiiiKU.i*b. :. Xov,. 1814; m. (1) William Enaworth; (2) 

William F. Bai-word, 
+221» ^1411 Djii,** h. 28 Ort., 1824; m. Wman Colo. 

TML JULIE » wn of JaUV (?49),b.b South Ha.llcMST Sept, 1765; w- 14 
Feb-. i:&5, Molly Pool (1628), b, I Feb., 1771, drtu, of Lieut Jacob Tool ana 
Mar/ Kvllogg ( + Wl), 

Hp <L id Sh*lbume. Maa^. 4 Aug., 1613; she d. In BeruardHton, Mai«.» 7 
Sept, 1S53. 

He wa* a blaeknniTh; ron. io SHelbnmo vhpn Id vcflT* of ago, and learnt 
It of Maj, Xatli ; wi* a jvprt««-'OtaUve to llit- fit-iiei-al CVmrt in 1S08- 
im t)ic j^u^lk pnntu of the day wc niad ""Ilia charac-kT was reputable and 
f)i« lifi- nvrfuK In Idn tWlh thn rhun-h tmit a (n>rilial f rirnd, anrl thp toffii, a ml- 
ttaUe inhabitant" 

2219 NawY (iV»JG*iL),«b. 12 Not,, 1788; d, imm. 10Nov.,180fi. 

eWO Polly.* b. 10 1V\, 17D0: d. nnjnn C Jan. 1811. 
+t221 Jacob Pool* b. 1*1 Feb., 1793; m. Loi^t lV=<ott Wright 
+2222 Klaw,^ k H Jnlv, 17IW; m, Flimbrth I^iIk 
+S«a3 Ht>n(T." b. Sft Apr-, 1757; m- (1) Susan Brood; (2) Mrt, Moij' 

(tatber) Srallh. 
+2224 JtaiA^h. 10 M^r.. 1739: m. Al.nrr Rim-cd. 
+2225 John * b, li» JXv., ISOO; m- l-v<lm Orplm Hit<'hcocfc. 

?22*1 RAriiix.^K 14 Apr.. 180?; *1, 2? Jan.. 1^^. 

32y; SAHi7ELOnrAV.''b.2a July, 1809: d.l2 Julv,18l0. 
+2228 MiSt ABiOAiL,»b-24 Aus, Ifill; ro. Martin Tal cot t 

76ft- N<^>AHD1AH7 won of Jtb^** (3-IS). b. in Hadle}\ 23 Ort., 1T67: M. in 
Wifjrhrtt-T, N- H., rnllina SM .bios It. tl Oct, 17;i,dau. of Jmah Stclrbiua and 
Umtj Hovfi. of N'orthfleld, MA«a. 

Hod. !ti Burlington, Vt.O Jan.. 1815: rfie d in TTaiMwr* S. H,, 28 Nor,, 

Hp fp*- in Wit»rb*>ft'T uctil afiont ISOO. whc^ hi* wm, to Krmc. rrmaining 
ihm- until he wtnit Lo Bnilin^oo, Vt.. in 180^ ; vra^ f^n^gc^l in building the bar- 
radu tor tbc tmtitarr poat in that lom vben ho d. 


Tom Kklloooa ts tjie New ^Pould. 

S9d9 LooiAA PoLLifT-V,' b. in Winch«t«r, SC Kov., 1T9G ; ut &« bta third wife, 
Alpbcut Taylor, b. t7 Au|e , L7SV, sod of UoUu Tflvlcr, b. 11 Vab-, 
irSA^HuilChrixUvi Pu^ b. 20 hUr, 1741; it in RnitUiflnm^Tt^ 
dl Aug<, 18<^& ; he d. thfTc 1 Uar., same year ; had no diildrca 
+2?30 Ma2T Howfi* Ix in Winchester, U Apr-, 17>^ at a quarter part od»1 
A- M. ; ni. CiipL Lciuufl dUrvutin. 
S331 JoaiAit bTi:ft»J3:a,^ b. m WinchcAor, 15 Dg&, 1799; d- in Burtin^m, 1 
Jan., 1813. 
-f S93£ Ko±HDUB,** b. m Keeoe, 9 Juae. 18^1! ; m, Lucetia T, CcmiU 
-I-SS33 JOUN Alvaiu^.^ hL in Kooc^ 11 Ft-b^ 1804 ; ra. Fidelia BoMotf, 
ZtU SoPHU.* b. in BurUugton, eS Aug.* 180C; d. in BiuUngton^ 5 

2235 William HexitT,<* b. in Burlin^Op tS Jvne^ 1813; d. in 3ifad]t{»U«r, 

3S36 JoBUB SrEBKiSB,** b. in Bradri>fdp Vt., 35 Jan^ 1813; d. in KiAfdale^ 
N. H^ F^, 1814. 

770. COK JOSEPnj «an of JaU**" (249), K in So«lli Hadley, JG FeL. 1T70; 
BL (1) Bopt., 1?B9, MnL Ucrcy (DavU) Bowcn, vidov oE Dovkl Boveii, of New- 
port, a L 

Slw d. G Jun^ 1603 ; he m. («) 1:^ S«pL. 1904. Hary Cba««. K 1$ July, 178% 
dan. of June* Cbaac and Sarah DflTia; «hed. 30 Scfit, 1819; hiad. Jium, 1943, 

He m- in Somrm^ Miuw. ; wui n nmn-Ji*nt and Khipbuildnr, aho PofttmajM 
ler; vas appointed Adjntant in 1799 ; Junior Major in 1803 ; Ldc«L Colonel in 

ChiUrcn btf firsi ir^e. 
9237 nAKJiii:r,"1>. S^t, 1300; nu uhitt «c«)ad infc. IT Jai>cv 1344, Oardner' 

Aotfaony, of Somori«t,h. 1T35; d. Dec, 1^1; had no childran. 
nad EuzA,* bL 4 Mar., 1803; m. Jan.^ 134<;, Samibel Uarhlev of Sonwnvt; d. 

Occ, 1816; had no <Mdrw. 
2239 UxkCY,* b, 3 Juic, 1803; m. Fi-^b., 1333, WiUiaJn NevhUl, of PaU 
ItiTtr; d* aWot Jnnr, 1847, 

CJkifdffK by SM4tnd vi/il 

+t240 Saius Avv,^ b. June, 1307 ; la ( 1) John Tack»r; (2) Koah CUrlc 
2341 Uakt** b, 17 Oa.. 1809 ; hl 5 Jan., 1841, Charles V. Card, of Kev Bed* 
ford, UoM, ; he d. Apr., 1356 ; Urn d. 4 Mar. 1830 : had no children. 

2242 JoRKPH," h. Jan., 1312 ; d. crnnu in Stvmerw-t, A S^^pL, lfU4. 

2243 RACmx," b. £0 Maj, 1814; m. Benjamin Kallogg {+9301). 

971. ABIQAIV daa of Jabcs* (^49), K in Hadley, 20 Uar. 17T2; nu abootl 
1792, Hon- John Walton, b. 1766, eoo of John Walton,* of Mmiw&, N. it, and 
Elia Clark. 

Ue d. in UontpeU«r, Tt, 18 June, 1843 ; she d. 5 Oct., 1843. 


*JotiB WaIicd «iDi]rt«u4 trasB YoibJOn, EcflMtd. In iTH. ^taX irtUtd Bt or 
cord. N. n. Ut bL EAn dutu ftW Ua tUMrc« ««r« Qwrse. J<aiii AkA T< 
FawH InJlUuo Mft diAt Oeoegv mad JtAm WaHoa «n lirau 4a PortAwoutk' aA 
brtAklAA «■! of tla« mvtartlaa. AAd IAbI Uh? An awajt Id «m^k M^ pr»«4 isU wrvk*' 
on ■ Hnlkh ttaa-of wat. 

Tub Kblloogb tzn tiik Htv? World. 


H« mm. from LcbtDon lo UoDtpdier in 1817 ; va« o iArmer; rcpKMutcd 
ihe MontpeUer patriot la C^mgnw. 

t^a ^A^VaiJFaifon.'^b. Octil79e; tn. (1) Gcorgt S. Walton, of Moctp^Iier; 

be d. ; bftd oao ehild ; «hu m. (2) CoL Ji3*<vph Wif^iiu, of 

Motitp«1ii.'r; ivdl to Antveq>, X. Y.. vhen? both d. 

Wi44 >oA« Wflifi^n.* b. ; »< (1) Harriet Tdplin; m, (5) Margaret 

; h^wtua fjirmitrftiid ifaomuiktT; n-*. U\ M^mtpt'li^^r 

&M6 JfoTM WalUn,*^ b. 4 Jan-, IdOO; m. Dn Z<^bina Kikapp Too^boTD, b. in 
T«Tgi0ones ^'t<> ^ SepC, 17S»<»p son of Sautti^l Beeb»> Paogbom an4 
Siuaauib Knajip; 1i«* wna « piiy;iiL-luu ; n'tL in Su JiiUutiliuiyr 
PoachaiB and Cabot, Vt^ ntid Norfolk and l'icrrct>out, N. V. 

tl47 ftenjitmin iralfoa,^ b. ; id. ApAma Kt^llngg (+2210), 

«44d Temptf^ncti JFo/ioa* b. ieC3; d, in Moolp^iiL-r, 13 Oct. 1833. 

¥U9 CoroHnt Waitcn,^ b. 15 Nov.. UOG; m. 19 Jan.^ lg?9, Homtlo Kdua 
Taplln; d. SA An^., lA^l; hn ca. (2) Harmt IjnvnwelL 

DEACOX ERASTUS.^ son if Juki* (349), K in Haillev, 4 Apr- 1778; 
[1] n Ike., ITl^V. Kloabcth Suvjth, dau. of Aarom iimiih, of Danville, Vl 
Shr i|. 2A Fuh., 1^1; bf m, (2) 3 Dii^, ISOl, Judith Hall, b. 12 Nov., 17^1, 
of Li«ut. rnaiotfa/ Ilall, of Concord, Uaae., and Pcacham, Vi, and Ann 

Qt d. 16 JulT, 1853; ebt- d. 18 Dec., 13Q6. 

He rem. to Puacham ar^d mt. tbcro until about 1813, whoix be irm. to £iut 
Hard^nrk in tb^i luunn StaCft, vlunr hi? d. fTp woa a brtnpr; wn^ chrwrn deacon 
jn Utfl Concngatumal Church in Ptucbam at iti^ cr^'aubation and ^rved in that 
office in P««c3iiam and Kivt Hardwii^k luitil tiiA dt-ath. 

Child, h. in /*£0«ii(inL Z^jr /?r:if mf4. 
+9tM EtJZ.\3miJ* b. 13 Frlf., 1601; m. Lmnaid Martin. 

Chiidren by iecond vife, 
-i-iUl MABijL.^b. 13 Scfit., 1807; m. Ha\ph blandmnl. 

2252 Jotcs,* h. 24 Apr^ 1A(U; d, fi ^flly, wimr y*nr 
^+W*3 JroiTK.'' b. 3 Feb., 1806; m- Hon. Sebastian Frederick Taylor. 

2354 Jomf » b. 24 Mar, 180*4; m. Mar>- Ovtn. of MonlptUer;" d. IC D«., 
1890; fhv d. 19 Dpc,, Mini- vi^r; n«. in Pum, lU-^ luul no cbilttreo. 

2155 ASVA,* b. 12 Mar., LSIO; d. 11 Mar. 1421. 

2356 Electa • b. 1 June. 1S12; li. iinm. a May, 1829. 
+2257 SlArrnA* L. 16 Aag., LBH; iij- InUfpL-ndence Farrow. 
4-2259 Ohak, b. 21 So]3t., 1^17; lu. HuniiTl Ad*ini Tuttlo. 

2259 CAaoLiKE.*b, 30 NorT.,Ul3; m. OhnrW Wiiliam Pmiticc 

W60 LCOT,' b. 25 Feb., 182'£; m. Moiitviile Warrpn Howo. 

22«1 ninaH.*> b. :%1 Mar., 1324 ; d. uiiiu. bt CnUforuia. Id Feb., 18ZiO, 

T7<. MARY.* dau. of David* (253), K in We*tfi.?ld. 13 Jane, 1T48; m. Nishe- 
miah Carter, k 17 IL 

She d. 20 Juni% IdlO; bv d, IS Oet. Mine yt^r. 

Ron- to Luvvillvi, i>. Y.. in tSrir «M a£c, and d, thtTo, at ih<; bouSe of thfiir 
MO, Fhodcnta. Tli^ longevity of this family wa< ntiiArkablo, fcur of thfl ^TdfCA 
faifitig iJTvd to Ulit Mfe of tBure Iban $0 yeara. 


The KrLLoaos ix the Nbw Wort^ex 

Childnn. b. in Wttifi^td. 

iSSffS Chandier Carttn^,'^ b. S8 Kob., JTfiS; d. in !^prinjc1^<'l(I> ft^T^ ^- 

2S«« N^tnMi Cor/fT* b 8 Maj% I5fin; a. in Wpsifl^W, ngpd «4 

S*e4 a/ofy CtrrVi^r," k 1 June, 1770; a. in Ioba, iged 94, 

S?6S ^*i«m far/^.^b. i:i Junu. 1TT2; d. in IowQ,ftg>!<3 $1; Mrr«d in ihewtr 
of 1SI«; wflp tullH Onl Ztboini Cin*T. 

aV«6 CaiA^nn*. Carter.'* K 18 Ao;;.. 1574; (i. 17 J«n„ 1T9]. 

SafiT /)awrf K"4iAflj C/irt-^r"* b, 22 M«T., n7fi: m. IfiOl, KliaWh HoUiiite, 
b. 31 Oct, 17e^ MVimth child of Abncr lloirrirr. b. 2$ Od.. HH 
and SAfBti Betty; d in Rochoelcr. X. T., 27 ATig.. isaa ItU «», 
Judi^r I). K, CftrtiT. «f tbr ft^ipHMirr Court iif ihtt Dialrict of Co- 
lumbia, odTRinicldrd the oath to nonriv all ihv nncvabon of the 
CabiDPt dnriog his term of offleo. 

8M8 Suhmii Cadrr." h. U Au#:.. ITTR ; A. 2^ Oirl., «nir jcar. 

S2€9 Jamt« Bruc Cnrifr.^ b. 17 Mft\\ ITSl; m, in Ifot^hitfter, N\ Y^ 4 July, 
I815» Matiah Xk\t\\ b. in Samtoga. \, Y., l."> Mar.. 17113, daiL of 
Cnpt, Iwftc Dot.v aiiiS Auna Parka ; rem, lo Rocfc«UT from Sptnn^^ 
lioM.MivKK,. About lSlil;«-ii«t bUck^Tnitli 4n<] iimih) toharoiroiitd 
the tlr^t wa^mi built in Bochest'^r. lli# rcr«ideiicc WM on the convf 
of Main and Buffalo «trc«t«. where he ovned tvc iJ?rea. He lOiw 
to Rif{tt. in X\\t. iJime fH>ur)tv. in IMS; d. fn Rocfaeri«r, Sfar.r tSU; 
Bhc -J. there May, of the same veiir. 

«T0 ff*rt*&f?>arortrv.**b, 2F*h..l78»; d, in SpriiiflU'W.ftgtfd &0. 

2271 /*a<ir f^orj^f * k 21 Oct, ITftI : J. in UwvUK n/^-A S8, 

n7a Fheder^ Varif^f? h. « June, i;8(>; m. (1> ISW, Sophk Jlurniy, K in 
PoTnpi*y» JJ. Y-, 12 Apr, 17*W, cUn, of IpbRli™! THiirmy: nhp d. 30 
Jan.- 1833 : he m. f 2> Sept, 1834. Mre- Rulh Hendei, who d. 187R 
H*» rem, from ^Vo»tfifld, Maw,, to IxwriUe, N. Y., in IS09; «» a 
farmer; wtvcm^! in thr wiir of lfil2, nt Saclcet Harbor; kt^ tvdre 
ctiililr^ bi," hU fti^ wift* an^l one l*j the eococd; d. 19 Dee., 1S74, 

S273 ^amuff (Vfer^** b. Sopi, 1788; d. in Kjinans, %^ 60. 

77D. EIJZABETH,' daa of Darid* <253). b. in Wealfidd. 16 Aiy;.. 1762; ra. 
Pliny SacJcet, of Wwtfiold. 

2274 Khifthcih .S'a^M.** b. ; m Olircr JohaE.r>n; w. New York State 

2«75 PoUy S^ci'tt,^ K ; m- Heietcish WhMer 

227f^ Jmu^^'V ."f^vJtff,!* b. - 
2S77 i?f*dn .^flrl-f," b. - 
2278 ff/vy^/ .^urfrer" V — 
2575 Plinti .-^'ariW,** b. — 

2280 Lvcfvtin Sitt^M,^ b. 

2281 OIiiiT .'fittl'ff^h.- 

2282 rvnrtij .^rtHvf ■ I, 

; m. Ifaac Fovkr. of Wo&tfltld. 
-; rn. IMiben KrMjrr. 
; m. EiiT^lff* TTnitirrpi, nf Siiflifld, 
; iri, Niiao BartJett 
— ; m. Jflmc* Prtn^li, of Sonthffkk. 
-; d. ynnug. 
— ; d. touni:. 

780- SETH.^ MTi of David^ (2£3). K 11 Mar., 17AI; m. £1> Mbt» 178$, Aw 
IwaiK h. 10 Jnlr, 1768. dau. of Joilira Loomi*, of Wwcflrld. ^ta;*, h, 2-1 An^ 
17011. and Al'tgail Tjtr!£:i1oiL 

n« a ^0 June, 18(1; i&bo d- 24 Jtnw, 18-11, 


H-228S Datoj* U. IX Oct, 1785; ta. BulL Umlwoii- 

-l-nU AKKa,» b. 19 Jut.. 17K&; UL KluAtltl Jtoot 

4-£S6S Smi.^K U Apr, i:i<il; m. <1) PjimdU n^wi*}:^ (2> Sttnh 0. CruAij^. 
t886 Sa»ctxl,'* U 19 Jim«, 179^; accMratalljr killed in }iew Marlborou^ 

■^m9 AlV4* b 2^ Aog.. 17!>9; m. EUm FowIat. 

WL praKEAS.' mix vi DnWd" (?:;3), h. in Soulhwkk. ![«&, 6 Apt.. in«; 
B. T Apr, 179U, JvdUh Lord, k m E*,^ UcuMam. Cc&o.. VI 3U)r, 1T&9. 

|f«d, 9fi JtiW, laofl; *hi>a. 2 Jan., l?Ul- 

He Tft0 « fumeT in SoutLwick and Tolland, MaM, 

+tS90 Jeduo," b. SO JuDC, 1191 ; m- Tinwthj llnnipkreT. 

£391 CATiitiUM,^ U IT Ati;,, 17»!; d. nam. in W«tfi«ld, 24 SofiL, 18<0. 
+W98 A«FASiu,*Ul6Jiilv, 17^4; w. Calvin Fuller. 

fWS FinyBU S./ b. ;^3 Jddc, 1:W : vnu Adnitt*^ to tbe churcii in Sootti- 
wic-k, 2 M*r. 184!: d. urm, 30 Juh, 1^4. 
+?K'4 Joiiy L.'' L 15 May, 1803, in, Eicila ll Kibbe. 

7SS. Rnil,- Ian. of Dand«(»33),l. in BtiMdl, Oooa, 3 Sept, IT&T; m. d 
Jtn,, 17h:>, in Wi^ffitkJJ, M«c«..BoaTtU Brown, b. in Wcitfield, 176V, oou of Jticti- 
obA Bruwti ant] llurr 1Io;it. b, Z^ Jaci.. 1727. 

Uncus Apr., 1$3A; shed- 14 Jufic 1S37. 

n« v^ a n^rolutionsrr soldier; fiLlistcd in I77S, and served on« montb and 
niDcdaja; a£aiiii&1777 and wired tbnvnuwtba and two daj.'atta a private under 
CapL KfiUofOt; m 1777 Mircd one month and oim daj ut pnratc ui>d«r Capt. 
Mom^j; in 1778wrved twentj'-ei^l dajmOBderCapLOi*;; in 1779 iprred one 
aoDtb and «u daja «» priv«lo ixndbr Capt Leonard. 

>5 Valium /ffMni,** b. 

I m. Elinbcth LooTei& 

ttS9 Batman Bromn,^ b. abMit 1787 ; m. Bboda Uathet, d. 1852 ; &be d. 1832; 
bad foBr cbildrtri, 

n97 Ruth Bmf^/t.'^ b. ; m. Uom SiMof. 

la Otinui Aroa n « b- 15 Apr., ]79fi ^ m. Iftlft, nimm Fox, of WflrtUd; d- 
S2 Feb., ISfi4. 

22fl9 flim<(w iIroi"«» b. ; d. 179ft. 

)Iaiy ZTn»rii,>^b. 1798; m. 1834. djuhji Toai^roT; d. 1968, 

ri Knwh Brottm,^ b. ; d. 1»W. 

//^ry firovK," b. IdOO ; d ]dS9, 

T8«, ESOCH/ »n r>f DaTld* (253), K 9 Oct, 17ftA; m. « Di«., IfiOS, Euni«. 
Virta, b. f7 Dw ., 1760, 4ntj, of Abopr Virl*. of Orwbjr, Conn., and Mary . 

Had. 29 OcL, 1847; iho d, 1& S*pL, im^. 

Bt: wma ■ Eamar in Southwici, Bfaf&. where both d. 


Tub £ELLoa06 ix the Nbw Woblix 


-(-S30d Ekdch ViETB.^ b. 19 FcK, 1801. in 8ouLHwick, UtM. ; m. Lqcj Loanift; 

2304 AMyift,^ U 2 y^r, 180^ ; do- fUdiard lUi^, of Southvick, mi of Baaj; 

E»rdy; d. 5 May, 18<ia, 

^^3U5 EvsiCK/' K 11 Oct, 1K48; m, Araw J. Limard. 

asOfi Maby* b. 22 Dpt, 18II; d. Ifl Aug,, ISU. 

230? LATiN-yA.*^ L 27 F«b,. 1814 ; bl Lothrop Vic^*, of Cocmtctiait : d. in La 

Ctob». Wia, 1«61. 

+230S Sauitrl," b. 23 Aug,, 1616; in. Marj A, Braith. 

-f 2301' HiOAU," b. 9 UcCv lSlt>; n. Un. Kliabcth (Kilboanic) Unrlburt. 

787. ANN,' dan. of CapL John" (25$), b. in Wcitfidd, Mn», 16 Oct, 1751;^ 

m, m Wcstadd, fi May, 1771, Jjirod Hoodley, b. 18 Mar^ 1T53-&4, in Branfordv 

Ccma-, L*li1cftt m>ti of Jacob Hoadl^y and Jemiroa Biiell. 

She d. ; he d. , in Brnnin^n, Vt. 


2310 John UoadltyP bnp, 14 Sqrt., 1777, in WcrtSeld ; lo«t at ka. 

2311 Willium Uniidt'tjf,^ bap, 14 Sept, 1T77, in Weatfleld; eett1«d in 

Kal», Vt 

2312 ff p?firy HoittUffff* U 9 Aug., 1 7fi4, in Beanlngton, Vt ; ir. Luvinb 6«v1 

2313 Jar^ i/oadicy,^ h. 22 S^, 1782, in Bcnniogtoa. 
23U Aftfia Hoadl^,^ b. 

7$a. LOVISA,^ daa of Cftpt Joba^ (258) . K 22 Aug., 1753 ; m- 29 Jan-. 177% 
Sunud Nobte, b. £T Aug., 1753, «on of Samu^ NoDo, b, & Aug., 1722, and Catkj 
crine Fowler, 

H« d. 18 June, 1819; elie d. 10 Deo., 1833. 

ChUdrm, b. in W^tfitid* 
2SU Lauraua Nohh,^ b. Feb., 1774; m. 25 May, 11^3, Stilbnac Dewev, b. 

July,1773,iiiMiddlcbury,Vt; d. 21Jiinc, 1»41 ; bt d. in AIiddlo-1 

buiy, 27 Apr,, lfta4, Rgod 80. 
231fi Schina A'o£f«,^ b. 13 Nov., 1775; d. nma. 3 June, 1848, ld Middlobiiry. 
2317 Saphia Aofiie,"* b. 13 Oct, 1777 ; m. 1 Not., Iblo, Aaron King, of Wert- 


SS18 Lcvua ^'obie,^ b. 20 Sept, 17T9; m. Jiinc^ 1797, Nonuaa TcttibaQC of 
Hartford, Conn. ; d. 9 Apr., 1798. 

2:319 JcTtd Nchle^ b. 11 May. 1781 ; d. 1€ Dec., 1786. 

2320 .Vim^ NMc,^ h. 9 Apr., 17S3; m. 13 Dtc^ ISOO, Enutiu Brewer, of 
Chirfipoi', MctKL 

2^21 Scimui Sobh^" K U Feb., 1785; m. (1) 27 Kot.« 1808, Mary Sailh; 
(2) Feb., 1322. Fanny UnbUrd, of Agawain, lias*., widow of Hor- 
ace Norta;; ilic d. ia Wat Spiut^dd, Uaaa., 26 Jam; ld47, 

2322 Jartd Nolle* b. 29 Dec, 1780; ro, !« Aug., Id09, Solly NkhoU; d. lit 

N«w Yoric . 

2333 AuyuAttui ^'ohle,^ b. 25 Apr,, 1789; m. Nor., 1811, llrU-c FmUo; rv*. irt 

WmJ«or, Ashtabula Co., 0. 
2324 SirOtsyCafiUityt>blty^h.^Apf.,r>ni to. 28 Apr., ISll. LoU l-belpe^ 

tthct d. ia Uic^i^an. 

Thb KBLLoaoB t» TUB Xew Woklix 


23M Kimmd JV<»W*« b. 5 May, 1793; m. ^ June, 1822, Ann Chnpin, t 4 
Frb.> 17D£, dati< of Omtp^ Chapin, b. 30 U^y, 1708, imd Martha 
Day, b. »4 Juine, 176%j, in Wm&eld, Mflfifi. ; ti« d- in W^tlicld, US 
OoU, Ifria ; alKT d. i Apr., 1851 ; had eight chiiarcn. 

S3JM CUHciU Jfobk,^ b. 10 Apr.. 1795; m. 2 June. 1B50, DcMon MarUs 
Tinker, b. abmt 17T7, in Wostfield, Mau. ; ho d. 3 Jan., 1^54 ; ahc 
d, about 1880. 

«317 OfWjff (Tiuhi'Affoji ^'<^bUJ* b. 6 Aug., 1793; nu 2 Ucc., 1^24, MahaU 
IjDomin; d. in Wf«tflpld,9 Nov., 1871. 

7»- JOSIAH/ eon of Capt John* (3^8), b. 81 May, 1756; m, 31 May, 1780, 
Lola Day, b. in Springfield, Haai. 

HtJ d- 30 JaEL, 18M ; *hc d- >■ , 

Koe. in Wcctfckl, Ua^ 

^MS8 Lucir,^ b. 14 Mar., 1782; nu Clark Root 

$325 Joiia • b. 4 Apr.. 1784 ; d. 10 Aug., 176fi, 
+9330 JoHX* b. JunCf 1786; la, {1) Eltft&or KauroU; (2) Mcna Socorro* 
+2a51 pAiiiaJA* k 17 DtT^ 178»; m. Rylvnniu RnrtMt 
4-^33 Sth/LB.^ b. 10 Feb., 1791; m. Julia Loomis. 

2333 PoiXT,* b, as Oct., 17»»; in. Kiaanie Handy, oi CloToland, 0. ; he d. » 
Not., 18^7; ahcd.9 Feb., 18T2; had pn child ten. 
+9331 Ho UT,« b. 4 Dec, 17e-; ; ra. U ) Ehjta Pnrkcr ; (S ) Mnry J. Lincoa 
+933& AicMiSTA.* b. 14 Oct, 1799; m. Lester Shay. 
+£338 CoLUKa," b, 17 Feb., 1802; m. Cynthia Loorais, 

790. BASSOHAH * dau. of Capt. John« (258), b. in Woatfidd. M&ts., S2 S«pt, 
17fl7; m. Reuben Clapp. 

ChiM, b, in Westfietd. 
9337 iMy CUppf^h. 24 Apr, 1778; d. about 1820, in Sandisfield, Uaaa. 

7W- AARON/ son of Cnpt Ju!ni" (2SS), b. 5 Scpl., 1762; in. 12 Nov., 1758. 
Mary Wikox, of HandUndd, Mjkr4., dan. of t^bcncsiiT Wilcox, of Sandtalicid, and 
Mary . 

He wtnt with hia father to Salifbury, Conn.; rem. to Sullivan, N. Y., in 

He d. 1£H0 ; the d. the Ame ytar. 

Chitdrcn, lo^i ihr^e h. in Sttlitbtirif, Conn. 
+9^38 JAUta.*^h. in SandiaScld, 1 Nc%'.t 178!); m. (1) CUxabcth Thomaa; <S) 

EloabethSnoU; (3) Catherine Snt'll. 
+9339 Waltcu,* b. in SandL*fi-fld, 13 June. 1TD3; m. DdHalj Schuyirr, 
234^ MABU^b. UFoU, latHl; m. Alti \Vei;jcr; r«i. in fcialiabufy. Conn-; had 
nm* obild, vho d. yoiJiig. 
+9341 OiiaaL£fi.'*U 3 Aag.. 180$; m. Jane Olia 
+9342 Stfiiy * K in SoL^lnry, Conn., 4 Nov., 1305; m. Abram Ehlc 

837. MARY/ dSQ. of Martin* («78), b. In Newinjpou, Conn., IS Apr., 1743; 
D. in Nenington, 11 Feb., 1765, Unni Roblqn^ b. in Kcv-in^n, D Feb., 1749, aon 


Tim Kiitooot It; TUB Sfsw vtoblo. 

of £nagn Thom&e Kobbine, b. 1 Mfty» 17Q0, and Pradecwo W«Uo», b. 13 F«b^ 
IT 12. 

He tl. IT JoDC* ISia; «hc d. 2! Jm., l$t€. He vru n fftnner; Tea. io Nev* 
In^^D, whora both ^ 

2343 Uniti Rahbim.^ b. 2d Nov., 17dA ; m. Luoy Cole Ixvv«rT ; d 7 July^ 1^1^ 
S3H /V»^i'n^«7/d£^i't<r,»b. 23 jATi.,nfi7; du Ldaminl WcU<M; d. l$4a 
2343 ^/flritn fto&fctfw,* b- 30 Deo. 1T70; d. «3 Oct, i:76, 
18346 Jtipoti RtilhiHs,^ Ix 18 Apr-, 177&; m. Timothy SUnlejr, 
33^17 if ary Kt^bUns,^ h. 3£'i Oa., 17H4 } m. Jacob Batos, 

838. MARTIN T eon of Martin* (^:S). b. in Ncwingtott, Conn., Id JuJy, 1746: 
TEL 4 Fdi., 1773, Iv R^v. Jci^iiiH Itddiru, Ruiiiiiili Robbiuii. b. 10 Ifor., 1750, daiu^ 
of Knnjcn ThoniiiV Hobbin^, b. 1 Uay, 1706, and TrudcDCc WcJltt, b, IS Fet»., 

Bh-f d. 13 Nov.. 1827 ; he d 19 Aug.. ldS8. 

Hi* wiLfl u fannt^r; rcft. in Niwini^ton. He waa modi rf«pMt<*d and bi?1ov«d 
hy nil who knrw him. Hi* nwm»il ih<* rnvpttrml in N'rwin^tan, 9 *l»n, IT78. He 
eerved in the KvolatioDory war; woe Tiret Litnit. on the Lcxin^on AUnn in 
Capt John Cheat^r'B Co., Apr-May, 1776, eU days* i«nric«; Capl. Iti the SizUi 

't-aiie Hasxah* b. IT Jan., 1774; m. BcBjaniin iUrt. 
2349 MAiiT,»b,2fl May, 1776; d, unm, ft Ai-r., 1A3L 
-f 3350 Jemiwa." b. 30 Ike. 1778; m. N'lilhaJi Whilbig Halt 
+2351 MuiT!>,«' b. S4 Julv, 1781; m. MHr\- WVllrt <S371), 
+235e Laviu^^^LS Not,, 1763; m. (1) A^pb WhitUcMj; (^) Tbomaft Lee, 
-j-3353 PBrDBVCSp^b. £7 Deo., 17S)a; m. Joskab Atvood. 
-|-23fi4 Ki-MTA."!!. 24 Doc., 1793; m. Capt Hcman WbiitJ«ey, 

839, .ANN'A.' dan, of Martin* {3rfi), b, m NVwin^toc, Conn., 16 Apr., 1749; 
m. in Noinngton. Conn„ S Jkyi:, 1768. Jo^oph Camp. h. in Sowiofrton. 27 July, 
1744, aon of Jolm Camp, Jr., b. 1701^02, and Punelopu IXining, b. 17 Nov-, 1717. 

Shed. Z i\\ig., im-i; h?d. Ifi Apr., 181f!. 

Hevofla farmer; probably ^i*rT*>d in the r&rolntionary war a* Sorgt. m Capt 
PoiUT^roy'fl C<*„ from 3 Au^, U} \f^ StpL„ 177ft. Hf *«» ynuliiaird frixu Yalr Col- 
lege 176C ; ho and his n ifo onnrd th(! core lutit In Ni^vinjfton, 15 Apr-, t770> 

2355 j4«MC«»iip»h.«Fitb,,1770; d. 2fi May, 177*, 

23^15 ^n«iO<imf>"k 15 Apr.. 1773; d. unm. tl May. 1850. 

Sm Eh0ncr Campfi b. 17 JFolr. 1775; m, 30 Nov., 1796, Janea Wolk«; i 

3 Mar. 1817. 
S958 5amA t'.im;i* b. 6 June. 1778; d, utim. 1 BUr, 1«5G, 
SS59 /ovcpii CaMip.^b. fn Mar., 1T8I; m. (1) t!3 Jan., 1S33, LydU Frticiii^ 

(!) 11 June. 184S, Sophia Porter, of Kew fTavra. 
2360 J^MM K4Uoy^ Cc9^f^ h. 15 Mar., ItSI ; m. CaroliiMf Ik^inji. of 

in^^tt, Conn.; wa#B ni*:-MMr]t^ d. in Parnuni^nD. ii Apr., ti^ilL 
?361 J/ntj C/ir^f .* b 31 Jan-, 1787 \ 1 unm. 3 Apr., \^h. 
tWi Lu<y dmp/^ \y It May, 1750: nu IS MtP-, 1813, Edwin Oaylorf, of 

nVat UflTtfoH; d. 1& Mar^ 1857. 



S40, ELCANOH,^ iliiu. ot Martin^ (278), b. IQ Mar., IT&S ; m. H Apr., 1779, 
t - I AlTQrti, b. in liolton. Conn., B July, 1753, #oa ^f 5*nl AlvDrd, of 

:^ ; i-n. Maw, ti- "-^a Apr, 1717- 

Shell. 31 Felfc,lfll2; h* m. [2) Mrs, OIcott.«coiitin of hi* first wife; d- 23 

He T««. in BQ]tr>ik and kept the vitLoge Uvern ; was alao n Larga hnH own^r tn 

ChitdrrJit h. in fioHim. 

«363 ^ei/ AJf*rrf» »i, »7 Uuy, 17S1; m. 11 .Not., I80e, ThcK* Buell, I. 14 
Jtro<>, ns7, ilmi, of John 11. Rurll, U. 21 Not., 17A3, and FheW 
nttbbcil.lx 11 May, 17fi9. He voea laifrcr in Boiton; d. ai Oct, 
164^; flb«d.24 Fetv, 1K5T; htvd four children. 

?3W Rhanor Ah'ord!^ h. -I FftS., 178-J ; d. unin. . 

33G£ Jnrr/tad/rGrJ.^^b. :£0 Jtuie. 17da; m. Sij Dec., 1804. Anfloa Bnrwrtcr, of 
Ex*U-r, Coon., b. la Lebftnon, Conit^ «6 Dec., 1779, >on of lohabod 
BrrtrttcT, of !>*lianon, h. fi ITnr., 17ri.% nntl [iU<:y Clark, b, U June, 
1755. He vd^ s mervhunt Hnd iatcr n fanner; d- in liavcnna, U., 
Z Nov., 1M4; ihe d. in HnaBon, 0., 12 Not , lHft3, 

83M Jtfoffm AJuwn** k 10 June, 1788; m. Sophia ShepanJ, b. 1T97; ihe d* 
1« Jtin^, ItJSS; be EiL (V( 18*^4, MarUm B. Ckrh, U li Feb., 179T. 
ITp vftK H farni*^ in Ballon ; d. 7 Sqii, \%RG ; iihe d. 27 Supt, 1S70; 
had ei^t children. 
EtifQk Atrcrdf^ b. « Jan., 1790; ul 3J Oct.. I&ll, Clariwa WbtW, b. in 
BnltoEi, ft XnT., 17D0, dftxi. of Jnht^ L, Wiift^ of BoitiJH. luul Rliw 
both lValc«,<if Hebron, Conn-; had oncdau. He d. 13 Nov., 1S20; 
tbe IT. (2) 10 N'oT,. Ih'Jri. HnT}. Benjamin Riigglcs, who had ppe- 
Tiovtly ci. Tirrah Ahord (33118). 
Tin<A ylfroAf ■ b, 10 Ncjv,, 1791; m. 1818, Hon. Binjumin nu;ffcl<^ b. 
Z\ Feb., 1783, in Woodittook, Cnnn-, wm ()f IVijjamia Riiggk-i* and 
£lisa]>Hb Ihirkce. He attidiod law tnth Judj^c Pctere, of Hart- 
ford, CciTin. Tn 1807 rvm. to Miu-ii^tJL, 0.; 1810 i^lottect Jadfv of 
Third Circuit; ISlfircm. to Ht, UUirvillc,0.; 19U elected Unitwi 
Sutoc Senator and va« tvnc« iv-4lcctod ; wu cbnirman of Conunit- 
tee on Claims fur M^ieral yuani; 1840 «£.» ur;ged an a cuudidAU^ for 
Vice- Preeidcnt ; wua proi;dtnt of Bank of St, I'lairviJlu She d. 8 
May. 1817; he- d. .-^ Srpt., 1357: hml tfiwx' Hiildn^Ti. 

tttt /I«rrif( ji^ifW.* b- ^1» June, 17ft3; m. Williana Dcniin;:, who. for many 
year*, wme derV in General Postofflce, WaehingtJir, D. C. 

ML JEMIMA,^ dan. of Martin* (V7S). b, in Newiagton, n Aug., 17fl7 ; m. 
tt W«r, 178ft, Gen. Hngir Wrlli^ h. 2d Oei., 175.% Mith of iTiv Lvr«lvi? chlldmi 
of Solomon Welkit, U in WtUicnfidd, 6 Oct, 1721, and Sarah WcJlc«, b. in Olaa- 
tonbanr, 2? Mar. 17^7. 

He d. 17 May, 17!>fi; ihed. 10 Apr., IBt^^ in Xewington. where both are 

He iraa gradiiRtcrl from Yale in the cUs* of 1775. He wn* a tx^volutionnry 
fouler; MTted through the war; waa frequently dio#^ a mcmbor of the Lc(ri»- 
Uore; wo* t famuT and merclianl; raided in Newingion; vaa a member of the 
Sociciy of the CiuciiUMti. 



The Ktiuixjott iv tub Kkw Wouu), 

Children, 6. Ill S€K^ogtt>n- 

23:0 Martin W«Ur*,^ b. 7 Pw., 17*^7; dl Francw >^>rt«B, of Fanningtoa; 

v&>& Ja«'jt?r; (illtn) niairr iiQ[>oTUujl (il11i%9y miHjftg tU«mf SpvKkm' 

of thu CocDocticut ili>iiw of Kcprc«cnUtirr» ; cL 1^ JAn., 1^3. 

2372 JfosMT I^X^M,'*^ 10 Aug., 1790; m. 16 Aj*r., U15, EfccU SUiUey, 

of Timothy ani Abigail (Robbiits) StaQt«y; d, iu Kvviot^o, IS 
Nov., 1859. 

S3n CkarlolU WttUa!* b. 17»:j ; u. 3 L-Vb.. 1819. Chi:«h>r Lopcr; d. U Bqit. 

5374 84r4K W^IUk' b. 1795: iL i'J JuW. 11^04, 

W^ SASAU,^ ddu. of SU'phi-n rh<;AUf" {9SB),h,in Ncviofctoci, IS Doc, 
175ft; HL Ih^rr 13 Jnu, 1774. Elij/iti ttVlls U 2ft Oil-. 1744. mb of William 
WeUfi, b- 1:3 Jbd-, KOC. aad Mary Hume, L- <1 Apr, 1713- 

Tf4rvl, aSM^y, 1SU.ttf{uati7; «hca.l3Mav, 13S9, tnXuwtngtoiifVbiTrtbotfa 
ai\! burifii 

Ho VA« a fftrmer; r«A. in Nevington, n^lu-re he w» admiil^d to the c-harcfa, 1 
Julj, 1770, 

5375 Cktster W^IU^ b. 10 May, 1775; d. fi Mor.. 18S8. 
«;i:fi 5aro/i W^lls,^ b. 9 Sept., 1777; d. 2:i Oct. 1838, 
:J377 Alma WcIU,' b. «» Aug., 1780; d. 21 June. 16JL 
S37S /^y^ia K>;/#,^ b. :^ May* 1783; d. :fl Feb., IK 16. 
2379 ffiirAW fl'fJJff* b. If Apr, 1787 ; d, fl Jan., Ifl45, 
fiSftO dir.a WflU:* K 31 Mflv, I7!)3; d, 19 D«.. 18:J3. 
J381 Cifnthia WelU;* iviin to Amu; d. 19 Dt»e., ISW. 

869. BUZARRTH,' dau, of HU-pbcji OIh'**ct" (283), U in Ktsringtou, 7 July. 
17^3 ; in. 27 Jan., 1T74, John \M^k. b. 10 Fob., 1748, mo of John Lo»k, of Nc»- 
inij^toR, and Jane . 

Bbed. Mar., 1703; hod, 1614. 

H« r^m. to Riohntond, Berk«hin> Co,, Mam., al^ut 1788*89, and to Nev 
York soon afU'r In Turo^r'A Plrrlfie Furchafc is an intorcctiiig aceoxint of hia 
remoral to Monro<t Co., N. Y. He i* <*llod a ^-Pionocr," H« Tt>nt with hia 
oldoet son in ibv Kpring of 17»n, and iTwpnn-il tJn? way for his fniTiiU. niiiin^ a 
crop of wbeftt; in the «pnng of 1700 rctiin;^d to MoMAcbuPott*, nnd vrilh hia 
family mado tb« jouni«y to hia dfw faoroe- 

2Aft2 /yrfrpfcrn /.wfit* K about 1775. 

S383 Krastw LutkJ* b> . 

53H4 ilTorntan lAUik^ b. ' 

2385 JtfAi* i>tMl' * U , 

«38e ^sron jAtlr* b. , 

J38T Jmom Ltoit." b. 

861. STEPHRy/ ?on of St.^h*^'* Cbe*Ur< («83), K iu NVwiriK-tnn, Com, 
Apr,, 1758 ; m. Mrt, Cyntbia ( Aodnwi) .StppKirnx, b, in Npwir-gtnn. ifl Oct, IT' 
dau. of Vi'illiam Andnia and Loie ^liappl«B, and vidow of Darioa Btrpbenav 

Tm Ebllooob ix tek N'bw Wouj). 


Sbe 4L — — ; he m. (3) Sarah Kirkh&in, b. U6& (bapu 15 Apr., 1770), 
dan. of Umr; Kirkh«m. Ilrd. 19 Ajjt-, lAOtl, in N>wtngtfln; she d. 25 Kot^ 

He vft* a TVTolmioQary «o1dier : ootiAtcct in CoL \fvbb\ Rcj., t2 Apr, 1777 ; 
wKfi kliictiArgixl A Jnn,, 17SS; alun in thr »^)E<* rif 1k«tnin> IT7l^, 

Hv tru probably « fnrm^; iv«. in Covington, hayinj; rf<m. there frcrm N«v 
HsHfonl, X. y., i:9I. 

Chihirm bjf ffit ivift, 

+«3fi» CBratEH* b. In Ni-w Uflrlford, 10 July, 17*8; m. Ph«*« Wood. 
+i»0 ANSo^i.^b. s: Dec., 1790; m. Lii ore Goodrich. 
S39L Brrdrv,^ b. T FcU, nt>;j; m. Charle« Sh^m&n, of Fanuii^toc; had 
tflght chill} rvu. 
-f-SSOS WlLUAV," Ik 1 Apr-t 1795; m- Ljdia Ormhiim. 

Chiidftn bif Mtond ■*■/«. 

S393 NORltJlX,^ h. - 

d. nmn.. in Ktufiujctoci, Cooul 

-; m. 18 Nov., 183(^ Orin4a Goodridi; htd a 

fAQiity, fonie of wlioiii lived in Xi^wlngtou^ 

U3. Sr»E0N7 »0D of StcphcD CbcuU-r** ($83). b. ui Ncwi&fi:ton, ConiL, 1$ 
Jtilv, i:61; tn, Juni-s ITrlS, M<*hiuMc Audnu, 
' He d. 12 Jul, 17^5, m SumeLd. 
Hv ra, in Surffiold. 


t30« 3Ajuu,®h. lftXoT.,nS3. 
«3M Ct^sttha * K 25 Jane, 1787. 
-f 239S COBSTEIt,*' b. S Ike., 179^; du Eli» D^tU. 

SM. OVXTHIA,^ dun. nf Atl-p^<rn ai(-Kt.-r^ (2d3), b. 26 Maj, 17C4 ; nu DftEiiel 
Waiscr, of Berlin, Cum. 

She d. 14 Oct., 1S?3; he d. 1836, frcvn Injuria rw^lrcd by a fall from hJfl 
cftmiLCc hotiAc^ 

He viu 1 f Anii«r in Berlin nnri Nowinf^ton, Conn ; wu ii poor br>y, bnt ho- 
cauie the w^Uiiest man in that part of th^ State. 


2299 /-iKy Wttrnrr,^ h. nimni ITftfl; m. Stjpli^i Ontti-mlf ri. <»f Mi<WletDWiu 
(N>&ii. He ran a Hnr i^f «tAX« from UnrtfoM to N*^w tlATcn; wa» 
a farmer during the last vean of hU life; d, agi^ 77 ; Kh^ d- lA4i^ 
•gcd 6fi ; had no childrm. 

£400 Saimtm Wa^'fr,^ h. about 1788; m. ; d. 1841. agwl 53 or 64; 

hai3 »«vi='ra1 c^iililn^n- 

$401 Si^rtMn Wom^r,^ U 5 Jan.. 17f»l; m. IB Feb.. 18in. Kroma Galpin, b. 
in Berlin. Conn.. 3 Oi^t., l?f»5. He vat a carriage tiiAker; suffered 
dcriDiE the U«t f ftcm ycfire of his life from pdralrnb ; d. in IWrlio^ 
5 Apr. iw>», 

£40t RUitArih (ftfUry) Warnrr,^ b. ; d. 10 infaiM^', 

Tub Kbllooos ly tus New Wobld. 

S403 Eliiahtth (BeUes/) )Vam<r.^ b. ; n. UuUDOCy Wright, a sItct- 

otiith, uf Uidd1«towD,ConiL; d.Dcc.,l37J; hfd- ' ; lud no 

S4M CyHthia H'qm^ » Ix 19 Uay, ItJOj ; m lUH^ R^oiMkar Rom, of Brta- 

f»n]. H>- viflNii hjitt«-r>nc] furriur; tl. Apr., lAlO; »lied- U FaU, 

IS71; lOL in iUrtfoiil, Tonn- 

2405 CorJflia Womcr,^ b. ; d- 182*,Bg»d IL 

!t40(J ZJonifi Kdhjfr Wamtr,*^ b. ; m. in Indiau«, Phlllipa; Id- 

Iicritcd iao«t of hitf father'* pri>pc*rlj; tl. from injuriof ivocircd by 

being tlirmrn fnitn a ntrnitf^n. 

86f. JOSEPH/ M>n of Stcpbeo Chester^ (9S8). U in Ncwio^oa, Coon., 23 
Fob., 17S7 ; m. alcuL ITSti. Sarah Willard, K J7 Mar., 1770, dau. of SlEnoa ^Til- 
Urd, of Wribrr>rida, Conn^ b. ££ Jail, 174.^ and Banh Robbtn*, L 11 Mar., 

He d. In Trenton, N. Y., 6 Jqne, 1^39 ; the i S7 Apr., lAM. 

He vrftfl a fhi^cindkvr in N^wington; farmer in Tr^nlon, 1799-1S39. 

(407 RrssELi,,** b. 10 July, 1790; d, unm. !4 Har., 1675; vaa a farmer Iq 
+2408 ^CUA,^ b. ^ Apr., 1793; m, John Ward. 

S409 Sakah.** b. 3 Julj, 17d-4: d, unm. 1 Apr. Ut^. 

«10 Emua,>« b. 7 Mar., 17t>7; au Samuel HardhaU; d. 10 Uar., 187G, in 
Jamcatovn, O. 

2411 LAcmA,^ b. 1 Feb., ISOl ; cL unm. ZZ July. Id91. 

iiV4 Stut:i»f,«^ b, rs Apr, 1803 ; d. unm. 13 JuIt, 1897, in TrtntoiL 

2413 Cv,sr«iA,»' k 21 ?rh., 1805; d. uiiro. 17 Jan., ISfffi, in Trefitou. 
-^2411 Alma.* b. 1^ Nor., 1807; m. Jowph Pierce 

2415 Eduoxd.^ b. & Jiine, IdlO ; a. 4 Sept^ 182L 
-^2416 CoKarTKB WBLia,"^ b. 17 Aug., 1813; m, Cbarlotto Colliiu. 

974. CAPT. JOSEPH/ son of Ettiiftt Jonathan^ («H), b. in Suffidd, Conn., 
14 Oct, 1742; m, in Cbatham, Conn., 22 Sm., 1772, hn<y WanitfTt K IT An^., 
17^0, dan- of Ji^n Wam<T And Mary Wilcox, of Chatham. 

Hed Nov,.i:»a. 

Be «aa a CapUin in Uie revolutionary army undvr Ovn. Washinflcia; wi« 
pTcaent at the vumcDder of Lord CorovalUs; tonicd o-st in 1779 to rep^l tho 
enemy at New Hann; Second Lwub in lUtodp Inland and Comnficticiit, 177&'77. 
Hv atudi«d law and ww mus^od in tbo inercantilt biuic««^ in Soai«n> 0<nuL, at 
|he time of hU deaib, 

8hem. (2) Hcsckiab Goodrich, of ChatiiaiD; d. 1814, 


2417 Jo«itrn« K 2S An;;,, 1773; d. yonnfr- 

2418 LucT^KSFA,, 1775; d. yoanj. 
-1-24117 LccT.* b. 21 Jan., 1777 ; m. Stephen ^iton. 
•+-J420 Joseph," b. 3 Apr. 1779; m. Margantt Slic-kli*, 
+2421 Habtik." b. 21 Not., 1780; m. WilUrd, 

2422 IIoaACK,^ b. 31 Auf(.. 17^3; Bi. ; had no ehildrea 

+2423 JoKATUa^ D^vkiit.^ b. in Chatham, 11 8e|it^ 1785; ou BipvivDoa Day, 

Tiiie KKf.LiMM« in Till: N«vr WottU^ 1*7 

£4*4 Davikl,* b, 31 Oot, 1787 ; d_ unm., IS35, in SnffieM, 
J4W VTiLUiM* U Nov., 1T90; il. urim. lS^4, in ClmlUm. 
t4S6 SxwJHL,^ b. I>cc>, 1795; d. obont KQT. 

875, LUCY,7 ^0. ol IIiuigD Jonathmi* ("iW), b, *« Aug-, 1744; dl ^ May, 
17M,TiiMtV Welk 

lie d. « 8cpi, lf?5; ^h'^ d, f Mor., 181D. 

TbpjF rp<. m f^nfMH, vh^re &11 the childrvn w«t« bonu 

^487 J/ory WtfJ/j* b. 1 Si'pt, 1765. 

«J9 iWj WflU* fa. lA M»r., mo. 

?430 *<aniA ftV/Z*" K 29 Jnk, 1772, 

7411 Ana# ir*^fa'b- 85 Aug., i:75- 

881- MOLLTE (MAny),7 dun. of Martin"* (238), k in SnflWd, Conn., 3 Attg., 
1760; m. Thcmn» PcmWrton, b. in Eo^Truid. 

Uf d in EJmin, N. V^ ftbi>iit IS1!>, aig^d aboat 7^; ahe d. in Little YMlvv, 
N. Y.. 30 Mttv. laas. 

Uo ttmt to Xcw Kit^IfU^d, on otficrr und<;r Udt. Rnrj^To; rem. from }^f- 
fi«U, Oo&n., ftfUr 17^9, to Sbrahpqnin, Pa., thmic« to Elmin. 

fi3t Tft^mu Ptmbrritfn*' b. U May^ ItSl ; «a« * sea ctpUio. 

Zi3S li^rtia Ptmhtrionf^ b. A July* 17^3 - oiili«t«d in & c&valry ngimont, «cri- 

maoded by CapL Piki?, in tlut wAr of L3i:£, umkr Gov. Di.'arbi>ra; 

d. »ooti ftftcr the TOT. 
:M34 ^mri^Jta Pfmbrrionj^ b. :^ D^a, 17flA; m. in Sufflpld, Jnmr* Diinlnp, 

a merchant; rem. to Bhceheqxtin^ and to Paint, 0., whore abe d« 

IS39; had wvi-n children. 
tl35 J/c/y r'/***'W P'mhrrion,'* U 31 May, I7fi8; m. in flumrM, :ft08, Alfml 

Granger; fvm. to Shoahaq;uin, tb^oc to Elmim, N. Y.; to Dun- 

kirt:; to Tjeon C^mtFT, vhCT« b^ d. 15 Jan.. Iti3(^; sho dl in Qr^ot 

Yalley. K, Y. 6 Nov,, Utl, Aged 84; bad thr«? children. 
U^S Mvlt^fd Psmb*rtf>nfi b. 13 Apr., ITSD. 
J437 BvMtU Pemberton^ U ; m. Iluldah Carney, in Shcehequin; d* 

in Cincinnati, 0.; had sii childrtit. 
343S BiciflrJ Pfmij^/tin * b. : ni. Daibi* ^attlea, in Sheihequin; nan. 

to La Pcrc Col, MicK. ; had ihscv (^hildnrn. 
2439 Eiiiatfih Ptnbfrton,^ K ; m. Jnmr^it Middleton, a fanner of El- 

Diira; rem. to Paint* 0„ in 1SS9. 
2Uty l»alrUa P««ttff(wi * h. : m. — 


2441 Ardon Ptmbitrt^h* b. Frfx, 1800; iii. Olariun OiirriTi^ in Ijtflr Valley, 
N. Y>; d. in Umt Valley; had fnur ehildren- 

8B3. JONATHAN/ mti of Martin* (298), b. 7 Jan., 17fl3; in. ITft*. Twnpcr- 
aooe AJnim, b, a Apn, 17C8. dau, of Frcricnicc AdaJn^ b, 14 or IP Not., 1753. 
am! Anna Krat, h. 2 Oct. 17*0. rlau. of Saraiicl K.?nl, of Suffleld. and aisler of 
Eli>ah, Lufj, PEiiltifi awl ElUm Iveut, who ro. Radwl^ Jtuttiiiia, JmiiiUiiin, Mm* 
tin and n^-hty^ctt Kelk^. 

He a. it .ScpL, n^9; idia d. brfon* Id Nov.. IMl 


The Kelioqob ix thi New Woklp. 

2442 3ali-v« b, 4 Apr, It^y 

2443 Ctnthu * b. 53 Aug.. ItOT, 
U44 Temperaxcx* U e7 F*K, 1799. 

Sd4. JOSEPH,' Moof HArt»* (»ra),K 10 H*r.» 1767; in. Mjtj Xorton. 

+M« Mawik," bu ; m, . 

868L UETJT. JOS^riC.^ ton of Eluha* <dOO>, k 1749 ; a. Ssmnna Btilcj, b. 

Sh^ il 4 Nui., ISOT. )D I/Origiuil CAiiAch, nginl 61; be ni. (2) t5 Hat-, 
18W$, Un. KliMhcth (Bouldrcf) StonCi b. in T«tiiitoii. Uam., 6 ^'OT., IT^Sp daa 
of Jam** Boiil(1f^5 tind Wizah^ 

He d 91 Oct, 183«. a«cd 87; she d 3 8epL, 183S, 

He vti a fanner of Treodvoll Swoorr, Cftnadi» He va« <^&iniiu«Atoii^ En*- 
■IfQ in dipt, Tj>mt:i1 H^^ilcN Cn- in ihn rv^mptit of mililin in Wflvhingtoii Co., 
K. Y., m Sept. 1780. He waa OD tho Ux 3»t of St Albaaa, Vt. in 1791 ; wtat 
to thflt place from Poultnej, Vt ; nm. In 1795 to Eiit Havkeibiurj, Upper C%n* 
Ado, whrrr be n^ ii vciir or in<>rr> thrn mti. anfl boQ^t B fAma at Trcsdwi 
Sconery. He wni! iippomi«d Jut^icc of the I'(«co m 181G, «nd hokl tbst oSico fi 
tiFmty yrare. The firet deed of land in L'Original w&« of a lot of ooe hundi 
«cn*« conveyed to him by Nathacid U. TnfldwcU. 5 Jnlj^ 1799. Thi« bod 
fonn<<fl part of ihe HomeKti^. 


+2446 Hlisiu," b. . m. Mis. H&oiuh (Lac^) KcUo^. 

+W17 Obhis » b. m St Albans, Vt, 4 Sept, 1790; dl Marparct Miller 

+t441^ Rm-uk« k ; riL (1) Uvinii HaU; (2) Miuy (P«)lj) Wl^U 

2449 Rmi * b. — — ; m. Caleb Wcldai; n» in Marapovn, CrLii&da. 

Amaxiu,* b. ; m* (1) Hardy; (2) Tlwrnw Fuller. 

Rebeccji.'* K ; m, Jooe** in Prtsscoll Co., Canada. 



EUJEABETll,* b. 

Tmi'iirsiv^ b- ' 


Majiy," b. 




d- ynung- 
d. young. 

900, JASOX/ »n of EIi»ba* (3€0), b. in Sb^^dd, Man., tl Fok, 1754; m- 
(1) about 1781>. Minam T>w^, dan. of £ltrp}icn l>pw«j and Joanna Tador. 

She d. 4 Ort.. 17^9; ho m. (^) in Hampton, N. T.. 4 Stpt, 171*0. Mr*. 
Martha { Bi-nudirt) Saciett, widoir of RiclLird Sackctt (Uy vhom aba had firo 
children), and dan. of Jonathan Bcncilid* b. 2 FctK, 1723, and Lucy C«atlt% of 
Maitdu«t«r. Vt $h« d. U Nov,, 1812; h^ m. (3) in Hampton, 8 Mar. 1816, 
Mrv T-uiMin (Part) Rwiwell,* b. 1 Oct. 176G, in WbdMir; Im< li S July. lS2lj 
agfi-d G7 vrnrn. 4 uionthft. ?4 ikri, in CTiilliccitht, 0„ vhilc on a rJnit to his cJiiJ 
dwi: fihed 17 F<k, 1848, 

Thi* above vcrc the parcxiU of tvont>'-<iDc childi^n hy th^r resticctjfv 
riaji«fi. anil t1^i-v fonned n kind and loving family at Jaion't hotuc in Hampi 
and xl! ctiML<d bim "FatlK^r/* 

•8h* hud nlnr children b^ her fliii hvibApd. onp of vhrm. r,u<Ti»Ufl, ol .' 
Prlfv Prvorh KvlVw. « Oh- >«ui« djty Ual ihi* bl Uv («lhvr Ucr fatW* d. tri 
Vt Hrf modicr, IKAChtl l>Brt, ■! io PolAdam. K. V. avea IIM. 



He Pit. in Slwdldil QQtit afttT t)ic cloac of iht n-tolutlunnrT war, wbca he 
rem. to UftmptoD, vht-rv ho «■«■> ilfi acIitc «tnd prommrtit citivcn. ile va» elected 
Town C^ric tiw-m nflfi, anri hfli^ Ihf ofRi^ for miir>^ thnn ihirtv-ftix ji»nm; nrnmi 
member of the LegiaUture of Kew York, 180e-05, I80:-10-Ifi-I3-18; W9 Jurtice 
ci the Pete« and klvr Jud^ of tlic Court of CotiLmon P\^x% of Wn^hington Co. 

In Apr-, 17*3, hn TOiUiiu^i'ntl for ht-n'Kv umlrr Ciipi. WilUnin [kA»>ti, OoL 
John Ki-Ilowf' Rt^K-; ^^^ al the Mcpc of Bor^ton; was di»char;n^ in Dc^,, 1**5. 
llv \i>\ut\Xr^ut] hi Jun., K7fl. for otu- ^i-ar i*flli Capl. S^itctifl Parllelt in CoL 
Joikatlian Ward's Ite^^, And vaa jtcverrly woandoil in \hr. right Khould^j at thr bat- 
tli^of llarlem llffighu^ Ul S<»pt, 1776; ircnmcd hf^mt- in Jan., IT77« nnrl in F(*b., 
17dl, va« uiiatt^t.>d out for tlinw >'«&» to juin al Weal Fuiut* CfLpt. SUdd Pitrn^i* in 
the Gtshtli Uju«a«htwetU, CoL llichad Jockeon. acd wtottituei) witii Col. Jackftoa 
nDtil duelurgvd from tbi? Thml Kpf[. at litt* rlow of t,li£* wur, biding ■ppoint^sd 
Ser^ of thi« Ut^r n:i^iin«?it, 1 Apr.. 1?&S. 

ffe wa« frranted a peosioD in ISIH. In hifl appHcation for a pcfifflon be stated 
that hv n-tnovrd to Hanptoi^ in Junr, 17^1, mic) hnd n birjfc familv nf cliiUtrcn. 
la Apr^ 1775, on rwipt cf the new* of tbr fight at Lcxin^rtor, he tumtd out At 
SMA^Id with hi* mmpnny. In KTfi h* wbh in tbe battles for th*^ d^fenw of the 
Citj of New York, receiving a vound in ttie right shoulder. In 1T61 he serred as 
3«rgwit at W««t Point. 

Children^ aU hai firsi fn*o h. in Hampton^ bjf ftnt wife. 

t456 Jasox.** b. in ShriHrld, !« Oct. 1T80; J. 29 Apr., 1732. 

■Ubt HAiaiCT*b. in Sheffield, n Oct., 17S2; m. C«pt. Jonathan What 

»t4AS DtADiXU.* K 4 Not., 17A4; m. BeU Thomp^m. 

Z4B9 StLos l>EWTT." b. ea Jnjiew 37^6 ; m. PolW B Fnmeh ; d. Sept.. IStX in 
Hanspt^xo. Ho «a« a civil im^mwr and a Dnitef] HlAit^ Qovem- 
mtat mmcyor for a nnmbeT of yvnn, and a prominent man in 
HAmpton. He woa a Juetico of the Poaee, IMS, ^18, '21 ; lived in 
th» lioQ^ on th^ lot vi^nt t^f thf^ (.^hnrch hI naiiTij>tou; li^d iiu ehiU 

drm; rfw m, (2> lfiB«, Keed. 

-1-2400 JA«OBr, J». * b. 22 Apr, 17AS; m, Rnchol Wjiri^. 

Chiidrtn bjf sec&n<i u'i/e> &. in Hampton, 
+Ufi\ ZiXA.^U 17 Oct, ]7$t; eo. (1] Amelia Warren; (&} Lucy Stevens 
J46e Pbicb Frek<:h.* k 1 rW., 17^3 ; m. Luf-rx-ffn Ronkwi-ll 
iMSa Ezra BKwrMcx" b- 2^ Jnly. 179B; m. (1) Sobrinn Bnwh; («) Aonn 
Thompson; (3) Anne C. Wells- 
-I-&4C4 THOyAS TIabtky.'* k 5 Apr,. 1797 ; nu Jnditli Sawjer Smith. 

901 JEMlMA.'dan.iif RUa]w*(SO0Kl>.ia WirfTM^^VMiisK.. 5Fch. irnfl; m. 
Aaa Warr^Tfi, of Hnicpton. N- Y., ton of CoL Uidcon M'nrrm,* who vtAj: an caHj 
i^tW in WilliAtmctowR, ?kfaju.» and Ilninpton. 

Oe d- ; she m. it) Cobb- d. In Boeton, la the bou*e of licr 

HOC, Dr. Iri, H Al^.. 1S53, aj:^ 87 vi^ru. 6 moiithf^ ¥1 (k>^ 

Aft4'r her Mx'iind tnnmn>p\ mlir u^ in Mirhif^nn for a tim^, and »flrr thr 
death of her «oeOD<l hn^htnd rceunuxl tbe name of Warren and vent to Boeton to 

*Wben Ethav AlWn Mptnrvd Pirrl TtcondFTiva. OoL OMcon WaTfBI aoooipaaM Ui 
aad w«* tfhot la tW elbuv end ever after hiLl ■ tlitf Arm. 



tivi9 with her titm. Dr. Jr« Warren, DurJQg the knt jeirf of bor life Ahe ws« 
totAllj^ blind. 

tm^ Orson W'crrm,^ h, . 

M09 5(^04 IVfj/rcn * i*. 

tl70 Ira> Warren,^ b. )t: Jan>, 180^; m, Buth. S^* Tumor; wag a pfaj^icaaDtr 
n>8, in Boston: author of Tfi« Household Physician; d. — ^ 
ehe rw. id Ni*ir York Oity. 

2472 Dieuhmia IPflrrtrn » K . 

2473 i^^ llflrren," b- , 

805, REV, JOHN * w>n of Etiaha'* (300) , b. in tlw ObloDu, N, Y,, 6 Aug, 1768 ; 
m, 1 Fek, 17d9, EliiwMh Dtni<i, b. in WEtt-rbiiry, Onria., 9 Nor., ini- 

^bc d. in Salliviifi, M. Y., 1 Oct., 1815; be d. ia AuratiuB, N. Y.* 17 Oct, 
1S4I» tFhilf OB fl Tieic. 

He waa a Mttl^odiidt minister; aft^r bia mairta^ be settled in Trend vri'll** 
Socnery, Canada; rcaa, in 18IS to Sulltvau, N. Y,, later to Royaltoo, Spring* 
VAiff-r aikI Frk'riil&hij>t N. Y. He took the Freeman's oatli in St Albans, Vt, 3 
Sept., 1793. 


2474 Ohhx," b. Id St Alhana, 29 Not., 1798; m, . 

+247S LuTitA » K in SL Albany 2« Kqt,, 1794 ; m- Mylo BartrtT- 

S47L) CiaoG^^bu in Canada, A Nov.. 1799; m. Biiig«6c; r«a. i& Vi 

Co , K. Y. 
S4T7 LoviWA," b. in Canada, 11 IX-c., 1901. 
UTA Ki,izAiiKTii,»K in Canada, 1 FnU, lfi04, 
H-J479 JoHV Docii," b. in Chnta Settlcmenl, Canada, fl Apr,, Ifll^: m. Mary 

WA. LnCY,'dnu,<if Elmba* (300), U 1! S*^.,im; m. iu 1791* Elijah Wil- 
lirion, b. S4 tkt. I7fi». 

Sbe d. 3 Oct., ISKi ; he d. Jan^, 1847. 

Hn wii» a blackeuiitb; res. iu SL Andr«va. Lower Canada. Later in HaAi 
Hn^heeburj, and Ut«r in th« eounty of Kent, I^ppor Canada, vbcre he d. 

urn mUU Ktlhyg WiUi^ihn,'* b. 17 JuDO, 17S3t; m. £da Davia; both d. fn 

thr ProtintM^ of Qitrlu^ 
S491 Schecca WtJlisi^i,* h. 19 Nor., 17$d; n. Timothy Briatol; botii d. in 

$4ri3 Kleaiior WCHjiiou,^ b. 9 ApTn^ 1796; nu Ahrabam Clark. 
2483 yt^thcn<el L^oMtrd n'lX/M/on* b. SS Apr., 1798; m, (l) Hn. Earb<ir«; 

(Arnold )Fax; ol (?) Urs. Eve (Arnold) TUn3y, rovMn nf fii 

}4$4 LvQpuia \yUU$ttmJ^ b. 1 Dec, 1800; m. ThrophitUB Tale; d, naor 


Tde Kxlloooa tx Tim Kkw Wokid. 


t4S5 Zur^iri'rJMfun'KlSDot, 1803; to. (1) Joseph Cess; lieni. (2) . 

9489 SUM Wiiii*U>ttJ* h, Se Dec, 1605; m. Svtviux Arttold; m. in Louunlk, 

t4d7 JoAu A'it/?<^^v iri^'i'jf<m," b. SS Mav. 1806; uk. (1) 3 Vt^. 1830, Sophia 
Doifton; ilio <1. 7 Feb,, l«3a; ho ru- {«) lb" Aug., 1837. KUnor 
Mftrdtm; *he d- 7 Ol-c, 1872 ; he m. (3) «9 Oot, 1373, Mm. Mmlia 
(Loofcrty) Utvuoii. Uc wii« A dcjicviiun; rcA. in StruUir^ij, 

was rK)a;^ £. VWJ«6>n,'* \k e Jan.. ISll ; tl 3 Oct., Mme j^ar. 

W7- STEPHEN/ tt>a of Eliiha* (100), b. 1773-74; m. 17B3, Lucy Woldoa, b. 
^ IM^, 1775, ilaii. tit BUMiexur Wt^ldun, (if Bo^alloOt Vt, and Catlit-nrit^ Cuiti-r. 

He il. . 

II« mu. frc'tn Arjf<*ntilo, Canada, t^ Rnjaltnn, N, Y. lit- trmk thp Fr^emfia't 
mth ID St Altfttn:^ Vt., 3 St^'pt., 17^1, H« d<«iied iu4 wife aud eii childivu, Jtud 
DL tvk« tfUrvBrd. 

Shp tn, (S) M his tMrd wifn, Apr,, 1818, Vriah McNa]]; Wd. 9 July, IQflO, 
«gc^ &4 ; Abe d. 91^ I>»^, 1853, aged 78. 


E» Asx4* b : m. Friend Wheeler, in BfltRvia, W. Y.; d. , 

in Lockport, N. Y, 

2490 PnorBE," b. ; m. Goorgc I^yne. 

W9I Crnt-A WmoiiT,* b. ; m. Mnrj- Aim Sybmndt, of Hoynltoii; Uxt 

v^A a urpeDtor- 

i4D? T.vrY,** b. ; m. John Laverty. 

Un Iba Wriout," b. . 

+Zi9i lAJtu CULTRK,* h. U Oct.» 180fi; itu John Mt^N'all. 

808. THOMAS.^ eoii of I^iuurl** (302), b. in Bcnuin^ou, Vt., U Dtic. 1757; 
hl iiuAmatCTdAoi, X. V., Mn^ Kcth^r {llitcjrint) Parkor. 

He d. in Lorraine, X. Y., after 1840. 

He VM a rorolulionao- »d]dicr and pcnAoocr; enlisted in Liout. Hubbnid'a 
Co., which maiched tuna PillaTidtt to Ticondcroga, 1$ Dee., 177d; dUeharged 
10 Mar.. IT77; in Capt. Krancift' Co,, whkh marched from PitteJleld to Still- 
Wtlor, m Sept, 1777; discharged U) Oct. 1777; pnrate, Cape. Rathboce. CoL 
BiDDOtkda. Betkahinf Cm Keg.. nili^U-fi Ui a^i^rvi? uiL^til ^ Mnr. 1^7; n^puHi^L un 
command u a acout, at Ticondcrojcs, 25 l^cb^ 1777- On pay roll from 9 Jub\ 
1760, to \$ Jan., 1781, in Ijin^boro. 

In 1^0 he Taa reaiding in Herkimer Co., X. Y.. with hi» eon, Eheneser. lu 
bl* application for peation Ik- Atat*>d thai : Ki> ^nlititcv] at Pitt*fiold, Ma**., whorp 
hf bad linrd for a numlicT of jwir*, iini] wn» HtiilinnM^ at Tirnnder^jgn, N", Y. In 
8opt, 1777, he jcined the northeni annj ix-ar Harfttogfti and when Burgoyne aur- 
TVQ^ered he waa stationed alxiut a mile from the field. In 17S0 he marohod to 
Wot Poantp th^nco down (he rirrr into NVw Jrrwry and vna nUriont^ nearly ofi- 
poaiU Xc-ir York Cirr. 

Ilif rem. to N'ew York abont the time of Sliay'a rebellion. On hia wav ho 
riaited his nackp liripjr near Wbitchall 

-|-£49S Kbsnbebi,^V in Amstcr^n:; nu Deborah Tree. 
£4fS A DaCOJiTKH," b, — ; i young. 


.iCLtoiMM IV rm New Wooaa 

9ia JOSIXn/ M)n of ViUiani« (308). h. m HatMd, Umh, 7 Aug., IT^O; 
m. (1) i:8^. Ciarifl^ Alfona.of Fernalw^VL 

SK* a. about 17^0; hc-nL (3) 17l»8, Sonili Kox, liAD. of John F(u,of Fi 
iuri^ii, fuii) Fiitphi'] I^ivpI; tt\u^ d, niiniit. 1^^^ ngwl 4A, having bc<*n sn inT&lkl 
twenty ycAi^ ; he d. in ididdlctur^h, O., in IMl or M8. 

His farm la F«nisbur^h was called tb« We1jsl«r fann. to JS34 he vrc&t to 
Ofa{t> oud lived wiUi hii daughtt-r. Itadicl. 

U? ^vAjt n r('VoIuti(>nAn' »Jildirr, hflvinj; rmtcrod the •orvic^ at thd nfo of 
^CHr« ni:d li inorLltm, hiuh a flfer In Iho Second Coniiix:Ui-Tit ftf^. ; woa then rnid- 
in^' in Hutlotid. Vt. ; vajA deAcril^cd iti thi; intt»C«r roll t^ 4 f^^'t U inchca hlgli, ll^t 
lifiir U3d oomptoxiooL He wt« uttachod to Coh Stth WanurKi B^-^,, 1 Jan., ITdi ; 
lie wt« Hfc-r in Capt Monisou's Oa, Col. Svift'§ Itcg., and at that tirai! hie DauM 
appoarod m th« casualty tiet. He served in the' war of 181 tf for tighten noDl 
vhon he waa diachargvd on aooount of ]aB»i*»tftt. 


2497 Sally," U 1792; d. unni. — ; woa a cripple, unable to waU& 

+M:)& Oatheeikk Homey,*" fc. 8 Nov., 1796; ol Ihmqc BT7dia. 
+2490 nHLiM," U 5 Jfin., 1798; m, Mr*. Sally <Wcb*tcr) Marka. 
+2500 Jons Fox" b. IW)^); m. (1) Eliwbeth Mc&Uipe; (%) Phrt* 

+1£5QI Abel TnoMPJioy,*^ U 28 June, 1801S ; m. Snmh Uoria Cobb. 
4-250? RAruvL,^ k 4 Jiinp, Ifi04; m. John Himeft. 
+2503 Wkaltjiy Ass." b, 1807 i m. Daniel B, Griguor. 

250-1 CLiEisfiA.'' I. ; d» uiiro. . 

2505 KiitvAKii,^ L ; d. a^<\ 8. 

«1. SOLOMON,' wn of Wiiliam« (308), L in Kt-mabniich, Vl., 1773; 
Vaid^li Hobba, b- in Rindgo, N- If-, ilau. of Jacob Hobbsi. 

He d. 27 Apr., 18S8 ; sbe d. J4 Feb.. 1936. a^ Gl. 

He wai a (amiop in F^rriaburgh ; rem. ifom Rind^', N. H., to Itutlaud, Vt, 
and frnm thi-nr to FrrrifHliurxli. Eh< vhk u n'VDlutioiinij pl^nJllo[urr In Vrb., 
1780, whtn in hia seventh yeflr, he onlirtcci m o dmmmcT boy in Col- Koth Wi 
upT'a R*^. ; aftP7 tbe d««(nirtion of tho regimenr at Fort Oeorgp be wan 
feiTvd to Col, Heinan Swift's Ccmnccticut Rr^., aiid ct-iitinTj^si Uin-i? yuars lo the 
cloMi of tli<^ war In 18?0 hiE family couKistod of hitnH-lf, hii: wife and m diil- 
dren living ai home, and foUT children who were living eif^w!i«rei 

2506 JxafiS,* ^ ; d. in V^ffinont . 

2507 IcujjumJ* b. about 1797 ; ira* r cripple fmm hig birlb, unahlr lo nwiat 

himwir in any tvay. 

2508 XAWOY,*b. ; nuMarttn Haldi. 

250J* jAfiprB^kuWit l/iOlS; ni, Itrnr' C<iu*m; n* in Fptrij<bnnfh, VL.nntii 
1833, wtien he Mm. to Klyrio, O. She d. oboiil 1858 ; h* d. 5 Jan.. 
1871 ; had no diildivt]. 

+2510 MiRAJcPA • b. ; nu WilliAin 'VasTtPtrt 

+2511 LArnA BKLL-^ifY^*^ K 24 Fob., 1803 ; m. Sajnuol Spofford. 
+2512 Rbiibv?« A&thitk,i^ b. 180S; m. BUabetb FieR 
2513 AfcttY,* b, " -; d. in bet thinl yoar. 

Tub Kkllogoa in the Kbw Would- 808 

t^l4 Jacob," b, E£ Dec, ldO!> ; wae m. farmer ap4 trader ia Ver^iweei Yt, ; d. 
ttDBJ, '20 Feb., isai, in Wi^fit >Vmebnrs'ii Vt. Jlc wrot^ 13 JtiJy, 
lftS9, ''I Shall bt» pighty ypflr* old ni*tt ThnKtmaM Etc, Htid wriU 
witliout s^eae«a • • • ] »&/ m cocolurion that 1 was never 
aiATTlod, mnd live «ntirtf1> ulonc, and can «ay that n^y fireiide U 
fJifprfw* ■tid my hnuwr w utjucctipii^l/ " 

~49«U HjtariT^b. 13 Apr., 18U; m. (1) Sarah B«thia Coniins; (2) Mt«. 
Kftiy (Sewsrd) CoUBiut.- 

+M16 Ajjion,* b. 1«I4; m. . 

fllE. WTLUAM / mn of WilliAm^ (308), b- in Tlntlftfid, Vt, S Dpt^ 1TT9; m. 
gamb fSftUj) Cooum, daiu of Jacob Coiuina&nij Betliid BaHiJ&ii. 

H^ ii iJi PffTmbo^h, Vt, 18 Jnao, 1834; eh« d. th<jriN li> Oct, 1^31, e£«^ 

He VAA a Canncr; re& in PcrrisburKh, u'hcrt: nil of hitt children wero bum. 

A tfoldifrr in vmr of 1819, and a pon«:oni>r; wnn vonnded in tin- battio of 
Bridgewater^ MiiiKrtiutA called tlie battle of Niagara, S5 July^ 1814, bj a grape 
ibol ui Ida laf t leg. 

2^17 William KeLLT,**b. 1 Juije, 1804; n-m, l« l«wa ia 1834; d. in Wadttft, 


«18 BOBT* b. II Oct, 180S; m. — ^ — Blalte. 

2519 Ihabeu.1,** k Ifl Oct, IfiOS; m_ Chaae. 

25£0 Almrdiji," h. Z5 Dec, 1610; m. Samuel Primlle, a itiillpr; rat. in 
Albion, Pa. 
-f>521 Jaoos a,» U 8 Fob., 1812; m. Sarah Sevard, 
+2523 AiiKUA,' h. B 0(tt-, 181.1; ni, Oporgp RjisHett 
±AS3 AcrUA,^ tain lo Adrlin; m. John ftHrtnii; ih in MiehigniL- 
S5«4 HoxjuhXa* b. as July, Iftli*; m, Darid Curler; rt* in Fcrrisburgh; 
had fir? childron ; tbreo w«re aoldif r« in the war of tba rebelUoa 
+5525 Jn«l*lt,** b. 1 Jutii-, 1^23; m, Cyiithin Wihfn. 

2526 JlAjtffKLL Duiwx.^b. It) Dec., lSS«;ni. ; d., duiicg tbe rcbvllion, 

in a bc«pital in St Lome; I«ft a wife and (cur childnn in IVia^ 

•13, LYDIA.^ dnu. of William* (308), b, Ifi Jan., i:84; m, Samurl CU^, b- 
Feb,, 17^1. 

Sliod, 18T0; hDd, 1872, 


ZS%7 PttttfUa On^f,^V , 

2523 Coivw Gcfff/" U — — -- 

2529 lUrrkt C^jf » b. ^. 

tSJO NatUf Gflj*.* b. . 

»S1 Sallf Oatfr," h. ^— . 

2652 WUIiom Gn^t* b, -. 

IfiM £f<j<iA (/cj*-"* b. . 

»53! J#w tfflj?/ « b, -* 


Tub Keuoogb ik ihb TTew WoELa 

m GRN. AMOS » ran of Jo»icpb» («5), b. in Wmuioii, Conn,, T July, 1?«0; 
m. in llvrLninictoTi, V t. 7 Dei:,, lT8t, Lucrvtia Uanrood, b. 9 M*r^ IT64. dau. of 
Rev. VAioawT KArvood and Elirsbi^th Montagoe. 

Ho d. fi Mar. 1826; dhc iL 16 ScpL. 185Ui 

li« ir4e & raniicr; rr*. in Tituforcl, Vt; was Town Clcrfc for more 
tW(7nt>'-l)Tp yvHT^ He (Titliiited In th^ revDlitlionair var, 19 Mar.. 1777^ at ihe age 
of 16, inCol. Wann-rMty^of Cwuwcticnt. il« waftfiM waita^r, then pm-olcUii 
Si-rjjt ill Xbe I'onnii'ticut Rcj(. until 1731, whi*ii Iho Vrrrmnt Board nf W 
offm^ him a Lieut '0 commiseion. iit^ wm afterward a Brigadier Uen. of MihLia. 
On api>liing for dLAoharge he vne rvfuded, but CoL Warner g^ve him a furlough, 
fruiu which he ua.^ imi nTrallnl, but hi.- cvrvL'd a^ a Exiniiiii>4tiunisl afBcrr nf Vrr* 
mont until tlic vlocc of the war. He had a II^ omputatod IS May, IfiSOt occa- 
aioD«d by a fprain in th« foot. In his application for pcnaiDD kii Berrict v^^ 
(tntcd 00 above, f^M 

In Vtc 1793 be and bte wife, then 3S uid 18 jenra of a^ rctpoctlvoly, nn^^ 
to PitUfon)> nttd locak^t^ on thr^ fami, thi!D in o *Ut0 of lutuiv, whrre tbej n^ 
until tbcy died, and which aftcrwanj paamd to Uicur aott, Samud H. Ttufu hooM^ 
hold grxHlg and a youn^ sister of Mn. Kellogg were ctirtod upon thv bACka 
tiro honct. Thdr farm in Pittaford was a accond difiaion lot of the 
iBttfial right, and fell to hi# fatbor-io-law, R«v. Bkuer Harvood, from whom 
boQ«fat it, 24 Apr.. 1TS9. 

Chiidrtn, k in PUUford, 

H-9«}5 Sasah,* b. S$ Mar, 1783 ; nu Noah LoomiB. 

H-SM6 ChABjL,** b. -: Ma>, 17«6; no- Benbcn Blodgott, 

+Sad7 LrcKrnA,t>bL 19 Jan.,179t; ol (1) Rev. John DenlaoD ; (t) Ref. Eb«n 

HilU Dorman. 
H^^ Auoa MOKnoCB » b. to Dec,, 1795 ; d. 5 Oct, 17S)7. 
+W3fl &*JIUEL HAnwooD,<* K IS July, 1798; m. (l> Enwbda Moaaej; (f) 

Mrx Carolinr (Murray) Cheney. 
+S540 CiiABLsa Harvet* b. ^2 IVb., It^l; m. (1) Bob«Gc« W. Boyne 

Janu Curtift; (2) Mn. Klinbdh (Drar^) Pn^ctte. 
-I-S541 Aiio» Oi'SnuAV,^ U 22 Kdv.» IAOlI; m. Nancy Bojrni!, 
+2MS A2UD<Lll/b. 23 Aitf., 1&06; m. Tbomaa Allen Eitduoefc. 

«1 ISAAC* »n of Joirph* (325), b. m Ufaanon. d Apr,, 1763; m. - 

He probably lifed in Woybridg^ Vt He vna blown from a building and 
kUled nboat lAiXX 


+2M3 Isjuo» b- 4 Ani:,. 17^; m- Harty Wwoott. 
+tSH L'llABua,"* b. 27 Jtavp 17bij; m. I8ab«lla filodgett 
2M3 Ak\*" h. ; m. Cartri^it. 

990. EPWARDT eon of Joseph* <323), b. in I^hanon, Conn^ 12 Kmr., 17T1; 

OL aliotat 17?'£. S^buinali Oeny, b. 29 An;., 1768. 

U«d.T Mar.. 1&30; diem. (9) ; d. 3 Haj, 1^1 

He wa^ a hnrd-working nm ; was rvodtfnol a mppir by Hsntmattfm 

aponn wbilc woritinjr oct the CuAlcton tnnipiko. Tbey re& ia Wrrivii 

tl^un, and Hulibardion, Vt 

TuE Kcixocoa i» TttE New Wobu>. 


+?5*: Elkcti * V 

tn- Scunad MoU; had fourteen children. 

+«549 SiU03f Haywood," b. 27 Xot.^ i:tiS; m. (1} UmUo ErtrU; {2) Utti- 
ttniTiinycr; (.1) ChjiHotU- B. [|uiituj>:loti. 
W5D Polly* k ; d< m Omd], agv?d ftboiu 18. 

'?.V^2 floilX WuiTiAKK.*^ b. 1 Jan., IfiOT ; m. Abij^il UoldciL 

m. KLIJAIl/ wn of Joseph" (^25), b. in Ubucn (Ooihea Pnrish), Codh., 
S JUr., 1775; m. (1) obowt^fiDoa, I7t*7, ia Cairo, N- Y^ R«di«l Frc*!«iburgh, 
li. T Nov., 1778, dan. of Jacobus Fn^toiburg]] and Jlargaret Van Etten, b. in Ited 
liook. N. Y. 

8h* d. 24 Fi^r 1R39. Hp livpf! in CatTo until hn ilt-Ai^rtcd hht family ; m. 
(t> i& Leiwx, Upp^T C&nada, ISll. Deborah Prb^lc, b. 17S6, dao. of Dr. Prin- 
^ ttAd Maif;&ret IV-kr^n. She d near Napano^ VilLagi\ L^^ox Co., Canada^ ^B 
Apr, 1>iAl ; be d. in BH^btoti, Ontnnu^ 3 Apr., 1SS5. Hih (iniL wifr?** diildrm 
duoitd Ibflt tbc aKoad m. waa illc^^ 

At tbe age of about 15 he vaa blr«d out to pay an cM d?bt of his fatheKa 
(vUh wbich he vraa not well pl^aaod). and. with a couain from Caailrlun* nn 
avay, and vaa not ttnard from for n««rlj thirty ycarft. About ISSO, hi# brother, 
Joaepti^ accM^ntaUf Uvmintj; of hi« roidencc in Can^dn, yinti^^ him ami induced 

to rcaooTC to U««id<r»ott, vherc he nmaincd until after bia father'a tU^th. 
ittiwdowortbcivarof 131? heraoveil loJeffenon Co,, N. Y,; In LS3£ returned 
Cuiida and lived moat of the time in NorthumbcrUud* 

Childrrn l^ fint teife- 

»«i53 Jahih,'' b. n Mar, 1799; m, . 

Sfle4 Hauqukt,^ b. 27 Uat., 1^1 ; nv Z^miah Fcny, of South Cairo, N. Y. ; 

be d. Mai., 1S70; bad no children. 
9»$ UAm,^ b. t2 Mar., 1805 ; n^ in Ea»t Cbe9t«T> N. Y. ; d. unm. SO Jan.» 

1&7G, in South Cairo. 

Ckildrtn htf aeeond v^fs. 
J-S556 Joa^PH WilUam," b, 21 Apr-, 1**J5; m- KIWor St«^ 
2397 MaiLT riTKitm^c," U 13 June, 18IA; m. Jamtw K Turner, of Ray Btj, 

Ca&ada Wcet 
Za&a MafioAiuT EuEA," K 25 July, lfll7 ; i nnm. 1883, In Jai^kaon, Mich. 
+IW& Auoa Uirauica,*b. MO Jan.. WW; m. (1) Mary Ann Jonci; <S) 

Suittn Cntborinc D*? Wolf, 
-fSB60 RjciiAKD Elijah .■ U tl June, 1823; xa. MaUlda LowjTy, 
+XW1 AjIaba Hi'SOEttPOl*,'* K t7 (M., 18^8; m. Thebe Fhiiuro Coon, 
1M2 EucANfMt As>,**b. U Jati., tas:t; ni- John Hilu^h-, iif Brighton, Outano; 
bad four chitdmL 

S543 JAHnEDiil7ND,*b, 11 Der..l841: kl ; ia aaid to hare bad throe 

children, onv of whoni wa« namiid Itotx-rL 

M. l^tTCY/ dan. nf .TnvpH^ (325), b. in fti-noin^n» Vt, 2d Uar., 17aO; id. 
Sanfoid. of Werbridgc; Vt 


TitB KcLLOOoe iv TBB Kbiv Wobu). 


Sim J?U«r &M/W,** U. 

9^68 Jtforru ^^ Mt^rrtU) Sattf^rdJ* b. , 

tJ69 Lvof 5a«/»rf,» b. , 

e». FREDERICK CUSHMAN/soo of Jo«oph« (32S),K16NcT., 1781; m. 

laM, Bet*eT Le*is, b. 17 Aug.. 1782. 

flif d. abctit Ibll^'H; eU« d. «buat ttw Mmc tiai«^ 

Hr wnjca fAritirr; w-ttlMl in 1SAS, in Mmco Mnuntjiin^ Oiin;«r!)i KaKt 


9fi?Q JuuAyd.*b, 15 May, 1&03. 
1571 IvAS,» b. 28 Jul/, 1S05, 

2572 EuKA * b. -. 

2^73 EuzAHTTii <BETSBr),^b. 

mfi taken bT bw auirt, Fnid«nc« 

ElUii, io Bmrio Cix, 0,. wliffv ilm d. luc Kellf't. t^Uil. A^td 14- 
-f-2571 Salvix F»u>£UIOS,^ b. in Miuco JlocnUiD, CaiudA Kftrt, -i Juljr> ISIO; 
m. (1) CliAr1ott« HutcfainaoD; (2) Klinbinh IlamiU; ^3) Ure. 
Elizabeth A. WiUiaina; (1) Bwnke Warr<m Bliloa. 

«6. SAXTON,'.«n«>f Tn^wrvi^ (327). b. in Connectictil, !5 Mar., !7flS: m- 
17^0, i^amh FulK^, Ix 2V Anc<, 1769, <lau. of Jo«bh F^kr, of Cutlciob, VL, and 
Harv Smith, h. in B^nnin^n, Vt 

'ne d. 19 Apr.. 1836 ; aha d. U Docl, 1649. 

Ho vTMfi a f&ncor two and ocu^'balf nuLcfl north of CaaCLctoii ViUagt; nun. to 
TriToli. Ill, ; both d. thm. 

H-257fi FuLLxR^b. 19NoT., 1792^ m. Sophia BlosHvm. 

+5576 Kathan." b. U Dec, 17»4; m. (1) Submit F^ilkr; («) Ann AxisUn 

+S577 SnERiCAN," b. 11 Jaa> 17$7; m. R«b«cictt Eaion, 
-f S378 Auui,'* L ll» Dec, U^tf; hl Sttaa&nah BMvortL 
4>:^T!» SiiBUiT," k e9 Jul;, 1302 ; m. JoaBph Ljrmjui Hun^erford. 
-f $530 CuAftLia Cutiif uiN-,'* b. 4 Uar, lf^£ ; m. Abij:ail Diuhc. 
-1-2551 Uart^* b. 28 Not., 180H; m. WiDism Ketiii«>^y, 
2582 8AXTi>s&Mmi,*'b. 26May. 1812; d. uim. in Baufior, U«,, t Jao., 1S38^ 

vbile a atTident in Uw Tbe^ogkat Scroiaonr, and jurt odo w«ak b^ 

iotr hr VDuld ha«i? bi»n licvriupd to pnmi-h. 

St7. SHERMAN7 »« of Prpwrrrf* (527), b. in Hartford, Cooil, 25 Mar., 
1775; m. Sarab (Salty) HunU b. in Sini«bttnr, Conn,, dau. of Jobs llunt and 
Huldah Dnntoinf;, of Oonnocticut. 

Sbed. 10 Apr. 1840; bed. 4 Sept.. 1848. 

In 1837 h« ran. from CaAlcton, VL, to 0«vo^, Dl 

+«S3 Liwta* K 4 Not., 1M8; m, . 

+2534 JoBX."* b. da Ang,, 1805; m. Shrr Staillu 

TnE K2LL0OQS I3f rHK NrW ^'0&U>. 


ZlbZ SoFiUA,** b. 8 Oct, IdUir ; is. Varaiia« Vael Alkn. 

^4-2£S? GtuviK WAiiiiiM>Ti>M,'*b. 25 I>«i:,, 1A11; ni. Sarah GInniuin. 

4X88 Klscta,* b. 2 Apr., 1814 ; m. IJavid H, PicreoiL 

tAS$ Abkl ni-»T.^ b. lf> May, 181^l; ^rved Iwo yt^are iu ThirUH^^nth IlliDola 
Cftvalry ia war fur ihc iri^iuii ; hv «&« a hivul. in MiMLcan nnr, <>ix 
EfSMJond [Jiinodji VoLtmUwn; wft«io tvcnt^gngngMiiaitt; los. la 
Aurora, III. 

^90 BsoiJUt," h. n aUr. IbU; d, tmm, Nov., IU% in Osvcfio, 111. 

tfifi. SIUHLEY,' «n of I'TWcrrpd* (3^7), h. in DcniiingtoD, Vt., 10 June, 
Ji77 ; m. in D«troit, Mich-, In 17V^, KUsab^tJi Crandall, probably dau. of fsnlon 
Crandall, vbo retired in or rie&t MAnc-hmter, Vu 
He <L about IMO, in Kent dx, CanadA Wo«t 

n» wiu AppntiliciM At, A Uljrksmilli ; wm a cooper; r^^ in Detroit. 

lie Ecrvcd in tix*^ lodiAn war, under Gen. AntUoDf Wayue; waa in the battb 

of Fort UecQTery, Au^t ^^^^ r wiw <^5* aft^r, while out foraffin;:, ho wu tnJfcn 

i«owr by thi' IndiattHf htuI did not. n^KH>ii l^i* liWrly fur d^t or rine jrmrs, 

Taa A Sri^ in Capt Fortytbe'e Co. of drafts in rhc war of 1S13 ; vad made a 

t&er vh^n Gen. Hull 6tirf«ndeT»d FK^iroil. Owing to improper care irh«ii 

lUidinl, ht vrad obliged to use crutchetu He vr&» a pensioner. 

-i-tfiai DAVtD," bL 8 Apr,, J801; m. Mary Ami DaUy. 

3592 BK?<JA)ct.v,^k . 

+SS93 Fai-ufr* b. 1 m, Catherine . 

, 2W4 lUsRi^b. . 

«fiD5 JoHy."b,— 

>69ti £U2ASKri[,^ 

±$97 UxT • b- — 

^Sn LCCINOA.** b. 

880. ELISHA,*" mi of Pn^-m-vcl" (327), k in Bftiiumglon, 15 Jan., 1T80; m. 
90 KoU, im^, LydU J)ik<i]mn, b. in Curtletoo, Vt, 913 Aog., 17S7. 

Hfl d 11 Mur, IJtin; fih*d. Tiar , Iftft.l. 
I Hu *ati a fanner in Caatleton* Vt. He filed a certificate with the Town Clerk 
in Ca^tlvtou, IS Jan., istj:, Lbat be did uot agn>e with the Fimt Coogrogationnl 
Churd) in Mj^ou* pnnciplRi. 

ChMren, b~ in CoMiteton. 
-) S^ra £13IKK>" b. 18 Ocrt., ISOI ; m. Hcbevoa Lo^Uoar, 

jfioo I.ACIEA * b S6 Sept. ima. 

+8601 DsuA.^b. l» May, 1308; m. Woodbury Perkina. 
■texn 8rilo»» b. ao Apr.. iftlO; m. Harrifl Wh^oler. 

■UO^ Rlibha 3kuk»." bL S Apr., 1813; m. (1) Orplir^ K^binrnfn; (S) Mr». 
Cordelia Bcotoa (Grooi) Smith. 

»r, STLVESTEH,' iwii of Elijah* <S28), b. in Sheffteli Maw., ^6 Jan., ITSO; 
tn. in Bridport* Vt. ff$ Not.. IftlT. Sophia Crawford, b. in Hjbbordton. Vt, 27 
Apr., 11H», dav. of Elijah Crawford, b. in Bolehortoim, Ma£«., 13 Mar., 1756, and 
UriM BnlUnl. h. in Hadley, Uaja., ^ Feb., 1761. 


The KELLoflaa 15 thb Kkw WowJk 

H-rd, in Crown Point, N. Y., 29 M»r., 1826; ilipi I Jtaw, 1^5, in Brid- 
port. Vt 

He wafl a cftrpenter uid Ju^ticio of the Pc&oe in Crown Point, N- V. 

$004 Jmtre SvLvceTEH." b. IT Aug.. 1818; wa« a fanm^r; rce. in Briilport; 

he<\. UTirii. 1 Jan., Idf^O. 
SS05 Emi^usc J>:iti'i<iiA.'* \>. 20 Sept, 1811^; refl. in U«Rditift^, Vt; ia nam. 
+«606 I^>vaIh Pontkii,** b- in Crown Point, X, Y., 4 Jan., I3?l ; m, AngofU 

2007 Auor^TUfi SroEiGS,^ L 21 StTpt, 1S33; d. nnm. 7 t^pt., 1855; wo« n 
mrnngi* mnki^r; hm linJtJi fmlinif, hi* m^^nl in mpTrAntilv hiiu* 
ii<*fi and qx-nt wmc ymn in tlic SoutbtTQ St&lce; In ISW h« rc- 
tur£L«^ to BtQion^ VL, where he d. 

939. HAMBI; NKWTON,* non of HUjuh^ (3£S), b. in Slior^uin, Vt (tbe Brat 
child Wra thoTv ftftpr the rcvolutioniirj- war)^ 4 Mat, 178&; m, (1) lSU,SArali 
NewtODf b. 19 <M.. 17^8. Ann. of Liherty \cwton, 

Sbc d. 6 June, 1830; he m. ($) 183:$, Un. SanH (Toviier) Ctarb, L $0 
Dm^ Z?98, widow of Nathftn Ciark^ And dau. of Eplmiin Towner. 

He d. a Jnnr-, IftfiS; iht d. 19 H»J, ISTK 

Uc vaa a mechanic in Shorcham, Vt- 

+2608 I-^WKIJK Eu,"b, \4 Pcb^ UlC; m- P^nwlift Sanford- 
+J6D1> LrcY LcMHSB,* b, U Nov., 1817; m. Rnjal MfwW, 
+5610 Jaxe Am» * b. $3 Oct. 161? ; m. Eliiut Peck, 

sen CvBiis* b. 18 Feb., 18X1; cl ; d. in Oregon ie\-cnl jears ago; 

hi» faiiiily trirc in Shfboy^o, VTib.^ whm la^t h<anJ from. 
961S Kabt,*^ b. t'i Dec., 1823; m. Charle« fiakom; rot, in Cbicago »bai 

IjtRl heArd frunu 
9613 PAUlH.'h. S July, 1825; m.Larovr; hi- was auverol ^rcare a sailor ; wrted 
through th(t Mi^xicnn waf; i« now h Htloon-bMpvr ; na. io Ckwi^* 
Uad when laat Leord fioni. 

+86H DAKret,'*b. 12 Deo., 18i7; m. Mary . 

2ni.'( Cl^kk Klt,' b. 14 Mnr., 1FI35; el. unnu ; wRJinfAnntr; m. id 

Brifi Report, Conn. 
+ai}]6 Bjlkbom Stlvuktev,^ b. S5 Dec,, 11(34; m. Etnmn Tunica HvricV. 
+£617 BrHSAiM TovscB.*< b. II May. 1836; m. (L) FioroKe Preach; (2) 

Mr«. Jaiii> (Vr«i:ch) Ix-e 
2^18 HKVHr Nkwtiin,^ k ta July. lA.t8; attrnditl TTnion Colbfgr Ed the ckwi 
of 1858; ftndied law in Moriah, K Y.;d. 10 Chica^, III, n Kor, 

HI- niTLDAIT,* lUx of Elijah* (3$8). b. imi ; m. Se^mouT Wolcott 
She d. in 1831, aged 40; rof^ in Sborcbam, Vt 

S619 A*i»n W^tntt^ b. . 

fi^lO /,<w« Woia>Ufi b, L 

J681 S^pm^rVr0koH,'l. , 


UM J€n«i\4 Wi^U^n/' b. 

Ml. KHOUA." Jivi- of S«iD«cl« (347), b. 21 Ktb., 17W; m, 24 Oct, 1770, 
TiiDOtfcY Cadwell. of Wert Hartfonl, Corn., b. 2« Aug., 1747. 

Ued. i:8«; nhcd, 19 Feb., IS^fi. 

n« vu ft Urmer in Wust Henford, Conn. 

Ttmothtf CoJrr/r,* b, 10 Bl'pU 17:4; m. S Ata^'„ 1791, CUItw Tuller, b, 
21 liov., 1770, daa of 1m4C «nd J'lutcbc *l^JiU^; lived m ViE-onftr 
N. Y.; he wa« ft dothicr; d 19 Feb., 1832; liarl tanr chililrrn. 

,t^7 Bhoth CWttrf/* bi 13 Nov,, 1777: m, Sftmuei CadweU; Uwd in W*rt 
Hartfoft!, ConiL; hud 1<ai children. 

'M28 J/ory ^ni* r-w!uW/»b. 4 Mir, 177»; m. Prinh OfltlwrU; W wa» a 
fanner in Wc«t Unrtford. 

e«9 r^flWfj CodvtlJj* b. 3 lUr., 1V3'^ ; m. Mftrtha Hava 

^J«0 AntUti Codwfii.^ b. H Sept-, 17^4; d. 24 Dir. 1784. 

[SUl JcaliA CiiJirrti," b -28 SUr, 1797; m, (1) Annie Uolcomb; (2) Un. 
Hary OreeiL 

OU. BirrH.' daiL cf Sttmuca* (347), L in Enfidd. Conn,, 19 ¥tK 171S; m. 
in N«v Uartfonl, 11 Sopt, 1766, Htmrkiah Scymryur, bap. 13 Juljr, 1740, in Wt«t 
Haitford, Conn, 

He d. %b Aug-. IHl^ ; abe d. 3tS Dec,, lbl8, at tbo hotuc of her son, Bradford, 
in VflilJiuin-knd, N. Y. 

[Sfija Jttttt 5fymi>ur* k S Jnl^, 17^7; m. in 1794, David Chupln, b. in New 
Hartford, Conn, Aug-. 176!; he i Jan-, ]S5S, ag^ 95; shtd.M 
Jupe, IMO, 111 [Tflvnt>n, N. Y., ngiil D I ; tbe> lired tuj^etlitfr «wnty- 
foor yf*rft. 
*W3 Mary (MoUi^} S^ymmtr,^ hap. 1$ Mar,, 17fi9; m- Xathan Gnrnp>-: r«. 

in Trenton, N. Y„ vhere »h<^ d. 9 Aug.. 1880. 
, S^Sl Hcmnah ^fiftnour,^ b. 17 Juno, 1771 ; d. £1 Julv, i&in« TMr. 
««35 //w^JtviA <^Vymo«r»b. 88 Apr, 1772; d, HMfly,17m' 
1636 L^^^treU ^^^ywowr* b. 17 Oct,. 1774: d. 10 June, 184S, 
«37 i/ruHioA Seymotir,'* b. 5 K*^b-, 1777; HL ; Tt$. in Skaneateles, 

!>fi38 S4fQhS«fmovr,^\i,GJme.l'^TJ\ m. f:U6e McrreU, of TJticft, N. T.; d. 

;3ft39 Hnd/ord s'^mow,^ b. 14 July, 1781; d. 19 Anj[., 1841; re*, in Wcc»t- 

iiKireland, N. Y, 
two JscjfA .?'yni^ur» b. 33 Ftb„ 17&3; m- Abbie Webfltei, 
tS41 iiatu Seym^vr,^ b. II An^., 1788; etl Sarah Savage; liad four children. 

eH, Eltr-KK/CKR • win of SamnrI* (317), b- in KnficUl, Conn.. G Sn>t, 17M ; 
DL ID Lildifl^'Id, Conn., V D^. 17:^*, )lol]i« BimUt b. 17C&, dau. of Jod Biea*!] 
and }Atny nUUay, k 4 Aug., 1717. 


Tiiv Kkluhmm in tiik Xrw Woion. 

SSw d 17 Jmid^ 181i>. a^ed 61 ; he d. in New Hartrord, 17 July, 1843^ tged 
W ; !)i>th mn? Uuri»1 in Vint' Mfultnir I'l^mtHt-n', \'tw Hirtforil, Coac, 

H« TVtfb in Aixin, at 1Ii«t tim<: * part of Farmiig^ii; rtni. to Scr tUrtfordr 
whorolie^wTii tiwrMCof hiaUfe; he vaufl manufsrtmrvr of carding inflcbmf« in 
Gompo&j inih hin «t>iu Q«orp? C- 

Hc va« ■ M)ldicr in the iwoLutioaory vrar; »«rTod in CoL Samtio) MtLolk&^fl 
Beg. ft i» Mid that ho li-^ft thu arm/ bctviiw In- bad coosdeotioiift acnipW 
ttfninst sbootini^ to kilL 

Childrtn, fint i^o 6. in Utchfitld, olhfra in Stw Bartf^fi. 

+:tM^ t<AC»A» h, «i S*pt, IT80; m. WfclUam SiCTeite. 
+SG4:» Ibaac." b. 6 Not., n$S; m. Auri!hi BAmty. 

3U« SA*HTiiL,'*b. 8Se|>t, ITW; d- unm. Jl* Jau-, 1815. 

2m5 FKifcijriK Bissm.L,'^ b. 2D Mar. ITM: d. unnn. 3d Kfay, 1813. 
+Sft46 Gboiior CDMroKT," U 17 Mar., 1788; m. CbrunA Br^vn. 

2fi47 KviiXxxKii,^ U ; d. youngs 

«iU8 MoLUE,* twin to Kbrseirr; d- in InfAbcv. 
+»til^ Haky," b. 1 OcL, 1T1»&; m. Joseph Bvcll 

OH, SAMrEU^ eoa of 8tma«t* (347), L id Enflold, Conn., 20 JvlT- l^^^i 
m. (1> tn Gooben, ConiL. 7 D«e., 1784, Sarah Bogerv, b. 2i Feb., 1762. 

Sh- A. H Atifz.. 1807. in SmithfirhL Pa.; he m. f2) in ^tmtldWId. Sd Apr.. 
18*J0, Mr^ Rath (Rog:<(Tr«> Ptorco, b- 17a6,«i«t«rof hi« Itm vtfttt widorof Co(d«y 
Beebeand Fliineaj Fierce. 

Hed.9Mar.,lftSd: alied. Sept. 1&49. 

H« wu doflcon in 1h«r Cbn^repational Church in Smithfit^ldf Pt,; he vma a 
clothier hj trw!o. la 178^ be rem. to Ponltner. Tt ; in 1799 he va« mtde Jo^ 
ttc^ of Cio Poncif : in Feb., ISOl, rt^riL to Snuthflold He n aatd to fatr& fcnvcatod 
and palmtrd a shArinx tauchint* to rnn hx vat^^r |Knti'r. Ihi- priiidptr of whiiii in 
etill ifi nK. He van a rrrolationary loldicr and pensioner : enliriW in Go<bL-n, 
Conn., in May. 1775 : Sept. of the aame r««r *«» diAchorged at Tloooderogi by 
n^uon of tfiekneaa ; again eait«red the aerrice in 177A ; proridcd a aubeditnle and 
Ta» diadwrfEed at TtoondaDp^a. 

-t-2«5ft rijiHiwA,* h- in Gofthwi, Ifl Sox., 1781 ; lu. Jota Buntt 
+2«M SrsAysAiL* b. 30 SepU )7ft4: m. Qwrje Bntaoa. 

7652 hBxmn? K 24 June. 17S7 : d. mmL, 26 Haj, 1SS3. 
-f2fi53 Anxa," h 6 J«1t. 1789; la. PhiiHW l^wrcr, 

2651 Salu ■ b. 93 Nor^ 1791 : d. 25 Map.. 179S. 

^e5^ Salle • h. 8 Jsil, \t^:\ : d. 8 Aug.. 17»3, 

2B55 Samitkl^K 8 Aoi:^ 1794: d. 10 Axir. 1794- 

2«5T Sakcw.* h. 8 Jan., I79fi: d. 31 Julr, 1797. 
+2058 CTKTniJ.* h. 13 Dec-, 1797 ; m. Orramel Tracy, 
+26S» TtMOTHT Cadwbu.."* U 25 Mat., ISOO ; nu livum AldridL 
•f2flilO KiAiftA* h. IS Sot., 1803: m. Aro*i.-1 Tmrv, 

2fifil JrLiA Maria." K in Smilhflrfd. Pt-, 3 Max. 1807; d. IS Oct. 1807- 

96S, BBAPFORP."^ Bon of Samnel' (a47>, k b Rn&Ji Oocm^ U Mar^ 1739; 
nt aboot 17^0, Uarr f PaUr) Tbompeon, of U<MbcD, V<mt^ daiL of Stopbfli 
^lompmn and Vnrr Walti-rH. 
Shed.l8»G; hed.l83t 

Tub KsLtxkooe i« tub New VTobld, 


lU TM A Ktonc cotter; acitlcd in lludifcm, 0. lie vaa ft rwolutiouary K»l- 
dier: in Col- Philip B, Bindlsy'* R«g., Ctpt. WwhI"* Ca; cnliitwl S6 Jvilj*, ItSO; 
wftd (U^dHitigtii 13 JftiL. 17^1, PevhH|M W wa^i dji4c!i&rf,'vd on ftecoaiit of a vronnd, 
ctf Hi« name ftppcant m & b^t ot codOftltifv. 

+tM2 L4DKA," b. in Hamdea, Cottut.^ 11 Fi>b., 17d7; m* Jolbom Atirator 
+1663 POLLT." b, 11 F*b.. 17»8; no, (1) Ebenewr P«*J; («) John OvUtt 
4-««4 llxBiVA,''b. 4 Oct, 171»0: m. Zina PosL 
+t6fl5 Rhoi>4," h. about 1?9«; dl Beujamin Ovialt. 

?M6 Lc:fA>* b- ; m. KichflTd Cray; tct. in Hiidton, 0. 

-{-?<>(>; M^BBD^ b. in Qoehen, 4 S^pt. 17^1 ; in. Atlanta Up^^n. 
+96<d Klvira,^ b. xn Uxidson, 4 Aug., IdOIl; n?. John Ktrrg^iKon Froirt- 
-f-26d9 Llxbixo,^ b. in llu<ifon, 24 Vtvc., 1806 ; m, Can^lin^ Bishop, 

t<WO LccuEPi,** b. ; d. aged 8, 

]lEtMONT,^»n of SwimH* (347), li. in New Hartford. Conn, 17 Mar^ 
1T6$- m. 5 JjuL, 178^, Stuonnah Moore, b. 1 Juni^ 17ti;}, <!ati. of Jottiati Moore, 
of Nrw Hartfonl, nnfl Anna OilMt*. 

Siud-SOFek^lMO; lied. £6 Mu.,l&48»ftgodd6; both ait buntd in 8j]- 

He vaa a blackamith ; ntu in Ooidirn, Conn., until about If^ST, wUtn ho rem. 
toSjinnia ((tcD«fallykiioVDa& Kolloi^g^d comers), Win. Uc w&f a r\>voLutionar>- 
inldi^: ID bin application for a pension he staW that he wat born in New TUrt- 
foi^f Conn. 

When be vaa 7 yoan old hlA fathor ri^m. to (iot^b«-n< Conn., when ha con* 
tiiUKd to lite; IdSiG t'> 1^3 he naa at a placv tlieti eatlvd Southporl, Wis,, having 
followed hia diiidren fnwn Connecticut. In tho 5\imnior of 3:77, while claying 
tn Liti^hflrld, CoTJT-, with Mr Rui'k, he wuji dmfirci for n iJiorl tin»? lo wrvc at 
HoTK Neck; next he served at White rUins, N. V.; then he worked on the for- 
tiflcfttioaB between Fort Putnam and North River; after returning home he waa 
BOOO oideml Ui the euadt, mi Cte Amiirl, at Grtviittich, Tonn., wliere Hjme Freudi 
troopa verc aUo atntioncd. iliit rvKim^nt maib an uruiuccvssful aafault on the 
Rndg^, at Kitig^K Rridg^r '^^ 'hi? Hud«tn. 

He and hia vlfe ^^ Melisar Howe And bia wife were meniberE of Uie Pint 
Mi-tbodist ClojB* ori^iiizud la Liteh6vld Co^ Conn, Thr«e of his aona m. four of 
Ur. llovp** daoa. 

Ckildrtn, h. in GoihsfK Conn. 
MTl CnjitjNCCT,* b. 30 Nov., 178«; d. «7 Apr,, 1790, 
^WTi LcMAS .• b. d Aup., 1783 ; m. flaunah Tutllir. 
+«7» CUiUNCEY," k v:J Apr., 1790; m. Ik'U'U Howe, 
^t«74 AiEHTi:!,'* Ik 30 Pi4l, 179e;in. (1) ArU-mrtia Hov«^; (2) ArmntiA TTowii; 

(3) Almira Daniella. 
+3C75 Ei>viiu,>< k 10 July. 1T1I4: m. AJmenn StillmAn. 
-^167^1 Lki'ijiktt ^^tekl*'^" b. 27 Oct., 179fi; m, AjiRc'liiir Jfowi-. 
+««77 TiiAiwi:r« C-iu.tTT» b. 37 Oct.. 179C; m. Mohndft Sttiart Waflhbum. 
+H7d ^*»T«T,^b.^*^S*^t., i7Dfi; tn. (1) Mnfy Brookn; (t) Klinheba DariMi, 
^2€79 MiKERVA SP8A!c>-An.'* h. U Sept., 1800; ol Rev. JuHtiB Field, 
-fS^^ Smi lUuiovT," bL 14 Nov,. ISO?; m, Ktecta Stratton VVathlmrn. 


Tub KsLLOOoe IK nte New Worux 

961. ESTHKH/ d«i- of AbmliAm* (3^18), b- in New Htrtfonl, 84 Mftr-, 1748; 
ni. Judgp Aiiroa Attstin, b, id Suffield, 25 Aug., 1745, eoo cf Amroo Avetio, U 2^ 
Fet, UIG. 

tihc d. 4 Mtr^ 18SG ; ho d. 15 July, 1828 ; hotii d. in New llartford. 

R« wu for tw«ntj-flT« cooMcatir* j«an one of tb« tT«lT« uftigtontB in th9 
Connecticiit Legi»1atme, tJie bodj vhidi conoponded to iht present Senate. He 
njLs Judge of tho Cotmtr Court of Litcb&dd for many yean; d«ftoon in tbo Coo- 
tfrcsntinnfll Chrnrh, Krw Tlnrtfon!; aim n mrrcliAnt lie na* « man of iprat 
influcDct? iQ his town and Statt; ira» ckcicd Kellow of tht Corpontioo of Yiie 
College tn 1803. He wu a soldier ia ihe reTolutionary anny in Nathtnlel Walea' 
Co.> and va* prcacnt nt the aiuTendcr of Bnixojnc- 


9681 Abigail Austin,* h. ; d. ubiil aifod 90. 

HSZ E$lk^ Atatin.* K ; m, UnH HolmfV, a natiro of tfartftand, who 

va* jradtialed from Yale Collei^ ia 17fi4. a prominent la«7cr in 
Llu^bfii-id, vnv of tiw tndi<- awitia^u of tbe Cenuwctieui Legfa- 
lature for manj Tctirs aiuS a member of CongKW Frosn OoauMcticiit 
1817-18. She d, ot oooAomption- 

»fi83 MtmifomtTf AwHn,^ U ; ra, B«Uey Qriffin. 

1M84 IbttMDUNi ^ttfftn * b, about 1791 ; waa graduated from Yale 180) ; d- in 
Wa«hiD^n, 184a 

»85 SaraJb AuMin." U . 

9tfl86 Clofitm Aiutin,^ b, ' ; d. unm. a^ :f6, 

SeS. ABKAITAU/ fon of Ahrabatn* (348), b. £7 Jan., 1750; m. (1). in N'rw 
Bartf^>rd, 6 Ff*i.. 1772, Sarnh S*jnioiir, b. U Jnly, 1760, dan- of John ami 
Hannah S«ynour, 

She d- 4 Mar., 1602 ; br m. <S) < Jan^ 1803, UriL Qmh (Cowlea) UerrOI, 
widow of I>r. Kt^d M<>rnU, 

H^ <L Sf> Apr.. 1812 ; she d.. suddmly, 19 Nor., I8l4, aged 61, faUing by the 
Toadndc, on hct way to rUit her «ick dati, 

Chitdnn 5y fint wifi, 6, in Sfv Hartford, 

M87 Hasxah" L M Oct, 1772; d. 3 May, 1774, 
+2^88 Amuu,** U 28 Sept, 1774 ; m. Jcnuba Goodwin. 
+2680 Has*yaic" K IS Mar., 1776 ^ m. Jand Andnwa. 
+2fld0 Warkks * b. 5 JaiL, 1779; m. (I) Hboda W«d«ter; (2) Rboda C«^ 
+2891 Hoiuci:." b. 1 Oct.. 17^0; m. (1) Orpah Pratt; (2) Anna StccW. 

2892 SiftAii,^ b. 4 Juno, 1783; &l Nonnan Prin^le^ of Harwintcm; mn. to 
St Lonu^Mo. 

X693 Tl&aiL." b. T^ Jnn«, 1785- d- S Hay, 1T8& 

U&4 Jmi;£," bap. 29 Sept, t7S7 ; li jtinng. 

to. SOI^MON.v aoo of Abraham^ (348), b. 10 Jkc, 1751 ; m. 16 Nor. 1773, 
Bulk KeUog; (429), K 20 Oct, 1T4», dau. of Deacon Silni EeUogg (+125), of 
Sheffield, MaM. 

Hod. 13 Sept. 1795; ifce d. 1843, aged 96; ^ lived oo Oriikaay Cndc> 
ikear Omida Oviilr. Otirida Co., N, Y. 

He rem. from New Hartford aboQt IWt to Fftrii, Oneida 06., N. Y^ 
Iba only booae in Utica was a log rabln. Tlieit cean«t white m^bors 

Tub XHOMGi ik tub Kbit Wo&u». 


lveD^'«oe milcft diatant Thc^ croioed the Mohawk hy nwimmmg ibcir onimala 
vtiich drrw tlwir wo^ni by a bod cord hitched at the prd of \ho tongue Ha 
AftcTWArd moi'^d to the OribkAtxjt lwo miWt Aouth of CUqIoii, wL«re h« bought 
Jmds Irom tbe Indiaxu. H<.- «lso Mcurcd farm» fit bcB^proiUTu And Uemliun 4Eid 
It S*liii», N- Y. He itrvinW Cwiinecticul ; purdmu^i) »iiiUbTc- httUr<^, iind r»- 
tunwi vrith tbcm to SnlitiJi, ^hcrc he wu the fint to cngngc io tbo buaineaa ^f 
WiUng Alt hriii^. Later be located a farm in BTraciue. 

Childrtn, frit idreri b. in New ilarifcrd, C^aa. 

L+M84 Hrxn," U IS Aug., 1774; m. TimotU> QrewJy. 

^96 StUifi* b. M M*r.» 177Gi hl EUwib*lh . 

■+M&7 SouiMow.^^V 4 Afir-, 1778; tn- (I) IVUcr* Ttjrnrr; (2) Mvk Brown, 
•f S68S VfijimsoTOS," b. S July, 1780; m- Mr*. KJianbcth Ann tWUbur) Sim- 

+t$B9 Q^KES*^ k 14 Svpt, 1763^ m. Cliloe WUcoi. 
4-3700 UAJtTK7,' b. Z9 Sept., 1785; in. (1) Mary Buttcrndd; (2) Orpha D. 

+^701 Jameb,** b. 14 Feb., 1787; m- ilflrj- Prior. 

+?70« PmLo,*b. 3 Jam, 1789; m. (1) Nancy Ann R%; (2) . 

+2703 PiARL," bL a Jm-, 1789 ; ni, Lucy Maria Northrup, 

-f2704 HBNRY,^b, 17 Apr, 17«1; m, Snmh R<^ynoidR, 

+»7<>5 Abuam.^ b. 1^ Feb., 1703: m. (1) Mfliia Jlir^lrti; (?) Mr*, Catherine 

(Wowon] Eaa<^; (3) Jub:i WockI; (4) Elmboth No£:le, 
+3706 AaNOK,^ tvin :o Abrjtm; in, (1) Surah MkkW; (?) Mn. Klimbcth 

Coka; <3) Mr& Riepeh Cornwall; (4) Mary Tanick. 

164. M0fiES7 ^a of All aliiLm** (348)^ k in Ne« Hartford, 23 Feb.^ 1754; m. 
(1) UbodaKdloKR (430), dan. of Ucaoon Silaa K«UoRf: (+125). 

Shed. ■ he in, [2) in New HnrtfoH, 19 Jftri., 17S6, Mftb*l Merrill, b, 

e Mar,, 17C3. dau. of Elijah Mmill and Kachcl Wr^lla. 

Hp d- in New Hartford in 1806, 

n« was a rcvolotioiury KoUUer; aervi-d thr^ days on the Leiingtoa Alarm. 

Ckildrtn ty first mfe, h, in N*w Hartford. 

5707 A Sojf." d, in infancy- 

5708 A DxUaHTiai * d. in iriftncy. 

«709 Jaww^ Iwp, 11 Aug., 1782; d. unm. 4 Apr, IBEfl- 

Vhiidrtn 6y ^e^oni u'l/tf, 
+J710 NonKA».* b. n OcL, 1791 ; m. l-^nnie St«Io» 
■2711 TlHTWJiS* b. Dec., IftOO; m, FnimiP Mnrah. 

S7U HsEmT," bL ; d. SQ Oct., 1833 ; buried in Mcbili?, A1& ; be became 

dhatiftwl in tbroving orer a cargo, in a gaU, and d. at am. 

J713 PoiXT • b. — — ; m, n**nham ; rem- to Now York. 

3(714 Loutei.'b. ; m- Worcc*.ter Hiudopwa 

WIS Sophia * K ; m. ' Lovejoy, 

969. EIJAS,^ ton of Abraham* (348), b. 23 Feb,, 1754; m. (I) 18 Dw^, 1777^ 
\Tj UemLL 


ht ra. <S) 15 Mar, 1797, Bctaey Dorr, of Wetbenfleld- 

n^ A 12 Oct, 1850; ate d. 15 Dec., 1839- 


Thb Kxlloqos is TUfi New Vonui. 

lit wAi! 11 mcrchrmt in carlj litct in comiMiny with his brother- m*Uir, Jud^ 
Auelin, in the Hontli>?m part of N««r HArtford ; Utcr ho w&e a farmer. He repre 


+«716 Cirjai^fi DoBfi,'* b. in New Hartford, 9 Jan., 17^9; n. (1) CynUiia 
HiU; {2) OrrtJl WomlnilT; <3| Mn. Uiunn (Hft^a) Bi<lvntL 

PHINEAV son of Abnihntn^* (348>. b. in Xcw Hnrtfora^ Com., T Jun*, 
I7i«; m, (1) in West Hartford. 22 Jan.. n?ft. OUve Fnwr, b. « Apr. KS^ datu 
of Cbarl^ Fra!M>r, of Nowin|,t<3n, Conn. 

Stiei], »: litm. (2) Thjth-- -■; »ht-4L 12 Orl.. 1833; he d. in K«w 

IlartJord, N, Y^ £ Doc., 1*^35, 

H« PfflB. from ConnecticTit to New RartfoTd, N. Y„ uid Mitlod on a fann 
about a milr wiulh of tlit^ Tillnge. He and lib wifi; were admittei! to tJi« Plcebj- 
tarian Church in New HnrtfoTcI, N, Y., in IHOd. 

He waH H AoWiVr in thn tvvnlulion, in Capt ChoKtnr'a WptJiFTunprltl Co, of 
UiQuto mt^n. in tUei Lciun^n AUrni. 19 Apr., )7T&: cnllated Nov.. J775, in 
Capt. Ebenvxer Bt^i^iri Co.. C&l ilunticgton'fl Connecticut Reg.; aerT^ii tvdre 
months; rngagcd at the sicirc: of Boston ftnO hattlr of Ix^nic Tdand; vaa dit- 
charf^ed from hoepiul in Newark, X. J., where hv had bom coofinocl nnca the 
batlli? of Locif^* lalanil : he iti believed to have seen t^ubfj^juput service and to bare 
been in Wc«t Point in XTBO; was j;ranW a pvnuon in ISIS, at irhich time he waa 
a resident of Manlius, N^ Y. 


+271T Kftthah* b. 10 Xov, 17:8; m. Got, 01it*r CoUina. 

-i-Srift Lxoi^ABD* b. 16 Feb., irSl ; m. SfllSy Ftcuch, 

+^719 Maut Asy? b. 6 Anf^.* 17$3; m. Eliaa Hart 

+2T«f> N*NCY * b. in New Hartford. 18 Ang.p ITftT; m. Danle) Powelh 

H-2721 CiiAftusB KitAM;i(,'< h. in S>w Hnrtford, 29 May. 173Si m- (1) Almira 

Kiltionme Harris; (2) Elizabeth Oaxiay; <3) Ura. EILia (Smith) 

ST22 ViuurM/* b- 11 Oct, 179U; m. (1) Unitt ThomEia; {t) Cynthia Ann 

Bmwn; (fl) r^nitoni Mar*h, 
8783 Sophia.'' b. 10 Sept, 1793; m. 19 Feb.. 1817. Wancn Coot«fw. K 19 

JuQe,17S6; he d. 3 Jan,, 1866; ahed. 18 Apr, 1S77; hftdnochlU 

8734 JUUA AvM»K2 Mar., 1790; m- 24 Feb., 1885, Dr. Iwwc Teller; d. 28 

Sept, 1838^ he d. In Chittenango, N. Y., 30 June, 1874; Ind na 


967. MARTi;J,' won of Abraham* {3481. b- «a Haitford, 15 July, 1758; 

about 1784, Lucy S^Titnour, b, 1753, dau. of Zebnion Sc7inotir» b. 1708 oi 

of Hartford, and K^^^iftb Riill 

She d. 15 Sept. 1839. a^d SI : ho d> 14 Apr., 1840. a^d ^ 

He waa admitW to tht> church in ?^ew Hartford. Conn^ Z Od, 170L He 

paichaaed a tract of land, all fon^^t, in Winfirld, K. Y., which he cleared, bnilt 

two-etory hou«e, n Urge barn, planted two orchards and reaided then ti&tj] 


Tit£ KuLUxigft tx THE Nkw WoR14X 


He «u ft rei-oliatioiiAry Mldier uad p«iiitoiicr Id 1775, while living in Ife« 
TfartrrkTff, he **tiMfin\ hikI "Artil ta CT^^'mt^ Vrtinl, N, V. Hi- mul joiiirO ilir army 
whkh wa« to mva<l« Canada, bat iiiier the CApioT^ of St. Johns w(w ardovd back 
to Ti««Oil4irogt. In 1TT41 he marcbvd vfth tht^ iToop« sect to rv-enforc« tiw am/p 
bcsw^tsf Qt]l^bcc^ whtrh vtiLt met «t Three IliTcm on itn rctrtat. Ai the Ann}' wu 
UifMtMMd with »^(naUp:>x, thoj «ocajnpod ni th^^ Hivrr Worrell to bo inocuUttdt 
Ukd w MOO as recovefvd ivLurotfl to Crown Pntni an<) Fort Im^cpnilt^ucer N. Y. 
Hfl turiKid oat 00 tbv ftUrm oocuioned by Uie fuming of th« pubhc property at 
DtnhtiT}', and nt thft leading of tbv BritUb Iro^pu ut Nimv HaicD. Ho viu sl*o 
i& the expc-dilioD A^intt thi. lndiaQs in the Su»quchAnnah Valtcj. He was nek 
WT«nl year* afti^r h« n;turncd from thi> army. Aftor lb« clofn) of the vrar b« raoL 
to Omnda Co.., S. Y., and I^Ut eo Wmfii^id, Hprktmt-r Ca He wsh iltticrilwd Ha a 
Ur^ man, 6 fret in h^jcht brood fhouldcr*, crcc^ correal and temperate in all hia 
habits and a notable dti3«n. 

+212& Laitra." b. 11 Dec-, 1786; m. Amoe R(^i>lda. 

272ii Kalpo," b. i J(J>-, 171^1*; d, s Jaa, I7W. 
+Z72T OvuttUK WiJiHiMnus/' b. I? Apr.^ 1T91 ; m. Muria Stqucloiul 
+2728 hoCY,» b. 26 Atj;:,, KflS; m. Capt Alvah Harbcr. 
-|-27t;> UuBkoVb. U Mar,, 17»5; m. Daniel Leoniird. 
+2730 Balfh Phikcab,'' U U July^ iriJG ; m. Clan»M L. Gridlej. 

2731 Ourt," b, 5 Apr., 179S; d. a^d € week*. 
+2732 HoftACK DnTDKN,^ b, 21 Aq^,, 17B9; m, (1) Mr«. Mary Ann (Xf4ter- 

ville) Stewart; (S) Mary B. btoae. 
+2733 CuACNcxT SKTUoim," b, 16 July, ISai ; m, H*be<ta . 

968. FRKDEKICK WEBSTER,' ton of Abntham* (34d), U 31 Jan., 1761; 
m. Mar]far4't Moorv, b. l^ Jn\y, ITitO, dau. cf Jo»rph Moore, of Pitt^ffeld, Uas^, 
ftnd MaiK«^t Kdlofj; (-fS^ti). 

Slir cl- 3 (>!■!.. r8«:i; he d. 7 June, 1817. 

He rn^ in Whitc^town, N- Y. lli^ will, dated 19 Aug., 181(, rutfationed hit 
Jenuha Ca^, PoUy Leonard^ Amanda JveHoj*g, ton^, Frederick, the cidett, 
iiiaoi, [rrii'l apil Wr4ii4«.'r. 

ChUiSren, jtrst thtrr. h. in iVtfip lliirtford, Jtf- F-, othtirs in If^r Er^iMiA'a- 

4-2734 Polly." h. 7 tk-pC, 1780; ro, Dankl UonanL 

-t-s:3S FBU^oticK," b. ; m. Edbor ()uthrii\ 

+2736 JsnrsilA,'^ ^ 17SG; m. ELi^ha Casc. 

-f-2737 UiEiEL HoiUEs,'*bL 2"J Sept. i:«5'; m. Mary Kslber Hi^f^^nna. 

+2738 Ami^ui^L , ni. ProfrMTjr i^ilh Nortrin. 

2739 HifiAM * b. -; w- (1) LiKinda Monroe; (3) Cynthia Btedner. 

2740 W^teTKH,* b- ; m- Warianns Nash, b. Z4 Oet, 17?>3, dau. of Jon- 

athan Kaeh. third, of Rreat BarriDgton, Ma«(w. and Merry Smith. 
Shtf d. 4 Ft^b., ItMfi ; ho d, 23 KtL, 1S59; both are bniiod in Tal- 
ma^I^.O.; hnd iiochildn-n. 

SARAH."' da:i of A! rfihnm* (Mi<). h. in S^v TTnriford. Conn-, 3 J«np. 
; m. 4 July, 17SI, Ol^i- Manin Smith, b, U JaiL, I7(it. 
Sh? d- 22 Julv, X$M ; h« d. IS^S. 


Tiis KiLLOooB IV nut Xe^t Wokuk 

Ho «ms Capt, of the Iji^ht llor»c Co., in lIarUAnd,Con]i,, and G«ii. of UilitiA 
in OJiio; in HSf*, ]ir rrm. *itJi hiH fitniily lo Venning O,, (hi^n a wifdRropM. Tlte 
town wu n^rnvd Sniithliold, for him, but fit his rcqiiofit the nAmc vta changed U> 
VomoiL lip vas a u^^ful and infiu^mifll cftiven. 

2741 iiVdtftt ^irtiM." b. in New HartforO, Cwuu, 30 May. 173^; 4. 18M- 
?74:f Ar<;4fb4>miU.^L 17 Jan^ 17S1; d. 16 Julv, Ifi^TO. 
8743 //flrr(>i ,Swiri » b, Jan., HSO; il. Feb.* UST. 

9744 d Aiu^AUr,** b, ud d. Dec.. 1797- 

9745 £/«rn«< 6>tifA« b. in UortUnd, Conn., 5 Not,, 1784; d. IT Aug., 1819. 

9746 £'aniA /^Vf^y ;fnii<&>>* b. in liartUDd, Conn., 10 Hur.. 1791; m. S Dec, 

18L1, Ahvn Cop, b^ in QroAi^Ui^ Mae*-, n^S, M>n of Aa^na Co«. 

lit studlvd Uw in Gniiivt]l«, Mii^k, and ]>rac1k¥i3 for a time ioj 

Lvo; aftiT he n^m. to tic "Wcsb^ni Riacfvi;" hv studied thoolog^f 

and bvcBJiio a mi(«ionnrr among thv Vui<«rn Tndwiu; «L S Apt., 

1854; ftbe rra. in 1^78 ld KLDaman, 0, 

1747 Ufnntttii .SkuJA » b, *J€ July, 17>X 

2748 ifflna .^'ini'Ji,'* b. 9 OtL, 1795: m. AIli^i Sptutorr; »hi' il Jimc, iSld. 
Ilcf (ku^ UatUdo, b. 1 Oct, 1815,ikl Abnor Kdioni ( + 7006]. 

t749 Ciarioth Smiih.^ h. & Apr.. 17»d. 

tISQ //onW .^mM * K ia Vcttimi, 3 J«6e, tSOl. 

Stil i:iUd y^ilA," b, ?6 Frb^ 1603; d. 7 Jnlr, IJ^il, 

870- TnrMAN,' w^a of Abrmhnm* (34A>, k in Xrw tlarlfnH, Conn,, *S Jan., 
i:6€: m. 3 Fct).. i:S^ Haimah Uerrik], b. 15 Jan., 1765, daiL of EUjoh MtrmU 
and Kacie! Wrllft. of X*v Hartford. 

He d. ^ .W. Idtl ; tbr d- 4 Oct, IMT, ajp4 &4. 

Uo «a« a Um<Tr ; n^ in Ncv llArtfovd. X. T., wh^n both d. 

+9T5i Bacnau** b. in ?Zc« Uaitford. C«ul, 11 Jvk«, i:«S; a. El£ Bvtkr. 

+?:&4 Tarui>\* k 15 Fi^, 1795; m. MaHcda Manb. 
+?;i5 Ui3;\xH," b S Julj, J7S3: », Hefttj Uifibj- 
-ft:^ Umxi»." b. dl Apr.. 1804 ; vu. Maria WiDdkvkr. 
+97&7 KuxA,* b. B ioM, isott; a. CtariM Painw Wihwrf. 

9T1. EUZ.MIKTHT dao. of Abrvhua* (54S). K IT Jbap, KM; ni. Jotfafa 

n«T l]T«d in OnaTillr. Uaaau, aM Ovmio^ma, Uino. 

rsS J«MJb2ram9ir€M.*b^l7)lat^10a$:a.lS8£,UnliaSAil>aHftr^i 
K n S«fii, laic, d«L af Cfaote Haj» L li Mai^ ITU* «b4^ 
F^Mia Holcooib^ b. in On^, Maa^ S Aui;. ITM; *■ d. IB 

nt. HLEAXRft.* m «# lMe« <3Sl>, k Ib NW RaitfiKd, Om^ Itt Ak:, 
1T4>: ■.UFEk.tTmVAflrPalkr. 
Ha 4. i« 04MM, y. T. IS IU5, ISl J. 

The Kxllocms i» the New Vi'dklCl 


H« m. in that pftrt of WiBcbofit«r» Conn^ now BfirUumdtcd; probably he 

i. to Utica, y. Y., shortly after 1701. At rhe firel town meeling held in Wlo- 

Codh^ K Mtfr.. lT7d« lie wiu diOKH clerk. TI^ iru appointcfl to read the 

^atlmft oo Sabbith (lay. Ho ff^AHa p^Dfiion^r of th^ mir of 181'J; in hU applica- 

tjuti f^ir a penaioii lie Matm that li^- was id the Tliirt^^uth 11^. of Unil^ Static 

Ittfantrr; waa wounded in both legis t% July^ 1^13, at Fort Gi.s>r^ (opposite 

Fort Niagara), in tTppnr Canada^ vthiU^ rrliuving n AiitinH on pickrt gitard, 

JsAAC« h. ?7 Sept, ITIO: d, «4 Juiw, 17;t, 
eujAit,*b. %V Mar.. 17T?; m. Mabel ClfwcDt 
EusHA,'* tv:n to Elijah, b, ^' Mar.» 177? ; m. PeraU Diinliam. 
StTflAWiH." K 10 Jan., KM; m. Joiiaihiui Dniihniii. 
iaAic.'b. 3S Fcb.,l?T6; n*. Martha Ihinham- They wcrt rccommiaidccJ 

by the chtircb in Nev Haitfoitl to th« church in Unadilla, X. V. 
Baoab^** U h Jan,, 177S; m. David Pftricei. 
Giles,' b. tl Sept., 1779; dl Kauhcl Dckmnlcr, 
WuiTi>«* !>, 19 Apr, 17J*1 ; m, Mnrirrds Burr. 

Kl£A£C&,'* b. ; m Mary Bftit«r, 

CHAaLOTTE* b. 8 Apr, 1787; m. AlphouB PfO» 








EftTKKii.* b. U XoT., nas, in IVinjib^, 

SoLouoy,* b. ; na. Uai^M Mulholafid. 

Cit«A» K 13 Aug., 1791, b Winsted. 
HiujlM," k 18 May, 1793; nu Anna Tnman. 

WAWIESf • b. L 

ftL DANIKLp' ftoa of Iwac* (351), U m ITeir Hartford, Couil, 5 Apr^ 1758; 
tn- Abigail Crov. 

H4" d. in Yoric, Waiht^ww Co., MSoh., about 183a 

l£a waa a TCTolntioMrT toblirr. Ilv and biA vifc «cr« in Paru, N. Y., aa 

Lriytflioct, nso. 

+S774 Wiu-l-iif PcBiT." bap. in Par^s. N. T^ 1 Oct, 1780; m, Janrtle Lww. 
+»775 ABIOAtLf tap. Itf .\ov., 178S; m, William K 8lfrciw. 
+277fi DjiRriKi * K 7 Mar, 1793, tn Httrtforil; m. Demaiis Batdvrin. 
+5777 UoRACX," bu 1797; m. Diborah Dean. 

+t778 SamxEL,'* b, ; na. Hannah Johnaon. 

+1779 Qeokok,** b, U July. ISOO; m. (1) Qt^rty B. King; (t) Un. Fannv 
(Tiffany) Tacfccr- 
2790 TtinotMMTA^lx ; m. Tiln^w Grwn; na. In Gi^uj^ Co., O. 

RACHHU^ daiL of iuac^ (3fil), k in Knr Hartrord. I Uay, I7C0; ol 
^lh*rr 1 1 Tuly, 1787, Preaerrod Cri*aey. son of Darld Crii*eT, of W]ndi««ter, fonn- 
«rly of Wo->"ibnry, Coiul, ai>d Hannah Wilmot 

Ha waa a farmari 8h«rif in CoatKcticut; ntn. about 1805, to Litchfield, 

27fll Hr. ia CrwtyT' U \\ Mar.. 17B8; in. JoaiaK Knrl 
87KS rra«fla Crw#*y,» K 22 FA., 1790; d. Mar., 1813, in Weaton, N. Y.; 
waa a cooper. 


Tiir Kxux)CQi isff rm New Wosuk 

t793 Alfnd €ri&iiy*^ b. ID Mar, ITi^; ne a Boldier ia vttr of IdlS; d. ta 
tht mrmv. 

«7ftl /'Aiiu Cri«f^> kL 10 Oct-, J194; nu Srtlmon Hrtrding. 

^1H5 WiUiom Rttfui Cria^*' h. \9 lUy, 17^9; m. Sobn FruMT, dan. of 
J&bex Fraiitir In lti79 Ue wrvit^: *'8o»ie imraiy j^oeh ago, 1 nt- 
cctvcd this nanittvc irom mr utfto-, Electa, the la«t time 1 eaw htr* 
Sbo vi* to in4^ Uli^ jAur Father van Sherif tkare cane a man to 
our kOQS hofitLog for fl ni« lo put up a carding mill to card wool.' 
HU natDi* I thk&k. wa* Dooliti^ Ht bad b«OD to Waahln^on aod' 
got hw [miieiii rill-. He tiuill bin mil man? our dirrllin^f boanM 
vitK as. When Ik had complctnl his mill Ivc oinc in *^ t<» father 
tlw mil U redy lo nm Bi^t I have no wool, mother «*■& carding and 
1 iras ppininif. Slu: tiikee her lode of wool Ln her apTDn and *tarta 
for tlK* miU. I take* up ray wheel and follow* on. I «tood by tbft 
machme and take« the ArM n^le that «oin«» out and «p4in il- Thia 
vaa tbo firvt rolo of wool carded by a nadiinc m tin* Cnitcd Sutca^ 
of America." 

995 N0AH7 wn of Capt Xo«h« (aftS),h. in Sew iranford,« May, ITM; au 
(1) DtiboTAii Knowlton. 

She d. — ; b^ m, <») about i791, Luey Crow, of Torhngford, b. 1170, 

dan. of Xal.hjirk-1 Crow, ^f Tlnrtford, He i\. 3 Mar, 1J^3? ; ^e <l l.t ?vh., 1823. 

Ui^ vtrus a KvolutioDarv eoldier; cnliptfd 177i), in hif falbcr^e company and' 
HTveil (lirougltciiu ■lb*? i-iiLre war. He wa« Ln the dimslroua rampaign against 
QuctfTc, wl^fot MontfTomerr fell. He hod jq>plied for a p^nakin, ant! tf hr had Uvvd 
on« hour lonp^r his fainily wonld havp pvc»>i¥wi pav for his loag Uirm of aervico. 

1r 1744^ lit^ ]i\^ lu Bariihaiikated; 1794 rem, to Pafb* S. \\, and aften 
to Kraakfort, S, Y. 

Chiltlrrn by fini trift. 

-|-378fi I.IT1U," b. 11 Jan^ USH; m. Capt. JanK« Portket. 

+9767 Tbcmas."* b, ; m- Delaikr HaM«lkB«. 

4S788 l^EnoK."* b. U FaK 17&8; cl Mirj^aM KllliKer. 
+2789 PuiMMu,^ h. St Oct., 1790; ni. Julin Itandall Ston«. 

ChUdrm b^ second vif4. 
9760 Knwix,» b. in PoriA HiU, 11 Scfit^ 1795. In IS19 be went to Mobil^ 
.\lfl-, to join his brtjiUicT, Thetcn, in buaineWr *^> in ahoni thm 
weeke, d, of yellow faver; waa iuuil 
"4-»91 NATaAKtEU** bi 93 Aup, 17S7; m. S»™h Siar Kdlo**. 
+CTW DinoitAU.* b, 93 Julj. 1799; n, John DuricI Ha*wlkB*L 
+9^93 AtJULLA,'* b. 14 Julv. ldQ9; nu Jonas A. Odle. 

9794 ALMmA." bL In Pari*, 17 Sept. ISW; m. Dec-, 1896, Dr, AHn B, Main, 
a noted phv-^cinn and surj^ron in the war of 1919; lie lirvd and d»! 
in Chfirn- Crc^, N. T. Aft^r bi« d«alb sha rea. trith Iwr aialtfi 
DeWrah/iB OakflchI, N. Y. 

996. CLEilENCH.^ ibn. of Capt Noah" <359), b. in N^w Flariford, Conn.. 18 
Fob,, 17W; nu 9 Xov,, 1780, Uathins Hurlburt, h. 18 June, 1755, boo of Dr. 
Joilah flTiHhiirt. r^f B*Hin, Cnnn., h. 10 Ort , 1704, and Snaannab Ij*. 

He d, iji CaukiU, .\. Y., 13 Apr.. 1914 : i^e d. in Uika. N. V., 31 JnU, 1819, 

Tub KELuxioe rv tux Ksv Wokuv 


Uv m. m llnrtford, CoDa,» Richmond, iiaoi-, and Hhitc«towii, X. Y. H« 
rvd in Uw ravolutiooflry war. &nd !iU vridow r»ctnv«?d u pcrrutioa. 

W95 r*/M iluriifurt^ b. 31 Aag., ITSl i d- , in Wcrtcm New Yort 

«?;»£ K^itogg iitiribtirt,'' b. '46 Aup., 17^3. 

j;ii: Tfl™*;/ nvHburt,^ b. ig Jim., ns:. 

S?f»d Bfnj4min F. ISurl^rt,^ b. In ^liiUfitowii, G Mcir, irf^; m, Elitabetk 

SSOO HWgfl UurP/uft,^ b. in Ncir llartlonl. 10 Mnr., 17P6; d- 12 D«c,, ISlt. 
S^l /I .^oTf,^ liver) nit^da/. 
88as 7A<*«« ^. IlMrlbuH** h. in Wlal<«twD. 8 Xot., ISOI, 

•97. JESBE,^ con of CapU Noab* (ftSd). k m \ew Hartford, Conn-, 2G &«pi.. 
17G9; m. ( 1> 10 Ubv^ KSl, Siuaniu Gri»wold, b. 4 Junc^ 1761, dan. of S^Dt 
finMrnld, of Ww Hnrtford. nnd Ann , 

She d. in N<'w Hartford, N. Y., 10 Nov.. 1793; be m, (S) 1754. Mra. Mair 
(RnauU) ParUh, widow of CapL Pariib, of Branford, Conn.; d. %S Feb,, 1813, 

He re& in MftTCcUw, N. Y. 

He vfli4 iu Iltr rvxx}1utii>Tiaii-_v umiy, ifi tliifr Rii^Tit<vrlt Connt'dinil Reg.; 
•erred from 19 A&k. to 35 t>rpt., 17»C, in N«v Yoric. He bought land in Oaiiii- 
iUn«,N-Y„9 Aug., 1»03, 

-(-fiS03 STLviA,^b. 1& Fc*b.. IT^^^; m. (1) Williana Machan; (?) Maj. Samuel 

Pit me. 
-f»W FbANcna* b. 13 Jqdc, 17&1; n. John IL Wanvn. 
-f 2M5 AvaKi^^ b. 21 Oct, 1767 ; nt. Lora T^ler 

-f-S$W BjoeAMOif."* b. 1 m> OlWo SUttom. 

+W07 CEonoE," b. ; cl ilni. Tliankfyl (Dart*) Palmar. 

4-2ft0e JoHK nr[i«KLU"b. IC Hn>, 179^; m, Mury Ottcrwc 
^-$809 fciV6AX Gnisvoix," U 3^ &lar., 17$<i ; m. Jacob Chaac. 
tSlO Jcasi.'* bu 179S ; d. nnm ag«^ TO, in Mftn^lvB, N, Y. 
4-S8U D04u8Ti?3,'*K It) Jnn,180:; m. (1> ; (8) Alida Kcnnada; <3) 

Mft]adiiH Inghftm. 

898. SABAH»dan,ofCaftXoih«(3fi*).L«88ept,1761; m. 10 May, 1781, 
Oaniri V, Sandeforth. 

She d. in IVtcnborocigh, N. Y., abont 1814. 

ll« van a tailor; n>4. in N^v Hartford, Coon.; mn. to Ntrv Hartford, N. Y., 
and HiVDcv tu \}m BWk Biver oountrjn 

Ult S^raJt .*'^«deforih.* b, Sept,, 1T81 i m. fl) Amos Gri<lli->\ of Farmiug- 

tojj ; m, (2) about J8«7, Capt. Wilbam Clark, of tJtJca, N, V. ; d. 

in Urttflklyn, X. Y^ Apr., 1851. 
?813 Jtfflry ^PoUy) Sandef^rtk,'^ b. . 

t815 2fuim« S^ndfforiK,^ b. l 

M17 <?nw» San4f!t>rtk** b. 

988. nULDAH LAV1XA7 dniu of Capt Nofth« (36^), t. 13 Scpt^ i:63; m. 
Sftmu^l Norton, of New Htrtfordr N. Y. 

^hv d. in Xvw ITArtfnrc), N. V., About I^DS, 

S831 itiman A^(?f*>fi,» b, . 

«8ft3 fl»rairt yorUtt/^ b. - 
2821 jlnifr^^ ^ofi<M,^ b. 

58M >'«««« NorUH." b. 

lOOa, MIKIAU.' dAU, of Capt. Xo4h^ (352), b. in Xev Hmrlfor^ Couil, 6 
S^pU ITGG . m. 17 Dec, 1784, Noah Seymour, b. 10 Not-, 17^9. 

He a. a« Mar.. 183a ; she d. U Jaa. JtMS. 

Th<7 \\\M ill Ni?w Hnrtford. Oonr., imtil 1813. then rem. to So^ii*, Wnyna 
Ctx, N. Y. He WW A rGfolmion&ry widicr. 

XW7 Mormon :ieymour,^ b> 11 Doc, 1785; d, 30 Sept. 1K02. 

2fQ8 /^U A'. Sf^mottr,^ K 3 Mnr, ir8i%; m. Sfi Fdi., 1812, IVIiDifA Spmcftr, 

b. 4 June, W3 ; d ST Oct. 1844 or '46; rfic i Nov., 1873, 
£829 Xovrtfn ^«^r»jr,'* bi 15 June, 1790; m- Sarah OlmetoBd. dflu. of Gam- 

alitflOlmntead; nrnt. to Wolw^tt, K. Y.; i3. in Nrw Harlfoni, K. Y, 
2830 iJwIrfa^ Jj'njmflur^b. 15MnT.,37fll; cl John Ro*', of Butlrrr, Wavno Ca, 

N, Y. 
2331 EMcr Sftfmour,^ b, 14 Mar., 17S>tt: m. Joshua LyrnAD; tt^ in AahU- 

bula Ca, O- 
S332 Horace Sc^mour^ b. Sfi Jan., 1801. 

2833 Jtiiic ^flymotir.** b, (J Apr.. 1603; hl JoUn Loto, of Wayne C<i.# W. Y. 
fi834 Sorman J^eymaur,^ \k Ifl July, IflOT; wn, in Wajtiw Co-, N, Y. 

1001. JOANNA/ dflo. of Cnpt. Nori!i« (5.^2). b. W Jaa,, I7€8; m. la New 
HArtford, X. Y., 5 May, 1785, Willinm Thmll. 

2835 ffJamior nn*??.« U . 

8836 ifaniuA 'JTkretf « b. . 

lOM, MICHAEL.' son of r»pt. Xoah« (352), b, 4 Mat., 1770: m, 55 S^t. 
1795, Sarah (Sally) OiUott. b. 9 Aug.. 1773, dau, of Capt, MalUieit OiIIl^I ai»J 
LoU Douj-Iaa, who*e tatbi't, Samuel l>oug)AA, was ono of Iho finl Mttlon of Nev 
HHrifnM, N. V. 

Ho d. SO Nov., 1831 ; Ab« d> »8 Apr., 1858, aged 84 ; botb w<*Te burJed b 
Tovft Hill oemolerj, New Hariford. Coon- 



He «u ft cdrpcDtor; liT«^ on tbo <»id homortMoli thre^fovnha of a tiult 
ttiutti of ilir in«<titig-hoiaM ovi Tr>Tn\ HJIL He vm adcl to have beea quite la- 
|:auoii», bi;t ceT«r accunnlfttcd much property, 

^837 Imuea,* b> -I S«p^ 1T97; m. Adtbel Manh, b. In New Hutford, Conn., 
is Oct, 1796, Kin gf Af«bd Miin4i mi<3 Abi|:&iJ Ward, b. in N^«w 
Hartford; d, Apr. ldG8. 

td38 Lon^'b. 2 Apr, 1800; m. Ro^olphtu Andf^vi; d. 184^ 
•f 8839 Oboroe." b. :£<! Aus., 160^; m. (1) Caroline Bojd^; (Z) UehiUbel 
Camp; (3) Boulih Camp. 

2840 Makoaut." b. 19 Oct, 1804; n, C. Boedler; d. Sept, 188ft* 
^H-2841 Sabab.^ b. VI Jan., 1S07; dcl Boavell Coolc 

3diS FBASCte* k II S<-pL, 1809; m, 1828, Hvnry CanUr; d. 13 DetL, 18fl5. 

8843 Edwin Uioiacu" K 8 Jan., 1813; id. 36 6ct> 1840^ iii> counn, Jane 
Carolina Itoae, b. t Apr., 1817, dsu. of Level Rtm, b. 15 Jun^ 1787, 
and Panlha GUkii, b. Ifl Aug., ITDJ. Ht lii«l in Nt-w Harifordj 
wu in tbc clock bueiiit::^ until his h<ulth failed ; returned to CooD., 
boogfit a farm and rWv there nrtil hie dc«th; d. !d Nat., 1356; 
•he d. 93 June. 1898. 

28M IcoyABD,* b. 14 Jan,, 1815. 

1008. CLAET83A/ datL of Capt N»h'> ($59), k 19 ftUj, 1777; m. (1) W- 

He d. ; she ntvned to Ccnnectlciit and m. (8) ■- - Peck, of 

Proridcccc, B- I. 

Ckildrtn ly first hutband. 
2845 WiUi^m Wh^elrrf b. . 

»4fl C/«niw«w IFA«ier» U 

SMS i>ari4f Kftl&g^ Wk4t2^,^ b- 1880, TUvcnnA, 0. 

CA(I<f bjr second husband, 
8849 ifiiiitfMt P«*,* U ^ , 

lOia MABY ANNVdau^of A»hbcl* (351). bf) Q^t., 1761; m. in New Hart- 
ford. Conn,, 2 Mny, 1782, Jri4ah Gwvlord, b. Mar,. 1761, »on of WiUiam Gaylord, 
t. Nov.. 1733, and S«rah Kilej, 

Shfi d. Oct, ime; had Joinod th« church in New Hartford, 7 July, 1783, 

SO CA/oft Offjrf^rrf* Wpi. 7 JuIy, 1783, in Nm Hnrtfrml, Conn. 
1851 ¥ary ^iii« £%J<ml,' bap. 16 Oct, 17^5. 

aSftS fffwin* Oa^Ofd,^ b. 82 Mar., 1795; niu ) Maj, 1815, SilUe MewengCT; 
had two childrCD. 

imi. ASHBEU*^ Ma of AUibfrl* (854), b, 18 Oct, 1703; tn- 3 Jone, 1730, 
Slartha Bacon Ward. L tO Mar, 1774. 

He d. 24 Apr.. 1^35 ; hW d- 1 Jul>, 1i%45. 

lit TV*, in Brookfield and Adame Cf^tcr, N, Y< 

Hv woA onF of thd tw^re men who wont from Connecticut in thi^ «priDjr of 
1790 and ^tled in MadiaoD Ca, N, Y,, whtre ht liiml forlj-Gw jairs. From 10 


The Kelloooi in t^k Skw Wobld. 

S«pL, 1832, to tho time of hi« death he rwidoii in Adatne C«Dtor, X. Y., vbcro titio 
bomvatead U now oirned by Prank Hot«t, irho m. a gr^al granddaughter He 
w>» n member of the Proabjtcrinn Church in Bridjccwaler- 

+2853 ABUQin. Loouift,* U 27 Oct^ l"Vl; m. Naac}- SAuniJcn. 

+2S54 t^ASi™,^ b 3 War.. i:94; ni. Benjftinm Soiithwk-k- 

+3855 GATUHU3 « h. 31 July. 1797; lo. Ko«iimL Wiiruur 

+$ft5a LuKK," h. 6 Apr, 1**00; m. (1) AdHh Muxiwn; (S) Mr», Pftlii?ow> (Ken- 

jon) I'cttit, 
+2857 Makia,'* b. 31 Jan., l^'i\ vtL Nonoan Coo. 
%^3S Aufvr,^ K 7 Pub,, IS04; m. (ri^rgr (lunlirnijugh 11iiili>r; rt*. in Cutile, 
N. v.; had no children. 
+J859 Olivia,^ b. IT Jnly, 180G; m. Henry Bunce, 
+M60 Orek.'* b. 18 Jan.. 1309; tn. Ilame't Leonorn FttUw- 

28*>1 MoxxooMEBT AtftTis,** b. 21 Aug, 1811 ; -L T Doc, 1812, 
+28fl2 IflAAu," b, 22 Not,, 181A; va. (1) JuliHte Gmmmoii; <2) Ann JaavUv 

1013. LYDIA,' diiu. of A»hb«J* (364), b. 19 Due, 1768; hl Smith- 

Sh*-d. GSf-pt, itn. 


2863 Dai/Un Smith,'* b, • res. with his undo, Bhodmck (+1018), tlLI 

ot agVf whta he wm. lo PhilnU'lphiii, Pn. 

1014. KLIJAH,'' «»ii of Afthbel® (354), b. 12 July. 1770; m, (1) io Nw n«rt- 
ford. t Oct, 1791, DeboraJj Ward, 

Sh<?d, ; horn, (2) Mrs, Zodia Taylor; ftho d. ; he d. 5 Dec, 

1830, in Clnridon, O, ; he' Imd pn^virtuuly lived in Tullj, 0. 

+28M KoDKEiCK * b. 1706. in CUridon, 0, ; m. Sally T«yIon 

+28GCt SontuOMA,^ b. lTil8; ni, (1) Simeon Calking; (2] Eri H&sml 

28fi3 LVDi/^" L ; »1. umii. in CUriiion. 0,, in IfiTfl. 

+2867 IflAAO* b. 16 Dec., 1803; dl Cynthio Talbot. 
+SAfi8 Ft.uAu«b, 111 Apr, 1809; m, Kmmeline Aidorman. 

1015. LITOY.^ Jail, of Anlibel*' (3M), K tG Feb.. 1773; m. Silaji Do«i£b«. of 
Now Hartforii, Conn., >tr>n of Sunuifl Douglas, Jr., and Abt^il Plcw^n, dAB. of 
Csjrt, Flowera. of New Hartford, 

ThcT wltled itt ftTutt*towD. N. Y. 

28ftft ^ir«Huj Dotiffios/* b. ; ul ; had a Urgi* famlljr. 

1017, XANCY,' dnu. of Adhbel* (35-1), b. 2 Apr.. 1776; oi- Oct., 1795, OuD- 
$li*i\ LAomif, b. 20 Nov., 1771, «^n of Daniol Loomi«, of Lcb*iion ond GovoaH^i 
C<ukn,, aiLd Marv Spra^e. 

8ho d 23 Xov>, 1S06: ht in, (2) 17 Fit^-.. 1307, EIuftb<:lh Root 
H* d. In RuTinond, Wb., 12 Di>e., 1SG4 ; ^h^ <l 15 N'oi., 1870. 
He rem- in \%00 to ?raU*burg, X. Y., aEid in 184fi to WiiCMttilL 



8870 .V(w^ LoomU.^ b. 19 Oct., nD9; m- fi- Nor., l«til, Kliflhn AIU4; i 3 

Xnr., 18©*, in Csxpnom, N. Y. 
8*7! FoUy Spra^M I^omUJ' b. 16 Xov„ 1801; m. 1 Jolj, 1984. Milo Aldet^ 

maa; d, 7 Ji!n»-\ 1S4J. in I'mluburK. 
2872 SG^rxfHia Uvinm." h. 7 Miir, t80^; m. 2 Maj, ld37, Tli^mu Qtrt; 1 

«5 iUr, 1853, in BclvidOT^?, lU- 
fi673 Jmcfi^a ff. A/^omw* b. IS \'cjv.. 1803; m. 23 T^., l«^4, Aia HopWiit; 

A 18 iJ4T, 1614, in i*ifllto<bunr- 

1018. BHODERICK'-onof Aflhbel»(354).L£4Dec,im'; m. <1) S^ July, 
1805, SaLrii Clark, h, tlwut 177:5, in W<tft Hartford, CcniL 

Sbif fJ, 25 Pw-, IfiOQ ; Uc m. (S) 31 May, 1810. Mary UngmrthT^ h. la Hop- 
ki&toD. R. L, Nov., 177T, dau, of JoHph Lan^orttiy* b. in HopkintoD. about 
1750. and Loid La^Ib : d, 10 Apr, 1817 ; ahe rem. with her aoc, Aranch, to Ogle 
C«>^ 111, whi-rciJi^d. 1857, 

He vas t, ftrvicT and thocmalcfrr, but waii tinablo to labor on the farm on ac- 
eonnt of a arifT knee, cauced by a whitp swi-lling, H-* rem, frftm West Hartford, 
Cooiv, 1809, to Sttn^rlldd, N. Y.. and to Wbitt^town. 161^. v^licre lie d. 

Chitd^m by first itif9. 
■^74 Lot'iSA MAfticTTA." b. 25 Junt, 1S06; m. Chrlitopher Lan^orthy. 
8875 L*:<:YCUhoL!Xfc,*k22 0i:t., 1807; d, 4 Apr. 1808. 
S8?« HKvnT S,,« b. 11 Oct, 180&; d. Feb., 1810. 

ChUdTMi by fffnnrl mff- 
t87? Siii3(KT* Apr, 1811; d. ft .lurip, ISIi. 
3878 A Guild,* b. 31 Jan., 18U: d. $2 Jan., I81S. 
2879 lxmnitZ9,' K tft thfo., 1813; d, G Mar.. 1314. 

3680 AUKDA^"^^ yar., lAMi m. (1) ArHhiiw JnRctt^; Dbti*; <2) Rarrict 
l^acrotia lliUa; (3) Deedeniona Pierce, 

1010. ASAHEL.^ aon of Atthbt-t^ C^$^}. K in Nev Hertford. Ooiut.. U Si^pt, 
1783: ni- 4 Jan.. 1809, Amandn Sp<nw»r, b. in Nt-w Ilnrtfard, Conn,, 7 Doc., 
I78.V daa. cf XatbanieJ Spencer, b. 21 Apr., 1748, and Loia 8tc«k b. 1B6 Ma^, 

Hp d. 17 Mar., 1813, in Ckridon. O. ; ^.W- J, in Uidi^cTvillp, O., 1 Di*,, 1987, 
He aixi bi* brotiicr, Cottor, lived on hi* father** fftrm in New Ilartford. 
., ftAd owiMd a ?atnnit1 ; they al&ri mHrnfnernrod wagons, carriagc«« etc. 
aold cni in 1611. and iHith moviil to CUridun. Gtstugn Cix, 0. T1l« trip wiui 
with a one-horM team and tlLrec ox Ivania and thov were five wecloi 00 Iho 


JcruA C.1B0UXE." K 17 Knv.. 1810; m. Col Brflrtiift Speneer. 

LccT Amaxdju' b. 7 Ali^., 1813; in. i<c\\ JaniM Attrtin Frofton. 

SiiKKUAK Akiiiikl,' b. 31 Mar., 18111; m. Nancy Tnybir. 

Electa UtnaA,"* k 19 Sept.. 1818: m. Warwu K. Taylor, 

Stlvia Srjwi^JMA," h- 15 May, 1822; m. (I) l^i Apr, 1848, Rev, James 
A. PrcaJoa. who hod prCT-iously m. her ^^i^t^r, Lucy, lie d- 31 Julj-, 
184»; ahe m. (3) in tb& foil of IH5A Henry Lyman IWbot; d. 30 
Frii., ISeJi ; fv il 18f>7 ; lud no idiihlr^ii. 



139 TUB XeV WoitLD, 

1091. COTTON,' 60D of A^bel<* (Ui), h. in Ncv Hartford, Cocm^ IS Aug., 
1TS5; m. Elijeabeth (BctM.v) UojK--i, b. £t Jnno, lT9a 

Sbc (L in Hartford, Conn., 17 Nov., 18^4 ; he 1 in Claridon, 4 Tkv^ IdfiG. 

Ho vs£ a farmor; in Ibl5 ha rem- from CoFinooucul vilh Iua vife and one 
diild, »nd H'tiM in Claridiiiir O,, whrrr hdivi-d uiUil l)i» (li«tli; bfi mtahlblii-il n 
Mvniill, vhich wn* ot grt^t H:rri<v to the curly fcttlen; was t Cmk^r^fttioiialUt 
aiLd a Republican. 


-)-SS86 Sophia Naoiu,* b, in Cosn^tlout, 1^16; n. Aat Covl««- 

4-B8»T -Taw Mt SinxKr,' b. 20 Od., 1818 ; m. Emma l.ttcj StanKop^, 

-4-S888 Cvitira Alphet,* b. S3 Apr.. 1832; m. (1] Anna K. All^tc; (3) Mary 

Serena Rayden. 
+2839 CehjOK Axx.* L 13 Oct^ lS£d; m. Aloiuo Simeon WaUa. 
2890 CiiACitfOin:^ (adoptgd) ; m, Ly<5ia Lorinda Strang (2^4). 

1023- SARAHJ dan. of Anhbcl" (354). b, 21 Fcb.» 1788; m. 30 Xov^ aw>8, 
Elidia Strong, b. 2fi Dee., ITW., fton of Elijah Strong and Ij^a Rockwell 

Bhcd. 3Uar., I860; hed- 18 Jan.. ISf^l. 

He waa a gaafmith in ClAri^on, 0. 


tan WiUiam Kdlo^g Sitting,* b, 4 Oirt, ISOD; ol Bt* tinm; jcfc in Big 

Itapid^, Mi<-h. ; wa^ n fnnemith, 
2892 Xttcy C'JTTAtUa Stromj.*' b 16 Mar., 1812; d- 2 Oct, 1813, 
3803 8arahA!mira Strong.*^ b. 8 Dm^., IS13; m. jamca 3. Wcnvcr; d. 10 Uay, 

3894 Lydifi Lorinda Strong.^ b. 37 Jan., 1S16; m- C Feb.„ 1859, Normas 

Cb>Lu:1C1^y Kdio;-;; (V>^1»0>, ftdE>|>h<d aon of Oott/Mi KcUo^; ho d, 

9 ft<-pt, 1873; thp iaUr m«. in &Forgnn, 0- H« van A c*Tpcotrf 

and joiner in Morgan. 
ZS^^ EtUka Austin Str^ng,^ b, 14 Ang., 1819; was a farmer in Milford. Ind. 
2fl9G Janifsi Afhhfll Strang^'^ h. 3 Nm., Ifitl; n» a (pio»initli and jeweler in 

Hmdr, Mich. 
380T Blijah Ho^^v^U Strmir,^ b. 1 Apr,> 1837. 
2808 Jhlta Irmc Slron^," b. 6 May. 1639; m. ClaHt. of LowelL Kent 

Co., Uich. 

1033. AUANDA,^ aon of Atitihel*^ (334), b. S Sept.. 1790; nL I^un Covlo^ 
dan. nf Jurigi^ Aiv« Cowli-f, a( N>n' TTortron], Conn-, and Claridon, O., and Sihyl 
MerriU. b. 4 June, 1766, 

He d. 3S Mar , 1878. 

JK- wn* a fanner in CInridon, 0.. wh^rc ht Bcttkd Sn 1613; wa» • rapccted 
member of tho church and foeiotr. The homeAtond vn^ left to hie Tonng««t fOCi, 

+2S99 Tmuka Coknku* * K 30 Oet. 1810; m. JoAin yiard Strang. 
3f*00 DwioiiT 0..^ b. ; m. Catbcrino Adanu; ro. in CUndon 0., in 

2901 Cakboix a,,* U ; m. 3I»rj Dod^; bfid no chlldnfn- 

The EELLOOGfi im the New Wohld. 225 

1081. TIMOTHY/ eon of Deacon Timothy« (360), b. in Sheffield, Mass., 23 
Aug., 1767; m. <1) , 

She d, ; he m. (3) (pub. in SheffieH 17 Feb., 1798), Eunice Cowles, 

of Toiringford, Conn.; she d. ; he m, (3) Mrs. Eleanor (Loomie) Cole, 

b. in New Hartford, Conn., 1761 ; d. in Pulaski, N. Y., 10 Aug., 1827 ; ahe d. In 
Meudon, Mich., 20 Oct., 1845, aged 84. 

He rem. from Sheffield in 1806. 

He was a revolutionary soldier; served in Capt. Fitch's Co., Col. Hopkin'a 
Reg., Julv to 3 Aug., 17?Ci in Capt King's Co., Col. Brown's Reg., 29 June to 
21 July, 'l777, and in Capt. Fitfh^e Co., Col. Ashley^H Reg., 8 July to 4 Aug., 
1777; in CapL Loomis' Co., Col. Aehley'e Reg., 14 to 18 Oct., 1780. 

2902 Tbumax,* b. 1778; was living unm. 1838. "Uncle Trum" was a gen- 
eral favorite. He perished in a severe Bnowstorra. 

+2903 Maby* b. 8 Feb., 1730; m. (1) Josiah Curtis; (2) Tullar, 

+2904 Electa.^ b. 1783; m. Barnott Bushnell. 

-1-3905 James » b. 1792; m. Bedee JeweU. 

-t-2906 Nancy,® b. about 1795; m. EHsha Hubbell. 

+2907 John Jay® b.'ll Apr., 1801; m. Jane Maria Bull. 

-1-2908 Ehastub,* b, 11 Get, 1804; m. (1) Lucena Ann Brace; (2) Mra, BUaa- 
beth (Harrington) Homer. 

+2909 Ebekezer,^ b. ; m. Polly Saiton. 

2910 A Dauohteb,® b. ; m. Abner Hubbard, 

2911 Mabtis,^ b. . 

1053. 0ZTAS7 BOB of Deacon Timothy" (3fl0), b. 17 Dec, 1760; m. TsabelU 
Williams, b- 21 Dec., 17G2. 

He d. . 

After the oloae of the revolutionary war he settled in Stillwater^ N. Y. He 
was a revolutionary eoUlicr; fiervcd in Capt AVilcos's Co., CoL Brown's Ri'Km ^t 
Mount Independence, N. Y,, 22 Feb., 8 Apr., 1777; in Coi. Ashley'^s R<^g, several 
times from 8 July, 1777, to 28 Oct, 1781, 

AdminiKtration on his estate was ^rnnte^ in 1790 to Timothy and Isabella 
Kfllo^rg. 0;iias was then called 'late of Egremont." 

She m, (2) 24 Nov., 1789, Elijah King. 

+2912 William.* b. 20 June, 17^4; m. Mary Stadler Allison. 
+2913 TiM0THT,8 b. 20 Julv, 178G; m. (1) Sarah Hurlburt; (2) Elizabeth 

1054. TRUMAN T son of Deacon Timothy" (3fi0), b. in Shcflield. Mass., 25 
Oct, 1764; m. 3 Dec, 1789, Abi BinRham, b. in Saliabur}', Conn., Jan,, 1766, 
dan. of Daniel Bingham and Hannah Conant. 

He d. in Pittstown, N. Y., 15 Oct., 1809. 

Administration waB granted on his estate, in Troy, N. Y., 11 July, 1811. He 
vas a clothier by trade. 

She m. (2) Manley; d. in Cincinnati, 13 Dee., 1838, while viaiting 

her BOBj Albert. 


iToB Kn>L0008 iH Ttte New Wq&ux 

2D14 AtwiTSTEJ^" 1i, in SaliKlmry. Vaniu, Od., 1790; Vitiit voath in ISU, and 
ttBA ncrcr bcArd from. 
+Sdl5 Oi»»K,^ Ix in Plonda, N. Y,,'27 Aitg., i;02; m. Elo«iior CUrlc 
+$»16 TauMAK." b, m Sftiiftbury, Cotuu- 15 Oct., 1795; lu. Adtmi Eterit 
-f«S17 KwiLY'Lin KIondji.N. Y,,ll Xov^ i:91i; m. (I) CliMl^rStcelo; («> 

Mrnm Hiiwlnli-. 
+$eiS ALBEirr,** Ix in FaUowo, IS Joiu, 1801 ; nu BEttbcih DodgooiL 
291J Cauic Bixouam," b. iu PitWown, :?: Jiav, 1806; tL io CiBoinaatl, 0., 
of ydkv fcTcT, while returning fmm New Orl«ftD«; wu unia. 

1051^. OLIVEU' K>D of Dcoci>ii I'iinothjr^ t^O), U id E^tnont, 13 Aq£., 
1T6T; nr II Uor.. 1:^2, Abi^'ail Jteajamin.b. 10 Jiin,» 177-L 
Hvd. ^J May, 184 J; sli<.-d. U Juiu 185:1, 
H« wu A Dircicr; rca id SStiliwatcr, Saratoga Uou, N. V- 

Vkildrtn. b. itt Smtuaifr. 

H-es)tO OziAft," b. 20 Jan,, 1793 ; m. . 

-+-2*iSl SiKAii iSAU,v),**b, 6 Not,, 17i*f!; m. RWn^^r Gilbert. 
-f2t*52 RuTH.^k H Aug-. !^t»2; m. Heiir> BaMwifl, 
-i-^VS3 BuzAHJiTii (l*I.1a^Y),'* b. Sfi Xov„ HJU6; m. WUliara D. Sww*. 
S924 Maicv (P»l[,v),^K 7 Julv, Idlt; m. 10 S«^jii,. Ift35, Jpoim Sirapun, of 
PiUlOD* N. Y, 

lOH. DKAOOX JOSUn JONHS,' soq of Deacon l^othy" (AGO). U tu 
Ej-r^n^oDC, Uaed., ?5 July, 17»iEJ ; nu 10 Jan., lin, Mai> (FoUj) Tajlor^ «f Ea^t 
BN^mHiI-i, K in lltt. 

She d. 7 July, 1830- he d. 7 KoT.> 1833, 

Iji iT^U'i Le rcnL from Ea«ii Blooiiifi«ld to Pcndold, N. Y,, wh^re he vaa 
farracr and cli>tli <irravr. He ir&» oau of the founders of tbc Probyteriaa 
Church in PcnfiDld. 

^925 No«MArr,"b. 13 Jnn^ 1791; d. 12 KcL, 17ftL 

+Sftai> Ei>wrNii,'* b. 3 May, i:^^\ m, Margaret PIIJb, 

4-Sl*S7 Sylvestee," K a7 Dec.. 1797: nu Clariaea 0*trander. 

20S8 CiiiXiK,'* b. II Mar, 17»9; m. Calrb Warren, 

+8989 SiRAH (3ali,t),* ti. : tVU, laoi; la. John Wot vpr 

-j-2930 Dxulah * b. 7 July> 1SU4 ; at Jonathan Sbepard Aver. 

H-2S31 Almjka,* b- 8 Frb-, IfiOfl; m. HarriH Porti^r ColL 

:;93:i Mahy" b. 24 Apr, 1808; d 25 July, lJ*oa 

3tiS3 Daniel T.,*' b, VT May. im^; d, iirm., 7 Itor., 1H33. 

+3SA4 JoniAH J(i:<itfi.'' b, 1 Jnn., IdU, iii. Mm. Mai^rt^t JjutK (Tn>tU<r} TIniw 


+Sfi35 Mary (Pollt),^ b, 37 Ori., ISU; m, Hiram Koea. 

4-3d3( FuAXKLiN njULKiaO-S.** b. 14 Mar, IbU : m, Empictt Paulowna Robbiu. 

low. DEArON l^RA8TrS7 M>n »t D^.y^n TiiootUy" (W-i. Up, in K^ 
moat, 8 July. 1770; m. (1> l>oi)r Dctiiminfc (873), b. 3» ^VU. 1773, diu. ol 
Gamali^ rcTnming:, hnp, 1728. and Rpbot^ Kdlogg ^-f 384), b. II Jiin«, 1732. 

The Kellooob ix thb Xew Woui>. f27 

Sbv d. in PuImIc), N. Y., sboitt 1S14 ; the UkVjfiit «chuol in Kgronoct bofon 
brr nurrU^ lie m. (2) t Mar.^ ISlli, Un, Itboda (T&Uer) Vad DcaseiL 
She d, 96 Jun^ 1845; be d. 30 Aa^.. lt>&V. 
He watf ft bkcLxuiilh in Hgn-'UioaL; JtncTiQ in thv Coiigrvf^tioiml Churdi. 

STitTiv Dej*ix<>,^ U 2 Jane, i:^; hl <1> Sally Prindk*; (*> Ukfj 

Ckitdnn by t^Mtid trife. 
+H939 KiUOTca Wiu-uu.** b. 1 Juiic, 14416; m. KUv Ann Klock. 
2$4*) JlAKr Amaxiia,* b. SO Pfc-, laia 

1077. AZABIAH J mn of Autmh« {364), bu in HarwiBC^n, SL Kot^ 1T67; m. 
1 0«c., 1784, KoinnnA Cook. 

Hed, SB Ocu, 1810; ^hrd, 3 BUr, 1839, 

He VM A farmer; roe. on Lie faUicr'g bom««tead; vf&t one of th^ ulectnieD 
la n«rwiiUar Trtwi If^OO to 1804; wtUA Rirfinsi^ntalivL^ in tin* T>^£tbilatun?of Old* 
nccticnt, Kfl9, 1800, ^1, 'Oa, 

ChitdrM, b. in IlarvAftton. 
^3941 Aluk,^ t, dfS Oct^ UiiS; w. Ahnpr Wtlmn. 
+S5I5 Amaxdi." b. 19 Jta. 17^7; m. William S- OoodaelL 
+^343 Trcmas • b. ?« JalT, 17S8 ; m. Cvntlua UoM«tcr. 

ai»44 R<>x*," Ik 4 OrL, 17P0; d. II M«ir,, i:94. 

^45 llrLPAii." b. ^ Anjc., 1TI»9: d, 19 Mar., 1764. 

W46 KxKA,»U ? Jan., ITJlft; d. 9 Aug,. 1803. 

W47 GEOBOt'* U 8 Dtc,, 17$e; d. 7 May, 1750, 

?918 RoiA,*^ b, !7 Fffb., 180^; d. unnu 11 Muv, IS?:. 
+^4$ Onoiios,* b. 3 Mar, 1803; ra. Caroline Wcb<4t«r. 

1078, HAXNAlIJ dau. of Aarijtb* (364), b. 4 Au^., 1759; m. 18 D«c^ t7dS, 
JoMpb AuMJo. 

Ckildrm, b. %n I^^w Banf^rd, Conn, 
9950 MrcAiWd Autflin^ b. 9l» Deo., 1783. 
?!PM .VomrtK /ifj^r/in,** b. I? Apr., 1785, 
S952 ifM«r».^»^/;«.'*b, i: May, 1737. 

AU-KK/«>nof A«fi»h'* (SfiJ), b, 8 Oct., nC3; m. 23 Pr^ T7ft.% 
VvcU C«tiin, b. in UarwinloiL. ITO^ or 'GG, dau. of Gcor^ CatUn ani Miad- 

wvll Phelpi 

Uc? rv«. in ITanrintoD, Oonii. 

Do WBA a ri^nlutiooarj aoldior; ccrrod in Cot CampGeld't Coim«cticat 

Wlitia Ifeg., at Ve9t Point. ITdl. 

Childr^m, 5. fn B^rminfmi^ 

t9SS DAVcnrm,* h. 6 Aug., 1766; d- 10 A«g., 1795. 
?fM SABiu,»b.Z* Jnly, 1787; d. f 5 Sept., 1789. 
»K> Amj:v ■ I. 85 S<i>U 1:89; d. 31 Jun-, 17M- 
»M HoRiCE^b. 3UjftiL. K«; d- nnm. . 



-f-99&7 ALCX^MDn,^ b. 6 Jtinr, K^i; tn, Mary Ing^TMlL 
^^b% i^AUUA^t* b. U K<»% 1T97; m. David Bcjkton; hs^ tto chMr^. 
S95i» MixnwELb.' k 10 Aug., ISOO; aJiiuu«l lu tW t'hurch in Tomi 

Conm ia 1st i, ami t^ Ui« cburch in ftiiiMvillc, in lS3t$, when 

wiLA 1i;iiig inini, in l^?!^, 
99C0 Uann'au." b, £v 3lav. It^lT ; m. nd lud frKond wif«; Aedid Hooker, b. in 

Bristol, Conn,, 15 June, 1793, ton of In Hooker, h, U Mtr., 1760, 

inct Amy llnmiit, U 19 Aiiff., ITiiS; hr <I. 27 Apr, It^; ^^c d- 3 

Uny, 1H<5; both (L in BhatoL Conn. 
UJMI HcLftAU,*' U ; in. SuphM 8harple«s. 

ion. JACt>B.'»onof A£amh"(3r;4),b. in Harwinlon, 54 Aug-, 17W; m. (1) 
(pub. In Shfflleld. 31 Oct., i:8i>>» Dvbomh GrUwoId, U 1731. 

ebc«1.dM«r., IfilS; hi-m. (3) 2D Aug., 1813, Ual ElUalx^ (B<«M 0«^- 
lord, U Sfi Au;;., 1781 ; a. 1? Apr., 1»:&5, A««d 8l». 

Ht uft^ cftlliHl JAi^iA) K«11og}t;. «vvond, wlicv he v^m pobliabofl In SHcAeld. He 
rem. to AO«in», Jofli-rwn Co.> N. Y..About ISW, antl watf lli^vay Commiwtoiicr 
in 1803. 

ChUthtn h^ gf$t vift. 
-i-Wt^ nA^x-iH,* b. 13 Au*:.. lTiK>; m- Sii-phi-ii Billinpi WrighU 
806a SxiMOS^ b, 31 July, Kl*2; d. unin- 6 May, 181X 
e^e^ Au»Kv,^ U tA Mftr., LVd4; id. CaJrin Kox. 

^965 UinniET.'^b. iMar.. i;96; to. FteHer D, StODo ; d. 24 Joty, 18^4; lie 
hve<i bi Ada mi. 
<-f£966 l^wiH.'^ b. 1£» JiiTii% n!M; m. l^^uiHt Rn-inl. 
+S9St Jaood.*^ b. 31 Julv. IdOO; in< Pannv BilliniZiL 
«{(«$ Lot8,« k te Apr.. Ifi03 ; m. NoImi S^TiBonr, of AdaiM^ X. T. ; Mb d, 

i» Adama, N. T. ; had no cUldtcii. 

adOS SiU.V,* b. 9 IV^-, 1«05: d.younfi. 

8970 KutiirTTA," K ■% Not, Ift07 ; d, ua Jan., Iftlft, 

S9T1 ALESLUfDCR lUuitTos-," b. ID Adams V May, ISll; m, U F«k* 19S5,' 

T^vfiDa Hall, K in J^rlT^noii C<x. N. Y., 71 July. 1^18. dan, of 

Danic-1 Hall, b. in Conn.. $ Aug., 1T89, and Anna MilU b. al>ont 

1790. He waa a fanaxr in Adamt, N. T. ; bad no chiMron; in 

1858 ihe> adoptod Arabelk Henriata MeCl^Mky, b. Zl Jan., 18^ 

S«f9 SAt.uox.'^b.l!! May, 18tt: aecidnitallflnUed. !^ Ang.. 1836. 
+i91Z Keaswi s OAS^rix * b. 14 TW., 1813; m. T^utfta M. BIWs. 
+89:4 KuxAarm," b. II JnW, 1818; tn- (1> Williau Brown Uiniwu; (S) 


t9?( Anxa* k tfi Au;-, 1£^; no. Jolm Adanu; Wb d. in Wt^tmam; 

no tidldrcn. 
t91t J(>*iit'Aa,«lLl7 0rL, 1824; 49 Jnnr, ISSSl 

lOM LOldJ dan. of Aaariah« (3&4}. K 5 Dor.. 1774. in Harviotosu Cona; 
n. 17 Mar., 1793, WiUiata Braton. son of Banabaa BcntoD and Ehttbtth 

CkUdrtn, i, im UantimUt^ 

WBftl ItiWt B4nhtiJ^ b. S Jan., 1704. 
tam Ui* B4mUm^^ b. 9 Mar, 1796. 

TitE K^Lioooa IS TUB Nswr Woiili». 

!9:& William Pom^oy flrnfrn*," b. 7 Jnlj, ITflS, 
9980 Jima fftnii^,'* b. SO tiept, 1800. 

1087. ABlJAII/>onQf AjMri>li«(n64).L in [Urwintmi, CmiiL, I Ikf&y. 17T7; 
m, m pArids OndtU Ctx, X. Y., 1>1 Oct., UOU Pninclia WjlUrd, b. in Stonin^ton, 
CoQP., ]» 8«>pc., 177^, djiu. of Kufns WilUird, a fanner id ^toningtOD, CoDja.* and 
PtnicJui Btldcn. 

Sl^ d. 3 AlAjr, I9i3; bcr d. 35 Jnii-, 1^(44. 

Tie WM6 ft <«q>nii«r in Arlain« And Roilman, K. V. 

+5W1 GBOaoE,** b. 30 Jttly. 1803 ; ol CaUsU Mo«e. 
-1-S?8a HiiuM* k 12 Nor., 1805; in. l*iiini>)i» lay, 
+2$ft3 CHLqK* k 18 3«rpU l-'fOS ; ni. Or» Cwli-y. 
+S9t^ ilA&nv CitoewBLL,'* b. 9 Usj, Itill ; m. i>arfth Chapia. 

lOfiS, SAIlAlU^^iUu. ofOdOi^ (3l»). Kin Wt^Hnrtfcrd^Q D«c., 1161; m. 
Nftthonicl ^tnour. K 93 Ang.. ]T63. 

S)i« d. H June, 1634, In W«t Hflrtroi^, Conn. : he 4 X« Frix, 1849. 

t9SS Emma iffynonr* It, IS Jud.. 1790; n«. 137^ in Wisit Hftrtford. 

5986 Uwue KcJhyg ^V^mour* b- 81 Oct-, IT91 ; m. 27 Feb., IfilS, ClftriMa 

Sfvmour, tinp- 15 J^n., 1792. dau. of Aftron Seymour, of Wc*t 

Hartforil 4nd Anna I'Mju; (3. € Apr., iaEi6; ah<}'d, 9 July> 1374* 

tgixl 84. 
2987 E<l¥in St^kottr,* b. S3 June, 1793 ; hl 13 Nor,, 181^ l^^Lcny Mrmll, of 

Mv^l Hartford; i m Kavi^nna. O., ^^ Mar. 1^*51. 
1988 Ma^n Srytuour,'' b, A IKv., 1794 ; m. II May, ltil9, Liiclu Hurlburt, of 

West HArtford; d. 31 I)tc., 1881. 
»89 Noihan S&^our,^ K 9 S«pt., 1798; d. unin.. Id Hartford, 18 Oct, 1842. 

low. MABT.^ ditL of Q^tpfl (»€), b, in West Hartford, Conn^ 4 June, 
17»; a. (1) 17M, Aaron Steele, of Wcct Hartford, b. 8 Jad-, 1761. eon of John 

Strd<f »ni] Chn»ttafi . 

He d. ; aho m. (8), na bin accond iHfc, Gen. llydi^ of Broome Co., 

N. T. ; hP d. 

ibod. 19 Fdx, 1K«, 

They «a in Uj'^le &eUlem«nt. K, Y. After the denth ol Gen. Uyde, ahe rem. 
to Owogo, N- Y. 

Chitdrtn bff fini hu^hani, 

Fofh/ fitfiU,^ b. m Tlnrtfonl, 1780; m. Jridm Stoddard; d. in Liilc, 
X. Y, 

9991 fiK-rj'' StMU,^ h. to Nov., 1T8T; dl Catharine Cook, of Hadley- d. in 

0*»<p> Co^ N. Y. 

9992 Liicy Stta9,^ b- 1788; d. in Pontiat;, llkh., 1 Apr., 1835. 

1060. JACOB/ aon of Geortfe*^ (36$). b. m Wv«t Kftrtford, Coim.. 10 Mar., 
17e«; m. 'i Tcb., 1791, CntberiiM Stcck, b. 2 Oct.. 17B«, dau. of Jonab Stodo, b, 
2A Feb.. ir^, an^ Elinboth Colton, b- 9 Dvr., 1728. 

Sh*- d- in Utica, S- Y., 6 May, 3835; he d- IG Mny. 1836. 

1I# rna described aa being nmriy 6 feet high, and wll proportioood; hia 
Imir, ccm|r]tjcion and tra vcre tig^hL 

Tub Kklloooi ix the New Wosta 

Children, b. in ir^t Hotiford. 

atd GnOAE," U 20 Jum% 1792; il. Ifi July* 1792. 
^-'Ml BLUABrru Coltox," b, S3 Ah^h, Kfi3; to. Rev, John Shearer. 
-j-3$9a CATiiKKiy£,«b. I Jan,, 1795^ m. William Andnifi. 
+2^96 Qbobob Stolb," L £6 Febu, 171)7 ; m. Cbloc TxEuij. 
-j-3997 AUAfnu.*^ t. 15 JalT, 17t*8; m. Dr. Jolm Alrop Foiiw. 

S993 CTPrTiiu»« K n Feb., 1800; m. 6 Mar., 1830, RpuUn ^<-l:rU WiUiamt, 
b. 14 Mar., 1^(H, eon of StTugu WiUianifi aod l\>bonh H&lch; d. 
12 No»., J&69; h« d. «l Nov, 1879; boUi d. in Pyrriral, la; had 
no cbibdrcD- lie cugigcd in tbc lumber bnuuMM and liad ft dm- 
diinv ohop in Cuyahoga Falli, 0- ; r«in* to lova in tiM ipriag of 

U999 JOSJAB,** b. »7 Jan., 180«; d. £6 Uar.. came jcan 

3^0 JooiAii 9rxuji,i' b, 26 Uar, 1S03; m, in Hartford^ Conn, tt Kyi^, 
1S3£. Lucj WmUmc QoodviD, b. \t Jan,. 1817. in that port of 
WiDdbOFp CoiuL, vhioh U hot the tovn of Bloomfield. She woa 
tJft- diitt. U TumJtJiv tiuu]wjn, b. -I Apr, 1783, am) BchJuIj Rlj. fa. 
%\ All;;, 179V. lie d. in Wasltinxtoa, U. U, 1 Nor., 1S82, o|;cd 
71^ ; vae bnri^ in tbp o1<1 Xnrth Bnn-ini; Ormmd, Iliinfon]. Vkfln 
a ^OQAg man he engaged in the pubUdiing and book baatneBi in 
IMUe, Ala., in the firm of Kellogg k Co. He waa vidd; known 
in the South. In 1838 be rem. to Sew H.ftfofd, N". T.; in 1881 
woa a Enetnber of the (tanitaiy coonanisRon, Waahingt^n, & C ; alter 
the war be practieed asatlomri' tnlhedejiartmonta; be was a Prea> 
bjrteriaru ^ig and Bep«hLLcan. 

3001 lUxi*.? b. IS ^yi.. 1S06 ; d. nun. in Bnttleboro, Vt., 30 Ang, 1871. 

3<H>8 HABeiirn£U> Srncijt." bu II Jntj, 1808; na UUad by falling from a 
tree, 27 Sent, I89t. 

ion. OHLOE/ dan. of George* (366), b. tS Aug. n(;9: m. in W»t Hart- 
ford, Conn., tl Oct., i:!K>. JMrph CadvcU, Jr.^ b. T May. 1768, ton of Jeoqih 
CadvetL of tt'rrt Harlfotd, and Thankful '■ 

She d. n Feb., 18-t7 ; be d- in UartinAorj^ X- Y, 17 Uar, 18IT. 

SOOS ffmry C§d^U? h 2A OcL, 1791 ; sl 9 OeL, 181«, Maria Hnrlbiirl, b. 
17 Apr.. 1796. dan. of Joe^ HvUiwt. of W^ Hartford, and 
Ifalinda Sedgwick; be vaa a pottar la Boom, N. V.; d. 7 Jnljr, 
1840; 9hed. 4 Jan., 1S74. 

MH &raA KiU^st Csd^ttU,^ b. 19 Xot, ITN : a. Jeraniab Smnonr; no. 
in LfjdMi, N. Y.; d, in lii-Tdm, AB|r-> li^BA, 

3»(tt Jaae^ Ca^ctV? h- in li«W, Broome Co^ N- V, H Jan., 1796; &. 
Jan., tas:, in TuritL X \\. Jntta Bn^ K S9 Jnir, 1802, dan. 
OUvtf Boah. of WdtSe^ Uoju.. and Tcroi^ and Efocto IVv^rj 
rihe d. in Txrin, 14 Apr, 1^13; be voa a cahicM>l-aiakcr m Ti 
tmUl 1881 ; A in Cape Vinwot, K T-. 9 Ant, IMi 

3098 dMnda Codv^^." U »T Dt<^ 1797 : m. V' ' ^18. Joae|ib IlMie^ rf 

Honoerilk, X, T-. b. * Apr^ i:9«, v .i»r Hcnta:', b 1759. 

and Abkgail UmWct. b. 17n3. be »me a fanner iu II 
ceMroted Ukar goWen vnlding; the d- 9 Iltv., 1&;^, ^.l*^ ilkhi 

Tbb KBLLoooa IK THK Xbw Wohlo. 


9Q0T Btnj^min Jonta CdJvfil,^ K 9 Uir., 1800; d. ta Dtnfaj, N, Y. 

»0O8 fffr^^* fVjrlr rr^tt-*'«« h. S Sept. 180». 

aOOO C^«#^ CaJtrfJ/.x b. 10 Jnlj, 1604. 

aOlO fifinii Std^fcUk CadrntU? b, la Ntw Hertford. N. Y., 17 A«g.. IftW; 
m. (1) l^r:, AMt (n>e«ny; cbe d. ? Oct., IfiTJt; be m. {%) S«pU 
1874, widow of ihodtdo Pmco- Ho vu « owrdiant in lEonx^ 
N. Y. \ JuRtJce of th« P«fiM ; eld^r in tbe Pr«»ijtm&n Churdi \ d. 
31 Due, 1S7£; had no vluklreii. 

3011 CAtfrJfjr ^f««;0 C'o<f«v/f,« Ix 1 Fvb., ISIO; tonUrkMl oa a vbalint- royn^ 
in New Bedford, Mou., «Bd wu never )i<«nl frooL 

3012 Jfflr^ JnneodtfW/,<*b,;;i Ai]g.,Uil?} m. Epb«&e Babbitt ; d. in Water- 
Wn^ N. v., a J«iu% 185a 

AUANDA,' datL of Goori^<« (36€>, L i& W<«t Hartford, Cod»., >8 Apr-, 
177S ; IS. IT Jmi?^ 1^9^ Jcn-miRh Tx^ming. 

He va«a v&nulAotw>r of pottery; BettJod la Indiana m 1820. 

3013 Jrrny ^rJJt)^^ J^ra«Rui^,"b. in Hirtfurd, HonTL, fVlbfAypIT^; m. iii Ve* 
York, 1 JoLy, 1S18, Lvdia Ca«wcll; w&« on« of the fiM commifl- 
t»m«n LD HaialltJm Co.. Ind. ; vu a Eann^ and ]n«n:haui; d. in 
HainiltoD Ca, IncU ^ ^^n^i 1868; had mtvcd vhUdn^c. 

lOM. LYDIA,* dttii. of G#<»t^ (3G«), b. m Wi^ Unrlford, ?9 Nov., 1774; 
01. TuDoth^ llerrill, b. In WceA Il«rtford, Conn., 9 Apr., 1779. 

8h4d. Ii>XoT,, 1831; he d. :t Apr., If^ll!, 

He waa a potter. 


8014 HwriH C. J/^rn/;,"* k in Hartford, Conn., 4 ft^pt, 17M; m. JuMt 7. 

Vail; d. in Xorwalk, Conn.^ 1&«2. 
3015 rA^moA /ifLf^ri MtrriU*' h. m Northampton, Coim., ti Nov., 1803; m. 

33 I>«c-, 1321^, Ann St John; rce. in 1876 in Xorvolk, Conn.; 

waa a nHirvd me^bsint ; Wl n-vevi ihiUrvn. 
30U T%tua KaiUss ^Itmlt,^ b. 11 S<^t, 1805; m. (1) U Deo., lt»5, Lydia 

Ann HoMin; »bc<L^*lMttr, 18£4 ; In* m. <$) It Ot-t, l^^S, Mm 

Slita Wood; the d. ^ Apr., ld7G; hf? r«a. Id 13?$ in Nonvall;; 

bad Tio ohiiaren. 
9017 flofrn#»ii Mrrrith'' h. in AlUiny, N'. Y., -J !>«., 1307; m. Capt Johc B. 

Ca5lc, of I'onlnnd* Mc; had five children. 
301B G«or^# *9> MtttUl^ K in J«>ITerKin, X. Y.. It .Hilv. IftOf); m. Mary Ann 

Morgan, of New York; d ui Korwalk. 31 Julv, 1853. 
M19 Of*>n JfwWH,** h in Bleohdm, N, Y., 30 Nov., 18tft; d. mun., in Darim, 

Oa., r Oct. IfiaO. 
3«0 £aroA dna Jtf?m*/» b. 20 Uor^ 1SI«; m. Henry KidnoT, a hatter; d. 

in Norwulk, 27 Nov., Ifi67. 
30S1 Mary EUta MtmU,'^ b. 13 May, 1814; m. Jasica Boai^; d. in Cedar 

Crorl:, Mich,. 31 Jan,^ 18S3. 
nt E^ny JSttriU^ b. 15 Pec,. Idm : d. uuil in CnaileeLon. S. C, 18 Oot» 

1841 ; vae an cup inA^r. 

MS Tns K£LLoao& ik tu£ New Worlix 

MS3 LiMy j!/*iWrf4 .VrrriW* U ia Cbcrry VmtUyy, N. Y-, ft Dec-, ISI7; liwd, 

ujina^ in 1876, vitli her brHher, TlioiKia& 
3024 /yOtfJM ifiirtii JS^rritt,'* b. d Dvc., IS17 ; m. Jamw Merrinj a sftilnukcr, 

in Porthud, Mr.; lud clctcn childrcs. 
30?£ CarcHnt MerriU,^ U in ^utbhold, L. I., 14 Xor., 1819; n. (1) Jolm 

PhBce; he d. ; afke m. (d) Samuel W««ka, of Soulhkold. 

1098. Jr|>(}£ ISAAC/ SOD of B«mjanilD^ i^^^), ^' in OanuD, Coiul. Z\ Sept, 
17^5; m. EUaabeth Httnrood, b. 3 An;., 17Ce, tiau. of Iter. HtcAzi^r Uanrood aikd 
EJizabc-tli U^nUjiEtio, and tUtcr of Lnj^nrtiA HArwood, who m- Amoi KcUdgg 
(*f-911), rfPittrford, Vt. 

H0 d 7 Scpt^ U^S, ft^ Qd ; »ho d. 31 Aug., 1817. agfd 85. 

He Mtled in Ti<>an(k'ro^*A. ni«r irppirr Fulb, btft«f«ii Lake Goorge «nd Ltke 
ChAmpUin, where iic wcl> il prominctit buMDCM tDUt. 

H^ wot A »oldi4T in the r^roltititMi : serv^id In Col. W4>bb'ft Conntfclictit B«g>, 
three jears. 1^ June, 177", to IS Juim, 1730; during tiia »crricv he ««a tnftde « 
pHAonor c»f var at Addieon, Vt., ftud wad conSncd in ii militarj priwo in <jucb«c, 
frrmi whirh he i^wju^rl, with lu^vprul othf^n^ nnd miulr thr joumny to Rorlin^ton, 
Vtv, in the doad of vintcr, ilo c&mcd the marks of bis prison irons en hia 
wriAtA untl) thi' dsv of hia dnth. 

He wna cDiiLmituiutivd CftpL in Uu; Milttia, 7 Har., 1788» in licut. Col. 
HolAQcthon Ltoyd WooUoy'* Htf^. ; wiw Judicc^ of the Kmcx Ca Court of CommoD 
Pleas from 1802 to 1818 ; S^ator from the Eastern DirtHa of the ^\aU; 1S09, 
'lOp '11. and a member of the CoimciJ of Appointment from thi« diatrict tn 1809.' 

In hi< wil! wUicb wi* jirovod in E»i-x Co,, K. Y., 9 Oct, 1853, and in Rot- 
Und, Vt, 18^0. he mentioned bi» wifc> niiEobcth, nephew* Jrduthan Cue. orpbjio 
Di^oea, PameLiA and Clarinda P. Case, and Amoe SeUo^ (4'UH}, of intu- 
fon!, Vt. 

WhcD (fcn< Waiihinj^toD vijiitod Ticondcrofca^ at the clow of hif tenn of officv, 
be vaa ih? gu»t of Isaac, and il ia said thefe vaa a great rMomhUnce b«twooQ 

Childr0ti^ b. in Tirtmder&ga. 

302fi A CttsiM,^ b, ; d. in infancy. 

3027 A Child,'* b. — \ d, in infancy* 

30£d S^UUEL HA&noon.'* b. ; dTtAmEd in Lake George before he was 

IS jritirp of age, whilt.' aliding on the i» on a hand aled. 

1100. PHIT/iMT^IiA,^ ditu- of Benjamin** (369). K In Canuia. Conn., ^ Apr., 
1760; m. Uout IjemnoL Cmn^ who»c brotliOTr Lunian, du her flator, PameUa 

She d. ; he ta twice afterward. 

H* wan a earpcoter; roa- in TicondCToga, K. Y. 

SOSd AW^ ra4«,* b. Feb.. 178S: 
Kochrtler, M. Y. 


Ilaskina; bred and d. Dear 

*tTiut4r th* cmnUtntlna of N'w York. uaiU ls£1. all apftcdottrf^iJi to dTll and mfU- 
lAry AffloH nr» mail* bjr the OuudcU v( AiipHiitnrRt, u^H^ti ninniit«l nf fuur Seoaton. 
oae bupi DMb '^nat IKMiiet,' vW vvre AOBiullr fUtlnt kj Uio Aa«cmbl3r. 

Ttii £klu>o<w tx rufi Nevt Woiiux 


MW Famtii^ C<ae.*^ h. SO May, 17!}1 : ttx, IMvac^ B«niery. « natire of Hhod« 
Itland; he d. m Ticondef^Ra, Zl May, l^:i5, 

30SI OUrti Cax€,^ k tA July, 1TS5; d unni. ii? Tiin>nr)mi(;:ii, 13 Mnr, lAIT. 

3034 VtantidQ i'hih^€io Cw,^ K 15 Judo, 1?9$; m. 3 An^.. iS29, John 
Harris, of Tt«»ndcrog«, b. to Sanaj HiL, N. Y., tO SUy, 1793; <1 
in flAfriHljili^iric Kt.. 7 Apr^ IdTl ; bv d. ia Floyd C. H., Ym., 14 
I>cc,, tS7$; be wu a farmer in Tkonderogo, 1^9 lo 1870. 

1101. PAMKUAJ dau, of Benjamin^ (:M9), k in Canaaa. Cona, 19 Oct, 

17€9; m. (1) Ludiac Cade. 

Ho d ; »b«} m. (2) a« hii iocotid wffa, Icaac HambUn, b. SO Sept,. 

17G2, aofi of John llomblin, bap. in BanuUblc, Maaa., 3 Sept., 17tl, and Bother 

Sh>e d--in Bndport, Vt ; he d. iii Uorifth, N'. Y, 

WiUi hicr Cint hoabandl «li< ectUed in Bridpcrt. Vt, wh«rt be ^usbt a farm, 

tftd orect^ a cav and ^nftt mill, and beeatzi« a prominent citisen of the tomi. 

He wtti mxritUmUllr killoJ hi !ii» fawmUl- Hr HambUn wriu ttlu a miller AfUr 
^ h«T difatb b(^ n-oi. to Monah, N. Y. 

^B Ckitiirm by fini husband, h. in BrviporL 

H a033 ./iM^ttiAna Ciw*,* bu ; m. <1) ^ ; tXtv d. ; bt m- (2) 

Mr*. Sarah {'HrtiA) Kellogg, widow of Itowknd Kdlogg (+^68), 

3034 CharhiU C<tM/* b. , 

3035 BlecU Cw." b. ; m. SvlnaUr Soolt. 

3036 JSlwbetk ('*4i«e,' b. ; d. in Bristol, Vt., num.. aged more than 30. 

3081 r^traiiTA CoMt,^ K . 

Vhit4r9n bif Sfcond kusltand, 6. in Bridp^H, 

3038 Samuft //aJutJin » b. . 

3039 Dcnifl f^JmWia.* b- . 

3(W> B^ianUn KfUt^g^ UtimhUn^ b. alxiut 17!I3'»!>; nu Virtue Saltb; res. 

in Sholboroe, Vt.; b<T 6. in Aluidk-bxiry, Vt., about 13Sa-83; waa 

a taddlcT^ had ft re children. 
3041 Atrit HtfiHi/in * b. 7 Apr., JSOl ; nu ; d, in Oehkofth. Wia.. 4 Feb., 

1690; bad *^>von ebildroiL 

1101 COMFORT' daa. of nmjamin* (Sfift), b, in Canann, 14 Mar. 1765; m. 
13 Feb.. t7dl>. Gee- Eafkie) Ducton, of Brielcl, Vt> b. tii l>>r^, Vt» 30 Apr., 
1T(JI. Hi» f>r Tlwciatf DuTitfMi. b. 1735. 

Ucd. 13rrb^l824,a(r«15<?; *hed. June, 183^ 

He ve« a membfT of th«> GfiKiral .ifwnnibly frnm Rrif^toi in IJtOC, 'DA, '13; 
oi»e of tbe ecLeotuieii of Bristol ^lerim yeart; JusUcv of tlie PeacL' for AddiAon 
Co> ftftivn ytn,T^\ declcii in 1913 Bri^adi(.'f Gen. Pint Brii^dc. Third I>ivi»lon, 
Vrrmcint Militia; vnn m Ihi^ tmttip of Plattubitrxh ax CapL of Volnnt4vrK in th«r 
varof ]81d. 

Childttn, b. in BttsUl Vt 
3042 Jfary (P&U^} Pnntonfi b, t5 Kot.. 17df>; m. %% Nov., 1810, Dadd 
t^udk?! Aiation, b. in PcHi^iborougb, N. n» 15 Julj, 17^4, oon of 
K<tv. tMnd Annon, b. jn Scotland, 1755, and i^arah Smith, U 17S1 ; 
btf waa a rabiiuH-iHRkrr »n BriKtnl, Vt; h^ d. 26 Xot., 1^43; ehe 
d- 16 Apr., lS4d ; liad fif^ cliildrui. 


Tto Kblvoooq is tii£ Nhw VrtmLD^ 

}(H3 rJUJJtfw JV. Pufthn,^ b. 2 July, 1791; tn. id Uonktco. Vt. ZZ Ju)., 
1S:S5, Ju<Ia Bunker, b. in Stanrtcod, Low<.-r Canada, i Jat., 1810; 
d, ly Au^.i 184^1, Lu WiwoiiAiUi bati four cKiJilrrn; vht- m. {Z}^ 
Jan.} ll<53. ^lattbcw Porter; rv«, 1877 in Wivooiuui, 

3<H5 Comfort Chora Dttnloiis* b. W Jaoe;, 1798; id, (1) Henrj Carpcnl 
(3> Thomas Cole; J. in Bhnol, 15*70 or ^1; tuK! ro rhilclfvti. 

3040 Ezckul Ktlhi/g Dujiivn,** k Zt Au^., Jft03; m, Maodanft M, Ilollej^ b, 
16 May, It^O:^, dan- of Col. Itobcn HoJlc^, of BriatcJ; he vru a 
hinnpr in BriMoi; i SO Sept., 1837 ; ah^ d. 16 Jul, 1842. Th«ir 
POO, Walter (X Dunton, la ouv of ihc Jiulfw cf the Stiprvme Covul 
of Veraooat, 

1103. 3ARAH GOLD,' dniu of ilrnjnmir* {U$), k in Cnown, Cam., M 
S«pt, ITtiS; m. aft hie i^cond wifis in Ticonderoga, 31 Dot., 1"S0, Capt Ebeocaer 
Markham. K 30 June, 174^, Min of Kt^v, [wia^ Marlcham, uf KnAvtd. Coon,, and 

Pcuk; he had prp\n[>u»ly m- EO l\b-, 17»6> Catherine Lydiuis of 8che- 

nwtndy, N. Y., who d, in Fort George, K. Y^ 8 Mav, 17811, 

Ea d. in Middkburv. Vt., «0 Feb,. 1813, a^ 64; ali© d. 15 Jan., IftBO, 
af;cd KS. 

Hp wMa a mcirhant and manufAtrturvr in Mcntnal, Ciuiada, and in Bridj 
ftnd Middkbnry, Tt> In cdrly life be was a captain of a TesM^I in tbc West lodti 

SIM7 Cathtiiinr /.jrffitui AfrtriAamp» b- in Bml|iorl. Vu 31 80^*-. 1750; m. 

Oct, 1806. WiJliun Scott McLcod, b. ( Mar., 1776, »on of CapL 
David MeLeod, of Bo«toD. ITe d, 1 Apr., 1^33; tliv d. tO Mu-., 
1685, Aged 94 yenre € months; r^. in Middlebnr^, Vt 

3013 Vavid Kdiogy Markham,^ b, 1» Ftbu, 17»3; ro. in Oppaloiwa, 

U,, ai«iiit »82fi; d, nf ohoUrw, in Nrw Offejins H Jan,, 1833; be 
vnsftUwTer; had do children. 

3049 Jwkic Ebmeirr Markham^ b, 3 Uay, 1795; d. ijom. in yiddlebury, 16 
Sept., 18^5; wa^ a di^tin^niitibcd nuchinist, tbe inT«ntor of the 
picking mnchin^T, and tht? mi-thod of mitring mttrble fu noir prac- 
tiewl witli toothk't* aaws^ a&nd and w8t«r. 

1101 JOHXJ 0on of Jolin* (370), b. in Tyringham, 17 Apr,, 1755; m. in 
Oreat Barrinifton, lA Jan., 177S, Lvdia Chumb, b. tn GrMl Barringtnn, 5 Apr,, 

She d, 26 F^b., 1819; h« d. «7 Oct, 1334; both aro buried in tbo Sontb 
ctuuKler^v, firiytt Barnngluu. 

Hif fann vaa Hituutivl about a mile aocthvefit of Gn^t BtrnilgtOfl^ HM^a 
on thr Kg^n»moni mnd; he luilt. thr htmv iH-rarr bin murrijij^i*. 

lit wae a reTolutionan' peiwoacT; in bi* Aj>p1iratic<n for pension in 1838 bt 
aUtt'd thai he was 1). in Tynn^em, 17 Apr., 175JV; he rem. to Grrat Barrin^on 
in Mnr, 1769; br enlistr^d al E^rt'inonl in Apr., 177fi, »«it to DuMun and ru- 
ft&ped in Iho Fi^e ftt that pUeo nnlil the eod of the follovinj; Uoeeraber. In 
JnlT. KT^H bf vati n flff/ in rhr itimpwnyn w^wtc (br mi'ili* nf OrtAt Barrifigton 
and K^rtmont marditd to the K^rtb Kivcr, where the tvo Britifib fTi£fttc6i Boee 
and Phovnix. vere menaetng tb« country. White there the D«clamiion of Irxlc^ 

TiiK Kklloogs in tiik Nkw Woruk 


pcndcficv wu rcftd 1o tli« comjiiuiy. Hi* wrm iit Rmninfrton jcM after th^r bftttli^ 
md joiaed the Dorthcm «in;> oppo»injc Oen- ItiiiK<>yDC, AlUimi^h prevent At 
th« rarr«nder of Borgoymj h« wu not in the prmcipal engtgemeait vbich pre- 
i-eilnl it 

Kan Kdlo^ tra» a Titcwt Tor him, but ctatcs that Umto ii not, to hli kaovl* 
wlge, wiy T^lfltioiuhtp Wtvi^^ ttnTn, 

(7^t7ifr«ji, 6. in Oreai BarringtOHt 
+3CfiO CnAiaw^ b. 3 May, 17^0 ; m. LoriEda Wlweief. 
+31*51 Pmilakdee," bi 3 Oct, 1781; m, Fanny Sperry. 
-i-305£ JoiiK,'* li. tl Vvh., 17A4; m, Hoiiirv SMIltnan. 

+9053 KoiuiAN," b. G June, ITSfi; m, (1) Lydu Jtoyiojloii ; i2) Mftrj .\. 

1106. BEXJAMINV «ai of John* (370), h. in TyriaRhnm, Maw., Ifi FcL, 
1761 ; m. Lvranah SpAldingtb. 11 S<Tpt., 1766, dan. of John Spaldii^^, of C«iiaaa> 
Cono., bv SO Julj, 17-42, and Sarali XewirlK b. n Out, 17-in. 

She d S4 AQ£.t ]|}34, in Fanncnvillr, Mich, ; he d. in Union Square, 09wep> 
Co., N. Y., 16 Dec., ISiO, n^wl 90, 

lie wa« o iPool carder and cloth dreeeer^ in Great Barrtn^on, MoM^, Kinder^ 
book and Qtavcroch, X. V. Be was a rovolutionary eoldicr ; aerrM from ^6 Apr. 
tdJO May, 1777; from 11 July to 1 Jan. 1778; le Oct lo »S Oct, 17SI. He 
TSfl a rcvototionary pmuoncr; r». in Caxcnovia, N. V^, in 1S3S; ra. in Great 
Barrington nntil itoat 178<I, vhm b<» rvm, to KindcThook, N. Y, ; in 1796 to 
Cataract. N, Y.; b 1816 to Caicuovia. 

+3054 Horace" V. «0 Apr, IT85; m. Mar} Cada. 

Wm-UM* b. 11 Mar., I7fl7; iL 12 Aug., 179a, 
John R* U 20 Mor., VBO] m, Gertrude Voaborj:. 

Ltdu,^ b. 10 Apr., im ; m. (1) Hawan; (2) Mnj, Jnnnthnii 

Smith; (3> Jedcdiah M. llolm^a. 
+305S Natkax Bkkj^uin," L :2S Jan., 1793; m. (1) Mapdalcu Bfl«vUtyne; 
(3) AUinn r<>nnmvr. 

Miu*.* b- 17 Aug.. noS; m, . 

EuiA." b- ?a Xw., 17S7; m. Cniurcb. 


jKaxniAii,'^ b, 1 Oct., 1793; m. Eunice Dodge. 

HxaBCCA Asx," b. ^B June, IHOl ; m. Babcock. 

Al^XJNDER Hamilton.* \y 1 Juite^ 1804; ro. ; d- in Barringlon, 

III. ; had three »oiu who d. yonnff. 
+50M BexjAui3f,« b. £7 Apr^ 180G; m. (1) Ann Elizabeth Stackpolf'; (2) 

3065 Chaalks B.,* b. 16 Apr^ ISUS; ree. in Fliiladelphia, vboru ho d, unm. 

fl Ort_ t^ii^. 

30S6 Sailau Lukakaii," b^ in July, 1311 ; m. Nathanu-I K Bailry, of Swart- 
vontT^jc.: he van a pTnnror and merchant in Sv^rtnont; Bhe d. 
£8 Ocu 1B7D^ in Sw&Hvunt ; had uu children. 

NATHAN,^ mi of John* {370), L in Tyrm^bam, 30 Jan., 1761; m. 
She'd. nMT Soicca Uk«. >\ Y., 1B24: h€ d. 4 Julv, 193&. 

Tut KtLUOQOM ly lOE Kkw Woxix. 

H« cctortd the TCTolutioDflrj ^nay vbeo IG janxt Mi wrvcd trom 87 Jiuu 
to 1 July, 171^0; from U Oct. to 18 Oou, Mnc year; Iron G Au;-. lo S Nov,, 
17141. Hr V4«a ivtcilutimmfv puuAJDi>rr. HwiwrTifviui ulAlrd h^h^iv Appnr* in 
the rdll0 of the Mamtcbu#ctt» Sotdiicn and S4iLon in the ftcTolution. He Tem, 
to Auborn, K. Y., about 1800, vhen tberp w^k btit three hoiiH« tbere. 

+30(7 CuiSTEB Crms.** b. in Grvat B^rnn^D, 17dG ; m. Martha Coe, 

+306$ OEOBOt.'' K ; ni. Jedidab Coflin- 

+3009 AMKKtJM'. BtiYAMi,'^ K Ifl tUllHiU^ X- Y^ 24 M«j, laoi; at. BHmtj 

aOTO Nakcv • b, . 

+S<ni Lacka.* b- —^ — ; m. llujrpna. 

IIOS. UXIOX,^ dAu. of JobD* (STO), b. in Qmt Barriagtom 7 JiUj, 17f€; 

nu (1) Loomis; <») Mix; (3) Van Horn; (-1) 9 May. 

1S?4, aa hi» aecond irifc^ He&tr WhEtoej,* L 9 A]kr^ 17^, in Stamfocd. Conn,, 
ioa ot EUaaiph Whitney and Matr BUbop. 

lU d. in Grf«t BoiriDgtoR. il Jan.. 1S43; she d. in Klbrid^, N. Y.. 2t 
Avig., It^^O, agf^ ^t 

"For laaiiy v^sn ilte lived a humble, dn^teil Chmtian, pant-d thriMigb much 
nffariDg, wkuh patiently awaiting bar cban^, and died in grtmt peace" 

dtytt Ciarf« A\ Hix,^ k 

rt«. in Hlbndgt, N. T. 

1119, CArr, SAMUEL,^ eon of Samwr" (3T3), b. in WiUUmrtoro, MaM^ t9 
Sept.. i:66; in. (I» 29 Not., i:87, AnnaBkir, b- 1 June, 1766, dau. of Ab«Vmn 
Blair. K 9 Not., 1742, uid Uartha Young, b. 38 Oci.. 174t, 

Shr *-faintvd and dM inctantZy," 11 Uar., tSOG; hr m. ^S) IfiOT, Ibabella 
Blair, k ei Feb.. 1774. «et«r of bift'ant vife^ 

H« d. t5 Apr, l«t9 : fth« d, 95 Nor.^ li^J. 

n'bilr bp tutrr f^jorrd tbr advantage of an mrly rdvottifio be <)iiali£ed 
hinadf, by induttiy and atndy, to dMtmtitc tiia Rutins of rtattont abore thoae 
ntnally oc^rapied by fannenH For th^ greats part of hi* litfn hm AIM aon^ pnl^ 
Uc offire; waa Ju»tic« of the P»c«; Sekctnaa; AascMor; ftepnasntativf to 
tbo Lapalatntv for apr^ftal r«ora. Ua vas th» general conafeUoc and peacenatcr 
amuig hb saigJiWrK, ami ih^ mounoa vinpiTv of divputv* in tbat rqpon nf tba 
cottnti?. Ho va« Capl. ol a oaapany of caTaJrr in \ril1tanMtovn. Bo pndfd 
hiiMalf on bring a modcd Eamrr; waa one of tlir fucndtfi mt tlte Brtkidtire Agri- 
c«]taral Socirty, ooe of Iht okk«l uutitutioofl of tbe kind In tb« oonntry. The 
farm «aa «lU alockod and tbo Uoek wti can>d for 

+30:a UuEctA * K 9 Ang., ITS? ; m- CbriilopJipr Vmn Tkuwmka. 

+Vti':^ Sjturcu* b. 4 Jan^ 1791 ; in. Cathmnr J. Day. 

+3«>:5 A\>A,* b. 15 Oct., 1:9?: m, Sanart KortbaoL 

+3D74 JtJUA Ask/ k U Aag., 1794: m. Gvfahona Tainlor BuIUay. 

•11« bftA i«. 11) h UMIbMK. an- Dutm. CMaa, 
iTTt. «W a. is Unu BuTtigML Muii-. II Use^ int. 

Qnf, K 1# l>ee« 

Till KeL1A>6U8 IX THE N)£U- WOSUK 


3077 AB6JLL0M BiAnL.*> b. 11 Fvb., 17!^ ; d. luun. 10 July, 1631. He pr^ 
jKin-fl fur ir<rik^% biit ill livttltli |ir('VtriUd bt* <'hU-riitg. 
+30ffi MAdrriiA Apbjjm:*" b. G Apr, 1800; m. Ucor^fc Wachio^oD FranciA. 

Qiuoi Bacox^^ K ^A Mar,, J8i:i8; to. AMine Kellogg (11S4»). 
L! DaxIi^L M.iDI»os," k t^ June. 18011; tl uuut. in Troy, Sd Aug.. ]83^< 
Hv vent to BotftocL, aftonrurd to I'arknuLii. O.; ktcr lo IVrrvft- 
liuryli, where hr %mn in trwflf until h** wn* tJikpn wrk, «lwii h*» m^ 
lumtd to Tr<»y. 
9062 JOHX CUUPBIILL." b. in Wiiliom^toini, S3 Dec., IdlO; rl about lS3d, 
Aiirtu 1a Kttirkf-rbockrr, ilsu, of Jtid^^ lUntan Knickcrthxiber, of 
SchsgticDkc, N< V. H« wae % nucorchant in PcrTTfibuish, 0' ; d in 
Trijj, \. Y , 3 Ao^.. IWiS. He enitn-d WUIianra CalH^e in 182S; 
hi5 bcnitli f^iiii^;. he If tt i>cforr the end of the jCAr; hid DO chU^ 

-1-^063 CtntiftTofiifift V^w DmiNTEK.* U, 11 Jauu» 1813; m. Ameliji JTolt. 
9064 Chlob Ie^bella.** k n May, UU ; d. unm. 31 Oct, 11(15, at the hcuK 
of hvT hrotber, Chndtu|>}iiT, in Sti-jilit-nscm, 111. 

IIU. GHU}K7 davu of S4i3iad<> (s;?). b. in Williamfltoinu MaMw, 20 June, 
inO; m. m Williiuniiloini, Sept,, 171^, John CRmpbi*}], a mcTchint of Albany, 

He d. in Albany, IG May, 1796; «h« d. In Auburn, K. Y., 3 July, 1S39. 

3065 OHvt Cemphrtl,^ b. in Albany, 26 Aujf., 17)^0; m. in Alba&y, 16 Oet> 
ISOS, Darid Hyde, L in Sharon, Conn., n May. 17S3. He vai a 
lavjier; eUidied with hia brother- in- law, Uanicl KcUogg (+US3), 
in SViici«tc1i% N. Y- 

lin. DAKIKL.T Mn of SnmuoL'* (373), b. in Willianutovn. 19 Apr. 1T80; 
ML in Aabum, X. Y., L.atini ll\do, h. in Sharon, Coon^ £2 Mar., 1786, dan. of 
Rintcm llrdf, b, 15 Sept.. 1 743. and DoUj St John, h. 14 Not,, 1742- 

He d, 4 May, 183<; ; ahc d. 31 Ucc, 1849. 

Hv lived at buuu* until abtmt li^ffOi U Mii<l ir Tinve bern 4 itudt-nt in Wi)* 
liani* C<ilk|:e three yc«n; rtudicd hiw in AlUny irith Abmham Vcchicn, Kp<|. ; 
waa admitt^ to prt^-tioe >d 1800. In tbo ipHng of 1801, he »F>tUed id Aobttftf, 
K. Y. ; rvBk. in 1803 U> Shaikeatelta. wherv be t«& until fata dmth. He wa« Dia^ 
tnd Attonvy for thr«« yvart; preddect of the Anbum Bank from Itdtt ontil 
kb d««th. 

lie wt£ abo^ the medium hci^t; well proportioned; of a cheerful dUpo- 
aition, and prepocac«cin^ in sppaaranoe^ Hia hair turned whttP when be «fa4 
■bnut 21. ilv butiicBtead in @lcaiK4teh« waa a fine, square, gable-roofnl hoitm?, 
baillfdurtnfi^or Jnj>tpr«viou« 10 the rvvolutiontry war, by an army officer, vhovaa 
rmnable to ocmpy it Whan ha wmi tn AITmny fir had an ax U*m, n art and a 
^load of wfattt; told bi» tcvn m well u the whcnt and coocJudod ho oovld do bct- 
t4;r than to nstuni Co the hilhdde farm in Williantatown. 

SS8 Tc£ KjstLOfKKi IS Tus Nbvt Would. 

Childr^Ht b. tn Shancixteiet, N. F. 
+S096 AuGOTitTs,* K 3 July, 1803; ul Conwlia Hart. 
4-3037 Haet A>tk.* b. :l May, mo$; m, Hgt. Auj^Etu t^wnmc^' Convene. 
4-3fM8 J»ii\,'f>, 1$ Apr^ lAOt; m. (1) fiticry Cobiim; (3) Pailllns Wood. 

3080 ^ALhT Mari^^" b. 17 Jane, 1609; d 23 ^^pU 1810, 
+3090 Majua,"* b. fi Sept., IBll ; dl DftTiii Augnsloe Comrtock. 
4-3091 CATfUBitva Qydk/ b. 27 Julv, 18H; m. Grorgc ?)ctiiin£ Lcitcft. 
+309S Daniw,* b. 22 Nov,, 1817; in. KUtn Mam Cole 
4-30S>3 "DArixt UrDB* Ik i4 Hfi>t-, 1831 ; m. Harriet X?«*ll Kdlogg (11249). 

3094 COBXEXIA,"* U Id Jan., 1835 : d. IS Oct, iei!9. 

113&. DAVtD^T 40U of Elijah^ (^33). b. in OutaAiu Ootut., 1 Jniu. 1765; m. 
in btnrkftboro, Vt, 3 Mar., 17!»3.. Chniitiana Tmvur (wtiow anccilton» cuno ftom 
Hanover, Oi^nnaiiy)^ K iu Cambridge, N. Y,, Ifl Maj, 1775. 

He d. in Brifitol, Vt, U Mar.. I8fty, a^rcd itl; eho d. 30 Mar.. 166«. 

Htf rmn. lo fttarksboro, Vt-, in 1736: lu? went tn livo *Uh hia ^eit aoD in 
Acbtobnla Co,, C, 133Q; returned on a vitit to Vcnncnt io 1850. 

Chitdron. h. in Siarkehoro^ 

+30!>5 FiiAVCig" b. 25 Feb., 1795; ni. Cvnthla Spanlding- 

+3096 Cynthia," L 2 OcL, 1790; ni. Horace I'rimi;. 

+3097 ARSA* \u U Feb., 1799; ni- Mary (P*^lly) ManlialU 

+3098 David,^ b. 18 Aug., 1301; m, (1) Elvira Maaon; {Z} HAfrifit Tbovtp- 


+3099 Ei.iJAJi« b, 7 May, 1804; cl Marv N. Aik*n. 

+3100 NiEi^>,*"b. S Mar., 1800; tn. Mr»^ Kachcl (Maon) Wiley. 

3101 LotrifiA Majua,** b. lU Sept, 1815 ; d. nwai., 14 Jnly^ 18S5, 

im. SA&AU.T dan. of Elijah* (383), b. in CaQftan, Cona, 19 Sopt, 1769; 
m, aa hh third vrfv. ^ Feb., 1195, Cornelius Williams, b. 9 July, 1760, bod of 
SaniTic-1 Williamn and Mary WuLwU-r, of Hartford, Conn., anfl Starioboro, Vt. 
n« hnd prrtviouuly m. Aium, diiu. cf Dutiiul KuIhi^v, at Alfcrd, Mnaa-j and Mra. 
Thankful (Socket) Naah, widow of Jonathan Naab. 

Ho d. V£ July, 1S91 ; «h(> d, 26 Aug., 1859. 

Hf» wun u farniijr in Alford, 

3102 Anns WiUtams.^ b. 2r> ,TuW. 17<Ji;; m. (1) S-Mmnur St4>bbEn^ of Hitd- 

«on. K< Y.; {:i) Jobn Wtstaeld. of Now York Citv; d. in Hndaoo* 
13 May. 1357. 

3103 Thankful WillUm4? b. 10 July, L798; m. Cbarlca EcadaU, of Harieou 

N- Y.; d. 19 Nov., 3870. 
8104 Sartth Williafox,* b. 5 June. 1800; n*. uuiu.^ in Alf-irJ^ Majw. 

3105 Ktijt^ KtUiig^ H'llJiarM," b. 2G Au^., ISOS; m- 2 J)rc, 1833, Om>t An- 
tnin<>tU irhptflvr; nv. in 1873, in Alford, Moaa., oi tbe old boow- 

3106 Corneftuf tTt/ridrnf," b. %% Fob., 1805; m, Mavy Ag&c* Loimy, of E^r^- 
inimt, MaxL 

3107 Amanda F, WiUu^mt,^ b. 28 Aqr., 1807; id, Lotceoo U. Bk«. of Great 
Barriogtoti, Maaa.; d. 2fi Apr., 1842. 



1133, ELIZABETH/ dau. of Duacon JoH^pb" (384). b. in Ctatnau, Comi., 20 
Jftn-, i::5; m, 1» Kd>., K^G, Jitcq^uiIi Bdd^n, b. II Apr., lllij aon of Chaiitt 
Beldf-n, b, ^S Mav, K3», H»d Hutirnh Hmk^hntmi, k t 8i^|it., 1730. 
lie nu ft fanner id ^utli Canaan, Conn. 

3I0ft /««fpft H. B^dCft? h. 15 July. I7<ifl ; m. 31 Jan., 1830, Abigail C. Chm- 

«Eii» ; ue d. n I)^e,, 1870 ; hr? d. 21 Apr.. 1S73 ; bad ao cUUdren. 
9109 Mmrtin Udtl^,^ b. 2if June, 1}^U1 ; d. 4 June. ISOt. 
ajlO ^prmwA Bfid^n^ b. U July, 1803; m, f^> I-Vb., 18.10, Tjui-MU Ann 

Jacobs; Ut«(1 in Jonceviilc. Mich,; had Ihroe children* 
3111 Austin 5fW« • b. 1 Jan., 1806; H U Mar.. 1B54. 
3ll« BlU^'^ih /fflWfnr L 25 Julj, 1803; d. C Apr., IS7Z. 
3113 i/dinaA ifW*im,» b> 1 May, 13^10; m. William Chapin; d.STFeb.,m^; 

Yiwi in TTnfiiltlU. N. Y.; hfid ^vechjlcln^. 
3IH MariiH KtU&itg HfUmi.^ b. 1»; Sept., 18W, 
3JU /'rvitfarir /Inn BMfn,^ b, 20 Mar, 1810. 
3110 Jfai7Jaw*^Wrftftt»b. 15 Sept., 1S19; m. Jon^ 1351, David P. 110!; d. 

1» Sopt, 1«5«; had two children. 

im, DEACON JOSEPH,'^ aon of Deacon Joaci^h* (384). b. in Canaan, 18 
Si^t, 1T78; m- 13 Ort_, 1S03. M^rlhH Beekv K H Apr. 1773, lUu. of Dim^n 
iMkC Dc«be» of FnlU ViJIajcc, Canaan, b. KS^. and J^tic liddcit, U 20 Apr,, 

Sbe d. 13 Otl, 1850, aged 77 ; h*' tL 6 Feb., 1859, 
lie tiA m Carumn, Cona ; vad a fanni>r. 

311T Maetha.' 1j. H Oct, 1804; d. umn. US, Aug- ISSO, in tin? Iwmi? «r her 
broihtr, Harrtr, in Adamrt lownahip, U.; wnfl dtannieim.'d from the 
eh«roh in Siiuth Caajmr (o the rhnroh in Toledo, IftfiL 
3118 JoBEPti EtWAP.D,'* I. 4 Apr,, 1806 ; d. unci. 21 Srpt. 1839, in the home 
of hia brother. Rarv^j, 
-fSUfl lAA4<%''b- Ifi Fi-k. 1S05; m. Sanih Ann RHdm. 
3m C«Ani«,''b.n Oct, I8H); m, 16 Jan-. 1S33. Adeline Peck; d 36 May. 
It^il^: bad no children; ahe m. {$) £3 Jan.^ 18i>8. WiUiaiu Bi^n- 
nHt, of Canaan, 
^-31»l HA»VB¥»b. IB Jan-, l»I3; m. Eliabcth (Btttwty) Ann KoHosp (3l«fi), 

1137. PRUDENCE,' dan. of DM^on Jowph* (384), b, in Canaan, Conn-^ 15 
Ang- 1780; m. « Nov., 18ilrt, Klijah Hewing 
Sbc d, ; he m- (2) > 

3ia« Joupk KeJlogg Btmns^ b. aft Oct.. 1810 ; m. «8 Dec,. 1«37, I'luma Cor- 
delia Wiliwn: he va^ a fannir in Wc«t Stixikbridgi*, MaaiL; d. IG 
Dec, 18T3; lAc m. in Wcfft Stockbridge. 

3123 Frudtnft Ar^n tUmnvfi h. 13 Aug,, 18IS; d- 18 Jaly, 1818. 

aiM fl«iTwi /7«un"fMi," b. 24 Apr,, 1818; id, 2T Dec., 1837. Aarctn Kinnc; ± 
% Man, 186L 

3123 Naomi Iffwint/* h. 8 July, 1822; m. Jan., 184*\ William BanK& 


The K83JXkm» im the Xbk ?orui. 

USA TABETHA/ cinti. of CoL AAma^ (3Aa), b. 10 Oct, 1763, Id CinuQt 

Coiut.; lu. Be-]di;Q. Slic WAS ailopt»l by livj modtcr's S^mtHjr 

Tho)r r««, 10 Hollared furcha^c, ^'. V. ^dtli^r iho nor bcr dao. w«ro acD- 
timuEi) in thi! dbtiibuLioii uf ihc niMLc of Iht tirathi^r, Knblnn* KidLoj^ (4-^4^). 


IHh AARON"/ son of Col Aaroa" (38^). U in CaOBan. Conn., 13 Aag. 
m. (1) AniUia ^on'*, b. 177^, daa ol .\utlmn Sc^v^ of fauaaa 

Hht d. IT) llnicn, N\ Y., Ill l)ru., 1ftl4 ; hr m. (2) in Omtl Barriugtou, 
&!•«., 7 Jtm«, 1818, BcrnicG Whiting Kellogg (SWQ), U C July, ];8<; nhc cL 20 
Atig,^ lft23; he m. (3) hfra Unrr B. Bartlett, dau, cf Zobnlon Bett^ of ific4>- 
mond. Mate. ; »hr d. b ChitteoaucV N. Y.p 1863; be d, tbore, 7 Not,, 16^7. 

lio wan a firnntrr; tik. on a farra bctwwu Gr^t Bttrrington ond StodEbridge^ 

afterward occupied by Levi Hyde and Utr^r by Savag<»_ Up wm iidmitted 

to the Congrcgatioiial Church in Groat HorriDjrtcn, 1 July, ISlfi, Afttr the 
dmth of hia »ccoiid wife, he rem. lo Clienango, wb^re he bought a large farm. He 
naa laoic and was compelled to ride in a buggy over hi* farm while aupcrvLAiig 

Childrtn ik^ JtrsC uife- 

•f3127 EnwAttn,^ h. 1^ Aug,, 1800; in. O) Abigail Fmnoea Warner; (2) 

Lueinda U. Warocr 
S\t& Amelia,* b. 4 Oet,. 1S(M; m, in flri'dt Rurrinf-ton, 2 9t|iU, Ift^-J, John 

G- ^towcr; he bad ccT^rai children by a prcriou* marnag«; d. tO 

D«c-, \$M ; dw d. in Chitt«naogn, to Kov., I88«; had ODe child, 

who d. in infazkcy. 
31S9 Ch-iklbs," b. ; m. ; d< ; bad ao children. 

1142. MAHTIN/ »on of CoL Aaron" (38fi), h. ItO Sept.. mil; m, t^ Apr,» 
ISm, XUrv LcrI:, b, S4 May, I^^9, dan. of WilHam Laafc, of Canaan, K. Y., h. 17 
Sept. 17U. IB Wethenfidd, Comu. and Eliaabetb Qibbs, b. 14 June, 17-17. in 
fiofidd, Coim. 

Chitdr^n^ h. in Cftit/um. 
3130 CiiAni4>Trii,'' b. U July, 1303; d. 10 Knr., Ifttr 
43131 Mart AKNS^b. 15 Dec, l»(H; m. Robbins W. Dottglaa, 
-I-313S Mahtik Houhix^^ b. S July, tSOfi; en. Mary MeliKa Oeborn. 

3133 Ei^ABEtH,** b. 1$ Dec-, 1808; m. aa Hia second wifi^ in Wi«t Stock- 

bndj^. 15 July, 1857r Walter Wubb, b. in Wothorsflcld, Codil, 1 
Jnn., 1801. aon of Ezra Webb; hnd no childrau. 

3134 JocBTH." b, 26 Uoc-, ISU ; m. ; d. , 

1118. HANNAH/ dnn. of Col. Aaron*^ (385), L in Onnun, Conn., 16 F^, 
1778; m. 4 Unr., 1800. Goa John V^rhlting, h. 3 Jan., :771, ao« of Qntnmtic] 
milling* L 17 3cpl., 1727, and Anna Oillelt, b. 18 Feb, 1788. 

She il 93 Mar., 18?3; be m. (3) 34 May, 1831, Luey Allen; d. in Oraat 
Bflrrinptni:. 13 Jan.. 1846. 

He Ta« an rmimmt hwytr; rte. in Grut Barrington; vaa MaJ. Q*n. of 
Militia; naa admitted to the bar In 17d2, and eoatinoocl in practice until hia 

•S#» sou ficillowing LiftiL Km KtUntf 1+7IS). 



dmth; wa« a pTDmirMrnt dtiacn; Tovn Clerk 1794 ti> 1811 ^ RepraentaUTc And 
tkutor in the Lc^sltten 181(, '16, 'U* 

3135 J4>km Charts Whiting,'^ b. 4 Dec, ISOO; <L 7 Hay, 1931- 
3138 Laty Amrtia WhUiny,^ b, U Feb,, 1^3; 6, 11 Aug., 1824. 

3137 iftfrj WhitingJ' h. Iff S^-pt, ltW4 ; d IS Dcc, 18W, 

3138 Naney Whiims,^ b. 29 Sept., 180^; d. unm. 4 Aug., 1897. 

3139 Fnncu Wkilin^,* b. 27 Mar,, l^OA; m, 4 Mnr, 1^1, Hunet WuTier 
Curtis; d m JeffcnonTille, Po-, S; ^m., 18H!, i«cd S8; Iwd do 

3140 Bradford WkiUng," b. 11 Mar^ 1810; d. S3 June, ISIO. 
3111 Ru^rd WhUiny,^ V U Jane, 1811 ; 4. tinm, £6 Nov., 1848. 

3142 Mortha Etiiahetk Whiiing,* V In C^clasIoU, K. Y., 1 Jul;, 1813; PL 

Daria Alien; d, UG5. 

3143 i/onnoA KttUyg Whiting,^ tx 4 Si-pL, 1813; d- in CuiuttoU, 

N. Y- 

3144 Edmrd Whitin^,^ b. 11 F«^.> 1818 ; d- 39 Feb., 1844. 

1144. ABIGAIL,' dau, of €oL AaroB^ (3115), b. in C&mflAn, Corjn., 20 Apr, 
1780; m. 21 Jam% 1808. FriHlurk Khipikv, b. 18 Mat, 1782, «on of Jer^mvab 

Kinip^lcT And Hacnah 

— of Bcckrt, Mom. 
bed- 59 Jtily, 1831 

8Il«d. 23 Sffpt, 18,10; 

ll« wae A farmer in Becket Aud Canaan* K, Y, 

3143 JdWiit« Kingglry^ b. 4 JuuCt 1809; nu 9 Oct.. 1839. Chcvicr Bromu a 

farmvr of Cabaad, N. Y, ; bad tvo eona. 
3148 foruA tt*. A'tnyxJ^y," h. 6 May, 18U; m. Jobo Tiifford, ii farmer of 

Canjurt; iL 8 Dec., I84t>; had one Hon. 

3147 ffornah Ji. King^iey^ h. 14 Jan. ISU; d. 31 Mar, 1832, 

3148 Aaron Kin^^Ut/^ twin to HftmwK V 14 Jan., ISlfi; m. (1) SO Nov., 

l«4f>, Comcba O. Ttdct; fihc d. 15 A%'., 1853; bt m- (:j) UAty 
LcwU; VMH a fAmirr in l.ranid«)i^ Mic-b. 

3149 Chandler A'lngj^," b. 11 F«b<,, 1818; m. Oharkrttc A. King, dau. «>f 

Jcteniiah King, of Lebanon, N. \.. b. 27 U<yv.^ 1791, and Char- 
loUr A. Stenton, L 17 Oct., 1786; wu n farmrr in Lconidaa, Mich. 

3130 M&ry KingHc^,^ b. 3€ S«pt^ 1819; d. 29 Mar., 183T. 

SlSl Martha King^ify.*h.f^3n\y.\S22 1 m. S Ocrt. 134^, William Benjamin, 
of R«d Kixk* 2f, Y,; rca. in Bloomiti^oa, IlL 

im. ROBBINV Aon of Col. Aaron^> (385). b. 20 June. 1782; m. 24 8ept, 
1819, Kt-«lina DixEioD, b- 13 Apr,, 1^99, dau, nf Ebcnox^r Dimon, of FnirMd, 

Ht d 10 Not., 1841, Aged 60. 

H* t«. in Writ ^tiy-kbrifl^-i?, Mhjul, wb^ro he orai n pmrnintrct hflryer. 

Hi« c?<at« wi Hifvnbutc^L 7 IVci, 1$U< t> hift broUicrs Aaron, of Madifon 
Co, : Clinton, ft Cflna*n, X. Y, ; John, of LUohfiold. 0. ; siaU>r, Salh Wbitiiw:, 
af Wi»t StDdcbnd;:^; Ifarlin^ ElinbcLb ami Jow-pb^ ebililrrii cf bin drcPOMsl 
brother, Martin; Kranci'. K<lvanl and Hannah Wliitin^, of Grcot Botrin^on, 



Tns Eiauiocie nr rtOE New Wobux 

ilBrtliiL Alli-i), at Ctnvc-lnnri, 0., KicliAri) WhJting, nf AlMhama, cbiUrctt of hi* 
iloc^iKd Htitt, Ilaciiah Whiting; Adeline JJruwn, wife of Cbcit<r Brown, 
Aaron, Chundl^r, Samh Diid M^nha Kin^l^y, all of Cuntn, chtidreo of bU de- 
ccJiW thii^T, A^i^atl Kinic*lcy; IJvcliii* Kfllo£g. flridov. 

Shcm. (t*) 8 Aug.^ It^tS, GoorKo Wyllye B^n^dict, LUD,, prof««cor of cfacoL-, 
intry at Uu> Uuiv^nixty »f Vt-ruwitt. He il iu Barlingtcn, Vt, Sqit, ISTl^ 

aaw William Diwox," b. Aug,, liWV ; d. in Troy, N. Y-, 7 May. iwa 

1146. OLTNTftN'7 mn of Col Anton'' (3M). b. in Caiuum. N\ Y., 20 Jan., 
17S6; ID. in UioiiUD, N. Y., Mar» IBM. Aimn Arnold, U 1G >1ay, 17»0, daiL of 
Snmiid Arnold, b. in Ea&x Haddam, Conn,, in l^Cl, and Aniu Bic«, of Stock- 
bridgi?, HoM,, U 17<35, 

S!io d. S« Si»pL, 1853 ^ iie d. 9 Jon.^ 1871 ; both d. in Caiuuil 

T!b wftB H fttTini^r ; n», on ihi* hnuwAtenti of liin fntln^r in Cannnn ; hr w*» ai 

one tinit' a CongrcgationaUat, later a Fn^bytcrian; ho «a« a Whif, and Utcr %j 


CAtiffr^nn ^. in Ccnaati. 

+3153 SAitAii,^ k fl tVb., 18IJ; in- Dr. Klijjih Kin^culcy While, 

3154 Huzinmn (Betbet) Avy." b. IS Doc., Idlt>; d. nnm. 3« Oct., 184-1. 

31fi5 Aabon," b. 31 Auj;., l«19; d. unm. 4 Sept, isas; be va» a farmer in 

Onniuin OvnicTy N'. Y. 

3]A« Ktkliva.b b. U Au^,, i$21 ; d. unm. 23 Aug., 1843, in CanouL 

31Cr Carouecig.^ b. 30 July. 1827 ; d. uiuil 8 Au«^ 1^36, iu CanauL 

3158 ASTElira C.,*^ b. 1 Jnno, 1830; d. unnu S June, 1856, in Canaan. 

1147. MAJ. JOHN DfiAN/ «^n of Col- Aaron* (385), h. in Canaon, K. T., £5 
Oct., 17?S; m. 10 Aug,> 183^. Ruth Van^icrpooU b. Id Dec. IdO*, dan. of Henry 
Vnti-l^^rpool. b. 24 Feb., 1771, ami ItntH AyUworth, b. n Feb., 1777, 

lie il in Orafton. O.. 10 Au«., 187^ ; "lu* d. in lUwMjnviDr, 0^ 15 t)w-, IftBl 
lie wa» a farmer in Urof;ton ; wa» a^tpointcd Deputy Sheriff of Bt;rk3hiro Coi., 
Vaas. ; in Aiig.» tS!if>, be t¥ceir>3r1 a comrnissloD aa aJd-d^-caTup to Gon. John 
Vhiting; waa honorably di»c}iarp^! aa aidcdccanip. 19 May. 132S; h# wu al 
ward oonuniMJonvd Maj. by Gov, Ixrvi Lincoln; in lS2t^ be wnc sppointod 
of Berkshire Co-; rrnu to Obin, Mitlin^ in Columbus; in 183t) rem- tA IJtcli* 
Icld, O; wbcn> he twic-^ h«ld ihv olEcc of Jnatioo of the Peace; wa 
BeT«ml yiwnd; nw. in 18T0 to Qrafton. 

+315^ HE^■RT Vj^sperpool," b, in Weal Btockbridge, 16 July, IflfiC; m. Uai 

Ann Brooker 
+3160 AXN ilAiir." b. in litdifield, 0., 20 liny, 1839; m. Andrew Ji 

-f311J1 JauBV Ci-tNT07«,^ k in LitdtUdd, O., 10 Nor^ 1842; m. R«-ba Ann 


1148. AXXA/ dai3. of AsshM* (386), b In Canaan, Conn., 1 Apr., 177&; m. 
180?, Joel Uin^r. b< 6 Apr>, 177£», fton of Joel Uin-er, of Haftbuid* Coon., and 
TcTOFrraiici* Adtley. 

Tns KsLEXXMe rs tiib Kciv VTobux 


8bed. 4 June, 1852, Hgi^] 73; he d. 10 Jan,, 1660, ngisl 90. 

He wnfl a bUclcKuith ; re*, in Hartknd until ISll, whni be rem. tc Oanttui. 


3162 A'tfnfy KtUo^ Xiner^ b. 1 Mar,, IBOl : m, 5 Koiv. 18S8, Rowland Nor- 
too, A mcrcbant; re*, in New Mnrlhorouxh, Mawt, Hinitoiif K. Y.> 
Brookfiokl and Andovor, 0. ; he d. ifl Andovor, '^ Feb., ldC8; bIw 
i 19 Mar, 1870. 

^103 JmJ Jtfintfr,** b. 2fi June, 1807; tn. XUr/ Hart; hi- wh» a nn-rcluuil ^ res. 
in CiLiuun, Conn., Hertford, 0-> fl&d BcnvcT Dan, Wi«.; m 1S78 
TVS. in AnE Arljor. Mich. 

alW ITAiliJisr OV^'' yxnm- ■ b, 29 Apr.. 1810 ; in, 15 Oct.. 1834, Anna Mor- 
ion Ifockvcll ; iru a fanncT ; r«m. in I37C from CuiAan to Win- 
irtod, Conn. 

St^ Cri^X Jiolan Mintr,^ h. 10 fVb., 1319; m. 9 Oct, 1843, Cnmlinc Eliu 
CaoficLd ; v$a • tnercbant in Cadbad. 

11«. NAOMI,' duxL of AmM* (3T^«). b m Caniiaii. Conn., 2 Kov,, ir80; m, 
(1» ^5 Nov.. 180$. Dcaccn Elixur CuKli, L in Torruigford. Oono., 11 Sept, 
ITB'nf, «on of Dwooa Job Cnrtii, v\d Kunicc Cowlta. 

She d. 3 Frb., ISO* ; U«^ la (?) 2fl Nov., ISO*, Aiuamla SUy-lc ; iL 18 Aug., 
1863; ehe irof odmittcd to South CanoAC Congregational Cburcbi IQ Feb^ 1806, 

fi« was b^, liT«d ftnd d. m Tcrrin^ford, Conn. 


3180 iVocmii KflioQg Turfui," h. 22 Jikn., 1804; m. 1A Nov., 1843, K)i Hnyn, 
of Ohio ; he d- 19 Mst., 1875 ; r«. in Berlio, Wi«. 

ll». VCn ITINO GAYI-0RD7 aon of Asah^l* f 38fi), b. m Canaan. Conn., S3 
aaj, 1783; bl (1) Ifi Dec,, 1610. ClanMta BtUcn- b. ^ Nor., 1789, dau. of 
Cbari«« BcM«n. L 7 Scpl, 1751. and Low BooworUj, b, 7 nJune, 17G0. 

She A II Feb., 1817; hv m. (2) 8 Apr, 1818, Pannv Dean, b, 29 Doc., 1739, 
dan. of RotfvctI Dc«o, of Canaan, Conn,, and Abigail Dcldcn, b. Nov,, 1752. 

Ut d. 10 Oct, 1885, a|c«d 82 ; she d. 20 Dec, 1 87C, a^d 8fi. 

llo wna bap. and admittt^ to the South Canaan Con^gational Church, 1 

Zl$7 A$AiiKL.* b- 13 SepU IBll: m. (1) Jan,, I$5S. Harriet Maria BecJdajr. 
b. 6 July, 1814, <UiL of Luthtr B«klty, of Canaan, b. 31 Dee., 
177&,»i>d JcttclWbf, b. 15 Apr.. irSO; ^h^^ d. May. lfl*2; hem, 
(2) liar. 1843. Liaoy Alnnni BockVy, eist^ of bis flrel wife, b^ 5 
Jan., Irtl7: rrt. In Winsted, Conn.; she d. in Cauaan, 19 OcL, 
1801; had no children. 

316$ fiuzABETii (B^nfET) A.vy,9 bL 13 Nov., 1813; n. 20 Oct., 183!^ Har- 

3I*?9 KiiiiKi.i\K« K 12 Sept.. ISlfi; d. 11 May, 1817. 
J170 Hkmeukk." L 2 F*I),. 1330; d. unm. in Win*t«d, 24 CkL. 18^)8; lt?ed 
with her broUKT. Whiting Gaylord. in So\ith Canaan. Conn. 


The Kxllooos jm tuk Xi:w WouLa 

31T1 WamKH OiTLonn,* b. 31 Ang., 18t4; m. 19 Aug^^ 1830, Uurs B. 
Bi^rklr/, b. R Sept, tJtIA, dftu, of Snicvrl Bi^kler, k M Jut)i% tTfO, 
ud Sarah Ad&iit8, Ex S£ Jtmc, K&8, dau* of Jolm Aduiu, b. in 
Tanntoik^ hlaM., 4 Mtr, 1755, and Ablgmil Adams, tK In Canaan, 19 
JvQC 1T&:i. ne ra. m Scutb Canaan; abe d, £4 Sept^ 1889; he 
ro. (2) S^ Ihc^ 1890, ac bur «workd buibond. Km run Lnmtia Dud- 
bam, b. in Canaan^ 8 Noi^ 184^ dati, of [It^nr^ and Almtra { Mun- 
0on) Dean; d- 16 June, 11^5^ aha rok in falia VUIa£«, Uonn.; 
had no cbildnoL 

Zin CiiiLD,^ h. ' ; d. jonng, M Oct, 18^0. 

115S. OLIVER,' H>n of l>ani«l^ ($87 ), ba^ in We«t Hartford, Covm., 9 Mar^ 
ITM ; m. PatJ«ice Be1di-D, of CaDAan. Conn., U. abunt 1763. 

Ue d. in BWoD^ Coul, 17 Skpt, ItiSO; atic d. in Sharm, HicL, 8 D««^ 

He waa a dothl«r; n*. la HitcbcDck*& Coraer, Sharott, Coab.; rem. to 
tibaron. Coon., about 17S8; waa JuMiceof tbc i'^aee; 9&rr«4 fif toes tons in tko 
Connixii<'Ut 1ji^«bitnrr, thi^ find tlmt' in 1797; Imtt^t land in Stnrlnboro, Tt, 
in irdb, but it is not kikown Ihat b« erer bved ihenx 

3173 Saeah (Sxllv) * b. in Wert Hartford, 23 Aug., 17&6. 

S174 Patifjccb,* k in Wra nartford, 9 Jan., 1787. 

3175 lUaiuKT,^ k SO AufT., nss. 
+.117«! RirH*Kii.* b. 11 Mar., 17W); m. Etbabeth S*ift 

3177 JEftCeHi." k 11 Apr, 17!>$. 
•f3178 0UVEB« k 3 Oct, IT97; m. AfanacT Rouao. 
4-dlT9 Enax," b. e Apr*. 1603; m. Gan7 Cbauib«n. 

1154. nOHACE,* ECU of Dsniet^ (387), bap. in West Hartford, Ccul, 14 P«bs 
17(;S; m. QanDOh Sedgvick. of UaMcbtuHt«. k aUiat IT^ 

He d. in ibe booao of his eon, Horace, to Ontario Co., N. V^ Jan., 18?9. 

H* wa» a rFVolntiiwarj Koldicr and ppmon*^; pp«, in PenfleM, S", Y., in 
1818 : at that time bie fanulj cQiiat«(ed oclr of hia wife afod 53. He cnlitfted 
in Hartford, Conn., Apr.. 1777, in Capt John Bamard*« Co^ of tba Connocticut 
Itc^. of CoL Wjlljs; fias diachargrd in W<NM|biridgr, N. J., in 1780. He is said 
to have rem. from UoatK«J to Ontario Ca, K. Y. He vns a fnllcr. 

+3180 Hoa^rK.* k in Salem. Conn.^ 16 Jan.. 1783 ; UL IxtU Bndlvy. 

3181 DArir».''b. : d. in Kcotnckt ; Irf t two aona. 

+31J4* Stephex Setowicx » K 18 Mar., I79fi; m, Racli«l Elsteot 

3183 CitjMjra,"* k ; m. Tintj Eivn^U; ate n isvaJdar nt prwiiT 

■poooa; d. in Alabujn*. 

+3184 Cr\THiA* k ; m. (1) Sfjran Rnmkt; (S) I-ewt« VnlUnvt. 

3185 Aui4."k . 

318fi BniLiii*k 

1158. KZEKTEU* wo of Dankl* ( 8!*7 ) , bap. tn Wert Ilnrtforxl, Coon, tO Apr, 
1770: iiL iu Wi-sl Hartfon!. ?t Ort, 1788. KJiwK i' ^ b. 10 Jutmv 17T0, 

dsn. af .\llTn SUnlrr. nf Wrrt Hartford, and Etiza 

Thb Kcllooos ix th£ Nbw WcHia 


He a. 

in UBfion, N. V. 

H« pruLablj left Vim LUrtford in 1T9S ; in 17^Z he v&s in JotuMtowD, Pol* 
ton Coy^ ^> V. lie v^ ftiijuikg the oftrij Mtlters of vbat ar« now Ontftru^ Wft^ 
«ortb utd UaHoSt «U in Wajuc Co., X. T. 

+31»: AnftAHAM.''K';» Jan.. 17M»; m. ?bc^ Bico. 

+ai8« JiHisiu* b, IK M17, 1793; m- (!) Pwkhtm; (t) D*nid 

4-^1^9 HzEiciEL,^b. ^ Jan., iTDlf; m> (1) Harriet Fox; (!£) Nftomi Hmrria. 
-f 3190 M*aT,^ K 8 Aug., 1804 ; lu, llonic* Morltrj. 
+3VJI KoDNLT* b. '^8 Jan., 1808: m. Hamct B*ilej\ 

31S3 NuiiM*N,«k , 

31&3 hxvTLs.*^ Ix ; m. KtiswU Whipple; r«. in PiitMm VMuy, N. Y. 

3191 EUZABETH (BiTiHer),* \y. 

3155 Clah*,"* U, ; m, 

31»fi Amanda « Ix 

31&7 JruA^b, . 

3195 Jobs," fa. . 


1167, JOEL,^ wm of Jotd* (3itd), b. in TyrinchaiD, Mft»^ 10 Not^ 1760: a. 

(1) io Sh«mcld, H&«. (puU. 33 Dve., 1784], Dunro 0M«, b. in Sheflwld, tt Jan^ 

11&4, <lsfl, or ElifthA and ElizaMb OM9, 

Sbod^ — ; h*m. (2) «^ Dm.. nSO.Marr (Folly) Brown: i 18*a He 

from Shdru-ld. Uaaa., in 1803. lo Wort Bloomik*M, OnUri^j CV. N. Y. 

He waa a soldier in the revolution. Ria mtticc ia giToi with Eiia father*^ 

aa it caoDoC be determine b; the rocord, what part of Uiat acrricc he performed- 


+31P» Rhodv* k 2C Frb., irSfi; m. John liyda 
3300 Utuxit,** b. 14 Deo,, 17S7 ; i li? Dec.. 17S7. 
3M1 Mabt (roLLT),"L17 Jnn«, K^U cL 17 Aug.. 1795. 
dWS Mis-xari,** b. ti OcU 1794 ; d. 9 Au^., 17V6L 

3203 Kui* » k 9 OrL, 1797; m. ; shr *L in WoImII, N- Y. 

3304 HiB^ii TTiU£,"b-inShdlWd, 83 Ati?^, 180fl: ro. EmMinc Fwkf. 

>3S05 FjfcNsv * b- in New Ifirtborongb, UasR. Ift Sept. 1^*02 ^ m David Tox. 

320< OsOHOt,* b. 19 Junr, 180» ; nhoui 1S35-40, he ireiit away and W nerer 

bocQ board from. 
3W Calkb," k 1 Sept, IfiOT: d. S Sept, ISOT. 

*S808 Dasibi- IL." b. in BlofwnSeld. N. Y., «4 Apr,, 1805; m. Mary Ann N»L 
-3109 Calm Stanutv** h- 9 Sqjt, I8U; nu Sophia lAmphicr. 

LYDIAJ dac. of Jool<» (.'^S9J. b. in Sh'-ffi.^ld, !7 Mar., ini: m. (pub 
JaA., 17dO), in 81iei1)«ld, U%^, ^tcpht-n WtTi^low, b. in ShdIieM, 39 June 
1767, too of PriDCC Wintftow and Sarah Qoodridu 
Hed, ? Jan,. 1812 

Herein, to Blocnifielil.K.T.. in 179«: in ISICI, to Lima. K . Y, ; in l$tt, 
for Sandtiakiy, but d^'ided to aettJe in Batavia, X. V. She r'>Tn. to Prctthv 
r.T.; m. (2) AniiH Rlood; nti. in Aluundi^r, 7J. Y., UDtil 1336, whtn llwj ram. 
to Sdo. Hick, wh<rre «bc d. 1840. 


Tns KfiLLogoe in hie Xkw World. 




■; d, in Frwpon, III., Mar-, 1864, 

; ID. I$]:£, Ssicnel King: ivfi, in Yorkihlre^ 

Sofkrvnujt Wwi&w,** b. ; m. Abial Havfcim^ of BaUvto, N. T., 

r*«. in YptiUnti, Uioh.; IiaiI threo chiklEm. 

/« Hiiw/«'«\'* b- — -; ro. ; m. In L«U^ Mklk; had 

onr wn niul Ihr^- iIuua. 
FrW«ridt CirrJo^finfi Winalov,'* I. in Host Bloooifidd, N. Y^ IS Jalj 

J»OS ; m. in Pwble, 30 J»lj-, IftSO, Mary Ann Forbes ; *h* i in 

Frce|M>Tt, M€>, 16C5; he wa» a Mctluxlidt protcbcr; rra. in Frw^ 

port, ILU in ^^'^'i- 
Minerva WinMiov.** l<. in 3hi^l!teld, IS JiiC4r, 1801 ; m, Ooorge Jodd; res. 

in FitsqtoTt, JIL 

CUHa Winsiim,^ b. • -; d. Au^., 180^. 

1174. THOMAS UOSMEE/ eon of Joei*" (3S!^), K tn SlMfidd,Us«a, 19 Apr.« 
irT3; TO. (1) (pnl>. 22 Oct, 17«), Mtrj BuhliMl, k b n78. 

She d in ShcBicld. 180€; be m. (e) luinioc DnclL L in ITSO, in OoebcD, 
Comn., dan. of Di-acoD Timotbv BupH, b, in lt&7, tad OUv^Xorloa; dwd. I$ft5; 
he d. IS Sept. ld6T, a^ed 84/ Ik ra. in East Bloocofidd. X. V. 

381d Amklia"U 5 Sept. i:98; m- {1) Edpccomb; <^) Imc Hal- 

etcd; r«fl, in Monnt Uorhft^ N- Y.; )ud no chUdreo. 
+a220 Almiha." b. S FrK, IROO; in. Col. Edwarvl ft«w)rr. 
+3551 Mima,*" b. «5 FA, IfiOS; m. Kdvin WillUm Kaii^iti 
+3It2 Cabouxb.^ b. n Sept, 1804; m. Maraton WateoB Rtebtrds. 

Ckildrfn bjf 9fcond vift, 
+3S23 Tiii>MA)4 H<wui:h,^ b. tO Juh. 1817 ; rtt. Edna JaM SeynMirr 

3^4 Ma3gt B.." b. < Nov., 1818: ra. in K4«t Bloomfidd, X. Y.; w» nnm. 

1179. WILUAAIJ wn of Joel* (SS<l), b, in Sheffield, Muat, n Doc, 1T»; 
TO. iliFTv. 12 Jnn^ 1S05, Ann Kliabrtb ShHTtntmr. of Sbellwld, K 1€ Si'pt, 1782, 
dao. of Conrad Sh1^1buA^f< nnd CntlKTint? HaJtnood. 

He d. in Jw.per, \, Y., 17 Oct.. 1863 : site ih In Cameronp X. T., 30 June^, 

Ue nm^ ISio, to Eaat BloofoiWld, X, Y.; about 18S0 to Uringrton Ca, 
N. Y*; next to Jasper, 

+ZttB ALiirKix XOXA^* b. 29 Dee.. 1509; m. Catlknin^ ScbeikeL 
Ses6 WiLUAu J^T.^b. 2MarMl0O9: n«.iD Jaapcr; d. tinm. in B«tb,X.T., 

+3S«: JU«Y I^uisa" b- SO J^\y. 18?7; m. Joba Stwt Jackfon. 

1176. AUNA,^ dau. of Jorl* (389), K 1$ Jnk, 1778; iil in felart BlooroScId, 
N. Y., SUjr, 1798. Geo, Ephraioi Tomicf, U 177S, 

The Kklloogs in the Kkw Voria 


Shu d. 3 Nov., ISIG; be nu (9) 10 Sm.^ 1817. her sister, Stte&iuuh Kellogg 
(IKlft^.K 10 Apr^ 176^ SIhmI. in Oii'i^pnii^of 18^; lufd. 1657. 
lie wu« Mttj.-Ucc. of cAvalrv. 

9ik% Dflia Tovntr? b- 1790; d. 180], 

3Wd 0»y Cu//^ri rtfuft*/,** b- 13 Jbu,, 1800 ; d. isai. 

3730 //rnjamin »ji)A'Ji>i rt^irn^.* b. -J(» Uc4., IbUl; m. EllM Uoore; d, ID 

IftWll hw! CTr children, 
a^l i>ciia r^ivncn" b. Apr., Id03; m. Bamiicl Uoldcn; d. 1^6?; hftd df^ht 

3S3t AoHuo T'oiTA'^r'* b. Mfty. 1805; m. <3»t^ W. 1>oIc: d. 184^, 

3233 n&mtio Sflsifn ToKn*t?h. May. ISIO; (L JS59. 

3234 OJi» diiMArioA Towner,* b. Mar., 181S; m. Oful B. Werihingtori; d. 

323A ,Y«Tnau ffW/yyj r<nr*i#r,*t 3 Oct-, 1816; m. JaoetU ^)eitcer;d. 189^; 
Tcft, in Yp^ibrnti, Mich.; bad Gie diildrni- 

1177. STMEOX,'Kjn^.f Joel^ (3S9). K 30 Oct.. 1781; lo. in Bitoria, N. T,, 8 
F<^, ISO^, i'hcbe Ki&frUe^r. dnu. of Dva<cn Uatid Kinf^kv, of Sudboiy. Vt, 
ami BaUrim, X. Y., b. in \Viiidli4iinf Couii., 22 Jan., 1T49, aucI rata-uur Wuodi, 
b. in Weetfield, Mui^. ?2 Feb., ^5^. 

U« d. ¥4 Oct., 1955; fihe d, 10 Oct, 1869. &g«d 8L 

Hv WM A IftitncT. currier iind afaoeinaker tu DattiTta, N. Y. 

Marshall KiXflSLKT,** b. 23 May, IHlv; vue a farv^tr oud bb<tk8i]udi 
in Plnno. Tiilnrt'To., CnL; d^iinm.^ll Mnr, 1,SM, 

i^riicx MsLFx«m>,'' K 16 Fob., 1B13 ; d. ?] 8cpt> sane 5<«r. 

AvKA.^b. 1!> Miy, 1815; m. Noah B. BnahnelL 

Caxdacr Amxlu.*' k 1-1 A»K., 1818; m. (1) Eli Tndd U-wii; (S) 
<ii<ki:in 84nd<ijLrd. 

Aaapu Melitikp,^ bi 18 Au^, 1^0; m. Adeline iS. Conger. 

LoTSLL Utltoti.'^K '^fdJuiH^. 18:^9; m. (l) Margaret Cov&u ; [if} M». 
Luetic (Vuitfrtt) Gordon, 

JrLU Amua» b, a: J'jly, 1834; d, SO July. 1825, 

JrUA ADtUA,'* b. ^ Aqj^.. lb?<i; m. Stephoc Norwood Bctt& 

Deua SornjA * b. 21 M»r., 1820; nu in Adamn, HilUtbilL* Co., Mich., ^ 
Mar^ I65f I>r. John W. Ktllty, b. in WV^ilicld. MaM>, 2C Xot„ 
1814 ; h^ xe^f d graduftt« of Obertin Collv^e; h« d. 10 Apr, 188U ; 
IB 1897 ihe n«v «n tbt- oM homt"*tcAd in HillwUlr, Mirb. 

1181, MOSKB^' mn nf MnAOfC* (390)^ h. in Hitrtftm!, Ci^nn.^ 5 July^ XtCG ; ttL 
kbigftil Uirrin. 

8bo d. « Sept, 1838, ap>d 71 ; he d. 24 July, 1844, a|^<<l 7»< 

He vttn B farnit-r; pFcit«tily kft Coonc^ttcut about 180^, nnd Mrltlivl in Bui^ 

lin^li, OUi.'go Ca, N. V. Hi« hoiuMtcfid va< oocupted in 1881 by Hart Milkr. 

3^fl Maiiy.^K 9 \*>v-, 1790: rt unm. in BuHin^n, T Frh, I84fl, 
3*46 Becbek." b, 13 Mar.. Ui>3; d. unm. in Burlington. ?0 Sept, 18J8, 
'3247 JoKL," b, 4 Apr, HM; m. Unra^le Miller. 





TllL KeLLOQG« IK TUK N'bw WofttitL 

3:i48 Marvin * U tl JuIt, 1797 ; <!. imm., in EocbtfltCT, N- Y^ » Oct, 1831; 

+3249 Euiir,*' h» 2J Jun^ UtW; m. Aim Dflvu. 

+ZUO K&Afinrs." b. :iU Maj, IbXJd; m. (1) VTellhjr Clupinui; (S) Mm 3lAneU« 
(Menrm) Worryo. 

3?*l Cli«iW(a» b- U> Aug,, U(U; d, j-oung. 

3W3 Ralph,"* b. ^7 Apr, 1S07 i d. in Ocnceco. X. Y., tO Aug-. 18*7, 
-f3?5J William,** b. in BurlmgiDO, 3 FoL, Ibll; tru Lucixia Gould R&VAoa. 

:)Sr>4 Ci.AKi!HtA,' L 10 Kov^ 181$; m. Riiilhrn R. CliApin. 

1L8S. JAMESJ eon of Mom^ (300), b. in West Hartford* Codd,, 29 July, 
neS; lu. U^ia Ki41ogg (2033), b. 176«, dtu, of Sftmuot Kellogg (+fi67), b. 
«boul IT'lO, And Ilnuufili Strung. 
Ho d. ID Ohio. 

325fl Jamks,"* li. . 

3S5C I-YMA," b, 

32fi: ICaulv^Ix 



JI':RnS[]A,^ aau. ^r ^Io«r»* (390). Il ie Apr., 1777; uu Jowph Bum- 

32AS GfWPoMfftmjftrtm," b- 


— ; ivft- in n<>biwiij Conn. 

1186. JHSSE,*^ 8oa of Itci^^ (390), L ia lUrtford, Conn,, 1 Feb^ 17&0; n. 
IH Dim:.. 1H04, Amv Stnni^, k £0 ^, 1780, m Hebrcai, Conn., dtiL of Dand 
8trQnf: and Lcnii Himl-IL 

Up ^. 4 Atix, l^^T agytl 84 ^i;«ni B months; rIio d. SS Msr.* 1S74, agf?d 93 
jtarft, 10 inontbs And Z dav». 

Ho VA* u farmer in Ht^liron. where both d. 

^559 CtABiMA," b. Ifl S»-|.t,. IftOS: rl 2 June, 1884, in TTrbroii. 
+:W6U EuaABCTii (HKTfli:v) » b. 22 J^m^ 1807; m. IHsiA OillctL 
+3fi6t pASit^L OiiovK* K 3 Jiinp, IrtOPi ni. Anno TMin Hof^ord. 
+aS63 Nancy." U 11 Jniy. 1811 ; m. Bcmiok Kiiow!t« Arooid. 

3^63 LAtmA,'< b. 37 Hot.. iS13; m. 19 Jiin*-. 1863. Elijali Ckrk, of MftHboro, 
Oarn., h. 1.1 Sq>t-. li^iri. mn of EdnnH Clarit nird Aliw Chftpmnn. 
HovAAa fnrmcr in Marlhoro; «h« d. 11 Apr.* I8dl; h«d.34Au£.t 

+3304 DiAKA* b. 87 Apr.. 1815; m. ChArl« AW Whii^. 
4-9265 JKHVaHA," k S5 JqIj, 1S18; m. Jitintv Alciind^ WhiU. 
+3^66 Datto Strouo,* b. 14 Aug.. ISJl ; m. Mary Adelln« Jonea 

1189. LtjCYJ dau. of MoM« (894), b. 13 Apr, 1748; ml Jacob Kanur, K 
olmtit 1734. 

Ho d. S Feb., 1S17. ak^kI 81 : »h« d. 88 Feb., 1817. ttg^ 70. 

At th* Umo of th« foTT>*tion of llw nuw tAcwh in Kgrcmiort, m 1816. nono 
nf file m^wbers of the fomivr church vrcrc linn^ iti ur itnHuii] tlirt toim, viUi tho 
foUovring czMptiom: Jaoob Kanwr, iMcy Knrc^Tt hi* vifn, vidow Manr Dalar 

Tns Kbllooos iff thb New Woiuj?. 


AnO JobD Hoot, and ihcvc w«tc of such o^, no feeble, or othcrwi*; prevented 
fmiri ftppetriog in the public uccmbly, Ibat none of thorn tmitod %nth tho oov 

3S^ JVory (FoUy) Konter^ b. in Kicreinoiit, Ai>r., 17GT; m- KUjah Kdlogg 

1191. UOSKS,^ >^ of Mo««" (394). U £1 Feb., 174^.; ax, l^dla K«Uogg 
(3-^6), b. m K^9,<lftiLor eairard (-+-»$>. 

Hr iL ^ S4>^>t, ITR.*!; Hhr cl. 24 Janr, 1825, «^ Pfi, iird \» \i\\T'm\ in ilu? 
lU«st ccmcUr^ in tlgrcnioDt, whciv h<:r gr&Tcatonr ia stAJidiEiK. 

He w*3 » r^voluliouarr iotdier; Corp. in Cap! Wilooi** Co., Col, Ashley'* 
&^., a to lf> Julr, i::r, mul ff«m 19 Sept., to JB 0*it-, Uii- WLinr nsr , wrvpd ui 
tile northern nrmy. 

Hi* farm wsa irt HilMalv, dow AoaterlitE, K. V., and jiartly (u Alfoncl, 

+3?68 Zadoci: s b. 

; [RrhapH elifc lu. Aaruu Auniiu (I3H), 

; m. ; rem. to Chcnaniro Co., Tit^x O^iford; 

thfj- ha4l »fTrprfll childivn ; h^ m. ( S) IxKiRiiA, and liad thn^ 

or /our childien. 

3-J7C :toLOM0^ * b, 

3!J:i David,* Ik 
32n SAHa*,* k 

rem. to Now CormooCicut, 0» b«fcK 1S12. 

+3273 AiiA»i,» b, td Apr.. 1776 ; m- Eunioe Chadwick- 

ll», ABNER,* son of Koae** (394). b. In HUtsdale, X. T, 9 No7., 1747; QL 
15 Feb.. 1770. l^cbr Wf^toTCT, b. Ifi Mar., 171^ 

Jird. 9 June, iai«, in Alford, Md«i;.; rtho d. IC Jure, IMS. 

In 1779 he rem. from Hillsdale, N. Y,, acra§8 the Slate line into Alford, 
Maai. Ho waa a Lieol. al Llw timo of Biir:;;D.vnL''tf ^urreudcr At the? tmic of 
Sliair'a roboHion, bv U'lcngifd to tlto Govurumviit pnrty. .\ nuiruudltig band, 
Iwaded by oue Ro«er broke open lii« hoii««. lEofte and Dly wi?re hanged, at L^ox, 
for rotibini^ hoiiaea and other acta of outlawry. 

Hp wa» Tn-rtMUwr of AlTord, 17M*9ft, and onH of thn jii'l«>tinHi, 1802, '03 
awl *07- Hin vill, prot^d L^^IS, motioned all the children niLined below. 

ChUdrtn, firm four b. in UilUtUiU, S. >',; laM four in Al/ord, Masg. 

^+8274 Jonah,® L 14 Nor,, 1770; nu Clarinda Hulbert 
+3273 Sally* b. 1? Aug., 1772: inu Krastim Hill*. 
+327fi Howtsa.* b, S7 KtU, 1775; m, (1) Jam« BIom; [U) Andrew Patter- 


■3377 KrsiCE," b. 3l Aug-. 1777 ; m. Judge r^iucl Mcffitt 
'3t78 MAHTty • b. IS Apr., 1780; m. Anna Li^at^^r. 
4<.12?9 Aho«," b. 17 Juntv 17^2; nj. raalina Diaii. 
4-3380 Eeiu,'* L 14 Aq^, 17S4; ra. Eathcr Hewena, 
+32dl TitKBE^* b. 7 Jail., 1787; m. Hairey Dt«n. 

IIW. EUNICE,^ <Ua- of Moic«<i (394), b. 2S Sept., 17M; m. Aeoos Qray, b. 
abovt 1761, Bon «f Jo«i^h Gray. 


Th»{ KtLLOQQs IV niE Ncir World, 


Ii^&i. (9) 

; il, in GrMFfic^ S. T-> 181.% to vhicb plwo 

he liad n-m. fiom Ht'niuciQt, Uai^» ubotJt 1 ■'94-^18. 

iic vrott 11 iitOQt' ttiavou; luirt both cyuci by n pn^inuturc bla«l m EfErouoiiL 

^A2 Jotfph Oraif,'* h. LU? ; m. Mimm Hultji-li ; A. in IndUriL, 1ft Fcb^ lftS4. 
:3£d3 JtMkan <rrjy,^ 1x IVdO; nu in Greene* Itnib Loom»: d. in iBdUoAj 

3284 i?Ji*a^r(A ftrij^ctf Ont^,* h. 13 Oct, 1782 ; J. imrn. in Indiniui. 

1196. ANNA,' (Inu. ol Mcmou^ (304), t ic BlilUdalc, N. T., $ Dec., 1755; m. 
ID Egrvinoutr Mass.* u hi^ ^ocord wife, Reubec FAnuvorth* b. 4 Jotte, 17&1> in 
C«mbridjfCr Uas»>, eon of Ktubou I'jtnuworth. 1>. I7U3. ;uid Uary Hold«i. 

lie <i. in BuTlingtori, Vt., IHl^; >ilt<' iL Ifi3:i. 

Ilia tlrftt wife woe Kcslah Kcllog;g (IStS)* ooQ«in of Ajina. 

Hv vra^ u farmer; rem. 1775 to Donct, Vt.. where nin«> of hi« children vei 
tiap, 29 Jiinr, HDJ, tncl from tkrre, in 1805. lo Bur)LTi^?», Vt- 

VhUdrvn, first t. in Jitfrcmont^ ctht^n in l/orscL 
dS&5 Moact F<irnjtv;&rth? K SS I'cb., K? I ; ni. if Jan., IBOl, &um«o MttUooD^j 

d. 1S43; hml Hit children. 

3«W Pkint4U Fariut^oHk}' U ; d. io iiifwicj', 

WfiT IViJiwm Fontvorih,^ b. Oct., 17:7; m. io 18W» Lrdia Ktnl, b. i» M»v, 

i;«3; d, 3 l)<t„lS48. 
39^ Botiirn Fomsitorih;* b. Jal7, 1779; m. Susaii Cobb; d Apr-, 193^. 
3S85I Vory Furu^uurtt," K ahoTit USti; m. John Gray; d, agv'd 83, 
3290 .4nmi FanuififTth,'* h. Sept, 1704; m. Gordon Fanrdl; d. 1954^. 
S?91 AjhMfd Ftmun'cnhf^ h. Jolv, 1781^ ; to. l':beiieseT Oobh; d, Jul* i^&. 
39W ff«»ii*-'i FaTtuuOTih}' U 1 Ajr.. i:«7; m. (1) LuL-inOa Krjit; |«) Mr^ 

Marf ICoct; (3) Mnrv Lamon; (-J) Ur* SwiirrirjKf r ; (5) ; 

n-iu. from Dorw-t, Vt. to Ohi« in l»i4; lo Indiannpalip in 1830; 

and about IS37 to Plymoutli, lud,. vlim; W cL 30 Dec, 1617. 

3993 />o% /'iintiirofM,** b. Mar., 179^; d. nnni., aficd 6X 

3994 fjii.* Fflnurv-flftt,** d. in infancr. 
39K5 j:^y Fam^worih,* b. Pec., 1793; ou (1) Z«rmh Dnw; (2) hi* hroehor, 

GlUba Diw, 
3990 Jarf*«rtii parntvorih,'*h,JW., I79fi; m. Ifnnnah HouigH; d, Dec.. Ift4«. 
3997 Pki^fM THu8 ForMVcrth,^ b. 1798; d. in iufancy- 

im. XATHAKIKL * my of Mmm* (394), b. In Watfidil, UmM, 24 Fth^ 
1758; m- (1> I'alm Hawkiiiik 

Sh^ d. ; h4* m. (9) Anak« Ony, dan. of Jompb Gray. 

Aftt*r Ihe nrToJulion be became a Bipti»l prvaciber uf auuie ucrte. mi^ntian ot 
whom is made in the oLd BaptUt Churcb in An^nio, nor UiUcrton, N. Y., «a 
hflWng btxii pnwnl at tn arcUnatkw ominuiU 17 The., IT88, at Thicfa hia father- 
in-lav and bia brotber<in-lAv, Rider J«dvth«& QnijF> wvte prcatfit 

Ho wiii a ni^otutlonarr soldier and pmsioDer: aerr^ from 8 Uar, 1775, 
#ii|;ht month H ia tlir aniiv at Bo«lon: bad an order ioi a txivnt^ roat- Id 
hia applicntton for praaion be ctat^ that he vaa b^ in Weetfidd, Ma^e., ^ 
Fibu. 17&S: lirrf in Alford, vhifn i<alln] ittfo eervice; »ooa after th* wwr 
he rtflL. to Qreetwi. Chenango Ca, N. Y* In Apr., 1775, be vent from Alfon! 

Th£ Eelloogs is the New World. 


ft* A UtnuU ntAti to BofftoD, whfrrv- be ^.tvv^ until ibft ^raeuatioD of tlio city, 
IT Mir^ ITTA; Jm" thru irmrt^lird in Xi'V Ynrk llty; vnt w»fK ^^lp nrmy nn the 
rvtrvat from Lon^ Ul&itd and Kcr York City Ut UorLm, and lo ^\'lule Plains 
vtwr* !w «"«a in Ibe bnttlv of tiial place, &nd Law croMu) lulu Nl-w .Ttr^ty. On 
Oir ftiUiincr of (3m. T^iu^*oym' »mi tlir rjill of Orn. St^huylrr for nM, h** joii^od the 
nurihvniarmr; vas «tAtiojicd nt I'ort^ Kclwnrr], MiUc^r and Ann, fiod na^ prceont 
at the Mtrreoiki of Saratoga. In 1S41> he waH living in Jai^jt^r^ Stetiben Co., N. Y. 

Child ifjf lirsl tcifc, 
8S198 TarraEHA,*' U 

Stt!) EtUEABEtn (Bbtskv),'^ b. , 

119& PUNY/ mw of Mwr^ (afl4>, b. 7 Not,^ IT/^SI ; ra. (1 ) PJiiricmcr Ukv. 

Sho d. ; in hU old agv hv in. (2) Mr^ Mar;fan>t Shaq}«. 

RttL In AnnlMrlilz, N, \., rvur AlforiL He- tt»n burn^il on hU farru, thro*? 
milt-* ftWvc <jnwn llivcr. 

Uq was ft ivrolutionarv w*Uii«T snd pcnFiornr^ wap f-allei] '*Little Plin" to 
itifeliu^uUl^ hiiii frum AiiolUi^r Pli:i_v Kt^llugg. wluJ Wtta I'Jillwl *"Bi^ Pliti-" In liiit 
appJHatioai for pcnmon he irtiitL![l tliat h<: wnjt lent m Ihitchk'i^ Co.« N. Y-, in 
1759, btit rviL in AusttrHits, >". Y^, xincv about 17^3. )l« war brought up by hi« 
UDcbe, Bphraim, of Sbi^Alcld. where he enlinted Jan., 1776, aod marv^Ued to the 
si<^ of Bmiod; afterward nmrclii^ to Nf^w York City unU Lonj; Ulund, and 
mM in IhiT Iwlili- nf Wltiti- Hjiiiiv In 1777 lu* joinnT thr r>orlWrii anny witli 
(jtn. Schnylor and vae ir the l<nttlc which prooed4>d the minrnder of Burgoyne- 
BU nam*! viati on the coat roUa, 7 Oct., 1775. Il4^ waa sick and absent from Mi 

— ; ID. WiltiniQ Knox. 

— ; m. (J) Thompson; {%) PhelpK 

— ; d. ^xiun^. 

,+3300 Lydu * b, - 
3301 DoBCAs ,• b. 
33« Prrrn," b, - 
3303 JoMK,**k-^ 

+8WM CALTiN*b. 

*!. in tli^ army in the war of 1812, 
UL (1) Ldum BtuHon; (t) FoUy Benaon. 

+330fi LCTHEH," b- ^ May, KOfi: ni. Lucy Jone*. 

3304 PoLLV,* K ; iJ. yamxg. 

3307 HiiODA,* b. ; tl. onm- 

1800. TITTS.^ iQon i»f Mofff^*" (394), b. 4 Jiinr, 1705; m- (1) 3 Mar,, 1785, 
Hboda Kani«r. 

Slwd. HD«,, 178S,Bgea !3;h^ni. (2) 1 Dec, 17flMiachel Southwell, dau. 
of Jacob Southwell, b- 13 May, 1771; she d. 4 May, IS14: he n>. (3) U !)cc, 
lai-l, Chloe Hamry; *he d. 5 &-pt., I8ift; br d. m D^irw^t, Vt, 28 Oct., iSM, in 
the houw of hit MO, Mo«o, 

He w«* a ajptnter end joi»er; rw. in Uoreol, in 1830. In hi» upplicMion 
for jK-n^ion in 18]8. wIkii Ih^ waji living in Bt*n»inKl*>nf VL, hi* Ktatnl thnt he 
re«u to 1896 to VTnjthin^on Oo.» N* Y., to nsdc with hii children, living ia 
vtriotti pbeea. 

Ht mliiLtrd m Kifitjnoitt ui 17ftO for lliive yi'ar», alitwi lii? ttjt.i di-wc-nUid as 
18 yean old, ft feet, 7 i&chf« in height, Hf;ht eomplejicn and brown boir. Two 
of bia aoDft flmed in the war of 1tt12. 


CiiiU bji fint mft. 

Ckiidrtn 6y ^rv^ni u*i/r. 

+330» PiuUNiu,' l>. £ Juljr, Kffa; m. lidwurd W«k1. 

3310 rniLxsDni,«b- 15 A-ag., 1794- 

+3311 Tires," U Z Juoe, 17^; ; m, Lucj Flelchcr- 

3312 MjiRCU," b. 10 Doc, 1799; d. W Auu., latK*- 

-f-3313 HtiuM * \h 20 S^it, 18ft8; cl JiiMa. Sl-iufonl Elderi:iii- 

33U \Vu.UAMF.."b,a J>«., 1807; d. 1!* RL, 1«U. 

+3315 MAScrx CoKKSUA,"^ 1). 15 Oct., 181U; m. Emmoiu Manky. 

331$ A Child," b. 22 Apr., 18U; d, 94 Apr., 1614. 

1204. NEHEHIAH,? sod of Umt. Stephen^ (395), b. in ShdMd, UMm., 14 
OcL, 1752; nu , 

flit rr^, in KgnTmont; wju a vjigmi'irinkvr; nin. to Homor, ww SoJoOj 
K. Y,, wlifTe h« bought Lflnd, Sd Oct, 180T. 

Ho or^e A rtvoluttonai'v Eol>ii«r; private in Capt. Baooh's Oo<, Lcxini^n 
Alarm; nuin-linl 21 Apr., 17^5; wtr-hI i>iii- moittli nvil four iImjv; privjitjf id 
Cspt Fitch'8 Co.. UoL Asblcy'e Hc'^., in Berkshire V<t. H^ w named on th« p«y 
roll, doted 27 July, 1777; wrred ninetecii dayt 

+3317 Aarost * I. in ShrJGdd, ibout 1777 ; m. Juutto UlDOr. 
+331tj iTnAUiift,^ b. in Sb<4Gcld, mbout 1777 ; m. NiSfij JuH Adiilt. 
+.1319 M-*iTi?w Mabukk^^ b. about 17«0; m. (I> Nsncr SwBot; (2> Hi*l«- 

3320 Bb-uBsy," b. ; lived tv«otr jurs vitb bii brother, Aaron, in 
Michi^n lud PcTi»«vtr«nU; d. unriL 
+3321 JiMt:« Qlovbh.^ b. 17 May, 1792; m. gaUy Cbe(«Gman. 
+3323 I»riRA * b. ; m, Tomla, 

3333 Hj[oda»U 

3324 ANXia»b. . 

S325 Hawsah," U : OL llolme*- 

339€ MtXDWGLU^b, 

8327 CuKiww^b - 

; nL AIld^^w AdaruB; nm soar Batavia, N. Y. 

IflOS. BKCBKN',' ADD or licut- Stephen^ (3^6), b. 7 Mair, 17M; m- Hary 

fled, in Hiihilclphiaift 1702. 

He waa a pnrate in the E««xm^ii Alann ; nnarcfaod 21 Apr., 1775; mttvmI^ 
ODD montb four ilav»: druaiiner In C^pt Tn^nuklVit Co,, Col- Brw^s ^^ v ^'^ 
Hay tol Acig., 1775; Scrft. in Capt. D^tiuiut'a Co.. Col AaUey'albf., 4 Juno to 
15 July, 1778 ; or^©Pi>d to Albany br Qon. Fallow*. 

In 1783 hv reLvivrd \ih i^liaTe of hi« fatb^a tvUtc la 1804 hia abarc la bia 
mother'a dovnr vu iitttnbuU^ to Lie Iieira, 

+8S2« REtmaN.* b, fn WUnfnston, Det,, 20 Sept., 1780; m. Teni] 

IdOa. LOOMISTwofif LkruL Bt^pben* (39Ji),bL »Uay, 171i9; nu (1) 

The JBiBkdnM 110 thb New Worux 


8b<- d, in Clintoo. S, V^ Sft Jnlr, 18m; Her m. (9) 39 Apr.^ 1306, BArbAm 

r«rooMy in CliDtoD ; fih«d. ; bvm. (3) i& Marshall, Onddii Col, X. Y., 22 

ToT^ IdlS, Fvwi Biiitfbain, b. in 1776 ; d. 6 OcL, IdJd, ageO 90 ; ebe d- tZ Apr, 

Uv VON ft vngoti-ioflkf'r itnd fnrnirr; rc*m- from C^n^mont, ^f«u&., to Cart* 
bridge and Little White Ctvt\i. Vifl^hiu^oo Co,, N. Y., thcnoc to Kiikland, N» Y. 
In UU-r yuftr» be lirtd with hii itou* llt'ubeiL 

H« Wfli« a n'vottjtioiurj pi^nMoiii-r. In Iiiv Appticatton for pvHAon he tUtcd 
Ihttt he wu L in Egreauoot; cnliitcd ic Oct., 177A, nnd in 1776 at EgrcmooL 
IK* tiTTod on thL' ilirm in tW Highlnnd*, If- JuIt to 3 Aug,, 177C; enlist^ IS 
l>tc.p 177C, fcnod i;Dtil 15 Mar., 1777: 'i& Vch. be vets at Ticouderoga in the 
Bvrkahire Ctx R«g.> Mrvod from ^9 Judo to Aug,, 1777, in Co!. Aflhlt>y*« Rf^.; 
Ibe iame Beg. from 4 June to U July, 17T8; froni 14 Oct to 17 Oct, 1780* 
»ni IS Oct to 23 Oct, 17bL 

CkUdrtn by first wif*. 

'3329 ffcwaric^ bu 4 Apr., 1781 ; m_ Pmdence Ttltle. 

3S30 SiLLY.*" L ; nu John LethAii^. son of John Lntham. Utica. N . Y, 

+5331 EBDBES,»b. 18 Jan., 1783; m. (I) RhodA Hrtrt; (S) Klcunor Cmwfohl 
+3332 l^niA." K 13 Nav., 1787 ; iil Gurdoa Bamard, 
+3333 Masy <PottV) ■ L II Hoc., I7*J0; m. <'aint« Giwrea. 

■3331 CiLVis* K 14 Jan., 1794; in. Sopbrouia Hoeoi. 

■333$ A.vifA,*^ h. 1 Fob.. 17Q8; m- David Laoquia Jt^vcti 

333G HiitAii,^ bv d Not,, l^Ci; he lived in Saiiquoit, Oneida Co.^ N. Y.; nt 
(1) 15 Jan.. 1H27. Snll> Brj^haMj ; (t) U .Tunl^ IS6». FraiK'»r-i B. 
(Calboun) I'orUr, widijw of Williflia Porttii had no chiidr^. 

Children hg third ttrife. 

3337 WiLUAU," b. 10 Not., 11^14; m. LoU Nortoa. 
+333A 'LkintA^^ b. IS Jan., ISI7; in, IjoKnto Jafinith. 

I«7, STEPHEN,' jfon of Lirut Stephen* (39/i), b. ia Sheffield, Uau.; in. 
:ful Button, dan. of John Batton and Acna Coon. 
They r«. in Weatmowland, N, Y, 


+33» DiAOAMU^U 15 Xov,. 1795; m. Eihon Mfii*>iu 

334^ Six-aATXi) Bkldino,* b. . 

3341 SrsriiKy,* b. . 

+3342 HEsmy AioKia* b, 11 Oct, 1804; m. Kdith Wikox. 
1+3343 CHArNCKT r.." b. l^or; iii, Mr*. Marv Ann <03lman) BurdirJi. 
-j-3344 IIiiuji,>* b. about 11*10; m. Amanda Seymour 

MW, BELDRN',* un of Li«it Sh-pbm* (3P5), b. 4 Nor,, 17C6; m. (I) in 
17*>B. Tabitha Karaw. 

afce d. Slar., 1792; hr m. (2) 3 July, 1794^ Jtanima BonjamiD, h. 1 Sot-, 

H» T«in- f/om HatBtcbuctU to Utica, N» Y. \ wae livinz in Milton, N, Y^ t 
Apr., leil. 


Tris Kkmxkma iv tuk Nkit Wohux 

Stkphkn,* U 3 Fob., I7j*7. 

Stlvasi:&,'* b. Doc, 17S9; d. Mor,, 1791* 

Kauxkq,^ b. Sept, 1791 ; d Oct.. eam^ j^r. 

flAi/iff^fn 6y second u-i/*. 

-|-^4d Stlvani-s,^ U la Sept. l»Ol; m. (1) X'iaheUt Long; (3) McUms 

SYi-vi:nTKH« b, !i Aug,, Ifto:?; d. 13 Jan,, li*Oi». 
PtiiifEAfi BESJAMirff," b. I'i Jam. IftOtt, 
Brldew,'* U. 7 Apr, 1807; w^t lo iniin>ifl. 
MuniN,* b, 12 0.^, IftnS; wptit tn Ti^kha 

MiMHiVA.** b. 31 Dec.. 180D: m, Uro_v RewJ; he d. od his way to C4li- 
f ornia, lav^ with bU uiilv ii>ii ; Itiil tbroe i3aiu. : al! d, befon 190U. 
Caliota* b. 7 Kov., 1311 ; d. . 





121V ELDAD/ M>D of Dt-atod William*' (3n), b. 4o SbeffioW, Mas* , $!> fW., 
1J6S; m- ir AliTm 1733, ElisaWth W*tr<>u3, U in 17G1, daa of Walter Wotrous 
of Senwft Co., S. Y. 

H«a. 1 Oi!U 1^38, a«ej fiC, 

He wan one of the few anrrivom of the Wj^ominff ta*W4CTC. 

Ho wBc 8 rin-olntionary peri».ionot. In 1819 iw, in Wwtpon. I^fmoi C<>^ 
N, Y. i in 1836 rem. to AftliUbnln Co.. 0„ ti> live »Uh hin wjn ; in 1A5:1 his wnlov 
wufl n?(idir;c m Trun^bull Co., (). Ho cnlisUd Feb., 1T76, in Wert Hjutford, 
Conn., Biid wot in thp hlcmdy hntttp of ibp "Cofintfi/* in Canada, irJiero he vms 
taken priaoncT and held Iwelvt dayflw In Aug,. 1777, he enli»1<d in Vr')xiining, 
Pa., and wiu in (ho kmllb' of (tiTmontown, Pa, On S Jnlr, 177?*, h<» waa tn tb« 
C^hl whun tlic' Indiana u;iawacred the people of Wyoming ; he tulTervd inueb laM 
of propvrt> when the pkee waa dotroycd, and wad mado a pridorer bT th« Lq- 
dianp- Htf •erveri in thr Contuii'iital nnnv from I Jutir to 15 Div,, 17A0, and in 
CoL Aflhioy'a Bog., i^ tu ^3 Oct,. 1781 ; marched on alarm to StillwaUn 

+3365 SopiiJA,** h, 3i> Jnne, 1784; m. (1) Comfort Benodiot; (8) Jwiwn 

3356 KiiaiA»K < Apr„ 17S7. 

3357 EiusTVK « b- 22 Fi?b,. 1790. 
+3353 Waltot WAT«ot&,'* h. li Sept.. Itii4; m. Emily Panndefc 

3359 William,* b. ^ ^, 

+33A0 Fl,T^8Ks Dkwkt* b. Ifi Pob,, 17fl3; m, Marv LmngBtoo. 
33ei Ubaxia," b. 15 Apr., 1301. 

1213, WILLIAM,^ Mn of Dmcoq Wniiam^ <3S7h b. d Unv, 1739; m. In 
Mi>iikton, Vt,. Urania Bishop, 

Me A. in !?linbKUtown. X. V.. 30 OeL, UM; n§, mocideotallj killed b; 
bcinir thrown from a rajcoct. 

He wjt^ a revohitionan' perteioiwr; hia militarr i^Oonl ia lalnii froui t&a 
rvcor'U in ilv- \Ji-jiMon ofBor in Waahin^n. 

In ISI« ho hvr<! in liliMhrthloirn. Kw^ (V, N, Y., a^wl ,'^«. In I77« Im* 
Joined a comprtny of tUn^r^ vhirh mu. aim'iniw] in Wyoming, Pi., and in 1177 
he jmn<^d the main army in Nev Jersey : be w»b employed in acotttin^ and ham«> 



lug tho i-nnA/, vltcoe biwi!i|tiarh-ri> wore In Nt^ Briinsviok; he wa^ one of the 
didaclxniciit Uiat «a» Uiiovd into ^Im] Fori nn tin? D>^Uiittre to defend it, irhen 
stttdtM hf tbo BritUh ^veeelfi cf war, wbich wer? supportiDg tho British irmv in 
Ua advmnui; luul txxuiwliaii of Philadtt^Uia, After tht; maftsacre of Wjrommg 
his c«inp«Qj vOB lent thi^r^\ and vrhmi the cipedjiion under Gen. SuUivon td- 
vanctd againrt the Indiflns in Ut? Suu^urlurtniih Hivor VAllry, nnd into (ho StaM 
of Ntw York, ht murvbed with them ; htf waa in the battlea of Monmouth. N, J., 
Fort Miffiin &nd 3£ud l^hnd, 

-3S6¥ KofTLAyn.^ b. 36 Nor,, IT&C ; m, Soreb Titus. 
S36S RovTEKA,^ h. i; d. young. 

12W. ELIJAHS Bon of Deacon Wllliftm* (397)> in Sheffield, Mibb,, 2S Feb., 
^7^4; m. about 1T85. Mar> (Polly) Kftrnrr (32^7), b. Apr.. ITOT. dau. of Jacob 
% of EgTonontt Mast^ and Lucy Kcllngg (-f 11^9)< 
fthe d. 27 JoiL, lft35 ; he d. S6 Dec., lS3fi. 
He Vfts a aboomakci aud farmer; m^ in Wjomiug. Pa., Egremont, Mass., 
BupcTt, Vt., and Eliiah^thtoimj N- Y. 

Ho «a« a rvTolui;uiiac-y periEkm^r. rea. ui EliEBbt'tlLLown, N- Y^. in 1833, 
ftgcd 68, Jn Uttt application for p(--np]OR, hv ?Etatcd tiiat he vaa b. in Noblotoim 
(now HilhulalA), X. Y. Whilp living in Kington, Pa-, h^ ffBB with CoL Zcbulon 
titJerj at the battle and roasaacrc of Wyoming, Pa., 4 July, 1778; be vag cap- 
by tb« Indi&nK, but c«capul at nif^ht uft^r tix days' oaptirity. IIo rem. to 
I, MasM^ whi-n hv mgnj^T'd n^i n fit:hUi(uli' nml wnit. tn Albany under Cnpt 
id. fie lived one Eammer in IJoiwt^ Vt ; rcnL about 1803 to Elinboth* 



'f 3»4 Ameua,^ h. S Feb., 17B6 ; tn. Seth I^e. 

+3365 LdcT» L 20 July, 17S8; m. John Oalkini. 

+33flA WiixiAK,* b in Rupert, Vt, 2fl D«.» 1790; m. Rhofla Faniswfirtli. 

4-3307 Osaw^r D.,** b. May, 1794; in, (1) Sarah (Sally) Diiraad; (2) U&ha 

-f33«8 VaurXTirtfic* b, 2fi Aug., ir9fi; m, Huldah Phelpa. 
-f3369 V^AVA^ h, Z Mfir., 17l>d; m. Benjamin Calkins. 
,^337n Tiintox,'* b. it Nov., 18i>l ; m. Luriii.Sa Ed^j.-rlon Davenport 
Vasn SorHlA.*b. S JniL. 1601; n. Willmm Dayton BiHffc- 
3372 Euianmi,^ b. 1605; d. about 1806< 

1373 LoHBBiKO,'' k (blind), in Eli^^hitblc^wn. N. Y., 5 Kov., 1807; was a 
pnacher of the K^opvl in lovra and Mtnn«cKrta; in 13S0, in Viola, 
Olnuted Co,, Minn.; hft d. unm., in St, Chartv«, Minn., 17 Jan., 
l$dfi, aged ??. 

M15. AMGAIM dau. of Deacon William* (3«J, h « Ffeb., 1769 ; m, Michaal 

Bollcnbeck, b. aUut 1T66« aon of Derridc Hollciibeck, K about L73C, and Hary 

^ b. abcmt 173fi. 

Sbed. tOScpt. Idl>7,ag(d88; lied. SO Apr.^ l8Sd, a^il 9^, 

They Urtd in figrtmont; ahc woa asjeivvd into tho ehuicb there, ^ Mar., 

1829, with bnr diildrt- n, Orrin ami Anna. 




wttfl roc«md into tUe E^mcivt ChurvB, 20 Sept, 1617 ; d U Uaj, 

1823, aged 2e, 
331« OrriH liotUnfjfcK^ \>. I(i00; m. Mary TwitchrH, in B^rcmont; be d. 21 

OcLr 1830, a^d 30; U107 ven eKcommaiuc&t<^d for "Bkabndiig 

thft docuine cf the indiacnminAtc milvtlioA of lU mca" 
3377 Cynu i/of/tfn&edt,** K 2G June, 180T; m. Miranda Dornun; Lc d. « 

July, 185"-;. aged 44, Jo Egwmont- 
337R Oai^h ^Jrxf^niirr HolUnbKk,* h. — ; in, Lucelia Dmviik 

3379 ff«ioA Hitiknheck,* b. ; tiL Fat 

33«0 if<iry Jfin floUetihttJc,^ h. m. (I) ; (2) ErtAtviB Wiltird. 

3381 .4nrM lltiUfnbrt:k,* L ^ ; sihc WR» i:x«>niBiunic>tril f»r Ihr miii« 

TWMn thttt hcT brother, Orriii HoUcmbcckt wcs. Sbc nL WiUi4m 

3382 T'o'nd^pn lloiMa nolUnbtrkJ* \>. 13 Fe^b.. 1^16; id. 21 Joil.^ 1S41, B«i»* 

jamin Franklin Rflrtwr, b. 4 Jolj, I7S9 ; bp va* a farm^ ; in child- 
bomi It rtm. frum Mutaacbuselta lo Au^'^bU. N. Y. ; ret- in Mw 
ricvillc, L^irbomviUcand Unoidti, N. Y.; bed. 13 July, 1859; «fao 
a. 28 Mar, 1859; had HCTtm cbildwi- 

1«W. 0LTVE7 dau. of Datiwl* (411), b. in Sheffteld, M«ft, «9 Feb., 177S; 
m. 21 Dt^. 17S»3, XndinnH Calli-rnlir. V m Sh»*rld, 4 S^pl^ ITfiS. «a of N»- 
thonicl Caltondcr, b. 8 Nov., L71-S and Ihadamia J}cvrA\ dau. of i^tcpbcn Dcvc?. 
Bed- in HflirifinnCo., O.,ao Dw, Iftet: abed 'Jl Apr. lJi49, 
H« m. in ShcfTieH. tmti) 17^$; in Sborvbam. Vi, 17fi£-99; m Cb&^, 
X. Y., lBOO-01; in Shorttiara, Vt., 1801-10; ia Shippciuburg, Fa., 181CKi9; in 
HfiTTison Co., 0., 1M$-!?. Wa:» at dilTerent dmevi a tanner, eboeiiMkcr, raer- 
chnnt, tmder aui farmer. She bred ha Hflrridburg, Fa*, 1823-37; in Mcadrille^ 

3383 JPormon CcUmder^ U in ShorcliAnt. 3 Av^., 1793; m. 4 Feb., ]dl9, 
£li2abet!i Weiatliug; b« waa a drug^iet in Hamburg and U«cd- 
riUt^, Ph.; be d. iii M«mlri11e, 2t Xcv., 18S3, 
Matilda. CalUnder^^ b. in Shoroham, 9 Jnlji 3795; n. in Sbip]>«n*burg, 
Fa., 1811, Isaac Vftn I>i]wn ; they r««, in TotcanvEfi Co., O^ 
CoeboctoQ Ca and Defiance C(X. 0., wkcrv bh« Ured In 1B8C. 
;;^95 Jfiroro CalUnd^r,^ b. in SborHiam, 7 Mar., 17P8; m. (1) 11^21, in Bar- 
rinbnrg, Pw,, Mnrr X Mi'Mirhael; (t) 1840, in AthtahuU, 0., 
Catborine Rodmos; d. in Pinknep-illc, III.. 1£3 Oci, 1871; waa a 
McthodUt iiiinlit«T. 

3336 Nalhcnul CaUiftdirJ^ b. in Cbarr. N. Y-, 13 Sept., 1800; nt. Di»r tiUt- 
bciir. Fa-> 5 Oct., 1929, Marr a Bonham; he vaa a Uetbodiet 
pn-Actier and d. in Oldham Ca. Ky.. ^ Feb., 1876. 

4^7 i>ia<iai?4ia Colttadcr/* b. in Sliomham. 23 Jun<^« ll^03; m. f 1) in Hanid- 
burg, I8?^t n*-nry Shrom; (2) in Cnmbctland, Pa.. IS39, 
Qeor^ Buttorlf; tbcy rtf. m Cumbeiluid Co., Pa., ami Mmdnjlo 
nnd FliiJaddph^, vIm^to fihe d isri. 

Tiix KEtxoooe in tub N£w \TonLO. 


[3388 Olivia C^mdtr^ b. in Sborchanu 9& Stpt, IdOA; hl 27 Julj, 1830, in 
llvttdvitk. Willian McLau^Mic, of Mofidrjlle. 

9389 Bkoda Calhu'itr,^ b. in t^horcliam, 1 Ju).> 180^; nu in Pitbljun^ Pd., 
4 July, It^S^r Thcmag Moorv; th€_r r««. t& Pitubnrg, Piu* «nd 
C^Dipni^*!!, HL. *^licn- 8tit< il. 10 JuI^y, 187.1 

fSBM Danifi h'cUo^g V<aUrnHci-.^ b. 30 lUy« 1813t ^o ShippciufbuTj:, Pa.; m. id 
lUrriabuigr Pa., 1S38, EIU'ilKth BurgoMio; he vr« a printer; ^, 
in HftTTinburg, FHrc., 1873. 
3891 WUham Lfiral^rr Citllrn<i4r,^, b. in Shippcrmburg, ? Dec., 1SJ5; bl (1) 
in M^d^ille. 3 May, IS42, Ann M«li!<lH Kriloggr (+3724), b, 7 
Apr, 18iy; he m- (!) in Frankfort. Ky., U Oct,. 1660, Lucy 
W««ger K^«i, b. in Frankfort, Ky,, 6 F#b,, 1828, and d- 12 a^pt, 
1880; he m. (8> io Vidoria, Ti^i., 21 Oct, imt, Alic« 7ran«« 
Kibbc, b. in 8L LiuidT>* Pariab, Lo-, 17 ScpL, 1838; he m. (i) in 
Dcwitl Co,. TftK-, ?2 ,1iily, IftfiS, Snrjih H. Sungintpr, K in A[h*>TtiArle 
Col, V4.. ^OAfT^ l&31k dan. of Robert Sangeter and Ibij Iniii. 

1555" I^n^/ boii of Donit-l" (^^), h. in SlieffiiR Mjt**.. 5 Nov„ 1774; 
m. in Sli0fAi~*te, VL, 30 Apr, 1797, Muiy (Polly) Kcilogj; (936), b. 11 Oct, 
in% dan, of Elijah (+328). 

Hod, 27 Apr,, 18^8; tdu? d. 11 Apr.. 1851. 

Thaj Mttlud in Champloin, S, Y., in 1797, whvra he woa kl fonn^ and abo«- 

ChiJdrtn, all cxctpt Lorenzo h^ in Ci\fifn,p\ain. 
+3882 LoBKKJX),** k 8 S«pi.. ITOd ; in. { 1 ) Sarah P. Moore ; (2) Hoxnnna Bnr- 
3393 DAiaEL C.,' h. !4 Oct, 180f); he was a »ea captAiD on Iradiug reawla; 

d. unm. 
«S94 Pamel** b, 10 Nov., 1809; A Aug,, 1804. 

8898 STLTEftTTB W..* b, 14 Jan., 1605 ; he waa a »ea captaui on merchant 
marine; vasloitata^; unm. 
+8396 PaMKLA T.*Ik 9 Kw^.y 1807; m. Thomapt Doddn. 
+8397 ManT (Polly) UATtLna,^K SOct.lSOD; m. Jacob Bowron. 

3398 Eli C. • h 4 liar.. ISlt; A. unm. 163L 

3399 Jam M.." b. 15 July. 1814; d. 184L 

3400 Dakikl Alomo.^ b. 10 May. 1819; b« vaa a eca captain on tradinj: tc«- 
vria; loetaieea; d. unm- 

AARON,' eod of Jowph^ (490), b. 20 Mar., 1787; in. Abipiil Spencer, 
K abont 1767, 

Ha iL 3 Apr., 1838, a^ed 71 years and 13 days; ehe d. 5 June. 183S, agi-i1 
71 \ both uo buried in L&dE^ 

3401 Calvix," Ik ; d, unm, after n^ochJnK m«nhoo(U 

3109 FcLLHn,* K ~— .; d. nam, nflpr roaehtnjt manhood, 
+3W8 THTJ-itE.Vfl,** b, in Oenoo. K. Y„ 33 July, 1791 : m. Jot*ph Pixlcy. 

W^H Hewtsaii." U ; m. (1) Asa Arnold; (9) Jaeob Erkembach. 

+340a ALriincM," K 19 Vov-, I79T; m, Oynthin ffripht 

+3toe Jaxk," K in Loiko, K- Y, iW Maj.'lSW; m. Titnahy John#on, 

TlU KkLLOOOB tK TUK Xrw UVitux. 

aior Aabok • b. 

d. anni. about 1879. 

+340S Caltin," b. 19 Uay. ItiOS; m. Saliv <Tftoc DarU* 

1265. LOVKLL,^ son of Jwph« (4S0>, b. 

; m. Tb^akful Womvr, ot 

He ii. in Oracj^eviUe. N. Y., m tlic wiirt^ of 1815 ; ahe d. in lUi&oi«, Agisd 64. 
Hereon- fnun Onviilji, X. Y., to Wjomiug, in 1610, 

+3409 OuvV b. 

3410 JoflKi-H* U, 17i»5; li. 1814, umii., ik^-d 19. 
-4 3411 Antiia," b. J5 Oct, ITMti; m. John Wubb I'liirj. 

3412 TifcWHV,** b. ; d. yoMitg. 

3413 Jjiyi* I. ; d, irnno, 1814. 

+3414 Aaieox," b. 8 Feb., 1S04; m. Diauthn Parker, 
+3415 Lypia* Ix 7 Mar., IS07; m. l^hilip VhtUt. 

lSft7. JOSEPH/ A^Q of Jcweph*^ (430), b. 5 Apr., 1189; dl Eunice Conger, b. 
3 Oet, 1790. 

He d, Sept., 1853, in Hurtartt, X. V- ; *h(^ ^, 3 M»r.. lSfi9. 

He ree. in Lockci 'whoTu {\e owned a forge and lurfiAoc-, and tn Ithaci, vbcro 
he- wtit ft funiii-'r whun* CorruiU IToiverBitv now slancU. He wa« a h<otel*kwp«r in 
HAvuna, N* Y. 

+3116 Jom Ti » b. 20 Sf-pt, 1310; m. ^UKtn KUiwd, 

+^417 KoAH JKi'rifiiKON.**b. 24 Mnv. 1J413: m, Sarah Marshall KobMtt 

3419 AcvitLA." k 20 Doc., lSl5;'d. num., in Burdett, 23 Apr., 1839. 
+:U19 Hc^my HARn!*<.w,® L 23 Junu, 181S; rn. Marr Piw*pnciui KlmbftlL 
+31^0 Pnrtiti,,'* li Se Od,, 1820; m. Harvrj Mt-ad. 

34^1 Zalbm^,'* b. 18 Nov-, l«S3; m. H*mT Klliott Conger; <L U Jan^ 1866;. 
be HI, (2) I^liwbL-tlL Strong. 

34S2 LoTKix.^ b. ^ AujT-* l^SC; m. S Junc^ ld59. Maty Whitmore, th in 
Tthftca, N. Y., 1) Moy, lfl4L 
+3423 8ia*N." k « Apr., ISaH; lu. Jacob Hait-uer. 

31S4 OOUNBLIA • b. 2 Fob., 1331 ; A. nam-, m Barfrtt, N. Y., 31 May. 18311. 

nrt MARY » dau, of Joseph" (4S0), b. ; m. 

Hcd. in PiiUford. N. Y. 


342^ Ifl A/flrin riJioltwn* b. ; wjnl \Vc«t 


IWS. HEXRIETTA/ dan. of Pliny" (424), b, Jl July, 1783; m. 



MSB WilHom Barihit? b. - - - ; d- in Eljrria, 0., leariag a aoo, GfaarH 
vho now Te& theriff. 

1^4. MAUTIIA.T dao. '>f PUny** (424). !>> in Shfrffield. Mhm.> 4 Mar,, ITfiJ;^ 
at OaDi«l Jadcaoa, bu 1 Mar., 1T8S. 

Thk Kra^LOOoa IN THE XeiT Wobld. 


Ho d. in ChAmpiDS), S"- Y,, Jan., 185S- 

He tru A fanoer; tcs, in E^fria, Lonin Ca, 0. 

Sl«7 JMtf^/oU'JWft^K — 

3130 6'fiJan t^acfcwi.* Ik - 

3152 /<urr?i| JdfX'^OiC.'* b, - 

5133 JMMt Jae^Mn,^ b, 

3-133 EluJt^ Jackwn,^ K - 

3436 i^hfrriU Jatl't^n,^ b. 

3438 BeUt Jack^n/^ b. — 


; 111. (iitlt'tt 
; m^ Chapmnrt. 
; ID. Tnmochtff, 



W75. AMANDA,' da^. of Pliny" {4U). b, 18 Dec,, 1787; m. Am RocUood, 


31311 J^rrme RtKkuwxl.^ b. . 

ZUD BmmU R^-htood.^ b- ; livod in Pituft-»ld, and WelUagtoo, 0. 

me, MAfiQiris uk lafavette/ ^^ ^r PhD>' (4t». b, in shdndd, 

Uui., 21 Mhj, 178S; m, in ('b;tmpion, J*'lTrTW«i Co., N", Y,, 3 Jun.. 1813, Klira- 
b«Ui MA&cbfvter Perkins b. 10 Apr., 1809, in MffldiaoQ C^ N, Y^ d&o- of Hceea 
EdBOn Peririna and EOitb Mai:ch«4tvr. 

She d. 4 Apr., 1870, in Clir*onvilb% lll-i hr d- 9 Aug., 187ft. 

He vrtB ft former; rce. in Eldorado Township, Bcmton Co., In. 


-(-9441 FRKDEmrK Vixi^kxt," K in JrfTi-rRcm On., X. V., 23 Aj>r., 1830; ul 

M«ry ClaiiE. 
-f-3443 Sif-Afi OirviLLE," b. 5 Jan., lS2t; en. Taabel FiiTt&r Brisbuuc 
CoixsuA.'^ b. 30 Jitn^ IhU; to. VkWhtim J. Gillrtt. 
ALiftnu SAUArftiiA," K 18 Jnnc^ 1826; m. Willinm Sik<«. 
AmbboseHjkvht.^ h il June, ISW, in Lagrange, 0. ; m. (1) (n Dixon, 

riL, Samh A. Wilrax, b, IS Oct.. IsyM ; m. (2) Eathi-T de E«t«; 

wan a phvdmn and fiur^'on : rr«. in Momclorflr Mrx.; d. in 

AbrfiKilo Nuevo, Mex., ^^ July, U^9. 
344fi Emily ^\melia,^ 1>. V€ Jad., 1S3^I; ui. in Guncvu, lU., V€ Man. 1KS&, 

Xit'hobK rjiUiif-r, b, 11 flr-pt., tftS9; hrd. Wfott' 1^93, pmbaWy tn 

KanM4; she xv^ 189i> in HQtchinvon^ Kah- 
Kliza Misierva,^ b. 30 Joly, 1«3«: m. Charles Hall Taylor. 
Rlkanoh pAurxLi.** b. 11 July, 1338; tn. OL-oret? WaAJiLn)[ton Halt 
Gborgs,^ b. 9 NoT^ 184^: HL IMcn Is. B^ird, 
RojTir,^ b 23 Mar. I^U."^, in flrnrvR, 111,; m. Twppin Anthony Tavlor. 
GiLBrnt M..** b. $1 Scpi> 1847, in Ct>Qirva, Uli wOAafanncr; d. anm. 

11 May, ISV^, in Uko Oily, lo. 


Tmk RKTajCNx;A is tmx New Worux 

1370 NOAH.^ KPH of Plfny* (4£4). h. in Sbrll)cUI, Um., 12 Nov^ 1793; m. 
g& Mftn, 18H. Jeruflha StwltUrd. I. 15 Dec., ir^a 

Hcd. S7 Jtiac, lijti(>, tn La^nc^, 0.; eh^iLZ* June, ISTO^ in Oberlis, 0, 
ftDd WHS burial in t^gmn^.*- 

He wa» a fftmipr; re»i. in Lorain Ca, 0.; dcflcOD in the Fp^ftiII Bflpiiit 
Uburch; firat a Democrat ancJ th^^n a JL^publiouL 

+3452 Hueu HuxuEftMftiff* 1x li Jan., 1815; m. TCarir^ Walker 
+3453 WiLBi-R Cifnns* U i: Muy, 1816; m. Martha Stone, 

3454 Mab^lis I>e Lii'ATETTE,^ U IT Juae. IdlT; d, tG Apr,, 1835, m La- 
gnm^, O. 
+3455 MiIjo FkA^JKUS,** b, 30 War., 1820; m. Adrflni? Varla Caaa 
4-3456 FiuMCia Net^ON,*' l>. LG Di^, 1B21; iu< (I) Jmuba Ann €I«rclaDd; 

(2) Mm. AtiTddard. 
+3457 AuiMu HrvKnvji* b. 8 Nov.. IRSS; m> Pr. A, EratiB. 

345^ Thlmas finaiTRT* b. 5 Oct, lfi24; i5- 5 Jnlr^ tM\ in Harrisvilk O- 
+M59 CL£ve>-T AcGtrinTA,^ b. 2d Xo^,, 18?G ; m. Suun Altaoura Re^notdi^ 

3460 AUCK UnAVCO," b. 3 Nov., IdSd; ni. aa hi« eccond vifc, in Obcrlin. 0.. 3 
Xov., 18&4, HomtT WhUeomb, b. JO Sov,, 18?1, aon of Simon 
Wliilcomb and AUgiti! Omv, of PittcJlcldr Lorainc Co., 0.; he 
wa« a farmer; a Mcthodift; ho waf first 4 Bq>ublicao and later a 

3461 Noah SpKSc»iR.'' b. IS Hlv., Ih^S, in Ohio; in lft51 he brgau ibc jmir- 
tii^y acToea tho plaina, n^u-hinx Canncal BltilTe thnt year, and com- 
ing on to Portland, Or., in 1S53. He tfrminated hi* trip at th^ 
SoQDcI Ibv Mme acaisoti. Tht ntxi vvat hf. Mi^iifi^ in lumbering 
at Port GtimbU. oiid contiamd io that biieLncee until 13^70, »p«nd- 
iqg anc >t^r, 18no, in the Tti>]MT batin. Sin«.v 1870 Ur. Kello^ 
hfi« devoted tho inoet of hU att^iition to uiiniiiis:, tra^litij; in Rritiah 
(^olnmbiH, Califtirria and M^xim, pro^pot-fing and gnthiTin^ min- 
iog infotmation. In 18Sft he went to the Ootor d'Alen? country, 
and becamo part owner of the Bunkor Hit] and Snltivan mtn««^ 
vltich irere ioM in 1387 to dimeon G. Rivd for iltc mim of otw 
miltioD, livi> hundred thouHand dolUnv Mr ir- (1) in Stilacoora* 
Wfli^b,, 17 Fib., is:4, Mra Aoaanda (Mitchell) Bird, widow of 
Mark Bird. b. U Feb., 18^7; fl!w d. in ?orat Giotc, Or., S An^., 

1889; be m. (J) ; (3) id San Joac, Cal^ «3 Dw., 1U9$» 

NftfiiMin J- iVikt) .\*hfftn, b, 2j< Dw.. Ift43, widow of Jolm Aab* 
toe, of VVftraaw. ind., dan. of Abraham Fikc. b, 14 Apr^ 1819. and 
Mnrt Iv>tu4» Dnlton, h. 1.H24. Hi> U a cajdtjiliiit, IngewUian anil 
Ittrpubtican : rva. in Kdlog;. Idaho, a town vhich raa osuwd fnr- 
him; hA£ no child r«9i. 

S482 Ohaicgi SroriiMuti,^ b, in Iji^^^rgr, $B Mny, 1*131: m. 8 Apr, 1**S?, 
U«BaAa 3IorgaD, b. U Jan., 1842. in Jk^ Moim^ In., >lau. of L. K, 

Mor^i> aad Uaeon; ww a farmer and a Itabootnti m, in 

^IcMinoviU^, Or: bad im i^btklrm. 
+34fi3 Ja^« SrT.&cm*^ b, 14 An;., 1834 ; n. (1) Luanda Rimm-11 Gra^; <3) 
Qcorgiana BanVa. 

Tub KfiLiJXKu ix xnii New WotLD. 


ism. MARY (POLLY)^' dAiL of Ptiny« (494), b. ia Sheffield, &Im.. 15 
.. ira6; m. (1) Epbnim Rood, 
Hp win killnl min iiftcT Utdr tiufri^XTf 1)V k follti:^ Ir^v; hIk; m* (2) 11 
Feb.. 18LC, i^sdnd BftLUrd, b. in CbAmpTon, JclTmon Co^ N. V., $0 Ike, 1794, 
«on of Snnith^v'id BttU^rd ; d. 3 May, 185? ; he d. in KIgin, 111>, 1 May. 185«. 

ZiGi Kfhraim BooH Hailani,^ b- 13 Xor^ 1816 j xil Caroline rUnt 
34C& ^uM BaUard,^ b. S July, 1818; d. in 1870. in Prt:«t<iD, U. 
34fi6 Ci4»n7i B^tlard,' h. 31 De<^., 18J0; i Oct., IbftT. 
346T iVflry Boikrdy'* U S3 Sept. 1832; m. Nathan U. PhiUi|io. of Elgiiu IIL 
34G*i Harritt Baltard,^ L L Oci-, IHU; d 31 July, 18i4, 
3469 Smiihfifld B^itariiJ* b. r^ St-|>l_, IdSti; d. in Budega* CaL, 18:G. 
WTO ^ffroA J, IMUnir^ U 18 Oct,, lbS8. 
34: 1 CkoHotU J, Hd/tor<f » b. 1 Oct, 1830, 
3472 Biizab<th C. Ualhtd,^ h, S9 Jcm„ 1833; ra. iu DixoD. UL 
34T3 LWw £- Bai^ard,^ b. 21 July, 1835 i <L 3Q Dtc., 1817, 

tlSSO. VINAT dflfl- of Kphmim« (4S5), U 11 Feb-, 1767; m, 31 May, 17118, 
Sifwii^ nibMo, b. 31 Dec., 17f»3. enn of Sineu* niliW^. of Fj*t Hamplnn, f-. f. 
Hfi had i>p=vjautly m, 3 Apr, 1788, JuUna Fitdi, irho d. in Sheffidd, Mua., H 
Decr 1793, aged 29, 

8bpA14D(v„ lft38; het!. in Bergen^ N. T,. 18 T>«;,, 1848. 

H« VA* a tailor; rum. from ShdtiL>ld, Mass.. to Bergen, N, Y„ about 1890. 

CKildrtn, 6, m SHc^eld. 
S474 Fi'n^ Pi6i;«,«b. IB May* 1800: m. Milea T. Norton, of Bloorafldd, 

N. v. ; they rvm. to Ohio ; ho ± 13 Apr., 1895 : bud te^i diUdrea 
S473 K*(A<rf Pi&Ws* 1,9 Dk,, 1801; dl Abel CUrli Waril, of TWgrt, N", Y.; 

had i-iiilil ohildrcm. 
3476 Rmn/ iiaWr iKhhU^^ b. 18 Del., 1804; m. PauHiw J. Pl^rion, of Bi?r- 

Ipcfu N. Y. ; they rt«, on tbc oM homt^toad in Le ]1oy> N. Y. ; bad 

live children. 
S477 Charitt hUHogg DihhU** h, 2 May, 1807; in. 28 Apr., 1825, Eouici! 

Waitl^ of Bergen; bod nix children. 

PEACON JiObMER.' fon of Ephraim" (42A). b. «6 Attg.. 1770; m- ia 
■L^S9 Au£., tn»3, Aniv CowIm. K 19 Mar., 1773, daiL of Benjamin 
m<IBdd„ Majfi^, nud Lumi, N. V^ b. 21 ?hfAy, 1743, and Hannah 
Board man. 

JIp d. 12 Fph,, IfiW, «^ fifl, «nd le bnned in the Old Burring OroiiDd In 
Bhdfirld ; dtc d. lu \nUt^ Vis^n. Mich.. 10 Oct.. lS4t>, and itt buried Ui^rc 

I1<» w A farmer and wagon^makcT in Shul!iiild; deacon in tbo Congroga- 
twnal Chnreh. 

Ckildrtn, b. m JiluffiM, 
+$478 H^\n»iCT." b. 27 Aa-., 1734; ra. Copt Fr^mck An^nrtu^ Brown. 

3479 No«MAN* h. about Ifi Jnn., 1T9«; d, 31 Oct, 17Sfi, 

3480 BcTit,* b. 7 Scpl„ 17W; m, t9 Oct, 1850. Dr. E^lwarO U*U. of Jairt- 
MS, Mich. ; iho d. 18 Apr., 1875, in Jocl»on, Mich. ; lu* iL L Jan., 
1A67; Ind Dfj chiMnn. 



+3481 AtftKUT Bkvjauin,^ b. 98 Oot^ 17D0; m. (l> Khoda Uvmu»; (9) 
Mre. Harrii^t KliK«>i*'th tI>>omU) Van Vleck. 

nJArL.]h:9; alu-d leXov., 1*8^. agei]d&; had nodiildrrn. 

Klvini Knu^r. 
+8481 ilMUEiL," U U Apr., 1^05; m. Ann Eliu ClarL 
+3480 OBomiE,'* b, II Mar, 1»07 ; m. Mary Jane Baxter, 
+ a4rt« rnANiK^." b U Mhv, ISIO; ttt. (I) Ft<'U«ii R«h1; (2) Jjum BtinidL 

348> CvsruiA Uabia," I», 24 May, 18U; tf. HI Aug., 1815. 
+3480 A»T t^uXABHTH," b. 19 Jan., 1815; m. QIIm Andn^?i Lonng. 
+34^ Maiiu," k IS JaiL, 1H16; m. Ikmaitt Sainutj AuttliD Ctuipiu. 

34t>0 HayNAiu** b. 1$ Unr, 1918; (L tEV June, 181». 

UI3. BAUAll,^ <lau. of Kphraim** (4!e6|, U in ^idfidd, S3 July, Vlt; m. 29 

Dm:, 1190, llartA Bill, ix 22 Au^., i:tiO, mh of Simoon Bill, ot Lebuion, Co&n., 

uiil SbdBiJO. MiuiK. b. d Nov., 1793. 

llfd-lJiily, 18tf»: a»«cL^ Dm., 1847; boih an> bamd in Sheffield, UsM, 
H<f «M a farauT in Slu^Mil. Tlirir farm^ iiivr Ki4)ng|pitu«mr b now owdi^ 

kgr Junta UcOraw. 

llr waaa ti>v<i|iitk>cwT; volittor; served at SaratOiga. 2C Apr. to $0 Utf, 1717^ 

mdor ifOk. datra ; inardinl, 27 Juncv l^SO, in Col. Adilcv's Rcf. to hmUIq the 

forta at Wf«l Point 

34ai Ornn C. IKff* k 8 Nm-, 1791: ni. 3 Sot., 1M\ Sarah F. Dvbou, in 
BhrflWM, Maaft.; d- Au^r., IftSA; vaaa ni«TvKanL 

S49« ITi^tttf ^/J>"h.SlMar, 1794; n. (J) ^ Jan., t81T» Ckannca; Utlirop; 
(ft) Jo<H& 

341^ Ao^wan ff^itff^ BUI,' K 25 Sc|>t.. 1T9€; n. » Nov.. 1830. Holdah 
Clark, of Egrumont, Ua»L 

1494 Kii BiliJ'h. 17 Dec,. 1799; d. in cfaildlKKML 

3493 Btmm JA^* k U Av^.. l^^\ ul t Get, 1891, Pbtt WmttMrj*, b, is 
I1uiai,&uuL, £8 Srpt.. IT^; Warn* a fanner, and vaa dnvnrd 
ftUar., 1S4); d>«n«.in Sowtb Ivgrraont, Maac^m 1873; bt had 
prwMiulT m, S««n Parkf, vlio d 16 An;.. 1$^. 

34M ^Wrah 4m Ktf.*< L 19 Mar^ 1S05; m. 19 Xo«» lSd«. John P. Cajtw. 

UK Favay&Ail.'b.ffeSrpC-.lgW; n. UHImn Out. 

UM. DSACON ErilRAlU/ ran of Ephrmim* (49^}. k in aieAeld, lla<«L, 
19 Xor^ i:t<: m. S^ Ot^ IT^A, Jane .ViUer. k tn ShcflUd. ViaL. I« 
1777. dan. of WiUim Aabbt, U aboBt 174t> a»4 Jnnt Dvkbtr. bt abMi 1141. 

Uf<L19r«h^.l»H.a«vdtT; chad. W A<^ I»3«,a^7). 

Ha wv. a *i>)KK>4a and amwfWI fazMr; Uaid aajo4aliv k« 
huMidiiiiil tt SMML Ua n» dcMM in Ar 0»agiiiitii—l Ctani aa4 

+M3» AmutM. 


Xklsox,^ b. A Sept, 1805; m. Curoiin^ Rc^ 
-1-350! Jase^^K S4 Attf.- ItfOfl: iii. WalK-r RitLarJi*. 
-j-3&0:2 Kl'lltt-tiu WlLUAU^^ K :f Uay, 1811; tn. Loi» BcaDctt. 
-1-3503 Et^xotE,^ Ix i Fct)., 1ft13; m. Al^» CtlUaider, 

]U7, CAPT. EUSHA/ aon of Ephnim« (435), b. in ShdScLd. Mom., 19 
Aq£., ITSl ; Eti. 3 [K<c, 1806, Jane SAxton, K £8 Aux-^ 1783^ dau. 0F John Su- 
ton, b. H Jdttr, ]?C'J, nnd Lccj Sberi, b. 30 Nov., 17&d. 

Slw d. t4 On., 1^5J ; he d 6 Aug . 1857. 

He voa a farmer ; a dCAcon ; 4 KbrctmAn of Slieflicld ; OapL of MiUti& ; he 
liT«d ftod d. in th« houfo in which h« wm bom. 

ChMron, b, in Sh4fici± 

3504 Uakt,** b. IT Apr<, IdOS; m- 17 Jmt, 1830. John Calrin ^'ard. U in 
Htdtfon. C<>Tin.. 6 Sept. 1800: he d, in Bcrgoi. N. T.. 18 June, 
1ii<8; ibc d. in QjtlcvburK, III., SI Jui., 1892; had no childrnu 
33(T5 l-^c]>t:fticii 8AXT0K,* h. ?S Apr., 1810; m. 4 Apr,, 1838, Mnrtha BArth* 
olomew. of, 14 Oct. 1814; d. 12 Nov., lIWi5. 
-1-3506 KS8tO!7 Ho^MBR,*" h, 6 JuW, 18U; m. Caroline Larmia CumplKlL 
4-3&07 Jaiii:s Klisiu»^ b. ?1 July, 1S18; m. Jrnau* WamuT. 
4-3JK18 Rltth Jase,^ \u 19 Jaji., 18SI ; m. Emmons Arnold. 

128B. URAXIAT din, of Ep)ii«im* (425), b. !?» Not„ 1783 ; m. 8 Not., tSOSit 
Anio» Bacon. \r, in Vcnnont, £1 Oct., 1777. ten of A«a Bacon, of Penfitld, Moone 
Co., N. y^and SlIK Sh\ 

She d. m MbUm, Mich., 1 Feb.. l&U; he d. in BulTalov N. Y^ 9 Feb., 1865. 

CAiirJren, &, m ^*enneif, Cofu^a To,. A". K. 

3509 Jang Bacon? K .1 Juap, 1807; nu ChorlM PanoAtei^ of Chicngo, III.; 

had ocie dftu. 

3510 A/dKi«on % BtKon? b. 20 PoK, 1810: m. Emnu Barilott- 

3511 Soj^ia Haton*^ li, tl May, 18]?; m. Orrin Jminn, of lonin, Mich.; «l. 2 

351% Barrietta Bowt,^ h, tl Sept, 1815; m. 1837. John J. Adams, von of 
AniM Bftcon Adaai«, of Cliicoj^ IIL; d. in IjtUo FalX N. T.» 5 
Polx, 1839. 

3513 Ju/wif* BfifOK,* h. 7 Apr., 181S; m. tZ Peti.. 1837, Alban a Kii^le>-. 

3511 IScririia Har^^n? L 7 Jliiy, 1820; m. 5 Oct, 18M. SvIymu* 0. Gould, of 
Buffalo, N. Y, 

DONKE,' fon of Ephraim^ (4^^)* l>- >& 6hrf5dd. M&t&, V Jul. 1TS7; 
Sbf^fidd. 8 Jan.. 1807. Aumni CurlU, h. 27 Mnr^ 1?8il. lUu. nf J»iulh«n 
CnrUs of 8bd5(4d, U about 1748. and Mary Jacoh^ b. nhottt IIA^. 
Shp d. in Sh«iA«ld^ 2 Jan,. 1837. 

He waa a wagon-u»ker in Sltedidd, from vhkb place he itiii. lo Midiigan nt 
an %Ai\y dativ 

3615 Acararci nAiu.Fv.» b. 17 Asg., 1807; 
Oct., 1850. 

d. unnu, in CoortUnd^ Uicb.^ L 


Tun KKux)oa» i:r tiik Xiliv Woxui. 

3516 CftTiiKitiMC Makv,^ b. in SlioftI«l{l. i Dec, ISOS; ml in ConrUftnd. U 
Ma), 1848. Job Whitney, of Bjr^ii, Kc^nt Co.. Mich, b- 16 Jim*, 
l!<o5, io Komulu^ X. Y. ; hv ha>^ [irvviininly m. Carolini; Porlvr, 
vha cL $4} Feb., tdl6^ he iva» n Urmcr; had eo cbildrcu; she d. 
21 JaiL, It^Vl; b« d. in Byniiu 

3517 Cabclink Paijlika." b. U Nov., ISIO; d, unm^ in SlifE^MiI, 9 Dee, 

+3*1*1 MiLTox CcuTis," b. in May. I8i4; m. (I) AouDiiA B«ni«; (2) lira. 
Jane (Bohr) niiin«bart> 

12$0. LrCYNA.^ dau. of EiiOh'' (-12<3), U id BhelMd, $1 Aug., 1706; nu I 
Jun«^ 17^. JoMtbAn Ifnrrcll, b. 10 Feb., 1757, ton of Abnham ilurrai* of Lyiuw 
Mam,, h. 1 Apr, IT«»> and Slnry 8p*uHing, b. 23 r«b., 1734. 

H« d. 31 Dec., 1836 ; alie d. 1? Juii^, 1830. 

He wuA ;i u'ugou-umkvr and fanDur; rmu frov Sbeffitld, Umi^, in ISOl, to 
Salubury, Herkimer Co,, N. Y> 

35ld //ffrpyfiurrH/,"b. 39 Kov., 17OT ; m. (J) fi Apr., mO. UhiriotW Wotci^ 

man; abed. 10 Apr, ISSl; h«ra, (?) 7 Apr, lSt3. Aiaanda Cair; 

•hi- <L ir Junc^ ]839; tu; m. (5> 17 £^)L, 1B39, Sanh Hamlin; 

vrai an fxt«n«ivc farmer nxid cboc^rnaakor in Littkr FaUa, N. Y. 
85S0 ffliifiy BifmU.^ U 1 F«b., 1799; m. Sedi C. HuHburt; m. in Id77« In 

Chi<Af:o, lit. 
3S91 5«fin<>v^ HurrfU,^ b. £3 Ckl, 1801. 
SGSa ZcB'-i-^Ai Burrtii,* b. 10 May, 1903. 
55?S .Vnro* £fiirr..J/* b. V7 Jan.. 1S05. 

Ittl. ORSAMI^T wn of Knft*^ (4W), l. in 5Ji*ffldd, Ma**., 12 May, 17fiS; 
m, ID New Y'ork City, Dec*, 1796. Gathvr Kimberly, bL in New Hstcd, Cocul» 

Hf> d. in Tovnmid, Huron Co., 0^ lA OH., IStS ; ilir d. ip tli^ manr. flaci^ 

Jcir, ise?. 

In 17^ be vas a [nt>rchant In lansingburg. N. Y^ and for iooDe yeAn afl*r; 
he rcnu to^^llolland Purcliovc/* Omt^c^c Co.. and bought a farm; in Jdilc> IHll, 
he stsnod for ToiniMnd. U., wbcrv he mu n ranxryor and d«tlcr in [anda; 4 iliilj 
tbey reached Clev^'lRnd. wtiirb th«^ coiuistfd ol tliree or fotir logboiuea and a 
botH. Ihtrinjc tbc Lut Cvo mi]<« of thdr joum^ to Tofmsimd, tbey vtre obU^^ 
to ctil a road for thvir toonni; thvj wvr^ amou^ tbt* narly vcttlon, ard bad to «n- 
dure otl ibo ptriU of a frontkr life. After Uatr* surrender of Detfuit. tht. art- 
tkn were oblijcrd 1o I1t« for their livve, and Orasmiu r«Cuniod to Xrv Yori:. Th« 
folk>irin£ «URimrr tbr^' n4unicd to Tow&vEud mud fousd tluir httamt in Tuins. 



+3525 Carouvx,*" b. 12 Sept, 17««, in Lnnsbgbiifs, S. Y.; m, I 
U» Wiujuu HSKKT.' k Id UnbbATdtoD. Vt.. 3^ Aq^„ 1799 ; dl in Wiodeor, 
UndlBOD Co., O., Mait Grifwoad; ibrv hn4 .»d tke old biMM«tad; 
hx d. KfiT^ IS7I. 

Thb KbJ,L0O(» iJi THE Nev WoRUl 


3Ai7 GKonnir Kiiinxin^v,^ Ix inCflAtlvlonj Vt,5 Aiig.* 1S4>1; m. LydU liluira, 
of Norwalk, O. l tiie (L in Atlii'iu, CaUiouu Co,, Ifidi. 
^SSSS ScB>}f AUKLEA.'^h.mBftUva, X. \\,!f Mar^ l!«i>l: m. Philander WUbor. 

+3530 OtftAUrs.^ b, U Nov,« ISIO; m, Mat.v Ann Hun^ 

3W1 K-VEELAy-o TuirysEVp," h. I'i IXc., 181^ ; no. HTatohinson, of In- 

diAOft; hr wmh a prinU-r hi Itnl^attApitLiB; he d. in CinciniutU, 0. 

1389. ENOl^^ fon of Unoh*^ (4^), b. in ShoHicld, 21 Apr, ITiG; la- Klunbcth 
Smith ( lin), !x 13 Not.. ::;!*, diiD. of KhoncHiT Smith, of SheffleW, M«»«s, ind 
Elmbcth KctLog^ (+^^lt* K U Mar,. ITo!!, 

Sh» d. of a£ q>idcmic that pr^ailod thn}Ugiioat tho country, 15 Dec, IdU; 
1i«iD. (3) Hf.'ret?y Pvrrin: 'L m Baton Roug?. 

Up wntf a fanner in Shcfficild; reru. irith bift fflUivr to llubbaicltoii. Vt., ftnd 
Bottnd, N. Y., vrlipr<r htf woe Town OIiTk niui Juwlitv nf the Piwo'- Aft*^r tho 
duth of hiti fatber. id BfttAvia. Le ivm. lo Jllinoi#. Ik sUrtDd for Ncv OrlemiA 
oa A bnaiiusfl trip, but wu tokui tiic^k uiid d. m Batooi Rouge. He vae & aorrciur 
and fitirrfiyiv) mri^t of tl^ Halt«m1 P]]M»u«% itnd ^Mirt nf Ohif^ n\itng tho Mtuhin- 
tm Rivtr. He ofU^n (poke of the bcautj and fertility of the letter region* 

LcciKDA,* Ik 5 Not,. 1801 ; m. Benjamin htoifie Smith. 
Aloxi^ SutTli.* L 13 Ike., 1^03; m- (1) OcUvU Scnilh; (2> NaDi^ 

3554 Auotrerrs,* b. ; d. vonng. 

3535 JcuA Asi>."U lOcL^ldOS; m. (1) William Brovti; (9) Horn Atdu- 
ccn ; «h9 d, tn Sh^lbynllo, Kj ; had on« ton und thrue dau«- 
+8536 Abklul Roth,* b, ID OcC IdlO ; m. Ricluird Bn&ipL 
+3537 KlieaBeto,* 1). 18 Aog*. ISU; n, Junos Bodgor 

12flft COL. SKYMOrR/ u>r> of Knoi* ( IE6), K in ShriTiold, Kaw., 21 M*r, 
ms; m. (I) 21 ilAr-, 1801, T^hcr Uimncc, of Sheffield- 
She d. in BalAvifl, X. Y.. »l Apr., iai3; he m. (^) 1 Aug., 1813, Nftii^ 
WUnw; d. 1 Ajir., 1S29; nbnd. in WuvitW, TlU 1 May, 18B5. 

Up «ii« i merchant in Kxoirr, Scott Co., 111.; vriut CoL in the var of \H\^. 
Wlien he and hlft broih*r» Klinhn, wattled in lllinnia thpy v^n* thirfi,' mil**^ riititflnt 
from may whit« nun, and onu hundred inU^fl from titr r]l--A^t^t mill- During the 
fiirt vtnl«r, they mffcnvl from v>nt of food, and nuj^t havi? (HTiidied, but fov the 
aafiietuice of ffi^dly Indiana^ 

+3538 AMittA.^ b, S8 May. 1801 : m. Borden Wllcor 
+3539 OftiaxDO," Ix a June. 1805; m, Mari^arct Comrad. 

3U0 A&KLiyz,* b. 5 Junc^ 1308; n. 10 rCov., 1834, CharlM Cotlim, of St, 
Lo^is* Ma 

3541 Aa^'ATa UJ^b^i ^pL. 1810; ro. Rowland Miindy, ofSt. Uuii. 
+3543 Eariro," h. 20 Aug^ 1814; m. l^v! Churrh, 
4-3543 8rrH0rii," b, 12 Apr.* 1S]$: m. Margaret MaiMl 

3544 Xakct,* b. ]5 Sept., II*1T; d- m SI. Louis. 10 May, 1833. 

3fi45 Boiuii^H." b. 2: yhtr., 1819; m. Fnineiv Day. 

3M6 Uouiui,^ b. 24 Apr., 1833- 


TftB Kkujoxw i)c thk Npw Wokux 

ISSft. nm^DAH/ dau. of Eno£^ (4£6). b. » 0<:t. ITdl ; m. in Rntavin, N. V. 
May. 18(H. Ainii Wright, K S-l Oct. 178], :ioii of Atthcl Wri^tit. b. 16 Svpl 
1761, of Lenox, HavLr and HtibUnlton, Vt., ajid Rwhcl Uico, b. Mar, 1759. 

She d, 19 Fek, 18S4 ^ lie d- SO Dt<&, 1873, «ged 9t. oq the old b^untcftd. 

ii<^ veittcd on tlw honkoileail nuarly wvcnty jenre before hitf deiUu Uto ion, 
Alhai, Hv«d or tho homcfitosd in Wyoroing, N. Y. 


1805; m. 1^ ]''{^6., Ib3l, Utiua Ncwdl, L 34J Jul., l^m, ua 
HtMwii^k, RmiwplrtPi* Co., N. Y., dAU, of KiIhh \v«p11, of Bixm 
and MiddlcbuxT, H. Y,. and JuiiUi Potter, o! Gnmvilk. N- Y, ; he 
waa H fflniier in Wyoming, N. Y. 

SMS rtarrtt HWyAi* b- £? .Jan., 1807; m. IWr, Mary Ann Parwnfi; W »m* 
fin ddor ID tbc i'reebyterjftn Church ; be waa ft farmcT in IkUiaoyp 
N Y- 

3549 Ah'im lVn>A(» K in Middlebury, N. Y.. 27 Mar., 1S09! m. S Sep 
183^ Nelson WolcoU, b in SaDdi«fi(>ld, Mass., i J&n., ldU6, ion 
Wjlttam WiiU'citL mid Huliluli Dit:iing; h(< uvk h miTchtutL; lir 
in }?anditfield nntiJ l^2€; in lSn)T«\illc X. Y-, 18^; in 
J«n, 1^41; in Warttv, ii!l44: In Eaic Jarg, 1S4«; In Attica, 
1648, irbere be wfih rldt^r in thi^ Pru4iytcrian Cburcb; in BaIs 
lUiH; hnd irif^ht childrvn. 

35i0 /1?U nnpA/»K27 0ct..lSlO; d. 1811. 

3^Sl Sophia Wnght,'* b. in ^iddlebury. N. Y^ 14 May, 18IS; m. 19 Pek, 
1^9, Ephnim Bninard, b. 9 F«^K, 1S12, in Attin, N. Y,, ton of 
Seymour Brainflrd and SuMDna QaI^h, be iva§ a farmer near At- 
tica, N. Y., nnUl 11^06 ; \u- hvi4 ;o Attioa. and wan Justkc of tha 
Pfm<v; bad four ebildrtn. 

8»S AlUn }TnshU^h.Z Uay, 1814: m. IS Jnly. )&16. Obavlotte NeveD; 
vai cider in the Pie«bj1emn Church ; be was a famer La W 
ing, N\ Y. 

US3 FninoM ifi>« Wf<ffkt,^ b. 7 Sept. 1317; iiL 1639, Charlotte Pntncy; be 
vae a bamp^^A-maVi-r; d. in Atlica, 1S64. 

UH Emi}^ Wfighi^ b. S9 July, 18eO; m. in 13ie» Patikk HaoTcyi m. in 
EliJo. Mich. 

3S3& Ptif ftt /fittoMJ^ ITfijrJhf * k 4 Apr . 18^4 : d. I&3S. 

3556 Stymttvr Etthgg WrigkU* h, G tcL, l»e8; in, 18SG. Sarah EUit; 1» 
nil a hftmeni-irRkor in Ktddvr, Ikfa 

SMl CAPT. EUSHA.' soq of f^v^" {4U), b. in Sheffield. Uaaa., 30 Kor., 
17&3: DL (1) V4 SepU IHO-J, KUnbcth Dtrhck, b. $ Mar.. 171% 

Shv d. in UoiTfpati Co., lit.. \^ May, liCtS; he m. (S) in 1&33, Urs. Uatj 
Mills: d. in Jo Dari^M Ca, HI. $4 Auf^., IM'i. 

He wai a Capt. of iafaniry in the var of 18IS, and irai In the battka of 
Black Bode, Port Krir ami nrvrral others; be wnii f^bniff of Oen4«eo Co^ He 
waa CapL in a cofopany vith Uent Worthy U Chnrehill, which wac ordond to 
mardi lo RiUIaJo (<ariy la rvc 1813; vae a pawjooer of die vrar of 1812. He 
and his Irotltrr, Seynoar, M^lrd in Uoriran Co.« III., in 1819, where there wen 
not any vhite neifhbon nearer than thirty mtW He was in the Bladt Hawk 



CkMm, first five I, in Batavic, iV. V.; othtrM in Aicrgan Cc, tU. 

PiitLAMi]:iE hlusiiA? bu IT June, IfilO; m. Luanda Jam; WUcoi. 
-|-9SS^ Ohville Evoe," b, 2S Dee., IHl 1 1 m. Snsnn Janp AndereoD. 
-t-355d Abigail Euiaaktii." b. 24 Mar^ IdH; m. John WilliAcu. 
-f3M0 Flomvtjn-e Efiwix,* K 1 Jan,, isifi; m. (I) Rebecca Jane WiHiams; 
iZ) Mrs. Martha Jani? (WilllaniH) KHienn; (3) Olivia H< CramtT. 
+3561 Sophia t^MOUKE,* b. 17 Jan., 1816 ; m. John De«d«v 

35fi8 A:ffOBLiNlt Ku:aVOl« Ix SI Dtfc., 1820; il. 2 July, IftSI. 
+3563 BtKJAMis Fju!CKU3( Ecuraiu.* \>. 30 Apr.. ISiZ; m. Mary Orilla 
3564 Sasaii Axusukh,^ b. A Jan., 1ft!4; i\. 1 Aug., IftSI. 

1300. ^PniA7 dait. of Enofi** (420), b. 18 Jun^ 17SG; m, WiUUm U. 
Wright, h. ti) Soy,, 1783. 

Thoy Tcm. fr^m Oonooca Col, N. Y., in Xot.» 1S27, to Naplc^i, 111. 

J5W ^rfrfiJi#R«fA#nrK^A^"b, SfiXov.. 1812; m. 28 Jan., ISAO, JoTin Man* 

diceitcr, m^rtbont in Kaplers. lU.i acd 8t* Louis; be <l £7 Dec, 

1U6; *ho d. 15 Xoi., I84T, in St. Loaii. 
dOSf^ Julia ^^opAia KnyAf.^ U tl Ma>% 1823; m. (U -^1 ^^^-> 1^^^ ■^^^'^ 

Matthev^ a miller htrng in Pen?, Pike Co.. ILL; he d. 29 Juae, 

1847; i:b4' iti, (£] t Uar, 1^50, Elijah Sheff, «bo rta. fa Griggs- 

ville. Pike Co., ill. 

UOL IRA/ ton of EiK.f.^ (420). U w ShMM, Ma», 14 Mar, 1789; m. (l> 

9 May, l»ll, Iliim(.-t ihomp^on, b. -, duu- of t^auuel Thompeon, of Tol- 

JaiM, Coon, 

She d- 16 Jiuur. I$t2; he ro. (2) Au^., 1823, Lydia Morjr^n, b. io Nonrich, 
"Coon^lDoj., 17S«,dtttL of iJauiol Morgan and Mary Frost; d. 3 Fob., 1854, 

Hi? wb* n wiTdiM in iW war of 1SI2 : was a cnr|n-nti?T in Prrry, la. : in 1877 
hi« wifo ]!««. in PitUtlcM, JIL Uo waf the* owner and captain of the fint atcam- 
boat on the IlUnoia River. 

Chitdrfn by first fli/f. 
WC7 TiiEODOUE* L 25 Mar., 1812; -i. 8 Aus- 182L 
+3568 Eowis." b, 24 July, 1813; m, Kiiiia A, Map^. 
35«fl Ifu,* L. 23 Ol-L, 1817; tiL Cordi'lia F^x; viiii a pilot 

3570 ilAMtii;?," b. 23 Oct, 1819; m. Jonathan Ncvman. 

3571 Sophia,* b. 7 Apr^lfi2l: d, Apr. 183fi. 

Chii4r«n hy A€i'-ortd irife. 
337® TitaaixpaB • K 31 ifay, 1824 ; wu ( 1 ) 9ara)t, dau, of H'illiaiQ Morriaon ; 

(2) Sarah, dau. of Joaepfa Coelcii]. 
3573 Dkua A\>f.^k9 Jan., 1830; m. (1) Gideon Ri!I; (2) iTrith ElHdgtt. 
+Z&7i CiUKLEF McitOAK>'* U 11 July, 1831 ; m. Ameiica Qackv^oi^. 
3576 Adcldib,* b. 1 Jan., 1S33; d. 14 Oct, 1833, 

1302. FUKDKRICK/ «.a of Dmutiu A*n« (427), h. in ShrmH.l, MaaiL, 27 
8q>L, ]7iW; m. (1) 20 Nov., i;88, ilary (Folly) Phclp^s L & Od„ 1766, dau. 
of lDa«l PheljH. 


Sli« d. Sfi Mar<, Un ; htHL (2) tB Nov., 1613, Tni>hcnB Kl; White, b. 25 
Mar,, 171*4, <iou. of J.wqih WhiUr, b. 24 ])cc-, 17 1^, and Khcbc Ciopp, b, 36 Dec, 
llflB; shvil 21 Jnn,, ISM; he ra, {A) Mrs. CfltheriDo (DomoTv^) Brrwa; d. 16 
Oct,, 183^ ««6 kilLed in Auburn bjr Wins tlirown from a hone; ihu iL ^ Au;., 
18U«, figtHi 63. 

He VAN n fnrmrr; rn». lu (iftlwnj mud BruUs, X". Y. 

ChUdftn 6y /Inf tHf«, /int ti^ht &. in Q<duj9w; oU«rp tn ^rtilu*. i 
-{-3573 Sii.i»* b. 6 Jun**, ITSii; m, JUrthn Siinpsoo- 
•i-^flTr PoLtT.'* b. G Jun*^, 1790: m. WsUiam G^md B«ac1l 
+»fi7a LcciXDA.'' b. 10 Al^^ i:91i m. I>avid Diioa. 
+S679 Ai,vx«,» b, 1» Jaa, ITttJ; m, Silvia Stow. 
+3580 WuiLtHT." b. B4 Ot'L, 1794 ; in.' Milo Pla*lp«w 
+36SI AWiSUA," b. S-J Augv K&6; m. Hrtiry Perinc 
+3^82 Fif«»i:!iUTK,* b, -itl Not,. 1797; in. Sally S. Evartt. 
4-^Ad3 Asa/ b. :e6 Apr., 1800; kl 9anU St. John. 
-^3581 LrcT," b. 1 JuiM-, 1S03; m. Am<w CarUr. 
-fSflAA IwKivx PiKTijTi* K n Oct, ISOJl; nu (I) FHia R. WTiitiiig; (2) Sally 

4-3fiS$ UjtniVT,'* b. to Doc, 1810; m. Hicki Whoclrr Ph«l^ 

+^S7 Chaslka Wiutk* b. 21 Mav^ ISId; m. DctnmiB Dt^vrj ComatocL 

1303^ KZItA.^ mi of Deacon A»a« (4^7), b. in SbeOcU, Uaaa, » June. 1769; 
m. n FtK 17V3, Abigail Olautcad, b. 19 Jnoe, 1771, io New CftAAUt. Coan., d«L 
nf Jncijilhji:i OlmNtittd and Thankful CnMbf* of Canaan, N. Y. 

Hr d. in tialny, N. Y., 13 CM.. 1&3« : »h^ d- in Clcrdao<L U^ ? r«t^ 1^1^ 
a^ 79. 

Be va5 a taniMr and MKnrmaker; boajfht land in SemprODtlflv N. T^ 1 Nor^ 
ISOO, asd aoM tha aama, 8 F^, 1905, 

-fS&aa Kia* PovKLL,* b. 18 Mmr» 1795; n. MAfgarvt AndnnoD. 

3S&9 Mbsct Cbo6»t,* K 1« Mar, 1>^^; <^* 13 Au^, 180S. 
+3590 CujusttA HjtBiow,"* b. It June. 1799 ; m. Samuel Dradiir. 

3591 JoxATitAX Cimar,* U IS Doc, 1801; d. IS OcU 1B10. 
+3591 AvftUL Assf b. 9 Jan.. 1S04; n. S«an Elnatiiaa SOfeitL 
4*3593 8TLnvr&ETktrhLt\."b. ^i Uar^ l&Vi: bl Liict .Van liadl^. 
3594 UmiA9x,"b.11Jiui«,180e; n. IB Apr, 1S3S, Uwn Goodhcfa,a 4rr 
jK»da akPPehant, who liv^ nvar Bod)«atar, X. Y, ; had no ddldna; 
^ d. in OalvaT, B Febw 1«33; be n. (9) Thankf«l Obutail 
dm. of Dr. Jonaiban OImat<ad, of S p ipwrtown. X. Y. 
4895 LrrT,9 k S llaT, Ifilt: nu (11 Robrrl KdwinQaivU; (S) WUltav Ad»- 

tin LAthfi>p^ 
359C Manr* b. lo Jalr. ]$t3: m. Brr. CbariM E. Baw^v; d. » Sfpt, 
1839 ; had no cbildnrxL 

1304. U AlETIS'J m of llwm Am" (497), b. in StMOrid, Vaaiu tS Jn^, 
1771 ; m. tt Fi^ 1793. Bhoda SvMk b. 4 X->t„ 177^. dan. ^t l^>l)t«rp^• Sailh.' 
nf Canaan. Columbia Cou, X. Y^ and DoDt Skinnar, b. ab«nt 173a 

She d. » Uav. 1^52; U d. in Vfoco^ Omfo Co^ NV Y-, tT ^«&, UM. 



Be w a m^nluDt for tome yefirs i& GaIwbt, H. T.; UUr b fftrnior in 
Onn^go Co., N. Y. In \&2A \w. vu living in Homer (nov Sotooi)^ awl later is 
Mexico, Offmtp> Co., N. V. 


M»il BjK-rt» * tvin to Cftwiu*, b, 28 ilnv, 17^4 ; d 13 Xor., 1804- 
+35»9 SopHftONU," h. »8 M»r, 1796; hl <1) Luko Buttcrficld; (2) Dftcicl 

3eOO TftL-ttAST * b. 7 July, ITOe ; d. 13 July, Um 
4-3*Ifll MiBTis PovrEu.*t», 28 Mav, 1800; m, M*)vinfl Pott«r 

360^ JiT&ns SMnii," b. 3 fkL, 1803; «i 17 FeU, H:i(H. 
-f 3603 Lewis,"* b, W> Nov., 1805; ra, Abbcj HkImc!}- Lindtlcy. 

130ft. ClIAnLKS,' SOD of DcACcn Am*> (497), b. in SkcmcLd, Unas., 3 Oct, 

1773; m. 51 Oct., 1791, Mftr^ ^™ ^^^' ^ ^ ^^*'' l''^'** ^»*'- ">' ^»^^*^ ^^^f *"' 
l.'r^Tch'^i< T. ronii., n deitfvakdaiit of JiJ^n Otin, of TtinghiB, Mftas., 1633, and 
Mtiry Uflv. 

Hp^. II M«>, l*45,in Am Arlxir, Micli.; fiWd. U0rl,.1844- 
fTt- was a faniiirr oiul mcrdiant. At Ui<; a^ of 14 he rvioi. to Oalway, Sar- 
ato|;;a Co., N. Y., whvrc Km father bad A-ttJ(Hl ai a pionorr ictcii yi^rt before. 
Two yv^n aflf r hh nirirnage, vilh an oittUt i>f IttUe Uforo than willing hands And 
«lout ht«rt, b^^ nod hi^ uifu. with thi^jr eldctfl boo, then on infant^ aotigbt a new 
hamain Cratnil Xpw Ydrk, Their comvviiiK*' wjiji a »hv!, dravn br oxira; thrir 
road va£ throQ^U the forvtt, aod aftci a fatifiiing joiira«-y of Mtem day*, they 
amvvd at Ibeir firet home in Maroelltia. They i^rected a Jog cabic, mad(> a eloar- 
w^ m tfu? fomil, rriiiHinrd oHpyiair, lluii wiM Un-ir im|rn"»('tn(»iib< ami pin\'hnK(*d 
a second home in vhai is now Ownsco- After Kmainin^ thcrv two years thoy 
agttn sold out, and in tho auiamzi of 17f>^ rem. lo their third tortMt farm, in 
SfODprooiuv (now Nikt»)» w}icre Lbcy rtvidrd forty yemn. Thrir ciicuntfftiuicva 
vtYtT improTvd by each rcmovnl, ami before the rev f;irm wnf fully dosrcd Mr. 
Kelloj^ add«i tni'lir;:io famnn^, In 1808 he wati dnie*! lo Um Slal*- Aftm-rnbly, 
and rocriT«d a nr^edton in tli« following year. Hi- voa a Judp; of the OouDty 
Court In 1812 the riUufn^ poEtofKct wa^ «^Mtab1i«hcvl nnd ho van th^ first post- 
mavter, and Ida ova nauie vas s^v*^ to the ofTIcf, and th« vJIIafe alnc-u Uit-n hna 
boctt eallod Keiiopg^vUle. In Iti'^l and 'VV bo waa elcclixl a mptnU^r of thir i^tc 
AoMcnhly a^tn. In 1322 hu watt divli^d Ht'[irtwiitMriii* to CiingTOHa, tha first Con- 
fTiaa vn^€T John QniDcy Adams' adminiMrsti^i]. Itctamin^ from CoagrtM, he 
mnained in Ke1Jofx*^iUe ten y«ar«, oDtil \w mrtt, to Ann ArborrMicb-^vhcTo four 
of hiti cTiiMri-n were linn;?. Of tlieJr family of plevca ohiMrrn atl mW tft Svjit., 
lio7, in Anburr., S. Y. lie was a vi?rtr>mflii of the Kpi^opnl Cburdi in Arm 
Lfbor, a nan of tound Jndgn^iU and ntpHing inie;^iy. 


-1-3604 Day Ona." b. in tiatway. 7 An;;,. nd^>; m. (I) Ann FlJia Smith; (2) 
Mary Ann Dimon; (3> Harnet Walttr Odin. 
Dwioirr,* \ in M«rcvllrt*, 1 f)ct>, 1797; ni. Mincna Annablo. 
UOft Ikka." b. in AuMiuK. X. Y.,8 Feb,* 17f^f>; ra. Lucnrtis Annable; bad no 

-3fl07 Dhlia,** U in Ki-IlofoCCT-jHu, 7 Apr., 1803: ni. Calvin Whitwood, 
10ft Auioiii. An>c* b. 10 June, 1S04; m. Etbnn Allm Warden, 


Tits KeLL0OG« IK TUE Xew Woftto. 

-1-3609 ChaEI^B HAIiTEt.'' b< 19 Svpt., 180!^ i in. Fmnct^ Amelia PAnnvky. 
3610 Ellcta SaM^xtih* b. 28 July, ISIO; m. in Ann Arbor, Mich., C^L 
William Augustus Abvh b. 14 FcK, 1805, M>n u( WUliaiu Abv^ K m 
Lob&uon, Conn.. U July^ 1775, and Uorj (Tollj) l^oomu, U 13 
Uajt, ITAl, iljtu. af Col. Jni-nh l^mrniit; hp i!. IT S«pL, 1^43; bad 
DO childrnL 

-l-3flll Dan Waehes," b 16 Mar, ISH; m. (1) Krtlicr Elmi™ Bull; (2) 
Cnthcrinp Fnkr; (H) Kmm/i Slnrr <^mi^4inn> 

+3fil3 Do&LifKA," b, i: Jan-, isiftj m. Dr, Uvru* BnclniA. 

-i-3fil3 Frances LoinaA^* b. fi Mar.. 1818; m. Selli Taybr Otif, 

+36U Jons Qi'iKCY,*' b. 24 M»r., 1893; m. lirlcn iUry Daucbj (MflC). 

1307. ASA,^ w» or IWran Aw*" (4^1), b in ShdRpld. IS Not., 1777; m. (1) 
Jun?, 1801, MaT]i:ar*>i Stewart, b, 18 Apr,, 1786. 

Shell II Ji[[H". l.Hir*; !iu m. (2} ?4 Apr.. 1820. hiT ?t*U'r. A:iru« Sti'wart, h. 
15 May. 1751; both hi* wivea were b, in While Crc<4c, Wn^hinxton Ctu. N. Y., 
dflufi. of JoBopli Si«wait, of ^Vhite CTff^k, bi t Apr., 17{V:f, and Eton&OA Hflrmoc, 
b, 17 Mav, t7'j4 ; .Ji3»'jj1i was h mt\ of Jot^-pli Stewart. K aliout 171S ; iL ui Whiltf 
Crwk, 1820. 

Hod. J3 Ah?., 18:^*1; she il. 17 Apr, 1843; he anil bcitb hM wittf« an* biirifd 
iu the olil crmtftcry. on Ida Ilili id Troy. 

They Ki. in Troy, N. Y.^ iirhi>rtf hv viu a lurdwnre raorchftid for tbirty yoon. 
In company with hi* brothers Wnrnm and AUxandor C< 

Ckildtfn by finst wife. 
3fil» F:t.iK*«b. 27,luly, Iftflfl; cK ft Si>|)t, IflOrt, 
-t-36IS WinaEN SrEWAtT," K l Mar., 1807; m, Lncy Ann BawcLot). 

3617 Edward Asa," b. 15 Juiie, 1808 : d SO Oct., 1809. 
•f3f;ift EiiwAitn,'* h. £0 Jnn., 1810; ni. Samh Mitm Hii«tinK>- 

3619 ABA.'^b. 2Julv, 1811; d. SS A\ift.. 1848, nnm,; ie buriod in tbo«ld cem- 

eU-ry in Troy, X. Y. 
3C80 BuEA»b. 5 Aujt, 1813; iL 15 Sept, 1815. 

Chiidreti fry j^':onri ir»y<r, 
-1-3691 Maroargt \ys.'* b. 1 Mar.. 18S1; nv Francia NcwUnda. 

S6Z2 Jamk Elixa,* U S» Api., 1828; a. Ift Jnly, 18SS, 
-|-8<93 J^NK Kmk^ * b 5fi Si>pf,, 1823; m. Jam^ S->mi>mlle KnovlMOL 

UU Mabv ;^TEw.iRT," b, l-^f Au^., 1848; in. U May, 1846. OcorRv RodficM, 

of Troy; «hr> t^. 11 Dec, 1817; 1i<- d. 24 Jtily, 18A(V fl^ ^ H« 

WM A mtrrcbattt 

3«f5 WlLUAM." \>. U Aiiff,. 18211; d. 15 Not-, 1830. 

+MU HrMn,* twin to Winiam, k !A Aug., lft2S; m. flarali Trtbb May, 

36S7 CAt{OLiXK,»b. a May, 1833; d. 16 ±Scpt„ lSdJ>. 

IBIO. WAltlEEN/ N>n of Deacon Aw« (4S7), b, in Sheffield. Ma8&, $ JuDt. 
1783; m. id Troy. 14 Apr., I8U. Abigail Paine, b. 6 Ncvr., USD, ilao. of Amaaa 
PaiPP, of Windpor, Vi-, anil KlizaMJi IfoiiMrr. 

Ug d. S3 Feb. 1835; is buried tn Ida Hill C«inctar7, Troj: 4li» & In Kew 
York City, 1 Jun*. IS6.;. 

R<*. id Troy. N. Y., where he wua a hardTarc" mcrchaDt 

Tut, Kr.LLoaeB tx the N&w Wobij). 


<;»onor WlU-LvM* b. 2? Kctx. I«13; m, Cbariotte KlUabcth Cobb. 
1^!9 Joux Pxts-B," I). 11 Oct, IH14 ; was « merchant in Tix'j, 1 Mat., Id39 
lu '53, and laU-T in New Yurk Cilj : 0. Uium, 1j Aug.p ldC3, 
+3(130 UcxRY LyMj*k * b. i8 Apr.. Itil7 ; m. Frtncw Jvaa WUaoa» 
3ti31 Mahv KujLUJirTH * ly U OcL, 1818; cK 8 Man, IS*0. 
'S^S'4 VRXScUi LCfiiETiA.** b. 26 J«i., 1S21; m. IT Nov., U^'Z, Maj,-G^. 
G^H>ri^^^ M. Tlmmiw, U. S. A.; afkr tlnrir nmrmgii? iWy n-«, in We*t 
Vomi tintU ISfifi. wIil-l ehe aeoonipaDic-d litr husband to Port 
Muon, T«x., «omnmDi3ed b^ MaJ. Thomai ; he d. in Saxi Frauc-iwo, 
Cil, -iS Mar,, IflTt); >iht^ d. in Wa^hingtoa, 0. C* 26 Dec^ Iddd; 
bad no ohildr^n. 
3633 Juru Ar^L'tn'A,^ b. J5 D«c., 1}^?^ : tcv.^ nnm,. in Waifaiogtou. in iSiQfi. 
dtt34 CiLa»LitB AtiatmTCfr," h. 2& Mar., IH£5; grat^unt^d fram Harvard Ci>!li<ge 
in ISld; studied Ian- in Montj^mtTr\\ Ala.* until 1847, when he 
rem. to N>w Orleiirtit. whun? br- pnictiirvf] Uw until J851; a mor- 
chaot ihcro until I8C4 ; laltr of tho firm of John l\ £ellu|fg & Co., 
of New York ; i, unia., lo »w \ ork, 1 Mar.. 1865. 
SiHCEL Cobb,** b. t3 Apr., IS?*^ : d, U Sept , 1S?8. 
Caholins Locisi,*" b. J5 Ot>t, 1S3D; d. 3 Detv, 1830. 
Elliw Makia," K it Sept,, 1H31 ; J. it .iuj^., IS3'^. 
llouen Uall» b- 9 !>«-, 1833; d. S;J May, 1S57. 

1311. ALKXANDER CYKUST <on of D«con Aaa* <«T). b. to Galway, Sar* 
(X JC- V- tZ June* nsa; n*- (1) 7 Mar., 1810, Anna Saylc«, b. SO Oct., 

She d In Ticj. N. Y., 31 »«., 1823; he m, (5) SS Doe-, H24, M», Ann 
(llininan) DavIh, dnu. of Capt r.linlui Hitimnn^ of Sryf lx>ridf»n, (7onn., nud 
Abifrail i>olln'ftr?; rh in Bridgnport. 13 Jiinp, IrtlC; shad, in Fairfield, 53 Sept,, 

Up wah firti a oountrv merchant, autl later engaged lu tli* wbolisale grwcry 
s in Albnnr, S. Y., about 1811 ; he Ut«r continued thcr ramc bnain^a in 
'roy, X. Y,, iffith bin bmlbrr^. Ami jind WnrnT, br pnrtrfr*. Aftpr th* g^^t 
[ft* of 1832 tliey wont into tlic iron tradt. in whkh tlicy prospered for yeara. 

3^9 M>ku AvK,** K 9 Jan., 1811; m- (1] Charlc« Lewi# Milla; (2) I>r. 
Jo«haa Bftfloom OT^rnft. 

SfttQ Rux&.^ b 111 Aii^., 1AI2; d. H Frk, lfl13. 

SM\ FRA:rcia» b 4 Oct. 1814 i d. S3 Ang., 18U. 

■JW^ SLLBa*ntT.* b. 8 War. 18H; m. Charles Ediuond 0»1fOrnc. 

3813 Joiix.'^b. 1^ atar,, 1818; d. :iti Mar,, 181?4, 

3644 W|tUAfci.''K Irti^i-i''- 18'^*^; d. 22 Sept. 1820. 

M46 HtSRY*" twin to WiUiom, K 10 Sept, 18S0 : d, 23 S<pt. !890. 

3846 JnUA FHANrjts « b, 3 Apr, 183« ; d. S€ -Tnte, 18«2. 
+3MT Ati:iANnRii.*b. 33 T>w., 1823; in. Mrs. Sai-ali M^aria (JobniMiiO Hmwn. 
-I-3&48 (^las.^ tirin to Alexander, b. 33 Dec, 18^3^ m. {I) Ann Uoo[>cr; (Z) 
Martha IVfricst 

She d_ 5 Sept., 1^^. Thty eetiled in Westeni New York. 

36411 PtfWf tf iTejirtwiy,'* b, i n;ft. in Cliiaigo. 

13S6. lUlOOV dau. of Sibe" (40S), t 19 Jaiu l?d3; m. m Sheffield. 9 Feb,, 
1S03, C«iidL<1i-r Mur^a. h. alout 1781, aoh oi Dr. Confiider Morgtn, (^ Sbd&old, 
k nliout 1741, nml HtitU yUmU-y, 

Hf^il. 3 Dc€., ld5S{ 0li>^d!si Mar, 1SQ3; bolh arv buried ia Sheffield. 

H« vfu a ti:«ch«j and farmeT : vt^ in Sheffield. 

3CiiO Fr/Jfcr F. Morgan* b. ; d. umn.; WM in the Mexicftu v^r, imd 

probably d. of yc^llow Ti-vct in Charloton, & C. 
3<(51 CA^aWnffe ^. ^fjt^f^f^^l.** b. ahuni l>t09; d uiun, 19 Msy, 1803. 
3C5^ Jp/tf* C^n-fider i/«rfffTn * b, ; waa & wholeeak book merchant \u 

Xt'Ev OrlvAHiif Ta.: d. unm. 
9flfi3 JfUts ,1fiiaa Mor^fau,'^ b. 4 Nov<, IStO; m, tS Jan., 1855, Binglfy Lang- 

Aatif of Urcat Barrtngtoa, Maia. 

lSfl8. CHAUXCKV,' ^n of SiUii« (IIJX), b. in Sbcfficia, 8 Nor-, 1?8«; a. 
Low Turai*r, dnti. of Capt. Turner^ of Kgrvmont^ Man. 

She d. hi ShHSctd, 1 Apr, IM'S i he d. oa the old homc6t»d, Uan, 1644. 

He va« a fnrmcr in UiUMlak, N. Y., And Hhvflkld, Uata. 


+0Cfl4 JAUfJi TufiffKU,' b. > m. Maria In jrahma. 

3&C^ Frances LoriSA," b. ; m, in Sh<?lfi»*ld. 1 Nov., lft|6, Nonnan 

^Ava^, k til 184:^, aud of Hamblin ami So|ihia Sava^u; ha waa « 

UW. NOHMAN.^ aon of Sibia^ (43$), K in Bbaflldd, 8 Apr., 1780; m. « 
Xov., 1312, Mary ^h^^urv, b. : )Ur.. lTd4, daiu of Jeromkh Sbcara, of ShtfMd, 
U about 1773. and Ithoda Sheldon. 

He d. ] Au^., lK<>i>, D|^ 71 : ^ho d. 1 Jan„ I8r>l». 

Hr WN* H faniJiT and mcvhaiiiL- iu SltRfQcM; liin hod, Gtorgp^, Iltm on the 

+3G5G MiBV Akk« b. 18 Apr., 1813; m. John Reed Forbea- 

4-!M0T JcjHN J«Y," h. !3 Aug., IdlC; m. <1) Etisa ; (2) Fnncni 

3656 Fhavk.** b. U Nov , tA$3 ; d id O'sTikoftb, WU ; «a« ldl£ed by a filing 
tree. Ifl N<>T., IPCS, 
+3650 Quoaciiti* b. 4 Knb., IS-tl; m. Harn4,'t Crippen. 

lUO. FRAXCER *FA>fXY) * daiL of Sihifl<» (45S>. K m Sheffield, Ifi Apr., 
1T91; m- 20 May, 1813, Jonathan Charcb. of WethenTidd, h. in Sfiingfleld, 
Uasa. 18 Apr.. Itfll, win of John ChurrJi, of Springflnld, and TVtia Uanlej. 

She d. 11 NtiT.. les^; h« m. (9) Sarah Ann Uasoda; d 8 Jan.* IS^i. 

Ha «-aji fl mordmnt in Shcffidd. 

The KsLutooa t» ihb Nbw Woau>. 


fViwi«< Elit^aheih Churr:h.* h, Au«., 1813; d. num.. 1 July, 1835, 
M^rjf Ann Vkurth,'^ b. 30 Srpt>, 1SL5; m. J- Uom&r langdos, of Mon- 

ten*y, Uhul; hnrl rin chiMrvn. 
Z^2 Jokn B. ChurcK:* L Sept., 1017; m. Sanfc A«ble;. lo Sheffldd, Uui.; 

d. 30 Am^., yws. 

133L DEACON GEOHU£.^ eon of Silos'* (43^), b. in 8hemf>Ld, Mfl^fL, 1 Dee., 
1793 ; m- 26 Ot-L, 1819^ Cj-nthln Root Mtrrill, b. m W'vtt Hartfoni, 6 Si?pt,, 1800, 
diici. of T^mad Merrill ^f1. a^cd 101). and l^lizabcth EoHgo. 

Slw d, m Env\ I'a., S Oct, 1«5 : he 0> in the eamt ploce. 12 Oct, W71. 
Hv WAjt A mi-rt'Imnt; rcK, in SliH1i(ttd, Mjiiv., A.ud KHp, Vn. ; hJK hnusu-, in 
ShcfBeld, stood neit to the llethodtfrt Churcli. He wn« a Prc«b)'tcriiin and, at 
the time of hiM (k«th, a doooon in th« F\nl Vt(^\UftUn Church in Sri^. In 
ppliticv, h<: wu n WTijg ojid 1Tc|mb!iaiii. 

+3663 SipSKY MmmiLL,'* k 3il July, 1S20; m. Rachel McCnrtw. 
+WC4 OkoWk HfiSiir^K U June. 1822; m. Cnthcntir Ofxlgt^ Flmt, 
-1-366^ JEoKKTiT B.iLPH,'* b- ^:f Jniy, t^^^i; in> (1) Sarah Loiiisa B«y9»; (8) 

Mm He.d.?pC. CliHton. 
+3C66 ELXts Uiucft.*' b. 11 Sept, IS84; m. Ohnrlw llnwlcy Dc Pon»t 
3(G7 EwiLY Austin,^ b, 15 Mar., ISifS ; re»,, unro., in Oorby. Conn,. IS^^ 
3688 Euj^iBCTB Ensiox," b. 15 Sept. 1831; d. in Rcdwwd City. Cal^ i3 

Oct, 187:^. 
3<«fl SiUAn,*!!- n Pn-,, IftS*; m. in .Titrk«in|>ort, Ark,, i7 Sfpt, 1««, Mnu 
fi«flt«r C- [Clinton) Ktll<»ia'i widow- of hia brother, Robert lUIph; 
d. in JnckiEoiiporC, 33 Au^-* l^TS; had no diildrvn. 
CiiAitL» WiMiLOv*b. Sd Jfln., 1^39; m, Anita Kont Flint (:ifi83>. 

1333, JANK MAKI V da«- of SiUt** (432). b. in Shomold, 20 May, 1798; na. 
«7 XoT„ }M% Jay Shcun^ h. 17 Frk, 17^6, Hon of Jen-miiih Sb«i™, h, 9 Dec., 
i;7t, and Rlioda ShddoQ. b. 4 Maj, 17fift. 

Ho d. 4 Jnncv 1873 ; eho d. ^ Jan., 187U. 

He wa* ft furmi-r in Shi-ffirld, Miuu.^ vhrrr- lioth d, 

Childr^ii, h. in Shf/peM, 
3671 EUioh^th BhtQn**h. 30 Sept, ISH; m, 16 SepL, ltt38, Wilbur Curtis 

ILm . of Xi-w York Cltj, 
U7^ ifiri^rra ^^'icwr^,'* \y. ^d Au«^ 1819; tn, 30 Mat, 1&3», William AlbvH 

ForU*. of Shi^fHt-ld 
3«rd rtK£&<rn«« ShtGU.*^ b. 5 Nov., IdSS ; m. ^ Feb,, 1645, WiUintn J. Croil^j, 

of Ch^itham, N, Y. 
3ff7< Frw/rnV-i- Fkr^rj.^ k 30 Nov., 1824: m. 18 X<i7>. IftIO, Suwi l^mna 

IhtilcT. of New York Citv- 
3570 Cynthin .Voria >A«iw,» h. 19 Sppt, ISSJ* ; «1, nmn, 21 Mar, 187:&. 
3376 Nvrnutn Krlta^^ Ski^rA*^ h, U Aag- 1830; iii, 12 Oct, 1852, Snnli 

AIhX' I>unv<dl; rw. in Sh^'ElicliL 
3fi77 .4 .^ron * b, 2 fVr.. lAnlfi: d vming, 
3S7S ffii/icm ilrrtnf Shi^arg.'* I, G Jiin.. 18.10 ; ]tf a conductor 00 the Michigan 

CiTDtTal BAilroad: vtmii. 


Tue KuLtooos ik toe Nbvt WtmuK 

1334- VH. SILAS ROOT/ «oa of SiU«^ (432), b. m Shoffiold, 11 Jnoc* V99} 
m. M M8>% 1843, Mr* Lucy Church (HftleJ Cbarchill. I. i& W«tlw^ftp!d, CoTin.. 8 
Auj;,, h^ll3, dau. or JiMcph Elolc, of GUMonburj, Cono., U 10 Jus., 1731, ukd'' 
Luc>- Church, of Springfield, Mm*., b, 16 Jnly, 1788. 

He- il 13 Mjtr, 1877, afU'r ft bug aud (iflicLful iUDe«fl; abe d. 7 Mmj, ISME; 
both d. in Shvftield 

Up commenced tho prnctioo of medidnc in RflrkAWfty, I*. L, in 18t3; prac*, 
tioni ill Sheffield fctiJlL^en Tcarti; ill May. 1337, he rt^ia to Erie. Pa., Uveiu* tO| 
SouUi K^^m^Dt; rMuniwl to Shuffidd in ISBQ. 

+36^9 HoHKin- TIame,^ K in Kri^, IN,, 3 \1%t., 1^44; m. Amclu dark Gullup.. 
4-3680 LcTT Hale/ b. b Sheffield, 15 Jacu, ld5d ; ou Jotm Cooper Wboder. 

1835. AXNE &OOTJ duu. of SiU^ (431£), k in Bheffietd. JM Jdy. 1805; m. 
SI XoT^ \%%A, jAmot I'utuntn ^lint, of Bo«tDa, K 1? Apr., 1802, Mn of C(^. 
Dnniel Flbt vf North R«a4iD^. Msse., k 1 Sept, ItAl, aod PriscillA Savyer, L 
13 Mat. 17S$, 

He d. 3 Uar., ISrS; «l)o il. $G Xor., isat. 

lie W8« a nii?rcliaDt id Boston, Ld^3i ; id Buenoe Ayres, South Am^ict, 
1337-1-^; m Koxhcry, Maasv. 1KJ?-5I; ux Medfotd, Mada,^ 1854-60; ui Sao 
Frvneifteo, Cah, 1860*73. Afbrr hiit dnU!t >hiT mi. with hi?r Miu In OaMjukL 


3681 Kt^u^onJ Puiwim Flu\t^ b, in Bortoa. 4 Sept, 1323; m. IT Oct, 18M, 
Emmu I'AttL-rMC Dii Boi«, of DotImIowd, Bu«k« Ca, P&, dan. of 
ChiirW KwiriK Hie Binn. nn utlnrm-y nl Uvr, li&il Mjiry IjiUh, of 
NcwcastTe, DcL ; a «!nppinir mfirvhnnt in Son FranciacOt of the firm 

,-, of Flint, TeflT^iiy A Co. She d. ?J May. 18^9. 

P^CSS 'WiUxam Krtletgfj Flini^ b. in Bticjios .^yn-tn, ^uth Ainrrica, 18 Apr., 
1838; m. 11 Oct, 18C2, Abba MaMn Oliphant k io Borton,; 
MiLte., 31 Mar.. 1843, only dan. of nimcan Ottphant of Boaion* 
and lIiLnimh Call WDodman; thi* d. in Son Francisco, 18 Fcb.,^ 
1878; had nix t^hildivn. 

3383 AnilanMiFlinl.^h. in But-nof, Airrfl, £4 Aug^ 1840; m, 13 Sept, 1^83, 
ChoiL'* Wirulow Kdlo;*;: (^-3670). 

3684 EHjiik Ttcin FUM.*^ \y in Bui-niH Arn<«, 4 Mar, 184$; na, 1 May, 186T, 
Cardinif ilaiilda Bishop, of Knight's Ferry, Cal. b. in Zaneerille* 
0., VI Au^. 1B48, ilaiL of Stephen Biubop and Sarah I^i^^iUn; 
rw. in Onkliuid. Cot; h^ w&« a vool l>u}Tr; had four diildfOL 

134a WELTE<\.^ dati. of Capt Kbcii«scr« <434 ), k i» 8h«ffieU. 13 De&, 1775 ; 
in- Kphraim Hart, of Farmin^n, Conn. 


Sflftfl rorofiW AmflU llari.** k . 

363« >r*;*Afl rw^M^ //ow • u, ^, 

3387 CartiUne Hart ■ b. . 

3688 J/nry £/«r<* k , 

3689 EUta //art« k . 

36»0 ffflroA i/ijrt,* k - % 

The Kxujooos in tjik Xew Worux 


1347. AMASA,^ »i^ of CapL EUaex^r" (434). b- in Sbdiield. C Fdx. 1777; 
m. 9 Jan., ISOO, Ablab CalKinlcr, b. 7 July, ITSrj, dAu. of Abn«T CAU«iidi.*r, bw I 
Nov., 1751, mi4 L>diii Uoolrich, of llnrtfonl, Conn., h. 1 Aug,, 1751. 

He d. i:; Apr., 189d; ehe <L ia ShcmeLO. 6 0<x^, 1847. 

He wai ft farmer; r*m. from Shtl*>i*l(l to \Vbito«lM>n>, N, Y., in 1821. 


4i93 Iy)a£K£o,'* b. IS Apr,. ISOl ; m. SaboDcy ; fihc d. 17 Au^., 1063 ; 

h* d, in Aii^torliU, N. Y.. 7 Apr., I8ei!>. 
■3654 Eu Calu:xi>e» » b. li> Mar, 1S03; m. (1) Lucttti* Bftni*rd; <t> 
Mnrvm Amu Bulkicv (75ti7). 
4-31195 CoK»BUA,* b. SO SepL. 1^11 ; m. Milton l.oont[& 
-|-96t'6 Lnn UsKHT.* b. 24 Au^.. 1S17; tn- fklcn Baninnt- 

1348. AMOS A.,' 6oii of CapL Ebt-umer* (434), L in Sln-ffit-ld, 18 Not,, 1T7B; 
m. in Cluitoo, N. Y,, 6 Nor,, \mhy Lucj Wiiliomff, b. 3 Sept., 1791, dftn. of An- 
i]ri?w WilUmiDi, K 2 Jjtn,, 1743, nnil Auda Oulrling^. b in 1744. 

Ue d. in MinavUIir. X. Y,, Ifi Aug.. 1819; »lje d. iii Chajtr, 3^. Y., 28 Mnr,, 

lie Km» s TAgGti*nuiker ; early in th« war of 181S. he wa8 captured bj the 
Britieb oad eo«ifinod in Dartmoor PriMn tvo or three ycfin. Preriou* to tbo 
nr of 1S18 ho !kftd bTitd in CliiUon, X. Y. 

+36W EruMAJU HAi«,*b, 18 Mftr., 1807; m. Altftiw Uuvis- 
'3693 WiLLiAtf * Jx 13 Mar, IHOK; m. Amarilft ViiU'irn liinvlL 
3^9 Sahaii AyHiK,'' k 4 Mnr. 1817; kl \t Dec-. 183d. Miner Van Aukrtu b- 
Sfi JtiL. 181*; nw. inUticA, N. Y.; »he d, in Jan., 1S91; had no 
+SrOO Akmkw \V, » b. 12 June, 1S18 \ m. Uamet Crary- 

1349. EBENEZEB.* hju of Capt Elwet'iei* (4M), L. in Slieffield, fi Not,, 
1780; m. t^ Jan-, lSt>r, F^inicc Callcndtr, b. 2D Nov., 17K5, da«. of AUaer Cfll- 
lender, b- 1 Kot., 1751, and Lrdin Gcodrlrb, of HRrtfonl, Coml, \i. 1 Au^., 175L 

H* d. 21 Aug.. 1^58 ; slje J. ^7 Feb.. 18<14. 

iic irn* a farrair^ .After thi'ir marna^^ tli^y rvtn. from Sheffield to Wwt* 
moivUnd. N. Y. 

Vhildr$n,h.iu \V fttmcuhnd^ 
•f 3701 Cr^TMiA Emuw." k Ifi Not.. 1807 : m. Snmud 8. Curtiaa. 
+3:02 Lma Asy," b. 10 Mar.. 1810; m. ITiram liodorlht. 
+3703 H»;>BV Xr.uox* b. 25 Atifc-.. 1814; hu Mermni Maila Moulb^n- 
+3:04 CanoUNi: Aueua,*^ b. 7 Anjc-, ISie ; nn. William Bell Haya. 
-1-3705 Ei>wi» CAMJE\i>fcil,^ b. * inly, Iftli^; m. Sarah rrtxl Moulbin. 

3706 WtLTHA Asx * b. 11 Jan.. I8>1 : ul 6 Dl^.. 1^£, Calvin H. Draper, bi 
1!« Feb^ Ir^t^, Mn of <ior<ioa Krllo^ Draper, b. 6 July, 1S52. 
-|-A7i>7 Euxicr Auuii,*b. 23 Aug.. 1«23; m. Hflrmnn L. Sd'vcns. 

3708 Saiuii.*' b. 10 Jan.. 1626 ; d. unm.. 27 Jan., 184C. 

3709 Aim>.y.* b. 15 Jan , l^SSS; d- 1 Oct.. 1839. 

STb Tiu Kkllooos m the Xhw TToklel 

13flO. SAIIAH/ datL of Ctpt Kbowicr^ (4M), k Id SheOl^a, HI Maj, 1763; 

Sh« d. 5 Kov., l»L3, ag«^ ?4; he m- (£) ;»7 JfliL, 1814, Sallj Bircti; d. 4 
MdT., l6-i:f. Hgod 5r; #fat- i1, U M«/, 11(64. 

Cibtftfr^n, fr. m Siilisbury, Conn, 

3711 Wtitha BimlL^ U , 

37IS 8iMk ^t^fiJ," h. ~^^ 

13^l^ ARIUAIU' djiu, of CapL £bouwi« (434). b. In Shdficld. Maw., H 
Nov,, 17««: m- 14 Nor,, 1814, Califin JuUtw Pop^ ol Boston, K 1 Aiifi>, 1788, 
eon of Wlllitun rn|Tt* ntid RbocU Drwoy. 

Hod. 3 Jtily, 1836; in l!^74 flic n!& m Bo0t<iEi. Fimr of thoir « duMrcn 
d. In infADcy. 

3713 llQUi, Ktilogg Pope,^ K 15 Jiil.v. Idld; ql (1> Sti Mar.. 184^ Noncj 
Csth^rine Trojcott. of Liwlhimi. }ia^ ; ah^ d. 1 Feb., 1«54 ; ke m. 
(2) 4 Jufiiv lAi'Sti, Jnaiiiiinr IWhbridjc*- Hjilr, of Roibitrj; n%. 
in Ho«ton; hod four childnm. 

3714 Bdtfurd Kldri^g^ Pope," 1x 4 Augn, ls:eO ; «Yi a manufMtvirer of l«ttlier 

Uuuil ; hv riu. in BoKton, vhrrir lie <U LUiin.> 1S93- 

1S63. MlT-0.^ Boa of Capt Ebpiwwr^ (434), b. it* Sh^^rnHd. 24 Jotii-, i:92; 
m. 4 pec., 1$$3. Matt Ann Jftoobo. b. in ScitiuK U««0., 4 Jti&',', ISOJ, dam of 
Walter JaeobA. b. in SititonU^, i7 TkC-, 1774, and Be(«^ Turner, bL tn Scttnjiti^, ft 
Feb-. 1780. 

H« iL in Bo<taD, I M&y, 18¥t» ; slie d. in Ufdford, Uaaa., 15 Mar., lt^T:». 

He wbL A mt'ivhuit in Borton, Mwk., <nd Babb, BniiL 

4-37U JruA TuHM^ft." U id Borton^ 88 Jmt, 18^; m. FruKif H. Kiddor. 
4-3716 Waltrb Jacoiw,^ b. in B«hi«, 13 Apr., ]8$8; «u Hnnnab Bradahsv 

mL ]>A3IKL.\,^ dan. of J««m« (4M). b. in Sbefli^ld, Ua«l, 86 Uar, 1780; 
m. <I) in Sheffield. :io Not^ 1805» William K I>itnnilck, b. in Soltabvr, Com.^ 
I Jan.. iT:a 

Slic d. 3 Sopt, 1893: b« m. (t> 1835, Ura. 3lUij Atrea; d. in PriDOotoo, 
1n<L, 10 Jan., 1837 : vhv d, tS SrpL, 1AS.1. 

He was « fanner; na. ia Shdfield. Wcatmordafid* K. Y^ and in 1818. m 

871t I>afi0 ifima PunmU/ k fi Jan., 18^8 : m. lit .Taly. 1ft$t, Hollf Pniar- 

ford, a rarpcmter and farmf^r in Oakland CjIv. Ud. : bad nrdre' 

3718 Wiiham Btihv PimmWk^ U 31 Maj, 1813; tn. ; d. ia BornnUe, 

IdcU ; 1u() onir «^ld. 
a7t» Rkoia Fcmtlti IHmmidk^ II 3 Ikbv. 1815 ; m, is Kan^ draitli ; 

bid t«vlv« dtildifA. 

Tux KiLLoom 110 Tiui Xcw Woioix 


3790 J^m*$ Jetit DimmM,^ b, 13 Auj^^ 1817; ± in Cccitnlii, 111. 

3721 iVciry UaiUdn fHmnick,* b. 22 Mir, Igid; m. Kviog; lud no 

3732 JoJbiQ Jay Vimmiik!^ b. 15 Jtn., 1«3L 

18U. SYLVFSTEHTfWD of J*^?"* <^3fi), U in ShufBtH M***. 13 Apr, 
1"96; m- in Gn-M B«rnn^oii, d*^ Uci., ItHT, Cdia K. Knsi^, dao- of l%iijati 
Etisi^. of CanitAii and Sheffi^l'l, find Atirii< . 

He d. in SlkdlKld, U Jan., i&M ; «bc ^- in Bridgcpcrl, Conn,, H Juljr, 167$; 
both UD buTirtd io 5hotti«ld. 

lie vaa a fmnoer ; liveO on Iiix faiherV farm in RrllugghtdttD. 

+Z7t^ Alfso STLT£8r£ii," k T Apr^ 1319; nt. (!) garali Jane SouthworUi; 

(S) Adeline Augiutn Btirrouglu. 
+3724 Ani* Matilda,'* twin to Alfwd S,, U. 7 Apr., 1819 ; ol WUliftm LanW 

CflUeDcLer 1331^1). 
-fd72d BoBKirr Knmum^** U. £ Prii., 18£2; m. KliuMh H^iITiiuit). 

1378, KAN-VY,* dmL of Amo«^ (441). b- in CUntoa. N. Y.» 21 FcK. 1789; m. 
b Clmtoa, e Jaa, isn, Orrin Gridie/, L in Hanover, N. Y., 30 Aug., 178«» son 
of [TrARkinh Qridlev. of Brivtol, Co^ui., and IlanovtfT, b. 17 Dl'C.* 1765^ and Ituth 
Gm». b. 10 J>oc,, \7Gfu 

H«d. 3 Apr,, 1H4:; »lie d 24 Feb-, I8:r 

He wod a mcrchaut md banker in Clinton thirty ytnrs. 


37« ffflj«# Qfidlty? K IV Nor,, ISll; m. I Oct. 1833. Julirt Hasting*, of 

Clinton; br ujLii n Congrr^ntionnl mini»t<-r; d. S3 Nor., 1846. 
3797 Aibtfi <7. Vridity^^ \>. h Aug., 1813; m. 11 Qct-j 1831^, ^phia D. Hkok, 

of CIlDtOQ. 

37W //rnrv K. OridUy." b. 23 July, 1815 ; d- 24 Jun^-, 1816, 

37^9 Adelaide Gridhy.^ h. 'i IlfK:,, I8i: ; m. 8 Apr,, 1840, Rot. John Finley 

SmiUi; d. II Dec. IS41 ; In- d. 4 Oct.. 1843. 
3730 Atnc4 Dei*>» iiridUy? b. a Koir.. 1819; m- (1) IT Apr., 1844, EUen M. 

Briewd; ^ d, Ang,, 1870; hfl na. (fi) £fl Sq>t, ia7S, Mnry A- 

Tvining^ of Kew Havt-n, Ccnn»; be iraa a clerf:jman; rea. in 

5731 Frftitrirh Oridlftf,^ h. 18 Ang., 1321 ; m, fi Junr, 1A«, llnrmony Ln*»; 

4-00 a backer in BulTalo, N. Y. 
3732 CAffrJ4« Gridlf^i,,^ \y 4 Jan., 18?^ ; d. unm. 8 Fob., 1850. 

1S78. HFAMIY.^Kmof AmoM^ (441), ti. 16 June, 1790; nu Serena Bttch, b. 4 
KoT., 18(M, dau- of Darid Bo&ch and Alary HiLinoR, of Bridgeport, Cood. 


3733 Hesht J.." b, 4 Mar.. 1828; is unm. 
-(-3T34 Axofl Uarkuav.' b. 4 June, 1831 ; at I^vInU Tjlvldgeton St^le. 
+3735 Qboboc Willis,^ b. 12 Jan., 1833 . m. Lucy TameUa Sawj«r. 



1381. BACHEU'" daiL «f AtiW* (-441), b. W) Au^, 1794 ; m. in Clintoti, N. Y., 
1-1 Apr., 1S?1, Hcv. Salmoa i^tiv>n«* b, m Durhun, N. Y.. 23 Mar., VW, w>n of 
Selah Stmi^ nnd Anna Baldwin. 

Ho d. ; ahe »d. in Ivalamaioo. llkh. 

Hu wun a tifflthcr in Aurora Urn vt^n ; iu 51canf«ulo» two ycnre ; m Clmtoo, 
If, Y., mon; ihAii f^ftrvit }>4n?. He wah grfldaatr^r) from WQlianu Collogi^ 1M3; 
from PrtncclOD 'rh«o!of;ical Seminary, 1018, 

3736 Addiaon AVJI^j Sttvnrj.^ b. in Aurora, X. Y., ST Mar,, 1823; m. (1) 
MatU<U El Clark. 11 d«|tU 1846: {Z) ISmlvnh J. EUUr. tO OvL, 
1^5?; he ^Ms a ckTgyman, in IS46, in KakAiasoo; va« gniduAtnl 
fmm Himilton College, li*4W; Atibum Tlieological SeniinaTj, 1845> 

3737 ^dti^rd KeUcgg Sirtmg,*^ h, in Aurora, 5 Jan,, 16:^6^ mu S Julj, 186^ 
Etiabt'th Fine; bo xtt$ in tlio hardware baaiiMM in Uilvaulcoo, 
yiif,., whcrr hr ■!- 13 dept, 1^63^ v^b grsdoaM from IlanuluiD 
College, ld47. 

3738 TlhMdMV ir^fJittn Stnmg,^ h. \n Skanatclcft, 22 Hat., 1SS»; d. 4 Fdx, 

1382, CLAIUHSA,^ tiaii. of Amoa* (441), b. in Clinton, N. Y,, 30 Aug., 171>7; 
m, in Clinton, 29 Nov., J«Sf>^ S^th Saxton, b, 8 Uar., 1793. 

Hv tl. in RocbiraUrr, K. Y, :^1 A^., 183G; ebe d. 19 May, 1870. 
Qo wa« a dry ^ootU merehtiut in Kocbcater. 


3739 Fmn/y^t CnrfiUriF .^tixton .^ h. \<\ Oct, 1R21; d, fiJt Mar., IftSfl. 

3740 Owrytf F«J*rnVi Awr^o^* b. 1 Feb., 18*4; d. 88 Mar-. 18S5, 

3741 CJio/iorfii/faW 6WroA.^b. 1<S Jon-, 1&I61 m. 1? Apr,, 18$!, EboDBMrS- 

Sibley, of Di^tiriii, Mich-; d, 14 KrK l^''. 

3742 C&rntiiia Ktiliff^ .Soffon," b. 7 MaT, 18!2t». 

3743 Low^ PorUr ."iaxton,^ b. 14 Apr., 1831; foa, itt Rodifstor. 

1383. AAieOX/ K>n of Arooi« (441), b. id Clinton, N. Y., S Oct. 1799 : m, II 
Feb.. ISW. Elisa Shaw Dodgo, b. «(> Xov., 1805, &u. of Warreo Uodff* of Tftft- 
li«i, N. Y., and RUal»-Ui Bell 

lie d, ID Frvdoaia, X. V., ?1 Jim-, 1867; abo d. in tbc eajoe place, 6 June. 

He rta- in-Olinlon, Ulic* and Frtdonia, N. Y^ ajid XoHh Ka*t, Pa. 

+3744 Waiuws 1*odck,* b. in Clinton, ti Nov., 1885 ; m. Mory Jane .Vlexaxider. 
3745 Sarjih Emj*,»K 12 Dw,. IRSA; n'K^ unm, in Kanaaa Ciu. Ma 
374$ Ajuwn \Viuj^u.'< V 16 May. 1844; m. 9 Jan^ IddA, AUc« J. Jewdl, 

dan, of WiUiajn JcwoU, b. € Xor., 1818, and Mary £. Onnn, b. 8 

Maj, 1833; it*- in DniTcr, CoL 

1387- BEV. HIBAM HtrXTINOTON,^ son of Capt Aaron^ (449). k in Clin- 
ton, 28 F^, 1803; ol In Angoeta, N. T., 13 Oct., 192% Uary Glnaob Chandler. 
U in Augiuu, 17 Not,. 1S08, dau. of Bamnel CfaaDdl^r, U in WoodilorJ:, CVwn,, 
8 Sept, 1775, and Abigail Dvtrkcoy b. in VTaahingtoci, Conn^ 39 Fob^ 1780, 

Thb Kellooos js thk Xbv WouLa 


She cL Stfi., isr?, ill MuiiiLt y<notXj lU.; hv d 1 Jail, 1^0, in the «uaie 

He «t0 a gmtuAt^ of lUrvflid C^UL-pft*, IS'hK; Axiburo Tti«oUgicAl 9vta- 
inary, 1S2A; )i(- tmk (Imr^^ of VhjlIiId^ti Aciulf^iiv, Ta»'W44l Ckk, IIL. ici ISGl ; 
later a citr ich^ionar^^ in Chicago; Joking liia voice, vhidi prvTOitcd hid 
pTMchiD^. h(* dvvoitiHl hj^ aUiMiUoii to to*<:huij^, m lttT6^ la Guthrie la.; coa- 
ilucted a Ixmrdin^ k1ick>1 in Mixiiit Poroit, ucmr Cliica^; lie wan tlii? fir»L pKU- 
Lt of Knoi College, Ualc-fturg, lit.; wad a Protbyt^mn miiustor for ^Uy 

+3747 ScftAitf Ilv^■Tl^i;^OTf "Kin Au^rto, £^ tfq>l.. HJ30; m. (I) Rev, Joftqih 
WaliTorih SutplKn; {t) Rcr, Homier Bartlott Mor^D. 

3T48 CtUi(L>» CiUxuLi:*,'^ k iu Clinton, t At>r.. 1833; il. iu Galv^bur^, lU,, 
^CJnnc, 1S45. 

$T4V M^BV Aroc sTA." k 1-1 Sept., 1834 ; m. in Cbicfigo; va« a tMclwr; d. 

-f 3?50 Aakok WiNTJiuoi-," b. ti Nov., 18^i m. Snrnh Umt^lino ALkn. 
3751 Biiuu WiK&LOw,^ b. 9 S«pt., 1«37; d. Id Clinton, ^ Jan.. 1438. 
3T5& JcTUA OtiANnMLK." K in Cliaton. 14 Aufi^ IB^i a kacW; rm. vma^^ 

in Uodftvy, 1)1. 
37^^ SAUtrHL CHiNtiLKH,* b. S Oct., 1839; d. In Manliftll, X. Y-, XZ JaiL, 
-f 37A4 HiiiAu HvKTiKorox,^ b. in Gal««bnrg, 23 Jnn., 11U2; vn. Uary Elin- 

betb JAcktL 

3755 8oriiu ?^]tol»,'^ b. It June, lbl5j in 1I<01 ct timcht-r in Bethlehem, 
+575S HEsaY WaTXS* K 8 Jan,. 18«; m* Mfttjaret Onthrie, 

3757 KuiLY AaiOAiu^ li. in ('linlon^ 3 Sopt, 1648; vaa prinoipnl of Mount 
Fori-*! Htimp ScliOf>l, ii<«r Cliii.''nKo; a graduate of (he Monticelio 
feaniDATy, Go<Jfrev, IU. ; belonged to a number of lIJiDoi« *^men''a 
prettaAtoelationa; first editor of the "HintU^r^rU^n"; vtu a eua- 
tribubor to various litemTyjouniaU; d. in OKtca^» 30 Jun^ 1993. 

1989. JOSIAH • w)D of UwYfl (443), b. in Tro>\ K. Y., 15 D«r-, Itn; m. 10 
Ma>. ]»:^0. Cfilhanne KamFey, b. in CadUle, fa., IS S^t, 180G, datL of Hon. 
William Hani-c.v, of CarJinlf, and Clark, ot Clark's Ferrj-. Pa. 

Shed, in Krict Pn., SO July, ISTo; he iL in tht? MVin« place, ^C Sept, 1886. 

In May, IftlTi. he went tn N^'W York and was q bnntlcorpor until Oct,, 1816, 

rbitn he rrm^ Iu Fiii% iiiiil w«ri it iiifrchaiil aiittl lt^33. Hi? n^tinxl fruin ljLJNm?«a 

on account of bU hcnith. and ]ive<l in St. JoK-ph, Mich„ unt:I tho vprin^ nf 1>145t 

when he retnmed 1o Kfie an^ pnpigerl in (he forwarding hnHinew, and later ill 

the coal tnvic, in Chica^-o, from X^fc. 1867, to May, 1873- 

3758 WiLLiAU B_oi8r\\" b. 34 Fi*h., 1833; d. Oct.. IS44, 
+3759 JoniAii irouiosuv" h, ! Oct-, IBSfl; ni, Mary ^Jorman. 
3?40 Aldkdt Rah8BT," b. 3 Au;>, 1838; vaa in the coal huainc^ in ChicafO, 

ttitli hM fnther< later ataMairt of hia brother ]n Chicago ; A. num., 

in Cbieago, 1 Hsy, 1897. 



8701 Waikviuiiiit." bu U Jtii., l«Hfl; ciLt«TV4i AaupoU* in 166^ 4tid 
frftduotiKi ill UiiP; prooidtoi] to l-Cntigit iri 1870; ttrv«d oo tha. 
Hur(j|iiuui «uLuiD iHi llur nkhuiom); in the L^ncutiT on die At' 
Inntk* ftUU'kn ; protnotcii to inujiUT in ISTi] ; on tliu Aautic ^Ution, 
ln17-7ii; Oft the JliHiiican. l?*t^-^l ; in th** Pnt-iflc? A^tuLdron, 
]D4lt*t^; Oil HjK<.-i4l iluu jii VVnatiiii^'luK until \hv SpaiiUb-ADivr- 
iuui war, mn4 tiunujf tlut war wn* DoUiicAndL-r of Ui« Mnpkv dunn^ 
B |C'*^l''r JJA^I ^f (!<*' l^'fi^ ill JldVAiia, whi'Tv hi* hi^tth wmb \m- 
pftmn!. Hi vrjiR ou hit vsy Itomt from C&rbbad. G^rmony. when 
li» liid gone- for lr><Jkimimt. whtrn ho t\. 3 Jud't. 1893. on boATd tbit 
iUvuiuliiji, Att^EUHtit Vi(;iuna, two iJAjrt» out fruiu HauLur^ in. 
compliotiov^ ftith hi« iriBbw ho vftu hKtn%i «t aca. 

im AFFIA MAIIY,^ ilau, nf JoNMh«> (■443), t>. itv 8!idfio]d, 31am.. lU Sept, 
IMiO; nu 13 Nov., IKlt^, ll^roii ifoodwin, b. in Oosh^ru Coiul, 4 Aug., 1703, uo 
of WHIUm Umrdwin ami Amv Suinlrv. 

11« d. In Kriu, A JniL. 18fil ; mHo d Igfi Jnlj. 1&61 
H** fvm. fn>»i Uarwllt))!, X. Y,. to Eno, Pr,. in hi* b<>yhi^o<L 
l\v «3H « imirrhuiiL; n«i. in ULimiA, N. V., und Uui in Erie» where he wa« 
1t^rt^^ tn l»4a 

3749 ^mmA JT. 6«Mfinit,i^ U 3 Xi>t., 1SS3 ^ d, in the Bernc< of hic eounti]r, A 

Aiitt.. ltH13, in Vickaburi;, Miw. 
;tTft3 nMiiom O^odwim?' b. It Oct, 1$3£; d* 30 Oct» ISGI. 
3Tfil Vaikf^mt Goodwin.* h, IT Jin., 1831 
RTOn JoJi-i .VlgftJi^ CoMlfr tit." I. 90 Mar^ 1»40; n». In Bri& 
3Tftft (;^r^^ OpotfttiN," h, lie Aug,, I5l£ ; d. U ^vl, iftlft. 

laSS. (IHOIfOK 110IX'0UB.^»nof Jo6iih*<443Kb.3 Apr^ldM; in. Jane 
llA>^or Kri«^ IV 

Hr wAJi A rmiUiit of Kn«*: wnl to Trta* ^n 1S4&; d. th»n sfaoTtly Aftvr> 
ward. SIm- m. 13> UaJ^ S. A. TorbHt of Mmlnlk, Pa. 


3T<T ApnA.** b, ; 4. in Hndnlle. in li^S^ 

3T6H CAntniKv.* bt ; m- R. A. BeTiio1d«L 

4^C» Saui KL Uayv." bL ID En«v 3 Oct, IftST ; a. M*rr«rrt Lodbda Bm. 

3770 M*sn * bk ' ; A voung, in Kri*. 

3771 Janv.'' U ; m. Dr. 3. B. LuMla: no. £& Undrilk; 

377f Hut* k ; d. in M<*dYiUA. 

nM. CATUKKINK AARXATH,' dAo. of Jwiii* (443), k » Apt, UC«; 
nL TVmma Cob. of SrK Bk 
lb d. in ISiK IWK 


3773 Gmff4t*.rM^\L ; w«> a Uafevr ia Biia 

9774 Mmim CM.^ b. : m. Aamm T. La^ 

tt. t« r^b^ in3L ("Qt UbbM* umu^ k ta n^ itst. 

TttK KKLLOiKia IS Tri£ New Wosui. 


Utf d m Cherry VaXky, N. X., 10 Jan., 1836. 

Ho »u in ihu comcutfMoii buiino*! in Nev York in l&M. 

iltf aerred in ihu rcvohUJoiuTj annjr; priratci Lcxiii^;ton Al&nti, Apr., 
1775; {rtrvfttv us ^^vcoad C'oniKiliciil 1U«., 10 MaT to 17 Dec,, 177a, at Uw fi^o 
of Ro-tliiD- S^gt.'MAJ. of thr hoiinli rmitin^liL-Kt^ I -TnjL, KTT; Enni^n 25 
Xov„ 1777 ; Seowd Luat 1 Mar.. i:;8; Ailiutanl 1 Aa^, ItlH, t^ Nov., USI); 
tmaiftrrvd to Fim CoDnwtfcut 1 Jtnt., 17»1; Ktftlaed to Smi^'« Coaaccticut 
n-^,. 1 Junt, I7ii»; wrrod tu 3 Not., 1:s:j,— Olfiwrre of tlic Continental Anaijr, 
17:5-83, p. V6J. 

3775 fflud Loomw,* k 1 Mii>, 1794; d. 3 March, 1799. 

3776 ^ffKurtf looniis,^ L 20 Sept-, 1797 ; d. 14 Oct^ IT^a 

3777 Mary misa /,oi»m«." b. Sfl Oct., lf*(J3; i » Mar., ISU- 
3:78 i7fuii CdlJinSu' LoomU,^ h. 10 !>»., 1805; ^L « Jul^, 1^06. 

DAXIFU^ KH of Djinipl^ |45a), hap, in Amhrwt, 56 Jnlr, 1752; to. 15 
1773, Uertv En^ltii&ii, k H OiL. 1734. ci*u. of Jun-pli KuhIuiau, of Am- 
b. 1 Fob., 1715, and ^r^h iQ^ram, b. V5 Sept., 17:U5. 
SHp d- IS Jan-, IHa^l: he d. 1 Mar, IftSfi. 
Rc» in Anilu:Tttt, wbertr br>lh U. He ira» a Mlectman of Andiervt. 1702-'J4; 
A ftoldiL-r in thu rorolution; wrvvd in Col. PortcKi Ur^^, fiio monthjt and two 
««eJwi^ iu 1771^. 

Childrtn. b, in Amhcrsi. 

3779 SASan^K ; d- 25 F«b., 1780. 

+37$0 EiTiiKX SHTtti,^ bL 25 yt^b.^ 17S0; m. G^. Martin Fi^ld. 
+3781 Meiict.' b. 4 Aug,, !?&£; m- Aldcn Coolcj. 

3:iS:e S-iaAH * K 6 Doc,, 17HT ; d. :e5 Rb,, IT^tt. 
+3783 RuFi*,» Imp, 23 Nov,, I7S8; m. (l> Bitlw Ma/o; (B) Abigail Cham- 
berlains <3) Mary Smitb, 
+378* DixlEL," l\ 10 rvb, 17M; m. (1) Jane MeAITeo; <?) Mextb Au& 

BradW>; (:3} Mmtn<U M**LrAlf AhlU 
+^85 CnanLafi," bap, l* Dec., 1792; m. (1) Tryphona Hubbard; (ft) IiUff«- 

tia Aflblev. 
+3786 IlR:(HY,"b, 10 IX^:,. I71M; m. (I) Margarrt V, D. S. IlubbdU <«) 
Anna Maria Iliibbel). 

16, BEV, DAVIDJ eon of l>anwl« (IGC). b. in Arotiortt. Mom., 10 Not-, 
!755; m. ?7 Mar, I7S1, SalU(< Brid^'c, dau. of Ucr. Matthew Bridg^r, of Framing- 
bacD. Ma»«., Bud Anne PorldnA, 

Shu d, 14 Feb., m^n. ajictft 73; ho d. 13 Aug,, 1843, a^ 87. 

Hr *iw a gndtiitlr uf DaHjtinutln 1775; haiiomry f^mduutr nf Yal^, 1778; 
vluditfd dirinitj vith Hcv. Dnnid fArwnn, of Amh^r^t itc pKocht^d, probabljr 
for tlt« fint lime in Framingham, 3 Apr.. 177d. On *> Dec.. ITTH, the town voted 
to pay him timt doHar* a day. ^To be >a ^oo^ an miinrj won 3nr yi^m ago-" The 
next day he rwv'ircd an invitatioti to bocomcr minipt^r of the cbttrth, which he dL*- 
dined^ Xegotiations were> tiowever, c-ontinueil, the atrpply of the pulpit reruafn* 
'mg ia bia bands until 3 Julyt 1780. vhvn pri^pouU tfatiafadory to Mr. Kellogg 
mre t&ado^ and ho conamted to booomu Utvir miniitor- Ho was ordainod, 
ValuMfday, 10 JaiL, 17dL In 179? the church votod by request oi tlw pMstor, 



"That the tH^npturv* stiould be mad in public on Uic Sabbaili, and tb^t n Bible be 
procun-d for that purpc««/' la Mar, foJloirijtg thv toii^n voted the nnODey tor a 

R<f n^T«<1 hi* pay> the fir«t f^w jcan of hi» pA-^rtrat^^ io corn and rye, to 
which will: n<3(Jf<l nbout tw**nly corti* of woo*] por nnniin ; while Ilia raUrv T^ried, 
the att'ni^'e for llif I'niirt' perinil was about avvi^ hundivd [lulUn pvr ao&uiiL 

He watt po*BtvRit1 Krt ^iHJil tnltub, wUii a duinctcr iiLarictHl Ur toicrfj, «k* 
dMn nntl tit'lfiylinror, hin mnnnor ripnninff into min^^led dignity- find oaao, hie 
voice fiill and commanding Hifi iin']ii<>«lioned ejnc*^rit)v ccmfiblency and «}>- 
righlncit^ coinmanilc^l thr rr-ttprd and conlidf-ncc: of hi* CDntrmporonr*. 

Hij: rniniPlry wnn pcoccfiil and harmonioti^. At n prcAchrr biM maoncr vm 
cr^rgndr?, hi*^ fityle und dicrioo corrwl> wniewhai fonnal. jtt forcible. 

Aj4fi Coiigrt'^'Hliciiinlifl^f tht^old i^'lifioj. ht? va^ ai'itled in the Chrbdnn min-^ 
btryr luid to the principles, uaai^vs and habita of thought cf the time he adhered 
to thp Uftt Oil tho whole it mtj W eaid of him that h*> vts % tm?, upright ■ml 
wi« man. a worthy repreBentetire of genuine Cotigrej|,'ttlionttHaiu in th*- d*)> of 
it* union and etrcni^'tlu As a proof of iive ^-^iUmaUon m whccli hv mw K<iii<u^Lly 
hi-ld he nH"('iTi»*l from tJif niU^^ nt whifh hv wn* ivl u^^jib^i! thi' honnmry di^nv of 
Doctor of Divinity. 

After a pTotrBcti*d mtniMry of almost half a century, lie Toluatahij rctirtd 
(mm Ujf patE|»rn1 ofliee aboul ftrjit., 1?^30, Kfl^r whith hi' f!ontinurd to rr^idv 
upon his c«tAtc in the cr^jojoK'nt of o vij^roii:* ard ^rccn old age- Many will jv- 
cnl]» with plenaiir^, hit veDerat>le form, fliighily bowvd. hh UIl and roboiat li^re, 
hiH frridi* yi-t plni-id L-mfntfiuti»<, hi> dif;iiiljT<d and [Murl<.<:>u« rimnnrm^ nji Iv* 
moved Ainotiir thoiD, almost the Kile Hun'ivor of the generation which had wel- 
rovned him lo th« £acre<i offlcr. as th«ir Chrirtinn pastor and gnlda. 

ChUduHj 6, in FraraiHitham. 

3r»i7 Mabt,"* b. «6 Feb-. i;*^S ; m. It* July, IHOl, Dr- John B. KiUridga, b, S 
Otrt., 17T1; d, af> Aug., 1836; he d. 3 >rar,, 1848^ tea. in Tboro- 
aeton. Me^ 

3788 Sarah," b. us Sept., 17S3; m. ^ May, Ifl05, Deacon William Brown, Jr., 
nf B()M<iu : lu' d. tS July, 183^ ; «Jie d. 13 May. 1850. 

$7dd Naxct," h. Iti July, HSS; d> 1 Mar,, IVb'S, in FraraingbeiD. 

3790 MABTtii.^ b. ?ft May, 1787; d.nnm., 1>^ Xnv., 18CI, in PniininglninL 

3791 OALi>N»:e," Ir. 'JO Aug.. KSS; ui. Mm Susan (JohnMr>l Fairbaiiks, of 

Kmmingham, L 23 I>*s",j 1794, widow of Xatimn Fair1»nit; d, i9 
Apr., 1842; «)ie d. $5 3epL, 1847; had no childnrn. 
+3792 David • L 2 Apr., 1T91: m. Sarah Prince, 
37S>3 Cuaulus/ b. £9 Apr., 1793; wfl« IM at sea: UtiTO, 

HIS, S^HIL.^ diu, of Alrnbam* (ISC), b. in Andietsl, U Sept. 1761 ; nu & 
Oct-, 1785, KnoB Graven b, 20 May, UU3, wn of Mom* Grave*, bu 10 OcL, 1736, 
and Sinih -, h. 1740. 

He d. n Aug., 1810; flic d. 9$ Mar,, 1662, aged 90. 

Ho was a farmer in Lever«tt,* Maia. Hin b>n, Kdlogg Gravi^ UrnA an tha 
Name farm. 

*L«r«r«U n«» Ukvn itvta SiindcrtMid aod iMorporattfd S 3Ur., 1771 

.Ifb £zU(0O» IV TOB Xkw Wdhixl 







% ill San- 

Ckildrrw, h, in LcvereU. 

n"o//rrOrws«,"t, 13 June. li6G;in. PhiU MonUfpac, b. — 

<UcUad, dAu. of XJavid Mont^gu^; ho woe a bflniM«-iQAk«T sad 
»horank<-r; i1. in Lc^vr?n:ttp 28 Jmi., ItjttG; ^e d, G Dtv,, 1360; 
hi.d t»o children, 

<S<i% 6'r^tY*,'* b. lit? June, 1788; m. Si> Sept, 1815, Paul Smith, t car- 
(jentt-T, U in Lvvurclt, 24 Jul;, l«l)<], Hon i>f Joimllum SiiiiUi, k ia 
SuTid«rJAr<l, Jft Mnr, ITdl, niwi Susuinnnh Spoocvr, U 3 Aug-, 
1763; he d. In South Amhent, n Mar,IS8li »ho d, 5 Nop., 186i>. 

Fanny Gruuryt." b- G Mar,, 17&1 ; iL Aug., ISOH. 

Ktihgjf Gravf»,^ b- 20 Aug., 1793; m- 2A Oct., 1821, Kunico WUIU, b- 
14 Juun ITdG, dau. of Samuel WitlU. U m dudbiuy, MftMv, 4 Ma^, 
1T»M, and Man Walker, b, in Sudbun', I Oct., 1766, lit. vtut a 
former; r*«. in I^v^r^U, wherp he il- l^ Not., 18*0; idi« d. 13 
Nc*,, 1873. 

-Va«^ Orav^,^ b. 3 Jun<!, 1T9G; in, 13 Apr., IS^fi, Kna^^h Burt, k in 
RjchmoDd, Mofit., 11 May, VHf*, mr of HiTirj- Riirt^ of Pitisfleld, 
anij ifudith Filler He wa« a farmtr; d. in Amiicrvt. 11 Jan., 


Mm€* Grafts* "U. 31 Jtil^, 1798; rn. <1) 1823, AliiiKm MnrvV clau. of 
Thomaa Ma»h: the il 13 Ucl. 1SS6; he id, (Q) 9 Auff., 1HS7, her 
SJator, Saphiji MarAh; hi? vila a rnrprnt^; rei^ in 8ttnd^rlAJid» 
QreeofivM and DetTfidd; d, ta I^verett 11 Jan,, 18i36; aliv «1. :e8 
Aui:., lij&l- 

Jinw ^rmrrji;* h, in l^vpn-tl, ft Nor., IftCM); ni. Ifl Nov,, 182ft, Sophia 
Jiorton. h. 3G A\jg-, 1806, dau. ol Eao* Morton, of Whately, and 
Lovlna Smitli: rei, lij lx-'VL'n?lt until 1856; t^m, lo Kuirviuw, Pa.; 
din GininJ, HJJnlv, 18111; th*- d. 4 I-Vh„ 1881. 

Sj6*/ i}ravt£,^ b. 8 Aiip., 18l>3; d. unm. 3fT Sept., 1834. 

1419. DIADAMIA.^ dao. of AbnihAni« (45^), b. in Amhr^r<t, Maaa., 1763; m. 
17ef8, Thomaa Clapp^ b. \7i>^, «oti nf Ki>@n«9ir Clapp, of Northampton, Maas., 
and Calhfritit* Oatlin. 

H^'d- in XcrthivmptonT about 1*1?^; ch<s d. iiboi:t 18)0, n>rrd Tfi. 

He vas a farmer in Northaniplnn. 8he is reiTL^mbcred as being a atnall 
iramaii, witii bUck t^yi.'n and bU;.k hair 

3802 Ilenrii Vtapp,'' k 6 Nov., 1783 ; m, 17 Aug.. 1815, Nancy Hoot, of North- 
ampt^n, h. s: May, 1790, dan. <if f^imwn Rool ; he was a black- 
aniitli uiid faruicT hi Xurtliuiiiptoii ; tilu? d, 15 Dih'., 1870, 

3803 JGinf« Chpp,^ b. about 1791. 

3804 iVo4Yu VUpp,^ h, nhmjt 1793; was a Hhoemalcpr; d. onin, in New York, 
about 1873. 

3805 iKa^aiia ChtfpJ* h, 179S; m. Samutl Davia, of W^ Hampton, Maba.; 
had wvitj rhililn^D- 

380« TkomiS Claff.*" b. 5 Jan., 17^8; nu 15 Fub., 1&«8, Lydia Pomciov, of 
Souikampton, b. 17 Jan., 1807, dan- ot Stuphtrn Pomerov, b. in 
8omhaiu[>ti>n, tO Jncio, 1789, u^d Lydm Brid^niau. b. lu Xortli- 
amptcm. aUnt 1771; ho waa a farmer; d. in Uunt^burg, 0., 14 
Uar, 1859. 


Thk Kelunxw ih Titie New Woaijx 

14Si. ELl,*^ 000 of Abraham*' (45(>), b, in Amher^ 18 Xor., 17^9; m. 16 Dot, 
n&6, Mr*. Marj (Pike) Htimnnm, iif Hanlwiti, VL, h. 4 Apr,, lTft6, ikiL of 
Jonph i'ikc and iXnnn JIutchiiiKta. 

He d Iti Apr, 1830; ^e d, 27 Nov., ld3C. 

Jlv wa» a ohor dealer and n^ADafactiuiT Id KorUuuapt*:!!. Miujl; ht wu 
cnppM bv rhoiimfttifiiii in hia middle ^c; wag rcarvd id th« inmilj of hi> aack, 
D&mel Kelloj^ (-tC^)> of Amheret. 

VhU<ii^n, b. in ^orlkfAmpton, 
3807 Eu," b. 8 Aug-. 1708 i d. 16 Oct.. Iti02. 
+3S0S CrKOBOiE," b. 3S Oct., 1799 ; m. Surah A. EituciiavlL 

3809 TiiEOPoriA Saoah* b. 20 Mar., i«03; d. iiiitu. 3 Nov., 18TJ. 
+ablO Maet Ass," b. 17 Deo-, IttOStj ni, Jatcd Livm^toaD BtrtJrtt 

14S9. SAMITRL.1 eor; of Abraham' (15^). bup. in Amlirnt, MaM., 90 Uaj/ 
1770; th. nunnnb Miirvh, h ahotJt May, 1774 or 'll, dsu. of JonftUun Uonh 
aud HaiaiAli Da]com, of AiiiLt>rfaL 

H(^ d. in Morotowo, Vt., H Aup., 182:^; t^t (L 17 Mny, 1833. 

}ir VTAic ri^Arnl bv Orr. MuLlnun, of Amhrntt; wiih » tnntH'V IIto or «ii 
in A^hili^ld. Uaae.; rcEn. to ii^oirffti Aod Morotown, Vt. 

1^11 Pkjjcces,«> b. 2S July, ISUO ; m. iix Himdalc, Man,, 1 Jnlj, 1S51^ « 

accoulI vi'tU% Alvoli Cdciv, I), in Vt'tii, Mow., in 1600- 
9819 S&HAii (Sally),^ b. H^ Feb,,' 1803; d. unm., 14 Sq>t„ 1884. 
3813 Hahvev,* b. 10 Dec., 1804; d uditl, In Koretown, aged 35. 
+3614 HanWah," h. C Apr, IflOG; m. John Cartlc 

3816 ATKkv,*b. iGJuno. 1809. 

3810 Mabt*L10 Jul/. IJ^IO; in. 5 Apr.. ISM, Oeorge WmIIijh; d. 13M. 

3817 LCdu^u,** b. 11 Dec., 1813; m, Eluon^r Cndy. of liii»dAlc. M«j«. 

3818 LucT,« b^ U Man, laW; d. Mar., 183:1. 

1427. MlRIAM,'d4iu, of Jocl« (458), b. in I J nd Icy, 22 l)cc., 1751 ; m- in Had- 
ley, Maaa,, 14 May, 177S, Capt ElPftxer Fran-, of Whiit^ly,* V»«»., b- « Jan^ 
1753; he wad a dotct'nd^t in the fifth gvnerat [on of John Frary, of Dedbamaod 
M«dford, Mum. 

Shed» 2 Feb., 1824, a£«<d 73; he d. in tbc Hoiitli^ni partof Coniray,** Uav., 
7 Apr., 1836. oj^pd 83. 

About 1773 or '74 he buiU a houw on Mnin vtrt^H in Whaldy, n-ftar the aonth* 
urn part of the town, whcra h« bad a tannery and iboeiihop. About 1780 ho aol 
tbia and tivod m a locality caU^ Chhetiaa Lane. About 1800 ho miL to tilt' 
fiOiitbpm ptirtof Cortvay. 

He vae a rcvtilntioiuuy aoldicr ; ho wos a &raoiu« einj^ng duUr aad ill Ida 
child»v V4-K tnoaicriana. 


3819 Mirifim Fran/,^ b, Jan., 1773; d. 27 Juno, 1776. 

3820 Jod Frnry.* b. 14 Oct, 1774; d. Uie mmp day. 

*VrhftUly vfta nH off from HftLfl*td nhd IncarTtoraUd ftl Apr^ 1771. 
**C>>iiw«T. a put of llMrAirlil, w«t MUbh*ti*<1 n» tb« Dutllot of Omi 
ftnd wtt iBfti^ A town, U A312-, U75; It Adjoiat WfcAt«ly. 

ly, T Ja«f^ I Tar, 

Ths Keixcohs in the N*i£w Wqsuk 


3821 SUatPf Frcry? b. 28 ¥eh., 1777; prol)«bIy d b*fow Mnr., 1783. 

3824 MxHam Fmry* U 3 Sept, 1779; uu OcU, IT9C, BUiyhm Ortul^ Jr,, 

of WlmU'ly. 
3823 Elmur Frcr^,^ h. M*r., 1783; d- 57 Mar, 1784, 
8894 D<h^r4h Frar^." b. -1 TX-c, 1T&4; (3, nnm. in Conway. 
3895 FdfMy Frary,'^ b. :£2 Jan^ 1737 ; d. nnin. in Uonvay. 
392C //jiJOJicAW.iJ'y,* K 10 Ad^.. l^flft; iii, Wiiliam Baker, <if Coti way, 
3827 SUaz^ Frcrp,'^ h, Apr., 1733; wnff drcwncd 1 June, 1796. 
38^6 Oiu Frrvy,^ h. 13 Apr., 1795. 

I4Sa EEV. SBTH/ mq of J«-l« (4S8), b. 1754; m. (1) Aug., 1781, Jerud» 
ITkite^ b. h Uar, 17^^, itau. cf Uliv^^t WhitL- and Abigail St^doa 

Sht d ; h^ m. <S) — , 

He wa« a Mctbodidt mmiet^r m CaDandaigua, N, V. 

Seth Keltogg^ of Hodtey, bou^^t one hundred acriM of land in Stamford, Vt, 
1$ Frii., 17fil, odA ionk Ihc fri*iTmaii'» <«lb tlicn' in 1 Tflfl, flt wbirh time Irt-vi KM- 
tJc^ look the oath. 0& 1 Oct., i;84, Sctli. of Stamford, «oid laud in Stamford. 

[+3829 JowL,^ h. 24 Jan., 17ft2; m. (1) ChJoe Rvckman: (2) Margaret PttBff, 

+3830 OlivehAViiitk^K in 1783; m. (I) ; (2) ; (3) Sorib 

+3Jt3t JKitrtiiu,^ b. nc'jir Balbtan Springs, N. V,, 15 Nov., 1T85; in, ChaH«4i 

383"^ Oe^-oe,'* b. ; d- < Apr., 1853; ia buried in Diion, 111. 

+3333 Klijaii Waujct,** k ; m. Mnr|{)irrt Murpby. 

+3834 8Aiir£U* h. 1 m, Mary Lcwin. 

38S5 LcciNri* h. ; m. Luther Lumpklna. of West Bloomfidd, N. Y,, 

find pi'tliiip5 nii^Vi'cT \\'i!bL 

383« Clasicta.* b, ; d. unm. about 1815. 

+3837 JoHHPH,*K b Onoitia Co., N. Y., U Oct., 179?l; m. (!> Sarab Tngall*; 
(2> Mr*. Sarah [Gibb^i) Storcr. 
3838 Lmn,» L 

8839 Datid.** K — 
3810 LccxeriA,^ k 

14fi8. JOAN'XA* aau, fif Jch^I" {45fi), b, ; m. abmil 1778, Jonathan 

In^grara, b. in nadley, Ma«a., G Jan., 174fi> ton of Jonathan In^am aud Maiy 

Shi- il. 28 May, I5IC, a^j^l fll ; he d, in Marlbom, Vt, 2ft Oct., 182ft 
They rc«H in Hadky; rem. to Marlboro, Vt, nbont 17S0, and pcHiapa to 
N«vfane, Vt 

It has been rtporUd that Jonathnn Injn^un^H wifo wnn fSarah Kellogg, daiL 
fit Joal, but the Tcvn Clatk of hUrlboro «iT« that rocorde in hia office prore that 
It waa Joanna. 

CkUdrfn, firU ai'x b. In Uvdley. 

3811 Jonaihca t^grtsm,'* b. 2t May, lT7tf. 
3842 f^ontu^/ Ingram.^ b. Uar,, 178t 
8843 ^ ^Mt," b. SO Apr, 1783. 

aN4 /m««« imgr^n,* \mp. 17 A|«,, lldS; a. Anon Smith; ». B VS* 

38a Irm Imp^am? Up. Zl IkcL, t78<. 

3&I7 ITory t^i^ram* h. in MaHbonv 2 iiuic, 1T9I ; n. X«tlM«d Ckmak 
W49 J»i|aa In^iim,* b. id JUril>oro. » J^r, 1793; ol ^«lteii MKt 
3949 /Jmif imfrwm,^ k in Maribo^^ ?0 SrpL, i:»y 

]4Ml ABIGAIL,' dft«. of Jo«l« (458), bi IS Nor^ 1757; m. tl Msj. 1776, 
JdoM CraiU, b- m HsUWM, )Uj, 1790, m af ThoniM CnJli^ K 16 Ao^ 1717, 
4ad Sftnh Grsftv, b. 13 >>t., 1717. He vu 4 dctccaduU w Uw «JElb fEttan^ 
tioD of Orifln CnfD, of Boxboij, Mma,, 1«3I>. 

He iL 8 Jail, 1826 ; the d. 8 Jaa,, 1333. 

IlefM-in WhAUl/frofDtlwtuBoluvuMMTetrfiU anfilbi«d«th. H^vti 
a Boklfer id Um mrol«ticpn ; tsa oq the Lajngcdo Aliia. Ibe nmndcr of Bor- 
gojDo, Asd otiKT ainp«ijfni. ^'flvj vcn an boDoti t^mgbt tod bi^ly rcipectod 

aS&l iSapoA r7ra/U« b. 27 Ihv., 1778; en- « Jfaj, 179d, JmniiAh W&tt, of 

ffbttetr; bcd.3tfJaiK,18£&; she d. 16 Apr, lii34 ; iwdteatUJ- 

aass n^iiMj f7ra/C« * b. lO Sept, 1781 ; fa. S Juljr, 1$IM» ll«iiitebk GmT«% 

b. in WItAtdy* a^ Mar., 1771>; ihe d. » Dm., 18«1; be d. 7 Oet,, 

1841, ag«U WJ: (ksd tight chilHrpn. 
2063 /mJ KtHagg CmfU," h. 15 Dec.. I7b1f : m. 1 F«k, 1800, Elizabetb Cook 

bulMay, 179?,<ia«. of SolofnonCooJc; d. in HwUej, 7 Apr^lSSS; 

had >i-TC4i dijldrvii; alw m. (S) StepboD Oat««. Jr*, of OrMoSeU; 

d. 1 FcU, 1869. 
3M-J ffu/tt* Cra/ij* b. 8 Mar, 1787; nL M Feb., 1810, Lttcy KtUogg^ 

38U -(Wtftftf C«/i#« b. W Apr., 1789; m. 9 Xoff., 1818, Jem J*weU^ of 

Wbat^lj, K in Amlipnt, 2 Oct, 1773; hi- n«. iu HatfliOfl kni 

miat«lj; wad ID the war of ]t^l3;hed. 96 Jan., 1851, a^ 81; »he 

d« IS Atig., 1850; bad eight children. One of her aona, Mom« W., 

vaa a aoMur id the rcbdtion and mxai'«il a back pcoaioD of 

M90 C^nct^ue CtafU* L 10 Jan^, 1791; m. !3 July, 181^, Bt'njamlr l^ra- 

b«, ion of Thr>iuafl Ijjrabetv *>f JUtJidd; d. in Whatcly, IS Peb.^ 

1832 ; h* d. in PUiafidd, Vt., 19 Apr., 18^8. 
USy Sophronio Cr^fU? I. 10 July. 1793; d, 30 Dw,, 1793. 

3858 Cdieb CrafU,^ b. 11 Apr., 17^6 j d. 21 Udr, 1798. 

3859 Ralph Craftf,^ h- 29 May, lT9ft; d. Ifi Ort., 1798. 
38G0 Coir^ CrafU,'^ h. {) July, IbOO; vu 18 May. 1823. Sc^hroma Morton* b. 

18 Mar., 180fi, dRn. of IJoni*-! Morton, of Whatcly; r«e. m Whatcly, 
Troy. N, V.. PortlumJ, Me-,, and Na*Jina, N. H,; d. 1 July, 18SI; 
ah« tL 18 Fob^ 184Id ; h« wae Col. of Militia. 
38«) ^ftc/Td CrtfU? h 7 Apr., 1803; m- 26 S*pt, Iti^G. Jdm B. Cuaiinnn, of 
Korth AmberftC, b. C Sept., 1803; lur vaa a i^pvr manufBcCurcr; 
llic d. 20 Au£., 1878 ; btf d. 30 Auj?.. 1883. 

Titc KrLLiMOft IX ntr N'Kvr ^Toktir. 


UL LEVI/MDof Jo«r (-I5d)>. in Hftdtey. Ma«&, 3 Oct, 1760; m- in 
ort^mpUm, 30 Aog., lTft2, Cjothm Wrij^hl, b. 3 Sopt, KfH, ilau. of Am 
nshC b. 8 Oct, 1710, aad lUmah W4it 

SlM d 19 Oct, 1813; b« d. i& Utka, N. T, SO Jul, ld4S, Ho took th<i 
oimii'b mth ill SUnirunl, VL, ui 17ti9. 
He vraj» a Caniicr. Ue VA> a r«tolutioojir7 >o]dJcr; «ertcd from XorUtanip- 
n in Uic ut^^ of Boetoo, »tid in LoL l>jkc*ii l{<f. m 17TC ; in i7<7 vmc in Col. 
*-1lb^ R^'> 10 May [o 10 Jiiljt OD tTxpedilion to T^condfrogA ^ w&& & S^rgL in 
jipL FiuT£dd'd Co., on duly at UochittUT, ii ti^pL to ^ live., UTS; tm in 
a|>t Ljnian^fi Co., uid cmrdi^d to £ft«t Iloosic, u^d in tb« «xp«ditM3ii to StiU- 
tcr iu 1777, He vnliatt^ in Uie Coutuiental ariuj', ^(> Juot. 1760, fox aix 
nthn, oimI «»« dMcribcd u Itf jxftn old, fi £t«tt 7 inchu iil liciglitf iifht cocn- 
leiioD, r«ddeDco XcrthftmptoiL In his appJiciUion for pcowon ho ittoM th&t 
wa0 born iu Hadky uitl brought up in Korthfttapton, «nd th^t. ^tUr tho wftr, 
row. to V«nnont ond re*, «lx ycttrt, tbcn mx }^0An in Witliamfftoint, llftM., 
en for ihirtt-two jearfr in Richfield, OtMgo Cix, N. Y., mnd in Idd7 be rem. to 
Jtico; vr&o prcfleut ftl the minDdtr of BorgojnCt nnd oue of the gUArtla tt the 
a«cntion of Maj. Andro. 

Ckildrtii, b. in Wiliuimttomn. 

t-3d6t Sajuh," b. A Oiic, 17**; ta. I^rtirr ScwromU Cu5hm«w 
4-3863 SpESCE** b- 1^1 Sept,, ITHiJi ni. Margaret Stewart f^ilnor. 
-fSfttil Njncv,'' K 17^8; dl Kli Wright 
•f3dG4 UiCY,^ b. XoT„ 1791; m- Lodowick Brown. 

ri3S. NATHANIEL/ *on of Gflfdoor*' (4fi9), b. in nadky, 1 Oct, 17113; «l 
(1) CUoE Omkc, of BucLlaDil Uud&.. li. »Lout 1763, daa, of Jotialj Drakt^, K 28 
luly, 1737- 

}>^ d. ; U m. (2) about Au^., Idl7, Mnu B«t*cjr (Cot]o«) Moodjr, 

if Amhtr^, b. 1779, vidow of Jo«iah Moodj', and dau. of TlnioLhy OovlcOr b. 
741, and ]^i»bah Univc«, b. 1717. 

He woA a rcvolntionoTT soldier; Krvcd in Capt Concj^'a Co., 12 Anj;. to 15 
ffOT., 1781, and in Capt AkrircTF On., Ci>i. itnrmy'a Reg., U .Wy to 1« Oct. 
760: al*o tvo Vfian iu the yrtxt of 1J^1$. From the Ptounun OiMct it t» lenmed 
at he vift living in Ainhurvt Mottt., In 1S3S. He wnlintod in Hadley July, 17S0, 
JoUked bi« i.-om|:4ny at ClaverAck, N, Y.j thenoe lie marehM to Weet Point and 
diaeharEvd after AmoM'a trcUdOD» In 1781 he marched from Hodiey to $ar- 
iloga at the iwv» of tho currtrndf-r of Ixird ComvaUi^ Ht* lived in Eladl^y until 
Id wwj 24 yean o!d : liv«d a fcv ye^rs in A«bford and Buchlond, Ma&ftH, and Qer- 
imn Flata, N, V.j and watf tvo }car« in thu «ar of Ibl?; he tvo. ^'vvntcen yean 
B Amh^rat; wm. thmic» to Hnmmnndtpdrt, S- Y-, and wan in UrVana thirl^CTi 



ft NATItASIKL," b. . 

7 CaLOE," b. H Aug-, 1793; m- Thomaa Wakefldd. 

»9fi8 RofiWELL,'* U. ^^ 

33C9 MoLLi: • b, . 

387U U^IEDKCS,** k . 

3871 CHAULtB Austin,' 


Tns Ebllooos IK TUS Nbw WODIA, 

1438. REV. GAllDNHft/ «on of Qanlncr* (459), b. in tUdJc/, S9 &rp4., 1766; 

m. Abipiil Whita, t, fi May, 1781, aau, of Jumos White, of Thotfora, VU, b. 17 

Mav, 1754. Bud Eum*:^ Kilii^fcbur^, b. .June, 1759. 

He [L in Windhara, Mc, »« Not., IgSti; ph*^(L in PortUn*1» Mr, 18H, 

Up nrnE n ^<ln;iU> nf YaIo College; in ITHl, a rlprgynum In Bradford, Vt, 

and Wiiidli«m, &te. He wu known a« ''^Qcxxl Old Parion EcQosg." 

ChiUran, fint fivp £>. in Bradford. 

43873 Ucv" b. 19 Junr, nO&; m, Samuel I, Wdl*. 

4*38:3 QAkDi>?lEft,^ b. T Jan., IKO:^; m. fili^abeth Qroen FoetcT- 

3874 JmjA,* b. 1804; <l umiL, iu Porrkml, IfiTl. 

3875 Hhkbt." b. IbQIi; <L in Bradford, 1S08. 

aS7fi rAumjMc,s b. Ifton; in IrtHO rea, with li*r nephew, Walter Wella, in 

3877 Brvjauik,'' ti. in WindhAni, ISU; controctcd e cold. whiU in Yak Col- 
lege, which settled on bb \uiigfi\ wflrt to Clictton, Oa.. fof ha 
health ; waa a euooeaafu] tciichcr: he and hi^t brothtr, Gardiner d. 
on Sunday; tboy had taught t^hool en tb« provioufl Friday ; ha d, 
nnm., tn Clintoii, 1835. 

3618 HiBBiCT NrwEU,,* b. in Windham, 1814; vraft for aomc yean a Biblo 
reader Tor Uie poor of Philadi-lpbtn ; d. unm., in PhiUd^tphU, 11 
Feb., 1877- 

IIU. JOSIAH,^ aon of Qanlncr^ i*$9), h. in Hadl«r, U July, 1767; dl S9 
Oct, t7*>4. 1fjinn>ih Smith, h. in AshflHil. Mhb., 3 T)i4>., 1774, dan. of Thiutrn 
Uooe* Sruitb, of Aebfield, and DUthctiia Brings. 

He d. 13 Jan., 18^6, aged 8S ycara^ fi montha, 11 diy«; the d. t7 Apr, 186^ 
a^cd 89 yt^^rs, !■) months; both d. in UadUy. 

He vraA a fanner in Uadlo/. 

+,1^70 TiuxBna* b. 8 Sept.. 1T95; m. Sjlv«ter Coofco. 

SfiRO Mtciuh* h, 4 inly, 1797; d. 30 A-pL, IfiOft. 

38fil LccT,* b, sr> Apr., 170t>; d. in Hadlcy* 7 Doc, ISlfi. 

3882 DuTKEVU,* b 8 F*H , ISfJl ; d. iinm . In Miaaouri, n S-spt, 1877. 
+08&3 Naomi PAKfloxa," b. Stj Jan., 1803; kl Thaddena Chapin. 
+3884 Joauii,* b. 17 FpK, 1S05; m. Cynthift Chupin. 
+3885 John ?ni;sro\.^ K 14 Vvh., 1847; m. <1) Mary Ann Call; (£) Ann 

Janettc ^tanU.^. 
-|-36$G Haxvaii,* b- !7 Feb., 1800; m. Simian Riiw. 
+8887 Mrkab.^ h. 8 Mar.. 1811; m. ChflUDa.'y Owea 
+3888 Klviha," t>. 1& Feb., I8I3; m. Samuel Uilod Perkina. 
+8889 rKii;i-iT.i-i Smith," h. 21 Apr., 181A: m. Fnirklin Clark Chapin. 
+3890 GABn-iER-^b. 1« Mar.. 1817; m. (1) Harriot BUm CaU: (<) lira. J, 

MariA (Snulb) Pr>rt-:r. 
+3891 Moan flkitTU," b. t Fc-L, 1810; m. RIcanor MimA Chapin. 

1438. WlilTlXG/ mn of Capt Moaoi^ <460), K in Hiidkj, Moait, 1753; nu 
20 Oct, l«Ki8. Eliuibdb Cnw*, of Aalificld. Ix 19 Mar., 1:8:;, dan. of Aaron Tn^ 
and Uary . 

The Kei-loooh ix the Nrw Woruk 


H« d. in Hadlcy, l€ Jan., 183&, ogod SO; «h« d. SO Jul, ]$3S. 
Bii citildrcn v^rv ftJ lick at one time witii tjphoid fcvcr^ and he» being 
old aiMl foeblcr wat talien Co th^* boiu^v of hie ncitbew^ Rosvdl £.«lloggj vbere he d, 

3S92 SpKNCtu,'* b. 16 Feb., 1S4>9; d. vmni., in Montj^-mer^, Maam of typhoid 

f*?vor, e Nov,, 18*7, 
+3^93 BiciiAKP," b. :fT liar.. ISll; m. (1) SopbU Ctark Hatch; Ci) Electa 

JHIon; (3| MunttlA I'crkiiiH; {-t) Mtv. KJixabetb ^Fairbonk) 

3d94 Maby A>'X," L 17 June, 1813; d. iiiuD., in Kontgoinery, of tjphoid 

fWT, 14 D«., J»a7. 
SS$5 Emilt," b. ?7 Apr., 1315 ; d. uiuq., in Mo^itj^iiiefy, of iyphoid fevci, 3i> 

Not,. 1837. 

4-3S9S GuzAsmi,^ tx £3 Juno, 1^18; m. Oanirl Kin^ivlr^y SUnmx. 
3897 Alvau Vi'mTixo."* L 30 (kU 3^53 ; d, of tjphoid fev^r. in Montgoioery, 

1437. MOSRft,'rtjr»of Cajit Mom*" (4f.D), b, in Ilaillpj', Ifi F^, 17fil; m. « 
Nov., KJS3, Elieabcih Newton, dao. of Francie Nfwtcpn, of Hadloy. 

Sbi<a 36 IX<., i:iKUi^<^^'^i>; bi-d.ll Jau,, ib^O, agt.^€a; boUi im» buriod 
in Ifailkj-. 


38»8 A Chiij>* k "iO Mfiv. 1784; d. 18 Oct.. mmc ycttr. 

38911 DoRiKDA.'* t-Hp, Nov., I7S5; m. rk hit^ ^poond uift', about 1^30^ LmBirt- 
1«^, of HadLry; he kept the: hotfv tvrry at HuL-kaHurn; he d. 11 
5cpt,18^L>; ^« d, o DoL\, 1^59; had no ditldrvn. 

-^^^Ql HoHuti.u'* Up. 7 Oct,» ITST; m. Nanej HoughloEu 

143S, BKNJAMEN,^ *m of Capt. Moet^ (4«0), b, in Madloy, 25 Anjr., HSS; 
»i. 11 l>*v.» 17M. Pftlti- Sinilh, ii in H(i(!loy, 2fl July. ITflj^. rinii, of Wsrham 
Smith- b. 10 Mar.. IV^i. auJ Martlia Btldini:, of Uadky, b. 5 Sep!,, 1739. 

II* d. in Hadii7, 25 July, Ibll ; *hc d- 19 ^o\\, 1836, 

Tbvy res. in Uadiey. 

+SW)2 Mvuiui,'* b, U Scp(,. i:8'J; m. S^h M. WwncT, 
+3903 noiurK* b- IK Sent, ITSl ; m. Alma Smith, 

3904 A Cinu)."h. 5 Au^.. mZ; d 5 Aii^:. 1793. 

3W>5 AMEtu* b, B5 Pee., X795; A. tnm., 1« Sept, Ittm in Hadlcy. 

89M Kui*»«-TM • b. II Oct. 1798; d. Hnni., 5 Ajir., I8«!. in Hndlfly, 

3^07 M.i&Ttu Hkuies,'^ b. 7 Jnn<% UOI ; H. unm., SO Feb., ISOl, in Hadlci- 

39fl« Mast,*' b, 10 Jan.. IfiCM; d 18 Aug.. 180B. 

a&M Sakiii,'* k 25 Auc. IBOfl; d. 7 Apr.. 1S07. 
-|-3yi0 CiuftLiM Ar»Tis * hL *i^ Apr., 180S; m. Maria A. Cook, 
+3911 AsanuSE," b. IS Pt*i-, 1811 ; iii. Jamea Cook, Jr. 

U«a ABIGAIL }f}IKLIHK\ J dan. of Capt Mok«« (-toa), bop. m Hadl«T, 4 
Not. I7r.ft m 9 Frh-, K^fi. Rlisba BiWj'n, nf WMelv, k 53 Mar., 17l>5/«0 
of Klijtui B<ld-.^. b. %% Mar.. 173r», and Buth Dkktn^oa.' 



The Kslxooos ik thb New Woaut, 

Uo d. Fob., Idas - «ho il. SS Mtr^ 1851. 
Th^ K». Id Wbatoly. 

39l« i?J»m B-'Wch.'* k «T Dec.. 170^; re*, in BraltleWro. Vt 

3913 Ftvvton Htldtn,^ U 25 Aii^., ISOa 

3914 AUfM Btlden*^ K !£7 Aug., 18DS; m. in Wbately, t Dcc^ 1830. Aan-ltA 

3915 Wimam Uftdcn/* h. SO Jum-, 1^04; m. 10 S#]i*., ISSS, Salomir Cum. 

391ti Mvtw K^litjgff Uctden/^ U 30 Dec., 1806; d. tfl Ufty, I8€7p in Ktuh* 

irilli-. 111. 

531? Jo3fph B^idfn,*" b. 3 Sept.. 1807. 
ZHQ Mart/ Hhtldon Bctden;* i>. n Nov., ISIO; m. 3 Sopl, lft40, Aiutfn 

3919 iJdt »i B^\4m? k T ITar,, 1S13 ; m. a dan. of Thotoud CtaJ fea (3869) ; d* 

lOSt^pt, 1854. 

lUI, KXrEKlKNCfi,T ^o„, of Capt. Uc^^^ (430), K in lUdtey, Km., 12 
Muj. ini; ni, a F<-K, 1737, ArisloLuliis Sanllu 

Ho d. S8 Nov.. 1811 ; f:hc> d. S£ <lcU 1851. 

They res. in N«<lfion, N. Y., wh^re both d. 

3900 Mary Shftdm Smith/* b. 1800; d. 8 Mar., 1&09. 

3yn avrar* Kctlo/Tif Smith,'' b, in No1«)b, 30 Nov.. 1801; ni. ?6 Apr., Id13, 

RiKidu A. Nklm^Bi. K 3S mi.. 1804; il. in N*-l*can, SI Jjin., 1&53; 

die m. |3) 1855, Ithnniar — -— , and rem, to Troupsbor^t N. Y.| 

where *li*d 20 Deo.» 1897; ^ad cbrce cliOdrCT. 
:i9££ H'AiVuip Srnlth,'* b. 1803; ht- was PonUniifftirr, fLnd a wtf^U'kiiown phyni- 

ciiui in \VhitmbnTi>, N. Y. ; d unm., 3 Aog., 18Q0, ifi ^VliiMboro. 
39J3 A/flriHa .^nuU,"* b. 1805; d. Diun., 1832. 
3994 H^mifff iSmiih:* b. 1808; d. unnu. 12 Doc.. 1839. 
392*^ DfUa .Smith,^ k IS07 ; d. nnm., 8 July. IS43, 
3!>^G S^tmtid AUfu Sinith*^ h. 1808 : uu 1847. Mnry Aim Hbldikbi; W d. 16 

t>b,, 1HS4, Afff^il 71 ; Imd v\x children. ' 
3927 Ma<ry Exprntncr SmHh.^ b. 19 O^^.,, 18lt; m. 1838, O^orfe Salltbcuy' 

Carpenter; d- 24 Oct, 1889; lud fiw childreiL 
39^8 ^n'jf^/'uJia SfniUt,'* b. 1^14 ; d. onin., 4 inn., 1S3S. 

1443^ SAI^fTEL.^ ooa of Capt. Mo«t»* O&O). b. in Hodkj. H&m^ dl Oct. 

1T7T; m.:; Nov.. ISlS, Blnn- CaUi^rdvr, b. 1785, dan. of 3iU«<MI«ider. o( Skef- 

field. Mase., U 11 July* 1755, and Mary . 

She d. in Hadtfy. 1M Nov., 1847, oj-od 67; be d. 19 Jnnc, IS^, 

Ho Tu ■ farmer in ITiidti'T, whero both d. ; h9 lived on hifi father*! faim, 

Chitdren. fc, fn FJadl^. 

S98D SaHUKL OALLX?a>m." U 8 Apr., 181$; nu a Tnion eoldier ; enliited in 
tb« Fiffy-fifth Illinois Yoluntaen, Douglu Brigadi^; d. in the tor- 
vke, 1864 ; »aa ujub. 

Tnc Kkluxkk ly nrs Nrv Wotm. 


3^30 SjLkAit Adhu^te," b. 13 Feb.. 1^20; m, 19 Od.. 18<>E», John CUrk, b, in 
Sp«ne^, ISOI; hu vai a firmur of North Uadloy; be d, 14 Joiu, 
1884; bad no cUIdren. 

^1 Bujk3 DviOQT,'* b. Au£., 1S35; ot Hie- Marin Loaiaa (Craft«) 

1U7. EBRXEXEE.' itoK of Cn^igfi ElR^nezer^ <46T), b. iii Ambcrrt, Mau., 
About 29 Maj, K^9; m, fl) I^l»«b«ih Crocker. 

She d, 34 Sept, n:?; he m, (?> ia Amhtrrt, 4 Mar-, KTB.Tnmor Wrijfhl, 
k about M Not,, 17J>3 ; «he d in Craftsbury, Vt.. SO 89pt,, 1804, oge<l ^^0 yeart 
aad 10 montlu; ho d in Combridi^c^ }iav1^., HQ Mar., 1807, ofcd 57 jcora aud 10 

n« tra» a Corp. In Capt Pickinflrio'* Co,» Col. Wo<iclbrif1gf'* Kc^-, an (hi» 
Lexiucton Alarnj aud ni-ned vitvvn diiya; had &u ordi-r fur buimtj i^ont, d&t«d 
Prospect Hill, 9ft Oot., 1775, fJiowinic thai Im t<nU»tcd in tho army for ci;;ht 
tnontlyt; wa* in Pspt Aaron Hayooe' Co,, Col. Aati Whitromh'« R<'g', ftt Fort 
TieoDilcroga, iii 177G, when taa fatb«r d. 

Ckildrtn fry ^n*( ift/f. 

+dS^n CHABUirTc,** U In Amherst, 74 Sept, 1773 ; ro> P«t«r B. RuaaelL 
SSaS EuiiBKTH," b. in New Catiaati. 7 Nor., 1770. 

Children hy Jiet^ond wife. 

H-39M SaUH (SiLLt)." b. iu MouUf^ut^, Masa., U liar., 1780; m. Thomaa 

Il»%5 \Uti\^ h. ill Andiwt, ?7 F.K, ITAS; d, 29 Fi-U, i:84, 
9830 OiUTA,**b. in Amhcnrt, 17 Jan. 1784; m. (1) Jonathim WaltoEU of 

Hardvick; (S] Joseph Hancock; d. ^ May, L814. 
H-3937 BsKKExeu Wm<;nT.>^ b in Whib> Creek. N. Y.^ 3 May, 1786: m. Mary 

Lovcji>y Clcrelnnd. 
+39^ Tamru,** IwJn to EijciuaxT; m, Joseph Walton. 
4-3939 William Wiiioiil,^ b. m Clan^montf N. U.. 16 Jan., 1739; m. Niuiey 

8940 MabT (PoLLr)."b. inOrford, Vl.. 7 Ai»g„1793; m. Ormaa Alford. The 

family went from P<Jnj» N. Y., to Indiana, from whuneo thtiy 

started fcT CaUfnmia. Ilo wim kilW by a falling trt^c. wbtir croafr* 

ing the llocky KouDtaina. His family aettled in Or^n Co.. HI 
+3941 BsVJdMiy^*^ b. in Orford, 2G Jan., 1794; m. (1) Iteboccn Oicathouae; 

(?) Catlii^rbe MtKouEi*, 
+8942 Jonathan NouMWf;,'^ U. in Orford, 2^ F<Tb., 1798; m. MnrUm (Patty) 


14M. SAHAH/ dta, of ErHffn EbtTiwrr** M57), bap, in Amhwt, Maw., 13 
Hajr n^^; la- >n Atnh<frH(, 14 Jam?* 1T71> JiMt'pTt Hoil««, son of Joeepb Bolka 
and ThankfTil Smitb. 

She ± U Hay, 18U; h^ d. Jnae. !SV7. 

He va« a tannor aad currior, in Wuaihiiigtcn, Vt, lo whidi plaoe ho rem. be- 


Tin: KsLLouod in Ttu Nstr Wofiu^ 

ChUdrcttf h. hi AmhttrtL 

^9i3 Sarih H&Uts^^ b. 15 Ai;^., 17;^; m. Uobcrt Isgndi; d. in WaiJiin^n, 
9 May. 1B13; lie ^. in WsbLiu^'UJD. Al>i>ut I80S, where lie vaa a 
pfu«[wrou» fflrmvr; liad eight eluldrva 

39« Thcnkful Bcil^fi h. t Oct. 1775; m, 25 Scqit, 1«00, Imut Btrron. b, 
ID UrookflclJ, 3Uh>, 10 Apr.* It^t ; he «M A Iflrmcj in Wvhiog- 
tati ; iL i8 Lfct. 1H4S ; ah* 4 ?9 X^^v.^ IS5C : hua four childrwk 

3943 Jehti lif^UtA,^ h. 23 JuIt, K81 ; m. in Sfiamii, :4nrnh llnrnnf^ti?!); wiu 
a fanacr in Woj^hingtOD; d Oct, 18^4; bad ^vc chiLdrvtL 

3916 ^offtta ^d'f^v.'^ K fS Jan., 17^3^ la. Aiuniaa Bahaoon, of Wjuhin^n; 
d. I Aug,, ISOD, 

3917 C/flpf ^fl/iw," b. T2 Mar.. 17*W; v. Bhoda HArper, k June, i:vi; l» 
wa* n whm'junkLT in WaiJiington. Barn' nuA Lhplwa, Vt» Amhi-rvt 
and Korllijimpton, JlEnw. ; d. in Northnmptcn, H Oct., IBZt ; che d* 
In lIirnmoiitoEt. N. J., JO Ihso., 18fi7 ; hod Iw^It« childroL 

.1948 Jtatiph B4>lhA.^ k 1 Apr., nSO; ni. 19 IW., 141:?, Maty {VMy] Whil 
b. ID l)(x^, K8<>; he wft« a fftmor ir Wai^hin^rton ; d. IT 
1$4A; ohe d ID June, 1879; had «even childKu. 

1460. JOXATfTAN/ wn of En^gn Htx^fii^er^ (4«7). k In Amhent, bnp. U 
Oct, 176D; m. in Amhervt, 5 Jmi^ 1783. Mnrr llolbmi, of PdhaiD. Uaw. 

H*»ri,2S FrK, IS3:^' <b** d. fl Mm-, 1823; both wcro buried in (m« gniTO in 
SouUi Auiberet 

tie WHS a ci>rdva]neri roA. in AudusiL 

f {(> wn,)t drHftni t<] Ki^rvi' rilni' mcintliM hi ihr Contini>ntAl antir^ llt^, biit fur- 
nishfd a dtib&titnle; wn* a privaic in Cftpt. AlvonlV Co.. CoL Mttrrtj'e Btj., 
from 14 July lo 10 Cot.. L7i-^. and wai di^ribed a» of Aimhent, 20 ycftn of age, 
5 fwt, S inclira high, liKht c-oin^ibTxioit. 

+3fl49 In/ * U in Brmtlcbcro. Vt, S7 Jan., 178G ; m. Ruth Di«Wofton. 
+31150 CiiiL*TEK « lj. in BritiWboro, 21 Jan., 178S; ni- (l) Lo« UickicwMi ; (J) 

MafIa Bixbc^c 
H-3951 Datid,^ b. 8 Aug., 1793 ; m. < 1 ) Almira Barton ; ( 2) Portia Prwton. 

1462, MAJ. raKKIKU' son of VtM^V^ (4T1), K in Xw Stt1«nt, Maes-, tS 
Itar.. 1753 . m. {D U Nov,, 1777. Eimicii Fo**eT, b. 19 Aug,. 1755. 

Slwd. I Marn 1794; he m. (f) 27 Oot, 1795, Ura. Juiii-tt ( Parkor) 
Oiihooti/ b. 24 Ftk. irG7, dan. <»f Rjjra Parker, of IC*F«ton, B* T.. and WJndi«teTp 
Np H., and widow of J^anicl Unhooit 

Shi? <L 14 Sqit , lft33. he (I. in Ltftlpton, N, Ft, 20 Fek, 1&39, 

11c held a cronimi^on in the MA^^achun^tu Mihtin tncntr ycara. bciog Haj, 
nineT««rv; Jtirtiwiof the P**cotweiily-<»n(?yeflrt,in N^w Salem, and reprc^unkd, fr^VTi in lli« I^gitlntnrn H-ren yrttm IXv h dei^ribed ha a afiort, alovt man. 

Ml- wa» a rerolntionarx soldier and pcn^iotL^r, In biB appli(«t»u for pen- 
sion bo eap that he a-tn, front New Saleiu Ui Bath, S, H, ISO*. tb«n<« to LjoaaJv 

'She wiK tbr Bnl vfcltf »Dn»« who UirrJ In LynAon. VL Alia T.hc dMth of fatr flmL 
liuvbanil the rclumrd to WinchrAt^r, panr un TiQr«fbAi.k »uc buadfcil mij UttJ viDa* 
throng tbo UMblctt* forrat Jwd oirrying her iniaftt mq. 



and in ISIG to Littleton. On nteit^t of the intcUigeDOc of the conflict at 
ii^fioo, the (ximpunj of Minuli? mt^ to which be belong vna ordered to BoUon, 
vbere be rt^oiaiut^J until Un? vi^lii montlit* enlistment)! iren: orsnniwtit vrhrn lie 
tcturnc^t hointu in Au;;., V.J'i, lie wnn onv d vj^ht mvn aeni from U\tB natir^ 
torn ia Bo*ttm to ahUI in building and n^pnirin^' fnrts luittt-rrii^ e[r-, &ri>und the 
hATbon particMlaiijr on C&eti? lalAnd, whorx? t^o fortification* had bnm doitrofod 
vlwn Uio BrilUh ovacnatcd the eilj, 17 Mar. In July, 1777, wh*?D BuTffvyti& ad- 
vimci-il from Catuuln, 0(*n- Schuj^lrr npjirntixl ti> hiK anji Htntr jimi Nnr l^tiKlaiid 
for xv-caCoroCAkOnta. About forty men eulisU'ti under V^pt. KbcDc^er Goodrich 
to join the Donfaem aimy of whioh company be waa orderly oergeant Aft^r 
reu|]]i3|; tb* field of opcrationa thf^y were employed In ifcontin^ around Porto Ana 
ttd MiUetr and th« aurroonding omotry. Th«y w^rr- in tho action of 7 Oct, 
1777, afU-r wfhttli On- rcgiun-nl ajw uKiend tn laki' piJHSi-siJon of T(yri EdA'anJ in 
order to cut off thir rciieflt of Bjir>royne, in whiih movrmcitt they b^d qutto aa 
etigagenient with a Wly of Indians ard Canadians. Aft<T th? Burr^nder of Bur- 
goyoi- bi- rcluropd htiiEii^ 

CkiUlr^n ty first teife, t. in y^vt StUcm. 

3»M BZEEIEL* h, 17 3Iny, 177«i d. 32 Mar,, 1780. 
+ 3^M R»t>jvv(N,» b. 2« JutL, 1780; tn. Syliil Ijimnnl. 

39^4 EzEKiEL," li. ^5 Feb., 1782 ; m, Mary Fricbet : be waa a ihip carpenter; 

bad DO ebililn^, but adopted Danii^l Warren Koltogg {^'l^t), eoa 

of bin Umthf^, Kmjitufi (4-39fi2) ; d. in Itobbi niton. Mr. 
39W DAXiEU^b, 8 F<fb^ 17?i4; m. ; tivei] MVoral yean; in Franco and 

became a dancinc; teacher: had aU children, all of whom d- of 

rbokn: he d, in New Solcnu 
3d5« Et-yiCE^^ \k I Har, 17tiG ; d. 6 Uec^ 1^94. 

3Dii7 akob* l 13 Oei., nsa 

■3553 Conow" b. 7 Apr., 1751; m. (1) Mary liolUna; (2) Anc« HaU. 
39^9 lUnN-AU,^ b. 27 Aug., 1T93; m, 13 Dee., 181$, Paul KUia; d. i& Xev 
Saleni, lS4a-l5; bad no cluldn^u, 

CtilSrtn ^y u^&Uii irt/e, c/f except Charlt^ and Juliett b. in S9w Salem. 
3960 KcKiCK* K » Anj?., 17EG; d. ^» Oct., 1798. 

3S<1 Em*,* h, 17 Fi*., 179ft; m. Arnlbaju Alli*n; ttba an itinerant miniBt^' 
in the Methodii;t Episcopal Church; d, in Alfrc^d, Mr,, SO June, 
1837; alic a. iu Littleton. 183*J^ bait no children. 
+3$$Z BaAimta,'* b. 15 Dec,, 1T99; m, Hannah Merrill Allen. 
-H^fi» Jou»*b. SI Feb-, 1801; m, (I) Clamda Kn^tmn: ("J) Ann Maal«\-; 

(3) Mary Kidd*r 
+35M Edwaid,* U « Dec., 180^; m, Dct*cy Wheeler Eaatznaa. 
-I-3K6 CuASLBS,* k in Uttleton, ^ An^.. 1»04 ; vx. Arathusa Webator. 
-|-S»6« JcLren,* b. in Lyotan, N. H., 19 July, 1811 ; m. Dnmoii Aldrich. 

14«. HAKNAH.'daB. of I>.*^kirt" (tn),b. in New Sakm. Maa*., 3lJaiu 
1?<'3; m. larael ItiebarcKm, b. in Nev Saleni^ 14 ICov.. 17G9, uw of Oapt laraat 
Bkbardaoan, b. in Kov Salem. t4 JaiL. 1736, and SniaitinA Forbn»h, K 14 Aug., 

}U d, 14 May, 1840; ah^ d. 14 Apr . t&lfi. 

Ui^ waa a famur; teau Co Woodstock. Vt, in 1781, and btcr to Fairfai^ 
mhttv both d. 



ChUdr^i, all emcept tht tldai b. in Woodstock. 

3ftk Richcrd^Gn,* h. in N«w Sakm ; m. ; ras. to Elgin, 

III; iL thei*, 1856. 
i#ra^ /^ Hich^rjU'^^'^ b. G Kch., 17^5; m. tiniMiuiA KtchftTdaoD, his 

cciiiir : 6«n-ed in tbo Mexic&n itaf ; bU «od wu CoL of tho Sixth 

Midiigan Rtg., and waa killed duing tlie vsr of the B«L«Ilion. 
if^HJamin HicA^rdi^n.* b. ; m- ; wm* is the nr of 1812 ; 

wmt in ifae battle of Tippecamw, luid^ G^n. WiDium Hcnr; Har- 

Wiliuim Ht<^ard$on^ U ; m. ; wm an officer in lli« wmr 

of 1812 ; w«« a Uwjer ; Wt Fairfax about Id?? oud vent lo W^lrr- 

bury, Vt 
Jfttfiiri ^ifAdT^on.^U 9Xov., 1j91; hl ■■ - ■ i wn*afarni»r^ rviL in 

Jiliia^eth fBeUey) RichartUcn,^ b, 1794; m. in FaiHax, 1 Jan., 1811, 

KTT<|prick En^bim!, K 1*1^9; tpm. to I>imhani, Cannda; Im d. 9 

Mar., 1878; tbe d. ^3 Feb,, 1863. 
5fMt^(M ihVAanbOfi," b. : after th« war of 181? ba went to 

Emict, X. Y>, and d. tb^n-; hi^ «a« a lawyer. 
Hannah Hichard*on^* b. 13 Apr., 1801 ; m, in Fairfai* IS Har>, 1830, 

Harry T. HoUim«; d. £3 Aug., 1S?E; he rem. from Fairfax to 

Elp^. IIL 

147L GILES CROUCH,' eon of WilliAm* (474), b. in Ambnit. £8 Sept, 
1733; m- in Worthington, Ma^. 18 FvU.. 1808. Euni<« Palmrr C<itlrvll, U in 
Worthin^rton, 6 Not., 1785, datu of Nicholaif CottrcllT o rcw)lutionary ioldicti bu 
in X«w LE>Tk1oii, Conn., and I.ydia Kinmv, h. in Proiton, Conn., 3 Ang^ IIBB, 
Hed. 4 1W..18^; »be i1. 19 Feb., 18fi4; both are buried in Bmrksrillf, 
He vaa a ihoemaker in Worthington- He waa fMied in New Saieu, 
by hia nxkde, JamM Holcon, He afterward lired in CnnuniQ£:ton and Woi 
Ion; fFBi. in f^*^, 1^^ to BnvkHnlkn. He •mm* a famit-r in Ohia 

Ckiidrmt, all rstrpt Aifmndtr U. h. in IForiAia^lna. 

+3»T5 >'nAvcta WiuaiM.* b. 30 31a). ISIO : m. KincliDC White. 

+3976 AixxJkNOEn Haheltox * b. in Camioington. 3 Sq>t. 1811; rl (1) 

Martha Ann Hohaea; <t> Martha J- On. 
1977 aiU»lIOLTOH*b.80Maj, 1S13; d. tn CNOmbna, 0.^90 June, 1&33; 

ht* vxi rviiurkabV for strength fof oih? of hk rcata. 
+3978 Ltoii MAiiA."b,8JnlY, 1815; m. Pr. Eli Boiac- ' 
<f3»79 JoitK Sidxbt" bu 7 Aug., 181T; m. Marr Aiui Dautia 
-hS^SO CnjiaLEaCAUotx"b.«8 Not., 1819; tn.\l) JaneB. BtephokMni; (t) 

Maria Ferrr. 
+3»81 GiDOVtt W«iui,'*b. ti^ Mar.. I8t2; m. Maria KliaWth Dooghia. 
+a>83 HncN MAtT.^K 29 Sept^l^A; bl (i) DvaaaoD Dartf <d> Ham? 

SttS Dahivl Vaui,** b. 15 Nor., 18t9; in Nor. 184», he M Hn York 

Catifionta on a vnad and w never beaid frnaa; ha wa« 

abh robust, and of a dUpodtkNi thai took pride in a «b4cal mdtf- 

itrtoot to hardihiii, danger oc pain ; vna uuil 

Trb Kelloocb in thk New Worux 


147S. BEXJAMIX,- «« of S«mii«r^ {47»}, b«|>- In New Salcn, lf9 Aufc-, 17:0; 
PerraeHa Tntk, of New $«I«m, h. M Jolf, 1779. 

ni! a. in B«tlcT, N. v., IG Nor,, leitiP. 

He Tftfl ono of the oArly »etU«rc of the to«m of Butbr^ ftiid «d roiit« thiUur 
ba<) liallt^ b1 Bnituiv N, Y. : vra* a famx^r in BiiU<-r 

4-3§JU WiLLiAV 8kow,* h. % £^pt., IftOO; m. Rt^hnvn TmbrLlgi' Bnrvitnr. 
+398S JoHi*,*' K 30 S«pu 1302; m- Kliialwth (Bctaey) Wc*tcDtt 
.-f 39^ Uakmjui,^ Ix so Apr., IbiM ; m. hi>r counio, GoniaUel SampaoD (4015). 
' '3ftOT ExnftiKXCE,* h. Julj, 1806; m, (1) SaibucI Brewster; (e) John 

•f39SS Ethan Bilunob,** b. U Oct. 1806; m. Sarah MatiltlH Mivn, 
tfrdd CiUKLCft Baknadas." bu 3 Feb., 1813; m, MftriciU Sopcr McKoon, 
-3990 Feruelia.>* b. 1 Sept, 1819; m. (L) Jolm Srvin Jones; (2) Charica 

+2991 CuzADETit (Bi:inT>,>b. 1 May, 1821; m. WillArd y<xk. 

i47S. SAMUKLJ eon of Samuel" {47o>, bap. in N\w Salcm. Ma^a.. 10 July, 
L971 ; m. 28 July, UVl, Siuannnh KiOlon, L in .New Sak^, 1 Uar., 1772, dau. 
James Fdtoit, bap. 8 OeL^ 1738^ Ami S«rah llolton, b. 13 Apr^ 173S. 
Sbc d. 3S Sept, 1^4G, ap<l T^ ; hv d. 96 May. 1S&9, ag«d 88. 
H* Tu a farmtr; rue in Nc-n Saltern, where both d. 

VhitdrtJt, b. in N&w JSaUm, 
+%^n James," b. 13 Jan.. I7?2; m. bUdL-lia DickinaciL 
+39W LccT Ssovf," b. 17&4; m. Aw Wilwn. 

+Z991 Joea?u,* b. ; in. {I) U&rgarct Sbipmaa; (S) Mrs* EmjncUno 

+3i»W SA«rKL." b, 1:97; m. lUrr Wat*oii, 

.39M Nascv," k ; m. (1) Duttou KcoTlron; (2) Charts Dod^ 

■3OTT Ha^SAfi PifiXAW • b> ISOC; m, NnUmu Wyi-tli. 
3908 t^LLY," b. 16 Aug., 1809; m. Dand Wyeth. 
-|-3»99 SiraAN,** b. 18 June, 1804; in, (1) Jo^ah Boamatt Karks; (2) WUUam 

F. Ilcmii:jfton. 

-f 1(KW Uknrt pAKTWDas,* b. Juotj, ISOfi ; m- Julia Wo^d Byrnos. 
4001 NAiJiAfllin.v" b. 1608; m. (1) E!uEa FuwKt; (3) ; d- b Tus- 
cola, ill., 21> June, 18^, iKi>d 51i: had no chiknoi. 
ItoxAVXA,* K 4 Apr, ISII ; m. Samud Wasbbiirn On^ntt. 
'4003 Eatitta Pitsam.** U SC Jidy. 1813; ui. AbmhaiH Kim^ltoti Ha»ki^. 
-h4l>1H FaBOBBJCX," b. VI Jan-f 1816; m. Klixabeth I'utnniTL 

U7< LUCY/ dan. of Sitniu-J* ( i7ft}. b, in New Salcm, Mae?,. 13 July. 1773 ; 
nt 7 Mav, i:ii-l. Ears Allen, k in VmnonC 1 OcC^ 1767, w>n of Eira AlW, b. 1 
Octp 1739. and Hi^bn Caiv. 

Hod. 21 JuDc, 183^; «be d. 30 Apr., 1^2, 

He va« a caqwuter nud farmer in BtitWr, H. Y^ 

4M5 FUtfT) UV:/(ifii J/;rn.^ h. in Jan , 1796: hl 31 Jan^ 18*2, Lmda AU*n; 
d. Id Dvc, 1633; rt% on his fath«r*e homc«tnid in Butlef. 


Tub KELLOoGfi in the Nku- Wonia 

400« Phube Allen,'* h. 10 Apt,, 17«S; <l, t May. *ani<- j«ir. 

■1007 Ifttphronia AUrr^^ b. Au^., 1799; m. 1 Jun., mn, Cht-^t«r EUenwood* 

a farm<<r in lloWp Wayne Ca, ^^ T, ; d. ^ Aug., i$G6, 
400d Jfuf} A;^i," U lii Sept.. IdOS; in. 1 Jui^ 1819, Italph Fuller: <l 19 

Auk., 1&37; he m. (S) Butari Ui^dnckA; he vtti a lAttnor in 

4009 Lucp Snvw Ailm,** h, in New Salem, 17 Si:|iL, IfW; m- 15 Jan,, 18W, 

LuciUK KLZenuood; d. !i:0 Dox, 11^^; hsi m. [2) tfaluU IMvu; 
was a farmer in ItoM<. 

4010 jtifCipiM J/^n,"l). mSuufftir»fieia.N.Y,,l£0 Jab.. ldO0;m,4Sept,18S3,,^ 

Charlii^ Shttrmnii; d. ; hi> tii. (?) CharJotU ItOM^ b«va»A 

fAntwc ill l&jiM^; tlit^ d. 1$ ViAt., 1S5S. 

4011 CA^Kw //ardin AIU«,' t>. m WoleoU. N. Y., ?» N^f., 1811 ; ra. « Sept, 

1837, MnriHtii I^ju^h; vjih a fnniirr fn BuIUt^ K. Y-, bat laUr n*». 

ia Lvoa*, K. Y.: d. 27 Sept, 18t8. 
401t ry«IA<tf Dwt^a AtUn.^ h. 1*4 Julj. J»H; d. 15 Aug., 18W, 
4013 f/EMndJb //urnVf X/Jfi^,** K m BntliT, 17 fVj^L, 1818; ttu S^l Due., 1838,^ 

JoIlu Calkins a farmer in WcaL Butler* 

ti75. SAItAH7 dm of 8atnud*> (4:fi), b. m Kev Sftkn, Muk. 17 June. 
1776; in. in Nuw Sal*iii, 6 Aug., 1793, IVUr Stmiwoo, tx in ShnMbnu^v iiojut,, 
XD Dix*,. 1772. ftm of IVt^^r Siuiipeoti. K in Tftnrit^m, M«m.. Ifi OcL^ 1747, mnd 

Elitabdh Porrv, b. in Sw&qbm, lUaa 

1U d. iu A4iron!, N. Y., 8 Dm., 1836 ; tto d. tkiw, 5 Dec., 1849. 

4014 ^onU f£«J/y> S^mp$om^^ b. in Neir Sttlem^ 38 ^^, 1703; d, 19 X^., 


4015 Oanu/iW 5ant|w>n.*^ K ia &hut<«buTy. 4 Uu-., 1795; m- 11 Oct. 1899; 

Uftunflh Kdlogg (+3986). 
401<E //sry ^^lUfE >'tfiD«;iMHi * K in Nrv fkl«m), 14 At^.. It98; m. 24 Jnlj. 
1817, CapL Kovtl UcKln^, of Nifv 8alcm; d. i& Okjaa, X. T^ ^8 
JOM, ]57t. 

4017 fio/^ ^!in>ip«i»«." b. in Sfavtaburr. 1 Uar.* 1798; m. t Jul/. 1818, WiV 
hun SohulUr», of Concord, Kri^ Co.. S. T.; d. in Ashford, 14 
UfeV, lt<:^>; bp u. <?) UinL-rra CothTm-n. 

4018 Smfford Ptrry SampronJ* b. in Sbutctbunr, 24 Apr-. 1800; d. uub^ ta 
Acfaford, 9 IVc.. I>(:f5, 

4019 2r«iuuib fiiMfvin.*' b. in SlintnibaiT. 10 Xkc^ 18«; m. Not, 1999, 
Tnunan Bviuli'V, of A«hfonl; d. 8 lk«., 18S|. 

«ttO JoA« Hmdmrn Stmfmm.^ k in ShtitM>tirr, 14 Mat. 180A; m. BUabe«h, 

(BflWT)Bon<l; d.iB Aahford. !> A;ir.. 18^; thei. in 


4a91fiiMMAmfM-*kiBSfaoMnn7.10UAx. 18M: v. 90 lUk, IBM. 
(X C Bi|c«lov, Af A^ord. 

M» niMtoH r#rT9 .<?mp«iii,« (l in SlivtntefT, 90 Jolr. ISU; m. S3 TA^ 

183S, Dr. Elnwdom Cbur IVrak. of .l^hfocd: be d. in 

Sprin^lb-. N. V.; dkr d. tn Asdom, N. Y.. n Fcfa^ 1843. 

dots jr«^ r^f #r ^StM^flo^^ b. in Sbtttfvterr, 14 Nut ^ 1813; a.aih»M»^ 
and vife* Be^ 1853, Tnunn tfeBck?, of .UJovd. 

Tub Kbixooqb ijs tus Nsw Wobuk 


1094 Jot^pK Puinam .Simju«n,'* b. xn Conccrd, 5 Xot., 1817 ; m- u ber nccoDd 
bofiband^ i7 Jin.. 1!:^^^ Marv Ann (D^goet) HalE««, K in Frftnlc- 
fort, N\ Y-, lA JuK, l^Iw, lUu. iif Ahrtbain Djgttt^ of AiJiruitl. \k 
19 Jkr^ i7d£, and lU&nuli Brodocb; he vta a rarmcr in York- 

4085 PtUr Monroe iSfliw/rwn * b, in Concord, 20 July, 181>; d- UDm., to A*!i- 
ford, 1 Mar^ 1$4£; vaa a Unncr. 

I47fl. HANXAH SNOW/ dau. of Semiirl* (475), K in New Silpm, Mn-jc, ^fl 
UaT.lTT?; m, (1) i:%, Joavpb Putuani, k IS Oct. nT3»*oii of Oeaooa Umel 
Patcam, b. IT-tS, ahtl Mar^- Gatuon, dau. of Bunjauiin GanMii. 

lie rl in XcT Salem, 1] JaD.» 181$ ; was an iankccpor in N«w Salotn, and 
jvwDod a mill And firm. Sltt ra. (4) in X«w 9almi. 17 Apr., 1811, Sylvanuj^ 
^Ward, a famwT, b, hi Orwell, Vt^ 6 May, 1758, toit of Ku^^Ih Wand, of Attwl, 
Uaaa., a&d Iiabcl Olkcr. 

He d. in Kev ^l«fn, l!i Mar.. UU ; aIm- d in North Orange, Maa«., 89 Mar, 
IfiAf), Agi?<t 90 7«nt and 10 mnntiia. 

4090 (/ttie; /'uijKjjH,^ b. S R«pt, 179? ; m. u Iter aorond bu«baad, Mra. Cath* 
ehnc (Uovd) Wcudoltt b. in Boston, 8U May, IHLU.dau. of liartin 
IJoyd, K in F-Jn^x, KnjjcUnd, HSS, and Abigail PTnwpomb, of Point 
Shirky, now Winthrup. 5!ai«; \\v went to Bo«lon vbca a young 
man ; wa^ a imuiL^ian ; d. in Boston, 3U Oct.^ 185(> ; woa buried on 
tlw rkiuft in N'ortb Ornii|EP, Mam. ; rii*' d in BoAton, l^t Dec., 18TK 

4087 Jfdnr f/'^iy/ Pti9nam,^ b. S5 Mar, 1800; d. anm.. 3 June, 18^. 

40W Wamn Pulnom,*^ bu 11 Aug., 1802; vrut krtl at *c?a: wa* Unm. 

4080 J70AjiaA Putnam.^ U 8 May, 1A05; m. in X?w Salem, 19 Maj^ 1S8^ 
Abi&l Barney Smith, »on of William Smith, of Tauntogi, Maaa-, and 
■ ■ Abi^rombw: bi* wa* a It'nt-'hvr, b. in P^thnm. Ma«., 1793; 
d, in Brrrimi Spring, Mich-, 18 Dw., 1841. whtrc h« titled In 
J83A; had oight children; ahem. (?) in Berrien Spring, £!£ Jaa, 
1843. Oi^i^r^r E^fkk, ii. in Chnnibrr>bur{C. Pn., 16 Snv., tSH, aoQ 
of l>and tlakk, b. in Adam» Co., Pa.» and K«cbc] Runyon, b. in 
Albany^ N. T. In I83fi he r^m. from Bedford to BvrHen Spring: 
d. 8» Mar, IM4 ; *hc m. (3) in Winchwto-, N. IK 19 -'"nc. 130C. 
Sunaor Fntnan, a merchant, b. in K«v Salom. 11 Oct, 1^03. ton 
of Daniel Putnaitu b. A Max-, 1758, and Polly Putnanu b. in Dan- 
vcrt, MaaiL. 18 \\tg.^ 1765; ^e d. in Clnrcmont, N\ II.. 1 Apr., 
18R^; he bad pr^ou^Ty m, 80 Apr^ 1888, Man' Rtizabeth It««d; 
<8) 5 OcL, 1835, Mam Silbr Brown; bt- ha» Wn onr of Hiv «»I«f- 
mm of CUrt-mont ; be wa« a Kq^raicntativc in the Lcgjalaturc and 
JuMirp of thp Penjre. 

403f> Bxperit^fv Pa/nam * b, 7 July, ISOT ; d. affcd about 8. 

4031 Brnfanin Gosjon /'uCnjm.* K Fob., IfilO; m. in North Oranj^. 83 
?k[ar.. 1830, Salvia Smith, b. in Orange, IT Auj^., 1810. dau, nf 
Mooed Smith, h. in Warwick, 15 Auj:., 1T£1, and Joanna Goodell, 
L 18 XoT-, 17A7; Iw waa a farm(»r and boM-Voeper in Ortngo, 
1841-416; i:k Warwick until 1808; wa* an iimW^ir-r. mt'nJiant and 
farmor Ifai-rc; rvni. to Gnmd Rapid*, Mich., wh^rv be did not cn- 
^1^* in lu-tit-n boiunnw; d. Id Jan,, 1877, in Grand Bapidi; had 
t«& children. 



4033 Jowfih KtU^^g Pufiuim,' b. 10 Maj, 1R12; in. in North Om^ 80 
Jiinc, isac, Sophia Baricr BisLop, li. in Troy, K. H», JD Jmie^ 
iai4, daa of C*apL Fr*3«tOQ Biahop, K 10 Jan., 1792, uxl Plivbg 
FrMt, b. S^ Jao., i;K; b; d. Si Jui., ISGG; «Vfl h mechuik in 
North Oroc^ 

ChUd hjf stc^nd hiahaitiL 

4033 SoplroniA AtUn Ward,* b. 31 Jan.. 1815; m. in Orai^, 19 Nor, lfi33, 
Humphrey t^mitb, b- in Wmrwkk, 21 Kor., 131I> soq of Duojan 
8initti, of Orongo, and Hftunah Albee; ic«. in Ortnge^ in 1857 ui 
MitJdlcLurj, Vl.; in 18til CmiiLmlgv, Musn.; iii 18A3 CfaicMgo; hc 
TM a cattle broker; «h€ d. m Chicafco, S3 May, lOOfX 

U77> DK NATHANIEL,' son of SamooE* (475), b. in Kev Salam, Uaaa, 22 
Jnly, im ; m. m Rrook^dJ, MitUL, So 18(M. Sarah St««wU, k b BraokfieM, 17 
Oct, 1786, dau- of David Stowdi, of BrookflcJ<], U If (t» as<X Bluabctli Hioitiia, 
b. 1760. 

aie <L 4 IW, 1854 ; he d. 15 Jam, 1858. 

He pnicbccd m^liciDi; io Ncft- Solcm until he rem. to Cajaj^a, N. Y., aboot 
1813 ; eerved aa a mrgcoo in the m-ar of IStS. 

+4034 Eumu,** b, 10 May, 1803; lu. Thomas /amea Whitioi:. 
+4035 Kali-ii,^ b. 9 Nov.. 1807; ni. li<<bucca Blake Woodward. 
40341 AiJtrHT ri4i,i,^Ti\,^ K 12 July, 180^; v^t lo the RcfiaUk of Tricxii 

and ^v&a kilM there by the Indiana in 1B30 ; wa6 nam. 
4037 Kuii,« U 31 Jalr, 1812 ; m. Geer^ S. Whitn«y, h. 25 FHi,, 1810; too of 
Dr. Jonathan auil DoUy (Smith) ^VhitDCv; d. H X<vf., IdlH; 
hadiwfihildrea; he m. (2) S4 FeK. 1870, Mrs. Shod* Hood; he 
d. in C«niinii. la., 3! Oct, 13S4. 
+4038 PcUA," b. 30 SqtL, 1816; m. (1) David Lcvi» Ford ; (2) Hotr; Wiaj. 
■i^O^ KBKsezBfi,* b. 20 Apr., 1S18; m- Maria Bcrdett. 
404A Ru^aKTH,'* \k 9 Apr., 1821 ; d. onm., in JnAmo. MkK, 1884. 
4041 CoiufKUA* b. 13 ikpL, 1SS3; m. fi8 Aiv-. I^f Saybrook Lee, of Can- 
UhityX. Y.: d, 15 Tth., 18&8; h^ va« kilM in th« battle of the 
WildevTMM. 6 Mar. 1864 ; had no childTUi. 
+4042 HaKIT* bL 12 Apr, 1826; m. Maria LccPttia Slooptf, 

1481. WARRRX/ ivm of SaniiMl« (47.5), K in Ktv Salem. Maaa. 30 Dec, 
1805; m. T Nov.. 1838. Mdim Peck, b. 14 Apr., 1817, dan. of AnthoDj Peck. L 
ID Briatol, Conn., 19 Mar., 17%f6, and Maxy tiranebt, k in ManbMOr Conn., 1 
JnlT. 17«S. 

" He d. 30 !>«., 1876, Hia »eTeal7-firfll birthday. 
In I^IG, vith hit pamtt. hi* rvm. lo San^ferMd. K. Y.; in May, 1837, to 
ChittenwDgo, \. Y. He wa» a fanner, llr cotumcDflxd hU bnjiincM aut«r n 
poor man; be had frrval indu^ry. rnrr^ and oxeevttre abUltieii was iatot«lcd 
in «<tabli«bing ihw Union School in ChiUfMungn. 

+4043 Saaai! Mixi^&a.' b. 8 Jane. 1840; m. Prirr Walvrath. 

404 1 CATaouNE Axtxu," b. 14 Due, 1)^5 ; d. in San^eriMii, 23 Oet, 1648. 



4H5 Elli Uabia,^ b. n S^t, ISIS; m. 15 F<*b., I»n6, F«t«T WalvraUi, ot 
ChittrnAngo, ttho had prrvum*!}' tn. hrrr »Klj*r, fUnti; luid no 

40l6 CnjALEB WAUUty," b. 23 Jad,, 1852^ d. in ChittcDUigcv Z Apr., lB6du 

1482: DANTET. FISK,^ sol of Samuet^ (47i»), b. in K«w SnlE-irt, Ma».> 12 
S^pu, 1»07 ; in. in Nidiob, N. V., IS Xcv^ 183^ Kmily Dunham, b. in Madi^n, 
N. Y., 10 Jan., 1814» daa of lr«ftc Ptinham, of Sttltwator, N'. V.^ k 5 Aug., 1782, 
ejod Sarab Alltilou, b. i:; Oi'L, lT9i, a d**c<incbtnt in the eeventh geucradou fiom 
Imte AUvrton, of ibc KAyliower. 

Hed ID Chitt*iiango, N". Y., 11 Aj>r., 18fi4; *»hr il. 3 M*r-, 1883. 

He «u a coaitnc'tin-, uid od« of the iinn th4t built the locks at little Fall^ 
K- T- He hdd vovonl local Effficm and in 1864 vm« t member of the New Yotk 
AnenUj. After he left MasmcbuHoltn he ^\v*-<] tnr h tiizii> in T^Mton, N. V. 
Alter hie mArriaj^ be willed ia ChiUenaoj^cv. HiB aoo, CharK-*^, live» oo the 


+4Mlf OwWGE,^ K ia Sandy HilL N, Y- 40 Oct. 1837; lo. Finance Wood* 
-f4fH8 Ciuhlbb^a b. in Mindcn, N. Y^ 4 Dec., 1S3U ; m. Ann Klhnbetb Moody. 

1461 EXPERIESCE (EXPKEDY)/ dan, of Samnfl^l* {47fl), b. in N*w 
Salem, MawL. 18 Apr, Iflll; ra. U Sept.. IS?^. Arana* Livermore, h- in San- 
>tcrficld, N% y., 3C Au(i., 1603, «0D of Dunicl Livcrmorc, b. about 1772, and Sarah 
(StllT) ^ b. about 177fi. 

&h« d. SO IW. 187$ : \vi A. m Siugerfield, 9 Hnr., 18T5. 

B« waa a lann«r in Satij^rfinld- 

4(M9 S^tMh Fntm^ lirermor^* b, in San^rfcld, 2 July, 1830; m. 14 Ooi, 

18l7r William OrliLiidu (iurtoii; he wHi' a farmer in Sangeritdd; 

had two children. 
4060 SUtn Amttia Livermitr^,^ b. 1^ F«b,, 183!e ; tn. 11 Oct., 1853, Columbna 

Khji-U*- Hhundea; hi- waaa fnnrier in HuhbnrdpviUf, S. Y.; abed. 

in l':«t Hampton, N. Y.^ 21 Sept, 1S©3. 
40fil /Vonrw Litttmore? b. 20 Aug,, lftS8; d, %% Aug.. 1833. 
4062 /rrMi3?-4foiia4 Z4t-itrmon-,"b. 30 Hft_v, lfi43: m. U Oct 1870, Ellrn 

Rofalta Clark; vrae a farmrr in Sanfccrfield. 
4053 Dt TFiH C/iiif^i /.it^rworf • b, 1 Junt, 184Ji; ni- ST MaT>, 18fl7, Ella 

Bajtis; waa a farmer in Son^-rCelO. 
40M Rom Btit Livitrmtfr*,^ b. 2b Aug., JS:^1 ; m. IT Tith.^ 1889, Bolivar Leon- 
ard Webb; be waa a meclianic in Wt«t WinCeld, N. Y. 
4055 George KtlUtff^ Liv^rmore!^ b. 31 July, IbS-l; d. ^ Auf^,, 1854. 

1481 SABABJ dau, of Samoel" (4'?8). l> 16 Aug., 1751; ra, in Weslfidd, 
Mi«a.. by Rev. Jolm 3nllAntiD«, 17 Sept, 177?, Aabex Socket, b. 13 Apr, 1748, 
mn at tknW\ Sneket, K iu Wtvtdktd, 14 Aug., ISdd, and Mary Weller. 
Shed. 14 Atig.» 1941. 

405« /-Otrir^fJ »Wt^t « b. 21 Dot, 1778, 
401i7 8<mh (Aallg) Socket* h. 18 Apr^ 1774. 

4068 Mary fPe^yy) SacMJ* b, 4 May, 1775. 
4U£» ShubtKt ^fick'L't? K 4 Octn. 177», 

4IJI10 /7yjr*™/; ,'*«rlvr*' h. 10 Of-L, ITSI- 

40C1 JprwAo Satlei.^ U 16 OcU 1733- 
4062 lUnry SarkH:* Ix 1 Apr, 1785- 
40fi3 /JflBiHi .^flrt^f,"* b. ft Aug., IT8B, 
406i A^er ^'*^U^" b. lU Mar,. 17S8. 
iOG5 Jnrt^rr SaiM.'^ ^- 1790. 

1485. RIIODAJ <i*Li, of Saiuud* (473). b, S^ Not., 17M: »»- 10 Oct. 1771, 
Abnrr Sa^il, k U Oct., K&l, wjii of I)anic4 SackH, b. in WcttAdd, kUo., li 
Aii^-, IfiflS, and Mary "Wrlli'r 


40fi6 A'floft 5flfi<^i,« U S3 Jrb.. 1778. 

4067 Cferww Sticket^ h. ^6 Oct., 1775, 

406ft -Vflftry SockH,^ b. SO Sept.. 1775. 

40Bd /3or/fir 5da:ef • K 25 Nov.. 1777. 

4070 J/tffy r^«^'W ^fl'''^■*^'^ l>. 50 Dec., 177ft, 

4071 Anna SarkfiJ* K 1 Mnr.. 17S5. 
407S Bt^imd Sat^ktt/^ h. SI Mar,, 17S7. 

14S6l TRTPHENA/ (3au. of Saiiiud* (478), b. U Mar.. 1758; m. 10 Dec., 
ItSO. Samuel Ront, h. in WretticU, Ma^*., 1749, eon of Martin Boot. 
Shed. OOel., 1»I5; he in. (2) Hanrah ■ i 17 May, 1817. 


4073 TriphenaRcct^^h, 1781; m. Riihu Otllott 

4074 Samtid Uoot** b. 1782; d, 13 June^ 1817, 

4075 Mary (Polly) Ifooi,^ h- 1786; m. Aim Chaffoa 

4077 Jamf^ Wofl^." h. 1789; (L IS Nov., IfiOS. 

4078 VUrUfC RoQi^ h. . 

4079 LucinU Hciii? b. 1796; m, AWah Alkina. 
Ama Spphio HtioU^ b. 1801; d. 1839. 

4081 Johfi Root.^h. IftOl, 

14$t. GLIJ 40T1 of Sainit«l<* (478), b. 1778; tiL Nov., 1805, Grflc« Hog^ra, b. 
19 July, 1789. itnJ. of JonntlmiL Rogvn^ of Wc<tGi4(lj M»Kt 

Hcd. 15 July, 1854. 

H« r«m. fn I7d7 from W^Etfclr^, vlth the Bogen and Stepb^ns fftnaU^ to 
LowrilLcf N. Y,; rra. in Adnm^v N- V. 

403? Mary * b. 3 IK'C., 1806 ; m, 7 Sept., ie:i8, C. J. Frank, b. 21 J*n., 1800 ; 
i\. 7 I>p., 1872; n-n. m ,Ad«m5. 
-1-4083 SvivESTQt," b. VI JaD., 1808; m, LrdtA Irene Ocny. 
-|-4«M Sophia," U. BS«pt, 1809: m. Silas PoUii 
4085 ttowuAXD,** U 3811; m- 1*1 Oct.. 18-12, SofhroniD DoicUdcr. b. 8 Oct, 
1823; d. ^ Sept, 1^8; bad bo ^Idren. 



tBLiii.**b.dUc4;-, IS14; m.22JtD^ 1830^ NoniiOEi Wood, b. 21 Feb., 
18UH; ree. in Ad^me; hud no chiMrt-n. 

l+lOeS Pambi^." b. 38 iior., IBtiS; tn- S. JI. i'utriek. 

<06» EU3UBEXH (BsiKET)* U 13 Nov,, 1^23; m, ai Jun-, t858, Olwr 
9to!ir, 1j. Jcike, IBld; <1. 13 OcL. 1^71; had no cbiEdrcn. 

lOSW Rebecca •b.lS^4; m. 30 Dpc, Ifrll, Luetu*«akc«; <1. 25 Apr, 18-19. 
+4091 JiusFiTE Ansa* l>. 14 July^ W3fi; m. GnstAva* A, Sccrtilk, 

14B9. COTTON/ wn of Gad« (480), b. 2Z Doo., 1753; m. 3 Mar., 1T91, I^dla 
WilliamiL, dau. af Katbauicrl M'lUi&uas and Iph; Smith. 
They re*, in Watficld, ^dw. 

He iTflti a i-oUlicT in the Tt*vt-)Mir>n : irrvori ns n priTfltt in Cfipt. Morgafi'a Co,, 
SO Jiui. to 1 July, 177^ : ^l^lAchiA from llampshiiv and Worca»t«r Co. Be^. to 
l^OAfd rtonn It BrookSofd hikI SpriDgficId. 

40S3 EuwAHy»* h. It^l ; il. tinm. in VTi^lM.l 

405»3 Clajli," b, I« Sept, 171*3 ; ra. in Ifilfi, Ira Yfouiajia ; rce- in Wcstadd. 
A0^4 LiiciucTiA,^ b. 15 B^t., 1795; m, Guy Tinker* iL in Wegtfidd, 1865; 

iv«. in Oqunkwa, TIL 
4095 duBLBS.^ b. May, 17»8; ree. in Wostflold, where he d. imm., 16 Xk<^, 


4O0G WuxiAM RiL}:\%'' h- Jan., 1801; m- Lydia Ann NoTthrup* of Albaay, 

N. Y. ; ree. in Wciittldd: hod no cbUdi-Fn. 
40M CttAiuAn-ivJ* b- Ajir., 1&04 ; kh, Ui Wi^fipUl ; d. umu., 2fi M*y, 1373. 

1496, DANTEIv «" <>' <i«'l< <480), b. 2-1 Dlh;., 1753 ; m. . 

He VAf A rcvi>I«tionflry iwldirr; m."rv(*d in Cipt Siniact Thrnll'* Ca, CoK 
lUrtfn Will^ffc R^g. on tht? Mohavk Ri\«r, Aug, to Nov,, 178K aTid vas diemiaeed^ 
IfiO inib'fl from hoaxf, ftfrred umk-r Ca|>t. Kellogg, Col. Mosvlj'a Itc^^'-; nmrclicd 
bj ordi^r of l^ng, iirn, SanUcreon. Rem, to l'cnn*ylvani-t and d, 

+4Wd ALVA,**b, ; in. . 

-HO»J Haetey.*' b. — 

4-4100 HlTLDAlI,* b. — 

-t-4101 Rliia • b- 


-; m. Noah Sp^ilding. 
ni- Eaion. 

UOOl deacon JOHN,v MO of Ephmitn* ^503), b. in Amhcnt, Muta., tS 
Srpt,, K*J2; m. (15 Sept,, ITfiA. Koxnnna Motlcon, b. 31 Aiig,. 17flfi. dau, of 
EbeDc3»r Matiooj], of Anili^rrt, b, 'Jl Di^., 17"<(0, and Sarah Alvord, b. V Mar., 

BIw d. d Sept.. 1801; be m. (S) ?(1 Jirly. 181^ Mr», MartlA (Bcldon) In- 
gmiit b. 71 Jttly. 1770, d&u. of Dnoon Hozr>kiAh Bt-Mcn, of AuJiL>rtit, b, £ July, 
ITSS. and HarlKa Firld. b. l^2ih nii<} wid<iw f>f Or^rKh'kin Inent'ti, nf Ainbcrift, 
Sb« d. 10 lUy. 18:^7 ; be d- ti Pre,, IH^ll ; both arc bvricd in Nortb Amheret 
He vaa a fanner. Th^ "8c«rt Farm,'' where h& Uvea U now own^ by 
Joflina llcctL lie ii dtacribod Od a tall rrcct man, vith dark bair and black rye«. 
of impoaing poraonal fl|>p<aiu>c«. Hie mfc bad bUek eyei and bairj aa iMd all 


Tux KsLLooos i}r xas Niw Woaux 

tbcir childno, onxpt ELmmt. Be va« appointed dcttoon in Etet AmfaenC ' 
Not,, 1824 ; wu oim of Uw Aoloctnuai of Amliont, ISOLDS; vfti ft ntolntloBat/ 

CAiMrdn, t. m Amherst 
4*4101 JoH-i A20W,^ b. 31 May^ 17S6; ol {!) Harriet Na^; (9) JnlU Ano 
iltjirAnl; (.1) Mr*. Amic Stou^hton Dirkinioa. 

4103 A SoK,** b. and d. 3t Jan.* l;s8. 

4104 A Dadohtio*," iwin U> wwi, b- aiu! il. 31 Jan.. ITS*. 

4105 JoASKA* b, 4 Jno.. irftl*; m. Jo«Th KcIIok^ (+1534). 
-(-410fi FttrPKXCB Alvokd,^ I, 7 Feb., 17V1; m. f^aicuel Jfticof. 
4-410T Emkahhtu Cl-xw," k 2T Apr.. !7Sfi; in. Ttlmmar triJiikfj. 
+4108 Hoxi^ Mattcws » L ^1 Dec, 1707; m. Cnpt- William Field. 
+4109 F-i-EAKEn* b, Lfi Mar,, 1800; m. Sally MoCloTid Robert*- 
+4110 Qtillmax." h. Z\ Mav, 1802; ih. IJarrultc WaJker. 

4Ul U«Sfa¥,» b, :U Mar., 181)4; d. 1 Uet., IWl- 

4119 CiURLKiK* twin to Tli-nr^p b. 31 Mar., 1804 ; d. 16 Apr., IdOS. 

150L ELECTA,' ^au. of Ephraim^ (^03), b. in And:crrt, 6 Aag., 1764; m, 
Hvaret a« lua e^cond ^A^ife, 15 Jan., 1739, Di^acoQ NatiutuK'l Bauk;s of HarwkJi, 
MaM, b. 3 Oct>» 17G0. Ho tiad m, 4 1 ) tu Barro, U:^ Jan,, 17»:j, Mary Adaou, wbo 
d. 29 Juno, 178fi, kgt-d 33 ymv am! f^ montJiA. 

He d. in Now Sakm, Mas»., 13 Mai.. 18^7 ; 1» bune£ in PnaooU, Uaao.; 
ihe d. 7 Fob.^ 1813 ; 10 buriod tn X«p Saltern wmtlfry, 

Ilr was a cnrprnt^t and r»rnif^ In N'orlh .Xinhcnd; rem. to Ni.'w Salem, 31 
Jan., 179&; tforvcd in tho rfirolutionarj army three months in Rhode Idiand, in 
Capt, Deiler*! Co., and aIx months in Bbodi^ Island, under Capl. XewdL 
JajL, 1799. 


4113 A Dovghter.* L aud d. 12 Mar.. 1790. 

4114 ^far^ Hangn,^ h. itt .\nibcrxl. £1 Mnj". KOt ; m. Aodn^ Nrwidi; he roa 

n farm(>r in Ainborat; rem. to Fresoott, whare h<* wae ooa of the 

*.>lccti;ien ; he d. in PresL-otl, II Mar., \»7t : «\\f <A. 4 Mar., 1843, 
41U AMphujs tim^." b. ai ScpL, 1792; m. 24 Dpc-, 1817. Jlaij BcoU; d. la 

F^ Ro>\ N< Y^ U Jtuk«, 1879. 
411ft Sarah (SaUy) Banus,' h. 8 Juui-, 1794; d. nhnu in X<?w Salem, SI SepW 

It^IiS ; she ItviHi with Imr fatli«r in New Salem. 
4n7 F;*citf fldns7**b. fl Hop,, 1795; m, a^> Mar, iW'jn. Alphas Thomaa, K t 

Apr.. 171^7, son of Amo« Tbomaa, of Ilan]wiclu Maa».. b. 6 Apr^ 

1746, afid Eunicu Banj^; be waa ■ merdiant tw^ty-firo joara; 

lat«r a farmi^r; nhv d. 27 Ri^pt, ISfiT, ar>d i** buried in S^w Bakcm. 

4115 NManiei B^ngs." h, U July, 17S7; d. nnm, 21 Nov.. ISSl; waa a 
farmer; Uv^d uith hia fatht^r in N>v Sakm. 

4119 ^cvJ £onyj."b.inKcn- Salem, s:i Auk., 18i}2; ni, 90 Nor., 1824, Minerta 
Haakina, b. in New Salom, G Aug., 18U1, dA\L of Luke Uaakioa* of 
Preacott. b. 11 (k^t., 1770, and Mary Cnimet*. wbd d 6 Mnv, IfttJ; 
•be d. 1 Jttlf, 1^64; h^ lived with hiv ftthor in Ncv Siilcm until 
1897; he waa a famiirr in Prpiacntt uirtil Apr., l^^S: he laler re*, 
in Atbol. Maaa. Lnlcc Ilaakini waa the mu of JctHrpb Haakiiu, wbn 
d- «8 Oct, Ism a^ HO, and Mary — — -, who d. Aug., 1841. 
aj^ 101 yt^TH and II mantluL 

Tas KxLLOOoe ix the New Worux 


laOt KPHHAJM,' *on of Kphraim* (503J, b, in Anili^ffl, 15 June, 176*>j m- 
7 Apr., 17S>1, Manha Smith, b. 21 Oet^ ir«9^ d»u. of Dn^id Smith, of Amhcnrf, 
■nd Munr Warner, 

H» d, «S Oct., Ift47 ; tbo <t 28 Fib,, ISfiO. 

The^ Mil, Ui WejLirtJgj^ Vl., m lSo2, and iu 180$ lo Le Roy» Gcawwc Co-, 
N, V. 


-HltO AsiOAi^^ b. $3 Jnlj-, 1799; id. Daniel Dpw<>^ Cookfr 

4in SAUAft.** L 7 Juiw, 1794; ni. Cboder Lyinan; 1 8 FeU. 16C9; tud five 

-1-41^2 SMtTH* b. 8 Aug,, 17flfi; m, Siiftan Mnnn-flnng, 

-Hlt3 UiLO.*« b. H &ept, irOd; m. (1) Eouly Bdl; [£) Urn Maty (Muabatt) 
415-1 ELFrTA.' b. 7 Sqit, 1^01 ; li voiing. 
+4135 HoiLLCK,** b. 3 Apr., t8(M ; m. Electa Haakiae Fonuvortb. 

1603. KSTHKItT (Iau. oi FphraiTii" (5011), h. id AmluTnl, t Ukr^ ITOS^ m. £1 
Dec.. 17Sfi. EUjaU Pronty, of Graoville, S, V, 
3h* d. 24 Axi^., 1799. 

4l8ti JaMtfr Prouly,'* b, . 

41«7 tf irwM Pfi>ii(j« b. , 

4188 ^ Son." b. , 

IBW. ELIJAH/ bon of F-phraim" (5n3). b. 17 Mar, ItTfi; m. Hmmfth H*T- 
rick, b. 3 Sept., 1777, dftei. of hmd Hcrridc, of Pr«lcn, Conn., K 3 July, 1750. 
ftod Rnth Tmcy. of Norwicb, Conn- 
They rva. in Lc Roy. 

4199 AOmiJi.^k : d. £3 Xot^ ISOL 

-1-4130 Fbxemiv Trict,'* bap. in Amherst. 20 Feb., 1803; m. (1) Mdinda 
Mycm; (2) r)<jUy Ollftiro; (3> Jam? D. Daria; <4) Mm. Mnry 
(lAvton) Baker. 

4131 EujaqJ* b . 

-t-4X^ lsft\r-L IlKnkicx.'* b. 2 Au&. 161$: m. Julia Malvina Allen, 

4133 Maky Anx » b . 

-1-4134 JtTLiLS C.,** k U July^iaid; m. HAnnah M. Wlddindd. 

4135 JeUA U.." ItLa to Jijliua C, b. 12 July, 1816. 

413fi HAimOTB^^hL -. 

1000. EU8HA,*90iiof Ephrftiin''{503),b.m Aiiihctt(.jrMw.,1778; m. Sd 
[Uar., 1803, Abl^il I^vwnci?. b. in Cnnaan, Cocil, 13 Dep^, 1779. 

He d. in Malon^, N. Y., in IBOrt. 

Ho P«B. frofn Amherrt to W<>j'hrid^, Vt, I8fl2; to Malooe, N- Y., 1818. 

Hr WK« II faniii^r, ^arpt^nt^r snd Joiner in Malone, about threv miln vtitt of 
tbe nlla|:c, vbcrc his daa^ Mtn. Loonard BicJmcU. tcm. 

41^ Wix-UAif Laiv^skmce,^ b. 2 Jnno, I80t; m- S7 Mat,, 184^» Cornelia R. 
Wivd ; d. ui Maloife. t July* 1846. 


Tdb RKLtx)G04 IX TUB Nkit Woittp. 

'1130 Omizs H4ST[NQ»," t. 29 Dec., 1810; wwaetodait in AnUi^nt Colk^ ; 

tL<ft on ft«coiuit of poor hoalth; d. imni.. in JlnloDe^^ 
<I140 Emmkunk^^U, 3 Junr, 1^13; m. Ij^onnrd Bickncll; hjul m-vcq cbiMnn. 

1500. J0I;L7 boc of Kphraim** (503), b. in Amhert*, ¥9 Job*, 1780; m- 4 Oct, 
hS04, Klmlirlh Al^vuTT<W, of Doerflrid, b. 18 Uar, ]rd£, ilnii. af Jottcph Aloi- 

AcJf r, of Wliatelx, Mt^ Sarah , 

Sbi- ± o Hfi|>t, 180;^; be d, in Ambcrot, 43 June, 1BS7. 

CAticJrrm, A. iti /tm/ienf; fini four hajr. in the ^dcond Church of Amktni^ It 

-MHI M^RiA." K IS F«b-, ia05 ; m- Jomce Jones. 

414? Lawsok,** b. S3 Dee., 1807; m, Uubburd GriftwoR of BcDnn, Vt 
-M14a ALMTRA^b. £9 Au^., 1810; m, Naihnn Olney. 
+4H4 DaTEB.'^K 10 Jon-, 1813 i m. Miirv Town*^. 
-f414a E«T][Ka HASTixofl," b. 2t Sept., 1»$15: m. L^eicn Moro rdortt. 
+414fi JoANWA,' K 33 Aug.. 1813; dl John Picrw- 

■H-IT EufiBFTn,*^ ba|X 11 Nov., istfl; 0. Itf Aup., 183e, 

15ia WAn^TlLr^' ^n of Kphraii»<* (WW), b. in Amhmt, 19 S^pt, 1781; 
tn, (I) in New Hftven, Vt. Olive Aehley. 

8b** fl, ; he m, {'i) h Teh., 1813. Submit Blod^ifPtt, of Amhert, h, I 

J11I5, nrtn, ^nii, of Dnviil Rlotl^.t, k ? OrL, n'iri, jiih] MAr^Tyt SroU, b. 2$ 
Aug., 1760. 

She d. 19 Fcb^ 1815, In Ncv Haren, Vt.; be d. 18i7. 

CAOi ^y fir$t in/<-. 

+*H8 AAiiLtr H.." b. ; m- Mn. Mana (I'dton) . 

Ckildrm hjf trconJ ttife. 
+414!* Olttk CoLuireiA.." b. 1-1 Ih^., IS13; m. F^ward RTatfhm Halt. 
-I-tl.'^O l<:i»vri74 rotwcLu^ b. in Xov HAv«n, %0 Jan., 1817; td< Muia A. 8M- 


-I151 A Child." b. 4 Aoff., 1810; d. C Ang,, mme T«*r. 
4I5S DAvri> Bloikjett,^ b. 8 TVc-, 1880; d, «o Marl, 1883. 

1514 DOROTHYT d«n- of Mariin* (5f>4), b. In Amhent. UatfL, 30 ¥«., 
17T4 : m. in Amhcrrt, 1T06, CbettcT Hubbard, b. in Amb4Tv4, Jan., 1773, aoo of 
1«aac Hubbard, b. 6 Jan.^ 1730, and Snhmit Qnv*^ k 7 Jaiu, i:3l. 

She d. 7 1^>bc, 1846; be d. in Wilnungtou. Vu 27 Jan., 18M). 

lie vo« 4 «ho?7iialccr; nnu from AmiKnct to Vr'thninj^on, in tbc vprir^ of 


ChiUnn, a/f ri^rctpi the eldcH h. in WUmin^ton, 
4163 Itarrut UtMard^ L in Ambent. Jan.. 1800^ m. Jaiu. 18St, John Ran- 
dolph; a fonnfr; <L Oct, Isr^G^ 

4154 Bfhi KdUt^g liMhh^rd?^ b- May, 1803; m. Sii^n Henkv; d. et Feb., 

1868; ««ea farmerandeboemakerin Bntlli-'horo, VL 

4155 Aonnjra Hvbtttrd}^ b. 18 Sept^ 1805: d. 15 Jul, 18se. 

41fi6 ^orocf Jfsrfin i/dkbonJ* b. Si Sept. 1608; ol 80 Apr., 1832, Mott 
Bcauiard; w a aboemakcr in WiltaingtuL 

Tub Ktllooos is TtfK New Waili^. 


■415T FrtderirJ^ Gretff //uiriarj,* h. 31 Aiig., ISII; m. June, lfl:5C, AmlU 

Uorgaji ; «&» a fanner id Uoltfiu. Vt 
4J6S OMrye Crvd?^ i/ii^6«>vf,* b. IT Apr., 1S15; ta. 1€ Jnius 1^0, Sfllono 

D, Orti^ni-; vnn a farmer on Uitr nM buinecfUttU, iu W)liuivgti>lL 

1016. UABTIN/ Bon of ilartin* <5iU), U Id Amhoret, lAntA, s: Oct, mS; 
m. :il OtTt, 1791^ Hiuinah Ha^iin^ L 15 Jao.^ ITSO, duu, of Thitaiaa Ha«tiaea^ 
of AmhonI, b. ^0 llav, KlC, and Hannah fiilUnjr*, b. 15 l-Vb-, 1719. 

He d. 1-* Apr, Iftflfl; ibe d. 4 May. 1871, ag^ £H. 

He was a famur in JlailJcy* ^hcrt both d. 

Ckildrt»r K in ll^dtty^ bap. in AmhersL 

'*151> STIUJiAV.'* k n Mar.» IHOIJ; d. 3i> An?., 1801. 
-j-41fl0 Fanny," k S-l Si'pt, IfiOl; itl Tl«<idorv Paaca 
•HKl I-ucT," L 15 IVb., 1303; m, Bradford Bfint!cy. 

«6e Ln>u^* b, 18 Mat, 18O0 ; m, t9 Oct, 1*34, Ffanlclii) Rich, of Xrw 

+41«3 Klijia* J>, is July, ISW; m. Uvis l-rtpreUlo Dmptr- 

-Hl«4 LoKKKlo* b. 17 -tnlv, lAOfl; m. FRTinv Jnnw. 

-H165 Stillman," K es StV^-- 1^*11 1 n»- Sybil Wo<«lbtii>' Ha^tinga. 

41CI» MAKriN'.** b. C Pro., 1813; d- 2d Jan., 1S17. 

4167 Hannah Cstor kek* b, '2S Feb., 181fi; d, 2S Apr, 18^. 
-HlfiS Mjiby* b. IJ* Aug,, :&IS; m. JofPCA Coffran. 

-|-4I'^^ IliKairr Nbwicij,* b- Ifi June, 1821 ; m. Jonas Humphrf^ WinlL-r, 
-HITO Martua Ceocof>*^ U 1 May, 18*5; m- Charles lUary Dicklnaoa 

IBIT. nK\" RKT^\,^ mn nf MaHin' (.VM), b. m Amb<T*l. Zl Ai:if-, nflO; m. ft 
Jodp. 1805» LvilU Candw. Il in New Havcu, Cona, 1 Nov., 1778, dau- of Sataud 
Candid and Lyclia ShernuEL 

He A, in Avon, Conn,, 30 Apr., 1831 ; t.\w d in Aion, 3 Dev., 1843. 

He wae sniltjated from W'illiama ColIeg:e in 1800; etndicd witii Rev. Na- 
thnnir) Kmruiri*, 0. P., of Frmnkliri, lUiitL; vnt onlaitiF.'d in 1J*I3, ovor Iho Con- 
gretr&tioDal Chnieh in Brookficld, Conn., and di^mj^tcd m 1817; ordained iu 
Avofli, 181»; di«mifiBi^ In 1^31) on account of ill hoallh, 

41TI CosDHUi." b. 17 Mur.. 1806: ta. Pr Alfml Kc^l^-g (+2I«H), 
m UaiTiN Auiiift.'* b. U Apr.. 1809^; m. SiArilla Ooolcy. 
+4JTL1 Bei^ CnocXE&.'^b. 27 Apr.. 1811; ta. Mary QoM^n Efartlett. 

41T1 l,in ira SroHftft." b. It Pi^,, 1813; d. in Brooklyn, N. V.. 21 Jnn^^ 132^, 
+4175 AMELIA Cynthia,* K IS Dec, 1816: m. Rcr< Jamc« Kilboorn. 
-M17fl Mart Et,UABrrH," h. 18 Sept , 18?S : m Mpir Maurice Woodford. 
4177 Waktha Lydia." K 9 Dw^. 1853; d. in Charleston. S, C.> 10 Mar.. 18^6. 
vrbilc a miiJiionnrT And tf^acbfrr to the freocimon. 

161S. CLAHISSA.^ dau. of Martin^ (501). h. in AmlxTTit. lA May. 1783; m. 
in Amb^nil, i3 Jonr, IftOi, Oti* Kaslin^, h U Jnly, Jt^, son of Moftw Hart- 
tnfi%. b. ^8 Auj^.. 175^. and KHiabt-ih Parker, of Araiierat, dau. of Capt Eli 

Shp d, 30 Apr, 18SA; br d, 11 Rrpt, lA4ft. 

B<& in Wilnu3£lo«] and Wiybrtd^-, Vt, and Ogden. X. Y., whtxt both d. 


4179 Olive Ilastitvjs.^ h. ^2 Julv. 1805; d iiniii. in WcTbri^. 8 June* ld3l< 
4179 ZachcuA t'rvKker Ua^tinga, b. m Wilmtaf^oa, Vl.» 3£ Juno, l^LO^ rl 13 

Apr., l»iU, Kmlly flunlUfi-, of OgcU^, N. V., b. S5 Frii., IB14; 

V6« a farmer in Milford. Mich. 
4190 G9orge Kelhgg iltmiiui/a,'* U 2S Kor., lSi2; m. % Aug., 185e« FercU 

Itelcijbi l<<Ti], of Ogdm; 1 2 Sept, IS74; v«« • bUclucmtb; 

had Ihroc childrcD. 

1519. HAKNAII CnOCKER/ <Uu. of MflrtiD" (504), b. in Amhml, 14 J«ly, 
17&6; m. in Amhunt, l> A%>g^ 1607, Amo« Cftdj, of Bolton, Cooo, b. ia V«nioa, 
CouiL, 11 Mnj. 1780. 

Ho d. to GuiUord, C^an,. 3 Sept., 1SS6; abo d. in N«v Loodoa, Coac^ li 
Feb., 183d. 

4161 i?ajanria f^a'^^P.'* b. in Bolton, t7 Aug., ISOO ; d. uum. in New LoBdoo, 4' 

Feb., IS39. 
41fl2 j4njifTr <':rrydt(tr r<i4ry,^ K in VjvH Wmtlnnr, Cnnn.^ 14 T>fr., 1811; n. 

; d. in New London, fifi Nov.. 1^16, 

4183 Martin Kelh^g Cddy^ b. in Bolton^ 2^ June, 1813; ra. in K^w 

1^iidoin> T> \wg.j 1841. 
4IS4 Loui^ Coidy? b. Id Andortrr, ConiL, 19 iUr., 1016. 

15eO, SAItAH DEALS,^ dau. of Muriin*' (£04), bdjx in Amber^ SS Jaly, 
17btl; m. 18 Aug., 180S, Ssiaiael King Mor^AO. bap. in Xorthfield, M&w)., 16 
Dec.* IT'jO, ^n nf Noah Uorgau. of Itriuifield &ud NurUiMd. Mavi., liEtd Msry 

She d. in Hiidloy, 8 Mny, 1823; ho m. (2) Sarah Wnmer. of Hatf«M, 
dau. of Deacon Mo«c« Wsmer ', d. in Hadley, 15 Nov., 1354. 

H« vrai a d^r; afL«r«^id a ianiier; rca. is HatfickL 

418s Biitlmtxti Mtjrijun.^ b. ; d. agtsJ I jrwir nnd fi innnthft. 

4186 £l0»ird Herqcn^ b. S$ Jnnc^ 1809; m, Ukarioitv Uiddnun; wad ft 

ftrmeT ID H^iile}- ; ha^ pight ohildr^n. 

4187 Btmk MoT^an^ \>. $9 Junv, IdU; m. 2 Oct, 1844. Truman V\w\^ of 

Nmmu, ,\. Y- 

1521. ACnSAH.* dan of UartTn* (504), bap. in AInbm^ Httt., 30 MKf, 
1790; m. b Ainhitntt 10 D»c, UlS, ThotoAji B«ini«>. 
81ic d. ItMT. 


4188 Mftinda flomw* K 7 Jnne, 1813; wl Ludua Ptarw^ of North UadJor, 


4189 Mary B^mr*,^ b. ; d. agrd about S. 

41&0 6*orjrtf fiomr** b. 8 -ton,, 1818; id. 4 Julj. Ifr13, Janu K, Alleo, b. m 

Kn^land, 14 OcL, 1814; be wa* a flour mannfaciaref in Janes^ 
vill«, Wk., of the firm of Barofs & Uudsoa. 
41^1 Mary Barvf*,* b. 16 Jaiu, 1830; m, Onio ilonell, of IforiJi Hadl«j. 

ThB KEUX>O0ft tK THB HeV WoSUl. 


4193 :^nrak fSrtnirA,^ k ; i!. xiurig. 

ilH Hannah Itanuv.^ L LO Apr>, 1&^8< 

1631 WILLIAM.^ nan of Jo^plx^ {50*J), b, 12 May, 17ft*; m. SuMuitth lo- 
gma, b. 1^ l>:c;, 1TS.1, dAu. of John lugrARif of Anih«r»t, Uu«^ bap^ 13 Apr-, 
ITfiS, and SusHirnah Crocker. 

lU d. 2 June, 1654 ; she d. 1 June, 1653 ; botli arc burii^ i& North Ainbcnt 

He n-aa a fanner; tieWlmau of Aiuher^U 1830-32. 

Tlwr hi>m«»tciidr Kucccc^vc]> owned hy Jottcph, WiUioin and Lyman KcUoggi 
la Id AmherM, od ihe Shnw^bnrj- roHil, tipadv h milp bejond tin? "iritj." 

Children, b. in AmhersL 

4-419ft BintVT* b. II Aug., 1805; in- Joel Bflkf^T, 
+4m Ltman,«L 2D Apr.. 1ft07; m. Mar7 Ann Porter. 

419? A l>Ai;ciitTtB," b. S9 Jiily^ 1S09 ; d. 2 Aujc-r same year. 
413ft WiLLUM,^ h 1^ Ait^^» lAlO^ wftfi ft merfhnnt in Amhenat, occtipjiDg tiis 
lot nbcrc Pilmvr'» Block uavr frUuda; d, tt&m. m Odhko^, Wia.. 
14 Nov., IftGti, luavin^ a Iar)^< property to hU brother* and rii»tvr«; 
msbnrl^ in Ambent 
-Hl^ff EuKLiNK,** b, 4 Sept, 1^19 ; nu Ferdinand Kobineon. 
420t> Charijw,* b. a Fob,, Iftlfl; d, 19 !'Vb„ 1819. 
4201 CHAELE9."b. 30OcU18Sl; d, (scalded), 3 FeU, 1824. 
-f<4202 SASronn W'klu,^ b. 11 June. ]h24; nu Emily Lcmira Sp«ar. 

1(33. MARYJ dau. of Joeeph" (500). L in Amhcwt. 25 July, 1785; m. in 
.4ltiMm, I July, 1808, Luke Wait, b. 9 May, 1785, son of Deacon Joel Wait, of 
\jt Uawh, and Diborvb niomL 

She ft 19 Fill.. 1^^^? ; he d, in New BodfonJ, Mae^., 10 Mar., 1853. 

H« vai a alaneware maker 


4203 Sopkia Wrtit? h. iii Enfldd, Ootjil, 27 Miir., 1309; m. Rliliu Adftmft, of 
Sprinj|:fk-ld, Mass., b. 1T98, eon of Frci>^raco Adam»t b- about 17<>5, 
and SueoEL HcmdAj; h<^ d. 2 Dee.. 18:s. 

4204 ^tfti/r^ Wait,* b. in Wbntr-ly, Mil5x, 22 IW.. 1810; m. G1H}^Xl^ Whittle, 
k in WoJfboro, S. H., Dec., JHOO. bod of Thoniiwi Whittle, a rovo- 
Intiunflry ^olditf, b. about 17flO, and Lydia ParW, U m?ap Oil Mill 
Village. X. H.. about 1770; aho d. in Laocaatoi, 3 Pcb,. 1S6C; ho 
d. in Chica^, Feb,, l^i:> ; h& wat a luerohint and Po^tma^tiBr ; r«a. 
in QulTBtoni], K. H., Chicupiv Full*, Holyikir utkd TiUm-ju-tr-rj Ma,rs^ 
and Chicoito. 

42*5 Saily Wait,'* L 3 Jan., 1813; d. 28 Sept, 1855. 

420« Ja«titt lltfif." b. 20 IVbu, 1815, 

4207 »Vi7/wM //. Wait!* b, 2fi Apr., 1818. 

4206 Jmjtka KtUoifff Wait,* b. IT Nov.. IfteO. 

1209 Mary A. ftci** b. 12 Mar.. 1823; d, 9 Dec.. 1328. 

4210 Ckofits K, WaiK^ b. 7 May^ 11*25. 

4211 PoJmct r^ IfmO b. 2 Ft-K IR27; d. 27 S^pL, 1328, 


Tnif KtuckGoa ix rnx Kbw M'OKLOl 

Ifiai JOSEPHS Aon of Jowpho (509), b. IS July. 1789; m. (l) SS Kor,, 
IS(i9^ Joanna Kdktgg (4105), b. 4 Jan., 17S9, <Iail of Dncod John KeUogg 

She d lil Dm^ 185^; he m. (%) U F^tu, 18S6, In Springfidd, Eunko H- 
rortffT.K in I^hon, daiL of REijiih P<krti^, of Gninby, MjM^;lied. 19 Jut,, 1809, 
tged d£ ; flhe d. in Amheni, £^ Ma>. idl^G, Aged 8^. 

Hi! wa^ a farmer in Anihar»t, aod hi^lj Totpcctod for bk goodncM And 
patijr. Hii> u\-or\*^ mnrriafEi' nv^ nnforbiraip, hi« wife being inane. lie tbc n 
p^tbm patJtDt offerer I U buried in North AmhenC 

-Miie Chaelbs Hsnbt* 1i. 2 Har^ 1811; m, Harriet Wataon. 

1536. LrCV^'^datLof Jo«i>h«(50fl), Amht^,?50ct.,n^; m.inAm- 
hcTflt. 96 T^h., 1811), Rofufl Cnftt (3»54). b. ^ Mar.. 1787, son of Moms Crafts, 
of What«k. Maw., b. 6 Har, 1T£Q, and Abigail Kcltcx^g (+1430), L Xut., 1T5T. 

He d, 14 N-^v,, |i*i:(; nV d ^ S^t. 18«9. 

He vaa a fanner in Whately. She vaa bllTid Che last five j«ari of her llf& 

4313 Batf^ Enkine Cfaflt*^ b. 26 Jati^ IStS; m, Amelia H. Ctuhman; 
in Wliatvly. 

au CkapmoH Cnfi**^ k $6 Mar., 1813; in. U Apr., 1336, Abnira L. Jonca, 
b. in North Hadloy, Ua#«., IB Jan.^ 1)^15, dau. of Darid Jon€« and 
I*U4?Miji Smith ; bf- wm a b[jildi<-r mid cntitractorr Inh^ w manttfac- 
torcr; rt«. in Whaleiv. Troy and East Troy, WiM.; d. *6 Joly^ 
1878 ; ahe d_ 3 Apr, 18M ; had four dUldren. 

4916 0««fjr« H'luAMir'M Craft*,'* b. 30 Not,, 1B14; □!> by Iti^ht Rcr. BUhop 
Kip, in San Frandeoo, 17 Maw ]»fi4, ^kn B<«rh, b. in Coravatl* 
N. V . 1&3K diu. of Witlitin Rt«ch ana Elixu Coulter; lie mta a 
nicrchint and quartz miner in Idaho City, Idaho; had one child, 
who m. in San PraneUco, CaL 

4216 Myrcn iiarvwtd Crc/U,'* hu U Aug.^lSIG; 3.14 Srpi, 1^86, of pnfl3- 
CDonU; va« a fanner in San Bernardino, Cat. 

4tl7 Blrint Jtnulifi CtefU.^ h. it Aug., 1818; dl t8 8^, 1843, Rohert 
Dodd Wceka. b- in Pan^ N. Y., 4 Apr^ 1919, bod of William Ray- 
mond Weeks, of K^rark* N. J., h- in Brootlyn, Conn., R An)^., 
1783, and HflnRah Kamltl. K in A1k«nv. N, T.,'dO Due., 1780; ahe 
d. in Ltnainfr, Mtch« IS F«b,^ 1854, vbcTc abc was baricd; h«d mx 
childrvn; h* m. (f) 8 Sept, 18a9, Mary Ann Gmrt^; h*» via a 
fannef and teacher in Newark, N. J., Wbately, Itoa., and Lnminfrl 

4J18 Jo*<rp* ffr*7fliiiP Trfl^f** h. 7 Jnni-, Ifltl; in. « Mar, 1849, Maria 0. 
Crafta. h. 17 Mar.. 1639: he waa a lallov merchant; ree. in Al- 
bany, N. Y. 

4819 Jo*J Fn^Jin CrtifU? h. 19 Srpi, 18t3; d. t5 Sept. 18^3. 

4»0 J^l Fnnktin CrafU? b. «9 May, 1825 ; m- tf8 Mar. 1819. Celia Stove; 
he v«« a pTotUlon nwrtli&nl to Bnioktyn; d. 14 OcC, 186). 

42n /rfmwf r. i?3^r4 fm^ti,'' b, 1SS7 ; d, 30 June. 1831. 

4379 fiv/na It'^/Z^ Cr^fU? b^ 7 Jaly, 1^28: m. IT Nor., 1850^ Sabra B, Vin* 
evntr of BronU)!] ; hi> waji « |inUer rapiain in Brooklyn. 



ISM BUE>'I78,^ Mm et Joeopho (509), tx in Lovcrttt, IS Jol]^, 1T»1; au in 
Fm^ Amh^rrt, :f? June, ISSO, Naaoy Steuon, Ix 7 Oct. L7!«l), dau. of GIdton StaU 
»0D* of Ei9t Ambcnt b. 16 Jan., 17G£, imd Nancr Tbi>^r, b> i:- liay, 1764; 
Mh* wan a dfsoeatUnt ia the aeventh ^Aeration of "Corn«t" Boltort SUtaon, of 

Uc d. 'J Apr., l&^h : »hc 1 in Ambcm Vitlagc. 3-1 Oct, 1850, of pmljfia, 
tfao «ooQr^ of h^r faroilj-. 

He comineacc-'i auNOCM in Ncrtb Ainh<:r>t nnil hait a f&rnt, nlorc Jind Urcni. 
TTic latter ctocd west of the UrRC rlro twc on the ppol P<^w occupied bj Uic rced- 
d«nc«f of Bn]t>i>n Itobnts, Est^, nnd knovn forroeriv u the ^Old lltukry j>U««;'' 
1b &f4r., Iti^i^t be nsa. to the **UAttooD** fann, a half mile »outh of North Am* 
h»nt cenutoy. 

Chitdrtu, h. in iCtfrtk AmhtrsL 

42?3 AxBBE. WALn»,'* b. ^1 Juno, 1821; m. in Simdi^rland, U Sopt, 185$, 
Nenvy }Tf<Ei4k*T>toii HulibAnt.** ti^ in SuudLTlniiLl, 4 Apr., 182<1> d^ia, 
of Anlilr>- ElnhUrd, of .SimilcHnnd, b. 2d li<x., lT;>3fi. and BctM-y 
r>ol^, I. iQ Sh(rIbiirDt\ Mat*-, li:; FuL. 1TU4; ho vaa a ^tiet'i^Mfnl 
liijiki-r iti OshkiiMi, ^Vi^, whirj^ lit tiimuu.fiui'tl ba^mtnA in 185^; 
he rotirr'd nn accimnt of il] bc«tth, 1 Nov., ldU5 ; he; war< «>le mafi- 
as and prtLLcipa] owner in Ihe tmceewm flrmA of Dnrlin^ 
tt'risliu Ki^llogg A Co., Kellogg. Fit^gimld & Co.. Baiik of 0*h- 
ktwh, Kirvt National Bank of Ushkosh; hf gpin<'(l public i^onfiilciice 
in timt^ when m<Al Watcin baiifcji wvr^ ^Vilil <%t«'* and. out of 
nmHll trgianingf, crmW a tjuwrrsj-houM^ which U liltcly to long 
RurTLVt^ him; id iho ^pnng ^^f it^f'l h«' had a «lrok(^ of paralyHK^ 
cnppliii^ hit! left Iiaml ufid fuot^ *L ZA OlI., 1^70: tiit OL of 
parnlTiiK, t2 Mar., 1SC3; thtry aro both buried in North Amh^rat; 
had no children. 

4^ Sally WABSEfc^U 1^ Aufc'.,ia23: d, 2C Aii«„ ie2»>. 

i22S Xas'CT 51jUU\,^ b. '-it Mnr., \^'i€; van graduated frnm Movii^t Hoh^okc 
Fomafe Seminary in 1846; wa^ rareral y*«ri a iiiice«»fu! Urach<'r 
in ITuntdrillu and MoatgoniL-ry. Ala.: d. tn Milvrauktv, WU.^ 'H 
Ol-I,, 1900, 

4«G Albekt," h, *1 Oct,, 18^8; d. 20 Jan.. 1839, 
+4JK7 Amasi Stetson," b- 3 Docl. 1»*U; m, (1) Marj' Charlotte Wilaoa; (i) 
PrUcilla Conwlia Harrb. 

4238 UanT L. J.,*^ k 3 Feb., 1833; d. 7 Oct., came jvftr. 

4W9 Bbla,'* b. 16 Mftj\ Xtf35; i 1ft Nov., 183t!. 
•HS30 RL-ma BcLA,* b. IA A[^., 1827; ni. Ellm Rnm Ritc^lov. 

*n« rfvorda of the Cnit«d S(at«4 rfOHioo OfBM ^how tbftt GidfctL StcUoa, of Amkmit. 
tUied a June. ITai: he «o« for IfarH jau* la AMn^ltyn. Plymouth C»,. Mjua., ushWt 
ipt Utll" cf the Tlrrt HvAftcbEUfllA Rrg^ CcL Jowih VoW; dwhuripd £1 JVo-. 1TS3. 
jUUr hit «B}li»tin«tit ho vru «pf»in<*d S*rgL| j<jdn»d th« Amy undvr Oni. Wutalnftoo at 
FhfUipnihurgh on tn« Morth Rivor. 

"N'ADrjr Hentt«r*Mi lltiHiirH mnfi a data, ol Anhlpj Hubbard, of SimdrrUnil. Maw,, b. 
Dfr.. lTf»2. and Ri-Im^- DuK U h^ Shdbume. Uau.. fl£ F*b.H ITIM. .VnttUv w«4 i»tn c^f 
kleb aubbufil. b. £3 Apr,. LTfrl. anil riurrlia A«h1fr< bn 16 8r^ 1'«T. Cnk^i wu Km of 
Uabbftrd, h. Ifl Jfto. \1i^. *nd Alifail Bmltb, dau, of Dhcor S'»Ujaqie] 8iniUi. vf 
v9. BrtHj VBA dfeu- <if I^rlc^r Dnic, of ShvlbarDf. «bc] Annn Trvwbridtfr, b. In 
^WoatlonL Ua«, If J*a, 1770. Livnrtia ir»« dnu. af St?ph«n Aililo;. bn a Dc^, 1-40, aod 
Eti»b«th Bllllnff^ b. 21 May. 1745. 


Tas SxLLOOos iir tub New Wosed. 

X53fi. NATHANJKL,' son of Elwoca^i* (515), b, in Coldurter; bu Pnid«iu» 

Fuller (IMS), liU coutbi, \k , dan. of Elijah Fuller a»<l Abigail Kdld^jr 

(517), b. 29 Dec, 1S58. 

Be<L31 May, ldi33,&ged 74; ^« a. About 1873, agi>d t^U, 

AZZl NoBMAx I » b. : m. HarHet Pierpont, b. 

rkrpouu n rrv«b>f^ri«n cIcrgTman; Iw^ d. 
UQ children. 

— , flan, of Rev- 
', agcd3£; had 

1538. AMOS/ *an of Kbcncatcr* (516), b. in Cokhcetcr, CoaD., « Doc-, ITW; 
m. ^1 Fvh , l^ill, Klir-ah,?rh rnmirg. h, in SamiiRflcM, Maw-, tA Apr, 1793, daa 
of Bcnjiuuin r>tmiivir. of SW-ii Avcu, N. Y., iuid FraiKtti Tildcn. 

He d. 19 Aa>;., 11^65 ; ithc tL »1 Mfty, I8m 

He Atrrved in llie war of 181^ ; fought along tho Niagan RiTer betweec Npv 
Vork State and Cunadu; rut. in Qi^iu^ttM, K. Y. 

Ckddr^n, b. an Geit44rc, 
*f 433? KliZABCTn,* b, 4 Doc., 1811 ; m. Johr Cotton Mather. 

4?d3 Amoi^ Ran^m.** b. Jftn., 1B13; d. 18 Apr.. 1813, Ac«d 3 »ooth& 
-l-iv:!! Auce Ka>.sou," (l ri Apr- 1U15; m. i:ii:Fa Uoppiiu 
+*2:ifl MiKV Axs • b. Ifi Oct, 1817; m. ««mi Prlci', 
+4S36 MALTIX4* b. 13 Aug^ IS^O; m, A^hcr Williameoo Hrtth- 
-i-4?37 Asn," bL 14 Nov.^ IBM; m. William Hi^in Bifp_\ 

42:^8 FH*vriR,» l>. 48 Apr., lfiS8; m, in Ci-ih^i^ 42 Ort,, lft56. Dr. 
Devid M. Kinlt^y, h. in Gcnefco, 10 Oct,. 1830^ f«n of Willum F^n- 
ky aiid Sarah W&ttlea; he was a phyalebn; gruduitod from Uah'^ 
aemaan Oollcgi-^ ClLicii£o; r^. in Clintnn. la. ; had tio children. 

IWO- ERASTCS7 mm of Ebtme^jtr* (61*J). h. b CE>li'heat*r, Conn., tr 9q»4,. 
1793; m. 9fi Apr., 1819, ii: <n-nmo, N. Y., Eli»Mh Elli*, b. 8 Jan.. K08, in 
Pittafl^ld, MftA^, dau. of Jonathan KIHfi and Wealthy Lawrenott, of G«iim(o. 

Hn d. 10 OcL, l«6fi; ahe d. 31 Jan.. 1873. 

He wna a Midicr in the war of 1813; re*, in Saline, Micli., vhero both d- 

Ctiildrnn. firtt *rtrn h. in OfiiuiMO. 

+4239 HisAH,^ h. dft Jan., 1840; m. O) Klixa Cook; (2) Jann Rliia Wan); 

(3) Mrs. >fartha Kllubeth (Sliaw) Btmter. 
-t^4!M0 David," b. 31 Mar., 18^1; m. Eliea Co«. 
+4241 Ctlimu," b. ftO June, 182^; m. Milan Glover. 
+4242 KfiSNiUECt,** b. 19 Duo.. 18^; nu (1) Rache) Ooev«y; (3) Fan&k 
4243 nABaiFi"lx21Nov., isefl; Yori:,23 July, 1837- 
+42H We-vltut Etxia," b. 16 Ang,. 1828; m, Chark^ Edward Popfi. 
+4245 Eluaii Ruj*,'' K !3 Jun*. 1830; m. 0> Katliarinf Rrdnrr; (2) Mar- 
irarri Warner. 
4246 NoRRia.** K 10 Oct, 18.13: d. in York, 13 Xov., 1841. 
4^47 Auoa^'^buiuYork. 31 Oct.I83d; d. In York. 28 Nor,. 1841. 

IWl. SASfTTEU^Ponof KUm<^pf« (.lie), h. in Oolrli^*fT, Conn., 179T; m. in 
Sonoca. N. Y„ G An^., 1825, Miry Am Blot«»oni. b. in B^suindon. Vt., 25 Mar. 
18U4, dau. of Jocapb BloaMm, b. 5 Mar., 1770, aiul Mary Plumb^ bu 2^ I>ec, 1777. 

TuK KcLLodos lit rta: Nsw Woblik 


d. II Xov., 1810, in Geneva, N- V.; eJie a. IT Mar^ 1879, in the Mac 



n» « mrpiiitrr nnd huiliW. 

Chiidrtn, b. ii Orflrna. 
JoeKPU Blo^^m," U 3 Mot, 1827; d. in Senoca, IS Aug., 1929. 
AroifcTis Wiiwor," l>- U AuR, I8?S: <l In Rriiwa, IHn. 

iLutr Jaxe.'-L-j Julv, I&34; la in Oitawa, 111, 12 Apr., li^fi«, Tbomw 
£1 Rcjv<-ii; hv (I. in Oltavn. Mii>, ItitH; waie a lawyer; ns. in 
(Htovi; f^(im)t<xi from UoivcTwty of Mic^jFui; ficrrvd in the 
warof the rob^llioQ in the ThirtiF-sivtb IDinoid Vohint^^re; va« a 

C1IABLK9 BsKUT," k 7 Au«., 183(;; d. 21 Jjiu., 1838. 

GroROE Blosboh.* \k fi Mar, 1840; m. Ella Maria Smith. 

^^ami'ilIm'^ L 1 Nov», 1845; d. in Scnocm 19 May, 1865. 

1546. RrSHKUi/ ti>n nf Flnnthin^ (^-^0), b, OH., 1798; m. in Cfem«m Co., 
X. Y., Doc. Idtfl, Hama Miller, b. in Ufttnackaodte, Mar., 1603. Oau. of Svtb 
JilUtr and Mmhu TUOt'u, of Avon, N, Y. 

He t\. in SUfTord, X. Y., tO Juni^ 18f^ ; cW d in Ad«, Minn., Srpl., 18». 

Vhiiiren, b. in Staffi>rd. 
+425* HrnA>**b, Oct. I8^:f; ra. (1) Mimr<f« llort; (5) Mr*^ Maryctto Clark. 
4a^C 8tT«* b. Nov.. lern: la b SimTorfl. n«.. Id4>*. Marjvlt^- rreiitk*; d, 

in SUf!ord, 19^^; *hc rr». in Batavia. N. Y, 
4S^'T LoviSA,* b. Mar, 182T ; m, in StafTord, 1849, Ovnu Bewick; d. in B«r- 
gen, K. Y-, Mar- laSL 
+41Ui8 Maii9)[a.« b. July, ItiEVfi ; ol ChftriM PottCT- Coy. 

4Mft HK-\«Y»b, IBS?; il in Stafford, t«34. 
+4860 Euji-v Jane* b. Oct. 1835; m. Spencer Randall, 
-f-4S£l CORVELU,^ U Jan.. ]S^*J; m. Jaiii» Green. 
■4-4?fi3 KMAwrtu M.4IM 1 * b- Jan., 1842; nu CbarW Cormiflpf Wampr. 
+4af3 VTiLLtAM^b. Apr-, 1814; m. (I) Sitann Dari*; (3) Ndlie Richmond. 
+li*i4 Cabouni:,** b. Nov., Hifi; ra. Edvin Moulton. 

1146. JUSTIN,''«>nof BlnathAn«{5«0),b, 

He iL in 188S. 


4S65 John,* b, ; ret, tn Richland, Mick 

42Gfi GuoKrtir,* b. ■ 

42$7 BiciiABn" b. * 

4f68 Ma«y » h. — 

m. Jnlia Loomi«, 

4ftW Nanct" b. 

16K J0HN7 >on of Chark^ <321). b. in Colehi<s1«T, Conn., d9 Xot,. 1793; 
[A 87 Feb.. 1823. Martlw Dnnin>r> t- 27 I-U.. If03. dan, of Benjanim Deininic. of 
ivon, K. v., b, JuW, IT-i:, find Fannv TiWen. b. 20 Aug., IT70. 
Ho '}. fi May, I'siT; -tir il. 14 Jtijy. 1RH5, a^"! 83, 
lie vrifl a oarpcntf^r; b^iainr a farrn<^r shortly aftrr hif^ marriage; res. in 
G«ne*«i> and ("aledouia ^ wttM in Avoa, in 181 1 . where botb d. 


Tn» KkuiOOiw 131 Tii£ Xftir WoKi^a 


+4970 FiiAXCi5»'*b, U Majr, ISM; in. lUlcn Moiviiift Hojrmirc^ 
4S71 HoiucK.** b. 3 Jan., L^O; d. 3 S^pl,. ^aiue mr. 
4^T£ JlcMtY," tvin lo Homcv* Ik 3 .;»., 1830; d. 12 Jod., aamt >Mr. 

1956. HORACE/ sod of C>kArli-«« {5tl), b. In 4>)Hbmter, Conn^ Joti^, I^A; 
m. in Ccnnc^cticut, l>t21, AhLjfftil I'lvniyth, L in llcliroc. Conn., Fcb^, IdOO. 

11^ (1, in CAlMlottiA, N. Y^ It F^., IS.tO; M wa« a fArmcr aod r«4, in Oal^ 
jumia^ tJii? DL (Sk GttJi^'i- W. Tbuiiipuii; via- li, '<£9 Jau^ ItJOL 

+1S:3 CKAiiLEft,** b, 15 Oct,. 182^; uu Nftncy K, narlmjf. 
43^4 Kdwix,* h. in OnlcfJoniB, 12 Nov., IS^A; thr a tMchvr; d, uam., 22 
Xi>T.. 1S6S. 
+427^ SrcPiiKV TiTw," h. «d A^, 18)7; la. Mary Ann Qiay. 

1197. MA6£U^d4Q. of Chflde^ (5SI), b. Ou»c. IT;>7; m. b« hie third wift^ 6 
Jul, iaSS, Jervmkh liigp^ li. in Ut^hiidd, Conn., 2 Mar., 17T8; Ibe hod pr^ 
Tiwaly m. <1) 9 Jftn,^ 1803, Lucy Peck, who ± l^ July. 1819; he m. (S) 81 
Oct. I8I3, Ort« BUhop. who i 7 Sopt, 1832, 

Hir d in FwitoiiTiUiv MiftL, 5t Jtim-. ISM, agnl SO, 

lie WM ^lppR1l^icx^l t> the cbthirr* Irt-k to the fatlwr of Jobo ricrponl 
B« emij^nt^ front Connooticut to Western Nev York od foot, toronpftniod by 
our Fnrd, And tbcy Srvt )itn|)|ie<l at Ijlmn ; At Avum he biuU *'Rig^ Mill.*^ Aod WU 
ftppoint4)d Judge of the Coud of ConmioTi ?l<ii» bv Ont. Damrl D. Tocnplmift; 
he failed la bvwlneM &r.d timi. to Oetrviil. Uich., in l.St8. Hi> wss appointed 
Mooter in ChmiccTy by Lewis Ckm; n« ovcrvcer of Indian atbir* in SnfioAw 
i^dc-r Ur, Sc^ookraft ; t mmbn of the CooitttntionAl Conv«ation in 1835. 

4^76 ^#iiry dap Rt^fv." L !ft Au^., 18^4 ; ree. in FeotoDTille. 
4»7 ifary /^iriM ffj^^,*' h. 4 ¥A., 1830. 

WW. MAKY.*dAii.ofClMik*"(5tI),LUOct.i:99; bl (1> C FeU, 1818. 
SAmV'fi Bamnmu 

\Ud. SO JutM*, lft34; ibi- m. (t> t3 Mar^ 1839^ Ki!gnr Puno^ b. 1? Jnly, 
18D8: he<l W May. 18B0: *hed, 18iM. 

€hiI4rm hfi firit kushitnd. 
4^:8 liarrM Banum.* h. Ifi May. 1819. 
4e?1* JFni>7y ifAmvni.** b. 13 May, 1^1. 
4?80 Jii/mi Xnn ffdraum." k !7 Sept,, Ut3. 
4$SI ^#i«u«J BOThnm.* b, ^9 Jan.. 1898; d. 28 June. ld«S. 
4883 Kliut Jiammm.^ K t9 Anf^.. 18t8. 
AtaSi Sn^ U. Bamum,^ k n Sipt, 1834. 

4«»U Jfary i7. Pmm4,^ b, fC Fcfc^ 1840. 

ttftS TAofaoi J. Poi«0.^ b. W Fefai, 1&4S : d- & Xor.. ]85t. 

18M HAKRirr.^ dan. c1 Charlui* (621), b. 7 OeL. 1^1 ; m. UM,y^ Itm, Mer- 
flu Woodniff Uxfgfs b. 17 Nm.. 1900, vm of Samuel Riggi^ 

Tub Kfiuxxjofi in tue >'ew Woklo. 


lie d- (Accidc&ully killed on Uk KHj: UAilnwd). m Avon, N. Y.. M D&a., 
ISTO; Ab« d, i& lUadw^vr. 14I-, lH July, l^VL 

S.V von « buildur; wiu fur Hiiy yt^ra a rt^iiJvfit of Aton, 

i^6G M<rrlunfr ^'titon Hi^^^ b. ?» >Ur., It^^EC; m. .Vov.» 1848, lUry Jtao 

AkvUy; Imj(L * Frh, IS50; xhi* MTirnvnl liim; hml nut- daiL 
4dd7 ^ani«f Withu^htty 10^/^^:* b. Iti Oct., 16S: : m. in Ncv York. SO Oct., 

mS'nf, Miry Urid; vu for twvniy-oae yetrw coiunnrrcitl ^tor 

of tiip N<?w Ytirk fWriffr niid P'm|uirirr And liiirr uf tin- New Yoik 

World; wu for tuanr yctu^ |>romincDt in Nc« York jottrBnliem; 

now ivtir*^!; re». in BrookJyii, N. Y. 
4t88 £UU Aiaria lti$gM!* 1j. 2^ Alnr., ]83t); m. 16SS. Ndfon J&noi^ Wolcott; 

h« d. ; «ho rG«. in MftnchMtcr, lo. ; bad thrw ehildtvfi- 

4tS& S^mwi Ri^i^it/^ U. 14 Dfl^.. 1831 : »!. In Harris Co.. Tei., :£6 Feb., 1857, 

Snmh Jftdrtto OaIvl-tI I'l-jid; d. ocar Ljndiburir. Ti!x., 11 Jaiu, 

1**6*>; 1*11. iij C»?dflr lUvoti, Tpx,; had four chiMrt^n. 
«90 JtfurMn ^jyiFH," L 11 Mar , 1S34 i itu Malib«»* Ni>)tt* Matlwr; d. 11 Ftk, 

18^8; lidd no clitldrcn. 
4«ftl AVmtfJ A^i-iniF^/flpj ;?i;?7*>** h 21 M*r,, lAlfi; m. 20 S^pt,, IflCO. Elitt- 

MIx Willi; vad u builder in ScranL>ii, Pa.» now of Spoktuui, 

W»«Ji.; bA« fira childiUD. 
4t9!S «faJhu QttiHcj/ ili^^t^ k 2? Svpt* 18-17; ttrnx lort from the wfaaling shjp 

Danid Wood, off tho coa«t of l^tA^nia. S'-f Doc-, IS56. 
4393 ChaHti M*ilaacton lUgp^ h. 3 Oct,, 3S39; d. in New Lebanon, X. Y., 

%% Apr.. 1803. 
■W91 ir*//iow Ptr Lflnry flijg*." b. «5 Jan., HvW; in. (l> id BrookUu, N. Y-, 

11 A'fiL, I?*fi:, Mnr>' Skillnian CliuniU, dau. of Cbir!« M. Church 

ind Sunn SkillinaQ ; (2) Ufl^arct Ana UolhQSon, dau. of •lovepli 
' Coliioeor, U in Knglacil. :;o Foli.. 1821, and Mai^iarot Tarn, b. in 

En^ljiiul, 1821; itv. ill Dubuiiur, la. 

lB6i. JULIUSJ «-n of Charles" (fiSlJ. b. id ConnwticuU Oct., 180S; m, in 
AvMi, N. Y-, 6 Jnno, 1849, Marj Ann Benehloy, b. 10 Apr,. lZt% d«Ti- of William 
Benchlf^.of Atod, b. 1 July. 1?*G0, nnd .Sykin Jfiik5, K Ftb.> 1T1>3, 

Ue d- in Avon, 18 May, 1K:V; ebe co- (ti) Bcnjanuik Mfigoe, of UutGhinwiDt 
Kaji; d. in Kinf^niuu, Kaa., S4 Aug., 188^. 


4895 QtOMB WiluaU,* b. 18 Sept.. l»&a; a fAnnvr; n>>., uam., in Wkhita, 

4^95 RiioDi Ayy." b. n Aap,. 1852; d. in Avon. S5 Dec,, 18G4. 

4397 Ctinu^ Viuvcjs,'* b. n Aug.. 1854; tl. in Avon, unm., %\ Maj, IS76. 

4$dft Mabt Jaxe," b. 4 Mar,, 1859 ; d. in Moscow, Miclu, 13 Sept., 1859, 
L£9'J Hak&ous HtjntY.'* b. 18 QH., 18110; m. Lotti^^ Boltc Cary. 
-^4300 WiLUAU EiwiJtf," b. 17 July, ISftt: m. San- Jttnu FrwDiaa 

4301 Mti.riN Mounr^^ b, in Avon, 11 Jnnc, 1867 ; m. in Kincman, at hrr dec- 
ocil husband. M Kor.. Ift9«, Mp<, Fannie Manah (Huyck) Carol, 
k in KauUkir. Ill, '^3 Oi.t.. ISilt}. dan. of WaiJiiii«Lon Huyti; and 
Cordelia Davidvon, of \ickcn«r>n, Kiu. ; he ta a farmer and ft Hcth- 
odlst; reft, in Sylvia, Kaj>.^ hflfi oo childrpiL 


Tna KjfLLOCKia tv nn Nkv Wcrlp^ 

IMS. CAROUNK.T dau. of CliarW (5*1). K 10 Apr, 1810; m. 15 JniJI 
19^, IknjAtniti Fowle, b. 3 IKv., mOI, iumi of Honjamin Fovic, h, in CronbraoV, 
England, 31 Mny, 11 «^, of CuIwloniB, X, Y , nnd Mjiitha Lett, b- in Birmiiighamp 

He lU in Mcivooir, Uirh., Un Jnlv. 18:&, 
ilc vji« A fnrnH'r in CAlcdciim ond Uo«oow. 

4302 fiffl;4iDitn FovU,^ h Ifi J»n., 1830; t\. 24 !>«», IftiO. 

4303 Orrin F<frtU^ k 50 Dec, 1851 ; wj, 2 Fct., I860. Janclle Mcl-«in, of 

Covin^on^ Qa. ; bv wiw n honitopaUitc physicinn; n*. in lUUft- 
dak, Mich. 
1304 iMCf FoitjV," b, 30 Oct. ISSIk nu 4 F.?b., li*C4, Chflrlt-s HoUingBWOrth; 

4305 /,yif«'fl Fovk,*^ bL 6 Maj. 1836; in. W Dec., 1354. Jolia D. Vm Dvj«t; 

h^ «tt« ft hordvup? nicrchuit : r««. m UftiicheAt«r» Uicb. 
4,1l>fi fron«* Twr/*," b. « Jiinc, IH3A; H, 3« IVk, 1S:19. 
4307 Rintm F<f^th.^ U 16 Apr,, 1840; d, n Oct.. 184*- 
430S f/ariiion^ob^/^*^b_ 15Mu>, i»l3; ro. IDOl, 1SG4, Bellu Udd.of PltU- 

bury* IV; be ■wV' a fanner; rv«. in Uofcov. 
I3<«i Jnj^frt fowf*,* h. 10 May. 184€. 
1310 Care/in* ^y«« F^^Btfr." b. U Mar. laso. 
4311 3/d/y &7/«i» FoW«," K 90 Ati^.t 1^5^< 

IttTl .IQNATHANJ E«n of Uarim^ (6^1). U in OokOMBter, Cotis., 4 May. 
ITAT; m. lu» Doiixin. BlUaMb ftiilM'y) i^Diitti (lA^r), b. 1 Apr^ 17«3, dao. uf 
WiUiam Smitb and Mar^^^ry Kcllo^^ i&?3>> of Wyoinift^ Valley. PA. 

Sba d. in Aubom Four Com^rvs Pa-. 21 Feb,. 1834!. 

He ry*. in Aaburn Towndiip; wai; a Mrtbodltl Epiaoopalian and a Wbig. 


+431S Mart (I\)LLTK''bL in Wiahmicton. IV, 19 FeU. 1T&4; m, Jofan RUay, 
+4313 W1I.UAV » K in Ijanmiff Ca, Pa.^ 7 Mar,. 1795; m, Serah VwbnrR. 
+4314 TaEnwiif.* b. m Ltixi-riw Ca, Pa, * a^fL, IfOl p m. Nancy FWipL 
+I3U ftiRAit (Sau-v) * b. in Newport, IV I Scrptv, 180^; m. Uct^di 

liTl EVt;T (j^ji. ^f Martin" (5«4), b. 4 r*b.» mO: ql Harrvy BaitlrtL 

431i; JuMfM Baiilttt,^ b, — 

431? .Wa^Ui t^rUtttJ* k 

4318 Vkofhth H^rUftt' L 

4319 .VrrliM iT«rfi*ie* h. - 
4S«Cl ,VaifJ il^triUH^ K — 
4«1 Wtfrt'^y HarilAt? k — 

(SS9 C£«rMM ft«HltU,^ b. - 

d.<V^ 3<. 


\ d. t^ &f. 

^£ da9«<dU. 

-I d. a^e^ 4& 
; a. aRwl 47. 
d. aired $4. 
d. tg«d 45. 
; a. aitnl 3A. 
i m. M. A. Foltaik of 


The Kkllogos w the New Wohux 


1577 SAIUJT,* ^lu of Murtin" (324), b. in Colcltt«t<?n Cdnn., ; BU 

AugM IJ^S. hi-rcouHiu Ama«a Foote i\^t>), tx S3 Uar^ IT18, fMn of Hon. Uoac 

Tbc> !««. in dmyma^ N, Y.; h^ vu deacon in the Coiigr«g»tio:)a] Chnmh; 
a Capt, of UiUtiA. 

■W24 i4MA*J Doilriiisf F<wir* b. 31 Auif., 18OT i d. Jul/, 1837; he Ttfl a 

43S5 SaUs KtUit^rj Fot>U? b. J6 Soy., 1800. 
432fi .tfory iW*tf^.» r**©;*," h. 15 May, 1W3. 

4327 F^nnf AmtliA FocU^ b. ; d. in imfancT. 

;32fi JfJcvrrJ Kcffrrn F<w^-,»* b. 5 Mar^ 1819; nu Oct, 1&44, Phebe Stur. 
438fl *rf*<^y St^ion FeoU? h. July, 1881. 

4330 ffiUicm Ss^tr^ PooU,» b, V3 At;g.^ 18^4. 

1M9. MARY <MOU>Y),'dftn, of Silni^* (SSSKb. 2« Au^., K€ff; m. (1) 
in ColchMcWr, Conn , about 1T88. Cajit, John Morriflon, of Colftnin, Ma^ 

l[c d, 30 Aof,. 1807. iLfTod 4!£; »hu m. <)?) Feb., 131V, Eb^nci>^ Baker, d 
Fawk4.Vt; d- 11 Max, 1849. 

4331 Omff* ^r OfhUU Jfonvvn." b. la Kingsbury. N. Y-. 1789 ; d- Jmj., 16Gd. 
433V JoAn rftdm/KOn Mcrrwn,^ b. 1791 : nv Sancv Strgc^t 

43-13 ifflry rPof/yJ ^r^^rison.* b. KSl ; n. Mr^nrr'niil^^kolrT; d Mar, 1868, 
4^34 Sarah fS^Uyj JJiwwn." b. 17M; m- Dr. John Sargent; r«- in Rodi- 
«ter, X. Y.; d. Jan., 1856, 

4335 l^ Aft^Kwn* b, 1794; d. 1834. 

4336 Sether Alm& Aformort» b. Mar., 17^8; m. Elijah Weeka^ b. in Slur- 
briilgp. Miuw-f ft Oc*., 17fl4. mm of Oavid WiH'kn* of SturbnO^^ am! 
Favlct» and Abijtail Bond; bo d. in Pawlct. 17 Nov., 1860; ah« d. 
tn 8prlTi£fl«R ill., >Ur.. um. 

4337 Jfirant/a .Vofrut/a,* k in Kinjc»bur>% U Mar,, 1301, m. in Pjtwb^t, 9 
Mar^ 1883, John Andmn, h. 17 Mar,, KUfi, f->n of Jud^e Jolm 
Hohiia Andrun an*^ K^trhd Wiley; he vat a farmfr: d- in Pallet, 
Jnlv. 185L 

1591. SARAH7 dau. of Silas^ (r^U), b. II Jnly. 177^; m. ut lua third wSf^ 
Jj^amuvl Ncirtoa. 

Sbftd, Oct, 17$2, inGalwav, N. Y.; hrm, (1) Riw; ahe d. ; 

bem. (?) Alice Dean; *he€. : h* m, (4) Hannah Bolton; d. 1847. 

He vaa a farm*.'? in Pompey and Manliti^ N. Y, 

4338 ^iviwf Kilic§^ ii€^Un? b. in GaJvav, N. Y„ 17 Jan., 17^V; m> ^ 
Sept. 18«, Aum* BUneliard, b. in ftbafUbiiry, VL, 23 July, ITflO; 
»bc d, 7 Mar., 1872; had &tc cbildrvn: he rca. in LudlovrvilK 
X. T. ; va« a hanwes-malc^r; on the death of Ma mother ho waa 
ri^ared by hi* grandfatlivr Kdhj^i;. 

-liBS. JOSKPH/ Rm nf Sila*,* <52«), b. in Xnr I^don. N. Y.. 12 Jan., 1778 ; 
m. 14 Oct. 1804, Sarah Voortiiea, b. 98 Xov., i:st>, dau, of Jamca Voorhtc^ and 



Slu d. 30 Mar.. lt^«t: kt^LtS SepU 1«(63. 
Ttu.7 tvtUcd in Xcv Li^boD, OUogo Co., N. Y, 

Chiitirt^i, b. itt Seyt Lisbon. 
4S39 HxuMMTA,'' b. IS Jilh, 180fi; tiu li MHr., ]82», niiArl<« RobiiUNHi, li. 5 
Aug., 1804: TO. ia lUrdwick. X. Y. 

4340 SjLLtT,>* t. ^r> ?kUr<, ISOS; u. 6 Mitr,, 1833, Sftmnel Perkiiu; nc in 

-H341 CuAifittA,*' b. V8 Apr., 1810; m- Edwin Qcor^ BuckUml. 
-HS4:} Uaktiv VooHHiEs," b. «3 Apr, leU; bl (1) Pnid«w* Rmningt^ii; 

(2) MAha I*:. BmdlcY. 
-H**3 S^L.'J* CooK.^b. 3U Oct, 1814; m, Ann Swift 

4S44 Uii ixn* W.,** K IT Jau.. ISll ; m. 23 Mar, 1843, Victor W»nwt 

434$ Wiu-UM J-,* b, lU Sept, 1820; d. S5 FcL, Ibai. 
+4046 WiuuiM J,,^ b, n Jna., Jftff?; m. U*rU ff. Rp*i!_ 

4347 Euu Mauja.** b. 31 Au£,. 16^4; <L tO Feb-, 18^6, 
-f I31d llnxUY JoftKi^ii.^b. L5 Sept, 18»T; m. Hknmu MnJrira Borer. 
,-1-4049 KiitA M*tn * b, 13 J»fi^ tft»«; m. SAlmnn J>ihit«>n, 

15« BENJAMIN.' «o& of Silia* (fiJ^i). b. « Xov., 1783; to in Miltnn,, 
X. v., 1»03. MultUh GocNlrich, b. 16 Jaitc, 17S€, daiL of AUud Goodhdi, k. La 
CoiuL, *} Ike, K/^I, And glittboth Bangs, b. in Unox, Mam, 4 Sept, 1759. 

Shtf d. In Millor, 15 IVl., 19WK 

n« TO. in New Ufhon 4nd in CoOf)<n<own, N. ¥.; waa a shMmAktf ; eo- 
lijitod iu th4? amiv I8J4, in Capt IVttragiir« Co.; wu npOTtod '^imng*' *J>d 
WM but huftrd from 11 Jiu*^. 1614, when be irtotea letter tobte vifi>, from 3*ckci 

43A0 Bluuktii,' b. 19 OcL, ISOfi; d. IflDT. 

4341 Sarah,* k IS Uar.. 1907; m. 23 Fek, li^U Stopbni TtbUtb, of Bill- 

flton Sp«. V. Y. 
-HU9 GsniCH AuANnA,*«tL 29 Jou^ 1609: m. (1) l^wis Beaedict : (S> Jod 

+4358 Alulx Goodrich * U 4 Mar. 1911 ; m. Tlarriet BlUaa 
-f 4351 LuE,iB»ii lUso«,^ b. 19 Apr^ 1813: m. (1} JntLA UorjcuiTbAtchcr; 

(9) iustiD Morgan. 

1007. ASA7 MC of Joutittik* (S30), b. in W«t Halifax, Vt. U Oct, 1T9S; 
m. IG Jftn.. 182$. S^rah Rami, k 13 Ndt^ 1793. daiL of Elijah Hmmx, b. fi Dhl, 
1772, and SaUj Johtvon. b. 13 Ftb., 1773- 

Both d. in Ofwfifteld. t^ Ckt, ISftfl^ and ««re bnrif<d togitber. 

H^ wan B farmrr in HatlCaa. Vt., uatil lfi63, o& Uw farm tIkiv bit 
had Urcd all hk mani«d life. Tb«v Tt§. itt GtwfUMd, IUml, aad tiTvd 
viit^-flu irtrnm 

+43to Eujui NoKTQAit ■ k It retL, 1&S3; hl Badlj XaontI Hittfandt 
+4354 Uakt TlAM^ k ?4 IV-.. 1&S6; bl Albert Ajfimmn nitrixocfc* 
+43&T Ciuu^rtu Maua.* k IS Apr^ 1S3S: au Hmrt Anfiutn* Hnl^ 
+4338 Qtoua Cuxrox* k 4 P«k. 1S40, csl Jrtuue Phtfa» f^.-^^i 

Tub Siixoow n> rm Nevr Worldl 


JOEL.' «m of J«wUiafi*i (53Q), b. in HaUfaz, Vu ISOS; in. 13 0«c, 
19e?« TV4iD<la Scott, bap, 51 Mar., 17^9, djin. of Joseph Scott aiMl U try Blood 
Slie d. iii WMtuiiiutci. Vi. JuN. 1S33; he d m IladJc;» May, IBiQ. 
KcA. in Wcitiauiit«rt Vt., aad UodScf, llae& 

43£9 JoecPH.** b. < &>pt. ll<tf«; d mun. in ih*.^ United Statw Hwpitel at 
Point of Hodcft, Vo-, 21 Jan., 1865; in Apr, lB<il, hi? enliHUMl for 
Uiree monthfl id CoL Wallaces ILi^< of IJlinot# Volunteer*; is 
1303 in the Thirtoenlh New York Artill.*ry; ho fcrved on the gun- 
boat FiMit; fniKn rtpruurr }ii! Ifut hii< nnjun, iihkh U^ ih^itt rf> 
^*^4360 CH&Bi£fi.** b. 11 Uar., 1^0; in. Sophronia Amanda Perry. 
-4W1 Majiy A»»>" b. 21 Sept, 1832; m. Albert Morton. 

l$ia ISRAKU^ »on of Imd"* («3l), b. in Canaan. Conn., U Feb., ];t»^: m. 
(1) 1S31, Harriet Su«an Kti£abi.'th Elv, daiL of Dr Joaoph Kly, of Johrutoim, 

s. y. 

Sbe d. i Peb^, 18:^6; he m. {'2) 90 Mar., IMIS, Irene (Loomia) Ro«K of 
littlr FalU, \- T,, n widrrw, K 11^02, djiri. of IwmitI Ijoomiis h. JT Si-pt, HfiA, ftiul 
Ireoe Lee. U 31 Od,. 17T0. 

Shi^ d. 31 Htr., ISTS; he d. 13 SepL, lli80. 

The; m. in K«UmiiJUM\ Micb. 

4d6t Jooirit Elt,"* k 19 July. 1933; m. Si^nih Dndtcr Brown. 

CAt^r^ hy 6€CGfid U'if^, 

43«S SjiBAH MahU* k ^T Mar, 1839; d. it) KaUniarAo, ID Jmit, 1^9. 
4364 HAnuBTlucxK^^b. in ColoiD0,Mi<Ji., U Anir., 1641; iftunm. 
+43€3 FftAXK TttSAKi,^ b. in KaUmAaoo. 20 Aug., Ift46; m. Uaiy Fodter Under- 
-f43i;6 Ma&t Dimir,^ b. in KaUnasoo, It July, 1851; >n- Qoorge Horbort 

1010. AM0S7 ion of Atnoa* (53?), b. in ColPbt»t*T, Conn.. 5 Juri*, Kft? ; m. 
20 Mav. 1807. Lydis Smitii, b. t^ reb„ Itm. dau. of Simon Smith, ef WL-nlfleM 
He d. in AmhoKt. \a Ukt fall of 1830; ree. in Uifc^mwich, Maa*.; *he m. (2) 
(piih. in ff<*lfi<»hl, 30 l)«r., ISW). Afienwr Smith, of South Amh^^nd, Ik A July. 
1787 ; d. m Amhcnt, U Nov., 1830. 

Chiidrtn, ft. in Qrcentekh. 

^$7 W!LUA« Pwini " K 13 Mar. IfJOO; m. Mnfijarrt Biwll Borbrr. 

'^tU^ Cii-itLM PoMiJirtT* b. 7 May, ItiVi; d. unm,, ai Dec,, lH4li; wm a 
je^Yhrr; rv^ in Bek'h*rr<owii, Mato- 
+1309 Maet AdioaIU" b. 'JH Jam.\ 1815; m. CharW Olds. 
*f4370 Gkoikii: lV'AaHi?(UTUK,* b. 18 Jnn^ lillS; m. "Lxtdaa Vfivt 

1614. ELAU.' MTi of An>o^ <o3t>, b. in ColchetfU-r, Coqil, 30 Di-c, 173«; in. 
Frh.. 1817, Luin Hall. b. 6 Sr|it, 17^9, duu. o/ Rmr^^ Hall, of V<^oa, Conn., 
id Lun LaUiropi 

She i t9 Mnr., ISW; he d. 21 Oou, 187L 


Tils KsLLOOoe isi tub Nc^ Would. 

He WQ0 A carpc«it«r fttnj fanner. Tboir homv tu fe qaftrtcr of a mile 
of the oia hoiDMtcad and w«b built in l»:f4. He toi. in S«aie»r vhon tU his 
children wrm 1i. 

-tsn HcKRY * ti. Ik Xi>r., ISi; ; d, uuia., 341 Aug., IfiTT. »g«d 58; ra. oo titf 

old farm in Somcn^ 
-;3n £l±u Wells,*" I. 3U D«c., 1820; d. unm,, 1ft Oct, 1846. 
43r3 EuZA," D, 1? Oil., 1823, ci 10 Fci., 18^3- 
4374 Lriu Haix,* b. 90 XoVh 1991»; i« unm. 
+4Sn AucM Stl-kuvu,^ b. 9 Maj, 1S31 ^ m. Henrk^ta yitilda Pmsa 

1619 CHARLES,' ««& of Aiuorf* {53!), b. in Colclwrter, Com., 14 Jan., 1T89; 
la. Sa Ma^r IJ^K. Msrj 01in>(i«i], h. Jaw, 17d7> dto. of Sintmn Olnutod, of 
Boficad, 0>iui., U. n JftD., 1774, aod Abigail ColUiu> b. 10 Apr., 1774. 

She d. 13 or 14 Fck, IS61 ; bo d. £4 Oct, 1880, aged 91. 

Ho TcK in Berlin. O.; rrm, to Berlin id the aatiunn of ld9& Tie tnl ao*' 
tercd ODG handrvd acree of land and lflt«r bou^ ooe hundr^ atkd twcot; acNt 
inofv, Co tlirw luiidK was lonitoil a valnaMt sdnnr ^aarr/, vliidi hr wor^ud. 


4376 MjJUTa.<* b. S llar^ 1818; ^ jowiff. 
,4377 SiUBOS » h. 7 Auff-. 1821 ; A yom^. 
4378 Siui:0N Olu^tkad,* b. in Gnvtiwioh. Mum., 11 Au|C-p 1839; m. Un. 

Minunl; Tv«. in Berlin itrijchtA, O. 
-M^T? MAEtra^^b. in Berlin. SJane. 18t7; m. Natiiaakl Hloe. 
+43^) Maby U'< b. 31 Dm-. 1^9; m. Homrr BrookiL 

4381 EvKaroy Jroww « k 19 May, IftSS ; t«. «4 F*., 1873, M«y Wriker, b. 

: Jdji^, 1850. ilau- of Jacob A. Wrikcr. b, 14 Mar.. 1831, and Ridm 

IE. Dalxcll. b. 14 Mar., 1831; he ra a fnnncr in Berlin Hcighte;^ 

had Ave childr^a. 
438S CHaatxa.** U U Dt^c. 1835; d. in BerliB. Har. 1&47. 

1621 lii^HAKU' m^ of Anin" (.Ut). k in ColrbivliT, Coon.. U \m,, 1T»2^ 
m. S^ Jane, 1818, J^raaba F«a«f^ of Solacr^ Coon., b. 90 Jnly, ITIHs daiL of 
Dncofi Giks Ptiaaf. K la 3caMf% 13 Apr^ 1763, and Jcnaaba Pittlp, h. to Bolbon^i 
Ooao^ 27 Jan., KdG. 

He4.«9IUr..l867; abed. » A«i|;^ 1879: both are buitd in RockriUc, 
Hr was a tm^rcluat and fflftnrr in Rik^Hlk. Cafia_. Wi^ Spriiif;fiEkl.. 
end BUingtiM^ Coi&b- ; ^rat a foldMT in tbc war of 1812. 


43«3 Dxua* b. G Uar.. IKtO: d. vma-. in RodmOa, 13 Xar^ 189S, 
4384 MAKTfiA Fnum," L 8 Apr^ 1S»; d. luwi.. in SuttwfV. 18 Fck. 187S; 
va* a mow tacbcr. 
+4385 OiLB PEan,« b. IS Xor., 18£3; m. (I) Matinda D^vr Uird: {t} 

EduliMa PrtAb»e. 
+4386 Tmoooas Pitkik* b. 7 Jaa^ 18f7; ■. PaMlJa DidciBMft BkMdl- 
+1397 IjQKBKzn." b, $ Jaa. 1»tt9; m. Uarr Bri^ni G^grr. 
+4388 E&wry PoHEaaT,''Ui4 Kr>T., 1K3A: m, (n Aim Maria Grvcnlaif: (9) 
Emma Mactoo GvilUo. 

TuE KeLLOoos is tqb Nbw Wobu». 819 

+43S0 JrutTs Acousrrm" b. 7 OcL> 1934; hl. Abi^Ail JatM lldtnt. 

4390 WiLLLVU,^ t, 23 Mar., 1K3T ; u a photo^^ph^f in Boetfm ; ie urbl 

IflU. ESOS,* BOD of Amoi* (53i), b. t VeK, 179»; m, in 3i>m*rTi, Ciwiil, :I 
NV,, IS£9. KLutNTtb l^ttoi, hid oouan. l. in SUfFor<l. ComL. I 3<:pt., ISOS. lUct 
of N&tliAiiii-l i^ittcn, of s^U&ord, t fl Apr., 17(lf>, nnJ Kunicc Tomrroy, b, U 

D«-, mo. 

Shv d. ID Kenwood, X. Y., ^ Judo, 18(!$ : be <j, in the midc phce, 95 Feb,, 

He iTM A fftrnur: lift^ UD tlie old lii>iii^ii_^d in Sotuen uotil be joined Uw 
Oii«idii ComiDuuUj, OoudA, .\. V., 1J$ Mav, 18 lU. 

Chitdrtn. b. in Bomm. 
4301 CiiARLirs Hylw.* h. 9 Jun^, ISAI ; d. in SomcrK, 4 Dt^, If^AS. 
4392 BIabt EuzflmBTK." b. 5 JuU, 1833 ; she jolaed the Oueida Commumtj 
vitfa hat pATcnti in 1S49. 
+43SA rtCAnr.M Orii*" ^i. U Aug., lJ^:ifi; m, OUf^ Ann X«*>i. 
+431*4 GEonaE Retsou»,* b. 11 Oct, 1836 ; m. Mar) Lucrotia &oU«e. 

1636. DAVID,' M>n of Stf^fii" (^»7),h. in Shctbamo, Miue^, 2^ Apr,, ITdl; 
DL. in QnOwD, U Tfh., 1S0J>, SophiA Bas«^tt. b. 4 SepL, 17^3. dau. of Jost-ph Ba^ 
nrtlr of Gofltoi, Moaai. 

Sh» d, in PittKfl^ld, Mam^ S:^ Feb., 1J^2, t^ 79; b^ d in WLnd«or, Vt, 9 
July, ld6G. ag«d 65. 

Sho w&« adniittod to the churvh in Wmdwr. Ma^, 7 Jit[>, 1816, Cmn 
GovliMi. H^ wwE adniittpH to thr rhim^b in WitidiuirT Mhhh., H Maj, ISSS; dift- 
mieaed. 19 July, 184t. 

He wtM a faniier; ivm. from (toihcn to WlndjMTr 'S{xt$., wh<fTc h«> livod 
aboiat twimty jr««r*; thmce to Cammington. Ma8^, whtrre he liv^ about IveUe 
joara; tfacncc to PittaAe^d. Mast., There be lirtd vitb his &on, AuBtin, 

Ckilriren, laxt four top. in \Vit\dsor^ ifass. 
+4335 Jaxk Allks." U 11 July, 1810; in. IjuwU Tucrker Cobb. 
■+43SC LcTiua L.," b, in Wind»orp IC Apr., 1813; m. Mincrra Bnmell VTatb* 

+4dD7 ArsTLs W«ll*i* k in ft'indmr, 15 Dec, 1815; m, Nuucy Ann Cairn 

+4398 Ralsamak Ba0SF1T.^ b. 13 Jnlv, ]41^: m. Marr Arabella B^naoiL 

4M9 Plixy Fias," b. 2! Mar.. 1321; d. 20 Aug.. IMS- 
+1400 CryiiiiA SorniA^b. 18 Feb., 1SS5; m. ilom* IfoflfonL 

1SS7. SARAH.^dnu. of Stt-ptiHi^ (537), b. iu G^hL-n, Mad^.. £ July. 1785; to. 
is Ooehen, 20 Oct,, 1807, John Eldridp?. a fannrr, b. in Ashfifld, Maw., ZB May. 
17j}a, laoa of Eli £1dridj[0 ifccd H«b«cca Howland. 

H}ie d. tl Jan.« IfUH; Im- m. (?) 3 Jan., lS%<t. Mn. Mary Beldlng; bo m, 
(3> Mr* Lncy Au^pi who d. iS Jti!y, 1851 ; d. in A*bfidd» 17 Kov,, 1863, 

4401 Rafuj KrUo^tf EUnd^«^\i, Wi Feb., \^\B\ m, (U SophU Broirn; aha 
d. Dit:.. 18H; Wm. (2) £:j Nut., 1842, Boxy Dickin>on; d. in 
Sftdbum^ KalU, MaM., SO Jan.. 1877- 


Tub KuLLOGoe iv ras Nir Woiiia 

4402 Jt^n ihvhiti4 bldridgt,^ h. U Uir., 1811 ; m. Fob., 1&37, Jiilift Ann 

Joluuoil, of H«dicy, Mom. ; une a formi-r ; d. 13 Xov., 1858; h«1 
ocw child; diem, (2) Salem Qaiurjaoni), of Amherst^ Mu«. 

4403 Bf4ttu9 BldrUytJ' b. IS U«t.> ISlti; il. 4 June. 1827, 

4404 Jt>)tn £idrid^e,'* b. 31 Oct, 1818; in. 21 Dm,* ItMV, Anna Fariej; kg 

wkei ji (imiit-r in AiibOtlil* Mam. 
440A Odtfiub) Bldrid^t? b, 3 M«>-, ISS^; m. about 164$. llomrt McUojch- 

Lin ; he waa a fftr«et-<»r conductor. 
44D6 Ptimtiut Pith BUrul^it* U. 11 Ma>, IB^; m, 17 Ja/i.. lAfid. Ljnian 

Kaodoll, of Wortbi&^rton, Hom.; Im? d. 1 l>f«^ 1)^76; bad no diiJ- 

4407 Cofdrliti Kldridg^*^ b. € Uay, IS^d; m. Nov., 18^ ; Jama D. ShipmaD^ 

oi ijoshcn; ba wu a fannar; bod tbrot childroo. 

ins. I^RINDA^T d^Q, of si^plieb* (537), b. 
Windsor* Uaw. 

Sbv d. in Uv* X. Y. 

m. Hiram Baiber, of 

440tf Carina Earbtr,^ b. - 

4409 Lorf^ia Hcfhrr^ \x 

441D AaftCf Barber,*^ h. - 

44 11 ^iTMK^ Sor^^r,^ b. - 

4412 SUphrn Aa^^r.** b. 

4413 CkaHf* Borbfr,^ b. 

4414 irf^ ffitr^er.x bL - 


leSd. rLARf^f^A.^ (tjia- of St^hcD* <^r>, b. i:a«: hl ic 0<»h«iu MaM., »; 
S«pt. ISOb, Jouaibao Lillj-, b. 30 July, 17$^, con «( Jonathan UUj and ttaiali 

Shi" d. 2C FcU, 1843; be d. 25 Awjr-, 1849. 

He «iu a carp(?iiUT and boilder hi AAfi«tdj llaai. 


44U Motf Rwff £«%.' b. i^ Apr. li'iOS : d. » Aug., \1^U. 
4410 J6^/ .V. /.li/y." b. 13 Uar. 1811 ; m, Darid S. Hvim, a laraMT of Adh 
firld; d.^5 Auff., 1863. 

4417 McUmdaFUh Ullp* b. 4 S^L, UU; m, (1) Amvi 1835, SHmina Ponl* 

a carpenter of Ph«liM, N. Y.; ehe bl <S) Abnban CT«mb» of 
Ph(4|w; d. 19 Dn:., li^TO. 

4418 ifa/y &ymfi i^iif * k 4 Apr^ 1816; a, U De&. 1S34h John Uart, a 

mcitliaiit of BoitaOf Ua^a. 

4419 M4nalAIiy,^K 8 Ma;* 1»«19; bl 3 fVl, 1^5. WilUam R Taylor, a 

hborer of Cbkoj^. Han; d ^ JaiL, 18^; hr Qt. (3> Uum' 

Viuinif. antl r*^ in Saratoga* N- Y. 
I4t0 ClaKm AiHy." U 1 7 Jati^ 1821 ; tn. S6 Jan^ l.'U^. >1 BrDJamia Tajlor, 

a famcr of Cbe«t«field. Uafii.; d- 9( S<t^ t»50; he d. Jnly, 

44» ^«vfw IWKift liflf • b. 14 ^T, 1821: vl 1845. Uxm Vood, cf 


44de ilM^ft FMf'rr IM!^,^ K £8 Sept, IS^fi; la About 1840, lA^rj H»T«m; 
ra. in Xcv Haven, Cone: d. Jon,, ldfi3. 

41S3 JOMoUdi 4hfito //i%* b, 31 Jtinc, 1829; m. 1 Ckt, 18S^ lUria B. 
Tilden; re«*. In'chwterR^-W: d. I FeK, 18T3; *hfl mu (8> Hot,, 
16?4. RoUrrt Damon, n fomi^r of WitliamAbBTg. Ma»«, 

4-L34 fruffw Ifre^ Z^if;^," b. n Apr» 1H33: ni. n July, ll««^ UannoJi £li2a* 
Mh Smithy of Himtingtnn, Miua., b- ^ Od, ISSft, dnu. nf Hotvlv 
SmiOi. U in Chrttti. Mufit^, i*l July, i:?2, ond MArlha IVrry, b. in 
Venu Mn*«,, 1 Au^., 17i»y, He was KUvtrHau of Huntmgton; 
iVjiEily Shf^rifT nf Hftm|Khir«' nrid RrTk>i)itn^ (^nuiitin; a loldii-f in 
tfaa war of the tcWIIiod: ciilist^ 6 Jau., IS'iS; wae «ocindc4 5 
JuDC» 1864; Kml Lieut, nt Co. B, Thlm-fourlli Mfl«MOkili«tt» 
Volnrlwt*; pronioU^l in Onpu for mrritonoo* conduct in the Held; 
<L ID £sorUtampt4>iif Uaae*, 13 ItLftr^ itf7& 

164a HAHYEY,' son of Stephen^ (fi3T), b. in Qo«hcFD, Mae*., U F«b.* 1790; 
He d- in French Cr«k, N, Y., 2S Apr., 186t); »h« d. ISTl. 

44Sd LoviM XixuiM^'* h. in Oc^iMPCf Cn., N, Y,, lun: m. 1S4E, Jinu-i Mil- 
ton Rcid ; d. in French Creole, 1 3 Oct., 1840 ; had do childioi- 
-)-4426 WiLUAlc HsRiTV,^ Ix V F^b.. I»:e4; m. Amanda Harriet How«U. 
4-4427 Ij'HKB^ Aiiamix,'^ U in Fn-nrlt Crttk, ^0 Mur., 1K2(E; m. DniiiH JacrAi 

-f412S Wximiv Db Loa,« b- W Kov., 18X7; nt (1) lyjU Knapp; (2) Jtoe 
JULU AJfS*k 1» yiay, isai; m, 13 FoIk, 1860, Jtoboit Coc, b. in 
Frvneh Crwk, 22 Jan,, lfi*3, son of HoAvie]] Coeand Polly ?oU«r; 
he wna a mixuT, oailor and fanner ; a Rcpablican ; had no chDdrca, 
Chauljx Oziio,^ K 13 Mar., If^S^ : m. Klixubi-tb Hall. 
4431 HXKBT StwjKD," b. 19 Sept., 183r ; d, in Fn-ncb Ciwk, 3 Nov,, lfl$l- 

IWl. BrBYJ diu. of Stephen* (537)> h. ; m. tO Mar, 1811, Rev. 

Pntfton Taylor, ti. in Adifldd, Miuul, S8 Nov,, 1793. Km of Bk-phni Taylor and 
Amj MaynaH. 

83i« d. 3ft Feb., lUl ; b« d. 6 Deo,, 1871 ; both d. in Schoolciuft, Micb. 


44dt rrra^/ii 7*, Taylor.* U 

44X4 Msnkati T. V. Ta^lor^^ h. 

»h»?m. («) Panl Acicre- 

4433 WrtJrpr Taytor^ b. ^- 

44Rfi /?//«« Ta^or,'^ K , 

4437 Frank HifA^rtU^n Tayl<^? h, 
443S Sief>htn K'fUo^^ TayUt^ h. - 

44M EHMheih T^^Ur!" h. . 

4440 Eita InutHU Tinftor,^ b. 


; n. (1) EHubeth Chaw; d. 



— ; m. { 1 ) Jeruilia Htmtloyi of 

1604. LEVlJ#TOof Jo«ph« <53dhb, — 

Shed. ; hem, (S) Eunice llialup; <L in Pcorin, IIU ^ Not., 

1656; tho± . 

I!e wai a Mkoeoiaker; r«iiu from MiJdletiury to Illiuuia. 
Ckildrtn by first wife. 

-1-4441 Okuix,* b :23 May, 181fi: m. (1) llerinVilfi Matilita Nichols; {Z) Hn. 
Harmt (Wing) J^y. 

U42 Myhox,* b. ; in. Polly ButliT; d. . 

+4443 CnMTi3," I. )l Aug., 18li»; m, Sjlvia St^kiut^ 
-j-H-ll Calvin C.,» b. 5 May. 1**2*>; m. MortJm Sop^un t'ori»w*v 

444J A^MOv,* b. ; m. Mury WHyinnn; batli d. m I'*r«M>*, Km. 

Ckiidren b$ st^^tnd wife. 

444« Dksni8»K ^, 

'H47 MAftY Jxix^^ b. — ; nft. Tawmh; «•■ in Sriisfidd, HI. 

4448 Fhaxk.* b, . 

4443 PoHrtfi* h. ; rwi. in Hnrlau, la. 

445i> Nancy* b. . 

44BI Lut:Y,»bL , 

44^!^ Oeoege,** b. 

; Fe«. in Dearer. Ool 

1645. JOSEPH,^ son of Jt>9eph« (538), b. 

in. Sophia Jane Suiny, K 

in Xrw GranlliAin, N, H,, 1 Nciv,, i:»9, dmi- nf Hci. Cvnw Stinty, 

He d. 18^0; aIic d. in Hume, N. V , 8 Jan.. im 

Thej pw. Id Corington and Ccnl^TriUCj N. T., and EUhom Crov«, IIL 
After bi« death «hc tv^ with her doii., Mary U Babbitt, in Uuahford, N. Y. 

4453 Overs STOii>:y,*^ b. 18S1; m. in Illinois, l^um Munly; >fac d. itt 11 

in Union vi Up, N^ev, ; hnd nn ohildrcn; Itv pmigmtod to Flkboi 

Grove, ill liMC : iu ldi!f3 t» Salt Lake ^ la 18M ia Califi>niU; 

a funnor and ntuck mUer; d. I Feb.. 1S98, bavins ''*^*> frocon to 

drwith n^nr llrno, N'l-v. 
-f44Si Martha CALrrii>'iA.'* b- 1834; el Henry B- Bradley. 
-f4465 Maby Lom«A.'»b, 1S«5; m. Horaoo Babbitt. 
445(1 Bkxjauin T^akieux,* b. ISfiO ; nimHcvl niisdicine iir 8t Iji>iit0^ Uol, iritb 

Dr. Bngs, Irotlier of the confederate Gen. ; irait to California in 

IftAS; d. Liniii. In (^iK-nini^Tita 11^ ^^a^.. 1Sn9. 
-{-4457 William Mqaq^ b. 15 May, ise^; m. ^Arab Kcnali Brooks. 
-f4158 MviSA." b- 11 J«n., 1830; m. T-eonsrd M. H«i1y. 
+445fl CV5TMIA Anoeuse,' h. \ Dtc-» lfl3l; ui. Flawd Rulltren Pulnin-, 
-H46f) OeoKOC WAAmNaTOtJ,^ b, ^Cl May, 1837 ; m. Naney Caroline Thompson. 
4-4461 Chaki^s TnAvrrvi AAHCitY,* K \% S^pt, 1S40; w. (I) Kate Ooldua) 

{%) Uary Bosalie BeAumo&t. 

1616. MAKY (POLLY),' dan. of Jow^b* (^b), b. in Bomc, N. Y^ 19 Apr, 
1:^8; m. in HiddlHnif^^ N\ Y-, 20 OeL, 1813, Amo* Pwk, h, in Cheihire^ 

7 s<T>t.. ir9a 

Th£ Keluhmm in tjik Nsw Woklh. 8S8 

SIm d. 20 SepL, 1863; hft d, id Kufihford, H, Y., ti Xov^ 1$56. 
Til* vna a farmer; a wlHkr in the war of 1813. 

44Gi ^anift P<cl\" b. ^0 Sept. ll^lG ; tu. SSI Au^., 1&19. RcuIwd Boj£OA; d- ia 

4403 Fhitena p£ck*' b. 3 Jan., IHIT l in. '^C A^jg., 18&S, William Wood«; 1 Iq 

Hwcow, N. v.. 12 tVb., 1877. 
U*U L^i^fito Pf<k^ K 115 Sf-pU, 1S19; m. 13 JflU , l«44, Elim Dingmaa- 
4455 PhiUiuM Pect * b. ^0 Ot't., 1921 , m, 4 Ma>- 18M, Namrj I^wnriav, 
M«ti /«?*»; i'wJt* b. 8 l)«x^. 1S«3; m. » June, 1853, Ameliii Tftrbcll; <L id 

Ri]i4irnr<^, 20 Apr, 1880, 
44^7 Mcff /'ocJt," b, 1 Sopl,. Ifi'iC ; ro, «4 Jaa,. 1843. Jd*i>n fi. Milkr. 
4469 Armotw P4<k^ b. ^9 Mor., 1831 ; m. 12 D«., 18fi0, Danid Clark VTooda; 

be vie a farmer m Itut^bford* 

IMS PETER/ »on of Jowph" (638), k 16 Doc., l&Ol, in N*w York Stale; 
HI. Millkrnt Olmfiteod, h. 5 Not.^ I79G. 

Ho d. in Alexandria^ >fiy>n- 

Tliey n*. ill CtUtn magus, N. Y., Eriit Cn., piu^ nnr! AU'XuniTrm, Minn. Ho 
vme promin^t in the conununitj ; va« a tiaming master, etc 

4469 Matilda BfrrsET,® b. ^0 July, 1SS5: m. Rw. Jame* B. Hflnunond, of 
Hip MrlWlirtL Episi:Ti|uil Krir* Cnnfrrt-non; iL 4 Aug., 1854, in 
FrAnklin, Pa,; had ctiililrco, 

4470 Klus Chjippel.'' h. 19 Jnni?. 1W?7 ; wl ; 4 Feb., 1893, in Frank* 

1m; hi? wit^ow r^. in Pronklia, 
-f447] Alubda y^ii>Y,^ K IS Au;,» 183U; ra, (1) Horri^on Hull; (V) Wil- 

liain Parriftk 
+4473 JiJ8Tc» Ot.KirrRAi>.* b. £7 Jan., 18:35; m. Ann KIiea HqIL 
-1-4473 Joi;Erit,'* b. $0 V»., 1635; di- (1) Mar^M Ann Goodbsn; (2) Uaiy 

Ann Farber, 
4-4*74 LKAjfiowt,*' h. 1 Feb-, I83»; m- (1) Ecslhw I'nltiwn; (8) Mury EliM- 

b«tii We«tpH1«ld. 

laM JAMES/ i^n of Jonathan* (MO), b, in Vermont, 21 May, 17tf9; m. 
1823, Olive I'oltnan, b. in Hrixhton. Cdnada, 14 Sept., 1803, ijau, of Vli'illiam ToU 

She d_ Mar., 1$43; Iw- ^, 20 Sept.. 1&72, 

Ho va» u farmer m NorthunibL-dand, C&Dada; vb3 a Daptirt and a It^ 

CkUdrra, till rj-:cpt John, b. in Ualdimtiwl. CariaJa. 
-f447S WUUAM Desms,* U. 1? St»pt., la^B; tiL Marj Beak 
+4476 JI7UA ANS-^b-SlMaj, lSJS7;,ni.8cth HubbelL 
-1-4477 Batid.^ k 17 Oct., Ift2d; m. <1) Tioldab Flororu Potcrs; (7) EUn 

+ il7** AmaiiaU* b, 15 MST., 1&31; m- Eunice Crairforf. 
+44:S» Ai.«iiu,* b, I Kov^ 1833; bu SeUi HubWIl 
+4460 ExpEBJBifCB." b. 4 MiLT-, 1&3<; m. Luke PVink. 

AM Tut KsrUNKM IN T»x Nivr WonL». 

+44S1 Jottx," bw in VemonviUe, Cuuda, 10 Apr.^ 163» ; m. iUrAtret l^imbcih 

+4432 OLrvE," b. 3 Mur-. 1813; m. IsrwJ UuJbcit 

1657. IRA,' son of Jcii]fttban*< (540), b. iu Vcnuont; nu 
Ilk; d. in Cunodn ; wn» a fimai^T. 

-t-448S Jauiw Fhaneuw^" Ik ; ro. . 

USA ALMHaoN," L, , 

+44!Sa itti,"b. ; m. . 

4486 CH-iRLt* Listkr:*,** b. in WliUlij. OiiL. 24 Sopt, 1843; m. 24 Stpt, 
1663, AacUtidc lVn.-M KdloKff (l^t^l^l). b. in Kid^r^vaj, IV. 8» 
Septal 1&50; WHS a d<»rtiRt, Con|£rvgAliannfi«t nnrl Protiibitioiiifi ; 
he d, $8 J^c, 169^; she iyk. in JanmUrwu, N. Y> 
-(-4487 TiiouAet Ji:rr£iUMJN * b. ; m. . 

44Sfi A»^.i," k ^. 

4489 Xx>uiBA» b. . 

4490 Si>PHiujKrA»" h, 

4491 Adelaide.'* b. - 

IBM AUinaJA,'^ dm of JmHUhin" (540), b. in Vmnont, or Kcw Yorls, n 
^'o\., l»Oi; m. 17 Dqc., 18^1, Almirio OmvP«, b. 18 Apr.* 1803, fon of Witen 

Shed. 10 June, ISSa; ]i«d. 11 OcU 1BB&> in C»H«dnK<w N- V. 
TIup; r««. m Cusfldftga. 

44fl2 Sarrt (SailyJ Ann Qrcvtt,^ b. 30 Aug., 18!*; bl * Mav. 1810, Hiram 

4498 Jam-M Qrvtvfs,^ b. 16 Not.» 1983. 

44!M litirrirt ^f. Ortivrs,* h. 2t Apr., Utd: tiL Henry Potd^ 

14ftG Cflwfinp Gmi-m® b, 27 Fgt, 1>1S9; m, Dnnitj Pickett 
44^17 Anrrtui, QmvtsJ* U 1> June, 1830; (L S3 Oct, lfl»fl^ 
4J98 IVrtfrf^ OVfltM," L 7 Feb., ia3a; d. tounp. 

4499 John Lutman Gritvft.'* h. M Apr^ lfl33; tt j-onn^. 

1500 Lorfnic ri>ry(/ori (^ravr^,* b, ?t Aug.. 1835; rte, in Spokuitf, VmIi. 
4501 Jcn>mf! tf, Orav^g/* h, 2S Nov,, 1843; rw. in Spokuie, 

1699. KRAXKLIN,^ mb of Jonattuui^ <54D), b- in Colboroe, OnUrio, 19 Jim*, 
180»; in. (1) Mbtj (PolW) Oftllowftv, 

8h<- a, abfjiit l*=46; ht' m- (S) in TilIsonbwr#r. OnUHo, 9 Fcbw, 1W9. nimnali 
Ri-^hftrJflon, b. ic Ront, Voiluhin', Knf-Urni, 3 Jun*», 1831 ; d. in Ct«KC, li,, n 
Apr.. 1878L 

He wa« ft Midler in Co. D, Sixth leva CuTalry ; wa« dia&bM nnd drew a 

+4A02 PiiK»ft Anx," bu 15 Jnlj, 1834; m. (1) G««iig* VedcH; (9) Thontm 

Tub Kklvoog^ ss rii£ X^ir Woou, SR 

4503 AcRGLur b. U J&a-t 1B3T; m* Clement ilB^\ rec in Boa Uomm^ 

+4504 UaxiUKvr," b. In Wditby, OnU Id <!aii>. lB4i; la. VirgmU Krui«M 

4505 Bkmum,^K a Junr, 184^; In- **s *hot Uiruu;;^! iIih lii'Hrt by buitb* 

whflckcre wliile on picket daty in Uolcna, Aik,, and d. 6 Mar-, 
1863; he served In tfc« Fourth Iowa CiU'alrjj was onm. 

4506 Maky,» b. 8 J»ly, XM^i; d. . 

C'Ai^fJ by Uf^nd wife. 
-f450? Ufouoc llKf^QY.* b, m London, Canada, 1 Doc>, 186S; cu (1) Uabcl 
UoCiOlocb; (2) Myrtle Brooks. 

1M0. EZEKTEL/iotiof Siliw^ (541), K 19 JundSlO; m, 8 Oct, 1833, 
Lydift Brook*. o( Pmift, N, Y.. b. n PVb., 1816. 
Thjy rv«. ill tli>ckiluli? Township^ Pa. 

4508 PnjLANinEm»b.30ct.l835; d. 13 Auff., 1853, 
4.Mlfl U;KiNl«,»b, I7Mav,lS38; m_ , 3 June. 1854. 

4510 Maky," k 3 Junc^ 1840; d. SO June. 1B5S. 

4511 Eii»u>'K»h, » Doc, 1843; m, , 19 D«„ 1858, 

4512 0b\'I6,^ b. 211 ^pt, 1^5; waa a soldier in tli^ nar of the HebetUon; is 
0Uppi>rir-d ia hare bcon killcti in Ihc bottle of ^pott«yIt&]ua Court 
Upuw, 8 May, l>!t>4- 

4513 MjuU4* K 29 Jimt, 1848; d. 9 May, 1858. 

4514 Nbuwn H. • b. 7 Apr.. 1850; m. , 2 May, 1875, 

451ft <terAi( H.^h 4 FpV, 1)K54; m. . 8 Jan., 18711. 

4516 SuiEJ-TA." b, Jfi Mar.. 185fi. 

4517 WiLUAM * b. IS Apr.. 1858. 

4518 RoAAviLLB," b. SI July, 1882. 

IMT. HUEL,^ wi of Si1a«« (541), b. 13 Aug., 18:S; en. 1832, Oarrigt Bnjin. 
He d. € Mar., 18G7 ; ie& in Bremer Ca, I&. 

45I& DtaHTOx,^ b, ; w», m Buckcroek, la. 

MM. SALOME,^ dao. of SUat* (341), h »0 Doc, 1915 ; m. 1832, BcnjamiD 
P. 8Bfder. 

She a. 185T. 

4520 Zatman ft. Snyder,* b, 

4521 Sl4cia Sna^tr* h, 

4532 DorolhfC Snt/dfr^* h. - 

4523 SUas 0. .^n^iJff ■ b — 

4524 Emery Sni/thrfi b. — 


l«tt, JOSEPH,^ voo of 8iU«« (541), K IS May, 1818; m. 1&41, Fanay OIic- 

3bf tL in Park«R>bDrgb, !a. ; fie n^ iu Axial, Cikl., in 1901. 

3S6 Tbb KxuxiOGB IS tbb Nsw VTobux 


4fi» BhBxa* b. ; d. , 

45a€ Joiix- W-,« b. ; d. , 

4527 Melhx • k ; A ^, 

45ed Mklviix* b. ; d. , 

4589 J- E,,»b- J»53. 

4530 B. A.,"b. ISOl. 

1670, LVMAN,^ mm of Siln*^" (Ml), b. in Uidttl^burj, N. Y., 20 B«jrU 1820; 
m. (1) Jan., 1844, Marj Add AndcrMO, b. 3 Mar, LSSS, d«L of AVIIliatn Audcr- 
MCi^ of Rockdalo, Crawford Co., Pa. 

She d, ;> llRt., l&U; h^ m. (2) 2S Uu., 1d55. Marfuvt Ana Borko^ of 

Hp wrrrwl lA a «i!dier bi the HtH war in the One Hundred and 8iity>nlnth 
PcnD^tvaDio Militin. He wa» n f«nncr in Uichmond. Itu 

4531 Si]-w » b. H) Jnn, I84fl ; d. U Dec., 18fiO. 

4^9 AuASA Chapman^^ b. :tU Aug., 184i>; wae onm. in 137^ 

4533 JEl'PiattOW,'* b, 24 Mar, 1*46; d. 8 Apr, 1S49, 

4534 Ja»i» Cu»i«x," K ? Jan.. 1850; d 30 Doc. 18S(X 
4531^ RoBSBT La Payetit,** b. 19 Kov., 1851 ; d, i> Feb , 1811. 

1871. MARY (POLLY)/ dan. ftf Snt*« (541), K «7 Nor.^ 18«3; n, (1) 184«, 
RiiliTTt I, Andervcin^ Df Riickdatv, Pa. 

Ho d ; idi« m. (2) 1861, Andrew L FultcrtoQ. of Rockdale: d. 6 

Junc^ 1877. 

4536 Siitu J^^ h. , 

4B38 fia/f A." L. 

1878, NATHAN PAIRCmLD,' aon of Dnnid* (543). U in Norwalk. Conn.. 

about 175^; m. in Ridg^fii^Id. Conn^ i^ Mar., 1779, Hn. Hanaah (WuEon) 

Mckorhmiite. b. 4 Mar, 17:>2. 

He d. Mar,, 18^3 ; ahc <L in DatL-nporl, N, Y,, Not,, 1830, 

He r««- in Bidgipflptd, bi« home lyin^ wi*t nf that of Widow Jarcd St. Ji^m. 

H? TAK anfortucaU id «ndoraewent« for a friend; lost )ua property and rem. to 

the Stat*' of New York. 

Hi? was A -ioliikT in thr* rrvolation; niliHti-if in Cnpt B*njpHirt*B Co., CoL 

Bndl(<y'i( BatUljon, S$ June, 1T7G; wae diachnrged 1^7 Dec*, aamuy^nr. 

Chiidrftp 5< in Hidgefieid* 

+453ff Isaac* h. 13 Jmi.. 1780; w. Eunio^ SL John, 
+4540 KniLOMiTii." U 15 Dec^ 178«; tn- Shubael Warpaffu 
-f4Ml HANVAB,'*b. 3 Mar, 17*15: m. S(^H«i Olmsted. 
+4543 l.Kwis,'* b, 21 AiTjf.. 1787 ; n;. Alkr SnlifiWry. 
-(-4643 >.iTM^N>*b. JoDitc., 1789; m. Ij^ct Sht^rwood, 
+4544 Jofib,* I, S July, 17W ; a)< HArrirf boualdflon. 



1079. ELIJAH/ Bon of D&mel^ <S43), b. dmt BktgvMd, Coati., 3 June, 1754; 
IB, 4 Jitn., irSl, Snmli Jora», k 20 May, 1759- 

He vafi a ttddler; leflrneil ihe Cn^e in Korvfilk, Conn. About 1792 r«iD. 
rrnm HidgrlirM, CotuL^ ti> Milton, X. Y. In tbdr old ajfC tbcj mn. to the home 
of ihi'iT £OD in Cftfitilc And d. thi^rc. 

H« WUA revalotionarv aoMit^r; ^ened In CoJ. WHt*>rfcurj*A Rvg-, 10 Uay to 
i: tkpu I'Vfi; ia the Kifth Coancctiail lic^., Upt. John St John, CoK Philip 
B. Bndlej, from 1 July, 1780^ Ave m«ith« and thirteen day^ 

VM^rtn, first stvet* t. tn Ridgcfttid, others in Miftcn. 
-I-U45 Mast (Pollt),^ K 14 St^t, 1781; m, Eli Mattoon. 
■+4B46 Jacob,"* li. 1ft Dit, 1782; m. (I) PniieUl» Wtfod; (2) Susm Joluboa; 

(3) Abi Wood. 
+4d47 JoxATUAy,** (x K Apr., 17»4; ni. (1) RoxttonA Calkia*; {!) Kidhcr 

4-4AI$ Sakaii (Salxy)," b- 1 Jan., l7dC; m. Kiplej ColkiDiL 
+454J> C*THKai\E,* K 8 Aug , 11*7 ; m- ChsHps Cnlkina. 
+4550 Waltkh." h. 1 Mar., 178!): m. Anna Ilohited. 
-f 4fiS1 Maiki.,* b. 8 Sept, 1791 s m. IMvid nqm*^. 
-J-45&2 LoroKK." U ^4 Feb., 1793; m. Gmma dpnigne. 

4553 DA»im" h. 1 Xi>T<, 17DS; m. nbocit 1823^ Samh Btkcr, vboee father 

cnmo from KiiHt HAmptftn, Ijojig Ulund, X, Y.; d. of paralytic, 17 

J4n.. 1874* ; ibe <L in 1880; had no childr«L 
-f-4561 EiJJAii,* b. S8 Sept, 1797: m. Tiimttr I'jilmcr 
+43fiA JiruriTK,* b- 25 Aag., 1793; m. Darid Hw^ 
+4656 Ebbxeses.*^ h. It Jttly, 1801; m. Lydi& Uoore. 

1680. UABELJ <kt. of PnnieJ" (:.43>, h. obout )7r,f^; m. Pwon &n Naah, 
k S5 >U., 175«4, trOD of AbT«haiii ^uh, b. Oct, 171t*, and Uhoda Keeler. 
1^117 fw. in B«!Uton, N. Y. 


4557 JpA« *VaAft • b. , 

455ft Salfy ATofft,** b, ^. 

4551* iHoda Na^/" b, . 

4560 ii4atrvc A'uaA." h. ^. 

1681. EUKlUlv,' dan. of Daniel.** (5I3>. b. about 1760; m, 4 June, 1780. 
JoMthftD Xa^L h. 14 Apr, 17fi0. Mtn of Al*n*bam Xajih, b. Ort, 1718, and Hboda 

Jher na. i» BalUton. N, T. 


45BI //tfniwiA Aa*A * b, 

4562 ^rfi^r JVari • b. . 

4563 Jtmaihtn AWA,** fa. 

45^ /ftWf A'oaA • h. 

45fl.'5 j^4M Sath.^ b- 

1684. KLIZABKTH.T dan, »f DaiiirJ*" (MSJ, h. in Vorw«lk, fVnn . Ifl l>ec,. 
1768 : m. 1 Jan., 17or>. BcDiamin Kwtcr, b. in Wilton. Coon^ 1 Aug,. 1771. son of 
Timothy Kv^kr, and Hacnah Hickok. 


The K£LLoaofi nr the Nbv Woeldl 

He d. in Kid^cfiddt Conn,, 17 MAr., \dl2 ; abc d, in tho Hmc pkoc, 2G Jtily» 

UAn PoHul fCMhff^ Krtlrr,*^ b. % Frli., i:»!>; m. ^ N'ov., lAdT, fUnmtli Part- 
rick : be vu a Canner in Biiige^Jd ; bad time duldroL 
-I5G7 Cothtrin^ Ke^4r^ h. IS Jnlr, ISO). 
4608 SlUa HHhtr ATw/^," b. 11 "ftq>t, l**0*l; in, DhdiH Piitrick, of Bid^ 

Qold^ d. 7 JuatT, 1876; luul thnv ohiidicn. 
45139 C/oru if^ma A'rWer,^ b. ^ Fub,, UOS; m. A. Qitluway; ruw in Michigan; 
had three cliildrcD. 

1086. KBENEZER/ mm <}f Damv^l" (G43), h. in Rid{fi-6i^lt], Coiul, tT Dw., 
1T72; m. in Hidjct^lidd, about I7'jn. MarthiL Northrop, b. in Bidj^dd, 10 Nov.. 

Bhe d. 2!> Dix,, 1830; in Frinid^hip, K. Y.; he tn. (2) in DiinlUla, N- V., 
Unw Botrtny (Baldwin) Doud, widow of Scrth Di^ud; eho d. in Bolivar^ N. ¥., 16 
May, )84fi; ]i>> d. In Nilei. Alleghanv Co., X, Y., at th^ home of his mn, Edvin, 
«T Apr. 1SC7. 

Hv wB» a rnrmiTr ond nailmnkcr ; rv*. in Ki<)g<^fiuM until about 1305, «l3«n h^ 
rfiiu. to Butti^rruU, N. Y., vliere he rw. ubout twcntv j^an. lf« then rem. to 
Frieudahip, novr BoUvar, N, Y. Ue iraa a M«thodi«t and a Dvmocrat. 

+4C70 DiNiKL,** (k In Bidfffffieia. 11 Dec., 1500; m. Sophia Hilcboodi. 
4*4571 Abioaiu" b. in Ridgi-Htdil, Juiii% lftf>£; m. <1} TjninHrd Danidn; (>) 
CUrh MiJlard. 
4B72 William* b. In Bldgeflold, 3 June, 1804; nx Mr*. Sarah Mead; 1 in 
3ol]Tar; had no child nrn. 
+46'}3 EeTin:]!," b. fi Apr^ ISOti; m. Gardner Chap<>l, 
+4574 ElJWi>," b. in Butl^rnuth, 25 Si-pt.. 1811; ni. r>i1Iii Doul 
4-457fi UaiNA tinANT." b. 3 May. 1814; m. (1) Jluldab Tcnclope Boot; (9) 
H«p«ibAh Jjord. 
4B7fi KuftiU K.^ twill L*i Tjjriuj^v b. 3 Ma>, 1814; d. in litfaiiej, 
4-W77 Klipiia BiBftiMft* b, 7 V^h.^ Ifll?; m. Nancy Kinna 
457* EuaAiiKT»*h, ; m, Wheelock; rc«. tn Iowa ; be d. in Co- 
lumbia Cit>, la-; ttJio d. - — ; had one child. 
+4571) Saiuii Ann» b. In Bolivar ; m, K«lpon Millard. 

168& 8AMUEL/ son of Daniei' (S43), U 54 Nov., J785; nu 14 Feb., 1806, 
lAi:n Duuc^hy. b. ? Deo., 1788^ i!au. of Samuel Dauchv and Ada Dauehy, b- IS 
Mar-. 1759- 

Hu d. S F«b., IHUl, a^^ 78 ; she d. SV Jan.. 11477, aged H^. 

She rvjt. nn tin? cild horni^tj^ad in Bidf*i-flt-ld. 

CKildrtr^, b. in Rid^^/Uld. 

+45d0 Noa» Ks* b. Se Jan., 1808 ; tn. ( 1 ) Mannda Sr^noldj : (S) Mre. Snean 
Wordf-n; (3) Mrs. Bliia K. (Bla'^nnan) Waihburn^ 

43fil ALyttHD.* b. ; tL a^«i 4. 

45&3 ALrtBD.* b. — ; d. aRod 1. 

45S3 BOXANMA,^ b. ; d mgvfl 1 /ear and 1 mcnih. 

Thx KkLLO<M» iV THE XkvT WOKllL Mf 

-HWl AuAKiu,^ K about IMl; m- AlfrvU St^v^n*. 
+4586 UittAM." I. n JnW. 1S':3; m. Mao" tSilbcrt, 
4"!^^ lUiUEiLT," b. V8 Sopt, It^V^; la. George Bulk]«j% 
+4567 BuzARETH,*^ b, 21 Nuv., If^SO; 111. Hirum 3nms Simvtit^ 

1691. DEACOX JAUVl^/ nn of Jftrvw^ (54A), K Lr Xonnll:, 20 Apr>, 1708 ; 
m. 19 Feb., i;ilS, Uervy Sellvck. L Id June. 17T0. duu, of Capt Jauee Selleck, b. 
1741, and S«m1i W^l, b. probabtj in 1714. 

lit- d, lg July, 1831 ; *\w <1. 2:t Apr., 18:10, aged 7d; bnth sre buried in the 
T^vn Hou^e CtrmuUry in KorvAlk, Coiuu 

+45d8 JAUBa Sbllscv." K 19 >or„ imv i m. Mary Aon Kdmiutda. 

4flS9 Sallt,** U 3 [W-, 1194; d. 14 Aug., 1796. 
+4590 Sarah." b. Il> July. 1790; m. Jo6q>h Scribow. 
+4591 UuxHLi&,^ tv 17 June, 1800; m, (1) Kraaoo* I', SiiaUing; (U) ThtoMi 

+4*K l^uciA." b. 58 May. 1803; m. Stephen Stanley, 

+4S1I3 M^iRTJV,^ b. 3 July, 1S08; ni. (1) Junv Gny; (^) CUiiwt Jkhq Lock- 
■4591 CHinLOTTB," L 15 F*ib, 1811 ; nu Liniu St. Johu Bonodicl, 

'W93. KLIZAHKTH^ •Sajl of Jorvb* {&\$), \>. in Norwalk, Ci>nn., 25 Fub^ 
17AA; m. iTt Xnrwalk. ^ Feb., I>i03, RrnJAniin TirK'kvfioi], I. lA Srpt, 1777, wa 
of Bb«nesi.'r Lockwood. K in Nonraik, uud &tary Godfrey. 

Ho d. in Brooklyn, X. Y., 1 Jan., IS&S ; «hc d. in Now York. Sopt., 1863. 

Th«y rwk. in Norwalk tor about thirty y*jare after thtir marriage and tht-n 
rem. to Now York City, vrhurc the elder at>xw were living;. 

CkU^rtn, I, in Sorivalh. 

4595 Fffd^riek Lo^kK-ood^^ h. 30 Nov., 1S03; m. OUvin Mvi'kvr 

4596 iVoMOR Looh^oori,** b. 13 Feb., imG; lu. 19 Aug., 18:^3. Ch!ir1ott« Whit' 
nej, b. in New Jlavm, Conn.. 13 Oct, 1810; rt«i in Food du Lac* 
Win., Stamfonl, Conn,, and Nuw York City. 

459T Bnnjantitt /-t«ifi uutJ. /r.."* L. 10 St-pt. 1808 ; ui. Rtbtcca Ssekj. 

4598 VharUff :SirtH LoikucGd? h, 11 Juno, IBlti; m- Polly Ann Bmdley, 

4599 l^t Orandt Lochw^ood,^ h. 14 Aug., 18S0; m, Anna Lottiiu? Bt^n^feC; ho 
wta a bdiiksr in Nev York^ 

leM. EBENEi^EB.' »oii of »er. Eb<^i^>«T" <G4?). b. in Vcnron, Conn.. %l Oct, 
17iM:m. (!) 22J»n., 178?, .\bigui1 OliniLt<^d, b. U Sc^v., ^58, dau, of NathuiioL 
01atHt«d. Lif Ean Hartford* b. 6 June, 1714. and Sarab Pitkin. 

She J. S9 Jan., 1797; he ni. {2} 7 Jan., 1801, Hnuruih Oimattd, L 21 Jun.. 
17<^, dan, of Aahhrl Olmutpd, of F^ct Hartford, lu 1 Foh,, 17?'!, and Hannah 
Newbrny; the U. 3 May. 180$; he m. (3) 14 Feb., 1804. ElUabeth Shddoii. b. in 
Somun^ Conn^ 6 Scpt^ 1780, dau. of Epbraim Sh«ldon. of Shr^Qld, Mom., and 
Miriam Wtrrimer; d. of lyphiw Fevfr, 10 May. 181S. 

He WM a farmer in Xorth Bolton, now Vernon. Conn.; held the officer of 
Comlablc and Juitiov of tbv P<>aoc; rcpn^unted hla town tu-ict in th^ F^U- 

8be m. (2) d Jane, IftlJf; Deacon Ali^under Mi^Lran, Ix U June, IT72; bo 
d.mManch«t«i, CcniL, 11 Nov., 1843; «bcd. lo RockrilK Coim., li; Oct, L86T. 

Children, b, iti Vernon, Ay Jirat ttifa. 

4600 £Bi£NKEKt,» U fS Oct, 1T89; tn- 3 Ju»c, IS2^, Siuu Coit> k in Ntw 
London^ Conn., 2£ Apr., 17^8, datL of Hon. Joehuft Coat, b. 7 Oct, 
17t>8. au<1 Aim Borrwlakr Ilallam, li. about 1T«4; ww gradtaUd 
from Yili^ ( olL'gi^ 1910: va« priiKipttl of fln academy in X#v 
London tvo rnra; nasgradailf^l from Andover Tlifologicol Son^ 
i&ai7, 1S15; waa librarian and pT<rf««sor of langua^ea in WiUionw 
Collegie, 1815<44; noai^cd hw profL-c^orftliip ca accouni of declin- 
ing htthb, 1^4; d. 3 Oct. l^iC; the retttnwd to N'ov London; 
d. in Villiaiiutom, Maac, vbilc riiitinir ther«t 8 Apr., 1^47; had 
a ton, kUU K, ]9 Jan., ISSO. 

4601 JiAiTi:«," U 6 Nov., n91 : f>c wa» a joniv mui of bifh cbsrwrtcr and 
pronii«»; vras drafted into the anor and d. of i«mp f^r^r, in X«« 

Londoc. Conn.. ] Oct* 1814. 

+4S0« Usoiiot," b. 3 Mar., 1703; m. >Ui»> Nobk-. 

+4<03 Alltx^K i: Aag„ i:94; m- EHia Whiter 

4fl04 Nathaxii:!. Oui^tko." b. 26 Feb., 1TD6 ; m. 10 Joae, 18t7. Eliu N«di. 
Ix 18 Apr,, ]TI»ti. datL of Dvacon Strplicn XaJtb and Har; BradW; 
d. IS May. 1dA4; the d. 2R Jdiw, «aiD« jeai; be Inned the 
of a dotfaicT aad, at the affe of tO bq£nn bnaintti aa a maw 
ot wpoUnk goodf in TaJc«>ttTilk, Conn.^ whtrv b» rta. tfuon^ hU 
life; he was a uwiobt-r of ibr ht^hhinre 1^41-46-48, and of the 
Kanat^ in 1949, and 1)^8 a l^n^dcnUat d«c(or; ba *aa from 1^8 
a ntrporate nmnb^ of the Aira>rir«n Board vt Oo wMiogw wfm for 
FMtign Mittktfip; be waa Maj. of the oUUia and «ia geaatJI^^ 
kBOwn bv that title; had no rhildtvn. 

Ckildrm by mtvmd wifr. 
AMS A DAt^oimEK.* bL and d. tr Apr^ t«0& 
460£ A Daroirmt,* twin to prmdini:. k aa^ d. 97 Apr^ 180S: 

IWT SHSMK'V 17 Dk^ 1S04; d. IC JoM, 1806w 

4608 ELiiaBSTH*b.2tl Jttly. IMT: nuf4 Har., ISU^OmfeDumft^ 

!»&. of FlainMd. C^mi^ K U Srpt^ IS^; d. fi Apr., 1837; 

DocUldKn; b*«t {t) SApr^l^Uai7Ma1>ui;d*m 

OouL^Oct.. 1S6A. 
Mit.A DaPsnrW,* k and d. 7 Jwxl, ISia 
«M A8ox5KaAdd-4 F«t>-, 1S1V 
-HCll AntoaiL OuisroiL' Ik » Jonv. 1813; 9l Saaad ISIrdm Ba«&^ 

Itt^; ia.SI Dc^l79l,SQaaBnaGrixp;«fTotUBd.CouL.KSJan^l7TI, 
•f Dnanm Joshna OriggK b. ia Natvidk Cteft« 8 Ja&, 1741, and J< 
aaa, L 18 Mat, 174& 

Sha d. > ftfpt^ IStt, apd fabw»d ia tlit M g—itia? la 
W d. b Bartlvd. » Ffk. IJOS. ^BDd 8& 

Bewi^a j*a— *iTSa»d rJpcfcaiafceT; taned ^ taade «f Dan>d Bvnafi, ta 

Tub KEu^oooe ix niK Ksv Woku>. 


Wiadwr, Conn-; tcttJcd in Tollftnii, Conn., where he ww Town Clerk, 1**08 to 
1810. In 181J W rem. from TclJand to Colcbe«t«r, and theiKyr to llArtford in 







BBdun,' b. 24 Oct, 1TO6; d. 27 Nov., 1796. 

OniKDA,^ b. 3 Nov., 1796; d, unm., %Q Jan., 1616. 

SCftAtfNA,*^ k 19 Oct^ 1T98; d. 13 Dvc,, 180L 

EuiABrni,^ h. 12 Apr» 1800; d. vnin., Iti Sept., ISSL 

Sarah * L 19 Jan., 1803 ; m, Descom Chesi^r Tnlcott, 

Mahu &.,' b, 3 Jnn-, 1804; u. JociAlltan Ij. ninkJe;, of Haas£«Id, Oonn.; 

d, ^ JatL, IBSS; had no duldr^a. 
JjUtvia (SfUMM," b. 5 Oct, ]&05^ WriW »teel mgnii'iii^ in Bu^tott, aud 

woa ccn«>dcrcd one of the bc«t voTkism of his time ; he il)tuU-at«d 

hivtoma] and oth^r worfce; r^, in Botton; d. utun., in Hartford, 

24 JuIt, 16:3. 
Dixrct WiwciiiT* b, n Jolj, 1807; d. 28 Dec, 3874. 
Bduo^d BtBKE,'^ b 27 Majr, 1809; m. (1) Nancy Emeline Avery; {%} 

laabella Uarr Wella. 
EUJIH CuAPUA??,^ b. 13 June, 1811 ; nt Harriet I«haiiL 
8rsis * K 31 Oct-, 1815; d. 20 Nov., 1815. 
llAKSAtt,'* b. n Uav, 1818; d. 24 May, 1818L 

16M. HANNAH,^ daa. of Hct. Kbc^nozor^ (^47), b. tn Voraon, C^nn., 24 May, 
1768; UL 26 Nov., 1789, Deaixm Plunead TalcoU, b. 14 r«c., 1758, wn of Deaeoa 
B«9jamin Tnlcoct, of Bolton, i.kinn., and Elizabeth l/rman, b^ in Co^tffltcy, Cotuo* 

Had. iVDn:., 1$3A; yh<>d, 5 Jati., lA.lfl, 

H^waaa fanner in Vemon; wa» active in tovn aftaira, and repreaentod Ver- 
non m the Lef^datur« aerGntl iontiona; aUo in the Conttitutioaial Coavcotioa in 
1818; waa a Jwtice of the Peaec and « dcocoa, 

ChUdren^ h, in Vernon. 

m Bonnoh 7'ata>ir ■ b. 27 Ao/., 17D1; m. 37 .Apr., IR12, I^m^^W St<inc^« 
farmer, of Kent, Conn., vhieh tcwn t]« T^^wi^.Tit^<\ in th« Legiala- 
tnre; hed. 5 Oct, 18&f, ni:«d 85; iho d. 2 Aug., 1806. 

4626 FkinM0 Tia<oH? b. 7 AojF., 1T93; m. ]» Nov., 18S3, Tx>ra Mclioan, of 
V^TDon : h^ va?( a teacher \ vaa »up«'rint<'Ddejit of th^ public bcImioIb 
in Hartford, and lat<T tfupcrinlcndMit nf Uie Iriuuir .Wlum: he 
rvtniTHMl to hift native tmrn, where he h<?ld ntmipr^s ofBe^ and va« 
mga^ in manuf seUiring ; ebe tL 7 Jan., ld3G; be d. 6 June. 

|462e Ridpk T'lUoH? k 18 fli<pL, ITffS; m. 10 Janr, IfiSO, Su-an Ball, of 
Plymouth, Conn.; hewu a clothli^raDd mAnufacturtr; d 30 Apr., 
1S47: th* d. 22 JnlT, 1854, 

4627 ^ocfrcifcon.''b. 12 Oct., 1797; m- (1) 6 Oct, 1829, Lois Twining, of 
Tolland, Mav.; die d, 16 UAr>, 1^36; he m. (V) 2 Nov., 18S7, 
Snnb A. Cntnr-kin)^ ; he grailualnl from Yate CuIU'k^ in 1824; 
mw a Ccoifrn^tioaal minirt^r in Wrllitijcton, 0. ; d, 28 Dcc-> 1871. 

4628 Allfn TtUcU,^ b. 23 Mar., 180U; m. ID Apr, 1833. Martha Goodrich 
Robhinn, of Wetbt^niWld, Coniu; hr vkHH a m^nm} UniduT and a 

f&rraer; was for Aome^pHBeut fur the ture^ UitU of Rocbester* 
U29 Chmfnt Talcott? b, 13 Aug., IdOS; ± % Oct, 1802, 
4630 BrlinOn TultA^tU^ k U F.?b„ ISiHt d. S July, ]ft*^; wim, 
1631 Jfuntctf Ti^toti^ b. S Mar., ISO?; m. SG ua.. 1832, John IL Ualsted, K 
in Pittnon^ Pa., T Nr>v., JTHS, K>n of John 4nd Rtchel Hs1«tod; 
rt-ciu in Ic^lG tv Liri>n)a, LiniiKtrtuii Co., X. V„ and. in 16tS, lo 
Cii»tiJ<r, AVvomtn^ Co., N. Y.; he n« fox thirtj fmni a rnvrcliont 
nnH wan SUte S^'imtor twt>t*Tni»; In IAii4 rpia. to RaUm, N- Y., 
wlicTv tie W&0 Collector of fDb;niA) Revenoe and ofcrt for loADing 

WW. TH031AS WRIGHTJ bod of Hev. Bbenewr* {M7). b. In Venwo, W 
Jnnn, 17T0; m. 12 YfV, 179A, Mary Hubhnrd, h. ui Gla^lonlinn^ Conn., 1 Jiinv, 
l?7fi, dan. of Aar^n llubbari). of Olafltonb^iry, and I>orothy UoUistor. 

Ho d. 9 Apr, 18:j: ; *he d. 13 Nov., 18:i, aged 1»6, 

Hr rrjL <m thp fumilj WiirciLi^i] tn Vrrunn; hi'Kl vanoim l«ntj offi»i^; wmt 
Justice of the Fcecc ; vhcii he wt out for his t»rid^'> he rode oae horae and levl an- 
other on whidi she returned. The Joumc}' of forty miles to Olatlocbury wa« 
made in a ninsl^ day, and they n-lumpd in tlie i^nmc time 

VhUiirm, b- in Vrrfmn, Vontu 

+4632 AAnoN^»b.5 Nor,, 1795; m, (1) HAnnah Kliea Wright; {%) Lydia Ana 
8. Dodgv. 

+4633 HiMB'T.'' U 13 Mar- 1TU7; m, Eletbta Bitge, 
4dSi HraoAiED,^ b, t\ Julv, 1»Q0; m. Jun-?, 1635, Julia Soldtn, b. SO Har., 
1809, daii. of beacon lle^e-kiah Seldeu. b. 15 Mar- 1795, and 
Eunice J^lanley, b. 15 Aug., 17S7; n«. itt Vemon; d, in Norfolk, 
Conn,, U Nnv., 1S78; iho d. in NorfoUc, A Jnn., IS&O; had no 

+4635 Hin>aoy.>* twin to Hubbard, b. tl Joly, ISOO; m. Jane Davit. 

+463a IIaxsaii Wiuoht," b. Ifi July^ IflOT; m. DniwJti Jowrph B. Cwr«. 

IQM. EtWICET dim. <rf Rev. Ebenescer^ (^7), b. Id Temon, 15 Xot., 1773; 
m. 4 Noir,, Vtn. Dr. Scottoway Hinkl^y.b. in Hanlwick, MaM-, 10 Apr-, 1771. 

Sh(t d. 88 Nov., 18S4; he d, ?1 Aug,, iai9. 

He was a phyirieian aid iiiamfticturer in Yemon. 

Children, &. *« V^rnoji. 

46S7 Ludtt^ liinkky!^ b. 6 Sept, 171»1» ; in. ti Nor.. I»30, La«r« WaUnuan, of 

Boltcn, Coiitl; rea in WisconfliiL 
4C3a Smict mnkh^fT" b. 27 Feb., 1603; m. SG Apr., 1526, Deacon Jod Del- 

ton, of (Sriiiwold, Conn, 
4«» B^Miabtih Uiullty? b. 6 Jan- ISO? ; m. 5 CM*. 1S30, AdnA St«do; he 

vra« a farmer ui nart>0T Cnwk, Pa. ; aho d. 7 Dec- ldG4, 
4640 Btfrnrx?vu //inWfy." K I Jun*-, 16<>S ; m. Xov., 1825. OUr* Ripley ■ d, la 

DavenpoH, la- 14 H^t, 1858; alwd. 97 S^pt, t^SS. 
4G41 £r£rfi«*«(>r f'fijfop^ JfinJ;-r^^,*<b. SS 8«pt^ 1813; si. Mar, 1^40, Mary 

QbuMiii; *hr d. in Vi-nioii. 'i1 MHy. It*4i. 
464$ Uannah Wri^t liif\kl<^? U I S«-pi, 1813; m. I? May, 1845, Blu 

Tntlle, of North Harft^ Conn. 

1701. JOHN,' ton of tlirn* (551), hip. io BolhiO Parisli, Conn, (tlen ft jwrt 
af Danliary}, :e4 Mm., i:<i4; m. (1) Elizabeth ?tckctt> the oldest fiistcr of AH* 
gttil Fick«lt» ivho m. turi brother^ Daniel. 

8htfd. ; \vm. (8). ; (.1) ; (4J ; (A) R*Uwr 


H« tL in £ucIk1, 0., Mar,, 11^3, His widow (o)<l hi>4 farm tnd moved wv«t 
He wftM living in I^ K«j<tU-, X. Y., in 1830; mod nft^r rem, to Ohio And 

bouj^ht a fara id KiicUd, tmar Clovi^laad. 


4&43 Jcu-VNA," 1>. -^- — ; m, * , 

46*4 Sakau (SAI,LT)^•' b, i m. Snckcti, who is iatd to hive 

own«d the nte of ihe City of Siokct Harbor, K, Y, 

4ft45 Ehoha," b. ; d. imiu. 

+4&46 EutA.* b, 11 Jul7> i:d5; tn. CuthaTinc UcKovn. 

1702, I'UILU' JUDD/con t>i Kar*** [G5I).b, 3i Uoc, 1TS8; m. (1) ha Coo- 
DccUcm, n Oci., 1789, Httld»h Ditemon, b. 16 .^uj(., 17;?. 

She d. in Hichfnrt^, X, V^ 01 Au^., 1830; he m, {Z) Id Dca, 18;»e> Un. 
Elisabeth IUqIod; d. id Pictcn, Carutdn, S July. 1817. 

Hu ttn>< a cur])t*ril4-r; rttm. fn^m CoEiiiet-tiL-uL to Giilway; wait in T)aubury in 
178fr; in Wonhin^on, Ul^faT Co., N. Y,, in 1606; wm. to Milton, Sarotoga Co., 
M, YviOct,18i3; in 18:;9 to Richforri. 

CA'tftfrrsn b^ ftrst wife. 

4«4T BesjaMIs Wii-9os« U 3 Nov., 1T90; d. 16 Oct, llSl, 
-f ^6^8 Lbvi,^ b. in BnUiton. N. Y., U Si^pt, 1792; m. 

4«« ET,i;:*nrrn * b. in T^alltton, 22 Ang„ i:94. 

4650 CyrJTTiiA." b. 15 Apr., lV3Gi d. 16 Apr,. ITni*, 

4<f&l Wll^oy.^L in BolUlon, 15 Apr, 1797; v<?nt to CathuIa And th«nco VSHL 

4MS Alpubub Q,,^ li. in BallstH^n. 39 Jud^, ITfId; m. Huldah Rookvell. 
+46^3 CYSTniA,** h. 1« Not,. 18l)1f; m, Juclue JcnDiD^te. 

4G54 Piiiui-.^ b. 14 Mnv, ISOl; d 30 Mav, ISOJ. 
+4«5 Hoy (Pollt> • b, IS Keb., 1808; ^ (1) John T. Ltcy; (e) Hiram 

4-4656 nruuii.^b. 12 Frk,lJill; m. Rnfim Anvjrpr 
+4«;T Pmui-." \x 30 Dec. 18U: in, Robwca Bean. 

1703. DAKIEL/ *on of E^cm'' (S5l), h. ST Fob., 1770; m. (1) 1* F«h., 1791, 

Aliii^il PicWtt, K in Jmc, im. 

^ic d. 3d Doc., im^; ho m. (S) 23 Sept, 1810. Bhoda Swatt. b. 11 Apr,, 

1784, dou- of SMiniul Sviti, h. 1733 and EUwibrth Douao; aUod. 13 Mar., 18J8; 

he DL (3) 18S9. : d. in Hope N, Y., SO Jan., 1838. 

Ho ««£ in ni|]»^la)e, Columbia Co., N. Y., in 1794; hi Middletovn. H«rki- 
Ca, N. Y., 30 Jk-c., 17S3 ; in Wfl^hinglon, H^t^r Co., N. Y., 17 Jnn*, 1806- 

Chitdren by first n'ifc. 
+i^hB /.tftA/ b. in Hope, 5 Feb.. 17D7 ; m. Mnnnirvt Amcld. 
+46^*^ CYnrs* h. in Vr^lU, K. Y„ n Jan., 1800; hl Ciariiw Swatt 

-f4rt«) Euz.inETH • K 21 Apr- 1803 ; ui. Fountain- 

46ftl AK3:ifl,^ b. 13 June. 1H07. 

884 Tnx KsixoooB in* the New Wobu». 

Children btf iffc&nd wift^ 

-I-46G2 ABiOJiiL^ h. In Hope. 27 July, 1811; m. Duiid Vuioniun. 
4St;3 WiLJ.UM.'* L U Miir., 1814. 
4664 Baitibl,* b. LB Sept., 1H17 ; r«9. in CiimWia, X. Y., 3867; d. About 1800. 
4685 ASWA,*" b. 2 Fck, 1831 ; d. 8 Au^., 18S2. 

Child hy third wif€. 
4086 MAiir KuzADOii,^ b. G Mnr., m:tO; <L S5 Unr, 1839. 

170B. BACIIEL.' dau. of Km* (Ml), U 14 SepU, 177*; m. 17S:. William 

Lord, h. C Ai^^.* 177V. 

Hfl*l, SA Mnr.. 180fl; 9hr.1l in PiLnn», K. Y., 11 Jimp, lft40. 

He r«s. in llillsdali** N- V., in 1794; Isier va« a farmer in Saratoga Co.^ 

W. Y. 

C^AtVdr^n, fr. tn Saratofta. 

4637 Awnrt ^wni,*" h. 25 Oct,. 179H; m. WiUium Durnth; ha^ wma furmt-T in 

Sarntoxa; she ri. 2 Aiip., 1878; ia buried in Pittofofd, N. Y. 
4668 ftt/(ft lord." b. i> May, ISO! ; m. In Menden, N, Y., 7 Jan., 1W7, AnstlQ 

Uwi^ b. 21 Feb.. 1804 ; in 1S4C they fvm. trota Parmi* N. Y., to 

Monroe Center, Vt ; he waa a ffitmer, 
4M9 JFiifiirr Lotd^ h. 20 JftiL, IH03; m. IHuW Major T^wkwood, of Mlcb- 

iffnc: d. la July, 18*7. 
46T0 Rachel Lord^ h. 7 Dec., 1804; m. 9 Kov., l8Sfi, CoL Johiuon Scrvia, b. 

8 Nov., 1804, mi\ of Vviv^r Strvi^ of MilU»n, \\ Y., b. 27 Jan., 

1781, and Achaoh tiarn«>n, \>. 7 Mny, I78ti; he d, 6 Oct, 1857; 

WHS fl fftrmpr in Panna ; id 183G h« vai Appointed MaJ. In the Xev 

York IcUntrv and in 1837 Col. 

KIOl JEREMlAn,'' fon of« (.-iW). b. in XciwaUc, 30 Apr,, t7«; m. 
Cttherin^ Sanunis, dao. of Joseph Samnnis, of fiuntin^n, L. 1., and Abigail 

She d. Mar, 18Cfi ; \% buried in SaTiffertJe*^ X. T- ; he d. 85 Sept, 1811 ; i« 
bnhed in Pine I^Und C<met««rt', Norwallc 

Hi* bibDnn! on hiM futlier'ts farm imtU uf age. Aftt^r tluiL In* wi-nl to King- 
ston, N- Y,, and learned th^ Uatt<-r's tniUe of hia brotht^r, Joaioh. 


+4^71 HusBY,* b. 15 Apr, 1801 ; lu. Ciirraiifi? Buody, 
4«r2 Sallt," b. 30 Aujr, 1602; m. John Kel!ojw (-H^?"^)- 
4673 JoBBT,^ b. ; d. aged ^ months. 

1711, JOSIAH-^ *on of John* (5G4). h. 6 June. 17S»; nu 13 Jan., 17»l. Cnti>- 
9rin« Sle^gbt, b. in Holland, 17 May, 1770, dao, of LtiHit Sicigbt and Rachel Del- 

Ho d, in Morion Co., 0., Id Feb., 1857; abe d, in th« aame pUotf, 1? F«b., 

He was a buUUer in Norwatk, Conn., and K»opu«, N. Y, \ aboni 1830 ba rem. 
to CabdoniJt, 0, His »on, Oliver Haxard P^TT^Tp Jlvcfl on tliie booMitoad, 

Thb KcLLoaGS IX THB Kbv World. 


-H*^^ Saixv," b. 13 Au^., 17&T; m- Junes HiidKcr, 

+46?6 JoU3f» LSOct^ ITOO; HL (1) SaUy Keflogg (467!); («) Nfurgot 

4(77 Absau.'* t>. 1 J>c<c-. L8IJ1 ; «a« n UiUtt] d. rnim,, SO Ang., 1887. 
^-4«r8 CjiAHLKi,^ b, 2i Ji:l. IWM; m. i-IliKa Marvin. 
+4679 JA«E».''b» 31 JuDc, ISOfi; in. Marj" Dc^o'- 
4^140 Qlobgk W.kEUfKCToy,^ b. 7 Jan^ lii09; w&e a farmoT in MarioiL C(x, 
().; il. unm-. in C/tlrdtmia, t2 Jaii» isy';. 
+-l«81 KustfULL," b- 25 June- 1812; m. tfopbia IL Ttwksburj. 
46Ai Camouxh," twin U> Riiaec^ll, b. ^3 June, ISIS; rn. Uomc^ Allni, son of 
Ja»)V9( AUi-n; tL 15 Aug,, 1^4. 
+4*183 Ouvra lUzMUJ I'SBav,'* U ta Sq>l., 1817; m. Hftrnct lUnf^bnogh. 

1713. HHOUA-^ dflu. of Jolm* <664), b. 6 Dw., 1777 ; dl Joseph Hoyt 
The}" w». i» Nonrnlk, Conn. 

4084 JUn/iWa ffoye,* b, ; uu M^ar S. Join*, of PeekaKill, N, Y. 

1714 SAHAH,* iJjin, of Sotti*» (S5fl), b. 

; at. Dr. Jitoob Hojt, Ix 8 Apr, 

176«, m Stonjford, Conn, (bap, S May, 1762). son of Darid Hoyi, Jr.,b- £1 Jaa^ 
1730-31.. «od SuTfth Lockwftod, ti. in StaniforU. U Soi^., 1T3S. 

Sh* d- , \w tn- *2> n Krii,, nj»S, Nunc/ M- Twilrlirll; d- in S«w 

HaT«a. Vt, m Slai., 183S, 

1I(> was A fartu-^r and (ilijuk-iac. It h said that he 3i>rvi>d fiiit^wti monihii iu 
tlic revolutionary army; wnsnt the burning of llor^f Neck; wiia under (Jtn- i^it- 
HAITI when that of^o>T made hi« ce1ebrati>d «^cfl}M> from tho British down th<> etouc 
fid'pH. H^' [ifliTiA'ant rt-ni. lo Vi'rriionL Afti^r the dfAth of hi» fimt wrifi> ht* rts 
tumf^d to Connrrtt(ut with hU dftu.; practiced rur.dicinff for n time in Stephen- 
town or Nasaau, S. Y-, whore he m, hi* *orond wife and flO»n returned to New 



44SS5 ^oraA Woyi,* h» in N<^w Hovc!n, Vt; m. Azor Tattle; rc6> in Fairfiold 
Co., Conn.; d. abom IWO. 

ina KUNU:E,' <U\i. of Selt* (555), b, in Wio*t*d, Conn., 11 Aug,. 1767; 
BL fi Dec-, 1785. Oen, FJmund Mniigrr, b. 30 ScpU 17fi3. sou of ll^>Liben Mua^j^r, 
of Gmiford ami Norfolk, Conn., b. St* Mar.. 1735. and EliKnbtUi Dudkj- 

n« d. niTor CVntcrrilL-, O., l-i Apr. 1S50, aged S7 ; «h^ d. in Ohio, ft Jan.p 
18€8, a^t-d 101. 

Ht' wft* a fannt-r; Berred in the war of 181S, part of iho time Hf Brig. Qoil; 
mn* tj> Ohio tn li9T ; wu3 n rnL-ifilrtrr of llic 1ji<giiiUtuT[' of Ohio. 


4eM Warren Hfttngfr,^ h. 86 Feb., 1787; d. 1977. 

4687 TrumM Mvnftr,^ b. 19 Jnn-, 17*19; d. 18 Maj. 187<, 

4eU Fdmvitd KtlU'ffy 3fitrir/fr * 1). lu Rutlaud Co.. VL, 1.3 f^±^ 17SD; nt 17 

D«, 1«12, Mur>- Coif, U. in Virjrinio, 15 Oct, 17U4 ; ahe d. 9 Stpt, 

1«M; lie^d. lOJunr, Ifl7a. 

The KffT.L0606 ix the Xkv Worlds 

4flSt» Afinm-a Mungrr,^ b- 5 Nov-, 179«; d. 86 Apt-, 1874. 

4fiP0 i?«i6'rt .Vurtffft/b 30 Oct, 17^4; m. 3 Oct, 1820, Tjuini lUrri*; d. 26 

Mar,, ISUO; hml tUrt* thildren, 

4691 f^'xur.Vu'qrKr.^b. t^Muy, 1796; d. JlJui., 160S. 

4rtf)2 F^x^u;* MufljrT^ k 'J:» Mav, i:99; iL 23 Sept., iSOft. 

4fifliJ Aiiflifff Mnngcr.^ b, 10 Fcl>„ 1801; d, OtL, 1«4L 

4*194 Surah Munyir.^'U. ^T. Miir, 1803; il. ISiU, 

465£ F^fud £juur Munfftr,*" b. 11 Apr.. 180G; d. 1 FeU, 160«, 

4696 Miihn Mmgar,^ b. 5 QcL, IS07; d. S3 AtiR., 1874. 

4697 Igaac S§vt9n Muntf^.^ K 21 Aug., Iftl^ 

1717. JKM1MA/ <Liu. of S^th^^ (555), L in Vnmivd, S«p^, 1769; m. Noab 

R*«. near CejiterslUe, 0\, where both <1. 


^f:9S A'^/oj/^ rifr&iils.** b. ; m. Blixatwth Silver, 

4t;y^' Ash^r Tihbaia? b. in Miami»bur^> O- ; m. Jimv Strwjh, 

4700 Thituios Tihhfi}4^ h. ; in. Catherine Ann Silver. 

4701 Mafiah 7'ittfl/* ■ b, — ; m. IVntanf^r; rc«. in Cbioonfo, 

470B RG4:htl 7V6friif^»b. ; m. Mow^u Irviiiif- 

4703 Jemima Tihh^iU^ K ; ra, AKhibald PerryhilL 

1718, MAItY/ riflu. of S<:th« <5>5), b. in Win««!, 25 Jane, 1771; m. fiwl 

Thtry ran. -About 3^0 to or xxhax Paria, Edgar C^, IlL He d. ; after 

bi£ death ch« iwl in Cnntorvillc, 0. 


4704 ^fliwy /iTO#* b. ; m. Samuffl Lamb; liv^d n*af Ljtle, Warren 

Ca, O., whwi? tbey 0, 

ITtt KTHEI^' m«i of Selb** (535). b. 27 OcU 1781 ; m. in CeiiU-Tvitlr, 0., 22 
Avfq 1305, Charlotte Mnnjctr, b. in Connecticut, 3 Oct., 1783, daiL of Jonathan 
MungcT, K In Qtiilforcl, Cnnn, 30 Xov., 1?n5,an^ Bliuibetb Iawivdco^ b. In Xor< 
foJk, Conn., 20 Apr,. 1760, 

She 4. in I-nrftyKtc, [ml., 20 Oct., 18 IC; bed. thoro. ^0 An*:.. I«53, 
Hl' M^tlh^l In Mont.gnmtTv Co.^ 0-, in 1800; rem. to Tippt^canoe Co^, FimI., in 
1631 ; viiit a Baptist anil a Whig. 

ChtiJrtfii, b. in Hfont^&ntay Co., 0, 

4705 Emily Euea^" U *3 Au^f.. 1S06; d In CetjiCTrillo, 1^ Mftv- 1924. 
+470C Jqxatiiax Mrxcen.'' b. 19 Vth.^ 1809; ra. (3) llanikab Jeimin^; (2) 

Mn^. ElizAb^bAnn (P«rgaion) Uartln; (3) M».8«aAn (Shackle- 

ford) WoManui- 
+4707 SiiTti JcTDih" K 27 May, 1811; m. (1) HcUccfl Blue; (8) Mr«. Buaao 

[GrBT«) F*rgu«on. 
+4708 CiLxuhOTTR LomsDA* b. 9 Aup., 1613; m. John W. .ftuninga. 
4-^709 KruT.L JiTROK* b. 11 Sept. 1S15; ra. Amanda J. !»ilUaji- 
+4710 WTIJ.IAU KuKUKMiriK,** b. I !)iv., 1817; m. AlvinU Pirro?. 
-)-4711 AytTBA BLVIR&," b. n Kob., 1820; m. WiUioin Granlaon Piearoe. 



471:^ LfDA ELiuAmi/ b. 8 July, 18^3; hl iq Uffirvttc, Ind., 10 Jui., 1838, 
Jamw Morixw Pi^ree, b. in Coaharlon Co., 0.» 1 Jft*c-, 181«, sfm of 
Willwm PuTTcc L 12 Jiil^, 1790, sad tj«rah Thompion, U £9 Sept., 
1791 ; he va« a fflrmerr & Baptiet and t It^publiofi ; he va« in tbs 
civil wttr; Bi-r\ul Uiirtv Jn^n; uiui ilruwnt^it iii tlw OTiio Hivt^r, 23 
Jvlj, 18CS : #hc d. in Uf«j<^, 31 ^uly, 1898 ; had no children. 

4713 Thouas Hauvst,'* I. ^ Sept^ 1S:;4; d. tmm., id Lafavett«, 36 Ang., 

4714 JaOOi> 3Iri,P0iu»,^ b< U Sept., 18^6; m. t& Tippocanoc Co., Ind^ 29 
Mar., 11449, Margaivt Graves, b. in Cofthocrton C-o.. 'J Sept., 10^6, 
dAQ. ol DmicI Gm-rwi, b. 20 June* 1796, and Elizabeth Pierce, b. 
10 Feb,, 1797; h«d. in LafaT«^tt«, 3 Sept, 1849^ eho d. in Tipp«- 
mttt» Ca, tnd., 1 Si'pt-. 1849; liad na fM\iAfett 

+4715 E*(JLV KuKA," L 3 Feb,, 1829; m. (1) John Dc Witt; (8) LcYi 

17S3. KLinU,' win of Sctli* (555), b. 11 Juiiv, IT84; ni. Phebtt 0. Orr^, ti. in 
Nc« Jenej, 3^ May^ 179^ daTi, of Daniel On?, b, Uar., 1747, and Phcbc Butler* 
of Diiloo^ O. 

lit d. in Faratc Co., ImL, 7 Fob., 18C1 ; *lie d. 13 Dec, 1871. 

Tli«7 rM. in BcntotiTillej F^yrtta Co., iod. 

-H716 BuuoEu.* ti. in Ohio, 14 Feb., laiG; tb, Sar^h Ann Midtileton. 
+4717 JuUA,* b. in Ohio, 20 Apr. 1617 ; m. Eltawr CaTT.=r, 
+4718 AUAKTiA K.,^ b. in Ohio, £t; June, UI9; m, Banubotf C. Carr«r. 
+4719 Danikl,* k Ifi Apr.. 1821; m, Almim Loiiifwell 
+47S0 Auoft.^ b. 9 Apr., 18^; m. Kc^bcct^ Wilvon Carrcr. 

4721 Mary JKMi*iA»b- Ifi Apr,, 1826; d. nnm., 29 Aug,, 1845. 
+4722 BcTLCT," K 11 Sept.. Ifi^S; in, Ruib Ana Colo. 
+4723 LAV^XA,'* b. 2 )lay, 1835; m. Timothy Carver. 
+4724 Alvik,^Ij. 3 Sept, 1839; dl Elixabeth Flora, 

17S1 EZRA,^ «on of Sirth"* {5£J3). K 24 Xor., 1786; m. (1) 16 Jaju. 1810, 
Bhod* Blftt^lcfnrd, b. 13 D«e., 1790, dau. of Kphrnim BUekford nnd Mnrv RtiD- 

8ho d. 2(J S*pt« 183* ; he m. (2) fi Feb-, 1837, Electa W^te. b. 14 Apr-, 
1813, dnu- of Bfnja:«iti Whiti- rniri \^'\nu Falon; d. 30 Ort, 18r;5_ 

In the var at l^M ht va« a Capt under Ccn, iiammn. In I8O41 ho acttJed 
on tbe Mianu River, 0.| aad In Butki- Co.» and in tho fall of 183?^ went to Now- 
tovn, Ird. 

Chitdntt by first wife. 

+4725 KaniEH,"* b. H X)oe.» 1810: m, Jamw DoTe. 

4726 M-UIY (rOLL\)*h. loAng., 18K; m, Conrad; d. 23 Jan., 1863. 

+4727 Tjxma BiMCKPi>iii»» k n Jan., IftU; m. (1) Marj Crumblj; (2> 

France j\nn Pollen. 
-^4728 Hakkihov Maiumjs," b. fi Juni% 18lfi; m, EHm Ann Twnioj. 

4729 Anka," b, 2f* >Ut, 1818; d, fi Dec., 1854. 
+4730 NjTiiAXiKL * b. 7 Oet, 18W 1 m. Caroline Turner. 
+4731 JoHV * k 29 Apr, IS21 ; in. Hai^liM f^mall. 


Tilt Kki4x>oi;« in tiu Xeic Woklo. 

+i73^ Mills,'* b. 5 Mft>\ 18^9; m, KlisilxUi (B«tM}> SntLiUL 

4731 Havkaq Blackford." b. U Ckt. 18.J7; d. 1 Aug,. lS3a 
-H7S5 EPHitini." b. IG June, 1829; m. Muy Ano CovalL 

"H737 ELizABrra," b. ^ Feb., 1840; m- Swpiwn John Hater. 
473S WiLi-utf Ji-nii,'* k Se Aug,, 1843; v-ak mun. in 1901; ruL in Newlovn; 

o f Armcfr 
47^1 BiHBL Bevjaui».* b. fi Apr., 1814r wflf luuQ. lUOl ; rt?ft. in Nevtovn; 

a rttriiii*r- 
4r40 £un.v» b. 2A Au^^ 1815. 
4741 OuTE," h. ii) May, 184^; m. Jacob Wba!*^ 
4743 TitoMAM JKNXiSflciL,** Ik 20 Miir. 1851; d. \h Xug^ 1851. 
474;} LvDiA Janb," bL 17 Mar, 18Sd; m, Chark^^ W. Hc^mot^ 

17M, JOEU'" WW i>r Elittaa|»Ji« (570), k in Dwilnuy, Coiui-, 17 Oct, 1772; 
m. Hi) Sept, K1i$, Klimbah Fox. 

She d. Mar, 1839; he -1. Jiik, 1S4A. 

He vftii ft farmer. 


AtU Sauaik* b. 18 SvpU 17^6; d< 14 ¥<^K 187L 

4745 EzHA Rkaemct,' k 1 Mar, 1798; vft^ i lifer in CapL NatlianEel Pair- 

anU'd Co.. Saybrook Artilkry. for the oionth ending ISS Nov., ISU ; 
r1. Qiun^^T Uav, 183ri. 

4746 Mawabfi" b. S2 FpIk, 1800; i Mar.. 1873. 
+4747 Asa Fox,* b. 85 Mar,, 1809 ; m, Mary Ann C'aawtll. 

4T48 AUAu'k 4 D«^ 1808; 6. I Mar, 18«3. 
+4743 AWWK." k ^1 Jane. 1811; m. Emily Ballard- 
+4750 EsTiieR Akv,*^ k ?l Not., 1816; ro. Jamca Lacklin, 

1796- MKfnTABLE,^ iku. nf BIJaM|^« (570), b. U Mar^lTBO; m. Comfc 
Crofoot, of Canaan. N. Y- 


4Til C. B. Crofoot,^ h^ ; ql 23 June. 1869. EvcBiii»TbcodiMli LMfCBl- 

vortb, h. id CjLtman. K. \\. &^ Aug., 1818. 

1761. TRA,^ MR of EiiaHapb^ (570), b. in Dnnbory. IS Mar. 1795; nu (I) 

Sarah ; «hc d. S8 Oct., lf<3e, ag;^ 'A2 ttata and fi months; be m. (2) 

Bachel ; 8h«d,»3May, 1838, apod 37; Iwm, (3) Sally , b. 7 F^K 

1802 ; Aw d. 22 Dec, 1860, and was borii^ in the Xoms lanul v lul in Mill Vhua 
Cemetery in Dantary. 

Chitdrfn bf firti nct/r. 

4763 JosETU A.," b. ; d- ffU Oct, 1831. nj;od 4. 

4753 Chables a.,"* b. ; d. 31 t)ec-, U.^a, nged 2. 

4754 EuAA,* b. ; d. 20 May, 1842. ag«d 6 yvarv, 8 maail» an^T 9fi dayc 

47(5 QitODai U^* k 

Child bif s^cOftd wi(§. 

— ; d. S8 Jan., 1838, aged fi wecfai and 1 day. 

Tnfl EsLLOOOS JK vnt New World, 


Ift98- CLEinLVL^r.^ M>n of £n«i£D E!iplwla<> <$Sl). b. ia New Cuuuu 
Conn., 19 Ua;, 17il3; m. in Mount I*1n«ftnt. IV Lydin Alluo, b, aliortt 17S0, 
probttblf in Stunford, Coom,, daa. of Scymoui Allea anil Emucv 

She A S July, lbV7, ofiod -17 ; ho <J, tk'pt, IHH, 

Hr uft« rocititj Sarvt-yor, Jimlirc «f tHi' l\iice mic! Hi'^-i^iiT unA Rworili-r of 
CouDtT* Iq ldl4 be rem. fictii Mount Ploft«ant to lWtbaii>^ Pa., vlu-re both 
d. H« van a ivvoluttonarj poxuioner Tb« ivcord« of the Pt^niioii Ollio« tiiovr 
Ibftt he livml in Ik'thiui.v iti l-^^'l, ajcihI tllL In ITJO he n^in. from Xt^v Ciuiami, 
Conn., to ItolIttCD, N. V.; in 1V^2 to Mount FIcnMoi, nnd in 1811 to Dyh&TTf. 
He cnlitt«d in Apr., 1761, at BaUal«n into Col Mannus Wilknt'a New Yoric R^., 
irhicb va« Rationed in the fcarriMa in Saretoica, N. V,* from Jnl,T to Vov,, l?0t, 
and tru then ordered into tfae pioloet fort st Ballston for the wintar. In the fol- 
bwing Jnnt' thi-y wen^ orderwl ap lS<- Mohnvk ValW and garr(non«l at Fort 
IlenMlc^r until Dec-, If 62, then to fort Hrrkimi-r, twcnty-tiro mile* farther. In 
Fetx, nS3, the ragun^t left th« lattor fort to reduce Fort Ot*<^go on Lflke On* 
tAricL After prooivdiri); one hundred aiiU-A thiouxU Ihtr interior of New Vnrk 
and undcrf^oing K^rvrc hanl«hi|?>« they found the cncmj had diKOv^nvd tboir ap- 
proach. It VAS doomed prudent to ahan<lon the expedition and they returned to 
Fort Uerkiniirr On ItS May« lTfS3, he vrtu- »rikn^l to Fort Itcn»elcEir, but fur* 
nithed a tiibrtituts and va« diechsrfrad; h« hM the rank of Corp. 

Childrfm, eJt ercfipt ffuwuv. b. tn Mnttnt Pieiuiani. 
-|-4TM MAay,* h. Dtt:., 1799; m. Dr. Iftaae R'»a. 
-H76T UAffTiN.*< b. 21 Mar., 1601; m. Etiiabetb iinm Stryktr. 
-|-47&ft Aair.AiL BAi-oinx,^ b- (M., 1804; m, Dr Thomn* J. HaUey. 

14759 S-uuH Bttow>'." b. H Aug., I&05; la Id Au^.» 1841. Reuben R. rurdy^ 
von of iti'ubcn Purdy; he d. 11 Lke., i^«!4; ^e^ a lumbonnan in 
PiirdrriUpr Pn,; ovned a ravrnill ntid citi^rmlTe iniuLK of land; 
had tio duldren. 
•4^760 KuviCK Allrv," b. in BL'thonv^ -i Aug^ 1814; m. SVaithlD^on Eb^^iH^r 
1$80. SlLAS/aottof En*iffnEUphalet« (561). b. Sept, n^iT : rrt IJan.. 1795, 
Marjr Uumford, b. 11 Jan., 1TT7. dan. of Jiruh Mumford, of Rhode Inland, b. 30 

I3laY, 1717. and Deborah Ullibridgo, L 8 July, 17&S. 
' Hf d. 1.1 Aux^ 18A^: >^hi- d. 14 Oct.. Ifi54. 
Both wcrv raciubcr* of the Mctbodift Chart-h. 
He waa a fiurreyor ; ivm. from DalUton, N. Y.^in 179^, and settled in Mount 
rivAMut, Vajnr Co.. Pa., vheiv he 1>E]UKbt thrvv thounand aenv of timbt^r land, 
doarod a Fimall part of it and pn^nxl a hom^'. I'hr marrio^ of Sila» waa Uw 
Arst that oectirred in Mount Pl«&sant. The miniNtt.'r. Rev. Ezeklel Sampaon, 
came on hoFKhnrk* ffciilc^ by "hiaicd** trL*» from IVlawarv Co.. N. V., and it it 
raUted that ernry man, woman and child in th<< township was pr^^ent at the 
wedding. Id 1813 lii- wan rinrted Hht-Hfl of ^Vayiit^ Co., and wrvinl out- l4fnii- 
Btuinnu nrcrvca compiled the iolc of hi* land at n lo««> ftnd tn 1830 he rem. to 
>n, Pa. ITe wma greatly T««pMt»d for hia quahti«fl of head and heart 

t7f»l Sxon^ U 21 Jaa, 17^<>: lu- Naney MAriu St<^vFzi4. 

7«8 ilAtt AXK» b- G May, 17»8; m. John Ktmhle Wrwtiward, 

ftuiiii,* b. fl Msr., lAW; m IS.trt, Wil!iftw> Richflrds, of Mount Pleaa- 
ant; d. inCkt*. 1843; he d. 34 Jar^ 1H73; had nv children. 



Tin Kfixooct IV Tint Nsv Wouil 

47C4 Debobab,* Ih 21 Fot)^ 1S04; m. Ufli^nis D. Boetnck, of HvndoDt 

war* Ca, N. Y. 
4T» EiTliu," b- 1 U«j, 1806; m. Alfnd Stercsu, of LekaDon, W&jiie Co.* 

4TM Jdukt,^ t». fl Ma>, IflOS; m. i^iW M. SU-vectH, of T^bantjii. Pa. 
-h-iTG? JiVAJi Mi'UiOkJ).^K IS July, It^lO; la. KLiza H<«'kjn Moorr, 
476d CiJiOLixE,* b. 30 Apr., 1813 ; m. WUliflm BlatdeU, of doaptbtiiia Co.» 

Pd. ; bul DO duldrcn. 
4769 IIajuiiet.' b. 1« Apr^ 181 1 1 id- EUu Liltibridjsc of AbiivtoD, Pi- ; bid 

00 c4]ildrnL 

18S8. JONATUA}^/ mh of EiidtRn KliplutcC^ (581), bap, m New 

Coam-, 2fi Mar, 1770; m, , 

lie wu the Town Cbrk in Sarato^^ Spria^B, N. Y. 

4770 AfiCL A.,^ h. If) F*b., l$03 ; W8« t merchant in Sintogi Spring ; 
laiu] lu Saratoga in Apr., 18S6w 

; DL Pattf Glbwo. 

168S. MARTIN/ son of Enilgn Bliphalrt^ f 581), b. — 

lit d. iu ToTupkiiw Co.. N\ Y.^ dbout 1833. 

Ho rciu iK«r CaQAii(lttij[iia, X. Y., aJm Tompkin* Co., N. Y.; vai of Ball- 
stoQ, N, Y, 15 Feb., Ifel5, vlieu be and bie wiie. Fatty, wld Uiwi. 

4771 Martim.^K-t 

+4772 STEPHiTN,'' bi • 

+4773 Oti^," b. 

4774 ABEL," b- 


■; d. in Norwich, N, T.; hAd thrw dint. 



; d- TUim- in c«rlj cnackoo^ 

+4775 Dasikl.* b. in OUrlin, 0., II Oct-» 1810; m. 

4776 BoJAMTN'."^ ; m- ; d. in Ohio, 1840; bad two eons lad 

one dftiL 

4777 VoLLT* h. ; bi. A*rl Bcment; lirwl and i in TotnpViiu Col, 

N. Y, 

4778 Malj»da»U 
N. Y. 

'; m. Samuel Cole; llred and d. In Toropkliu Col, 

1884, ABIGAIL,^ daa of Ensi^EIiphfilct^ (581), U ; n. a^ hie aocond 

wife. In Ballflton, N. Y., laOS, Seth Cc^awell Baldwin, b- aWui I7fi2, mo of 
Daniel Baldwin. 

She d. U Apr., l$tS ; ho had m. ( 1 ) Rath Whit^ vbo d. 9 Apr., 1809. 


4779 /7hffj«r Baldmrv? b- in BaMrton, ^3 Aii^.» 180*; Bk Uarj Htne. of 

Yoon^stown, O. 

4780 Ahi^il Candinf Baldu^n^ k 17 Sopi, 1S11; %a, Rer. Eno« Wood; d. 
— - — in Hoptrinlon, N. Y. 

1836^ MARTIK,^ mn of Martin* (5HS). K in New PaiifieW, Conit. 3 8frpt, 
17fi3; m. 15 Si-pL, 17SA, H^nhvl Steniii, of Dnnbsrjr, b. in 17IK, dnu. of TboiiiM 
Stevens and Abigail tinngoiy, dou. of Epbraim QTo^tofy. 

THS Kja-LCMXlft IS Tl» Niw Wottia 


Hcd. is Xew t&trfi«ld^ 3 Ua/, 1813^ ^ d. th^re, 2£) Apr., 1831, a^ 6$, 
Ue WP0 a ftrmvr m Stv b'auitcld. UU wilt, daU.-d 4 Apr., Itilst, is on file 

in UiP Danbiir)' Pmlmtii OITmt- 


+17dl lRA,"b. 12 Sepu 1T86; in. Flora Ruger-. 

4-4:S2 iUxroAD Maiitin," h. 2 Oct, 17SS; m, (I) ^anh BulkLcv; (2> EUa 

17^3 Uast (Pollt),'^I>. V5 Apr., l'iH\ xs%, (1> Zadoo l>edG; <S) Darid 

+47S4 KicHKL,* b. Not., 179i^; m, Esra Oaboro. 

-H^^i* AsiOAiL,*" b. Iti Aug., ISWj UL Lemuel Bfkldwin Northrop. 

4-4T86 MhKLV MAkiA,* b. tS Junr, I80fi; m. Dimmi BnidltTj lUmtim, 

1636, MBUCV/duj.of MArtin«(£SS>, b. ISMar., ITOT; m. id Keir pairiicld. 
CoKUL. 13 Apr^ llb^r lera^t 0»l>c»rD, a farmer, b. ia Xcw liilford, l> July, 1760. 

.Shr a. it) Brf>f>kfidi3, 15 Oct. 1793; br m. (S) Abigail OotI«»^ (9) MriL 
Lociatb Hoyt; d. in KrooldSdd, ao Mar., 1835. 


4TS7 itffrry Oi&rtrr*," b. in B«m>VMj?, ; oi. Elitid Rpnnlirt, h. in T)aD* 

bury, Conii.. 8 May. ITSO, sou of Eb-aier BeD«dJct and Jem^ 
Crabby; nrttlcd friit in l)iuit>ury; ruTn. to tho northern part o' Pcu^ 
fioH, now Webftt^r, N. Y.. whenr hi* il in IftJI; *W m. (9) Asa 
Cook and n». tti Wtic^t Wub^t^r ; had fcur obildidn. 

1850. SAMFEVeoti of Samuel^ (Sd5>,b.ei June, 177S; m. in Notr Canaan. 
I iUr.. 17»5. Faltv WUaon, of Pound Bidge, Conn., b, Itl July, 1777, 

Hri3. *ti,](l<-nh :a n*r., 1833, 

Uc Mrv<Hi in tlic var of ISli from IS Au^< to 10 Oct, ISU. 

~+4TS8 Brbet HrsT.* b. n Jone. 1799; m. Samuel Milfftnl Blfttchfftn5. 
4*4TS9 Saiii7kl \V'ii£dx," b. 11 Mar.. lAiiU; lu. Uerctxlet Hoiuaiia LiiLjaiid''ja. 
4790 Joriy Wjukik." b. 3 fefcpt., Itill; d. unnu 

1851. SETH SHOVE,'' eon of Sautuel^ <dd5>, U in Mcv CuiaaD, OonJL, 29 
Doc., 177:j : nu 20 Jan.. 17S*ii, Mut.lda Uckirood, of Pound Bidi^c N. Y.. fourth 
diitd of Capt, Jowph I^afkuvrxM], b. in Slanifonl, Conn., H Jnly, 1721, nnd 
Hannah Cloae. 

Hfid. 15 Au;!,. 1832; shed. «9 Apr.. 18fi0, 

Tlr iTAH a Urmt-r in Ni?w Caniuut. H<' &iv} \m wifi* WL-rr ajlinlttrd to Lhii 
chnrch Ibcn^, 7 Nov., 180S; h<< rem. from Nr^ir Canaan to Nvw Vot^ Oitj, and, 
with Iriiii wifv, viut admittnt In Dr. MrAulry'i Churcb, 2H Juiu^ IfltS. 

+4791 C4D0UXE Matilda." b. 30 Nov,. 1799; m. I^cnuui Fitcb- 
-1-4732 .To«KPH LocrwoaD," h. 2^) Apr, . 1S05 ; m. Amelia Morton, 
4793 1!a«kaii Cu^vJ* b. ^ Oi:L, IS04 ; d. 3* Mav. IdlS, 
4791 Ku;;M^mi WaImxc* b. IS Julv, 180H; d. unoi., 7 July, 1381. 
+47S5 SjaicBt,^ b Sft June, 1S06; m. (l) Mary Pimc Henry; (2) BHxabeth 
8ton« H^nry- 

342 TjIB KllLLQOCfS tX THl Nkw WOHLDl 

4?li( CiEAKLEi Lewis,** h. S3 Sept., It^lO; m, Mftrr Va&m; d. in Sin Frao- 

4797 HiyXAH Close,* b. I Nov-. Idl^i; d unm., 4 Not,, 18SKI, 

4798 )lA»y Axv/ b, SS bVb., 1815; d. ixtxtn., to Ktizaboth, N. 7^ 10 Utr^ 


1853. ABIUAIU' clAu. of SAmoet^ (565), b. tl JftD» 1778; n. in Nev Ccmuo, 
ConiiT 1ft Xov,, 1790, Ect* Avt™, of Pound l<k\go, h. in Ijod^ Kiilgi*, war Bed- 
ford, Wwtd«^ter Co.. X. \\, :;» D«'.. 1773, wju oC KeuUn A)ji«. U S6 Oct, 1741. 
anii AliijCULl Scolli-ld, h. in b^tnmford, Cuiin., '^ Nov., 174S. 

He d, 12 Sept, ISr^O; shf rl. *5 Jsii,, I3*('i4. 

They tta, in Ijoug Ri<3£e, Nuw Canaan, and PatiCKon, vhera both d. 


4799 KiitabMk Ai/ra/* b. in Long Ridj^ Iti JUtr., 17S«; d. :!3 Mir., 1801. 

4800 Jamfn i^eelif A yrtis* h. w l^ngc Etirlgr, 24 Jniir, 1800; ni. in New 
Canaan, HI Vth., :83S, Clarlnda FitcK ^ « May. 1«M; she d in 
KwhkiM, X. Y., ticpi,, 18B1; h« wo* a mercbwU in New YoirtL 

4d01 Mary Elhabetli Jjrru.^ U in Nt'W Caiuan, It Jail, 1603; no. Id Apr., 
18*:f, Jaiiii>fl Roi!ew Hoyt. U in Patt^rwn. 7 Dw.. 179W ; d. in Pat- 
iL^miii^ IS June, 1875; fox thirty yrur* lit- wa* » wliok'sal* mtrrcliant 
in tlic City of Xpw York, and rdunW to I'nttcfwn, Mny, 1^58- 

4803 Abigail Julia Aytfs.^ b. in Patumin, 16 A^ig., ISIO ; m, 18 Dec., 1833, 
Joiintlinn .\kin T^Lht^ W. wh* a fArmcr in Prmtingj Dutchtta Cou, 
N- y., whew ho d. 

18M. JONATHAN M'ABREN,' >ion of Samuel* (5S5), L tn New Ctnsan, 
CouQ.. 7 Apr, 1780; m. . 

He d. 1:2 May, 1858.iij^t>d 73. 

Hr wn* n tuaeht-T: gniduAU*d from Tale In I8<J3. 


4803 AXK,"* U ■ ; ci. AdmiraJ Uiram pAuIcling, »on of Jolin r«nldin|t. 

ODD of the aiptore of Maj> AniJrtj ; ho A, ; sho d* . 

4604 Mawv* U i m. B^v^ard G. Tlioinpsoo. of New TorL 

+4805 OwiiKiK,* k ; m. Van Antwerp. 

4B0(^ Warkkv* b, 

4807 nEBEccA." b. ; m. J&nvce JtlcBridc, of New Yoric, 

4808 Sarah," h, ; m. Uetxiy MeBride* of Now York, a brotbcr of 

2855. MARY'dnn. of Samurl^ {fi85), b, in Nw Cknaan^ Conn., 10 A] 
irste ; m. 21 Ft-b,. 1810. David Lotkvood. L 31 Jaa., 178?, fOD of Jmmii 
wood, b. 2$ ()cU 1716. and Abi^il D& Fott«t. b. 31 May. 1753. 

He d, M Jan , lftfl7 ; -he d. 13 n(^'_, 1862. 

H« waa a fanner Id New Canaan, whcrt boUi d, 

4800 BiisabHh rtu^hcrtU Loc1nfft>&d^^t.n Oc\,. mill \ cu SSOct, 2S31, l^me 
j^eyuumr SUvK of WiJtijn, nvJnu^rc Co., N. Y., h, 19 Wov., IbOT ; 
d. 18 Feb., 1881 ; he vo« a ihoc mt!Kliant in Walton. 

The Kelloom ik rat New Wobxd. 


4SL0 Jamc4 Wiltot /.ool-uo^^ff," b. £6 Fi>b., 1814; ci. It 3q)t, 1843, :^anib 
EUxatioih Hali, K 17 July, 1817; he was a farmer in Sew C&nadn; 
d. G Feb.. 1370, 

41J11 ^amu^ KfUo^s loci'^f^o^,^ U 11 Kar, IBSi}; nt. 10 Oct* 1860, Mary 
Utjyt, li. 2S Mhv, 1*31, rlHiL. ,>f Hlf>|)l]eii Hoyt, trf M*^ Canaan, k 7 
Apr. 1800. «;«) (.^ia Urnr^ikt, b. 3 Ot., IfiOl ; hr wifl a fttrmcr io 
Ki!V Cannan ; d. 21 Apr., IBl^ ; lived on hi« fath^r'ft bonuvtend in 

1Sft6l HAXNAH STARU.t dai,, ^f \n*Wn« (^»fi), hup, 3S Apr., 1775; in- 
Jxuld itaymond. U»i», in Niv Canaan, Conn., 30 P«r-, 1770, wd of Wiiliam K4j* 
&ion<L, h. about 1746, and PrUciUii Havdiui. 
Hed 1848. 

49J2 «^oAn /Favr/fom^,'' L 13 Juni-. 17Dfi: m. 1819, ELixaboUi Spancenburg. of 
B^ithfiny, Pa-; \w wak in the war of 1819, iug ^LilwtHulp for hta 
tatlii^r; In Id^B he btiili ttie fcml uuli^ of railroad track L'vcr laid in 
AmcTKA for Jictuiil commt-n^m) budnciB; it ma bL-twt^t-ji llcniudalc 
aitil th^ rnal mirfji in <'jirlini]dafp on thct Drlfivan* htiiI Ihiiluon 
Canal Co/* road; on Ihi* track, id Au^-, 1823. ilit fint locomou^e 
*Tcr nJD in AmtTKTi wm U^Iim). 

4815 So;rA.w Unifirimd.^ li. 1797; m. nbout 1^20, Itoswdl Mamn, of Green 
Kid^, Scranlon, Pa. 

4814 Antflia Hat(ffn>t\ti.^ h. 1799; m. Chfluneev Ho^ of If titen, N, Y- 
4m^ ilanfidi riosimt.'HJ.'* h. 1801; m, (1) Addison Eltics; ($) William 
Lcnerj^; 1^) Sini eon Tucker, 

4816 Mttritt N^i^mijiui'* h. 1803; ni, PtuluniK^r K. \VilUain«, of BiTthany and 
NicbolMin» Ps< 

4817 jyjuaftrf/i (Bettt^} R/ttfMond?* h. I80:»: m, Joa^h Miller, of Betlukny. 

4818 William AVhJuh Raymfftnl* k lil May. 1808; m, 18 Apr., 1330, Mury 
Conip, f>f Norwnlk, Conn. 

481$ EmUy d- Rayrnott^U** h- 1813; m. Walter Spry, of I>eironahire, Eti^and. 

1B60. NATHAN,' *on of Nathan^ (S8M), bap. In N*-w Caiman, Ciinn., 24 Apr., 
Vr&l nu (1) 29 Jnii.. 1817, llofinUnda Woodwnrd, L 14 Not., 17!^ri. 

Bho d. in Bcthary, Pa,, 1 July. IH'il; ho m. <$) 31^ Oct, 18:2^, Samh 
Qnidon^, h. in New York City, aboul 180'^; she d. in Pmirie dn Sao, Wi*,, July, 
1856, a^M; he d- 1857. 

He T^, in Walton, X. V, and Bethany. 

ChiJdftn htj fimi mfc. 

4890 Amaxda^" b. in Walton. 14 July, 1817; m- SiUe Corwitb; rv^, in 
Pnirif* du Sac, 
-)-48tl RriiaAiM Tokjiky." L in Bi-Uianv. 30 Apr., 1822; m. (1) Eliza Farnum; 

rAiWfrf**! by second trife^ 
IPJ'J KtwuiM),! * b. 30 OrT^ 18S4 ; d- n^xt day, 
482:1 (JtirtMiK." U 10 May, tSU; d, 2i Sept, Humtyiar 
-|-48'i4 JoilK Azou,'* b. IC Mar, 1828; to. Advlaidt^ Worthick^rtoiu 


Tiis KcLLocKw IX Tuz Xbw Wcbld. 

9pui99Dbcu;g; of 

1S82. MARIA/ dftii. of Katliaii<> (fiSiE), U 1789; m. — 
Beiliativ, P&. 

4d3£ Spkri^m Spats^tnhttrg,'^ b> in Kadmu City. 30 Apr,, ISSS. 

1863. GII>K0N7»^ of Imjic* (59T), L in New Cnnun, Cooii^ 11 Oct., UOT; 
nu aboi:t l^<>4t Mr& Samh iHabbcIl) Town«r, vidov of ' TowDor, and 

daiL of tii'tshoin Huhbeli. of VViluin. Cumi.. ami Wakemnn. 

e^hrd, I'Vb.. 1^15. oj^d 4U; li<i m. (&) Sopt, ISSO, Mm. I'liocbti (lUrriiif- 
ton) Brockway, wirlow of Broekway; d. in &UIU, N. Y., FA.^ I?*43. 

He n-m. abiiUL 17^5 to Malta ; v^it a farmer ; dtA^D ui the Baptut Churcb. 

+4826 0E1A&," h. in Mdta. H July, UOo ; m, Eiisi Dapbny Cook. 

Iftei JEMIMA' <Uu. of luac*> (597). t>< 3 July. XU9i m. Abrahun Ni 
Mifldlubrook, I. iu Mitloo. Snrnropa Co., N, Y , 6 Mar.^ 1767, ton of H«sddah 
MititilfbTook, h- in 174(1, nnd Pht^hr? Nimh, h. in Kidgc'(]<-M, Ifl S.^t, 1742. 
He d. io MftLta. Harato|ra Co., N, Y-, 4 Ane., 1794 ; aho d 18 Mflr.> ISSI- 

AS4'^ FheUMiddUbrook.'^ b. in MnUa. 31 Aii^., 1TH2; m. (1) Jsme* R«miDg- 
toii; <2) i: FitIj., lt^4^ EUEph MMdlcbrook; il in Batbtou, X. Y., 

30 Nov., laa:. 

4^^ Attahain MxdilWbtmA:^ Iv tn Malta, fi Mnr, 1794; ou $7 Dec., 181A, 
I^ura Dupct', dau. ot CbttrW and Olive Dupi». of Milton. N. V. ; 
ho rcfl. in Milton until 1S59; wa>i Juitiec of thcr PfAoo; caip«rin* 
teudent of tl^e poor of Saratoga CV^ wrveil in the var of Idl?^ 
rem. in I'Ah'iA to OdwcgUp .V. V.: d iu Biui;)iamtoii, N. Y., 15 
Nov,, IAr4; fd]« d. in Owr^, IS Jumf, IS^^l. 

1W« RAXNAn/ dan. of J*aao* (397), b. ad Apr, 177S; m. 10 Jtm«, 17&1, 
AtiJn^vr £4t?yuiour, U iu Xi-w Caijaan, Couji.. 4 Jul., 1T65» mul of Andn-w lAvty- 
RiouT, b. Mny, 1731, and Sarab CriMt^, b. Oct, 1736^ 
H** d. 44 Jjin., Ift44; )di(< d, fl Ihv., IWA, 

Ckildun, h. in Malta, N^ >'., ftmvfit ihr taut itUQ, taha ttfrfi b, in Grw*nfieid, S, K. 
4H«d Jartd Sef/mout,^ \i. SI S^pt, I7S2; m. 17 Oct^ 1S«6, Louiw ColA; ww 

a nuliool tocher, 
4S30 ifonnoih >s^mour,^ b. Z.^ Dw., 1793; d. unm., 1 :4ov., 1837. 
4d3I Mcrin ,^*-jii"io«t-,* 1}- Ifl VvK ItBfi; d tmtn,, 19 T^Jk, l^lS, 
4&38 5flH^ ^*ymour* b. if3 JuK. 179!) ; d unin,. afi« 1878. 
4633 Lfm$ S^smotiT,^ \>. 12 Scipt, ISOI; ta. 30 May, is:!3. KUiaboth Hewitt; 

d, 5 Au^., 1941 ; waa a farmer: n». id QfYcnfltrld. 
4834 /'aeiJiaa Scyjnouf?' U 35 Oct., 1803; d- nniu.. VI Fob.. 18«L 
4S35 /aoiv ffj^iiAMfr," k 5 Oct., 1S05; ni. t July, 18SA, Maha St. John; lie 

was a farmer; rr«. in Grccfiftdd 
4S3G i/iVQM d>yr/i(/i^r," b. :£? Jan., 1808; d. 11 Jun«, Itill. 
4HJt7 f/araifln Sfytn'^ury k » Sept, 1S09; m, (1) 28 Jan., U:^^, Jmi>dia 

Honhoaae; <S) 21 Apr., 185$, HqIima Uolmc«; (3) 19 Kov., 

1861, Sbmb Pric?; (4) S7 Mar., 1873. Hity J. Ten BtooclL 

Tm GLEU.0OC* IS tuk New Wosld. 


■ISSd A«^«^a>'fyAioiir,'*b. 19 SopU IHIV; ui. :?:; FvU. 183S, Jauw St, John ; 

be WAV fl coifWthtQr; n^i^ in Stillnst^r, SflntogA Cix, N. Y. 
4835 BdtttH Stfmtfvr^ h. 30 OcU, Idlfi^ he wu a farmer; res. in Gr«eiiJl«1d; 

d. unuL., atitir IWiH. 
4«40 Marj/ 5*ym<nir* b. 1 »U, ISU; >L uniiL, aa Aug., 18:2, 

187a MATTHEW/wuof Ipwc*" (5DT) Somalk. Coiui..3e 8epU1781; 
m. (1) 13 Juno, 15121, Saniti So^iloy, 

dhe d, n Aug, 11^^^, HgFfl 40 yram, f) rnnnihit, 18 f1n\-]i; ho m. (^) JtO ?foT., 
10, EUscu Crofoot. b. S Dw./lSOI, tUu, of Ebtumr Crofoot and SaraJi 
'Ortgorj; d. in Qri^^vicli, Codd., S3 liar., LS'.S ; stic d, in Mount V^ruon, X. Y., 
11 Har, 1886, 

Ht was a fami^^r; rt«. in S<?w Cunaaiu Cona ; vw a Sergt in tJie war of 
1S19; mred in Norwiilk, 9 to 14 S^pL, ISl.r 

ChUdrfn iy tecortd mft, h. in Iiittff CcMi4rt. 
4841 nA?fN'A}E^* b. S7 Sept. 1831^ d. in New CauaAm 18 Oct,^ 19S^. 
-IWt USQB,^ h. 21 Dl^.. JSSif; m. Eliva Jant^ Uubboll 
-H843 Mi\Di-Oi(i>iriHi'r,^ k 17 TW.^ tAa4; m. (1) T''^^*!)' P'lixnM.h DUbruw; 
(2) Mary Louiec Tallmadge. 
E44 Haxs'ah Elua," b. '-iS Sept, 1H36; in. LooEUird Fraulc Lounsboiy. 
4845 ErniiKit Au^ismt,,*^ k ID Dih:., 1838^ in mini. 
[846 Ueouce Kbz," b. IT Oct, 1840; m. Pollv Mills Bonodict 
4S4T Julia As'n» b. ST July, IS-H; d. l» Ntw Cniminj, ,10 Man, lfM7. 

1875. IEEBECCA7 daa. of Eno^" (538), U 16 Max.* 1787; m. Jamai Erana. of 
Buigfaainlon, N. Y. 

4848 Edward Kvans/* h. . 

1818, SAKAH,^ datt. «f Ep^ii-iup^» (COfl). b, in Xorwolk, Coiw., SO May. 1777; 
m. 19 Apr.« 1798, Somud Uikcmnn, b. in Eivdtnjc, U»nn., 2 Nov., 1775, »on of 
RcT. I*ri Dik^nan, whr. tm tb* pftsUir in Wilton, Conn., many yi?are. 

H« d. in BtAtoD, KlaA^.. IS Dix\. WH^ ; alie d> in South Booton, 1 Mar^ 1846^ 

lie vas a boot and »h<*c ntonufael^riT in Nfiv Hnv^n' 

4849 Cjrtif ZKtdmtwi,* b, in Hid^iclii^ld, Conn,, 4 Feb., 1799; m. 


of AUI>ama; rcrni. to 8t. Jo^epti^ Fla., and Montgomerj, T«2., 

wbcKhed. ISBH. 
48^0 Julia Ann Dik^man,^ h. m Ki(3gdi(rld, Ifi Mnr., 1801 ; m. Walton Head, 

of Wilton » he was a hatUr; ma to Statnfoiii, wliert- slii? (L 4 An;., 

183^, ojad voa l>uned vritb her only child. 
48^1 Sarah /Hi#m<fn»b- in Ridgefleld, 13 Aug., 18ft3; in, (1> «4 June, ISil, 

Fitdmc Aufitin, who va* diovned; eho m- (t) 1 OcL^ 1829, 
^ Simon FranL-i^, a tradv-r of BoitOD ; fa^ d. 4 Uar., 1858 ; had throe 
• cliiblriii; -hif ni. (3) H> May, 18S8, John Whiteomh, of ffeat 

Town^nd, 3IaM. 
486S Samt/ei Stury^ Diiepian,^ L 5 Vo?., 18C5; m, Mary Ooi^am, of Nov 

ILaven; d- ; bai3 two daua. 



4M3 Fronr4$ Htbfifyta Diltfman^ h. It Apr,, I»10; no. LoreiOD Iktit, of 

loo; 0. d Jan.. 1839. 
4^1 i/an« A*nflia Vxkfoian,'* b. sd9 Jun., 11^16; dl Al«ixandcr MdUc; of AU- 

bama ; r(?ni. to Wontgnrnflr^-, wlinnv nhp *!, *, 

191ft AKXA,t<1jiii. of Kpni-tu.c« (fiOCJ), b. it N«rw«lk, Cwin^ S8 Xor., mS; 
m, IS Joiu. 1:9^. Danid James, ii. in Norwnik, 10 Sept. M^, tan of Poler 
JuBc«, b. in Walu#T anJ UL;r;;y Natlt 

Sh^il. II Jftn., 1ft£fi; he a. 28 Aug., 1843. 

Ho ii^ee a eca captaio; rc«* in Nomnllv. 

485S Sally Jam<s/* b. «7 Aug., ItOS; tn, S Fc^b., 1S15, Danid WUUiufw; d. II 

Jan., IS 16. 
4«5a ffiWwDi A^c/it^i^j? Suffice,** b, 16 9*?|il., 1800; m. 8 Oel, 1870. Marit P. 

Srlleck; d. lit ^*pt, 1877; vmiui lurnkT mrrcbnot in Nor«»Ifc. 

4857 M^rp Ssikff Jamf^?^ b, 5 May. ISOJV; tn. ft Oct, 1^?, Samuel llnbbell; 

d. I Utc 1B7(>. 

1«0, EPEKETUS/ *on of Kponrtiu** (iW«), b, in Norwnlk. Coiul, i Oct, 
1780; UL Man*- Brayii. b. In Warwar*ing, TTlstrr Co,, N. Y. 

^h<^ <l in New York. S JuJv. 1«4'J; he d, 25 July, 1858, 

He was a m<?rrhnnt in Wnrwaming; rrm- to Nrw York City, wbvivh« vun 
wholepak; fe-rocvr. 

CAi^ron, 1. 11 Warvarain^. 

4858 Ki'itS'i:n'B Bt«!Y»* b. ; d. unm., in New Yoirit, IX Jfliu, 1884, 

485!* AvTDivrrTE* )*. ; wns unm. in lA98. 

4flS0 JiMKfi r*iinvs."l>. 

; wiieimui, in 18J)8; d- 

+48iil Fltisi>»iCK,^ b. 5 Si'pt, 1893; nu Annu BroWD. 

Ifi27. JAMES/wnof Jamet* (filO).b. in Sorwalk, Cotih-, 17 July, 1781; m. 
(1) 27 Anff., 1B06, Roxannu Turnt^r. t. in Plmoutb, Conn., n Ott, 1785. 

She <1. in Uwii^liiwn, IV, U Oct., 1821 ; W m. (?) 1 Dw., 18S?, 8tMinnali 
Catbt^rW Kdlo^;^ Camp, b. ?^ Jutv, 1791, i)au. of Imac Camp, b. in Numalk, 9 
Xov„ 1770, and ElizoUth Kaeh (1878). b, 23 Frfi., 17t;s, dan, of D*nd Saab and 
SnKftnnnh KrlbtKK (+<^0); 1). A AuK-r \^^^: van buni>d in nit^^-lflnd, O,, in 
the Eric Slw*t Crmctrn: *hc d- in Cirvelnud, 18 Feb., 18^(3« 

When ho wag about '£^ vear« eld hi^ hpgnn m?llinj^ dry goods and oth*r artidftt 
nf tmdrr to retail mrrchants in iV SUtefc of Ntv Janvy, Pn^waylvaniu and Vir- 
ginioi No bought hiii Atock ii; Nc'W York and made rv^nilnr tri|>i or«r e«tnblLelit.*fl 
routes. As he wa* snwvwifiil, his brrtthiTw, Rnfnu. Kduard and FTi?dMck, followiMt 
his exaropb^ About I8i!J he »ettK^i id L-.wjftlown. pa,, ii-hi^re he tminijrni in % 
geo^Tftl moreantile bnAtia<M in connwllon with ih^ mannfaL-IurL* of earion^ kinde 
tit pajjtr In 1830 he rem. to CIcvrlnnd, where he carried oo tot man> >*«r» Mm 
manufacture of paper. b«4Jdf« beitiff oonncctcij with many otbur bnaiiuyi Gnt«t- 

ChilJrfn fry ;^w( K*yc. 

-H86d Eliza,** b. in KorthBcLd, Conn., 13 Anff., 1808; m. Of-or^ PattoQ. 
H-4863 >U&\,^ b. tn N'onhficld. 5 Mar, 1810; tn. Th^opAiilna K«<^eler. 
4^8R4 Jamks Naah.' U in NorthBeld* 12 Oct, 1820; hl Vii^inia Aufoste, 

Tub Kcllooos ju 7uk Xkw WotUi. 


Children by iccond m/r. 
-j-tS^ ICdwaiid Tubsbh,* U in LuwUtown, 17 Xov,, mi'S; m. liarrii^t Lavinia 
■««ti CiL\iuja DwiD," b. « Feb., 18^7 : d in CleveUnd, 9 Jum;, 1830. 

-j-4^^ WitiLiAiA Xoi<MA\ LicFTKii,* b. in Cl^VL'iiiadt 4 Joikt 1939; id. Charlotte 



IBSa. MART (POl-LY),' <a»o. of Mm^ (CIO), b. in Xonrolk, Conn,, ?9 
Div., l7sa;0Laahi»tH:ornI wife, i:? M«y. 1805, Peck Clark, b. iu Milfonl.CoiiD., 
1-1 Dec., 1771. mi of HcedELiih Clark, U in MiLfonI, 172;f, luui Mary I'cck, of 
BeUijmy, Ccmn, 

lit; <L in SaUud, now Coinu«ut« AshUbtUa Co.. 0„ 3 Aug., 1SG4. &ge^ 8!^, 
In 1^00 tKf mn. from Woodbridgo to Bnrlifijcton, in ^'»0^ to Northlicid, 
Conn., nnd in Majr, 1818, to ODnneaut. After hU ileAtli hi* widow lived with her 
diildreD in Clcvdmnd. He vju a fam^rr nnd a miUnnght. 

Anntt C/flrfr* b. in NorthfklJ, n Aug., 1806; tJ. 14 Nov, 1807, 
JWifl Cfori * U IG JhIv. lSt)8 i m- 16 Oct. 183^. Simeon Wheeler San- 
ford, b. io Litchfield Co., Conn., ^ Mar., 1>*05; d. in Conncant, 3 
FL'b, 1832; li«d ^h^peHlilO^L*n- 
-l^fr(»^M7^»rt,'*b. 8 Not, 180fi, Ri. SO Sept., 1833. EiiMbcth Ilowe* 
Wright, K in Conncaut. li^ Jvmc-, 1^14, duu. of Shirrnun Wright; 
hi' d. in WiwJiinfrtmi, 1). i\. VI Dn-., Ift7(k hi- |HT|mn**l a jj^-iwr- 
1osn<^^l rrcQrd of the CUrlCp Kdlog;^ nnd Nash familicA, which wae 
publiflhed in I«77; she d. 13 Sept, 18»7, in Waahlngton, D. C, 
ocn! SS; h^d thrfri^ i^.hildrcn, 
^«inm VUfh* b. a*; Mny, ixil; m, (1) 30 Oct, 1«98. Me-ry Hamlin 
Beanli^ley. I. in Cl^-VL'lan.l, 2.". St-pt, 1«19; «he d. In CWrUnd, M 
Nov,. 18i:i: had no children; hem. (d) 21 July, 18U, CsToliac 
Klimbtfth Bingham, K in Andov«r, Cona, 8 May, 1818; bad eJX 
Atfrtd i'larh,'* h. %0 Apr., 1H13; d, nnm., in Conncaut, 3 Aujr., 1838. 
Kdv^ard Fn-k f'hrk,^ h Irt Jiint^ 1R14; m. in Councniit, 7 Apr, 1836, 
Lydia Scmantha Ring, b. in MawAchuBottN ^^ Ttl., 1817 ; in IS^fl 
hit teoL vlth hid family to Union. Ifock Cc,, Win., whri^ he d. 1 
Jan., IBJll ; he in burii*"! in thf rcnu'tcry in Ccoktown. 
Fndm^k K^-iiofj^ Cforl'.'* k l>^ Sept., 1817; d. 7 Sept.- 1818, 
Ruftis Ctiirl:*' V {n CoTitR^tut, ?3 Nov., IS19; m. $2 Mar., IfilO, C^lia 
Bdnlom. L m Monroe, AnhUbuU Co., 0., fl Nov., 18^1; }m\ ^ix 
Utrria CUrk^h. 11 Dec., 1831; d. miiu,, 1 Aug,, lfl44. 





Ittft, ELIJAH,' wn of Jamc^" <filft>, b. in Norffolk, Cc>nn., 18 Oct, 1784 ; m. 
(U 1> P**b., lSi:\ Ann Man* WoodnifT. b. 24 D*^ , I71»0, dau, of E*okiel Wood- 
ruff, of EUxabfflli. N. J,, b. 30 Sir|3L. 1744. anil Haiuli DtinninKtnii, b. H Mav, 

Sh^ d, in Kiirabeih, 24 Vv^'-, 1831 ; bp m. (X> In Elimbetb. 30 Jan., 1833, 
MnrtJia Bonks Cmnc. b. V7 Mar,, 1810, dan- of Jan»:» Crane, of Newark, N. J„ 



b. IT Jul., 1786, tnd l'hc]» Itiflm b. 5 
IftAl^; in buriifl in KiPTgrrvii OimiffUry, 
He Bcttk4 in EliflAboth aboat 1813 ; 

F4;b^ 1?88; a. ID Elinbctb, 2^ Apr., 
wa« a merchant; she ret, £n BUiabettL 

Children hy fint rife. 

41J7S JiMES NAfiH,'' b. 30 S«pt, 1813 ; a. Nor,, 1814. 

i67S Eduathj Namii," b. I Nov., 181.'S; ha* fEra(luAt<«l rmm Princutoi Collefe^r 

1^33; d. num., in Elisslfoth, 8 Jan., 181^. 
4680 ItottKKT \Yai>k." b. 11 Si'pl., ISi: ; il uiiru., 8 Oct, 1S45. 
+ ia«l jMaut Almjjw,** b. i ScpL. 1819 ; m, William Foster Da^ 

ISdS Arou«TU9 Olakx,* L 18 Dm-, 18^1 ; va£ graduate from PrtiuwUpit Col- 
It^ in 1^40 ; tie w«« ifi tkr rL<n1 iwlsti? biudnBK; <K ucRLr la BUm* 
bcth. 12 Nor., iSflft. 
-HM*>AaBOx WoopRrF?,'* b. '> Feb.. 18^4; m. Clara AlUng HilW. 
^$1- TitaKCl^" b. *.'£ dcpt, IS^^O; d. IS Nor., Ift26. 
4885 SAitxti L<Hi«i:,** b. 9 Mar., 1S28; d unm^ 34 Jiuid, 1866. 
4888 JcLU AwToiKETTE* b. 1 Oct. llr^O; n& oom., in Blimbetfa. 

Children by ffom^f trif^. 
4887 Maiiia Woi«i«i.TF,^ b. » Dw^, 1833; d, «; D«.^ 183J>. 
+4688 James Crane* b. IS July. 1837; m. KUoibetU UhkOuij WDodniff- 
1B8lt Mary W^konnrPP," b. 2V FA, IM&; rw. num., in KlieaboUL 
48£)0 HiuujKT BrvEiMA',^ h. 17 Jiiikt, li^^r!; rtv. nnm,, m EUnbvUl, 
+4891 ClcM]:kti>£," I. 31 Jan.. 1848, m. WiU^iii Horaci! CoHud. 

1«0, RUFrfl,^ Sim of Jaiiu-s* («10), k in Nt.rwalk, Cjnn,, 13 0(^L, IIU; ttu 
20 Mftr., 1811, ikUcy Cbirk- b. in Milforri, Cona. SO Juljr. 1789, daa of .iaron 
CUrIc, K an aq)t. ITfifi, and KliiaMh Fowler, b, 10 Feb., 17«5. 

He d. in Orauf^, Conn., 30 Ncn-.. 18312; »he d. in Shtppraiitbur]}!, SI Dec., 

About l^SO h^ rem. hi^ faniilj from NorthUdd, Conn., to PemiMlvantA, aod 
TM* near Sbippenaburf:. vbere he vae a merchftnt, Barlj in 13;^^ be vai 
ftritTkcji vitli pnriLtyvi* and n?tuni«fl to btc fonn«T hoznv in Norlhdi?M, and to th« 
home of hi« fatker-iit-bw, Aaron Clark, in Omng^ where, after a Uu^rUig tlluits, 
he a. 

+488S Mihakda Polly,* b, S Auff., 1813: m. Joeeph Piorca Xorin, 
+489fl A\MB Matcta,* b. Vt Oct, 181fi; n*. Rrr. Willuiin Ilumpbrtjr Eno*. 

1931. ABIGAIL.^ d&u. of Jameti^ (810), b, in Nomfk. Conn.. ^ Jan., 1769; 
m- in NorthMc!, Conn.. 95 Mar„ 1611, Levi Mcrriam. b. 98 June, 1787, pon of 
Jo^-l MiTriftm, b. 176S, ison of ThomiU Morriam. of WatL>rtovii, Cona., and Thw- 
dotia Perm b. 170S, dau. of Lirut Katban Pcrris, of Watcrtovnu 
S^hc d. ^ii Mar,, 1839 ^ b« d. in Plpnootb, Ootul. H Alar,, 185«. 


4d»4 Ansel MerriitiR.^ U 24 TW.. IStt : d. In Otmbler, 0^ vllile n rtndtfit In 

Ktnyon Collc^ 13 Jun>c 1831. 
489A BeUfy Mcrrinm.* b. 1 Oct., IS13; m, 13 Haj, 1»34, Qmrga Bix4di)«- 

bam, of Akron, 0., k t 0(*U 1807 ; hi^ d. m AkroD, *8 June, ISfll ; 

•h«d. in .Vkron, 30 KcbL, 1895; had three f^iildrcn. 



4896 Dotid KtlUgg Utrrukm^ b. in ri^'moHth, 14 Nov., 1815; m, I Svpt, 
1A40, JuMfl Ann nott-on, of Plymouth; Itvml on Ui^old JiomrKt*«d; 
«li« d. 69 Jftn,. 1876 : he <l tS Juit«, 1876 : bad eigUt childreii. 

4897 Ju/ta jfrjit M*rti<im? b. 10 Apr^ 1S19; d. 15 Nor,, 18^1. 
4$98 Frederick K. ^ftrriam,^ b. ID Apr, ]»$5^ ■). tmni., T Frh., 184A. 
4890 Ifdia NaA Merriiim,'^ b. in Plymouth. 30 Juno, 1825 ; m. 5 Oct. Ib^J, 

ManiiSitld Stmnn', of Akron, h. in JnmHictt, Vt, 31 Due., 1821; 
bad thr«e duldreD. 

Itat EDWARD,^ «m it Jiim.?** (flia), b. in Norwalk, Cma,, 19 OcL, 1790; 

■m. » NortJjfidd, Conn*, %Q May, 1817. E«thfT Fmo ffamcr, b. in Pljrooulh, 
L, 10 Feb., 17d4, dotL of Lymsn Warner, of Xorthfleld, and AnmE Wplton, 
He d. in Brooklyn, t^ Apr, 1857 ; nbe d. 12 Au^., 1672; botb Att buried in 

He eblBbliflher) littniielf fn th« wholi^ale Ory goode trade in the City of New 
Yort about 1820. Hi' wm located en Pourl rtrcct, a <»hort dirtflncc north of Han- 
otor Sqaoro, wtiprp h? tniiiMict<^ a krge and prciq>«rooA buninHt tinttl 1^37- llo 
was IsTgeljr iuUrevted in rtaJ eaiale In tlie Cit} uf Bruokl,vu. &ud rviii. Lifl family 
iiDm Now York in 183ti, fo^inj; hU tunc thcrcoltcr priucipuUy to tht^ inanaK<> 
numt of hit largv cftat^- fFo wbb th4> aiUhor of two vahiablp work* on flnnnciAl 
jDhjecte, entitled; "l^Wr and Other Capital," and "A New Monetary Sj^teui." 

4900 EuzAaETW Wahnkh." l. in Plymouth, 13 Ftb„ 1813; m. in Kew York 
City, 20 Apr, 1836, Philip Liviniridon Junm, M. !>., of New York, 
b. 24 Sept, iHll: d. in Brooklyn, 21 Apr, 18n4, Ag?d 46 ywrAJind 
2 month* ; lie ± 31 Oct, 1863 ; had no children. 
1201 AvKUA Nj«ii,^ b, in Northfitfid, 25 Jun<-, 1870; m. in New Y'ork, IS 
Juni*, IH^S, Maj John C. Hen«haw, K 2A BIflv, 1815; he d. in 
Elbabeth, S. J., 30 (kl. 11477; had no children' 
+4902 Kdwakd Rtxrr,^ b. in N*w York City, 2C Jan., 1824 ; ni. Rpbecca J«>nn9tto 
4V03 Maky EsTiiEK," b. in Nt-w York City, n Feh, I8«t; m. H^S y^b., 185*, 
Rumiirl \V. PHt.nnri. of Nc-w Ynrk, K lA Mnr., 182:1; rr-K in KIiKA- 
Wth ; he ± 23 Mar.. ]t;!)6 ; hftd no childr«D« 
+4204 Habhiet ELnH-v" U in Xt^ Y'ork City, 9 Mat., 1823; m- Dr. Carroll 

1131. FREDERICK/ son of James^ (CIO), b. in TTorwalk. Conn,, II Ang,, 
1792; in. 2-1 Mnr.. 1810. Minerva Warner, b. 4 Aug.. 17D5. dau- of Chaoncey 
Warn*Tj of Plymontb, Conn. 

She d. 8 Jan., 1800 ; lie d in Baraboo. Wis., 11 May. IfiSa 
lie tHil^d tn KcatJinj;, Pa., in 1821. fn Mar,> 1834« rem- from licadin^ and 
hia family tn N«rv Y'ork. n<T earned on an cxtiTrnre tradi^: roa. in 
lyn. 1841-49; in 1&65 rem, to Baraboo, where three of hia wnn wen- linng. 

ChiidrM^ fini ticc b, im Nor^field, Conn-, others in Rasping, 
+4906 EL^mi W*BJfEa* b. 4 Jan., 1820; in. George Alfred Trowbriilgr. 
+490B CnAfnrcpY M'AnKKft." b. 15 Dec., 1B21 ; m. Mary Kliza Baeedi 
+4907 Alvkit FKKinKirx,^ h. 20 Mur, 1824; no. Simh Jave Baaaett 





Edwis Mruhmt," h. 20 Si'pt, IS25 ; tJL la Apr. 1807, Louise H- Char, 
b> in Philodtlphim Pa., 9 Oct, ISiO; nU *l SS Uv-, l^^v be m. 
(2) in Cambrid^t MaM,^ 9 Oct, Ltii>^', Ksttnie Acs Bowtfo, b. is 
Bcntnti, MiiM,, 2:^ d«iiL, 1B3S, ihji. of OmrleM Buwtfu, h. iP 1806, 
ftnd Eltmlcth Wiliinmfl. h. in Bo'ton, ISflP. Jic nm to Ncv Yort 
City in 1«34 ; corani^nce*! the practice of mcHliciae in 18W; in 
IS71 hi< B^^ thi< vlc[?-|irv><ifU-iLt nf the noinoup^itliic Mutual Life 
lii^urftiLce Connprwy, ii\^ Vork. Sht d. A June, It^lHl; lnftJ iM 

liBTl MmiiKtAU.*^ b. 4 8cpt. 1839; nu Dc-Hjjht L. Widto. 

A}J»KL Na£H,^ L ^CI MAr., 1^2 ; m. Annie K. BaniN. 

1934. LYDIA/ Jhu- »f J«m«^ («10), k in Pmnklin, JB Apr., 17M: m. in 
Northflcld, Conn,. 7 Mny. 1817. Dcjicod Mcrritt C1fttiL> b. in Milfoid, Conn-, 3 
U«r.. 1703. son of Aiiron Clark, b. 3iV Si'pt. I'i.^H. 

S>\u: il iu Xortliru-ld, U Oct, iS^t, , hr <1. in lUnilioa, Witf., S7 Fefai, ld6d. 

li? Lived for a long time in Hammond, ^t, Crois Co>, Wi«k 

4f>n &!lizitbeth F<fU'lcr ChrJt:* K in Konldda, 8 Feb., 1818; m. Albert ti. 

Tultl"*; had four cUildTtn, 
4912 !xfU%*eAnnCtark.'*U.Wii^^]it,\d\n; m. 29 J^^-pt, 1845, Ralph Garwood 

Camp, of Northfiold ; d. in Northflold, I'l* Jun«, 1S4«, 

iW6. C HAKLICS»*ontir JHTtW (HlO), b. in Krwklin, N. Y-, 11 Aug, 1798; 
m. tS Mar.. tS:£7. ilanufLb Dr^e. b. lif Jan,, 1803, daiL of Jolm Drake and 
Martha Tbotupaon. 

H<> i1- in HiiHtin)^ M\t^\., 1ft Ot^t., 184? ; kIm- il 4 Jjin.. 186t ; tbvj Are buth 
baricd in Lyon^, Mick. 

In 1»38 or 'V^ ho hiib a mf rchant on Staton UUnd; rem. In 1830 (o Xewafk. 
r. J-t Juid in IS^it to Ann ArtKir, \fich» wbcrr hv wa« a farmci- 

+4013 Mahtica Tm«mw(}\," b. 7 Mnv, 1ft2fl; m. CAarV Hubhiird PNlntpr. 
+4314 Mab\ BiuKB."* b, 13 June, 1830 ; m. Jacob Moore Hale. 
+4915 HisNiK Delu,** b. 22 JuDt*, 1833; in. Edvard Martin Gatca. 
+491fi pHJtur KsTiiKii* 11. 12 Oct, 183,1; m- I'dwin Boycr. 

4917 Chablbs Drake,* b. 2?) June, 1838 ; d. unm.^ ^ Nov,, 18fi», in ibc bos- 

pital ill 1)anviUt.\ Va.; wuh a tTnEon woldi^r 

4918 JiTLiTO Clakx,* b. 29 June, 1838; eo. 1 Nov., 18S9, Martha QabM; d. 

30 KOT-, 1859. 

1837, CLARK,' win of Jninc*" (fl!<>). b. in Franklin, N. Y., 14 Ovl, BOO; m. 
2$ Oct. 18!£8. Catharine S^r^econt, b. 2ii Jan^, 1802. dau. of David Scrgfaot, of 
Paraippanjy N> J., and MargaK't Emmick. b. in G^rmanv. 

lie d. 9 Sopt. 1870; i^bc d. in Oj-btimo, Mich.. 29 Aujc-, 1873. 

He left Litchftf-ld about 18M' end wcttt to Statca Island, N. V^ and filixa- 
betii, N, J,, where h*> wae a merchant In Jnne, 1835, lio ran. to Otfhtcnio, tnalc* 
log the joQRicy in twcnlir^one dayj< br canal, Ukt* and vith bonro nod oxcvl He 
WBfi a fanner; also Jiutici? of th« Peaoe* 

Toe Kellcmkw is tbz Kbit Woold. 


+4919 Jaues HtRHiTT,"* b. in EHzab^Hu ^^ Sept., Ift^fi ; m. Mm. Surtnn (Kiinji- 

4W0 AKXA Maiiu»* b. in ElijftWth, 31 July, 1831 ; d. 5S Dw., 1833, 

4D51 Hbxhi CL-ihK," I. in RIikhWUv 1(> S^]>t„ 1833 i <J. 1 Jurw, lfti14. 

402^ KuKCfcuiCX iLALtK.'^b inOahtcaio. 10ci.ld37: d luun., U June, ISOT. 

+49S3 Ewitr WiN«w>vf«b- ia Oj«htemo, 19 Mir., IA40; in, Gwrgt Henry 

+4931 Aunnx Sshokakt,'* b. in Oihtvmor 30 Nov*, 1843 ; m. Jartcr M&ria Baldu 

leai AN'NA VVEEDJ aau. of James" (<ilO), L in NorthHeld, Conn., 3'> Mar, 
11803; m. in Grt^ii Buy, \^'i»., :ST Sept, 1833, John Yat«A Smith, of Mfldison, 
■Wlt^b. 10 Feb., 1807, 

She d- in Maduon, 3 Jlor., 184T. 

49«5 ffayrfflft K^M^s Smith,^ h. in Grwu Bay, a Feb.. 1534: m. 30 Aug., 
16^>0, Faimy Prodor He wna connvckd with the Milwaukee Sud* 
tiael and Chioago Times aa editor. 

1889. JULIA.' dau. oF Jomes^^ (610), L in NorthMd. Conn., 31 Mar, 1805; 
5 KoT., 18:f», O^dc'D Smith, ti. Vi3 JoJy, 1803, too of John J. Smithy b. 27 Oct., 
L7T«, anil VMn^ Jn^^^H, K 1 1 July, 1774. 

He d. in Elitaboth, N. J., 3 Feb^ 1861 ; she d € Oct., 1887, agod 83. 
He vaa a at^fcbant; r«e. in ELlnbeth. 


Slijt^ Kclhgg Smiih,'^ h. in EliEabcth, 3 Feb., 1851 ; m. 14 June* 185:8, 

HiiTTii^t Cole Sfjiiier, b. 1& June* 1830i had two ehildiva. 
Mttrt, Jvhristju Smith," b. in RliEaheth, 7 July, 1832; d. i» Oct, 183^. 
John Jtwell b'miih,'^ h. n July. 1834; m. (1) S8 Apr.. 18^5, Henrietta 

D^Gmot,of r,lmbt>th, b^ ^1 Mar., 1838; fih« d, IS Jan., 1881: he 

m. (SJ Mary UtUn Hall, at New Yorlc, b, 1881; bo J- 18 Jan., 

Moriha CUtrt .^TOiiA» b. in Eliwibelb^ 3 Noy^ 1837; m- M June, 1660^ 

Joecph Alvard, of Htiiabeth. K in Baakiiii; Ridfi^ N- J., 4 July* 

FlioM Dufhf Smith,^ b. in Round Brook, N. J., 5 Apr., 1840; m. 13 SepL, 

18(j5, Komh I*. Martin, of Hack^tUtown, N. J„ k SO Sept., 1314- 
WaHer Ogdtin Smith,^ k in Sorocmllfr, N, J, U Junp, 1843; m. 13 

Sept, 189G, Uam^tta Fraucee Wdl», U in Bloomfidd, N. Y-, 84 

Oct., 18^17; ho d. 10 Vec., 189S, 
Juiu Anna J^mithJ^ h. In ^rnvrvilip. It Jnnev 1843; d. in SomerrUlc; 

39 June, 184$. 





lOM, E8EK7 tion of SliTphrn" (Gil), Kin Norwalk, Conn„ 21 Nov.. 178fl; m. 
U Mar., 1811, Maria Opbora, b, Sd Mav, 1788, datu of Jacob 0*boni, b. SO sipU 
1757, and Ri?l**y JarvfS, b. 10 Sept., 17fil. 

fied.S& Mar, 1S&1; At^^. £8 Mar, 18G7. 

He wa» a m^mb^r of St. Paurs Epitoopai Cbnrch in Norwaik, and for many 
jfars a feftirymau. U*t utah a famirr; rm. in Norvalk; his son, Joaiah, oc- 


cuptccl the homcftouL lie icrvct] in the nr of IS12, to 14 Sqit, 1813^ ia Nor 

Chiidren, h. in K&nfaJk. 
4&m Bkthjcy Ajjk,* I:- in TW-^ IRtl ; d. tO Jnn., 1812. 
+i9S4 Mabgabet Built," b- 7 Nov,, 1813; nu WUU&m Angiutns BafIow. 
-H935 HAftBJBT^ Ix 21 JuDCv ISIT; m. Uomec KiCcL 
H-4d3£ Makv I<>uxc»," h. 29 Mbj, 1819 ; m. WillUm H^o^rj Wtwdtf. 
i9ST Cabouke**" b. 3 Aug., lt):£l ; m. ^a &Ur., 1841, CharlM F. O^borm b. W 
Sept., 1818, toD of Chirk* Ovbora, b. 1? Atig^ 17n ; tibe d. 1 Apr., 
Id&l; had m chilciieti; li« m. (Z) 19 Apr., 18GS. U«rrHi SmitlL 
-Ut3» Apkua Ma&u,** b. Sti Feb., lt««i.: m. :a Apr., IbiU, Calvin S. Wbeekr; 

hill no rhililrni. 
«3D Atohew," b- 1 May. 18£fi; d. 4 S^pU Mine yew, 
-1-4940 JosiAH,'* b. n Mar, ll$?9; m. Amundt Morey. 

104fi. MARIA/ (Iftu. of Stephen** (611), b, in Nciru^Ik. ConxL, 3^1 Oct, 178«; 
n. 83 Man, 1^08. iMniH Kichnrdii, b. In New Canann, Conn., 2b Aufj^ 1784, ton 
of J*«wRirh*riii*. L S4 Jcl)-, 17<i3, anil Lvdia Hirbok, b, S Jan, 1?6t 

He d. 19 Apr., V&U; she d. 2 May, 1674. 

He vfts fl formor is New CflnaAii. 

4941 /"Afifr^ BtUobHh fiii^hardf,^ b. 19 Sept, IdlO; m. ft) Dec, 183S, Joseph 

Upham, b, in (Jniuvillt, N. Y.. Sr Apr^ BU8. son of Joeq* Up- 

Imm, b. in Sturbridj^, Mau., IS Tab., 1764, and Htildah StBith, b. 

in Suifjeld. OoniL ; he wa« a hoiilware luerchaot in Ncv York 

City; d. in Brooklyn, 4 Uoe., lti6T. 
41^42 ^fj^A,£d Fmnir^j RuJtardi,*^ h- 1 Not,, If4t4; m. lA Aug., ld3S, Chtster 

S. KaJAon. 

4943 Hannah Uatia Hickardt,^ K 17 Aug., 1817 ; m. 10 Apr., 1S39, Ujroa 
Giddings Hnyt, b< 2 Mar., 1812, son of Timothy Hoyt; ht d, 13 
Oct. I83!>; he vaa & mcKh&nt; (hey rce. in LftnBini^biiTgh. Nev 
Yorlc City and Lotkpcrt, N. Y., whiru bv d. 

4944 /.j^cita ifouf<»n Uitiiards^ b. S July, IdSO; ni. 33 Apr., 1S40, Otorgo 

Trowlrid(>*. of Loekport> S\ Y. ; he d. ; she d, 3 Mar., Ift43, 

494A Mnrt)atti KrUotjtf Hichaubt^ K 31 FpIi., Ift2fi; d. anin., S3 Mar,, lft4a 

1917. JEMIMA/ dau. of Stephen^ (611), b. in Norwdk, Conn., 81 Mftf., 
1793;ot3 Apr, l!i<U, William Oflborr.b, in Korwna\ 9 Jnn*, 1790, son of Ja«oh 
Oiboni, U 20 t^upt. 1757, and Betoey Jarvia. b. 10 Sept, 17tH- 

He d. 18G7 ; nhc d. in Jackmnvillc, N. Y., 1 Ki^b., 18T3. 

He was a dealer in flour and fcvd in Nev York; be lired many }«an in 
Ttoj, retired from buMne«& 


4946 V€9rgt fCtilogg Otbom,^ b. in Now Yori:> K^ Jnly, 19\t; tn. 11 Jtm*, 
lfi:i8, Harrlel C ChambeilaJn; ahe res. Sn Bay Ridg<v N- Y.^ ntUxr 
ttku dcflth of htj h\itihnnd; he d. ti Mnr. 1843. 

4*47 Trance* EHutheth Osborn," h. I Mar, 1^20; m, in Troy, 1ft Apr, 1838, 
Innw^l Rij.-to Cullin. U in Wati-rli«]. 2^ Jan., Idll, hju of iHrai-l C^t* 
lin and Dithn Hottt ', )w waa a Jurdwarc merchant and manufntctarcr 
of edgetool^; «lw d. 10 Aug,, ]8iH; he d in Troy, 10 Feb., 1876. 


KLIZABKI U,^ dau. of SUphm^ (Gil), b. in Korvnlk, Conn., 19 Ft^b., 
ItM; m. iifil>i*fii?pffcn<i wif<-, 27 Opt., 181!?, Rwfiis Richa^^B, b. 85 Apr., 1781, ton 
of Cep4. GcnJiOBi Richards of Norwallt, and EliuiU'tb RicharOa. 
Shu <1 5 Sq:it.. IS49; bu bud m. (1) ISOQ, Rhvnah Srofidd. 

494S Cftarf** ^w/m Hi<htjrJ^,^ li, SS Oct-, 1881 ; d. unra., 6 July. 1863. 
4S>49 Ccro;inf .l»/i/w/fl ^i«^ftflfja» b, 17 Nov., 1823; m. 18 N(yr., 18*7, Fred- 
crick Unkv, d. 18 Oct, 1861 

194$. STEPHES,^ SOD of StepJien* (fill), K "« Ntirwalk, Corrn., 26 Apr,, 
17^7; nu 1 J%n.. 3S!f3, Su^an J£kuelino ili[^Tlow, b, in CoJcbrook, Uoan., 5 Hoc,, 
180fi, dBU. of Am E^i^btv, b- in fttnrlboro, Conn-r 1^ Jm.* 17T9, and Lucj Isbsin, 
I), in Oolchcslen C^na, n Sept., 1780, 

He d. 12 Xor., 1&15 ; ihi^ d. in MiiU!«i, N. Y., 13 Yth., 18&I. 

Jle »n^ s nuTchant io MsW^^n fiom U2t to '53. From ISIW lo ^36 m Troy 
in the fimn of KeUog£:9 Jr Cbbont lie then returned to M^ldeo, and formed th« 
firm of Bigdov, Kdlogg ft Co. 

4-4950 Natham," k in Mftld<^, 18 fVb., 188*^; m. flrlm Mnm T^flio. 
-f-lOSl LrcT BiOELOW,* b, in Troy, 4 An^., 183*J: m, DJttrick Amalo Wolf 
*^4D52 SuuTif LvDiA.'^ L In Muldfi]. ^6 July. 18:t4; tii. Carl William Edrard 

+4!>fi3 FiUKCKB£,^ b. In Maldon, 'i:t Sept, I83C; m. Dr. Robert WatUi 
-f4D54 AcLi Biacijow." k in Maiden. ZO Dec., 1839; ni, Barab Jane Akin. 
<9^S Sta^ukk D.» b. e< Feb., 1843; d. 1 Oct., 1S18. 

1651. FRANCES B0rT0x\7 Gau, of Si*phen« (611). K In Xorwallc, Conn,, 
14 Miiv, IftOl ; tiL in Tn>v, X, Y., 17 Strpt, lSt5, St^i-plicn Field, b. in Ferri&- 
burg. Vt,31 War, ITQI, ' 

S1i^ (i tf'i Mar. tS'Jf*: vaK biirfrd in MontreAl^ Canada; be d. of iHthmne 
fcrrr, H !>«<-. I8r*0. in the hourr ^f Mr- Vnn Court, of Chafrcc, New tirenada, 
on hi« return from San l<>nnci^co. 

Hf* nHfi 4 Unii«r; m. iu MonlruaL 

4i56 Ffund* Ktihgg PUldJ^ h. m Montreal, 13 Mar» 1889 ; m. 14 Oct, 1854, 
Fwncpfl AmHift Burr, k in Parwh Rupidt, Iji., 8il Xov., 18^4: ri-a. 
in NVvr Brilain, Conn.: bad one tliild, Bnrr Kellogjg Field, b. ia 
Aubam, Ind., 5 May, 1855. 

1953. PAVfU'tcnof Dftvid'*<fiXO»,l). in Groton, Conn- about 1171; m. (I) 
^9 Apr. i:i'8, Bridget Newton, b, abool 1781, don, of Ebwiwwr Newton, of 

Sbo d. ? June, 1833; bc^ m. (^} 1840^ Nancy Di'nmtou, b. in Stonington, 
CoiUL, 17 Axig.f 17118, dan. of Bwl^ei Denninaii and Priidrnci> fTolmnif b. ibout 

ric d. 80 Anc, 1863, airtd M ; «hc d- 17 Au;r , l»fi5» 

AftcT tl^e detlh of litA fathpr hp trpnt tn Mn- wiili Nntban Dnboll, A. M- 
(author of vork^ on matlicmaiks). He irtnt to Bcbaghtlcoke, N. Y.. to learn the 



The Kcllooob ik the Niror Wohidl 

trfidc of & CATpuDUr of his unok, Joticpb- He &l«o a^ei^tixl id tbo i^rrty «f OnoD- 
*!iiRi CV AfttT k-flrnin^ IjU ImOi* hi* MumM lo St'>Tiia^toii fciui tio«j;ht land!, 
edjoiiiin^ hir mothcrV fann> nhi/ro ho trucJl 4 hmiscand spent tlie r^t of luailaya' 
He wae Jit^ttco of Ih* i\ja<« in Stonington; Bsrvfld m the war of IHW. at tbo 
IwirlmrJmml. iif StomngUm. 

Children^ 6. in i^totiw^ton. 
+4U:>: DAvni," L 31 Mar., n9»; m. Lydia Snuth Iknact^- 
4^A^ JofiKi'ii,'* h. St July. 1801; m, Ang^lino HoIinf«; n^ tn Sefaftftiti«ol»v 
N. V„aii<lCw:knitirl, X, Y.; d. In llliuois m la^Jii, agt-J i5T, 
+49iy Maky ( i'()i,i,r) * b. 17 Xov,» l«o:J; tn- ThomnB .Kff*'r»ou Jjimk 
+4ftfiO EustA WiLLUMB* b. S2 Nov., lfHJ5 ; m, John UiUard. 
+4i>51 AcaTiK,'* b. in Oct,, 1807; m. Franti-a M. Mooiti. 
49G2 Daxikl,** L 16 Fob., 1809; ho wa» lo«t about 18S$ on a «hip that laft 
New Wii'k; «aft rn^er Iw-an] fruiii. 
+ 4i)i;:i UuilO b. VJ July, 1811; m, Thoma* U^Ja. 
-j-+»*14 EirvK'k,** b. I Ui,v., 1815; m- b'riNk'rick Johitima 
+49(Ja Emiuv," h. 4 Jal,y, 1818; m. AuMiu Flint Uiu*iia*- 
latJS F'TtvNK iNoGMAS.** b. abuut IW-iUi li, about IfCW, 

a^ and (ell overboard, in a ^k. d Nov.. Ib43. and vaa droWBcd. 
41Hi*S lliitAU * b, ; d. m infaDcy. 

IfiM. JA^ON.' k*a of Bv'rjjamin*' (*;51). b, in Sonth Sdltm, N. \\. S !>«-, 
H^O; m. Id Btilford, N. Y., L'Ktlitrtitu Milli'T, b, 4 Av^i., 17i»S, dau. of Ueoiy 
Miller, of Bcdfcid, 

Shv d. ia boath Salom. 30 Mar., lt<$ij; ho d. in E'bJladdphJa, Pla., i Ko7. 
18^0; Idtb an^ liurui) i[t tiuuUi Salrra. 

lie wo« a fann<^r; rc«. in South Snlcm. 

Children. A, in Sohtfi Salem. 
49rt9 Hbkkv,^ b, IT Aug,, Idi: ; d. in Sontli ?S4ilem. 7 Sept., 183». 
4970 Electa Ann,** b. U Nov., 1818 ; d. unm., 3 D^n:., I95fi- 
-f-4y;i CLAioeaA»b.r n«t., ISSl; TH. William ScoMd. 
+49:e BrNJ4Tinv»li. 1 Fob., 1>4S4; m, Siimii Mnrin PacVard. 
+4973 Cvrrs,** b. Sti S«pU Idtfti; m. (1) Elizt Ann Oahoni; (2) Mary Rlcfa. 
flrdu MoM?1(-y. 

4^74 I^is" k 8 Miin, IJ^29; hu 25 Si^jt, 18:iO, Willioia Chaanwy Pullrti, b. 
in Bodford. 2H Doc,, I8?(>, 6od of I'orudiua PuUen a»J Zdpah 
Uarn!«?y ; he wanaTj wv dt-jili-r; m*. in IViuml Etidgo, N, Y, ; hail itty- 
+4»75 MABOAfitT SrBA>Jo,* b. 23 Juno, l«3l ; m. I>r. William Eira P&noii>. 
4-4976 Jabon Oakuixeu,*' b. ^Ji Kt?b.. 1834: ttu Maria RavinomK 
4977 Catukuivk Miti^,' b. n Jnnc^ ld3t^; d ^ ScpU 1^0, 

195S LOIS,' dau. of Benjamic^ (fiSI), b. in South ftilnii, ?r. Y.. Ill Jan.. 

i:yi; m, S^ May, ISIS, OiiUrt Jont-si, b. nrar Mcwbur^ N. Y., id Apf.» 17W, 

MOP of Gilbert Jociea and Hnnaah Wood. 

Ii<j d. io Nfw Palto, N, V„ D^>, lf*40 ; ^le d. Jn SottlH Salem. I;; Hay. tfl5D, 
He vu a fAtmcr ; rc*^ in Canu^fl, and Ut«r in Uanticv>lJo, N. Y., tram whicti' 

pincu 111! rmi. Ut Krw ?a1U. 



Children, atl but iti*t two h. in Mi/Htictito, 
Ettmce JoMt,^ b. "i^ Sept, 131^; m. U F^., 1S50, Hawle^y Sirjrntour; 
ry«. in VTilirn, Cunti. 

i*i luriid in South Snlf^m, 
A'tuiq^ JonevJ* I. 1* AuK-, It^'^* i nt U iUr., ISIC, Sanfonl Kwler; J«. 

in Wilton, ConiL 
JH*!^ JffiiP JowM* b. 3ft (VL, 1837; Til- in Crew River, N. V., 3 Sof^ 

XMi, William Arrn-; n?a in Soalh Snlcm. 
CafAfon-? JtfHf«<t JcMt,** U 8 Jiin., IS33: m, .\it>prT irniw, of South 

Norwslk, r<itii].; rt*, ahoat Icn irulri* from Utjukfonl, III 
4$89 Bmiamin FninUin Jonc*,^ l>- « IXr-, l»3ii i rw. in iiockford, lU. 

1$59. ARIGAIM ilaa r>f Jcaiatban" (R5?), Up. in Nuv Cauaon, Conn^ la 
Jan-. K&*; m- in Wilton, Conn-, »1 Ocl,. 179^>. Mo*m Johnwr. 
He prohaWy Tvm. frwu Wilton to ^uw Caniuii. 

4984 ir7«cfl*i/: (BeUty) JohMOft,^ b. . 

IMB. KNOCK,' wn of Jonatlian" (652), b. in Nw Cannon, Conn-, S Dec., 
17fil; m, in Saratoga Co-, N- V., 21 Apr-. 17»1, Elizabeth Wood, k about 1766. 

He d. in \Val«. X. Y . In 1S43. 

Up wa» a rtrolutionarv wlditT and pcn#ioncr. From the icconl* of the Pen- 
non Olfice it is Icamod thiU he «ra8 livmg in Willink, N. Y.; 0Dti«k-<l in Narwalk, 
the la»t uf Ma/, IT77, ami m'n-(*il nix ytiirs vhfxi !»' anr c1iHf:lmr>Ei'ii :it Wwt 
Fointi N. Y. He wa* in the battles of Gcrnkantown and Monmouth, and at tlie 
irurTendfT of I*ord Comwallin. at Yorktown, In 18"J3. he livod in WaUv, Kric 
Ca, and thmr wcn^ li^ini; in hi? famiW at that timr hiK wifi% Klixnlwih, »nn, 
Jtittts^, and dau., Klixa. Mention wa^^ flUi^ mad^ of o rca, Ktioe« more than ^I 
jfara of age, whoso reaideuce «aa unknown. 

4067 Patty." k «^ Jan,. 17W; d. H-i Oct. I7£»3, 
+4988 3iLuiY,'*b. ti SupL, 1793; hap. in Gn>enllold, 23 Oct.; nu Oilbert 

Hoi UK*. 

4089 I>4SrEu'* K W» Si^pL. K<J5: d. 1 An;;.. i:"i>. 

4*90 Abio-UL," h. 3 Avt^., ny: ; tL £1 A'pt-. -uiUL' yryir. 

4&91 l^iffos.* b, 19 Oct., 1800, bap. in Grcvoflcld, 11 Jan., ISOl ; to- Ljdia Cai> 

Irle; he h&p a fanner; rcdr, in Aurora, Brie Ca, N. Y.; vaa a 

Wlii>:; d^ atrtint I84l>; had ncn'hililri'n. 
+W1i Sabau.^U^^ A»r-. IttO^; bap. in C!r«cndGld,]0 July.ldOS; m. Chnun- 

coy Ira Calkina. 
4^93 Jauym Wi>0[J.'' U 2.^ Mny, 1604; hnp. in OEwnHrld, 4 Nov., 1804; m- 

Mary Cnlkiiu, b, 4 Jan-, IfiOl, liaii. of Urad and Mnry Calkins; 

lit- d. in Walea. K. Y., Id Apr, IS30, wKn- he rt-»_ ; ohe d. iii At.hi* 

ton, Ka#«. aliout 1871; hi- vraa a farmer, a Haptiol and a Whig; 

l:(Btd no chtldn^n, 
+4&fl4 EiJXA," b- 21 FeU^ 1806; m. Daud P, Oeorge. 


The Eetxoaos ix tiue New Woblpl 

13S3. SUSAN \~A/ lUu, gf JotiAUitii* (fi^2>, bip. in N<n CuiaAn, Conn-r 3 
Ot-L. I7<;a ; UL Deacuu JonaDJimi Wood, k 4 FeU, llfiT. 

Uc ± 26 Oct, Ib'JlI; fihc cL S^ Mnr, IbVL 

They lived in Oreflit:1el<l, where they jimt<Ali]y rrm. mmi nftiT their nur« 
riogie. He w&d A soldier, in the rtfrolution. from We«tdicalef Co., N. Y-, and, 
with •OT«nl of l:iie brotl^ena, wok junong tbo Unt letUcn of Greeofi^U. Be vmi 
sppalntj.^ tt> kt«[) orrltr in tlie ^IWifi^ He wnit prvftrnt at a &i«4*tLnf^ in 17^2, 
when itwa#Totcd tobuilila Dvw m?«tiu£'b'>ii^'iQ Cjrctffi£eJd. In Hi^OD bo «ma 
paid two 6ollar« iot fiv^ping tho inwtii3g-hou*c for one yoar. 

Hi' ttas M (Iraii>a III ilii- it'ourdb uf tiiL- cliurcU al OroeofieW he waa soooe- 
timca callixi livLcon and fHouncUnicn cuptain. 




C^ii^m, pti^hahly all b. in OrtmfiM, 
iUaA«J iroo^,^ b, 3 Maj, 17^2; m, 2>l Styv., ViZ4, OUvia Hall. U U Sipt, 
ira4; d, 12 Apr. 1883; *he ci, Ifi Julj, ISBT ; thpv rw. in l>«Tvrf 


JfAwph SfiSfih VTooJ," bap, I Dt'c, 171*3; probuUly d. youxti;. 

^rnrtj IVoorf* b. Imp. **1 I^rdV Dbj, Ufi:/^ 

EH^betk H'^vti," bap. 18 Feb., 1798 : u, in Grdeofidd. 1 F«b» l6dOL In- 
cn-ukc Ho;r<, b. 7 Nov.. 17S'7, son cf Joaatban lloyi, b. 1761, and 
ChliX"" MiUpr; n*- in Biiilhtnn, "S- Y., and Dovrr, 111.; bed. 2 June, 
18t>4: 4ho d- 18 Aujr., 18G;. 

JamfS Wood,'^ )m\k IS Aug-, ^^^^ '> ^- > ^^ '^'^^ ■ DObeil dei^j- 


^9f$muih Wood!* b. 18CI1; bap. 3 Jan., i«os; m- in Orwjilkli S^t, 
ISgfl, Thankful Biicoii Hrwitt b. in Hmmfaiciil, OeL, IJWI ; d, « 
Juiif, l***l): phf »i S*> Jul>\ l$86:hewDfljrradtia4cd from Pnncttou 
ThHologicat S^Tninary ; ira« »eRled fl« pastor of the Tint Tri^bv- 
terian OTiurch in Mayfield. N. V., 2C 8r|>t., IfttO, and n-maicifd 
there until Ha dcttih in l^ld, a period of nearly f^ft^- vctit^ 

£ji'a« IVooff/ t>ap. 11 May, 3H03; d. 12 Apr., IdftS^ in iW'r. ID. 

Utt:U Mo<fd,^ bap. 14 July, I8Q5. 

1860. STE1>HI-:N,t «on of Jonathan'^ (S5S). k in Naw Canaan, Coim,, 1$ Ap-, 
inO; m. 11 Aug., 1791. Sarah MiUw. b. 28 Dm-, mt 

He ran, Ircm Connecticut to Urvt^fidd, N. Y., bcfcvm 20 Dee., 1792, whare 
he attanded n chcreh nrntiitg on tbat lUU- Hr vai tni«t^r of th^ chnroli 
1805. Later he rctn. to MaroeUua. Ononda^ Oo. 

CMUircM. firit /our bap, in Gtrenfi^ld. iS Oct, t7&e, 
-t-S003 SAKDuamr ^Ituxn.* b. 2$ Mar, 17^2; id. Saiab Hartti 
-f&(H>4 JoXATUAX.^ b, 23 JqIv, 1793 :'nu (1) Ivrditt Vovi; (2) Alice Coriltc 

5005 R<w>aT* » 11 14 Nor., ITtM ; m. Anlen Cbiri. 

M>0( Ruunrrii,** b. 30 Jntif^, 171tf:; m. Nathnn D«mer. 
+5007 Evocn," K t: Jiilv, 1798; m, OUfo I'ratt, 

-ffi008 lIiiuM^b. SS Apr^ ISfW; nu U) UarUin Marble; (2) Hann^ S^balt- 
-f£D09 A??XA."b. 25 Jnli-. 13(01; vn- (1) Jdin UaH>1<;; (2) John Enuninuf ; (;$) 
John Ban )f ham. 

fiOlO Jons Calvin* b. 1 JnU, 1803; <L tmm., — — ^ 

fiOll HAJUtim-,* b. 27 Aug-, lkl>5. 

TiiK £ia.L<HH« IN TUE Nevt Wou», 887 

6*>13 SrfpiiKK * U 27 Au^., 1810; d. unm, . 

1M6L DA^'TEL.* «oq of Jooatfcum* {(i6%), tiap, in New Cmiatn, Codil^ 21 Fdx, 
1773; lu- roll? ChiWii. 

The^ r«a- in Gwcnftold, N. V-, whore fhcj ownod a pew in tbu church. He 
nin- from Gn^HfiWil, proliabJy brrtxrv IfilU, tv (laiiiicvilU^ S, Y, 

5014 PuKiiE,^ hfip. 4 Apr., 18<»? ; dl. D^ Walk«r» of Oaiiuivillc 

a015 CvxTiiLi," bap. i Apr.. 1S07. 

SOlfi M*ut" k . 

501T S^UEL W£ED,** UpL T Apr., 1807; m. Dcllv Eveline JcwcIL 

5018 DjjnEL," b. • 

1987. SARAH* dau. of Jonathtii* (5;}2), K in N<tw CanuD, ConiL, UpL 2S 
Feb.. 1776; tn. in South QreeufteM. K. Y.. 14 Fvl>.. 180^. Mark Eopkina, 
Hu r«. in Pnrii, Oneida Co., N'. Y., tml Platttburg or Prttuburg, X. Y> 

5019 EiUtt Cordfiia flopkifii^^ li. — ; m- Simron lUjc^^ b. in Oraaby, 

Umb., n Jail, 180L 

fi020 Ifirnii Wophn*,** L ; m, Dr, Gwr^ HajrtrfL, a brother of Simeon. 

5021 EfoHus IhphiM^ b. ; m. Climenn CUrk, b. 2 Jnlj, 1S10« dan. 

of £cba and Abigail Clark; waa a fanner in THiit^ Lak^, Mich. 

1996- JOHN/ wn of Daniel* (659), b, in L^oJchcrtcr, Conn., 30 Nor, 1751; 

m. In Colchwtor, 1816, EliMbeth (Betsey) Wright, b. 14 Al«., IT8S, dau. of 

AaArinJi Wrijcht^ of CnlriicvbrrT nnil Mrrcj' Tmdway. 

8he d, i> July, ld5e ; ho d. U Feb.. 1877 ; both d. in Colcheatar. 
Hr v&ft ■ fjiruii-r ill Ct)lcb«4l*-r. The homestead vaa bought by hta great 
idUthcr and hiu! Dcvcr brcn ovnrd. rented or mortjcaj^ ont of the family. 
Tohn gare it to his grflnd«cn«, children of DaniaL 

+5022 Sami'iil AnQVtnvH,^ I. 1 The,, 1819; m. Jniii; Omy Carrtill 

6025 KuzAiimi WnioiiT.'* b. 2 Nov., l^Z; d. in Colchostcr, 15 Joly. 1839, 

aged 17, 
'6024 Daniel* U 18 Apr^ 1824 : in. Jane Eliaabt^th EalL 
dOU Jons WnioilT,'' b. i Oct., 1831; d. in Uokhcftcr, 10 Uar., 1436. 

MOl BEXJAM1N7 bod of Joseph* (reO),b- in U^-Itod, Conn.. « May, 1744; 
m. lZt>b, PhoL-bL- Sl&rk, b. m H«bron. 13 Jan., 1716, dau. of Moaae Staric AOd 
EUiabcth - - ^ 

Sb< d. 30 Sept. 1^3; he d. 3 Not., 18^4, aged 80: both are buried <m the 
old farm in Auaterlitc 

IJU will, rktitE !> \nv., 1813^ givci lo wifcp rhmU-. itn? of ojK^Uiird of bU 
farm, all the fnminirc, etc., various eaoaU amounts to diBfrmt childrcDt and the 
boDc i>f the proper^ to Kia aon, KUibi. whom ho macte executor. 

Tic wai a fftrnicr in ili'bror ; about 1775 he rem. to that part of the Oreen 
Bivrr Valley vhicb is dot AuUerliU. N. Y., with an ox HAm and eted. He waa 


TJtM KlUMOS JK Tnic New Wq&ldl 

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